Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1956

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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f 1 1 ff ur ' l f Am ' J , N R 'X XS XX 3 gk C, I N x . I FW , , ' :fn 'Q-nj J , ' fix. ,aff gf- fa -55291, ff 567 I ! ,ff If ffff LK .2 jpg 77 flw ML f A A of X N wx Qk -5, af bi xx Q is ,SSH-fi -1-gi J-Q-2 S fi 55.2, J x ffxffialftig flfafjzbcfac J4 ' jj,-Y El 'JM , . ff ,-r f , j,wVj, J' 1 A I ,. ' M VX ,if 7 1if.f4 far' ,, X , V 4 , 1 L ' UD L. A -kj' K5-j ,ff , . f rg, J I Q . V ' ' X lifjfjfyg V W X 2 Q 6 gf Y V buf! Af, ,- rx 1' vii- Lf W K elf R+, 'X L I1 QW ' . x A X Q jp -J Q' xv N X4 ' LLL X' .MW . xx . HXQX - - A VV A A f ' Y , 'NT X W , 'f f lv - XX S Ai f j :J Q, , 'Q' ' xq, gi,-.xx - 'Sw 6 N X Vu .x Q l v J I 4 01,4 W KXFK 'J .xx .I 3 x AN If .Q 2' ,' 1 V! f Q-s , ' ? JO , X S x I Q Y 4 i t Y QA!! ilfzjsjgfwif Nh. ' X Q 'X ,I Q H. 1 lm lx M N N fi 'A NY X -V N ' ' 5, R ,lx It ' x 1 7, V ' X - ax A N F ' RU Xi K I 1 A f T -fi. 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V ' V xxf II I ' 'FYQ ,A 1 V N, R 'Q .jx P , I ' , f' 6 'I' ' gf I 1 I -- - ', - 04 V EX!! W I. S. A I ' ' F Q' Q fi. ,-,- IM ' I AJ 'i Q I '- 1 fs. 1 V , I A 43' I A . V I ' I 7 . 7:9 ..I A I IVA J A I .- NI Ulf L , 1, V I I I A 'I X .'- ' ' U 1 I , l X .A ' 'A M I I x I I Tj fx I I , I A If- Tj X Z f ' -fl I x ' I X ' ' - X rl 6 h K f A X ' I .. X A M I' 'N II ' ' I ,, Q I A , ' - NPN fX ' I I ' A .1 JC ' K' N U2 w - A I . .XI I :A . 5 I, V Id K VII r xl' C I 5 q' q g Eff' -if of I L ff A . . . ' I r. A I , If - fi 'M , - .I I I I I I if: A QE I A I f f' 1 I Af ' I fl ' ' I QI if L C 721 V- I 'QQ' 2X I I A , ' ,Lv If .Aj f T . ' I Ni 4 . . ,I N' ' I IN -I fjffxgk' A I S , ., 1' , ,Q-Lf T, TTER T WJ W QTTHEMIDTTVAY Ufaf H 'vv-r'2 ' 'Q . Q, A - ' , T '-W fubfff' r f 1 1 I HURRYl HURRY' HURRYT FOLKS STEP RIGFTT up AND GET YOUR TICKET SEE THE MENAGERIE THE FROLICKING CLOWNS THE DANCERS THE ROUSTA BOUTS AND THE FASCINATING SIDE SHOWS ALL IN THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH' I 1,7-QA KC px -f 1' Liu iyvx.. jalluv lb in 2 z. ff-1' ! K5 fm J , f 1' 'f HQ ff E Q , .1 Y 1 V L lily , Q 7f,l.4K 4Yf4,lf - ' T L 1 T if A ' , f' F 1. T NX , !,?'f.ff'.47f f .4 N ka vf if ACS f 4 X 1- ':'f'f'ff , T' 4' ' f ' XJ ' T . T x' 3 E 1 L' YL k 5 A T , .lx A, 'E A f V ' I - N. ' I I T T S 'V .. . . T , , Y L, , R A I . g , . F- ' L , , J T Af X, . , EA T ., L . , E A 1 1 Q I- I : X A ,K f' L, I T 1 ' sr! I . Tx --' f I LA I v 4-2 . L . 1 1 V ,J W 'V I fff.-fl, x 4 J 4 A .Q 1 1 X , ,X ' ' v T T , 4 , ,O H L11 U , r. X lb ..-L it Lk if ff' U f , Q if 41- ' E f ,, -. ,L L' , N I ' Q F , .ELAI2 I N I1 5 fl h ' 4' -. V Lf 4 , IL 1, ' L Q ' -'17 JE' KL? ' 3 I Tlbff C iw. ' ,' V ff ,M E ,-' 4'g. ' -T T I, ' 4 . V E N V . , T, fly J. 50,5 Y 4 ,I 1 V, if ,' 4. ' , , .- A ' ' '-'mf' ' , , , 4 - Is , l . 4, 5 . . - Qi C A X 1 l Y H f , .E ,, ,A A ,LTO C ' A 5 ' 1 v T E . x , ' ' Q, ,J A ,P A L J , T, V. f ' .Ewf -g -21 'H-,. , 4 L , 1. A - f T . -T - E. A f - E 4 E X , in f T , . . , , f LK X Ax C' ' 4 A N T 1 ' I - 2, E- Q X il: ,l 'P-P V 2 ' fl L., T ' ' T .1 T T . ,L 1, ,X -..S - . V, .f-T' ' J ., ' N, , 1 f A is ' T Ni XT' f Y A I -, 'T I . ' H, 'JE . . N 45 JJ 'E- A r , xi- 2 T ,' -' ' 4 - S: 2 Q. c.., e- ' ,N ry h '- ETX 1 V' , '-2 . A Y -.' ' 1 14 K4 ' T ' YDS f' , ,. , T A E, E A N f ', lp r EX .,, xf W I ' ' v , ... ,' L? 1 R , H iw SL - 1--W., QL , 'Y ' 1 . , , ' as ' I , . zlw - ' ,mann ,, . 1 ' -- an X ,, , A .xh X' , V Q ., , F Q mm , f y M up A E' ... H, ' . 4 AU f 'W K' 55 ,E ' mai ' . 'M ' I A 4 M 'V , xms ' ' . ww ' , ,. ,,,,,-4 A+. . ,r,., , 5 , fy 'mmm ia1',,g,Kl.....,., ,W cv-' L wiv' :si .r N f's,K-hw v X 9 'Q ,...4q' .i a coup u AQMAHAH ghd DEDICATIO To all who love Lincoln- It's ideals, it's traditions, It's hopes, dreams and ambitions- We the Annual Staff dedicate this Our 1955-'56 Lincolnion. s , ' X,-L' r Table of Contents Q rr. rp Bug Tops Menagerie Organization M Strong Men N' ' ..... 7 - 13 ' ..,.. I4 - 49 ' ' ..., 50 - 67 rx ' ,, , ..... 68 - 89 f G K fx ' v- Lg,L ff ,I f 1 L! M, L29 Ofewfz JVWIAQ WL nf-AWVVLL 'ruzaxsrc 7 They Cracked The Whips .... CXJ CX: fx: fl All 'Y s l , m. ,S N K YR Q I f' A j AVVV - in KJ , vu f f 0 zz! I' ' A I f, se, S Q QS- Q I L ' H., D rx f E 'Y H ayv' P'ApI c'1'v' P P' H I M J T Y C II R Q' ' 1 yi . Mrs. Harris. Back Row: Mr. Colo, Mr. Nlifcmr, Mr. Willey, Mr. Mcslwoin. Q46 Mrk In ! f 1 Front Row: Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Palmer, Miss Messler, Mrs. Webster, Mrs. Akinson. Back Row: Mr. Malette, Mr. Leckman, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Florian, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Calderone. Left to right: Mr. Schullof, Mr. Richard Davis, Mr. Hurlbut, Mr. Stockton, Mr. Bass, Mr. Viel, Mr. Lyon. And Organi ed Front Row: Mrs. Boren, Mr. Hoderlein, U 5 f-'ii i 'Lie . fi' .LLYJ pyfj Front Row: Mrs. Downey, Miss londe. Back Row: Mr. Keck, Mr. George, Mr. Tozier, Mr. Skanse, Mr. Borryte. I . O Front Row: Mrs. Cornell, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Milligan, Mrs. Armsirong, Bock Row: Mr. Dorian, Mr. Dixson, Mr. Pearson. Front Row: Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Ames, Miss Baker. Bock Row: Miss Miller, Mrs. McColl, Mrs. Blaine, Mrs. Corstens, Mrs. Erb, Miss Benore. The Acts . . . Q. or ff f 1 X lf? r .1 is lf Front Row: Mrs. Bouvier, Mrs. Booker, Mrs. McClean, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Pelry, Mrs. Tunney. Bock Row: Mrs. Corser, Mrs. Hoeske, Mr. Amador, Mr. Roy Davis, Mr. Lerner. , 7 f Q 5 ,f I 1 1 A 'VH 7 L , .,fL ' KILL Fronl Row: Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Jouelt, Mrs Eisen. Back Row: Sgl. Spencer, Mr. Villa- lobs, Mr. Harmon. ffl Q! Fronl Row: Mrs. Daniels, Miss Gcrlz Mrs. Mclitor, Mrs. Tufls. Bock Row: Mr Amador, Mr. Avakicn, Mr. Lopez, Mr Riddle. Fed the animal and Row 'l, left to right: Mr. Faco, Mrs. Brown, Mrs, Odessie, Mrs. Goodin, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Sawbarry, Mr. Stedman. Raw 2, left to right: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Braks, Mr. Whitfield, Mr. Mim, Mr. Spcess, Mr. Bysed, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Al- vincs, Mr. Ruel, Left to right: Lois Davis, Josephine Pos- lon, Mayme Slaughter, Hazel Walters, Irene Diana. First Row: Opal Noble, Eva Williamson, Opal Delahunty. Second Row: Lillian Ad- rian, Mrs. Agnes Powers, Elizabeth Dinger. Left to right: Elma Williams, Emilio Alvarado, Noel Wayne Avery, Louis Friz- zell, Harry Redoglia. Rai ed the te 2 if' 222 ft! Ffa' 4-Ja, aff 9' 'ix an W? JW! f ,fcw QQJU SL Lil? Lf 4K2 X 54? i2 52252. '- 2 , 14115 '22 2, Aff' . 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' f 'gigigisisfzf- 3, A N' -2E3E3SgE5E5E3E1Er F -f2E3E5E3E5E5S3E3:, A ,If :f:3:52'2 ' V, 2222221252-' f- 2 2 1 Q:Q:Q:Q:f:Q:f: 5 A F' ' V T' f 425555522 2 Q ,, -, ,V V ' 92 .-:rg2S222222122222522222121222IS22IfifISIE2222122515252525:521:I15:5:5:5:2:1:iz5:I:3:iii:1:3:5:1:iz3:511:5:55:551311:1:iz1:55:22f:3:1:f' Yi:3r3'3'5'5'5'3'3+5'12i:5:5:5:3:7:5:3'f slap, u 7 wgflww- mv.f.- 4 6 5 KSA: 4 2? ,F '51 -134356 :- fl-i f H W1l ,83? 22 'fmnf X M 2 .T -. J' gpfm WN' gf? ,, L' 2 3'?S3u,, .. Q ' Aiwa? 'wfigklisw , ki fly. ,,., I VAN gi 1 3, J K K -xw,3QggjYlmifVvv V In ff' . 4 4 ' X ' ,of Hwffg. M v .. M. W' .J '-g'A-+2- , Sf, R . ,.Q, - , f W , gg ww' 4 .L h gm, A W V vgt-, .