Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1940

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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X, F . 'P ,- ,I S. V .X A x XX. N , 1 R X-.. v X S ..,f xx V ,I : 2,--"J X X . X AY , xx , X N X . X ' SQ! Y . "xl ,XR V AT X x , xx NX Xxx y- , J TC'--"Q,.IlJLr.f-,...,sx5'1 if Yfv ,Adm ,A ' --f. -, ,M YQ xxx 'vgix XX -X. -S-X , ,X 5 i r XX 1 X xx xx . xi XXX xx ,xx A x X. if X xxx X r x XX xx r xx I X XX X w 1 w 1 1 w i 1 i W . 1 1 x v 1 - w w x . I ,-A A " I f Hx,- Ni xx . xx? x xx ' T., Y, XX ' . -...,,.,, ,4 H GABRIEL R. MASON PRINCIPAL ABRAHAM LINCOLN H S BROOKLYN Dear SenIors The world we luve In Today preserITs a mosT gloomy pIcTure War economIc depressIon unemploymenT InTolerance and The FISG oT Tascssm oT all varIeTIes make The ouTlooIc Indeed dIsmal and Torebodmg IT IS easy To QIVC way To pessImIsm and acknowledge yourselves deTeaTed ThwarTed and overwhelmed even beTore you have really sTarTed on lITe s Iourney On The oTher hand you can Talse an unrealIsTIc VIGW oT The SIIUGIIOH and wITh The aTTITude oT Pollyanna gIve venT To opTImIsTIc declaraTIons sImIlar To LeIbn1z s ThIs IS The besT oT all possIble worlds or Browmng s All s rIghT wITh The world or Coue s Every day IH every way we are geTTIng beTTer and beTTer I-lowever GraduaTes oT June l94O l recommend To your aTTenTIon neITher sour and crushIng pessImIsm nor sweeT and empTy opTImIsm l would raTher challenge you wITh a more vIgorous phIlosophy oT IIIG called by FelIx Adler melIorIsm a name derIved Trom The LaTIn wo d melIor meanIng beTTer IT Teaches us ThaT we can do beTTer and musT do beTTer IT aslcs us To be pessImIsTIc only Tor The purposes oT realIzIng The evIls ThaT should be eradIcaTed IT also aslcs us To be opTImIsTs only ThaT we may see The dawn oT a beTTer day and The vIsIon oT a happIer world Towards ThaT goal leT us all melIorIsTIcally sTrIve wITh all our sTrengTh and all our zeal CordIally yours GABRIEL R MASON PrIncIpal l . ., - I I I I I . I I . I . I I I . . . .I II . . . II. . I I II I - - II I II - I - II I I I . . . . . II . II V' I I - I . I . ' I ' I ARTHUR HIRSCHBERC-5 ADMINISTRATIVE ASST BERTHA COHEN JOSEPH R ORGEL DAVID TROSTEN C J STEINGART DEAN OF GIRLS DEAN OF BOYS SENIOR ADVISER LANDMARK Q "QW ,,W,.v - - i t f' 1 25 H w M 3 1 3' rg 1 I W i W, if ,yu-, " ' .X . Q ., -, 1 1' -it ' , f mfg 15 - Q' f' M999 .As - - ' x V 1 , ' ,F '-3 Qfs 'V Q veg, ... , M , , , I ,f E ,pw S H , W y ? , me Q " ' ix . , 1.-1. 7 N K ny: i1k,f',,'1Lg V P' V " . -l wfkrgfvbfix . 5 59 .. 5. As: ' K T13 , ,fx-1 i f . 1' W' ff 5? f ' L T ' 1 ' , .'j,,,Q ,ff J' ' Lg x iff? ' K, "L,4 , 1 mm M5 J5,gi?" 1 RW, " ' ' '?'355f'f ' 3 ' ' lk W" Q x L i gi , S Ia K4 v bfi WW H r :J v L Q. ' ,. V , 'iff' Q x in f W' N Y . 1 V . 5 wi 1 1, X, 6, 5 , fi? ' A A W , 4-ja 1 , ' ' ' . 4 f I W , ,ir VV y VK, Wham Vx i was mn I . ' ' ET. C' A ,k,' . ' , , .g 'L , Q gh f -'Z 6, wnf f ' ,,ww 1"f" A W uf .9 3: .Z - U 'U L E I U ': L 3 'J VU L - X ua C rv 'U FU E an VU .C 3 ALITCDGRAPH GE In addifion 'ro fhe picfures and siqnamres of Hue members of fhe faculfy and of 'rhe adminisfraiion LE .A -o C GJ ': -- THE gcuuxv o L .D V, 2 U C 'o ru - U as Q. .D an L as P 'U .C nv 3 .A 'U an T9 an W o .C 3 .A L YD .C O 'U an - so .C .- 5-0- o W .C Q 'C L c 0 + 'I 1 .1 4 ll L NJ l 4 L, LE - C CU D IU .C o +- CD .L 'E 3 o .C .D Q? 3 uf GJ cr 'U Q. ow C 'U UJ U l1J L o. CD .C -0- C o l930-Evacuefion of fha Rhino- iand by fhe French Army of Occupafion complefed amid the cheers of fhe Gorman in- habifanh. A few more memorles Are lh mbed back mlo ynew Fwd The book as Closed D1 T your mmd keeps lurmrmq pages awnllly SH olmq by lour years Axs If lhey were salelllles ln a uruverse of gnamls And you emoymo every mmule Emoymq ull lhe lhouqhl Q ml mo Malh 1 lohmerwl Add hwky Lahrm verbs Cl aunly leaehers hrades Uh lhe Slmfu Swewler Wearer All lhns and more For you ye gradualed Amd are free lo lel The World Word l m oul l ye come lo oo rhy parl The World may blarwdly smile Amd hle your name away Bul you shall mol say XNha+ lh hell Nor grow :rw any way desporwdermlr lhslead fou ll keep oh Bulldmq memories Thal you and Jrhe World Can lauqh al l.eor1 Werner I! . . - I ' .i ul . I . -- ,o ' f . - c Sf l Q ass' s l s L ' 7 And Doclor lvlasohls Speeches ' l C -- ,- , l : ll l Vl l , . ,, 6 IH 1 s X , :S SE IGRS ACTIVITIES l93l Kung Alfonso of Spun abducahs and flees from Ma drld A Spnmxh republuc ls pro churned and rncogmzsd Aaron E r fx D Aoelsw- A101 M Alou' AI: aw! N A3 57 A b S Aug O ' I Q. .Aly vw, 1, ' Mfr: C- f -Ha , IL. Aoerbad M. Acciaf' 5 I-I.Adigf E, Mbfsw' M.AIoer ' 0.-M1 . Vefsf,-" -Ara . . IV le ROBERT AARON: 2I77 Easf 7 Sf.: Presidenf of Jr. Microscopy Club, Firsl' Aid for Baskefball Team, Member of Arisfa, Cape fain of Clinic Squad. DIANE R. ABERBACH: 8709 24fh Ave- nue: Library Squad, Record Office, Glee Club. JERRY J. ABRAMOWITZ: I553 Easf 3 Sf.: Orchesfra, Mimeograph Squad, Admif Squad. ESTELLE ABRAMS: l879 Easf 2nd Sfreefg Career Club, Service Squad. C. MARY ACCIARITO: IIO Avenue T: Secrefary fo Mr. Pargof, Secrefary fo Mr. Eallig, Service Squad. NANETTE ADELSON: 2I84 Easf 28 Sfreefg Secrefary fo Mrs. Weiss, Secrefary fo Miss Rifchie, Record Room. DORIS ADELSTEIN: 2252 Ocean Parkway: Arisfa, As- sisfanr Edifor of Log, Bio. Lab., Arkon. HAROLD ADLER: III7 Ocean View Avenue: Traffic Squad, Cafeferia Squad, Service Squad, Assembly Squad, RITA ADLER: 2075 Easf 7 Sfreefq Arkon, Junior and Senior Arisfas, Radio Wrrkshop, Co-Capfain Library Squad. CLAIRE L. AGOGLIA: I453 Dahill Road: Mimeograph Squad, Senior Arisfa, Spanish Office Secrefary, Secrefary of Prefecl Class. EDWIN I. ALBAUM: ll7O Brighfon Beach Ave.: Service Squad, Handball Medal. JOSEPH ALBERT: I852 Easf Sfh Sfreef. MAURICE S. ALBIN: 29OI Ocean Park- way: Vice-Presidenf Hebrew Club, Class Afhlefic Manager, Bi- oo y Club Biology Squad M IAM ALPER 2lI5 Easf 3 Sfreef Library Squad Record Room Glee Club SARA AL GAZE IO99 B nner Avenue Swimming Team Kallisfa Baskefball Team Handball EDWARD L AMSEL 2938 Wesf 36 Sfreef Medical Club Class Nlghf Assembly Squad Peace Club NICHOLAS P ANSELMO I389 Ocean Parkway Service Squad CARL APPEL 2843 Wesf 5 Sfreef Hebrew Club Neshef Traffic Squad Secrefary in Gym Office MARION APPEL 2773 Wesf 37 Sfreefq Hebrew Club, Secrefary fo Mr. Sfeingarf, Landmark Sfaff, Library Squad. MARTIN ARONOWITZ: 2878 Wesl' 28 Sfreef. RUTH ARONSON: 85 Wesf End Avenue: Junior and Senior Arisfas, Arkon, Physics Lab., Science Fronfier Sfafl. SHIRLEY S. ATLAS: 96 Brighfon Il Sfreefg Glee Club, Class Nighf, Secrefary fo Mrs. Weiss, Prefecf Class Secrefary. FREDA ATLISS: 2720 Holmes Sfreefz Secrefary for Mr. Barneff, Secrefary for Miss Cohen, Class Nighf Commiffee, Orchesfra, Glee Club. IRVING I. AUTNITSKY: 2984 Wesf 30 Sfreef. BERNARD AXELROD: 276I Easf I5 Sfreef: Pool Squad, Avia- fiom Club, Travelers' Club, Tumbling Club. SYLVIA BACKA- LENICK: 3739 Oceanic Avenue: Program Office Secrefary, June ior Arisfa, Arkon, Class Nighf Commiffee. MURIEL BANDLER: 2923 Wesf 28 Slreef: Prefecf Class Treasurer, Secrefary to Mr, Haas. BEATRICE BARACH: 2007 Ocean Avenue: Arkon, Bi- ology Office, Class Secrofary, Bio Squad. GERALD S. BARAD: 2l8 Beaumonf Sfreefg Bio Squad, Mimeograph Squad, Varsify Show, Class Nighf. EDITH J. BARISH: I5l5 Easf 8 Sfreefg Span- ish Office, Library Squad, Radio Workshop, Baskefball Club. WILLIAM N. BARALTE: l64O Ocean Parkway: Movie Makers Club Presidenf Cafeferia Lead rs Club BETTY L BASS' I97 eeley Sfreef Secrefary fo Mrs Bafchker Hebrew Club Arkon ccrefary of Currenf Evenfs Club STEPHEN BAXTER I706 Sheepshead Bay Road Service Squad MILDRED BEBERING 23l5 65 Sfreef Service Squad Secrefary in French Class Sec refary in American Hlsfory DAVID BEDELL 242I Mermaid Avenue Library Squad MARION I BEISER 2485 65 Sfreef Swimming Office Service Squad Biology Laborafory A 'H I - , . 2 . . - , ' . IR : 9 c . , . . . Cl l ' X I . . . M, , . i L . . . U . . . : 3 ' ' ' I I I -x ,1,Aff-- Q A-, 5-K.. - FiE.,-i-- Salim ati'-' IA :A -4 l'- '-V, . 3-3 Fw, SE ICR ' ACTIVITIES I93I-Grea+ Briieln suspl-rfds I'I1e goIcI s'fancIarcI. IIs ac+Fo'I Is IOIIowed by Denmark F?n- Iand, and Japan. ,, , . L, '.E er -,.I ELEANOR BEKAY: 323 Elmwood Avenue: Tennis, Baskefball Swilchboard, Culling Squad. CARMELA A. BELLINGERI: I22o Sheepshead Bay Road: Senior Arisla, Grade Advisers Ollice, Newman Club, Type Speed Club. STANLEY B. BENDER: 273 Avenue P: Cheering Squad, Boys' Clinic, Biology Laboratory Squad, Service Squad. JEROME R. BENNETT: 4I8 Avenue M3 Service Squad, Caleleria Squad, Visual Inslruclion Squad. Alh- lelic Manager. ALBERT BER6: 29I4 Wesl 33 Slreel' Senior Arisla Trallic Squad, Mimeograph Squad, Class Presidenl. DANIEL BERGER: 2184 Ocean Parkway: Varsily Show, Cham- ber Music, Mimeograph Squad, 'l ' Log Reporlers' u. GERALD D. BERGER: 28OI Mermaid Avenue: Gym Secrelary, Service Squad, Caleleria Squad Vice-Presidenl ol Prelecl Class. LESTER T. BERKOWITCI-I: I9 Colin Place: Eoolball Caplain Baseball Caplain, Presidenl of Alhlelika, Presidenl of Senior Class. ANITA BERKOWITZ: 3I42 Coney Island Avenue: Record Room Library, "Shorthand Scribe" Magazine, Mimeograph Squad. ANITA BERMAN: IIS Brighlwaler Courl' Secrelary ol: Arkon, Secrelary in Dean's Oflice, Secrelary in Dr. Mason's Ol- lice, Junior and Senior Arisla. IRMA BERMAN: 240 Amhers' Slreel: Library Squad. Caleleria Squad, MARTIN BERMAN: 2874 Brighlon 3 Slreel: Visual Inslruclion Squad, Physics Squad, Slage Manager on Slage Squad. SEYMOUR BERMAN: 22II Mermaid Avenue: Secrelary lo Audilor, Serv'ce Squad. DORA OTI-IY A. BERNER: 2928 Wes? 3I Slreel: Sludenl Courl, Cale- leria Squad Sludy I-lall Ofluce Waler Color Club BIANCA BERNSTEIN 374I Laurel Avenue Baskelball Biology Club Library Swimming Club GERARD N BERNSTEIN I74 Eal moulh Slreel Propaganda Analysis Medical Club Library Squad Swimming Team SIDNEY BERNSTEIN 2945 Wesl 32 Slreel LSession Baseball LSessnon Baskelball TI-IEODOR I-I BIDER Conduclors Club Choral Service Squad CLAIRE E BILLER I746 Easl 7 Slreel: Slen. Speed Club, Cvlee Club, Budgel Corn- millee, Service Squad. I-IILDA BIRA: 7I5 Avenue S: Service Squad, Secrelary lo Dr. Orgel, G. O. Ollice, Secrelary lo Mr. Sleiriberg. ROBERT J. BIREN: 2993 Ocean Parkway: Assembly Squad, Service Squad Library Squad, Trallic Squad. BESS BLANES: 3OI7 Ocean Parkway' Caplain ol Sludy Hall Squad Salesgirl al Bazaar Secrelary lo Mrs. Nirenblall, Secrelary ol Krilling Club. STANLEY BLECI-IER: 37I5 Lyme Avenue' Arisla Arkon, Chief Juslice of Sludenl Courl Lincoln Senale Member. RIJTI-I BLECI-INER: 33IO Mermaid Avenue: Secrelary lo Mr, Fried, Secrelary in Swimrning Pool Wardrobe Squad, Caplain ol Library Squad. GLADYS BLUM: 2912 Mermaid Avenue: Dr. Orgels Olfice, Arl Olzlice, Lale Squad G. O. Slore. ANNETTE P. BOBROWSKY: 627 Avenue W: Junior Arisla, Secrelary lo M. Golllried, Supply Squad. MADELINE BOCCANEUSO: IO2O Lancasler Avenue: Cvlee Club Newman Club Secrelary in Sewing Depl. ALBERT BOGART: I739 Dahill Road: Mimeo- graph Squad Handball Squad, Class Alhlelic Manager, Secre- lary lo Mr, Ollenslein. BEATRICE BORTNICK: II5 Avenue N: Secrelary lo Mr. Joseph, P. T. Leader, RUSSEL BRANCATO: 32 I-Iighlawn Avenue: Mafh Team. MALVINA BRANDES: I93O Ocean Parkway: Arisla and Eulerpe, Caplain and Vice-Presidenl Mimeo, Oflce, Secrelary Math Ollce, Landmark Slall. ALVIN BRASS: I92I Easl 9 Sfreel: Service Squad, lnlerclass Baskelball Team Inlerclass Handball Team SIDNEY BRAUFMAN 2938 hlon I r ua oc e ua r rv i Souad RUBIN BRAUNSTEIN 2746 Easl' II Slreel Phys: Squad Class Presider Presidenl Surveying Club Presidenl PHYSICS Club I-IARRY BRINDEL I763 Wesl I Slreel Caleleria Squad Palrol Mimeo Squad Assislanl Manager Baseball Team Squad Mimeo Bureau 31 3 L' Cl b W I' I I I . i Brig S' eel: Clinic Sq d, L k r Sq d, Ba ld, Se ic? . . . i i 1 ' y A 5 I 'CS MAN: 3047 Brighlon 7 Slreel: Inlerclass Alhlelic Represenlallve LEON BRODIS: 2948 Wesl 24 Slreer: Deans Squad, Serv'c, ig, 3'5,., ur, 1:3111 -' u 3. gg., A gf' ,. 