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-e sh., Na J f ff xx . '--1, , 'Q I If ,pawn-Ja 54. Mc .f ' nf' J 'Qfpf 4'- X X wx N Y x kj I XX x N J 'Q LJ r- xx i - In :xr ' 1. N ,l .AA fv ' 5 W , X, Af - h ' . . - i , 1 Y , - . w r .5 A A 5 I 4 'J 1 A , '- f V H 1 5 ' - .4 1' . f NLR ' Q Q I . . 5 .Z r V . . M. ,Xi -L ' 'V 3 ' ' 1 'ff V . . 2 xc . w 2 ' . 1 ' ' - , - 1 ' K 1 f . . X 4 , h - .... V . . X Y x 1, . ' 1. Q , X . '11 X., F. i 3 XV 3 1 '- - K Q - 5 . ' N 'NZ J ' 5 5. T X , g ' yi if + ' , .. 'N ' 7 '.' i '. 2 V' t 2 , 52 '1 A ' 1 ' 5 1 16 E 1 .A 2 4 'xl X 1 I 9 4 A ' N ' ' 1 1 W- 5 1 7 2 1 .H A ' . v . A 1 xg X '-s j Y . N . ., . - T . x , . . . . - u . -vi . Q .' 4 X A ' ' ' 1 h' 2 . v- . A K N .Q , V .I ,L Q . 3 'I 1 ,Q 3 .- . ' 4, va' NZ. Mi . rx my I I 1 .W . ., ' .iv Y vw. I h , I v L I ' fi V4 P: l, E f 1 ' I 4 N I , D h -Aix X N vi v. l ,xl . . xi ,S , - . . , E 2 ' A' x 5 1 '- A . ,Xxx .J ,V ,R x . Q h it ,WA Q .- is 1 Q - A ' f, ' ' , . f - ' -. ' -1. M W' , 1 ' ' ,A A W ' 4 3 ' K , f 3 . A. ' an -faq' , F' Q' . 11: ' . Q' 'f K' H '. ' , Q at ' A K., 15 , X KY w 4 .2 . 4 f A . V- . 5 2 1 ' ,Q 2 ,X ' , 1 t . Y' ,, ,,..f . ' y '. , '-5 H . .ff ' .f , 7 ,A 1 7 X' . J! Q 1 2 I 5 . and tu M. K. gi LL ygf-MK, , .Q I: ' It 3 1 H X7 .1 N ut E . 1 . XL-fZ'LLff,A.f' Z 'lx qfxx Z I x V. . j 1 .qu 1-. .1 N , 5 4, in x- 1 5. 1 ., , f. -- ' l .. , f -' Y , 5. C' 1 ' L I -' jf! s.. 4:-' !',ff,-4Q',,f7 cL,.A,.f'c'd,,- A, .- I' ,,f.! l Y ,V 'VA If 5 N . ,I .i I 2 fl? A -fun, npr., - .,f -- u., f 'f-if K? 'Y 5, b. 1 - f' . '. , ,f V . 'C' f f N A x f 3 . - 'N , , ' . W. f , f ' . Q, ., . ' .- 173 +14-fffl Y 'J ff ' :, X ' N2 X fx As X X Vu K' vvffjy, ,z W LL X pp? M 0L IA 'Sb Wvxfah yyj' uf ab u d by The Student Body Qi ham Llncoln H1gh School X Los Angeles Cal1forn1a QQ. -get Cs s.. W,' U fgQ5Q,4W0 N 5 , 'P , az , f.tA ul LKLLQYQ ' W A . RQ - 1' N . f V K MF xv xx ' fyxui N, X' 'I A XXYQM f Xu U 2 lv Y Q KIM! F Cf X 1 L JM Q A J f f V' '7 ' A I f M 0 IW ,KL 'U N1 ' 1' z A0 Li, U. . ji, V t Jx 1 Edu UVWIL AU WY u V' -C W, ' I LU 'I XL, 1 QL' x xi' 'I K 6 fo, a J A S P Q, QR fm '. xxr' 4 Qtr'- W Q ei Ayn, . -N 4 ri: JbP ' g ,S o QQ-, 6 Q . '--QT ' . f ir? 4 X 1 K., K , ' of I . QC4x.N, -- W , n 11 it A ,LS ' 1 1 4 ' . I T NT of 11- -ZF?-fx 'WM s X , 1 Q 1 X 'r Q 4 V ' :FCP .X fab 'wx Z! 5 GW NWI! 1 1' 2 ' I f?z -K Ffxsrsfg' L 1 v : Q -TVA .X 4? LTL S ---.-- we W gi wufffffjf they .,Z,o-LQ VODLQL ,7 ilu, A UA-0 -4z,A-OV vow ,Liv NJ QL rdf I 1 l,JfbM'! ,220 5 Q QL 'WU f X, X , Jo AV' V ' il if,' jfffgjvvd ,fn UU, 1IGUfkijL5yxfwr'k7y 1 X Q L Q fufw A 7 xjjivx Ifiryi dy, :VUJXX V ' ., V 3,60 W Q jf? Q? lg XtVsJ'xQ0'j Q! figj aux if VX if if f ff J Mgfffhq If Ab ohom Lincoln were to st r school todoy h oufd be honor d by whof he sow. The beautiful grounds modern b Idings, ond the wide voriefy of the co s s offered dll pres nt CI school thot s oi ffting monument to his honor. ggflf 7 M W , -w 1 . , ' an mh1 nel F6 HOW. W HEJXNJ Luigi A tid' A! M11 kx vx IS S1 oe Hap more ec1u.u N Sw, Q J ' ji ff qi FAC.ET1.. ,.,. QT. U EZLAS3? , , X , . A Q? lx? Ax ACTRV IES! .... ax- 5 SPQTS.l..... JS 4 e tire sch se?Q3 e situcx Jon the hill wh h gym X 1 U f a bf QR Eff proud of tccmpus, W 9 mr Nay ?vXNx J, M MM I QW w X Contents M Afwfw W Y ,hai s h S N Xb H i Hn it X. YRS. -XNV X X-X ,XX R Dedication This year marks the one hundredth year ot public education in Los Angeles. Education has drown and proaressed with the city, until today, public education in Los Angeles is represented by a combination of per- sonnel, curriculum, facilities and equipment vfhich aives our city a school system surpassed by none in the United States, lt is with pride that this l955 Lincolnian is dedicated to this century ol public education in Los Angeles. ti 5 .-.-gnx- - : mv' 1-:Q .il-...4y..X.C,fx.-'1..f... wi'-'A'---v -.v rw 'N 3' ' 4:51 xiii ,-w,1X- M-:MS fi X T, ii' 9 X . 5 f G QE t' EC S -sg fr, E 7 ix Ee 3235? igsjgix FQY1, The progress in education is e mplitiecl by the personnel of our school system. The teacher of today is a person specifically and thoroughly trained to use the rnost rnodern and up-to-date equipment and methods in working with the sudents ot our schools. l 1 , J 4 1 l I - 1 I 'Y I, I Q fl. :. .lt gg: I 1 I .J '-- , 1 1 .r , t I- f 1 7 1 f, ' s 4, ' - , - .4 If 4 J 1, ,M f From School Marms T' GEORGE I SMITH Prmclpol The C1dI.11H.STTOTl m of the program 'n our .T.Od6?I' r 1oo.. is cor.1pfd on by people specially troxxrod i thoscn for :1f : du le. Adm1n1strat1on HELEN MOORE Counsellor GEORGE GITTENS Registrar ROGER VAN PELT EVELYNN HONN Boys' Vice Principal Girls' Vice Priricipcil x T x x If f -.W -tfmix lW'jSV tl . . Spec 1a11st Row l, left to right: Mr. Avcxklcn, Mr Boss, Mr. Bctrryte, Mr, Belford Mr Ames Mr Amador. Row 2, left to right: Mrs Berry' Mrs Allen, Mrs. Ecnick, Mrs Arfrisffong, Miss Baker Row 1, left to right: Mrs, Beuvief, fl Beret Miss Eeriore, Miss Bcekef Mrs, Ccrstexs, Row 2, left to right: Mr. Cer: N: Cervcrites, Mr. Christe-nseri. Row 1, left to right: Mrs. Erin lJflf'1T Corser Miss Fogarty, Mrs, Ccrriell Mrs, Dowrie-yi Row 2. left to right: Mr Ftcy D 1 Mr Rich Davis, Mr Coos Mr ff' S 7 .1 V yr A mx 3 I I f' , ,sf W! ,Q H n if a f ' 57:1 ,-4? Q avg Q v vf ' -v 54 .2 , V .f r , - V -cf I 4, t I ff V I S? Q9 139 R Pictu' Mm Irs Roberts, . P226 L tc H Haw Z Mr Stcfktci, Mr Skcise, Mr Sziixl- hoi, Mr Stcvrcrt WH .gf Lic R,Rowl Mr Vlllcxlobos, Mrs, Tumey, Mrs Walsh, Mr Willey I. to R, Row 2 Mrs Vlelg Mr Van Vlecr 91 L10 R, Row 2 Mr Tumieyg Mr. Dixong Mr C310 I. to R, How 1 Mr. Mcrlette Mr. Leckmcmg Mr Cul- deroie, M? Boyd T e a C 1:1 i n g a n d Maintaining SECRETARIES AND CLERK Lei! to righi: Mr: Celbzllzq Slf7'lfI1'1YC'Y Mm. Pcntor. Mr' MW 'x',',,.. MQ T,,,,n, vv.... .,, Lei to rlghi M W 11 of mac M ve zzff Redoglm First row left to nght Op 1 E W IHC: Opel Delwiw Second row left to nghi I. 31110 M 5 Powe- E12 D user J Mn Goo N M f' sell Row 2 left to right V fh I leiu M C1 ' 0 M Q Q 13 t ' : r ' ':'L IT13 Mr Alvi- 'Q r A ry Mr FYI -11 Mr ' . ' : G. ffible '1 . rtzsori, ,ugrity A' ' ri rr I is I G' get Row 1, lei! to right: Mrs DTJ15 Mrs S 1' rj, 7. fi' xr. rs Brow: Mrs gms, . ' : .Ar Evri .17 N if Q r Ste 'mai Mr Turner Mr Wns YT r, I hnor. Mr Fitz: Mr Elzcsoi Mr Evans i . f 1 1 l 4 1 A I . 4 xt ff f 'f 'I 1 I j 1 ' A' ' Ll. n 5 I If The Progress in Education is reflected in the present-day students Who come to school in modern cars or cut-down Hot Rods, who dress in attractive, comfortable sport clothes and who study in modern, functional classrooms. All of this adds up to students who are as modern as our atomic age. in 'Wwe 955 NI I ' . E Y.