Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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I I. I n I L L. E 3 E E A 5 i 9 4 U 4 ' . - w I i E 1 f S 5 -- L : ' 5 ,i E I 5 w Q 2 ' E ' s E 1 ! 8 i Q 5 rs Q E 2 , 1 Y a i z M i i a - 2 F ? I 5 1 ' a R 2 ? i X v F 5 E s 5 . f fszimnsmw -r nrrwunnufusu,-sam nuxff.. ,-me-'cwm w z :iw . 4,-' -. ,, Q , - , ' 1.1 1. F1 ,Vw ,- f L ,5 4 ,KAN ,'5 'Q r .,u 3 H -M, .J ,,. 1 V5.1-'Q 'fmri-'L . ,1,,, 3, ' -:ww Y K.- .!,, .f 1. L ' Jw Q. , ax . ,xv if 'F of iw A I qw, -r landmark i hlgh school f brooklyn 35 new york abraham h. lass, principal ar ir 'S N 4 1 l r I '5 mr. beniamin braverman mr. michael idelson we wish fo cledicafe fhis bool: +o mr. beniamin braverman and mr. michael idelson. as reliring chairmen ol The malherna- lics and physical sciences deparl- rnenls, bolh will relain a slore ol fond memories of Their days spenl al lin- coln . . . memories lhal lemper pros- perily . . . lhal miligale adversily . . . lhal conlrol youlh . . and lhal delighl old age. we wish lhern happy and rewarding years ol reliremenl. 2 i dear graduaTes: only a Tew shorT days ago, lincoln was an inseparable parT OT your every- day living. iT was lincoln morning-noon-and nighT. now-lincoln is your pasT-your unTorgeTTable pasT-because during The happy and exciTing years you have spenT here, we have Tried To Tashion wiTh you and Tor you The kinds OT experiences ThaT would make The resT oT your lives signiTicanTly diTTerenT and rneaningTul To you and To all who will come To know you, To love you, and To depend upon you. To all oT us lincoln is more Than a school-more Than a place To learn. iT is a way OT liTe, a way oT living and working TogeTher. here we hope you have learned-and will always remember-To conTinue The endless TighT Tor Treedorn and To use This hard-won Treedom responsibly, To respecT The digniTy oT all peoples, To Tind ioy in serving your communiTy, To help The needy and less TorTunaTe, To desire and appreciaTe excellence wherever you Tind iT-in The arTs, in liTeraTure, music, science, in governrnenT, in The world oT sporTs and enTerTain'rnenT. we hope, Too, ThaT your lives will be brighTened and deepened by The greaT sirnpliciTies-by kindness, decency, paTience, and undersTanding. wherever you go, whaTever you do, we know ThaT you, like Thousands oT lincolniTes beTore you, will TulTill yourselves and make us proud oT you and your achievemenTs, sincerely, an we ,Q-I J X fi ww-aw-1J':?1VQ'ia:13?ffi'-wt'Cf1E':'Eieiffev' " . f f I '..' tllififf-iz ,' , , V f 2 ,W ,,..,,. ,,,,,.,A, V b, , ,, JY , ,M 1 1 K' 1 - ,W wg 1, 5 355 1221.2 Q X Q 55,0 M my , f,-h X .. 1 .. .: ff? -v wif wa, ,f f -' ' elsziiw . -, W 1, . , 'v , , ' - ' 4-f-Mfwhfg. fl gm- ifjf, 1 ' ' ' 55 iff," ff ,M 1211. , f 3 ,V 3 ,:Q4n5 ffgglgf, cup as :V , 4 2 , ff," fQ' f waL22sifs2zfi,a , 'V ' V K if Eg Swifll 1 ' A - , 'Hi . 2, ,, 1 -12,1 4:14 gf . 3, 5 ' "" ,, - W ,QZV-iigf ' q: 5 V , - , 'il ,ff ' "" " . .?, , , , v fa- f ' Q in f a m : W-f "' ' f " ' M. f YW ' " " "" ,Q-if. , ,. i-:fri ifzfzirff' 'v.1'..-Ai,-.12 mr ' bed IGVWIG mrs. lillian sfem dr yoseplw orgel mrs Inez amafo .1 ,J M 4 flff K V 1 tw senior prelecl Teachers 4- mr. morris bach AC. mrs. mary calabro mr. roberl cooper mr. ralph ellis mr. hyman icreilicher mrs. anna golclberg miss rulh golclslein 51 .Al - 1-If mr. paul grubman dr. millon hechf mr. henry liahan mr. murray kass mrs. belh lressler mr. hyman kisch mrs. bella lazarus mrs. rae levine mrs. minnie meadow mr. Chesler miller ...i 14 1- A If a 2 ' miss bealrice rubin mr. abe saperslein dr. philip shorr mr. meyersilverslein mrs. aileen sirey W W F L! j' K , ' A rsy, if il ix My ---. 5 - 1 if - L f ' --: A.-s, mrs. margaref soifer mrs. ella slein mrs. belly sleinberg mr. iulius slern mrs. lillian luclser I vb ALJ! sl -'iff 15 lf? 'X 'I .ll N My ww The caTerpillar and alice looked aT each oTher Tor some Time in silence: aT lasT The caTerpillar Took The hookah ouT oT his mouTh and addressed her in a languid, sleepy voice. "who are you?" said The caTerpillar. alice replied, raTher shyly, "i-i hardly know, sir, iusT aT presenT-aT leasT i know who i was when i go up This morning, buT i Think i musT have changed several Times since Then. "whaT do you mean by ThaT?" said The caTer- pillar, sTernly. "explain yourselT!" "i can'T explain myselT, i'm aTraid, sir," said alice, "because i'm noT myselT, you see." "i don'T see," said The caTerpillar. "i'm aTraid i can'T puT iT more clearly," alice replied, "Tor i can'T undersTand iT myselT, To begin wiThg and being so many diTTerenT sizes in a day is very conTusing." iT's always easy To look back and say whaT you should have done, should have been, buT iT is a Tar more diTTiculT Thing To say whaT you should do and should be. here you are looking back on Tour years oT high school: years ThaT were alTernaTely TuTile and TruiTTul, happy yeT sad-so many Things, so many varying conTradicTory Things . . . and you look back and appraise and criTi- cize your acTions wiTh an obiecTiviTy ThaT was unheard oT aT The Time. you were alice. you had TelT so many ways-been so many sizes in one day during Those Tour years ThaT even now, you can'T really say who you are or even who you were. your moods pulled you up and down on a puppeT- sTring, changing you ouTwardly yeT leaving your innaTe selT unaTTecTed. and even iT you could have seen Through The TlucTuaTions oT mood, you sTill wouldn'T have been able To answer, "who are you?" . . . Tor The human mind and characTer are so complex ThaT They are beyond our undersTanding. however, The picTure is noT as dismal as iT seems. iT you do whaT you Teel is righT, Then you will be doing all ThaT can be expecTed oT you. The piTTalls, The impossibiliTies OT True inTrospecTion musT noT discourage you, Tor This undersTanding is someThing To look Toward-perhaps, never To reach-yeT sTill an ideal. you are now graduaTing Trom high school-going on To explore new horizons, meeT new people, enTer inTo a huge new world oT which you will be only a minuTe par'T. The years spenT in lincoln seem To be all-encompassing, yeT you will soon realize ThaT They are only a TasTe, a slice, oT The wonders ThaT liTe has in sTore Tor you. you are going on Towards The TuTure wiTh, aT besT, a hazy picTure oT your True self, and yeT wiTh a hope Tor ulTimaTe undersTanding. conienis expiorafion and discovery .... ihe freshman and sophomore years creaiive and social cievelopmeni' . . The junior year new clirecfions . . . The senior year fhe senio-r class . . DM f ,,, f 1 nm' ,, - 4, V- by ,N MW M .A1,,, ,q. WrfzfMv:4w+,wwwfwww-ffffx how awesome il all seemed al Jrlme beginning . . . so very big, so many people. you fell so young, so insignilicanl . . . and yel a parl. Jrlwe masses in Jrlwe balls, on llie slairways, in llwe caleleria . . . lunclw period . . . Jrlwe Jreaclwersq delaney cards, program cards . . . working in an office, on a squad . . . your g.o. card willw llwose lirsl service credils . . . llie crowded loclcer rooms, lorgelling your gym-slwirl and snealcers . . . homework-ine lriglwl ol: midlerms, of coming regenls . . . and now surprised you were lo find llwal Jrlwere were people wluo were iusl as scared, iusl as wor- ried, iusl as proud as you al Jrlwe realizarion of go- ing lo high school . . . and, from among Jrlwem, you somelwow singled our llwose wlrmo became your very good friends. mr. jacob slavin Y mrs. belly lmeller in Jrlme library. , ,,,!, when you became a junior The pace began To quicken. you ioined so many acTiviTies . . . The log, The arT squad, The maTh Team, choral, The orchesTra, The Track Team, The varsiTy casT . . . so many Things To choose Trom, To do, To work Tor . . . you emerged Trom The cocoon oT The sophomore, emerged Trom The Times oT iusT sTanding by and waTching iuniors and seniors . . . when you were The one who was being waTched and looked up To and Tollowed. remember g.o. elecTions, and your Triends who ran . . . The arisTa and arkon inolucTions . . . receiving a maior leTTer . . . boosTer and Twirler TryouTs . . . regenTs . . . geTTing To know people beTTer . . . cramming homework inTo Those precious I3 minuTes oT preTecT . . . regenTs . . . your Triends graduaTing . . . and The prospecT oT being nexT year's seniors . . . you were no longer scraTching The surTace oT lilie aT lincoln: you became embedded in iT, an inTegral parT oT iT . . . sTudying, concenTraTing, learning, Teaching, showing . . . developing inTo a disTincT personaliTy . . . , 1 fs showing . . . s+udyIng concenfraing creafing The maTh Team was The recommen- daTion Trom your elemenTary algebra Teacher . . . The TrighTening enTrance exam . . .The disTincTiveness oT Talcing inTermediaTe algebra when only a sophomore . . . The sTudenT Teachers . . . mrs. greenwald's maThemaTical inducTion . . . The TirsT Team, The compeTiTion, The hushed sTillness aT The meeTs . . . mr. shapiro's wriTing problems on The board . . .being ciTy champs Tor Three Terms , . . The pi mu and The m.a.a .... The Triendship . . . and The maThemaTics. ii 1 Q f.,,...,,f4 '- ff , 5 ouTwardly They all seemed alilce To you: class niTe, sing and The varsiTy show appeared iusT variaTions on The same Theme: buT you, The people in The audience didn'T experience The warmTh, The personal conTacT, The in- Timacy oT The varsiTy show. iT was noT iusT an ouTpouring oT words on a sTage or a hurling oT ges- Tures Toward an audience: iT was a hearTTelT experience. you didn'T see The rehearsals-The sessions where The play was analyzed, where poise and The arT oT proiecTion were learned, and where The arTs oT The TheaTre were delved inTo. you iusT saw The acTing oT The ploT. you missed The eagerness oT mr. blum. you missed The sorrow ThaT sTruclc when mr. blum reTired and The dehecTion ThaT Tollowed and The saTis- TacTion ThaT came when mr. speiser, sTepping inTo a gianT's TooTprinTs, whipped The show TogeTher. The movemenTs on The sTage are iusT The ouTer maniTesTaTions oT The acTorg Too bad The audience cannoT experience The TulTillmenT ThaT comes aTTer a long and Tiring-buT Tun- Tilled-preparaTion. I4 , -4 maTh Team mrs. marcia greenwald varsiTy squad we will remember The TransTorma- Tion OT The g.o. Trom a sTaTic Tigure- head To a dynamic, Tlexible sTudenT governmenT. wiTh The aid and guid- ance OT miss pearl crysTal, The holTz- man Twins, bob and liz, bunny greene, susan sTein, and ioe mar,Tori have succeeded in bringing To lincoln sing, a january graduaTion, sTudenT-TaculTy compeTiTions, The Tree g.o. movie, The braille club, The year-long Tenure oT oTTice . . . so many innovaTions which will become a parT oT lincoln TradiTion. you may Take pride in The TacT ThaT iT was Through your eTTorTs ThaT This g.o. was creaTed, and Through your supporT ThaT iT has been rnainTained. The braille club miss pearl crysTal and g.o. oTTicers , 3,9 ' nesanvsn ron cumvces mf M., mm W, pf. . fav mo Gam conmrrze ONLYJ siawzo roysiscnou aan TEACHER g?,Y,o,, noon TZACHER av -- Q ENG'-f-SH T fi i' 1- 4941. 