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gi . ,,: 1- V mal , l 'l,.,-...- . v . ..., ,, A 4 I Q ff"-. -f'4,:a4i, f-N T v- , . '? SYM 5, 9 Z 'U Ljjifw 3' 'N .47 . f n J 'Y '-1.1 W ! 'm Q ,V f - 4' .v I I .1 4- - 1- -M I' gli. ff owf tfvfww , lv 'X' 1 ,X 15 wp? Q-'. .5f f " -8 L, xx ' 2. dll 'iN 'Y f a 'W "ls I Eg' K -Gi? .rp -'P' 'As W' .-' .'-I ffzl- ,-wwlq ,- wx ygwggfa- .V l I ' fl 0 L.: 'ZZ-5? fx 'X'-: A lg" x xX7,,. g- L.,' Eifk ' ' fn iff! 5331- XE xv i " ma wil' gflgfw if fssfgfwfwyyt, W QTM,iig?h an-Lg W ww , JM! 15? 1 521 2252653 ,swfmwwfz ,QQ ,Kiki Vw CM CMM WMM is 333 SS" P325 5gi Ni2211Qi,l skim? 95555 ig 334 3 S 5 3 335 gm + Q, X1 535 gi bi? Q ' Wfw' Ogg? Si fZw7i4W?,,ff,iZQ'6ff'wff Wigwwwkwhq ' we of Shdf Q5 x, K X Q3 R ' ky QW A ,- N , . 'X I ' fw J E 'Wo L f ,Q A 4 . ff -7fF2f1f' KJ l A ' 'D UFWQ fwfr' Jiffy- J! ' ,J ' 'A 'iff f A ,1 '?1'?i , 1' X4 ,,4, f"' - . Xf ,447f J J XM!!! Kfidnxfi, J- 4 7 rj! 9 bww J ,nm L I ,.,. 2 ' f' . 1 Q X' - ' . fx . ,X , Wi 3, ww lf' Y 'lag , . ' Q ,n "" A' . 1-" . - at A . ,gif A , l, . N Cf' 1 L-P 'f" 3" X . b j w R' ' I QNX X , . . L , 4 . A . , f ,, K, n ,Xi ' ' ,If 3 ' , A .. A V, Nr . V ' . xx I r , . Xl l 'E Tluf Lincolniala gwftzfzfdq! ff jgffijfgfwyfphj fi gg R yy! If Qi! 17 Jyfk, NE My swf? AZ-w'Mf Mig TW dw? AW 52532 V Wk R, AW' MN' - ax 1 5 X Avigcg-gm? 120312 7 BX I Sm A ' 1 g-,Z DR. ETHEL PERCY ANDRUS Principal v gf ff , W, M X , har? WWW GQQQQAQXM JV a'MJ2Z,,.i I . I FQ NLC -3 X S? K A 4 A , V MQ A 4 1 Y I 3 l l . Hn W - A 1 - SF CONTENTS A Administration Classes Features Activities Athletics Advertisers x 'Y , V ' v E 2 I 1 4 1 v 4 x 3 i W P 7,,7 7,, ,, ,W 77 Y , H Tigers I saw eight royal tigers iri a ririg Barred round with irori like a monstrous cage Arid iri the midst a mari, a pu-ny thirig With whip, pole, pistol shot defied their rage. Arid for their righteous hate I loved them. Power Had violated, mangled-to its shame - Uncoriqiiered beings for an hour. My spirit joirzed with theirs as flame to flame. LOUISE MORGAN SILL l Q I Aclm1n1strat1on The power that guides our destinies Ex T1gers in the City School System Former Lincoln High School faculty mem bers now occupying administrative p tions in other city schools. LOUIS WOODSON CURTIS Supervisor of Music Board of Education THOMAS T. DAVIS Principal Foshay Junior High School GEORGE D. HOUR Boys' VicefPrincipal San Pedro High School Rosoo C. INGALLS Principal Garfield High School MAE MCMILLIN Girls' VicefPrincipal Bret Harte Junior High School DR. CAROBEL MURPHEY Girls' VicefPrincipal Stevenson Junior High School AGNES E. PETERSON Principal John Milir Junior High School ALICE A. REITERMAN Girls' VicefPrincipal Garfield High School MONETTE OSIE TODD Supervisor of Salesmanship Board of Education RALPH DYAL WADSWORTH Principal Beverly Hills High School JOHN H. WHITELY Principal Gardena High School RILEY EDWARD WIATT Supervisor of Penmanship Board of Education HERBERT S. WOOD Principal Torrance High School osi M Y 4 , N w Y W, l w P ETHEL PERCY ANDRUS Principal MT MESSAGE TO SENIOR A STUDENTS GOING OUT INTO THE WORLD Throw your energy, your industry, and your love into your work. blames, the great psychologist said, "As a rule men use only a small part of the power they actually possess. Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake. We are making use of only a small part of our mental and physical resources." Charles W. Schwab, of the Bethlehem Steel Gompany, says, "There are more jobs for efficient men than there are ejjtlcient men to Jill them." Remember, that you will become ineffective and dull if you are content day by day to do the same thi-ngs, and content to marlq no progress, if you have nothing of vision-have no step in the uplifting that might be, should be, taken t-o-day. Mucfh of our -daily work tends to become' easy, pleasant, and in a seductive sense, comfortable. 'You will remember, however, that a fun' damental principle of all things that live, is growth, the active spring and joy of life is not to live in the smoothness of tranquility, but in the joy of a strenuous life. , ETHEL PERCY ANDRUS ' Principal 17 X . . ll, , ig!! li -1 - , L, A , Q . s , .,,, .,,,,, ,., . , , ,suu 1 WN X I 1 'B fl lfQfr7i52'.?b . WW f"l!'li: dll Nw, if We 02 T .o. - ,f .M T I ,X zz ,F V ' 5 ...- N":r-'i 'V . at ,,'. ' 3 A S M fllfQ'Zf1ffxl5Y'! w. .4 7' i 0 b Q fl M I , - ss ,QNV2 5, , 'T W Lf4?f: f, i v 'flxif' 'vw I , .' 1 ,,' ' flu 1 I 5 It r xN:,'l I UI xx E' .1 1' I X . ww i f lil.. W? ' Xb, , A it ix Ly' ga l Nl' N ' MISS NICHOLS 7 Miss Nichols sponsors the Girls League and the Girls' Service Club, two organizations open to every Lin- coln girl. i To her we owe, in a large part, our school parties and other such ac- tivities, for she arranges the social calendar of each seme-ster. It is her sincere desire that each student may enjoy and profit by social contact with his classmates. , - M N . . . MISS ARJORIE ICHOLS Miss Nichols not only 0'1V6S her Girls, VicefPrincipal , O , , adv1ce a11d sympathy to the girl in need, but is always ready to grant material aid Whenever possible. Her chief concern at all times is the physical and moral Welfare of the Lincoln girl. ' ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF First row: McGilliard, Lanz, Bridge, Morgan, Break. Second row: Riley, Illengo, Walker, Kroggel, Ferguson. 18 42 XIIMXW, AM, s 1 X . --2555255 55:2Er55E5: 'f:55E55555E5 5.ffQfff'Hffffffff:5' 1555-2:55, -:5555 ,Ei5555Z:5Q5' 5555555555 'i:5553:" 55555555555 .55555555- 55555555E5. 555513355 555-if ' 5555 .. 515525255 352515555 'f55E55555 2. ig kg- 'I.':C:?:1S' .f:-at-. ..55:5.g..-.5:2:-:Q-. .-.1:5:----A:5z5:5. ,.q.:1:1-12:21-:-. 5:I:5:-:-: -:5:5:5:3:5.5:5:g:5:::Q5 -212g1:2:2:.-.f"""'5:'-1:2:-:- -gq:-Qb-:53:- f:f:5:5:5:5 '-:5q:5:c5:1q'-:5 5.5-:5. I-S:-: S 'f22sisi555.,.,.55:2'f'1E2i5E55555:555i552:5' 1Es5zEs25i-- 52555255255 5s2sE25s5a. 555255555 51252255-Qiw 2isfaE2?s-.12225i1i2r- .55:f35i'- '551f1E2525f"' "5'-2-1:1:2r-2'--- 4"f5S55555"-m 5E15'f55552 . . N. . .5.5:255E5giS55?52ea:s:s:ssssss:ss55aa5255525525asaszsgsgsqsfiss5252asa252525552521552a2z2a2e1e2s25z525s:isis:sf1:55:s2e2s:5:i:fs:ers:as:ass5:as:s:s:2:s:2:212:s:ss:e:s:s:s:s15:25:1252sf212521252521S525252525E125252525f1S5:5P5fE-5FI:-1'5F12525515525P?ff5N--lfiflfsffisilfxsm MR. ROGER VAN PRLT T As sponsor, Mr. Van Pelt heads the Boys' League and the Lincoln Knights, two service organizations for boys. As official faculty representative, he attends the meetings of the Vice- Principals and arranges the schedules for all athletic contests. As mediator, he allays friction between the boy and his teacher, af- - . ' ' ' MR. ROGER VAN PELT fectmg reconciliation. Boys, Viceppmidem As a friend, he interviews parents, investigates home condi- tions and offers assistance in ' icul ' of all kinds. It is his aim and duty to see that the bo the opportunity that is due him as a young citizen. ' HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS First row: Armstrong, Worthen, Howeth, Mullen, Herbert. Second row: Malette. MacKenzie, Moran, Gillespie, Oswald, Goldthwaite, Ferguson, Benner, Casey. 19 First row: Shryock, Tugendreich, Plaisted, Drury, Butler, Strawn, Leslie, Adams, Second row: Whaley, E. Hill, Mickey, H. Moore, McClean, Champion, Gruwell, Quigley. Third row: Miller, Howze, Mitchell, French, Ramsey, Reinert, Cole, Piotrovwski. Fourth row: Mam- bert, Reynolds, I-Iostetler, Hallett, Mason, Service. Finney, Laidlaw, R. Moore, Vollmer, Rocks. Turney, Baker. Love, McAlmon. 1 u FACULTY V First row: Badger, Rosenberg, Garner, Reiterman, Martin, Rogers, Blount. Second row: Cal- houn, Tade, Ziegenfuss, Baddeley, Vlling, Butler, Tozier. Third row: Sapper, Wenig, Marshall, Summons, Potter, Purnell. Pearson, Greene. Fourth row: Hurlburt, Tunney, MacKenzie, Edwards, Josselyn, Mulford. 20 f , 1 . ' l I ,Q I, 1 .C Sb i rvf , i 1 i Q . . . , .. . gy 5, .2.,gfgagzggagggggsagfggggglfzif.fi.igef.3.if5.gf.515.51gs5sgag5ag5ff5ff5gf.gfgf.if,ff1Ql5.5I5:,f5fegfggggg.g.gg.,. X, .I A I I N 'f jfxqw, if I ' -fl 7 C fx, I J QQ' X. U75 , .mx X lily xx XZ xg ff f K , V' KU' N 'YQ xx' l HW STUDENT GOVERNMENT The commissionerships are student executive offices provided for in the Lincoln High School Constitution. They are twelve in number and are about evenly divided between boys and girls. Nine Commissioners are elected and three are appointed at the end of each school semester to serve the following term. They meet one period a day, five days a week, for solid credit, in Room 221, more commonly known as the Commissioners' Room. There, each commissioner has a desk, sharing it with one other commis- sioner with the exception of the Student Body President and his Secretary who have p-rivate desks. The Commissioners serve as assistants, in some respects, to the Main Office and the Department Heads. They have charge of various activities closely related to- the students such as sports, R.0.T.C., philanthropic undertakings, the Railsplitter, auditorium calls, and the sale of' tickets. To be a commissioner should be the aim of every student, for the position offers not only honor, but executive and character training, and more than any other student activity makes for the realization of Lincoln's motto: Individual Responsibility. Q E i I s ' I x X' 42 .- T bgi fi-UQ C l i H1 M y R- lszfiffrffllrs .xffxk , W7 x f l 7 l Ig 744 .-Q 1 la' 1 . , lffi fy l vu' like 'l , 'dbx 'HRX' 'Ks X QA . . fl ' f ll Q I I 2 I I -. .Q Q' 1 C ll ' L -Q S C -1 :TF .na-ix A' 'L .f.'f 'U ff ll! ., p X xv' J. ROY HOLLAND Student Body President FRANCIS MARKLEY FRANCES EVANS DON TURNER Boys' Vice-President Girls' Vice-President Coinnnissioner of Finance - . MARY MARTIN DOROTHY ALLEN Girls' League President Girls' Sport Commissioner DAN SEATON LLOYD REED Boys' League President Boys' Sport Coinfniissioner ESTI-EER FARR MARY KERR Railsplitter Editor Student Body Secretary BOB RYAN . CLEM SMITH R. O. T. C. Mayor - House Manager 22 1 i i f BOB RYAN Student Body President DON TURNER DOROTHY ALLEN BUO HARRISON Boys' Vice-President Girls' Vice-President Commissioner of Finance THEORA BRENDEL DOROTHY RUDOMETKIN Girls' League President - Girls' Sport Commissioner LLOYD REED , MARCUS BRUCE Boys' League President Boys' Sport Commissioner MARY HATTORI HELEN DE CRISTOFORO Railsplitter Editor Student Body Secretary BOB RYAN LOYs DONNELLY R. O. T. C. Major House Manager 23 Tiger, Tiger Tiger, Tiger burning bright In the forests of the nightg What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? When the stars threw down their spears, And watered heaven with their tears, Did he smile his work to see? Did He, who made the Lamb, make thee? WILLI.AM BLAKE CLASSES Thus are we gvoupdd to do owr daily tasks PAST STUDENT BODY PRESIDENTS 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 Winter CLAIRE EBERHART BURDETTE JOERG f FRED QRTH 1 f RICHARD BARLOW HARRY ISENHAUER WILLIS GEORGE f JACK HUSTON f HUBER SMUTZ f BURDETTE HENNEY HARRY MILLER f RANDALL PARKER SAM WARNER HARRIS ROBINSON f f NATALIE POETSCH HENRY PATTERSON J. ROY HOLLAND f Summer TOM ECKSTROM f VICTOR KEKDRICK f SILAS LEHMER WILLIAM ISENHAUER f f ELLIS EAGAN f JOHN SERGEL f DWIGHT BEWLEY f JOHN STARR f ANTHONY PARRA HAROLD VAUGHN DORWOOD KNOWLES f f IRWIN MOON f ELMER SAUNDERS ROBLEY WILLIAMS f f JOSEPH BOSIO f ROY BELL f BOE RYAN V L . J OE BUA ALDA FOWLER WINTER CLASS OFFICERS WINTER CLASS EPHEBIANS J. ROY HOLLAND ESTHER FARR DAN SMITH lf 223- 'V f "' 64 Q ,f-XXV L , .unnunnur i X1 29 41 Q R I " llfqsf-glliffx I m x N 1 V A ,f 12 V T? ' mllTk, lllllwifls W 14? rf Z l Y . Q 1 1 X ...i XE, Txx A Y -1. U 1? ll,,S1?El'g+l.:f,fpv- rl lf L .. sl-- r Y ' ,X ly fi :ss 'Q ,' li ' .I 1 Ill L mn MW' 1 X . it ' IX ' S Vi XX I I ALFONSO DIAS ACEVEDO, "Ace" "You Want Lovin' but I Want Loiv-e" Spanish Clubg Chess Team, 19285 Al- pha 125. DONALD LESTER ATWOOD, uBunnyn "F'eetbaZl" Boys' Student Government 1255 "L" Society 155 g Physical Education Hon- ors. A JAMES BELL, "Ding-Dong" "Happy Days Are Here Again" R. O. T. C.g Troubadoursg Alpha 115. LAURENCE L. BINDER, ".Snazz" "I Don't Want Yowr Kisses" Boys' Servi-ceg Baseball Club, Boys' League. JACK BENDALL, "Bendy" "Love Ain't Nothing But the Blues" Airplane Clubg Safety Clubg String Ensembleg R. O. T. C. DOROTHY E. BYRNE, "Dot" "All by Myself in the Moonlight" Senior Girls' Glee 135 5 G.A.A. 1553 Girls' Leagueg G. A. C., President, Madrigal 1455 Service Honorsg Op- era. ETHEL MAY BOOKS, "Blondie" "Waiting at the End of the Road" Science Club 145, Girls' League 155g Service Club 1555 Service Honors. ROZIE BRUNO, "Roxy" "All Alone" Troubadours 1255 Stage Crew 1355 Chief Flymang Football. JOSEPH BUA "Speed" "Red Hot Rh.ytlion" "L" Society 1353 Senior B1 and A President, Varsity Football, 3 starsg Varsity Track 125. PEDRO M. CESARINI, "Pete" "Finding the Long Way Home" Senior Boys' Glee 155 5 Business Man- ager Photography 125, Pres. 135, Alpha 115. xlllf it N A ' if 28 -r l A inn .J missy l, -A l yk . 5 , A ' I Q ffi 'iiirz 5 'Sai ., ' ...': :l.::.:::f4 ,,,: Izz fp Q y 1 A-1:215E5535E3Ei55555555:535E5?555:3E55555E535E5E555E55:ErE1515:5:E:E:E:2:5:2:5EsEsE2EsE5E3E5E5555555E555E5E:E2Sri:5:5:5:E:fra53EEE555:5E5E535555555E3E5E121E:E1ErE:Er2:5:E:E:E:555:QE555E2E2552555E53IEzirifEIEIE2215152E22:E13:E:E:5:55255E5525:E551E5E2EfizE1525151ifr5151551515:ErEEEESEPEEEEEEEEEE52555535E5555535353555555E1ErSrirEr5rErErEf53EE55E5::. H 1 fr I I '0T?fx'X-f'7bLXYll " . -A 5-.j""f-' A-sl efwf ,X I :I 'lun' AUSVL' GLENN C. CHAN, "G1enny" 'V Iqxlfflb' . "Can't We Be Friends" My h X0 Gym Club 135g Alpha 1155 Service k S . jx, f XJ Club, Chess and Checker. A 5. ll-I 145' All i A Ax MARVEL E. CLARK, "Champion" K "You Belong to Me" i Vi ' G. A. A., Madrigal, Pres.g Sr. Girls' Glee, Pres., Cithara Club, Pres., - Girls' League, Sec., Opera Leads. I i FLORENCE J. COHEN, "Flo" , , "Sweetie" ' 'gl Girls' League 1253 Railsplitter Staff 3 1 lf Science Club 1253 Service Club 125. 7 ,A ' I 5' RUTH B. S. COHEN, "Ruthie, Dear" "Looe Me" Campfire Girl.s 1255 Girls' League 1255 Etiquette Club 1259 Scribblers' Club 125, Alpha. 'M ISL - X. X V. . I . X QW MABEL CONWAY, f'Mickey" I H7 G 1J'LA,01i2I3VhfKn11L0u'?5jDfg1e to gre" w ' , Q . . . 3 p a 5 ome co- 1 nomics 1155 Servi-ce Club 165. 3 711' . IR i ' Q' W' Q. AURORA CORDOBA, "Ro" I 2 psi "My Fate Is in Your Hands" fx . 1 Service Honors, G. M. C. Q , Q' fixgflf PATTIE FIELD COULSON, "Pat" "Without 0, Song" Girls' League 1125 3 Science Club 115, Girls' Service 125. IDA ROSE CREALESE, "Midge" "Lovable and Sweet" ' . Science Club 1253 Girls' League 1553 ' Girls' Service 1355 G. A. A. 1555 Commer-cial Club 125, Service Hon- ors. DARREL DAVIS, "D, D." "To Be Forgotten" L Jr. "L" Society, Pres., Varsity Foot- ' ball 1153 Varsity Track. WIN 'limb 'xx X !'h , 1 ' N WILLIAM E. DAVIS, JR., "Eddie" ! 4' ' "Nobody's Using It Now" s fn 5 Sr. Boys' Glee 1353 "L" Society 185g I Distinguished Service Honors, Gym , Club 185, Pres.. 5 .I I I -. I -4 .' I' ,C . f . 1 fl! '-.' .Qu 29 jf :EU fl if' E A, :Q x ' 1 i uf.. .Q y ' 'Mix - " " - I 'F .. ' fl-,. ' I ne- " 'P E- '- .' ff 5 - 1 . -. N ' vi g . I5 f '51 1 .11 ' is, ' 3 ..,.1,::11::., ..:ZlI::,:.:::1::, :::1::Z::1::::, . 1 'S ,. -A , Lf X 1 t 77243 625. . l.,eQQr'j..-5,5 HI x-- . x i5 ff' Ai I :Tb- WJ "ww, 411111 W, .- EDWARD DUFFIELD, "Duffy" if Q1-1 -15. . "Pa,i'ade of the Wooden Soldiers" MQ' ' 2 Science Club 131, Pres.3 R. O. T. C. f, , 3 ,f-3 Captain3 Forestry Club 131, Pres.3 ,j " Distinguished Service Honors. 1 51 3- .JOSEPH C. ESTRADA, ffnstyff "Hot Lips" ' . Safety Club 1213 International Club i 1113 Harmonica Club 121. 5 FRANCES EVANS, "Frankie" Q ' "Here Ain I" I-," X1 Girls' Sport Commissioner, Service v -, gg 1,4 T Club 1613 Girls' V.-P.3 Safety Club, ,I lf 'I , Pres.3 Girl.s' Leagueg 4-star Letter. X My ' SOPHIA EVANS, "Sophie Tucker" ,f 17 " . "Find Me a Primitive Man" 1, . ,,rQ,:1 ffl Science Club 1213 Girls' League 1313 ,Q ' Service Club 121. Q , " - I I , . 0 A 5 I i ESTI-TEC? FA?-l'R,l"Re3l Head? " ota. eein ' l' " .- -3 ' I W1 Railsplitter Editor, Scri,b?ble1?s,zCLg.F.3 11 V f 1 . Ephebian 3 Com. of Publications, Dis- rl 3 4 . . . .Av , v ka f tmguished Service Honors. e 1 ff ' ' FRED F. FAGIN "Viper" 5 ' "The Pagan Ijove Song" 13 ' Jolly Warblers 1113 French Club A ,Q , ' 3 ' 1113 Service Club 1213 Photography 4 I' Club 1113 Aircraft club, 111. PAUL FERUZZI, "Fuzzy" "You Were Meant for Me" Senior Orchestra 1415 R. O. T. C., Corp.3 Service Club 1113 ' ALDA E. FOWLER, "Happy" I "Lucky in Love" Senior Girls' Glee 161, Sec.3 Girls' 1 League. 1813. V.-P.3 Girls' Service 3 181 3 Distinguished Service Honors. 2 WENDEL A. FOWLER, "W " 1: "Little by Little" an - s u Alpha 1213 Science Clubg Chess and J I I 1' fhlu Cggfcker 1213 Service 1213 Mechanics I . 1 1 1 N: , ' I 3 JOEHL1. GARCIA, "Joe El" ' oino'r'row" 2 1' 4' Service Club 161 3 Chess and Checker3 - XX International Club. ' f 1 ' 'if 1 33 Q! fyfi 111:03 vr I , . by u..,.1 ln, -Aww ' f . , xl," ::1:::::: ':::: ' , 5+ - 1 Q ::'::: E , ' e 41 L45 1 ::::.l,1,:, ::..... 1 'Y A 'f' A 3 l f gb l I l NN.C!g7l::AYlf 'r . bf! N 5-:7-Off., yr 3 Nl A V. SARAH A. GONZALES, fflloveyrf ffivllpivykxlywdj' '31 Love Yon" ,QX 3,1 Q 0 - Happy Chanters, Pres.3 .Sr. Girls' IN- ' .'f f Gleeg Madrigal Club, Pres.3 Spanish K. N31 pw Club C853 Service HOHOFSQ G. A. A. f 6 af 5 L 'fm Y FH I GEORGE GORDON, "Gordy" "Feelin' the Way I Do" , Service Club C453 Alpha C353 Com- 3 mercial-Accounting Honors. - - 1 l WILLIAM GROUND, ffsweet Wil- 5 Ham" ' 4j 1, "Forget Your Yesterday" - CT 3. ,Q ly- - ul? Y ' . MO-DESTO GRASSO, "Mud" "Singing 'in the Bathtub" Usher Club C153 Aeronautics Club C153 Service Club C15. EDWARD W. HASENYAGER, "Ed- die" "Oh! My! My! It's Almost Cowrt- in' Time" Gym Club3 V.-P.3 Sr. Boys' G1ee3 "L" Society, V.-P.3 Distinguished Service Honors. , MAXINE RUTH HAYEK, "Max" "Chant of the Jungle" Girls' League C253 Bookstore -C153 Girls' Service C253 Play Crafters C5. -FRANCES HAPGOOD, "Fran" "All That I'm,Asking" Service Club C353 G. A. A. C253 Gir.ls' League C353 Service Honors. - MARY LOU HENNIG, "Bobby" "Mary Lou" Sr. Girls' Glee C353 G. A. A. C353 Madrigals, Sec.3 Girls' Leagueg Serv- ice Honors. - YOWKO HIRAIZUMI, "Yew" "Gypsy Love Song" Sakura Kwai C25, Pres., Treas.3 Sci- ence Club3 Girls' League C35. GERTRUDE HINDMAN, "Major" "Pd Do Anything for You" Honorary Major3 Service Club C353 Alpha C153 Distinguished Service Honors. nl fxx A Wie f 5' P QW. V7 cp I U S A bi Q , tl " x5 3 1 i It 'fx If I WIN "mx km X .4 3 f' ! fn . 1 5 , I I I -' , , in 4 ' 31 .RJ ' . 'F :Q N QL: WR, . yy I g' L1 ',i. "ff V h , ' :L ix'-f 1.'. L D f ily iw- . 53 pl .1, I " llK:iQli.fE+Q ffl 11l1iilfAwf'2Ill" Rf Wx 'iw 3: f N 2 lp, , 1 19 .1 ' - X 1 A , . ff fs I' ... W1 Y . ,Kd 5 ' Q1 f S f Xu 7' 1 111. Pi ' , 46. .X P ..l 1115 fi 1 K 1 lin H - J. ROY HOLLAND, "Prexy" "I-le's So U'nn.sua,l" Student Body Presidentg Sr. Boys' Glee3 Jolly Warblers3 Distinguished Service Honors 3 Ephebian. JOSEPH ITO, "Spider" "Stepp'in' Along" "L" Society 1313 Service Club 1413 Boys' League 1413 Varsity Track Mgr.3 Distinguished Service Honors, DOROTHY MAE JUNG, "Dottie" "Love's Old Sweet Song" Girls' League 1613 Service 1313 Hap- py Chanters 1113 Science Club 111. ALEX P. KASIMOFF, "Si" "Kiss Me Again" Sr. Boys' Glee 1313 Young Barry- mores 1113 Service 1113 Varsity Football. WILBUR KENT, "Minky" "Song of the Jungle" ' gr.bOrchestra 151, Pres. 3 Cithara lu . MARY NANETTE KERR "No, No, Nanette" Lead Captain Applejackg Distin- guished Service Honors, Commis- sioner. CLAIRANNIS LOCKWOOD, 'Claire' "One Alone" Girls' League, Playcrafters, Sec.3 Service Club3 G. A. A.3 Etiquette 1113 Campiire 1113 Alpha 111. FRANCIS M. MARKLEY, "Markie" "We Loo ' I e Us ' Boys' League, Pres.3 Sr. Hi-Y., Pres.3 R. O. T. C., Capt. Adj.3 Service Hon- OTS? Alpha. EDWARD MARTIN, "Eddie" : "Walking Around in a. Dream" ': , hO. T.AC.h1413JSe51ior Orchestra, it arag lp a 1 3 ervice Honors 3 f 'Il hm 'Aw Leads, "In Old Monterey" and "Capt. fx l I Applejackf' 13. lx I MARY G. MARTIN, "Gertie" lis "Lover Come Back to Me" 1 XVI Alpha 1313 Girls' League 161, Pres.3 1 X-X Sr. Girls' Glee 1513 G. A. A. 141. I 1 l 3 I . 1 . L. - f 2 1- J! I, :H- ',,, 471 1 '-mx' fi if I . JI I . . A W' 1 me g 1 If . if 3. ff' f?i5i5E5i?i5i?i2f2s :s1af s fsfs2:52222:2sisfsfs22sfsSsfsfs2s2sfefe2a2s2s2afz2efe eef 5555553555355 :s:s:s:z:sfs: sfs1s:s: e :sfe 2 sfe2s2s2sfs252as2e2e2efa2fefseae12feas:ea2Qs52525sgsgsfsfsqsgs.sgsgs.sgfgsfe :s: :fz az. :f:f:q: seff:f:g1g1f.g...g.gfQ.5.msg2.2555552555555555.55gg555555:gg555f.f.ggf5fgig55E5E555,, I . xi? na Illgfm,fgZg:g1f -A 17! "' X. I it ROBERT L. M-QCALLON, "Bob" 5 xxx frfib' 3 GH! A "Love, Y owr Magic Spell Is Ev- ' Wy erywhefrev . ix f No y0X Gym Club, Sec.-Treas. 3 "L" .Society X fix' , 125. 411-0: . -lla ' JAMES MCKENZIE, "Jimmie" "You've Got That Thing" Sr. Boys' Glee 145. Pres.3 Service ' -Club3 Service Honors3 Opera Lead, , i "Bandit Lover" 3 Yell Leader. 1 DAN B. McMILLAN, JR., "Bandit" 5 ' , "Song of India" 4 ,V '5 Jolly Warblers 1153 Sr. Boys' Glee 2 1253 Sr. Orchestra 1353 Service Club , V: - .1 1253 Playcrafters 115. Q N 1 ETHYL C. MILLS, "Lizzie Clutz" , . "Sweet Mystery of Life" f' 1 X Alpha 1153 Campfire Girls 115, Pres. 3 . A503 ' , Service Club 125 3 Playcrafters, V.-P.3 X. X 1 Madrigal Glee Club, Treas. X I 5 , f' SARKIS K. MIRANIAN, "Arax" ' ll 1 "Pm a Dreamer" W . 5 International Club, Pres.3 R. O. T. C.3 ,fxxwvhj Troubadours 1153 Play Production. X! 7,,.' S U 1 H V- JOSE R. NEVAREZ, "I-losey" x "Get Up" fix, Railsplitter Sport Editor 1253 Asst. - l 1 Sport Editor, 1929 Lincolniang Serv- . hx, jx ice Club 115 3 ,Spanish Club. - 1 EDITH M. OSELLAME, "Smiles" "Smiles" Girls' League 125 3 Girls' Service 1253 Alpha 155, Sec. FRANK F. ONISHI, "Dazzy" ' 3 "Pm Just a Vagabond Lover" I Troubadour.s, Jolly Warblers, "L" So- cietyg Service Honors. , ANGELINA PALADINO, "Peggy" - "At Sundown" - L. Winner3SService flgglgnncgsi A. 3. 15 3 G'rls' ervice 3 1r s eague ' 113g Allv. Dan-cing, Pres. VIH 'HRX lxx Syl . f' ' HATTIE RUTH PERKINS,"Goldie" ' I ll ' I "I f Pm D'l'6lL77L'l:'I'lg,, , ff' G. A. A. 1253 Science Club3 Labora- I tory Assistant. : I , PI K K wi X Xl, 's 7 D! - Lsiuj A .. L IX I '91, gf .'1llnunnmnnf' . ff' ' Z 1 " 1 ,gf 3 f'P "ll7IP?g1ll4-5' if R X .-.iffi l' -- Q H , 1. VQEE '.f:T:'iB3 fy ,f 'iibs 1 11. full" rg ' 1- 1, X, 1,1 - MILDRED E. ROSSI, f'Mi11y" 11 , gif r 41 "All 1 Ask 18 sympathy" 'fd 4 G. A. A. 1413 service Club may fig A Z Home Economics 1619 Girls' Bandg ef- Girls' League 1315 Madrigal Glee. x ' .-1 1' JOHN MCR. REDMOND, JR., "Red" "I f I Wefre You, I'd Fall in Love ' with Me" i Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseball. X 5 ERNEST G. SCHOPFER, "Ernie" 7 , "My Big Thfrilln ' Q "L" Society 121g Hi-Y 151, Pres.g 'SVIQ T Boys' League 151, Sec.g C. S. F., Al- ! ' ..0,:'f' .1 'fQ41l! li. ' V1 f f, K , . iq' 1. X L6 1 . 'K 7 K if I pha 1815 Distinguished Service Hon- ors. KATHARINE M. SAVE "Kay" "My Strongest Weakness" G. A. A. 1215 Clioadelphians 1113 Bibliomaniacs 1115 Happy Chanters. RICHARD W. SHIFFLET, "Dick" "Collegiate Sam" Troubadours 1113 Boys' League 1115 Hi-Y 121. JAMES D. SASSOE, "Frenchie" "Bigger, Better Than Ever" .11 .QW - A C "L" Society 1315 Stage Crewg R. O. f 'V " T. C.g Varsity Footballg Head Yell U Leader. - SOL G. SLOTNIKOW, "Slot" "Say a Prayer" Chess and Checker 1315 Football 1215 Track 111. I DAN J. SMITH, "Dan, Dear" "Bee's Knees" S. P. Q. R.g Ephebiang C. S. F.5 Serv- , ice Honors. CLEMENT C. .SMITH, "Clementine" -5 . L "?k,Iilly gzaoclivg Clgmentiwgf' - inco n nig s 3 tag re 3 I 1 ffl Mm 'IW IRI. o. T. C., Distinguishedeservize 1 onors. 1 I ,NH ' ' ' A RUTH sTocK, "Angel" xy I "Miss Wonderful" . . Sr. Girls' Gleeg Service Clubg Girls' 4 League 5 Service Honors. l I 1 ' 1 1 f Xt F jf., 11, 1 .- :I 5 1 A 'l ip 2 M244 l L......... . . .. ,. I - xi, f , 45? ' l X 4 5- 2- gif F 1 " " 5?-:TQl1Z4s,N! " 1 Wl f-Fkxv bf i 11 p- It '- J, NICHOLAS A. TAULLI, "Cutie" llXlfflXXl'x"'lQH, "Melancholy Baby" '." ' :Qty Alpha 1353 Railsplitter StaH 1253 Sr. K ' 'XJ I A. Treasurer3 Printing Department QAT 1 . Honors. I., I 1 X FRANCIS T. HANAKA, "Frank" "Song of the Nile" Baseball 1253 Chess and Checkers 1353 Science Club 1153 Jolly Warb- lers 1153 Alpha 115. CLAIRE J. TERRANOVA, "Jo-Jo" "H'lo Baby" Play Production 1153 Safety Clubg Girls' Band 115, Sec.3 Girls' Reserve. LOUISE ELSIE THOMAS, "Lou" ccfioneyn Girls' League 1253 Girls' Serviceg Science 115. ANNA TODARO, "Curly" "Rag-Time Annie" C. S. F.3 Public Speaking Honorsg Distinguished Service Honors3 Scrib- blers 1253 Girls' League. ENRIQUETA M. VILLAREAL, NQ1-letan . "Springtime in the Rockies" I ' ,, I 5 M illifhhilffu xx x rl A .W A I I 5 ,. milllln, X5 X 4 ' I... '41 5 - Wy S ?QQ5 l Girls' Lea,gue3 Girls' Service. -1 1, FAJ11, ALEX M. VOLKOF'F, "Al" "Montfrea,l" Asst. Circ. Mgr. Railsplitter 1153 Circ. Mgr. Ra.ilsplitter3 Printing De- partment Honors. CLIFFORD F. WALSH, "Cliff" Q I "If He Cured" Baseball 1253 Science'Club 115. ROBERT C. WATSON, "Bob" "The Utah Trail" :. ' Science Club 1253 Mechani-cs Club ' 1153 Electricity 115. WIN Mlm 'xx X .Nh ' l fu 4 HERBERT WELTS, "Herbie" c M , "On with the Show!" f Stage Crew, Chief Flyman. I I , : I P l - I Q- I ' " Mil, 35 if l l 1 all r'1 I. Iv .L .4 .Q '.. 'X . ' I ' I 1 -'s 5 K Av .1 3 33 i x fm - , zz. fi 2 bg -.............:.:::1:1::1::1::,:::f::::.,,4..4.,.,A.,,,,.A,AQA ,,,,,,,::: iiiiii ::::::::::::::::,::.1.f :.Z.I.1:I1:Z1:Zii:I:IZZIZ:,:ffi:,ziZ:IZ1:Z,:.Z.Z.i.I.I.Z.I.I.:.iiIllf:::::::.:22:1::1:.,.,... ...,....,,,,,.,.W. ,...,.,.,,,.,,,. . ., J X m .,...,.4,..,Q,.,.,.,.,,..,A,. .......,., ..,,.,,,,..,.....,.,,,,.Q. ...,..,A,.,.....Q. ...,. Q.,.,,,.4A,. .,.,.,.,Q.........,.Q.,...,.A.,A,.,.,,,.,.,.,Q,.4.,.,.,,..,.,.,Q:.:.:.:4l.:,:.:4,.:,.,.,.,.,,,.A,,.,.,.,.,,,.,.,.:.:.i., . I -Xxx-gl: F: N W :s YJ X A xlib f,lMy,1 A Sf . 111 A A A1711 MARY WHERRITT, "Sunny" "Painting the Clouds with Sun- shine" Alpha 1513 Cithara 131, Sec.3 Adv. Dancing 121, V.-P.Q C. S. F.3 Rifiery. II. f . 1' " 1 2 x fl: ' M! MAE WILSON, "Giggles" f "Tain't No Sm to Take eff Your ' Skin" 2 Girls' League 131 3 Girls' Service 131 3 J Science 131, Sec.3 G. A. A. 111 3 Hap- - py'Chanters, Pres. 3 Beg. Dancing 111. s .P ' I x .I GEORGE W. WONG, fifnengv fir, N' T' "Horses" fi. X -nf QQ 1 International C1ub3 Jolly Warb1ers3 if Electricity Club. f flf YQ A- R 1--. IRENE B. WRIGHT, Hcrique-tie" f fyhaff yq "If I Can't Hwve You" 4 ' 4 Girls' League 1313 Science 1113 Eti- ' , I qeutte 1113 Service 1213 Pres. H. R.3 A I 1 . I Safety Club 111. M 4, . ' G-. KENNETH A. EMANUEL, ffsnekef' fuvvffx A "Lucky You and Lofvable Me" -RV I 2 'W1' 5 gfchitgctugajl Carib bf213fJ,r. Boys' "'s.?f ee jYaI1eI'S1. 31 9 5139 f ' MARY A. DUFFIELD, "Sister" X5 fi "shes e New Kind of Old-Faf 1-1,3 I ' sionecl Girl" .Ve .1 G. A. A. 4313 Girls' League 1515 sei- ence Club 1513 Etiquette Club 1213 Distinguished Service Honors. MARY CLARA LAMM, "Lamb" IKM'-A-R-Y!! Sr. Glee 1313 Adv. Dancing 1213 A Cithara 1313 Alpha 1413 Scribblers , 141, Pres.3 2-star Letter. . I DAVID L. KEENE, "Hercules" "Singing in the Rain" Basket Ball Club 111. I 1 ,, ROBERT L. McCONNELL, "Gooky" ' ' I ' . f'Happy Days and Lionely Nights" 1 1 ,,g I ll" MW Service Club 429, Architectural Club 'X' 111Q Forestry Club 111. I . lx A EUGENE GONZALES, JR., "Chili" 'N "Turn on the Heat" X11 , Spanish Club 1413 Baseball Club3 xi 3 Mgr. Societyg "L" Society3 Distin- guished Service Honors. Wy ,Jn L l 1 . ? 