Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1952 volume:

Landmark Abraham Lincoln High School June, l!l.)2Dear Graduates: At commencement you will receive a diploma, which reads that it is being awarded for satisfactory record in scholarship, behavior and citizenship. We trust that as a result of your four years of high school work you have developed an alertness of mind which will enable you to analyze correctly the complicated situations of life. Teachers have tried to improve your ability to think efficiently in the quest for truth. We hope that your normal daily behavior will lead you to self-reliant action, energetic cooperation for social welfare, and prudent self-direction. We also like to think of you as good citizens who will practice democracy at all times, and will recognize the fact that for every right and privilege we enjoy as Americans there are corresponding duties and responsibilities which all of us must shoulder. If scholarship, behavior and citizenship mean what the school has in mind when it votes to grant you a diploma, then you certainly deserve our heartiest congratulations. Cordially yours, GABRIEL R. iMASON PrincipalDedication We, the graduating class of June 1952, are dedicating our LANDMARK to three of the faculty retiring this term. We want to thank Mr. Simon Goldbloom, Mrs. Mary Reiss and Mr. Gustave Blum for all they have done for us. We wish them many more years of happiness and the realization of the ideals they have fought for all their lives. MR. GOLDBLOOM MRS. REISS MR. BLUM To Thank a Tracker BETTY EDELMAN Shall I praise you As I would a friend? Shall I humble myself before you As before those who tower on pedestals? Or, better still. Shall I take your hand in mine And thank you And hold your hand in mine And honor you And remember a bit of what you have taught me— And love you.ADMINISTRATIONSenior Class Committees SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .............. Vice-President ......... Treasurer .............. Secretary .............. LANDMARK EDITORIAL STAFF Co-Edit or s-in-Chiej Carol-Lyn Feldman Sue Schulman Associate Editors: Sam Stein, Janel Handlin, Marcia Rubinstein, Beatrice Goldberg, Evelyn Pachter, Frances Til Iona, Edward Adelson, Betty Edelman, Rivka Gebiner, Corrine Purish, Barbara Goldberg, Judy Goldstein Art Staff: Dianne Feinberg, Editor Helen Weisman, Vi Eisenberg, Edward Gabay, Norman Berman Photography Staff: Philip Lieberman, Editor Donald Snyder, Morton Newman Business Staff: Carol-Lyn Feldman, Editor Dorothy Goodman, Myrna Haberman, Rochelle Drath, Sheila Brecker, Richard Lieberman, Joan Schneider, Marcia Rubinstein COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Milla Wolos: Chairman Sandra Nagler, Carol Puterman, Anita Kornblum, Miriam Kirschner, Eleanor Fishman, Jayne Boehm, Judith Felsen, Toby Gindes, Herbert Silon, Eugene Lombardo, Toby Deitch, Evelyn Steinberg, Marcia Orshansky, Roberta Goldsmith, Claire Drogowitz, Marlene Nudelman, Ann Levine, June Meyers, Edward Adelson, Fay Rosengart, Judith Weinstein, Gus Vourakis, Elaine Pincus, Pearl Resnick, Sylvia Schor, Helene Platt, Paula Levinsky, Meryl Merkin ..............................Paul Zweig ................................Gary Sher ............................ Jerry Keller ................ ....Roberta StrauberJEWELRY COMMITTEE Paula Levinsky: Chairman Helene Platt, Carole Machelowitz, Milla Wolos SENIOR COUNCIL Herbert Silon, Meryl Melkin, Angela Cialdella, Elaine Pincus, Harriet Kupferstein, Barbara Gendel, Gerald Galst, Sylvia Kantor, Rivka Gebiner, Shirley Flint, Grace Silecchia, Pat Furman. Arthur Schwartz, Murray Glaubinger, Ina Gless, Bert Melnick, Evelyn Steinberg SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Herbert Silon, Meryl Melkin, Sonny Perlmutter. Marvin Krosinskv, Dick Brill, Linda Scheer, Stan Ross, Marcia Blumenfeld, Barbara Theodore, Bernard Deutsch, Jean Itzkowitz, Grace Silecchia. Naomi Lipson, Alice Horn, Blossom Gold, Ellen Skolnick, Bert MelnickTo a Heitor World A Parting Thought From the Editors “The time is out of joint; O cursed spite, That ever I was born to set it right.'' Of course Shakespeare had the wherewithal to express this thought perfectly, hut they are the very words which confront us at this time. The lecture has become so dull from repetition that it no longer provokes any thought on our part. However, it is time to bestir ourselves from our lethargy and give serious thought to it. We are living in the most complex period in history, and our generation has the job of putting the world hack together again or letting it fall into little pieces. The interest we take in world affairs today is the base-rock on which we begin to build tomorrow. We must learn how to fight corruption, banish War and, above all, instill free enterprise in our thoughts as well as in our economics. The Declaration of Independence guarantees all Americans, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” We are attempting to apply these concepts to the rest of the world. Note that ‘'life” is listed first. Ideals are fine but they can’t take root on an empty stomach. Democracy is wonderful, but it can’t begin where there is no home. Therefore, we must feed the open mouths, shelter the shivering bodies, and give empty hands the means for gaining a livelihood. Where their basic needs are satisfied, they can begin looking towards democracy as a way of life. Then we shall he in a position to advise them, not dictate to them, on political and economic affairs. Let us take this world that we have inherited and mold it into a place where security and freedom blend for harmonious living. CAROL-LYN FELDMAN and SUE SCHULMAN 8ABBEY. NAOMI-4222 Surf Ave. Cl.icf Justice of Student Court. ABRAHAM. ELI-2962 W. 3 St.-Shident Patrol. ABRAHAM. VICTOR-2814 W. 31 St. Varsity Football I earn. Varsity I rack Irani, Visual Aid Squad. Clinic Squad. Athlctika. ABRAHAMS. PAUL-2625 Hubbard St. Ticket Squad, Student Patrol. Swimming Team, Cafeteria Squad. Baseball I cam. ACHENBAUM. WILLIAM-3832 Maple Ave. Student Patrol. ACKERMAN. ELINOR-2737 Brighton 7 St. Library Squad. Pool Leaders’ Club. G.O. Rep., Lifesaving Club. ADELBERG. ARNOLD-2838 W. 35 St. Capt. of Math I earn. Late Squad. Junior and Senior Arista. Arkon. Student Patrol. ADELSON. EDWARD—3111 Brighton 7 St. Assoc. Ed. of Lincoln Log. Accompanist of Choral Club. Capt. of Library Squad. Capt. in Dean of Boys’ Office, Junior and Senior Arista. ALBERT. ARNOLD-3109 Brighton 7 St. Lieut. on Cafeteria Squad. I rack Team, Pres, of Senior Prefect. ALTABET. DAVID-1014 Ocean View Ave. Library Squad. Slide Rule Club. ALTER. CAROLE-2221 E. 7 St. Library Squad. Sec. in Grade Adviser’s Office, Student Patrol. Senior Arista. Arkon. 9 ALTMAN. CARLALTHOLZ. PHYLLIS-136 Jaffrcy St. See. in Grade Adviser's Office, Sec. in General Office, See. in Bank. Commencement Comm. ALTMAN. RITA-2213 Mermaid Avc. Student Patrol. Record Office. Sec. in Biology Class. See. to Mr. Epstein. Sec. in Prefect. AMSTER, HERBERT-123 Langham St. Pres, of G.O., City G.O. Councilman, Arista. Arkon. Math Team, Chairman of Lincoln Award Comm. ANGEL. JOSHUA—2040 E. 3 St. Cafeteria Squad, Class Night, G.O. Councilman. Social Comm., Nominating Convention. ANOUCK. LENORE—3904 Laurel Ave. Varsity Show Squad. Sec. to Dean of Girls, P.T.A. Rep., Slide Rule C lub, G.O. Rep. APELSON. JACK-2192 Coney Island Avc. ARONOWITZ. MARVIN—1649 E. 10 St. Basketball Team. Visual Aid Squad. Student Patrol. ATLAS. BONITA-4261 Ocean Avc. Sec. to Mr. Elstcin. Library Squad. Sec. in Language Office, G.O. Rep. AVILES. FRANCES—2919 W. 20 St. Class Night. Sec. to Mr. White. Stcn-Contest Club. Choral and Glee Club. Vocalist with Swing Band. BUFFUTO. LILLIAN—2761 W. 16 St. Sec. in Record Office, Foods Squad. BARBOLLA. MICHAEL-3731 Poplar Avc. G.O. Councilman. Student Patrol. BARKAN. HARRIET-4404 Atlantic Ave. Student Patrol. Sec. in Stenography Office, Sec. in Language Office, Sec. in Bookkeeping Classes, Glee Club. IdBARNA. EDWARD-2314 E. 15 St. Lieut, on Cafeteria Squad. Capt. of Physics Squad. Latin Club. Alchemists Club. Visual Aid Squad. BARNETT. BARBARA — 4167 Ocean Avc. Program Office and Comm., Arista. Arkon, Varsity Show. Sec. to Mr. Rubin. BAROCAS. IRVING-2979 Coney Island Ave. Vicc-Prcs. of Pan-American Club. Biology Chart Club. G.O. Councilman. BARON. HARVEY-1922 E. 7 St. Rifle Squad. Sec. of Senior Prefect Class, G.O. Rep., Cafeteria Squad, Clinic Squad. BEER. SIMEON-8678 Bay Pky. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Patrol. Biology Squad. Chemistry Squad, Scholarship Club. BEHAR. ALLAN—3022 Brighton 1 St. Pres, of Stage Squad. Capt. of Soccer Team, Scoreboard Squad. Swimming Team. Asst. Mgr. of Baseball Team. BENOWITZ. ARNOLD-1960 E. 7 St. Varsity Baseball Team, Varsity Track Team, Student Patrol. Boys' Clinic. Pres, of English ('lass. BERKO WITZ. SEYMOUR-2942 W. 2 St. Capt. of Varsity I rack I earn, Athletika, Clinic Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Student Patrol. BERLINER. LEON-1783 W. 3 St. Chess Club. Senior Dues Rep., Junior Red Cross Rep., Sec. to Mr. Elstcin, General Science Club. BERMAN. NORMAN-2821 Brighton 8 St. Art Squad. Cutting Squad. Sec. to Mr. Maidman. Landmark Art Staff. BERSHOD. STANLEY-2134 Homecrest Ave. H. Ed. Squad Leader. 11 BETTINGER. ABRAHAM-9-21 Brighton 1 Rd. Student Patrol.BEYCHOK, FANNY-2932 W. 17 Si. See. in Dr. Mason s Office. See. in Nurse’s Office. Sec. lo Mrs. I uckcr. See. to Mrs. Weitz, See. in Accounting Office. BISOGNO. ELIZABETH-2306 E. 4 St. Sec. to Mrs. Emerson. See. in Study 1 fall. Library Squad, f ashion Council. BLAKE. STEVE-126 Girard St. Capt. of Varsity Swimming Team. Student Patrol, Clinic Squad. G.O. Rep.. Cafeteria Squad. BLAUSTEIN. SHIRLEY-175 Exeter St. Arkon. G.O. Rep., Sgt. on Student Patrol, Visual Aid Squad. See. in Biology Office. BLOCK. RUTH-1324 Ave. V. Biology Office Squad. Sec. to Mr. Engleliardt. P.T.A. Rep., Bowling Club. See. to Mr. Maidman. BLOTTNER. INA-I9I7 Ocean Pky. Sec. in Attendance Office. See. to Mr. Engleliardt, See. to Mrs. Grosser, Landmark Rep., Senior Prom and Dues Comm. BLUESTEIN. SANDRA-2840 Brighton 6 St. Sec. to Mrs. Van Den Brock, See. in Attendance Office. Library Squad. BLUM. FRANCES — 1759 E. 5 St. Library Squad, See. to Miss Carlson. G.O. Rep.. Soccer Squad. BLUMBERG. EDGAR-150 Corbin PI. Capt. in Dean of Boys’ Office. Laboratory lech Squad. Student Patrol. BLUMENFELD. MARCIA-3047 Brighton 13 St. Arista. Arkon. Drum Majorette. Capt. of IWirlers. Cymbalist with Lincoln Band. Capt. in Dean of Boys' Office, Co-Editor of Alumni Newspaper. BLUTTMAN. DAVID-2023 Voorhies Ave. Varsity Swimming I earn. BOCHER. JACK-3133 Brighton 7 St. Vicc- Pres. of Arkon, Senior Arista. Symphonic Band. Music Honor Society. I icket Squad. Capt. in Dean of Boys Office. 