Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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'R . , . gmwfgyjy w-f---bw - .y w, ,- A.,.,.W. , Y .NW m.,-,,,-,..,,-,,L.-.,,,.,,,W.s,'.,.-.,f,W-...v,.. --.,.,-,, . ..-.,,f.,u..f- .A--,....,.....,--..,.v..r.,v ,Tr ,,-, ., , . 'f ,fqgc 4 Xi X 1 V 4 , 177 fy ' I - f A fr '. - fl if r f J 'JI 1' M i ' lawod ,1 - RJ X A ,751 1 nl Fluff f A ', Q fm 4V XX up O, ' Q 7 ,UV 3 L CE U 121 fijf7,7N'U Q47 9 121 ,Lf M ,ww X ' ' . 5 W N, 'z f A M V ijJfL ,ff X39 'f ,,. f- l 4. 4 - 3 xx 'YP I fi? I , ' A .ff X EQ 2' x fist ' 45 ' 4 cb 1? , '- 4' C'C.q41S' ' w Q , 1 'x .Sic-'1 '-' ,. 4 1 'LFV:i:f.'. , , A-, -. JN f. I:-,xxx ,Af .X v f NS f' -V -1. lagzrf' x v 1 ,. W. I - 1 my 'Legg' L X ,s r- 4,,, -X k v , Q Lf I xx .-A ' ,-- V-A f ' zfrs, ,GT si J , Ur! f' X F . , I ' Xzjf-xx X 35 X x X. , N x ,A . W., 'Hifi' xv - Q15 xx ' ,. is . X N E? 5 X! r ' Q .' ., 1 V-ww 3 w .. t , A rf iii. if ,fi 1 n . .X ' A f n ' at 5 f f - , I 'hi ' V I .Y ' ,. s z- - U ' , ' f V I 22532 - ' V I g a V -5' -3-5-A: 1 .fig J'-.Ti I i A .. . i v - AA ,Q ' H Y ip .ffgzfy dxf 'N Q Presented by the Student Body of Abraham Lincoln High School. Los Angers 311, Cdlifhrniu. .x I i I t, I V2 37 41 K fx Q, I o A l 4- l 5 I J f A i' 1 i . ! . 'ii i X eat 06ll'J 1' To fhe reliring +eacl1crs of Lincoln +l':is volume is decl- icalecl - fhose dcdifaldd ' . .. ones wno have given +l1e besf years of i'l1eir l' Ives 'ro he-Ip us build for The besl years of our lives. C' 2 fff'fc,11L L:-. C?7L Efidfi 94' C 2,141 41224 2 6.54 K CQ'2iji,f 62751 ,frat l 446-12 155 74 L Q-if , 2 J 1 , Dr C ,,fiisQd 6' Lf :B C X X x, 1 f L 1 My - 97' ' ' , . V ki. '.V'Q'Cffuf' L U e J o 0 e Q.-ffff UZ' f 14 .jx XX ' K 5'N 'r-- K xo-X ,P XXX? O Xfxexwl-1ERE TO FIND WHAT b rx -- ,' HJghHghh offhe Year pages X-.g A X S+uden+ Governmenl' pages ,XS-'ls Senior Plwolo Gallery P6965 QL XX flsxqdcampus Clubs P6995 , in '------X-Class Cavalcade P6965 XX, X' V5 xg 'QQ 5'b ' ' Sport Parade P6995 X66 6 Roll Call Roundup pages ,Nf U 35' Q-t Focus on+he FacuHy P6QSS 3 A I X N Recommended Communiiy Businesses pages Q7 9 , 4-5 6-7 8-24 25-32 33-38 39-58 59-79 82-89 93-96 Page 3 iw ' 4 1 I- J i , I l ,Vi i AMX 'au'-i 1 I. Girls We-elf--Anna Ferri and Margaref Tip+on learn how Social Securi+y works in California. 2. Lincolnian Publicily-- Hs coming. The l957 Lincolnian Annual. Pinning +ags on Fred McFarland are Norma Banks and JoAnn Peluce. 3. Chafalaines lnsrallarion llefl fo righ+l Lucille Parra, Be'Hy Moreno Marilyn Salinas, Janice Gee, Alice Chu. 4. Rag Drive--George Gufierrez, Alvin Aral-calci weighing sack full or rag: fo raise money for 1 I .- 5 nm Q ,I ,- ll 3 . ll Beau+ifica1'ion Fund. 5. Polio Sho+s--Connie Russo re- ceives one of firs+ polio vaccine shofs. 6. Andrea Bon- anno crowns Richard Maldonado Mr. Lincoln and George Gufierrez places Miss Lincoln crown on Evelina Verne++i. 7. Flagpole gels face-lifring. 8. CASC Conference--Ref preaen+ing Lincoln are Jessie Gomez and Joe Osuna. 9. Girls' Weelc Margarer Tipron ge+s lips from her boss for fhe day. IO. lnsrallafion of new blower in wood shop. cw!-Q ,557 my-Q5 :iw ll. Girls Week--Sandra Bonnano, Shauna Sorenson visif Lincoln Heigh+s Bullefin News. 12. Girls! Award Assembly--Chrisfine Talcafa receives Girls' Vice Princi- pal award from Mrs. Honn. I3. Boy of Year--Mr. Moore presenfs Boy of fhe Year frophy fo Brian Thompson. I4. I I m..,,NM ll new spring 1' lef+l Mr. Sm Gu+ierrez. i ji .271 a+ girls' assembly--Edna Corlew models Fashion Show ashion. l5. A+hle+ic Banque+ -- lriqh+ 'ro i+h, Mr. Moore, Gilber+ Chavez, George indent Tradilionally modern--if fhere is such a 'term--is 'lhe word for 'rhe achievemen+s of +he W'57 and S'57 Sen- a'le and Cabinel. Under +he very capable leadership of mighfy liH'le George Gufierrez, +he W'57 Cabinel shol ahead fo cu+ +he pa+h for S'57 acfivifies. Six hundred dollars--and i+ would have been more excepl for +he rain--was broughl in+o +he +reasury as a resul+ of Lincoln's firs+ Rag Drive. The money help- ed buy new fables for +he cali and modern cur+ains for fhe social hall. For years 'lhe acfivify card has been a conlrover- sial subiecl' on +he Cabinef and Senafe Floors. Cecil Gulierrez mel 'lhe need 'For a Le+'s go ahead and adopf one policy, and 'through his planning fhrough fhe winfer, a super-special bargain card wi+h 23 even+s included, was sold fo over 500 sludenls al' fhe beginning of 'rhe spring semesler for SI. Toby Naraki, firs+ girl sludenl'-body presidenf af Lincoln since l928, and John Medina, Senafe pres- iden+ led +he way for +iclce+ sales a+ fhe door. Bu+, XN'lY'l'lClQ 'ST f'AI1INE'I'l' 1 --lkwvlyri 'l'fnn, Mm 1 Ilarnirvz, Iiaclwl Abe-via, Marv River' Q l llrllllf- lzikutu. V12 I earszm, llmack muy V4-4 ll mul Sells. George GlltlQ1'l'f'Z FVL-limi Y-wne Filx X iali N11 ilu xx 'rim lii.lvvr'f Vlmv GLlIlC'I'l'4A, Ulm-ia Sciarrilli .'hlldl'C'2l Iif-'mzmuf N Mlllfll '3T i'AIXlNl'f'l'-.lumix lluiiniv. llflnr zz I lcnvli, llzlxine guilt. Arla lflizis, 'frilly Nahu- 1 .v'.ii4l1'm-21 liflllilllllll. I3z11'l:z11'u 521ill1J.1S. trim' 23 Nll. lQ'2ll'SUll. llpv fizxlrzm. lmlvm-s Liillzalr-. l ll .lm-. l-nl, 1.111111-2. l'4-f1i'u1- Niall-lumulfi, llzxet 1 wb xlL1I1Lll'llil!'4l'1I!2l. l,m-zxmirzz Arull'mx's. .lnlzr Nll4lll1l1.ill2ll'll'5 Nluiuzxiz. -l l1:: Filfillllilli. +l1ey argued 'ro dubious faculfy members- mos+ of +he kids don'+ know if lhey are going 'ro +he dances and sporrs' ni+es 'fill +he lasf minu+e, and we can gel a lo+ more kids +o a++end ac+ivi-lies if we sell 'lickels a+ 'rhe door ins+ead of a+ school. l lay my nex+ pay- check on lhe success of 'lhe firsf CoH'on Day Danze we fry if on, announced Toby, smacking her gavel on +he lable in room l4I. Wi+h +he backing of These +wo and 'their supporrers, we now sell +icke+s a+ +he door. Gil Chavez and his faifhful alhlelic council of W'57 ou rnment saw the need for more recognilion for a+hle'l'es and drew ali of +he le++ermen closer logelher when he promo+ed fhe firsf Afhlelic Banquel Lincoln has seen in a long lime. Gues+ speakers, food and fun galore were lhe fare of The evening. The spiri'r of Lincoln +ook an uplurn +his year. The sludenfs seem proud fo show 'lheir aclivily card +o be aclmilfed inlo evenfs. There's a new feeling among +he s+uden'rsg lhey feel like +hey belong +o somefhing more +han work or sleel or s'rone. , . . . , . . EPHEBIANS James Sugi and Olga Hernandez LANCER OFFICERS: Betty Baker, Secrrvtaryq Armando Garcia, Trea- surerg James Sugi. Presiclentg Fred Chavez, HoV's Vice President, Mariha Rocha, Girls' Vice President Vivian Acosra .V s- ff' ral m,N4.lv'! y sr tvs .RM lrene Aguirre Ufilliarw Arellano ' 5 ancera Small bur migh+y is +he way +he W'57 Lancers are siill being described al Lincoln. Small in number buf greaf in brain power, go- power, school spirit If you wanled a good job well clone, one excel- len+ way To gel' resulrs was +o +hrow lhe assignmenl +o a Lancer. I+ was parficulary fough choosing +he Lancer Ephebians because fhere were so many leaders and scholars +o choose from. The Lancers pioneered in a+ leasl one even+ worlhv of con+inuing- 'rhe all snighl Gradualion Par+y. Small bul' mighfy-ihahs our Lancers.. Q Jnhr Arriola Gonzalo B 'F f ew fry! Q . Joe Camperi Yolanda Casfaneda Henry Cas+illo Isabell Cerneka Fred Chavez Billy Clark Roberi Clemenfi Norman Cohn Ronald Colomboro Domingo Con+reras Joyce Disarufino Mary Dooley Jol1n Fauceffa Olga Fernandez Abelina Flores Adeline Flores Angelifa Garcia Armando Garcia Irene Garcia ilary Gomez I I , f fr! ' 1 , ,f . -m..L.,kk-A 1 Y, x'- Richard Blanco Richard Caballero Q , nv' .fdlflf ag. U05 ' ,avi .QQ P x l ' l L 8.93 W? 1-up DJJ 2 cm W 4-aa 1- . ac- ' y r !'1 ',,,' fy E , Iii J y 4 4 E e oi l 5 Q ff f 2 5 'V- ' if i? YA? 'iv- ,J 12.7 Y It ' 'Ui M ei 1 x fi 'hh V53 7' fa Q,-' ' 1 v..,qr Henry Menard Mar+ha Mendoza Socorro Ochoa Dora Crona Orlando Perea Aida Ramos Bi .Nr WEN? 3 -N22 2 1' XA FF? if' IZ Banff M., l 1 Danny Molina Henry Orona Lillian Robles Jaime Rodriguez Rosie Rodriguez Ari' Roscoe Alice Salais fx ,N 'Q, .E... 'Tl' Edward Moya Evangeline Munoz Bernard Palk Tony Pasillas Marflia Rocha Ruben Rocha is .