Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1940

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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,J 1 K X17 '. - Y X A ,F .1 ' M XR I ii V,,f' 1 I li wt I J "J f my T, , j X V J J f J ff X Lxiuulff 1 ' -X 'x f Lf! XX , 1',.,fA KN X in K N fy' .f M71 ,AW if V 'XA , sax 1 , if """L7 1 I Z 4 L3 on fen fa xlllllllll ll lflllll umm ll ll I hu lllllllll hi Illllllllllflllll 1 lull I 1 llll llm I' ll F2 ' 'ei I.'1z':l Arles ' za ' 2 I 'ss H. ll. T. ll. limes' f'1 'rs l'il'l:s' f'l 'Iss ' :runes 'R " 6 'f ! 5 . ff' EU A X-ua, sails" VOLUME 27 PUBLISHED BY ' J THE STUDENT BGDY W' OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN HTQH SCHOOL BITUATEB rm Los ANGELES CALIFCRNIA MK NU ':' 4' I' . f A4 fi I ' I fl' ff J .K' ffgffy J E A T f ' I- ' '. n hx 'I CX, x T X VI! X X , C K X fx- ,. ,H 'N E, -W: "T 7 ,gg xl .R ' E A 'F f T' X7 ' 'v K5 , lk- J LL' ' L ,, T 'T A X pf 1 L4 A 2 x' . . "TJ Q V' .. A l i Xyfzffyx 1170- 5, T U ,.ff"" U ,9 .1-vbvtt A -I M5 , , rf' , x, till? -1 JE L1 1 e1fl'11f1f1f1'11-1111 .111.1111 111 11 11 IN 1111e 111 11111 111161111111 .1111 1121 11 A 1.1 111 1112 11111111 .111111 1 N1111 111111 111 121111 1111111111111 1.11e 111111 C1661 1111111 111111 11111 1 113141911161 111 11.1111111111 11.11 NQ1111 211.1111 e 111.11 111 these 11.11 1 111 1111e111.1111111.1 11 J 1e.111 .1111 1.1011 11111 111011 .1 0111111110011 .111 11111111 11 1111 11111 1111 11 11111111f1.111ce .1111 1111s11111e1s1.11111'111 111us11.1 111 11111 11 S 11111 X11 1111p.1w.1111e 1J.11 1161 1316161118 1116111141113 411111 1 111New 111111 11111111911 .11 1 111111111 Phe 11113111111 1116611111 5131111 111 111 111111191111 11111121111 111 111 11111 T1 111111 -X111e11c.111s All IN 41111 0111111 11 1111-me S., :Lf f""4.a. - "1 I V- , f M L: ll.. S A ' fX1J1" ' L' C 1 11ig'11 SC1111111 ' ' J 5 QX- ' 11 .1 1' 111111 111111111111131' 11 -1 C: 1 ' 1 ' j 'he1'1. I 1, .' 1 af z1'j. '- ' 1: ' '1' 111--151 .' -1 g, - ' 3 'A1'-' -1 1- 1 ' '11 - 1 '- 12 '111. J ' s A '1- 1 1 1' i12'11,"' ' 1 1 Ig. T .' -1 ' fm ' W syfb , www Mfgw' EM.. ,Za , ? f '2' T5 Qi' l , fi, 5' , fi? ,,,. hs.. 0 .fn ark wwf? W f W' w 1i ff fwi af 1 -3 Y . 7 ei Q 'Y 2f'S.v515'?'J" 'Y-Z H' 9.4 A v OI" lfU0l" ... 15,11 school d.11s .ue the h.1pp1cst d us lll llfe that IS 11l1.1t thous.111ds of people s.1x .1s thex fondlv 1ecall the11 school caieeis Yes lt 19 tiue -Xt no otl1e1 t1111e Ill l1fe do ue haxe such 111te1est1n0 .1ct1x1t1es and des11.1ble su11ound111,qs High school p1ox1des fo1 even student .1 11ello1g.1n17ed plan of 6dllCfltl0ll 11 hlch mcludes l1te1.1tu1e, d1.111.1, .1nd tl1e alts .1n 1tI1let1c pltlgldlll VSillCh 5111 es e1e1x student the opportumtx to p11t1c1p1te 1n SD0ltS .1ct111tx dlld .1s spectatols, .1 11 hole some soc1.1l llfe to g'1V6 QVGIVOHQ ple.1su1e .md .1g1ee.1ble co111p.1111ons of h1s own age Ye.11s f1o111 now 10111 I 111col111.111 11111 be .1 l6CO1d of the busx act1v1t1es .1nd XOUI pe1so11.1l1t1 development 1n h1gh scl1ool past 'lhe smiles of old f11ends mll g1eet you once H1016 'IQACIIBIQ 11 l1o NK e1e .1 jluldlllg influence 1n vou1 scl1ool c.11 eel look out lt wou lhe .1ct1x1t1es 111 11 hich wou took p.11t .ue fullx .ind 1ccur.1tel1 1ep1esented T1e.1su1e vou1 LIHCOIHIAII .1s a kex to the p.1st lt will 1ex1.1rd vou mth llldfll hou1s of DIQHQUIQ C.1pta1n Paul Chu1ch1ll Gieene l1.1s been cl tl ue frlend .md 111sp11at1on to tl1e 111.1nx students who have been unde1 l11s guidance lt x1.1s .1pp1ox1n1.1tel1 tu elxe XGZIIS ago that C1pt.1111 GIGQHQ begun t6J.Cl11Ilg It LIIICOIII Smce then tl1ose students who h.1ve been in 11eed of fldNlC6 .md .1ss1st.111ce hdX6 found his k111dl1 unde1st.111d1n,q .md helpfulness 1nv21lu.1ole .X dehghtful .11 of 1Hf0Illl.f1i1tX 1ules h1s dedhngs mth the students 1n hls classes lhex .ue made to 19411126 tl1.1t 11l11t ex Q1 p1oble111s 111.11 co11f1ont them, a tiue f1 161 cl ls 1e.1clx to le11d cl helplng hand The staff 18 p1oud to be dbh to dcd1cate th1s book to xou 15 .. .I I '1, ' 1 1 . p- it 1 .. 4 .X R . ' rf wi" ' "ll'1' : - ' - ' 1 ' ' "- ' 2 ' 1 vw, v ' V- v if v 1-v S I -1 2 . ' 2 S . 1 7 -v . . S S .I .K-. , - - As you glance througrh its pages, you will relive the glorious C ' . f f , , . - - 7 - . . .Q , I 1 2 -v I " . ' v' ' L. ' - ' uv 1 - 1 1 v, . u vb . v 1 , 1 I 1 4' 1 1 I 1 K A L ., , ' , , L' 'A' . . . V C . k P- A. K I - 1 L K -. I! A A ' .i' . ' 1 . ' K, . 'S , ., ,' V L. li lv .A K. " -v . . 1 1 1 ' , , 2 - . . 1 . v . 1 1' , '. . . . K . ' w I .Vi I ' J J .' kgittf Z bl N X 1,--1-J? i yy A BV QB.-r . NC if N. . FZ . J QM J Y-Ik-J 'wk'-4,2 irjrs -1 h 35-Z T J WAQ X.--A' 'fig 7 'E ,. J-Q-1 I bi ef Ah' tl-53E"'i V .J Z P ' X 'by N 1 ' Cjalafain reene , . , f -L 1,i,'-QXMN-. V r.-,krvtli , ,Y A l Q ' L k -" k""'V"'343 . 5--,fk'..L lil, I . xr., .X 1516. - I ia afar QIIIIJIUOPI llfl Major James L. Dunsworth is a living example of the fact that a greater effect can sometimes be obtained by a quiet demonstration of what it means to be a gentleman than by hours of tedious preaching. Day after day he is an inspira- tion to every Lincoln student who observes his gentlexnanly conduct, courtesy, and constant helpfulness. His intelligent direction of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps has instilled in the heart of every cadet a deep devo- tion to the ideals of Americanism and has brought great honor to Lincoln High School. All this has been accomplish- ed with the same quiet efliciency which has dominated the Major's life. We honor ourselves by dedicating this book to you. D 7 K ,I .xv I Ill, an 8 cc Wy? Wlffjj JUMZW KVM fffwfwffw bb 9 cc IVI IVIUIIIIIIVI ut ol IIE 1110l1t tl11t cox eu 119 I I wk lx the p1t f1 om pole to pole I tI1111I1 11l11texe1 Gods 111111 be Im 1111 LIIICOIIQUBI xble soul In the Iell clutch of LIICLIIIISIIIICQ I I1 HL not xxmced 1101 Clled lloud I llflel the Imludl 911111 of chmce Xlx I1e1d IS bloodx but unboxxed Iuond tl11s pl me of 111 1tl1 111d te IIN l00lllN but the llo11o1 of the NI1 lde I mdx md Nl11lI find me Llll lll 11d I 111 IIIQIN not I14111 stl ut the e lloxx cl1 114-'Gil x11tI1 pu111sl1111e11ts tlu sc 1111 the 111 lxtel of 111 e I 1111 the Q 1pt1111 of 1111 S ul lull 0111 1x1ct11 In llenvx lllllillll llllf Tnny Turlmmn Illhvrl Plums U ' I Q' z ' I 1 . 1 , , , . ' . lc K K u 2 ' ' z ' ' C : ' j 4' ' ' 'z S . l . I. ' L' 2 X 2 V X V' . - 2 v ' X rl' - g I 2 V 1 j 2 Q j ' . Ig' z ' ' 'z 2 z And the meuzlce of the years .' 2 5 2 2 'z . I 2 ' .' 'z A gat . 2 ,S . Q K, A K, . I z as ' 1 Q fat z 'Q 2 j so . Fl' I1 " A. K' I U' J ll! Via AMEHIEA 5 ALL -Xmeucans all ue lixe tofethei and uoik toffethe1 in the de1noc1acy th it IS America Ou1 school IS a 1ema1 kable demonstiation of the way in which many racial ffroups can be united in peace and h umom Recognizing the 1nnume1able cont11but1ons made by 1llll'l'l1g'I'1llti f1om eveiv pa1t of the vso1ld vse unde1st1nd and ldllllle the best that IS in every 1 ice md the potent11l1t1es in each of them lOl intelhf ent leideiship The leadeis of 0Ll1 school hive come fi om eveiv 1ace Geim ms Meme ms Chinese F1ench J1panese En lish SClHd1I'l1V12lllS Dutch Po1tu5.,uese In stead of suppiessmff their ldlllll 1ble qu 1l1t1es we iecofrnize th m nd choose f01 ou1 leade1s the best Lincoln H1 h Qchool needs them America needs them In the futule they uill set the pace in business industiy fin znce the arts sc1ences md government No education IS complete until the lesson of 1ace tole1 ance is learned Even mankind md no one 1 ice oi people can cl um supe11o11tx ove1 the iest In our school ue have the haimonious blendmff of all the iaces Each b1 ings the best it has to offei md benefits f1om the cont11but1ons of others We find that the1e a1e le 1d91S fiom ex eu 1309 in everv field Without considei 1n0f the 1ac1al backffl ound of C1I'1d1d3t9S foi office ue choose the most cap able and mllmfr That is the best u ay and the onlx xx av to demociacw Lx givinv all persons an equal oppo1tun1ty to eniov the opportunity piesented by learning and S81 vmff the11 fellows a b1oader unde1 standing IS 1eached and unde1 stand mg ieplaces I9S9llt1ll6Ht We must iemember the lesson ue hive leuned in 1 ice t0l61 'mce ln the futuie when ue mfu be tempted to dlQClllll1lldt6 against Oth61S u hose nationality is ot the sime as Olll own 16l'll9IYlb6I th it we ue 'ill -Xmeiicms dpi .X 1' f - ' 7 T - v . . ' . , T . ' . C, C' . . .C 1 'C D ' ' ' 4 Z - Ny- 1 ' ' ' .1 -' ' . -y ' ' Z A . ,X .1 . . v v , v - 2 2 - u xv . ' . :E 2 z ' ' ' ' g 1 ' . -- ' - 1 R i - -Uv -. . ,Z 1, 7' 2 kv. 1 . 1. Z I I 1 v K :' A . 2 v . 1 - T N - ' ' ' ' O 2 'z 1 ., ' ' ,, 1 e a u u 1 I ' . ig L I - Z A . 1 I D . v y . y 2 Y ' , ', 2 . nation in the world has contributed to the science, arts, and civilization of Q , 2 nz 1 x 2 w u. 1 Dy u n I . v I ' - 1 D . . N A ' I. A . 2 . . . . - 2 - - 7 .Lf . ' I . ' ' ,- o I . c I 2 1 v ' " c v D. ' v. v , - Y .. v 1 v ' ' . If U s l . .Y G . I 1 ' u V . . ' O ' 1 v , . . . . v 1 - ' . ' ' z 2 ' ' 'z 'C . . , , , Civ A . . . pl L .K . 'z . ",' 'z'z'.. i l .' of 'f' 1 " f 'A 1 I' , 9 f ' Q . f ff e l F' X . -I K Lf. ,f4nc!ru.5 w M. ll QOOCAULZ ! 1 xs 1d ll s X10 1 1 e L11 ll 1 mccln lllgh School c0111e 11 nanx lands 111he11t manx Cllltlllfll ,nits and hold 111 1llX inthe xe l1e1e at L111c0l11 thex act and feel as one 'l'l1ex nake ual the motto 011 the Sc1ence H111 ldentltx lll d1l'f91 ence l'hat xx l11ch vxelds tl1e111 1lllZ0 one splen d1d n0sa1c li the11 spnlt the Splllt of thell school and of thenf c0unt1x an a1dent COl1ldg'6'OllS f11endlx fell0xxsh1p Xxltll each 1391111110 t0xx 11d the 0the1 1 poeltlxe x1t1l ff00dxx1ll On a Slllflll scale th It Selltllllellt tllclt 18 an e11e1 gmng 1eal1tx lt I1nc0ln, on a xast scale can become 1llt6IlldtlOHdl goodxxlll and f11ends,h1p 'lllblllldl has bee11 deslgnated 111 tl1e I nlted St1tes ls Vx 01ld C100dxx1ll Dax xe11 though xx ll ls lclX1Sll1ll tl1e n 1t10ns 01 Eu10pe 1nd the dll lb filled xx1th messages 01 de 1th and d6NtlllLt10ll xxe c1n stlll tlll5t that xounp Ameuca 1n concelted dCtlOIl xx1th tl1e xouth of Otllfil lands 111ax nake tlllS d1Sdlll of xxolld f11endsh1p a realltx Thel 9f016 xxe bellexe that It IS fit and 17101391 ex en 111 thls tllllQ 0f xxa1 lOl 1ll folks of g00dxx1ll to 101n togethel 111 solemn 16d6dlClt1Oll t0 the pu1p0ses lOl xx hlch the dax xx as named Peace xx1ll c0111e ag 1111 but lt xx 1ll If-Jllldlll stable and SQCUIG 0nlx th10ugh p051t1V6 xltal paeelonate eff01t based on c0nx 1CtlOIl bought bx se1x1ce, and ach1eved as a1e all Spllltll 1l x1ct011es xx1tl1 lllclllC6 toxx a1d none and cl1a11tx f01 all P1ax Cod th 1t t1111e x11ll s00n be l1e1e l2 or J ay l"0. 211 g' 'lc x'l lli k 0 ' Abu I 11:1 If 'L ' .' ' ' '0111 1' ' .' ' ' ' I " 0' ' ' 2 .' '2' -. .' 1 - 1 ' v . . . Q ' , I , -3. N . I KK l- v . . I ,, 7 A v l. ' ' . n 1 , t . 1 ' E . k .L 1. Y . . . , 3 . ' , . .YI .D i. .A ,,,, Q. 5. .2 .u . 2 . . , 2 U . l . K. . K. . ' 2 K. . A. . ., xl. A 1 n A ' tv 2 J 4 v. Av K1 1 1 ' 1 1 A ' May 18, the day set aside t0 COllllll9Yll01'2lt9 the QSt21lJllSlllllQllt of the Hague 1 .' . V .S A. . . ' f K' 2 L. Eb. ' . '1 .' , E' 'z ' " ' gg' 2 ' 3 ' ' 2 "' " ' sq' ' s ' 1 - Q ' ' . ' z s ' Q - j 5 . , v ' -bv ' 1. . ' w 2 A - f' " ' - w ' .' ' ' 2 ' ' .f 1' ' ' ' ' ' t' " Q ' . ' ' Q' 1 .2 ' ' v' 1 1 ' L1 n 1 S ' -I' I '. ' y' , , . 1' 1 . , L V' ' , I ' K. - 7 1 c . . . . H . - w I n I- v , 11 . I 1 1 ' W 'I!,ml9! -Xs boys V1ceP11nc1pal NI1 Xan Pelt IS an example fOl evexv box to follow H1s hon estx and sympathy have won the adm11f1t1on of xll LlI'lC0lll boxs 15 Milly? -Xs 1eg1st1a1 and ldWlS61 Nhss Uudge IS vsell known to us IIe1 p1t1ence and memou haue neve1 been equalled We ue 111deed fo1tung1te to hnve bel on Olll facultx 00 Imcoln lS lndebted to M1s Shex Guls V109 p11nc1pf1l who uds the ent11e student body bv 1dv1s1n0 students ano Dl00ldllllIlg xll student 1CtlVl 19S SFU! fl motto of Mls SQIVICG who ll mnoes l00l uns tm the ll Ul ldLllt6S She 111 mx found helplnf someone If lll tunes r. e f , , ,. .. . I - . ' , 4 . . 2 . V 'VO I V V FJ. A- I I 'nw, 1 c, 1. ' , , Z , . V Y . ' 1' - - - . 3 - f - 1- . . ' ,,' " 1 . z - t . rs. ' I "Satisfy Everyone" is the .' ' ' z '- .2 I-J Ak' D n ri- -2 kv I u - d6l',.,"2 z . aj be ' g 1 J 2 z . . 5 . A V . In I 2 1' my A . vi 1 u Z - .Lv 4 y s 1 I v 3 r ' D 1 E VF' 1 I "ku 1 , A -'F '1 .K , H , f SW , Y 4 ' x- 2 f ,K r I l 5 ,f V' Q 1 K -ab rd A :A ,AAI , la X if . 'al f K gn' ., fl , ff You cw steam NoTfA ,IEXPL3 Jr' 'Mm 1. , mn 1 Y"-nm, uni ,,,,,,,, -f:"'Lz,, 11 f-D. "" Av 'fir 1,-V n, lv ou'L1 v - Z was , , lm.. an . 1 M S Q-101,11 Q IP1 51 u :, ,hi-1 .r . fu Q K L n " uraz, 3 S I-KS! rn ce 1 B 'uvrn 'Ken I be le F5 my " 'H' w. 5 'fire Q fs, U L Q nf. Q ke, su H fm, cw 11 fs Co en, ,rider B rn Q Qx-mx., 5... ""n. Wan vu 'F 1.4 .se E knit H1 K-.y,nhx n, P' . 5 I uri K 4 HNF th. ng, so gc, H, kk.,- np., co 1, amy-,Nl C. t -5, I en., Q at , by B rpi r . sd no -'MHP 6 ' erden an C 1 1301 mem, Lis x 40 Lmoxmm mmwx. noe n ,, 0 x sf-fu um-ch roadway LQ. mann an fornxl A no re, 'we C: u L,LO h nddros lo our NA!! 'dba Koi!!! C lsembef Ulf. ns been foriifdod to rs I-ur. Your mv ngton xx xx. '-ryan' 0 r m f ,uw Q Mmuzer can f ner 11 rehrzu mc our FLXX ICJ' in e 1 U1 ox Y me wana mr-, Q Q-nn env., may u Vw we ns 1 'cnt as uw nu fe,Jm.c cf 0, .. .you fxmmif w, 'ery A our. fm r"e mmf, ffm sr 40 ya f mfr -B. ff-.run who hw-.vm z be m Now V rx, nf..-.fx Q Q B Wann 0 I r .n 0 vm. you -M mrs . hem-M rw from ,cg m 1-.uma e w M. no Natura f xmnsf nf. hm mr- H nb et x . u xanax, vm .ppc Ur' Procope to s n in a 'nn ner. pvmtkcn nhl! li Ciuhibxtioh Yann wry :my rnlxsh r wc .422 x BF -. :CY 417 F . R f vi I g fi ""'H'1-.1-., 'U5: f . " 2 M 'U Q-J. W., -, 73-' .ef- - c1,-- L , 'g 5 n .. "' Sr: . ,Ann 1 4 fill- .. 0" 3: :Iwi U- 1 .. . . V -, ' e .., - .1 .nw - , - Y. ---2:55, -.M A , A-2' ,. Vu, -, ' es14:"3"f' ':- ""'f 'Z ,"7'f'. ,-,-. fl. ' 'Y - Q ,J 115. 111: ...Ev-nf ,,i,1-- Ln. l 1. -.,-"NU LQ.: Fikaigf ' "Ha, , "' 'B f., fb 4 r - sg '3.g,,"i:-,,,g51:,Q J 'B f A :WH cl Ju. 1-,M , " - hw. " ' n Pcrsewz-w 2 Ure, nun Nb- 1. H21 f5f.,..'1i:da . w " - a, -sz H e- . ,.,., the ,H -1 A Ln -.Lim - , AWE A121 '.,Q"'?i to ,' ALF? -A" ' . N of fin- p:"w- :We ' - my , ,t -hu, -fd A - af, 'rc 1' T -.4 '5 ize ..'n'f5.1,r A -V - "' A! rg-Q in , ,, M '-I sr, .' 1'-f., -5.3 .:, ,fl-Cu: ., e Dr' 5. ffl! 3' Ln: f ' "1 rf. me f- :.. f rw , ' yn, .1 A : .." 5 Env- 2-11:18 0' if ANI e -we n X 1-..,, '- '-.,31. g cg ' " 5 7155. X luxury E su ' .. ' .. ", Eli1Z:r ' . 1 1 hx-:.Scr.o W , xx L . rp f Y , , 1: Q. xn ..L ,L.c.,x-, ul crn, . U Ae ry .. . fcu ny, ,, . an A my-A 1 1 , vvrk - - f me pres- , sg- .aw ozrr' p-uae. vc fav, 1 . 51 c .um cm ,gre , . an Q. 1 ..a, -vw -Y Q y 1 X9 Q . in . -Q, by y Q :gg-.nn pn H D 5 .C w. 5 r . E if-.nz - r 1.1 AJ , r. : - .. - :ang tm ' -z-. of . . 1. -f n r.- K. v 1 , scyyhwa 1 -4 . ' ,, wu- :ner B 5 .. f ue . Ln m 1 ariing yan to ua. 1. ' Th '.'-1 .52 ?"eT1'r1 :'.z.3I'L JO ' mn .-Qcwzuvx , :umm . 11. NLC, ZIEQTITR l . x W . 4, li' Louise B Cleo Tatsuro Della Kane Hwmnlton B'lUghlT1'!fl Kfaku McMullen Keith Reed President Girls' Vice- 'W 40 cfj,A0Ala,.5 The VV1nte1 1940 Epheblnns zeplesent the finest and best ot then dass Fhloughout then stfu m Llncoln thex hfne shown then leadelshlp lox alts, and hlgh ldeals lfpheb1ansh1p IQ an honol to xx l'l1Cl1 ex en student even when cl fleshmcm nas aspn ed It means mam thlngs and shows th it the Ephebmn IS El leadel one xx ho has led hls fellovl students thloughout his school CCIIQGI .md who xxlll continue to lead his telloxx Clt1l6llN ln veins to come It means tlv Ephebmn has pledged llllllS6ll to hettel hlmselt h1s telloxxs hls Convnumtx .md hls g0V9lI'llll9lll2 Ep ebmnshlp ls not onlw dll honol lt IN .1 NEIIOUS 0lJll4Ldl.l0ll to nfl l s glefltei and more XXOIld8ll'l1l Xmellcfl 'W 40 C6155 Ofzrers 'lhlough foul long xe.ns the class ot VVlnte1 1910 has worked, plnxed thought, .md planned togethel, .md non then lnfh school dfns .ne ox Cl The same spnlt th xt bound them togethel as .i elllss and led them to P cess at Llncoln xxlll guide them through the complexltles of n odun lute Shirley Erwin Huston Dear Amelia Shirley Parente Palamountain .1 . Boys' Vice- President President ss 4. Warren Wakefield W Robert Sumich Secretar Girls' Boys' Y Treasurer Treasurer gf .JS ff' K , Xp P' N ,ff v s v v I r , 1, ,J JJ! WI TEH AU Jenme Ahumndn Louis Anrato Joe Arlottl Kenneth Ashworth Miyeko Azeko Constance Barrasorda Cleo Bnuqhman Thema.: Beaver Ivn Beavers Marv Bennie' Edward Benson Mary Be-rnrdi Elsln Bfrrmudez Helen Bermuriez Robe Bermudez Ruth Berrmqer James Bettini Steve Blancarte L . K 1 9- f ,S 1 1 I Louis ann! v Donumc Nmmx Mny Blancherl Boone Boccb mv Br un: Buchucchno Marjorie Rose Lea- Helen f-mnk Campnell Casswrx Lent: Christensen Cauvli Joe Robert Joseoh Irene Esther Coppl Contreras Curb, Czaw Davis Erwun Rebecca Eva MIFVIBCI Harry Dear e And-v De Mano Dnguacnnto Drexler Elmer Margaret Lena Douglas Dommuc Ferguson Ferguson Ferraro Ferraro Ferrns MMM i 1' v John Bute: 1 Robert Contreras Esther Davis Mary Enna Richard Flanery A I ,H ' C1 N T Q - 1 I' xg? , E J, ef 5 fu:-g 3 F I ', t . '3F'5'i -S3551 v '4 M . 5 r F ' A K 6- ' i X J 3 .,?fEf,f3 I G. - ec,-r-1 df , 'S- Q C' S C Nl ,,-- :lj-' f ff -1. fp 'ar , ' W " 4 lf! G- I 1 f KE ' - ' L .3 ' ' . 'fx . ' A i . 1 L 'dl ' - Slzmnr Play Jo Pph Frontano Andrew Fuglmnq QQ , Wbxngxx ,Z lvelyn Fulton r-X Angelina Galasso Concha Garay Socorro Garcia C1711 Go'toni Walt i Gibbs Sam Gibili Warren Glidden Rose Glorioso Ari-ne Goodman Kenneth Gookir- Angie Grafi Joseph Grana Jennie Guadagncilo Helen Guerrero Constance Guisto Wlllmm WIlII"lYT1 Hamnlton Tr'1sk Ruth Howe Margaret Kane Vlrgnnua Latona Betty Lungan Shnrley Huston Wnlleam Kaslmoff Louis Lee Arthur fneld Luckee .5 0 5.1 D1rlleI Herfvmdez T1ro lnom ve Louise Kxhdx IN ry Lee Rober Luv ld Murgne Hulbert Edrn James Inez Lindam V711 Leon fene Lynch IW D1vud Horowutz Twteuro K1ku Evelyn L1ngd1Ie Fhymond Leon Fhy M1gg1rd M wsuye Hom: Luulse K1ne Elven L S Irwin Helen g . M1L'y M1moI1 ' cz I g 1- 5 N 1 'v 4'153f:ff fa Q " r J If ' a I A-' W r, , Q L ' SN , e w' X ' ,Vg " . 4,- s. 'C- s W C r 4 ' T , Q 5- S- 6 5 9 X. ' 'rd L K I 1 Fl Q ' ' ' In :w , . Li -I V . JL ,- Bessie M1ruk Y Phil Milnzzo M Rose Natale Lslll Ro Hlllljhh and lh.1lPl.um:s Prnm Edww d M11 Henrnettw M Mwry M1rtmez 'II In an Masolan Mae McAfee Betty IAcDonaId Joseph Muchels se Arm McGmiey l.l lx 'tl ll andw Michel: Margaret Middleton ankuchi Motoishu Anmdo Pntrncna Murphy Munoz Mary Murrieta Yukio Margaret Nava Grace Nwkashnma Navarro Clifford Na Veaux Rosa Orono Robert Paul Harvey Plourde Genevieve Rollins Ml Amelna Nlcassuo Marla Ossorlo Katherine Permcu Lupe Ramos Jack ROITWBFO t Edward Puscllla Pa Nlcassuo Obregon Olgum Shurley Angelma Betty Palamountaln Parente Parkln Nolle Loule Jenme Peterson Pverlnl Plzzntola Clayton Lynell Cella Reed Rice Rodruquez J I 1 Tony Olmos Mary Parr uno Rheba Phullups Joe Rodrlnu 62 Vnrgunua Frank Raymond Eleanor ld baldumbude Rountree Salasky Sa ana b 21 U I S . 6- x Q A , V . l K Q . ik , ' , I - 4 , f W S , Pl - 1 , 1 , . , ' fx . ZS-' v 5 If J ,Q , P ' - 1 1' fn ' x 'S e i f' 'S . 5? f X Q N 44 ljivillq Uiplnmas John Tschinkle Robert Samich Edwin Santo Katherine Sciurba Rene Schweitzer Frances Serrano Eric ShCI'I'Clft Marian Shimkus Bernice Skelly Tyler Smith John Smithson Lillian Solorio Josephine Spena George Stassi Arthur Suarez Eleanora Summit Mary Tapia Fred Tarra Wade Timmons Lupe Tiscarino William Topnam Frank Tuccu Norma Vasquez Warren Wakefleld oe Cumno Madelme Zana Gregory Valadez Blanca Verdon Helen Walker Jess pe Ia Torre Mae" " Zafdengtad RIM Dora Vandercook Van Schvck Aida Vlgano Walllam Wal Reno D1 Sano Jenme Wvlson Ofelua Vllhsenor Gladys Wassermann Sum Ferralo Dominic Troncale . I gg, V I ,. g ' S W 4 8, , A53 X er Q. 5 A 4 V X I ' ' 1 J . I 4 Eff ' x - ' ' My :SY I '90 Iiirl Hftrjrzivillu I llll 11.1 T A I 4 . fif!IlillI' I u Llasfs .itudfzni l ,vi IIUMMENIIEMENT 4-.. , Muff rf J fff i,aid'uiW' i ,vgwif John Maxme Dommgo Anna Mary Allen Odette fwfffwf .S 40 gl7Al'AlUIl5 ettc Sooter Bone! Crum Dong Ba he Lpl1eln.1nsofthe claw of SUININQI 1010 .ue the le lflQlS of 111 uutst lllll mg group ln nmnx fields thex lmxe shmxn then e.1p.1lnl1t1es lll le lflLlNlll1l and lll then wllllnfrness to N91 ve he Lphelnan IS Olllhlldllfllllfl ln lns studles .1nd even 9Ilfl91lXUl NN hen llll glflllp Ol 0lgdIll7dtl0l1 needs ASSISDIIICC the Inpheblan IS alxmxs tlxele to lend 11 llelplng hand In the llltl1lC Olll lldtlflll ulll lQlN on hnn fm lntelllvent l9flfl9lSlllD tl1.11 lllflk9S .1 leal fl9lll0C1flCX 5 40 cam cQf,,1,, ka ,.., lhe claw of S11nnne1 1940 has been COIISQICLIOLIS d1111n 1 ll 1 1 IL fol le 1de1sh1p lll clubs, classes d1f11n11t1cs dlllllGl,lCS and otl1e1 lCl.lXlllGx XKll9l6WQl xou go Xll1dt6V9l NOLI do at Inncoln XOLI ll Gnd 1 bPl1S.l8 s11111te11d l1d 0l,!ldSbl6 there takmv .111 1ct1xe p.11t Undel then Vlllllllf' 1111 nc thele hae been a lfibllth 01 lIlt6l9St lll 11111 Qchool and 1 gleatu son Mpu ll Frank Bessie Cecere Guteerrez Romelua Dommgo Bonet Guerra Presldent G1rIs Vxce Presldent Presldent Boys Vlce Secretary 27 Anna Mary Crum Grrls Treasurer Bennne Herrera ri Ray Nomura xi Boys Treasurer 0 11 'A 'JV I A SUMMER 4 Antolun Algorrl Edward Andersen VIFQIHIB Anderson Sam Antonuccl Arnold Archuleta Beatrice Angeles a Arellano Vlrgunla Arellano Wll lam Baker Odette Bal Robert Banuagh Betty Lee Bane: Betty Bauman Eloy Barrlos Victor Bennett KA Dora Blair Cecilia Bocchlardl Domingo Bonet Wnlllam Brlde Nellie Bridl James Brown w"'lf"1P 9 Vernon Burroughs Eva Carrasco Octavno Chavez Ftosue Costa James Druhas 423' ffm. Mike Buscarmo Maruo Castellann Phyllls Cheney Nndla Cota Mildred Duncan Lupe Cadeni Alsce Castnllo Luculle Clark Anna Mary Crum Audrey Lanfell Fr1nk Calleros Frank Cecere Melvnna Clark Paul De Fazuo Rilph Enruquez QQQK 4 Ruben Carnal end Marne Centn Marjory Cleasby Henry Delcano Nelle Marne Enslen Esther Cavette Mary Chavez Ned Costa Allen Dong Myrtle Essex 7? I 'rf , vo lx 41 ' . 4J4,.w , A Q, , I! J K. -V in U C "N f 5. ,J ' 1 1- r A ,J g ,1 K C 6 ,Q Qi A r 'F - -rr. 6. YI GN .Jenmr Party Margaret Estrada Norma Evans How'-rd Fager Annie Fernandez Jose Flerro Genaro Flores K1y Formento Joe Forrest Jack Fmnklnn Mary Funaro Pat Furnare Constance Gallnna Juhn Garcia Mary Garcia Concha Gayton Hal Gercken Frances Gianello Johnny Giovanazzn Mary Glavuano Alice Gomez Victor Gomez Bewtrrce Gonzales Harry Gutierrez Loulse Heudt F'r'1nces Holguln Edwln Kelley ff f Joe Gonzules Bennett Hwddock Carmen Hernundez AIn11 Hood Jerry Kinsman Rose Grngoll Ruth H'ale Eva Hernandez Ofella Hurtido Ann1 Romelna Mary Melvin Guerra Guerrero Gunnels Bonnle Fred Betty Hanover Harper Heg1rty Pllmztlvo Verna Vernon ndez Hlckey Hoff Dorothy Marguret Malt ldrlss Johnson Johnern Telzo Shlzuko Phyllls K muro Kuhnle MZZQ F tr 4 Al .