- W I4 'vfx - Scholarfs 1 ! Arpanet' ans0'X N5 o students K f ,,....u-nv Cx I 5 X. Damiani. Montana, Clark. Eugene Adela Richard S e n io r s W ' 5 5 Abeyla, Aguayo, Frank Robert Bederio. Beihdn. Arthur Henry Carranco. Carrillo. Trinidad Alfred These are the Continentals who arcxducxted in W '55, They were 3 small dass, but were very cc- iive in all school functions, .1 291 'Of' 'Q--'Y 'Uh N403 3 it Martini. Gargano, Lorenzina Victor 1 , f V, Cont'nenta1s lvl! . I f dj W4 ' MW , U , , if 0' ll! rf lr , f JL 'V ' iv 4,1 fjfffw Apodaca, Aragon, Aragon, Armijo. , Bertha Frank William , Frank Bentello, Bernal, Bernard, Cano, Bobby Fred Ann Martha Chavez, Rudy 'haf Qu-rf XA Clark, Richard QF' ,..-up -dl' 9 MW Cockrum Contreras, Marvin Margare I 'W 35' W Arriola. Amelia Cantu. Ramon Corral, Raquel 51 Baca, Dora Canzoneri, Iohn Cruz, Irma 'Q-f E? l vw- 47 1-7 'NI ...J V rf' -'ur Q--pw 'ruff' ', 17 'CEP' gp g...w.-v Damiani. Eugene Flores, Eugene Garcia. Adolfo Gargcmo. Victor 18 6 'V' Duran. Virginia Gallardo. Mateo Garcia. Lupe Gomez. Ernest Q..,.4 'tv' 'Qs...y' Esquivel. Irma Galvan. Ioe Garcia. Rita Hernandez, Ramon Seniors W '55 Hernandez. Huerta, Ramona Ruth La Pena, Latena. Rose lack Manning, Martinez, lames Dorothy Miles, Montana, Dorothy Adelq PCIGZ. Paternostro. Esther Betty I Y 'fm' , Q ' N, 5 gs- , , I 4 5 v 9 'MW lbarra, Mario Lewis. Glen Martini, Lorenzina Montoya, Velma Pomo, Nick 'Rf V 'ru-ay Q Wx fum 11 , if fi , as 6 w'wM,,,,,M,,, '!7 x 'WO 'W 1 1 fa-sp Ov! yo' Q1 Johnston, Phyllis Lira, Nora Matteo. Iohn Navarette, Pete Quintero, Paul King, Darmon Lopez, Gilbert McKeehan, William Orduna, Regerta Rader, Ann Lanza. Louis Macias. Frank Menard Ice Padilla, Emelda Ramirez Margaret ,UMW V ,245 ea Q- WI Y' ug, QW., f, 'nn hifi: vu! ,,,v Q,- r- ' 18 5 5.05, I Sl SX! 'Nl 9 C' I 5.2 1? M ,, ,W M, ily S. x. f -.J 'Z .xy iv- !! Ui Ramirez. Rachel Roscoe. Diana Sandoval. Arthur Triiillo. Ranoma -nag 2 Robles. Rachel Romero. Yolanda Sanders. Dorothy Valdez. Iaime Seniors W '55 Rodriguez. Catalina Ruiz. Eva Schuetz. Donald Valenquela. Helen Vasques. Esther - ,-5 'Sf Q, . . YT? V h 1, A, v 9 Q . 3 is 62 'S' r,W,.x o ,K 11.3 ' Pings f Q 'R I if , w-.4-1 5 15,- 1-ur V'-'Y Q ' 17' so few ' sa QQ 1' M 0- ,,,,- r 7 Rodriguez. Lee Salais. Ioe Shintani. Iune Valverde. Edward Vasquez. Baltazar Rodriguez. Robert Salazar. Reynaldo Taylor. Ianet Vargas. Carmen Wong. Fred e-.AJ 1 Ov! 14-I vin ,fl pf' ' -J -.4 20 ,I s. ., ,tgp 'pn-1 -.V A-4 tr. X- A Q 1 f -w' Si s.,-f In-5 L k. 'Y X7 1 Sc11oo1's Out ! ! .qt .W Mm, , iii W? OVW K' ,mag un., 22 ' Gonzales. Manuel Riggio. Connie Gutierrez, Albert Buccola, Chrisline V . W i Wm ,L A y 0 I 4 0 Q ,f 9 J' AJ L 'Vai Qllx cl 'M If LVN . My if I r Diaz, Mary gf J K Y ,WW Q k ,MH in zflcywa if Mm xr M V, fgwg Bs Seniors S '55 These are the Rebels, the Urcxduotiriq Class of S '55, Their frieridliriess shall loriq be remem- bered cmd we hope they will long remember The school Abeylcx. Florence Avila, Hector Cancxles. Rebecca Y. sim 'G' Y I 0 I I I M r , K l 5 t I 4 I U Rebels' , Y -,J x Lillian Aguilar. Baker. Leo Carreon. Manuel 5 Aguirre, Estella Bevinetto. Iacqueline Castaneda, Robert L I V I Alva. Carmen Bonando. Martin Chavez. George Armiio. Iohnny Bortoluzzi. Iohn Chin. Fong Arredondo. Sara Brown. lo Ann Ciaccarrini. Leda Arrelano, Betty Buccola. Christine Clementi. Raymond 1? , ,J ,W . Comorre, Donald Diaz. Mary 4.0 rr-gv A 'www SC? 'SIN . 'ES' , r J., rf A r ' VI. 151. Seniors S '55 Contreras, Cordova. Corrall, Gloria Anita Lillian Enriquez, Estrada, Ewell. Richard Edmundo GladY5 lame-f.,,q Q, N, .if - if A- ' Davila. Edward Faraca. Patricia Kd 5...-f J ,NA 6 Nav 1.3 L , Favela, Fleming, Ruben Robert Franco. Gee, Lucille Melvin 24 W wan Flores. Irene Gomez. Lucy Flores. Flores. Iames I-UPE Gomez, Gonzales, Rose Marie Manuel S' Forniss. Alice Grim, Pat Gully, Kenny Guiierrez, Albert Guiierrez, Lucy Hamilton, Larry Hawk, La Verne Hidalgo, Ioe Hirata, George Hughes, Eileen Iackson, Sylvia long, Loretta Kawasumi, Laurette Leal, Alfred Leon, Mary Loo, Carl Lopez, Felix Lopez, Tony Mader, Edward Marquez, Carmelita Marquez, Ernest Mariinez, Fred Martinez, George McBride, lames McNabb, Dolores Mendoza, lose Meniivar, Elizabeth Micheli, Iohn Miniares. Louie Molina, Stella sn v-4 c.. -Q... f iii 68 ya.. QTE7 'Sv , Q Sw 55 - S.- 'w awww 'W vs 165, Q-. Q,- 4 -' Nav' 6.-f wx-A-ef gs as an .,,..-qv x 'Af ' 'itsglit 5-9 x in ' 1 1' gf 'I 1-.fy NY ' . Q2 I Yin' hr' gs gy 5, in ,vw .gf in Ts he-O -44- Nr' -4. 7' QF G? S 4-sa W 'f v T7 '73 I-1 fi 6 -.a w.-1 Morales, Frank Peralti. Olivia 26 I I Morales. Lucy Pledger. Dorothy S '55 Naiar. Nila, Orlando Oviedo Richard Frank Ponterioro, Prieto, Iolm Cecilia S ' rs S '55 Ramos. Iohn Simili, Mike Trevizo, Beairice Parrcr. Mary Ramirez. Estella Riggio, Connie Taylor, Claudine Vigil. Ella Iean Wifi W Rohledo. Ioe Tennenini, Beatrice Virgil, Claudine 'Nail 515.1 wifi si, , L , 7 4 I M Y, j t s CAME A SHY il l Felix. Iimmie J ' I Franco, Robert fl - H' 5 H erson. Robert 1 Ll. f . andez. David ff ' J rnandez, Rob rt , , ' -,bl N' W' Ll' olliday, Clarence I ,ft gf Kemp. William ' Morgan. Darrell Y , I Ortiz. udy ' 4' K ,fu V K- .X ' l t iv f C: 1 1 A XJ gb X fc J' X 0 'KV f 'O f SBU X D - fb Le N X -1 Q91 Q ,xv ky Rodriguez. Salazar. Salgado, Sanchez, Betty Ioe Aurora Carlos Thompson, To e Torres, Trevino, Iimmy Clem Edward Leonard Williams, Ybarra. Zarro, Zuniga. Claudia Ruben Patricia Ice , wean '51-.I QM 'Y , . 8 X...,-fl SP 5.1 te--Q we-r-gr Sv-f Q'-Q -i 'tr' ir-f -2-5, uso 1-ad, Rf Y:-1' if lf Extra - Curricular !! Student Cabmets These are the ones who gutded the Ltncoln student body through the 1954 l955 school year Our school has progressed wtth publtc educatton unttl today fellow students follow the practlce of modern schools 1n adrntnlstrattng most of the1r student body affatrs W55 LtoR Fontes oy Frank lam e Gloss Pete Sh1ntan1 lu Flores Gere Latona lack Morales lu x Manntng la e Pachlla Lelo Laz Abelaroo Stand g Casteneaa Robe Gonzales Mel Pearson R R Montoya Vel L to Fl Seate- Arakakr E me Fontes lol Trunlo V1 me Grualva M Lechuga A 'ma Dwlcey V ral 1 Morales A Brown, Io Ann Ciac,a.i..i, ea.. Soldano M, X, Morale- Connie Fara-a Pa.. Standin, Llian, Arzzian Q uit y ,n Thontbsor. zz. Pear. on . Sal za. I . Fry, Ar, these groups-the student body cabtnets of W 55 and S 55 elected by thetr , I V39 Trujillo, 'Ramona .. 5 I I 5 I , 'tary' l.o 5 I i'J5C'l: M r' r vs L rv HUD l , 'J G e Ke vs I1 s R P Com ref f These two groups are the Girls Council and the Boy's Council. These councils help in the adminis- tration of the school. They pass on matters that are then submitted to the cabinet for final approval. They plan many activities for the student body. l. to R:Colombrero,Caro1, Brown, La Verne, Bonando, Sandra, Gully, Kay, Fontes, loyce, Morales, Lucy, Mrs. Tur- ney, long, Loretta, Taylor, luanitag Buccola, Christine, Be- vinetto, Iackieg Parker, Ethelyng Cunningham, Ada. L to R: Barro, Lino, Fray, Art Micheli, Iohn, Thompson, lim- my, Baker, Leo, Medina, Iohn Comorre, Donald. Boy's and Gir-1's Council Class How l -Cttarla, Tlwr +,', sa, Var- fVf-1 Olav Maori Hafqwlr.