3 . A.: .. as fs- ,l 1- 5ff,' -5 1' SE IORS' ACTIVITIES I932-James J. Walier under aHacIr of Cifizens' Cornmiffeeg examined by Samuel Seabury who asks Governor F. D. Roose- velf Io remove him. N, Brody A. Buga A. CHC-seEIi D, Cassar M.CI'1ase l. Brcifrvan J. Cahce' re ? Cercse1f3 A. Ca'aIer:' N. Chaser: F,Bwrvrem 1.CeocI fe-we c Q.Cfe'wce'a?' l.CI1asnov INA HANIEL H BRODY 724 Ave e U Serqean? Servrce Squad Usher Squao CaIe?erIa Squad LILLIAN BROITMAN 2250 63 S?ree? Servlce Squad Llbrary Squad Secre?ary ?o Mr Goldbloom Tralzlxc Squad FLORENCE R BRUNMAN 3033 l3rugh?on I3 S?ree? Llbrary Squad Ca?e?erua Squad Tuclce? Squad Servlce Squad Annex ANTOINETTE P BUFFA 82 Val lage Road l?allar1 Club JERRY C CANCELLARE I4I6 Ave nue Y Lreu?enan? o? Servrce Squad Usher Squad Trafhc Squad Curren? Even?s Club ILANDO S CAPOLINO 2065 Wes? 9 S?ree? Preslden? Curren? Even?s Club l?aluan Club Lleu?enan? Ca?e?erla Squad French Club ANTHONY L CAROSELLI 2076 Eas? 7 S?ree? Cap?arn 0? Sluden? Pa?rol Cap?aIn o? Usher Squad Club Council Representahve GERALDINE L CARO SELLI 923 Homecres? Cour? Secrefary General Office LOUISE M CARRIERO 467 Van Snclclen S?ree? Newman Club Llbrary Squad Glee Club l?aIlan Club PAUL CASSAR 2204 Eas? 26 Arlsfa Landmarlc and Carqoes S?aI? ANTOINETTE L CATA LANOTTI 2029 Wes? S?ree? llalrar- Club Secre?ary ?o Mlss Dela Chnesa RUTH CHAMBERLAIN I66 Van Slclclen S?ree? MORTON CHASE 339 Nepfune Avenue Drrec?or Ar? Squad NETTIE CHASEN 2833 Wes? 30 S?ree? Secre?ary ?o Mlss Winkler Ca?e?erIa Squad Class Secre?ary IRVING CHAS NOV l404 Ea? 7 S?ree? Lnbrary Squad BEATRIX M CHER NICK 2827 Wes? 3I S?ree? Senlor Arls?a S?uden? Cour? Sec re?ary French Oflrce Ca?e?erua Squad ELEANOR C CHIAN ESE 450 Avenue U SIDNEY CHIZEN 202l Eas? 8 S?ree? Lleu?enan? Servrce Squad Lneu?enan? Ushers Squad Cu ren? Even?s Club Class Nrgh? SHELDON CHWAST 237 Avenue P Servrce Squad Gym Squad Gym Leader ln?rannural Teafn GLADYS J COHAN 236 Sou?h I S?ree? BERNICE A COHEN I377 Wes? 6 S?ree? Hebrew Club Cur en? Even?s Club Swum rnlng Club BEATRICE COHEN I72l 60 S?ree? Jumor and Senlor Arusfa Secre?ary Grade Advisers Office Secre?ary S?u oen? Welfare OTIICB Movie Malcers Club BEATRICE COHEN 2823 Wes? 3l S?ree? Sec e?ary Glrls Clvnlc Class Nrqh? Svvrrn rmnq Club Swnmrmnq Team HERBERT I-I COHEN 28I Am hors? S?ree? Prnq Pong Club Pnnq Pong Tournannen? DAVID COHEN 3I2l Brlgh?on 5 S?ree? Handball Tearn Cross Coun?ry Traclc Team Furs? And Squad Capfaln Arhlchc Manager FLORENCE COHEN I82l 67 S?ree? Hebrew Club La?e Squad ROSETTE COHEN 330 Coney Island Avenue MILLICENT I COHEN I724 Eas? 3 S?ree? Sensor Arxs?a Secre+ary ?o Mr Co???'rued Socrc?ary Record Room Arlcon Secre?ary MaI'I1OI:IIce PAUL A COHEN 2766 Eas? I6 S?ree? Presuden? 0? Annex G qare? Cour? Service Squad Tra?Ilc Squad SELMA COHEN l995 Coney Island Av nue English OIT: e Curron Even?s Club Lrbrary Squad Servuce Squad SOLOMON COHEN I42 Nep ?une Avenue Secrelary ?o Miss Wlnlcler Secre?ary Io Mrs I-aas Swlrnrnrnq Club Chess Club ARTHUR O CONESCU IOI5 Eas? 8 S?ree? Mass Cohens Oflrce Varsn?y Show Sensor Class Nuqh? Jumor and Sensor Arrs?a CHRISTINE COLAMA RIA 2308 Eas? I2 S?ree? Arrs?a Arlcor Mrrneoqraph Squad Class Nqh? Cornrn:??ee THERESA M COLETTI 2940 Eas? 9 S?ree? Mnmeoqraph Squad Fashron Councxl S?er- Speed Club Spanish Ohfncc EDWAR MORIBER l76l Wes? 5 S' ee? Ma?h Tearn Servuce Squad Pny rcs Club I ' T . : ru T ' I I, I I I 1 A Shea: Capyain phofoqraphy Squad. Log Shag' BOY Leader of O. Sena?e, Senlor 'ArIs?a, Arlcon, CHARLES B. COKE: 2I Mar- ' ' , I ' . . 1 SE IGRS ACTIVITIES I932 Charles Auguslus Lund ber I1 Jr us Iudnapped a hon wide search IS lnshlufed body IS finally recovered an dlfCl1 M Cardnge P C0511 am A Cro Dano mo K Danzlqe J Corrne R Crel A Crook D Da E Davns C Carrao M C C Cufrulel R DGCECIO I g, . ' ' ,n - I ' a . ' , '- , Ii , . ok C. js! . ' f 'K . 5 'IMT . . . PM . 3: P. Dams . ' I MARY G CARDICE 2226 VVsgsr 8 Slreel Erelec Clas Pres: enl N wrnan Cl E e lor Councr Slen Class Presl enl JACOUELINE L CORINE 2800 Ocean Parkway Pres denl of Mlmeoqraplv Squad Clmernrslry OLTICE Arlsla Akon CLE MENTINE CARRAO 2267 Wesl 6 Srreer Eco Explo e s Club lrallar Club Newman Club Secretary I-IIs'oy OU e R TER COSMIDES I976 Easf 9 Sl ee? Hlslory Orlce Ars a Servlce Squad Arkon RUTH R CRELL 4I4 Avenue N Cargo s Rep ssenrahve Secrerary to Mrs Newlleld MICHAEL J CRIMI l6l3 Wes? I2 Crreel B ske ball Team Serro Prefecr Class Class R esldenl Allwlellka ALBERT E CROOK 2C Wesl End Avenue Maflw OIZIAICG Swnrnrnlnq Tearn Blo Club ALICE A CROOK 2C Wesl End Avenue D Orqels Secrelary Sec e a v ren Ollie Clerk IU Sluder Courl La Club Secrelary CATHER CUTRUFELLI I86I Vlfgs ST eel CARMELA E DAVID DAM 2932 Wes 22 Sl eel L Sess on Bask Iball L Ses on Baseball PROVIDENCE L DANNA 2236 Wes? 7 Sfreel xoorers Club E I-I K DAN ER 29 4 Brng Ion Srreel Main Desk Enqllslw Class Secrdary Bookkceplnq Class ecrelary Servlce Squad VELYN DAVIS 9 lqlwf errace Mrs Sores ec elary I ra y Squad ROS E IO 2377 Easf 4 S'reel Newman Club Supply Squad JOHN DE FATO 2774 Coney Island Avenue Sec era y P pals Orluce Service Squad Radio Workslvoo Iralan JENNIE A DELLASSIO 2426 Easl 2 Slreel Sec era y lo Grade Advlser G O Repres rlallve Carqoes Represenlallve rnan Club PEARL DELPI-IIN 23 Blglwlon 4 Terrace Rresndenl Secrelary rn Spanlsn Olllce Class Nlolll Co Carqoes Club ANTOINETTE H DE MAIO 28 S' yke Squad New Class 'nlllee Slreel r u n u x orers u Dall u FRANK J DE MARCO 2262 Wesl Slreel Calelerla Squad Scrvrce quad ALFRED DE MATTIA I7S0 63 Slreel Class P sdenl TVGEIIC Squad SAMUEL DE NICOLO 2538 Easl 2 S eel Supsv Squad Los? and Found Book Squad LEO IIARD DENNETT l65O Easl 4 Slreel Los? and Found Sup py Squad Avlallon Club Traveling Club MARY DE SANTIS l35 Av me U Secrelary lo Grade Adv se Newman Club Sec r ary o rs Ksne llallan Cl b ESTHER DESICK 3002 Vlfesl 28 Slreel Secrelary 'fo Mr Slulzskln Sw rnrnrnq Club Cla s Treasure Calelerla Squad ENCA I DE SIMONE 285I Brlqlnron 7 Sl ee+ ETHEL R DE VINE 2828 Wes? 22 Slreel Se-:rela y ln P og am Olluce Secrefary nn Record Room EDNA J DIAMOND 253 Wes? End Avenue Secrefa y rn Slen OEIICE Skorrhand Speeo Club Sludenl Courl Cerk Sudenf Palrol Accounlrq OFI'lce N man Club S+ Sp d CI b Hal n Club MARY T Dl NATALE 2258 Easl I5 Sl eel Budqel' Corn ml ee Treasurer o Pr ecl ass Law lub Ilalan YETTA DONITZ 2430 63 Slreel Servlce Squad HELEN H D RETSKY I25Brqlw1on II Slreel Junlor Arusfa Peace lub Crelary 1 Oereral Olluce O O R p s ra: HA Y DORNBRAND 3044 Ocean Parkway By Leader ol Junlor Arlsla Mafln Tearn Tennus Tearn Service Squad VIRGINIA R DORSA I0 Sl'ore Boulevard Secrelary Enqllsn Olflce Secrefary Arl OHICG Secrelay Welfare Orcluce Blaloqy Club MIRIAM DREXLER l705 60 Srreel Class Secrelary Calererla Squad RUTH E DRUCKER 2I5I Ocean Parkway Secrelary IH Grade Advlsers Olfluce Bolooy Dlsplay Club Secrelay ln General OHICS Mernbe r Gyrn Squad I , 2 1 1 ' s A- laial Cl 3, Nfwrna Cl b, E pl ' Cl b, Basfzel' CI b. q , e ,. S r' Al, .. 'd . . 1 7 A , . : , 3 T C- A S . : ' . Y . , I . Y Y I V Vi y V N. . 2 A . , - , A , r lc . E E I : A 1 , - .N I V I . I Y L 4 . yy N . . Y . A I , . . : t e v 7 9 ' 7 I r. , - r ' .A , , A . . 1 el l M . IA . A u . 2 7 r. I , ' f ry S . ' A ' r A . A . INE : - ' ll r , . DA- I I , I . ' . GOSTINOI 2233 Easr 4 S'reefg Ilallan Club Newrnar Club. LOUISE M. DI LIJSTRO: 204 Van Slcklen Sfreert Secrefary in : I r 3 - F , ' Ie , - - I V ' , ew , en. ee u , l'a E nl ' . DIT . ZIO 2 6 A lv I2 'ff , I el Cl , C , IA Club. S , A A . E 3 B'A on IO O I I 3 ' A , 1 C . T. 7 . I S r , LAb ' . E DE Se An A , . . e re e F 'Ave RR C C : 7 , , : f fi of A I . 7 r r rin- ' , , V , A . . SE IORS ACTIVITIES I933 Epldemlc of bank o days spreads Ihrough nahon sfoc and commodnfy changes are closed by Federa aufhorufy I - ' ' III.- K ' ex- 'A I ' Hn' Bijan' 2 fl." I-f 5'-fa.. Mfichef N B4 Dwfa' F, 'fha 1' ' fi1r"'i' E, Eirfbender ' f A A. flmmfffr' N17 , f 1-"I av H. Einar:-eff: ,liii ETHEL DUBIN 2984 Wesl 30 Sfreel Admnnrsfrallve OHIC6 Presudenf ol Arkon Secrefary of Arlsfa Sfudenf Courl Judge BEATRICE DUBNER 2824 Wesf 23 Sfreel' EDITH DUBROW 282I Wesf 27 Sfreef Asslslanl Io Mass Lubarf Locker Room Squad Cafeferla Squad BERNARD DUBS I675 Wes? I Srreef Movle Makers Club Soccer Team Bugle and Drum Corps Vrce Presuden? In Hlslory Class BARBARA DUCHAN 3I66 Coney Island Avenue Secrelary sn Accounhng Office Secrelary 'lor Mrs Bernslenn Cafelersa Squad Secrefary for Mr Golffrned ABRAHAM DUNAYER 2849 Wesr 33 Sfreef Sfen Speed Club Hebrew Club Secrelary H E Offnce Secrelary Dr Orgel SIDNEY S DUNN 205 Sea Breeze Avenue Servnce Squad Pre lecl Class Presudenl RITA DUPLER 2932 Wesr 36 Srreef Lnbrarv Squad Clrnuc Squad Leaders Club Meducal Club MARTHA ECKER 259 Brughfon Beaclw Avenue Assnslanl Leader of Fasluon Councnl Club Council Represenlafuve Library Squad Servrce Squad HOWARD ECKHAUS 6 New Slreef Arnsfa Handball Team Medacal Club Secrelary General Welfare Ollrce DANIEL B EDELMAN 2I93 Easf 7 Slreef Calelerua Squad Service Squad Alclnemnsl Club Spanish Club DAVID EDELMAN 2778 Easl I6 Slreef Swrmrnung Team Servrce Squad MARTIN EICHEN IO8 Nepfune Avenue Swimming Team ESTHER E EINBENDER I467 42 Slreef Currenl Evenls Club HAROLD EISENBERG 384I Nepfune Avenue Glee Club Track Team Service Squad SEYMOUR H EISENBERG 309I Brlglwfon 5 Sfreel Sfudenf Palrol Annex Service Squad Inlerclass Bas kefball Squad Prelecf Presndenl YALE L EISENBERG IIII Averue Z Vlce Presndenl ol Peace Club Locker Squad MUR RAY J ELBAUM 2254 64 Slreel Swlmmlng Team Band Serv Ice Squad Track Team FLORENCE ROSE ELEAND 2340 84 Srreef Chairman Economlcs Ofluce Squad Vuce Presldenl' Club Council Jushce Sludenl Courf Frnance Commlfiee HYMAN ELZWEIG 2I39 6I Srreel SANTO EMANUELE 923 Roder Avenue Track Team Servnce Squad Cafeferla Squad Traflk Squad ISIDORE L ENGEL 3074 Brnglwfon I4 Sfreef Cllmc Service Squad Spanish Club Class Nlglml ALFRED I ENG LAND 434-O Manhalfan Avenue Presldenl Prelecl Class Vice Presudenl Currenf Evenls Club Class Nvglwl Commuffee Sfudenf Pa+roI CLARA EPSTEIN 277 Amhersl Slreel Secrefary Eng Isln Office Senior Arlsla Secrefary Cllnlc Leaders Class SYL VIA ESKOWITZ 305I Wesf I Sfreel Secrefary Slen Office Slen Speed Club Secrelary Typmg Club Service Squad ADOLPH ESPOSITO I953 Easf I Sfreef IRWIN L FABIAN 2I55 Easl 8 Sfreef Secrerary Engluslw Office Servnce Squad Hebrew Club Prefecf Class Presldenf MILTON FEDER 29I0 Wesl' I Sfreel Servuce Squad Music Office Aflmlehc Manager GERTRUDE FEDERMAN 2I22 60 Sfreel Junior and Sensor Arusra Sfudenl Welfare Olfuce Record Office German Club LEONARD FEIGENBAUM 542 Slneepslnead Bay Road VGFSIIY Show Tralfuc Squad Alhleflc Manager Boys Cllnuc Squad BERNICE FEILER 8 Bruqhlon IO Courr Arusfa Secrefary To Mr Ball Prefecl Class Secrelary Cafelerua Squad DANIEL FEILER Brnghfon O Courf Secrelaryf Mr Elsfem IRVING FEINBERG 2I4 Nepfune Avenue