Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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571, , n .. .F , V. --1-I - .-rl.: J" Ir V I -"HI 44 2 . F I - I .- . .1 A 1-'. 4 -4 H. 1, , : J- . V IF ,. VI' .3 i , 1 E ,A J '. -4 JL' -l'F 1-I 1... JI. AL 41" 'P+' 'i.i',1+"1' I V 'r . , ' H' w ' . -'U A ll. F 1 'fikgf :I A , 1' I ' -V ' 4 . I in , 0 T 1 ' -r- A .I ' V 'ILM Y Pj , . lq E- ' - A A ' " . . ' L' . V ,. " V , M: ,"'. H 7' ' " , -J, -1, ' '- 'E " I -J- K 2 5 ,A -L -H, ,I ,. 1 I - 4 - . -- - - Ein- ,J H I In- ,- lI:ul-IVF' " T 'V 4 ' -4"P'w-l'h'l -I J L I 1 3' - li .- . .1 , . : 1- .J I.- ,.-' V. ' ' I '- rf ' - .: I -I-v I LLL. ua... I' ' I I!III III ,. 'I -J. IIIM . 'V ' ' ,-U "-I. '.'W" rr-..- -- -I. 4, . , . . ,I . I I . , ... I I f I . . F M 'pin' 3- L45 V H 4 2. 'M 1 :HRA " I I ' ' L lu ' P If , in v 1 5 i Q" ' f 71- III,-KI! WI' - . ,Inf ,Ir I ,, I' .If II 'I 'r IL 4, H F' 5I..,.II f Ii., "4-, I ',, e I I . ,. .- ,I .. fi N, --'I .IM . I I I. 4 .14 I a I I ?'fI- f 'I IIQIIII I ,III , ,E-I. I I' II "Wi fax- ' 'll f'b"I.:I TJ L':" ' I 1 ' I 1 1 I- I I 1 I I II III- ,px I ' 4 II "g I I I ' A I 'L ' II ,I-I. I I I I.. . - I o'I 1 J I I . ., I' I r II I ... 'I . j" Q I . Q. ' I ' IDI ' " I I Ii' I ,. 5 1, I I Q . I . ' ' P I II r. I 'I ' II ' Qi , , .. A r I4 ' L f' I :III III-.:I.II I 'fq I 'QP , '- - I'I'I' f:-, LI I GIIII ,' I - ng "I I. I . ' " H J I 6. 1' A 'A' 'I ' I I I ' 'vi III-g' ' I I.,I ,,. . I ,. . I. I ..,,,. .II, I ,I ce., I , I. I f I - I W - I I , I. .. . I f',. 1 .' I .. ' ' ' I ,- , . 5. 'I. . .- I I : If '- , .f . , -- I .I ' ' ' "I ' .I ,f 1 I"II'A I' 'II ' I- L. ' ,'- , - f N- I I ' 'I' I I I.. ' - I. I -A u -I,-9 : I .L . Z. .' "IL, ,, 1 aw m'IfI,.'.,L ' ' r L I . III I ,. IE , I I r '..:- . I - -I - ' W .I f. ' 1 ll ' I II 'I ini ' " .. I' 7 1. 'II f' . I c ' ' i, 'HI' I II, '. " - I , I I -fr 'I . mf. II II IM . I.jIII I III,-l, II,I II ' ,I I Ig I II ' , . . I II I Ig , I. . ,I I .II I . I I - I If..-I., I I -2. I I I. I . I . .41 I." I II. I I .- . ' 5. I .I - - . I ' 431 I I ' I . -., I! I I I Ig, I f' I . W' 31: 3' . I I, , , . ,,, . , ,. 'I. - II VIII"-' I ' ' ' I .1 I' .I I . I. I I . -.I II- I. II II .III I I' :III I I .I. In I I I-I III, I I ' vim III I ',-I-. ,, , .. -I 'I-I' I ui MII' 'I ' 4' Q, 11: 'IIE '. I'f' . 'I..',' "'.!.f I ' I K I Iff , I' ' - v I .I . ' IIII' III.: II I 'IL 'I I I' If F - -3 ' 1 5' uf' -N' . W., 7- I' 'I' "l I " ' .II ' 'I " I . ,I If ' -"'. If I I ' -I ' I I' I I II , -I I II I . I. I II I I :II I I II III, II .III I "' 2 ' ' 'i I. I"III I' 'I II IIIIJI, -, I' 4 I - -I ' . .Ii I I :spur 'IIMBI ' , 'g "' "I ' 1" '5f'IlIi' I I ' 4 , - , f 1' . ' SI- I 1" I ' "H A I 'lif' tw ", III "' Q4 I ' ' I I . I . I .' L' - I I I -LJ. I A CI 'A I l'. I P ' I -' I JI. . " I si " . I T 'I' 'Af -f I .f 'Q I V, .I ,L -I V,-g. I I ' ' ,' I' ' LH . II' I I , I. I , ' ,H I I. ' I I gi. I I I II I. I G . .III I v ...I ' ,' , , 1 ' I IIII I III I I II I I I ,I I-I If ,'II,'I . -P' I I ' ' " "ti ' Y I I .. " I1 . I , , I I Q - . ' I' ,HI .-I I . I ' ,515 . II I II - -I I I I I, I I I ,IJ I I I 1 .' I. II, I " 5 I I I, 4 I I ' . ' I .- 'IF 1 J I' X I ? I I . I, III II III "f.,IIII1 II I ' ,I I Fu- - ' - I -I I... I 'b I 4 III I' . . I --I . .I ',- " ' I I ' - 'I 'v- I- .I-1. I "I:I-- . ' , Q '. 1 - I " - . :L 5 E753 I 3'-,W ' 4 4' IL' 'aff' .."' - , ' ' ' " ' - 5'-' - I ' .IIINF ', I-I ,I ?II'....- U.. I .- . I,.I. I I . ,, I I2 ' 'I' .11 II V , II IIIM LANDMARK CLASS OF JUNE 1953 ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL by ,IO Uuvndso Dear Graduates: Now that your career at Lincoln has some to a successful close, you are un- ' doubtedly enjoying a glow of satisfac- tion that comes from a feeling of accomplishment and achievement. But what of the future? Frequently these days young people capitulate to discouragement, disillusionment, and cynicism because of the ever-present in- ternational quarrels, economic difficul- ties, and political corruption. It would be a tragic mistake to start your life in the company of grim-vis- aged, comfortless despair. Where, therefore, shall you find courage, and where shall you seek hope? These must be extracted from the basic ideas that have been repeatedly stressed in your studies at school. You are living in a democracy with rights and privileges for all citizens not enjoyed by the people of any other nation in the world. This country also extends to all of us the incomparable oppor- tunity to achieve success in life. And then again, we gather comfort from the progress our United States has made. History proudly records the slow but con- stant advance in our social conditions. Finally, we must not forget the unparalleled prosperity our republic enjoys, which is the envy of the rest of the world. These basic ideas-Democracy, Opportunity, Progress, and Prosperity should enable you to face the future optimistically. Cordially yours, GABRIEL R. MASON 5 Principal Tile Senior Class of June 1955 cieciicalvs this LANDMARK to time memory of LQ ,553 5, 'Q ELEANOR BARRON senior, who in iwr loo brief care-er typified Lincoln school spirit with iler zeal as Twirier and Niajoreth-. MONROE OFFNER leaciier oi Cin-nlislry. wiio civvoivd iiis iiie lo lilo nolmiv and sc-iiiess cause- oi eciuvalion admini tration MISS COHEN MR. HIRSCHBERG DR. ORGEL MR. LEVINE faculty MR. BALL MR. ENGELHARDT MR. FRANKEL MRS. NEWFIELD MISS RUBIN MR. SCHECHTER MR. S. SHAPIRO MR. SHAPIRO MRS. SHAPIRO DR. SCHOR MR. TAPPER MR. TROSTEN MRS. TUCKER MISS WEISBERG MR. WHITE MRS. GORE MR. GRUMETTE MR. LAPEDOS MR. LASSAR MRS. LAZARUS MRS. LEE S' S 'V w ABADI, .IACQUELINE-1990 E. 3 St. Red Cross Rep., Lilwrary Squad, Bio. Lab, Squad. ABATE. ALFRED-2291 E. 3 St. ABRAHAM, MAE-2060 NV. 3 St. Ser. to Dr. Caine, Pres. ol Srilneft Class, Co-op Typist. Hfllllft IHSIIYZIHFP CO. ABRAMS, MARILYN-2822 W. 32 St. Capt.. Lilurary Squad. Student Patrol, Loclccr Squad. Svc., lvlrs. Nt-wlic-ld, Class-Nite. ABRAMS, MARVIN-3320 Ylermaid Ave. Sto- dent Patrol. ABRAMSON, JANET-82 Br. ll St. Senior Counf-il, Foods Squad. ACETO, JERRY-H Manhattan Court. ACKER, SELMA-2021 E. 5 St. Cafeteria Squad, Sec. in Attendance Office, G.O. Rep., SUV., 5111. Berne, ADDRESS. MARTIN-722 Ave. X. Student Patrol. ADUS, MARILYN-H50 Br. Beach Ave. Sr. Class Rep., Food Squad, Visual Aid Squad. Sec.. in Auditors Office, Red Cross Rep. ALBANO, CARINIINE-2310 E. l St. Student Patrol, English Book Room. ALBORANO. ALBERT--402 Ave. Y. Late Squad. lxlember of Football Team, Nlember of Baseball Team, Student Patrol. ALEXANDER. BARRY-3736 Ocean Ave. Class Secretary. ALFRED. ARLENE-2701 W. 36 St. Library Squad, Cargoes Business Stall. Sec., l.Vlrs. Heller, G.O. Rep., Sec., lVlr. Engelliarclt. ALHADEFF, JEROME-302-1 Coney Island Ave. ALLEN. JACK--2846 W. 33 St. Varsity Truck Team, Cross-Country Team, Boy's Emergency Rooln. ALOVIS, HELEN-3619 lvlemmid 'A-ve. Co-op COUISC. ALTNIAN, JOEL-262 West End Ave. Sports Editor, Log, G.O. Council Rep.. Arista. Arlron Sr. Council Rep., Student Patrol, Lamlmurlz. ALTMAN.'l'OBY-38-14 Lyme Ave. Jr., Sr. Arista, Arlcon. Varsity Slmw Squad, Boosters, Sec. ol Senior Class, Class-Nite. AMARANDO. ARTHUR-40 Ave. Y. Or- cliestra. President ul Prelect Class. AlVlERl. STANLEY-3851 Neptune Ave. Capt.. Varsity Swimming Team, Capt.. .l.V. Swimming Team. ' I AMSEL. SHEILA-3625 Mermaid Ave. Jr., Sr. Arista. Ed. ol Lila. Paper, Lawyer. Student Court. Arlcon, Lili. Squad. ANCONA, STEVE-2140 E. 12 St. Assemlnly Squad. Student Patrol. ANDRIANO. MARTHA-2308 E. 2 St. Sec. ol Prefect lor 2 yrs.. Cv.O. Rep., Vice Pres., Sen- ior prefect. C0-op Course. ANNUNZIATA. SUSAN--2244 W. St. Choral Glec Club. R011 Cross RCP., PFCfCCl Pres.. Leadef, Gym, Sec. in Clinic. APPEl.BAUlVl, ELAINE-3091 Br. 5 St. Sec. in Girls' Dcan's Office, Hancllnall Club. Volley- ball Clulu. APTEKAR. BERNARD-2033 Ocean Parkway Director, Art Squacl. Art Editor. Cargoes, Sr. Arista, Assoc. Art Eclitor, Landmark. APTER, ETHEL-2867 W. 27 St. Prom Comm., Sec., Mr. Grumettc, Sec., Mrs. Green- lacrg, Senior Council. ARDIZZONE, ROY-1758 E. 3 St. Football Team, Hanrllzall Team. ARMEL, Pl'lYl..l..lS-23 Br. 8 Pl. G.O. Council Rep.. Soc.. lVlr. Lapcdos. ARONOVVITZ, ANITA-3501 Mermaid Ave. Sou, Mr. lrallig, Glee Club. AULETTA. RlCl'lARD--2832 W. I7 St. Base- lwalk Squafl, Baslcctlmll Mgr., Vice-Pres.. Senior Pro cut. U AVITABILE, TERESA-2111 E. 5 St. AXELROD, MARION-II34 Lawn Ct. Li- lurziry Squacl. Clioral. Glen Club. Music Listeners Clula, Soc., Mrs. Crosser, Sec., Prelect. BAKER. ELLIOT-1814 E. 3 St. Bancl. BANKLER, EDVVARD--220 Br. l Ct. BANOVVVFCH. JOEL-1664 Ocean Parltway Varsity Slmw. Log Photographer, Stage Squad. G.O. Rep.. Sec. in G.O. Olzlicc. BARTH, SEYMOUR-2951 W. 35 St. Stud:-nt Vvcllare Olllicc. Messenger. BASSANO. RICHARD C.-2282 E. l St. Sr. Class President. Gym Cutting Squad. Color Guarcl, Student Patrol, Varsity Sllow. BASSETFI, Gll,--2505 Coney lsland Ave. Basclxall Team. Football Team. Late Squad. BASSEVVITZ, ENID-33 Br. 5 Walk Jr., Sr. Arista. Arlion, Sec. in Graclc Aclviscfs Olflicv. Student Patrol. lVlatl1 Team. Class-Nite. BATES. JERRY-4505 Beaclm 45 St. Bin. Squacl, Gym lnstructor. Gym Team, lvlgr., Hancl- hall Team, Stuclent Patrol. BAUM. ELLIOT-4721 Beach I7 St. Slide Rulf- Club. BEBIN, NARLENE-2237 E. I2 St. All City HS. Cllorus. Clloral, Gln-c Cluln. Softball Clula. lwlusic Honor Smit-ty, Class-Nite. BECKER. DAVID-714 Nlanor Ct. Jr. Arista, Sec., lxlr. Hirsclulzcrg. Arlcon. Class-Nite. Cal- vlnria Squacl. BEITSCHER, STAN-22411 E. 8 St. BELL, PHILIP-2864 Br. 4 St. Stage Squarl, RA. Squad. Student Patrol. BELLOVIN, BARBARA-39-12 Kings Highway Sec., Dean ol Girls. Prom Comm.. G.O. Council- man. Class-Nile, Vice Pros., Prelect. .fftfw 'R Q it Q I 2 'I Z9 .. 