Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1937

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1937 volume:

X? A'l if X' LIBRIS ., , , N, ,, .. , ., J, ,. , ,, ,, V, ,, Q 1 . 2 Y , , gf,,1,' 43, iw .zw 1' gg . 11' ,- ff,"-v,'2w"IWW- W" " "fi .2112 Ncom ,LANDQAARK JA NUA R'Y F3493 7 ABRAHAM LIRJQOLN H1GHSCHOOL GQbnelRLMo? n v! P r i n c I A Ss ... - .. md. Q- 14. -13.1 ., g W . ,Q lQ3:fE:afgi'?j'i"fipgflrnfzfV 4 L 'ff' 3? .- we -f r' 1 T -+ 3n'2e1'f4'z.f-fm,'1 'f'f" 1ii.f1 1+ mlgmafafgse mf: -' .1 ' ' 4 1. f- ein. W iwlfv :v,.fff.m-Jan Mr: -w i ' af, fp, xo, QE Ny , " 1:,Slil'h' ., , ,-, ,3..Vf , w ,V w-,li-f .MW lf?-1553-, V , -SEV-VSV:-prVw43ggV ' 9 -U :.?',':"1,i?g.g fr "Rf 1L..,..TfT .14 LV, -4 f .Z . Z'-j'KVj'.V" - V ,L Aa" -- -W. J 52.-N 5555. ,Q wet: ., 53? f:'S':'i'r4',--'f4"- , I-gg , -.V-iq.-lf.--.,n '1 1' 5 W-rV , VJ ?f51fQ43. , V V, pa ' " V 'Wi' Q45 V Viimii- L :jiVFTE5'fI ,I .QW A17 V-sf-.aVaQL.24, A "FEV: ' l4,aVV- 'Eg V ,' mr: 1. .1-VV. 'VR 'L .i..,,, ns- .5 V., 5,4 I. , ,'ffVs"f " QL! V3 V 3, f , JaVf:Vi-1,5 - ifV,5A:q, . 'xt 'V -' 4'-'H' .VV 45, WV --:VV V ,Vg qu " 4 . -.,uEQVV21'1ff!'S4f-.V ' 45.- 4' wk 'QM-51' V fy Y,-4 , ...1.4:.1..,.H,- f V '+V 2mi117V'V 41'-4:2315 rg. '. - ,' . -Q-4.57 "fb-1 V - 4:ia15,jfQ,lb,:yv 5 fa! , . ,V ,-f.... -V4'Qf5,V.eVxVVgV:Vf,f..,VV- 4 ' 1.-fV..+-wL'4'V- 1 -4f'ffL'-Jw: ,,,.f ,WV , 4 '- V-, ' . mix, ,":V1 fi,-1 -gg! V ,TH ' 'iii' W3 .NM E , -- VA- : V 'V' ' .,V.:. 1 fwfjgg ,iam 2 5355. 2 5 . 2 V,gVfV- V "CF i ' '--1 L V V . 511 4 I V ? . V A 1 xii-V E VV -arf-4 197. Eulg 1 mv 4. Vx,-V gif- E Ba' " A VL Skin.: I I-"' 5 'SLK V,-Q5 V L . 15. ' E - V -'fr gn V .sm S' .ZW l I'-V19 5 V. kk V. 451-fm' ' -'5 -1 Egg-, ,'1,':!fZf,3R:, ,, :V :4f,, iss' V. -'-W? 92 ', '-,-.--'Q' Y .I ' 14 ' ,, , .'V -V.-ff.V-Vy M' ei: , - t ' 1- .' I g'V 0 - V V. , ' .- , V , V ,,,, ,, ,-:VV ,,V V,,,,J,,..-, ..,.V , Vt 'Lg 1-.Nil ' k VV' V, - . -- V ' ..V rw ' -' , 4 ' 'V .-f5- , ,' " " , ' I ,N .4 f . V .9 N J V 3, L R. ,. ,. 74 .i ,I A' 1, ,. ,. .L 7 Qt. ,X Q , ,,V .V -. , .. yM,5' ,V -1 ,. V -lv L... "3 4' 4, -V " -1 5. ,, if .. . QV. V ,f I - V ' ' X, "iw . ,- V, 4 V, V h . V .. V - V,V. . . L- JV 125 V V ' V 3: V f ,ff 2 .x if Eg' 'ff :grfi iqlg g :ff-L I X ' V , N. , . 'l "vm ', H1 .f" :-'1- 314: L ,1 -3:51 ,. V , ' ,, U 'aw f f"ggVVVx:'? nr 5 V V 4-1 , 4. - ,,, V-V,:V: 'V-:.V.VgV, VV f,y,,y. 5- ,V-1, - VV,5,.V,, . V.x, VV,:.-: Jr,-I, V gem' jf-:I V V eg- .' " .V NA. I, L., 42, -vw FV-VY. 4g?"V,V--V V " ,V V V-4' V. 4- .f-94445521 - .VV 4 ' 2- '-,AL ,:V 23" f .. ,V Nh . .' '4 Y-VQTLVVV V'4.V.,V'1v . -V, 1,, - 4 ' .4543 -V,' . I' , - . 1. ,,.' X25 -422' , J' . ,, 'rx , 55" "K" 1 -V-' Vufv, . AV, .m-fs' , x f. , . , Q-mf-',.,1aVfV 4 - -- 'wi -- -V ,-2 'm , ,,w'fg7. 4:.,V-W - . , fi-A1 4 5 ai 'ffm'--"' '--, V, . '-V, V "5 ,wg V, X , Q 11 4 ,. -5.1 :gf 5,034 .1 .' 'z--'M ,, f.4 5-. , . 4 4- ., ,, -5, 'Vw - -5'-V 3 .1 QM- VI ." "'-'ff ,V V , ,P fi Q, t' il,-J r I ,gf fy ,- - -VV: 1 . '. -V: .VV ,- V , Q u- 4 21, -,,,. ,,, .'1V.-V.r'w'iVQ'2s22'w:M 54:3 FQ 1 , . 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LANDMARK LINCQLN 5 GABRIEL R, MASON, Principal ARTHUR HIRSCHBERG lOn Leave of Absencel Acling Principal BERTHA COHEN I. BERT LEVINE Adminis+ra+ive Assislanf and Dean of Girls Acling Adminisfrafive Assislonf LANDMAl2I4f, LINCOLN h ld! o1sdT A H mulov ul! dun nie I lvl n ad! ol9uJl 00 ea il avec I alnsa D! u X In as s lf' n .a Mao onaq l3ns31A Z d wan .l 01 A In lwsn n use and gm 1o! mol! v 1 bl nglno! in l V V' 1 new :nuns My 3' 3, sm x nw IMT B Il1obe'I abusnbaw ! 000 000 .I lw nohalllcnl I 9 I :di osnlu 9 Il G h bm sv1ns1 1 'gnnm eu 'ga nn nd: in nlzud 1 io loan: uw sl! no W0 OOOMI 1 new nv1en1 nsoxo 000000001 S8 03 000 nwof la 1:3 'guianom I nolun srl: nlf' ng ed , hm doldw ooooooan uw on blf rigid wan .s I Ido! ed! eu qH 000000B0!II 15 b1n 'NN sd! !0 lin hun! IA nl 'UI 1 "oi na. VI da od! ! 3 HIV 4g 5' lx E um I M1 nglsfxo! uoqmuil ad! 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'ry' 5, 4' T- Y Cfg . i. :V ,O V .ooo,ooo. 4, . -. ,. ,Q gulf!!! ii ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 0, 1 T. -' X . , na.. .' 1, ,N - -- ' 7: " .' . .Tu ' ' 3+ ' : ' ' . 1 ., - .4 --nl Q' N - - - ' " Z. r-SFT L' f' . ' ' ' '-ig?- -:Luge I . . . 1- iyulr '3gu,,f i-, a ' 1'-xg n - fn: -5 ,. gf.. , -5? -lillixiiai D B i I l l A 15 n 19 "I: ."L1,". " '., f- ,Q .5- -'Vili'iir,i, 1 Sv, 1, 15' J -J vi. in ,Z f-291 ,JI ,ng -,' L' n -ff ' L, lvlfdvv 'Kinloq ar.-QA: ' -'-I-r . 2- rw, , ,: . 4: A -4- 1. bn 'gg 'i ,a .5 ' l o '--,s ,L P 3. - . 1 ff. porTanT occasion in your life. l shall follow wiTh inTeresT each number on your program. from The monnenT you enTer The spacious audiTorium of The Brooklyn Technical High School To The lasT noTes of The recessional played by our orchesTra. l shall applaud The prize winners as They receive Their awards. and shall join wiTh you in singing our Alma MaTer song. BUT mosT of all, l shall rejoice ThaT you, as graduaTes oT Lincoln, have received a sound educaTion noT only in scholarship buT also in oTher fields which I consider aT leasT as equally imporTanT. l have reference To The sTress laid on healTh and hygiene: To The emphasis puT on The developmenl' oT personoIi+y Through our exTensive exTra- curricular program: To The endeavors in moulding our sTudenTs inTo genuine exponenTs oT democracy. peace, and inTernaTional good will: and, lasTly, To The consTanT eTForTs To keep aglow The Tlame oT eThical spiriTualiTy and noble idealism in an age ThaT. unTorTunaTely, is basely maTerialisTic. WiTh such an educaTional inheriTance, we may all hope Tor your success in your new fields oT endeavor. Cordially yours, GABRlEL R. MASON LANDMARK LINCOLN FOUR YEARS IN THE LINCOLN JUNGLE OR - BRING 'EM BACK DEAD IPREFERABLYI Four years ago, from various elemenfary schools in our fair communify, we were graduafed. The principal slapped a diploma info our various miffs and said, "My chil- dren, you have now been graduafed. I send you forfh fo new experiences in Lincoln High. Come back Iafer and give me a reporf of whaf you find." So wifh one week's allowance in our jeans, we sfarfed auf fo brave fhe jungles of A. L. H. S. Reporfs began fo filfer back fo our ex almaemafers of some sfrange creafures we found wandering in fhe jungle. These reporfs were forwarded fo fhe Nafional Geographic Sociefy, which senf us fhe direcfions. "Make a reporf! And if you find any specimens-bring 'em back dead jpreferablyjf' And so, dear Seniors, offer four hard years of pafienf work, sfudying various fypes. we bring you fhe reporf. You know whom we mean: For a general descripfion, we find fhaf fhese creafures come shorf and fall, mar- ried and ofherwise, happy and grouchy. For amusemenf, some wrife plays and mushy poems, some are camera bugs, some knif, some do clay modelling, some boon-doggie-and all of fhem gossip. AII fhe creafures seem fo possess cerfain qualifies characferisfic of fhem alone. For example. fhere is fhe sfrange case of No. 336 who confinually flaunfs fhe capabili- fies of her kin fo fhe uffer disgusf of fhose who musf Iisfen fo her ufferances of wis- dom Insisfing upon fhe democrafic principle of freedom of expression, she never- fheless persisfs in inferrupfions fending fo disrupf fhis noble principle. Anofher frail' exhibifed by fhis parficular specimen is a consuming belief in her abilify for correcf judgmenf, and every error, musf, alas, remain. Anofher creafure, alfhough conforming in general fo fhis sfrange group. presenfs a personalify somewhaf differenf from any of ifs fellow fypes. This fype seems unable fo keep in mind fhaf if has a specific purpose in fhis jungle and fo fhe poor lisfener, words become a confused jumble. Alas, fo fhose who musf exfracf from his speech definife maffers. A passion for drawing ovals is apparenf in anofher of fhese sfrange creafures. Upon noficing an acfion nof sfricfly according fo convenfion, a long, sharp poinfed pencil is drawn, and a circle is inscribed, lowering fhe record of fhe poor miscreanf. Wifh grand illusions concerning his qualifies of humor, anficjue remarks are revised and fhrusf upon fhe unassuming Iisfener. Differenf fhoughfs and acfions are noficeable, peculiar only fo each of fhe new discoveries. One of fhem, evidenfly, afraid of fhe frufh of The old adage abouf LANDMARK 1' , + wiweg - m Q LINCOLN Time waiTing Tor no man, conTinuaIIy leaves an inTeresTed audience To glance aT The clock. In This caTegory oT clock waTchers, we Tind ThaT Those addicTed are so impressed by The Time, ThaT There is a Tendency To TorgeT aT whaT poinT The inTerrupTion Took place, and The lesson conTinues wiTh a poinT long beTore covered. A pecuIiariTy presenT in all These denizens is The habiT oT disregarding sTaTemenTs which They previously made, and calmly acTing in manner conTrary To Their preachings. One oT Them, who proTesses a knowledge oT medicine and healTh and is a keen exponenT oT The "no smoking" campaign, TorgeTs his words oT advice when alone, and as Though Trying To make up Tor IosT Time, smokes TervenTIy. Cases such as The above occur quiTe TrequenTIy among The worThy members oT This sTrange race. The loud, boisTerous manner presenT in a creaTure whom iT was my misTorTune To meeT, remains unmaTched in our own more civilized plane. ConTinuaIIy sTalking up and down, snapping, as Though To caTch one unaware, always acTing quickly wiTh no regard Tor accomplishment This habiTanT oT The jungle presenTs a Tearsome appearance To Those who in subiecTed Tear siT unable To move. Inclined To agree quiTe oTTen wiTh The views oT The IisTeners, perhaps because TacTuaI knowledge seems To have eluded boTh creaTure and IisTener, causes one To value IiTTIe inTormaTion garnered Trom This Type. WiTh an evidenT dislike Tor a cerTain subiecT, The denizen. as Though in The Throes oT slavery, conTinues To expound Theory upon Theory oT-we know noT whaT-To The dissaTisTacTion oT boTh audience and speaker. Finally, enfhralled by a vision oT beauTy beTore iT, The "criTTer" begins speaking oT days longugone by, days which To iT are never pasT. The World War once more Takes place in iTs mind. There is a Topic which bores only The IisTener. A new, more viTaI, more alive, more inTeresTing, Type is now explaining a Theory which To iT is more imporTanT Than age-old laws which exisT only in prinT. "TruTh is sTranger Than TicTion." Only aTTer observing in deTaiI The new Tind, did I realize The veraciTy oT The above sTaTemenT. I have read TicTiTious books deIineaTing people and animals whose acTions were sTrange, buT nowhere have I meT wiTh one so queer, as a member oT This new Tribe. This queer member acTuaIIy had The habiT oT imbibing some sorT oT liquid Through his nose. In The midsT oT an iIluminaTed discussion on The reIaTions oT smallpox wiTh Coney Island, a sudden overpowering ThirsT came upon The "criTTer," and The nose drank hearTiIy. Perhaps a sTrange malady was The cause oT This, buT iT seems ThaT a habiT whereby The ThirsT would be saTisTied aT regular and deTiniTe inTervaIs, is possible. "And so," dear Principal, "I am submiTTing my reporT concerning my Tour years in LincoIn's jungle and The discovery oT sTrange-you probably have guessed by now -Teachers." The specimens To accompany This reporT, I regreT To say are lacking-buT you ougl-IT To see how big Those Lincoln Teachers are. BUT seriously, dear Principal, we cannoT buT Teel somewhaT sorry To leave our pIeasanT iungle, To leave iTs inhabiTanTs. In spiTe oT any TauITs They may have, and They cerTainIy have many, we realize ThaT all in all-They're okay. L A N D M A I2 K LINCOLN II SENIOR ACTIVITIES Our losl ferm of school hos been inorlced by 'rhe pleosonfries of Closs Doy, Closs Night ond The Prom. The resl' of Ihe world does noi' find ilself in so feslive o mood. We +oo sholl soon gree'r soberly 'rhe reoliI'ies which foceus. LANDMARK , wwf! WJ .M 19 LINCOLN ,r g f f M- 1' Q if f V 'L WM wwf' 5 WM Ja Mfw X ZS A Ml QM ,aww fmjl My Kf?ffWfi6U,,f J X jfnbfmiw XV! W QEGQ 3 5 1. P' . M, xff + M. W SWM- L My J 60 W- ARTHUR swmos PLEASE NQTE. J LANDMARK LINCOLN 13 HAIL AND FAREWELL The fame of The Abraham Lincoln High School has been spread far and wide, unTiI cuIminaTing in January, I937, we have reached a high poinT on The wave of renown. UndoubTedIy, much of This fame, forTune, and renown can be Traced direcTly back To Lincoln's aThIeTic Teams. And sadly enough, These very aThIeTic Teams will now, aT graduaTion, have To parT wiTh Their aThIeTes. The greaTesT loss will be felT by The Too+baII Team. The absence of Linemen Ruby Klein, Joel LichTman, and Harold Lehr will be greaTIy deTrimenTaI To nexT year's for- ward wall. Ruby and Harold proved Their meriT by winning all-scholasTic honorable menTion. Irving RoTh, a member of The backfield, in his IasT Term aT Lincoln, has achieved fame as The Third highesT scorer in Brooklyn. Sid EnTin, anoTher member of The backfield, a fullback, has enTerTained many foofball fans and has helped win many games by his ideal kicking and passing. OTher members of The Too+baII Team who did noT see as much acTion are Ed Levine and ArThur Wiggins. Abe Zebrak, a swivel-hipped flashy open field running back, is also To be IosT. Abe is capfain of The Track Team and The IOO yard ouTdoor P.S.A.L. champion. His leaving Lincoln resulTs in a double loss-fooTbaII and Track. Graduafing wiTh Zebralc are TracksTers Sid Barken, who runs The Turlong. and Richard Jenkins who has made an exceIlenT name for himself as a half miler. HerberT Rose is anoTher ouTsTanding Trackman. He is capTain of The cross-counTry Team and PresidenT of AThIeTika. The Soccer Team will lose I-IerberT Zwirn on The forward line. Raymond Raskind and Louis Izzo, Two shining IighTs on boTh oTfense and defense will also leave. The graduaTion of Irving Cohen and Max Hauer will Take from The Team Two seasoned and experienced veTerans. BoTh are fine players, and asseTs To The Team in speed and Technique. Their loss will be keenly feIT. The baske+baII Team is comparaTively lucky, indeed, for iT does noT lose a single man This graduaTion. The enTire quinTeT remains inTacT. This is also True of The RiTIe Team, The Tall defending P.S.A.L. champions. They, Too, will keep Their enTire Team for The nexT shooT season. The Tennis Team Tied for second place in Brooklyn, IasT spring. During The following season, This Team will carry on wiTh The same courTmen. The Lincoln baseball Team has won Third place in Brooklyn. NexT Term's Team has championship prospecfs, buT will be weak in The caTching deparTmenT, as a resulT of loss of slugger Murray Zuckerman. Murray is an excellenf backsTop and is The only member of The Team To leave This Term. The Lincoln Swimmers have had a sTrong season. They have shown meriT by Taking firsT place in Brooklyn. Mermen who will noT be wiTh The Team nexT year are The 50 yard swimmers-Seymour Levy, Jack Eisenberg, and Bill Corn. Jack Eisenberg