--,gif 1, ,, , my f f,5g,r?i , 'jf' 1- , - A my fly ,iw AM x?g?L5,1 mg? V 214 K I A 6. . f, .1 'Q4 ww wk, M X Winter ' WINTER 56 The W 56 class was a busy llvewlre bunch' They promoted Football Programs am Sessfons, and Pncmcs Small, but Mlghty best describes thus class of Wmter 56 'I6 N. Ray Ravas President Manuel Gutrlerrez Boys Vlce Presldent Dora Brngachea Gurls Vvce Presudent Dolores Sanchez Secretary Rosalie Berdusco Treasurer fi its s s Anita Allman Dolores Arauio Ignacio Arias , ,fl xr? I 'W' Gloria Arrnendariz . Maria Assisi x 'Y'l Bobby Avila Robert Beltran Rosalind Berdusco Dora Bingochea 2 louis Buffalo Raymond Camacho Ray Carlos Q54 -Q X. 1E7 ts.- lx -OQQW l xl' N Q, sf-Y X R I i I ' 'w'? 1-,.. 3 'hun .lr we My , . X S f . fl sg ,J K is W In Edward Carillo Honorato Contreras Rudy Corrales f Rosalie Cusumano Vlrgcnla Duckey Shnrley Dodds J it-13: l Q 6 in-no 51, Lf l ' L W 1 l' gs fs P I Q' , 4 ' if 1 x gk. 1 I , Ernest Escobar Danny Forniss Godelia Garcia Viola Holquin I. EW X Dominic Falco Teresa Frias Lynn Garcia Sylvia Jagodzinski 'rv 'Q' 1 - I s lr lyd ia Fierro Arlhur Fry Manuel Gulierrez Virginia Jimenez X i l Jerry Flores Herberl Gallardo Tim Hana Armida Lechuga .li , Q-54, N-.uf , . . M kilt, 'H , as h Q Mgr. R' r .gal ,K .1 3 ' 13 , a 1 . lr 1 fy f i , 3. Q I . l l l fl l 1 M af gfwrw, I m 'hQ-,,,jQ Jig 91 is ll. l ll l 4 - li ' J Edward Lozana Rudy Lucero Raquel Maes Marjorie Magee Connie Mendez Joe Monfez Theresa Offarda lelo Padilla n.. f R 1 I Frank Macias DeeAnn Rader Gloria Marquez Carlos Marlinez Tony Nevarez l-EDO Nile Juanila Polk Morlhc Rllmlfel .Y 4-L f l 1 i i .HsL,,i. Ytzrf Louic Maldonado Lydia Martinez Richard Nila Ray Rivas l9 Alex Rodriquez Dolores Sanchez Joe Salano Roberl Valdemcr Manuel Verc l l t ':7'i .li 3... xihffr Evarislo Roque Anna Schuelz Gilbert Sotelo Olga Vargas Willie Warren inf ugh...- 5... 1'-ff fgf Q7 W sw l 4162355 X ,,,,.,1 l i W '56 Vanguards Frolic Steve Parks President 22 Joe Pomo Boys Vnce Presrdent Vera Emanuelln Girls Vxce President Munuela Trupllo Secretary Esther Morales Treasurer VALIAN S S 56 Our senior year was a lot of fun We won our Jam boree, we had skating parties, beach parties and plc nucs A In all It was the most excltlng year o a our years In school All the praise should go to our S56 officers for their extra fine work . ' . ll ' ' t ll t . . . e , 1 , , W9 hr F F , ,L , L r E Manuel Alvarado Yolanda Alvarez Robert Avalos Sadie Baldi Louis Boesch Barbara Browning Ronald Cascelli Sally Caslorena -... for Wu'--v 5, W ,W-FV L I X . WM X l ix K -i Phiscilla Arellano Sylvia Baray Bruno Buzinskis Gabriel Castro iv 'Rr IW Q ,gjgiif Q K l . l ,ls Dora Arocha Royce Barlow Dora Camacho Ernest Chacon .. fc 't7J X KN gun, 'vw -no 'x ff -N vi? wet!! 'hr' if 992 'W uv if 3019 'iv 4 , -rr: Jesus Chaviero Ruth Conrique Robert Coria Bruno Corigliano Josephine Caslanza Joseph Catugno Marshall Davis Florencio DeBinon Eddie Diaz John Duran Dlvera Emanuelli Barbara Fierro Theresa Flores -Nw Lupe Fonseca George Fontes I K ,L l J if L ln, 'l J 1 i 1 NM --., l l - ' S . 5'-I I --W Phyllis Freda ff M J I I MW Chrisline Gurcio ' J ' A L Tommv Garcia .Mex rs.. A ,sw Ag-si. ,V, Q4 S 4 f L 4: 4 191' , fir , Q Y 'f::v 'f 1 Q f. , is Sd ,J L 'Hung 'ng a '.,-- 3 P rg? 'li' 'cv' 'Www' V7 Elizabeth Jung Gretchen Junker Louis Loyo Lindo Lucero Peczrletho Mortin Frank Mortinez Sergio Mendoza Vince Militello 26 ii Donald Loird Edward Lawrence Ruben Luion Frank Luner Mortin Martinez Judy McKillip Alan Monk Lupe xMoroies k J NA , R Cr N ,5 I .X , 'X V ' x ' ! N-FJ J i ' x V X f ' L L ph, ' K r J I X ,XJ XQXL i Q ,L A, xx w . '- f u 1 'K XJ 1: -' i N X X . L Q 521,59 -L Q oy2'1'L Aw Ling, ,AZ Cl ff gf L Q' ce C L ',NK vi! J XJ ! .J N .Ez-5. xxx I 'lr' 1 il iz, iiuuw A J J W 1 1 A f L ' I X Juon Lopez Richard Marquez Jone Arlene Melendez Esther Moroles Q9 'A M-ff. gif ' 35' - it '- :ff ,l Q -1 55 ,fr I . 1' 'im wr: 1 Q-g'1'T9 Richard Nakasuji Edward Padilla Marilyn Pemberton Joe Pomo Lx ul 1 .t L Q1-J gig I X , 1, lil John Naugle Ethelyn Parker Hector Perez Richard Prieto l' , fr-7' A, . -XXV 4 3 x I ' 1 X, f l if ll ull tl X t M U w S XX NN YNY, My it git lil ll? 'lu 7.17 'VN ' , 5 S H5 l Gloria Ollervides Steve Parks Carolyn Peyton Jane Quan S' Q :W Harding O'RiIey Victor Parra Richard Pinal Betty Quiiada .4o-- , Ark- F 'EEZ' If is 'i 1 Art Oronoz Robert Patino Juanita Pomeroy Frank Ramirez .,.,,4p 27 Johnny Ramirez Jewel Reynolds Humberto Rodriquez Manuel Rodriquez Robert Rodriquez Jerry Romero Raul Roma Ruth Ruiz Joseph Salinas ,M 162 ,,,. TQ aluuy L. Ax B Q' gg- x, k,vv W Toni Samara f Joan Sanchez If I Eva Sandoval gf 5 A 1 I - .gf time 'N A l R R . aw ' lf'WL a , , 4 Mary Ann Sferrazza I 'i V X ix 'M....J Janet Smith , Barbara Sutton 1 Tlllle Therrlen Tommy Torres Marla Trevnso -ew? H-'I J. uhm'-vw-IQ Rf ws NW' Mcnuela Trulullo Wy Q W .X S 'u www? hw vs 'il N L ws. ' 1 Clown's Pla ln all activities, in school and away from school, the Valianls were a close, friendly group. At The beach, the mountains or school the class had a wonderful time. ,.-, 23:9 X MRS. ARMSTRONG B12-First row, let to right: Garcia, Mando, Gomez, Mary, lozano, Esther, Garcia, Irene, Salais, Alice, Guerra, Lonaine, Sanchez, Barbara, Linale, Jeannette, Fernandez, Olga, Dis- arufino, Joyce, Levano, Steve. Second row: Velasco, Joe, Fernando, Gloria, Sugi, Jim, Sanchez, Ray, Rowsey, Lorin, Thompson, Brian, Camperi, Joe, Roccoe, Art. MR. DAVIS B12-First row, left to right: Colombero, Ronald, Griialva, Manuel, Cernek, Liz, Bondi, Janet, Matteo, Max- ine, Massarotti, Darla, Franconi, Nardina, Castaneda, Linda, Sosa, Rosalie, lzaguir- re, Abraham, Chavez, Wilfer. Second row: Stone, Richard, Lara, Manuel, Orona, Henry, Arriola, John, Berumen, Gonzalo, Clement, Robert, Abeyta, David, Fau- cetta, Johnny, Molina, Danny, lzaguirri, Abraham. MISS MOLITOR B12-First row, left to right: Mata, Lyle, Maldonado, Richard, Vernetti, Evelina, Baker, Betty, Acosta, Vivian, Marquez, Celia, Moeias, Mellie, Caballero, Richard, Saramillo, Alfred. Second row: Kemp, Wayne, Menard Henry, Hernandez, Manuel, Contreras, Domingo, Hanna, Tom, Chavez, Fred' Holguin, Eddie, Cohn, Norman. 1 1 l, . 53 ii' Ili' left to Stella, grarilo, ' I y n, Wong, David, Meyer, Pete, Albert. l, MRS, ROBERTS B12-First row, left ru right: Segura, Pauline, Sciarrilli, Gloria, Salas, Gloria, Robles, Lillian, McConnel, Christell, Flores, Abelina, Ramos, Aida, Flores, Adelina, Ulloa, Espie, Second row: Solis, Raul, Rodriguez, Jaime, Clark, Billy, Sheppard, Charles, Salazar, Tommy, Gutierrez, George. MR. VILLALBOS All-First row, left to right: Kortie, Robert, Hernandez, Albert, Rocha, Martha, Gonzales, Virginia, Man- cillas, Lupe, Baca, Betty, Cardona, More garet, Sora, Bill, Gonzales, Manuel, Lo- pez, Greg. Second row: Ayala, Manuel, Maldonado, George, Garcia, Fred, Gra- nados, Dan, Young, Johnnie, Gonzalez, Frank, Johnson, Norah, Smith, Fernandez, Gonzales, Romon. R il My r . V ,1 1. l f fx ,gf i K S 6,914 , v YM MR. RAY DAVIS All-First row, left to right: Chavez, Irene, Russo, Connie, Po- mo, Jean, Scott, Margaret, Morales, Eloise, Raza, Sara, Naraki, Toby. Second row: Parra, Lucilla, Macios, Louie, Mar- tin, Ray, Chipres, Richard, Collaso, Jess, Ferri, Ann. MRS. BOOKER All-First row, left to right: Solinas, Marilyn, Rader, Mary, Biggs, Vero, Pugrad, Betty, Salazar, Hor- lense, Aguirre, Irene, Rayan, Marilyn, Gee, Janice, Bederio, Judy. Second row: Perez, Martin, Martinez, Ray, Ramirez, Jesus, Martinez, Paul, Morgan, Charles, Leandro, Andrews, Carrillo, Tony, Ram- irez, Joe, Chipres, Richard, Collaso, Jesus. l ! 