Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

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 Dear Graduates: I hroughout your slay at Lincoln, emphasis has been placed on I he importance ol character. I his requires the ability to weigh, compare, and evaluate. so that you may lead a life guided by principles and ideals, rather than a life dominated by impulse. It has been well said that every day each one of us lives in four realms of being. As a physical organism, we belong to the realm of organic and inorganic matter. Here we are dependent mainly on stubborn facts that lay the groundwork for the animal phases of brutish man. As an intelligent person, we belong to the realm of the mind. Here values begin to assert themselves, providing the basis ol culture and civilization. As a human being, we belong to the realm of social communities. I fere stress is laid on the meaning of relationships upon which rests the structure of our society. And as a spiritual entity, we belong to the realm ol the heart and soul. Here we encounter moral ideals, ethical tenets, and noble principles. Only through their acceptance can we achieve our highest potentialities. Facts are important: but if we are solely dependent on facts, only physical research will count, and physical engineers will usher in an age of atomic bombs. We may be blinded by ultra-violet and cosmic rays and deafened by nuclear explosions and the roar ol jet planes, unless our education has convinced us that values count, and that only social research and social engineers can create a society where men can live in peace, prosperity and happiness. Cordially yours. GABRIEL R. MASON PrincipalMiss Bertha Cohen Administrative Assistant Dean of Girls Mr. Arthur Hirschberg Administrative Assistant Dr. Joseph R. Orgel Dean of Boys Mr. I. Bert Levine Chairman of Program Comm i I leeAARON. ADELE—3109 Mermaid Avc. Sct- rctary to the Student Patrol. Library Squad. Secretary to Mrs. Kappalman. ABRAHAM. ESTHER—281 1 W. 31 St. Set. on Student Patrol, Visual Aids Club. Secretary to Mrs. Crosscr. ABRAMOWITZ. LEONA-2036 Cropscy Avc. Placement and Guidance Bureau. ADES. ROBERT—1953 Ocean Parkway. ALDOROTY. DAVID-1127 Gilmore Court. Student Patrol. AMDUR. ANITA-1811 E. 2 St. Secretary in General Office, Secretary in Language Office, Secretary in Gym. P.T.A. Representative. Cargoes Representative. AMORUSO. AURELIA—2699 Coney Island Ave. Secretary to Mr. inner. President of Prefect Class 2 terms. Member of the City-Wide Slcn Contest Team, Secretary to Mrs. Wnlluch. AMPLO. NICK-2958 VV. I St. Director of Art Squad 2 Years, Editor of Cargoes Art. ANSPACH. LENORE—516 Kings Highway. Secretary Student Patrol 3 I erms. ARONN. AUDREY-125 Dover St. Member of Symphonic Band. Member of Orchestra. Student Conductor at Assemblies, Member ol Music Honor Society. Secretary to Dean ol Girls. ASCII. NATALIE-3091 Brighton 5 St. Senior Arista. Secretary in General Office. Member ol Commencement Committee. Locker Squad. AXELROD. TERRY-3708 Lyme Ave. Jr. Arista, Student Patrol. G.O. Book Representative. All. Senior Council Representative. mm 0 September 1950: Lincoln Welcomes I'irsl Freshman ( lassBABKES. IRENE— 1714 E. 3 St. Secretary in Accounting Department, President in Bookkeeping Class. BACHER, MYRA—3100 Brighton 3 St. Senior Class Treasurer, Fashion Council, Secretary in Gym Office for Mrs. McKenna, Secretary for Mrs. Schroth. Secretary in General Office. BADER. SHEILA—2792 W. 3 St. Secretary of Pool Leaders Swimming I com. Boys Cutting Squad. Girls L.ocker Squad. BALL, RITA—237 Exeter St. Secretary in Exam Office 3 Years, Secretary in Gym, Secretary 11. E. Office, Secretary I listory Office. BANCHICK. RITA—203d E. 8 St. Secretary in General Oflice, Secretary to Mr. Rothman, Secretary to Mr. Elstein. BANDMAN, PHYLLIS-2795 Brighton 8 St. Captain of Squad, Boy’s Dean’s Oflice 2 Years. Member of Class Night, Clerk and Process Server in Student Court. BANKAL1ER. SAM - 2037 8-1 St. General Monitor in Prefect. Student Patrol. Swimming Secretary, Cafeteria Patrol. BANKLER. JACK-220 Brighton 1 Ct. Student Patrol 2 I erms. BARON. SONDRA—256 Coleridge St. Captain of Squad. Office of Dean ol Boys, Secretary to Mrs. Falb. Leaders Club, Cargoes Representative. BAR RICK, ROBERT-1621 W I St. Student Patrol, Cafteria Patrol Lieutenant. BASS. AUDREY-184 Jaffery St. Glee Club. Music Honor Society. Choral, Secretary of Senior Class, Senior Representative to Student Council of the Metropolitan Opera Guild. BASSNER. HERBERT-2557 E. 6 St. Co- Captain ol Supply Squad. November 1930: Lincoln Starts Lirst Lootball Campaign 6BAUER. DANIEL - 2876 W. 29 Si. Intro-Mural Baseball. Intra-Mural Football. BECK. CLAIRE-2044 Cropscy Avc. Class Night. Secretary Dr. Mason's Office, Secretary in I lie General Oflice. BELK. DONALD-124 Irwin St. Secretary Mr. Hirschberg, Photographer for Log. Varsity Show. Swimming I cam. Candidate for G.O. Vice-President. BELLER. SHEILA-289 Brighton Beach Avc. Program Committee. Program Office. President ol Arkon. Secretary of Kallista, Member Senior and Junior Arista. BERG. DONALD-2964 Brighton 12 St. Member of Borough Championship Varsity Swimming Team 1947, Captain of Varsity Swimming Team, Senior Class Night. BERGER. BELLE-2114 Mermaid Avc. BERGER. HAROLD-1916 E. 9 St. Captain in Dean of Boy’s Office. BERGER. JACK-1655 E. 10 St. Member of Varsity Fencing I cam. Visual Aid Squad, Student Patrol. Bio Chart Club. BERGWERK. MANIA-8 Brighton 13 St. BERMAN. CARL-240 Amherst St. Student Patrol 6 terms. Clinic Squad. BERNSTEIN. BARRY-462 Avc. P. Football Tournament, Lender's Club. BERNSTEIN. IRWIN-814 Avc. T. Fencing Team Co-Captain, Athlctika, Arista. Student Patrol. Gym Department Secretary. 7 March 1931: Arista Senate OrganizedBERNSTEIN. MARILYN - 2930 W. 36 St. Library Squad. Locker Squad. Student Patrol. Secretary in Girls’ Clinic, Secretary in English Class. BERNSTEIN. MARLANE—7802 21st Avc. Varsity Shows, Secretary to Mrs. McKenna. BETRON. ARLENE-177 Norfolk Ct. Program Office, Program Committee. BIERFASS. ARNOLD—2007 E. 7 St. Secretary to Swimming (.'lass 3 I erms. BIERMAN. HOLLY—4173 Ocean Ave. Secretary in Landmark Office, Boosters. Secretary in Grade Adviser’s Office, Secretary to Mrs. Groe. BIRNBAUM. HELEN—1312 W. 6 St. BLAUSTEIN. RUTH-2781 W. 36 St. Sec- rclury in Office of Dean of Girls, Sketch Club, Senior Dues Committee, Arkon, Cargoes Club. BI.H7.MAN, JAN IS—2907 Brighton 8 St. Fashion Counsel. Varsity Show Squad, Commencement Committee. Secretary in Gym Office. Representative to Club Council. BLOCK. ELAYNE—31 18 Brighton 1 St. Orchestra Squad, Captain of Late Squad 2 Terms. Modern Dance Club. Prefect Alt. President 8th I erm. Secretary to Mrs. Kappalman. BLOCK. GERALD-3033 Brighton 14 St. Supply Squad 6 Terms. BLODNICK, EDWARD-132 I fastings St. Student Patrol Captain. Boskclhall learn, Cale-teria Squad. G.O. Councilman, I ennis Squad. BLOOM. ALLAN-2814 Brighton 7 St. President of Senior Perfect Class, Drum Major of the Field Band, Member of Lincoln Swing Band. Member ol Class Night Cast, Member of Varsity Show Ballyhoo Cast. May 1931: Issue ol I .og turns into Lincoln Logarithm Math slant) (written with a 8 BLUM. ALAN-1853 59tk St. Member of Class Night, Student Patrol, Ticket Squad, Varsity Show. BLUMBERG. FELICE-39 Brighton 10 Ct. Assistant Editor lor the "Log.” Senior Arista. Class Night Committee, "Landmark." Stage Makeup Squad -I I erms. BLUMBERG, LYNN-174 Brighton 11 St. Secretary in Gym, Secretary lor Mrs. Emerson, Student Patrol, Secretary lor Mrs. linker. BOFF, MARILYN—2421 Mermaid Avc. 3 Years Switchboard Operator, I ypist and Secretary in General Office (Alt.), Modern Dance Club, 3 1 erms Pool Leader. BOGAN, PAULA—2415' Coney Island Ave. Secretary to Mr. Feelv, Secretary to Mr. inner. Member of Swim loam. Student Patrol. BORUCHOW. IRWIN-1909 E. 7th St. Co-Captain Varsity Swimming Team. Athletika. BOSSES. ELEANOR - 3130 Brighton 6 St. Varsity Show, Varsity Show Squad, Fashion Council, Library Squad. BOXER. MYRON-1305 18th Ave. Cafeteria Squail, Student Patrol, Track Team. BRILL. BARBARA - 4209 Manhattan Ave. Member of Log Staff, Member ol Prom Committee. Secretary in Dean’s Office, Secretary in English Office, Student Patrol. BRODY. ARTHUR—259 Dover St. Visual Aid Pick-Up Squad, Secretary to Administrative Assistant. Secretary to Mrs. Rosenblum, Visual Aid Squad. BROUDE. JOAN - 4226 Surf Avc. Chief Lawyer on Student Court. Secretory in Dean’s Office, Member ol Lincoln Award Research Committee. President of Prefect Class. G.O. Councilman. Arkon. BROWN. ALICE-2463 F.. 15 St. Painting Club, Sketch C lub. May 1951: Executive Council Passes Constitution 9BROWNSTEIN. IRWIN- M31 Ocean Parkway. Student Patrol, Class Night. BUCHOLZ. GILBERT—542 Sheepshcad Bay Road. Cafeteria Squad, Music Squad. BURACK. LAWRENCE - 2842a W. 31 St. Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol, Class Night. BUXBAUM, DAVID-4209 Manhattan Ave. Supply Squad. Student Patrol. BUZZEL. JERRY-3109 Br. 15 St. BYLIS, MARTIN - 2134 Homecrest Ave. Vice President of Senior Prefect Class, Base-hall I cam. GAGMAN. JUNE-125 Webster Ave. Member of Arkon, Secretary in Dean’s Office-Captain, Secretary in Library, G.O. Councilman, Member of Service Squad. C ALDER ONE. JOE-2320 E. 5 St. Captain of Cheering Squad, Secretary in English Oflice, (’lass Night. CARROLL. BOB—915 Homecrest Court. I rack Team and Cross Country. CARUSO, SAL—16—Manhattan St. CAULFIELD. LOUISE - 1106 Neck Road. (lice Club 6 Terms, Senior Dues Collector, Study Hall Squad. CARFIZZI, THERESA—2915 W. 23 St. December 1931: 10 Stands and Dressing Rooms Already Built As Work on C'ily s Largest Field ContinuesCMUSID. SANDYE—1915 E. 7 Si. Cheering Squad, Model in Sketch Club, Secretary in Mr. Hirshberg’s Office, Receptionist, Student Patrol. CIALDELLA. JOSEPH—2259 E. 15th St. Student Patrol, G.O. Class President. C1UCCIO JOSEPH-2393 E. 3 St. Football lntcrmurals, Italian Club, Football Squad, Cafeteria Squad. CLOTH, BARBARA - 2F West End Avc. Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Student Patrol. COHEN. BARBARA-3033 Coney Island Ave. Record Office, Wardrobe Squad. Senior Dues Representative. COHEN. CHARLOTTE-2481 86 St. History Office, Library, Prefect Secretary 2 Years. Clinic. COHEN. HAROLD-2291 E. 24 St. Student Patrol Lieutenant, Cafeteria Patrol Sgt. COHEN. HERBERT-3094 Brighton 5 St. Student Patrol. COHEN. JEROME-1826 E. 2 St. Senior Arista. Captain in Dr. Orgcl’s Office, P. I .A. Representative. COHEN. MARILYN—90 Corbin Place. Bowling Club, Commencement Committee, Secretary in English Office. P.T .A. Representative 3 Terms, Secretary in Language Office. COHEN. MARILYN-2481 86 St. Gym Office and Clinic, Commencement Committee, I lislorv Office, Chem. Office. COHEN. PAUL—2271 80th S . Program Office, Program Committee, Student Court. Arkon. G.O. Council. May 1932: Cargoes to Accept All Student Contributions 11COLLENDER. HERBERT-3260 Coney Island Ave. Tennis Club, English Office, Cafeteria Squad. COLUMBUS. RONALD-2960 Brighton 3 PI. Assistant Editor of tlie "Log." Editorial Stalf ol "Landmark." Varsity Swimming lean), 5 Perm Class President, Vice President ol the Current Events Club. CONEINO. BEVERLY A.-3II0 Brighton 3 St. Arkon Service I lonor Society. G.O. Social Committee. Secretary in G.O. Office 5 Perms, Publicity lor Ballad Club, Member of G.O. Nominating Committee. CONNORS. WILLIAM—1656 E. 8 St. DAMM. JESSIE - 611 Brighton Beach Ave. Secretary and Switchboard Operator in General Office. Secretary in Gym, Student Patrol. DAROE. ROSALYND—2102 E. 8 St. Girls Swimming Team 1 Year, treasurer in Prefect Class, Secretary in Accounting Office, Collector Senior Dues, Ijog Oflicc Secretary. DAVID. ARTHUR - 706 Ocean View Ave. Student Patrol, Equipment Squad. Late Squad, Dean s Oflicc, Class Night. DAV1DMAN. BERNICE-3109 Brighton 7 St. G.O. Councilman lor 3 I erms. DAVIS. ESTELLE-2432 E. 7 St. DAYAN. FRANCES - 2236 Ocean Parkway. Treasurer in Senior Arista. Secretary in Miss Cohen’s Oflicc. Secretary to Mrs. Berman. Secretary in Bio. Oflicc, State Scholarship Club. DoCESARE. STELLA A-120 West Ave. Library Squad. Secretary for Mr. Rothman. DEITCH. WILMA C.-1708 E. 2 St. General Office 2 Terms. Locker Squad. June 1952: First Class is Graduated from Lincoln 12DEMARCO. ANTHONY-712 Avc. W. Member of Student Patrol. DENKER. CONNIE-1719 E. 8 St. Secretary in Health Education Office, G.O. Councilman. President of Prefect Class, Secretary in Girl’s Clinic. DENMARK. BURTON-1601 Ocean Parkway. DENMARK. MARILYN—1640 Ocean Parkway. Girl Leader of Senior Arista. Member of Arkon, Director of ('lass Night, Program Office. Program Committee. DePROSPO. PHYLLIS-2524 McDonald Avc. Member of Biology Squad. Member of Prom Committee. DcTOMMASO. FRANK—2115 E. 1 St. DIAMOND. LAURA-2853 W. 33 St. Chcm. Office, Clinic. Gym Secretary, P. I A. DIAMOND. MIRIAM-2782 W. 33 St. Secretary in Record Office. Student Patrol. Pool Leaders Club. Secretary to Mrs. Kolin. Library Squad. DiNATALE. PAUL-2258 E. 15 St. Dl IORIO, JERRY-1609 E. 8 St. DOLGIN, MURRAY - 845 Ave. Z. Ticket Squad 7 Terms, Co-Captain 1 1 erni. DOLGINS. JOAN-2869 W. 36 St. H. Ed. Secretary. December 1932: Lincoln Ride learn Shoots Way lo C itv Championship 3DOLISKY. BARBARA-130 Ave. P. Secretary in Accounting Department, Secretary in General Office, P. LA. Representative. DRUCKER. THERESA—2276 Homecrest Ave. Vice President of Kallista, Secretary to Mrs. McKenna, Secretary to Miss ('lark. Member «f Locker Squad, Member ol Leaders Club. DUBLER. BERNARD—2524 Ave. X. Dean s Office, Cafeteria Squad, Log Circulation Squad Assistant Manager, Class Night, Junior Arista. DUNAYER. MYRON-2817 W. 37 St. Dance Band Leader, Concert Band. DWORKIN, AARON-2940 W. 29 St. Cafeteria Squad, Locker Squad, Intramural Baseball. ECHENTAL. ARTHUR-20 Bills Place. Program Office. Program Committee, Dean’s Office, Arkon, Member of Class Night. EDELSTEIN. GLENDA-1755 Ocean Parkway. Senior Arista, Junior Arista, Commencement Committee. Landmark Staff. Secretary in Exam Office for 5 Terms. □NIGER. HARVEY-2824 W. 25 St. EISENBERG. DONALD-8 Brighton 15 St. Physics Squad, Cbern Squad, Math 1 earn. EISENMAN. SHELDON-2135 77 St. English Office Secretary, Class Night, Club Council, Junior Arista, Hebrew Club. EISENSTADT. BARBARA - 1909 E. 7 Si Varsity Squad 1 Year. EISENBERG. RICHARD-8 Brighton 15 St. Track Varsity Team. Cliem. Squad. January 1933: New Sel of Indices for Service Credit Decided Upon By Lincoln ( ».0. Council 14ELIAS. JOSEPH-1919 Mermaid Avc. Symphonic Bund. Orchestra. Clioral. Music Honor Society. Field Bund. FLUKIN'. BERNICE-125 Brighton II St. Secretary in Girl’s Dean Oflicc, Secretary in Boy s Dean Office. ENGEL. PHILIP-208 Amherst St. Prefect Class President 1 Perms, Secretary to Admin. Ass.. Class Night, Orchestra. Leaders Club. EPSTEIN. ROBERT-Mil E. 16 St. Circulation Manager ol Log. Reporter ol Log. Cargoes. Class Night, Arista. EPSTEIN. DENNIS-710 Avc. S. Mimeograph. Student Patrol, Visual Aid. Visuul Pick-Up Squad. EPSTEIN. HELENE—139 Pembroke St. KnL lista. Secretary for Gym Teacher in Class. Secretary in Health Education Office. Leaders. EPSTEIN. NATALIE—139 Pembroke St. Kal- lista. Secretary for Gym Teacher in Class, Secretary in I lealth Education Office. Leaders. ERCHICK. JOSEPH—703 Ave. U. Mimco Squad. Student Patrol, Class President, Lubra-lory Assistant. Cafeteria Squad. ESSEN FELD. HERMAN-1 Banner 3 Terrace. Football Team 2 Years. Locker Squad. President of Prelect I Year, Intramural Baseball. Student Patrol. ESTERCES. HOWARD-3745 Cypress Ave. Baseball I cam. President ol Prefect 6lh Terra. ETTINGER. RUTI1—2843 W. 35 St. Library Squad 3 Terms, Secretary to Nurse. EULIE. DOLORES—M10 Avc. W. 2 Terms Secretary to the Nurse. 1 5 March 1935: H.E. Department Abolishes Lincoln Golf I earnFAUN, BARRY—3712 Cypress Ave. Lieuten-nnt on the Cafeteria Patrol. FALCONETTI. MARY - 2791 Coney Island Ave. 3 I erms as Typist in Library, 4 Terms ns "Landmark I ypist, " Landmark’ Representative. FALLAS. MOLLY-1817 E. 5 St. Cargoes Representative, Lincoln Award Representative, P. LA. Representative. Senior Budget Committee. (3.0. Representative. FARBER. PHYLLIS-1989 E. 7 St. Physical Science Office, Movie Makers Club. Library Squad, English Office, Commencement Committee. FECHER. RONALD-2830 W. 23 St. FEIGELSTOCK. YVETTE-3130 Brighton 7 St. Kallista Athletic I lonor Society. Arkon Service I lonor Society, ( lass Night. Secretary in Administrative Office. Secretary in Office of Boys Dean. FEIG1N. LORRAINE—601 Bright Water Ct. P.T.A. Representative, Mrs. Van DeniBrocks Food Squad. FEILER, MARLENE-682 E. 2 St. Hebrew Club, Secretary in Administrative’s Office, I lead Secretary to Dean ol Girls, Secretary to Mr. Sapcrstcin. SPQR Latin Club President. I’EIN. LUCILLE - I II I Shore Blvd. Stage Manager and Prompter ol Varsity Show. Secretary to Mr. I lirschberg, Senior Arista, Boosters ( lub. Scholarship Club. FEINBERG. EDWIN-3085 Brighton 13 St. Visual Aid Squad, Secretary to Mr. I lirschberg. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Squad. FELBERG. ALBERT—3094 Brighton 5 St. Lieutenant Student Patrol, Lieutenant in charge of Usher Squad. Member of the Fencing I cam. Manager of the Fencing I earn. Bailiff and Clerk in the Student Court. I ELSF.N. SI AN—3508 Neptune Ave. Swimming I earn. Student Patrol. January 1934: Seabury lo Receive First Lincoln Award 16FERRETO. DONALD-2112 E. 3 Si. Or- cheslra. Secretary Music Class, Symphonic Band, Dance Band, Secretary in Music Office. FINE. TOBY-2239 E. 7 St. President of (lass, Senior Council, Delegate lor Lincoln Award Nominating Convention. Pool Leaders Club, Class Night. IINKELSTEIN. NAT-3031 Br. 14 St. FINS, JEAN-2113 Mermaid Avc. FIORE. JOHN—2930 W. 15 St.. Class President. Varsity Soccer, Lo cker Squad. I IORE.V .A. ROSALIND-2359 E. I St. Secretary lo Mr. inner. Sec. Dept. 2 Periods. Member ol Prom Committee, Secretary ol Senior Prefect. Member ol the Slate-Wide Sten Contest. I LAM. ELI—3727 Mermaid Ave. Log Reporter (S| orts). J. V. Basketball Team. FLEISHMAN. AVROM - 1080 Ocean View Ave. President ol Philosophy Club, Editor ol Cargoes. Cafeteria Squad, Senior Arista, Junior Arista. Boy Valedictorian. FLOMING. MADELEINE - 20 Brighton I Walk. Chemistry Office. FOERSTER. LOIS-1940 E. 9 St. Jewelry Committee, Secretary I listory Office. FOGEL. ANNE—3736 Oceanic Ave. Secretary to Mrs. Crosser, Student Patrol. FOREMAN. MYRNA—1709 E. I St. Prom Committee, Leaders Club. Student Patrol, Secretary in Gym () Terms. Secretary in Health Education Office. 7 February 1935: Dr. William H. Park wins Lincoln Award v FRANCO. IRVING—2022 E. 5 St. Cheering Squad. Class Night, Library Squad. I RANKEL. MELVIN—2972 W. 3 St. Fencing ream, Secretary in Boys’ Gym Office, Boys Student Patrol Sgt. FRIEDLAND, HARRIET-3133 Brighton 7 St. Secretary in the General Office. I REISER, RUTH-171 Kensington St. Captain in Dean of Boys Office. Commencement Committee, Member of Junior Arista. FREY, IRA—1960 E 7 St. Varsity Basketball Team. Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. C linic Squad. ERIEDLANDER. JEAN-1965 E. 7 St. Business Staff ol Lincoln Log. Secretary in Health Education Department. Secretary in Prefect. Secretary in Clinic. FRIEDMAN. GEORGE-2954 Brighton 12 St. G.O. Councilman, Student Patrol. Delegate lor Lincoln Award Nominating Convention. Athletic Usher Squad, Football. FRIEDMAN. JOEL—3152—Br. 5 St. FRIES. STUART-91 Beaumont St. Co-Captain Rifle Learn, Ticket Squad. Supply Squad. Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. I RIGENTI, RALPH - 1411 Neptune Ave. Track 3 Years. Varsity Letter, First Aid Room. Cafeteria Squad. I•'RISCHBERG, MICHAEL. 83 Coleridge St.. G.O. Council. Student Patrol, Varsity Show, Cafeteria Patrol. Secretary to Dean of Girls. ERUMKIN. ROBERT - 464 Ave S. Late Squad, Movie Makers, Student Patrol. Fehkuaky 1936: Fusi leers First in City for 2nd Successive Season 18FUMO. LOUISE—2760 W. 13 St. Arista. Ar- kon treasurer, Philosophy Club Vice President, I iistory Club President. French Club President. FUNESS. R. RENEE-649 Banner Avenue. Chief Justice Student Court, Senior Arista, Aa-kon, G.O. Council. Delegate to Brooklyn Borough Council. CAGLIARDI. PAUL—2324 W. St. Football 3 Years. Baseball 2 Years, Clinic 4 Ferms, I Icalth Service 4 lerms. Intramural Indoor Champs. GALACK. SELMA-2015 E. 7 St. Glee Club 4 lerms. President ol Prefect 2 Ferms, Secretary to Mr. Fallig 1 Term, Choral 1 Form. Cargoes Representative 3 lerms. GALINSKY, TOBA-2868 YV. 31 St. Junior and Senior Arista, Music Honor Society, Orchestra, Chairman ol Senior Jewelry Committee, President ol French Class. GANG, SYDELL—3002 Ocean Parkway. Glee Club. W ardrobe Squad, Secretary in Dr. Mason’s Office, Secretary in Health Ed. Office. Secretary in Record Office. GAR BAR IXI. BRUCE-2139 E. 4 St. Football I ournament. CARD, MARLENE-2784 V. 36 St. Secretary in Log Office, Commencement Committee. Secretary of Senior Prefect. Secretary in Student Patrol Office, Locker Squad. GERMAINE. IRED-1501 Ocean Parkway. Secretary in Mr. Hirschberg's Office. Visual Aid C lub. GERSHENZON BEBE-367 Neptune Ave. Member of Art Squad, Art Editor ol Cargoes. Member ol Senior Arista. Class Night, Secretary in Prefect. GERSHMAN. SHELDON-26 Brighton I Rd. GERSFIOW1TZ. SELMA - 37 Corbin Place. President ol Kallista. Member ol Junior Arista. Secretary to Mr. Hirschberg for 2 Years, Secretary in Health Education Department, Secretary in Student Welfare Office. February 1936: Miss Lillian Wald Receives Annual Lincoln Medallion 19GERSTEIN. HOWARD—2639 E. 7 St. C«Pt. Varsity Rifle Team. Athlctika. Sr. Arista. GETZ. SHERRI-1900 E. 7 St. Class Night. Secretary to Dean ol Girls, G.O. Council Representative, Service Squad, S.P.Q.R. Lin-colnicnsis. GIANNOS. EVELYN-2106 E. 12 St. Choral. ( lass Night. Vice President of f ashion Council. Biology Secretary, Student Patrol. GILBERTO, ROSALINE. 1752 E. 9 St. Secretary in Dean ol Boys Office, Secretary in Library. GINSBURG, EDWARD—73 Exeter St. Secretary in Dr. Mason’s Office, G.O. Councilman, Class Night. Lincoln Award Committee, "Landmark Representative. GLASER. ALVIN-3021 Brighton 7 St. Dance Band, Assistant Leader ol Dance Band, Symphonic Band. GLASS. MYRON. 818 Avc. T. CLICK. ABRAHAM. 3033 Brighton 14 St. Swimming learn. President of Prefect Class, Senior Council. GODFREY. SYBIL-1715 E. 8 St. Secretary in Gym, Secretary in Gym Office, Secretary to Mr. Fcllig. GOLDBERG. JEAN - 1150 Brighton Bench Avc. Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Bio Lab. Art Squad, G.O. Councilman. GOLDBERG. RITA-1956 E. 8 St. Boosters (Sec.), Secretary to Mrs. Shapiro Supply Squad, Vice President of Official Class, Student Patrol, Bio Lab Monitor. GOLDEN. FRANCINE—501 Bright water Ct. Secretary in Biology Office, Student Patrol. Secretary to Mr. .inner. Secretary to Mr. La-pedos. Cargoes Representative. April 1936: Lincoln lo Observe National Peace Day 20GOLDENBERG. MALCOLM - 1802 Ocean Parkway. Assembly Squad. Intramural Football. Intramural Softball. GOLDIN. AUDREY—1948 E. 8 St. Captain «l tbe Cheering Squad, Boosters. Movie Makers. Make-t p Squad. Supply Squad. GOLDMAN. BLANCHE—1341 Ocean Parkway. Secretary to Mrs. E. M. Emerson. GOLDMAN. CAROLE— 1583 E. 8 St. Secretary in Chemistry Office, Secretary in Nurse's Office, Class Night. GOLDMAN. MARCELLA - 1965 E. 7 St. Program Office. Program Committee. Arkon, Movie Makers. G.O. Council. GOLDSTEIN. DANIEL-2935 W. 5 St. Swimming I cam. I rack I earn. Visual Aid, Choral, Class Night. GOLDSTEIN. MARILYN-2870 Brighton I St. Glee Club, General Office, "Landmark Office. "Landmark" Representative. GOMEZ, FRED—2208 Neptune Ave. 3 Years Lincoln Baseball Club. Cafeteria Monitor I Year. Intramural Basketball 2 Years, Clinic-Monitor I Year, Intramural Baseball 3 Years. GOODMAN. HOWARD-153 Pembroke St. Cafe Squad, Late Squad. Rille Team, Orchestra. GOTTESMAN. PHILIP-3166 Coney Island Ave. Student Patrol, Mimeograph Squad, Visual Aid Squad. GOTTESMAN. RUBIN-2910 W. First St. Cafeteria Patrol } Terms, Student Patorl 2 Terms. Intramural f'ootbali. Intramural Baseball. Locker Squad 2 I erms. GOTTLIEB. ROBERT-2817 W. 33rd St. 2 May 1936: Varsity Show Offers All Musical Program v GRAFF. IRVING—2874 W. 20 S . Symphonic Band. GRAYER. WILLIAM-3031 Brighton 14 St. Judge on Student Court, Chief Lawyer ol Student Court, President of the I lebrew Club. Secretary to Dr. Orgcl, Junior Arista. GRECO, SAL-1113 Ave. X. Arista. Co-Captain I rack Learn, Student Patrol. Health Service. GREEN. JANET-3133 Brighton 7 St. Chem. Squad. Junior Arista, G.O. Council Representative, Secretary ol Prefect. GREEN. MORRIS - 3133 Brighton 7 St. Physics Lab. Squad, Student Patrol. GREENBERG. CLAIRE-16 Sands Walk. Secretary ol Senior Arista, Arkon Member, Stage Make-Up Squad 5 Terms, Mrs. Cohen s Secretary, Class Night. GREENBERG. FRANCES-26 Brighton 10 Ct. Secretary in Dean ol Boys Office, Clerk in Student Court, Prom Committee. Secretary in Clinic. GREENBERG. JOSIIUA-25 Dover St. Chief Justice ol Student Court. Vice-President of Brooklyn Borough G.O. Council. City G.O. Council Representative, Class Night Actor, Chairman, Lincoln Award Research Committee. GREENBERG. LORETTA-128 Mackenzie St. Club Councilman. Pool Leader 2 Forms. GREENBERG. SI IELDON-3521 Neptune Ave. Locker Squad, Intramural Basketball and Track. GREENBERG. SONDRA—164 Hastings St. Secretary in Boys Dean Office, Secretary in Physical Science Office, Secretary of the Prelect Class. GREENFIELD. MARILYN-31113 Brighton 4 St. General Stage Manager and Prompter ol Varsity Show Squad. Recording Secretary of Senior Arista, Treasurer ol Arkon. G.O. Council Social and Lincoln Award Committees. Scholarship Club. November 1956: President Roosevelt Reelected 22GREENSTEIN ANNA-1818 Ocean Parkway. G.O. Councilman Alternate, Student Patrol Sgt.. Girl Director ol Usher Squad. Glee Club, P.T.A. Representative. GREENSTEIN. EVALYN-4409 Atlantic Ave. Switchboard Operator. Swimming Team, Girls C linic Secretary. Secretary in General Office, Rowling Club. GREENSTEIN. SHIRLEY—2856 W. 24 St. Student Patrol 1st Sgt., Biology Squad. GRIMALDI. ANNE-2514 E. 2 St. Library Squad, Swimming Club. GRIMM. SALLY-2938 W. 35 St. Secretary to Mr. Ball. Library Squad Club Vice President. GROFF. STEPHEN - 3118 Brighton 4 St. Varsity Swimming Team 4 Years. Biology Squad. Biology Club, Visual Aid Squad, 1st Sgt. Student Patrol. President of I lebrew ('lass. GROSSMAN, HOWARD-1828 84 St. Captain Camera Squad, Musical Director Class Night. Member of G.O. Finance Committee. Photography Editor "Landmark.” GROSSMAN. RONALD-150 Corbin Place. Cafeteria Squad 2 I erms 2 Periods, Student Patrol 5 Terms 2 Periods, Acting Auditor ol Stock Room 2 Terms I Period. GRUNOR. SHEILA—3014 Brighton 6 St. Library Squad. Secretary in Art Office, Member of Art Squad, Secretary of Art Squad, Alternate to G.O. Council. GUBER. HARRIET L.-2 Stems Walk. Arista. Arkon, Class Night. Chairman of Publicity Committee, Secretary to Dr. Mason. GUTSTEIN, SHEILA-223 Ditmea Ave. Secretarial Studies Office. HADDAD. JEANETTE—476 Ave. T. Secretary ol Bio Office, Member of Library Squad. 25 February 1937: Fiorello H. LaGuardia receives Lincoln AwardHALL. BARBARA—2619 Hubbard S». Library Squad () Terms. Cboral. Music Honor Society. Glee Club, Arkon. HAMMER. LEONARD-54 Corbin PI. Class President of Prefect ( 'lass 6th Perm. Member of Senior Arista, Scholarship Group. HANSEN. ELSIE-1938 E. 9 St. Library Squad, Student Patrol, Landmark Representative. HARRIS. BERNARD—2933 W. 22 St. Mathematics Club, Orchestra, Student Council Member. loolball learn. Honor Roll. HARRIS, PAULA-443 Avc. VV. Student Patrol. Secretary of Prefect. HARRISON. JANICE-184 Patchcn Avc. Record Office Secretary. Music I lonor Society I reasurcr. Boosters, Glee Club President, Prom Committee Chairman. HARROW. RITA-2836 W. 35 St. Editor-in- ('Lief ol "Log," Editor ol Cargoes. Junior, Senior Arista, Arkon Society, Math Office Secretary. HASSMAN. LARRY—3728 Maple Avc. 2 I erms in the Varsity Show. My Sister Eillccn and George Washington Slept Here: 2 Terms in the Ballyhoo. IIAUSDORKF. I IE.NRY - 2043 82 St. Associate Sports Editor ol the Log. Captain ol the Bowling Team. Sgt. ol the Student Patrol. Member ol Jr. Arista. Secretary in Welfare Office. HAUSMAN. LORRAINE-3018 Brighton 7 St. Prom Committee. Club Council Representative 8th I erm. Secretary in I iealth Education Department. IIEITNER, JEROME—2861 W. 27 St. Vice- President ol Science Fiction Club. Senior Representative, Physics Squad, Chemistry Squad. II ELF. BEVERLY L.