Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1939 volume:

 JL tr—CLASS OF JUNE 1939 NOMARK w ABRAHAM LINCOLN H. S G A B R I E L R . M A SON. principal. In the troubled world of today, there is much loud and heated discussion about government, economics, and war. Frequently our republic and our constitution are severely criticized and attacked by disgruntled leftists and rightists. To be sure, our form of democracy is riot |x?rfect. But the blessings it showers upon those who have the privilege ol living under its aegis are so many that all ol us should feel it our imperative duty to preserve the democracy which we have inherited Irom Washington. Jefferson, and Lincoln. his we can l est do by understanding the meaning of democracy—its genesis, its difficulties, its dangers, its benefits, its responsibilities, and its ideals. By studying our great historical documents and hv carefully reading such commentaries as John Bryce s 'The American Commonwealth. Charles Beards The Rise of American Civilization, and James I nislow Adams Epic of America, we shall have not only the necessary knowledge, but also the proper patriotic sentiments. Psychologically, these will lead to vigorous, courageous, and high-minded .action on our part in the support of our democracy. With stout hearts, we shall fight off our enemies, eliminate our existing deficiencies, and preserve our country as a blessed land of liberty and opportunity. ARTHUR HIRSCH-BERG, administrative assistant. “1 hope that your training at Lincoln has brought you the ability to learn: the conscience to recognize that which is upright and honorable: and the power to accomplish that which your heart and head direct. Best wishes for success and happiness. Bertha Cohen Administrative Assistant and Dean of Girls Dr. Joseph R. Ogei. Dean of Boys Rose L. Beckman Senior ( lass Adviser£j Uenior DEDICATION . .On the following pages of this Look you will find pictures of many boys and girls who studied in the Abraham I .incoln High School for four years—from 1935 to 1939. They wrote, read, talked, ate. romanced, argued in this school. It was in size a city of 8000; and the hoys and girls pictured here are but one part of the city—a family of over 850 memlx rs. In the lives of these young men and women. 1935-1939 will have a definite place and meaning. They will remember the time when Zebrak ran 98 yards for a touchdown, or the scene from a arsity Show when the hero tripped during his big moment, or maybe a pretty girl seen at a Friday Nite Dance, or uniform examinations, or maybe just the donkey SI ILA. mascot at the disastrous Lincoln-Madison game.A small town spirit hovered over the school and with it a certain excitement and interest. But. while these American adolescents frolicked here, grave events were sweeping over every part of the world. Wars, poverty, fascism, riots. Hoods tore at the real cities of the world. I hesc were four short years. But bloated with world | ortcnt. We are presenting to you on the following pages, not only pictures of high school graduates—but snatches torn from living headlines in living newspapers: and glimpses into the columns of our school newspaper, hour swift years, killed with jitter-hug contests and W.P.A. hunger strikes. Filled with Spanish bombardments and G.O. elections, hilled with misery and happiness. In short filled with our times and our life. You—reader, are someone in the future. Ixx k back at these years 1935. 956. 1937. 1938. 1939.io Aaron. Prances 1583 E. 2nd St. Glee Club. Library Squad. Secretary to Miss Winkler. Aaronson, Ei.eakor 1139 Brighton 15th St. Abend, Georce 1612 E. 3rd St. Varsity Show. Dramatics. Service Squad, Swimming Team. Abramciiik. Arion 2848 W. 28th St. Service Squad. Interclass Basketball. Abramowitz, Audrey 1812 W. 13th St. Arista, Attendance Squad, Library Squad, I listorv Oil ice Secretary. Abramowitz, Elliott A. 434 Kings Hghy. Arkon. Arista. President of Club Council, Vice-President of G.O. Abramowitz. Maurice 3113 Brighton -jib St. Cafeteria Squad, Service Squad. Abrams, Rhoda II. i960 E. 7th St. Cafeteria Squad. General Office Secretary. Treasurer in Prefect Class. Abruzzksk. William A. 32 Avenue V. Ix cker Squad. Italian Club, Secretary to Mr. I'ried. Ackerman, Dorothy 2920 W. 21st St. Adelglass. Marvin II. 1665 W. 9th St. 11. E. Office Secretary. Hebrew ( lub. Service Squad, hirst Aid Squad. Adelstein. Leah 621 Neck Rd. Senior Class Secretary, Secretary in Visual Aid Squad.« Adler. Florence C. 2136 E. 8th St. Cleric Student Court. Supplv Squad. Secretary Stenography C lass. Trench Class. Albino. Frank 20 Sea Gate Ct. Alex, Rosalind 1119 Occanview Ave. Cafeteria Cashier. Cafeteria Office. Switchboard. Biology Office. Ai.kon, Rosalind 2313 Surf Ave. 1 I Ai.STER. Emanuel 418 Brighton Beach Ave. Service Squad. English Office. Am kraut, Esther B. 1127 42nd St. C lass Night, Hebrew Neshef. Jr. Arista. Mimeograph Squad Treasurer. Am kraut. Marjorie R. 38 Bay 26th St. Mimeograph Squad. Record Office. Math Office. I lebrew Club. Andul. Nina A. 1018 Banner Ave. Arlcon. Glee Club. Ijitin Club. Lieut. Cafeteria Squad. Aniiouse. Stanley 1704 McDonald Ave. Antonucci. Rose 314 Avenue P. Arista. Arlcon, Record Room. Miss Cohen’s Secretary. Appelbaum. Beatrice B. 1769 West 1st St. Secretary in English Office. I lis-tory Office. Arison, Mildred L. 172 Amherst St. Biology Laboratory. Attendance Office. Mr. Hirschberg’s Office. Secretary of Movie-Goers Club. 1 2 Aronne. Albert C. 2138 Ocean Pkwy. Class Night. Cafeteria Squad. Basket l aII Team Manager. Aronson, Gerald. 51 Amherst St. Landmark, Senior Council. Fencing Squad, Math Anal.. Debating I earn. aruta, Julia E. 2461 E. 1st St. Service Squad, Prefect Class Treasurer. Cafeteria Cashier. P.T. Representative. Asnes, Avis S. 1335 W. 9th St. Astrahan, Vivian R. 193 Quentin Rd. Secretary of Stenography Office, Economics Office, Prefect Class President. August, Alexander S. 1301 Avenue K. Secretary French Office. English Office. Hebrew Club. P.-T. A. Representative. Avino. Harry i6qo W. qth St. Bacoi.a, Edward M. 3110 Brighton 3rd St. Service Squad. Glee Club. Special Chorus. All-City High School Chorus. Badner. Jeanne J. 1821 W. 7th St. Glee Club. Secretary to Mrs. Rciback. Miss Goctschius; Intelligence-testing Squad. Baker. William 19 Margaret Ct. Ballin’. Bert 2125 Ocean Pkwy. Arista. Senior Council. Secretary in Dean’s Office. Grade Representative. P.G. 7. Baltucii. Clarice R. 60 Coleridge St. Locker Squad. Captain of Library Squad. Dramatics Club. Prefect Class Secretary. Barchat, Jacob A. 1707 W. 5th St. Cafeteria Squad. Barocas, Nisim 722 Orient Ct. Service Squad. Spanish Club, Chemistry Club. Barondess. Lillian E. 2817 Brighton 7th St. Usher Squad. Center Desk Post. Prefect Class President. Barrette, Frances L. 1602 Mermaid Ave. Glee Club. Swimming Club. Bartnofsky. Dorothy R. 2123 F. 8th St. Record Office, Prefect C lass President. Batkin. I Iii.da 602 Avenue T. Secretary to Miss Wilson. General Office. Bauman. Paul M. 1366 W. 7th St. Band, Cafeteria Squad. G.O. Representative. Baum EL, Fay 2925 W. 23th St. Sen-ice Squad. Visual Instruction Squad. Editor Class Paper. Becker, Anna 2927 W. 5th St. Arista, Glee Club. Cargoes. Math ORice. Becker. Dave 301 Seabreeze Ave. Service Squad. Spanish Club. Prefect ( lass Secretary. Becker. Evelyn 273 Avenue P. Economics Office. Accounting Office. G.O. Store. Varsity Show. Relgard. Jack 1328 W. 7th St. English ORice, Soccer Team, f’ootball Squad.Bellibroip, Abe A. 2232 E. 7th St. Benincasa, Jasper 1783 W. 131I1 St. Benjoya, Rachel 3068 Coney Island Avc. Jr. Arista. Ba aar Committee. Orchestra. President. Spanish Club. Berens. Annette 2251 81 st St. Cafeteria Squad. Libr rv Squad. Service Squad. President. I lebrew ( lub. Berger. Adeline A. 2260 Ocean Pkwy. Glee Club. Class Night, Service Squad. Berger. Alexander 79 Amherst St. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad, Lifesaving Club. P.-T. A. Representative. Berger. Sylvia R. 20 Brighton qth ler. Glee Club. Shorthand Reporters Club. Secretary to Miss Winkler. Berger, Sylvia T. ioi Brightwalcr Ct. Kallista. Dancing Club. Life-saving Squad, Co-captain of Swimming learn. Berkley, Seymour A. 2428 Mermaid Ave. Track learn. Chemistry Squad. Beri.ad. Abraham L 1912 59th St. Service Squad. Orchestra. Berlin, Carl 300 Sheepshead Bay Rd. Assembly Squad, I lebrew Club, (htard in Swimming Pool. 88 an Sicklen St. in Stenography Office, I listory Office, Secretary to Mr. 5 Bernard. Shirley 5028 Brighton 1st St. Varsity Show. Class Night, G.O. Representative. Concert Publicity Staff. Berner, Rudolph .1. 2028 W. 31st St Biology Laboratory Squad. Service Squad. Bernofsky. Mildred M. 2158 E. 17th St. Attendance Squad. Record Oflic Biology Office. Math Office. Bernstein. Chester I j. 2166 7 St. Fencing learn. Service-Iraffic Squads. Bernste:n, Gertrude 5111 Brighton 1st PI. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad. Winner I )ipsey-Doodle Shag Contest. Bernstein. Martin 1530 E. 2nd St. President of Mimeograph Squad. Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Prefect Class President. Bernstein. Paulette 1414 W. 5th St. Bernstein. Rose 2946 W. 24th St. Food checker. Dean's Office. General ()fficc. Cafeteria Office. Bersiiader. Her.van 7 Brighton 1st Ct. C afeteria Squad. Art Office. Prefect Class President. Secretary in Swimming Pool. Berzin. Caryi. 1921 W. 6th St. Library Squad. I landball Club, P.-T. A. Representative. Public Speaking. BetESH, Shirley 2138 63rd St. Sen-ice Squad. Hebrew Club. Betron. Helen .. 2821 W. 2nd St. Biologv Squad. Service Squad. Refreshment Squad. Travelers Club. SeniorBirexbacii, Arthur S. 2823 W. 30th St. Prefect Class Treasurer. Annex Stunt Club. Scnice Squad, Alchemists Club. Birne. Henry 3076 Coney Island Avc. Medical Club. Chemistry Club, Biology (dub. Prefect Class President. Biselli, Cora 627 Neck Rd. Biology Squad, Biology Club. Art Weaving ( dub. Spanish ( lass Secretary. Black, Howard 541 Neptune Avc. Service Squad. I'ootball Squad. Ix cker Squad. Bi.au. Doris R. 1702 W. 1st St. Service Squad. Stenography Office. Record Office, Cargoes Agent. Bi.eiweiss. Paul i 130 Brighton Beach Ave. Sen-ice Squad. Math Help. President of German Club. Blinstein. Helen 1447 E. 2nd St. Intelligence Testing Squad, Class Night. Movie-Goers’ C lub. Secretary Mr. Fried’s Office. Blits. Rose J. 100 E. 18th St. Arkon. Prom Committee. Secretary to Miss Cohen. Arkon Intcmcwing Committee. Block, Morris J. 903 Avenue S. Scn--icc Squad, Baseball Team, Assembly Squad, President of I lebrew Club. Bloom, Edythe R. 3110 Brighton 3rd St. General Office. Prefect Class Alternate. Bloom. Vicky J. 2053 West St. President of Arkon, Arista. Landmark. Program Office and Committee. Bluestein, Victor 135 Avenue P. fencing learn. Service Squad.l7 Blumenkranz. Samuei. M. 5130 Brighton 7th St. C lass Night. Music Honor Society, Lincoln Choral Society. All-City I ligh School Chorus. BlumEnthal. Elaine 14 Avenue O. Record Office. Blumenthal, Milton 3145 Brighton 4th St. Service Squad, Swimming I earn. Bodafsky, Murray 2149 64th St. I rack learn. Service Squad. President. Spanish Class. liojarsky, Bertha 2679 Hubbard St. Assistant Prefect Class Secretary. Bonica. Joseph 82 Lancaster Ave. Football. Service Squad. Italian Club. Bordonaro, Sebastian 2316 E. 12th St. Sergeant, Service Squad, Traffic Squad. Jr. Arista. Bosco. Anthony 2072 W. 6th St. Cafeteria Squad. Dramatics. Bottfield, Bernard 3017 Ocean Pkwy. I rack I earn. Service Squad. Assembly Squad. Prefect Class President. Bourke, Thanis E. 1430 E. 9th St. Secretary in Math Office. Prefect Class. Cafeteria Squad. Newman Club. Branfman. Ted . 16 Oceanview Ave. Editor-in-C hief of Cargoes. Chairman of Peace Council. Exchange Editor of Log. Arista. Arkon. Capt. Debating I earn. Braver man. Arnold 3021 Brighton 13th St. Engl ish Office. Service Squad. Pfaygoers Club.Bronzo, John 6 Manhattan Ct. Aista. Biology Club. Italian Club. Latin Club. Browchenko. Nicholas 993 President St. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad. Fencing Squad. Radio Club. Brown. Rutii 2313 Surf Ave. Agassiz Club. Student Court Judge. I louse of Representatives. Movie-Makers’ Club. Brufner. Frank 127 Brighton Beach Ave. Service Squad, Spanish Club, P.-T. A. Representative. Boys’ Clinic. Bruno. John 1634 W. 6th St. Buchman. Daniel 4710 Beach 47th St. Service Squad. Locker Squad, Interclass Tennis. Ping-Pong Medals. Buchman, Ei.ma 20 Colin PI. Secretary. Kallista. Basketball. I ennis. Handball. Buchman. Myron 4703 Iicach 47th St. Tennis I cam. landmark. Cafeteria Squad, Dean s Office Secretary. Buchman, Irene S. 170 Girard St. Arista. Club Council. G.O. Office. Mr. I lirschbcrg s Office. Buchman, Rutii L. 170 Girard St. Arista. General Office Secretary. Prefect ( lass I reasurer.Burstein. Martin ioxj W. 6th St. Soccer Team, i lehrew ( lub. Math C lub. Prefect Class President. Buscemi. Gloria R. 1904 E. 3rd St. .Ir. Arista. Orchestra, Record Office. Dean’s Office. BitiHLOWiTZ. Alfred 3152 Brighton 6th St. Football Squad. Loclcer Squad. Cacace, Mary J. 233 Avenue X. President Kallista, Basketball. Stunts. Desk Sports. Calaceto. Ralph R. 1849 W. 11 th St. Candeub. Isaix)rk 3030 Brighton 12th St. Locker Squad. Service Squad. Visual Instruction. Dramatic Club. Cantor. Joe 3714 Poplar Avc. Service Squad. Intra-mural Sports. Cape. Adeline 1668 W. 6th St. Dismissal Squad. Mrs. I epper’s Sec., Sec. in I rench Office. Caponegro. Frank 2079 W. 8th St. Cappello, Frances T. 1989 E. 2nd St. Prefect Sec., Library lypist. Girls Clinic. Carbona, Florence 1951 W. 11 th St. Caretta, Mary J. 2776 Coney Island Ave. Modern Dance Club. Tennis Club. Basketball Club. XZj 20 Carrozza, Frank P. 2067 W. oth St. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad. Dismissal Squad, Commercial Law Club. Casaburi, Nei.i.if. 2156 F. 7th St. Italian Club. Spanish Club. Sec. Spanish Office. Casazza. Norm a J. 1708 V. 12th St. Sec. Mr. I leebt. Glee Club, Italian Club. Sec. Dr. Doyle. Caserta. Lucretia F. 628 Kings I ligh-way. Varsity Show Rep., G.O. Rep., Traffic Squad. Service Squad. Caso. Josephine C. 2.126 64th St. Cassei.. David 3725 Lyme Avc. C apt. Mimco Squad. Arson. Medical ( lub. Castei.lani. Wii.i.iam .1. 1656 F. 9th St. Bird Club. I'isbing ( lub. Rille learn. Service Squad. Castellano. Concetta P. 2372 E. 2nd St. Jr. Arista. C dee Club, Sec. Stcn Class. Cavanagh. Michael J. 817 Avenue M. Sec. Sr. Arista. Debating learn. Sec. Dean s OIF., Senior Council. Chaban, Morris C. 2816 Cortland St. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad, Orchestra. Brand. Rose 2334 Coney Island Avc. Chatonv. Harold B. 1473 E. 5th St. Pres. Prefect Class. Varsity brack I earn.21 Chester. Beatrice C. 6309 23rd Ave. Boys’ Dean’s Office. Swimming Club, Student Court Clerk. Service Squad. Ciiiodine. Ethei. E. 2362 E. 2nd St. Basketball Club. Deck Sports. President of Civics Class. Sec. for Music Class. IODOKOFF, ClIUPPE, Ann 1343 E. 9th St. Biology Lab., Basketball Leader. Clemente, Sarah 1985 E. 2nd St. Clyman. Robert L. 2172 65th St. Jr. Arista. Coiien. Bernard 3100 Brighton 3rd St. Art Squad. fencing. Cohen. Herbert 3000 Brighton 12th St. Baseball Team. Cohen. Herbert M. 2309 Mermaid Ave. Mgr. fencing learn. Painting Club. Cohen. Leo 2837 W. Basketball I earn. Cohen. Natalie 2240 Arista. Student Court Court Judge, Sec. Prefect. 11 tb St. E. 5th St. Jr. Clerk. Student22 Cohen. Paui.ine 2453 6.ith St. See. Girls’ C linic. Sec. Mr. I )ascn, Basketball Club. I landball Club. Cohen, Shirley I. 100 Avenue P. ( lass President, Student Court Clerk. Cohen. Sylvia 1335 V. 7th St. Cohen, Violet S. 153a F.. .jtb St. C afeteria Squad, Athletic Clubs. Budget Com.. Art Appreciation C luh. Cohn, Burton R. 119 West End Avc. Boy Leader Sr. Arista. Arkon, Senior Council. Finance Com.. G. O. Senate. Debating I earn. Collen. Sylvia 596 E. 2nd St. I leb-rew Club. Columbano. John 20.19 W. 13th St. I rack I earn. Service Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Columbano. Mario 20.19 W. 13th St. Service Squad. Contreras, Anthony II. 1633 W. 7th St. Intra-mural Baseball and Basket-ball. Contreras, Emily A. 1633 W. 7th St. Cooper. Shirley V. 2028 591b St. Student Court C.lerk. Sec. Gen. Office. Ncshcf. Cooper man. Alvin A. 170.1 E. 15th St. Pres. Eco. Class. V.P. Prefect Class. Service Squad.Cooper man. Shirley 2860 W. 37th St. Intelligence Squad. Stenography Speed Club. See. Prefect Class. Coppola. Salvatore E. i8.ji W. 3th St. Cafeteria Squad. Corcoran. Eddie L 1714 W. 13th St. Ph ysics Squad. G.O. Rep. Corcoran. Thomas 1714 W. 13th St. Corey. Ruth 3728 Poplar Ave. Art Squad. “Pall of the City. Corradini, FoustE W. 263 Atlantic Ave. Service Squad. Physics Squad. Crookshank, Maude 2300 65th St. P.T.A. Rep.. Pres. Stenography ( lass. Swimming Club. Basketball ( lub. Cucinotta. Catherine C. 1841 W. 8th St. 23 Cutler. Melvin 1901 Avenue S. Mimeograph Squad. Band. D’Amato. Flora L 1814 McDonald Ave. Danna, Dorothy J. Biology Squad, Italian Club. Davidove. Helen Lunch. 24 Davison. Blanche 2268 65th St. De Ancelis. Ralph C. 1902 W. 13th St. Deitch. David 2073 78th St. Orchestra. Band. Glee Club, Service Squad. Deiter. Muriel E. 3045 Brighton 12th St. Library Squad. Varsity Show. Dei.isi. Ann .1. 2114 E. 1st St. Sec. IWkkecping Class, Basketball and Tennis Clubs. Art Weaving Club. Dellaquila. Elvira A. 2113 Mermaid Avc. Sec. Mr. I' ried s Office. Dell Isola. Alfonso 401 Applegate Ct. Orchestra. Band. DeMeo. John P. 2351 E. 1st St. Jr. Arista, Service Squad. Traffic Squad. Derjowitz, Anna 2230 62nd St. DeSantis. Anthony L. 69 Avenue V. Italian Club. Service Squad. Traffic Squad. Pres. Prefect Class. 7 realv Deutsch, Rosalyn 1617 Dahill Rd. Class Pres.. Stenography Speed Club. Arista. Sight-Seeing Club. DeVito. Richard J. 1019 52nd St. Glee Club, ( lass Pres., Service Squad. Sketching Club.Dictor. Sarah 2875 Brighton 3rd St. Dieli. Samuel P. 2261 V. 7th St. Glee Club. Pres. Prefect Class, Civics Club. DlESMAN, Areda A. 417 15th St. Hebrew ( lub. Interior Decorating Club. See. Math Office. DiGiuuo. Armida B. 2178 E. 2nd St. Student Court Cleric. G.O. Rep.. Jr. Arista. Service Squad. Di Napoli. Joanne 2073 W. 12th St. Italian ( lub. Study 11.ill Secretary. Di Sapio. Benjamin 69 Neele Rd. Dondes. Estelle 2922 W. 35th St. Budget (,om„ Sec. Prefect ( lass. Record Room, Class Treasurer. Dorf. Bertha 7821 20th Ave. bite Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad. Dori Isaac 1636 541 uad. Chem. Squad. Class Treasurer. Dornberc, I III.DA Swimming Club. I Attendance OITice. th St. Service Cafeteria Squad, 80 Brighton 1 ith St. landhall Club, Dreispan. Stanley S. 3109 Brighton 7th St. Annex Basketball Team. Service Squad, Glee Club. Drennan, Catherine M. 1337 E. 49th St. 26 Drettler. Isadore 2850 W. 3rd St. Sec. Civics Class. Drexler, Robert C. 37 Avenue O. Dreyfuss. Phyi.i.is B. 1-177 Dahill Rd. G.O. Rep.. Make-Up Squad, Landmark. ( lass Night. Dricks. Howard 2931 Brighton 8th St. Drimmer. Bernard M. 1431 E. 2nd St. P.T.A. Rep., Visual Instruction Of-lice. Service Squad. Pres. Lnglish Class. Dropkin. Henry 48-24 Brighton 48th St. Town I iall Club. Forum Club. Peace Council. I)u BOW. Israel W. 971 E. 12th St. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad. 1 rafTic Squad. Pres. Stamp Club. Dutka. Fannie A. 1659 W. 3rd St. Sec. Service Squad. Biology OITice. Stenography OITice, I ype-Art ( lub. Dworetsky, Lillian B. 2840 V. 30th St. Cafeteria-Refreshment Squad. Cafeteria Cashier. Sec. General OITice. Sec. Mr. Mazel. Eager, Sarah 2850 Brighton 7th St. Late Squad. Library Squad. Biology Lab.. Sec. Miss Goldberg. Eagle. Bert S. 3100 Brighton 3rd St. Stage Squad. Stadium Squad. Service Squad. Art Squad. I)usi Edelstein, Sylvia 1 lislory Office. Service Squad. Usher Squad. Arista. .0 . ljsenberc, Beatrice B. 2017 Brighton 7th St. Library Squad, I .aw Club, Wardrobe Squad. Eisekberg. Stanley 14 Woodside Avc. Co-Capt. I raclc I cam. Clinic, Service Squad. Biology Display Squad. o ■ “ Einhorn. Jack 2919 W. 36th St. Kiss. Gertrude 3046 Brighton 3rd St. Library Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Spanish Office. Ki.kins. Grace G. 3030 W. 23rd St Service Squad. Volleyball Club. 111.koi sky. Etiiel Choral. 3017 Ocean PLwy. Engel. Dorothy 2905 W. 13th St. Sec. Mr. Eontaine. Sec. Mrs. Busch. Sec. Mrs. Tepper, Interior Decorating C lub. Engelhardt. Sylvia 73 Bay 28th St. , y' Girls’ Clinic. Jr. Band, Cargoes. Cisoj JV , lion VW- V'ux V C Epstein. Herbert L. 14 Mott PI., Ear Roclcaway, L. I. Dean’s Office. Art Squad. Band. Cargoes. Music I lonor Society. Epstein. Seymour 3722 Poplar Avc. Service Squad. Intra mural Sports. ksJ Epstein, Stanley 1702-12 W. 6th St. Sr. Arista. Jr. Arista. Pres. Pythagorean Club. Spanish Office. Erlandsen. Howard E. s. 248 Avenue 28 Fabian, Rosalind 1406 E. 5th St. Arisla. Art Squad. Bazaar Com., Water Color Club. Faidengold. Shirley 2825 W. 37th St. Sec. Stenography Office. Library Squad, Needlccraft Club, Locker Room Squad. Falcon. Joseph A. 1966 H. 1st St. Physics Squad. Pres. Physics Club, V.P. ( hem. Club. Mgr. Basketball Team. Falk. Daniel 2361 Coney Island Avc. Library Squad. Spanish Club, Bird Club, Physics Club. Pallor. Seymour 3102 Brighton 1st PI. Budget Com., Service Squad. Pass, Rutiiye II. 6922 21st Ave. Cafeteria Squad. Prefect Sec., Swimming Office. Paver, Stanley S. 1470 E. 4th St. Student Court. Service Squad. Feder, Bluma 4823 17th Avc. Library Squad, Hebrew Club. Student Court. Arista. Fefferblum. Julius 3538 12th Ave. Feigenbaum. Annf. 2769 E. 15th St. Clinic Secretary. Visual Instruction Secretary. C.O. Rep., Cafeteria Squad. Fein, Selma 1906 E. 5th St. Cargoes Representative. Feinstein, Julius 2182 E. 5th St. Service Squad. lo cker Squad. Health Ed. Representative.29 Feldman, Arthur 2820 W. 27th St. Glee Club. Class Nigbt. First Aid Squad. I dramatics. Ferrara. I rank J. 257 Quentin Rd. Class President. Sr. Council Rep.. V.P. Italian Club. Ferstandig. Ruth 2330 Ocean Ave. Prefect Class Secretary. I'iasconaro. Domenica C. 2062 V. 8th St. Italian Club. Cafeteria Office, ( argoes Representative. Ficarra, Josephine 1813 W. 6th St. Ficiitenbaum. Harold S. 1388 W. 6th St. Orchestra, Band. Glee Club. i'iNKEL, Robert M. 1270 F. qtb St. ( linic, Lieut. Service Squad. Lieut. Traffic Squad. Dean’s Office. Finkelstein, Eliot S. 1527 W. 3rd St. Band, C dec Club. Peace Club. Jewelry Com. Finkelstein. I Iilton Z. 1660 W. 2nd St. Swimming learn, Lieut. Service Squad. Isiterians. Glee Club. Fischer. Roy 440 Avenue T. Art ( lub. Bird Club. Glee Club. Fisiigold. Charlotte 24 Brighton 4th Fisher. Israel S. 2929 W. 24th St. Swimming I cam. Locker Squad. Service Squad. Class Athletic Director.Fi.AUMKNHAFT. HoRTENSE L. 553 «6th St. Math Office, Hebrew Club. Art Office. Prom Com. Fleit. Sol 2162 69th St. Service Squad. German Club, Inter-class I emus. Fi.orio. Margaret A. 2022 W. noth St. Italian Club. Artweaving Club. Club Council Rep.. Prefect Secretary. Fogelgarn. Evelyn 2948 W. 24th St. Service Squad. Foreman. Frank H. 60 I .alec PI. Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. V.P. (hardening Club. Formichella. Alex A. 2202 E. 26th St. Service Squad. Italian Club. ZuCKERMAN. WALTER 2087 E. fjtK St. President Radio Club. Assembly Squad. Service Squad. Built Radio Station at School. Fox. Bernard 1660 W. 5tb St. Camera Squad. Service Squad. Fox. I Iarold 619 Avenue S. Jr. Arista. Dean’s Office, Cafeteria Squad. Biology Club. Fox. Vivienne P. 3733 Lyme Aye.. Sea Gate. Chairman Bazaar Com.. .P. Club Council. Pres. Prefect, Sec. Lincoln Award Com.—r: ■ Frank. Myrtle i5 h St. Li- brary Squad. I lebrcw C bib. Prefect See. Frankel. DoROTIIY 324 Neptune A VC. Secretary Economics Office, lorum Com. Fried, Arnold 464 Avenue U. Freedman. Lester 3033 Brighton 3rd St. Music I lonor Society, Cdcc Club, Choral Group. Ncshef. Friedberg. Marion 301 E. toth St. Record Office. Sight-seeing Club. Service Squad. Friedland. Aaron .1. 