LANDMARK W 39",-any. -1? M LINCOLN has won This evenT and is now The 50 yard Tree sTyle champion oT Brooklyn, and Bill Corn is also a breasT sTroke swimmer. VicTor RiTkin, who swims an excellenT leg on The relay, and Bernard Levander, The besT diver on The Team, will also graduaTe. MarTy UnTerman, CapTain oT The Blue and Gray Mermen has capTured The P.S.A.L. 75 yard breasTsTroke championship and has broken The borough and ciTy records. MarTy is also a head cheerleader. AnoTher LincolniTe who will noT be presenT nexT year To cheer The Blue and Gray Teams on To vicTory is Jack La Rosa. As The years pass by, The Temale sex makes a greaTer place Tor iTselT in The world. In Lincoln, The girls have placed all Ten Tingers in The pie oT sporTs. Looking in on The Girls' SporTs World oT Lincoln, we see many oT our Triends who, in Their years aT Lincoln, did Their parT Tor girls' handball, Tennis, baseball, baskeTball, and swimming and in spare momenTs were rushing oTT To KallisTa meeTings. They are leaving This small Town oT Lincoln To venTure inTo a larger world where They can puT inTo pracTice The ideas of Tair play and leadership ThaT They have learned by going ouT Tor The Things They love so dearly. Lower LincolniTes are sorry To parT wiTh KallisTa members: Beverly Tainsly who is inTeresTed in Tennis, baseball, baskeTball and is a delegaTe of The G.A.A. Council: mermaid Anne PeTers who plays handball and baskeTball: a member aT The coaching Team, Lillian Mandel, who parTakes in baseball, handball, baskeTball, and is a dele- gaTe aT The G.A.A. Council: creaTive dancer, Lillian Hodes, also a handball and baskeTbaIl player: smiling Laura Ullman, who is acTive in handball, baskeTball, and baseball: amusing Eva Safran, ouTsTanding in baskeTball, baseball, handball, a member oT The coaching Team, and a delega+e of The G.A.A. Council: robusT Peggy Schnall, who does well aT everyThing-handball, baskeTball, baseball, is a creaTive dancer, a member aT The G.A.A. Council, capTain oT The swimming Team and presidenT oT KallisTa. Looking Through our club Iisfs, we discover ThaT iT is quiTe obvious ThaT our alma maTer has more clubs Than any oTher high school in The ciTy. ArisTa heads The lisT, Tor This is The leading socieTy aT Lincoln. Emanuel Gillers and .lean Oxhandler are The ouTsTanding seniors oT ArisTa. Manny Gillers will Take his place in The Lincoln Hall of Fame, along wiTh oTher G. O. PresidenTs. Jean is a hard working SecreTary oT ArisTa and very capable. DoroThy Puchalsky is The graduaTing PresidenT of Arkon and has gained ThaT posiTion by doing a greaT deal oT service Tor her school. MorTon Beer, vice-presidenT oT Arkon, is The Tellow one can always Tind in 336 The eighTh period Tor MorTy is PresidenT OT The Senior Class. Charming Sydel Emil is The graduaTing SecreTary aT Arkon. She was always called Sydel unTil we saw "Emil, Sydel" prinTed on her regenTs card. We almosT called her Emil: we didn'T noTice The comma. lAccepT our apologies, Sydel.l Gerard Corine is acknowledged as an imporTanT Tellow in Arkon. He does a greaT deal oT service Tor his alma maTer, and Lincoln will be sorry To see him go. LANDMARK LINCOLN Thelma Feld and Harold KurniT are leaders on The Arkon ParTy CommiTTee. Thelma and Harold are geTTing good pracTice in parTy arranging. In The TuTure, They'll be able To plan parTies wiTh much auThoriTy buT noT wiThin The walls oT Lincoln. Irving Lesser does his parT Tor Arkon as chairman oT The sixTh Term inTerviewing commiTTee. A new chairman oT ThaT commiTTee will have To be selecTed nexT Term. Joan Geller gives service, receives service and is chairman oT The Service DirecTory CommiTTee oT Arkon. Joan is Vice-PresidenT oT The Senior Class and we seniors will never TorgeT how hard she worked To puT over a good program Tor Class Day. When we asked senior Joel LichTman whaT he ThoughT we could wriTe abouT him, he said, "JusT menTion ThaT he's a Tall, dark, and handsome boy." We haTe To lie 'Buzzie' buT we do know abouT The swell playing you did on The TooTball Team. We don'T wonder ThaT They've puT you in charge aT Arkon aThleTics. 'Buzzie' is also a member oT AThleTika. Realizing ThaT many LincolniTes have become employed in Tields which They have gained experience by parTaking in exTra-curricular acTiviTies, we Teel sure ThaT Seniors Earl GlanTz, Jack Ness, and Rube Yaur will be our TuTure aviaTors. Sonya FirsTenberg, EsTher Kanner, and DoroThy Muslim will be missing Trom nexT Term's Bio Research Club. Lincoln's lovers oT naTure and birds who will noT be in Lincoln nexT Term are: David Bloom, and EllioT and Audrey AbromowiTz. Our Boxing Club will lose "Champ" AI Beck. We'll never dare To geT Tresh wiTh him. Red headed RuTh Rosen is going To make an ideal hosTess some day. She is head oT The HosTess Club and, boy, how she can bake! Tap, Tap, Tap, go Those TeeT. EdiTh FensTer, CharloTTe Blay, and Shirley Luxner are going To be missed in Mr. Ball's Tap club nexT Term. Missing Tram Lincoln's TheaTre World will be Hazel Shoobs and STanley Cohen, members oT The Lincoln Players. Mr. Blum had beTTer begin looking around Tor people To Take Hazel and STanley's place. Marion Coslen and NaThan KraveTz and Jack Dein will be losT by The "Log" This Term. They made ideal iournalisTs, and we seniors will always remember ThaT They kepT our school newspaper up To par. When menTioning The MaTh Team, we remember ThaT This Team possesses one oT The smarTesT boys in Lincoln. Richard Bellman, The Team's capTain. is The graduaTe who won second and Third prizes in The HERALD TRIBUNE'S "BiggesT News oT The Week" conTesT during alTernaTe weeks. Leonard ATlas, Leah Birnbaum, and NaThan BelTer leave The Mimeograph Squad This Term. Lincoln's cerTainly going To miss Them. LANDMARK 16 L WLINCCDLINI Harold Scluoenfeld and Jaclc Kaplan will be leaving Lincoln, perluaps, fo go off info flue radio business for fluey are flue graduafing members of flue Radio Club. We've been luearing a greaf deal abouf peace fluese days. Senior Claire David- son of flue Peace Club was responsible for flue beaufiful peace assembly given during our lasf ferm af Lincoln. In flue fufure, we expecf fo see in flue daily newspapers, a greaf deal of work of our arfisfs, Simon Frankel, direcfor of flue Arf Club, Harold Kurnif, Micluoel Barneff, and Milfon Weinberg. Glancfng flurougfu flue lisfs of imporfanf people of Lincoln, we nofice fluaf Roslyn Handler luas been doing a greaf deal for flue club world of Lincoln. Slue is Presidenf of flue Club Council and, as parf of luer daily grind, is doing a greaf deal of work for Lincoln clubs. e LAlXlDlX!lAl2l4 LINCOLN 17 HTHRCDUGI-I TI-IE LOOKING-GLASS" "AND AFTER ELECTION I PROMISE-" Because oT all The holidays wiTh which we were presenTed This Term, There was a shorTage oT senior assemblies. As a resulT oT The shorTage OT assemblies, we were noT subiecTed To any candidaToraToriaI speeches. InsTead. The candidaTes did class To class canvassing ITor voTes, of course . . . whaT did you Think . . . vacuum cleanersl? Dark horse MorTon Beer was eIecTed PresidenT, leaving behind him Roslyn Hand- ler and Helene STernberg. Napoleon was small: so is Joan Geller, buT noT so her voTes, Tor she beaT Peggy Schnall and Gail Sklar, in The baTTIe Tor vice-presidency oT Senior Class. Barbara Reice was The cIass's choice over Ann Krasner Tor secreTary: and Tor Treasurer, Lucille Isaacs won over ArThur Eckhaus. "TEA FOR TWOl" Our Teas are now memories oT song and IaughTer. gaieTy and briIIian+ conversa- Tion. We were aTTending The senior Tea given in honor oT The celebriTies oT The class oT January, '37, IT mighT have been ThaT The I'IosTess Club ThoughT Tea Too sTrong Tor our seniors, Tor They were served punch, ice cream and cake, insTead. IP.S .... our G. O. money.I The enTerTainmenT made The Tea complefe. A song by a special chorus and a solo by Ann LeviTT were used To balance The program. made Top-heavy by MiI+on Weinberg's reciTaTion Trom HamIeT. To puT The program on The musical side, a Tap rouTine was done by . . . you guessed iT . . . Rhoda Edelman. Thank you boys and girls Tor helping To make This Tea a success. Now To Those who wish The inside dope on Teas, here is whaT we learned . . . "ThaT Tea in any oTher Torm is s+iII called 'Tea'." y "DAY OF DAZE" IT came . . . we ToughT . . . we conquered. WhaT? Oh, red IeTTer day, oT course. Bedecked wiTh red sweaTers and dresses . . . The senioreTTas . . . adorned wiTh red Ties, bows, ribbons and "IoIIipops" . . . The seniores. Gone wiTh The wind were Their everyday ,poise and digniTy IoT course, iT's only a Tamous Tallacy ThaT The seniors have These quaIiTiesI. REFRAIN: A good Time was had by alll!!! Teachers as per usual were Torced To abdicaTe Their rule To The zealous seniors benT on Tollowing The TradiTion seT by Tormer seniors. DITTO: A good Time was had by alll!!! As we enTered The audiTorium, we encounTered The numerals "37" in eIecTric IighTs, respIendenTIy shining down upon us Trom The Trapeze in TronT of The curTains. A precedenT had been seT and we all knew iT . . . 'cause Mr. Hirschberg Told us so. LANDIVIARK A LINCOLN Affer The cusfomary procedure of reading The Bible. salufing The flag and singing of The Alma Mafer song, The program was ready To begin. AND NOW: A good Time was had by alll!!! MorTon Beer, senior class presidenf, infroduced Joan Geller as chairlady of The Class Day Commiffee. Our liTTle misfress of ceremonials came Through wiTh a rever- berafing ll mean if! program. Wifh The lighfs of "37" as afmosphere, a poem, wriTTen and delivered by Chesfer Kallman, was The inifial acT of The program. Class day lyrics were wriTTen by Sfanley Cohen and Miriam lfkind, To fiT The Tunes of popular songs. "AT This Class Day" To The Tune of "LeT Yourself Go." and f'Parlez-vous" were sung by Pearl MaliTz in her inimifable sTyle of "Torch-singing." Norman Perman crooned his way Through wiTh "FaculTy Parade," Tune of "Organ Grinder's Swing." CharloTTe Samef of "Mikado" fame, sang "Lincoln's Big Parade" To The Tune of "Alexander's Rag Time Band." Praises To Laura Woll aT The piano for accompanying all our vocalisfs. The songs were firsT infroduced by The above menfioned and Then slaughfered by The conglomerafion of aTTenTive seniors la good way To prove-"in unify There is sTrengTh."l For The finale, Hazel Shoobs gave her rendifion of "Mary of ScoTland," and received a Tremendous ovafion for her efforfs. Mr. Hirschberg, in his brief commenfary aT The end of The program. compli- menfed The Class Day CommiTTee for iTs splendid efforfs, in geTTing Togefher a pro- gram so varied in TalenT. lT'S HERE AGAIN: A good Time was had by all!!!! Thus our day of daze was pracfically ended, leaving us To look forward To Class Nighf, The Prom. and Commencemenf. SO-OOOH: A good Time was had by alll!!! "SO-MY PROUD BEAUTY-" If you had Two dollars and fifTy cenTs of your senior dues paid up by December I5Th, you needn'T read This, because you know whaT iT's all abouT. If you didn'T, you needn'T read This anyway because you will find ouf whaT you have missed and re- gref iT Till your dying day. Therefore, The only one who should really read This, and who has read iT. is The prinfer, because if The prinfer doesn'T read This There is no one To prinf The sfory Thaf you shouldn'T read. Those who came earliesf goT choice seafs, and immediafely commenced The droning and buzzing which was picked up by The Tardier ones who sfraggled in a few minufes lafer because so and so's boy friend worked laTe on Safurday nighf, efcefera. The lasT few squeaks of The fiddles Tuning up, a few Taps on The sfand wiTh The bafon, and The overfure had sTarTed, which meanf The buzzing in The audience had To sfop. The prologue broughf us Morfon Beer and Nafhan Kravefz as son and faTher respecfively, who infroducedus by way of Tense drama, To The "Class Nighf of l893." Here one caughf an eyeful . . . as a maTTer of facT seven eyesful of Lincoln's prize beaufies in The roles of Floradora Girls. lPeggy Schnall, Laura Woll, Miriam LANDMARK nw Q rv L rv o- 19 1 ,- N, , y 4? Gosh-owmighfy, Gerfie. Look! A feocher going down o "Down sfoirwoy 1 N M ,Ax H oooo Tm ' o LINCOLN ITkind, Edifh FensTer. Mildred SchwarTz, Claire Cohen and CharIoTTe SameT.I IT you wanT Their addresses, boys, you know where To look. STanIey Cohen, as MaesTro oT Ceremonials, wiTh Fred Phillips, succeeded in amusing The audience, wiTh Their comedy. AnTics galore were presenTed by "The DeaTh-DeTying PaIookas." namely, Ray- mond Roskind, HerberT Zwirn and Irving RoTh. lAn exTraordinary comparison wiTh Two skee balls and a IiTTIe marbIe.I "Senior Promenade" . . . whaT already? Oh no, merely a class nighT skiT enacTed by Belle Finley, Is Golub and DoTTy Cohen. Following The inTermission and seIecTions by The orchesTra. STanley Cohen, The Chairman oT Class NighT, presenTed Miss Beckman and Mrs. SoiTer, Tokens oT appreciaTion in recogniTion oT Their work. MorTon Beer. The PresidenT oT The Senior Class Tormally presenTed The Class GiTT, a well seIecTed seT oT choice books, To Mr. Hirschberg. Then Took place The evenT aT The evening, The melodrama, "WaiTing Tor LeTTy." As The resuIT oT The eTTorTs oT Mrs. SoiTer and The Class NighT commiTTee. iT was a greaT success. The Tollowing is The TaIenTed casT oT The play: Fred Phillips, Ann LeviTT. Norman Goldberg, Morris Greenberg, Roslyn Handler, DoroThy Volcheck, Joan Geller, Irv PuTzer, DanTe Ribis, Irv Slovack. Ray Roskind, STanIey GIadsTone, Norman Per- man, Sylvan Buchman. STanley Cohen and The Floradora SexTeTTe. BreaThes There a senior who To himseIT haTh said, "I know noT The sTory oT The mousTached villain lhissl The Tair heroine who musT sacriTice herseIT Tor The morTgage on The old homesTead, and The hero who arrives in The nick oT Time To rescue her Trom The snickering villain." lSnicker, snicker, hiss, hiss.I OuT Toul TraiTor. and never darken my door again! STanIey GIadsTone porTrayed The villain, Champagne Charlie La Rue: DoroThy Volcheck, The heroine, LeTTy HaTch: and Norman Goldberg, The hero, Jack SproTT. The very responsive audience expressed iTs appreciaTion oT The play by loud and vigorous applause. P.S. The one who is righTIy responsible Tor The Tree samples oT TooTsie Rolls, LiTe Savers, and ChickleTs, passed ouT by candy buTchers. is STanIey Cohen. "ON WITH THE DANCE" The lighTs oT The grand ballroom oT The HoTel ST. George are playing down upon The dancing couples. Seniors are swinging To The music oT Merrill Hughes and his orchesTra. IT is The nighT oT nighTs. IT is January 25, and The seniors, wiTh Their guesTs, are making merry. Each Teels supreme. The hearTs oT The happy seniors are beaTing wildly and proudly, and The air is Tilled wiTh a joyous hubbub oT voices. Suddenly, There is silence and sTricT aTTenTion is given To The enTering young lady wiTh The handsome escorT aT her side. Who is This charming, well-gowned creaTure? Ah! She is The Treckle-Taced girl