7 Q AZ' 1,1 -WUI i ' i ll 1.1: ' , ' , f 4,. fff 25 ll-L liluc g l . an T iw T227 Q, mu T T Ni! il' i HIM xiiri . IO H . d ' ' HT.- ' 2 mf. I. GF SVIHG an mr. sam Tei enbaum . N , - Q T Q7 y .mlulii swnv 5' 'N .nlmb ARTAPP. A y I g nusrurz T ., . yucum zu. 3-if , I I A HYGIENE i l 4 wuaa rm. 7, .punch MAXIHUHSUBJECTTS M59 i ' RUERVE PREFECT OF NEWBOOH rzmons The program card was, aT TirsT, your only and cherished link To The massive organizaTion-alhs, buT Through The muTaTions oT successive Terms iT became The subsTiTuTe Tor a room pass, The subiecT OT inTiniTe "crossing-ouTs" and "rewriTings", The almosT blank symbol oT The careTree senior. you received your program card, inscribed as iT by gremlins, wiTh The symbols and numbers which would guide your liTe Trom 8:3l a.m. To 2:35 p.m. The unseen work oT de- veloping This masTer plan can be aTTribuTed To mr. sam Teigenbaum, mrs. sylvia spar and Their program commiTTee. SUPP program corr: TTee .ln ly squad :nu In 5 U 5 , ,f,f,,,wf ll W QI!! Ui arlcon, aThleTilca and music honor socieTy oTFicers '...F 'wv 1 v QW. you ioined, you worlced, you became a parT . . . and you were rewarded. your aThleTic, musical and scholasTic TalenTs, your service To The school were recognized. The reward, alThough your personal saTisTacTion was suTTicienT, was a pleasing experience and a TurTher encouragemenT. The gold arlcon pin seemed superifluous, when you ThoughT oT The pleasur- able days spenT on lincoln's oTTice squads, Teams and clubs. To some oT you, arisTa was an inducTion ceremony and a blue and gray pin: a reward Tor scholarship. To oThers, iT was TuToring sTudenTs in maTh and hisTory, and implemenTaTion OT scholarship. The naTional honor socieTy came To lincoln in I958 wiTh iTs unique induc- Tion, iTs scholarship Tund, iTs communiTy service proiecTs. The Tounding oTlicers -gary caplan, liz holTzman, sheila whiTe, iohn marlcoTT-and The advisors- mrs. a. clynch, mrs. T. lcohn, mrs. m. heller-broughT a dynamic organizaTion To a dynamic school. arisTa and naTional honor socieTy oTFicers , 'I :lr -:L .-i. T if ,li ii.. f ii X ik 'wwf' I 54?1T.'Q,'yfa-2:92 i 2 mrs. alice eisen choral Jrhe various music socielries ai lin- coln salisfy Jrhe srudenrs' need for crealive expression. mrs. alice eisen. direcior of Jrhe chorus and glee club, has inslilled in her pupils a deep love and apprecia- Jrion of fine singing 'rhal can never be deslroyed. Jrhe dance and symphonic bands and orchesrra are under 'rhe leader- ship ol: mr. beniamin goldman and mr. sidney shapiro. as Jrheir members go on +o new heighls, Jrhey will ufilize Jrhe musical experience Jrhal They have gained a+ lincoln as a siurdy founda- Jrion for furrher growlh. Jrhese insirumenial and choral groups, unifed for occasions such as Jrhe music feslrival, have succeeded in bringing music closer +o lincolniles. I 8 music: mr. beniamfn goldman dance band symphonic b and and orchesfra and mr. sidney shapiro 1 1 arT squad af,-1 , -sn!-L, f A,Q'Eififiy?i'1 ,g5' g3 49 if ....., v a n g u a rd as Treshmen and sophomores, Talcing maior arT I, you were early inTroduced To The arT squad-"The only squad in lincoln wiThouT TaculTy supervision." you were inviTed To an aTTer-school meeTing one day, and inTormed oT The responsibiliTies oT arT squad members. no maTTer-This was your goal, and you were going To reach iT. Thus deTermined, you gingerly approached an "old" squad member, asking him To be your "spon- sor". Tor weeks, you worked TogeTher, learning, advising, conTerring, preparing, 'Til The day oT The TryouT. so early . . . so inadequaTe . . . and, in preTecT, The joy oT The words: "we are happy To inTorm you ThaT you have been accepTed . . ." a Tull-Tledged member, you assumed The respon- sibiliTy oT decoraTing The halls OT lincoln, halls which were your TerriTory Tor 4 years. now you are leaving. and, To you, The arT squad will always remain as a symbol oT The Tun, The happiness, The sadness, The work . . . The beginning. lo launched successfully afier a favor- orable experimenr wiih a proioiype model, "vanguard" has ialcen iis orbii in +he vasi slcy of lincoln publicaiions. faculiy advisor dr. philip shorr, along wi'rh ediiors walier kwass and richard rosner have closed Jrhe gap ihai had long exisied in 'rhe specrra of lin- coln periodicals-'rhe lack of a social siudies iournal. you will remember ihe log as ihose firsi naive days in mr. grumeHe's iournalism class . . . painsialcingly wriiing headlines, only io have some ruihless ediior subsiiiuie his own . . . desperaie ainiempis io squeeze non- exisieni iniormalrion oui of harried ieachers . . . 'rhe iirsi by-line . . . waiching siudeni afier siudeni crum- ple up 'rhe fruiis of your arduous labor . . . ihe very firsi Time you chanced io see someone's eyes Scan- ning your siory . . . unused and un- wanied feaiure siories . . . imprompiu irips io ihe prinier . . . buf mosl of all, ihe feeling of pride in seeing your siory in prini. ,KY some OT us sTood There shaking, oThers mopping Their brows and s+ill oThers iusT TidgiTing. all were silenT. we had losT . .. all The monThs oT pracTice, drills, pracTice, drills, more pracTice and more drills. geT To bed early. do This! don'T do ThaTl ThaT's beTTerl . . . goodl eaTl sTudyl . . . we had worked hard and now we had To be silenT. we were confused. i guiT. iT's Too hard. iT's iusT noT worTh iT-we were all Thinking The same Thing buT none dared To say iT. a voice cracked The silence. iT was The coach. he was Telling us whaT had gone wrong. his voice seemed disTanT and Tar removed. we hardly heard him. as we leTT The school The boosTers gave ouT wiTh a l-i-n-c-o-l-n. iT seemed To say, "don'T quiT, keep Try- ing, keep Trying." The l956 TooTball season was a dis- mal' one Tor lincoln. The Team man- aged To win Two ouT of eighT, Tying Two and losing Tour. aTTer a deTeaT aT The hands oT brooklyn Tech in The iniTial encounTer The Team iusT ran ouT of sTeam. i956 became a year oT disappoinTmenT- a year of building Tor The TuTure. The lincoln squad was To build a sTrucTure ThaT would see compleTion one year laTer, on a snow swepT Tield, againsT The same Team which had sTarTed iTs downTall. coach mccaTlrey looked aT The sTaTisTics while The boys saT on The dress- ing room benches. The coach was The only person To speak. The TirsT halT was over and lincoln was losing To The bronx bombers Trom clinTon high. a manager handed ouT some oranges: everyone grabbed Tor Them anxiously. iT was someThing To do: They weren'T doing much againsT clinTon. beTore The Team reTurned To The Tloor everyone puT Their heads in The cenTer oT The roomy There was a hearTy cheer and The cagers ran ouT . . . iT was a long wallc baclc To The dressing room. lincoln had losT. There was noThing anyone could do abouT iT. despiTe anTon muehlbauer's I9 poinTs, 5Tu singer's I3 and Tine play by The oTher baslceTeers, clinTon had deTeaTed The honesT abes 65-54. all The boys were Tired. The game was longer Than any oTher game They had played. The season was over, iT was all over. you have heard iT menTioned ThaT Lincoln's riTie Team has losT only one maTch This year. you may also have heard ThaT This maTch was The ciTy championship. one can imagine how we all TelT as The scores were read. we all had done well and were expecTing a vicTory when broolclyn Tech suddenly came Through and snaTched Trophy Trom our hands. riflery requires abouT Ten per cenT physical Training and nineTy per cenT menTal Training. The abiliTy To conTrol perTecTly every moTion oT one's body in a siTuaTion where each minuTe brings addiTional Tension is absoluTely neces- sary. a Tlinch oT a quarTer oT an inch iusT before The bulleT leaves The barrel puTs iT Tive inches oTT TargeT. so when we losT The championship, each oT us TelT The same empTinesS: all The monThs oT pracTice had gone To wasTe. iT was Too laTe To correcT The misTal4e . . . The irreTrievable shoT. .k,x - sw- X Q' ff ii X 2 X. sq' A "ix Ji' T lip'-. 5'Xl .ff 'S . - B is K K- . X X gf 1' ' ' 'I I, T .ff f ,I 9. if l, 5.1 i baskeTball our Tour years aT lincoln have seen Tour Top-noTch baskeTball Teams repre- senT us. Three OT These have gained play-OTT berThs in The ciTy championships. in our Treshman year I954-I955 we saw The baskeTball Team, under mr. b. kirsner's TuTelage, bring home TirsT place in brooklyn division wiTh a Tine I4-4 record. led by capTains sTockTedder, villamina and lassman, The l955-l956 ediTion wound up iTs season wiTh a I3-6 mark and a Third place in iTs divisions. in our junior year I956-T957 a new coach, mr. william maccaTTrey and capTain mark reiner led The hoopsTers To a second place Tinish. reiner's back- courT maTe was danny liebowiTz. chuck TeinsTein, lou desillas and anTon muehl- bauer operaTed up TronT. in The play-oTTs an inspired porT richmond upseT The Tavored lincoln Tive 5l-50. as seniors we saw our cagers run up a Thrilling I3-7 record. in The backcourT, along wiTh marTy schulTz, was capTain and all-ciTy sTar, anTon muehlbauer. aT The Torwards were dave sinclair and ieTT kirsch. dav and ieTT coupled wiTh sTu singer aT cenTer provided lincoln wiTh a very Tormidable Torward wall. milT klein, anoTher senior, was singer's replacemenT and probably would have sTarTed on a weaker Team. lincoln sTarTed The season wiTh a win over erasmus, 70-68. The Team Then proceeded To rip Through laTayeTTe, TorT hamilTon, new uTrechT, and madison, losing only To manual. some Tough breaks in The Tinal porTion oT The season pushed lincoln down inTo a Three-way Tie Tor second. lincoln's I2 poinT vicTory over uTrechT puT Them in madison square garden: They were going againsT clinTon. iT was a rough game Tor The cagers who couldn'T come up wiTh Tor. clinTon won, 65-54. This was a good year Tor The baske- Teers. coach mccaTTrey made Them inTo a uniTed Team, a Team To which every game was a vicTory, win or lose. any oT The scoring They were known baske+balI Team TooTball Team TooTball revengel revenge and a grand exiT Trom The lincoln scene. These were The aims oT The seniors who sparked The I957 lincoln TooTball Team To an unoTTicial ciTy championship by deTeaTing brooklyn