1458 E. 5th St. English Office. Prefect ( lass Treasurer. Service Squad. ( hemistry Squad. Friedman. Abraham S. 260 Ocean PL way. C hief Lawyer Student Court. Glee Club. Assembly Squad, I lebrew Club. Friedman. Blanche 3013 Brighton 5th St. C dec Club. Service Squad. 31 I'riedman, Lillian 2-4 Nass Wall. I'riedman, Seymour 1802 Ocean PLway. Alchemists. Chemistry Squad, Jr. Band. Friedman, Shirley D. 1340 E. 3rd St. Attendance Office. Sr. Council, P.T.A. Rep. Friesel. Minnie R. 264 Avenue O. Student Welfare Office. Loyalty League.32 Fromberg. Leah 045 E. loth St. Program Office and Com.. Varsity Snow, Girl Leader Arista. Arkon. Frumkin, Barnf.tt 146 Van Sicldcn St. Chemistry Club. Study Hall Squad. Furi.ong, Ruth 124 West Ave. Class President, Library Squad. Prom Com., (dub Council. Fuzo. Marie G. 7506 13th Ave. Athletic Clubs, french Club. Gati, Marie 500 Van Sicldcn St. Garber. Rose L. 2985 Ocean Pkway. Forum Adv. Council. Service Squad. Grade Adviser’s Office. Garelick. Harold 8666 24th Ave. Assembly Squad. Gym Leader. Garfinki.e. Edith Y. 415 Avenue C. Kallista, Dean’s Oflice, Clup Council. {fJ (TV' yvAxfc- G tXTjXne 2nd St. Gastfriend, Mildred M. 1320 Coney Island Ave. Sightseeing Club, Prefect Secretary. Gavurin, Lester 3000 Brighton 12th St. Arista. Service Squad, Captain Squad. nr Gei.dston, Samuel 2805 W. 20th St.33 Gelfman, Milton 1.170 Ocean PLway. Service Squad. Law Club. Gel fond. Max 36 Avenue O. Service Squad. Geller. Emanuei. 2035 Ocean PLway. IjorLcr Squad, Service Squad. Traffic Squad. Dean’s Office. Gerardi. Vincent 101 Dean St. Gerecitano. Katherine T. 1673 W. iotb St. Sec. Service Squad. Italian Club, Usher Squad. Cerhardt, Lucille T. 3100 Brighton 2nd St. Arista. ArLon. Sec. CZlnh Council, Pres. Dramatic Club, Civics Club. Gerlack, Mildred 1073 70th St. Secretary in Stenography Office. Gershenov, William 3037 Brighton i.jth St. Baseball I earn. GersHkoff, Abraham S. 1060 Ocean Ave. Class Ircasurer, LocLer Squad. Assembly Squad. Service Squad. Gf.rsiiunoff, Alex A. i.jo6 Avenue Y. Boy Leader Music I lonor Society. Orchestra. Band. Gettincer. Rf.nee L. 1560 Ocean PLway. Cargoes Rep., Varsity Show Rep., General Office. Get . Carl 165 West End Ave. In-terclass Baseball and I landhall. Service Squad.34 Geyer. Eleanor 35 Brighton 1st Path. ocational Guidance Office, Moviegoer’s ( lub. G.O. Rep., Icnnis Club. Giangrasso, Marion C. 2 123 W. 3rd St. Jr. Arista. Attendance Office. Pres. Annex French Club. Gilman. Johanna 1826 61st St. Giordano, John N. 2019 V. 5th St. Giordano. Marie J. 2863 W. 16th St. Secretary Service Squad. Giroffi. Marie 2436 W. 3rd St. Basketball Club, I landhall ('lub. Punchhall Club, Stenography Speed Club. Gladstein, Bernard "5739 Mermaid Ave. I'ootball I cam. Class President. Sr. Council. Gladstone. Siiaui. A. 1062 E. 4th St. Glassberg, Nat 2728 Kings I Ighy. I rack I cam. Service Squad. V.P. Prefect. Locker Squad. Gi.asser. Frances 1270 E. 18th St. Classman. Milton 146 Dahill Rd. Classman. Sanford 35 St. Nicholas ler. Math I earn. Arista. Math Office.35 Gold. Felix N. 2364 64th St. Stage Squad. Service Squad. Stadium Squad. Museum Club. Gold. Irving 036 Avenue S. Dean’s Office. Arista. Math Squad. Surveying Club. Gold. Jack J. 2211 E. 4th St. Stage Squad. Stadium Squad. Lieut. Assembly Squad. Service Squad. Gold. Manny 4127 18th Ave. Leader I larmonica C Iub. Class Night. Concert. Service Squad. Gold. Violet i 1.10 St. Johns PI. loyalty League, I landball Club, Baseball Club. Goldberg, Evelyn E. 2922 W. 24th St. Sightseeing C lub. Goldberg. Gaye M. 1964 66th St. Prefect President. Stenography Office. Goldberg, Joseph 479 Neptune Ave. Goldberg, Rebecca 97 Neptune Ave. Landmark Staff, ( lass Night Com.. Math learn. Arista. Goldberg, Sanford 133 Jeffrey St. lennis learn. Library Squad. Service Squad. Goldberg, Selma 5403 16th Ave. Library Squad. Goldfarb. Harold 2873 W. 35th St. Service Squad.36 Goldman. Anita P. 3029 Brighton 12th St. Library Squad. Sec. Annex G.O., Handball Tournament Winner. Goldman. Erwin 1414 E. 12th St. Goldman, Gertrude 1012 Avenue 11. Service Squad. Student Court. Goldman. Norma R. 2985 W. 31st St. Art Squad. Sen. •ice Squad. Eco. Office. Goldner. Abraham D. 1496 Flat bush Ave. Spanish Office. Jr. Arista. V.P. Pythagorean Club, Current Events Team. Goldsmith. Jack S. 2856 W. 24th St. Locker Squad. Goldstein. Bella G. 1717 W. 5th St. Stenography Office. Goldstein, Herman I. 2046 W. 3rd St. Sc rvice Squad. Traffic Squad. Track Team. Goldstein, Howard 5116 13th Ave. Chief Justice Student Court. Senate, Pres. Debating I earn. Medical Service Com. Chairman. Goldstein, Laura E. 3820 Lyme Ave. Danzker. Seymour 1550 W. 10th St. Goldstein. Mathew St. 2869 W. 37th37 Goldwasskr. Florence 2330 6tst St. Study Hall Sec.. Sightseeing Club. Golub. Beatrice 346 Avenue (). ( lee Club, V.P. Movie-Makers Club. Cafeteria Squad. Water Color Club. Gombf.rc, Ruth St. Director Art Fditor, Arista. S. 2026 Brighton Squad. Landmark Art Senior Council. Prom Com.. Good. Gloria C. 3 ista. Student Wclfa Fvents Ieam. 39 Avenue P. Ar-OfTice. Current I Iamblin. 12lb St. LuriCE S. 3000 Brighton Goodman. Herman 1321 Avenue U. Scr 'ice Squad. Art Gallery Squad. Orchestra. Goodstkin. Adei.e 3831 Lyme Avc.. Seagate. Landmark. Varsity Show, Biology Office, Arkon. Gordon. Sylvia 4699 liedford Avc. Prefect Class Pres., Dean s Office. Cafeteria Squad. Library Squad. Goti.ib. Michael i 130 Brighton licacb Arc. Gottfried. Irving 944 1st Ct. V.P. Prefect (lass. Surveying Club. Club Council, Senior Prefect Class I rcas. Gottlieb. Eugene 5040 Brighton 7th St. Arista. Arkon. Pres. General Organization. Landmark. Tennis Team Mgr. Gottlieb. Pearl 2843 W. 3th St. Math Office. Dental Clinic. Varsity Show, Varsity Show Rep.38 Grad. Coli.ins 287a W. 21st St. Grande, Esther 473 Avenue Y. G.O. Office. Granat. Gloria E. 6601 Bay Pkway. Sightseeing Club. Typing Club. Art Club. Granitto. William 2033 W. nth St. Grecken, Rebecca 1375 Coney Island Ave. Greenbaum. Bernard 2034 W. 29th St. Track Team. Service Squad. Greenbaum. Gertrude 3726 Neptune Ave. Library Squad. Mr. Fried’s Office. Spanish Club. Greenberg. Aaron H. 1776 E. 13th St. Stadium Squad. Stage Manager of Squad. Greenberg. Edithe J. 1388 E. 2nd St. Stage Manager Varsity Show. G.O. Rep.. Service Squad. Greenberg. Evelyn 3015 Brighton 2nd St. General Office. Swimming Club, Attendance Squad. P.7 .A. Rep. George 2118 Mermaid Ave. Surveying Club, Locker Squad. Greenberg. Irving 2846 W. 30th St. Peace Club.39 Greenberg, Nessie 2927 W. 3rd St. Senior Council. Prefect Class Secretary. Prefect Class President. Greenberg. Sydney L. 1836 ,17th St. Log Photo. Staff. I.ieut. Service Squad. Lieut. Attendance Squad. Dindmarlc. Greenberg, Zelda 2311 F. 18th St. Visual Instruction Office. Prefect Pres. Greenhouse. Lillian 1310 F. 3rd St. Sergeant Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad. G.O. Rep. Cref.nstein. Geraldine F. 357 Ocean Plcway. Sergeant Cafeteria Squad. Late Squad, Library Squad. Grobgeld. Julius F. 2270 64th St. Varsity Show Rep.. Gym Leader. Groisser, William B. 3030 Brighton 12th St. English Office. P.T. Office. Budget Corn. ('•ross, Dorothy 2187 E. 5th St. Log Staff. Student Welfare Office. Clinic. Physics Squad. Grossman. Eugene 3728 Maple Ave. Editor-in-Chief Log. Arista. Arkon. Biology Lab.. Boxing ( lub. Grossman. Rose M. 62.1 Avenue S. Mr. Gottfrieds Office. Dental Clinic. Service Squad. I raffle Squad. Guagliata, Ferdinand 1436 73rd St. Gualtieri. Anna 1658 W. 1st St.Guarino. Josephine 1528 V. 5th St. Spanish Office, Bird Club. Medical Club. Guber, Rose R. 113 Brighton 11th St. Cargoes, Library Squad. Guiu.au min. Jacques 664 Ocean Plcway. Baseball Team. Football I eam, Cross Country’ Squad. Prefect President. Guzzardi. Jessie J. ia 16 E. utb St. Dean’s Office. Italian Club. Haas.Chari.es 501 Avenue R. Physics Squad. Service Squad, Water Color Club. I Iaiken, Melvin R. 40 Shore Blvd. Halberstein, Annette M. 2816 Cortland St. Biology Office. I lebrew Club. Mall. Georce W. 1086 Coney Island Ave. Service Squad, V.P. Prefect Class. Inter-class Softball. Mazer, Robert 9-21 Brighton 1st Rd. Handwerker. Murray 81 Ocean Plcway. Class President. Dean s Office. Debating Ieam. Pres. P.T.A. Club. Hansen, Eileen 1919 Surf Ave. Harmatz, Daniel 8751 24th Ave. Cafeteria Squad, Service Squad. I raffle Squad, Cross Country Ieam.4 Hartman. Florence 460 51st St. Capt. Cafeteria Squad. Asst. Capt. Ticket Squad. Club Council. Senate. Arkon. I Iasinsky. Morris 1682 59th St. I Iausman. Eugene A. 66 Brighton 1 ith St. Math Squad. Jr. Arista. Student Ct.. Biology Squad. Hebei.. Sol 3121 Brighton 5th St. Service Squad, Prefect Class Pres. I Ieciit. I'ANNIE B. Library Squad, Sec. Mr. Sc human. Sec. Prefect Class. Heckler, Alice E. 2678 W. 3rd St. G.O. Rep., Prefect Class President. I Iei.ler, Sid 28.15 W. 30th St. Library Squad. G.O. Rep., Dean s Office, Pres. Spanish Class. Herman, Ernest 710 Nostrand Ave. Arista. Orchestra. Swimming I cam. Hersh kowitz. Arthur W. 145 Sea Office. Service Squad. Locker Squad. Hershkoxvitz, David 2148 E. 8th St. Grade Adviser s Office. Arkon. Arista. I reasurer Senior ('lass. Hersh kowitz, Howard B. 145 Sea Breeze Ave. Locker Room Squad. Chem. Office. Service Squad. Director A. I list. Bulletin Board. Herskovitz. Marjorie 2050 82nd St. Capt. Mimeograph Squad. Sr. Arista. Cafeteria Squad. Jr. Arista.42 Hertz. Naomi R. 1537 E. and St. Stenography Office. Sr. Council, ( lass Night. Varsity Show Rep. Herzog. Helen I I. 3100 15th Ave. Stenography Office. Sec. English ( lass. I I.E. Ixader. I lll.I.EBRENNER. RuiXH.PIIE A. 2065 W. 52ml St. I IlNDEN, Mil.TON 2863 W. 23th St. G.O. Rep., Cafeteria Squad. Hockmeyer, Roselyn 120 Ocean View Ave. Sec. Miss Busch, Service Squad. Swimming ( lub. I fistory Office. Hoenig. Lillian 1649 W. 12th St. Service Squad. Sec. Miss Knigin. I Iofper. Florence 286(5 Brighton 3rd St. Capt. Library Squad, Pres. Prefect ('lass. Program Office. Program Com. Hofferman. Charlotte 2879 W. 17th St. Library Squad. Basketball Club. Swimming Club, Handball Club. I Iofpincer. Martin i 334 Ocean Pic way. Hoffman, Shirley E. 542 Sheeps-bead Bay Rd. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad, french Club. I Ionic. Club. Herbert 9 Sands Walk. Lincoln forum. Advisory Office. Current Events mont Vnr. 1 Iorowitz. Irving 1723 W. 3th St. Baseball Squad. Service Squad. V.P. Prefect Class.Horowitz, Sol 3616 Mermaid Ave. I Iurwitz. I Iaroi.d 11. 4632 IV ach 46th St. Black lioard Monitor. Window C Opener. Hyman, Norma 28.14 W. 33rd St. Pres. Prefect Class. Sec. Prefect Class. English Office. Iannei.la. Maria 2236 McDonald Ave. Sec. Bird Club. Medical Club. Italian Club. Health Rep. in Prefect. Ianeli.i. Vincent T. 744 Dunne Ct. Service Squad. Library Squad. Sec. of Prefect, Sec. of Faculty Painting Club. Indenbaum. Myra M. 2060 E. 18th St. Sec. Peace Club. Sec. English Office, I louse of Rep., Prom C om. Insi.er, Edna II. 2085 W. 31st St. Sec. to Miss Ritchie, Swimming Club. Isaacs, Edna P. 264 Avenue O. Ark-on. Class Nile. Sec. in G.O. Office. Israel, Solomon 1914 Surf Ave. Itelson, Mark A. 30 West End Ave. Varsity Swimming learn. Varsity Show, Pres. English Class. V.P. Prefect. 