oT yesTerday. Soon she is submerged by The Throng oT young sTylisTs, who remind one oT The Hollywood sTars in miniaTure. Once inside The ballroom, one TorgeTs The Typical Toul weaTher ThaT goes hand in hand wiTh Lincoln Proms. All Teel gay and seem To have no care in The world. IT is a Time Tor everyone really To enioy himself, Tor, even The TacuITy becomes human and LANDMARK LINCCDLN comes To IiTel The usual eyebrow-liTTing predominaTes. The escorTs are careTully scruTinized by The seniors, even Though iT would seem To an observer ThaT They are iusT casually looking around. Many a silenT laugh is had by "senioreTTes" aT The expense oT Their acquainTances. IT is aT This TuncTion ThaT one uncovers The TruTh oT whaT The young lady, who has been exploiTing her escorT's charms in her HisTory and Algebra classes, has said. How can ThaT shorT, undernourished young man ThaT she is here wiTh be The Romeo ThaT she has been raving abouT Tor so long? Ah me! Girls will be girls. The lighTing eTFecTs are changed consTanTly, giving an air oT glamour and mysTery, which adds To The general enioymenT oT all presenT. Finally, The dancers begin To sTroll ouT, all sTill in a romanTic mood. The evening has been a success! "AND SO-ADIEU" SaTurday evening, and Commencement The mood changes. All digniTy losT by Seniors during Class Day, Class NighT, and The Prom, is recovered. WiTh a Teeling oT pride mingled wiTh sadness, seniors are marching across The sTage oT The New Brooklyn Technical High School, To The sTrains oT "Aida," Turnished by our school orchesTra. They are proud To have compleTed Their courses aT Lincoln and are sad aT The ThoughT oT leaving behind all memories oT Their high school days. Seniors never beTore seemed so digniTied. No longer are They silly high school sTudenTs, buT men and women, who are enTering college and liTe. To seniors This is a long-awaiTed evenT. They may have been impaTienT aT Times, and ioyTul when Their hopes were realized and The Time came Tor Them To graduaTe. However, now ThaT iT has come, They Teel loofhe To leave behind Their school and friends. Seniors have led shelTered lives unTil This evening. When They were noT quiTe sure oT cerTain Things, They could Turn To Teachers Tor help and advice. Now They musT go ouT and Think Tor Themselves. They musT solve The worldly' problems ThaT Tace Them. Whom can They Turn To now? They are children no longer, buT grown men and women, who should be capable oT Thinking Tor Themselves. Children one minuTe and grown-ups The nexT, ironical Though This may seem. This is The lasT Time ThaT The class oT January, I937 will ever be assembled in iTs enTireTy, buT The members hope ThaT This is noT The lasT Time They will see each oTher. CommencemenT is noT an end, buT a beginning, a beginning of new and bigger Things, buT seniors will always remember ThaT These Things had Their sTarT aT Lincoln High. "STET!" ' Open The door oT 336 and behind iT you Tind pandemonium. IT, above The commoTion, you hear, "Everyone who isn'T on The Landmark STaTF will please clear ouT," Then you know you are caTching a glimpse oT The CreaTors oT The Senior Year- book aT work. . LANDMARK QQ LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCCDLN "WhaT's The Hisfory assignmenf? "Goin' To see 'I"IamIeT'?" "How did ya picTures come ouT?" Such are The quesfions a few members of The sTaff are firing aT each anoTher. In a few obscure corners, believe IT or nof, The Ambifious Few are wracking Their brains, for ideas. "WhaT's fiffeen hundred words' worfh of Currenf Affairs?" William Agush wanTs To know. Ask your Eco Teacher, Willy. In anoTher corner, we find Pearl Reisman Trying To wriTe "SonneTs". "Roses are red, VioIeTs are blue, No, no, This will never do." IT seems ThaT This was her idea and she goT sTuck. In The midsT of This, The door bangs open and Edifh Wilner comes brea+hIessIy in. "I've been Trying To find 'Seniors in AcTiviTies'." "A quesTion, a quesfion, whaT can I ask?" ArThur Eckhaus inquires of his col- leagues. IT seems iT was someone's idea To feafure a Forum in our Yearbook. ThaT fair, red-headed damsel, Pearl Reisman, is Trying To help him. Lily Mizrachi is The lady you can blame if your mosf "imporTanT" acTiviTies weren'T prinfed in "Landmark." Jean Oxhandler forgof To be presenf 'when assignmenfs were being "dished" ouf. Well, anyway, she has a finger in The "SonneT" pie. Boners, boners, life is a boner. The sTaff is rummaging Through Joe Miller's book of boners. Beware of whaT you say in class, for you may be nexT. Oscar, whaT's The one ThaT you pulled in your Eco class? "Whom does This sound like?" "Do you Think They'II know whom I mean?" "Will Mr. Blank be angry?" Efhel Bershad is driving The sfaff "Ioco" wiTh her Anonymous Descripfions. Take a chance, Efhel, and find ouT. You know mosT of us would Try anyThing once. Pearl MaliTz is having a Tough Time Trying To Take off enough Time from her minufes To do some work on "CurrenT Affairs." I In sTiII anoTher corner, I336 is hexagon-shapedl we find Sally Nisalevifz and Alberf London in a daze, waifing for inspirafions. "Lincoln Daze-Before and AfTer." Before and offer whaT? They're sTiII in a daze, and so, our quesfion remains un- answered. P I Seniors, seniors, everywhere, - Seniors, seniors, Tearing Their hair. Explanafion-Ann Krasner, Hannah Becker, and Murray Levine were drafTed To wriTe sTories on senior acTiviTies. , LANDIVIARK ELECTIONS AWE? ,Z fx P ' W N"Q I Q fl f,11 1 if My . ssmonz TEA J ! f' '97 X A fa f 3 fr .Ah ,H il '-f , 1 - '-v ' Af: 'ii gf fi-QQTE Hari? - 'V " , 5 . M XX Kqsfigivf was Allin X Ngfxgftf 1 - NWN' Arjan M N., ii 'ig x .Y ,, ,vi , v X. 15.3 4 il V ,y X Wig 'Ri o A f Y M L ' A844 'Q .Q f .. 1 3 im, , x X xv M X MN. Em x 1 P , 36.42 - A S, . 5fz,z,y,6x J V 1 , ' iw .,3i?-W r f' 2. . 'K ,f"53?vf Hi, F ix , , , 1 2 M .,,jf': fr. ' 9 2 21 s 1 f 4, Vg, 3 w X: 4 , fi f- :Hs-W ,E A ff SX lwvh-PE? 5 ,gif 2' M ,uv gg N. K 122 3 ,A wfwg-I 155--2 l, .fl -s--, h. 155552 9 ' -ff? , - E Ea 'Lyla X f f' Q1 -fvfgg 75' ,335-Q?i ff " 55:12 'QR ' 'fx?x5'4-3 "N" Lai'-, -'f'i"7fif'f1 fi?-fx W. : K' Frtwi 1 ' ,"tgffX"vfg ' I xg xl, V111-2.1-' X5 My . 'viii' QT- '3 mg 3 gf 1' M wsfw "P-. ' ' ij A K 'B 5 L s avg u , , ,V i 'x , x if V13 5 . 'E dis, gl ! WZ, 2 I? 3 J ws . X 1 V 1 h Y ' K commswcsms 1 R X 'i NT LANDMARK PHOTOS ?N ' . A - wr-A7 . ,L f iff? I? Q95 l i . . 1 A. L- 1.45: ag. 3F,,gfW.L5. 4 l,'4!!kA wil 2 1 ,gpg .,v. ' ,-1 rw MOELTGAGY f ,gf Pfwififf ff 1 K+ am ' ,Z fi, x Q .,x,?.i3,f gf Hx 3 'M it in , ge . ,QE .-Qt, 13 gk H , . X iwignn , :EA NLM? is QW gifgizhg , M W ,fn N A : If - Vlvzg f-bgrx, ., -Q V ggw. Q, 'wit sixffiyig ggf ug ?+i 155 If Q-gg:-A H2215 1 JH , ,, , 5 1. ?., 5 S75 Sax? i" R F' .xiwiw vi! H 1 1' S W' 921 9 A x M Wifi? f ,piggy 4,-L f in xv 2" 'fs 1 w m w if 3, A 435 3 3, J va il' , 22' E9 'W' .V,A ,. rw jf' 'ilv:ff',fiffi s ,, K - - , 3 S 5 ,,N A , Z IEA J ,.L..1 ,,A.:, X 'ft- H!-'ff Mx ' A' V CLASS mem XE ki 4.L Q6 LINCOLN CLASS DAY The years fhaf pass in hurried pace Across fhe sky, can ne'er effoce The mem'ry living in our minds Like pearls fhe breafhless diver finds Deep seafed in an em'rald sea: So find we in our memory Emofions mixed: we laugh, we grieve O'erioyed fo move. buf sad fo leave A place we knew all in our way. Here on our own, our class's day We fhinlc fhese fhings, and fhen we lcnow Thaf affer fhis, fhough fime may go.' And 'rick ifs way wifh sfeacly beaf. As old years die. fhe new fo meef. As life goes swiffly pasf our eye, Like flooded rivers rushing by So filled wifh happy joys of spring, Yef do we realize one fhing- These years. fhis day no fafe may sever They are in herifage forever. LAQDMARK M LL IPJCO SENIOR COMMITTEES CLASS NIGHT Slanley Cohen, Chairman Joan Geller Miriam Ilkind Dorolhy Cohen Roslyn Handler Chesler Kallman ADVISERS Mrs. Margarel Soiler Miss Rose L. Beckman CLASS DAY Joan Geller, Chairman Morris Greenberg Morlon Beer Lucille Isaacs Barbara Reice Miriam llkind Slanley Cohen Irving Lesser Charlolle Samel Sylvan Buchman Frederick Phillips Abraham Hendel BUDGET COMMITTEE Lucille Isaacs. Chairman Lillian Goldslein Lillian Scheikowilz Lily Mizrachi Irene Glickman JEWELRY COMMITTEE Morlimer Levenler Gail Sklar Jack La Rosa Eva Salran COMMENCEM ENT COMMITTEE Barbara Reice Lucille Isaacs Bealrice Deulch Leo Freed Jean Oxhandler Thelma Feld PROM ENADE COM MITTEE Jules Jaccarino, Chairman Ann Krasner Dorolhy Puchalsky Elsine Pashkowsky Murray Chapnick Marlon Beer Lillian Scheikowilz Slephan Vasquez Ralloela Laballe William Honig Charles Federico l-Ielen Goldsaml ADVISER Mrs. Calherine La Grosse CLASS GIFT Belly Sheen Lillian Beregowilz Morris Greenberg CLASS OFFICERS Morlon Beer, Presidenl Joan Geller, Vice-Presidenl Lucille Isaacs, Treasurer Barbara Reice. Secrelary LANDMARK LITERARY William Agush Hannah Becker Elhel Bershad Mary Bloom Arlhur Eckhaus Ann Krasner Murray Levine Alberl Landon Pearl Malilz Lily Mizrachi Sally Nisalevilz Jean Oxhandler Pearl Reissman Edilh Wilmer A R T Simon Frankel I-Iarold Kurnil A D V I S E R Dora Zeiger LANDMARK LN III LN N STUDENT ACTIVITIES Much os Ihe ofher plonefs revolve obouf Ihe sun. school orgonizofions ond school ocfiviries hove in some woy revoIved obouf eighfh Iermers. The preporofion of previous 'rerms' work hos been involuoblefroining, ond we mus+ give Ihem The creoIi+ cIue. LANDMARK 30 :1----.....I.INC0LN RETRosPEcT I933-I937 As we sTruggled Through our Tour years in Lincoln, Tre- mendously imporTanT world evenTs Tormed an inTeresTing and absorbing background Tor The Tiny scene oT daily acTiviTy enacTed wiThin These walls. ln The course oT pur- suing our daily work in school, many oT us have Tailed To Take cognizance oT The parT These evenTs played in our lives. ln January I933, iusT one monTh before mosT oT us enTered Lincoln, There began whaT was desTined To be a despoTic reign oT Terror, AdolT T'IiTler was proclaimed chancellor oT Germany. AT The same Time, The UniTed STaTes ceased all imperialisTic designs on Nicaragua by wiThdrawing The marines Trom ThaT TerriTory. Cn January 5, oT The same year, The naTion mourned The passing OT Tormer presidenT Calvin Coolidge, and The Tollowing day The French liner L'ATlanTiaue wenT below wiTh I7 lives. The passage oT The "Lame Duck" amenclmenT and The vicTory oT De Valera's parTy in lreland accompanied The beginning oT our high-school careers. February, bringing a mulTiTude oT evenTs desTined To shape The course oT The world, was opened by a censure aT Japan's acTiviTies in collecTing various parTs oT China lno pun inTendedl by The League oT NaTions, and Japan wiThdrew Trom The assembly: anoTher peace plan gone slighTly awry. Soon Lincoln became The "proud" possessor oT a new group oT Treshmen and immediaTely Tollowing, a moTion was sTcirTed in The SenaTe To repeal The l8Th Amend- menT. An aTTempTed assassinaTion oT presidenT-elecT RoosevelT occurred in The same monTh, and resulTing in The deaTh oT Mayor Cermak, served To TurTher disTracT The already waning aTTenTion oT The new LincolniTe. March saw noT only The inauguraTion oT The naTion's presidenT, buT also The inauguraTion oT a new group oT Lincoln oTTicials. As soon as RoosevelT Took oTFice he had The NaTional Banking AcT passed by Congress, and aT The end oT The monTh a semblance oT order arose -"-2---LANDMAIQK LlNCOLN 31 Trom The chaoTic condiTions oT The depression. Nazi vic- Tories in Germany conTinued, and The German legisla- Ture resigned, allowing The counTry To Tall compleTely inTo The hands oT "Der Fuehrer." April was marked by The Tragedy oT The Akron, The largesT dirigible in The world, which sank inTo The sea. Taking wiTh iT 72 lives. WiTh May came 3.2 beer, a violenT Nazi drive againsT labor and The righTs aT labor, and The opening oT The Chicago CenTury oT Progress ExposiTion. In June, aTTer PresidenT RoosevelT's requesT Tar The cooperaTion oT European naTions in a program oT dis- armamenT, ITaly, France, GreaT BriTain and Germany signed a Tour-power peace pacT providing Tor armamenT reducTion and TuTure peace comferences. The passage oT The N.l.R.A., and Glass-STeagall AcT accompanied The end oT our TirsT Term aT Lincoln. July was made memorable by The consTanT blood- shed in Germany, where iT was made illegal Tor "Non Aryans" To hold oTTice, and in AugusT we were made "Blue Eagle" conscious Through The use OT ThaT emblem Tor The N.l.R.A. codes. In SepTember, Cuba sTaged one oT iTs "bloodless rev- oluTions" and removed many oTTicials, while Lincoln copi- ously ernulaTed TavoriTe TheaTre groups in a lavish rendi- Tion oT The "PiraTes oT Penzance" by GilberT and Sullivan. OcTober of ThaT year was an inTernaTionally imporTanT one, wiTh The anTi-war TreaTy oT The SouTh American naTions, PresidenT RoosevelT's recogniTion oT SovieT Rus- sia and Germany's wiThdrawal from disarmamenT con- Terences and The League of NaTions as The ouTsTanding evenTs. November and December are noTable only Tor The Tinal repeal oT The I8Th AmendmenT. a successful voTe Tor The TuTure independence OT The Philippines. And wiTh The huge, successTul Bazaar conducTed in Lincoln, I933 became a memory. E NineTeen ThirTy-Tour began specTacularly wiTh The Rose Bowl game in which Alabama beaT STanTord 29-I 3, and our own Frank SlaTer broke The halT mile Track record, raising Lincoln's score and Tying New UTrechT Tor Third place in The sTaTe championship races. LANDfvlAl2K 3Q.. l-lNCQl.