-3076 Coney Island Avc. Secretary in Record Office. Secretary in Boys Gym Office, Secretary to Mr. Rosen, Secretary in Program Office. February 1938: I homas E. Dewey wins Annual Lincoln Award MHELLRIEGEL. FRED—1136 Williams Ct. HELLER. JUDY-3111 Brighton 1 Place. Secretary lor Club Council and Office. Secretary lor Grade Advisor. HELLER. NOEL—15 Corbin Place. HELLER. RENEE-2911 W. 1 St. Student Welfare Office Secretary. Secretary in Exam Office. Aedile, Consul Sccanda in S.P.Q.R. (Latin Club), Secretary to Mr. Maidman 1 Penns, Student Patrol. HELLMAN. IT.ORA-38 Brighton 2 Place Secretary in Dr. Mason’s Office, Senior Arista. Arkron, I reasurcr of Kallista, Symphonic Band. HERNANDEZ. ANDREW—2170 E. 2 St. HERSKOVITZ. MILDRED-2829 Ocean Parkway. Secretary in Health Education Office 1Vi years. Secretory in General Office 2 years. Secretary in Prelect 2 Years, Glee Club 1 Vi Years. IIIGHBLOOM. SIDNEY-3015 Brighton 13 St. Co-Captain ol the Bowling I cam. HOCHMAN. ELI-1849 E. 1 St. Lieutenant Student Patrol. HOCHSTADT. DORIS-738 Ocean View Ave. Secretary to Dr. Mason for 2 Perms. HODAS. ARNOLD-1837 E. 2 St. Assistant Captain ol the Student Patrol, Assistant Director of Class Night and member of cast. Member ol Senior Arista. Member ol Arkon. G.O. Council. HOFFMAN. ALICE—195 Kensington St. President ol the G.O., Vice-President of the G.O. Secretary ol the G.O.. President ol Junior Arista. Presented Lincoln Award to Bernard Baruch, Girl Valedictorian. 23 February 1939: Robert Moses captures Lincoln AwardHOLZMAN, ELAINE-2835 W. 35 St. Secretary to Mr. Forshcit, Senior Dues Committee, Locker Squad. HORN. PHILIP—1609 Mermaid Ave. Student Patrol, Gym Leader, Baseball Squad. INCA FASCIA I O. .GLORIA-280 Ave. VV. Secretary lor Mr. Lebow, A member of tl»e Library Squad. Secretary in Bio Office. IOVONE. VINCENT—427 Ave Y. I SLR SON, ROBERT - 426 Brighton II St. Library Squad. ISRAEL JULIUS-67 Amboy St. Science Team. ISRAEL. DEENA—383 1 Neptune Ave. Secretary in Record Office, Secretary in Prelect, Student Patrol. Club Council Representative, P.T.A. Representative. JABLONEK. VIVIAN-2971 VV. 29 St. Secretary in Dean of Boys Office, Commencement Committee, Secretary in G.O. Auditing Office. Secretary in Nurse’s Office, Club Council Representative. IACOBS. MARK-1-3 Nats Walk. JAFFE. KEITH - 3015 Brighton 13 St. Soccer ream. Usher Field Squad. Football and Baseball. JOHNSON. ROBERT-2293 E. 1 St. Member of Student Patrol. JONAS. GEORGE — 1653 Ocean Parkway. Tennis Team 2 Years, Supply Squad 3 Years. Student Patrol 2 Years, Intramural Football. Locker Squad. February 1940: Walter Damrosch Receives Annual Lincoln Medallion 26JUDIN. TEDDY—2974 VV. 3 St. Baseball Team. KAHN. SANDRA—2634 Hubbard St. Secretary in the Library. Class Night Committee, I Jshcr Squad. Secretary in Language Office. Scholarship Club. KAMENETSKY. IIARRY-2872 Brighton 4 St. I rack I cam Captain 3 Year Varsity, Senior Arista, Athletika. KAMINSKY. HAROLD-2872 W. 22 St. KANAREOGEL, STANLEY-2876 W. 29 St. Leaders Club, Locker Squad, Baseball Tournament. KANTER. CLAIRE - 2005 E. 8 St. Senior Arista, I listory Club, Secretary for Mr. YVciss-nian, Commencement Committee, Vice-President of Senior Prefect. KAPLAN. CHARLOTTE R.-2026 E. 3 St. Arista, Arkon, Auditor's Office 2 Years, Movie Makers Club, Senior Council Representative. KAPLAN. EUGENE-1668 E. 4 St. Class Night, Secretary in Math Office, I lonor Bio Society, Science Fiction Club. KAPLAN. JACQUELINE. 812 Ave. T. Program Committee and Office, Health Education Office Secretary 3 I erms. Biology Laboratory 2 Terms, Senior Council, Biology Office 2 Terms. KASS. BARRY C.-2557 E. 6 St. Supply Squad, Biology Squad Secretary, Student Patrol. Cafeteria Squad Sgt. KASSEL, JOAN—'2934 Brighton 12 St. Secretary to Dr. Mason, Secretary to Mr. Rothman, P. I .A. Representative, Prom Committee, Budget Committee. KATZ. LEONARD-23 Colin Place. Usher Squad, Soccer learn, Caicteria Squad, Symphonic Band, Football tournament. 27 February 1941: Lewis J. Valentine receives Lincoln AwardKERN. MARILYN—3000 Brighton 12 St. KESTENBAUM. PEARL-410 Neptune Ave. Junior Arista. Senior Arista, Student Patrol. Student Welfare Secretary. Language Office Secretary. KING. MARY—8 Brighton II St. Typist in the Library. KIPPER AN. RITA-2148 E. 7 St. Secretory in Math Office. Secretary to Mr. Sidney Shapiro in Music Department. Typist for Mr. Cooper. History Dept., Club Councilman. KIRS! IENBAUM. GERALDINE-2830 W. 25 St. Managing Editor of Lincoln Log. Glee Club. Senior Junior Arista. Arkon Society. Associate Editor of “Landmark." Cargoes Club, Locker Squad. KLEINIAN. IIERBERT—933 I futd.inson Ct. Math I earn. KLEIN. IIARRY—1753 Dabill Rd. Locker Squad, Student Patrol. I'ootbali I earn. Basketball learn. KLEINMAN. ANNETTE—3046 Brighton 3 St. Vice-President of Prof., Secretary in the Girls Gym, Secretary in lire Girls Clinic, Pile Secretary in Girls’ Gym Office. KLEINMAN. ESTHER-2865 YV. 27 S . Member ol Biology Squad. Member of Library Squad. Member of Medical Club. KLEPPER. ELEANOR - 1196 Ocean Ave. Service Squad. P. I .A. Representative. Secretary in the General Office. KLIMER, ANNETTE—3047 Brighton 13 St. Secretary in Mr. Dunbcrt s Office. KLORES, NOEL-1650 Ocean Parkway. Senior Lieutenat Student Patrol, Member Jr. Arista. December 1941: U. S. Iinlers World War II as Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor 28KORENMAN. STANLEY-150 Brighton J“ St. Boy Leader Sr. Arista. Boy Leader Jr. Arista, Westinghousc Science I alcnt Sear h Finalist, G.O. and Borough Councilman. KORN, HERB—34 Tehama St. Swimming I earn. KORN. MONROE-3913 Seagate Avc. Ticket Squad, Student Patrol. KO'IKIN, CEC1LE—3005 W. 3 St. Cheering Squad, Secretary in Girls’ Health Education Ol-lice. Leaders Club, Secretary in Boys’ I Icollh Education Office, Hostess Club. KRANT. MINNA-3015 Brighton 13 St. Head Secretary Dean ol Girls, Member of Jr. and Sr. Arista. Secretary Student Welfare Office. Secretary in Latin Workshop, Secretary ol l-atin Club, S.P.Q.R. KRASSON. RONALD - 3044 Brighton 1 PI. Lieutenant on Student Patrol, Secretary in History Office. Visual Aid, Cafeteria Squad. KRAW. MARILYN-2980 W. 29 St. Student Patrol, Choral, G.O. Representative Councilman, ( lass Night, Secretary in Chein. Office. KULAK. SIAN-3130 Brighton 7 St. Cafeteria Squad. KUSHLEVITZ, BARBARA - 1818 E. 2 St. Mrs. Emerson’s Secretary 1 Term, Library Squad 1 Term. KWASS. GEORGE-114 Amherst St. Arista. Judge ol Student Court, Assistant Editor ol Lincoln Log, G.O. Councilman. Lawyer of St. Court. LABATON, ARNOLD—1946 E. 4 St. English Office, Visual Ai«l Squad. La MANTIA. ANNA-2329 W. 1 St. Library Squad. Swimming Squad, Student Patrol. February 1942: Lou Gehrig (posthumously) receives Annual Lincoln Award 29LAMPARIELLO MADELINE—916 llomecrest Court, Library Squad, History, Visual Aid Club, Senior Prefect President. Student Patrol. LANZETTA, EDWARD-1102 Ave. X. Base-ball Team, Baseball Intramural Championship ream. LAUTMAN. HELENE-3026 Brighton 14 St. Library Squad, Captain of Library Mending Squad. LAZAROWITZ, ANN-1080 Ocean View Ave. Cdec Club Reorganization Committee Class Night Committee, Polk and Square Dance Club. LECH. JOSEPHINE-18 E. 21 St. Reorganization Committee, Sten Club, Landmark Representative. LEDER. FRED-3091 Brighton 3 St. Student Patrol. Secretary in History Office 2 I erms. Senior Arista, Junior Arista. LEFCOURT. ANNE-110 Shore Blvd. Corresponding Secretary of Arkon. Member of Sr. Arista, Receptionist on Student Patrol, Secretary in General Office, Scholarship Club. LEFTON. THELMA—3049 Brighton 12 S . Senior Arista and Junior Arista, Art Squad. Library Squad. Secretary in Art Office, Cargoes Representative for 3 Years, Locker Squad. Secretary Preled for 2 Years, Secretary in Gym. Honor School. LEI BO WITZ, HAROLD-1105 Highland Ave. Basketball Co-Captain lor 3 Years. Athlctica. Intramural Softball Champs '48. LEIBSON, HERBERT-1955 E. 7 St. Visual Aid. LEJBIK, ANITA-2849 W. 37 St. Secretary in Record Office, Secretary in Prefect, Secretary to Mr. Fallig, Secretary to Mrs. Weitz, Secretary in Sten and Type. LEO. MARY-2301 E. 14 St. President of Perfect Class, Secretary to Mrs. Emerson, Member of the City-Wide Sten Contest Team, I rcas-urer ol Senior Class, Fashion Council. February 1943: Paul Robeson wins Lincoln Award 30LESH. MORTON-2727 Mermaid Avc. LEVI ANT. CURT-6607 17 Avc. Editor-in-Chtef ol "Landmark,” Associate Editor of "Log," Junior and Senior Arista, Cafeteria Squad. Library Squad. LEVINE. ANNETTE-2966 W. 3 St. Secretary in Grade Adviser’s Office 5 Terms, Ar-kon. P.T.A. Representative. Secretary in G.O. Auditor’s Office, Student Patrol. LEVINE. ARNOLD—3142 Coney Island Avc. Mimeograph Squad, G.O. Representative. Track Team. LEVINE. HARRIET-543 Kings Highway. Pool Leader, Nurse’s Secretary, Secretary in History Office, Library Squad. LEVINE. MARTIN-504 McDonald Ave. Track Team, Locker Squad, Cafeteria Squad. LEVINSON. JERRY-1907 E. 7 St. Lieutenant on Cafeteria Squad. LEVINSON. MANY A—2715 Surf Avc. LE VITAS, ARTHUR-1925 Iermaid Student Patrol, Baseball SO. LEVY. COR INNE—3730 Cypress Ave. LEVY. LAWRENCE—2184 E. 9 St. Captain ol Math I cam. School Orchestra. Assembly Pianist. LEVY. NAOMI - 1278 Ocean Ave. Class Night. ’’Landmark" Staff, Wardrobe Squad. Senior Arista, Arkon. 