43 Jaches, Nelcie J. 301 Avenue J. Ark-on. Jr. Arista, Co-Chairman Prom Com., Sec. of Prefect. Jacobs. Bernard 2836 W. 36th St. Prefect Class Pres.. Biology Squad, Arista. Chemistry Club.44 Jacobson. Shirley M. 1800 Ocean Pkway. Arista. Program Com., Arlcon. Sec. in G.O. Office. Landmark Staff. Jacobson. Shirley S. 20 Brighton 3rd Rd. Cutting and Attendance Squad. Bazaar Com. of Club Council. landmark Staff. Peace Council. Jacowitz. Seymour M. 1055 Brighton Beach Ave. Service Squad. Jacowitz. Sheldon 3079 Brighton 14th St. Visual Aid Squad. Jaffe. Herbert 165 Norfolk Ct. Prom Com. Cafeteria Squad. Good Citizens Club, Jr. Arista. Jaffe, Larry 1151 Brighton 15th St. rs[ y AROSIIEVSKY. ESTHER I. 622 Avenue Glee Club, Choral Group. All City Chorus, Music Honor Society. Jeanette. Nancy R. 2424 E. 7th St. Italian Club, Sec. in Italian Dept., Sec. to Mr. Fried, Sec. to Mrs. Tcpper. Johnson. Elmer 1683 58th St. Jorrisch. Phyllis 3038 Brighton 12th St. Sec. of Prefect. Sec. of French Of-lice, Arista. Sec. of French Club. Julius. Mary R. V. 2106 Mermaid Ave. Pres, of Prefect, Sec. in Auditor’s Office, Sec. of Prefect. G.O. Rep. Kaiser, Stanley 2211 E. 7th St. Track learn. Service Squad. Log Circulation Staff.45 Kalish. Helen 81 Van SicLIen St. C«lee Club. See. in Swimming Office. Kai.iski. Miriam 2144 Ocean PL way. Kallins. Edward I. 3093 Brighton 4th St. ArLon, Mgr. Log Circulation Staff. Senior Council. Pres, of Prefect. Kanner. Edwin B. 3145 Brighton 4th St. Pres. Senior (.'lass. Pres. G.O., Capt. I ennis Team, Arista. ArLon. Pres. Ath-letiLa. Boy leader Jr. Arista. Ka nner, Esther B. 710 Avenue V. Arista. ArLon, Class Nile. bmdmarL Staff, Sec. to Dean. Student Court. Kaplan. Abe 1744 E. 3rd St. fencing Squad, Service Squad, Swimming Squad, Assembly Squad. Kaplan. Estelle E. 1319 NewLirL Ave. Sec. to Mrs. BatchLcr. Gym Leader. Prom. Com. Kaplan. Helen 2113 E. 8th St. Pres. Art C lass. Jr. Arista. Sec. to Miss Prescott. Sec. to Miss Ritchie. Kaplan, Ruth L. 2728 Kings I Ighy. Medical Club. I ennis Club, Jr. Arista. General Office. Kaplan. Sol 3100 Ocean PLway. Arista. Debating Team. Log Staff. Orchestra. Kaplan. Walter 3109 Mermaid Ave. Interclass BasLctball. Service Squad. Interclass Swimming. Kaspinski, Henry 95 E. 18th St. Baseball Squad.46 Kass. Stanley 1565 E. jth S ohem. Squad, Physics Science Exhibit Squad. I»g Circulation Staff. Katz, Beatrice 2822 Brighton 8th St. Water Color Club, Law Club, Painting ( lub. Biology Office. Katz. Charles a 14 Coleridge St. I rack Squad. Locker Squad. Service Squad, Annex Basketball 1 cam. Keevak, Eugene 71 Bay 28th St. Cafeteria Squad. I icket Squad. Junior Band. Kerner. Abe 1546 E. 3rd St. Aviation Club. Kesselman. Lillian F. 1843 E. 3th St. Bazaar Com.. Club Council. Student Court. Record Room Staff. Kheel. Jasciia 4240 Surf Avc. Chess ('lub. Visual Aid Squad, Service Squad. Junior Band. Kigner. David I.. 1545 E. 5th S. I rack Squad. I'oothall Squad, Service Squad, Art League. Kikoler. Esther 1949 E. 9th St. Sec. to Grade Adviser. Service Squad, ’Tall of the City” Cast. Lincoln lr iitute— Soloist. Kirscii. Robert 351 Dabill Rd. Pres. Alchemists. Chemistry Squad. Sec. I leb-rew did). Cross Country Squad. Kirsch. Shirley F. 412 Avenue F. Arista. Sec. of Prefect, Sec. in Student Welfare Office, Intelligence Test Squad. Kirschman, Harold 2029 78th St. English Office. I lebrew Club.47 Kirs., iaum. Charles A. 2021 78th St. Physics Lab. Squad. V.P. Prefect. Jr. .A ista, Pres. Prefect Class. Ki.ein, Blanche B. 1631 W. qth St. See. in G.O. Store. See. in G.O. Office. Sec. in Economics Office. Service Squad. Ki.ein. Louis 3130 Brighton 7th St. Service Squad. Student Patrol. Pres, of French C lass, Pres, of German Class. Ki.ein, Mari.ene 212 Neptune Ave. Sec. to Miss Shapiro. G.O. Rep.. Stenography Speed Club, Sightseeing Club. Klein. Pearl 1832 W. .jth St. See. in G.O. ()ffice. Sec. to (Irade Adviser. C dee Club, Sec. in Biology Office. Klein. Sylvia 1665 30th St. I lebrew Club. P. I.A. Rep.. Club Council Rep., See. in Corrective Gym. Kleinfeld. Stanley 2026 E. i8tb St. Service Squad. Stamp Club. Sec. I ly-giene Class. Inter-class Sports. letter. Dorothy 3102 Brighton 1st PI. Sports Editor Log. See. Jr. Arista. Arkon. See. to Mr. Gottfried. 1 Kline. Arthur 1032 E. 8th St. Biology Club. Service Squad. Cant. Mimeograph Squad. Moviegoers’ Club. Kobkansky. Bernice E. 2062 Brighton 1st St. Arista, Library Squad. Stenography Office. Student Court. Koen. Martin M. 120 Ocean Pkway. Physical Science Squad. Class I reasurcr. Current Events Club. Chemists Club. Koenigsbkrg. Ernest St. 2972 W. 27th4« Koppelman. Evelyn F. 1040 54th Si. Sec. in Student Welfare Office, Glee Club. Sec. in French Oflicc. Swimming Club. Korn. Charles II. 6118 23rd Avc. Locker Squad. Dean s Office. I raffic Squad. Kornfeld, Rutii 1018 70th St. Sec. to Miss Rosenbloom. Sec. to Mr. Gcrdy. Kornspan. Miriam 359 Avenue O. Sec. to Miss Lubart. Sec. in General Oflicc. Sec. to Mr. Gcrdy. Kostroff. Evelyn R. 2843 Brighton 3rd St. Library Squad. Dramatic Club. Sec. to I lead o f Shorthand Dept. KouGIAS, Anne B. 1 107 McDonald Ave. Koval. Marjorie L 1808 E. 7th St. I lebrew C lub. Ncshef Production. Sec. in Art Office. Cafeteria Squad. Krafchik. Lillian B. 2847 W. 33rd St. Sec. in General Oflice. P. LA. Rep. Krakowsky. Ben 367 Neptune Avc. G.O. Rep.. President Prefect. Lincoln Forum, Athletic Manager. Kramer. Lawrence 1334 40th St. Service Squad. I lebrew Club. Krantz. Abraham 2187 Ocean Ave. Music I lonor Society. Choral Society. Class Nile, Sergeant Cafeteria Squad. Kkassner. Gus 2837 W. 30th St. Service Squad.Kratka, Martin W. 2813 W. 20th Si. Kreiner, Meyer 132 Ocean View Ave. Krim. Sylvia 335 Kings Hghy. Sec. in Record Room. Sec. in Biology Office. G.O. Rep., Relief Collector. Krinsky. Naomi 3094 Brighton 5th St. Sec. to Grade Adviser. Prom Coin., Arista. "Fall of the City Cast. Kristall. Rhoda B. 1639 E. 4th St. Kallista. Swimming I earn. Service Squad. Bookkeeping Office. Kronen, Bert R. 333 Neptune Ave. Varsity Show. Debating learn. Land-ma rk Staff. Art Squad. Kronoxvith. I Ierbert H. 2929 W. 32nd St. Varsity Swimming learn. Reorganization Com.. Athletika, Capt. Jr. Varsity Swimming. Krug, John G. 1324 E. 9th St. Chess Club, Traffic Squad, Student Patrol. G.O. Representative. Kruit. Mildred S. 1538 E. 3rd St. Glee Club. Sec. in English Office. Krui.i., Jack J. 2009 E. 3rd St. Baseball learn. Kuperman. Martha 36 Brighton 1st PI. Stenography Office. Student Court, Prefect Class Treas., Bronze Scholarship Pin. Kuperman. Philip 1637 W. 13th St. Program Com.. Program Office. 4950 Kurnik. Bernard 2001 E. 7th St. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad, Swimming Squad. Soccer Squad. Kurta, Rhoda 3too Ocean Pkway. Sec. in English OfTice. See. in 1 listory Office, Class Nitc. Dancing Club. Kurtz, Bert 3068 Brighton 3rd St. Student Art League. Sec. in Swimming Pool, Service Squad. Kurtz, Janet M. 2849 W. 35th St. Service Squad. Student Court Clerk. Cafeteria Squad. Drum and Bugle Corps. Kushkin, Vivian 1. 3030 Brighton and St. Arista, Arkon. Sec. in Dean’s Office, Landmark Staff. La Chase, Oi.ca A. not 65th St. Secretary Student Patrol. Student Patrol, Ushering Squad. Ladin. Gladys R. 2003 E. 7th St. Choral Society. Glee Club. Class Night. All City I tigh School ('horns. Lam berg, Esther 282 W. 5th St. Program Office, Glee Club (Annex). Lampel. Hilda 2823 W. 5th St. Cafeteria Cashier. Glee Club, Swimming l earn and Club. Reorganization Squad. Landfisii, Henry A. 3006 Brighton 6th St. Fencing Team, Stadium Souad. Assistant Mgr. fencing I cam. Students Art League. Landsman, Lillian A. 3047 Brighton 1st St. Service Squad. Sec. to Mr. Drachler, Sec. to Mr. I reilich. La Ruffa, Rudolph 1549 W. 5th St.I .a Sirena, Mary 20 Van Sicklen St. Library Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Spanish Office, Newman Club. Lasky. Haroi.d M. 7420 Ridge Blvd. C lass Night. Varsity Snow. Soccer Team. Biology I-ab. 5' Latino. Salvatore J. 1852 W. 10th St. President Prefect Class. Laudadio, Silvio I. 1432 E. 3rd St. (apt. fencing I earn. Lieut. Service Squad. President Prefect Class. Track Team. Pauper. Pearl T. 2784-C W. 36th St. Cafeteria Squad. General Office. Girls Clinic. Locker Room Squad. Lawrence. Louis 1664 W. qth St. Choral Group. Supply Squad. Lost and found Squad. Italian Fiesta. Leaf. Ruth 1313 W. 7th St. Art Squad, Basketball I earn. Water Color (dub. Secretary to Miss Ritchie. Lebowitz, Roslyn F. 2932 W. 21st St. I rcasurer of Senior Prefect, Biology laboratory. Secretarial Practice Club. Secretary in Guidance Office. Leder. Beatrice 3033 Brighton St. Secretary to Mr. Levanter. Secretary to Miss Chevola, Spanish Office. Lederman. Mildred S. 134.1 E. 8th St. Record Office. Secretary of Prefect. I Ichrew Club. Lehman. Ira 371 Neptune Avc. Leibowitz. Edith 2865 W. 32nd St. Swimming Club. Service Squad. Art Squad. Senior Council.5 2 Lf.iman. Martin 510 82nd St. Club Council. Chess Team Manager, Locker Room Squad, Chess learn. Le Master. Burton P. 1741 I '. 5th Si. Orchestra, Dean’s Squad, Prefect Athletic Manager, Service Squad. Lendrum. Rutii 1526 E. 8th St. Lekkowsky. Betty 2131 Ocean Pkwy. Secretary of Prefect Class. Annex Biology Squad. Lepis. Antoinette 1870 W. 12th St. Cafeteria Squad, Library Squad, Newman Club. Italian Club. Lerner. Michael V. 1411 E. 2nd St. I rack. Basketball. President of Prefect Class. Leshin, Lilyan B. 6620 Bay Parkway. Pres, of Pref. Class. Sten. Office. Eco. Office. Leshnover, Samuel 1980 East 7th St. Glee Club, Math. I earn. Leventhal, I Iekry 44 Ave. S. Dismissal Squad. Levey, Robert M. 1561 West 1 ith St. Student Patrol. Levin. Dorothy 3004 Neptune Ave. English Office, Cargoes Representative. Spanish Club. Levin, Jerry 2041 East 7th St. Capt. Swimming I earn, Athletika.53 Levin, Marcia G. 2830 West 35th St. Arista, Sr. Grade Adv. Office, Chemistry Office. Levine, Evelyn B. 4051 Atlantic Ave. Sea Gate. Varsity Show. Senior Council. Service Squad. Eco. Office. Levine, I Iarriet S. 1650 Ocean Pkwy. Stcn. Office. Sten. Club. Levine, Larry J. 186 Brighton 10 St. Basketball I earn. Swimming. Service Squad. Levine, Mortimer J. 842 East 9th St. Physics Squad. Service Squad. Assembly Squad. Radio Club. Kuegman, Norman N. 1561 E. 3rd St. Attendance Squad. Service Squad. Levine, Seymour 129 Neptune Ave. Visual Aid Squad. Service Squad. Swimming J. V. Levinton. Erances 7 Bay Terrace Loyalty Squad, lennis Club. Swim Club, (baseball Club. Levison, Irwin N. 2260 Ocean Pkwy. Service Squad. Attendance Squad. o Levitan, Goodwin I. 2123 E. 9th St. J. V. Swimming. Service Squad. Usher Squad. Spanish Club. Levy, Dorothy 79 Brighton 11 St. Sten. plbye, G.O.yRep.. Library Squad. Levy, Rose E. 2871 Brighton 3rd St. Secretary Mr. Frieds Office. Secretary Physical Science. French Club. 54 Levy, Siiei.don 3009 Ocean Parkway. Orchestra. Junior Arista, Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Lewbel. Selma 2133 E. 1st St. Girls' ( linic. Library Squad. Lieber, Nat 271 Neptune Ave. Eco. Office. Gym Office. Service Squad. Basketball Squad. IJE BERMAN, MORTIMER 2011 E. 2nd St. I rack Team. Prefect Class President. Senior Council. Service Squad. LiebermaN, Murray i6qq W. i ith St. Service Squad. Student Court. Cafeteria Squad. Prefect ( lass President. Lieberman, Rose 8661 19th Avenue Mr. Gottfried s Office, Library Squad. G.O. Rep., Service Squad. Lifer. Florence C. 3001 W. 29th St. Annex Library. Secretary to Dean. Secretary to Mr. Abramowitz. Li 1 siiitz. Anne 2925 W. 21st St. G.O. Rep.. Prefect ( lass I reasurer. Cafeteria Squad. Liljan, Gertrude E. 1702 W. 13th St. Math Office. Linde. Marilyn 1713 W. 6th St. St. Welfare Office. Biology Office. Dramatics. Secretary for Mr. Blank. Lindner. Eli 4099 Ocean Parkway Secretary to Mrs. Batchkcr. Secretary to Mr. I lirsebberg. Secretary to Mr. Fontaine (Annex), Service Squad. Linn. Harold I). .1202 Highland Ave. Vice-President of Arkon. Arista. Program Office. Program Committee.Lipton, Evelyn S. 8.10 Utica Ave. Mimeograph Squad. Study Mall Cutting Squad, Class Night. Speed Club. Lirtzman, Lillian J. 2772 W. 33rd St. Record Room Secretary. Swim Of-lice, French Office, Junior Arista. I.ism. David 2788 W. 33rd St. Lieut, of Service Squad. Arkon. Julius M. Show. Cheer I Squad. 4 2161 F. 8th St. ider. I listor - Of- I I jOrkdo. Ophelia C. 3018 Brighton ,jth St. Arista, Class Night, Swimming I earn. Cafeteria Squad. Ijow, Jerome 18.13 E. 2nd St. Boys Clinic. Biology Display Squad. Assembly Squad. Lubowitz, Shirley S. 123 Brighton 11th St. Assistant Editor I og. Arkon. Arista. Program Olfice Com.. Landmark. Stei.i.a. Teresa 1959 E 5-th St. Lutrario. Frank P. 2077 Y. 8th St. General Office. Italian Club. Cafeteria Squad. Class President. Lyons, Emanuel 15.1 Avenue P. G. O. Rep.. P.T.A. Rep., Senior Council. Service Squad. L XMack, Dorothy 2837 W. and St. Grade Adviser’s Office, Record Office. Madrick, Bernice S. 2862 Brighton 3rd St. Secretary of Study Hall. Cargoes Rep., Secretary of Biology Class. Secretary of Spanish Class. Maduri, Benny 1. 