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Cor-ma Chavez, if V394 Dv- Neve. ,Lune . My S32 QF Los' ,, ,,j,J qc I'-s f ,722 i i HEY-Y' ' -, lY3J'f!3'-?+J- '117jn:flL5FfQ:i,- L'!,iff"5-:wi..f:',!.:'17L1 - VS-13.1 gorrlt iF:V3.'."'Tf ni' ' f1':"f1Yl'nZ.'..?M. .5?b3QZ1'J'-i'2JiP.1I' Fiiiid VI 3 :4H"u"? 'FPf7'A:A'5.",i1...'.xr1L'??fE.T F'23iZPu"5m2C.3L5i"': :FJ-1iM'.Nr1'fv!,f ZPL I-g,..i21-Iii-'EXW i I E H' . '1Rh 5E1xWi5HY1'QFR' ' M11-rwillil' " ' m. ,. .' AH.wvULi4lIB9ki5Ml7Y..'iPi'H3iT9NdsEP'i.' A JJ X. I 5 Ez 4 I, - qs 1 !,,-, RE 24 Qjikiv is L 63 ' Cfiiigle C , X 1 K: fi ff' MQ gk Y. L W Q31 hw fy? Q SQ? 3. 1' , MW WMM? if V W' , s-f Y ffwf Rr! i,, L .5- H 4f'Jnaf .., g V Q M J 1 ' ff' ETF, y -' , 'y' f " 1 v ,, ji, 1 1 I . Ax 5 4,3 U h Xiu l by X 2 ' -u 1 .As 0 ' ,- 'V 'U xxx.. . 1 Q . ' I dk '.-!.'- ...-1 mid- '-.-4 1551: .. f " Q.. iii Q! ," U. sf' ,V Q I 1 ul. 'A , JA 'f Q .AI 'PHE . 1, 1 vw --4, w L 1 ing F M' in ,.,4, .yy 1: gr. fu, - :, A .S-.5 ,..- -,ff :-" ,1,.1.yf . -N , ,.1:.-1 4-1- 4, g.M.a:!1mmiaxm?vmf. '4 M 1 , L 1 I 59 9 The Lincoln Ritual We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. That God hath made of one blood all nations of men and we are His children, brothers and sisters all. . We are citizens of these United States, and we believe our Flag stands for self-sacrifice for the good of all people. We want, therefore, to be true citizens of our great country, and will show our love for her by our work. Our country may sometime ask us to die for her wel- fareg but she now expects us to live for her. And so to live and so to act that her government may be pure, her oflicers honest, and every corner of her territory shall be a place fit to grow the best men and women who shall rule over her. The flag means universal education-light for every mind, knowledge for every child. We must have but one Flag. We must also have but one language. This must be the language of the Declaration of Inde- pendence. Ma, Ndamdnn ,ff ,Wf?Wf,w-if MIKE BEVELAQUA President l f ROSALIE LAMONICO I ntvu-M ural f-QW Q9 ,J .7 T051 GENOVA I" NE ' ' CHRI A EI Iw ARIANO RUBINO ew' ar - mcse and Gfroungg L If .4 CABI T OFFICERS S '45 Bffys' Vice-President 1 ,- , x ,U ,E ,lf , IZ, I 5 1 , - X l ., X 2 if ff. PEGGY PORTER Extra-Mural Q SANNAGO Girls BANRQ Personnel Ross Bmmo V . ! ini Girls' Persorgrsl 4 ,ff 1 S45 CLASS OFFICERS NORMA BOLTON Girls' Vice-President BEBB ARMSTRONG YVETTE Dum: LLOYD STORNIE Secretary Treasurer Boys' Vice-President ABEYTA, OSCAR - "ll" Ewa- ketball 123. w AMATO, THERESA - Maids, Ladyes 127, Treas, of Ladyes. ABDERHOLDEN, JOE- lads, Squires. Sr. Glee Club, Varsity Basketball 12l, "L" Societv. sAl.occA.f1l..ouls-Alpha 10. Squires. Kg NS. Wva Bond Committee, eater Coxrigbpjee-,,1 21 i1 If! Ah ' 'U WM, V7 AW.- QSVQEZQPYZFELIA-nlaids and BAl.TAzAn, PRAN Kgpages Awlmcno. CARMEN ARCHER, PATRICIA - Maids Ladyes 123. Chatelaines 125, Al- pha. VVar Bond Commissioner. , . BANKS. FLOYD-Squire, Cam, ARMgTRONG, BEBE -Laayes. BARBOSA MANUEL ,1-mek, ARMSTRONG. JOAN R.o.'1'.C., Knight qzy, guys- per. 121. Chatelaines 123, G.M.D.C,, HOW. mee' Club- sonnell, Chairnmn Merit Board. SGCFCT-RU' Chalelaines. G.A.A. ' ' -Q. ,t fi 17 f ff X-C I 7 g. BASILE, JAMES-Squire, Sen' IBASILE, ELIZABETH - Rail- ior Glee Club. Drama, .splitter Staff. Variety Show, IDFZIITIR 621. ' My . .f,!3f' 'M ' I it V ,,r'.v' tt - ,ffj i, I., ' fs 1- N l 1.7 , , BEVELAQUA. MIKE-St l t BERT! WINIF' .. Body President, SClllil'9S,ut'?l?" and G..iX.A. RED Red Cross Football, Dance Committee. ti Q t W ffwp, M1433 ,K i vhg ft 2 -gf . A BASSO. FELICE-National DP- fense Club. Page Squire, Knight, l'.S.0. Unit. aoBAnu LA. sniff: A A J. I P .! Lf t V EST BOLTON, NORMA - Senior B Treasurer. Chatelaines, Modern Dance, L2-dyes, Annual Staff. - Lad BROUCHAERT, ANGELINE - CANO. EDDIE - Dance Band BRUNO, ROSE-Girls' PQlPSdfl4 .N CAi.Aano.A EDWARD Bmmd Ladyes 121, Perfect Attendance rep, R.O.'I'.C. cm, Squire tzm, nel, c,.A.A. tap, Perfect Attend- Page Squire Knmht' f, 48 semestersb, Modern Dance Football Band 161, Orchestra. ance 177, Sr. Glee Club 143.