12BOEHM. JAYNE-1777 Ocean Pky. Student Patrol. Twirlers Clul). Sec. in Biology Office, See. to Mr. Englehardt, Commencement Comm. BONFIGLIO. ANGELYN—1962 E. 1 St. See. in Record Office. Red Cross Rep., Trench Club. See. to Mr. Goldbloom. BORITZ. ARNOLD-2011 E. 7 St. Gymnastic I earn. BOROWIT. JUNE-2005 E. 1 St. Student Patrol. Sec. in Art Office. Sec. in Record Office. Bowling Club, Sec. to Mr. Goldman. BORUCHOW. SHELDON-1909 E. 7 St. Varsity Swimming learn. Senior Arista. Sec. in Dean of Boys’ Office, Pres, of Biology Class, Student Patrol. BRANCALE. ANNE-2320 E. 5 St. Sec. to Mr. Goldman. Sec. in English Class. Band. Vocalist with Dance Band. Choral and Glee Club. BRIER. HARVEY-111 Avc. T. Service Monitor. Vicc-Prcs. of English Class. Cargoes Rep.. P.’l .A. Rep., Student Patrol. BREINER. GLADYS-2775 Shore Pky. G.O. Delegate. Sec. in Gym. Sec. in Clinic, Visual Aid Squad. BRILL RICHARD-621 Ave. Z. Pres, of Senior Prefect Class. Biology Squad. Track Team. Senior Council. Prom Comm. BROTMAN. LENORE—142 Norfolk Ct. Sec. ol Math Team, G.O. Councilman. Student Patrol. Arista, Arkon. Sec. in Student Welfare Office, Red Cross Rep. BROWN. GERALD-125 Brighton II St. Co- Capt. of f encing learn. Bowling Team, f ootball I cam. BROWN. HUGH-2315 E. 15 St. Lieut, on Cafeteria Patrol. Physics Laboratory Squad, Visual Aid Squad. Latin Club. 13BROWN. ROSLYN—2914 W. 33 S . Sec. in Biology Office, Sec. in Math Office. Basketball Club. Sec. in Grade Adviser’s Office. Business Machines Club. BROWNE. BARBARA-1703 Beach 47 St. Alumni Ed. of Lincoln Log. Sec. of Junior Arista. Senior Arista. Cargoes, Arkon. CAPPOLA. RICHARD-19 Murdock Ct. Student Patrol. CAPUTO. CAROLINE-1711 E. 2 St. Sec. in Ticket Office. Sec. in Prefect Class. Sec. in Biology Office. Landmark Rep. CARDI. LOUIS-32 Village Rd. E. Student Patrol. Italian Club, Track Team. Cross-Country Team. CARRESCIA. GLORIA-512 Neck Rd. Sec. to Mrs. Stryker. CARRON. HOWARD-2225 E. 7 St. Capt. of Student Patrol. Usher Squad. Lincoln Symphonic Band. Photographer for Lincoln Log. Ed. of Student Patrol Sentinel. CARULLI. PETER-384 Ave. T. Track Team. CARUSO. PHILIP-16 Manhattan Ct. Baseball Team, Student Patrol. CASADO. RALPH—6423—18 Ave. Art Squad. Student Patrol. CASCONE. ELEANORE—1961 W. 10 St. Sec. in Attendance Office, Sec. to Mr. Elstcin. Basketball Club. Sec. in English Class. CEDERBAUM. HARRIET -2-4 Nass Walk. Supply Squad. Landmark Rep.. Class Night. e 14CHANDROSS. RONALD-3126 Coney Island Avc. Math I earn. Cliemislry Squad. N.Y.U. Physics Contest. CHIARA. NORMA—-156 Avc. U. Vice-Pres, of I lospitalitv C lub, Olec Club. Sec. to Mr. Zinner, Food Squad. Vice-Pres. of Prefect Class. CHRIS I IAN, PAUL—3832 Laurel Avc. Pres, of Senior Prefect ( lass. Math I'cam, Late Squad. I ickct Squad. Cafeteria Squad. CIALDELLA. ANGELA-2259 E. 15 St. Pres. of Spanish C lass, See. in Dean of Girls’ Office. Senior Councilman. Usher Squad, Sec. to Mr. Stlverstein. CLARK. JULIAN—930 Ocean Ave. Math Team, Movie-Makers. Arista. CLINE. JEROME-2822 Brighton 8 St. Symphonic Band. International Relations Club, Tennis Squad. Pan-American C lub. Scholarship Club. COHEN. DIANA-170 Coleridge St. G.O. Councilman. Director of Class Night. Treas. of Senior Arista. Cargoes Rep.. Rep. at Metropolitan School Study Council. COHEN. HERBERT-2858 W. 19 St. Chem- istry Squad. Student Patrol. Visual Aid Squad. COHEN. HILDA-3000 W. 3 St. Co-Capt. of Library Squad. Usher Squad, Arkon. G.O. Rep., I'ashion Council. COHEN. JUDY —3855 Nautilus Ave. Sec. to Mrs. (duck. Record Office, History Office. CENCI. RICHARD - 2217 E. 4 St. Cafeteria Squad. Sec. in Gym. COHEN, LORE! I A—22 Langham St. Library Squad. 151 COHN. JULIA-1901 E. 2 St. Sec. in Record Office. COHEN. MARILYN—3844 Poplar Ave. Arista. G.O. Rep., Sec. in History Office, Student Patrol. Student Court Clerk. COHEN. MARTIN-7512 Bay Pky. Sec. in History Office. Student Patrol. Sec. in English Office, Lincoln Award Nominating Comm. COHEN. ROBERT-3152 Brighton 6 St. Senior Arista and Arkon, Sec. to Mrs. Sachs. Music Honor Society, Orchestra, Hebrew Club. COHEN. SELMA-2980 Brighton 12 St. Library Squad. COLONNA. SALVATORE-1739 E. 7 St. Varsity Basketball Team. Lieut, of Cafeteria Squad. Sec. in Boys’ Clinic. Locker Squad. Pool-ball I earn.. CONCA. MICHAEL-2236 E. 4 St. Cafeteria Squad. Pres, of English Class. Cargoes Rep.. Locker Squad, Boys’ Clinic Squad. COVELLI. BERNADETTE-2092 E. 7 St. G.O. Rep., Sec. in Dean of Boys Office, G.O. Councilman. Pres, of Prefect Class. Sec. in Record Office. DAMSKY. SHIRLEY-165 West End Ave. Sec. to Mrs. Gore. Capt. of Library Squad. Sec. in G.O. Auditors’ Office, Sec. to Mr. Wolf, Cargoes Rep. DANSER. JOHN—26 Cass PI. Leader of Dance Band. Symphonic Band. Music Honor Society, Arranger for Dance Band. DAVIDSON. ALAN—1755 E. 3 St. Symphonic Band. DAVIDSON. BARRY-417 Brightwater Ct. Varsity Show. Fencing Team. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Patrol. 16 DAVIS. ARLENE—2937 W. 31 Si. G.O. Rep.. Student Patrol. Sec. in Record Office, Sec. in Physical Science Office. DAVIS. ROCHELLE—1779 E. 9 St. Junior and Senior Arista. Sec. in Dean of Boys’ Office, Student Patrol. Prom Comm. DEI ICH. rOBY—4505 Surf Avc. Math Team. Sec. in Record Office. Commencement Comm., Late Squad. Junior and Senior Arista. DEITER. MARJORIE-119 Langham St. Varsity Show and Squad. Cargoes. Pres, of Exam Office. G.O. Councilman. DeLELLO. PHYLLIS-2044 E. 7 St. Art Office. Senior Councilman, Choral, Glee Club, Prom Comm. DELLI PAOLI. ANN MARIE-2180 E. 2 St. Sec. in Dean of Girls Office. Sec. in Prefect Class, Orchestra. DEUTSCH. BERNARD-10 Avc. P. Visual Aid Squad. Prom Rep., Lincoln Movie-Makers, Student Patrol, English Office. DIAMOND. BARBARA-482 Neptune Avc. Biology Squad. Orchestra. Bowling Club. DIAMOND. C ARL—3-02 Astoria Blvd. Track ream. Cross Country. DICKSON. SHEILA-2129 E. 14 St. Sec. in Accounting Department. Landmark Rep.. Reorganization Comm., Grade Adviser’s Office. DiFRANCO. ADRIENNE-1925 Ocean Pky. Sec. to Mrs. Gluck. Food Squad, G.O. Rep. DITERLIZZI, DOM-2741 Stillwell Ave. 1718 DORNSTEIN. IRA-2350 Ocean Pky. Varsity Bowli ng I earn. DROGOWITZ. CLAIRE-3015 Brighton 13 St. Sec. in Attendance Office. Pres, of Prefect Class, Library Squad. Commencement Comm., P.T.A. Rep. EASTRIN. HELENE-1150 Brighton Beach Ave. Junior and Senior Arista, Sec. in G.O. Office. G.O. Councilman. Lincoln Award Comm., Cafeteria Squad. EDELMAN. BETTY-816 E. 12 St. Varsity Show-. Ass t Direc. of Class Night. Cargoes. Junior Arista, Assoc. Ed. of Landmark, Pool Leader. EDWARDS. R HOD A—3841 Neptune Ave. Junior and Serior Arista. Lincoln Forum. Library Squad. foreign Relations Club. EHRLICH. JACK-120 Ave. T. Pres, of G.O.. G.O. Councilman. Chairman of Social Comm., Finance Comm.. Supply Squad. El SEN. ARLENE-2662 West St. Sec. to Mrs. I artar. Senior Dues Collector. Prom Comm. EISENBERG. ALAN-3110 Brighton 3 St. International Relations Club. Sec. to Mr. I lirsch-bcrg. Scholarship Club. I'reshman Math lean . EISENBERG. VIDABETH-1771 E. 7 St. Sec. in Dean of Boys’ Office. Vice-Pres. of Senior Prefect. Art Staff of Landmark, Sketch Club, Social Studies’ Visual Aid Squad. EISS. JOSEPH-3101 Brighton 2 St. Math I cam. Junior and Senior Arista, Student Patrol. N.Y.U. Physics Contest. F.ILK. CAROLE—150 West End Ave. Choral, ('lass Night. Sec. in Dean of Girls’ Office, Music I lonor Society. EPSTEIN. ELAYNE—150 Corbin PI. Sec. in Program Office. Program Comm., Cheering Squad. Boosters. Class Night.EPSTEIN. HEY WOOD— 1441 E. 16 St. Sports Ed. of Lincoln Log. Circ. Mgr. of Lincoln Log. Boy Leader of Arista, Biology Squad. Assoc. Ed. of Landmark, Bowling Team. ESTERSON. IRWIN-601 Brightwaler Ct. Sec. in Boys Healtli Ed. Office, Football I cam, Vicc-Pres. of Wardrobe Squad. EVER ITT. ARNOLD-2166 E. 8 St. Capt. of Mimcograpliy Squad. FAGAN. RACHELLE—1931 E. 3 St. Sec. to Mr. Scliuman, Sec. in Log Office. Business Staff of Log. FAZZALARO. WILLIAM-2359 E. 4 St. Football I earn. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Squad. FEIN. DONALD—1047 Brighton Beach Avc. f encing I earn. Cafeteria Patrol, Late Squad. Class Pres.. G.O. Rep. FEINBERG. CYNTHIA-3846 Neptune Avc. Supply Squad. Sec. in Dean of Girls’ Office. I'reshman Math I earn Coach. Junior and Senior Arista. FEINBERG. DIANNE-214 Amherst St. Director of Art Squad. Arista and Arkon. Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention. Ed. of Cargoes. Art Ed. of Landmark. FEINGOLD. LEONARD-211 Brighton 15 St. Asst in Math Office. Pan-American Club. FEINMAN. SAM-2814 Brighton 3 St. Varsity I rack leant. Football I cam. G.O. Rep., Student Patrol. Clinic Squad. FELDMAN. CAROL-LYN-124 Amherst St. Co-Ed.-in-Chief of Landmark. Head of Landmark Business Staff. Reporter on Lincoln Log. Junior and Senior Arista. Arkon. G.O. Councilman. Boosters. FELSEN. JUDITH - 285 Exeter St. Varsity Show. Commencement Comm., Landmark Rep.. History Off.. Class Nile. 19FARRARI, MARIO—483 Avc. Y. Soccer I cam. Pres, of Prefect Class. Scholarship Club. FETTO. JEAN-2518 Coney Island Avc. G O. Rep.. Glee Club, ( lioral. Bookkeeping See., Pres, of Prefect. FEUERSTEIN, STEPHEN-10 Shore Blvd. Orchestra. Sec. in Student Welfare Office, Symphonic Band. Student Patrol. FIEDEL SHIELA—2848 W. 27 St. Sec. to Mr. Epstein. Landmark Rep., See. in Record Office. Cargoes Rep., Sec. in Health Ed. Office. FINKELSTEIN. ELAINE-128 Corbin PI. See. to Mr. Maidman. Student Gallery Comm. FIORE. ITALO—1947 E. I St. Co-Capt. of Cafeteria Squad, Class Night. Visual Aid Squad, Leaders Corps. Choral. FIORELLO. SOPHIE-2859 W. 20 St. F1SCHLER. LAURA-2906 Bright 12 St. Sec. to Miss Faye. P.I A. Rep., Sec. to Mr. Zinncr. See. to Nurse, See. in Prefect Class. FISHBEIN. CAROLE—301 Brightwater Ct. Att. Sec. to Mr. Greenberg. Sec. to Miss I'arquliar, Sec. in Grade Adviser’s Office. Sec. to Mrs. Kohn. FLAMHAFT. DAVID-3049 Brighton 14 St. FISHMAN. ELEANOR-2241 E. 5 St. Twirlers. Commencement Comm., Landmark Rep., Sec. in Nurse s Office. Student Patrol. 