-.lXJ ln January, PresidenT RoosevelT asked Congress Tor compleTe cooperaTion and permission To sTabilize The dollar. In March, one week before Abe BernsTein, Lillian Rosovsky, and Vera WanTman succeeded in winning The school elecTions, John Dillinger escaped Trom prison. In WashingTon, on May 29, Cuba and The UniTed STaTes signed a TreaTy abrogaTing The PlaTT AmendmenT. AT The same Time There came The news ThaT Lincoln's CurrenT EvenTs Team had Taken TirsT place in The "Brook- lyn Daily Eagles" currenT evenTs conTesT. WiTh June came anoTher Lincoln Triumph when Two members oT The "Cargoes" sTaTT carried oTT TirsT prizes in The NaTional LiTerary ConTesT7 and anoTher bloody day in Germany's hisTory when l'liTler conducTed a "PuTsch" To remove his poliTical enemies. ' The ensuing summer monThs were desulTory excepT Tor The RoosevelT Caribbean policy evidenced by The re- moval oT The marines Trom l'laiTi, and The deaTh aT speaker Henry L. Rainey. SepTember, charged wiTh exciTemenT, began when The Ward liner, Morro CasTle, burned six miles oTT The New Jersey coasT and Took a Toll OT l35 lives. Eleven days laTer, Bruno Richard l-laupTmann was arresTed, charged wiTh The kidnapping oT Charles AugusTus Lindbergh, Jr.: and in OcTober was exTradiTed To New Jersey To sTand Trial Tor The murder oT The child. In SepTember, a war beTween Jugoslavia and Hun- garia over The assassinaTion oT King Alexander I was averTed Through The eTTorTs oT The League. The year closed wiTh The beginning oT an lTalo-EThi- opian war in EThiopia aTTer ThaT counTry had Tiled a Tormal complainT in The League ThaT lTalian Troops had violaTed her sovereignTy aT Uoluol. The new year, I935, was begun wiTh PresidenT Roose- velT's annual address, The senTencing oT l-laupTmann Tor The murder oT The Lindbergh baby, Thus ending a Trial which millions had avidly Tollowed, and The deTeaT oT The aTTempT, made in The SenaTe, To make The UniTed STaTes a member oT The World CourT. AT The end oT The monTh, Lincoln sTudenTs voTed Tor Dr. Parkes as The second re- cipienT oT The Lincoln award, which was made on Lin- coln's birThday. I fg7l7?iLANDMARK LINCOLN 33 In a disasTer, similar To ThaT oT iTs sisTer ship, The dirigible Macon was wreclced in February, sTimulaTing discussion as To wheTher or noT The U. S. should build anymore dirigibles. March saw Germany in possession aT The coveTed Saar Basin. As a resulT aT The exhibiTion oT work by conTemporary New Yorlc arTisTs, held in The Lincoln Gallery, Paul Cad- mus' painTing "Four BoaTs" was chosen Tor purchase by Lincoln in April. The launching oT The new French liner The Normandie did noT overshadow The varsiTy show, "Sun-Up" in May, and wiTh The renewal oT The N.R.A. and The elecTion oT STudenT GourT iudges by popular voTe Tor The TirsT Time, June passed inTo hisTory. As June wenT, so wenT The groduaTes. July, barren oT evenTs made way Tor AugusT, which broughT The adopTion oT a neuTral aTTiTude on The parT oT The UniTed STaTes Toward The war in EThiopia, while European naTions soughT TranTically Tor a means OT pun- ishing lTaly. IT was aT This Time ThaT we losT our beloved Will Rogers and Wiley PosT. On SepTernber I3, a Tew days beTore The reopening oT school, Lincoln suTTered an irreparable loss Through The deaTh oT Dr. Leo Jacobs, and a Tew days laTer Sena- Tor Huey P. Long was assassinaTed. The beginning oT OcTober heralded The opening oT The Hayden PlaneTarium which displays some 9000 sTars and The year ended raTher mildly wiTh our own presenTaTion oT Dickens' "ChrisTas Carol" and "Pawns" and The de- parTure oT The Lindberghs Tor England. Tragic indeed was The deaTh, during The ChrisTmas holidays, oT Mr. BerTrand Burger, a young, inspiring, and well-liked Teacher oT English. NineTeen-ThirTy-six has been a momenTous year Tor LincolniTes and people ThroughouT The world. In January The Supreme CourT in a 6-3 decision held The A.A.A. To be unconsTiTuTional, The ScoTTsboro case was reopened wiTh The irnposiTion oT one senTence, The presenT veToed The Soldiers' Bonus Bill which became a law over his veTo, AI SmiTh denounced RoosevelT and The New Deal, and The world suTTered a Tremendous loss Through The deaThs oT Rudyard Kipling and King George V, who was suc- LANDMARK 34'..'Tl."LlNCOLN ceeded by The Prince aT Wales as Edward Vlll. John GilberT and ex-mayor Hylan also died. The annual com- mencemenT award To comm'emoraTe Mr. BerTrand Burger was made, and Lillian D. Wald was chosen as The Third recipienT oT The Lincoln Award. Trans-Pacific seaplane service was inauguraTed in Feb- ruary by The China Clipper, and Charles CurTis, Vice- PresidenT during The Hoover adminisTraTion, died. FurTher peaks OT exciTemenT were reached in March, when The New York CourT oT Appeals annulled The sTaTe minimum wage law, HiTler marched Troops inTo The Rhineland and declined To wiThdraw Them on The ground ThaT iT was German TerriTory. He Thereby violaTed The Locarno TreaTy and sTill TurTher demolished The TreaTy OT Versailles. On The 3rd aT ThaT monTh, Lincoln held iTs elecTions and There was a Tie Tor The vice-presidency Tor The TirsT Time in The school's hisTory. A biTTer sTruggle beTween The American FederaTion oT Labor and John L. Lewis sTarTed in March and raged ThroughouT The resT oT The year. The conTroversy was craTT vs. indusTrial unionism. The "Lincoln Log" was in The TirsT group of The Columbia ScholasTic Press AssociaTion ConTesT Tor The ninTh consecuTive Term, and "Cargoes" won TirsT place In April, an allocaTion aT Tunds Tor The compleTion of The Florida ship canal was reTused by The PresidenT. PuerTo Rican independence was provided Tor in a SenaTe bill, The deTense oT Addis Ababa was abandoned. and Emperor Haile Selassie Tled, leaving EThiopia almosT en- Tirely open To The invading lTalians. Lincoln designaTed one day in ThaT monTh as Peace Day, and Tive special assemblies were called To espouse The cause oT peace. A MoThers' and DaughTers' dinner was held on The 3OTh. Beginning in April and conTinuing unTil SepTember. suc- cessive devasTaTing Tloods and droughTs in Pennsylvania, ConnecTiTcuT, and Ohio, provided W.P.A. work Tor Thou- sands oT unemployed in reclamaTion proiecTs. The monTh ended wiTh The deaThs oT Tour prominenT people: King Fuad oT EgypTg Percy Hammond, dramaTic criTicg Mari- lyn Miller: and Howard ThursTon. The new Zeppelin, Von Hindenburg, inauguraTed a Trans-ATlanTic service in May aT abouT The same Time ThaT The presidenT signed a reciprocal Trade TreaTy wiTh LANDMARK LllNlCQLN.'T.il35 France, while The TariTT on cerTain Japanese Texfiles were increased by an average oT 4279. Also in May, Lincoln senT delegaTes To The American YouTh Congress oT New York. ln June, The maior parTies held Their convenTions, nom- inaTing PresidenT RoosevelT and John Nance Garner Tor reelecTion under The DernocraTic banner: Governor Lan- don oT Kansas and Colonel Knox oT Chicago under The sunTlower emblem. Third parTies Tollowed wiTh Their nom- inaTions, Norman Thomas sTandard bearer oT The Social- isT ParTy, Earl Browder being The CommunisT candidaTe, and William Lemke. The UnionisT ParTy. News oT The deaThs oT Speaker Joseph W. Byrns and G. K. ChesTerTon was overshadowed by The debuT oT The aThleTic issue oT "Cargoes." The opening oT The New York Triborough Bridge, in July, came aT abouT The Time when General Franco liT The spark oT The Spanish civil war by beginning a revolT in Morocco. In AugusT, came The announcemenT oT an Anglo-EgypTian TreaTy, granTing poliTical auTonomy To EQYPT- Two declaraTions came in SepTember: one Tram Sec- reTary Hull on The imminenT danger oT war, and The oTher Tram The PresidenT who declared ThaT "Depression is con- quered" and backed his sTaTemenTs wiTh TacTs, among which was The sTaTemenT ThaT T936 was The TirsT year since I88I wiThouT a bank Tailure. Mr. Hirschberg. acT- ing principal in The absence oT Dr. Mason who was on sabbaTical leave, opened The new Lincoln semesTer. ln November, The Supreme CourT upheld by a 4-4 de- cision The consTiTuTionaliTy oT The New York EmploymenT Insurance law. On The Third oT The same monTh, PresidenT RoosevelT received a landslide oT 523 elecToral voTes, and Governor Lehman was reelecTed, Thus disproving The ancienT adage, "As Maine goes so goes The naTion." Following on The heels oT The elecTions came This semes- Ter's varsiTy show, "l'lamleT." SovieT Russia, aT This Time, was presenTed wiTh The mosT modern consTiTuTion ever! Russia's new governmenT will have a one-parTy sysTem. Joseph lBelovedl STalin presenTed This as a pre-ChrisTmas giTT lso To speakl To his people. l,,ANDlVlAl2K LINCOLN WiTh The end oT The year came blaring headlines concerning Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson OT I3aITimore, and The subsequenT abdicaTion aT King Edward VIII, who was succeeded by his broTher, George VI. Three weeks oT Pan-American peace conferences, opened by PresidenT Roosevelt came To an end wiTh The Chaco peace problem sTiIl unseTTIed. Eugene O'NeiII was awarded The Nobel prize Tor IiTeraTure. In China, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shelc was lcidnapped by his Tormer adherenT, Chang I-lseuh- Liang in a revoIT, and in Lincoln, we prepared Tor our Class NighT melodrama, "I-loops My Dear," working aT The same Time Tor our Prom on January 255 The Two lasT occasions in which The senior class would meeT as a whole. On January 30, The class was graduaTed, Thus TerminaTing a Tour year sTay aT Lincoln. The world and IiTe lay beTore us. Our Task iT was To shape The news oT The TuTure. 1 EQ? ' We fffsjvg Z' f figs 9 .4 1555? 1' 41 1?g,"'ea.Js - '.'I-. gig, T . vlv, 'F?,I-'5.,yf sf 2' I 11 M il fl' 'IT:1'G. il, , ,,4.!f:gq ,Ji - 1,5 F , .gF,jl:'c. ., . ...':::::.:-.-.--- in ' . '17 , .' H ' 593244:-s" .:,12 .---. - gf,-:-3' -- 4,6 ,-'-'ff - ,I j " ---- ' ""'--4'- s2s:.::::: T .,f,M.- ' I ,, -9:-9' 3' . --.4 4 '.-1"."'J ' . 1 ...I 1 -- 'fgfziq A-jj2a1.ar.r,'.'.' ..., .,,,ff5EE- 1E:?,.:Z,,?,,1?E :f.33g:.N A' -43,'f.x5."' .'.'.'?1'I'I'IOI'ki-Is-f-Q-If-j-j.ff.:.:.jf.j:.'::I':"'?!f":'i' . -,.g.g.5.3.g.5.1,H , 'fu Q,.jgZjQQIiiiiiiii'fi-F152-Iii-Iiiifiii''' 'u1'I'f'fI . - ..4E3:Z3:Z523:I:3fif51fi515I5I1I3IfI5IiI3:151315131-:i:3:3""'3 ff ,- - . 13:5 grcgaaaa-:+:-s. ,II my f I - if ,1gf33Q51515:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5.A-- f V 52 V M I ,,,,,-, Ajay ' ' fm: ,1,11512:if12:2s:2s:5:2:525f:5sf: 1 41" " s1.1.1:ff1 wf' 5? 'f . 5 " -,+ 5 'Z ' I L fy: QQ" 1 if as .14 V LANDIVIARK LINCOLN 37 LINCOLN DAZE A liTTle awed and dismayed by The huge building, A. Jusfcum, a newly-arrived Lincoln sTudenT, gazed of whaT was To be his home for The nexT four years laT leasfl. AcTually To Take parf in The acTiviTies of so large a building seemed a raTher remoTe goal. Perhaps he did noT belong hereg perhaps high school was noT for him. Oh, why hadn'T he sTayed home wiTh mofherl CerTainly, no one even noTiced his presence here. BUT suddenly, amid The hubbub of shoufing TamiliariTies, he discerned a familiar face, an old classmoTe. Our hero sfamped The shakiness ouT of his knees and held his head high, for he was no longer an alien To Lincoln: he had been recognized and greefed as a parT of The school. A liffle cleverer Than The average sTudenT, Jusfcum realized The exisfence of Lincoln humor and refused To buy a "spoT" on The gym floor. AfTer a shorT while he no longer asked for Room 238 and landed in The pool. In facT, he soon adopTed The superior aTTiTude of his sophmore friend, Noifall. Thus The pupil makes his enfry info high school life. Soon afTer enfering his fresh- man class, he becomes a member of ThaT all imporTanT maiorify group of Lincoln "evaders." Like all worThy sociefies, These Lincoln "evaders" have a moTTo. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Teachers are asked To cooperafe wiTh The movemenT by giving as liTTle homework as possible and when They, like all humans, err and slip in a few hours' work, iT is The painful buT necessary duTy of The club members passively To proTesT by merely refraining from doing The work. There is wide membership in The "evaders," buT leT iT suffice To say ThaT no True LincolniTe has been enTirely false To The club moTTo. To our friend, JusTcum, The lasT period bell was a signal for a mad scramble for The clofhing closeT and a dash for home. BUT our friend's friend, Noifall, carefully explained The imporfance of exTra-curricular acTiviTy. lRemember how iT was ex- plained To you? "You geT on The good side of Teachers and Then They give you a gold service pin."l Soon The Service Squad was The recipienT of an eager and willing worker, one who acfually aTTempTed To obey all rulings lfhe auThoriTaTive ones especiallyl of The squad. l-le aTTempTed To keep The leading aThleTes from enTering The building, which resulfed in a quick and rafher rude awakening, when his head cleared ond he found ThaT he had been genfly shoved aside. BUT he refurned To posT even more fired wiTh energy, and conscienfiously refused enTrance To a young Teacher, However, afTer a while, our guard now a veferan, learned To venT his wrafh only upon Those he knew would humbly submif To his powers lfhe freshmenl. LANDMARK ALINCCDLN Time Marches On-The Treshman and sophomore years have passed, and our hero is a Junior, wise To The ways oT The "big high school liTe" and easily able To Take care oT himselT. Now, he seTTles down, and since There is noThing else To do. decides To Try The acTual process oT inTellecTual developmenT. lT is during The Junior year ThaT menTal growTh is eTFecTed and The semblance OT TuTure ciTizens is vaguely discerned. IT is abouT This Time ThaT JusTcum and NoiTall decide noT To be Tiremen and Their moThers decide The boys will be docTors. Thus The Junior year is diTFerenT Trom oTher high school years. Tor iT is Then ThaT a careTul digesTion oT previous school work is possible and opinions considered and TormulaTed. The Senior year is Too Tull oT acTiviTies and ThoughTs oT The TuTure To be used as a survey oT The pasT. BUT even when imporTanT evenTs are Transpiring and when one's mind is learning To TuncTion, Time conTinues. AT lasT our Triend is a senior. "Thank The Lord he's an eighTh. Now if he only passes Those RegenTs," lhis moTher's voicel. Our "high and mighTy" senior now adopTs The same mannerisms and aTTiTudes oT Those beTore him lhe Thinks he's original because he doesn'T like The class giTT or where The prom is heldl. There was class day, during which he nearly broke his neck Tripping on his red Tie. Then came Class NighT. wiTh such exciTemenT ThaT The laughing and crying was all confused. Then came The Prom. Our hero inviTed his cousin, lThaT parT was a secreTl. She was quiTe sophisTicaTed and iusT The Thing. And now only commencemenT remained and Then even ThaT was over. The day ThaT signiTied The end oT someThing which acTually seemed endless a shorT while before. High school is over. Our hero again becomes A. JusTcum. buT This Time To a new and larger world. This Time There is no NoiTall To show him The correcT road. C? . 