-.3 3' W Joaquin Salazar Tommy Salazar Barbara Sanchez Ray Sanchez Gloria Sciarrilli Charles Sheppard Alberr Simone Raul Solis Alberf Sollero Rosalie Sosa Richard Sfone James Sugi Brian Thompson Esperanza Ulloa Evelina Verne'l'l'i I43 slronq, the Maiestics havf served lheir school faithfully. Out of the Majestic :iass came ihe second girl student body presideni in lhe hislory of Lincoln, Toby Naralfi, doing an ouislanding job. Maieslics abound in alhleles, many reaching all Norlhern-League slanding in fociball. gymnastics, lreclc. Talent also has slruclc high in the Maiesiics, providing enierlainmeni' in many of our assemblies. The class was known as a friendly one. The Maiesfics had another second io their credit: They were the second summer class in ihe history of Lincoln to win lwo Jamborees. downing both Lancers and Athenians with their superior numbers. GIIADUATIUN SUITS Gilbert Chavez, S'5T pri-sirlc-nt as lie guts tailored attc-ntion from flower leitl llflargzie Svott. SOCi'0taryg .lean Pomo. Girls' Vice Prosirlentg frow 23 Lupe Mancillas, Historizmg trow 333 George Maldonado, Boys' Vice Presiclentg :xml Olivia Sanchez, Treasurer-all Senior Flass offici-x'f:. LARRY MOORE C1938- 1957l cheated of the best years of his life by one of those motorists who thinks a Stop sign means Slow Slightly, If Convenient. S5 Na' fs 1 ,xl- y Maury .wir 7.3 , 'SQ 'N-rp--Q A 2 ll. iQ 41 9-K an - Q 'X 'fx H on 2 f-f 1-ZA Tl' ' K V, '45 6, YL? ' 9' l X ' f' A B 'J-.3 ,- A 'Tig' NJ' Ny, - f . e' ' 'Tr-N, 1 I 5, Mfg 'K fa is . gg iv W ' 'QP , -1' 1--fy . k M S Y' , , iz- lf, A fl ,J 1 ' 3 ArleHe Aclinolfi Le-andre Andrews Jeanelle Aragon Lucy Arenas Evelyn Arreclondo Richard Avila Manuel Ayala Belly Baca Moses Banuelos Trcnc Blanco Joe Barbafa Anclrca Bonanno ajeatica Jucly Beclerio Peggy Bowers Prairies B3rre-Ha laVQr.1e Brown 95? ...- 'Q1 gs.-.A-Y m..f' Elvera Armen+a Edi+h Baker Vera Biggs Louis Cabriales page 17 Vincen+ Cancino Margarel Cardona Nash Cardona Marie Carranco Tony Carrillo Tom Chaves Gilberf Chavez lrene Chavez Manuel Chavez Richard Chipres Alice Chu Vernon Coclcrum ,WNQW 1 'Ci 9...-. may 11,5-.cf ---- -4' ...ya-1 V -...ff 11:-sr I A 'NJ' '04 any mi' 3? , ws. ,klxsy , 'Q Q , Jl'tajeJficJ L 0- all:- ? Q x , Q Q A V? '53 '5 XX! '19, C17 1 Jesus Collaso Segario Delgado Roberf Duran Marfha Edmonds Marfha Esparza Reber? Escobar Marlha Favela Ann Ferri Alberf Figueroa Micheline Garcia Frank Gonzales Ben Griialva Thyren Hodgson ai. Ox Paul Flay Janice Gee Manuel Gonzales Cecil Gufierrez Tommy Hughes 1 Salvador Fon+ana Frank Gerardo Ramon Gonzales Alberi' Hernandez Tyrone Jimenez 'ia 1 Carmen Garcia Phil Gomez Virginia Gonzales Roberl' Hidalgo Norah Johnson 1 0 'VS as-. Q we Fred Garcia David Gonzales Danny Granados Meyer Hirsch Lois Kuhn ,e.,-.. X -up ' V Qin MM' is A lax: Wim' Qu - 'LT T31-3 41-U 'U' 'SJ r N 9 'N-4 fad Nc W ,X li Q,.a Nsf 1'-'sv 'sf' if 21 Y . 1:15 , -,y , T Q-I-4' if 3 1 K Rig Gregory Lopez Roberl Korlie Louis Macias George Maldonao Lupe Mancillas Raymond Marlin Linda ix-'ldf llf1GZ Maria Marlinez Paul Marlinez Raymond Marlinez Mar,' McFarland Sam McKeel1an John Medina Belly Meriwealher Carmen Molina Manuel Monloya Eloise Morales Belly Moreno ,X M faww, , ., ? '1 'V is 'MQ' f-:El XFN. tggvw 7 Ray Milne Marlinez Belly Meller Elvia Moreno 'wa :Inq 93.1 .ww YZ? i 0' R' 'J W:-gr -sa L 'N' ,'J'?2' XD K7 4 Y J ,Q fl! M l 1J!T M Q. U.. f 'M Q my J Charles Morgan Toby Naraki Carlos Navarro Alberfo Nevares Elizabeflw Nino Carolyn Oohring J 22:7 'Nl' in--ff x V ees ll. Nl ,rr ajeaiica f lf Ben Or+iz Mike Orriz Jeane++e Pacheco Lucille Parra- Mar+in Perez Andres Perez Vic+oria Perez Bobby Pina Peggy Price Carmen Provenclo Andy Pucio Be++y Pugrad ' fe M ,, 4jVL,f'j' kf,,fIx.'!V1VfA '-5? Vx! SPI 'law 's.v ' U' Q5 ,Ns Qf 4 3 W1- -vz ff QI' Q41 4,775 3 ! f V1 YHVM Ruben Parra Jean Pomo Mary Ann Pussman qnmmqy ,33- Mary Rader Sara Razo Lupe Reyes Van Rose Safian John Saniillan X T., .P Nw fi 5 5 it 'rv , infix zf' lf mf'- Nw' S ' Jess Ramirez Ellisa Ribas Marilyn Ryan Olivia Sanchez Joseph Ramirez Joe Rocha l'lor+ensia Salazar William Schmicl+ any ire y rx QD Di 'Wes 'f- f- , ,., 1-3 40- 'J vmap w he Q Q' Q-3 6 -..-..-... -J m 'xNe nf: . Q 'y af, .24 7 Z' S5 Roosevell Reed Manuel Rodriguez Marilyn Salinas Margare+ Scofl Everado Rendon Connie Russo l lenrie++a Sandoval Margarei Serralo Q.. QQ K.,-f i l e3fevr- io? Q--ev A If Y' I ,I- MS-.,?::.m. .5-Q., ogg, , 4 if -if .Tv l 1 I B .A w-nga-1-wo 'l K .. eff may --Q ,.f gf or Dolores Tello Micaela Tiscareno Roland Vasquez i 'ZF 'cay- 'YQ , , K. S-f Q 1 Y 1'Y N Louis Terzi Armando Torres Jodean Vaughn 1 B ., ZW' .- 'Ursin- 'sd 'H' n 'Q guna-5 IFNWD1 Marilyn Thomas Virgil Trevino Louis Williams -N., .fn-Q Q... -x-, Na., 'T' ?' b 'BME' ,Q Y., . , Fernando Smi'l'h Vernon Thomlison Arlhur Valenzuela Nancy Wong .. QA 41h - in -s Alessandro Spala Margarel' Tipfon Bealrice Varela Johnny Young aje4licJ Page 23 'Mg 4 Y 33 f if is . . ii ' .4141 4 n1i1'9F5 4 'Q a , . I I Www 4 J,-,,,,,,,..w fa A ,W ,.,:f , i. fgwff Y? 1, Q L M ' ' , r '2 '1'5 , Vg INA V ,M 'fn 4 'ieffw1f - H A M- wg- .. f gj4fgjfg'Q'?gqgff 'wi 'f: f9 .j3. -QW' 'Jew' W W law' egg ' . k 'QQ' -5 x 3,9Unfl,fe5' f?- 5fi'5?fi'1 I ' 'ffiffzg '7 'C5:'f-..,. W f , M 3 4 Z..-ffm ' 'Z .- ',.w'fW A , A Q-FX: -N . Q ' .4 h s3:f',,e'Qf'-:iv 15173 2 . 7 2 ' gil, 1 -??',Zl,f-'S 53472-A 155,'4,, ' 1-55 -fm I Q. ' ' ' '1X'?,. q:,?-my L 8'-y51 'g,,w 5, -- .A 'S fs ff., - N. A, .5g:,f1'7A- Q ' ful, ' 1-. ,mp gf.: ' A Q v . f' - 5-' -ff fm. - 'N - -Qwx 1 1 . - f . . A' M.. 'I -A-f M 1..,, , :W-,,4w.-f . WW 9- - 14 - T l Y f ' 7 5,fX,'77EJ1-v-r f' q ' N ? 'Th '?'g,'f5'11 JA , L, A ,J v MN., Vi . - 4 V, N U In ,, l . qu ,Q J.. ,J f . 4. A ,,,,,.f5 , X 1 1 ' ' ff' Q 1' 5 ' L- .Q ,b1rf, .Y if , - 5, '- . fm ,L ',,aa-'-'f-fi A 0 X 3 , 1 . , I ! - 1. W Y ,L 2 2 -fs-T-f -, ' -A L-f 35, ' Q-.yJ!f.,': ' B A V 4 .-a-gn ,cf -f ,., 4. W. - . ' 'T gif -1. ,H n ,. 'Q mff I h 'Img ' Q l I w- 'www A - I wwf.- , wi .h , W , f A , A 7- ,, Z 0' ,ff 4' , x 4 ff' 4.f1 ' .' ' :gffn 1 ,v ' ' ., -- , 12221 ,.,-f..,- -eiwnhf ,. ffl M' -S5 w., ' :':c 'f..1. fm' .V gr' F1 a -ua - 4 .- 1 . f ,1'1, nvf'- HY J L-f rg--4, f'g4g'. ,, A f' ,H . 11.4, ,,-pv '.Q'3'-uf iuf -5--L-Y f .nn-cal... uf 5.655 fl, -' - ' 1,',',','., :si gf-If ,747 --r',,.f' J- g: 3':Jr 4' ' 'Q ', ,. .7 ,I ,. . . . ,,- 1' 147 ? , Y ,gf rdf 'U '33, 'f . -f- --nv 'F' '-'ST , ,- f-.1 ...J:zl,, ' '-, , -V . -KL ,,,j:,,,Q,,,f.,,,-,'5f,-V.. .jig h I vf, X -Q -' ,fwve f -M - '. -P' r ' K., 'lf,g kwa nz, W . .VUUQH 3 XI 'S U, ' V' M .5 N W. Z' , ' Mfyowbf . . 3, 'FA 5naffw'f 1 V-H ' M Elm A ,Q .- -Q, s 4 fx .-lin L 1 . 1 , 3 ' ,if r f , f , .,x. ' I '4' 7 O ' - - L hhziir' r R' ' 4' 'ff h 3 1 X 3 . . . ,- ,, , , , 1 , 1 a- 1 M39 K ,- . r fish! 6 I, ' f aw A f D L, u ' 'f ,4:f?', f ' . 4 , , , 4 i 1' 57 Majesfics 42 V2 Afhenians l2' Ki 41 as '-ik LAIIYICS--Rarln-l Santainariv, Yvoinic llarlwr, Barbara Castro, .Iurly Pasos, Rose Marie Carr- er, Linda Armitage, Esther Arakaki, .Im-ssic Gomez. Carnl Zarro, Eflna Llanes, trim' 23 Rebecca Rodriguez, Sandra Ciacarrini, Far- lene Pennino, Lilie Barteluzzi, Joan Wilkins, Gloria Hawkins, Flora Wood. Suzanne Stull Frances Gaskill, Patrica Joe. Jesucita Carrejo. Page 26 3. GHTPMJ 1 w N-v, .. hIRl.S LOLX1 ll.--lzluisv Morales. Te-rry Guerrero, Andrea lifmamm, Ilar- lmara Salinas, Marilyn Salinas. Mary C'arranco, Maxim' Sc-uit. .luily Vnni, Aliu- xxiflllgf, i'ill'lSIllIL' lalialzi. VHATICLAINICS--Mary llrmluy. liar' liara Sanchez, EwlinaYerneiti. Gloria Sciarrilli,Martlia Rocha, Mary Gunn-7. Vivian Acosta, -IeanetteLinalu, Qvliclw- line Garcia, Margaret Scott, lrmvil Nancy VVong, Janice Gee. 'lhlny Nar- aki. .lean Primo, Anflrva Ilonannn. Mary Rader, lilriisv Morales. liilitli Baker, Mary Mclfarlanmi, Marilyn Salinas. Mary Carrancu. Luis liulin. Alice Chu, Marilyn Tliunias. l.i'a'illa Parra. BUYS' COl'NCll,-Rudy Sanchez. Armando Garcia, Ed Moya, Gilbert Chavez. Qrow Zi Jim Sugi, Kaul Solis, Leander Andrews, Holi- ert Clarillos, Fernando Pena, KNIGHTS-Allesando Spata, Louie Terzi, George Maldonado, John Medina, Gilbert Chavez, Fernando Smith, Cecil Gutierrez, Ray Martin irow 21 George Gutierrez, Lyle Mata, Edward Moya, Brian Thompson, Charles Shi-pperd, Joe Camperi, Bernard Palk, Jim Sugzi, Raul Solis. SQlfIlll'QS-Louis Menjivar. Alnelardo Liz- ai'r:ig:a, Kenny Kahn, Robert Clarillos, Ton, Huitron, Garry La Xogue, Mike Macias. .loe fl1'lSClOI1C, Joe Osuna. lrow 23 Patrick Qan- jocomo, Joe Reed, Phil Caruso, .James Llovera. Steven Blanda. Joe Holguin, Gabriel Garcia. llalph Gonzales, lfinilio Garcia. 'xr-. 44 IAIPS Nlukf-'I'1-fwutfm, Marshall ,Iung'. .lm Xxvhilvlilllll. .Ivsso Tena, Alvin .X'f1l- kk I 13:11 .-Xmf-X, Art Arm- Wil. QIUII Vlmu, Illmlwrt Klmuxln-s. Ilvnc Zn-fi' 1-wp.. ll'H',' 23 Mika- Pc-rc-Z. Miguvi I'xt'II'l'I'2l. IN-tv llflllllilll. I':f'lI'i41UU Blur'- tim-z. lQw:'g1- Slllillkill, I.z11'r'y De Lu I'::z.SnIx:u1w1''iuL m1r1.H--h0l'tDf1il'z111. ll'1rXX' 171 IH-tell' Ag'L1i1z11'. I.LiI'!'j' Naraki. Ilvzl-Q-1 Vlwzllrx-'4. liufly Si1I1l'ht'Z. Hub- --:K Kwxm-1. lllwhulwi Hula. Iwnllk IM IH--i l,XSSli'f?- llm-rlvlvtlzx IIVIH. 'l'I'l'1'f If',g1:.s. Nlilibf N14-Kimn-5. Iblilllill .ivan I Il'V.t'l1. liizum Hoya-s. Ilzzrlwqzm 5211211- a1S..l'v:1! Nlzwrrw. Nevin :Xl'xHl'1'Z. NAI- zx 14 I '.-mmrw-, Sf-ls-rlzul l:iXt'!'2l. lldffk' In .