- comjl, "A" Basketball 101- cm' 5 1 I I CUZZONE DAVID BURCIAGA. SABINA I ,A.A. Jr. Red Cross, Defense Club Glee Club, 'LadyPS, Fllatelaines. Uwe ' ciety, DONG, DAvao-Knigm, 'L' sn: "A" Football 623, BOYS Club, Visual Ed. Comm, -Maid, Presi- G.A.A. 157, Sci- Economics. QVVU ' CANDELARIA LOFKRAINE - URAN. RICHARD CAPPS. BERTHA Lassie 127' Maia Km' G'A'A' GH' D 7-A" Fboxban. w f u' ,N 1 f N. ssrsmxs. eau. CASTREJO D wi' F'ERR0. RALPH-Squire, "B" COLE, BETTIE JEAN-Chate , N Fx lzl " ' ' - ' mln I, R.0.l.C., Sc-lence Club lame 129, Ladye 123. GM-D1 1 Drama, Glee Club HP, Thrift ,HJ X jo FRY, MERRILL--i2yr5.J "B" CQLLARD, HELEN-Art Com- Football, Knight, Square, Sr. missioner, Modern Dance, Rail- Glee Cluh, Visual Ed. splitter Staff. X GABY, FRANKqDance Band. 481 Gym Club, R.O.1'.C.. C27 Squire, Music Comm. Football Band l6l Orchestra 461. ff? GENQVA, TOM-Lad. Page. DIAZ, LORRAINE Squire, Knight, Student Bod! Vice Pres. GIOVANINI, ROSS-"H" Foot- ball, "B" Baseball, "A" Base- ball 637, "A" Football 123. DE MATEIS, CHRISTINE - Maid 627, Lady f2l. Dance Com- mittee, Student Body Secretary ,, DUBE. AGN ES onunas, JOHNNY-Squire, DUBE, vvE'r'rE - G1 1 b culosmx, GEORGE-R.O.T.C., ESTF'ADAf POI-A-G-A-A. 141 Knight 117, Gym Club IU, Glee Treasurer of Senior A glasgu ' Varsity Football, Glee Club. Chatelaln-95. CB-DL of G4M.D.C Club CU, Visual Education. if C NX , 1:53. n J 42 1. QS 'if :bf W' A' V4 MMM FLY, 'rn-csnsszx Gxrls sport 'AC0NA. .sol-:N Commissioner, Maids, Ladyes, ff Chatelaines, GAA., Annual. euflsnnsz 5059, ff 4. sw. . L " W M Q f 'S ' JACKSON, JOHN-Sang all Bir- I LEON FRANK-Glee Club, "B" mingham Army Hospital. Egdzlgzgvy ETAgkf51fIa'df27- Baskefball, "L" Society, Llzzl, LEONARD '- Page 121, HEATH, EL ... - . sqnnre 121. Knight rzm Gyn, gay, Maid qzmvfagstfffzp qg1f'ff'.Qe LOERQ' GEEGORY-Boys Glee Club, Boys' Finance Comm. laine 121, G,,3,,A. 133. ' ' mu ' 'lac ' HY A ffm 1 N- W W' 1 GARCIA. BERTHA A I IW Mffprfj fr n an n l!,,g1,,,ff7 ,NM N 'VW f' , ! , f HANSEN NORMA- Chatelalnfa 423, G,AA,1Y5idlS3? tor Annual, "L" Society, Alpha- HERNANDEZ. EMILY LopEz' ALBERT-l.'00tbulL HERNANDEZ. 5ABAS+N2-liliii wi. Lopgz, ,105 JEMELIAN. ISABELLE-Ladyo page, Jones, STELLA-G,M.D.c. cn MUNSUN. PAUL-"A" Foowau Pres.,,Fom- G.A.A. 441 427- Squlff' 127. Clwrus. llnl, Soc. , vfxwf 'U A LOMONACO, ROSALIE-f',A.A. PASKH. , HARRY-Page 121. MUNSON. PHILLIP Hy, Inter-Mural c:,ummiss10ner. Squire 423, Knight 127, School M-A1 2 ua-1 ' H" .fur 1 r, N ye IJ. phowg, 125, Sr, A Presxdent. LAUFE, ESTHER-G.A.A 4 Ladyes C11 Girl Scouts Q23 MARTINEZ, ELISA -W :NM ,K Maw 5' A V, , xv ! x-4-'I-1' ., 'QL' fy C, iyi PEZZOPANE DOMINIC MORA, ELISA-G.A.A. 161, Jr. MCCONNELL, VIOLET-G' ln - IFZEREA, WILFRED - Kniglil Military Drill corp Q21 'H Red Cross 07' X QW 4 OM NORCIA ANNA MAE - Maid, RAMIREZ' RAUL Lzulye Gil, Chatelaine 125. Al- pha 141. Editor of Railsplitter, RUBINO, MARIANO-Page UP, Squire 121, Knight 127, House Manager 121, Alpha 139. I , 1" nusso PETER l.. - Knigm, , md, Captain in R.o.T.c. Lassie 07' Maid 42, PEINADO, CONCHITA .. dye, , R RET - PICKELL PHYLLIS La PETROTTA MA GA SANCHEZ. GEORGE Chatelaing Q23 xg.M. X .L Alpha fzj- " X J X 1 L SHP-IN. ALFRED-Squire. 1' ' 'D J I QW fpwffi ' K wg? 5 PORTER. PEGGY!