1 ri.. , MRS. BLAIRE All-First row, left to right: Garcia, Carmen, Kuhn, Lois, Brown, Laverne, Lucero, Valmo, Aragon, Jean- ette, Garcia, Eva, Ramirez, Helen, Garcia Micheline, Tiscareno, Mickey, Edmonds, Martha, Second row: Louis, William, Coclcrum, Vernon, Vazquez, Roland, Gut- ierrez, Cecil, Hidalgo, Robert, Reed, Roosevelt, Pina, Bobby, Avila, Richard- Gerardo, Frank, Chavez, Gilbert. 33 ,- f' 1 r .4 , Y,,,, 4 4. Aj - L .c ,, Vg - E 5 A fl. Aflflf J . if , 1 kfisl' NE 'Sr Nr wi J My V, s , l, K' Lf: c JK, flffjf fl' E i f .V n. r ,J zwf2,, 'C , i MISS BAKER A'l 'I-First row, left to right: 7, ' Jlallfya, Hodgson, Thyren, Armenta, Elvera, Mo- reno, Betty, Favela, Martha, Serrato, Margaret, Arredondo, Evelyn, Nino, Eliz- abeth, Arenas, Lucy, Baker, Edith, Med- ina, John. Second row: Schmidt, Bill, Terzi, Louis, Santillan, John, Barthel, Waiter, Rendon, Everado, Cancino, Vin- cent, Spata, Allessandro, Duran, Robert, Navarro, Carlos, Bernal, Oscar, Chavez, Manuel. MR. WILLEY Bl 'l-First row, left to right Cabriales, Lewis, Varela, Mary Louise Rodriguez, Rebecca, Pasoo, Judy, Elias, Ada, Geonetta, Karen, Wilkins, Joan Loya, Betty, Eaton, James. Second row: Banuelos, Moses, Jimenez, Danny, Belas co, Ray, Olovera, James, Benites, Raquel Vargas, Joe, Meniivar, Louie, Estrad, Ronnie, Parra, Manuel. MISS MILLER B'l 'l-First row, left to right: Rangel, Barbara, Cardenas, Linda, Bar rios, Frances, Estrada, Adelline, Esquivel, Maria, Gutierrez, Maria, Barder, Yvonne, Stoll, Suzanne. Second row: Ammon, John, Conzalez, Ralph, Abelardo, Lizarraqo, Lira, Pete, Hanna, Walter, Garcia, Gal ariel, Diaz, Julio, Delalorre. Q YF' v ,Z 'x i il gf , U MR. KECK Bll-First row, lefl to right: Zancanella, Rosalie, Marquez, Florella, Gutierrez, Lucy, Ruiz, Rachel, Menard, Francise, Borloluzzi, Lillie, Colo, Mar- garet, Escarcega, Mary, Hawkins, Gloria. Second row: Paquian, Jose, Reyes, Carlos, Osuna, Joe, Rodarle, Manuel, Carrilloll, Roberl, Holquin, Joe, Miramon, Rubio, Esqueda, Henry, Chin, Tommy, Cardona, Manuel, Garcia, Emillo. MRS. BOREN B11-Firsl row, left lo righfz Dongarro, Jo Ann, Waicak, Linda, Gas- kill, Frances, Barlhel, Gerry, Diaz, Esther, Rocha, Stella, Dominguez, Connie, Duffy, Dorolhy, Jimenez, Rose Marie. Second low: Ballazar, Mary Lou, Abraham, Bar- bara, Bederie, John, Caruse, Phil, Blanda, Steve, Emanuelle, John, Gordin, Gorge, Jenkins, Harley, Frias, Frank, Felix, Joe, Camdisi, Rosie, Marlinez, Terry. MRS. WEBSTER A10-First row, left to righl: Molina, Elvira, Fonles, Joyce, Wong, Alice, Arriola, Mary, Tamvio, Lil- lian, Forniss, Lydia, Cano, Lea Ann, Gomez, lsable, Munoz, Virginia, Perri, Carmella, Estrada, Rila, Second row: Ramirez, John, Velasquez, Joe, Espalin, Raul, Romero, Manuel, Smilh, Eddie, Gomez, Carlos, Favela, Ray, Gonzales, Edmundo. .xl ISL L V 'SS-E' use I 4 MRS. TUFTS A10-First row, left to righl Cancino, Louise, Reyes, Frances, Mun guia, Tonie, Giddens, Laura, Martinez, Olgo, Carrejo, Jesusito. Second row: Wong, Walter, Rodriquez, Sammy, Lara Alfred, Searing, Eugene, House, Melvin Ramirez, Alonzo. wld l -1 .f V MR. KING A10-First row, left to right. Salas, Ernie, Romero, Audrey, Perea, Eve- lyn, Williams, Virginia, Vasquez, Her- man. Second row: Garcia, Jesus, Her- nandez, Joel, Duran, Tyrone, Laner Frank, Criscione, Joe, MRS. PETRY A10-First row, left to right Morales, Lupe, Santamario, Rachel, Val enzuela, Polly, Gutierrez, Helen, Guzman Lita, Revelos, Helen, Zorro, Carol, Bul lentive, Shirley, Maltone, Georgie, Pat rira, Joe, Arakaki, Esther. Second row Kahn, Kenny, Trujillo, Manuel, Duran Tommy, Coverrubios, Ray, Pallone, Billy Rodriquez, Hector, Valdez, Carlos. P l fv MISS GARTZ AIO-First row, left to right: Almanza, Rosalie, Lagos, Sally, Sand- oval, Genevieve, Bohlem, Diana, Ram- irez, Mary Helen, Tambrano, Esperanza, Loya, Lucy, Garcia, Cecelia. Second row: McKillip, Robert, Tisdale, Charles, Castro, Victor, Russell, Jerry, Dillworth, Bob, Gallegos, Bill, Macias, Mike. MRS. DANIELS A10--First row, left to right: Griego, Betty, Zaclmer, Mary, Ag- uirre, Rose Marie, Maiorica, Rose Marie, Padilla, Carol, Merard, Julie, Sanif, Sus- an, French, Pat, Ciarearini, Sandra, Hes- kins, Odette, Ramirez, Kathy. Second row: Guerrero, Humbert, Luian, Armando, Her- nandez, Jesus, Frank, Freda, Sunda, Richard, Diaz, Freddie, Jung, Chester. MISS MYSLIK A10-First row, left to right: Bananno, Sandra, Guerrero, Teresa Castro, Barbara, Aguilar, Jessie, Ramos Mary Ann, Sanchez, Virginia, Escarsega Ida, Garcia, Martha, Corlew, Edna, San sane, Rita, Aragon, Betty. Second row Hernandez, Ernest, Rodriguez, Conrad Ramirez, Luis, Cotter, Dennis, Bandrianre Paul, Saiyacouro, Patrick. MR. DIXON A10-First row, left to right: Wright, Sadie, Green, Carolyn, Oscon- towski, Cecilia, Ramirez, Alice, Chavez, Lucia, Bcderio, Elizabeth, Loo, Joyce, Orduno, Alice, Salcido, Martha. Second row: Reed, Joe, Delgado, Steve, Murga, Ed, Lopez, Richard, Clarillos, Robert, Bernard, Henry, Marquez, Gilbert, Val- dez, lawerence. MR. BOYD, A10-First row, left to right: Ogden, Carol, Woods, Flora, Adams, Hortensia, Carrer, Rose Marie, Quiiada, Stella, Franco, Irene, Taylor, Felice, Llanes, Edna. Second row: Arakaki, Clif- ford, Munoz, Art, Garcia, Dario, Gomez, Ricardo, Ramirez, Juan, Volpe, Ray, Huitron, Tommy. MRS. MCCALL BlO-First raw, left to right: Linalle, Lucille, Gaslcall, Linda, Parks, Sandra, Carranza, Linda, Raze, Irene, Gallegos, Lucy, Castanea, lucy, Xochimua, Norma, Armenta, Helen, Man- zanarea, Linda, Nave, Carmen, Mondar- gon, Mary Jane. Second row: Gonzales, Hermalinda, Abeyta, Rita, Madrid, Jul- ieta, Flores, Martiny, Rodriquez, Gilbert, Gutierrez, Mary, Robledo, Irene, Arriola, Alice. MR. BARRYTE B10-First row, left to right: Rosas, Eddie, Casillas, Sam, Cruz Virginia, Martinez, Helen, Romero, Helen Macedo, Betty, Herrera, Alice, Pizzuto Rose Ann, Digiaimo, Madeline, Razo Ruth, Garcia, Raymond, Garcia, Alex Second row: Sanchez, Ramiro, Perez, Al lonso, Molina, Louie, Cardenas, Tommy Godinez, Peter, Gonzales, Eddie, Draper James, Villarreal, Arthur, Granillo, Frank Johnson, Joe, Diaz, Clemente, Fierro David. MRS. ALLEN B10-First row, left to right: Betancourt, Gilbert, Veazey, Otilo, Gon- zales, Julie, Webster, Rene, Climons Gloria, Ponce, Emma, Duran, Nancy Gerardo, Irene, Hernandez, Virginia, Gonzales, Patsy, Sequra, Elizabeth, Go- baldon, Angie, Rivas, Adela, Sonders Gordon. Second row: Martinez, Fidel Rivas, Max, Hanna, Richard, Castillo Esquivel, Raul, Renteria, Robert, Solgado Ramirez, Jose, Peters, Robert, Bronner John. . l' 'gl' X . V, .1 f. X r gy, . .,, y l 'fl 9' f 1 il X: MR. CALDERONE BIO-First 'lp left to right: Pena, Fernando, Catr lp , Tony, Garcia, David, Lopez, Grace, l-lu, Phyl- lis, Del Campo, Wilhelmina, Ia, Aldo, Quezada, Lupe, Serrano, Ab gail, San- chez, Carlos, Munoz, William, Valencia Ray, Second row: Armigo, Frank, Pifelo, Dave, Celoyo, Andy, Blohm, Larry, San, chez, Robert, Chico, Richard, Aquilera Tony, Colca, Joe, Solinas, Manuel- Brown, Rocky, Otero, Joe. .LJ V ,. Xlkj I I I Robert, Faulk, Larry, McCollum, Richard, John, Romero, Angel, Ortiz, Alfredo- MRS. LANDE A9-First row, left to right: Carlos, Olivia, Aguayo, Maria, Ryan, Gloria, Perales, Dolores, lrigoyen, Arlene, Figueroa, Esther, Williams, Gracie, Ma- lone, Ethel, Rivers, Bennie Jo, O'GiIvie, Eursaleen, Acusta, Maria, Lopez, Louise. Second row: Padilla, Tony, Acosta, George, Trovato, Louis, Aragon, Joe, Alcala, Eddie, Vargas, Fred, Chavira, Frank, Garcia, Carlos, Bonnelle, Dennis, Mora, Heleodore, Macisa, Joe, 4 mall L V MR. HADERLEIN A9-First row, left to right: Garrson, Grover, Irizoyen, John, Beltran, Rita, De La Paz, Jenny, Domin- guez, Dolores, Rimbert, Gladys, Bernal, Celia, Rodriquez, Gordy, Ruff, Betty, Chavarria, Mary Lou, Delgado, Dolores, Cordova, Henry, Trillas, Manuel. Second row: Frank, Billy, Fawler, Henry, Ruiz, Manuel, Sanches, Robert, Soto, Richard, Herrera, Alfonso, Carranco, Adolph, Leon, Jess, Silva, Frank, Ulloa, Henry, Garcia, Robert, Luna, Richard, Sanchez, Henry. N 40 - 5 MRS. DOWNEY BIO-First row, left to right: Martinez, Mary, Vizcaino, Mary Lou, Pomo, Geneveive, Urquidi, Adriana, Bidabe, Madiline, Chavez, Rose, Bena- vente, Alice, Terzi, Marie, Mimms, Ollie, Burrola, Dora. Second row: Sandoval, Gilbert, Sosa, Nick, Gugino, Saiza, Hen- ry, Fess, Joe, Quintana, Andy, Cano, Eddie, Valenzuela, Carlos, Diaz, Joe, Pugh, sill. MR. BASS A9-First row, left to right Maldonado, Lydia, Kvpisiewicz, Barbara Peluce, Jo Ann, Gutierrez, Dora, Plescia Mary, Colombero, Carolyn, Banks, Nor- ma, Maisch, Darlene, Hester, Linda, Or tiz, Irene, Porras, Maria Elena, Morales Isabel. Second row: Huitron, Manuel Duncan, William, Armendaraz, Lupe McFarland, Fred, Brown, Ronnie, Vasquez, Richard, Cuni, Judy, Allman, Cathy, Del acy, Dolores, Cunningham, Ada, Lucere Jesse, Barra, Lino, Escerseqa, Ronnie Garrison, Leon, Cordova, Johnny, Juarez Alberta. 'RWE 3 on i -z,., u-.,,4 -4, f 1lw-:gt z '+A Q v- 'af- MR. STEWART A9-First row, left to right: Martinez, Lucy, Mora, Teadosa, Ortega, Stella, Escandon, Julieta, Torres, Rachel, Moore, Helen, Rodriguez, Esther, Saenz, Christina. Second row: Lana, Bobby, Tap- pero, John, Jimenez, Lee, Burgess, Eu- gene, Sharkey, Warren, Quintana, Joe, Edmonds, Frank, Garcia, Rudy, Martinez, Gilbert. MR. VIEL A9-First row, left to right: McDonald, Art, Sosa, Barbara, Murphy, Jo Ann, Arenas, Sally, Almanza, Elenor, Lopez, Beatrice, Morales, Elido, Najaf, Dorotea. Second row: Andrade, Danny, Silvas, Danny, Reyes, Elias, Luster, Louis, Easter, Fred, Pena, Frank, Luna, Victor M., Fernandez, John, Arangua, Danny. 41 V- M-.4 MR. AMADOR B9-First row, left to right: Kuhn, Julia, Loya, Susan, Cortez, Nancy Munoz, Cecilia, Ramirez, Martha, May- torena, Norma, Rodriquez, Gloria, Ybor' ra, Maria. Second row: Valverde, Richard Childress, Gene, Prevencio, Richard, Ro- sas, Richard, Rincon, John, Barrios, Andy Ruiz, Freddie. MR. LERNER B9-First row, left to right: Varela Loretta, Reyes Maria, Villarreal, Elva, Tom, Carolyn, Green, Kaye, Barros, Lydia, Abeyto, Rachel, Rivera, Mary, Armenta, Olivia, Gallardo, Mary. Second row: Advna, George, Mei, Paul, Mdidin, Alverno, Melendraz, Jim, Corralez, Harry, Brow, Eddie, Gomez, Tony, Parge, Char- lie, Martinez, George, Hadley, Don. uk' in 'R GN gk X fl Ll My .NAV MRS. CORNELL B9-First row, left to right: Acuna, Henry, Hernandez, Diane, Esparza, Patricia, Martinez, Alice, Flores, Virginia, Ramirez, Raymond. Second row: Gee, Melton, Fry, Richard, Barthel, Al- fred, Garcia, Carlos, Dominquez, David, Macias, Ruben, Popps, Curtis, Contraras, Tony. MISS CORSER B9-First row, left to right: Bruno, Judy: Carrillo, Cecilia: Colon Mary Ellen: Alcontara, Adelina: Jiles, Henrietta: Ramos, Caroline: Ramirez, Ma- nuela: Malone, Maria: Rohnson, Joedna. Second row, left to right: Hester, James: Amaya, Raymond: Carlos, Felix: Chu, Benny: Lozano, Jesus: Radcliffe, Jacinto: Renteria, Ernest: De Lara, Eddie: Herrera Luis: Armendariz, Ray. r 1, t, f f iN 2 y UJ l 9 in , Mas. sas A8-First! row, left to right: Es- trada, Vivian: Varegas, Geraldine: Molina Catalina: Enriquez, Angie: Swertz, Joan: Belnites, Carmen: Garcia, Delia: McKin- ney, Nan: Moreno, Joan: French, Donna: Scott, Maxine: Reyes, Diana: Patron, Rachel: Evans, Terry. Second row, left to right: McCamell, Tommy: Casares, Rob- ert: Sanchez, Rudy: Herrera, Miguel: Sali- nas, Barbara: Klasek, Sharon: Puccio, Frank: Hernandez, Maria Elena: Herrera, Celia: Ramirez, Ricardo: Jung, Douglas: Neria, Raymond: Abe, Gary. f ,QW M W JJWWMC MRS. BERRY B8-First row, left to right: Tanbio, Stella: Gomez, Diana: Moiica, Yolanda: Garcia, Elizabeth: Garcia, Eliza: Hernandez, Olga: Faraca, Judy. Second row, left to right: Macias, Ruben, Moiica, Chris: Rodriguez, Bobby: Childers, Jerry: Bonnelle, James: Martinez, Enrique: Mira- mon, Walter: Sutton, Billy: Barrientos, Alfonso: De La Torre, Lea. Iii! MRS. HARRIS A8-First row, left to right: Morelio, Gloria, Estrada, Irene, Silva, Odila, Webster, Carol, Vinnett, Joyce, Ruiz, Elva, Green, Doris, Rivas, Pauline, Alarcon, Victoria, Pugrad, Elizabeth, Tor- res, Diane. Second row, left to right: Mo- reno, Esther, Reyes, Esther, Rivera, Ray- mond, Dykeman, Marvin, Ramirez, Robert, Toppero, Charles, Holguin, Richard, Her- nandez, Carmen, Mancuso, Santa. Third row, left to right: Candelaria, Frank, Mar- tinez, Albert, Ortega, Jerry, May, Loren, Espino, Sergio, Salazar, Tony, Duncan, Leo, Jordan, Johnny, Malone, Henry, Huerta, Bobby, Rodriguez, Daniel. s l d!AQf.,Qf?,fvvwi 'L ' aff MISS BENARE A8-First row, left to right: Priest, Dorothy, Sandoval, lrene, Cordova, Judy, Ramirez, Frances, Gutierrez, Espe- ranza, Estrada, Mary, Zubiat, Dolores, Luyon, Colra. Second row, left to right: Mendoza, Margaret, Rios, Robert, Selt Mermon, Vasquez, Tony, Woodrow, Le- Roy, Cortez, Horetta. MISS MESSLER A8-First row, left to right: Razo, Manuel, Franco, Robert, Gal- van, Lupe, Molina, Laura, Rodriguez, Pas- ty, Lopez, Alma, Gomez, Linda, Lopez, Anita, Castro, Eloise, Arce, Helen, Rami- rez, Inez, Barela, Dennis, Mora, Alfonso. Second row, left to right: Tirre, Albert, Hernandez, Peter, Ballo, Donald, Bobadil- la, Jaxier, Gutierrez, Raul, Flores, Pete, Ramirez, Albert, Johusan, Percy, Nealy, Eugene, Cruz, George. --- - till! .50 MRS. BOWERS A8-First row, left to right: Santillin, Dolores, Dickins, Barbara, Cruz, Dolores, Gandara, Tillie, Delgado, Mary, Camarrillo,, Rose, Stark Shirley, McFarland, Jackie, Diaz, Sally, Garrett, Broney. Second row, left to right: Avalos, Louis, Rivera, Julio, Esparza, Richard, Ybave, Alice, Mata, Floria, Mata Connie, Murillo, Doris, Ponce, Hortensia, Vargas, Frank, Gomez, Robert, Digiamo, Cris. Third row, left to right: Narak, Larry, Maldonado, Rene, Carrillo, Gilbert, Hirsch, Art, De Leon, Gilb ry, Lopez, Rob- ert, Seitz, Udo, Mor Lefffgernando. ' X L ul, 1 , , -.-, ,ll ,V VLX wvtlll! flfvl' MR. AVAKIAN B8-First row, left to right: Medina, Loreta, Matteo, Billie, Perez, Jennie, Powell, Peggy, Nava, Julia, Cas- laneda, Josephine, Morgan, Betty, Mora- les, Vivian, Pena, Teresa, Pena, Martha, Mendez, Rachel. Second row, left to right: Lopez, Richard, Naiar, Manuel, Ruiz, Jer- ry, Lena, Edward, Wright, James, Gard- ner, Willie, Sauedio, Manuel, Trujillo, Roger, Nicastro, Joe, Painell, James, Nichols, Richard, Murillo, Victor, Lopez, Russell. .LVVVWS I jj 1 -C Q J . 