Baseball Team Locker Squad BEATRICE E FEINER 23l7 Ocean Parkway Kalllsla Clworal Group Class Nile Commullee Swlmmrng Team SEYMOUR FEINMAN I394 Easf 2 Slreef Locker Squad Service Squad DAVE FELDMAN 2 Gray Courl Track Team Locker Squad Vlsual Inslruclxon Squad Reorganlzahon Commlflee I I , yi I , .V ..I A - SE ICDRS' ACTIVITIES I933- Hiiler cellor, Parfyg youfh Reichsfag burns downg newly appointed Chan- accuses 'Ihe Cornmunisf Ihe 'I'rIaI of a DuIcI'1 begins. Fgwqrpe- ff- Feqpg-mr , Ferren7IPC H. I:f6"' ' M,FISCI'1I6T I-efIdsIQ r P Fdsensfelr- L.FOTfUZ1'i I. FWI M. Fish 5 PLAIN V, Fplv,-r ,FZdl'f- Y, PMI V, Fishman JOSEPH M FELDMAN 2l34 Home res? Avenue Swrrnrnrnq Calelerua Squad Currenl' Evenls Club Alchemists Club VA V FELDSTEIN 30l4 Brnqlwfon 3 Slreel' Frenclm Club EVELYN G FELLER l29l Easlern Parkway Secre Grurneffe Law Club Glee Club Secrefary Gereral OTI-IC8 RODNEY FELPERIN 2764 Eal' I6 Sfreel' Biology Squad Service Squad G O Represenrarnve Baseball Squad ROSE E FELSENSTEIN 2734 Brzglmlon 7 Slreel Arlsla Arkon S nror Budqel Comrnullee Bnoloqy Lao Squad MILLICENT FELTON 3073 Brrqnlon I3 Sfreel Arusfa Arkon Land'11arkSlall Secrelary In Mrs Bafclnkers Olllce JULIUS S FERRENTINO 2I56 Ocean Parkway C-lee Club Sfudenf Pafrol LOUISE C FERRUZZA 23IO Easl 5 Slreef Frenckm Oflnce French Club Honor Soclely Dancnnq Club LILLIAN L FIDLIN 4623 BII1 Avenu Secrelary Io Mrss Slewarl HANNAH FIERMAN 3047 Brrqlnlor I3 Srreel Varslfy Show Represenfafnve Servlce Squad Se relary lo Mr Ellenbogen IRVIN L FINK 2970 Brrqlwlon I Sfreer Secrelary ro Mr Schulman Secrela y fo Mr Lux Secre Pool Squad Class Nlqhf lary 'ro Mr Ocean Parkway Foolball Team Service Squad Guard rn lm Pool MORTON FISCHLER 3066 Brlqlnlon 5 Sfreel' MARVIN FISH 3002 Wesl 28 Slreel Varsufy Snow Plwysucs Squad Lrn coln lnslllule JEANETTE P FISHMAN 2979 Ocean Parkway G O Represenlalrve Secrelary Swnmfnung Offrce Se vrce Squad HELEN FLYNN 3029 Coney Island Avenue Secrefary to M Secre ry to M Jaco Secrerar Io Mss Wrn er JOSEPH FOIER 23l Bruqhlon Isl Pl ce Class Presldenf Varsrfy uaskerball Team G O FOLEY l72 Neck Road Service Squad Newman GANG I87 Kensrnqfon Councrl Parry Club JOHN 6 Cross Counlry Team Caplaln Annex Club Glee Club SHIRLEY FORT Slreel ROCCO FORTUNATO I24 Avenue J Servrce Squad FRANK FRASCA 2533 Oc an Av nue Mrmeoqrapn Squad Enqlrslw Squad Record Room Servrce Squad LILLIAN R FREEDMAN 2967 Wesl 24 Slreef Edrfor rr Clwlef of Scrence Fronluer Plwysrcs Squad Clrernlslry Squad Sruden Welfare Oronce CYRUS R FRIEDMAN 229 Colerldge Srree' Cllnrc Squad Plwysucs Squad Medrcal Club Plnysncs Clue ESTELLE R FRIEDMAN 2222 6l Sfreef Presrdenr of Faslrnon Councll Capraln ol Swnlclwboard Secrefary General Orluce Class Nile JACOBS FRIEDMAN l653 Wesl7 Slreel Servnce Squad Gym Leader Caplaln of Inlramural Acluvmes Surveyors Club JOSEPH FRIEDMAN 2839 Wesl 30 Slreel Assoclare Sporfs Edrlor Lnncoln Log Carqoes Lrlerary Sraltl Landmark Lnrerary Slalil Free Lancers MATTHEW E FRIED MAN 2846 Wes? 3l Slreef Baseball Team Allwlelrc Manager Servnce Squad Locker Squad NATHAN E FRIEDMAN 6 rnqlnlon 4 Lan Cnref Jusllc Srudenl Cornmrflee RITA FRI DMAN 28I6 Wes? 23 Slreel Secrerary Swlmmunq :ce Sfen u Prefecl Class Presldenr SYLVIA DMAN 3053 Br gh on 5 Slree Econorrncs O :ce Landmark Slalzl G O Slore Music Ollrce NORMA F FROM BERG 2069 Wesl Slreef Budqel Commlflee Accounlmq Ollrce Swnmmnnq Office Calelerua Squad CATHERINE R GALLETTA 2700 Sfnllwell Avenue Sewlnq Club Newman Club Sfen Olluce Sccrefary Prelecf Class Secrelary CHRIS GAMBINO l959 Wes? 4 Slreel Varsr y Baskefball Team Varsrly Track Tea'n Class Presrdenr Clrrnc Squad ROSE S GARNICK 2935 Wes? 22 Slreel Se relary ro Mr Blank MARION GARTENLAUB I6I5 Fasl 2 Sfreer Glee Club Secrelary Hebrew Class Secre a y Hlslory Class Loyalry Locker League NATALIE GELOB TER l7I Aml1ersTS'lreel Library Squad Spanlslw Club Sludenl' Welfare Glee Club 1 . E . : ' 3 , . , 1 Ig ' - 4 ' : S Z . I7 . . I . Y . N . A I ' ' , ' . B' BI ' ' e ' . c -. . . 1 ' E : 3 ' ' f . , r , , A CFP , , Cl b, ' . iary ln Pool, Secrelary In Cllnlc, STANLEY R. FINK: 297l FRIE : F I ri ' lf' , I I W . Y . y e Y h t Y . . . A Q : 5 r. ? A? . A - , Frled, la r, bi, ' y I 4 kl . ' , ' I . . : SE IORS ACTIVITIES I933 A Ien year peace pacf s signed IIaIy German France and England are Ihe sagnnioraes 'Ihe press acclanms fhe move ,Ne C FSC? r- noe o e ussman Q Q C G Kwan I I ' I . y. I 2, ., r PSV: ,, " .I I, VME ' -' F 5-GI' 4 ',GH5ng.+.I1: fx G-Iraq' Q,G3'q1er'fI 7.3 ezf-' W G-EGSOVW '.f--pb..-M: I EV" H. Fare? W'-.S :Vin Ff.3"C'I l- .-T. JAY J GENSER 1559 Wes? 9 Sfreef Capfann Handball Team Arl' Squad A hleflka Landmark Arf Sfaff JULIUS GERSHOW ITZ 3028 Wesf 23 Sfreef Mafh Team Secrefary lo Dr Orgel Secrefary Musuc Depf Make Up Squad RUTH R GERSHOW ITZ 2965 Ocean Parkway Sfen Club Secrefary for Mr Gold bloom Cargoes Represenfafuve G O Represenfafnve RAY GETZEL lO62 Rufland Road Locker Room Squad Economics Offnce G O Offlce Secrefary Muslc Room SELMA GIBSON 457 Nepfune Avenue Secrefary an Audufors Offuce Secrefary Gardening Class Secrefary Miss Edelson Presldenf Typewruflng Cass LILLIAN A GILLMAN 384 Sf Johns Place Sen: r Arvsfa Movne Makers Club Arkon Secrefary French Offcce LEONARD M GINSBERG lll7 Ocean Vlew Avenue Sensor Council G O Councul Secrefary Spanush Office ROSE F GIRGENTI IOO Vullage Road So Secrefary fo Grade Advusers Newman Club lfalvan Club Secrefary fo Muss Dragoffa HAN RAY GLADSTONE 3739 Mermand Avenue Traffic Squad Sec relary fo Mr Lux Lawyer of Sfudenf Courf Foofball PEARL GLASER Vlce Presldenl of Arkon Sensor Arlsla Program Office Class Nlghf Commllfee ALICE S GLASHOW 703 Greenwood Avenue Assusfanl Caplann Cafeferna Squad Secrefary Tuckef Squad Arkon Secrefary Engllsh Offnce EDITH R GLASSMAN 3045 Ocean Parkway Arkon Service Squad Class Nughf Com mrffee Secrefary Spanish Office THOMAS G GLEASON 3777 Easf 26 Sfreef Secrelary for Grade Adviser Spanvsh Club Junvor Arlsfa RUTH R GLICKMAN l32O Con y Island Ave nue General Offuce Secrelary Handball Club Secrefary fo Mr Epsfeun Prefecf Class Presndenf SOL GLOWGOWER I323 Chlshelm Sf Baseball Baskefball CLAIRE GLUCK I 9 Mermavd Avenue HERBERT I GOLD 4I27 I8 Avenue Ser vxce Squad Cafeferra Squad Healfh Educafuon Offuce Secrefa y SAM M GOLDAPER 2229 65 Sfreef Arkon Baseball Manager Foofball Manager Capfasn lsufarlan Squad BERNARD GOLD BERG 7I2 Avenue L Chief Lawyer Sfudenf Courf Secrefary Admunnsfraflve OffTce Varsnly Show G O Council ELI GOLD BERG 43l 7 Avenue Sfudenf Pafrol ESTELLE GOLDBERG 3lOO Brnghfon 2 Sfreef Secrefary Peace Club Secrefary for Mr Raphael Handball Team Secrelary Economics Office FRANK GOLDBERG I37 Nepfune Avenue Band Orchesfra Swnng Band Economnc Explorers Club HERBERT A GOLDBER6 I7l5 Easf 8 Sfreef Baskefball Team Baseball Team RUTH GOLDBER6 I595 Easf I8 Sfreef Accounflng Ofhce Vlce Presl ccnf Prefecf Class Secr fary Bookkeeping Clwss Secrefary of Buslness Prachce Class EVELYN A GOLDFARB 2980 Brrghfon I2 Sfreef Lxbrary Squad NORMAN R GOLDFARB I708 Easf 4 Sfreef Track Team Vnsual lnsfrucluon Squad Sergeanf of Sfu den? Pafrol LEANORL GOLDHEIR 3ll5 Brrghfon 4 Sfreef Lvbrary Squad Senvor Arusfa Servuce Squad Fashion Council Leader SEYMOUR GOLDHEIMER 2925 Wesf I6 Sfreef Ser vnce Squad Library Squad Trafflc Squad Sfage Squad FLOR ENCE J GOLDMAN 2ll8 61 Sfreef Secrefary Cllnrc Secre tary Locker Room Secretary Gym Hebrew Club HILDABELLE GOLDMINZ 2874 Wesl 23 Sfreef Arlsfa Cargoes Glee Club Pan Amerlcan Club ALBERT J GOLDSTEIN 524 Ocean Vlew Av nue Locker Squad Mlmeograph Squad Trafhc Squad FLORENCE GOLDSTEIN 2066 Easf l Sfreef Senlor Arusfa Sec refary Bnology Offnce Secrefary Prefecf Peace Club MYRON GOLDSTEIN 8Ol5 Bay Parkway Varslfy Show Secrefary fo Mnss Cohen Class Nughf Landmark SOL GOLDSTEIN 3209 Nep fune Avenue LSessuon Track Team Buology Offuce IRVING GOODLERNER 955 43 Sfreef Baskelall Team Secrefary fo Mr Elsfern l . . : . 3 'o . I . I . . T , .- NAH R. G,-ISNET: 3:45 Bfaqmon 4 swear Tennis club, MUR- . ' . - . . 3 . .I ' .z I . 1 50 1 a ' I ' ' - SE IORS' ACTIVITIES I933-The governmenfs of Ihe U.S. and the U.S.S.R. esfab- Iish frIendIy diplomaiic rela- 'lionsg Presideni Roosevelt weIv comes Lifvinov aI Ihe White House. l M.G0odmar1 A.GC'u'G B.6ra',ef I. free' G.Greenberq 3.Gmodman 6.6m 1 O.Grefer: ?.Gfe-en 3.Greenberq 3,Gnodman Smgfees I.Gfeer' I, Sfeensa L.Gfeenberq MARTIN B GOODMAN 223 Neplun Avenue Track Team PAUL GOODMAN 602 Avenue T Currenl Evenls Herew Club Class Nlqhf SYBIL R GOODMAN 38I7 Laurel Avenue G O Represenlahve Class Nnqhf Comrnvlfee Llbrary Squad AL BERT B GOULD l052 Easl IO Sfreel Swlmmlnq Team Chem lS ry Club Spanish Club Locker Squad GEORGE GOULD 36l Ayer-ue U Service Squad Mlmeoqraph Squad Lacross Squad Golf Squad SADIE GRASSO 2529 Wesl Sfreel Sec r ary French Ofhce Carqoes Repres nrahve Varslly Shaw Rep resenlalvve BLOSSOM H GRAYER 64I3 24 Avenue AFISTB Vlce Presrdenf Senior Class Secrelary Mxss Cohen s Office Land mark Slafl DORA M GREEN 64l Banner Avenue Budgel Commnllee Accounhnq Ofhce Law Club Landmark IRVING GPEEN 3l33 Brlqhlon 7 Slreel Economuc Explorers Club Chess Club Orcheslra JERRY A GREEN 95l 58 Slreel' Avnahon Club Hebrew Club Slamp Club Chess Club RUTH GREEN I409 Ocean Parkway Secrelary Mass Cohens Olhce Sensor Arlsla Secrelary Grade Advusers Olfc French Club lRVlNG Commuflee le-hc Manaq r Vlce Presldenl T Pre ec Class GEORGE G GREENBERG 3l7 Averue M Servnc Squad S crelary Malh Office Varsly Show R presenlallve GERALD M GREENBERG 3038 Brlghlon 7 Sl' eel Caplaln 1 lsh Ofhce Squad Class Nvqhl' Budqef Commuflee Varsny Show LILLIAN GREENBERG 68 Nass Walk Kalllsfa Coach Baskefball Club Handbal Cluo .lunlor Arrsfa LILLIAN D GREENBERG 2762 Wes? 36 Slreel Secrefary lo Miss Knlqnn PUBIN GREENBERG 2762 Wes? 36 Srreer Secrelary Healfh Educahon Olhce Swnrnrnung Club Servlce Squad SYLVIA T GREENBERG 2l9O Easl' 7 Sfreel Secrelary Slen Office G O Represenfallve Sfudenf Reluel Mon or THELMA GREENBERG O76 Con y ls and Avenue Swnrnmung Club and Halle Sier- ograpny Spe d Club Lbrary Squad Class Nrqhl' THELMA GREENFELD 88 Van Sucklen Avenue Lrbrary Squad Cafererna Squad SEYMOUR GREENWALD 24l3 Mermaid Avenue Cafeferla Squad French Club Spanish Club Peace Club ANITA B GROSSMAN ll5l Brlqhlon Beach Avenue Sfenoqra phy Speed Club G O Slore Library Squad Handball Club DOUGLAS l GROSSMAN 3l25 Coney lsland Avenue Glee Club Service Squad Mumeoqraph Squad Movie Makers Club TERESA A GUGLIELMINO 2llO EasT2 Slreel G O Repre s nlahve llallan Club Newman Club Secrelary for Grade Ad vlser BESS GULINER l52l Newkurk Avenue Secrefary 'ro Mr Wolf Secrelary lo Mlss Coslello Secrelary lo Mrs Rappaporl Secrefary lo Mlss Porl' MILTON G GUSSOW 9I5 64 Slr e+ Glee Club Hebrew Club Hebrew Neshe-'F AUDREY HACKER 206I Easf I Slreel Secrelary French Ofhce Junlor Arlsfa Ser vrce Squad FLORENCE E HAGER 4IO7 Sea Gale Avenue Arkon Secrelary Deans Ofhce HERBERT HAGLER ll2O 507 Ocean Parkway Arkon Junlor and Sensor ATISldS Assocxale Edrlor of Loq Presldenl Hebrew Club ANNA B HAMMER 2869 Wes? 23 Slreel Lvbrary Calelerna Squad Locker Room 'Squad GI e Club VELMA M HARRIS 3l0O Ocean Parkway Loyally L aque G O Represenfahve BEATRICE HAUSNER I776 Easf 2 Sfreef French Office Baskelball HERBERT N HAZELKORN I573 Easf 7 Slreel Caplaln Bnoloqy Lab Squad Lnb ary Squad Medical Club JULES HAZELKORN l573 Eas'f 7 Slre f Bloloqy Squad Caplaun Chemusfry Squad Mnss Cohen s Ofhce Secrelary 'ro Dr Came Secrelary lo Dr Orqel IRENE HECKER l65O Easl 3 vlroel Llbrary Squad Secrelary G r'eral Ofhce Secrelary Mrss Rrlchle A A 1 1 1 , ' e , I , ' . ' , ' ' l e, . . ' ' . : GREENBAUM: 3504 Mermaid Avenue: Enqlish Ollice. Budqef Brlqhfon Beach Avenue: Servlce Squad. LUCILLE HALPRIN: I , Alh 4 3 , h -- I O T l 1 T, A ' A , A El ql' ' , ' , ' , e , , . ' . : . I . . . ,. F . I 2 SE ICR ACTIVITIES I934-Dollfuss CI'1anceIIor of Ausfrne assassnnaied by Nazls Ih an abor+ ve and pre mafure af'Iemp+ Io selze Ihe chancellory Flow I . I is . ' ' I . - I M.'4e'Si 4.'