Tech by a score oT 33 To O in The winTer's TirsT snowsTorm aT lincoln Tield. The seniors on The Team are only Too eager To heap all The crediT and honor upon The shoulders oT coach-oT-The-year mr. vin gargano. seldom in The hisTory oT lincoln sporT has a Team menTor combined such depfh oT skill and experience wiTh The amazingly rare giTT oT being able To inspire his Team To TeaTs oT superhuman sTrengTh and endurance. here we Tind no dearTh oT greaT TalenT To speak oT. capTains iay goldberg and phil sTeinberg grew up wiTh The Team, suiclered Through The besT-To-be- TorgoTTen I956 season: and Then, wiTh The cry "remember I956" as Their waTchword, sparked The gridders To an unblemished 7-O-O record. since iT is impossible To menTion The names oT all The graduaTing grid sTars, we are relucTanT To name any. however, leT iT suTlice To say ThaT such backTield greaTs as goldberg and sTeinberg musT share The TooTball glory wiTh such line sTalwarTs as carmine parisi and al elkin. ' Theinames and picTures oT The oTher members oT The graduaTing TooTball Team appear on anoTher page OT This book. They made up a Team which dis- Tinguished iTselT as much by iTs spiriT and loyalTy as iT did by iTs unsurpassable record. baseball Team Track doc schecTer, coach OT The Track Team, has The uncanny abiliTy OT spOT- Ting pOTenTial in spindle legged Tresh men and developing Them inTo hardy, award-winning Trackmen. among The seniors doc has raised are capTain larry bussey, co-capTain lenny lclepaclc, bob hOlTzman, sTan saTOwiTz, ernie alleva, herb TersTandig and ciTy champ pole-vaulTer herman carr. highlighTs OT The currenT campaign were numerous, uppermosT being The 3:29.6 mile relay, which was Turned in aT The iona-queens meeT. This was The besT Time Tor a mile relay in The pasT TiTTeen years OT lincoln hisTOry. iT was run by lclepaclc, bussey, saTo- wiTz, and a promising junior, ernie zeh. anoTher memorable momenT was The bishop loughlin meeT OT lasT de- cember in which lincoln's half mile relay Team finished Third in a Tield OT l4O. also broughT To mind is The Tine perTOrmance OT herman carr in Tinish- ing in Third place among all easTern pole-vaulTers. 26 Track Team basebaH during The pasT Two years The lin- coln baseball Team has had an OTT- and-on success. in l956 The nine cap- Tured a ciTy crown To celebraTe mr. abe plauT's Tinal season as coach. l957 was a rebuilding year. The Team had iusT secured a new coach in The person OT physics Teacher mr. herb isaacson. TurThermore, iT had been hard hiT by l956 graduaTion. no ciTy championship was won in l957. neiTher was The Team disgraced. They Tinished OTT wiTh a respecTable record and aT The same Time laid The ToundaTiOn Tor a powerTul l958 squad. wiTh The advenT OT The presenT sea- son The lincoln baseball Team once again has come inTo iTs own. mr, isaacson had no Trouble insTilling con- Tidence inTo his boys. now, wiTh a year's experience behind him he has become, according To The players, "The greaTesT coach in The ciTy." OT course, spiriT and a TirsT-raTe coach are noT The only asseTs which our baseball Team can boasT OT. as Tar as acTual baseball TalenT is con- cerned They are also preTTy well seT. all OT The sTarTing nine, and more, are deserving OT menTiOn here. how- ever, as we do nOT have The space To include all The names we will menTiOn only The Two capTains. ioe marcucci and richie malone-consider your- selves menTioned. ii' TIF' W, gym Team QYm lincolniTes may well be proud OT The members oT Their gym Team. in addi- Tion To masTering a diTTiculT sporT They have shown greaT perseverance. They conTinue Their endeavors wiThouT The slighTesT slackening despiTe The laclc oT a ciTy-wide gymnasTics league. coached by mr. mac ball, co-capTains daniel lcorn and beniamin harrison, baclced by seniors l4raTchilc, sTashower, and harvey, have iusT compleTed a Tairly successTul season. They Tinished Third in a Tield oT Twelve Teams in all-ciTy gymnasTic championship compeTiTion. lasT year led by co-capTains lorenzo Tyeda and harry heTTer, The gym Team was generally considered To be unsToppable. in l956 aT The all-ciTy meeT, lincoln Tinished second To Tech. capTain Tigler was named TirsT on The parallel bars and was oTTicially ciTed as The besT per- Tormer oT The meeT. Tennis iT was a diTTerenT lcind oT Tennis Team, a sTrange Team, and odd Team, a scrambled Team oT an oTT-beaT year. The promising rookies-sTricl4ler, renT1ler, marlcoTT, goldman, rubensTein, caplan-were seniors. The seasoned veTerans-niederhoTTer, paris, TraunsTein, liz+, Tein, roselle--were iuniors and sophs. capTain niderhoTTer, The youngesT, was The besT. and iTs aTTiTude was diTTerenT Too. Teams are supposed To be boasTTul and overconTidenT, predicTing undeTeaTed seasons: buT This Team wasn'T. iT accepTed The TacT iT couldn'T Tinish TirsT-midwood was Too good-buT yeT iT wasn'T a Team oT lislless guiTTers. you had To call Them realisfs. handball The lincoln handball Team has a simple problem This year: can They lead Their division? Tor The pasT Three years The winner oT Their division has gone on To Talce The ciTy championship. To help Them in Their pursuiT oT ciTy honors The abes have aT Their dis- posal one oT The besT doubles Teams and one oT The besT singles men in The ciTy. The doubles combinaTion consisTs oT Two seniors: murray cauTin and ar'Thur iacobson. These boys worlc exTremely well TogeTher as a Team and parTicularly well under pressure. The singles man, also a senior, is ioel renTzler. under The supervision oT mr. bill mccaTTrey, The handball Team and espe- cially The senior elemenT is looking Torward To a highly successTul season. handball Team J- Cs., Fllle Team lincoln can well be proud oT This year's riTle Team. because, excepT Tor one painTul deTeaT aT The ciTy championships, The Team was undeTeaTed. To quoTe The record, The Team deTeaTed The Tollowing opponenTs: manual Training, midwood, laTayeTTe, madison, and hamilTon. iusT To a liTTle deTail, mosT oT The margins oT vicTory were Trom eighTy To one-hundred poinTs. coach hazel shapiro did a Tine job coaching The boys, whose vanguard consisTed oT capTail mel pincus, co-capTain ieTT benson, ioe nimoy, barry hornsTein, and paul Terowslcy. swimming Team swimming The lincoln swimming Team will be especially hard hiT by graduaTion come This iune. a dozen seniors, including Team capTain ben vogel, will dry Themselves oT lincoln waTer Tor The very lasT Time. The Team has noT had a specTacular season by which They can remember Their lincoln days in TuTure years. Their record Tor The season is 7-3. neverThe- less, The boys, one and all, expressed greaT saTisTacTion in The years spenT on This Team. under The able guidance oT mr. goldberg They have developed boTh Tine discipline oT body which comes Trom swimming and The warm spiriT oT comradeship which, TradiTionally, is an inTegral parT oT all lincoln Teams. in addiTion To capTain ben vogel oTher graduaTing members OT The Team who will aTTend various colleges are: lowell cooper, danny Tarber, roger Tox, irwin greenberg, peTe greensTein, arThur hanig, sam paclcer, sTan shapiro, richard sher, richie sulTzer, and howie wexler. T lx ,. bowling aTTer Two division championships in The lasT Three years, The lincoln pin- men "keggled" along To an 8-2, second place Tinish This year. lasT season, The squad was depleTed by graduaTion, buT dan orans, ioel walTer simon debbah, and ioel abolaTia more Than made up Tor The loss. when The pasT season rolled around, coach maxwell gelender was Taced wiTh The idenTical siTuaTion. The enTire Toursome were losT To graduaTion. Thus, a Tedious rebuilding iob was in sTore. The bowlers, led b y capTain bob Teldman, rallied and ended up sTrong second in Their division sweepsTakes. bob cohen guaiTied Tor The ciTy indi- vidual championship by bowling a l5O average. The blue and gray, by Tinishing wi+h an 8-2 slaTe, deTeaTed all league compeTiTion, excepT "spoiler" TorT hamilTon, who Triumphed Twice. SOCCGF Soccer Team mac ball's soccerman, dumuzio, lipezansky, The perelmuTTers, sache- leri, and schilT, led by co-capTains ioseph giamboi and george panaga- kos Tinished Third in Their very highly compeTiTive division. The T956 Team, sparked by an all- ciTy selecTion, capTain ioe abramo- wiTz, raced Through Their divisions TiTle and The Tinals oT The psal cham- pionship playoTT. in T955 They compiled The admir- able record oT 5-2-2, being deTeaTed only by laTayeTTe. capTain sTeve Tlam- haTT was chosen To be a member oT ? ,g ,gy The Team ThaT represenTed new york M' T' T A in an inTer-ciTy ba++le againsT phila- delphia. Tencing Yi bowling Team in I956, The lincoln Tencing Team led The ciTy. graduaTion losses Took almosT all The veTerans making The Tollowing year a year Tor seasoning. l957 became a year To learn. under The guidance oT mr. s. shapiro, The I957-8 Tencing Team has aTTained The coveTed Top berTh in The ciTy, despiTe The oppressive compreTi- Tion oT arch-rival sTuyvesanT. capT. herb cohen has won over one-hundred bouTs in his p.s.a.l. career, seTTing a lincoln record. iune will Tind The Team, devoid oT cohen, co-capTain hal krebs, phil rappaporT, sol needle, and neil diamond, leTT wiTh a slim chance oT repeaTing This year's success. Tencing Team 29 girls' 'rennis club cheerleaders 9 qw: A 71 iv , if , .wggixn " A 1 r"" ,QA ,f 4 , v I W - A 4, ' 4, f your senior year was a year crowded wi+h acTiviTy, wiTh work, wiTh enioymenT . . . sing and The seniors, vicTory . . . The sTudenT-TaculTy games . . . The Tall Term and The lack oT midTerms . . . The asian Tlu . . . Taking picTures Tor landmark . . . senior dues .E . . college boards . . . a Time oT responsibiliTy, oT pride, oT insecuriTy . . . applying To college-would Those accepTances ever come? . . . The hisTory regenTs . . . sTaTe scholarships . . . so much To sTudy . . . sculpTure . . . a Tree 6, 7 and 8 . . . class-niTe TryouTs . . . iT Took so long To Teach iT, and now you're leaving wiThouT There being Time To enioy iT . . . Through The world oT senior acTiviTies looms . . . masquerade ball, boaT ride, red-leTTer day, rehearsals, graduaTion dresses, class-niTe . . . elaTion, hearTbrealc . . . leaving . . . - senior class oTTicers presidenT: arThur schwarTzman vice president lenny lclepaclc N Z! dm fi, lf , 58 'Agni' K, secreTary: julie marcus Treasurer: y bruce safman wwf ff sing we were brand new seniors and lincoln was having iis lirsi sing. our senior sing was going Jro be The besi. everyone pilched in-wriling Jrhe scripr, painling scenery and raking care of lilrile emergencies . . . like The lime all Jrhe scenery fell down Jrwo minuies before curlain Time on opening nighl. we pulr on a really greal show. larry slriclcler played mephislropholes wilh ease and grace, pulling all lhe senior singers under his spell. if was a bad day in lincoln high when Jrhe devil Jroolc over and The leachers surlered The worsl. mr. lcaufman was deprived of Jrhe use of his sun lamp, miss pearl crysial losl all her g.o. commiljrees, and mrs. hazel shapiro was Jrriclced info a game of russian roulelle. yes, we had fun . . . oops, i mean il was Jrerrible. buf, lilce every fairy Jrale our sing had a happy ending. The devil was banished from Jrhe halls of lincoln: Jrhe angels were again in command, clad in The loveliesr while bed sheelrs, and all The seniors were gradualed wearing beaulilul alumi- num foil morlrar boards. we were happy lo be seniors and happier s'rill when we won Using." E - M S K 7 eil' . ff . K f A V 5. 