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'-.-........:-..' :,,.....1 mXjg.,, '--f-v- . ., . '...:A-g.i.4ag-k' .',1..3lQ', .'.' v ,YZI , .gb E'?SZ.'2,..- -M , A W... N XCW r-f. ' ALICE ,IN WONDERLAND-, Alice. a chemical com- pound of Educafion sfands upon fhe Lincoln Laborafory. shelf-, and, affer' four years of absorbing consianily from ihe insfi+ul'ion's scienlisfs' in-g creasing dosesof Derisi'on5 Uglifica+ion, . ReeIing, and Wrii'hing, .is ready for inieciion info fhe incessanfly flowing veins of life. Onlfhisj gfhe eve of hernew freedom, a reminiscenf mood overialces her and sshe'-lapses info a' Wonderlancl of memories. Losing herself in 'Phe smolreof reveries. she rises like fhe magical genii info air. M n f of yr -faq , :.gf 2 ' If --1-.., 41,1 ' ,. J'-' -1 ' '03 Z I ,Z ,ef , 0' A , ,Q ww,,s-,T , ,Q QQ' Nr WN-N xfz! man s ? . . 5 ff Q' yi L.- 9 ..A., I .H Yr -, --, LE- I?f,,f -ja' !: ,,' ,, -,g V - f--A ..f v: ' X . X ' C 'f:,.j,' 1 1., ' 2:1-X - . .W 2 , - 72 'A - - 1,15 11, -.gf , ,rw-1 ' , . V1 ,1 'ea 'ra 1.51 ' .. '- ' g'4z'A Q, V 'E 515553 xr' df? - Y diff' H W ' 'BF' 'R -'ff - ' ,P w gi:- 635. , -If ,-X:-3 .- P. - x f It - , ,Ay 53- 1- : - ' x 1 . ..a .12 b ,v...,., .V , . f 1' .... iiaifgf Q p I T' V W . 2511: ., 352' -,. I4 . A -' V- A 5 eg? '- .- a , . ' ' sz - gn X. 1 ' ,. ix, , -.V I, - , 2:25525 .. . 7 - :':f:5S gs airf-rlrsf.:-' A'---Wh. . 1 ' A ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL LINCOLN LANDMARK JANUARY I934 GABRIEL R. MASON, Prin. MICHAEL SIEGEL Dedicaled To Jrhe memory of Michael Siegel-beloved friend and adviser, whose life, consecraled To Jrhe cause of man's educalion, inspired all who knew him wilh a love of 'lrulh and beauly. By The Class of January I934 LINCOLN LANDMARK ,s ' 'filer 3 -4 :af Y 532,25-142-19' 5 ' .2 -4, iijjggx .1341 ' ,,. s fv. rf' 0 fi rgmiala :I if ' . .fe': f 1 W Q ' 1 , . 1 4 fif- uf f ' . f 4 ix ', aw ' ' , 4 ff ug., Q tes: 4 ', sg, K V - sy., -e 1 ,V 1 .fi-ff. 1. . J, q. .,.,'5 , .my--. ' 'pa 5-iq Ti i ' . ' ' ' .-: ' 'vii' . , , A 7 ,1' a.11.' I A if J il' X 'E' l 5' 5 9 ' '- .fm 2. ' 1-1 W..--ef' I. '-:Ego-Q, Af! J X klljlf , We, ,. L' 1 . h e , i?3,Q 4: -Hiiiif , , X 4' .er ' . ' -:v'e.y-msfipzayw ua.,-.4 ,,--xv 4, . i 1- .14 hEE:i , . '-' , ' 1 ,Jf41'!-64 e ig -iii-. 5 Darkness descended, and in vain Alice groped about De- pressed by il's blackness, yel' unable 'ro hall' ifs progress, she was carried along by 'lhe winds of fafe. Slowly she be- came aware of 'lhie illumina- l'ion l'hrown off gradually by lhe refleclive rays of lhe moon which counselled and direcfed her fo a refuge. Thus il was lhal' lighl' was made of darkness. by 'lhe FACULTY and SENIOR ADVISERS Q egfigap, 49120. 5 Q Q fa. I Magi .'-, 5 44,3 :Q Y .rn 143. V, nf iff! gig' :Eli zu-fv '- ziigij f 1 f-ffl ' 54414 ' A ji - .X 51 'a fn.. ,f . I Wi? .,,, I . 2.11513 L .4 Q 'H -fun-1,37 v n if I O 1 I fm 1 ...M .1 gg C115 yr Q!!! :aff 953041 Q' X1 'QQ N f S Hb J W5 xi ,za 1 fr 1 J-iygagr X ,LILLY H .- 'n-'91 I gfbg get 6 6 ---. -ii ,--gl, -1... - ... --.-.-...- -... 1-....... ' 11...- ff E in . ,. 3 I ,. ' , , I - I Y SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS MARY C. McGINNiS ARTHUR I-IIRSCI-IBERG FLORENCE WEISIBERG ADELINE COSTELLO BERTI-IA COI-IEN DORA ZEIGER RAY S. TI-IAU DANIEL G. KRANE RUTH MORRISON MABEL STIMMEL FRANCES LIPSCI--IUTZ LINCOLN- LANDMARK ,J Dear GraduaTes: You graduaTes of January, l934, have been Taced during your high school days by Tour years oT The devasTaTing economic depression. You have been saddened by The Tragic scenes in your own household: you have been grieved by your uTTer helplessness in The siTuaTion. I am Tully aware of all ThaT you have suTlered: yeT even Though you may deem me hard and cold, I do noT piTy you. I know Tully well oT The hearTaches you have endured, and The Tears you have shed, yeT I do noT sympaThize wiTh you. RaTher do I Tind comTorT in The realizaTion ThaT you have been Through a gruelling TighT and have come ouT unscaThed. RaTher do I reioice be- cause you have borne The brunT of The baTTle and have come ouT vicTori- ous. The besT Tempered sTeel is Tashioned in blasT Turnaces aT whiTe heaT: The TinesT oT porcelain is Tired in ovens exceedingly hoT. You have been moulded by The sTress and sTrain oT The greaT upheaval and are The beTTer Tor iT in manhood and womanhood. IT our youThs, a golden decade ago. were bless, indiTFerenT, imprudenT and maTerialisTic, you, in direcT conTrasT, as The resulT oT your biTTer experiences, musT needs be serious, resourceTul, courageous. selT-relianT and idealisTic. All This is oT The pasT: buT whaT oT The TuTure? WhaT can you acTually do? You can do much, if you will only realize your laTenT poTenTialiTies. You young men and women are The hope oT The world: you are The only ones who can unTangle The sorry mess in which The world now Tinds iTselT. You have sTrengTh: you have enThusiasm: you have power: you have vision. IT is my sincere hope and TervenT wish ThaT you will make The mosT oT your opporTuniTies. Cordially yours, GABRIEL R. MASON. I I I Z I I I I 1 I I I I l I I I A ggi .XX - SENIOR PREFECT TEACHERS DOROTHY J. KNOEPLER ABRAHAM FEINGOLD MORRIS GOODMAN SIDNEY WEINSTEIN DORA ZEIGER ADELE S. KESSELMAN LEAH EPSTEIN EUGENE STEINHARDT SAMUEL STEINEERG LEO WEITZ LAZARUS E. MARKS LINCOLN LANDMARK DINNER TENDERED TO THE FACULTY OF THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF JANUARY, I934 Abraham Lincoln Eruir Cup Mason Min+ Julep lk PK if Cohen somme a Ia Berlhe ik ik FIS Baked Fish -- Rider HO Polalo-Wafer Tress While Burglerl undy PK lk FF Lobsler a la Nurnberg Y FK il! While Rock W- FF lk Meal BaII s- GarreH s and Peas-French Fried Polaloes McGinnis S'rou'I Feingold Beer-Lighl and Dark X PK Y Well Rarebil Wilson Sherbel' lk lk Ik GoId en Banlam Corn Combinarion SaIi+ ldl wilh Heller man's Meyer naise Y if Ik Slew lar+l ed Peaches Kreme berry Pie Mo Lassar Cake Swahn sdown Iced Cakes Zeiger Parfail lk lk FF Zinman Buns HOT Pop lkinl overs Jk Bk X I.amber+ Cheese lKill Mins+er Cheese ik Y il! Chase and Sanborn Coffee wirh Block Caine Sugar MaI lkinl led Milk Barkan Dog Tobacco Cali Fornoni a D lYla'res Greene Gage Plums Spear minl Drops LINCOLN LAND MARK I0 VIGIL AT ARMS ln lhe hallway of +he college l love hangs a beaulilul piclure ol a knighl' selling oul from his caslle on his advenlures. ln if +he arlisl' has succeeded in embodying lhe lofly idealism of knighlhood. The gradualion of The Class of January '34 recalls 'rhis inspiring piclure fo my mind, because associalion wilh you has confirmed my beliel fha+ in each boy and girl in lhe +eens 'rhere is al leasl a slrain of +ha+ idealism. I lhink of lhis piclure, loo. because graduales are so oflen described as k'iigh+s going forlh 'ro Till' againsl' challenging condilions. The acceplance by youlh ol 'lhis poim' of view, leads, al ils bes+, 'ro an ennobling enfhusiasm. A+ ils worsl, il lends +o unreasoning demagoguery. ln +his conneclion, l am reminded of anolher piclure of a knighl. I+ is 'rhe one in which +he knighl' seeks lo make sure lhaf his own soul is ready and H+ for 1-he high endeavors awailing him. lf +he world is lo be The finer for your presence, if will be necessary for you fo be marked by lhis same consislency. You will have fo keep conslanl walch on your own minds and souls. By so doing you will assure clear-Thinking in place of demagoguery: you will be dislinguished by 'rhoughllul discriminalion. ralher lhan by lhe wholesale denuncia- +ions of +he self-sfyled liberals: inslead of proclaiming lhe free lull life which is slavery +o 'rhe baser aspecfs of man's nafure. you will counsel adherence 'lo high principles of conduct for lhe shallow headedness 'rhal passes under lhe much abused 'lerm of broadmindedness, you will subslilule a scrupulous regard for principle and +rul'h. Tha+ you may have 'rhe courage lo lollow such a course of aclion is my afleclion- are wish for all my young friends who are leaving Lincoln. Bolh for The enrichmenl of your own lives and of lhe communily of which you are a parl, l hope 'rhal your cour- age will be +he beauliful and lasling sorl 'ro which allusion is made in Louise Imogen Guiney's challenging lines: While Kings of elernal evil Ye'r darken lhe hills aboul Thy parl is wi+h broken sabre To rise on lhe lasl redoublf' MARY CAMPER Mceimmis. LINCOLN LANDMARK Gradually becoming accus- Iomed Io I'he Wonderland of Educafion 'through which she was fIoa'I'ing, Alice found her way abouI', and under direc- I'ion of ihe moon she finally reached fhe sfars, each of which shed a differenf hue. offered refuge, and spolre +o her of The varied life of iI's heaven. Thus Alice spenl' 'the remaining hours of darkness, shelfered in Ihe domain of SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Q 632135, eflfw . ,' f A' ,. 1 A 3' I Q ,. 1 fagrfff I f '- I I r1'r 4 fi ' L , f lib Ivy' VN lr cv Ba ik IIIW4 6 We Igufyicrwi riff W M, gk -:fs 'IW gwqsfi P 6 'f 0 W c , in L, sg Q-fqf fr, , ff' l 1 s I 1 K' I ' f W 5 ,C P I V 3 I 1 X ,. . 5 is l' 59 Q lr we ZA fi f A A :ld J is v f r 4 'I k V I . 'x f 1' C 3 P, ffhlif I . . -if J? I , , I A I If I ff 0 sl' 1 PI 'I r vr .45 , 3 I In q . F355 I' , 47 , I ,affine in 5 5 M 2 '51, ' A- aff? i?1IIt V. Q ' f ' 151 ff. f .1 Fif i' - I 1 ,1i2kJ'f1lu gang, J, 1 X f ,f ry f. , Law wr- qs. , , -- , - I 3, mag. 'fs , 4 'I ff, ' Em, f Q1- 2- ' . . ' f Q M,- :- 51?-in I I I-sf, I f dw -- - -I ,gr f 'tb I J' I ' ' flv ' J KZ' 1,1-f Hu- 15:13 1 J- t. . ,.- - ,. 'W ffm l , .me I 'Fr-.A-Q v - .' ' -',- V , V v If A fI'lf?I3?'I' --'wif .J F12 'rf14Fy l ',a 'f::f5t5 .- riff, ,V:x.Jg1Y'1JMQ'f' J 5 w'lkfi:F',gf,-, , -f 22 ,51'zp:z'- 4, ,r 'Q 'U '534'?2l'ilf' 5 - 1 '. ,113 I.'Il5'I.' I ' 7 'aeif-fiL 1?e 'X 1. ,-S. X , f -' ,I 1. . ' -Hifi 1. v' w,-,',-' -ff' 2 , '-N!-fx Sr i? gifs xg, ,X I, w . . ,L E ., za' ,- 1.. Q, , 6 I2 III ENIOR CLASS OFFICERS GIFT COMMITTEE CLASS NIGI-IT COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE LINCOLN LANDMARK 4 I3 CLASS HISTORY SepTember II-The sun was jusT rising above The Parkway as The Senior caughT sighT oT The building. Joy surged Through his body. Approaching, he peculiarly experienced a TleeTing momenT oT senTimenTalism. However, on crossing The Threshold he visualized The unmiTigaTed pleasures which lay before him is Those Tinal Tive monThs. From Thence, evenTs moved rapidly. The pupils discovered Themselves in an embarrassing siTuaTion on Tinding mixed preTecT classes. Whereupon, The girls appeared more alooT and sophisTicaTed, and The boys decided upon using a more exTensive vocabulary, and also in subsiding in The hereToTore graceTul movemenTs oT chalk-heaving. Seniors became senior minded and vehemenTly resolved To hold The prom aT The WaIdorT-AsToria, and com- mencemenT aT Madison Square Garden. During The course oT The week, pupils became The hearTiesT supporTers oT The N. R. A.-a school holiday had been announced: and, a selT-appoinTed delegaTion oT seniors, Frances Cohen, Irving Berger, Hy SmiTh, and Morris Engleman saw l'm No Angel aT The ParamounT, in quesT oT a suiTabIe audiTorium Tor commencement The Timely Jewish holidays on SepTember 2l-22 gave Mrs. STimmel an oppor- TuniTy parTly To recuperaTe Trom 'her TirsT conTacT wiTh The seniors. Said she, I can recognize a senior aT The oTher end oT The hall, and l see The darlings in my dreams. AT The second senior assembly, The candidaTes Tor oTTice were exhibiTed To The criTical scruTiny of Their classmaTes. The Tollowing clay, ArThur Lackman, Harvey STone, Helen Lockwood, and Lenny TeiTeIbaum were elecTed PresidenT, Vice-PresidenT, SecreTary, and Treasurer, respecTively. The vicTors ceIebraTed, as The dark horses remained in dark spoTs. OcTober was ushered in wiTh The iniTial meeTings of The Senior Council and The Landmark STaTT. The principle ouTcome oT The Senior Council meeTing was The suggesTion To broadcasT all TuTure meeTings under The TiTle oT How To spend a guieT aTTernoon. The Big BerTha's were Sid Lieber, Mickey Baievsky, and Seymour BernsTein. ATTer careful deliberaTion in The Landmark meeTing, The sTaIT relucTanTIy relinquished To Miss Zeiger The conTrol oT aTTairs. Miss Zeiger Took coTTee, no cream, no sugar, and we suspecT, Two aspirins, Tor The purpose oT arriving saTely aT home. IT was during This monTh ThaT a prominenT Teacher made a sTarTling discovery and publicly declared, All seniors is dopes. However, The imporTanT evenT in OcTober was The issuance oT reporT cards on The 26Th. ShorTIy aTTerwards, many seniors were reporTed To have invesTigaTed regulaTions Tor The program of The following Term. WiTh The elecTions of oTTicers in The honor socieTies and various organizaTions, The seniors proved Their meTTle by capTuring pracTically all The highesT oTlices. In The LINCOLN LANDMARK I4 JEWELRY COMMITTEE CLASS DAY COMMITTEE COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE BUDGET COMMITTEE LINCOLN LANDMARK ArisTa, The oTTicers elecTed were Anne Mehlman, Alex STeinweiss, and BeTTy GoldsTein: in The Arkon, Frank CriTasi and ArThur Lachman, PresidenT and Vice-PresidenT: oTTicers in The Club Council were Frances Cohen, Reuben Ginsberg, and Sylvia Zeligman: in The Service Council, Frank CriTasi, Hy SmiTh, Frances Cohen, and Morris Engleman: Sid Schlossberg, SecreTary oT The AThleTika, and BeTTy GoldsTein, SecreTary oT The KaIIisTa. On The TirsT OT November The seniors sTreTc-hed Their imaginaTion To Their uT- mosT in heroic aTTempTs To recognize Themselves, as The phoTographic prooTs were re- Turned. For The nexT Two days, The represenTaTives oT The ArThur STudio were given warm recepTions by The seniors who regisTered complainTs. To be seen aT The TooTball prep rally on ElecTion eve were Loris Rader, Roslyn Levine, Lillian LeaviTT lThey drove upl, Arnold Simon, William Taubin, Frances Cohen, Selig SmiTh, Sylvia STein, The ever bas'hTul Abe Levine, and many oThers. SiTTing To- gether, ArThur Lachman, Lenny TeiTelbaum, and Harold Bassen unsuspiciously and ThankTully accepTed passes To The Globe TheaTre proTerred Them by Jerry Marrus. During The show, Lenny recalled seeing The picTure in l9IO. The day aTTer, Jerry Marrus was observed slinking Through The corridors. NexT in The Senior's hecTic exisTence came Class NighT. The audiTorium was Tilled and The audience inTenTly awaiTed The drawing oT The curTain. They Tully appreciaTed whaT Tollowed, and The superb acTing oT The casT in boTh The PaTch- work QuilT and WanderlusT was noTed by all. The casT Tor The TirsT play included CharloTTe Rosenblum, Roslyn Levine, BerTha WeinsTein, HerberT NemeroTT, and Harold PelTer. ln WanderlusT, Those parTicipaTing were Maxine Green. Roslyn Allenson, Harvey STone, Ralph SpiTzer, Herman Kass, and Paul CasTelli. The celebriTies were presenTed in a novel manner by Harold Albaum and Irving Berger. The remainder oT The program consisTed of The presenTaTion oT The various giTTs, and selecTions by The orchesTra. As The seniors and Their guesTs leTT The building, a spiriT oT joy mingled wiTh ThaT oT a relucTance To leave, prevailed. The second-Third reporT cards were given ouT in The second week in December. Senior preTecTs puT in orders Tor unusual quanTiTies oT red ink, and Howard Saronson, snooper on The Landmark STaTT, reporTed IIO4 cases oT exTreme melancholia. Many seniors inquired abouT The possibiliTies oT a reTund oT Their dues. Teachers aT This Time 'announced reviews Tor exams. Upon The sTrengTh oT This, sTudenTs warily removed Their undusTed TexTbooks Trom The lockers. C'hrisTmas approached rapidly and sTudenTs swore To sTudy Tor exams. However, during ChrisTmas sTudenTs swore buT did noT sTudy. Seniors spenT The holiday in pre- paring Tor The prom. LINCOLN LANDMARK CLASS OF LINCOLN LANDM A ZKVL .1 ' .4 JANUARY IQ34 LINCOLN LAND MA January 6Th, The nighf of The Prom, was The highlighT in The Seniors' socal liTe. This aTfair was anTicipaTed wiTh The greaTesT enThusiasm imaginable, and, Therefore, was very insTrumenTal in The paymenl' oT dues. And so The Senior boy, fresh from his shower, and The Senior girl a Trifle Tired from her elaborafe painsTaking in dressing, buT, neverfheless, joyous and eager, enfered The KnighTs of Columbus To be greefed by The melodious music of Merrill Hughes and his orchesTra. True To The Lincoln TradiTion, iT was raining, which made The affair seem more homelike. Under The influence of The semi-formal cloThes, The behavior of The group was more or less dignified, and iT was difficulf To know aT a glance wheTher iT was a Teacher or a sTudenT whom you were so warmly greeTing. Such was The aTmosphere, ThaT The Lindy was diminuendoed down To a slow walTz. SpoTIighT dancing was feaTured during The evening, and The mosT delighTful of all The surprises were The beauTiful dance favors which were immediaTely puT away as memenTos. Groups formed around The floor. From The balcony, The onlookers could see a moving mass of blending colors as The seniors danced abouT. When mid- nighT approached, The floor slowly began To clear. By I A. M. The Prom was a Thing of The pasT. The enTire- class spenT Sunday Thinking whaT They should say They dud afTer The prom. On Monday, every senior sTouTly mainTained ThaT he goT home afTer four in The morning. Closely following This memorable evenT was Class Day on January IlTh. The commiTTee, headed by Maxine Green, prepared an enferfaining program. ln The morning red badges were disTribuTed and were proudly displayed by every member in The class during The enfire day. Seymour BernsTein acTing as Dr. Mason, and Maxine Green acfing as Miss Cohen, Took over The assembly. Arfhur Lachman gave an inTroducTory speech, and Then a varieTy program wiTh Monroe CurTis as. masfer of ceremonies was presenTed. Those ThaT conTribuTed To The enTerTainmenT of Their classmafes were Rose Delia, Selma GoldsTein, Rosalind Allenson, ArThur Rudnick, Maurice Hollander, and Loris Rader. The affernoon was danced away To The music of crooner Monroe CurTis and his orchesfra. The nexT Two weeks were devofed To The preparafion of The RegenT's Exams. Seniors buckled down To work and each was adequaTely rewarded by receiving in- viTaTions To cornmencemenT. And so, January 3lsT finally arrived. The lasT Time The seniors would be To- geTher as a group. UnderneaTh Those smiling faces were heavy hearTs, and many eyes were dimmed by Tears. SiTTing on The plaTform and lisTening To The speakers, all had The same ThoughTs. They were reminiscing Their days spenT aT Lincoln. The recessional having sTarTed, each was broughf back To The presenT by remembering The facT ThaT he was now an Alumnus. LINCOLN LANDMARK ., .lf 'L . - Y - , H-if ' ,Q ' . 