5 Q nw .4 353 'kr Q . Zi. igs .T WMQI., - . roll-Says? 1 Eiffilzfg' E 'J BEN-ARY, LENORE-2952 Br. -l St. Nlonitor Bel. Operator, Sec. in General Office. Arlwn, Lorlccr Squarl, Sr. Counril Rep. BENNETT, DAVE-I l0 Amlxerst St. Bnslcct- hall Team. Art Squml, ljlrysics Squacl. BERFOND, BERT-3000 Br. 12 Sl. Stuclent Patrol. BERKOWITZ, MARTIN-1709 E. it St. Band. Supply Squncl, Orrln-strn, lxlusic Honor Society, Usller Squml. BERKUN. ALLAN-3701 Neptune Ave. BERMUDEZ. GUS-A151 Aw-. U. Stull:-nt Pn- trol, Caleteriu Squad, G.O. Counrilnmn, BERNSTEINAARON-1416 Brooklyn Ave. Licut. Stuclc-nt Patrol. Orclwestra, Clinic Squacl. BERNSTEIN. BERNICE-37 Br. I0 Ct. Sec.. Auclitors Squad. G.O. Rep., Lanelmarlz Comm. Vice Pres., Prelert, Arista, Arlion, Classrlxlitc. BERNSTEJN, MONTE-3022 Nlernmirl Ave. Art Squael, Sec.. Mrs. Rubin, Gym Lf-mler. BESEN. ARTHUR-608 Tinlclmam Ave. Sora-r Team, Gym Team, Student Patrol, lxlatll Team, Late Squad. BESSERMAN, JOAN-707 Aw. P. Svc. nl G.O., See. in Program Office, Ser., Program Comm., .lr., Sr. Arista, Arlton, Pres., Prclcct. BlBl, JOE--20ll E. 5 St. Caleterin Patrol, Sgt., Stuclcnt Patrol, Assembly Squazl, Fielcl Squad. BIRENBACH. ELLEN-1122 Avo. ,l. Sm. in Cliclnistry Ollirc. BLITMAN. ARTHUR-2905 VV. 30 St. Trnrli rlqvunl. Boyys Clinif' Squml, Prvl-cd Pres. BLITZ. SHELDON-3102 Br. I PI. Nt-wspapcr Squnrl. Bnslcvtlmll TL-mn, Sluclvnt Patrol, Cal'- vti-riu Squaicl. BLOOM, Rl'l'A-1735 Ocean Parlcwny Prvs. nl pn-lr-ct. Prom Comm., Sec.. Flrs. Gore, Sec.. Nlrs. VVr'xlcr, Svc. in Gym Oll-irc. BLUMBERG, ELAINE-174 Br. ll St. BLUMENTHAI... RICHARD-1745 E. I0 Sl. Capt.. Cafeteria Squacl, Sgt.. Studi-nt Patrol. As- sembly Squncl, Ticlcct Squad. Fielcl Uslicr. BOIKESS, ROBERT--3260 Coney lslancl Avo. Nlatll Tram, Capt. Cllr-ss Team, Arista. Arlwn, Sclmolarslmip Clulo. BOMSER, VALERIE-1080 Ocean View Aw. Twirlcrs, Co-Clluirman. Sr. Buclgvt Connn., Soc. Miss Fay. Lab. Trfrll. Squad, Sec.. lvlr. Rotlmmn. BONANNO. FRANK-36 Strylu-r St. BONANOS, PETER-1724 Mermaid Ave. Chr-m. Lab. Squad, Pr:-fr-ct Pr:-s.. G.O. Rep.. Asst.. Orrlwstra. BORENSTEIN. JACOB--1553 Ou-an Parkway Bowling Team, Calc-tcria Patrol. BORSELLA, ELSIE-2I29 E. I3 St. Stuclcnt Patrol, Library Squad, Landmark Rep.. Class- Nitin BRAFF, JOAN-5100 Surf Ave. Varsity Slmow. Capt. Clieering Squad, Commencement Comm.. G.O. Rep., Student Patrol. BRATFER, MARK-2838 W. 25 Si. BRAUNSTEIN, VIVIAN-2123 E. 8 St. Li- lorary Squad. BRAVATE, MARYANN-2210 O11-an Parkway Hospitality Cluln. BRAVERMAN. ALLEN-132 Coleridge St. Capt., Pliysics Squacl. Capt., Fencing Team. Ati.- letilca. Visual lnstruclion Squacl. Cafeteria Patrol. BRAWER. LEON-1625 E. 10 St. Visual Aids Squad, Cafeteria Squacl. BRENNER, BARBARA-1625 W. I2 St. Art Squacl. Sec., lVlr. Hirsclilzerg, Slcetcli Club, Sec., lVliss Colien. BRENNER, GLORY-3729 Lyme Ave. Sec. in Record Office. BRENNER. RICHARD-272 Beaumont St. Pres. ol G.O., G.O. Rep., Jr. Varsity Baslcetlmall 'llc-am, Arlion, Sec. in Dcanls OH-ice. BRlLl... JAY-4209 lvlanllattan Ave. Pres. of Prelcct, lfmselmll Team, Senior Council, G.O. Rep. BRODFELD, ROBERTA-3105 Br. 3 St. Sec., Nlonitnr Bcl. Operator in Attcnclancc Office. Sec. in Cao. Office. G.O. Councilman. Chairman, Social Comm., Arlion. BRODSKY, MARVIN-708 Ocean View Ave. Lilrrary Squacl. Sluclent Patrol, Football Uslier Squarl. BRODSKY. ROBERTA-4120 Ocean Ave. Pres., Treas., Kallista. Arlcon, Pool Learlcr, Swim. Team, Basketball Club. BROOKS. DONALD-114 Neptune Ave. l..uw- yer. Student Ct.. Stuclent Patrol, G.O. Council Rep. Sr. Council Rep., Arlcon. BROSER, EILEEN-2954 Br. 12 St. Jr.. Sr. Arista, Art Squacl, Slcctclm Club, Sec. in Girls' Dcanls Ollice. BRUNMAN, SHEILA-3033 Br. 13 St. Twirl- vrs, Sr. Buclgcl Comm.. Visual Aid Squacl, Sec., Mrs. N. VV. Colicn, Sec., Prclect. BUCKWALD. HARVEY-2136 E. 8 St. Capt.. lxlimcograpll Squad. Class Pres., Visual Piclc-Up Squacl, Calctvria Squad. BUCKWALTER. JOSEPH-206 Hampton Ave. Varsity Slnow. Visual Aicl Squacl, Pliysics Squml. Class-Nile. BURKOWSKY, BARBARA-3142 Coney ls. Avo., Lic-ut. Stucicnt Patrol, Girls' Squacl. Soc.. Altcnclance Office. BUSSEY, ELAINE-1414 Ave. X, Sec. in Clin- ic. G.O. Councilman, Alternate, Sec. in Clotliing Class, Prelcct Pres. CABIGAS, CORAZON-2338 E. I5 St. CAMPANALE. CATHERINE-2753 E. ll St. Foocl Squarl, Class Soc., Library Squacl. CANDLER, RAYMOND-3045 Br. I2 St. Supply Squacl. Sec. in Gym Olllice, Clioml, Class- Nitc, Sturlent Patrol. CAPRlA. ROBERT-I6-10 Orr-an Parlcway Capt.. Tmclc Team. Vice Pros.. Atlilelilia. Sr. Council Rep.. Supply Squacl. Student Patrol. Q CAPUTO. JAMES-2517 E. ll St. Baseball Team. Cafeteria Patrol, Sgt. CARBONARO, VINCENT-22 Strylcer St. Vis- ual Aid Picloup Squad. Usller. Sports Events, Student Patrol, Log Pliotograplxer. CARROLL, GARY-915 Homecrcst Ct. CASCONE. RUDY-lll6 Banner Ave. Vice Pros.. Stage Squad. Score Board Squad, Varsity Track Team, P.A.. Squacl. CASSELL. LEWIS-3068 Br. I3 St. CASTELLANO, VINCENT-22 Colin Pl. Track Tc-am, Bio. Lalw., Gym lmnclvr. CASTIGLIONE. MARY-2290 E. 3 Sl. Mom- lmer, Lilwrary Squacl. CHASON, ROBERTA-257 Exeter St. Boost- ers, P.T.A. Rep., Rod Cross Rep.. Glee Club, Cargoes Rep. CHAYT. HOWARD-25 Br. 3 Lam- Physics Squad. G.O. Rep., Pres., Pre-left Class. CHICHI. NORMA-2562 E. 2 St. Sec., Sewing Room, Sec. in Art Office, Leaders Gym, Sr. Council Rep., Class-Nite. CHILLINO. CARLO-2559 Hubbard St. CHRISTENFELD, ROGER-148 Dover St. Assoc. Ed. Log, Boy Leacler, Sr. Arisla. Capt.. Dean's Squacl. G.O. Councilman, Lincoln Rep.. to City Arista, Stuclent Patrol, Boy Sec.. Jr. Arista. CIALDELLA, ERNEST-620 Ave. W. Gym Clulv. Gym Leacler, Assemlaly Squazl. CITRIN. STUART-2321 E. 64 St. Visual Aicls, Bio. Lalz. Assistant. Rccl Cross Entertainer. CLARO. MARYANN-916 Homecrcst St. Hos- pitality Clulm. Foocls Squads. Cargoes Rep., l..i- larary Squad. Sec. in Cvym. CLEMENTE, JACQUELINE-2079 E. l St. Senior Rep., Commcnroment Comm. Rep.. Sec. in Grade Aclviscrs' Office. Sec. in Attendance Ollicc, Typist in Dean ol Boys' Ollficc. COHEN. El..AlNE-4960 E. 8 St. Sec. in At, tenrlance Olfice. Sec. in Dr. Orgel's Ollice. Soc., Mrs. E. Greenlmerg. COHEN, Gl..ORlA-l9-13 E. 3 St. Student Pa- trol, Class Pres.. G.O. Rep., Sec.. Prelcct, Sec. in Math Office. COHEN, NEIL-3010 Br. I2 St. Sec. in His- tory Ollicr-. COHEN, RONALD-3100 Br. 3 St. Prelm Pres.. Footlaall Team, Cafeteria Squad. Stuclent Patrol. CLO. Rep. COHEN, SHEILA-3002 W. 28 St. Capt.. Dean's Ollice, Commencement Comm.. Pres.. Prelect. Ser. in Welfare Olllice, Lincoln Award Rep. COHEN, STANLEY-1826 E. 2 St. COHN. JOSEPH-1853 E. 8 St. Student Pa- trol. Stuclent Court. COLANTONIO, MICHAEL-125 St. Rylter Sl. Red Cross Rep.. Vice-Pres.. Prelect Class. G.O. Council Rep.. P.T.A. Rep., Caleteria Patrol. COLETTI, DORIS--2223 E. 4 St. CONTE, RALPH-2848 W, 16 St. Calvtcria Squad. COOPER, BARRY-2876 Br. 6 St. COSMAN, ROBERTA-2013 E. 7 St. Program Comm., Sec. in Program Office. Jr.. Sr, Arista, Arkon, Sec., Mr. Lnvine. CRlVEl,l.O, Av:-. Ll, RL"l1TgilIllZEl' tion Comm. CUOCO, TONY-211-16 E. 3 Sl. Baseball rrK'illll. D'AMATO, LOUIS-737 Katlllccn Ct, Head of Art Gallery. D'AlVlBROSl, GLORIA-212-I E. 7 St. Prom Comm., Sec. in Gym, Sec. in Art Office. Sec. in General Office, Clinic Asst. DANlELl..O. NICHOLAS-II77 Slwccpslicad Bay Rcl. Lieut., Calctcria Patrol. Student Patrol. Boolc Room. DARRETTA. ANGIE-2469 VV. l St. Heacl lwlajfxrcttc, Capt., Twirlers, Class-Nite, Sr. Vice- pros.. Glec DAVIDSON. HOVVARD-2686 Colby Ct. BHSCl'JElll Team DAVINO, MARY,-l92l Ocean Parkway Li- lmrary Squad, Pres. of prefect. Sec. in Exam Office, Landmark Rep. DAVIS, REVA-2137 E. 8 St. Girls' Dean's Squad. Bowling Club, G.O. Councilman. DElTSCH, DORIS-3260 Coney lslancl Ave. Sec. in Clmem. Office. Cafeteria Squacl, Cliem. Squad. Hebrew Club, Sr. Arista. DEIXLER, STEPHEN-3001 W. 29 St. DELILLO, JOAN-2411 E. I2 St. G.O. Rep.. Pres.. Sten Class. Sec., Type Class. Lincoln Award Rep., Baslcctlzall Club. DELLO JOIO. ANNA-2 Manhattan CH Sec. in Art Office. Sec., Prelect, Photography Clula. VV. 20 St. Sec. to Mrs. N. W. Cohen. DE LUCA. JOHN-2114 E, I4 St. DE MAIO, ROBERT-2251 W. St, Pres.. Pre- lect. Student Patrol. Sec. in Welfare Office. DENNER, TOBY-179 Exeter St. Sec. in Rec- ord Ollice. Sec. in Girls' Clinic, Student Patrol. Sec. in Co-op Office, Sec. in G.O. Office. DESICK. RHODA--2784 W. 36 St. Sec., Dr. Orgel, Sec. in Accounting Office, Sec., Miss Gray, Sec., History Class. DE TORFINO. LUCY-2776 W. 3 St. Sec. in Gracle Advisers' Office. Typist in Supplies Office. Typist in Dean of Boys' Olllice. Co-op Course. DEUTSCH. LILA--2939 W. 22 St. Sec. in Exam Office. Sr. Arista, Stuclent Patrol. Sec., Mr. Blum. Social Dancing Club instructor. DE VITA, ANTOINETIE-941 First Ct. Sec. in Attendance Office, Cargoes Rep., Sec., Exam Squad. DIAMOND, PHIL-2910 W. l St. Student Patrol, Rifle Squad. DICKSON, EILEEN-2129 E. 14 St. Sr. Arista. Arlion, Sec. in Accounting Dept., Sec. in History Class. Prom Comm. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Sec.. lxlrs. Lee. DI LAURENZIO, MICHAEL-2840 W. 23 St. DOERNBERG, RAYMOND.-3033 Br. 14 St. DOSSICK. BARBARA-2991 Br. 13 St. Co- Editor-in-Cliiel. Landmark, Assoc. Ed., Log, Lil- crary Ed., Cargoes, Sec.. Jr., Sr. Arista, Member, Arlcon, Lincoln Award Comm., G.O. Council, Nominating Comm., Boosters. DRAGONETTI, ANTHONY-253 Ave X Vis- ual Aid Squad, Band, Orchestra. DRUBYCH, ROBERT,-1818 E. 15 St. Varsity graglc Team, Visual Aids Squad, Vice-Pres., Sr. re ect. DRUCKER, ARTHUR-2276 Homecrest Ave. tstudent Patrol, Visual Aids Squad, Pres. of Pre- ect. DRUCKER, EDITH-2930 Br. l St, Sec., Bio. Lab.. Sec. of Eng. Class, G.O. Rep., Co-op Course. DRUCKER, ROBERT-2869 W. 25 St. Cai- eteria Squad. Commencement Comm., Scholar- sliip Club, Student Patrol, Slide Rule Club. DUBOV. SPENCER-3100 Br. 2 St. Rifle Squad, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. DUBOWITZKY. ELEANOR--ll59 Br. I5 St. Sec., Dr. Orgel. Fashion Council, Sec., General Olfice, Red Cross Rep., Class-Nite. DUERR, MARJORIE-1956 E. 8 St. Funds Squad. DUPLER, MURRAY-2932 W. 36 St. Student Patrol, Orcllestra, Traclc Team. DWORKIS. EUGENE-1511 Briglitwater Ave. Track Team. Sec. in Student Welfare Office, Cafeteria Squad. EBSTEIN, JOAN--3093 Br. 4 St. Sec. in History Olfice, Sec.. Locker Squad. Vice-Pres.. Prelect, Pres.. Prelect. EDELMAN. ADELE-2817 W. 27 St. Capt.. Lab. Tech. Squad, G.O. Rep., G.O. Book Rep., Vice-Pres., Prelect. Sec., Miss Rubin, Sec., Mr. Pellet. EILE. CAROL-1626 W. I3 St. Late Squad. Student Patrol, Sec., Mr. Engelliarclt, Sec. in Exam Office. EINHORN. GLORIA-2942 W. 28 St. Ser.. Miss Colien, Stuclent Patrol. Sr. Arista, Lab. Tech. Squncl. EINIGER, IRWIN-2861 W. 31 St. Sec. in Bookkeeping Office. EISENBERG, BARBARA-223 Br. First Lane Subject Class Sec., Sec. in Auditors' Olfice, Co- op Course. EISENMAN, BERNARD-2135 77 St. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Patrol. Library Squad, Brandeis Hebrew Club, G.O. Rep. EISENMAN, STANLEY-313 Brightwaler Ct. ELLER, IRENE-2086 Colby Ct. Sec. to tlxe Girl's Dean. ELMAN, MARVIN--1758 E. 4 St. Choral. Traclc Team, Sluclcnt Patrol, Cargnes, Clinir, Sec, in Vvvllarc Ollifc. ESPOSITO. GRACE--2804 VV. 2 St. Scc.. NUTSC. EULO. STEVE-2421 E. 1 St. EVANS, DONALD-2833 VV. 27 St. Capt.. Visual Aicls Squacl, Capt., Varsity Swimming 'l'm-ani. FARRUGGIA. MARIE ANN-2444 E, 3 St. Glue Club, Clmral. FEIGENBAUM. BARBARA-9 Murdock Ct. Varsity Sliow, Nlgr.. Class'Nit0, Program Ollicc, Program Comm., Arista. Arlion. FELDMAN. DARLENE--1833 E. 7 St. Sec. in Grade Aclviscrls Olllicr-. Curgoes Comm., Sm-. in Gym Olll-ico, Pros., Prelert Class. FELLER. MURRAY-3l09 Br. 7 St. Student Patrol. Visual Aitls. FERRERA, ROY-2470 E. I St. Baseball Team. Football Team, Bancl. Orchestra, Calctcria Squacl. FERTEL. MARY ELLEN--223 Dov:-r St. Sec. in Rccorcl Olllifc, Latin Club, Sec. ol Latin Club. FERTEL, NIYRA'-223 Dover St. Svc. in Recorcl Office, Latin Club. FIALKIN. ANITA-3091 Br. 3 St. Pool Leader. Sec., Mrs. Lee, Swimming Clulz, Sec. in Grade Advisers' Otlicc, Sec., Mr. Bernstein. Flco, PALMA-296 Ave. VV Sec.. Nlr. Yates, Sec. in Clinic, G.O. Rep.. Ser. in Prelcct, Rc- orq. Comm. FlNDER, FRED-8 Amlierst St. Student Pa- trol. Licut., Cat.:-teria Squad. FINKELSTEIN, MORTON-3120 Br. 5 St. Capt.. Student Patrol, Trarli Team, Biology Squad, Usller Squad, G,O, Counril Rep. l7lSCl'lER, SHIRLEY!-1633 E. I4 St. Late Squad. Ser., Mallm Team. Sec., Jr. Arista. Bowl- ing Club, Arlcon, Sr. Arista. FISH. MURIEL-1424 E. I-1 Si, Pres., Prclcft. G.O. Rep., Attendance Squad, Cnrgoes Staff. Student Patrol. FISHBEIN. SIDNEY-3070 VV. 23 St. l7lSHlN'lAN, LENORE-24107 E. 7 St. Twirlers. P.T.A. Rep., Bio. Lali. Squad, Uslicrotte, Sec.. Prolort. FORTE. CONCETTA-2260 E. l St. Sec. in Art Office. Ser. in Clotliing Room, Locker Squad. Leaders Gym. Class-Nite. FOX. PENNY-4308 Orr-an Ave. Log Editor-im Cliicl, Editor-in-Cllicl Alumni News, Cargoes Literary Editor. Arista, Arlcon, Landmarle Literary Staff, G,O. Councilman, Soc., Arlcon. SALLY-2029 3 St. .lr. Arista. Student Patrol, Sec. in Secretarial Office, Red Cross Rep., Sec. in Language Office. FRANKEL, JOAN-3748 Polar sr. Hospilalid Club, Sec. to Mr. Elstr-in. FREELING. CHARLES,-258 Corbin Pl. FREEMAN. DONALD-2836 VV. 36 St. Base- ball Team. Stuclcnt Patrol. FRIED, BERNICE-1587 E. S St. Pros., Pre- lnct Class, Cv.O. Counril Rep., Sec., Gym Officr-, Ser., Mrs. Van Den Broelc, Calctcria Squad. FRIEDMAN. ARLINE-5011 Surf Ave. Sec. in Girls' Gym Olfirv, Late Squnfl, NIOACTH Dance Club. FRIEDNIAN. GARY-2836 NV. 23 St. Bio. Lalu. Squad. Sec.. Aurl. FRIEDNIAN, GARY W.-3003 01.435111 Purliway Boy Leader, lvlusic Honor Society. l.c-aflcr. Swing Bzxncl, Cuncluctor, Asst. Sympliunic Bnnxl, Or- ulficstra. FRIEDMAN, JACK-3l22 Nvptunn Ave. Vis- ual Aicl Squad. FROST, GLORIA-2915 W. 25 St. Sec.. Pre- lcct, G.O. Rep., Cargoes Rep., Sec., Dr. Orgel. C0'llnlcnCf'fllCnt Cofnfn. FROST, MURRAY-2876 VV. 21 St. G.O. Rep.. Supply Squad, Student Patrol, U.N. Club. Scholarship Club. FRUMIN, MARILYN-2865 VV. 22 St. Sec.. Accounting Dept., Sec. in Comm. Law, History. Colnnlenfclncnt COIIIIII., SPC. in Gyln. GALATI, SANDRA-2016 E. S St. Art Squad. Sec.. lVlr. Sapr-rstcin, Sec. in Program Office, Bio. Clmrt Club. GALITLER, SYLVIA-1514 E. I0 St. Piano Accompanist. Clmral. Jr.. Sr. Arista, Arlcon, Co- Cnpt., Stage Make-up Squad, Music Director. Class-Nite, Sec., Pan American Club. GATTI. GRACE-2428 W. 2 St. Capt.. Boys' Dean's Squad. GELLER, HARVEY.-1757 E. 5 St. Band. GEMMA, LOUIS-24 Brighton 3 Rd. GENTILE. El..AlNE-2862 VV. 2 Si. Record Ollfice, Typist, Mr. Greenberg. GEORGE. RlCHARD-2863 W. 21 Si. Sec. in Language Office. Talent Club, Student Patrol. Pan American Club. GERARDI, ANNE-2370 Boynton Pl. Sec. in Art Office, Food Squad, Photography Clulzn. GERBER, ILEAN--2225 64 St. Sec. in Ac- counting Olfice, Commencement Comm. GERSTENFELD. EVELYN-3033 Br. 13 Sr. Student Patrol, Sec. in Record Office, Food Squad, Twirlers, Prellect Class Monitor. GERSTMAN. RENEE-3094 Br. 5 St. Sec. in Eng. Office. GEVVIRTZIVIAN. JEAN-3115 Br. 6 St. Clin- ic. General Office. Typist in Log Office. G.O. Council Rep., Sec., Mrs. Lazarus. GEWIRTZMAN. JEROME-3130 Br. 7 St. Visual Aids Squad. Soccer Team. GILBERT. JERRY-2910 W. 1 St. Band. Vis- ual Aids Squad. Student Patrol. Rille Squad. Sr. Council. GlNSBERG. AL-51 Br. I0 Ct. Traclc Team. Stage Squacl, Pulnlic Address Squad, Football Game Announcer. GIORDANO, ANNA,-89 Neel: Rd. Sec., Stucly Hall, Fasliion Council, Sec. ol Prclcct. GIORDANO. FRANK-250 Ave. X ltalian Club, Gym Loader, Sec.. lVlrs. Spar. GITTELMAN. LARRY-1825 69 St. Soccer Team, Capt. GLASSMAN. LILA-2984 W. 30 St. Sec.. Sr. Arista, Landmark Business Stall. Stuflcnt Patrol, Prom Comm., Class-Nite, Soc. in Accounting Glltice, Co-Clvairman Arista Help Class. GLICKEN, ROBERT-3708 Oceanic Ave. Bio. Squacl, Pres. ol Pr:-loc! Class. GLICKSMAN, GLORIA-3826 Laurel Ave. Sec. in Gym Office, Sec. in lVlatlx Office, Sec. in Dcan's Oll-irc. GOLD, DORlS-6-8 Nass Walk Cllem. Squad. Lilmrary Squacl, Baslcctlzall Team, Sec.. lVlr. Rolli- man, Glen Club. GOLDBERG. Arista, Arlcon. Honor Society. GOLDBERG. DIANE-1902 65 St. Jr.. Sr. Sec. in Principals Office, Music Pros.. Jr. Real Cross Council. ISRAEL-2154 E. 4 St. GOLDBERG, MORTON-l647 W. S St. Gym Ollice, Stuclent Patrol. GOLDBERG, MURIEL-3002 W. 28 St. As- soc. Editor, Log, Arlcon, Class-Nite. Clmral, Com- lllcrlfunlent COInm, GOLDBERG. PAUL-80 NVQ-st End Ave. 0.0. Councilman, G.O. Rep. GOLDEY, DAVID-216 Exeter St. Leader, Program Office. Asst. Eclitor. Log 0.0. Council- man, Pres. nl Arlmn, Ser. in History Office. GOLDFARB. MARVIN-1880 E. 4 St. Lost 6 Found Squaci, Cafeteria Squaci. Visual Aids Squad, Sec. in Clinir. Class Pres. GOLDFISHER, SALLY-3000 Br, I2 St. Prom Comm. Rep.. Class-Nite Script. Rerord Ol:l'ice. Boys' Deans Squaci, Lilmmry Squad. GOLDIN, VERA--263-I Vkkst St. GOLDMAN, ANN-2612 VVcst St. Sec. in Attenclanre Olliu'-. Book Slmp Squad. GOLDSTEIN. BERNARD-2826 VV. 36 St. Sec. in Language Otiire. GOLDSTEIN. BURT-1802 Ocean Parkway Varsity Sliow, Visual Aicls Squacl. Sergeant, Caf- eteria Squad, Pres., Sr, prefect. Class-Nite. GOODMAN, BENJAMIN-79 Corbin Pl. Vis- ual Aids Squad, Student Patrol. Cafeteria Squacl. Visual Aid Experts Club. GOODMAN, DOROTHY-235 Cnlnrirlge St. Business Mgr, Lanrimarlz, Jr., Sr. Arista. Boosters, Arlmn. Varsity Squacl, Prom Comm. GOODMAN, MORTON-273 Neptune Ave. GORDON, ROSLYN-710 Ave. S. Sec.. Miss Gray, Sec., Mr. Epstein. Varsity Show Rep.. Cargoes Rep., G.O. Rep. 25 GORDON, VICTOR-2178 E. 8 St. Mimeo- grapli Squad, Visual Aid Squad. GORRAN, GEORGE-3841 Lyme Ave. GRAMAN, PHYLLIS-3079 Coney Island Ave. lVlonitor Bd. Cperator, Attendance Office, Sec., lVlrs. Wolfe, Pres., Prelect, Red Cross Rep.. Varsity Sllow Rep. GRAY, LARRY-79 Br. ll St. Lawyer. Student Court. Bio. Lals. Asst.. Student Patrol. Clmem. Squad, Red Cross Rep. GRAZIANO, JOAN-355 Avenue X Boosters. Glee Club, Sec. in Boys' Gym Office. G.O. Councilman. GREEN, DON-2250 E. 13 St. Sec.. Mr. Hirsclilaerg. Student Patrol, Sec., lVlrs. Gold. GREENBERG. HAROLD-2915 Br. 7 St. Stage Squad, P.A. Squad. Footlnall Game Spot- ter, Clieer Leaders. GREENBERG, HERBERT-3030 Br. 12 St. Handball Team. Supply Squad, Jr. Arista. Scllol- arslrip GREENBLATT, MARVIN-558 E. 56 St. Stu- dent Court Lawyer. Judge, Student Patrol. Log Sports Stall. Handlaall Team, Clerk in Student Court Office. GREENE, l'lARRlET-47 Beaumont St. Judge- Studcnt Court. Sec. in Language Office. Girl Leader, Jr. Arista, Sec.. Arkon, Sr. Arista, Direc- tor. Class-Nite. GREENFIELD. HOWARD-3260 Coney lslancl Ave. Clinic Squad, Sec. in Student Wellare Office, Class-Nite Script Wnters, Library, Red Cross Rep. GREENFIELD, PAULA-3045 Br. 3 St. Arista. Arlwn, Sec., Miss Collen. Clmoral. Class-Nite. GREENSTEIN. MONROE-296 Ave. P. Pres. ol Prelect. G.O. Rep., P.A. Squad, Brooklyn Borough Council Rep. GREENWALD. ROBERT,-2787 W. 35 St. Visual Aids Squad. GROSS. MORTON-1928 E. 8 St. Sgt., Cat'- eteria Squad, Football Uslmer Squad. Football Ticlcets Squad. Varsity Sliow Ticlcets Squad. As- sembly Squad. GROSS. NEIL-185 Pemlarolce St. U.N. Club. Supply Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Protect Class Pres. GROSSER, EDDIE--2527 Mennaid Ave. Or- clmestra. GUNTHER, ELAINE-1650 Ocean Parlcway Sec. of prefect, Sec. in Exam Office. Sec. in Health Ed.. Library Squad, Sec., Miss Colien. GURVVITZ, IRMA-13 Br. 10 Patlm Sec. in Chem. Office, Sec. in Math Office. Jr., Sr. Arista. Prom Comm.. Lincoln Award Delegate. 2 HABER, SUMNER-171 Dover St. Student Pa- tro . HAFIF, LINDA-458 Ave. T Sec.. French Class, Sec. in Attendance Office. G.O. Rep.. Sec. in English Class. HALL, LOREITA,-2619 Hubbard St. Sec. in Stenograpliy Olfice. Sec. in Language Office. Sec. Em prefect, Sec. to Clothing Adviser, Co-op ourse. HALPERIN, BARRY-1860 Ocean Parkway Visual Aids Squad. HAMVVAY, ROBERTA-412 Ave. T Sec. in Bio. Laboratory. HARARI, AARON-1740 Ocean Parkway Co- Capt., Basketball Team, Baseball Team. Leader. Gym Squad. HARRIS. CAROLE-3026 Br, I4 St. Twirlers. Student Patrol, Sec., Economic Class, Sec.. lVlr. Sliapiro. Sec., Clinic, HARTIG, lVllCHAEL-65 Br. ll St. Director. Class-Nite Script Writer, Class-Nite. Varsity Sllow, Pres.. Prcfect, Sec., Mr. Elstein. HECHTMAN, BARBARA-3019 Ave. W. Fond Squad. HEFFES, GRACE-1885 E. 2 St. Sec. in Ac- counting Oli-ice, Sec. in Grade Advisers' Office. l'lElCl'llVlAN, lVlEl.VlN--3723 Poplar Ave. Varsity Track Team. Boys' Emergency Room. Pres., Atliletika, Pres., Prelect. HELFAND. JACK-2819 lVlermaid Ave. Pres. ol Prclect. HERMAN. CHARLES-I0 Sylvan Terrace Vis- ual Aids Squad. Bio. l..alJ., Orcliestra, Student Patrol. Fencing' Team. HERSH. ANN-3056 Br. I3 Si. Co-Ealitor4in- Cliicl, Landmark, Assoc. Ed.. Log, Girl Leader. Sr. Arista. lvlemlzcr, rlr. Arista. Arkon. Co-Cl1air- man, Lincoln Press Club. Sec. in Girls' Dean's Office, UN, Club. HERSHMAN. HARRIET-2165 E. 14 St. Sec. in Grade Advisers' Office, Sec. in Accounting Dept., Senior Class Rep. Commencement Comm. HIPPER, HARVEY--2848 W. 30 St. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Squad. l'llRSCl'l, ROBERT-ll20 Br. Beaclr Ave. Sec. in Gym Olzlice, Mgr.. Basketball Team, G.O. Rep., Pres.. Preiect. IIOCHMAN, ELAINE-1847 E. 4 St. Ser. in Log Office. G.O. Councilman, Varsity Squatl, P.T.A. Rep., Real Cross Rep. HOI-'I'-MAN. VIVIAN-3100 Br. 7 St. Stage Nlgr.. Varsity Sltow, Ser. in Girls' D1-an's Olfire, G.O. Rep., Arkon, Lilmrary Squarl. HOLLENDER, ELITA-3033 Br. I3 St. Sr. Class Rep., G.O. Rep.. Ser. in Record Office, Ser. in Frenrlt OH-ice, P.'l'.A. Rep. HONIG. ELEANOR-31 I3 Br. 6 St. Asst. Ed., Log, Vive-Pres.. Arkon. Cltairman. Conttm-me ment Comm., Cltairmnn. .lt-welry Comm.. Lumi- murle Literary Stall. Arista, 'liwirlt-rs, Class-Nitt-. HORUVVITZ. BERNICE-3033 Br. 13 St. All. City Clmrus, Clwral, Glee Club, Class-Nite. Sec., Nlusic Honor Society. HOROVVITZ. FRANCES-l708 E. 3 St. in prinripulls Cjlzl-ire. Uslter Squacl. HOUSMAN, RONALD-1653 48 St. Student Patrol, Varsity Sliow. HYNUVVITZ. HARRIEI'-2005 E. S St. Sw. in Bio. Latll., Sec., Afrounting Dtfpt., Ser., Grarle Aclvisers' Office, Ser, in Attenclance Office. ISCKOVHY. BARBARA-2003 E. H Sl. Sw. in Dr. Orgells Office, See., lvlrs. Carlson. JACKEL. STEPHEN-2855 VV. 37 St. Sym- phonic Bunfl, Orcllcstrit, Darke Bnncl. JACOBSON, WILLIAM-2953 Br. l Sl. Stu- rlent Patrol, Cafeteria Squacl, Lmulniurlz Rep., Scltolarsliip Clulo, Class-Nite. JARRETT. NORMAN-H50 Br. Bc-aflt Ave. Student Patrol. JOFFE, JOSEPH-2162 E. 8 St. lxiimeograph. Orchestra, Band. JOSEPH, ETHEL-2931 W. 21 St. Co-op Course. JOSEPHS, MAURICE-1124 Ave. Z. Math Analysis, Math Team, Philo. Club. JURO. FLORENCE-2221 E. 8 St. Capt.. Dcan's Squad, Class-Nite. Script Writing. Li- hrary Squad. KAHAN, LEONARD-3074 Br. 14 St. Mem- her, Art Squad, Chess Club, Student Patrol. Photography Cluh, KALINA, JOYCE-2744 W. 33 St. Varsity Show, Jr.. Sr. Arista. Sec., lVlr. Idelson. Class- Nite. KALLMAN. IRWIN-l87l E. I3 St. Shop Cluh, Cafeteria Squad, Usher Squad, Class Pres. KALMUS, MARCIA-1322 St. Marks Ave. Sec. in Record Office, Sec.. Miss Goldstein. KAMER, RUBY-3100 Br. 2 St. Sec. in Record Office. Foods Squad, Sec.. Mr. Medine, Choral. Sec. in Clinic. KAMINKOWITZ, CYNTHIA-217 Ocean View Ave. Glee Club, Arlcon, Bio. Lab. Squad. Visual Aid Chart Club. Visual Aids Squad. G.O. Council Rep. KAMINSKY, DORIS-2849 W. 22 St. Sec. in Record Office, G.O. Rep., Sec. in Cargoes Olfice, Sec. in Attendance Office, Red Cross Rep. KAMPOURAKIS. GLCRIA-12163 West St. Sec. in Auditor's Office. Sec., Mrs. Wolf. KANE. CHARLOTTE-l2l6 Ave. U. Typist. Boys' Dean's Office. Sec. in Secretarial Studies Office, Food Squad, Pres.. Hospitality Club. Landmark Rep. KASS. SELMA-3085 Br. 13 St. Sec. in History glticei Sec. in Library, Cargoes Rep.. Sec., Mr. ntel . KASS, STANLEY-1080 Ocean View Ave. Choral. instrumental. Sllop Club, Class-Nite, Talent Clulu. KASTLE. BARBARA-2112 58 St. Sec. in Dr. iVlason's Office. Modern Dance Club. Tennis Club, Supply Squad. KATZ, GLADYS-1247 Ave. V. Student Patrol. Bio. Squad. Sec.. Prefect, Sec., Miss Rubin. Li- brary Squad. IQTTZ, IRVING-2929 W. 32 St. Student Pa- tro . KATZ. PAULE'ITE-2929 W. 32 St. Jr., Sr. Arista, Arkon. Pres. of Bookkeeping Class. Sec. in Grade Advisers' Office. Altemate to Prom Comm.. Co-op Course. KATZ, PHYLLIS ANN-3091 Br. 5 St. Varsity Slxow, Library Squad, Prom Comm.. Sec.. Mr. Grumette. Sec.. Mr. Lapedos. KATZWEIN. HELENE-522 Ocean View Ave. Corclmairman, Senior Budget Comm., Commence- ment Comm. KAVNER, RICHARD.-3015 Br. I3 St. Stage Squad, Plmtograplxer. Log, Plxotograpller. Class- Nite. KAY, NAOMI-2001 E. 9 St. Jr. Arista. Sec. in Dean's Office, Library Squad. Bowling Club. Prom Comm. KELLERMAN, JANICE-2930 W. 36 St. Sec.. Mr. Medine, Pres.. Homeroom, Sec.. Mr. Zinner. Sec.. Mr. Greenberg. KERN, ARLINE-2005 E. 8 St. Library Squad. Sec. in Record Office. KERPER, ROCHELLE-1890 E. 5 Sl. Sec. in IVIatIi Office. Ser., IVIrs. VVcIitz. Str-nograpliy Colntvst Club, Sec., IVIiss Tnrter, Soc., Nlrs. Bo- rnc . KIRSCH, EI..I..EN-f30I Briglitwatc-r Cl. Clmrul Soricty, All City Clmrus. ArIcon. Soc. in Dr-nn's OI-liirc, Class-Nite, Music Honor Society. KLEIN, MARGOT-1802 Oc'can Parkway GO. Councilman Uslicr Squacl, Commencement Comm., Social Ev Publicity Comm., Svc. in G.O. flllliav. KLEIN, IVIELVIN-2846, W. 27 St. Munir 'Ir-nm, Dr. OrgcI's Qfltirr-, Arista, Arliun, Schol- arship CIuIJ. KLEIN, MELVYN-2133 E. 8 St. Sgt., Slumlvnl Patrol. Captq IVIin1cogmpI1 Squad. Visual Aicls. I7oolImII Tr-nm. KLEIN, SANDRA--l990 E. 7 Sr. KOBIN, EUGENE-3099 Br. 6 St. Flu-rnI'n-r. VII:-nnis Team. Visual AiLIs Squurl. KOBIN, HOVVARD--150 Br. I5 Sl. KOCHIVIAN, ADRIENNE-1802 Ou-an Park- way Sluclcnt Patrol. Sec. in Rccorrl Olfirc, G.O. Rep., Uslu-r Squad. KOENIGSBERG, ALAN-2811 W. 35 St. Symplionir' Band, Dann' Bancl, Visual Aids, Ifranclr-is I'IvImrcw Slide Rule Clulm. KOKOT, ZEV-3lll Br. I PI. Prvlvnl Class Pres., Student Patrol, Cal:-tcria Squad. Senior Council. KONlN. HERMAN-2065 E. 8 St. Library Squacl. KOPPEL, GLORIA,-13130 Br. 6 St. Senior Buel- get Comm.. Sec.. Mr. Rotlnman. KORNREICH, LORRAINE-3099 Br. 6 St. Sec. in Attenclnnrfe Ollice, Sec. in Dean's Office, Senior Arista. KOROTZER, ESTA-2826 W. 36 St. Vice- Clmirman. .lcwvlry Comm.. Vice-Cliairman. Crim- mencement Comm., Sec. in Dcan's Office, Sec. in Gym, Reel Cross Rep. KOSSAN. IRENE-140 Br. ll St. Sec.. Nurse, Red Cross Rep. KOZIN. WILLIAM-3100 Br. 7 St. Basketball flqenm, Library Squad. Gym Squad, Student Pa- trol. KRAMER, SAMUEL-140 Jellrey St. Track Team, Swimming Team, Supply Squacl. KRAVlTZ, GERRY-305 Br. Bencli Ave. Sec. in Grade Advisers' Office, Varsity Squad. Jr., Sr. Arista, Arlcon, Sec. in History Office. KRIGSMAN, FLORE-4405 Higlilancl Ave. cargoes Club, G.O. Rep.. Bio. Cliart Club. Frencli KRlGSlVlAN, IRWIN-4405 Higlilanrl Ave. Sgt., Stuclent Patrol, Bio. Chart Squacl. KRIMSKY, RUTH-20 Br. 7 Walk Sec. in Denn's Ollicc, Glee Clulo, G.O. Council Rep. KRIMSKY, SIDNEY-2995 W. 29 St. Book Sllop, Slide Rule Club. KRUBl.l'I', BARBARA-3037 Br. 2 St. Sec. Bio. Dept.. Commencement Comm.. G.O. Coun- cil Rep., Class-Nite, Sr. Council Rep. KRUTOFF, RICHARD-2952 Br. 3 St. Stu- clcnt Patrol, G.O. Council Rep., Arlion. KURS, BEVERLY--724 Ave. VV. Ser. in Clinir Loclcer Squacl. KURTA, PAULA-3100 Ocean Parlcway Sec. in Gym Office, Supply Squad, Boosters, Prclcct Vice-Pres. KURTZ, ROBERTA-2833 VV. 3.3 St. Cluem. Lab., Bio. Lab., Library Squad. LAKIN, JERRY'-4618 Shore Blvd. Student Pa- trol, Cafeteria Patrol, Sec. in History Office. LANDEAU. CAROLYN-2853 Br. 6 St. P.T. A. Rep., Uslmcr Squad, Sec. in Typing Class, Sr. Prelcct Treas., Co-op Course. LAPEDOS, JOAN-5123A Clarendon Rd. As- soc. Eclitor, Log, Ed-ln-Chief, Club Corner, Girl Leader, Sr. Arista. Sec. G.O. Delegate, Higlw Sclmol UNESCO, Lurufmarll Art. LAURO. ROBERT-1847 Ocean Parlcway Cal- etcria Squad, Gym Leader. LAZARUS, BEVERLY-2525 Hubbard Si. Clloral. Glee Cluln, Music Honor Society, All- City Higll Sclwol Clmrus, Frcncll Conversation Club, Philosophy Clulv. LAZARUS, SAlVl--ll5 Greenwood Ave. LEADER. HAROLD-3100 Br. 7 St. Capt. ol Football Team, Baselnall Team. LEFCOURT. GERALD--110 Shore Blvd. Li- brary Patrol. LEFF. ROBERT'-254 Dover St. Visual Aicis. Book Strap. cargoes Rep.. Commencement Comm.. Ping Pong Club. LEFKOWYIZ. DOROTHY-174 Prospect Pl. Lincoln War Nlcmorial Nominating Comm.. Sec.. Fir. Raphael. P.T.A. Rep. LEHMAN. JOAN-2980 W. 29 St. G.O. Rep.. Sec., Nlr. Lebow. Typist. Log, Class-Nite. LEIBONNITZ, GEORGE-710 Manor Ct. Asst. Ed.. Log. Pres.. Arkon. Pres., Latin SPQR. Capt.. Dean's Squacl. Jr.. Sr. Arista. LEIVIKIN. JOAN-7205 Shore Rel. LENTCHNER, IRWIN-4230 Manhattan Ave. Visual Aids Squad, Cilem. Squad. Swimming Team. Cutting Squad. LEONCAVALLO, LEON-1571 Coney Island Ave. Varsity Show. Pres. ot Music Listeners Club, Ritie Squad. LERNER, SANDRA-2797 Br. 8 St. Sr. Bud- get Comm.. Pres., Medical Club. Twiriers, Lin- coln Award Comm., G.O. Council Rep. LEVIN, DAVID-2838 W. 36 St. f LEVIN. JANET-286 Corbin Pi. Jr. Arista. Latin SPQR, Leaders, Tennis Club. Sec., G.O. Office. LEVIN, JOAN--2636 Hubbard St. Sec.. Girls' Dean's Office, Sec., G.O. Office. Leader. Gym Ariron. Co-Director, Class4Nite. Student Patrol LEVIN. JUDITH-1890 E. 5 St. Sec. in Record Office, Sec. in Cao. Office, Sec. in Language Office. Sec. in Clinic, Attendance Office. LEVINE. ELAINE-4627 Beacb 46 St. Car- goes, Co-Director. Class-Nite, U.N. Club. Script Writing, Class-Nite. LEVINE, GERALD-3029 Br. I2 St. Varsity Swimming Team. LEVINS. MICHAEL-130 Amberst St. Pres.. Visual Aids. Pres.. Nledical Club. Bio. Squad. Social Studies Forum, Philosophy Club. LEVVIS, EDWARD-2795 Shore Parkway. LIBERMAN. RUTH-1716 E. 7 St. Library Squad, Rec' Cross Rr-p. LICHTENSTEIN, BERNARD-2773 E. 16 St. LICHTENSTEIN, HERBERT-3126 Coney Island Ave. Lieut., Cafeteria Squad. Cvym Leacter. LIEBERMAN, HARRIET--2098 Coney Island Ave, Co-Capt., Boosters, Sec., Mr. Hirscbberg, Jr., Sr. Arista, Library Squad. Student Patrol. LIEBMAN, SOL-2633 Hubbard Sr. Student Patrol. LIPSCHITZ, STEVE-162 Beaumont St. Swim- ming Team. Cafeteria Patrol, Late Squad, Land- mark Office. Attlletilia. LITT, DORIS-116 Mackenzie St. Sec. in Bio. Office. Prom Comm., Sec. in Language Office. Class-Nite. LlTll, SHIRLEY-175 .lallray St. Lawyer, Judge. Cliiel Justice, Student Court, Vice Pres., Arlcon, Sec., Dr. Orgel, Jr. Arista, Program Comm. LOEFF. RICHARD--909 Ave. T. Visual Aid Squad, Library Squad, Student Patrol, Rille Club. P.T.A. Rep. LOMBARDO, VINCENT-306 Ave. VV. Trarlc 5' Cross-Country Team, Soccer Team, Peace Club, Student Patrol Licut. Atliletilca. LONDON, GOLDIE-3026 Br. I4 St. Twirlers. Sec. in Clinic, Sec. in Record Office, Helper in Foods Room. Co-op Course. LOVVENBERG, FRED-206 Ocean View Ave. Stfident Patrol. Attendance Nlonitor in Math Cass. LUBEROFF, EDWARD-3612 lxlerniaid Ave. Visual Aid Squad. LUCCI, LOUIS-I725 E. 7 St. Lieut.. Cal- ctcrin Squad. Student Patrol. G.O. Council Rep. LUSTIG, HAROLD-3130 Br. 6 St. MACALUSO, NINA-llll Aw. Z. Basketball Clulb, Sec. to Mr. Vvvissman. lVlACRl. ERNEST-2233 E. I2 St. Bay-In-Il Squad. Calctcria Squad. lVlAlBACH. JANE--l-1-fl Hastings St. Pool Lead- ers, Swimming Team, Sec. in Attendance Office. MOIICTH Diinft' CIUIJ, CIBSS-NltC. lVlAl-ONE, JOHN-824 Avo. V. Capt. ol Base- ball Team. lvleinlucr ol Footlmall Team, Atllletilm. MAMON, GLENN-2662 West St. Co-Capt.. Math Team, Boy Leader, Jr. Arista, Sec., Sr. Arista, Supply Squad, Late Squad. MANGANO. PETER--2228 E. 4 St. MANISCALCO, TONY-702 Neck Rd. Stu- ctent Patrol. Track Team, Cafeteria Squad. MANSDORF, ADELE--3100 Br. 3 St. Sec. in Grade Advisers' Office. Library Squad. Gym Lost 8 Found, Landmark Rep.. Sec. to Mr. Speiser. MARCUS. RENEE-I Kister Ct. Foods Squad. Sec.. Mrs. Selden, Cutting Squad, Bio. Squad, Co-op Course. MARIANO, GLORIA-448 Ave, Y. Student Patrol, See. in Clinic. MARKOWITZ, SONDRA-3108 Br. 5 St. Pres., Prcfect Class. Prom Comm., History Office. Bio. Squad. Sr. Arista. MARKUSFELD, CHARLES-3115 Br. 6 St. IVIARKS. HELENE-1601 Ocean Parkway Sec.. Dean of Girls. Sec., Mr. Maiclman. Sec., Mr. Vvtiite, Class-Nite. MARTELLI, GRACE-2435 W. 3 St. Sec. in Gym. Leaders Gym. MARTORELLO, MARY ANN-2437 E. 15 St. MARTORI, PATRICIA-400 Ave. T. Locker Squaci, Sec. to Ftrs. Amato. Sr. Prefect Pres., Book Rep. for Mr. Relin, C0-op Course. MASOTTO, FRANCES-2320 Ocean Parlcway Choral, Glee Club. Pres.. Prelect. Leaders Sec. in Gym Office, Kallista. MATALON. LEE.