3 February 1944: Ole Singstad accepts Lincoln AwardLEVY. RICHARD. 2796 VV. 5 Si. Donee Band. Symphony Band, Manager ol Basketball ream (City Champion I'cam 48-49). LEW. VICTOR-5 Amherst Si. Basketball I cam. LI BRANTE. LIBBY-2177 West Si. Student Ralrol, Locker Squad, Secretary to Mrs. Schroth ( linic. LIKBERSON. SrANLEY—333 Neptune Avc. Usher, Football, Basketball. G.O. Councilman, Soccer Team Varsity, Band. LIPSCHUTZ. GLADYS-184 Mackenzie St. Secretary in General Office. Student Ralrol lor 6 1 erms. Secretary lor Mr. Raphael. UPSON. BFBE—1070 Ocean View. LIST, IRWIN—1845 McDonald Avc. Varsity Basketball Team, Senior Class Prefect President, Gym Oflicc Secretary. LITWIN, SHIRLEY-2816 Cortland St. Stage Make-Up Squad, Hospitality Club. Foods Squad, Secretary to Mr. lallig, Class Night. LIVOU. CHRISTINE-2174 E. 2 St. Secretary of Fashion Council. Bowling Club, Secretary to Mrs. Emerson, Prom Committee. LONDON. BARBARA-3030 Brighton 12 St. Choral, ('lub Council Representative, All City I ligh School Chorus, Secretary in G.O. Office, Cafeteria Squad. LUCA, RALPI1—1960 Coney Island Avc. I'rack ream. Student Patrol. LUPOLETH. GENEVIEVE-1219 Neck Rd. Secretary in Library, Distribution of Cutting Slips Boys’ Gym Department, Secretary in Cafeteria Office, Secretary in Study Hall Pel). 1950 Perm, Member Prom Committee. April 1044: Frail Faculty To Battle Stalwart Seniors at Stadium, May 23: Returns to Augment School War Chest 52LURIE. RENA—142 Amlierst St. Log. Junior Arista. Glee Club. Locker Squad. Class Night-Landmark Staff. LYNCH. JOANNE—3030 West 2 St. Cafe- tcrin Squad. MACRI. JOSEPHINE-2233 E. 12 St. MACRO. ANTOINETTE M.-lll Ave N. Cafeteria Squad. Student Patrol. Cargoes Representative, Varsity Show Representative, Secretory in English Classes. MALONE, JOSEPH—824 Ave. V. Co-Captain Baseball Team 4 Years, Atldctiku Club 2 Years, Intramural Baseball and Football 3 Years, Boys’ Clinic 3 Years, Boys' Locker Squad 3 years. MANCENE. DOROTHY—3734 Poplar Ave. Attendance Squad, Secretary of Art Office, Dancer in Ballyhoo Presentation. MARCUS. MARVIN-1715 E. 3 St. Locker Squad, Football Tournament, Leaders Club. MARGOLIS. GLORIA-1048 Ocean View Ave. G.O. Council Representative. Member Junior Arista, Service Squad from 3-7 Term, Class Night Performer. Vice President of Senior Prelect Class. MARINO, ROSEMARIE-2421 W. 2 St. Secretary to Mrs. Wolfe in the Bio Lab. MAROTTA JENNIE-2236 West St. MARQUIT. MALCOLM-3825 Laurel Ave. President of Visual Instruction. MARTELU, ANTHONY - 2435 W. 3 St. Captain of Cafeteria Squad. 33 November 1944: Roosevelt Wins 4th TermMASSA. MARGARET-2437 W. 3 Si. Secretary l« Mrs. Wolfe in Biology Laboratory 2 1 ernis. MASSI. PHYLLIS-2105 E. 7 St. President of Prefect 8th I erm. President of Prefect 7lli Perm. Secretary in I Icalth Education Office. MATUN. RUTH-2957 W. 33 St. Assistant Secretary of Boosters. Assistant Manager of Baseball Team, Study I fall Squad, Secretary to Mr. Grumettc. MAURO. SALVATORE—2863 W. 17 St. MAZZONE. FRANCES-2123 W. 2 St. Li- brary Squad, Secretary in Accounting Office. MENSCHIK, JOAN—20 Hastings St. Secretary in General Oflice, Secretary to Miss Weaver Music Office. MESSINGER. ROSALIE-267 Amherst St. Secretary in G.O. Oflice, Wardrobe Squad. Student Patrol. Bowling Club. MICHELSON, MALVIN—1711 E. 3 St. MIGDAL. DAVID-2910 W. 1 St. Student Patrol 1-8 1 ernis, Lieutenant Student Patrol -8 Perms. MILLER. BARRY-67 Brighton 11 St. Secretary to Mr. Maidinnn, Library Squad. Lincoln Award Program. MILSTEIN, STANLEY— 1704 Ocean Parkway. Varsity Show Cast and Squad. Class Night Cast. President and Vice President of Oflicial Class. Lincoln Award Assembly, Choral Group. MIPCHEL. BAR BARA-103 Roosevelt Ct. Carle PI. L.I. N.Y. Latin Club S.P.Q.R. Secretary in Latin Workshop. February 1945: Mary K. Simkhovitcli wins Lincoln Medallion 34MOHEL. GILBERT- 1599 W. 10 Si. Cafeteria Squad, Irack Cross Country 2 Seasons. MONA. MARIE—2771 W. 5 St. Secretary in Dean of Boys Office, P.T.A. Representative. MOORE. FLORENCE— 1962 Haring St. Secretary to lire Nurse 3 Terms. MORRISON. MALVIN—31 II Shore Parkway. Cafeteria Squad. MOZART. VIVIAN-3111 Brighton I Place. Secretary to Mrs. Pucker in Secretarial Class. Senior Class Dues Collector. Commencement Committee, General Office. MUR.NICK. SHARON F.-3738 Maple Ave. Math Team 6 Perms, Vice President and Corresponding Secretary of Arkon, Members of Junior and Senior Arista, Secretary ol Perfect Class 3 I erms. Member of Club Council. MUSCARELLA. VERA-2220 E. 13 St. Secretary ol Prefect. President ol Stcn ('lass. President ol English Class, Secretary in Log Office, Honor School. NADLER. MARTIN-3250 Coney Island Ave. Movie Makers, Shop Foreman. NADOLNEY. CARLTON-202 Brighton 10 St. G.O. Councilman, Student Patrol. Chairman Investigation Committee (G.O.), Club Councilman Representative. NELDLEMAN. ARNOLD-2907 Brighton 8 St. 2 Years Varsity Football, Class Night. Equipment Squad. NELSON. MELVIN-40 Prospect Park West. ( hemistry Squad 2 1 erms. Physics Squad 3 Terms, Prack Team 2 Terms, Student Patrol 2 Terms. NEUSTEIN. DANIEL-1371 W. f St. Locker Squad, Secretary to Mr. M. Ball. First Sgt. on Service Squad. 35 April 1945: President Roosevelt dies of cerebral hemorrhageNEWMAN. ROANNE - 175 Prospect Park Soulli West. Secretary. Member ol Art Squad, Girl Leader Jr. Arista, Member of Senior Arista, President of Arkon, Art Editor of Cargoes, Reporter on tlic Lincoln Log. NICHOLSON, ALLRED-3102 Brighton 1 PI. Late Squad. English Class President, Alternate to Senior Council, Cafeteria Squad, Vice President of Prelect. NOVICK, ESTHER - 3099 Brighton 6 St. Choral, Secretary ol Music Honor Society, Glee Club, Class Night. Vocalist lor Swing Band. NUSSBAUM, IRWIN-3133 Brighton 7 St. Boys’ Cutting Squad I Year. Wardrobe Squad, Boys’ Health Service Squad 3' 2 cars. NYFIELD. ISOBEL—1997 E. 7 St. Library Squad, Student Patrol, Cafeteria Squad. Movie Makers Club, English Office. OLIVA. LOUIS-2681 E. 12. St. OLIVA. SALVA TORE—2398 Stillwell Avc. OLSON, SONIA— 11 Brightwater Ct. Member ol the Art Squad. Secretary to Mr. Trankle. Class Night. OPALEK. RI TA — 3033 Coney Island Avc. Secretary in Grade Adviser's Office 4 Terms. Member of Class Night, Process Server in Student Court, Junior Arista. ORENSTEIN. SONDRA-513 Brighton Bead. Avc. Pool Leaders Swimming learn, Nurses Aide to Mrs. Lee in Clinic, Commencement Committee, Secretary to Chairman ol Dept, of Secretarial Studies. ORENSTEIN. SYLVIA-513 Brighton Beach Avc. General Office Secretary. Pool Leaders Club. G.O. Representative, Modern Dance Club. Secretary ol Visual Aids Club. ORGLER. CARYL—105 Kensington St. Secretary in Girls I lealth Education Office, Secretary in Office of Dean of Boys, Senior Dues Committee, Kallista, Student Patrol. May 1945: V-E Day Ceremonies Conducted on Field 56ORINGER, GARY-1601 Ocean Parkway. Jr. Arisla, Sr. Arista, Arkon, Head Manager of Handball Team. Secretary to Mr. Scluiman 3 Years. ORLOFF. BERT-2609 Hubbard St. Sgt. Cafeteria, Biology Squad, Assistant Manager of Eootball Team, Ticket Squad, Clinic Squad. ORT, EVELYN-2916 W. 27 St. General Office Secretary, Art Squad. PASSALAQUA. JOSEPH-2424 West St. PATERSON. BRUCE-4406 Bcacb 41 St. lootball ream. PATRICK. MARTIN-2845 W. 30 St. Intramural Baseball, Gym Leaders, Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. PAZORN1K, ESTA— 321 Ocean View Ave. Secretary in Bio. Office, Glee Club, Calcteria Squad. PEARL, MARTIN—1320 Sl.orc Blvd. Captain of lennis I earn 2 Years, Varsity Tennis Team 3 Years, Secretary to Administrative Assistant 3 Years, Cafeteria Squad. PELLER. MELVIN-2271 80 St. Student Ct. (Lawyer), Choral. Symphonic Band, Arkon, Student Court Clerk, Instrumental, All City Chorus. PENNISI. ROSALIE-2613 E. 16 St. PENSO. DAVID-3130 Brighton 6 St. Secretary in English Office, Wardrobe Squad. Tennis 4 earn. Lost and Found Office, Junior Arista. PENSO. ISAAC-3130 Brighton 6 St. English Office Secretary. lennis Team, Wardrobe Squad, Lost and Found. Service Squad. 37 June 1945: School War Bond Sales Reach $135,000 PERTOFSKY. ANNE-2877 W. 35 Si. Sec rclory in General Office 2 I erms. Secretary in I lealth Education Office 2 Terms, Secretary in Grade Adviser's Office 2 Icrins. PFEFFER, HARRIET-3094 Brighton 5 St. Biology Squad, Hebrew Club. Library Squad, Biology Office, Placement and Guidance Bureau. PINE. LARRY—142 Coleridge St. Photographer on Log. Lieutenant on Student Patrol, I lealth Education Office, Usher Squad, Bowling I cam. POLLACK. IRA-2916 Brighton 8 St. Cafeteria Squad. Intramural Baseball. POWSNER. MARILYN-1011 Brightwater Ct. Pool Leader Swimming learn. Art Squad, Secretary to Miss Carlson, Secretary in General Office, Club Council Representative. PTASCHNICK, JACK-3021 Brighton 13 St. Vice-President English ('lass. Secretary English Office, Student Patrol, Secretary to Mr. Schcctcr. PULERA, WILLIAM—2339 W. I St. Intramural Baseball Champs 2 Years. Baseball 2 Years. PUR IS. DELLA—530 2 St. Secretary in General Office. Secretary in Visual Aid Office, Secretary in English Office, Log” Stafl Reporter, Prom Committee. RABB, ET1IEL-4501 Beach 45 St. "Log" Reporter, Junior and Senior Arista, Judge in Student Court. RAB1NOWITZ. ALAN—1965 E. 7 St. Jr. Arista, Senior Arista. Visual Aid, Cafeteria Squad, Lincoln Log.” RABINOW1TZ. CHARLES-2955 Shore Parkway, Associate Sports Editor of "Log," Student Patrol. RAHLENS. RENEE-3086 W. 1 St. August 1945: Atomic Explosions in Japan line! World War II 58RANDAZZO. TONY-1843 Ocean Parkway. Basketball Team I Years, Student Patrol. Secretary in Boy’s Infirmary. RAPHAEL. ISADORA-157 Amherst St. Biology Squad. RAWDIN. IRWIN-1821 E. 5 St. Assembly Squad. Intramural Football, Intramural Softball. REBECCA. LILLIAN—2219 E. 1 St. Switchboard Operator. Typist and Secretary in General Office, Secretary to Miss Clark. REGENS’TREICI I. STANLEY-125 Br. II St. REINER. HAROLD-2827 W. 29 St. REINHARD. ARTHUR-3764 Surf Avc. Dean of Boys Squad 2 Terms. G.O. Council 3 I erms, Student Patrol. REISS. BARBARA I .