1 '43, 41 I' ,Hsu ' is J ' L - , :-51. 1 . :Q . . . , mm-gig: '- 'iris-.w 24, f, f :'.- was-1:1 .' f, :alfa .- 'dill bn- ' P -gif. f -1 af -uw .-fy 'G' Li -, f- 1 A 3513- , ,if , .V 25, fx ' Q 1. :ekzwgip l ' .lr w ' A 113293-' 'Q' ,gg J., F ' ,?1E2J.1 V4 ' ' ,il .sw 1 V . , yy ' NIJ' , ,L , :-.QW .1 'N . A. San 523 I 5 . , -' iq .s:3gf1g' 'wg V ' .3 1 l - 'ul' '55 1 'Tlx v - . -:' l E , 33: ' ., Win. 7 ' -4.. J W . - -QQ. S. Y- .'YW?Q'i1Fgq:. -'pl'i '3'f'., ' J . er an -. - .J ,af 'xii L5 . Z, ' 1 gill 32.1 5:5 5' K-.5 3 ' 1 1,4 f 5 K' Qigfgs-5 .,. -4 ,yi -5-,zz :Egg ,. I , . , A ifE,n,'.m7f ,Hia ..-g in 1.1 . wwgrssas, ' if . ffwieesafeearwfwr 2 3' E-I ifgw. - 'V w 'f 955521152 ' . fri?-' ?s,ma'n2 ffw. e!Ps-M463 1 45 K M W. V - -f z :Ke 2 'l 2 V 2 . Daylighi' dawned, beauri- ful and serene. The peace- fully gliding clouds aroused in Alice a curiosify as fo fheir confenf. As The nexi' one passed she genfly 'lrod on if. She heard l'he groans of +iny voices, which revealed ihem- selves as emiH'ed by minufe morials. hundreds in number, and close upon each ofher. Anxious 'l'o be pardoned for her aggression, she polifely aslred 'I'heir names. ln a chorus +hey inrroduced 'lhemselves as ius+ one group of +he SENIOR CLASS Q 5352: N ' 'B A QWJQASAW f ,qf .', Mfg? 4 W 1 if ll! fe. ENE V 235, lin., emma Qywfm 5it:5'i' ,ef, ' , 5 Q ' WM? mfwmmm -,fi ' 1-Q ff fx! N 15:41 I .ff .- 4 P 'fe ,ig 'W' ls' rf Ylfffy l54 i?f?f' 'il Q Q wi? 2 wr :Mimi Jn. L4 X, C1 ELIZABETH ABOWITZ, 55 Birch Court Kallisira, Sec. of G. A. A., Cuiling Squad, Jr. Healilw Council. The cynosure of all eyes- The observed of all observers. 4 ---'19 SAMUEL BRA 9 ,,- uisan sir , capi w Aid , a c quad. e head of the Soccer Team. ROSE AGINSKY, 2824 Hubbard Slreel, Sec. fo Miss Cosiello, Sec. lo Mr. Zinman, Sec. Off. Class. History tells, and you'll recall, great things are done by mortals small. MILTON AINBINDER, 225 Fosler Avenue, Service Squad, Pres. lsifirian, Fool- ball Team, Chairman Prom Commis- +ee. Roses are red, violets are blue, I like me, do you? HAROLD ALBAUM, I35 Bay 25 Sh-eel. Hobby Club, Biology Club. Cargoes, Lincoln Log, Arkon. Coarse jocojty catches the crowd, Shakespeare and I are often low-bro'wed. RUTH ALBERT, 3735 Poplar Avenue, Ser- vice Squad, Baskefball, Swimming Team. She gets on s'wim11zingly-. NETTIE ALDOCK, 2831 Wesl 29th S+ree'r. Hislory Office. Historical? No! Hysferifall HELEN ALDRIDGE, III9 Easf I3 Slreel, Slenography Office. Sec. of Orliicial Class, Personalily Club. Our authority on Yin-Yang. LEONA ALEXANDER, IO94 Eas'r 4+I1 S+ree+, Service Squad. S+udy Hall Squad, Hislory Dramaiic Club. Truly an Alexander- She conquers! ROSALIND ALLENSON, 433 East 2 Sirreel, Arkon. Capir. Laie Squad. Service Council, Class Nig-h+. A rare combination: An alert mind plus nimble feet. LANDMARK RUTH ALTER, 722 Orient Court, Sec. to Miss Cohen, Geography Club, Ser- vice Council. We can't alter her knock. MILDRED AMBUSH, 384i I8 Avenue. Sec. to Grade Adviser, Class Treas- urer, Swimming Club, Lunchroom Squad. Personality plus. JULIA ANCONA, 2046 Ocean Parlcway, Short Story Club, Puppeteers Club. There's a merry twinkle in her eye. MOLLIE ANCONA, 273 Avenue P, Ac-- tor's Club, Riding Club, Sec. to Grade Adviser. Can't knock Mollie. ANNETTE ARAK, l3O Throop Avenue, Personality Analysis Club, Swimming Club. Alas! Arak! MILDRED ARNOVITZ, 293I West 2I Street, Sec. to Mr. Pargot, Sec. English Ottice, Commercial Lincioln- ites Club, Dramatic Club. Just another one of those shy demure girls. ARNOLD ARONS, I686 42nd Street, Pres. ot Camera Squad, Field Band, Late Squad. Napoleon was small too! CSo what?J BELLE AST, l827 East 2nd Street, Psychology Club, Theatre Club, Sec. to Mr. Friend, Nature Club. Is there anything you want to know? Ast Belle. FRANCES BACHMAN, 3Ol7 Ocean Park- way, Sec. ot Science Class. S0 what? No knock! ABE BACKERMAN, 3IO9 Hubbard Street, Pres. ot Class in Clinton, Fencing Team, G. O. Representative in Clin- ton, Pres. ot Class in Clinton Club. Clinton's representative to Lincoln. LINCOLN L l ANDMA DOROTHY BAGNALL, IIO Neck Road, Tennis. Net Profits. MEYER BAIEVSKY, 2209 Coney Island Avenue, Track Team, Swimming Team, Rifle Team, Maior L. Club. In these halls of learning, For freedom always yearning. SOPHIE BARASH, 3022 Easf 7'rh Slreef, Swimming Team, French Club. Spawish Club, Sec. 'ro Mr. Freedgood. Trim, Slim, Vim. JESSYE BARTLETT, I377 Easr 4'rh Sireer, Arisra. Reorganizalion Commiiree, Pres. Accounfing Club, Hockey Club. No accounting for Jessye's activities. HAROLD R. BASSEN, 3821 Aflaniic Ave- nue, Landmark Siaff, Sec. 'ro Mr. Krane, Class Pres. Council, Service Council. Mr. S. J. CP. Morgan? Lapedos -l- Harold X.Y.Z.:a zero for Harold. SIDNEY S. BEER, 2860 Wesi 3O+h Sfreei, Biology Squad, Service Squad. Maih Club, X-Ray Squad. Even stronger than 3.2 FRANCES BENANTI, 4OI4 Ibih Avenue. Cafereria Cashier. The queen was in the lunchroom, Counting out the money. HAROLD B. BEN'ARY, 58l Wesf lfilsf S'rree+. N. Y. C., Annex Cafeferia Squad, Spanish Play of I93l. Young Lochin-var. MAX BENECK, 8I7 48+h S+ree+, Golf Squad, French Club. A hole in one is his fondest desire. ANGELO BENEDETTI, I89 29'rh Sh-eef, Service Squad, Calereria Squad, Sec. +o Mr. Medine, Lincoln Barris+ers. He'll never need a ladder. LANDMARK WILLIAM IBOBBYI BERG, 372l Neplune Avenue. He's Can icej Berg. HELEN BERGEN, 38 Orange Courl, Ten- nis, Piano Accompanimenl, Baslcelball, Gym Office. Rackets are her specialty- Tennis and piano. IRVING BERGER, ll8O 46+h Sl'reel', Pres. of Debaling Sociely, Landmark, Lieul. of Service Squad, Senior Council. Berger, Smith, Crifasi, Inc. ISIDOR BERGER, 3068 Wesf 2nd Slreel, Soccer Team, Glee Club, Varsily Club. His hair acts as a Stop signal For opposing soccer teams. HELEN BERKOWITZ, IO36 Easl 4+l'1 Slreel, Firsl' Aid Club, Swimming Club, Baslcelball Club, Tennis Club. Her motto,- I canftg but I'll try. DAVID BERMAN, l5I0 Ocean Parkway, A fervent advocate of co-education. ISADORE BERMAN, l838 Coney Island Avenue. Will you remember me? sYLviA PERMAN, 277 Nepiune Avenue, Sec. in Record Office, G. O. Rep., Frenclw Club, Bolany Club. Sylvia and her art Are never very far apart. DAN BERNSTEIN, 932 Firsl' Courl', Supply Squad, Varsily L Club, A+l1le+ic Club. Brother, can you spare a dime? LEO BERNSTEIN, 2025 Easl 7+h Slreel. Service Squad, Lunch Room Squad, Study Hall Squad. Squad right! LINCOLN L ANDMA RK 23 Ml l l I I i i L i 2 l I I I 1 x l l l I l l l 1 1. l l i l 1 v l MALCOLM BERNSTEIN, 6I8 Ocean Park- way. Math Club, Math Help Class, Service Squad. Mathematical Mal. Reads his Log. Travels in circles, and goes 017 on a tangent. ROSE BERNSTEIN, I534 West 8th Street. Arista, Program Committee, G. A. A. l-louse and Ground Committee. Rose, by any other name is just as sweet. SEYMOUR BERNSTEIN, 849a 46th Street, LaCrosse Varsity Team, Service Squad, Mr. Wilson's Sec., Senior Council. Versatility his middle name. JACK BERSHAD, 3002 West 3rd Street. All work and no play makes jack. MURIEL BLAU, 42 Bay 34th Street, Span- ish Ottice, Swimming Club, Sec. to French Class. Morlesty is the keynote of her character. NETTY BLISOVSKY, 3lOO Lakeland Place, Sec. in Program Ottice. She speaks the speech trippingly. FLORENCE S. BLOOM, i328 East 9th Street, Library Squad, Orchestra, Car- goes Business Statt, Arkon. The Library will be jilled with gloom, bereft of its most cheerful Bloom. HENRY BLUMX, 3l2 Darby Street, Service Squad, Che s Cl , Aviation Club, Library Squad. 3 bi A budding aviator Watch Henry Blume. ADELINE BLUMENTHAL, 24 nue O. Sec. Mr. Gotttried, Sec. in Sten. Ottice, G. O. Rep. Good sense was her dictator And she transcribed perfectly. MURRY M. BLUMENTHAL, 9l7 Avenue K, French Ottice, Tennis Squad, Microscopy Club. The name means flower valley. LINCOLN LANDMARK MARIE BONAFIDE, I467 42nd Street, Ari Weaving Club, Sec. 'ro Mr. Gotl- lried in General Office, Firsi Aid Club. Artistically inclined, with knowledge com- bined. NATHAN BONTZ, ZIO6 Easl' 4iI'1 Sireel, Service Squad, Mimeograpln Squad, Sec. +0 Miss Birnlcranlz Gone, but not forgotten. PHILIP BOTTFELD, 4-2I Calm S+ree+. Interclass Activities-Going from one class to another. BEATRICE BOXENHORN, 2830 Wesl l9+h Slreel, G. O. Store, Tennis, Sec. in English Office, Sec. in Record Office. Silence is more eloquent than words. MILTON BRANDELL, ll96 Neck Road. Arisla, Arlcon, Siudenl Pal'rol, Re- organization Corn. Page Simon Legree! DAVID D. BREIN, II7O 5OIlI Slreei, Ari Squad, Mimeograph Squad, Clnemis- +ry Club, Service Squad. A man who knows his limitations. FRED BRENNER, 48l8 E. 48th Slreel, Tlweaire Club, Service Squad, Library Squad, Luncliroom Squad. Toe, not tap, danfing. BEATRICE BRESLOFF, 929 5O+lu Sireel, lsiI'irians, Dancing Club, Swimming ' Club. The gentle mind by gentle deed is known. JERRY BROFMAN, L. A. S. Siage Squad, Plny. Squad, Aviairion Club, lvlailw Club. The Stage is set .V SIDNEY BROOKS, 23l Briglml' Waler Courl, Senior Council, G. O. Council, Presiclenis Council. No connection with babbling brooks. LINCOLN L ANDMA JEANNE BROSKOWITZ, 730 Avenue U, Eco Club, Sec. in Sfen Office. The eyes have Hit . MILTON BROWN, I846 Wesf 5+h Sfreef. Tourisf Club, Pres. Council, Spanish, French. A man after his own heart. SARAH BROWN, 3024 Wesi' 2nd Sfreef, Glee Club, Sec. in Accounling Office, Sec. Hisfory Office, Sec. Record Office. Sarah's one arnbition is to rise to ihe heights of S' Z . SYLVIA BRUSSOW, 2340 62nd Sfreef, Glee Club, Sec. 'ro Mrs. Schulman, Sfudy Hall Squad, Dollars and Sense Club. She sings bank notes best. MARTHA BUCHMAN, 2523 Elmore Place, Arisfa, Library Squad, Dramafic So- ciefy, Jr. Mafh Team. Modest possessor of a happy blend, These two qualities, student and friend. LARRY BUNIN, 2972 Norfh 3rd Sfreef, Sec. Hisf. Office, Prinfing Squad, His- fory Squad. Even too modest to write a knock. JEAN CALDIERO, I97 Avenue U, Baskef- ball Club, lfalian Club, Welfare Club, Swimming. Beware of her contagious smile. SALVATOR CARANGELO, I87 29'+h Sfreef, lfalian Club, Capfains Club, Boxing Club, Dollars and Cenfs Club. Bright, yet the name is Sal, not Sol. THELMA CASPER, 6208 Bay Parkway, Sec. fo Dr. Rider, Sec. fo Miss Triss, Sec. fo Mr. Rasiman. 'Twould mar that ladylike dignity to lift her voice. PAUL CASTELLI, I462 Coney island Ave- nue, Lieufenanf of Service Squad, Lieufenanf of Lunch Room, lsifirians. Eronomic Determinisn. LANDMARK MARIE CATOGGIO, 2l44 Homeworlc Avenue, Italian Club, Slrudenl Relief Rep., Halian Welfare Club, Tennis Club. Sweet Marie. ' ANNETTE CHANSON, 3l3O Easl' IO'rh Sfreei, Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance, lsiiirians, Dancing Club. Can't lose 'by taking a Chans-on this one. AURELIUS CIANFLANE, l2OI Orienlal Boulevard, Geology Club. Radio Club. Always getting down to rock-bottom. GERTRUDE CEITRIN, IIO8 52nd Sheet. Sec. Miss Winkler, Sec. Mr. Gold- bloom, French Club, Sketch Club. With paints and crayons she always works, Much ambition within her lurks. ALFRED CLARK, 2566 Easf I2+h S+ree+, Baseball, Squad Leader, Running Medal, Running Broad-jump Medal. On the courtliand on the jield, Al's motto is never to yield. ALEX COHEN, 3030 Nathan Sireei, Glee Club, Medical Club, Chemical Club, Maih Club. ' He has more clubs than a cavenzan. RNARD COHEN, I872 47+h Street, Service Squad, Baslceiball Squad, Sw' ing. he jumps high enough He'll reach his goal. DOROTHY COHEN, 8022 2ls'r Avenue, Senior Aris+a, Landmark Sialii, Avia- +ion Club, General Office Sec. Dot-Dash-Dash-Dot Scholar, Athlete, Service-What not! EVELYN COHEN, 22I6 East 7+h Street, Handball Club, Tennis Club, Sec. to Mr. Wolf of The G. O. Siore. Watch for Pepsodentis next ad,' E'velyn's smile has become the fad. FRANCES H. COHEN, 3I8 83rd Sireef, Sec. fo Dean of Girls, Pres. of Club Council, Sec. of Service Council, Arkon. It's not a Cohen-cidence, that Frances is so ejicient! LINCOLN LANDMA HARRY COHEN, ZOII Mermaid Avenue, Program Commillee. We are such stuff as dreams are made on. IRWIN COHEN, 39l6 Neplune Avenue, Dean's Office, Class Sec. Four out of five have it -the name Cohen. ISAAC COHEN, 2724 Hubbard Slreei, Pan-American Club, Spanish Club, Dollar and Sense Club, Handball Squad. Climb not too high, lest the fall be greater. JANE COHEN, 3OIO Ocean Parkway, Arisia, Kallisla, Arkon, and Program Commiilree. The mirLd's the measure of the man. LARRY COHEN, 2985 Ocean Parkway, Assislani Capl. of Service Squad, Member of lsilirians, Member of G. O. Council, and Member of La- crosse Team. He thinks S. S. Van Dine is a steamer. ROSLYN COHEN, 3034 Ocean View Ave- nue, Frenclw Club, Sec. To Mr. Orgel, Tennis Club, and Personalily Club. The last of the Cohens. WILLIAM COHEN, l6Ol Wesi 2nd Slreel, Pres. Council, Senior Council, Civics Club. Father calls me William, sister calls me Will, Mother calls me Willie, but the fellows call me Bill. DONALD E. G. COLE, IIO Easl 8'rl1 Slreel, House and Ground Commil- 'lee, Class Pres. Council, G. O. Repre- senlalive. We warm up to Cole. MURRAY COLLINS, 578 Easl 2nd Slreel, Service Squad, Traffic Squad, Library Squad. Worrrk, Worrrk, Worrrk. u JOSEPH CORN, Service Squad, Soccer Team lVarsi+yl, Traffic Squad, Capi. Siudy Hall Squad. Joe Corn nowg Pop Corn ater. NCOLN LANDMARK GRACE J. CORRENTI, 2956 Wes+ 3rd S+reei, Spanish Club, Panamerica Club, llalian Club, Art Weaving Club. A violet by a mossy stoneg half hidden from the eye. DOROTHY J. CORSON, 2940 Ocean Parkway, Sec. Miss Ritchie, Swimming, Tennis. Shy and demure. ANNA CRESCENZI, 2962 Wes? 23rd Slreei, French Club, Economie Geography Club, Piano Class. Loquafity storms the ear,' but modesty takes the heart. FRANK CRIFASI, 44-i8 Forlr l-lamilion Parkway, Pres. of ihe Arlcon, Capt. oi +he AHendance Squad, Capt of ihe Siudenl Palrol. Crifasi, Berger and Smith incorporated: Tap Dancing Our Specialty. MONROE CURTIS, I2l5 Easf IO+h S+reel', Service Squad, G. O. Show. The Rudy Vallee of our class, Finds that tests are hard to pass. SAL D'AMBROSlO, 236 Lalce Sirreel. Quiet and Conservative ? ? ? ? ELLA DATRE, I3II Glenwood Road, Sec. +o Miss Garrett Punchball Club, Swimming Club. Claims she never uses rouge. ROSE DELIA, 633 Crawford Avenue, Arkon, Pres. of fhe Halian Club, Pres. of ihe Girls Glee Club, French Club. Her singing is divine, and her work is just as fine. INEZ DE LISSER, 3738 Neplune Avenue, Service Squad, Sec. +o English Office, Chess Club. W-hat would I do with size, When I nan do so well without it? ESTELLE DEMON, 208l Easl' 4+h Sfreei, Firs+ Aid Club. She can't make up a rhyme, It's only art that occupies her time. LINCOLN LAN ,.,.. DMA : if f My lt' ANNA DENGEL, 1952 53rd Street, Sec. Lincoln Graplnologists, Basketball, Punclwball. She's just an uncommon secretary. BERNHARDT DENMARK, i542 West 7tl'1 Street, Clremistry Squad. Physics Squad, Study Hall Squad. He dispro-ues the quotation There s some- thing rotten in Denmark. JENNIE DE SARO, I822 West 5th Street, Quite neat, short and sweet. ANN DESIMONE, I558 West 9th Street. Sec. to Mr. Denenholtz, Sec. to G. O. Store, Costume Club. Always cool When in school. ' MILTON DEUTSCH, I9l8 Mermaid Ave- nue, Economics Club, Dollar and Cents Club, Zoology Club. Always in Deutsch. MILLIE DIAMANT, 669 East 5tl'1 Street, Program Committee, Sec. Program Otlice. A lady at all times. HYLDA'DlAMOND, 3395 l2th Averue, Sec. to Mr. Zinman, Service Squad, Hiking Club. What a gem! MILDRED DIAMOND, 740 46th Street, Arkon, Class Pres. Council, Prom Com., Library Capt. Vigor, vitality, vehemence, 'vim Mildred? memory will never grow dim JOSEPH Di BONA, 29 Box 22nd Street, Glee Club, Floor Managers' Squad. In his mind there will always be Dreams of the places he wants to see. MURIEL DICHTER, 28I7 West 3Ist Street. Sec. to Mrs. Weitz, Sec. in Record Office, Basketball, Hockey. Naturally- nice. LANDMARK BERNARD DILSON, 35I2 Mermaid Ave- nue, Glee Club, S'hor+ Slory Club, Avialion Club, Floor Manager Squad. He has something in common with Clark Gable. CLAIRE DOLLINGER, 2953 Wes+ 3rd Sfreer, Shorr Srory Club, French Club, O. O. Rep. It's all Claire to us now. JOSEPH DORFMAN, 4324 4-Th Avenue. Sec. in English Office, Sfudy Hall Squad, Lalin Club. Alwoysffl doing his homework. HELEN DORN, 2050 blslr Slreel, Sec. 