4 l 4 4. I" W .. ,N .iii TQ? ,.,.. lf 4 L A N D M A R K l. l N C O l. N 39 F O R U M How much and whaT Type of TaculTy supervision should sTudenT acTiviTies have? S T U D E N T S ANN KRASNER-336E I don'T believe in The sysTem of placing oT a TaculTy adviser in a cerTain acTiviTy. such as exisTs aT presenT, merely because no oTher Teacher will condescend To do iT. Supervisers should Take care of only Those Things in which They are inTeresTed, and, once There, should oTFer suggesTions only when asked. An invesTigaTion will show ThaT where The TaculTy member was delegaTed To an acTiviTy. The organizaTion has noT enioyed The success ThaT accompanies oThers, where There has been no draTTing. GERARD CORINE-336E MosT acTiviTies, wiTh a Tew excepTions, should have o TaculTy adviser To be There in case aT an accidenT, buT The acTual running aT The organizaTion should be leTT in The hands of The sTudenTs, provided, of course, ThaT They keep wiThin reason. HERBERT ZWIRN-I O3E The amounT oT supervision varies wiTh The Type of acTiviTy. CerTain Types oT organizaTions, such as clubs. do noT need as much TaculTy supervision as a Team would require. A Team's adminisTraTion should be more rigidly enforced Than ThaT oT a club, because There is more discipline needed and There is much more To be learned when one is in a Team. MARION COSLEN-35OE STudenT acTiviTies should have as much supervision of TaculTy advisers as will provide Tor organizaTion of The parTicular acTiviTy. since organizaTion oT sTudenT acTiviTies is The mosT imporTanT Thing. Only a slighT degree oT acTive TaculTy direcTion should Take place The-reaTTer. IRVING LESSER-248E SocieTies, clubs, and any oTher acTiviTy in which sTudenTs Torm a maior parT should be run and supervised wiTh The aid of a TaculTy adviser. The presenT TaulT is ThaT sTudenTs can only suggesT ideas, buT The acTual carrying ouT oT The ideas is done by The TaculTy. HAROLD KURNIT-l23E l personally believe in having a member oT The TaculTy supervising any sTudenT acTiviTy. Having had conTacT wiTh several sTudenT organizaTions, such as "Cargoes." arT squad. and sTudenT paTrol, l Tind ThaT The sTudenTs oTTen lack enough inTelligence, ToresighT, and pracTical ideas To enable Them To run sTudenT orgonizaTions wiThouT The aid of a good TaculTy adviser. LANDMARK n F' "'GF'Z'5' Zifw' W WE . .WW,.W'A' H .fsbwwflwm SA f' 'WWW' 'M 'QW xx ' ,aff W ,M""' 42 LINCOLN MORTIMER LEVENTER-336E Sfudenf acfivifies should have personal supervision. Thaf is. fhe sfudenfs should have esfoblished friend- ship wifh fhe faculfy adviser. This friendship is very beneficial fo fhe sfudenf because. if he esfablishes a friendly relafionship, he will always have someone fo help him in his problems. In my parficular acfivify, which is prinfing, supervision by a faculfy adviser is essenfial, because fhe sfudenf doesn'f know enough abouf prinfing fo carry if ouf by himself. There are cerfoin problems which fhe sfudenf, for lack of experience. doesn'f know how fo handle. Therefore fhe faculfy adviser is needed in order fo help him auf. MORTON BEER-248E Af presenf, fhe sfudenfs of fhis high school are foo im- mafure fo govern fhemselves wifhouf faculfy supervision. However, fhis faculfy supervision should nof be so rigid as fo sfop sfudenf inifiafive in fhe various organizafions. The immafurify of fhe sfudenfs lead fo ridiculous and impracfical ideas which musf be censored. This liberal censorship should be fhe im- porfanf dufy of fhe faculfy supervisor JOAIXT GELLER-IO3E The fendency should be foward fhe minimum and nof fhe maximum of faculfy supervision. lf should be iusf enough fo make fhe faculfy adviser a guide and nof a leader of 'rhe acfivify. ln fhis way, a sfudenf is able fo develop his individualify and special falenf. FRED Pl-llLlPS-2l3E The acfivify which l have parficipafed in fhroughouf my high school career has been fhe selling of fickefs. The lsifirians have full say in conducfing fhe sale of fickefs, buf fhe need of a faculfy adviser is obvious because we need a cenfralized force fo acf as a more responsible as well as a reliable person. ELSINE PASHKOVSKY-l4I E-8 The fype of faculfy supervision fhaf should exisf in sfudenf acfivifies is fo keep 'rhe sfudenfs from being disorderly. Thaf is, l don"l' mean fhaf fhe feacher should exercise sfricf confrol over fhe sfudenfs Themselves. The modern feacher should help fhe sfudenfs fo progress in fheir acfivifies wifh an undersfanding and inferesf on her parf. She should offer fhem her cooperafion in esfablishing fheir acfivify successfully. Of course, fhe sfudenfs fhemselves should be permiffed fo underfake fheir acfivifies as fhey desire wifhouf any pressure from fhe faculfy. EMANUEL GILLERS-IO3E-8 Faculfy supervision is essenfial fo fhe well-being of any sfudenf acfivify, buf fhe faculfy adviser should fend fo sfay in fhe background rafher fhan fo dominafe fhe policies of fhe organizafion. The work of fhe group should be leff fo fhe inifiafive and abilify of fhe sfudenf par- ficipanfs. LANDMARK LINCOLN 43 ALUMNI SEYMOUR LEVINSON-CLASS OF JANUARY, I936 AT presenT The TaculTy su- pervision in mosT oT The exTra-curricular acTiviTies is mosT sTricT. A Teacher supervising an acTiviTy exercises his Tull auThoriTaTive power wheTher he be righT or wrong. The mere TacT ThaT he is a Teacher vesTs in him The power To do as he pleases, even Though iT be direcTly opposiTe To The beneTiT oT The members oT The acTiviTy. However, I can ciTe wiTh pleasure ThaT on The Mimeograph Squad, This was noT so. AT The weekly meeTings of The squad, every Friday, suggesTions by The members were adopTed. This Tended To a raTher Tlexible TaculTy supervision which led To a beTTer and more eTFicienT acTiviTy. LEW STERNSHEIN-CLASS OF JUNE, I934 The sTudenTs should elecT Their own adviser, since aT leasT TheoreTically The clubs and sTudenT acTiviTies were supposed To have been sponTaneously organized by The sTudenTs Themselves and if They depend only on The sTricT supervision oT some TaculTy member insTead oT Their own iniTiaTive, There can be no disTincT advanTage To The sTudenTs as members oT an organized sTudenT acTiviTy. This should be especially so in considering The TaculTy supervision oT sTudenT publicaTions, since They can besT bring TorTh Their ideas and views, iand show Those views oT Their Tellow sTudenTsl wiTh- ouT some hampering guidance, possibly oT some TaculTy member. This, oT course, doesn'T perTain To inTer-scholasTic aThleTic acTiviTies. JOHN BORNEO-CLASS OF JANUARY, I936 l believe ThaT The sTudenTs should have compleTe powers over sTu- denT acTiviTies and There should be very liTTle TaculTy supervision. The Teachers should make suggesTions in order To help The sTudenTs in Their acTiviTies. SAM HOFFER-CLASS OF JUNE, I935 As To The quesTion oT whaT kind oT super- vision an acTiviTy should have, l would say ThaT iT depends on whaT The TaculTy adviser Thinks oT The capabiliTies oT The mem- bers in The organizaTion. Various squads demand more supervision Than oThers. For example, a service squad ThaT conTrols The discipline wiThin The halls oT a school requires sTringenT super- vision. A hisTory club requiresvery liTTle supervision on The parT oT The TaculTy adviser. These examples Tend To prove ThaT The manner in which a parTicular acTiviTy should be supervised also depends upon iTs acTiviTy. LANDMARK 44 LINCOLN FACULTY MR. MACK BALL-G. O. DIRECTOR The Board of Educafion requires fhaf fhere musf be faculfy supervision over all acfivi- fies. I am in favor of eliminafing faculfy supervision as much as possible and subsfifuf- ing more sfudenf self-direcfion and sfudenf self-governmenf. Teachers asserf fheir aufhorify foo offen. The feacher, by virfue of his experience and mafurify, mighf be presenf during a sfudenf acfivify primarily fo see fhaf nofhing of an illegal nafure is commiffed. However, in an acfivify such as fhe G. O. office, fhere musf be greafer supervision, since fhe faculfy member has a greafer responsibilify fhere, and fhe ufmosf precaufion musl' be falcen fo insure fhe safeguarding G. O. funds. Sfudenf secrefaries are faughf a useful sense of responsibilify in fhe office. MR. FRIEDMAN-CLUB COUNCIL In my opinion, sfudenf acfivify is in need of a greaf deal of faculfy supervision. This su- pervision should be of fhe guidance fype rafher fhan of fhe regulafion fype. In my observafion of sfudenf acfivifies, I find fhaf sfudenfs fend fo be greaf wasfers of fime and energy, mosfly because of lack of planning. Guidance will remedy fhis Iaclc of planning. MISS CI-IAMOY Cerfain acfivifies need more supervision fhan ofhers. The amounf of supervision depends enfirely upon fhe nafure of fhe acfivify. In fhe supervision of clubs, fhe faculfy adviser should only suggesf ideas fo guide fhe pupils. The club should be run enfirely by sfudenfs. In imporfanf offices, where boolcs are lcepf and money counfed, fhere should be sfricf supervision. GRADE ADVISERS Roslyn S. Kaufman, Adeline M. Cosfello, Mary C. McGinnis, Sidney Weinsfein. Sfudenf acfivifies should have faculfy advisers who are sympafhefic wifh fheir parficular inferesfs. The foculfy adviser should keep fhe acfivify funcfioning along lines which are in harmony wifh fhe general policy of fhe school and fhe besf inferesfs of fhe communify. Since fhe faculfy adviser is, in fhe final analysis, responsible for fhe work of fhe organizafion, no plans should be made, publicify given, or acfivify carried on which he has nof direcfly and enfirely supervised. The acfual work and plans of procedure, however, should be in fhe hands of fhe sfudenf members, who can fhus develop fheir falenfs and gain valuable fraining in leadership fhrough parficipafion in school acfivifies which are democrafically managed. LANDIVIARK LINCGLN 45 PHOTOS The phorogrophs which follow show young ond hopeful foces, os yer com- porolively unlouchecl by Time ond circumslonce. Fole ond experience will, in yeors 'ro come erch in lines ond morlcs oncl furrows which ore nol 'rhere Jrocloy. LAND,lVlAl2Ke AARONSON, HELEN 2848 Briglifon 7+h S+. Program Office, Bank Represenfafive, Tennis Club, Sfenograplwy Office. ABRAHAM. FRANCES 2-4 Nass Walk. Pre- fecf Secrefary, Service Squad. L Service Squad. Locker Room Squad. ADES, RENEE I965 Ocean Parkway. Class Niglwf, Secrefary 'ro Miss McGinnis, Secrefary 'ro Mrs. Emerson, Presidenf of Dramafic Club. AGUSH, WILLIAM 44 Bay 38+h Sf. Service Squad, "Landmark", Junior Arisfa. ALTERMAN, ROSE IO48 Coney Island Ave. Economics Office, Sfudenf Welfare Office, ln- felligence Tesf Office. ANCONA, JULIA 2264 - 82nd S+. Dean's Of- fice, Tennis Club, Riding Club, Swimming Club. ANSIS, SYLVIA 2349 - 6Isf S+. Secrefary in Sfudenf Courf, Secrefary in Accounfing Office. Presidenf of Prefecf, Represenfafive of "Car- goes". ANTONACCI, SABINA 2249 W. 6+lw S+. Sec- refary fo Mr. Fried, Secrefary 'ro Miss Dawson, Ifalian Club, Newman Club. ANTONCIC, OLGA I8I3 W. I2+h S+. Class Presidenf, English Represenfafive. APPEL, ROSALYN 286l W. 24fl'1 Sf. Arisfa. Arkon, Secrefary in Affendance Office, Hebrew Club. ATLAS, GILDA 3Ol8 Briglwfon 5'rl1 Sf. Class Vice-President Sfudenf Relief Represenfafive, Varsify Show Represenfafive, Secrefary fo Mrs. Salef. ATLAS, LEONARD 5007 Surf Ave. Floor Man- ager, Capfain of Mimeograplw Squad. LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCOLN LANDIVIAIQK AXELROD, EVELYN I675 E. 2Isf SI. AcImin- isfrafive Assis+anf's Office, G. O. Office, De- bafing Club, Arkon Member. BAER, LEONARD I547 W. 8fI1 Sf. Floor Man- ager. BAILEY, DOROTHY 3I2I Brighfon 5fI'1 Sf. Dis- missaI Squad, Secrefary in French Office. Sec- refary in VocafionaI Guidance Office, Tennis Club. 0 BARANOEF, NATHAN 3309 Mermaid Ave. Sfudenf Pafrol, Cafeferia Squad. BARKAN, SIDNEY 4400 Beach 44fI1 Sf. Var- sify Track, Floor Manager, Baseball, FooI'baII. BARNETT, MICHAEL 35 ForfWasI1ingfon Ave. BATTAGLIA, ITALO 8680 - 25fI1 Ave. Service Squad, Accounfing Club, CIass Presidenf in American Hisfory, Newman CIub. BECKER, ALBERT 3503 Mermaid Ave. BECKER, ANN 2835 W. 23rd Sf. Secrefary in G. O. Office, Secrefary in Accounfing Office, Secrefary of Barrisfers, Hebrew CuIfure Club. BECKER, HANNAH I684 W. 8+I1 Sf. Arisfa. Arkon, "Landmark". Secrefary in Accounfing Office. BECKER, HENRY 2844 W. Isf Sf. Presidenf of Humor CIub, Service Squad, German CIub. BECKER, HILDA 279I Brighfon 8I'I1 Sf. Sec- refary in Dean's Office, Member of Wardrobe Squad, Secrefary in General Office, G. O. Represenfafive. 47 SLM rg,LL5,F QM BECKMAN, BERT 28I3 W. 29'rI'i S+. BEER, MORTON 2784 W. 33rd Sl. Senior Class President Vice-Presidenf of Arkon, Senior Arisfo, Caplain Floor Managers. BELFER, NATHAN 2805 Briglwlon 8'I'l1 SI. Ar- isla, Debaling Team, Malls Club. BELLIN, EUGENE 766 McDonald Ave. BELLMAN, RICHARD 3IOI Brighlon 2nd S+. Arisfa, Ma+I'1 Office, Library Squad, Ma1'I'i Team. BENJAMIN, HAROLD 3OI7 Ccean Parkway. Library Squad. BEREGOWITZ, LILLIAN 2122 E. 8'I'I'1 S+. Presi- denl of Law Club, Senior Council, Arkon, Ar- isfa. BERKOWITZ, BEN I369 E. 91h S+. BERKOWITZ, WALTER I4 Woodside Ave. Slu- dem' Pa+roI, Service Squad. BERMAN, MARTHA 6 Briglwlon 71'l1 Lane. Cafeferia Squad, Service Squad, Sfudenl Courl, G. O. Represenfalive. BERNSTEIN, HENRIETTA 2800 Ocean Park- way. Secrelary in Sfudenl Cour'r, Presiden+ of Slenography Club, Business Club, Secrefory in Accounfing Office. BERNSTEIN, MIMI 38l3 Neplune Ave. -INCOLIN LANDMARK LINCOLN LANDIVIARK BERSHAD, ETHEL 3005 W. 3rd SI. Orcheslra. Dramalic Club, Service Squad, "Landmark", BERSHAD, FREDA 3005 W. 3rd SI. Orcheslra, Glee Club, Service Squad, Dramafic Club. BEST, IRVING 7I0 Avenue S. Eirsl Aid Squad, Currenl' EvenI's Club, Caplain ol SI'uden+ Palrol, Judge in Sludenl Cour'r IThomas Jefferson High Schooll. BIRNBAUM, LEAH 2956 W. 24I'h Sl. Caplain on Mimeograph Squad, Secrelary in Miss Cohen's Ollice, Arisla, Arkon. BISCHOFE, LOUIS 27 Lloyd Courl. Secrelary in Accounling Office, Service Squad, Caleleria Squad, Presidenl' of Prelecl. BLAUSTEIN, MILTON 58 Brighlon 2nd Palh. Biology Laboralory, Service Squad. BLAY, CHARLOTTE 2947 W. 3IsI SI. Gym- nasium Ollice, Tap Club, Secrelary of Mimeo- graph Office, Special Dancing Class. BLOOM, DOROTHY 22I8 Ocean Parkway. Secrelary Isifirians Squad, G. O. Slore, Hosfess Club, Debaling Club. BLOOM, ISADORE 2862 W. 2Is'r S+. BLOOM, LEON 3725 Laurel Ave. Biology Ex- hibil' Squad IChairmanl, Chess Team lCap'rainl, Library Squad, Chess Team. BLOOM, MARY 2865 W. 23rd Sl. "Land- mark", Cafeferia Squad, "Cargoes" Represen- Ialive. BLUMENREICH, SHIRLEY 2980 Brighlon I2'rh S+. Library Squad. G. O. Audilor, Travelers Club. I J BOOKSPAN, ANNETTE 64 Brigh+on :S+ Place. A++endance Squad, Secre+ary +o Mrs. Prozan, French Club, Tennis Club. BOTVINIK, SAUL 293I W. l5+h S+. A+hle+ic Manager. BRAND, NAOMI 2864 W. 32nd S+. Lincoln Barris+ers, Ma+h O++ice, Welfare O++ice. BRANDES, JOSEPH l93O Ocean Parkway. Al- chemis+s, Ma+h Team, Chemis+ry Squad, Cafe- +eria Squad. BRASS, HERBERT I92I E. I9+h S+. BROWNSTEIN, FLORENCE 3093 Brigh+on 4+h S+. S+uden+ Pa+rol, Ca+e+eria Squad, Hebrew Club, Secre+ary in Clinic. BRUSKIN, LEON 74l4 - 2O+h Ave. Track. Radio Club, Baske+ball. BUCHMAN. SYLVAN l7O Girard S+. Dean's Squad, Class Day Commi++ee, Senior Class Council, Class Nigh+. BURSTEIN, BLANCHE I924 W. 6+h S+. Serv- ice Squad, G. O. Represen+a+ive, Secre+ary in Ma+h O+Fice, Secre+ary in English O++ice. CAFIERO, RALPH 2876 W. 2O+h S+. Euclid Club, ln+erclass Bas all, Book Room. JJ 'A .-CAHN, GRACE 93 Lancas+er Ave. Senior Class Treasurer, Presiden+ 0+ Cooking Club, Vice-Presiden+ o+ Hos+ess Club, G. O. Repre- sen+a+ive. CASTIGLIE, JOSEPH P. 2332 E. I2+h S+. l+al- ian Club, Service Squad. LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCOLN l LANDMARK CENTINEO, TI-IERESA I86I W. 8++1 S+. -S+en- ography O++ice, S+udy Hall Squad, Movie Go- ers Club, Glee Club. CI-IAPNICK, MURRAY 2930 W. 36+l1 S+. Prom Commi++ee, Vice-Presiden+ 0+ Playgoers Club, Secre+ary of Voca+ionaI Guidance O+Iice, Serv- ice Squad. CHICK, ISIDORE 68l7 - 2O+l'i Ave. Ar+ Moni- +or, Microscopy Club, Service Squad, Medical Club. CHILOWITZ, DOROTHEA 2964 W. 3rcI S+. Secre+ary in Ma+I1 O++ice, Handball Club, S+u- den+ Cour+, Curren+ Even+s Club. cmccio, PAuL izos church Ave. M7 J" CIRULNICK, MORRIS 277I W. 37+I1 S+. Foo+- ball Squad, OrcIwes+ra, Service Squad. COHEN, CLAIRE 3039 Ocean Parkway. Serv- ice Squad, Dancing Club, Class Nigh+, Swim- ming Team. COI-IEN, DAVID 2833 W. 33rd S+. Service Squad, Glee Club, In+ercIass BasIce+baII, In+er- class Swimming. COI-IEN, DAVID 3620 Mermaid Ave. Arkon Socie+y, G. O. Represen+a+ive, Lieu+enan+ on Service Squad, Lieu+enan+ on Dismissal Squad. COHEN, DOROTHY IBO6 Coney Island Ave. Secre+ary 0+ Senior Class NigI1+ Commi++ee, Senior Class Nigl-I+, Senior Class Day Com- mi++ee, Dancing Club. COI-IEN, ELEANORE I84 BrigI1+on IO+l1 S+. Mimeograplw Squad, Spanish Club, Dismissal Squad, Swimming Club. COI-IEN. I-IYMAN 2748 W. 3rd S+. 