-1960 E. 5 St. MECHANECK, LOLA-705 Dunne Ct. Sec.. Mr. Hirsclllaerg. Class-Nite, Pan-American Club. Modern Dance Club. MEISEL, EDWARD-223 Br. l St. Basketball Team. Student Patrol. MERENSTEIN. AARON-2929 W. 24 Ss. Pres., Prefect, Shot-Put Track Team. Soccer Squad. MESUK. ROBERT-2015 E. 7 St. Student Patrol. METH, SARA-1774 E. 2 St. Sec. in Math Office. MEYERSON. RITA-1800 Ocean Parkway Foods Squad, Chem. Ollice. Bio. Squad. Sec.. Gym, Library Squad. MICHELSON, STUART-l7lI E. 3 St. MIGLIARO, GERALDINE--2553 E, 1 St. Food Squad, G.O. Rep.. Class Sec. IVHGNON. ROGER-915 Ave. S. MIKEL. SHIRLEY.-1890 E. 5 St. Bio. Squad, Record Office, Sec. in English Office. MILANO, LOUISE'-l4I9.I Mermaid Ave. MILLER, BARBARA-1682 Ocean Parkway Jr., Sr, Arista, Sec.. Mr. Fried, Landmark Rep.. Senior CounciI, CIass-Nite. MILLER. JOYCE-2089 E. 4 St. General Mgr. Varsity Show. CIass-Nite, Sec.. Dr. Orgel, P.T.A. Rep., Sec. in Language Office. MILLER, LEONARD-156 Br. ll St. Library Squad, Prefect CIass Pres.. Sec.. IVIr. ZutIer. MILLER, RONALD-3065 Br, I3 St. Student PatroI. Varsity Show. Prom Comm., CIass-Nite. MILLER. SHELDON-115 Brightwater Ct. Co- Capt.. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Avia- tion CIuIJ, SIide RuIe CIu.IJ, G.O. CounciI Rep. IVIILONE, JOHN-436 Ave. Y. Baseball Squad. Gym Leader. MINTUS. ALBERT-711 Brightwater Ct. Via- uaI Aid Squad. IVIINTZER. STEVEN-4617 Beach 46 St. Swim- ming Team, Sec.. Dr. OrgcI, Pres. of Prefect CIass. MITFLEMAN. ANITA-2784 W. 36 St. Sec.. Miss Mittnian, Commencement Comm. Rep. MONAS. MARTIN-2682 W. 2. St. G.O. Rep.. Pres., Prefect, Student PatroI. SuppIy Squad, Sr. Arista. MONCADA, JOAN-4115 Bedford Ave. Sec. in Cafeteria Office, Sec., Nurse. Student PatroI. Locker Squad. MOOK. LUTHER--1508 Ave. U. Orchestra. Log Photo Editor, Landmark Plloto Editor. Color Guard, Tfnfk Teafn. MORGANSUEN. RONALD-3104 Neptune Ave. Student Patrol, Visual Aids. cargoes Rep. MORRIS, ALAN.-2675 W. 37 St. MOST ILE. IDA.-216 Neck Rd. MUCHA. SHELDON-156 Langham St. Stage Squad, Varsity Sliow. MULLER. ELISE-1159 Br. Beach Ave. P.T.A. Rep., Red Cross Rep., G.O. Rep.. Sec. Health Ed. Office, Sec. in Gym Admin. Office. Sec.. Mr. Engellmardt, Slietcll Club. MUSCARELLA. RAYMOND-2220 E. I3 St. Sec. in Administrative Office. Sec.. Mr. Lassar. MUSIKAR, SANFORD-3026 W. 23 Stf NAHOUM, MONA-2918 Br. 7 St. Sec. in Social Studies Office, Boosters, Co-Captain, Cllecring Squad. NATKIN. ARNOLD-2-4 Nass Walk Lieut.. Cafeteria Patrol, Gallery Squad. NEEDLE. LAURA-3085 Br. I3 St. Pres. ul Prelect Class. Sec. in History Office. Sec. in Dr. Orgel's Office. Student Patrol. NEGIN. NORMA-3038 Br. 7 St. Sec. in Dean's Office. P.T.A. Rep., Library Squad. Stu- dent Patrol. NEMET, lRVVlN-3000 Br. 12 St. Assembly Squad, Swimming Team. NEVVNIAN. ADRIENNE-42-16 Surf Ave. Sec. in Cliem. Olllice, P.T.A. Rep., Ass't Director, Class Nite, Sr. Councilman, Jr. Red Cross Rep. NEWMAN, KENNETFI-2766 E. 16 St. Bas- lietball Team, Sec., Mr. Nlaiclman. NORIAN, HARRY-2273 E. I4 Si. Late Squad, Football Team, Baseball Team, Stuclent Patrol. NUTIG, FLOYD-2953 W. 30 Si. Biology Lala. Squacl, Varsity Traclc Team, Cross-Country Team, Sec.. Stuclcnt Hall. OBLAS, NORMA-2228 lvlvrmaicl Ave. Ser. in Gracle Advisers' Office. Ser. in Accounting Office. Sec. in Vocational Office, G.O. Rep., P.T.A. Rep. OREMLAND, ALAN-241 Amherst St. Pro! gram Comm., Tennis Team. Prelect Class Pres. ORGLER, JOEL-105 Kensington St. Baslcetlmll Varsity. Student Patrol. Gym Leader. ORUNSKY, ELEANOR-2001 E. 9 St. Co- Captain. Boosters. Jr., Sr. Arista, Sec. in Grade Advisers' Ollllice, Sec, in prefect Class. Student Patrol. OSTROW, STEPHEN-26 Driver St. C0-Capt., Rifle Team, Stuclen! Patrol. G.O. Rep.. Class- Nite. PANARIELLO, ANTHONY-1573 E. I7 St. PARNESS, MYRON-2095 E, 7 St. Visual Aid Squad, Cafeteria Squacl, Capt., Mimeograpli Squad. PASTERNACK. ROBERT-3061 Br. 5 St. Capt.. Math Team. Student Patrol, Library Squad. Bio. Squad. Jr.. Sr. Arista. Arlcon. PAUL. ANITA-2176 E. 4 St. G.O. Office Clerlc, Sec., Mr. Plaut. Sec.. Mr. White, Capt.. Cafeteria. PAUL, HOWARD-2784 W. 36 St. Pres. of Prelect Class. PEARLMAN, PAULA-1694 Ocean Parkway Boosters. Choral. Glee Club. Service Squad. G.O. Council Rep. PELLEGRINO, JOHN-2134 E. 4 St. PELLEGRINO, THERESA-2437 E. 2 SL Sec. in Prefect, Sec.. Fashion Council. Sec. in Clinic, Leaders' Gym, Sec., Mrs. Emerson. PELLICANO, CAROL-H23 Ave. Y. Student Patrol, Sec, in Gym, Sec. in Grade Aclvisers' Office. PENKOWER, ROSLYN-1755 Ocean Parkway Jr., Sr. Arista. Arlcon, Student Patrol. Library Squacl. Sec. in Clinic. PERLE. BRUCE-1782 E. 2 St. Chem. Squarl. prefect Class Pres. PERLES, DAVID-141 Dover St. PERLMAN, BARBARA-1802 Occ-an Parkway Sec. in Recorcl Office, Sec. in Attendance Office. Sec. in Clinic. PERLMAN, BERT-2024 Nlermaicl Ave. Capt., Cafeteria Squad, Stucleni Patrol. Sec. to Mr. Lux. PERLMAN, LARRY-131 Hastings St. Vice- Pres.. G.O., Asst. Ed., Log, Math Team, Student Court, Arkon, Jr., Sr. Arista. PERLMAN, ROBERTA-1802 Ocean Parkway Student Patrol, G.O. Councilman, Sec. in At- tendance Office. Sec. in Math Office. PERSKY, JUDY'-3826 Cypress Avo. Boosters. Supply Squacl, P.T.A. Rep., Class-Nite, Sec.. Mr. Swahn. Ave. W. Sec. in Girls Glen Clulm, Sec., Mr. Swalln. Class-Nite. G.O. Rep. PICCIONE. JEAN-292 Ave. W. Sec. in Girls' Dean's Office. Library Squad. Reorganization COIIIIII. PINCUS, NIOLLIE-1640 Ocean Parkway Class-Nite, Co'Capt., Usller Squacl, Nlemlmer, 17 G.O, Cmnnl., Lilarary Squad. Sec, in Dean's Oifir-r-. PLAKAS, ARTHUR-1670 E. I3 St. Cafeteria Squacl. PLATTNIAN. JUDY-24 Tudor Terrace Sec. in Cllem. Office, Boosters, Jr., Sr. Arista, Arkon. Varsity Show Squad, Prom Comm. PLOTKIN, HARRIS--3030 Br. 12 St. Supply Squad, Sec. in Eng. Office. Student Patrol, Intra- mural Baseball. PLOTKIN, MITCHELL-1070 Ocean View Ave. Band, Orcluestra. POLIZZI, CAROL--2333 West St. Sec.. Art Squncl, Sec. in G.O. Office. Sketch Club, Softball Ti-am, ltalian Club. POMERANU, DONALD'-2858 W. I6 St. Sec., lwlr. Hirschberg, P.T.A. Rep., Lincoln Award Delegate. PORCELAIN. Cl.AlRE--50l Briglilwalcr Cf. Sec.. Prelect Class, Clxoral, Glee Clulm. Sec. in Typing Class, Sec. in Math Class. POSY, DIANNA-3920 Laurel Ave. Sec. in Clicm. Office, Late Squacl, Jr., Sr. Arista, Prom Comm., Class-Nile. PRAGER, SAUL-1080 Ocean View Ave. Late Squml, Sr. Council Rep.. Jr.. Sr. Arista. Soc.. Mr. Trostcn, Vice-Pres., Prelect Class, PRESTOMBURGO, CARMELA-2108 E. 7 St. Accounling Clerli, Co-op, Course. PREZlO'l'l'l, NICHOLAS-2402 E. l St. Stu- dent Patrol, Cal-cieria Squacl, Uslxer at Lincoln Dances. PROSCIA. FRANK-2751 Coney Island Ave. Cafeteria Squml, Siuclent Patrol, RABIN. EDWARD-3020 Br. I2 St. Orclies- tra, Symplionic Bancl. RABINOWITZ, CLAIRE-I7-1 Dow-r Sl. GO. Re-p., Capi., Slagc Make-up Squacl. G.O. Coun- cilman, Sec. in Cvcncral Ollicc, Class-Nile. RABINOVVITZ. ROBERT-3319 Kings High- way Cllairman, Lincoln Award. Finance Comm., Sec., Sr. Arista. Lincoln CLO. Ciiy Councilman, Ser. in G.O. Olll-ice, Log Ciruxlaiion Slall. RABINOVVITZ, SOPHIE-2864 W. 3 St. Li- larary Squad. Stuilcni Patrol. Svc. lo lxlr. lwlainl- man. RAGNO, JOSEPH-2217 E. I3 St. Gymnas- tics, Assembly Squad, Cllcerleaflers, Tumblers. RAISNER, NORMA-Rf-rl Cross Rep., Lilmrary Squafl, Sec. in Recorcl Ollzifc, Ticlccl Squacl, RALSTON. IRENE-1800 Ocean Parkway Bio. Lab.. Sec. in Attendance Office. Student Patrol. RANDAZZO. PHYLLIS-2355 E. I St. Leaclefs Gym, Sec. in Clinic, Senior Budget Comm. RAPPAPORT, ROBERTA-2849 W. 29 St. Commencement Comm. Rep.. Sr, Council Rep., G.O. Council Rep., Glec Club, Vice-Pres., Pre- lect Class. RATNER, LARRY-2922 Br. I2 St. Chem. Squad, Library Squad. Welfare Office. Spanislx Dept. RAUCHER, IDA-2783 W. 36 St. See., Miss Collen, G.O. Rep., Sec., Prelect, Arkon. Cao. Social Comm. RAYA. AL-2126 E. 9 St. Assembly Squad. Cafeteria Squad, Gymnastics. REGINA, CAROL-2611 W. 2 St. Red Cross Rep., Foocls Squad. REINHARDT, SHIRLEY-2948 W. 24 St. Sec. in Secretarial Dept., Sec. in Pretect, Locker Equad. Sec. in Bookkeeping Class, Jewelry omm. REINITZ, FELICE-4408 Beach 44 St. Dance Club, Hebrew Club, Locker Squad. RESNIKOFF, HOWARD-3126 Coney Island Ave. Matti Team, Chess Team, Chem. Squad. Jr., Sr. Arista. RHODES, CHARLES-2872 W. 30 St. Sec. to Mr. Zinner, Sec., Mrs. Tlmau. Sec., Mr. Medine. Corop Course. RICCIARDI, FLORENCE-4307 I8 Ave. Sec., Mr. Dargo, Sec. in History Office. RICH, MAXINE-4305 Sea Crate Ave. Arkon. Cargoes Sec., Student Patrol, Library Squad. Sec.. Mrs. Newfield. RICHTER. ELEANOR-3753 Mermaid Ave. Sec. in G.O. Oltice, Jr., Sr. Arista. Arlcon. Li- brary Squad, Student Patrol, Club Corner News. ROBINSON. LYNN-238 West End Ave. Di- rector ot Art Squad. Art Editor of Cargoes, Or- chestra. Art Editor ot Landmarlz. RODIN. JOAN--4112 Ocean Ave. Reporter. Log. Sec. in Record Office, Chairman of Social Comm.. Arlcon. Advertising Manager. Landmark. ROEBUCK. SHEILA-3111 Br. 1 Pl. Red Cross Rep., Food Squad. ROGOFF. ARLENE--9-21 Br. I Rd. Library Squad. Chem, Squad, G.O. Office. Locker Squad, Sec. in English Class. ROME. STUART-523 Kings Highway Prefect Pres., Clieering' Squad. Sec. in Clinic. Bio. Lab. Asst. Cafeteria Squad. ROSE, BENNETT-2930 W. 36 St. Capt. Cat- eteria Squad. ROSE. RENE-2930 W. 36 St. Twirlers. Co- op Course. ROSEN, LILA-2113 E. 8 St. Student Patrol. Sec.. Dr. Mason. Pres., Spanisln Class. ROSEN. MARVIN--5321 Glenwood Rd. Bowl- ing Team, Gym Cutting Squad. Student Patrol. ROSEN, RALPH.-3130 Br. 6 St. Lieut., Caf- eteria Squad. Student Patrol, Jr. Arista. Medical Club. Psychology Club. b ROSENBERG. EVELYN-3031 Br. 14 St. Locker Squad, Sec.. Dean of Girls. Sec., Mrs. Schroth, Sec. in Gym, Sec., Mr. Epstein. ROSENBERG, RONALD-2289 Ocean Park- way United Nations Club, Latin Club. Bio. Lab. Squad, Lincoln Forum. ROSENSTEIN. ELAINE.-618 Ave. S. Capt.. Library Squad, Sec.. Mr. Stcintmrdt, Sec., Mr. Engclilardt. ROSOFF, ALANMISI Jaffrcy St. ROTENBERG, PHYLLIS.