'ro Miss Cohen, Sec. lo Mr. Feingold, lsiririans, Sec. +o G. O. Office. ffame the rosy fingered 'tDorn . ATHANASIUS DOVAS, 5l2 Neck Road, Malh Club, French Club, Glee Club. WANTED: a person to pronounce his first name correctly. CHARLOTTE DRUSS, I83O Easl 8+h Sheer, Program Commifree. G. O. Repre- senrarive, Pageam' Club. She looks demure and almost shy, But note the twinkle in her eye. LILLIAN DRUSS, I83O Easl 8+h S'rree+, Sec. in The G. O. Olhlice, Pres. of House and Ground Commi'Hee, Span- ish Club, Poefry Club. A curly crown and eyes of blue, A smile for you, and you, and you. HAROLD DUBOW, I444 43rd S+ree'r, Ar+ Squad, Arr Ediror of Log, Ari Edilor of Cargoes, Slceich Club. We Dubow down Before his Artistic Ability- ROSALIND DUBOWSKY, 4402 I2+h Ave- nue, Personalily Club, Orchesfra, Ten- nis Club, Baslcelball. Pretty, Peppy, and Brunette, She'll make a hit with the smarter set. ARTHUR EDELSON, l302 Avenue K, Foorball, Handball. Arthur will never forget the pickles and ice-cream. LINCOLN LANDMA NCC DIANA EISEN, 3202 Wesi 32nd Slreei, Tennis Club, Bank Rep., Hockey Club, Swimming Club. A rfEisenJ young lady. RUTH ELLERSTEIN, I774 58'rl'i Sireel. Kallisla, Arisia, G.A.A., l.uncl1room Squad. A willing worker, a 'very true pal, an all around athlete is this Arista gal. RUTH ELLIS, 2377 83rd Slreei, Hebrew Club, Senior Council, lvlalli Club. Her 'wit is sharp. BEATRICE ENDELMAN, l2l2 Avenue Y. Siudenf Courr Office, Cargoes Rep., Cuirfing Squad, G. O. Rep. Bee-all honey and no sting. MORRIS ENGELMAN, 207 Owl Court, Mimeo. Squad Officer, G. O. Council, Senior Council, Commencemenl Corn- mi'r+ee. He worked his way up from the basement to graduation. FRIEDA FARB, 3805 I5l'l'1 Avenue, Pro- gram Comm'iHee, Sec. in Program Office. FarQbD it from us to knock her! REBECCA FARBER, 200 Bay 22nd Slreel, Sec. oi Cargoes, Accounting Club. The model for Tarkingtorfs heroine of Se-venteenf' MORRIS FASHINSKY, 2345 82nd Slreeli Nou' what? JORDINA FEIGLIN, 618 Ocean View Avenue, Program Committee Sec., Glee Club, Dancing Club. Jordie is not a dressmaker but she keeps the elass in stitches. ABNER FEIN, 2966 Wesl lsi' Sfreel, Dean's Office, G. O. Rep., Sec. in Laiin Deplr., Prinling Squad. Abner Fein time. Wish you were here. LANDMARK MARVIN FEIN, 2I42 68th Street, Arista. Arlcon, Student Court, Orchestra, Mimeograplw Squad. As years roll by, and character is judged, All will agree MARVIN is still FEIN. RUTH FEINSTEIN, 5009 I Itb Avenue, Sec. to Mr. Spear, Student Court, Student Weltare, Swimming Club. We welcome her within our rank Because she is sincere and frank. RUTH FEIT, 2866 West 33rd Street, Sec. Program Ottice. Always ready with a smile, Or to stop and chat awhile. NAT FELDHAMER, 3OI7 East Sth Street, Service Squad, Mimeo. Squad, Sec. to Mrs. Batclwlcer, Mr. Orgels Squad. Nats to you! LEON FERNBACH, I396 Ocean Parkway. Under the crust of things that die, Living unfathomed, here am I. CHARLOTTE FIEDELBAUM, I547 East 8th Street, Sec. to Dr. Rider, Medical So- ciety. Maiden fair With chestnut hair. MARY FINE, 4l7 Brightwater Court, Arlcon, Usher Squad, Late Squad, Sec. to Mr. Lambert. This Mary has her Lambert. LEONARD FINESILVER, 2l52 East l7tl1 Street, General Science Club, Stamp Club. Good as Gold. MIRIAM FISHEL, 2453 64th Street, Sec. to Dr. Taylor, Glee Club, Member ot House and Grounds Committee. Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be. AL FISHMAN, l532 East 5tl'1 Street Annex Representation tor O. O, Council, Printing Squad. Just the right type LINCOLN LAEN DMA JEANNE L. FISHMAN, 2l48 blsl Sireel, Lincoln Log, Annex Siaff, Gerrran Club, Library Siafi, Traveler's Club. Who says you have to be a professor to be absent minded? SARA FISCHMAN, 2l29 Easl I4+l1 Street, Sec. +o Mr. Zinman, Sec. of Prefeci Class, Sec. in Attendance Office. Quiet and shy even though she doesn't try. SYLVIA FISCHMAN, I9I2 Bay Ricge Parkway, Landmark Staff, Sec. +o Mr. Rosen, Sten. Office, Sec. to Mr. Medine. Beneath her words burn a fire Of ardent :zeal for somethin higher. f s ABR M , 4I ri, + .ln O ii Handl-IGEI , Soccer. I l - '1nterelass' by himself. ' NICHOLAS FRANCHI, 2305 82nd Street, Wrestling, Tumbling, Football Squad. Was this the face that launched a thousand slips? GLORIA FRIEDMAN, 2876 fWes+ 2Is+ Street, Sec. To Mr. Joseph, 6. O. Store, Sec. in G. O. Office, Sec. to G. O. Office, Sec. +o Miss Garre++. Had I half a crown a day' 1'd spend it all upon thee. HELEN FREEDMAN, 3044 Ocean Park- way, Arisfa, Arkon, Service Council, Sec. +0 Mr. Berman. Service is her middle name. SYLVIA FREILICHER, 2992 East 3rd Sfreel, Pres. of Personality Club, Sec. to Miss McGinnis, Pres. of Museum Hour Club, Tennis Club. What versatile people these mortals 'be. GERTRUDE FRIEDMAN, 87I4 2ls+ Ave- nue, Puppefeers, Ari Weaving Club, G. O. Store, Glee Club. Lo've's labor's lost on teacher, Gert. HAROLD FRIEDMAN, 2l85 85'rl'1 Sireel, Allrendance Squad, Lunclwroom Squad. l-lislory Club, Medical Club. Just like a philosopher, he knows every- thing about nothing. LANDMARK SAUL FRISHMAN, 2929 28+lw S+ree'r. Not too bad and not too good, Just right! ALBERT R. FRITZ, 8622 22nd Avenue, Biology Squad, Lunclwroom Squad, Glee Club, Microscopy Club. He's bugs about bugs. CECILIA FRUCHTER, 590 Linden Boule- vard, Avia+ion Club, Slceiclw Club, Ari Squad, Cargoes Rep. Happy Landings. JUDITH FRUMKIN, I79I Easf 2nd S+ree+, Sec. of Personaliiy Club, Glee Club. A little thing, and full of fun We'll cheer for Judy against anyone. WILLIAM FUCHS, 3039 Easl' 4+l1 Slreei. What? No knock? TOBIAS FUNT, 264 Avenue O, German Club, Medical Club, Sec. of Class. ' All set to take the Hippocratic Oath. AL FUSCO, I849 62nd Sireei, Class Pres.. Senior Council. They don't make a fuss about Fusco for nothing. VIRGINIA GARDNER, 923 I-lu+chinson Couri, Swimming, Tennis, Baslceiball, Handball. For pep and fun She ran't be beat. JEROME F. GARLICK, 2IOl Ocean Park- way, Band and Orchesfra. A saxophonist, not a musician. STELLA GEANEAS, l65l Wesi llih S+ree+, Pres. of G. A. A., Kallisia, Senior Council, G. A. Council. An All-Around Athlete. LINCOLN L ANDMA MEYER GELFAND, 3002 Wesi' 28+h S+:-eel, Tennis Team, Supply Squad, Chemisiry Squad. What's the use of worrying? LOUIS l. GERSHOWITZ, 2049 7l sl' Sl'reel', Service Squacl, Physics Club, Travel Club, Assisianl' Manager of Couniry Team. I object to knocks, says Louis. MILTON GESPASS, I27O Easf l9+h S+:-ee+, Lincoln Nuiriiionisis, Class Aihleiiczs. A guy that gets credit for eating. AARON M. GILLMAN, l35l Easi 8'rh Sireei, Library Squad, Cafeieria Squad, Dean's Office Squad, Firsl Aid Squad. Ambition-to be an Alumnus. ESTELLE GINSBERG, 68OI Bay Parkway, Sec. +o G. O. Office, Sec. Accounling Office. Miss Behave. ANNA GINSBERG, 753 4+h Avenue, French Club, German Club, Sec. in Siudy Hall, Program Commiiiee. Anna has a great ambition. Someday to be a famous musician. RUEBEN N. GINSBURG, 2045 82nd Sireef, Club Council, Deba+ing Socieiy, Fooiball, Handball. Why- teachers get gray. ANN GIORDANO, ZOI9 Wesi 5+h S'rree'r, lialian Club, French Club, Spanish Club. Another Language. NEVA GIULIETTI, I545 Dahill Road, lialian Club. Neva is famous for her grin. SIDNEY GLANZROCK. 2467 Easi 23rd Sireei, Baslceiball, Baseball, Srudy Hall Squad, Honor Ceriiiicale. Crosby, Columbo and Glanzrock. ,LINCOLN LANDMARK ABRAHAM GLASS, 3018 Eas+ 7+h Sireei. House and Grounds Squad. No relation to Herbert, Philip or Carter. HERBERT GLASS, I78 Beaumonf Sireei, Capt of Swimming Team. Alas, so goeth a Lux prodigy! PHILIP GLASS, 3414 For? Hamillron Park- way, Maih Club, Baseball Club, Foof- ball Squad, Handball Squad. No relation to Herbert. STANLEY GLASSNER, 2954 Humberi Sireei, Biology Squad, Biology Club, Medical Club, Aviafion Club, Chemis- fry Squad. One of those strong silent men. ABE GOLD, 22II Easl' 41'h Sireef, Gym- nasiics, Lacrosse, Boxing, Wresfling. His knock ought to be a knock out. HARRY GOIID, 2089 Easi 7+l1 Sfreef, Fencing Team, Mimeo. Squad, Serv- ice Squad, Lunclnroom Squad. Our thrust and parry artist. LUCY GOLD, 2I7I 75+h S+ree+, Member of Lunch Squad. Good things always come in small packages. SALLY GOLD, 23I Chrisioplfmer Avenue, Aris+a, Manager of Sfen Office, Landmark, Log S+ai'i. Good as Gold. ANNA GOLDBERG, 2839 Wesf 24th Sfreeir, Service Squad, Library Squad. What will Lincoln be without her? MORTON GOLDBERG, 624 Avenue M, Glee Club, Tap Dancing Club, Swim- ming, Caie+eria Squad. He trips the light fantastic. LINCOLN L ANDMA NCO HILDA GOLDEN, l726 Easi 7+h Slreei, Orcheslra, Glee Club, Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad. Hilda endorses the N.R.A. She always does her part. MORTIMER GOLDMAN, 2078 75+h Slreei, Alhlelic Manager, Tap Danc- ing Club, Medicine Club, Service Squad. So at last it's rome to this. MORRIS GOLDSCHOLLE, 4410 l4+h Ave- nue. There's an art to writing a knork. BETTY GOLDSTEIN, l5lO Ocean Parkway, Edilor-in-chief the Log, Sec. of Arisla, Sec. of G. O., Sec. of Kallisla. My candle burns at both ends. ELLEN GOLDSTEIN, l954 6O+h -Sireel, Sec. lo Mr. Shafter, Culiing Squad Pres. Slen. Class. No knock, no boost, no nothin'. HAROLD GOLDSTEIN, 705 Briqnlon Beach Avenue, Traclc Team, Cross Counfry Team. Just call me Hal. LILLIAN GOLDSTEIN, l5I5 55+h Slreel, Arisfa, Arlcon, Service Council, Siudy Hall Office. It's the little things in life that count. SELMA GOLDSTEIN, I226 Ocean Park- way, Tennis Coach, Miss Bidsl 'up's Sec., Baseball Club, Kallisla. L Going Savage. f ,wmfj ,QMLQ . SYLVIA GOLDSTEIN, l3l9 Briqhion Beach Avenue, Sec. +o Dean, Glee Club, Spanish Club, G. O. Office. Who is Sylvia? What is she? WILLIAM GOLDSTEIN, l3Ol Ocean Park- way, Mimeoqraph Squad, Track, Fool- ball, Handball. Behold this dreamer. LANDMARK HARRIET GOMBERG, 2926 Easl 2nd Sfreel, G. O. Store, Traffic Moniror, Sec. Io Mrs. Ba+chIcer. Everything under control. RUTH F. GOODMAN, I443 5O+h Sfre-ef, Tennis Club, Handball Club, Sludenls Welfare, Office. Interested always in a Good Man's welfare. O. GOODSEIT, 2865 Wes'r 22nd Srreel, Chess Club, Chess Team, Chemis+ry Club, It's your move now. SYLVIA GOOTKIND, I995 Ocean Park- way. Her smile causes many ad smile. F gs D N, 1235 Easl io+h lc , ennis. char and personality explain her 0 I . AROLD GORDON, 2869 Wes+ 5+h Sfreei, Service Squad, Ouiside Squad. A born- story teller. ARNOLD GRAYZEL, 2Ol3 Coney Island Avenue, Orcheslra, Malh Club, Serv- ice Squad, Sec. Spanish Office. Play, Fiddler, Play! BERTHA GREEN, 2875 Wesi 2IsI Slreel, Arisra, Sec. in French Oliiice. Here's a girl with lots of pep! MILTON A. GREEN, I608 Mermaid Ave- nue, Prin+ing Squad, Hislory Club. Work? Who, Milton? ESTELLE GREENE, I IZ9 43rd Slreel. Why no knock? LINCOLN LAN DMA MAXINE GREEN, I25 Avenue J, Chairman Senior Day Committee, Sec. to Mr. Seigel, Senior Council. Cool as a cucumber but not so green. BEATRICE GREENBERG. i956 59th Street, Sec. to Dr. Halpern, Sec. to Mr. Zin- man, Sec. to Mrs. Schulman. Always cheerful and content on pleasure, not knowledge bent. BERTHA GREENBERG, 2735 Hubbard Street, Sec. to Accounting Otiice, Sec. to Mr. Spear, Service Squad, Personality Club. A real artist she draws attention. FRANCES GREENBERG, 2775 East I5th Street, Glee Club, Hiking Club, For- eign Travel Club, Accounting Club. Red hair Debonair. SAMUEL GREENBERG, 3030 Humbert Street, Service Squad, Swimming, Bank Squad, Football. He takes his Faustus seriously. SARAH GREENBERG, 2935 West 22nd Street, Accounting Otfice, Service Squad. A charming personality, we are sure. RALPH GREENBERG, 3048 East Erd Street, Service Squad, lntercla Teams. Am I surprised? X ARTHUR M. GREENSTEIN, 20 B y .S Street. His dancing is like free verse, his fee get all mixed up. DOROTHY GREISMAN, l858 49th St eet, German Club Otticer, P rson lity Club, Tennis Club, Cutting qu . Diminutive Dolly. BERNARD GROSSMAN, 304 Ocean View Avenue, Matti Club, Matti Team, Physics Club. Always wide awake and snappy. NCOLN LANDMARK IRENE GROSSMAN, 266 Bay IOth Street. Student Weltare Sect., Dental Ottice Sect. Wit, fharm and beauty, a rare combination has she. IRENE L. GROSTEIN, I5OI Ocean Park- way, Sec. to Mr. Kautman, Theatre Club, Sec. to Mr. Spear. Mr. UD Jacobs said, Reliable and indus- tri0us. MURRAY P. GRUBER, 2767 East I5th Street, Swimming Team. Likes to do two things and both of them is swim. PEARL GRUBER, 984 East I5th Street, Arista, Service Squad, Travel Club, Basketball Club. Latin test? Pearl's best. NAT GUTMACHER, 2829 West 33rd Street, Cutting Squad, Aviation Club, Service Squad, Attendance Squad. Hc's achieved no Lincoln fame, Though he's as good as his name. VICTORIA GUTTERMAN, I559 40th Street. A woman of few words. MORRIS HANAN, 23OI 65th Street, Medical Club, Physics Club, Chemistry Club. Just a medi-physical fellow. NAT HANDLER, 2355 Coney Island Ave- nue, Football, Basketball, Isitirians, Orchestra, Optical Squad. Tackles everything, JEROME HARBER, I758 East 7th Street. Service Squad, Attendance Squad, Study Squad, Cateteria Squad. Jerry never Harbers an ill thought abou! any-one. SLYVIA HOOTMAN, I202 Ocean Parlc- way, Sec. to Miss Gottshiers, German Club lannexl. Who is Sylvia? LINCOLN LAN DMA NCO JOSEPHINE HAUPTMAN, 60 Exeter Street, German Club, Riding Club. Hiking Club. Here's a hammer, knofk yourself. ROSE HECKER, 3l0O Ocean Parkway, Arkon Society, Swimming Club, l-louse and Grounds, G. O. Store. Who will buy- my wares? MILDRED HELFAND, 6I3 Rugby Road, Short Story Club, Hockey, Faslion Club. Neat, sweet, can't be beat. ROSE HELLMAN, 2263 East 5th Street. Sec. Miss Bidstrip, Sec. to Miss Berg- man, Pan-American Club, Tennis Club. Everything's Rosy when she comes into view. JUNE HENRY, 2652 Kenmore Place, Gen- eral Ottice Sec., Attendance Otlice Sec. She was not born in June, but neither was O' Henry. JULIA HERSHKOWITZ, 2960 Oak Street. Sec. in Chemistry Ottice, Pres. ot Class, Class Night Committee. Originality, vitality, personality. JESSE HERSTEIN, 2059 83rd Street, Art Squad, Landmark Statl. The Raphael of Lincoln High Happens to be 'very shy. MARGARET X. HOCHHAUSER, IO? Chester Avenue, Landmark, Pres. ot l-lebrew Club, Dramatic Club, Pres. ot History Club, Debating Club. The ,female combination of Aristotle and Demosthenes. ISADORE HOFFMAN, 25OI Mantield Street. He's got a lot of what it takes to get along. GRACE HOLLANDER, 2l33 East l-ith Street, Basketball, Swimming, Base- ball, Chemistry