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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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5 4 1 u 1 2 JI 'P 'A i 9 O 'Q F 1 ' ' Ask ,Q-if ,. 441.1 - ' '15 53-" ' J ,F fa I . ,if I :N w' ' il ' E 1?-L if f Jug' .I AU' J' 4 -jg: . : pl ?fx'I' A ' 31.'. :?g ., ,Fix jing. . 7:1--ng , , 3 .g.. K :W . ,H ' , 4 , I 1 5 . . W I f'.f1..f , ?.'. ' 51 . PT' V 4 L : .L f .l , . , . W4 ig , Ln-: I , , ,N : 'Ii ' "Q E? Sff ' Y 5 .N , . 2" , :-'.1. 3, 'f ' . 'N M.. .. E 5, 5,1-VZ, Ls 7 L Ei-. ' , .5 LL,- T-'ii-I 'X 2' -llc." ez F:l.'l,- - E'fjia"13 iilV?5Ff- 1.3, .I 1. I 'fv F1 Q. Cf- 1-1. ' 1 We., , 1 jj.. 1 1 lu ,WMV I :wi v QU' , L 4- ' ' , . 1, .nw - ,,., ' . -,-A Qui,- - .5 -iff my -1 v n.. -4. 4 12-. A 5, 1 ' 'I 1 ' qc 1, n 1 1 1 ,- !7" f. "wr ,inf n A , ,. ,4 I V .77 .K+ v n,.. , . 1 S ,.' ' A?"E2il'F i f.f - 4 , v Iwi -ik - .4 1, ,, fig-Lg 42.1 't 'LJ ' xi - ' - V ,fjfyf w..v. EA X. ' - ' 'ww fl. i V? " -h .sissy - -L' "'5f'g. .jjr ' ,., fig . . - :-- W N 2 He 4-,I L . he V1 f':'gf" ,Qt qaggg. - 1- . , .-, 4 va R'-J1,Ei1'... '.' 1 ' f,5'e5':1- 'f 'fi '-1:'.:JP , fy, ' iq?-1:55 ' 1 mg 'z 'RP' . -e f W , . I -. Q71 , ,, , f , ' AED ' .f 'ij e '.,.,,. X-W . , Y , 'X 'Q 'J y I 541, f I L! ,L.Jf'L, 3 ' -'Q 55? - I fFfi, ' ' . -.-n -, ' ugh., ,v A 'H -1. :W -rf . ' : -'L We 1,1 ' ' 1. f ,Saw if 'A " 23 ' " . , 1 i lg ' f 51.5, f 55.- ,1,, , if - n . ,:gj'n'..a+ ' 'bg T - 241' 'fgrlk' - 551 ig "if"i1k , 1' ' f ,lk '-'-Q, fs , .".i:.:Q 1.2 vi ' ' 'Filff ff . . H E E?7512'ff u brig? '7x'aL- -Y-574 'If.'fu?":'f.e - , ypf E35 2-ex::g' -. ' jf'41V'.'Q K 1 rang fldfl-U"14 . s5Q'.pw!g-SEV ' 'f1i"'9f2f? ' ' '4s,:5i7 ,,..,: , mrffffra afffsf -4 ' k3S'??: -1 "H:E'?fjTiHI'n tif, f Tififh? H SE fff , '- ' +.Egs,s'.f .5 A " zgflgv. af-..-151 :ze iff?-1 1 1 .-I" - 13'-rf A sw-l.Y.. U QQQLLQY: 'v,'b'3'fv?.'r , ' g e.Q:w .5-rqqi - ff - , Q, ,L ' bjqgi , 'Smut f '1." , ,. rig N44 ' V, ht, -ri , 'lm 735 if ' Elf- "I, " ..'V. 'T' -Epi" ,FY if , , 1- f ' 353 ,nl-vsfewf., -4,-' 2 - f.,vs-.-mwfm w . rv - I ilu-'WH-'I fi ., , , , EN J 1 ina .f - in A , f"15'5-" ' ... 4 " ' 1 A , ' -- .rig ' ' tn j f:-:F- " " ,p , , , i - ..r 'k '- .M , . -" , T u gui' lm , ' vi .8 3, -V ' ' - ' ' W' ' -' ' U' 'A' ' 2 A ' E . , ' ,-" nf 'N 'a'1-5--. : '-V 'af f I . I I 4 , I , lk - . , uf F I if Q. . . V 7,6 r : e " :F L ati Q11 as 'isa - fun mv, .7 ,K ,., - W' 4 001 RE tk 5. X " K-,g ' , This book, published by the students of Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa, is a photographic and textual account of one year in the lives of A. L. pupils. Co-editors-in-chief are Jan Graven- kamp and Robert Proctor, executive editor is Jerry Beezley. Business manager is Jane Anderson, assistant business manager is William Kerber. Editorial, business, and photographic advisers are, respectively, Mr. W. Robert Brown, Miss Margaret R. Hender- son, and Mr. Virgil H. Miller. A listing of the complete staff appears on pages 62-63. Upper: Front-lawn pep rallies are staged for crucial foot ball games. Lower: Lunch periods prove that like an army the school, too, "travels on its stomach." i xfx Contents Administration --- ------- Dedicatory ...................... Student Groups ........................... Music, Drama, Speech ............ R.O.T.C. ............................,..,, Publications .................... .......... Sports ................................... Classes -- ............... ,-- ,.... ,--,-- Top: Dismissal at 3:30 clears the school faster than a fire drill. Center: An any-day scene in the front hall. Bottom: Students enjoy assembly programs offering com- bined education and entertainment. 111 :il :cg da The main building . . . afternoon fire escape combine to ornament The south side with a play of light and shadows. X 'Ax E L X Administration Superintendent of Schools Russel J. Mourer Board of Education C. Francis Putnam, President Dr. Russell Blanchard John A. Jungquist Charles W. Langmade James H. Ross Harry C. Voss Dr. Kenneth G. Walker Lester E. Andrews, Secretary Superintendent Russel J. Mourer p Principal Theron R. Stuelke A. l. Office Staff: Mrs. Mae Maher, registrar, Mrs. Morigolcl Walker, secretory, Mrs. Bernice Williams, treasurer. Instructors Eleanor Baptist Viola N. Bichel W. Robert Brown Thomas H. Capel Lois Delk Vernon Doty Jet Thrush Downs Juanita R. Eschmann Rhoda Godown Bess Hanigan Margaret R. Henderson Marion Hanthorn Harry H. Hilton Erva C. Huckleeberry William R. Hughes Victor P. Jennings Thurman E. Johnson Walter T. Kaltenborn Lela M. Ketter Harry N. Langdon Degrees B.A. B.M. B.A., M.A. B.S. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S. B. A., M.A. B.A. B.A., M.A. B.A. B.S. B.A., M.A. B.A. B.S., M.S. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S. B.A. B.S. B.A. Faculty Summaries Universities Kansas State Teachers College Chicago Conservatory Uni. of Omaha, Northwes- tern Uni. Uni. of Omahf' Simpson College, Uni. of Texas Iowa State College State Uni. of lowa Park College, Columbia Um. Central College Uni. of Chicago Tarkio College Iowa State College Uni. of Omaha, State Uni. of lowa Park College Morningside College, Uni. ot Omaha Parsons College, Uni ot Omaha Simpson College, Uni. of Omaha Uni. of Nebraska Drake Uni. Uni. of Omaha 7 Subiects Taught English Vocal Music Am. Literature Am. Hist., Commercial Geography, Economics, Athletics Spanish Industrial Arts, Athletics Typing World Hist., Am. Hist. English, Dramatics Am. Government, Modern Problems Latin, English Homemaking Instrumental Music Typing, Shorthand, Business Arith- metic Business Education Biology, Athletics Typing, Athletics American Hist., Am. Government, Athletics Trigonometry, Algebra, Plane Ge- ometry Speech, Debate, Dramatics I I I Faculty Summaries Instructors Roy -F. Lawson H. Arthur Lee Richard Lessenger Herbert Little Cleola M. Mansfield Faye E. Marty Bianca McComb Lucy Miller Virgil H. Miller Dora G. Nyrop Bernice E. Pohl Mary Ethel Pomeroy Edwin J. Reinel Gerald E. Ross Elaine C. Sorensen John E. Sprugel Harold L. Stout E. Grace Taylor Grace B. Thompson Edna L. Willard Agnes H. White Lena E. White Degrees B.S., M.A. B.A., B.J., M.A. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A., M.A. B.A. B.A., B.L.S. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.S. Ph.B. B.S. B.S.C., M.S.E. B.M. B.S. B.S. B.A. B.A. B.S. B.A. B.S. Universities Parsons College, Creighton Uni. Baker Uni., Uni. of Kansas Iowa State Teachers College Cotner College North Western Missouri Teachers College Uni. of Nebraska, Uni. Michigan ' Uni. of Nebraska Simpson College, Uni. Illinois Indiana Uni. Uni. of Nebraska, Columbia Uni. Uni. of Omaha Drake University Stout Institute Creighton Uni. Northwestern Uni. Iowa State College Iowa State Teachers College Drake Uni. State Uni. of Iowa Iowa State College Tabor College Iowa State Teachers College of of Subiects Taught Orientation, General Journalism Driver Training Chemistry Physical Education ' English English Librarian Physics, Algebra General Mathematics Fine Arts Science Solid Geometry, German, Plane Geometry Drafting, Practical Mechanics Salesmanship, Distributive Ed uca tion String Orchestra, Ensembles Agriculture Industrial Arts English, Literature American Hist. Homemaking Am. Literature, Psychology Bookkeeping, Shorthand Faculty Sponsorships Although some people think that teachers keep bankers' hours, the contrary is true. In addition to the multitude of after-hour tasks connected with regular classroom teaching, faculty members are as- signed certain sponsorships - extracurricular iobs to which they willingly give their time and effort because these so-called "outside activities" are as important as the classroom in rounding the character ot a student. To emphasize the variety of extracurricular supervision, faculty pictures are grouped here according to sponsorships. Faculty summaries - which include degrees, universities attended, and subjects taught - are listed on the preceding pages. Service Club Sponsors Christmas is a busy season for service club sponsors. There are the Y-Teen party for underprivileged children, the Junior Red Cross Christmas basket proiect, and the yearly Hi-Y aid to the Goodfellows. Going over common problems are Lena White, Y-Teen sponsor, Agnes White, Junior Red Cross, Ar- thur Lee, Hi-Y, and Grace Thompson, Y-Teen. 9 Language Club Sponsors Margaret Henderson, Latin Club sponsor, and Lois Delk, Spanish Club, preview material on the opaque projector for use in their re- spective organizations. Miss Henderson is also the business adviser for the Crimson and Blue yearbook. Class Sponsors Rechecking ballots and consulting class lists for committee appointments represent only part of the many extracurricular duties of these faculty members. Seated: Berniece Pohl, Senior Class sponsor, Herbert Little, Senior Class sponsor, Bianca McComb, Freshman Class sponsor and Clio Literary Society sponsor, Erva Huckleeberry, Junior Class sponsor and Ero Literary Society sponsor, Virgil Miller, Junior Class sponsor and Crimson and Blue photographic adviser. Standing: Roy Lawson, Freshman Class sponsor and Dean ot Boys, Thurman Johnson, Sophomore Class sponsor and Letterman's Club sponsor. 10 Business Education Sponsors Adiusting one of the numerous business machines are William Hughes, left, and Gerald Ross. Mr. Ross sponsors the Retail Sales Club, while Mr. Hughe-s's supervisory duties link the business department with many extra- curricular undertakings. Music Sponsors Sponsors of music groups not only train students for public per- formance, but find themselves call- ed on to perform frequently. Viola Bichel, Vocal Music Board adviser, accompanies Elaine Sorensen, who sponsors string ensembles in their many contests. Harry Hilton listens and momentarily escapes a de- manding sponsorship that ranges from band concerts to pep rallies and parades. ...mu Drama-Speech Sponsors As respective play and debate sponsors, Rhoda Godown and Harry Langdon go over schedules, ironing out conflicts and shaping their work to benefit the greatest number of students. Miss Godown is also new co-sponsor of the sopho- more class, Mr. Langdon has the sponsorship of the Thespian Society. 