'XFN 1- . , l' vv, ,513 111112 WA , ' n lkw l - 37 F i f 1 ' 1 I . Q I!" I, - i 3. up Q 5 Q5 'xkfixxkx 7 , ' I ' I N ,., U 0 EN-liiill A F., . X 5-xy! if - r "a i I 1- JOSEPH W. PILLSBURY, "Doc" ' fix Q "Hang on to Me" f. ' 'fb Architectural Club 1113 s. P. Q. R.g 3 X13 Young Barrymores 1213 Service Club ' f A . . I L V-A STANLEY G. PINTARELL, "Nug- gets' "W'hal D0 I C'a're?" 1 "L"-Society 111g Alpha 1213 Base- f ball Varsity Team 131. - I 4' I xg l RAYMOND R. POULTON, "Pollie" 4 ,Q A1 ifcpicffffo Iifteu M ' H ' T Z" 52 1 X p a , res. 3 us1c onors, 12 5 x C. S. F.3 Service Honors3 "Capt, Ap- V wig... 1' Plejacki' . X- X, p 'HX C XX GRACE R. POWELL, "Props" , Q ' N 5-AZN. - 1 "In the Bye and Bye, Sweetheart" X. X IV 1 Girls' League 1213 Girls' Service 1213 I - 0 Girls' Etiquette 1113 Girls' Band. 1 l II ,gp . ALBERT RANDIS, "Al" ' ' "She Calls Me" 1 7 1 Boys' League 1113 Service Club 1113 QQ ,A ' V Astronomy 1113 Varsity Track 121. LEWIS P. REITERMAN, JR., "Lush" 1 3 QQ: "Ba'r'nacle Bill, the Sailor" -' "ANA Aircraft Club 1613 Chess and Checker ' . Club 1113 R. O. T. C. 1413 Class C Track. RUTH LUCILE RHOADS, "Dusty" "Dream Lover" International Club 1113 Etiquette Club3 Alpha Honors. " ANTONIO L. RIOS, "Tony" "La GolorLdr'ina" Alpha 1113 Varsity Basket Ball. HENRIETTA A. Rios, "Henry" 7' "Rose of the Rio Grande" 'JIM M111 hx X ly! Girls' League, Girls' .Service. h ' 1 X, A - I ll l I MARIE VALERIE, ffvar' f "' ' "Because" I . S I ' Pr , s . . 7, 14 1" 9' 9' f i -H' ' Ns' Q 3 In !1"'-i v., ' Q I -A kg WNW -IYEN f 1 i t I 4 5 xx X - w e ' ' ' i . i N, 1 3-- II, . 1 1 V p 1 X I J Y +4 S - 0 , 1 I ' -k-.--1 2 -..- -5iiifi3f5f5f5f3fflif3l5f5f3f 3:5f f fffffiifliii i fifififififififlfiiififi .4 - ' ' :- I IYKIQQQ-QQ HH x A ff' 1' . m6flyA,f"ll'7 If L f fl, xxx ' l l if X-ff' dx E I 345 OOMMENOEMENT PROGRAM 1 l 957 All WINTER 1930 rl Andante Cantabile from The First Symphony f - f Beethoven ' Processional, "All Hail to Lincolnl' ff-f f PetersonfCurtis I Lovely Ap ear from "The Redem tion" -ff' if f f ' Gounod I P P CLASS WINTER 1930 X , A Word of Welcome i 1 ' Jefferson Roy Holland, Jr. 'ffffff President of Student Body -L 'R' Q R. O. T. C. Honorable Discharges D, ii' r Presentation 'f'ff f f Francis M. Markley I f E, I N Conferring of Honors ff-fff'fff Colonel E. W. Claalrlg ' ' ' i 1 A Song-Morning Hymn fff-fff'fff-'ff George Hensc el - GRAOUATING MEMBERS, SENIOR GIRLS, GLEE CLUB 'I X 0 N df f N, Scholarship Honors 1 Sfwl L Presentation ff'ffffff-ff' Edith Marie Osellarne ' , I KN , Conferring of honors -I - Marjorie Nichols, VicefPrincipal N 1 I 0 5 I Solo for Clarinet with Orchestra 'Q RAYMOND RALPI-I POULTON I , Department Honors I ' Qi Presentation f-ff-ffffff-f Donald .Lester Atwood , . Conferring of Honors --ffff Bessie Lea French, Class 'Teacher , A, . ' 5 '-Nl P Soprano 'Solos ' I MARVEL ELLEN CLARK E gy fr L21 f Vocational Certificates f Presentation 'ff'fff--f--f Robert Calder Watson Www: I A Conferring of Honors - f Roger Beekman Van Pelt, VicefPrincipal N f - Violin Solo fi . MARX' WHERRIT Service Honors ' Presentation 'f-fffffff f Edward Miner Duffield Conferring of Honors - f ' Homer Dickason, W '20 Distinuished Service Honors Presentation ffffffffffffff Alda Ethlyn Fowler Song-Homing ff'ffff-fffffffff 'Teresa Del Riego I ' GRADUATING MEMBERS, SENIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB , Ephebian Honors l - Presentation -'f'fffffffffff Esther Louise Farr , Conferring of Honors f f f Clyde Thornton, W '20 ' Presentation of Class, Winter 1930 l ETHEL PERCY ANDRUS, Principal ,g Conferring of Diplomas A ' ' MR. WILLIAM WINTERS TRITT, Ass't. Sup't. of L.A. City Schools Il ,11 ,lm ldv Acceptance ff-ff ' 'fff-ffff JOSEPH BUA, Class President I I Welcome to Alumni Association t 'Y LAURENCE LEE, President of Alumni Association, 1930 ,N 'Q ' ghe ReciesIsionalTGOcl of Our Fathers ffffffff' KiplingfDeKo'uen xy' aps an evei e. 1 Xx 'f 1 1 wr 414 N I f lllff ixvn l . M A l. i, I - I ' I I rf' ' x l' ' 1 : o 12 I A ll! I ioioi 1 A Q f 2 I. f ' ' I 'feiiisiifeeilr y 'T IN rII'Ia:TilIIIMII, a I A SENIOR'S SOLILOQUY 1-'swrwf y S0 I L, I Nb DN , X ' I- I W' f ' A I Ho,.hum. Here I am, but just where am I? When I was a ' . ' l scrub with oversized ears and feet that didn't track, it seemed to me that being a senior was about all that anyone could wish for. Why, I used to think that the faculty sat up nights trying to think I up nice things to say to seniors. And I still think they sit up I nights to hatch out words to pass on to the seniors. But what - words! Roll your own, big boy, roll your own. - - 4 . ... I .But here I am, and by the Great Horned Spoon, I'1l soon be , l QQ? - getting dunned for Alumnae Association dues if something doesn't fl-QQI I I I go hay-wire, muy pronto. , I 1. Nil' K N, I When I was a scrub I guess I never really thought I'd live 'KX' I long enough to graduate. Certain other cynical folks frequently I ' IN7 ' expressed doubts along the same line. But all along, I've had it beaten into me, figuratively speaking, of course, that a fellow had to stick it out and graduate or be a quitter. Sometimes they were IX' ' If a little foggy as to just why I must graduate, but I must do it. W X AWD , Mustn't disgrace my family, mustn't disgrace my class, and mustn't 5 vb! Q 4 1" disappoint my teachers. Once in a while they even went so far as Q I I ik Y I to say that I ought to turn the trick- for my own good. - Q .N n ':f.3K- l So I've plugged along. Made Alpha one- term. Two teachers I3 died of apoplexy when that happened, so out of respect for the "I f . f I faculty, I slowed up on the use of the mid-nite oil. , I One fall I played football. I lost two teeth, but to make up for that I collected two black eyes and a Charley horse. Had lots of fun at it and learned a few odds and ends about football and a I lot more about being a sport. I One year I got ambitious and tried out for basketball. Coach ' said that if speed, accuracy, intelligence, and intestinal fortitude weren't necessary, I'd probably be a whiz. I'm not sure, but I I think that was meant for a dirty dig. I All spoofing aside, I believe there are some things that have 5- 1 filtered into my ivory. I've really gotten wise to a few pointers. -UWM MN- 'N X t ,I What are they? One thing that took longest to soak in is the fact x H that even when teachers roll you out flat and burn you up that I 4 I they really want to see you make something out of yourself. I ' 1 l i f ' I used to suppose they got paid according to the number they suc- , I "' - 5 I ' 'I I A Ee' I I W I ' fbi -H '- '4 QL A V ,lg , lx -I , 39 F . I I . -Q . II ,, N b-in P . -I jj . J I ,, Q A IM I ,wax f' , 1 5 I .IX 1 J, lXX,' 4 , I w I .. 1 "I I 3' lllllxi flfix ff lr . 1 I tfiiiytfi-E I ids' if 'I a I , A H lx -vu X ,I I .. T pr-g 7 q fl .qu , ' Qi , Wffa , . , ' 511 I , I I-55-Fi v ' ii-Q7 A v W' . W . I 'Wy 'nl I , 'I ,,t 0llI IAM! ' '. , sg' li ' E Q5 xv, . xy 'V J lu N . ' : 'IN ' lk L "yy Simy ,sq p nut ln,-Allmm Hllxs - ceeded in flunking. Then one day when I had said that Columbus wrote the Declaration of Independence, the lady fyou know the one I meanl nailed me before I could make my getaway. In words of one syllable, or less, she showed me that if I iiunked it really meant that she'd fallen down on her job. Pardon the intrusion, but in case you are confused on the subject, it wasn't Columbus who wrote the Declaration. He's known for another stunt, but we won't go into that no-W. Anything else? Yeah, the Big Shots. There are two- kinds of 'em. One is all noise and the other packs a punch like a Missouri mule's hind wheels. The first one wants to see his name in the 'Splitter and his map in the Lincolnian. When free ducats are dished out he's at the head of the line. When work's the dish, he isn't even at the foot of the line. He's off on one side talking importantly to the faculty. He always tries to make them think he's a cross between Solomon and a tree full of owls. He gets offices and doesn't work anything but his trap. The Big Shot with the punch is an egg of- another fea.ther, if you get me. When he was a scrub and a tenth grader, he did a lot of work for nothing. By the time he was a B11 they let him do a lot of work that the other kind of B. S., meaning Big Shot, of course, was getting most of the credit for. 'Sfunny. The chump seemed to enjoy doing things he didn't even get publicity for. But I've noticed that when the faculty get out the prizes that it's this kind of a skronk that rates. And how! One other curious item I added to my mental museum is this: When you've pulled a boner don't be too free with the alibis. For a couple of years you never caught me short of a good line 'in case I got hooked. I could explain even ditching so well that the e-ntire force in the Attendance Office would break into tears before I finished my little bed-time story. Then one day when I'd gummed the works and was called on by higher authorities for an explana- tion, the Power-As-Is looked very pained and said: "Well, Alibi Ike, which of your numerous grandmothe-rs died this time ?" D'ye know, I be-gan to believe that my line wasn't so good. All of a sudden I found myself telling the truth. I don't know who was more surprised, me or the P. A. I. fPower-As-Isl. When I said I'd been a long eared, two-legged donkey I got the first real smile I'd fCo'ntimted on Page 2191 SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR - ROY ANTISTA EMANUEL J. GREEN CECIL MANELL, "Cece" LEE MILAZZO JOE RANGEL RAMIREZ LEE SANFORD ANNA MAE THOMPSON WILLIAM V. PRATA TOMI YAMAMOTO CARL N. FERENDELLI, "Hank" KG ' H 77 H armomca, enfry 'Troubadours 165, Harmonica Band 1175 Class C Basket Ball. HELGE RINDELL, "Shorty" "How Am I to Know?" "L" Society 1715 Cithara Club C115 Tennis Team 165, Captain. MARIO LOUIS ALESSIO 40 'M . ' G, X ' I 44 S ' I. .. . ..... , R O H ll4f,3RW1r5T5gyy-R- R OO ,.,,,..,,...,... Syl. XX Xix pf- X M4350 "K V 0 Q 5 4 - Z Q f X Q, gg A , ' X . . It . Q 'X T. VC -N 'Q ' NURXZN' Ml wx - J ,, -syn ' DAN SE-ATON LORETTA LANER I NX' l X H SUMMER CLASS OFFICERS ,W lr lj , ,Q QXXXULH. SUMMER CLASS EPHERIANS M SX- ty QX .:I7.Zx,4 X W , vu ffxf I 'yhd 'HRX 'xx X . , fx M ! ll Q I ' no 9 E I ' LORETTA LANER J OSEPHINE GROVES Pnl, . MORRISON WOOD MARY HATTOR1 BOB R A- N Ag' ,, , R . . I w .4 4. im P ru, ?, ' -LL, S " R . Q' R .N 9 0 ': ,ix ., X '- A.. ggi - X "Ex ' -, f X Av' S A ' 1, 3 11 , 1 2-gf" g fl -li gs' lmc f H irrnxiiwb' . ..s.fegW.-EQ PHT ff' YW x f-7 ' M61 ,Wx Qf 1111 'f 111 K I i 5 2 I ' ' J' X if-' 1 X W ,Rr-S s Q 1 X7' fffyti- j' ' ll ii ifi' 4 ,Q K . X111 ff 13 1 .. Y .1 ' V Q e lv fo :N 9 4 ,xs 11 16216 'rl 1 I If I I n Vi 1 ll' ,hm 'Aw 1 . lik ! IQQ X5 I 1' 11 I ff " , ff 1 W3'xPNlUif FRANCES ADAMS, "Finnie" "Sing, You Sinners" D League 141, Service 141, Merry Ori- oles, Cantata. DON ALLEN, "Nimble Fingers" "Raganw,yjin Romeo" Playcrafters 121, Sec., Young Bar- rymores 121, Pres., Cithara 121, Scribblers 111, Sec., Aud Calls, Op- eras, Plays, Orchestra. EDDIE R. BAKER, "Bullet" "I Love Yon, Believe Me, I Love You" Manage-rs' Society, V-.P. 111, Class "C" Coach, 1928 Football, Asst. Var- sity Football Mgr., 1927, 1928, 1929. DORTHY ALLEN, "Dot" Service Club 181, Girls' V.-P. Stu- dent Body, 4-star "L" Winner, G. A. A. 151, President, Campfire 151, President. NITA PAULINE AGHEM, "Neet" "Precious" Sr. Orchestra 161, Sr. Glee 121, G. A. A. 121, Cithara 141, String En- semble. V.-P., Alpha, Service Hon- ors, Girls' League. PAUL H. BENDIX, "Bendy" "Lonely Tronbadonrn R. O. T. C. 131, Sr. Orchestra 161, QIZTIESS and Checker Club 141, League JOSEPH BARNES, "Jo" "If I Were King" AMELIA ARVIZU, "Melita" "Under a Texas Moon" Alpha 111, Service 141, League 141, Spanish Club 141, Sec., Home Room R. R. 111. FRANCES AGUILAR "Giggles" "Thinking of Y ou" Happy Chanters 111, Spanish Club 151, League 111. EMMA ALBO, "Em" "She's That Way"- Lfeague 141, Service 121, G. A. A. W ML x .f,f1AXv 4 ' wh . ' -i I...-..... . . .. LILLIAN BERMAN, "Lil" 3 4 X . 'Q ss I xii' , ..,. 7 1 I 'J ' A Y, 1 xxx' ' x N' ,V rff 13 , "':'Nff,Q1'- if-A 49- fix X if uf'-F7 View ' A AVN? W "You Will Come Back to Me" KX- K in RJ Alpha 145g Girls' League 1355 Girls' S fly f Service 1353 Happy Chanters. -' 4 ' fl A f . F ,pf , ORESTI BOCCIGNONE, "Rusty" E ' "Mafrquita" N Managers Clubg Vocational Certiii- ' categ Class B Track. - STEPHEN. BOSUSTOW, "Stevie" .. ' "Rhapsody in Blue" r . 4 ,I 'Q Sr. Boys' Glee Club 1453 Athenians lf 1613 Art Honorsg Alpha Honors. 1 T 94- 3 - QQ N A MARY BACIGAL-UPI, "Bobbie" ig e"Mafry, Dea'r" ," Xml, 0 MDXVUIN Jr. Girls' Glee Clubg Girls' Serviceg A ,Egg 1 Girls' Leagueg Happy Chantersg G. A I 5531! A. A.g G. A. 0.5 G. M. C. ,N N QV, I fr V A OPAL BRANDON, "Pal" A l' 17 R 1"Ifeepfin'SMyself for got?" G1 :W I ai sp itter taffg Sr. ir s' ee ' " Clubg Girls' Leagueg Girls' Service 1 7 4 Clubg Service Honors. ,,k' ly X MARCUS M. BRUCE, "Markie" Ja "Hanging of Danny Deaver" fx S "L" Society 125, Pres.g Boys' Sports - K , Commissioner. ui fig! DARRELL B. BREWER, "Blub" "Song of the Bayou" Senior Orchestra 185, Concertmasterg Tiger Trio 135g String Ensemble 1233 In Old Monterey, Student Com- poser. THEORA KAY BRENDEL, "Teddy" ' 4:My Pets: Girls' League Presidentg Sr. Girls' Glee Club 155g Militaryg Distin- guished Servi-ce Honors. DOROTTZHY BRBUIIZIER, "Dot" Q. " at's ou, a y" G. A. A.g Home Economicsg Happy Wim "'lll lxg X '14 Chanters. ' lx A 1 I I I DAVID M. BYERS, "Sleepy" , ' 'n- "China- Boy" - R. O. T. C., lst .Sergeant 1515 Sr. . Boys' Glee Club 121. I I ' I . :. 'fi' I7 ,ss . A' . X Vw' :Af 43 rs, .Q Ag: L 31. :Q . I S E :M -'- 'A' wli- -X I . gp ' I' it 'I Q 1 g 'NK .ne-'X 7 I , is '- .' TE' N1 1 N I L my X i . ' . ' I . . il ' I '-4 f A, I N lin 45 -S " Wlfgwlfig I HI" x - 1 5' fi A WA f "W I ' V V 1 5. f s . Q! Q91-it' BESSIE LEE BURTMAN, "Bee" JQN ,fx . ' 2 "Exactly Like You" ,Q 4:1 - I Alphag Leagueg Service5 Science, 4 A , Corres. Sec.5 Record. Sec. x I f i THOKMJASPIVIARTIN CAHILL, 'Tom" , a afunav I Troubadoursg "L" Society 1355 Radio i gin? gym Club, Captaing Library 5 a . , N L 95 , ' A, , X WILLIAM A. CAHILL, "Bill" Ni- f .iff T x "Neapolitan Nights" I f I I Service 5 Gym Club, Secretary. 5 , 'fxqf Wig ! 4. ISABELLE CLARY, "Isy" X ' .. "Cong'r'atulations" 5 , X Glee Club 1255 League 1655 Service 1 41 S I 1555 Military C1ub5 Science C1ub5 clthara Club. v in ' Q I-IAEFLC1 MARIE CLEMENTSON, ' H on iev 'fy '91 5 L "La0lgg Di'vine"S 'N "' ' eagueg ervice 5 afet C1ub5 .S '- NJ I 0 ence Clubg Etiquette Clgb. cl .fv?'Yq f ' r 15 fa HELEN H. CANNON, ffslimff A ,zdf , -"In Old Monterey" 41 f I' . Happy Chanters5 Service5 Scienceg A Home Economics Honors. NHLFORD CARL CARLSON,uMHv uTb.Bein.Lovd' R. O. T. C., Lieut.5 Glee C1ub5 Serv- ice5 Adver. Mgr.5 Football Band. 5 ' FERN A. CHAPMAN, "Fernie" 5 , "Feelin' Like a Million" Safety C1ub5 Service 1755 Leiague5 , Merry OTIOICSQ Bus. OIT. 125. I ,g ROSESM.,?gRL-1510, ffcurlyf' ' ' , U out ea osen I I ,A ,hilt Inky Service 1355 League 1355 Safety hx I 4 C ub. 1,1 'X I VINCENT J. DOI, "Vince" "N "Get Happy" XVI C. VS. F. Honors5 Mathematics Hon- XX ors5 Alpha Honors5 Serviceg Trouba- I X dours 125. YI f li N 'ID ' Q 155, A 4 it . ., 5 5 it-vox I. ' ' -Li Sli ,r . is , x ei H X. ,4i'5l..-3..- H1 I 'fix-"?fAXYll HELEN DOWN, "Lennie" "A New Kind of Girl" Jr. Girls' Glee Club, Girls' League, Girls' Service. EDWARD T. DUDA, "Capt, Duda" "When the Little Roses Get the Blues for You" "L" Society 125, ,Student Coach, Service Honors. JOSEPH J. DUNN, "Beanpole" "Me and My Shadow" R. O. T. C. 165, Railsplitter Stafg Service Club, Hi-Y 125. MARGARET JANE DAVIS, "Marg" "Margaret Dear" Girls' League, Happy Chanters. HAZEL DECKER, "Deck" "Dream House" Alpha 145, Girls' League 175, Girls' Service- 155 , Home Economics. BURTON ELLISON, "Coohie" "The Moon Is Low" R. O. T. C. 165, Junior "L" Society, Usher Squad 155, Service Club. WILLIAM DRAYER, "Laddie" "St. Louis Blues" f Harmonica Club, Rifle -Club. JOSEPHINE DE LEON, "Jo" "A'ln't Misbehavlu' " Spanish Club 185, Etiquette Club, Girls' League 145, Merry Orioles. VERA EUSTIS, "Blondie" "Pm That Way About You" HAROLD N. EPSTEIN, "Teen" "The Best Things in Life Afre Free" 5 Chess and Checker Club 135, S. P. Q. R. 135, Boys' League, Usher Squad, Servi-ce Club 145, Alpha So- ciety, Jr. Boys' Glee Club. s' . - A I' in , :ye I N l,,?v,f.., QI ff 'X 'iz Mig. ,' I ",lgQ7f51vg714fW . IVR if My V sg ' 1 ' Q 42 5.7237 .4 fr v2!f'QrS55ll'1s A 5' WEZN' 1 5' I X A lr? up 1 I in S 1 AQ' Smili- W A , PW Qi i ,URN 'xx X .. . A 1' 1 1 I ,ll r ' . I 'II' E I ' lf , , h Q' 5 . I4 1' x. f. f" 'i' . N ' N . . rn. X , ,gl I . y 1 ' 'E eh: 1, is "f ' ' X l ik Iuui f ne- ' 'I' in " 1 ' 'cbt X ll X , A .X C X 'XXII gi s x . u .K . -If l S l4 fls A N I . N ,. ' I '1:1:2f11r11i1 E 53555353532512:35ErErE:E:E:E:5:3r5:5:3 ...,...,.,.,.,.,...,.,.,.,.,.,.. ...E15IE25firE22252E251E22:Er5:E:55555525555Eff555EQEEEFEE51EfiI31E1EIE1E2E1E2E2E1E1ErE2Er52ErE -.-.z-.-.-.- EIEEEEEEEEEIL ,,.,.,.,..,,.,,- A Ilgai n. Ex IV , 1v WE' 1-1' ' fl .1 'R 'fb V32 'iw lu Q A ,,3'ffg.4 PHIL LEO EPSTEIN,"P,h1l" I Xf . .Y ' .fx "Abie's Irish Rose" A 2 Chess and Checker Club 481, Pres., 51 1 '31 V.-P., Treas.g Chess and Checker NNN if Team 4713 Alpha 441, Service Hen- , f ' jg orsg Basket Ball. h , A LEONARD A. C. EVANS, ffseeteh- man' ' "Sing Fafr, Far Away" l Sr. Orch. 4515 H. R. Pres., Band. N l 9? .f X VERNON A. FAGIN, "Sc00feI"' . 2., . 1 "Cradle Song" 'ir AJ, ,T x Sr. Orch. 4513 Chess and Checker 1 1 A 'N 441, Sec., Chess and Checker Team , UW? 421, Cithara. , rv' 'rf xi i, ff fl ff 0 X af A 4 JQQTUA , 447' PAUL FAIRBROTHER, "Pablo" A Q Y "The P'r'isonefr's Song" 4 'X f 1 f sr. Glee Club, Play Prod. 421, Air- K X I ' craft Club, Pres. 3 Sr. B Pres. A g! . . Q41 . "' - CHARLES C. FLINT, "Det ct " .fmwffa , , K "I"1nAllAlone" e we , V 4 4 Basket Ball Club 421. if iv if fi! 5. 1412 -- I I J I ,A MII! . Mwl nit ' it s xv' I XX ' ' 2 r .I HUBERT FERRIS, "Fairy" "Blue Is the Night" League 4415 Service Club, Capt., Basket Ball 411. KATHERINE B. FLYNN, "Babs" "Pm Doing What I"rn Doing for Love" Class Play, "Young'est"g Interna- tional Club 421, Sec., Madrigal Glee. JOSEPHINE FONTE.S, "Jo" "Sweeping the Clouds Away" League 4215 Service 4213 Etiquette, Home Eco. 421 3 Athenian, G. A. A. BOB FONTES, "Sheik" "Casey at the Bat" "L" Society 461, Pres., V.-P., Winner Babe Ruth, Bat, Varsity Baseball 431, Capt., Varsity Basket Ball 4213 Championship Teams. EULA EDITH FULTON, "Oo-LaLa" "The Riff Song" League 4415 Service 4415 Glee Club 4415 Merry Orioles 421. 414 N .424 ' v, I n fra, 'Wi' 7 111, ,,,, H liaqfll,-A ,mil . ,. VW . If ' I 1 -Q? A 1 X '93 55 f 5 rl' L. ,cf I.-.as X 1 fm llg-Ti314X,,r5f5Qyy 'W CLEMENT GARRETT, "Tug" "One Alone" Glee Club 1155 Service Club 1455 Sr. Orchestra 1255 Aircraft Club 115. CHESTER GAEDE, "Chet" "Girl of My Dreams" Vocational Honors5 Glee Club 1455 Operetta "Morning Star." . ELMEREE GARRETT, "Betty Joe" "Romance" Girls' League 1255 Service 1455 Glee Club 115. 3 fa. W VX ll Wx llflllibhfly X. l x V A l V fl HJ I i I S I T , , 4 If Al i- i" i .gl 1 all NE I 'QQ X.. X CARMELITA C. GAUDIO, "Carmie" N J A 1 "Charmaine" 5 'ul I X Alpha Society5 Madrigal Glee Club, r Xkltlfilnibf I X Treas.5 Cithara Club5 G. A. c.5 serv- A N 5-sp. ' 5 i-ce Honors. X . I X T, KATHERINE M. GIUDICI, "Kay" if ' lloh, Kay!! I gervicei Club 2755 1SlE:ienceOCl1ib 1c15,5 W 5 5 irls' eague 7 5 erry rio es 1 . 5 A 1 , xi lil Smal V" ANITA A. GOMEZ, "Nita" J, "The One Girl" ZQQ4 Ser ice Club 1855 Spanish Club 1155 - l G' s' League 1855 Sicence Club 115. , hx f HELEN M. GILWITZ, "Blondie" "What Is This Thing 'Called Love?" Girls' League 1255 Girls' Service 1255 Home Economics 115 5 Beauty Quest 125. EDITH E. GL1DDEN,"Gubby" gl 1 "Freckles" G. A. A. 1255 Science Club 1355 Happy Chanters 115. ANNighM. GIULIANI, "Ann" - cc aymingax .. Girls' League 1855 science Club 1155 ll x ull ' Girls' Service 1853 Home Economics. 'E' X ",' JULIUS YALE GLUCOFT, "Yale" ' ' 0 an 5 "If I Had You" ' Annual Staf, Art Editor5 Athenian , Club 1155 Art Honors. 5 I ' l ,I . .P .gg g. I S X iff.'4LL 47 gy, il f Q x 11 'X PM x .I A QV. .' 'iLl,l'l.rlN H '.:' I Q .HQ-'X " '15 5- 7 'J 'ff D X I 1 N5 I 'xx 1 I n ' Q ef '71 5 I vii ' X I r .. 1 IVA:-Qhgg HH x l 'wall' in rv Mfr if I! I2 , X1 . Q . All -Qc! 1 , - 5 1 - X Q ..-J S EFLQQ 1 1 S N -' I7 f 011.4 'A N ll'-1 H ,A H1124 W ftfwi' , 1 7 1, X ig JOSEPH LEWIS GRAHEK, "Joe" "My Country 'Tis of Thee" Hi-Y 1455 Knights 1455 Trouba- dours5 Safety Clubg Jr. "L" Societyg Service Honors. SAMUEL GREENBURG, "Sarnmie" "Lovin' Sam" Alpha 1155 Pen and Brush 1155 Fo- rum Club 115. FRANCIS GROTZINGER, "Doc" "I'm the Medicine Man for the Blues" Knights. JOSEPHINE I. GROVES, "Jo" "So Beats My Heart for You" Senior Girls' Glee Club 125, Pres.5 Athletic Honors: C. S. F.5 Ephebiang Distinguished Serviceg Alpha 1755 3-star Letter. ' LIBERO A. GUTTERO, "Lee" "For You" Basket Ball 1655 Knights5 Letter- mang Track 1455 "L" Societyg Boys' Athletic Honorsg Service Honors. GRACE M. HALLIWELL, "Gracey" "Watching My Dreams Go By" G. A. A. 1555 Alphag Service 1755 League 1655 Service Honors. LYNN HARRIS, "Lynnie" "Do Something" Sr. Boys' Glee Club 1855 Athenians 1155 Play Productiong Opera. ROSE HARRIS. "Tiny" "The Only Rose" C. S. F.5 Alpha 155: Girls' League 1755 Girls' Service 1755 G. A. A. 125. MARY HATTORI, "Cherry Blossom" "Beside an Open F'ire79'lace" Lincolnian Staff: S'30 Railsplitter E d i t o r5 Ephebiang Distinguished Service Honors 5 Journalism Honors 5 C. S. F.5 Alpha 175. CHIYEKO BETTY HIRAISHI, "Chick-chick" "In a Bamboo Garden" Alpha 1155 Sakura Kvvaig Service 1455 Science Club 125. .. Y .I ' Q Lys' g ya S1 W .XXX ' 'MFI' 'uf J . .H ...e ww HW I t A , ..,,'1 5" XX I 5 5 "UM ' A. 7 if ifiiifxx' 95 ill I Q "' M114 xmxnwn, W . , 111' .A V 55552251 '11:'::::: 5flfffE3:3 , 1 E' 1.3 1525222551 32522232 525255555 . l ,M ., ' , 52555255553 '1:f:15E5E5E5.:1-. 15535555525 EEEEEEEQEQE, 4 --- . X gf rfffi I if X X .est A All Ill Z f--- x ,,jvTr.t. 47 NY I' is HAROLD s. HOPPER, "Happy" 1 IQXX "A GOL!! Caballero" 'Xt I J' Jolly Worbloro 131, Proto., sr. Gloo K- 111 Club 1113 Stroke of Nine, 1ead3 ' ft-' 1 3 . Speaking to Father, lead3 Cappy V' A1 0 Ricks, 2d leads King Lear, Part. uf ' , LLOYD L. HIGHTOWER, "High" "Ma'rn.my's Little Kinky Headed . Boy" . Mechanics Club 121, Pres., V.-P.3 L 3 Society 1113 Track Letterman, High A Jumper. 3 I CAROLYN HOSFELDT, ffcoroliov ra "Crying for My Caroline" Etiquette Club 111, Pres.3 Young Barrymores 111 3 Play Production 111 3 Seventeen3 The Youngestg H. R. Pres. 121Q Jr. Orchestra 111. ELEANOR MABLE HUSMAN, + yt.-:'r 3 yn . 1 3:'f?1l1K1 'W 7 3 "Hooseman" fx, 1 "Mighty Like a Rose" X- X Alpha 463, Treas.3 Club Editor, 1930 1 f 41 3 Lincolnian3 Pen and Brush, Literary Editor3 C. S. F.3 English Honors. I - '1 EN C. HUGHES, "India" -' 1 "Beautiful Katy" A 7 if Alpha 1513 G. A. A. 1213 Service W ,,- ' 11 113 League 1113 H. R. Rep., Sec., X V7 reas.3 Business Office 121. Q 9,1 . '57-K1 MASAO ITANO, "Hauer" lx 1 "That's Just My Way of Forget- ghj ting You" Alpha 121g Service 1115 Auto Me- oh.-ooioo Club 121, Pres., Sec. JOSEPH IKERT, "Big Joe" A "When the Blooon Is on the Sage Attendance Office 1615 Service 1213 Jr. Boys' Glee Club 121, Sec.3 Coop- erative Machine Shop. U CLARENCE A. JARR, "Ingagi" I "Cla-wence, Don't Tweet Me So lfVu17" Service 1113 Forestry Club 1113 Sr. A. Treasurer. ADELITAC. JARAMILLO-, "Addie" I luILalen0ia,141 1 101 b :- G'r s' -eague 3 nternationa u tip, Book of the Month Club 111. 'WN "'l11 fu x , s WILMA R. JOHNSON, "Willy" f 'l 4 "If Pm Dreainin, Don't Wake Me ' ' , ' too Soon" , " Science 1213 League 1311 Service I 1 3 Etiquette Club 121 3 Safety Club , ' P 1 ' . l oA, Q g i .l '4 xl . .V .X 'r L x T 'lv :LJ .I j sf' -' 'Pl' H ull V , W Q-, ,Q WX 7 ll l ot .Ava-'X " 1- .3 T If fi my X . " 'fl 1 X 'XX N . , . . -ll 'Q rf 9-1 ,. -E-ll4'?i5 Ill-2-tilfiag AWE I f", 11 Y I ' 71 .gy "A, f K ' I .2 S X-:IL-1 S f i H' ' 7 Cflgfff . VN f x ,TQ f. I .1 1' .- -Q W1 .iglllfllg LS. 1 p wg W :Q-N ,-SLE? f .1134 nv I ' r in 1 ul W "W I up lk 1 .MCH 1 xw I - l 1 W 5 'Mx A ' A A 'fl if ., 1' I . lll..1,,5X ln, -may FII X lin : 1 HI' KASETA E. JOHNSON, "Dixie" "Afren't We All" Scribblers' Club. OLGA PEARL JUNG, "Olly" "In a Chinese Temple Garden" G. A. A. 1515 League 1515 Service Club 3 Science Club 121. HENRY KAMMAN, JR., "Hank" "It All Depends on You" Annual Editor, Glee Club 1213 Lin- coln Knights 131g Football Team. BILL KELLER, "Wild" "Anybody Seen Kelly?" Golf Clubg Troubadoursg Jolly Warb- lersg Class B Football 1215 Class C Trackg Golf Team. HARRISON E. KELTZ, "Horseface Klotz" "Old -T'l'I'l'b9'l",' Glee Club 141, Libr., Aircraft Club 121, V.-P.g R. O. T. C.g Varsity Track 121 5 Basket Ball Class B 131 3 Light- weight Football. ' TARMO KAUKONEN, "Tumbler" "King for a Day" Forestry Clubg Gym Club 1815 Air- craft Clubg Atheniang Gym Team 151. BEATRICE KITE, "Bee" "Bebe, Bebe. Bebe, Be Mine" Sr. Glee 1213 G. A. A. 131g Play- crafters 111, V.-P., R. R. of H. R.g Service Honorsg Morning Star, Speaking Part. LAMBERTINE L. KOOLEN, "Lee" "Russian Lullaby" Alpha 121. NATALIE SONYIA KUDENOV, "Major Natty" "Volga Boatmann Honorary Majorg G. A. A. 1515 Serv- iceg Madrigal Glee, 3-star Letterg Capt. Sr. Hockey Team. JEANNETTE KUENTZ, "Jennie" "Juanita" Alpha 1415 G. A. A., Girls' League 121g G. A. C. W1 . .Qi ' A 1 X ei Q Fifi f C :yi NN 7:13. 1 M I ' P N , - A 54:-:-A -QQQSW WFQVA . . f . f "V C I if l X EDGAR LAWSON, "Swede" A ,Q1w',,?,e,f "Nobo0l?!'S Using It Now" 'fx' 'lf 3 X! Jolly Warblers C113 Varsity Basket ,-fb" Ball3 "L" Societyg ,Science Club, Sec. TX f ' ' xg 'fx A Q ff' LORETTA H. LANER, "Retta" .pg "Just a Rose from an Old Bou- quet" . Ephebian3 Secretarial Honorsg Alpha A 3 C813 Service, Sec.3 G. A. A. C313 ' 1 Class Playg League3 Sr. B Secretary3 - Sr. A Vice-Pres.3 C. S. F. Q I 5 1. ANNA LEE LEDBETTER, "Lee" 0 '-' , "Ain't She Sweet?" T W .. League C61 3 H. R. V.-P., Pres., R. R.3 ' 6: w? AX X" Sr. Girls' G1ee3 Madrigal Glee. ' yn ' Q : f my HAROLD LIVINGSTON, "Grandpa" .1 Xlrfqmng A S. "Twelfth Street Rag" , i ycsgk 3 Sr. Orchestra C41, Pres.3 R. 0. T. C. X. X IV 441. x K 5 IRENE LOWRY, "1" , ' ,l C U Nan: G1 1, S W V - it ara u 3 tiquette u , ec.3 N lgeaglle. J f WINIFRED V. MACKLIN "Win" Jj "You Darlin' " League C71 3 Service C71 3 H. R. Pres., l 02 Sec., V.-P.3 Lead, The Youngest. -Q ",'ilXAC1 FRANCES BERNICE MASI, "Fran" "I"rn in the Market fofr You" Servi-ce C613 League C413 G. A. A.3 Yell Leader3 H. R. Pres., Rep., Sec. LAURO MARQUEZ, "Mark" "On the Road to Mandalay" . Internationalg Science3 Forum3 S. P. ' A Q. R.3 Alpha C313 Physical Science Honors. YVONNE L. MATHEWS, "Vonny" "You've Brought a New Kind of Love to Me" ' G. A. A. C513 S'30 Lincolnian Stai - 'l'y?is1E G. Lei-1iteiGgrl3 Sergfifze :' ' 8 3 eague 3 . . ec. an . 1 . Rep.3 Advanced Dancing3 G. A. C. K 'HRX 'Ks X ELMER JOHN MATHES, "Brother" f- 1 4' ' "The Song Is Ended" 1 Q , Knights C41, Bus. Mgr., V.-P.3 Sr. ' , Glee Club C41, President3 "L" Society ' I C71, Sec.3 Service C213 League C213 . Troubadours C21, Pres., Sec. Q I I . A I WN 51 i s F . Q X pl! l fi Illi 'C ajax! Fil RX I X , X xi" Q I N . --lf rl N z ' 11 0 'Ill 1 Q lil fp ,fx H7243-4164.5 ,axazxrf-:S 11 WTS M3 it W" maxi 'AV' IQ I '71 I I . X 'C Q .. al gt' . Q Q-fr.-,Q I f fwifs as ill i9lY5P'f 4- 1 ' f"q.f:11 . I f , .Q ' or a ' Q 1' it fr .225 ' Rs fl A Adi 1' T x I I i .: 1' Q I1 111- MU' MW I X . . oikx ' A w :, 11 ' if 1 "" 1 -W M I "'g-NX' Jil 1 J I inf MARJORY MAYFIELD, "Red" "Adoree" League 131g, Service Club 1213 Beaigty Quest Club 1215 Railsplitter Sta . BRADSHAW P. McCLURE, "Mac- Tavish" "Great Big Man from the South" Service Clubg R. O. T. C.3 Vocational Certificate. JEAN MCNUTT, "Jeanie" Glee Club 121, Lib.g Service Club 131. KATHERINE MCINTIRE, "Kay" 'fS'm'iling Irish Eyes" Alpha Societyg Military Club, G. A. A.g Clioadelphiansg Spanish, Depart- ment Honors. LOUISA ANITA MILLER, "Louie" "Pm a Dreamer" G. A. A. 131, League 1413 Service Club 1413 Happy Chanters. EVELYN J. MILLMAN, "Evvy" "I'll Get By" Leagueg Service Clubg Science Club, Alpha. KERMIT E. MILLER, "Kern" "If I Should Lose You" Voc. Mill Cabinet Honors. ERLINDA S. MORENO, "Erlie" "Song 0' My Heart" Merry Orioles 3 Spanish Club 161 5 League 1515 Service Club 151. ESTELLE MULDOON, "Tot" "A Cottage for Sale" Happy Chanters 1215 Leagueg Clio- adelphians 121. ' JOSEPH MUNEO, "Farmer" "PerL'itent'ial Hymn" Troubadoursg Architectural, Voca- tional Certiiicateg Class C and B Bas- ket Ball. . ll za ,t . W! fl I EILEEN F. MURRAY, "Cutie" "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" Alpha 18--5 Sec.3 League 1253 Service 1253 Science 1153 Etiquette 1253 Madrigals 1253 Service Honors TSUYAKO N-AKASUJI, f'Suey" "Japanese Sundown" Sakura Kwai 115, Treas., Sec., V.