Exhibit Squad. She Grams the athletic jield. LANDMARK ANN G. HONIG, 577 Kings Highway, Library, G. O. Slrore, Sec. io Mr. Ball, Sec. io Miss Bergmann. So far Ann's been 'very slow In the art of knowing how to grow. MORRIS H. HOPPENSTEIN, 2059 7Is+ Sireei, Debaiing Sociel'y, Maih Club, Declamaiion Socieiry. Shakespeare. He can speak for himself. FLORENCE HOROWITZ, 963 58+h Sireei, Cuiiing Squad, Tennis Club, G. A. A., Glee Club. An all-round athlete. FRANK HUTCHINSON, 5l9 Nepfune Avenue, Handball Squad, Siage Hand Squad, Dollar and Cenis Club. Smiling, smiling all the day-, Sorrow never comes my way. HARRY HYAMS, 2IO Avenue N, Service Squad, Orchesira, Lunchroom Squad, French Club. A musician of note. ZELDA HYMAN, I306 44+h Sireei, Sec. To Dr. Rider, Psychology Club, His- 'rory Club, Maih Club. Her modesty doesn't permit her to say more than she's clever, she's prettyg she's charm- ing, she's witty. PETER IMPRESSA, Il4O 49+h Sireei, A+- iendance Squad, Service Squad. He can Impressa teacher any time. ROSE INGBER, I320 44+h S+ree+, Glee Club, Dollars and Cenfs Club, Denial Office Sec. That Pepsodent smile. GERTRUDE ISLER, 2838 Wesi 36+h S+ree+. English Office Squad, Horseback Rid- ing Club, Baslceiball Team. She's not an art weaver but she can make a basket. HAROLD JACOBSON, 2826 Weslr 22nd Sireei, Service Squad. Slumber Hour. LINCOLN LA NDMA NCO ROSE JACOBSON, 2890 Wesl 2Isl' Sireei, Sieno Speedsiers, English Office, Personaliiy Club, Lincoln Graplwologisls. Ultra-smart in everything. MORRIS JAFFA, 2927 Wesl' 29l'l'1 Sireel, Library Squad, Siamp Club. Jaya see anyone so modest? VlVlAN JAFFEE, 22l2 Easi 5+l'i Sireel, Accouniing Club, Accounling Office, Tennis Club and Vice-pres. of OFFicial Class. No juggler, but she can balance books. DOROTHY JANOSKY, 8669 2Oll'i Avenue, Cvlee Club, Punclwball Club, Gil-l's Allilelic Associaiion, and Swimming Club. Without a song the day would never end. HERBERT JARMOLOWSKY, I684 Wesl IO+l'i S1'ree+, Fencing Team, Tennis Team, Volley Ball, and Swimming. They called him Senior Yarmof' CHARLOTTE M. JELLINEK, I527 Easir 2nd Slreel, Swimming Club, House and Grounds Commiilee, Biology Laboralory Squad. Trim, Primg Sweet, Neat. BETTY JOHNSON, 2I lb Dilmas Avenue, Horseback Riding Club, Pan Ameri- can Club, and Spanish Club. No hay de que. JOSEPH JORDAN, 3722 Avenue T, Siudy Hall Squad. He got one vote as the handsomest boy. ADELE l. KAMINSHINE, I369 Easl IOH1 Sireei, Arisla, Capl. oi Library Squad, Dancing Club, Capl. Sludy l-l-all Squad. What officer ever led troops so 'well as our library captain, efficient Adele? ESTHER KANAREK, l94l Wesi 7+l1 Slreel, Baslce+ball Club, Puncliball Club, Ccs- 'rume and Aclors Club, and Tennis Club. And they say canaries sing. LANDMARK ADELE E. KAPLAN, I3 Lakeland Place, Kaliisfa, Varsiry, Baskeiball Team, La+e Squad, Lunch Squad. Athlete, scholar, debator supreme, Extremely versatile it does seem. BERNARD KAPLAN, IO Oak Couri, Gym Sec., SI1or+ Siory Club, CI'1ess Club, Pres. Typing Club. He knows his ty-pe. BERNICE M. KAPLAN, ZI46 8Is+ Sfreei, Sec. +o Miss Cohen, Sec. in Glee Club, Tennis, Library. She strikes the right notes. EVA KAPLAN, 35 Onyx Couri, Vice-pres. of The Kallisfa, Girls' Aihleiic Coun- cil, G. O. Council, Baske+baII Team I can't remember, says Eva. HARRIET KAPLAN, I324 Avenue N, Big Sisrer, Library Squad, Siudeni Wel- fare Office, Dance Commifiee. A friend in need is this Big Sister, indeed. JACK KAPLAN, 3075 Naiban Sireei, Budgef Commiiiee, Gill Commiilee, Eco. Class Pres. He has enough silence to be a millionaire twice. ROSE KATZ, 2844 Wesl 3!sI Sireei, Senior Council, Sec, ro Miss Slewarf, Vice-pres. of Class. A quiet and serious miss But who knows what lies behind this? MIRIAM KARDONSKY, 2843 Wesl' 5+I1 Sireer, Sec. of Arkon, Arisfa, Judge Siudenl Couri, Sec. oi Spanish Club. Good sport, good studentg Always jolly, always prudent. ISRAEL MORRIS KASARSKY, I4l2 7'rI1 Sireel, Swimming J. V., Service Squad, Ailnleiic Manager, Baskeiball Squad, Glee Club. Little Man, What Now? HERMAN R. KASS, 2044 Easl 4+h Slreei, Arkon, Sec. in PrincipaI's Orlice, Prom. Comm., Varsiiy Show. Barrymore, Drew, and Kass. LINCOLN LAN DMA 'EQ , ...... .. . , , - . .. - . , .. S ..., , .... - ... X 5' ss? NCO BEATRICE KASSEL, I985 2nd Street, Service Squad, Tratiic Squad, Cate- teria Squad, Sec. in G. O. Store. You don't have to go to Spain, To find your Kassel, FRANCES KASSEL, I985 East 2nd Street, Glee Club, Cutting Squad, Cateteria Squad, Loyalty League. Fair, charming and most sincere. BERNARD KATCHMAN, 269 89th Street, Cross-country, Mimeograp-h Squad, Track. Better late than never. GERTRUDE KATZ, I726 East 5th Street. She may be another Helen Wills But she's not Moody. LIBBY KATZ, l553a West 8th Street, Pan- American, Art Squad, Sketch Club, Swimming Club. Friends, Seniors, classmates, Lend me your homework. ROSE KATZ, 2844 West 3Ist Street, Sen- ior Council, Sec. to Miss Stewart, Vice-Pres. ot Class. A quiet and serious miss But who knows what lies behind this. RUTH KATZ, 2-4 Nass Walk, Sec. ot French Ottice. Glee Club. To call her sweet is quite unfair Because there's more than sweetness there. FRANCES KAUFMAN, 502 Ocean Park- way, Sec. to Mr. Glassman, Floor Man- ager's Squad, Student Weltare Otticze, Sec. to Miss Leiberman. Mr. Glassman's efficiency expert. SADIE KAUFMAN, I878 48th Street, Ac- counting Ottice Sec., Bank Rep. The unojlicial member of the Landmark Stay. WILLIAM KELLERMAN, i428 East E-th Street, Print Shop, Mimeo Shop. He approved Russia's five year plan. LANDMARK FRANCES KIGNER, I545 Easl 5+h Sfreei, Sec. Io Mr. Spear, Sec. 'Io Mr. Rosen. If silence is Golden, as sages declare, all Frances' silence appears in her hair. SELMA KIMMELMAN, I967 7Is+ Srreei. Sludy Hall Cuiling Squad, Spanish Club. She has an extensive Spanish vocabulary. GRACE KIRSCHENBAUM, 8223 2 I sl Ave- nue, Dramalic Sociely, Library Squad, Service Squad, Lunchroom Squad. She makes a graceful entrance at all times. ELEANOR KNOPPOW, 40 Argyle Road, Tennis Club, Psychology Club, Sludy Hall Office, Record Office. Silent as the K in her name, Rarely heard but always game. JACK KOENIG, 29OI Ocean Parkway, Baslcefball. Homework is his middle name. ALEX KORN, 2858 Vfesl 3O+h Slreel. OK Kernel! SIDNEY KOHLERITER, 29 Pennani Courr, Library Squad, Member of Lunch Squad, Sec. +o Chairman of 'rhe Chemistry Depr. A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. HARRY KORNFELD, 68I3 2Is+ Avenue, Baseball Squad, Service Squad, Span- ish Club, Hobby Club. That strong, silent man of the Spanish class. WILLIAM KORNHAUSER, 2I53 7Is+ Strreel, Physics Squad, Chemisrry Squad. The Mad Genius. EDNA KOSTRINSKY, 29I Brighlon Beach Avenue, Sec. 'ro Miss Rilchie, G. O. Store, Swimming Team, Handball Team. t'Sugar and spice, And everything nice. LINCOLN LAN DMA ESTHER KOVITZ, 3I3O Easl 6+-li S+ree+, Dancing Club, Sec. fo Miss Wakeluam, Pinafore, Piraies of Penzance, Class Nigln Performance. A devotee of Terpsirhore. AARON HARRY KRAMER, 1550 Easl 7+l1 Sireef, Clwemisfry Club, Maih Club. Official Class Sec. Me and Einstein. LEON X. KRAUSS, l527 Wesf blli Slreel, Tap Dancing, Boxing Club, Mr. Orgel's Office Squad, Luncliroom Squad. X-The unknown quantity. SYLVIA KRIMKO, 7I2 Ocean View Ave- nue, lvlember of Accounfing Club, Service Squad, Sec. 'ro Mr. Zinrnan. Sylviaiv fharm is no surprise when one looks into her big brown eyes. EVA KRONSTADT, 4226 Bedford Avenue, Pan-American Club, Sec. English Office, G. O. Rep. Eve is poor at photography-, But makes up for it in stenography. JUDITH KRUMBEIN, l56l 5O'rl1 Sfreel. Swimming Club, Baskelball Club, Sec. lo Mr. Gofifried, l-lebrew Club. Gentlemen prefer 'em. SYLVIA KURLAND, l577 48+l1 Slreel. Mimeograpli Office, Hisiory Office, Economic Office. Silenre gives not convent-Ilnt zips. ELEANOR KUSHEL. 7020 Bay Parkway, Aiiendance Office, G. O. Rep., Span- isli Club, Riding Club. Eleanor C harms galore. DOROTHY KUSHNER, 27l6 Nepfaine Avenue, Personalify Club, Tennis Club, Service Squad, Slenograpliy Club. Every knozfk's a boost they say, So let'.v knoek her every day. ARTHUR LACHMAN, 424 Avenue l., Pres. of Senior Class, Ass'+ Ediior of Log, Vice-pres. of Arkon, Judge of Sfudenf Courf. Little is lurking in Larhrnan. NCOLN LANDMARK ABE LANDMAN, I836 Ocean Parkway, Soccer Team, Senior Council, Pres. of Official Class. He not only uses his head in Soccer, But also in making excuses. JOSEPHINE LANGFELDER, I68O Easf I7+h Sfreef, Sfudenf Couri' Office, Lafe Squad. Sincerity, thy name is Josephine. GIOSUE LANZA, 47 Bay 22nd Sfreef, Medical Club, Biology Laborafcry, Bofany Club, Puppefeers. He thinks harmonious consumption is a contagious disease. ADELAIDE LAPIDUS, I4l6 Dahill Road, Swimming, Baskefball, Sec. fo Mr. Pargof, Sec. fo lvliss Sclior. Art for Art's sake. LILLIAN LEAVITT, 2064 Easf l2+l1 Sfreef, Baseball, Swimming, Puncluball, Hockey. Here's proof that good things don't always come in small packages. DAVE LEIBOWITZ, 2942 Wesf 2nd Sfreef, Service Squad, Traffic Squad, Acior's Club, Sec. Hisfory Office. Voted the handsomest lad-was David mad!!! HARRY LEIBOWITZ, l95l Coney Island Avenue, Accounfing Club, Bank Rep. Harry, Harry how long did you save? To get that gorgeous permanent wave. ABRAHAM LEIDERMAN, 2I3O 62nd Sfreef, Lieufenanf on Service Squacl, G. O. Rep., Sfudenf Aid Relief, Orchesfra. Rubinof is my closest competitor. HERBERT LEIVENT, 2108 Easi' 3rd Sfreef, Aviafion Club. Traclc Team. Herb and Bing Crosby. EDITH LEMLICH, I48 Oxford Sfreef, Orcliesfra, Baslcefball, Dancing, Slcefcli Club. I'm busy, I have an orchestra meeting. LINCOLN LAN DMA SYLVIA LESKIN, 28I8 Wesi I9flw Sfreei. Syl'uia's too modest to submit a knork. ANNETTE LEVIN, 2844 Wes? 28+li Sireeir, Sec. Program Office, Class Pres., Senior Class Sec. Sail on, Annette, sail on. MARJORIE LEVIN, 2IOl 74+h Sfreer, Ac+or's Club, Riding Club, Law Club. Her kingdom for a horse. ABE LEVINE, I648 4'7'rl1 Sfreer, Foofball Team, Lunclwroom Squad, Service Squad, Locker Room Squad. Go West, young man. BESSIE E. LEVINE, 5Il Avenue U, Arisia, Sec. +0 Miss Goeischius, Baslceroall Club, Swimming Club. Bessie Q. or Bessie E. Which one can it be? BESSIE LEVINE, 2208 Easi 5+h S+ree+, Arisra, Kallisra, Sec. Mr. l-lirsclwberg, Swimming Club. Bessie Q. or Bessie E.? DAVID LEVINE, 3066 Easf 7141 Srreer, G. O. Sec., Supply Squad. , Unloueable. DORIS LEVINE, 24l7 Clarendon Road, G. O. Rep., Sec. +o Mrs. Shapiro, Dancer in Pinaiore, Class Treas. Here's one G. 0. Rep that's full of pep. ROSLYN LEVINE, 2206 Ocean Parkway, Prom Commirree, Caieferia Squad, Afiendance Squad, Senior Counclil Delegare. She's got.plenty- of assets and none frozen. SAM LEVINE, 3024 lvy Couri' B. B., Library Squad, Cliemisfry Club, Hisiory Mu- seum Club, Team iAnnexl. He has the brains and power of two, With enough ability for an entire crew. LINCOLN LANDMARK LIONEL LEVINSON. 2970 Wes? 3rd S'rree+, Science Exl'iibi+ Squad. The Bashful Lion. SAM LEVITT, lO5O 58+l'1 Sireei. Sanz! Levitt Alone. JOSEPH LEVITZ, 2925 Easl 4+h Sirreel. Glee Club, Annex English Club, Aihleiric Manager. Behold the dreamer. CHARLOTTE LEVY, 2053 82nd Sffreet Aris+a, Library, Lafin Club, Tennis. A good worker-she's bound to succeed. SIDNEY LIEBER, l76I 50141 S+ree+, Varsi+y Baslcefball I93l, Senior Counsel, Senior Day Commiwuree, Class Pres. Lieber-Is 'very dear to us. DAISY LIIAMAA, 2203 5+l1 Avenue, Prini Shop, Miss Col'1en's Office. Blonde hair, blue eyes and thoughts that are wise. CLARA LIEBOWITZ, I704 Easl 2nd Sireei, Sec. io Mr. Draclmman, G. O. Rep. And still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all she knew. BEATRICE LINDNER, I835 49+I1 Sfreelr, Cafeieria Squad, Handball Club, Bas- lce+ball Club, G.A.A. Another proof that the voice with the smile wins. SARA LIPPIN, Travel Club, Secreirary in I29, Psychology Club. Known for her cheerful smile A friend worthwhile. DOROTHY LIVSHITZ, I862 Wesf I2ll1 Sfreel, Handball Club, Tennis Club, Hockey Club, Baslceiball Club. At last has been found the Athlete Re- nowned. LINCOLN LAN DMA NCO HELEN LOCKWOOD, 27 Lincoln Terrace, Sec. of Senior Class, Sec. ol Senior Council, Sec. in English Office, Horse- baclc Riding Club. We knew her when- JOSEPH M. LOBELSOHN, 2923 Easl' 3rd Sireef, Maih Club, Physics Club. A dillar a dollar, A ten o'clock scholar. JULIUS LONDON, I744 Wesl Is'r SI'reeI', Service Squacl, Cafeieria Sqsad, Handball Team. A singer he was And a singer he will be. ELSIE A. LUCA, 2I69 Coney Island Ave- nue, Iialian Club, Sec. +o Mr. Zinman, Spanish Club. Luca! Here comes Elsie. FLORA MALLAH, 2833 Wesf 5+h Sh-ee+, Swimming Club, Psychology Club, Vice-Presideni of 'rhe Dollars and Sense Club, Secreiary of 'rhe Fourih Es:'raI'e Club. Let's dance Flora, not Lindy. ALVIN MANDELL, 42a Bay 34lh Sireei, Drawing Club, Harmonica Club, Physics Club. The budding scientist. HERBERT M. MANDELL, I35 Bay 25+h Sireel, Junior Ivlaih Team, Class Pres. Please make a racket or do something: bad Or, what knock's to be had? LILLIE MANTIONE, I533 McDonald Ave- nue, Travel Club, Accoumking Club, Swimming, Sec. I'o Dr. Rider. All the King's Horses and all the King's Men, Couldn't make Lillie take Eco again. EARL MARKOWITZ, 2I64 Ocean Parlc- way, Foofball Team, Baseball Team, Service Squad, Capt Club. Brevity is the soul of wit. That's why Earl says just a bit. RUTH MARKOWITZ, 960 5OI'h Slreef, Handball Club, Psychology Club, Tennis Club. Sec. in Economics Oi- fice. A violet by a mossy stone, half hidden from the eye. LN LANDMARK SOPHIE MARKS, 3028 Easf 5+h Sfreef, Member of Dollars and Cenfs Club, English Office, Sfen. Office, Bank Rep. No relation to Karl Marx. JEROME MARRUS, 2OI2 Easf I2fh Sfreef. Pres. Law Sociefy, Capf. Eleclfrical Squad, Capf. Debafing Team, Land- mark Sfaff. Sent into the world to be a growing and exhaustless force. CHARLES MASCIALINO, 2837 Church Avenue, G. O. Sfore. So quiet he thinks a whisper is a riot. HARRIET MATTHEWS, 535 Washingfon Avenue, Sec. fo Miss Cohen, Sec. 'lo Mrs. Greenberg, Sec. fo Mrs. Mayer, Member of Glee Club. Harriet refuses to tolerate the three R's Rouge, Rowdies, and Roller skating. ANNA MAUER, IZ46 42nd Sfreef, Arisfa, Hebrew Club, Baslcefball, Punchball, Anna doesn't live here Anna Mauer. NEIL McCANN, IO76 Easf 4l'h Sfreef, Service Squad, Newman Club, Sec. in French Office. For Lincoln High I'll often sigh, Because I'm such a sentimental guy-. ROBERT McFARLAND, 4lO blsf Sfreef, Affendance Squad, Locker Room Squad. Modest, he says so himself. SYLVIA MECHLOWITZ, 324 Empire Boulevard, Pres. of Official Class, Sfen. Speed Clerlc, Sfudeni Welfare Office, Sec. fo Dr. Mason's Office. A girl who can be dictated to. ANNE MEHLMAN, I32l Easf IOfh Sfreef, Managing Edifor of Log, Presiding Officer of Arisfa. Studying Arista Rosters and Log stories, 'tis said, Have made of Anne a girl well-red! EDNA MEISTRICH, i287 Easf lOfh Sfreef, Sfudy Hall Squad, Medical Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Psychology Club. Pedantic, romantic, petite and vivacious, Plastic, scholastic and very audacious. LINCOLN L 'DMA ROSE MELTER, I79 Ocean Parkway, Travel Club, Typing Club, Glee Club. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice. CORA MELTZER, 304 Brigliion Beach Avenue, Member Lincoln Ari Sludio, Member of Glee Club, Sec. 'ro Miss B. Cohen, Service Council. Cora Cora where is she? Why, said the teacher, she's helping me. HYMEN MENCHER, l949 Coney Island Avenue, Radio Club, Mimeograplw Squad, House and Grounds Com'ni'r- lee, Opiical Squad. Just an eye, eye man. MELVIN MEYEROWITZ, IIOO Easl' 4ll1 Slreel, Sludy Hall Squad, French Play. Freckles and his friends. LILLIAN MEYERS, 2439 e5+h Sireei, Arlcon, Service Council. Sergeanl on Trallic Squad, Service Squad. What, Damon! No Pythias in the picture? ANNE MICHAELS, l3O Neplune Avenue, Arisla, Program Office, Hebrew Club, Caieleria Squad. An Aristacrat among girls. SAM MICHELSON, 40 Bay 37ll1 Slreel. Biology Squad, Microscopy Club, Traliic and Service Squads. Knowledge is power, but speech so weak. ANTHONY MIGLIORISI, l9l7 Wesr l3ll1 Slreel, Service Squad. G. O. Repre- senlalive, House and Grounds Com. Is it Spanish or the teacher that holds the interest? WILLIAM MILLER, 28l Avenue O, Hand- ball Squad, Service Squad, Caieleria Squad. This boy has Will power. NANCY MIRRA, 320 Neplune Avenue, Senior Council, Tennis Club, Pres. ol Official Class, Pres. of Sieno. Class. Graduating is such sweet sorrow- LANDMARK ALBERT MODELL, 1727 Easf l4fh Sfreef, Dean's Service Squad, French Club. Chemisfry Club. Flaming hair means temperament, so they say! And long may it wave for many a day. SOL MONTAGNINO, 23I7 82nd Sfreef, Swimming Team. Time, tide, and Solly wait for no one ROSLYN MOONSHINE, I8l8 79fh Sfreef, Service Squad, Tennis Club, Sec. fo Mr. Spear, Sfudenf Courf. Just can't be knocked LOUIS MORIBER, I879 Wesf 6+h Sfreef, Service Squad, Chemisfry Club. Looks through two panes all day long. LILLIAN MORRISON, 203I 6Isf Sfreef, Traffic Squad, Sec. in English Office, Sec. in Service Squad Office. 