-l, l..14l1,1 , Arrgeriiz Sarphoz, lbolomg, ll,-r ima Roaalzra P'1lk,I'1ar.1'a, lf1 kv',' f Qlrixa, Lori.: Shlrloy, Frm: Ton.-.fz Row ll-Coriroras, Horiorafo, P11 'i llorzilik, Gardetto, loaf, Valmrrmr Bch, Belfari Bob, Morztez, loo, Mor, lS,l'l9I'1l'Q', lx:r1enez,Bob, Lucero Rudy, Flores lerry, llavarez, Tor1',', Harixa Tlri, TI'll'lllG Gerry, Carlllo Eawara ROW l-Lozorio, lfllmlarfj, Sohuetz, Anna, Delgado, Frarfes, Velasqlez Laura, Garcia, GOiL1llT llrrme-Rez, Vlrgmla, Ryan, Stella, Ra- rruroz, Martha, Cwarcla, l,',fr1r., Carlllo ET.-:a:'i, Roarzauez, Alex llow ll-Lopez, Hall, Herrzarxxoz Sal Gutlerrez, lffamxel, Solano lore, 'fora lwlrzrmgel, lohrisow Sporrtor, Mr:lLor.aI'i Frark, Gallarrio, Peter, Rlvaz Ray' llolauzrr Dai, Delaaao, lffiffl l How l-Pailllfl Lola, HITS 'iruea llora, Assuzse, Marla, 'lf .xg f lxlza, Magee Margie, Martlxez Lil. lagoaziiske Sylvia, Foxy Dr C'Arsr::1ar.5 Rosalle Row ll-Esiobar, Eriest, l.l':laor.':2o Logre, Carlos, Ray, Caraelarza l1::. ffxla Rlfhifi, Avlla Bobby Bxiifzlt Loxre, Coiireras, ffato, Fray Ar' Corralei Rudy Sofela Silber' 31 of '56 ,X if X, R ' YY! Row l-Diaz, Eddie Garcia, Tommy Jeiasauez, Vera, Parker, Evelyn Grairiger, Marion, Sanchez, loai Foyer Sarifiy, Flores, Terry, Quiiaaa, Belly, Davis: Marshall, Luriar, Frank Rox-J ll--fliwosia loe, Caraorie lrrarrk Carter lirr,::.ie, Prieto Riohara, Oror. oz, Art, Cano lorries, Parra, Victor Goadei, Doialag Padilla Eddie, lifeik Alvx, Parks Steve, Militello .ziie 32 Class of '56 Row l-Chavira, lesus, Gonza- les, Xaviar, Maria, Mary, Goitror, Andrea, Garcia, Teresa, Robuslo, Leia, Baldi, Sadie, Esbasa, Ray, Hojsos, Mike Row llfijaiugno, loo, Hernandez, Gcorae, Diaz Eddie-5 Velasquez, lohhiy, Patina, Robert, Lopez, luar., Cascellu, Ronald, Aquayo, Richard, Rodriguez, Mariuelg Silva, loe, Truji- iin lo ie i.,-,.i Row l4COSlGNZG, losie, Sler razza Mary Ah: Vicraio, Elvere, Al varez, Yolieg Tru1illo,Mariuela, Guar naccia, Gloria, Ruiz, Ruihg Treviso Maria, Lucero Liridag Fonseca, Lupe P-.rocha Dora, Row ll-Zuilerey, Roger, Romero, let ry, laclcsoh, larriesg Morales, Esthe, Guerrero, Alifeg Gregory, Mary Ai' Sariaro, Tori Hernandez, Phil, Rc. rwariaez, Nicky Row l-Vaaaurri, Sal, Herianoez Frank, Ponies, George, Melencrez lane, Pemberton, Marilyn, Ollervides Gloria, Pomeroy, luanita, Coririaue Ruth, Paytox Carolyn, long, Eliza- beth, Laira, Donald, Romo, Raul Row ll-Barlow Ro' e- O'Rile - if 1 : Harding, Corigliarto, Brurio, llougle lohri, Salinas, Rudy, Marquez, Rich- ara, Lawrence, Edward, Buzensais Bruno, Martinez, Marty, Mendoza Sergio Row lll-Vasquez, Richard, Loya Louie, Marlixez, Frank, Coria, Rob- erl, Lugari, Ruben, Chacor., Ernest, Porno, Ice Row l-Herxaiaez, Nicky, Williams, Wilma, Reynolds, lewel, Hara fo- reta, Smith, Eleanor, Smith laiet, Zacher, Sophie, Freda Phyllis, Eoesch, Louis Row ll-Garcia, Dora, Therrierw, Til- lie, Browrzirig, Barbara, Velasojuez Gloria, Raschiatore Rosalie, Varelcz, Rosemarie, Baray, Sylvia, Arellarxa Priscilla, Morales, Lupe, Gariza Ghrietiie WM-:aww V, Mm V. Class Row l-McConnell, Christell, Qiislrfilli, Gloria, Segura, Pauline, Robles, Lililan, Reyes, Martha, Quan, lane, Ulloa, Espie, Garcia, Irene, Godinez, Marlene, Navarro, lo Anne Row ll-Solis, Raul, Clark, Billy, Sheppard, Charles, Salazar, Torn, Salazar, Freddie, W' Row l-Fowler, Andy Grijalva, Manuel, Gomez, Rodger, Colombero, Ronnie, Escobeco, Gary, Clernenti, Robbie, Berumen, Gonzalo. Row ll-Lara, Manuel, Orona, l-lenry, Molina, Denriey, Arellano, William, Sanchez, Rudy, lancetta, lohn, Gar- cio, Mariano, lzaquirre, Abraham Row I-Ernestine, Ester, Matteo Ma:-zine, Massarotii, Darla, Sanchez Barbara, Flores, Adelina, Faraca, ler ri, Flores, Abilina, Lynn, IoAnn, Ma cias, l-lerrnalincla, Velasquez, Vir aria Row ll-Rodriguez, lamie, Sachs, loe Solterc, Alberi, Velasco, loe of '57 Row l-Abeyta, llavti, bard, Deborah, Garcia, Arzate, H5711 leanrtette, Gonzales, Roberta, Eerfclf do, Anite, Delgado, Sally, Ctzfarz ni, loAm1, Catahdeda, Yolariaa, yalva, Behgarrtm Row llfAYT1OlG, lohn, Chavez Marttxez, Davtd, Salazar Icigj Contreras Doznmgo, Moya E'-, varez, Frailc, Palk, Bernie, Gatten' George How l-Acosta, Vtvtarz, Cixizl- lasa, Sarah, Mendoza, Martha, Exe. Betty, Baker, Cil, Martinez Rah Ve:-rrzettt, Eve-ltriag Munoz, Vargle Raw' ll-lurariilo, Allred, Cohi ffor- rzarg, Mata Lyleg Haha, Torr., Pe Wayne, Menard, Henry, Gin? Aqussttre, Maldonado, Rtfharl Row l-Alas, Gloria, Bai: Ea, ty, Del.al.uz, Dorothy, Tlfif 'ein Mtckteg Razgtrez, Helen 0 Row ll-Gilstrap, Nom rt Qazrffijf Ice, Reed, Floosev lt, rows ' , ri- ggra, lflartlrfiz, Pa ' r1Jalb'1C?e.fi'e , u1r.o',cs, ,lx say' f -W ll! , , O , I1 ,rut JI!!! V Q I fl! ft JJ M l 'i V fb? V Cf P , bfi -' l J FL lj!! 6 fl A 1 , ' l 5 , , 1 1 ,- ww tl J . ' o ,, S Row I-Pussrnar. M'JryAnr Salas Hatalie, Biggs 'feta Salazar Hortencia, Gee lanite Fyzn Mar: ly: Safian DeeD-ee lirrzeriez Rose- Marie, Puqrad Betty, Haier Mary Espinoza Ruth Row lliCarrillo Tony, Runzirez loe Sparaponi Saznbo, Ramirez less Garter C. L, Martinez Pay, Boggic Al' e t, - rr Q Sin: I ei 3 77 'J' ij D Y.-gil oxiijxojygvne o aa 3.7 ,Vt pf -M ti of xg wvfgf fiy f f:?!!b,q' X 1 I I 1 .ff wtf' - LX? H gifs, Q Mtg ,Q it ,ef2+flf,.fJ n ef , je fl? 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Row lliSpato, Alex, Meolirmo, lohm Chavez, Manuel, Santilan, Iohn, Real don, Everaclo, Duran, Bob, Hoyas Ray, Navarro, Carlos. Row l-lrifaiie Alfred, Chlpres Riihard, Saiaoval Haik, Rav-.'l:ijf' Cathy, Perri Ai: Porio leaf, Stott Margie, Caballero, Rithard, Callas: li-33:3 Rom' ll-Hirsth Meyer, vvvlllilifi., Charles, Vazquez Relate, R1'. 3-rf: Chris' Ha ',',' kc Rziiev, RQ'.':i: li .lie 'AV' 'z' Carbs, Refrain-ez Art, f. f',,,, '1 ,.., QW., 1 ,, Row lf-lflGfllfiQZ lJ 'f' F '7 orza Kxzhri, Lois, Baker l, '.'v'or1f1 ffarify, Aragoi, leaiefifi, . rfzlax Toby, Adliolll Arlette, Rrozn' aaverie, Forgtes Elearior. , Pearl, L11 Toro Row Il-Hernandez Velma, Razo, Sarah, Tello, Dolores, Morales, Elolro, Ezirnonols, Martha, Vaughn, loaear., TC, Pmv . .1 1 Arrnerita, Elve- encio, Carmen, Russo, Cosmo f , 7 K' X7 , Y fi , 7 KZ! ' if . C 4, 11 1 ff 7 1, f 1 ff' f' L4 ' n U .- ,f 149 jr X, J,f4if?7ZgQ44, X4 y , M ,W Wm, ,W ' f '.f,- f-- .,,N,,,,,, z,,,,, 1405 37 vnu, mmm. 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Row II-Montoya, Manuel, Bartata loe, Hidalgo, Robert, Ortiz, Ben, Bon- ura, lack, Lopez Mario, Banuelos Moses. 