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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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J?-1. an mp. - wh.: .-- ..-. din ,Q 1 ., fxfunp.-4,1 ,1,,g. -.. , :rap H, , ,,,,,1,,g,g1:,-MKQ1., ,' ' ' A is-s.L..,.....Q-. X.. faq... 'I' I"I E ABRAHAM LINCOLN C RIMS C N HIGH SCHOOL A N D Council Bluffs Iowa BLUE 1955 km. A Come o C Ie d of the School Year 1954 1955 o I cxvkfg , I, 3 ,I ' a O I N J I' G I1 CII' The Crnmson and Blue as Pubushed yearly by the students of Abraham Lnncoln Hugh School Heading the editorial tah o tl'e 1955 cdltton are Connie Slcow coordunatlng editor Nancy Swuclc copy edttor Mary Grover layout edmtor and Noel Cook photograohtc cdttor Top members of the bu sncss staff are Daft Swann busuncss manager Advusory staff conststs ot Mr W Rooert Brow copy layout and production Mlss Marga et R t-'cnderson buslncss d Mr V gal H Muller photography Complete staft membcrsl up IS tound tt th 5 ctnor or cornmunlca tlons l " I z ' , ' 1 , A 7 , 1 , I A D - Is' 2 , , A , ' f , and Larry Meyerson, assistant bustness manager. . . , Q ' 5 ' r . .1 , + , an . ir ' . , . 1 X' ' 't 0 Q ' W 1 . A e l ol Mom we 1 weo TH 9101112 1516171819 22 23 24 25 26 29 30 31 Administration Ty 5 new Calendar U FRI S It is with a sincere feeling of gratitude and appreciation for her twenty-eight years of service at Abraham Lincoln High School that the 1955 Crimson and Blue staff dedicates this annual to Miss E. Grace Taylor- To all those who have loved and revered Miss Taylor through the years, these few words can only inadequately describe the person she is, or measure in any way her contribution to education and culture. Miss Taylor's broad interests recognize no confines, and because of her innate graciousness and gener- osity, her knowledge has become the inspiration for countless lives that came within her sphere of teach- ing. Many names appear on A.L.'s roster of the past, but there will always be only one Grace Taylor. Both the faculty and the student body ioin in the deep hope that her future will be filled with only the good things in life as partial payment for what she has so unselfishly and lovingly done for others. 5 O SJ ' :g i . J. 19951 JI! ...ft 'ns fun it Like teachers, principals too have paper work. Principal Theron R. Stuelke attacks a pile of administrative bulletins before turning them over to the faculty for perusal. September 7 l6 22,23 24 October 5 i2 14,16 25-29 November 8-i3 v,u,M ,Q "Before each school year begins, one of my first jobs is to prepare a complete schedule or calendar of events at A. L. for administration and faculty use. Although some of the dates are always subject to change, I believe that including represent- ative excerpts from this program in the 1955 annual will be in keeping with the book's "calendar" theme and that they will serve many years hence as a reminder of pleasant memories of a typical year at Abraham Lincoln." School Calendar: 1954-1955 First Day of School Election of Student Council Members in Home Rooms Iowa Tests of Educational Develop- ment Beginning of Magazine Drive Student Council Meeting, Cafe, 8:30 A. M. Abraham Lincoln P. T. A. Potluck Junior Class Play lntersociety Debates American Education Week. 9 P. T. A. Open House l2 Class General Election i2-I3 Road Show 25,26 'Thanksgiving Vacation December 9 Registration for Secowd Semester l7 Basketball Game with Tech at A. L. 21 School Distribution of Christmas Bas kets 22 Christmas Vacation Begins January 6 Prose and Poetry Finals 13 Assemblies: "The Harmoneers" I 8-20 24 February 3 17 18,19 21 March 7-12 y 11 28 April 1,2 Semester Tests Beginning of Second Semester Election of New Student Council Members lowa Silent Reading Tests District Wrestling Meets Council Bluffs Music Clinic Boys' Sub-State Basketball Tourney Military Ball Start of High School Forensic League Tourney and Play Festival, Iowa City Preliminaries, Solo and Ensembles, Western Iowa 7 Easter Assemblies, Sponsored by Hi-Y and Y-Teens 28 Registration for Fall Semester 24-30 Drake Relays May 6 Junior-Senior Prom at Chieftain 19 Honor Assembly 20,21 Senior Class Play 29 Baccalaureate June 1 Graduation 3 End of Second Semester ln a contemplative mood, Mary Ethel Pomeroy, dean of girls, ponders one of the many problems which cross her desk each day. Smiling but firm, Roy F. Lawson, dean of boys, stands at the oflice door to oversee hall traffic between classes. Superintendent of Schools Russel J. Maurer inspects classroom renovation at A. L. Agenda: 1954-1955 Preparation and presentation of the annual school budget Determination of salaries and contracts for all school personnel for following year Annual school board election and organization Approval of all policy, curriculum, and textbooks changes and additions Plans for purchase of additional land as sites for future school buildings Plans for additional buildings to house Council Blutts school children Evaluation of entire school program according to the needs of the pupils Board of Education ,s x Board members halt a busy night meeting to accommodate photographers ofthe '55 yearbook. Seated: Mr. John A. Jungquistg Dr. Russell Blanchard, president: Dr. Kenneth G. Walkerg Mr. Lester E. Andrews, secretary. Standing: Mr. Harry C. Voss, Mr. Carl W. Eckert, Mr. C. Francis Putnam, and Mr. Charles W. Langmade. 8 xf Y VIOLA N. BICHEL. B. M., M. M., Chicago Conservatory, Univer- English Dra matics. sity of Nebraska. Vocal Music, Theory and Appreciation, JET THRUSH DOWNS. State University of Iowa. Typing, HARRY N. LANGDON. B. A., University of Omaha, Speech, ROY F. LAWSON. B, S., M. A., Parsons College, Creighton Uni- versity, Orientation, General Science. JUANITA R. ESCHMANN. B. A., M. A., Park College, Columbia University. World History, American History, Fducation. MARION HANTHORN. B. S., Iowa State College. Homemaking. ERVA C. HUCKLEEBERRY. B. A., Park College. Typing Shorthand. Business Arithmetic. RICHARD LESSENGER. B. A., Iowa State Teachers College. Driver HERBERT LITTLE. B.A., Cotner College. Chemistry. MAE MAHER. Registrar. WILLIAM R. HUGHES. B. S., M. S., Morningside College, Univer- sity of Omaha. Business Education. BIANCA MCCOMB. B.A,, University at Nebraska. English. MARY ETHEL POMEROY. Ph. B., Drake University. Solid Geome- THURMAN E. JOHNSON. B. S., M. S., Simpson College, Univer- sity of Omaha. Typing, Athletics. WALTER T. KALTENBORN. B. A., University of Nebraska. Amer- ican History, American Government, Athletics. try, LENA E. WHITE. B. S., Iowa State Teachers College. Bookkeep- ping, Shorthand, Transcription. Bichel Downs Eschmann Hanthorn Hunkleeberry HUQIWBS J0lWf'50"' Koltenborn Langdon Lawson Lessenger Little Maher McComb Pomeroy ZW' A :K .. Ay tif - 3, Serving is '.- Q 2 T: .I lb' '.:3s:"-5' 'M ' ' " """ 'i f--A the school . wi ar- ,....- 1 4.9, I fs? --- . A I4 I on 'he fa" committees 7? nl-' Q Q- G.. - x . I' f QT :N A I 2 x I . P 'Q' gs 'M' 'R' f " A A ' '54 ew L. whats ' . gi is fl! TA' - - - 1 r 'X In - 'Q , 1 . A v ... M- - m""f"-A51 - 0-I an-0 -.2 Q5 ,Tax "'2.."' Q' 1? F, 'N 92 1 3, K. lik 7" I Brown Ketter '38-". . 0 5 T57 ,ISA 'zu Ni 'B' Doty La ra z 'Q Jennings Lee S W. ROBERT BROWN. B, A., M.A., University of Omaha, Northwestern University, American Literature. VERNON E. DOTY. B, S., M.S., Iowa State College. industrial Arts, Athletics. VICTOR P. JENNINGS. B.A., M. S., Parsons College, University of Omaha. Biology, Athletics. LELA M. KETTER. B, S., Drake University. Trigonometry, Algebra, Plane Geometry. TOMAS M. LARA. B.A., University of Omaha. Spanish. H. ARTHUR LEE. B. A., B. J., M, A. Baker University, University of Kansas. Journalism. Committee members of service during the winter months . . . Mansfield Marty D. Miller Pohl Ross Sprugel Stout A. White Williams RK 59 A fb' M s I-A 3' 'X A, 1'-fs I - CLEOLA M. MANSFIELD. B. S., North Western Missouri Teachers College. Physical Education, FAYE E. MARTY. B.A., M.A., University of Nebraska, University of Michigan. English. DONNA PATRICIA MILLER. B. A., University of Omaha. English, Speech, Debate BERNIECE E, POHL. B,S., University of Omaha. Fine Arts, 'A ix , " TNQ GERALD E. ROSS. B. S. C., M.S.E., Creighton University. Salesman- ship, Distributive Education. JOHN E. SPRUGEL. B. S., Iowa State College. Agriculture. 3 l' I HAROLD L. STOUT. B. S., Iowa State Teachers College. Industrial Arts. AGNES H. WHITE. B. A., Tabor College. American Literature, Psychol- Ogy. BERNICE WILLIAMS. Treasurer. P 1 1 I O-AQ :Qi Assisting Mr. Stu elke at faculty meeti in the spring . Baptist Hanigan L. Miller Reinel Thompson Mex Capel Henderson V. Miller Scharn Walker . X 115 if' 7 N15 ngs Gatch llgenfritz Nyrop Sorensen Willard -0 5 Us tl gr. ' M 9 . 'Z 5 fb sd V I-'sm-"sr ELEANOR BAPTIST. B. A., Kansas State Teachers College. English. THOMAS H. CAPEL. B.S,, University of Omaha. American History, Commercial Geography, Economics, Athletics. JEAN C. GATCH. B. A., M. A., University of Nebraska. English and American Literature. BESS HANIGAN. B. A., M.A., University of Chicago American Govern- ment, Modern Problems. MARGARET R. HENDERSON. B.A., Tarkio College. Latin, English. REX D. ILGENFRITZ. B.A., M. A., Colorado State. Instrumental Music. LUCY MILLER. B. A., B. L. S., Simpson College, University of Illinois Librarian. VIRGIL H. MILLER. B. A., M.A., Indiana University. Physics, Algebra. DORA G. NYROP. B.A., M.A., University of Nebraska, Columbia University. Algebra, General Mathematics. EDWIN J. RElNEL. B.S., Stout Institute. Drafting, Practical Mechanics. MAJ. EDWARD O. SCHARN. P.M.S.8-T. ELAINE C. SORENSEN. B.M., Northwestern University. Strings and Orchestra. GRACE B. THOMPSON. B.A., State University of Iowa. American History. MARIGOLD WALKER. Secretary. EDNA L. WILLARD B.S., Iowa State College. Homemaking. 12 7' I. i Camera Calendar of School Llfe EATU RE WM View an-651' QB' !" 1, Q1 EW? 23323 igzw 1 Q siqgw . ,W C 1 A I Q , f ,, ,vw , V -Y.: I' ' , 'f A I , 'V , . g -.fifxqe . , f w,"'-w.'7,W,' Qhyfg 17 A , , 'BMW id, , Z' ' H f K 'f , .,,., 1,7 . . I ,. .4 .v-,Vi sl. V " '5 f77"" 4':f'U" K 5' ,' ' , . v 3, -4. if L ' if z?fs' , w,,4' 11513, fvybf,-Q' ' J ' ,L f,,,1,.. 4, i. -4, f'2g,S1'gfr -- ' f V 2' V A . ,. -' -,gzmju 11. Q, ' 4 aff ' f 4 vii' rf , 0. Fall means football. Gridiron plays and scores are broadcast over the field to help spectators follow the game more readily. +51-, Fall means forensics, too. A member of the Delta Tau team warms up to the question argued by all girls taking part in the intersociety debates. 5 5 il, A PICYUYIZUYIOI1 of a frequent firstsemester announcement: "Student pep assembly at 300 P. M. today on the front lawn . . weather permitting." ,kay ?w 5 ' ' A Q I, N With machine-gun-like rapiditv, students move into camera One day egqh Oqtober, fun rules hells and range for pictures to be pasted on cumulative records. Clogsfoomg while Club initigtions take place, Here the Omega "space-women" corre down to earth lang enough for a yearbook photo, 'T' f"ur- NEY AL Lending a festive air to the fall semester are many assemblies, ranging from tumbling to illustrated trips to for-away places. an September brings a twcrday mental marathon for Lynx people as they ioin in the state-wide Iowa Tests of Educational Development. 15 ws. --,, 1 A, ' ..i-'SAI NS 5 A, Cheerleaders maneuver into position for a yell-and-dance routine at pep rally, 4 tif' ,t I. Camera Calendar Students delivering the traditional Christmas bas- kets to needy Council Bluffs families stop for a little self-charity at a North Seventh Street address. Mr. Ed Reinel's practical mechanics bays are caught doing an inside iob by the Crimson and Blue's roving reporter. Old lockers are being recessed by the class. Bare branches against a December sky wait for a blanket of snow to complete the winter scene. i Winter IH Scene 17 . Camera Calendar Counting contributions is always a pleas- ant task for Junior Red Cross Council mem- bers because A.l..'s student body has a heart and a helping hand for those in need. Making money with music, the student council throws a mid-winter dance to finance the many yearfround proiects sponsored by the council. Coach Johnson and his cagers swap court play for horseplay to swell school spirit for an early-season game. As familiar as Santa Claus is this pre-holiday scene in the cafeteria. .Girls of all literary societies work together to make the Christmas tea a memorable high point of the school year. , 5:1 Late in May, students dig out their yearbook receipts and present them for their copies of the annual. ,K 9 v nt, 5 ,o ts K FH- "Horsing around" are these costumed girls in the '54 gym pageant. Each spring the pageant cli- maxes the year's work for girls' phys ed. I. fi-QA . AW. . r Egciriaiiill IA ,, Q 'fry -143.1 ., .