52 f LINCOLN 1 4. EN, IRVIN 564 W. 7+h S+. Soccer Vor- si+y, Floor Manager, Baslce+balI, Presiden+ o+ Class. COHEN, JEANNETTE 2796 W. 5+h S+. COHEN, SARAH 2202 Mermaid Ave. Secre- +ary in Biology O++ice, Secre+ary in Ihe Visual Aid O++ice, Arkon, Secre+ary in Business Club. COHEN, STANLEY 3202 Mermaid Ave. Chair- man o+ Class Nigh+, Roles in "HamIe+", "Sun- up", "Peace on Ear+h", Presiden+ o+ +he Play- goers Club, Class Day. COHEN, WILLIAM 3092 Brigh+on 4+h S+. Serv- ice Squad, Swimming Team, Medical Club. CONVERSANO, FRANK 2446 W. Is+ S+. Serv- ice Squad, Senior Class Treasurer, l+alian Club, Newman Club. COOPERMAN, MAX 222l - 86+h S+. Service Squad, Lieu+enan+ o+ Service Squad, Usher Squad. CORINE, GERARD 2800 Ocean Parkway. Arlcon, Aris+a, S+age Squad, Accoun+ing Club. COSLEN, MARION 2 Bay Terrace. Edi+or o+ "Log", Senior Aris+o, Library Squad, Service Squad. COWAN, SHIRLEY I848 W. I2+h S+. Service Squad, Secre+ary in Spanish O++ice, Secre+ary in French, Presiden+ in Spanish, S+enogrophy Club. DANZIGER, SARAH 6-8 Noss Walk. DARER, ABE 2939 W. 22nd S+. In+ercIass Bose- ball Medal, Euclid Club, Annex Boolcroom. LANDMARK LLNCOLN LANDMARK ' . DAVIDOFF, SELMA 2IO Avenue N. Swimming Club, Gym Office, Welfare Office, Hosfess Club. DAVIDSON, CLAIRE I2 Brigbfon IO+I'i Courf. Presidenf of Peace Club, Club Council, Secre- fary in Medical Club, Secrefary in Vocafional Guidance. DEIN, JACK 2ll9 - 76'rh S+. "Log", Senior Arisfa. Junior Arisfa, Alchemisfs. DEMARIO, ANNA l975 E. 8ff1 Sf. Secrefary in Sfudem' Welfare Office, Ifalian Club, Business Pracfice Club. 53 DENMARK, ARNOLD 1540 W, 7+h s+. Q52 9, -. Q-.+V .L,f.v.- i ia, --'1 1 - u, - f.. f, . DERNER, DORA l9I8 Mermaid Ave. Secrer fary in G. O. Office, Senior Arisfa, Junior Ar- isfa, Secrefary in Mafh Office. DEUTCH, BEATRICE 1269 Sheridan Ave. Ar- isfa Member, Commencemenf Commiffee. Se- nior Council, Dean's Office. DILSON, BEATRICE 35I2 Mermaid Ave. He- brew Culfures, Sighf Seeing, Olee Club, Secre- fary in Spanish Office. DREIER, FLORENCE 3509 Mermqza' Ave. Grade Adviser's Secrefary, Glee Club, J DRUY, SYLVIA l60I - 42nd Sf. Cuffing Squad Cafeferio Squad. DRYER, ARTHUR l35I E. 5+h Sf. Class Secre- fary, Service Squad, Presidenf in Prefecf., ECKHAUS, ARTHUR 2872 Brighfon 4fh Sf. Arisfa, "Landmark", Secrefary in G. O. Office Class Presidenf. xdffaoiqe i-,Q . wk- , 'Q WSF. ECONOMOPOULOS, KATE I649 Sheepshead Bay Road. EFROS, BEATRICE 3030 BrigIw+on I2+b S+. Swimming Team, Service Pos+, Baske+baII Team, Class President EICHEN, MORTON 3IOO Brigl1+on 2nd S+. EISENBERG, JACK 36OI Mermaid Avenue. Cap+ain of Swimming Team, Varsi+y Swimming, Secre+ary +o Mr. Lux, A+If1Ie+ic Manager. ELINSKY, MEYER l802 W. I3+I'1 S+. Ca+e+eria Squad. ELLMAN, KATE I922 Ocean Ave. Senior Council, Class Treasurer, S+age - Make - Up Squad, Arkon EMIL. SYDELL I9I Bay 32nd S+. Grade Ad- viser's Office, Aris+a, Secre+ary of Akron, French Office. ENTIN, SIDNEY 222I Ocean Parkway. ESKENAZI, MORRIS 2654 E. I I+I1 S+. ESPOSITO, ARNOLD 20-22 Boulevard Courf. Assis+an+ Manager of Foo+baII Team, Rifle, Surveyor's Club, Avia+ion Club. EVERETT. SYLVIA 630 E. I4+I1 S+. Class Presi- den+, "Cargoes" Represen+a+ive. FANELLI, ANTOINETTE 2860 W. I7+h S+. Tennis Club, I+aIian Club, Handball, Business Prac+ice Club. LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCO LANDMARK LN 55 FEDERICO, CHARLES 2I Boy 35+h S+. Boxing Club, Fencing, Prom Commi++ee. FEINBERG, EVELYN 23 Brigh+on 6++1 Lane. Secre+ary in Spanish O++ice. FEINBLUM, MYRA I l22 Avenue K. Secre+ary +o Mr. Fried, Glee Club. "Milcado". FElNMAN, HAROLD 2999 W. 29+l1 S+. Op+i- cal Squad. "L" Soccer Squad. Floor Manager. l:ElNSTElN, KATHERINE 23l Brigl'1+wal'er Cour+. Class Secre+ary, Biology Labora+ory, Junior Diving Team, Pa+rol. FELD, THELMA I6I2 Avenue W. Senior Aris+a. Arlcon, Senior Council, Commencemen+ Com- mi++ee. FELDMAN, CELIA 3I53 Coney Island Ave. Boys Gym O+Fice. Program O+Fice, Business Club. Au+ograpl1 Club. FELDMAN, FLORENCE I7I5 E. 3rd S+. Usher Squad, Service Squad, Cu++ing Squad. FELLER, ALFRED I45I - 43rd S+. FENICHEL, STANLEY 3I I8 BrigIw+on 4+h S+. Manager of "Log" Circula+ion, Ca+e+eria Squad, Library Squad, Medical Club. WNW W EENSTER. EDYTHE I6 Sands Walk. Class'f gk Nigl1+ Cas+, Tap Dancing Club, Secre+ary +o WW Dr. Rider, S+uden+ Cour+. tl-.Arai FINE, ROBERT 3I52 Brigl'1+on 6+l1 S+. lsi+irian. "Log", Service Squad. Medical Club. FINKELSTEIN, IRVING 4405 Highland Ave. FINLEY, BELLE 392 E. 4+h S+. Class Nigh+. Dancing Club, Service Squad. EINOCCHIARO, LOUIS ll3S Banner Ave. Annex Lunch Room, Cafeleria Squad, Service Squad. FIORENTINO, ANOELINA 90 Lancasier Ave. lialian Club, Peace Club. FISHMAN, MORRlS 25ll Surf Ave. Service Squad, Class G. O. Represeniaiive, Presideni of French Class, Varsiiy Show Represenialive. FLAMM, JOSEPH 690I - 2Is'r Ave. Class President Cafeieria Squad. FLUSS, PEARL I366 E. 3rd Si. Accouniing Oi- fice, Civics Club, "Cargoes" Represeniaiive, Glee Club. FORMAN, BERNARD I25 Brighlon I Hh Sf. FOX, BERNARD 6l9 Avenue S. Class Secre- Tary, French Club, Junior Arisia, Euclid Club. FOX, NATHAN 3064 Brighion 71h S+. FRANKEL, BERTHA 3074 Brighfon l3'rh Sf. Secreiary in Accouniing Office, Medical Club. Law Club, Hosiess Club. FRANKEL, SIMON '44I8 - 9l'h Ave. Direcfor of Ari Squad, "Landmark" Siaff, "Cargoes" Ari Ediior, Painiing Club. LANDMARK LINCOLN LINCOLIN l LANDMARK FREED, LEO 2765 E. I5+h S+. Tra+fic Squad. Pre+ec+ Secre+ary. Class Presiden+, Curren+ Even+s Club. FREED, MILDRED 2825 W. 3O+h S+. FREEDMAN, ESTHER 462 Nep+une Ave. Cafe- +eria Squad, Service Squad. Dismissal Squad. FREEMAN. SOPHIE 8718 - 24+h Ave. FRIEDMAN, BESSIE 4I4 Brigh+on Beach Ave. Accoun+ing O+Fice. Service Squad, Glee Club. FRETTOLGSO. LAWRENCE 2786 E. I6+h S+. FRIEDMAN, DANIEL 2290 E. 2nd S+. Head of G. O. Sfore, Accoun+ing Club. Service Squad. Travelers' Club. FRIEDMAN, SERENA 2290 E. 2nd S+. G.'O. S+ore, Swimming Club, Secre+ary of Swimming Office, Medical Club. FRISMAN. RUTH l54 Brigh+on I0+h S+. Dis- missal Squad. Secre+ary in English O+Fice, Secre- +ary in Spanish O+Fice, Swimming Club. FRUCHTMAN. ROSE I742 E. 2nd S+. Secre- +ary in Biology O++ice. Aris+a. Club Council Represen+a+ive. Presiden+ 0+ Spanish Club. FUCHS, ETHEL 3039 Brigh+on 4+h S+. Secre- +ary in S+uden+ Cour+, S+uden+ Pa+rol. Secre- +ary in S+enography O+Fice, Swimming Club. FUHRMAN. PHILIP 2824 W. 35+h S+. xl' L! W- l. 583' 'P' J i J ,yes GANZ, JEAN 3002 W. 28+l1 S+. Law Club. Secre+ary in Accoun+ing O+Fice, Business Club, Arisfa. ' GARBER, DOSELLA 2980 W. 29+l'1 S+. GARBER, JOSEPH 2826 W. 23rd S+. GARDELLA, LEROY I663 W. 8+h S+. Co+e- +eria Squad. GASN. PAUL 72 Avenue O. Field Band, Or- cl'1es+ra, In+ercla ss A+hle+ics. OELLER, JOAN 2l29 - 7Is+ S+. Vice-Presiden+ of Senior Class, Aris+o, Arkon, Presiden+ of Wardrobe Squad. OERMANO, ANTHONY i933 W. I3+l1 S+. Foo+boll. GlBSON. AUGUST 470 Nep+une Ave. Cafe- +eria Squad, Arkon. GILLERS, EMANUEL 2323 Mermaid Ave. Presiden+ 0+ G. O., Presiding O+Ficer of Aris+a, S+uden+ Cour+ Judge, Vice-Presiclenl' of Class Presiden+ Council. GILMAN, MURRAY 175 Avenue T. lsi+irian, Varsi+y Show, Service Squad, Class Vice-Presi- den+. ON TANL 5 ve E m o q ,Co+e+eria oi d. OLAZ , RUT 242858 W. d S+. Secre+ary in S+enogrx hy ce, Secre+ary in lvla+l'1 O++ice, Secre+ary +o r. Orgel, Secre+ary +o Payroll Clerk. fl 1 1'7" s LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCOLN LANDMARK OLICK, BERNARD 3I3 Brighlwoler Cour'r. Arisla. OLICKMAN, IRENE I I5 Brighlwaler CourI'. O. O. Slore, Slenography Office, Budgel Com- millee, Doclor Orgel's Office. OODA, EVELYN 2856 W. I7+h S+. Firsf Aid Club, Publicily Direclor of Medical Club, Lin- coln Forum, Spanish Slenogrophy Club. GOLD, BELLA 2822 Mermaid Ave. OOLDBERG, DAVID 28I3 W. 32nd Sl: OOLDBERO, EDITI-I 238 Neplune Ave. Olee Club, Member of Economics Club, Member of Biology Laboralory, "Corgoes". OOLDBERG, NORMAN 3048 Brighfon 5+h S+. Class Nighl Casl, Secrelary in Dean's Office, Wardrobe Squad, Medical Club. GOLDBERG, ROBERT 2942 W. 2nd S+. Chess Team, Secrefary of Chess Club, Presidenl' of Pre'FecI'. OOLDMAN, LOUISE 3I6 Ocean View Ave. Arisla, Secrelary lo Mr. SI'eingarI', Secrelary 'ro Mr. I-lirschberg, Secrefary 'ro Dr. Bernard. OOLDSAMT, HELEN 300 Ouenfin Road. Prom Commillee, Arisla, P. T. A. Represenlalive, Treasurer of Senior Prefecl' Class. GOLDS 'ilN,,LlLLlAN 2869 W. 37+hs+. Cafe- -Ieria O lC6K,AFISIO, Arkon, Budgel' Commihlee. GOLDSTEIN, WALTER 2796 W. 5+h S+. Serv- ice and Traffic Squads, Slage Squad, Library Squad, Lincoln Ari Sludio. ' 60 .LINCOLN GOLUB, ISRAEL 8200 Bay Parkway. Class Nighl, Arl' Squad, Direclor of Arl' Lecluring Slalif, "Cargoes" Arl Slafl. GOODMAN, DORA 3020 W. 23rd SI. De- baling Club, Peace Club, German Club, Danc- ing Club. GOODMAN, GERTRUDE l235 - 39+h SI. Ar- is'ra, French Club, Cale-'reria Squad, Service Squad. GOODMAN, PAUL 2822 Brighlon 8l'h S+. Gen- eral Oliice, Traffic Squad, Pan-American Club, Make-Up Squad. GOODMAN, SYLVIA 3020 W. 23rd S+. Ar- isI'a, L AH'endance Squad, German Club, G. O. Represenlalive. GREENBERG, DORIS 3048 Brighlon 3rd S+. French Club, German Club, Secrelary in Vo- calional Guidance, Wardrobe Squad. GREENBERG, ESTHER 2760 E. Ibrh SI. Biology Laborafory, Secrelary Io Miss Dawson, Baslcel- bell, Medical Club. GREENBERG, MORRIS 207 Brighlon Isl' Ter- race. Lieu'r. Service Squad, Class Night Senior Council, G. O. Council. GREENE, MORRIS 20 Brighlon IOI'h Courl. Library Squad, Cafeleria Squad Caplain, Avia- 'rion Club. GREENFIELD, JEANETTE 2780 W. I5'rh SI. French Club, German Club, Wardrobe Squad, Secrefary in Vocalional Guidance Olilice. GREENWALD, I-IELENE I954 - 66Ih S+. Secre- Iary Io Dr. Doyle, Personalily Club, Secrelary in Sfenography Office, Prelecl Secrelary. GRILLO, WILLIAM 402 Avenue W. Radio Club, Avialion Club, Newman Club, Inlerclass Handball. I ,"v 14.g-- 3 I I I LANDIVIARK J . mfr f .J i X WW K lfjws ll Iliff , f LINCO LANDMARK LN 6'I GROSS, EDWARD I742 W. Isf Sf. French Club, lnferclass Baseball, Service Squad. GUERCIO, ROY 355 Avenue X. Class Presi- denf, Senior Council. GUGINO, LORETO 2I47 E. 4+h Sf. Service Squad, Traffic Squad. HADER, ESTHER I774 W. I2fh Sf. Playgoers, Moviegoers, Library Squad, G. O. Represenfa- five. HANDLER, ROSLYN 3037 Brighfon 5fh Sf. Class Nighf Commiffee, Secrefary of Lincoln Award Commiffee, Senior Council, G. O. Coun- cil. HARTGLASS. ROSALYN III4 Avenue Y. l-losfess Club, Parenfs Cooking Club, Sfudenf Relief. HAUER. MAX 22l4 Mermaid Ave. Soccer Team, Service Squad, Cashier Cafeferia Squad, Senior Class Treasurer. HECHT, SAMUEL 2952 W. 35+h Sf. "Mikado", Grade Adviser's Secrefary, Glee Club, Debaf- ing Club. HELLERMAN, SOLOMON 488 Avenue P. Chess Team. HENDEL, ABRAHAM 2872 W. 22nd Sf. Senior Council, G. O. Council, Arisfa, Class Day Com- miffee. l-IERSCHKOWITZ, RUTH l659 Dahill Road. Cafeferia lmprovemenf Commiffee. Cafeferia Squad, G. O. Office Secrefary, Audifors Office Secrefary. HOCHSTEIN, SID 2980 Brighfon I2fh Sf. Sfen- ography and Type Office, Program Office, Pro- gram Commiffee. I-IODES, LILLIAN I4I2 Mermaid Ave. Kallisfa, Service Squad, "L" Aifendance Squad, Peace Club. I-IOEFER, ERIEDA 3603 Mermaid Ave. Glee Club, "Mikado", Secreiary 'ro Miss Rifclwie. HOFFMAN, I-IERMA 2942 W. 3rd Si. Secre- Tary io Mr. Fried, "Cargaes" Represenlaiive. I-IOFFNUNG, WILLIAM 2089 E. 22nd Sl. Serv- ice Squad, G. O. Secrefary, Prom Commiifee, G. O. Represenlaiive. I-IOROWITZ, HERBERT I932 W. bfh SI. Cafe- IGFIG Squad, Secreiary in Vocalional Guidance Office. HOROWITZ, MURRAY 3029 Brighion I2'rI'1 ST. Varsiry Baslceiball, Vice-Presidenf of Prefeci. HUNTLEY, MURIEL 2327 - 32nd Sl. Spanisli Eiesfa, Class Night, G!Iee Club. K, EIELEN ,3I72 Coney Island Avei Service Squad. INDELICATO, FELICE 2365 W. IOH1 S+. Dis- missal Squad, Newman Club, Secreiary in Mr. Eried's Office, Iialian Club. ISAACS, LUCILLE 264 Avenue O. Arisia Ar- kon, Treasurer of Senior Class, Secreiary of Class Presidenis Council. ITKIND, MIRIAM 2401 Mermaid Ave. Class Day Commifiee, Class Niglvr Commi++ee, A+- iendance Office, Arkon. IZZO, LOUIS I6I6 Vaorlwies Ave. Varsify Soc- cer, Afhleiilca, Service Squad, Class President LINCOLN I LANDMARK LINCOLN 63 I . LANDIVIARK JACCARINO, JULES 2847 W. 25'rI1 S+. Chair- man Senior Prom Commi+'ree, Debafing Club, Biology Squad, Lafin CIub. JANARELLA, LAWRENCE 2469 Wes+ S+. JENKINS, RICHARD 2276 E. I9+I1 SI. Track Team, A'rInIe+iIca, Service Squad, InI'ercIass Eoor- ball. JONAS. IRENE 3OOI W. lsr SI. Presidenf of Prefecf Class, Presidenf of BioIogy Club, Senior Council, Presidenfs Council. JUDICE, SALVATORE 2865 W. I7+I1 S+. Class President KAFKA, SEYMOUR 2505 Mermaid Ave. Secre- Iory in Gym Office, CIass A'rI1Ie'ric Manager, Service Squad, Radio CIub. KAI-IN, ELLA 305I Ocean Ave. Srenography Office, Red Cross Represen+aI'ive, Secrerary Io Dr. Orgel. ' W KAHN, FRANCES 3099 Briglwron 6II1 S+. KAHN, MILDRED 839 E. I9+Iw SI. Secrefary 'ro Mr. SpiegeI in S'rudenI Welfare Office. KALISI-I, LEON 2394 E. 5+I'1 S+. LieuI'enan'r Mimeograph Squad, Service Squad. KALLMAN, CHESTER 3IOO Brighron 2nd SI. Class Night Class Day, Peace Club, "L" Re- porrers' Club. KAMPEL, WILLIAM IO7O Ocean View Ave. Presidenf of Medical Club, Edifor of "Medica" Secrerary in Spanish Office, Lieurenanf of Cafe- 'reria Squad. KAPLAN, ANNETTE 5920 - 23rd Ave. Secre- +ary Miss Cohen's Olifice, Secre+ary of Pre+ec+, Library Squad, Secre+ary +o Miss Rich. KASTENBAUM, MOLLIE 29II W. 35+h S+. KATZ, ETHEL 2I53 Cropsey Ave. KATZ, MlRlAM 2734 Brigh+on 7l'h S+. Debaf- ing Club, Algebra Club, Baslce+ball Club, Base- ball Club. KATZ, SYLVIA 32l3 Snyder Ave. Aris+a, Serv- ice Squad, Traiclic Squad, Secre+ary in Girls' Gym. KIGNER. NANCY I638 E. 3rd S+. Libr Squad, Clerk in S+uden+ Cour+ Personali+ ' Y Club, Speech Club. KITMAN, BEATRICE 2756 W. 3rd S+. Service Squad. KLAR, ETHEL 28lI Mermaid Ave. "Cargoes" Represen+a+ive, Bronze Scholarship Pin. KLEIN, GRACE 2735 W. I5+h S+. Secre+ary +o Miss Hoag, Secre+ary +o Miss Halpern, Eco- nomics Club, Secre+ary +o Miss Lieberman. KLEIN, REUBEN l4OI E. 4+h S+. KOHN, MURRAY 3029 Brigh+on I2+h S+. KOLINSKY, NETTIE 23I9 Avenue Z. Secre+ary in Accoun+ing Office, Movie-Goers Club, Play- Goers Club, Swimming. LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCOLN LANDMARK KORNHAUSER, BEATRICE 76 Avenue O. Sec- rerary in G. O. Office, Secrelary in Cafereria, is Club, G. O. Represenfafive. MILDRED I7 Brighion Cour'r. ln T . 