-3049 Br. I2 St. Sec.. Mr. Fried, Sec. in History Office, Library Squad, Sec., Mr. Maidnian. ROTH, DAVID-3202 Surf Ave. Boys' Cutting Squad, Senior Prom Comm. ROTH, JUDITH-3042 Br. I4 St. Sec. in At- tendance Office, Switchboard Operator, Sec. in Bio. Lab., Sec. in Welfare Office, Co-op Sec., P.T.A. Rep. ROTHMAN, ELEANOR-1740 E. 3 Sr. Sec. in Math Office, Sec. in History Office, Sr. Arista, Stan. Contest Club. Sec., Mr. Cooper. ROTHSTEIN, MARTIN--16 Sands Walk. ROTUNDO, EDA-2450 E. 3 St. Clnem. Office SCC. ROUFBERG. AUDREY-2285 Ocean Parkway Library Squad, Glcc RUBENSTEIN, SONDRA-49 Bokee Ct. Foods Squad. Girls' Dean Squad. RUBIN. AUDREYF3026 Br. lil sf. Focal sqrma. RUBIN, MILTON--136 Dover Sr. Jr., Sr. Ang, ta. Arlion, Dc-un's Squncl, Stuclcnt Patrol, Cllcss Flulr, ljrvs., Prclm-rt. RUSSO, ANTONIA-4922 E, I0 Sl. Soc.. lx1YS. Ellli'fSKln. Soc., NITS, IQ. Gfl'CI1lJCfg. SACHS, BERNARDINE-6-8 Nags Walk Si-r. in Boys' Gym Olliu-. Foocls Squucl, SACKS, LORRAINE-9 Nixon Ct. Sec. in Swimming Ollicc. Sec., lylr. Rotllmnn. Sr. Buclgvt Commn Glcc Cluln. SALZBERG, ALBERT-17-I5 8 St. Sgt. nl Calc-tc-rin Squml. SAIVIBUCINL JAMES-722 Aw-. T. Cm-gm-s Rep.. Booli Slmp Rr-p., Lilmrary Squarl. SANDBERC. HARRlET-fi-8 Nass VVallf Li- lwrnry Squurl, Sec. in Engjlisll OlliC1', Ser. in Bio. Ollie-0. Businvss lwlnrliinn Clulm. SAVOD, LENORE-2661 VV. '2 Sr. Ser. in Prclort Class, Arlcon, Sec., Nliss Nvciss. Com- nwnrf-nwnt Comm. Rep., Soc.. l.ntin S.P.Q.R. SCAGLIONE, MARY ANN--2.321 E. -I St. Sf-f. to lxlrs. Emerson, Fasllion Council, Co-up Coursv. SCHANSINGER, CAROL-3103 Br. 3 St. Svc. in Rr-rorcl Ollire, Stutlont Patrol, G.O. Counril Rep., Svc. in Languugz- Ollicr-, Curgovs Rr-p. SCl'lECl'lTER. EVELYN-3ll0 Br. 7 Sl. Sr. Arista, Sec. in llistory Oll-in-, Sc-r. in Lilzmry. ' . gm El .V " as . .. f x if I Q F 1 'A " if 5 ' Y X 54 WS 3 it is ,F A: waxes , ' i'lQ125fl3J ff, Z 1 Q A Y, N' it 1 A 1 M, ,x 1-1, a t eg Q? N- Q SQ 1 'Q X. 5 it zwftwi 53 gi X i infix 5 . SCHECHTER. MURRAY-IOZ Troy Ave. Capt.. Nlatli Tc-inn, Musir: Honor Soricty, Clmrul, All- City Cliorus. SCHER, PAUL-26l Cult-ridge St. Book Slmp, Bio. Squacl. SCHIAVONE, JEAN-2361 I Si. Gym Lf-ati:-rs, Senior Burlgct Comm. SCHLANGER. PHYLLIS-3702 Lauri-I Ave. Ser. in Ser. St. Dvpt., Ser. in Nlatll Oll-irc, Sec., bliss Colmn, Suv., Nlrs. Borarlc, Str-n. Contest. SCHLESINGER. JEROME-1723 E. 4 St. DPHTI-S Squad, Cutting Squazl, Slizlr--rule Club, Scionfc-Firtion Scninr Cnunril. SCHLISSEL. CYNTHIA-33-'17 Steuben Aviv. Orchestra, lvlaiorvttc, Co-Capt., Twirlvrs. Class- Nitv, Sf-C. in Auditufs Office, cargoes Re-p. SCHNELL, HOWARD-2801 Oimn Parkway Gym Cutting Squad, Cnlctr-rin Squrul, Biology Squarl, Track Team, Gym Offirv. SCHRAM, GERALD-1824 E. 8 Si. Swimming Tr-am, Lic-ut.. Cafeteria Patrol, Stuclcnt Patrol, Vnrsity Sliow uliifliot Squarl, Footlvull Team Uslwr. SCHULMAN, JOYCE-2349 VV. 23 St. Sr-nior Council, Sc-6., Nliss Carlson. Switclilnonrrl Oper- ator. SCHVVARTZ, ABRAHAM-1070 Oronn View Avo, Fencing Tvmn, Cillvtvria Patrol. SCHVVARTZ. ELLIOTT-523 On-an View Avo. Boy Li-ml:-r, Arista. Dlatli Team, Varsity Slmw, Cargues Editor. Class-Nite, Lanzlmnrle, Orvln-strzx, Nlusic Listf-nvrs Clulw. SCHVVARTZ, RICHARD-3048 Br. 13 St. Bancl, Stuclvnt Patrol, Clinic Squarl, Rep., City Conlcrcnce. SCHVVARTZ, RODLEY-2632 VV. 2 St, Twirlr-rs, Jr. Arista, Arkon. Sec., Boys' Dcan's Office, Senior Budget Comm. SCHVVARTZBERG, GLORIA-2824 W. 30 St. Twirlcrs. G.O. Rep., Sec. in Visual Aids Dept., Sec. in Cafeteria Office, Class-Nite. SCHVVARZ. DONALD-280 Ocean Parkway Nlatii Team. Physics Team, Chem. Squad. Phys- ics Squad, Bio. Squad. SCHVVEITZER. HERBERT-2923 W. 32 St. Visual Aid Squad, Capt.. Soccer Team, Senior Councilman. G.O. Rc-p.. Pres., Prefcct. SCIACCHITANO. VICKI-1916 Stuart St. Foods Squad, Typist, Regents Booklets, Hospital- ity Club, Sec., Mr. Epstein. Sec., Mr, Wolf. SCOTTI. EVELYN-83 Ocean Ct. Pres.. Fashion Council, Sec.. Nlrs. Emerson. Pres.. Pre- cd. SCUTARI, ANTHONY-2156 E. l St. SCUTARO, ANNA-MII Neck Rd. Sec. in Cafeteria Office, Sec.. Nlr. Fried, Sec., Miss Gray. SEDACCA. IRWIN-2890 W. 21 St. Visual Aid. Baliyhoo, Varsity Show. Talent Club. Italian Club, Orclicstra. SEGAL, SAUL-3025 Br. 2 St. Nlcmber. Cal cteria Squad, Visual Aicis Squad, Bio. Squad. SEIFF, JOEL-458 Quentin Rd. Capt.. Soccer Team. Atiiletika, Supply Squad, Bio. Squad, Sr. Council, Prom Comm. SELINGER. MILDRED-3614 Neptune Ave. Snr. in Gym Office. Locker Squad, Jr. Arista. C0mHl0nCCmCnt COITIIII., Volleyball SENFT. JANET--1664 52 St. Choral. Glce Club. Student Patrol, Sec., Mrs. Marks, Sec., Choral, Glcc Club. SERPER, BARRY-3766 Surf Ave. Sec.. Mr. Hirscllberg. G.O. Councilman. Baseball Varsity. Basketball Varsity, Vice-Pros., Preleci. SERRAS, MARY-49 Lancaster Ave. Sec. in Sien. Ufficc, Landmark Rep., G.O. Rep., Co-op Course. SETTEMBRE, JOHNW2258 61 St. Orchestra. SHAPIRO, IRENE-1925 Mermaid Ave. Sec. in Gym. SHAPIRO, RALPH-3901 Br. 3 St. Sec., Mr. Hirsclulzcrg, Sec., Dr. lwlason. SHENKOFF, LORRAINE-2612 VVcst St. G.O. Book Rep., Sec. in Gym Office, Sec. in Calvicria Office, Soc.. Mr, Laperlos, Sec. in G.O. Office. SHERAK, !NlEl.VlN-1935 76 SI. SHUBITZ, AARON-3931 Lyme Ave. Baseball Team. SIEGEL, JANET-2356 E. I7 St. Sec.. Mr. Hirsclrlncrg, Stuclent Patrol, Library Squad, Jr. Arista, Class-Nile. SIEGEL, PHYLLIS-1860 Ocean Parkway Sec. in Student Patrol Office, Boosters. SILBERZVVEIG, JO-ANN-1625 W. I2 Sl. Sec. in Rccorcl Office, Locker Squad, Varsity Sllow Squad, Volleyball Team, Fasllion Council. SILVERMAN, ROSALIND-116 Dover St. Cheerin S uad Boosters Sec lxlr. Wolff, Lead- E q - - -- ers Club. Sec. in History Office. SILVERSTEIN. MILDRED-2858 Cortland St. Lihrary, Attendanre Oflirc, G.O. Councilman, Red Cross Rep.. Senior Dues Collector. SIMBERG, ROBERT-2925 lwermaid Ava. Matll Team, Srholarship Club. SIMONETTI, ANNA--2508 VV. l St. Ser.. Nurse., Sec., bqfs. Wcxlcr, Food Squad, S1120 Nlr. Soshulc. SINGER. EDWIN-253 West End Ave. SKUTELL, SHEILA-2002 Mermaid Ave. Jr., Sr. Arista. Sec., Arlcon, Biology Lab. Squad, Stu- dent Patrol, Red Cross Rep. SKOLNICK, SHELDON-2842 W. 23 St. Eng- lish Squad, Gym Cutting Squad. Class-Nite. SOBEL, SIDNEY-2921 VV. 20 St. Track Team. Senior Councilman. SOFER. RICHARD-1925 Ocean Parkway Stu- dent Patrol. Swimming Team. SOHMER. HARVEY-3lll Br. 7 St. Arista. Arlmn, U.N. Club, Arista Help Class, Bio. Lab. Squad, Laboratory Techniques Squad. SOLOMON, ALVIN-2817 W. 37 St. Student Patrol, Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Dance Band. Pres., Prefect. SOLOMON. BARRY-6103 23 Ave. Pres.. prefect, Choral, Late Squad, Student Patrol. SOLOMON, CONNIE-2634 West St. Library Sec.. Mrs. Kline, Sec., Mrs. Gluck. Glen Club. Student Patrol. SOLOMON, ELAINE-3031 Br. 3 St. SOLOMON, JERRY-2907 Br. 8 St. Dance Bancl, Sec., Mr. Goldman. Visual Aids Squad. Varsity Show. SOLOMON. SHELDON-3145 Br. 4 St. Stu- clnnt Patrol. Sec. in Prelcrt Class. SOTER, ANGELINA-176 Avo. V. Red Cross Rc p. SOVEN, ABBY-909 Avo. T. Log Cn-Eclitor-im Cliicl, Landmark Literary Stall. Cargoes, Literary Eolitor, G.O. Councilman, Arlion, Library Squad. SPATZ, JONAS-125 Br. ll St. SPECTOR, SALEK-3250 Coney Island Ave. Heacl Football Manager, Band, Orclwcstra. SPIEGEI., JAY-2632 VV. 2 St. Bnncl. SPIVVAK. DAVID-63 Bolicc Ct. Lilarary Squad. G.O. Rr-p. SPRINZEN. MYLES-3706 Lyme Ave. Dance Bancl, Orclicstra. STEIN, ELEANOR-3065 Br. 3 St. Jr.. Sr. Arista, Program Comm., Rep. lor Lincoln Award VVinnc-r, Arlcon., Vice-Pros. Cnmliflatc. 54 I STEIN. FRANCES-4010 Highland Ave. See.. Dr. Nfason, Student Patrol, Sec. in Gym Office. STEINFELD. HERBERT-2875 VV. 31 St. C0llllllCHl'l'IIll'llf Comm.. Choral, Class-Nite, St-tx. Miss Hnbvr. All-City Chorus. STEINMAN, EUGENIE-IH Kensington St. Sec. in Prcfect Class, Sec. in Atlendanre Office. Varsity Show. Student Patrol, Cargoes Rep. STERN, EUGENE-2820 W. 35 St. STERN, MARLENE-4226 Surf Ave. Studvnt Patrol. Sec., NIL Mcdinc, Sec., Mr. Epstein, Soc.. Mr. Fried, G.O. Secretarial Comm. STIEF, MELVIN-2153 E. I3 St. Student Pn- trol. STRASSLER. DAVID-3lI8 Br. 4 St. Student Patrol, Cnfvlvriu Squncl, G.O. Councilman. STRAUBER. DONALD'-11984 Ocean Parkway Supply Sqtmrl. Uslu-r Squad. Student Patrol, Prc- fcd Class Pres., Rt-cl Cross Rep. STRAUSS. DANIEL-2657 Hubbard St. Trvnsurcr, blush: Honor Society. Band, Orclleslrn. Bio, Lnlm., Visual Aitls. STRAUSS. VICTOR-2463 Hubbard St. Licut. Cart-h-rin Patrol. SULTAN, JOSEPH-1985 E. 3 Sl. Sluflvltl Putrul, Curt-lcriu Squad. Vice-Pres.. prcfvcl, Pros.. Fr:-nrlt Class. SULTAN, SHIRLEY-1912 E. 7 St. Nlusitt Honor Snt'ir'ly, Class-Nile. Glvc Club, Choral, Class-Nile Scripl Clulm. H In - Q. 't" 4 M4 if . ' "" jj, I ' is : qt 'ei .,, . Wt, W . . g . J yibqa- 4 1, ':'t en ' :-: :.. QV A f QB ... .,, 'i H 4 as xv .H A- SUMMER, SAM-l6l6 Ocean Parlcway Co- Capt., Uslwer Squacl. Visual Aizls. Bowling Squacl. Scliolarsliip Clula, Ticlcet Squacl. SURIS, LOIS-2822 W. I9 Sz. Sec. in English Olzlice. Sec. in Secretarial Dept., Sec. in Student Patrol Ol-lice. Sec.. Mr. Joseph, Sr. Arista, Arlcon. SUSKIN, SANDRA-2906 Br. I2 St. G.O. Councilman, Sec.. Mrs. Roscnlmlum, Reel Cross Rep. SUSLOVVITZ, DORIS-11745 E. 8 St. Girl l..cacler.' Music Honor Society, All'Cily Clmrus, Jr., Sr. Arista, Arlcon, Glcc Club. SVVEET. IRA-2643 Hulmlmrrl St. Bio. Squad. Ticlcet Squacl. Lanrlmarlz Rep., Commencement Comm.. G.O.. P,T,A. Rep. SZASZ, JOEL TAICHOLZ. ANITA.-3087 Br. 4 SL TARTAGLIONE. DOLORES-2771 W. 3 St. Co-op COUISC. TAUB. El.l.lOTT-59 Amlmerst St. Lieut.. Cal- cteria Squacl, Gym Office Squacl, Student Patrol. TAUB, MARSHALL-59 Amherst St. Asst. Football Mgr.. Gym Ollice, Cafeteria Squacl. Student Patrol, Pres., Prelect. TEITELBAUM. EILEEN 3093 Br. 4 St. Stu- dent Patrol. Sec., Miss Rubin. G.O. Rep. TEITELBAUM, MYRON-1150-70 Br. Beacln Ave. Capt., Boys' Dean Squad, Arista, Plnysics Squad. Scholarship Clulo. G.O. Council Rep.. 