Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1949

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A E' 1' Lf' jj ,j,,57,,L4 ' V W 1 '-1 n, Q Q' M Y'34f',1:f4,jL.:,Q, ' fi Q Q, .1 , uf - , -I - , f.-- ND , 1 5 ' I ,A Q ' S ,ff 'l ll N l 94 My M gf J xr ' ,AEP E l 1 A 1 N 1 ff A QA V if 2 N 2-if 'fwffyyf QM 1' A' , BJ A IFJ U 'EW A .. ly! , .5 1 1 jx g 1' A fy ' W h KN ,ff X W -,EJ au RW - ,H 11 lv il 5 If JM 1 .ff ,I K 'xl Amy! CL Wa! PM N 5 fo 'Q ,W ' EW 35 3,7 Jfwxxf J 'F . i J , 6' ' JV 1 f -W, lx, QV N5 X Eff QV? 4 A f i3 Xt ' A A' Lf - , v V W, W frm? V A ,fl - ' Mix, -, 1 ii J' . 4 . . f- I, ff Q Q X w A av 7? i ,yu ' 'f 'QYW 1 19 U 'J Wffffv . X ' UJ mb , My X51 5 ' , Q Q f dr Vjpz . N? x 5 .1 1 .D Q YJUb,gV'l5LZ!Xi.fjs Y P V . I OJ ' UN xfxl My 81 . 57 ,WWI 56 D A My '7 UF ffffiblyh Q-We rywv 3 tif I l M6 16,1 Vxrwjg , g,J ,ff W Cf A . 'TAX f y . gif Tb ,S f- O J wx yy UB' W . X Q, I I, I 9 lllfwwx hd, Au D yi H .v 21392, L ff N U XX-J W5 Wx, QM A3 , XN X1 A ix I '-:af Q my QQ Q, is fm Q Lwiwgww QW T i i MQW M Fif a 39 . ,fb J:jW'jf,4,Wj?A A j U A ' 'ZW l X U QA A Jam! Mm f by pf 4 f L ,WM My I j r H ' gh ,ff f Q 'mx' ' 4 - +--' Q 1'f f,,, V W Q fy 707 1 fig! , ,ff-' ' fi Q4 C ,bfi f jj fl rg' X fix L, C ff X, ,MQ A L K V ivy ,cfkjgxii 9,AC4LLfiL Jim I' M ,fg,1lf U .f -A 'A AJAAI 'rf 5' '454Qf 'Lf:cf4L W w 31 Q' fm M X ':'fK 1 0 , f gk D se , Exif? , g ax 1 J 1 , , J in , W 'L bi-2?4?fx! ' XX D ' A ,JR-3: 2 Ek. E 'iw x:' I U is w : Rigs --Q xg: F Q .W A, Q is iw 'gg' 7' . . TL M46 ' 774mg A ,4A, Y ,' ,i Y 'L A w X ' I M 'M vfidwjjfk :lj , Q v- 1 -4C,ZL! 'ff'-zgzfiyci A 'NSY - I P -X I , 1'--V: 5-vig! ' 3:41 If .L 4 KR nrtykdf-F fy ff!! J 1 ,,AW ' WJ' K!! Wd X .1 X V , H:J 'if jpg! Al Y. C 42 ATV IF-,f' A X66 , 4' haf' Wilma, ,A Q ' may asf A , J Q XA . Q jjagizy sg? F 1 ? 'WP- V9 A QATQL. XWIQD gigikii 99 fy ' PJ ff WV' '5 iibf'-fl 'QE by M if V NXEEQ5. fNvgfgM9jgQyQN5f TJ yy? jg J . 3 yd v ,fi 5 Qi iyyfff, A Cf X W Six V 1 X565 ff 5553215 Ng? f Q ,W 0 Q - M555 My f ffWl2Z War Q Km WM Qxigwvyfxy if gfijwg 55? 5 iq? SEN gigs? ,Eff . 6 1 A - - ' 7 Q ew' OF' 'Mfg fW 0 6000 MAQ65 , ' ua -MN V 7d You 19 4 WA70' A Fife!! 0 ,9 3 gigs: fware - QA f4?l9J5'. W 3 S-E90,c9ff24ff'f'9'd JA! . , pvc: f inc ln L ff'-42 Z24en6k??y?W V , L, A at 3, Q N uf 3 iff A W F I Ad sm Miss Winifred cla ' 'P Q. , WJ A -,,---,.a... . I ,--.--- ., .,-,... ---..---...,..-,.,-,-. A w N m u - H 5 E: TJ ln 1949 1 lu 4 -5-1-42 if Sli y- -,.5 - Hz: 5 1: Sig .34 qx W 4 ,,.-:- ,a-'A' ,,-' L4 ' . . . ,Cf .N '-Jr '-5322 - 44' T:-,.1F,f5 . .-., 25512--ig '- lgiifirfgf I L7 ww , Zvi, -WE- v . . .,, .L 5,1 :..,., ggi. 1, f.,-...- 4. 'Lan-753' ,,.. ..., .f,, . ,W Y 4 535' 1' '.-W' OC V YYH,w. WT .TAM Y f.-XQT... ,.-.--- ..- -V inco nian wha Abraham Lincoln High School 3501 N. Broadway Los Angeles 31, Califomia rv'-Tqk arjorie, iclzolai 5 6 TJ-uxfxoul 'Y .L To Q, if TEIZM TA, this Annual of 1949 is respertlully cleclicated. To many former ancl present stuclents tlue names of Lincoln I-hgh Sclwool ancl yours are almost synonymous. You servecl llais. our sclwool, tlwrougla inany years .. clevoteclly loyally, lwelpfully, ancl most efficiently. As tlue arlaiter of the problems of tlwe girls, you displayecl deep insight. Careful consifleration, and unfailing tact. The Annual Stall? wislwes you deeply, many lwappy vears- at your lovely La Jolla l1ome. 50,14 Jn alclminiaffr-gfion JMX? HM' 2fX5g 3?Qzy.,3Q 7 04,15 y Li, wxaii W qqfiiie, - S? -G' :jf x h A M - -' -- -'-- gn Y, WW, , ln. ,.1,,x ,JJ x Y igkxx -nf -- T---15 ---J 'W'-'f x-, xx x n -1 xx 2 . A xxx xxx ' ' I :xx - if ,.4- ' s xx fy' nav! sms x Z x., fn- : Hx - V Q . ,x 3, S ffxzxx mx . .-,gg ..-.- pw- ouernmeni of the Siucfenta, by the ,Q f 'X ,H My .' if , .fi W fi A' 3?-55. , '?M' :K ZUZ9 e,,,, Cexxwo B0-Vss Vlffee-P DW10'-7 Ice -Prg es 1- den . sl' f, Bsxazixf- den tl Jwvjeky sw. Yr amen- Sand - Gu oval Ppola XVith the establishment of the Student Body Council the Student Body Cabinet headed by Jimmy Cellino was able to obtain some of the things which the students desired. One of these was a lunch line in the senior court for the benefit of the seniors. The members of this cabinet had a very successful semester as they had the ability to get along with The President's Cabinet: Ludy Hernandez, Secretary: Angela Arena. Social Activities: Fred Chavez, Athletics: Marie Crxspi, School Servlceg Betty Jo Connor, Com- munity Service, students of all grades. They took into consideration the problems of everyone in the school, and aided Dr. Riley in passing judgment on the many important issues that were placed before him. This cabinet contributed much to the development of a stronger student'g6vernment organization. ,ul - . 9. . I His Assistants - The Commissioners: Elvira D'Am1co Health: .Pauline Catroppa, Art: Lorene Hayden, Visual Maxine Pulcifer, Physical Education. N iucfenbi. .... Z9 Following in the footsteps of last semester's cabinet the Summer '49 administration under the capable leaclership of Gil Mccutchan demonstrated their ability at governing the school. One of their primary accomplishments was to have season ticlcets printed in order that the student body could attend all sports events at a much lower price than they had been paying. This and other achievements won the ap- proval of the members of the student body ancl helped make the Summer 44g term a successful one. ' i htz' P xy Gil McCutchan. Middle: Versatile gg'-'Ieiidents reDelia Troncoso and Shu Loo. Below: Confidential Cabinet: Audrey Johnston, School ice? Teddy Gomez, Social Activities: Joe Camarena, leticsg Lupe Juarez, Secretary: Mary Jimenez. 'f S 1' e. , , . svgggtightfrfge Commissioners: Babe Riggio, Physr- Education: David Tis'eareno,!Ar 1 Anthony MICSUM nt Shop: John Reas, Visual: .Tollfy Qafvanaugh, Muzici ie Dunn, Health. It lf iii I vw.,-,gf ,He....e:..e.u.f. -4?-7 1. I , 'x.-N., ' v n First Row: Gladys Jones, Armicla Caueles Florence Avalon, Betty .To McComic, Julieta. Arias, Diane Simili, Row Nick Verardo, Joe Cfmiarena, Manuel Chavez, Davis, Ulices Zepada, George Minesses, John Negrete, Orneles, Floyd Apodaca, Phil Crispi, John Cavanaugh, Locke, Ray Camacho, Eriberto Lopez, Joe Gallardo. ' lrstu First row: Tony Lopez, Robert - Valenzuela, Rudy Amparana., Philip Weisher, Robert Napoli. I Second row: Geraldine Rincon, Evelyn P.lZZllt0, Jean Haynes, Carol Ellyson, Patricia Jepson, Patricia Higgins, Betty Montez, Ayales, Beverly McGuire, Anna Mae Dayian, Connie Elvwa Rios, Trudy Guerra, Rose Marie Scelso. Second Chick Pavia., Carlos Gomez, Baltimore Castro, Henry Thiid Row Robeit Valenzuela Hem n Ricardo 'l I 1 , ' , 'y Ve egas, Merrlll Bai-bam. Fourth Row: Raymond Bernal, Bob Jen L4 Spea Third row: Domineque Curitti, Pedro Juarez, John David Donofrio, Theodore Nims, Frank Hernandez, Third row: Henry Davis, Camacho, James Hollier, Arthur Flores. ' Frank Buccola, Bob Stone. Danny Gallardo, Rudy Granados, Eleanor Casillas. - Fuentes. r we , --lf' -,az - - 'liaise - - 1' fleliillzfl l :-!u 5 lg 1 -' ov rinci-fa! Bltgloger Dr. Riley and his charming secretary, Mrs, Rilfhtl Dr. and Mr . Ril i 'I'v0j5.n-Spartan Dinne1?Danggl H at 534, mood at the This year has brouglit to us problems relating to tlie promotion of UNESCO ancl tlie establishment of Vxforlcl Peace as well as problems of more local nature. We liave devotecl considerable time to tlwe stucly of the Unitecl Nations and liope tliat in our small way we have contributed somewlwat to uncler- standing ancl mutual respect among the peoples ol: tlie World. X V , We have also given special attention to citizenship in tlie, scliool and witliin the community because we believe ttiat tl'1e person wlio is wortliy in'cl1araCter ancl citizenship in the school is tlie one wtio becomes the most effective' ancl wortliwliile citizen in our great American Democracy. 0 1 ' Principal t l 41 Qs -' 2 . an as 1 U' m..Iu.E 'E' ...Ng 3 ewes' 3:13 -XH1.GS. Mr. A. llziclgci' Mr. J. Belford Mrs. E. Biale Mr. T. Brostoff Mrs. B. Cor 1xIr'S.B .AAICnz:-..tro11g Miss R. Baker Miss V. Benore Mr. G. Blount Mr. J. Cervantes Miss C. Cors A ' t Nm MPS- K- BHIWL1 Mrs- R- Berg Mrs. J. Bouvier Miss W. Clare Mr. R. Davis A I 5 ill Q ' IJ in the stiort time Miss Vxfilcox tias been at Abrah- am Lincoln High School, she has gained the confi- dence of every girl in the school. Her understanding ways, cheery smile, and wonderful sense of humor have helped to solve many a girlys problem. Miss Xvilcox, who is of Danish descent, special- izes in cooking fancy Danish specialties. Sine likes to work with tier hands, makes all tier own clothes, and and cloes art wort: with plastics and metal. Her lovely office testifies to her ability as an interior decorator. Niiss Xviicox has been a teactier of 'ciramatics and public speaking, has also been a counsellor. and is very active in ctiurclw work. Her outstanding interest. always, she says, is uvgiris and boysf' students ancl alumni has earnecl him a permanent X 'Q il fi ef eg L. Dixon Mrs. N. Eberlein Mr. L. Fain Miss G. Gartz Miss E. Gilman Mrs. C. Haeske G. Doumani Mr. W, Everhart Mrs. F. Finnc-y Mr. R. George Miss A. Green Mr. F. Harmon J. Dunsworth Miss K. Fagan Mr. W. Ford Mr. W. Gillespie Mr. P. Greene Mrs. J. Huddleson -oumfef for the Kaya Mr. Van Pelt has been a part of Lincoln for so long time that one would fincl it harcl to imagine our chool without him. Alumni of 1925 and 199.4 hail rim as coach of haslzethall ancl football. Recent racluates attencling nearhy colleges see him at very game they play. At home ancl on vacations, Mr. Van Pelt is an nutcloor man. He loves to swim ancl fish. On his leep-sea trips, he has caught alhacore and tuna. He marriecl and has two chilclren. Because his duties of eeting parents lceep him at school certain nights, he ml his wife are talcing a night school class in up- olstery. He and Mrs. Van Pelt are star pupils. His unclying interest in all activities connectecl with lace in the heart of every lucy ancl girl who lcnow im. ?' I 34 up H Hurlbut Mr A. Lener Iilr. F. Mallette Mr. M. Meisner Mrs. M. Moreno Miss R. Patterso- Xhg Kaeding Sly. R, Lupgz Miss B. McCall Mrs. B. Milligan Mr. P. Morris Mr. W. Potter lliss I-l Lande .x1r. A. Mackenzie Mrs. V. McClean Mrs. A. Morales Miss H. Myslik Mis-' V. Hager Miss Helen Moore, Coordinator of Guidance, extends a friendly welcome to all new-comer:-1 to the school. Busy with testing, counselling, and progrzun-making. MISS Moore always has a. ready smile for evrlryvllff- Q The faculty of Abraham Lincoln High School might he compared to the Beveridge Plan in England as hoth stretch from the cradle to the grave. A few of our junior memhers have to wear special emhlems to keep from heing mistaken for B-1 l,S. Our faculty is not a collection of stodgy fuddy- chiclcties whose lives have ever heen circumscribed hy the confining walls of the cloistered classroom. We have world travelers among us. We have those who thinlc nothing of breakfast in mile-high Mexico City and dinner in the City of the Queen of the Angels. Vxfe have vagahonrls of the wide and distant oceans, summertime wanclerers of the open road, and at least one member in good standing of the fratemity of hitchhiicers. There are those who grow pears in Qregon to profitably while away the long summer days and those who hunt gems in the hlistering heat of Death Valley. ' 'Q- ' FE! iff 5 E I . , i i A 's . E. Reynolds Mrs. J. Roberts Mr. R. Stockton Mrs I. Tpfts Mr. L. Vallone Mr. A. Walz R. Reynolds Mr. O. Seeley Mrs. F. Suman Mrs. F. Turney Mr. W. Van Vlear Miss R. Yunkes P. Richter Miss A. Smith Mr. L. Tozier Mr. W. Ulery Mrs. E. Vaudreuil Keeping track of the attendance of.1.805 students IS Life has not always heen a placid millpond for some Kf our faculty. Many of them have heen players in he greatest tragedylof all times, World War H. It is umored even that a certain one-time colonel was at an Jaun Hill with Teddy Roosevelt in '98, hut the umor cannot he confirmed. It is Icnown for a fact hat he was an Army pilot when planes were made f hamhoo poles and canvas, held together hy hailing 'ireg those were the days when the interpid hirdhoys prayers instead of parachutes. Colleges and universities all over America and in foreign lands have contrihuted to the education our faculty. Few of them were sunicissed California who received all of their scholatic training in the of the prune and the nut. The art galleries of hflilan. and Vienna have done their share in some of us. Then there are those who hold degrees from the School of Hard Knocks. one pattem, no dull and deadly rut schooled the High School faculty. Only one thing does faculty hold in common. All are proud to work a schoohwhere the outstanding characteristics of students are cheerfulness and courtesy. ihe Job or the competent Mr George GIUZIDS, Coordinator of Attendance, who can be both stern and jovial, de- pending upon the situation. Sa ni f ' :' vu' sz-e ' i' W, 'N :. M iii - . EW :-2 Q ,f,,u,, , el in an In the offices, first row: Mary Bremer, school secretary: Mayme Slaughter, attendance clerk, Catherine I-lerriman, vice-principals' clerk. Second row: Dorthy Hayden, information clerk, Nancy Trever, counselo1 s clerk, Ruth Hollander, textbook and library clerk. Custodians-stanqing: Head Custodian Orville Trivffs Charle- T1 Magnuson Lmlllo Alarado Anthon V lh K 'DD-' bf 'omni W lt D ' 1 1 Y e o, neelmg. Louis Frxzell, I-lax' a er umm' Gus ry Redoglia. F ,. W, , , vi .V ' 4, -- Cafeteria: Opal Delahunty, Joe Alvarez, Nax-cis Williams, Louise Fulghum, Manager: Agnes Powers, and Opal Noble. P9 G ov. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Mrs. fl Q3 3 FD -1 9 ffl D '4 '4 CU Q3 G D ' fb P1 m Eswmbz Ei . I Colby Erb Hallett Hill Rebok Sussman Glue ginialzecl fjrocluci ,nf xx I all , re' b I Q15 5 N 1 'NN s I Y z 1 , if ' nf. avg .ra 5, V. w TLP RUE' - fi' ., . ' gofzfcfiggeraf The class of Xvinter '40, 109 strong, received ti hard-earned tassels and diplomas on the night ol c uary 27, 1949. The presentation was preceded lay lweautiful commencement that is typical of Lin This Graduation marlced the end of three year study, hard worlc, and fun. The last was highlig hy the traditional Jamboree, Dinner Dance, Van Show, and the Prom. Many awards were won hy individuals in the lnesides those memlners who were added to the , ornia Scholarship Federation. lvlary Castiglione Mathew Gurrola won the American Legion Paul Dittmar won the Bausch and Lomla Award: and Robert Hazel was named the standing R. O. T. fs. cadet. Election to the Ephelmian Society represents lence in scholarship and leadership almilities in school. The class of XV' 49 was proud to Harold Chamollslzy, Stanley Chamolslcy, and Dittmar, represent them in the city-wide organ Lincoln will long rememhcr this class which many memlvers to its long Honor Roll in hoth and scholasiirs. W. . X 3 4 X Ar, 4' 1 r Ei ',f- 'f..4?z,, ,L Tk 9 ff X ,J -N X f ' Qs .,5,9,,1v- V ,, 4. .4-. psi-L Y- 'ifgp V Top: Golddigger Prexy Bob Hazel. Center: Viqe-Presb dent Martin Amezquita. and Secretary Mary Castxglxone, 9-0 it an Life members ot' the California d e r a. t i o nz Dorothy McElro Margaret Pellizzer, Harold Ck mfir Charles 'VI' a. n U el e Virginia Assissi and Mi R . 1 ,. I H V l ' r w i lf! EQ. . ,J ,f-'-,- Lg-f ,- i Q 1 J' 3 A if f.-:L 4 f-rr 'Qs' ,I ri f Q , ,f 5 Q Q-if A ,, 45' Y was i J L Aleman Angela Arena Alvarez Estenu Arreclonro Amezquita .Antoinette Arsena -il- Q5 .A N N, b I 1 , 3- '.. .i'. HWS' Iv: 'twin' ' .1 'V gm ' , ,gy ' , gg1w'.J 'H - 1 -.,.,2.,1v. j ,ii V if 3 N 5+ , I 4 Q' i I 'Q i , io-Q r .1 l fir 5 ,X l , Q' 1 irii 5- I I L 1 f M, ZFL? ' H ' .-ng -an-. ',J,1, -likely. - 1. .1 4 gt f if 3 q T., Am.. T657 Q71 , ' Raymond Arvizo Virginia Assisi Warren Bohon, Jr. Donald Bonfiglio Thomas Braun ill' .wi-, , . M 5 as-i.i L w H .af M , E .,. ' If f K r I x ' f n' fwfif. ,M-,zu ,K A fr xx GI W i J V 1 , , ,-ui .2 9 -4 1 , gs' , : Caraline Brito Bart Browne Joe Burresch Hugo Bustamante Euslebio Cano, Jr nf'- f' ij Josephine Carrasco Rachel Carreon Evelyn Casteuaw Mary Castiglione Pauline Catroppa 2,1 , i , J r . LA' V137 at-up lf, fam 45 Jimmie Cellino Harold Chamofslcy Stanley Charnofslcy Fred Chavez Betty Jo Connor kk Louis Contreras Carlos Cordero Alice Corona Jesus Corral. Jr. Niarie Crispi .XL an , - W A ' ' N ii N . , . . ,. 1 n r: John Cuccia Gloria Delao Helen Dickinson Paul Dittrnar Mary Dunn ,vw gfi Y , og ,, :H iq--vw: 4 Conrad Espino ,Jr. Marie Estrada Raul Estrada ff.: , .' -,A' N 1 1 gn. CK Elizabeth Fate Ervin Fenwick Julia Flores ,A 2 Y'o ,VX -1 'I 5,3 ..' Q, .. 'I Y 1 1 ,Z K f :f:.H ' l eefn .sf .' .' V A ff X- an 'V 1 1 1 N ,fm 1 . 1 .tix 2,1 i. 59 'V ' . ' , 2,15 e l, J in: eff' , , :Qi .NLM Z U in .- in., 7 A .3173 im - -I' 1 i ff ' 2 -:1M'E In , is fpxfej., , , 1, Q-il 7 liargaret Fonseca Mathew Gurroln rank Galvan , :em e Gonzales Esther Gutierrez g Margie Hapgood R obert Hazel Ludy Hernandez Raul Hernandez Conrad lacobeuis Norma Jackson 'QM'-. n .Q - 'V 5' w -1, - . -- 5 4. Q ,T -.1 'I X 2' I f A ki i ..,. ,If 1 pf -' 1'-'- - ,Vale , Wi. r 1 '99 QV' Eleanr Keams Eugene Keith Alfonso Lopez Connie Lopez Enrique Lopez 5-s 3?-52 gn, I , Fermin Lopez Raul Lopez Sally Lopez Gene Lorenzetti Anim Madrigal W e V T r J .F 7 r 4 r +9 f F 4 wi iz fel n V ,Q 'i I vi 4 if ,uf ,J J lg, L .r U- , ' . , K 55 , 4 ' 4 f 1 ' ,i 'iff , , . ,, .,..H. ,xarffrmf , ., s ' I re. , .,.35Vgf,q,- ' i In K. ... I ,Vu l . T nv X 3 rl Mx x I t in up 9 fi.. 2 W I SET Q If YZ ' '.'LZ2ffi'-'L :' L T57 1 Ei? ' K , , ZW' 1 1 'r Ev ie ,ff fo .aj - 5 ' Q 7335 , , '47 .L , ,'-A' 1, ed'-'si 7 fi- i fy, : Q?-'Tbig f ! 4f ' 15 if , ' -M,-if I X' Ek AX Eg . i y .li -i! ' X' . N vi9f5.1'-511 - .- ' . V V w.: H , , , f Y - ' Charles Manuele Robert Marquez, Hitcias Madinez Margaret Martinez Patsy Martinez George Masi Betty Nlathews Dorothy MCEIOW Robert Meclely A Ignacio Mendez A 1 i xr: ,, ge .Q it .iw ,,: : ' , x ' N Qi! 1 1 1 Y . .lovita Morales Dora Navarro Marguerite Nevarez Celia Oronoz Marie Orrunte 1 T uf- 2: JK 4... r 1 as X' ? ' - w ' .5 5 w Q ' Q , f 'xr .J ,. f f Q' Qi- ' , I 4 ' I 'W f -. . .b ' ,, in h .I ' i, ' 4 . Q' YE' Q' '. 1 ir'fQ-15' -- 4, X V L, A J 5-, 9.1. uk 1 'fi ,yep 1 . .'- - '1 ,.-x , J' Y 'Us 1-Ag, .yk N ag: P KV' ,:- xy ' fy ' fa' -, ' 'Y 'ff Q Margaret Peilizzer No,-ma Perez, Rose p8HiZZCl' Righafd Perez .func Pe-ren Ted Perez Henry Herrcrw Mile-Sncrcen 0 n rice He en Ruiz A W I Camera-Shy Seniors Jh P f I 'Ji' , 'mu E,,.,., . L, , .5- ctoria Ramirez Alvino Renteria fnjamin Ramos Eleanor Renteria :bert Rendon Viola Robles ag i I I I I I r 1 V W 'X ir- Marina Rodriguez Victoria Sandoval Norma Scardino Donita Short Eleanor Simensen ' 4 fa fl' ' , 3? xx iiii i i .i Georgina Taormina Helen Vega Robe-ri Thomas Richard Villanueva Ge-rairi Vimen Jerry Vuceticiw Robert Valdez. lr. Eddie Wiiiox Eva Vasquez Yet Wong W' 'QSIWKF 2029- am X X f s K v H 5- . X if-.-.mf lim M 2 The Golclcliggers met the 'Spartans at the lraclitional Llam- -, lworee on Anclrus Fielrl on Gctoloer 7, 19.48. The Spartans V emcr,f1ec.l with an 85-70 victory The scores were as follows: Golclcliggers Events Spartans ' - - ini- o.. ...,........ Pie-eating contest. ,,,,..,,15 I l o ....... ...,.... S urprise Race ...,.. ,,,,. 2 0 : 5 ...... Vxfheelharrow Race ,... .......o i ........ Three-leggecl Race ...uno ll 15 ...... . .. Sack Race ..... ...... . o l o ........ .. Tug of Xvar ....,... .,..,.. o 5 25 ,..,. .....,.... l loneymoon Race ..,. . ....... o I5 ...,., ..,,.... S inlc the Battleship .,.... .,... 1 5 ' 0 ..,,.. . Xvho-Done-lt Race .... .... . 15 70 ,,,,,, ,,,,,..A,, ,,,,,,,,. ,,,... T o t al .,,.....................,....... 85 The Cnlrlcliggers 'he lielrl events. were hosts fit the dance which followed . :. .- 'bmfdi' q,. 5:5221 . D .3 X. ,.,, l 4 . b W U ' niaasaur.. I algal .1 V ,,.. V U i vigil-i' fl H. ,v . fgj :-.V V ' f- ' 1 ' e'-2511? ' f 'w?few 'uf' . - -gK+n'5q ggi' Q 5'5j ,f 1-Y W L'-I ,, ' . 'A +-:'i'?3?'f: '1 .5l5fg V lu' Mr ,xg-?1?illA'l. AJ- if i-it 9' f if af'-sv-'f af-'AT' 1 . 'i?i?ff' ' ff-f. .. a 4 x 7 1 1 ', li I u 2' I sl I ,J hx I' l A fl ' 'lf ' 1 in ' U Hi 'A rl K l VB W: 1 , , i ' N 'li g M.. , .kf-1' Al ' r ' . we 5' . 1 if M 9 , x 'ff ' L iii 'W' ' 'Zia' ., ' 1 ,,f' ' -ff f- ' 1 1. ' ' .. . ' . L ' ah . 4 ff f - 4a - V li f.: V . , - . . . wi , , vu K,-'et .. - -- . .-ff-tl-.:4fgQ4. 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'l ,lr :fr-A I .gif fb' ,-L r 1 5 L' ,ry f' f ,-' ft X Ttuefspartan Class qffsuml er '49 hart a very en- :i',fjj,Oiyat9te anct eventtfut year. rtttftis Ctass of one tmnttrecl Qi' ,,fD'sex'enty-seven stuctents was one ot ttwe outstanding ,I gractuating 'Classes from Lincoln. The many and varied activities made it possitate ttmat every loyal Spartan participate in some event. The Dinner Dance and the Senior Prom were very poputarg everyone took part in the Variety Stiow, wtiictx has Become a trartition with eaetw graduating class. All Spartans were of great help. in bringing the class to glorious victories at both Jamtaorees. ' This class was a unitieri, nappy one and tiact an enjoyable, pleasant anct profitable year-one never to-tie forgotten. ,W -.4 1 J Q H 52- 22,1541 s f' sfwW i'mw- u ' I Q! if ,aim frff'fe - Qyefwuff' fmt U L ' ff ..ff ,,?S1afm.,Af , ya, , nf mama. S, A 4 yew' Ciffl' 47 ff' 3 ,. 43 :AZ Ti, vig. L-'F' 5' 5 v 'Fffv Top: Spartan Prexy Louis Alegria and 1 A-5 Y 44 f.fvice-presidents, Jessie Vignol and Richzl 'I-lb 3.1 115531 sfgxgi Fennelly. iigvit' ' If ' .KMirldle: Treasurer Esther Hernandez, Cl: ,jf Cdiirrieggloz' Mrs. E. Reynolds, and Secrets! -Q' if 5j4ffgjL4,fSu,1sr.1 M en n en in i. 1'4 . Below: Ephebians elected from the class wr. Shu Lou, Shirley Carpenter, Delia Tronco and Robert Oventile.. Left: California Scholarship Federation L lVlembe1's are Beverly Morrill, Bernice Kneedl Robert Oventile, Shirly Carpenter, Elv D'.-kmico. 'R ra ..A .sf J 'LN-N- L.: Q Q -W, - V..-.Fx ,,,,. .. , ,, Le1rg.4.1.L..:i.-f,:..L44-i,4J.A.,.- W' - 4--. f ' ' ,ri A 9313 3' 1 ' - A fax? 2.4132- E av- Deloy Aloplanalp lube Aguallo Tlieresa Aguilar Herlnert Aguirre Emilio Alcantar x . VA -in . r 5 Louis Alegria Helen Aleman Conracl Aparicio Floyd Apoclaca Raymond Arce A ,+'.,,,. .-h t: A J. - 'Hy Y- i if ,' l fr- , 1 'V f' 1' Q 'A Q ' Y' A ' ' Tli,4?Qd'lA-.'3'-',.,'ijr ' A ffl? '- 'Hin 1 5-':,UM1 ,., Tblljwii 'f Ui--fi ,5,U. cd, gms- kvs Viola Baca Alliert Balclerrama .lovita Baltazar Nomie Baltazar Lucious Banlcs V, xr, :Ai 325 . V 8 3 1 ' F. 'T s ' BN ' 'g ' al ae 1 ez - 5 'I 4 -V. ' ,, - . 1 N- H ' Q ,... 92 1' A 4- 'li - . i. . L1 six Ibm. Elise Barlaani Merrill Barlnani Mary Barlneria Josephine Bauer Gregoria Becloya ,-' Mrs.- 3 f '- V K V W i , 5 T f fr W J N 3 rig! ' ' ii 'W W '22 A 1,4 ' 1 251' :' ' - ,W I rl' Gi 5- 1 Ramon Bernal lgrmcio Bertolone .loe Betance lfvnnggeline Bonita George Boymun J YB ,. if A ., Q , xo Ee YES 1, js mx IJ is '95 Q5 Qs 32 I.. .. -SQ i 1' gl? ifs-: Hcim 7' 1 r 5 W r 'FT rr H ,f , ': E ' 1141--lx- Carmen Camacho Shirley .arpenter John Cavanaugh Ray Camactho Felix Castillo Eddie Cerneka Robert Campbell Dolores Caslorena John Chase .Ioyre Clwiavetta Tom Cooper Rodolfo Carmona Vito Calerino Aurrora Chavez Lorraine Comi Pete Corrales Mary Carpcna Frances Cavallo Ida Chavez Isabel Contreras Andre Cuni Curiel Joe DeLeo 'lvira D,Amico Danny Delseon enry Davis Benjamin Del Rio 15. i I i 1 I 1 Henry De Vega Bnsilia Dimitriu David Donofrio Jeanne Douglas Elsie Dunn 1 11f i '7V'7?1'W .cf 33,5 pw, -...:..g. W, 4 , k H A , W ,,, , rs, ,. . ,f 54 f JW? A561 I D I 'i!'j4'f.6 af w- JWI fp 1 1 'Sl Raul Espinoza Frank Estrada Riciiardlrenneuy Marie Ferrante Ruth Flores Peter Francavilla Dominica Franconi Robert Fuentes Victor Fuentes Eddie Garcia 55 F 'feb ,W ! 1 . , i , Q 6-' Oscar Garcia Ruth Garcia Catherine Gaudesi Josephine Gaudesi Frank Gerome . -wr A 5 ' fp- it , . 1 ,L or 1. iL. f,fz.5i w ' I V 77 ' ' .1 ff' ' 1 if ' in flu' -5 ,I- L-,4fp ' Q , Q, Manuel Gil Dolores Gomez Robert Gomez Sara Gomez Evangeline Gon .GW 'n V 'rernanclo Hernandez Margeret Holquin ilce Hidalgo Edward Howe ilbert Hirsch Lily Huerta iw 'Z ' -sf. i ,I l ,,,.. i x E '.l Ya. ,. Vi. -al vi- 1 lu J.. A if - Q A: A , i r ,g- KV' -i 9'-R19 it Hz, 'Y' 7' Antoinette Jacovetta Mary Jimenez Velda May Kane Belia Katataye Margaret Kearns Bemice Kneeciler Mary LeBreton Annie Lomeli Shu Loo Manuel Lopez 'Si' life Mike Lopez Sal Lopez Victor Lopez Sara Marquez Rogelia Martinez f, ,V 15., 4 ,. ' rag 1 N , . .. . , .27 . tax' ' ' ' A ,f .H ga Q. t L, . 12 3 2' i r Q L---' -' -Abe! fi. , ,. 7 15. . , A-1 N ff H 1 5.2 . ,ia I . 1 X if ,. ' ., Q , , W5 ., :I v , - .5 U -:N E5.5Esif',i,,ff.'- 1, Y- ' f uw' , T-I.r'i-,I tit-QL: wk: 'V :L HH-' f'-,ifefieggrffr - 1 film' 2lgjfLi?4'gi14f,4 , .fssrfg-gp? 5 rn f -f'- ' wymm: Socorro Martinez Robert Niurtino Teresa Mauna Cynthia Mena Anthony Micelti 1,5 were W - -0-, Sh IL! U V Gilbert McCutctian Sam Miranda Carmen Montoya Johnny Morales Gloria Moriet hw 'SZ' fs--. 'Q .ff Beverly Morrill Bill Newman Lorraine Nicicovictm Patricia O'Bannon Betty O'Lea .4 K1 , - we-Jgr ,f'- 5 -.gr -w ,-771' - 5,5 xv ,,, ' VEWEIFQ iz., ' ef: , -sl ' .. Helen Olquin Ninta Padilla Robert Oventile Barbara Velia Pacheco Frank P61762 fx ' I iii ? lj . 1 rl l M .u- 'ifq i qpv f ,014-M' f nw, ti xi -1 f -.H-Q S' Fl ony Ramirez John Rees Victoria Perez Maxine Pulcifer Ruth Reyes Joe Perri lrene Quesacla Concetta Riggio Billie June Price Manuel Quintero Angel Rios ik- 1' Elvira Rios . Eloise Rocha Josephine Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Mary Roclriguez Relugio Rodriguez Loyola Romero Qlga Romero Salvador RlI8C.l'lO Rose Runfola -7 J l 1,,.s.. S ,I ' ?,r4'r1iPl1M5Ml. 