6 l of jiwif A gm im V C MRS. CARSTEN B8--First row, left to right: Reina, Rosemarie, Vizcarino, Vir- ginia Rios, Patricia, Villareal, Delia, Mo- rales, Genevieve, Terran, Barbara, Ger- meno, Helen. Second row, left to right: Sosa, Alfred, Trovato, Michiel, Pember- ton, Ernie, Valenzuela, Frank, Valencia, Armando, Rozman, Peter, Soldono, Jackie, 1 'f - ie l M' Ls- 'xp i . ' 47.1 sP'DyCJ ,, X . JJ yt X . Uk -Q MR. COLO B8-First rof, left to right: Delara, Antonia, Flores, Margaret, Ma- cias, Dolores, Meza, Carmen, Garcia, Sally, Gee Elaine, Hubbard, Dorothy, Martinez, Martha, Melendez, Gloria. Sec- ond row, left to right: Rios Ernie, Laner, George, Hernandez, Nicky, Garcia, Mo- desto, Perez, Richard, Gutierrez, Manuel, Hernandez, Ernest, Quezada, Rudy, Gu- tierrez, Felix. x. MRS. PALMER B8-First row, left to right: Cordoba, Pablo, Almaraz, Esperanza, Ber- nal, Gloria, Contieraz, Amelia, Castro, Virginia, Rivera, Margo, Madrid Bertha, Davila, Ramond. Second row, left to right: Cuellar, Joey, Collaso, Manuel, Delgado, Alfred, Balbaneda, Eddie, Chavez, Flo- rencio, Castro, Larry, DoLacy, Douglas, Caballero, Joe. MRS. MCCLEAN A7-First row, left to right Rodriguez, Connie, Romero, Rosalie, Rubalcaba, Gloria, Salas, Helen, Ryan, Sandra, Taylor, Barbara, Rodriguez, Mary Ann, Ruelas, Martha, Reyes, Rita, Rivas, Carmen. Second row, left to right: Perez, Mike, Pena, Rudy, Rivers, Roy, Ramirez, Lorenzo, Pronabis, Mitchell, Pugh, Rich- ard. MR. LYON A7-First row, left to right: Herrera, Sandria, Juarez, Gracie, Lozano, Olga, Hernandez, Connie, Lopez, There- sa, Luna, Esperanza, Johnson, Rosa, Guz- man, Rosa Linda, Hernandez, Alice, Gos- ney, Genevieve, Jackson, Joyce. Second row, left to right: Deville, John, Corral, Ernest, Duncan, Melvin, Draper, David, Dickerson, Billy, De Barry, Sammy, De- marcus, Dan, Cunningham, Charles, Du- ran, Robert, Ewell, Harry, Gomez, Rich- ard, Felix, Ernest, Gomez, Miguel, Elias, Arthur. MR. EVERHART A7-First row, left to right: De La Torre, Helen, Garrison, Irene, Evaro, Frances, Chapman, June, Diaz, Rose, Chu, Cora, Franconi, Darina, Gae- ta, Maria, Delao, Eileen, Estrada, Jose- phine, Garcia, Pat, Espinoza, Gloria, Gonzales, Elena. Second row, left to right: Bobadilla, Esequiel, Chacon, Ar- mando, Chapman, John, De La Paz, Law- rence, Carrillo, Manuel, Chu, Winston, Robert, Raul, Colford, Donald, Burrola, Alvino. 'x Q ,Ali ll NW 1 MRS. BOUVIER A7-First row, left to right: Rivera, Margaret, Pepper, Patty, Carrer, Loretta, Boudreau, Janet, Patino, Frances, Paniogua, Elizabeth. Second row, left to right: Arakaki, Alvin, Bagby, Rich- ard, Ames, Loal, Aguilar, Peter, Banks, Edward. sei ' ii -1 III ', .1 M.. f-' M WM. llll , : -menu .,., ....V. ,, MR. FLORIAN B7-First row, left to right: Gonzales, Aurora, De Valver, Mary, San- ders, Marvel, Rivera, Soledad, Gutierrez, Gail Mercedes, Otero, Beatrice, Morales, Beatriz, Gonzales, Oliva, Espindolo, Ruth, Lopez, Sally, Molina, Margie, lrigoyen, Odette, Rivas, Mary. Second row, left to right: Fernandez, Joe, Apodoca, Arthur, Duran, Ray, Morales, Rudy, Robles, Phil- ip, Arvizu, Mike, Corral, Paul, Castillo, Rudy, Hernandez, Joe, Kuronuchi, Kelso. ' t i l MR. HARMON B7-First row, left to ri Gutierrez, Martha, Corvera, Helen, Herre- ra, Ernestine, Gallordo, Yolanda, Lopez, Gloria, Borias, Catherine, Cusimons, Nat- alie, Rodriguez, Margie, Fronimos, Bar- bara, Cancholo, Mary. Second row, left to right: Castro, Alfonso, Moreno, Frank, Wood, George, Garcia, Frank, Sanders, Marvin, Gomez, Mary Lou, Shintani, Judy, Luna, Yolondo, Adelmonn, Henry, Bena- vides, Dimas, Pasquale, Ronald, Hoyos, Samuel. C ?,f1A,c,aq MR. RIDDLE 8- MRS. REYNOLDS A7- First row, left to right: Mesa, Irene, Rey- es, Delia, Martinez, Violet, McBride, Pat- ty, Mora, Cecilia, Morales, Alice, Nunez, Sylvia, Mapes, Betty, Martin, Hothe, Mue- Ia, Sally. Second row, left to right: Pa- yon, Dolores, Ochoa, Martha, Howard, Donald, Ortiz, Joe, Males, Loo, Gorule, Bonifosol, Harris, Suny, Lebedew, Theo- dore, lrigoyen, Richard, Ramirez, Bar- bara, Newton, Elva. ff ff 1 l fzlf' .fW . 'lfv ' aff MR. TOZIER A7-First row, left to right: Walker, Cheryl, Villescas, Felipa, Thomp- son, Auth, Virgil, Olivia, Thorns, Judy- marie, William, Helen, Williams, Carol, Vessillca, Kay, Tschinlcil, Bonnie, Torres, Marion, Villagram, Josephine, Velloa Theresa. i MR. HANSEN B7-First row, left to right: Arenas, Maria, Gallardo, Susie, Lucero, Mary Lou, Escarsega, Eloise, Trujillo, Lupe, Branch, Judy, Menconi, Marsha, Alvarez, Maria, Razos, Helen, Colon, Olivia, Vin- nett, Barbara, Almaraz, Rosario. Second row, left to right: Orona, Mickey, Luna Michael, Gutierrez, Jose, Dominguez, Mi- chael, Holguin, Anthony, Guzman, Salva- dor, Silva, Robert, Hodge, James, Flores, Gilbert, Jung, Marshall, Taylor, Dwight, Militello, Charles, Ramos, Paul. MRS. HAESKE B7-First row, left to right: Jensen, Shenandosh, Munoz, Stella, Perez, Maria, Bates, Dolores, Carrillo, lrcne, Lechenet, Mary Alice Neva- rez, Sarah, Rodriguez, Mary Ellen, Lo- pez, Peggy, Mejia, Rosalie, Hiwett, Carol. Second row, left to right: Sandoval, Sil- verio, Salazar, William, Angelo, Billy, Nlcastro, Albert, Cruz, Frankie, Hart, Otis, Silva, Pasqual, Tellez, Rudy, Diaz, Rigo, Stevenson, Jewel, Garcia, Ruben, Lopez, Alvin. 1 MRS. WALSH 8. MR. MALETTE-First row, left to right: Sutton, Barbara, Jackson, Joyce, Perez, Victoria, Sanchez, Olivia, Second row, left to right: Salcido, Ralph, Maloney, Mike, Redcliff, Mike, Pasilles, Tony, Sockett, Arnold, Altamirano, Ar- nold. MR. HURBLURT All-First row, left to right: Rocha, Ruben, Soltero, Albert, Mor- tinez, Eddie, Nevares, Albert, Ballentine, John, McKeehn, Sam Stoltz, Albert, Del- gado, Gilbert, De La Torre, Billy. Second row, left to right: Castro, Richard, Pinal, Richard, Arellano, William, Oglesby, Clandl, W., Castillo, Henry, Zufferey, Roger, Ramirez, Johnny. 1- Q if 'X ..F' mx in Fail w.,'e ' W- Niagzgigpg Rx -ug ce- , 4 ,fy , , ' Q .f- fffrfifffifrffifrfifg ' .- ' ' 5 H g:f:I:I-:f:ff1f:fqrg:f1ry:f: Y-x f - f .421:31ff:f:15ff:f:rf:S:ff:f:fEJ 4 - - .,-55:5:IgIglgig:g55:53Z5:5gZg:5:5g5 , I . T - gfjgjgigfgjg:fgfg:5:fgfg:fgjg:5:jgj5:f5jg:5 . - '- A ' . 7 -N S' . . ' 1 . f'I:jf'I-If'l'f .- ' - 'T 1' 'Y V 4'f:1gf5:5gJf:5: , . if '-,' F55 ... h 4 . ' 'fiirfs f -f fat ' , -A Er -1' , fri ggi 5' -.,f M :ffrffg -J D,-,Q-f-nj Qi. Q fii ' ' 0 b H 1. 'q5,g5i 1 ,Tn , , Q-Q - - ,gf pf 55 -V ? 2 , QS-'wifkf A ' gi: QV f 4 ' .f'- , 'E tiff? .-Q: .A A' ' 4 V . J' 1,-fl: .,5,. . .5 ' if 5 :- , Y-E HQ :- 'fr-, -. 1 ' :rpg qi it YF 2 55555:-. w .Ji -:fi-IA: rf. '-'.'f-V. 5 '. 55.3.53-5.5 ,,' 3 .Eff , f 17 x, v +52-J-gf-I-I xg ,- '. '11 322 Z5:5:jg:5:f:fg:- , -, H' w k L. x , '-N ik Y? 1 wff f 5-fir Q ff 4' .1 is 1 gj,g1,+, BOYS COUNCIL The Boys Council consists of the presidents of all the boys' service organizations. The council is un- der the leadership of the Student Body Boys Vice President. The main purpose of the council is to discuss the boys' problems. STUDENT BODY CABINET The Student Body Cabinet is elect- ed each semester by a maiority vote of the Student Body, The of- ficers must meet the Eligibility Re- quirements set up by the Student Body. Student oy's and STUDENT BODY CABINET The Student Body Cabinet repre- sents the entire Student Body. Their main purpose is to plan and carry through all student functions. Cabinets C-iirI's Coun il F GIRLS COUNCIL The Girls Council consists of the presidents off the girls' organiza- tions. They are under the leader- ship of the Girls Vice President. They help plan girls' activities. , X 14. 5 3 4 ' Wg-fa. -1 1 Q s, , W '- 3' Jwieffi ' L vt 5 Af he P 1' ni 3 1 f u e 3 5 f , 1 :Fm 3 I I if P f Q f f ' 5 A I S Q f 4 s , . ' V, f at - Wmim.