1 ,V l I rge of Personnel in G. O. Sfore. KRAMER, HERBERT 2985 Ocean Parkway. KRANTZ, TERRY 2822 W. 28+h S+. Treasurer of Senior Class, Senior Council, Secrelary in Accounfing Office, Glee Club. TL N ,b KRASILOVSKY. MONROE I6I4 E. 8+h S+. Assisfanl' Capfain of Sfuclenl' Palrol, Vice-Presi- denl of Usher Squacl, Club Council Represenla- five. . 'KRASNER. ANN 3I22 Nepfune Ave. Arisfa, Secrefary in Accounling Office. Prom Commif- lee, "Landmarlc". KRASSNER, MATILDA 25I6 Mermaid Ave. ,, 5.1 KRAUS, ESTELLE 287 Brigh+on,Beach Ave. KRAVETZ, NATHAN 3IOI Brighron 2nd Sf. Managing Ediror "Log", Class Night French Club. German Club. KRUPP, OSCAR 7507 - 2O'rh Ave. KUBLANSKY, SYLVIA 2835 W. 32nd S+. KURNIT, HAROLD 48I3 Beach 48+h S+.. Sea Gare. "Landmark" S+aFF. Ari Squad. Arisfa, Arkon. .lv-- ' LABOTTE, RAFFAELA l875 W. 6+l1 S+. Prom Commi++ee, Business Club, Class Presiden+, G. O. Represen+a+ive. LADENHEIM, LILLIAN 8623 - 24+b Ave. LA ROSA, JACK 4l9 Slweepslwead Bay Road. Cheer Leader, Swimming Team, Senior Council, Service Squad. LAUPER, JOSEPH l527 Voorlnies Ave. Library Squad, Biology Squad, Ca+e+eria Squad. LEDERMAN, ELISABETH 2956 W. 28+l'i S+. Secre+ary +or Mr. Wol+, Secre+ary +o Miss Kaler. LEDERMAN, LEONARD l9ll S+illwell Ave. Clwem Club, Library Squad, Secre+ary +o Mrs. Hoclw. LEl-IMAN, MURIEL 3049 Brigl1+on l2+l1 S+. Program O+l:ice, Program Commi++ee, Aris+a, Arkon. LEHR, HAROLD 2842 W. 28+l'1 S+. Member 0+ A+l1le+il4a, Varsi+y Foo+ball Team. LEIBOWITZ, JACOB 22I7 Mermaid Ave. Euclid Club. LEIBOWITZ. SAM 2962 Brigl1+on 8+l'i S+. Vice- Presiden+ of Pre+ec+ Class. LEICHMAN, ELLIOT 320 Sea Breeze Ave. Se- nior Aris+a, Ca+e+eria Squad, Secre+ary in Vo- ca+ional Guidance O+Fice. LEMIS, MINNIE 2829 W. 5+h S+. "Mikado", Olee Club. LINCCDLN LANDMARK LINCOLN is C LANDIVIARK "'P.v'rfrll' W LERMER, BENJAMIN 2972 W. 3rcI SI. Hebrew CIub, Service Squad. Ari CIub, Locker Squad. LERNER, DANIEL 285i W. 22nd SI. Voca- +ionaI Guidance, Cleric in Sfudenf Cour'r, Junior Arisia. Secreiary 'ro Mr. Golcibloom. LESSER, IRVING 2750 Holmes S+. Class Day. Senior Council, Arkon, Secrefary 'ro Miss Daw- son. LEVANDA, BERNARD I426 E. 3rd S+. Swim- ming. LEVENSTEIN, FRIEDA 28I4 Brighfon 8+h S+. English Office. LEVENTER, MORTIMER 2320 Mermaid Ave. Senior Arisfa, Presidenf of Senior Prefecf, Sec- refary 'ro Gym Office. Secrefary 'ro Mr. Cohen. LEVINE, ALVIN 2206 Ocean Parkway. Glee CIuIo. Chess Ciub. LEVINE. ARNOLD 2975 W. 25I'h S+. Tap Danc- ing Ciub. Swimming Team. Service Squad. Biol- ogy Squad. LEVINE. MURRAY 2663 W. 37Ih SI. Glee Club, Piaygoers, Service Squad. "LandmarIc". LEVINE, SHIRLEY 6 BrighI'on 4I'h Piace. Secre- Iary in G. O. Orifice, Baseball CIub. Business Club, Relief Represenfafive. LEVITAN, MURRAY 2I88 E. 7+h S+. LEVITT, ANN 3055 Brighfon 2nd S+. Ciass Night Boy's Dean Office. Secrefary Io Mr. Jacobs. Presideni of Ari' Weaving Club. all 6722. 1 Wfaffifiiyee 'f .68 Z-ws-cQj2.cQ,I Q25 LICHTMAN, JOEL 37I9 Poplar Ave. Cap+ain o+ Service Squad, Presiden+ o+ Usher Squad, Vice-Presiden+ 0+ A+hIe+ika, Arkon. . LIEBERMAN, GERALD I564 W. lO+h S+. Li- brary Squad, Sergean+ on +he Tra++ic Squad, Lieu+enan+ on +he CGTGIGFIO Squad. Senior Aris+a. LIEBMAN, EDWARD 2I8O E. 9+h S+. Club Council, French Club, Radio Club, Chess and Checkers Club. LIEBOWITZ, LILLIAN 2368 - 84+h S+. LIFF, THELMA 3142 Coney Island Ave. Library Squad, Senior Council, Home Room Commi++ee. LINDENBAUM, MURRAY 4205 Sea Ga+e Ave. Deba+ing Club, Music Apprecio+ion, Micro- scopy. LIPSHUTZ, ABRAHAM 3l52 Brigh+on 6+h S+. Firs+ Aid, "Mikodo". Presiden+ of Pre+ec+. LONDIS, EDNA l7O Avenue T. Secre+ary in S+enography O+Fice, S+enography Club, Secre- +ary +o Mrs. Emerson. LONDON, ALBERT 64l3 - 24+h Ave. "Lond- mark", French Club, Mimeogroph Squad. LO PRESTI, JOSEPH 87 Lancas+er Ave. Serv- ice Squad. Ca+e+eria Squad. LO VECE, STELIO 2329 E. 2nd S+. LUBIN, ROBERT 902 Avenue N. LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCOLN l . LANDMARK LUKIN, BASIL I575 E. 4+l'1 S+. Aflendance Squad Capiain, Cufling Squad Capfain. Traf- fic Squad. LUXNER, SHIRLEY 4I7 Brigliiwafer Courl. Class Day. Senior Class Night Tap Dancing Club, Dancing Club. MAISEL. HENRIETTA 3904 Laurel Ave. Sec- re'rary Prefecf. Sfudenf Relief. G. O. Repre- sen+a'rive, Service Squad. MALITZ, PEARL 2838 W. 3Is+ S+. Glee Club. "Landmark", Secrelary +o Mr. Zinman, Secre- 'tary in Pre1fec+. MALLAH, GILDA 2833 W. 5+l1 S+. Tumbling Club. Baslcefball, Tap Dancing Club. MANDEL, LILLIAN 3I6 Sea Breeze Ave. O. A. A. Council, Kallisia, Baseball, Baslceiball. MANESEVITZ. HARRY 290 Briglwfon Beach Ave. MANNEY. AL 3I II Brigl'1+on Isl Place. Cap- 'rain of Ailwlefic Equipmem' Squad, A'rl'ile'ric Manager, Secrelary in Mr. Fried's Office, Secre- Tary in Economics. MANNO, PAUL 2446 E. 3rcl S+. Ar+ and CraPrs Club, Aviafion Club. Commercial Law Club, Class Presideni. MARCHESE, JOE ll Parlcway Cour'r. Service Squad, Baseball, Foofball, Secre+ary Laiin Class. MARCUS, MARTHA 3040 Briglwfon 3rd S+. Wardrobe Squad. MARSHALL, DOROTHY 32Ol Nepiune Ave. Accounfing Office, Slenograpliy Club. 69 . lieiffiws i MATE, MILDRED 23OI Benson Ave. Secrefary fo Mr. Blum, "Mikado", Girls' Glee Club, Cafe- feria Squad. MCCANN. JACK 2l43 E. I2'rh Sf. Service Squad, Newman Club. MEAl.lA, GRACE 2252 E. lsf Sf. Secrefary fo Deon of Girls. Cosfume Club, Ari' Weaving Club, Handball Club. MELLETT, MICHAEL 222i E. I5+h S+. New- man Club, Glee Club, Service Squad. MELTZER, SEYMOUR I949 - 74+h S+. Physics Squad. MENDELL, ARTHUR I47I W. 8+h S+. MENDELL, MILDRED I47I W. 8+h S+. Library Squad, Relief Represenfafive, Red Cross Repre- senfafive, G. O. Represenfafive. MESSINGER, HILDA 29I8 W. 27'rl1 Sf. Secre- 'rary in' Mafhemafics Office, Personalify Club, Secrefary fo Miss Sclior, Service Squad. MEYER, MILDRED 289 Nepfune Ave. Sfenog- raphy Office. MILLER, FRIEDA 2958 W. Isf S+. Secrefary for Mr. Fried, Service Squad, Junior Arisfa, Glee Club. MILLER, HENRY 23l I Avenue Y. Usher Squad, Lieufenanl' of 'flwe Service Squad, Lieufenanl' of Traffic Squad. MILLER. LILLIAN 28l5 W. 2Ol'l1 S+. Secrefary of Accounfing Office, Law Club, Business Club, Vice-Presidenf of Prefecf Class. LINCCDLN LANDMARK , X LINCOLN LANDIVIARK MILLER, SAMUEL l4I5 W. 8+h S+. Currenf Evenfs Club, Lieufenanf Floor Manager Squad, Radio Club, Vice-Presidenf Prefecf Class. MILLER, SEYMOUR 3086 W. Isf Sf. Dean's Squad, Annex Biology Laborafory, Service Squad, Annex Baseball Team. MINNELLA, JOSEPI-IINE I5O Bay 35+h Sf. Affendance Squad, Cuffing Squad, Miss CoI'1en's Office, Economics Office. MISTRETTA, ROSARIO 2I35 W. 9+I1 Sf. Serv- ice Squad, Traffic Squad, Relief Represenfafive, Aviafion Club. MIZRACI-II, LILY 2I2O - 65fI1 Sf. Arisfa, Ar- 71 kan, "Landmark", Mimeograph Office, Affend- ance Squad. MODICA, JENNIE 376 Avenue W. Ari' Weav- ing Club, Cosfume Club, Volleyball Club, Bas- kefball. MORETTI, PATRICIA I944 E. Isf Sf. Business Club, Ifalian Club, Gym Office Secrefary, Gym Secrefary Assisfanf. MORGENSTERN. ROSE 2872 W. 22nd Sf. Baskefball, Accounfing Office, Swimming Club, Glee Club. MORRIS. EDNA 2259 - 6OfI1 S+. Library Sfaff. Sfudenf Welfare, Moviegoers Club, Cafeferia Squad. MOSKOWITZ, BERT 3I26iNep+une Ave. Serv- ii-Q ice Squad, Cafeferia, Chess Club. jbqz-5 MOSSIN, I-IANNAH 60I Brighfwafer Courf. NEWMAN, BERNARD 29I3 W. 32nd Sf. Presi- denf of Bookkeeping Class. f of LOC ' ' , NISALEVITZ, SALLY 2930 W. 24JrI1 S+. "Land- mark", Secrefary of Prefeci, Secrefary in Eco- nomic's OFFice, Cafereria Squad. NOCHOMOV, REBECCA 225 Neplrune Ave. ,NUDELMAN, I-IYMAN 3130 Briglnon 7+h S+. ORNER, ESTELLE 2925 W. 2nd S+. Secrefary in Clinic, Lincoln Forum, Travel Club, Economic Club. ORNSTEIN, FRANCES 2029 Mermaid Ave. Pre-sidenlr of French Class, Assislanl' Io Miss S-I'ewar+, Secrefary for Biology Laborafory. osranr,-:PRQIK 2013 Mermaid Ave. ' fiij OSTERMAN, MORRIS 3099 Briglwfon 6+h S+. Glee Club, Biology Squad, Service Squad. OSTROY, SAM 3I I0 Brighlon 3rd S+. OXI-IANDLER, JEAN 3735 Naurilus Ave. Pro- gram Office, Secrelary of Arisla, Arkon, "Land- mark". PADOLSKY, HARRY 302I Briglfron 7I'Ii S+. Traclc Squad. Caprains Club. PALUMBO, ELIZABETH 35I5 Nepfune Ave. English Class Represen+a+ive, G. O. Show, Glee Club. PASFIKOVSKY, ELSENE 3I09 Mermaid Ave. Prom CommiHee, CaIe'reria Squad, Secrefary Ma'I'l'1 Office, Varsiry Show Represenlaiive. LINCOLN LANDMARK l Mclsi c O L N LANDMARK 73 PASTERNAK, IRVING 2936 W. I9+I1S+. Serv- ice Squad, Caieieria Squad, Swimming Squad. Glee Club. PATTEN, NORMA 700 Ocean Ave. PEACOCK, ALEX 3395 - IZH1 Ave. Service Squad. ' PEARLMUTTER, MORRIS 3039 Ocean Park- way. Capioin Siudy Hall Squad, Capfain Li- brary Squad, Lincoln Forum, Secreiary. PELTER, SOPHIE I558 E. 41h S+. Service Squad. Secreiary in Aifendance Oiciice, Secreiary in English Class, efary in Economic Class. N PERLMUT R, 0,0 f S ' V anic Ave. IX f -1' Presideni, PERLOW. JEAN 2875 W. 29'I'I'l Si. Traffic Squad, Biology Squad, Handball. PERMAN, NORMAN 3I2O Coney Island Ave. Class Day, Class Night Carfoonisf on "Lin- coln Log", Service Squad. PETERS, ANNE 7I I Brighfwafer Courf. Kallisfa, Presidenl of Swimming Team, Handball Club, Baskeiball Club. PHILLIPS, BEATRICE 2985 Ocean Parkway. Lieu+. Service Squad, Secrefary Sfudenf Wel- fare Oliiice, Business Training Club. Presideni of Prefecf Class. PHILLIPS, FREDERICK 3058 Brigliion 3rd SI: Capfain of Isiiirians, Senior Council, Service Squad, Secreiary of G. O. Office. PIER, DAVID 23I0 Mermaid Ave. Secreiary Accounfing Office, Lincoln Barrisier, Junior Var- si+y Track, Presideni' Prefecl' Class. qwl eco. IWW? me WWW PINCUS, EDNA 28I2 W. 2ncI S+. Class Night ConcerI'. Orcheslra, Glee Club. PLATTS. LOIS 737 Flalbuslm Ave. PLUCHINO, MARCEL 73I Crawford Ave. Track, Service Squad. POKORNE, FRANCES IA Sands Walk. Arisla. Arkon, Class Presiden'r's Council, Senior Class Council. POTASCH. GERTRUDE 2859 W. 22nd SI. Glee Club, Secrelary 'ro Miss Winkler, Secre- 'rary 'ro Mr. Zinrnany "Cargoes" Represenlafive. POWERS. JULIA 333 - 57'rIw SI. Secrelary of Prelecl, Alfenclance Squad. PROUSE, BERNARD l34l - 40'rl1 S+. PROVIDENT, GRACE I763-5 E. 3rd SI. Secre- 'rary in Economics Oklice, Peace Club, Secrelary for Mrs. Emerson. PUCHALSKY, DOROTHY 29IO W. Isl' S+. Presidenl of Arkon, ArisI'a, Senior Council, Pro- gram Office. PUTZER, IRVING 309I Briglrlon 3rd S+. Class NIQI'1I'. Service Squad, Debaling Club, Micro- scopic Club. Y imsimkorr. AARON iizz c.-.Wm com. o. O. Slore. A RABINOWITZ, HERBERT 32II Mermaid Ave. Cufling Squad. LINCOLN Lf-wsinmmak LINCOLN! 75 LANDMARK RABINOWITZ, IRVING 3130 Brigh+on 6+h S'+.g RACHLIN, NAT 2829 W. 28+h S+. Soccer. Lincoln S+oclc Room Squad. - 1. RALSKY, NATHAN 2823 W. 3rd S+. Radio Club, Alchemis+ Club, Foo+ball Ushers Squad. Tropical Fish Club. RANDALL, CLARA 2044 E. I3+h S+. Library Squad, Treasurer o+ Hos+ess Club, Club Council Represen+a+ive, Medical Club. RAPPAPORT, LAURA 285I W. 3Is+ S+. Ar+ C+- +ice, Ca+e+eria, Tap Club, Junior Aris+a. RAYMOND, FRED 2I9 Washing+on Ave. REICE, BARBARA 6I2O - 23rd Ave. Secre+ary a+ Senior Class, Aris+a. Commencemen+ Com- mi++ee, Class Day Commi++ee. REICHMAN, FANNIE II53 - 53rd S+. Secre- +ary in Swimming O+Fice, House and Grounds Commi++ee, Secre+ary in Spanish O+Fice, P. T. A. Represen+a+ive. ' REISS, HELEN 2I2 Wes+ Ave. Mimeograph Squad, Aris+a. Library Squad. REISSMAN, PEARL l4lI Avenue N. Secre+ary 0+ Ma+hema+ics O++ice, "Landmark", Clinic, Na+ure Club. REKORT, BERNARD 2826 29+h S+. Cap- +ains' Club, A+hle+ic Manager. i 'ii REMER, ELEANOR 128 Avenue'N. 4' Z REZNIK, ISAAC 205I - 74+Iw S+. Hebrew Club. Ma+l1cra++ Club. RIBIS, DANTE ZOIS E. I2+l'i S+. Class Nig+i+, Track Squad, Foo+baII Squad, Boxing Squad. RIBOT, RHODA 3045 Ocean Parkway. Secre- +ary +o Dean. Service Squad. Tra+Fic Squad. RICE, VIOLETTE 26I0 Coyle S+. Service Squad. RICHMAN. BELLA I739 E. 4++1 S+. Library Squad, Secre+ary in Sewing O++ice. RICHMAN, MURIEL 2804 Mermaid Ave. Presiden+ o+ I'Ios+ess Club, BasIce+baII, Secre+ary 0+ Swimming Office, Olee Club. RIFKIN, VICTOR 4OI3 Man+1a++an Ave. A+++- Ie+ika, Varsi+y Swimming Team, Varsi+y Fencin Team, Presiden+ 8+I'1 Term English Class. I RIPKA, MIKE I397 E. 2nd S+. Avia+ion, R i Club, Infercloss Manager. RIVKIN, ALFRED 3056 BrigI1+on Is+ S+. S+ud I-IaII Squad, Service Squad, S+uden+ Cour+, Class Presiden+. ROBINSON, MORTIMER 2I77 E. 2Is+ S+. "E" Presiden+ Council, Chairman Lincoln Swing, Secre+ary Finance S+uden+ Cour+ Council, Swimming. ROMANELLI, ANTHONY 2896 Boyn+on Place. ROBRISI-I, BEATRICE 43OI - IO+I1 Ave. LINCCDLN LANDMARK LINCOLN 77 LANDMARK ROSE, HERBERT lO35 Waslwing+on Ave. Presi- den+ A+l1le+ika, Cap+ain Track Team, Cap+ain X-Coun+ry, Class Presiden+. ROSEN, RITA 204I E. Is+ S+. Service Squad, Secre+ary +o Den+is+, Ca+e+eria Squad, Pre+ec+ Treasurer. ROSEN, RUTH 2922 W. 2Is+ S+. Hos+ess Club Presiden+, Secre+ary Gym, Baslce+ball, Secre+ary Biology O++ice. ROSENBAUM, JESSIE 633 E. I6+lw S+. Tennis Club, Handball Club, Curren+ Even+s Club. ROSENBERG, IRVING 2956 W. 3rd S+. Pre+ec+ Presiden+, Cap+ains Club, Our Career Club, Re- lie+ Represen+a+ive. ROSENBERG, JOSEPH 485 Ocean Ave. Or- cl1es+ra, Band, Traclc Team. ROSENBERG, RUTH 4024 Sur+ Ave. AriS+a, A++endance Squad, S+uden+ Cour+, Secre+ary o+ Pre+ec+. ROSENBLATT, CHARLOTTE 3l05 Brigl1+on 3rd S+. Spanish Club, Medicine Club, Dancing Club, Voca+ional Guidance O++ice. ROSINSKY, MlMl I969 Ocean Parkway. Serv- ice Squad, Baske+boll Club, G. O. Represen+a- +ive, P. T. A. Represen+a+ive. ROSKIND. RAYMOND I663 W. 3rd S+. Swim- ming Team, Fencing Team, Soccer Team, Lieu- +enan+ Service Squad. ROTH, IRVING 2920 Brigl'1+on 8++i S+. Varsi+y Foo+ball Team, Track Team, Locker Squad. Rusin, EDITH I529 Dahill Road. Library Squad, Secre+ary +or Miss Riclw, Pre+ec+ Secre- +ary, Li++le Tl1ea+re Drama+ic Club. RUSSO, MARY I549 W. 6+h S+. RUTLEDGE. JANE I835 W. IO+h S+. Ice Skof- ing Club, Sewing Club. SACI-IS, GLADYS I939 - 79+h S+. SAFRAN, EVA R. 3I0O Brigh+on 2nd S+. Secre- +ary in Dean's Office, G. A. A. Council, KaIIis+a. Jewelry Commi++ee. SAKSON, JACK 24I9 Benson Ave. SALINGER, ERNEST I6I4 Ocean Parkway. Service Squad, Lunch Squad, French Squad. SALMANOWITZ. TILLIE I655 W. 7+h S+. Handball Club, Tennis Club, Swimming Club, Baske+baII. SAMET, CHARLOTTE 2I4O - 72nd S+. Class Day, Class Nigh+, Aris+a, Arkon. SAMET, GEORGE 30IO Brigh+on I2+h S+. Sfu- den+ Pca+roI, Chess and Checker Club. SANDLER. GERTRUDE I. l988 W. 6+h S+. Eco- nomics Office Secre+ary, Aris+a, Service Pin. Scholarship Pin. SCARDIA, DONATO S. 2837 W. 23rcI S+. Soc- cer, Leaders. 