11 4 i Conferring here are practical arts men, Harold Stout and Edwin Reinel. Relieved of formal sponsor- y ship because of a heavy teaching load, Mr. Stout nevertheless unofficially sponsors ambitious students by keeping daily after-school hours for those who want to do extra work. Mr. Reinel supervises an in- valuable handyman group of boys in practical mechanics. Practical Arts Sponsors I Sports Sponsors Grouped in front of one of the sports department's money- makers, the popcorn machine, are three Lettermen's Club sponsors, Victor Jennings, Thomas Capel, and Vernon Doty. Joining them for a coke is Cleola Mansfield, who takes time out from a practice of the Pep Club and the Cheerleaders, which she sponsors. . 12 Literary Society Sponsors Before the school year is over, one of the major jobs for each literary society sponsor is that of handling the business end of a society play. Concerned here with tickets and charts are, seated: Lela Ketter, Ero sponsor, Faye Marty, Thalian, Edna Willard, Clio, Marion Hanthorn, Omega, Dora Nyrop, Alpha, and Juanita Eschmann, Thalian, standing: Grace Taylor, Delta Tau sponsor, Eleanor Baptist, Delta Tau, Bess Hanigan, Alpha, and Mary Ethel Pomeroy, Omega. Mrs. Pomeroy is also Dean of Girls. 13 Miscellaneous Sponsors This group illustrates the further diversity of faculty sponsor- ships. Seated: Lucy Miller, who directs the school's student librariansg Robert Brown, editorial adviser of the Crimson and Blue, John Sprugel, sponsor of the Future Farmers ot America, Jet Thrush Downs, whose supervisory work is connected with typing contests. Standing: Richard Lessenger, who supervises on-the-road troining of novice drivers in addition to their in- class study. Not pictured: Walter Kaltenborn, who is in chorge ot student proiectionists. 14 .0-"""""mv Dedicated to Dr. Nathan M. Pusey.. A. L. graduate who is new president of Harvard fPicTures on pages 15, 18, cmd 191hrough the courtesy of The Council Biuffs Nonporeih 15 l l if - Nate Pusey at A-. L. Freshman: l92 I Even as a freshman, Nate Pusey demon- strated an unusual sense of responsibility to his school by taking an active part in the Philo Literary Society. At right is a re- print ot young Pusey, posing with other club members. Sophomore: I 922 Most students are iuniors or seniors before they are entrusted with the presidency of an important group. But with his strong personality, mature com- petency, ond pleasant ability to mix well with his schoolmates, Nate in his sophomore year became president of the Philos. A picture from an old an- nual shows him with his group. Junior: I923 Junior year was a busy, fruitful one for Nate. He won the class presidency, acted in the junior class play, "Come Out of the Kitchen", held a job on The Echoes, and took part in the oratorical section of the Gerner Declamatory Contest. In the Junior Prophecy section of the 1923 yearbook, this prediction appear- ed: Ambition - President in l967, Fate - a Virgil Teacher: Nate's picture as junior class president is at right, rephotographed from a former Crimson and Blue. Nathan M. Pusey - College Prep. Course Editor-in-Chief of Echoes. Junior Class President. President of Philo '22. School Debating Team '24. Basket Ball 724. Senior: I 924 Someone wrote of Nate in his junior year: "He is now only a junior and great things are expected of him as a senior." Nate didn't let down his well-wishers. He was active in debat- ing, earning an enviable berth on the famous "triangular debate squad." He won the extempo semifinals. He headed The Echoes, giving to the school paper its motto which contin- ues to this day-"Echoing Vigorously, Justly, and without Prejudice." In the senior class production, "Friend Han- nah," he played a leading role. At commencement, he graduated with highest honors, as he also did four years later at Harvard. Nate's A, L. senior class picture and summary are reproduced at the left. fPictures on this page and the one preceding were reproduced from old annuals. Although prints of this kind give unsatisfactory results, the editors felt that the value of authentic pictures outweighed the disadvantage of poor reproductionj 17 l"i'Ii+'l1'iGN 3 Siwretnrx hoto The athan Pusey Story When he was graduated from A. L. High School thirty years ago this June, Nathan Marsh Pusey lknown locally as Nate! was singled out by his classmates and teachers as a brilliant boy with a promis- ing future. His Abe Lynx instructors and schoolmates were right, for at forty-six young Pusey is president of Harvard University, the nation's oldest, richest, and proudest institution of higher learning. Chosen from a list of more than one hundred top educators, he is the first non-easterner Harvard has elected to its highest post in 316 years. Born April 4, 1907, in Council Bluffs, the new Harvard president is the son of the late John Marsh and Rosa Drake Pusey. His grandfather, also named Nathan, was an early Council Bluffs attorney and half-brother of William Pusey, long a prominent Council Bluffs