-P.3 Alpha 1253 League 1753 Service 1753 Biltmore Pageant, 1927. TAKESHI HENRY NAITO, "Tack" "Dacldy-Long-Legs" Jr. L Society 1253 Sr. Service 115, Capt.3 Mechanical Artg B Football 125 Lettermang B Track 115. ALBERT NAVARRO, "All" "Desert Song" Service 1453 Aircraft 1253 Trouba- dours 1253 Alpha 1253 H. R. Presi- dent and V.-P. LOUISE NOTARO, "Brown Eyes" "I Must Have That Man" Young Barrymores3 G. A. A. 1353 Safety Club3 Etiquette Club. CHARLES M. O'CONNOR, "Chuck" "Dream Lover" S .S li ' , T At' . ..i. -.Q ""' V f x f ' .1 3. if X QWR. N .1 QP.-aklizwilf ,cj QW M q.j.a57i111rW,V VX . x. X1 Xb T A L VN- ., fi , ' V1 ,pi ' f 53 i f fo 0 ,.W7 x , .i . -, 1' T 91, 1 v . . 4 f' Y" T '- i "'xfQ ' X x " 152,30 fi Wharf L X, 'fxf . l QW f H A 7 6 13 5 ' V KY 1 . Alphag Glee Club 1255 .serviceg R. 0. ' 3 A T. C.3 Vocational Printing. "U WX f BOYD J. O'DONNELL, "Don" "Horne Swaeet Home" Service3 League: Track. MARGUERITE OTT, "Marge" "Im Dancing with Tears in My Eyesn ' G. A. A. 1553 Service3 G. A. A. U Board3 G. A. C. president 3 Hall Duty 1253 Two-Star Letter Girl. EDDIE NEVENS, "Skronk" "Vagabond Lover" ,, Glee Club3 Gym Team 1553 Forestry :' Club 3 Architectural Club. V Wh num lx X ' , ' U , 7' HAROLD H. OLMSTED, "Olmy" ' I I l I "He's Fanny That Way" I nv ' Service Honors3 Sr. Orchestra 1753 1 Airplane Club3 Hi-Y 1453 League. : , ,A ,A Q' I " X' 'J ii 53 y F 'T ' 17 ' 6' f 5 -. . , I: -H-AA n is H x I . I j A ,A 1-1 Q Mt .HG-' " . L' 3 H -' X h I . ' l , . 5' L 5 Ny, f N 'XX 3 A I I JQQ .11 , I X Iin Q H . V T 1 Q f - fi x bi is l ' H '- 1 T13 X , -ff-l gpg 1 " I PH" X N f", lx I I yplikmln 1- I MNIWA' ff Q! Q10 - 143 JOSEPH M. PASSARINI, "Joe" 41' ' ' ,X "Ride on, Vaquefrfron ffm., Knightsg Sr. Glee 1213 Alpha 1315 .1 ' , , Serviceg Varsity Tennis 1115 Class ' ' Q fl B Baseball- and Football 131. 1 ,iq MARY-ELLA PAYNE, "Meme" 1. "'l'her0's Danger in Your Eyes" Math Club 1113 Science 121, Home I Economics 111. x Q I ' ff 1 ' TOMMY PENDER, "Tommie" 5' , 2' Q "He's Such a Comfort to Me" , r L Society, H. R. Pres 131, V.-P. 121 3 ,f111fQ1+wir,,2ysy f , fi .4 111.417 We . . 1 ll K .X l Sq 1 1 ' Q J wffd 4 - 1 V 'Q 441 f mf fai AJ f' .Xa ' WX Al ' 1 ' I I 1 l l nl I Il' Am MIN 'x Lilx 'f W I W , X1 ' x 'Wx M ' .1 W 1" gil' ll . C ' fel M Service Honorsg Class B Track, Cap- taing Stage Crew, Athenians. WILLIAM PAZDRA. "Billy" "Looking at You" Capt. of C, B, and Varsity Basket Ballg Capt. Varsity Track, L Society. ALFREDO S. PENA, "Phooee" "Song of the Vagabond" Spanish Club 121, Pres.g Mechanics Club 121, V.-P. and Sec. LYLE PENCE, "Pen" 4 "I Actually Am in Love" Play Productiong Part. Bandit Lover, King Lear, Stroke of Nine. ROSE MARIE PONTI, "Bud" "If I Can't Have You" G. A. A. 131: Service 1615 League 151 3 Service Honors: Letter Girl. HERMANN JOHN PLOSS, "Ham" "You Ought to See My Baby" L. Society 131g Golf Club 1515 Serv- ice Honors, League 1213 Managers' Societyg Golf Team. PEARL H. PRATT, "Poil" "Cherie" Athenians 161 g League 1515 Service 151- LEO JOHN POZZA, "Captain" "Red River Valley" S'29 Annual Staifg Railsplitter Staff g L Society 1315 Gym Club 161, Pres., 2-year Gymnast Letterman. W1 L... .......... 1 f ff! i -.Q .fn if f if ' in vs.- ' 14 f o?e1N1V5TgXYl! GERTRUDE E. READ, "Gertie" "Hard-to-Get G6'l"ti6,, Science 1353 League 135 3 Service 125. LLOYD M. REED, "Streamline" "With Yon" Boys' Sport Commissionerg Boys' League Commissionerg L Society, Dis- tinguished Service Honorsg Alpha 115g Letterman two years. CHARLES RAGGIO, "Chuck" "Watching My Dreams Go By" Vocational Plastic Arts. 5 LUKE RIGGS, "Riggy" "A'in't-Cha?" Varsity Basket Ball 125. ROBERTA G. ROYER, "Bobbie" "I A'in't Got Nobody" Alpha 1853 International 125, Pres.g C. S. F.g H. R. Sec. and V.-P. JOSEPHINE .M. ROMANO, "Jo Jo" "Yon Can't Get to Heaven That Way!! YE! 667' ,dir ll QQYWLQ' iffy 1 AW X D W . lv! ' L. +I. I I v 1 Q Q Q 4? 2 4- v . X N ,G hair. 5yIi55ff xx' X ffiff A 4, , A 7 LW I ' L v 4 MlU1h. 1105. V 5 Q '5 S Zac. G. A. A., 'Home Economi-cs 165, Sec., - League. , nu' ffisf' l ROBERT J. RYAN, "Headman" . 1 "I Love Me" Student Body President 115g Ephe- biang Major R. O. T. C.g Dramatic Honorsg Chess Team, Capt. 1153 Knights 115, Pres. ' ELIZABETH RUFF, "Lizzie" "Poop-poop-pa-doo" l G. A. A.g S.' P. Q. R.,-Pres., Sr. Glee. 1 SYLVIA LEAH SCHUR, "Sill" "Who Is Sylvia?" Alpha 1753 C. S. F.g Latin Depart- 1i1ent4I-Ioiiorsg P. 1553 A. X 5' . g ' 'tt t 1 5 - ll N ll " ice fuk. ai SP1 er a 5 erv IN 'xx X 'Uh 1 x i F! 7. FRANK Y. SAKAMOT0, "Yo" s 'M , "Japanese Sandman" ' Forum 125, Treas. and V.-P.3 Alpha I 1553 C. S. F. I 5 I I W , - 9 9' :Q 1 .. I1 Q, 1 5 . ,W I N- s . I A f 's '. N Y X" 2 1-.15 1 I. ' lXx 'L Q ' ,1, . 1: 5 ff 1 " Q A ff:-643+ WR f Q s lin . Q lllffslrf.-554 1 H I xx 1, 'S-E X I M371ft:11"f 1 we in . . S161 r- , fl I x l P' T . 1 i"'t'i ri ,1 1 I ' f fy fy' - 'lfetff W ' GXYQ fm il ,, . ' W ef- . Q , . l f 5 5:6 i N s' rl I A 1 I . F i ,, ,A ma MW! I 1. Q.. li ' XX U I 1 . I i I if 11 I iiifffy an .I A 1. I, 4, . but HELEN RUBY SANFORD, "Toots" "My Sweeter Than Sweet" Science Club 121, Treas.5 Service Club 1315 League 1215 G. A. A. 1115 Beginning Dancing. ELLA A. SCIBIRD, "Blondie" "Ion Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now" G. A. A. 1315 Railsplitter Staff 1115 Service Club 121. DOROTHY SCHERQUIST, "Dot" "Your Love Is All I Crave" Sr. Glee Club 1215 Service Club5 League5 G. A. A. . CLINTON H. SCOTT, "Kink"4 "Is She My Gifrl Friend?" Knights 131, Charter Member5 Sr. B Treasurerg Vocational Honors. DANIEL L. SEATON, "Don" "Poe Got 'IT"' Sr. A. Pres.5 Commissioner5 Knights5 Sr. G1ee5 Lead, In Old Monterey. WILBUR SHERMAN, "Speedy" "I"ve Got the Girl" R. O. T. C. 151, Lieutenant5 Service 1215 Radio 1115 .Sr. Glee 1215 Class B Football5 Service Honors. HAROLD A. SHATZ, "Army" "Longing" Service 1515 League 1115 Band 1415 R. O. T. C. 1515 Hi-Y 111. ROBERT SILER, "Bob" 5 "Yoa're in the Army Now" R. O. T. C. 191, Ofiices 1315 Knights 1315 Sr. Orchestra 1515 Football Band 1415 Drum Major 111. HELEN SMALLBERG, "High" "Foolish Questions" Sr. Girls' Glee, Sec.5 League5 Play Production, King Lear 5 G. A. A. MANUEL A. SOFFER, "Mynie" "Without You, Emalinen Chess and Checker Team 1815 Sci- izgneciz 1215 Safety 1115 Class B Basket a . li-4. WW I llfififfr. A:::::::': i -12555555 :::':E . ' I'-"J Q filli is 1. 4 A N45 5 1 W zfi 'pf 5 A fl' A ' X I llgjfi-lNN.!lp b,XYll "' 91:9 2916 A , 'fc ' ' . CONSUELO SOLTERO, ffcennief' ff "U" iLQ4j l "Only a Rose" A ',,l spanish 185, V.-P., Pres., Service xx A -Nia 185, Service Club Cabinet 115, Girls' x A N 'DX League. ,V 'lx I, 1 Tl MARJORIE SPRINGER, ffspringerv 'V ' ' "Singing a Vagabond Song" Madrigals 1353 Librariang G. A. A. , 1353 Service 1453 League 1553 Sci- 5 ence 115. 1 5 f , POBERT SPENCE, "Bob" W.. ' "Kleine, Cl, Hole in the Sky" 42 D Q-.X , ' e 'f'N N x EARL F. STEVENS, "Kid Stevens" . "Waiting" , Klyf ' -.X Sr. Glee 115g Architectural 1153 IYXX1 C ,ff X R. O. T. C. 135, Color Sergeant. X , ' fu lx' X MARGARET sToUT, "Stout" 1 ' "Talking Picture of You" Sgrvice 1253 League 1253 Science 'W 3 ' 3 S 4 J. 71.-' I 1 . V., Y , EVA STOLLMEYER, "Deny" "Sp'r'ingt'ime Brought Me You" yy Alpha 115, League 125. iN -H' Afbxkx SATORI SUGI, "Senator" A "Sonny Boy" L Society 1253 B Football 125, Can- taing C Football, Captaing B Baseball 135g Varsity Baseball 125. VIRGINIA LEE THOMPSON, "An- ge n Q "Can't Be Bothefrecl with Me" ' G. A. A.3 Service 1453 Home Eco- nomics Club, Pres., Sec. 3 Athenian Club 145. ISABELLE TIMMONS, "Izzy" "Annie Lawrie" A G. A. A. 115 3 Home Economics, R. R. 115g Happy Chanters 115. WIN 'MM 'xx X 'ull ADOLPHUS RODERICK TRAY- I ,, , fx LOR, "Dolphie" 1 I f "Steppin' Along" 1' U R I Science 1253 Safety Club 1253 Serv- , fl' i-ce 1453 German Club, Pres. I E I ' P' A ,A Q' I ,ef - - XF' 1 P4 57 " . ' L' 1' 5 1 li 1 . . Y t -n.Ix 'Q I -U rv 5- 1 l f' in 9.1 J X 'Q 'P . -l r sf 5 f"? X I i 1 l v ff hiv Pfgx ' KQW1l'l?'wv'f is 1115 14,f.,.w' if ffl' JQLMXA ,. it V' i E N S ,, - - 1 . - W!-fqr 1 f I- I ' Y ilu 1 4 ,fav I fl lu ,, , ' Q lt' 1 I psig' xx ff lin W H' - DON C. TURNER, "Clock-Work" "Cutt'i'n' Papefr Dolls" V.-P. Student Bodyg Com. Finance5 L Society, Sr. Glee5 Alphag Distin- guished Service Honors 5 Yell Leader. LUTHER O. TUCKER, "Peaches" "Ha'rd-to-Get" Forestry Club 5 Athenians 5 Safety Clubg R. O. T. C. 135. GEORGE VANDEVELDE, "Chick" "The New Low Down" Troubadours 125, V.-P.5 L Society 135 5 Basket Ball Club 1155 Varsity Baseball, 2-year Letterman. JOE L. VIANI, "Curly" "Ma'mmy" Football Bandg Class C Football, lCapt5 Class B Basket Ball and Base- a . WILLIAM WESTBROOK, "Willie" "Stein Song" Dramatics 5 Service 1155 Asst. Capt.: Safety Club 115. DOROTHY VIOLET WALSH, "Dot" ' - "The Love Parade" JA ,gi 'V " Alpha 1155 Service 1455 League 1455 4,1 U' Jr. Glee. ELBERT R. WINTER, "Curly" "Spring Is Here" League 1355 Service 1355 Usher Squad 1155 Jr. Orchestrag Service Honors5 C Basket Ballg B Baseball. 5 I HELEN WEIDENHEIMER, "Tiny" "Baby Face" Leagueg Science5 Alpha 145. CHARLES WICKLINE, "Chuck" .2 R O"Whcg I.ELifeCIiVghout Love" ' . . T. .5 . I 'I' ,WIN ym ll I Q I- - CARRIE B. WIKBERG, "Jerry" L ' I I- I "Jer'rico" , N Service 1655 League 1455 Etiquette XVI 1155 Merry Orioles 1155 Alpha 125. 1x I 1 i X, A z .V- vdf, 1.-N AY - ' 'ffmx y V 1 1 I ul ,ffl , '- 5 I - Auf f "QW d I VW . , 4, . li, , 'I 1 All I A 3'7KW' 'I N ffvI7"3:'7Kx1LQN'U ' HARRIE LEE WHITLEY "Just a Wearyin' for You" ' DAVID WISER, 'Red" "Mamma Goes where Papa, Goes" Railsplitter Staff 1213 R. O. T. C. 141, Sergeant 111 3 Lightweight Foot- ball 121. CHARLES R. WHERRITT, "Chuck" "Sunny Side of the Street" Architectural Club 1113 Service 1313 Athenian 1113 Tennis Squad 111. BETTY ANNE WOODMANSEE, cawoodyar "Nobody Loves Me" Service 1313 League 1311 Sr. Orches- tra 121 3 Chess and Checker Club 121. MORRISON G. WOOD, "Merrie" "Putt'in' on the Ritz" Forum Club, Pres.3 Knights3 Tennis Letterman, Capt. of Teamg Alphag Service Honors 3 Ephebiang Herald Extemporaneous 121 3 Oratorical Con- test. VELIA YANEZ, "Vi" "In a L-ittle Spanish, Town" I ,QWNQ W QA ' is 'XJ X. ,lkvb AA INQMW I l n I 5 I 44 "Vg fuisa 1wQ9MK fbx! A KX-' lx avg ,fur I If IW V 5 A ' I Vuxu xi "'+ gi "1 I gf' A ' l W, E' 'fgfl Spanish Club 1413 League 1413 Hap- py Chanters 1113 Service 141. ANNA BELLWOODLAND, "Annie" "Hard-hearted 'Annahf' G. A. A.3 Service 1113 Etiquetteg Happy Chanters3 Merry Oriolesg Let- ter Girl. . DORIS D. BEATTY, "Dorie" "Should I" Serviceg League 1313 G. A. A. . 'Wm MN 'xx X yuh I fx SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES A, I, , D0 NOT APPEAR , ' m WALTER ALvARADo MATT MOORE I IRENE CHAPMAN WILLIAM J. oJERs : I A ' WILLIAM ERNEST JAGOE RA CES PARK ,I WALTER P I X L A L. as ewZg,,3 E N Vfiw.xffs 3 a .f.A..X ' ' g 'QA "R H , N. , Q I 1 1 Ielfydx, ,NWN M1.f. ,f.mx 1 'XV I " S fl? dll 1 Q I.. .. . , ..,.,,,,H ss ss l i i , xml f 2615 my Uvffyff, 1 Q Yfiftll I fs 1 ,wp ! I . A Q. I ' is I P 5-. iTf"Q 1 f I .QMS 1 -- is fl ' --'I ff, , f 4 I 'H w ffl rj ya .4 A LSE' llslfi' X . 7 fl iq 1 I .. , R P 4 X AS 7 L 7, 1' L l A 3017-A in I ! . I l 1 I.. if ,Al ,flu Inky. r Q, li l its t pi tx COMMEN CEMEN T PROGRAM SUMMER 1930 Overture-Alfonso and Estrella fffffff ' f Schubert SENIOR ORCHESTRA Processional, "All Hail to Lincoln" f'fff- f Peterson-Curtis "Unfold Ye Portals" from The Redemption ffff - f f Gounod Q CLASS SUMMER 1930 A Word of Welcome ' ROBERT JAMES RYAN, President of Student Body R. O. T.,C. Honorable Discharges 4Presentation ffffff-f'fff Harold Edward Livingston Conferring of Honors ffff-ff' Colonel E. W. Clark Schubert Song-A 'Note of Golden Song ' GRADUATING MEMBERS, SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Department Honors . Presentation --fffff , ---f- - Katherine Sarah Mclntire Conferring of Honors - f Bessie Lea French, Class Teacher Scholarship Honors Presentation -ff- f---' L loyd Marvin' Reed Conferring of honors ---f-f f Marjorie Nichols, ,VicefPrincipat String Trio-Air on the G. String -f'-ffff-ff- Bachfwilhemj 4 DARREL BREWER NLITA AGHEN HAROLD OLMSTEAD Vocational Certificates 1 Presentation - - f -f'ff-'ff Roberta Grace Royer Conferring of Honors' f f f f Roger Beekman Van Pelt, VicefPrincipal Presentation f - f f f f f f f f - - f f f e Libero Guttero Soprano Solo-The Wind's in the South Today f f f f f - john Pringle Scott ' THEORA KATHRYN BRENDEL O Service Honors , I Presentation f f f f f f V f f f f f f Beatrice Addys Kite Conferring of Honors f - f Marguerite Reinert Presentation - f f f f f f Robert Fontes Distinuished Service, Honors Presentation f f f - - f Dorothy Allen Presentation f - f efff Don 'Turner Ephebinan Honors Presentation f - Morrison Griggs Wood Presentation f f f ---- ' Loretta Helen Laner Oath ""-'f ffff . f f f Mary Hattori Conferring of Honors f - - Sam Warrier, Presq Alumni Assooc. Presentation of Class, Summer 1930 - '- f -- ' f Ethel Percy Andrus, Principal Conferring of Diplomas EDMUND R. BOHAN, Past Pres. lVestern Rangers and L. A. Optimist Club Acceptance f-ffff-fff DANIEL LEONARD SEATON, Class President Welcome to Alumni Association LAURENCE LEE, President of Alumni Association, 1930 The Recessional, "God of Our Fathers" fffffff-f KiplingfDeKoven Taps and Reveille ltqxx - A . 60 L if E21 'fi' A it ,I "ix " xlggrwf I. .... .. . ... .. . . MISS FRENCH MISS BAKER MR. FERGUSON MRS. HOWETH MR. JOSSELYN , MR. BADGER MR. A. MACKENZIE Top: POST-GRADUA'1'ESg Center find Bullcm-: B12 CLASS J! W' 'Q jff I . . . . . .. . . . . B11 CLASS 64 I........ .. . ... A10 CLASS Top: A10 CLASSQ Center and Bottom : B10 CLASS aggeas ::::: 23: ':'1:':::::5 zgggs ::::: 4 ' I pf MM t t Top: B10 CLASSQ Center and Bottom: A9 CLASS 'I ' f nf q 1 . 0114. 01-x. 1 KX: fB-1-..4? Ti-- '5 Top and Center: A9 CLASSQ Bottom: B9 CLASS VM O90 6001077 B9 CLASS The Monarch The Tiger has been personified as the monarch of the jungle. His crouching form with muscles tense, ready to spring, has cause-d men to idealize his ferocity and brutal beauty in verse, song, and painting. HENRY DUDA X FEATURES Behdld us in om' lighter moments GRADUATES WHO HAVE SUCCEEDED IN ARTS, MUSIC, DRAMATICS DWIGHT BEWLEY SIMON CARFAGNO GAYLORD CARTER ALLURA CASE LAURENCE COOK GEORGE DEVRON JACK DANIELS LESLIE DUGGER MARY DUNN RUTH EDMONDSON FRANK JENKS HENRY AND HUGH JOHNSON GENE KENNEDY JOSE LIMON RETA MAE MITCHELL VIVIAN PAGE NELLIE PETERSON NAN PHILLIPS FRANKLYN PIERCE KENNETH RUNDQUIST ROBERT YOUNG v 1 r w L -. W X xv N . 5525522555 ., 4222525535235 .fE5i5f35,'-552552: .1 N 2:23535 ,g:f:E:E:f1gQf2SfI-.:f:f:Ig15x':f:f:f::, IfIf:2:Q:f -IfIf:f:2::..,:gSgI::3.. ,:g:g,1.g.4 M :Q:Q:f1ffIf 12:25:22 f:f:Q:f:Q:: 5232529 -:ffl 15155555 iiriehsrs 25552555 52125255 EsE12:21i' zisisigis 92552525 .':1f35s2s2s: '-552255522-'frSe2q2:s:5: 22555525552 525355:-..5E5i55E5EfE :2::15faEsEsE:..A. 52555 N X - 3 5:12223 41:E:E:i:- -:g:E12:2. '-23g:E:3...,:5:f:IgIg 2:22225 g:E:f:f:1: :2:5:5z2:IE -2122" ,:I:I:I:iI' :2:5: K ' 1-:..,..,:.:.,-,.,.., ..,. N " '-2:2:r-r-' .r:5:::f::g: '2:f:5:::4:2:r:rE:2- 121::...,.,.,.::5:5:1:r-' rs - --ww.-Q'-1:-:-:-:,:'-'-:-: :-:-:-1-.QNX-.Ar.-.-H, .... ,. ' N ---- V NF -e-:-::N:.:r:rss:r:rE:::5:z5:x53r:5:gfgg:gig:,:5,1,n5.:5.E.:.,,.1,x,:,.,,,.,.,.,...,,,., . . . . , . . , ' ' ' ' ' A '-'I'If-I'I-I-I-I-1325:Z:T:I113232E2f:E:f:fS:f:f:2gZfZE:fZE:Ei5:5:Q5513QIg13:::I:-1-gqq-5.3.5.g.4.-.-.-,-,-,.,.,. . 74 .MM x N Ex f Q XS , W. , V 1 76 I 1 1 N 77 N , New -8-55. 'xI'I'I-. 3:32231 :::::::g: X w,::::1, W X , X X 5'-sf:g.IQN '78 7 79 0 I ............ 81 The Jungle Scourge What is this beast of whom are told So many tales of woe, This 'vicious cat, this jungle scourge, Whose eyes in darkness glow? Whose rippling coat of tawny yellow, All striped in somber hue , In daytime mid the tangled grass, Hides him from hunter's view. Whe-n night draws nigh and all is hushed Whose dreadful cry is hear-d, Sounding from out the jungle depths Low, penetrating, weird? ADOLPHUS TRAYLOR J ACTIVITIES We also learn by doing GRADUATES WHO HAVE MADE GOOD IN MANY LINES CHARLES BRIGGS TENERO CARUSO CLARENCE CLENDENNEN FRANK COURTNEY HOMER DDICKASON ELLIS EAOAN CLAIRE EBERHARDT SAM GATES BURDETTE HENNEY HELEN HOPKINS ' EDNA JACOBSON MILO JAMIESON ELMORE KEYES DORWOOD KNOWLES RUTH LESLIE ROBERT MILLER IRWIN MOON HENRY ROBINSON DAVID RYNIN JOHN STINGLE ROBLEY XVILLIAMS n HENRY KAMMAN DAVID HARRISON Editor Business Manager - THE LIN COLNIAN , On the third floor of the Science Building there is a certain small room which is unknown to most of the students who daily pass through the halls. This is the workshop of one of Lincoln's most important projects, the Lincolnian. The annual this year has used as its theme the totem of the school, the Tiger. Opening section pages, main divisions, and regu- lar page borders are carried out in this design, and beginning each section is a representative list of "Ex-Tigers' Who- made history either While at Linco-ln or afte-r their departure into the "outer World." End sheets, inside the front and back covers, are also executed in the Tiger motif, as is the cover itself. The Lincolnian of 1928 captured a national prize in competi- tion with representative high school annuals o-f the entire United States. The 1929 book again won "All-American" honors. It has been the hope of this year's staff that the present book might also reach the heights attained by its predecessors. Henry Kamman edited the 1930 annual, of which David Harri- son was business manager. Staff heads included Clyde Johnson, Henry Duda, Marjorie Farr, Yvonne Mathews, Charles Jue-ngst, Frank Gryder, Alex Perez, Eleanor Hussman, Dorothy White, Paul Hollenbeck and Julius Glucoft. The success of the book has been due in no small measure to Mr. Greene, sponsor, who took over the reins this year and directed the Lincolnian staff in a most satisfactory manner. o 85 HENRY DUDA Boys' Sport Editor MARJORIE FARR CLYDE JOHNSON ELEANOR HIJSMAN Girls' Sport Editor Ass't Editor Literary Editor JULIUS GLUCOFT Auzx PERM THOMAS YOUNG Staff Artist Feature Editor Advertising Manager 1 1 w L. CHARLES JUENGST Layfout Editor MARY HATTORI ' PAUL HOLLENBECK -YVONNE MATHEWS Publicity Snapfshot Editor Secretary MAX CLINE FRANK GRYDER COURTLAND DUVAL Ass t Advertising Manager Ass't Layfout Editov' Head Letterer 87 -4 .ff f ' f'i. x . 1 . ix, , ,l x -if 5 U , E .....i .li X .,Q.:.:,:.,.:.: . .,:.,.:.: Q .,A,.,.,.,A,.,.:.:,:.,.:.:.,.:.:.1.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.,.:,:.,.:.,.:.:.:.1.:.:.:.:.:.1.:.:.,.:.,.:.,.:.:.:.:.:.,.:.:.:.,.:.:.:.:. , . .:.:.,.:.,A:,,,.....,.,,,.,..:.:.:.,.:.:.:. , ,.:,.,,,:.,.1.,,:.1.,Q.Q.A,.:.:.YA.,.,.......... ........A..,.,.Q.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,...,.,.,.,...,.Q.,.,., , ,...,.,..,,.,.,...,.,.,.,...,..,,.,,. . . . 1 fl N .. M alflierfxgr Q , f l may fr YQ K. MSN , ff THE RAILSPLITTER I . 1 w .- ' I sr First S est . ,mvrlg . , , em C' i V ' -S. Af' f I The Lincoln Daily Railsplitter is a record of the activities and 162154 'vw achievements of the students day by day. It is one of the two high school dailies west of the Rocky Mountains. One of its unique features is that the Editor-in-Chief is elected by the student body once each semester and is on the board of commissioners as pub- i licity head. He or she, the editor may be- either a boy or a girl, gets a solid credit for Railsplitter work and thus has sufficient time to r wif f xw Write interestingly and Well. ' ED1'roR1AL Esther Farr ----- Mary Hattori - - - - A Tod r - - - - Literary BOARD - Editor-in-Chief - - Club Editor nna a. o Editor ' ' Henry Duda - ----- Sports Tony Rios ---- Ass't Sports Editor Florence Cohen ----- Exchange Editor , REPORTERS David Wiser Angelina Palladino E Ella. Scibird Juan Acevedo l Frank Casey Frank Wilks .Z ' I A BUSINESS STAFF ' 1 ll' lux Sydney Holt ----- Business Manager I Milford Carlson - - - Advertising Manager 'X X Thomas Young .- - Ass't Adv. Manager X ' Steve Terrior - - - Circulation Manager 5 I ' ' Masuo Tokitsu - - - Ass't Circ. Manager ,tx ' I Frank Wilks ------ Mailing Clerk xi I INsTRUc'roRs xx Helen L. Moore ------ Journalism Lewis P. Reiterman - - 4 - - - Printing I Frank L. Tade - - - - - - - Printing l A I N 'Wx ' 1- I if ll e 'Wy S, if ' ' fx xl mwxvf ' ,X ' s 4 J is ff , Alla ui... ls 'A MW - li , wx ' I THE RAILSPLITTER Second Semester The staff of the Lincoln Daily Railsplitter is made up of stu- dents who have taken at least one term of journalism and are interested in such Work. Some of the staff not only write for the school paper but city publications as well. Training in journalism is an excellent preparation for entrance into any branch of the busi- ness World. . EDITORIAL BOARD Mary Hattori - Henry Duda - Frank Wilks - Alex Perez - - Juan Acevedo - Josephine Groves O IB do - - - - - - Editor-in-Chief - - - Sports Editor - Associate Editor - Special Writer - - - - Features - - - Girls' Sports - - - Alumni, Clubs - Dramatics, Exchange - - - - - Literary pa ran n Bernice Millmun Evelyn Alger - Joe Dunn - - - William Rinehart Phil Epstein - - - ----- Military - - - - - - - Editorial - - - - - Minor Sports CITY EDITORS Mary Hattori --------- Herald Alex Perez --------- Express Frank lVilks - - - Lincoln Heights Bulletin Joe Dunn ------- El Sereno News BUSINESS STAFF4 Frank Kito ----- Business Manager I N K tiff I 0 L 17 ' l ' Q f I 43 X r ' if g ' . X 5 , M i sty, W ' NUEQNM r fi ,gp I . , , ,wgiw Q' Us ' E AVQQ IN VX: ' , , I .",' y' 'o . ' In 'R M Wim mlm lxx .X Qug' Bertha Robinson - - Advertising Manager . I lx Masuo Tokitsu - - - Circulation Manager l f Tully Pontecorvo - - - Ass't Circ. Manager I ' I Bin Johnson ------- Mailing Clerk ' ,,. I 1 INSTRUCTORS I Helen L. Moore ------ ' Journalism : f ' Frank L. Tade -------- Printing I Q Lewis P. Reiterman - - - - Printing - V , . 1 h fb, Q , 5 F I' '4 J ' . - W H I , .' ,Q a R X A I' :X X ... 89 IP' '- S 3 . f , . -Tl : 1, . I p - Z., AJ-X X 1 ' .f , f I -- NN. f A I ' 1 ' I ' ' X . -. R 1 . T. ' -IYQ' X ' ,A If T . be In Q xf, ' -N X i 'xx - fl 4 i i H! li n Q QR 4 X I .1 AS: A E ,3.:: 5 552g5E5E3E5E53555:gi5555255555555553352ggfgi553E5552gig1525525:35gi52:25522EliIEIE222IE2E251E:E23E:E2E252E2E2E2E2E23iE2E25252EIE23IE2E1E1E2E2E1E1E1E1E2E1E2E Ilriflfllff 2 2i1E2E1E1E2E1E1i1E1E1E1E 2:1:1f111:111:2:12111:riflllrlIlfiifrlrlrfrirfrf1f2f1:152f171:1:1:I:2Zfirilflif5f:1517I41:2f212:2:2f2:1:r:2 1 F2TFIIIiliririlirifiiiiiiiiilii ins:-ssrif.-:ss A P it N I ff' TY , , ' s Cav 1, i is i I S .-2 f - ..- 'Q' ii v .,. .,.......... .M . , 1 5.911 A X .i Xfg- i xyii f . .1 + r I , Wm l Q l V l- 2:3 s PEN AND BRUSH xl' lies ,I f Dorothy White ffffff Edito'rfinfChief 11QX4g'p -,l Eleanor Husman f f f Literary Editor H ,i Bradford Case f ffffff Art Editor Sponsor f f ffff Mn A. K. jenkins Art Sponsors f f Miss Herbert E? Miss Manbert During the term of W'30 a new pro-ject was undertaken by the V ' Q English department in the form of a literary magazine, the Pen I ' and Brush. This little book is the second publication put out by the I , English department, the other being the Railsplitter. The con- , T tributors not only enjoyed their Work immensely, but they had ' 3 the added distinction of being pioneers in that Work at Lincoln. Q i -1... .E . -gl I fel, ,hm 'Aw ri l Q 14' I l .., vi lx g i i 4 "UM ' 90 in Xu 1- ,. Qxliqy uh Jl lnw .1 t liiwxwif 'AW ' 44 X , S-'T - rf' C ' N 'Q X 'I ll a il fbxstrxvdalv A' qf,gi.y I i L Q3 4 ...- T 6.-'ir' . - ' 6152 , N .X . , .WW " J . XX ME IN 'Q QM- ze C' GW ' CHESS AND CHECKER CLUB 'W ' 2 , f "1 -i Jlgli' , rf I Philip Epstein f f f President X A John Milborne f f f ViC6'PTCSid6Tlt ' - fx Vernon Fagin f f Sec1fetaTyf'T1'ea.Stwe'r ,-- 'ff' Qi Manuel Sopher f f f Publicity Mafnageaf - The Chess and Checker Club was organized in 1922, but soon disbanded because of lack of interest. In 1925 the Lincoln Club, through its sponsor, Mr. MacFarlane, sent letters to the various , vice-principals of the city schools, requesting their co-operation ' in reorganizing the league. As a result of this move, a healthy interest in chess and checkers was created and continues today. The- requirement for earning an emblem' is playing two league games. The Lincoln Checker team has in its possession a placque l which bears the names of the championship checker team of S'29. ur' ,ind 'HRX' 'xx X Q., .. , f' ' ! fu ' p I nr ' I . : l 2 ' Pe g --f ' , 91 ri ll . , 'sg-1 ' . Cv' ll ,Lu 6 I -.f - Lf? X 2 .. if T . dx , ill. .Ha-' 7 I 7 ily X , ' 1- . ,X - I 'XXI z .W I p s l if 'S , . " IYKQZSWQQQ H WJ' Num, ' N Wlsfzl in , ff' l K0' ' I 5 . N L I ' Q --. "fs ' i f N ,I Wi' sit'--1 s Wlsllff r 1 xA fl M .. .r ' Q rl js! r ' ' is 3 4 I Mft' in X , l n !f , 7 1 :Ill ,Wm flaw? mx, A l j x X, I i NS for - :' I L MX' 'Qt ill a 'I ' 1 - flax ls, 'AMW in A K, X g 1-::::2 sse HI" - - X s ALPHA SOCIETY Albert Caliguiri f f f f President Opal Brandon f ' ' ' VicefPresident Loretta Laner f ffff Roll Secretary Eileen Murray f f Corresponding Secretary Eleanor Husman f f f f f f f 'Treasurer Helen -Hattori f f f Railsplittefr Representative Miss Katherine Moran f f f f f f Sponsor The Alpha Society was organized to promote higher scholastic standards. The name, from the first letter of the Greek alphabet, was chosen because A's are a qualification for membership. To be on the First Honor Roll a student must receive four A's if taking four solids, or three A's and two B's if taking five so-lids. To be on the Second Honor Roll, three A's and one B are required for a four solid program and two A's and three B's for live solids. When students make Alpha grades the f1rst ten Weeks of the term, let- ters of congratulation and encouragement are sent to them from the office. 92 J .gl ! will an f " WH fffa-ilswglsxvr ff7KW' " , gffi N ,7 fl nfl: f fsloxw fl I QF- eg' Q .gl T be-'ir' l - f ?:.NQ N X veil, Sgillj, 'lr y X. x X g arp y I I 5 ALPHA SOCIETY f V gwllwf ll gg a 0 One and two term Alphas are entitled to Wear the bronze Alpha U-. np., A pin, three and four term Alphas, the silver pin, and five to eight ' ' term Alphas, the gold pin. Meetings are held every other Wednesday. The dues are twenty-five cents each term. Last term the Alpha Society gave 3520.00 to the Mabel D. Pratt Fund. A party was held in Andrus Hall on March 26. After an inter- I esting program the time was enjoyably spent in dancing the Vir- ginia Reel. I :Wu mM 'M X 'M ' ! 7' 9 N I ' fps f I : I ' -' . - Psa y g- . ' '4 " 93 7 .. ' y 9. K 4 'f Q l , A awww .na-X 'f' 1' 7 fi . I L , . X 'xl' 5 BOYS' LEAGUE Lloyd Reed ff-ffffff President Glenn Wilkins f-ffff VicefP'resident Max Cline f f 'fffff Secretary Gordon Flint f f f R The membership of the from all grades Every Lincoln thropic organization Some of the of the Boys League is to spread the various poor neighborhoods, the city. de up of students to join this philan- I and endeavors sunshine throughout schools, and hospitals of 94 J .5-5f51:12f51 2:2:222:2: 22552322 552235 -551252-. 55555355555 '222152 5222522222 :25222552tS2222255 522522255 5252252552 -I-I-I-I-I-I ' .. ,. 2'-'--5 'C-1-I-E -I-2-I-I+ 2-2-262-N-. i"'Z-'-2- +1-I-I-I-.. ?:f:3:5:5:T: -.-'I:l:3:5 .5:-:3:2:-:-,--?-2:2-2--- .-I-:5:715!1:5:-. .-,-:I:I+I-2321.-. :i:3:3:5:i ,-:3:5:7:-..-:i:5:5:i:-. -1-:Ig.f:g.. .-,-:-115595:-.-. -S:2g"Ig.g:j::g1c3, 3:53:35 "5:f:3:3...3:3:?:3:tI f:'3:'f 3:3I"3:5:3: ' ':r:1:1:r215 -:5:::g:: 55:52:51: 1-525:3:5:5: .::5:5:5:5 55:55:55 ,.2:1:,:: 2:55:55 255515515 ':5:5:5:5:f":2:1:2:1: 2:5--:2 55355-:::::1x: r:5:5:5:5:5 1--:-:---5,:::,:::: -5:5:3:5:5:::,j21-55555 ::::-:g::- 5555255255521 15122555 2222555552 5222222522 55352212122 .2s555255E2 2222225522 555555252 5251322221 25222222 5 5555555555 55252555 5555553553 --212525: 2252222225 515525151515 E15r51E15- 121215515 151515155 215151515 1131525251 1515151512 5:3:g:515: 1215231515 fflffflfi :5:5:5:5:5 535555 5221152 :g:5:1:555 Q.. ,:rE5EfE1' .1:-. ,:5:5:5:5:1 3553535 lair?" 555555353551 :5:E25:E:f.