'ME 1.1.1 , ' i , 'Q 1. 'X 3 4 :V b V ff' 9' gpg ., 7'- ' Q' ' 15 . :J ' K ,-V1 wh: ., ci '. , if -.a 4 rw' a Q r el or zip! F9 as . .5 f N, rg eff. ing 1 V- X I .rl 1 1 Wh kia. - .i 5, Wi- A gpm. 'Pi Zhu, 4 - ,QU- fg- John Salvino Ellen Samich Albert Sanchez Frank Saracho Erhie Schopper Q0 Jim Smith Richard Smith Ure Swartz Macrina Tarin Susan Tennenini - fl' in TL' ' lx Nr 350-L . xx-..,, David Tiscareno Jeannette Tomhrello Bertha Torres 'Concha Torres ' Delia Troncoso Molly Valdez Pat Vargas Jessie Vignol Jeralcline Vignol Francisco Unguez r gi ' IK I ... . . ffl fri a ' ' .4-. 1' fix Camera-Shy Joe Harris Fernando Solor Elvia Webb Lyneii Wells Anna Maw Vx Emma Yanez YN I s , JL ' Xa-g1ijxa -?g'AiA,'- , lv, W . J SP F M ,.-v- f ', 5-ATA1.--4'- ' ' ' 1' I ' ff ,,...J--Q ' -f-LY q,,+i'1 . p- I evcwbg-A? ful 1 W' , 'EEE' - , , H .Q ' 15' - 'z X59 ' ' ,., , . ,, . . , Q q . V , nu .. 85.1 - 'V Y 4' if Y ' vfifl V 5 Trax., w-,'n,.I-ir-1,11 A - ' -' :sax I AV L. MN- , A, . I V-.,' QNX, P f ,...:::: - , , I ,' f 0 x , f x 5 ,R 4. -14' P 1. ' H ff A f- 74 ' Rf,-3 A L X 1-., f ,!' . ,... -XVA hir-: iEl...,.5 -7 'M Aff kg? 1? 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N A - 1 ,, mn!-Q' rg- , V f ' U: , . 0 1 -,E 1 M. 4 ug , V if S P H ML I-' Y K 55 ' A I,1l' ,-'Qs f A 5' 'M 'P' -2' . 'ma - X, ,W gf . , 5' I . .x. . . ' Y 3 - X ffm.:-. - . I X , u 1.-1' ' ' , SEQ gr, aww zu ,ul 5 4 Ji: Cu 'Wg w su ,L , -if E- K-.,ie:5f:e-,..,-1,e1,ae..-f- .-ff. .,-.:- ea:-Y ....4----wma. ,VYV - A mf--ale. --f.- 1-f 4 if P '-P ' P ,CMV w'5o Row 1: Frank Giambalvo, Jerry Camper Erwin Strauss, Johnny Davis, Bob Locke, Ton Beltran, Richard Young, Neil Kirschner, Ken Kissinger. Row 2: Barbara Merlo, Beverly Porte: Eleanor Webster, Margaret Rivera, Margare Morales, Loretta Bautista, Barbara Foste: Larry Fairfield, Maoario Vasquez. Row 3: Geraldine Morrison, Audrey Johnstoi Gloria. Cots., Peggy Redman, Ruth Bushne! Teresa Gomez, Katherine Masi, Carolin Teresa, Beverly Milner . Row 4: Donna Masuralla, Joe Elias, Lu Juarez, Albert Gomez, Robert Gomez, Jo Delvlateis, Bob Stone, Jack Musmecci, Fel Medina. , Row 5: Vicenta Silva, Betty Ruth Mille Shirley Fridell, Joe Camarena, Frank Calderol Angelina Ayala. Avelina .,Acosta. Juani Camarena, I-Ierlinda Herreras Row 6: Benny Estrada, Guillermo Lermi Helen Lubisich, Eriberto Lopez, Delfir Gonzalez, Genevieve Soto, Gloria Nevare Edna Baca, Dickie Espinoza, , Row 7: Robert Minjarez, Robert Domingue- Carlos Perez, Tlerry Moya., Manual Lozan Arnold Pinedo, John Belmonte, Margar Morales, Priscilla Gomez. Row 8: Rose Mangione, Elizabeth Ki: Norma Smith, Maria Viana., Yolanda Ai Tillie Carranza, Esther Ortiz. Jfua ee 3 h ,Or ' . -1 .tl 1 I I ' ' I 5132573 MM! ,f -,re 'gig-v in J- -7 ' V A g.'i'fI'- r ' , ' if .-1AI'CgiT'3?'f,:'3': if L - 1 ' .1 l ' --r - ,. , 'fa fr 1. 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TROW 6: Nora Alessi, Lily -Iernandez, Virginia Giacchi, Lea Cannuciari, ,lara Barunda, Angie Guardado, Virginia 'havez, Alice Garcia, Carmelita Avila. Row 7: 'Ianuel Amazda, Joe Tiscareno, Reynaldo acias, Yolk Low, Tony Sias, Wilbert Schilling, ,ouie Consoli. Row 8: Jesus Ramirez, Rudy anados. Row 9: Elvira Fonseca, Rosie nestas, Consuelo Reyes, Graciela Quinones, 'ugenia Ruiz, Beatrice Perez, Josephine arcia, Dora Ramirez. How 10: Simon Parra, ose Castillo, Alfred Talamantes, Clarence uffy, Roger Spaulding, Dale Campbell, Joe aguea, Joe Torres, Gordon Pelland. Row 11: arciano Lopez, Ray Sanchez, Ray Montoya, hilip Dillon, Frank Wong, Vincent Zepeda, lfc-nse Hermo, Eddie Sustayta. Row 12: Delia .uiz, Margaret Tapia, Lilly Lozano, Margaret ocha, Mollie Martinez, Angie Alvarado, Dolores arbosa, Adella Izaquirre, Mercedes Gallardo. ow 13: Katherine Alexander, Alice Hanna, arcell Snodgrass, Jesus Garlcia, Joe Cimma- usti, Catalina Pacheco, Rose Silva, Celia 'bavez. .Row 14:,Susie Ferraro, Joylce Pizo, onnie G.ianelli,' Connie Gervasi, Lea Vasquez, oel Annflfhurberg Theresa Gutierrez, Jo Ann ing. Anna Mae Dayian. Row 15: Evelyn 'izzuto, Carmen I-Iirata, Caroline Mascaro, irginia Inzalaco, Irene Paternastro, Gregoria altazar, Amelia Merez, Emily Gordon, Carmen adrid. Row 16: Rose Gomez, Annie Gonzales, ,lvira Garcia., Stella Campos, Beatrice Gutierrez if 'i ,iz Q I' C, L ' l J A l l x Q I G. vi,-, 1: 3 a l 'Iw i' lk 3 if ' Y.. , fl -' ' fl' inf' .W c .xx f I V-,. Q J .. ul 2 l ' l ,,,a1-,- 4, H nl, if 4 ww in 's ' 1 1 lb' 4 'Y Y ll 8 ill! I 1 ' I 'IR l if . if V' Q. 3'-,ll In I a w 3 It ' uzie Maldonado, Martha Bell Lucero, Lea '- ' , ' - 1-, , -ir G , -' J asquez, Rosalyn Pizzuto. 1 A iii, 3' P 4 Q 1,5 New Y I L----rr' ' ,Y ' Ar! . K ,J 'iii ' W 21 LQ uf ,gl -rg G L f F R ,AE W-if df! ,-1 , 1 VX if 1 L, 'Eel , .M 1 'E' 1 X I - .7 1 r K 5 , W 'S W A W- - : Q V 324 I - ' 1 .' 1, ,, 2 4 Lexil e N- 2,54 ' A7 Wi,,1 , la 1 all of if . 2 E ': al -3 If lf: F lf G 1 . 1 1 , L 1 Lib' ,K f ' , J , -J ,ll 1 X Kiki- ', LET A-A I 1 . I ' Q ' , le ' ?g1-,,'X., im ,, fir- C,,1nu.!!Li5.,, A gl' 7 A' ' ' --31, ' f iw rw H AWN , J or L , ,L 4 W -M -- c-.3 , iz ,all S .1 1 ,.A. I ll 0 T 11 la!! ng, . t:...,.,, 1-1-l 4 - A l l' .1 'i::.:':.3'f:U:L':. ..1-L M- - - : - f 1 Mxiwl- .-1.- ---r ' . . . , iz anus V- -' K . ?: ,35h.5,-5-5, .:a.uafr M - 1 -V 5 '-' r :j 5. l - ll , I V M ,M ,,. l T ' ' g,, 8 - 1 -. .. V. L' , N 'T 'a ' ' A 1 :VN .. -- V S LK I. A . nl' s. E 7 i ,u ll V 1 ' e ., , l i l, be , V . ll Q.. h I - I . 3' ': -qi' .3 - , ' 1 152.0 wal, , ,i x l M' I X a ,i M . Jas! ' ' . A g .gf N .svn J s. li' 1 Y K l I N ! H 1 f. L .am ' V A. 1 : X i ' f : 1' f 'RS' A Y l fn ' lx J 1 -. Y l I , U l w -,hm .N 0,1 , ff ,. nf Y Q' , X 1 fan. A.. ,A H , JA ! F? .Iss vi L L.. L me V lx - 4,5 .. F . 3-TW ' - in ' I v t 'Ki l -'F L2 LN, X' if . N J' .m-l.,,.-ielgf , , y ' r A ' 1 . I '1 I D I X- mi., , 1 Y , at. els. QA f 1 ' Y 'WA-1 - . ' y -' Y. L. . - f' -ga- . E' f , 11 ,X sx' :V I W . ,,. .V-..,?l u- - ' ,H ,x. r, 2: '-'rr '-5 5 V . j wx- .1 P . s QC,- g l' r .,i X, A, -A 'lf ' di: ' - 2. V iff ,. F- 53.5, .ao . I- A j qail 1' .,. , . E . T 1 A , i. -f -,NA 4.6. 4 9 , f 1. - 1' , -. 1 , 1 . . ui, I -,,lQ.g -S, f-in ,U-Q1 V, . in M il: i ' 1, 30, Row 1: Pete Uratea, Salvador Ybarra, Eziq: Margas, James Hale, Richardo Orneles, T01 Cias, Arthur Ezpijel, Ann Navarro. Row 2: Abrelando Garza., Ma Joe Ramirez, Fra Vasquez, Lawrence Woo, Migiuel Estra Ruben Robles, Charles Pavia, Gilbert Me Bob Giancanelli, William Perez. Row 3: Augu tine Aguirre, Ernest Cota, Tony Fernand Valdy Padilla, George Pivaroff, Dick Mede Wald, Darrel Angles, Carlos Perea, Dani Peclroza. Row 4: Lee Ann Hennessey, Dolo Maggio, Martha Gonzales, Ines Kurtenbag Ruben Lopez, Carlos Rodriguez, Donald Ta gart, Duane Zea. 'IfU'5I Row 1: Edith Padilla, Velia Macias, Car Rodriguez, Irene Fiero, Alice Montez, Contreras, Bernice Moya, Rose Marie Andr Dolores Gonzales. Row 2: Floyd McKee Eddie Gilkerson, Raul Regalado, Ma Estrada, Charlie Schwartz, Rudy Urbino, Valenzuela, Joe Guzman, Salvador Chico. 3: Rauban Vioroto, Jimmy Barnett, Prin Milano, Rachel Fuentes, Rachel Luna, R Ruiz, Crescencio Santos, Andy Marti Manuel Guerra. Row 4: William Rando Fernando Hernandez, Joe Macelli, Al Villanueva, Bill Hazel, Albert Lopez, Cathe Malone, Jose Gallardo, Salvador Saguera. 5: Vince Procopio, Carl Nimz, Lydia Mu Gloria Medina, Aurora Ruiz, Alice Marq Lupe Sedello, Eddy Moore, Jimmy Do Row 6: Helen Figneron, Gloria Marq Carmen Valdez, Carmen Urquii, Espera Munoz, Ruth Turney, Katherine Mal Marguerite Mingiavilli, Mary Louise. Ro Manuel Cadena, Frank Pachineo, Ric Mireles, Edmund Corrals, Mike Micciche, Gallagher, Richard Carlson, Adolph Morlr James Vcnuto. Row 8: Bobby Fou, Pasqua, Mary Romero, Manuel Felix, Flores, Amparo Espino, Socorro Arias, Chan, Vincent Moreno. Row 9: George 'l'oni Hernandez. '51 -w 1: Leo Travisio, Carlos Aguliar, Rodger nnff, Jerry Martinez, Stephen Rojas, Joe rez, Rudy Davis, Joe Cerde. Row 2: Frank roles, Jiro Matsuno,.. Manual Mejia, Larry wman. Alfred Banks, Frank Gomez, Ping ang, Ronald Beary, Addo Peretti. Row 3: onne Rogers, Janet Vrckeroth. Doreen acan, Betty Fontenot, Stella Tortelli, Joan ersole, Dimitria Dimitriu. Row 4: Mary tale, Alicia Martinez, Gloria Fierro, Dora ssan, Hortensia Ceballas, Yolanda Castilli, sie Rios, Juanita Garcia. Row 5: Gloria rdetto, Rachel Ambriz, Ca.1nen Lucero, mona Lugo, Paul Mattox. Frank lVl'a'rlcl -hard Bergman, Dick Baustamente, Fred ca. Row 6: Manuel Chavez, Andy Martinez, ynnond George, Manual Vllareas, Robert .r'k, Bill lsenhower, Joe Martinez, James rafla. Row 7: Anna Pelenaro. Loretta, Rosa. rrlas Kondo, Bob Smith, John Madrid, Art se, I-Ialerio Guiterrez, Louis Spagnola, anor Soto. Row S: Angie Viano, Cfr-ol atz, Diane Chaparro, Eleanor Catroppa., Rita suralla, Armida Gomez, .To Ann Navarro, mces Saldono, Sonia Kurtenback. Pow U: I Martinez. Dino Paulas, ,Paul Gomez, Aneel rals, Arnxonclo Acnst. NRichard M'2rtinP'n bert Gerordo, Anthony Grant, Richard ntillias. Row 10: Arthur Velasques. Arthur ills, Phil Crispi, Ronald Ortiz, Buddy Clark, uninic Cr-rutti. Louie Gravino, Eddy Sad. vv 11: Anita Banaro, Marie Bonando, Connie ila, Marlene Swallows, Tillie Hill, Erlene cero, Louise Gatto, Jo Ann Martinellie. Row Vicent Gerardo, Alfred Navarro, Jack ore, Bernard Canrique, Robert Chavfz, tirnore Castro, Salvadore Jim, Frank mnandez, Bill Pacaro. Row 13: Leon Casada. in D'Amo1e Alex F ' z Richard y ' , , ' ,spmo a, rnandez, Victor Tami, Luis Springer, Charlie .ero, Stephen Dela Rosa, Howard Ortega.. N 14: Janet Knbo, Taeko Murakami, Beverly f, Kathryn Armas, Eva Julias, Eunice 'tief, Louis Tarrison, Gloria Na ca, Diane .rro. Row 15: Albert Piedro, Jimmy Taylor, hard Parker. Whit111o1'e, Remonde Parker, son Herle. Frank Baldi. Row 16: Olga Rivals, Lee Carrilli, Frank Costello, Michael Ga'-m, n Victoria, Pauline Ac-osta, Martha narana. '1 Row 1: Henrietta Vasquez, Gladys Torre Lupe Hernandez, Celia Perez, Dora Corte Tomaso. Mora, Annie Gonzales, Matella Insig Row 2: Gilbert Gaska, Ray Desbrow, Dav Nivin, Chuck Ferranti, Emil Tedesco, .Ter Heslet, Jack Flortery, Danny Montabano. Ro 3: Martin Jung, Tony Lucero, Carlos Pere Marvin Fletcher, Vincent Monici, Arthva Douglas, Tommy Rabensteine, Daniel Rery Row 4: Arminda Maldenado, Dolores Galeg Frances Auanes, Matilda Sornora, Glor. Gonzales, Lu'cille Gomez, Elena Delgad Middcc Jones, Winifred Jones. Row 6: Rosar Alcantar, Marley Smith, Thomas Bondi, Ra Gonzales, Philip Aguilar, William LeGarda. iW'52 Row l: Franklin Vignol, Tony Lopez, Euge Desara, Jay Blackwater, Harry Casino, Ben Lucero, Frank Sotello, Jerry Salgado, An Gonzales. Row, 2: Mary Price, Audrey Was ington, Pauline Madrid, Julia Arias, Ame Camarena. Charlotte Cano, Bessie Parri- Ramona Bautsta, Row 3: Mary de la Cruz, B Apadaca, Williani Hernandez, Ramon Magg Neil Temmin, Manuel Gonzales, Ramo Castillo, Esther Favela. Row 4: Caroli Palmer, Esther Aragones, Joyce Rows Bernice I-Ioodenpile, Stelle Valdez, Laron Joh son, Alice Saiza. Row 5: Olga Rios, Polly Tre Armida Perez, Barbara Rendon. 'Row 6: Fra Terrojas, Sammy Alvarado, Raymond Delga Andy Ran, Robert Tober, Frank Buccola, B Cody, Johnny Fada. Row 7: Jesus Valenzu Tommy Salazar, Mando Rojas, Frank Barlo Gilbert Contreles, David Ramirez, Ste Caneon, Edward Silva., Armando Lopez, Row Delfina Hernandez, Ollie Wilson, Do Worthen, Rachel Cervantes, Jerrll Ruiz, Jac Wright, Delia Martinez, Ofelia Martin Rosalina Luzano, Row 9: Sara Arsena, Elean Gonzales, Colleen Koon, Shirley Frederic Audrey Smith, George Giancanelli, .Toe More Gilbert Contreras,Daniel Pineda: 'LU52 w nl: 'Henry Lopez, 'Robert Aguilar, Henry uilar, Richard Andrade, Bill Medley, Charles mpey, Gonzalo Ayala, Eutimio Barreras, rgil Odele. -Row 2: Angelina Attolico, Rachel mez, Mary Perez, Johnny Mae Wilson, ne Medrano, Alice Najar, Rudy Gayton, die Harold, Richard McKinney. Row 3: ris Garcia, Angelina Rodriguez, William rnandez, Joe Pacheco, James Hollier, George mberton, Robert Jimenez, Ruth Abril, Eloise eda. Row 4: Dolores Hernandez, Ofelia rez, 'Romana Baltazar, Esther Razo, Marie gil, Stella Sanchez, Gloria Lopez, Celia arcon, Margarite Guzman. Row 5: Olga vila, Gloria Katataye, Armida Perez, Vicky ladino, Margaret Rodriguez, Bella Casas. w 6: Gilsert Ramirez, Raul Aguilar, David arez, Ed le 'Florzi, Manuel Gordon, Walter al-rely, Rex Richards, Arthur Johnson, Burl yal. Row 7: Sammy Salvato, Danny nchala, Tony Banuelas, Louie Hernandez, endell MacKinnon, Lionel Mendez Ruben tres, Larry McCarran, Edward Martinez. w 8: Connie Munoz, Evangeline Veazey, rbara Mott, Jean Haynes, Juanita Silvas, rmen Perez, Paty Sanjacorno, Elaine Leon, ita. Gutierrez. W 9: Raul Talarmon, Louie Vasquez, Henry ndoza, Frank Valencia. '52 ow J: Marciano Soto, Charles Gagliano, vador, Valenzuela, Julio Galvan, Henry iz, Jim Spallino, Frances Sanchez, Carlos gica, Paul Russo. Row 2: Charles Vega, nk Bautista, Rubin Provincio, Ramon Haro, us Vasques, Jesus Dominguez, George rone, Gilbert Castinada. Row 3: Nick aldo, Larry Weltner, Virginia Castro, nie Santiago, Virginia Zaro, Victoria nandez Josephine Oronoz, Raul Rodriguez, tor Sanchez. Row 4: Manuel Aranda, Tom ton, Robert Pike, Richard Armstrong, Louis mo. James Leong, Angie Velascos, Faith kely, Carol Ellyson. Row 5: Joann Bebinetto, nces Ferraro, Lola Melgosa, Velia Cobles, a Rose Buccola, Gloria Mingirulli, Margaret nal, Louise Kawamusi, Grace Sanzo. Row Betty Lansing, Barbara Allman. Barbara. dova, Lucy Quinones, Myra Ayle, Constance nones, Charlotte Martinez, Dorothy Mc- ert, Delia Brazier. N il! 