'lThat's my last duchess painted on the wall. ROSALYN MOSKOWITZ, 7 Kishner Courf, Kallisfa, Secf. Girls Afhlefic Associafion, Secf. Healfh Educafion Office. She jumps to conelusions. SIDNEY NADLER, I208 Easf 7fh Sfreef. Class Baslcefball Team, Service Squad, Swimming, Class Pres. He pooled all his interests. RITA NAHUM, 4 Sands Walk, Baslcefball Club, Hockey Club, Swimming Club, French Club. She doesnlt think it 'very fine To be merely four feet nine. HENRY NAIMAN, 59I4 23rd Avenue, Traclc Team, Varsify L. Club, Lunch- room Capf., Opfical Squad. The boy who would never say quits, HERBERT S. NEMEROFF, 1762 Easf 7fh Sfreef, Rifle Team, Varsify L. Club, Dramafic Sociefy, Service Squad. Beau Brummel. LINCOLN L DMA NCO MINFORD NEUMAN, 300l West 29th Street, Biography Club, Lieut. House and Grounds Committee, Service Squad, Cross Country Team. Oh, Min! PHILIP NEUMAN, I463 East 3rd Street, Biology Squad, Pan-American Club, Service Squad. Philip the steins to Newman. HAROLD J. NEWMAN, IO49 42nd Street, Track Team, Golt Team, Pirates ot Penzance. Glee Club. 'IA policernanis lot is not a happy one! MINNIE NEWMAN, 204 West Avenue, Dramatic Society, Swimming Club, History Club, Tennis Club. To be or not to be Can actressl That is the question. CLIFFORD NUGENT, l84O West 4th Street, Stage Squad, Service Squad, House and Grounds Committee, Lunchroom Squad. Another stage hand on the stage of Life. JOSEPH ORISTANO, 2048 West 6th Street, G. O. Store. Lord Chesterjield, DORIS ORSTAN, 2858 Cortland Street. Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars. CHRISTINA T. PAGANI, 28 Van Siclclen Street, Kallista, Sec. Mrs. Shapiro, Sec. Miss Tress, Vice-pres. Otlficial Class. She's fast-in ty-pewriting. NAT PALATNICK, 522 Avenue X, Cheer Leader, Football Squad. Baseball Squad. Three cheers for this boy. ALFRED PANOFF, 2I3l East 24th Street, Log Statt, Chemistry Club, Math Club, lvlath Kratts Club. A fonfrer of Stephen Leacook and Lewis Carroll. LANDMARK YETTA PASEORNEK, ZOI4 Avenue Y, Arkon, Prom Commiiiee, Sec. io Mr. Goiiiried, Service Squad lPos+l. We'd walk a mile and lose vitality, Just for her charm and personality. ANDREW PASTERNACK, 3I Bay 35l'l'1 Sireei, Assistrani Capi. Siudenl' Pairol, Mem. Rifle Team, Mem. Service Coun- cil, Mem. Senior Council. Wipe that smile 01? your face, Andy. BEN PEARLMAN, 3IOO Lakeland Place, Service Squad, Library Squad, Glee- Club, Sec. of Class. Feels at home in London weather. PHILOMENA PELLECHIA, l7l2 86il'1 Sireel, lialian Club, G. O. Siore, Sec. in Official Class. Light eyes, dark hair Both make Phil so debonair. HAROLD R. PELTER, 562 Easl 8+h Sireei, Track Team, Rifle Team, Sergeanl' Ser- ice Squad, Track Team. Everything but a Knock. HILDA KATE PELTZ, I IOS Eas+ 3rd S+ree+, Glee Club, l-lisiory Club, Hisiory Dramafic Sociely, Museum l-lour Club. Galli-Curci was good but Hilda's better still. 4 HYMAN PERGAMENT, 2849 Westr 33rd Sireei. He doesn't want to 'be knocked. IRVING PERLOW, 29l4 Wesi 3O+l'i Sireei, Aviaiion Club, Library Squad, Shop Squad. The Master Builder. LUCY PESCE, 22I Parkville Avenue, Swim- ming Club, Sec. oi Sieno. Class. Quiet and shy. AL PESKIN, 75 Eastr 7'rl'1 Sl'reel', Dean's Office Squad, Cross Couniry Team, Service Squad, Floor Manager's Squad. Content to know, and be unknown. LINCOLN LANDMARKI NCO ROSE BARBARA PESSIN, i860 Bay Ridge Avenue, Tennis Club, Handball Club, Hoclcey Club, Basketball Club. Never at a loss for words. IRVING PIKARSKY, I I62 Eas+ 2nd Street Boxing. Page Mr. Tunney. Reads Shakespeare and can box a bit. ARTHUR PINCUS, 3096 East blh S+ree'r. Member of Arkon, Member of Inler- Ciiy Shorthand Team, Gift Com'niI'- +ee, Member of Mimeograph Squad. Arthur believes in perseverance. MORTON PINTEL, l7Ol Ocean Parkway, Sec. Spanish-German Office, Chemis- 'Iry Squad. Bored of Education. ISABELLE PLAZZA, l772 Wesr I3+l1 S'rree+, Halian Club, Senior Treasurer, lralian Office, Mr. Krane's Office. It's just her schoolgirl complexion. SYLVIA PLOTKIN, 2803 Railroad Avenue, Sec. of Class, Actors Club, Pres. of Class, Dramatic Club, Sec. of La'rin DeparI'men+, Dramafic Club. Just an acting secretary. MERVIN POBINER, 49OI I8+h Avenue. Service Squad, Curling Squad. La- crosse Squad, Wrestling Club. A voice like Webster but a head like Clay. WILLIAM PODELL, 3337 l2+h Avenue. Capi. of Lunclwroom Squad, Member of Service Squad, Track Team. He gives the spectators a run for their money. ROBERT POMERANZ, i324 49th Streer, Capt. Lunclwroom Squad, Miss Col'1en's Office, Mr. Krane's Office. He can be counted on to do plenty about nothing. SARAH PORT, 394 Easi 7Jrl1 Sireei. Pres. of English Class, Sec. +o Mr. Swalwn. A welcome Port in our sea of troubles. LANDMARK MIRIAM RABINOWITZ, 2867 Wesi 33rd Slreei, Dean's Office, Lunchroom Squad, Swimming. Plenty of Sa'voir Faire. FLORENCE RANZMAN, 7 Bay 28ih Sireei, Sec. for Miss Cohen. Sec. for Mrs. Vlfeiiz, Slen. Office. Somebody's Stenogf' LORIS RADER, 2032 Easi 4+h Slreel, G. O. Repres alive, Vice-Pres. Official Cl , Official Loyaliy League, Sec- elary lo Mr. Fried, Lunchroom. First she knew only the questions Now she knows the answers. MURRAY RANCER, l303 Ane Slreei. Lunchroom Squad, Baseball Team, Ser- vice Squad, Wresiling Club. Hears, sees, and says nothing, smart boy! LOUIS RAZE, 2I2O Easi 2nd Sireel, li- brary Squad Capi., Glee Club, Checker Club. Winning Ways. ANNE RECKSON, 247 Brightlon Beach Avenue, Sec. Dr. Rider, Lunchroom Squad, Library Squad, Sec. Miss Bid- slrup. Aren't you going to play piano for us? LOUIS REGA, I775 Dahill Road. Lou-is a jine scholar. BERTHA L. REIMER, 4803 lblh Avenue, Member of ihe Secrelarial Club, Banlc Rep. Her outlook an life is pleasant and gay, We hope it will always remain that way. BERNARD REINER, 404 Easl- 9+h Slreel. Service Squad, Traffic Squad, Malh Club. His pet name is Theory, thatls why' he never works. ALBERT M. REICH, 2365 85+h Sireei, Ser- vice Squad, P-hysics Club, Varsily Show, Glee Club. An authority on the High C's. LINCOLN LAN DMA HARRY REITMAN, 2939 Ocean Parkway. The Reitman for activities, what kept him back? RUTH REMES, 375l Lyme Avenue, l.og Statt, Capt. Girls' Swimming, Basket- ball Club, l3 Club. She wears her hats at a cute angle. HERBERT L. REUTTER, l7l Webster Ave- nue, Aviation Club, Service Squad, G. O. Rep. Flaming youth. GEORGE ROBBINS. 2I54 East 8th Street, Capt. Cheerleading Squad, Sergeant ot Service Squad, Optical Squad, Usher Squad. He and Rudy Vallee always use megaphones. DORIS RODNON, 902 Avenue lvl, Basket- ball, Tennis, Swimming, Chemistry Club. Anyone would walk a mile just to see Doris smile. ODILIE ROJAS, 2548 East 55th Street, Pres. ot Kallista, Vice-pres. ot G. A. A., Tennis and Basketball Coach, Swimming Team. She's always the one who's full of fun! JULIET ROMEO, 272l West 5th Street, Italian Club, Pan-American Club, Student Weltare Club, Tennis Club. The only happy union in history of the Montagues and Capulets. THEODORE R5ICA, 502 Avenue T. Teddy, take your ,lingers of that type- writer. STANLEY ROSE, 3lOO Ocean Parkway, Track Team, Baseball Team, Biology Prep, Boxing Team. The only Rose on the cinder-track. SALLY ROSEN, l833 East 7th Street, Library Squad, Dollars and Cents Club, Economics Squad, Swimrring Club. She hasn't 'very much to say But we like her anyway. LANDMARK ALFRED ROSENBERG, 234 Dahill Road, Service Squad, Lunclwroom Squad, Glee Club, Class Pres. Life is just a gamble. CHARLES ROSENBERG, 2279 65th Street, Football, Manager ot Basketball Team. A little man with plenty of brains. FRANK ROSENBERG, lI22 Avenue N. He's satisfied. DOROTHY ROSENBLATT, 3l II Ada Court, Arista, Big Sister, Basketball, Swimming, Dictating Club. Fair of face, sweet of disposition. CHARLOTTE ROSENBLUM, 2457 65th Street, Senior Class Nite Committee, Pres. ot Playwriters Club, Service Council, Senior Class Play. 'Twas a great fight boys - but we finally won-Pythias posed without Damon. HAROLD ROSENFELD, 8793 I7th Av nue, Service Squad, Visual Aid Squa Optical Squad, Glee Club. Sees all, knows all. MABEL ROSENFELD, 62l6 2Otl1 Avenue, Arista, Arkon, Pres. French Club, Cut- ting Squad. Imagine taking pictures with curls! SANFORD ROTH, 2229 65th Street, Dramatic Society, Bio. Lab., Sec. Eng. Ottice. Like Napoleon, small but mighty. SYLVIA ROTHENBERG, 2847 West 32nd Street, Service Squad, Dancing, Stunt Club, Sec. l'l. Ed. Dept. Another athlete going Savage. DOROTHY ROTHMAN, 3005 West l5tlw Street, Capt. ot tlwe Swimming Team, Girls Athletic Association, Vice-pres. House and Grounds Committee. An athlete fair! Boys, beware! LINCOLN LANDMA JACK ROTHSCHILD, 3I2 Avenue P, Landmark, Lunchroom Squad, Law So- ciety, Microscopy Club. Vesuvius, Aetna, Krakatoa look to your laurels- Here comes Jack. SYLVIA ROTHZAID, 88I7 Bay Parkway, Record Ottice Sec., Steno. Ottice Sec., Service Squad, Orchestra. Can be counted on for a ready- smile and a helpful hand. ISIDOR RUBINSTEIN, 28l2 West 28th Street, Medical Society, Volley Ball. Isidor Rubinstein Enginetically Keen. ARTHUR RUDNICK, I539 East 29th Street, Feature Editor, Landmark, Log Statt, Secretary Annex French Club. There Art to be a law against this Art-fool punster. EDWARD SACK, l75l 53rd Street, Senior Council, Lacrosse Team, Check- er Club, Class Day Committee. Sacks Appeal! RUTH A. SAKOFSKY, l86l East 9th Street, Sec. ot Psychology Club, Sec. to Dr. Rider. Sec. ot Otticial Class. Beguiling smile all the while. PHILIP SALINO, 2l39 60th Street, Basket- ball Team, G. O. Rep., Spanish Club. Too modest to let the world know how much he knows. GERALD SALK, 3lOO Lakeland Place, Dean's Ottice Squad, Vice-pres. Otti- cial Class. The Salk of the earth. HERMAN SAPERSTEIN, 3l9 Sheepsheacl Bay Road, Current Events Club, Base- ball Team, Cutting Squad. Far is the fame of Leibowitz and Steuer, But wait until Herman is a lawyer. HOWARD SARONSON, 2957 East 4th Street, Landmark Statt, Senior Coun- cil, Chemistry Exhibition, Student Re- liet. All great men do not live long, says Howard My, but I feel so strong! NCOLN LANDMARK YETTA SASLOWSKY, 906 First Couri, Sec. 'ro Mr. Zinman, Sec. +o Miss Cliamoy, Sec. to Mr. Joseph, Lunclw- room Squad. You can find a rhyme for everything, but -Saslowsky. IRVING SATLER, 4733 Beach 47+l1 Street, Sea Gate, Manager of Baseball Team, Pres. Lincoln Ari Siudio, Siudeni Dir- ector of Stage Crew. The old sage of the Lincoln stage. MORRIS J. SCHAPIRO, 2066 6O+l1 Sirreet, Lincoln Log, Lincoln Barrisiers, Ari Squad, Sec. to H. E. Deparirmeni. Give credit where credit is due. NORMAN SCHATTON, 2807 Ocean Parkway, Law Society, Capt. Siudy Hall Squad, Service Squad, Sec. Dean. He is a well RECAJD boy. ISADORE SCHECHNER, 2747 Ocean Parkway, Football, Baseball, Soccer. Football or baseball - that's his game. In these sports he'll 'win a name. BEATRICE SCHEER, I547 East 7+lw Street, Sec. +o Dean, Medical Club. A Scheer necessity to Miss Cohen. MILTON SCHILLINGER, 88I East 8th Streei, Track Team, Baseball Team, Prom Commiiiee, Service Squad. His favorite note- Dough. SID SCHLOSSBERG, 2840 West 24+l1 Street, Ailwleiika, Baseball, Track. Idol for four years. LUCILLE SCHNALL, IZO3 East lOth gjfeei, Hebrew Club, Tennis Club, renclw Club. one who to submit a SAM sci-INEIDER, iI29 7o+h sire-ei. It is not growing like a tree in bulk Doth make Man better be. LINCOLNRLAN DMA SAMUEL SCHNEIDER, 3608 Mermaid, Library Squad, Mimeograph Squad. Words fail us! SYLVIA SCHNEITZER, I720 53rd S+ree'r, Bank Rep., CuHing and Absence Squad. Try to find someone, who can pronounce her name right. BEATRICE SCHNITMAN, 2l53 62nd S+reel', Glee Club, Pageanl' Club, Of Thee We sing- WALTER SCHOENFELD, 2205 Easl 5'rh S+ree+, Pinalore, Glee Club, Founder of Sons of Lincoln, Lunchroom Squad. Getting up in the world, on the low notes. ERNEST SCHWARTZ, I7IO Easl l7+h Street Pres. of Jrhe Travel Club, Sec. of Latin Deparlrmenf, Sec. of Official Class, Sec. of French Class. Impressed with The Importance of Being Ernest. LOUIS SCHWARTZ, 2998 Wesl 29+h S'rree+. Plays mumbly-peg in the official class. PAULINE A. SCHWARTZ, I364 53rd S'rree+, Sec. +o- Mr. Berman, Program Commilfee, lsilirian. Maiden fair, so debonair. SEYMOUR SCHWARTZ, 2964 Flunrberl S'rree'r, Currenf Events Club, Accounie ing Club, Service Squad. Just ask him about Economics! SID SCHWARTZ, 2133 63rd Slreel. Chemislry Squad, Service Squad, Glee Club. Cheeks up on everyb y. YET A H , 36 ay 35Jrh Slreel, Sec. e Spanish Office, French cam enior Council. y ung woman who Sp ks many tongues. NCOLNIWANDMARK I PHILIP SECKLER, 3022 Lakeland Place, ' Tumbling, Capts.' Club, Gym Team. Taking Athletics seriously. SOL SEGAL, 9l6 Avenue S, Weltare Bureau, Sec. Grade Adviser, Library Squad, Ctiem. Lab. Squad. Can he help it if he excels? - LILLIAM SELDIN, 2200 East 5th Street. psf G-lee Club, Dramatic Club, Basketball ' Team, Cheer Leader's Squad. Seldin does her homework. IRENE SENDYK, l45 Second Avenue, ' N. Y. C., Sec. ot Chemistry Ottice, Sec. ot Boy's Gym Ottice, Tennis Club, Swimming Club. Purely a secretarial interest in boys' ath- letics. . X CHAEL SETTANNI, 2352 6lst Street. Settannfeli a fine fellow. ERVILLE SEYDEL, I247 East 8tl'1 Street, Editor-in-Ctmiet Landmark, Log, Arista Lincoln Players. A modern Portia. ANNETTE SHAPIRO, IO67 5Ist Street, Arista, Arkon, Service Council, Senior Council. She and sugar have something in common They're both refined and sweet. MORRIS SHAPIRO, 2670 East l2th Street. He's not afraid of the big, bad, CMr. Josephj Wolf. VICTOR SHALOM, 724 Avenue K, Track, Football. Expects to be an engineer. At present he's a trackman. SID SHAROFF, l6l6 East 4th Street, Ritle Team, Track Team, Major L. Club, Service Squad Sergeant. A square shooter. i LINCOLN LANDMA ' ii f II Y I 'ix-H! Xa f ff COLN BER 18, 856 4Btl1f treet, Locker , Roo, Squad. K X ' citing Married -Shaw, not Shemin. FRANCES SHIELDKRET, 2I39 64th Street, German Club, Psychology Club, Sec- retary to Mrs. Meyer. When there is something worthwhile to say Frances will say- it. RUTH SHOTKIN, 2I47 Ocean Parkway, Attendance Ottice, Tennis Club, Rid- ing Club. Glee Club. Snappy and vivacious, Sprightly yet gracious. RUTH SHUL, 3027 West 24th Street, Radio Club, Dancing Club. Light hair-but not light-headed. CERELLA SHULMAN, I I65 East 8th Street, Assistant Capt. ot Bank, GS. O. Rep., Bank Rep. Cool, Calm, and Collecting. ABRAHAM M. SIDORSKY. 2924 'Nest 52nd Street, Cross Country Team, Service Squad, English Squad. No grass grows under his feet. ROSE SILVER, 2942 West 25th Street. Psychology Club, Chess Club, Sec. ot Otticial Class. Sincerity personified. ROSLYN SILVERBERG, 5I5 Brighton Beach Avenue, Arista, Log Statt, Landmark Statt, French Club. She must have toiled with pain and care to get that wave in her straight hair. JOSEPH SILVERMAN, I655 East 4th Street, First Aid Squad, Service Squad. A strong foundationg size twelve. ABRAHAM SIMON, I552 Coney Island Avenue. Honest Abe. LANDMARK m,uW,,,,,.,,....,...-m .... ..--,-m..