- j:E:5:ErE1, '.E5515:5:-.5 '31:IEI55E5::.::-:If" "1rE1Er51:.,.E15:51' 'I13:5:5:1:' EIEIEIEIEI. QEIEIEIEI- 'S:5:E11:- :f:2:5:S:-:-QS':5f- friirir- 1 .it-.??1:I:5. "'2:FI5S-5'7" '1"52:111E1E2E1f12'5" "1'fIEF:kII':I:" .52522EQ252255252552555525555355555555555555535555535255555252555552555355551552525255525553555555:5152525:525555555252525292525252525253551255:3:5:5:5:2:5:5::5:525252555253555553555555555E1555151515151315221525:5:5:5:5:g:1EiggigixirsirimsriSiriirirEEFEEE555555555555555EE255352525E5E5E5551515Sa155ES55555512- ,f ff 151 fe J- GIRLS' LEAGUE , , f J' -ff' .J f , ,f Theora Brendel ffffffff President Dorothy Jean Cunningham f f VicefPresident Marjorie Chapman f f f Recording Secretary Evelyn Simms f f f Corresponding Secretary Opal Brandon ffffffff Treasurer The Girls' League is open to every Lincoln girl. It is a philan- thropic organization and' it has for its purpose the creation of a sisterly feeling among the girls. Parties are given for each grade. Contributions of clothes, toys, and scrap book are furnished by the members for the needy in hospitals and omes. Miss Nichols sponsors the League. 5 ' Q 5 95 ., -lf 5 .7 .A H ,A , . -- n 'L 'li ' f X ,. VIS JI'-' 5 fi awp:-Q lllklwfill ff""' if Clif 'ZX 'filyif V' me l I . N 1'- , L, - ,K ,,e , A y eglffkf' SXSW. 1541! ffi N f L We it 4 M wif ' Q if Q "of 5 gg fa ,. Q 7 1 XXX ' 1 l 1 L22 ' . sy,A P I ' ' ,1 . 'lN,f'C. .gn ia HH x - SENIOR BOYS' SERVICE CLUB Don Turner f f f f President Joseph Easter f "" VicefP1eside'nt Max Cline f f f f f f f f Secretary Mario Talarnantes f f Railsplitter Representative It is through the Service Clubs that the principle of student V government is put in operation at Lincoln. Any boy who is desirous y - of serving his school should become a member of this organization. , As an army depends on its non-commissioned officers, so Lincoln i High School depends onthe Service Clubs to perform many duties. e These duties properly done make life run more smoothly. And he I: who serves learns the value of the task Well done. l gp 1 ,fy W" MW , A I Q lv i S ,M ' f W XX 1 ,KEN ' . up I 1 1 X 96 1' i' . ri" NB 'QR 3 . 5 J 1' si UIQ, in In -AWWWIQ is g .x i i A .' x ,Al X.: 'i"i 1 ai . .X .. ,t xt 2 'ir 1' 'NEWQSW 'f i 1 GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB , , EYWV ll' X 1 ll! 1 A lm l ,fum 'ysf' f-SV? Wo l 'X' xx Mr ,dwg In ir ii l I f K W X V. f , ...- f V . I ,st ,,. , .-. 'QQ I X r r J fpxvlclfgvqigelllxj L fi ,W I ' 5 4 ' I X I 70: QXIJI-gh. Wggs 'I rljf Dorothy Allen f f f f President N' llhwylx' Leoan Green f f f Vice4President Loretta Laner fffff Secretary ' Marjorie Farr ffff SergeantfatfArms Opal Brandon f f f Railsplitter Representative Miss Marjorie Nichols ffffff Sponsor L 1 Every Lincoln girl is welcome to join the Girls' Service Club. Its purpose is to instill the desire to serve in the hearts of the girls. This organization sponsors student government and con- ducts the uniform drives. , 'WV' 'HN he x yu, .V , fl ' I A fl ' r I no F I : I ' E P' f, , J' . 3 f'qi'4 Q14 97 I' ' fl is I ll' . J iil.:I"i"x is ' ,II 9 I 'Q L -- MQQX A 1' .Q .. . J X Ur I ' I . ,xx A . i N . , . ' A'A- lf l l 'S - 5 . - I i X 1:: :.: ,:.:A2 gigs X 1 xldii' " ill-ixzijf.-TQ p N11 -K . ff' lm A X. .Thea-3 Qi r- N75 ' r Q if f gl! PS ,,- , W T U 1 - . 3 -., fllffgf? Vllsff is ug N3-'Xl 'f f . Mi f, .xx ' li ,. . ' Q HQLNVQQ Kc 5 t 1 A A 'Nil rl RW? V 1 , ol nr 1 ,A W' 'HW 'x s IX li img" yu XX l N s 'Kill ' .. L W if ijlf - ' fe. 4 " will by ,ill Q, llliaq ln, -Aww , . . r,v 'r f 1 .As , . I fha IJ- vt... ' f LINCOLN KN IGHTS . vl The Lincoln Knights is an organization of picked lioys selected from those who are most outstanding in service, scholarship, and character. Among these are all the commissioners and leaders of the school. The president of the Student Body automatically be- comes president of the Knights. It is the Knight's duty to keep order at school and at the games. The sponsors of the organization are Mr. Van Pelt, Mr. Greene, and Captain Wing, with the aid of Miss Andrus. Mr. Van Pelt uses mo-st of the boys in his office in order to teach them how to handle boys and to show them the responsibilities of an executive. The Knights are divided into two groups, the honorary Knights, those who have served two terms or more, and the active Knights. The active Knights are those who are commissioners, the new members, and those Knights who have not served two terms before. Through this method the Knights had a very successful term. ' 98 im Q wif H W ! ' sal S Q king ' Y. 'l' x , fl l X KW lx V ,Z f IQ. 'I' -'N We r-X ,fgvol X 'Hi lx 4, iii, I -2.0 1' K was T ' S ,a g ixaleq mllf T i 'A 'NllE'4N-T ' - ' y .f 7 . KX' x 65, . GW ' Fern Chapman f f f President ' Q QQN ' Jack Sterling f f ' VicefPreside'nt lx Q Irene Chapman ffffffff Secretary Q' fffsjh Louise Notaro f ffffff Tfreaswrefr A Arbin Mathieu f f Railsplittev Representative Frank Gryder ffff Sevgeantfat-Arms The Safety Club is in its third semester of activity at Lincoln. . Its object is the creation of a "Safety Consciousness" in the minds I ' of our growing school population. The club has the hearty endorse- ment and co-operation of not only our own office, but that of the Superintendent. Students who Wish to give useful service to the school by making Lincoln a better and a safer place are urged to - Jom. , WIN 'Hlll 'xx X Qyj' , , 1' ' ! ll t f I in 7 f The meetings are held every Tuesday noon and a party is given semi-annually. Mr. Ziegenfuss is the sponsor. : I ' I . ner' I 4' U ",. 99 'I ff - Ft I . T 55 S fi '- i 9 M V SQ-: N ' 1 ' if tl S S N . , . . -,, . lf f", is a ' ll ,i i y X p sp pp spppp M y N p y s p y ps p pp p ppsp yp app p y qi I Vi fx u i fl X 1' Y r Al Xilfab x 1 mm C 4, ,FIN ', dggqg fgxgllffi .Q-I , .I ' Q .ITHVVIQ l . , I ,dsl .xv if I WXXQS ' n if x l .I I 11l lAm. ax.Ii - 'f x nv I I FORUM CLUB Marjorie Fleming f f f President Mary Wellcome Josephine Paladino f f f f f Sally Roberts f Katherine Boggio f f VicefPreside'nt f Secretary f f f f f f Treasurer f f Railsplitter Representative Mr. Gittens - f ffffffSpor1.sor The Forum Club offers many opportunities for those interested in debating and public speaking. Several interesting debates and group discussions have taken place this year. The members enjoyed a party given by the Science Club in the early part of the year. Other parties were also held in Andrus Hall. oixcsl 2 X - L . A . E.. l ,Q in ij 100 mrwn, -AMW p a rs WW SPANISH CLUB Alex Perez f f f f f f President Juliet Ruiz f f f ' 4 ' f Secretary Henry Buda f f Railsplitter Representative Because of the great number of Spanish-speaking students at Lincoln, this club was organized more than eight years ago. This year the club accomplished much in the Way of helping in school activities. The- Boys' and Girls' Leagues received assistance in Christmas and Easter philanthropic work, While the club also helped in Welcoming the freshmen to school by furnishing skits for freshmen parties. o The social side of club life was not neglected, however. Two dances were held in Andrus Hall, a luncheon in the school cafeteria, and a dinner dance in one of Los Angeles' oldest landm.arks, Olivera Street. The sponsors of this club are Mr. MacFarlane and Mr. Benner. ? l v 1' ' 1 Y -nr Wlw "'lxx lxy X Q '14 ax ltr I no' I . AU X - A ,i xifil ,. I ' if ' f ll5grr 'K l,"FaU5Sx' ' X, lf rlwhl 1 tr. r i ZX' r QAAQS' xr 4 , . ll K b .- . I ' 1 A 5 l I . Q 1 A Q fqilgggbis r l n gif.-Q' film? i'f5Y5l' ' eff' A' 'M' 7 H ff QVO'f O -K ll 4n - I Qi' cfllllflg, .Q . r e ia f . Q 52 I Af., 4 . 4,421 . 1 ' ' 1 .RQ In 'NAV 'nv z l l L I ! , ,I 1 nl U: W 'JW nl" ik A s xv' XX 'I l . 4' NX l mx X N ATHEN IAN CLUB Courtland Du Val f f f f f f President ' , Leighton Keeling ffffff VicefPreside'nt Irene Ropp ffff Secretary and Treasurer Abel Padilla, f f Railsplitter Representative The Athenian Club is composed of art students. Its purpose is to promote an interest in and an appreciation of art. One of the unique features of this club is the p-lan for earning degrees. A degree may be earned by any art student upon the completion of one of a great variety of art problems. When he has three degrees, he is eligible for membership-. Only those students who have ten or more degrees may be nominated for office. The parties and meetings provide an opportunity for social activity. One of the happiest occasions of this year was a party held in Andrus Hall, Where about eighty Athenians and their friends assembled. Miss Herbert sponsors this society. m W re l N l .X 102 f p efffg i . NLXYI u . - J. Q P .wxx 9 I f ., ,..., SCIENCE CLUB Irene Stevens f f f President Bessie Lee Kirby f fffff Secretary A Christine Ford ' ffffff'f Treasurer Charles Woolf f f f Railsplitter Representative Bert McCleod f ffff Roll Secretary The Science Club was organized at Lincoln for students inter- ested in scientific research and knowledge. Several members of Lincoln's faculty spoke during the year to the club on various sub- jects of science and nature. " Barbecues, hikes, and visits to the zoo were also enjoyed by the members. Mrs. Armstrong is the sponsor. 'X 1 1 - , 1 Y vu' v ldbd ll'm 'xs X 'ul' fl r 1 . . 'lb ix , .- .... Q . ' ' " . 1 ' ,4-.lf f f e' Ill-Q-Eli, Q ff' q QQ' I WU ' ,s Q74 I Sys W ff:-g , , , i ,z 75 N .. ,r ..- l S-Tffq rx 1 I N efllfif? sill 517 as ,mat ! f A QVQ L I I AVC 'f fl 16- 3 i K .. . ' Q- , ,iguvffg , i if ! '7 f is I I ll' ,Im 'Aw oitb' I s xv, Xx f A-X X X lin lgu mm t E 2 22 2 5 2 2 : l 1 l 2 E l i Sl 1 E I i 1 1 1 Z l l f 2 ? f 2 2 i ' : Z 1 : l Z i i 2 1 i 1 I x- 'X has it P INTERNATIONAL CLUB ' Roberta Royer f f ' f f President John Tolstoy f f f f f ViCC'PTCSidC11f Babette Flynn ' ' Secretary and Treasurer Arbin Mathieu f f Railsplitter Representative The International Club is in its fifth semester of activity at Lincoln. Its object is to create an understanding and friendliness among the nationalities of the 'world which are represented in our Student Body. The club is affiliated with the City Federation of World Friendship Clubs and the State Federation of Wo-rld Friend- ship Club-s. It is the plan to form, in time, national and interna- tional federations. ' This semester the International Club became a permanent member of the Junior Red Cross Society. Portfolio Work has been carried on as the medium of exchange among the foreign nations. Miss Elizabeth Leslie is the founder and faculty sponsor. N r l 'W ' 104 VW 1- gif H 3.3. If ,ff ifmbxv 4,3 b . . , wlf A ' 31 i nfix it 1 ', ilESSll i i ,N e WP' A I ,X N,y5wi.fqH, . 5 X , air .pp n i l E f . X 7 7 , l Al E?" - f-'QQ X 5 - ':','.w?ill x 'W J NVWQEJW f XX I x fi :W ' A .- ul ULF. Sl llf, Wi 'j4.-K: S. P. Q. R. i 4 M 'N W, N' fx OX Elizabeth Ruff f f f f Consul ' Virginia Strong f f f Praetor Sylvia Schur fffffffff Tribune Katherine Hamilton fffffff Aedile Alice Holmberg f f Railsplitter Representative HSENATUR POPULUSSLUE ROMANUSH I For the Latin student who still admires and yearns for the "glories that Were Rome," there is the organization known as the s.P.Q.R. . 5. The daily activities of the club are published in the Acta 'WN MN 'N X lvl: Diurna, a scroll which hangs in the public square. ' .Q 7' ' I I Parties and other social gatherings are held each term. , l,'IOt r l : 7 1 I A.. V - .wa-' I h' I ,Q f fx xv, if 105 fl? Z jg ', , t Q W i llili N ' ' 's i rr" 19 I. . ' X ' 'N ' x n -xl f 'LQ X e y, . v . l . 6 2 I 4A,.,., .,.,.,,,.,...,.,.... ..,.................,..... Q I E2525152E25122525IEIEIEIEIEIEIEIESEIEIEIEIE 2.-.-. ...,..' .-..-,-,-,-.-.-.v.-.-,-.4,- E 2 EIEIEIEIEIEIEIBEIEIEIE2E22IE2EIElE2E2E2E2? .-.,.-.,.-.f.-.-.4.4.-.-:-.'.-.-.-.,,-.-:-.-.- E 53523553355 -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:,:-:-:-: ':-:-:e:-:+:-:-:-:-:-:+:.: " UK-QS:-ji N' ' t ff' , .. , . ,way 'nun V A " lifwfyp i' if l ll" 'A A555 Q 'ji i N f. I , ' my S 1 f f x ' f', . 3 .....,., , fflfffqiv ,Alix f - I l X f 1 . Y' - .Q 'I Q51 It L 0 A Mx , f, , . ' s e .GNIIQ 4,64 , COSMETOLOGISTS L t W ull ff AX? ? Q -l "First robed in white, the 'nymph intent adores, ' With head uncovered the cosmetic powers." L Q -POPE As far back as the early Greeks, cosmetology, the art of pre- serving and developing natural beauty, was known and cultivated. . Today, the science is more perfect and elaborate than it has ever 5 been before. Lincoln offers a splendid course in cosmetology. After Q two years' training at Lincoln, the student takes a course at Frank 'S u Wiggins' School in permanent Waving, which subject is not yet 4 1 ,,g ml' uw! given at Lincoln. When the Wiggins' course is completed, the stu- , dent is eligible to take the State Board examination, Which, if 'XX " passed, makes her a licensed operator. t m ue l 01x l ' NH The Beauty Quest Club is open to all girls who have had one 'XX or more semesters of training in beauty culture. Its object is fully I X x ! i 'Fil ' six L d iy? WX' '.. i Jn, axioms, -Mawr c explained by its name. 106 Mi, ,W A M y 1 ' .,, 'N f if f fgffkzaawfb 4ftii?TN' Vi il vii"'?i7!At --iswf' - ' . lN" , 'i 'Xxx X fl i is f "L -' if Q fa , r.a f M illg , T Qt O f 69 Q N yemqwwx W QW , V7 AW I ,F 5 , i AXXWLF, SAKURA KWA1 xi '14 S - 13' X Wes 4 9.4 . . ,fix i ' W , Marion Miyamoto f f f f President qi fig! , Mary Itaya f f f f VicefPresident ' Chiyeko Hiraishi f - fffff Secretary Louise Yamamoto f f f f f f f Treasurer Helen Hattori f f f Railsplittev Representative I The purpose of the Sakura Kwai is to promote a better under- standing between the American and the Japanese girls. Many phil- anthropic activities are undertaken each year. One. hundred per cent support is given to the Railsplitter, Lincolnian, and uniform drives. Any Japanese girl who is interested is Welcome to join. , IWN film' lx, X QW .a I 4' Miss Helen Moore sponsors the club. ' I It pn. ' ' 1 . 1 I I 1' .gf . - gy .A 41.1 a H e it ' . L Ri r .V 7 s M .na-X ? 'I' .P " 'llgq ' ,. Av' u i , on, 'X 5 A Ei::E '::': Q3 Q lm x l im t fr fri iiQ71W"'llW X, Q if ,IW 5' K ' xii A Z l L " l ' wie f ' ! , X L ? ,, ' ..- 4 'iii'--Q' S X ,lf H1533 '-X11-. ogrlwv, A 1, 47' ' N9 I f lg 1 , , ' my .QQIWIQ ,pd K W 329 ' Rs ff Aff? 'rl i i 3 L 1 fn WU' 'HWS' rx 1 gtwlx I XX I I f ' v HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Virginia Thompson f ' President V Alice Gibbs f f VicefP1'esident Alma Chirio f ffffff Secretary . ffff f f 'Treasurer Elsie Fairness , f f Railsplitter Representative - m Organized with the motto, "To do something for our school, for our community, and something for ourselves," the Home Eco- nomics Club has whole-heartedly supported school projects by tak- ing part in plays and other activities, and helping with Christmas and Easter philanthropic Work. Social affairs, such as parties in the bungalow, helped to round out an active term for therclub. Mrs. Crowell is the sponsor. Q4 llf bx l a i d , up t M" . , ii' wh e i l2 2 as , f i fr BIBLIOMANIACS 1 ii lx wg372im,,,, liwflf, ' 0 ' We 'T- it i f f at 7 - ,e ylayfo rg Qillff i W ' yn xx' ' rt fo ' ,, ,- ,aX ll W Z! Frank Wilks f f f f f President ' . 'I' ' Jennie Casenaire f f f f VicefPrcsident il' 'WJ Nina Mae Longest f f f f Secretary i - Miss Morgan f f f f Sponsor The Bibliomaniacs, a club for all book-lovers, formerly met at the Lincoln Heights library, but Was transferred last term to ' Lincoln. . . V Books reviews are given by members at the meetings, as Well as one-act plays and other entertainment. Because of the club's recent transfer to the school, it is expected that there will be more social activities next year. 5- Wfh' 'UN' fu x gm 1. , 1' ' ! ,I 1 I ' 'ls I I l 5 I , P' ff , Q' s , -. 'I LQ. 109 7 s i 2 ' -...' e' 1? Q l '41 5' f ,IT . J , ! gl it "I t Q i f . WK .ne-,X f fi -Q i f 175 . h ff i . N- .Q -. - x , a fl . A SX if ' 1 . 1l1 1 ,i lii:l li iZ : :2:2 ii: i i 1 , : Zl:l , 1. - . lA,2 : ,:: 1l: ii1i . . o W X 'fa 5 f - A "" ,i i .1 X ll W 2 g 1 h I -"QL-fl. A A ' H f:1 21555555555555555222fr2S12121fffI21222I212If1222sfs2222is2sisis2isPs22222:22222522222eff2222222222222ff2:5:25:215:2:asf:fa2I2:2:2:2zifsf:f:f:21212:25222521fsesfrf:ifrsfffsisez2zisisisfsass:ses:a:a:s:s:s:s:aass:s:s:s:aa:ss::sas:.es:s:as:e:s:sess.az:s:s:s:s:zsozhes:s:z:sgs5ms:s,:-oss? lllas iks P - ' gf' ' .c . ,, 376 , omit-iii ,. 1 , . fi I X . f X ' , Q --l TWV ff I FQJS ' L , .. 1fll,,S2gff9l ,f,o A I fl . r .,,.,... x x.,.X ,.,XQ xkQ .X, .3 .V .. . ' or wiv 5 Q fo :QF ' l fy lom. is CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Z? 1 One of the greatest honors that can be bestowed on a high school graduate is to become a member of the California Scholar- ship Federation. In order to gain membership to the organization, a student. must be an Alpha four times above the ninth year, and p once in his Senior year. ' ' Through the Alpha Society of Lincoln ond Chapter 29 of tho 5 C. S. F., of Which Miss Katherine Moran is sponsor, Lincoln has - . been able to place from five to ten members in the C. S. F. at every ': H , graduation. A gold pin and a seal on the diploma 'at graduation 1 'Il Ml" 'IW' are awarded those who earn this honor. I . Q IQ -H Q A Ss xx 1 Those of the graduating class of Summer '30 who have earned membership to the C. S. F. are Vincent Joseph Doi, Josephine Irene. IN Groves, Rose Helene Harris, Helen Catherine Hughes, Eleanor , Mabel Husman, Loretta Helen Laner, Eilee Florence Murray, Rob- ' erta Grace Royer and Sylvia Leah Schur. N l 'IDX If 110 K, flbxv in , U "M ' WW All 4 . L a lll I ORATORS E7 Ni 'T N. ' lk X0 QP I' Nj? E i .- , ,iv X, 'f 42 ...A 'l 94-'Ex-T' - 'Qi N x 6,i x , H wx , ,W Mr? , Nix X i f T X Wo ' ,W u qi 5 . a Qxilifm. 1101, qi if The members of this group of orators participated in the three major public-speaking contests held in the city during the year. Anna Todaro represented Lincoln in the World Friendship Con- test, while Morrison Wood was the representative in the Herald Extemporaneous Contest and the Times event. Thirty-five stu- r dents participated in the latter try-outs at Lincoln, in which Morri- ' son Wood placed first, Frank Kito p-laced second, and Helen Ganscu tied with Le Roy Barrington for third place. In the finals, in which contestants from all the major schools of Southern California par- ticip-ated, Morrison Wood, through the pleasantpresentation of his speech and sincerity of his manner, placed fourth. This group of 5, pupils has done much to put Lincoln on the map as a school from ', HM which many famous speakers come. They also developed an inter- WH i ' N lu N ln! est in the participation of contests throughout the whole student V ,N ' body. i , f, , 1 ' ". ' I E I ' Pl I, 4 , g fg-,,. A 3, l, , 111 l f - " Tl Hi ' ' :. -, ! - .H CR A J X -IYQX L" 'li '- 7 fi My ' r 4 N ' - , ,' 'XX' 1 5 i I 1 W 1 i If 11' ,Am 'x 'My' lx NU lx ? STAGE CREW The work of the stage crew is outline-d by the instructor, Mr. Edwards. The divisions are as follows: House Manager, Chief Grip and four assistants, Chief Electrician with three assistants, Master of Props with one assistant, and the Stage Carpenter. Each man has a duty to perform and when a play is staged he is expected to be at his post ready to ,give his services. The time between plays is given to the study of stage funda- mentals and stage settings. Clement Smith and Loys Donnelly have more than fulfilled their duties as House Managers. Several improvements have bee-n made on the stage in the way of construc- tion, all permanent, make the work of the stage crew easier. The crew has proved itself to be a decide-d asset to Lincoln, and has earned the right to a niche of its own in the Lincoln hall of fame. lint 112 wt ' . 1 ' ' ' fill r 'n 4 STAGE DESIGN Lincoln is fortunate in being the only school in California which offers an eight-period course exclusively for stage design. Lincoln is also o-ne of the few schools Whose stage lighting, designing, painting, and building are all handled b-y the stage de- sign department. The department is handled capably by Mr. H. Arden Edwards, who also is the instructor at the Pasadena Community Playhouse School of the theater during the sumer session. He-also teaches the night sessions of the advanced class during the year. "l -we-' , -'G 1 "' NiZ9,S,lI 's E11 N' " ll 'X Q R n x l My ,flffw X .- xi, ,, AQW af- fl QF. v I up l f f "QQ SVS X , ' Q ww lffw X 2 NU?-QW. XX' x pf U . ,-9 ep I A 5 . fa Qlllllh. f '+A 5- V' Q' V Q 1 Aj,- , , . A X pm, 'X W, ru' ffxf I ,dbx 'nkx 'xx X 5 ! 41 , , ' rr f I . y I Pi ' as f, 113 19' . 5 1- Iubl tl D1 'xi Q W M xg s -f f ,' Q-in it :xl h N. , ix E' S7 X K' fa X . L............ . ,, 1 if Qlllykx f, if rf' .42 ,J X., 75 . X 3 ' f v ,A , Q --A NSf"'Q ' 1 I .gift - A ffxlf0'c1rl0frS2rf-. 4 war 4. 0 - If il - Q ,. -W x l V V t - ' W l Nl' ' A gi. L . THE PLAY PRODUCTION CLASS ze- ' Under the direction of Mr. Wenig, who joined Linco-ln's faculty for the fall term, the play production class enjoyed a very active year. Early in the fall semester, the play, "A Night At An Inn," was presented. Their next offering was a comedy, "Speaking to Father." - The holiday season produced "The Diabolical Circle" and "Confes- U . sional." In January, the school play, "Cappy Ricks," was presented. ' At the beginning of the Summer term, two short plays were . given at a pay auditorium call. They were a burlesque mystery, X "The Stroke of Nine," and a serious drama, "The Finger of God." ': , . I1 i 'I I 'fl Ill' MW The main activities of the spring term were centered around Q -A the Elizabethan presentation of "King Lear." s, i I ' I A m V' Members of the class are selected through tryouts before the YN dramatic instructor. I , "lily ' U A. If .Eff ll., , " .lffflbxv Q. t . J W E nm lll.,.,.Wl, -A fm IY7 l i THE YUUNG 'BARRYMORES xll' Q A ex if i f 57' K ff. lx!! l.:3.s fl :SVXEMIW X Q W :Y if . l EX, , XXX. I X X 'xX!5llq 'W NUFQZN 1 lx' X fi ep I my S ew mx rn' 'ffxlw' Bill Lesh ffff f f f President Georgene De Masque f f f VicefPfresident Emmalee Thompson ' ' ' ' Secretary Evelyn Beatty f f f f Librarian Q Lower grade students who are interested in dramatics com- prise the "Young Barrymo-res." It is here that mo-st of the ma- terial for the advanced class of Play Production is produced. The Young Barrymores presented several one-act plays during 'WN 'HN lu x wh the year, as Well as an Elizabethan prologue for the play, "King lx Lear." n I' , ' no 7 ' f g I .. M '. 1 ' I' ' . . N re, f":x- :!..' 115 f' f f ss A 4 l 'I 7 ' gli lid 2-- .ave-'X v' 1- 12? iff 1 N x" "'t I . ,xx ' .. ' - I ' JUNIOR BOYS' SERVICE CLUB The Junior Boys' Service Club prepares lower grade students for activities in the Senior Service organization. These younger boys are on hall duty during the noon hour and are under the supervision of upper-grade students. The club is of real value in three ways. It serves the school, the older boys who sponsor it receive valuable training in leadership, and the members secure real education in service. Being an off-shoot of the Senior Boys' Service Club it ha.s no officers of its own. E GERMAN CLUB Adolphus Traylor -"f President Andrew Arajczar ' f 'Treasurer Solomon Friend f f f VicefPresident Elsie Farmen f f f f Secretary Juan Acevedo f f f Railsplittev' Rep. 116 L... ......... HI-Y CLUB V Harold Olmstead ff-ff President Lester Wilcox - - f Vice-President Sam Buzin f - Sec. and Treas. Arbin Mathieu - - Railsplittev' Rep. Mr. Marshall f f f f Sponsor THE STAMP CLUB Sam Buzin f-"fff President Leon Sherman f f - VicefPresident Alphonso Ortega -fff Secy.f'T1eas. Mr. Rosenberg ' f f f Sponsor it , ' . A ,l i it mx , , ,, , ,, ,,, ,,,, ,,,,, c , , ,,, ,,,, my , , K." wr I , J .f ll '. WA- X2-x 1 QNT75 1, X Q .f p ,W ! X si' E Ps ' !',f,,Q,i, Ml .. . W ,fl1' , , A ,QV UIQ i L,4,?., so i wQyQ'i - I ., -Q . J I ll' lux :X - VW A an IX l ag, f nv, XX 17 DEPARTMENTAL SECRETARIES The Departmental Secretaries are a group of girls working for the heads of departments, doing odd jobs for them as a means of training them for their future Work. Secretaries are: Yvonne Mathews, Marie MacTeague, Dorothy Walsh, Josephine Giuffredi for Mrs. Mullen, Eileen Murray, Frances Belleto. for Mr. Gillespie, and Gertrude Ricin for Mr. Goldthwaite. ATTENDANCE OFFICE l A , M 14 x A 'Wx ' 118 ,, " , if A ll- xwij only J LIBRARY CLASS In the Library Class there are thirty-eight upper grade stu- dents about equally divided between boys and girls. Some of the present staff intend to take up library Work as a profession. BUSINESS OFFICE 119 x . - . -if .iiief S- - f"9mWW?"ffw9'Waiss 1 : Qi . X I , Iqnlinn lil N ..,,.,..,,.A.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,...,...,.,.4.:,:.:.:,A.,.,.,.,A,.,A,..,,.,.4...,.4,A.,.:.:.:.,A,.,A,...,.,.4.:.:.:.ZQ1.:,:,:.,.ZA:A,.Z.:.:...,.4.,.,...:.:.:,:.:.:.:.:.:.:Q:.,,.4...,......,:..,,,:Q:..,:,,.:,.,, Q ..,:, ,..:,,,.,.,.A:,.,.,.A.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,....,...,.4.,.Q.,.Q.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.Q.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,...,.,.... ,.4.,., . 1 i BT7i?:ilUii - Qfilff 2 : . Qi Ti S 4,77 N ffllfqw img!! s .1 'Qlgif L .0 ' 5 If g. A, Qi. I rc 5 . - gg 7 W 99 f, ,Rs 71. Mx?" if 4 i 5 ,, ,A mu uw! I X y . an IX ' :qs ' V I XX f I x 3 'Wi S' ' vm 1' KW? A l . may la,-ww THE SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Josephine Groves f f f President Dorothy Patton f f f VicefPresident Helen Smallberg f f f f Secretary' Carmen Gaudio f f f Treasurer Eula Fulton f f ffff Librarian Betty Carson fffff Assistant Librarian Dorothy Scherquist f f Railsplitter Representative Mrs. Howeth fffffffff Sponsor' A girl 'must be an upper grade student to become a member of the Senior Girls' Glee Club-unless she has an exceptionally fine voice-and must have satisfactory grades in citizenship and schol- arship. Candidates are required to try out With a solo before- the sponsor, Mrs. Howeth. Besides many delightful social affairs, the club furnishes a great deal of talent and entertainment for the schoo-l by singing at aud calls, operettas, and other school projects. Some singing is also done for institutions outside the school. 120 'W , fur, sk THE MADRIGALS Ellen Farrell f f f President Dorothy Dwyer f f VicefPresident ' Edith Gianninni f f f Secretary Rosemary Egan f f f f Treasurer Margaret Hampton f f f Head Librarian g525ieBgHEZitg f f f Assistant Librarians Miss Rcta Mitchell f 'fff Sponsor The Madrigal Girls' Glee Club, a part of the school program, promotes high musical standards among the girls of the tenth and eleventh grades and prepares them for membership in the-Senior Girls' Glee Club. ' The activities' of the club include an installation of officers at the beginning of each term, at which time the new members are formally welcomed and receive emblems of membership. xii' 1' X if l ' Q KX ,Q N' . ' U RW l 1 3 5 1 x Q x ' 5473151 v r N a 1 X xx' l X E a XXXC I ap l ' 1 yi Xl 67 fe E l l rf, un PJ i 'ind 'MEN 'Rx X lnll 4' , x 5 r.. ' I . I I I Pdf- , .. 45'-,ff X xx' . E x 'TF if ' r s IX , r, - WN gxexf vi. 1 1 it . , N '- I 1 I ! 5 I f II'! ,hm 'Aw f s. lx ogy ' NU 5 'NN 4- SENIOR ORCHESTRA Harold Livingston f f f President ' Daniel Leher f f f VicefPresident Nita Aghem f f r f ' Secretary William Noonan ffff f Treasurer Betty Carson f f Railsplitter Representative Under the direction of Mr. George Mulford the Senior Or- chestra presented a symphony concert at the beginning of the term which proved to be a great success. Music was furnished for the opera, "Morning Star," and b-ecause of the quality of the music the opera proved highly popular. The Senior Orchestra also furnished music for the senior play, "The Youngest," and the Commencement exercises. Throughout the Whole school year, the Senior Orchestra, through their untiring efforts and willingness to Work, have Won many friends in the Student Body and throughout the city. Too much cannot be said about the wonderful Work of Mr. Mulford and the orchestra which he leads. ' Mia l 122 ! e "' , 1:5-'J 'NN ' -lizegll 1u"""-fqxvli xx . z, ,K,, 17" -i Kf- .gf ' 4 , S215 FEW!