.He's'-5.-.": ?,4": ?5.V'ICITf"En ' '1C'C IT Liv-f.v,:f L -Ur f - r-jgfwf'.'- A-v-IQ"j,',"j :,-1Q'Cf1I Eff-", .H 'f "ww ',fcPrfrt,---p EJ-Ifvf: "5 AVI, .cr HERMAN HEISS 3llO Coney Island Avenue MARTIN HEL LER 2935 Ocean Parkway Varslly Fenclng Team Secrefary In Englush Ofllce Class Nnghl Boys Glee Club GEORGE P HENRY 3036 Wesl I Slreel Chemlslry Club Cargoes Club Physics Club MOE HERSHKOWITZ l838 6l Slreel STAN LEY HIRSH 273 Colerldge Slreel Chemrslry Club Physics Club Library Squad Debalmq Club IRVING J HIRSHMAN 3I09 Mermaud Avenue Concerf Band Swunq Band Orcheslra Drum and Bugle Corp EVELYN HISZ 290I Ocean Parkway French Club Cafelerla Squad Raclro Workshop Spanlsh Club HOWARD HOCHSTEIN 2024 78 Slreel French Club Service Squad Vnsual Insfruchon Squad Physlcs Squad THELMA HOF FENBERG 207 Brlghfon Beach Avenue Llbrary Squad GUSSIE HOLTZMAN 2977 Wes? 3 Slreel Glee Club Slenography Olzhce Mr Haas Offnce ARNOLD E HOROWITZ 965 43 Slreel Servrce Squad EUNICE B HOROWITZ 38I8 Naulr lus Avenue Secrelary Mrs Bafchkers Offlce Secrelary M Hlrschberqs Office Typlnq Speed Club FLORENCE HORO WITZ 3l30 Brlqhlon 6 Slreel Secrefary In Slenography Ofllce Slenoqraphy Speed Club Calelena Squad Sfenoqraphy Team FRED HOROWITZ 375I I8 Avenue Servxce Squad Visual And MURRAY HOROWITZ l953 Easl 3 Slreel RALPH HORO WITZ 2953 Wes? 24 Slreel ARTHUR HYAMS 2249 62 Slreel' Servlce Squad Track Team Swlmn-:Inq Team ROBERT J HY MAN 30l Oruenlal Boulevard Varsnly Swrrnmer Alhlellka Var Slly Show Class Nrghl LEONARD IMMERMAN 2931 Brlqhfon 5 Slreel Caplann Cheerleaders Caplaun Vrsual Ard Sensor Class Treasurer Class Nughf Arkon MYRA M INDENBAUM 2060 Easf I Slreef Secrelary ol Peace Club Secrefary Enqllsh OPTICS Presadenl Prefecf Class MILTON J ISRAEL 2OI8 Easl 7 Sfreel' Allernafe lo SenIor Council Presndenl of Class Leaders Club Service Squad JACOB JACOBOWITZ 2943 Wesl 25 Slreel Class Baskelball Team MURRAY JACOBS 2760 Easl' I6 Slreel ROSE JACOBS IA Sands Walk Prelecl Secrelary Secrelary In Bloloqy Ofhce Cafelerla Squad FRIEDA JOSEPH SON 24l6 64 Slreel JOSEPH E KAFER 2050 Easf 4 Srreef Swumrnvnq Team Lnfe Savlnq Club Calelerla Squad Servuce Squad MIRIAM M KAMHOLTZ 2335 Benson Avenue Sec relary In Malh Offnce Secrelary In Mr Frreds Ofhce RITA KAMMERMAN l527 Wes? I Sfreel' Servlce Squad Secrelary lo Mr Solomon PTA Represenlahve ELEANOR KANARICK 2770 Wesl 33 Slreel Grade Advisers Office COTCISFIG Squad GO Represenlafnve Chalrman of Budqel Commdfee BESS KAPLAN 88 Brlghfon I Lane Caplaln of Mlmeoqraph Squad Servrce Squad Budqef Cornmnllee Secrelary Sfenoqraphy Offuce DAVE KAPLAN I744 Easf 3 Sfreel Servuce Squad GO Ofhce Swrmmnnq Squad Alhlelrc Deparfmenl DOROTHY KAPLAN 2l59 Easr 8 Slreel Secrelary In General Ofhce Servnce Squad Serrelary English Class HARRIET KAPLAN 475 Neplune Ave rue Secrelary Io Mr Plaul Treasurer Senuor Class Swlmrnlng Team Waler Baller JOSEPH KAPLAN 2833 Corllard Sfreel Presudenl TFGTTIC Club Wafer Color Club CGTGIGFIG Squad Ser vuce Squad RHODA KAPLAN 6 Slerns Walk Secrerary Au ollors Ofhce Calelena Squad PTA Reprserlahve Raduo Workshop DORALDINA KARP 309 Brrghlon 3 Slreel Sec relary Mrs Balchkers Olthce Secrefary GO OTTIC9 Arkon Landmark Slall - I I I - - . . . g , ' I ' - ' , . . - - I I I I . , , . . . . . . - - I - . . - I I I . I F, . . . . . I I - , I I I - - - I I I ' ' ' ' I. I ' I I . . . 9 l I S . ' ' ' ' ' . I I ' I I I I 1 A U ' , , . . I I SE IDRS ACTIVITIES I934 I935 I+aIy mvades Efho pm finally conquers flue coun fry affer SeIassne falls fo secure amd from fI'1e democracnes I fhe League of Nahons 5 'fa V a Q Kels A Kurs Iwenbaum J r F Kanva F Kea S Kes R KIass 5 Kar 9 If 1 I 1 I-I IO P KIF-I : , . . a F '1 -. K '1" -3" Q. Kavbiw 'i , P , A C Y,Kdl ,ffel .VS . ' I ' . ' J H , ,flwewyr S Klffv Q, Jn , SHIRLEY KATZ 3509 Su 1 Avenue Secrefary To Mrs Tlwau Sec elary Grade Advlsers O11 ce Va slly Snow Represerrarlve Mo vle Goers Club STANLEY J KATZ 3851 Laurel Avenue Swlng Band S lrnrnmg Team Orcnesfra Fleld Band SYLVIA K KATZ 3800 Surf Avenue Secrelary lo Mr Hlrscnberg Junior Arlsra Senvor Arnsla Hono Class Group ETHEL KATZMAN 1150 Brrglfo Beach Avenue Hebrew Club ERANCINE KAUE MAN 3108 Brlglnlon 5 Slreel Secrelary Health Educallon O1 lce Secrerary lo Mlss Be g'nan Secrelary To Mlss Sfewarl Locker Squad ROBERT L KAUFMAN 273 Beaurnonl Slreer Calelerla Squad GO Rcprcs nlallve ROSLYN KAVKEW11Z 2 61 Slreer ERANCINE KEGEL 79 Brnglnlon 11 Slrer Cafererla Squad Sec elary lo Mnss Florun Servrce Squad HAR RIET KELLERMAN 150 Colerldg Slreel Secrelary 'fo Mass Rlcnve Secrelary fo Mlss Wlnkler Lrbrary Squad Rl'1A K KELSH 2935 Ocean Parkway C-,nrls Clunlc Buoloqy Squad Junuor A vsla Servlce Squad SYLVIA E KESS 150 Brlglwlon 15 Slreel R K1RCH 801 Averu S Sec erary Dean ol Boys Clwernlslry Tu o Servlce Squad Trallrc Squad ANITA KIRSCHENBAUM 2814 Wes? 25 S1 eel Sren Speed Club Secrefary 1n Sfen Of Ce Slen learn R1'1'A KLASS 184 Brlglwlon 10 Srreel Hebrew Club Mr Haas Olflce Skelclw Arr Club Frenclw Club V LYN R KLEIN 1648 E s+ 3 Slreel Secrelary General O11uce Swvlcnboard Operalor JUL1AN S KLE1N 1771 Danlll Roa GO Represenralrve Calelerla Squad Tra111c Squad Annex Glee Club ARNOLD KNEITEL 1716 Easl 4 Slreel Arkon Orcneslra Preszdenl of Alclwernlsl' Clwernnslry Squad HILDE GARDE M KOEHLER 1855 Easr 9 Sfreel Serv1ce Squad Bro lar' C er n ce'ar lo Mr Rubln c,U"1 15 KOHAN 137 Arnnersr Slreel Secrelary Senror Class A Eonlor of Log Arlsla Arkon Kallrsla THEOD RE KOTTANE 645 McDonald Avenue Boys Clmuc Squad Pres: denl Radlo Club Plwyslcs Squad Clnermslry Squad GLADYS KOKET 2935 Ocean Parkway Glee Club Landmark Sfall Spanlsln Club Program Ofluce Program Cornmllfee L1LLlAN OSSOW 1689 McDonald Avenue Secrelary Slen Olflce Sren Speed Club MOLLY KOTEL 1489 Easl 8 Slreer BEA TRICE KOURABAS 1619 Voorlnres Avenue Secrefary Slen Of 1 Secrerary Econornrcs Offuce Clwlel Secrefary Log OF13ce Spamsln Cub BERNlCE KOWIT 3042 Br glwlon 14 Sfreel Loy alwy League Calelerla Squad Engllslw Office C-lee Club FRANKLIN KRAMER 1050 Ocean Avenue Club Councrl Judge n Sludenf Courl Radlo Club Sludenf Councnl ELI KRAPE5 147B Wes? End Avenue Class Nlglnl Swlmrnlng Baseball SH1RLEY KRASNOFF 1415 Easl 2 Slreel Secrelary Grade Ad s Sec elary Accounllng Ofluce Secrelary Slen Olluce Ca Caslwer Secrelary Calererra Office Caleferla Food Clwecker MILDRED KRAUSS 2815 Brnglnlon 6 Slreel HERB L KRAU THAMER 710 Avenue T Service Squad Usner Squad Arkon Soc efy Class Nlglwl' LEONARD H KRIM 551 Klngs Hlgh ay Ivlnmeograplw Squad Servrce Squad Chamber Muslc Junuo Bard and Orclneslra GERTRUDE KRONENBERG 3723 Lyrne Av nue Agass1z Club Club Councrl BERNARD KRULOVE1 SKY 630 Banncr Avenue FRANCES J KRUMHOLZ 30 Law fence Avenur Loya11y League Secrelary Accounranr O1'11C9 Secrefary Mr Epsreun Slen Club EVELYN KUCKOFF 3015 Br gnlon 1 Slreel Secrelary Slen Og1CE Sec efary Calelerra PTA R presenlahve 1 s ' A 1 , 1 1 A 1 A . - 1 sfs anr " 7 A 7 7 A . O ' . n 7 . - K : 7 7 . , . . I I Tce, A A . A . A . . e ' . I ' 1 . 1 1 I - 330 . 1 ' e 7 ' 7 A , A A , . 1 A 2 7 A I 7 ' , A. 2 r' 7 A 1. , : ' 7 v' er f ' ' 7 . A 7 re Jurlor Ar1s'a, Serlo' Arlsla, Arkon, Loyally League. STEVEN goes Represenfallve. ELAINE KRATKIN: 2942 Wesf 2 S1ree1'7 V A , , Y V . E E- , V . Y . Q , F 5 A . . : ' d7 e I A 7 A. - . : 7 A 7 ' - 1 7 . 'A V ' A . lcg S 1, u" ' Eve fs Club Se ' , y . A . JAC- . . . e ' . SE ICJRS' ACTIVITIES I936-King George V dies, Prince of WaIes is crowned Edward VIII af a million dollar ceremony. , fy- I gg. I' 1IIe"' ' 'Q 1 A La .,:1V'3 Kulyv' '-4 11 1 1 F LII! H.L5V If ,Jw L L- 11 1 P1 Pklivxr CECILE L KUDLETZ 3074 Brlghlon l4 Slreel Brology Oftlce Cargoes Club Asslslanl Ednlor Bloloq G-lee Club JACOB KUKOFF 3I45 Brrglwlon 4 Srreef VITA D KUSHNER 2427 65 Sfreef Presudenl Debalung Socuely Presudenl Medlcal Club Brology Squad Landmark Slafl FILOMENA L LABIANCA 2770 Slrllwell Avenue Secrefary Art Ofllce HAROLD LACHOFF 449 Ouenrrn Road Service Squad Presudenr Spanish Class Treasurer lo Dr Came FLORENCE LANDAU 2I4l Easl 8 Slreel Junior and Sensor Arlsla Mumeograpln O5lTce Landmark Squad Classn1gl'1l'CommrHee EDNA LANGER 40I Avenue O Baskefball Club Servlce Squad Cafelerla Squad Llbrary Squad SHIRLEY R LAPlDUS I249 Easl 9 Slreel Malln Office Servnce Squad IRENE LARSEN 2224 Wesl 5 Slreer Slen Speed Club ADELINE LASKY 84I5 4 Avenue Arkon Sec of Arlsla Leader Jr Arrsla Program OFT and Comm FRANCES R LAUPER 205 Easf 9 Slreel' Jurlor Arlsla Swlm mung Team Secrelary Economics Olllce Spanish Club FRANK PHILIP P LA VAN 3l0O Ocean Parkway Treasurer Sensor Class Prelecf SC-crelary Sparusln Olllce Sec Heallln Educalron Junuor Varsaly Baseball HYMAN L LA VERE 2527 Mermard Avenue Orclweslra Malln Office Arr Teclwnnque Club Pbyslcs Oflrce Squad ANNA LAVINA 7 Brlglwron Courf Typewrnllng Speed Club Secrelary of Log Offrce Secrelary Englrsla Class JACK R LAZAR I539 Wesr 6 Slreel Track Team Gym Ol: fce Squad Hebrew Club Track Squad BERNICE LAZARUS 2IIl Ocean Parkway Llbrary Squad Secrelary Prefecl Class PEARL OYCE LElFER 3l59 Coney Island Av nl. Mr Golflrleds Office Supply Oflrce Secrefary Welfare Ollwce Hebrew Club JACK N LEPZELTER 2937 Wesl 25 Sr eel M m og aplw Bureau Ca rarn Tabl rnls u ervvc ua Furs Ad SqJad SYLVIA LERNER 2059 Easl' 9 Slreef Healfln Squad Secrelary Blology Depl Hebrew Club Dramafrc Socloly SAM LESHEF SKY 29 Bay 37 Slreef Service Squad Hebrew Club JANICE R LESSEM 345 Avenue O Secrelary Mr Olfensfenn Secrelary Miss Coslello Library Squad Public Speaklng ANGELO R LETO I944 85 Srreef Fencrng Servuce Squad Glee Club Class Nrglwl' ELEANOR F LEVANDO I426 Easl 3 Slreel' Library Squad Sfudenl Welfare Ofllce Malln Ofllce Arrsra ANNETTE M LEVENSTEIN 2829 Wesl' I Sfreel Glee Club Servrce Squad Chemlslry Olluce Caleferra Squad AARON LEVlNE 2032 Easl 7 Slreef Servlce Squad Junlor Arlsla ALBERT G LE VlNE I379 Ocean Parkway Clramber Music Junlor Band Cafe lerla Squad Swlmrnlng Team BELLA LEVINE I362 Wesl 7 Sfreel' Cafelerra Squad Secrefary lo Mr Haas Red Cros Dele gale Varslly Show Represenlaluve EDWARD LEVINE 3 Bruglwfon 4 Srreel Arr Squad Skelclw Club Waler Color Land mark Arl Squad HELEN LEVINE 3022 Brxglwlon 4 Slreel Sec relary an Heallh Educafron Ofclnce Secrelary In Hrslory Ofluce Secrerary I0 Mafln Olfuce SYLVIA LEVINE I3 Nass Walk GO Ofllce Cafelerna Squad Glee Club Audulors Oflrce ALFRED LEVINSON lOl Brrglwlwaler Courl Llbrary Squad Car goes Club Spanlsln Club Tralllc Squad LYLA LEVlNSON 2648 Easl 7 Slreel Junror Arusla Member House ol Repre senlafves Biology Squad Secrelary Mrs Balclnkers Ofluce ELI LEVITAS 9 Roberge Place Hebrew Club Radio Work slnop Landmark Slalf Cafelerna Squad IRMA J LE VOFF Weslmlnsler Road Secrelary of Kalllsla Prelecl Class Presrdenf Handball Club Lle Sa I g Club SEYMOUR R LE VOFF S Wesrfnn-srer Road Presrdenl GO Lreufenan' S rvrce Squad Va s'y Slfow Hous ol Repres nlallves . - A r I . A , . . . U I . V . . . I 4 M. LAURENZANO: 2290 Easf 3 Slreelt C-3.0. Represenralive. . h . . l . . I . A r , I h , . : I ' X I ' l ' . Z 5 J 1 e 'ei , ' l l 7 l r V - ' Y ' Y ' W . . , I v'n . . Z p' ' , e Te. ' Cl b S ' e Sq d, ' ' E - '. r 7 1 , e e ' . SENIORS' ACTIVITIES I936--PopuIar from win in Spanish eIecIionsg reIJeIIIon be- gins in Morocco and spread Info Spain, under General Franco. Llvfy Iw'I,L9vy I. "I,6"fC AI, IXACVF' I.