- ..a j l 'pf' Qfj, l 3 , . G' lf V 'I ' ff! Q, E I J , J, ' 5 Q 1 , A ff Va 1 l ' f l 's " K vi' -, C C- ' 1- A i 6 ec. ' W , 5 6 F ' 5.12 ' 6 G K . 1- ' 6 v nib. 2 jr I f ' 'E' 171' , I Ky " J . A 1 , 31 K cv 5. 4 nigga ,,4. X Lfl' wnmr Play Moi , e viffffu Esther Lelja Irene Little Vurgunna Lemmer Mary Loem Anna Lomonmco G-r1ce LoNlonuco Esther Lopez it Jnm Luchetta Dnni Lulzzl X Arthur M1dvld Lorrame Mamola Malgiret Nlanruque Lucllle Manuele Rose Mwrmnettr George Mwrk Rose Masi Q . f ' Ilene Nlusuralln . M1ry Louise M'1suralIa X Louis Malattia Lorraine McDermott Glen Mclntire ,ff' 1 fl . x 1, ,f 1 Y Wnllard McKenzne Yolanda Montesantl Kenneth Morrison Mary Muschetto Pe gy O Donov O Carol McMur phy Luis Mor M 'urllyn Mortesen Masako N1k1zawa John Ohmnt N. Margaret Chrules Herlert Molln'1 Mohr Mollxno Arthur Jesus Bob Moreno Morales More1u Dolores Gene Sadao Munoz Moses Munemorl flu Dan Noriega Nolwn Nomura Rrchard DOYT1Itll'! M1r O Keefe OIIVHISZ D Y Oro all :o33ar 0 7 Max Molderlhauer Jaok Morlng Soledad Munoz Susie Noriega Vida Ott ,- 'xri' 3 x f MGC! JAM, VQWAN f' lfihf :EPB Sweater Day Y- S Joe Pacheco Edwin Payne June Pearce Tommy Pedrlnl Vuolet Pelhzzer Martha Pena Italo Pene Margaret Perez Seraphlne Perez Ann Perettl nazza Frank Plfelo Loulse Plon Olga Planenz Denny Ralnvnlle Rela Ramvnlle Mary Rambo Dora Ramos John Randall Audrey Reekne John Renon 4 as Jack Rlchue Della Romero Belle Ann1 Sadwr Ellseo Serrano Haruml Sasakl ,fix Lynn Richmond StelI1 Romero Helen Saldumbnde Josephine Serrano Jesus Soto Albert Ring Champlon Rogers Josephme Sanchez Norma Shelton' Bob Stevens 0- Q.. Alfredo Rios Ethmer Roten Teruo Saw1 Vurglnla Smnth Jerry Steuart v35 Mercedes Rodarte Charles Rowe Coletta Schuler He'en Solorzano Warren Strang Antonio Rodrnquez Jack Sabella Ceclle Scott M 'axme Sooter Ernest Surwald s I QR F- ,' , S. - R i 5- , Q , , 'V' S ry' N f S l E K V 1 6' 6 Q sv 4, C 'E .M 'ff ' fx ' 5 x ' A ' a l I- f ,az .144 ' ,v,','l,-ln' - 1 - I 1 420' fi lirarluatinn Hay Dorothy Taylor Takeo Teramoto Virginia Terroir ' Walker -rippie William Toussaint Steve Troncale Ann Tudisco Richard Ung Albert Urenda Florence Vncca Ethel Vallancourt Vincent Vallelunga Frank Vento George Villegas Basilio Vitale Annie Volpe Wilma Wall e lizabeth Ward, Rowena West Virginia Wilcox Virginia Wolfe Wh Clayton Woodhull Helen Zugsmrth Juan Garcra Shrzue Mltanl Jimmy Westlake James Hasklrr QU' Q .- as ithr yn Wrrght Eva Bottom Angellta Mendoza All:-1 Ollvares Elsle Trimble George Forrest 50" Justrne Wynn Samuel COODer Rose N all Thomas C D1ll'L Carl S lr Louls Malatt F Robert Mrtzr Jummre Yegge Vokor Zltc Wlllram BCSSIE Rose Coronado Gutlerrez LaCaver1 Roland Nlarrlyn Lorace Mrchael M Iler Nlernke Alfred Fay Lours r Garcm Gorrell Vasquez John Bennre Robert Doucette Herrera Cano Connie Alfredo Jo ra Florez Rios Marquez in AND Ht nge.. ,G L.i fyl iq 47 I 4 ,, - Y' X X ' G' R ' 8 if 'Q 1 X I , Xl ' SX 9 l 1: xx X ? . X 4. . v -' 6 . 5 if yr N-QQ? 1 . Jr X af' J, I 3 S M T' 6 D r 2 x l r K x r 4 F ' y ' l 5 ' -' 4 .V if N X G ' f ! U ' ' I Q, ' ."' is ' . F M,-12,4 Q U2 f Q. ,- W ' g t , . vllg, ' 6' x A ' , l Y 5 V O- .L 1- . 5 G' ce - ' A' V K ll K 1 l ' 4 ' I ' It 5 sti A '. ' . ' K ul - , . ZX .4-pan! "'?'W1 4' 'E :af , L .nw ,, . .fe 2" "VN 00 00 all 11 l L -f" '-In .14 V B in 'ffix WI TER '41 Ilian Adams, Grace Ballera, Ophe- Corales, Acuna. Edward Henry Richter. Vivian Vanderbyll. Eva ones. Lorna Jason. Miyoko Yoshimura. Ruth Nave, Celia Moreno, Veto Epilito, Joe Murphy, Ja ii- 5 ' Hodges. Row 4-Yasunari Kamei, Louis Rornersa, Sam Fidoni, Xavier Garci ' - . . Tommy Matsura, Taddy Pricillo, Fan Woo, Dick O'Bannon, Joe Yamamoto. - rpura. Paul Barbata, Frank LaBella, Paul Mattijetz. Row 5-Jimmy Jones. Albert DeSantos. Ben Cardella, Dick MacDonald, Edward Lindsey. Aldo Valenzano, George Earle. Rudolph Loera, Abel Franco. George Cash. Tony Gian- canelli. Gene lVIacKinney, Joe Marquez. Mituo lnarnura, Row 1-Joe DlSano, Johnny Fe nandez. Angie Garbo, Winnie Huling Gauchica. Rose Cavaleri Elvia Li ussi Jean Saunders, Pauline Cuthrell, F , Yuklo A e, Manue . - , Hugo Costello, Virginia Faeth L cille Monteleone, Lydia Celaya, Mamie Lee, Michel armen Jimenez. Robert Manlove. George F Spieler, Carlos Ruiz. Row 3-Fra k Corrales, Chris Armijo. Joe Guzman. Leo Iia Rodriquez, Joe Urgoy ' v I Resales Row 2 Herman Barela Lillian Edwards. Betty V. 4.2, E This pcture represents one-third of the entire Senior "Bee" " class. 'nder the capable leadership of President Jimmie Jones, the Senior "Bees" have enjoyed several after-school dances and other social activities. With high hopes for a successful coming' term, the Senior "Bees" happily anticipate their reign as mighty Senior 'f.-Xyesi' s - .ff i pi-.1 .,., - J ,ff 1 A , 11,1 Q X' X wx N K NSR!-X ir X x xl' X ,' X ,A f jf A Jr af.. 7 'I ff X' J 'Q f 'pi "MO , iff, M' 1,!,yf.',f' .1 'f V ll 4' I .144 -I 4 ,ilfffv Xi 1 ,AIAA ,I ' p 7 ,F 'wif ff' iff in l, Y ' f QI X U4 21 ' " ' . "f 'KM -'Lf M "ac ' - W f. ,ff YA ,J -5,3 K ff I f ' . X 'ft 19,1 , Q f !f Y! ,J , ' I .J ,ah ll .. X ,fi , i 1 - , Y- .fr h' A x Q Q 0 'hx V K xx N N ' x Y V' , V N - xx KI ,Nw . ya fy X I , T . 1 -' J QQ z'3'i'iw 4 X fx-my M ' 'fwd 'TY ' ' ji Q 3 L' ., ,. ' A ,in -3 3 5 2 l if gi I , ' f M- , s f- Q25 , .1 Q an is 2 I tg! S f"g'f"kiffAW" X . 1- 'F 5 Q Q. wx xx ig ' Q Q ' , gi I 'Qi Q x I 5 gi' Q f'13isl , iw ,Ss I S 1 X x 3, JE ,Q WWI , , ,- .yifb .,h.. N x Q A I ff- 9 u 1 n K Hy 44 ,fig v M 'E' 'M , 2 1 .Q .u A , .,g? z,.?."4' X f?4'1":1' if ju, i ,t WX ,, . ' F, ff 3 1 1' 1. . V, M . ,,.. 0 Q 4: f I my " A an S - -, A rf .xg W -gs X . . ' eu , ,fha ,YL AQ., 'C 'M i ig, L L Qin R S Xi X f ' 7 X f 11 I, f CL? F Y... " A .1..t.ff. 44.41 'FW Arrvzff' 4 1 x ,gl H.: , X.-1-'X I. Ur V'-if V .Jn ,H N .. ' V -V ,VNV ' '. S X . l : 'A , ' HA "Vw , ,h 4, .., ""'L:, xx A X 1' H I "2 , f 'b'Q:f,, ' .1, H' 5 1' j5i'!',:,.. ,,Ql, L -' P YC Lzg'-fu "Acts: . ' e eelcogqifqffk gi. the , ' 'gif-C, f Row 1-Ernest Cragln, Murray Shapiro, Louis Ciancio. Wilfred Glidden. Flow V2- Catherlre Cofrentino. Shirley Schneidman. Olivia Scoville. Gloria Gallinatti. Harriet Hafner. Row 3-Shirley Kinder. Martha Trowbridge. Milderd Ann Enslen. Marjorie Singleton, Mary Blades. Gloria White. 4-Leslie Lawrence. John Regalado. Clayton Morrison. James Cleary. Doris Mader, Jose- phine Hunt. Kiyoko Iizuko. Standing-Miss Colvaeil. ,X l as CQXXZJF QTY' I Ji--'D i... 1, 62. rl? lf The class has been actively eiigrziged this semester in discus- sing' several questions of vital importance. Ifsing' the panel system for the most part, important questions such as the national debt and the different forms of government were discussed. This helped lin keeping with the clziss's plan! to make Civics :is interesting' and real as possible. English, spell- ing, and literature were taken up to some extent. Authors of nizinv well-known stories were studied and tests were given on them. 4 Y LU. , afeff Mrs. llzillett's social living class is studying frmn the hunk. "Ainericzin Government." learning' some of the duties iii' qi l'nited States. citizen and the rights of an .-Xmeriezin. A bit ill old and mod "n trnes. and reading' of Current events to keep zibrezist of ie news are ai few ol' the things tnkeii in thc- Cnurse ofti1'e semester. Iivervtliing' is studied lin' the purpose ol' iniprovihg the minds of the pupils. 'M-a..,,,, xi M RS. COLWELL MRS. HALLETT Row l-Yuki Koda. Tom McGrath, Ernest Garcia, Frank La Barge, Cora Lorendo. Vito Bonando. Row 2-Marjorie Reekie, Stanley Spencer. Henry Anchondo, Rose Mary Tum- menella. Tony Paladino. Sophie Selamon, Pat Luisi. Bruno Colavin. Row 3-Jerry Tomeo. Katherine Kinley. Frank Fragale, Anastacio Gonzales. Guerra. Loralie Moody, Genevieve Dolores Jimenez. Carmelita Mayo, Florence Moline. Earnest C. Garcia. Row Averna. Josephine Chifalo. Grace 4-Frank Siverson. Mary Lotti, Jewel View. Cora La Savio. William Romero. Standing-Takishi Shindo. Joe Canfora. Robert Snell. MISS MOORE Row 1-Frank Borreli, Gertrude Forbes. Ar- thur Angstenberger. Helen Ramirez. Celia Hernandez, Artiglia Munge. Teresa Lessa. Row 2-Dominic Pecoraro, A'bert Cavalleri, John Garbo, Joe Farina, Christina Sierra. Mary Ellen Hernandez, John Vargas. Row 3 -John Payne. Gene Patrick, Newton Best, RSYm0f1d UHQ, Elinor Rambaud, Robert Wal- ters. John McKinney, Kenneth Pizzltola. Row 4-Bill Lisoni, Paul Ruiz, Gail Jordon. Jerome Martin, Harry Coppi, Arthur Zuniga. Herry Mendoza, David Fon. Standing- f rant Merdock. Gino Lunetta, Adolph Gomez. Walter l-eralta, Raul Ramos. Row 1-Bessie Gibilisco. Kunehiro Fujitsulo, Aurora Fuentes, Max Espinosa. Richard Don- ahue. Row 2-Velma Airgood, Lupe Lopez. Lawrence Long, Jean Blades. Bill Hiatt, Clau. dia Hernandez. Row 3-Bill Pointer. Jesse Acuna. Rose Perez, Isabel Orona, Joe Ochoa. Angelita Najera. Grant Minson. Carmen Mar- tinez. ROW 4-Leocadia Vasquez. Jack Col- Iinson. Lena Centurioni, Andy Shubin. Chai'- les Rodriquez, Frank Robertson. Standing- Tony Di Bari, Refugio De Santos, Marguerite Guzman. L65 oorc' Miss Moore's social living class has been studying civics. A project on money helped the students in their understand- ing of the financial workings of our government. An average of two or three civics projects a semester aided the students immensely in their studies. Every Friday was set aside for library work, where material was gathered for their pro- jects. On Wednesday. literary work was taken up. The stu- dents were assigned a number of stories to read and an cn- tire period was given to this work. in .S?rouc! Miss Sti'oud's A11 class is very ambitious to help make Lin- coln a better school. This class is one of the classes which will be remembered after graduation. All of the students have been together for two semesters and each individual is a member of some active school club. This group has stud- ied colonial government and the beginning of America as one of the leading powers of the world. At the same time they have endeavored to study current events. This fortunate class has many talented students in the Helds of drama, art, music, and sports. :- 4 Wim Olinda 'I'his class meets daily in the Administration Iluildingr to study international goodwill with the help of their able in- structor, Miss Elizabeth Leslie. Along with their course ol' academic study, the students have a full co-educational pro- gram which incluldes weekly aud calls and a party at the end of the term, to which all the students look forward. L45 ff iofrouu ef Included in Miss Piotrowski's study of American life and institutions were such subiects as education, transportation, and labor problems. There were frequent and interesting' discussions of world, national, and local events. This group has endeavored to read historical novels, famous biographies, and famous American SllO1't stories. The sports-minded pupils in the group have sought enjoy- ment in the Girls' Athletic Association and in boys' alter- school spoi'ts. 1 MISS LESLIE Row 1-Abel Torres, Pete De Marzo. Gene Gage. Joe Rumore. Emma Granados, Sabero Guz- man, J e n nie Mayek. Fred Thompson, Mary Bonfiglio, Ma- deline Hope, Tony Melendez. Bowman Chung, Rafaela Cuellai, Bob Miles, Tony Mora, Albert Navarro. Helen Ortez, Ruth Pa- rada, Angelina Perez, Ambrose Porta, La Vom Cross. Margaret Rivas. William Acosta. Mariano Bobadulla, Henry Marquez. Fran- ces Valdez, Ruben Vital. Lyda Moe Wright, Tony Cambio. 'I . J - 1 4 1 I ,., I -x 4 x kg MISS PIOTFIOWSKI Row 1-Stanton Best.BullCathey. Marie Ceci. Frances De Rose Yoshiko Yoshiyarna. Row 2- Jimmy Flores, John Fly. Frank Gomber. Ofella Gonzales, Lucien Greninger. Dolores Hernandez. Otiles Sandoval. Row 3-Haruko Kawamura. Haro Kumamoto. Mary Lutton. Madeline Martinez. Jerry Marsh, Betty Widholm. Alyce Renny. Row 4-Louise Mojica. Ruth Provincia, Nelle Morales. Bill Mueller. Charles Nlurry. Josue Navarro. Standing -Tomiko Azeka. Rose Antista. JosephineBarbata.MarthaFares. Juanita Tipton, Margaet Jen- sen. Albert Sarnu. gr- , . 'X MISS SPENCER Row 1-left to right-Yolanda Terranova. Victoria Tripodi. Dorothy White. Elvira Zambrano, Elaine Lass, Corrine Ung, Bill Di Maria. Row 2-Albert Shahabian, Roy Payne. Hope Ramirez. Josephine Riolo. Barbara Schaffer. Margarita Alfredo. Alice Pacheco. Row 3-Cruz. Garcia, Betty Goodridge, Lupe Lopez. Rose Markin. Magdalena Castillo, Jack Motto, Beatrice Mursgia. Ross Genovese. Row 4-Angela Fernandez. John Urenia, Louie Poncino, Evelyn Hayes, Vera Jewett, John Genovese, Salvadore Soto, Margaret Parente. Standing-Nick Sirchia, Edward Aguilar, Rudy Acosta, Alfred Duran. Miss Spencer. L55 laenrer This class has been studying and discussing the foundation and the estab- lishment of the United States as a nation. All the information received was regarded as very valuable to them as American citizens. They also had vari- ous discussions and panels on the social and cultural problems ol' America today. In addition there were certain requirements on daily subjects. Many pupils in this class have proved themselves outstanding in their respective service organization. Various members of the class found added enjoyment by enthusiastically participating in after school sports. A- MR. FASOLI .f .rx , , i ! x X X Vp!! Row 'l-left to right-Helen Martinez, Nellie Padilla, Joe Salas. Betty Kouper. Vita Silvio. X V Norman Nelson, Angel Franquera. Row 2-Rose Candalora. Kenneth Butera. Frances Valencia. g Y." Rosalie Beniche. Edna Marie Dowd. Mike Pagano. Jane Crumrine. Dan Baray. Row 3-Agnes JJV l lv Cisneros. George Yeornans. Marya Kasimoff, Dorothy Palmer, Joe Stroud, Fern Stephens. ff 'li Carmen Paladino, Elsie Collier. Steve Chico. Ben Hite. GJ 1' s . ' l l'-V r. . 241.60 L Q-f , , The study of Teutonic Europe. the outstanding social studies unit of this T 'P V. class, was conducted in an educational manner in the form of panel dis- X gl' ,ff ge' ' K cussions, debates, and drama. Current events, covering the fields of politics, ' yy art, music, economics in industry, local and foreign news, were discussed y ,Q J daily at the beginning of the period. The English portion of the work in- I 'fl E X X cluded correct punctuation, capitalization, and the elimination of all gram- 1 lv matiical and sentence errors. Perhaps the greatest emphasis was placed in the encouragement of outside reading. M. arwoo . This group, during the past year, has studied "Changing Governments and Changing Cultures," English usage, and literature. They daily discuss the outstanding events of world-wide interest. Many renowned books were read for educational purposes and enjoyment. The officers of the class were fortunate in being active members of the tenth-grade service organization. The G. A. A. furnished outside activ- ities for many girls, and a large majority of the boys par- ticipated in after-school activities. I ian Under the able supervision of Miss Ilill, the study of old Mexico was taken up by her tenth-grade class. This group has studied and reported on interesting phases of Mexico. Included were: industry, history. education, and other de- tailed topics. liy studying the markings, derivatives, and pronunciation of new and luilllliliill' words, an enlarged vocabulary was mas- tered. Row 1-Suzanna Apodaca Julis Garcia. Arminda Hale. Bill Mas- ters. John Casella. Row 2-Lelia Tarm. Tony Vargas. Dionicia Avela. Ai'een Voungquist. Robert Baca. Ralph Ascarate. Row 3- Dorthy Nelson. Bernard Perez. Lois Richard. Bernice Shain- Bill Roeper. Warren Sands. Row 4--Jeanette Harris. Jack Hibbsy Ronald Caesar. Judy Jacovetta, Armando Jaques. Henry John- Ston. MRS. HARWOOD Row 'l-Left to right-Annie Vasquez. Jennie Carlino. Aurora Carrillo. Annie Cosino, Ascen- cion Rodriquez. Le Rue Barger. Row 2-Armando Cobos. Joe Cruz, Concha Macias. Dorris Brooks. Anita Garay. Carmen Gonzales. Rose Cianci. Row 3- Madeline Guisto, Belen Guerrero. Robert Harmon, Lewis Hunter. Margaret Kadllck, Charles Lares, Cuca Villa. Bill Castro. Row 4- Adam Bancielos, Rudolph Mor- eno. Gloria Schoeren, Alice Os- sorio. Charlotte Pasini. Esther Pochon. Pete Ragusa. Row 5- Mary Alice Pithman. Haward Vandercook. Anthony Schiro. Charlotte Stockman. Caroline Tallerino. F ,ki 43 f E ROW-1-Mike AlVaI'ad0, Joe Loyal, Mike Arriola, Victoria Marcheco, Evelyn Clark, Gilberto MISS HUNT Martinez. Row 2-Henry Contes, Bernice Rondoni, LaVorine Christiansen, Victoria Ru9Ql0i Jimmie Comore, Guy Vanderhock, Salvador Falcon. Row 3-Tommy Georgino, Alestine Garcia, Rita Villeareal, Albert Gabriel, Jessie Villegas. Row 4-Charles Hanne, Richard Casseros. Vicenta Jiminez. Thomas Jenkins. 41 f J 1 Q! K , X ",,q,,WZJ5LJMglX, J l A This second and thirdrpeyiod sociafliviiig' class is under the Xe guidance of Miss Hunt. 'Lhe IHBIITIJGILQ of this class are in the B 10. They are studying' the hiSt0I'FfJf'Q'Y'Q'K6'21Y1d the con- l ditions prevailing' there today. On the whole the class is lmth interesting' and educational. Se f ,M JQLU- Miss KiZler's class is Composed ul' members of three differ- ent grades, B10 through lill. The students in this class wish to gain zz better understanding' ol' the iinportzuit things that concern the lives of the future men and women of America. The students try to improve their abilities and gain friends. X i K X Row 1-Rafaela Garcia, Heresa Baray, Josephine Telles. Emery Jimeno. Row 2-Marina Braun, Marry Gorrel. Joe Grana, Jane Villarreal, Mariano Di Pietra. Row 3-Angelo Sabella. Lambert Escabosco, Henry Fuentes, Priscilla Gerry, Josephine Lopez. Josephine Nila. Row 4-Doris Elmore, Roberta Camargo, Angie Vizcaino, Robert Soliz, John Paredes. Row 5-Evelyn Moreau. Armida Villanueva, Socoro Ortiz, Addie Flores. Johnny Leyva. Wayne Bravo. Absent-Celia Alonzo, John Baca, Regina lbarra. Jai- fi fa: Left to right-Mario Raga, Charlie Tudis- co, Andy Moreno, Marry Stassi, Robert Figueroa, Angie Di Barry, Ernest Her- nandez, Fernando Martinez, Mariano di Pietra, Hector Corral, Frank lmburgia, Alfonso Medrano, Ysmael Loya, Charlie Romeras, Cathleen Wrinkle, Gerardo Blas, Barbara Wallace, Frank Distaso, Carmen Perez, Pauline Miller. Dorothy Streeter, Sam Vinci, Consuelo Moreno, Minnie Fer- raro, Louisa Adanto, Henry Vasquez. we MRS LEVY MISS RAYNER jail C , -1 AV st IL5. QU? In our social living' class we have studied the history of Germany and France. A knowledge of the background of these countries has helped us to interpret current history. We have had many interesting' class discussions which have been handled in the form of intelligent conversations. Mrs. Levy, our teacher, says we have developed an unusual skill in asking' intelligent questions and in fol- lowing' a line of thought. As a part of work we also study English and spelling. A book which we enjoyed very much was "Les Miserables" by Victor llugo. The ollicers of our class have been: president, Frank llistasol 3 vice-president, Mario llagag and secretary, Mary Stassi. in payner This is our first semester in Abraham Lincoln High School, but a poll of our class shows that we are already one hundred per cent loyal to this school and its fine traditions. We appreciate the beauty that surrounds us both in the buildings and the landscap- ing' of the grounds, but more than anything else we appreciate the opportunities for learning' that are given us in shops and home econoinicsg in music and artg as well as the other courses offered here. We are thrilled with the aud calls for they are in- structive and entertaining. USR Row 1-Kenneth Perkins, James Ford. Clyde Bownell, George Dube, Sam Montai- bano. Row 2-John Ung, Arlene Lowe. Robert Jones Tommie Wynn, Bob Moon- eyham, Joe Marchica, Jesus Godoy. Row 3 -Elaine Petersen, Margaet Moose, Elvira Ayalo, Natividad Guerreo. Marie Jiminey, Bessie Miranda. Josephine Martinez, Dora Vidaurri, Alice Ramos, Louise Dalbo. Marie Bruni. Phyllis Parillo, Nello Marano. Row 4- ef 4, Lan:-1 l"5 . l'l 1 Pg This social living' class is under the direction of Mrs. Drury. At least once il uid of its able provement in t week the class has ai music period. With the oflicers the class noticed 21 great deal ol' im- heir reading and writing. Every member ol' the class is proud of the improvement. MRS. ARMSTRONG Lucille Pollock. Carmen Delgadillo. Bernice Moore, Gilbert Deras. Phillip Barragan, Edward Fadr ri. Gregory Moreno, Louis Guerra, Alfred Andrade. Raymand Acasti, Tony Sarin, Julio Lorenzo, John Bamboles, Josephine Solos, Linda Rangel, Angel Salinas, Antoinia Martinez, Lupe Alvarado. Clara Rodriquez, Hortensia Rodriquez, Dominic Tonbrello, Vincent Gibilisco. Joe Rocha. Frank Borboa, Bella Bas- urto, Amelia Salinas. Alfonso Fierro. Frank Ponce, Ruben Abeyta. 7Wr5. .xgwnafrong This class represents many of the different nationalities of our school. A few of the stu- dents huve been in this country only ai short timeg hence, they must learn our lziiigiizige. They do this by reading, writing' and spelling' The students are becoming better .-Xniericzm citizens each day through their Contact with the workings of our government and by their study of .-Xmericzin history. These students have learned well the niezining ol' ".-Xmericzins all." iii . Q. Roll-Frank Baray. Paul Carrasco, Ricardo Cortez, Evelyn Clark. Clara Ferrante. Manuel Gonzales. l-lortensia Goyalva. Jack Hida'go. Adeline Jimen- ez, Herlinda Lopez. Raul Valenzuela. Frank Mendoza. Annie Rubino. Molly Olivas. Manuel Valaolez. Josephine Va'enzuela. Charles Vanegas. Lillian Valdez. Eugene Villard. Eddie Ynnez. Louie Teresa. and Dick Machado. .AY MRS, DRURY im V. 3' 'J i 1 5... l ' gi Row 1-Vir enti, Frank Row Q-Er Diaz. Virgi Betty Carr :orro Corra nie Franco. White. 6 gl! Mrs. Erb teaches part of the ninth grade in room 2223. They are now studying' various forms of government in the war- torn Europe of today. .