- . i . 'SX hilllfpl' N . r H A p NX' I X V api l -, ' 1 A e 1 is xi SENIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB X Z . 'ffkf i all 545, vu' fixfh Elmer Mathes f f f President S Stephen Bosustow f f f VicefPresident Joseph Drury f "" Secretary Lawrence Stowe f f f Business Manager Edward Nevins f ffff Librarian Glenn Wilkins f f f Librarian ' Mr. Riley f f f Sponsor ' With the usual spirit of good fellowship which prevails among S the members, the Senior Boys' Glee Club had a busy and successful - year during Winterand Summer '30, ' V 'vim mwl' fxx X QU' The club participated in several school projects, among them . 1' the Shakespearean play, "King Lear," and -the Indian operetta, r ll , "Morning Star." s - , ' fr- ' I Two afternoon ,parties were held in Andrus Hall, while a fare- f ' ' well party and a night party downtown were also given. P-' ,A - . N - ' . S , A' It 5 A' I' " 1 h QL! 123 'y F f. if . f... r ' S l I I ii gl ,Ili .. J N' iw' - ,i , Q r s WM K lr p ' L A - J,.- ' r X -IYGKX 'A 51' .if -f It I ,XVI 2 W7 ' - y CITHARA CLUB Betty Carson - ' f President Katherine Hannilton Treasurer Dorothv gullivan f f ViFR'pTR.QiflPYlf Ron Kirfhpn f fl Rmlchliffwr Rph HAPPY CHAN TERS Agnes Eckstrom Helen Byl f ' Dorothy White Selma Golber f Evelyn Gesualdi f f President VicefPreside11t f f Secretary Head Librarian Asst. Librarian JUNIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB f. Ralph Blair f ' f f f President Lincoln Service f f f fx 'Librarian Lynn Seymour f ' f Secyffreasurer Mrs. Drury f ffff Sponsor , V Mr. Riley f f ' ' f ' f Director fri 0.1, D.. -I-f JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ' Alice Hutchison f 1 ' f f President Norma Proctor f f f f Librarian Lucille Benson f f f Secyffreasurer Thelma Trammel f f f Librarian Mrs. Laidlaw ffffff Sponsor 125 -6 :fffffffffffl 55335555515 5553552555 ' 'zlfgffffi' 55555555555 5555555 53555555 5-5:31 II . ., .. 5555555555 .... .. . 22525252522 5.55.-iai252?' 55555155555 5555555355255 '55535?EE5:5 -5555555551-'555555E55g55 .55:555555"'f555555: ,.5:5:535"'55E5:5:5.. 5555515555 '52555555551-55555555515 -:5-f'5'5'5r555355:5., 'E5EEEEE5:5:2-25555iE5:. 22522252522 5555555y:5K555E55 "'5555555555.,52555555555 555552555 '-'-:-:-:-:4: :-:-:-:5:- -:-:-:-:-: -:::g:g::: -:3:g:5:g:5 '5:5:g:5:g: :5:::g:g:5 5:51532 Q:5:5:E:2: 2:23531 5:-:5:5:E: 3:33 :g:g:g:5 525:53 555535: 35:55:35 --:Egg ,:::5:::::- :gggiggl :g5::g5-' 5555255223555 2525252555 5555555555.5555355555-."51515E55g551,5.5rf5' 512s2s52i55.,555s25f" 2525552251 522522525 5:sg:s:- -5:s:5555555gs5s:1-2- 525555555555- 155:5555555555555555555555555535:5:5:5:5:5:3:5:5:5:5gE:5:555555555555555555555555555555525555555555E5:5:555:35:555:3:5:5:5:55:55:5f:5:5:5.2:5:5:5:E:5:515555555555555555-515555:5:55355553515:g5:55:5a55:5.,.5:5.5:5:5:353535f:355:5-5:5:::,e5.5:55, 5:355-1-'-55:55355555:5:5:5:5:55555:5s5g95-g . TROUBADOURS 5 Iames Young ' f - f f President Ralph McKinley f f - f Librarian George Vandevelde - - VicefPresident Jack Hehr f f - f Ass't Librarian Barney Maston --fff 5 Secretary Joe Dunn --ff Railsplitter Rep. Mrs. Drury' f ' ' f - f Sponsor 5 , ...,. .,..... , ..,, JOLLY WARBLERS Robert Asbill f - f f President Murray Dunn f - Treasurer Theodore Broxfvne - f - VicefPresident Albert Clot f f f Librarian Walter Curnmms f - 1 f f Secretary Peter Matranga f f f Librarian John Sissoev f---f- Librarian 126 J UN IOR. ORCHESTRA Fred Benedetti -ffff President Mike Vallone f ' f f Secretary Margy Bill ' - Railsplittef Rep. STRING EN SEMBLE Martha Schaefer, Violm f f President Jean Yafbofough, Plano ' ' Railspgtel James Gamble, Violin f ViCefPresident George Temple Cello ep' Ben Cohen, Viola fff' Secretary Xvilliam Noonan, Bass Mr. Potter f --"- f Sponsor 127 L.............. The Girls' Band is one of the unique features of Lincoln's nusic department. The members are a happy group Who- thor- oughly enjoy their vvork and have high hopes for the future. Mr. Mulford is the director. X THE GIRLS' BAND LINCOLN FOOTBALL BAND There are sixty-five boys in the Lincoln football band. Mr. Tozier is director and Bo-b Siler is drum majo-r. This band played for all our football contests and was official band for Loyola Uni- versity at several games. p 128 1' x x -K X 4 B , 1 f X Zq'y f m Ill ., lr xx if ' , ,Qi 'lmllwlavq 10 . 1'xA AWEXQ f U E Q , ' 2-123' ' ' 'ww N X ,f ' Mcff nn! , xx' I X , ll' 17 L7 I 5 1 I 70: w 'gf h 2' Pai EW ff. lu' 550 Ro O0 To C0 i .1 -I 'llm 'HRX 'xx X Quj I fs 5 Al ,I r ' no ' f ' 1 af ' ' ' Y Lv Iff',g,'Q if ' it . ,N I - ,nu jvl 'V '-XY 7 .nrerx T: 'f i ug. - f "XE" my . N H 1 , in ' jx, R li l. 1:,f::::::1 3,51:5gzga:f5aga5sgagagf5s:f: 1-- ,M ::, is agtgi,uae:a:z:a:z:e:afe:e:s:a:s:z:z:e :z:z:e:s:z :2- '...: 5 252525132 ,.,: gzg1212agsg:g.,, wfiiagagsgsgi, A - ,. 3 A ,.:: 5:5E1f'f5E5:g:3. ,.:: 5:5 irir 25:5 ::., --,: 3 55535 .,.:z 3 :5:5:5 ::. --51555154 .::--1A251:2 55555 ::.v -555555551 -:2: 5E5EgS3::. :...: :'::: li "' I X I X N ::: 5 :E55?E5E5E5Sfi5EIsE325E9E522Esi52sfsf5:9:sS5:5:Q:5:Q:sf5:QE522:sisE252SsE5:5:5:5:2:5:se:s:5:s:as:5:5:as:are5255:1E55E525:5:2:5:5E555:5:5:5:s:5:3:ss:552:5:3is:5:2225s:sie5552:sE5:222:2:s:Q:sisisiifaisisiiisfsisi isE555555QEEEQPEEEESESESFEEQEE 'X ff" " V73 1 f , l: E , x if ,. . a AW vi at AWA AA . .4 I "I - .f j w .W fi i X . ,P ' . J. T' Q-. .1 I ' fxltffffy ll! 7! ,1 L R 1 u K I A WIQ any , f ,W CAPTAIN PAUL R. WING 0 S85 .lvl .gs 'Mft 'rr T R. O. T. C. The R. O. T. C, is a unit of boys, under the leadership of a United States Army officer, who are taught military tactics, hy- - giene, command, and leadership, and other subjects needed in 7 every day life by everybody. From this unit of boyscome many of tae leacg-zrs og the school because of their early training received in t e R. . T. . . 1 V After Lieutenant Street retired from command of the unit, ,g-, Captain Wing assumed-his duties. Due to his efficiency and pleas- I ' '. ' ' . ing personality, he soon gained the confidence of all the men. He 1 1 up IW MW - - - adopted such changes that necessitated many new officers. I - , , 'T Q Due to the ability of Major Ryan, he was appointed to act as wx " Major again this term. R '- QU s X - . X At, 1 I X , 5-" 1 N W- A P kr. wxhx - U I A if 130 A" A -fs ' ,ff,f'lbXv i in li -.xx.,,Ml, T W . ' I , ,S li , . f I I 2:l: f'ef :1-: ::'l:: 2 X ' A , R 452515 Zil ".- iezgggiiiiiiiiill :::3 'K fx 2132512151522251525:5:E2525122ErE152ErE12rErEr5rErE1EfErErEr5rErEr3rEr5:ErErEr515 r:r E2E1E251EIE2SIE23251E1E2E2Eri2ErE1E1E2EIE2Eri2E:E:E2E:E152ErE152ErE:E1ErErE1ErErE1ErErErE5EgE555irEri5E5Egi5E5E555E5E555EQE55555E3E555E5355555E55552E5E5E555SIE151ErEr3r55E5EflflElEl2Ef:: I I Jx L fn I i ll! fl' K g Xl I I The following Promotions were made in the band: ' if 'r Milford Carlson First Lieutenant S Albert Caliguiri f Second Lieutenant 'pf .- ' Donald Grant f f First Sergeant V' dl 0 Q ' if Robert Myers f Thomas Young Haro-ld Livingston Ben Murphy f The following promoti Dean Pittenger Bob Siler f Lester Wilcox f f Charles Wickline Eugene Daniels f f f Drum Major, f f Sergeant f Sergeant f Sergeant ons were made in 'the platoonsz f f Captain of Company A First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant f First Sergeant f First Sergeant Burton Ellison-Second Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant Harold Alexander-Battalion Sergeant Major Fred Haley-Captain of the Band COMMISSIONED OFFICERS i . Q 1 X 4 A I 7 li Rig' -V 1 N- x. NX W " J A Fi! V P XX, X IV . frm X lr? ep l v s 'I 'lx b4 t.. i . Q rf Veal ' iff, QW ffxfl ' , 'WM 'HN 'xx X gn, . l 71. 1 ' . I If 5 1 I . 7 AM HSA " X ,YN ' " FIRST PLATOON The real purpose of the R. O. T. C. is frequently overlooked by the outsider. It is not a training school in militarism, but is rather a place Where the fundamentals of citizenship are taught. It is above all other classes the place Where the boy is taught the value of being a really Worth-While citizen. He learnshere the reason for giving deference to those to Whom deference is due. He learns the SECOND PLATOON 132 NON'COMMISSIONED OFFICERS lesson of neatness in personal appearance, the value of punctuality, and the need for self-restraint. Here he is taught the most funda- mental lesson of all, that citizenship is a privilege and in return for that privilege one owes much to society. It is not expected that future generals are being trained in the R. O. T. C., but it is believed that our citizens of the future are there learning the meaning of the word citizenship. BAND 133 V Top-CAFETER1Ag CCHfCT1HASH LINEj Bottom--CUSTODIANS 134 i 45 .. ,..5:5:5::. .55555555 55:-s.:5.. ..55:s:::555555., 55:-:Sega-5:55. .-555-5-f:e1555.. :s:e:s:s:s: -"'4- '- '- '--4- .5555 5552555 s.::s:s5 5552555555 3555555 .:55.1:2- .5:5jE5:5: 55:55:51: I .4.-:l:1:I:- 55.5:5:5.5.-5155525155: .-:r5:f:15f:1:2:-. .-.-1152-1-55:5-5-, 5555555555 .-:f:2:2:-..-5-5:51515-. .--5:.'5:5-. ,-:-:-'5rE:R5r5-5- -:1:551Sz.-:rs5:5er5- isis:E2EEiEs -f:5:5:5:s 5555555555 eg5:5:5:5. .5:5:5:5:5::5:5:f:f ,5:f:s:s 55555555 :5:5:5:5:5 ':5:55:x5":5:2:5:5 555555, - 555252: 'E2E2E2EEg5:5:f:5:1, '!El?g.I.f'."E:2:E:E: ':ss:5:s:5' '-r:s:s:z:i s:s:s:z:s: 55253522 55555225255 .:55s5z:5:a 2:s:e:s:s: 5252552555 5555555555 2:55:55 .-:5:5:"f155E5Ess5 55555552 15:55:55 :zg2:555' 555555.55 55555553 5555555E555is55525555555555553555251555:f:2:3:5:5515155555552555255555555:355515:2:5:E:sri:2:5:s:sS5535555525555523555255519515555522ri:555355515-5:s1:5:5E5555sE551i5S552S:5555555r5:5:5:5:Z-222555555555515525255215515"555r525:5:55:5E515555537555555552555EII5552I'E55f55E2i1SE5E15fE55E5f5555525 1 'Top-SHEETMETAL SHoPg CCHt6T-CABINET'MAKING B0ttOm-MACHINE SHOP '15 o Top-VOCATIONAI. ARTg Center-UPHOLSTERY BOIEOTH-VOCATIONAL DRAFTING Top-AUTO MECHANICSQ CCHtCT-ELECTRICITY: Bottom-PRINT SHOP 137 N Top-ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTINGQ CCHFCT-CERAMICS B-Otfvm-ELEMENTARY MECHANICS L... .......... 'Top-ARTcRAFTsg Center-POWER MACHINE Bottom-CLOTHING Tiger The Tiger is always a devil incarnate A devil worth having on your sicle In the struggle for existence. Men eat the heart for courage, The fa-ngs and claws are potent charms Love philtres, prophylactics against The evil eye, or magic. The whiskers, too, protect, And what is more, they kill as poison. GEORGE JENNISON disease ATHLETICS In which we show both bvfawn and hmm FAMOUS TIGER ATHLETES FIDEL LA BARBA Flyweight Champion RUSSEL STRIFF Captain of O.A.C. Football Team ROBLEY WILLIAMS Cornell Track Star and a Rhodes Scholar BILL MEDANICH U. C. Football Letterman FRANK GAMBOA Holder of Cross Country and Mile Records, Compton funior College x BOE MADARIAGA Nevada Football Letterman f JOE CASEY Loyola Football Letterman JACKIE FIELDS Welterweight Champion AUGIE CURTISS Amateur Flyweight Champion FRANK' LUBIN U.C.L.A. Basketball Letterman LELTY BRANDT Angel First Sacker 1 W i I 5 : E L . . FRANK L. MALETTE THE MEN WHO BUILD Frank L. Malette f f Head of Dept.g Sponov, L Societyg Baseball Coach Vxfillis "Pop" Bates f Football Coacbg Basketball Coachg Class B and C Tmclq Donald Parker ff""""' Track Coach James Tunney f ffff Class B Footballg Class C Basketball Gerald Calhoun f - Tennis Coachg Class B Baslqetballg Class B Baseball Leonard Livernash ff-f,ffff Gym Team Coach LIVERNASH, PARKER, TUNNEY, BATES, CALHOUN, MALETTE wa 1 uI W 'HJ I lx Bags" Vi IX Nllw I WEARERS OF THE "L" Football I LEO SNVEDO, Captain SANTO GARBO FELIX PENNIO MASAO NAGATA SCOTT DAVIS ANDY LOMBARDO DON BARBER JOHN DRISCOLL PETE BLANDA LYLE NOW'LIN JOE BUA DON ATWOOD PASQUALE TUNZI HARRY JACKSON VIC SMITH ED DAVIS ED MESA BUD HARRISON MARIO TALAMANTES, Manager 1 Track LLOYD REED, Captain BILLY RINEHART JOHNNY WALL CHUCK THORNTON ED DUDA EDDIE GALLASCH JOHN TOLSTOY RUDY VISCARRA DON TURNER LIBERO GUTTERO LYNDON DRAYER LLOYD HIGHTOWER BILL OJERS SCOTT DAVIS, Manager Basketball BILL PAZDRA, Captain LUKE RIGGS LIEERO GUTTERO BOE FONTES ELMER MEYERETTE EDWARD DUDA FRANK GNISHI EDGAR LAWSON BLMER MATHES BUD HARRISON, Manager Baseball BOE FONTES, Captain MATT MOORE GEORGE VANDERVELDE ANDY LOMBARDO BABE GUERRA AL FRENCH JOHN MIALI GEORGE TONG SATORI SUGI JOE APRATO RAYLIIE LOMBARDO ALEX CRUZ FRANK KITO TASHIYAKI IXNASAKA, Manager 144 CLEAT ARTISTS Lincoln, a strong team weakened by injuries and ineligibilities, entered the Franklin encounter heavy favorites only to find a resurrected Panther eleven which turned the tables on them, put- ting acro-ss two touchdowns to win the fray with a 12 to 0 score. Strength plus was clearly evident in the Printers' forward wall, and Tiger functions were hopelessly smothered before getting fully under way. Resorting to an aerial attack proved fatal to the Railsplitters, constant interception of Tiger passes paving the way for one of the Franklin tallies. ' Santo Garbo, Masao Nagao, and Scott Davis displayed won- derful iight in mussing up Panther plays. 145 x - -l , ' .INK ' 'lf X ' .A ..., fx I .Z b f . .:.:.:.:. . ,.,.:.,.:.1 .:.:.l.:. 1 ,:,.,..,,. . 'Xu X s . , ' 2.ly,12.xi dad-fV 42'-X p m x ff' l Ky- ,- 'T' , .7 - ' Q 'fl 5 f . 5 : I 2,11 Q ' ..- L Ti:rf'Q 7' , 1.9506 N .fi1!,fivgfgxsf,f,. nl We L ' ' OXYQ H ff .M .'v . gs. g Q LV f ae? A4 xv 72 Q Q L 46 27' nv I I Il' ,Am ri I v yt I I :gs xv NN l ff LL x p f .pix ' Q Vi k ' . we f' ' will At the hands of the champion Roman eleven, the Emancipators received the worst drubbing of the season. L. A. took the tussle by a 27 to 7 score. The bril- liant open-field running of Cheshire, flashy Roman half-back, was the feature of the encounter, his shiftiness making possible three of the Pioneer tallies. The lone Tiger marker came early in the second half, after the recovery of a Roman fumble. Captain Leo Swedo snatched the oval out of the ozone on a snappy Tiger pass and' dodged over the goal line for the first Lincoln touchdown of the season. After this little flurry the Tigers never threatened the Roman goal line again. A baffling aerial attack, which had the puzzled Railsplitters in hot water from the beginning, enabled a powerful Manual Arts aggregation to get into strategic posi- tion time after time. The hard tackling of Joe Bua and the Tiger ends, Don Barber and Vic Smith had the Toilers fighting for every inch of precious ground. Two long j aunts, however, resulted in Artisan to-uch- down. The Toilers took the issue by a 14 to 0 score. A BUA ATWOOD TUNZI 146 gn is ll I X53 3 'Sc-g Nina! N .Q as -- 11-'Sw VME: Lincoln versus Hollywood. Whenever these two names are brought into contact on the gridiron, an exciting clash may be scented in the offing. Previous mix-ups with the Foothillers had brought about thrills and suspense, and this game was no exception. The Tigers won the tilt 20 to 7. But, looks are deceiving, as is this score. It tells nothing whatever of the closeness of the affair staged in the Sheiks' back- yard: With the score 7 to 0 in favor of the Redshirts, "Red" Grange's galloping ghost, in the form of Don Atwood, sud- denly appeared on the gridiron, and pull- ing the leather o-ut of the ozone on three consecutive occasions, careened through Vic Kelly's entire team to score three touchdowns with less than four minutes of play remaining. Bud Harrison and Johnny Driscoll were a constant menace to the Hollywood reverse and spin plays. Coach Jimmy Purcell's Jefferson High School outfit furnished little opposition for the Log Cabin Boys. With Captain Leo Swedo, Eddie Mesa, and Don Atwood running wild, the Tigers took the Demo- crats into camp by a 22 to O score. Harry C GARBO BLAN DA Now1.rN 3 4 I QQ, u f' ' we ,va if fig xi ' Nl, 'hh vxi ,, :wiv guy, l 'vs Nl lr 3v!yf.3f7KiQ57!, 2 xl 'ANN WH, ffipx X ' X. V 'E .yf J ffl 0. 5 ig- a ! v , V X 0 - ,N I gal ' "X-2 X x WEP' U , '-Cs. fxlilifwlgllf ' ow 'H XX x f. 17 :fp I , I 5 , 1 xi glwlgii I f N We N' "flJX i o Mlm MN hx X Ku, .J , f' ' ! fu p , ' nv 7 I : I ' I , CFP" : ' .noi C' I 147 . ,ff F5 S ' . a ig il ""' -, ,Q X ' f ,"' lt X , ' 'Y ' - xl N .pq , Ti N Q! 5 all 1 X L............. f f Wi' G5 1 if QJMQQ I . fi 5 5 K 2 ... 1 A ..- YG'-if T .1 I P M r f llwim WAY?-'ff ' . X V,-r .4 10 0 Q I 1 A I 1 ll ' 7, ' NX? il- idk? ' f in I . U I ll' , IAM 'Aw' 1 in ' li 1 'W l xx i l x G 4 1 'Qi if h iv a l l , V Jackson's work on the left wing was re- sponsible for the Democrats' inability to gain much ground. Pete Blanda was right there when it came to blocking up holes. Entering the final game with blood in their eyes, the Tigers were determined to revenge last year's humiliating defeat at the hands of the Poly Mechanics. How- ever, the Golden Tornadoes displayed. such an aggressiveness that the Tigers were continually kicking out o-f danger. A pass in the second quarter netted the first Mechanic touchdown, while in the final canto a Railsplitter fumble was the direct result ofthe second tally. Follow- ing this play, Captain Swedo grabbed the Poly kick-off on his own 15-yard line and ra.ced a distance of 85 yards through an astounded Blue and Gold team for the only Tiger score. Getting down to business, the Emancipators opened up with a snappy aerial attack, with "Paci" Tunzi doing the tossing, which netted yard after yard. A touchdown and victory seemed inevitable, but the final gun prevented further hos- tilities and found the Tigers struggling on the Polytechnic 15-yard line, ho-lding the short end of a 13 to 7 score. PENNINO S. DAVIS NAGATO 148 ..,. N..-Q -X Captain Leo Swedo proved himself to be as capable a leader as any who has yet captained a Tiger team. Swathed in many bandages so as to represent an Egyp- tian dummy, Captain Swedo stayed in ev- ery minute of the six City League encoun- ters. As a safety man, Leo- had very few rivals. He was again placed on the second All City team. Eddie Mesa, quarterback and end, al- though handicapped by a trick leg, was a ball-packer of more than mediocre quality. This was.Eddie's fourth year of veteran service on the Tiger eleven and puts him in the ranks of the few four-star Lincoln pigskinners. Joe Bua, halfback, was one of the hardest tacklers in prep ranks. Joe could crash through for a few occasional yards. His shoes will be hard to fill next year. John Driscoll, guard, showed a -' con- stant resistance to enemy thrusts, 'lighting every minute of his stay in the encounters. Johnnie is one of the thirteen returning lettermen. . JACKSON SMITH DAVIS 149 'Kx X QU' f l I l ' nw ' I I I x. n f . x, , lx E FF W X 5 , B fl' " A ff 12- I :-A: X f WNW 'IN 'af ' if. Y 'I .fx KX, , .x E . A l , H .. gt ' , N ." f P f R -51A -, I f 5171 f,XX f'Aff : 'ww N14 ' QW f T51 1 I v W kly ASQ I Q tp Y f x fr f r., . - .O ' 1 , ' Mx? 'nl ,I I 4 I u In " I fl ,rl hw HW 1 , x li ! sy ' KU X J 'U ' " if A JW, X" WRX' ,Sn rumg ls, "QL W L............... Don Atwood, end, was given ample chance to use his educated toe. "Stork" could heave the oval plenty far and when it came to pulling them out of the air, Don was second to- none. This was also his first attempt at football, and found him holding down a wing position on the myth- ical second team All-City. Don Barber, end, was a streak of lightning when it came to getting down on punts. Don played a consistent, heady game at all times. Harry Jackson, end, followed the in- structions o-f the coach from A to Z. Harry had a knack of spilling the interfer- ence before it got under Way, leaving the ball-packer helpless to the Tiger defensive backs. Both Jackson and Barber are re- turning next year. Victor Smith, guard and end, was an efficient man at both positions. Vic should be a valuable man to Coach Tunney next year. TALAMENTES, Mgr. LOMBARDO ' HARRISON 151, iv -IYE Il' I l l N . 1 Mx, -----'-'-'-:-1-xv:-:-1-:-az-:-:-1-z-:-'' A:-: :,:-:-:-:4:-:-: 1:1:f:-g.-.g-:f .-.-1,g::.g., .-.Az-:Q:2:2:1:,,. A .... . .. . .. ... . . . ... ... . .. . .... ...,.. . . . . ... I . ...... 1 . 1 x V . ,Q 4- I. A 4' r llZ4f:E1llj-3:23 fl, 1! EN lull tfilaffp if lfylifa qi L A fl t ,f N i I N I. .f , S' , Fir.-x' 1- f r!L,?Q ffl. V 1 fl l. .. , ' si .mvllfa 'v T 2 K fo ff L I IQ? 'rr f . I 5 .: I ,pf ,A dh' MW I i ny r hut' I I NU tx 1 'J X li HH' X- ' ' CLASS B MOLESKINNERS Coach Jim Tunney, new lightweight football mentor, took over the reins released by Coach Parker and developed a gridiron repre- sentation which broke all former Bee jinxes by winning five games and losing but once, that being to the championship Roman lighties. The Tigers Babes took the first tussle fro-m the Panthers in an easy manner by a 27 to- 0 score. Against the Pioneer Bees, the Log Cabinists went on the rocks. The classy Roman lights piled up a .30 to 2 score to win handily. Recuperating after the L. A. defeat, the Baby Axe-Wielders walked all over the Manual Arts "B" team, chalking up 25 digits to the Toilers none. Aprato and Meshkinoff reeled off enough yards 'together to start a real estate tract. 1 The Tigers showed real class when they came from behind to vanquish a strong Re-dshirt eleven 6 to 2. Gottardi knifed over with the ball in the last minute of play. ' A second-string Lincoln team was strong enough to quell the ,invading .Democrat mole-skin artists. A slow, dull game resulted in another Tiger victory, V13 to 0 being the the final sco-re. Coach Jim Tunney's men had little trouble in running up touch- downs against the Miniature Poly Golden Tornado. With Joe Aprato again starring, three tallies were made to the Mechanics' -one, making the score 18 to 6. 5 A za x l ' .X 1 2 1' 4 if 'Vml' -1 ,ill X, by , xu..,.t Inymmw WW - ' 4 I ":2 :':2 Q--: il- ' T ' X 4 5' 1:.:aliiii?gli?2532225:2522255sie222siaisi52525552522552:SzieieisE522252522sis222sis522222525253252sisE5523E22sisE522:sis2z2a2a2222?22e2ieEa2222isEif2522222is5225:sinsEs:52s:ss:z:2:2:s:asa:2:s:5:s:s:-:s:5:ss:s: 1:1. s:5:5:5:s:5:siass:ass-2-11532:2:s5555:22525E2S2sis?sSEisfsi1sE2Esiisisisisi:isEsiisiziintfiiiiii. Q. fr T' " , X CITY CHAMPS QE' x :sd li ff lllixx Ativan, . x .. f , X c Everything comes to him who waits. This time-worn adage vi , held true at the Tiger institution this time. After seven lo-ng years f K of developing, retouching, replacing, and remodeling a finished , .-.s., A ' ., melon-tossing outfit was finally produced which lived up to all ex- g 5 ' l ' iw: pectations by fetching into Lincoln the first undisputed basketball championship since the birth of the school. C With five men, each and every o-ne good enough to qualify for berths on the mythical all-city quintet, the Tigers swept through a strenuous practice game schedule, decisively trouncing teams which were among the foremost contenders for the championship of the southland. ' Only once did they taste the bitterness of defeat, marring a clean slate by losing to a powerful U.C.L.A. Frosh team. Not once were Coach "Pop" Bates' athletes forced to extend themselves during the six games of City League competition. With the exception of the lone set-back, Captain Billy Pazdra's men breezed through the other twenty-two encounters with a promin- ence which had critics proclaiming them among the best in the United States. n The official opening of the melon-heaving season saw Lincoln revenging the humiliating football defeat by running up a 39 to 7 score on a much inferior Franklin hardwood floor team. The Pan- thers were held scoreless for the first half, but managed to garner a few digits in the latter part of the fray which was being handled by Tiger substitutes. r 5 C , T V - T ':'xl X T. " C 1 X . ' 1 T 4 up I A S 7 X xi iff' glmii U7 Q 1 . .X .GR- , V . . l 1 IX x L s N V In 'XM 'WH l x 'HRX lxx X g',, I 7' ' ' I V , rn. ' 5 .' I ' y A ,Q Hur d' 9 -nvergx "' 'le ,P Y g up . m e" - -s + . V .if p. . ,E x if S . - .flfif A 6 Z t ' ' Egi525E52525255535:f:f:32:f:2:f:5:f:i:f:5:5: ifTififfiffiiiififif52fSE3f3Sff53 2215151535152 S is X ' l lah? T553 THE SEASON ' Qlllww IN ,ffll ll , A Lincoln 39 - Franklin 7 t '11 1 In the opening game- of the season Franklin's inexperienced f ' 'gl crew offered little resistance and the outcome was never in doubt. -Q. Franklin failed to score until "Pop" Bates began to insert his sec- . ond string players, while Capt. Pazdra, Riggs and Guttero kept ' the scorekeepers busy from the start. Lincoln 35 - Los Angeles 23 ' 9 ? The second game of the league schedule was decided in the 'fig V Q first quarter. The Lincoln offense opened with a rush and twelve L.- H 'faq' T Tiger points were scored before L. A. marked up a counter. The 1 f fi' 5 ' balance of the game was hard fought and closely contested. The . 4, ,, play of Bob Fontes was outstanding both on offense and defense fwffkfjj 'AYSUU in this contest. -4 'Til 7 1 4" l , i - I X Lincoln 33 - Manual Arts 18 I 1 I The superior team work of the Lincoln five kept Manual Arts ll on the defense during the entire game. From the start of the , .Q ' game the outcome was never in doubt and the early substitution ' X4 of second string players prevented a more overwhelming victory. 1- l 'N 'Q 1 ill . Lincoln 35' - Polytechnic 19 Qnl 1,7 Although Poly was not touted as having a strong team they - offered a fighting resistance and made as good a showing as the jx . Q 4 5 x , i I I W ll f ll'- ,hm 'Aw 1 I l N N H 1, lx E logx ' W XX 'J l stronger teams. The ever improving team play of Pop-'s warriors was too much for the Poly squad, however, and the game ended as usual with the second string in action. Lincoln 41 - Hollywood 18 When the Hollywood Foothillers journeyed to Lincoln they brought with them a faint hope of avenging their surprise defeat in football. Said hopes died aborning. The 'Splitters romped through the Millionaires with ease and abandon. "Si" Myerette's usual calm stayed on the job to real effect. When the game ended Lincoln had in four subs and the water boy. Lincoln 37 - Jefferson 19 The final game of the season brought Jefferson's dark-horse squad to the Lincoln Gym. Playing to a capacity audience the Lincoln Varsity gave an exhibition of basketball seldom seen in prep-school circles. After a close first quarter the Tiger sharp- shooters came back strong and gave the fans a real treat in plain and fancy basket shooting led by Luke Riggs, who played the best game of his career. The entire squad finished the season in a blaze of glory, convincing everyone that Pop Bates' team was really in a class by itself. W QL N 'KN 154 L .. . 'fl '.. , Jn , A my 3 A ' I F. , -7' H l C - 1 xf' .,:,:,,,.,:,,:.,., ,,.i,::,::3,:,. , VX:----7 ,-1, 111. 2 4i ddda l 2 ' 2 4 5 d : i : ' D , F ..'.' jifi '.', D 7 1 Ill le,-?i1-XNQVZQSSYI-N r vi 3 ., x ' X mw- ' i-Eg X X X , x X S sw X ' We . .,,, D ,ly M X -. K- - 9.5 ggi, I-.5 M D -Q K., fkilsg if-E Q ff 7 . 1.1 N -.N . m:--gi. lvs dj ' ,mhz N5 Q,-xizfli ij 1 4 , 5 f'QQ'51i' :s ' 9 Q ' f- ' ' - A A ' ' , g'Yil':1i-Gia? J Q : of ' A Q, A A :555:s5i'E"'5555::'Q x -ri . '51 K Q . D - , ji Q x ',i.:'fN-5f'f1-as , x as or , , ft H 1 QA-if iff fs1Q3-:.xwg::kQ:Xi z 'k'h ,, .. i l ....,. V- A - 1 :H -gm rw. sx .Q ., ,X d.,,,,W Nfwwwi. 5. ' x s'QQxWx,X:.i.A4Qi..sfo: - ex Nw: x, W FIRST PANEL, READIN G DOWN : Harrison, man- ager: Riggs, forward 5 Fontes, guard 5 Onishi, forward Q Duda., Guard Q SECOND PANEL : Pazdra, Forward: Guttero, cen- " t ard. ter, Myere te, yu THIRD PANEL: Mathes, forward: Lawson, een-' ter: Drayer, guard 5 Las- bury, guardg Aprata, AZ!!-.. .T X, if 3 X' , x WX 1iW'6fV Mr IQ .oo 4.-A -M Q of 1 4 1 I Vfizr? - ' W X ,- '." XFDXXX KX YWZIQTEQZJ7 H . xx' I QV, ' Ay' VFD V '71 1X d Cl 5 guard. lvlid Ilfkx' 'xx X "M l I K D I 7,. ,' ' I I 5 P ' 4' .3 , V 155 'W i f r d j if D ,i 7 'MEL " Aww r .IYGVX ' m, DX AX" A D ' n 'lf .-X-, S fl A fs 1: ' -S .