-VCVIS IQITCVW fl' H L IGI ' II 'r-nr wc: G, Maqqio .'. If'v,' II LVD," L'r'r'. .It 'J ? Macrc ESTHER LEVY 2874 Wes? 2I S?ree? Loyal?y League Secrelary Mrs Paper Secre?ary Mr Lebow Class Nlgh? ISAAC LEVY 2890 Wes? 21 S?ree? Senior Class Prelec? Treasurer JOSEPH M LEVY I54 Nep?une Avenue Heal?h Educahon Ofllce Boys Clnnlc Reorgamzahon Commv??ee Class A?hle?uc Manager MARCIA LEVY 2464 Eas? 2I S?ree? Swl?chboard Opera?or Secre?ary General O??lce Ca?e?erua Squad Gym O??Ice ES THER LIEBERMAN I8 Sands Wall: Secre?ary GO Ofcflce Sec re?ary Record O??Tce Secre?ary Malh Olhce Spanish Club BERNARD B LILIENTHAL 2748 5 S ree? Secre?ary Mr Hnrsh burg s O??Ice Service Squad Ca?e?erla Squad Surveyors Club CONSTANTINE LIMPEROPULUS I779 Eas? I0 S?ree? Assern bly Squad Table Tenms Club BETTY L LINDY 3022 Ocean Parkway Secrefary Buslness Prachce Swnmmnng Club Movne Malcers Club Secre?ary Mrs Shaplro JERRY LIPETZ 24l5 Mermald Avenue Cap?ann Fenclng Team Cap?am Gym A?h le?vlca lns?ruc?or Tumbling Team THOMAS G LO MONACO Nrghl Choral Group SYLVIA LOTENBERG I74O Eas? 4 S?ree? Ca?e?erna Squad Secre?ary Prlnlnng O??uce Secre?ary Mass Goldberg THELMA G LUBITZ 2II6 Ea? 8 S?ree? Junior Arrs?a Senior Arls?a Library Squad General Olllce IRMA E LYONS 2816 Cor?land S?ree? Service Squad Secre ?ar Hrs?ory Class Glee Club Secre?ary Spanish Club GEORGE MAGGIO 4l4 Avenue Y Newman Club Servlce Squad SALVATORE J MAGRO IO7 Avenue N Varsl?y Foo? ball Preslden? Malh Club Traclc GERTRUDE MAHLER 74 Brrgh?on II S?ree? Lnbrary Squad Loclcer Room Squad Swam rnrng Club Baslre?baIl Club MOLLIE MAKOWSKY 3I29 Coney Island Avenue Swl?chboard Opera?o Secre?ary Gen eral OHICG Secretary Chemus?ry O??Tce Library Squad SAN FORD J MANDELL I629 Wes? I2 S?ree? Varsl?y Show Serv :ce Squad Cafe?er:a Squad Swlmmung Squad LEONARD S MANN 39I7 Sea Ga?e Avenue Varsu?y Foo?ball Team A?h lehlca Sensor Vnce Presuden? Pre?ec? JOHN T MANOS 2275 Eas? 2 S?ree? Ca?e?erIa Squad Junior Arls?a Budge? Comml? 'ree MILDRED MANSDORF 3100 Brugh?on 3 S?ree? Secre?ary Mr Haas MARIE H MARANO 94 Wes? End Avenue Sec re?ary Heal?h Educahon O??'uce l?al1an Club S?enography Of face Swummnng Tearn GRACE MARESCA 2850 Wes? I6 Sfree? Secre?ary ?o Mrs Tucker Wardrobe Monn?or SEY MOUR MARK ll20 Brngh?on Beach Avenue Servuce Squad P ace Club Class Presrdenl SIDNEY MAURER I44 Nep ?une Avenue Service Squad Reorganvzahon Comm:??ee Eco nomic Explorers Club Secre?ary ?o Mr Wol? BEATRICE MAZANSKY 519 Nep?une Avenue Spannsh Shor?hand Club Law Club Secre?ary Ca?e?erna Offlce JOSEPHINE M MAZ JOHN D McDOWELL 2Sl2 Eas? I4 Sfree? Sughfseelng Club Bard Club School Ar? League Social Dancung CHARLES Mc LEAN 350I Sur? Avenue S SEYMOUR MEHR 2954 Vlfesf 35 S?ree? Boxlng Club Eoolball Squad RITIB Squad LUCILLE L MEISEL 3047 Br1gh?on I3 S?ree? Service Squad PTA Rep resen?a?lve LESLIE MELLIS l675 Wes? 9 Sfreel MURRAY MESHNICK 2984 Wes? 30 S?ree? Jumor and Sensor Arus?a Cap?axn CI1ernls?ry Squad Buology S?a?l Chemns?ry Club ABE MESHOLUM 2942 Wes? 2I Sfree? BEN MIESLICH 280l Wes? 33 S?ree? lnferclass Spor?s MURRAY F M'KELBANK 6220 Bay Parlcway Cross Counfry Team Servlce Squad A?hle?lc Manager 2I76 Wes? I2 S?ree?7 l?alian Club, Music Honor Socie?y, Class ZARESE: I02 Village Road Sou?hg Newman Club, llalian Club. ' , . : s 3 : . . I Y . I I . U . Q : U l SE IDRS' ACTIVITIES I936-Dicfaior Auolph Him: sends German is-oops fo o: cupy Ihe demilifarized Rhine IancI areas rwafiofs profesf. , .4 A, -I. -I, 'V PICHARD E MILANA 526 Neplune Avenue Chernusrry Squad Chemlslry Club BERTRAM MILLER 5SIO I3 Avenue Arkon Mul graph Supply Squad Losl and Found Squad YVETTE L MILLER 2958 Wes? 30 Sfreel Lleulenanl Calelerla Squad Class Secrelary Secrelary Buology Olifuce KADISH MILLET 30II Beach 40 Slreel Vuce Presldenl French Club Radio Workshop Servuce Squad Choral Slngung Group ESTELLE S MILLMAN 2440 Easl IB Sfreel Junuor Arnsla Secrefary Program Olillce Se r fary Program Commrllee Economuc Explorers Club NOR MAN J MINKIN 45II Surf Avenue Sporls Edllor of Log Pres den? of Llncoln Douglas Debalung Soclery Sludenl' Courl Law ver Sensor Councll SAMUEL MINTZ 302l Brughlon I3 Slreef I- ee Lance Club Secrerary of Arnsfa Assocfafe Edvfor of Car goes Assoclafe Edufor Lnncoln Log MADELINE MISHKIN 3732 Maple Avenue Secrefary Malh Ofllce Cafelerna Squad Arnsfa Arkon Secrelary Spamsh Olllce Secrefary Miss Chevola Slenographer Loyalfy League Sludenf Palrol GO Represenla hve LOUISE MODICA 376 Avenue W Swummlng Club Sec rerary English Office Secrelary Bookkeepung Ohfuc Servuce Squad MAE A MORGANTE 2l42 Easl I Sfreel Ilallan Club Se refary Accounlanf Deparrmenl Prefecf Class Secrelary MILDRED MORGENSTERN 7402 Bay Parkway Loyalfy League Glee Club Volleyball Club Calelerva Squad SELMA MOR GENSTERN 2854 Wes? I7 Slreel HARRIET S MOSES 3726 Cypress Avenue Varsufy Show Hebrew Club Llbrary Squad Glee Club GERALDINE L MOSKOWITZ I407 Ocean Park Nay Junlor and Senior Arrsla French Club Cafeferla Squad French Office HELEN S MOSKOWITZ I896 Easr 4 Sfreef Swnfchboard Operaror General OI3luce JULIUS S MOSKO WITZ 2850 Oc an Avenue Service Squad MILDRED MOS KOWITZ I4 Woodssde Avenue Secrefary Economics Ohlce Secrerary Prefecl' Class Secrelary Ia M Fallug MARTIN MUCKLER 2282 Easl 7 Sfreel Economlcs OHIC8 Servlce Squad Locker Squad HAROLD E NASH 2390 Ocean Parkway Swlmmrng Team Service Squad Currenl' Evenf Club Baskef ball Squad RAE NEMEROFSKY 3064 Brnghlon Slreel Sec I Mrs Tepper Servlce Squad GO OIT Sec 'Io Mrs Bernsleln SHIRLEY NEMETZ 232 Ocean Vrew Avenue Sec Gym OIT SAMUEL NESSIM 2037 70 Slreel FRED NEWMAN 2769 Wesl 3 Sfreel Mulhgraph Squad Supply Squad Losr and Found Ofhce Arkon HERBERT NEWMAN IOI5 Avenue N Secrefary 'ro Mass Sobel Secrefary Record Room Guard on S r :ce Squad Guard on Cafeferaa Squad HARRY NIERENBERG 29I7 Wesl' 2 Slreel Inlerclass Baskelball Inrerclass Baseball RUTH NYMAN 3OOI Wesl 29 Slreel IRVING OKUN 2832 Brlghlon 7 Sfreef HYMAN M ORENSTEIN 2928 Brnghron I Slreel Secrefary lo Mrs Nlrenblalf Reorganrzallon Cornmrrle Secrelary Io Mr J B Wolf Secrelary Io Mr Goldbloom MIL DRED C OSTERWEIL 2I84 Easf 7 Srreel Secrelary Io Mr Golffraecl Supply Squad Secrelary Io Mvss Lubarr Glee Club MELVIN PAIKEN 6IO8 I9 Avenue Vuce Presndenl Prelecl Class Chemlslry Club RANDALL H PAKULA 200l Easl 4 Srreer Dean ol Boys Orhce Buoloqy Squad Arnsra Sludy Hall Orclure Squad LAWRENCE PALL 3020 Neplune Avenue Baskelball Team Swimming Team MARVIN PANZER l927 Easr 27 Slr Marh Team Jumor and Senlor Arlsla Arkon IRVING J PARDO '048 Ocean Vnew Avenue Managlng Edllor of Log Boy Lead r of Arasra Member of Senale Council Vlce Presrdenl o F e Lancers BENNIE PATTI 2240 McDonald Avenue C I I Squad ' . : 1 . , r. ' . . 7 7 - - 7. I . I 7 ' 7 l F 7 O - , A '. : I 1 I . I Y D V 9 VI ROSALIE B. MITCHELL: I534 Easl 2 Slreel: Sludenl Courf . I . I .I . . A I I ' I . I I ' X I ' X ' . ' I I re ' I ' A U , . : . 3 a e erla I I SE IGRS' ACTIVITIES I936-King Edward VIII de- cides fo marry Mrs. Wallis Simpsong is forced Io abdicafe in favor of his brorher, George. M. Fecc-wir: NA, Feries M, Per ffkif' A. Pinkow C, Penne '. pG'IVYWUIIOf F, Fessurf' M. PiIcI1ersI:y G, PerIc M.Fr1rIs+ein M, Pircus L. PoIansIcy MADELINE PAULL 36I5 Rallroad Avenue Secrefary Io Mr Goldbloom Hnslory Oflnce Arl Ofluce PAULINE PEARL 3048 Brughlon 6 Sfreef Vrce Presndenl Mumeograph Squad Chernvs fry Oflnce Sfenography Office Class Nughl Commnlfee BEN JAMIN PECKER 36l8 Neplune Avenue Caplaln Swnmmvng Team Afhlehka Log Pholographer Assembly Squad MAX J PEDOWITZ 2I36 Easl 8 Slreel Fencnng Lreufenanl Service Squad Lreufenanl Usher Squad Avlallon Club CARMINE PENNA 203I Easf S Slreef Secrefary +o Mrs Balchker Varsufy Show Represenlaflve Currenf Evenls Club Secrelary Prefecl Class GEORGE L PERLER 2937 Wes? 25 Srreel Manager Track Team MILDRED PERLES 2960 Brrghfon I Slreel Secre la y o Mrs Balchker Vnce Presldenl of Kallusla Swammfng Club Baskefball Club ISRAEL J PERLMUTTER 2244 Easl 5 Slreel Fencung Squad Clvrl Service Club Bnology Laboralory MAR TAIN PERLSTEIN I07 Neplune Avenue Physncs Squad Club Councll Current Evenfs Club MARVIN PERLSTEIN 77 Wesl Erd Avenue Service Squad Tralllc Squad Avlalron Club PE Brughlwaler Courf Band Secrelary Sfen Olluce Servlce Squad Secrelary lo Mr Troslen AARON PINKOW 2320 62 Sfreel Service Squad Mlmeograph Squad Eencung Squad MIRIAM PITCHERSKY I42O Easl' 5 Slreel Presudenl of German Club Secrelary Club Councll Lrbrary Squad Secrelary Economrcs Ofllce LILLIAN POLANSKY 2SI3 Surf Avenue Secrelary General Olfrce Secrelary Prelecl Class Refreshmenl Squad AUGUSTA E POLLACK H20 Brugh+on Beach Avenue Sensor Arxsla Sec elary Log Offuce Secrelary Sludy Hall Office H brew Club HALAINE B POLLACK l28 Avenue N Music Honor Socuely Choral Topnolcher Class Nlghf SIDNEY POL LOCK 6437 Cooper Avenue Cafeferua Squad Physucs Squad Servlc Squad MORTON L PONCE 2825 Wesl 24 Slfreel As nl Capfann Assembly Squad Servlce Squad Spanish Office Spanish Club HARRY P PORTNOY 3036 Coney Island Ave nue Program Ofhce Program Commlflee Arkon Hebrew Club REVA PORTNOY 2865 Wes? 32 Slreel Mrs Bafchkers Olzluce Capfaln Library Squad Arnsfa Secrelary Prefecl Room RICH ARD L POSES l660 Easl 2l Slreel Junnor and Senror Arlsla Gold Scholarshrp Award Landmark Sfalll Economrcs Office HARRY POTASHINSKY I9I5 66 Srreel Caleferua Squad Serv :ce Squad JACK D POWELL 2050 Bay Rudge Avenue Serv Ice Squad L Sessron Track Squad Foolball Squad Swnmmnng Pool Secrelary MELVIN POWELL 52 Brlghlon 2 Lane Serv Ice Squad Assembly Squad Program Office Program Commnl fee ROSE PRAGER 2997 Ocean Parkway Cargoes Speed Slen Club FRIEDA PRESS 862 47 Slreel French Olflce GO OI7Fucer Class Treasurer Library SYDELLE H PUTTERMAN II5 Dover Sfreel Swvmrmng Team Secrelary Swnrnmlng Office Blol ogy Laboralory Wafer Ballel MARIE OUARANTA 2340 63 Squad Audnlors Olzluce Servuce Squad Sludenl Welfare Ofluce CATHERINE V RACANELLO I393 Ocean Parkway Sludy Hall OFITce Glee Club Ifaluan Club JACK RAPPAPORT 3060 Brnghfon 6 Slreel P esrdenf Currenl Evenls Club Presrdenl' Peac Club Physncs Squad Chemlslry Squad ELSIE REINER 3093 Brlghfon 4 Sfreel Secrelary fo Mrs Chamey Secrefary lo Miss Lleberman Mendlng Squad Typing Club DOROTHY RICH 2I96 Easl 7 Slreel Secrelary Mafh Oflnce Radio Workshop HORTENSE J RICH I424 Easl' 4 Sfreel Sensor Arlsla Secre fry Pe cf Class Secrclary Grls Deans Olluce Secrelary C ade Advs rs Ohhc DAVID RIVELIS I946 Easl 85 Slreel Leulenanf Trallvc Squad Lleulenanl Usher Squad Rado Club Ar cn 4 I .4 I ' I . sfsfa . ' , ' W ' ' TER PESSUTTI: 2:25 555+ 4 sms-e+. MARTIN H. mucus: 4I7 Smal' WTXWELL QUARTLIERI 300' WQSI 29 Smell Lode' I I I 5 I I I a r Ie , - I ' ' ' , SE IORS ACTIVITIES I937-Chancellor Hiiler, in a sfirring speech Io fhe Reich- siag, denounces Ihe Versailles Treaiy and procIaims Ihe Greaier Germany. Rego? S, Fsrrggdf ff, Rcsenbem F if sf:-n:cc'f '. Rosenman Voqcwvin VI, Rosen F. RG5er1I1IaI' e Iiisf-REL" I. ROSGDIIIGI Fkxqfgxln 5. Cf .F7vsr1nI:I::fg" U. if eefi 4- f S,I?Pser17we3q NATI-IAN ROGOFE 3024 Wesl 2 Srreef Llle Savmq Inrerclass Baskelball Caplarn Capfaxn lnrerclass Baseball Service Squad FLORENCE ROGOVIN 