-X humorous incident occurred in one of Mrs. Erb's classes when she assigned a report on Czechoslovakia. llefore the report was to be handed in, Czechoslovakia was seized by the Nazis. Mrs. Erb has presiding' oliicers that help to run the classes for her. W... Wffdf... Convening' every morning' of the school year at 8:10 a. m., Mrs. McClean's Il-lll social living' class is exclusively for those students who are in the tenth grade. "How does the present European conflict affect US. trade"". "What will be ll1tler's next moy'e'?", "Will President Roosevelt run for a third term '?", are among' the issues of both natlonal and international interest which are discussed as part of their class studies. Also. spelling' bees and examinations have an important position in their class work as spelling' perhaps is one of the most important problems in the entire school curriculum. Row 1-Frances Coleman. Angle Gonzales. Tony Baltazar. Rach Anastaclo Madrid. Adolph Brouckaert. Row 2-Dick Machado. Armand Sarinana. Andrew Valles, Marie Louise Arniija. Esther Fernandez. Molly Subis. Esther Cortez, Ernest Valdez Barbara Silva. Row 3-Barbara Crocker, Edward Wada. Beatrice Villareal, Manuel Concha Ubaldo Garcia. Daniel Nickovich. Johnette Kennedy, Bob Lenimer. Row 4-Frances L1mmers, Jesus Rabago. Fernando Arnezquite, David Vallas. Alexander Ochoa. Louie Terresa. Standing- Carla Metteer, Robert Elling. Angela James. el Lopez. Raul Valenzuela. lvlilt Schaeffer, Jennie Jimenez. Joe Vitale. Ruth John Ornay. ginia Burrescia. Ida Val- Olivas. Angelita Torres. nestine Ballesteros, Elisa nia Cotrone. Lucy Lara. oll. Row 3-Louie Avila. Romero. Ramona Garcia, Row 4-Fred Lopez, So- David Alvarado. Johnny Malnar. Elmer Weinhold, Vasquez. Lillian Mares, I. Sadar, Louis Row 5-Joe Robert Alexander. Leslie Potter. Con- James McCallum. George MRS. MCCLEAN MRS. TURNEV jf X pb Q ff -1' X ty, ,710 rarg XA WC2 'l'he library is the center ol' interest in Lincoln High School - ol' the studious scholars and students that gather there daily jg 1 to make use of the storehouse of knowledge available. Anv 3 A , time of the day lmusy Lincolnites may be seen at the boolt , shelves. checking' desk, and hound hook room, all intent up' VP - on one pul-poose, to learn. With the capable assistance oi' f Miss Morgan, head librarian. and Miss Stickely, assistant ot' , x library, well-stocked hook shelves, and current magazines, ' I the library is a joy and an interest to all students. I ' X, ?"' My at armonq unc! weary M f 1 This class is primarily for those students taking' a music course. There are. however, students enrolled who are not taking a music course, but who play an instrument, and are desirous of obtaining' the theoretical background ol' music. There are twenty-eig'lit students enrolled in the class this se- mester. Eighteen students are starting' Theory: the rest are taking' advanced work in llarmony. Row 1-Bull Blancheri. Frank Cecere. David Delgadlllo. Eddie Dias. John Doucette, Mae lshnoka Carmela Purpura. Mary Soccio. Chiyeko Tanaka. Robert Gil. Roger Di Virgilio. Gus Lomonico James Martin. Walter Horn. Row 2-Juan Flores. Oscar Melendez. John Morales. Richard Moreno Paul Paloolian. Soto Perea. Felucitas Martinez. Julien Peres, Frank Robinson. Armondo Robles Frank Rodriguez. Max Moldenhauer. Pete Catalina, Benny Garcia, 'f!l I 1 I NIR. GRAICHEN .-.,,,... 1 .760 7!WacJriga! This glee club, which was organized just a few semesters ago, grew last term to unexpected popularity among the undergraduate girls of Lincoln. The class met third period and was under the direction of Mr. George Purnell. The class work, consisting of choral and part woik, was an enjoyment to all. L, 'nfor Kifnf, U00 ' J J The Senior Girls' Glee Club. under the supervision of Mrs. Drury, has achieved a high standard in music this year. Row 1-Henrietta Mojica, Ger- trude Weinhold, Dorothy Bea- ver. Anita Corrales, Margaret Molina. Romelia Guerra. Rose Masi. Norma Evans. Betty He- garty, Dora Ramos. Verna Hickey. Row 2-Bessie Gutier- rez, Rafaela Sanchez, Esperan- za Perez, Barbara Rodriquez- Nellie Sanchez. Antonia Estra- da. Laura Jaime, Jeanne Law- rence, Corina Lopez. Row 3- Mr. Purnell. Trinidad Morales. Mary Newell, Frances Franca- villa. Elaine Simpson, Dorcas Goodwin. Martha Pena. Emma Gonzales, Margie Bocchiardi. Norma Cloward. Evelyn Valen- zuela, Anna Lomonaco, MR. PURNELL f ,fl I 4 i This club has brought enjoyment and pleasure to the l.in- A , coin student body by presenting musical prograrns not at- E N ,IJ . 1 . L ',.A , tempted by other high schools. ' ' -"' linder the supervision of Mrs. Drury, this club has heen ' brought up to the place of honor it once held in Lincoln. This year the club has strived to make the seni-annual , music prom an event the school will he proud of. With the I ' advancement in this year's work, the ill-ii Vluii will make , ,M ,A ' ff' 1.-ff' -"1 itsell' heard in the future at Lincoln. . J ,ff ' I - f ' l, ,,!f' S I 'i Left to right--Bernice Moore, Jean Blades. Betty Goodridge. Lucille Monteleone. eline Guisto. Connie Flores. Doris Mader. Harriet Hafner, Gertrude Forbes, Susie Noriega. Her- 'L nandez. Row 2-Linda Rangel, Lillian Adams. Carol MaoMurphy. Doris Romero. A ey Lan- A 711.-, I, V fell, Marit Burleson. Frances De Rose, Delia Romero, Pauline Cuthrell. Cora La vio, Rose f ' I' i Catignola. Wilma Wallace. Violet Pellizzer. Lydia Celeya. Maxine Sooter. e Suggs. ' Eleanor Rambaud. Row 3-Ann Peretti. Aurora Martinez, Evelyn Clark, L n, Nellie I 17, Bridi. Teresa Corrente. Eva Jones. Eleanor Mastera. Katherine Kinley. 'nia Anderson. I ' Louise Brundage. June Pearce, Mary Oropello. Ilene Masuralla. Eva Bat her Carrette. r ' , , f . . lf , tif ' h .3-A 's XM-f NX Q , t ,f ,I .J li , , " . A jf The members are from left to right-Harriet Hafner. Clfiiyeko Tanaka. Josephine Monada Myrna Miller. Primitive Hernandez. Donna Belle Begle. Buddy Loun. June Pearce. Lillian Pietro. Rosalie Bemichi. P. I M ' - 1 f ' au attijetz. Gertrude Forbes. Wayne Carter, Taddy Prosljlo. Bill Blanch- eri. Fllomena Dell'Anno, lVlr. Grnichen. Mildred Ann Enslen. Nlelvina Clark, Ethmer Roten Jesse Acuna, Alfred Garcia. Janres Mai-ken. Mario Bobadllla, Joe Pechack. Frank Cecere Mariano Bobadllla, Betty Nlrtchell. Walter Horn. Rudolph Loren. Bull Clark. Tony Sarinana and Lincoln Ferlisi. 111 CDITA 0.5 IIT! The orchestra. an ever increasing' organization. is under the direction of Mr. Fred Graichen. There are thirty: five mem- hers in this musical group. Included in their special musical programs tor the term were: special musicals in the school auditorium, graduations, and when called upon hy the P,T..-X. or other outside organi- zations and for school plays. One of their outstanding' performances for this term was the "Gay Graichen Musical," patterned after Kay li5'ser's Col- lege of Musical linowledg'e." ,glflllq Ill!!! UUCAUHII IIJUIH J l' ' ' U 5 f I I'nder the sponsorship of Mr. F.lI. Graichen the string' and woodwind ensemhle play for teas. P. T. A. meetings and var- ious school functions. X The meifihers are: Paul Mattijetz, violin: Melvina Clark. X violag I-'ilomena Ilell' Anno, cellog Harriet Hafner, bass: Al-e lred Garcia, clarinet: Mariano llohadilla, liute: Doris Mader. ' X piano. As well as conducting' the group, Mr. Graiehen plays the olroe. X Row 1-Charles Alexander. Manuel Hirata, Max Battazar. John Hernan- dez. Vincent Distefano. Jack Butorac. Mitsura Tanigawa. Vincent Grizzelle. Joe Lopez. Row 2-Sabura Nagata. Davie Vamada. Martina Pagllia. Verna Linebarger. Lillian Giarratano. Larry Conrique. Ernest Suarez. Carmella Friselle. Herman Sugarman. Juaquiri Apodaca. Row 3-Helen Lucen. Elvera Lucero. Ernestine Gonzales. Elizabeth Burgess. Charlotte Aguilar. Jennie Vargas. Louis Hernandez. Terry Es- telle. Row 4-Douglas Cooper. Mada- line Chapirro. Frances Barcelona. Billie Gonzales. Vincent Sugar. Wanda Leath. Matthew Cusimano. Mike Lujan. Row 5-John Gomez. The activities of Mr. Rogers' second period science class are composed of subjects dealing' with chem- istry, physics. units of measurement, and some inaithematics. Occasionally educational films deal- ing with science are shown to the class. ed. Experiments on chemistry are clearly demiinstrat- MR. ROGERS Science Y is the study of the pliysiolnglv and func tions of the human hody. This course is given so that students may acqiiziint themselves with laws ill' lleziltliful liygiene. mitritiiin, e'rivvtli and other primhlems of the Machine Ace. Sziiiitzxtimi niriic- ulzirly concerned with city life is an important part MRS- CORNELL nt' this work. Row 1-Arnvda Leon. Charlotte Preece. Clara Carlini. Marguer- ite Petani. Row 2-Zeola Pusso. Rafaela Sanchez, Ed Perea. Frances Arreago. Doris Roma- no. Coy Perkins. Row 3-Chiye- ko. Miyao. Mary Romano. Paul Gonzales. Fred Martin. Magne- lina Vlllalobos. Armondo Ar- mendariz. Row 4-Don Chen- ault. Hortense Orrantia. John Shook. Felix Torres. Adolpho Caballero. Robert Elias. Row 5 -Mary Jane Haig. Pearl Lo- pez. Herbert Reyes. Al Krause. Paul Leon. Eva Bellavia. Rr-w 1-Robert Benn. Dario B1- jarano, Anne Cacio. Wayne Car. ter. Augustine Cnaffino. Tony Dai. Arthur Garcia, Raymond Garcia. Chuck Garcia. Elverta Gomez. Row 2-Louis Hirata. Louis Jiminez. Annie McDaniel. Henrietta Mojica. Frank Olivas. Louis Ortiz. Herbert Soto. Pab- lo Sustayta, Tony Terzo. Gar- field Vlrgil. James Virzi. MR. EVERHART MR. GILLESPIE ' I li' -f Q' l ' 'r"r:"it 1 Row 1-tseatedl Billie Ward. Row 2- Margaret Meeker. Frances Morrison. Helen Oldham. Row 3-Jane Grandon. Richard Diaz, Cyrus Ault. Tomatsu Taekoi. Roy Baughman. Standing. left to right-Priscilla Perea. Pat Chiechi. Florence Guadagnola. Anthony Chia- vetta. Ruth Taylor. Lydia Lopez. Helen Reyero. Donald Kelcher, Jack Cobie. Progress Cordoba, Joe Romano. Betty Fenski, Daniel Trapp. John Montana. Harry Keeney. u'l JClI'lL'II D l'l.f'lIL'U The new course in garden science, started this yekll' under Mr. liverliart, is to aid students to understand and enjoy plants and home gardens. lndoor work consists of learning' to use popular bulletins and periodicals. planning' home gardens, and in keeping annual records. Outdoor work covers common garden activities, and the learning' of all kinds of plants. An NY..-X. garden project is developing' garden plots and paths, and is building' other facilities. lo U r. Qt 05,9111 Mr. Gillespie's second period chemistry class consider them- selves fortunate in having' such a well-equipped laboratory. Each one is provided with his individual locker and equip- ment for laboratory work. 'I-l,.,.-. '1 ity sti iye to to.loxv instructions accurately, Lo develop orig- inal ideas, to create a steadiness of purpose, and absolute honesty of observation and ,ll1C'l,Ll'lllQIlt. The future of science depends on the science of today. 'l'he ambitious chemistry students of today are the citizens ol' tomo1'row. They pledge themselves to the high purposes ol a sincere and honest appreciation of the phenomena of nature and earnest endeavor to benefit mankind. ,..4.-- 5- ' "' .5 A: ic L65 major: Well, we are studying biology. a very interest- ing subject. We are Miss Mason's A10 science class, trying' to learn all we can about plants and animals. You'd be surprised at :ill the things you learn about plants and animals. it would be nice if everyone knew more about them. IJJ zsjdryof 2 In this class. science IY, biology is the subject studied. Some of the problems they have gone over this semester are: wild Howers. reproduc- tion atnong' lower and higher organisnis. and birds. The purpose of this class is to give to the students a better knowledge of life. Row 1-Henry Castro. Benny Estrada. Frank Flores. Tony Gallardo. Row 3-Carmen Guz- man, Margaret Herandez. Sarah Lopez, Hortense Lujan, Joe Lu- jari, Louis Milich. Row 4-Sal- vador Munoz, Sylvia Munoz. Munoz. William Arreola, Catha erine Nicassio. Mike Olguin. John Olivarez. Nero Pizzitolo. Row 5-George Plotnikoff, Cleve Richie. Mary Fahey, Rosalie Ramona. Lucian Shambro, Set- suo Shirakawa. Carmen Tedes- co. Row 6-Paul Gattoni, Alfonso Henry Allande. Jack Turner. Don Varela, Jack Walsh, Eddie Zuniga. Bow 'I-Martha Ruiz. Row 2- Vivian Wilson. Mary Campisi Grace Leto. Myrna Miller, Clay- on Widder. Margie Bishop, Bertha Berrnudez. Nick Sefuerl- tes, Joe Ortega. Louis Jimenez. Row 3-Florence Campisi, Jose- phine Molina, Josephine Pala- fox. John Moramarco, Joe San- chez, Richard Contreras. Row 4 -Joe Gutierrez. Virginia San- chez, lrene Jones. Raymond Jimenz. Raul Aries, Arthur Her- nandez. Row 5-John Kalpakoff. Leon Lemoine. James Virzi. Rocci Srnaldino. Val Jean Dent. Standing-Joe Dominquez. Gary Dulaney. Salvador Munoz. MISS SHRYOCK MISS MASON ' -, E, -. . 7fS5iii51QJ-0-H'f5 Jgmfvavl , 'K y , M V U x N y ,L'Qwsi',af,.W W, V h 33.2 Wm U Www-wavy ,away - .xgtqfm ,, H M .X A A .1 a , N W. v W V 6 , . . 'gf' ff '40 1 Y ,fgy ' W Y 4 . , My N - , 'Yr , X 'if' KV", ,sw . 4 , V ag , Mf"f'1..,, If ,ll ' ' ' 'qu . ,. " A ' A V V , fi fb? ' 592. 5 ,Q i 'fi X K' ,,,Mr.., -.--4,--.fqx eg, ,, n 1' F 3 H I ., 2, X , fl 'f ,bf 'A -,, ,1 i , YY wr - ' ' JE 4 'L "' 'fs V 'A f 'ftff f ' fl , Zfi i , ,7'3T?'j'A,g,A, ' ' Wi' ' me 1 4 - pf ' .W U ' 5' ,,M,Jaew , I ' 6, , ,fvgffy ,f,,,Q,N,Q A ,,,,, A Af: M' " 1 V- f f if V Q wiv. , 1 4, - ,,, 1 . N , ,I .. . mm-M Q:AJ,,si mf "' ' , an ' 1 q 4 : I f , I My 1 KY ,f E K 1 ! fe H , 1- :5 iq f , . ya. V ' , A ,,i:L. I N ., 5 Q f 2 ' ' I V. E9 jx' y fh ' ' il ,A M , "la A - 4 W M- D . X , .. K L sv S fm ,,,,G!- as with , WA 6 'w A .' , s A ., . ,KT 4. " H P xv, . . , ' , .K L L 1 M51 jim .fm 3. A A lx ' if 4 '. if 1 I yt-3 5 I5 f ? 2 2 QF: ' .Q 'max' 3 f i5i 10N amp my A th c l a real Qleashru 1. the r quas of your edltor for a hnsssgs publlphod ln me lNO yssr boo o the Fxbtbhahl L ncoln high lchool The Ascllcatloh of the U40 'Llnholnlan o Lhe lclesl of brotherhood and under: undlng among nations and races ls ln full nccora with the pnllosoghy and pri lnlss of the groan Amerlchn for doom your school is humid The young ,msrlcuns of Iaphness Asncehi. who gre students and alumni of Abraham Lincoln high school nl surely ner'sh he r memories of fofmhvva yssrs syeni. ln a school where s Nll recognlrl n 's lvsn no sll the peoples uno have helped and are helping no hhlld the 5 a rlcan nom'-cnvlsalth Nas Nov emhsr av, X959 4 JAP AN WAESE E SHINGTBASSY ON 'Lf km fn '14 JAPAN EMBISSV WASNANG I s o c ' O Y to DB K f 1 . T. Y. ' 11 C . Y. 1 , ' rm-. C A 1 r ' YSL .JJ ,1 gl W . Fi 1 ' 5 Z . in i . ' 4- " va- : .1 Q F8 , nv 'L gg X -1 ,. 4 W Agfgk.f+Q,E . . ' , 4. f ,L IE , 57 ff, 1- 1, v ul 1 35 N Mk rf 1, 7 S 9 FZ U '- mr K 14 E N " N 7 ,,, fc Q 9: K' X 7 K 2 1 4, 5 fl' an -fr if ff if , 'ff vo A f 4, wa- EF A A if r ffl' fy A 3 ' ,V 1 ' jf! v A A 3 "V W ,gf + ,N 5' f , f Cn E if 'W if ff X HQ if " 3, m, . S21 iq 94 S' -8? V Q A 9 : E 1 g 1.2! if W If 5 5 : 2 W A nf ' ff 'H Q an zu bg S S ,, L ,. + as , x 2 'N " ,A U f 3 ff fy . ,. E 'r gy f - K 2 A , B vi I J 58 sf 9 - Hi ' gg ' ' M 1 7 ,, 1 H 5 2? 52 2 f 'S U 'X ix Y X ik -Y A 0 lc MR. GITTINS Q l Row 1-Frances Botella. Emma Berveadi, Irene Airgood. Row 2-Guade!uoe Godoy. Maxine Faeth. Lupe Duran, Frank Buccola. Filomena DelAnno. Row 3-Esther Lopez, Virginia Lumbardi, Sterling Kuyendoll. Miyoko, Kunitomi. Kinieko Miyao. Row 4- Dorothy Stanley, Theresa Pellizzer, Rocky Pellicino, Alice Parra, Jean Morres, Jeanne Constan. Lila Moldenhauer. Row 5-Lilia Ramirez, Josephine Arguello. Manico De- Vasquez, Marylin Carpart, Daisy Markin, Marie Valerie, Rita Stassi. Row 6-Don Taylor. ,fK.L MISS BUTLER First row-Odette Bal. Martha Pena. Anna Lomonaco. Romelia Guerra. Mary Guerrera. Violet Pellizzer. Audrey Fieekie. Rose Masi. Second row-Dora Ramos. Wilma Wallace. Elsie Trimble, Verna Hickey. Betty Hegarty. Mary Glaviano. Bessie Gutierrez, Concha Gayton. Third row-Lupe Cadena. Angelita Mendoza. Hortense Carrasco. Marjory Cleas- by. Shizuko Komura. Margaret Noriega, Al- ma Hood. Fourth row-Rose Miali, Constance Gallina. Mary Funaro. Marie Centi. Lorace Miuke, Diana Luizzi, Esther Leija, Mary Loera. Fifth row-Pat Vacca. Mario Castel- lani. Helen Solorzano. 60044001101 g Among' the useful vocations taught at Lincoln, bookkeeping' is among' the most outstanding. Privileged by being able to have the best equipment and teachers to help them, the stu- dents haye many opportunities to gain experience and skill in this field. There are many potential homeinakers and future business men and women to be found in one of Lincoln's bookkeeping' classes. Bookkeeping is stressed as an important part of the commercial field. A great many of the students who major in this subject become widely known after graduation. .S?0l'l0gl"Cll9 y The problem presented in stenography IX' is ot' a complex skill. The ability to read shorthand notes, to supply spelling. punctuation, pai'ag'raphiiig', and the many details of typo- graphical style that go in a well-typed letter, and at the same time, operate a typewriter quickly and accurately is needed. lt is a fusion of three skills: shorthand, typewriting, and English. llecause of his skill in taking and t fnsciibi ' he spoken lang'uag'e with skill and dispatch, t e st 1 'apher has the opportunity of sitting daily at tl ou i - n o Jusiness know- ledge and intercourse, and be iin so famil ai' with the de- tail and spirit ot' business . t an constantly increase in usefulness to his emplo ' an e public. and advance in his work. 4 -.,,,,fX - S-X Row Row Shir vac. Ann Jean i'fKHfi16l'lY1C Sclnrha. June Carringer, 2--Jo'ephlne Nloncada. Velma Jones. 'ey Srfberg, Paul DeII'Anno, Ann Grba- Row 3-Ida Bates. Katherine Guthrey. Peretti. Dolores Bernol. Violet Fields. Coale. Fourth row-Frances Sadar, Byr'e Behrens. Frank R iirez. Bob Baz- darich. Vx x . WWE -ww ' l Row 1-left to right-Lily Ramirez. Mary Machuca. Row 2-Palmira Valenzuela, Bar- bara Rodriquez. Ruby Montoya. Angelina David, Row 3-Cecelia Vargas, Marsha Shu- bin, Paula Petris, Lillian Hall. Row 4-Mary Bruni. Elvera Leyva. Lillian Ng. Row 5- Gloria Valdez, Rudy Acosta, Evelyn Black- water. Row 6-Jimmy Smalldino, Lucy Ara- gonez, Josephine Grigoli. OPIA Hill, 'ln college and liusiness students, Sililliiltlllfi is helpful ami popular. Slinrthand requires much outside study and prac- tice. lt is like learning' ai new langruzige-interesting' yet dit- 1 ferent. lluringf the first semester of shorthand, students are taught to read ziccurzitely :md sxviftly. Writing' and speed come in the second, third, and fourth semesters of shorthand. Commercial students who have taken shorthand have Confi- dence in their ability. Am' student who finishes this efiurse must indeed he anxious for ri career. lqlylfl IT! l0l'g Z?00!2Ll'ly7l.H This is one ol' the liawlest working' classes in Lincoln, and rei'tainly one nl' the most cheerful. This enurse is given ns il one semester trial run in lirmklceepiiigg seiwiiig' to deter- mine the pupils, interests and ziliilities in the subject. Those who show real ziliility inuy later take liooizlceepiiig' :is 21 vora- tional Course. MISS BAKER MRS. ROOKS Q . I Row 'I-Margaret Valle. Row 2-Mary Louise Lopez. Olga Maryar. Margaret Emme, Hor- tense Soto, Row 3-Helen Bicrnetzky. Lu- cinda Chavez. Catalina Jiminez. Lucille Del Guldi. Conchsta Papa. Row 4-Bill Gray. Vincent Allen. Louise Molina. Edith Ricci- ardl. Row 5-Barbara Tremalne. Gloria Cos- ti. Angelina Nlllazzo. Estelle Cavoia. Yaeko Murakumi, Ignacio Del Gado. Row6-Regina Dominpuez. Adeline Guerra. Robert Ramoes. Maurice Skomlskl. Albert Astrada. Row 1-Leonard Thomas. Gustavo Terrazas. Antonette Pacino. Hope '50llZ- Row 2-Josephine Sanchez, Alice Salgado. Dora Thadripuez. Lilian Rehfuss. Rose Maggie. Mary O'Donavan. Row 3MKenneth Morrison. Olive Taylor. Anna Michela. Angelina Maggiora, Hatsue Narasaki. Joan Kmley. Row 4--Tina Luguna. Annie Cimmena. Vera Hurley. Sam Gugino. Barbara Grafi. Violet Gibson. Row 5-Alma Formento. Gloria Flores, Carolyn Tompson. Bob Burroughs. Lena Mae Bonnino. Josephine Aparaclo. yping The typewritei' is indispensable in the husiness world. Uni'- i'espmlrleiit'e. stzltisticzil liliblliilllfill. and ti'ansci'iption are all vlliciently done on the typeyvi'itel'. 'l'he typexwitei' has played an iinportaint part in i'l.ll'lllSillll5.l' 21 Cllllllllt-ll't'l2li and pi'nl'essimizil C2ll'Ql'l' l'ni' wninen. .1 livery l.lnt-nln student who elects typing' is t'o1'tunz1te in heingg' i'll1'lliSilfc'fi with an extensive course in this henet'it-izil suliiecl. Every student. l'C4S.l'2ll'filQSS of his vnczitinn. would do well tn learn the fiindanieiitals of typing. Z?00le!2vc7u'ng Q The goal of this class is to develop a skill in lmnkkt-1-piiigg to gain at knowledge of the use of the ledgfeix .ii-ui'mxls. and work sheets, and the p1'epa1'zitimi of the balance sheet and profit and lnss statements. By doing' these assigrnnients ac enrately they are niztking' themselves ready to he the t'utui'e uccnttntzints of Aniericzi. MR. FERGUSON -1 S MISS REID MRS. MOORE Row 1-Rose Haft, Florence Winkleman. Lois Bendall, Vivian Blackford. Row 2- Esther Stinson, Doris Palmer. Pat Halverson. Marie Shields. Row 3-Donna McQueen. Cleora Hendrickson, Frances Dickerson. Row 4-Josephine Cover. Dorothy Trarnmel. Julie Hager. Evangeline Wright. Row 5-Betty Gilcrest. Margaret Nava. Gloria Mowers. Row 6-Ruth Solner, Elizabeth Edmunds. Mary Nolan. Doris Dane. Row 7-Iona Ker. Lucile Lindsey. Row B-Caryle Collins. Sylvia Matt- son. Gilbert Lopez. Table 1-left to right- Jean Briggs. Arylene Smith. Table 2-Vir- ginia Stutter. Table 3-Betty Gorrell. Row 1-Edwin Kelly. Junior Forrest. Ralph Morton, Paul Enriquez. Row 2-John Lizzl. Sam Cooper, Mujoko Yoshimura. Fumie Naraski, Pearl Fong. Carmen Hernandez. Row 3-Hisako Wade. Sibana Bellmo, Do- lores Landon, Mike Buscarino. Sueko Kuni- tomi. Hideko Asano. Row 4-Helen Mellas. Manuel Torres, Mary Pettrotta, Armorldo Acosta. Ryo Magara. Yurie Sumii. Row 5- James Durlius. Tony Vallone, Toyoke Na- gaske. Sumiko Kato. Eva Hernandez. Row 6 -Alice Masuda. Shizuno Furukawa. Coletta Scl1u'er. . ' Lv X C, p4,1-'17 ff'-ff' X ,ffzaff g00LA00lJillg 1 Among the useful vocations taught at Lincoln, bookkeeping is among the most outstanding. Privileged by being able lo have the best equipment and teachers to help them, the stu- dents have many opportunities to gain experience and skill in this field. There are many potential homemakers and future business men and women to be found in any of Lincoln's bookkeeping classes. Bookkeeping is stressed as an important part of the commercial field. A great many of the students who major in this subject become widely known after graduation. pad gl"flt'LlClll0 COHPJI' liincoln offers one of the best commercial courses in the city to graduates of high schools who can't afford to attend bus- iness schools. There are members enrolled in this course from high schools all over the city. ln the last few years under the competent instructor, Mrs. Rose Moore, this P. G. school has expanded until it is one of the best known of its kind in Los Angeles. Row 1-Elsie Collier. Lorraine Crane. Row 2 -Esther Bassignana. Martha Miali. Frances Gerola. Louise Lopez. Cenovia Majica. Jose- phine Aranjo. Raquel Arrieta. Row 3-Mar- tha Hager, Molly Amavisco. Mary Coppolino. Mary Fernandez. Pauline Runfola, Theresa Quuroz, Annie Guzman. Flow 4-Mary Lopez. I Rachel Flores. Pauline Jones. ily Marian- etti, Mary Cast . Lupe Lope a ue Guer- rera. 5 I 60041119 iids ll class is made up of girls from B9 to A12. They have been working with break- fast and luncheon dishes. When a unit of study is completed the girls serve their partners a meal. One partner prepares the table and the other partner, food. The term is completed with a party. The girls enjoy the cooking room very much. The equipment is adequate and the colors add to the enjoy- ment and make it a pleasant place to work in. caving Sewing classes are filled with girls who are eager to learn this art. These groups are under the supervision of experi- enced teachers. Many of the art students who are majoring in CosturfHe4e- signing study sewing in order to learn the art qflinaking their own patterns for their own creations. 