1 ' ?f.' ,'f,.,.f .1..,. 4 2 " 71 ff m ,,'- ,L 5- iv W ' I3 .' 1 - 15 ' 2, e- ', ., - Q.. -fr.-ff fi if wwf , N 1 - . H . ..., . 7 -1 K if , . ,,, ,.,g .W K. Q., -Z " 1 '- i V7 - rvrb .xg 1 , , , -V We :L: ,g.Q:,' ., -I n 9 V 5.1 ,.., , fi ' - ' -tciwij f k a Q I.. rg lff s Si ,-Q I -5 , sf .. fy, b , - ,, . N, L ' -wi.: V '-1 f 1 . , Wf- ' A . f. , f ff'-X f 1' ' - s, 1. f':., 5 12 6- f -TQ. 1 1754- o ,uni x lib? X i f me ii i 4.94 ,KK . 32 l : ---ff' .' 2 ... ,H .X , . fi YH ... we buT vicTory was noT so easy To corne by when lincoln Teachers raTher Than lincoln sTudenTs were The comp,eTiTion. despiTe The high hopes and spiriTs oT The sTudenTs, The more experienced TaculTy wiTh Their vivacious cheer- leaders were vicTorious in every sTudenT-TaculTy bouT. your only con- solaTion in The Tace oT pseudo- hurniliaTion was your Triumph over The inTellecTually superior Teachers in The spelling loee, iT wasn'T all qaieTy and Tun , . . There were The poignanT rnomenTs like The Time helen l4eller received The lincoln award. you TelT sTranqely privi- leged To see how much This woman has done wiTh The liTTle ThaT she has. how proud you were ThaT your school was honoring her. il was called lhe college ollice, bul il wasn'l iusl lhal. sure, you had your applicalions lilled oul, your queslions answered, and lhe mesdames clynch, heller, lcohn and mr. polloclc gol you inlo college, bul lhal isn'l all you remember. you remember lhe lighler lhings . . .lhe comlorlable chairs, lhe unwashed leacups, lhe meeling ol lhe chapler ol lhe nalional egolisls so- ciely, and lhe discussions, lhe discus- sions on anylhing-on individualism, on iurgen, on lclee, on salinger, on conlormily, on whal you and your lriends were lilce. so lhanlqs college ollice, lhanlcs lor everylhing. lhen came lhe scourge ol your sen- ior year-boards . . . and lhe cram- ming you somehow had lo lil in . . . so you lurned lo lhe sludy groups, lo miss banlecas, lo mrs. rappaporl . . . and you digesled and regurgilaled lhe lour years ol worlc you hadn'l bolhered lo learn . . . and lhen il was january I5 and you lell sure you had gollen a ZOO . . . bul you hadn'l . . . lhe sludy groups had helped. miss alice ba nlecas 1 mrs. mabel heller, mrs. llorence lcohn, and mrs. a. o. clynch vm-mm ' 44- "vi" ' r i, , , mrs. barbara rappaporl senior advisors mr. edward shapiro 1 'Q mr. gerald greenberg mrs hazel Shapiro v M551 commencemeni' commi++ee I M-.z-www www 1 .f.:wamWMmmf,,f,.mw.umn-n.m-Mun- . M-ZWJMMM1 mrs. loearrice sreinberg I , , 1 fxzxh mr. abe sapersfein mr. roberi' cooper M fi R !" 1 Q ' f , f ,,,. f 1. an MQ K ' ' , . ,s?,,.Q.,, , 'I-5 'Zu 4 f H5 ' Z6 l, ,V ,. V , A pf fe , ,,. fa 4: ' 1 44 miss mildred goldberg mrs. sophie A A2 , ,J-.77 mf, 3' ,, wolfe ., ,554 Ag, -if i WM .., ,Q , 'GV ' V'- eff, ., 4 foo, Nff e .ff 'i,., qgjyy v . 'Wi gf ' ff sa? X ITITS. i r Y 1 ff-72, f f f kg, , ' , 1 2 gf E V" 1 Wgf ,fm 171 M, X P' 7' f ' if 09, .fi , ' , ?f4W'f' Q f -f rj if 'Af"f ,.,. jgiyi iv, "t is ' q 'Vu . F K ' -GU 1 5 S ,KX If ,nf 43 1 , ' FP! '65, if. I QM. 5 M F" i si . 'Q UK'-L mr. eugene s'reinhard+ mrs. rose freeclenberg ella sfein , , ,,,V A A ,2g',q,,,gLZ,? 1 7' p 1V,, , , , V . ' 4 24 cz: H' ww YQ, qi, V4 54, ,ff V, :-W, Q54 'iff V -f ,, , , 4 fQvfWQ4"ff7 . K 4.1 , ,, 'gi , ,, K: ,ggfyx if I, v U qQg5jyf?:Xf, , Q, ,i ,1f' " ix ,Q ' 1AF5'f . 4? fix ff J f ff Z 'lg ff fri?" 477 'HV Z ,Q 1 I A, f J f 1 f ff ,Q X X Q, 4 ze, f X fa, f JV ,ff ff if if . " f f Y 1 + f Mr 1 ,Z f if f J , 1 Mya, ' 1,31 f f A, 5. f ,Q fgygv Yjgm, . 5 ua . ,f,f, ,i ' ij' 7 f -M .1 Effie 5 A 5 X Q,-4 X 4- ff' I - + , 44 x , , . Q 'W ' 4 I W' ' M Q Q 4 v 4 4 I' 42" . , uw 2 1 ,f A 2 l v ' K , 1 44 , ff 9 . 1 1 ,, W , mr. louis joseph ,Q , E Q-xx 7 f M. 1, ,, ff' 9? 90 Z f 3 5 mr ar'l'hur llebman mrs gerfrude berger mr herberi- qgaacgon 5 I 2 liz 9 ,Q Q, 4 4, PZ K 0' 4 LZ Z- f' Q -f af f? az? .f mrs rose kalser mr leo kaufman mr maxwell gelencler mr na+l1an dargo mrs Io'H'le wallach mr lesse grume'H'e 'GG , ' 1 -14575, , , Q , if ig V I ,,i3vr,"l:f,2 ,nw 2 " f 1,W,,,,, , is-122-!"fF' f ., ,' -:Env 'ff fig e' 1 f! 4 . If xg, 7 f 0' if f,.A A If X , ,. , , ,yr 1-is f J fr -If f f 2712 f f -if eelifors-in-chief: Carole lcaplowiiz, roberia 'rurner K., f . if 41 ii , - , sf . 41 ' 1 K fi f Y' ,Wf'2QgGf:b.'iK'-7. ff' ' 1. 'F s ' , 7-'cz vp: , , , .ff ., ,,.AA. f. if S r '7' f i5!9:zG2sf6':'2?653f 7'-A , 6 "WM H I ,jfwfg . ,W ,V . .. A, ,..- ' 9 .7 ..., I T-Q., fi I 1 f f 1 Q 4 . f M 91 A +44-V X, f fff s fs k ,Q 7 ,ff 2 , s Q 5 f f w 1 1 2 A' 1 1 ,, Lg X s f ,wwf f , f 1 g' ' 1, ' Qfv , 1 , 4 f 4 S4 ff y , Q fi X' ff 1 2 ff f ,,,,H,, qv Z 0 ' I fix ff-as. vgxxf-s Q - :'- ,?f4Q'pf5sg?f":1m, '-wg? gli 15,1 -ff2's5g.:7sV'2Tls ..-, ' ' sf, .i 5- 'eb : WS.-' ' ,K 4 ' ,er K 55552: f Q I 4 V 4,'pM X'k? in 4, 1 Aff Afwxfz yy is ' aff b ff X4 M. 1 uf , f' yy ' ' 4 . , r f .f:t'2g4,- PM ' 'Z ,ng I "f25fi?5':'f-5Wf' T , f ' ' Ei 255, " ' r -' l wf if , M i , r f, ' i ' Qi' , 2+ 'f 2 ' ff! ,Q I , , A-, 7 nw. , - f I Y 'jf , ' , Az, QV, u ef- i iff!! 'sifgzzyiz faculiy advisor: mr. edward shapiro Aarl' ecliiorsz . sheila while, sandy rappaporl sporls eclilor: ieiis benson in phoiograpliy edilorz arilwur Jrress managing ecliiorz gary Caplan adverlising managerf Sybil walier business managers: marion lcrain, iudy scliwariz landrnarlc sialic lilerary siaffz gary Caplan, ronny druclcer, elizabellw lwollzman, susan sfein, iarnes sloller, slieila while, lucy zasler sporls siaffz marvin aufriclwiig, gary Caplan, ronny drucker, larry kaiz, ielli lcirscln, larry loonin, ice nimoy, phil rappaporl, Irving Weissman, ben zabloclci business slall: rosalie aliman, linda appleman, lucy cuoco, ronny druclcer, roz liusmin, iudy morrison, daniel murniclc, iudy rosenblalh rosalyn sialilberg, linda Jriger, plwyllis wess adverlising sialzlz ieici benson, ronny drucker, sleve goldrnan, bunny qreene, mina lceller, barbara scbuler, aniia slnerman, lwarrief slwerman, ronny weislcopl, sieve weissberg plioiograpliy s'fa1CF: larry wapniclc, associale edilorg ieff benson, ronny drucker Cover: slweila while w .W W 3.3, wif' Q1' 'l If, xx A5 S ...ll X 4 f - - ,,5j'f.f,Lga , . 0 ' 4 - G5 4 - f ' ,' . f Of , 54 5 6 xx Q-Il--l ' f' .. , L' 1, 2 " 2' :H l ' - ilitlifg bfkllllxllf. ' ' n 1 . afllcfiv W! 4,2 H iii-lf - AYE'5H'A - i:Lf...g-71-Lf if 1 , s -.., .., '5- llu ij x., 1 ' . if 1 A" I I H 5 ' 1 1 f tm I1 ' ' H11 n-ll , , xx WI . l , L H1 mf 'f -. -A KQJ - Will Li" . l X ' X: , . 'rn' 1 XJKIVQ. mu V class' 0 5 57 v I J' X g sf, ', , X f fu QE , - - Sl , ' ' ' ,..f2ff3f, er 'u Z ' v,WM"f' f::::2:aeaze:a . isesfshw -15:1 2.95 - cd!! , alfred annino IO42 crawforcl ave. mgr. soccer feam, sec'y in chem office, caf. squad sydelle ashear l88I ocean p'kway mafh feam, sec'y in college office, ir. and sr. arisfa, arkon, cargoes club roberf barkow I747 e. 5 sf. caf. squad, exif squad, sfudenf pafrol, pres. of prefecf elaine bauer 369 ave. f g.o. councilman, pres. of prefecf, arkon, vice-pres. of boro council ellen beclcer 7lO ave. s sfudenf pafrol, sec'y in record office, bowl- ing club, sec'y fo girls' dean irving benso-n ZOO br. I5 sf. ellen berlc 3Ol orienfal b'lvd siglwf conservafion squad, sec' in losf and found, arlcon, sec'y in lang. o ice, sec'y fo mr. weinrofh joan berlin 3722 surf ave. program off. and comm., sing, arlcon, ir. and sr. arisfa susan bloom 2632 w. 2 sf. sec'y in eng. office, sec'y in bio office 3050 br. I sf. joan blumberg sec'y in bio office, sec'y fo mr. weiss, com- mencemenf rep. ' 60 I briglifwafer cf. gloria brickner 26l5 lwomecresf ave. leaders club, baslcefball club, sec'y in gym office, volley ball club, sec'y in bio class barbara brodslcy 1 ianuary graduafes -2.1.4 ,g4"j, '- 4- ' 34 1.747 ' 4 fgr. M ,i,,. , . . g N -L, fi' 12 T53 'zz w. ..f.jj,i. if 1: 2 113. A f f W , '54 ff f 2, f g, 1 Q4 of W, .. 4 , f f . .5 . - -v . nf? -.01.- ..i ' 4 47 M K , , ev A 7 f' .ir H 4' 'f f f Q, ', f Z, ' .. I :j .i. - if ngwd . , A f r ,W 4, KM f f 'lf' fi?-.M pf - . w e . .Q-w.ff.fff. ,fn ff'kf:4,f1y'ii f H f . ff . 1 I Y . Q... 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L, 292 , , fff I X f f fe l MQW , f Of 5' -711 ' ff? , , .V f harrief barneff 2682 w. 22 sf. sec'y fo mrs. calabro, sec'y fo girls' dean. sec'y fo miss burlcin, sec'y fo mrS. kneefer mike barneh' harrief baron modesfa barresi sec'y of prefecf, glee rosaria barresi sec'y in clinic, sec'y fo barbara baum slweldon baum rochelle beame II4 norfolk sf. 2848 w. 30 sf. 2l53 e. 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I3 sl. cal. squad andrea gers'I'ein 2567 hubbard sl. sec'y in lang. office, ir. and sr. arisla, arlcon, arf squad william gerfz 3025 w. 32 sl. sec'y 'ro mr. goldberg joseph giamboi, 263i w. 2 sl. capi. soccer Jream angelo giammarino H88 neck rd. baseball Team zoraida gil cle lamaclrid 2846 w. 25 sl. sec'y 'ro mrs. sleinberg, sec'y in guidance office alan gilman IOI briglilrwaier cl. ierolcl gingolcl 2IO5 e. 4 sf. sec'y in all. office, sec'y lo mr. lciscl1 anfhony giorclano 2458 wesl S+. supply squad, sec'y +o mrs. lcline .4 -. ...N . .- -.GQ Y a ff ' rf . X s Q 'X 'S Hs N 5 X X Q am z?-F S gs..- ig if XX xx sz 6 XX X XX Q as X X Q S R Q X X s X X .Q Xcssqsxe S 5 vi we . ,f 'JI - Q Si 'W' 1 1 X... .. -. '90 . Q ' ssc 'X ,Q . .Q s+ X V- , Y T s s . X , 3,5 .qs Q xx- X vsp... 