'Vice-Pres. ol Protect Class. TERUNSKY, GLORIA-I5 Br. I0 Terrace G.O. Rep., Sec. in Accounting Olzlice. Sec. in prefect. Sec. in Gracie Aclvisers' Office. Com- mencement Comm. TOBIAS. GAlL--'26l2 Nvest St. Clioral, Glec Club. All-City Cll0YUS, Music Honor Society. Pres., Prelect, Class-Nite-. TOPELBERG, ARLENE-2820 Br. 7 St. Aris- ta, Arlcon. Sec. in Grade Aclvisers' Ollice, Loclccr Squacl, Bowling Club. TROIA, PETER-2337 E. 2 St. Italian Club. Cafeteria Squad, Stuclcnt Patrol. TROIANO. JOE-719 Ave, S. Vice-Pres., Art Class, Asst. to Mr. Yates. TRUGUO, KATHERINE-2202 E. 5 St. Sec.. ixlr. Vvoll, Girls' Basketball Club. Senior Class Rep. TUCHFELD, JEANNE-2775 Shore Parkway Sec. in Attendance Office. Prom Comm., Com- mz-ncemr-nt Comm. TUCKER. IRVVIN-3075 Coney lsland Ave. Capt. ol Rille Tr-am. Supply Squacl. TUCKMAN. STEPHEN-3015 Br. I3 Sr. Vin-- Prrs.. Prelr-ct Class, Senior Council Rep., Stu- clcnt Patrol. TURNER, RONALD-2934 Br. I2 Sr. Cla-m. Lab. Squad, Student Patrol. UMLAS, MICHAEL-3739 Poplar Ave. Var- sity Rille Team. Srlmlastim: Sculpture Exhibits. UNGAR, JOAN-IIS Coleridge St. Capt.. Boosters. Candidate. Sr. Pres., Prom Comm.. Arista. Class'Nite, Landmark Art Stall. VIVALDI. HELEN-2686 Colby Ct. Sec. in Gym. Sec. in Gym Office. Basketball Club. VOGEL, MARILYN-2853 W. 22 St. Sec. in Cafeteria Office, Sec., Accounting Dept., Ticltet Squad. Commencement Comm.. Sr. Council Rep. VOGEL. NORMAN--2623 E. 6 St. Student Patrol, Visual Aids Squad, Cafeteria Squad. WALSH, BERTHA-2134 Hom:-crest Ave. Sec. in Grade Advisers' Office, Sec. in Accounting Dept., Boosters. Sten. Contest Club. VVAPNICK. KAY-2142 E. 8 St. Class Sec.. Library Squad, Sec. in Gym Office. VVARNER, MARKMZOQB E. l St. XVARSHAW. MARILYN-49 Nixon Ct. Sec. in Record Office. WEINBERG, JOYCE-3121 Br. 5 St. Record Office. Pool Leader, Food Squad, CLO. Rep., Sec.. Nlr. Joseph. VVEINER, ANITA-Ill8 Ave. U. G.O. Rep.. Sec. in Accounting Office, Senior Dues Comm.. Sec, in Dean of Boys' Office, Ser. in History Class. Co-op Course. WEINER, MARLENE-3100 Ocean Parkway SCC. in Record Office, Sec. in Attendance Office. Locker Squad, Jr., Sr. Arista. VVEINGREEN, SHIRLEY-2850 W. I7 St. Capt, of Lilnrary Squad, Secretary. NVEINSTEIN, ARLENA-322-1 Neptune Aw-. lxlattlt Team. Late Squad, Ser., Sir. Zutler, SCC.. flr. Ellis, Sec., Nliss Carlson. VVEINSTEIN, ROBERT--303 Br. Beacll Ave. Basketball Team, Fencing Team. Cboral. Pbysics Squacl. Cbeering Squad. WEISS, GLORIA-2909 W. '28 St. Glee Club. Clioral. Sec., Dr. Orgel, Red Cross Rep., G.O. Council Rep. VVEISSTUCH, DONALD-2670 E. 7 St. Capt.. Late Squacl. Physics Lab. Squacl, Bio. Lab. Squad. G.O. Council, Lincoln Award Comm. WENDORF. EUGENE-1716 E. 4 St. Capt.. Supply Squacl. Math Team. Late Squad, G.O. Councilman. Arista. WERFEL, EDWIN-2941 W. 28 sri Cross- Country. Track Team. WERFEL. JOSEPH-2941 W. 28 St. Capt.. CrossciCountry Team, Varsity Track Team, Clinic Squa . WEXLER. IRA--200 Br. I5 St. Pbysics Lab. Squad, Physics Club. Slide-rule Club. VVEXLER, SAMUEL--2612 West St. Section Leader. English Help Squad. Mechanical Draw- ing Help Squad. Track Team. WHITEBROOK, RAYMOND-72 Beaumont St. Sr. Class Treas.. Varsity Sbow. Student Pa- trol, Capt., History Squad, G.O. Councilman. WILLIAMS. LARRY-31 Corbin Pl. Bowling Team. Visual Aicls Squacl, Cafeteria Patrol, Stu- dent Patrol. Pliysics Squacl. VVINTERS, BURTON-542 Slmeepsbeacl Bay Rd. Sgt. Stuclent Patrol. WISE, ARTIE--314 Br. Beacb Ave. WlSHNlA, NATALIE-3108 Br. 5 St. Dele- gate, Higlm School UNESCO, Scholarship Clula. Student Patrol, G.O. Rep., Pres., Prelect. VVITFNER, MILES-3056 Br. l St. Visual lnstruction Squacl, Hanrllzall Team. WRIGHT, MARY-2279 E. l St. Choral. Glee Clulzv. Usller Squacl, All-City-Cliorus. Class-Nite. Varsity, Sr. Councilman. YACCARINO. LOUIS-2352 E. U St. Cal! r-tcria Patrol, Baseball Team, Assembly Squad, Stuclcnt Patrol, Boolc Room. YAHIA, MORRIS-1326 E. 7 St. Clioral. Li- tmrary Squad, Gymnastic Tc-ani, Dean ol Boys Squad. YAHIA, RACHEL-1326 E. 7 St. Sec. in Pre- lr-ct, Commencement Rep., Pres. of Frcncli Class. Clwrzgll, Glce Cluls. Stuclent Patrol, Lillrrary Squa . YOUNG, l'lEl.EN-13734 Poplar Ave. Sec. in Accounting Dept., Sec., Nlr. Hirscliberg, Sec.. Dr. Mason. YOUNG, VICFOR-1080 Ocean View Ave. YUDENFORD, BARBARA-2815 W. 31 St. Student Patrol, Sec. in Stucly Hall. YURMAN, HARVEY-3815 Nautilus Ave. Swimming Team, Sec.. Mr. Lux. Bancl, Sec.. Dr. Hecht, Clmral Clula. ZAFRANI, YVETTE-1793 E, 5 St. Sec.. Mr. Zinner, Sec. in Accounting Dept., G,O. Council Rep., Sten. Contest Clula, Sec.. Dr. Orgel. ZAND. RICHARD-2671 Hulalaarcl St. U.N. Club, Latin Clulo, Pres., Pretect, P.T.A. Rep.. Lincoln Awarcl Comm, Cannliclate, Sr. Class Pres. ZILLER. BERNICE-3601 Mermaid Ave. Sec., - Mr. Zinner. Co-op Course. . Girls Locker Squad. Sec. in Boys Gym Office. ez ' 'X ZUCKERMAN, BE'I'I'Y-145 Sea Breeze Ave. x r 5. W-Q. ZUCKERMAN. RENEE-2869 W. 37 St. Prom N Comm. Rep.. Food Squad. Red Cross Rep. PHYLLIS--2219 E. 3 St. Sec.. Mr. S Cfamcrzz Shy BAUMAN. GERALD-2233 E. 65 St. BERMAN, NINA-H51 Br. Beach Ave. BORACK. LEONARD LEVINSON, NEIL-2383 Botrhclcler St. MELNICK, MARILYN-3075 Br. I4 St. STORICK. BARRY-3320 Mermaid Ave 6, . . . Hello world . . . we're out of high school now and we want lo rush out-all at once-adults-adjusted-ready. We're all conquering the world in different ways . . . some of us are starting college in the fall, while others will be getting jobs. We all have our hopes geared toward Success-good-we should. Leon will be a doctor .... Gail, a psychologist. ,lean will reform the world . . . maybe through the Salvation Army. But before we can be anything or go anywhere in this One Wide World. we have to learn so much-Education-the word that may have only meant a 65 average till now. We have to start learning now if we havenit before and keep it up all our lives, never forgetting its importance. Learning and Education mean much more than memoriz- ing sets of words called logic. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all six hundred and sixty-nine of us could become part of the mature, interested, understanding world, the world that philosophers and government leaders have dreamt of? The world where no one is afraid. Where if we want to we can tour Europe, study sociology and eat caviar. Where our children won't have to grow up dreaming of atom bombs and jumping everytime a kid sets off a fm-cracker. Well . . . it may seem impossible for us to achieve all this . . . we-'re only a fraction of a whole. Can we do anything for the world or is the word world too big for us? 62 ?.. What teaches people Can we run out and scream education, Can we get on a crowded train and yell it to the crushed mobs, Can we just persuade ev erybody that everything will be o.k. and better I Il. Open your Eyes and Only Look One glance at the world-Don't Be Afraid lt 1 Do you see what we mean? Tl1at's all we ask. 7 N Z F- w,:"3Qp c . 4555" W5 'CSE' Z,-Q, F? '95 'ff A 27 "" Q p55 -ign- u 2:14, 3 Q ' p I, ' : Z' , f N ,g :Qt I 5. . 35 ' - , , obfvfm , f 9 2 3 1. eileen hroser 2. lynn robinson 3. bernie aptekar 4. barbara brenner 5. david bennett ,E is Y 5... f 5 5 4 a ftenialz au' by ELLIOTT SCHWARTZ 1949 . . . We were mighty young then: freshie:. wide-eyed gig sg' Y . . . elevator passes. remember? . . . Our hrst Varsity Show My Sister Filecn ' . . the basketball team at Madison Square Garden the day the math teachers were strangely absent and the hushed whispers that someone had dicd. We didnt get to know Henrv Shfm holt. but wt felt that we had lost a friend just the same . . . This was the twentieth anniversary of Lincoln High behool s openinv. A gala issue of Curgms was part of the big celebration . . . Tha world was eominf' down in flashes and torrents that February morninfi when we the slush and caught '1 f limpse of the celebrities. Remember? . . . an suddenly the world came down in earnest: no extra-curricul-n' flctivi ties! We indiffnantly left the buil in . . . you know the rest. . . . It s leptember of 19:0 now . . . the shot he ard 'round the world h-is been lired across the thirty-eighth parallel and the ugly open wound is suekinfj us into Korea . . . somehow evcrytliinb seemed strained. tense, despite the cover of gaiety we put on . . . We 'fave lidwin Franko Goldman the Lincoln Award . . . June, 1951 . . . our Wlalh team str 'idily rolling up victories . . . into the summer Brooklyn leads the Nl. by thirteen games-and on October the third 'Bobby Thomson broke a million hearts. Remember? . . . and do you remem her the f reat roar that went up in the cafeteria a few days later when Monte Irvin stole home? t'How could we forge-t?l . . . Fall 0 1951 . . . on a sogffy, drizzle-soaked. cheerless Held, Lin coln s gridsters went down to defeat, frustrated in their attempts for a PSAL title . . . the clostst CO. election race in history. One of the candidates defeated by only one vote, installed as Lineolrfs first St-cond-Vice-President . . . the Korean situation deepened and widened and reddened and grew redder and redder until . . . Happy New Year! 1 e r' X Qt QV . J. glllllllblle iw Q99 f' ! t A i fi l , L ' t X ti , t t - -- f 1 A RJ t 5 - '-. -v N ' fllli- 1 7 ii 5 , I 5 7 l Q Y I . I l N q P C , , . rl N 1 r gave the Lincoln Award to Everret. R. Clinehy. We trudged through 1 . ,1 ' d s 1 4 - - d g 5 F ' o i l 11 1 5 x X C l 't . I 1 4 4 , J' rl f rw ' 9 ' 1 Nu Y n Q o U rw . Q ff 0 A 1 NFAL rw Q f' in A I X vt 'w . 6 r '51 was a black year, '52 will be better, we thought . . . "Idiot's Delightw was presented by the Varsity Show . . . ,loseph Grossman missing from school. He never returnedg it wasnlt until the fall that we learned what had happened . . . sitting in the stands, listening to Algernon Black, with that irrepressible heat burning the back of our necks and creeping into our insides. It was not only the sun, but the fire of Mr. Black's language and idealism. A memorable moment . . . walking through the Lincoln War Memorial Gallery, looking at the exhibits, and pausing to reflect: we lost some wonderful boys in the big crusade of the 1940's . . . this Memorial is for them . . . They gave their lives that we might live. Remember? . . . . . . well, here we are, September of '52, We felt pretty good . . . well, seventh termers do feel like seniors, in a way. Many of our friends were already up there, making the grade in three-and-a-half years . . . a new twist: organ music with our P.T.A. meetings . . . For the first time, Cargoes was temporarily suspended and only four issues of the Log instead of the usual five! Our literary geniuses were getting rusty . . . the Varsity Show presented '4You Can't Take it With Youf' A smash hit . . . we were grieved at the loss of two great men, Samuel Rackowitz and Bill Kilminster . . . the gridsters collapsed, but sud- denly the Lincoln basketball team became a household word . . . shock of a lifetime: when we heard that Bill Lux had passed away. We had seen him only two days before . . . And now ills February, 1953. We're seniors! . . . astounded at our own importance. We were suddenly big, famous . . . remember first term, when.the school heroes seemed god-like and far removed from ourselves? Now they were nothing more than the kids we had known for four years . . . they were one of us. Their importance made us feel bigger and better than ever . . . Senior Class, June, 1953! Watch us go! . . . not so fast. Whatis the big rush? ,lust what does the future have in store for us? We ought to know . . . in a way, we shape our own future. For four years weive been sitting on the sidelines . . . now it's our turn. In a little while they'll be saying of us, 4'Do you remember ?" . . imnrf' i"r5m, LET' "i 1 M 12340 dogg! X -Y ,VOM 1 D .gxfl-lj Vgllllztgjllo V' - 'IQ ' , .V if i l! ,, ex Ill mmf mi , Lili 5 q Tgfglgwaa eswf u 621115111 5 613 VN 33? MFE ZRETEMHNYF -fi M1 l l Iolcl il eat the other day he was il fool: The Cat. l1e simply looked awax And smiled. 