- as .. 9' f.. ?f F f V ' . X .iv --2 f -Hz . ' ' ' fam W ff' + - , , tt p I I Q., Kwru: A .. . Q ,B w.. --,, A , Mf.,,Ex,nq.N, F -Q iw f I A ik fl l 5 1 ' X I i .Q MX.. AV 'Q v Q V ml S Q K 53 1 :gin J ' ' 45 pi'-f Q 451.-Sm 'ff' - K 7.1 'A -. Z5-. - - 5 L ,f 'I' 4, f- :ff -af '22 1 I . ya 5-'Q ,, lyk 'W V '43 . Q l . 'W' QW' ' QQ- ,vr in , N , X W ' r- K 8 1 lu aus. :Ja , x PG' vu 5 X it 54 M1 H :R -TX 5 vw IRA ' .Ax ,. 723+ ' E W A J. ' X FQ'- Q,1 Fi mmf' mfw1?' ff K A v... - - K , Q E ff we J S, T' N t , Q, 'fx Q E V if f 5 . k x A. ,u.-'o J f - a A' -X h J is as Ed 12: pix x 1 A X-N .wx 4355, 1 W v if E Q' vs . ' . - SX Q T if gffli-is X , Mx., .5 5 - . E . sr Q C .l 4 ,, 1 , ,,,1 A ii 5: 1' I .1 eu.: me-sam. . Q 1 ' 1 H Fl if1g.mllj2 . if . Q I 3. is . 2' 54 - ' Q. ' 4. 5 .-.. P - , 'F' ' .-4 fl., 3? Q.. -3- 'K M! 4--Sf, 3- 'Z V, an xv! M Q va A m, 'Xf' I f Aff- .l 4 if ' m . X O 'ad' . rnrz-' 1 lf da U 4' Ji 0 U x A, - Q .. qy 1 1 v xx ?' A if A . 'X - 5 Q X, I-. xxx 3 K ,- Q1 .-X Q- W ,, fir: A , . as ' 9' - 'f' ' Q M fx . es X. Y -e I M ', .rp x S if V X A W kgff A ig? P: . - 9 3 sn' ,Ay .-:zz M J - ia-g l M Af' ei- it .1 1 xg .K . t f sz., ff ,, , W, is QI V iff, in NAR M 4. A A E xg? W f 3 Q x ,, , Ii N X -- xx Q1 in A .. 4 !1 'f', N ' 4 ' 'Sf 'Q' Wh Q. fx, .5 .LV . ' 1. gf? q,,, Q 4 I ' , fy wk .... xr N f 3 gl: YJ Q 1 It A I .. 'Wa 41 , X 'iF ' ' Q g 9 ,.., Y, ... rv k Q' X v gi Myrwf Wrdhfmf QQ , cw XF: V' H' 5 fc.: W -it Pie Q is 'gf I 55' Q., tg 2. A 2 af -Q Q -' ,X 1 if f fi 2 J' v X 3 -:J QQ ., f -f' '-v qw 1 503' Biff Q 'K N K. W 1 xQ,x:fQ-59,112 - + S w .. N ' as 'Q 3' . .1 ' 1 . f -351 ,-, , .4 Q .Q , Wx 3.4, f fx ,K -9492255 .i ffwv- ' A Sw, W .fg . x- gi f -h Q i.F I ov- ' , .W wah f V ' in Z 1 I ll - X. 'I' M- , M me Q, ww . . Q J E :gz:21ff::1i,l- 2 x K if 1 ,,.,, t K girl Q- Ex if Rig 5 N .R-N . ,aw H KY mx if K . N, 'sg is 'W' Q 3 Nu A v-an , 1 ,Q 4 W --df ..... L. ...Y 4 Q ' - X .. Q . - a A as Q' L' 1 if f K ..-Q A' ,QS ' 4, IH lj i h, 3 V S .. 1 , N A NJ-it A Q, , Q r .,,:,,: , Q. . ,., ' E Q - , . , X 1 ' Q Q . , t X W 1 K h N - 1 sixilrw , xx hmm G M' R ' . ,' , X, V 11-. N --, - fg:Y - V ii hiv ' ' ,ne , wf iw , W' IIT: QE ' Q v ' ' f TW lf: -' 1 g 5 fdi gag f 5 it X fgiif if ' W Q --rf x ,4...- Q W .z ' f f R 1 I N h I l LA W. 5 f W - ' cz. 5 5- 13 '- ' , N. J Q K., ,EMM K h .if wb we JL, X M 5:1 xfw S , W I I NXSA annie!! disk il i,Q? i'X9 fb i?li-wggggS1f Ey ::.,, Q SXXQJR w?!5N wggnnm i t. 6 X 3 , A f Q. .lx V xi qw f +5 ww wwf Q .gg V avif . -Q nf I 1 Lg -... LL i , .Wi 1.. N- V..-.ov. .gum .. sw! in-9' L A.. Z. If -.....- --H 5lf YOUTH FORUM Lincoln Heights Youth Forum is c group of Lincoln Heights students who discusses the problems of the youths of the school. TICKETTERS The Ticketters sell tickets for all school activities, BOYS L. SOCIETY The Boys L Society is for ony boy who has earned his Varsity Ath- letic letter. GIRLS L. SOCIETY This soziety consists of girls who have ccirnecl Iheir letter in G.A.A. vii f A ,L , i tl my ft Rui F.H.A. The F.H.A, girls stuff toys for Christmas. At meetings they dis cuss homemaking ideas and ex change recipies. For entertain ment, they have picnics and par- ties. RED CROSS The Red Cross is a community serv- ice. They make up and send boxes at Christmas timep also collect stamps for the hospitalized veter- ans. They serve for many other helpful activities. Llsnd sung' y yu RIFLE CLUB The Rifle club consists of boys in the R.O.T,C. They compete against other schools in sharpshooting meets. AUDIO VISUAL The Audio Visual is o group of boys and girls who supervise the projection of movies for the class- es. ANNUAL STAFF The Annual Stall is the organiza- tion which plans and designs the Lincalnian. ART SERVICE The Art Service is responsible lor most of the posters, displays, that are shown in the school. ,, , ,gba SENTINEL CLUB Sentinel Club is a newly organized club that watches the gates and helps with the supervision of the school while school is in session. RAILSPLITTER The Railsplitter Staff gathers the latest news and organizes the school newspaper. COMPANY C Company C are members of the first period R,O.T.C. ,A 1'J N COMPANY A Company A ore members A period R.O.T.C, 'A ,Wafw Low lights, soft music, glittering gals, glamorous guys, all combined to make the Prom of the W'56 class cs wonderful event for oll. g - 4,1 Ab. I' ,, E, 'A s ' ' I ' oi Y 2 'f J as ' ' 5 ' I I , S! ' 5 'Y D' J' ft, S f , ug , pf ' 1 V If Q- 'll My ' .sy 6 Z Qgx,.'-Q. ffl Q r ss -X' , Q, 2 Z fi! K ' R iiqqiakw x fb .Y I 1 if' , X 5 Q 1. Vai K' W , A M3531 if , 48 gi gn: xx' MN f , , , 1 xx Q I 0-fe N ff? ,'f3 A'l 'I sa' 5 ,mix Se, M, f , A Q ,i'h::,Q 3 C f N'wwqxxyMk , ' ' .avxbg M, ' wh-M,-rf-f 1 N. WN Q Q' ,ggi J A+.f fi f, x ui, , 3 n x . W a ,, 1-v, f' 5 l il? I f Q I 1 X -w 7 1 RQ.-. .Q ' Q if 1 1, 5, - 'Q 1 Ya mwah Z., MHA M W. -V I-,411 ., ....,.... '-1.41 -Q., L 5 +A 1 I a cgamfazea 1- 3-, 'Nu C' Fw f fw- 65 I '7 Qi Hg! .- ,Q SNAPSHOTS These are Senior High pictures taken at the many different activities in and outside of school. This includes class dances, the Senior Jamboree, picnics, and parties. These snapshots capture those moments which will long be remembered. 'NH A aff W 4 tm- Q Q.,-. 'f s- 1... A-11 The A-ll picnic was held at Crystal Springs. Teams were chosen for all the events. There were many events which were all c great success. The tug-of-war was the most exciting event that took place. For the first picnic of this class the day was a huge success. Mr. Villa' Iobos, the A-ll class sponsor, is very popular with the class and, great things are in store for the coming senior year under his sponsorship. rf A Lf., b K.. x 3 hw' -1. I 4..,o'.., , ,Q .Hu ., , my x ..K..v.-.fu 1 , n -'fs' 2. ill! ' .E 4' i Q. X, ,-61: 'N' ,u 'mari 'nw-, . 'ff 1-:-'f z 'Q' ,Eff-3-IN . M b 'vc x 3 X R n vf-'M-Ak'.'t.. . '.j,Q:v -. 9 .WM , ... A , 2 xf n nigga A . , k 2 ., w 4 ' 1' l -1 Kit . .,.a, 'uw if mn w Y, I 2' E if. vw :mf5fj?i?7i. 1 Q 1 , , 1 v 1 ' wiv W H.. 1 'Q Ui yt' 'I 5? I Varsity ootball Our Varsity football team did not do too well this year due to the fact that there were not too many returning Iettermen from last year. As it was the team did a great job, and wound up in third place in the Northern League. wsx:gQ .I wg. b 7 SM, 1 1, Q A Q 9 ,ea M , 'X ' X1 3 Ae. ' lt ' ' . ' 'fm-A2-,gk . , - A 3 ww .3 ,fa . Q. r ,Q J If 1 wwf, fy V , -y,,y W- , an , l..L.- S Q , ly. A 9 -.,.'v n X I f ' K 'TLT' f ' l 0 Ay,-'ima 33215524 z -if fy- 5, V- v V A-.gyw , . 2.f1Q'z.g,4-1.4. ww' '?'7 1vk'..'!S2 !-, 'Q-ggldl A 4 K ,K TY. Q Q ' 'Q Aglxy 4 F I Em S 1 ln, I 5 . , -I ! f ' F xvll :Q ' .n AEYA L1 X Q, 'W 91' iff if . M, ' S , v Q 1 Q ,, - No' Ax . , . - -Q .f.f.., N JN 'L 'W . Nu-L.. f ,s 4- . -fmr X, ff ig . ff - - x 4- 1 E: Q3 f 1' '- ,hlgw 4. 1 sw! s.. .af fzgiflibf- , wg, hampions! Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln BEE FOOTBALL Marshall 6 Roosevelt 13 Huntington Pork 7 Eagle Rock 6 Fronklin I4 Wilson 7 Belmont O Verdugo Hills O W Won 6, Lost l, T 4'-of :bw if-it Ne 1 fa - 5? , - f. -+-:Sf ' 'i q- 'i'ff.:... 6 '13 ' ,:'fl.f:. 1:-7 ' Q, L iz' . .r,:. ' - ' . gg:- flv' 1 ,- f ,f -EE-: l Z- , 1, : - Lil a-2.9: 5 1 ig ' ' . ' 5 gf: Wu V, li- ' , '. N .K ru gr . - . it l Y:-,:,, 1. gf ' 3 - 4' T, ' xl, ' . s .7 . if I I. fi-9 ll gi ' s,g A ..3'. L: . l .4 .