-Nw-1' Ii:-n1Lz'f,f111-l'5'l 5Irr1't4-lasmz. Xlmu- I'nzmuf,, Iluvhe-N ,Xlu-glam. Mam- ,MQ1 Hznrlllrvz. Shzllwlw '11il'ifm'fi, P0221 IM ',-. .-Ig SMZIVHYI Klzxfvlx. l'z11'u!5':1 'l'4m1. IL' ' .- XIQUIIM, l!'1V', ff! IILUM' I'-1'VI 'f X' ,Q,,,,5, Smmlii. l,f,:11fQ- XY11ta11.:U14. l,+ vTY:1 Hu-. lTv'zill'l4'1- Ulvlvr. jlllfilll' 5 1-fx VHr'r':1z1'v Vlzwk. Iwrvlizi YI-il'f'I2l. .Nlragx lllw wx. Ilmgw-E4'hzuw+:-.l'ua111-- 31 It iw. -x 1 X N41 l 1 I1 IN ll 4 1 :I . ' ' .1 -' -- .N-2, ., L , N, 4:- ,' .. -Nw. ' u. 1 'V x -. X N - x X Cl 64 O Y0l I'II I UlIl'NI -- Mary Him-111, -Ivssiv Hmm-Z. I':Sll1l'l' Arzxkzlki, Szimlru HUIIIIHIIU, 7T2H'1lK'H Nllmzls. lhcln-I Alu-ytu, Niamm-In I:2!INil'1'7, Vhristim- Tukzxta. 1I'HXN' EJ F4-cil l1'!,ll'l'I'i'2. Jfvlmm' Il'1m11'c7 I'lIlN'S I.1faw-mx Ke-muy Kuhn. Hl'i2lH 'I'lwr11ps1m. Mr. I'eu1'- :-'f:1. .XI'I'TllIll1U I.uk1.111. Ihxlph frrlllZ21lU4. Jm- Osuna, Ifmiliu GZll't'iii. HI-H - .luv Yvfafquvz, Hevtm' HU4il'i2'lll'Z. Hay Favela, Gabric-I Gzwciax, Huw 23 W1 U. Ilfflwc-11 Clarillos, Manuel Ilivas, Jose Fernandez. 'I S Q f- I 54... FHIYSS CLUB - Richard Nichols, Victor Rocha, Gilbert de Leon Chester Jung, Manuel Rodriguez. Alvin Arakaki, Michael Trovato, Fhristopher Digiairno, Robert T. Kitchens, Oscar Castillo, Richard Pugh, Frank Puccio, Mr. Carr Albert Nicastro, Robert Franco. This club is for students who want to learn the fine points of the famed old game of chess. i'Hl'fl'fll LEA IJECHS -- I.aYerne lic-own, Vickey Truiillo, Terry Guerrero, Betty liar-a. Anflrea llnnauno, flfJKX' 2l Bc-rn:u'il Valk Sail Sandoval. S If A l'IXl'l.UlIlCllS -- Huy .Xllll1'll'lill'lZ. I:Q'l'll2ll41 l'illt lm Us Caruso. Jeffery I i'am'o. 'l'li3.'ren Horlgwii. The Sea l'ix1wlo1'ers' aiu- ri nnixx' clul tw l.inc'oln thi xg ii Thu the Hays Scouts uf .-Mm-1'iczi, for olllt-1' lzoys. Flu- Kiwanis sponsor' the lCxplore1's unll han olvtlinul 1 yu in x -A . . . ' capacity ot 221 people. The Sea l'Ixyvlrri'e1s uw ilown t'i.'t'!f.' l1LiIl1li1lilX inll milk on than bolt ai ipin and fixing: it--unrl ilu L1 little- skin fliviriu' and gmt iaxi itloi il ins siml -3 vt 0 from Rf r. Colo anll thi-ii other spo llSUl'S. 33313 PQIQQ 'Jill' 5-2555 .,....,....- . U4 ' inf aff 3' 5 eg T? Q 5 ESARD M i . Q.. itz? ,ks Mn.. .-X'I'HLI'l'I'IC COUNCIL -- Louis Nlacizis, GL'0l'iZ'0 Nlaldonailo, Gilbert Vhavez, Vccil imzxnclvi' .-Xndrews, Iiilly Clark. ahlzleiic IIIIII5 I. F'Ff'II'I'I'Y I'z1l .Im-. l,imIu f.2II'lIl'Il2l5. .If-mi:-ttw will-wi. 'lhliy Nziiziki. Xuizm Ai-wtzi, Luis Kuhn. Iiucilla I' Ill. Iwixiw- 'Sc--. Vzirilyvi 'I'li'mmf. Jefffii- flfmirwz. fum' Lil I uilx N jim :vlii LIN. Yam Ilow iafiruz. Iivtty Mr-wno, Hairy I.oi1 I ilizinzirg !'l-In-lzi lI.ll'fiIlf'Z. I'I'iXIIx'l NI:-iuvml. Izilith Iizikvi. in llzhgii. .lurly Ikifm. row :ij Ilosm- Nlziriv f'kiI'I'Ql', liloise Xlmmzils-f, .Xlivv Flliillw. I.Lll'Y Iii1li0l'1'c'Z. Gutierrez, lruw 23 John Medina, Raul Solis. Louif Terzi, Irow SBI Johnny Samillan. HHN '- I. FIN II '1Y A-I Aimumio fQz1vviz1. ,Imw-f Suzi. Alu Milli-V. Ilulm-ri Iii-clm, Iiivluxwl Qklzildonzuio. from Z1 Ilavifl ,XlrUI'f.1. Ari Kzilm-iiz'14vI:i. I.-iuiu Nznviaf. 'I'm1wmy Salazar? Billy 1'l.ii'II. lroxl IH .lou iiXIl1I 'I'I. Ilzilniii Klan-izi I.vumIQ-I .-X ml rm-xx 5, A IIN-1' I Fulton., IZ:-lilly Ortiz. G H-'Blom ,-,. 1 3 ,fx - W -aww 1 . I it u ' l iii- 9 .Q 4 Q V ,, K V W X x sm --hw fix' 5 Ny, ,fm , -'mn www 'gate 1. , .. ' in , ggi! . Y. ,M rwwwf ,F gKWWwi . ,Q ,-V rv.. A t xg . ff ,ff iw , ,pd Wifgwi xwfkigie firm, S' ax 0 IWW Fannin, 'fm J-.. QR fQ?,,, xl., 1 11 rd lx A g ml I1 X d. Nt If I ll l 1114! rm 0 MIN H610 UL! Hr NL I1 Ill! I i 10 AIHIYY C I U INN 1. I I U IIN . ' 'IS V. , -- rn-1' ' 'I' ' '1 s, - - 1 , .1m.'Ck' . . . 'll'X .' L Q1 'A nz ' ,- - ,z H I, ' jpg' 4 1 'I 'z ' fa ri -41 . - 'eus'. llulwrl 4'lun'il1u5, Manuel Grijalvu. Hoy 'mlfiw Ihlrjizx. ,Irw Yl'121SljLlf,'Z. wmv. KID ludv Ih':1x'1v. limp' Martinez. .-Xndrz-xx llrwyws, Ifrwl Y2ll'Ll'ZiS. James I lUYl'I'ii. Ilwv1'ga- HIll'1lilI. Ilvnry Acunzz. lliclmlwl :IU-vs. 'llmy g2!E2lZ1ll', Iirrhm-rt Ilvill , 7 2 .gifvvf ILXXIV -- Ima' my llullmr-if-, LX L-yew' HIVJ1 IN-ll dw. Xuim' l.fwP:1. l:1'lHi! ! ,S mn, wmv 25 I4 1 4 nl ' 1 we . 4 . 4 M 'ul ' 1 1'1'y.lIv+nru11- Ilrmvlu, Il1c'lwz1l'1llI'1'rwc'11n'ir1. Ilim ' I1 . 4X N C'z1r'usH. Ilivlmzwi Soto. TUIIH' f'f1ll1IAC'I'2lS. fl 'Own I. -- R Lll . . , wfwwlu, l'.l'I1lC' Ill-rrmzxnrllz, NIV. il'uzivr', Stvve- 1 bl , 2.1 mmm AIUVLI. IZic'lmx'1i Iiosus. 1 K vo SWING BAND - Arlette Adinolfi, Mr Tozier, Fernando Pena, Sosa- John Medina, JOB Chico, Krow 21 Louis TYOVBIO, Bob Dillworth, Arturo Hernarl- del- Crow 33 Eddie Murga. Ray Armendariz, JVNIUII GIRLS lll,liI'1 C'I.UH -- Nat- alie Cllsimrxno, Peggy Lopez, Beatlrice Otero, Iilizabeth Johnson, Ruby Matters, 1':SDG1'1:1l1Z2i. .-Xlmaraz, Irmadele Agnick, Ruby Ann 'I'or1'es, Lucia Cl'0SC9Y'lZ0,fl'OXY JJ Alice' Ylmve-, Maria Iilvua Hernandez. Mary IR-lggudo, C'a1'meu Gonzulc-s, Louise Vricv. Go.-m'uim1 Martinez, Rose- Mary Vzm :xl'islo, fmw TSJ Ul'0!lL'y GLIITCI, Sally Impex. .hum Louisc Iiuwumzm. IV. IZA-XXI' Mika- 'l'1'ux'z1tu, Yictur Ruc- IL1. liiuw lrinf., liiuhzwd Manta, Manuel I?.,4i1'iyLn-7. luv. Ib Milm-s Imfv. NIUIYIII 1!H l2lI'. Ami:-I I:UI!ll'I'U, Rudy 3Im':1l1-4 Meyer Hirsh, Nickv JG FULOK GU.-Xllll -- llulwn I'lOl'll2llllll'Z. Robert Brill, llaniel lviaz. llaymonll llvl- gado. ROTC OFFICICIIS -- Sgt. Lau, Louis C'ab1'ial1-s, John Arriola, Iiclwaiwl Moya. Armando Lulian, .Ioseph Re-eil, Ilaymonrl Martin. Sgt. Stroud, lrow 23 Alfm-fl Jaramillo, Joe Osuna, Tommy Huphvs. Norman Cohn, Raul Solis, Odell Smith, trow IH Charles Morgan, Roosevelt Rc-erl. I,vande-r Andrews, f'hai'lc-s Slwy- naiil. William Arellano, Brian Thomp- SOIL R roupJ oi Nlcl-x li lll Page 37 ffm y :it XJ ' ,.., xr N I 7 1, Ja Yi CN rs 1. -su- 'fT 'z-hit: YARSI liY l4'0O'l'R.-XLL - Richard Stone, Art Valenzuela Chipres, Phil Varuso, Harley Jenkins, Leandra Antlrcwr, Tornniy Huitron, Billy Vlark, John Ammon, Albert Sol- Raul Solis, Tony Uatroppa, Steve Blanda, Richard Lo' tero, Richard Maldonado, David Abeyta, brow 21 Tony pez, Mr. Leckman, Ruben Rocha, frov: -li liniilio Garcia Diaz, Jerry Rago. Armando Garcia, Ahe Miller. Gabriel -r Richard Rramhilla. Jose Fernandez. Robert Clarillos Man Garcia. Fecil Gutierrez, Edward Moya, Fred Placencia, i uel Chavez, Abe l,izarrag'a, Henry Bernard, Tyrone -lim Ronnie L'olonxliero, Alex Martinef4,l1'ow3il Nll'.C3lKl6l'0I'lG enez, John Arric'-la. Dario Garcia. Louis Menjivar, Manuel Perez, Jeffrey Franco, Richard Varsity Football Lincolnifes have become so used lo 'lheir Tiger Gridders walking off with the Norlhern League championship lhal 'lhe viclory cheers soon give way 'lo yawns. Bul lhis year il was different Eagle Roclc's big advanlage in bone and muscle carried lhe day and +he Norlhern League crown. ll wasn'+ un'lil lhe lasl half of lhe lasl' game of the season, however, lhal Lincoln's snarling, learing Tigers began lo sellle for second place in lhe League. Vecil Gutierrez llcftj stops Franklin player after short romp. frigrhti llcnrj: llernard and Albert Soltero close in on Eagle Rock ball carrier tu stop liiin for a small gain. 4950-Eygif r What looked like a sure pass to Tom Huitron in Verdugo Hills game slips out of his overanxious fingers. Ruben Rocha siops a Franklin play while Billy Clark, John Ammon, Richard Maldonado and Albert Soltero stand by to lend a hand. Grid Star Tommy Huitron eludes a Franklin Tackler for a short gain. In a great attempt to catch a long pass, Abe Miller drops the ball. 15? 6 9 'N fi f 2' S f' sg, 3 I Q I Q JA If: y X 565, l ' Ii FOOTBALL -- George Martinez, Ruben Chairez, Manuel Rzxzo, Leo Ile La Torre, Raymond Amaya, Tony Contreras Andy Barrios, Clifford Arakaki. George Maldonado, Rudy Sanchez, frow 22 Javier Bobadilla, Gary La Vogue, Army Lujan. Andrew Hoyos, Amador Alcantar, Ray Ramirez, Fred German, Richard Soto, Tony Gomez, James Eaton, Tommy lluran, Sam Rodriguez, Henry Acuna, irow I-lj David Mon . A x -? 4 . 