276 Ave. S. Service Squad, Dismissal Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Orchestra. Mager. Sylvia 241 Power St. Record Office. Cafeteria Squad, Glee Club. Dramatics. Mager. Sylvia 1700 E. 3rd St. Record Office, Radio Guild. Dramatics. Junior Arista. Magidov. Helen 1800 Ocean Parlcway Library Squad. Swimming Office, Eco. Office, Loyalty League. Magra.m, Muriel J. 24 Sea Gate Terr. History Office. Secretary Music Office, Drum Bugle Corps, Secretary Miss Ra-batsky. Maliniak, Helen T. 2424 Neptune Ave. Art Stock Room. Water Color Club, Outdoor Painting Club, Secretary to Mr. Haas. Malkin, Cecil Z. 1712 E. 4th St. G. O. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Cafeteria Squad. Health Monitor. Malkin, Sylvia J. 912 Avenue S. Mr. fried s Secretary. General Office, ('lass President. Malow, Regina 3017 W. 22nd St. Mammano, Angelo 2437 W. 1st St.57 Mandel. Alvin H. 1546 E. and St. Record Office. Mimeograph Squad, Traffic Squad. Service Squad. Mandell. Shirley R. 2281 E. 19th St. Service Squad. Art Weaving Club. Prefect Class Secretary. P.l .A. Rep. Mangano. Concetta 1065 E. 21st St. Mancano. Joseph 1065 E. 21st St. Manno, Joseph 2446 E. 3rd St. Cargoes Rep., G.O. Rep., Service Squad, l-ab. Assistant. Marancos, Helen 2316 W. 1st St. French Club. Bird Club. MARANrz. Irwin 11. Varsity Show. Mimeograph Squad. Dramatics. G.O. Office. Marchello, Eugenia 2118 W. 5th St. Marcus. Bernice D. 2229 Ocean Pky. Accounting Office. Service Squad. Attendance Squad. Marcus, Gertrude R. 238 Avenue P. Swimming Club. Secretary to Miss Luba rt, Eco. Office. G.O. Rep. Marder. Gerald E. 3076 Brighton 13th St. Handball, Baseball. Marder. Gloria I. 245 Amherst St. Swimming Club, Secretary to Miss Stuart. Library Squad. Art Weaving Club.Maresca. Catherine T. 2830 V. 16 St. Library Squad. Cargoes Rep., Art Weaving Club. Marino, Mary S. 2162 W. 8th St. Secretary Italian Club. Marinos. George 20.J I lighlawn Ave. Service Squad. Markell, William 107 Neptune Ave. Secretary Dr. Bernard. Assistant I.ieut. Traffic Squad. Peace Club. Marks, Stanley 20 Bay View Ave. English Office, Service Squad. Annex Basketball Team, Secretary Prefect Class. Marlowe. Vyvyenne D. 1882 W. 9 St. Cargoes Squad. Library Squad. 1 lis-lory Office. Cargoes Rep. Marro. Margaret G. 2468 W. 4th St. Swimming Office. Swim Club. Prelect Class Secretary. Mars, Alvin I. 1323 E. 16th St. Captain Math Team. Arkon, Arista. Math Office Squad. Martini. Elizabeth M. 2870 W. 29 St. Program Office. Program Committee. Secretary of Arkon. Martino. Nicholas L. 2152 W. 10th St. Prefect Class President. Jr. Arista. .rim rufland Martorana. Josephine F. 1937 W. 10th St. Martorella, Sai. R. 2372 E. 5th St. Orchestra. All City I ligh School Band. Music Honor Society, Assistant Concert Master of Orchestra.59 Matlin. Estelle F. 13,12 W. 6th St. Secretary to Mr. I I. Ball, Secretary to Miss Winkler. Matz. Lorna J. 3058 Brighton Cafeteria Squad, Secretary Study I lall Cutting Sqi.ad, Science Office. Matza, Hyman 383 Ocean Parkway. Radio Chd), Service Squad, Vice-President Prefect Class. Matza, Oriel 1383 Ocean Pky. Sen-ice Squad. Mazo. Shirley B. 2031—73rd St. Art C iallcry. Hebrew Club, french Office. Mazur. Irving 148 Van Sicklen St. Orchestra. Band Manager. Music I lonor S»ciety, All City I ligh School Band. McGee, Dorothy G. 2380 Coney Island Ave. President Prefect Class, Newman Club. Meai.ia. Eleanore F. 2232 East 1st St. Cafeteria Squad. Secretary Dean’s ()lficc. I ennis Club. I landfall Club. Meisi.in, Dorothy 2280 East 7th St. D»g Staff. Physics Squad. Program Com-milttec. Arista. Mendelsohn. Dorothy II. 2 60 E. 18th St. Art Weaving Club. Student Welfare Office. Mkriman, Sylvia K. 1878 W. qth St. English Office. Library Squad. Biology Office. I ennis Club. Messina, Joseph J. 211 Bird Club. Biology Club. Sec. to Mrs. 1 epper. 5 Avenue Z. Italian Chib.Go Messinger. Maybelle B. 2830 W. 36th St. Captain of Late Squad. I Icb-rew Club, Secretary to Miss Sugerman (Annex). Cafeteria Squad. Messinger. Murray 2918 W. 27th St. Metz. Esther R. 3075 Brighton i.jth St. English Office. Biology Office. Secretary Prefect Class. Meylach, S01. 1600 W. 7th St. Handball. Michaelson, Ruth II. 2851 V. 37th St. Arlcon, Dr. Mason s Office, Mr. I lirschberg's Office. G.O. Office. Migi.iorisi. Vincent J. 1917 W. 13th St. Assembly Squad. Dr. Orgel s Office. Vice-President Prefect Class. I )is-missal Squad. Migneco. Nancy A. 8616—17th Avc. Secretary to Mrs. Batchker. Dr. Masons Office. O.O. Representative, Varsity Show Representative. Milgrom, Jacob 7813—20 Avc. Arista. Program Office. Committee. Physics Laboratory. President French Club. Miller. Sheila J. 1421 F. 7th St. Library Squad. Current Events Club. Arista. Managing Editor of Log. Mill man. Daniel 129 Neptune Avc. f irst Aid Squad. Service Squad. Biology Research Club. Mills, Paul 1910 F. 3rd St. Class Night Committee. Class Night. Mil man. I arry 2935 Ocean Pky. brack. Service Squad. Traffic Squad.()1 Miniciici.ijO, Michel. T. 2856 W. 1 (h St. Italian Club. Service Squad. Assembly Squad. Physics Squad. Miragua. Sam 1957—67th St. Mishalow. Milton 1015 Ocean View Avc. Service Squad. Biology Squad (Annex). Band. Mishelkevitz, Leo 2860 W. 17th St. I )r. Orgel’s Office, President of Prefect Basketball Team. Class Athletic Manager. Misthal. Fannie M. 2109—66tb St. ( »irls’ Glee Club. Morgera. Frank 37 Avenue T. Service Squad. Morgera. Joseph F. 37 Avenue T. Service Squad. Morowitz, Miriam 2900 Mermaid Ave. Secretary to Mr. Goldbloom. Service Squad. Secretary to Mr. C. Cohen. Late Squad. Moskowitz. Selma 315 Brighton 4th St. Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Ix ckcr Room Squad. Reorganization Committee. Muser. Herbert E. 132 Avenue S. Stock Room. Dismissal Squad. Baseball I cam. Captain of L.S. Service Squad. Nadelman. Harold A. 136 Bay 38th St. Nadelman, Lillian 1489 E. 8th St. General Office.62 Nadi.lr, Marcia 1920 Ocean Pky. Genera! OfTice. Mr. Frieds OflTicc. Locker Room Squad. Nagurka. Sam W. 24 West End .' Nahum. Jack J. 2890 Brighton 6th S . Junior Arista, Mathematics OITice. Sen-ice Squad. Nasti. Ai.ma 2108 E. 2nd St. Secretary to Mr. Elstcin. Treasurer in Prefect Class. Nathanson. Evelyn 1709 E. 4th St. (General OfTice. Grade Adviser s OITice. Secretary to Mr. Rosen. Cutting Squad. Neiman. Sylvia S. 2473 E. 21st St. Nelson. Eugene 3143 Brighton 4th St. Sergeant Cafeteria Squad. I lebrew Club. French Club. Math. Squad. Nelson, I Iazel E. 25 Brighton 8th PI. Secretary of N.Y.A.. Swimming Club, I landball Club. Service Squad. Netzi.er. Rutii N. 96 Brighton 11th St. Student Court. Reorganization Squat!. Junior Arista. A 3-1+ i Neufeld. Carl 2320 Mermaid Ave. Prefect Class President. Locker Room Squad. I listory OITice. I louse of Rep s. Newborn. Rose 2937-39 W. 33th St. Serrt»!i»rv Prefect U att (if npra Office Newman, Irene S. 2091 Brighton 13th St. Assistant Editor of the Log. Arista. Arkon. Glee Club.Iewman, Miriam 6723 Bay Pky. Li-rary Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Swimming )rr cc. an. Jeromf. N. 1413 F. 2nd St. luior Arista. Service Squad, Spa iish Of-cc. Manager football I earn. Nssenbaum. Sylvia 2857 W. 23111 St. (»irls I lealtli Education Representative. Nobii.eti, Lucille R. 60 Bay 43rd St. G.O. Representative. Secretary to Mr. I rosten. Secretary to Miss Della Chiesa. Nociiisaki. William S. 2336 Stillwell Avc. Dean’s Office. Assistant Captain of the Cafeteria Squad. Program Committee. Arista. Novocrad. David A. M. 4010—13th Avc. President Club Council. Fditor-in-( hief Science Monitor. Physics Squad, Student Adviser of Ba aar Committee. Novak, Eugene 416—62nd St. Nutis. Frank 1364 W. 10th St. Service Squad, I raffic Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Nyman, Rosalind 1840—52nd St. Record Room. Secretary to Mr. I laas. Ocera. Serafina J. 1816 W. 13th St. Grade Adviser’s Office. Italian Club. Swimming Club, Vice-President in I lis-tory Class. Ociiseniiaut. Paul 1341 W. nth St. English Office. Locker Squad. Cafeteria Squad. OGormley. I rancis F. 1750 Shecps-head Bay Rd. Service Squad. Radio Club, Sightseeing CI u b. Chemistrv Squad. Oi.ian, Howard 235 Corbin PI. Biology Squad, Debating Team, Physics Squad, Arkon. Oi.insky, Robert 1946 E. 8th St. Rifle Team, Lieutenant Sen-ice Squad. Lieutenant Usher Squad. Clinic Squad. Oliva. Ralph J. 1665 E. 10th St. Service Squad. Cargoes Representative. Bird Club. Class Secretary. Onorati. Rose M. 25 Brighton Ct. Student Patrol, Italian ( lub. Ostrowsky. Sarah S. 631 Banner Ave. Mr. I lirschberg s Office. Record Room. Prefect Class President. Switchboard. Painter, Florence 2829 W. 37th St. Palesado. Sarah M. 1972 V. 10th St. Palumbo. Antoinette 1872 V. 5th St. I listory Office. Pappas. Nicholas J. 1796 W. 6th St. Sen-ice Squad. Intelligence lest Squad. Class I rcasurer. Paris. Nathan 301-3 Sea Breeze Ave. Ia g Circulation Staff. President Stamp Club. Moor Managers Squad. Scnicc Squad. Parisi. Laterio L. 2066 W. 1 ith St. i,v Parrinello. Vincent 2608 Avenue T. Math. Team, Jr. Arista. Bird ( lub. First Aid Squad.Passman, Vyvyan 527 Neptune Ave. Cafeteria Squad. Swimming learn, ( lass President. Glee Club. Pasternak. Lillian F. 3111 Brighton 1st PI. General Office. Record Room. Pava. Louis L. 919 1st Ct. Cafeteria Squad, Service Squad, football Manager. Pearl, Ruth 2901 Ocean Pky. Stcn. Office, Glee Club. Minstrel Show. Puncbball Club. Peck, Sidney 2226—63rd St. Peltz. Estelle 417 Brightwatcr Ct. I isketball Club. Dancing Club. Secretary to Mrs. lepper. Perretto. Angelo R. 2163 W. 8th St. Assembly Squad. Dismissal Squad. Perrotta, Anthony J. 497 Sbccps-bead Bay Rd. Persin, Shirley I. 2059 E. 9th St. Secretary Prefect Class, General Office, Secretary Art Weaving Class. Peter, Bernice 2736 Brighton 7th St. English Office. Sightseeing Club. Cafeteria Squad. Secretary Prefect Class. Petusevsky. Thelma S. 103 Avenue I Cafeteria Squad. Cargoes Representative. Pfeffer. Freda M. 2374 E. 5th St. I-og Staff, G.O. Office. Arista. ’ Fall of the City.”66 Phillips, Raymond I I. 2174 E. 8th St. Mimeograph S q «i a 1 Captain, Senior Council. Peace Council, Arista. Pickell, Herman 2875 W. 16th St. Pines, Robert H. 3734 Maple Avc. Math. Office. Math. I cam. Arista. English Office. Pino. Sadie A. 2822 W. 20th St. Secretary Prefect Class. Italian Club. Pisano. Frances M. 2063 W. 5th St. Spanish Office. Italian Club Secretary. Pistranc. Joseph 1667 W. 1st St. Arista. Arkon. Math. I cam. Biology laboratory Squad. Student Patrol. Platkin, Reuben 6220 Bay Pky. Sen-ice Squad. Plotch. Irving 11. 2309 63th St. Serv- ice Squad. Secretary to Mr. Plant. Cafeteria Squad. Plot kin, Miriam 3109 Mermaid Avc. Secretary Prefect Class. Secretary Stcn. Class. Clerk in Student Court. Podell, Bernard B. 3059 Brighton 3th St. Math. I earn. Arista. Junior Arista. Sen-ice Squad. Podell, Ruth 1340 E. 4th St. Art Squad. Ba aar Committee, Club Council, Water Color Club. Podwall, Jeanette 7203 18th Ave. Swimming learn. Swimming Club. Secretary to Miss Ritchie.Pollack, Blanche 2857 W. 28th St. Grade Adviser s Office. Record Office. Secretary to Mr. Idclson. Pollin. William 3100 Ocean Ply. Associate Editor of I.