58 Row l-Rarigel, Barbara, Mag aio Helene, Garcia, Rosie, Estrada Adeline, Doiicette, Dorothy, Pennirio, Carlene, Cancel, Elda, Granillo, Es' tella, Herrera, Alice, Lopez, Maria Row ll-De La Torre, Billy, Arnrrion lohn, Gonzalez Ralph, Lezarraga Abelardo, Diaz, lulio, Parrino, Frank, 'faldivia larnes, Hernandez Gilbert LCNCOLN in ., QQ' Row I-Goiiiez, Ietarzie, Bofto luzzl, Littlie, Coto, Margaret, Escaro Sega, Mary, Zancanella, Losleea Salas, Emily, Gutierrez, Lucy, lfavar ro, Betty, Escarsega, lda, Marin, Ol ga. Row Il-Esojueda, Henry, Wheeler Carl, Garcia, Emilio, Paauiari, lose Carrillo, Robert, Holguin, lose, Le- gaspe, Benny, Mirarrion, Rubio, Ro- olarte, Manuel, Guerrero Roberto Chiri, Torrirny' Row I-Pasos, Indy, Lopez Gloria, Carnpisi, Rosie, Diaz, Esther, Aloeyta Bernice, Ayala, Alice, Gutierrez Maria, Menard, Frances Row ll-Sala: Ernie, Rejrcg Garlox, Yciroao Line, Garcia Gabriel, lr'- goyer. Gezrae, 053:30 lic-, Gary Phil Class Row lAGaskill Frances, Dorniri- guez Connie, Barthel, Gerry, Wai- cak, Linda, Rocha, Estella, Garcia, Eleanor, Salazar, lrene, Gonzales, Delia, Martinez, Teresa, Duffy, Doro- thy. Row ll-Frias, Frank, Diaz, Vickey, Marquez, Gilbert, lenkins, Harley, Gordin, George, Blanda, Steve, Os- bron, loe, Torres, Guillerrno, Felix, loe, Cardona, Manuel, Row l-Sanson, Rita, Ramirez, Mary, Santarnerie, Rachel, Quijada, Stella, Avilez, Rebecca, Loya, Lucy, Woods, Flora, Munoz, Virginia, Martines, Mary, Maltone, Georgia, Martino, Marie, Zarnbrano, Esperanza, Row ll-Delgado, Steve, Delgado, Benny, Sunda, Richard, Ramirez, luan, Rubalcaba, Frank, Pugh, George, Lopez, Richard, Foster, Clemon, Bernard, Henry, Valdez, Charlie, Renteria, Epraiiri, Weri, Charles Row l-Ciaccarini, Sandra, Arri- ola, Martha, Almanza, Rosalie, Gar- cia, leanette, Wise, Maria, Giddens Laura, Taylor, Felice. Row llfRodriguez, Conrad, Lane-r Frank, Gonzales, Danny, Montana David, Favela, Ray, Hoyas, Cruz Macias, Mike. of '58 Row l-Arakaki, Esther, Armi- tage, Linda, Bederio, Elizabeth, Del- gado, Rosa, Pontoriero, RoseMar1e, Garcia, Martha, Salazar, Olida, Ramirez, Alice, Romero, Audry, Fon- tes, loyce, Zarro, Carol, Salcido, Mar- tha, French, Pat, Hubbard, Arlene, Corlew, Edna. Row ll-Guerrera, lerry, Bravo, ludy, Tony, Bruno, Ralph, Contreras, Robl ert, Clarillos, Robert, Celaya, Andy, Perez, Vera, Sarcia, Darrio, Cortez Velasquez, loe, Kahn, Kenny, Smith Eddie Dillworth Bob Luian Armando Amkcki, Cliff, cofiew, Edna, Guerl rero, lerry. Row liWililams, Virginia, Perez, Teresa, Campbell, Willie, Arriola Mary, Cruz, Thelma, Martinez, Olga Padilla, Carol, Ruiz, Margaret, Ara on Bett ' Ara on Kath - Franconi, Q f Y. Q I Y. Marylane, Menard, lulie, Row ll4Truiillo, Vickey, Morales Connie, Vasquez, Herman, Herrman- dez, loel, Miller, Abe, Nealy, Corne- lius, Nevarez, Charlie, Rossi, Gene, Smith, O'Dell, Kuaranushi, Tim, Lara, Allred, House, Melvine, Duran, Cor- ina, Lopez, losephine. Row l-Llanes, Edna, Rivota Maritta, Griialva, MaryLou, Contre- ras, Celia, Amerman, MaryEllen, Sandoval, Genevieve, Poroelli, Dol- ores, Chavez, Lucia, loe, Patrioia, Boesch, Anna, Carrer, Rose Marie, Ramirez Kathy. Row ll-Scelso, loe, Volpe, Raymond, Murga, Edward, Duran, Torirny, Eis- dale, Charles, Duran Tyrone, Barnes Betty, Rodriguez, Louie, Reed, lo- seph, lung, Chester, Molina, Louie, Searing, Eugene Row lll-Delgado, Raymond l-luitro: Tommy, Rodriguez, Sammy 7 , '3'w'f !.!.E5 . 3 v:.'f I 1 ' -n--nu-q, Row If Bidabe, Madeline, Mar- tinez, Mary, Porno, Genevieve, Her- nandez, Virginia, Flores, RoseMarie Benavente, Alice, May, Patsy, Terzi Marie, Digiairno, Madeline, Balles- teros, Rosie, Gonzales, Hermalsinda Solis, Lupe Row ll-Sandoval, Gilbert, Castillo, Robert, Iiesss, Ioe, Smith, David, Ace- vez, Margarita, Morales, Sonia, Ers- parza, Christine, Pugrad, Ruth, Mu- noz, Diego, Sanchez, Robert, Casil- las, Sam, Gee, Marvin, Martinez Fidel, M ZW M H-4 -'f'1 ' 1 Class Row l-Webster, Rene, Razo Ruth, Lopez, Tina, Foster, Mattie, Gonzales, Pat, Flores, Anita, Mirns Ollie, Ponce, Ernrne, Vizcaino, Mary, Segura, Betty. Row ll-Hernandez, Richard, Rosas Eddie, Fernandez, lose, lohnson, loe, Peters, Robert, Valenzuela, Carlos: Row l-Perez, Ray, Chu, Phyllis aesktii, Linda, Lime, Lucille, Url quidi, Adriana, Gonzales, Maria Abeyta, Rita, Arriola, Alice, Burrola Dora, Gonzales, Mary Lou, Robledo lrene, Flores, Martin Row ll-Gugino, Rocky, Martinez David, Sosa, Nick, Catroppa, Tony Pena Fernando, Diaz, lose, Carlino Vic, Rodriguez, Robert, Arrnijo, Frank Heckerson, lohn, Chico, Ioe of '59 Row l-Ciarelli, Allie, Bravo, Marie, Ruff, Betty, Beltran, Rita Chavarria, Mary Lou, Salas, Rathel, Figueroa, Lydia, Hubbard, Iaakaline Peluoe, Ioann Row ll-Trillas, Manuel, Herrera Al- phoriso Vasquez, Raul, Garcia, Rob- ert, Silva, Frank, Sanohez, Robert, Soto, Richard, Huitron Manuel, Cor:- riaue, Abe, Fowler, Henry, lrigoyen lohr: Row l--Sznifh fren-2 ilguaj-'C f.f':r1U, Rivota 'fivzari Yourabera Caniwil Filler, S':rido'.'a1 Ceil- Q1':, Figueroa Either, ..'Q11ar5., FST? :ff River.-2 Reine lo Row ll--Trov.. 1.2115 Cazall- 'lzhria-l Gonzolf.: Rube? Ch':'.'1 lc:-,I 'ff' Mer. Z: Ig: as gi, f-Mmm hm, .., ,... ..,., .1,.,., ,,.,: L fr lf-f. .,. ,o. Row I-I-Iicassio, Sarah, Sie. Christine, Morris, Helen, Torres R Shel, Nelson, Martha, Plesoia Mar Fscandon, Iulieta, Rodriguez Fsthe Ruiz, Elsie, Reoendez, Iennie, Soli Cindy. Row ll-Tappero, lohri, Martinez G bert, Gonzales, Richard, Ruiz Ve tura, Burgess, Eugene, Edmond Frank, Quintana, loe, Warren Sha key, Madrid, Ernest, Gioxa Fran lizrzirrez, Lee, Lona Bobby Roy: l-Bustamante, Alice, Are- nas, Sally, Reed, losie, Murphy Io Ann, Alrnanza, Eleanor, Lopez, Bea- trice, Morales, Beleda, Row ll-MacDonald, Arthur, Najar, Dorleo, Luster, Louis, Duffy, Arthur, Salpas, Danny, Provencio, Frank, Andrade, Danny, Rarnirez, Victor, Dominguez, Iulio, Garcia, Louie, Rey- es, Elias, Row l-Sanders, Linda, Porres Maria Elleva, Dunham, Carol, Banks Norrna, Kupisccwiee, Barbara, Mal- donado, Lydia, French, Carol, Car- rozi, Madeline, Colorribero, Carolyn, Cunningham, Aida, Allman, Cather- ine, Morales, Isabel. Row ll-Brill, Robert, Garcia, Luis, Parra, Iulian, Barra, Lino, Vasquez, Richard, Lucero, lessie, Cordova lohn, Duncan, William. I-1 ,,,,..., Class Row leliuhn Iulia, Rodriguez Gloria, Razrzos, Caroline, Loya, Su san, Cortez ffaney, Reese, Carol Maytorena, fforrna, Row ll--Hernandez, Richard, Ardilla David, Rincon lohn, Lunas, Phil Marcorxo, Alfortzo, Proverzcio, Rich ard, Valverae Richard, l-looderzpyle Ronald, Ratios, Andy, Childress A L1CI'lC. of '60 Row l-Afuna Henry, Mains Ruben, Ronteria, Ernest, Deando Rosemarie, Flores, Virginia, Rarxirez Manuela, Mata, Lorraine, Alcarcor, Reva, Carillo, Cecilia, Rarnarez, Ray- mond, Armedariz, Ernie, Contteres Tony Row ll-Delara, Eddie, Dominguez David, Sanchez, Faustino, Fray Rich- ard, Brown Williarn, Rivera Frank, ,,,. , Lozano Iesus, Barthel, Williarn, Aga- 1 Cola Eddie, Gee Milton, .Aura Mar- ris, Chavira Frank Row lAGile.: l lf?fITif?Cl'7, Gwrfe' i'f:','e, De La Cruz Sally, Rdreld Lai Z', Abeyia Raihel, Gdllario lvlarg' Tlzfone Marie, Arrtieritd Glivid, Rd' rt? Lydia, Bruno, lady, lrlerraxdez Rosa: Potter lo Ann, Reye.