- ---' Y 1 -.. ., M . , V- "" ., X.. " I if , :H -wt .M T ' 5-"1 . n j - ,us QP- K nf' ' ' ' 'tg The cannon guarding the school drips one more coat of point, innocent victim of end-of-the-schooh year class rivalries, v NCQ:-li Camera Calendar Spring Snapshots Above: A flowering redbud near A,L. epitomizes the new life and loveliness of the spring season. Below: Front- lawn loafers, casualties of spring fever, sprawl over the entrance steps, Lower Left: The good earth needs help to keep it goody so Ag class bays do some necessary ground work. C? 39' 1 N M L E Seniors Left to Right Mary Kay Seabury Sue Langmade Bruce Green Judy Hall and Margaret Elgan Prddent VIC-Presldent Tllisurer lik-at Arms Sponsors Officers Bruce Green Judy Hall Sue Langmade Margaret Elgan Mary Kay Seabury Mass Erva Huckleeberry Mr Herbert Llttle 20 ' : , , , , O Red Letter Days on the Semor Calendar October October November February May May May May May June 20 26 20 2l Semor Pictures Homecommg Class Electrons College Day Junior Semor Prom Semor Practlce Semor Class Play Semor Day Baccalaureate Graduatnon Tryouts for the senior class play are highly competmve Hopefully reading parts are Mary Kay Seabury and Carol Schellmger seated Bull Ballenger and Dave Taylor standing Semor government classes vnsn the court house before electron tnme Wnth Mnss Bess Hamgan Instructor are shown Larry Snlverstrand Reuben Nlbbe and Bruce Muller at the votung machme I 4-l 6 ' ' 8 . l 2 ' 9 6 . - . 26 ' 29 I . 21 'sf v Bob C Indy Fran Varslty Debate Future Farmers of Amerxca Crlmson and Blue Business Staff Jumor Cla JOEL ALLEN General Homecomlng Queen Maud of Honor 53 Pep LARRY ANDERSON College Preparatory ANN MARIE BASCH Commerclol Vcrslty Football Crlmson and Blue Organlzations Editor Pep Echoes Ad Staff Gym Pageant FRED HIGGINS BEAUMONT JR College Preparato ROBERT ANDERSON Commerclal Band Drcmatlcs Golf Team Hi-Y Chaplam Jun: YTeen Vuce Presndent Gym Pageant Student Llbrorxan SHIRLEY BEST College Preparatory JOHN ANDRESS General Natnonal Honor Soclety The Bishops Mantle Crlmson and Blue Muslc Edltor Echoes Co-Edltorln-Chief Thallan Secretary Pep Club. ROTC THOMAS NELSON BOLTON College Preparatory PATTY L BARKER College Preparatory Crumson and Blue Camera Staff, Boys State Re Omega President Operettas YTeen Presudent Jumor Red Dramatlcs ROTC 2nd l.t Junior Red Cross C Cross Council Natlonal Honor Socuety CHARLES A BROMAN College Preparatory WILLIAM A BALLENGER College Preparatory ROTC 2nd Lt National Honor Socuety Tre: Thesplan Prestdent Junlor Class Vnce President HIY Vlce .lunlor Class Play Productlon Staff. Presldent Varsnty Debate Varslty Football LARRY JOHN BROWNFIELD Commercial WENDY BAMESBERGER General Retail Sales Club Orchestra, Band Crtmson and Blue Glrls Sports Editor Pep Club Presldent CAROLYN JEAN BRUNOW General Cheerleader Homecomlng Queen Maud of Honor 54 Student Councnl Treasurer Delta Tau Treasurer Scholastlc Art Wmner Contest Ratmg Pep Club Chorus. lA Andy Tom Tonie SALLISU If qs' To 'YQ 9 U' 1' v if Qt! gm i N- y x E-7 I ..-if V fy ' .A c i Don Lou Chuck Larry Shalzy Ron E BUDATZ General Omega Treasurer, Historian, Orchestra, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Band. DELBERT RAY BURDICK General Student Council MELBOURNE BURKGREN College Preparatory L ettermen's Club, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Football, Latin Club. LLOYD LAVERNE BUNCH General R .O.T.C. FRANCES CAPARELLI General Y-Teen, Mixed Chorus, Gym Pageant, Pep Club. HARLEY ANTOIN CARBERRY General ETTE CASH General Crimson and Blue Editorial Staff, Delta Tau President, Home- coming Queen Attendant, Pep Club, Echoes Ad Staff. DONNA MAE CEJKA College Preparatory "The Mikado," "The Bishop's Mantle," Alpha Vice-President, S ecretcry, 'Student Council, Vocal Music Board President. RONALD F. CHAMBERS College Preparatory R.O.T.C. MfSgt., Sports, Lettermen's Club Sgt.-at-Arms, S SONJA tudent Council. CHRISTENSEN College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Senior Editor, Delta Tau, Student Council. Q Goldie CJ Son .fl 77 LLIISE .441-A LA Nw rixfhcr SalburY li EDWIN DALE CHRISTIANS General Track, Football, Echoes Assistant Sports Editor, Baseball, Boys' Glee. ANN SHARON CLARKE General Band, Chorus, Red Cross, Pep Club. SHARON LEA CLAYTON Commercial Y-Teen, Echoes Staff, Gym Pageant. JOYCE ANN COBB Commercial Cheerleader, Pep Club, Echoes Feature Editor, Delta Tau Secretary. CHARLES COLLETT Arts and Industries Future Farmers of America, Student Council. ROBERT F. COLLINS, JR. General Varsity Football, Echoes Head Pressman, Hi-Y, Track. NOEL ROBERT COOK College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Photographic Editor, Tennis, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Varsity Basketball. JAMES CARL CRAIGMILE General R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Hi-Y, Echoes Sports Editor, Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Football. BRIAN L. CROW Commercial Retail Sales Club, R.O.T.C. DONALD DANFORD College Preparatory Band Drum Maior, Thespian Secretary, Sophomore Class President, Orchestra. Dale Shari You All Sandy Shirley Jody Ray Jim Vel Cobbie Dub Jim 4 TL" Q SANDRA DAUGHERTY Commercial RAYMOND C. ESTES Arts and Industries SHIRLEY ANN DELONG Commercial R.O.T.C. Y-Teen, JAMES EVERSON Arts and Industries JOANNE DEMITROFF Get-tergl VELLMA K. FELLER College Preparatory Clio Sgt,-at-Arms, Historian, Crimson and Blue Business Staff, Cheerleader, Omega Sgt.- CALVIN DORSETT Commercial at-Arms, Road show '53, '54, PSP Club, ROBERT DRYDEN College Preparatory JAMES FINERTY College Preparatory R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Junior Red Cross Council President, Vice- R.O.T,C. 2nd Lt,, Varsity Track, Lettermen's Club Secretary- President, "Joi-tugry Thaw," Treasurer, Varsity Football, Latin Club. PATRICIA DUNOW General LORETTA FINIFF General Echoes Staff, Gym Pageant. JANICE Y. DURICK General "January Thaw," Operetta '54, '55, Omega, Road Show '53, Mixed Chorus. MARGARET ELGAN College Preparatory Crimson andl Blue Music Editor, Thalian President, Echoes Exchange Editor, Pep Club Treasurer, Junior Red Cross Council Secretary. MARY ELGAN College Preparatory Delta Tau Vice-President, "January Thaw," Pep Club Sec- retary, Spanish Club Treasurer, Quill and Scroll. GARY ERIKSEN College Preparatory Football, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt,, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Student Council Sgt.-at-Arms. Pep Club, Chorus, Operetta '55, Gym Pageant. MARY JANE FISCHER General Operetta '53, Echoes Staff, Alpha, Pep Club, Road Show '53. LEO FLEMING Commercial Retail Sales Club, R.O,T.C. Sgt. JOHN FLETCHER General Chorus, WILLIAM T. GALLO Commercial Varsity Football, Varsity Track, 2nd Team Basketball, R,O.T.C. 2nd Lt. PATRICIA GARDNER College Preparatory Y-Teen, Thalian, Extemporaneous Speaking Contest. Charlie Bob Schnoel Jim Pete Bob Pat Jan Muggy Red Retta Fish Leo Pecos Bill l K' A ,Iv if-Y te .t QE ,,,. J U' sz iv ri g? Y: 5 Y Yah i awk wr I Don Gar Pat s-pr' ,af is ii V Y sv T' lv 1 ,PQ I Gil Dick Ginny Don Goofman Lorraine Griff Mar Bets Gary Pudy Tiny Cinnamon Dave Holly Barb Chuck Jake GAIL GILBERT College Preparatory MARY IONE GROVER College Preparatory R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt. Crimson and Blue Tri-Editor-in-Chief, Junior Editor, Thalian, RICHARD GILMAN Arts and Industries Y-Teen, "The Bishop's Mantle" Production Staff, Pep Club. Varsity Football, Track, Baseball, Hi-Y, Varsity Basketball. BETTY D. GUEST General VIRGINIA LEE GILPIN Commercial Mixed Chorus, Gym Pageant, Road Show, Swim Pageant, Retail Sales Club President, Swim Pageant. Echoes Stair. DONALD GOODMAN General GARY LEE GYLLING Arts and Industries Track, Hi-Y, Varsity Football, Lettermen's Club, Basketball. Future Farmers of America Sentinel. LADONNA GOODMAN Commercial JUDY ANN HALL Commercial Crimson and Blue Typist, Pep Club, Echoes Ad Staff, Student Senior Class Vice-President, Alpha President, Vice-President, Council Secretary. Echoes News Editor, Cheerleader, Harvest Queen Attendant. LORRAINE EVA GOODMAN General ELFREDA HANSEN Commercial Road Show, Glee Club, Gym Pageant, Omega. Gym Pageant, Thalian. DAVID GRAVENKAMP College Preparatory JOAN HARRINGTON General Spanish Club Vice-President, R.O.T.C. Delta Ta Vice-President, Echoes Exchange Editor, Pep Club, BRUCE GREEN General Road Show '52, '53, Mixed Chorus. Senior Class President, Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y President, CAROL A. HEWITT College Prepa'atory Student Council Secretary, Wrestling. Cheerleader, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Junior Red Cross GREGORY GREEN General Representative, Thalion. Wrestling, Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y, R.O.T.C. SUZANN MARIE HICKEY Commercial MARCINE K. GRIFFIN General Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Attendent, Omega, Gym Pep Club, Gym Pageant. Girls' Glee. Pageant. FLOYD GRIFFITH Commercial WILLIAM L. HIGGINS College Preparatory P.O.T.C. Cpl. Band President, Junior Red Cross Council, Thespian, Latin Club Orchestra. 26 Q1 .- 9 ab' :N 4 ... I L V.. T 'S' 'Y T' -4 N- ' ,i - W'- I if, 1 F f ,Lg ' I . K vi V, . 1, JM Gravey Goose Greg Blondie Joanie Flip Sue Bill Terry Jaybird Jerk Sherry CLAUDIA HINMAN College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Organizations Editor, Thalian Treasurer, Sgt.-at-Arms. DAVID HOLLINGER College Preparatory Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Football, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt. NORMAN HOLLY General Echoes Staff, Student Council, Pep Club. BARBARA HOLT Commercial Echoes Ad Staff. CHARLES E, HUGHES Commercial NORMA JACOBSEN General Echoes Ad Staff. WILLIAM T. JASPER College Preparatory National Honor Society, Varsity Dabate, Student Council Vice-President, Thespian Treasurer, R,O.T,C. 2nd Lt. DONNA LEE JAY Commercial Ero, Gym Pageant. FRANK G. JERKOVICH General Crimson and Blue Sports Editor, Golf, Varsity Wrestling, R.O.T.C. SHERRY ANN JESSEN General Omega Secretary, Spanish Club President, Student Council, Road Show '54, Mixed Chorus. .x i CHARLES S. JOHNSON General R.O.T.C., Junior Red Cross Rrepresentative, Varsity Football, 2nd Team Basketball, Hi-Y. EFFORD JOHNSON College Preparatory R.O.T.C. LARRY J. JOHNSON General Hi-Y, "The Mikado," Chorus, Echoes Ad Staff, Road Shaw. SALLY ANN JOHNSON General Alpha, Pep Club, Quill and Scroll, Echoes Staff. SHIRLEY JORGENSEN Commercial Mixed Chorus, Operetta '52, '53, Y-Teen, Gym Pageant '53, Road Shows. JEANINE KELLEY Commercial Delta Tau Secretary, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Operetta '52, '53, Road Shows. ADDISON KILIBARDA General SAUNDRA KILLION College Preparatory Mixed Chorus, Crimson and Blue Girls' Athletic Editor, Thalian Vice-President, Secretary, Prose and Poetry, Pep Club. ALICE KMEZICH Commercial Retail Sales Club, Gym Pageant. RICHARD L. KNUDSEN General Band, Tennis, Mixed Chorus, Echoes Ad Staff. Steve Herky Fuzz Jayne Dutch Sue Dick Klem Jan ng! M I ' L Sadie Onnie Hilda fx ' 'Q R L. V.