50I Bruqhrwaler Courl Sccrclary Eco nomncs Class Glee Club Secrelary Spanish Class MURRAY ROGOVIN 2985 Ocean Parkway Slage Squad Sfadnum Squad Lnbrary Squad Service Squad SOL ROGOVIN 20I7 Wesl Sfreef MURRAY ROSEN I522 Wes? 4 Srreer Servrce Squad SAMUEL ROSEN 706 Avenue U Track Team Cross Counrry Team Glee Club Junuor Arnsla DOROTHY ROSENBERG 2I26 Easr 3 Slreer Prelecl Class Secrelary Secrelary Record OHIC6 Secrelary Mr Gerdy Secrefary Mr I-Iorn BEN S RO ENBLATT I724 Dahull Road Scrvrce Squad JOEL I'I RESENBLOOM 3502 Mermaid Avenue FRANCES ROSEN BLOOM 403 Avenue M Glrl Leader Musc I-lono Soclely Choral All C y Chorus Record Olhc LEWIS J ROSENBLUM Calelerva Squad Secrefary Mrs Allman MURRAY ROSEN FIELD 4265 Bedford Avenue Presldenl Peace Club Track Team Locker Room Squad Carqoes Club IRWIN D ROSENMAN 262 Wes? End Avenue Physncs Squad Chemlslry Squad Presl denl Chemrslry Club ASSOCIGIG Edzlo Scrence Eronfler POLA ROSENTHAL 2403 Merrnald Avenue Program Commlrlee Pro gram Olllce Spanish Club Sensor Arusla SYLVIA ROSEN ZWEIG 2908 Brlqhlon I Sfreef AFISI5 Program Ollzce Library Squad Secrelary Enqlrsh Olluce LOUISE ROSSMAN 3074 Brnghlon I4 Srreer Record Oflrce Shorrhand Publucahon Cur renl Evenls Club Law Club SYLVIA ROSSMAN 454 uenlrn Road Tnckel Squad Servlce Squad Lbrary Squad Secrerary ro Mr Ackerman BERNARD ROTI-I 244 Neplune Ave ue Base ball Squad Foolball Squad Service Squad ANN N ROTI-I ENBERG 3l42 Coney Island Avenue Lrbrary Squad Secrelary General Olfuce Calelerla Squad Typlng Club MARVIN C ROTHENBERG 1654 W II Slreel Service Squad Tralllc Squad JOSEPH ROTI-ISTEIN 3033 Brlqhron I3 Srreef Physncs Squad ysvcs Club Ra o Cub Calereraa Squad ISAIAH IN Co err or reel Mal Team Boys Deans Orluce Arkon Arlsla Servnce Squad Trallc Squad MARVIN B RUBIN 2247 60 Sfreel Varsrfy Baskelball Junior Varslly Baskelball lnrramural Sporls STANLEY I-I RUBIN I825 Wesr 5 Srreel Raduo Club Servlce Squad EDITI-I RUBINSTEIN I52 Avenue U Sfen Speed Club I-IYMAN D RUBENSTEIN 3064 Brrghlon 5 Slreer Lubrary Squad Caferela Squad Servuce Squad Secrelary Mr I-laas ADOLPI-I M RUCK 3033 Braghlon re I Sparzs O Ice Arlsla Alcherr sls Sl-IIRLE RUDERMAN I0 Shore Boulevard Sensor and Junior Arlsra Arkon Ar? Squad Landmark RUBIN RUSKIN 30I0 Brlqhlon I2 Slreel JEANETTE T RUVO 2445 Easl I Sfrccl Secrelary ACCOUHIIDQ Office Newman Club Ilalvan Club Slenoqraphy Speed Club ADELE SACKLER IOI0 45 Slreel Lbrary Squad Caplaln Secrefary M ss Wrnklers Office Sec e ary General OI llce Secrelary PM Lale Squad HELEN SACKLER 309i Brrglnlon 5 Sl eel' SI-IIRLEY SALANT 680I Bay Parkway Exec uhve Secrerary Varsury Show Lubrary Squad Class Nrqhl AL BERT SALERNO 3201 Surf Avenue FRANCES SALERNO 23I4 Easl I Slreel Secrelary ACCOUDIIHQ OIIICE Newman Club Sfenoqraphy Speed Club MERYL J SAPI-IRO 26 75 Srreel Arkon Doctor O Gels Olllce Varslly Sro S mmlnq Club ' - ' - I y Fh ' ' . aa cl , ' , A. - I f ' Rus 1 use I ad, sr 1 +I ' ' S : ' 1 - ' . . ' I U I ' D: I329 Wesl 7 Sfreefg Secrelary Dr. Ofqel, Mlmeoqraph Squad, l3 Sl 6 I A I ll ll ' I' , ll ' , YA E' , , 1 Q ' P I . -I I . 3 ' , ' , I , . . 2 I p SE ICDRS ACTIVITIES I938-Foreign Secrehsry An- Ihony Eden resigns from Ihe English cabinei' affer a rifi with II'1e Chamberlain government. P, Jfavunn w M. Swan H. S-,New M S'ihv47 3 Sqnmidv C Swann '5.S..'Wa M,'S3HeIrv S. Svrvilm' 'I.Sf'I'1r1aII V1 U 1 L, Sflw' I S mfw 1 A Sw N' NNSI IINEIGEBV L " ' v r'-I ,I FRANK SAVIANO 2452 Easf 3 Sfreef Se vice Squad Supply Squad Los? and Found Arkon CARMELA J SCANNELLO I269 Easf I0 Sfreef Secrefary Sfen Office HELEN SCHACH TER 2369 64 Sfreef Treasurer Prefecf Class Swlfchboard Sec refary General Office Secrefary Hisfory Office Arkon MUR RAY SCHAPIRO 728 Ave U Vice Pres Prefecf Class Assf Class Mgr Healfh Educafion Ofhce Inferclass Baskefball Team GLADYS SCHEAR 705 Kings Highway Prefecf Class Secrefary Refreshmenf Squad Secrefary Mrs Bernsfein Cafeferia Squad FRANCES SCHECHNER 3OI7 Ocean Parkway Mimeograph Squad Spanish Shorfhand Club Secrefary General Office Loy alfy L aque Squad HYMAN F SCHECHTER 257 Briqhfon Beach Avenue Sfage Squad Sfadrum Squad Service Squad Cafeferla Squad MELVIN H SCHEINER I086 Ocean Avenue Arf Sfock Room Secrefary Mr Grubman Secrefary Mr Yafes Groller Sociefy JACK B SCHEINMAN I4I7 Orienfal Ave nue Music Club Service Squad MARCELLE SCHIFF 27l6 Easf I6 Sfreef Biology Club P TA Represenfafive Swimming Sfr ef Capfain Chess Team Class Niqhf Secrefary Miss Cohen Chairman Junior Microscopy Club ALEXANDER SCHLOSS 2767 Wesr 5 Sfreef Swimming Team Track Team Boxing Squad L Session Baseball IRVING SCHMIDT 29I5 Brighfon 7 Sfreef Confribufor fo Carqoes Service Squad Wafer Color Club Landmark Arf Sfaff HAROLD SCHNALL I954 Easf 4 Sfreef MARTIN I SCHNEIDER 3049 Brighfor 3 Sfreef Track Team Gym Secrefary Pool Secrefary School Arf League MARTIN S SCHNITT 254 Ouenfm Road Service Squad Locker Squad JULIUS SCHOENFELD I4-O4 Avenue X Band Orchesfra Swing Band Presidenf Music Honor Sociefy VERONICA R SCHOR DENE 3727 Nepfune Avenue S c Grade Advisers Off New man Club Sfen Speed Club Secrefary Music Room LEON ARD SCHRECK I475 Sterling Place FLORENCE SCHREIBER 3024 Brighfon 4 Sfreef Class Niqhf Radio Workshop Arf Office SHEPHERD SCI-IREIBER 3024 Brighfon 4 Sfreef Arf Squad BETTI SCHREIER I960 Easf 8 Sfreef MARVIN SCHRENZEL 3II5 Brighfon 4 Sfreef DANIEL D SCHUBE 3OOI Wesf 29 Sfreef Secrefary Deans Office Medical Club Clerk Sfudenf Courf Deans Club BEATRICE SCHULMAN 3I2I Briqhfon 5 Sfreef English Office Radio Workshop Service Squad JOS EPH H SCHULMAN I07O Ocean View Avenue Visual And Squad Sfudenf Pafrol Junior Arisfa Senior Arisfa SEYMOUR SCHULMAN 86 B ghfon II Sfreef Band Orchesfra Teacher Insfrumenfal Music Field Band ABRAHAM L SCHWARTZ 2822 Mermaid Avenue Secrefary Mafh Office Senior Council Pre ecf Class Presidenf G O Council ADELAIDE SCHWARTZ I54O 4I Sfreef Glee Club English Office Secre fary ALVIN J SCHWARTZ 3Ol7 Ocean Parkway Manager Sfudenf Courf EMANUEL SCHWARTZ 50 Biqhfon 5 Sfreef Visual Insfruchon Squad Sec Biology Office Assembly Squad Service Squad FAY SCHWARTZ II5l Bruqhfon I5 Slreef Library Squad Movie Goers ub MARION SCHWARTZ 6I Beaumonf Sfreef Secrefary Sfudy Hall Office Secrefary Mafh Office Class Nigh+ Commlffee Landmark Sfafr Currenf Evenfs Club SHIRLEY G SCI-IWARTZ I325 Easf 4 Sfreef Secrefary Record Office Swimming Team Arkon Prom Commuffee SHIRLEY R SCHWARTZ 3747 Nepfune Avenue Service Squad Mafh Office Mr Gooffrleds Office Secrefary M Plauf ROBERT SCHWARZ lI2O Brighfon Beach Avenue is xv sff I , ' , ' , 2 ri 3 , , ' . . : ' - f ' , . . '. E Club, Sludy Hall Office. SYDNEY SCHILLER: 22I3 Easf 7 Fencing Team, Capfain Mimeoqraph Squad, Arisfa, Chief Bailiff e Z ' , A , ' , . : I r' I - ' . : ' 3 g ' , ' CI . SE IGRS ACTIVITIES I938-Chancellor Ausfria is 'Iorced German Na1is Vienna: I'IiIIer Greaier Reich. Schusnigg of Io resign as march inio proclaims a , . imw,-'rm f S+ In -' 'wwfx .Q-'np' Q Srnccs 'favor .fini J. ' I SMI!-f 'N QM-pw E Snaps tr--'klf' 9 f A '-M fi - ' Swansiy VIVIAN F SHWEID 398 Easl 94 Srreel Lare Squad Ser- OI Irce Deans Ofllce Cafelerla Squad HUBERT B SCUPP 3IIO Brnghlon 7 Sfreel Track Team Servlce Squad Class Alhlerlc Represenlahve Class Represenfallve SYLVIA SECKLER 3022 Brlghron 2 Slreel Cafelerla Squad Secrelary Mr Hlrschberg STANLEY L SEGERMAN 2970 Wes? 3 Srreel Service Squad Tramc Squad Track Team Caplaln Inrerclass Baskefball LEO SELKOWITZ 3093 Brrghron 4 SI'ree+ LILA SENDROWITZ I47 Bay 25 Sfreef Loyally League Handball Club Baskelball Club Secrefary Mrs Piper IRENE SERRAO 2293 Wes? 6 Slreel Explorers Club ESTHER SHAFER 29I2 Wes? 2 Slreel Fash non Councrl Secrefary Caleferra Ofllce ALBERT SI-IAINE 2953 Wesl 35 Slreel Orchestra Banc Fleld Swmg Band Musnc Honor Socuely LOUIS SHAPIRO 2947 Wesl 25 Slreel NATI-IANIEL SHAPIRO 3I6I Coney Island Avenue Cargoes Cu Free Lancers Llbrary Squad LSess1on Log RUTH L SHAPIRO 63l9 I7 Avenue DOROTHY SHAPOSNICK 309I Brughlon 5 Slreel SEYMOUR SHAPS 309l Brlghlon 5 Slreel Lreurenanr Servlce Squad Usher Squad Preslden Shop Secre ary G O Annex IRWIN I SI-ILANSKY 2035 Easf 3 Sfreel Annex Log Slafl Calelerua Squad Avraron Club Blology Club HELEN S Sl-IMULOWITZ I834 Wesr 6 Srreel Glee Club BETTE SHUMAN 2I23 I-Iornecresl Avenue Calelerla Squad G O Ofhce Vrce Presudenl KATHLEEN B SIEGAL I480 Cass Nnghl Grrls Cllmc Scc e a y General Ollce MARGARET F SIEGAL 3030 Brlghlon I2 Hebrew Club Secrefary Englnsh Olfnce Arlsla ABRAHAM Prefecl Class Blology Ofluce Dahull Road Cafelerua Squad Slreel Sec efary Musrc Depr SIEGEL 3OI3 Brlghlon 2 Slreef Junlor and Senlor Arlslas Enq Ilsh OPTICS Squad Class Nlg I Buda f Cornmrrlee ETHEL I SIEGEL 28I0 Brnghlon B Slreel Secrela y Gym Olflce Cafe Ierua Squad French and Hebrew Olhce MARTIN B SIEGEL 443 Avenue S Foolball Swnmrnlng Track Servlce Squad MOR RIS SIEGEL 2870 Wesl 35 Slreel Asslsranl Chuef Lawyer of Srudenf Cour? Junior and Senlor Arlslas Mlrneograph Squad CHARLES SIGNORELLI I769 Wesl I Srreer Focfball Team Bugle and Drum Corps Cafelerla Squad Se vlce Squad HEL EN R SILVER I348 Easl IO Slreel Sensor Arlsla Senror Coun cyl Arkon Secrelary S1udenIWellare Olhce MELVIN H SIL VERMAN 392I Lyme Avenue Mafh Team Jumor Arusla Chem rsfry Squad Arkon NORMA SILVERMAN 3lII Brughl I Place Swlrnrnung Club I3 skelball Club S crefary Gym OfITce MORRIS SIMPSON 3045 Ocean Park ay Glee Club Servrce Squad Hlslory Oflnce Arl' League EVELYN SIRAGHER 3099 Brlghlon 6 Slreel Arlsla Arkon Program Ofhce and Commll lee Museum Club Squad EDNA SLIVKA I44l Easl' 3 Slreef Ialnve Secrelary Marh Olfuce GLADYS SMILOWITZ 228 Wesl End Avenue Arusfa Landmark Slall Hlslo y Olhce Arkon CYNTHIA SMITH I8II Easf 4 Sfreel Se refary Mrs Welss Locker Squad IRVING L SNYDER 2873 Blghlon 3 Slreef J V Swlrnrnlnq Prefecl Class Presldenl Enqllsh Class Presrdenl Grade Represenfafuve RALPH SOHNEN I843 49 Slreel Sen vor Class Nughl Hebrew Depl French Olfuce Mlmeograph Squad DAVID SOKOLOVSKY 2865 Wesl 36 Srreel Secrefary Gym Ollzce Chnef Clerk E Sessnon Sluder+ Cour Chlel Process Se ver Clerk Sludenr Courr SIDNEY SOLOMON 30I Sea Breeze Avenue Locke Squad Inferclass Baskerball Capraln Servuce Squad Capraln Inlerclass Baseball A g . A 1 . I . W I Z . on I I I I ' I. 4 I ' I 2 I ' Q T . ' I by I I . V - . I . T - I I A i I I ' I , z . Assislanl Caplain Mlrneograph Squad, Arkon, G. O. Represen- . . . l 7 I ' . 1 . X . I X . V 3 I C V - I . . I V I I ' , ' ' ' , - r I f I . ' I ' 7 . ' . , ' . T , 3 - I , f I SE ICR ACTIVITIES I938 Toward Ine end of Ihe year Chamberlam and Dala dler appease HIIIBI' by glvmg hum Czechoslovaha aI fhe con ference of Munich So K S z D Sfarirmar' W S P I Sfelnberg A Spann I-I Sta J Sa 'P P U S+ern B. 