20 FLAMHAFT. SHEILA-3063 Brighton 14 St. I wirlers. Sec. in General Office. Sec. in Prefect Class. Sec. to Mr. Rubin. Glee Club.FREILICH. TOBY-3792 Surf Avc. See. in English Office, Slucfenl Patrol. Cargoes Rep.. Hebrew Club. International Relations Club. FRIEDMAN. EVELYN—2846 W. 32 St. Judge on Student Court. Student Patrol Sec.. Sec. in Record Office. Usher Squad. Cargoes Rep. FLEISCHMAN. DONALD-393 Avc. S. Visual Aid Squad. Student Patrol. G.O. Councilman. Pres, of Prefect Class. FL1GSTEIN. PHIL-1087 Brighton Beach Ave. Varsity Swimming Team. Lieut, on Cafeteria Squad, Sec. to Mr. Wolf. Head of Accounting Department Stock Room, Senior Budget Comm. FLINT. SHIRLEY-2662 West St. Attendance Squad. Commencement Comm., Senior Council. Gym Sec. FORMAN. MARVIN-2817 W. 31 St. Varsity Basketball learn. Late Squad. Clinic Squad. Athletic Equipment Office. FOX. MARIAN-3091 Brighton 5 St. Judge on Student Court. Senior Arista, Arkon, Varsity Show. FRAIS. LIONEL—150 Brighton 15 St. Latin Club. Cafeteria Patrol. Student Patrol. Sec. in Study Hall. FRANCO. ALBERT-150 Coleridge St. Math I cam. Late Squad. Junior and Senior Arista, Arkon. Sec. to Mr. Hirscbbcrg. FRANK. RITA—4082 Ocean Ave. Arista. Music Honor Society. Biology Squad. Student Patrol. Sec. in Dean of Boys Office. FRANKEL. NANCY-258 Beaumont St. Sec. in Grade Adviser’s Office. Sec. in Gym. Sec. in Attendance Office. Sec. to Mr. I'ried. FREEDMAN. PHYLLIS-243 Brighton Beach Avc. G.O. Office. I'oods Squad. Library Squad. Cargoes Rep. 21FRIEDMAN. JOSEPH-3033 BriBl.ton 13 St. Sec. in Doan of Boys Office. Instrumental Sec., Dance and Symphonic Band, Music Honor Society, Senior Arista. FRIEDMAN. NINA FRIEDMAN. RONALD-1134 Ocean Avc. FROMME. MYRA-9 Sands Walk. Girls’ Pool I .coders Squad. Girls’ Swimming Clul , Sec. in Record Office. Basketball Club. Sec. in Clinic. FURMAN. PHYLLIS-30 Corbin PI. Sec. to Mr. Kisch, Sec. in Cafeteria Office. Reorganization Comm.. Student Patrol. Class Night. FUSS. GERALDINE-1150 Brighton Beach Ave. Sec. in Biology Office. Student Patrol. Senior Arista. P. I .A. Rep.. Senior Class Rep. GABAY. EDWARD—1401 Beach 44 St. Inter-mural Basketball League, Sgt. on Cafeteria Squad. Pres, of Prefect Class. G.O. Rep., Visual Aid Squad. Landmark Art Squad. GABRIEL. EUDICE—2985 Ocean Pky. Sec. to Mr. Hirschberg. Twirlers. Ass t in Biology Laboratory. Red Cross Rep.. Student Patrol. GALLELLI. CONNIE-2247 West St. Sec. Mrs. Emerson. Sec. Dean of Boys' Office. Sec. Mrs. Wallach. GALS I. GERALD—139 Falmouth St. G.O. Rep.. Scholarship Club. Student Patrol. Senior Council. Arista. GARFIELD. CAROL-2942 W. 32 St. Choral. C lass Night, All-City Chorus. Music Honor Society. Girls’ Swimming Team. GEBINER. RIVKA—2563 Hubbard St. Ed.-in-Chief of Club Corner, Reporter on Log. Rep. John C. Rcidel Lincoln Award, Arista and Arkon. Assoc. Ed. of Landmark. Boosters. 22GEFFNER. JOSEPH-2829 W. 25 St. Visual Aid Squad. See. to Mr. I rciliclier. GELBERG. CHARLOTTE-3033 Brighton 2 St. Sec. in Dean of Boys’ Office. Boys Cutting Squad. Biology Laboratory, Red Cross Rep., Bowling Club. GELOBTER, BARBARA -164 Langham St. Boosters. GENDEL. BARBARA-3010 Brighton 12 St. Senior Council, Sec. to Dr. Mason, I ypist in Library. Sec. to Mrs. Wcxler, Class Night Costumes. GERBER. NORMAN M.-2142 E. 8 St. Capt. Mimeography Squad. Chemistry Squad. Student Patrol. Class Night. GERSHOW1TZ. ARTHUR L.-204I E. 1 St. Log Circulation Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Vicc-Pres. of Prefect Class. Student Patrol. GETZ. IRWIN-1936 E. 8 St. Rifle Team. Sgt. of Student Patrol. GIBSON. DON—2036 E. 8 St. Cafeteria Squad. Student Patrol. Aud. Squad. Gymnastics Squad. GINDES. TOBY-3065 Brighton 14 St. Program Office. Senior Arista. Arkon, Capt. of Cheering Squad. Class Night. G1TITZ. SHELDON-2913 W. 25 St. Boys’ Clinic. Cargoes Rep., Equipment Squad. Cafeteria Squad. CLANTZ. HELEN-1834 E. 2 St. Capt. of Library Squad, Sec. of Prefect Class, Sec. to Dr. Schecter, Sketch Club. GLASS. DAVID-2922 W. 24 St. Track Team. Lincoln Bookshop. Lieut, of Student Patrol. Lincoln Award Nominating Comm. 23GLASSER. SEYMOUR—3100 BrigMon 3 Si. Sec. in English Class. GLASSER. WALTER-2034 E. 7 St. Student Patrol. GLAUBINGER. MURRAY-514 Hampton Ave. See. in Mr. Hirsi lilicrg s Office, Pres, in Prefer t Class. Tennis Team. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Patrol. CLICK. JOSEPH-3718 Laurel Ave. Student Patrol, Visual Aid Squad. Cliess Club. Prefect Offic cr, Offi cer in English ('lass. GLUCKSTEIN. ETTA-621 Ave. K. Junior and Senior Arista. Pool Leader. Basketball Club. International Relations C lub. Swimming Club. GOLD. BLOSSOM—26 Coleridge St. Sec. in History Class. Sec. to Mr. Elstein. Prom Comm. GOLD. BLOSSOM E.-2973 Ocean Pky. Sec. in Record Office, Sec. to Mrs. Crosscr. Hebrew Club. GOLD. ROBERT GOLDBERG. BARBARA-186 Ocean Pky. Class Night. Varsity Show. Ass t Ed. Log. Assoc. Ed. Landmark. Twirier. Student Patrol. GOLDBERG. BEATRICE-1150 Brighton Beach Ave. Judge in Student Court, Ass t Ed. of Log. Junior Arista. Biology Squad. Class Night. Landmark Staff. GOLDFARB. HERBERT-80 Ave. P. Symphonic Band, Dance Band. Music Honor Society. Orchestra, Arkon. GOLDFINGER. GERALD—2015 E. 7 St. Chemistry Squad. Sec. in Dean of Boys' Office, Student Patrol. General Science Club. 24GOLDREICH. CAROLE—4621 Beach 46 Si. See. lo Miss Ruhin, See. to Mr. VVeissman, See. in Prefect Class. GOLDSHEIN. BARBARA—6-1 Corbin PI. See. in Earth Science Class. Sgt. on Student Patrol. Sec. in Health Ed. Office. Sec. in Health Ed. Class. GOLDSMITH. ROBERTA-2940 Brighton 5 St. See. in General Office. Sec. in Girls’ Clinic. Commencement Comm., See. to Mrs. Wolfe. GOLDSTEIN. HENRY J.—2681 W. 2 St. Biology Laboratory. G.O. Rep.. Student Patrol. Red Cross Rep., Pres, in Prefect Class. GOLDSTEIN. JEFFERY-4504 Bead. 45 St. Varsity Swimming learn. Program Office, Program Comm., Varsity Show. GOLDSTEIN. JERRY-36 Colin PI. Varsity Show. Biology Squad. Library Squad, Red Cross Rep.. Choral. GOLDSTEIN. JUDITH-2911 W. 32 St. Chief Justice of Student Court, Cargoes Business Staff. Reporter on Log. Ed. Staff of Landmark. GOLDSTEIN. MICHAEL-36 Colin PI. Tennis I cam. Varsity Show. Student Patrol. Pres, in English Class, I rack I cam. GOLDSTEIN. SANDRA - 3842 Maple Ave. Biology Squad, Admissions Office. Sec. in Prefect Class. Attendance Office. Student Patrol. GOODMAN. WARREN-125 Corbin PI. Pres, of Arkon. Boy Leader of Junior Arista. Program Comm.. Math I cam. Capt. of General Science I cam. GOODSTEIN. DIANNE GORDON. BERNADINE—501 Kings Hway. Sec. to Mr. Grumette. Choral. Glee Club.GORDON. HARRIET-501 Kings Hway. Foods Squad. See. to Mr. Pollct, Glee Club. Choral. F.-T.A. Rep. GOYNIAS. MARIANNE-2798 Brighton 8 St. Sec. in Record Office, See. to Mrs. McKenna, Foods Squad. GRABER. MEL-3704 Avc. M-Sec. in History Office, Student Patrol, Varsity i'ootball I cam. Varsity Show, Pres, in English ( lass. GRABOW, RICHARD-20 Amherst St. Gymnastics learn, Swimming loam. Student Gym Instructor. GREENBERG. SAMUEL-1731 Dahill Rd. ('lilting Squad. T ickct Squad. Lieut, on Cafeteria Patrol, Soccer ream. Sec. to Mrs. Kolin. GREENBERG. SONDRA-2677 Colby Ct. Red Cross Rep., Library Squad. Ijncoln War Memorial Rep., Prom Comm. GREENBLATT, ROBERT—3100 Ocean P’way. Athletika. I rack learn, Cross-Country learn. Sec. in Health Ed. Office. GREENSTEIN. JULIA GREENWALD. PHIIJP-2680 Hubbard St. Varsity I rack I earn. Student Patrol. Athletika. Dean of Boys’ Office, Varsity Show. CRESS, INA—2840 W. 40 St. GRIFFO, RICHARD-15 Colin PI. Boys' Cutting Squad. Sec. in G.O. Office. Sec. in Language Office, Red Cross Rep., Sec. in Prefect Class. GRODER. MARIE-235 Coleridge St. Sec. and Vice-Prcs. of G.O., Arista, Arkon, Corr. Sec. of Brooklyn Borough Council, Co-Capt. in Cheerleaders. I'inancc Comm. 26GROSSMAN. JUDITH—1960 E. 1 St. Student Patrol, Class Night. Sec. in Record Office. Sec. in Prefect Class. G.O. Rep. GURAW1TZ. JOAN-2829 W. 31 St. Sec. in Accounting Office, Sec. in Grade Adviser's Office, Sec. in Chemistry Office, G.O. Rep.. Sec. in Commercial Law Class. HAAS. BRUCE-3047 Brighton 13 St. Cafeteria Squad, C linic Ass t. Stage Squad. HABERMAN. MYRNA-1150 Brighton Beach Ave. Boosters. Landmark Sec., Boys' Cutting Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Red Cross Rep. HALPERN. ALBERTA-1103 Ocean Ave. Sec. in Math learn. Ass t Director Class Night, Ar-kon. Senior Arista, Student Patrol. HAM WAY. EZRA-1906 E. 5 St. Varsity Baseball Team. HANDELMAN. DORIS-2869 W. 37 St. Student Welfare Office, Sec. in Study I tail. Library Squad. HANDLIN, JANE L.-2964 Brighton 10 St. Ed.-in-Chicf of Cargoes. Assoc. Ed. of Log. Assoc. Ed. of Landmark. Arista. Delegate to C olumbia Scholastic Press Association. HARRIS. BRUCE-2939 W. 23 St. Lincoln Book Shop. Sgt. on Student Patrol. Usher Squad, fishing Club. Biology Chart Club. HECKER. HOWARD—2931 W. 36 St. Stu- dent Patrol. Red Cross Rep. HERMAN. LAWRENCE- 159-21 -71 Ave. Rifle Squad. Supply Squad, Gym Leaders Corps. Ass t in English Office. Pres, in Prefect Class. HESSEL. JOAN-1740 E. 4 St. Biology Squad, Senior Arista. Class Night. I wirlers. Library Squad. 27MIMELFARB. MORRIS-2964 W. I St. Cargoes Rep., English Office, Ping Pong Club. HOFFMAN. ARLENE—636 Banner Ave. Library Squad. Cargoes Rep.. Library Newspaper, Fowls Squad. Sec. in Study Hall. HOFFMAN. CHARLES-138 Quentin Rd. Rifle Squad. Sec. to Mr. Lassar. Delegate to Lincoln Award Convention. Pres, in Prefect Class. HOFFNER. HARVEY-286 Corbin PI. Cafeteria Squad. Football Team. I IOLI.NER. CAROL—236 Beaumont St. Rc-jM rter on Log. Choral. Class Night. G.O. Councilman. Arista and Arkon. HORN. ALICE-3015 Brighton 12 St. GO. Rep., Prom Rep., Arkon. G.O. Councilman. Choral. HORENS! IN. PHYLLIS-2829 Ocean Pky. Sec. in Gym, Sec. in Clinic. HOROWITZ. MIRIAM-501 Brightwater Ct. HOROWITZ. ROBERT-3030 Brighton 12 St. Sec. in Dean of Boys Office. Student Patrol. Bowling I earn. HOROWITZ. ZIFA-2802 W. 28 St. Sec. in Gym. Sec. to Mrs. Carlson. Lieut, on Student Patrol. Sec. to Mrs. Schroth. ISKIN, RL 111—6- 5 Ave. Z. Sec. in Dean of Girls Office. Capt. in Library Squad. Student Patrol. P. I .A. Rep.. Junior Arista. ITZKOWITZ. JEANNE-195 Brighton 10 St. Prom Comm., Sec. in Secretarial Studies Office, Sec. in Accounting Office. Sec. to Miss Clark. Costumes for Class Night. 