- MARCELLA JAYNE KOCHEL College Preparatory RICHARD LIGHTNER College Preparatory Clio Vice-President, Y-Teen, Varsity Debate, Freshman Class Tennis, Mixed Chorus, Band, Latin Club, Dramatics. Treasurer, Thespian. KLEMET LINK General RITA KRUML College Preparatory Future Farmers of America. Echoes Co-Editor-in-Chief, Omega, Thespian, Cheerleader, JANET M. LOSTROH Commercial Homecoming Queen Attendant. Crimson and Blue Senior Editor, Y-Teen Music Chairman, SUZANNE LANGMADE College Preparatory Recorder, Operetta '52, '53, Road Show '52, '53, Mixed Senior Class Secretary, Omega Secretary, Cheerleader, Quill, Chorus. cnd Scroll, Road Show '52, '54. SHARON LUND College Preparatory DOLORES LARA General National Honor Society, Ero, Pep Club, Prose and Poetry. Y-Teen, Gym Pageant, Student Council. KAREN McDONALD Commercial DAVID LARSEN General Camera Club, Omega. R.O.T.C. Rille Team, Spanish Club, Camera Club. PATRICIA MAE MCGEHEE Commercial FRANCIS LAURSEN Arts and Industries Thalian Secretary, Pep Club, Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant. R,O.T.C. Rifle Team. FRAN LE McMAINS College Preparatory JOANNE KAY LEMONS General Pep Club Vice-President, Operetta '55, Omega Sgt.-at-Arms, Delta Tau Historian, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Operetta '53, Mixed Chorus, Road Show '53, '54. '54, Echoes Ad Staff. MARJORY E. McQUEEN General BARBARA LESTER Commercial Pep Club, Mixed Chorus. Pep Club, Gym Pageant. RHEA McVITTY General BRIAN FREDRIC LETNER Arts and Industries Delta Tau Sgt.-at-Arms, Pep Club. Varsity Football, Future Farmers of America, 2nd Team MARY MACKLAND College Preparatory Wrestling. Thalian, Girls' Glee, Pep Club, Echoes Ad Staff, Freshman WALTER LIEBER General Class Secretary. Echoes Head Pressman, Track, RO.T.C. Woody Junior Add Sandy Kmel Dick Dave Frank Jo Barb Brian Walt Micky Pat Fridg Margie Mickey Pinkie 1 'Q gf iQ 5 ' "!""l" 'B M, G Nay Leo Moose Reuben Candy Ole Patti Ray Sandy MANUELA MENDEZ Commercial Retail Sales Club, Y-Teen. LARRY BRIAN MEYERSON College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Assistant Business Manager, Sophomore Class Vice-President, State Contest Play, Hi-Y Secretary, Echoes Ad Manager. BRUCE MILLER Arts and Industries Varsity Wrestling. DENNIS MILLER Arts and Industries Golf, R.O.T.C., Echoes Ad Staff. DONALD MILLER Arts and Industries Hi-Y, Future Farmers of America, Varsity Football. JACK LAWRENCE MILLER College Preparatory Hi-Y, All-State Chorus, R.O.T.C., Honor Platoon. MYRNA MAE MILLS General Orchestra, Band, Girls' Glee, Thespian, Alpha. GORDON MOORE College Preparatory Varsity Basketball, Lettermen's Club, Echoes Staff, Student Council. JUDY MUNSON College Preparatory Alpha President, Secretary, Echoes Business Manager, Spanish Club President, Junior Red Cross Council Vice-President, National Honor Society. DIANE RAE NEFF College Preparatory Era Historian, Y-Teen, Spanish Club. , 3 l ,ja Q. I AKC. 'C' Denny Don Jack Ma Tk Lgiq ie Dick Jeff Pattie REUBEN L. NIBBE Commercial R.O.T.C., Echoes Ad Staff. KAY NIELSON College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Business Staff, Clio Treasurer, Junior Red Cross Council, Pep Club, Road Shows. KAREN L. OLSON Commercial Delta Tau Sgt.-at-Arms, Y-Teen, "January Thaw" Production Staff, "The Bishop's Mantle" Production Staff. MARCEA PACE Commercial LETA M. PALMER Commercial National Honor Society, Student Council, Clio, Gym Pageant. BEVERLY ANN PALMISANO Commercial Retail Sales Club. GRETA ANN PAYNE Commercial Crimson 'and Blue Business Stall, Pep Club, Red Cross Representative, Gym Pageant '54, Road Show '54. CAROL PEDERSEN General Crimson and Blue Business Staff, Student Librarian, Alpha Vice-President, Treasurer, Dramatics, Y-Teen. DAVID PETERSEN General 2nd Team Wrestling. DAGMAR PETERSON College Preparatory "January Thaw," Pep Club, Thespian, Echoes Ad Staff, Homecoming Queen Attendant. sd "" 'B' K A ff l? ' , 5 PC' , T" L - ' '-',f'l'T'1zgQ M.. wean, Kim Gord ie Tina Diane Geta Pete Dave Dag John Rosie Tom PATRICIA LEE PETERSON General Student Council, Operetta '53, '54, Omega, Echoes Staff, Pep Club. RAYMOND GEORGE PETERSON, JR. College Preparatory Echoes Co-Editor-in-Chief, National Honor Society Vice- President, Junior Red Cross Council President, Sgt.-at-Arms, State Contest Play' 55, Varsity Football. SANDRA LOU PETRUS College Preparatory Omega President, Pep Club, Road Show '54, Gym Pageant, Homecoming Queen Attendant. RICHARD PIERSON General R.O.T.C., Retail Sales Club, Rite Team, Thespian. JEANETTE PRINCE College Preparatory Ero Vice-President, Pep Club, National Honor Society Sec- retary, Prose and Poetry, Road Show '52, '53. PATRICIA KAY RAMEY General Echoes Staff, Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Road Shows, Junior Red Cross Representative. JOHN FRANCIS RANDOLPH Arts and Industrles Future Farmers of America. ROSEHANNAH RASMUSSEN Arts and Industries Thalian, Student Librarian, Thespian, Dramatics. THOMAS REED College Preparatory R.O.T.C. MYRNA L. REYNOLDS Commercial Crimson and Blue Art and Library Editor, Delta Tau, Band, Gym Pageant, Echoes Ad Staff. I , ,- XA ROSS JAMES RUSSELL General Echoes Photo Staff, R.O.T.C. GAIL EDWARD SAAR Arts and Industries R.O.T.C. RONALD SANSON Arts and Industries Future Farmers of America President, Hi-Y, Sophomore Class Secretary, 2nd Team Basketball, Track. CAROL ANN SCHELLINGER College Preparatory National Honor Society, Varsity Debate, Era President, Thespian, Student Council. GERALD W. SCHLOTT General R.O.T.C. Honor Platoon, Mixed Chorus, Thespian, RUTH ELAINE SCHOENING College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Administration Editor, Clio Secretory, Treasurer, Vocal Music, Latin Club. SHERRY ELAINE SCHOENING Commercial Y-Teen, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Gym Pageant, Junior Red Cross Representative. KAREN JULIE SCHROEDER College Preparatory National Honor Society President, All-State Music Contest Division I, Y-Teen President, Crimson and Blue Editorial Staff, Omega Vice-President. BARBARA ANN SCHULTZ College Preparatory National Honor Society, Mixed Chorus, Ero Secretary, Y-Teen Treasurer. LOUIE SCHULTZ General Echoes Ad Staff, R.O.T.C., Thespian, Road Show, Hi-Y. Russ Gail Ron Don MK Don Dick Buzz Sho ri Schelly Silver Judy DONALD L. SCOTT College Preparatory R.O.T.C, MARY KAY SEABURY College Preparatory Omega Treasurer, Senior Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Thespian, Foot ball Queen Attendant. Quill and Scroll. DONALD SHEBEL General LARRY E. SILVERSTRAND Commercial 2nd Team Football, R.O.T.C., Retail Sales Club. CONSTANCE SKOW College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Tri4Editor-in-Chief. Omega Vice-President, Historian, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Thespian. DORNE KENNETH SMITH General JOHN SMITH General 2nd Team Wrestling. MARY VEE SMITH College Preparatory Delta Tau President, Road Show '52, '54, Spanish Club, Pep Club. NIKKI SMITH College Preparatory Echoes Co-Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Scroll, Era President, Sgt.-at-Arms, Thespian, Crimson and Blue Dramatics Editor. RICHARD SMITH General Varsity Wrestling, Road Show '52, R.O.T.C., Junior Class President, Lettermen's Club. RICHARD SPEER General Varsity Football, Baseball, R.O.T.C. LOREN M. SPENCE Arts and Industries SHARON L. SPENCER Commercial Echoes Advertising Manager, Crimson and Blue Miscellaneous Editor, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Quill and Scroll, Student Council. JUDITH ANN STARR College Preparatory Girls' State Representative, Student Council President, Treasurer, Thalian Vice-President, Echoes Feature Editor, "The Bishop's Mantle." CHARLES R. STEVIE General Varsity Football, Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Echoes Sports Editor, Track. DONALD A. STOUFER College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Photo Staff, R.O.T.C. Sgt., Echoes Photo Staff, Camera Club. ALAN DURFEE STRONG College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Photo Staff, Hi-Y Secretary, Dramatics, Latin Club, R.O.T.C. CLOYCE SULLIVAN Arts and Industries DUFF HARRY SWAIN College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Business Manager, Student Council, Dramatics, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., R.O.T.C. Honor Guard. NANCY JEANNE SWICK College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Tri-Editor-in-Chief, National Honor Society, Y-Teen Secretary, Delta Tau Treasurer, Echoes Ad Staff. Varsity Basketball Manager, Future Farmers oi America Reporter, Operettas, Junior Red Cross Representative, All- State Chorus '54. Jerry Ruthie Sherry Connie Dome Jack Chuck Stouf Scoop -sw, Karen Barb Slue Mar Nik Dick Curly Duffy Switch -7-cf 1' WEA ,- Q l in 'T C 't-if ,PU its ,mv jx f 1' A y ss 4 R' 5' 'gi f' 'us is ' . X -. is 35 1, 3 'N '-- ' 2 f' . 1 R X . 1- of V . T' Yum R M l ja, , sy , if- , 5. X . r- A 5 .C .V , .Q ,. . , as gy ' f 2 4 ' ' - ,, , S t 1 Y K, 3 I Us 1 sh-rv., E h , V E- J V: . :,, P Dave Ray Annie Toot Trippie Trez Mit Phil Shortie Yum Yum Wandy Lou Jon Sliver Rosie Punk Frank Dump DAVID PAUL TAYLOR College Preparatory Band. Student Council, Camera Staff, Thespian, R.O.T.C., Band RAYMOND THOMPSON College Preparatory R.O.T.C., Road Show '52, Latin Club, Hi-Y. ANN THOMSEN College Preparatory Ero Treasurer, Thespian, Pep Club, "I Remember Mama," Latin Club. BYRON VICTOR TOOT College Preparatory Student Council President, Junior Red Cross Council Treasurer R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Thespian, Vocal Music Board Treasurer. ANNE MARIE TRIPP Commercial Y-Teen Treasurer, Student Council. SHIRLEY TRZECIAK College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Assistant Layout Editor, Alpha Secretary, Historian, Echoes News Editor, Road Shows, Quill and Scroll PATRICIA LOUISE TURPEN General Mixed Chorus, Band, All-State Chorus. RICHARD VAN HORN Arts and Industries MARIANNE VAN SCOY Commercial Mixed Chorus, Girls' Trio, Operettas, Road Show '54, '55, Madrigal. PHILIP VOSLER General Band. CHARLOTTE VOSS General Ero Secretary, Sweetheart Queen, Pep Club, Dramatics Makeup Committee. CAROLYN WALKER College Preparatory "The Mikado," "January Thaw," Student Council Treasurer, All-State Music Contest Division I, All-State Chorus. WANDA JEAN WATERS Commercial Thalian President, Spanish Club Treasurer, Echoes Club and Society Editor. LOUISA M. WEHRLI General JAMES A. WESTPHAL General R.O.T.C. ul' af? S-Q W- x XI Pat J lm JANET WHITBECK College Preparatory National Honor Society Gym Pageant 54 SYLVIA WIEST General Clio Presndent Varsuty Debate Echoes Buslness Manager Orchestra Thespxan ROSEMARY D. WILSON Commerclal Delta Tau Retarl Sales Club Muxed Chorus Road Show 52 '53, Gym Pageant JOHN WINCHESTER Arts and lndustrnes Varsity Football ROTC 2nd Lt Varsuty Wrestlung Student Council, Road Show 52 FRANCIS L. WOLFE General DANNY WOODS Commercral R,O.T.C., 2nd Team Wrestlmg Retail Sales Club Autographs Junlors Officers Presldent Wnlllam Kretschmer Vnce Presldent Wulluam Fogarty Secretary Betty Winchester Treasurer Marulyn Ketchum Sponsors Mrs Agnes White Mr Vlrgll Muller Left to rlght Betty Wxnchester Brll Kretschmer Bull Fogarty Allen Passer and Marilyn Ketchum Calendar of Events Fall Winter Jumor Class Play Charley s Aunt Class Electnon Collectlon of Dues Ordering of Rmgs Sprung Jumor Senior Basketball Game Jumor Semor Prom Jumor dues are due David Benton pays cash and gets receupt from Bull Fogarty 38 0 ...... 5? s 4.'." Mft . 5 va "ii o 'fin I Y . 5 Q A Q . - I YYY V -P I . 96 ' , 1, . E . i . . ' If . ,E 3 H, , U . , S A---i-EWYYB Y Y- , Sgt.-at-Arms ,vw . ,. ,H Allen Passer 7 N 'i LiniAi-iwiiiiii I I . H ' . ll 1 11 4 . , - ' Juniors 5 A-x , f , T V s C7 3 1' -.. J 2 -Q V T X Row 1: Booriz, Beaumont, Alcorn, Brown. Row 2: Archer, Ames, J, Anderson, Adamson, T. Anderson, Benton. Row 3: M. Anderson, Blake, Aubuchon, Borcus, A, Anderson, Axfell. -in v . ..f,,,,. ...1 Row 'I: Cory, Bybee, Brugenhemke, Burgeson, Carter, N. Brown, Bauman, Bundy. Row 2: Corhn, Chamberlin, Brown, Chapman, Brickey, Bragg, Bunch. 39 Booth, T 69 '1--Q Row 1: Coffelf, Cozad, M. Contrymon, Clapp, Farrell, R. Contryman, Davie, Dall. Row 2: Fiala, Ellerbeclc, Crow, L. Chris- tensen, D. Christensen, Collins, Ervin. -.4 ul Row 1: Garcia, S. Green, Ford, Gorreans, Finiff, Gaodsell, Griffith, G. Gr Francis, Golhinghorsr, Gales, Goodman. 