—2632 Hubbard St. Secretary in Office of Dean ol Boys, G.O. Councilman. Club Councilman, Secretary to Mr. .inner’s ( lass. Secretary to Mr. White, Secretary in Program Office. RESNICK. SYLVIA-123 Corbin PI. Secretary in Record Office 4 1 erms. RICE. SHIRLEY-1466 Ocean Parkway. Sgt. on the Student Patrol. Student Court Clerk. RICHMAN. JUDITH-139 Irwin St. Secretary in Gym Office, Secretary in Gym, Secretary in Math Office. Sketch Club. RICHMAN. SHELDON-1724 E. 8 St. February 1946: Ernest L. Stebbins Wins Lincoln Award 39R INGEL. RUTH-2831 W. 23 St. RIVERS. RICHARD-181 West End Ave. Stu- dcnt Patrol. Cafeteria Patrol. ROMAN. JOAN-3111 Brighton 7 St. Senior Dues Representative, Red Cross Representative, G.O. Council Representative, Secretary in Gym, Club Councilman. ROSE. STEWART—3105 Brighton 3 St. Ballyhoo. ROSEN. ARNOLD-3768 Surf Ave. Visual Aids. Pick-Up Squad. ROSEN. MARILYN-1918 E. 8 St. Secretary to Mr. inner. Secretary to Mrs. Ilemley. Class Secretary. Mrs. Grady, Secretary to Nurse Mrs. McMahn, Student Patrol. ROSEN. STANLEY-3017 Ocean Parkway. Usher at Football Games. Late Squad. Class Night. Member of I'ootball Squad for one Season. 3 Time Member of Locker Squad. Former President of German Club. ROSENBAUM. SHEILA-2001 E. 9 St.—Li- hrary Squad, Student Putrol. ROSENBERG. LARRY-2105 E. 12 St. ROSENFELD. HERBERT—2807 Mermaid Ave. Service Squad, Cafeteria Squad. ROSENMAN. RUTH-3019 W. 22 St. Chairman ol the Commencement Committee, Member of the Jewelry Committee, President ol the Prefect Class. G.O. Councilman. G.O. Representative. ROSENZWEIG. STANLEY-2881 W. 30 St. B. 80. Baseball Team 3 Terms, Cafeteria Squad 2 Terms, Intramural Baseball 3 I erms. September .0,6: PRESENT SENIOR CLASS ENTERS LINCOLN 40ROVENGER, JUNE-1808 E. 4 S . Bowling Club, Student Patrol. Commencement Committee, Secretary of Physics Class. RUBEL. MARTIN-4627 Beach 46 St. Swimming Team, Senior Arista, Junior Arista. G.O. Representative. RUBIN, BERNICE—2927 W. 21 St. Arkon. Art Squad. Secretary in the History Office, Jr. Arista, S.P.Q.R. Latin Club. RUBIN. MYRNA—171 I East 3 St. Secretary in Mr. I lirschbcrg’s Office, Dr. Mason’s Secretary. ('lass Night Committee. Secretary in the Auditor’s Office. Class Secretary for 3 Years. RUBINSTEIN. ARTHUR—3250 Coney Island Ave. Student Patrol, Visual Aid Squad. Mimeograph Squad. RUBENSTEIN, CHARLOTTE-3064 Brighton 3 St. Secretary in Examination Office. Secretary in Lost and Pound, "Landmark” Representative. Cargoes Representative, P. I .A. Representative. RUDNICK. ROSALIE-4266 Ocean Ave. Secretary in Dr. Mason s Office, Member of Senior Arista, P.T.A. Representative, Secretary in Guidance Office, Scholarship Club. RUSSO. ANTHONY—2269 E. 5 St. Member of Band (Symphonic), Member of Dance Band. Member ol Orchestra, Member of Music Honor Society. SACKLER. CLAIRE-6 Brighton 3 Lane. Student Patrol, Secretary in Auditor’s Office. Secretary in Record Office. SACKS. BERNICE-3100 Ocean Pkwy. Lt. on Cafeteria Squad. Cdec Club. Dr. Orgel's Office, Vice-President of Class, Secretary in Health Education Office. SACKS. PAUL-2854 W. 28 St. History Office. Student Patrol. Cafeteria Squad Sgt., Fencing learn Manager. Mimeo Squad 7th Period Captain. SADETSKY. IRWIN - 3840 Laurel Ave. Choral, Student Patrol. Clinic Secretary. Prefect Class President, Leader in Bovs’ Gym. H January 1947: Mrs. E. Roosevelt Wins 1 " l11 Lincoln Award ASALTZMAN, MARILYN-3707 Avenue S. Secretary in Social Studies Office, Secretary to Mr. Epstein, Cargoes Representative, Secretary to Mr. Kisch, Secretary to Mr. Lambert. SAMET. SANDRA-2092 Coney Island Avo. Secretary to Mr. Lambert in Cafeteria Office, Secretary on Reorganization Committee. Secretary to Mr. Epstein. Secretary to Mrs. Writ ., Secretary in Boys’ Deans Office. SANDERS. BERNARD—3091 Brighton 5 St. Cafeteria Patrol, Student Patrol. SASSO, PAUL—624 Crawford Avc. Baseball I earn 4 Years, Clinic Squad, Locker Squad 2 Years, I Icnllh Service 2 Years, Intramural Baseball 4 Years. SCI I ARE. ROSE-3028 YV. 23 St. Class President, G.O. Council, Library Squad. SCHARFMAN. LARRY-3109 Br. 7 St. SCHATZ. JACK-2115 E. 8 St. Mimeograph Squad, Cafeteria Squad. SCHER. LOYVELL—1682 E. 2 St. Handball learn. Student Patrol. Secretary to Mr. Lassar. SCHIMMEL. HOPE-2675 YV. 37 St. Senior Arista, Assistant Editor of Log’ Recording Secretary of Arkon, President of Prefed lor 3 I errns, G.O. Councilman for ) I erms. SCHNEIDER. DORIS-181 Brighton 10 St. Secretary for Mrs. Scbrotli 2 Years, Library Squad. Secretary to Mrs. Spiegel, Secretary to Mrs. Ellis, Gym Office. SCHNEIDER. ELAINE-2838 YV. 29 St. Secretary in Cafeteria Office, Secretary to Dr. Or-gel. Reorganization Committee. SCHNEIDER. HOYY’ARD-1009 Avc. R. Captain ol the Dean ol Boys' Squad, Student Patrol. February 1948: Bernard Baruch Receives 14th Lincoln Award 42SCHOR. 1IAR OLD—2940 W. 36 St. Student Patrol, Symplionic Band. SCHULTZ. FRANCES—72 Corbin Place. Junior Arista, Senior Arista. Secretary to Grade Adviser. Student Patrol. Prom Committee. SCHUT MAN, BERNARD—2641 Hubbard St. Lt. on Student Patrol, Fencing Team Varsity Member, Usher Squad, Visual Aid Squad. SCI I WART .. ANITA-504 Neck Road. Secretary in "Log” Office, Secretary in Prefect. Secretary in Secretarial Studies Department. Stenography Speed Club. Participant ol the Statewide Stcn-Contest (SO w.p.m.). SCHWARTZ. GERALD—901 Ave. S. SCHWARTZ. NORMAN-129 Lnnglmm St. Feature Writer, Lincoln "Log." SCHWARTZ ROBERT-1401 Ave. Y. Library Squad, Boys’ Cutting Squad. SCOTT. CHAR MAINE-2501 E. II St. Senior Dues Collector Representative. Secretary of Glee ( lub. Lincoln Loyalty Squad, Girl Leader of Music Honor Society, President ol Prefect. SCOTTO. MICHEL A—1786 E. 8 St. Captain ol Supply Squad. Cafeteria Squad, Model lor Sketc h ( lid). SEIDEN. CAROLYN-2980 Brighton 12 St. Lincoln "Log. Booster. Secretary to Dr. Orgel. "Landmark" Editorial Staff. SEIDENROSE. ALVIN-3126 Coney Island Ave. Cutting Squad. SEIDON. SHEILA—3722 Poplar Ave. Ticket Squad Co-Captain, Secretary to Mr. Rubin. Glee ( lub. Vice-President ol Prom Committee, Vice-President ol Senior Prefect. 43 March 1949: Brandeis Club Plan to Adopt Israeli SchoolSHUT, GERALD—458 Quenton Road. SEILER. ANNE—3033 Brighton 13 St. Junior Arista. Senior Arista. Library Squad C aptain, Scholarshp Club, Secretary in Grade Adviser’s ()ffice. SELTZER. PAULA-1719 W. 4 St. Varsity Show Squad. Secretary to Mr. I lirschbcrg 5 Terms, Secretary in General Office. Varsity Show Cast, Lincoln Award Representative. SENSON. CARL—2825 Mermaid Avc. Cafeteria Squad. Vice-President of Economic Class. Runner-Up in Intramural Baseball (championship). SESSA. MADELINE—745 Dunne Court. Secretary Accounting Department. Kallista Member, Secretary to Mrs. Schroth, Student Patrol. Sketch Club Member. SHAPIRO. BETSY-3100 Brighton 2 St. SHOTKIN. RENEE-2014 E. 7 St. Reporter on Log.” Senior Arista. Arkon. Glee Club 2 I erms. "Landmark” Staff. SI IULSINGER. IGAL—3152 Brighton 6 St. Swimming learn. Student Patrol, Senior Arista. Junior Arista, Movie Makers. SIIUREN. SEYMOUR-1814 E. 2 St. Choral. Student Court, Music I lonor Society, A.L. Chemists, Class Night. SIEGEL. JERRY-388 Ave. T. Math Team Captain, G.O. Councilman. Senior Arista, Prefect C lass President, Latin Club (Liclor Officer). S1EGELMAN. STANLEY-2927 W. 25 St. Lt. Student Patrol, Member of Baseball Squad ) Years. Intramural Baseball and Softball, Gym Leader. siLKOwrrz. jerry-no shore Bivd. Sports Editor of the Lincoln "Log,” Student Patrol. March 1949: Gagers End 4th Straight Unbeaten Season 44SILVERBLOOM. SHELDON - 3045 Brighton 12 St. Biology Laboratory. Football I earn Varsity. Intramural Baseball, Student Patrol Locker Squad. SILVERMAN. GERALD—2846 W. 22 St. SILVERMAN. MILUCENT-3120 Brighton 5 St. Secretary in Music Office. Secretary in Biology Office, Cafeteria Squad. History Club. Hebrew Club. SIMON. PHYLLIS—3834 Cypress Ave.. Sea Gate. P.T.A. Representative, Secretary of Boys Health Education Cutting Squad. Secretary ol Record Office, Delegate lor Lincoln Award Nominating Convention. Member of Arkon. SIMONELLI. PATRICK—1710 E. 5 St. Student Patrol. Symphonic Band, Football Tournament. SINGER. HARRIET-2311 Surf Ave. Typist and general work for 5 I erms. SINGER, JANE I —602 Banner Ave. Chemistry Office. Secretary to Mr. Goldbloom, Library Squad. SIROTA. BEATRICE-2876 W. 29 St. Reorganization Committee, Cafeteria Office. Library Squad Captain. SOBEL. GLADYS—3115 Brighton 6 St. Typist in the Library, Secretary in the Gym Office. Program Office, Program Committee. Health Education Representative 3 Terms. SOI IN. MORDECAI—5110 14 Ave. Captain of Supply Squad, Cafeteria Squad. SOI TER MAN. STANLEY—1719 E. 8 St. 3 Years on Rifle I earn, 2 Years Student Patrol. Secretary of the Sculpture Organizing Committee. SOLOMON. ALBERT-131 Kensington St. Physic Squad. President and Vice-President Physic Club, Vice-President Chem Club. Visual Aid Squad, Public Address Squad. April 1949: Comedy Hit. “John Loves Mary appears on Eves of May 13. 