- ARNOLD SIMON, I'-7I9 66fl1 Street, Foof- ball Squad, Service Squad, Senior Council, Lieuf. Cafeteria Squad. He drums up trade. MARION SINGER, I924 East 8+l1 Street, Sec. in Adminisfrafive Office, Glee Club. We Singer praises. ABRAHAM SINGMAN, 6IO Ocean View Avenue, Locker Room Service. A promising student, Always promising to do better. ANNABEL SLADOVITCH, 49 Parkville Avenue, Cufling Squad, Lunclwroom Squad, Admif Squad, Glee Club. The Modern Annabel Lee. MURRAY SLOBODNICK. I758a Daliill Road, Lincoln Law Society, Chess Team, Orchesfra, Cafeteria Squad. Musically inclined- He leans on a piano. JOSEPH SLONIMSKY, l975 74fl1 Sfreef, Lieui. Study l'lall, Service Squad, Luncliroom Squad, Traffic Squad. Smiling Cbecause helsl thru. HYMAN SMITH, 4920 New Ufreclrif Ave- nue, Prom Commiffee, Sergeant of Service Squad, Arkon, Senior Council. Smith, Berger and Crifasi, Incorporated. SELIG SMITH, 6ll Argyle Road, Track Team, lsifirian, Sfudenf Relief Com- mittee, Firsf Aid Squad. On the winding cinder trark, the Lincoln Smith-he stands. ROSE SNYDER, 29I9 Wesf 23rd Sfreef, Hisfory Club, French Club. When it comes to studying she doesn't know when to stop. MILTON SOBELMAN, III7 Avenue Y, Dean's Office Squad, Cafeferia Squad, l'lis'rory Museum Club. He's very reserved. LINCOLN LANDMARKV f-5 ADELE SOFER, I764 Easr lO+l'1 S+:-eef. Sec. io Mrs. Baiclnlcer, Yang Yin Club, A+rendance Squad. Safer so good. SERAPHINE SOLDO, I I32 Williams Couri, Swimming, Halian Club. Quiet and reserved, seen but not heard. RUTH SOLOMON, 2073 Wesr 25+h Srreef, Cufring Squad. Modesty, thy name is surely Ruth. DEBORAH G. SONBERG, I75 Arnold Couri. Always hurrying, always late. MARTHA SPERLING, I4I9 4ls+ Srreei, Hiking Club, Cosiume Club, Sec. 'ro Miss Guinan. Light of hair, light of eyes Always smiling and looking wise. RALPH SPITZER, 477 Avenue T, Arisfa, Arkon, Sec. in Principals Office, Pres. Psychology Club. Your scholarship and service have earned 'ou me 3 a na ,, But your sense of humor is somewhat lame. ABRAHAM STEIN, 3I52 Easf bills Sfreer, Arisra, Arlcon, Service Squad, Biology Squad. A .stitch in time saves Stein. FLORENCE STEIN, II27 54+h Srreer. As the printer says, You know the type. ABRAHAM H. STEIN, 3l I8 Nepfune Ave- nue, Service Squad, Sec. +o Mx R. Wilson, Zoology Club, Printing Squad. This would be artist, slinging paint, Slings it where the paint ain't. JOSEPH STEIN, 2832 Wesi 281'l'i Sireel, Cap+ain's Club. Still Waters. iLINCOLN LANDMARK LILLIAN STEIN, 44Ol l7+l1 Avenue, Sec. Mrs. Slimmel, Swimming Club. Her face may look calm and serene, But a world of -mischief lies unseen. SYLVIA STEIN, 1544 Coney Island Avenue, Arista, Landmark, Scliool Improve- ment Committee, Service Council. Somebody's Stenogf' DAVID STEFNBE 49l Ulreclil enu Bio y u ,Service uacl. ic ad, Mimeo Squad. 0 alibis now, Jerry. ALEX STEINWEISS, 3I72 Coney Island Avenue. 1t's an Art. MAX STERN, 2l65 llsl Slreel, Dollars and Cenls Club. The late bell would rust if it had to wait lf-Lzhiml' HARVEY A. STONE, 1850 47th Street, Vice-pres. Senior Class, Lieut. Service Squad, Prom Committee, Class Niglwl Cast. He thinks he's the only pebble on the beach. MAX STRAUSS, 2830 West 24ll1 Slreel, Soccer Team, Baseball Team. The coach always tells him Lay down a buntf' MAX STRAUSS, 2839 West 35ll1 Service Squad, Lunclnroom Class Pres., Senior Rep. No relation to Nathan, Abraham, or Percy. Street, Squad, Johann, CORA SUISKY, 45I2 I6ll'x Avenue, Sec. ol Travel Club, Swimming Club, Ac- counting Club, Service Squad. What's Mr. Marks going to do without her? HAZEL SUSSMAN, l3l2 Easl' 7'rl'1 Street, Attendance Squad, Costume Club, Sec. Mrs. Emerson, Slcelclw Club. Schiaparelli, has nothing on Hazel. LINCOLN L DMA 14.3 NATH SU Darby Slreel, S I , Rifle Team. tta was Lincoln forever, 1 he forsook it to graduate. LILY SWERDLOVE, I575 Easl 4+h Srreel. Lily wonders what's her fate Now that she's a graduate. PAULINE W. TAMPKIN, 2 46 Isl' Slreel, AcI'ors grub? lllrianlc clorl, n ' icel . oil relecl. ank you, doctor. EVELYN M. TANER, I55O Ocean Parkway, Sec. io Miss I-I. Weisberq, Dollars and CenI's Club, Dramalic Club, Ari' Club. She already has a diploma from The Charm Srhoolf' ADELINE TANTLEFF, 430 Avenue T, Pub- lic Speaking Club, Record Olilice, Glee Club, I-louse and Grounds Com- miliee. Sweet Adelinef' WILLIAM TAUBIN, 5IO Avenue M, Ari Squad, Arkon, Bazaar, Log, Landmark. Art plus It-Taubin. LEONARD TEITELBAUM, I-Iolel Manual- lan Beach, Treas. of Senior Class, Senior Council, Service Squad, I-lead of Budgel Commillee. He got his job and Woodin resigned. YETTA TOFFEL, 2453 84ll1 Slreel, Sec. in Spanish Office, Hebrew Club, Page- anl' Club. Not a word to say. JACK TOPOLSKY, 324 Briglwlon Beach Avenue, Dean's Squad, Medical Club, Biology Squad, Lunclwroom Squad. Still wants to know why students must study languages in school. MARCUS TOUSSIE, 388 Bay Parlcway, Pres. Debaiing Club, Sludeni' Relief, Sec. lo Dean, Pres. Stamp Club. Anybody wanna argue? LANDMARK FAY TRACHTENBERG, 3060 Easl 5l'h Sfreef, Lunchroom Squad, Play Wri+- ing Club. Service Squad, House and Grounds Commiflee. She believes half aloof is 'betterjhan none. LMA TRACTE BE?,G,,f I4 lea I r -- I 136 way, 'QNI arej uc ,Vge!ErT1glif 7 if-ll , Tennis Club, I Swimmi .czybvff 2 My,fhU5a?ou have grown! SIDNEY TURENSHINE, 70 Hill Sfreel, Fooiball Team, Sec. in Dean's Office, Championship Baslce+loall Team. Always kicking--the ball. HARRIET VAN COTT, I728 Wes? 2nd Srree+, Prom Commiflee, Cashier in Lunchroom, Dancing Club, Malceeup Squad, Riding Club. A graduate of The Charm School. FLORENCE VENTURA, IO37 42nd Slreei. Swimming Club, Travel Club, Service Squad. We can't Venturfab knock for her. LOUIS VICTOR, 2 Ocean View Avenue. Victor, even when he loses. CHARLES VOGEL, 3834 Cypress Avenue, Sea Gaie, Vice-pres. of Avialion Club, Vice-pres. of Prefecl' Class, Firsl Aid Squad, Field Docior of Soccer Team. California, here he comes. RITA VORONOFF, I259 52nd Sheer, Glee Club. Raises her voice in Glee-Club. ANN J. VOTSIS, I96 Highlawn Avenue, Zoology Club, Dancing Club, Associ- a+e Ediior of Medical Journal, Hobby Club. Vols' is? HOWARD WALZAR, IIZO 5Is+ Slreel, Traffic Squad, English Squad, Lunch- room Squad, Slrudy Hall Squad. Just a M time boy. LINCCLN L NDMA RUTH WALDMAN, l457 East l4+I1 Street, Service Squad, Late Squad, Basker- ball Club, Sec. To Miss Fay. Tries to write poetry, thinks it's good, We can't tip her off, but someone should. MAX C. WANTMAN, l7OI 55'rI'1 Srreei. Mimeograpli Squad, Pres. Zoology Club, Optical Squad, Biology Squad. Calling cucumbers fruits was his only irliosyncracy, until he finally succumbed to Technocracy. LEON J. WARSHAW, I4I I Wes? 4II1 Srreei, Arista, Pres. Physics Club, Sec. Alciiemisls, Sec. Vocational Guidance. The outstanding student--says Leon. MILDRED WEBER, 709 Avenue O, Tennis Club, Accouniing Club. Not an example, a problem. ADELE WECHSLER, 2242 64I'I1 Sireer. Glee Club, Hebrew Club, Lincoln Speedsiers, Sec. 'Io Miss Lewis. Watch her Speed! ARTHUR WEINBERG, 29l5 Wesi Iilsi Sireei, Football Squad, Field Band, Played in Jazz Orchestra. Rzzdy Vallee is a fake, our Artie takes the fa F. BERTHA WEINSTEIN, 23I8 64th Sire-ef, Capir. Late Squad, Serqeanr of Cafe- Ieria Squad, Arisia, Arkon. My, is her hair red? BLANCHE WEISINGER, 3I Harvard Couri, KaIIis+a, Arkon, Capt. of Siudy Hall Squad, Isiiirian. An all around athlete and a scholar as well, This is the story people will tell. HENRIETFA WEISNER, 8735 Bay Park- way, Service Squad, Lunclwroom Squad, Glee Club, Pinaiore. Show me a girl Weis-ner Cthan herb. PHILIP WEISSMAN, 3002 Easf 4th Street, Capt. Lunch Squad, Civic League, Clfiemisiry Club, Sec. Mr. Denenlwolz. Philip is a Weissman. LANDMARK SIDNEY WILSON, 2I52 Easl' 8+h Slreel, Opiical Squad, Service Squad, Lunch- room Squad, Prinl Shop. He took Geometry- in order to find the Lost Chord. ROSE WINICK, 1720 Easl 5+h Sireel. Glee Club, Economic Geography Club, Personali+y Club, Sec. +o Ivlr. ldelson. Never last at talking fast. AL WISHNER, 2034 Easl 3rd Slreel, Glee Club, Sec. 'ro Sons of Lincoln Club, Dramalic Sociely, Pirales ol Penzance. What a singer! Don't the neighbors com- plain? CECILE JEANETTE WOLF, 2I90 Easl' 5+h Slreel, Tennis, Vice-pres. Ollicial Class. Pseudo-sophistication. BEATRICE WOLFE, I I55 Easl I7+I1 S+ree+, Lincoln Players, Lincoln Log, Psycho- logy Club, Poelry Club. None can keep this Wolfe from the door of success. LEO WOLFE, I757 78+h Slreel, Track, Library Squad, Service Squad, Fool- ball Squad. Who's afraid of the big 'bad Wolfe? SARITA YELLIN, l423 Sheepshead Courl, Tennis Club, Lunchroom, Swimming Club, Sec. Spanish Office. When there's work to be done, She's Yellin for none. RUTH ZALOFSKY, 86Il Bay Parlcway, Sec. in Caleleria Ollice, Sec. in Type Club, Travel Club. All-around girl. C LILLIAN ZECKOWITZ 2 Slreel Lunchroom Lovable Lillian . II I T il Loyally Squad, Alhl 'fic Gal c I ' SYLVIA ZELIGMAN, 2035 70th Slreel, Biology Squad, Log, Sec. lo Dean, Arisla. Just refer to the list above And yorfll see that Science is her love. LINCOLN LAN DMA SEYMOUR ZIETZ, 2998 Wesi 29H1 Street Manager of Cross Coun+ry Team. I Seymour Zietz Csightsb. SYLVIA ZIMET, I33I Easf 9+i1 Sfreef, Sec. Dr. Rider, Sec. io Mr. Pargof, Loyaiiy League, Service Squad. Too likeable a person toeknock. SHIRLEY ZINMAN, 208 Parkside Avenue, Lincoln Log Siaff, Landmark, Giee Club, Double R Socieiy. CIntelligence-Enthuxiasm-Charmj-Logic? BESSIE ZLOTNICK, ZOOI Mermaid Ave- nue, Sec. io Mr. Trosien, Sec. 'ro Miss Presco++. Silence, like music hath its chorus. LEONARD ZLOTOFF, 45I2 5+l'i Avenue. The last knock written. MILTON ZUCKERBERG, l5OI 58+h S+ree+, Service Squad. Just a Service Squatter. LINCOLN LANDMARK .1 f 3 r 1 ,. ' TIE .- J in ,f rf Y' F 'pl- 15' rg . 1 Q 'G 1 L- I up .S 4.5 P 'Q' f ' rf' .pf 13. c ,Sag egg- . N Q ,f -ngfiwt , 1' hug ., ' f sg v. N. . in 1-55 '1 hifi'-T ' 91' ' 71' f 1g'f'5:J,. l Q Til' 1 , I , 1 V ',.- . rg-ii 'Mg 4 . ,Y Q l f, 5.-X. I za Lxwaar xi ,, :J f ii w Ce5E:' , , . P' T 'zigi ,gi 'gffw of L: ,mg .vllva--4,,, . LM, . wily' wa L, K f'1i33.'w1 '1:i., :1f1? fl ' ff-,fi f' , ' avr? v ifggwiv sage m, . . ' li K -1+ er if 1 .fZ,5u,4a:w:w-.f,,,-w5,,1:s . W- 7 ', Egesazsfaifi5.iN-Zfemfemrha-'f 1 'w :,, an -dHQ:qf'1f!f ser-We -L' '- 2 '4 W T f f' A A w. , , ., 'Y Suddenly Alice felf a fer- rific heal' overhead and as she gazed up, saw a iifanic ball of burning maH'er fhal' shed ifs lighi' in a hundred direclions. The vicious ra+e of speed wi'rh which ii' was approaching de- creased and in ifs place she heard a rumbling sound which finally dissolved ifself info conglomerafed whisperings of each ray, speaking io her in i+s owln language and im- parfing 'l'o her ifs CULTURE and LITERATURE Q OQZZZP, 149329. 4'4 iff? xx Kuala! eff. f 1, ' ' ' l A lvl 1 golf.: ' , . 42045: 1' f 1 ' A .... 'S .1 , .. ' . .1 - T: J ' ff' , Wh ,W :lb 4 I I 1' Atal P 'xr r-in X ,NP A-1' A fi mils 5+-f H3 Iifkiijg fifth wx! N slafatg '7 C: 76 SYMPOSIUM I can 'rhinlc of only Iwo oulslanding evenls in high school lhar shall never vanish lrom my memory. These evenls did nor occur unlil I was in my junior and senior years. In my junior year. I had beslowed upon me +he honor of running for 'rhe sec- relaryship of Ihe General Organizalion. Allhough I was nor Ihe viclor, I shall never lorgel' 'rhe excilemenr and Ihe glamour Ihal prevailed from +he lime I slarled our wifh my pe+i'rion un+iI +he eleclion relurns were given. In my senior year, I was alilorded Ihe privilege of applying for membership in The Arkon, lhe honor sociefy for 'rhose sludenls who devoled some of 'rheir 'rime 'Io serving lhe school. Alfer filing an applicalion, I was inlerviewed by bolh Ihe Senale and Assembly. Afler which I was informed +ha+ I was Io become a member. I don'I' Ihink +ha+ I shall ever Iorgel rhe fhrilling sensalion which I experienced being inslalled while my classmaies walched. FRANCES I-I. COI-IEN The mosl memorable evenl in my enlire high school career was a visil I paid Io one of I'he meelings oi Ihe Medical Sociely. The main fealure of Ihe program for Thar day was a fallc by an eminenl surgeon on Ihe relalion of surgery I'o Iuberculosis. I Ie made rhe speech so absorbing and inleresling Ihal as a result my enlire oullook on lile was aI+ered. Whereas previously I desired 'ro become a lawyer I now decided To enler info Ihe fields of surgery. Science look on a new lighr in my eyes. I became a member of Ihe biology, physics, and chemislry squads. I enfered +he Medical Club and Ialer became president I conducled my own researches and experimenls. I am sure +ha+ as long as I live I shall never forger 'rhal one speech. II' was Ihal one Ii'r+le Ialk 'rhal gave me a definile purpose in lile and changed me from a dreamer To a diligenl worker. JACKIM. TOPOLSKY LINCOLN LANDMARK 77 SYMPOSIUM Our high school days are crowded wilh innumerable excifing evenfs from which one usually sfands ou'r. One morning of my eighfh ferm, I received a nofe from Miss Cohen, our dean of girls, requesfing my presence in her office. When 'rhe hour for Ihal' appoinfmenf finally came, I recognized upon enfering, 'rwo familiar faces of 'rhe four who were fhere. VVe waifed a bif impafienfly, unfil Miss Cohen beckoned Io us fo follow her info Dr. Mason's office. Dr. Mason? Whaf could 'rhis mean? I-lowever, knowing Thar my high school record had been an unusually clean one, all Iraces of fear vanished and I followed fhe ofhers. The principal was seafed af his desk, and was soon congralulafing us upon our having received all A's in our maior subiecfs for fhe firsl' fhird. This is an incidenf which I consider 'ro be more excifing Ihan many ofhers, for nof only was if 'rhrilling fo meef Dr. Mason on such an occasion, buf if was also very encouraging. JANE COI-I EN ll was my firsl' prepared speech in English, and my vocal chords iusf wouldn'f funcfion. Thaf invisible enemy of inexperienced speakers, nervousness, sfruck me down wifh such force fhaf l was guilfy of a mosf unmanly emolion. I cried. The feacher. who sensed my emofions, affempfed fo revive my spirifs, buf +o no avail. AI' firsf, Ihe class seemed uncomforfable, bul' affer a Iiffle while l'hey seemed 'lo revel in The fhoughf fhaf l would be fhe recipienf of Ihe firsf zero in Jrhe class. However, fhe 'reacher who probably had sfudied psychology, fold me 'lo be seafed and fo see -him affer class af The end of Ihe period. l wenl' fo him and wifh a falherly affilude he worked his way info my confidence. The nexf day he called on me once more. Fighling back fhose unwelcome fears and frying Io remember whaf l wanfed fo say, l walked 'ro The fronf of fhe room and viciously spaf forfh my oral masferpiece. The resull' was no doubl' like a sI'ory book: my Teacher gave me a perfecf mark for my efforf. GERALDSALK LINCOLN LANDMARK Y. VI POTS- Q5 V Ov' ,A 55 C4 1 M0149-4 wth 596 'lb me 0 39 L I1 IGNORANCG IS BLISS M' O. 40454. off n z- :'YooH oARTsQu L I Qi 'Q ggggggifif 'Sven LO GLY SENIORS -Mus mwen. U , V , Q5 1 1 Y ... ' V -Q: Z. X -91 MTN! X WN 1,1 THE ww OF A1.LCLnNco:.nJP:m4,f . -44 , .n i l AW ' 'WP oun. Aunve PRESIDENTKPVJ 1 . K 26? ,W QV, xx 'H M ij I- an 4144416 PROM AD' Ill , ' ' - ' NCO cmonumes Fon. osfucesm ---- - kg, 'Wo V16 rsgfcwrzfc if 0 fflfsv' all 947C fvoomla QQ gm, X I6 jd 6 E 44:54, wnmm TAUB 4 iq, LN LANDMA RK 79 ESHTHERl by Harold N. Albaum EDITOR,S NOTE: The following story won first place in a contest conducted among the Seniors of the Class of January 1934. Frank Sallow was drunk. He was drunk because Charley was drunk: and Charley was drunk because fhey bofh fhoughf if was a good idea. Lucky he mef Charley when he did, buf wasn'f if always fhaf way? Ever since he could remember, if was Charley who had yanked him ouf of a ruf. Always around when needed, Charley was fhe besf pal a man ever had-only one fhing Frank had againsf him, and he could never quife gef fhaf ouf of his mind. Why had Charley consenfed fo be fhe 'besf man af Frank's wedding? Why had he deliloerafely allowed Frank fo go and gef married wifh a woman like Esfher? No: he would never forgef if-no, never. Of all fhe falkafive women, his wife Esfher was fhe worsf. Funny, she didn'f seem fhaf way before fhey were married--so nice and pleasanf, never said much, and seemed as if she liked fo Iisfen fo him and his plans for fhe fufure. And how elafed she was when he quiefly fold her, fhaf nighf on fhe gray plush divan, fhaf someday he would be a famous wrifer and have heaps and heaps of money. And hlow, when he asked her fhe nexf evening, if she would be his, she caughf her breafhq and mumbled fhaf she fhoughf s-he wasn'f fif fo be a greaf man's wife. He knew he loved her fhen: how was he fo know fhe oufcome of if? Thaf wedding was fhe worsf plighf Frank Sallow had ever goffen info. When he gof fired from Rogers, Mifflin, 81 Company-fhey were a bunch of grouches, anyway-Esfher was sfill all righf. They were bofh confidenf of fhe suc- cess of his firsf novel. lf would have been published, foo, if fhe plof had been a liffle differenfg fhaf second publisher had fold him fhaf. lf was affer he had goffen anofher job, as a bank-clerk, fhaf Esfher began 'ro change. He hadn'f noficed if unfil he began work on his fhird novel-and was in danger of losing his bank posifion because of successive lafenesses. He didn'f mind her falk and chaffer af firsfp he iusf smiled if off. Buf if didn'f sfay fhaf way long. He was soon irrifable and cranky. Spaf followed close upon spaf. Quarrel upon quarrel. The nighf before losing fhe bank iob was clear in his mindi. Damn fhaf gin! wasn'f if supposed fo make him forgef?