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Track Team, sec'y To mrs. wallach, g.o. councilman, aTI'iIeTica, arlcon arThur hanig I25 br. I I sT. swimming Team, band, pool guard, orches- Tra, assembly squad roloerTa hausman 3OI5 lor. I3 sT. sec'y To mr. roThman, sec'y To mrs. meadow, lilo. squad, sec'y in co-op oTTice, sec'y To miss banTecas eileen heiT 35OI mermaid ave. howard held 2795 shore p'Icway philip hellreich 45 amhersT sT. Torum, sing, supply squad, sec'y To looys' dean, jr. and sr. arisTa harrieT hendersTein 3002 surT ave. arThur herman 2620 e. I3 sT. Track Team, x-counTry Team, sec'y in clinic sTe hen herman I76l e 5 sT p . . music honor soc., arkon, dance band, band, sing larry hershkowilz ronald hirsch fochelle hochman sec'y in adminisiraiive izalion comm. glaclys hoFFman orchesfra leslie hoffman 3025 w. 32 sl. 423 nepfune ave. 2I35 e. I8 s+. office, sec'y reorgan- 577 ave. z 2676 w. 3 s'r. 'rrack Jream, sludenl' palrol marlene hoFFman 2980 br. I2 sl. ir. arisfa, vis. aids squad, sing, dir. class nire, arlcon elizabe+h holhman l8l5 dilmas ave. vice-pres. of g.o., girl leader of ir. arisla. sec'y of arkon, log, n'+l. honor soc. roberi' holhman forum, vice-pres. of l8l5 dilmas ave. pres. of g.o., sr. arisla, boy leader of ir. arisia, arlcon, vice-pres. of ailwlelica, Track 'ream fecldy honig 132 neplune ave. varsify show, vis. aids squad, sludeni palrol allani hordof marcia horowifz max horowifz wardrobe moniror l54 pembrolce sl. 529 kings l1'way 5O'l briglwiwaler cf. barbara hulfs 2907a w. 27 sf. g.o. book rep., book shop, sec'y fo mr. liebman mel huH' 86 br. ll sf. barbara iannone 2537 e. ll sf. sec'y in aff. office, sec'y of prefecf, bowling club ann israel II34 williams cf. sec'y in adminisfrafive office, sec'y in au- difor's office, p.f.a. rep. sheldon iacobowifz l25 br. I I sf. program off. and comm., capf. of book sl'1op, assf. edifor of log, commencemenf comm.. ir. and sr. arisfa, arkon ar1'l1ur iacobs I42 pembroke sf. arkon, sec'y fo mrs. borack, sec'y fo mr. lass, baskefball feam, vis. aids squad ella iacobs I-3 nass walk sec'y fo miss banfecas, sec'y fo miss burkin francine iacobs 3lO9 br. 7 sf. sing, supply squad, sec'y of prefecf, arkon, class nife arfhur jacobson 383I aflanfic ave. handball feam, exp. bio- dianne iacobson l52l brigbfwafer ave. glee club, sec'y in record office, sing, or- clwesfra myra iacowsky I755 ocean p'kway sec'y fo mr. roflwman, clworal, sec'y of eng. class, glee club frayda kafka 2436 e. 7 sf. supply squad, sec'y fo girls' dean, sing, sec'y fo mr. freilicber , 5.1. fl-as may XA! N-- -x . QQ ff 'UN RQ Q .Q SS A x 1 .- atv? N r 4 , f Z f .I ff , , ff ,W '3f,w- ' "!' danny Icahn pres. of prefecf, band, prefecf squad, Ioaslcefball feam, g.o. rep. Ieonarcl kalina 3102 br. I pl. sec'y fo mrs. soifer, forum, g.o. council- man daniel Icaminer I84 falmoufln sf. frack feam, bowling feam, If. caf. squad, sec'y fo mr. gasarch mifcI1eII Icampouralcis 22OI wesf, sf. andrew kane sec'y in Iwisf. office, fo mrs. fuclcer ronald kanfor alyce ka plan gail Icaplan sing, sec'y fo mrs. office, sr. council carole Ica plowifz I802 ocean p'Icway sfudenf pafrol, sec'y 3OI5 br. I sf. 3025 w. 32 sf. I89O e. I4 sf. crosser, sec'y in aff. 2926 br. I sf edifor-in-chief of landmark, mafh feam sec'y and girl leader of sr. arisfa, arkon bio squad, pres. of prefecf, science feam science survey gloria ka plowifz 42 br. 4 cf. reorganizafion comm., landmark rep. Ioreffa ka por 3054 lor. I3 sf sec'y fo mrs. sirey, sec'y in aff. oflice doris kappleman 2234 e. 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I3 sf. pres. of prefecf, capf. vis. aids squad, pub- licify comm., g.o. rep., fennis rep. arfhur kassel 2647 hubbard sf. dance band, symphonic band, lf. caf. squad, sfudenf pafrol david lcafz I839 e. 2 sf. mafh feam, lf. caf. squad fran lcafz 70 br. ll sf. choral, varsify show, sr. arisfa, arlnon, welfare comm. howard kafz l9l2 mermaid ave. pres. of prefecf, sfudenf pafrol, vice- pres. of prefecf larry kafz l63 pembroke sf. pres. of arkon, assoc. edifor of log, pro- gram off. and comm., vice-pres. of prefecf mariorie lcaufman 2890 br. 6 sf. arkon, pres. of prefecf, sing, class nife. g.o. rep. NN vs .c af QA 8-Ss. ' N. 'Auf' il sq ., rnina keller II4 corbin place sing, assi. clir. class mile, sec'y of ir. arnsia, sr. arisla, arlcon edna lciclc 2755 w. 35 sl. reorganizalion comm., sec' in accouniing prince, sec'y To mrs. boraci, sec'y of pre- ec? ianeHe lcirsch 3093 br. 4 sf. sec'y of prefect sec'y lo mr. Iiebman, sec'y 'ro mr. ackerman, sec'y fo mr. gurmalcer Eaffrey kirsch I83I ocean p'kway aslceiball Team, sec'y of ir. arisla, sr. arisla, alblelica, log, sec'y ro mr. mc- carlrey ar'I'l1ur kirschenbaum 2Ol5 e. 7 sl. sruclenl palrol, sec'y in lwisi. office barbara lcirslein I33 mackenzie S+. g.o. councilman, sing, siglwl conservalion squad, sec'y 'ro mr. wolf, class nile samuel klaiclman l64O ocean p'lcway book shop, sec'y in lwisi. olrfice, pres. of prefect class nile, sing arllwur lclaw 3Ol3 br. 6 sl. sec'y +o mrs. lcaiser, sluclenr palrol lib. squad, supply squad, sing elaine lclein 2846 w. 27 sf. arkon, ir. and sr. arisla, exp. bio, sec'y +o boys' clean, sec'y of prefecl jerry klein 2153 e. 8 si. sluclenl palrol, sgl. exif squad, vice-pres. of prefecr miH'on lclein l735 e. 5 sr. p.l'.a. rep., sluoleni palrol, baslcelball Team, ir. ancl sr. arisla morris kleinman 2865 w. 27 sl. pres. of prefecl Ieonard Iclepack 2I35 e. 7 s+. co-cap+. +rack +eam, a+hIe+ica, sec'y in clinic, vice-pres. of sr. cIass Ieo-nard kofsky 3074 br. I4 s+. choral, band, Ia+e squad, sec'y in eng. o++ice, red cross rep. s+anIey komi+or I34 kensing+on s+. sec'y +o boys' dean, sec'y +ranspor+a+ion squad myrna kopi+ 2552 e. 7 s+. sec'y in adminis+ra+ive o++ice, sec'y +o mrs. kIine, sing, class ni+e, sec'y +o mrs. borack iris korenman 3075 br. I4 s+. ar+ squad, make-up squad, sec'y in a++. o++ice, sec'y +o dr. hech+ jessica kovacs 2I2I e. I s+. sec'y +o mr. ro+hman, commencemen+ comm., sec'y +o mr. dargo, usher squad, puIoIici+y comm. rocI1eIIe kowalsky 3085 br. I3 s+. sec'y +o mr. kau+man, sec'y in a++. o++ice, Iib. squad, g.o. rep., sec'y +o dr. hech+ s+eve krafchik 28I2 w. 3I s+. gym +eam, gym leader, vice-pres. of pre- +ec+, p.+.a. rep., ar+ suppIy squad marion krain 3IOO ocean p'kway ir. and sr. aris+a, arkon, n'+I honor soc., ma+h +eam, bus. edi+or o+ landmark, science survey, exp. bio neil kramer I622 ave. I +oo+baII +eam, book shop, band, sec'y in cIinic hal krebs 28 corIo'in pI. cap+. ca+. squad, cap+. fencing +eam 'orcIan kreindler 2056 e I4 s+. I . chrm. ci+izenship marks comm., choral, cap+. vis. aids squad, Iog, +ennis squad x r., ' Q X. . .L.k Q .. x.,kX i fxiii . .sa if? i i Q. . . ,. .aw -w. .Cf- . lhN . is X X X X X Q Q lik X K X f ff M f, ff Q f X Anal., fi X ff if f 2 f f ff 2 if 57 f Z 12, fr Mfr 'Q 2 ,,-. , M ff M457 ' X. is ix 5 X s fi Q X X Q x Q X Q' sw X 4 5-A s Q xx f N s x X X XX ffl' . X K 5 ii i K X YW 5 ,:' 'R' S r xx- ! W. "'m 1Q".2 . . 1- - S Qfwfsk Q V H X W ,. . iff... 2. V . f if W f X X f L wy ' ' 'A' mf,7yff ,jf vw !f'- , A " f Q42 ' 7 .lv y wg, ,ar ,ff inf V f ' V . ya -" ,ff y- f V, f f ,iw V A ! , .Wm 'lf I . C- ,- . ,.,, , 4, , ,f " 4 'Q r ' ,Z ,xi f .V I sf '. 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QM" ' VW" if ' -f f rhoda kreiselman 830 ave. z pool leader, sec'y in clinic, sec'y in ad- minisfrafive office, sec'y in sfudenf welfare office, sec'y fo mr. s. sliapiro barbara kressner I29 oceanview ave. g.o. councilman, red cross rep., lib. squad marvin kriegsman 3002 w. 28 sf. vis. aids squad, sfudenf pafrol, sec'y fo mr. sapersfein sfephen lxruh I5O corbin pl. capf. vis. aids squad, arkon, g.o. council- man edifh lcrupeny 2937 w. 22 sf. clworal, glee club, sec'y fo mrs. eisen, pres. of prefecf, swifclwboard operafor dorofhy lculalc 3Ol6 br. 6 sf. sec'y in aff. office, glee club, bowling club herberl' lcushner 20 falmoufh sf. merilee lcushner 2848 br. 4 sf. rosalyn kusmin 2-4 nass walk sr. budgef comm., sec'y fo mrs. boraclc, sec'y in chem office, landmark, sec'y fo mr. roflwman charloffe lcusnifz 2685 e. 7 sf. sec'y in aff. office, sec'y in arf office, sec'y fo mr. lierz iudifh kufcher 49 nixon cf. sec'y fo looys' dean, fransporfafion squad. lafe squad, sing marilyn lcufikoff 29I8 w. 22 sf. rhoda lcuwenr l802 ocean p'kway edward kwalwasser 3736 oceanic ave. book shop, cal. squad, lennis 'ream waller lcwass I I4 amlwersl sl. co-edilor-in-chief of log, edilor-in-chief ol vanguard, ir. and sr. arisla carolyn lampi-l'elli wilma landy camille' Iapenna 2838 slilwell ave. I768 e. 7 sl. 2506 e. 2I sl, pres. ol prelecl, g.o. councilman marlc lapin 'beverly laskey l925 e. 7 sl. 3lOO ocean p'l4way ir. arisla, music honor soc., choral, sec'y 'ro mrs. rappaporl marilyn lasrich lib. squad carol lauro lwirlers, sec'y +o class nile marie lauro 24-8l coney is. ave. I847 ocean p'l4way nurse, g.o. councilman, 29l9 coney is. ave. supply squad, sec'y of prelecl s+epl1en lazarus 2956 w. 28 sl. g.o. councilman, sec'y in arf office nay fi 1 .f V 8 5: 'S , , .4 , ., , 7 .7 V1 . 'e X 5. X S ,Q l. ' K ri os s L'-L - :RN , i - spy.:-' ' -. ,-.L. l , . L ogy gw sig: K1 N ,S k X X . ,- . . -Q or ff 1 xg x fi Qs? hw ,vs Q sgxf ka f -'W XX 9 Q ? E- I ie. 's is rober+ lefkowiiz 592 e. 22 si. book shop, sec'y io mrs. kaiser, sec'y 'ro mrs. newfield, college liaison officer iosephine leggio 2l65 e. 8 si. reosrganizaiion comm., mimeo squad, pres. of prefect p.'r.a. rep. mary iane lepeau 2907 br. 8 si. sec'y 'ro mrs. schulman, sec'y in bookkeep- ing class, sec'y io mr. lebow andrew Ierner 4IO7 highland ave. fencing ieam, I+. Cai. squad, book shop, bio squad howard lesh 4208 sea gale ave. caf. squad, bio squad marilyn leshinsky 8 banner 3 ierrace caf. squad barbara Ieung 3II ave. x sec'y in clinic, mimeo squad ar'l'hur levenson I626 e. 4 si. ann levine I708 e. 2 si. sec'y in ali. orifice, sec'y +o miss burkin, sec'y +o mr. wolf, sing ar+hur levine 3707 nauiilus ave. bernice levine 394 ave. s david levine 24I3 mermaid ave. lib. squad irwin levine 2686 Colby Cf. michael levine 274 Coleridge sf. mike levine l6OI ocean p'l4way sing, class nife, handball feam, g.o. Coun- cilman, caf. squad roberfa levine i755 e. 3 sf. varsify show, sec'y fo mrs. r. levine, sec'y fo mrs. fucker, sr. rep., sec'y in aff. ohfice roberfa levine 385i naufilus ave. sec'y in lang. office, p.f.a. rep., sing, red cross rep., award convenfion. nafhan levinson 2304 ave. f symphonic band, dance band, orchesfra, music honor soc. sandy levinson i907 e. 7 sf. sec'y in aff. office, usher squad, sec'y in adminisfrafive office sheila levrani' 25Ol e. 2 sf. ir. and sr. arisfa, arlcon, dir. arf squad, pool leader, sing, greaf books club irving levy 4278 ocean ave. vis. aids squad, fransporfafion squad ioseph levy I96 br. IO sf. supply squad, varsify show, sing, rifle feam, sec'y fo dr. hechf louise levy 2036 e. I8 sf. sec'y of prefecf, seC'y in hisf. office, bio squad, us er squad, sec'y in gym office. berfha lewis 2838 w. 3 sf. fashion show, varsify show, co-capf. boosf- ers, lib. squad S. XR . N... 