- fi' ,559 ' F , l ' . . Q39 . 19.1-' f. , , V' 71- 1 1,7 Gi N ', ' .rl 'Qi ..?l , :J ' ., - . ,.-s w, jgziuf' 2 I . . , Jr- .-. N '.-ag-' -iv.. -1 , ls, . . ai V f ,-15. : ' fu ri if , it 7.55,- 'L f f ' ' n- '35 . .4 ' In 1 . 1 1-.f. . - , I mf?-.iw ', .D ,.- , . , K t-gal , . - ,. -- .E A 9 54. ', ' 2 . L i f 2 9' ' L - P K 'H ffl. file: if- 5-14 ,vig 1, 5- -53? .., Q ,T Luc' ' A . Q Y 'Q U g i 'S-1J1qie- ' - QL-.L , i K i Tix- ' fr' ' rl,-1 ' ,Q . :gJ7f1 ,. . i ggi, . ,. ,- 5825? Lincoln 49 Lincoln 48 Lincoln 51 Lincoln 38 Lincoln 37 VARSITY BASKETBALL Eagle Rock 64 Franklin 36 Wilson 68 Belmont 41 Verdugo Hills 59 Won 3, Lost 7 Lincoln 71 Lincoln 35 Lincoln 60 Lincoln 31 Lincoln 50 Eagle Rock 65 Franklin 36 Wilson 79 Belmont 49 Verdugo Hills 46 v Wigan 75' B 1 ' I 'fl' N -5 gf 1,5 rl ' ifb A? 3 161 fwfz iw- 'XL 13.14 'Q A S, W 4 -A I we Q orthern Leagu champs CEE BASKETBALL DEE BASKETBALL Lincoln 43 Eagle Rock 23 Lincoln 40 Eagle Rock l7 Lincoln 37 Franklin 20 Lincoln 41 Franklin l5 Lincoln 27 Wilson 22 Lincoln 54 Wilson I6 Lincoln 32 Belmont 20 Lincoln 37 Belmont 23 Lincoln 32 Verdugo Hills 27 Lincoln 26 Verdugo Hills 23 Lincoln 51 Eagle Rock 30 Lincoln 40 Eagle Rock l9 Lincoln 38 Franklin l4 Lincoln 48 Wilson 27 Lincoln 40 Wilson 37 Lincoln 40 Verdugo Hills I4 Lincoln 35 Belmont 2l Lincoln 42 Belmont l3 Lincoln 28 Verdugo Hills 22 Lincoln 43 Franklin lO Won 10, Lost 0 Won 10, Lost 0 C BASKETBALL-First row, left to righl Popps, Curtis, Berumen, Gonzalo, Terzi Louie, Gomez, Carlos, Reed, Joe. Seconi row: Rosas, Eddie, Quinlana, Joe, Eman uelli, John, Ramirez, Johnnie, Chavez Gilbert. D BASKETBALL-Firs! row, left Io righl: Pops, Curlis, Garcia, Carlos, Duncan, Wil- liam, Lona, Bobby. Second row: Volpe, Ray, Huilron, Manuel, Trevino, Virgil, Martinez, Gilbert, Macias, Mike, Valen- zuela, Carlos. VARSITY TRACK This year's Varsity track team seems to be one of the best that we've had in the past five years. Although we won only one league meet and one practice meet, we made a better showing than in the past. We have quite a number of individual performers and the maiority of them will be back next year, so we should have a potential championship team come next track season. rm ff' A- ' . f if WWW 45, x 1 ' IQ Q5 5, kk .Wy ' 'W ,ty ,,,,.w.f-'- ,, A -' . -V 4 ' ,. JN, A nj., - 8 ' - 4 . , 'X , -5 4 V 4 A A , f 4 I A 2 Q W 1' If fi .-.. ,A .,, A ' f, : .1 ff 5' H f 'iffy 4 0 -'iw -' . 1 A ' U 'H qnwi., 4 : , 'Q , JY ' , I '- .wm f at 1 X 1 1 ' 4 ff' 1, .Jia N nv X. 4 A ii 3 be I gp 2 'Q 1.4 f W1 f F ,5 f' -2 l f f ,W z ff' 7 M , ,if A13- , ,, v V f 'if fm V JA ev 'iq-I il, xv VVV A MNWZM -ufffv' I iv ' +f?w ' J V if inf' Y ,Q 5. ' if FE Wk f IA? . 1 ITM l 3 1 x 1 vJT'k 1 X ,fgjigiw in . Q, W H 1,4 ff - f fwwfhf, Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY J. V. CROSS COUNTRY 'IOTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY Eagle Rock 25 Franklin 39 Wilson 34 Belmont 38 Verdugo Hills 35 Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Eagle Rock 36 Lincoln Franklin 33 Lincoln Wilson 39 Lincoln Belmont 45 Lincoln Verdugo Hills 32 Lincoln Eagle Rock 21 Franklin 19 Wilson 23 Belmon 20 Verdugo 33 Won 4, Lost 1 Won 5, Losl 0 Won 1, Los! 4 l Our Gym team finally regained their status of Northern League Champs after tak ing a second place in the last two years We owe all to the many boys who go up to the gym day after day to practice and to the great coaching gob of Mr Calderone, This work paid off well as our team was third In the All Cnty meet GYM TEAM First row, left to right: Henry Ber- nard, Manuel Perez, Phil Caru- som, George Fontes, Chester Jung, Anthony Velasquez, John Bederio, George Gutierrez, Julio Rodriguez, Mgr., Carlos Navarro, M e l vi n House. Second row: Tommy Gar- cia, Louie Luster, Herman Vasquez, Frank Hernandez, Armando Gar- cia, Edward Padilla, Joe Velasco, Captain, Jess Fierro, Clifford Ara- kaki, Frank Laner, Carlos Garcia. 82 VARSITY BASEBALL Furs! row lefi fo rlghf Gilbert Chavez Manuel Montoya Jum Sugl Richard Vasquez Joe Pomo Lyle Maia Greg Lopez Tommy Hunron Back row Joe Camper: Bob Corsa Ray Marhnez Rudy Salmas Bull Clark Ben Orhz Rnchard Plnal Tom Salazar Meyer Hirsch Ar! Arocho . I I 1 I Q ' I . I ' . I I . I w ,.,1 f-1:,Z,,,A ,.i t ,,,,,,,f,f , fi' if ,W 1 MMV ' 1.4 gg A f. '1 Q f W rf X 2 'X X A W, , H, , M .-. , ,Q I , Q.,-H .f WMQQV, Y w.,..: '-M- Wig, , -if f A Lg MW Q uw N. www ,W-542, H .U 'I-fwar uf V Pg, ,,,w 'W 'W 4 , eng! .vu-vow n' Ma AXE .- -1: 1. -NN ' ff v1 -f f 1 .uw I I M 'ma r x'Y.nf x'-M. M A '-....., , Front row, left to right: Curtis Popps, Paul Mie, Gene Childress, Gonzalo Berumen, Jim Adams. row: Richard Sunda, Nash Cardona, Carlos Valenzuela, Joe Colca, John Gradillas, Hector Ra Armando Luian, Tony Aguilar, Joe Reed. Top row: Coach H gh Stewart, Manuel Huitron, Kenny Eddie Brown, Tony Diaz, Louis Terzi, Henry Bernard, Ric ard Lopez, John Salgado, Fred Clemente Diaz, Henry Ulloa, Robert Garcia, Appt. Coach on runer. B BASEBALL wmv SWIM TEAM Third row, left to right: Juarez, Albert, Martinez, George, Gonzales, Xavier, Eaton, James, Fontes, George Edward , Armendariz, Raymond, Lopez, Richard, Coach Florian. Second row: Manager Santillian, John Salazar, Joaquin, Gutierrez, Cecil, Woolson, Robert, Lopez, Juan, Vargas, Joe, Gonzales, Ralph, Chavez, , Mata, Thomas, Gerardo, Frank, Martinez, Martin, Marquez, Richard. Fred, Oranoz, Arthur. First row: Cortez, Antonio, Palk, Bernard, Maldonado, George, Smith, ww 'wr 1 S' 'WI g.Q'r1 3 1 J I 4. 43 ww' 3 ., M fs? l ffl N Q , ivwwg?-fx IQ 5 n 4 M Zia! A-ww E ,4 W ,M ., h A I QE F f A ? z Q ff ' gs . 8 ' 3 1 1 , Bk A ' --- M ,.. K M5 5,5 4 I! 1 .Q W 11 r n,...1?'lu 7 V W -! . M-Jf 4 P: 'arf 'V-B .'-h-'..'!im ' N ,,w,f - 5- 'Uh ,nu I 'T Q. If ' uf 1 M Q ' iimgmblf -- ' 'Q-.. --.. kg?-s ml id ji f' t gn' GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Led by Key Guffey in the fall and Martha Rocha in the spring, G.A.A. was bigger and better than ever this year. Sports offered included archery, basketball, speedball, badminton, softball, and volley ball. Special activities included an exhibition speedball game and two banquets. Three hundred G.A.A. girls attended Lincoln's playday in April and our G.A.A. iourneyed to the Bell High playday in May. 3 .aw-f' . .. . GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Raw I: M. Salinas, S. Quiiada, V. Truiillo. Row 2: E. Morales, T. Naraki, M. Rocha, M. Trujillo, A. Elias, Mrs. Berry. Row 3: C Tom, G. Sandoval, O. Sanchez, M. Serrato, M. Scott, J. Pomo, T. Therrien, G. Salcs, A. Salais, L. Gutierrez, L. Maldonado Y. Baker, F. Woods. Row 4: R. Abeyta, C. Takata, M. Rivera, R. Ruiz, F. Marquez, F. Menard, B. Quiiada, A. Cunningham, C Colombero, J. Menard, l. Smith, D. Perales, E. Corlew, R. Zancanella. Row 5: T, Martinez, E. Cardenas, F. Barrois, J. Pasos G. Lopez, R. Rodriguez, E. Molina, C, Zorro, D. Marrow, A. Romero, M. Garcia, C. Pennino. Row 6: R. Carrer, S. Bannano J. Leo, P. Joe, E, Jung, A. Wong, E. Llones, E. Arakaki, J. Pomeroy, L. Parra, C. Allman, M, Thomas, B. Loya, B, Moreno B. Sesa, M. Martinez, M. Plesria, J. Gee, A. Estrada. Row 7: Mrs. Palmer, L. Gaskill, S. Parks, M. Martinez, G. Lopez, B, Valdez J. Reynolds, E. Morales, V. Acosta, K. Guffey. ffx 7' N R 3 xr? I wg X , . fl Wk vb 7' - dgnalafzea X R -- ,, Y, ' -A X , . I X R1 K' x Q, ,Q A Y-X QA ,N W . 