'uf as 1 lr Y sk .- N 'T ! J .N i 1 ' L l-,3 ,Q 'l W . - We .V ,f A lj xi' I Nga' VA .A if 4 :HV 4, xii.. ,,... , . . ,g if 5 ffl... , ' ' L J, Q 'raw' gg' l.,. 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Hernandez, .Toe Cancola, Gary Pallin, Ro Alvarado, Frank Raymond, Leo Martin, Ro Gonzales. Row 3: Elisa Alva., Grace I-Iooden Virginia. Garcia., Catherine Smith, Dol Cancii, Ella Davis, Rachel Najar, B Harrison, Vera Blackburn. Row 4: Mary E Chavez, Geraldine Martinez, Pat Crew Johan Townsend, Annie Johnson , Billie J Vvalters, Anna Mae Rizzuto, Jean Sil Baylen Rivas. Row 5: Gilbert Esbom, Tom Saisa, Richard Chaveo, Myrna, Smith Ca Aragon, Joe Lopez, Mary Dides, Maria Mora Eleanor Casillas. Row 6: Daniel Baker, R Arellano, John Vargas, Alex Bustamo Ernest Gonzalles Gilbert Eshom, John Ben Henry Miranda. Row 7: Frank Calif Arthur Flores, Victor Chavez, Eddie Wilki 'David Kay, Robert Jimenez, Richard Sm' Pow 8: Gloria Hernandez, Dora Cartez, D Qiuntano, Eleanor Knight, Hope Rodrig Barbara Patterson, '53 v 1: Bob Martinez, Alfred Avila, Sirgil sen, Jerry Gerrowitz, John Gomez, Salvador cia, Francis Cuggolitl, Tony Mohica. Row Natalia Martinez, Joe Cardova, Anthony adina, Darrel Lumas, Sammy Ronella, tby Smith. Row 3: Mary Corrales, Martha tamante, Diane Simily, Charlene Haynes, ,herine Millize, Jackie Coleman, Denize 'gini, Adella Gallego, Betty Montez. Row Virginia Davis, Roger Martinez, Ruben .rra, Artie Romero, Jesus Garcia, Joe Tober, acio Alva, David Chapparro, Joanne sclmer. Row 5: Mercy Carrilli, Anita, 'quez, Rose Herrera, Rosemary Avalos, ert Lopez, Nadine Simon, Betty Mad.-id, bara Rodriguez, Delia Gloria. Row 6: Mary ri Duke, Adeline Diaz, Johanna D'Amore, bara Rogers, Rosemary DiBel1a, Concetta issi, Mickey Delgado, Peggy Vaughn, bara King. Row 7: Robert Morrill, Gary by, John Mc-Guire, Lawrence Howard, nel Medley, Danny Gurrola, Ralph Lopez, ry Dymtryk. Row 8: Bobby Ollervides, Jim len, Herman Baltazar, Clarence Scott, Floyd ington, Anthony Bua., Robert Ram.rez, iuel Sanzo, Louis Velasques. Row 9: Annalee ch, Helen Mata, Rosalee Burch, Del'a iirez, Geraldine Serna., Jean Barkley, nces I-laynie, Shirley Glaze, Maria Fuentes. 1 10: Bill Henning, David Surface, Arthur er, Budford Small, Tito Guerto, Nemecio mid, Henry Celecido, Donald Guffey, Jac-k . Row 11: Sammy Geonetta, Mike Chico, lan Calderon, Diodor Coteras, John Powell, by Richardson, Sc-lrailly, Joe Garcia, Rohcrt Ile. Row 12: Yolanda Flores, Louanne Allen, ley Gibson, Olga Perez, Pauline Guzman. ?fU'54 1: Angelica Lopez, Armida Meza, Rosa,- a Leon, Beryl Schenk, Esther Sandoval, ldine Rincon, Martha Sanchez, Jeanette egas. Row 2: Monica Pedregon, John Mc- , 'Charles Solis, Phil Hunter, Charles Brit- Arthur Gutierrez, Bnrel Southard, Judith off, Rose Scelso. Row 3: Dovie Pitts, ces Ortaga, Alex Mata., Frank Hernandez, ry Vasquez, Narcisco Martinez. Lea. L 4.14-Ag, i 5 1, T l I - pi- , . ,,,,,.,.,.. 4 , l 1 wx if A V, e f' gg if 9 2 , ' , .1 - f..,-..'m..LQ A 'V ' 'LU'54 Row 1: Bob Gallaway, Frank Geno Ralph I-Iatche, Carlos Gomez, Fernando Ju Jimmy Reynolds, James Archuleta, Valencia., John Reas. Row 23 Tommy JoekYoung, Carl Cos, Angelo Cerneka, T Ramos, Joe Carbajal, Rufus Medrano, W l:T'ronterto.Row 3, Irene Torrell, Dorothy Lucy Huerta, Concha Rodriguez, Eu Diekman, Nacy Baca.. Gladys Jones, Mai Gomez, Pauline Ramirez. Row 4, J Gonzae,zl Charles Montana, Robert Raymond Eisneros, Charles Romero, Villegas, Benny Padilla., Charles Mauno. 52. Robert Lopez, Alex Mata, Albert Alu Richard Luzano, John Negrete, Robert O Frank Campos, Albert Luzano. Row 63 E. Mastro, Vivian Bartoluzzi, Dorothy Louise Bode-r, Margaret Smith, Camilla Mary Helen Valder. Row 73 Eddie C Chavez, Willy Terrones, Toni Cand Carlos Mojica, Danny Gonzales, Rodriguez, Billie Chavez, Robert Moya. R Gilbert Castinada., Uraullo Martinez Durand, Joe sous, Elizabeth Litt1e,' P Piiz. ow 1' Rudolph Gonzales, Ramon A Frgnk Bacio, Sammy Castaneda, Rudy Arther Magana, Salvador Martinez, Tello, Tony Renteria. Row 25 Villa- Robert Madrid, Max Jeffers, Eward Go Richard Hernandez, Richard Bernal. Berba. Surface, . Teresa 50185. L Fairfield, Edna Wilson, Angelica Luna, Sandoval, Matie Porter, Clara. Moreno, Ballard. Row 42 -TOUR S059-1 R055 Bobby Garcia, Edward Hernandez, Ra Najar, Kenneth Price, Richard Flores. Kenneth Lewis, Robert Candelavia, Mancillos, Alfredo Navarro, Mike Riva Wilkins, Louis Bustamante Robert AT Row 6: Sylvia Laufe, Gloria Chipres, Jea Joan Moreno, Julia Torrez, FraTACeS G Annie Flores, Mary Bozarth. ,P-OW 71 Robinson, Celia Recendez, Linda B Ann Termanez, Patricia Blakely, Aurora Betty Carm. .5 '54 Row 1, Richard Klasek, Alfred Jimenez, ichard Murfui, Robert Royal, Nicky Velasco, Jilliam Koeck, Philip Buffalo, Anthony uselly. Row 2: Paul. Shaw, Joe Guidero, Jerry arlow, Johnny Cordova, Robert Ervin, homas Cuellab, Dave Davis, John Frio, Willie Iaiden. Row 3: Ramona. Ballesteros, Joene osso, Cassie Rodriguez, Rosemary Lane, Lperanza Silva, Joan Lawrence, Beverly lonero. Row 4: ,Peter Vasques Eddie Urallio, nthony Curoso, Joseph Kay, Pedro Juarez, rnando Mojica., Roberto Davila, Victor edrano. Row 5: Ruby Lewis, Alma Duffy, lly Sheperd, Philip Weisla1', Ramona. Phelps, sie Alvardo, Joan Orantia. Row 6: Mary uran. Sylvia Duke, Elaine Lira, Virginia ores, Ernesina. Escamilla, Sally Moreno, Lulu ae Johnson, Rosie Holguin. Row 7: David ntreras, Arthur Bevins, Leroy Cleaver, mando Mojica, Carlos Mojica, Eldon Diltz, 'ctor Madrano, Edward Narrufo, David uselly. Row 8: Melville Starky, Gilbert uartey, John Martinez, Robert Valenzuela, nthony Vacelli, Danny Miller, Howard King, ugene Pope. Row 9: Monica Lara, Lucia eia, Patricia Cotter, Angie Calistro, Lupe ntreras, Ella Maldonado. Row 10: Alice animan, Mildred Ortega, Antonia Fonseca, ann Sanchez, Favi Pacheco. Ll., Hx . -- w- 1 : fill .X- .a......-.. t.. . . .. af fs EL.. r W-5 EI a- 'X-jx 51 J, 3.11 .4-.- UV ,-, mu, ,w 'Huh Lf X 3 i M M umm F 3 v x y M , S eff- in , , ,gx , ' 6--mmf?fY'.,L Q - ' 'Rf' STAY- : .if H .4 'WW .HV m f m Y AJ. F AS' 7 u f 3 'mu 4 'Mai 7' :.1pf1. mf Q L.-.. iii, wf W Ni, 5 ' -Y --,H C- ff f .7 W H. 1 1 1?-'L QI, 4111 4' 1- fr fp-, . 1 , . p N..- 1' ,g x5,,, ., 'lm' ' '. ' ' 1 'fy Aufi- . '32 '-ffiififl. Q Q . '.,,, fi .wi wb Miiiigg' '--B ff ff. lm as .7 ,.Y..,.. L., ww '-fi' if - ' mg-1: ., W ua, L, Q L' . 'Q iw .rf ff ,A M 1 ' nl if? , ,,- ,,, H,f:.1.'.! .. -.,, ,.l,. iff,-3 -f .ig H f, A -g5n., 1i'g-'1 M, Y S I :- .Wi A ii-'SW 'Sr Q-fl -,vq -, J Q- ffm ,- ' '. W.wf?. -N -MQ U .. K ,, 'pm Q. . N, -5 1 3- f H Q ' 1 .. - . ,..,, -.. ' 7 V r . . 'L f -' 'L ' x ... f 451 r. - 1 ' , ,. I 1 ' Q 5 If . S PM ' SE N-' fd ,, 5,-,,,,,, FP ', 1 1, g 4 1 fi 1 , - - ' A X 4- 7 --' . - J' v ff M 1 :- - A we - 5 441. 1' .. ' ,. 1' H fi-'N ' L: 1. , N m ' X q k 4 I ' V' 'T , b -r q M HJ... H ' I V u , 1 , ,-,gA M ' .1 N hw TQ Q Club Q fl Q S n if 7 Cjolwcioua 6 . A 3 A34 L E ' ' 4-' - A ,ff ..f A ki a , , , 2 ,E 4.77 , 1 1 , . -M ax A' 3 - , ,g f ' .viii V ' 'x 1 , wi W wg ' ' A .5 D qzgu . ' V , X I ,,,,,:'l.g211y-,Q-5, ' I iii-1:'2f-H255-fu A N M, ,,-,L-eww ,..4. .V ,, , Uday AN., 1 FY 1 11. ns?4r65w!w Y . 1-.v aww' ' - -fl 2 .rw .',:.L nf 5 ,,:,,?r4, 1 -'ill '-imp , . A'-. 5 31-.ff '-vii 'L-,im of-fl' HK -N: I-,:,: - 13,,1'vj 2:14g'n32x 1 QLf'?w1qX34f4 wp ' 74353411-E.+ w-Av jd LLf.1'fiUQ ,,-.ivwx 5-gin . '43, we 'r'5fP'fi wa- :- QQEBIQQIEQP-1 5555 , Bm vi 51'-f!f 1 ff- un , vLl1 ,::f:' .f 4 r 'f fb!-qycg 53 I-' 31:1 3 jj rr. M 5rqff,f,.g .,. -, ,l ,, 4, -. fm-, 1'ff:'2fl1+f.q2'f 3? 3:s'fip?:- -, , -. ifffigfr , 25'l1z '. .?:::5q , ' X-1:Q,v.'1f 1.53 X .. lffifcl--21311213 Af V. 5'f'-PI . : - ' .WL 52:2-S1- f' 'J- ,iLa c':v:XT2f1 i.9T:f'EQ.'?.Vg,:-P wi-L-' ' V ,-'y,1V',-L-lggti ji!-A mg.-Q51 g., fly'-ll V '1f'f- v-fig-Q Haw kgiafjfygj' ' ' ' H L Vjggy iii? 5.7 .ygiaii-'Di . q:,:j5: ' wif, fir! ,- 511 1 ggzfar-4fz,g If 5' 7 in ffi'-15? gl-igfifgfififlli. , , 11 5 1 .4.-va-1:-,,'-3. 1 f- f 515.33'.ig':gg,2i.,56 J ' ff .Q . . 5513 fl mg g ' ,-.-.-.1,Qi:,ii?3.9-?rlQ5,3'X'iQ,- 3-:,.':v,157r'm'.J r- 5,1 QQ-fry. A 5:,yIzUEi ' -5 'iK1.B'C K',4' ' .1 ' W' ,Qf1rf' I, -511-Eh',,'14?fi1, l4:p,lrJv,x5:,' J 'wif' s' - L-' ',f:'z,g: 1 , M 'A - ,f ' 'gfglh--4,-1' F-'Q ' N 5.3 nge-iffy' :EL - 5? HRW' y 21- L+' . m 5 w 1 15 .E H' M,- ,nmwv :T y T. .M w ,1 .gg 5 ' . ' IZ' gf' Y' z,,5v.M,q. , First row: Juanita Carnarena, Avelina. Acosta, Audrey Johnston, Delia Troncoso, Mary Jimenez, Loyola. Romero, Helen Olguin, Dolores Martinez, Shirley Carpenter, Donna. Masuralla, Antoinette Jacovetta, Marie Ferrante, Elvira D'Aniico. Second row: Teresa Gomez. Eleanor Webster, Esther Hernandez, Loretta Bautista, Ruth Flores. Barbara. Pagliuso, Helen Lubisich, Lorene Hayden, Delfina. Gonzalez, Velda. May Kane, Barbara Merlo. C hatelaines ll you become a Chatelaine you vqill have reached a goal set hy many of Lincoln's girls anrfachieved hy few. This is the honor organization for twelfth grade girls. Every Chatelaine must maintain and UE or S standing in citizenship and he willing to give service to her school. Unlike other organizations the Chatelaines choose their ,K own projects: worlcing at the Gates Street Nursery, singing in a church choir, serving tea, or helping at the P.T.A. meet- ings. Chatelaine service talies place after school. Holding the gracluation arches with the Knights is an . anticipated occasion and one long rememherecl. President of Chatalaines The Chatelaines, always the Charming hostesses of the Shmey Carpenter school, entertain' other service organizations at the service party given at the cncl ol every semester. 'if Eiflfilm Lad yes To hecome a l..atlye one must have an EH or Sn standing in citizenship, gdool attendance, and a goocl scholastic re' cord. The Ladyes are eleventh gracle girls in- tercstefl in serving Lincoln. I The first function in which a Ladye participates is the initiation of new memlners. This serious occasion talces place in the Social Hall ahout the fifth weelc ol' school. After the initiation the Laclyes begin planning for the eleventh gracle party. They, with the help of the Squires play hosts to the eleventh gracle class. It is harcl worl: hut lots ol lun.. As service to Lincoln the Laclyes stand posts in the Com- mercial hnilrling everv noon. act as ushers at the gracluation, ancl serve at the R.O.T.C. Ball. The service the Laclyes like hest is serving with the Squires at the Senior Aye ancl 56 Bee Dinner Dance. First row: Shu Loo, Robert Oventile, Edward Howe, Bob Martino, Ray Camacho, Lucious Banks, Oscar Garcia. Second row: Richard Fennelly, Robert Gomez, Frank Calderon, Joe Camarena, Erwin Strauss, John Davis, Manuel Saldumbide, Guillermo Lerma, Pat O'i3annon. Third row: Bob Stone, Bob Locke, Frank Giambalvo, Eriberto 1 Lopez,Ma.nue1 Lozano. Knights T , 1 This honor organi7ation is open only to twelfth grade hoys with or S standing. Liice the Chatelaines they 'Q have a limited membership of twenty-tour. 'A Knights have many opportunities to serve Lincoln: they usher at the assemblies, take tickets at hasicethau, hasehail, N football games, and gym meets. At graduation they stand as arch-bearers with the Chatelaines. Each semester the emblem of the Knights is made up in the class colors and mates a very attractive shoulder patch on their senior sweaters. Most of the Knights have worked their way up to Knight- hood from the different organizations open to them in the iower grades. Knight membership in the last year of school maices an appropriate climax to a hoy,s service career. President of Knights Lucious Banks wee, 2? N Y,--,..