40 47 I een. Row 2: Fogarty, Gilman, Flesher, Gronberg, Juniors Juniors .- QV 6 pv- ,fd uf 'ov Row 1: GuEnan, Gustafson, Hook, Hays, E. Hansen, Holrmyer, K. Hansen. Row 2: Hosfeffer, Hendrix, Hesfness, Hiller, Harold, Hawks, Harcher. Row 3: Gylling, Bromberg, Hounshell, Hubler, Hardin, Hoffman, Crumb, Harding. Row 1: Knipping, M. James, S. M. Jensen, Knickrnan, Kimball, Knox, Johnson, S, Jensen, Ketchum. Row 2: Hunbolt, D. Jensen, Jones, Johnstone, W. James, Collins, Jacobson. 41 Row 'I: Larson, Mclntosh, Messerli, Meyer, Menz, Sandro Kolhof, Sharon Koll-lol. Row 2: McGuire, Leuch, Kretschrner, Love- lady, Merryfncn, Moss, Moy. A AAA .. .W Row 1: B. Nelson, Olsen, Moss, Neilsen, O'Neill, Nimtz, O'Brien, Newman, Row 2: G, Nelson, Moors, Miller, Nicolini, Jensen, Mock, Mort, Lett. Juniors Juniors 44 71 ,Q Q..-1 5541 Rowl Sounders L Peterson Patterson Nowllng J Read J Peterson M Retd Row Poffenbcrger Pyle Proctor Reed Rlchne Petry Row 3 Perkms Stevens Smnth Poore Powers Schnerder Renff f. 3 Rowl K Russell Scott Neck Rooney M Muller Ruche Petersen Row2 Puckens Robmson Relmer Rowe Schneider Roper D Peterson Row 3 Roundtree Sclwropp Renner Russ R Russell Schott Slgler C Peterson 43 O I , I: . t 'A 1 . 15, ,q 'S , V at pint- -J l I I V ,I A. A , E . . ' ff 'ft - - 1 I . . - .Q 1 g i . 1 Q . - L, ' ' 2 Ll L f- - .11 ' X .. K 1 A I .4 Y V' 'l A ' ' . , . 4 , - fi . ., 1 ,r i , , ,lf , 1 ' l l 1 , . , , ' , . ' , . , . ' . 22 , f , , X 2 if 1. 5.1 V. . , 3, I .1 4 V ' ' l o " , an .- .. Q .J -5 ,L - o' Li A ' , - -Q ua sl -4 v - - - f - . 2 "', Rs N .N 1 l Q x . , I 1 1 r 1 4 f 1 I 1 - - Row 'I C. Thov' son Weik N Saggs, Tetft, Shaw, Stoke Srmth Row 3: R. Strong, Thomas, Taytor Stageman Spoto Storey p , , .Wyatt wNt'cx VVncheste Tr bbfe Row 2 Zach Waugh Wew'and Boye Ttnley Ward low Row 3: Wilken, Thorpe, Turpin Wrtght J Wyatt President ............ ,A - , ,,.,..ff - Vice-President Officers Sam Miller ----------,,,,,,,,,, Tom Green Secretary ,,,,.,,....,..,,Y,,f, Virginia Bruce Treasurer ,,,,,A ,....... ---,,-L, Sgt.-at-Arms ,...,.. ....,,,,, Sponsors - ,.,...,. .....,,, , Tom J. Brown Larry Christensen Miss Donna Miller Mr. Thurman Johnson Sophomores .fw'- ' s L 1.5- , .- 3 4 X 5 X Row 1 Tom Green and Virginia Bruce Row 2 Sam Muller and Tom J Brown Not pictured Larry Christensen Sophomores were outstanding in many activities this year The girls excelled an Prose and Poetry contests de bate, cheerleading and music they took a prominent part In all literary society work Sophomore boys engaged suc cessfully in sports ROTC band agriculture and other programs of masculine nature Interesting and fruitful was 54 55 for AL s second year students Working hard on Prose and Poetry selections Elaine Falken listens and is ready to prompt Marlorie Jennings who runs through her reading before the contest 45 I Q , xf I ,I X, N g V r A n J A 1 7. 'cr 'pw X l . I - I - I . -' ' -' . .' - . lf-L-.-.. , l. I fi fs. 5 Row 1 Sondra Allen Bell Anderson Bosch Blchel Bachmann Beclson Row 2 Abel Armstrong Adkms Andress Abbe!! Bard Boner Row 3 Bronson Boughmon Allerton Bobnck Bxrks Adamson Stan Allen Rowl Ch wsfxcnsen Ce leo Cole M Collns Burkyblle Burke Ccvnbron Bruce Buclmncm Row2 Clvorles Clvws ensen G Collms Cheyne l700fe Clouse Cowon Co lner Sophomores 46 lr 7' k D' -l ' 1 , - 7' 4? :f 1 . ' H n l 'V ' . 4 . , ' A s 5 ' , f ' .2 4? . 1 l fl A 4 2 X l J- ? ' 2 3 ga " 4 ,Dv x l . A ' f 1 if l 1 f Q " Q 1 5' Maas i- f : 'A ' , 1 , , l , ' , , . , 1 E , , Row 1: Frieze, Fax, J. Hansen, Dryden, D, Hansen, Hagedorn, Hatcher Greene. Row 2: Cowles, Francis, M. Green, C, Green, Haskins, Frank Flinn, Granay. Row 3: Geisler, Drake, Charles, Frankel, T. Green Christensen, Engelke, Dooley, Gray. f.. W-11 'Q' 47 f is x 4 A -.x 2 .. 1 2 X. , X f . . . X . 'A ' 'A I'-v f 'xr ' s ' ' 1 . J l xl iv X 5 , -3 L f. 5 s .1---f - I-ij: fi'.'1.I 1 ' gf! 'f 2 nw' 4 'lv I M 5. .. Hy.. , I ,. fi, f .-. '3 nn., as -1 Row1 Hasfeffer Jacobsen Henry Hemmlngson S K Flem ng Hugnes S L Fenwng Goeclcer Row 2 Hannes Charles Hue-aner Haworth Hannon Jacobs Howell Herd Row 3 Muller Gordon Hal ger Hayes Row I Kleldgaard P Lane Sna on Jensen Sandra Jensen Jungqulst r arda Henmge L La ann an Row 2 Jennrngs Haebne an n H ll nger rw n Lal 'nore James Row a nsen Ja ons Ke kel H vs J K en Falrc ld La nsan Sophomores 48 ser Hudson Jay Green l 1 - 'll l V I .u t Q l N l ' ' ' 'A' l .I .X 'M' Y 1 A -J all X ,X . T 1 -3 J x 'i 5 L 0... 41, M . , , H r, - il , J A 1 xl -, A . 4 . 3 ' .I V I J jg i Ge.l , I I . Ki!'b , re,J1s z ',' ',H- no , O'E , E. Jensen, K Ig'7, ' 'r, , , . 3: K Zn, R. Je , : ' , rx , C ard, ones, r zer, ' hi , L . Row i -..f1,-X- 9 ,. ,- . Al l ' -. '-2 DQ ax XS Lf I L ...Q Row 'I Pclmer Over Pet y Pnerson Puckerlll Owen Olson Lee Row 2 Rob rt P tersuw Rowold Peters rw Pmce Mahoney Phzllups Modngon Oderv Peters Row 3 Polodmo Ramon Petersen O Nezll Lostroh Porrow Moi-wosen T Pev rsen Nelson Ro' 1 S RODQY Sch R vw Rea S dknk Room' Oson J R d Row 2 Q ods Nclsen Schocmrg Gum 9 C obey R ordson Ru Sophomores 50 , X- f v K x V' 'w gh . A V I Q, 3 31 4 ,g .. - -, vv -f 1 s n V , - P h 3 z, 4-' A Al gf, In J X 5 x ,if X f J , ' I .X fl' i I y , ' - Yr f f ' A 5 Q., . I ' K W' 1 K 1 7 g X J 'rn 5 I f Ubi", Ch fe, d, e , sz' F2o,gc' I ' ' 9" :'9r' ' I ' , "C" r,S:7' V" R V U1 veil Row I P Thomos Wrwghf Wofrs Teufel Woods Wulkms Wullrs Row 2 Wombold Thorrsen Afclloce B Wullnoms Tollmon Nwgmgron Wood worth Nood Row 3 G Wnllwcms Dove Thorrp cn Du k Thomp on T Thofhos Shpp Tnghe Yoves B Thompson Nells Sophomores w 'I S? Vchs Strom Sega S?o ersorw E fn h S B Sm w 2 S DOH s h w SY pp Sworger Stoker i '-2 'Z .wr l 51 Ro : es, , g, ' Il, H , . S it , orlck, . Ffh Ro : cuf'1c'd, K. Sfeprens, Szrlmkef, Tcyfor, N. Shepfeos, . ,e' Stoke, Src .e. Ro 3: G. S?-eprefs SoGe's"o"', Sched e S.:""g , . , . . ' , : . ' ' , T 5 , 'C . s , . . l ' E .7 . . I I, v , , , , E1 51' - G Y- H v vs 3 '. 3 as 1 'If I' , N N ea -P To 6 xv Q 1 fv . -' ,. P ' 'rr I, A ,f X v mf ' rf. y , h I E , ' U ' 1 , 1 'X If 1 H, W I Vx . , A W1 ' 4 22? " A T T T ' ' ' ' ' 'TRI' ' ' :vip g ' '. Q " T 'HX 1 ', 3 - V 15.3 3 , I 1 Q 3 'Qi , . f wr ' uk I Z t , , S , , M , ff, g ' I 6 ls' , , T - , . 5- .7 E, '- - i ,T - T K' ' I I . ' , . f l Freshmen 8 -1 Officers A Presndenf Vnce Presxdenr Secretory Treasurer sv Sgr or Arms Sponsors Leff to nght Ralph Messerlu Roger Green John Kmckman Mary Lou Knotek and Carol Adkins Q9 ,Q Ralph Messerlu Carol Adkms Roger Green Mary Lou Knorek John Kmckman Mass Dora Nyrop Mr John Sprugel 1 N0 5 ' x., .4 55' I J Row1 Booth Agnew Bnchei C Adkms Row 2 Belt J Adknns Bond Boehm Abbe!! 52 R+ W Q 'rg 1 - 4 . '37 ' - 1 gf ' .- Q 7 -. 7 " Y : I 5779" 7 1' -12,475 7 7 4 5' 'W ' V' W f, 5 1.1. We - I 5 W, . .. Q r - 131 In f Q W Jr- 5 - 73, W 513k f ,ry ' riff fr . A' , f in or 7 ga- ' J' v. 7 , 37 ' 1-. r b e u , J 7 777777 K X' , " " """"""' A -2 - .' ' -- -- --- ------ -- --- B x , Y 3 ,X , -1' fn . 7' i ii llllllfii --r Row 'I Dall Comstock Coleman Dofner Corlson Busuck Row 2 James Crowder Constant Bullock Brown Brnckey Collins Jerry Crowder J an wud Row1 Devaney Dorman Franks Fell Gamer Delanty ox 53 Freshmen 1... pw V? I 1 , -1? ,, 1 v A f' ,J 7 .L ' X yr 4 -' Q 1 , I 4 ff 4 l li l a l la u nil i' ll '3 2 ' lf 4' 5 we - 3 N K .4 ' S A .y V .O 'kv I 1 . . , l N 1 1 1 C f l l ' 'Q A o ' .V+ .' 'af' I C 2 , , . . , .F . Freshmen V WF: 3 Rowl Read Strong Jerkovnch Hensler Hansen Meyers Gull Green Row 2 Welllng Gunter Graalfs Muller Relf Haynes Palmer Row 3 Geer Kmght Mnlburn Mass Slater Schoenung Peterson Schwartz Mauck fr 5 P"'3" Rowl Prnor Rageth Wrught May Poflenbarger Schuetz Schultz Smnth Rlef Row 2 Strong Woksa Nnelson Heywood McKern Knotek Wrnght Palen Hlller Schwartz Row 3 Kulgore Turner Rasmussen Longnecker Hosford Jensen Mauer Mag, Hochheum Northrop Row 4 Pnllnng Nelson Kmckman Messerlr Ludwig Lee Pedersen Massue Spetman 54 , 1 ' I ,A , ' I4 I 7 " . A 9 ,- M ' V n :I :J "I g ..4 -A' A :L , . I .1 H U -, -1 , - . , 7 .I A 1 , A 4 , 1 L I 7 T H ' t ll Q A l y ,. r' ' 3 fl 4 5 , 4 , V 1 I I I I 1 f f .0 2 ' 3: .'. , KIM- I 1- stil. ' L t"'- X - Ill .', r . , at -V ' 'I - " 3, .mn , 35, " .1 Q 1 p xx .E , - M E . ' nf A . A ,, , 3 5 X f l , . X f , ,, ,- L , . I 'A t 'vw I 444 , - .- .. ' 1 t , v . . 1 ' " 4. 1 - '- 'vfi vi rd t -1 ,V x , ' 1 v 4 1 I ' , , , . ' . , , ,, 4 3 s 8 -, V ' .1 I - I .. , 'fr' 5 , , 0- ' . 1 n l l -, I : ' , , V , , 1 , f A , I . C f , V f , ,ff 4 C I' . , U lv , l .4 , i,1L A i r,i 1,5 '94 . ?lf U 5:1 2 fs X 4 I ryuw- -1 -pass A I f fs 1 , . ' 4 In 4. The Crimson and Blue Nancy Swick, copy editor Tri-Editors-in-Chief . Assistant Layout Editor Assistant to the Editors Administration and Faculty Senior Editors , . Junior Editors , Sophomore Editors: Freshman Editor Communications Editor Drama Editors Art and Library Editor Vocal Music Editor Instrumental Music Editor ROTC Editor . Organizations Editors Fall Sports Editor Winter Sports Editor Spring Sports Editors Girls' Sports Editors Typists Editorial Adviser Editor Connie Skow coordinating editor glib Mary Grover layout editor o o Editorial Staff Y---A - ------e---.....Afffff, -- Mary Grover, Nancy Swick, Connie Skow ee----Y-YWWYYYYY. Shirley Trzeciak N . W . Sharon Spencer , . Ruth Schoening , , Sonia Christensen, Janet Lostroh W, Tom Brornberg, Marilyn Ketcham ,, Sharon Fleming, Kathleen Schoenning WW. .. ,,,, Mary Lou Knotek ,. ., .. Karen Schroeder . Bill Fogarty, Nikki Smith . N. Myrna Reynolds Margaret Elgan - - John Andress , -Y-N Y. Bill Fogarty Ann Marie Bosch, Toni Cash, Claudia Hinn-ian Y Y H .Y .Y Mel Burkgren -- V- - Y . Chuck Francis .. Mike HoFlman, Frank Jerkcvich Wendy Bamesberger, LaDcnna Goodman, Saundra Killian ., Karen Archer, LaDonna Goodman Mr. V-' Robert Brown Row 'lz Ketcham, Knotek, l-linman, Christensen, Cash, Goodman, Spencer, Elgan, Grover. Row 2: Bamesaerger, Schroeder, Smith, Trzeciak, Bosch, Fleming, Killian, Skow, Brornberg, Burkgren, Andress, Francis Swick Row 3: Reynolds, R. Schoening, K. Schoening, Lostroh, Hoiilman, Fogarty, tr Camera Staff Photographic Editor Noel Cook Photographic Stott David Benton, Tom Bolton, Dick Harding Don Stouier, Alan Strong, Da I9 Taylor Photographic Adviser Mr. Virgil Miller 3 Strong, Harding, Stoufer, Bolton, Cook, Taylor Crimson and Blue Calendar Applications received for positions on the annual. Editors-in-chief selected. Stott members chosen from applicants. Duties explained to section editors. Dummy Annual begun. Photo requisitions sent to camera stait. Yearbook cover chosen. Group pictures taken. Final Layouts drawn up. Group pictures identified. Copy written and typed from day to day Monthly deadlines checked, Annual completed. Final deadline met. Proof received from publishers to be read. Corrected proof returned Annuals delivered. 57 'ir ravi-is Duff Swain business manager Larry Meyerson assistant business manager fix ft N x s' PN, Wil 'ily 'Q l x ' XP--IPJ Business Staff Business Manager . ,..,, , .,,,, Duff Swain Assistant Business Manager Larry Meyerson Staff Members Vs.. Sandra Barritt, Velma Feller, Frank Jerkovich Sue Langmade, Kay Nielson, Greta Payne, Carol Pedersen, Roy Peterson, Mary Kay Seobury Typist Donna Ceika Business Adviser Miss Margaret Henderson The Crimson and Blue Calendar of Work Choosing of stat? members from applicants Election by staff ot business manager and assistant business manager Solicitation ot prospective advertisers Preparation ot advertising layouts and copy Selling and delivery of annuals to students Row 1: Meyerson, Feller, Seabury, Barritt, Payne. Row 2: Langmade, Swain, Peterson, Nielson, Ceilcc, Pedersen. 17? 3 ,-1 Fall Semester Staff 7 The Echoes "The Echoes," A. Lfs student newspaper, is published weekly by a stat? ot advanced journal- ism students. Each semester a new staff is chosen by Mr. H. Arthur Lee, the adviser. Since its beginning in l898, the paper has held to its policy of "Echoing Vigorously, Justly, and Without Preiudice" all the news ot the school. Ss? Top: Discussing ideas for make-up of the "dummy" are Sharon ' I Spencer, ad manager, and the co-editors-in-chief, Nikki Smith and Rita Kruml. Center: Walter Lieber, head pressman, pictured center, demonstrates core of the press to Chuck Stevie, sports editor, and Judy Munson, business manager. Bottom: Shown making up headlines, one of the most vital parts of the paper, are Dale Christians, Mary Kay Seabury, and Sue Langmade. i' lily lt .JENX ' tk !,.Xn hr bf, Xlf Q' in I-,:5'l'i' in X 1 X .