14 45SORBO. PASQUALE-1400 E. 38 St. SPACNA. REGINA—1842 E. I St. Lincoln Book Shop. Library Squad. Student Patrol. Italian Club, Handball Club. SPALTEN. BEVERLY—2930 YV. 21 St. Biology Squad. 4 I erins. SPA 17. MARCIA—2055 E. 2 St. Bowling Club. Biology Squad. Sten Club, Student Patrol. SPIEGEL. MARILYN—3100 Brighton 2 St. Modem Dance Club, Secretary in Gym to Mrs. McKenna, Secretary to Dr. Mason. Pool Leaders 4 Terms. SPIEGEL. RITA-2856 W. 33 St. Reorganization Committee. Cafeteria Office, Auditors’Of-fice. Library Squad. SPRINGER. DONALD-2930 W. 36 St. Student Patrol, Cafeteria Patrol, Leader in Boys Gym. STADERMAN. WILLIAM-2838 W. 19 St. Music Honor Society. Choral. Cafeteria Squad. Symphonic Band, Emergency Room. STARK. SONIA-2518 Mermaid Ave. STARKMAN. ELAINE - 3715 Lyme Ave. Member of Boosters and Captain in Senior Perm, Member ol Locker Squad 2 Icons. Secretary to Mrs. Berlin. Leaders 2 Terms, Member of Class Night Cast. STECKEL. JUNE A.-2016 E. 3 St. Secretary in Gym Office. Cafeteria Squad, Secretary in Engl ish Office. Secretary to Mr. Yates, P. I .A. Representative. STUKMAN. MARLENE-2829 V. 28 St. Cafeteria Office, Attendance Bureau. April 1949: “Log” l akes I op Journalism I itle 46STEFFANIE. MARY-2518 E. II St. STEIN. ALLAN—3010 Brighton 12 St. Music I lonor Society, Member of Orchestra. Sports Writer on Lincoln Log” Staff, Basketball J.V. Team. STEIN, DIANA—1 15 Sen Breeze Ave. Arista, Lincoln "Log" Assistant Editor. Glee Club Accompanist 2 Perms, C argoes. “Landmark Editorial Staff. STEINBERG, MARLENE-1755 Ocean Parkway. Swimming Office 2 Terms, Locker Squad. Library Squad. 2 Terms. STEINFELD, AILEEN-1151 Brighton 15 St. Biology Scpiad 4 Terms. STEINFELD. IRVING-58 Church Ave. Student Patrol, Locker Squad. STEVELMAN. HAROLD-2039 Ocean Parkway. Lincoln Log’ Associate Editor, G.O. Council 5 Penns, Landmark Staff. Senior Arista, Junior Arista. STONE. HOWARD-3907 Sea Gate Ave. Lincoln Movie Makers, Late Squad. Boys' Cutting Squad. President ol 8th Perm Prefect Class. Bailiff in Student Court. STONE. MORTON-4178 Ocean Ave.. Tennis Team, Mimeograph Squad. STRAUS. ESTELLE-24 Brighton 4 Terrace. TABER. MARILYN-2101 Homecrcst Ave. Secretary in the Cafeteria Oflicc, Secretary in the Mimeograph Office, Vice President ol Prefect Class. TALKOVSKY. NORMAN-2567 E. 6 St. Captain of Fencing Team. May 1949: John Dewey lo Accept Linco on May 19 In Award At Special Ceremony 47IAURO. MARIA —1732 Ocean Parkway. Secretary for Mrs. Irolla 2 Terms, Secretary for Or. Caine, Library, 1 I 11 IL 1II Club. IARSHIS, JOAN—90 Ambers! St. Secretary in General Office, Library Squad, Library Mending Squad, Bowling Club. TANKOWITZ. MARTIN—26 Tudor Terrace. Vice-President of Prefect Class, G.O. Representative, Club Council Representative, Red Cross Representative. TANENBAUM. MAXINE-3206 Neptune Avc. Secretary to Mr. Forsbeit, Secretary to Mr. Englcbardt, Secretary to Mrs. Scbrotb. TAWIL. HERMAN-1726 E 1 St. TEIG, DOROTHY—3022 Brighton 8 St. Shi- dent Patrol 2 Terms, President of (be Log” Mailing Club 1 Year. TELSON, SAM-2160 E. 8 St. Visual Aids. Varsjty Show. TENENBAUM. MORTON - 3112 Coney Island Avc. Lt. Student Patrol, In ( barge of Newspaper Sales, Mimeograph Squad. TERMINI, ROSEANN A—227A Ocean Parkway. Library Squad, Student Patrol. THOMAIDES. GEORGIA-2081 Ocean Parkway. Poods Squad. TIMBERC. CYNTHIA-3015 Brighton 13 St. Editor of Medical Club Journal. Secretary Visual Aids, Secretary Auditor's Office. Secretary A.L. Chemists Club. Senior Arista. TOCCO, JOSEPH-2775 E. 16 St. Supply Squad A Terms, Rifle Team i Icrms. Juni- 1949: Film of Senior Boat Ride Wins Top Honors 48TOMASY. RI TA—1800 Ocean Parkway. Student Patrol. Secretary' in Language Office, Secretary ol Bookkeeping Class, Secretary to Boys Dean. TOPOROFF. IRWIN S.-II2 Amherst St. Junior Arista, Senior Arista, Varsity Show, I lonor School. TOPPER. LOUIS-1797 E. 2 St. Symphonic Band, Dance Band, Picket Squad, Class Night. Movie Makers. TRUPIN, HARRIET—4505 Surf Avc. Library Squad. TUMINARO. JOSEPHINE- 2170 Ocean Pky. Bowling Club, Fashion Council, Biology Squad. Student Patrol, Secretary in Sion Class. VINCI. CARMINE-497 Avenue Y. Baseball 2 Years (Captain). Track I Year Varsity Letter. Intramural Baseball 3 Years. VIOLA, NINA-1031 Crawford Avc. Foods Squad, Library Squad, Secretary to Mr. Wolf. VALENTI, JOSEPHINE-722 Crawford Avc. Secretary for the Grade Adviser Mrs. Borack lor 1 I crm. VELA. THERESA—2357 E. 1 St. Secretary for Mr. Lebow. VILLANO. PAULINE-2230 Ocean Parkway. WAPNER. THELMA-1916 E. 4 St. Boys’ Cutting Squad, Visual Aid Office, Secretary in Biology Office, G.O. Representative. YVASHOR, HARRY —141 Kensington St. President of General Organization, Vice-President ol General Organization, Boy Leader of Senior and Junior Arista, Captain ol Dean’s Office Squad, Tennis Team. Nov ember 1949: arsity Flayers Present Comedy "My Sister Eileen" 49WASSERBACH. CLAIRE—1151 Brighton 15 St. Library 1 car. Mimeo Squad 1 ear. I . F.A. Delegate, Secretary to Mr. Wolf, Student Patrol I Year. WASSERMAN. ARLENE - 604 Banner Ave. Record Office. "Landmark’’ Representative. Secretary Prom Committee. Wardrobe Squad. WASSERMAN. GLORIA - 3005 W. 3 St. Secretary ol the G.O., Arkon, Secretary of Loth Jr. and Sr. Arista, Co-Captain of Boosters, Vice-President of the Senior Class. WEINBERGER. STANLEY—2954 Brighton 12 St. Member of Winning Intramural Poolball learn. WEINER. ANNETTE— 1878 E. 9 St. Member of Boosters. Secretary in Grade Adviser's Office, Member of Stage Make-Up Squad. Member of Student Patrol, Varsity Show Representative. WEINER. ELAINE - 2211 Mermaid Ave. "Log" Reporter, Secretary in RecordOfFicc, Secretary for Dean of Girls 1 Term. Junior Arista. WEINER. MORTON—2867 W. 33 St. Student Patrol, Leader in Boys’ Gym. WEINER MAN, EILEEN-1 15 Sea Breeze Ave. Switchboard Operator General Office, Student Patrol, Caletcria Squad. Varsity Show Representative. Bowling Club. WEINSTEIN. MARTY-2811 Brighton 6 St. WEINTRAUB. MELVIN-129 Ocean View Ave. Visual Aid 6 I erms Vice President. WEISER, SAUL-4202 Manhattan Ave. Leader! n Boys’ Gym. I ickct Squad. Intramural Baseball and Softball 1 ournament Champs, Cafeteria Squad. YVEISINGER. GERALD-2971 West 29 St. Secretary in I listory Office. Clinic Squad. Locker Squad, Student Patrol. February 1950: Stupefied Sludents Stare While New Art Form Overruns Lincoln 50WEISINGER. MARTIN—1850 Ocean Parkway. Judge on Student Court, Arkon, Secretary in Mr. Hirschberg s Office, Class Night. President of Prefect Class. WEISS. STANLEY—2002 Mermaid Ave. Basketball 3 Year Varsity, President of Alliletika. Champions Intramural Softball. Champions Intramural Baseball. Assembly Squad. WEISMAN. MARILYN-3020 Neptune Ave. Conductor ol Symphonic Band. President of Atomic Research Club, Lieutenant ol Cafeteria Squad. WEISSMAN. ELAINE-11 Thompson Place. Student Patrol, Locker Squad. G.O. Councilman Secretary of Language Office, Speaker on Lincoln Forum. WERFEL. LAURENCE-2832 W. 31 St. Student Patrol. WIESEN, BERNARD—7902 Bay Parkway. I icket Squad 5 Terms, Student Patrol, Intramural Softball. WIND. ROBERT—3002 W. 28 St. Student Patrol, Baseball Squad. Intramural Baseball 3 Years. YVINNICK, MARTIN-150 Brighton 15 St. Baseball I earn. Student Patrol, Senior Council. WOLF. MARCIA-3118 Brighton 4 St. WOU.KIN. DOLORES-2853 W. 5 St. Boosters. G.O. Councilman, P.T.A. Representative. Secretary in I listory Office. WOI.I SON. KENNETH-2361 Coney Island Ave. YANKOWITZ. DAVID-1752 E. 9 S . Co- Captain of Rifle Team I Years. Sgt. of Cafeteria! Patrol 1 Year. Lt. of Cafeteria Patrol I Year, Student Patrol I Year. 5i February 1950: Everett R. Clincliy Receives 171I1 Lincoln AwardYOSHOR. DEBORAH-711 Bright water Ct. "Log” Reporter, English Office, Library, Arisln. YOUNGELMAN. SIDNEY-1757 76 St. Captain of Football I cam 3 Years Varsity, Captain of Basketball Team 4 Years Varsity. Assistant Leader of Atblctika, Clinic Squad. YOZEN. MARILYN-2873 W. 35 St. Bally- boo. Cafeteria Squad, Student Patrol. YUDENFREUND. JUNE-2815 W. 31 St. "Landmark Editorial Staff, Associate Sports Editor of "Log," Tennis Team. ZAMBARDI, JOHN-2071 E. 1 St. Locker Squad, Football lournament. ZAMM. ALFRED— 1170 Brighton Beach Ave. President ol Graduating Class. Boy Leader of Music I lonor Society. Member ol Lincoln Orchestra, Member of Arkon Honor Society, G.O. Councilman. ZEISEL. HELENE-2915 Brighton 8 St. Secretary to Miss Carlson, Secretary to Mr. Rothman, Senior Budget Committee, Secretary of Sten. Club, G.O. Representative. ZEISEL. SANDRA-2915 Brighton 8 St. Secretary to Mr. Hirschberg. Secretary to Mr. Rothman, Senior Budget Committee, Sten Club, Secretary to Miss Carlson. ZIBULSKY. SONIA—2807 Surf Ave. ZIMMERMAN. LAURA-3079 Brighton 13 St. G.O. Representative 5 I erms. Secretary to Mr. Lamber for 8 Terms, Student Patrol for 3 I erms, Member of Reorganization Committee, Member of Class Night Cast 1 I erm. ZUCKERBERG, JEAN-3050 Br. 11 St. ZUCKERMAN, MARTIN-1723 66 St. G.O. Councilman, Club Councilman, Student Welfare Office, Library Squad. March 1950: Seniors