--......: ,. - T. ci ia. i Squires The honor organization for the eleventh grade hoys is the Squires. This group is made up of about thirty hoys with E and S standings. Mr. Harmon is the sponsor, and the group meets vveeidy in his room at noon. The Squires have many different ways of serving Lin- coln--they stand post every day in the Administration Building. Nfvith the Ladyes they serve at the Senior A and B Dinner Dance, and they also serve as hosts at the eleventh grade party which is held at the end of every semester. if- - -uv- K V- gay am: 7671 A i L 10517411611 - 'Q 'QW lepvrwpazi i lgg'-in During the past two years the Maids organization has come into its own prominence as a result of its service to Lincoln. The Maids organization is open to tenth grade girls of E and SH standing and a few outstanding. girls ol L standing who have been recommended hy their teachers. As service to their school the Maids sell food in the hash lines, worl: at the switchboard in the Main Office after school, and sell annuals to the student hody. Une of the most enjoyahle activities a Nlnicl has is heing hostess at-the tenth grade party. fsfiv if gf, - 4p v,g2 a . -,X V25 Lassies Lassies, the eighth and ninth grade girls service organization, is composed ol ahout thirty girls who are a credit to Lin- coln 'High School. Students of E standing in citizenship are eligible for membership as well as outstanding girls with ls standing who have been recom- mended hy their teachers. The inductioon ceremony, conducted in the Social Hall, is informal and lovely. The lassies have very efficiently served the faculty during nutrition period the past semester. Another service they have performed is assisting memhers of the faculty record and grade papers. and helping them in any other way needed. Alpha Society The Alpha Society is composed of students who have attained the highest standards of scholarship in the B'10 grade and ahove and is a local chapter of the California Scholarship Fed- eration. The point standards of eligibility are set hy the State s Society: the list drawn up at the end of each semester is based on the worl: done in the preceding term. All those who have heen qualified for' membership for tour semesters, one of which is eamecl during the sen-ior year, are given the honor of life memhership in the State Society upon graduation. The certificate of membership which is included with each ol: their diplomas serves as a recommendation at any time hut is especially important to those who are planning on college entrance i 58 or are trying for scholarships. This is a goal for all-an honor for those who attain it. is f77 IV lUi777'! I Pages The tenth grade service organization for lyoys is the Pages. This organization is composed of ahout thirty laoys of MEM and US standing and prominent hoys with L stand- ing who are recommended hy their teachers. The Pages is one of Lincoln's finest up-and-coming organizations. As service to Lincoln they serve as ushers in in lower grade assemlnliesg their main duty, however, is to lceep the students out of the Administration louilding het- ween 8 Zoo and 8220 in the morning. ,rbi -ii M., f l . aww A . I ' Lads 31 The leads is an eight and ninth grade lnoys organization which has lueen inactive for a numloer of years. This year under the direction of Mr. Van Vlear it has lneen re- organized for the purpose of having the main 331 ,building closed to the lower grades from li' 8150 until 9:15 A.lVl. J Qualifications for this organization are not , too specific except that memltners must have is .. H E or S standing in citizenship. This is the first opportunity tower grade laoys have been given to earn service credits. l l World -Friendship Club .lust a friendly spirit towards others malces any Lincoln High School student welcome as a inemlner of the World Friendship Club ol: our school, the purpose of which is to promote friend- liness among the people of the world and therelay to prevent wars. Replace Xxforld XVars with World Friendship is the cluh's motto. Since the laest place to begin is at home we must show the rest of the world a perfect example of how all races, nationalities. and creeds can live together peacefully and with justice for all. Any class or group in the school may join the School Feder- ation hy a majority vote of the class or group: they then study to gain lcnowledge of literature, language, geography, customs,his- tory, music, etc. of other countries. This cluh belongs to the Los Angeles City Federation and cooperates with its activities. There is also a California State Federation. Mrs. Tufts is the sponsor ol the Lincoln Chapter: Joe Camarena, its school president. V 59 Tri- Y The Tri-Y is an organization open to any girl in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth gracles. These girls worlc in close harmony with the Y.iVI.C.A. During the sum-mer the Y.lVl,C.A. senrls the newly-electecl presiclent to Monterey for a weela, expenses paicl lay contributions from all the Y-teen organi- zations of Los Angeles. Here they learn how trh supervise their groups to the henelit ot a . The initiation ol new memhers talccs place in Clifton! Cafeteria. Qne ot their very important cluties is Crocheting towels For the Red Cross. They also help out at the Boys, Cluh dances anrl the Tiger Den dances. For pleasure they go to the beach swim at the Y.lVl.C.A., and leave hayricles with the hoys in the Hi-H' 4 5, nu, -if ug- ,X Red C ross one ol the most important organizations not only at Lincoln hut throughout the worltl' is the Red Cross. Lincolnss organization consists of stuclents in- terested in helping' others in their time of neecl. ln the winter the Reel Cross cluh puts together Red Cross hoxes, filled hy the students of Lincoln, to he sent 'overseas to Europe, Japan, and the South Pacific. later on in the year they'malce jolce hoolcs which are sent to the veterans' hospitals, and collect stamps which will he arlrlecl to some serviceman's collection. The memhers of the Red Cross club are especially active during the Red Cross clrive when they deliver Reel Cross posters to they other classrooms. Some even go to nearhy grammar schools ancl junior high schools with posters ancl make speeches ahout the Red Cross. rs:-nom,-'nA Boy's L Society The Boys' L Society is an organization of all the varsity lettermen at Abraham Lincoln High School. The cluh meets every other weelc to discuss ways ancl means of improving our program of athletic- activities. Their joh is to usher and help on the fielcl at all athletic events, to encourage other hoys to go out for athletics, and to perform various other johs. For entertainment the Society sponsors clances, hay- ricles ancl banquets as a rewarcl For the effort and achievement put forth hy the members on the athletic fielcl. The presiclent of the society ancl Mr. Malette, its sponsor, form the nucleus of the organization with the other officers. The officers r e c e i v e the wholeheartecl cooperation of all their memhers, which assures them a very successful year. Girl' s L Society The Girls Society is a recognizzecl organization maintainecl lor the purpose ol ollering service to the school, community, ancl clepartinent of Physical Education. Any girl who has earned her letter in athletics at Lincoln High School is eligihle to laecome a memher of the Girls Ml. Society. Upon entrance to the Society each memlicr signs rr pleclgge promising to upholcl the stanclarrls ol goocl sportsmanship, promote athletic, ancl improve in- cliviclual and school citizenship in every way possihle. The vice-president of G.A.A. hecomes president automatically of the Girls Ulf Society. The other of' licers are electecl lay the members. A The girls meet on the first Vxfeclnesday of every month uncler the sponsorship of lvlrs. Huclclleson. Hi-Y The Hi-Y, a lnranch of the Young Mens Christian Association. is composed of lnoys in senior high school whose purpose is to helpthe school and community in all poss- ilule ways ancl to maintain a high stanclarcl ot ethics tor its memhers. During the toothall season the Lincoln Hi-Y sold colces' and programs at the games in order to raise money tor on automatic scorehoarcl in the laoys, gymnasium. They were successful ancl thanlcs to the Hi-Y, we now have the electric scorehoarcl. The Hi-Y meets in the print shop every Friclay noon ginrl is sponsorecl lay Mr. Forcl. rf! Science Club The Science club is extremely active with a very large memlmership. During the past two years they have macle excursions to the Southwest Museum in Highland Park, the Los Angeles iMuseum at Expos- ition Perle, ancl the Planetarium in Criltth Parlc. The rnemlners ot the Science ',Cluh are interest- ecl in all fielcls of science incluclinp fire prevention. soil conservation, and chemistry. The president FOI' this semester is Bill Davisp the sponsor is Mrs. Beulah Cornell. Luncheon Club Did you lznow tbat tbe lunclueon club is a particular privilege for all girls at Lin- coln?'Tl1e reason is tbat not many scbools allow two periods a day eacli semester and still give full credit for suclm creative worlc. The duties of tbe girls in tbis organi- zation are to talre care of all required arrangements in planning, preparing, and serving for tlie affairs wbicb talce place at Lincoln. This club, wbicli is made up of tbe eleventb and twelftb grade girls, is under the supervision of Miss Smitb. These girls are anxious to serve tbeir scbool in every way possible, sucb as serving Dr. Riley and bis guests, tbe Optimist Club, serving tbe entire faculty at tea and any scbool club wben necessary. +151- 3 gc, Cu Q A-rf, as-Af it Stage Crew Being a member of tlie stage crew ollers ex' cellent 'experience for any boy in bigb scbool. You malce many friends wbile learing bow to liandle sucb stage ap- paratus asi sound equipment, ligbts, sets, and tlie spealcer system. Tliese boys meet every clay fourth period as a class. Tbey receive credits for tlieir worlc b e C a u s e tliey talre cliarge of all assemblies belcl in tbe auditorium, including nigbt performances. Some of tbe nigbt sbows are community singing, modern dance, variety sliow, swing con- cert, and graduation. The Stage Crew also talces cliarge ol' tbe- Sound system at all football, basketball, and baseball games, and at all otber sports activities wbicb occur at our scbool. Tbe primary purpose of tliis class is to facilitate tlie use ol tbe auditorium in any way possible, Tlie stage crew is undcr tbe supervision of tlic vcrv al:- lalmle Mr. Dixon. ' A' , ffg,?'f' Library Club Tbe Library Club is open to all students of Lincoln wbo liave bad Library Practice lor at least one semester. It is under tbe sponsorsliip of Mrs. Rutb Reynolds. Meeting are lield during tbe noon period on Xveclnesday. Library students may earn credits by worlaing in tbe library before or alter scbool or during nutrition. The various excursions to U.S.C., U.C.L.A., and tlie Huntington Library bave proved inspirational as well as fun. Barbara Motta is serving as ,president and is assisted by Vice-prexy Louise Mascaro and Secretary Betty Fontenot. The club visited tbe Huntington Library tbis semester and were very impressed witli tlie paintings, wonderful boolc collections, and lovely grounds and buildings. ,,,.z.:s.. r. .. . . , Visual 'Operators The memlaers of the Visual Education classes form one of the service groups of Lincoln. All the motion pictures seen in the school are shown hy projectionists of this clepartment. Besides teaming how to operate the several motion picture projectors, they must also he alale to operate the slide projectors, recorclers, and transcription machines. All 'operators and equipment are under the clirection and supervision of the Co-orclinator of Visual Education for the school. Visual Eel. is talcen as an elective lay the students. Excellent experience and training are afforded hy this class. Lincoln is fortunate in having a Visual Education Depart- ment that is well suppliecl with some of the latest equipment for visual aids. Visual Education is a pleasant auxiliary to any course. here. Future Homemakers of America The Future Homemalzers of Amer- ica is-a girls' organization sponsorecl hy Mrs. Smith, homemalcing teacher. The group was organizecl for the purpose of teaching the girls- of Lincoln High to he laetter mothers and homemalcers. The girls stucly every phase of home life and the ctuties ancl in this way prepare themselves for the future. The girls must have either an E or S standing in citizenship. , . Office Workers The many little technicalities that are necessary tor a smoothly run main office are hancllecl efficiently hy Mrs. Bremer, official Secretary of the school. Under her supervision the group of girls taking office f practice are taught to operate the switch hoard and to run an office efficiently while working in a business like atmosp- 65 free -1 v 1 ima-1'a'e:?rag:erffr-?'f'e' var:-1- '+-fas'ff-sw-ff.ff-sf--:i,-F,- -see.. v- 4, - . , I . - , ' Q Z. ' ,,,.,V.1- 9 if 'L fi glaitz M Arr ,143 gi it I , it J ii l 'iv fi' M. Junior Dramatics Club The members of the Junior Dram- atics Club are students interested in leaming more about theatrical product- ion. Ttiey usually meet in class two days eacla weelrto study pantomime voice, diction, cliaracterization, and acting in general. The other three days of the week are spent in the aud- itorium practicing classroom theory. The members presented two one-act plays this semester which were very' well received: Josephine Nigglfs Ml'l'ie Red Velvet Coat and Beat- rice HumistonVlVlcNeil's Elmer.H Interest in drama has been lceen since tlie group started producing. Mr. Cervantes is the director and sponsor for the group. 