-G.A.A., Ep- lra-Murzll Commissioner, Maud, 11,A.A., Clmlelaine 123. Sr. Glee. ii iffy i3ggmfg, X. MH 1 xi" "gt, -w,.g:f,.,1 ,.M,i,,?.. X, , ff ' . M. ,..,i1:,, ,. w..,M M3 4+ v-'guy K"'if.fS3 'Lina ev' 3234-5 ,AH 1 . SOTTILE, ANDY-Squire and R,U.T.1', STORNIE, Ll.ovo-P club, --A" Football fzffge' Gm THORPE, RICHARD-Lad 123. Page, Squire 121, Knight 621. Gym Club 125, Sport Comm. ROUTH, l-ULLIAN-Junior Red TERRANOVA, TOMMY-Major Cross representative. of R O T C 1 NT! VOJKOVICH, JOHNNY - Glee Club, Squire. Roomcuez, .1 U A N IT A- I.1l1Ij't'. SANCHEZ, ALICE - Los Fies- teros. Dance Class 123, G.A,A 129, G.M.D.C. sARAcHo. FRANCES STAMSEK, CARMELITA STONE. NOVELLE-Lzulyxf 123, Chute-laine 127. Commissioner of Finance 123. VELTRL DOLORES vaARRA. cREscENclA E L.. QWAIN, MApqcEl-LA LE PORE, BILL - R.O.T.C., Squire, Knight. - Lf 32 A 2 2 - V a v Ke YQ- -1 QB i 1 wk, TEFIESI, GENEVIEVE - G.M.D.C'. YNIGUEZ. LYDIA TUCKER. SHIRLEY YSAGUIRRE, RUTH LOPEZ. HENRY 5105109-1, PETE--Knight -V? 0' Q ww MILLER, ALFRED-Page flb, GARCIA, SOCORRO HANLEY, HAMILTON LUCEFKO, LILLIAN-G.A.A. C57 Squire 121, R.0.T.C. 137. Chorus. CORTEZ, SUSANA X N 1 iv 4. H E7 5,15 ACUNA, VIRGINIA BOTELHO, INA ARSENA, FRANCES BONDI, FRANCES BORZI, VIRGINIAW- M, W BRUNO, MARY EURCHETT, ANNA LEE- CABRAL, HENRY CASSANO, LOUISE cmco, NICK CASTELLAW, LOUISE CARRANZA. VIRGINIA CATALANO, CORNELIA- CILINO, FRANCES I . coLAv:N, LUCY fix- ,I , ' 5' YH! , L COLO. HENRY- DURAN,ALICE- c.lANcANEl.l.r, l.onE'r'rA - ,HULLERI ERNEST- FARESHETIAN, ART- GONZALES, JOE- GARLAND, LILLIE- GUERggA, OLGA- GIANCANELLI. LORENA- HAROS, ANTONIA HUNTER, JACQUELYNE JEROME, RUTH JOJOLA, EDWINA- JUAREZ. ELEANOR KUTRUMPIS, GEORGIA- LASCURAIN. CARMEN- LOPEZ, ALICE- MASL ANGELO- moD1cA, .1AcK- IMASI, PAUL MORTELLARO, LILLIAN- 'lIAZOUCH, ROBERT- NORTON, LEATRICE- MILICH, DOROTHY- MOTAI CHARLES- NATALE, JENNIE- NG. WILLIAM - OBERST. HENRY- OLGUIN, ELISA- PAPA, JOHN- PARRA, ESTHLR- PINTO, ALFONSO - PUCCIO. VINCENT- FUGGIOY JIMMIE, SCHAEFER. wII.I.IAIv TR'P'N" MARY SM-DANM CELIA- SEGA' LENA' VERNETTI. MARIE SANCH EZ, MARY- soro. VIRGINIA- V"-l-AN0. ANGEI-INA SANTANA, ESTHER STUDER, GLORIA WEL,-ER VALERIE, WHITAKER. DONNA EVERETT WONG- WOODWARD, NORMA- YEOMENS, RICHARD +V j' if IJ V f WEATER DAY S215 6 Chatelaines is the highest honor, service organization in Lincoln. The girls who are members are considered the "cream of the crop." The Chatelaines' duties are to work with al-l students in becoming better citizens, also working with newcom- ers to Lincoln by taking over classes once every two weeks to teach songs, yells, and traditions of Lincoln. Not only are members of Chate- laines required to be good citizens, but in addition, maintain high scho- lastic grades. Mrs. Carr was sponsor during W'45. Mrs. Shea is sponsor of organi- zation at present. . RVE G Gonuniuioneu First Row: Rosalie Lamonica .......... Intra-Mural Christine De Mateis .......... Secretary Mike Bevelaqua ..............., President Mary Steener .... Jr. High Red Cross Helen Collard ........,..................... Art Second Row: Anna Mae Norcia .... Railsplitter Ed. Genevieve .Villagran .............. Health Margie Santiago .............. Girls' Vice Peggy Porter .........,...... Extra-Mural Theresa Fly .... Girls' Sports QGAAQ Rose Bruno ....,....... Girls' Personnel Novelle Stone .,........ - ..... ..... F inance Third Row: David Dong ............................ Visual Tom Genova ...........,........ Boys' Vice Mariano Rubino ...... House, Grounds Ed Calabro l....................... Dramatics Floyd Banks ............ Boys' Personnel Tom Terranova ...... Major R.O.T.C. Kagan The Knights is the 12th grade hon- or organization. It is sponsored by Mr. Gillespie. They take the most im- portant posts at school such as the cafeteria and hash lines. They also help in the auditorium and help take classes when teachers have to be out. At the end of the year they clean out lockers and help fix the school by painting the benches and fixtures. They are a real service to the school. W E S E R V E The Squires is the boys' serv- ice organization for the 11th grade. Their main duty is to take the different posts at noon. This is an important duty and takes a lot of the students' time and ability. They also help by being hosts and any other duties Mr. Adamson suggests. The Squires and Ladyes had a very success- ful party this term as they have had in the past