'AV l . ,QL B Football .,., -If 1'1 '- tana, Frank Puccio, Robert Duran, Bob Woolson, Helman Self, Angel Romero, Reynaldo Borja, Jesse Lucero, Pobut Salazar, Richard Vasquez, Larry Naraki, Ricardo Rannicz Frank Rivera, Andy Quintana, irow 43 Art Arocha, Gilbert Martinez, Richard Sunda, Ray Martinez, Ruben Macias Ronnie Young. Manuel Salinas, Nash Cardona. Robert Cai cia, Hector Rodriguez, Joe Velasquez Our Bees were mighly lhis year, even lhough ihey did no+ have a championship ieam. FlGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! was lhe spiri+ which moulded fhem info a smoolh- working. fas+-acting leam. Our Tiger Bees fought +heir way +o lhird posilion in 'lhe Northern League- Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Franlii in Wilson Belmont Yerrlugo Ilill Q Eagle Roch IU 0 IH 12 in Page 43 Varsity Basketball Kg' LincoIn's varsily baskelball leam was fhe hard luck ff team of 'flue Norlhern League Huis year. I+ won +wo of +en, bu+ if los+ +wo games by only one poinf- U-W f 'J ll I Lincoln's lwoopslers were Hue mos? spirifecl Huey K had +o be, for fheir opponen+s lowered above fl1em- A 'I 'j X always fighling lrard 'lo allay in llye game. I ,N , Lf Z , ' XX lr lv 1 ' J I U' , a . ' N l I l E iff 'x ' , l 'Z 1 Q . . ' , 1 3 . .V 1 VARSITY LINEUP Macias F Orona F Arellano C Salazar G Gorclin G FIRST ROUND Lincoln 46 Franklin Lincoln 46 Wilson Lincoln 33 Belmonl' Lincoln 36 Verclugo Hills Lincoln 44 Eagle Rock SECOND ROUND Lincoln 32 Franklin Lincoln 59 Wilson Lincoln 38 BeImon+ Lincoln 42 Verdugo Hills Lincoln 47 Eagle Rock 2 Wins 8 Loss B LINEUP Terzi F Chavez F Quinlana C Emanuelli O Sugi G FIRST ROUND Lincoln 42 Franklin Lincoln 49 Wilson Lincoln 48 Belmonl' Lincoln 4I Verdugo Hills Lincoln 40 Eagle Rock SECOND ROUND Lincoln 43 Franklin Lincoln 42 Wilson Lincoln 50 Belmonl Lincoln 52 Verdugo Hills Lincoln 52 Eagle Rock 9 Wins I Loss IEIIWIIIIIH. ,lrrlin Sc-Iuzmiirw, un-III, .Inv Quintana. .irwhn I1-climax. i'flzu'I1 SLi'xx'zx1'l Is. V x, f VXI V I V I I!ASKl4I'l'l!AI,l, II im- 'i I.. I1-I-il, Rlumu-1 llrijzllvzl. Rf le - t NI tilbm-Vt l'Imvi-Z. Munui-I 5' , QM' L f-, ww 25 .lzmlvs SHUI. uuis Tvrzi. .Inhn Ifmzui- wg- 'hfafslvg' f ,,,, ,ffm 1957 orthern Leagu LINCOLN'S Bee BasIce+baII feam won Ihe Norfhern League Championship This year, for +he Hrs? Iime in five years. The Bee Cagers Finished league play wi+h a 9 and I record and an overail season record of I4 wins and I loss. Gil Chavez led Ihe B s in scoring. ,H-we Lincoln C baslcelball leam is +he proudesl' feam in fhe Norlhern League. Be- ing winners of 'lhe league lille for 'lhree years in a row gives lhem lhe righl +o claim 'lhe lrophy for fhem selves forever. The Tiger Cees wenl' undcfealed fhrough all +heir games. Tony Aguilera was l 1cir highesl scorer. K' H.'XSKE'1'BAI.I, -- Mike Macias Virgil Trevino, Ernie Carlos, Benny Chu, A110 Conrique, Sergio Caban- illas, li-ow 2l Tommy Cardenas Joe Colca, Harold Lederer, Rich- ard Rosas. Tony Aguilera, Rudy Gutierrez. Champ IJ HASKE'l'B.Xl.I -- Bobby Luna, Al Barriontos, Manuel Trillas, Franl-1 Vargas, Sergio f'alJanIl1us, Crow 21 Heleodoro Mora, Feinnndu Mur- ales, Manuel Iluitron, Anthony Vasquez, Furlos Garcia. frow 31 Curtis Popns. Ilobort Franco, Thonias Buttonis, Iluul Castillo. Lincoln Migh+y Miles claimed lhe Nor+hern League lille for +heir fourfh conscculive year. So 'rhe D's now own one Norlhern League championship lropliy and are on 'lhe firsl lap of 'rheir second frophy. The Miles' one defea+ didn'+ dampen fheir winning spiri+. Highesl scorer of fhe season was Manuel Huilron. Page 47 wokmfaw zfaouf camps y Bam This year, Lincoln's Gymnasfic Team won Their soc- ond. sfraighf, Nor+hern League Championship, goinj undefea+ed in League compeli+ion in fhe lad fwo years. The champs-, in every league meel, have always won by 'rhirfy or more poinls. The Lincoln-Vlfilson meei virf fually decided fhe championship as fhe favored Mules were smashed 87Vz fo 47'3. ln all The Norfhern League mee+s, Carlos Navarro, Melvin House, and Henry Bernard were lop men for Lin- coln. Each always falcing a firsf or second in any even? +hey were in. Al+hough, Lincoln's gym feam wasn'+ as sfrong as lasl years, +hey were 'rhe bes+ 'rrained and mos+ . Clifford Aralcalci gels se+ +0 experienced feam in +he Nor+hern League. do a 'lever. YMN.-XSTICS 'l'I'lAKI - I i's-il Ruiz. Mzixiuul Salinas, Phil fiillllbll, I.m-Laml Vzxstiw. Inhn Hedvrio, Jack Sfwlflano, .Irie Nicastm. Tflllj' Yzisiltzez. 1'z1l'lus N8.X'?ll'l'1l, Lee Tru- illlo. Qllow 25 Flallli Glkilllllff. ll illinm BIKIIRVZ. .lnlmny I:f'lQ'Z. I'ziviil Fir-rm. ll'iI1SIfrYl Chu. Marshall Jung. Melvin H+-use, llichcuil Ilumizi. Vliesiei' Jung, .-Xmailm' Al1'z1utz1 . tllow ZS! Jess Flum. Alfrmsf, IR-1+-x..l1+sb lliillllltf, Lulu Axim-mlaaliz. Tuiijs CUIlLl'C1'2ib. nthrzny Yelasquez. .Hi-my Hmnuiri. l'il1L!ilxl.'Kl.il!1k:l. 3142.114 IKM-.f. lamina qlflalgigx l obs it llulzm. Q- l il I, ,:'Q.fj F. , ..f1f'? l LL l ,lv ,f ,,, fl i lx 'fl 13 . W . L 1 45 W My A f W 'iff' I. , A NV-UL k Y 5 3 ' ,mrtf . ' 4 1 -V 'f A ,. My f V HAY f A 2 X ml ,A 1- If 7, I I: g A 1- 4' i - - y ' , fam, Q E: . 1 . M , I xy .6 7 pf X3 , - W. f jvfggyw , V ' V ' n V: K X-QQ, ' ' , 6 - if L - Q TVEM K, l I ,- 5 ' A . '--' L 6 , f - vxNCU.N ' I V h 'i'Mrr.1 4- gq, f f l 1 CROSS COUNTRY - Carlos Garcia Eddie Rosas, Jesus Alcantar, Ray Fa- vcla, Crow 2j Joe Friscione, Ray Ve- lasco, Bobby Pina, Allesandro Spata Warren Loo, Bobby Escobar, Raul Es- paulin, fl'-vw 31 John Bronner, Eddie De Lara, Raul Castillo, Richard Rosas, Har- ry Corrales, Mr. Florian, .lose Diaz, Jul- io Rodriguez, Louie Hererra, John Sali- tillan. In the photo at left, below, Roheri' Clarillos, puts his all -- even to the weight of his bulging eyeballs --inio putting that shot way, way GUI- In photo al right, below, Joe Velasquez one of l.incoln's topflight pole vaul- ters, clears the bar to bring home the bacon for Lincoln. I957 David Rojnrqrxez, Lincoln's top Bee sprinter, is shown '-'ld' breaking the tape against Narbonne in the 220 yard T? dash. WL , 1 .an v A 'YN-f - . auf. This year's lrack 'ream was slronger fhan lasl year's bul lacked depfh in all fhree divisions. Lincoln's varsi+y was parlicularly devas+a+ed by +l'1is lack of deplh, +houghi+l1i++he B and C leams +oo. Lincoln's varsify had an unenviable record of one win, four losses in Norfhern League Compe- +i+ion. By an unremarkable coincidence, Lincoln's foo+ball feam gels ra comparafively STRONG suppor+ from +he sludenf body and makes a STRONG showing. There's a lesson +here somewhere! X'.-XILSITY TRACK -- .Inv C1-ismrw, Frank Gcralxlo, Jew Yelasco, Tom Huitron, Hay lfuvclu, limlcliv Rosas, trmv 21 Louis Macias, Abelardo I.izza1'1'aga, Bobby Pina, Joe l c1'm11nlcz, ll'0XYfil Paul Martiiwz, Manuel C?Al'fl0I1Zl, Art Valenzuela, Robert Iiscohur. Ala-x Martinez. Harley Jwfnkius. Gabriel Garcia, Louie Menjivar. Page 52 pi , if ,- .L if -'A 'vu .iv Al a, f 1. V f f x Ci 'J .P E, .ir cuff, 90,1 , ll' xi.. Q fs 'X if . 4 W 6, , fl 4 -. v c , 2 li ia x H1 A 1. b g k . r g 5 if Manuel Huifron, AIO shaffers fhe school record in +he l80-yard dash wi+h a fume of I'-7.4 seconds. Manuel lopped by one fenfh of a second +he previous lime. which Ray Favela, now a +op varsily sprin+er, grabbed affer he himself had brolc- en a record which had been sfanding for I5 years. and C I'6lCk Lincoln's Bee and Cee +raclc feams, coached by Mr. Reqalado and Mr. Leclcman, were sfrong fhis year, alfhough no+ qui+e powerful enough +o bring home 3 Norihern League Championship +rophy. They foughl hard and won fhemselves Posiiions 4 and 3, respeclively in League sfandings. The Bee's failed +o rack up any new school records +his year, buf in +he Cee division Manuel Huilron clipped a ienih of a second off +he previous school record of I9.5 in fhe l80-yard dash division. Anolher Cee brighf lighi was Vic- +or Paniagua, a l32O-yard man who ran undefealed 'lhis season. He usually lefl ihe opposilion far behind, buf he s+ill came oul behind lhe record school mark se+ by Eddie Rosas. C' TRACK-Andy Hoyos, Henry Fowler, Gilbert Carrillo, Ernie Carlos, Tony Contreras, Sammy Casillas, lrow 21 Sammy Rodri- guez, Richard Perez, Eddie lie Lara, Michael Macias, Fernando Morales, Victor Paniagua, Richar- ilo Ramirez, lrow3j James Wright, Rudy Quezada. Richard Nichols Cesario Agruirre, Alberto Ramirez. Joe Caballero, Robert Gomez, Raul Castillo, Ronnie lliaz. i-fx. li '1'R.-Xfli - llavid Bojorques. Richard Roias. Henry Acnna, Ben- cny Medina, Frank Rivera, ,lohnnjv Jorden. Warren Loo. lrowlll -lose lliaz. Martin Perez,frow Ill Rvbc-11 Blaclas. Ilavid Marin. .Joe Cufter- rr-:, Ilurry Corralez. 1.21: A. Blai- liuci, .Xnagol Romero, lieldic Cano Jian ll N XIISIIN I!.XSl',lI.f'Xl,l,-f.lnn- mic SllIll'llL'Z. liillii-V1 Vlizun-,t .lnlin hrailillzis. ,luv l ull-ai, Naal mon N'lnrz1. Manuel Nlniitnyn Manuel Huitrnn, trnw Lfl GH-31' nry Imlwz, Tony llizxl. Mvym- Hirsch, John Szxlgzuln, Art .-X V W Howl, Armando liujan. Baseball, fhe sporf of lhe American people as il has been called, is lhe sporl lhal' gives a player a world of his own +o live in. l+'s 'rhe game mosl Americans love above all olhers. Under +he leadership of coach Frank Malefle 'the Tiger l-lorsehiders en+ered +his year's baseball spason. They did no+ have an oulslanding record, buf' neverlheless +hey foughl' gamely un+il +he las+ ball was pifched. May 24 end' ed +he baseball career of many Tiger players: Ben Orliz, Meyer Hirsch, Man- uel Mon+oya, Greg Lopez, Gilberl Chavez, Ray Marlinez, Tony Diaz, and Roose- vell Reed. Who will replace lhese men? The pros.pec+s for nex+ year are good. There will be such refurning lef- +ermen as Tommy Huilron, Manuel l'lui+ron1Ar+ Arocha, and Armando Luian. ln lhe firsl round Lincoln los+ fhree hearl'-brealcing games: Franklin l-0, Wilson l-0 in exlra innings, and Verdugo Hills 8-7. Lincoln avenged ifself wifh a 3-l upsel' over firsl-place Franklin in 'rhe second round of play, however. v , X lv ' 4, , , XY 5 w i 1 .