banker, public official, and friend of Abraham Lincoln. In speaking of his Council Bluffs boyhood, Dr. Pusey recalled: "I grew up very happily - de- spite the sudden loss of my father - and received a good education in the Council Bluffs pub- lic schools, while Mother resumed her teaching to support the family. Although the years have rushed by, l still remember many of my A. L. teachers as among the best instructors I have ever had, any- where." Dr. Pusey, who spent his boy- hood in the Lake Okoboii area as chauffeur and tutor and later worked in the Council Bluffs Sav- ings Bank, will be no stranger on the Harvard campus. He took his undergraduate, graduate, and doc- torate work-there after earning a Perkins scholarship on graduation from A. L. ln 1936, Dr. Pusey married Anne Woodward of Council Bluffs. He is the father of two sons, Nathan, Jr., James, and a daughter, Rose- mary. A brother of Doctor Pusey, Mai. John Pusey, and a sister, Mrs. Esther Briggs, were also graduated from Abraham Lincoln. This family group shows Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Pusey and their children, Nathan, Jr James, and Rosemary. 18 ln i944, when he was only 37, Dr. Pusey was elected as the tenth president of Lawrence College, Appleton, Wisconsin - the young- est college head in the country at the time. In his nine years at the Wisconsin school, he establish- ed himself as a great intellectual and moral leader, lt is with pleasure that the staff of the 1954 Crimson and Blue dedicates this year's book to Dr. Nathan Pusey, A. L. graduate and educator, who in thirty years has progressed so rapidly up the administrative ladder that he now holds the top spot at the nation's most famous school, Harvard. Dr. James Bryant Conant, presiding at his final commencement as president of Harvard University, meets his successor, Dr. Nathan Pusey. Dr. Nathan M. Pusey accompanies Dr. James Bryant Conant, retiring president of Harvard University, to alumni meeting in the Harvard Yard. A. P. Photo A. P. Photo 1 il 'iii an l ll ii l worn speoker's stand, 0 govel, ond o roll book help To iurn the clossroom into o meeting-place for school clubs. Wmiwm Y L: If as , 4 , me iiw, Spring semester officers of organizations that elect twice yearly are listed on pages ll7-ll8. Honorar Row l: C. Broman, Chamberlin, Hawks, Hansen, Johnson, Frazer, E. Broman, Barritt, Green, Best, Jensen, Baker, Burgeson. Row 2: Jasper, Beezley, Berry, Bowlin, Bruce, Anderson, Buswell, Borwick, Beaumont, Burbridge, Holt, Gravenkamp. , Officers N alll O I1 3 l FALL SEMESTER President so s.,sss W Richard Burgeson Vice-President WW, , ,W Jerry Beezley Secretary - ,,,, , .,,,, W, Nancy Hawks , Treasurer s, . .sn s ..- Geraldine Stewart Sponsors: ss. - Mrs. Mary Ethel Pomeroy Mr. Virgil Miller Row 1: Peterson, Palmer, Stewart, P. Whitbeck, Springer, Moen, O'Hara, Korth, Lund, Wiest, Schultz, Swick, Rice, Row 2: Thompson J. Whitbeck, Schroeder, Prince, Munson, Owen, Larsen, Schellinger, Marcus, Stroh, Kulisek, Proctor, Mott. 99 Officers FALL semester President Betty Kulisek Vice-President Carol Green Secretary Judy Chamberlin Treasurer Lucille Larsen Music Chairman Alyce Franke Devotions Chairman Carlene Kramer Service Recorder Sand ra Johnson Service Y-Teen Row I: L. Larsen, Chamberlin, Kulisek, Lostroh, Johnson, J. Anderson Kolhof, S. Jensen. Row 2: Owen, Colwell, S. Larsen, Petersen, Green Kramer, Moats, Schiefelbein, Fouser, Stoker, Bybee, Hanks, Flesher Row 3: B. Merk, Thomas, Gilman, Lara, Mendez, Caparelli, Zach, Garcia, Garreons, Barcus, Russ, Nowling, Strong. Row 4: Schoening, Coate, Hansen, Franke, Schroeder, Swick, Jorgenson, DeLong, Andresen, Kochel, Clayton, Stokes, Dewey. Row 5: Archer, J. Merk, Waugh, Nelson, Thompson, Aldrich, Mitchell, Tripp, Gardner, A. Anderson. The Y-Teens are a teen-age branch of the Y.W.C.A. Their purpose is twofold. Each girl seeks to grow as a person, to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Their second goal is service. A Christmas party for underprivileged children is an annual occasion. Other yearly services include making scrap- books for veterans and sending candy to children in the Philippines and school supplies to an orphanage in Korea. As a tribute to the graduating Y-Teens, the girls give a May breakfast. Being a Y- Teen is truly a satisfying experience and prepares one for social and service ob- ligations in later life. Sponsors: Miss Lena E. White Mrs. Grace B. Thompson 23 Student Government Student Council The Student Council is Abrohom Lincoln's form of A. L. o better school. Every year the Student Council student government. It is mode up of home room repre- Conducts on mogozine sole to moke money tor the school. sentatives who discuss the problems of the student body As sponsors of various proiects ond promoters of school ond try to present solutions to them in order to moke spirit, the Student Council is on outstanding orgonization. Sponsor: Mr. Theron R. Stuelke Fall Semester Officers Jim Bohom , . . . . .President Judy Starr .... . . .Treosurer Bruce Green . . ..,... Secretary Corole Beck . . . . , .Vice-President Row 'l: Newman, Moen, Marcus, Starr, Meyer, Johnson, Beaumont, Stolterson. Row 2: Beck, Hansen, Archer, Chamberlin, Larsen, Munson, Tripp, Baughman, Yoder. Row 3: Collett, Tedesco, Green, Boham, Taylor, Goeclser, Gates, Juel. 2 Row T: Olsen, Bruce, Moen, Broman, Grell, Bamesberger, Spencer, Calwell, Keairnes, Petersen, Row 2: O'NeiII, Hill, Johnson Mahon, Kerber, Fogarty, Chambers, Christensen, Phillips, Bromberg. Row 3: Schroeder, Berry, Fischer, Swassing, Jessen, Kruml Grittith, Frost, Palmer, Randolph. l Spring Semester Officers Norma Colwell , . , Treasurer Art Grell . . President Sharon Moen Vice-President Ron Swassing .... Secretary Shown above are the prizes for the best maga- zine salesmen. The student council sponsored the magazine sale to raise funds for their many First semester president, Jim Boham, pmlecls' takes a vote on an important issue. 25' Service Jr. Red Cross Council Row 1: Marilyn A. Jensen, Marilyn B. Jensen, Sonensen, Jasper, Bolton, Baker. Row 2: Munson, Anderson, Johnson, Kruml, Toot, Peterson, Dryden. Officers President Bob Dryden Vice-President Marilyn A. Jensen Secretary Grace O'Hara Treasurer Sandra Johnson Sergeant-at-Arms Ray Peterson International, national, and local ser- vices are the keynotes of the Junior Red Cross Council's activities. To stimulate interest in the Junior Red Cross and to raise funds, the council promotes a year- ly membership drive and also sponsors the traditional Sock-Hop. Among the many other projects of the council are those of filling Christmas boxes for the underprivileged people abroad and help- ing the less fortunate families in our own locality at Christmas. The Junior Red Cross is A. L.'s way of participating in the world's largest service organization for young people. Sponsor: Mrs. Agnes H. White 26 "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and the community high standards of Christian character" is the motto of the Hi-Y, one of A. L.'s most prominent service groups. Each year the Hi-Y helps fill and deliver the Goodfellow Christmas baskets. During Service the spring, the Hi-Y co-sponsors the Easter program and also sends represent- atives to the Hi-Y district conference. While the boys devote much time to service projects, they find time to par- ticipate in the Southwest Iowa Hi-Y Bas- ketball Tournament. Sponsor: Mr. H. Arthur Lee Row 1: Swassing, Schropp, Broman, Swanger, Claus, Tedesco, Schnei der. Row 2: Johnson, Merryman, Hollinger, Beaumont, Meyerson, Mourer, Cambron, Sorensen McSorley. Row 3: Stevie, Craigmile, Green Eriksen, Jessen, Christensen, Knotek, Techau, Hoffman, Vallier. Row 4 Ingraham, Burhenne, Herd, Thompson, Churchman, Wise, Peterson Gilman, Goodman. FALL SEMESTER President Secretary , Jim Sorensen Ronald Swassing H I-Y Vice-President Treasurer Dick McSorley Larry Knotek Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Claus 27 1 1 Athletic the concession stands during the year. The purpose of the lsettermen's Club is to develop good sportsmanship among ath- letes ot Abraham Lincoln. Only boys receiving a major letter in a maior sport belong to the Lettermen's Club. Each year, members sponsor the football, basketball, and track banquets from the profits they receive operating Sponsors: Mr. Thomas H. Capel, Mr. Vernon Doty, Mr. Victor P. Jennings, Mr. Thurman E. Johnson. Row 1: Thompson, Hollinger, Goecker, Rupalie, Grell, Hoffman. Row 2: D. Miller, McKeighan, Winchester, Hodge, Fitch, Chambers, G. Green, B. Green. Row 3: Hays, Swanger, Stevie, Craigmile, Combron, Messerli, McSorley, Knotek, Tedesco, Burkgren. Raw 4: Collins, Herd, Proctor, Gilman, Goodman, Wise, Berg, Christians, Boham, B. Miller. Lettermens Club Officers FALL SEMESTER President Dean Stapleton Vice-President Ray Messerli Secretary-Treasurer Dave Herd Sergeant-at-Arms Dick McSorIey Row 'l: Beaumont, Olsen, Winchester, Shaw, Russell, M. Miller, K. Johnson, Patterson. Row 2: Reid, Brown, A. Miller, Sharon Kolhof, Rooney, Caparelli, O'Neill, Green, Boortz, Alcorn, Soggs. Row 3: Sandra Kolholf, Ungar, Ketcham, Scott, Knox, Stroh, Martin, Dunn, S. Johnson, Thomas, Cary, Smith, J. Peterson, Nelsen. Row 4: J. Larsen, Hays, Ervin, D. Peterson, Neilson, Archer, Waugh, Yoder, Reick, Barcus, Russ, McManamy. Row 5: Hendrix, Gates, Staker, Wardlow, Gustafson, Sprinkel, James, Weik, Bundy, Kimball, Wilcox, Goodsell, Meyer. Officers President Treasurer P b Natalie Marcus Sharon Blunk ep u Vice-President Sergeant-at-Arms Margie Keairnes Sandra Newman Secretary Sponsor Kathy Sealock Mrs. Cleola M. Mansfield Row 1: Feller, Kruml, Brown, Newman, Marcus. Row 2: Langmade, Sorensen, Johnson, Keairnes, Olsen, S. Smith, Hewitt, Kulisek. Row 3: Skow, Allerton, Sealock, Bromon, Lund, Colwell, Blunk, Munson, Prince, N. Smith, Hall. Row 4: Makinson 1 Profeda, Bowlin, Bruce, P. Barritt, Voss, Margaret Elgan, Best, Mary Elgan, Killion, McVitty, McGehee, Schroeder. Row 5: Shoemaker, Slightam, O'Hara, Kinsell, Phillips, Jensen, Haas, Ramey, S. Barritt, Harrington, Kelley, P, Peterson. Row 6: Berry, Hickey, D. Peterson, Spencer, McMains, Seobury, Starr, Payne, Trzeciak, Macklond, Mrs. Mansfield. Language Consuls FALL SEMESTER First Period: Betty Winchester, Mary Hays Second Period: Kathleen Schoening, Lu An Reimer Sally Latin Club Rowl: Olsen, Smith, Hendrix, Moats, Kohlof, Boortz, Tinley, Higginbotham, Hays, Stofferson. Row 2: T. Smith, Clupp, Peterson, Bromberg, C. Stroh, Knox, Burgeson, Ames, Darnell, Knickmun. Row 3: J. Miller, Nack, Saggs Mathiasen, Kenkel, Robinson, Knipping, Beaumont, Reimer, M. Miller, Kretschmer, Patterson. Row 4: Roper, Best, Goodsell, Hoffman, O'Neill, Perkins, Neilsen, Meyer, Winchester, Bundy, Schoen- ing, Johnson, Alcorn. Third Period: Olsen, Sharon Kolhot The Latin Club consists of the students in the three Latin classes. Each of these groups meets once every six weeks during regular class time. Meetings include discussions on Latin subjects, singing Latin songs, playing games, and having refreshments. The purpose of the Latin Club is to promote an acquaintance with Latin, Rome, and Italy in addition to that offered in everyday class work. Once each semester a get-together party is held for all the groups which make up the Latin Club. Sponsor: Miss Margaret R. Henderson 30 Gfficers FALL SEMESTER President .lan Gravenkamp Vice-President David Graven ka mp Secretary Nancy Hawks Treasurer Gloria Hansen Sergeant-at-Arms Richard Anderson Language Spanish Club Row 1: Schoening, Rice, Waters, Green, Garner, Mosher, L. Peterson, Nimtz, Coan, C. Hansen, Coate, K. Hansen. Row 2: J. Anderson, Hubler, Jones, Tepperman, Merryman, Griffith, Peters, Mary Elgan, G. Han- sen, Stroh, Hawks. Row 3: Gronberg, Engelke, J. Gravenkamp, Mott, R. Anderson, D. Gravenkamp, R. Peterson, Larsen, Eriksen, Blake, Munson, Margaret Elgan, The Spanish Club is an organization composed of those students taking Span- ish. The club is both social and educa- tional. Spanish students gather at regularly-scheduled meetings to learn more about Spain and Spanish culture. The minutes are read in Spanish, and the social part of the meeting is con- ducted in Spanish. A fine of one cent is imposed for each English word spoken at that time. Oral reports and movies depicting different stages of Spanish lite are given. At Christmas time, the tradi- tional pinata is the center of attention. A spring picnic climaxes the year's activities. Sponsor: Miss Lois Delk 31 interest The Thespian Society is a national or- ganization with more than T200 high school chapters. Its purpose is to honor those who have participated actively in dramatic activities, whether on or oft the stage. Two initiations are held each year for Those who have received at least ten points through work on plays. Meetings are held every two weeks, at which time some phase of stagecratt is discussed or practiced. Some Thespian projects include cleaning the prop room before and after plays, working backstage during pro- grams, and assisting with the Christ- mas program. The Thespian Society is A. L.'s only speech organization, and through the eFlor'ts of its members, it is becoming more prominent each year. Sponsor: ivir. Harry N. Langdon Row 'l: Pedersen, Haas, Broman, Jensen, Pusser, Smith, Rasmussen. Row 2: Higgins, Schlott, Shepley, Voss, Spence, Kulisek, Sorensen, Kin- sell. Row 3: Snyder, Stroh, Bowlin, Wilson, Burhenne, Beezley, Davis, Marcus, Hansen. Row 4: Claus, Bolton, Toot, Beaumont, Schultz, Peter- son, Thompson, Johnson, Larsen. O Thespi a n 32 Officers President Karen Sorensen Vice-President Marilyn B. Jensen Secretary Sandra Johnson Treasurer Louie Schultz Sergeant-at-Arms Don Shepley Officers President Larry Mott Vice-President Ray Messerli Secretary Tracy Vallier Treasurer Ernest Techau Reporter Loren Spence Sergeant-at-Arms Ronald Sanson Interest F. F. A. Row 1: Collier, Geer, Athay, Hiller, Coons, Crowder, Adkins, Burky- bile. Row 2: Mass, Lett, Wells, Letner, Gillaspy, May, Collett, Randolph, James, Leytham, Fell, Everhart. Row 3: Rief, Duane Miller, Vance, Scheidle, Allen, Bunch, Lear, Coleman, Vallier, Leeper, Mott, Sanson, Juel. Row 4: Messerli, Don Miller, Burhenne, Wright, Christensen, Graalfs, Churchman, Spence, Techau, Poore, Gylling, Berg. Row 5: McGillicuddy, Powers, Anderson, Hickey, Link, Gray, Kain, Lairmoro. The second year for A. L.'s newest club, the Future Farmers of America, again marks it as one of the busiest groups in the school. The purpose of this organization is to train boys in farming and good citizenship. The F. F. A. boys also oHer their services to the school. They help keep the school yard neat, 33 trim trees and shrubbery, and see that the football field is in good order. F. F. A. members, as well as other agriculture students, are proud of the new building on South Main Street housing enlarged study and laboratory facilities for the farmers-to-be. Sponsor: John E. Sprugel lnterest The purpose of the Retail Sales Club is to train students in retail selling and to provide the members of the Distrifbutive Education class with the opportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity during school hours. The club uses many different