under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Hallett. The Ladyes is the girls' serv- ice organization of the 11th grade. Their main duty is to take post at lunch time. The girls have a very impressive initiation with the high ideal of life as their motto. They also had a very successful party this term under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Petry. The Maids is the girls' service or- ganization for the 10th grade. Their work is similar to that of the Pages. They also have been studying the higher service clubs and organizations so they will be ready to take their places in them when they reach the senior grades. They have had two nice dances this term. They meet twice a week at noong once for busi- ness and the other time a social meet- ing with the Pages. Mrs. Burke has been their sponsor for a year and a half. LWE SERVE .fa-JJ auf .faddied The Lads and Lassies is the Service organization for the ninth grade. Mrs. McClean has been their sponsor for past several years, TMS group takes all the respon- Sibility and gives the A9 party. This group also does all the ush- ering in the Junior auds. P0944 The Pages is the boys' service or- ganization of the 10th grade. Their primary work is to assist the House and Grounds Committee. To become a member they have to be recom- mended by one of their teachers and have good character traits. They are also striving to devel0P social poise, and class leaders. The Pages have two meetings a week, 0119 for business and one, a jfiint meeting' with the Maids for social functions. Mrs. Tufts has been their able sponsor since she came to Lincoln a year and a half ago. MJ Jia-false! Under the able supervision of Mrs. Stevens the Log and Hatchet organi- zation was formed. This club is open to eighth-grade pupils with high character and scho- lastic traits. This term they have been working closely with the Red Cross and their drives. On May 4 the members and spon- sor enjoyed a successful party which was given in the Social Hall. Emblem of the Log and Hatchet Club is a shield with an outstanding "L" placed in the center :W dell if Lx, SENIOR HIGH CLUBS Roplde 8146 This is a newly organized club. Its purpose is for the study of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and turtles, of Los Angeles county. In their studying, the club members learn the names, common and scientific, of these reptiles. Mrs., Cornell is the sponsor. Science Glad The Science Club is the oldest club at Lincoln. Its members are Senior High students who have an interest in science. At each meeting, under the guidance of Mrs. Armstrong, a member of the club or faculty gives a lecture or demonstration. ' , a Lil Y 1 Mt ,Y I f H .Jr .Eu qkfibnai This club is made up of students of Spanish background with artistic tal- ents. Some of the boys and girls dance native folk dances, others sing to the accompaniment of their gui- tars. Especially talented ones do both. This term the club intends to venture into the field of drama. The sponsor is Mrs. Morales. SENI auf Madew lance Modern dance is a special class for girls which meets first period in the gym. There each morning Miss Chad- wick gives a vigorous workout to the unfortunate members of the class. They don't let that discourage them however, as it is really fun.. e The advanced dance girls some- times put on programs in the auditor- ium or for special occasions. The girls wear costumes like the ones in the picture to the right. They can be of any color. This is for con- venience and appearance. IGI-I CLUBS 00,14 ara em The Senior Girls Glee Club, under the sponsorship of M1's. Sussman, has a uniform dress consisting of a black skirt and white sweater with a red and white emblem. The girls sing at and calls, and with the Boys' Glee Club. They will also sing at the lfnited Nations pageant. The Senior Girl Scouts have been very busy this year doing Red Cross work and community service. How- ever, they don't believe in working all the time and on several occasions have enjoyed outings to neighboring' parks. They have had an especially good time under the able sponsorship of Miss Chadwick, known to the girls as"Firefly". V 3 . B w W 2 ., A 6gg.v.4..