- X 1 I 11.117 Securing advertising for "The Ecl'oes" is the main foo of the ad staff. Gordon Moore, lett and Louie Scnultz, right, receive suggestions from Si Lee, an Echoes advertiser, All the material that appears in the paper must be typed twice: once by Patty Rarney, right, on a regular typewriter and then by Norma Holly on a Vari-Type. The Echoes Spring Semester Staff Editors-in'Chiel Business Manager Advertising Manager Sports Editor Head Pressrnen News Editor Feature Editor John Andress Roy Peterson Sylvia Wiest Larry Meyerson Jirn Craigrnile Boo Collins Keith Wise Judy Hall Joyce Cobb ni Seated: Larry Meyerson, Joyce Cobb, Judy Hall, Sylvia VViest, Jim Craigrnile. Standing: Ray Peterson, Keith Wise, John Andreas. Speech Increased participation in speech activities by more students was the goal of the speech depart- ment this year. Speech students took part in the annual road show, appeared in the Play Production Festival at Iowa City, introduced all the school assemblies, did the backstage work on every school production, took charge of make-up for the plays and operetta, pro- vided the P. T. A. with a Christmas play and the Red Cross with a drama for their assembly. Four panels from A. L. appeared during the year on WOW-TV's "Teen Topics." Q s . v ' H 7 , x q W b T' T 5115 .XX '1 1-J Joyce Cobb, Myrna Reynolds, Bill Nelson, Jurgen Hochheim, and Mary Smith use the new Webcor tape recorder to test their voices Varsity Debate November 6-Technical High School Invitational Debate Tourney December 9, IO, I I-Girls' and Boys" Missouri Valley Tournament January 28, 29-Morningside College Tournament February ll, I2-Omaha Central Invitational March 4, 5-Missouri Valley Open Tournament ,I I I 1 I J Y"'1Y' A. L.'s varsity debaters look over debate material. They are Terry Jasper, Sylvia Wiest, LaVerne Kelsay, Carol Shellinger, Jayne Kochel, David Tepperman, Bill Ballenger, and Tom J. Brown '41 cs ff: 1' l Much preparation goes into the work of the girls taking part in the intersociety debates. Carolyn Green, Jayne Kochel Carolyn Walker, and Sylvia Wiest, Clio members and this year's winners, put the finishing touches on their cases Intersociety Debate Each literary society chooses four girls and two alternates to represent it in the intersociety debate tournament. This year the Clio Literary Society took top honors in the tourney, winning six of eight debates, Prose and Poetry Prose and Poetry finalists presented their cuttings in two assemblies on January 6. Winners of this year's contest and their selections were: first place, Jayne Kochel, "White Clilts of Dover", second place, Margaret Miller, "Mary White", and third place Kathleen O'Neill, "Dream Girl." Prose and Poetry victors, Kathleen O'Neill, Jayne Kochel and Margaret Miller, study their score sheets and the posted list of winners. 7.1 W -'qu fo' K an - 'I L "QU 'w "Q: ' I ' ' X, s .H 1 . - at 'WM X14 Q s 'Ax X N- Q my 1 ix A tx AMHUUHV Q mam, ,gg Jumor Class Play Charley s Aunt ONelll Seated Sally Menz David Hubler Duane Peterson Kathleen Gayle Proctor Tom J Brown Bull Grnfllth Charleys Aunt a three oct play under the dlrectlon of M Harry Langdon was presented by the tumor class on October I4 on lo Cast Stephen Spettrgue Colonel Sur Francis Chesney Jock Chesney Charley Wykeham Lord Fancourt Bobberly Brosset Donna Lucio D Alvodorez Amy Spettvgue Kitty Verdun Elo Delohay Bull Grllllth TomJ Brown Dovld Hubler Bull Kretschmer Gary Jones Croug Peterson Gayle Proctor Sally Menz Duane Peterson Kathleen ONelll 64 Gary Jones Bull Kretschmer Stondmg Craig Peterson Im Donno Lucua from Brozl where the ruts come from says Gary Jones to Duane Peterson and Solly Menz Road Show Speaking Parts M Lnss John Grey Clara Hunting Carter Langdon Mrs Lena Motfnts Yuba Bull Clytle Mofhts George Srmth Bess Starlight Judge McSnaggley Road show partnclpants consult the rehear sal schedule before going to practice Margaret Muller Terry Jasper Nakkn Smnth Byron Toot Jo Tnbble Don Danford Marulyn Ketcham Tom Bolton Mary Elgan Loute Schultz Shown ln typical poses from MLlss are Row 1 Mary Elgan Terry Jasper, Tom Bolton, Margaret Muller, Jo Trlbble, Don Danford Marrlyn Ketcham Row 2 Louae Schultz Byron Toot Nnkkl Smith Cowgirls whoop it up in the Road Show. These high-spirited girls portray M'Liss's friends. Road Show fr 6' X l . s YP 6 sings a local cowboy. Specialty acts add variety and allow many students to participate Center, left: Two dancers take the spotlight and assist the chorus In the lively opening number. Center, right: Another applause- getting dance routine rounds out one of the many action filled scenes of M'llss," Chorus and banio team up for a bang-up musical specialty, "On Top of Old Smoky." "For there's a sheriff back there lookin' for me high and low "The Bishop's Mantle" Presented by Alpha, Delta Tau, and Thalian Literary Societies Hilary Laurens , Miss Hettie Breckenridge Hastings , Miss Mowbray Dick Laurens Mrs. Warner Reed Mrs. Alyord Mary Perkins McCo'rb Samantha Adam Maudie Dunn Alexa "Lex" McColly J. V. Dunn Student Director Fritz Beaumont Shirley Besf Torn Bolton Donna Celica Don Dartford Mary Elgan Bill Higgins G'etchen Kilioarda Carol Pedersen Karen Russell Judy Starr Duff Swain Joan Harrington Faculty Director Mrs. Jean Gatch llll I1 ill 'v-A' :TT 2. 7 , f - l Left to right: Torn Bolton, Judy Starr, Fritz Beaumont, Don Danford, Karen Russell, Duff Swain, Carol Pedersen, Donna Ceika, Mary Elgan, Bill Higgins, Shirley Best, Gretchen Kilibarda. A 4 1 Row 1: Over, Olsen, Wiest, Brown. Row 2: Green Baker, Schellinger Collier R 3 Procto Tepperman Kochel, Schoening, Skow, Ballenger, Falken, Dryden, Petersen, Mead Frankel Presented April I5 and 16 by the Clio, Ero, and Omega Literary Societies Cornelia Otis Skinner Emily Kimbrough .... Mrs. Skinner ...... Otis Skinner .... Leo McEvoy .... Dick Winters .... Steward .... Admiral ...... Madame Elise --- Therese .......... Harriet St. John --- Blough --- Puneress .... .... ..... Window Cleaner ...... Monsiuer De La Croix Inspector .......... Student Director --,.- Faculty Director - --- - ...... Je, Carol Schellinger ue-- Patty Baker an Ann Mead C C- Bill Ballenger C, Bruce Green e--- Art Collier -H Steve Frankel -, Bob Dryden U-- Connie Skow We Esther Over C, , Gayle Proctor ee, Jayne Kochel Jw, Elaine Falken H , David Tepperman M Ronald Petersen ------ Nancy Brown ---uv Sylvia Wiest Miss Donna Miller Senior Class Play "Ten Little Indians" Presented May 20 and 21 Dr. Armstrong ......... , William Higgins Sir Lawrence Wargrave -Lo M oooh, Byron Toot Rogers ............... H Dale Christians Mrs. Rogers ....,...... -W Mary Kay Seabury Fred NOTYGCOH' ......... , .... A, Bruce Miller Vera Claythorne ....... Phillip Lombard --- , L, Kay Nielson -----,,.- ,U Larry Anderson Anthony Marston ......, , aan, L Don Stouter William Blore ........ ,so John Vfinchester General MacKenzie Emily Brent .....,......,. ---- --, , , Ray Peterson new Nancy Swick Student DlreC'l'Ot' .......,,. ..H, - MY, Fritz Beaumont Faculty Director Harry Langdon oking over their lines in "Ten Little Indians" a e Byron Toot, Larry Anderson, and Kay Nielson. Seated: Toot, Swick, Nielson, Seabury, Stoufer. Standing: Winchester, Christians, Miller, Peterson, Anderson. 69 Seasonal Productions Fall J. R. C. Drive Each fall the Junior Red Cross Council of Abraham L'ncclrt presents two assembles to initiate on all-schos' membership campaign. Tom Bolton, left, leads the students In the Pledge of Allegiance. Christmas Assembly "Bah, humbugf' growls Byron Toot, below, as Scrooge in the immortal "Christmas Carol," presented Decem- ber 21 as a pre-holiday feature of the speech and music departments, Easter Assembly At Easfertime the Y-Teens and the H1-Y sponsor a re- ltglous program of great beauty. Bill Baflenger, H1-Y vice-president, and Paf'y Baker Y-Teen president open the serfice , eserttcd Apftl 7. Thespian S33 9 rv T Row! Taylor Durlck Pedersen Schellmger D Peterson Ketcham Walker Griffith Jones Row 2 Schultz Jensen Pnerson Huggins Bolton Danford Bromberg Tepperman Perktns Row 3 Elgan Seabury Malls Kruml Kochel Hall Hounshell Thomson Proctor Skow Smith Rasmussen Row 4 Jasper T004 Brown R Peterson Spence Stoufer Ballenger Beaumont Hubler Kretsch mer A L Troop 964 of the Natnonal Thesplan Socnety bers Snnce that tame thus socmety has become one of the most active IH school The purpose of the orgamzatnon ns to provnde recog mtnon for those who have done outstandnng work nn dramatic productions Two lnlttattons are held annually for students who have earned enough polnts to qualify tor mstallatton The polnts awarded are set by the natnonal chapter Annually the troop offers an award to the most outstandung actor and actress at Abraham Lmcoln Hugh School 71 Presndent Vnce President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Officers Bull Ballenger Tom Bolton Don Danford Terry Jasper Mr Harry Langdon .ci . I, ,O , .. " :.Q:: K 9 Z- I7 -3 :' z ,, I , If as . lp . . . , was started in May, 1949, with eighteen charter mem- . , ------------------- . the art of lithography and draw a picture on stone, .'f' Featurette The Art Department AL students take the first step in procedure. l I 'N-el Abraham Lincoln High School's art de- partment, under the direction of Miss Berniece Pohl, offers a variety of interesting and attrac- tive courses. One of the newest is lithography, a process requiring a great deal of skill on the part of the student. There are three major steps, according to Miss Pohl. The first, that of putting a design or' stone with a lithographic crayon, is novel enough to appeal instantly to teen-agers. Once the picture is drawn, it is treated with various I 'Qs-'T 't These beginners learn the inking A hand-press completes th no graphic process. substances, washed, and sponged. The next step is that of inking with a roller, the ink cling- ing to greasy deposits made by the crayon. The final step is to run the inked stone with dampened paper through a hand-press, a method which demands intricate timing and precision. When the printing is through, the student- artist is the proud possessor of a beautiful picture and a new and satisfying hobby. that is new and fascinating to them. 1 X Lynx students admire the results of on old art Under Miss Lucy Miller's direction, a staff of student librarians render a valuable service to the school by helping in library duties. When not assisting other students, the girls slip and shelve returned books. Busy much of the time checking out books, student librarians contribute importantly in making the school library a desirable place for study and reading. Vocal Music Board -.99 I ,fbf ,J f " f O rx ns Q. rv 5 f 0-g AQ 4 C 'Y 73 X . ff Lou1e Schuhz vnce presldenr Donna Celka presndem Margarev Elgan secremry Byron Toot treasurer Loren Spence Mlxecl Chorus 'Wa -It 7 husroruon 4. J i R w 1 THo'n,J Gr er F ff w 2 ur eson Kelley M W er n UIC K um Pedersen Va n essen Wa e w urpen as P e erson a orgensen M sse In :we e 'eyku Wczu nd x Wres' R w 4 Acorn ortz Mary Elgan Kllon Harrmg' '1 M g n ' -r' V E V7 VT! Y OCZ OW C U Z ones VOVIS VOWV1 G I OH E Sen VOWK6 D 6 6 esan Spunouge N' rw wa C e wfnon ow m o se r rn Hu 0 on oo J V r Beouwon Spence Sevwe Chmsfans Goodman Crangfme Cc'ms 14 Gnrls Glee l 6' X '47 ,av- Rowl Henrng Lone Cozod Groolfs Kolker Fox Booth Strong Row 2 Becson Robinson Sorlck Goodman N Brown C Brown Donrels Dewoele Owen Row 3 Corter Kmclcmon Sprlnke' 'VlOSSI6 Pedersen Longneck r Bochmon Knotek Corl son Folken ow 4 Bosch Meod Negethon Jensen Earnest Bnchel Moots Flemmg J nnlngs Rnchwme Stephens Boys Glee as 4s .41- Row'I Stone Modngcn Engelke Schultz Jones Bnchel Row 2 Hochhelm Brown Jensen Fronkel F'etcher Peterson Spun ougle Nelson Row 3 S Mlller Wlse Hubler Johnson Toot J Muller Beoumont Spence 75 ' 1 ' 'lll-in 5 - - V 4 -5 N bn- . , X 5- ' ' 6 . 