15' Swing Band The Swing Band is one of tlae most ualale classes at Lincoln. The members at all social events and scliool progr and present swing concerts of their lwlost of tlwe mernlners are music mil Otliers enjoy playing enougla to talce class aside from their regular maiors. lvancl often travels to otlwer sclwools torrn. and many of tlie rnemlners local luands outside of scliool. l EE: S. ,Qi in s.- 3 X5 WF wi - , .1 nj, Art Department The Annual would not be ct without a few words of apprecia the Art Department and its heh scenes work. Under the direction of Mrs. Va tread of tlie Art Department, anr ments of all athletic events in form, sets for all the Variety shows advertisements of parties and activities concerning the school community have been put out. - The display cases in the main ings are always tastefully arranged the direction of David Tiscarino Commissioner. All the alzove me are done aside from the regular routine. ,,, I at Modern. Dance . lxloclern Dance class consists ol a 'oup ol' girls interestecl in clancing tlwe ery strange lout strenuous clances. lt is privilege Class for girls xvlwo receive an i or B in gym, lmave goorl citizensliip .icl excellent attenrlance. Moclern Dance cloes mucli for a girl, clevclopes lwer poise ancl grace, im- 'oves lwer figure. gives lier conlsiclence in rrsell, anal many times slue can only ex- ess lwersell tlwrougli czlance. The Mosl- n Dance is uncler tlie supervision of Irs. .l. Huclclleson. Two programs have -en put on by tlme Moclern Dance ancl th luave proved to lne verv successful. oclern Dance ollherecl cluring A riocl. ior Girls' Glee Club e Senior Girl's 'Glee Cluln is a enjoyalnle elective open to all f senior liiglr scliool interested in . The members perform at scliool ms ancl develop an appreciation ocl music. The members are: one: .lovita Baltazar, lcla Chavez .toria Perez, Carmelita Avila a Gomez, Jeanette Tomlnrello e Curiel, lVlary Barlaeria, Mary ise Jimenez. Row two: rlosepliine er, Bertlwa Torres. Cynthia na, Jean Haynes, Gloria Moriei a Romero, Velcla Kane, Elvira mico, Doris Wforten. Dolores ez. Row three: Lynell Xvells, ia Roclriguez, Emma Yanez, men Montoya, Fina Roclriguez, aine Niclcoviclw, Patricia Kallan, Douglas, Beverly Gott, June 6. . , ,, X, W- - r- 1 ,N , I ,,,iu, w' ' ' ' ' - ' 1 i ea:-, . ,. -mr. : ' Senior Boys' Glee Club The Senior Boys' Glee Club is open to all boys in tlwe senior l1igl'1 school. It is a pop- ular elective ancl fills tlie music requirement for graduation. Admission to tlme class is lay tryout only. Row one: Michael Tavolieri, Guillermo Lerma, Pete Francavilla, Frank Gerome, Jolm Heslet. Row two: Jolm Reas, Lucious Banlcs, Tony Beltran, Sam Mirancla, Mike Hidalgo. Row tlureez Dan Halliday, Bill Newman, George Boyman, Vxfillian Perez. ln all the Glee Clubs, stuclents leam the fundamentals of voice production ancl leam group singing. Members have an op- portunity to appear in musical programs ancl to have fun with classmates in tlie very finest type of musical teamworlc. 2 ff . l , . . ,V - . , s , V , 1. .' ,s 4s.44Jt..'...--,:-1-gi,-es,.i,1 ,L . ff- - H - ' Q!! ,gen-Jlzunf Y gfflxv' G 'Earp W ' fav f ui I r 4 V .I ' 1 ' , ' 'vi gl N ,pw 2 L--S. .L '-1,1-fb' A. 'Y .4 Jr' - -. .1- ..f Q-. h'512a-fi 5.14 ,V , - I..-QW 4 ., gf' ..s' H 4:1 .. n-, -. .dz vii' 1 . . W FB . seg Aope- Ha' 'K 5- Cavan .wwf ' .I xngiil qyb- ?,.O. Ywmei. Q efgeanx sl Color Guard: Cpl. James Leong, Sgt. lst cl. .lnhn Chase, Sgt. Budford Small, Cpl. Edward Wilkins. eilnt M Nil. Serving in the Reserve Officers' Training C an educational and worthwhile experience to hoy of high school age. Although not part o United States Army, the R. O. T. C. gives the the same hasic training as the army. Much of equipment used hy the unit, such as rifles. ma machine guns, is regular army equipment and is property of the US. government. Cadets of R.O.T.C., upon going into the army, will he one step ahead of au other recruits and an amhitious industrious 'hoy can breeze through his hasic tr During the school year there are several c titions, some held only within our hatauion and among all the R. O. T. C. units of the city. Sc the awards given here are for hest platoon, hest : and hest offficer. At the U. C. LL A. rifle match at the officers' competition we competed against thirteen schools of the city which have R.O.T units. At the rifle match our rifle team, compri the units five hest rifiemen represent Lincoln. of the outstanding cadet officers were chosen to to officers' competition. The spring semester is lighted hy the rigid Federal inspection. Once a semester a military hall is given with all military pomp and formality. The cadets don fun-dress unifomi for the occasion, displaying their colorful decorations. The invited girls formats. Mr. Tozier and the hand fumish music and Cadet Captain Joseph Harris, Adjutant.. dancing and refreshments are served. Cadet Major Patrick O'Bannon, Battalion L I Cadet Captain Robert Orentlle nmpany Commander E . f - ..,.--- . . 5 Ohlpany fl First Platoon. First row: Pvt. Joe Moreno, Sgt. Arthur Rios, Pfc. Harold Curry, Pfc. Raymond Martinez, Pvt. Danny Rodriguez, Pvt. Lawrence Howard, Pvt. Leon Quezado. Second row: Sgt. Ric-hard Bustamante, Pvt. Charles Slmek, Pfc. Norman Slotrem, Pvt. William W'hitmore, Pvt. Rudolfo Carmona, Pfr. Raymond Dewbrow, lst Lt. Richard Smith. Third row: Sgt. Eutimio Barreras, Pvt. James Spnllino, Pvt. Alex. Bustamante Cpl. Richard Andrade, Pvt. Ernest Lopez, Sgt. lst. cl. Peter Lopez. Second Platoon. First row: Sgt. De Ln Cruz. Sgt. Dari-rl Angles, Pvt. Derald Loomis, Robert Chan, Pvt. Robert Martinez, Cpl, LeLandf.,'ompton, Pvt. Harry Morrison, Second row: Sgt. 'Pheodore O'To0le, Pvt. Ernest Gonzalez, Pvt. Kent. Kissinger, Pvt. Robert Aguilar, Sgt. lst. el. Rudolpho Oaxaca, Cpl. Sammy Rude-lla, Second Lt. Robert Spinuzza, Third row: Robert Moreno, Pvt. Sammy Salvato, Pvt. Tony FEl'l1iUl1llZ, lst Sgt. George Pivaroff, Pvt. Robert Suiz, Pvt. Martin Hernandez, Cpl. Ruben Viorato. 69 5, f Ohlpany iiTi - l 'i .-. Cadet Captain Robert Martino Company Commander 70 l .......,........ -1 First Platoon. First row: Sgt. Melven Walker, Ortiz, Pfc. Frank Leyvu., Pfc. Roger Martinez, Conrique, Pvt. George Pemberton, 1'vt. Nelstn Roger Spaulding. Third row: Pvt. .Jack Rayner, Richard Aparicio, Sgt. lst cl. Richard Mendenwald, Pvt. Robgrt Morrill, Pvt. John Gomez, 2nd Lt. Rudy Saldano. Sc-cond row: Sgt. Hcrle, Pvt. Dale Campbell, Cpl. Gene Collins, Pvt. Arthur Flores, Sgt. Frank Mediate, Pvt. Frank Ramos. . ., , . t 3, - I J, Second Platoon. First row: Sgt. Miguel Zubia, Carone, Pvt. Gaston Serrato, Pfc. David Meire, row: Sgt. Paul Mattox, Pvt. Rifshurd Bergmann, William Randall, Col. Richard Miranda. Third Martinez, Pvt. Joe Rico, Pvt. Fred Gordon, lst Alvarado. Sm. Wilfred Struck, Pvt. Pvt. Cul. Mayo Ycedo, Se-concl lvl. David Tomko, Sgt. lst cl. row: Sgt.. Francisco Unguez, Sgt. George Frank, Cpl. Howard Ortega, l . PM g H 5 l Cadet Capem .if 5. I Ou albfe alflzletea ,NEW x MW 5 SW W WW fi WW ff .. , 4' C MF' l an X if ff -. ,.X.Xg.XXyif .-.- . --w --X-Xuavxvv .,. .- fn. 1X'-3' :fm ' Dr. A-:IH Xa fri., ' XX WXXX Tai ,,,Y:..ul, L .X , 4.X- -X X . ,.1X Ji X'X -55155 -V. V X XXX .V-X V XX 4 ,',- gf JXXX - XXX XXX '.f -1: .1. ibm ' x., G' iw 'W X: 1 1 X XXX 3 3, ,.,gXXm. .Vp ff -1fQ'1-j- 5,51 'f ig i 7' i NX! , XXw my XXXXXX ' 'XXX M 'U N1 Y 1 A .X XX X , ,X ' .ff , Tj XX X.X X X X, jXXI ., 555- X. ' X F' X , ., X- H, ' ' ' W .T , ' XL . - b M, Q , X H X XXXW' jv1f.XXg,- T- E1 lf '-' V ' , -11.47 342, Lg X frm - l 'iffi W ww -If U. f r X. :X X 4 1 ,arm rv - E- 1.x W W -,,, ,, ,,, ,,,, V . Luclous 'Banks John Salvino Quarterback Right Tackle Although they failed to take top Northern League Honors, Lincoln's Varsity griclciers clicl their Alma displayed on the gridiron. Two pre-season practice games brought Lincolnites a dismal outlook for the future when they saw their team tied o-o by Verdugo Hills, and downed 8-2 by Eagle Rock on the opponent's field. Gil McCutcha,n Captain Jimmy Cel Fullback Center In the mitral Northern I oop fray Lincoln rompe over Marshall 25 o amid the cheering fans during The Abes traveled to the Rose Bowl for the IJ game of the year only to be Handed a 5,5 6 defeat the hands of their arch mal Franum Desprte the efforts of AIIC1ty center Jim Ceumo who sparled the team and GI Tan 0 can L4 6 e Nlater proud by their fine spirit and sportmanship Tliglitga-U16 OD Gilmore Field- ,-a -..:-, ,,.. ,..., ,., ......A- r,.,..1.Q Richard Perez Frank Saracho klilcias Martinez Right Guard Left Half Right End gridiron Mccutchan, great fullback, the Abes were defeated in the following games: 6-0 by Poly in a night game at Wrigley Field: 20-6 by Belmont at Lincolng and 6-0 by Xvilson at the winner's fielcl. There are high hopes For a better team next year, for Coach Bill Ford has a Championship Bee team from which to mold a Championship Lincoln 7arsitv. Coach Ford and Manager Fernando Solorzano tupper right! Joe Burresch Left End Fred Chavei Left Guard John Cueeia. Right Halt mf- ,gk Mike Hidalgo Left Tackle , V ,- .ii 4, rt: Sa T' -F1 me , 1 JP - Y 1 7, ij H bar' I . ,Q V ' N 1 ii ae , , ' 1.11 ,Q X 15 v Li: 1 F - 'age' ,. :EQ I Wir X U iff I l,fa.,' S 2. .ill Varsity Football, left to right, row one: Gil McCutchan, Eob' Locke, .Tohn DeMatels, Henry Davis, Bob Stone, Joe Ragusa, Willard Hazel, row two: Charlie Smith, Eugene Keith, John Cuccia, Jack Thorpe, Richard Perez, Jimmy Cellino, Fred Chavez, John Salvlno, Joe Ray, Richard Parker, Robert Thomas: row three: Remonde Parker, John Trlpodi, Raul Estrada., Mike Hidalgo, Rolly Hernandez, Adolfo Hernandez, Hilclas Martinez, Tony Aleman, Rocky DeRossi, Frank Saracho, Erlberto Lopez: row four: Albert Gomez, Albert Hernandez, Macarlo Vasquez, Ralph lxgcgrlacieg, Robert Gerardo, Tony Fernandez, Ricardo Ornelas, Joe Burresch. Luclous Banks, Johnny Morales, Joe O E . -TJ' Braham Lincoln High School, who has proven aint Lila frufe ..... . . . to Kenny Vkfasiwington, alumnus of an asset to any task he undertakes, and fine spirit and good sportsmanship have him fame on the football field and in the world. . and to Jimmy Celtino who was awarded Kenny Washington Trophy as the out- football player of Lincoln High the year 1948. Not only has Jimmy named All-City player more than once, he has won numerous awards for his performances on the football field. impressive ceremony at the Coliseum December 12, 1048, Dr. Riley accepted the for Lincoln from Kenny. It was part of half-time activity in Kenny's last game be- tmis retirement from the Rams. Jimmy Hino's name was the first to be inscribed on trophy. Each year the name of the out' ncling Lincoln football player win be added. Kennny. Below: Dr. Riley, Jimmy, Kenny, Rocky Washington. P 1 Y XX 7 GLM! 025 JW K mn.. 1-,ALLAH 1,4-.,., 5,-. C 1. . I V 'I o XV ,JvJ4fv'cLwww' 'Z M 7 H AQQQ ... .-... .. .,. , .. . ,... I- ..... 53:55 ...Z Bob Giancanelll Captain Jimmy Grant Quarterback Right Half Chi to Lerma Center 3 I A a F...-4 . cub champ, The Tigerhahes hacl n very triumphant season, rallying from a previous clisastrous year lo Capture the Covetecl Northern Loop Crown. ' Ahunclancy ol squarl, power, spirit and punch provided a winning coinhination whivh lenoclcecl over seven opponents while losing to one. Toppling over Eagle Roelq anrl Verclugo Hills hy scores of 35-0 anal 53-12 respectively, the Bengals showed early potentialities of hecoming champs. ln the initial league contest with Marshall. Lincoln elcecl out na 6-0 victory. The following weelc they suffered their lone loss of the campaign heing clownerl hy Franklin in a hearthrealcer O-7. seething with rage from their .cle- feat the Tigers went on lo romp over Poly, Belmont, ancl Wilson hy scores ol 6-o, 19-18. 12-6.respeclively. Louis Silvas Fullback iupper rightl Rudy Davis Left Guard Fred Alvarez Left Half Dickie Espinoza Right Tackle flower rightl Ray Montoya. Right End . Robert Minjarez Left End W 1 I Qi. i , , , - imp.,-: ', i , fi! V Lab' I-,gi ' L77 A ,K Til 'V fr ff G. gf. E? if V ,Xia 3 U. B lb L11 i xx: i 'i i,i. ..., i 1 X he Cfzeering Section . and George Boyman. .f g-' ' 'P ' .