-1 Maria !5,1:3ntar, Adeline, Tdlcata Christine Raw lf-Mei Paul, Hadley Don Hanna Terry, Aluebey, Gerald, l-lat tori Bill, Gorrzez Tony, Chu Bennie Grgiierrez Rudy, Atiiaya Rayrtioni Row I-Herrera, Louis, Martinez George, Martine, Georgina, Palavar ra Dolores, Munoz, Cecilia, Ybarra Maria Zermerto, Mary, Aduna George, Woodrow, Leroy Row ll-Rocha, loe, Arangiia, Dar: iel, Martinez, David, Easter, Fred Rosas Richard, Carraloz, Harry Brown, Eddie, leriseril Eddie, Maid eri Alverno, Vasquez, Raul Class of '60 if Row l-lrigoyen, Edith, Tazrgbio, Stella, Parra, Cecilia, Garcia Eliza- beth, Cartu, Ivory, Chavira, Magda- lina, Garcia, Eliza, Gomez, Diana, Flores, less, Lopez, Beatrice, Ornelas, Margie, Mojica, Yolanda, Hernandez, Clga, Andry, Evelyn, Faraca, ludy. Row ll-Duran, Robert, Barrientas, Alfonso- Sutton, Billy, Bonnelli, lames, Bottoms, Thomas, Childers, lerry, Negrett, Richard, Cabrera, Roger, Martinez, Rickey, Ybarra, Wil- ly, Minlano, Mario, Dykeman Mar- vin. Row lll-Miramon, Walter, Moiicia, Chris, Rodriguez, Ray, Bonicellos, Ray, Bonnbau, Ronald, Macias, Ru' ben, De La Torre, Leo Row l- Vasquez, Tony, Sando- val, lrene, Ramirez, Frances, Lyon, Cecilia, Priest, Dorothy, Perez, Patri- cia, Mendoza, Margaret, Cordova, ludy, Rios, Robert. Row ll-Cortez, Loretta, Sanchez, Freddie, Gonzales, Louie, Hernandez, Peter, Arredon ada, Dolores Row l-Green, Doris, Ruiz, Elva, Peters, Charlotte, Vinnett, loyce, Webster, Carol, Silva, Odela, Mora- les, Gloria, Rivers, Pauline, Alarcon Victoria, Torres, Diane, Pugrad, Eli- zabeth, Mancuso, Santa, Hernandez Carmen Row ll-Tappro, Charles, Martinez Albert, Ramirez, Robert, Maconnell Sandra, lacobeli, Lucratia, Maiarro lulia, Camarjo, Virginia, Young, loe Flores, Fausto, Fernandez, Rodger Row lll-Loren, May, Laura, loe Baltierra, Vince, Mayfield, Charles Stephenson, lerry, Duncan, Lee Row l-Lopez, Alrna, Lucero, Eni ily, Roarzauez, Patsy, Campos Helen Morales Gene, Vieve, Marianna Toni, Gaivari, Lupe, Lopez Anifa Arcf- Helen, Vasquez, Reynalia Castro Eloise, Ramirez, lnez Row ll-Fire, Albert, DeValle Archie Razo Manuel, Cruz, George, Murel lo Albert, Montoya, Henry, ffealy bxiaene, Matas, Robert, Macovca Richara Bargos, Pilbert, Vearela Dennis, Uribe, Richard, Row lll-Franco, Robert, Powell Paul, lchnson, Percy, Esperaza lesur, Flores, Pete, Bobodilla, Xavier Row l-Ybabe, Alice, Ponce I-lortensia, Martinez, Delia, Wilson Marcelee, Naiar, Iulia, Dickens, Bar bara, Bennon, Cora, McFarlane, lac aueline, Diaz, Sally, Santilani, Dolor es, Stork, Shirley, Garrett, Browney Row lleliaraki, Larry, Gomez, Rob- ert, Vargas, Frank, Foster, Iames, Or tiz, Gloria, Castaneda, Iosie, Dow- ney, Carolyn, Esparza, Richard, Cha vez, Ruben, Arealos, Louis, Romero Ray, Row Ill-De Leon, Gilbert, Carillo Gilbert, Marino, Thomas, Byas, Al- vin, Lopez, Robert, Maldonado, Rene Rodriguez, Salvador, Morales, Fer- nando Row l-McKinney, Nancy, Roo- loins, Barbara, Herrera, Cecilia, Ben- ites, Carmen, Vasquez, Catalina, Klasek, Sharon, Marino, loan, Tafo- ya, Theresa, Mercado, Cecilia, Her- nanaez, Marie Elena, Evans Terry Ellen, Reyes, Diane. Row llelfstrada, Vivian, Marcana Sonia, Cuaron, lanice, McDor.aI: Sharon, Scott, Maxine, French Dons na, Swartz lo Anne, Vargas Gerry Row iff-Abraham Gary, lung Doug- las, Ramirez Ricardo, Salazar Tori: Salt Hi-r::.ar Sanchez Ruay Srzi Monty Row l-Powell, Peggy, Hubbari Dorothy, Macias, Dolores, Davis Sharon, Medina, Loretta, Te-ran, Ea?- bara, Aragon, Viola, Ballesteros, Rebecca, l-liguerra, Mely, Menaez, Rachel, Martinez, Mary, Rios, Patri- cia, Martinez, Martha, Row ll-Gonzales, Eddie, Potter, Car- ol, Pena, Martha, Sermeno, Helene, He-Wett, Doweria, Carnpbell, Patrifia, Chaseo, Mary, Matteo, Billie Ioyce, fava, lulia Ann, Salas, Lucy, Ruiz Robert, Row lll-Gutierrez, Felx, Murila, Vi:- lior, Valenzuela, Robert, Delgaro Alfred, Trujillo, Roger, Parenell larnes, Rodriguez, Ioe, Diaz, Eawczrzi De Lacy, Douglas Row I-Ybarra, Iulietta, Rarrzircz Yolanda, Flores, Margaret, Reyes Ruth, Contreras, Anzelia, Deluarra Antonia, Delgado, Mary, Ollervzaes Martha. Row ll-Talavera, George, Davila Ramon, Callasco, Manuel, Megias David, Gutierrez, Gene, Lozano, Eles Wright, Iarnes, Naveostro, loey, Tro vado, Mike 48 if Row l-Gee, Elaine, Martzel, Ce- tilia, Castro, Virginia Vezcaino, Al varez, Esperanza, Vonebuela, Lupe Yanez, Theresa, Marean, Betty, Has ter, Geraldine, Garcia, Sally, Mora les, Vivian, Cancel, luanita, Reyna Rosemarie, Tamloio, Mary, Row llil.opez, Russell, Garcia George, Lopez, Richard, Rozman Peter, Cordova, Paublo, Saldano lackie, Cuellar, loey, Gutierrez, Man- uel, Valencia, Armando, Furiani Paul. Row Ill-Hernandez, Ernest, Sosa Allred, Spencer, Tommy. Row l--Chavez, George, Gee, Melv- in, Castro, Gabriel, Ramirez, lohnnie, Rocha, Ruben, Debinion, Florencio, Zepeda, Allred, Rodriguez, Robert Row ll-Penal, Richard, Castillo, Henry, Alvarado, Manuel. Row l-Mrs Walsh, Rodriguez, Rosa- lie, Sutton, Barbara, Maier, Dee Ann, Garbik, Sharon Lee Row ll-Boiorauez, David, Allarzpira- no, Arrranda, Ermini, l-lager., Real- Clitf, Mike, Pasillas, Tony 49 As the years ago by, many activities have changed. At the start of public education in Los Angeles, some of the best activities were bobbing lor apples, hayriding, square dancing, and sewing parties. ln contrast today, we have jam sessions, beacb parties, jitterbugging and fashion shows. r ' Gal' so . , mtv W ibm 417 ' ld Syl Gwfs as 3 f vm - , S4 'alll .rf 'V 50 ere we avr a h c Q varv 0 sands de ave S cal Orc ramsas eTae.1rf a C 'an P fa Q f a '1 e are f SSeh'c Ba S Glee Chia The Iuhiar Bays Glee Club is hat as active as the Sr. but they have F one to other schao's to sing and are becomiha very advanced. -f.., HBBZW 'Wi M --....,.,,, 41 A Here we have the Swing Band. They play very popular and made em songs. They play for some of the schools dances and other ac- Tivities. eQ 13 cc Q9 c T I3 fe v N e 1C T ve daycd cw a ca afaa va 1015 e 1,,,.f- I. 92 the R wfnfe- ULU. Cf -ff-. Tie . 0,1 :TCC 'LSC U 4, 11:23 M L O Spf LLKCST X, QP' W ' f' 'L L QC! LADS Row l-Allamirario, A., Moreno, T. Redclill, M., Valencia, A., Rodquiez Cordova, P, Cuellar, l, Hernan- dez, E, Sosa, A., Pemberton, E, Sol- dario, l, Delgado, A, Gutierrez, l: Row ll-Gutierrez. M , Larimer, G., Her- rera, L., Nichols, R, Gomez, R., Nara- ki, L., DeLacy, D., Diaz, E., Sanchez, l Rota' lll-luarez, A Rezmari, R, Shar ky, W Barra L, Ramirez, V, Trujillo R Cantro, L Garcia M LASSUZS R5 '.'