-og. Service Squad, Arista. Boys’ Dean s Office. Polsky, Evelyn P. 6210 23rd Avc. Stcn. Office, Mr. Gottfried’s Office. Secretary to Mr. Fried. Traffic Squad. Pop, Peter E. 1702 W. 6th St. Lieutenant Usher Squad, Lieutenant of Exits. I raffic Squad. V.P. of Prefect Class. Posner. Mildred 2160 E. 7th St. Secretary of G.O.. Landmark, Arkon and Arista. Student Court. Prager, Leanore 1399 W. 10th St. Intelligence Testing Squad. Class Night. Varsity Show. Grade Adviser’s Office. Press, Beatrice J. 1018 Banner Avc. Service Squad. Secretary in Study I iall. Price, Alan F. 320 Avenue N Track Team, Service Squad. Class President. P. I .A. Representative. Radiscii. Edwin L. 1636 W. 9th St. Glee Club. Service Squad. Varsity Show. President Prefect Class. Randell. Estelle 1462 E. 5th St. Student Patrol. Junior Arista. Cutting Squad. General Office. Rappaport. George E. i860 Ocean Pky. Camera Squad. Arkon. Arista. l og Staff. Rechtschaffen. Shirley 363 Neptune Ave. Arista. Landmark. President Medical Club. Arkon. Reich. Ethel 1709 E. 4th St. Reilly. Margaret M. 2064 Stuart St. Secretary to Mr. Fried. Secretary to Mrs. lepner. Secretary to Teachers Painting Club. Rf.itman, Irving 46 Brighton 1st PI. Service Squad. Renner. Sylvia 2259 62nd St. Medical Club. Resnick, Anna 1656 E. 3rd St. Student Patrol, Attendance Office. General Office, Admit Squad. Rettig, Thelma E. 2860 W. 23th St. Arista, Secretary to Mr. Ackerman. Erench Office. Secretary Isiterians. Rice, Evelyn 2822 W. 25th St. Arista. Arkon, ('lass I reasurcr. French Office. Rich man. Ruth R. 1681 42nd St. Club Council. Math. Club. Current Events Club. Richter. Gilda M. 3753 Mermaid Ave. I listorv ( lass Secretary. Secretary English Class. Student Welfare Office. Secretary’ to I)r. Spiegel. Riser. Evelyn R. 2783 Brighton 8th St. Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Miss Winkler’s Secretary. G.O. Representative. Riss, Rose 28 Colin PI. v ■ V . . v 1 Ritter. Gertrude A. 1222 Avenue U Varsity Show. Record Office. "Fall of the City. Sten. Office. Robinson. Mii.ton 1952 E. 8th St. Dean of fioys Office. Junior Arista. Mimeograph Squad, C hcering I earn. Rochmes. Rose M. 6402 24th Ave. Service Squad. Prefect Secretary. Class Night. Student Court. Roschko. Joseph 3102 Brighton 1st PI. Associate Sports Editor Log, Arista. Math. Office. Rose, Gertrude 1016 50th St. Eco. Office. Varsity Show. Class Night. Cafeteria Squad. Rose man. Edith 2149 E. 8th St. Varsity Show, Secretary to Mr. Gottfried. Secretary to Miss Wilson. Spanish Office. Rosen. Edith A. 101 Bay 37th St. Club Council. Landmark. Payroll Office. Moviemakers Club. Rosen, Leonard 1679 W. 7th St. Captain Visual Aid Squad. Class Night. Football Learn. Swimming I cam. Rosenbaum. Robert I. 1189 E. oth St. Radio Club, Traffic Squad. Medical Club. Rosenberg. Franklyn D. 24 West End Ave. Cafeteria Squad. Rosenberg. I If.lene F. 86 Brighton 11 th St. Sten. Office, Girls’ Health Education Office. Cafeteria Squad. G.O. Representative. Rosenberg, Nathan 3028 Brighton 3rd St. Chess Club. Rosenberg. Reva 1888 Ocean Pky Secretary to Miss Carlson. Gym Office Secretary' to Miss Clark. Bird Club.Rosenberg. Robert 1688 E. 3rd St. Track Team. Physics Squad, Traffic Squad. Service Squad. Rosenfeld. I Iyman 2989 Ocean Pky. Chem. Club, Gym Club, Medical Clut, Chess Club. Rosenfeld, Pearl 2265—60th St. Secretary to Miss Lubart. Cafeteria Squad. President Art Weaving Class. Secretary in Cafeteria Office. Rosenfeld, Arthur 1701 Dahill Rd. Service Squad. Junior Varsity Swimming I earn. Rosenstein. Paul M. 45 Parade PI. Dean’s Office, English Office. Class Night. Arista. Rosenthal. David 2403 Mermaid Ave. Rosenthal, Elmore 1872 76th St. Record Office, Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Rosenwasser. Martha 728 Avenue W Grade Adviser’s Office. Varsity Show. "Fall of the City. Secretary to Miss Braverman. Rosenzweig, Abraham 3001 Brighton 5th St. Roslin, Lillian L. 1630 W. 10th St. Library Squad, ( hem. Office. G.O. Representative. Spanish Office. Ross. Arnold i 195 E. 10th St. 2822 Brighton 8th St. Rossman, JanetRotii. Hei.f.n L 3031 Brighton 13th St. Service Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Roth. Julius 244 Neptune Ave. Recording Secretary Athletika, Soccer Varsity Team, Assembly Squad. Swimming J.V. I earn. RothbaCK. Doris 130 Oxford St. Dean’s OfTice. Co-Chairman ( lass Night Committee. Coach on Swimming learn. Girl Leader. Annex Junior Arista. Rothenberg, Emanuel 54 Court Rothman. Eugene M. 3891 Lyme Ave. Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Annex Glee Club, Surveying Club. Rothman. Murray 22-55 63rd St. Spanish Club, Glee Club. Track I cam. Radio Club. RothSTEIN. Evelyn 517 Kings Highway. Rothstein. Irwin J. 274“ Holmes St. Secretary Prefect Class. Hebrew Club. Trench Office. Royland. Doris E. 1548 W. 7th St. Basketball Club. Secretary Girls Corrective Gym. Girls C linic. Secretary in Gym. Rubin, Celia 9 Brighton 10th Path Secretary to Miss Stewart. Loyalty League. Basketball Club. Rubin, David G. 4 Bay View Ave. Chem. Lab., Chcm. Club. Biology I ab., President Biology Research Club. Rubin, Irene M. 2158 E. 17th St. Captain of Library Squad. Prefect Class President. Secretary English Class. 7172 Rubin, Matthew II. 3109 Mermaid Avc. Baseball Squad. Loclcer Squad. Rubin. Shirley 1958 W. 6th St. Rubin. Sidney 71.j Banner Ave. Visual Instruction Squad. Bookbinding Club. Service Squad. Ruda. Abraham 1953 71st St. Lite Squad, Service Squad. Hebrew Club. Ruder man, A. Peter 242 Bay loth St. Landmark Typography. Cargoes. Literary Staff. Arista. Arkon. Associate Editor Log. Russo. Jacob 1012 Voorhies Ave. Gym Office. Prefect Class V.P., Inter-Class Handball. Inter-Class Softball. Sachs, Helen 1788 E. 7th St. Secretary Prefect. Secretary Sten. Office. Secretary English Class. Peace Club. Sachs. Phoebe 1405 E. 3rd St. Girls’ Glee Club. Mixed Chorus. Library Squad. Art Weaving Club. Sachs. Seymour 1781 W. 7th St. Student Patrol, Math. Club. Surveyors Club. Saks. Harvey 3086 W. 1st St. Salkin, Linore 2095 E. 7th St. Arista. Secretary Sten. Office, Cargoes Representative. Sal kind. Phoebe 1151 Brighton Beach Ave. Music Honor Society. Orchestra. Accompanist of Special Chorus.Salmaggi. Alfred .Ik. i Quentin Rd. lacker Squad. C hamber Music. Salzberg. Harriet 1724 E. 5th St. General Office. Economics Office. Cafeteria Squad. Glee Club. Sandler. Beatrice 12.1 Neptune Avc. Current Events Club. Grade Adviser’s Office. Sewing Office. Music Office. Santo. William 172 Bay 28th St. Secretary Pool. Service Squad. 73 Sapin. Abe 2905 W. 15th St. Surveying Club. Physics Club, ( lass Athletic Manager. Sardinas, August 1709 Glenwood Rd. Physics Club. Spanish Club, Arista. Leaders Club. Sarver. Iim 3033 Coney Island Ave. I lebrew Club. Savino. Anna 133 Avenue O Special Choral. Girls’ Glee Club. Cafeteria Squad. Library Squad. Schacht. Arthur 2044 E. 12th St. Service Squad. Visual Instruction Squad. Football I earn. Schaffer. Julius 2258—63rd St. Inter - Class Athletic Manager. Service Squad. Inter-Class I landball. Inter-Class Softball. St. Secretary Sten. Office.74 N:iiaub. Norman i. 27—65111 St. Dilc Squad. Science frontier. Chemistry Club. Prom Committee. Schhchter. Nat 3725 Neptune Ave. Schiff, Carl 2160 E. 8tb St. Mimeograph Office. Secretary Boys’ Dean s Office. Hebrew Club. Accordion Club. Schimmel. Allan 22iq Ocean PIcy. Service Squad, Swimming Team. President Prefect Class, Class Night. Schlesincer, Mina 1320 Avenue I Secretary Record OITice. Secretary Mrs. I eppcr. Basketball Club. I Icbrew Club. Schlitt. Earle 1260 Ocean Pky. Swimming I earn. Service Squad. Schlussel, Gladys 2213 E. 15th St. Captain Study Hall Cutting Squad. Secretary Sten. Office. Secretary Stcn. Class. Secretary Cafeteria Squad. ScHMERTZLER. RuTH 1 2.43—q8th St. Cargoes Representative. Welfare Office. Varsity Show Representative. Schnall. Jerome 193.4 E. qth St. football Team. Sen neider. Charlotte 1850 E. 3rd St. Schneider. Hannah 2818 W. 24th St. Secretary Attendance Squad. General Office. 75 Schneider, Lester 2798 Brighton 8th St. Schneli., Gilbert 2913 W. 32nd St. Attendance Squad. Log Circulation Staff. Schnell, Jack 2801 Ocean Pky. Schnepf, Arthur 321 Neck Rd. Glee Club. I iarmonica Club, Bird Club. Sc HOE N F ELD, Cl.AIRE 173 I E. IOth St. arsity Show. Current Events Club. Club Council, Class Night. Schoenfeld, Artiiur 601 Brightwater Ct. Alchemist Club, Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Schreiber, Melvin 2958 W. 1st St. Service Squad. Locker Squad. I lebrew Club. Arista. ScHULICH. RlJTHE 1681 W. 2nd St. Schulman, Rosalind 335 Grand St. Cdee C lub. Secretary of German Club. Ijbrary Squad, Landmark Comm. Schultz, Milton 2147 E. 8th St. Soccer learn. I raflic Squad. Service Squad. Gym Office. Schuman. Seymour 2949 W. 21st St. Handball I cam. Orchestra. Schwartz. Beatrice 3044 Ocean Pky. Library Squad. Prefect Secretarv. Secretary General Office. Secretary Mr. Solomon.? Schwartz. Ira 3145 Brighton 4th St. football Team. Art Squad, Dean’s Office. Schwartz. Irvinc 1537 W. 12th St. Exit Squad, Traffic Squad. Mimeograph Squad. Schwartz, Joseph 2838 W. 23rd St. Math. leam. Secretary Junior Arista (Annex) Arista. Grade Representative. Schwartz, Max 1714 W. 3rd St. Schwartz. Vivien C. 1647 V. 5th St. President of Prefect Class, Library Squad, Intelligence T esting Squad. Play-Goers (dub. ScHWEISBERG, PaUL 2262—63rd St. Scire. Concetta 2318 E. 3rd St. Secretary’ Swimming Team. Scolnick, Rebecca 2864 W. 24th St. General Office. G.O. Representative. Class I reasurcr. Scutter. Anthony 1485 V. 3rd St. Cafeteria Squad. Segal. Daisy 1405 W. 7th St. Swimming Club. Secretary English Office. Sec. N.Y.A. Office, Art Weaving Club. Segal, Sarah 2958 W. 1st St. Secretary Miss Michic. Captain Gym ( lass. Secretary Mrs. Weiss. Leader in Gym. Seidenberg, Stella 631 Banner Ave. I.og Office. Secretary’ Spanish Office, I -ate Squad. Library Squad. Seidling, Ruth 28.13 Brighton 3rd St. Secretary General Office. Arista. Neshef, G.O. Representative. Seioman, Shiri.ey 152,1 Ocean Ave. Secretary Sten. Office. Seidner, Lii.i.ian 507 Ocean Pky. Ix ckcr Room Squad. Cafeteria Squad. C argoes Representative. Siiai.it, Martin 1715 E. 8th St. I landhall Team. Leaders Club. Siialom. Marcelle 724 Avenue K. Service Squad. Mimeograph Squad. Swimming Club. President Prefect Class. Siianholt. Bernard C t. Arista. Arkon, Seni mark. ’Topnotcher.” Shanske, Milton i 149 W. 10th St. Arista. Leaders’ Club, Microscopy Club. Biology Laboratory. ZOLOTOFSKY. VlVIAN 2820 W. iqth St. Deck Sports Club. Secretary Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Idelson, Chcm. Office. Shapiro. Sol 30 Bay 35th St. Shaw, Eli 2870 W. 5th St. Tennis I cam. Cafeteria Squad. Service Squad. — Shepnick. Harriet 2024 Mermaid Ave. Moviemakers. Secretary Grade Adviser’s Office. Secretary Chemistry Office. Secretary Cargoes Collection Squad. Sherman. Bernard 161 Exeter St. Band. Arkon. Orchestra. "Fall of the City.’’ Still r wA7 Shindek. Seymour 2 E. Shore Blvd. SlEDERMAN. MORRIS 287.4 W. 19th St. I rack I earn. Math. I lelp Squad, Leaders Club, Inter-Class Athletics. Siegel, I Iarry 2066 W. 3rd St. Fencing Squad. Cafeteria Squad. I rack I cam. Stenography Team. Siegel. Helen 2136 E. 8th St. Secretary Student Welfare Office. Secretary Senior Arista. Log Reporters’ Club. Grade Adviser s Office. Siegel. Jean 1213 W. 6th St. Secretary Sir. Shanholt. Math. Office. Silver, Mildred 2944 Brighton 3rd St. Silverberg. Alvin 1070 Ocean View Avc. Cheer Leader. Basketball I earn. Silverberg, Mildred 2767 E. 15th St. Silverman, Hilda 3000 Brighton 12th St. Library Squad. Secretary Mr. Gottfried. Secretary Chemistry Office, Secretary Prefect Class. Sii.verstein, Bernard 229 Neptune Ave. Sii.verstein. Lawrence 1120 Brighton Beach Avc. Service Squad. Sii.verstein. Nathan iio Neptune Ave. Basketball Team. Attendance Squad, Late Squad.79 Simmons. Florence 04 Tudor Terrace. Arista. Adcon. Secretary Mr. I lirschberg. Secretary Mr. Ball. Simon. Geraldine A. 307 Ocean View Ave. Eco. Office. Library Squad. Sen-ice Squad. Singer. Regina R. 2302 E. 23rd St. Sireci, Vincent R. Si.aven. Melvin I). 