- fi f- U, . G ad ' f. 2:7 ' i'f. ' --sh.: - - - : .sen as-. :te Q. . -. I-E + . it w H N tcm KFNU?-Rr - 1 T - - 75' Q i' ' ' 5 - . -psf gf A ' 111 , 33. .J?J.,f: f.. '--Q, '. '. ,,.g9'K, -. , , ...R q . ,Q .. , lu' 5 1 ' '11, 1 2, -' 'Y ' A 'lu , ' 'Y --ui 5- 71,77 'Ulf -JA,-7 5, , 'uh X 3 , . H uk-4 'Q' .lf W ik f , - .3 in--4:5-K ff . -V yy - I fu f L 'I i-f'fI'.v :v 'fig 1 jf T7-F ,3ii.::5:::, 5 5 - . IE? 5 is .f'i 7 L-3, .V 1-3,5,3'-1f'l5.-if ' ,fJ.1:'3tfm'Pg inf, F ' ' X , 1 'T Q ' ' :7fl:f'-' '! ,Z,If:--'531:L.2 3 A 1 . is ' ff-1-'1'g.,i.:3p - . ,' 1- ,f A ,L ,g , ji' ' - . '- :r-1.-.,ff,- .-.gy ivy. . yy-w... 1 i , , '1 A -- . 1 '- gf:-' 3 'F2z.,Jie' W . if ' N., . 'UE - L',,,.,1Q1. -:ff L!4mf'eg7 . ' 1 iffgqze-v-1,Ez.9f. ,g 13 1 V V 1 ifilg 'L ' '?2'7 '1'c''.lli?..5.iiQ'lZ. .. ?i1i-- f 'f il , fi-1-'Hi FT' 171' W E- L X Cxeyzglszfii ' -.Eiffel-5i'l'g,Qfg 'mf l TE... it s . - ur. Ye i'1.i'1f.V '52-,-Pte ,-Q.',y:w5v ' :S :. - -. fl., -1, ,.,. ,e.y:.,e, I V be-fi,-.f.q. -.fs-Q ,. I , fi ,335 ' :f'r?i ?7fP+5?Q4fQ3Qe1 , The 1948 football season drew one of the bi student body turnouts in a long time. Stirrect by rousing music of tbe football band and the cbeers of lbe student body, our teams fought Iantly for tbeir Alma Mater. Under the direction Mr. Louis Tozier the band teamed the son s of opponents and played tbem, along with our scbool songs, at the games. Tbe surging tbrong of coln students was led on by our tbree entbus cbeer-leaders, Patrick O'Bannon, Robert Ma Q34 -if L1 Ax A . 'S f.-1. ...Q , 55 W 1 f. IJ af! ,:4.,.- V .. Varsity Basketball, left to right, row one: Ignacio Bertolone, Stanley Charnofsky, Joe Montoya, Harold Charnofsky, Mathew Gurrola, Manager John Cucciag row two: Frank Giambalvo, Robert Fuentes, Charles Manuele, Bill Newman, John Price, Jerry Camperi, David Donofrio. 41 Varsity Scores av Lincoln 33 Belmont Lincoln 34 Wilson Lincoln 54 Marshall Lincoln 30 Poly Lincoln 41 Franklin Lincoln 41 Belmont Lincoln 48 Wilson Lincoln 46 Marshall Lincoln 49 Poly Lincoln 61 Franklin A Basketball The iiarcl luck team of the Nort adequately describes this year's struggt casaiaa five. Vxfinning only four out of games, the Tigers were one of the most respected squacis in the Northern Loop. Lady Luci: smiled the other way wi to the Ataes, as they lost hard-fought be mont Vxfilson and Poly by slim margins. Highlighting time season were two v Franklin, 41-56 and 61-44, accompani surprise triumphs over Marshall 55-45 and 41-59 in an exciting overtime duel. Are forwards anci leading the scoring the Abes were the Ctiarnofstay twins, Stan who were ably assisted by two sterling B Scores Li I Jaclcie Price and Nactio Bertolone. T Liggglg E 33,2325 gi sparkpiugs were featured at center, Bill P Lincoln 33 Ma,-shall 31 Mathew Gurrola. . Lincoln 30 Poly 25 Balancing the squad were Charles it Lncoln 16 Franklin 29 - ' Lincoln 34 Belmont 36 fickle Fuentes, two of time peppiest pi Lincoln 22 Marshall 27 0913- LiIlCO1l'l 45 'Wilson 29 Lincoln 30 Poly 55 Lincoln 35 Franklin 38- tBasketball, 'geft log right, gow one ft 92 ' . ' A irre, on e ran, anue B 1lI?3.InL?el Chgklrez, Robert, Gomezg row .twoz Full of determination and fight the Bee Basicetinau five fought their way to the door of the City Championship Finals before being downed 38-21 by Hamilton. - Triumphant in taut three Northern Loop tilts the Tigers fared much better in the City Toumament as they humbled tiigtitly touteci Huntington Park and Riis. Ji. 82 Delane Moore, Joe DeVault, Joe Castillo, Joe nny Calabro. Strauss, Da 'C Basketball Lincoln 35 Lincoln 22 Lincoln 31 Lincoln 29 Lincoln 38 Lincoln 26 Lincoln 19 Lincoln 31 Lincoln 31 ' Lincoln 37 C Basketball Winrling up tlie season witl'1 an enviable recorcl of seven wins ancl tliree losses, tlie Cees clisplayecl tlie loest recorcl of any of tlle casalma squ,acls. Tlie Tigloalmes were well on tlie roacl towarcl a cliampionsliip title lzefore Belmont 2 6 Wilson 23 Marshall 24 Poly 22 Franklin 14 Belmont 15 Wilson 25 Marshall 18 Poly 33 Franklin 26 Crispl. ececling for two losses 55-51 ancl 57-26 at lie lmancls of Wilson ancl Poly. asketball, left to right, row one: Louis Gravino, Eddie Grubbs otelo: row two: Frank Maples, Bob Jimenez, Daniel Canchola, Addo -....,,..-.-.--L .,.fI- 3 3 - l. F- s ll-'24-.-fwfr'-J :Lg , A -V it 1 Q.-fx:-H-e-:F 4. . 1.1-,-.1-nl., . , A, 1 1 qw -L - 1 4 , . 1- :yd Vi -Ig 555' W sw ' W ,.,Fclf!.j9g,,,,l.i. 'fs .ii,,gs:,gafrv,- , ,--,-.i:: ,, .. MA, if A 1-risfl C Basketball, left to right, row one: Lawrence Woo Raul Gomez Jack Musmecci, Frank Gomez, Johnny Davis: row two: Bill Pecaro Burl Royal, Sal C.hico, Fernando Hernandez, Louis Hermo, Frank Valencia row three: Peter Carrera, Nick Ceci, Andy Wren, Richard Rodriguez, Philip D' ' Basketball Lincoln 26 Lincoln 14 Lincoln 19 Lincoln 24 Lincoln 31 Lincoln 21 Lincoln 22 Lincoln 16 Lincoln 16 Lincoln 40 Belmont Wilson Marshall Poly Franklin Belmont Wilson Marshall Poly Franklin D Basketball Tlae miclget casalaa five won a total of tliree games wliile gaining tlie experz ence necessary to procluce future varsity cliampionsluip squacls. A-ul' Q51 e ' i - - 31' . - ,, ,Q -bl? .f -. - 'i' ff' Aff., -9 fs'.,. .W 9-. IL -. A i ff-fff, 1 r I gg? . N X ' rack-ata:-4 100 Yard Dash .... Ertnie Sctwopper broke all school records as tie Ivurnect up the turf witti a 9.7 seconds century. 220 Yard Dash ,... Erbie Sctiopper established his second school track record nipping the winct in 9.1.5 seconds. .440 Yard Dash .... Bill Nledtey was top Lincoln man, running the distance in 55.7 seconcts. S80 Yard Dasti ..,. Emilio Alcantar paced ttle distance in an enviable time of 2 minutes and 5.0 seconds. 1 Miiem. Benny Det Rio ran the marathon at a grueling pace to finish in 4 minutes and 57.4 seconds. ISO Low Hurdles .... Pxclotpluo Hernandez credited himself witti time of 9.0.8. 19.0 High Hurdles ..., Aclotptio Hernandez repeated his performance in the lows for the best Lincoln time of 15.7 seconds. Pole Vault .... Ray Camactio cleared the top at Il feet 0 inches to cop top honors. Shot Put .... Ginaert McCutct1an ttmrew ttie 12 pound shot 47 feet. Broad lump ..., Aclolptio Hernandez, leap of 21 feet 5 1-2 incties made tiim top man in three events. High lump .... Guillermo Lerma scaled the bar at 5 feet 10 incties. jg, r.-HQ , ii Q ., X ., 9 3.3, I. 'Pu' ,, 'inn' -e, F' 9 - 1 JU 1 1 5. Varsxty Track Fxrst row Ray Camncho, lien Del Rio, Pete Franuavilla, Gil McCutchan Bllly Medley Joe Pu Bxll Lerma. Joe Camarena Adolfo Hernandez. Second row Frank Glambalvo, John Dehlateis, 'John 'Fx-ipodi, Bob Locke, Bob Stone Danny Pedroza Vvlllldlll Perez Tony Beltran Manager Bob Campbell. Thlrd row Emllxo Alcantar Albert Musa-enle, Pete Urulia, Edward Howe, Eriberto Lopez Rzchard Ornelas Linroln Lincoln !..llll'UIll Llllflllll Linruln VARSITY TRACK SCORES Belmont 62 2f5 Franklin 57 3,41 Poly 56 Marslmall 62 XVilson 25 V5 .4 .1 , nh ui. ,NA ' 1' tilt f-.V-'3F':: First row Ruben Robles, Carlo Bruno, Bob Smith, Fran qecond row Andy 'Wien Derane Zen, Tommy Pinto, Jimmy Grant, Bob Giancanelli, Bob Tobel Glll Mesa Thxrd row Managers Bob Campbell, Carlos Perez, Frank Gomez, Chuck Pavia, Richard Andrade Richard O Connor Fernando Griego, Ray Solis, Charles Gagliano. incoln incoln incoln involn incoln 50 QA 46 V2 B Track B TRACK SCORES Belmont 44 V5 Marshall 48 W Poly 66 Franklin 52 Wilson 46 ,f'fY14x, fiiieagg-J Q7 15' , M :nga A ' ,. 41' vs. ,Q :'EV1lu.: 'E' w'f QT! f lfflff V lnr, on or ff, I E min g. I . J ,if A I' ' . I , -, . - 'I , f l , - ' - Ag df T 451 -, ' ..:... ' 1.1, 3 Q T' ' ' ' H k Vasquez, Delloy Abplanalp, Frank Calderon Leo Lopez ir 4 1154, W ' ' glff i4: J Q E511 4 ilii 4' . Y. 'IF X' '. a,' ' :- ... j .4 A qi-:-, -, v , if-fri - ' Q of A ,, f ,Sf 3? li .A '- .e , : I 9 ., a- v' 1 ' ' rr M 'L -n' - o 4. vi 1 ' iv' A v 'f'.g S Vid N, - 5151, E+? ox V J , , ,. an -s i i . , , 1 X I f Y-ff, 'i' ' . ,N I i ' . 0 ii i 'Q-gi.--u ,-if o Ek i 4 .Ltu Lg:z:'il - fifll' o l, I 7 nf ,fm I , ff ,fl Ere' ii , C Track C TRACK SCORES Belmont 44 lincoln 33 Lincoln 41 5--6 Marshall 35 1-6 Lincoln 14 V5 Poly 62 26 66 Franklin 11 Lincoln Lincoln 47 Wilson 30 First row: Jim Brown, John 'Ma.drid, Bill Isenhower,Ja.mes Estrada, Arthur Chase, George Giancanelli, Eddy Gilkerson, Charley Lucero. Martin Jung, Mike Cisneros. Second row: Bob Jimenez, Gil Contreras, Danny D'Amor, Armando Bruno, Theodore Gallardo, Angel Corral, Joe Ramirez, Mike Tagoliaro, Louie Hernandez, Jesus Vasquez, Charles Gagliano. wi 1, . ,-v .10 i l 1 ffkifklli Z 1 'l 1 usnzgw-1--2,1 , ing, ,fgiw 1 ' A' 'W' 'S -. 'WM f 3 - Vi . ,fa X N o i -,e,,.., mmliikd, Hgi . new 557Qf5E+,-15, Wm-J Jun, we ,Q uf mn ': .ll-r ., - 'Elia' -' 1' ' Baseball Coaches Fain and Ford of the B and Varsity squads, respectively. A 1 l ,, ,,r ' 'F - W ' ' N Sw: , 1 1 - 1.1 Q ' f . 1 1 , -' I 'N 1 if FUIV Batter A p , 'wif V' A Baseball varsity Baseball, front: Joe Martinez, Lucious Banks, John Cavanaugh, John Davis, Fred Alvarez, Jack Musmecci, Vic Cimmarusti, Jo ' -' - Back: Manager Dave Donofrio, Bob Giancanelli, Jerr Camperi, Delane Moore, James Hollier, Joe Guzman, Jay Blackwater, e - ' I orzano. If . 1 , f Ox -' 9, f 0 'Q I fa ' I' 4 A 1 - T he Varsity Horsehiklers started out with a lyanggmasliing Belmont 15-11 in a triumphant clisplay of hitting power opening the Northern Loop season. l.,incoln's big hats spolce again the following Weelc as they edged Wilson lay a score of seven to five. The opposite situation prevailed the following weelc as failure to hit in the clutch causecl the Alves to clropa 5-0 decision to Franklin. The Bee Horsehiders started the season with arecorcl of one win and three losses. The Bees are now coached lay Mr. Pain, ahle ancl popular coach, formerly from Belmont. B 'Ba.seball. First row: Ra I G , D'.k M tl ' ' Algred Banks, Louis Spagnclla., IE?rfg5zBa.1'low ar nez' Michae' Dmo' Raymond George' Ca5lcicgndLJ-1o?::Cl1?.!ig'lS1:aird Santillian, Dino Peulas, Lawrence Woo, Joe Regusa, Harry Third row: Louis Hermo, Albert Lopez, Raul Talancon, Frank Millazzo Richard ' Gonzales. ' . 'wisest 'fl ,R 'Bu Baseball ww 1 -nv Hub 'yllq Rudy Davis in free exercise. Armando Rojas on the rings Armando Rojas, Bob Koeck, Joe Perri, Manuel Lopez, Dominic Curutti, Tony Granados, Jimmy Logan, Buddy Clark, Stephen Rojas, William Perez. Second Daniel Reyes, Douglas Kondo, Jerry Martinez, Bob Smith, Al Balderrama, Dillon, Merrill Barbani, Victor Fuentes, David Galvez, Ike Swartz, Emilio row: Coach Oliver Seeley, Frank Vegas, Eddie Moya., Leroy Lopez, Abelardio Frank Calistro, Benny Padilla, Anthony Paladlno, Louis Candelaria, Tumi H' ,N X, V 5 eg. gi-- ', 'Il .'I v-WN I 1 ' 77 -1 Cl'lBI'I1pS of tl'1e Northern l.eague, undisputed un- contestecl champs of tlme Northern League. For tlme first time in live years, Lincoln's glorious gym clulv has fouglut its way to tlie lionor of gaining tlie covetecl Nortlmern Loop Crown. Wnitewvaslning all of its op' ponents, tlue outcome ancl ultimate conclusion was never in cloulat as tlwe Tigers fouglmt tlueir way to tlie clramatic climax. Brilliantly displaying tlasli and form from tlie opening event to tlie finale, tliis years club sported one of tlwe laest teams in tleie annals ol Lincoln l1istory. ln tlie only pre-season practice game tlue muscle- men clisplayecl their cletermination ancl power as tliey trounced Verclugo Hills ancl .lolm Muir Junior College. Northern League Schools gainecl a preview of wlmat to expect in tlie future as Belmont was stompecl 107-15 lay tlie luurricane force of tlwe Alves. Pre-season Favorite Wilson was tlae next victim of tlie Alaes as tlriey before tlie furious onslaught of tl1e Tigers .64-56. Conclucling tlie season in great style the Alnes rollecl up easy triumplis over Marsluall 77-45, Poly 92-28, ancl Franklin 87-53 to capture the Nortliern Loop Claampionsliip. Standout talent on tlnis year's stanclout squacl werei Erlnie Scllopper, liglutning rope climber wllo estalulislaecl a new scliool recorcl witl'1 liis sensational climla cloclcecl in 5.4 seconclsg Rudy Granaclos, often referred to as a one-man gym team as lie competed in any event Wliere cleptlfi was neeclecl, Winging up with an envialale recorcl of points to liis creclit. Emilio Alcantar was one ol: tlme most respectecl longliorsemen in tlrie Nortliern League because of lxis slcill ancl great competitive spirit. Rucly Davis per- formecl on tl1e rings witli the ease ancl grace of a natural-lnom ring, master. Merrill Barlnani reignecl on tl1e parallels witlu liis sensational featsof strengtlv ancl talent. rbie Schopper on the ropes, Emilio . tumbler David Galvez, Rudy on the high bar, Joe Perri on the on the parallels. M if MQWJ xx ,fimber .fouelieef XX A 59 E, 1- - ,gm-13 .YQ xa ' E ,ivy , J..