-Thaf nighf was sfill clear in his mind. He saf down fo finish fhe sixfh chapfer of Myron Shays. He was fired and Crabby. He really felf sleepy. Then Esfher came info his room. Wrifing again, huh? ALWAYS wrifingl wrifingl wrifingl As if if ever gof you anywheres. As if you ever gof anyfhing from if. l wouldn'f care if you did somefhing sensible like any ofher man does in 'lhe evening-for insfance, faking your wife fo a movie or for a walk. Buf no. fhaf never enfers your mind! You'd rafher sif af fhaf desk and wrife! Wrife fo lose your iob. Whaf a man: whaf a complefe and un-l LINCOLN LANDMARK 80 Will you gef ouf of fhis room, for Pefe's sake, before l 'l'hrow you oufl Can'f you leave me alone for one nighf? You'll drive me absolufely crazy wifh fhaf con- sfanf meaningless gibberish. Talk! falkl falkl Like a machine. Never sfops. Al- ways qoing, chewing. Gab! gabl gab! Oh, God! Whaf a life! And fhen, 'rhe inevifable. Old Clymer, fhe bank presidenf, summoned Frank fo his desk fhe nexf morning, affer Frank had slipped behind fhe l'eller's window, fiffeen minufes lafe. Sallow, barked fhe official, you're fired! There are a lof of young men, smarfer and more indusfrious fhan you are, walking fhe sfreefs hunfing for iobs- any kind. l+'s nof fair fo keep a man like you! Facing Esfher-defensive. lf can'+ go on like fhis, s-he fold him. Well, whal clo you wanf fo do? he asked, fonelessly. He wafched his wife pale a liffle. She bil' af her lip in an efforf 'lo keep 'rhe fears from rushing l'o her eyes. He almosf felf sorry for her fhen- Papa is sailing for Germany nexf week, she said. Perhaps if will be beffer for bofh of us fo separafe-and-and-if any one of us-l--feels fhaf we should come fogefher again- Thaf was all. She was gone fhe following day. Frank Sallow free! Free fo do whafever he liked wifh himself. No rnarifal bonds, no responsibilifies, no money. Firsf he borrowed from friends. Then fhe Morris Plan. He expecfed 'ro release himself from debf by fhe sale of Myron Shays. He worked feverishly on fhe novel, day and nighf, believing, wifh sincere child-like faifh, in his genius as an arfisf and in fhe success of his work. Finally affer four monfhs, he dropped his pen af fhe conclusion of fhe lasl' chapfer. He would have fo sell if quickly now-fhe Plan was inundafing his mail- box wifh fhreafs and lfs, and his credifors were posfing him whenever fhey caughl' him. Beffer fake anofher gulp of Gordon. The fourfh publisher was a liffle less facfful fhan fhe ofhers. He didn'l' affempf suppressing a crooked smile. Wha+ did you do before you sfarfed wrifing? he asked. l was a clerk. Well, l'd say you beffer sfick fo clerking. Good-day! Frank reddened deeply and almosf crushed his Sfefson. He grabbed his man- uscripl' and bee-lined fo 'rhe exif. He could sfill hear 'rhaf hook-nosed jack-ass hee-hawing. He was afraid fo refurn fo his aparfmenf fhaf nighf. He mighf meel' his land- lord. Funny, he was able fo sfall fhe landlord up fill fhen: buf now he couldn'f. He couldn'f face anybody. For fhe firsf fime in Frank Sallows' speculafive life, he felf losl'--and alone. He fhoughl' of Esfher. Perhaps- He fook long sfeps fo Cenfral Park where he could iusf sif and resf. Musfn'l' lose courage. Surely find a publisher for Myron soon. Luck was bound fo cwange. Buf somehow, he couldn'f convince himself. His deiecfion was-foo deep, foo frue. And fhen he bumped info Charley--iusf af fhe big, iron enfrance gafe. LINCOLN LANDMARK 8I Why, you old grape-nuT, you! shoufed Charley, wiTh ThaT -hoarse ring in his voice which always made Frank wanT To do somefhing crazy. Frank recognized The same inviTing ring ThaT was responsible for a HaIlowe'en escapade of many years before. IT was The same ring which carried scenTs of burnT weenies smoldering in The flames of a rusTy and charred keTTIe, The fire Iighfing up s-hiny, eager, boyish faces, heavily bearded and mousTached wiTh charcoal: The same ring ThaT broughf back days of Thousands of oTher rugged ioys and pleasures. And now iT beckoned again. IT made Frank's hearf Thump. IT made him wanT To cry. Frank sfruggled wiTh a lump in his ThroaT. Charley, you son of a gun! They boTh Tugged aT each oTher's hands. Frank wouldn'T IeT him know. Charley would Try To help him ouT wiTh money-and Frank didn'T wanT ThaT. Then, The greaf Tempfafion. Charley had 'his car near and didn'T honor The eighTeenTh amendmenT. He was confidenTiaIIy suggesTive. Sure Thing-you beT we wilII echoed Frank, his own words sounding loud and hoarse in his ears. Why nof? This was The lasT sfage- He found himself in a nighT club, drunk-roaringly, foolishly drunk. Well, Thash Th' whole siTch-hic, pommy-yashun. Inner nuTcheI. Frank gulped aT The lasT glass of gin and sprawled all over his chair waTching The sweafy, grinning, negro iazz-band. He gaped aT The swirling whirlpool of bodies on The waxed floor. Near him, a woman smacked a heavy man in The face and he prompTly pushed her off her chair and walked over To a cigareTTe girl. Frank was Tired-bored. He heard a girl giggle hysferically-he wanTed To go home .... A voice called NighT and he shivered under The sTreeT-lamp. IT was a dark, cold evening. IT made his TeeTh chaTTer. His doorway was in fronT of him. Damn The key. IT would geT sTuck. He sTaggered inTo The hallway. Ah, warm! Gee, The sTeps never acTed like This before. WhaT was The maTTer wiTh Them? So wobbly and unsfeady. Humph! Somefhing he had eaTen probably. Now, who could have opened his door while he was away? A lighT in his room, Too! Sure he locked iT ThaT morn- ing. Who in-- EshTher! Iv1oisT, brown eyes pleadingly leveled Themselves on his own filmy, heavy ones. She was Thinner, wasn'T s-he? Oh, Frank, I iusf couIdn'T sTay away-I couldn'TI she sobbed. IT'II be differenT now, Frank. I'lI quiT boThering you. I don'T wanT To bring up baby wiThouT any fafher and Think of whaT people would say if They s- BabyI croaked Frank, BabyI Then he noficed The small, flannel bundle in his wife's arms. EshTherIl he cried brokenly as he ran To her, passionafely smoTh- ering her and The IiTTIe bundle wiTh kisses. Frank SaIlow, Esfher suddenly cried, sniffing The aromafic afmosphere sur- rounding him. You've been drinking! Ah, honey, waiT- NoT unfil you go and gargle your mouTh Thoroughly wiTh saIT-waTer This minuTeI Of all The despicable and sinful Things T-I LINCOLN LANDMARK 82 LINCOLN LOG STAFF Edifor-in-Chief Managing Edifor Sporfs' Edi'l'or ANNE MEHLMAN BETTY GOLDSTEIN BERNARD JACOBY Faculfy Advisers JESSE GRUMETTE ADELE S. KESSELMAN HARRY LEBOW CARGGES STAFF Co-Ediiors Ar+ Edi+ors Business Managers WILLIAM TAUBIN ASETEQITTVKEELEF JANICE BYNE MORRIS GOLDSHOLLE PAULINE STURM FacuHy Advisers MARGARET SOIFER LEON FRIEND HARRY B. LEBOW EMANUEL ROSEN LINCOLN LANDMARLK THE ARKON Presidenfz FRANK CRIFASI Vice-Presidenf: ARTHUR LACHMAN Secrefaryz MIRIAM KARDONSKY Faculjry Adviser: LEO VVEITZ THE ARIS-LA Boy Leader: ALEXANDER STEINWEISS Girl Leader: ANNE MEI-ILMAN Secreraryz BETTY GOLDSTEIN LINCOLN LAND MA F' f is ff, F? . - ' Vw- ix Q rt. 1 , is - on A s X K Egg' .I x. :- if 1 x i,,. . , fl- . ff UR, 4' e f . sat 'iw Q K as as Kg ' . up . ws J X qk vxi 6 m L W y fr mv fl ' ' 'L 1. N'fN.'rAUNri LINCOLN LANDMA ,Y Qi' s if E WE DID WORK! The blushing viole+s of The Landmark sfaff firsf mef on Oc'l'ober 9. The policies of fhe magazine were defermined immediafelyz all play, no work, and fhe besl' Land- mark in 'hisforyl Suggesfions offered for a novel book were received and Thoroughly discussed. Finally, Irhe sfaff decided fhey were wasfing +alen+ and defermined 'ro publish an amazing sfory magazine as a side line. The combined effecf of Jack RoIhschild's abilify fo say 'foo much aboul' nofhing, Irving Berger's homemade jokes, Arfhur Rudnick's puns, and fhe exfreme drowsiness of Ihe resf af 'rhe meefings, made Miss Zeiger confemplafe drasfic measures. AI' one of The meefings, 'rhe sfaff, nof realizing whal' was going Io befall fhem, vofed fo have knocks included in Ihe book. lf was a cold and biH'er morning 'rhe day 562 knocks had Io be wriHen by fhe seniors, for if was found fhal' 562 knocks had 'ro be rewriH'en by fhe sfaff. And so, on one Sunday morning, affer 'rwo weeks of haun+ing for missing slips, collec+ing and assorfing, Roslyn Silverberg, Shirley Zinman, Arfhur Rudnick, Harold Bassen, and Jack Rofhschild mef a+ Miss Zeiger's house fo rewrife Ihe knocks. William Taubin, Harold Dubow, and Morris Goldsholle, Ihe Jremperamenfal arfisfs, covered fhe arf work in fhe Landmark. They were awakened from 'rheir peaceful slumber one day, when fhe edifor exclaimed, lf fhose arI'is+s are nol down in five minufes, +hey're Irhroughf' They reached Room IO5 from fhe Ihird floor in Iwo minufes. The secrefarial work was underfaken and carried ou+ by Sally Gold, Sylvia Sfein, and Sylvia Fishman. Af The lasf meefing of fhe sfaff, The following ediforial board was chosen: Edifor-in-Chief ERVILLE SEYDEL Feafure Ediior Managing EcIiI'or ARTHUR RUDNICK JEROME MARRUS Associaie Eclifors SHIRLEY ZINMAN HAROLD BASSEN Ar+ Edifor HAROLD DUBOW Liferary Sfaff Ari' S'I'aFf DOROTHY COHEN WILL TAUBIN JACK ROTHSCHILD JESSE HERSTEIN MARGARET HOCHHAUSER MORRIS GOLDSCHOLLE HOWARD SARANSON Business Siaff ROSLYN SILVERBERG SALLY GOLD IRVING BERGER SYLVIA FISHMAN SYLVIA STEIN Facully Adviser DORA ZEIGER LINCOLN LANDMARK 86 CLASS PROPHECY Slowly and ponderously, fhe doors of heaven swung open, and wifh a heavy, mournful fread, I marched up fo fhe iudgmenf seaf. The Lord appeared severe yef kindly, as he benf forward in his flowing robes. The fhrone was immense and servanfs sfood on eifher side. I fhoughf I recognized a couple of pals and I nodded fo some of fhem. This acfion caughf fhe affenfion of His Grace, and he called me before him. He had a fired and pafhefic ldok, as he peered over fhe rim of his glasses. Who are you, where did you come from, and why are you here? I was complefely sfarfled af fhe rapidify wifh which he fired his quesfions af me. I felf fhaf I was geffing fhe fhird degree. Finally, I recovered myself suffi- cienfly fo reply- Rofhschild, Earfh, fo see fhe sigh'fs. The Lord isn'f a bad fellow, and he was quife impressed wifh fhe infelligence of my answer. He explained fhaf he would have fo insfifufe an invesfigafion before I would be allowed fo mingle wifh fhe ofher inhabifanfs, apologizing profusely all fhe while. In fhe mean+ime, he said, fake fhaf fellow over fhere, as a guide, and look around. Thanks, Lord. So Iong. See you lafer. I saunfered over fo fhe guide who looked very suspicious. Have a ci-gar. Say, whaf are fhe besf sighfs fo see around here? Um-Corona!--Come on, and I'll show you. I saw remnanfs of very familiar people, whom I presenfly perceived fo be mem- bers of fhe faculfy af Lincoln High. There were also many confreres. Here, af Ieasf, everyone walked on an equal basis. My guide and I became loquacious, whaf wifh cigars and good feelings. lf you promise nof fo lef anyone know, l'll show you some+hing. My curiosify was aroused, and soon we furned a corner of fhe corridor, nearly falling, in our eagerness, info fhe room. We wenf inside, and I found myself in one of fhe mosf beaufifully furnished libraries I had ever seen. Sfocked around fhe walls were shelves of beaufifully bound books, which, curiously enough, had nofhing bul' numbers on fheir backs. The place is beaufiful, buf why should if be shrouded in secrecy? I asked. In reply, 'he answered briefly. Open one. I chose a volume whose only 'rifle was l959. I could scarcely believe my eyes Why, fhis musf be fhe Hall of 'lhe Fufurel LINCOLN LANDMARK 87 The book conTained a number ol enTries, chronologically arranged, according To daTe. January 2--Rosalind Allenson and Frank Crifasi, one oT The greaTesT Tap dancing Teams oT all Times, are To dance before The King and Queen oT England. January 3-The Tirsf woman head of The lnTernaTional Economic Commission will preside over The meeTing. BeTTy GoldsTein has proved her abiliTy worThy oT The posiTion. January 4-The secreTarial deparTmenT of The Social Welfare Bureau will award medals To Sally Gold and Sylvia STein, Tor The Tine work They rendered To Harvey STone, PresidenT oT The OrganizaTion. January 20-ArThur Lackman will be sworn in as PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes by Chief JusTice of The Supreme CourT Ralph SpiTzer. February I7-lrving Berger, Jerome lvlarrus, and Anne lvlehlman will deparT Tor The World Peace Conference as UniTed STaTes delegaTes. March I--Harvard UniversiTy will add ArThur Pincus, celebraTed Ph.D., To iTs TaculTy. March 2--A GilberT and Sullivan cycle, revived by BerTha WeinsTein, producer, will sTar Al Wishner in The leading parT. March I5-HarrieT Van COTT and Helen Lockwood are filling up space in The socieTy columns of The leading newspapers. They are sTill The belles of The season. March 30-Hy Gelfand conTinues Training ouTdoors Tor The annual Tennis maTches aT ForesT Hills. June I2-Leonard TeiTlebaum, wiTh his SecreTary Frances Cohen, deparTs Tor Chicago, by air, in order To supervise The branch in ThaT ciTy of The NaTional Bank of which he is presidenT. June 22, July 5, July 23, AugusT l5, SepTember 9, OcTober I3, November 27, December 3, l5, 2l, 3l-A maze of daTes crowded before my eyes-WiTh a shock ThaT was almosT audible, I realized ThaT l was reading ThaT which is closed To humaniTy. l was reading The TuTure. ExciTedly, l Turned To my guide buT l was meT by The eyes oT The Lord. He was angry ancl l had hearT-Tailure. Why did you come in here? Didn'T you see The sign No EnTrance ouTside? l explained ThaT The guide had ushered me in. He TelT ThaT aTTer a long earThly educaTion l should have had more sTrengTh of characTer To resisT The delinquenT fellow, and commenced To press iudgmenT upon me. Suddenly, l heard voices. A Torrenl' of rain seemed To be falling. To my surprise, The Lord Taded from view and -his massive shape disappeared slowly. The lighT dazzled my eyes. Nebulously, l groped my way back To consciousness, vaguely cognizanT of The voices of Sylvia Zeligman and Sam Michelson. They were delighT- edly dancing a iig, Tor They had Tound a good remedy Tor bringing dead people To life-and l, unsuspecTing vicTim, had been The subiecT Tor Their experimenTs. LINCOLN LANDMARK 88 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, The senior class of January I934. being of feeble mind lbecause of The Eco DepT.l and of unsound body lbecause of The P. T. DepT.l. do hereby draw up, make, consTiTuTe, leave, bequeafh, as well as donafe The following arficles, Things, obiecfs, subiecTs. adiecfives, and pronouns. To The following more or less lmosfly lessl honored beneficiaries: To Dr. Mason, we leave six Thousand and some odd lvery oddl sTuden's wiTh various ambifions and aspirafions. To The ArThur Sfudios lnc., l3I WesT 42nd STreeT, BryanT 9-7342 ladverfisemenfl, we leave The proofs of our picTures so ThaT They may laugh aT Them when They are blue. To Mr. Burger, we leave The AuTobiography of Lincoln STeTfens. To Mr. Plauf, we leave Abe Abrams. He may Tackle Luckman nexT Term. To Mr. Sfeinhardf, we leave a boTTle of musTache encourager. To Mr. Blum, we leave all The TemperamenTal acfors lefT in Lincoln. To The Facul-Ty, we are leaving a number of red circular marks which mean noThing To us. To The neophyTes abouf To inheriT The TiTle of Senior Class, we leave our chewing gum under The desks. and The confinual haunfing of Mr. Morris Kaufman chirping gaily, The DocTor will be here Tomorrow. GeT your HEALTH EXAM. lare you lisTenin' Dr. Shulman?l To The Sophomores, we leave noThing, They help Themselves To anyThing They wanT. To The freshmen, we leave a pair of shears so ThaT They may cuT Their childish capers. To The Supply Room squad we leave lvlarshall's book on GRAFT . To The Service Squad we say, Thanks for all The pasf favors. To The nexT Senior Adviser, we leave The advice noT To suggesT doing away wiTh The dance order cards. To The new Board of Edifors of The Log we leave a shiny pair of dice. Two decks of cards, and a bridge scorer. They will find This in The desk near The window. VVe make Mr. Krane, Dean of The Boys, The execufor of This will. lf he doesn'T carry ouT our insTrucTions as herein seT forTh, we shall reTurn To haunf him. Affer having read MacbeTh we feel qualified To do This. We The senior class of January I934 do hereby sign our 550 names in in visible ink. LINCOLN LANDMARK .wWfWg.r an 1 N225 A f f fl .Q I f 2:4 'H' 2,115 eq' I . 