2318 E. 17th St. ( dec Club. Biology Club. I lebrew Club. Stamp Club. Sl.ODZiNA. Pearl 3303 Mermaid Ave. Cafeteria Squad. Sen-ice Squad. Secretary Swimming Office. Secretary General Office. Small. Theodore 1668 W. 6th St. President Prefect Class. Scnicc Squad. Library Squad. Chemistry' Club. Smith. Harry W. 231 Brightwater Ct. Lind mark Varsity Handball Team. Arista. Math. Squad. Smith. Robert M. 260 Amherst St. Rifle learn. Aviation Club. Smolins, Howard 219 Brightwater Ct. Smolofsky, David 5159 Coney Island Ave. Smuleowitz. Esther 1603 Mermaic Ave. Biology Office, Arista. Swimming Club. I raffic Squad.8o Snyder, Beverly 1297 E. 7th St. Intelligence Testing Squad. Biology laboratory Squad, Club Council, Biology Club. Snydf.r, Helen 2156 E. 1st St. Glee Club. Biology Office. Service Squad. ( horal. Snyder man. Anne 820 E. loth St. Landmark. Secretary English Office. Sec-retar)’ Mr. Ball. Grade Adviser’s Office. Senior Health Representative. Solomon. Harold 305.1 Brighton 13th St. Chemistry Club, Service Squad. I lebrew Chib. Sosi.and. Leo 2120 E. 14th St. Spanier. Leon 188 Erwin St. Service Squad. Swimming learn Captain. Vice-President Athletika. Speciner, Philip 2246—82nd St. Varsity Show. Secretary Engh;h Office, Library Squad. Service Squad. Spritzer, Evelyn 4317—15th Ave. Current Events Club, Math. ( lub. Service Squad. Spyridon. Spyro 1718 W. 10th St. Track Team Co - Captain. Cafeteria Squad. Clinic Squad. Athletika. Squegi.ia. Angelina 601 Sheepshead Bay Rd. Cafeteria Squad. Stabile. Lucy 1831 W. 6th St. Math. Office. Commercial Law Secretary. Stanley. George 2-4 Nass Walk. Cafeteria Squad. Water Color Club. Art Squad.8i Stark. Leonori: 2943 W. 32nd St. Cafeteria Squad. Refreshment Squad. Current Events Club. I ype Squad. Starr. Barney 2032 W. 33th St. Captain Basketball I earn J. f.. Basketball Team V. Statmore. Shirley E. 230 Quentin Rd. Stauber. Annette 2967 W. 24th St. Editor-in-Chief of Science Frontier. Secretary Chemistry Squad. Physics laboratory Squad. Alchemists Club. Stauber. Martin 1409 E. 5th St. Steciiel. George 410 Neptune Ave. Supply Squad. Multigraph Squad. Ar-kon, Arista. Steckkr. Sylvia 1722 W. 4th St. Welfare Office. Library Squad. Steffanie. I'rank G. 1136 Voorhies Ave. Inter-Class I landball. Stein, Beatrice 563 Shecpshcad Bay Rd. Arista. Secretary Prefect Class. Secretary History Office. Typewriting Club. Stein. Sylvia 27 Brighton 4th Terrace. Secretary Girls. Deans Office. Secretary Service Squad. Secretary Math. Office. Secretary Record Office. Steinbock, Siiirley 2905 Y. 13th St. Steinberg. Rose 3100 Brighton 7th St. 82 Steinhardt, Vf.ra 391 a Neptune Ave. Steinhaus, Francine 1130 Brighton lieach Ave. Secretary Biology Office, Secretary isual Aid Office, President I’refect Class, Member of House Representatives. Stember, Vera N. S. 1684 F. and St. Secretary Dean Girls. Secretary Mrs. Kohn (Health Dept). Secretary Intelligence Squad. Sternberg. Samuel 644 Ocean Pky. Stettner, Dorothy aoi5 F. 7th St. Service Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Economics Office. English Office. Stirberg. Irving 1606 Avenue W Radio Club. Stock. Junius 3091 Brighton 5th St. Spanish Club, Bovs Clinic. Storm. Robert K. a a8 V. 33rd St. Service Squad. C lass I'oothall Team. Strassberg, Ruth 116—sand St. Cafeteria Squad. Secretary Mr. Gerdy. Secretary Mr. Shanholt. Su Mpasis. James 541 Neptune Ave. Gvmnastica Club. Sergeant Student Pal-ro I. Biology Club. Ush cr Squad. Zuckerman, Jeannette 13a Ocean-view Ave. Iesting Squad. Program Of-Arista, Arkon. Sussman, I.eo 57 Avenue O President Prefect Class.83 Tafuri. Olca 11. 2941 W. 22nd St. Glee Club. Sten. Office. Prefect ( lass Secretary. President. Tannekbaum. Bert 11. 2224 E. 7th St. brack learn, ( lass Night. Leaders' ( lub. Prefect Class President. Tarien, Leon 2832 W. 27th St. Class Night. Cargoes Club, Choral Reading ('•roup. Favor min a. Carmelo J. 2064 63rd St. ( lass Night. Sergeant. Service Squad. Tawil. Norma P. 2132 73rd St. Library Squad. Cafeteria Squad, Record Room. Junior Arista. Taylor. Inez-Ruth 286 Neptune Ave. treasurer, Kallista, Captain. Swimming learn. Basketball, Softball. Taylor. Lucille 1766 Dahill Rd. Biology OITice. Sten. Office. Class Secretary’. Tciiack, Eli 73 West End Ave. Teich. Lester A. 130 West End Ave. Service Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Iennis I earn. Teitei.baum. Sylvia 2339 82nd St. Attendance Squad, General Office. Sten. Office. Teltzer. Lawrence 281 Neptune Ave. Service Squad. Locker Squad. I lebrew Club. Junior Arista. Tirman. Joseph 2420—64th St.I ishel, Gilbert 2949 W. 5th Si. Soccer I earn. I ickct Squad. Dean s Office. Cargoes Agent. Tobias, Isidore 2838 W. loth St. Assembly Squad. I larmonica Clul». P.T.A. Representative. Iodd, Edith 862—30th St. T(X)rock. Frances I). 1.163 E. 3rd St. Arkon. Program Office and Committee. I lebrew ( lul). Prom Committee. Toscano, Nancy J. 2542 Coney Island Avc. I'OUSHIN. I ranCES 3130 Brighton 7th St. Cafeteria Office. Prefect Class Secretary. Sightseeing Club. Sewing Room Secretary. I RACMTENBERG, RuTIIE 1950 Bay Ridge Pky. Cafeteria Squad. Mending Squad. Captain Library Squad. Swimming Cluh. Tracer. Helen S. 232 Oceanvicw Ave. Moviemakers. Budget Committee. Secretary for Miss Winkler. Prefect Class. Ikattnek. Doris 502 Oceanvicw Avc. ( lass Night Committee. Prefect C lass Secretary. Trentaduf., IjOUIS M. 1980 W. 3rd St. (ilee Cluh, Special ( horns, Italian Cluh, Ear I raining Cluh. I repel. Irene 6ot Oriental Blvd. Art Gallery Squad. Secretary, Miss Cohen, Miss Ritcn ie, Co-Chairman of Senior ( lass Night. with 1R,KSTMAN' Harold 1843 66th St. President. Stage Squad. Stadium Squad. Chief Electrician. Museum ( lub.85 Tumarkin', Raymond 2327—62nd St. Service Squad. I ralTic Squad, Phvsics Club. Turner. Gladys E. 380 Neptune Avc. Secretary. 'I yre Class. TuTRONH, Louise 1770 W. 4th St. Library Squad, M mcograph Squad. Math. ()ITicc. Vai.cer, Milton 64 Brighton 1st PI. ValeNCI. Rose 5920 23rd Avc. Service Squad. Secretary to Mrs. Tcppcr. Dean. Annex Office. Vartanian, Aram V. 2023 W. 11 lb St. Cargoes. History Office. French Literature. Vasiliou. Helen A. 1870 V. 7th St. (ilec Club. Library Squad. Swimming ( lub. Cboral Reading Group. Verdone. Grace 2362—62nd St. Verret. Pauline 944 Kings Highway. Visco. Car MELA 297 Van Siclden St. Swimming Club. Tennis Club.86 Vitale, Albert G. 391 E. and St. arsity Show, ( lass Night, Junior Arista. icc-President. Senior Class. Wagmeistek, Martin B. 2999 W. 29th St. Senice Squad. Wagner, Fred 1438 47th St. Sen-ice Squad, I lebrew Club. Neshcf, Baseball I cam. Wai.d, Edith 714 Banner Ave. Study I Kill Squad, Junior Arista. Wald. Frances 714 Banner Ave. Wartell, Riioda 1649 W. 13th St. Wasser. IX)ris T. 2153 Coney Island Ave. Cafeteria Squad. Glee Club. Italian Club. Wecker, Mildred 2230—63rd St. Service Squad, I listory OITicc, (Jradc Advisers Office, Annex Biology Office. Weinberg, Norman E. 4309 1361 Ave. Program Office and Committee, Dean’s Office, Junior Arista. Weiner, Jack II. 2361 Coney Island Ave. Captain Current Events learn. Arista, Arkon, Landmark, Peace Council. Weinstein, Harriet L. 2874 W. 21st St. Weinstein, Louis 3152 Brighton 6th St. I rack learn. Cafeteria Squad, Sen-ice Squad, Math. Office.Weinstein, Roslyn S. 3o.jo Brighton anti St. Weintraub. Harold iqii Mermaid Ave. President. Annex Junior Arista. We is man, Arnold 29.12 W. 2nd St. G.O. Senate, Lieutenant. Service Squad. Assistant Captain, Usher Squad. Newspaper Senice. Wkis.man, Beatrice 3020 Neptune Ave. Class Night. Cafeteria Squad. Library Squad. Mr. I lirschberg s OITice. Weiss, Bertram A. 1627 Stillwell Ave. Library Squad. Service Squad. Landmark Photography. Prefect Class President. Weiss. I III.DA 2022 Ocean Pity. Service Squad, Secretary Miss Ritchie. Mr. Pried. Weiss. Ralph 2113—78th St. Chamber Music. Assembly Squad. Athletic Manager, P.-T.A. Representative. Weiss. II. Victor 2066 West St. Biology Squad. Medical Research Club. Wei.ansky. Irving Annex Glee Club. Annex Art Squad. Captain Mimeograph Squad. Whitton, Irwin M. 2991 Brighton 13th St. Swimming Team. Vice-President Prefect Class. Wien, Tamara 9-21 Brighton 1st Rd. Sen-ice Squad. Cargoes. Art Squad. Secretary French Office. Wiener. Mildred 767 F. 10th St. Sen-ice Squad. Chemistry OITice. Fco. Office.Wiener. Stanford .185 McDonald Avc. Captain Mimeograph Squad. Lieutenant I rafTic Squad. Secretary Vocational Guidance. Grade Advisers. W1ESF.1.THIER. Marjorie L. 163 Amherst St. Orchestra. l ckcr Squad. Girls ( linic, Mr. Fried’s Office. Wili.ner. Helyn i-|3 Sumner Avc. G.O. Office. Senior Council. Handball Club. Service Squad. Wiu.nkr. Rosi.yn 3039 Ocean Pky. Dean’s Office. Spanish Office, Eco. Of-lice. Editor Club Council Scrapbook. Winokur, Sol 1328 W. 6th St. Wise. Adelf. A. 1621 W. nth St. Hebrew Club. Ncshef. Fate Squad. Cafeteria Squad. Woi.fert, Shirley 1696 E. 2nd St. Record Office, Arista. Class Night. I )ramatics. Woi.fsdorf, Frederick 3038 Brighton 3th St. Orchestra. Varsity Show. Prelect ( lass President, President P. I .A. Club. Wolkow. Leona 171 Amherst St. Vice-President Dramatics Club. Girls Clinic. Library Squad. English Office. Wolpert. Florence B. 1920 Avenue M. Cafeteria Bookkeeping. Record Of-licc. Jewelry Committee. Secretary Mrs. Sharpe. WoLr. Constance A. 320 Neptune Ave. Class I rcasurcr. Service Squad. Mimeograph Squad. Captain Girls Punchhail I cam. Varmoff. Stanley Drum and Bugle Corps. Field Band, Service Squad, Iraf-fic Club.Yelun. Evelyn E. 2067 71st Si. Yellin, Hazel I). 1423 Shccpshcad O. Service Squad. (dee Club. II. F. Representative, Prefect Class Secretary. 89 biology Squad. Chemistry Squad. Physics Squad. Arista—ArLon. Younger man, Saul 2030 Ocean Avc. Wardrobe Squad. C lub Council. Zaccone. Hugo J. 1964 W. 3rd St. Civics C I11I). Italian C lul . Secretary I )r. Rider, Mr. Ilccht. Zaretsky, Harold I. 124 West End Avc. (Bldyn). Visual Instruction Squad, Cafeteria Squad. Stamp Club. Zasi.ow. George 2106 E 5th St. Zeiciiner, Arthur J. 1310 Avenue U. Math learn. Math Office. Zeiger. David 1334 W. 10th St. Radio Guild, i'encing Team. Current Events I earn. I ralTic Squad. Zerkle. Bernard 3031 Brighton i.jlh St. V isual Instruction Squad, Watcr-Color Club. Oil-Painting Club. Zoi.OTorsKY. Bernard T. 2820 W. 19th St. Service Squad. Assembly Squad. I lebrcw Club.9° Xupnick. David A. 1579 40th St. Art Squad. Service Squad, Math I iclp. Xwtia, Linda 200 Sterling PI. Cargoes ( luh. Art Squad. Ciiaiet. Beatrice 2002 Ocean Ave. I )ismissal Squad. Secretary Record Office. C afeleria Squad. Secretary to Mr. Kirsch. Fineburg, Warren i.j2 Amherst St.■mm ■ ..... r - th m Wl p° - 'V L S:iv- C RUEL BBS - lot I) ii t;i y the sun and the flowers bvhcii he swung out of I cd. and dressed it was too late h his prefect room, he toot „r r careful to make them •;»$d"the headlines on the to the sports. After the )is history class on the Th ''X ' I:: ■ "iv fU 1 | u '.