ways to raise funds for social activities, sponsoring dances, parties, and movies. Retail Sales Club members take several informative Held trips to retail and industrial firms during the year. Sponsor: Mr. Gerald E. Ross Row l: Richwine, Lewis, Brown, Archer, Griffith, Ketchum. Row 2: Holmes, Witthauer, Siebert. Retail Sales Club 34 Officers FALL SEMESTER Manager Phil Holmes Assistant Manager Don Siebert Secreta ry Beverly Brown Bookkeeper Daryl Hill Publicity Director Bob Griffith Floor Walker Barbara Richwine Duties of the Vocal Music Board offer an interesting variety. One of the duties of this group is the business management of the operetta. Another is that of respon- sibility for the Vocal Music Dance and other fund-raising proiects. Members of the board also assist at the Vocal Clinic. Interest The Vocal Music Board serves in the ca- pacity of a steering committee to work with the director of the vocal music de- partment in coordinating activities and in formulating policies that include the wishes and viewpoints of the students. Sponsor: Mrs. Viola Bichel Officers President Larry Knotek Vice-President Gary Jessen Secretary Patty Baker Treasurer Dave Herd Historian Margaret Elgan Baker, Elgan, Knotek, Herd, Jessen. Vocal Music Board 35 Social Cmega Officers FALL SEMESTER President Marilyn B. Jensen Vice-President Evelyn Broman Secretary Caroline Brown Row l: Jensen, Broman, Brownlee, Boortz, Winchester, Allen, Dewoele, Kolhof, Suggs, Baker. Row 2: Skow, Robinson, O'Brien, Feller, Wilcox, Lungmode, Slightom, J. Peterson, McMains, Petrus. Row 3: Kramer, Hickey, Durick, Brown, P. Peterson, Schroeder, Proctor, Kruml, Seabury, Budatz. Treasurer Mary Jane Slightam Historian Sallisue Budatz Sergeant-at-Arms Sue Langmade The Omegas are well-represented in all intersociety activities, members par- ticipating in debate, Prose and Poetry, and extemporaneous speaking. Besides their regular bi-monthly business meet- ings, the Omegas put on programs and teas throughout the year. The members also show their talents in the Omega play and their school spirit at their dance and by their part in social and scholastic ac- tivities. The Omegas start the year with a traditional initiation picnic and con clude it with the all-important Mother Daughter Banquet. Sponsors: Miss Marion Hanthorn Mrs. Mary Ethel Pomeroy 36 One goal all Clios strive for is to live up to their motto, "Not for self, but for all." The members try to achieve self- improvement by participation in activities such as debate, Prose and Poetry, and extempo, Early in the fall semester, the informal and formal initiations are held. Social The formal initiation, a beautiful cere- mony, is carried out in the traditional Clio colors, purple and white, and presented to the new girls. The outstanding social event which closes a successful year for the Clios is the banquet held for the seniors and their mothers. Sponsors: Miss Bianca McComb Miss Edna L. Willard Officers Row 'la Spencer, Kimball, Burgeson, Cary, Read, Ketchum, Campbell, Walker, Wiest. Row 2: Alcorn, Nielson, Miller, Aldrich, Borwick, Knickman, Marcus, Keairnes, Brown. Row 3: Hendrix, Gates, Demitroff, FALL SEMESTER President Joanne Berry Vice-President Gloria Hansen Secretary Colleen Nelson Treasurer Ruth Schoening Historian Janet Borwick Sergeant-at-Arms Sylvia Wiest 37 Hansen, Kochel, Nelson, Berry, Schoening, Hanks. Clio Social One of the up-and-coming literary so- cieties is the Alpha organization. Each year its members participate in all the intersociety activities: debate, extempo, Prose and Poetry, and play production. In the spring, a mother-daughter banquet highpoints a year filled with action. The Alpha formula for success is ability, loyal- ty, pride, happiness, and ambition. With a formula like this, it is possible to attain the highest standards of achievement. Sponsors: Miss Bess l-lanigan Miss Dora G. Nyrop Rowl:Jensen, Loose, J. Larsen, S. Green, Fischer, Mills, Ceiku, Bruce. Row 2: Allerton, Seulock, Pedersen, Russell, K. Johnson, O'Neill, Boehm, Munson, Reimer. Row 3: L. Larsen, S. Johnson, Trzeciak, Filling, An- derson, C. Green, Mott, Peterson, Goodsell. Alpha 38 Officers FALL SEMESTER President Sandra Johnson Vice-President Judy Hall Secretary Sharon Blunk Treasurer Myrna Mills Historian Sally Johnson Sergeant-at-Arms Sandra Boehm Officers FALL SEMESTER President Jane Anderson Vice-President Sally Stroh Secretary Betty Kulisek Treasurer Judy Chamberlin Sergeant-at-Arms Grace O'Hara Sockd Thahan Row I: Tinley, Botts, Gardner, Hinman, Waters, Nimtz, Shaw, McGehee, O'Hara, Rasmussen. Row 2: Stroh, Elgan, Knipping, Hewitt, Miller, Best, Smith, Ervin, Chamberlin, Mackland. Row 3: Killian, Patterson, Starr, M. Hansen, Kulisek, K. Hansen, E. Hansen, Bowlin, Anderson. Each year members of the Thalian Literary Society are well-represented in debate, Prose and Poetry, and extem- poraneous speaking. Many Thalians are cast in the tri-society play, or work on the production and business staffs. Thalian members also participate widely in all other extracurricular activities of the