28JACKS. BERNARD-9 Brighton 10 Terrace. Physics Squad, Symphonic Band, Biology Squad. Chess Club. Gymnastics I earn. JACOBS. ROBERT—200 Bay 32 St. Student Patrol. Program Office. Program Comm., Pres, in Prefect Class. Circulation Squad of Log. JACOBSON. LOIS-2953 Brighton 1 St. Sec. to Mr. f'reilicfier, Ses. to Mr. Hirschberg. Late Squad, Locker Squad. JAFFE. EVELYN-9 Thompson PI. Cafeteria Squad. Library Squad. Sec. to Mrs. Cohen. Pool Leader, Red Cross Rep. JOHNSON. ROBERT-157 Neck Rd. Lieut, on Cafeteria Squad. Fencing I earn, Latin Club. Alchemists Club, Physics Squad. JONES. JOHN—360-1 Neptune A vc. Chess ( lub. Student Patrol. Math ('lass Sec., Peace (.lub. Health Ed. Cutting Office. JUST. HAROLD-526 Beach 135 St. Arista and Arkon. ( lass Night Cast. Chairman of Lincoln Award Comm.. Lincoln s Rep. to Foreign Policy Association. Candidate for G.O. Vicc-Pres. KAGAN. JACOB-1560 Dahill Rd. Arista. Hebrew Club, Sec. to Mr. Ball. KAHAN. ROBERT-136 Pembroke St. Gipt. in Dean of Boys’ Office. Lawyer and Judge in Student Court. G.O. Delegate. Pan-American ('lub. KAHN. BARBARA-150 West End Ave. Twir-lers, G.O. Council, Vicc-Pres. in Prefect Class. Sec. in Girls’ Gym, Sec. in Welfare Office. KALISH. GIL-2060 E. 1 St. Tennis Team. Arista. Dean’s Office. Class Night. Rep. to Brooklyn Borough Discussion Group. KANNER. RICHARD-136 Pembroke St. Math I earn, l-atin Club, Arista, Student Patrol. Pres, in Prefect Class. 29KANTOR. SYLVIA-3142 Coney Island Ave. Senior Arista. Arkon. G.O. Auditors’ Office. Senior Councilman. Sec. to Mr. Aronoff. KAPLAN. ELLA-165 Colerdige St. Sec. to Mr. S. Shapiro. Library Squad, Glee Club. Sec. to Mrs. 1'rccdcnbcrg. Sec. to Mr. Bernstein. KAPLAN. LEAH-3096 Brighton 6 St. Orchestra. English Office. Girl Leader of Music Honor Society. C ommcnccment Comm., Arista and Arkon. KARP. NORMAN-2795 Shore Pky. KARPAS. ROSALIE—140 Beaumont St. See. in Lindmark Office, Sec. in Prefect Class, Student Patrol. Library Squad. Cargoes Rep. KASSEL. MONA-107 Corbin PI. Twirlers. G.O. Rep., Sec. to Mrs. YVexler. Sgt. on Student Patrol. Cargoes Rep. KASSOFF. DOROTHY-2835 W. 28 St. Sec. to Mrs. Van Den Broek. Sec. to Mr. Aronoff. Sec. to Mr. olf. Sec. to Mr. Goldstein, Senior Dues Collector. KATZ. JERRY-1120 Brighton Beach Ave. Tennis Squad. Sgt. of Student Patrol. Sec. to Music I caclier. Sec. in Grade Adviser’s Office. KA rz. JOYCE—3051 Brighton 5 St. Pres, of Prefect Class, G.O. Rep., Sec. in English Class. KATZOFF. NORMA—2907 Brighton 8 St. Hebrew Club, Varsity Squad. KEKOLER. SANDRA-2951 W. 25 St. Capt. ol Library Squad. Foods Squad. Cargoes Rep. KELLER. GERALD-704 Hampton Ave. Capt. of I ennis I cam. C lass Night. Senior C lass I reas.. Arista. G.O. Councilman. 30KENVIN. HOWARD—162 Mackenzie St. Sec. in Dean’s Office. Swimming I cam. Sec. of Prefect Class. Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. KIMMEL. ROSALIE-216 Dover St. Arkon. Junior and Senior Arista, Reporter on Lincoln Log. Sec. to Boys’ Dean. KIRSCHNER. MARVIN-2872 W. 33 St. Math Team. Chairman of Biology Exhibit, Arista, Student Patrol. Pres, of Prefect Class. KIRSCHNER. MIRIAM-2871 W. 21 St. Lawyer on Student Court. Usher Squad. Locker Squad, Sec. to Mrs. Wcxler, Arkon. KLEIN. WILLIAM—3024 Ave. W. Pres, of Brooklyn Borough Council. G.O. Councilman. Lieut, on Student Patrol, Varsity Show. Lincoln Award Comm. KOBRIN. HARRIET—1814 69 St. KOESTERER. JOAN-3081 Cropsey Ave. Library Squad Sapt., l oods Squad. Red Cross Rep. KOMOROFF, ELLEN-166 Falmouth St. Sec. of Senior Arista. Arkon. Sec. to Girls’ Dean. Student Patrol. Social Comm. KONSKY. MARCIA-3718 Surf Ave. Landmark Rep.. Cargoes Rep.. Class Night. Homework Monitor. Sec. to Miss ( lark. KORNBLUM. ANITA-2133 62 St. Commencement Comm., Cafeteria Squad. Glee Club, Visual Aid Squad. Sec. in Clinic. KOVNER. HOWARD-2863 W. 27 St. Pres, of C hess C lub, Capt. of Chess Team, Bailiff on Student Court. Varsity Show. Lincoln Log. Class Night. KRAMOWITZ. NAT-2868 W. 27 St. 31KRASSNER. MICHAEL-3031 Brighton 3 St. Loader of Program Office. Program Comm., Sec. of Junior Arista. Senior Arista. Arkon. KREISELMAN. HERBERT—2822 Brighton 8 St. Student Patrol. Sec. to Mr. Hirsehberg, Gymnastic Club. Pres, of Commercial Arithmetic Class. KROSINSKY. MARVIN—2863 W. 21 St. Varsity I rack I cam. Capt. of Visual Aid Department. Biology C hart C lub. Prom Comm.. P.T.A. Rep. KRUGER. Cl .AUDI A—3015 Brighton 12 St. Glee Club, Reorganization Comm., Sec. in Cafeteria Office. Sec. in Latin Office, Class Night. KRUPAT. BARBARA—3013 Brighton 12 St. Sec. to Mr. Aronoff. G.O. Councilman. Vice-Pres, of Senior Prefect Class, See. to Mr. Zinner, Class Night. KUBA. RONALD—210 Brighton 15 St. Capt. of Rifle T earn. Lieut, of C afeteria Patrol. ’Picket Squad, Visual Aid Squad. G.O. Councilman. KUPFERSTEIN. HARRIET-1029 Ocean View Ave. Sec. to Mrs. Gore, Pres, of Prefect Class. Senior Council Rep., Business Staff of Lincoln Log. I ypist in Library. Kl RASH. ELLEN—182 Hastings St. Library Squad. Supply Squad. Record Room. Attendance Office. KURI I7KY. IRIEDA—2870 Brighton 4 St. Cargoes Rep.. Library Squad. Sec. in G.O. Office, Red Cross Rep., Sec. to Mr. Ellenbogcn. KURITSKY. HARRIEr-2805 Mermaid Ave. l-ocker Squad. Sec. in Gym Office. Sec. to Mrs. Emerson, Cargoes Rep., Glee Club. LACOY, LEONA-1798 E. 5 St. Sec. in Exam Office. Sec. in Music Office. 32 LAIKEN. LESLIE-2853 W. 28 St. Football Squad. Mimeography Squad. Swimming Team.LAMBERT. LORETTA—202 John Barry Blvd. Arista. Biology Office, Math I earn. Attendance LAZARUS. IRWIN-206 John Barry Blvd. Soccer I cam. I'orcman of Sculpture Shop. Fishing Club, Student Patrol. LAZZARINI. GLORIA-2113 W. 2 St. Sec. in lutndmark Office. Sec. in Prefect Class, Senior and Prom Dues Collector. LEFKOWITZ. ELAINE—1-3 Nass Walk. Sec. in Record Office. Sec. to Mr. Dargo. Sec. to Mr. Wolf. LEIBOWITZ. JEROME-2160 West St. Symphonic Band. Dance Band. Orchestra. Music I lonor Society. Conductor in Assembly. LEIDNER. SANDRA—3103 Brighton 1 PI. Sec. to Miss Carlson. Library Squad. Prefect Rep. for Lincoln Award. Sec. to Mr. Cooper, Bowling Club. LERNER. FRANK—4202 Surf Avc. Varsity Swimming learn, I-og Photograpber. Sgt. on Student Patrol. Late Squad, Boys Gym Cutting Squad. LESSER. RONNIE-149 Brighton II St. Student Patrol. Pres, of Prefect Class, Cargoes Rep. LEVINE. ANNA-2231 E. 7 St. G.O. Rep.. Sec. to Mr. Wolf. Sec. to Mr. Fried, Sec. to Mr. Pol-let. Commencement Comm. LEVINE. JUDY—2784 W. 36 St. Sec. in Record Office. Sec. in Cafeteria Office. Pres, of Senior Prefect Class. Sec. to Mr. Fried. Sec. in Reorganization Comm. LEVINE. LILA-294 N. W. 29 St. LEVINE. MARILYN-2034 E. 8 St. Sec. to Mrs. YVexIcr. Sec. in Clinic. Sec. in Language Office. G.O. Rep., Sec. in I lealth Ed. Office. 33LEVINSKY. PAULA-2820 W. 36 St. Co- ( hairman of C onmicncemcnt Comm.. Biology Squad. See. in Attendance Office. Sec. in Admissions Office. Chairman of Senior Jewelry Comm. LEVY. ARNOLD-3105 Brighton 3 St. LEVY. JACK-2796 W. 5 St. Dance Band. Symphonic Band. Gym Leaders’ Squad. Latin Sec.. Music Honor Society. LIBERTOFF. JUDITH-1209 Ave. Y. Sec. to Dr. Mason. Sec. to Mr. Maidman. Library Squad. LICHENSTEIN. BERNARD-113 Brighton II St. Soccer 1 cam. LIEBERMAN. JOSHUA-1071 Brighton Beach Ave. Baseball Squad. Student Patrol. LIEBERMAN. PHILIP-2816 Cortland St. Math I earn, Ed. on Cargoes. Arista. Arhon, .Movie-Makers. Photog. Ed. of Lincoln Log. Photog. Ed. of Landmark. LIEBLICH. JEROME-12 And,erst St. Sec. to Mr. HirscKberg, Arista. Arkon. Student Patrol. Golden Ayin Winner in Hebrew. Scholarship Club. LIFSH1TZ. ELAINE-1955 E. 7 St. GO. Councilman. P.T.A. Rep.. Sec. in Cafeteria Office. Sec. in Examination Squad. Sec. in Nurse’s Office. LINK. DANIEL—I7y Kensington St. Boy Leader of Senior Arista. Junior Arista. Arkon. Varsity Swimming Team. Symphonic Band. Swing Band. Music Honor Society. LIPNACK. FRED—2033—78 St. Visual Aid Squad. Leaders’ Corps, Arkon, Movie-Makers. Bowling I cam. LIPOFSKY. EUGENE-1-3 Nass Walk. Biology Laboratory. 34LIPSCHITZ. MARTIN—49 Bokee Ct. LIPSON. NAOMI-3829 Nautilus Avc. Senior Arista, Music Honor Society, Clioral. Class Night. P.-T.A. Rep. LOMBARDO. EUGENE-306 Avc. W. Social Studies Visual Aid Club, Italian Club. Soccer I earn. Visual Aid Squad. Pres, of Prefect Class. LUBIN, JEAN — i 08 Banner Avc. G.O. Rep. and Councilman. Library Squad. LUDNER. MARLENE—225 Amherst St. Capt. of Library Squad. Capt. of Dean of Boys’ Office. Sgt. of Student Patrol. Ad-Libs—Library Squad. Arkon. MACHELOWITZ. CAROLE-155 West End Avc. Jewelry Comm.. Student Patrol. Library Squad. Sec. to Mr. Llstein, Collector of Senior Dues. MALEH. JANE I —•124 Avc. T. Boosters, Cargoes Rep.. Sec. in Prefect Class. Sec. in Secretarial Practice Class. MALTZ. MORTON—503 Avc. W. Varsity Show. Class Night, Symphonic and Swing Band. Mgr. of Swimming Team, Student Patrol. MAMIYE. ESTHER-451 Ave. S. GO. Rep.. Sec. in Gym Office. Locker Squad. MARCU. SHERRY-2914 Brighton 8 St. Fashion Council. English Office Squad. Sec. in Auditors Office. Varsity Show Rep.. Red Cross Rep. MARCUS. JACQUELINE-2339 Ocean P’ky. Sec. to Mr. inner. Red Cross Rep. 35 MARKOWITZ. RUZENA—706 Banner Ave. Library Squad. Sec. to Mr. Lapedos. Sec. in English Office. Sec. to Mr. Epstein.MASON. MIRIAM-3050 Brighton 2 St. Glee Club, Science Team, G.O. Rep., Bowling Club. Music Honor Society. MASS. BARRY-2682 W. 2 St. MAZZONE. VINCENT-2423 W. 2 St. Attendance Squad. Class Pres., G.O. Rep., Arkon. McCLEAN. EDMUND-501 Ave. R. Rifle Team, Class Night. Student Patrol. McCLEAN. NORMAN—501 Ave. R. MEADOW. EDWARD-2759 W. 37 St. Pres, of Prefect Class, Trade Team. Cross-Country Team, MELILLO. FRED-2195 E. 7 St. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Squad Cargoes Rep. MELNICK. BERT-1025 Ocean View Ave. Co-Capt. of Cheering Squad. G.O. Council, Student Patrol. Senior Council. Prom Comm. MELNICK. STEPHEN-4099 Ocean Ave. Rifle Team. Cafeteria Squad. Class Night. MENASHE. DAVE-421 Ave. T. Student Patrol. Intramural Baseball. Magazine Club. Cargoes Rep. MENSCHENEREUND. LEON-3045 Brighton 12 St. Track I cam, Arista. Athletika, Student Patrol. Lieut, of Cafeteria Patrol. MERKIN. MERYL-2091 E. 2 St. P.