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Jrreas. of na'r'l honor soc., cap'r. of ma+h Jream, 'rennis Team, log, lirerary edilor of vanguard, jr. and sr. arisia, landmark. helen mar1'in 632 banner ave. arlcon, sec'y lo mrs. kneeler, sec'y in record office, sing, class ni+e. adele marfini 2779 w. IV5 slr. sec'y lo mrs. slrylcer camille mariorello 2355 coney is. ave. sfeve masler 7lI monlauk C+. loand, sec'y 'ro mr. lo. goldman barneH masniclc 24l7 ocean p'kway vis. aids squad, supply squad, gym Team. george massaro 37l I sea gale ave. ioyce massi 2405 e. 7 sl. leaders club, volleyball club, Tennis club, baslcelball club rachelle ma+alon 5 i960 e. 5 sl. ir. arisla, arlcon, sing, class niie, booslers, sec? of sludeni-facully comm., sec'y of pre ecl' barbara maH'eo g.o. councilman, vilia mazzola marfin meisner rhocla meller choral, glee club, louise melore arfhur melh sec'y in 2229 e. 3 sl. chem office 2279 e. l s'l'. 3851 cypress ave. 4236 surf ave. music honor socg, chorus IOI5 lancasler ave. 3025 w. 32 sr. '94 UN 4 , , ff sw, f , , , 4 me f I ff, f H few, W f ,g,':+:,1- 511+ J, in j Z f 1 N 3-X xv . .ET X' XNY X - Y 1.1 f X ,,,,,.3,: w sss, X fi 5 X- s, sis as-5-i-'53 - X4 X is L S X X XX xr: JP 'xs 'ii X . A X X5 RK if X W a X sg' X X , Sw . . .- -:',' f A ff Af' f ff' . f 7 f ffhww is 7, f I V Qwxgj, J V . 44 ' I , 'rf I fxff 124- f V b f 5 , 4? .W V 7 ' fi ay, ' I ' 4 fy, UMW! ff ,, ff, , , f arlynn menachem 3036 br. 3 sf. exam squad, sec'y in eng. office, p.f.a. rep. lcennefh mendelson I802 ocean p'kway sec'y in eng. office, log circulafion squad sandra menschenfreund 3045 br. I2 sf. arkon, sec'y in college office. pres. of pre- fecf, sing, fennis club brenda merer 37l4 nepfune ave. sec'y fo mrs. sfryker sheila niescon I738 e. 4 sf. class nife, make-up squad, caf. squad, sec'y for band, sec'y in eng. office iack messina 2339 e. I2 sf. choral, chorus, sfudenf pafrol, vice-pres. of prefecf, commencemenf comm. alan 'mefzger 4256 surf ave. blackboard monifor, sec'y fo mr. gelles ioyce meyers 2547 w. 2 sf. sec'y in fyping class, sec'y in adminisfrafive office 2377 e. I2 sf. margo meyers V I sec y fo mrs. cohen, foods squad, secy fo mr. aronoff rachelle meyers 2844 w. 29 sf. lena miliocles 300 ave. w reorganizafion comm. caryl miller 606 shore blvd. herberl' miller 556 ave. z siucleni Joalrol, sec'y 'ro mr. clargo, sec'y To mr. euisch melvin miller 3030 br. I2 si. michael miller 254I ocean p'kway gym ream, dance band, symphonic band. pres. of prefecl' sfephen miller I682 ocean p'kway Iaie squad, pres. of prefecr yve'H'e' miller 3045 br. I2 sl. caplain of cheerleaders, sing, sec'y in aH. oiciice, sec'y ro girls' dean leslie mirin I66 beaumonl sl. choral, class niie, jr. and sr. arisla, arlcon, music honor soc. merle missry I690 ocean p'I4way sec'y 'ro mr. friend, g.o. rep., lib. squad. prom rep. sec'y To mrs. clynch ralph missry I8l I ocean p'Icway exilr squad, cal. squad marc mifchell 2568 e. 6 si. choral, sgl. cal. squad ben mizrachi I949 ocean p'Icwa-y pres. of prelecl, capI'. of vis. aids squa , arlcon, cal. squad murray mizrachi I686 e. 7 sl amelia mocerino 2762 w. I5 sl. sec'y in gym office, sec'y in gym class, sec'y To mrs. klein 498 s+ephen modica 2325 e. I3 s+. sec'y in lang. office marie molfeHa 2509 e. 24 s+. g.o. rep. ralph mon+epeluso 2379 e. 4 s+. pres. o+ pre+ec+ mary moran 3547 nos+rancl ave. sec'y in nurse's o++ice, sec'y in girls' clinic. glee club, sec'y in gym o++ice es+elle mordoh 264+ e. ll s+. sec'y o+ pre+ec+, supply squad, glee club, sing, class ni+e +ina morgans+ein 23 Cass pl. sec'y +o mr. wol+, pres. lceeping class, s+u- den+ pa+rol arnold morris 2225, e. 7 s+. s+uden+ pa+rol. +oo+ball +eam, caf. squad. cu++ing squad ar'+ie morris 2675 w. 37 s+. ca+. squad Iudy morrison 20 Corbin pl. ir. ancl sr. aris+a, arlcon, log, landmark, choral, n'+l honor soc. eleanor morse I843 e. 5 s+. boos+ers, sec'y o+ pre+ec:+, ir. and sr. aris+a, arkon class ni+e ri+a moss 3085 br. I3 s+. andrew muccillo 275 ave. w +oo+ball +eam, assembly squad. baseball +eam, pres. o+ pre+ec+, s+uden+ pa+rol an'I'on muehlbauer 78I ave. z capf. baslcefball feam, baseball feam, sec'y 'Io mr. mccaffrey daniel murnick 3738 maple ave. ir. and sr. arisfa, arlcon, mafh feam, land- mark naomi muslin 2929 w. 3I sf. sec'y of prefecf, sec'y fo- mrs. goldberg, sec'y fo miss egle emanuel nadelman 94 corbin pl. cap.f mafh feam, assoc. edifor of log, van- guard, ir. and sr. arisfa, arlcon, nafional honor soc. paula nadler 2809 br. 8 sf. choral, glee club, sec'y fo mrs. ziman, sec'y in hisf. ofhce, commencemenf comm. susan naiman 2645 homecresf ave. lib. squad, sec'y in hisf. office, sing, class nife, college liaison officer barbara nafhanson- 49 nixon cf. p.f.a. rep., red cross rep., class nife, sec'y fo mr. dargo, sec'y fo mrs. clynch sol needle 3085 br. I3 sf. sec'y in boys' clinic, usher squad, fencing feam, sec'y fo mr. Shapiro, ficlcef squad myra needleman 2808 br. 8 sf. sec'y in adminisfrafive office, sec'y fo mr. cooper, sing, sr. council, fennis club helaine neidifch ISI I ocean p'kway reorganizafion comm. richard neusI'ad'I' I33 corbin pl. mgr. fencing feam, caf. squad, sec'y fo mr. weinrofh, sfudenf pafrol charlie nicasfro 408 ave. w window monifor V,!.VV V M 1 f ,"' . 5 'ff' iw . ' f ' 3 2 iirrr 4 Syed' ,- X zliziici. 'f f , M., ' .ix N 6 2 lm- . 5 x X-2 is . Q. rf w 'EN . XX . L - - , .. Ns X X. . r 3 i t we ,as 1 " ' fe 5 4? 'E '3 2 '1 g V fy, 1.4, f f m, , '34 2. 3,44 . . ..,,,,.,,, . ' Tiff ff 43, fam M M - if-1 I . ,if 4 f ' f W. 4 . , fi L r r A ' " Y. 1? ffw - w i , ,,4f,,g' . ,, , ,v , lffryjfywgv zyrgf A, 7 ,, if I f f f 1 f f f f f ff , , , , , ' f f if X ff W X M f jf f f , ' f X f 1 4 ff! f W X f 14' I 7 f' ' . In - 1 My X" ifkffff ' fl ' ' k,c?Z72z7'f ,Ai 3 V,W:f,0,, I ,I f y -ly, '?f. f9M I ,,, , !f , I f Zffy fi I ff, ef X ff 4 of J X I ff' . f . f' fi ' nf f fi mffff -I Wfff 2 V2.0 ' 2 7 ' , 1-'37 vivian niclcel I I33 banner ave. pres. of prefecf, sec'y of prefecf, sec'y fo mrs. shyman, lib. squad joseph nimoy 2854 br. 7 sf. rifle Team, chem squad 2350 82 sf. marilyn noble sec'y in eng. office, choral. glee club, chorus jack norden I I7O br. bch. ave. claire novasellich lOO9 lancasfer ave. g.o. rep., g.o. agenf ralph oisfacher 297I w. 2 sf. window monifor ierry omanoFF 2945 w. 33 sf. raymond orefi I2I6 sheepshead loay rd. larry orloff 2502 hubbard sf. 735 ave. barbara osferhus y choral, sec'y in aff. office, award conven- fion, red cross rep., hisfory fufor eileen ozure 3255 shore p'kway program office, arkon, cargoes rep., class nife, g.o. rep. sammy packer I672 ocean p'kway mary paglino lOl4 banner ave. ca+l1y palmeri 634 ave. y sec'y in all. oflice, sec'y lo mr. golclslein, lib. squad, p.+.a. rep., vice-pres. of prefecl anfhony palmieri II5l 55 sl. george panagalcos 244 flalloush ave. carmine parisi l423 ave. y foolball learn, a'rl1le'rilca, class nile nicholas parisi 2IO9 e. 4 sl. rober'l'a parnes 2803 br. 8 sl. sec'y lo mrs. lcneelrer hallie pase I l3O br. bch. ave. glee club, sec'y in all. office, slrudenl wel- fare comm., sing, class nile lillian pasquarelli 542 slweepslwead bay rd. sec'y 'ro mr. lass, sec'y +0 miss goldslein, pres. of prelecl Frances pas+el 556 ave. z band, bowling club, sec'y 'ro mrs. gore. pres. of prefecl, g.o. councilman marlene pavero i524 w. 2 sl. roberl' payenson 3225 neplune ave. sg'r. cal. squad, sludenl palrol, exif squad. sec'y To mr. lebow Q. 0, ,uf sur- m :A ,Q - N TT is! 'Z if af' Q T343 "J I ,!!, .1 , Aww!" f ww, -'X . f wi "ff" .,, f I ,I 1, ! 4 'Q 'Q , pax neil pearlman 2677 colby cl. vis. aids squad, assembly squad, sludenl palrol, choral connie pecoraro 2444 w. 3 sl. g.o. rep., sec'y of prelecl mar+in perel 3044 br. I4 sl. lale squad, g.o. rep., sec'y of prefecl daniel perelmuller 2l42 e, I4 S+, bio lab., soccer leam, cargoes rep. marcel perelmuH'er 2I42 e. I4 sl. soccer leam, bio. squad serge pereImuHer 2I42 e. I4 sl. charlo'H'e perImuH'er 467 neplune ave. cali. squad, sec'y lo mr. wolf, handball club lewis perlmul-ler 2068 e. 8 sl. exil guard, pr'es. of prefecl joseph perrine I4l3 ave. y Il. caf. squad, exil palrol, sec'y in clinic arlene pelers l609 e. 8 sl. sec'y 'ro mr. fried, g.o. rep., sec'y 'ro mr. ellis, sec'y lo mr. rubin, red cross rep. florence pelrocelli 234l w. I sl. madeline pleffer 2925 w. 29 sl. booslers, pres. of prefecl, class nile, sing, sec'y lo mrs. wexler barry phillips 3002 surf ave. caf. squad, lib. squad ellen picofi 602 ave. 'r ir. and sr. arisla, arlcon, exp. bio., sec'y To boys' dean, g.o. rep. melvyn pincus 57l kings l'1'way capl. rife Team, sr. arisla, arlcon, allwlelilca, pres. of prelecl anna piscilelli 38 soullw gale ci. vivian pisnoy l I6 loeaumoni si. supply squad, sing, booslers, arlcon, class nile roy podorson 227 neplune ave. choral, cal. squad, arf squad, sec'y in arl office, sludenl palrol alfred poggioli 453 SVG- U sgl'. cal. squad ioanne pollifrone 2364 e. I s'r. ri'ra popoclc I65O ocean p'kway glee club, booslers, sec'y in record office, g.o. councilman, g.o. rep. sianley pores 2l I6 S. 3 Sl- marsha press I777 ocean p'kway glee club, sec'y lo boys' dean, sec'y in gym, usher squad, sec'y in clinic vincenl' profifa l877 e. 9 sl. H. cal. squad, vice-pres. of prefecl S he gr. lui I .cc 1 - Q. gil .5 ,NA QM, L .. . W. 'N - -X Fl www Qi' V . ' .'1 ,lfq M "YM, V,. News 5 gs ,f.zyz.,f , , , , f . , 77: WMI lf my ZW ff f WW ffiw M fg" -I' LW! iffy, 45 , ff f ff! 1 ,, ff 645, , ' paw , f ff, f vw, '., , wif f, f',,f'f! lf ff ..,"'-,,f X46 ffw ff "Y AV' " '2 "Y W! X X NX X AX , s X , 1 as .i Q.. ,Lf- c. R X i'-ff. ' Qs'-. xx X ax: XX N Q. ss X X Q Qs X XX M it 3 5-,Q fu-l i . fyz n 77 7,4 -sm, 7' if ,M r 1 W f :J L 'fa' ' f, 1 If X I X fff, x y, ,Q gf, P , 'Q W 'iff :Jw I ,Q VA ' ' Z S X s X ,, N s X XX as X v. X X wx X Q S Xxx X xx "' W w A X X 'lx ri X as S s I I ' 451, 'ffm f , ,,, mf s ellice puH'erman 247I ocean p'lcway choral, glee club, sec'y in aclminisiralion olrlice, publicily comm., sing mike quarlana 2I75 e. 8 si. siuclenl' pairol, sgI'. cai. squad, vice-pres. of prefecl, sec'y Io mrs. banner es'I'elle rabiner 2343 ocean p'lcway program comm., g.o, rep. helen rabinowih I8I falmouih si. sr. arisla, booslers, ediior of libricle, sing, sec'y in record oiclice paI'ricIc ra'f'I'er 2233 homecresi ave. handball learn, sludenl' palrol cruz ramos 24I I e. I5 si, sec'y 'ro mr. Icraizer, caf. squad, window monilor, sec'y Io mr. b. shapiro phil rappapon' 3085 lor. I3 sl. fencing Team, orcheslra, arkon, caf. squad, jr. and sr. arisla g sandy rappaporl' 2962 br. I sl. arl' squad, arl' edilor of Iandmarlc, ir. and sr. arisia, sing, forum jane raI'ner 602 ave. I sec'y Io nurse ' louise ra'Hner 3703 nauiilus ave. sec'y in eng. olzhce, sec'y Io miss goldsiein, g.o. councilman Ienore rauch l824 e. 2 sl. sec'y 'ro mr. leloow, sec'y Io mrs. borack, g.o. rep., sec'y vis. aids squad, reorgani? zaiion comm. 4 charles reibach 2I9 brighlwaier ci. forum, sec'y in lang. office, sec'y Io mrs. berger, bio squad rosalie reina 2446 e. 3 sl. sec'y 'ro mr. levine, sec'y To mrs. sider jay reinhard 3764 surf ave. 