- Q .':l Iillrfi l T ' .'i 'Q Zizf :IIE 0 ' I .,,A,, I ID E zii ' . ' . lx- fziz 325555555EiE2555255555gi55555555555:5:513:5:5:5:5:5?3E555E555355553553555555555355:5:5:Q5:5:5:3:5:5.5E555Egfgigigigf55535555555555:5:555:5:gr5:5:5:5:5:5:pg53EgE5E3E55553515:Er2rEr5:ErE:Erig2:E:E:5:5rf:E:55535E5E555553555535.555555555255:5:5:5:Sri:SrE15:S:55555555553525E55555555535555E555E5E55553E555EgEgf5525E555i255E555E5i5E5?5E55i5i " likes PWA-is X rn' - K., '11 7251 ,fx ' up Q H . I . , 1 .RW 1 mils ffl ffl' Y' tr, M A Ads J f" l .Q Q 3 1 -f . if 'Q 1 if l 1 wi' 4 ' 1 H' fu "sf ' 1 ,W pq ' QQ! fr ff R 3 L ., A ' s ,filming il Q i ' 1 ' is 5.5 5, BEE HARDwooD-FLOOR ARTISTS 3 a 5, f Q5-,Q ! ' , ', f f l The Bee basketeers were also under the supervision of a new Aff v' mentor, Coach Jerry Calhoun. With most of last year's "C" cham- A , pionship squad moving up to the Class "B" team, hopes fo-r a Tiger pennant-winner were unusually bright. Coach Jerry Ca1houn's melon tossers showed a formidable early season strength, by running up large scores on some o-f the best fives in their respective leagues. Practice wins over such worthy . opponents as Fairfax, Narbonne, Glendale, Belmont and others g were tucked under the belts of the Junior Railsplitters, but the l opening of the City League Season found them minus most of their l early playing luster. I I Franklin was first on the Tiger Babes' schedule and was easily I 5 disposed of by the Orange and Black athletes, by a 28 to 19 score. ig' . However, the boys faltered in their stride and lo-st thewnext two mn ' I xi games, being beaten by the L: A. High and Manual Arts Quintets. V I "' . 'MJ The Roman babes came from behind to win to the tune o-f 21 to 17, ' 'X' I , while the Artisan Bees showed more superiority by running up a , px ,, 33 to 19 score. Coach Calhoun's basketeers then forg'ot their grudge 'ws " and came out of their slump by decisively trouncing the Poly X' 5 Bees, who went on to win the championship. A feeling of hostility XX among the players was probably the cause of Calhoun's proteges l falling before the onslaught of Jefferson and Hollywood to the U 3 toll of 27 to 23 and 22 to 21, respectively. , xi - . ' T , , 156 if ff! . fl' 1 'l .f l - , 2' A25-efmjxv -' Q1 - . 'T ' " ' mga m..,.x ls, 'Aww . W xl r I lb'I:N7'2afAYll " V if -:---X :01 I., . I y 'X ff llliillybxggfdfff ffl' ' ' V7 X0 g Asfp 'Vi l l l Q f 1. xx 6 'Q l , T 2-'xfrf - .aim y 5 N X 4 N . . W tggllfi X 4 No t if rl W ', Xl 65 "X T17 PEE-wnns Cor CHAMPIONSHIP X ,Q N gf lu I' . . . ' The Class "C" Basketball outfit continued the pace set by pee- . wee teams of previous seasons, carrying out that Gee tradition of winning the championship in their division. With Coach Jim Tunney at the helm, the baby Tigers swept to a third consecutive Class C Basketball title, being defeated but once in a six-game schedule. . Franklin furnished the first bit of opposition for the Tiger 1 five, but were disposed of by a lop-sided score. Following this vic- tory, the boys then took L. A. High, Manual Arts, Polytechnic, and Jefferson into camp, but tasted the bitterness of defeat when they were edged out by a one point margin by Hollywood. The boys who saw the most service on the team number among - .. them Kenneth Ung, center, Paul Yazaki, forward, J oe.Mitsuhashi, 'WN MN forward, Joe Itano, guard, "Tamale" Dufua, guard, Oleomango, J 7" X ith forward, "Lefty" Stewart, center, and Mike Nicassio, forward. .- 7' ' T I ' I r ' 0 . , I ". I E I ' Q F31 - 157 i Q N 'XVI ' 1 , ' 1 X 'lf' 5 , iiii to 33, A , n X I.. ,,.,,,,,.,.,.. ,.,. .. ,. .,, .,..., .,.,. . ..., ,..,,.,.. , .,.,A.,,.,,.,.,., . , , .,4,.,.,. ,,,,,,... ., ,.,.,...,. .,... , , .,.,. , , ....A,,.,...,,.,A,. ., ,...,,..,A,.,.....,.,,,,,,.,., . ...,,.,, ...., ,......,...., , . R ll ', S it W ' 1 in 'Ak i i 4 Affg 3 1 A f 1 i X , , , f x V . ,I .-- FSWQ of f have R fii ,5Y5f7f bw K f 45 JI I , W' Y 'QIFL ,nf 5 fx' 'V if H5 fi I 5 1 .- f ' fl fi ' I t .Qi . J P MORRISON WOOD C D R ' K . OE AssAR1N1 Qaptain OURTLAND UVAL H I 'ft ll' ,Aw GEORGE KEVORRIN ELMER MATHES MIKE CAMBIANICA R I R ,-,MM ' ' V RACKET WIELDERS 6' J . With Captain Morrison Wood and Mike Gambianica leading the Tiger racketeers, the tennis team Went through a U50-50" season, , 1 winning the last three matches after being beaten in the first three. N 'Qi ' gf 158 A .W 405 i ,fuxv W Jinx. ' MM uint ln, -AMW O WW M II? 1 xt ,r Q ,el f-iw X. ' KXXMISXN - . jx wi 5 x ' f N Q.f X " , .11 A KN! C 'V lf. lw. L 5 I 4 x ' 7 .-'Q , GALLASCH THORNTON WALL a E? X T CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM SUCCEEDS GOAT - 'Q y TRAILERS D' X QW p - Further applications for membership in the Goat Trailers Club W ,I 7x was for the time being abandoned when Coach Don Parker organ- ized for the first time at Lincoln a cross-country team.. With a won- derful layout fo-r cross-country running right in our own back yard, it was no wo-nder that the lust for competition with outside schools should grip Tiger hill-climbing enthusiasts. Eddie Gallasch assumed note among prep leather lungers when he led so-me of the outstanding mountain-scalers to the tape on more than three occasions. Ben Loya and John Wall were continuously dogging Gallasch's heels in dual meets and finished among the first in the City and Southern California Cross-Country Meets. BURCIAGGA G UIDERA SLAVE I 9' 1 mg SWE it yi fl f In 'QXW I :Wm mlm 'N X wh ' I l I l t ". ' y I C . I I Pi ' 'L ,4 K W 159 7,1 ' jg 5' H i f l i L 'Wil ' ' C Q X pxx' x . n rox, .1 I w I , .- .Q.', Q ' fl A wi k n AN ,,:: gtgsifift :1:1.. ::1- rf: 1 : 55s:s:s::., 4 ' , E .-I - X 'figiiti "':":"" .,gs:a:2':.z5i2Ei3: ,.1: gziai f1'12 Eat 1.. '-:':-:- . -...,.,,,. .-:f-f11f11:1:.:.... .:.::11::1.,,, .-:-1-:: , -4-lmf QQ 5 t t n t A J , I """" EEEE555E5E5EifEEEE5EE5E1EIE2EiE1EiE1E2E1E2E1EIE """' """"-:' : -:-:-:-:-:,:-:-:---'--,---------.-.-.'. .,-. --Gil.:-3q...!,K-N x X , ..,.....,,,, .,Y,.,.....A.,.,.,...:.:.:.:.:.:.1,i.1:.t.1.1, , izlg fd, 1x yzrr-N X. s . I F L it VARSITY OVAL MEN "'Q'X'fx Th f'1 - .. s Us qtttszsfdsfhtsgssusishzstomtttind to ,. gg ing Franklin as an opponent to Li 1 I ' . e C anse, D -HC- Zqi The resulting triangle meets W nco n in every Citynlfeague meet. and Competition. AS al result Cerehrcgmlete with ,traditional rivalry ' four dual meets and four trian ilacff ' on Parker S boys had on tap i Won by the Black and or S G a airs. The four dual meets were 1 cornered trackfests 31189 athletes, but C0H1pet1t1on in the three- was too strong for th m, lth h . , E manage to grab a second place in one of thee affagirsfmg they dld . Q In their ihiti 1 ' - ,,- gift-X t a sogo-urn on the cinderpath th R '1 ' ,f I .l i . submerged the Caltech Frosh under a delu f'fi e al Sphtters , -H ' gmg 8116 to the Freshmems 22y k ge 0' rst places, amas- Wff, and Lee Guttero St t d th 2 mal: ers. Captain Lloyd Reed fllfA'77 fl!! - th f - - ar 9 Q Season Wlth a bang in their deb t 1 V f Hx f ,l e ormer compiling My dlglts d th . . . U 1 , rfQ5:'Xf n ' 9- tero was the high point 4' f an e latter 1015 digits. Gut- q Q Mx 1 fl Captain Reed followed Wgf311H6g1 Ashe season with 66551, D01ntSz While Q l, L . The next Sally of the Log-Cabin short- anti d m lm t it iifiiitfiiallitifit 53' gfabbitg eight first tim? ciqitiitfetiilhil ,F V 75 L I C' F e rather lmpfomptu affair by a 65 to 39 score. l l Ro lt - . V Parkergsizgn ggsiggfsiytafgotlgler huigidle in the T1g'er's Path, Coach fy A lowing Week L- 1 . ,O 911 , 2. 56 1:0 43 score. The fol- A As.: 'V . first City Lgagfsllsocg fiIn1sl'lTedi:fth1rd to Jefferson and Franklin in her A , . S . e erson was first and Franklin second. I . E .I - l ur 1 111. M1 MW I X I 1 ,Jw 'X ' NH XX - l N 3 F i a dsx V' - 0 . ,J 0 N , i A-f 4 E 4 mama, -Adams! e , t W Z QW-'Q A . A DUDA WALL A DRAYEP. HIGHTOWER Running true to form, the Tigers finished second to a power- ful Roman squad in the next triangle encounter, with the Panthers bringing up the rear. The scores were: L. A. High, 61g Lincoln, 275 Franklin, ZSMZ. Manual Arts, winner o-f the important City Meet, showed their teeth to- both Railsplitters and the Kiteflyers. Manual compiled 5515 digits to 45 for Franklin and a mere 30142 for Linco-ln. A cloudless, breezeless day was just a perfect setting for a record breaking day at Occidental the next week. Five marks were sent to the discard heap, each team getting a look-in into two of them. Billy Rinehart and Dick Lindsey soared 12 feet, 715 inches in the pole vault, Lloyd Reed cracked another school record by stepping off a furlong of low barriers in 24 4-5 seconds. DAVIS REED GUTTERO RINEHART Z ffnc'-' r X 6 'ia we I ' 1 Nw ,., H ' MW X fl V QF . I . i 1 Q - 42 X v Ill i f-if ,fqxyxzlfqnfgadfl j XX' x ' I if 4 l I " fp I p 5 1 v Q '47 lf x fy , - vu' fl f' UWM ,nhl lx. X gn! ! yu . I ' I "5 I l I I Par ! K A 161 . ff i fl gi p f haf- ' k. Q My mx I !' ., iii".Qf Xxx' I X. , . if ,g x gf A , I :. .. ': TTT ss s: i i ' f :" ""' X li'xTE'5l'1'i'i l I - 5 5535551 1, EQEQEQEQQQEQEQEEEUZ 2525555553 E j n X V If A ..:,:::: :,,:4,,.. ..:.i:i: E izuzriii.. ..::::::l..., , i iziii. .,::::::,. ..:,i::2,,1.:::::::::. uzii, , , , , -- A .12 :X ?4 K1 . tgr -:Z:f:E:2:f:E:2:f:E:f:f:E:3:E :5:?:f: E :7: 2 2 5:f:f: E225 :f: 5: 5r5:f:1:5:i:i Effif755515TfifiiififlfififiiififiiEIEIfIEIf?fif2i?fiE2EY5i5i:fEff2 :3:f 21EIf!E25ifEIEEC?iiiF15EEEIfifif!Elfif222352222Iii21212IEIPIEIEEEEEEEEEEEEEIE L llkiagtfis HH' x -- ,.,, ffwx W -:X ,I 1: Y QN 5' ' ' I , fl? ' .5 BEST MARKS OF THE 1930 TRACK SEASON XX? Y , ' le 1 ' ' 5 f ,..,, ,,f,,,, ,ffl 1 qw, R VKWZY ' 1 , I i I Q u 1 I v 100 'Yard Dash 220 'Yard Dash 440 'Yard Dash 880 'Yard Dash Mile Run f f H.f '. 120 'Yard H. 220 'Yard L.'H. Pole Vault ' High jump - Broad jump f Shot Put - f Sao Relay ' RUDY VISCARRLK ED DUDA - f HOMER BOXVERS LLOYD REED f JOHNNIE W.ALL Time: 10 '5fl0s. Time: 23 2f5's. - f - f Time: 5'4s. Time: Zm. 10s. .Timez 4m. 44s. LLOYDARBED' - f - f f - - f - Time: 16s. LLOYD REED f BILLY RINEHART LYN D DON RAYER HOMER BOVVERS FOUR'MAN - - ,, . A , ':,-:N T A fT"eB.'n'g A P f Time: 24 4f5's. fSchool Record, - Height: 12' 7M". fSchool Recordj f f f ' f' ' Height: 5'11y,". f - ' f f f Distance: 19' 6". LEE GUTTERO - f f f f 1 f Distance 46' 7". - Time 1:37S. Sam Gettys bettered the Franklin record Of 21 feet, 3 inches it iygi, Q by four inches, the Poly baton-passers circled the oval in 3 minutes, . . 1813 .ff ' 5 seconds, and Don Carter heaved the lead pellet 52 feet, 615 A I I inches. ' A x 1 I , A Although Poly won the meet and Franklin was second, the , Q outcome was practically eclipsed by the phenomenal individual per- -' 2 formances. The finale of the season was Won by Coach Parker's ,lmwffd 5 1 1 men from the Occidental Frosh, 53 to 51. v 2 f f ' In the City Meet, Lincoln scraped together seven digits, thanks f, I' to the efforts Of Captain Reed, Billy Rinehart, and Johnnie 'Wall. ' 'Y Reed pulled up second in the low hurdles and Billy Rinehart tied 'NA' 'ul for second at 12 feet in the pole vault. Johnnie Wall, a mere sopho- , A more, got third in the mile. f . ,, ,,. M'-A aw. Vi V' . A 1 I , A 1 1 ' 1 , 1 A N 1 "Kill ' M ' ,WW , f O 'fl w it, 1 Y THORNTON VISCARRA TURNER 4 GALLASCH p 162 .Q V I ,A ,, X as NEW' +1 is vg I .,g..:. n -.. f 4 1 QTQAXTTZSSYI " S T' K..-7 f RESULTS or SEASON ON THE CINDERPATH Lincoln Lincoln Varsity Meets ' 81M - f Caltech Frosh ZZM 65' f f Belmont f r 39 Lincoln 5' 6 - ' Roosevelt f 43 Lincoln HM -"- Franklin 39M f--' Jefferson 5' 4 Lincoln 27 f f - Franklin ZSM1, f--- Los Angeles 61M Lincoln ZOM f -f-f Franklin 45M -fff Manual Arts Sin Lincoln 35' 5'f6 f f f . f Franklin' 40 2f6 f-ff Polytechnic 52 5'f6 Lincoln 53 "" ' f Oxy Frosh' 51. , CLASS BEE SPIKESTERS The Class "B" League for trackmen, which was formed last year as a mere experiment, flourishes so rapidly in popularity and numbers that its permanency is assured. Because the adoption of this new league equalized 'competition more evenly, several more score boys than usual appeared with short pants and hopes when the annual track call was issued. To all appearance-S, Coach Pop Bates had the makings of a championship squad. However, competition in local ranks proved much stiffer than Was expected, forcing the team to depend upon its several "iron men" for its -share of digits in dual competition. With the exception of Hank Duda, Johnnie Mechikoff, and Tommy Pender, the team lacked a scoring punch. . The Bees were defeated severely in every meet, but managed 6"-'iff' XY' 'T ,N if T 'gii 'asia in L xi I , ' I 5 S AQQN ' fig-0. Ni l 4 I D E I X . 4 ll 1 1 mf Y , T AQ X X. a et sgswy, fs ' ' 7, lxx' X fl :W I p S 1 X 4 pg gllflgy- 1 fn s lf. Q' Q ix Q ffgklf I 'Jinx 'Wlll 'Ks X .. . fl ' l fl ' I I , no ' I .P ' to finish ahead of Franklin in the City Meet. The management I l,F A of the squad was in the hands of Leon Sherman. V S. I ' , 1 . FT M 4 r I gf' . - .4 ' 163 fl 1" Q . , iv "' f i n S . fig' "N" 'X ,ll Q QV It . M ue-'X ". 'ls .ff-f If ff lly D ' L . 'N h s 1 "XY ' T' ' M N . .C fl, at , siiit I 'figEQ.f:flf-Ig5qQNx C -. gyIljllljmrullinllllwliiiB1I1lg1l!!!!imiMII, :i Ad1y22igEEE33??ZZ2iEEES X Nrpxxx wx C :::::: ILI:Zi:IZZI:,I:II:if:::.:IilIZi:Z.:Zz::2:: iri:il:II:IZ:Z::ZIIII:::,:II2izliZ:::::.2:i:::::::::,fZ 1::1::::,:1: ::l::,:.:.:. : :.:4f :.::::Q ::::::::::::::::11::::::Z::il:1I:A :., :.l.:.T.:.ZIZ.I.: zli12::1izll::i::::::f::::g:: ,:.:.: .l.:.ZQIQ:IlZ:i:zz,il:IZ:Z::IIiiT:ii,: :::::lilIii,::::iil:Ii:IZI:izfiII:ril:zi.I ::IrzzIZI:II:::2:::2:::::l::::::::,: l ff 1 x1lW337'fWj3"' lf 1 X TWT-V411 ifp P- .fix M fx L , . ik!! ' Q -- 0 "'1f"Q l f I 1 are X ' if ,ri m! iiziauh W vr,M ,n., filffifffw , 4 at 1424! L 1 Vi f t s T 1 lil .. .C 'si ,iguvllg on g CEE oVALIsTs ua gy fa fi H A number of consistent point garnerers made this year's Class XY Cee one to be feared in Southern California Cee ranks. Although Coach Pop Bates' peewee cinder men took a mere second in the City Meet, they came into their own in the Southern California- track and field jamboree, winning the much desired Cee champion- ship for the second consecutive time. , 'fiiffi 'nu M Captain Joe Finochio and Max Luna were the sole Tiger repre- sentatives at the trackfest, but each excelled in his efforts to cop Q first inihis event. Finochio broke the tape in the 50-yard dash, - 1 while Max floated 10 feet, 10 inches into space to win the pole vault. . fp The 10 digits thus compiled were enough to assure the Tiger mid- l gets the crown. 5 The performances of Captain Finochio, Max Luna, Barney --3 . Cowen, and Joe Mitsuhashi were noteworthy in the City Meet. 7 I mn , Both Luna and Cowen brought home with them a new record. 'Ae E Melvin Ellison managed the team whichbrought home boasting Wx I 1 scores. Q ,x s i I OQQ W XX x i 'YD ' lf' 164: lx, Wiz fr Qi' is -4, rl " KJWI , U E" . . 1. Q , " 9 N N ffl f1E?JfQ,fe,S1r 'E N ' -M 'I ...fr ' E? I N ff 'X 4 J N, xx My 'N 'Q ' EM J . D , . Q ,Z Q 1 9.-'??, v E QQQJ N 1 -Nuff! 35 I gqxxclgvqafglff 5 I XX' I A 2 1' '7 :W l . , ' 1 J 3 ,I U, Ulm, M 'N -f' V N W ' Q hi. J 1 aff, lu' ffifx ', LEO PozzA, Captain SANTO GAREO A Q- TOM CAHIL1. SAM TALMASOFF . AL JACKSON WNW "nm lg, X yuh WARREN SEWELL JOHNNY FREEMAN . fx EDDIE NEvENs JOHN RossELLI LAWRENCE STOWE ' ' ' t I ' fi I ,f . : I ' 1 . A ES. Q I, ps , ,J 271.4 Q 165 41 fa 5 N J X ' T lxlx - b l K V - -.r Lux x -. Q QV IJ E M .nm-'N 7' . ,Q '- l . ix 1-S X i MQ A E x, D l if f K fi .f , ":::1 if f a f 1 ' 1 30 ffl ? X AA.Ai .,,,.,.,,,.,.,,,.,.4AQ.,,,.,,., , .,:: I J N .I.:.i.,.I.I.,:,.:.:.:.:.,...,.:.,...:.:.1.:: iz, Zzz,Ilz,if:il,:,ZLI,I:lzz,,::1ZLI:ZZ:IZZCI::Z:,::::1:i:2::::::f::Z::, Q zzl ,:,:::: 1 ::, 1 , .:.,.:.:.:.,::.:.1::.:::,:::.::::::,.:.:.I.:.:.,.::,,:::,::,,:,::,12:,:::::,::,,:::1,,::,:::::,1::t:1::,::1::::,11.:.1::.:.:.:1::::::1:1:: , .,i:,...:.,.:.,.,1.,.:.:.:.:,:.:q::.,.:::,:.:,: , V ,,-.t,, , -ck, ff: Q . X' 1, 1175? fggx U ,V . ' o1'7liLT,n l wif fmvfl. if sf . fx, 1, N4 Ni 5 - I Mx L , - I 2, X YA -, . f if 'twigs N fnflfff' Lx! , ylffqafh sxiififrkr 1 5 X - - ll'-' x w . Qi f f ' f I 3 .. , ' T sf ,wguvflg K, . GYM CLUB ' Unlike preceding years, where gym clubimeets were held each " term, gymnastics hostilities have been restricted to the summer i MA' 'ul semester. The yearly toll of graduates was more than usually severe to the Gym Club, some of the most prominent point-garnerers being lost to the Tiger mat outfit. Nevertheless, even then Coach Liver- nash's proteges showed flashes of old-time power in downing more than half of their opponents. P ' In a four-cornered gym affair between Lincoln, Alhambra, Poly, and Franklin, the wearers of the black and orange topped the scoring column by more than twenty points over Alhambra, , their nearest competitors. -2 . The officers ofthe club were n.ot only skilled in parliamentary I 1 ' ffm MW, procedure, but were also high quality gymnasts. Leo Pozza, the ' " high-point man of the season, was the president, while Paul Hol- '5 i lenbeck served as viceipresident. Lawrence Stowe acted as treas- m, I u urer, and Al Jackson proved to be an excellent sergeant-at-arms. lQs ' K QU Coach Livernash has set to work and is slowly building up a strong group of matmen who will be worthy of representing Lin- Q coln in the future. I x I ill w 1':,' A IDXXVI V 4 s 'J -f' A nm xixwx ls, -AMW C c, ,, W 0 iff CAPTAIN FONTES II , - 1' k J K, Af t, -A JI' . c ,asv 15- up-142-TX, " X fr 'X . X 'Y N f lx. A V ol iw' i 1 z ' I Y 1 xx 42 ,gig '. ii' , ' 9'-'Rf' r "' ' N X N t Hi s r it N VU, QR X 'iq n F7 h :W I I s f v, -' SWT' p VARSITY NINE qi Q V ' 4 rw' 'tx xi Qf Optimistic critics prophesied that Coach "Rabbit" Malette's A 'P J efficacious outfit of willow-Wielders would repeat its feat of the 1. fix! previous season and continue unhampered toward its second con- secutive baseball championship. , I 'dbx "Wx 'Ks X Qui' N 4' I I ' nw ' I I y I A , R gt g. 167 6 t " Fw Q f 145 f- f' tmkx .wc-,X 52 .TQ ,X D ,i AY" N My ' . ' '-if -f fax ,. C f ? x5 :21l:1l1 1 1 I .1 x h 'W X N Ziziiz :zzfz ::1,1:: izif :lxizz . . :4:1:.:.:.:::.:::.:.:.:.:., . .I.I.:.:.:.:::1:.E::.:.,.:::::::::.:.:.,.,.:.:.:.:.:.,::.I::.Z.i.:.:::.:.1::.11,::.::: . .Z.,1:.:.:,: ,.,...........:.i.1.:.,.:.,.:.:.Z.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:,Z.:.:.,.Z.:.:.:.Z................f.........,,....:,Z.:......,....:.,.............,........A....,.....,A . FY twgzgiiisyggggie -i n ,ltaw-Qtyffy. QP 1 A f Y! i , n I u N ,P ' 3 ffiiwf i 4 NW 7 f 0' , V c W3 ff -X 7 .M . .. .T ' sl- 1 r Y ,fflkllg 5 W fa ,ici T -W i'e fix? in is I j fl ll' ,hm r sl li ' OQQ ' W XX ' I l 1 ' A n 47 Q With five games already disposed of and each one merely a hurdle in the Railsplitters' march toward the gonfalon, it looks as if these critics were actually correct. The last encounter, and un- fortunately the deciding issue of the City League baseball play-off, was to be a gala affair staged in the chewing gum magnate's back- yard, namely Wrigley Field, where Captain Bob Fontes' mates were to cross bats with Coach Herb White's likewise undefeated Roman nine. V Because of their impressive practice game record, which showed a string of over thirty wins, coupled with but a single de- ifeat, the Tigers took the field heavy favorites to dispose of the Hollywood ball-spanking aggregation in easy style. After piling 'up three runs in the initial frame and adding another in the fourth inning, Coach Malette's boys began taking things easy, and before they knew it, they were trailing the Millionaires by one run as they entered the last part of the final spasm. The timely hitting of FONTES VANDERVELDE Mooma - VANN1 v JL N .QNX - . 168 Hx 1- -'WP iimii ,ill x. ' M, H M dtAdQx.q,fAdth 07 , ,.... xyyhuzy Joe Aprato and the bold base stealing tactics of Sugi accounted for two runs, giving the Tigers a one-run margin in a fitting anti- climax. Lincoln won by a 6 to 5 score. A highly-touted Manual Arts nine failed to stem a frenzied Tiger hitting streak. After three Artisan chuckers had been lam- basted mercilessly, the scoreboard showed a score o-f 21 to 7 in favor of the Log Cabinists. With Joe Aprato, Bob Fontes and Andy Lombardo again lead- ing the attack, the Railsplitters tallied fourteen times to Poly- technic's three runs in their next game. ' Five men were sent to the mound by Coach Bill Lopez, mentor of the Franklin nine, in an effort to check the slugging ways of the Malettemen, but after the dust of the battle cleared away the Lin- coln was on the long end of a 11 to 5 score. Two runs in the second and fou in the third canto gave the Railsplitter diamond aces a lead i they held to the end. A. LOMBARDO T MIALI CASCARELLI IWASAKA ' i X' NX" I 169 ,gps , i 5 ' , K y T351 NNQ V y ' 0 fill I e, XY'1r,.gxXW I v x l 'NPN ' vm L ' lf l' py i ,Sn u mums, -Aww 1 leg, lf fi ,Zu 1' .gi 117253655 , 1ri52sS2s'Z5f?45P ff dlv?f3N"'i:" Q1lLWfl.52lY" ll ff, f'Yl e'X N I 3 S 7' I: . I?"-Q' 3 f" ' "1f4!11 -. ,f If 1. 1 - , llfQg19'l 'a' .sxfi '57 'Z 4, ,I v ' I Q tilfn. loc I Q W :QS A ,QQ fa A 'v f I ,fl . lam 'Aw . Al' li bi 'ixva s xx p f fs f i x FILM X ,..., ...,.,..... , .. ,.,...,.,., I ,...,...,. ,..,.,..v. ,.,...,,.. .,.,.,.,. - ..,. g . , ..,,.,.. .,.,.,.,. .....,.,. E ,.....,..., - . .. ,IIA N , Andy Lombardo stood on the threshold of the Hall of Baseball Fame, but had the portals closed in his face when he was nicked for a safe hit after holding the Jefferson crew hitless for eight and two-thirds innings. Pitching with effortless rhythm, Andy disposed of batter after batter, blanking the Democrats, while the Tigers scored once. The encounter was won as the direct result of singles by Fontes and Sugi and an error by the Jeff third baseman, who allowed the ball to- slither through his legs on the throw-in from the field. Matt Moore's work in the back stop position was always un- ruffled and consistent. Matt Moore should receive high mention when all-city positions are awarded. Matt shared p-art of playing time with "Chick" Vandevelde. With five full games to his credit, George Tong has yet to be credited with an error, while his batting average was the highest of any Hrst sacker in the league. Satori Sugi was one of the most "Come through" men on the squad, his fearless maneuvers on the base lanes and his immobility R. LOMBARDO APRATO Krro SUGI 170 Milf . 3 . ,Of ft.. ' 4 L, I get 3 I 1 f . , i N i 4 9 f rf at plate making him the nemesis to all cnuckers in the crisis. Bob Fontes, after getting off to a poor start in the Babe Ruth Bat chase, forged steadily up among the leaders, being in about fifth place after the results of the fifth game had been compiled. Joe Aprato, sophomore third sacker, led the race for the King of SWat's p-rize for over three Weeks. Joe, Without a doubt, has no equal on the hot corner and should easily receive all-city honors. Ramie Lo-mbardo took care of the left field bull pen like a vet- eran. Although his stick Work was a little below average, his peerless fielding partly made up for it. Alex Cruz covered his terri- tory in centerfield well. Andy Lombardo reached the peak of his pitching career in the J eff game. When not pitching, Andy played in right field. Frank Kito, Johnnie Gascarelli, and Pete Viani were dependable utility men. John Miali and Al French were given their chance in the Poly, Franklin and Manual Arts games. The duo was good as relief pitchers. 1 ! aZ.q'p vs- I I 5-eiN.'r:i'f+Syf !?2Qv Ff- tf wlwiiulwl 'N fsVir,7 fff'w r fx 1 Xxx wif' o 0 3 I f. 4 1 i' f 7 ' l -m '- Q N 9-' if - 'grew N i mer XE!! ,XS X 'YQ ' 'X' 1 QW W 'l 7 . ANU . 3 ""' 5 ' V Q1 V77 ' 3 he fi wg vu' 'ff' i 'JIM 'ami 'xx X Qu' XK 4 ! li' p I ,psf I .1 ., we by , ,4 I' '.. ,J, - GUERRA FRENCH TONG CRUZ. S , . fl' ex - x. g ,. 'I . . f' , . r . 4 I l 171 I . 1 .l -- 4. . Q N, , .' 4 5 1 u .. , 'Y' 3 .' U-v K . .g MW A X ,xx . ' -'-lf ' 7! 'K it - , ,,,, Qiifiil .. , l: i iii 1' Wh 61 ,,., . HN X' 5 fl, 1: 'gig . . , .. ..,m , r ,,. Y. , . I I. llll 'ft 0, N565 f ,wk 5, X 5 3 0 f ul I N : . L, I , Ex", V TQ ,..' 5:74 , ff gn? We bll fff F .Q 'f i g . a XA T Ng 4 ff 1' Q a w? , c k BABE w1LLow-WIELDERS . X, I 'i,k1 I , l 73 Coach Jerry Calhoun's crew of Class Bee diamond aces had to A Aa . their credit three victories and two defeats with five-sixths of their l ' ' " games played off. Led by Captain Will Vanni and Lyle Nowlin the Tiger Babes pounded out a 7 to 6 win over the Millionaire ,nine from Hollywood, and then proceeded to add another scalp to their belts with an 8 to 7 victory over Manual Arts. The Kitflyer Babes put up a hard fight, but were also taken into camp in the end by a 10 to 6 score. I ' With the season at the half-way mark and three wins to their credit, Captain Vanni's mates then began to taste the bitterness , of defeat. Underestimating the strength of the Poly team, the Jun- ior Axe-Wielders took the short e-nd in a game featured by heavy i hitting. The league-leading Jefferson lightweight hitting power u I N was displayed in the final score, which was 13 to 5 in their favor. I I -f ll M ' Wi' x I , , Lyle Nowlin, catcher, Minoru Yoshizaki, pitcherg "Swede" E L Peterson, first base, "Tubby" Kawasaki, second baseg "Dummy" I X N' 1 'X Bettini, third baseg Charley "Ace" Acevedo, shortstopg Captain xy 1 Will Vanni, left field, Vic Provenzanno, center field, Lynn Jackson, XX right field, were the boys who usually started all the games, al- though the following did see plenty of service: Louis Trentini, T Charlie Sells, "Lefty" Rowe, "Tamale" Dufua, and Charlie Costa. MDX B . ' 172 ll' T 40? ' 1 .fkv l , 1 . xi Q 1' 'I T., ,,,,t ip ,jf f ' .,15:SEiEEEQ5252?5222525:5:2:srairs:5:5:2:ia25252525E5255325if252525552si5if2525S5255525E525252a552525isE5:5:5:5:5:5:z:5:2:s:szare:Q:5:2:5:5:2gs:5:555:255535gzgsgagegagsgegs:sf:s:s:sgagsgsg552525age525agegageg:5:55:g:g:51g:g:g:g:g:g:g:g::.i5:g:g:g:515:g:g ::. 5:5:51535152555:5255525:5eg:5:51515131515:5555555555555355555:.g555:5:2igEfQiQ5g:,, ex X. ru Il2X"1:"?4iWy-W ' L4 '-2.-Xyliibk.. ' i s ,st if llKQ,MWy,i i ' to i Alf 0 Q ,- .g,. ' I Q ff 42 1 "Y 5 T be i- Q YN J " - x"f,av?vii X 'Q CJQVWQQJN 5 Xt bv '1 K OW l rl i TEE HoUNDs LW ' f '- I 'L "' I . . . . i 7' Q The Tlger fairway hikers finished as successful a season as 7,3 QQN any team which has just begun its second year on the greensward YN could hope to finish. Although no victories were rung up by Coach - ffgswj "Pop" Bates' tee masters, a number of fairly close matches took . place on several occasions. About twenty boys were included in the personnel of the club, but only six members were allowed to participate at one time. Serving his second year on the team, Joe Garagliano was the cap- tain of the divot diggers and also served the Golf Club in the . capacity of president. l 'I Captain Garagliano's fellow golfing mates numbered among A them Herman Ploss, Santo Garbo, Lawrence Stowe, and Jackson, Irwin. The managerial duties were under the most capable and ' efficient care of Joe Muneo. Besides the regular participants, sev- . eral other youngsters show possibilities of becoming quite adept . pf' with the midiron, mashie, spoon, etc. 'WV 'UN hx X QUI, .- , ' f' ! f. , h I I ,ps f I E I ' g , . l n X l , .4 , ' I ' ..- gui' .. I A f I' Q ', kb t , W- 'l. D' 3 . ' L N 1' 'XS' A ' . ' 'elf iw if S nf i , , .., .,A. .,.,.,A ,,,,..Q,..,.,.,4. ...A,,.,. A .,,..,, .,.. A.,.,. ,.,.,.. ,,.,.,.,., A,.,.A,.,A .,,,.,.,.,. ...... A A A A I A A A ' ilu N l 1 H fl, . wvbivw X li :Vi .., - .le2lw 75 I X . .7 , ' gk. I Q -' Tf"'Q f 1 ' A f -I ' MN 'I .. .- ' wi ,fllwlfa , . , ' g NX T wg fa ,iw .XS rf 'Nix in i KL i I i MIIA W' 'NW iois ' KU XX 1 . 