‘ .hot tray , i re- nosey um . ........... l t a plate of spaghetti. Shaking his hottlc of milk j vjie paid bis dipie and looked for a seat, lie and ran for it almost dropping his tray ISWn. UVJ10, I ' ji a lirty sweater, Being a senior, already. as soggy. I le started to cat. Jie and sat down next to him. It casually toward the girl. She was J le began to forget his lunch. Irjt cnly the side of his shoe w ®»Jrm and he felt uncom-ile from the girl. J Ic. JT .j;. ■ yfm •" r V. --1 ' ZcATi •• ' r«v V ■. . •.r 'OTTv’T? ■ fmmm ' P mm • • -f % i I ' Us fy-r SrLf '■ 1 1 ®» mfy L:‘ w e arc confused—disillusioned. Old men have confused us by their confusion. I he lower which we light-heartedly Hung toward the sun Is toppling, destroying all in its path of fall. We erected our structure of song. I he cornerstone: "The pen is mightier than the sword. But now. the ruin and havoc tauntingly mock us: " I he sword is mightier than the umbrella.” Chaos has ruthlessly trampled those ideals which we held dear. I )car to us. Nothing more. Dear—because as we held them in the sun light I hey shone so pure and clear. Nothing more. I ruth Freedom Liberty Nice words. Our ideals—merely wistful dreams. Stop the endless procession Of men whose lifc-wcarv hearts plod on endlcsslv Of women whose cheek-bones stand on the brink of sunken eye-. caverns Of little children who are dead before they die. w c are groping in a sunless maze, w c arc blinded by the intentional fumes Of burning castles in the air. . . . I he smoke of the vanquished tower . . . C L U S I O NE IN SCHOO As we send this publication to press, fascism is becoming international: the power of democracy is weakening all over tbe world. In this school we have been proud of the fact that we have contributed in the fight to preserve democracy. Any school run qo% by the students and 100% for the students must necessarily be a factor for freedom. In Lincoln there have been more than aoo clubs organized by the students, three major publications edited by the students, a court where students prosecute, defend, and preside, a student squad policing the school, and elections by the students for student officers. When questioned as to what part of Lincoln impressed them most, students coming from Nazi Germany have consistently answered. I he congenial atmosphere, the friendly relationship between pupil and teacher, and. most important of all, the democratic administration of the school. Yes. students of this school have much to he proud of: but they can l c really thankful that in times such as these they worked and played in an intimate, demo- cratic institution.CLASS NIGHT .PROLOGUE Wc arc silly little seniors, ever singing, ever (lancing. We will introduce our class night in a manner most entrancing. We re the dizzy drips of Lincoln, Not rehearsin', we re in person. And with joy and pride that's quite right. We will introduce our class night. I hough it's not sophisticated we ll he very much elated If you snicker here and there and marie us passing fair. It s something we cooked up one day. While cutting chemistry, Wc wrote it on an admit pass. One pass? Well, two or three. We gave it to someone to hold. Some freshman wc just met. I le went away and to this day We haven t found him yet. So if wc shotdd forget a line Or slip up on a fast one As silly as this class night is It's heller than the last one.ON THE BUS On ihe bus! On the bus! Oh what a bumpy ride. We rock from side to side On I be bus! On the bus! Ooin to and coming from school. What a fuss! What a fuss! We have to bold on tight whenever there’s a fight On the bus! On the bus! Coin to and coming from school. liven sardines in a can would laugh at how we re packed. If you gave a girl your seat (BO S) We 1 say that you were cracked. We don’t cuss! No. not us! But when we have to wait and it is getting late Don’t mind us! On the bus! (loin to and coming from school. On the bus! On the bus! We’re just a happy crowd. That's why we sing so loud On the bus! On the bus! Coin to and coming from school. LINCOLN MIKADO As some day it may happen, (hat a victim must Ik found. I ve got a little list. I vc got a little list. Of all Lincoln I ligh oflenders. who might well he underground. Who never would he missed, who never woidd I e missed. I here s the pestilential freshman who has never failed as yet; I he sophomore who thinks he is the dean s own special pet. I he vain and voguish juniors who think school is awfully slow. And the high and mighty seniors who arc really in the know. I he Aristrites who roam around in sweet celestial hliss, I hey’d none of them he missed, they’d none of them he missed. I here’s the monotone who sits near you in every music class. And the prefect humorist. I vc got him on my list. And the guy who took the course before, and knows you II never pass. I don t think he d he missed. I don t think he d he missed. And the Service Squad which just delights in giving us a pain. They watch us walk way up the hall and pidl us hack again. There's the guy who has a friend up front on the cafeteria line. And the fool you’ve never seen before whose Cargoes you must sign. And the guy who sells the I imes and on your payments just insists. I don't think he II he missed. I hey never would he missed. QKD That means finished.WORKING I OR THE DEAN I'm always filing character cards For delinquents caught by the guards. Just look at me. I’m sure you can see I’m working for the dean. I roam the building giving out slips; I get you stories straight from the lips Of some poor kid. ’bout something he did. I’m working for the dean. I'm always typing, there’s plenty to do. And there’s shorthand ns well. You find me waiting when morning is through F r that going-home hell. It’s not had though, this job of mine. I crash the cafeteria line; Don’t need a pass when I leave my class.O'TO EDUCATION ihc past, historians have written many a tome On the glory that was Orcecc and the grandeur that was Rome, Of the learning that did flourish in the reign of Pericles, Of Aristotle, Plato, and the master. Socrates; Of the conquests that were Caesars, of Lebanon and of Caul. Of the wisdom of Confucius, the sagacity of Paul. I he Golden brush of Rembrandt and the pen of Tennyson. 1 he sword that carved an empire for the great Napoleon. ()f Shakespeare and of Newton, of Zola and Tu Pu. But historians, we have a hone to pick with you. 'ton never even pointed out the Cohen Dynasty. And without the Cohens where would A.I..H.S. he? And what about the Sleepy Sage with his World View and his jests.Whose circumference will broaden with bis vested interests? I be Critical Period is referred to but—aLass. You never even mentioned tbc man wbo taught the class!!! You’ve lauded politicians but not tbc greatest of them all; You speak of Macbiavclli: we sing of Mr. Ball. You tell of freedom of assembly. Wbo has it well in band? Well, who should it be but Messrs. Blum and Mantinband? In preference to Croesus whose gold you seem to choose. Wc select Miss Bee kman who controls our Senior Dues. In times gone by. the fashions from Beau Brummcl took their cue; But J.G. of tbc Ix g could teach your Beau a thing or two. I listorians. 1 II bet you think we re pixillated; But wc will write our own textbook when we arc graduated.FROM SEPT. 1935 I hey arc supposed to he the best years of our lives . . . the years at school . . . we can’t look ahead: but on looking back they seem pretty good ... It seems to me that the first day at school was very sunny . . . that was way back in September. ’35 . . . you were probably thoroughly frightened and so was I. I he first year, you joined the service squad or was it the program office . . . anyway I went to the Annex . . . that’s another relic that disappears with us—the Annex . . . you were a Freshie and everyone caller! you so . . . maybe they didn’t sell you a gym spot or an elevator pass or a cafeteria scat, but surely you were sent to the fourth floor ... it was all in fun—but not for the Freshman . . . then we became Sophomores. And we joined a club . . . French or moviegoers or current events or almost anything under the sun . . . we picked on the Freshmen, but we got home every night at six together with them . . . you could play in the morning though . . . and you were anxious to take five majors and your lirst regents came strolling in.What a thr.II the first day you got home at i P.M. . . . you went out on the street at six just to watch the poor Lids come from school ... a Junior—"someone who's bluffed the teachers two years in a row and gotten away with it ... one notch below a scn.or . . . and the Big Shots began to develop . . . the politicians, the writers, the lawyers, the actors, the "Aristocrats." you know whom I mean . . . they were everywhere strutting their stuff. THE SENIORS . . . they’re the ones . . . one more year and then . . . what? . . . well, we vc done three years and that s something . . . seen a lot of Cargoes ... a lot of Varsity Shows » . . a lot of baseball games . . . football games . . . community dances . . . assemblies . . . exams . . . teachers . . . all piled one on the other . . . speeding before you like the film of a movie suddenly put into top speed . . . blurred. But I think you will agree it was swell . . . you met that cute brunette . . . and you learned some math . . . maybe . . . and a little French . . . you read novels, plays, poems, stories . . . you learned about Napoleon and the Civil War . . . you learned some biology, chemistry’ . . . shorthand, bookkeeping, typing . . . but most of all You went to Lincoln and grew.BUDCET-EEBRUARYJUNE. .939 Percival. Lincolnite 30.00 School hxpcnses: Senior I )ues .... G. O. Dues........ American Observer Reader’s Digest . . Cargoes .......... Regents Booklets . Senior Key........ Prom: Pickets ........... I' lowers ......... Taxi (one way) .. Cotton C lul ...... Senior Pictures .. . Boat Ride: Carfare .. Rowing . . .. Refreshments Picket ..... Class Night Varsity Show: I wo Pickets Two Sodas . Carfare .... bxtra Baseball Swimming Pee . Medical Exam. . Carfare and Etc., Etc., Etc. .. . Social l.ifc..... . $60.00 • «5- 5 5°° I otal I'.xpcnscs.......................... $84.23 lotal Income .............................. 80.23 I otal Debt. Feb.-June. 1939............... $4.02 I otal Income ....................... $80.23 Editor S Noth: Percival is all set for a new start in life!WILL TESTAMENT Whereas, we, the senior class of June. 1939. A.I)., being of sad mind and sound body, lind ourselves possessed of certain possessions consisting of articles and properties, and whereas we cannot take them with us, we do feel it incumbent upon ourselves to dispose of the aforementioned in this, our last will and testament as follows: To the history department we leave a map of Europe with adjustable boundaries To Mr. Fcigcnbaum we leave his iron constitution lo Mr. Berman—well, we leave him alone To Miss Cohen we leave Miss Menchcr To the girls of next term s senior class we leave Mr. Kaplan and we bet they echo our opinion I o Mr. Mack Ball we leave a good example—Jack Benny To room 132 we leave—a man! To the statue of Lincoln we leave something for a rainy day —an umbrella I o I )r. Mason we leave Spinoza. lo the I lealth lid. dept, we leave medical notes, dental notes, swimming notes, aw notes! lo Arista and Arkon we leave some sea feud, mama! To the next Bazaar we leave Grover Whalen I o Miss Ikckman we leave a correspondence course on Mow to Become a Dentist in Six Easy lessons’ (Getting money from next term’s seniors will he like pulling teeth) lo Mr. Gmmette we leave a copy of " I hev Write As I Please I o next term’s class night we leave all the discarded gags of this term s class night with thanks to last term s class night. To Mr. Stcingart we leave a needle, a spool of thread and a supply of buttons (Now all he needs is an entrepreneur!) To Lincoln’s future politicians we leave escalators, elevators, corned beef sandwiches with corned beef, and lavender hath salts for the swimming pool I o our regret we leave Lincoln We hereby bequeath and bestow these goods consisting of commodities and services, and do sign. seal, certify and alTix our signatures thereto: SENIOR CLASSBUDGET: Mr. S. Steinberg—A iolet ( ohen. Estelle Dondes, Seymour bailer. w m. Groisser. David I lersclikowitz. Eddie Kanner. I lelen Trager. CLASS NIGHT: Mrs. E. Meyerson—Elliot Abramoxvitz. Rebecca Goldberg. Esther Kanner. Dorothy Mcislin. Doris Rothback. I )oris ! rattner, Irene I repel. COMMENCEMENT: Miss R. Beckman— iolet Cohen. Estelle Dondes. Seymour bailor. Wm. Groisser.Helen Trager. JEWELRY: Miss Kaler—Rachel Benjoya, Ruth Brown. Elliot Finkelstein, Eugene Gross-man. Lillian Kcsselman, Eugene Nelson. Florence Wolpcrt. PROM: Mrs. I). Kline—Bert liallin. Rose Blits. Michael Cavanagh. Muriel Deiter. Ruth Furlong. Ruth Gom-herg. Morence Hartman. Florence I lolTer. Myron Indenboum. Nclcic Jachcs. I lerlx'rt JalTee. Estelle Kap-m. Naomi Krinsky, Lucille Noho-Ietti. Norman Schaub. Rita Singer. Frances I oorock. SENIORSLANDMAP K BUSINESS: Vicky Bloom. Rebec-ca Goldberg. Eugene Gottlieb. Shirley M. Jacobson. Shirley S. Jacobson. Eddie Kanncr. Mildred Posner. Edith Rosen. Bernard Shan-holt. I larry Smith. Jack Weiner. Rita Singer. Adelc Goodstein. Phyllis Dreyfus.AR I: I Icrlx?rt Epstein. Warren I'ineberg, Ruth Gomberg. PI IO-TOGRAPIIY: Myron Buchman, Sidney Greenberg. George Rappa-j ort. LITERARY: Gerald Aronson. led Branfman. Esther Kanner. Peter Ruderman. Shirley Luhowitz . . . Charles .1. Steingart. Faculty Advise r. COMMITTEESPrinted and Pound by I he Cornet Press. Inc.. Brooklyn. N. 'l. 65V..-. -vr: m- trj'- r:

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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