- M :QT N 'vp J-il lx V' lx .'.' Auf 'ff , Ad, X Ii I1.-'kSIuIi.-'kl.l,-- Ilivliaiwl Sm. Varlos Valenzuela. Freilflim- Ge-1 man. Ernie He-rmnirle-Z, Vnrri Popps. Ray Maniquez, wmv 2 :Xl BZi1'1'l8llt 'S, Frank Yamfus f1'f1w?'19 Joe Reeil. I.aVi'y Vastwi John Fernamiez, Pete: Gmlincz Liam: Childress. C'z11'1lmm, Tnmniy Ilnitrnn. lin- rocha, Hen Ortiz, limiswvm-ll Clementi lliaz. Gary LaYngup ,. ., ' Slfffvkal ' Q C' A ,Jil fa qsf . ' ' U ' ' if ' , ., , --gin ....--,,,,,,-'M-fs L O ' svn X -3-A ga' X ' rl , -.' a .nl 1 I, .. v x , , R' All V!! ,ug GY y 'K-li.: ' , vi ..4 ,, -. .Q J, 1 Q, -- .- . I ' 'J-un, .n sk 1 ,V . .1 1 , . , R X , J Q :U ' ' ' ' Y ' 44 . Q: z 3 ... ' V ru ' 5 V L Br ' - -- 3 . : 54,311 WV L-......,, K 4 , x . ' Q - , '1 . n . Y I . u. , .R a, 'K K 1 i, w i 1 x A? M.. ' N 'px . A I , H 1 an , alw- xg x 'M r ' W A 1 4 xg- A Q W f .W JJ W -- -M A y ,-A-.. W 1 8 X' 04.0-.--.mu g- a ,. 4 ' 4 ' as 'V . ' 'HW'- I .... 1-H' ' 'v Mm ggifl '9 'H . . , . . , ... - .. ff ,,.-ff, . U - -- Lv. 1 XZ., G , , ' I r n if' J wx .. fo. 1' -QQ -, . QJQ A lk ' ,M ,bf 5 f - -iid ' , ds. I fl lv Page SXXIM TEAM Alfonso MOIA Plank Xalenzuela Pete Casa: Charlie Salinas Dennis Valela LIOVS Pj 'lommy Caldenas Ldxxard Smith Rall Serrano Reynaldo Borja .lavler Bobadilla Alfonso Young from '25 Bob Wonlson Frank Fcrardo .lm Vargas Ralph Conzales Feorge M'1rtinez l'1-one Malrlonaclrv, lalph Ffpalin lame' Eaton. Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln LUU11 061111 SCORES Verdugo Hills SanPedro Jefferson Venice Hollywood Hamilfon Universify Lincoln s swim feam marking ifs fiffh anniversary in swim compefifon was clearly oufpoinfed by every swim school in fhe Wesfern League. Lasf year Lin- coln was in fhe Sunrise League buf fhis year fhey were puf info a much fougher league. Alfhough fhe ducks fried very hard fhey couldn + keep up wifh fhe much sfronger schools in fhe league. This year s feam fool: ifs s veresf beafing from Hollywood High School defending All Cify Champs. Year affer year Lincoln s feam seems fo gef beffer so in a few years our feam should be a con- fencler for any championship. Lincoln s B and C ducks did somewhaf beffer. Though fhey did lose fheir lea- gue meefs, fhey capfured fwo of fheir fhree pracfice meefs. 56 GAA GIRLS OF GAA - Karen Geoneria, Mary Lou Baliazar, BeH'y Salaiich, Jeri Ballo, Madeline Bidabe, Olivia Sanchez, Genevieve Sandoval, BeHy Loya, Rose Mary Mayorca, Barbara Salinas, Carolyn Colombero, Barbara Sosa, lrene Smifh, Dol- ores Perales, Laura Molina, Dolores Zubia+e, Bea+rice Lopez, lrow 21 Eloige Morales, Frances Menard, Flarela Marquez, Mar+ha Rocha, Grace Lopez, Lupe Quezada, Vivian Es+rada, Sally Diaz, Dolores Perales, Maria Elena Porras, Terry Guerrero, Carol Zarro, Vickie Trujillo, Dorofhy Morrow, Vera Molina, Mary Rivera, Genevieve Pomo, Sandra Parks, Mary Mar'I'inez, Alice Salais, Gloria Sal- as, Lucy Gu+ierrez, Rachel Ruiz, Adeline Esrrada, Evelyn Andry, irow 3l Vivian Acosfa, Delia Marfinez, Lydia Maldonado, Jackie McFarland, Jessie Gomez, Rebecca Rodriguez, Judy Pasos, Frances Borrios, Gloria Hawkins, Linda Hes+er, Barbara Kupiesiewiez, Flora Woods, Yvonne Barker, Esiher Arakaki, Linda Arm- ifege. Linda Cardenas, Rachel Abeyfa, Janice Gee, Nan McKinney, Marilyn Thomas, Lucilla Parra, Sara Razo, Toby Naraki, Rose Marie Carrer, Marilyn Sal- inas, Joyce Loo, Alice Wong, Parricia Joe, Esfher Diaz, Ada Elias, lsabela Mor- ales, Maria Hernandez, Loreifa Varela A .zwsygfi , E 2 if . 2 Xl 'O 4?K QL, Q v if ,M 9 die B619 JB Qi? ie 22513 Page 57 6.A-ACTION - Fun lhe hard way bul fun. is fhe lceynole of Lincoln's sporl- minded Girls Afhlefic Associa'I'ion. Among +he many differen+ sporls off- ered are baskelball, soflball, volleyball, archery, handball. and badminfon. ln fhe upper leff phofo, +rying for a rebound shol' in baslcefball are Gen- evieve Sandoval and Rose Marie Carrer. lcenler lefll lns+ruc+or Mary Lou Balfazar +e-aches Florela Marquez ius+ how +o hold and aim fha? bow and arrow. Also learning is Frances Menard. llower lef+l Ouch -- wi+h a soccer ball in 'this posifion i+'s even harder on 'fhe players fhan slubbing your loes on The double. lupper righ+l Slrefching for fha? baslcefball are Frances Menard and Yvonne Barker. llower righfl l-lands ou+s+reched and ready for 'rhal' soccer ball is Jessie Gomez while Rebbecca Rodriguez lceeps a no+ loo close guard- WI? E55 l XL-' va Lsvff' a g lf 7 - 5 'I ii dj Sig 6 , f , if X, WMM MHS, 'l'l7liNPIY'f U12 lioli Call -- Tonirnv Vhin, ,lov Usiinzi, Emilio Golf cial, Ralph Gonzales, lrow Z1 .lohn liriizivilwlli. fic-riy Hurtlif-I, .Ioan Wil- kins, listvllzi lioclia, Mz1rg:zx1'it:i Segr- Vaio. MK. Wll,I,Y'- III! Roll Fall -- Iirinu Zac-zxrias, i'zxrlvm- Pc-nnino, .liulf Pasos, Rebecca IioLl1'ig'ueZ, Arlem' Glorioso. Ilofothy Doilvvtte. He-tty Loya. Linda C'ai'rli-xmas, Marry Fonse-f':i. Ada Hlizls, Raton Geffiicttzl, lrow lil Johnny Granillfis, Tony Gonzalez. Louie Menjivar, Ronny Fistrada, Jose Rios. .Toe Vargas, David Flores, Jeff I i'anc'0, Jamvs Eaton, John Ammon. v 2 MKS, H,XNllCl.R .XII ll-all lil' flu-olyn I'ziflill':. f'li:1m'le-iw lilonn llowinwx' Blziiorczx. livtly .5x'lIi lrlll go, Fzmrlra View-c'zv,r'ini. Hill kins. li-ow El Vliesu-1 Jung. A li I lla . 'ivj'.ol.m' lliliflllv. IZ all ilu' Fllllflil. HHS. Wl'fl3S'l'l'llC's All Roll Call- .loo Yvlasquez. Elvira Molina, Stella Quijzula, lielrecca Vasillas, Yivrginia Munoz, Rita Iistradzi, Vainia-lla Perri, I.:-0 Varr, fron' 23 .Ioe Criscione, Jess lfierro, liay llCl,Ll'PlllO, Gary La Vogue, Art Munoz. Iizivid Montana, Ray lfzivelzi. MR. HAKICRR 1112 lloll Call-llacln-I Ruiz, Mary liscarsega, Florela Mar- quez, Lucy Gutierrez, Maria Esqui- vel. JoAnn Ilongarro, Margaret Coto, Lita Guzman, frow 21 Jessie Gomez, Frances Menard, Gloria Hawkins, Yxonne Barker, Gloria Lopez. MR. C'AllR's lil? Roll flilllf-l'll'iiIlL'0S Gasliill, Terry lVIartint-z, llosie Cam- pisi, Frances Banrios, Adeline Estra- da, Connie ll0l11llll.1'U9Z, Esther Diaz. Rose Marie Jimenez, lileanor Garcia, fl'0XY 23 Salvador Fontan, Vince lliaz, Joe Felix, Abelardo, Lizarraga, Gabriel Garcia, Harley Jenkins, George Gordin, Julio lliaz, Steve Blanda, Phil Caruso, Charles Her- nandez, Frank Frias. Page bl XII I1-L1 f.r11:1Ix':1. I.1m1a :XI'IllIIilfl'0 I-,sqm l.1111Im1vm, Mary Ile-Im-H Ilzxmircz. IIfI trnxiu -Irizmms, Imxx' ZI Michael Mup- s. lfIhIH'l'f IHCIXIIIIII, Nlzmuvl Illvzls, ' In-V1 Ilrmrli, i'hzx1'I1's 'I'is1IzlIrA. .luzm liIIIII'l'Z. ,f SS IQ XI'I'I'fX XII IIUII l4z1II--3Irl1'y MISS 3IYFI,IIi'f .-XII IMI! VQIII-Ii. A1'z1u'rm. Marin Iflvnza I.w1w'f1, -Iv .-Xgvlilnl. IlilfzS1111-m1Iy.Xu4If-5' IIN! Ifflrm i'm'II-xx. xl2lI'IlIll Il.x.'w1'1. I I1'11':l f'rlslr'v1,. Ilwww QI Ilmle-NZ I nzm1I4-Z. UflvII 5m:tIv. .X'zu'j,' .I-,rm I., 1 ws, 5111111111 IIHVIIIIIIII. If-uw-fax I' If 2 Ilumis Vfvtzf-1'. I'z1t1'ic'a g2lII:lii'H fl .XIII IIIXSIPXF .XII IUIII I'zx,I--.X U U1'fIunf,, III-fwuizx KI.1II4Im- Vasu, hm-mx. Nuilc- NX Vxulmt. Almw Iizmelllf I'fIizz1ImL-III lic-LII-rm, .Imqcv IAM. I,w1I 1 I, , . , K,I121X'1'Z, 41 xv -I .Inc Imrwczp-4-,I.-Im' XYMHIQMI, Steve Iwluuri 1. Il'-Ivan 4 ll llww UM-11 YIM' Ia I- 'Q Y I1'w , . X-. , ,I ,W .. MRS. PETRY's A11 Iloll Call -- Shirley Ballentine, Carol Ogden, Car- ol Zarlo. Edna Llanes, Flora 'Woods Rachel Santainarie, Helen Reveles Polly Valenzuela, Gracie Bonilla Blanca Aguirre, Daniel Mata, Walter Sheredy, Gari Redmond, Hector Rod- riguez, Joe Sceliso, Kenny Kahn, Tom- Duran, Manuel Trujillo, Tommy Huit- ron, Charlie Valdez, Ernie Salas, MISS MvCALL's B11 Roll Call -Car- men Nava, Lucy Castaneda, Lupe Gallegos, Mary Jane Mondragon, Jul- ieta Madrid, Linda Carranza, Nomia Xochihua, Mary Louise Maya, Lin- da Gaskill, frow 22 Marvin Gee, San- dra Parks, Irene Robledo, Miss Mc- Call, Linda Manzanares, Mary Helen Gutierrez, Lucille Linale, Julo Rod- riquez. MRS. DOVVN1'fY's B11 Roll Call - Marie Terzi, Rose Chavez, Dora Bur- rola, Adriana Urquidi, Rosa Rizzi, Viola Cuellar, Alice Benavente. Madeline Bidabe, frow 2j Manuel Guerrero, Gilbert Sandoval, Nick Sosa, Jose Diaz, Jose Fernandez, Hen- ry Saiza, Rocky Gugino, Andy Quin- tana, Bill Pugh. 7 v 1 Ml! llAIll1Y'l'I'I's I3-ll Hull Fall lill- - , . ,. ilu- l.nsaS. llavid I-ic-i'i'fi. Hs-ln-ii Mai'- tim-Z, Yirgiiiia Vruz, Iliitli llzizri, limi vvic-vo Pmnri, Eddie ICm'iqum-z, lnuio Molina. How 23 Tummy f'z1i'rli-:ms Sammy Vasillas. Alfonso IH-iw-z. llam- 011 Mora, Alex Martine-z, liilrlis- Gmiz silos. Von-i' Hmlim-z, Vlmiimitf- Imiz, :Xl'll1lH' X'lu2ll'l'K'Z1l, Alex fiziwizi. Ll 4. ' 1 I ' N' x , A - ' A, I V, 51R4,U.l.I-1X1 H-ll i. ill I .iii 'wi'- :iiiia llc-riizmrlc-Z, livin' XX ulisti-lg Hlilii Ye-azey, Julie Gonzales, Alice S2'lLll'ff4l1J. lz-tsy 121-nzlilc-S, lfiiiwzi I'fmr'1-. fi'ow?, l-Inu Qtr, II0l'll21lllli'Z. Max llivas. lluul ljsquivc-l. Aiiirel Ilfiiiivivi. -lwliii Iirfimi- wr. Iiiilu-Vt IH-ters, llivlizirwl Hzuiim. Elll. ff-XI.lll'fllUNl'I's I3-11 Hull Call ,Irie Vliif-fn. Phyllis l'liu. Yeira I'vi'e-Z Lupv Qiiomilzl, Abigail Sf-riuiiw, Vai'- S S2lllI'l'Ii'Z. lwiw Z2 Flllllli Ai'mi-in r - . . - lump 1 2llI'flflll1l.