-ing N' ' ri H P511 if-Qc 'fl 6 ' .ix 'UI . ., -'L gif ..- ,fryvr l Lg., ,. . 5 . , Lf. 1 M 1,1 E2niW:-m::p.,3,:'- ,, ,sf-.ar-,- A ., ,-,1-..fgf.g ' 141: -.r fe' T -J 51- f.-- , F Ziff-fx-fEfA9,,'Fi,: N-zfw P' ' .1 ','w -:M , E4-Lt 2' e E w-f -5'.4.,, X -,.. ' , slant: 'ag-fr '.,,, r,--:Az- 't i? w f,, ' 1 M W W ' Jn V ,,' 2-'Ibm JL! ff., Lyn -- Z.L, . , Lv, N ,, ' . -u ,, . 5, . ff- V , ' , sf,R-35 fy: 3 k LJ . lv v' J -f an ' : ' -2, . ,-im, .I I 3.1. , 1.5 hz Q.,- .'.. 1 f fi'5FE:ws:1lSgp,, er' L K ' A LR-1.'lpY4l uf '57 'f X7a:'i'2- Pg , v -, r . 5- -Pi' 1 A, . 'W K x- . . -. ' ,- gmli. A -B' 'g' tl. .1 hu . ., A 5 f'!f - .A '4'4,g- . ,,1,.'f '.K:0'V4?:L ,Qfgfv fi:-.xn.,.,-1,Q:ysf:l 5-.p 'AL I' .,,1 qk w w -our-no 1 .54 's Qirfa 7 The purpose of G.A.A. is to further interest in athletics for an girls, to foster a spirit of loyalty' and cooperation among time girls towards their school and towards each other, and to promote a social and physical efficiency among time girls of Lincoln Higin School. The Executive 'Board includes all officers, heads of sports, and the faculty adviser. It is time duty of the Executive Board to appoint all committees, to decide upon eligibility for membership, to take charge of special activities as may be assigned by the president, and to make any suggestions or recommendations regarding affairs of the association. ily . jfug f?,'i:FfJ . Q -jus .jg -. fxit Babe Riggxo president of G A A Wlth Miss ,faq jf Rager sponsor H Q ,J .ff J 1 J it L N 5 J X. A ,. U, GA A Cabinet First row Paehel Fuentes Auroza. Chavez Babe Riggio, Maxine Pnlcifier, Rose Marie Andrada., Second low Annie Iomrh Fxeiwn Pwzuto Virginia. Inza aco Anna Mae Dayian. Jo Ami King- i . aiilzleiic o4.4.4ocia tion The G.A.A. Creed ' , Q' X, 1 tx 5 uf-0-'lf I should win Q Let it be by time Code Vifith my faith and ixlyd hcinor iaelrildhigfli, ta r n i I siou ose S ' Let me stand lay the road I Anti cheer as the Nvinners go by. -I Row 1: Theresa. Gutierrez Concetta Rlggio 'Maxine Pulcifer Jessie Vignol Marcei From The Sportsman S, Prayer. .K l bnodgrass Anna Mae Dayian Lilly Peralta Gloria Gutierrez Grace Quinones Betty Webster Gilda' Sanchez Margaret Orrante. Row 2: Bessie Parrish .Tovita Baltazar Evelyn Pizzuto Virginia lnzalaco Irene Paternostro .To Anne King Nina. Rocha Marlene Fase Olga Redondo Beatrice Gutierrez Annie Lomeli Lilly Huerta. Row 3: Margaret Guzman Elaine Leon Vergie'Bunch Joan bversole Lee Ann He Martha Bell Lucero Frances Tarin, Audery Washington Rose Marie Virgil Barbara Row-1: Mary Peralta Doris Garcia Amalia Meroz Carmen Lucero Mwgaret Kearns Delgado, Mary Romero Rachel Ambriz Eleanor Soto Grace Jackson Mary Louise Ison Row 5: Jovita Delgado Loretta, Bautista Juanita Camarena, Bernice Moya Rose Basurto, Dolores Ga.llez0S. Rafhel 1UH1'feS Shirley Carpenter Martha Gonzales. , .me . Wifi 1123 . J, ,Lia l , X nnessy Dolores Maggio Foster Aurrora Chavez Beverly Milner Elena Marie Andrade Vera .11 ' :w u , v,,- . P t we N 1 - ,Ii The tl'1ree sports of G.A.A. are badminton, lnase- ball, ancl volleyball. The girls clioose the sports they wisli to participate in, but Seniors get first clmioce. Vxflxen a girl lias attended C-.A.A. for th semesters and is a member in good standing, slue has earnecl lier letter. Each following semes of attenclance entitles lner to a star. The lnigluest honor is three stars. Une of the liigliliglits of the G.A.A. year .x 1 1 1' pihf 'B . . .I34,:3'f L JDE! A port.4 y-clay. The girls form teams ancl travel to nortlxern gue sclwools to compete against other girls .letic associations. After tlie competition, the ndly rivals socialize over rellreslwments and enter- nment. This past year Lincoln has traveled to Poly has liosteel Belmont, Wilson, and Poly. Play-clay is an example of frienclly competition, cl sportsmanship, and 'just plain fun. ' gf .7 'iii Q 2, lL'j' fi-l. s.-.i'4g1eQgr?Q-Qlfsw x 2 msrsmi, LA 1,:',w,,Aaj,wigxd1- .21 ,Y ...D na Meet the fren R3 A e:-1,1 .,i ,'5.! dpi. X gm,--,.,..::m. - , --...M-1 J. ,wi Em I - 1' ,--. Nu , f , W1- --' .1 Dfw, 1' mf A v: 5 1 1 8' 1 . Eff, 1 - 9' ' .f -A' 1- 1ri:f'ff.f fn .Fx ' ' 'bi if ' -fE'il!3:1 11g. - - ' 'Ii' , . -:rf 1 1pf!1gi'g1g1':Qiy:1- X X x . , 1 .:.: vi' L!1'Q5Qxf-5 , . ., '. . La-11, -- : ,' -1.- '.h1.. 1 'fig LS . P1 , 1 1-1 P g f 1? 1.4.1-L 1155... ,. ,..,,1,. --U. . wtf -411 f,..,uT'.,g,1.g , , ,,1 1- 11:-. A gs. ':4q,91y :Nff:i'.f111.111 1-.9 1 1 .1-.1 X 1'- . ' - 1 1i. 1':jUjg'qffLil1525- . 1 T-I , 111151 li E ' 1 1+-lat.: . - -153,11 2 . ' ' .. s1111.e.1.g , .wx 1 SE 1 5 1 7 ri -1 A 1 ' ' ' .357-5?7112i1V11 , -- .. - ,.-1 . 171 1 . -- .' 1 25-ag. .::1'f'i:... g. 1 - fig. I T3 . -1 gf., ,gm L ' :ces-1-if.-K v. 1, .nj vfil!-?7if.f' eg A X .. 5. - SPF , 'fm-fiif2 fs 53' ' aff: ' 1 . L . fi A 1 -mf 1- -1 , 1 . ,712 5. 5 ju? - 'Q isxh 1 .ku -1: Iuagin .-I ' N-, 1- 1 5511.1 ' ., 1 f 'Wi' ' Tfr------ . ' f 5'lf2?!r?Tf-Q ?:..UQL:2?.fmsi. 1 '. 57- 1 . P1 ' ge if ' '.- ... .. -1 L? 1 ff- i1iq1ifm. q:.11g.gs1ql..:tre -'5 . - . . K' .-aw, f I 1 1 4:1 0f'+.fiw'2'g',,gg, Ig ,X 'J-:1.11:,gL, 2-1: '- H ' A 3 1- ,,,,y. . My, L'-191414,- 3 Q f. . im, 3 .L 2' W1 - , '-Vg. 3 'kqJEsgs..,tjE,f1hfg?!:i53,g5 gl? 111. 34. '? f'?',2?, q- Q... ,E31I2j,?-F5 TY- -W 1 I 'QQ 5,21 5ffQ ' .5 iiE31iif ,Q iii, ,, '. .3 Viff. if '1'1',41f?',i?EQ.11. . f ' 1 -A 2 -M 'YU ' ' gs-,911 1 pi-ffl .g 415 .113-5,..11n5l'gg1 1! f- 'gf4 ' . 1 'Nj' . r. gan ' , -':it1.'q'. p 1. - 11 -4. ,-. - . - A-M ' '1 1 L s-114 L. -Q . . 1. , x 'F' ' - 1 3. --EX?-1' . ' f 11.13 5-S.'3f-v' -1 1' fi 5-1 ff . .., 1 ,K-,.. -1 1.1. ' xp-aj Q :Zg.',g,X .JQ,1,2 .Q g gg. 51 b 2 Q55-:PWM C' ' 5' .. f'f','?' glyqmf' .NYT M 'Fffii , 'wx' 5 ' Z, K 'I Vrvqlgif '? ?'.Q ' i n ' 'rj X K 17 35: ?'f,:l.w1 ix 21f.'?'L,3 1- H' 1 ' K' 'J 7 . .1 4 - 1 J .1115 1712.1 1 Z 1'4f:i 1f3:'F , .2 ,..-:L rf- '11, :.:,,f,..-111.12 il ' 1-15? vying . .- at -' ,:-: T44 ,MN fit' 11, ,' 51, ' 41.-Ll' ' f , 'g1 ' 1 EQ4? 111 .1.r5?L-5,513 A.Y -71 .2 Shi -Efgr 511.Pf.g.6 I F ggi: zqgfi-Qfg.i'-,.53 W ' fa , '1ii, 1 ll 'U ,QQ : W93L1 s 4 if . , 3-sf L1 '1JLd?5'l - ' . CE. '1 7'UiU .- . 5i'-W .. '- 1:-4 1 .51 Al . 1 . 1.. is 111 -'- fr'-1i1.4n.-afar. 1 4.9.9- F' 1 21.14 Q.-1 -' .- 1. ' -' I ff 'A 1'Irf13 QSM 'E ,A -, -'Zia 1 . 11- A 'V A.. :5,':...w-,gk -is .V . .:j - 1... - 'Ig -,. --g-- 1 f 1. -4,51--lr J. li: . 1 '- 5,3155 . 1 Y ' -- f??'51?fffi1 .rigfw H ,g , - ,1-. , .- , - , 'F 'N-5' upffgig- . L1 :Q .... 22: ,, -11 K 1.4 JN- .uf-.J-1 x ,V '-'mee-1 g.1Qrjj,5f..Q Q- -1--' ' kjff' ,Li . ' KR 1 ' A .25-1E1ari'f.. , - fifffiiig g 11. 1 4 1 all 1 1 14.15513-11t1'f'., E 1... , , 551 - iiffff 1 , 5. - 1 1 .VMI ,J ,, 15:11. .I s r -, Lglpilfp WM , .fgf gb A N ,iglxv 4 LS, 1 N -.-,fini 5 I v ' , 'IIE' .1 ' - 1 -1 ' ' P f.f':7 n' A 113. -1 , if '9 ,,.,.. -.L 3.3 111 . . ' f L'.1.5.'1.F,'r Q ' :J ' ' ' . 7 ' - ':' , 'fV. :. 1' . . 'Q ' .1 -'I 21 L . .. , L f- -., .14'5Q,1 -1'1.a'..if1S,qag11 W, , - . -t - rv 12 . 1- 'L !,. I . 1 tu L ,v fv. jf if: Lufgf ., 1 . u1:111. - 5 , 3 1 ,,,,,-Q .' S -'41 .,fI.11.' ff' QQ' if ' :-21' ' 'QE-i ' . . ' 1 21 zi3'.','Q,1.i',U?. Q. .1 f . .ua 'A ffsfwi. :-. ., . A 11. 1 f5'21f1g11:.1-fig' . 1' 41,1 .t 11' 1.1 , - '1 if Jfwff. . . . 1... . .fx Q Xp 12...ae1s. 1 ,. - Y y ,11 ,-1, ,- - ' Y- I. ' 1' , - fau- ., ,N 1:55-i Y L f 4 1 1 . ' ,ffig,,': .My jj . , ,-Y 1 1 - .ui . ,gf 4, . .. ' :Mfg .- , ,- if A L1pr.,5.'1 'H' -. 'f 'ff , ' 1 f ,,-135: fffwfga-if N -- ,525 Efftzwrig - ' . 324167. 1 1' ...Q-En-itil-:5F21',4f ' , .. J v 1 , :N 11 1 . 1 12.711, . 1, X . 'J s'f3f5!- Q' y i-'I ',My,,,+:dSw'-zx,mf 1 K' 1 . -1 fe f t.-1 Yi i - ' v I L ' -' . up i 7 -, i. , Yi . . ig a - . 1 1 A' I , .. . 3 e U itz! .SE 1 X 2 YY 4 bu 53311131 Staff. How one: Helen Olguin Beiia K1t81:l5'6 Loraine Comi V H Iac-heco, Lupe Ju'n'f-z Ve-Ida Kane Mirliev Yohnsttm iftovi ' e a .,., ..,'.', '-- .- -. 't':R ::.:imtq:,ii1:1L'hcm, Iurl-iv huhomu-'i', Joe'Czumirenu, Robert Mai'tinotOB0bokgizoE1gulgffwgii .1Lg.-11551. , i... Editors Robert O til . with Miss Clare ven e and Elvira DAmico riniing Sfaff 100 ll inco nian The Annual class was perhaps one of the past semesters hardest-working classes. Putting out an Annual is by no means an easy job. Much planning was necessary before the actual work was started. The class itslf was organized at the hegin- ning of the Spring semester. The largest part of the responsi- bility for producing the Annual was on the shoulders of the editors. Of course. there was the usual last-minute rush to meet deadlines. AH in all, however, the students who took Annual Staff had a very enjoyable semester and profited hy the experience, learning many new things about the printing of a book. The Annual Staff appreciated the cooperation of the drafting. art, commercial, and photographic departments. Bob Locke talces the credit for the cartoons. ailapliffer The Railsplitter office hums with an ef' ficient group ol reporters and worlcers who, under the direction of Editors Evelyn Cast- ellaw and Beverly Porter, have shown in- creasecl improvement ancl cooperation in reporting the latest happenings on the cam- pus, class news, and clula columns. Seconcl page coverage is uncler the clirection of Louise Mascaro who handles editorialsg the f e a t u r e page i s talgen care of lay Barbara Mottag ancl the sports page lay Dan Halliclay ancl Jerry Camperi the first semester ancl Dan Halli- clay ancl Fernando Solorzano the seconcl -w Editor Beverly Porter' and Miss COFSQI sponsor. semester. 's wraclcing their lorains lor news the have 'talcen time of for a in an educational way. They visitecl s Builcling for increasecl unclerstand- their worlc and had a Journalism to cliscuss current copy prolulems. all they have accomplishecl many is semester uncler their sponsor, Miss ey have srrcceeclecl in increasing mloer of pulalications hy putting out weelc insteacl of every two weelcs. splitter merits a salute from Lincoln for its i mprovements ancl achieve- TN 2 17 f it 1' - flag- ' 'guns ' . f13'lss::::::::-- r H V, .QE ..... :::::i ' 6 ltl' Q, it A :ll , .E ' r . 5 , Haiisplitter' Stuff. How one: Darn Halliday Hzrrb'rr r Moria Gloria Cui R Frank Valencia Vangie Ve-rzv louiq ir' ' ' ' ' ' a' OW twof . . . e . 'mst--rro - - - Fernando Solorimwl Q' 1 - f - . .fern Morrison Barbara Merlo, Print Shop The lwoys who luke Print Shop receive lririrrirrgg in many slcills. They are lrcirrgj pre- parerl for ar highly technical tracle. Our shop is receiving the rnoclern erncl up-lrrclate equipment long neeclecl tn qualify lhern ,fur jolrs in the printing inclrrstry. 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Brown, Jeweler Jewelery and Gift Shop Radio and Clock Repairs 2618 Pasadena Ave. CA. 3992 Di Maggio's Malt Shop 1 Giant Malts, Hamburgers, Soft Drinks 25185 N. Broadway P.B. Carrell's 5-10 Variety Store Open Friday 6. Sat. until 9 P.M. ' 2613-5 Pasa. Ave. 4882 S. Huntington Walt Doran' s Service Richfield Gas 6. Lubrication We keep 'em on the road 3132 N. Broadway CA. 9608 , 1 , i-Gi 'Y WL -'-.ing ,vm-. Pastry Shop Orders Taken for Wedding and Birthday Cakes 2612 Pasa. Ave. Five-Points CA. 1-1468 5, l G. Gialand Giacopuzzi REAL ESTATE 4 I- F Real Estate G. General Insurance INSURANCE I, . ' K 2428 N. Broadway CA, 1.5115 NOTARY W ' J' f .... ,- ,, ., ,. 3 e N'3fr'v1 Frieden Dept. Store The Shopping Center of Lincoln Heights 2619-21 N. Broadway CA. 0713 WE GIVE S G, H GREEN STAMPS La Torinese Italian American cjlflflatec 8: ,Simone FUNERAL DIRECTORS CA-8131 2814 N. Broadway THE Best Of Luck ToVThe Graduating Seniors fficial Lincolnian Photographer 04 N. Broadway CA- 7313 ICTURES FOR ALL OCCASIONS 1' Portraits mm nramnms srunm STYLED QUALITY CLOTHES 4' Weddings . 'F Anniversaries N 262015 N. Broadway, Los Angeles 31 CA. 2-3439 ' OPEN EVENINGS 1-U-Q 1 HAZEL'S POULTRY MARKET CA. 1-2264 1922 N. Broadway ARLlNE'S AlfaDfu2C0- Prescrlptlon Pharmacists x Clflo 0 Dreaael ' Hosiery ' Llngerle CA- 9772 PFW DUUVUY 3594 pgly 311-ng CA, 11241 8482 N. Broadway Loa Angolan, Callf. M-'M' BWAKEFIELD Novelty Dye Works Hmm Odorleu Dry Cleaning At Workman 6. Broadway Frank C. Brown 2629 N. Broadway 8118 N. Broadway Los Angeles I Rea. At. 66103 V CA. 052815 Payne Depl Store Specializes in Quality Merchandise Corner of Broadway G. Workman Erbie and Elvira Recommend A Precision Photo Service Quality Photo Finishing de Supplies 2822 N. Broadway For Your Shower Gifts 7fse ffeqnpeumnz' Siick ChiIdren's Shop 606 N. Broadway CA. 1-8221 v 1 ' N U.S. Furniture Company The Friendly Store Furniture and Complete Home Appliances 2725 N. Broadway cA.. 8662 r -v 'ww .. 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