'rennis Jream, chem squad, g.o. councilman, exp. bio alan rei'rer 4320 manlwairlan ave. arlcon, bio squad es+er rei+er 2549 e. 6 si. sr. arisla, mallw leam, lwirlers, greal books club, vice-chairman of forum laraine reifmani 3052 br. 6 sl. g.o. rep., g.o. councilman, p.Jr.a. rep., sing, class ni're george reneri- 722 ave. x cali. squad, exif squad, supply squad ioel renfzler 4 br. IO lane sporls edilor of log, capi. handball Jream, ir. and sr. arisla, main Team, Jrennis Team, pres. of lale squad frecldy resniclc 283i w. 29 si. roby resniclc 4259 ocean ave. sec'y +o nurse, sec'y in clinic brian ribner 2857 W. 35 sl: bio squad, band, se-c'y in ar'r office, g.o. rep., publicily comm. ronald ricci 2I43 e. I5 sl. I+. srudenr pairol, pre-prefecl squad esfher richman IO8O ocean view ave. ff. A .- ,f fr. 1: .. N WI? ,gf , 4, - Z f f' f ' , 1 4 2 M, Y 5 I 'f ' 1. 'ff , ,. 9, ivfu X , .1 ,ry yyzf 9 xkt, .. s X 'W li .cy -as .fn myra richman 2OOI e. 9 sl. sing, sec'y in all. ollice, sec'y lo mrs. korins, sec'y lo mrs. rappaporl joan riegelhaupl 3OI5 br. I3 sl. sing, supply squad, lale squad, arlcon, class nile roberl rike l64O ocean p'kway bio squad, baseball leam, sludenl palrol, pres. ol prelecl, g.o. rep. yvonne rios I965 e. 9 sl. sluarl rillerman 2957 w. 25 sl. sec'y lo mr. sllapiro, sludenl palrol amalia rizzo 2373 e. 4 sl. iosephine rizzo 2l56 e. 2 sl. sec'y lo mrs. spiegel, sec'y in college ol- lice, sec'y in all. ollice, sec'y lo mrs. clyncln helen robby I549 4l sl. sec'y in sludenl palrol ollice, usher squacl, college liaison ollicer E-zan robinson I9I sands sl. ooslers, varsily show, lib. squad, red cross rep., sec'y lo mr. lass mike rogers 4724- bcli. 47 sl. i.v. baslcelball leam, g.o. rep., g.o. council- man roberl roias 29 beacon cl. arl squad, sec'y lo mr. lriend, sing, lale squad, class nile beverly ronchelli l6I7 dahill rd. sec'y in clinic, sec'y lo mrs. boraclc, sec'y lo mrs. lclein, g.o. rep., sec'y in gym ollice sandra rosen I965 e. 7 sl. sec'y io mrs. lcline, sec'y 'ro miss burlcin, class nile, sec'y io mrs. sirylcer, sing sheila rosenbach 2553 e. 7 si. sing, sec'y in alcl. olliice, arlcon, lib. squad, class nile barbara rosenberg 2289 ocean p'kway band, ir. and sr. arisla, arlcon, music honor soc., log michael rosenberg 309i br. 5 sl. sec'y To mrs. lcaiser, mgr. baskelball leam, pres. of prelecl, sec'y 'ro boys' dean muriel rosenblall 2827 br. 4 sl. sec'y in ai+. office, bowling club, sec'y To mr. lebow, sing, sec'y 'ro mr. aronolii lorraine rosenblum 802 ave. v i. eli rosenfield l25 wesl end ave. capl. malh Jream, n'll. honor soc., ir. and sr. arisla rober+a rosen+hal I4 br. IO lane sec'y in hisi. office sheila rosen.'I'hal I25 br. Il si. welfare comm., sec'y 'ro boys' dean, glee club, sing vivian rosenzweig 38l5 ailanlic ave. pool leader, choral, glee club, pres. ol pre- liec'r richard rosner 2310 ocean p'lcway edilor-in-chief of vanguard, chmn. consii- Jruiional comm., bio squad, ir. and sr. arisia, arkon, malh Team dian ross 25l4 e. 7 sl. sec'y io miss Carlson, sec'y lo mr. roirhman, sing D r H fe- ff W, - vs., ,fy K 254z4"" '97 as ,aw . A. 4. M W Q f f ., 4- f, 7 f 5 , f 6209 f . V. 1. . W ff .1 f 'f ' WQ ,ff Z f Zinf' , 'WWW ,r Wu, , ff" 3 1255 11741 1 , ' Y W, W gf, .s x so X xr X S' x Q Q X X X xx X x Q so ssassgss. A Rx SX X X 'SX 1 YN 9 1 .mx XQ ig six. q,5.s,,,, x 5, .15 4" ' R, .gs 1, .V 3 I ,sf . sq, , es. I hy T M1 marilyn ross 3068 br. I3 slr. program oil. and comm., arkon, sing, sec'y Io mrs. rappaporl florence rossi 2064 e. I3 sl. sec'y lo mr. wolf, sec'y Io mrs. Ievine cleanna rol'l1 3202 surf ave. sec'y Io boys' dean, varsilry show, sec'y in all. olslice, sec'y 'ro dr. Iassar, g.o. council- man elaine rol'I1 I04 arnliersl sI'. red cross rep.. g.o. rep. murray rofh 3029 br. 4 sl. roberla rolh 3026 br. I4 sl., sec'y Io mr. wolf, sec'y in cal. office, pres. record keeping class sadie rol'I1 3I wlwilney pI. sec'y of prelecl, g.o. rep., sec'y in I'iisI'. office, pres. of prelecl' - ioyce rolhman. 236I coney is. ave. sec'y 'Io mr. fried, sec'y I'o nurse gaelano ro'I'onclo 2633 e. 27 sl. I55I e. 8 sl. ionalhan rubel swimming Ieam, bio squad, vis. aids squad, sing, arlcon l1ecly rubenslein. 3IOI ocean p'Icway sec'y Io mrs. wexler 855 ave. z ro-berfa rubin book shop, sec'y lo mrs. newlield, sec'y lo mr. gibbs sfephen rubin 26I5 homecresf ave bio squad, sec'y fo boys' dean, mafh feam band, ir. and sr. arisfa, arlcon leonarcl rubinsfein 3745 maple ave maflw feam, 'rennis feam, vanguard, consfi- fufional comm., arlcon, sr. arisfa raymond ruchamlcin 228 Coleridge sf. capf' boys' dean squad, capf. vis. aids sq., sing, g.o. rep., fransporfafion squad frank rudnifslcy .276 coleridge sf vis. aids squad, pres. of prefecf., g.o. rep ioyce rundell 3054 ave. w sec'y fo miss r. goldsfein, sec'y fo mrs. goldberg ronald russo 2l2l wesf sf. marcia rufman 3I52 br. 6 sf. pefer sachelari 2872 w. I5 sf. joseph safclie 2020 e. 3 sf foofl:-all feam, sec'y fo mr. goldberg phyllis safir 25l4 e. 7 sf. sr. arisfa, arlcon, red cross rep., prom rep. college liaison officer bruce safman 2076 e. 7 sf. sr. arisfa, freas. of sr. class, g.o. rep., col- lege liaison officer sfanley safowifz 2847 w. 37 sf. fraclc feam rs x . X-GTX W XX XX N wr X 5. X .1 XL X- X, Q s six- as r ' . A 'S N aid rr F S53-. , . L is-lk 5 . - - ' X f . N ii' rf " ' N wx XX S wx XX X X XX X X X -was , ww' F54 XXXX A ' if -X s- QX -X. 1' ig H . r i, N., ' iw 3 0 9'5" - X5 if 5 - ji fn L 2 , -'ff n s' ' . TX v Q 0 .,. Ek: fi A . . I .,ff'g.,,.3f" 21' V . ,X Mg, 11. ,ry . ' s X , . 42 ...E . , ,, .ff 1 ,qv vis f ' QQ : 'Hp' A V ' , , , '- , 4, , V 74171 4 , I ffa- 'Q I V, 2,25 r , ff M V . 4 X ,. 4 ' wg '44 'Cf 4 Q! ' 4. ,W , f, . A MY' , ' , I I 7, f ,w ,, ' V .f sandra salinsky 3094 br. 5 sf. choral, glee club, sec'y fo mr. liebman, sec'y fo mr. lebow reina salzberg I745 e. 8 sf. sec'y fo mr. lassar, sec'y fo mrs. irolla, sec'y fo mr. grossman, landmark rep., foods sq. sandy salzman 253I e. 7 sf. iudifh same'l' I406 shore boulevard supply squad, arlcon, forum, class nife, g.o. councilman 309i br. 5 sf. sfephen sanders red cross rep., sec'y fo mrs. scliulman. award convenfion eugene sandler 44 dover sf. 2685 e. 7 sf. 'Francine sandler co-capf. pool leaders, sing, class nife, award convenfion, sec'y fo mrs. freeden- berg, arkon julia sarni 706 neck rd. pres. of prefecf, sec'y fo mr. rofl-nrnan isaac sasson 704 ave. f iack sasson 704 ave. f rdchelle safz I308a ave. v sec'y of prefecf. bio squad, make-up squad. arkon, sec'y in lang. oflfce marianne savran 264l hubbard sf. sfudenf pafrol, caf. squad, sec'y in hisf. office Icaryl schafz 2I I5 e. 8 si. sec'y Io mrs. Icline, sec'y 'ro mr. goldman, sec'y +o miss carlson, sing, Iib. squad joel schecfer l755 ocean p'kway ruI'I1 scheini 2OI3 e. I3 si. Ieafrice scheinberg 2675 e. 7 s'r. cI'1mn. commencemeni comm., siudenl' pai- rol, sec'y 'ro mrs. freedenberg, award con- venrion, sr. arisia ' richard schepis 5 Iwarrover c'r. norman scI1iII' 3IOO br. 2 sl. 542 slieepslwead bay rd. ierry schleimer vis. aids squad, caf. squad, choral, vice- pres. of prefecl I7I6 ocean p'kway ileane scI1Iesser gen. mgr. of class niie, sing, Iaie squad, choral, glee club, ir. arisia, arlcon 280 I ocean p'Icway carole scI1neII sec'y in rec. office, g.o. rep., bowling club, Iib. squad, sec'y 'ro miss burkin 25l6 ave. w marion schoenowih lib. squad, boolcslwop, cali. squad barbara schuler I84O e. I4 si. sec'y in lang. office, glee club, sing, make- up squad, award conveniion mariin scI1uI'I'z 9-2I br. I pI. pres. of prefect baslceiball Ieam, g.o. rep. :ff f f ' ., ,yffffil i 'lic "5 67, ' 9' rf i , -ily 4. f 4 , f in ,Q I f ,, 0 K , ,. , , 4145255955 4 fs 5 f QTHZULV, ' I 22" f ii"f L , ff , - i 'fg' f'Q 1 'gm fi 0,7 "QE, 1 1 W We f f ff, f f sf X Z' .Lg ,. , 521: f' ' , , wa ffylaf Jf X W, ,, ' L, ' , fQfc L,.. C ig! f f ,f , if - f i ff 1. fs Q f I fs'ss - ' V . ffswx. s 'www -.X . KR. ii 2 2 XX .s m X . 'X .rx qzj 71 7 . 'I ,,,, f. . QW 5. .fm .4 .. ,Saw xx 2 gi in is s xyxx X '- 'ws . .SN Q . .11 P .. -N. -H .s . K , 2 - wr- 55. .tsl s,,,...1Q1s '- of s V 2..g Z1, fs .. , is Q xi' kv of ' "Cf , X ,,, . f n., 9 ' W b,AAA "CQ cv. 'arfhur schwarfz 2OI lor. I rd. dance loand, symphonic band, orcheslra helene schwarfz 63 bolcee cl. howard schwariz 2938 w. 25 sl. symphonic loand, orcheslra, fencing leam, sec'y 'ro mr. s. shapiro iudifh schwarfz 2569 w. 2 sl. ir. and sr. arisla, arkon, bus. edilor ol: landmark, chmn. g,o. publicily comm., n"rl honor soc. vera schwar'l'z 3029 br. l2 sl. sec'y lo nurse. sec'y +o mr. h. ball, cheer- leaders, sing, class nile ar'l'hur schwarlzman 2l34 homecresl ave. vis. aids squad, usher squad, sing, arlcon, class mile, pres. of sr. class hana schwelcy I74l e. 4 s'r. arlene selinger 36l4 neplune ave. sec'y in all. office, sec'y 'ro mr. wolf, var- sily show rep. lee selwyn I39-I5 225 s+. varsily show, g.o. councilman, pholography club, sighl conservalion squad, lib. squad salva+ore seminaro 2267 weslr sl. chem. squad mar'rin sens 3603 mermaid ave. abe seruya I839 ocean p'lcway sludenl palrol, choral, soccer squad, sec'y in clinic palriclx sesso 2759 w. I6 sI'. lisa shacni 3025 br. 4 si. joseph shaHier 23I briglwiwaier ci. ., g 45,5 ,-, I ir. arisia, sec'y Io adminisiraiive office, eng. office, pres. of prefeci ffl gs, "',: fern sI1afI'er 3020 surf ave. barry shalov 257I Inubbard si. sec'y 'ro Iooys' dean, arf supply squad, ir. arisla, arkon linda sl1amaI1 2021 e. 5 si. sing. sec'y 'ro boys' dean ellen sI1apiro I46 irwin si. rila shapiro II5I br. I5 sl. pres. of preleci, glee club, sec'y in pay- roll olzlice, sec'y 'ro mr. polloclc, arf squad slanley shapiro 49 nixon C+. sludenl' pairol, swimming Team, sec'y 'ro miss Iuclcer, sec'y io mr. goldberg richard sher 2lO br. II sl. assembly squad, swimming Ieam, pool guard ani'I'a sherman 3054 br. I sI'. sec'y Io nurse, p.