'ten articles which originate in sewing classes are displaye ia showcases and in classrooms in and round the school This shows othe ' . . . . . girls the advantages and the many op Jo 'tunigfs tha 'e open tor them in this field. P " U" is li Xt i ul. ya S224 J MISS CONNELL MRS. GRUWELL Row 1-Norma Schukert, Josephine Sanchez. Dorothea Sooter Sum ko Shigeniatsu. Yoshi- ko Tavnekazu. Sevactiana Treio. Helen Lu- ian. Row 2-Freda Brondallio. Agnes Miller. E'eanor Logerman. Connie Moore. Beatrice Salazar. Row 3--Mary Nicassio. Siria Perea. Ruby Rosich, Ann Leto. Row 4-Hazel Latham. Thelma Hansen. Adeline Enna. Hortenscna Rodriguez. Row 5-Margaret Estrada. Dora Blair. Margie Kaufman. Rosa Arellano. Nllsao Kuranioto. Row 6-Rose Bcrzi. Hortense Diaz. Justine Wynn. Gloria Aguilar. Table 1-Josephine Aranjo, Esther Bassig- nana. Martha Miali. Louise Lopez. Table 2- Catalina Colba, Cenovia Mojica. Lupe Lopez. Lily Marianett. Row 3-Dolores Garcia. Mary Cappolino, Pauline Cappolino. Table 4- Theresa Petrichilla, Pauline Jones. Martha Hager. At machines-Frances Gerola. Mary Lopez, Raquel Arrieta. Mary Castro. Molly Arnavisco. Anita Guzman. 4 aww' WL: rd in rf Girls who are taking' Power Bla- chine have the pleasure ol' learn- ing a trade which is not only ot great potential value, hut which has already been very useful in making' many beautiful and useful objects. The girls are proud ol' the clothing' and honie t'urnislung's they have made. Row 1 ary Chavei Connie Betance. Mildred Boyman. 2- ar ' Row Annie Ferandez Row 3-Fay Gov' rell. Beatrice onzales. Mary Garcia: Carmen Castilloi Row Ll-Nellie Jung. Mary Gervara, Virginia Cito. Rose ,ly?e Grizoli. Row 5-Celia Bocchiardi, Florence Martin, Cath- ?-,IL ,, erine Marchica. Angelina Losoni, Row 6-Lina Montal- X ' bano. Pat O'Brien, Theresa Roselli. Row 7-Louise Tra- voto, Annunzietta La Casella. Seraphina Perez. Josehine Serrano. MISS CORDNER MRS. GURLEY eufin 9 Sewing Classes are overllowing' with girls who are desirous of learning this age-old art. lt is taught hy patient, understanding' teachers who teach the girls to dress smartly but economically hy making' their own garinents. Many art students majoring' in Costume Ili-sign study sewing' in order to learn the art ot' niakine patterns for their own creations in dress. Often articles niade in the sewing' Classes are ilisplayefl in showcases and Classroonis, ff' Cooling Potential homemaki-rs or future college and business women may lie found making' dainty trilles to tease the appetite and please the eye. The girls learn to cook sullstantial things such as roasts, hreads -ll' all sorts, vegetables etc. The girls are given instruction on table manners and the setting ol' the table for different occasions They learn economy in the budget- ing of food bills. which will usually come in handy when they have he- come housexyifes. A few boys can he found in cooking. They are just as welcome in this class as the girls ard some even make their life work cookilli- OJIH Ulllftlgy ra-' I' til., Stella Andrade. Paula Arellano, Vir- ginia Arellano, Venturo Arreaga. Bet- ty Asdel, Marie Uasso. Betty Bonlno. Amelia Bravo. Margie Brown. Gloria Burceago. Jessie Carrasco. Lily Esco- bedo. Rose Terrara. Frances Flores. Paequaleta Flores. Annie Fragali, Su- sanne Garcia, Gloria Koury, Mary Lo- pez. Mary Mushin. Lorena Pxtton. Rosa Razo, Lily Rodriguez. Haruml Sasaki. ' ' er. Kathleen Speaks. Norma Jean Thompson. An- gelina Vallicella. Ernestlna Varela. MISS MURDOCK Standing. left to right-lla Wright. Cathryn Wright. Lucille Orlando, Ar- mlda Perez, Olga Valadez. Carmen Rodriguez. Gloria Rivera. Margaret Perez. Ellen Jean Pezzopane. -Phylsss Frandsen. Sitting. left to right- Elizabeth Ward. Lorraine Mamola. Mary Rose Mlllazzo. Rose Cotlgnola, Audrey Lanfell. Martha Duran. Esther Nieto. Josephine Garbo. Gloria Swain. ln shampoo chair-lstandungl Hortense Acosta lsnttlngl. Aurora Munoz. A great majority of the girls of Lincoln lligh School take the useful Cosmetology course. ln this sulnect the girls learn how to care for the hair. nails. and the face. They also learn to he clean and courteous. They learn the technical names of the liones. muscles. nerves of the hands, arzns. and head. Many girls try to improve their personal appearance establish new ideals as a result of this course. and and MISS WARD MRS. CROCKER G Back Row-Louise Pion. Hugo Costello. Mr. Ames. George Vullegas.BIossom Santos. Junior Forrest. Tyler Smith. Helen Christensen, Front Row-Louis Kindred. Bernice Cludy. Betty Lee Baner. Delln McNluIIin. Cleo Eau i Row ghmfin. Dixie Ford. 1 X MR. AMES ,' .Y XL x X. l-Eleana Holcomb. Patrica Spellacy. Cleata O'Br1en. Marie DeLandtsheer. Row John Row Buns Row 2-Norma Melt. Shirley Lanshew. M lt son. Herbert Mollino. Dominic Cuda 3-James Hawskm. Leln Tnfaya. John -1-Ilene Mfisornlln. Leonard Fox 'CY MRS. ELLIOTT I 0lll'llCl ljlll lleginning' Journalism is an class open to ull students interest- ecl in writing: Mr. Ames. the instructor, gives the menilmers ol' the cluss the funclzunentzils of Journalism. 'l'liey learn the technique ot' covering' such stories as humorous tales. exciting sports, school activities, as well as more serious things such as editorials, etc. The main objective of the class is to give them un example ol' what is expected of Zl journal- ist. hecziuse they are the future llailsplitter uncl Liiicolniain stzillf To some people the creutiye urge to write is uppermost in their minds. For these people, the class in journalism has lmeen created. .Xlthough the stutlents. zit first. fleyote most ol' their time in the yyriting' ol' stories of little yzilue to the liziilsplitter. it cloes Clo them ai jIl'621t dezll ot' good liecziuse ol' the practice they receiye. lt has often heen sznicl hy promi- nent neyyspzipermen rincl authors that the only wary to learn to write is to yyriteflience. ,lournzilism l. Qu-...M uavmmmwe r X. -wi I f 'f ., VW. , .,. ,ei?9l,g'7.fu V, J Left to right-Mary Jane Whittinger, Max- Georgia Rodrnquez. Row 2-Esperanza Ace- Ernnia Jones. John Paz. Takeo Terrarnoto. Row 3-Yolanda Cerda, Jimmy Sublett. Ken, neth Goodman, Tellpa Oliverez. Rebecca Mildred Cararo. Row 4--June Fields. Jac- queline Littleton. -Q., panij 1 The three groups in this group are studying' Spanish lll IV, YI. For the niost part they are earnest in their endea yours, their attitude is good and no failures have been regis tered up to the present. Grading' is done hy the secretary Mary Jane Whittinger, which niakes for strict impartiality and is regulated on a purely mathematical liasis. MR- MMFARLAN9 ,14- OWL' al' X I ' ,JUN ij I Students of Spanish under the expert direction of Mr. lien- ner learn to speak and write one of the world's most beau- tiful langruages. One third of the students already speak Spainsh, but need tf, brush up on their vocabulary, spelling, and other fundamen- tals. The others experience for the first time the cultural de' ight of expressing' theniselyes ina new and colorful lang'L1a,q'e. NIR, BENNER ' Row 1-John Toly. Anthony Torres. Jane Courtney. Raul Terrazas, Philip Azzarito. Fernando Venecia. Row 2-Richard Perea. Jimmy Renney. Norman Shaw. Wesley Smith. Sara Sorla, Mary Taormina. Walter Allen. Row 3-Joe Manzo. Francisco Gutierrez. Charles Cavanaugh, James Addis. Row 4- Rudolph Curinga. June Dahlin. Enedian Del Rio, June Dunham. Walter Ellis. Consuelo Gonzales, ine Sooter. Mary Soccio. Joe Scarpelino. vsdo. Jennie Purpura, Minnie Saavedra. Carrera, Walker Tippie. Bennet Haddock. f g -Igfsflf i A . QM f.Lf'fM 7WafAemafic5 This class is for students who do not intend to go to college. lt review's and develops skills in the four fundaimentzil mzitheinatical operations. The stu- dents are given problems which are met in everyday living. The knowledge which these students gain from the class is invaluable in that it helps ti: develop clear thinking and logic. MRS. FINNEY c 'WJ B Row 1-left to right-Aldo Connucarri, John McClure. George Cassara, Eze- quiel Contreras, Alfred Estrada, Larry Madrid, Victor Basurto. Row 2-John Shimkus, Eddie Flores, Edward Mc- Donald, Charles Aguilar, Delmer Line- barger, Paul Macias, Andres Arias. Hector Anderson, Cipriano Avila. Row 3-Robert McGray, Johnny Miller, Tony Morales, Alvin Mower, Bob Pugh, Billy Ochoa, Louie Ornales. Joe Ramirez, Pauline Trentini. Row 4-Raymond Rodela, John Rossi, Herbert Santo, Fred Smith, Marciano Villegas, Ethel Wheeler, Arthur Zimmerman, Frank Anderson. Row 'I-Margie Montalva. Mary Lou Villaescusa. Daisy Greene. Row 2-Stanley Shimkus, Donald Foster, Andrea Torres. Kooji Okauchi. Jack Whitney. Row 3-Wayne Carter, Eloy Barrios, Jack Moller. Tom Splender. Marie Buccola. Row 4-Carl Hansen. Barbara Ward, Manuel Garcia. E4-I fi ET if 1 .Afgegfd This class meets every dey at 8:00. They learn the fundamentals of al- gebra to give them a broader knowl- edge of mathematics. They work exercises from theii books, and the teacher makes the work easier by simplifying the work. The students and teacher cooperate, and as a re- sult the work is done in 21 short time. This group of boys are in the beginners' class in the sheet metal shop. Under the capable guidance of Mr. Hoy Marshail they are learning' about the metal arts. They find that mam useful and practical articles can be made in the shop. ln the elementary course in this line ot' endeavor, many worth- while articles have been made. Left to right-Henry Ales. Towy Dai, Elotlo Flores, Ray Callego. John Hernandez, Vincent lnzun- za, Lorenzo Laricchia. Howard Martin, Phillip Mastro. Flay Tarin. MR. BARD Left to right-Richard McAlpin, George lease. Owen Frandson, Ben Wong. Victor Carno, Albert Hirsch, Jesus Balvez, Jack Crowley. Porfero Calderon, Albert Ponzo, Oliver Fry. Herbert Mattijetz, Frank Pi!- let, Ray Santava. Frank Baca, Lewis Hack- er. William Mooneyham, Paul Gee, Edward Trabucco. .Silva 7fW.ffaf Ugillllillg' fqinfing "Quality and Quantity" is the thenie ol' the Lincoln print shop. Tl eir motto. " Service." well suits this indispensable shop. lleal physical and mental labor are necessities for certain important print- ing assignments. The platen press is used for printing' certain school mater- ial such as the school paper. The boys are under the able instruction of Air. Tade and Mr. Bard. The boys in the shop must pass a safety test before they can run a press or machines. ln this class the students must know a little math. English Q,'1'2llllHlZll', and must have good eyesight. The printing conimissioners of Winter and Summer 1940 were Douglas Ferris and Allen Dong. Left to right-Joe Marquez, Eliseo Serrano, Bruno Cipriani, Tommy Berumen, Pat Fur- nare. Mike Salazar, Genaro Flores, Jack Gomez, Edward Aguilar, Jesus Morales. Vic- tor Gomez. Mr. Bard. Sam Antonucci. Frank Hernandez. Jimmy Zito. !Q'inf op The underlying phases of printing are studied thoroughly in Mr. Tade's beginning printing classes. Learning hand type- setting is their main objective. They improve their grammar, get acquainted with various newspaper type and printing de- tails, and add much to their general knowledge. Before do- ing any actual work with type they spend five weeks in prep- aration, getting instructions and printing information. They must memorize the California Job Case, a container for hand type. Printer's measurement, proofreader's marks, Roman numerals, and rules for composition are other fundamentals. eramim Ceramics is fast becoming one of the major industries, giv- ing employment to many thousands all over the country. Latest developments have enlarged the field of opportunities for skilled trained workers. Abraham Lincoln High School has in its district th1'ee of the largest clay factories in Southern California and it was to give training for future workers in these factories that the ceramic course at Lincoln was organized. The various nationalities which constitute our student body have many inherent qualites in which Ceramics gives a fine opportunity for expression. MR. BADDELEY Left to right-Natalie Moya, Bernard Clairmort. Mike Cimarusti. Joe Tor- res, Roland Michael. James Curtis, Edgar Ortiz. Lawrence Taylor. Jesus Ybarra, Manuel Gonzales, Joe Apoda- ca, Joe Maggio, Loretto. Aguilar. Ernest Hirsch. Franklin Buck. Robert Bickle, Mario Guzzetta. Lester Padilla. Tony Ritzo, Emilio Gonzales. Jess Mor- iel, Peter Distarce. RM. H119 i.acH1-5 eibrahing Three types of drafting are offered in Lincoln-mechanical. architectural, and drafting as related to some other school shop subject. The boys who take architectural or mechanical drafting may possibly work in these fields as draftsmen later on in life. If they do not do so, they proht by what they learn because of the close relationship of drafting' to all indus- trial occupations where the reading of working-drawings is part of the work. The boys who take drafting as related to their specific voca- tional shop subject here in Lincoln also profit in this second way. Thus, the subject has general values for all as well as Row 'l-Peter Ragusa. George Bow, John Novakoff. Joseph Rippon. Rudolph Rodriquez Joe Berseallo. Harry Dong Row 2-Nick Michael. Man- uel Correa. Maurice Mercier. John Chuck, Joe Palmer. Row 3-Albert Urenda, Italo Pene. Joe Forrest. Charles O'Keefe. Row 4-Bartholo- mew Valvario. Arthur More- no. Lawrence Rlcharz. Hay- man Stokes. Fifth row- John Ball. Floyd Yeomans. Hideo Tomita. Bill Clark. Row 6-Ernest Blair. Verlin McCall. Howard Lawrence. Steve Soto. MR. BADGER special values for those who hope to become draftsmen. X -1 f MR. BAIRD Left to right-Bill Thompson Albert Ring. Jack Sabella Ralph Enriquez. Louis Mora Joe Pacheco. James Fasoli Eddie Sanchez. Row 2-Mr Harry Pedoglio, Mr. H. Baird Manuel Flores. Charley Deri ta. Juan Garcia. Herb Kelly. Manuel Huerta. Louis Lopez. Nick Bustas. Henry Salas. Joe Fierro. Joe Guzman Donald Grant. sc' R' X Cadincf 7Wa!eing A place in which decorative and serviceable articles are made. is the beginning class in cabinet making. Although not ad- vanced to a point where they can compete with the other more experienced cabinet makers of Lincoln, this class has been able to produce some highly 01'IlZlt6 and practicable furniture. Besides woodturning' and other phases of actual construction of some piece of furniture, the boys are taught how to make out their own lumber bill and plan the exact number of board feet they are to use. Even though a student does not intend to be a Cabinet maker upon grraduation from high school, the beginning' class of woodshop will prove valuable in later years-if not as a hobby - as a means of repairing one's furniture. ...- iaauvakae' 1 R Vlncent Sslves FI Edward Perez Hughes T ara R ul Allamlllo James :son Jesus Soto A an Festlck Harry Letz Robert Mercado Hlkojl Takeuchl Tom ShlShIdO Sam Carson Ben Wong Kenji Mltsuha sh: Johnny Vasquez Vernon Stevens Masashr Iwarnoto Sadio Munemorl Louis Hor v nz S m rarro John h Mr C Hurlbu sue Sakai J 241110 Still? ll 0lf9l 0 Edlll IC QSNQN IAN 0 :ll 0 lll9L AIIICS llldlll 1' MF! HURLBUT boys .ne pei mitted to take 1 couise in -Xuto Shop lhex ic pan then oxyn cus as 11 ell as cais helonving to othtis 111 being fuinished 111th .1 1f1l11.1ble knonledoe of the fllIlCll0l ofthe iutoniolvle l ndei N11 lluilbut s supenlsion the lioy s eain .1 tiuly usetu tl 1de Manx ol his students 1110 no 1 xxoiking in 1op.111 shops llld uen those NX io o no cntoi the industiy li 110 gained knowledge enabling them to locf1t1 the tiouble and 1ep.111 then o11 ll can MJAOZ5!0Ig The beautiful and artistic hassocks, chairs, divanis. niattres- ses, and other pieces of fU1'I1ltLl1'Q turned out by Mr. Blaclien- zie's upholstery classes have long been the pride of Lincoln High. lfpholstery students learn the value and the techniques ol' niaking' destinctive and useful f111'11ishing1's. They welcoine work from the faculty and students. The low prices and ex- cellent wo1'k1na1nship delight the proud possessors of Lin- coln upholstery shop fll1'Ill'EUl'6. Left to right Alphonso Na v1ro NI'1r1or1 Raclch ox ey Lessa Joe Pacheco Ed Payne David Rodruquez Jim Luchetta Mr Alexander MacKenzie BudThom1s AI fred Yanez Edward Ander son Torn Clmarusti Joe Gonzales Albert Olivares Bob Barrett Pete Gabriel Mario La Bue Dino Vaerxnl Robert Hernandez Harry Daylan Vic Buccola John Co umbero Victor Mandala MR. M2-ICKENZIE 'f Row 1-around piano- Ernest Garcia. Hal Gercken. Jimmie Westlake. Mr. Louis Tozier with baton. Bud Blanchard. Paul Mattiietz. Annette Lindsey. Al- fred Garcia. Ethmer Roten. Bill Hamilton. Roger Vlgilio. Bill Kasrnioff. Frank Buccola. Sophie Fratta. Martha Trowbridge. Jay Moring. Octavio Chavez. Row 2 --around bass-Tony Olmos. Harriet Hafner. Max Molden- li a ue r . Marvin Basso. Rudy Lorea. Edward Benson, Art Al- Iande. Row 3-Bill Clark. Don Varela. N ii' I IU lllfll lllllrflj The l.incolnaires, composed ol' musically inclined students. are responsible for the splendid swing music presented at most social events, auditorium calls, and class parties. The niemlqers of this dance hand are fortunate in being given valuable experience with orchestra work. Many nieinliers owe their knowledge of music to Mr. l,ouis XY. 'l'o:cier, for with his unflerstanding. patience. and help. many liecoine professional players. Sponsor. Mr. Louis XY. Tozier , 2 . WC: CA in 0 A017 l'n:ler the supervison ol' Mr. Arthur Sunnnons, the liincoln lligh School machine shop carries on a very steady and productive program. Financed hy federal funds, this Smith-llughes course gives the boys ample opportunity to learn various branches of the inachinist's trade. They have hench work and learn the oper- ation of the drill press. shaper, planer, lathe, milling nia- chine, universal tool grinder, and make hand drills, tap wrenches, and many other machine parts. Aside from mech- anical ability, the machine trade also requires a kiiowlerlgc- of mathematics. JV" 'M NIR. TOZIER MR. SLJMMONS Row l-Frank Calleros. Har- ry Gutierrez. Louis Vasquez. Ned Costa. Arthur Madrid. Steve Troncale. Row 2- Leon Sciurba. Dick O'Keefe. Mickey Kasimoff. Joe Pet- ris. Edward Kevorkian. Car- rne!o Giacchl. Paul De:-Fazio. Frank Cannizo. John Cas- sara. Guido. Donatoni. Em- manuel Nandono. Row 3- Carne Fabian. Gino Bernardi. George Sanchez. George Bor- zi. Bob Drennan. Paul Facca. Mr. Arthur Suninions. Ivan Vrsalovich. Cfgllilillfg' WTO 5 0,9 hveu box entermg Lmcoln has the oppo1tun1tx to 10111 th1s class, uh1ch offers 8l9lll9T1lL3lX 1nst1uct1on 1n cablnet makmg and a chance to loecone acquamted vllth the ma chlnes used IH thlq vocat1on Cab1netmak1ng b9Sld6S belng one of the SGl7l1Sk1ll8d p10 fesslons xnhlch Offel a su1table llV1H.L' wage, can also be of Rowl FernandoBerumen Ru sel Bonano Freddie Brlstow Jack Coats Augustine Chefflno Frank Chlpres Fred Cota War ren Farms Albert Guardado Nick Hernandez Kenneth Lan dau Frank Manglone Cosme Marquez Loule Montano Ar thur Rucklnger Santiago Reyes Rosallo Samanlgo Raul Santos Ralph Michael Tortomas Frank Tudlsco Frank Caca Bull Wal lace use to the o1d111a1x student as a hobbx afte1 g1aduat1on :vm BUTLER MR EDWARDS Slttlng left to rlght Eur en da Burclza Ellzabeth Holly Betty Strawn Antonla Sal gado Jean Elnott Lena Car dllla Theresa Terranovla Lllllan Furlong Elena Her nandez Edna Copps Alice Gonzales Aurora Melendez Betty Berno Claudlne Mall 'lean Ellrla Mendoza Aurora Martlnez Stella Gallezas Vlctorua Parldas Elolse Ar reola Standlng left to rlght Marjret Lopez Carmen Castullo Dorothy Mellas Ad alme Sanchez Mary Allce Lucera Patrlcla Schulty Martha Vella Maxine Carl son Mr Edwards ,WCM The students of th1s class 2-ue -ht Claft students Thex c1eate thmgs of blautz, natlve wood bullap and S0lTl9tlIYlGS fl om most d1ve1 se and su1p11s1ng l'l12.t9113lS, such as common llldCf1l0Ill From these lN2lll91ldlS they make sport belts 1ug1s necklaces, tapestlles, thus lea1n1ng manual dexte11tx m the use of tools and also of equal 11lp01lLdI1Ce, an appreclatlon of the tl ees and Sl'11lllJS common 1n Southern Cal1forn1a Nluch of the C0l01 1n the l'll0dQ1ll scene IS due to the Vdl1Ol.1S lldl1d1C121ft of today Lmcoln 1S fortunate IH bemg able to offe1 students of all g1ades thls tx pe of vsork Wa. 2 MR. DUNSWORTH First row-isittingi Harland Casper, Arthur Wright. Second row-Bob Berg, Richard Shook, Harry Thielman. Standing, left to right-Howard Hart, Gaelan Casper, Robert Acosta, Bert Shultz, Donald Hoff, Leland Michaelson, Bob Miller. Chester Willdee. Wil- liam Spink. Victor Munoz. mgfarg cien ce Military science is a class devoted exclusively to the members of the He- serve Odicers' Training Corps who wish to become commissioned oflicers. This subject not only teaches the men the principles of close and extended drill, but also gives them an extensive knowledge of map reading, scouting and patroling, combat principles, characteristics of infantry weapons, and musketry. Military science is an essential subject to the officers of the unit and a great help to the non-commissioned officers. The two requirements that a student has to face are that he must be at least a sophomore and have taken R.O.T.C. for one or more semesters. .Ari This class is composed of students who are taking Art I, Art Il, or Art III, corresponding in general to B9, A9, and B10. In Art I the work is based on the study of color structure and harmony. Conventional designs from natural forms are created and painted. Some drawing and free hand painting is offered. In Art ll perspective is studied. Good drawing is stressed, and students drawing and freehand