1 1 ' 1 'f TIGER SOCIETY Last term, through the ardent efforts of Mario Talamantes, a new society was formed in the school. The club went first under the name of the "Managers' Association," but later changed its sobriquet to one more appropriate, calling itself the "Tiger Society," and electing Mario Talamantes president. The Tiger Society is an organization whose ideal is to prepare and fit inexperienced aspiring managers for managerial positions on the Variousathletic teams at school. The original membership of the club was meager, about twenty boys comprising the personnel of the organization during the win- ter term. The following semester found a decided increase in both membership and interest. Nearly forty new members joined the society. George Hattori presided over the organization during the summer term. Others who held office during the Summer '30 term were: Joe Ensch, vice-president, and George Rudon, secretary. N ' 1 'VPN - ' ' an A L -- Q my H M 7 M V ' QW! .S r I fx 5 a . fl at 'fiig Ill I l on 31' 1 if r , , I qihl W We x f V '- L L 0 N. N i Lg: fb . W I! 1 l T Y -. Y el! - li 5 ' N- f xl X N c 'al Xi X OV is x f ' 1'7- nw I 1 - "L" SOCIETY e 4 bf' QW? ir gr l ' OFFICERS l , Winter '30 Summer '30 -' 'fx A Bob Fontes f f - President - - - Marcus Bruce s Elmer Mathes f ' VicefPresident - - Matt Moore Alex Cruz f f f Secretary f f f Alex Cruz During the last year membership to the "L" Society has been less restricted, allowing membership not only to those boys who have been awarded a major sport varsity letter, but also to those V who- have earned an emblem in minor sports. 1 'Also the inauguration of a new sport, cross-country running, has been responsible for an added number of new members. - One important decision which was the result of the "L" So- 5- A ciety's jurisdiction, was that involving distinction of minor from ,Wm mm X major sports. Only four sports at Lincoln are now termed major 'M lU'l sports. Only athletes earning insignias in these are eligible to it f' wear a stripe. Football, basketball, baseball and track are the im- ' 1 fn , portant four. , ' ff' ' The "L" Society boasts a membership of over fifty lettermen : , I , and is recognized as one of the live-wire organizations of the school. - . fa-,gf - 'ii , J . r l 3' 1 ' r X 2 - f' ,X 175 7 3 5 i ' Q - 'I li-1-"i'lyl'x A W 9 l ' " llmqx ,A -. I . T. ffl: ' l JYQX I 1 4- - A' b ' I Q Q as 1 'Xl' ' " ' x L f A ' -4-' X murmur ' E 1 ' , ' ""'... .,... f fffff 4..,,.....,,... fu " ' f .,A., ,.,. i 'fff,f,.Qff,f ,.,.,. iff" ".,,. IA X K Y '3:1'1rT:311:f:511:3:1:2:f:f:':I:':1:I11: :f:1:-1212:-:2:1:I:1:2:2,2:?:i:1:':5:I:?: 2:?fI:1:?:2 " lY7lFQA1'l f t ' HIV A A .Les-sb t' 5 NX X 11 Y Tr-XB MNC "Y as l AQ! 'uw . . TAX, ff, l- . 5'-X SPORT SUMMARY . 4 . - ,a A Y I I . 2 ,Y I Crty League Standings I' 2 wi- VARSITY FOOTBALL VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM w. . . , , , . L. A. High - - - 6 5 12350 LIIIQIESCILN ..... ll' 3 F550 , Franklin - - 5 1 L. A. High - - 4 0 1.000 i Manual.Arts - 4 2 Jefferson - - - 3 2 .600 f LINCOLN - 2 4 Polytechnic - - 2 3 .400 ' HOUYWOOQ - 2 4 Hollywood - 2 3 400 . P0lyt6Chn1C - 2 4 Manual Arts - - 0 4 .000 X 2 Jefferson - - 0 6 Franklin - - - 0 4 .000 f - Z- .I -- .,, , 'Q VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY CITY TRACK MEET ..- I A! l TEAMI w. L. PCT. TEAM POINTS , I ,NPA .S LINCOLN ...-. 6 o 1.000 Manual Arts ---------- aosg ., I ANN EMEA. High - 5 5 833 1L.lA. High - - 2925 ,J r ' eerson--- -4 th' - -26 ,I 1 44 Y D. V Manual Arts - 3 3 Fgasnlignmc - - 1752 XKX IQ ., Polytechnic - '2 4 Hollywood - - ww L Af, fy ' 2, 2 BBQSQN' - 11 f A N ran ln - - - - 7 Xfx X1-R f f '- I Results of Entrre Sport Season 1 A 1 1, X FCCTBALL BASKETBALL 4 ' Q ' Lincoln- 0 - - -- ---- Franklin-12 Lincoln-39 ------- Franklin- '7 5 ' Lincoln- 'T ------ L. A. High-27 Lincoln-35 ------ L. A. High-23 l' 2 pix' 5 Lincoln- 0 - Manual Arts-14 Lincoln-33 - - Manual Arts-18 I - Q - Lincoln-20 - Hollywood- 7 Lincoln-ss - - Polytechnic-19 Y -. . . 0 . v f f Lincoln-22 - - Jefferson- 0 Lincoln-41 - - Hollywgod-18 , , f . Lincoln- 7 - Polytechnic-13 Lincoln-37 - - Jefferson-19 QQ f A .1 N, ' f C X5 fl TRACK Q 44' 1 . . IN! Lincoln-81175 - - - - Caltech Frosh-22175 ' Lincoln-65 - - ------ - - - Belmont-39 ' Lincoln-56 ------- - - Roosevelt,-43 Lincoln-3555 - - Franklin-39175 - - - Jefferson-54 Lincoln-27 - - - Franklin-23M - - - L. A. High-6134 ' -Lincoln-3055 - - - Franklin-4555 - Manual Arts-55175 iincoln-35 516 - - - Franklin-40216 - - Polytechnic-52516 inco n-53 - - ------- - Oxy Frosh-51 . BASEBALL Q Lincoln- 6 ------- Hollywood- 5 Lincoln-21 - ---- Manual Arts- 7 - Lincoln-14 - - Polytechnic- 3 Lincoln-11 - - - Franklin- 5 Lincoln- 1 - - - Jefferson- 0 , Lincoln- 2 - - Los Angeles- 6 ' l FOUR STAR LETTERMEN .I 'I I . . Max Bengal, Track Reg Nason, Track .I I ,il I ,ul Tony Parra, Football Joe Fernandez, Track ,A 'M'T Ed'D'GClb Arvm arvm, rack wm 3V1S, ym u - '- Clarence Augustine, Tennis Evo Pusich, 'Baseball N Q I '- Russell Striff, Football Guy Searcy, Track l ogy ' ' George Clark. Tennis W XX I I A WH - L - f ' xl 4 F Qi' VF N x ,I vr A fx 5 lllqxx 0, -A IM . .. j 1 . V", xl ffm Ill - ' V 1 f X "f '. J W I ,XX l QM ,Z - 5? K fx ,4 V ! E V7 l - f f Q .qi Q -1 , 1 Zi X X - ' X 1 -'nfl 'vxclfllgyxll f . lv 4. x- 'V - 'fr Y l ' Miss GRACE WORTHEN 1' . . f I THE WOMEN WHO BUILD W XX U Miss Grace Worthen f I Head of Dept.g Sponsov, G.A.A.g Girls' L Society 1 704 S 11' Miss Katherine Barr ,,,, L Sponsor, Girls' Athletic Club Q1 -'K V M Miss A,Lur Lo e "'ffffff Aftev School Sports V J, Miss H t ' e Adams f 9 ffff Sponsov, Dancing Classes 1 N 'Rx ' 1 nu PJX l 177 l . s 5 gvww MN ,N X ,,,, I 7' X I I' I ' A , fl' X , 5 ' I ' 1 , Q 'lil , H ' Q WV M il M X 'N Wk Qq xfv X ,I , A TX, ' f TL 5 . 5 . 2255... " X5 f ' A EEEE A I I, l x' K .Z I i - T IIWIS NIAEE . 'i 11- NX, ' f' . '. 'P7 X ,.. ,, .N I A .,.. N V 66 ,, I N A NA. AAAI NN., 0. N AN. I X, I X - S -3 MABEL ARA1-ANI N ,4 Nr N 4X I I LIME BRENNER ANEEEINA CRISP! 'f I7 ' ' I IRENE G01-E NEEEN DUNN .. , ' fx- " DOROTHY COOKE WINNIE EASTMAN '41 I MARTHA LARRET BETTY HENDERSON r A IIS , BERTHA TRINHAUS EMMA ILLENGO - A .. . LN' PANEW WRIGHT MURLIN JOHNSON I .W X W 24 REvA LESLIE K I . N EDNA JACOBSON RUTH MCGILLIARD 1 ESTHER PATTON ANITA MIANI - ' PAULINE SCHLOSSERI MARGARET MILLER L File. Q iUMA SUGI MABEL PAYNE f N I-ICE ELZY MARY LEE RIGGS I C S'24 B MARGARET STROUIJ LAIRE REEN . S'27 - A TIIELMA CHAMPION BARNE1-1-A BAUM 5 Q- JEANNETTE GARDINER MINNLE COCKCRQFT 'f ' JOSEPHINE GRAHAM M1L,L1E GQLDBERG f. ,I X A Q SEAN HELEN GREENROSS BARBARA HENISY -Q gk? I X A MARION HOSFELDT CONSTANCE HOGAN Q , if T Q5 gERTRUI1caI: MARCUS DORIEOE NEGLEY ' 'X' x RACE EADE RUTH PALMER I 1 ' W 'X 'S K' MARGARET O'KEEFE DELLA R ' - 1 AGGIO ,q EULA ULRIOH W'28 'T f-' f f X FRANKIE WALTON MARY BATAIFF f X157 A 1 vin W 25 GEMMA BOCCIGNONE X K rd fy N "Q I MILDRED TOLD RUTH EDLIONDSON ' ' ,f f' JEANNETTE HUFFORD IRENE PALMER 4 in I If S'25 S'23 A I 1 EFFIE BELL , LILLIAN PATTERSON Q , X . 1 MAMIE CHIAR0 LUCILLE PORTOLAN 1X2 ' HELEN CHURCH W'29 Q WILMA GERBER MILDRED SHARPE n GRACE GLENN IRENE ELI-IDGE Y u' V Lois JOHNSGN ' S'29 I V 2 ', xg' I EDITH REINERT DOMENICA BARTO .51 ,E 7 I RACIJIEL TURMAN EDITH DUNN M t I . W 26 PATRICIA DWYER . I- EAMILL BDYERS ALYS MCGILLIARD LES OUISE OHNING DOROTHY GARDINER ' Q-...EI , MARIETTA CHEW MARGIE JOHNSTON XV I ROSE DENREN CLAIRION M0DEL1- 1' As' ' ' 5 THELMA LALLIE MARY PANETTI V1 In LUCILLE LAWRENCE JEEEIE ROGERS FRANCES NICHELSON JESSIE SIMMS BEQTRICE WILSON W'30 IRMA FULTON ANCEELXNA PALADINO MARGARET KROGGEL S 30 SARAH LAMM JOSEPHINE GRovEs IDA MAE LENVIS FRANCIS MASI MILDRED MAYS YVONNE MATHEWS MARIE MITAN1 NATALIE'KUDENOV VIRGINIA OGILVIE DOROTHY ALLEN W'27 ROSE PONTI I .. .A , .N.N F N I I A - "2 I ' . , N- N I NN 'NT N XO- Xxx 5 QEENERN NN N N N - -N ,N M N NNXNXN N I ' NNN Ni NN, . N - XR Ns N N NSN N N 2 1 1 I ' g ' 1 A NN 'QS .XX X . 1 ig , ' X E' X IQ .- -. EN N I I . fl ip - ' Rf . -E---N W "'KK I f N .. I N N ' 1 M ' L uf Q Y, M gp lin M IIA If W 178 GIRLS' SPORTS The past few years has shown a marked imp-rovement in girls' sports at Lincoln. Sports have risen to the most prominent place in girls' activities. The Girls' Athletic Association is one of the three foremost girls' clubs of the school. This association for girls is divided into four clubs, each specializing in one line of work. These groups are called: Girls' Athletic Club, Girls' Military Club, Advanced Dancing Club, and Beginning Dancing Club. . l 179 , . .1 . . - iiii ,. X N :,.4 I,..:,:.:,:.:.,.,.:.:.:.:,.,...,.,.,.....,.,.,...,.,.,.,.k.,.k.........1.,.:.,.:.: .:..........,...,...,...,.,.,.,.,....,4. ......... ...............,...,.,.,...,.,.........,...... ,.,. ..,... ......,..,. ...,.....,.......,.,,,.,,,,. ....,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.... ,............. , , .1 1' 2 T? ,gf ' ' f' ffixxwdl rg Qifx' ffl WW r X gk f .. . r . "f ' glfllfh. A," 3 ,1 if l I Q , :X f:'.-' X , it ' "I 5 ll'75i1? hllsff '-. .1 'lgjfgi il . I I . 0 f I X l .. . ' i Q f 1 7 1 We K W 3-I.,-1. f' "NZ91 'vw I . .E l gl 1 11l ,lm I . i oi: 1 NU xx E' if N in l pf' x-' 07 ,,,,vp. Q. xnxawx, -aww g G.A.c. Playing of seasonal sports is the main occupation of the mem- bers of the Girls' Athletic Club. Unlike the other clubs in the G. A. A.,'they spend their time playing off inter-squad and group games. r The girls of this club challenged the Military Club to a hockey game early in the term. Mrs. Barrett picked out the outstanding players of the class and after practicing a short time, the game was played. After some very hard playing on both team's part, the G. A. C. Won by a score of 1 to O. The latter part of the term the Mili- tary Club challenged the G. A. C. to a baseball game. Once more the G. A. C. came through with flying colors, Winning this game by a score of 23 to 15. Margarite Ott served the club as president this term. Midge Cain was vice- president, and Loretta Laner, secretary- treasurer. Mrs. Barrett, as sponsor, gave Will- ingly of time and service to make the club the best of the G. A. A. Q iso 'Z 'W 1 . .,....-.....:,-.-..,.,.,.,.,-,.,.,:.,.:..-.-1- .,.,.,.,...,...,.4.,.,.,...,.A., ..,.,.. ...,..,,.,....-...-,-.....-.-,.,,4 . . . .,..- ....,.....,........... ..... . , . ' .,., .... I .,...-, ,...,.1,, . ' ' A ' lf Z: 'Z'l iizif : 4 ilizii t' 'li illi i at 2 X5 X , i 4'-EZX f Ax X , is iiH"i 4541 i - WW X f fb' ' V V' l Q? i - 1 T D.-'QQV A v , ' NNN i' ' G' X!! Nix X i , s ,.,. y xx I 1 ,f fi ,QW 1 .- MILITARY CLUB I 7.8 Qmvmu xi "7 5 ' 'V x 'L The Girls' Military Club is a co-operative club with the Boys' A R.O.T.C.g the members of the club march on certain special occa- tl , sions with the army. They are military in every respect. Military lu' WJ terms are even given to the offices of the club. The highest office, that of Honorary Major, is given to a Senior A girl who obtains A the highest grade in a test on military tactics and who issues most intelligently military commands. This year- the girl to- earn this coveted position was Natalie Kudenov. The girls spend three days of the Week y ln marching and the other two playing sea- sonal spo-rts. The girls of this club have the privilege of taking riflery under Cap- tain Wing's instruction during their free period. As Miss Worthen, the head of the - Girls' Gym Department, is the sponsor of ' S' this club, the girls are getting splendid WIN "IN In X 'U' instruction and the time spent in this ' , A club is very profitable. f' Q' I ' ' I t'. I nl T' I un 'gt t sl 'gf . y l f . L9 Q of i i i llws MN r J J 1 "xx ' ' Q . fl, 14, " IYYZLFANA i li , MN Wi p M V t l t t ,.f la' WTP , if -s .lczifsw if by D - A 'A 'fs v . .L f. I , X l P ' , Q ! f yr N v 'V fr!-1 V., X 154 .1 ' fr 'a 4 wp ' Qi 'lli 2 'G' ' 7, A r .gs if Mg? ' y i .5 i I1 ,A mu MW 'x oil' ! 1 sv, XX I ADVANCED DANCING Ability to dance- is the requirement for entrance to the Ad- vanced Dancing Club. Due to this, many girls spend one term in the Beginning Dancing Club learning the rudiments of dancing and preparing for entrance to the club. The girls in this club furnish the dancing for the aud calls and rallies given to the Student Body. Many of the dances they pre- sent are original, thought up by the girls with the help of Miss Adams. In the Winter term the girls originated and presented dances to harmonize with "King Nutcracker," a cantata presented by the Music Department. In the summer term the girls exhibited their dancing ability at a dancing recital given for their mothers one afternoon in Andrus Hall. The girls feel that this term has been very successful under the leadership of Florence Hunter and the guidance of Miss Katherine Adams. midi L'-'L 4 N l I :X 182 .lf .fljxv Aj ' in . bl F : A inlay W :ww l l . WM . , of fE 1' 'if'::'k:: ""' y . -555252555 55255525 s-'2f 5252555 ef. .Zlfe 5 25? f1'1 ..::5 Iif 3535 555 . 5-51f 5555555 5525552525 5--55"1'55:5f 51515 S 5-: :'::: ' X X " 7' A - I-5 fee 5 g , HL 5 ,ssl G7 YV 7' fswyy? i H 3 , I I ' xv A q X X 1, ruff! xlsfgrfgkgglllxi 1 lr 7 A THE BEGINNING DANCING "W qw - Q5 f X. A club for those who enjoy dancing and wish to achieve mem- 3 'lf 5 11, bership to the more advanced dancing club is the purpose of the Q 1 W Q Beginning Dancing Club. As most of the neophytes of the G. A. A. Q ?Qigl enter this club, it is here they must receive training for their ix future careers in this organization. -. nf k Dancing forms the main work of the club, occupying three 5 days of the week, while archery engages the girls' time the other two days. This term, Miss Adams has established an outlet for talent in archery in the form of arch- ery honors. In order to make these honors, the girls must make a high score at twenty, thirty, and forty - yards from the target. As many girls U have developed into good archers this term under Miss Adams' direction, quite a few of the members are ex- pected to win these honors. . 1 The duties of president have E' been capably filled this term by Irene 'Wm MN 'N X lull Ropp and the enjoyment of dancing , ,A has been found by many of the girls - , 1, , .under Miss Adams' council and di- I ' ,,. 0 rection. ' 1 : I ' 5 Pl Q H ggi. S, ' f - ff I '-H4 ga- iss y Q I ' I Q " -gQ""'-fu I , 1 f 1- f 5 ' ' I I A ! 5 ' B: ' . X 4" xl - i' -'77 Q X ,- N Al" If I - . X Xl, 1 'f .........,.... X. ,.,...,.,.,., X ..q.....:.:. ..., X ..,. X 4. IA V 0 .:.1.:.:.1 . ...,.,...,.,...,.,..,...,.. X ..... .f ' "' .' 'X 11 1 X ,X 129 ..1"QW'i X ' 'ff WF iff WS? T JA r X I S 1 1 A v Sf. N 7' fiftzsvsi f' WM e'fllff1'?'f5l'5Y' X .XXXW .XXX XXXII, iii -:i:1SEI",5QEE1:- .::1iIiQf""ffffQiQ1- 'EEIEEEEEQ 'EQEEEQEEEQ' -i-':"""?5f55EQEQ:. ":2E2f1EEff:':',A 125355252 "2:E1:,:f:2E2EfE:2f' ':l:i:2h-. X X . Ex A Q X X E ,X X gg E X X X 3 N N , N X X X .. ............ .,., .... . 1:-1+:-12:-:I:Q-:-1.1,:.:-:-:-:-:ex-:err-:-X I . ..,.. ..,1-:-:rr12:2rxrs:rsfrs:I:::r:rfmrar:::Xss:-rr:-,...-.,-.-.. ---- - X- X XX fl X ,XXXX XX,XX X in X f ' 1 i ' e ll BASKETBALL W rp That basketball was one of the most important of seasonal jg! F A sports was shown by the large turnout of girls. As Lincoln was mi 1 unable to have a basketball playday as they had last year, the Q 144,49 V girls won their points by inter-class games. The sophomore class had the largest turnout, but much talent could not be expected, as the players were rather unversed in the rules and playing of the game. The junior class had a strong ' team, as they had gained much ex- i perience the year before in the bas- ketball playday, and were all ready to Win the championship, which they 1 . did. E The Senior team had many good f and experienced players, but they 'f H , seemingly were not as vigorous as in 1 1 ,A Mm 'IW' X years before. 'Q -. The results of the play-off were u, ' I - n rather startling to many, as the Sen- DQS W xx 1 J W ML x l W X fM W 1 , ,, H, llnq hyd IMKWQQ iors were expected to Win by a large' score. The Juniors, however, sur- prised everyone by walking off with the championship. 1-84 i ff ' I ' , .1,1.. ,.,,:.,... :,l, 2 ::,::.: 5 .Ig :.: .,.:.,.,.:.:.:,:.,.,.,.:,:,:.:.:.Z.Z,:.:.:.1,:.:.:.,,:,,:.- 4.:.,:,::, -.:,1.,::.:.:.,,,.:.:.:.:.:.,.:.:. 4.:.:.,. .1.,.:1::,::11111,ZI:1:,1IZI::zi:I:.:ZJI:.,.,::,:.1.:.:.1.:.,.- ,.,.::::,.:. ,.:,1:,::1:,,,, , ,.:.1::::::::.:.. ,.,::::::: 5 1 5 : 1 Q 1 , lf? ,-1 . X 4 7 "'. .::i l Iiz., C C 7 X' :: E I . l.,4 v- i fifl' if ,, i N 5 py,yax7kflf 1 I , yfxqr .mf . I-A gil IW xg 'MH' ja If 0? 5 lla ' 1 a Q f ex at ' V -. ' g:-sm Y' f" X'l':J'4liUg NX a xx' I X RIFLERY W ' . , . . y . , T mlllflh Rliiery 1S taught only to past or present members of the Girls' 3 14,-' 5 . gf- Military Club. The girls fire on range during a free period, under Q 5 VH 'Q T the direction of Captain Wing. This year for the first time we had - pix! riflery competition with Los Angeles City Schools under thedirec- fi .if-'tl tion of Colonel Clark. ' ' ' H A , 'U ? . There are three medals that a girl may work for in rifleryg 'X they are the same as those the R. O. T. C. boys try to win. Out of a possible four hundred points she must score two hundred and forty for marksman, which is a - ' bronze medalg two hundred and eighty for sharpshooter, which is sil- verg, or three hundred twenty for ex- . pert, which is a gold medal. I Although no girl at Lincoln has ever won the expert medal two girls have already won sharpshooter med- als. Dorothy Rudometkin came within ' six points of an expert medal last :. . term and received the ,much desired' , medal this term. She is the Hrst girl 'ww MN 'K' X, Ulu to win this gold medal. Leoan Green 1 1' was the first girl to win the silver - 1 1, , sharpshooter medal. , ' n ' I I I ' I , . -P ffl A C lp S fl' . N 5 I '--" z-M' X -- ff' Qu I ,, WNKX H.-,TX .- fs y- rv lry Q , l . s., L I 7 ' . y 1, Q X ef fs . 5 . ::':: ":: ':' Zi' Q"' ,A Q, A ., M- it p I Q , , , , , , y , . . , , , , , , , , , , . . , , , , , , , , , , , , . , . , , y , , , . . .....,,,.. r", H. ul lvQw'7'qsfx f, ml Wt My ll i ISLWQY ' I 'If V I t . Q 5 y ay f f me - ' f f- , 1 iflliQqZ ' fp . S QN fl o J ,qi r l I ,k.F1l.flg lr 32:9 r ' 1 gg fi figid, ' ' . I '. I . 4 t 3 +- 1 I xlll ' lam 'Aw 1 L UQ j OQx 1 XII NN 1 l 7 I HOCKEY p The girls had plenty of hockey playing this year. There were two hockey seasons and both were supported by the athletes. Hockey is a comparatively new sport, and a great deal of technique is involved in the playing, but the girls became very enthused before the season was over and turned out regularly to Watch and play. ' The Junior class won their encounter with the Sophomores by a score of 4 to 0. Experience counts, as was shown by the results of all the games in which championships were at stake. The Senior-Junior game was one of the most exciting of all the hockey games played this season. The Juniors came on the field determined to fight to the last, which they did, although the game went to the Seniors by a score of 2 to 0. The excellent playing of the teams Was due to the fine and patient coaching of Miss Lura Love. . , N l .5-M . 186 FHL hge ay lx: . In d I lxl,.Wn, -aww WW I, ' I . x :::.. Q '111:i: 2 1:":2 ' I lf ' Q Ii555f?E55i":5?iQ?5?5Si, .-:35f255i:ff5E5Qis: ,grfffflff "':'1' 5331 iE55i?f5E1 11- FEZEEEEEEQ. -r1f"f"'I': f5fi5s:f:. iiffifiiif f1'1 fiifififi. IZQYZJ ' N x gl I lg. at a f'f f if A '1::iiiEl5lii5i52gsgsg4g5g5gEg5gig:52:51eff:5:f:5:5::552525552gigs:eggfgsgfzfgfggzsypg.I5,1552125512:s:2:1g.g,fgg2g-:-'2gs:-134512:-Q1:115:1512:22525222-25152151211'2151ff2sE1Zzf1E1S1Sr'11:21225551isEifsLai:12552225115512115-s,:2:2:f:fi:-:fE5:'Eff2Ea1:sEaf225Ezfe215s:2.f2f:sr3Ez::5555Ji5522212355112'Q-iE1iiE5'f. U V A f T' ' 'giiww egxvr -r X--x W -N-f' Qs- ws ssxsg 'f sX mxwssf-4-zsscfsg-krywgwfwss Sissijsggytg, pgs sssysmf s 1 1. ,,'f! A, ' ggi-i1,7lQ,f,Q'f f' pg . in N J ' if lim mwafff l ASX IYLVXDQ Lg Xu AN 'JIS-T f i 1-X 'dl' fl g I5. n '1 I 1 1 Y 4 A ... V51 A - A' X 5. half irgullyfs, Q T N NM. T - l ARCHERY Under the direction of Miss Katherine Adams, a good archery I7 ,cp I A 5 1 ' i - 'lf 1 - ' ll " Ve' team has been developed. There is not such a large turnout for , N Ag,-pk-1 this sport, as each archer must have been a member of Beginning p . Dancing, Where archery is part of thetraining given in the club. "U NM Four girls representing Lincoln in archery were sent to the l Los Angeles High Playday. These girls made a good showing in spite of limited training. Two girls Were selected for the Garfield playday. These girls , achieved the largest scores in the tryout before playday. ' The girls representing Lincoln at the Los Angeles High play- day were- Roberta Ritchey and Ebba Ship-levy. Those attending the Garfield playday for this sport were Hildagarde Albrecht and Roberta Ritchey. 1 I I ,lisa nlkx 'Kx X Qnf. f fu , I l no 9 I : I ' P' A If fs 'I' xi 'A 'ld QL' 187 jf f , 3 if r I H I j N . ii -Tlx ' L fl K-' v 9 if 9 limba I. AX" x . u . -if ', :fl .'-' N , ' Q, L 4'-'lf'tf'x f , Q ii 04 X . ,I 1' le rfiqury f ll W ex ' -.-. VA f l . ig 5 A., i: .Q li 4 VM! 4 1 Xfx i r xxfk fl ij L .. i ' sf r Y ' .Q limi? L+' E A ia 7, flfdl 'u 3 . ,,,,' . Mln Hwy I up lk i :qs ' W lx 5 if 4 AI' ll' K L.............. ' HH x -A A VOLLEYBALL That the two high schools who invited Lincoln to their play- days this year, should both ask for volley ball teams, makes it evi- dent that volley ball is a popular sport all over the city. A volleyball team from the Sophomore and Junior years was selected to go to the Los Angeles High Playday. For the Garfield playday both Sophomores and Juniors sent volley' b-all teams. About two weeks before the Garfield playday it was suggested that girls trying out for this sport should practice and play to- gether at noon. Meeting in this manner was both satisfactory to coaches and girls and the result was a large turnout. ' With the aid of the other coaches, Miss Love was able to select a go-od team to represent Lincoln at play day. The girls hope that in the future, volley ball teams will be one of the seasonal sports at Lincoln, and that practice at noon will be continued. I 188 - 1 ffl - , limi 'lf-ww ,M I I l - Q, ,,4 if ' ' Ill I 'Lg-E-5fN4'9l'SSll " BASEBALL Baseball is the most popular of all sports for girls. There Was a large turnout. There Was only a short practice time before the coming playday with Garfield, so it was necessary for Miss Love, with the aid of the other gym teachers, to select from the girls only the be-st and most experienced players. Baseball's popularity is attributed partially to its familiarity. It is taught at grammar schools and Junior High much more ex- tensively than other sports. Due to this, many girls will turn out for baseball when they Won't for basketball, hockey, spee-dball or volleyball. ' As many of the girls were turned away this season, it is hoped that they will not lo-se faith but turn out again next year and try to gain positions on the coming baseball team. As this article goes to press the results of Garfield playday are not known, but the girls feel confident that Lincoln will come through with flying colors in the baseball games. s 189 HF , jj T Keghfgghg' ' ' S' ff' ...N .- 2-zgllgffsqv N' Q7 W1f g" ,XT ,Ig fp A rf, i 4 , K I 1 42 ... If B- E WN , N l V. N 'tx' C if ' J X' f K I 17 I r . I' 1 vm SWYWQ, . b ,rv il Z dog li 'N M x r V u'rTfh, i ', Wim mkh lxx X UIQ ll I N ' ! yu 9 I I ' ' ' 5 I I ' I , ' i 1."ggf X L . 1 1 ,,g MIN :JW 1 ' lx ! .., X, i xx vw, 41 X rl X N Y . 'f1f1:1fV:1:1:1:1f2:1:1:1:f:1:1:f11::f::1f1:s:2:f12:f12ff:f1s:s:s:s:sfs:e:sf2:e :f:e:e:fff:2:s:2:f:s:2:2:f:2:2:e:2:S1e:f:S:2:2:s:2:2:2121i:a:s:eee:2:2:2:eaeafeeaez21f E5 a2121212f 1212 s2e2e2z2e2afe2e ief z e:a:e:z:e :a:e:a 124: as:e:e :a:s:e :z:s: e:s:s:ss:e:a:s :a:s:s:e:s :s:s :z:s :s:e:s:s:s:s5sfe:ega 1 s . ' miXN,'qA jak Sf W X P vu 3 . 1 : --. FE'-4 Q f - 1,1 j b fff5'14+- 1 ,rxqjt fyxxsffpf' I . GXKX fr Wal 4n ' I Wx 1 I I l .xv ff Af? 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Stingle f f f Lois Crane f 7 Marjorie Trumbower f George Hatfield f f f Charles Kinne f f Royal Cole f f John McCarron f f f Harold Ryan f f Daniel De Luce f f joseph Caloia f 'Doyle Holliday f f David Fairbrother f f Henry Kamman 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f Eric Leach f Crie Hester Charles Thompson Charles Magnus Howard Mason William Phillips William Phillips f Earl Dixon Frank Lebrecht Earl Thompson Norman Mclnnes Ramon Osgood Dwight Bewley Rehbock Lewis ' f f Alex Schwartz John Acevedo Randall Parker f f f f Sam Warner Harris Robinson f ,Ben Finkel Frank Gamboa f J. R. Catania David Harrison 1 , , W, W., N 1 , I i w w Z 1 1 li llll CO, Q DQDQOi0i0lUi0l0il illilil ii D101 IQUQDMC iiliiillii To Build TRO G Muscles ' DRINK MILK TWICE DAILY Muscle building and growth are largely dependent upon the proteins we eat. If we consume a well balanced protein diet then we can expect our muscles to be strong- active+powerful. 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No life, no pap, no jezz. Wot de hold tonn nidds is a goot firefpsale, and I'm de man wot'll gonna put it on!" So he goota metch, dot doity dupe, wot he boined donn de pseety. 4 Dan he monted de pletfurm wot he stotted opp de firefsale "l..eddies and chantle' men", he crite, "It simms wot de foist hotticle honn de leest ess a januine Chreestian pruphet wot he's slidely boint aboud de had, bot odderwise hull. As a spasial hintrof ductory hoffer, I'll lat you hev heem et a boggain wot eet's below cust prize. Yass, as pruphet to oss he is a total luss! Heh, Heh! Tan hondred bocks teks heem hone! Wot, no pyer? fMebbe you tink wot I'm opp here to pufform pollar treeks, ha? Mebbe I shoot stend oppon my had and mek jukks wit smot creks? Neex, dees is al psale, not a henterteinment! Leesten, psanator, you in de foist row, et a low prize I'm gonna sall you dees pruphet, wot elf you tek heem you'll gona get a cot'rett, wot elf you dun't you'll gonna gat a cot nack! Now, of cuss, I dun't want to hinfluence you aganst your batter jodgmant but eef youddun't pye heem, you'll gonna gredually gat keeled! You tek heem? Goot! Stap clusser havery botty. De naxt hotticle ees a slidely demejed pricher! De foist men wot hulds opp hees l1end'll gonna tek heem hum furr saventy bocks and de foist men wot dun't hold opp hee hen'll gonna hev eet chopped off!" And so tings want hon onteel tinally he was appruched pye a commeetee from beeznass men wot dey sad, "Leesten, Mr. Nirro, eet eesn't enoff wot you should boin donni de pseety bot you should halso stot opp boggain psales wot yo uonder sall wit ronn oss oud from beeznass, ha? Wall, soon dees pseety'll gonne be put honde new management! Yass, onder new menagemant! Alraddy yat we hev de hindussment of de perrentftichers assussiation, wit de ruttary club with' hall de odder pruminant hog' ginizations troofout de pseety wot we'll gonna hintroduce a beel troo de psanate to dat effact. You gatting pale, ha?" "Rasolutions wit revults you is stotting Opp, ha?" crite Nirro, De Ligg of Netions'll gonna hirr about dis!" "Yass, and halso we is gonna mek plenk steks from houd of dat block had of your and from your kulliflurr ears, we'll gonna med wegetable soup. Halso, we'll gonna cot you opp wit lat your blod ronn donn de gottahs in strimms. Mebbe when we do dat you'll gonna breeng hit halso at de naxt mitting from de Ligg of Netions, ha?" . Dan Nirro! henswered beck, "Dat's a hot wan, lat my blod ronn donn de gottahs in a strimm! Ha, Ha! Wall dupe, lat me talling you someding. You kent do eet! I'm anemic! Yass, ANEEMIC! You onderstand? Ha, ha, dat's a goot wan. Lat my blod ronn don de gottahsf' "Dan wan de men de trittened to shoot heem, he crite, "Yi, Yi, Yi, a raglar geng- ster you is biccoming! Mebbe you is feexing to be a Scahfess Hal Kippone, Ha? Wall, Leesten, dupe, soon you da dat I'll irrast you fur menslutter wot I'll mek mysalf by de curt de sole jodge wit de joory wot I'll santance you dath it life hinprisonmant wit no dime hoff fur goot behevior! You gatting, pale, ha?" Bot Nirro, do doity bom, was honly bloffing, bot de pipple deedn't know eet so dey stotted ronning, and Nirro, hin horder he should simm onconsarned with hun- chellant, he stoote opp pleying de feedle. Dan de craut of pipple kem sujjing beck wot day cite, "Eet essn't enoil wot you should boin our town, but you should halso stot opp pleying de feedle, ha? Mebbe you ees feexing to hulso tek lassens hon de sexophone with hugganize a jezz bend? Des'll goenna hev to stop!" So dey chopped hoff hees had and gradually stoflfed eet donn hee throat. Nirro dite. ioioioioxnioi 11 :ini 1010101 ici: 3 wining 10101111014 11 ioininil a Hardwoods Direct to You! With our large variety of woods, together with our i most modern dry kilns, you can be assured ' of satisfaction Q -++m:++- We Specialize on Woods for School Purposes l -++ElK++- i W - I SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HARDWOOD 81 : MANUFACTURING COMPANY 1430 S. ALAMIEDA ST. Q WESTMORE 6441 Los ANGELES, CALIF. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 5 Q "Watcha got in your mouth, fel- Leora: "What are you 'stopping I 1 a?" for ?" "FiShiH9,' W01'IT1S-" Bill: "I'Ve lost my bearings." I1TeheYen,S Sakei, jflfjgy dontcha Leora: "Well, you're honest any- a pu emm your poke ' way. Most of' them say they're "With my lunch? No, sir!" out Of 8'-HS-" First Warrior: "Do you know l why that farmer paints the inside of his chicken coop?" i Second Red Man: "I'1l bite." ' Bill G.: "What's the difference between an Indian's pipe and an Irishman's pipe ?" Leora H.: "I'll bite. What?" Billy G.: "The Indian's is a pipe of peace, and the Irishman's a piece of pipe." l First Warrior: "It's to keep the inmates from eating the grain out of the wood." Q i ll0QOQ0,0QOQK QOHUQC Q QOH!-0, Q UQ if Q Q -KIDO, QUQOQJ 195 a , W xf l KU W " Sincere goocl wislxes io llne class of 1930 . . . ancl rememlrer wlnen fan- l ing llne Worlml ilnal u Cloilles FRANCES PARK, S'3O GORDON FLINT, S'30 tlo Coiunln i SENIORS OF s'3O WHOSE PICTURES g ARRIVED TOO LA OR INCLUSION v aa IN THE PISSP1-?R PLACE. I ci I o I In i e r s b' Q Los Angeles Hollywood . Pasadena Beverly Hills l ! l GX Q ! Q I tal' an eatre 5 5 V Ia 2 2624 NORTH BRQADWAY i Q , ! CAp1tOl .2559 - ! i The Neighborhood Theater 2 5 Di'Jl0QOQ1DQOiC!QClil foil - DQOQI Q M C IQ Q Q QOH PQOHOQC QUQOQ. 196 . . Us LJ' QW I JIM' r010QOQI Q H l lliibllli ll il Q HOQK i0Q0ll l Qflll Qllili- Q lflii Customer: "Have you the same razor you used on me yesterday ?" E Barber: "Yes, sir, the same iden- tical one." ' Customer: "Then ive me Gas." D Q "And now, sir," thundered the counsel, "tell the court what you iwere doing in the interim." "I never went there," retorted the Witness, indignantlyg "I stayed iin the drawing-room all the eve- -ning." i - i K-A-R-L-3 v Headquarters for ! R. O. T. C. Shoes C Discoumt for High Sch-001 Students C - i C. Shoes for the Whole Family i BEST ' VALUE-QUALITY SERVICE i KUsToMfMADE - H - O - EZ - l 2632 NO. BROADWAY i LINCOLN DYE WORKS FRENCH DRY CLEANERS f'LineOln Heights Finest and Best" Delivery Service CAPITOL 3064 I 35 10 NORTH BROADWAY - Eat Los Angeles Made Candy Courtesy . of CHRISTOPHER CANDY CO. CLOVER LEAF CANDY Co. HOFFMAN CANDY Co. CEO. LEIHY CANDY CO. QIQOQIDQOQUQOQUQOQUQUH i Q i Q1 QKQl1lQ Q QIQ Q SEQ Q M 197 I ' - -luuui, 1 A 198 roiniojoioioioioi rjoioinioic 2 iillllifiiiiii 10:01 1 101 Quality Bread i and Rolls SPORTS EQUIPMENT i . Special Wholesale Prices to s - With .Quality Service Q Students 5 GIVE US A TRIAL ADAMS-GOODMAN i T CO., Inc. FOUR-s BAKING Co. y i ,INCORPORATED A I ' 180147 BLAKE AVE- 1041 SOUTH BROADWAY Phone OLympia 1131 WESTMORE 4477 I I "Ever had an accident?" K6NO.77 i "Never had a single accident in i your life?" I "Never, except last spring when Q a bull tossed me over a fence." "Well, don't you call that an ac- cident ?" E "No, sir! He did it on purpose." The pessimist sees the fly in the S ointmentg what impresses the op- ! timist is the large quantity of oint- I ment around the one small fly. Q , "What is your son going to be A when he gets through college?" E "An old man, I'm afraid." He was being medically examin- ed preparatory to taking out an in- surance policy. "Ever had a serious illness?" asked the deputy. "No," was the reply. ' ...i...-- Publisher: "In your story I no- tice you make the owl hoot 'to Whom' instead of 'to Whoo'." 'Authorz "Yes, this is a Boston owl." .ii....1.-.-1- "What is the name of the species I have just shot?" demanded the amateur hunter of his guide. "Well, sir," returned the guide, "I've just been investigating and he says his name is Smith." QOQIIQUQUQUQUQUQUQUQOQUQK QOQ QKDQDQOQOQ0l!IQOQOQUQUQCYQUQUQCTQID 199 if 1010 SHAKESPEARIAN CONTEST ENTRANTS Compliments Q 2 DQRO and ELZY 5 l i P UPER ' ERVICE i TATION i 3132 NORTH BROADWAY 5 i 5 i i Q I n ' . C ! O n any 2 i i ' Q O iliilii ilili iii 30342 itil? 2101 ici 3 ili0Q 3 3 1 3 in E 200 i roi ug 1 ui aio niniuioi 1 xi C1 ri 11 ue: ll 1 cpu: 3 rc: 1011 1010: S E i Q vi vi -4 3 - E Q j,MLJ3' Covered with Toasted Nuts . . . and Pure Sugar Icing ERFECTIO COFFEE CAKES The Flaky Ki-nd that Melt in Your Mouth 120 N. BEAUDRY PHONE MUTUAL 1281 C6 Has the son you sent away to college got his degree yet ?" "I should say so. Why, he wrote last week that the faculty had call- ed him in and given himthe third degree. That boy is ambitious !" Counsel: "Now, sir, tell me, are you well acquainted with the pris- oner?" Witness: 'Tve known him for twenty years." Counsel: "Have you ever known him to be a disturber of the public peace?" Witness: "Well-er--he used to belong to a band." School Clothes for All Ages A "ALL THE WORLD'S S A STAGE" 5 ...and Man must Q E Ee fQesmoncl'S i Five Los Angeles Stores Harold: "When the postman comes Fm going to beat you with- in an inch of your life!" i Jack: "Why wait for the post- man?" 'Harold: 'Tm taking a boxing! course by correspondence." i -. i -il A -1 ! Purchaser: "What is the charge for this battery?" Garageman: "One and one-half ' volts." Purchaser: "Well, how much isi that in American money?"l , C QOH i I Q Q QUQ M 2 N Q M Q0ilQDQ QDQKQOQCQ .Da Q 201 .. .f l dress the part he i hopes -to play! 2 - VOCATIONAL ORCHESTRA VOCATION AL ORCHESTRA The Vocational Orchestra was organized by Mr. Tozier to give training to those boys who intend to take up such Work as a pro- fession. This orchestra plays at all of Lincoln's dances. The latest music is provided by the school. Don Allen is the leader. Q Q QOQ010QOQOQOQ0i l Q Q QOH ll0Q 20QQQOQ0,0QOQ0llIQ Q QOH C ! Headquarters for Q Equipment Costumes - Wigs - Properties I y y I Military Equipment ! 93 5 So. BROADWAY-TRINITY 1171 S533 SUNSET BLVD.-HOLLY 0664 , , ,... - t . i i0Q0l0iUi0l01 Q lili Q0l0l ll i i0Q47QOQ0i0l0l0ltDQlli0l0l01C7a 202 lllfil i1C0lDi1QOQ llf i lil Q i0QOQ lll0Q0i Q ll CDH IOQUQOQ M Q QOQOQ Qlii Q iif Q il Q QI Q1 Q0llQ Q Q02 Q Confidence. .. Expected A Appreciatecl ' Deserfueal TWENTY SUCCESSFUL YEARS MANUFACTURING School Iewelry -- Graduation Announcements Cups - Medals - Trophies - Diplomas CZ5he T. V. ALLEN CGMPANY 812 MAPLE AVENUE Los ANGELES, CALIFORNIA "Even his best friends Wouldn't "It looks like rain." tell him? "What does ?" So he flunked his examination. .gwaterin "You never can tell," said the H - 99 bandit, as he shot the only witness My gm has two faults' to his crime. ' "You and who else ?" 203 u ' 204 Q i i i A shot rang out! A man fell to the ground, shot through the spare gizzard. He was dead, even though, he hit the ground. Beside him stood his murdere-r, gazing at the result of his handiwork. Along came a cop. .He regarded the body, then glanced at the still smoking revolver in the hands of i the killer. f. i Q. Q i vi -. - i -1 i Q i E 'Q010Q0l lfif iii Q21 l i i i 9 bl fIHd you do-uusrr "Yes," came the reply, -"with the sweat of my manly brow did I do it " ' "Come along then," returns the cop. "I'll have to run you in for being a suspicious character." "How come the stiff neck ?" "Not enough exercise." 0-DHOQCIQUQOQUQUQDQDQIIQOQGQC QOQC Q YQ Q Q SO- Q I- if Q P-0,1 Compliments of 1 A ToL1vER's, INC. BROADWAY AT WORKMAN I CA. 21 1 1 When. 'You Need a Drug Store TELEPHONE CAPITOL 0042 Prompt, Free Delivery RHODE? PHARMACY E. F. RHODES, Ph. G. Prescription Druggists ' 2900 N. BROADWAY Los ANGELES ' Every nerve was taut. His every sense was stra.ined to the highest pitch. Slowly, very slowly, he turn- ed the knob, anxiously noting the effect of every deviation. He must- n't turn it too fast, or surely he would lose it. A fine adjustment now, he would get it and then- success. He twisted the knob to the right very slo-wly. Eureka-he had it. The hot and cold water for his bath was adjusted just exactly right. ' A sophomore went to Hades once, A few more things to learn, Old Satan sent him back again, He was too green to burn. 05 First Nut: "Are the mosquitoes thick .around here ?" Second Nut: "No, long and slim." ,.l..l... . ' "Put me in cell 383' - "What for?" "It's the one my father used to have." ,i.i.l-1 Never strike a man while he's down-unless you are able to keep him down. ., Maxon: "I'll not always be so tall." b l Lloyd: "Why, how can you rem- edy that ?f' ' Maxon: "Some day I'm going to marry and settle down." l0l0iOQ0i1iCDQliUGi 1 1 1 1 Iain v roioioiuix ioioi li Q1llI7l0QIlQK,Q0liDil l!l0QlDiKli0l4lQKlDOl4lQll -. .1 - if Q '-.7 i G PHONE TRINITY 6668 EASTERN WHOLESALE . GROCERY CO. I G. CRUICKSHAINTK - Wholesale Grocers 3061308 N. Los ANGELES ST. Los ANGELES, CALIF. Joe Mc.: "Darling, there has been some-thing trembling on my lips for weeks and Weeksf Betty: "Yes, so I see. Why don't you shave it off?" - Nit: "I won't graduate from school this year." A Wit: "Why not?" Nit: "I didn't go!"4 f . 4 . I ' 1i l -f "Are you a big man on the high school campus ?" . "Well, I dunno about that, but I'm the big noise in the library." - Bill to Bill: "Let's play house. You be the door, and I'll slam you." CC Do you know Adolph, the but- cher boy? Well, he just dropped sixty feet." "Sixty fe-et! Did it kill him ?" "No, they were pigs' feet. - "With feet like yours you should get a job with the Government." "Doing what ?" "Stamping out forest fires." Cannibal: :"What are you think- ing of ?" His Wife: "Whom we'll have for dinner tomorrow." - "A toast, fellersf' exclaimed the hobo, lifting his tomato can. "Here's to de holidays! Bless de hull t'ree hundred an' sixty-five of aernln H "The cowboys in Texas do not catch steers on horseback any U more." - "And why don't they?" "Because steers do not ride' horseback." C - ..-Tl Q After running three miles a man jumped from the cliffs near Calais and was picked up two miles out at sea. This, we believe, is the Hrst' attempt to jump the Channel. -. ! K6 Wotcha doing ?" 1 Learning the drug business." "It must be highly technical." "Yes, it is. I'm learning to com- pounds stews and assemble sand- wichesf' N D0i0QOQlli0Q0l ll 5,011 il l0l0QOQOQ0i0Q11ll W ll W QOQ0lllQ iblliilii 206 ANNUAL ARTISTS Voili Q Q Q IQOQUQUQOQ Q QOQOQDQ HGH!!-UQOQOQGQ - If DQ milf Q HE DERSUN ' , TRADE BINDERY PAPER RULING, BINDING AND PAMPHLET WORK FOR THE TRADE i A P! A ! v The Largest and Best Equipped g ! Trade Bindery West of Chicago i S 3 4- i 443 S. SAN PEDRO ST. Los ANGELES, CALIF. OilDi0i0l0i0l0Qlli0l0llli i0Q iilill i DQ lliiUi0l0l0QOQ0i0l010J 207 1011 Q O ! I 10:0 lllbl I-0 i- UQ! i l CHESS TEAM IN ACTION ' ACME GROCERY CAPITOL 0 3 7 5 2404M NORTH BROADWAY li Q! H lHOQOQOQOQUQ XQ H11 1 H QOQOQO-0QOQ0i l020Q0i TOMIO DEPT. STORE 200 EAST FIRST STREET MADISON 3577- H. J. CONNOR Maker of Aloha Chocolates Aristocmt in Chocolates VERMONT 8495 A 1726f28f30 W. SANTA BARBARA LOS ANGELES CALIF. S PALM CAFE DREXEL 4012 1716 SUNSET BOULEVARD f AND HCWYOU I if Q. Fliflll il ilii llli Di i 2 li0i0l Illli ij l Traveler: "I Want to buy a tooth brush." Storekeeper: "Sorry, brother, but our line of summer novelties I ain't in yet." , W Larkson: 'Tm going up to the jail. I Want to talk with the ban- dit who took my car." . Parkson: "What's the use ?" Larkson: "Maybe he'l1 tell me how he got fifty miles an hour out of her." . iDIOi0Q Dlblllll l0l0Q ll illi B. 81 G. MEN'S 81 BOYS' SHOP A Complete Line of MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS at Reasonable Prices School and Novelty Caps Of All Kinds Made to Order 2628 N.iBROADWAY CAPITOL 7439 DYER BROS. Automotive Parts for All Cars We Do Reboring, Rod Lining, Drum Truing CAPITIOL 3141 2000 No. BROADWAY J. A. BAUER POTTERY CO. 415 W. AVE. 33 I I I 0 o Q-if - ev. e A . , .-3-0 1 A' SEIQVICE WHEN YOU WANT IT' LUANT' 'T' N 2 ii 'KAW hA 4 I iz W ' I 'ff' YILYIIY Z' .fl V If W 'fn' ' ? I I I TIGERSA I . SIHIRVIIGXIE QlUAlL.il'1I'Y I ig A A ff- . . - 209 S PHONE CAPITOL 5132 DR. FRANK H. COURTNEY DENTIST ROOM 4-2619 N. BROADWAY 4 N . LINCOLN HEIGHTS BAKERY ' 2410 NORTH BROADWAY Phone CApitO1 0571 Compliments of CLARK'S COFFEE SHOP 2630 NORTH BROADWAY "I take a cold shower every morning." HIGHLAND LAUNDRY f'Why bras about it?" 1786 N. SPRING STREET CAPITOL 5584' uG0Shv tha-VS Why I take it-H The Greatest Man in the World is not the man who accumulates the most money or the man who takes the most out of lifeg it is the man who gives the most Of 1ife.-- O Lincoln. 210 1020111 - IQ IQ QI Q !Q QI if Q Q iilf Qlif li Q I2 IQ Q QI Q W0 i ia, - NP: I QAM GEE'Sm Featuring a full line of Salted and Unsalted Nut Meatsg A Jumbo Ripe Cilives, Imported Spanish Queen Olivesg Pickles, Homeflvlade Salads, Qld Missouri Horseradislu Everything for the Picnic or Party AT A GRAND CENTRAL PUBLIC MARKET Conveniently Located Between THIRD AND FOURTH - BROADWAY TO HILL STALLS-Cfi, Ff6, Ef9 AND A6 1 0i01Ci0Q i Q Q MGH ilQlQ QKQUQ Q QI- Q - i QUE- Qi i0l0i0QOQOD1 Q lllllll ll0ll i DQ We Call For and Deliver Prescriptions Without Extra Charge Prescriptions Carefully Compounded ALTA DRUG CO. 3432 NORTH BROADWAY Los AN-GELES CALIFORNIA FREE DELIVERY PHONE I H. C. PLUMMER, CAPITOL 0772 Prop. Jones Cafe and Confectionery Owner and Oper. of MerryfGofRourid OPPOSITE LIEICOLN PARK PHONE No. CAPITOL 0261 Compliments CAMEO THEATER "A Good Show All the Time" 4907 HUNTINGTON DR. GA. 7650 McClure Hardware Company HARDWARE AND PAINTS My Alma Mater of 1916 5 514 NO. BROADWAY CAPITOL 1838 Los ANGELES, CALIF. "What is an opportunist?" "One who meets the Wolf at the door and appears the next day in a fur coat." ' - "Whah you-all goin' in such a rage, man?" "Ah's a' goin' to git that doctah what sewed up my appendixes with White thread." i.-l. "You seem to have a serious ac- cidentf' "Yes," said the bandaged per- son. "I tried to climb a tree in my motor car." "What did you do that for?" "Just to oblige a lady who was driving another car. She Wanted to use the road." "What's on the menu ?" "I have frogs' legs, chicken liver, pigs' knuckles and-" "Never mind your deformities, what have you to eat ?" When he declared that with one kiss from her fair lips he could die happy, she responded: "Well, here it is-now it's your move." Foreman: "HoW'd you come to leave your last place?" Applicant: "I was discharged." "Discharged, huh? What for." "Doing Well." "Huh? Where was you ?" "In a hospital." 212 3Q0i0.0i0QOQOQUQOQ020QOQI C0- -M - As Shakespeare once remarked: "You can string beans, and kid gloves but you can't bull frogs." Teacher: "Are you sure that this is a perfectly original theme ?" Stude: "Not exactly: you may find one or two Words in the dic- tionary." - ill NORTH BROADWAY ARMY STORE MIDDIES, SKIRTS AND SHOES 2414M NORTH BROADWAY A MALTA CAFE AMERICAN AND ITALIAN DISHES GUFFANTI AND PACE, Props. 2217 N. BROADWAY CAPITOL 9411 Los Angeles Undertaking Co. Hazel E3 Worley Funeral Directors and Embalmefrs CAPITOL 0044 2517 PASADBNA Avia. Los ANGELES, CALIF. Lincoln Heights Pharmacy Store of Service - PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PHONE CAPITOL 1098-201 1f1 581 2600 NORTH BROADWAY "Hey, mister, you back Whe-el's going forward." "That's all right, buddy, I'm on my return trip." Customer: "Have I the pleasant expression you require ?" Photographer: "Perfectly, sir." Customer: f'Then shoot quick: it hurts my face." p "When do you think they'1l rec- ! ognize the Russians ?" "Not till they shave, I imagine." 213 "Why don't you put on your slicker?" - "I can't. I got a book in one hand and it Won't go through the sleeve." "No girl ever made a fool out of me!" "Who was it then ?" liill "Every time I kiss you, it makes me a better man." "Well, you don't have to get to heaven in one night." 10103I1101uiuioioinioluioiod rilllii QOQ ill i010Q0l0Q 101 Q vi A i p. Q i v Q - v A 1 Holland Electric 81 Furn. Co. H. H. Van Horn, Prop. Complete Electrical Es' Household Furn. A2421 N. BROADWAY CAPITOL 1900 Tenth Anniversary Leon Shierry's Barber Shop UNION SHOP 104 E. AVE. 26 H. A. BARTON GENERAL REPAIR SHOP 111 S. AVENUE 24 CAPITOL 5812 Los ANGELES, CALIF. Father: "I want to apprentice my boy to you." Master Plumber: "Where is 'e?" Father: "Well-er-he forgot his references and has gone back home for them." Master Plumber: "Righto!-I'll take 'im!" .-i1 l. City Boarder: "I suppose you hatch all these chickens yourself ?" Farmer: "No. We keep hens for that purpose." Young Woman: "I want that dog shot at once." Policeman: "I can't shoot him here in this residence district. The bullet might go right through him and hit somebody." Young Woman: "But couldn't you shoot him lengthwise ?" D E L U X E Q SIX CHAIR BARBER SHOP A. BELL Specializing in Ladies' and Childrens ' Work 2405 NO. BROADWAY Los ANGELES i Compliments of a Friend l fiat fillets LINCOLN HEIGHTS V TRANSFER I PHONE CAPITOL 0703 OFFICE: 113 SO. AVE. 24 Q Chief Petty Officer: "The en-I emy are as thick as peas. What shall we do ?" Officer of the Deck: "Shell them, you idiot: shell them." - i "The Universal Watch Word- C Tick!" ? 1 "Dad, I want some mone-y for my trousseauf' v "But, my child, I didn't even' know you were engaged." 1 l "Good heavens, father, don't you ever read the papers ?"' - S "DOn't worry," said the dentist. g "I always give my patient-ah- - something to-ah-quiet theirl nerves." "Then what was that fellow in! there yelling for?" demanded the ' skeptical sufferer. 4- l0Q QOQC QC QOQ DQ lm IQDQOQ QUQOQOQUQ if Q DQOQIIQ I-QQ!!-UQOQUQUJ 214 i f. -. - .- E i PQ Q IQ HD- Q QOQUQI -UQUHUQCQ if Ml QI QOQIIQIDSOQ QI EPICUREAN BAKERY H. J. I-IANEBERG, Prop. Famous for Chocolate Eclairs at Hash Line MUTUAL 8794 1619 SUNSET BLVD. Compliments of MILLMAN'S DEPT. STORE 2619 No. BROADWAY CAPITOL 2018 . Los ANGELES, CALIF. Sur-Val BOX Lunch, Inc. The Pioneers of the Box Lunch SANDWICHES AND Box LUNCHES FOR ALL OCCASIONS SCHOOL LUNCHES OUR SPECIALTY Branches in San Francisco, Oakland and Long Beach MAIN PLANT: 602 MATEO STREET Los ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Prospect: "How do you know this is a good used car?" Salesman: "Because I'In the one who used It." Ambitious College Youth Cto Senatorjz "HOW did you become such a wonderful orator?" Senator: "I began by addressing envelopes." PHONE TU. 9448 Established 1912 RISKIN BROS. . JEWELRY AND DIAMONDS 815 TITLE GUARANTEE BLDG. FIFTH AND BROADWAY Los ANGELES, CALIF. CAPITOL 2445, 2446 W. W. SKED Lincoln Hts. Feed 81 Fuel Co. HAY-GRAIN-MILL FEED Poultry Supplies-Wood and Coal ' 192127 No. BROADWAY LOS ANGELES PHONE TRINITY 3626 PACIFIC WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Wholesale Grocers 761f763 TERMINAL STREET LOS ANGELES, CALIF. Conductor: "Change for Mariet- ta! Change for Marietta!" Country Passenger: "Don't know who the girl is, but I'll chip in a dime." 1 One: "Did you fill your date last night ?" !C0f K U i More: I hope so. She ate every- thing in sight." 3 i i A Q ICOQOQ DQOQ IQ IQOQOQKIQQQUQ 215 5,02 UQ nl i Q02 I in Q PQDQOH BYUQOQKQIQ 1111101 Q Q Q HUM ! 1 A human skull, found in an l ancient lake bed, suggests a very low order of intelligence. Possibly a primitive boat-rocker. Q t i TRAVE LED EGGS Angry Customer: These eggs . aren't fresh. Indignant Grocer: Not fresh? Why, the boy brought them from the country this morning. Customer: What country?- i iuw Q i lf :Ou Q02 HUGH YOUR ANCESTORS "If you could see your ancestors All standing in a row There might be some of them, per- haps, You wouldn't care to know. But here's another question which Requires a different view: If you could meet your ancestors, Would they be proud of you?" We never yet saw a gift shop run by a Scotchman. CARL ENTENMANN JEWELRY COMPANY Established 1888 Q Manufactuvers of Fine School and Fraternity Jewelry Medals - Plaques - Trophies for all Athletic Events Designs of High Grade jewelry i Aftistically Executed 1018 VENICE BLVD. Los ANGELES, CALIF. 3101010 0 ICC 3.4 ll! Dc Luxe Best Yet Box Lunch 162 E. VERNON HU. 8048 Compliments Of was . .lessens - RE-,Aus p,G'W Rs AW' me-Eine E'- LOQDQOQ HK QOQC QDGOQI QDQOQK Q DQOQUQ HOD W l,0l0QOQDQl Q DCOQC QUQ NJ r-1 C5 11 ill lllli i l l Q01 lilii Q IQ ll0l0QOI0l0i Ill 1 D10Q li 7l010Q0i Compliments Pacific Coast University 1 ! of COLLEGE OF LAW Evening Courses Leading to a HON EYDEW Degree Q Send for Catalogue 830 H. W. HELLMAN BLDG. 26085 PASAIQENA AVE. 354 S. SPRING ST. Los ANGELES, CAL. Skating Every Afternoon Special Rates to 15' or l and Evening More, Any Season Price 25C to Students-Half of Regular Rate ' The Lincoln Park Roller Rink AT CORNER N. MAIN AND LINCOLN PARK AVE. PRIVATE PARTIES, 10 to 12 P. M. SPECIAL RATES FOR PARTIES Caller: "Wonder if I can see YOUI' IY10'Che1', llttle lO0Y? IS She ell' Pat took his wife to the theatre gagedf' for the first time. They arrived Little Boy: "Engaged! Watcher rather early, and she was very in- i givin' us? She's married." terested in everything about them. ----- ' Nudging Pat, she whispered: S "What does that word 'asbestos'i "Willie," said the teacher, "can mean across the curtain?" . you give Lineo1n's Gettysburg ad- l dress ?" 1 . "Be quiet," said Pat, "and don't "Huh 12" Said Willie, with Sur. show your ignorance. That's Latin prise, "I didn't think they num- for 'WGICOITIG-' " bered the houses in them days." 0- Livio: l0QlbSOQ0l0QOQ illifil - Q Q lQUiO,llilQ Q Q -QQ Q -UQ Q02 QUQC 217 0l0l0l0l0QOQ lQOQOQ0l0QOQOQl7Q li lQ0l0i0QOQl l0Q0l0l0l010QOQ01 Dressmaking Aft Goods SMITH-O'CONNELL SHOP Pleating, Hemstitching E8 Buttonfholes Cowrteous Service CAPITOL 2407 108E. AVE. 28 Los ANGELES, CALIF. Flowers For All Occasions Lincoln Heights Flower Shop Clarence Wakefieid, Prop. CAPITOL 0528 2806 NO. BROADWAY PHONE CAPITOL 2159 Notary Public UNIE CLARK REALTOR 2606M N. BROADWAY Los ANGELES ! PHONE CAPITOL 1300 Hours 9 to 6 DR. W. CALDERWOOD ! DENTIST 2602 NO. BROADWAY, Los ANGELES l On the Comer of Daly i A HOMELY TRUTH As a beauty I am not a star, There are Others more handsome, by far. t But my face-I don't mind it For I am behind it. It's the people- in front get the jar! . A colored employee of an express company approached his superior with the query: "Boss, what We gwine do 'bout dat billy goat? He's done et up where he's gwinef' GIVING AWAY SECRETS Betty Cto teacherlz "Mother Wants you tofcome to tea on Sat- urdayf' Teacher: "Are you sure, dear?" "Yes, because I heard Daddy say: 'Ask her and get it Over With! " .....-..- i AN ANIMAL TALE Astronomy Professor-Williams, can you give me the name of any star that has a tail? Williams-The only one I know! is Rin-Tin-Tin. School Supplies - Gym Suits Comphmems Gym Shoes - Dry Goods , of Merfs and WOmen's The oiiginaz PTOMAINE TOMMY DQUQ QOQUQ W YQOQDQ QI HOQ I Furnishings l "Better Goods for Less" THE PRINCE STORE OPPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL 218 L ir A i Q4 il ibl i !i0l0i010QC l llilll -DQ DQOQCDQ0l0QOQOQOCDQ4li0 Lincoln Park Hardware Hardware, Paints and Wall Paper "Business Is Better" 3100 NO. MAIN ST. CAPITOL 4453 WHERE .BROADWAY ENDS 3990 MISSION RD. CHILI BOWL J. P. WOOD Specializing in SANDWICHES, CHILI AND STEAKS QUALITY FOOD POLITE SERVICE COUNTER BOOTHS TABLES BROADWAY PHARMACY 3 5 29 NORTH BROADWAY Los ANGELES, CALIF. CAPITOL 8098 Opposite School ' 0. H. PATZER, Jeweler Engraving Stone Setting Fine Watch Repairing Gifts for All Occasions Watch Inspector S.P.R.R. and P.E. Ry. PHONE CAPITOL 0252 2708 NORTH BROADWAY Los ANGELES, CAL. I A SENIOR'S SOLILOQUY fContinued from page 401 ever seen in that office. Well, I'm dumb, but I can occasionally see through a tennis racket, and I've out out the alibi. 'Sfunny how little I've been on the linoleum since then. Now, its about over. Everyone asks me what I'm going to do when I'm turned loose on the palpitating World. Without get- ting many splinters in my fingers I've scratched a bald spot on my head trying to dope out the- answer. Sometimes I say I'm going to college. When I say that to any of the faculty, I generally see at least one eyebrow raised and their noses see-m to curl up as though they smell some limburger that's past due. One of 'em even mentioned that he'd heard there Was a shortage of good pick and shovel men. What d'ya suppose he meant by that? fConti1zued on 'next page! C LLERGE BUT Zh .BU any pam A Iheuhlb tour! 'il 2? A ' EI- I ' ll 'Cllp' TYR . W H 262' 'rf '.12'2ff. I., ltr, gS' lII7I.Wii:I ..an44o5f!f ff25'1iI?u If Y is tzergsawuzgpgu ' 219 ' TYPEWRITER INSPECTION CO. 325 W. SECOND ST. Typewriters Rented Without Card From School Q IQ QOQUQUQ Q Q QUQIIQC -DQ! Q QU, f 2 l I cfm ,X .f1j 'XT-lftaff4?fL!1Ll.i'f,,if'j , .. e-fl 'f Qfveiin ,f - , , l 1'L'7l,2'f7fiK', .1 f ' f Cf A f, ' I , ' , 11,1 1. ,- xr-Lili? LX, X-x A i M HX! ' X, --.L . ,VW I v 47 x . ! R20 i L, y f P-N L ! Q, 06 526 L N ngiifipvers V, M-X Q, A In Distinctive YearBooKs ' 45' E Us l 'i'4v1r1 l , X e l i A SEN IOR'S SOLILOQUY fCo'ntinued from last page! They say the world's a big place, and I am going to fit in somewhere. But I do hope two things for myself. I hope that with all of my uselessness these past four years that they still Q think enough of me to be glad to see me come back once in a while. And I hope my new boss will be tickled because he hired a Lin- colnite. If at the end of the first year he says: "Boy, Lincoln must be some school-look what it made out of you," then I'll be happy. - Boy, it's been a fine trip. I'm getting ready to transfer to another line. But I'll never forget old Lincoln High, and I hope I don't forget one thing Honest Abe himself said: "I like to see a man proud of the town in which he lives, and I like to see him live so that his town is proud of him." l 2 i Qidil it 101 i Dililli D101 Ill iii li Dl0l010i 0i D10 iilild 220 lli01lli010llli0i0i0i libili-0:0ll!i0Q0l0i i 202010 'gg DE VGRKIN PHOTCJGRAPHER f QFFICIAL FQR 911 JV' "LINCOLNIA Vid!!! !7887 ' L A CA MN ,f ' A QMQ L g S is a page from the beautiful memorial biography of the master artist, Elmer Wachtel, whose paintings of Southern California have Won national fame for his memory. Our craftsmen have had the honor of thus helping to perpetuate his Work. PVe Specialize in Master Productions o f 'LU h i C h THE 1930 LINCOLNIAN is another noteworthy exampile A r- - CARL A. BUNDYSQUILL Sf PRESS 1228-1230 SoUTH FLOWER STREET Los ANGELES, CALIFORNIA WEstr1zore 0347 222 1 L SSSS I I J Q! ,WL 6w4fw 5 X 1, , 1 , I ' , it . . ,L 1 xii? 5 A I i '.,q s f ' ' W , Qy6fZ1,fA 1 1 ' I t Li WK Q M 9195 Q f?f5MW QQ M Wfvfs -Ty r. we igefifyfeedg y - MW ly L XJ ' 'NK '11V he Ai' e yffk' ' I very," 41 W Ui XV? A Gt hh A.X Il: gk ,. A" 1 QUAA C 7 I 1 M 1 Ax'L'h' t'X- Q X .Q xx , L g XV- 4 A zigffil LQ, EK, f "' QQ 4 ' ik f E r Q, 'et'X r , Q 'N-4 h r e 1 WC Y r r h X yyff 3 Mwwryffffff' as y 5 Y , There w a young lady of Niger, A J I if 5 ' M ' Who went out for a ride on a tiger My A H r 4 . x' They returne- fr the ride Z Z Q A h " f With the I 'rr ' e, A Avid -. nas eo aceotetrer 5 jp' M , fh g R-llwgwwkw EW W e r rlfrwfeetgffqv , djjifww lz WJ, ,, Qfw ',5M. MWQMW EY? rem rr' ir it rf yyfrw ,. , , " -M' , ',- Yvidpfcf' 1 Q JM ff'y fy f 0 f , ' f A X i 'S I I H J V5 ' 5 ff 5. W i f Q :X f W if fi 7 Aff WX K N a Xlxxx Q55 r J 3 ur,-414 Sf w - V: fda 12 'JSI Lx , xl vi-wo' x 2. -- X 3 . . I -ra Zff f ! , X ' X ' " t 7 v , , W ww if X A -- , A Nix X X 'MP 'fn f l X950 - A X ml I jmpfffljggiffff X V M J -M j 'f 3 ,Q vt 57 I XX TF 'Q Q ' ' A q " ' X f A V 1 I? X 1' 19 ' 41 Z f Z .V A lv .4 ...1 440- 4, 475720 61 X 4 I . I , ,,,,f,ff g 5 X W 5555 S92 W7 W 7 WW 1 W " Z D f ' ' " Q F2

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