-T.A. Rep. Senior Count il. Sec. in Record Office, Lincoln Award Rep.. Prom Comm. 36MESSURI. CLAUDETTE-2395 E. 7 St. See. in Gym Office. Sec. in Vocational Office. MEYERS. JUNE-17II E. 10 Si. Capl. in Dean of Boys Office. G.O. Councilman. Lincoln Award Comm. Commencement Comm., Stage Make-Up Squad. MEYERS. RFJ.IA—1035 Atlantic Ave. Sec. in Gym Office. MEYERSON. BARBARA-210 Brighton 15 St. Library Squad. Sec. in Student Patrol Office, Sec. to Mr. Elstein. MEZRAHI, JAIME-2037 E. 5 St. Visual Aid Squad. Soccer learn. Student Patrol. MIGLER. BETIT—2863 W. 22 St. Mil BERG. LENNY—Cheering Squad. Varsity Baseball Squad, Sec. to Mr. Steinberg. Vicc-Pres. and Pres, of Prefect Class. MILLER. DONALD—74 Amherst St. Cafeteria Squad. Language Office. MINTZER. ROSLYN—2418 Ocean P'ky. Food Squad. Locker Squad. Library Squad, Red Cross Rep., P.T.A. Rep. MISHAN. JIMIEL—1933 E. 5 St. Apparatus Gym Squad. Leader Squad. MOCREY. FAYE-1070 Ocean View Ave. Sec. to Mr. Rakowttz, Sec. to Mrs. Iliau, Sec. to Mr. inner. G.O. Rep., Library Squad. 37 MOLIS. ROBERTA-1747 E. 10 St. Sec. in Dean of Boys Office. Library Squad.MONSKY. MARTIN-2875 W. 21 St. Cafe- leria Squad. Laboratory Ass t., Biology Squad. MONTI. LOUISE-2797 Coney Island Avc. Pres, of Eco. Class. Sec. in landmark Office, Foods Squad. Sec. to Mr. Feely. Sec. to Dr. Caine. MORDOH. BERNICE-2641 E. 11 St. Capt. of MatK I earn, Late Squad. Movie-Makers. Sec. in Grade Advisers’ Office, Arista and Arkon. MORSE. ROBERT-110 Sliorc Blvd. Swimming Team, Sec. at Swimming Pool, Asst in Art Office. NACHT. IRWIN-2917 Brighton 7 St. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Patrol. Football Team, Metal Work Club. NADLER. CAROLE-2879 W. 21 St. Sec. in Dean of Girls’ Office. Sec. in Accounting Office. Capt. of I umblers. Stenography Contest Club, Sec. in Law Class. NAGLER. SANDRA-2611 Hubbard St. Choral. Commencement Comm., (.lass Night. Landmark Rep.. Library Squad. NAPS. SEYMOUR-9-21 Brighton I Rd. Math Team. Late Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Junior Arista. NASH. STEVE-34 Girard St. Visual Aid Squad. NEVINS. SHIRLEY-1808 E. 7 St. Cheering Squad. Student Patrol, Sec. in Dr. Mason s Office. Class Night. Magazine C lub. NEEDLE. FLORENCE-3716 Oceanic Avc. Senior Arista, P.-T.A. Rep., Library Squad. Sec. in Language Office, I'oreign Relations ( lub. 38 NELSON. CHARLES - 4910 - 15 Ave. Rifle I earn. Student Patrol, Arista. Arkon. ('lass Night.NEWMAN. MORTON—7222—21 Avc. Camera Squad. Photography Staff of Log. Movie-Makers. Ass t Photog. of Landmark. Arkon. NEUSTADT. MARTIN-1130 Brighton Beach Ave. Attendance Squad. G.O. Rep. NEUWIRTH. BARBARA-523 Kings Hway. Student Patrol, Biology Squad. See. of Visual Aid Squad, See. to Mr. Greenl erg. Sec. to Mr. f'allig. NUDELMAN. MARLENE-2917 W. 20 St. Stenography Contest Club. Sec. in Accounting Office. P.-T.A. Rep.. Sec. to Nurse. Commencement Comm. ORSHANSKY. MARCIA-322 Neptune Ave. Junior Arista. Arkon. Biology Squad. Sec. of Mr. Joseph. Commencement Comm. OSMAN. LEONARD OSTROWIAK. ISAAC-161 Neptune Ave. Or-chestra. Ballyhoo Cast for Varsity Show. Student Patrol. PACHITR. EVELYN-1809 Albemarle Rd. Assoc. Sports Ed. of Log. Assoc. Ed. of landmark. Sec. in Dean of Boys Office. Pres, of Prefect ( lass. Arista and Arkon. PADGUG. ELLA—3100 Brighton 7 St. Boosters. Senior Budget Comm., Visual Aid Squad. Sec. in Chemistry Office. Sec. to Mrs. Wcxlcr. PALAN. GLORIA-2951 Brighton 12 St. Arista. Arkon. Program Office and Comm., Class Night. PALUMBO. ANNA-2236 E. 4 St. Sec. in English Office, Senior Arista. Sec. in Welfare Office. G.O. Rep., Italian Club. PAPAGNI. LENA-506 Neck Rd. Sec. to Mrs. Surrey. $PARISER. SHEILA-2212 E. 7 Si. See. in Lan- guage Office. Gindmark Rep., Sec. of Prefect Class, Sec. in G.O. Office. Sec. in Study Hall. PASS. SHELDON—32 Corbin PI. Symphonic Band. Swing Band. PERLMUTIER. SEYMOUR-2848 YV. 30 St. Orchestra. Band. Pres, of Senior Prefect Class. Senior Council Rep. PERMISOHN. CHARLENE-2005 E. 8 St. Cutting Squad. Sec. in General Office. Cafeteria Office Squad. Library Squad. PESSIRILO. JOSEPH — 2328 — 6-1 St. Soccer I earn. PFEFFER. MARTIN—2925 W. 29 St. Rifle Squad. Student Patrol. Slide Rule Club. PICOFF. RONALD—602 Ave. T. Sec. in Dean of Boys Office. Arista. Class Night. Junior Red Cross Delegate, Student Patrol. PINCUS. I'.LAINE—3855 Lyme Ave. Student Patrol. Sec. in Dean of Boys’ Office. Senior Arista. Arkon, Sec. in Dean of Girls’ Office, Vicc-Pres. of Prefect Class. PINSKY. BYRON-2951 Brighton 12 St. Boy leader of Music Honor Society. Ass t Leader of Swing Band. Symphonic Band. Junior Red Cross Count ilman. PISANO. FRANCES—2014 E. 4 St. G.O. Rcp.. Class Pres.. Sec. of Prefect Class. Foods Squad. Welfare Office. PISNOY. LEONARD—116 Beaumont St. Rifle learn. I ennis learn. Scholarship Club. Class Night. Senior Council. PLATT. HELENE—905 Ave. R. G.O. Councilman. Chairman of Commencement Comm.. Basketball Club, (fowling Club. Senior Jewelry Comm. 40PLUMITALLO. SALVATORE-2163 W. 2 Si. Student Patrol, Class Pres., Ticket Squad. POLAKOFF. SALLY-2866 Brighton 4 St. Pool Leader, I'oods Squad. Cafeteria Office Squad. Library Squad. Sec. of Prefect Class. POSNER. STANLEY-3093 Brighton 4 St. Cho-ral. Student Patrol. Squad Leader. POST. RICHARD-4504 Beach 45 St. Capt. of Bowling I earn. Ass t Ed. of Log. Sec. in Dean of Boys’ Office. Varsity Show. Student Patrol. PRESS. ALAN—131 Mackenzie St. Vice-Pres. of G.O.. Varsity Show, Class Night. Ass t Mgr. of Soccer Team, G.O. Councilman. PRESS. SHARON-2812 Brighton 7 St. Sec. in Dean of Girls Office. Biology Laboratory Squad. Cargoes Rep., G.O. Councilman. PROSTICK. JOEL-125 Brighton II St. Chemistry Squad. Library Squad. Student Patrol. PURISCH. CORRINE—3723 Maple Ave. Ed. Staff of Landmark. Log, Capt. of Library Squad, Arista. Arkon. Usher Squad. Student Patrol. PUTERMAN. CAROL-118 Langham St. Commencement Comm., Student Patrol. Sec. in Grade Adviser’s Office. RABB. DAVID-4504 Beach 45 St. Student Patrol. English Office. Tennis Team. RACER. MARVIN-2235 Ocean P’way. Student Patrol. I'ootball learn. RAMRUS. LEONARD-2490 Ocean Pway. All-City Symphony Orchestra. School Orchestra. ( onductor at Assemblies. Baseball 1 earn. Cafeteria Squad. 41RAMSEY. WILLIAM—2118 E. 7 St. Cafeteria Squatl. Ticket Squad, Locker Squad. RAPAPORT. DAVID-2822 W. 36 St. Student Patrol. Rifle Squad, Schol. Club. RATTNER. PHYLLIS-3715 Sea Gate Ave. Cargoes Rep., Sec. in Tlealtb Ed. Office, Bowling ( lub. Sec. to Mis Bantecas. REBUFF!. RICHARD—2212 F. 8 St. Locker Squad, Rifle Squad. REED. JUDITH—1960 E. I St. See. to Mrs. Clore. Sec. in Record Office. Sec. to Mr. lallig. Red Cross Rep., Pres, of Stenography Class. RIECHEL. SHEILA-1971 E. 18 St. Arkon. Sec. in (trade Adviser s Office. Cafeteria Squad. I wirier . Cargoes Rep. REISS. CYNTHIA—62 Brighton 10 St. Boosters, ( lioirman of Senior Budget Comm.. Sec. in Chemistry Office. Sec. in Log Office, Sec. to Mrs. Stryker. REITER. SIDNEY-1753 60 St. RESNICK. PEARL-2853 W. 30 St. G O. Book Rep., Commencement Comm.. Class Night, Student Patrol. Glee Club. RESNICK. STANLEY-2826 W. 25 St. Dance Band, Symphonic Band. Music I lonor Society. Pres, of Prefect C lass. RICH, SON I )R A— 509 Ave. S. Student Director of (lass Night. Asst Gen. Mgr. of Varsity Show. Capt. of Supply Squad. Sec. in General Office, Sec. in Math Office. RICHMOND. STANLEY-Student Patrol. Varsity Show, G.O. Rep., Mixed Choral Group. 12RIFKIN. HOWARD-3096 Brighton 6 St. Arista. Visual Aid Squad, Student Patrol. Log Circulation Squad. Cafeteria Squad. RINDFLEISH, HERBERT—1712 E. 4 St. Handball Team. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Patrol, Magazine Club. RINGER. ROBERT-3736 Cypress Ave. Student Patrol. Biology Squad. Baseball Squad. Service Squad. RITORTO. JOSEPH—2518 W. I St. Shop Asst. Student Patrol. Vice-Pres, of Economics Class, Class Lender in Gym. Gymnastics I earn. R IVLIN. ZIEV—3916 Laurel Ave. Swimming Team. Late Squad. Student Patrol, Boys Hcaltli Clinic. Log Circulation Squad. ROBBINS. ROBERTA—3043 Brighton 4 S;. Varsity Show Cast, Library Squad, Student Patrol, Sec. in Dean of Girls’ Office. Arista. ROMANO. LUCY-2526 E. 12 St. Sec. in Health Ed. Office, Sec. to Mrs. Stryker. Sec. I » Mrs. Weitz, Pres, of Prefect C lass. ROSANSKY. ADRIENNE-3115 Brighton 6 St. Library Squad. Sec. to Mr. Ellenbogen. ROSEN. SEYMOUR-414 Brighton Beach Ave. Capt. of Fencing 'learn. Student Patrol. Vitc-Prcs. of History Class. Cafeteria Patrol. ROSENBERG. PHIL-2949 YV. 30 St. Student Patrol. ROSENGART. FAY-2545 E. 6 St. Capt. in Dean of Boys’ Office, Commencement Comm., Latin Club, Sec. to Mr. Ellenbogen, G.O. Councilman. 43 ROSENRAUCH. TED-2784 'V. 36 Si.44 ROSENTHAL. CARY-1891 E. 2 St. Athletic Supply Room. Gym Apparatus Squad. Locker Squad. Vice-Pres. of Senior Prefect Class, Foot-hall learn. ROSENZWEIG. CARL-3216 Neptune Ave. C hemistry Squad. Student Patrol. Sec. to Mr. Lasser. Swing Band. ROSLIN. MARVIN-3082 Brighton 5 St. Music Honor Society. Symphonic Band. ROSNER. JANET-3520 Canal Ave. Glee Cluh and Choral. Handball I earn. Bowling Cluh. Sec. to Mrs. Greenberg, Spanish I utor. ROSS. STANLEY-2809 W. 20 St. Varsity Show. Class Night. Prom Committee. Senior Council. Pres. Prefect Class. ROSSI. LUCILLE—1715 Coney Island Ave. Sec. in Log Offi ce. ROI H. FRED—612 Brighton Bench Ave. Symphonic Band. Dance Band. Student Patrol. Chemistry Cluh. ROTHMAN. ELAINE—2677 Colby Ct. Sec. in Accounting Office. ROTHMAN. ROBERT-1151 Brighton Beach Ave. Arista and Arkon. Biology Office. Biology Laboratory Squad. Chemistry Laboratory Squad. ROTHMAN. SUSAN-2521 Mermaid Ave. Sec. in Chemistry Office, P.-T.A. Rep.. Clerk in Student Court. Student Patrol, Red Cross Rep. ROTHSTEIN. SIDNEY-3130 Brighton 7 St. Sec. in Log Office, Student Patrol. RUBENSTEIN. MELVIN-6324-24 Ave. Math Team, Scholarship Group. Ed. Staff of Cargoes. Arista. Microscopy Club.RUBIN. JAMES-1903 E. 7 St. Student Pa-trol. Scholarship Club. RUBINSTEIN. MARCIA-2139-81 St. Ed.