'qi V ' v 1 , . F ' , - , I l X Y' 1 7 ' , 1 , I N N :I 8 - 3' L :rv I X - ' Y A ' 94 I I ., , I . 3 N, - L ' I ' -5 , .. 4 H ' 0 or 'S Y i I 'll' l I x P R Q , . R 1 , , , , , ' , , ' , 2 ' , ' ' , . 7 3 2 g A . 1 .., 7, I .1-," 6' '-'J-Q . I if Pt I , V!,X I VC.-M I "" 1 5 If 1 g I Q-:J I ' f I I , J t x Q f . Above As two sublects of Japan Janice Durick and Robert Nelson plead for their lives to Fritz Beaumont who portrays the Mikado Right Pray tell me where I may find Yum Yum says Craig Peterson to Robert Nelson left Operetta The Mikado The Mikado under the direction of Mrs Viola Blchel, was presented o The Mikado Nanki Poo Ko Ko Pooh Bah Pish Tush Yum Yum Pittl Sing Peep Bo Katisha Kneeling: Janice Durick, Carolyn Walker, and Patty Baker. Standing: Page Engelke, Robert Nelson, Fritz Beaumont, Donna Ceika, David W. Petersen, and Craig Peterson. n January I3 and l5 Fritz Beaumont Craig Peterson David W Petersen Page Engelke Robert Nelson Carolyn Walker Janice Durick Pat Baker Donna Ceika if ,,,v vz .27 1 he .A fu- rzf' I QQ fr, u',,L., .!'ss'Xl I O Q sfluxs ,X ,. V9.5 .gi 39 " -. j ,V , MQQAQIWJZ e la :sw N uHtW1 0 'I Pu . Above: Pep bond members create real spirit at athletic assemblies and all sporting events. Below: Band officers look over some music to be adopted for a marching routine. They are Bill Higgins, president, John Andress, manager: Sharon Clarke, vice-president, and Dan Dantord, student director. Band A maior part at extracurricular activities for titty A.L. students is the band, directed by an enthusiastic newcomer, Mr. Rex llgen- fritz. As with athletics, teamwork is abso- lutely necessary in music. Band members, through participation in both concert per- formance and marching band, learn how to work with others and discover the rewards of combined effort. individual work for the student, haw- ever, is not neglected by Director llgenfritz. When the time comes for solos, stress is placed on memorization, perseverance, con- centration, and self-reliance are developed through hours at individual practice. Members ofthe Abraham Lincoln band profit by more than the immediate benefits of their experience, for their enriching love of music and their practical knowledge of getting along with people will be an ad- vantage all through their lives. Row l: Newman, Mills, LeMaster, Sollazzo. Row 2: Marshall, Teutel, Zablow, Hatcher, ,l, Montgomery, Smith, Band, Bullock, Hansen, Row 3: Anderson, Clarke, McTigue, Jones, Bragg, Perkins, Danford, Renner, Haworth, Parrott, Row 4: Turner, Stageman, Holtmyer, Clapp, Harold, Beaumont, Knudsen, Christensen, Higgins, Hounshell. Row 5: Lovelady, Andress, Shoemaker, Lighter, Petersen, Allerton, Russell, D. Montgomery, Gray. r in 4--4 A i.l , IK! Q KMA Orchestra Orchestra officers, smiling over the possibilities of o new arrangement, are Mari- ..4 lyn Zablow, librarian, John Andress, president, and Myrna Mills, sergeant-or arms. Many subiects at A.L.H.S. involve a considerable amount of higher learning. Few of them, however, are accepted with so much enthusiasm as that of be- ing in the orchestra. Directed by Miss Elaine Sorensen, this group is composed of only the better of more than seventy- tive A.L. instrumentalists. Since the musical selections are usually of a classical nature, they demand of the student both skill and dexterity. The pleasure and knowledge reaped from play- ing in the Abraham Lincoln orchestra suffice for all the work put into it, according to the students. Marv" JOHN' 'HHN ' HN 100 slat ll Row 1: Wiest, Zablow, Danford, Harold, Stageman, Agnew, Nimtz. Cole, Hansen, Turner. Row 3: Jones, Schroeder, Higgins, Suchting, T8 sqm 4 , -. , S INDI - I . their playing skills. J 4 J -v 'Q-K 4 F10- Row 2: Anderson, Perking, Miller, Mills, Knight, Hounshell, Hubler, Spence, Andress, Lavelady. These orchestra members begin O practice session to improve 1' f-Q 1 'm , tg, A iff, ur, 4' Marshall. as Fall Program Z' NN R.O.T.C. In the drill hall office,MfSgt. Jesse A. Lilley and MfSg1. Sheldon K. Waite, watch Maior Edward O. Scharn, P.M.S. 8. T., draw up preliminary plans for first-semester instruction. Early in the fall, companies must be formed. Rookie-looking at the start, these A,L. cadets will shape up amaz- ingly before the end of autumn. First among many iobs ot the beginning of the school year is that of getting the men into uniform, Dave Taylor, John Winchester, and Virgil Watson check out clothing supplies from M,fSgt. Lilley. ii, 4 a 0 U I gif A fa 2 2 1 i gfr'2fL:, L ,W ' Ju .l', 'N ' ' -.Qfifg 1 V, 9' ' X , ,jf 6.36 Q L - K Q 'pt ' " s I, ' Q 4 l o, , f , x 1 I QI 0 V, Q. 1 1 ,f i ' A Q! rg Q f gf Q? 'fr 4 , 1 J 1 A 'f 1 , ' ' - ' , X X ff ,, j 6 4 1? G 5 x I Ex I is 'sag I A Q - ' Q ' W - ,,, Q y ff Viv 9' v ' ,1 J ' I f . ' . Q, f ? . I . - ' 1 'iw . e 1 , V, R ff' sy gy" g,, , W , - , ,,5:.:r1 i , ,f, Q i w 6 4 5 R.O.T.C. P rn" 7 , Rx 2 fr 5' V' Spring Program the gyvf Top left: Pacwred is the tfudivioncxi "pinning cm of The signifies Loch ofTce"'s rcmk. Top right: Hon. Col. Judy Hull joy the bouquet of roses from Col. Thowcms Boiron. Lower left: Bott: , cmd their ladies orc Judy S'C1l'l', Moy. William Bollerwgerp Sherry .-,, JfJ"'c-s Flvutyp LT. COE. Bruin Gr:-un ond CFo:'1oYrQ xX.' ' sei. Lower right ,fx I 1 F , 4 -1.- W . ' S bl. ,f,'- Row2:f .' . Rowgi' . Q .., . :. , ,, Q1,..., 1 ,, Regimental and Battalion Officers 4 2-rl P i-N. if Company A Cor :' , LZ' ' :'f:H -- ii- Execim Lffcy, ....,. v C , N 2- v Firs' P":T.f,'v Lwziz- . ,,,,. V ' C311 C, - ' Sec- 'ff F":"2C' Lf :dr .. fr' ' V Company B Exe:.'..,-C315 .... Wave' '-, ,.:1 Fire' P 'HZQIW Lejzclr-v , J L? Jiwti C :MQW - Q SecC'i1P':'2c" ,1-:J ., U, R 1-1 C1 G Vi:- 83 Fnrst Flor' ,V COMPGHY C Company D Compon, F f Executlvf- 'Q' Second P J' ,N '1,Y'v"w, LWHLOIH 5 :AH an 4 - ,- ve.. ,nu 4 ,Q Q un' M-, 1 V wax, ,......a ,.--an ...nl -.fail -.ul Q.--.4 ..-nl wana -or wr 1 1 A" XA' ,uni 'rg A l Y ...- A' X Q? Q,.,... q?rF"z1 x , P 1 1 I if ,J -X If 'A a 1-uni! "" National Honor Society After the ofhcial ranking ot the senior and lunior Classes was completed, an impressive induction ceremony took place in a special alleschool assembly on March 7, Students already members ofthe National Honor Society presented the program, discussed the tour qualihcations for membership, and explained the significance of the emblem and of the arch through which the new members passed. 9? H 0 Witn the Natioval l'l'2Y'O Society I.-ttblem in me eackgiound, new :members are r:'eSe'tte-d with the traditional long-ste'nmed rose. Row 13 t-Jw-ff Pong' . test, N' 't Sf-,ick Scinitz Piince. Row 2: Palfmf, S. Scboenifg, U'."1te:e, St-N o- ttiiftclf, Sf'-e' it Q Sd-ew '3 N Sn-it:-, Row 3: Sect-ce. Nici an ' 1-,fm-Q Poote, Peteisof, Saifirlcs-l, B. Smith, Patterson HH , s e milfs :A ,- 87 .g,- 5, N Studert Council atticersz Velma Feller, .ludy Starr, Carolyn Brunow, Margaret Miller. King and Queen, Dick Gilrran ard Margaret Miller, chosen by pop- ular vote ot the school, reign over the Harvest Dance, sponsored by the Student Council on November 27. i 'S - Student Fall Council The Abraham Lincoln l-ligh School Student Council sponsored its annual magazine drivef with the money netted from this sale, the council purchased an electric water cooler for the third floor. The remainder of 'the money was earmarked bythe council for use as a partial payment on an intercommunication system forthe school. Student Council officers for the fall semester follow: President .....,...... .....,.......... J udy Starr Vice-President . . .,.. Velma Feller Secretary , . . . . Margaret Miller Treasurer . . ........ Carolyn Brunow Sponsor . . . . . . Principal Theron Stuelke Row l: Prior, Nelson, B. Winchester, Brunow, O'Brien, Ford, Goecker, Feller, Patterson. Row 2: Miller, Milburn, Haynes, Read, Olson, Starr, Schellinger, Stephens, Fleming Row 3: Swonger, Peters, Farrell, J. Winchester, Ranney, Burdick, Swain, Ewald, Choate. Q L Council C O Student Council ottlcersz Carolyn Walker, Terry Jasper, Byron Toot, LaDonno Goodman, and Gary Eriksen, left to right. For its second-semester proiect, the Student Council undertook the revision of the Abraham Lincoln Student Handbook, which was hrst published by the Student Council of l95l. Although it did not carry on a money- making proiect, the spring council was ready to sponsor any worthy cause that would help make Al. o better school. Serving as officers for the spring semester were: President ,........................... Byron Toot Vice-President . . . .... Terry Jasper Secretary ..... ..... C arolyn Walker Treasurer ........ . . . LaDonna Goodman Sergeant-at-Arms . . . ...... Gary Eriksen Looking over the new water cooler are these A.L. students: Betty Win- chester, Velma Feller, Duft Swain, and Margaret Miller. Row 'l: Wiest, Baker, Read, Johnson, Cary, Kolhof, Christensen, Winchester, Meyer, Walker, Goodman. Row 2: Pier- SOH, S. Miller, Jessen, A. Miller, Hall, Schoening, Bamesberger, Munson, Toot, Jasper. Row 3: Christiansen, Eriksen, Green, Brown, Burdick, Moore, Schropp, Gylling, Pilling. Y-Teen ...-A R wl Ciioclli hi xj.lf.l1SCFl Thcnr on Row 2 Loch Ncrl Nowlrnig K Olson Pederscn Hook Nclson St onj Vifcik Row 3 e onci L o Tripp Nokso P o cctz irroi r i ins orcro ei rc ow ci Art rson Anrcs ovm nic Jvr Bootz o S w r i Schroeder Fleshei Borcus Russ Wougn And esen Schultz Row6 Corlson Smith Stcphens Sr oron Jensen So tlo d K Sc o ni J Lostroh S Olson Bichel Kochel Ce ko Adkrn Fall Semester Officers Calendar of Events President Karen Schroeder Vice President .loleno Andresen Secretory Dolores Lorca Treasurer Anne Tripp Music Chorrrnon , s , ,, , Potty Boker Devotions Choirmon , Shirley DeLong Service Recorder - , , ,. , Jonet Lostroh Sponsors , , Mrs. Grace Thompson Miss Leno E, White c Welcome Teo tor new AL girls Southwest lovvo District YNNCA Conference ot Audubon Y Teen Coronotion Boll Membership drive ond initiotion Winter November World Fellowship Drive Condy sole for Y.W.C.A. Centenniol Christntos porty for Christion Home children Christnicis porty for Y-Teens Spring Clothing drive for Korecin orphcinoge Ecister ossenrbly with Hi-Y ,fro bfeolccst HIY Presld mf n e V Secre Trees. Sergeant Semester Officers Calendar of Events U NJVOVV f- J S f ffl? f Chapman iBCULJVHJ!'k f U0 0 Slyonlf V f P Pgffzr' Cl Winter Y S rung c r Q550mbXf Tri' Sp mg f' omff fn P Row Row 2 Row Row 4 rc fy' W 91 PN 0 1 in 5 Q00 09 Glrls Pep Club Semor Jumor Officers Sophomore Freshman Officers FF O F, 13 4 .. ay! 31 Letfermen s Club Fall Semester Officers Club Calendar Presscff, ICS Prf Q l ecretc f Sergem Sponc wlD DIC Gllmom Dove Hollmgcr L Jlm Fmerry Ron rlTC1f'T1bFVS memos on y Mr Vxcforl mmm S Row lfr Wu' f Koltw Ol G Fccrbqll banquet O JfVCll'lOI"1 Of fomf ' I I Nfl Cl 'fur ci Wlnler S rung bum ur f m ' rn fcwff U ll w wills 1 Junior Red Cross Council P es: V102 S cm Treo Serg Sp-or -'Q YS' if--:ff xY""'1'f' Fall Semester Officers Calendar of the Year j w f 91 U O Wmter S rung Retail Sales Club Fall Semester Officers Manager Asstsfant Manager Bookkeeper Publtctty Manager Secretory Floor Walker Sponsor Vtrgtnua Gtlptn Altce Kmezuch Joel Allen Brtan Crow Danny Woods Larry Brownfield Mr Gerald Ross so o Woods Wlso Mendez Club Calendar a F ld traps o The Councul Blults Nonparetl Northwestern Bell Telephone Company Beatrlce Food Company Howard Manufacturing Company Retaul Sales Club dance Wrnter Fteld traps to Morphy Drug Company Conttnental Keller Company Water Plant Ftlms and specnal outsude speakers Sprung Noon luncheon for employers Chteftaun Hotel Q I ' ....,.....,...., ' ' i9 ' T 1 Row l: Gilpin, Palmi n , , i n, .Row 2: Kmezich, Fleming, Hughes, Plefson, Allen, Browrield. - I 1 I f 4 1 r 'C' , I YQ ' 4 -f ' . Milf lr 31A ll ' 95 Spanish Club s.. Rowl Green Menz Hansen Larsen Frueze Collnns Knlnbardo Lelghton Waters Row2 Nnmtz Rasmussen Herd Flemmg Jennings Anderson Munson .lessen Elgan Proctor Row3 Robert Petersen Tepperman Gronberg Depew Peters Frankel Anderson Mouck Jones Row4 Smlth Suchtmg Dooley Ramon Petersen Peterson Hubler Erlksen Mott Grlfllth Ewold Fall Semester Offlcers Club Calendar Presndenf Secreto ry Treasurer Sergeant ot Arms Sponsor Judy Munson Ray Peterson Ann Anderson Wllma Mott Jay Anderson Mr Tomas Lara a lnmatuon of new members Pucmc Fleld trap to World Laboratorles Winter Christmas program Latm Amerncan Club at Chueftan Sprung Dance Fiesta costume party n Hotel O ' ........................ F ll Vice-President ................,... " ' X Latin Club Fall Semester Officers Consul Scriptor Consul Scriptor Consul Sponsor Penod I Gene Abel Elizabeth Thomsen Penod 3 Tom J Brown Mary Pat Read Period 5 Jane Alcorn Mass Margaret Henderson Club Calendar a Motion picture on ancient Rome Program on life of the Romans Candy Sale Winter Christmas program Study of Roman mythology Valentine s Day observance with verses in Latin Latin Club picnic Latin Club Plcnlc Rowl Stofferson Robinson Jungquist Goecker Beason Stegall Booth Strong Falken Row 2 Alcorn Fiala Knight Green Hughes Robey Stephens Francis Read Anderson Row 3 Reimer Mead R Nelson Russell Celka Smith Schwartz Welling Wallace Bond Fell Row 4 Abel Boyle Mnnikus Miller Negethon Bridcey Thomsen Olson Over Bullock Palmer Row 5 Brown Jensen Allerton Flinn Schoemng Cheyne Schneider Mitchell Mathlasen D Nelson Durham Bird C Q ' F ll . , . . . Scriptor , , ,,.. . ,,,,,s,....,,, W Elizabeth Smith Spring I I I N . 1 97 0 C. -1 Row 'l Robey Green K Johnson Pedersen Bochman Sedlack Trlbble Lowry Row 2 Mnlls J Celka Nelson ONell M Anderson Reimer Russell Hughes Row 3 Goodsell D Cegka A Anderson Trzecnak Thomsen Hounshell M t Hall S Johnson Munson Fall Semester OHICQYS Vxce Presndent Secretary Treasurer Sgt at Arms Sponsors Donna Celka Shnrley Trzecnak Carol Pedersen Myrna Mnlls Mrss Bess Hanngan Mzss Dora Nyrop Calendar of Events Cl Selectuon of new members Second Swmg dance Informal lmtlatlon and party Debate tournament Wnnter Prose and Poetry Contest Intersocnety Chrnstmas Tea Electron of second semester offrcers Alpha Thallan Delta Tau play Sprung Extemporaneous Speakmg Contest Mother Semor Banquet Electron of offrcers for fall of l955 L' 'a 4 -1 ! ,T .1 r I 'Y ND Ml D et 1 , ' , , . : . . ' , . , ' . , , ot, I . F ll Presrdent ,. ,-,,, , ,.,,,,, , W, ,..... Judy Hall 98 Clo Fall Semester Officers Calendar of Events President Sylvia Wrest Carolyn Walker Vice President Secretary Ruth Schoenmg Treasurer Jayne Kochel Sgt -at Arms Kay Nielson Hlstoraan Joanne Dematroff Sponsors Mass Blanco McComb Mass Edna Willard a Choosing of new members Wmnmg of mtersocxety debates Informal lnltlatlon Formal nmtnatlon Turkey Hop dance Wmter Christmas tea Wmmng of Prose and Poetry Contest Electron of sprung semester officers Sprung Tryouts for extemporaneous speaking Valentme party Cllo Ero Omega play Mother Sensor Banquet Electron of fall semester offrcers Rowl Cary Fox Kochel Ketcham Walker Brown Burgeson Wlest Row 2 Jensen Bullock Frneze Jennings Kmckman Nielson Alcorn Messerll Saunders Row 3 Knotek Jacobsen Hendrxx Maller Demltroff Hanks Larson Schoemng 'WF s.. 'A' 3 G Qs nv' Row'I Woodworth Lang Swick Kllibarda Knight Row2 Scott Olson Kelley Cash Christensen Wood Beaumont Goecker Row 3 Cobb Davie Knox Elgan Brunow Palmer Thomas Collins Row 4 McVitty Reynolds Plckerill Fleming Suchting Smith Lemons Herd Harrington Delta Tau Fall Semester Officers President . Y Y , E, , Vice-President J ,, , Secretary J , Y . Treasurer H , J , , Sgt.-at-Arms J as C Historian , Sponsors E H Tonie Cash , Joan Harrington , Jeanine Kelley Nancy Swick , Karen Olson , Joanne Lemons Miss Eleanor Baptist Mrs. Jean Gatch Calendar for the Year C1 Introduction ot new members informal initiation Debate tourney Formal initiation and supper Winter lntersociety Christmas Tea Prose and Poetry Contest Election ot new officers Dance Spring Extemporaneous Speaking Contest Tri-society play Easter program Mother-Daughter Banquet Election ot otllcers for tall l'O Fall Semester Officers Presudent Vlce Presrdent Secretary Carol Schellunger Jeanette Prnnce Barbara Schultz Ann Thomsen Nrkkn Smuth Treasurer Sgt at Arms Sponsors Mrss Erva Huclcleeberry Muss Lela Ketter Calendar for the Year a Presentatuon of organlzatron plans for year Informal nnutuatuon and dnnner Second place wrnners ID debate tournament Spunster Spun dance Wtnter Partecrpotuon un All Socuety Chrrstmas Tea Prose and Poetry Contest Sprung Externporaneous Spealang Contest Clro Ero Omega play Annual Mother Sensor Banquet Row'I Olsen Net? Schellunger Lund Teufel Meyer Danuels Row 2 Stegall Jensen Frolo Menz Voss Nenlsen Prlnce Sprnnkel Row 3 Stafte-rson McGurre Mead Green Over Olson Thomsen Armstrong Lane Smnh 1 U 4 F ll 0 . . . a 1 has b '-57 Y 4 v , - as - ' f 0 'K Gi J , . ,. Q 101 Y X..-4 Rowl Read Boortz Durlck O'Brlen Kolhot Dewaele Hagedorn Row 2 Baker Robinson Bell Jungqulst Taylor Henry Greene Falken Row 3 Dall MaMalns Petrus Feller Smlth .lessen Budatz Wnlcox Seabury Row 4 Wlnchester Stephens Skow Peterson Kruml Proctor Langmade Schroeder Haskms Omega Fall Semester Officers Seasons Calendar Presldent Vcce President Secretary Treasurer Sgt at Arms Hlstoruan Sponsors Patty Baker Connie Skow Sue Langmade Mary Kay Seabury Fran Le McMa1ns Jannce Durnck Mtss MOFIOD Hanthorn Mrs Ethel Pomeroy C1 Informal lnltlatnon and party Formal lnltlatlon Howdy Hop dance Debate tournament Wnnter Prose and Poetry Contest Intersocuety Chrustmas party Sprung Trl society play Extemporaneous Speaknng Contest Mother Daughter Banquet Thallan Fall Semester Officers Seasons Cqlendqr President Wanda Waters 0 Vice President Saundra Killian Selection of new members Secretary Pat McGehee lnitiations informal and formal Treasurer Shirley Best Debate tryouts and finals Sgt at Arms Claudia Hinman Sponsors Mrs Juanita Eschmann Miss Faye E Marty Winter Holiday Hop dance Christmas tea with all societies Prose and Poetry Contest second place Electron of second semester officers Spring Thalian Delta Tau Alpha play Mother Daughter Banquet Election of officers for fall Row 'I Beason Lane Hennrge E Hansen Nimtz K Hansen Row 2 Fronk Miller Starr Killian Hewitt Grover Hrnman Elgan Waters Smith Row 3 Cole McManamy Francis Mlnikus Shaw Patterson Owen Bruce Leighton Row4 Tinley Lar sen Best Negethon Reynolds Mackland Gardner Rasmussen McGehee Q ,, S: ef 103 O ' l ' -7-W Y'sgsss Assss!ss F ll Extempo participation , se 6 t 9' , ' V we M L ,ag 2 , , L c.. N. f' '6 , 4 N so . lv ..' V t . f l T ' T i . , ,, Rowl Leytham Wulluams Feller Rahde Haynes Allen Row 2 Plllmg McKern Gzll Palmer Dory Scheldle Colller James Row 3 Collnns Schwartz Spetman L Slater Garry Geer Schoenmg Boehm Phllllps Row 4 C Muller Peterson Muschall Collett Letner F Slater Anderson Row 5 Spence D Muller Christensen Sanson Snmmons Wrught Gene Geer Gylllng Fell Future Farmers of Amerlca Fall Semester Officers Calendar of Events President Vtce President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentunel Sponsor Ron Sanson Arthur Colluer Crang Phlllnps Lee Chrlstensen Jay Anderson Garry Gylltng Mr J E Sprugel a County Falr Tractor Rodeo Dustrtct Datry Show State Farr Ak Sar Ben Lnvestoclc Show Natlonal F F A Conventnon F F A dance Wtnter Parent Son Banauet Annual vacatuon trap Luvestock ludgnng Sprung State conventnon Dlstrnct convention Tour of Omaha Industries Kansas Cnty Proctnce makes perfeci pofenhol so A L gridmen run through on eorly season work-out ct Kern Fleld 'xi ir i Gilman nfl-v Lx 3 fs Christensen 3 9- may ,J Goodman 553. in D Muller Qin' 493, Coach Vac Jennmgs """X 5 Christians 7' Q 1. Holhnger S Muller 1 1 l D Wnnchester 106 ri 47 Anderson 13' 1,4 Colllns nv-U ln. Jacobson 53g f? V+ Peterson Wsnchester llrf YI? Ballenger C- K-f Salida Crcugmnle 1' Q"- Y Jensen ? A Sne!hen E C23 D136 K 5 Q . N1 rn it , 4 f , - - N v X s Nr 5 A 11 I 1 V ' -, eg ti' 1 F 1 n Q, v 1 v- . l- , 3--""' ,... QV gem, .fr nooe 1 ' f" 'Q 'xxx , F 5 " V A ,L . K '27 Q I 'V N ' Z' 'xx ' Q 7 T h 9 .V , ik? 1 ' -, ' 7 . -A 13 ' 2 Q H , 'J ' n 1 . , Q- 4 S P Q- F X I V I 9 1' ' 5. 5 , ,K v , D,- . - .. 2 I' ', - - . ? v Q A , E , V I . I .. W h . 5 . ' J. ' ' - 1, f Ah9f Y -3 Chapman f-G5 lL V Farrell 10" f""" Johnstone 'Q 5 Smnth Nag. ii I bl Wych Charles L np... Flnerty 1 so Letner A"an 3 Speer Gordon tradmonal crowning of the football queen Q09 Gallo 4,85 -NW df M' Moss X vig, Tv Storey Assistant Coach To'n Cop l l L P ., A . ,- si X Sally Olsen, with her escort, Larry Anderson cor es out fhe U N ' Q Q ' Y n K i 5 V 5 if , K v he r we ' 'fl 1 5 -- X V, V b Q bf vs, 1 l V ll 3 ' e 'ig " Q 9 ' 5 f " 2 ' A f 5 1' i I Q ' I W' f 1 sl ,A y , 2 , G- ' w X, 5 Football Abrohom Lincoln opened its footboll seoson by crushing Omoho Cothedrol 32-12. Crcigmile's possing ond McKeighon's receiving were outstanding. Outweighed twenty-three pounds to the mon by Tech, the Lynx honded the Moroons their worst defect of the seoson ot the honds of on intercity rivol. They routed them 31-13 in o gome feotured by the fine ploy of the fost-chorging A. L. line. Jennings' crew shut out Thomos Jefferson 26-O for their third stroight victory. lndividuol stors in this gome were Hollinger ond Goodmon in the bockfield ond Gilmon on the line. A fost-moving Benson teom stunned the Hilltoppers 26-6 for the seoson's first defeot. Despite this, Good- mon, Gilmon, ond Miller showed up well ogoinst the Bunnies. The second defect wos not long in coming. A splendid Prep teom, who eventuolly become intercity chcimpions, did it 27-O. The tinol score in no woy indi- coted the top-flight boll ployed by the Crimson ond Blue. The teom's defensive work, especiolly during the first holf, received fovoroble comment from locol sports writers. The Lynx struck bock ot Centrol the following week, 31-13, ofter the Eogles hod token o thirteen-point leod ot the holf. Crogmile ond Gilmon sporked the second- holf comebock. In the tincil gome of the seoson, A. L. outscored South in o 26-19 thriller. After the Ieod hod chonged honds four times, Johnstone's touchdown, run behind excellent blocking, decided the contest. Abrohom Lincoln finished the seoson toking third ploce in the Intercity roce with o record of 5 wins ond 2 losses. Row 1: Lara, Poftenborger, Huebner, Stipp, Swonger, Hollinger. Row 2: Bucknom, Scheidle, Hudson, Gordon, Schott, Lostroh, D. Thompson, Teoi, Collier, Charles. Row 3: Richie, Buswell, Neely, Willioms, B. Thompson, R. Thompson, Phillips, Cozod. Girls Fall Sports Mcry Elgon demonstrates The overlapping grlp Interested gollers watching Yo improve Yhenr game ore Fran Le Mclvlouns Judy Slurr ond Jeanine Kelley. Getting set for her turn on the lennis court is Solly Olsen, who pauses on the steps of gym, 44" 0- .,, 5 1 1' , . ' ' , -4 f iq Q , Y ,nv E .. ps ' . Q ,. F ,,. .li Q ' ,, gm ff, if ,,..v- W 1. uffg. 3 0 if 'L X Q 5' Mxx K 4 1 Q' if '-I 5 nqnrapw QQ Wh MM in f X wf , iv? qui: K K t , , AQ ' L m , L, 1. M , A ' Q,!,il,1 it ww' 'V W wi -v1 , ig TN an ,pn-gk A HRW' ,,.,.......--- ina Varsity Basketball I U Josh COC c 1 Thomas A Capel Second Team Coach l S 423 ini Nbr' -4 JY iigi Row 1 Hawks Schneider Hellman Owen John vc Row 2 K g Moore Chapman Blake Cook Manager Harold 112 'lf , 1- 1 f-sr" jvc- ' v l Th rmcm E lm 0 , Vcwslfy 1 l I l,. , .w ,m,m,'M V 1 f J V 47 ll -----NY- f Z, ' ' Q "if: L: W v' ' . . A .-.1-ww I - .. ' J, :vas ff, we ff ' '- ' mf " H KA? 0 1 f' - I i X V ,Miva - I , A .. 1 .V N ,r . x K? 5.4 X' , , s I , I "' l Rv xhf ' ' Q l 3 l : - a Y. K 1 x 'VX' a I X . I - F V RA I ' L L Q ' ", N l", -1 V .A 1 x K- IQ. . C I W Q . it A xv V 3 V I xx . r Q Egg - 'W ' k a 1 . 5,4 - - 'M gl V ' ' A l l W ' . - A l P , . ' s X r 7 l ' ' 4 I l , . K , S 5 ' , ' A , l , , 5 re : m , l , , , , , , Q if fa, wi M P ib,i',f! ral f I tx I j -If I viii i Jkjk X QW-Hi wil' Yslw i X555 1 JNJ - ii f fxx. Z i i 'A.VV , i .i M if lui. it L .V ii 1 "uf V ,, g f f 'i i. I . . Row 1: Bragg, Jensen, Francis, Smith, Bromberg, Row 2: Jones, Stevie, Schropp, Cf: '- Lcwflf. 