- CLNAN bxx Q. - xovqnl 1-L f X, Y 3 Y 'ax MEMVX . -,. N4-,N7 K ' X 2 F, 1 Qgfsv 5 I Q . K V--1' .3 . 4 3 2 X WX Q Q, R. IUNIG HIGH CLUBS uaiaagmaaze The Junior Service Club was first organized by Mrs. Carr last year. It was organized for the purpose of giv- ing the Junior girls an opportunity to do school service. This term they are under the lead- ership of Mrs. Linville. The girls have helped in the cafeteria and col- unioascdznce The Junior Science Club was organ- ized by Miss Shryock when the Jun- ior High was first established at Lin- coln two years ago. The club is for the benefit of all students in the Junior High interested in science. They have had one joint party with the Senior Science Club and sometimes join to- gether for interesting out side speak- ers, At their regular meetings the students give talks on special sub- jects such as redwoods, seaweed, an insects. p Y vii? Q xxf J 'xirtfxa 23 lected scrap paper for the Red Cross. The Junior Girl Scouts were organized at Lincoln last year under the sponsorship of Mrs. Barrett. They participate in the regular Girl Scout program for girls under 14. At present most of them are working on their Second Class badge, which re- quires the performance of one project from each of 10 fields: Nature, Sports and Games, Community Life, Arts and Crafts, Health and Safety, Literature and Dramat- ics, Music and Dancingg International Friendship, Homemaking, Out-of-Doors. Later they will specialize in more detailed activities in three or four of these fields to earn the 10 merit badges toward First Class rank. They have also had fun on their supper outings where they prepare and cook their dinner over an open fire. P.S. A few of the girls were camera shy. .QS .iffi amz aaa., This year Lincoln was the first high school to be able to fly the Minute Man Flag, which means that ninety per cent of the students buy war stamps every month. To encour- age the boys and girls there have been several aud calls, the admission to which was the purchase of stamps. To further stimulate the thrift pro- gram there is the bond booth. It was constructed at very little cost by our Wood Shop. It is of streamlined de- sign and patriotically painted. There the seven Victory Maids sell stamps and bonds at noon. All this is due to the untiring efforts of Miss Benore who has devoted a great deal of her time and talents to further this cause. VICTORY MAIDS-fFront, left to rightll Frieda Perry, Helen Lee, Geri, 4 aldine Siegel. iBackJ May Jo McKinney, Vlrglnla Reed, Margaret Santiavgwr ...A f and Alberta De Laura. M X- A Wg ' -.4, . l if jill ' A 'Q i ef' X K SIGNATURES PX . is D Qx"1?',f Qtr 2' QQ Fi-1512 645 345 if 12,50 VR " T0 ir 6.93 illiyp A L ggcmse 06 UK +9 - xg wad v6xb'Sf f Ja 0,9 Ap Z mv Q I? Gfgfrf' X fp! ff -IX , j M D X QA gf' WM f 553' W 'A Q f-PM dvi? f .. Q x ,ff 'L 30 J, Mfmlm f he . nj V . ! '!,,f? Mk NV Q I .,, 7? 3 5' ' 'xx 5? , 3 Q53 'SSQSXX ' 'X 4 Qaifv B12 Wil B12 I A11 B11 Q 1 Q Q B11 B11 R ' v mr. xx A10 2, ff ,tiff J, mfg 9,- 3 I f 4 1. 5 wi ,N F! A bv'. A QU IA. " an-. sw A10 , S1 xx rp' ,AK X J X- v N QKXX JDM W' N L' N- " xx' A X 1.1 'X,fwk'N 1"'.l'f,, " A 'kj YHA' I VC Z g ff 9 NG 4--hu.. :W M M ' ff Af' -B M Mu 5,41 'A 2:1 .Y '1g,.T5 Lf f' 551' I x iff? ' 21 1 W J 'Q A , 4 ,f ix. . x I N A8 A8 uf xr. . 