0 le 5 l told 21 dog one .uuuv moon he was El loafer: The Dog! let loose a Ieucler croon .Xml sneerecl. 1 ff dar l lolcl Ll wolf yeslercldy' 1110111 0 3 lpq he was 21 hum: - The Wolf grave me a husky yawn ' l And suarlecl. J? I told a hear on Wednesday eve Ze. GJ ml he was a hoof: V " QS The Bear. a hore. hared all his teeth AR And spat. 9 0 5 I lold a lion. much overjoyed he was quite dumb: The Lion turned. put down his Freud And ate me. 63 last will Eiiagtflii We, the Senior Class of June, 1953, of Abraham Lincoln High School, being of confused mind tdue to the State Scholarship Examsj and sound body Cthanks to the Health Ed. Departmentj declare this document our last will and testament in order that we may dispose of certain properties which we are unable to take with us and would rather leave behind. To Dr. Mason-we leave three thousand and some odd Qvery oddl students. To Mr. Trosten-we leave him alone fat lastll. To the luniors-we leave the honor of taking our place as Seniors. To Albany tand all those who plan, prepare and proofread the Regents Examinationsb-we leave as your theme song-g'Why Were You Born?" To the Student Body--we leave the full quota of week-ends, holidays, and other arbitrarily taken and self declared vacations from school. To the English Dept.-we leave a "be bop,' dictionary and thesaurus so that the teachers may better understand the next Senior Class. To the Foreign Language Dept.-we leave Caesar, Monsieur Perrichon, el burro importante, etc. To the SOCIZGI Studies Dept.-we leave the balance of our subscriptions to Scholastic Magazine. To the Mathematics Dept.-we leave behind all the squares and eternal triangles. To the Science Dept.-we leave a lot of hot H20 and CO2. To the Health Ed. Dept.-we leave such significant documents as our medical notes, dental notes, and swimming notes tl-2-3, 1-2-31 To the Secretarikzl Dept.-we leave all the typewriters that do not work and the one that does. To the Art Dept.-we leave this hasty ubrush-off". To the Music Dept.-we leave a song in your heart. To the Sewing 8: Cooking Dept.-we leave the oven on and the pins in the pin cushion. To ll1P 0.0.-vve leave a llevv vents to lake eare of our installment plan nieinlnerslnps. To flu' l"lIII'SI.f'V Sfiou' Crm!--me leave our deepest apologies to Nlr. lfngene U'Neill To lfiw Honor SlH'l.l'fi1'N -we leave our 0572 averages-we'll never see lfzvm again. To lln' SUIIIIUI' ClUllIll'I.l-Nt' leave several hnntlretl petitions. senior hats. eaps anrl gon ns, ete. To ilu' Sefmnl 7'v11r1r.vsvve leave the lllue and Gray unlurlefl upon tht- v llc lil. To Ilia' Log Sluff--vve leave its slogansf -"last monlhis news totlavi' and "ull the nevvs that's lit to print in only It issuesfi To ilu' Curling' Sqzzmihvve leave our favorite pair of pinking shears. To .l.l,.ll.S.ivve leave. . . . ln orrler to irovitle for exeeutors for this will we shall allovv l some ol' our nnnilwr to remain lwhinml for an aflclitional six months. We. the niemlmers of the .lnnt-. '33 Senior Class. do herelmv siffn . F' our names in invisilsle ink. 45. ll abby g. soven: p Protected by a sheet of glass Nirvana rested on display. Oh. never could I pass lt by. nor turn the other way. Nirvana's light knifed through the glass And dug into my face: E lVly blood to playful chase. Then Reason iced my fiery thoughts And sobered up my tippling blood: Your own? think that you ever could?" And cold. It fluttered near me torn: Hope's own carte blanche--its fibers rotted By RSBSOIRS truth in acid form. Its warmth dashed in my bones and irked Q .fHave you the means to hold this as I turned away, my fingers empty J 1 Fragment of a moment, And only that . . . Recorded . . . a reminder .ll 1 :fi fe " 1 -5' 'Z The boardwalk pours before me. 5 Reaching into the core 3 i Of the fog, n 7: Or drawing into itself, beyond the eye To disappear. I u- The assembly belt slides forward Beneath my feet 1 9 3 qi 1. Hauling unprocessed chunks i 'EN , --., - Of life. it fgdi'-it x i lbey spread about me :.. .li A,-f Like melted marshmallow. , Easily parting as they approach. S The boards flow under my feet. fi 1 Quickly. L Q WM Kai? 'gf Q' ' --L if If 5,-vu, ,Swv , Y, . , EN Il 471 ,Qdlx . X Q j 39 ' 3 QQ n 4 X Qi. 1 is SQ I wx - iv '- -e 'Q in . Q X l 3 2 S' W. x, "p -nf f , N W ,- Kgs m. they is Seniors... Sea G'zs!"' .QM -3 sw .ffg Q Q sf f Op ff 9' we T a - ,M.g.A ,, I I K W",,,4" i 1- I -4... NI. ! 5? 53133259 an - 5 1,4 e f."".. Q! 9 3 tg' 95 nw We 4 -'W -f kg LAN DM ARK STAFF: Co-Editors-in-Chief: Barbara Dossick, Ann Hersh. Literary: Joel Altman, Sheila Am- sel, Penny Fox, Eleanor Honig, Elliott Schwartz, Abby Soven. Art: Joel Altman, Bernard Ap- tekar, Eileen Broser, Lynn Robin- son, Joan Lapedos, Joan l'ngar. Photography : Luther Mook. Business: ,Ioan Rodin. manager: Mary Ellen Fertel, Lila Glassman, Myra Neumark, ,Ioan Schneider. Faculty Adviser: Morris White. S E N I O R COUNCIL: Lenore Benary, D o n a l d Brooks, Bob Capria, Norma Chichi, Jacqueline Clemente, Penny Fox, Marilyn Furman, Jerry G i l b e r t , .Ioyce Kalina, Zev Kokot, Adrienne New- man, Eleanor Richter, Joel Seiif, Sidney Sobel, Marilyn Vogel, Richard Zand. PROM COMMITTEE: Larry Perl- man, Chairman: Dianna Posy, Co-Chairman: Barbara Bellovin, Howard Chayt, Gloria D'Am- brosia, Eileen D i c k s o n , Lila Glassman, Sally Goldfisher. Phyl- lis Katz, Naomi Kay, Adrienne Kochman, Doris Litt. Claire Por- celain, David Roth. .loel Seiff, Joan Ungar, Renee Zuckerman. JEWELRY COMMITTEE: Elea- nor Honig, Chairman: Esta Ko- rotzer, Co-Chairman: B a r b a r a Dossick. Vivian I'Iof'fmau. Shirley Reinhardt. Faculty Adviser: David Trosleu. 71- SENIOR OFFICERS: President: Richard Bassano: Vice-President: Angie Darretta: Secret-ary: Toby A l t m a n : Treasurer: Raymond Whitebrook. enior COMMENCEMENT COMMIT- TEE: Eleanor Honig, Chairman, Esta Korotzer, Vice-Chairman, Susan Annunziata, ,Ioan Braff, .Iacqueline C l e m e n t e , Sheila Cohen, Robert Drucker, Ilean Gerber, Frances Horowitz, Helene Katzwein, Margot Klein, Robert Leif, Anita Mittleman, Roslyn Penkower, Saul Prager, Lenore Savod, Ira Sweet. Gloria Terlin- sky, ,lean T u c h fel d , Marilyn Vogel. BUDGETCOMMITTEE :Co- Chairmen: Valerie Bomser, Helene Katzweing Sheila B r u n m a n , Gladys Koppel, Sandra Lerner, Lorraine Sacks, Rodley Schwartz. Faculty Adviser: Mr. Rothman. CLASS NIGHT: General Man- ager: Bernice Horowitz: Music Director: Sylvia Galitzer: Dra- matic Directors: Harriet Greene. Elaine Levine: Assistant Dramatic Directors: ,Ioan Levin, Adrienne Newman, Doris Suslowitz, Gail Tobias. Faculty Advisers: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shapiro. ommittees 1? Mgiqffggj zu W Jw M2 E 19, H22 Q WWWMMW W 2 wdqmwfifgmwwwgwdmii ' K g,Ww fi gs X, ff mim fi . Qajpwkga ES gig? XA .f-. X bg. I ,J Q if 2653 1 L' Lv R Eggpwf W iff My 'qiefiii v A E 'QR sw ff 'JE WY My JS, JM W6 Z Muff X 5. I f tlfifxkbw f wwf W' W J fWw ifgfxjii 335 Quik M f 9265711 fm q? M gQ!bWMS g w-gje3" gWMQfww gy Q MW QW,2QQQ x f Ch NI 8-9746 DE 2-0649 Kwai F ong Restaurant REAL CANTONESE COOKING WE PUT UP ORDERS TO TAKE OUT Open 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. - Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. If You Are Satisfied, Please Tell Your Friends To Come and Dine Here 1022 Brighton Beach Avenue Brooklyn., N. Y. Phone 661 LONDON TIRE LANSFQRD C 0 M P A N Y SPORTSWEAR CO. MANUFACTURERS OF ' I Ladies' Sportswear - Blouses Novelties 14-22 BEDFORD AVENUE Irving Savod Bl'00klYll, N- Y- 47 VVEST PATTERSON STREET Lansford, Penna. Zei-Mar Kosher Delicatessen AND RESTAURANT Catering at Home or Temple Air Conditioned 1228 AVENUE U 1047 BRIGHTON BEACH AVENUE . DE 9-9280 NI 6-9751 Compliments of SEASIDE PERFUME SHOP 715 BRIGHTON BEACH AVENUE BROOKLYN 35, N. Y. Compliments of LANDMARK STAFF Congratulations to the June 1953 Graduating Class A FRIEND JADE MOUNTAIN Chinese aml American ANDRIA9S Italian Food RESTAURANT Finest Cantonese Cuisine I Family Dinners l Meet Your Classmates at 283 BRIGHTON BEACH AVE. A N D R I A , S Brooklyn, N. Y. Prepare for Une of the Many Openings in the Business Field . . . Madison School of Business Cmwenienrly Located - Brighton Line, Kingx Highway Slalion DAY AND EVENING CLASSES WE PLACE OUR GRADUATES IN BROOKLYN OR MANH.-X'I"l'AN Call. liwrite nr Phone fur Cataiuglle l60I Kings Highway Brooklyn, N. Y. ESplanade 5-6300 LHQILIIH PRESS, Inc, 33 Flatbush Avenue o Brooklyn 17, N. Y. Ul.sfer 8-2500 SINCE 1915 we have been serving high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . Yve take pride in having at your service our stall' of expert typographers, artists and advisors . . . 185 Pl'Z'IIf1'7'5 of Zhu LOG and LANDMARK ARTHUR S TUDIOS, Inc. Oficial Photographer to the '6LANDMARK" Exclusively Equipped to do Yearbook Photography 49 West 46th Street New York 19, N. Y. Compliments of Sea Gull SODA Restaurant - LUNCH Mr. Pearlmutler, Prop. 711 Brighton Beach Avenue NI 6-9081 NI 8-1797 Free Pick-up, Delivery DE 2-5267 NU-EMBASSY IRVING SOKOLOW CLEANERS REGISTERED OPTOMETRIST In the Tradition of Quality FUR STORAGE GOWN SPECIALISTS THREE HOUR SERVICE All Work Done on Premises 3188 CONEY ISLAND AVENUE off Brighton Beach Avenue Eyesight Examinations Glasses Fitted and Repaired 705 BRIGHTON BEACH AVE. ONE FLIGIIT UP Near Brighton 7th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. t Compliments of The Mark Twain Alumni Now Graduating With Us Thanks to the Senior Council For Their Contribution to Landmark V ww: 1 ? . M y . i - ' , -gfj , 1 1 I 0 ' Va ."i'.r 1 . ,Ji , ix I 11'- ,,, 13 'fm , V k .1525 .' C"1 1' :riiff igrrwf - - 95.2. jgfi- Wig' E i I I I , .. '51-' 1 gl-P:f'!"" I I l':l"ll il 'l-' l . -.- .F -'-.,- I '54 ,. -'I . :vl.- -,A P: f 'Jn ' lf Z ' - 1-wwf-, - .Per-f ""fl.

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