-in- Chief ol Log. Assoc. Ed. of Landmark. Arista and Arkon, Sec. in Dean of Boys Office. library Squad. RUBINSTEIN. RICHARD-4810 Surf Ave. Visual Aid Squad, Grade Adviser’s Office. RUDIN. JERRY-1747 E. 3 St. Library Squad. Biology laboratory Squad. I landball I cam. Magazine Club. Cargoes Rep. SACKS. GARY-1080 Ocean View Ave. Mgr. of Fendng Team, Co-Capt. of Fencing I cam. Ping Pong I earn. SACKS. ELEANOR— 115 Hastings St. Boosters. Sec. in Dean of Girls’ Office. Student Patrol, Stc. to Mrs. Amato. Sec. to Mrs. Ziman. SALZBERG. ELINOR-1704 Ocean Pky. Varsity Rep., Sec. of Prefect Class. Sgt. on Student Patrol. Cargoes Rep., Sec. to Mrs. Bush. SAMIUAN. RONALD-3024 Brighton 8 St. Scholarship Club. Visual Aid Squad, Social Dancing Club. SAMUELS. MARLENE-2935 W. 22 St. Junior Arista. Library Squad. P.-T.A. Rep., Red Cross Rep.. Student Patrol. SANDERS. PHIL-625 Neck Rd. Basketball I earn. Baseball Squad. Sgt. on Cafeteria Squad. Student Patrol. SANDERS. I'HELMA-3091 Brighton 5 St. Sec. in Boys Health Office. Sec. to Nurse. Sec. to Mr. Plaut, Student Patrol, Red Cross Rep. SATIN, PAULA—2187 Matthews Ave.. Bronx. Program Office and Comm.. Arkon. Senior Arista.SAIT-OFF. AARON-24 Mater Ct. Arbta and Arkon. Program Office and Comm., Pres, of Prefect Class. Lincoln Award Nominating Convention. G.O. Councilman. SAVINO. JOE—2025 E. 13 St. Student Patrol, Sec. to Mr. Mirscliberg. Supply Squad. Sec. to Mr. Nurnburg. SCHECHNER. HERBERT-7902 Bay Pky. Stu- dent Patrol, Cafeteria Patrol. SCHEER. LINDA-1876 E. 2 St. Varsity Show. Literary Staff of Landmark. Sec. to Dr. Caine. Class Niglit, 1 wirlers, P.- I .A. Rep. SCHENCK. IRWIN-1650 Ocean Pky. Co-Capt. of Bowling I earn. Sec. in Dean of Boys’ Office. Student Patrol. Class Niglit. Class Pres. SCHIMMEL. RUTH—2675 W. 37 St. Girl Leader of Junior Arista. Sec. of Senior Arista. Ass t Ed. of Log. Vocalist with Dance Band. Junior Math I earn. SCHNEIDER. SONDRA-2737 Brighton 6 St. Sec. to Miss F. Weiss. Sec. in Dean of Girls Office, Sec. to Miss Carlson. Sec. in General Office. Sec. of Senior Prefect Class. SCHONFELD. PEARL-125 Hastings St. Student Patrol, Sec. in History Office. Handball Club. SCHOR. SYLVIA-2318 Ocean Pky. Girl Lead er of Senior Arista, Math I cam. Orchestra and All-City Orchestra. Class Night. Ed. Staff of Landmark. SCHREIBER. JACOB-2881 W. 33 St. SCHULMAN. MORTON-1755 Dahill Rd. Athletic Supply Squad. Locker Squad. Supply Squad. Rifle Squad. SCHULMAN SUE-130 Ave. P. Co Ed.-in-Chicf of Landmark. Assoc. Ed. of Log. Program Office and Comm.. Sec. in Prefect Class, Sec. of Arista. Arkon. Bowling Club. 46SCHWAM. FRED—3001 W. 1 Si. See. in Language Office, Business Squad, See. in Study f fall, C loscl Monitor. SCHWARTZ. DIANE-901 Ave. S. Sec. in Record Office, Sec. to Miss Carlson. See. in Prefect C lass. Bowling Club, Senior Council. SCHWARTZ. AR'ITIUR—1755 Ocean P'way. Capt. of Cafeteria Patrol. Class Night. Senior Council Rep., Wing Commander of Air Scout Squadron. Capt. of I icket Squad. SCHWARTZ, DEBORAH-9108 Colonial Rd. Capt. of Supply Squad. See. in the Dean ol Girls Office. Arkon and Arista. Ass t Dir. of Senior Class Night. SCHWARTZ. JOAN-1873 E. 8 St. Library Squad. Sec. in General Office, Sec. to Miss Ban-tecas. SCHWARTZ. IRMA-189 Girard St. Sec. in Grade Adviser's Office. Student Patrol. Library Squad, Glee Club, P.T.A. Rep. SCHWARTZ. PHYLLIS-63 Bokee Ct. Capt. of Library Squad. Red Cross Rep., Cargoes Rep., Sec. in English Office. Sec. in Record Office. SCHWARTZ. MONA—3019 Brighton 3 St. Sec. in Chemistry Office. G.O. Councilman. Sec. to Mrs. R. Greenberg. Pres, of Prefect Class. Sec. in General Office. SCHWARTZ. ROBERTA—1992 Ocean Pky. Varsity Sh ow. Class Night, Prom Comm., Sec. in Dean of Boys’ Office. SCHWARTZ. RHODA—1937 E. 8 St. Library Squad. Cargoes Rep., Cafeteria Squad, Sec. to Mr. Maidman. Sec. in Music Listener s Club. SCIULLA, ANTHONY—2905 W. 19 St. SCLAFANE. LEWIS-2121 Mermaid AvC. Pres, of Prefect Class, Student Patrol. Cafeteria Patrol. MSEGAL. MARTIN-2766 VV. 36 St. Math Team. Late Squad. Student Patrol, Arista. SELITZKY. MAX-2112-63 St. Baseball Team. Soccer ream. Rifle Team. Pres, of Prefect Class. SELTZER. SHELDON—3091 Brighton 3 St. Capt. of Basketball learn. Clinic Squad. Head of Newspaper Squad. SEPE. JOHN-2676 W. 3 St. SHABASSON. LEONARD - Brighton J5 St. Symphonic Band. Student Patrol. General Science Club. SHAPIRO. EILEEN—1942 E. 8 St. Boosters. Glee Club and Choral. Commencement Comm.. Sec. in Dean of Girls' Office, Sec. in Language Office. SHAPIRO. IRENE-1151 Brighton 15 St. Senior Arista. Glee Club. Student Patrol. Sec. in Record Office. SHAPIRO. SELMA-26 Cass PI. Student Patrol. Sec. to Mr. Freilicher, Sec. in General Office. Library Squad. SHEINBERG. GEORGE-177 Hastings St. Basketball Team. Math Team. Latin Club. Student Patrol. Arista. Athletika. SHER. GARY-149 Brighton II St. Fencing I cam. Cheering Squad. Vice-Pres. of Senior Class. Sgt. on Student Patrol. Sec. in Dean of Boys Office. SHERMAN. TED-2975 VV. 25 St. Pres, of Prefect Class. Baseball Team. Intramural Baseball. SHORE. HARVEY-3030 Brighton 12 St. Boys' Clinic Squad. Student Patrol. Attendance Monitor. 1 able Capt. d 48SHUBIN. MARVIN-1650 Ocean P way. Senior Arista, Arkon. Capt. of Usher Squad. Pres, of Scholarship Club, Lieut, on Student Patrol. SIDEMAN. JANET-2931 Brighton 8 St. Arista. G.O. Councilman. Student Patrol. Lincoln Award Comm., Rep. on Log. SIEDMAN. EUGENE-1875 W. 27 St. Baseball T earn. Symphonic Band. SIEGAL. HAROLD-3030 Brighton 12 St. Math I earn. Arista. Late Squad, Supply Squad. Sec. in Math Office. SIEGAL. MYRNA—132 Girard St. Sec. in Grade Adviser s Office. Student Patrol, Library Squad. G.O. Council, Red Cross Rep. SILBERSTEIN. LEONARD-16 Brighton 10 St. Visual Aid Squad. Rifle Squad. Assembly Squad. SILICCHIA. GRACE-1974 E. 2 St. Glee Club. Prefect Class Pres., Italian Club. Prom Comm.. Senior Council. SILON. HERBERT-1755 Ocean P'way. Fencing 1 earn, Co-Capt. of Cafeteria Squad. Vice-Pres. of Visual Aid Squad. Arkon. Arista. SILVERBERG. CELIA-64 Amherst St. Twirl-ers. Senior Budget Comm., Library Squad. P.T.A. Rep.. Student Patrol. SILVERSTEIN. NORMAN-2231 E. 7 St. Lieut, of Student Patrol. I rack learn. Usher Squad. Locker Squad. SILVERSTEIN. SIMON-110 Corbin PI. Student Patrol. SIMON, ARNOLD-2856 W. 33 St. Capt. of Assembly Squad. Capt. of Physics Squad. Sec. in Auditors’ Office. Latin Club. Student Patrol. 49SIMON. GLORIA-2928 W. 24 St. Prefect Class Pres., Sec. of Vocational Counsel. See. in History Office. Prefect C lass Sec. SIMONS. HERBERT-3740 Lyme Ave. Visual Aid Squad. Usher Squad. G.O. Rep.. Class Night Cast. Vicc-Pres. in Prefect Class. SINGER. ALLAN-2827 W. 27 St. Bookshop Visual Aid Squad. Sec. in Study Hall. SIRKIN. ARTHUR—1922 E. I St. Reporter on Log. Chemistry Laboratory Squad. Arista. Scholarship Club. Member of N.Y.U. Physics Contest. SKOLNICK. EDWARD-2229 Homecrest Ave. Biology Squad. Student Patrol. SKOLNICK. ELLEN—40 West End Ave. Red Cross Rep.. Sec. in Gym Office. Senior Prom Comm. SNYDER. DONALD—301 Sea Breeze Ave. Art Squad. Cargoes Photog. Ed.. Log Pliotog. Ed.. Landmark Photography Staff. Movie-Makers. SOIFER. STANLEY-3023 W. 22 St. Visual Aid Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Intramural Baseball Tournament. Usher Squad. SOLMO. CLAIRE—2122 E. I St. Pres, of Hospitality C lub. Food Squad. Bowling C lub. SONNENREICH. THELMA-2829 W. 30 St. Sec. in Accounting Off., Sec. in Grade Adviser’s Off.. Sec. in Auditors Off.. Sec. to Mr. Aronoff. SOREN. STANLEY—2418 Mermaid Ave. Arista. Assoc. Ed. on Log. Student C ourt Justice. Science I earn, Lincoln Award ( onim. SPAGNA. MARGARET—1842 E. I St. Sec. in Administrative Office. Sec. in Record Office. Library Squad. Sec. in Welfare Office. Book Shop. 50SPECTOR. LAURA-2927 VV. 2 St. See. in G.O. Office, I'ockI Squad. Library Squad. Hospitality Club. SPECTOR. MARILYN-2914 VV. 33 St. Sec. in Accounting Off.. Sec. to Mrs. Tucker. Sec. to Mr. Goldstein. Sten Contest Group, Business Mac bine Club. SPERANZA. ALBERT—2448 E. 2 St. Student Patrol. Sec. in Boys Clinic, Italian Club. SPONDRY. IRIS-2845 Brighton 7 St. Choral Accompanist. Band, ('lass Night Cast. Music I lonor Society, Sec. to Dean ol Boys. STAMMER. MARTINNE— 1755 Ocean Pky. Sec. in Prefect ( lass. Pool Leader. Student Patrol. Sec. in Girls I lygiene Office. STECKER. CARYL-3096 Brighton 6 St. Class Night Cast. Choral. All-City Chorus. STEIN. HAROLD—1120 Brighton Beach Avc. Late Squad. Sgt. of Student Patrol. Arkon, I land-ball Varsity I earn. Mgr. of I ennis Team. STEIN. SAMUEL—2075—79 St. Lieut, of Student Patrol. Uindmark Staff. Class Night Cast. Class Night Script. STEINBERG. EVELYN-2867 W. 36 St. Sec. to Dean of Girls. Student Patrol, Arista. Commencement C omm. STELSON. MAR ILYNN—3137 Coney Island Ave. Sec. in Program Office. Program Comm.. Arkon, Sec. in Art Office. STERNHEIM. THELMA-119 Norfolk St. Co- ( apt. of Boosters. Glee C lub. Pool Leader. Vicc-Pres. of Prefect Class. Sec. in Grade Adviser’s Office. STEVENS. WILMA-1860 Ocean Pky. Gen. Mgr. of Varsity Dramatic Group. Class Night Cast. Capt. of Supply Squad. 51STONE. JEROME-3907 Sea Gate Ave. Varsity Swimming loam. Student Patrol, Judge in Student Court, I-ate Squad, Arkon. STONE. ROBERT-111 Langham St. Student Patrol. Ticket Squad. Biology Laboratory Squad. Music Listeners Club. STRAUBER. RENEE-2818 W. 31 St. Sec. in Chemistry Office. Sec. in Accounting Office. Student Patrol. Sec. to Mr. Aronoff. STRAUBER. ROBERTA-1980 Ocean Pway. Sec. of Senior Class. Sec. of Supply Squad, Ass t Stage Mgr. of Varsity Squad, Prom Comm. SUPINSKY. SONDRA—3010 Brighton 12 St. Sec. in G.O. Office. Junior Arista. Student Patrol, G.O. Councilman, Sec. in Record Office. SUSSMAN. ROBERT-76 Exeter St. Capt. of Rifle Team. Late Squad. Class Night Script. Bus Squad. Pres, of Prefect ( lass. SYKES. LENA-2916 W. 30 St. Pool Leader. Tennis 1 cam. TABICKMAN. CAROLINE-2956 W. 31 St. Music I lonor Society. Glee Club, I Jsher Squad. Sec. in Attendance Office. Sec. to Mr. Epstein. TANNENBAUM. ROY-161 Norfolk Ct. Track Squad. Gymnastics learn. Clinic Squad. Student Patrol. Leader in Boys Gym. TARTAGUONE. BEATRICE—2771 W. 3 St. Capt. of Deans' Squad. Library Mending Squad. Usher Squad. TASCH. BARBARA-3 Brighton 10 Ter. Sec. to Mrs. Sachs. Red Cross Rep., Sec. to Mr. Dargo. Basketball Club. Stenography Speed Club. 52 TATE. LEATRICE—3 Brighton 8 Ct. Sec. to Mrs. Emerson.TAVERN A. KATHLEEN—387 Avc. S. See. in Prefect ('lass. See. to Mrs. Wexler. Library Squad. Biology Chart Club, Social Studies Visual Aid Squad. TAYVIL. DAVID-1930 Ocean Pky. Student Patrol. Gym Leader. Vice-Pres, of Prefect Class, Swimming Guard and Leader. TAYLOR. AUDREY-3832 Lyme Ave. Sec. in Record Office, Sec. in Health Ed. Office. TEICHER. SHIRLEY-2816 W. 25 St. Sec. to Grade Adviser, Business Machines Club. Sec. to Miss Rubin, Stage Make-Up Club. TELSON. ITHE—2160 E. 8 St. GO. Rep.. See. in G.O. Office, Sec. to Mr. Tried, Biology Squad. Library Squad. THALER. SHELDON-1685 E. 5 St. Sgt. on Student Patrol. Leaders Squad. Bowling Team. THEODORE. BARBARA-2715 Holmes St. Capt. on Dean of Boys’ Squad, Senior Prom Comm. Rep., Sec. to Miss Marder. Pres, of Writers Club. Library Mending Squad. THEODOSAKIS. LEON-3015 W. 2d St. Student Patrol. THEODOSAKIS. PETER—3015 W. 24 St. Capt. of Varsity I rack I cam, Co-Capt. of Varsity Cross-Country learn. Sec. of Athlctika. Co-Capt. of Assembly Squad, Boys’ Clinic Squad. TILLONA. FRANCES-2252 Ocean Pky. G O. Rep.. Sec. in Welfare Office. Junior Arista, Sec. of Senior Arista. Italian Club. Landmark Editorial Staff. Class Night. TOBIN. PAUL—176 Irwin St. Student Patrol. Visual Aid Squad. TOUNS. ROGER—390 Quentin Rd. Junior Varsity Basketball I earn. Sports Reporter on I»g. Math I earn. Senior and Junior Arista, Arkon, Supply Squad. 