1 ' Yx VARSITY FOOTBALL Having wound up the regular playing season with the happy satisfaction that they gave their best in every contest, Lincoln's gridders once more have hung up their grid togs. Every player, first-string or otherwise, con- tributed his talents toward the team's welfare. Coach Ford did a magnificent job in molding a fighting aggre- gation. At the beginning of the year he had but four lettermen and a group of promising 10th graders. But that didn't stop him. He went right to work and built a team that was never looked down upon. Highlights of the season were the stellar playing of Quarter- back Jimmie Riggio, who was chosen on the All-Northern team and the All-City squad. Best games of the year were against Franklin and Wilson. The Tiger was not given much chance by the experts to win either game but the Franklin squad was completely outplayed the entire first half. Wilson also was given a scare. For over three-quarters of the game the Lincoln eleven led by a comfort- able score. It was not until the very last minutes of play that Wilson was able to pull up and pass the Lincoln squad. FIGHTING AGGREGATION oF '44-First row, left to right: Badran, h Marchlca, es Dong, ts McFar1and,t: Riggio, qp Vullo, gg Fowler, gg Pinto q Second row: Giovanini, hg DiPietra, cg Colo, cg Iacano, hg Cilino, f 3 McCree eg Coach Ford.. Third row: Doyle, qg Perez, hg Apodoca, cg LoMonico, hz WOHS, 'CS TTUJIUO, hi Papa, 63 Waefv gl L0ya, f. Background: Merez, e, Munson, tg Johnson, eg Oberst, tg Stornie, tg Huekrudt, tg and Ruiz, g " " FOCDTBALL BEE GRIDMEN-First row: Gonzales, DiPietra, Fe r ' ' canelli, Fry, Bellanca, T. DeFazio, Aragon. Secondr5c?wc1,Tg11::sar1i'Tagan- Venezuela, Lopez, Mendoza, Tally, Bevelaqua, Perez, Mojica Baker Thigi row: Brown, Jimenez, Carreon, Fierro, Alvarado, Davis Rbmano .F De. Fazio, Gilkerson, Salcedo, Romero. Fourth row: Canzoneri Trujillo Sem. peta, Faltz, Orizolla, Algorri. ' ' VARSITY BASKETBALL CASABAMEN-First Row: Calabro, Fiore, P. Nickovich, Davis, Abder- holden. Second Row: Johnson, Mg'r.g Laveaux, Lobie, Tinajero, Moriel and R. Nickovich, ATI-ILETES IN ACTION TRACK Bea 1st row- Sullivan, Soto, Petrotta, Najar, Davis, Felix, Dean Canales 2nd row A , - - n- thony, Carrion, Johnson, Amador, Pizzola Hamiltfml Arragon, Gonzales, Walker J. Pe- trotta. , Zaaagif 1st row-Badran, Algorri, DeFazio, Chia- chario, Alvarez, Perez, Archuleta.2nd row- Mgr. Agate, Canzanarie, Baker, Lobie, Per- ez, Latham, Baum, Jimenez. Back row- Eshom, Nickovich, Marangie. BASEBALL f ,' I ' M E - T,-sq fx KL? 'YJ Q X 1 1 ..w,4 ll , Zaudq lst row-Banks, Lara, Moriel, Giancanelli, Cruz, Lanza. 2nd row-B. Davis, R. Davis, Nigkovich, Giovanini, McCray, Fields, Mc- Rdex Qrd row-Montellano, Gilkerson, Ma- britto, Marchan, Restovich, Fenton, Bor- quez, Burgess, Hernandez. 55 1. ATHLETES IN ACTION HIV3 www 1 V wzzidv t 2 mf Sa. Beal WJ'-445 Beam! Alun-Lau ll' ' , ,ff X 9 r y I Recording Secretary-Vera Contrares p 3 J Corresponding Secretary-Veta Cor- 'X " President-Margaret Santiago Vice-President-Theresa Fl tese Treasurer+Io Gardner I , f Historian-Lee Manuele x ' 1' Head Basketball-Mary Fernandez Head Speedball-Elinor Avenatti Yell Leaders--Evelyn Pezzopane and Rosalie Williams F-,ia 0,414 T q'.,4.n. The Girls Athletic Associa- tion was formed in 1923. This organization was established to give to every girl an oppor- tunity to show her ability as a leader, sport, and friend. The officers of G.A.A. are known as b o a r d members. Their duties are to plan and discuss all activities which oc- cur throughout the semester. All types of sports are of- fered in G.A.A. Recently mod- ern dance has been one of the favorite sports. Other sports are baseball, volleyball, soft- ball, hockey, speedball, bad- minton, and basketball. 