6? J a-N 04' f-x A. 1 f x xxx YK-g A 'Ss TN-. 1 Q' ,' CN I , N A N, , ' X V' Q Vx , R x , ' -, fs , Q 9' N K A T ' A 1 VX K Q-X x Q I h Y H A '-,-,:,i.:,:f:f:,:f:fif:j 3.2.3 ' ' , 1 F ' . ' ' L f . 5- V JZ ., ' i. - -Li ,gi 1 ,. , . f p Q fsfi -V Q-f ........ ..... 1 H . ..... -.-.-:-:':-:Eff4-:-:-:-:-:f:f:5'I-I-I-1-:':-1-5-sg..,.. ...... -'f'f'f'3i-I-:-:':-Z-:-. b ' 1 x Q33551525:5:5:ggg:5?:5:515553S531533515:5:23555:5:j:5:2255S3255rggf:3f:?:2fg2Igqrg:':-.-.-,. 1 -. . ' j .. F c ui HW 4 ww .ju---Lf J A' 1, .lv lm, . , Al ' ED CRAWFORD CHEVRON STATION 1911 Daly Street CA 5 9451 CHICACO SHOE REPAIR 2817 North Mann Street CA 2 4171 EARL BARK N BITE 4329 North Hunt ngton Drlve 1 2521 Pasadena Avenue CA 5 3193 Hot Food to Go CA 5 1888 LA TOLTECA EI Sereno Mex: catessen Joe E trc da 3356 N Eastern Axe NORTHSIDE EMERGENCY HOSPITAL 227 San Fernando Road C 5 8181 MITCHELL S SERVICE 3100 Pa adena Avenue CA 5 9613 DeMARZO FLOWERS Flowers for Every Occasion Cnty wade Delivery 2721172 N Broadway CA 2 9975 Eves Mlchlgan 6954 US FURNITURE CO 2720 North Broadway CA 5 8662 DALY SHOE STORE 2442 Daly Street CA 5 4777 4333 Grzttm Avenue CA 5 6448 DR GEORGE Z DU PONT 3325 North Broadway 1 6 B And L FOOD MARKET 3532 North Broadway CA 2 OO73 NOVELTY DYE WORKS 3116 North Broadway CA 1 4443 9C CA. -om , . ERNIE OATES SERVICE Tom DOYLE STATE ASSEMBLYMAN CA. A 121 A. - , . LINCOLN HEIGHTS SERVICE 3000 N Mann Street CA 5 8285 PAT S MARKET 3232 N Mann Street CA 5 9989 CITY FORD 1800 Pasadena Avenue CA 2 0236 DEL FANTE FLOWERS Established Since 1930 DE LA TORRE PHOTOGRAPHER 3102 North Mann Street C 1 8 58 JOSEPH J THOLT JEWELER 598 West Avenue 28 CA 5 8274 CAFE PTOMAINE TOMMYS 21129 North Broadway CA 5 8482 N BROADWAY SILK SCREEN ND 2830 N Broadway CA 1 8 04 AVERNA REALTY 2626 Pasadena Avenue CA 5 4175 PRECIS1ON GAGE PLATING 1045 N Broadway 1 1 07 CYPRESS HARDWARE 1301 Cypress CRESCENT DEPT STORE 2424 N Broadway 1 6865 ROB RT M ARAGON 2729 N Broadway CA 2 5165 PAUL W BROWN JEWELER 2617 Pasadena Avenue CA 5 2992 , I ' , - o ' , co. H , CA. - 7 2423 Daly sneer CA. 5-4757 CA' 15362 A. - 7 CA- ' 3132 o DORON S SERVICE STATION rth Broadway lubrication Rlchfleld Products Call for and deluver LA TORINESE PASTRY SHOP 2612 Pasadena Ave C 1 1 68 VINCENT A BENFIGLIE DD S 3331 North Broadway CA 51085 2425 Dany sf CA 5 0205 GEORGE W M YOST DDS 3831 North Broadway CA 5 0807 AIR COMPRESSOR EXCHANGE 2730 North Mann Street CA 2 5816 JACK S CLEANERS 4449 South Huntungton Druve CA 1 0991 5 9608 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 2122 N Broadway CA 5 0807 FRIEDENS DEPARTMENT STORE 2619 No Broadway CA 5 0713 KARLS SHO' STORE 2632 N Broadway 525 W Ave 26 CA 5 7005 CHARLIES BARBER BEAUTY SHOP 2530 Daly Street CA 5 4546 VINCENT And MIKE SIMILI 3301 North Mann Street CA 2 8478 MENDOZA SPANISH GUITAR 1814 North Broadway C 2 1 55 92 N CA. - A. A 4 U . DALY FREEZE ABLE CLEANERS . - A. - 1 BI RITE MARKET 2913 North Broadway CA. 2-7189 TEYO MIYATAKE STUDIO 312 East First Street MA 6 5681 BIAMONTES BOYS and MENS SHOP 2421 North Broadway CA 2 8105 PATINO ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE 1317 North Mlssuon Road CA 5 7712 SHELL SERVICE STATION 2600 North Flgueroa CA 5 9961 2008 Fugueroa CA 2 3008 BROADWAY AUTO SUPPLY Automotuve Parts Supplue Equipment Machme Shop Servuce 1 2 TAMKIN TOWEL SERVICE 1919 South San Pedro Street . 9- 2 BURROUGHS DECORATING 2627 Suchel Street CA 5 4709 MYERS TEXACO STATION 2926 North Figueroa CA 2 0701 PIONEER PAINT CORP 2490 Daly Street C 1 4 95 TELLO CLEANERS 3528 N Broadway CA 5 0371 2421 Daly Street CA 2 9665 ARLINE S DRESS SHOP 2516 Daly Street 1 Rl 32 1 , . A. - 1 PRECISION BRAKE JOSE MuNoz FLORES, M.D co. CA - 141 CA. -1241 CongraIulaIions From PRICE PFISTER BRASS MFG 3011 Humbolt CA 5 4271 FRISCO BAKING CO INC Bakers of Real Sour Dough French Bread l1al1an Bread French Rolls Bread Shcks 62I West Ave 26 CA 5 4984 Congratulahons From URIBE MEXICAN DELICATESSEN CLYDES 3033 Wabash Ave Los Angeles AN 8 5959 COMPLIMENTS OF R F H SS Proprietor A B PAYNE CO 270l North Broadway Los Angeles CA I 3468 SHIELDS EMERGENCY HOSPITAL 2640 Pasadena CA 5 3600 SERVICE CLEANERS 8- DYERS INC 3235 N Maln CA 2 2350 REPHOLZ PRINTING 225 San Fernando Rd CA 7089 STARLAND THEATER 2624 No Broadway CA 5 8090 GOODYEAR MOBILOIL SERVICE 3979 MISSION Road CA 5 9007 Tlres Baflerles lubncahon 94 ..E - .co. '--- - CVM you young women will find an endless variety of Interesting 'obs in both the secre tonal and operational fields you young men will find that the steady positions now open in both inside and outside work are the very 'obs from which to start a real career with a future ui Ask your vocational counselor about positions with Pacific Telephone or drop into one of our nearby Employment Offices. For Women: For Men: 43300, gllvfvfmxlol 740 so. olive Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 10,000 for the Employment Office nearest your home. 0 0 Mlmllli Www: iw PM ll it a McKAY cmd MONKAMN DRUG STORES 2437 North Broadway C 5 4297 Fllllng Prescrlptlons for Over Half a Century Broadway at Daly C 5 2424 I3 private Ilnesl Complete Fountain rvlce SLOAN S DRY CLEANERS AND LA Da? 45 4 THE ANNUAL STAFF 3001 North Mom cpkw yQ 9 lp A shes to thank the tollowmg people for therr O om pen7 pm 8 ien7 'io VN help wrth this l956 Llncolnlan Phone M1009 CA 5 8883 Y ZF ff, Bar Bartolo of LA Engravung For Your Conv M h'?QSabln and Mr P Peter on ot Avenue Dave Kluchr of The Lrncoln Business Offrce Two Locations to Serve YoJ CLEANING IN BY l2 OUT BY 4 SAME DAY AT NO EXTRA COQT Mr Ames of the Sales Class ot Lrncoln Hugh Mrs Downey of the Art Department De Luxe same day laundry upon request Let us care forthe clothes you care for 96 l 1 A s -0 I ' V +r,'L-M 1 .v- ,Z gl , A. - . 'hw . . . . y AL Al' H ' L x 1 X A - Isa - V' l' 'X ' I . 1 V, L PLNLPL ll . -X A ' L-LJ.: fl L fulvlvlq kx ,..1'ff r' I' J .- ,. f AX VX M X ll V A ' ' Xb . ffm' yr , X A K X k M A, 1. . Y' F ' f tbl -2 - ' ' Q .f Hz.. 'f jg 1511 . .luv . .. AVULN rflluvl, yo , M' 'Al , I to J gif' la L Yx 2. 0 W P ' L, JL LL ' Br via Y 9 YQ' y D 0 W, L ll . , . . 7 . .- . . --P og' T Q I A wt A L v W fl 0 F . - R L 4A.'l- Liu H , n w n . Z ' '9 ll Q, 6 lt L, U ,ef x ts l Hce Y 'Q rx N . . s . y 'YQ ri b . . . . . X ,,.... ,Z 1 ,,,..-f' I ,f fw- ,J f--.. 'Ig Ka ,-ZZL4 mt ,fri J 1 K I L I J I , fin D O 7' X ,- A' f V' Fx f fl' X ,Nl 1-, 4. . V 'I 7 I I . v I r Rl A H IL,'IAwN!Y - X4 fy- N f Q 1 s 1 ' ' yi .. Q ur 1 , v,, , f , ! Q ,L ,R I ' f, f!.4 , f '4 X , il K Y A h ' n ,' T- s' M RN XX kx X X , fi . ,W yum., b ,f If ffcy, N A X 5: 3 if 4, V X XXKIQQ K ,J M XY fx, Y' . ' ' k xx x fx , , ff J f ,H - , Aff. A- Y f I f t ,.. 9 I A I . ff 7,7 ,' - 74- , ,J -'I 'fx it . ,z, Y Nj 5 fr.. 1 44. I rr , l E J 1 ,ff V ,.e,n ,B K I , I 5 - I f f , ,f 0 f I f s ' I . Vf A I . f 'iff' , , , . f I V! W - -, A ' fx 1' . - Ni' ,, 1, zfllfbj I .I I 'X I ' A ff! f X N , , ,'f' 4' .X f. 1.51 V f' I A 1 , ' ' f ,A r , I V? fr f, fx x , f , I V,,f f I 1 0 A fry fi, , - ,f , , F' K ' R :ff D . .1 CT -W 1 , , 1 ' W ,Q A' 'F L K 'fy , ' -- 1 I .. Y 1 L X-fu-1 ' ' - , ,f , , , I 1 fl C f fn f' x ' . ' N J Y 'C li- , V .1 R 3 I X f! l I, 1 NX J A 3, 'cf ' '1- ' I L1 T ' J V 1 1 , I ,, IX. V .f V 4 X. ' A f I Y I- ' ig ' V ' I I .' I' 1 '1 X v ' I I I X 1 ' f ' l ' f 'H ' 4 I 1 f . , . I ,i . 1 I if A I 1 1 I ' f I 'X x N I ix A I

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