1, gig'-'f' sr. 'ggi A ' -V -:mffn fa ,I infri- T f 9-fl A -I , ' we ff' ,fifigfi fi- 4 -ai?-2 ' ' I ff mf if I Mn? V , Q ' ' fir , W 'H ' in I A 0 Q. I - ul QR. r w ' r .L L1 f I 'Q 1. ual Amor .4 5 fill: fps, 1., i - 9 I .I - fi s' J . 'T 4'-Y -9-fs ' ml' 1' . 'msQi?'-I -5' . 3.4 2 I, I if Mwwwmx I v . 'm l 1 3315 ffbfiw 1' T ,mf 9. W, . Q X. sl ' was ww' 1 152- 1 ffwaiw' f . I +5 Q ef if G! ' . .1-W, A I-, z I 'xr' .P mv'-.' -Q-,gf , 'V- M , lwwt , Mosl' suddenly, Alice fell a downpour of frozen drops, and +iny flakes. each heading for a definiie goal. The pres- sure of Iheir a'HracI'ive shapes pushed her along fill she goi' her sfarf, and helped mofi- vale power for I'heir progress. Gradually becoming acquain- led wifh Ihe one on which she rode. she discovered il' +o be one of I'he many EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Q sig. f Q A 312' f I I ll? kiwi, QAPMIPM ' ewfum gf wlfm 341, X X ww- ','l evkfws uw 81 ' f or 351' Ni 5322 fi' rj! 4 r 1' sf my u ggifsa hz' ff exsilis, , wif .5 gaiyyf' ggi-5 6 90 SPORTS RESUME HereToTore iT has been The cusTom oT our predecessors eiTher To acclaim The TeaTs oT The ouTsTanding personaliTies in The Tield oT aThleTic endeavor, or To elucidaTe The meriTs and accomplishmenTs oT The various Teams. This Term we aim To sTrike a happy medium, by a combinaTion OT boTh. LeT's proceed. SOCCER The soccer Team Tinished iTs season wiTh a Tine record, showing a Third place in iTs division. The booTers claim seven vicTories. Two deTeaTs, and one Tie. Recover- ing very nicely Trom The loss oT many oT iTs graduaTed members The Team sTarTed oTT by deTeaTing Lane 2-O, and Adams 4-O. lT was probably overconTidence ThaT losT The nexT game To Tilden I-0. Following This, however, The Lincoln soccer men Triumphed over Manual I-O. A Brooklyn Tech TorTeiT puT Lincoln up in TronT. Had The Lincoln Team conquered New UTrechT insTead oT being held down To a I-I Tie. The Ocean Parkway Team would probably have Tinished in TirsT place. Flushing was The nexT vicTim, succumbing To The Tune oT 6-3, Thus helping Lincoln mainTain second place. A non-league game wiTh Erasmus resulTed in a vicTory Tor The Lincoln men 2-I. However The Tinal P.S.A.L. maTch oT The season wiTh Cleveland which ended in a Lincoln deTeaT, 3-2, broughT The Lincoln Team down To Third place. A posT- season game wiTh Evander Childs Tound Lincoln The vicTor, 2-0. CapTain Sam AbromowiTz, MorTon Young. ScoTTy Falconer, William Main, Julie Bauchmer, and Henry Becker Tigured greaTly in The Lincoln vicTories. FOOTBALL JeTTerson was The TirsT Team To meeT deTeaT aT The -hands oT The Coney Island eleven 6-O. The Lincoln pigskin-pushers ended Their season very nicely also by beaT- ing a sTrong Tilden Team I8-O. Oh, we TorgoT To menTion ThaT Those games played in The inTerim were all losT To New UTrechT, Erasmus, ST. John's and Madison respecTively. During The New UTrechT game, The BensonhursT Team had Lady Luck on her side as a Lincoln auThoriTy on sporTs puTs iT. The TaTes ThaT kepT The Lincoln Team Trom scoring were Those ThaT probably Tripped and felled a Lincoln backTield man wiThin Tive yards oT a goal. The Green and WhiTe Team made The only Tally oT The game on a Treak To-rward pass. In The TiIT wiTh Erasmus, Lincoln made only one Touchdown To The Sid Luckman Team's Tour. Never was a TooTball Team builT around one man, as was ThaT oT Erasmus. BuT enough abouT ThaT Team. In The Tollowing game wiTh ST. John's, Lincoln played mosTly in The oTTensive. However a swiTT aerial aTTack by The prep men resulTed in The Lincoln deTeaT. 6-O. LincolniTes were Tound To be mourning on ArmisTice Day, Tor iT was on November I I ThaT The Blue and Gray eieven wenT down To cleTeaT beTore James Madison I2-0. The Highway Team was ouT To avenge lasT year's deTeaT and They did in spiTe oT The sTern resisTance puT up by The Lincoln men. Due crediT neverTheless should go To CapT. Bob Bresky, Tackle and Dick Greves LINCOLN LANDMARK 9I Tor Their Tine deTensive playing while oTher honors should be besTowed upon Fred Eauser and Vin RobiToTTi Tor Their excepTional work on The oTTensive. The combinaTion oT These Tour, wiTh The cooperaTion oT The Team were highly insTrumenTal in sending The Tilden eleven home vowing vengeance Tor an I8-O deTeaT. TRACK The cross counTry Team has acquiTTed iTselT nobly in P. S. A. L. compeTiTion, having aTTained TourTh place in The ciTy championship meeT. Among The harriers who have gained Tame Tor Themselves and Their school are Frank SlaTer, CapTain Henry Erickson and Carmine Coppola. The laTTer surprised probably everyone buT him- selT and Coach SchecTer when he capTured The individual championship of Brooklyn. lncidenTly The Team placed TwelTTh in The NaTional Championship Finals. SWIMMING T-he Lincoln naTaTors wound up Their season wiTh a second place in The borough division, having been edged ouT oT TirsT place by Erasmus. The TirsT Three meeTs mighT be paraphrased as swimaways as The scores will indicaTe. IT was in The TirsT and Third meeT ThaT The Lincoln mermen Took six ouT oT seven evenTs and in The second meeT had To be saTisTied wiTh a mere seven ouT oT seven TirsT place evenTs. The deTeaTed Teams and scores were Boys' High 58-IZ, EasTern DisTricT 55-I6, and Brooklyn Tech I5-26 respecTively. BuT in The nexT meeT The Lincoln swimmers bowed To Erasmus by a margin oT Three poinTs, The NepTunes having scored 34 poinTs To The vicTor's 37. Had The services of Their capTain Herb Glass been available Tor This meeT, anoTher sTory mighT be Told. The Tollowing meeT wiTh Madison Tound The Team oT Per Nelson, Al Fine, MilT Margolin, and MilT Eisenberg seTTing a new P.S.A.L. relay record in I:44 3f5.., Lincoln, by The way, was The vicTor. ln shorT order Manual and UTrechT were done away wiTh. And iusT To bring To a close a mosT successTul season, wiTh an almosT spoTless record lThe naTaTors won 8, and losT only one meeTl The Luxmen deTeaTed Thomas JeTTerson 50-2I, and Samuel Tilden 43-28. RIFLE For The TirsT Time in Three years, The riTle Team has Tailed To win The ciTy P.S.A.L. championship TiTle. However Coach STeinberg's charges made a Tine showing by doing The nexT besT Thing i.e. annexing second place in The ciTy championship meeT. Headed by Irv LuTT The riTleers won Their TirsT dual meeT Trom HamilTon, and Then Trounced Boys High 964-829 in order To give The second Team pracTice. In a re- Turn maTch wiTh HamilTon, The riTle men seT a new dual meeT record wiTh The score oT IO63. Jamaica also losT To The sharpshooTers lO35-IO28. The irony oT iT all is ThaT in The STock Exchange MeeT The Lincoln Team Tinished second while The Jamaica squad was aT The Top. ln The Tirsl' P.S.A.L. meeT John Romeo secured The individual championship TiTle. The oTher Lincoln men who placed were Sid SharoTT, Third, Meyer SchwarTz, TourTh and Meyer Baievsky sixTh. In The P.S.A.L. Tinals The Lincoln Team shoT iTs way To second place. LINCOLN LANDMARK 92 Top-ATI-I LETIKA Bo'r'rom-KALLISTA J X , 'Y nth .7 . Q .. LS - . . , - X, . LINCOLN LANDMARK 93 MODERN GODDESSES The glory and beauTy which irnmorTalized Greece lives again amid The porTaIs of Abraham Lincoln High School. Inspired by The legendary goddess, Diana, our girls have Turned To sporTs Tor pleasure and well-being. The ancienT Greeks, whose ideals oT physical beauTy have never been excelled, sTrongIy advocaTed parTicipaTion in aThleTics Tor The developmenT oT The body. Lincoln girls have adopTed many of Their principles, and The Senior class oT I934 has adequaTely done iTs share in TurThering Them. The class, as a whole, is easily worThy oT many oT The laurels which our Greek predecessors annually besTowed upon Their vicTorious sporTsmen. JusT as The Grecian girls dressed in Tunics, and leaped and whirled on The hills and plains, our modern girls in The dancing classg aTTempTed To inTerpreT poeTry, life, ioy, Tragedy, and deaTh. Their Terpsichorean eTTorTs were marked by ease and Tree- dom, and The sTudenTs used Their individual iniTiaTive in giving movemenT and expres- sion To music. A number oT Seniors did ouTsTanding work in This group. Odilie Rojas, EsTher KoviTz, RuTh Ellis, RuTh Shul, MargareT l-Iochhauser, and Florence Blum were among Them. In accordance wiTh The ancienT Greek cusTom, we have besTowed The laurel wreaTh oT honor upon Those who have aTTained perTecTion in Their parTicular Tields oT aThleTic endeavor. Selma GoIdsTein, champion Tennis-player, was crowned aTTer winning The TournamenTs. The courTs were crowded on ThaT momenTous day, wiTh specTaTors who marveled aT The display oT grace and precision. Under a cloudless, blue sky, and wiTh a hinT oT Indian summer inTluencing her smile, Selma was acclaimed The winner aTTer a long sTi-uggle. lvlay her laurels spur her onward! Following The Greek precedenT oT seTTing aside one day in every year Tor Tield meeTs, our girls, Too, held a Track meeT, Tor which Sylvia RoThenberg was awarded The laurel wreaTh oT honor Tor proving herseIT The besT racer in speed and Torm. In sTriving Tor The physical perTecTion which The Greeks achieved, our sTudenTs have realized The innumerable advanTages oT parTicipaTing in compeTiTive games. We poinT To Blanche Weisinger as an example OT an all around physical deveIopmenT. Blanche, wiTh Rosalyn MoskowiTz, Eva Kaplan, Adele Kaplan, Bessie Q. Levine, RuTh Marcus, and Odilie Roias enTered inTo every sporT, and have proved ThaT They are indeed worThy oT upholding The TradiTional sporTsmanship oT Lincoln. LINCOLN LANDMARK 94 CLUBS Resolve to be thyseljg and know that he Who jinds himself, loses his misery. Propelled by The forces of a defermined socieTy, hundreds of children are driven, like caTTle, inTo our schools every Term. Lincoln has cordially welcomed These sfudenfs, and has assumed, in a measure, The major responsibiliTy for each one's well- being. Blindly enThusiasTic, and almosT wholly raw, They need undersTanding, guid- ance, and encouragemenT. Unable To deal adequaTely wiTh individuals, because of class-room roufine, Teachers have devised a sysfem of exfra-curricular enferprises, The aims of which are To inTeresT The sTudenT, To draw him ouT, and To offer him a channel Through which he may freely express his ideas and his opinions. The firsT conscious sfep Toward ulTimaTe happiness can be Taken only affer one knows himself. Thus, as one learns To confrol Thaf self, and Then To express iT sincerely, is one fighfing a baTTle. Affacking The problems courageously, one can scarcely avoid becoming The vicTor. Probably The greafesf parT of man's success is due To The exTenT To which his capaciTy for self-expression has been developed. ln elemenfary school, The sTudenTs are Too young: in college, Too busy. Therefore, The burden of preparafion for fufure, as well as The solufion To presenf problems, falls upon The high school, The infermediafe sTage. IT is here ThaT The boy finds The field of endeavor which inTeresTs him mosT, and for which he is besf fiTTed1 iT is here ThaT The girl discovers her abilify-lying dormanf, perhaps,-To pursue a par- Ticular acTiviTyg and if is here ThaT These apTiTudes are given full reign for expansion and developmenf. Since our governmenf provides merely for an exfensive general educafion, we ourselves musT ufilize our spare Time in securing The advanfages oT more specialized, infensive experience. This is achieved Through The medium of club life, which is a source of inTeresT, profiT, and pleasure, To all who avail Themselves of The opporfunify. There are many Times during The course of life, when, under The sTrain of cerTain condifions, TumulT reigns in The mind: deiecTion rules The spirifg and The enTire per- sonalify becomes submerged under heavy emofional pressure. The individual musT Then aHempT To raise himselT from his despondency,-a Task which becomes a hundredfold easier when There is even one medium Through which he may relieve his emofionq one inTeresT in which he may lose himself To The exTenT ThaT his whole ener- gefic being is absorbed in exfernal acTiviTy. Thus, his mind is diverfed and The un- usual perspecfive which his personal conflicfs have caused him To assume Temporarily, reTurns To normal. During The adolescenT's life, These sformy periods are all Too frequenf, and The clubs are invaluable for The aid which perhaps unconsciously They LINCOLN LANDMARK 95 render. They provide an ouTleT for The expression of concenTraTion and inTensiTy of purpose which invariably accompany such emoTional disTress. The unresT which Tugged aT The soul of The wanderer, Ulysses, is much lilce The eagerness, The unquenchable ThirsT for knowledge which surges incessanTly in The sTudenT who engages in club acTiviTy. The saTisfacTion of such a desire culminaTes in The sTimulaTion of an inquiring mind which will carry him consTanTly inTo broader, deeper, richer fields of experience and which resuITs in growTh in The diversify and inTensiTy of his abiding inTeresTs. For insTance, a girl may ioin a dramaTic club because she is inTeresTed in The Technique of acTing. During The course of The Term she is given a parT in one of The producTions. l-ler fancy is caughT by The subTle conversaTion, The wiT and charm, or perhaps The Tragedy of The play iTself. She reads iT Through: sfudies The effecTs7 looks for oThers eiTher of a similar Type, or Those wriTTen by The same auThor. Thus she is led from one To anofher inTeresT and is adding, all The while, To her sum ToTal of experience. As Tor experiences-can any one find more real value To educafion Than acTually puTTing info eTfecT, Theories discussed in class? Sfudying a sysTem of democracy is good, buT pracficing one is beTTer. The STudenT CourT is one of The TinesT organs ever devised Tor individual expression, for iT gives our fuTure ciTizens an op- porTuniTy for a more comprehensive undersTanding of democracy, and a chance To display a complefe sinceriTy. EarnesTly conscious oT The Trufh of Their con- vicfions, They baTTle for Their concepTion of righT and wrong. This, combined wiTh The experience gleaned from The siTuaTions, helps To build a concrefe foundafion for success. EducaTion is The process whereby we learn To live among our fellow men. There is a cerTain amounT of poise which, noT unnaTurally, is lacking in adolescenf youTh, buT To which They all aspire. AssociaTions wiTh conTemporaries, Through which an inferchange of ideas is made possible, lead To an ever expanding con- fidence in The value of conTribuTing Their own ThoughTs To sociefy. All These conTacTs beTween Teachers and sTudenTs, and among The sTudenTs Themselves, are made noT only on an inTellecTual basis, buT also on a social one. lviingling wiTh men and women,-live, anirnaTed individuals,-glowing wiTh The effervescenT opTimism of invincible youTh, enrichens experience in a manner wholly pracTicable, as well as pleasurable. Primarily, and ulTimaTely, we are TaughT To live firsT wiTh ourselves, Then among people, and lasT To possess or To acquire a broader, fuller, more ToIeran+ concepTion of life. LINCOLN LANDMARK ?,Q,m-LLLL,L, LLLL LL LLLL L L LLLL L L 44 Q cgutograplvs 1 , L 54.42. M471 i i S LINCOLN LAND L Lv' 599' MA On flue shoofing siar of Graduarion, Alice refurned from fhe Heavens of Educa- fion +o'l1er Wonderland of realify, +hei Lincoln Labora-' +ory,.and like 'the magical genii's Masier, could hardly convince herself fhaf she was ready for ihe 'process of in- iecrion info flue veins of life, COMMENCEMENT i P e ,Sl1irley,Zinman 3 I F I I .X ' img, .1 A V f': .:L F 1 it , f Q ' . K, ' I 5 R E.. 'X F 2 E+ E f.. if 3 QA Z 4 I 'il i 'E E I 'g lx Q 4 , 5 I I 3 Y i -, ' Li I E e:.'s:..-:'i3a.Ti.L'L5L-.,g:.::.11.4ZL- -A A--r - QLA. -.-. ..,M.,?.-4. 4--r A -Av-Y-Q 5 -- Q -,.. , .,. .,. ..m.-i..n.QI..kg.,.Ak..

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Landmark Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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