painting is offered. In Art Ill the work follows the general aims, of . rt l, and . ll, but the work is much more advanced and varied. Tec ical skills, a reciation and taste are developed in these courses. r ' F , ,ff , X A X MISS HERBERT Q i First row-Helen Lascurain. Rose Masi. Sec ond row-Jesse Martinez. Raul Aleqria. Frank Serrano, Doyle Scilly. Lee Preece. Third row--Catherine Cecere. Emily Anara- cio, Domingo Algorri. Fourth row-Pat Carn- ahan, Francisco Paz. Victor Buccola. Fifth row-Juan Bianez. Bety Garcia. Joe Olmos. Tony Vanegas. Sixth row-Hiroko lizuka. Dorothy McConkey. iM garreff Girls in Mrs. Barrett's classes learn grace and physical prowess in a series of varied activities. Folk dances of various,types develop rhythm and grace and improve dancing ability, besides being a source of thorough enjoyment. Carefully planned exercises help develop strong muscles and healthy bodies, and gradually cut down excess avoirdupois. Active games are welcomed by all, as they piaovlde exercise and help make new friends. e 4, But best of all, girls like the varied spoiibs-basketball,'volleyball, I baseball, speedball, and so forth. . . I Girls look forward to their gym period-each day for anropportunity to gain skill in many spor , enjoy team competitipivind make new friends. ' ' . V , J V' fx f ll' -TND ,, 1 MRS. BARRETT I l Row 1-Amparo Corral, Cecilia Contreras, Helen Betencourt, Edna Headrick, Anton- ette Romano, Hortense Hirsch, Doris Cor- son, Thornasa Martinez, Stella Paccico, Ce- cilia Sanchez, Dorothy Watson. Row 2-Mary Paiz, Angela Rodriquez, Melba Murray, Con- chetta Perri, Clarisa Bonet, Grace Gargliano, Mamie Balsano, Doris Goodwin, Dorcas Goodwin. Carmen Orasco, Bertha Dizon, Nellie Gabaldon. Row 3-Ruth Ramirez, Juanita Maisterra, Thelma Ritter, Doris Ca- billaro, Mary Blanda, Alice Curvich, Stella Vega, Connie Barbata, Aletta Mendoza, Ruth Miller, Gertie Stiener, Mary Valenzuela, Mary De Martino. fr.: 1 6 L : QY-ki if 'WG KCBOXQU mix 'lfllwffgf Girls who are unable to take regular gym., under order of the school doctor because of illness or physical defects, have class of corrective gym or rest. Under the supervision of Miss Worthen the girls are given daily exercises to correct their defects. After the exercises are over the rest of the period is devoted to rest. The girls find it a great help to be able to rest a few minutes during the day. orrecfiue gm Each period the girls at Lincoln have a corrective gym class which is composed of girls in need of rest. These classes are assigned by a doctor after a physical examination. Thus, during the school hours girls with small physical defects have an opportunity to rest under the supervision of Miss Grace Worthen and an assistant. Correct diets and exercises are also advised. e744 MISS WORTHEN MISS ANDERSEN idd .fdnolemen This class is composed of fifty-four 139, A9, and B10 girls. Included in the activities are: volleyball, rhythmics, hik- ing, and outdoor team sports lspeedball, baseball, basket- ball-in seasonl. Once every two weeks, each girl has an opportunity to have work done in cosmetology. An Easter egg hunt on the hill in back of the gym was the highlight of the semester. in .xdclama Girls under the inst1'uction of Miss Adams are taught volley- ball, baseball, basketball and speedball. She also maintains a dancing class consisting of creative dancing. ln this danc- ing class they are taught good posture and poise. Miss Adams supervises a girls' scout troop. The girls do much outside hiking, skating, bicycle riding and stay over night on weekends at her cabin. The girls made lnost of their money for the treasury ing to hold a prom soon. Row 1-Lucy Capobianco. Emilia Osozco. Dorothy Beaver. Mamie Sosa. Gloria Gon- zales. Lorraine Tafoya. Frances Princise. Rose La Casella. Irene Waer. Margaret Bocchiardi. Connie Testa. Stella Saldana. Esperanza Arrieta. Catalina Jiminez. Lor. raine Caballero. Row 2-Pat Kingdom. Tam- ara Tate. Trinidad Morales. Isabel Hernan dez. Socarro Serrano, Antonia Estrada. Vic torina Pareda. Christine Jones. Connie Cos tillo. Kiyoko lshihara. Anunzuetta La Casel la. Esperanza Jaime, Dorothy Smith. by selling cookies. They are expect- Row 1-Alice Diaz. Louise Martinez Connie Ayalla. Connie Martinez, Lorraine Pion JoAnn Pearson. Geraldine Schoenen Pat Campbell. Margaret Schoenen. Betty Yost Lucille Rojas. Margaret Hill, Betty Condon Audrey Hauser, Kazuko Yasuda, Theresa Corrente. Gloria Hafner. Mary Cubillas Cru zanne Conrique, Frances Francavilla Row 3 -lrene Schleiner, Josephine Angeles Marie Carson. Edith Reyes, Corina Lopez Rose Fratto. Irene Klain, Lorraine Fly Elaine Anita Corrales, Josephine Pernici Mary Straud. La Vergne Jackson. Leanore Jack son, Clara Maure, Laura Jaime. MISS ADAMS I MR. WALZ Row 1-Leo Perea Orlando Lopez Angelo Lornando Solomen Lucero Henr Lopez. Ernest Cretarola, ban Wilson. Roiw 2-Joe Padilla,ySidney Whitney., Eugerze Hite, Arthur Prince, Frank Bruno, Frank Ahumada. Joe Pechacek, Willie Johnson, Ray Ahumada. Renato Conley. .gl ,. It MR. MALETTE .f . g iw, it V K W.. Wai Mr. Walz has charge of the corrective gym classes. He ex- plains that all students should be given corrective gym at least twice a week because it helps to build the body muscles and offers an opportunity for people who want to gain weight. Students who take corrective gym are requested to do so because they have some small defect, such as round should- ers or below normal weight. Some students take corrective because they have heart trouble and cannot playg therefore they are offered a rest period each day. When a student is again allowed to return to regular gym he is normal in every way. W... Wadffe Mr. Malette's gym classes are probably the best organized in the school. When calling roll, his students are at strict attention. After roll call, the fellows usually compete in basketball, softball, body-building exercise, run around the track, or various common sports. When there is carry-over. the boys join with the girls and play special games, such as: archery, ping-pong, and dominos. Sarinana. Harry Schultz. Row 1-Bill Jasso. Kenneth Jarvis Rod Hale, Henry Delcano. Louis Rodriquez Ru dolfo Reyes, Frank Simminez. Victor Sim minez, Flex Vera, Rudy Gutierrez Frank White, Nick Urrutia, Mike Vasquez Row 2-Arthur Barron. Jim Berukoff Clarence Colty, Vincent Carreon, Joe Cosentlno Sam uel Edwards, Felix Flores, William Falabel Ia, Albert Lopez, Robert Gonzales John Harrison, Willie Hunter, Joe Salasky Man uel Ugarte. Row 3-Larry Madrid Salva dore Maglicco, Joe Manuele. Robert Mendez Frank Mora, Bino Perino, Harry Portolan William Toussaint. Steve Procedo Robert Ramirez, Alex Lonez, Frank Tenerelll Tony Row 1-Ellsworth Host. Angel Acevco, Vin- cent Almanza, Paul Alverez, Robert Acosta. John Ballasteros, Steve Benici, Tony Bon- ura, Tony Blanco, Ignacio Curiel, Victor Cossareo, Walter Cooper, Henry Cisneroz, Mike Doddato, Anthony Ciolo. Row 2-Glenn Linn, Frank Leon. Henry Lopez, Lupe Ar- reroga, Nando Pumer, John Martinez, Dick Powell, Vic Piotonetti, Revato Peve, Leroy Reynolds, Tony Bruno, Dick Schoenen, Ade- mar Skoniski, William Herrera. Albert Hol- guin. Row 3-D.L. Steakley, Manley Thayer. Carroll Thorp, William Tombaugh, Tony Rossi, Alex Sandoval, Alex Salazar, Frank Petrotta, Tony Sanchez, Ralph Valvano, Tony Varela, Nick Villalobos, Adolfo Valeri- cia, Kenneth Wert, David Williams. Volmer Wogberg, Joseph Zeloco. I'. Rl550l'n The lack of a good gym field for physical education activities does not bother Mr. Russom in the least. Our splendid gym floor offers opportunity for relay games, basketball, apparatus, softball, and an annual inter- class track meet, the winners of which are asked to try for the track squad. are given training. To var-y the regular gym work, Mr. Russom attempts to skill his athletes in extra-curricular sports such as badminton, archery, and dancing. .Wy ga cm This g1'oup was composed of thirty-two members from the eleventh and twelfth grades, membership to this group was by audition only. Their spe- cialties were cho1'uses. The boys sang for a few auditorium calls during last term. Under the direction of Mr. Fred Graichen, and with the aid of the officers. the club had a successful term. Next year the aim for members is forty. lf their goal is reached the boys will look forward to a festival which they want to make an annual occasion. S'40 President, Frank Vento S'-lil Secretary, Charles Rowe S'4ll Accompanist, Hal Gercken Row 1-Willard McKenzie. Jay Moring. Hal Gercken. Taddy Prosijlo, James Drulias. Fred Harper, Ernest Surwald. Herbert Ke!- ley, Frank Vento. Flow 2-Vernon Hoff. Robert Soliz. Joe Guzaman. Lawrence Lono. Junior Foresst, Coy Perkins, Paul Ruiz, Bob Moreau, Rod Hale, Mr. Fred Graichen, direc- tor. Row 3-Raymond Perez, Armando Men- doza, Octavio Elbarez, Jack Ritchie, Lynn Richmond, Tony Lombardo. Jack Franklin. Charles Rowe. Edwin Payne. Clayton Wood- hull, Melvin Gunnels, Raymond Gollego. V. llfzilflg The guls of oul student bodv ale p11V1l6ged to be able to take a coulse ln home hvglene and Cale of the S1Ck Mlss NIcAlmon the school nurse makes th1s course ln UUIQIHQ lnterestmg and lnduces manv students to follow Ill11SlI1g' as a ca1ee1 befole the coul se IS completed, students ale taught to make beds 13101361 ly take t6l111JG12itLl16S, bathe bedudden Dc1t191ltS dlagnose s1mple dlseases, change sheets w1thout H10VlI1g the patlent flom the bed, and cale f01 bables and chlldren Stu dents ale g1V8H excellent oppoltunltx fo1 plactlce IH thls vely useful occupxtlon by altelnatmg between belng nurse and patxent lflifllleiflf LC? Annuals, towel tlckets, sen1o1 sweatels, football t1Ck9t9, and school supphes may all be purchased thlough the busl ln O1 pald out The buslness oflice OHQIS an oppoltunltx fol students ma1o11ng IH salesmanshlp by g'1V1Hg them plac tlcal expellence ln bookkeepmg handlxng money, and check mg accounts 78 MISS MCALMON Left to rught Antonlo Rodrn quez Shlzuko Vomuro Marlo Castellam Make Buscarmo Var gunna Wolfe John Renon Vuo let Pelllzzer Toyoko Nagasah Eva Jones Domxngo Bonet M R C Cole S I 'a l , . ' , I K. - 1 1 . - .' . ' , , . . ' . . ' .. . ' . - , , K - L ness oflice. Mr. Cole and his staff care for all money taken ' . ' ' 1 . - ' , . .. . . y Q . I - ,Q - , V . X , .P fy r V' sf X XJ 2 . ' 'N - g l' , - . .- D K 111 MRS. HENDERSON MR. POTTER Row 1 Ethel Vallanc urt, Betty Linganfield. Bette McDonald. Eleanora Summit, Edna James. Fa Gorref-Helen Saldumbide. Nelle Marie Enslen. Mary Rambo. Row 2- oe . elvin Gunnels, Vernon Hoff, Warren Strang. Mike Buscarino, Milt Johnson. ' .Sic vim aiu lil? Mr. Ames' sixth period salemanship class was responsible for the secur- ing' of the advertisments in the 1941i Lincolnian. It is this extra money that goes to make up the extra features of an annual. Every student was required to sell at least one ad before he could pass in the salemanship course. This not only helped to improve our annual, but it also gave the students practical experience in actual selling. This was only one of the many interesting' projects completed in this class. N ff ,ff f f 'jf' at tfff, Left to right-Edwin Kelly. Mary Rambo, Virginia Faeth, l!l-e-Ly1n,,Gun- . nels, Mike Buscarino, Carol McMur- lphy, Henry Delcano, Milt Johnson, Warren Strang, Lynn Richmond, Con- nie Florez. Pauline Cuthrell. Ann Ethel Vallancourt. Tamara Eva Jones. Myrtle Essex. Taddy Helen Saldumbide. Sueko Annabelle Sadar. Leonard Rothenberg. Margaret Parente. fi -2,4 ,av . 4' X 3' iw x ?5 I si Mx U NSEEN BUT YOUQ JFE IAM V .E V if ,- -- -- - '- Y 7 ' i I I ,X BRITBH EMBASSY, I WASHINGTON, D.C r A November 17th, 1939 5 l e . . Dear Miss Solberg, l On behalf of the Youth of England I am very happy to have this opportunity of greeting the student body of Abraham Lincoln High School and to wish your school all the good things to be derived from the abolitlon of raclal pregudice in education Yours very trul .Mm-A. Lord Lothian British Ambassador Miss Shirley Solberg, Abraham Lincoln H1gh School, 3501 North Broadway, Los Angeles, California 9 , , yr PUBLICZXTIU I X IJ.,-P KI! A rn Hung am Anlunurlzl Jllllmy 1 n nr Marquez HI P Gnu nhlrley Mr Ame I Warren Snlherq Stranq LI I I Ernest Cragin Norma EUL IA STAFF Bonnie Hanover Katherine Sfiurha 1 ff ' rr, june fa,rm,,er Sam Aninnucci Nelle Marie Fnslen Grant Minson I7 June Carr-anger-Clubs Vnrgmla Faeth--Girls' Spor-ti Mnrgorre Cleasby-Asst. Edrmv Norma MeIrfPrc!ure Editor Mrke Lugan-Messenger Grant Nlinson-Asst. Art Edntor Joe Yamamoto-Prctures Katherune Sciurba-Caiendar Not ID prcture- George Earle-Art Edutor Nelle Mnrre Enslen-Publrclty BL-tty Lll1QflV1fISYdYS'tV1!OVEUIILI ps, ,.f,,,.f. 1 Q My lnzufmld -wr 5512 ' riorv fleashv Mike Mean HR 21 MII lin V Je. Y' Staff in A lltillll Mary Rambo-Business Manages Bonnne Hanover--Sensor B's Byrle Behrens-Llterary Edntor Ernest Cragm-Boys' Sports Shirley SoIDergfEd:tor Nlr. Ames-Sponsor Warren Strnng-Advertisnnq 1 X, fs LIN'-vlllm hr C J . Ber11iceUudy .. '21 1, 5 'G T " I f W lfleokalllhliwl Deaaamfraunm. L,ouiseKindrjl L1 Heiwcxmmiw omma -A-1-j1o4Bm1ef Afnhdfxujuiwn QQQ5T,mPantherS, Tigers Clash in Rose Bowl A 7 W ' 5 T H 12 R A 1 L s P L 1 T T 12 R I d L5 fd '1' 1 1 T1 1 'R R ' 1 1 R ,v , T TUNCQLNHICH 3 -E in 4 111111 gif b .NR R . , CHQOL A u...:1-' RL 1-wwf? ix '. O . A1" ff Umm do R cn E "f'1:11'io:1N . X V' A X I , , ,, r, V A ,T A li. diixgwlkog H1195 9855950 TH13 RA 1 LS 11L1TT 1fR' Ng ,f-ivimo 1 111" ' WX f 1' R' J W" ' 4 ' ,of .-.-n.....YkA-.,v WU To , . , , , , ,, ,'Jgf",'f5,gv1111't.'f.iF.FfgQ'Aq1'f L 1... if 35151 'id 11R1 ' A J , 45 Bi ,, ff gg , :log . 1.1 ID F. Qi P A5513 -111 KMER L1N1o,-IF2171d. ,Umm ' 55531 'dgf X"1n0ulahkFacully ' 3, Q Q E1 Go5.?"'Qi'V mwnx-,-', 4 R fR fd T " bo iff? mCfw,,f'f'f'1MMw Over: V ' U I I U ' ...Lim Aff fl? 1 'fakes ff 1""U1"zlI' "N'T+ JW H,-,,,, :aw 19 s A x 4 T' ' Vflhif 1 ' . 1 iff-1 ette 1 V U , 'Q 1 lurtgqn M, DOHC .ELRR S11CLUMBe Er?G"'f'S?f1.., -?fF'os11y to Lincoln Softbzulcrs if Ru IACIMI Galle vi!!! .Ima Haskin ,EISCJUCISPIY Mr. Am Donald Woodward Mi! Muon il' , J , ,ggi ' mdah' Jmumcllo AMD!! , A Q -. fs -s fv- K. N. S "1 1 Left to right Ehseo Serrano Jack Gomez Mr Frank L Tade Victor Gomez Genaro Flores Left to rrght-Norma Melu. ex- change edrtor: Mnlt Johnson. ad- vertwsrng manager: Mary Stroud, reporter: Jerry Marsh, reporter, Murray Shapiro. co-edutor: Ber nsce Cludy. girls' sports editor. James Haskun. boys' Sport edu- IGF. Left to rrght M1r5ory Cleasby feature edntov Leonard Fox reporter Donaid Woodward re o ter Feorge Vol ega man 1 uno edrtov Mlldved Ann En slen we or ev Rose L1C1vev1 CO editor ARTIST uxmns Ill rwnx l'l assrs PIQFD 8 ACCUR XCY Won Boys Vnce President Wllllam Hamilton President Gnrls Vsce Presldent Mary Bennlcl Secretary Boys Per onnel Gu Is Personnel Winter Cabinet Extramural lY'lYI'lY'l1llI'3l Kenneth Gookln Pr-scllla Olquun Tyler Smith Reb1 Phllllps President John Doucette Boys Vice President Bennie Herrera Secretary Anna Lomonaco GI S Vice President Louuse Plon Boys Personnel ,. Jurnmue Westlake 5 Nu 4 ,ff Cleo Baughman Marlan Shlmkus Sum er Eahlllfnt Cllr Is P rsonnel Mary Guerrero Extra ural Intramural Hal Gcrcken Thomas Pedrunl 5. It Q , Q 1 I ' 'fl' f-v1 ,. ' ,ll.' f' . . . . . b L V - , J" 2' 1, ' X A X 1 4 l' 1 Q. V . J" X . X ' tl y I K 1 . fl ex .' d X I v' ' ' . s ,' ' IJ e 6 ,J 4 Ms , 4 . I V, x 3 . , 4 1 ' Q all l P N ' .P ' . ' P J A , ' " ' 7 A , r' ' . ' I-I ' . - ' - R 1 ' 2 f 4 Q 1 F ,- l .I , 5' ' l mage .. . Gt' :ff E5 Zi lltlul ' 1- V--ns. ,x- .411 L Wllll llummlssmnnrs Seated left to right Loulse Plon Rallsplltter Edltor Betty Lunganfleld Glrls Hospltalnty Chalrman Della McMulIun Chatelalne President Prlscllla Olgum Glrls Personnel Cleo Baughman Extramural President Helen Chrnstensen Finance Commlssloner Eleanora Surn mat Louise Kane Dramatlcs Dlrector Stella Lee Scripts Shlrley Solberg Annual Editor Bernice Cludy Glrls Sports Commlssuoner Bessie Marlk Beautlflcatlon Commissioner Standlng Joe Grana Music Commlssloner Bennie Herrera Sensor B President Jimmy Wllson Art Commissioner Wllluarn Tapham House Manager Wade Timmons Boys Hospltaluty Chairman Tyler Smith, Student Body Presldent Ray Maggard Boys Sports Commussxoner Kelth Reld Sensor A President Stanley Boone Knight President Raymond Saldana Boys Beautlflcatlon Commlssloner Warren Wakefleld Electricity Taro Inouye Boys Flnance Commlssloner Mlss Ing Jack Franklin Vusual Education Commissioner Bull Hamilton Boys Vlce Presldent Mary Bennucl Glrls Vlce Presldent Reba Phllllps Secretary Kenny Gookun Boys Personnel Marlan Shlmkus lntramural President Elmer Ferguson Stage Manager Douglas Ferrls Prnntlng Commissioner lfummlssluners. Seated Loulse Pnon Girls Vlce President, Rose LaCavera Co Edltor of the Rallsplltter Vlda Ott Glrl Beautlflcatlon Director Vlrglnla Wolfe Glrls Finance Commlssloner Louise Heldt Chatelaunes Presldent Lorralne McDermott Gnrl Hospltallty Chalrman Mary Rambo Bus: ness Manager Anna Lornonaco Student Bcdv Secretary Vlrglnla Terrolr Music Commls sloner Shirley Solberg Annual Editor Odette Bal Attendance Commussloner Standing Antonlo Rodrlquez Boys Finance Commlssnoner Bennie Herrera Boys Vlce President Don Kelcher House Manager Murray Shapiro Co Edltor of the Raulsplntter Denny Rarnvllle Drama Director Jerry Kinsman Knights Presldent Thomas Pedrlnu lntramural President Warren Strang Advertising Manager of the Annual Jimmy Westlake Boys Personel Jack Franklin Visual Education Director Jimmy Jones Sensor B President Hal Gercken Extra mural President Jerry Stewart ROTC Cadet Major Allen Donq Pruntlng Commissioner Juan Garcla Boys Sport Cornmlssloner John Doucette Student Body Pr sldent Mussmo Mary Guerrero Girls Personnel Lucllle Clark Co Glrl Beautification Dlrector Jack Rlchle Boys Hospltallty Chairman Elsie Trimble Girls Sport Cornmlsslwner Domlngo Bonet Sensor A President Nlargy Cleasby Historian Comrrlssloner Mlt Johns n Advertlslng Manager of the Rallsplltter 9374. ' 1 I l l 1 T 1 v v . I .... I .. . ., I , ,I I . I , , .V , '. . 3 . - :, .V . '. . .'. T' .. y .. : ' . : . . .V ' I I 'I ? . II I II I 1 . : I I. .. I ' . ' ' I. ' .. . 1 l I I 1 ' ' . - I: . : , vt : . : . X ' l R. , L Z i if .-'A' 5 . , K 7' t .X I I ' v . I IXII : ' . ': . . - . . : . ' - 5 . 1' . ' : I . . I.. I '-II . --N Iinlqhts The Knights' organization is a service-rendering group con- sisting of sixty selected senior boys, whose interests and ac- tivities are varied. They lead in encouraging boys in their school to high standards. They are responsible for conduct about the campus, are in charge of auditorium calls and all school activities. They are also a part of the Student Council which tries to solve the problems of the various students. lfhalelaiuns The Chatelaines' Orgainzation is a service organization open to a select group of girls from the senior class. It is sponsored by Mrs. Turney, who has given her time and effort to make this organization a success. The Chatelaines accept the re- sponsibility of aiding all the new girls by lping them when they a1'e in need. They also have their po t duties, and par- ticipate in llllDOl't21llt social functions. B ibers of the Chat- elaines are of the highest character. wan P1-es.--Delia Mcmiuiim if S510 Pres.-- ouise Heidt I ' N , fi? Cel Q , ...w.c- . A. 1 4-'N 'i K ow 1+.foe Di'Sano. Ray Nor- nura, Bob Yegge, Italo Pene. Bennie Herrera, Jerry Kinsman. Milt Johnson, Jimmy Zito. Hal Gercken, Teizo Koda. Row 2- Jack Sabella. Domingo Bonet, Vernon Burroughs, Bob Stevens. Edward Lindsey. Victor Ben- nett. Jerry Steuart, Mike Bus- carino. Ethmer Roten. Ned Mathews. Octavio Chavez. Den- ny Rainvnlle. Row 3-Jack Mor- ing, Eddie Spieler. Joe Pacheco, James Druhas. Jess 'Moriet Proggy Cordoba. Jimmy Vx'est- lake, Tommy Pedrini, Jim Jones. Aldo Valenzano, Fred Harper, Dave Rodriquez. Johnny Gar- cia. Mario Castellani, Frank Cecere, Tony Rodriquez, Edgar Ortiz. I, tx' .111 ,'X..f ' Row 1-Louise Pion. Verna Hickey. Betty Lee Baner. Vir- ginia Terroir. Martha Pena, Bernice Cludy. Louise Heidt. Lorraine McDermott, Juanita Maisterra, Netta Romano, Lucy Manuele. Row 2-Anna Lomon- aco, Romelia Guerra. Dora Ra- mos, Dorothy Taylor, Norma Evans. Mary Glaviano, Mary Garcia, Beatrice Gonzales. Pat Vacca. Ethel Vallencourt, Violet Pellizzer. Row 3-Nelle Marie Enslen. Ruth Ha!e. Mary Guer- rero. Anna Mary Crum, Mary Rambo. Margaret Manrlque. Concha Gayton. Rose Marian- ette. 'N ig' NNN i .fl gp KX if Row 1-Howard Lawrence. Lawrence Long. Robert Elias, Bill Dimaria. Joe Canfora. Charles Alexander, Vita Di- Maria. Jim Bei-ukoff. Walter Lubisich. Row 2-Jack Cobie. Joe Romano. Tony Vallone. Takashi Shindo. Johnny Gar- bo. Geno Lunetta. Willie Hunter. Fra n k Tenerelli, Clayton Morrison, James Cleary. Flow 3-Pat Luisi. George Sanchez. Ricardo Va- rella. Mike Cimarusti. Jack Butorac. John Gomez. Mit- usra Tanigarva. Larry Con- rique, John Regalado. Roy Payne. Maurice Kane. l' i S i t I i n g - Bessie Gibilisco Yuki Koda. Carrnelita Moya. Martina Paglia, Elinor Flam- baud. Catherine Cosentino. Lena Centurioni. Terri Les- sa. Genevieve Gonzales. El- len Jean Pezzopane. Mary Petrotta. Jean Blades. Do- lores Landon. Standing-Sm nhie Fratto. Gloria Gallinatti. Harriet Hafner, Dolores Ji- menez. Verna Linebarger, Audrey Wardlow. Katherine Sciurba.Shirley SoIberg.EIiz- abeth Burcious. Lydia Lo- pez. Misao Kuramoto. , ,,N,,,..., A.-- , . . N.. -..,..,w, , , . . . ,! , J' W-Q.- , . - ' La ,golf ii! J s nf- ,Q . gg.- Squires The Squires' Organization is dedicated to the purpose of training' boys for future duty as Knights. It teaches them to be dependable, courteous, and helpful in many ways so that they may be able to shoulder the responsibilities which shall become theirs in Knighthood. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Hallett, the Squires had many social activities. Among these were their installation, break- fast, and a social dance with the Ladyes. They serve the school by having posts, aiding the Knights, and in many other ways. President, Edward Spieler Sponsor, Mrs. Hallett Lailyes The chief purpose ofthe Ladyes' organization is to stimulate social responsibility in its members. Under the sponsorship of Miss Elizabeth Leslie, they attend regular meetings at which they endeavor to practice the rehned art of being' ladies. In addition they plan social events and serve the school in many practical ways. Sponsor, Miss Leslie Q14 fir, jf! The Pages organization grade boys. The duties the halls and on the promoting better class To promote better the school, to grade, unsigh ii social i Row 1-Louis Hirata, Marian Dietra, Eddie Flores. Kenneth Buttera, Edward Trabucco, Mau- rice Skoniski. Gus Lomonico. Salvador Magllacco. Jack Hibbs, Frank Floyes, James Smalldino. Row 2-John Riegal, Joe Salas, Jesus Macias. Hideo Tomito, Pete Ragusa, Harry Portolan, Tony Rossi, Mario Mari, Steve Chico. Richard Shook, Mr. Fasoli. Row 3-Mario Raga, Fermuccio Russl. Henry Ortiz, Richard Mo- reno, Joseph Dominguez. Frank Vacca, Salvador Munoz, Louis Milich, Thomas Kingsbury. Row 4-Hector Corral, Jimmie Co- morre, Lincoln Ferlisi, Frank Distaso. Frank Buccola, David Defgadillo. Jimmy Forina. Rich- ard McA'pin, Anthony Torres, Ramiro Castillo. Row 5-Rudy Moreno. Ronald Caesar, Tony Dai. Jack Cobie. Rocky Pellic- cino. Frank Gabriel, Gino Per- ini, William Nleraz, Alex San- doval, Charles O'Keefe, John Marco, Manuel Garcia, Tom Splender, Harland Casper, Don- ald Woodward. service unit for the tenth- of cleanliness in ' t d t,' d , neu suens an My f the classroom and f ' ' Ju for the tenth j ' i halls free from all f , W I W YJNJM 5110 .th if Maids l'he Maids Organization is the girls' service group of the tenth grade. The duties of the maids are to promote better class organization, to promote the democratic ideal in class- rooms, to sponsor social activities for the tenth grade, and to aid in keeping the school free from all unsightly articles. Every girl considers it an honor and a privilege to belong to this active organization. W'40 President, Margaret Parente Sponsor, Miss Hill :WLT 'SMF Row 1-Rose Candilora. Midori Kunitomi, Jane Villarreal, Dora Vidaurri, Soccoro Serrano, Au- drey Hauser, Sabina Bellino, Pa- tricia O'Brian, Victoria Ruggio. Mary Stassi. Grace Ledo, Doro- thy Smith. Row 2-Jean De- Lancy, Marion Costi, Marya Kasimoff,Mary O'Donovan, Nao- mi, Sosa, Judy Jacovetta, Bunny Shain, Gertrude Weinhold, An- toinette Pocino, Marie Buccola. Carmella Purpura, Edith Ric- ciardi, Row 3-Jennie Carlino. Pat Spellacy. Annunzietta La- Casella. Estelle Caloia, Virginia Lambardo, Helen Reyero, Mary Mushin, Betty Kauper. Lois Richards, Fern Stevens, Dorothy Nelson. Row 4-Viola Gibson. Dorothy Beaver, Emily Muguira, Wilma Roundtree, Aurora Car- rillo, Betty Berno, Lorraine Pion, Mary Campise, Nellie Padilla, Rosalie Romano. Frances Prin- cipi. Gloria Aguilar. Sitting- Mrs. McClean. Beatrice Villarreal. Paul- ine, Trentini, Margaret Schoenen. Eleanor Hol- comb, Frances Coleman, Barbara Rodriquez. Bar- bara Montoya. Standing -Frances Larnmers, Ralph Valvano, Edward W a d a . Jake Hidalgo. James Angelo, Bartholo- mew Valvano. 0 w e n Frandsen, Dick Schoenen, Alvin Mower. Victor Car- no. X 1 11 l ' n f f Q, I 1 'I M X X A . 1 Sitting-Andy Shubiri. Masha Shubin. James Berukoff. Mickey Kasi- moff. Marya Kasimoff. Johnny Novikoff. Stand- ing-Johnny Kalpakoff. Mr. Fuhrer, Alex Filipoff. Lads and Lassies The honorary organization for the ninth grade is the Lads and Lassies. Pupils who hold offices in their social living classes are admitted. They hold membership during the year if they uphold the standards of the group. There are forty-six members this term. Each Christmas the entire organization contributes to the Eugene Street School Christmas work. They sponsor the ninth-grade dance. They have a breakfast each term, and as a whole they are an active, successful group. Lads Lassies WH10 President, Nando Pumar Mary Mushin S310 President, Ciro Gaudesi Eva Enriquez Russian Eluh The Russian Molokan Club is the first of its kind to be start- ed at Lincoln High School. This club was founded on February 6, 1940, by Mickey Kas- imoff, and since then it has been making a splendid showing. The purpose of this club is to create an international friend- ship among the students and faculty of Abraham Lincoln High School. They have shown this by means of dinners, dances, and choir singing. At the present the1'e are eight members. President, Mickey liasimoff Sponsor, Mr. Fuhrer it 'I-al I i Row 1-Betty Penske. Rose La Cavera. Ophelia Hurtado, Cora Lorendo. Rose Maggie. Elaine Doucette.Violet Pellizzer. Louise Heidt, Dorothy White. Dorothy Idriss. Katherine Kinley, Anna Lomoriaco. Ruth Hale. Reva Rainville. Norma Meli. Cecile Scott, Hortense Carrasco. Wil- ma Wallace. Virginia Terroir. Delia Romero. Martha Pena. Row 2-Grace Romero. Mary Blades. Joan Kirlley. Mary Lou Masuralla. Catherine Cosentino. Geraldine Zimmerman, Beatrice Angeles. Ilene Masuralla. Mary Soccio. 'Lucy Manuele. .Virginia Varga . ow 3-Phyllix Frandf sen. ia GalIl1'rattl.r Helen Reyero. orrgne McDermott. Gertrud Fob s. Lelaxh efoya. Connie cor , rfy ansen. Juanit illae us 'Od tte Bal. ii it . - N T Ni X ith K. N l' ' " The Dance Club The Dance Club is an organization composed of upper grade girls. The class meets daily in the girls' gym during nrsl period. Modern dancing, better known as creative dancing. expresses the thoughts and feelings of the dancer as she interprets different moods. The only requirements for mem- bership are interest in the subject and responsibility. Slaqe Crew The stage crew consists of the students who keep the mi- crophones, sound effects, and all other technical matters of stage production going: Their duties are varied and they devote much of their time to the betterment of our auditor- ium calls. x Q 1 R X x h . i u - ' L xx K L if 5 is is 5 gk iigofii M R. PEARSON Left to Right-Francis Tam- mers, Jim Bridges. Frank Zan- ella, Mario Raga, Pete Di Mar- zio. Donald Kelcher. Frank La Barge: William Romero. Law- rence Finch. N xx Ps X Church. Mr. Blount and Mr. Walz are the sponsors Seated - Eddie Spieler. Bennie Herrera, George Hall. Henry Salas. Jack Sabella, Milt Johnson. Ange Sabella, Dan Trapp, B i I I Masters, Richard Shook. Standing- Frank Borrelli, Henry Johnston. Jerry Kinsman. Bill Mul- ler. Paul Hope, Able Franco. Bob Walters, Don Chenault. Joe Di Sano. Geno Lunetta. Hi-Y The Hi-Y club of Lincoln is a high school Y.M.C. A. from which it gets its name. This organization ,J Q X exists in every state. The club's theme and ritual .1 ' is "To create and maintain, through the school and ' -T' acte1'. Meetings are held Wednesday noon at -14 school and Thursday night at Asbury Methodist if . A community, high standards of Christian char- fy wl of this club. V. ' 5 W'40 President, Glen Van Maeter S510 President, Milt Johnson MR, BLOUN-r Girl Slzuuls This year the Girl Scouts of Abraham Lincoln High School. Troop 63, used art as their theme. They started out with the a1't of dress and personal grooming. Later they studied the art of good music. Included in their social program was a supper in Arcadia Park and a Christmas party at Miss Adams' home. The captain, Miss Adams, was ably assisted by Lieutenant Hose Priola. W510 Lieutenant, Hose Priola Sponsor, Miss Adams . E. Seated - Catherine Cosen. tino, Shirley Schneidman. Doris Mader, -sierra Ve aka., Hortense Solorzano. Vioqet Pellizzer, Lucy Manuele. Gloria Valdez, Bessie Guiter- rez. Standing-Angie Men- doza, Romelia Guerra, Har- riet Hafner, Carmen Rodri- puez, Josephine Moncado. Barbar Ward. Carol Hansen. Madeline Martinez. Rosalie Romano, Argentina Laguna. Barbara Grafi. Row 1-George Hall, Dick O'Bannon, Bill Mueller, William Widick, Sidney Whitney. Row 2 -Jerry Marsh, Daniel Trapp, Howard Fager, Jack Richie, Joe Forrest, John Riegal. Row 3- William Romero, Guy Vander Hoek. Jack Franklin, Robert Walters, Henry Johnston. Vis- ual Education Cabinet: secre- tary, Jerry Marsh: publicity. Daniel Tri-IDP? schedule inspec- tor, Howard Fager: Railsplitter representative, Jack Richie: as- sistant head projectionist, Joe Forrest: commissioner, Jack Franklin: head projectionist, Robert Walters. 7 f I 4 .f 'I 9 54- Q Prnjelzlinnisls The Visual Education Department, under the sponsorship of Miss Grace Worthen, is responsible for the showing of all the motion pictures in the school. Most of the students are fam- iliar with room 120 and the various types of films, from ge- ography to sports, which are shown there. In conjunction with Mr. Wenig, pictures are shown at different times in the auditorium. This department has progressed a great deal in the last several years, and it expects to achieve higher goals in the future. I ! I Buys I. Society The Boys' L Society consists of the boys who have been awarded their letters as a result of participating in after- school sports. To obtain this letter, a future letterman must participate in half of all the league games of his respective sport. Ten or more points must be earned in track or Gym Club. Lettermen must pass in all subjects, and uphold the duties and honor of the L Society. There are approxi- mately eighty students who are now lettermen. W'4U President, Dominic Ferraro Sponsor, Mr. Malette S'4O President, Allen Dong Row 1-Paul Barbata. Don Chenault, Willie Hunter, Al- len Dong, Anthony Rizzuta. Russel Bonano, Joe Pache- co. Row 2-Frank Gabriel, Pat Furnare, Victor Bucco- la, Jimmy .Luchettay-Manuel Morales, ,Less Mo:E,l,1John- ny Garbo. Teiii' oda. Da- vid Rodriquez, John Garcia. Row 3-Tony Sarinana. Jack Cobie, John Fly. Warren Strang. Charlie Rowe, Ro- bert Banaugh, Jim Jones. Joe Romano, Aldo Valenzano. Tom Snell, Vernon Bur- roughs. Rocky Pellicino. ' xe X i M N , is N , 'C lx Seienee The Science Club is one of at Lincoln which has no' definite requi who has the insignt to learn about man- ner should attend these m The calendar for this year included Piotrowski, who told of the trip she took to Europeg Mr. Edwards with his collections of fascinating things from Mexicog Mr. Rogers, with his picture from the Eastg and Mr. Everhart, who spoke on agriculture. The outstanding activity of the year was enjoyed when the entire club journeyed to the broadcasting studios in such as 3 Miss 1 1 4 Row 1-Anthony Chiavetta. Jack Crowley, Vic Carno. Lucy Capobiarico. Yarki Ko- da. Pearl Fong, Tamara Tate. Hiroko Iizuka, Malvin Mower. Adolph Biouckaert, 4Bino Perini. Row 2-Joe Sa- las, Geraldine Zimmerman, Norma Meli, Marie Centi, Mary Blades, Martha Ruiz. Ruth Parada, Esther Leila, Helen Solonzana, Beatrice Angeles. Mary Loera, Mar- garet Cadllic, Jean Blades, Alex Lopez. Row 3-Mrs. Armstrong. Phyllis Cheney, Kiyoko lizuka, Marjorie Sin- gleton, Anna Kiss, Betty Kauper, Josephine Hunt, Vida Ott. Celia Moreno, Lee Marni. Stella Vega,Josephine Serrano, Juanita Vallasecu- sa, Ophelia Hurtada, Hor- tense Carrasco. Frances Hol- guin. Concha Gayton. Mar- garet Noriega. Hollywood where they were taken on a complete tour. Row 1-Hortense Carrasco Phyllis Cheney, Frances Se dar, Catherine Cosentino Bob Bazdarich. Esther Lei la, Helen Solorzano, Marie Centi, Beatrice Angeles Mary Loera, Rose Masi Katherine Wright. Row 2- Dorothy Watson, Margaret Noriega, Alma Hood. Shir Iey Sheidman. Mary Blades Margaret Kadleck, Ophelia Urgata, Bessie Gutierrez Dolores Bernal, Frances Hol- guin, Violet Pellizzer, Diana Lluizzi, Sophie Fratto. Row 3-Mrs. Colwell, Josephine Hunt, Betty Kauper, Mike Liyan. Edna Capps, Joe Pe chacek, Josephine Ruth Ramirez. Frank rez, Murray Shapiro mond Salazar. Wnrld Friendship lflnh The ideal of this club is to unite all nationalitifs in sinceri- friendship. Members are of different nationalities but 'Kam- ericans all." Mexican, Italian. Irish, Japanese, Chinese. and many other students are represented in this club. They think of each other as equals and try to contribute to school activities. Strangers to Lincoln will find a welcome extended to them. The goal of the club is to engender a better understanding among different races. It is hoped that this accomplishment can be achieved by showing the contributions in arts, sci- ences, and culture of the many different races to America. W'4O President, llenrietta Martin. Will President. Martin i 6-Jimmy Zito, Milt Johnson, x JK rx 1 ,nl , ' I iw Ehemsand Chechens In the Chess and Checkers organization boys and girls are taught outstanding' techniques in playing' various games. interesting' and practical, which will supply them with enjoy- ment throughout their lives. The club meets dumag the noon Kneeling-Charles R o w e Warren Strang. Sitting-He len Reyero. Jane Grandon Jack Cobie. Deno Vaerinin Taddy Prosijlo. Murray Sha p i r o, Vernon Burroughs Elaine Lass. Janet Campbell Mr. James MacFarlane. ,... hour. Q 'J Sponsor, Mr.' James MacFarlane f , 1 - V. J P , sf , .- , xx IJ Jr X I fx xi u Nl I . l Left to right-Lupe Cadena. Dorothy White, Concha Gay- ton, Hal Gercken, Maxine Sooter. Netta Romano. Juan- ta Malsterra, Margert Emme. Row 2-Esther Leija, Phyllis Chenny, Mary Blades. Helen Solorzano, Ophelia Hurtado, Mary Lorea. Beatrice A n g- eles. Tina Laguna, Angelita Mendoza. ROW 3-I r e n e Schleimer. Gloria Swain. Lu- cille Orlando. Frances Hol- guin, Rose Miali, Stella Vega. Celia Moreno, Ann Tudisco. Norma Evans. Flow 4-Henry Salas, Ann Volpe, Alice Cur- ovlch, Aletta Mendoza, Hor- tense Carrasco, Betty Mitch- ell, Mary Di Martino, Norma Meli. Row 5-Marie Romer- sa, Thelma Ritter, Vivian Vanderbyll, Ruth Nave,Juan- ita Villaescusa, Constance Gallina, Mary Funaro. Row L Lorna Jasen, Fred Harper, j-3Bino Perini, Warren Strang, Edward Anderson, Vince Va- Ialunga, Josephine Serrano. 21'-raw Aa-ucv-aa, -W , H 'fy am. , I Enuuch of the Lincoln High School Coordinating service-service to the community and to anyone jiieeds help. The only qualifications needed for joining are readiness to serve and willingness to work. The annual toy loan drive is conducted by the enthusiastic members of the group. t row Murray Shaprro Frank Ramrrez Joe Yama moto Fujrtsbo Kunrkrro Rrchard Shook 2nd row Mae lshroka Della Romero Lucy Manuelle Vrda Ott Marjory Cleasby Martha Pe na Anna Mary Crum Rose La Cavera Florence Guad agnola Mrldred Ann Enslen Dorothy Whrte 3rd row Miss Mason Dorothy ldrlss Mary Blades Kroko lzuka Yaeko Murakami Yuki Ko da Jenn: Purpura Esther Lerja Dora Ramos Mary Soccro Andrea Torres Haru mr Sasakr Tomrko Azeka 4th row Roy Magara Pat rrcra Spellacy Ruth Taylor Hrdeko Asano Mryoko Y shrmura Katherrne Scrurba June Carrrnger Shrrley Sol berg Doris Mader Harrlet Hafner Margaret Schoenen Lorna Jasen Vlvlen Vander byll Maxine Sooter ,fe NA Alpha Snnrely Mkjjpsfkfhlembershrp rn the -Xlpha Socretx rs the hrghest scholastrc honlor 1 Irrrcolrr student can attarn Merrrbershrp rs earned uherr one recerxes recorrrrrrended grades rn socral lrvrng screrrce rrrd rrr one other solrd After rrrerrrbershrp rs obtarrr ed for Tour semesters, one of uhrch rs rn the senior year 1 nrerrrlrer ls errtrtled to lrfe nrembershrp rn the Calrtornra Scholarshrp Iederatron -X beautrful gold prn rs grwerr to four serrrester students hx the state XX 40 Pres hose I r Cavera S40 Pres Marjory Cleasbx Sponsor Nlrss Mason Mrkadus 'llre purpose of the Nlrk rdo rs to create frrendslrrp arrrong the Japanese studerrts and to spread Japanese culture arrrong the -Xrrrerrcarr tuderrts lhe Japanese boxs and rrls rn thrs club enrox sexeral socral actrxrtres uhrch are otten held rn corrrunctrorr mth the Japanese clubs ot other schools lhe box s and ll1lN through tlrrs club make tlrerr social and busrrres aflarrs nrore effectrxe bporrsor, Mr Pearson Seated Mae Ishroka Emrko Tomrta Fumre Narasakr Hatsue Narosakl Haruko Kawamura Mryoko Yoshr mura Shrzuno Furukawa Mrsao Kurarnoto Hrdeko Asano HISBKO Wada Yaeko Murakami Yone Tanaka Standing Yurre Sumrr Y shrko Tamekazu Mltsuko Fukur Tomcko Azeka M dorr Kunrtomr Sueko Kun: tom: Harumr Sasakr A drey Wardlow Ryo Magara Masako Nakazaua Toyoko Nagasaki Tomatsu Tokar Sumrko Krto Takeshr Shun Row 1-William Pointer, Vi- to Bonando, Albert Caval- leri, Johnny Garbo. John Lizzi, Tony Vallone, Mike Cimarusti, Jerry Tomeo, Pat Chicchi, Don Chenualt. Pat Luisi, Murray Shapiro. Row 2-Dominic Picararo, Joan Kinley. Katherine Kinley. Mary Blades, Wanda Leath, lla Wright, Gertrude Forbes, L i l I i a n Giarratano. Ellen Jean Pezzopane. Mary Petrotta. Elinor Rambaud, Dolores Jiminez, Cora LaSa- vio. Gloria Bruni. Genevieve Gonzales. Johnny Payne. Row 3-Catherine Cosentino. Shirley Shneidman. Sophie Sela mon. Martha Trow- b rid g e, Shirley Kinder, Grace Siverson. Mary Lotti. Phyllis Frandsen. Frances Sadar, Verna Linebarger. Oliva Scoville. Gloria Gallin- atti, Loralee Moody. Ray- mond Salazar. 4l'ers Sneialites The 'ellers Socialites, a socially-minded group of loyal Lin'- colnites, were first organized by Mrs. Schuettner. They are now continuing their social activities under the sponsorship of Mr. Fasoli. Those students who are now A11 have the privilege of joining. Their plans for the term are greater than their previous ones, which included swimming, roller skating, ice skating, picnics, beach parties, and bowling. I Their first activity was a dance in which cups were given to I the two best couples. if W'41ll President, Morris Ciro Sponsor, Mr. Fasoli f 5 S40 President, Pat Luisi l T v -J l ,Y I ' T I . ,v im ijy. ,xr I . f, i T r lj! J ' i' fp Left to right-Genevieve Peters Mary McGiIliard, Julia Gouter man. Neva Scott, Murile Risse Secretaries To answer questions, keep records, write and distribute notices, and handle incoming and outgoing mail are only a few of the important pieces of work done by the secretaries he1'e at Lincoln. They should be given a lot of credit for their excellent work. . ,-v---up-i Left to right Zelma Thleme Rose Garfolo Belle Lodwlck Maud MacGiIlivray Bob Fllklns Cafeteria The c.1tete1n1 of Lmcoln High School presents .1 study in o1g.1nm1t1on .md 9fllCl6I'lCX Under the dll6Ct1OIl ot Mrs Thleme, food tor sevelal hundled students IS plepcned sel ved, and cleaned cmax ln toxtv mmutes To .iccomphsh thls huge task 1 total of 0 400 d1Sh6S must be used dally On hohdax s, such as Helllovie en and Th21llkSg1V1Hg, specml lunches ale se1ved lhele ale xegulcu hned helpels .md students vsho help selve food .md clean up Some of them me on N Y -X sind some wolk fox then lunches Pl0f1tS flom the lunches .ue used to covel the expense ol wages, food, .md necesscux equipment lfuslmhans The custodlans ot I lncoln lh h Qchool me oul fuends Thex tue dlVhlXb seen su eeplng Stllllbblllg, or dolng somethlng to make ou1 school .1 cleanel and H1019 enioyable place IH ulnch to work We should .llxsag s coopelate wlth them and 1941111 to 1emembe1 uh It the txash boxes me fOl First row-Ulis Avondet, Sophie Wright, Art Bull, Nathaniel Briggs, Jack Dunaway Bull Moore. Second row-George Casford, Frank Lewis. Bert Tuthill, Ralph Wolcott, Scott Clark Bill Domhoff. Third row-Louis Frizzell. Harry Redoglia, George Haines, Sam Fullerton Lloyd Gladderl. N KX ,- .iff ,,.r'f.4.f' Jian 5Q'3, Q , ui Ml! P' L '7'T A SMX fix N9 '32 L 'NS gfffmdy -W. 2. 5 w, B, 2 k I ' 4 f A Q 5 6 f Q MQ. J , .K ' 4 ws.. .tfsgf E xii q , S APS if .,,,-W' Y M x i 5? "", 'i 'flFNCt Uv, . 'EMI KT U . 1,1 2 J- Ilyynth the Prnqram If 1 jd' I JL . f In I A' 'xl fy f l F MR. WENIG Behind the Scenes JT? LI IIUL HU H The Lincoln Ilour is purely an educational program, giving to us, in an entertaining manner, the history of our country. Mr. Wenig's dramatic class gives little skits to make the hour much more interesting. Sometimes after going to 21 Lincoln Hour we take a test on what we heard and saw. These tests have proved most help- ful to the students and their social living classes. BUTE SERGEANT BEHRENS yr MaJor Dunsworth Ca det Major Steuart Sergeant Behrens Enmpany B COMPANY B Captain Harper commanding Flrst Lleutenants Richie and Vlllegas Second Lieutenant Woodhull First Sergeant Shapiro Staff Sergeants Walters Gerry and Ramvllle Lune Sergeants Trapp Franklin and Garcia Corporals Brown Cash Corrales Kuykendall Hope Bias Lascuraln Grlzelle Mules Purpura Soto Plotnlkoff PrlvatesMooneyharr1 McCallum Santo Flelgel Manzo Crump Mooneyham Cleary Snell Vela quez Martmez Jones Ramos Ornay Madrud Morales Martin Hiatt Angelo Maclas Sublett Furmes Shaw Hope Lammers Morano Taylor Trabucco Kelley Ellis Cheffmo Mattljetz Cannucuarrn LaBarge Ornelas White Potter Terrazas, Munoz Ales Malnar Mower Newberg Martlnez Suarez Broucha Ruiz Welnhold fljf ert Flagbearers left to right Champion Rogers Dan Trapp Donald Woodward Murr y lfnmpan A COMPANY A Captaln Bennett commanding Flrst Lleutenwnt Ortlz Second Lieutenant Fager First Sergeant Rogers Staff Sergeants Romerw and Conrlque Lune Sergeants Marsh and Cooper Corporals Woodward Franco Alvarado Formento Foster Rodriguez Ortiz H and Okauchl Privates Vanderhoek Johnston Shollxn Varella Hoff Blancherl Mlchelsen Splnk Allen Estrada Pullet Frandsen Vanegas Hart Samarnego Ramirez S Berg Bravo Muller Thomas Solorzano, Elllng Shook Sollz Wrlght Guardado Shultz an Munoz I X"i--.,, X eg 5 , M. Aww PNA' ' an M ,Q 1- ,V ' f if N .-A I V - ' . ' . . 'a Shapiro. - . ' . I . C . z , : : . ' : ' , . , .... . Y - l uf Y o X Y' . .41 ' Enmmissinned Uffi' rs Left to right-Jerry Steuart, Fred Harper. Victor uennett, John Ohmit. Vernon Burroughs. Walker Tippie. Jack Richie, Edgar Ortiz, George Villegas, Clayton Woodhull. Howard Fager. Edwin Payne. James Brown. Max Moldenhauer. Donald Woodward, Joe Forrest, Paul Hope. f ,I Murray Shapiro, Miguel Alvarado. Champion Rogers. Sterling Kuykendall. Robert Walters. Vincent Grizelle. Denny Rainville. John Bias. William Romero, Donald Foster, Larry Conrique. Francisco Purpura, Jack Franklin, Rudolph Lascurain. .lerry Marsh, Aldo Forrnento. Samuel Civ s Established by the National Defense Act of 1940, the R.0.'l'. C. was organized to create a reserve of ollicers so that the defense of the lfnited States might be bulwarked with men who would know how to defend this country. The United States government furnishes and trains ollicers to instruct those desirous of this training. Besides instilling discipline, teaching responsibility, and giv- ing the rudiments of military training, the R.O.T.C. has its lighter side with its setni-annual military balls. Cooper. Robert Miles. Rudolph Loera, Phillip Soto. Daniel Trapp. Henry Ortiz, Abel Franco. , George Plotnikoff, George Cash, Charles Rodriquez. Charles Corrales. Kooji Okauchi. 5 nn-Commissioned Ufficers , 'I e K ,'gtl55l-1 xx v Q,-v..1v -- - h'. vwf",,', -'f ff-QTL N..-rf, . , -v.f.,, - . .W-' gf ,W fi' 'l'l10 l'I11sil1111 fllilllttxl' 111' 1l10 Ol11l'2,'2l 'I'z111 I,z1111l1fl:1. g'1'z1d11z11e 11fTiCe1's' 111'g'z111- 1zz1ti1111, i11speCti11gr tho rifle 111211111211 CUl11D0t1tl0l1 Elf the s11111i-21111111211 11.0. T. C. 111ili12l1'j' hall. 1 . Q4 1 I 1 I-1 1 A C'111'11111'z1l XY11111lwz11'cl 1'0- ce1v111g 11111 111111111211 111 z11'111s 111911111 1111111 21 1'0Dl'9 se11t11tix'e 111' Omega rilll Lz1111l1dz1. I' f ff c MTV? - I I' f V J as -fff V J L I 11 W, 1 , 1 -X tYY11c:1l see-11o of the I1 JMLZIIH' l1z1ll held 111 All S llz1ll. s DWSRQMQ - 5:45 L, . pf 4. 