53TOLKIN. STEPHEN—624 Avc. V. Cafeteria Patrol, Student Patrol, I irket Squad. Soccer I earn. TOLOCHINSKY. HADASSA-3031 Brighton 14 St. Glee Club. Sec. in Prefect Class, G.O. Rep.. Make-Up Squad. TRIEF. GLORIA-326 Neptune Ave. Cargoes Staff. Sec. in Boys’ I lealth Ed. Office, Attendance Office, Student Patrol. Arkon, Sec. to Mr. Plaut. TROHATOS. ALLEN-1614 Mermaid Avc. Vice-Pres, of Economics Class. Baseball Team. TULCHIN. EUGENE TURNER. HOWARD—105 Avc. P. Clinic Squad, Red Cross Shows, Bally-Hoo Shows. Lincoln Movie-Makers, Student Patrol. TZODIKOV. R HOD A—1247 Ave. V. Sec. in Accounting Office. Glee Club. Red Cross Rep., Varsity Show Rep.. Cargoes Rep. UMLAS. STEPHEN UROVE. DIANE-1877 E. 9 St. Sec. of Arkon, Junior and Senior Arista. Sec. in General Office, Kallista, Varsity Show’, Class Night. URSO. MARIE-2085 E. 4 St. Sec. in Student Welfare Office, Library Squad. VAN DYKE. BETTY—2813 W. 2 St. Sec. in History Office, Sec. in Math Class, Sec. to Mrs. Wynn. 54 VILLANO. ICGY-2230 Ocean Pky.VINCOVV. GERSHON—3030 Brighton 12 St. (apt. of Math loam, G.O. Councilman. Sec. to Mr. Hirschherg. Late Squad. Senior Arista and Arkon. VITULLI, FRANZ—2613 Hubbard St. Attendance Squad. G.O. Councilman. VOURAKIS. GUS—2315 E. 12 St. Cafeteria Squad, Cargoes Rep., Commencement Comm. WAGNER. PHYLLIS—18 Brighton 4 Ter. Library Squad. Sec. to Miss Bantccas. Biology Squad, Sec. to Mr. Pol let. WASHINGTON. CHARLOTTE-614 Neptune Ave. WATSTEIN. JEROME-1901 Ocean Pky. WAXMAN. KENNETH-2822 W. 27 St. Visual Aid Squad, Chess Club, Pres, of English Class. WEBER. STANLEY-621 Neck Rd. Student Putrol. Math I earn. WEILL MELVIN-2015 E. 3 St. Pres, of Prefect Class. Swimming Guard and Leader. Gym Leader. Sec. to Miss Bantecas. WEINBERG. SYLVIA—Visual Aid Squad. Sec. in Cafeteria Office, Sec. in Accounting Department. Handball ( luh. Bowli ng Club. WEINBERGER. ALAN-1800 Ocean Pky. WEINER. IRVING—2867 W. 33 St. Senior and Junior Arista. Student Patrol. Chess Team. Slide Rule Club. Pres, of Prefect Club. 55N PURSUIT BOOKS MOVIES L'AMOUR DRAMA SCULPTUREBASKETBALL BOOM CHEERING ENGLISH AND BASEBALL AND FINANCE MONTAGE, ‘by Plil LiefcfTVnQh WEINHAUS. ADRIENNE-2830 W. 31 St. Sec. to Mr. Wolf. See. to Mr. Joseph, G.O. Rep., Sec. in G.O. Auditors Office, Sec. to Mr. Aron-off. WEINSTEIN. ARTHUR WEINSTEIN. JUDITH—1633 Ocean Pky. Sec. to Dr. Orgel. Cafeteria Squad. Sec. in General Office, G.O. Councilman, Pres, of Prefect Class. WEINSTOCK. SHELDON-2968 W. 27 St. Sec. of Chess Club. Chess I cam. WEISBAUM. BERT-2840 Brighton 3 St. Student Patrol, Junior Arista. Sec. in Student Welfare Office, Pres, of Prefect C lass. WEISBERG. LOUIS-2105 Ocean P’way. Gymnastics learn. Instructor in Boys Gym, Cafeteria Patrol. Locker Squad. WEISBURD. PHYLLIS—7 Brighton 8 Ct. Sec. in Grade Adviser s Office. Sec. in Study Hall. Cargoes Rep.. Art Weaving Club. WEISER. CAROL—2961 W. 25 St. G.O. Rep., Sec. in Record Office. Sec. to Mr. Maidman, Sec. in Library, Sec. in General Office. WEISMAN. ELEANOR-777 Avc. . Library Squad. Sec. in Cafeteria. Sec. to Mr. Maidman. Sec. in I listory Office, Senior Arista and Arkon. WEISMAN. HELEN-1897 E. 2 St. Art Squad. Arista. WEISS. BRENDA—31 (X) Brighton 2 St. Sec. in Boys I lealtli Ed. Office, Sec. to Mr. Plaut. Student Patrol. linker Squad. WEISS. LILLIAN-333 Neptune Avc. Girl Leader of Senior Arista. Sec. of Arkon. Sec. to Girls’ Dean. G.O. Councilman, Library Staff. 58WIENER. MICHAEL-3100 Brighton 2 Si. Student Patrol, Junior Arista. Chess I cam. Alt-G.O. Rep., Cargoes Club. WILLIAMS. JOAN-1401 Avc. Y. G.O. Councilman. Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. See. to Mr. Maidman. WINICK. TEDDY-6413-24 Avc. Varsity Soccer I cam. Senior Arista, Scholarship ( iub. Slide Role Club, Student Patrol. WERSHBORN. FRANK—150 Brighton 15 St. Visual Aid Squad. WOLFE. HOWARD-2106 E. 12 St. Camera Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Bowling I earn. Vicc-Pres. of Senior Prefect C lass, Senior Council. WOLLMAN. ROBERT—1150 Brighton Beach Avc. See. in Dean’s Office. Fencing learn, G.O. C ouncilman. Pres, of Modern I listory Class. Cargoes Rep. WOLOS. MILLA—Chairman of Commencement Comm., Kallista. Junior Arista. Jewelry Comm., Pool Leader. YAGERMAN. PHYLLIS-2815 W. 37 St. Art Weaving Club, Sec. to Miss Marder. YEARWOOD. MARGARET—2504 E. 14 St. Capt. of Boosters. Fashion Council. Glee Club. Cafeteria Squad. YOUNG. ROBERT-3734 Poplar Ave. Sec. to Mr. Hirschberg. Baseball I cam. Football Team, Sec. to Mr. Ball. Intramural Baseball learn. YUMET. MARIE-2238 E. 4 St. G.O. Office. Vice-Pres. of Spanish Club, Student Patrol. Process Server in Student Court. G.O. Councilman. 1 UR MAN. ALLAN—3815 Nautilus Ave. Stage Squad. Visual Instrmlion, Mimeography Squad. Food Squad. 59YUSIN. ALVIN—2162 E. 8 St. Senior Arista. ( aptain of Mimco Squad, Student Patrol. ZABINSKY. BERNARD-2918 W. 19 St. Varsity Cross-Country Team. Varsity Track I earn. Intramural Baseball I earn. ZARETSKY. ELLIOT-2872 W. 23 St. Soccer I cam, G.O. Rep.. Vicc-Prcs. of English Class. Pres, of Economics C lass. Cargoes Rep. ZIMMERMAN. EDWARD-1095 Ocean Ave. Latin Work Shop. Cafeteria Office. ZITO. JOSEPH-2146 West St. Track and Cross-Country Teams. Lieut, on Student Patrol. Italian Club. Vicc-Prcs. of Senior Prefect. Pres, of Prefect Class. ZUTA, GIDEON—7922—21 Ave. Soccer Team. Junior Arista. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Patrol. Rifle Club. ZWEIG. PAUL—86 West End Ave. Senior Class Pres., Capt. of Track Team and Co-Capt. of Cross-Country I earn, Atbletika. Junior Arista. Student Patrol. Camera Shy BLOOM. CLIFFORD-3145 Brighton 4 St. CAVALLARO! JOE-2202 E. 7 St. Ticket Squad. Dean's Office. 60 LAURENSON. ANDREW-20 Sea Gate Terrace. Student Patrol. Gym Leaders Squad.BY MARCIA RUBINSTEIN The scene is a great narrow corridor, painted in garish shades of green, and lined with cruelly grimacing doors. A mob of strange creatures rushes along, uttering odd shrieks and calls. This is the natural habitat of the species, “Abrahamus Lincolnus,” a group whose name is whispered in low tones in the research laboratories and whose origin is traced carefully in the dark dens of alchemists. Let us trace the development of a typical member of this unusual type of being. He is usually born in the month of September. Small, sallow, and fragile-boned, his chief characteristic is the bewildered expression in his large, blinking eyes. The young neophyte in the halls, hugging the wall for shelter and vainly searching for others of his genus, presents a pitiful figure. Last winter, in a paper on the infant stage of the “Lin-colnite (as the species is popularly called) read to the National Society for the Destruction of Wildlife and Vegetation, Dr. Phineas Q. Phlupp declared that the Freshman (afore-mentioned creature) is easily to be found devouring his nourishment with his fellow-creatures between 1:20 and 2:00 P.M., or dusting the fossils in the halls. Infancy gone, the creature enters upon a period of adolescence called (by those who know ) the Sophomore stage, sophomore being the Greek term meaning wise-fool. The mysteries of life are being revealed to the Lincolnite during this period of rapid physical growth and mental deterioration. The male sprouts small muscles and the female’s lipstick leaves her chin and begins to center on her lips. The timidity is gone, replaced by a certain hardy curiosity. The Sophomore takes an interest in his surroundings and knows the shortest route to such beloved meccas as the Sweet Shoppe and the Paramount. 61The Sophomore stage rapidly gives way to maturity, at which stage the specimen is termed a Junior. This “Junior” is a dashing, debonair fellow indeed. From the red carnation in the button hole of his sport shirt to his shiny new chartreuse patent-leather belt, he is the very image of a cosmopolite. With a roguish grin he swaggers boldly through the gloom of the catacombs searching for another fellow student of his species whose homework he may copy. He has discovered the value of the little black address-book and carries with him a bottle of Wildroot Cream Oil. His female counterpart has thrown over algebra for the mamba and knows a good diet chart when she sees one. This period is followed by a six month cocoon stage, at the end of which time the Lincolnite hursts forth into full bloom as the Glorious Senior, a process accompanied by a thinning of the wallet and a graying of the hair. At any rate, this is the Golden Age of Life. He is mellowed with wisdom and is a veritable storehouse of experience and good advice. The chief staples of his diet are coffee and Goobers, with a dosage of Benzedrine during the third week in June. Seniors, splendidly attired in trench coats and evening dresses, crown their glory with a small circular blue and gray button, known from Madagascar to Timbuctoo as the sign of the elite. The Senior has long ago forgotten how to do homework, being too busy answering cutting cards received while out collecting Prom pledges. All this accumulated joy and agony reaches a frantic climax during (the crisis period) Regents Week. To emerge intact from