Choose Al Zamm Io Captain C lass Officers 52HENDLER. ABE-1725 E. 1 St. Lieutenant Student Patrol, Handball Iearn. LA1NE. ELLIOT-181 Brighton 10 St. Locker Squad, Squad Leader. Clinic Squad. Cafeteria Squad. ROGOVIN, JERRY-2985 Ocean Parkway. Camera Shy D'ANGELICO. NICK-2529 E. 13 St. GREENBERG. SANDRA-164 Hastings St. GRINBERG. EUGENE-4915 Surf Ave. KOSTROFF. NORMAN—3130 Br. 6 St. MAMIYE. JULIA-115 Ave. S. PERILLO. WILLIAM-4 Bay Terrace. PIKELL. LUELLA—177 West End Ave. PRICE. LEII.A—1802 Ocean Parkway. Secretary in the Log Office, Student Patrol. Secretary to Boys Dean. REALS. NANCY-4015 Sea Gate Ave. SPERO, RICHARD-166 Irwin St. 4 Years Member of Swimming I earn (Captain 1 Year). June 1950: SENIORS GRADUATED IN IMPRESSIVE CEREMONY 53The Number By DIANA STEIN Fo the I eleplione Number Beneath ihe Bulletin Board in the Log Office. Whose Owner I shall Never Know Alas! I hy golden, curly lochs Appear to me in slumber, I hy fair vision in my memory rocks Since I did find thy number. It rested neath the bulletin board And stood out from the rest; I he Office surely must have roared When it with three was blessed. Ah, sad illusionment of lile, When I with pencil came To copy, with much care and strife. Thy fair, enscribbled name. I sneaked into the Logish lair And peeked, and then I fainted: l or name and number weren t there— I he office had been painted! Badge of Honor By GERALDINE K1RSHENBAUM In the noisy, bustling lunchroom Where the students eat and run; In the dark and dampish lockers I hat have never seen the sun; Mindful of the eyes upon it. Vain in its new holiness. Proudly sits the Lincoln Senior Button on some coat or dress. Shining in ecstatic knowledge I hat the end has come at last Of exams, reports, and midterms, Ol the myriad Regents passed. Dripping with the sweat of cramming. Four long years ol pain and toil. Smugly sits this Senior button On the beaming boy and “goil. FIRST AID CUSSES DEAN'S OFFICE THE H All WAYS we tememSer EXAMS GeRSH NZONWE By RENA LURIE Onward Senior, forward march Stiffen your blue-greys up with starch Strut like Lorsheit or Doc Schechter Ready lor the G.O. Council Collector. Give an excuse and give it thrice Roar like lions, or maybe mice Rush like I ightning, or maybe glue Down to room 152. Left foot, right foot, heel and toe Farewell to the Sweet Shoppe, off we go Fresh from the pool in our messy raiment Wet hands clutching the prom pledge payment. Junior? Sophomore? Freshie? Senior! Quiet! Or I II send the dean your Record card. New? II so please state. Change ol prefect, teacher, and date. P.T.A.? Red Cross? All book fees? If none, explain its absence please And let there be no shallow looks I’ve counted all the extra books. Allowance? Wages? W on on series? Oh, come on! Another quarter, dearies Raise your head and take the oath To tell the truth or flunk. Or both. Boomelay boom on the big bass drum Where is the money coming from? You must borrow and must beg And we both end up a rotten egg. 56Presto! Change! Hullaballoo! Where does the money vanish to? It’s used in research: juniors dear For ways to make you pay next year. — . M. Confused I Yam A Grajuate By RENA LURIE Now that I'm grajuatin I kin tell the faculty All fore yeers thet I've bin here No one’s taut a thing to me. I sit around in classrooms And I lissened to ’em lawk I he teecher never called me N I never made no squawk. I never did my homework And I never past a test But teechers must of liked me Cause they past me with the rest. And now thet I'm a Senior. Lincoln, this I’ll say to you For all this I thank you from the bottom of my heart And my friends thank you from their bottoms, too! — George Mud (formerly George Sand, married a man named Waters.)CLASS NIGHT LINCOLN DAZE PHOTOS M HO WARP CROSiMAd 4N0 AivId fittersKi M0HT4OE »r ROAHHE AE PfSA CLASS OFFICERS President .......... Vice President ..... 7 reasurer.......... Secretary .......... Senior Class Adviser . .....Alfred Zamm Gloria Wasserman ......Myra Bacher ......Audrey Bass ..Mr. David I rosten JEWELRY Chairman ............... .......... ...1 oba Gal insky Lois Foerster, Rutli Rosenman, Rose Scliarf. PROM I'acuity Advisers............................Mr. Louis Relin, Mr. David Rothman. Mr. David I rosten Chairman ....................................Janice Harrison Frances Scanety, Genevieve Lupoletti, Christine Livoti, Rosalind Piorenya, Frances Green. Della Puris, Sheila Seidman. Barbara Boiee, Lorraine I larrisman, Joan Kassel. Phyllis De Prospo, Myrna Foreman, Arlene Wasserman. BUDGET Chairman .......................................Joan Kassel Molly Fallas. Sandra Zeisel. Ruth Blaustein, Eleanor Bosses, Roslyn Daroe. 6oSOCIAL Chairman ................................. Jackie Kaplan Renee Funess. Charlotte Kaplan, Charmaine Scott, Allred Zamm. SENIOR COUNCIL Jackie Kaplan, Renee Funess, Charlotte Kaplan, John Fiore. Abe Glick, Annette Kleinman, Charmaine Scott. COMMENCEMENT Faculty Adviser ........................Mr. I )avid 1 rosten Chairman .................................Ruth Rosenman Natalie Asch, Janice Blitzman, Marilyn Cohen, Marilyn J. Cohen. Glenda Edelstein, Phyllis barber, Ruth Freiser, Marlene Gard. Vivian Mozart. Sandra Orenstein, Renee Rahlens. June Rovenger. CLASS NITE Faculty Advisers ....Mr. Joseph Shapiro, Mr. Frank Mantinband Director................................ Marilyn Denmark Assistant Director ........................Arnold I lodas Claire Beck, Donald Berg, Alan Blum, Felice Blumberg, Irwin Brownstein, Lawrence Burak. Joe Calderone. Arthur David, Bernard Dubler, Arthur Echental, Shelly Lisenman, Joe Elias, Yvette Feigel-stock, I oby Fine, Sherri Getz, Evelyn Giannos. Edward Ginsberg, Claire Greenberg, Josh Greenberg, Ann Greenstein, Howard Gross-man, Carole Goldman, Harriet Guber, Sandra Kahn, Eugene Kap-len, Marilyn Kraw, Naomi Levy, Shirley Li twin, Gloria Margolies, Stanly Milstein, Esther Novick, Rita Opalek. Renee Rahlens. Sheldon Richman. Stewart Rose. Stanly Rosen, Myrna Rubin. Jack Schatz, Seymour Schurin. Elaine Starkman. Louis I opper. Martin Weisinger, Laura Zimmerman. 61The By CURT LEVI ANT Pass’ Past It is about time someone paid homage to the pass. You know, that little piece of wood which we depended upon so. during the last four years. Let me show you how indispensable it is. 1) II it weren’t lor the pass, many throats would by now be dried out. 2) II it weren’t lor the pass, the cigarette industry would be ruined. 5) If it weren’t for the pass, who knows how many romances would be shattered. 4) If it weren't lor the pass, what would the Student Patrol be able to catch us without? lo trace the history ol the pass, one must go back to the woody, woody forests. It is there where the pass is begun. It might possi bly start oil in a redwood tree. (One redwood would supply Lincoln with passes, not lor years, not lor life, BU I forever.) Soon pass-makers are sent out by the school lo saw down these trees. I hese men are a strange lot. I hey are very disillusioned. Originally they made passes at girls. But since not making rapid gains in that field, they turned lo making wooden passes. I hey feel much safer now. I he trees don I slap back. I he most a tree can do is sap you, not slap you. Now to get back to the pass. After the tree is sawed down it is hacked to smaller pieces and taken to the Lincoln Cafeteria. I here, they are run through the meat slicing machine, and are cut down to size. I his may account for the fact that the baloney sandwiches have that "wooden taste. After being completed the passes are supposed to be hung. That is a mean thing to do. So they protest. "You protest? I hen we ll let the Student Court defend you." "Oh, no." say the passes, "Wed rather be hung." Says the pass: I he next time you see a wooden tree Slop a while and think of me. For it was I after all Who led you out into the hall. So the next time you see a pass— Remember: I saved you from a Latin class.”LANDMARK STAFF Curt Levianl ooooeooooooooe ooo«oooo««oooooooo«o «o»ooooo»ooooeoooo oo««o o»«ooo oe»o »»«»«» oooo»ooEditor -in- Ch ief Geraldine Kirslienbaum ..............................................................Associate Editor Editorial Staff Felice Blumberg. Glenda Edelstein, Rena Lurie. Renee Rahlens. Carolyn Seiden. Renee Shotkin. Diana Stein, Harold Stevelman. Deborah Voshor, June Yudenfreund Art Staff Roanne Newman. Bebe Cershenzon Business Staff Carol-Lyn Feldman Photography Staff Al Besofsky, Howard Grossman Mr. Louis Relin Faculty Adviser 35th Ytor 7TSswess7j»£l --------MEMBER Notional Council of Business School Business Education Attn., Stott of N. Y. AIL BUSINESS SUBJECTS • DIPLOMA COURSES Why Travel Downtown? WE PLACE OUR GRADUATES • Day i Evening (lotto ■ Visit, Phono or Writ for (otalog ESplanade 5-6800 1601 KINGS HIGHWAY, B'KLYN [ BRIGHTON LINE, KINGS HIGHWAY STATION J.SPECTOR 63ARTHUR STUDIOS INC. Official Photographer to the “LANDMARK” Exclusively Equipped to lo Yearbook Photography 19 West 46th Street New York 19, N. Y. EflSTERn PRECC, Inc 33 Flat hush Avenue • Brooklyn 17, N. Y. STerling 3-0300 SlNCE 1915 we have been serving high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . We take pride in having at your service our staff of expert typographers, artists and advisors . . . 185 PRINTERS OF THE MLOG, AND • LANDMARK Com piimen is o f SCIENTIFIC ENGRAVING CO.

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