'A ' SCHAEFER, VIOLET 5I3 Nep+une Ave. LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCGLN LANDIVIARK SCHAEFFER, MIRIAM 2258 - 63rd S+. Ac- coun+ing Office, Law Club, Business Prac+ice Club, "Cargoes" Represen+a+ive. SCHAFFER, IDA I4 Kis+er Cour+. SCHEER, ROSALINDE 230 Quen+in Road. S+u- den+ Cour+, Ca+e+eria Squad, Mr. Fried's 0+- +ice, Vice-Presiden+ in Senior Pre+ec+. SCHEIKOWITZ, LILLIAN I. 775 E. IO+I1 S+. Arkon, Aris+a, Prom Commi++ee, Budge+ Com- mi++ee. SCHEYER, LEONARD 5lO2 Beach 5Is+ S+. Swimming Team, Manager Swimming Team. CI1emis+ry Squad. SCHLESSER, SYLVIA I964 - 66+I1 S+. Library Handball, S+enograpI1y and Typing Office. SCHLISSERMAN, ISIDORE 3I5 W. 24+Iw S+. Orches+ra, Band. Spanish Fies+a, "MiIcado". SCHMUKLER, CHARLES I408 E. 7+Iw S+. Serv- ice Squad, Economics O+Fice. SCHNALL, PEGGY I633 W. IO+h S+. Presi- den+ of KaIIis+a, Class Nigh+, G. A. A., BasIce+- ball. SCHNEIDER, JULIUS 303 Avenue P. Service Squad, Senior Council. La+e Squad. SCI-IOEN. FRANK R. 2228 - 6Is+ S+. Band. f OrcI1es+ra,' Fi OrcI'1es+ra. LPSCHORR TTY E. 3 4 Brig 6+Iw S+. c- re+ary . . ore, Ba + , Servi quad. XJ I SCHREIBER, DORA 3093 BrigI1+on 4+I1S+. Sec- re+ary +o Mr. Cohen, Tennis, Secre+ary +o Mr. Kau+man, Secre+ary in Dean's Ollfice. SCHWARTZ, I'IANNAI-I 3IO3 Coney Island Ave. Senior Council, G. O. S+ore, Boy's Gym O+Fice, Swimming. SCI-IWARTZ, LEA 2764 W. 36+I1 S+. SCHWARTZ, MILDRED R. 9 BrigI1+on 8+I1 Cour+. Class NigIw+, Ca+e+eria S d, S c +ary in BooIcIceeping.QJ U '- ' X of NNN SCI-IWARTZ, MORTON I8 Billings Place. Ser- vice Squad, Biology Squad. SCI-IVVARTZENBERG, SARA I96O E. 8+I'm S+. Secre+ary in Program O+Iice, Gold Medal +or BasIce+baII, Handball Club, Secre+ary +0 Miss Black. SCUTARO, VINCENT 2374 E. 3rd S+. A+hIe+ic Manager, Service Squad, Squad Leader, Fire Marshall. SECKLER, JULIUS 3022 BrigI1+on 2nd S+. SEIGAL, ISIDORE F. 2985 Ocean Parkway. Band, Medical Club, Radio Club, Microscopy Club. SEL-IZER, IDA 2I34 I-Iomecres+ Ave. Regen+s Commi++ee, S+uden+ ReIie+, Secre+ary in.S+u- den+ Relief Office. ' ' I SENA, HELEN 2854 BrigI1+on 7+I1 S+. Secre+ary in Economics O++ice, Tennis Club, Secre+ary in S+enograpI1y O+Fice, Cci+e+eria Squad. SERRANO, SAVERIO I243 - 7O+h S+. LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCOLN LANDIVIARK SI-IAPIRO, LIONEL S. 972 E. I4+h SI. Micro- scopy Club. SHAVELSON, IRVINO 645 Banner Ave. Sl-IEEN, BETTY 3069 Brighlon 7+h SI. Chair- man of Oiff Commillee, Secreiary To Miss Clarlc, Senior Council, O. O. Represenialive. SHEVEL, HELENE I54I W. I I'rh SI. Service Squad, Culling Squad, Allendance Squad, l-lis- Iory Club. SI-IEVIT. BERNARD 3030 Brigh+on 6+h S+. Chemisiry Squad, Track Squad, Dean Squad, Service Squad. SI-IOOBS, I-IAZEL 522 Flalbush Ave. Varsiiy Show. Drarnaiic Club, Secreiary of Players. SIEGEL, FRANCES 62I I - 23rd Ave. Treasurer of Senior Preiecl, Secrelary Io Sludenl' Palrol, Jr. Arisia, Secreiary To Grade Adviser. SIEGEL, SARAH 35I4 Mermaid Ave. Loyallry Squad, Liierary Club. SILVER, SIDNEY S. 2952 W. 22nd S+. French Club, Biology Club. SILVERMAN. MILDRED 3III Brighion Is'r Place. Annex Library, Business Club, Spanish Club, Presiden+ of English Class. SILVERMAN, ROBERT 2936 W. 32nd SI. Annex Library, Business Club, Spanish Office, Presideni of English Class. q SILVERMAN, RUTI-I 20I7 Siillwell Ave. Serv- ice Squad, Tralzlic Squad. if ff, ,lf le 82 cry SILVERSTEIN, ARTHUR 9-2I Brigh+on ls+ Road. English Office, Record Office, Swimming Team, Life Saving Club. SINGER, ESTHER I68 Bay S+. A++endance Of- fice, Secre+ary in S+enography Office, Service Squad, Secre+ary +o Mr. Ya+es. SINGER, JOSEPH 2949 W. 3O+h S+. French Club, Glee Club, Service Squad, Library Squad. SIPPIN, EDITH M. 227 Brigh+on Beach Ave. La+in Office, French Club, Hebrew Club, Swim- ming Office. SIROTA, SYLVIA l956 E. 8+h S+. English Office. S+uden+ Cour+, A++endance Office, Junior Ar- is+a. SKLAR, GAIL I5I4 - 49+h S+. Secre+ary in English Office, Drama+ic Club, Junior Aris+a, Honor Roll. SLEPIAN, RUTH E. 282I W. 37+h S+. Service Squad, Secre+ary in His+ory Class, Business Club, Hebrew Club. SLODZINE, GERTRUDE 3206 Nep+une Ave. Loyal+y Squad, Cafe+eria Squad, Secre+ary S+udy Hall. SLOMACK, IRVING I9OI Ocean Parkway. Class Nigh+, Charge of Girls' Gym Equipment SMALL, FLORENCE 2998 W. 29+h S+. Aris+a. Mimeograph Office, Cafe+eria Office, Malce- Up Squad. SMILOWITZ, FLORENCE 228 Wes+ End Ave. Secre+ary in His+ory Office, Secre+ary in A+- +endance Office, Service Squad, Cafe+eria Squad. SOBEL, SARAH 2876 W. 29+h S+. Accoun+ing Office. LINCOLN LANDMARK LINCOLN l LANDMARK L SOIFER, DABSSBBTE-QgQX27h,Sgi?p,ce Squad, Biolo qua , airman in io gy Class, Microscopy Club. SOLOMON, LILLIAN 2964 W. 25fh Sf. Pro- gram Office, Program Commiffee, Secrefary fo Mr. Cohen, Biology Office. SPECTOR, MARJORIE 573 Kings Highway. French Club, Swimming Club, Spanish Club, Dismissal Squad. SPECTOR, ROSE 2905 Mermaid Ave. Relief Collecfion, German Club, Baskefball, Firsf Aid Club. SPECTOR, RUTH R. 573 Kings Highway. Serv- ice and Cafeferia Squad, Dramafic Club, De- bafing Club, Lafin Office. SPIELBERGER, HARRIET 3Ol7 Brighfon 2nd Sf. "L" Dismissal Squad, "L" Affendance Office, "E" Floor Manager Squad, Relief Collecfor. SPIEZIA, JOHN A. ZI63 W. IOfh Sf. Book- keeping Medal lI936l, Silver Scholarship Pin, Bronze Scholarship Pin, Service Squad. SPRECHMAN, ROSE 2935 Ocean Parkway. Secrefary fo Mr. Feinberg, Secrefary on Service Squpd, Eher Squad, Traffic Squad. , L S ELBSGRLNEOWITZ, RAY 3039 Ocean Parkway. He- RV' I 'Club Business Club, "Cargoes" Business J. Service Squad. G ! 'flu L , ,!gIQfNBERGiAL 3l3l Coney lslancl Ave. O. O. Q-i w ' 1 " fore. Serv: e Squad, Cafefera Squad. STEINBERG, MORRIS 2l24 - 60l'h Sf. Physics Squad, Glee Club, Service Club, Mimeograph Squad. STENGEL, SHIRLEY 6IO Brighfon Beach Ave. Secrefary in Sfenography Office, Clerk in Sfu- denf Courf, Tennis Club, Arf Weaving Club. STERNBERG, HELENE 3I I I BrigI1+on Is+ Place. STORCI-I, FANNIE I742 - 6Is+ S+. Swimming Club. G. O. O++ice. STREETER, WILSON W. I542 W. 6+I'1 S+. Ca+e- +eria Squad, Chemis+ry Squad, Physics Squad Radio Club. SUNDBERG, LORETTA 2524 E. I2+Iw S+. S+u- den+ Pa+roI, Ar+ Weaving Club, Bo+any Club. TAFURI. GILDA 294I W. 22nd S+. Glee Club "Mikado", Secre+ary Mr. A. Rosen, I+aIian Club. TAINSLY, BEVERLY 3IOI Brigh+on S+. TARRIFF, FRANCES 2I82 E. 7+I1 S+. Ar+ Club. Business Prac+ice Club, Secre+ary o+ S+uden+ Welfare O++ice, "Cargoes" Represen+a+ive. TAYLOR, NEWTON 8320 Bay Parkway. Fenc- ing Team, Glee Club, Avia+ion Club. TENENBAUM, FRIEDA 2968 W. 3Is+ S+. Cap- +ain 0+ L Session A++endance Squad +o Mr. Fried, Secre+ary of Den+aI Clinic, Mrs. Fried, Annex Relie+. THORNER. BERTHA I365 W. 7+I1 S+. TOBACK, HAROLD 1560 W. IO+h S+. Service Squad, Floor Manager Squad. TOWBIS, ISIDORE 2875 W. 22nd S+. Gym Squad, Lincoln Barris+ers Club, PresicIen+ Amer- ican I-Iis+ory 242, Presiden+ Economics 23 I . LINCOLN LANDIVIARK LINCOLN Lf-xN,DiviARi4 TOWNSEND. EDWARD I642 McDonald Ave Newman Club, Baskelball Club. TRAPAWI. ANTHONY I8I4 W. I2+h S+. TRIEBWASSER. ISIDORE .3000-I21'h S+. TRIPODI, GAETANO 2720 Sfillwell Ave. Firsi Assisfanl' in G. O. Siore. TRISTANO, JOSEPH 78 Lancasier Ave. T ULLMAN. LAURA 2759 W. 37+h S+. Class President Class Secreiary, Kallis+a, Secrefary in General Office. UNDANK. ESTELLE I3l2 W. bfh -S+. Service Squad, Cafeferia Squad, Presidenl of Biology Class, Secrefary of English Class. UNGER, STANLEY 30I9 Brighfon 5+h S+. Class President Service Squad, Relief Represenfafive, Siudenf Courf. UNTERMAN. MARTIN I459 E. I6+h S+. VAN PRAAG, ADELENE bl I Ocean View Ave. Servi e S'quad, English Office. I 'L I if VASOUEZ, STEPHEN IIOS Avenue X. Secre- iary Civics, Secrerary English Office, Senior Prom CommiH'ee, Secre+ary +o Grade Adviser. VENITSKY. PEARL l50l E. 4'lh Sf. Glee Club. "Mikado", Dramafic Club, Library Squad. VOLCHOK, DOROTHY 2OI6 W. lI'rh S+. Dramaiic Club, Cafeferia Cashier, Secrefary Cafeleria Office, Secrefary Mr. Blum. WAGMAN, IRVING 29I6 W. 3O+h S+. Service Squad, Audi+orium Squad, Floor Manager Squad. WEIN, MIRIAM 645 Banner Ave. WEINBERO, MILTON 28I5 W. 25Th Sf. WEINSTEIN, BERNARD 2856 W. 33rd S+. Se- nior Council, Service Squad, Glee Club, Cafe- 'reria Squad. WEINTRAUB, SOLOMON 3625 Mermaid Ave. Physics Squad, Service Squad. WEISS. EDNA I8 Brighfon 4I'h Terrace. Olee Club, Secrefary of Commercial Arifhmefic. Sec- refary of Music Class. WEISS, RUTH 322l Nepfune Ave. His'rory Of- fice. WEISS, SOPHIE 2901 Ocean Parkway. Ac- counfing Office, Club Council, Barrisler Club, "Cargoes" Sraff. WEISSELBERG, SYLVIA IO3O DeKalb Ave. Loyalfy Squad, Accounfing Club. WERNICK, BLANCHE I445 Dchill Road. Pre- fecf Secrefary, Library Squad. Secre+ary +o Miss Rich, G. O. Represenrarive. WHEELER, MILDRED 2839 W. 6+h S+. LINCOLN LANDMARK WIGGINS. ARTHUR 2476 Ocean Parkway. Service Squad. Foofball. ' WILENSKY, RUTH 2l26 Mermaid Ave. Secre- fary in French Office, Swimming Club. Hosfess Club, Baslcefball Club. WILNER, EDITH 2954 W. 3lsl' Sf. "Land- mark", English Office. Welfare Office. Sfudenf Relief Represenfafive. WINZEMER. ESTHER 502 Ocean View Ave. Secrefary in Clinic, Lincoln Forum, Swimming Club, Firsf Aid Club. WISSER. ROSLYN 706 Neck Road. Secrefary Mimeograph, Secrefary Biology Office. Hisfory Class Secrefary. WOLFARTH. MADELINE 2933 W. 8fh Sf. Sec- refary Sfenography Office Secref ry Mr Yafes WOLL, LAURA l322 E. 5fh Sf. Class Nighf, Class Day. Glee Club, Service Squad. WOLLMAN, DOROTHY 3IO9 Mermaid Ave. Affendance Office, Service Squad. WOLLMAN, LEONARD I464 E. 3rd Sf. Dean's Office, Track Team, E Session Dance Commif- fee, Relief Collecfor. WRIGHT, CLEO 570 Sheepshead Bay Road. WURTZEL, HERBERT 79 Brighfon I lfh Sf. YAGENDORF, MILDRED 83l3 Bay Parkway. Secrefary fo Mr. Smifh. Sfuclenf Relief Repre- senfafive, Play-goers, Secrefary in Sfenography Class. YAG-ODA, BURTON 39I2 Nepfune Ave. Physics Squad, Secrelary To Dean, Dismissal Squad, O. O. Represenialive. YOUNG, LOUISE 23I8 E. 7+h S+. YUDKOWITZ, SHIRLEY 3207 Neplune Ave. Service Squad, Slenography Office, Senior Council. ZEB K, Asg 2526-85+I1Sfr,. A ,f J43?-VLA "1 f4.O'-ffv., . 'fffffb L .fa-ew! wif f Q4 ZEIDMAN, AZBEXISZO E. noni +. 7,40-4-4 ZUCKERMAN, MURRAY 4-4I6 Aflanlic Ave. ZWECI-IKENBAUMQI JEANETTE I349 W. 6+I1 SI: Secrelary lo Bancl, Secrelary in Mollie- malics, Help Class. Secrelary in A++enclance OFIice. ZWICKEL. MEYER 3026 BrigI1+on 7+h S+. IIZWIRN, I-IERBERVIL I55fI W. 7+h S+. service Squacl, Secrelrary 'in Malhmefics Office, Gym- nasium Office Secrelrary, Soccer Team. ZWIRN, MIRIAM 2927 W. 29'rh S+. Secrefary of Sludenl' Palrol, Sludenl' Courl, Junior and Senior Arisla, Usher Squacl. LINCOLN I-IAIL AND EAREWELL LANDIVIARK 'UQJZI 1111 y Hugh: riff GD? WITZZQIISITI Wnazfrg Amir Wraim 'ifimmln iH:'irifi1:m has fllulfzrf Tumi, Samu1zIG1fGl7:cI1zrib?z,, fblvarg Fifzgmjalif, William iE Huh sg illnhzrf IBr1:rwrr1ng,llnIm Il1Ta51zfi1zI1Zr,. riziffsinn B5 52 slim landmark. si'afF1:f5 ,f-Aw, ' 1 7 . , ' Q . T' , '.'.'5W:n,b,. , . . 7 X Y.. f I , 1 ne' 711' . f '.g:-nu Ev A 'l'4 in f ,-- t.r"' ,,.-. P gp g .v 1 1 f 1,1 . , , wb" ' 4",,y'4' . ." - qv" ..." I, ' .gm Q..-mg, A! I ,Fw '.v 1-fix 1 XJ ,,-V ' Si -if' 1 if pw- f .ff w 'Il' .1154 ' -. V I E .liin "wi, "y i". , 5 V- --:iff " ,M - nk 0, Jil, y ' ilu, 1' ' A .1 a, - 1, ' , l-Ht, 'gi 'C ' , A Tarchmark Tnkliskin Cifn TTD Bfzggfnn -1135 - -:fan W LI ROBERT BURNS 41759-I 7961 "Flow gently, sweet Afton, among green braes, thy Flow gently, 1'll sing thee a song in thy praisegv Go genTIy dear Teacher in marking my card Go genTIy I pray Thee: please don'T be Too hard To pass I am eager in spiTe oT my work. High marks I desire Though duTies I shirk. JOI-IN MASEFIELD l874 ---- HI must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her bygv I musT go down To school again To dear old Lincoln High And all I ask is a Ford V-8 To geT There bye and bye: My LaTin's done, my precis's read, no need Tor arTTuI Taking In Sewing, Cooking, Type. and Gym- ELECTIVES I am Taking. IQCG WILLIAM ERNEST I-IENLEY I I 849- I 903I "Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to polef' OUT oT The school ThaT TorTured me For Tour long years, and even more- I sTride aT IasT-a soul seT Tree From many a pedagogic bore. 'NeaTh many a sTern, reIenTIess glance I slowly rose and spoke aloud The rule I had buf learned by chance, To earn The pIaudiTs of The crowd. IT maTTers noT my record grim OT Three long Terms in P. G. 8 Of cuTTing French, and Trig, and Gym For I'm a Lincoln graduaTel ROBERT BROWNING Il B I 2-I 889I G'The yearis at the spring And day's at the rnorngi' And so - - on To College, The mail in by noon, Dinner aT seven: AT bridge a new Trick: I'IoT aTTer knowledge: LiTe's a buTToong STars in The heaven- I really can'T kick! LANDMARK LN il ,. D QI-x ' , y Q , ff 5'iiQ,elfV'j , D LINCQLN A rWj7WQW EDWARD FITZGERALD JOHN MILTO f 'f I T 4180948833 K' "A Book of Verses underneath the Bough, A -,ug of Wine, a Loaf Uf Bread-and "W hen I consider how my light is spent 1 , Thouv t u ,fb A Newham-S hd dog' -nemh me sky. Ere half my days, in this dark world Some Hire's roof beer. or Comodo Dry- On such do Lincoln sfudenfs feosl' When she goes Dufch Ifor holf of leosfl SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE 11772-18343 "It is an ancient Mariner, And he stoppeth one of threef, 'Tis o Lincoln pedogogue Who sfoppefh one of fhree "By fhy long groy beord ond gliffering eye Now wherefore s+opp'sf fhou me?" The Regenfs done, fhe marks are in From sfuelies I om free. No longer musf I see fhe deon Nor musf he beor wifh me." He sfopped him wifh c fearful glore. "You've losf o book," quofh he "And you. my lcd, won"r groduofe lf you don'f poy fhe PRlX." "I'm going 'ro fhe Prom fonighf So lef me hurry fosf, l'll surely bring 'Twelve Tons' +o you- Thof relic of 'rhe posf. Buf fhough you ore o pedogogue And know your P's ond l's. I'm Ieoving Lincoln now for good. Wifh mony fond ocIieus." LANDIVIARK and wide," Zwmw- DQMK When I consider summer evenings spenf In sfuffy classroom, benf o'er musfy books . Such nighfs cis were buf for romonce meonf To spend ifself in honeyed words ond Iooks- ln loughfer goy and joyous Ievify, Beneofh Those icounfless sfors fhol' gleom on high ' To mock mere problems of lnfinify Wifh myriod fwinklings 'goinsf o summer sky. When wifh such senfimenfs I om besef, Then of my sonenless do I quesfion moke Who forfeifs youfh and Iove o grode fo gef Till morbid mind ci sudden furn furn be- fokesz To hoppy fhoughf fhol' when fhis grocle is won I shall be free wifh Mofh forever done. va' ,,3 S' '14 -V-... '- :"'73'.,'iv ..-9 ' , fr EWS: 1-lg ,,-W.. A 5516223 ' an .. . . .i.',ff,::Q.a 25? .1f'ik'iQE:"7 ,A J., , T- 2. ' 1. i1:fi"i 3' ' - A' -Emig- lq 21 . N 6 . C. it WI ' 6 , 4 k Y . 4? ,,, 1 W' T 15' fig ff ... -fx.-sei' 7 ' ?"J'f' b ' M14-11 - , 5 ' - , -iff-egm Lifxii " ' 3 -, ., " ' '-llffxik r -. . 56:55 my ' ' 1-CTT A A' 55 , , w l53+1'f-K - . , ',.':plSe:A:rf',QA if M. ggi' V, A ' 1 -.:1:i. f"' " " H 'U ' :fi-agfggfJTj.Q4,, A ,Wvm fx' 1 ' nv-'P 4 1.-2-.1ff,i: QU, 2 ' ' 'xg "gi, '31T5i?g'-' vigil' , 7iT'1"23. - .. . ffiliif-41 gfm-,. gg- E 1192- Q LI -..-2' -X 'Q' aff? , ' - V. ' ff 4 1. '1-Y ' 1 " -Y xl li-iq 4,?5,i'f 1 . ,P+ f52' 14 Q, ., . K , Q . QM ,,.' , .vmqR?,,l" JH. -v.,'::,'1: A .V V, --,A ' 113 ,. '. - .f.' .Jie f 11-:J--9 , f- f-f,, 1: -. df - A .. f 226- . . .V ' 1 fe G-253 1 1 H6 . af K fini 4? -' -' 4 w w ' 1 , , n. w

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