-Illl'1fllC2l,T4Tll5' Agni 10111. l'. l'll'lYl'lll Vcmi. William Nlunuz ll Nlll. S'l'l'IWAR'l's AIU Roll Call-- Gloria llotson, Oralia Vano. Elisa Oronoz, Millie l'roeopio, Helen Moore Vhristinn Sanchez. Esther Rodriguez. Rose Marie Salas, 12nd rowj Warren Sharkey, M-r. Stewart, Joe Quintana. ff. rd rowj Jesse Farriilo. Reynaldn ifim-QS. Gilbert 3131-mel, Felipe onzrllalpli Dominguez, Jcygeph I.J1eero. Ken Pass. fs. li NQP' 'J F ' I lx yi X , , ,,, - . Al ,' ' H is l 5: z pl' f' v 'X5' K , , 'nk 1 r f 1 :A-Lrg! 'W 17: , . ' ,' 4 1 sf f A W , fr ' 4 f . Z. 1-. 'vi' I 'We if :Q Q I ' QA PL, K V K, K4-, fi ' ,r ,, f. e ' if ' 4, Q ., nfl, , ,I i. jj, fr MRS. TL'lfXHY's AIU iioll Call Tina Lopez, Esther Rodriguez, Irma Osuna Geraldine Hallo, Gloria Martinez, Mary Helen Avila, Teadora Mora, 12nd row! George .-xC0!4tii, Bob Luna, llaniel Herrer:1, Richard Soto. Alfonso Mirahal, Richard Castillo, frow I-S3 Billy Frank. Luis Sepulveda. Freddie Russi, lloherr Sanehez. Joe Aragon. Abe Fonriqne. MII. X lhl. s AIU Roll Call--l'aul Yzls quez, Daniel Diaz, Eleanor .-Xlinunzu. Mfxry Lopez, Maria Ybarru, Helindu Garf-ia, Ruben Hernandez. Iilias Ray- es frov 23 Ilenny Medina, Jinnny Yalverde, liun Silva. .Iohn BICKQ-ehan. Robert Mzirmguez. lliehard l.nya. Page 65 Nil S IUPLITQ A10 Poll all htatha Pattelson, Dolores Gomez, Salah 'Iesso lloloies Pelales Maiy louise Agunif Hilda Ramirez Shu lex Ciaxen Sallx Arenas Flida M01 Q Halle Bravo lloxx 71 lo Muipnx I thel Nlalone Sharon Thom l1 on Gaxle Stokesbcrix Plixa Bae tnos Iwhocca Ampaian Martina n x 11 xx 5 Janxos Hts ei U15 U Ol lla lctoild lied Nalgan RlCh3ld T nies I ustax o 7101195 Alfonso Xoun MIQN I AINIDI X A10 Itoll Lall Dora lvllltlllfl Gracie llilliams Eursallee 0 Gilwie qallv Molinar Malia Acosta, tioxx Pl Gabr1elCaballe1o Tom Pad :lla Andievx Fisher Itonalcl Hayes Hclmdoro lVIora Carlos Garcia. . I. , 'f'l'.' , ' -- Man- - i r 1, Ire-no Ortiz, Magdav Vontreras, Julia Pc-nalver, Gail Goo, Iluth l'U2'l'2iCl, Sally Garcia, Bertha Gonzall-s. Ilicliarrl Fontan, lrow 25 Osvar Fastillo, Philip Galvcz, Lupe Arinenrlariz, Ilobvrt Salazar, Fred Mclfarlanfl. Vliff Williamson, Renal- flo Raya. Jesse Lucero, William llun- can. I-lflzlie Castillo. , . I f I 1 . nl G MH. BASWS A10 Roll Call--Barbara Sosa, Catherine Allman, Judy Cuni, Norma Banks. -To Ann I'eluce,llarlc-no Maisch, Ada Cunningham. Elizabeth Yanni, l'm'a Gutierrez. Maria Dena l'urras trow 23 Stove Valenzuela, Hobby Cardona. Joseph Dooley, Mary Plescia, Lino Barra, Gilbert Nevarez, Bill Brooks, trow 315 Iidward Alcala. Perry Kitchens. Harold l.ed0rer, .Xniadnr Alcantar. NIR. HL'Ill.I3lQT's Ilnll Call Yucatimx- al -- Ruben Rocha, Gilbert llc-lyradu, Sam BICKQ-t-han. lidflie Smith. .lrilill ll9Ilt'I'iH. Billy Ile La Tf!1'l'L', Ayirlrgeig Perez. lrmv Zi Hen Ortiz, Allie.-1 Yt-vares, Alle Miller. Art Valenzuela. Hr. Hurlhut, Rulrf-rt f'HllIZ'0l'21S, Al- lin-1't SUllC'l4fl. PIII. H.-XlbEI2LEIN's AIU Iloll Call-- Celizi Ilernal, Rita lit-ltizin, V211 llil- ariw. Alice Fiarilli. Rita IIUW-'l95-I':llZ' :doth Salatich, l'ris1'illa .hl'Z2ll'Lf2i Hm'tenc'i:1 RolJlcs, Cf-Celia Sandoval trwwu' ,2l,Xnthony ll1'4I'21l'I. Pf1'm-st Var' lu.-'. llc-nry I uwlor. Frank Silva. Petr Fasas, Kay Manriquez, Orlando IM-l Rio. Robert Garcia, Manuel Trillvs. How Til lmvid Marin, Art Breunhila, Jess Leon, Robert Carillo, Adolf Carranco, Alfonso Herrera, Danny Lucero, Henry Cordrwa, Carlos Yillar. MHS. W.-XlSll's lloll Vzill -- .Ioycv .Incli- son, Mivliael llzulvliff. Sliaron iizxi'lic'l4, IF, lmviml Bojoiwiiioz, Arnolil Altziinirziiio. MHS. 4'UlCNI'll.L's Roll Full -- Yirifinia 1 lol'14, I.o1'raiiie Mata. Alice Maiiiiie-Z, Patricia Iisparzn, lrow 25 John Riccon, Fm-ilclie Ruiz, Melton Geo, Curtis Vopps. Henry Acuna, Richard Rosas, Raymond Ilziinirez, Tim Mapgniot, Ricliuiwl Fry, Rulton Macias. I N -s , Q , 1. VJ-. 4 MISS f'URSIflI's Roll Call Arie-lirw Alcziiitma, Henrietta Gilef Marie Malone-, Christine Takata, Mun ue-la Iiziliiiiwz. .Io-I-Irina Johnson, Glm ia ll01ll'lg4Llt'Z. Iirlclie Ile Lara. Hay Ani- ayzi. Martin Metters, Benny Phu, Felix Vurlos. Ray Arniendariz, Sergio Vzlhzriiillus, Iiulwrt Quevedo, Ilolmrt Gzxivqia, Jesse Lozano. llli. Ifl'Il2NI'Ili's Roll Call -M Nzrnry Cortez, Mary Rivera, Carolyn Toni, Rachel Alu-ytzz. Lclretta Varela Barbara Sosa, Mary Ellen C0lon,I Nornm lllomtiiia, Olivia Armenta, find IIUXVJ Kaye Green. Gene Child- ress, Jim Melendrez, George Aduna, Eddie Brown, Andy Barrios, George Martinez, Tony Home-Z, Lydia Barros. 'IVV -RA i MII. Iil'fI-AI,.-KIM!! Iloll Full - Iieatrive Butler. Santa M.mcusn. I zir- ol Webster, Joyce Yinnclt. Delia Mun gamy, Diana Lauer, lilizalneth l'u- grad. fron in Leo Iluncun, Ilykenian, Johnny Jordan, Raniirez. Henry Malmu-. Mzrrvili Ilolyr-rl .luiqriny forrfw, I'ornnxy Vase-y. Iron' :ll Charles 'I':1npn-ru, Yictur Yzilclc-2. Len'- is Hernamlev. ,lose Arr-llzum Johnny Kc-vendez. Page 69 S'6O HHS. lflllfs llwrll Vzill A-X!! -- Sll1ll'lYll Kl2l9I'll. Mzixiiw Swmit. lumiiiiu l'lll'iIl'l1, Nziiivy .llI'Kll1IlI'X. .loan Nlzxriiiu, Gm'- iiiu Pzulillzi, 'll-i'i'5' lfvziiue, Aiigic- lill- I'llllll'Z, Yiviziii l'l.Nll'2lll2l, lmxx' 23 li'1vli'1l l l'lUll Yl'i ii- l li'II'l ll'-i'ii'i'i . ..- , 1 ..- ili-Z. Nziiicy hyiiwiigri. lzirnivii i:l'lll4t'S. llfzsziliv filiiviiiiivi, lklizi Ilviiwiii. liviuililim- Yziruuf. lwvxx' fir llliziui-l lim-i'i'ifi'zi. lmiiulzis -Iiiiiir, l l'2lIll-x , . ,V , . , , 1 liivvifi. lnlC2llAllfI liziiiiiiez. liiwly Saii vlii-z. William Ilufi. I x 0,4 U A Ifflfpi ,fi WQ76 .1- ' -gui' 3 -I MRS. Wl'll,l,'5 Ail Hull Mill -- Isulul Kliiigensiiiitli. liltlig-i' lCn.'i-fri. Folia , . Cami. llvlfirizi llziyoiiii. l.silwi' lloyina, Tlil0l'fr. l',lYll'Zi fvi1l'l'l2l, lllCl'0421 quiwliez, lmw 25 Louio timizuli-s. Gary IM- '.'m'1-, Szm.iiul filwyii, Rich- Lirl Nugivtic. l fi'm-st liiilli-ggfia 1l'rm' Til llfvlivll Rims, ll'vliL 'I lfi - wliviw IM-iiizw ifiitci' li'i'i' lwsllllll . . . , ., 1 . , llziviil Url ix, ill lil IUIX lltr llnll full -A Ulpu Iliiniiirlff Imlriiz Yiliiti Will iiiiiilmm. l-.ilirli riimyii,l,l+1i':u,If1i'rlzi1i. lflizaliefli fiurcizi, lIai'g'zii'1'i llciulfvzzz, if'Clll3. I'liI'l'll, Xfvlziiiwlii Nlfiiiczi. lrumi Szimlnval. ri +v: Zh Nlzigwlznle-ina Vlizi- viru. llaiiiiy Mau-ias, Hi-rmaii Se-lf. llmnias Ilwtimiis. .-'kit Aim-lia. Willia- Ylrziiia, Iiiiriiliu- Murriiii-z lliililiy limi- rifluvz, Iilizzi liiiczz, trim' fil Al Hail iiciitns, Vliris Klfijicu. Wzilii-1' Mira- mmi, Hoiiry Yaiigfzis. lim-lyii Arflvy. liilly SllII4II1,l,n'1ill+1 l.ii 'l'fvl'iv. llivlwit lluiaii, Artliui' 3I2ii'IlIlUZ. Tllrr Ml',Shl.1Llls All Roll Call -- lure Munuuiy, lflizaheth Johnson, llvlm-za A-Xiww, Laura Molina, Alina L0- wz. l.in1l:i Gm-inez. Anita Lopez, l':u-lu-l ilzxrcia. lm-A llaniirez. Lupe llzilvan. liziiiion Romero, Manuel ll2l'CU. liuliert l rancu, .Javier Bobad- il':i, -Xllwc-110 Ramirez, Donald Hallo, Dvnis Yzirclu, Peter Hernandez, Eu- an-iiv Nm-ally. Mll. IIUWI-Ill's AU Ilull Call -- Diana Reyes, Mary Lou Delgado, Dolores Szmtillnn. Gloria Mata, Alice Ybave, lll'0llCf'3' Garrett. Delia Martinez. .Ian-lqie Mcl-'urlaml. Sally Diaz, Cora livnnimi, lrow Ili Vliris Digiaimo, .luliu Rivera. Robert Lopez. Ilene Mal- flrwaflii. Mr. Bowers. Fernanrlo Mor- ales. luis Avalos. trim' ID Gilbert i'uri'iliu. l.:1rry Nzxralai, llulmcn Cha- i.ot, :X1l1ll'l'XX' lli-yfis. Gillurt Delwin. Vflfi Fnfiz. lliwlwrt Ginnez, lfraiik Yar- 1 Z15. MHS. li-Xl.Mlill's AH llrwll Call -- M1.r:w liiw-ra. lilfIl'l21 Ortiz, Amelia Viiiilx--ras. lluxli Iluyus, Sharon Davis, l'a1 Hills. llvliefwa lizxllusteims, Hose Mary lil-yna, Bertha Madrid, Viola Arawin. lrww 27 .If-e Valiallero. Pablo 1'ffi'fl1wa. .lliey Vuellar, lfdllil- Haban- wla. Manuel Vwllas-i. Larry Castro, llunifiiz lfanla. WW Ml.. 101.05 11.9 Imll full - .!f1l's'1l'. Samples, Mary l-liguwm. Sully Ciflrvil f'2il'lllt'N Nlvxzl. l'ulr11'u-f Nl5li'l2lS. lxlllflii llorrlunflc-7, xxlltfblllil lk- l,ul'zz. Blau'- erarvt l'lu1'4-s. lmrrvllly I'IL1lllY2lI'4l.llllXli flll!'l'l't'l'U. lrmx Z! .