'fn L. pi' e' . I , 'Qe' . " B, Sorokav A. Sprinqe' J. Sfarraniimf I-I. Sm?" M. Sfeinberq , I , In Ig D, ' uIx B, S , HIGJIJ . BEATRICE SORKIN 2937 Wesf 35 Srreef Assocxale Edrior Log Program Orfnce and Commrrree Edrforln Chnef Topnorcher Arrsra Arkon BERNARD H SOROKO 628 Avenue V Serge an? Srudenr Palrol Eencnng Team Library Squad Class Nrghr ANTHONY J SPANO IO83 Sheepshead Bay Road Class Alh lehc Manager Servlce Squad LEO SPITZER I983 Easr 7 Sfreer Se vlce Squad Cafeferra Squad ALBERT SPRINGER 630 Avenue S HAROLD STANDIG I376 Easr 2 Slreer Var svrv Show Tucker Squad Cargoes Club Capraln Annex Service Squad DINARD STARKMAN 37I5 Lyme Avenue Varsrry Show Library Squad Hebrew Club Glee Club JOSEPHINE J STARRANTINO 273I 86 Sfreel Iallan Club Newman Club DANIEL M STAUB I623 Easr 2 Srreef Sensor Arrsra Servrce Squad Blology Srarr Prefecr Class Treasurer WALTER STEIER 3IO9 Mermaid Avenue J V Swrmmung Team L Eoolbal quad Careers Club Locker Squad HAROLD STEIN 3I Wesr Evenrs Club BESS STEINBERG 3047 Brrghron I Sfreef Asso crare Eduror Log Recording Secrerary Arusra Arkon Landmark ISIDORE STEINBERG 204I Easr 7 Srreer MORRIS STEIN BERG 3I3I Coney Island Avenue Swummnng Team Class Presl oenl' DANIEL STERN 2848 Brlghrcn 6 Srreel Prefecf Class Treasurer Trafllc Squad Calererua Squad Budger Commlllee SYLVIA STEVELMAN I934 Ravlroad Avenue Lreurenanf Cale erna Squad Fasl-uon Councul Budger Comrnrrfee Cargoes Rep resenrarrve FLORENCE STEVENS I955 Easf 8 Sfreer Arrsra ecrerarv Grade Advlser s Orfuce Secrelary Prelecr Photography Squads Model MURRAY R STOCK 309I Brlghron 5 Srreer Service Squad Presldenl Debarrng Socl ly Elrsr Ard Squad Presrdenf Prefecr Class BETTY STONE I965 50 Srreer Senro Arusra Bnology Laborafory Arkon Secrelary Medscal Club CECELIA STONE 2859 Wesf 33 Srreer Landmark Chess Club Skelch Club Assocuale Edrror Cargoes ROBERT G STONE I6I8 Bay Courr Servlce Squad Chemlslry Squad English Of frce Radro Workshop ELEANOR STREICHLER 3085 Brlghron I3 Srreer Edrfornn Chrel Llncoln Log Arrsra Arkon Debahng Team IRVING STREIT 2850 Wes? 3 Sfreer Service Squad Prelecf Class Presrdenf lnrerclass Baskerball Capfaln Frnals Handball Tournamenr PHYLLIS SUNSHINE 3026 Brrghron I4 Srreel Cafererla Squad German Club Bard Club BERNICE SUSMAN 3605 Merrnand Avenue Presrdenr Wardrobe Squad Chemusrry Orflce Calererna Squad G O Represenfahve MEYER J SUSSMAN 3100 Brlghfon 7 Srreef Orchesrra Vrsual lnsrrucfzon Squad Law Club Medrcal Club PEARL LEE SUSS MAN 648 Crawford Avenue Servrce Squad Sec Economscs OPI Eashron Councsl EDYTHE SWEET 2439 65 Sfreel Sec Neprune Avenue Mameograph Squad Candldare Sensor Arlsra Medncal Club Chemlsrry Club EUGENE J TANENBAUM 57 Sourh Porfland Avenue Radio Club Physics Club HARVEY S TARKAN 48 Shore Boulevard Secrerary Dr Orgel s Office Sec rerary Marh Office Secrelary Arrendance Office JOSEPH W TASOEF I92 Easl 8 Srreer Servnce Squad Llbrary Squad Sec rerary Prefecf MARTHA H TEICHHOLTZ 2989 Ocean Park way General Manager Varsrfv Show Vrce Presldenf G O Charrrnan Class Nrghf Mrmeograph Squad SELMA TEITLER 2226 Neprune Avenue Secrerary Grade Advusers Office Class Presrdenr JACK TELLER l2I8 Avenue T Cargoes Represen IOIIVS Avlaluon Club Hebrew Club HUGO TELLINI 2233 J sr 6 Sfreer 4 ' 7 . . '. ' , I . : 7 ' . . ' S , , . : ., ' '. : : . End Avenue: G. O. Office, Track Squad, Boys Clinic, Current French Class, Prefecl Secrerary. SAMUEL M. SWERDIN: 322l A . : 7 ' r N' c . SE IORS' ACTIVITIES I939-Tom Mooney is IInaIIy freed by governor from a CaIE- fornia prison affer Iwenfy-ive years of ImprIsonmenI and pefifioning. P, Ubefman 5. UIar1sIfy 5. Urban W LIAM R TERNER 468 Avenue S Servr e Squad Cllmc Squad lnrerclass Tennls Medal lnlerclass Swurnmnnq JENNIE A TERRONE 2225 Wes? 5 Slreef HILDA TRAINER 2006 Benson Av nue Baslcefball Club Slenography Speed Club Glee Club G O Represenlarlve LOUIS R TREITLER I50 Br: hlon I5 Slreef Servlce Squad ANNA F TRENTACOSTI ll36 Wal lnarns Courl Presndenf Kallasfa Afhlehc Clubs Secrefary Ilaluar Office Secrefary Lafln Olzhce FRANK TRENTACOSTI ll36 Wulllams Courf Malh Team Chemlslry Club Enqlush Olhce Calelerla Squad ALBERT M TRlEBER l309 Easl 8 Sfreel Servlce Squad Tralihc Squad Arl Squad Landmark Sfarl THEADORE T TROMBETTA IS64 Wesl 9 Slreef Traclr Caplaln Cllnoc Secrelarv ELAINE E TUCHFELD 2762 Wes? 36 Sfreel Secrelary Mass Kleln Secrefary Mlss Rrfchre Secrelary Mrs Kohn LEONARD TURK 2l53 Easf 8 Slreel Eencunq Varslly Mrrneograph Squad Enqlnsh Olllce Service Squad BERNICE TURKEL 3l00 Ocean Parlcwav Mlrneoqraph Squad Secrefary Deans Office Medical Club Swnmmlnq Team PAUL TUTEL MAN I92I Bl Srreel Arl Squad Servnc Squad Oll Pannrlnq Club Wafer Color Club PEARL UBERMAN II7 Neplune Avenue Class Nuqhl Kalllsfa Swrmmmq Tear' Radio Workshop SOL ULANSKY 2942 Wesl 30 Slree STEFANIE URBAN 2023 Easl 8 Srreel Secrefary Cal Terra Ofluce ROSE M VALEN TINO 27l2 Wes? IS Slreef Sewlnq Club Newman Club ec e ary Slen Office LILA S VICTORSON I736 Ocean Rarlrwav Secr lary Dr Orqels Ofluce Akon Program Cornmrfree Senlor Class Glll Commlflee GEORGE VIVINO IS2 lrwrn Slreel Deans Squad MARION VOGEL 2942 Wesl 2 Slreel Junlor and Senlor Arlsla Arlcon Program O'FllC9 and Cornmlflee Class gh MITC-l LL WAIEE 3lS'7 B uohlon 6 Slree' Asslsranl Capraln Sfudenl Pafrol Usher Squad Debalrng Socrefy G O Councll ROBERT D WALDMAN 2429 65 Sfreel Glee Club Grade Represenfahve Brology Squad STANLEY L WALLACE 3045 Ocear P rlcwav Cl ss Presrdenl Traclc Team Dean Boys Olhce Honor School LEIBERT B WALLERSTElN 824 Avenue N Law Club Boolcbnndnnq Club Locker Squad Service Squad ROBERT WANG 3002 Wes? 28 Sfreel GERALD M WASSER MAN IO20 Easf 7 Sfreef Tenms Team Secrefary Dean Mrss Glenn Secrefary Record Room Service Squad RUTH R WAXENBAUM l602 Mermaid Avenue Cargoes Represerfa +uve Varsuly Represenlaflve ETHEL WAXMAN 2l94 Easl 5 Slreel' Trclxel Squad Budgel Cornmrffee Junior and Sensor Arnslas Calelerla Squad HOWARD WEINBERG 28I5 Wesl 23 Slreel Chess Team Chess Club MORTIMER WEINBERG 2l74 Ocean Parkway RUTH WEINBERG 606 Brighton Beach Avenue Slen Offuce English Ofluce P TA Represenrahve Vlge Sfreef Glee Club Mafh Ofhce Service Squad Boxunq Club LEON B WEINER 4-II4 Hrqhland Avenue Landrnarlr Stall Class Nlqhl Commulfee Currenl Evenfs Club lnlerclass Sporls SHIRLEY WEINER 7l2 Avenue U Reorqanuzahon Comm T e Record Omce Budqef Commlllee Spanish Shorfhand Cub BERNICE M WEINGART 3l45 Brlqhfon 4 Srreel Junlor and Sensor Arlslas Carqoes Landmarlc Town Hall Forum Class Nqhf Honor School PHILIP H WEINGARTEN B420 20 Avenue Varsrfy Track Team Class Presudenl' Caleferla Squad Flrsl Alo Squad DAVID WEINSTEIN 22l4 Mermard Avenue Secrelary Accounlrrg Olllce Secrelary Mrs Bafchlcers Ofluce Reoraanr za on Commnllee Presldenl Typlnq Class ll.l , I I 'C , A h l I , , h 3 , . . , . E Q Q i Q I I , 1 . : , , , JI I ' . . I , , I 1' A - Presidem Pfgfea, STANLEY J. WEINBERGER: uw: Eau 2 1 l. 1 l . I . l if 2 I . Y I YS Q A A . : ' 1 ' - ' f f . ' . . z q ' ' ' l l ' NE f, . :E 6 f , ,f I' 4 +3 ' T ' ' . 4 SE IORS' ACTIVITIES I939-CcrdInaI Paccelli, wide- Iy known for his IiberaI views, is eIec+ed Pope Pius XII by Ihe College of Cardinals. We r enr Wenoer I WI'1arI0n We fem We-I P kc P W war M Wf I: S Wiener We- Iraub WMS Wrxiwf S Wiener ISIDORE WEINSTEIN 8020 Bay Parkway Physics Club Radio Club SIDNEY WEINSTEIN 3030 Bruqhlon I2 Slreel Glee Club Radlo Workshop Servrce Squad Lale Squad HELEN WEINTRAUB l960 Easl 7 Slreel Lrbrary Squad Secrelary Mr Frned s Olhce Secrelary Dr Orgels Olluce Movre Goers Club HARRIET C WEINZIMER 3l3 Brughlwaler Courl Log Slahf flass Nlqhf Englrsh Olhce Bro Laq Slab MILDRED R WEIS ELBERG 3l72 Coney Island Avenue Enqllsh Olllce Malh Olhce Class Nlqhl Comrnlllee Service Squad MILDRED WEISS 2066 Wesl Slreel THEODORE H WEISS 22I5 Easl 5 Slreel Ser vrce Squad Swurnmuna Team Enqlrsh Oflnce Squad HARRIET WEISSMAN 2935 Wesl 36 Slreel Calelerra Squad Secrelary Mrs Heller Socrefary Mrss Harrrngfon Secrelary Mrs Rakowllz HERBERT WEISSMAN 35ll Mermaid Avenue Swrnq Band Orcheslra Bard Trahfc Squad HERBERT L WENGER 3l00 WERSHBA Secr lary Mlmeograph Squad Secrefary C5 O Of Ice Class Presldenl AFISIG LEAH WEXLER 2237 BI Slreel Peace Club L Log Reporlers Club ecrelary Mlss Rrlche Sludenr Courl Clerk IRWIN H WHARTON lB3l 68 Srreel Sergeanl Servlce Squad Caplarn TFGHIC Palrol SHIRLEY WIENER I888 Wesl I2 Slreel Secrelary Heallh Educallon Of lice Handball Club Baskelball Club SHIRLEY E WIENER 2945 Wesl' 32 Slreel JONAH WILKOW 95 Bay 3I Slreel Orchesrra Musrc Honor Socuely Teacher I M Class All Cnly Orcheslra THELMA WILNER 585 Klngs Highway Caplann Debalnng Team Club Councrl Peace Councnl Secrelary Eco nomrcs Olluce ABRAHAM WILPAN 28l2 Brlqhron 7 Sfreel aervnce Squad Locker Squad Swrrnrnrnq Olhce EVELYN WIL SON 2I52 Easl 8 Slreel Secrelary Sle Ohfrce Varsuly Show Varslly Show Represenlallve Spanlsh Shorfhand Club ROX ANE M WINBURN 263 Easlern Parkway Program Olflce and Comrnrfree Varsrly Show Arnsla Arkon JULIUS WISHNER 24l6 Mermald Avenue ANTOINETTE WITTE 270 Exeler Slreel Debaflnq Club Hebrew Club Secrelary Mass Gare Swummlng Oquce RUTH S WOHL 3OlO Brnqhlon I2 Slreel Junror and Senna Arrsla Kallrsla Arkon Landmark Slall Club Councul FLORENCE WOHLEEILER 2l4l 6l Slreel Secrefary General Olhce Secrelary Annex Secrelary Mr Rubln Secrelary Mr Gerdy MURRAY WOLDMAN 20I6 Easl 8 Slreel Chess Club Sludenl Courl Servlce Club French Club SEYMOUR J W LE 2360 E sl I7 Slreel Band Orcheslra Swrnq Band Musrc Honor Socrely EDITH WOLFE 2724 Es? I2 Sr eel Class Treasurer Glee Club Servlce Squad Tennls Club ROSE L WOLF-E 22I5 Cropsey Avenue Secrelary Bloloqy Orcluce WOLLOWICK 2Bl Brrqhlon Beach Avenue Secrelary Econom rcs Olllce Secrelary Eashror' Council Law Club Glee Club ABRAHAM YAGODNICK 2867 Wesf 36 Slre I Clerk Sludenr Courl Trahfuc Squad Currenf Evenls Club SIDNEY YAVER BAUM I546 Wesl II Slreel Lrncaln Log Calelerra Squad ervlce Squad Secrelary Mass Munves Class Presndenl LEON ARD YEDLIN 3948 Brlqhlon 4 Slreel ABRAHAM ZARETSKY 925 Avenue T Glee Club Servrce Squad Currenl Evenls Club HOWARD ZEITLIN 3l57 Coney Island Avenue Bar Squad Avnahon Club PHILOMENA ZELANTE 4 Lloyd Cour+ Locke Squad Typunq Club Prelecl Class Secrefary MORTIMER E MERMAN on Slr Malh Team A rs a Class Presrdenf Secrelary Sparrsh Ofllce : A I g ' ' , O 2 a : , , ' , I I ' ' I I ' I ' ' . 1 a r 7 , , I . . : . A 2 1 A ' , Brlqhlon 7 Sfreeli Servlce Squad, Boys' Clinic, MIRIAM Presidenl Arr Weaving Club, Secrelary Dr. Rider. RHODA P. I I I I I S A ' ' I II I C' 1 , ' ' I I I 5 I' 7 ZIM J: l25 Brlqhl Il eel: Fl , I SE IGRS ACTIVITIES I939-Affer Ihree years of IJII- Ier fIgI'1Iing, fhe Loyalisi gov- ernmenf of Spain is forced Io I surrender Io Franco, who be- ' comes didafcr. F Zx,g.."- r A-fun fr F, Bexanffw- X Few' "rx D. Bonica A Z r F Aww 3, Bar-dw E Ear' M4 Brandsfehw 2 A .mg-qf R' Saw' A Brff'IF",- V E., P-I. B'Owr1 BERNARD ZUCKMAN 2864 Wes? 27 S?ree'r Band OrcI'ves?ra Swlng Band Musrc Honor Socne?y ABRAHAM ZWICKEL 23II Sur? Avenue Foo?ball Team Class Presuden? Locker Squad Meducal Club STANLEY ALEXANDER 2763 Wes? I5 S?ree? Track Team A?I'?le?1c Manager Servlce Squad VINCENT R ANGOLEMMO 2363 Wes? I S?ree? Locker Squad GLADYS G ASNIS 2784 Wes? 36 S?ree? Swrrnrmnq Club Peace Club Assembly Squad MORTON BAKER 3IOO Ocean Parkway EVA BALSAMO 295A Wesl' I Slreef GERTRLIDE BANDER 3735 Nauhlus Avenue Se-cre?ary Record Ofllce Secre?ary Aucll? ors Office ANGELO A BENFANTE 2260A Wes? 7 Slree? SHIRLEY BERSHATSKY 3066 Brlqlnlon I3 Sfree? Mafkr Oflrce Fasluon Council Cafefe I5 Squad Annex O?7?'lce Secre?ary Sec e?ary Mr Draclnrnan MURRAY A BLUESTEIN 3039 Bruqlwfon 3 S?ree? Glee Club Track Team Class Nlqlw? Servnce Squad DAN P BONICA 82 Lancas?er Avenue Varsuly Baseball Track Tearn Locker Squad MURIEL G BRANDSTEIN IB Arnlners? S?ree? Library Squad Landmark S?aH I-Ins?ory OFIIce Secre?ary Biology Squad HAROLD BROWN 3I54 Coney Island Avenue G O Slore Lleufenanl' Service Squad Uslwer Squad Trafllc Squad HELAINE O CATOGGIO 2I44 Homecres? Avenue Bloloqy O?"IIce Biology Laoralory Mr Frleds Ofluce Economics O?"IIce ALICE L COHEN 2853 Wes? 20 S?ree? Secre?ary S?uden? Welfare Oflwce JOSEPHINE COOPER 2847 Wes? 37 S?ree? FRANK COSTA IO2 Lake S?ree? NYA OLIIC6 Service Squad L ROCCO R CROCITTO 247I B4 S?ree? Servnce Squad Cafe? ra Squad ANN C DE MAR O 202 Bay I7 S?ree? I?alIan Club Baske?ball Club Newman Club JOSEPH DE ROSA I6OI McDonald Avenue Newrnan Club Reorqanlzalron Commnlfee Prelec? Class Preslden? SIDNEY S EINSTOSS 2853 Wes? 25 S?ree? AssIs?an? Cap?aIn Assernby Squad Servrce Squad Spanuslw Offwce Spanlsn Club DOR OTHY EAUST I755 Ocean Parkway IRWIN EEINBERG I556 Dablll Road .I V Swnmmlng Team Fcnclnq Team Vice Presl den? Prefec? Sergean? Service Squad GLORIA EINKELMAN 3832 Lyme Avenue CHARLES H EISHMAN 25II Sur? A e Preslden? ESTELLE ELICK I958 E s? 9 Slree STAN EY ERISCHLING 249 Avenue V RAE J GANIS 209 Avenue P Secrelary General Office Secre?ary A??endance Ogzce Servlc Squad Den?al Clnnlc RUTH GALOWITZ 48 OrIer?al Boue vard GERTRUDE G GASTFRIEND 965 Eas? I2 Slree? Hand ball Club A?I1le?lc Manager General Office Secrelary Prelecf Class Preslden? SALLY GELBERG 309I Brnqkdon 3 S?ree? CENE E GENTILE 2338 85 S?ree? Track Newman Club JEAN GINESTAR 4l9 Avenue P SYLVIA GOLZMAN 3209 Nep?une Avenue Secrelary Prelec? Class Llbrary Squad Ar Weavlnq Club Presrden? Enqlrslw Class 7 , ' , , ' '. e i . . C 1 : ' 1 ' , . . I v - Fashion Council. BEATRICE BLANK: 2947 Wes? 29 S?ree?7 nueg Boys Glee Club, Traffic Squad, Afkwlellc Manager, Class ' ', r' , ' , - ' . 