4, x ,M mf- v- ,,-1r""' mv- A yi! f Nfvyf Ur 1 11 fwfr w Lf- nr: , B J 11: H pr -wr 1-my umm U Laau ,- r l t x t a. e of w r r e A wx, xx ,c wtre the " mr HU mr, adven 1 ref' r vase 0' trezr s' ur xesnaced prols .4 B u re IPL L.3'xF' f T' tm t S wrew tu J ment-21 e 'nrxz The rxeftu u x, n trclrr U' ' out of :rw Ha ra k at t e w a Cer ain ai. ration fu t c wess Ld tax nge sham ui , trei ldal are rot L e suing chieftains, P cutatsnding leaders of be p F 1. txve and peatsful endeavors Voriay 'ms bred many men ard wore of 1 er 'fonnl an las 11, fame amnrg 'hom we find such names as narxrxk Ibsen, E11 ne, B151-rd Lndset and Krut Hans Poald Amundsen and pf Janssen On trts occasion I will Ars! ,ur fc lsr tan mow to I-'rxdtgof lauren lhoso acrievemsnts and per anality 1-mme., are mm-anon amd near- t of tle youth perraps more v. an Anybody an-.2 re C -nv ed ln rf p-me-1 We smnmm t 8 sc1en'1nt 3 I 1 S a esta. 8 fi tr' IPI!! 'mini tartan Aa a youmgs r w s 'ne' man crass e ur knJI'l 1'11Bnd of G lard O ails A fel yr-'are later I find h 1 drxftxn, nfrase e Ior"m Pale bassln on board the ran duirg sclawtlfxc research and framing Ns famous dash on fcnt twuards the Hart' Pgle 'e las part of 'is life he dexot-fd ta wark fu- tre ro-wleen refufees o' E rape Ut r the Worm lar 5- e rl tn t v sa-ne pr ip' e l'1c' Abrahru: Lincoln verxahed lxbe Lf ani f-qunxty ratio al and in unatmorul truth and ,pence 'Jansen is erm 1111 bo an 1-xspxrlng for tre youth of 'lor way an Lin-.oln in fo the youth of the bnxted States, and ne both 1111 be for the foutn o' the entire world I feel twat the Norwegian youth llll win wwlehenrtidly lith ms in grelting to the stu'e'xV. body of A lcrool Ihlch carriau the nano of Abtlfum Ll Col In Lg ow, D C , December 2,1939 ,WM I lorgenltlerne llinilter of lorily foffllma I f ' ft , -19 f ivnr Fr:--ww Av. :r-- true :en ,xv Ear ,- 1: rn we : rcs 1. , lns mths my , 'rg .1 .- 1 f r aww. f nd :staff the frfv. n:.1t-- rar it :each 1: Am1r1':uzm :.gn1r.lemi, the - the n'rf1:,fs Q uu pr -:anxng ln ru- The v1 :,- w -ren1c:t x...:r11rs J. T:-3 C.rt,,:s: ELL' fur .j - 1.2 fal 1 . tue ' . . ' .Jpeg :Qs-3 ara' ,, sz-:eu fm: ftwng the peggze 'll 1 w.- 1. . ' - . . Q :J 1:,r,g-can - 1 rxe .11 . sn zz ., Jw. ,-.lung N.n-meme-va mqhent whim.-w was :Q become uw any the . 1 n f a vik nf mp of . Im. ,x1...Q1.,3,. the y K .i 21, H, z., g mmf - 4 mt Af ur. 1 -1 he rs w 1: :, the nga . r 5 . ny :arc zz -' . ELA if., ' . Z Affflli if CUE ZI"2 . . - . . n nt na.. A vard c 5, '. .- un, ,. Frm: r . . . , . P z. -4 at- n . , tn r ter, an 1 1 . 1 r. .e ,J , - . , is :J a the . . ta tn .- 1, A . :: : .. . 'F " Te : 1 n. rn: .2 .. .. . .. : , .. a nl nrlhern League Champs lNot since the daxs of Ixe11111 NN whington has Lincoln emoxed sueh 1 XlCtO110US season as that oi 1010 l,eTo1e the league season began, Lmcolr w as classed .1s .111 undei dog, 111 the Noitheln league title iace The w hole city was supused as Lincoln tiampled ovei a dismayed Maish 111 team 111 iomped thlough the league defeating BId1Sl'11ll llollwwood F1.1nkl1n, Bel mont and V1 ilson in th It Oldel Lincoln also plax ed in the dllllllfll Football C.11n1w 1l It the Coliseum lleie the Tigeis show ed that thex we1e 1ef1ll1 cl gleat team when they soundlx ll0llIlC9d cl lllblllk iuoied 'N llllllllllfl team to give the Noi th 41 7 to 0 lead ovei the bouth YELL LEADERS Warren Robert Muckey Milt Hal Strang Lund Duglacmto Johnson Gercken 2 1, . 4 - ,Z .iff ' U A Y ' .lvl ' tv 'Z kv ' .Lv ' .' Lv 1 . i v- 1 - . 1 . -- Y ' L' . 1 J 4 ' - . , l Y 'A 1 1 I. 4 ' In 1 .v 1 1 vw 2 . the league opener. Lincoln was regarded with this same dismay, as it - . . I ' . . 'S 2 , -V, . , -. ' - 1 7' 1 I 4 u I , c . ' u 1 I N' . I 4 1 A In I I 72 Q lk ' ' . . 'U- v '2 y - A'2 1 4 -' I 1 - . . 1 V We l Uk qw, S 111C11l11 s Q 1.11111 11 1 1.1 te.1111 tnkex hted 111 111.1011 1111e1 OIIXQI N 111Nt1111t11111x 111111110 the I11l1't1111e 1111111111 111 ned 111 16 .me 1111 1111s lux 1.111 f1gl1t111 team 0111 ed 111 .111 e1e11 11111691 11 hung 011.1111 tl1.1t defeated 111 11pp11s1t11111 .1111i 111111 1111 I Ill Il the C111ete1i N111t1e111 eague LI 1111 Il R H Ko a S Troncae P Mllazo C NaVeaux mersa Row 2 T Pedrlnl A Gomez A Torres A Valenzano T Nlelendez V Valelunga we J M1chel1 R Contreras Row 3 J Soto Mgr V D1 Mama H Corona D Chena Dayuan C Searcy J Fly D Nolan C Perkms I Vrasalovlch J Luchetta , ff X . ' I I .U x , .x L C It 1 K ,N - ET 'Q 'I ' 1i1111sl -IJ 1' 111t- l-ll ' ' ' .' 1 ' T - ' II1 ' " ' 5 the ii11c11l11 F1'z111kli11 g'a11111 pl'1j ' tl I' Q I'1 'l. It '-itA:l"l-'1' 'Q' . 5. ' ., , . A . . ' .- 2111 A 1 1 J - 1 1 I , . ' . . . L. . 'A . 1111: Llnnnln vs Marshall The F1061 squ 1d p1 wed then fixst le wue 1 une dffdlllbt the fdV0l9d M nah 111 eleven and Qoundlg. tlounted them L1ncoln scoled aftel IOSSI Poll ue lecoveled 1 Nleush 111 tumble 111 the opponents t9l11tOlX lftel V1l1lCl'l Coble p1ssed to Coxonz 101 the touchdown In the thud qLlllt6l Chenault cxosoed the fro 11 hne -Xgun ln the thud qua1te1 the 'llgu '11d11OI'1 111lCl11I18 mcuched nlnetv xalds to scole I'h1s tune It xx 15 lxod 1 xx ho QCOI ed IQ 119SLllt of 1t11 enty llV9 wud lun Chenault bcoled 10c11n 111 the 1111011 qufutel zftex h htlns, elght 5 uds to the ffoal Imcoln 21 Nl11Sl1'lll 0 Ross: Pollare pn7fC1UV4.. Vxto Dx Mana .,,, '11 'L-A-'ls'W"" Imcoln W 1111211111 lt Clarence Searcy BI U gh in Steve Troncale 111 Jack Cable " Don Chenault Tony Melendez LZ' 2-Vw' JW, l., ., ,. ., ., . , ,mfmw , M , aw,jg,,Q.,. ". fL,-4, ,. Joe Romano 1 mcoln vs Hollvwood at Hollx w ood 'J L-...W 2-5-as-W 2 Z win nu 11 Lmlznln vs Hnllywnnd W 111111110 its second sti uvht victory the fighting Lincoln squad subdued a tough Holly wood eleven Jack C0bl6 intel cepted a Hollvvs ood pass on the third down of the g une ina fought his way to the Sheik 8-5 ard line. On the fourth pl-ly Tiezo Koda rfm over the goal line. The place kick was good. Cobie was responsible for the second touchdown when he caught a partially blocked Hollywood punt and ran 40 yards to the goal line. The conversion was not good. Lincoln's final score came when Don Chenault galloped 70 yards to return a punt and score. Chenault covered 70 yards and was not touched by a Hollywood player. Hollywood sco1'ed in the final quarter when the desperate Sheiks started a last-minute rally on the 40-yard line which finally led to a touchdown by Chambers of Hollywood. Lincoln 19, Hollywood 6. f ll2 ' Llnunln vs Franklin Fulnlshlng one of the bwffest SCdI9S to the Tlgel Eleven the Fldlikllfl Panthels held the 1 lme scolelese untll eeulx IH the thnd qufu tel xx hen Jflck COb19 lntelcepted 1 mld Pmthel plsb and lan toltx V uds to score tol I mcoln L xte IH the Q xme qu utel F1 'mklm st uted 1 Yl0'0l ous lell xl attick As luck would have It one of them h1t the spot Lazzeletto P1 mklm s end tlotted over the goal stupe llOVK9V91 the min ln the uhlte pxnts and stuped shut stepped IH the game and demed them the pomts bv Sdylllff' thflt thele vx lb 1 man m motlon on the play -X dlsheutened team though st1u0'0'l1n0 val lantly to knock on the Twex 0011 post the P'lHtl"l6lQ xx ent ome defe xted E-Ks-is Frankhn 0 I mcoln 6 -mf- ,,...4-- Imcoln W llllllxllll at Homebovsl Tlezo Koda Qual Allen Dong Moe Corona Joe Mxcheh Charles Rowe I111cr1l11 vs l18llN0llt lrell 1g3J1t if Llnrnln vs Hlllmnnl Ihe llI1C0lll Rallspllttem l0lND6d off 111th 111othe1 V o dmch the lN01tl161D Iewue ch1111p1o11sh1p 'Ihe fou1th t wht 11111 was cl1 1lked up ag unst belmont Lmcoln scored s ld 1.1111 m the fhbt pe11od V1l16l1 J wk Coble cl11111xed 1 64 1a1'd dnve 111th 1 one 1 11d smuh tl11o110h the lme for .1 touch h ond 1101111 The L111c0l11 ele1e11 se11 ed thQ 311116 up 111 t e sec JN616d I1eln1011t fumlne Loble 1CtOl 1 lllllltel 11he11 1fte1 f1 lecc p used t V61 mom 0 D1 Nldlll 11 ho 1 111 0161 Colne 11m m 1de both C011 heln1011t s some 11 IS 111 1de b1 Hemi L In 1lede11 11 ho C 1pped 1 01 I1 d111e 111 plu11g111g 0191 centu md o1e1 t1e 001 me IlnC0lll 11 Belmont 7 1114 F...- Llncnln vs Wllsnn Cl1YY13X1I10' a pelfect season IH whlch the T10'91S Wele un defeated and untled 1n leaffue competltlon L1ncoln tlounced the Woodlow Vlllson Mules Beolnnlng the Game mth a bang J lck C0b19 lecen ed the klckoff on hle 1 J y ud l1ne md behlnd excellent blockxnff 1 nn 8m nude to 1 touchdown Coble also klcked the convelslon ul' ch wae wood In the sec ond qualtez Coble aluun bloke loome fol 1 long Jdunt to the goal l1ne Thls tune lxodl 1an ove1 fo1 fhe converslon Latel ln the ball mme Coble agaln CIOSQ d the goal Stl 1pe Agfun Llncoln letlll ned home V1Cl'0110LlS L1ncoln 20 Wllson 0 .ni Llncoln ve lfVO0dl0XX It Ro eboxs l Robert Contreras Clxfford NaVeaux We QI ,. Taro Inouye Phillip Mxlazo Bill Hamilton I I . . I . I . . I I - o 1 C. AMI . . . . . I QIQLI? D 1 . v 7' 1 .' ' I VXA M , G O ,l z . .I Z - 1 I . f- 2 . R I I ' . ' .2 f ,. . . 2 , I T W an . - II , :vw . . . , ' , ' .1 " ' 1, . - 1 I . I I . I v I q -A 1 c C I . . ' y 2 I I u I I a U 1 ' ' C," ' UI ' . c ' , . . A 2 fl . JSM '.f. v A 'J I ,,-3 I I ,f ' am. g g ,I nf I A, -9 -SIIII , , l ra, ,- J' QV . ,.,e1.., - tx -414' .. Wifi. lv I ,- .I QV I IIILI ,II x Q F -M., - YISQIIQJI it I L -IW F ,A .cl y M Ni , I: ,. J, , I IIJ x ,J I X YY, IIN, ,I 5- ..I I III I . . . . ' , 1 I .I I, , 1 fl 9 ' Q M. fd. e 0.1 '-nk l .V ka' A + I I I 1 I - C 5 . . . w1 Y ung Mendez B Lsonu B Colty J Ochoa G Murdoc J Tomeo Row Barrett R Perez E Gonzales M Perry J Palmer T Matsura J Urgo Row 3 M Kasnmoff C Armljo D Delgado M Caro F Vento J Yamamoto J Roper F Tenerelll E Spleler B Fnnthall -Xt the league openxng lt looked .ls though the Lfxbeb would fiH1Sh the season mthout new coach M1 VX .117 fx om Otudentcxl Collevt Nhush ull 6 Holluxood 1 m Lmcoln 6 Belmont 7 Lmcoln Z I mcoln LIITCOIN ll Fmnklln il Llncoln ll Non ll s mlbht ossex l1Olll hen uw x Ildll Ill vxhlpped 11 xxeflk XX IISUH team In 11 mountaln oux SCOIQ wl B Dvennen R McAlpln J Flores R Nomura L Rodriguez J Vurzu M1n1ger Row E Zumga Gar o Shm us To res B Mas ers B Pointer D Beret A Wrn Asslstant Manager Row 3 P Cordoba M Morales H Portolan H Legaspoc L Barger D Algorrl F Robertson J Garcia A Ramirez Ro -J. 0 , B. , , i ', . . . , . k, . . 2-B- . ' 2 ' f ' U J, V. V ' . J U I D . , V .. rv, A , ,,' , gl. . . ' 4 7' l" v the 13's lured better than was zmtlcipated. " XMI' :t'- .ff l : " t " " '-ls, "'- kl' . R0 - . ' . . 4 . . ' . . . . ' . . ' . . 4 . 2 - . . J. b , S. i K . A. r , . t , . ' . , . . 'ght. VMMMAAL ffcovuk i Fnnthall Band The halftime pe1'iod in Lincoln's football encounters was a time looked for- Ward to by all Lincoln rooters, for it gave an opportunity to cheer for their school's fast-stepping melody-making football band as it marched down the field and into its various formations. The band seemed to put life into the games. Its martial rhythms set toes tapping throughout the stands, while its rendition of popular numbers made the seemingly lifeless individual want to dance. Probably the number that drew the most attention was the fast-tempoed "Tiger Hag." The band would play it while in a sunburst formation, as mem- bers of the rhythm section would perform their antics in the open part of the sunburst. A great deal of credit is due to the band. but an even greater amount is due to a person who saw to it that the Lincoln lligh School football band was a good one, Mr. Louis Tozier. an i .e ' I . J I-fl'fl?,' g lhi i r-Ll I COLQA ix R041 T. Iiaku 1 Varsil Basketball J. Moriel wzvuf :M A it A , J. Rcvdriquez D. Hodriquez f 'l':'Snell 1' ei . v r s J X .v ' J J R. Banaug X A' f ' i ' ' ' X ,QF l' Flow 1-left to right-Joe Rodriquez, David William Coronado. Victor Buccola, Vlncent llVlz-magerb. Ray Maggard fCaptainJ, Tom John Moramnrco, Walter Peralta. Robert B -x Rodriquez. Distefano, Snell, Russel anaugh. Jess Mariel. Tatsuro Kaku. Row 2-Arthur Luckle. Jones. Harry Keeney. use MR. FUHRER Basketball Scnrns l,incoln Belmont lloll5'xx'ootl Lincoln Wilson Lincoln lincoln lfranlzlin Marshall Lincoln Game Played at Franklin Lincoln Lincoln Marshall Lincoln llollywood Belmont Lincoln Lincoln Wilson 2? 3-J 2-1 13 18 26 28 26 'ST 20 ,Jn 1' ,QL -1- R. Bonano W. Coronado Y. liuccola J. Jones The Tiger casaha squad enjoyed, with the inaiority of l.in- coln teanis. one of it's rnost successful seasons in recent years. Although they did not win the championship, the var- sity squad was a threat at all tiines to all opponents. Under the capable coaching' of Mr. Fuhrer they won all but two gaines. and these against a tough llollywood tive, which won the Northern Leagrue championship. They placed second in league competition. 'ill9t Q f X fe it ff' Haggard p Q1 txt., at-t e ki, V . , 1,, M. Sakai H Bfrsrkelhdll Nlllflf llr Santos aaa a J Ile1nande7 w 1 t rrght Arthur Barron John Hernandez 4C'rpt1rnJ James Berukoff Joseph Murphy D1vrd Fon Refrrgro DeS1ntos Sibrrrw Nrgwh Row2 Chwrle Alexwnder llVl1n1gerJ c DrS'rno Rwul R'rrr1os Chwrles OKeefe Dwnrel Nrckovrch Gwbrrel Bartholomew Arthur Zunrga J. Murphy G. Bartholemew J. Ilerukoff A. Barron D. Nickovich With practically the same players that won the Cee championship last year the Bee Cagers were expected to repeat again this year. However, they surprized both coaches and fans by dropping all but four of their teh games. The Railsplitters proved that they could play championship basketball when they handed the league champs, llolhwlrrrd, their only defeat ut' the season. Mairrstays of the tearrr were J. Murphy. li. Ik-Sarrtmrs, ll. Nickfrvrclr. Captain Herrrarrdez. and J. IHSZIIIIJ. All these lrcrys will be varsity material next year. 120 f Lmcoln Belmont LIHCOIH Wllson 1 1nco1n Lmcoln F1 '1nkl1n xIdISl1 Ill L1nco1n ll Basketball w1 ft t m n s MII ch d Wada Rudolph Rod q ez A and n R y Cell e n c a o k P t 1ManageJ C Io G acch To y Ro s L onard Thomas M ts g wa M ke a ust Leo Ga a E nest H sch H deo Torn ta Lo ett Agu la Ellsad Valenzuela H Snnres 0 I' 1 1nk1111 Lmcoln X131 sh Ill Lmcoln Hollx ww ood Belmont Lmcoln Lmcoln VX llson 0 L1ncol11 Lelmont L1nco111 W1lS01l Lmcoln L1nc'ol11 F1 llllxll 11 VI 11 Sl 1ll Lmcoln L Scorch 11 I1 1 kl1 .21 Lmcoln 1 wld! shall ia L1YlL0l11 12 Hollyu ood 19 Pelmont 10 Lll1L0l11 lb Lmcoln 31 Wllson The C 1 1Qketl11ll te 1111 st 11ted the se 18011 Hltll 1 111111 111 soundlx def: lt mg F1 1nk11n HOXXQVSI the lj 111 DIOX ed to be onlx 1 11 lsh 111 the p 111 xx 11e11 fhex dlopped th1ee Names 1n 1 1011 The defe1t of 1 ue1k X1 11eon te'1m bo1ste1ed the team 11101 1le 1nd 1fte1 the11 defe1t bx 1 st1o11fT c11111p1on Slllp bound H0111 xx ood team thex defeated even te 1111 to cop becond pl 1ce ln the NO1'lll161I1 Le 1gue , New .1 . ,. . .. - 2 V 1 1 , , 1 2,,,,W W Ro -Ie o right-Bow a Chung. Loui ' i . Edwar , ri u . rm Sarina , ock ino. St ve Beniccl, Fra cisco Gutierrez. Max Gar 1 . R w 2-Fran ille r, arme i i, n s i, e , i uru Tani a , l Cim r i, rci , r ir , i i , r o i r, ' o . 1 ' 36 "2 ' 25 ' ' 7 '211 '11 05 25 1 f' Hollywood 37 Lmcoln 13 Hollywood :-Z3 Lmcoln 24 1 ' 2 25 31 ' ' ' 24 38 ' ' , 29 g v 27 - 25 95 ' , A 1 , 1 '2 30 26 ' '2 ' ' - 1 ' 2 38 1:1 1 2 'S'12 ' 33 ' 18 - ' 1 12. 2 12 5 2 ' .' 521' " 2 2 g j .' t' 1 F2 - ' '2 ' . ' ', 2 gg' ' 1 2 j 2 2 ' 2 ' . j ' ' 52 . ' 2 ' '. 2 2 ' 2 " ' 2 ' '2 2 2 ' " 2 j 2 ' ,, 2 1 ' - - ." , .' 'J 2 1 2 1 . ' 2 . 1' 121 f Af' 'Tk 'YP Nl 54 lb at W 4002 Row1 F' Tenerelh M Hernandez J Soto V Dllvlarla W Peralta M Guzzetta D Cheniult F Vento Row2 J Nlorwmarco C OKeefe A Shubln T Sarmana A Valenzano lar-nh Tr Lmcoln Lmcoln Lmcoln Lmcoln Lmcoln 5 191, , 37 24 77 Varsll Track ack :runes A1211 shall 12 Fldllkllll all , l llollx xx ood 67 Belmont 80 XVll50ll 27 ,, 4 ..L. 4- 1 Q ,... X Ned Costa Vue Buccola Y f ,L5 f fl fl 1 I X ' 1 --'-M" xb I v .- 'mp JW.-Mn ,mn ' 2 . 1 ---..w.., 4 '2 ,ga A " 1 if A ' 2 1' fd 'J 3 L-mb I!! ff 2 Q ,Mx 1711 , K' xjxj 'l ' - 1 T fm -fi-iw '.v 'I-' . ,L jz,1,,,, V -X X S o .l , We V . r Ar. J: ,qv .gm 5152 - . Xl I had-,'g . v . g 1' y ,e ' - 1. X - 5, if , f,.,r 2 f , Gkx. . , A ii 1 vs., 7 JV XX X' NJ , '. 4 y ' x . ,J v k ,kj 1 A., 4,51 I X af, ' .Q 1 M, A I ' .lk ts . V ' I N7 -- s K' M , '34wM:6"'f?1C3w' L3 . 1 41 ' - ,diff "' " ,..X'- - ' 59' A l . A1 - 1 - u 1 I Iv u - I v - v . S u . . 1 . 4 . - . - , . . . . I - Y ,- Q I 6 . l' Y N any ' L 7 . 1 I I- I JA . J L . . The xeal 1940 unve1led no coveted c1nde1 t1opl11es to the Tlgel tl ack and field f6StlVltl6S no1 xx as lt fl xe ll 111211 ked xx 1th smashmff v1cto11es f01 they completed thell Vorthern Leaffue se lson 1n fourth place Yet amd one ot the lllOSt cololful seasons 1n xeals L1ncoln p1 oduced txxo of the outstandmg, t1ack lll9lS not onlx of the N01 them lelffue but of the entne CltV one 1 halt n11le1-L-the othe1 a mllel namelx Tony barmana 1nd Joe M uquez Vxln nmg Wlth unusual ease 1n 1ll compet1t1on bfumana echpsed the school 19C cord 1n h1s favol 1te event the half lhlle 1n 2m 1 5sec one oi the finest marks establlshed dur1ng the season by anx hlffh school 1unner Joe Ma1 quez 1 1n to v1cto1y 1n sevelal meets 1nd xx as the Greatest Llncoln m1le1 111 Don Chen lult flashx sp11nte1 1 1n the 100 1n 10 2s and the 220 1n 23 0 X 1to D1 Mana and B131 10 Guzzetta 1lso xx e1e sp11nt men X 1C Luccoll xxas L111 coln s star hlgh yumper leaplnff 6 feet and b1oad 1ump1ng xx 1th Tonx Melen dez vxho 1umped 21 feet 6 1nches hed Costa also pau ed xx1th X 1C 1n the pole vault W 1lt Peralta and T9170 lxoda both xx ere -11 foot shot puttels Hel nandez and For1est V919 the team s hu1dle1s Manuel Gonzales though ehmlnated 1n the Nmthern Le wue f1n1ls xx lS second 1n the 1111le Jesus Soto ldll numbu txxo 111 111 1n the hxlf llllle lhe 1el1x te un conslstcd ol Cl1en 1ult D1 Mana Tcne1ell1 RUIZ Vento Cuzzetta X1t1lc 1nd Cost: Vlto D1 Marla Eddxe Spl ler Benrxle Herrera N l ,, 123 4. W , I 1 , f, U 1 L ,I f ' 'J ., 1 ' 1 1 1 rl ' I D ' .V ' l f' , . I O 11 V , 1 1 J I 1 K I 1 f ' I' I , .iv f 1 . . a n ' ' u uc ' ' v . v C vv 2 . . v ' h ' I , , , a .' A D Z . u , K: . . w . tv r lk, . I ' - ' br ng ' 1 , vw A' n - J gb 7 . ' u . F 3 . '- ' . It . ' .y U-, Y '. ' . 2 2 . i r' - . . . 2 . . , ,C '. I H . i - Q 1 . . . ' N 1 11 , ' c ' , , . .' ., ' c ' ' V' 5 ' . ' " nz - u . - 2 vc Z! C V . v I many a season, on one occasion endangering the school mark of Cllll. 35.4s. z ,ug " ','z ' .' ' ' , .' , -' . . , . .' " 2 . v - ' C 6 . ' C L. ' . 1 as . . ' v . . , .I V. ,. . 1 . ' L ' . 1 1 ' ' ff- 1 . . , . 1 . . , ,x 1. . c c , ' ' ' T . . ' . 1 Q. v 1 ' ' . , c 1 c Z., 4: 1, c 1 f . 1 . Q " -' ' z ' 1 2 ' 'aj 2 ' ' ' i 1 . 1 S' 1 X ' .9 I Q 7 I I ! 'V 2 xv i 1 2- A x 1 . s' ii . 1 l. .J1 vf xr I 1 y ' Q 1 YQ, . at 'f .V 5' rw' .1-ra. ' ae 'af fe -vffl .. rw. a' -F 7 . ,' V 'ft rig, .. sl ff... Q ,wl'Z' 5, ,4 , .1 , ... ,Zh M -fr ffrir,.'r.s, F- W V ,K Row 1-T. Ybarra, R. Elias, P. Ragusa, G. Minson, F. Robertson, M. Gonzales, I. Dai. J. Ochoa, Y. Abe, G. Fujita, R. DeSantos. Row 2-F. Calleros, R. Arroyo, J. Flores. E. Spieler, R. Perea, N. Micheal, F. Mora, A. Barr H. Tomita. Row 3-B. Herrera, A. M. Schaeffer, S. Young, H. Dong, w'KX . wards. B Track The Bengal middleweight cinderpathers had an extremely successful season this year. After winning four dual meets and losing one, the spikesters walked off with the Northern League championship as they literally swamped their nearest opponent, Hollywooid, who had 38 points as com- pared with Lincoln's 53. The squad had many star performers this year, among whom were Eddie Spieler, who captured first place in the 220-yard dash and second in the century league finals. Milt Schaeffer also ran the sprints. In the distance races Joe Ochoa was the league 660 winner, his best time being 1m. 29.7s. In the 1320-yard run the team had three excellent performers, Refugio De Santos, Robert Elias, and Ysidro Rodriquez. The best time for De Santos is 3m. 17.5s. The broad jump was well covered by Nagata, Barron, and Abe. Nagata broke the school record at 21 feet 3 inches. In the low hurdles Ben Herrera skimmed the 120 yards in 13.9, while Fujita ran the highs. The relay team was the strongest that has ever been at Lincoln. The boys in- cluded in the team were Spieler, Mora, Barron, and Herrera. These boys broke the school record in the splendid time of 1m. 9.2s. C TRACK Row 1-J. Motto, J. Genovese, J. Gutierrez H. Vandercook, F. Cota, L. Airla, E. Nan- dino, H. Anderson. Row 2-J. Lizzi, L. Gar- cia, F, Martinez. ' II Track f '- ' The lightweight trackmen concluded a poor season with no wins and a fifth q place in the Northern League finals. 5- Four C stars bagged most of Lincoln's dual meet points. Fernando Martinez, - chubby little 660 lad, won most of his meet races and took a second spot in the Northern League. Joe Gutierrez was the speediest runner on the squad. He breasted the tape in front in all century races, having a best time of 10.7s. Eshom and Vandercook were the other main point getters. Vandercook starred in the fifty-yard dash, running around 5.9s at his best, and Eshom leaped about 5 feet 5 inches in stiff high-jumping competiton., ' in 4 f . Gym Club e , W fy. Led by last year's high-point lettermen, Manuel Morales WMU' and Ralph Enriquez, the Lincoln Gym Club team battled no- ,Wx bly all season and wound up by copping one of the berths I ' A4 in the three-way tie for first in the Northe1'n Leauge. The lack of stars to share honors with Morales and Enriquez y hampered this season's squad to a great extent, although uf' Johnny Garbo, Morris Cirio and Okauchi did their bit by -1 garnering their share of points. 1 - WJ Tutored by Coach Jerry Russom, the team fought for every point they made in the meets. Hard and patient practice on J the part of the boys was one of the main factors that saw the team ,tie for Northern League honors along with Bel- mont ' Marshall. ' - f QI ijlflij 'W it . W 4 Row 1-James Flores, Marion Racich, Bob Barrett, Morris Cirio, Reuben Vital, Carl Sulli, Kunihiro Fujitsubo, Herman Barela. Row 2-Ignacio Delgado. Jerry Tomeo, Robert Hernandez, Arthur Zim- rnerman. Bill Gray. Harro Kumamoto, John Giovanazzi, James Haskin, Ernest Surwald. Row 3-Basilio Vitale, Richard McAIpin, Ralph Enriquez, Andy Shubin, Manuel Morales. John Garbo, Masashi Iwamnfn. Armando Cobos. 