1, Varsity Basketball Calendar A.L. 75 November l 9 A.L. 65 November 20 A.L. 78 November 24 A.L. 72 November 26 A.L. 92 November 27 A L 70 December 3 Decmber December December December January January January January January January February February February February Second Team Glenwood Villisca Creston I. S. D. Glidden Thomas Jefferson Creighton Prep Benson Omaha Tech Boys Town Omaha Central Omaha North Omaha South Thomas Jefferson Creaghton Prep Benson Omaha Tech Omaha Central Omaha North Omaha South L I UU U ll! dY..lY'-id i Row 1 Rlchard Thompson Hannon Collins Losfroh Wllliams Charles Jacobs Manager Lett Row 2 Choate Gordon Chrlstensen Muller Stevens Kenkel Robert Thompson Row 3 Dorman Nenlsen Devaney Jensen Math asen Abbe? ONelll 114 With its cold winds ond deep snows, winter brings many indoor and outdoor activities. Preparing for o quick spin on the ice are Judy Starr, Shirley Trzeciok, and Sue Longmode. fl wi Girls' Winter Sports A favorite indoor sport among many of the girls at A.L. is bowling. Joleno Andreson and Charlotte Voss get the feel of the bowling ball before the "strike." Warm-water swim classes provide on ideal op- portunity in the winter to develop coordination and timing. 115 til Winter sports, such as sledding, bring happy smiles to Jane Alcorn and Betty Winchester, who eniov themselves in an individual sports class. it Inside the gym, away from the chilly winter winds, these girls keep trim playing volley ball. Girls' Winter Sports eq' If., Q lllll QQ ti l il il il 'l 'l 'M1 .- gg t Q, I L K Left: Out in the snow again, Rose Marie Goecker and Gretchen Kilibarda get set for skiing. Below: Shirley Burkybile, Esther Ruth Over, Janet Graclfs, Barbara Bachman, and Sharon Cam- bron even their ranks, o "must" in marching technique. 116 I 'eu 1-suriya max -Mylan, Wrestling Calendar of Events A.L, 34 November 30 Audubon Al. l4 December 7 Omaha Central A.L. 26 December lO Omaha South A.L. l7 December I4 Omaha North A.L. 20 December lo Omaha Tech A.l.. 19 January 7 Thomas Jefferson A.L. 22 January ll Audubon A.L. ll January I4 Omaha Central A.L. 27 January 2l Omaha South A.L. T4 January 28 Ornoho North A.L. 24 February 3 Omaha Tech A.L. 23 February ll Thomas Jefferson Tom Green has Virgil Watson in a pin hold during a practice lor the state tournament. Head Coach Vernon E. Doty Assistant Coach Tom M. Lara Row 'lz Wigington, McGee, Huebner, D. Hollinger, H. Miller, Jerkovich, G. Green, Storey, Watson, J. Winchester, T. Green. Row 2: Bucknam, Boehme, R. Smith, T. Hollinger, Scheidle, B. Miller, D. Winchester, Jack W. Smith, Jock L. Smith, Constant. Row 3: Mgr. Merryman, Messerli, Tallman, Belt, Lee, Christensen, Hardin, Ballenger, Nelson, Roush, Waugh, Moy, Mgr. Richie. Calendar of Events April 8 --- v.,. Tarkio Relays April I5 .... ...AY.., C lorinda Relays April 23 --, -, Thomas Jefferson Relays April 29-30 -N ...A,,,,,.. Drake Relays MCY 6 ---- ee- Sac City Relays May l3 --- ,.... District Meet May 21 -Ae --- intercity Meet Moy 27 -- .... Srare Mee' Track .1 1 .As Roger Harold and Clark Jensen are shown passing the baton in the mile- medley relay. 1 Track Coach Victor P. Jennings Row 1: Meyerson, Petry, Nicolini, Finerty, Harold, Sanson, Craigmile, Stevie. Row 2: Jensen, Charles, Mahoney, Schott, Hubler, B. Thompson, Spunaugle. Row 3: Huebner, H. Miller, Winchester, Tallman, Lovelady, S. Miller, Hannon. .fl 'R - . 5--nw. .,., P-fi.-r Row 'l: Cook, Lightner, Hoffman, Ballenger, Higgins, Abel. Row 2: Huebner, Schropp, Moore, Chapman, Francis, Charles Tennis Milce Hoffman, veteran member of the Lynx Tennis team, is shown practicing for an important match. Tennis hopefuls, Gene Abel, Noel Crook, and Richard Lightner, check out equipment ,- Fritz Beaumont, A.L. golfer, is pictured demonstrating driving form. Golf The sports camera focuses on a close-up of putting technique. Row 1 Schultz Engelke Smith Johnstone Beaumont Frankel Row2 Thompson Blake Jasper, Brown, Perkins. -1? Golf Coach Walter T. Kaltenborn -f' JA, 1- l v Girls' Spring Sports Upper right: First aid is a special course for Ai, girls. Janet Graalfs, Bernice Dofner, Sherry Jessen, and Ba-bara Bachman demonstrate the new and old methods of artificial respiration, Middle left: Tennis, one of the many spring sports learned in Individual sports, is a choice of Elfreda Hansen and Sandra Daugherty. Middle right: "On Guard!" Both well-covered, Patty Baker and Ann Burgeson move into the starting position for fenc- ing. lower left: Trampoline work can be fun on a rainy April day. Judy Hall and Wendy Bamesberger are practicing begin- iumps. lower right: An annual spring event at A.L. is the gym pageant. Here costumed girls practice a dance routine. ,Tiff 4 fm?- v yy ii, h .E - -A3 s x X i N-.4 n l 9 Spring Semester Officers President 'Jrce-Presiaent gehew-fy Treaswer Sgt,-at-Arms H s'c'.an President Vice-President Secretcvy Treasurer Sgt,-at-Arms Historian President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sgt.-at-Arms Historian Alpha Clio Ero Judy Vwson Carcf Pedersen Donn: Ceika Safiy Jownscn Jean Haunsn-3" Snf'l-ey Tfzeciak Sylvia JNiest Jayne Koche' Ruth Schoenlng Kay Nielson Joanne Denmtraff Sharon Cary Nikkn Swlth Jeanette Prince Charlotte Voss Ann Thomsen Sharon Lund Diane Neff President Vice-President Secretory Treasurer Sgt.-af-Arms Historian President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer , Sgt.-at-Arms Historian Presdent Vice-Preslde Secretary Treasurer Sgt.-at-Arms 'tt Delia Tau Omega Thalian t 'i i t 3. Mary Smith Mary Eigan Joyce Cobb Oroiyn Brunow Rhea Mcvirty Joanne Lemons Sandra Petrqs Karen Srhroeder Sherry Jessen Sofhsue Budatz Velma Feller Connie Skgwy Margaret Elgcn J- Judy Starr Saundrc Killian Claudia Hinman , Pa! Gardner President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ,,s,,,,, Devotions Chairman , ,, Music Chairman Recorder W, President ,, Vice-President Treasurer , , Sgt.-at-Arms Chaplain , Hi-Y Y-Teen Latin Club Patty Baker Dolores Lara Nancy Swiclc Barbara Schultz Patricia Gardner Janet Lostroh Sharon Clayton Spanish Club President , H , Vice-President Secretary , Treasurer Sgt,-at-Arms Sherry .lessen Ann Anderson Rodney Peters Marjorie Jennings David Tepperman Consul , Scriptor , Consul , Scriptor H, Consul , , Scriptor ,W First Period Second Period Third Period Torn Green Bill Ballenger Carn Claop Chu:k Stevie John O'Neill Susan Robey Sheryl Stoflersan Esther Over Donna Minikus David Nelson Donna Read Retail Sales Club Manager H Leo Fleming Assistant Manager Alice Krnezich Secretary Manuela Mendez Bookkeeper Brian Crow Publicity Director , Joel Allen Floor Walker , Danny Woods THE CRIMSON AND BLUE STAFF WISH TO CONVEY THEIR GRATITUDE TO THE ADVERTISERS WHOSE COOPERATION MADE THE PUBLICATION OF OUR ANNUAL FOR 55 POSSIBLE 125 KTKZIZZZIZZISSAKLANY Best Wishes to the Class of 55 - -25 MARCUS CLOTHES SHOP VN V I ws v. Best Wishes Congratulations To To Class of 55 The Class of 55 FOX OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO F W WOOLWORTH 81 CO IO ERSKINE MOTORS 9 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS O 55 h I 1955 IIIISI IIISIIES Illlll IIPPIIIIIIIITI IIII SIIIESS from PIIIIPI ES IIEPIIITIIIIIT SIIIIIII Southwest lowas Shopping Center IIIIIIIN l'IilIfIlIIl consfufuloflons McPherson and Bennett Ave EDWARD S CAFE I S S ' 5 IO c Store I I ' 5l6 'est Broadway SGmEVe"' 6l2 V Bd 'I I I Council Bluffs, Iona 5 and c Store 336 W. I3'clvvoy Co. Bluffs, I Dod e-Plymouth Sales and Service F I To T e Graduating Class o 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I ' ' ' 1 ' 1 1 II I I I , , A I I I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I I . . . I : I I Very Best Wishes Class of I955 FRED R. SHAW FLOWER SHOP I7 Pearl Sf. I. 7355 Congratulations, Seniors BROWN'S SHOE FIT CO. "For Those Who Want the Best Best Wishes to the Class of 55 BAND BOX CLEANERS Good Luck' Best Wishes' Class of I955 SWANSON FURNITURE CO 5EBdy T12 44 WfB THE COUNCIL BLUFFS SAVINGS BANK Iowa s Oldest Bank Congratulates the members of the 1955 graduating class of ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL prl' dhpp k COO Hdd1hYJ I . . O6 l I WO el -25 343 es roadway 1 O We wish success an a iness for each of you in all of your underta ings. The facilities of this friendly bank are available to all, and we hope for many op o unifies to serve your banking needs. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ur ne un re ear H 1 Congratulations to the Class of 55 CITY NATIONAL BANK If You Like Good Food You Nl Like CRAWFORD LUMBER 8- COAL SHAVER s Fooo MART :Nc COMPANY W TB BETTER LUMBER BETTER BUILDINGS Y ABRAHAM LINCOLN Y THE IOWA CLOTHES SHOP C ongratulatrons to the Class of 55 P M Y g M s y Better Clothes for Better Fit Make Savings a abi ' Qi if Council Bluffs. Iowa Q I o I I . 12th and Avenue B 133 es roadway Council Bluffs, Iowa for I When ou think of schools it's When ou think of clothes it's ' ll ll or en- oun en- o s Compliments of MORPHY DRUG CO Wholesale Drugglsts s M Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 55 FRANKSEN 81 JOHNSON W IB d FRANK STREET PHARMACY 548 East Broadway KELEHER PHARMACY Prescrrptron Pharmacist W B COUNCIL BLUFFS IOWA 7777 SHIPLEY OPTICAL DISPENSARY 127 S Mann St CALANDRA S CAMERA STORE Broadway and Bryant Success to the Class of 1955 THE NONPAREIL ENGRAVING COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 55 FRANKLIN S KILI BARDA REALTOR INSURER I3 S fl ST I I 200 es roa way 'II9 outh ainStree1' Council Bluffs, Iowa . roadway , Phone I I co ree HUGHES MOTORS I 53 West Broadway Phone 559i Council Bluffs, Iowa. CHEVROLET 1 Congratulations to the Class of 55 VERGAMINI FUR SHOP CULLIGAN SQFTWATER SERVICE EVANS ICE CREAM AND CANDY 629 W Broadway E 9639 Best Wishes to the Class of 55 Start Saving Soon For Tomorrow s Security STATE SAVINGS BANK B JGZZMGU Eeryfhgf y tP .1 I ,X H I ' I . T08 asf Broadway Phone ' ll U! Broadway and Pearl Council Iuffs Member Federal Deposil Insurance Corporation Western lowa's Largest Home Furnishers I I v in or our Home on Convenien ayments Congratulations, Class of "55" BOB LAlNSON'S FLOWER SHOP MERRILL'S SINCLAIR SERVICE 3150 W. Broadway Phone 960 TRZECIAK WHOLESALE PAPER 616 East Broadway A Better Department Store Best Wishes Class of 7955 MEYER FUNERAL HOME 54 WII A Congratulations to the Class of 55 COUNCIL BLUFFS GRAPE GROWERS ASSOCIATION Good Luck couNclL BLUFFS HATCHERY Class of 55 w M KEENAN QM , C 'K 5 i ow ve. ' ll II I Purina Chows Hy-Line hic s I I ree and Broadway Good Luck MUSIC SHOP Joe smm-I s. co. 33Llf2s'Efl2Tn1f0Y veryth ng eady to ear or MEN " WOMEN " CHILDREN "Gd The HUM" HUSHAW DRUG co Prescrrptrons 138 s th M 2 95 Congratulatrons to the Class of 55 TOOT FORD SALES INC YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER Very Best Wrshes to the Class of 55 KNOX 8. CO WtB d DI20249 BRQADWA 5544 BLUFF CITY 5544 'l25W1B I E I R W F ou ain Phone 5 ' ll ll f o ' Il Il 202 es roa way ia Phone H - Y Phone i I 1. es roadway 345 Wes Broadway 7th 81 Broadway 29th 8. Broadway Congratulatlons and Best Wishes Congratulations to the To The Class of 1955 FLYNN ELECTRIC COMPANY Class of 55 Electr cal Contractors Appllances F1 tures Supplles 225 S Mm" Shea' Pho e 4295 1414 M Phefson Ave Phone 9610 ROL ER SKATING HIGHWAY RECREATION CENTER Bowlung Skcmng Telephone 9625 or 9664 .Iunct on H ghway 'I92 8. 195 S aqua' f 'X MEADOW GOLD xx x. 4490 ICE CREAM J At Your F avorlte Fountaln Or In The New Carry Home Package Councll Bluffs Iowa Phone 4047 1 i . - .X - . . ' n C . I 1. I I I ' l 1 I ' i It' fix v UO . I., . .- C A xii! id X 'A' Q '. 0 o , d'- .117 -I i . 1 X 3 is Q ' E fi, . . ' ' X FRANK HECHT FLORIST a d NURSERY L nclsc p g Ln N rsery I Dolg Ph e8382 31 Fle gA Let Us Do Your Corsages Thank You Congratulations Class of 55 WARF ORD JEWELERS WIB h 35502 E ttWrfod PtW CANON STUDIO 19106 oo? rt wad gif 7o2L dbeg D Ph e329s3 Congratulations Class of 55 Congratulations to the Class of 1955 COUNCIL BLUFFS CLINIC Congratulations to the Class of "55" HARRY M' COX JAHN RADIO CO. Sinclair Products 305 E. Broadway n a a in Complete i e of u Stock, Cut Flowers Funero s ns and Landscaping . Mill!! on 8 mm ve. 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Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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