.' l flfifre C Frer l'i P Q'.1i'ii1'i S CV: c:::r,1 S R-life: l Po'.'.'f-f P Ro: fi:.r:o S Ar:'.1l'i4c.- l..Redcr1 E Rovero, A, Ccrler. ld, Ramirez .-3. lflN::olq! S R3 '.-.' ll--STC! lf ?re: l'i li Mai. l Reims R Pirie: M l.fgK1r'r.f1- ff Gin-rrero T S':l'1ic M L., Qaiio C, llrrrrzzr :L-it ll Row lll Varela L Ra:ro.s,L Greer. K. Arrrierila Q 54 SOUIRES Row lflfioaurri, S, Herriaidez, F Laird, D, Salinas, R., Marquez, R. Porno, l., Chalori, E., Oronoz, A , Pirial, R., Solis, R. Row ll-Abevata, D., Mata, L., Forie tes, Cv, Roma, R., Lawrance, E , Clark B, lfaugle, l, Martinez, F., Martinez M, Pasillas, T, Fowler, A., Perez, R., Meridoza, S. Row lll-Sugi, R., Beriiles, L., O'Riley, H, Thoripsoi B Lugari, R., Pailc, B., Hairia, l-l Hoyas, M., Martinez V Davis, M Moya, E, Salazar, T Cl-IATELLIES Row lMDiaz, M, Riggio, C. Williams C., Beveiiello, I., Frarico, L, Morales L., Parra, M Row ll-Dickey, V., Mae-3, R, long L, Meigivar, E, Ciacarririi L Palln l, Rurdusco R Cuscurriio R MAIIJS Rav: I- TI'1CIf'.1S If H0652 lf SNC? M Hurxi C Pcryc I '-'fihzf-f- 1 I fvoftfi 'J E9-rrcftfz F LQ Ffizio, S Porters, E, Worxq fl, Ercvvri, L Row II-'Gomez I Bel-ce? E BOTZCIYYZO A IVIOVFJKC B, Exilim' V Mort-no if pTOVOT,C'1O C GCC I Pcrrc, L, Cct- rczco, M, Kuhrx, L ROW III--Armehto, E, Gcrclfx, E Gczsklll, F NV1Ik1r.s: I MCFGVIH., M ACIIITOIII A, Petr: A Rizwlzrpqz, K Vaughn, I, C1CCTCTlT,l I KNIGHTS Row If'L,Of36Z, T, Fry A ffevcrez, T, Mifhe-I1,I Haiti: T Lczcic E How IL- TYQLIIO G Ctzxorre TD Gui fy, K, Thompson I Hobledo I Row III-Coricrre TZ Mr VCE Vlevr 531222: I 'RIFLE CLUB How I--Arrlol 1 I SLl6AI'IfJf1Y'1 , A . C :T :LHVICT A7RCL ,zttc R, Ccizcrz ., D L Ur b ,f.,. .. ,, ,. f'.,,,.,.,,,.,. ' f'.-- f. .. ,.A. U .zbf -.yu-Z 1 MO . . 'iv,,..,,, J3r':1f:Q Tb'-' 'Nez ff K1 1 r H-Lpfir F 3'If1'.'C R Hifi.: guna, ?C ,'l 1310 F? 1' III--'.l.l'.',: -1 P' ic, T Tru ' I AZ T fgz'-rw I ' I-Qi: 3. Fivi-1? V VT ..-- . . , 7 1 r ,... 'SE mm if -JA. N' x L K v x 1 -rin-.lg Q V 'T X If .3 .-a Mis 1 54- yr vw? 'Is i . 'X M 3f-pw- u-- 35-.. Qmf. 'yYCN,j'.-FA T2 :Maw : ig.. .----bcnf A Big-, H -csaz ,. .cw ..-lure: .5-. 3:30:15 1 33? .ADYES ' W .W T 'lie-'.'1:e5 G 4 Q Q1 3-.,,.D-, If J,,,f7 f- J J.Q.-., ., T.A . J-,,.,2 L' ?H'f.' .-- ' 3-1'.'1i,iT- ' Qiikey' 'J Gxfier' K FP Arif'-2 'N'Q-' Fertiherbf T1 Q -Sier-3-zz: FQTZ' P ' fffcrjle-.3 E .-, '3.err': L Ccstzizz' A said 'J .5.Q M-' uw., f H x 1 VL ,Sn N, HAY, 'x A 5 QA.,-L.,,7 , f . . A J J 1 2 Tn 1 , 1, ' 1 .YL, V-H -4 V., . if xr N yxa .-, 1' k 4'T1:AFF , .M , ff ' '32 - WY- - -1 . ,i,i. x. .,,, A ,' .-,,wA 1: fm, ,f ,.,.f -., ,Y 3 2-Y- L x v .fm-ff'-f' Row I-Tappro, C, Iung C, Frank, PAGES Row I-Garcia, E., Macias, L., Cha- vez, G., Medina, I., Llovera, I, Caru so, P. Row H-Emanuelli, I., Lizarraga, A. Osuna, I., Mr. George, Gonzales, R. Blanda, S. IR. HI-Y How I-Childress, G., Moreno, T Sanchez, R., McConnell, T. Row II-Hoodenple, R, Rincon, I Barre, L., Provencio, F., Provencio, R Nunez, P. CHESS AND CHECKERS B, Conrigue, A Row HiScelso, I, McFarland, F., Giora, F. W GIRLS LSOCIETY Row I-Dickey, V, Franco I., Bui- fula C, Morales L How II 7 Burdusco, R, Iurpg, If, Pos.- Qroy I HAILSPLITER Row I-BarIow, R, Vera, L, OrIandO, R Waicak, L., Pasos, I., Gamez, I Marquez, G., Rarigel, B., Bemtes R, Illckey, V Row II-Gonzales, R., Llavera, I, Sir- Chia M. Carigliano, B., Mo Garcia, G., Blanda, S., Thornpsoi, B, Franco, I., Garcia, E Haw III-Catuqrxo, I, Martuzoz, G, Vaddemar, R, FQIIX, I, Comarro, I5 ' ' U' LIRHAFTY CLUB I 1 L Ifcvf I-Radmguez, Frf-'Mi Q I!fiKQIiIi'j 2.15 .. Gclclzerc C3122 I. lfpez A .L I gc 1. f3.I 1::.1r1r.c .L Pain' II--Farxirez 'f B 12 , C Freiih C I3 If Igrg I. 'faszjpxe I9 G frgra I RTTTC L I'z'.'.' If I3Qe,1i'1': .f. I' Cf Il I?'lff'f,f L Pct? I A Alizvara A 59 ROTC OFFICERS Ccicrre Dc: I-fcik A Hciic T ' 6 E 'GNC ACK- .,... -A COLOR GUARD Ectiio, Robert Saliics Rudy 3. xlccisoi Cha Militello Viice 4-. mx--04 , f, ,Y - S1gI'lat111 eS KICM fffzdf f fd ffik .7 I 7ff 6fL f zu cfaf ff 1 j7L4C 'C Ji 4416 fffczi ff ,f Via' UL 5 jffdfff J L af !QfK -f ff? X J M54 L476 Ji 4 I fx, Z 79 Pfjfflj .457 ff-QQ? 11,25 cfa KC 4 KK! Qrfxffggj K Vffijg YQ f 'X L! ff!!! 'jf K KXAX ,Cfljf 715 j7,C,LC,5,L c ILC 4252 1 fffff aff I I .Nr G! X .f,f f A if fr . X , f nf , IUC' . A 4 K f V , f ' 1 f rf 7 if I X Q f L4 ' ,f Ziff ff! A it Lf - ' 'I' xr Y X7 1, I , Lf K j I , Cmxkff, Y KL Y 7 LY- -' L - f A . 7 ' ,. f ' , . f W . , Lf' ff ff I fc 4 -f 'f V ff ,7 ,' C , :fc ' 'C' ' ' ' K' V I K4 X X X Z0 f 4 P X K' . k. L , , .fd x M if f J Li ' f Z , 7 I JM fc 4 f H 'J ' . M ' ff f l .7 I f X, K X ziggy 575 , 1,7 - 4 'pg 1 C V g j P , xl- ' , 7 f' ' I, X U ' f' pf 5 A' 'L V -K,,, 7' Q4 4- 'I K f fi ' x ff '12 X F If V7 gif I fq Lf,-Lfffvff A KZ an ff t f 67 ,f ' ! K if-' -fv g, , K L7 I 1 f XL' L' 4 f ,' X- , A - X' Cf f ' K, f 412' I , ' 1 A K X! L Vi 1 I K4 I J A,,,.f l C ,l'7V6Z4 Q - ff ' ' ' , ,ff 4 X f 4 , - 4, if Q , f , i ,' ' ,K ' f' . ' C- 4' ff 4' 'Cf A. C f fy L ff ,f if x if A ffv X f ' f, f' X55 L , -ywifllln f f, u. ff 7 A 4 If .K - ' f , l 1' ' ff ' V ff-J I ff' y f f V X ff f ' C , A x 5', ' K, ,A 'iff XL Z ' kfffjff Lf V fggrrf f ' KI' ff 1 ff , ' , - -47 11 , K' I' f ' ? - f pf .rf 4' A k I 1' 62 1 19' C !'f4C.L'7f 'XELC 'fa' 'ii' ,I-...nb-.fy ' ., ,,, . . 1 ,, .. M.- ,,,, 5 ., L -'LQ-I-Q-'AW.'r-.JN .2 V , ,I 4. ' 21-:i'f2'..'h,.Jf..,,Qs,. P, E- 'iTi'E?rlf ?':-l'vJfw W' 'gm -5 .,,., ,mu i Q as--...LM--Lf-41'-...vw A , ' A ,. , ,-.q.,,k,.,X,g'X,,,-5-RSS g ' I bv-at 11,1 1W,.gx 'T'j i v. YQ W' . . . A MM AWWA . K Ivr':Tf.',.,Lr....-A g.. -hw ,.,,.,,,,-44 , ZZ' ag 6:11, 1',,'T 1f'-'53 A ,. M , L:--f-r-fm ,f-A M-,iz ww-fi Rf. . ,X . :T-w:.av1 I Wy irv-fl , Q A A. Q7:f.Tn,fw' f 1 v -'p -f ' 'Q 'IIT-:uvIr4v1, 4 'TVN' 'Plum 3 5' fi Q M f , . -- , -, 1 11 , A ,,,' X 4-,,.. - ' J - jf:-rp-'iJ'xv1l uf:-6i,g,4',.,. ',-eA f X- .fA - f BK' 5 . ,Magi 'I 'l .J '. ' QWWQ v 5 fa ,MMV -qw fh f .X af -f ww-, 2 W, f ..,z,- 15104 'U 'V , Q A A 1 5 tv - We Q 3 xl V 4 95' 1 x fa Q' 4 ' WSW? f ,gs 1 , , R I if Ay l s ,f W 'E qydff A xv' X I Aug W ' NL xl' I, W' ! .i- Wm. -1 v- U' 1 ,La-1 !q5J? S f , ., 'f .Hp S . ' .1 'X X fx 4 . , HN . ., , 3 ,- K, ,, 3 ,, A. . ,g L I 4- WY Wg, L w.,,.:,. .,.. :,,.,L...yxL'L-M-mwftw V X. AM r l - W in Qi PM M ' ' L Mg. f f A-.wah 1 4. I - , A N x .Q , W. .1 ' ' nw L...-Q: ,., H V , ,,g W .. . ' , ,, ,, U Q 1 .4 . - Q VA.. l xxrxnvg A lg 1 555 A ' , -3 ' 1 1 V, wr 1' 1 M ' P . ,.... f :ff U Q. ' 5 5,12 'PIU' 73.1 L1,L,g,:? if . -ff .,. ' ' vi-1 fgf1. 