1 a ?. L . I 3 ' , , ' ' . : A ,I I - SE IOR ACTIVITIES I939 The Kung and ueen o England are received at Wash mgfon by Presldenf and Mrs FranIrI1n D Roosevelt IJ 15'-1 v-I I q U X ,, F' -3 -ff-f1Ii- 1 xl. 5' .iff J. r-innfenrffa ... I3 'LH' 1' I, Ke" 3 3',,,."1-- : I, H31.':,"" : Q. I'IIvSr,Iv',f'2' -6110-A L1 A. KIM? ff T- xp KVIAA' cfvwa ,Wie '--, l,"fef' -11. HILDA GREENBERG 35I Marrne Avenue Movre Mal: rs Club Class Presrden? Class Vice Presnden? ROBERT L GREENBERG I46O Eas? 4 S?ree? Caplarn Assembly Squad PI'1ys1cs Squad Alclr mls? Club HARRIET GROBER 2239 61 S?ree? MORRIS S GROBISEN 3Ol3 Merrnald Avenue Class Preslden? Traclc Team Swu?cl1board A?l'nle?Ic Manager IRVING GUTWETTER 2860 Wesr I6 S?ree? Lneu?enan? Ca?e?erra Squad Servrce Squad Reo oanrza?ron Cornr'nr??ee RACHEL HALIO l2l8 Voorlwles Avenue Carqoes Represen?a?rve Secre?ary Mrs Werss and Mrss Rllclwre La?m Olfrce Secre?ary PAULINE C HELFENBAUM 485 Nep?une Avenue Loyal?y Squad G O Repres n?a?rve S c e?arv Mr Haas Servrce Squad RUTH HIRSCHSON I935 as? 4 S?ree? Secre?ary General Olzluce Lrbra v Squad Sec e ?ary Erenclw Class Annex Bnolooy Labora?ory CHARLOTTE E HOEEMAN 3029 Wes? 24 S?ree? Secre?arv Prelec? Clas S ?ary ABRAHAM P HOLTZMAN I972 W s? I2 S? e I S BEATRICE JACOWITZ 3079 BrrqIw?on I4 S?ree? Lrbrarv Squad IOSEPH M KEGNEY I377 Eas? 2 S?ree? Eoo?bal Tearn Traclc earn WIN M T Avenue 1 d a T arrr Class Nrqlwl Cr'o al Musrc Grcuo Musrc H BERT KLAPPER I867 65 S?ree? Secre?a v Gyn OL? DAVID KAHN 3028 Wes 23 S?ree? Glee Club Servrce Squad MIN NIE KNAB 2209 Ocean Parlcway S?uden? Parrol LEONARD KRIM 55I Krnqs Hrqlwwy JOSEPH M KUSHELOFF 2939 Oceav Pdrlcwav Ca?e?er1a Squad Curren? Even?s Club Alclmern 1? Club S rwnrnq Pool Squ cz SANTO J LANDO 5 Wes? 3 S?ree? Traffrc Squad Slwop Mom?or FRANCES W LANDY 299I Br gl??on I3 Sr?ee? Ca?e?erla Squad Secre?ary Gvrn OFFrce Service Squad Gym Secre?ary JOSEPH LAN ZANO 202I Wes? 6 S?ree? Special Chorus Glee Club New rran Club DANIEL LEIVENT 2IO8 Eas? 3 S?ree? MARION C LEVIN 2853 Wes? 29 S?ree? Locker Squad Secrelary S?en Olfrce Red Cross Represen?a?rve HERBERT LEVINE 3038 nqlwlon I3 Slrc? JACK LEVINE 2I4 Wes? Avenue O??ens?erns Secre?ary Ca?'e? rua Squad Ar? Teclwnrque Club Wafer Color Club MARION M LI UIDO 282I Wes? 5 STVPEI' Ca?e?erla Squad EVELYN E MAHLER 2I2 Wes? Ave nue ecre?av Mr Erled Secre?ar Mrs Bernsleun Loc er Squad Presrden? Prelecl MARIA H MARIELLARO I94I Wes? 4 S?ree? Secre?arv Loclc r Room Typing Club Secre?a y Prelecl ARTHUR MARK 2802 Mcrrnard Avenue Lleulenan? L Sessron Varsl?y Swnmrnznq MILTON M MATZA l385 FRANCES MENACHEN 3036 Brrgl'r?on 3 Slrecl ANN MIL STEIN 29II Wes? 2I S?ree? Secre?ary Prf?ec? Secre?arv Sub rec Classes Presrden? Enqlrslw Class G O Represen?a?ve JOE MIRKIN 2927 Wes? 3 S?ree? Social Dancunq Town Hal Prop Analysrs Inlerclass BasIce?baIl ALICE J MORGAN ROTH 3627 Su ? Avenue Econonnrcs O?flce SHIRLEY A NA D HL I85O BI S?ree? Lr rary quad Ge Cub Secea General O??lce Pre?ec? Class Secre?ary IILLIAN NEEDLE MAN 3I09 Merrnard Avenue 1" , W . - . I A : : i 1 . Y rl ' ' ' , 5 ' Br' e . I 7 Mr. ' . 7 ' , 1 7 S r . ' 7 v . , ' 7 L : 4 7 . s ec- . : ' I ' . , : e r e 7 er- I I' ' 7 ' ' A . I flee Squad 'Lf' Secrelary Pool7 Manager BasIce?ball Team, Ocean Parlcwayg Service Squad7 Clinic Squad7 Class PresIden?. T f . IR 4 KEN 1 680i I9 7 H'n b ll e ' ? 7 ' I 7 . . I , ' 7 Il r ' ' over So:le?v. AL- ' : I ' I 7 II, -7 : I f flce, . A . . - : ' . O : 7 'b S . I fr I 7 r,? fy . : I I a . , : S' 7 . - 'ss 7 WE 7' a I. , : 246 Q? if - , r, ,4 1' SE IORS' ACTIVITIES I939-Germany invades Po, I-und: EngIancI and France de- clare warg HIIIer is vidoricus by means of "bII+zIcrieg," K, L- ly.. S 3f::,' f P, R,-'I+-, P, Roscwqan , 5, 9, N, Ra, B, Rm A. ROIPIQIQIF 9 '- M1 P I' fv S. QQSQHIJIIIH. Y. ROIIS FRANCES R NIGRELLI 2573 Easl I4 Srreel Sec elary A ounl Inq Olzlnce Law Club BEATRICE ORENBACH 2870 Brldlwlon 4 Slreel KATHRYN A PALLIS 2460 Easl I4 Sfreel Secrelary Slen Class Sec ela y Typlnq Class Secrelary Swlmrnlnq Olllce FRANK J PANE 2739 Sllllwell Avenue Servlce Squad Class Secrelary Calelerva Squad SALVATORE PERI 226l Wesl' Slreel ARTHUR PLOEKE 3044 Ocean Parlcway SYLVIA R PROVISOR 2955 Wesl 23 Slreel Calelerua Squad German Club Dramaflc Club French Club CK RABIA 2lIl Easl Sfreel' Basebal Team Baslcelball Team Traltfuc Squad Locker Squad MARION P RATCHEVSKY 94 Wallon Slreel Secre lary Clnemnslry Olfuce ARTHUR A REILLY 493 Slweepslwead Bay Road Plaloon Leader Class Preslo nl' Allvlellc Manager BLANCHE REX I87I Slweepslnead Bay Road Servlce Squad urer SEYMOUR ROSENBLUM 3026 Brnglmlor I4 Slreel Hand ball Team Service Squad REBECCA ROSENGART 30l6 Brnglnlon 6 Sfreel' ANNE T ROTHSTEIN ISOI Easl 24 Slreel Glee Club Sec efary Avralnon Club Plnyslcs Squad Swllclvboard General Olfnce YETTA R ROTKEL l789 68 Slreel NICK SALLUSTIO 685 Euclld Avenue Traclc Newman Club Tralflc Squad BERNHARD SAMSTEIN 2I25 Mermaid Avenue Cafe rerla Squad P esld nl Prefecl Class LAURA SAPERSTEIN 2845 Brlqlmlon 3 Slreef Secrelary Dr Orqel s OLTICS Secrelary Sfen OPTICS JACK SCHLOSSMAN SOI Avenu M Avlallon Club Gym Secrelary Plnysncs Club Tumbl ng ub CLAIRE SCHREIBER l404 Easl 7 Slreel Llbra y Squad Mendunq Squad Deslgnlnq Club Assembly Squad MARY A SCIARABBA 2OI AvenueV Explorers Club Newman Club llalzan Club DIANA F SELTZER 239 Hlalwlawn Avenue Class Nlglnl G-lee Cub Lnbrary Squad SAMUEL S SELTZER 145 Sea Breeze Avenue Presndenl Prelecl Class Lleulenanl and CGPIGIH Servlce Squad Caplaln Clleer Leadlnq Squad Class Nlghl BELLA SILVER 2944 Bruqlnlon 3 Slreef Secrefary Healllm Educaluon Olllce Sec relary Slenoqraplwy Offrce LUCILLE A SINGER 378 Avenue P Loclcer Squad Secrelary Mass Rlfclue G O Represenlallve Currenl Evenls Club VIOLA C SMITH I8l4 Easl 3 Slreel loyalfy League Seerelary Swlrnmunq OTTIC6 Swummung Club SHIRLEY L SOKOLITSKY 2796 Wesl 5 Slreel' Service Squad Loclcer Squad ROSE L TERRONE 243I Easl' I4 Slreef Ser vvce Squad Mlss Clarlfs Secrelary llallan Club Arl Weaving Indoor Baseball Secrelary Bloloqy Ollluce Llbrary Squad Vlsual Ald Squad PHYLLIS TONKIN 4028 Surl Avenue Senlor Class Represenlallve Secrelary Prelecl Annex Llbrarlan Loyally L aque DOROTHY WACHTEL 3033 Brlqlwlon I3 Srreel' Press den' Prefecf Class CGT6'6Fl6 Squad Servlce Squad Class Nlqlnl SYLVIA WEINTHAL I602 Mermaid Avenue CHARLOTTE WEINTRAUB 3I2I Bruqlwlon 5 Slreel SYLVIA WEITZ 2820 Brrqlv on 8 Sfreel CGTSTSVIG Squad MURIEL K WOLFSHEIM ER l50 Woodrulf Averu Loyalfy League Swlmmxng Secre ary EVELYN YURKOFSKY 465 Nepfune Af nue Secrelary S vnmlnq OEIKICE A 'I Weav nq Club . , : 7 A . I 1 'A . I I ' , I I , , A , . Nl I I3 3 , ' ' ' , . . ' , . : ' I t : a Economlcs OFllce, Secrelary Mr. J. Wolfe, Senior Class Treas- Club. IRVING TOBEY: I9l6 Mermaid Avenue: Inlerclass and ' , I CI . wl ' ' , f, 7 4 . I : ' r , ' , THESE FOUR These Tour compleTe The rosTer oT our qraduahnq class They are in order BerTha B RodTield 2766 W 36 STreeT SecreTary To Miss STan Ton SecreTary in Gen OTTice SecreTary To Miss Winkler LoyalTy League Meyer SalTzrnan Il l3righTon IO Terrace Sidney Shapiro I34 Bay 37 STreeT RuTh Zager 2982 WesT 3 STreeT Service Squad SecreTary in STen OTTice lT is TiTTing aT This poinT ThaT we conclude vviTh our lasT will and TesTa rnenT TO Tl-TESE To Dr Mason we leave our graTiTude Tor our Training amid demo craTic TradiTions To Mr l-lirschberg we leave our graTiTude Tor his Triendliness and smile To Dr Orqel we leave our qraTiTude Tor his vviTTy adn'ioniTions To our Teachers vve leave our graTiTude Tor Their sinceriTv and in TellecTual honesTy TO OURSELVES To ourselves we leave The hope ThaT The dernocraTic Training The guidance The Triendliness The adrnonihons The inTelle Tual honesTy will noT be vvasTed To ourselves we leave The hope ThaT The educaTional iigsaw will be pieced ToqeTher inTo a consTrucTive paTTern To ourselves we leave The hope ThaT our pasT and presenT will noT have been in vain To ourselves we leave The hope oT The TuTure Q O O O O O To Miss Cohen, we leave our graTiTude Ton her guidance and aid. RE MBER f Q e mornl g C us IH Jrhe pus7 Elulahons n LUG calelerl and oh ye unch The rush from gym To Classes7 Remem per7 A gulel hme ln lhe gallery7 l-lorseplay and snacks n lhe Sweel Shoppe? Dances7 Class N:le7 Rem moer7 MAKE CUR LOVE A SIMPLE SONG Qu: love was sla Ted fhe momenl we mel Une glance bv chance we can never lorgelr We laugh and we gesf as fhough seemlng +o par+ leavmg all unmenhoned whal s deep In our hearl Q whaf s +he game of love a game of smiles ano careless aur Confeal your lrue lnlenhons and prelend you do nol care A game ol useless slruggles happy momenls here and lhere Male our ove as slmpre as sample as a song Q vvhal s The game of love a game of vvlls and loolmsh pride Prelend you re gay and happy when you re really blue nnsnde A game ol hldden yearnungs whnch are never sahshed nd Cl g o an sasvvevvw sde oy swo Amd we dream ol fhe dlslanl shores My slory lS a I fold 'rhere s none lellr To umfolo ou can fel as my eyes llnger on yours And shll we play The game The game of hearls fhaf long +o pleno Conless and say you love me won Jr you ever condesCend7 The game rs almosf over why musl +hns be he end7 Make our love a simple song 0 Q 0 4 Q 0 0 0 Q 9 0 9 Th ' 'nf r h ' . " ' . l I 'a? - y s, l f... r . . - ' r V K, . , . Make our love a simple song. l-la 5 ,inf f h d fll i l ' e , z V , r E ' l , ' ' N' l ' - ' I 4940-Marr, 1- A w I ' y g on E-wg-,we r l, 1 f - ' L RODS:-vol: an: 2 - ' I I I ' urnind fm- . -W- J i i .11- .. ' ' 1 1 z Q 5 1 X f il . 3 I WP' ,. 5 I1 Ig. 'Wg XX LINCOLN HEADLIN 930 940 LAN DMARK Y kip. x - 0 CLASS GFHCERS 1 f XX. -...i,.,. , xg' XX Q X , . -qi .XY ,ix -L--.W '1- Wg g VV, I U 4 r 4 I i 1 I 1 V I I K I ' 1 i W XX x. x xx "- -Q ' x , X X , X ' X 1 - X X , wx, X-Wx, Xxx, ,-Y in . X .wi A -X X X . Rb X X W N, ,- 1 . W 1 A x X xx X -Nw-N X sf.. f., X X x x K X 1 XV i 4 l Y 1 ? 1 1 -, -,-5 N, x .XX IN.. -..-Y. -.., .X X X X X 1- XX X hi X S ..,. i f-, X ' x si, x SX. X X. Xa X .T X ,i ...XX X x X x X I hi Z' mx? ki 5 Wi wi 'Q

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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