8'-as Boalul MMIAGU President-Theresa Fly Vice-President-Norma Hansen Recording Secretary - Josephine Stassi Corresponding Secretary - Vera Contrares Treasurer-Historian-Mary Gasparo Head Softball--Evelyn Pezzopane Head Volleyball-Carmen Forniss Head of Dance-Genevieve Villagran Attendance Recorder-Lorraine Can- delaria Yell Leaders-Liberty Pacheco and Vivian Cordova , . I W q5,, ,,bl nl' t,,.,,a,, 'l fl in alti , I ,Q f sf. 4,4 . if in f g l CP S V Q , it ' .', I 2 F Nh' if Q ws 3 ' I lm if In accepting membership to the G.A.A., I will comply with the following: In my Sportmanship, I will try to be: Honest, Cooperative, Dependable, and Courteous. In my personal appearance, I will try to be: Neat and Clean in body, speech and clothes. In my scholarship, I will try to have: Passing grades in solids and A or B in Physical Education. In my citizenship, I will have: Initiativeg Puntualityg Willingn-ess to do thingsg and Friendliness. In Leadership, I will try: To be more helpful to faculty and studentsg To gain self-confidence, and To serve my school. Most of all, I will always remember that the Girls' Athletic Association stands for FRIENDSHIP, COM- PAN ION SHIP and LEADERSHIP. swan 1st Row-Left to right: Helen Marshall, Catherine Meadows, Tomilene McCaslin, Gene- vieve Villagran, Ernestine Aguilar, and Elva Jean Heath. 2nd Row-Left to right: Pat Archer, Vir- ginia Beaver, Elvira Hirsch, Natalie Jimenez, Rosalie Spagnolie, Esther Laufe, Annie Ange- les, Shirley Tucker, Rae Jean Richards, and Jo Gardner. 3rd Row-Left to right: Mary Ann Sanz, Carrnelita Gellegas, Joan Cooper, Irene Grun- singer, Josephine Cartago, Pat Eckles, Rachel Saldano, Pola Estrada, and Theresa Fly. wouaaeu . 1st Row-Left to right: June Nelson, Liber- ty Pacheco, Veta Cortese, Annie Corrol, Vivian Cardova, Evelyn Pezzopane, Grace Massafra, Rose Bruno, Jo Tombrello, and Marian Fran- cavilla.. f 2nd Row-Left to right: Geraldine Ferrara, Norma Hansen, Josephine Ferrara, Wanda Warkenstine, Beverly Knipcheer, Flora Zal- date, Gloria Wong, Eleanore Avenatti, Lor- raine Candelaria, Carmen Torres, Rose Lo- rango, Socorra Montes, and Concetta Mangi- one. 3rd Row-Left to right: Josephine Stassi, Margie Santiago, Rose Marie Lombardo, Nancy Young, Anita Aguilar, -Susan Cortez, Alice Mora, Lupe Diez, Esperanza Arrelano, Beth Hunter, and Urania Mangir. lffdclvw flange nf- b, 1 4- , ra.-. LNX lst Row--Left to right: Dorothy McElroy, Beatrice D'Amico, Lillian Douthett, Grace Warner, Carmen Forniss, Norma Masuralla, Catherine Geonetta, Joan Constantino, and Evelyn Castellaw. 2nd Row-Left to right: Mary Fernandez, Marian Estrada, Jacqueline Lamp, Virginia Reed, Alberta DeLaura, Geraldine Siegal, An- nie Pecora, Genevieve Luchetta, Virginia Sa- racho, and Dolores Sanchez. 3rd Row-Left to right: Sally Bulger, An- gelina Gonzales, Norma Valdemar, Josephine David, Irene Gonzales, Trin! Lomeli, Connie Gonzales, Lorraine Wil on, Dolores Huecho, and Frieda Perry. 4th .Row-Left to right: Jennie Arrelano, Esther Diez, Antonia Ayala, Sarah Alvedarez, Connie Katatye, Mary Ann Sanz, Carmelitn Gallegos, Theresa Corrales, Deliina Bernal, Dolores Jacovetta, and Margaret Vojkovich. KJ ATI-ILETES IN ACTION 23 76. !Li.4M-,gs 'QM ,,f 1 play - lay " may - may 1 KW- 94 fdfff' R, C765 if Q2 9' V an SIGNATU q'bf , .-x. 2 . JK fi' Z Jf05f5-0 f fffymf , ' JK, fuytl-lfUf 7501, cygkf M Q - .fy,UJ .477 V ' f'3'J- V 'J 171 ,ul Q Q ,M,, 4Awf 1 f M fb Ffwffff, JVC ' 'f"1f W W W Q f W 025 X 4 f KW WM ef? W9 WW " wk M 6 ' EQ ? 4 X ' Rf gc . Q X . ug .1 4' lf" ' Vi 'X Q- X Q51 ' X O ' . 4 Jx 'Ui " J' A . Pk.. A J, l,y, . K, fi ,wj L 42 A p vw ,X X kqvliie XE V' 1 is UAW! W!! Wm E xl V Y: 4 ' ff? 4f .2 ' ' gg .fffifyf , sf.1 1 WY, Y X ' , f ,pf Q31 Bw ff 191 'P' 'WJ vm Q j WW Q14 bw' vin R J' fl -N . 5' 2- for x W fc tfil I Xxx! Lx f . SPL bvxi up x ' mb YN 'K AJ ' ' jjnvof- J , , , . .ifj,v f X " if 5. Left to right-Lieut. Genova, Lieut.VSottile, Captain Russo, Captain Cano, Lieut. Marangi, Lieut Latham, Captain Banks, Major Terranova, Captain Ruth, and Lieut. Alvarez. Preamble to the Officers' Constitution We the officers of the Lincoln High School R.O.T.C. in order to form a more efficient, effective, and elite troop, do hereby authorize and establish this Office-rs' Club for the promotion of our ideals and standards. We believe that this organization will be the most outstand- ing in school and that we will be recognized in all mat- ters pertaining to our unit. 1 fi!