this mental siege is the greatest ecstasy that can befall the species. With seamed, haggard faces and bleary eyes they stagger along past wildly-cheering friends and relations on Graduation Day, only to pass on to the next life called (by the scientists) “Collegium. Brooklynum”?THE MITE V By Rivka Gebiner One clay a Senior class did spy A bug that looked just like a fly, et, it was tinier than that But, then, it couldn't be a gnat. “Why sure,” cried one, “it's like a bee.” “Oh. no, it looks more like a flea.” So ofT they ran and scanned through books To identify this creature’s looks. They searched and searched day after day And couldn’t tear themselves away. They almost gave up in their plight. When someone shouted, “It’s a MITE!” Great cries of laughter filled the house. I sure am glad it's not a louse. Then someone said, ‘‘Why I know what. Let's make the MITE our own mascot.” So first they took a piece of tin. And made the MITE a Senior Pin. They got for him a program card With subjects that were not too hard. Then olT he went from class to class And took exams he had to pass. In everything he did quite well Except in gym—where down he fell. Our little MITE was just too small. And could not reach the nets at all. Then when the days for soccer came His extra feet drove him insane. And all the minuses he got Had helped him definitely not. The day that he got his report Right next to gym glared one round nought. “Alas, alas, what awful fate— Except for gym. I'd graduate.” So to his grade adviser went The little MITE with spirits bent. The good man sent him to a gym Where MITE was exercised with vim. Soon he could raise above his head A one-gram weight made out of lead. At once his marks began to rise; A sixty-five became his prize.The MITE worked hard the whole last third And uttered not a single word. Then came the long-awaited day: The graduates in fine array— Each waited standing in his stead. The MITE-y Senior at their head. When all the speeches had been made. The tributes of the four years weighed, All eyes were focused at a stand Where granting medals had been planned. The MITE-y Senior sat so still His panting breath the air did fill. When all at once a loud voice roared: THE MITE-Y SENIOR—GYM AWARD!” O Youth upon whom dreams are hung As battered hats upon a stand. Rise up and live. You still are young— Assume position of command! The world is yours, yours to save, To build and to remake. Do what you will with what you have Though world foundations shake. Yrou are the hope, the love, the day. As age is darkest night: Stand strong and stab in every way The blasphemy of might. 64 JUDITH GOLDSTEINYOUTH By CAROL-LYN FELDMAN I am Youth . . . and I am afraid. I am afraid of darkness, of blood, of disease, of War, of God, of Fear. But I am not afraid of myself or of growing. My father wanted to do something noble but now he is a salesman. I am afraid that I, too, will not succeed. But I will exert myself to try to prove myself better than those before me, for I am Youth. I am afraid of what is to come, but I will look toward it and work for it to be good. Now it is Spring . . . when I am young . . . and as I grow it will be Summer, not Winter, because I will it so. THEY have told me I am young and I am blind. But I have seen them and I do not like them, because they are afraid of nothing except growth—and themselves. They reach a certain time and they say, “This is the prime of life. I want to stay this age . . . and they stop growing. They do not know as Youth does that each moment is but a new beginning. They get tired of themselves and they look at someone fairer or richer or smarter or stronger and they say, “I wish I were that one” . . . or they look at us and say, I wish I were young again . . . but they had their chance and they do not know that they can still grow into what they want to be. There is always time . . . and Youth knows . . . and Youth shall grow wisely, and stay happy with whomever he is. And he will fear what is wrong and what he does not know, and he shall conquer these fears, or, if they are good, he shall try to understand them. His eyes shall be eternally looking ahead. 65When we were all freshmen at Lincoln, those superior seniors seemed as remote from us as the biggest football hero or the captain of the Boosters, and four years seemed to be an eternity. Somehow the days and the weeks and the years overcame us, and they flew by too quickly for us to hold on to the pains and the sweetnesses of each of them. We shall try to record here the most memorable of events for us to look back on with pride and probably with just a little nostalgia. In the years at Lincoln when everything seemed big (1948 and 1949), the winning of the P.S.A.L. basketball championship was the greatest. It was our fourth unbeaten season and we had won fifty-two straight games. That year we voted the Lincoln award to the great educator, John Dewey. The sad note of the season was the loss of our beloved Mr. Morton Cohen of the Math Department and the Program Committee. In our second year at Lincoln the Varsity Show gave a wonderful performance of “My Sister Eileen. It was the twentieth anniversary of the school and Mr. Lapedos, with his staff, put out a memorable issue of Cargoes. The students and various clubs gave birthday shows in celebration. Alice Hoffman became the second girl ever to hold every G.O. office. The math team won the city championship, but this was shadowed by the death of Mr. Shanholt, chairman of the department. This year we By CAROL-LYN FELDMAN and SUE SCHULMAN were shocked by the stoppage of extra-curricular activities, and we went out on strike for three days in the hope of having our teachers salaries raised and for a little rest. The junior year was brightened with the appearance of Jose Ferrer in the assembly, speaking about the movie, “Cyrano de Bergerac.” Edwin Franco Goldman, conductor of the band concerts in Central and Prospect Parks, received the Lincoln Award. We were all thrilled when he led the Lincoln band in “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” Mr. Rako-witz, head of the Language Department, and Mr. Jacobi passed away. Mr. Forsheit became the faculty adviser of the G.O. Senior year is always the biggest and the best, and ours was certainly proof of this. The teachers got a slight increase and extracurricular activities were resumed. The football team came in second in the city P.S.A.L. championships. Class-Nite was among the best and most hilarious in Lincoln’s history. We had a great Senior Swim, and Red Letter Day found no Senior inhibited as he marched through the halls. Passing of subjects was the biggest problem this year, but all problems were forgotten in the thrill of our wonderful prom in the Grand Ballroom of the Astor Hotel. This was a most fitting ending to an unforgettable four years at an unforgettable school. 7 i-J UvrMJZs i-Mbwu z £ug n 3mJU$uSIj -7tifaMVWb B imajyo 5-VldaJk£fi dJwJk?t£ b-JNjWMis Tfl td Mjyru s Jlcuu6ut JwJANEL HANDLIN Let the word “youth’’ slide over your tongue. Let it roll, let it sway, singing into your brain. Keep it there a while remembering only the melody which it sang. What meaning does it hold for you? Is it synonymous with the gay and the carefree? Does it denote the years between childhood and full maturity? Is it the time of serious learning when one’s important questions on life and science are formulated and answered? Youth, to us, is all these things, and yet it is none of these things. Youth is an emotion, a feeling, a reaching out to all that is life. It is the yearning to catch and hold the ever-present wonders of our day-to-day existence. It is sitting near the sea, lulled by the whisper of the wind and waves, with a close friend, and just talking. It is the friendly camaraderie and jolting on the morning bus, which in winter pleasantly smells of books, leather, wool and humanity, mingled with the crisp air. It is the strange, terrified feeling of wanting to run in the opposite direction en route to a social function where the guests are unknown to you; it is the dizzy, light-headedness in the awareness of being accepted. It is reading far into the night, with the sleeping silence awakened only by the quiet, swirling tones of beautiful music. It can be found between the lines of an amusing letter written to a homesick college freshman from one who cares. Youth is in those who wiggle their toes and stretch, in deep satisfaction of the clean, cool feeling of fresh bedclothes. It is lying in a warm hath and letting the soothing water ripple around your body with delicate ease. It is walking through a department store, touching all the articles which please you, to see whether they feel as nice as they look. It is the fresh coffee beans and new-fallen pine needles whose aroma journeys through space, impregnating the pure air with delicious odors that play with your nostrils and are sometimes there, sometimes not. hut never completely forgotten. It is the wonder of your first real kiss full of warmth, of delicate passion and of complete dependence upon a dear one. It is the serenely virginal whiteness of a new winter show by day, and the twinkling glitter of a million diamonds at night. Youth is the sunset, brilliant with the full riotous palette, always moving, varying from somber to blazing, from dark to light, until dimmed by the hushing violet hue of twilight. It is the dignified beauty in the faded colors of an old master. It is in the spirit and love of a happy family. Such things constitute youth. By such things can you understand the excitement and spirit that is youth. Aging has nothing to do with it, for so long as people remain exposed to the vitality of life, so will they remain young. 70ARTHUR STUDIOS, INC. Official Photographer to the “LANDMARK Exclusively Equipped to do Yearbook Photography 49 West 46th Street New York 19, N. Y. EflCTERIl PRESS, Inc. 33 Flathush Avenue • Brooklyn 17, N. Y. STerling 3-0500 SlNCE 1915 we have been serving high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . We take pride in having at your service our staff of expert typographers, artists and advisors . . . PRINTERS OF THE “LOG” AND “LANDMARK” 72

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