'f:3i', bfi .' - 1 KM ' , ' 1 . , 2 4 ' ' V , ,,, , ww, 3 ' 'j A 3 ?'1'w 4 ygwfzgg Q, ' , ' MM, s , 1 , M Rfk V I .5 inn L 4,-:W . :f4:f7:,x '92 V521 f' 41-,.,, f J , ,-f,,,V-f '-v', -. :gt I fy 4 'f W2 aww Q wi' ' z 'give 1' ' wa' , 4 Il' ' S1gnatures 541 wi K f 2 Si2fE?1 fwxgf Bi R5 XX f W2 NK x fm ff ! L1 I I L yf j,Lf',5LY ,4 My Wa fb Ml '24 K' W Lf! Z D ' J lv X Q X 1 U 4 A' F X ' 'A OX ff W L? 1 if X15, Y db xl- 1. Ji? . J . WV f Kr .., I 5 Q 'Z' ZT-1 X 7 X 1 X f 1 v-J if NSXPQ ' 7 -I 2. ' N X JN 6 If The sports program has progressed from Football, fa bone- crushing, ground gamel Baseball and Track, to the present day program which includes Football fwith the fast, aerial split- torm- ationj Basketball, Baseball, Track, Gymnastics, Golf, Swimming and Tennis. , All X 68 Flying Wedge Varsity Football Ever since Ted Calderone came to Lincoln four years ago, Lin- coln has won the Northern League Championship. Last season was one of the best years Lincoln has had. They advanced into the Second Round of the City Play-offs, defeating Banning and losing to Manual Arts. The outstanding player was the team itself, Mel Gonzales rambles lor 45 yards against Eagle Rock as team mates clear away, Nick Pomo scampers for big gain against Franklin. Rudy Chavez snares enemy aerial against Franklin. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Belmont ..r,,,a,,.,,..r,.. Roosevelt r,,Y,..,,a,, Huntington Park ..v. Verdugo Hills ,.,...,, Eagle Rock L. . Franklin .ii, .. Wilson .i,, ,i.,,. Marshall . ,, .,,, Banning L, ,.,,ii,.,. ., Manual Arts ,.ii Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln, Lincoln Lincoln fm N1 4 A hx . 1, ', M11 , , I M Wv,,,!.,.,,,,,,,,,,,., ,f.,, ,. Xu 5. any if an 4 ,Wim A Jwf, M55 M 4113 f Vi Y' twig' if V -I 'ilkf-4 l . 'Q fQf1!3rx yy ax 4' Wk ,. Y, A 'N X 'vi 1 mf , iff W f . W I wa?-fi M fx , ,. X Q g- , , X L l 1 V -.,.' 5 , a Q-.. -Mir' 5 A' 'iss-fQ:WfF SA . F W H, -v. 8 4 ..u. .sk Wa 137' 59662 , A -1 nw I, QQDE A4 I 4 in 4' f M , if, I 3 fl' gs x . X K5 ' A '1 3 1: A VAI, H ,jff m .fp , ' ., 7Q,,',j' ww m, ' Champs of N. . .gioom . Front Flow: L to R-F. Martinez, D. Abe-yta, I. Ramirez, I, Palk, E. Garcia, E. Diaz, P. Caruso I. Cardona, R. Colombero, I. Osuna, F. Nila, A. Miller, F Sedillo. Zrid Row-E. Martinez, K Kahn, F. Salazar, P. Gallardo, A. Fowler, R. Homo, R. Rocha, G. Hirata, M. Iloarra, G, Ponte: Fl. Coria, B. Chipres, D. Garcia. 3rd Row-Coach Colo, N. Iohnson, H. Contreras, F Chavez B. Maldonado, M. Sirchia, E. Rossi, F. Gonzales, M. Lopez, C. Holliday, A. Valenzuela Coach Boyd 4th Row-F. Morales, D, Flores, M. Martinez, R. Martinez, T. I-luitron, B Carlo: I. Rago, T. Iimenez, R. Favela, C. Gutierrez, I. Ammon. Like the I A Tearn, cfr little nilalits also brought home ci clianf pionship that won the Bee football championship as they posted a record of 3 wins, no loses, and 2 ties for league competition. They were well coached by Coach Iack Boyd. 73 Varsity Basketball Left to Right Row l-Robledo, loe, Mzcheli, lchri, Laxza, Louie, Gufiey, Ken Castrzrpeiia Robert, Marquez, Ernest,Salano, loe. Row ll-Martinez, Hay, Manager, Sanchez, Carlos, Arzriijo, Frank, Lopez, Iuarg lohnson Spercerg Thompson, lirn, Avila, Hector, Coach lift. Tunney 1954-55 SEAS ON A Basketball Lincoln. 67 Verduao Hills. 54 Lincoln.. .. H53 Eagle Rock . . ....34 Lincoln.. ,,,, 67 Franklin ,,,,,,,,,,,, 32 Lincoln ,,,,,,,, 67 Wilson H ,,,,,,,,,,,, 51 Lincoln... . 64 Marshall ,,,, ,,,,,, . 56 Lincoln . .43 Verduao Hills. 42 Lincoln .. .SU Eagle Rock 57 Lincoln 59 Franklin , . 35 Lincoln ,,,,,, ,Sl Wilson ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 4 2 Lincoln. .49 Marshall 48 City Tournament Lincoln 58 Narbonne . 56 Lincoln 42 University . 58 Season Record- l5W - lL Leaaue Record+lUW - OL NORTHERN LEAGUE CHAMPS Captain Ken Guffey, made the second string All-City Basketball team and first string All-Northern Team, Forward, Robert Casteneda, also made first string All-Northern Basketball Team. These two plus the rest of the team and Mr. Tunney's great job of coach- ing made it possible for Lincoln to have one of the greatest teams in its his- tory. Taking the Northern League Championship for the second year in a row, winning ll games and losing one. The one loss was to University, last years City Champions and second team in the city this year. Tl . wi lf f .as , -2431? ,5 l M -ii S 'H fxw, L,fX TAI ji-fav ,gf ,W Y' 3 S 1 5 l K , K' irwi Q! - S4 7 WK 1 , .QF 323 1 I ,U ,L ?, f ,N X1 .. A ,N 1 Q 'L P, 59 'W 4' r, . I s Q 2 Q 5 , 5 JX - il 81 :QR i Q 'Jig x A If W fx. 1 9' I WW QC K 4 ' Q W 'B L to R Row: lYStevc Parkes, lce Car: - peri Alvin Monk Henry Ororf: Louie Rodriguez, Frank Cardorie Row ll-Mgr Raj: Martinez Louie Ydrogo George Gorair., Coaili Tix,- rtey, Bill Arellano liozxingo Contre- ras L to 2: How llfLyle Matto, Ralph Bruno, Tommie Salazar, lohn Mad- ina, Richard Vasquez, Mgr Rifharcl Sunda Row l-Manuel Montoya, Manuel Griyalva, Gilbert Chaves, Louie Mo- Cias, Fernando Smith. l. to R Row l-P72511 l'ler:.',r.':f-.: Mike lflaiias Arr: ar ao lu C771 Hall, Clifford AralUiki,lf1rqil Trfwiro l4lo'1.' ll-Eddie Srzzirl lol'i ,1f- l'l':::.- irez lohr, Err.Cr.'1oil: Oflel f5 1 i Cornelius: ffe-Gly Cum: Teri! lf lixthari Suii Track and Field of 1955 As the Annual goes to press, the league competition has just started, and the results were not available. However, the Cees look like a sure bet to take the championship. Ronald Columbero hits the tape first iri the B 100 Yd. dash czgciist Santa Fe. Willie Warren and Art Valenzuela ore off to cz good start in the Varsity l2U high hurdles. Gilbert Sotelo makes cz flyiig leap in the Varsity Broadiump. W Us 1 U er Lei!-Ray Fcivilci takes cm Upper Right-IogVelc1squezf1ocx1s PD easy second in the C, 180 yd. dcish, over with ease in ihe C pole vault. while Tommy Huitron gets ct third. Lower Right-The finish of the Var- Lower Le-it-Frank Cerodo, shows his sity 100 yard dcish. form in the C shot put. B TRACK O R Ro 1 Fred Vc eb RGL11 o eo o Ma ue1 1 1 Q J C11 ez hflx ner T 1 'Nlevfxrez Ce 11 Guuerrez 0 ow 2 Abe Izzruu 1 crquez A1 evcrez 1oe Rocmrte Iesus A1CGr11c:1r R1 h Cc1bG11e-ro Ieff cr Q Abe L 231 j C rlos op C010 VV111Q YI C,1rt1s Curie Dowd F'c e 1 11 e 1 G1 cs D O31 er He drcrte Cortre G Herry e on J ef To ,I Pcs 11e1s L to R Row Z Rf: Fc ella f' Cl ff' 1,e1 C .fc ess 109 Je sc ez rr Rodr1g1,ez To 1-11111 G 0 e F 1 o :mez o r UG e C r fi f 0 1 rx f B and C Track 'X L 1 W - 1' 11 ', Rom , G 17 Utes: K ff , Rui M r1ri , C' 5 R ' 41, or L 1 R 'R V - .4 rr1, G11 11 , Il , ' , 5 , 'C , Fr :Cm 12 YG,71, 1: L C1 L to Ri Row 3-Rei . rnbre, Leu 1Q1'1hA.1e'Q1q1 ,R11iij S .Arn crAG. 71 rx 1, T1 . r 1 ' Or fic, Serqie Meviozc C TRACK L fe R R 1-Andi F '.'1er H' FTL?l1C,CvEEI'G'T19 114i !Jr1ji:1' Iess C911 . , ' 1G hu , Sc .1 L 1 R Rory' 3lE'i:ii -Resize eric:- 'io Srnfh, R bert RcClriJ' I 11. Rcfmrez 'X r1 JZ Biib 1f111'r rih, Gymnastics I. to R' Row l-lohn Bederio, Chester lung, George Ponies, Phil Caruso, Coach Calderone Frank Laner Frank Hernandez Melvin House, CCaptainl George Gutierrez, Carlos Navarro Row ll-Henry Bernard, Tommy Garcia, Ioe Nicosia, Edward Padilla, Ioe Velasco, Armando Garcia Clifford Arakaki, Herman Vasquez Left-George Ponies climbs rope. Center-Herman Vasquez on the parallels. Right-Ioe Nicosia dismounts from side horse 'lv 'XV Baseball L to Fl: Row l-Robert Hernandez, Ioe Pomo, Manuel Gonzales, lohn Micheli, loe Solano, Danny Holguin, Richard Nila, Albert Gutierrez. Row ll-Frank Nila, loe Robledo, Martin Bonando, Ken Guffey, Felix Lopez, Leo Baker, Louie Maldonado. As this book goes to press the Lincoln Varsity Baseball Team, defending Northern League Champions, are in first place in the league They have Won 4 and lost none. The team is in the capable hands of Frank Malette, one of the Southlands best base- ball coaches, so Lincoln is expected to finish high in the league standings. 83 wwf! 'I' Top left: Martin Boncmdo tags out Q running in the plate. Top right: Leo Baker clobbers the ball for Q hit. Casey at Bat Mel Gonzales swings as bull clecxrs fence. X sl Q A 0 , mf. Baseball Row l-Meyer Hirsch, Frank Cardone, Art Arocha, Mgr, Lyle Mata, arid Frank Sedillo, Row ll-Richard Surida, Gilbert Cravez, lim Sugi, Richard Maldonado, Richard Vasquez, Keri Kahn, Raw lll-Bob Coria, Torn Salazar, Ruben Lujari, Bill Clark, Iuari Lopez, Ben Ortiz, Ray Martinez, and Mike Sirchia. Marti: Bonaxdo sixgles to left field, Swimming L to R: Standing-R. Valdemar, G. Escobedo, R. Lucero, I. Montez, T. Hanna, Mr. Colo, R, Marquez A. Oronoz, I. Vargas, M. Martinez, E. Rossi, E, Lozano. Kneeling-V. Clarillos, T. Cortez, L. Rodriguez, D. Cotter, G. Maldonado, B. Polk, T. Mata, A. Miller, I. Ramirez, I. Medina, L. Blohn. Sitting-I. Felix, A. Celaya, C. Valdez, G. Trujillo, B. Delgado, S. Delgado, I. Scelso, E, Murga. Swimming is a compar- atively new Sport at Lin- coln. We've had a swim- ming team tor only three years. They are in the Sunrise League and hold their practice and meets at the L.A. Times Boys Club. G. A. A. Girls Athletic Association The GAA is an organization made up ol girls lrom the ninth through twelfth grades. ln this club, all kinds of activities are enjoyed: badminton, softball, volleyball, archery, and playdays. Sponsored by Mrs, Ioan Berry, meetings are held every Monday and Wednesday alter school in the gym, Membership in the GAA. tor three semesters gives a girl her letter if she has all ol ner credits complete. Enthusiasm and responsibility are only two ol the many char- acteristic traits ot a GAA member ot Lincoln Hiah. -Da? S1gnatures ,-MJ' ,J xy-Vx ff:-all If A I L 144, 4, 'x fi 5 'J -A ' x k x f' J'-E7 it ei W , mf lN!t,,vV I l 5 0 J . , 5, .t ' ww? I af f Ur v . , . ,f 1 7, 54-fl ' , Q' ff , 1, 7 -mn V V J , P KJ inf' ' I 'X fl , Q, I f ,gbrfx f .f . A . fl lin' X jr 1 . . A. V 1 4 Y, . ' K, . U , .1 :,f,, fl, 1, if ll, rf 1. r ,V -ffr'- J...., '-I ! ,4 ' 7 9 VK I. nf V , I6 'nv V L 'A -T ,' , N ,. A x ., 4 , F - .N U , A NN , it U . - ' V Xl ,Y Q Q ' X s, -w ,' -I . ' ' ' . . ' A , v 'V . n A Q . Q X. . N V ,Y .Q . . . ' - ' - ., ' 1, 1. ALTA DRUG STORE 3432 North Broadway EAGLE OVERALL CLEANING 660 Clover St Where extra effort IS part Of the BIAMONTE S MEN S WEAR 2421 North Broadway HAZEL S POULTRY MARKET 2922 No Broadway B 8. M SERVICE STATION NO 2001 North Broadway KARL S SHOE STORE 2632 No Broadway ED CRAWFORD CHEVRON STATION 1911 Daly S1 LINCOLN DYE WORK 3510 No Broadway 2817 No Mom Street 2125 NO Broadway DALY FREEZE 2425 Daly St MENDOZA SPANISH GUITAR 1814 NO Broadway DALY SHOE STORE 2440 Daly Street PEOPLE S MARKET 2201 Pasadena Ave DEL FANTE 2423 Daly St SCELSE SR REAL ESTATE BROKER 3125 Altura Street De MARZE FLOWER 27211 No Broadway SURPLUS OUTLET COMPANY 2119 NO Broadway ' iob. . 2 ' CHICAGO SHOE REPAIR SHOP LINCOLN HEIGHTS LAUNDERETTE J. J. . VINCENT A BONFIGLIE D D 3331 North Broadway KARON LEE PASTRY SHOP 2650 Pasadena Avenue WALT DOREN RICHFIELD STATION 3132 No Broadway Lubrlcatlon Richfield Products Call For and Delnver PAUL BURNS ONE STOP SERVICE 2903 N Broadway LINCOLN HEIGHTS SERVICE DR ALICE G ROSE D C UNION CLEANERS and DYERS 3589 E Fnrst Street LA TOLTEON 3356 N Eastern Avenue Mexlcan Delicatessen Caputal 5 I888 EL CHARRO MARKET 4539 Brooklyn Avenue PAUL W BROWN JEWELRY and GIFT SHOP 25l5 Pasadena Avenue S FURNITURE COMPANY 2725 North Broadway BAKER and COMPANY 52l3 Baldwin St GEORGE WM YOST D D S 283l North Broadway YOUR DALY MARKET I9l5 Daly Street BARRET S CARPET SERVICE 5347 York Boulevard JACK S CLEANERS 4445 Huntington Drtve BROADWAY AUTO SUPPLY 2115 North Broadway TELLO CLEANERS 3528 No Broadway . . .S. 3000 N. Main St. 3231 North Broadway U. . TOYO MIYATAKE STUDIO 318 East First Street AIR COMPRESSOR EXCHANGE 2730 North Main Street URIBE MEXICAN DELICATESSEN 3033 Wabash Ave EARLE BARK IN BITE 4329 North Huntington Drlve LLOYD CAIN CHEVRON SERVICE STATION 6591 No Figueroa DeLA TORRE PHOTOGRAPHER 3103 North Mann St VINCENT SIMILI 3301 N Mann St Union 76 Servrce BI RITE MARKET 2913 North Broadway RICHMOND BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY 4591 Huntington So WONGS HAND LAUNDRY 5035 45 Huntington Drnve North PIONEER PAINT CORPORATION 2409 Daly St 2530 Daly St AVENUE REALTY 2626 Pasadena Ave CALIFORNIA CATERORS 3514 North Broadway Wrth Best Wishes from M 71,441 MATER and SIMONE 2814 North Broadway CA 8131 vm, f - CHARLIES BARBER and BEAUTY zz, Kidz!! B and L MARKET 3533 No Broadway Service wnth a Smnle Congratulatxons Graduates VICTORY UPHOLSTERY and DRAPERY CO 23OI 2209 N Fugueroa St AVENUE STUDIO 2464 N Broadway Photographer for I955 Lnncolnlan Wnth Compliments From the Best In Town DI MAGGIO S PIT BAR B Q II55 N Mission Rd Success To You From FRIEDEN S DEPARTMENT STORE 26I9 North Broadway CApltoI IOI3 FRANK GODAY S T V SERVICE 2422 N Broadway Congratulations and Good Luck From MODERN BOB BEAUTY SALON 2406 No Broadway PHIL MAIOROA S MASTER SERVICE 8. GARAGE I29I N Mlsslon Rd 1 1 1 SKY LITE CLEANERS and DYERS 2OlO No. Broadway CA. 2-1760 Where clothes come out cleanest ENG'S LAUNDERETTE 2400 Pasadena Avenue CA 6581 The best wash in town LA TORINESE ITALIAN AMERICAN PASTRY SHOP Wedding and Birthday Cakes 8 A Hergenreder Proprietor 2612 Pasadena Avenue CA 8852 CA 1 I 8 Cl PRECISION GAGE PLATING CO. 1045 North Broadway Plating and Polishing Co. Chrome ' Gold Copper ' Silver Nickle r and motorcycle parts our specialty Fenton F. 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Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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