- it I , KX eg lflla U1N.l.l Gwnpanqg eampanq B 'D no-ze. my V1 a I 'vii Www! tba!! Inafwain H1 , s ui :AX .1 .,iQ,h--,w- mtgi Af 1 s. ,un , W. Mrk W4?,l'Z?f Slack 144014 N A ., I 1 WW Dolores Metts-2nd Lieut.g Shirley Tucker-lst Lieut.g Pola Estrada -Ca.pt.g Socorro Munoz-lst Lieut.g Anna Mae Norcia4lst Lieut. Mm- Gena Josie Cartago, Dolores Foster, Annie Angelus, Lillian Routh, Alice Shaw, Jackie Lamp, Choncetta Man- gione, Bebe Armstrong, Beatrice Ruiz, Nada Nubasitch, Dora Nandino, Mary Fernandez, Lee Manuele, Eleanor Quesada, Mary Jo MacKinney, Thurra Kuykendall, Bettie Cole, Evelyn Bewly, Phyllis Pickell, Rachel Arriola, Margaret Leatti. G.M.D.C Plcloanl Plahan .2 'Ya A Annual Slay ,E ' l if NN X I 8 'f A' ...vw Sw - X . .swf , .Q i , ,. Left to Right-Leonard Lizzi, boys' sportsg Eva Jean Heath, staff 3 Pat Archer, Senior pictures and clubs, Louise Casta- law, Junior clubs, Liberty Pacheco, classes and Senior "B", Harry Paskil, photographerg Norma Hansen, editor, Norma Bolton, staff: Catherine Meadows, staff, Theresa Fly, G.A.A. and clubsg Tom Terranova, R.O.T.C. P Left t Right-Sal Ferraro, assistant, Joe Fierrantp, assistamntg Harry Paskil, photographer! and MT- Gil' lespie, photographer and advisor. UNITED NATIONS PAGEANT vw h....os.,-....... Inn of Return ,,. Family Life with .L New4TQ0'ist fl ,, va 5. 5 'lm 0 mam on 'X Q4 Variclades de Las Americas O .AIX 1 1.142 ' e 9-1 Q. Ballet Russe de Lin Ga Way Out West Tigers HOUSE AND GROUNDS-Back: Joe Conte, Sherman Anthony, Tom Genova, Floyd Banks, Mariano Rubino, chairman. Center: Christine De Mateis, Vito Mastro, Bill Tyler, David Candelaria, Rosalie Lomonico, Peggy Porter. Front: Joan Constitine, Catherine Geonetta, Rose Bruno, Virginia Parra, Mary Steiner, Alberta De Laura. RAILSPLITTER STAFF-Front: Elva Jean Heath, Carmen Castro, Lupe Lara, Betty Basile, Anna Mae Norcia, Helen Collard, Bonnie Guthrie. Middle: Helen Canerria, Angie Flores, Irene Skowronek, Theresa Fly, Lee Manuele, Betty Pfechacek. Back: Mr. Tevis, Mrs. Hanson, Art Corrales, Vince Acuna SR, 'B' SN 4. B Bam fbance 711247641412 Reel 94-' -fuck 42' Me New hw wr Zin 5fHHemnrium GABRIEL SANTIAGO 'S 35? 1 - 5' 4,5 21 KN V QWQN ,Pa . Q H- L Q. 11:-pf , W 1 '76 , 1 1 N .fa .Vik .Q A L , .-,.,i3..,k gg A , . uw ,.,,., , ,. Mm, W m i . 1---E--.., .-......, ,Wu ' " , My Z . , 5 ' Q ACC gh ,Z-Avlfgfwilb. if NR 3 ,M ,N mgy WM 33445-vxwmiwwwyd MWMM5 W M 35 is Gfgfwjw 6 H in gf frff W . '.-- . f .. A - F A, , a I X f M MMM u Q 1 ,, WWW S N Wk yy JWJ' Cjfwgy We x VWi.,+'-"ju W 5 MAD, 3? J JW? DM M Ci Qffif WW ff 'EZWKQ W! X53 My XJ 9 V38-Yfb' M if WWLJ 5Q+i"' X 1 N W JWMW w wMl1 Q Hfviffifyw M f M I I x ,S X. VT. ' J N Y. , ,kzgxg , . XR STX Qlfg XSQQNX .,'L X - . , N me 6 QQ .Q fy.. X .L .-... . .4 E,fQQQ ' Tx 211559, XX I if 1 'M W , fy ' X XWSM ,I Nl' , , ja, j 'gag ' V q ,2.fc. LcfcgZ ,C gf! f f . my Shi? N54 l QI? 3566! W l rfixp! s ixjxjvflgwsjxxwfxs QW' I 5 KWFUXZV1 X 'wg I ' J X? 'ijgyk' 43.1 Qi X-YJ X' 'Qi-Q NW W ' ifw WST5 Qu'-iq GH 'SFX ' Qff Riff! Q95 R U if . 'L . Kf M by Milfs U M , -H " fi L 'U asf a.uu,f X A QV mwcmfm.J'Cfa.49 96 N Yi N ,N v X w QA V ik XJ 1 - f .K X .J xx xx ' NT 5' A ,X , X5 KU xi Q: J 'N 9 N X 'S Q 3 X mx X3 A T4 W XA 'Ra , , mf f X , 1 ,V lfz f' P X, ,s...f, , 1 "' '15 - ' 4' 'x ,M ..- 1'1 ' ,. --H " wx. ,f :fi , 1 , K" L ' , F, 'ku' '41, F ' ' C1 fi- LT. A , - s--fue' vcf - - N-ui.- Y, 0, lf 1 4 , .., 1,1 VK- . 4- bf 1, fag, 7 N . , f YW..- l "J K'T':1x.1M5 7 ff" 2, , ' "'A' 3- wa, :Li xxx ff' 3'2" S Lf 4-'L-iff f Grid, ,ff a..--K-: ' , .- -'A-Q. "fx,.,. f 'Vg' 'C-fu f' ' SS 1' -.,,.. : T .i-I , ', "L: f' N 'JS'--L'f" L Q? . :xp ,fm, r, J I uv- f.. , -f, s4..fy,, 5' ' , " 1 - Q., 4 , P sfff, ' S1 -ffm . 57' 1' " Irv-, .L ,Lrg WI Q

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