-Xlvx lil-uf, lim-ml lk-141110. fllrrriu Nlc-lvmlvez. .Xlnry Mau'- tmm-zc, rtlzum- Ml-1-. 5ll'fllll'Il l,:: :1 Nlzmuvl flLlllt'l'l'l1Z, tum ZZ! lic-nv lilllim-r'1'z-Z. l'll'lllk' linux. liufly Quvzaulzl .l'u'llu' Swlrnrw, qxlllwl Sw-an l.lfl.:lrli l'm'1-Z. MKS. l!Ul'Yll'1li's lifl liwll Vzxll xxll' lillllii Nllltxllwn, l'l'z1m'us lIl'uwr1, llvl- ml Alnmdn, lmloros .'Xx'1'e-fllylwclu, l':11- . . , . - l'H'l2l l.:x1'rns, .-Xlws' licnltvs. l,m'm-11:1 fllil'l'1'l', .lnlwt l3m1cll'vuL1x, l,11c'illv .Xll- mzm, lmw 23 Alvm .-Xrulizxlu, llmmlml .-Xvunu, Us-Sanrio :Xg'Llll'l'l'. Gln-min Cruz, Henrietta Brill, Mario f'2l1'l'Ll5C'P. Irma Faro, Ralph Har1'm1, Peter Ag'uila1', Ifdwzxrd Hanks. ' 4 , .1 , f , I l V , X Q 4. x x, t V 'Tl' Y N Page 72 ,- xl.-XNF llil l. 'Q -- 1,.wA .: .f Ar. ..- N 1 1 . l 1. 1 4-. 7,. '. '., ',. .uf ... ....,, . XVIII! .21 -N 'SQ . , 4'2l5l!'lv. Xivk , 'r I lllilll Al2llIlH'I T.zx41:xl', l2ll.1.fa1-ll Imp' llvvxx' -U -luiilfw l'.11'rwll, ll c'l1'x11E Nix 11l4, Ifrzmlx Yalm-',::a1v'z1,Ulm-11Siamwiifl gillll All-sszxmlrff. l,L'.l'l lilwzxmux. Y1 - .' ' .. 1 ... A . . ' . '. K. 1. Offaf' Wl62 XIII., IIPI'I.I'I's IIS IIUII Vzill - lmliiic S1215 , Ik-liar I+-yep. I.12zxn:i Ill-yin-. Ruff vc. F, livin Yirggil, Ifizin- cis Ihxliimq--lIIiii'i.i IN-in-A, Ipiizailil-tl' I'z.L!1f?,eU'x, I':1tt3' l'eiipwi'. Yii'igiiii:i Pi-iw-A. lmiwxg .1 :ii ujnii. llunulfl llcllowell. Iluln-VL Pcim, In-rl Mv- Iillxcnmiv, Blix-Imvl Pena. Ilulierl Mm' ales. How fiIIfIL'II21I'lI Memliizu. Rug lIc'f'IisIi, .-Xi'li-mi Mcnclizzczi. Ilcnry III'-fliila. Iil ia-ft Blirziiriun. 'N i , 1 A MIN? li .1 I N J kg Y V. , , . MII. LION s Im Ilnll lull -- Ihvliilvr Luna, Olga Imzuiio. Graco Juarez Iisperanza Luna, Ilucly Ilznlilrick Rusalincla fiuzinzxn, Alice Ileriiunclex, Joyce Jackson, Imris Mac Jzxcksmi. Genevieve Gosiiey. Irniu Giiiioln, lrow 21 John llc Ville, Miguel Gmncz Melvin Duncan, llichard Gomez. Dani ny Ile Marcus, Charles CIIIIIIIIILIIIIIIII Rosa Jolmsuii, Dickciison, II2lI'l'j lim-II, Iirncst i'in'i'ziIiZ Rrgllffrlmiiwrli Artlnii' Iilizis. 'J 'J XI nhl xii k f' J fl 'IJIIX X: X , 'N N X K ee X NY xg. Img A X, Qx ' ,Q 4, ,J ix. f IN X J -fx' ' e ,N E ' we ,A rw V I ii Xe We N Y Q II V, X X5 xx ,V X f i Q, 'X ,Xxx fx IX N f N N XX ' , ' ,J NN I . X . X I X '-4 Q ' Wai -X 'KJ - GG N ' f I QI - X xxlk -..L xv XX ' ik vii Mx Yx I . N -:Q iw mei V I X- .. X: I . V3 ii 1, We i I fig I 5 ee in I f N I KJ I I N , xl fx il 1 k ' J fd 'bf 1 Q A 'N - XJ XX X N 'Q ll l 'J If N fc -. X- 1 L L ff 1'-ff? A KIIIS. IlI'lYNUI,Il's U8 RUII Czlll--Iieb tx' .lm-.ni filzxpcs. Yiiilet Ma,1'Uiai47Z, M1-Iiziflv .Xiiw llfwzilvs. HL-lcnl Mon- IWXZI, ZI:i.iis- filziiiiir, Nlurtlia Uclifiu. Ili-iiti'iw Nliiiitiiyzx. Vrinnie Bluiiiiz. Sylxin Nuns-z, liwixx' 23 Iliclwiwl I1'iz f:j.'ci1. I'11l1l I.1vmelin, -Irie Inc-1'a. I'-iiggll Iliiwuiwl. Miles Lon, Fran- ciscf, C2iii'i'wlz1. Jfilin Laiizz-1 Ijmlward 7 Lusk. v :QQ v MR. EVERHARTS A8 Roll Call- Helen lle La Torre, Elena Gonzales, June Vhapman, Eilien Del Lao. Jose- phine Estrada, Pat Garcia, Adriana Fernandez, Gloria Espinoza, Rose llianc Diaz, Cora Chu, frow 22 VVin- Sinn Chu. Rudy Corlew, Francisco Flnier, Nicky llyarano, Larry De La Paz. .lnhn Chapman, Gregory Beltran, l-'rank Ire Pedro. Ml2.'I'0ZlI-Ilik A23 Roll Call - Bonnie Tsehinkel, Kay Vesselica, Felipa Vill- escas, Jobephine Villagran, Theresa Klloa, Rita Thompson, Cheryl VValker frow 23 Elihu Vizcarra, Roland Tom, Manuel Rodriguez, George Sena, Robert Velasquez, Victor Rocha, Ed- ward Veloz. HHS. Ml'f'l.l'lAN'S A8 Roll Call? Margaret Rivera, Sandra Sanchez, Rnsalif- Rmnf-ro. Gloria Robles, Marie Tavizon, Mary Rodriguez, Sandra llyun. C2l!'IllL'IZ Aviaf, Connie Rodri- Quw-z, lrow Zpllikc Perez, Richard Pugh, Rudy Pena, Lorenzo Ramirez, Roy Rivera, Alex Pilon. Page 74 A N ff' 1rU'5f7 fv 75 Q! ff I XL .1 ,If I Mx MII. FI,URIAN's IIN Roll Fall - Ulivizl Gonzales, Ileatriee Otero. Soledad Rivera, Mariel Sanders, Margie Lina, Ruth Srindola, Mary Rivas Aurora Gonzales, trow 21 Rudy Sotello, Joe Fernandez, Ray Duran Rudy Fastillo Paul Corral, Rudy Morales, Keiso Kuranushi, .Ioe Hernandez. frow Ill Manuel Fanchola, Arthur Apodaca, Ilenny Lucero, Frank Yanez, John Sernieno. MRS. HAESIiE's B8 Roll Call --Carol Ann Hewitt, Mary Ellen Rodripiuez, Pegrpry Lopez, Carnielita Mejia, Mary Aliea Leehenet, Rosetta Wade. Martha Chavez, Marva Gardner, Ruby Metters. frow 21 Ruben Garcia, Rigo Iliaz, Pascual Silva, Albert Nicastro, Sarak Nevarez, Irene Car- rillo, Stella Munoz, Maria Perez, Joel Garza. Billly Angelo, Raymond Her- nandez, David Quinonez. MR. II,-XRMON's II-8 Roll Call - Yolanda Gallardo, Iirnestine Ilerre-ra, Marv Gomez, Martha Gutierrez, Yolanda Luna. Patsy M. Rivera. Lil- lian Miranda, Natalie Cusiniano, Ann Malmo. Catherine Iiarjas, frow 23 XIQITVIII Sanders, Robert I'asillas, Mary L. Canehola, Judy Shintani, Mm-,fzuerita Rodriguez, Helen IJ. Cor- vera, Ilinias Ilenavides, Lee Zaearias, trow Tlj Rosario Robles, Alfonso Cas- tro, Ronald Pasquale, Frank Moreno. Georgie Wood. Frank Garcia. Samuel Iloyos. Gloria Lopez. Page 75 Xlli. ll.XYSlCN'- lioll Vail l.infla Salazar. Maria Aronas, Susio ilffllarclo, Helen Italo, lLai'liai'a Yin- nc-lt, Olivia Colon, Lucille llios. Al- X'21l'f'Z.-lllfly'Rl'l1l1f'l'I, 12ml rowl Al- rnaiaz Rosaxlo, Miclu-al l,nna, Nicky tl,-ona. Lupo Trujillo, Linda Garcia, llama li2ll'l'2i. lzloism- I',scal'sog'zl, hil- I,4-.I lflc-rm-f, Anmony Holxrllin HOW fl iowl .Iosv Gutie-Mez, Tornmie Johnson Sal lQr:1:::'a:'.l'lia1'l1-s Militf-llo.Ma1--ln nll -lnnu. i-1, Flll. l fll.l.f'l lf- lloll Fall Myrna Garza. K'an'oly,l Alvaraflo. 'lu-Vyl Kloit:-nsc-n, C ai'ol Kl'lllQ'flll, 'lilom-ia Iiwnp. Martha Ponce. Marie llizznto. Vonnie- Parra, Yolanda Men- vliana. Marie Yillareal, in-ow 23 Rich- :ml Vano. l'o1'fi1'io Pore-'c, Alice- llaln- iw 1, 'l?il !'!:'ll Rios, Mildiecl liwing, iilotilcla Gallegos, Gs-orge Torres, Vim-tor' Hernanrloz, frow Ill F11-die Quc-vcmlo. Joe Ruiz, Arnold Reyes. Iirnio liomlriquez, Louis Martinez, Al- lwrt I'vtani. Johnny Mojica. AIR. Nlc'l'fl.XXi-XIX! lioll fall Gi':1c'c' Body. lfflna f'oni'iquo, lzaul Cliacon. I.Ol'l'2i.lIl0 Clark. Yolanda Vhipres, Merc:-dos AQ'L:ii'i'f', lilinalwtli Co1'tf,-Z, Gloria fl2ll'l'QOIl. l2n1l row, lim-1'tu'c-ll Tlll'lli'l'. Walton' Alxaraflo. l'll'?lIlli l'3oloc'c':1. llavii Vluaiiv-. Rich- ard X'll1'!'ZiS, llavnon Anrlradf-. Loui- -Xi:'uilv1'a, Victor' I!anuolos.f?S1'll lmvl llicliarrl flkl.lfii'l'UYl. flllI'lSfIiIlllf'l' Vlman- falosi. Joe lynvinas. llavnl Ilrill. Vliarlm-5 liovsli, Jnlniny Acuna. Vito lfcrri. MII. S'I'0t'K'1'HN'5 lloll Call Mary Hernandez, Patrivia 'l'oi'rcs Ginny Santilli, Louisa' llhtaiizilvt- Leone Martinez, Viola Salgmlo Bvvurly Shnpp, Lilia Guzman. lit- lwt-ca Mendoza, Maria liodartc. Mary Thonipson, Dorothy Jacques. Ifrank Briano. David Segzovia. Stout Soto Nivkcy Tirre. David Truffelli. ,Ioln Vaatanvda, Armando 2lllllllx'l'lIiilIlll. Mnderal Yanlcy. MR. ENI.OW's Roll Call - litlu-l Iiuhn, Mattie Meriweather, Loretta Gee, Barbara Fronimos, Alice Espin- oza, Carnien Martinez, Margarita Macias, Rosalie Hvlen Mancillas, Toni Hornandez, Ramona Garcia Qrow 25 David Infante. Samuel Padilla, Max Gonwz. Gilbeit Melendez, Phillip Jef- ferson, James Higuera, Fharles Kana- inorer, l rt-ddie Jasso. i'a1'lo:n tiall- ardo, liiuhard Grit-go, Robert Yanvz. NIL I,.-XIZIlY'l'Ii's IST I1 wx 11 K-ulwlzxs. ,lmmniv Kr 1 - Cr ' mrin'ig'1u-Z. Mau'- .wt Ilznxxlu 3I2i!'jJ2ll'l'1 .'Xl'0IlJ.1S. Clwir- lm: l. mils. .iUi4'v HI'H4lkS.'lVlH1ie U2ll',i2iS. vu P4111 121 Chu U XIIN Maria Hinujfms. XI my Xmis, fI'1A'xk' If Glrrrizl I7iziZ, Ravi X., A lv M x1v'1'L1mz1 1 Umstanza. llarmy INN sf-ph llzxvis. Sz ' xlmm Almazan. 14011- 'a1la, fHf!l'i1 H1411 ffl!'l'l1lrr. l'L'l'l12lIl4!lJ I NU 14-I 4 ' lv 11, NI1ll'lZi f'fJI1Il't'l'kiS,I,iiU'iCi2-11.2151 ,Hull 41-mx' IH Hi:-harrl KYIDITIOVH. Ihxvifi 4 + 1 I :1.II:13m1-mlVhzur-x.'l'mx5'f a:'l'illf FHM ll-xxtfflliw, Il1m'hul'1i Aprniaca. IAIVVN '1 X H I'1 l6 f'17ZlX1'Z.,I6'S4f'VHSIIU' -. . X 1 f -24 u. xIfl1Sl'5 AT1mL:':1:'. ,I-.1 up '1 Y 'D A L.,.4-- HH. IAIIIILRR Ii. lin!! full -- lllmwzm Ruiz, Iss-In On-mm, 1IzavjQ'zu'et I'l'Q'l'1lll. flllill'liIH' Vzxlixw, Ifium- I,11c'vm, Hihlu I':1wlill:1. f2l'HI4QilH' Klfms. Sylvia Vwlc-f'1-2'. Ile-:xv iiryvs, GI-mln lizlrllu-1, -lnf4-Ivlrirnv l'z1r1m:1lm, www. Bb Mlm- Hlll1lil'L'Z. llzxllnh l':11'lxa pg 'l'm1x Ilwfzlx, .xl'll'N1i4r 11211114-F. Ve-Hx llflaxwm, lhuill I:'l4!Il1l'llf'Z. 11'-wx Til f'5w:wl4'4 lkxtilw, .51-lm !1Mr'z1,l':xr'YH Huw Fff '. ffH'vI't Iliff-S. Hlviuzufl I':xy:111. S1111- KAN: ef 'I4' Ii. Rwlu T I'f'lv-7, l !1 ' 'f'M7 XIII. I'Xx!S'I5T1ffNil4'z1H P11111 461' Il'I'V1'!. Im'v 1lru- fiwuw-e rw. x,iP'QlY!Y2l Hwy. mm.. l':'f'!jII !Vlll'21I.. Aliltlhil' 'Q'PIlZ1ll1': Trlwiy 421111111--ru. lfxw-Mn lfxxw-U, Vlzm-!':: if1uW.4'H1 'i+wm1f,1, I1:mw11:L l'5H'z11i:1, 11112 HI l.5T1.m. liznianwiw. I, l fl'N ll-- :r.