2125K A Snfthall F11d11111 t11e eef1x011 111111 .1 1ec01d01 1110 lmxex and one t1e out of nxe 1641Ql16 911001111191 N 1h -Xhe 1JcltS1119I1 fued x1e11 101 111e se.1x1111 'hl11k1lI1N and 16111101118 s011l111ll 11.1111 p1 ox ed Q11pe11o1 to 1411100111 s sq1111d hx 110191 mg t1e Tlgel 111119 P11111 1118 1 1 1111.1 bed the -Ks 1 10 J. 11116 1JQ1111011 v1h1pped the T1ge1e to the tune 111 1 0 St10l1.Q Hollumod 11.1111 uns 1111 16118011 101 the one t1916g1S161Gf1 111 0111 so 71111111 t11e1e11111 S 110011 11011 A,- Fvont row Hernindez R1ZZU1O ROSSI Beivers Pene Front row Lucheth Chivez Pellncmo Fiy Moy1 Alexin der1M1r1'1ge11 wggifkbww qui' wvmpw' B Snfthall Coach 11011 11111191 along 111111 LU1,O1111'7' the A e0ft11f111 squad had 10 epend the 111n11111de1 0 11N 111111 111 C0flC11l1g 16 1 11 11111 d1d the N9611111101X supe11o1 -Xbee -11411111 1 If111k11l1 s 13411111161 19111 ed 11s 116111 1 the 11 Hel men XXQIQ-?1181'9lt6d 17 to 4 11111411.11 111.111 .1ge1 0 s111 1 1 1111111 11C10xs 1111 1 p1.11e en 11 1 1 ge 01 1 011 1 1101 N lhux t11e111010wex 1 1e1ne1111p.1g1111wt 111e Lens ne .xccounted 101 f3.J" 'J ont row Bonurw S rn A Z1 il Fc, es u'11 '1 'IVY B111 ck low Z1111l1o1 I1 N1ckov 11 Cathey Tenereill C011 1M'1n'1ge1J ,s 1 ,I J ' 6- . w 1: v' f . . ' V UA. 5.x 5 . ' 1 . - ., ,1 . 1 'I X I A 1 L. 2. , - , A. 1 Y 1"- "Q ' 17 .' ' - 1- , , . 1 1' . ' 1, W A Y - A, ' - . 1 A 1. - '1 1 1 ' . "' kl' 'Q ji.111f1 Q 1 drub 1 'Q ' 1 . '1'1 ' . 1 " '7t3..-X - P P L--' dy' ' ' 1 if H Af1':' v 1' '11 131,311.7 Coach 110be1'1 FU111'Q1' was 1he 111:1111s111'111g 111 X Ilnsing- only two Om of fivc games, tlle liens ,V 15, E Lv I:-. J . . A .. A Y.. i u A ,w 1 . 1 . 'w 1 ' 4 v ri- , ' ' . ' ' e 1 fb ' 'bv 1 1- '1 L 1- 1"1t.'121i2"'.'.'1P11?',- 1 111111 Q' 1111111 10 1d ' 11 z YIC1 0x'e1' 1111' X 1 .2 . . ' . J 2 A, 1 I I r ,X-A. , 'X 1 1 1 ' 'QE ' "' s. Z :Z Fr ' - .. :1 1:10. . 171- ng. Ir .E.Z 'g1,C. .Ez11'i. 1 .y. . Bo ' -. Sn'11. 11- X 75 if O I w1 A re da Maccan M rdock R w 2 J Jo es B Banaugh R Bazda Ich Paul J Moler A Valen ano T Gautsch Varslty Tenm.. Whlle d1sh1n0 out the 16011111 llne about evely membel ot Inst yeal s tennls team an all city stcu we must comment on then dlJ1lltV to come th1 ouffh ln the list half of the sea son Hampezed by the llck of coults upon whlch to plactlse we made 1 fine shomng It Holly wood BI3lSl1 1ll and Belmont xlthouffh they mm used to scx lpe up enough polnts to Wlll We bloke thlouf h IH the stletch to take the next two mat ches f1om Fmnkhn and Wllson Thls should g1V6 us enough nnpetus to make us loom up tlll921t6H1HglW on next V931 s tennls ho11zon We sh'1ll mlss on next yeal s squad JIINHIX Jones Alf1ed Ulenda Gene Mac cam Teddy G2llltSCl11 bob banaugh Aldo Valenzano and F1 Int Mundock Honol lble 111611121011 should be glven to Glenn P zul md Jlck Mollel 101 then outstandlng, perfolmances ,r 1 :- , H' f W, Q AEGAW N D ct gn-A Q fro IA' 19 f' :ww M lr: is arty 1- -, , ww g f- In I. I' ' . 0.1 'A' ' KA 774. 'J. ,'Vq.-iris' H . V ,-' , ' r"H , -"W . L' fr' ,' ,f xi: , Jvc' . f t , ,L .,-. , , " gf , J K' N' n Vx' UV' v U-'f nf ,ax .,f- ,Q 4" K :Apr .: 'T .'A .' -' , L 4' ,:' f . ' ,- Q ' .v ' ff ,mv Q-V " .L jf A ZFX N ,WN .f- 2' , ., A J. PA! D 1' f NYJ in - m.--5 nd-J 4... on-.4 oawsw QW ' nl' s" 54 ' at 1? wAsfwfv:'O , 'A ,VJ .NMA ni -' The f-:mor cl the 4. Lirclrif-n zz: 1:21. :- A: sf- lfa' 'rv' ,um Vo rn- fem-nr r ., V.: -nw: Lzfe-1: lm-.n ' -A D" A 'Agn nn' -at Lfvs ff -'11 In-, ' .:f'.:r::. fr f-:ff ygfr -npr,-, NC, I L . :-1 nm. ' f- .:-.vuy 2:-our 'ff' A -f "ff: ' -,'-- g gn... tx: 1:ufLr': Jr.-f--fvtfvn -f 'fn ff ff-:nf fr -nf-gr ffrzf :mr-, .ff wid un 'wr -ffvyf-my nfrkr-f ef-:rf :'-:H ' :'rf'.f'f' "'- fyjrn ff pw'--r1'.'f'1r9 '-- rn, Q ry! -1.1 bww-fr 11 fwv- Hn:-nfs. Pwr-S"n'1-'A v :n 1 r:'.f -'N-:hs I :wa sf'--: wry ,-Y.-1 -.fri-uf. IA -if :f-L: ry :':-.-:1h,-- -Q fx . :ng :.-:n:.:- -:vu-vf-f J f 1-A :mg fern ef -.-f 'V' er :LQ :H Azxtrfis :fry rf- fm: 1-M7 11,-,-.,,,. fy, my ,Wm ig' :'r::r 1: mfr:-.-'f : fivf- :mfr-: rw Lily 'pzrwhrn v.:.e :.' um- new :.-Q:-:rf f-WJ :.:f- -rn:-.11 nr-Lf ew- :Q L:-A if, lim. cffml 'nf-: to 'A-fwfr'-:, :rl-rf ::1-fl m'fr1mff1:.' -nf ,mf -f:: am- :Mn gn., -f ya. ,A he :.' mrqwr- :ff -:ff.- 41: fy: I new -f ' 5 wuz 5:5955 'f' 1"-- "" ' '1 mfr 'uv ' Lk- -11 svn' 1ff:r's fs we :fzrg :.:1- : ywr 'f:,.n ref.:-3. J: 15, :rferererm -zz: gr'-.Q pg-254f.. em: I -qui: -ff.: I1 ' up-:wf r-uns! an: G-:toni on L-an gr if ef- Yon: ff len:-mf :Q axe sup-nr may if eb- uf-.L-1, ,ifnsegw I-dgn Jffhccl he 5 -wemn inf --rc-1: nh- for rireher V greg: in me Q xr y-vu. ,Hmirfv L ,,., 'mv-1:-f sv, Ugg, f. -' .nur fr ser.-rr v 7 7 VN,ix,, MISS THORPE Row 1 eft to rught Bessie Gutlerrez Martha Ruuz Andrea Torres A Mendoza Elsie Trum ble Dorothy Beaver Concha Gayton Marne Romersa Row 2 Ruth Hale Reva Ralnvllle Mary Guerrero Juanita Mausterra Romella Guerra Catherlne Cosentrrro-fSTE a Vega Alrce Curovuch Lucnlle Monteleone .J 1 -y -.4 lfi A A Bnard ofhcml dutles of the G -X A fue to plan and ple slde ovel all pzutles, to help the heads of spol ts 1n keeplng e guls playlng at the11 fmes, and to answer the Cll.1QStlOI1Q of new lN6lNb91S Fhex must xttend meetlngs .md plan what s to be done dunno the semestel .W Heads nf Sports An electlon IS held each semes tex tt whxch tune officels .ue chosen 'lhe QLldllflCdt1OIlb fO1 offhce .ue capabllltv of leadex sh1p and a knowledge of the SD01t fm xxhlch one IS tlylng out The leadels .ue selected bx populzu votes it "".k"' xl' Left to right Andrea Torres assistant head of hockey Lena Centuruonn head of hockey Dorothy Beaver assistant head of baseball Martha Ruuz assistant head of basketball Marne Romersa head of badminton Patrlcna Kmgdon assistant head of badminton Concha Gayton head of baseball fi' -5 A - ' ' , I '. ,' -- 1' - ' . '. .' J ". f 1 . ' b V v I vi ,z v ' . ' 4- A. .2 f , we-' Q J " l I . -nf' ' . l r . .. V . - ' 4 J "" ' -jf 1 1 k ' I ' Q Q D- .J I l l 5 Q X 4 , . Q . ,. .- 2 ' , T - Q ' . e . - - 1 . - - X - ' y. . . . . . . ,, , 5 . . . - u I . ' , . .- , 1 . , . . N . c . . . . Q. . 6. L, ,h xl'-'fb L . .5 ' ,- , -1 . , V xi . .L . . , . . f . V x . . . N . . . . , .-' , H41 I V I nu F , "' 4 V 'fkf V'-Q Av Lf", , X D F j- -- 'V 'QQ Y ' . : '. I .x.' . . ' . ' : l I ' - L X g X a Bates Bruni Bullara Candllora YYI 'T . , Castillo, Ceci, Duran, Enriqu Gonzales, Grafi, Kaufman, Jasen a Leto Coppolino, Crona, Cosen Fares, Fratto, Furukawa Guerrero, Gutierrez, Hale Jones, Jones, Komuro, Kunito L CSS el E , Lomonaco, Mont eon Marchica, Markin, Martinez, Masi el Mo , h O fTrimble, Vacca, Valdez Wid olm, Yoshimura, Zimmerman, N r' rales, Morales, Morales Mor Pezzopane, Provencia, Ram ero, Rondoni, Saldumbide Summi, Tafoya, Tate, Terroir Vanderbyll, Vega, Vega, View, Ward sano. Peretti, Wynn, Costa, Mamolen , Rodriguez, Sciurba, Shaun, A zales, Gue Sanchez. Escobedo, mega, Acevedo, Arellano. Cer m n . s Botelho, Bruni, Caballero, Campos Conrique, Costi, Costan, Crumrine Fly, Fragale, Gonzales. Gon- nsalaco, Iwai, Jackson, Jackson La Cavella, Lirussi, Littleton, Lam Mendoza, Michela, Moore, Morris Pellizzer, Perea, Peterson, Pietro Schoenen, Scultz, Shubin, Silvio, Simpson orres, Tremaine, Valerie, Vidaurri, Villaescusa Barbata, Moldenhaure, Miller, Gonzales, Lopez da. Cum I o Cl neros, rro, e Jlm FIEZ, Wilson, Apodaca. H. fl. fl. Members ' The Girls' Athletic Association has scored again this term, under the sponsorship of Miss Thorpe, they have reached the membership of over two hundred girls. Four afte1'noons a week have been set aside for the G. A. A. Monday and Wednesday for the upper grades, and Tuesday and Thursdays, for the lower graders. These girls carry on contests among them- selves showing a spirit of sportsmanship :ind loy- altv. vl3U' f .f - Q v v v v v v v - ,L Tmwvfvv ,av - If '- I f n M i, wif Yell Leaders ll ,Z'f?ff!,,,7 1 f X Row 1-Jennie Pizutto, Mary 0'Donovan, Mzyfgsfnoff, Masha Shubin, Victoria Parades, Betty Condon. Yolanda Cerd' , Marie Valerie, Jean Morris, Jeanne Costan, Mary Cubillas, Alice Curovich, Rose Candilora, Lucille Mon- teleone, Mamie Lee, Juanita Jiminez. Lorraine Fly, Bernice Moore, Dolores Jimenez, Cora La Savio. Row 2-La Vergne Jackson, Emma Gonzales, Jane Villaureal, Lila Moldenhauer, Jeanne Lawrence, Maxine Faeth, Frances Principe, Frances De Rose, Marie Ceci, Annie Fragale, Barbara Grafi, Angie Bogdanovich, Violet Morgan, Virginia Faeth, Juanita Maisterra, Margie Kaufman, Gloria Bruni, Esperanza Perez. Row 3-Maxine Carlson, Alice Gonzales, Frances Flores, Yukiko Suguira, Midori Kunitomi, Bessie Gutier- rez, Madeline Martinez, Gloria Valdez, Gloria Gonzales, Audrey Hauser, Lily Marianetti, Mary Merlo, Virginia Lombardo, Edith Riciardi, Jacqueline Littleton. Josephine Garbo, Lorraine Caballero, Rafaela Sanchez. Anna Cimino. Row 4-Lorraine Pion, Leanore Jackson, Lupe Duran, Margarel Valle, Carmen Rodriguez, Josephine Moncada, Palmira Valenzuela, Seria Perea, Vera Mendoza. Dora Vidaurri, Consullo Arellano, Ann Michela, Rita Lirussi, Angie Garbo, Lena Centurioni, Cruzanne Conrique. Frances Botelho, Stella Andrake. Vnlleyhall Volleyball is a game that can be played almost anywhere and since a regulation game requires only eighteen players it is easy to get a game to- gether. In G. A. A. the girls are taught how to play a bet- ter game and to abide by the rules of the game which all of them know. - is fag 2 Left to right-Jerry Mae Hansen. Ruth Hale. Reva Rainvil . Juanita Mai terra V 4 l l Bnwlinq liluh 1 M- .V, V, Seated-Virginia Terroir, Anna Mary Crum, Betty Lee Baner, Lorraine McDermott, Louise Heidt, Dorothy Taylor, Mary Rambo, Ruth Hale, Betty Bauman: Lillian Masoian, Pat Vacca, C-arol McMurphy. Standing-Victor Balm-eff, Antolin Algorri, Hal Gereken, Melvin Gunnels, Jimmy Westlake, Tommy Pedrini. Robert Banaugh, Fred Harper, John Kalplakoff, Vida Di Maria, Robert Cano, Franklin Buck, Ed Kevorkian, Basillio Vitale. flax!! ff HJ. L, The Bowling Club was organized in September, 1939. The purpose of the club is to promote interest and develop skill in bowling as a recreational activity. Members of the club bowl one afternoon a week, and attend noon meetings and parties. Membership is open to all boys and girls in the elev- enth and twelfth grades. The scores of each line a1'e recorded to note in- dividual progress as a basis for forming tournament teamsg and as a matter of interest to club members. There is always supervision and instruction at the Bowling Academy, by at least one faculty member and a bowling instructor. The club is growing rapidly and its present membership totals 35 i "'m"1 Nl7:40 and S510 Pres.-Fred Harper Sponsor-Miss Anderson X. J J J J Hockey Team To play a good game of hockey, one must be alert at all times in order to guard his opponent. Five forwards, three halfbacks, two fullbacks, and one goal keeper are required for each hockey team. This term hockey has been one of the most popular sports among the G. A. A. girls with a total of 75 girls on the hockey teams. l Row 1-Glory Hafner, Lllian Adams, Hortense Hirsch, Patricia Kingdon, Frances Bothello, Lorraine Caballero, Dorothy Nelson, Arminda Hale, Cora La Savio, Gloria Bruni, Mary Lou Villaescusa. Row 2-La Vergne Jackson, Rafaela Sanchez, Martha Duran, Stella Vega, Barbara Tremaine, Mary Alice Fahey, Marion Costi, Anna Cimino, Geraldine Schoenen, Aletta Mendoza. Row 3-Leanore Jackson, Frances Principe, Maxine Faeth, Jeanne Lawrence, Lila Moldenhauer, Tamara Tate, Gloria Gonzales, Lucy Capobianco. B rl ' a mlnlnn f I 1 ' Badminton is a game that -1 ,lf - holds the interest of young J f' Rx ,fl and old alike, so it is not hard 1 , to realize why there are so .," many who try to get a chance 1 ' " J' ' to play the game under the f lf' guidance of well trained spon- lcl' sors. i The girls are coached in cor- rect playing position and 1'ules. ' Many of the girls became skilled in the game and lay it as often as possible. l ll I Baseball This most popular American pastime is enjoyed by the G.A.A. girls. Baseball is a game in which almost every G.A.A. girl has an interest, and as a result of this, the teams a1'e full. Since the girls are interested in the game, no time is wasted, and the game progresses rapidly. Tournament games are played, with the losing teams giving the winning teams a party. ' t gf 'S' W' jiflff :ity c., ma., ,Q g K.-f may J ., -,h,.,,,,M J e- ' 14. ' ,ab VI' ' 4 Dl33'f w , !Xq , V! 1 u ,V , ,f Row 1-Ethel Vallencourt, Helen Sald mbide, Rosie Jerry sen. Aleeza Mendoza, Alice Curovich. Lela Tafoya, Mary Guerrero, Refnella Guerra, Margaret Bocchiardi, Anr. Leto, Catherine Marchica, Mary Glaviano, Bessie Gutierrez ratto Palmira Valenzuela. Row 2-Rosalie Romano, Bunny Shain, Lena Centuri- oni, Reva Rainville. Ruth Hale, Frances Bonfiglio, Eva Jones, Martha Dur- an, Josephine Moncada, Ann Lomonaco, Vita Silvio, Barbara Grafi, Rose NJJW Candilora, Martha Fares, Virginia Aguilar, Marie Ceci, Martha Ruiz, Flor- X ence Vacca. Row 3-Frances De Rose, Ann Peretti, Justine Wynn, Patricia 1 Kindon, Sumiko Kato, Virginia Terroir, Lorraine McDermott. Betty Lee a ' Baner, Frances Morrison, Vurie Sumii. Hideko Asano, Yoshiko Yoshomera Bernice Cludy, Shizuko Komuro, Concha Gayton, Rose Masi. Row 4-Alice Corona, Gertrude Weinhold, Dorothy Beaver, Dolores Hernandez, Mary Lou , Villaescusa, Shizuno Furukawa, Masako Nakagawa, Marie Romersa, Mary Taormina. . . x x 'A L . 11 ' , ' ' 1 xf Yi J ' - 4 ,nl x' I i ' K 1 ' ' ' , J I il Ni 1 " : rl I V' ,l X N I X ' Q l I I X 1-J' V r J l , V J. x ., ' I' 5 .J y X Girls' Basketball A fast moving game mth six players on a team, and the game divided into quarters 90 lt-M, you know what this contest is called'? You're right it' basketball. The six players on a basket ball team are two forwards two centers and two guards The game is divided into quar ters with a ten minute intel mission between halves Girls like this sport because it is fast and interesting 134 Q .X Tir' if Rowl left to right Ann secretary Vffglnla president Romelua Guerra vlce presudent Flow 2 Tadd T Ruth Hale Rose Shlzuko Komuro Justlne Wynn Lorranne McDermott Bayer Ann Mary Guerrero Ophelua Hurtado Beatrace Angeles Ethel Row 3 Reva Lllluan Adams Juamta Malsterra Margie Kaufman Vlrglnla F Lucille Monteleone s Dora Enrlquez Hldeko Asan Shrzuna Furokawa Stella Veg Alice Curovlch Pat V cca Row 4-Catherine Cosentmo Vuvnan Va rbyll Josephxne G rbo Glorla Brum Cora L Savlo JW! 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Wurkman Struct Church lhe Vloikmin Qtleet Chuich of Clliist is 1 fiiendlx chuich a he ntx welcome is extend ed to all -Xnx one in the Lincoln Heights Dis tiict without a chuich home will find it 1 congenial pl ice to w oi ship Xou will find it 1 fine gioup of xounf peoy lc theie lt is loc lt e it 2111 VN oikmin Stieet Pxstoi hev Edwin S M isteis ,Ulla Ceoif e Street C lpitol 71 ,fi Hancock Market V " mock N uket located xt 1090 Noi 1 will nnd the best in meats fi uits xe ef ibles ind Uioceiies Oui delicatessen stocks 1 com plete line of domestic ind impoited items XM ieituie the best of seuicc it lowest prices 'Sv 139 . ' X ' z e ' ' ' 'Q 4' 2 1 v n 2 4 E n .v - 'ka lv - 1, ' z ' 1 . ' i : x .V A tv ll. -E 3 . I 'w E - d 2 - 7 ' ' 2 S 'B . as ', ' . ,' ' . w .. 0 r .,. ' . . ' L . c K L., - . 1 I J., L , c C A ui f ilmviii-, i .jf ya l ' . . -A W A J llroadway, is a large, friendly store. Here you -' ' J ' f L, . ' S, v g- A2 v M I 2 ' 1 K, 3: - I ' ' ', ' 2 . S , . .' 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I It has been az great source of satisfaction to have T 'Z S 'X E l A A 'E S ' T I ef - sv 5 A fx- f ,, fji X I Ak, I Lug i 'W W VL - X CIE!-QQ ANN L XI C XLF1NIJ AR SEPTFNII E1 1 1, uk to school Ixlel Klllltlfl W IH plexx Lzncoln Heights Feed cfz Fuel Co 1925 27 North Broadway om C 41111111 I 4 Mike Barbato Shoe Repair We Repair While You Walt BIIFIQ' XOUI shoes m the IIIUIIIIYIS, :ml tilts them homt 'xttu school First Class workmanship 3 78 Noxth Ilouxx SELETZ HIGH GRADE MERCHANDISE AND SHOES NTI'0RfI'I 1,111 414 Rzrlzt mnzulu 1 num lil: II! 7619 Nolth BIOidXWdS 1111211111411 r Pedrzm Music Company 2019 N Broadway 227 West Mam St Los 1110111 Ilhrlnzlnfl Alta Drug Storel . f'1'ff.'.- lwvmz lincoln Stop 111 before -md After School School Supplies .... We Deliver 01102 '. 11 U 'FL 241 Z N, Brow V' I Ace H1 Bar B Cue Come W hele the Ilood Is Good at a I on Pnce Stull ll I NI 111 sion Ro Fwcput I ubluatmn Sunset P1 oclucts Al and Frank s Service Iczo s 1107111116 700 IOLR NFIC HBORHOOD INDI' PFNIDFNT DF-XI I' R 1801 Nolth NIISSIOII hold It Pukslde Open 24 lmum Druly Bud s Servzce Station Mobllgas MODIIOII Mobllubrlcatlon R O lINIIlI.,St0I1 680 San Ifundmlo Ro ul NI 111 mu C Apltol 0935 Jones ff 9 v C Earlc' Footb 111 se INOII opens 1414 N I 1 ,N ' . 5 A C ! Ph QM t l U1 4 ' 3 I' .dx .15 ev' ,Q X N . , f ' 1 I ' .' 1 , . .' J ' A 1 f' X W. ." ., Propr' -tor Sill . .. ad II I .. 9 .' ' 1 li z 2' " , ,la Xu' A p fl , ll. I Y ' y 1 T A A A A J 4 1 A . ' I f fl. I I u A ' lr' ' H 1-'w .' "" , " 15 I 11' 7.1 19M''Showbozxtw-11'e11e Dunne and Allen 1 - , l Ph ' 1. 1 II Z N A 1 . . . fl x A '-ILS .' ' 3'21'2ly x rf Y ,n I Q X I, -,Y , 1 S1 x fs' If V1 A - ' rf '15 IPO, " ' If '- 1 ' 'rims . " ', 1 F 1 QF - JH! 'S In, -f 1 ,lr Sw,-.9 L A' .' . 1 -. .v F , of F- s C11 ' A f s o' X - V-ff A, I 1 A 93- 2 ' as if 9 C L 0 A N S 5M ob Interest Build, Repair, Remodel 3 Years to IE15'-efSC3.2ll 21 Month pei' Slllfl No Red Tape-No Co-Signcrs?No Mortgage tiisixu mmm Pacllic Lumber 8z Supply Co -Xunue 18 and Pa-.adeni Menut Lkpltol 1 6101 T Q60 ' - E. E. Tompkins Watchnlaker and Jeweler CApirol 3992 2618 Pasadena Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. If,-,w1'! 1,tl'I!llllIt'IIt lVrLf'Iny ..... liuirstyliny Five-Point Beauty Shoppe 110 East Avenue 26 Nita Hilliard CApitol 12606 L A Undertak1ngCo P ml A I' uadena Ax enue CApltol 3234 Pl ll 11 t 1 I mr Walt Doron s Servlce Statzon 31 P Nm th Bioadu u 1 0 H tm imlllt ix l-rf' f""' 1 YQ., .4-n-S i X ..... 'X I LLLQJ 3 X iam C1QNt W lx 1 Utd 1 lincoln lltllll theme O11 lllN1JllllC 611 1lQ1 t we Sp min XI1 htx 16flNl1lXE' a putx Of lol VI culn Xx 16111 4 we wnu mi 1 Q l N lppni FI'lil 'L' 'l. . TES - NO I. 1. "lUN . . 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CApltol 5979 Budget Market GIOCCIIGS Meats FIUIIN Yegetables H74 Huntington Dune Fl Seleno Sagom CHARLIE and JERRY BEAUTY SUPPLY CO Equipment, Accessorles and Supplies for Beauty Parlors 739 South Broadway Phone Trmlty 7541 Los Angeles 77 , f " ' '5 ' sd A 7 y X X ' CA. E . i I l 1 . 2 , V L' on 'Q - T' L' o,,, Y, "" 1 y : -M 1' I . Q . , f- l 1 1 I i 9 s f I Q ' .,. l i Na - - 5 l I Ff , Q L..A...L. -- .........,,, M, ,L Cl. favli' H,-1 22-. ' z 2 ' 2 'z ' 'z.a,1l1e ' K, . -. '. ' . . ,. Sir i 23-G. A. A. attended playday at Ifz:i1't'a,x . u CAPit0l14443 I Z5 . Q ., 'I 1 V Y v 1 1 . 1 11 I I 1 1 I . . , . ' .' . ' . I L A L SICIIVIVIC ST.X'I'I IN 'I'imv 'Film Ililllllvlllx 'l'il'1-s, l!z1ttv1'5. Hil. .Xww-sf-l1'1'-r XYQ- Sp,---i:1lizv in l,1111l-14-:1 1 - 2141 Wm'k111:uu St. '.Xp1Iwl Lux. l49 30-Senior Ayes presented "Stop Thief". 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HQWARD Aa HILDRETH All Garments Insured 2920 Whittier Blvd. ANgelus 9542 3612 East First Street ANgelus 10544 Res. 3319 Dm-win Ave. Un'on Shop M Lega Barber Shop Henry Lega Barber Expert Service For Lad es And Gentlemen 2905 North Ma n Street Los Angeles YouR snos Docron Charley s Shoe Shop We Special ze I the Modern Inv sible Sol ng i 017 hoith 'Ham St lFOll1ll X he tx mflzniz s Paterson cez Baughan sznviciz STATION Cars Called for and Delivered oll61oplu Aunui mol1'1 30 The 'I1111 of the Outclst the umd amt A 2 l f I 5-1 54 I flints 1 I' I'ldlllLlS Vl mdow Shades Xl all Papel And Allied Products NX HOI ILS-XLE XND IETAIT FREE DELIVERY 0100 Pls iden Xi enue Phone C Apltol 1 11' lllmd xxlophomst and I mllle 16 idel fmd XK11t91 xxele feitumed it the lS36l11lJlX fe 7 f-xgx gi' 5-If 11 -XI CII -XPPH 1 BIQXICIII 11p1c1O1thest1i u lt1X6 musu 1 VX 111 xou exe1 folffet the sunpuse on enteltimed -Xp11l 1? NX is th It 1 1 l11Spl1tt6'l 7 . . 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Martin Xrchltect Of Oul School 108 XX est Pnd Stleet H gums btuldmg, Mbtu il R 47 Compliments of Green s SCYVICC Statlon 3979 North Mlsslon Road Picture Framing Artlsts Materials Robert De Land Co 4 5 South Mann Street MUtual 1782 Compllments of F ASTFRlN YVHOLI' S Xl l' I R01 I' RX L0 815 TRACTION Klaln s Poultry Market CApitol 6865 Real Estate and Ere Insurance Notary Public H. Reichard 2715 North Broadway Los Angeles Western F lsh Co DEALERS IN FRESH SEA FOODS 514 Gladys Avenue TRln1ty 9568 I R CROSS PRINTER Announcements weddings and other forms of good taste artistically prxnted for Lmcolnxtes at speclal pnces 4661 South Iluntmgton DIIXQ Apltul ,066 Io Angeles Compliments f New Economy Market 4892 So Huntmgton Drlve CAp1tol 7011 X6 ,rg Pb 4080 Mmm, Road CAPM, 3000 11 I edlmd College Hen s Glee Club Qlllltflt uned A C "S Z.. .' " ' 1 ' 1 l. . I tt, L , mt' ' ,. , 4 'I ' . .r fl. A fl ,5 r 5 Y . 0 K 'I ' 0 l l , . . 1 . . . , . f - I 'a PM I . xg g rr! 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Hill St. F A IaCAVFRA Prlvate School of Naturalization Counsellor ln Immigration Matters 2709 North Broadway CApltol 4784 Los Angeles Baxter Northup Music Co IS p1oud to haxe treu 111st1ur11ents xx ell 1ep1esented 111 the Band and O1chest1a Lincoln Hugh School nmplzmcrzl I PRILE PFISTFR BR -XSS MFG L0 Manufacturers of FAUCFTS VALVES FITTINGS 3011Hu111l1olrlt Stunt I os Allklll s Com 1111114 nf LINCOLN ,DYE NVORKS Studtnts I leane1s 3510 Nfilth BIOAKINXHX L ADIYOI 2064 Cunzplmzf nr Tamales Lunch Meats Mayonnalse 'Elo Noith -Xunum 71 C-Xp1tol 8111 le1 11011011110 'XF-X p1es1de11t Llayd CM Hgrdefn Seml fmnual sxxe1te1 dai hmm dn' on 6 Bad IIQXXS Nlld t9ll11 ISDOII C uds ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Compensation Insurance 8911101 pl IX The Vi hole 1011 I1 s Talklng K Apltfll P1141 45"1 SOUUW HUHUf12t011 D1110 st 1111n the SGYIIOI Mes 1 4' - ' ' 1 . . J f 1 O , 1 1 A JI of C i ' sow' X' N 1 ' 'H so-' i 9 if 1 Q - ' .' ' . 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Yost, D.D.S. 5 Dentist j CApiwl 0807 224:11 N01-ui ismaiiway 1 Corner Griflin Ave. Compliments of Marchlca s Market Groceries and uality Meats Fruits and Vegetables FREE DELIVERY 3001 North Main Street CApitol 9507 C0l!l1IlZllll?lt6 of the MISSIOH F lorlst Lincoln High School s Florist 1139 Mission Road C Apitol -1506 S if AUD 1 VVWW af f"Wf'1 X ,x"'x,,A Dies 'N 94 llonois ind maids isseinblx D159 QI-lalily Service Satisfaction CLEMENS Fine Commercial Printing 4513 Esmeralda St. CA. 6731 ' I f' ' , - Cufnpliments of Mzsslon Art Shop li. 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Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Lincolnian Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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