+.a. rep., bowling club harriel' sherman 202 amhersi slr. arlcon, ir. and sr. arisla, main Ieam, glee club, sing, sec'y Io mr. pollel' 1 S X M . , X--x:.-.- 5 P me if N351 as X ir 3 Lm-AL 3 sess as Q .il ii ix is fiiif-. QS si ,1-si 2 , " A053 ,- i . ,-Wwe N.-we X .X.X eg H 2 VZ, 2? :L,gL? g 1 ioanie shinerl' I l5O br. bch. ave arkon, bio squad, sec'y in ali. office physics squad, p.i.a. rep. helene siegel 3024 br. 4 si. sec'y io mrs. slein, sec'y io mr. lieber- man avril sillen 2229 knapp si. sing, lale squad alan silver l860 ocean p'lcway siudeni pairol, red cross rep. esfher silver 2553 e. 6 si. varsiiy squad, sing leader, capi. of boys' dean's squad, sec'y of arlcon, iwirlers sandy silverglad 2875 w. 29 si. red cross rep., choral, glee club, g.o. rep., lib. squad marilyn silverman 3026 br. I4 si. supply squad, ass'+ ediior of log, arlcon, girl leader of sr. arisia, maih 'ream earl simon I725 e. 3 sl. michael singer 1706 e. 7 si. exp. bio, publiciiy squad, Tennis squad, sec'y +o mrs. newiield sl'uar1' singer 50I brighiwaier ci. baskeiball Team, siudeni pairol, p.+.a. rep. joyce siH' I68I ocean p'kway glee club, sec'y in english office morris siH' ' I773 e. 7 si. beverly skolnick 79 br. ll sl. lib. squad, cal. squad, sec'y To mr. yo- slwein, sec'y +o mr. roiluman joan skop 2620 e. 7 sl. sec'y in record oliiice, landmark rep., log susan sla'l'er 2935 ocean p'kway sludenl' palrol, sec'y lo mrs. rappaporl, pres. of preliecl, sec'y in all. office, lib. d squa sheldon smilowifz 3IOO ocean p'kway joan smirk 2082 coney is. ave. 2703 w. 33 sl. clolores smi'l'l1 sec'y in principal's office, sec'y lo mr. kass, handball club eileen. smi'l'h capl. supply squad, arkon. sec'y in mallw office, landmark rep. I O9 iaiclrey S+. sfephen snow 422 e. l7 sl. sec'y 'ro boys' dean Harvey snyder l84O e. I3 sl. lreas. in prefect sec'y To mr. baclw risha snycler 338 neplune ave. sec'y To mrs. newfield. g.o. rep. mar'l'in sobel 2Ol7 e. I2 sl. roberla soclsisky 3lIl br. I pl. assoc. edilor of log, rep. 'ro n.y.c. q.o. council, sec'y 'ro mr. ball ,sec'y lo girls' dean, n"rl honor soc. J ssili GW 2 Zi! ..s . Nag XXX sv ,mm lenny sokoloff 2784 w. 33 sl. sludenl palrol, sec'y lo mr. silversrein barbara sommer 70l geralcl cl. glee club, sec'y in g.o. omce, sec'y in arf office, sec'y in liisl. office armancl sorrenrino ZI87 e. 4 sl. lucille so-rrenlino 279I coney is. ave. lib. squad, red cross rep. ierald sossner 303 br. bch. ave. sec'y 'ro boys' clean, Jrransporlaiion squad, sec'y 'ro miss golclsrein siewari' spaner 43 br. 8 pl. louise spa'l'afora 24lO e. I I si. marion specfor 382l naulilus ave. lib. squad, glee club, orclweslra, music honor soc. herberi' speiser 297i shore plkway program off. and comm.. arkon lyncla sperling i452 e. 8 slr. george speziale 2l98 e. 3 s+. claire spiegel 2684 w. sl. sec'y +o mrs. sirey, sec'y lo mrs. slern, sec'y ro mrs. cohen, choral, sec'y of pre- fed bruce spiro 2646 hubbard sr. g.o. rep., foorball Jream, cal. squad, slu- denr palrol carol spilzer 2361 coney is. ave. sec'y To mr. zinner, sec'y lo mrs. boraclc, varsiry show rep. carole spifzer 3746 maple ave. sec'y To mr. saperslein, program comm., sec'y in malh office, sec'y 'ro boys' dean iris srolca 3l IO br. 3 sl. sec'y in accounring office, sec'y in audi'ror's oiclice, sec'y 'ro mrs. desmill ierry sfahl' 2557 ocean p'lcway baseball Team, culling squad rosalyn sfahlberg 2352 w. 8 sl. ir. and sr. arisla, landmark, lale squad, commencemenr comm., arkon jeffrey s'l'arr I9 br. 4 Terrace ernesi' sfeigman 4I4 br. bch. ave. mgr. baskerloall Jream, sec'y 'ro miss gold- berg, pres. of prelecl, college liaison of- ficer susan s+ein 257 colericlge sr. vice-pres. of g,o., sec'y and girl leader of arisla, sr. arisra, arlcon, 'rwirlers program office and comm., assr. dir. of sing barbara sieinberg I9l langham sl. cheerleaders, sing, sec'y +o mrs. wallach, sec'y lo mr. fallig, sec'y lo miss lourlcin phil sfeinberg I88O e. I8 sr. foorloall leam emil sleiner choral, cal. squad, squad, class nile l9 Corbin pl. sludenr pairol, exif A kyJ,jsVE,4im:,.,-4 ,ww mmf Z: 1:53, ,,, ,Q im, ' -' .Vw f2 54 6 - :.A-I V, cf 4 ,cz V, ., , ,gg 4. 1 4 4 44' , 1 4 v bi V 6 1 ff I 4 A M, V f 5 4 I , -zls,,g2.. 1iiE5E , V , ,,,L,,,., 7 9 f 4,5 ! f ,V I 2- , , AA 37.515 I INT. ., , .M ., f f , V , 11556, ,my , 1 f V 41 1' X f fl,..,.,, ., 1' ' 4 e -4 f,1+,.,N, f, I 'iffzwsf . ,fs xp. i f 3 xi ,Q-WI?-ff Y 3 . . ,V ess f f W " 14-1 41, .YXWW ' f-'U , U. f 0:56 'ff jj, ,. . ,nd 1. si'fxf!?if.f9161575254 I W4 if .',, 2 .-,,,f 'Efiffb 7 4 -S' 4 1 'f 7 , x if- ..i,..4 f 1 'Y W- 'rf ,if , , if I if , A ,VVV X , 1 f 'Mm il? 'S ,, f 3 f 4, X M ,Q 7: 1? f Q I 5 fn , ff ,ff MV. ' I, ' ,if A11 4, f.,- , , , , s"i V' V , ,X , ' 6 H lf? 21 , W ', 7 , liv, ,,,, X X M ss fi s-.ks i I Y-' K'-Q 5-. A ii Y an X X Q Aix i ik . sw. X Qiggqss , ,K . 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Jrwirl- ers, capl. girls' pool leaders, choreogra- pher of sing and class nile linda s+rauss IOS lcensinglon sr. sec'y To girls' dean, sing, class nile ioyce slreil' l52l brighlwaler ave. booslers, sec'y ol: prefect sec'y +0 prin- cipal, g.o. rep., sec'y lo mr. kass lawrence srrickler Il br. I0 ,lane varsily show, pres. of choral, dir. of sing, music honor soc., lennis leam mal'+ sugarman I56 coleridge sl. Hack leam, x-counlry Team, choral, sec'y in clinic, inslrumenlal richard sulzer 28l5 w. 3l sl. swimming leam, pres. ol: prefecl, vice- pres. of prelecl, g.o. rep. acla susi I973 homecresl ave. barbara suH'on 2274 ocean p'kway g. o. councilman, loposlers, arlcon. sing, class nile barbara sul"l'on- 2028 e. 4 sl. gen'l mgr. of varsily show, ir. and sr. arisla, sec'y of arlcon, cargoes, sing rosalie syracuse 2226 ocean p'lcway shirley 'lash 733 gerald cl. michael 3047 br. l sl. doris lawil I726 e. 4 sl: ir. arisla, sec'y lo mrs. slein, sec'y in lang, olhce, landmark rep., g.o. rep. nina 'lawil 435 ave. s paul lerowsky l57 pembrolce sl. rifle leam, supply squacl, cali. squad, slu- denl palrol vincenl' lerra I4I5 neplune ave. elizabelh 'lerracciano 2754 coney is. ave. sec'y 'ro girls' clean, forum, choral, sec'y 'ro mrs. sirey, sec'y lo mrs. carlson janie lhomas 2I I2 e. 5 sl. linda liger 233 exeler sl. ir. and sr. arisla, arkon, lorum, landmark, lib. squad marie 'lomasino 95 slryker sl. vice-pres. ol prelecl paula lomaslcovic 2847 W. 33 sl. ollavio lorlorella II36 william cl. arlhur lress 3I3 brighlwaler cl. pholography eclilor ol log and landmark, arl squad bullelin 'board direclor john lroller 29l e. 7 sl. lraclc leam, x-counlry learn, sec'y in gym, capl. sludenl palrol elizabelh lruglio 2202 e. 5 sl. sec'y in physics ollice, g.o. councilman, cal. squad linda luber 29l5 w. 30 sl. lib'. squad, sec'y lo mr. miller, g.o. rep. dolores lucci 2389 e. 3 sl. roberla lurner I4-3 norlollc sl. edilor-in-chiel ol landmark, sec'y ol lorum, assoc. edilor ol log, lib. squad. conslilulional comm., ir. and sr. arisla, ar- kon, n'll honor soc. alfred unger 2300 e. I3 sl. lrack leam, x-counlry learn, sec'y in clinic harvey unger 2856 w. 24 sl. choral, pres. of prefect vice-pres. of pre- fecfr, Jrrack Jream irwin unger iudiih unger choral, bowling clu rnan, class nire donald urove band lola valeriano I8OO ocean p'kway l85l e. 3 sl. sing, g.o. council- 22I2 ave. m 2l94 e. 4 sl. sigl'i+ conservalion squad, sec'y in college office, sec'y lo mr. rollirnan aniho-ny venlicinque 26 village rd. eas'r evelyn vineisky I247 ave. v sing, class nile, sec'y in aclminis+ra+ive office, bowling club, vice-pres. of prelecl iaclc vino I97I homecresr ave. carolyn vivona I236 ave. v ir. and sr. arisla, arlcon, music honor soc.. malh learn, clworal benjamin vogel H50 br. bch. ave. ir. and sr. arisla, pres. of allilelilca, co- capf. of swimming learn, arlcon, sing, class ni're joan walker sec'y io nurse burl' wallace l308 ave. s 2875 w. 27 si. :XX X sr V' X. X E! f rr: X X X Q xxx , 3 C 3 S- www. W jj N X Ns X "5's..w' Rs L Q ,di V? 'S' .c rr" . sf .X 'Q Q, X Wy e 4 X x .l larry walfer 2824 w. 27 sf. vis. aids squad, foofball feam sybil walfer 2806 mermaid ave. ir. and sr. arisfa, arkon, adverfising mgr. of landmark, sec'y in college office, class nife, sec'y of prefect n'fl honor soc. larry wapnick 73l ave. x capf. vis. aids squad, capf. plriysics squad, bowling feam, landmark, log, cargoes sfeven warheif 393 ave. s sfudenf rep. for n.y. fimes, maflw feam, sec'y in lang. office, science survey marfha warslnaw 400l sea gafe ave. pres. of prefect arf squad ingrid wawrzilc l4lO shore blvd. sec'y fo mr. cooper, forum bruce weber 4I6O ocean ave. baseball feam, caf. squad foby wein 2850 shore p'lcway sec'y of prefect sec'y in g.o. office, sfu- denf pafrol, foods squad arfie weinberg 2l48 e. 8 sf. dorofhy weinberg l45 sea breeze ave. sec'y in aff. 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IQllQllZllll PRESS, Inc Letterpress - Offset Printers 33 Flatbush Avenue o Brooklyn 17, N. Y. Ulster 8-2500 SINCE 1915 we have been serving high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . We take pride in having at your service our stall' of expert typographers, artists and advisors . . . printers of the lincoln landmark "3 beslr wishes and good luck +o our seniors 'rhe booslers congralulalions +he +wirlers solve Jrhalr problem: hold lhal line! calculalel Three-poinl-one-four-one-five-ninel inlegralel axiorn, poslulalre, any lheorem- analyze! malrhemalics doesnur fear 'eml inlerpolalel x square, y square, cosine lj! rock +ha'r rhylhrng roll Jrhal log! circumference equals w Times dl gel Thar rhylrhmq gel 'rhal logl physics, graphics, hydroslalics- rhylhm and log-log and rhylhm- all ol 'rhese need malhernalics. logarilhm-fighll lhe malh leam complimenfs of allenfion crewcuisz coolcy's reslauranl 0 I I n e I S I524 avenue I career and campus wear '524 avenue m I52'3 avenue u quenfin road easl' I2+h s+ree+ off kings highway 9 I05 fulfon avenue hempslead, long island de 2-0649 complimenls of kwai fong Charles S- res+auran'r greene real canlronese cooking lobacconisl 'rake-ouf orders , , , open II a.m.-I2 a.m. daily 37 cllvlslon s+ree+ salurclay ll a.m. +0 2 a.m. new york, n. y. if you are salisfiecl, please Jrell your friends lo dine here I022 brighlon beach ave . 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Y. A ' ' 5 ' 'Zvi V, ,, , 15M :Fir " ,-"nm M M M, H . ,,,,, .. tk 'X 'v i , Q1 ,, ,Mr '- rf Hi. wa ,YQWM WUUWW u 7: 2 1 I ,v, ,pw if ' , 'I Hfmhf , f 15 af ug 'Q E . ' .1 ,-' .J HN 'A' f ' , 'ug-nfii fa JAM' Wifi? , 3 ,gi . , ' J: :f i A ,J 12 1 'f 1, ,. 4-1 ,Qs 15

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