-,f. wrzmm. I -ximian. HMM-11 Ifllzx. NIE1'M.wf !' 4r', Nfl.. K-.rn-151 lizw-s.. A,l5:+-1, lim-.. 'IMI15 ik- lx. .Yulm Hffrm-x. 11'-fxx' IH l'k!'2lN'Lxl6' Il1'!'lmzx'-Mvif. Jw- llfww-!':1. Sl'-xv Ib- ff,V Ilii'fl'1'Q !',ilk'-.HQ'I'!'j'HLllL'.lL. .lzmuw IU:-em-ii. .-'wi fin rm. .ILL f-- H' 'V lm' 11. MISS MOLITOR's B7 Roll Call -- Sylvia Mora, Mary Johnson, Margarita Alva- rez, Rosalind King, Yolanda Morales, -Iennie Martinez, Bertha Lucero, Tita Lopozes, Brenda Newman, Qrow 25 Ma- rella Johnson, Joseph Leonard, George Johnson, Ilavid Macias, Donald Murphy. Richard Lara, Marlene Madrid, lrow 31 Larry Lewis, Gilbert Mejia, Richard Ifarras, Richard Lopez, Edmund Men- zoza. MR. SORENSON's B7 Roll Call -- Ol- iv1:1'Martinez, Sharon Scott, Lawana Rochin, Imogene Ruhl, Linda Zubiate, Ann Romero, Erlinda Tambio, Rita Rod- riguez, Esther Mageno, Cheryl Toman- ata, Elaine Yamamoto, lrow 21 Gilbert Salas, Mike Contrerea, Ignacio Serrgno, Tony Salcido, Robert Uno, Herman Lin- ner, Ramo Castro, irow 31 Rudy Rod- riguez, Benny Soltero, Nicolas Silva, Harold Self, Franklin Sandoval. B10 NEWCOMERS -- Edward Montano, Jesus Payan, Arthur Caballero, Lee Tru- jillo, Phillip Jimenez, lrow 23 Robert Mata, Carlos Arteche, Joe Gutierrez. LINCOLN NEWCOMERS -- Eddie Ramirez, Ray Zapeda, Sandra Kennedy, Herminia Martinez, Lupe Nieta, Angie Herrera, Glenda Saavedra, Ned Ramirez. Armando Menchaca, li-ow 23 Jerry Tryo, Ilelfina Morales, Angelina Oll- vares. Stella Famarillo, Sheila Veloz, Bernice Barraza, Vera Armenta, irow 33 Irene Diaz, Theresa Iliaz, Lupe Zagala, Alice Martinez. Stella Carbajal, Bertha Soldano. 1 d napalzoi on feat innera secoun Pnlzs The Thought- of Youth Are long, Long Thoughts -Photo by Joanne Brown, S'55, of her sister, LaVerne Brown, and Roland Vaequez, Art majors and Majestics, FOURTH PRIZE THIRD PRIZE 'The Girl Car't Help lt --Photo by Ricky Martinez of Lupe lVlajf:stics 'lake Last, Long, Longi alvau and her faithful companion, Juan Ramirez. fRighU milled by Lupe Mancillas E . Ll ng Look -- Photo sub 'Serenade to a Modern Maid --Photo by Flurella Marquez of Gu Oriel Carcia and Mary Lou Baltazar, at class Picnic. FIRST PRIZE Congratulz1t1ons To the sponsors, the staff, the artrsts, the photographers and the prrntshop personnel who produced thus yearbook at Lmcoln Hugh School' We are proud of you These are Zine Beat year-A Of Our sfwea . I I I I I . - I A I I I fNQ ,E ,-'XM xgfjxf Q fx ka? NMXXXIIHNWU Qwvmfh-ax! 'W QV ADMMEM1 T? Mrs. Evely L H Girls' Vic P pgl Mr. Jn Tunney Alte d R gistrll' . . me Zine ?fUheel.4 whoae good Zur-na Help abaure Zine Beat year-.4 of Uur alive: ART AND MUSIC TEACHERS -- Mrs. Downey, Mr. COMMERCE ANI? HOME EC. TEACHERS -- Miss Miller Barryte, Mr. George. MiSS Laude, frow 25 Mr. Enlow, Mus Hel-ow. Mi.-s Mc-Cali, Mrs. Erb, fm-ow 23 Mrs. Carstom M12 Tozivr- M1-,. Zabilfl-.i. My ,xmQS, M1-5. Rohm-LF. l'..xi1l,I5H lla.-X1 HIulIS -- Mrs. l'v1r3'. Hrs. Hfnuvivr, Mrs. Alle-11. Hrs. 3Ii'f.ll'21Il. Mrs. Hawke, Mi sf Myflik, Miss 1'm'sv1. How Z1 Mr. Huy liuxis. Mr. f'ar'L:ylc-, Hrs. XYvIls, MVS. Tun'- rwy, NIV. Sfwwnsfmrx, IPF. l.P1'ne1'. , S 1 J vu ' x .3 13 x g , i Q 5. ' . ff? mf , 2, ! -f..1g1'v:.w., ' 'Y . ,Zi M, 5 . . Q-V9 .. 10, -w ,QE I 1 X, M 'iii FT. ' . 'L is J... Q f' X w My 'Yr , X' A . T35 , E ' bi, qi . 5 'L ga ,f ' , I? II. 3 fda, ,tix if is 2 lr. A Q 5 , , Q V , , . ff ff. 1.-' -L f 'fl f 12,4513 X y J 5 1 sf I . ' A J ,fr x xd Ai -if . Q4 2-.1 . X ,I f- 'V ,. A . L f 3. i fl '3 ' Q: Q uk Y iam Niki 'W N f-3' , H52 Q ' 4 ,, ,L .. ff ,evo-a,:V' 5' mb 515 x . 4 .' 'Cy . 5 5? f' nn ' , an Bai- , SL ,, , ' ' ,pfhf -fi fb 4 .5 gg, P+ wi' K fb, A H V.. ,i.1. 1-, 'x31 tk- 76 ' 'fflfz'-:' 3 ,. 0 1 . am .3 1 Q 'YMQZF2 , V' ,V gm ' 3 'f .. f T' ,,,f ' lp? ,,f ,, 1 , Www. f,f , 4 iw 'ly af f , , Y,.,A, y. , f' 'ff W k fi ,. Q ' 4 of ', ffm 'TC' ' X ., ' f V I Y W v A 5 , Q . , .-.. f in ,, gh 1.531 Q3 Ye A ,A-'f Q Wifjx Y 3 'Z' 'h w,. f, , 1' - 4 ,Q .mm , . ,fm A Q .fl nh M, A A K Jigygffzf I.,,gr IK iw ,gn 3 if .7 M , Q D, ,FW A ,s'FE? , ' - A ' Y W ' 'fx' ' V X -A 'Wfci 9 -, ' '39 my . A . 'lkvj , 1. S' A 0 A A , f' 1 Q , , 'L . J SW? Q vb . Q Might, I 5 W 1 5 A Y we 1 if f K X 'atm iq h WK 1- , , A ,M , h M , . I . A 2' GROI'NI?KHEl'l'fRS--llmilio -Xlvii ido Nlikm In Louie Frizzell, Eln'-o William CAFETERIA STAFF--Lillian A rian, Matilda Voors, Mary Ward, Lenora Olive, irow 23 Mrs. Pow- ers, Evelyn Hickmen, Eve Williamson, Norma Len- hart, Opal Delahanty. CUSTOIIIAL STAFF--Willie Macksow, Mrs. Effie llavis, Mrs. Clara Salbearry, Joseph Jrhnson, Steph- cn Pastore, Mrs. Hazel Goodwin, Mnf. Thelma C. Brown, Rupert Burks, Mrs. Odessa Grissett irow 125 Alvin Whitfield, Charles Wilson, Alvin Stolmack, Roy Mims, Fred Young, Louis B.Byrd. Miguel Fa- cio, Relous Turner, Jr. 9 My xiii? NNN 00 IHID al-'ALE RESERVED 9 Olze J! Af yearn! of Our wed X ivfb wb Q9 1 f I4 f ,,- ,,..-f U -f -X. H- Ill -- - 11 for A t ph f A , H f P P' E Lincoln A I . I fdends - , who ,M N T' h Ip 9 4 A assure ' L f' o ff GC Scene, 77Zcw6ez' QUALITY FOOD AT QUANTITY PRICES 3359 Sierra Sfreef Wrfh Best Wishes To Graduahng Maleshcs amona ardemi VAR'm STORE ED S Service Station MUI'Cl'llS0l1 Sffeef 5 so Hoover Sf Household supplies Toys Sundries Fllm and Cameras Expert Lubrlccfmn and Se'-ylce NP Rose Flats F lxed SUPERIOR MACARONI co 704 S Clover Sf CA 15171 RELIABLE Rudro 81 TV Sales 8z Servrce 244Q Daly CA 5 4171 All work guarunfeed Prck up and delrvery Anthony Sonyocomo Class of .50 H0016 cull S3 50 31301, N Broadway CA 92898 Best wishes to al Llncolnltes from Szmancllgrathers Mortuary 2814 Norfh Broadway CA 5 8131 Congrafulahons to graduates and all Llncolnrtes from NlCKIl1hEy lflClUSl'flGl SefVlCe BEST WISHES TO ALL LINCOLNITES 36221 Castalla Avenue Los Angeles 32 California Q A 4 . - MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERIOR BRAND MACARONI, SPAGHETTI AND EGG NOODLES . , ' , I' 1? IN' 1 .ff ore y4u fograplw -V u K x x I 4 X , C lf. xx 'ins-. 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A n llliy allkl . . are due to many people for the success of this Llncolnlan as a venture of this sort necessarily requires lots of walling hands and long dodloated hours. however particularly want to express thanks to' Photographers Brian Thompson Dave Bolorquez and Llno Barro Annual staffers Barbara Anaya Linda Cardenas Sally Diaz Robert Hidalgo Theresa Martinez Joe Osuna Jess Ramirez Dolores Tello and Ray Velasco Staff cartoonist Martin Perez Mr George Lyon and his print shop craftsmen Phil Gomez Tom Hughes Har Iey Jenkins Manuel Perez Bull Pugh Jerry Rago Louis Tenn and Virgil Trevino who printed the annual THE LINCOLNIAN IS ONE OF THE FEW YEARBOOKS IN THE CITY TO BE PRINTED IN THE SCHOOL PRINT SHOP Mr Delong Bowers Sales class Iespeclally star Llncolnian salesman Edna Llanesl Mrs Velma McCIeans Public Spealung class Mr John Cervantes Drama class I who composed and put on the slut for the Llncolnlan Assemblyl and Mr Charles Keck s stage crew Gilbert Chavez Fred Garcia and George Maldonado star publlclzers of tho Llncolnlan Mass Lande s Display Art class as well as Mrs Downey s Art classes Mr David Kluckl and his Business office staff Lois Kuhn Laura Molina and Elvla Moreno who helped with the Llncolnlan s clerical details students as well as a trusty photographer Louis Bartolo of Los Angeles Engraving Co for his advice and technical assus tance And last Ior rather fnrs+lMr Ray Davis Lmcolnlan Advisor whose long-hour ed devotion and publishing know how spafk plugged this Annual To these and to the-many others who served-again MANY MANY THANKSI' San ra gananflll Editor K 0 I 1 o s 1 ' ' o ' d.. Mr. John Sabin of Avenue Studio -- a tried. understanding friend of Llncoln . , Av 1 bfi Y I N X ,lf J S Q sv I . X .' X P' .' A is s -,fx ,H i, W -Q ev- 1 Page 96 I.ASI'ING SUCCESS NOT JUST A WISH AN INVITATION your success as our concern too' we unvlte you to become an umportant part ofthe fascmatmg well pcnd commumcatnons lndustry 6:1 SE-l Igltil 9 S+- H114-S-f R V ..'f' .9- Ask your vocatuonal counselor about posmons wnth Pacnfxc Telephone or drop unto one of our nearby Employment Offices wom EN M EN Los Angeles 433 So ox e sm Los Angeles 74 S0 0 VC Los Angeles 1207 No Avenue 56 Montereb' Pa K 124A No Ga field Ave Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 10,000 forthe Employment Offlce nearest your home. S QK 4' I' ll A N. J D gf? f K HC? c c Telephone 'Q . ill . Q E -1 X L ' is L 1 I 4 W, 1 Q u o 0 fl A , r I J K , e I ' 4' PM I, if-If ue u x fl , x , J ' 9 I - E X I ' ' ', mlb X Xl 1 1-1: l 9 2 5 ,u l a-gil. 1 A X 'amrf . 'I X, . 1 ,Xi A S, is f , vu L 1, 2 X -X , L Q Nx l 24? 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