school, they are always high on the scholastic honor roll. Highlights of the year include the informal initiation, the annual Christmas party, and the tradi- tional Mother-Senior Banquet. The object of the Thalian Literary Society is to stimu- late development of responsibility, leader- ship, poise, and an appreciation of the arts. Sponsors: Miss Faye E. Marty Mrs. Juanita Eschmann 39 Social Delta Tau Row 1: Ungar, Scott, Beaumont, Mack, K. Olson, Harrington, Kelley, , . . . I Shirley Bush Brunow, Marshall. Row 2: Moen, Knox, Stroh, Phillips, Reynolds, Swuck, Christensen, Cash. Row 3: Cobb, Soe, Smith, Shoemaker, R. Olsen, Lemons, McVitty, Elga n, Profeda. Officers FALL SEMESTER President Melinda Morse Vice-President Janie Smith Secretary Shirley Sorensen Treasurer Martha Shoemaker Sergeant-at-Arms Roberta Olsen Historian For more than fifty years the Delta Tau Literary Society has taken part in the activities at A. L. Organized originally as a debate group, it has since offered its members an active part in all society protects, debate, Prose and Poetry, ex- temporaneous speaking, and the inter- society play. In the Delta Tau society, the girls enlarge their circle of friends and have opportunities to become leaders. Parties are popular, and important occa- sions are celebrated in some manner. Delta Tau members have had a very en- tertaining, prosperous, and enioyable year together. Sponsors: Miss E. Grace Taylor Miss Eleanor Baptist 40 Officers FALL SEMESTER President Carol Rice Vice-President Geraldine Stewart Secretary Barbara Brown Treasurer Eileen Haas Sergeant-at-Arms Karen Sorensen Social Ero Row 1: Neilsen, Fiala, Stewart, Olsen, Neff, Rice, McGuire, Neuiahr. Row 2: Rooney, Schultz, Smith, Prince, Schellinger, Watson, Haas, Beck, Lund. Row 3: Burbridge, Menz, Makinson, Brown, Kinsell, Voss, Thom- sen, Coleman, Meyer. The Ero Literary Society each year proves itself an outstanding group. Its goals are high and its members indus- trious and capable, as exemplified by the debate team's winning first place in inter- society debate for 1951, 1952, and 1953. Each year new Ero members dress as Indians for their informal initiation, and after the informal initiation they are usually welcomed with a dinner. In the spring, Ero activities are highlighted by the Mother-Senior Banquet, at which all the senior members and their mothers are honored. Sponsors: Miss Erva Huckleeberry Miss Lela Ketter 41 1 , A . ffaixr. ,. -V siifff L ,VAL ' , .,-, ,E ww- fish Q11 V. V X 6X,.s,g, is M Y gyms -I Er, wgmyi ef,,,jy.,,,.x+ ,. g sys' -...fs L.-A A.,-ff,",Ii'f-'Hg f 4 - MQ Q i e '-MK5iw"L Q' ' 1 W?ffi'2W'lffffJs eff' AW' , 31-llsf fwmuffggi f l ,I x l-Eg : ' Ax, .f .1 ,,z,,g4w A ,DmW,3.A,m,,kN i QU . , -wgfwzyyr Y X ' : " ..V, M . -ff W W Q H fswiiss-higrif' Kf liwsfqlh ', f 1 ,. . 4 42 -' - A p . Q FW ' - W, , X 4 'W' F E :W , A WWW ggmgwf wr QM ',. E W I ww-,,?:m3AW,,k mggvfmwv fy M. 1 . h . f ,Q ,H e ou nornum . . . t e proscemum ' fi?-ws A f "'W?fi3' I ' ' ' A H e 6' vs Hr :ses s arp, towermg Innes os drcnmohc as ' i 5: fi iw Q Wi X The plays presented on the stage below. . N5 w353:W?i'-'W1S?i?5'?'4'fi5r3?fMw'ikL:s'5A3f"'3"b"'M' R in wwf- W .w.w,ww Iwwawf. wk Q my Q 2 Music ' The A. L. band, under the direction of Mr. Harry Hilton, has finished another successful year. The band played in parades, at all home football games, at the Road Show, and at other school aftairs which required spirited music. In the spring, directed by a guest conductor, the band participated in the city-wide Music Clinic. Directed by Mr. Harry Hilton and assisted by Miss Elaine Sorensen, the A. L. orchestra presented many memorable performances this past year, includ- ing a string ensemble in the Road Show and a group in the operetta. Several orchestra members were selected for the All-State Music Festival in Des Moines, November 27 and 28. Participating in the annual Council Bluffs Music Clinic, the orchestra was directed by a guest conductor. 44 M ,, M AE . 5 Q2 f w 5 -- A 5 F , 5 .,?i,.M 'rf K , 525' QT? we , Q w1,ifgg'f1Si. 7 Zig ' 2? ki, E' ,-: jr, Music 0 Q Row 'l: O'Brien, Dall, Cock, Miller, Thompson, Messerli, Burbridge. Row 2: Burgeson, Staker, Wilson, Abbett, Mintun, Nack, Caparelli, Robinson, Mclntash. Row 3: Dunn, Wardlow, Alcorn, Mary Elgan, Killion, Proctor, Reimer, Thomas, Stoflerson. Row 4: Knox, Stroh, Boortz, Schoen- ing, Watts, Margaret Elgan, Archer, Waugh, Green. .Y ,YY , ., . i Row 1: Cash, Knickman, Rice, Baker, Walker, Newman, Blunk, Kelley, M' d Margaret Elgan, Watts, Collins. Row 2: Beck, Keairnes, Calwell, Bryner, Jensen, Haas, Van Scoy, Phillips, Mary Elgan, Durick, Harrington. Row 3: Aubuchon, Coleman, Jones, Fischer, Marcus, Sealock, Shoemaker, . Kinsell, B. Brown, Ceika, Davie, Anderson, McManamy, Jorgensen, Neuiahr, Comley. Row 4: Tepperman, Richie, Schneider, Schoening, Franke, Pilling, Owen, Lostroh, Lemons, Boehm, Kramer, Kulisek, Stroh, Presidents: Gary -lessen, Larry Knofeki Vice Presi- Pedersen, Bell, Rasmussen. Row 5: Burhenne, Snyder, Shepley, Bur-, d -Lb I A I S B T Y. bridge, Neilsen, Jessen, Herd, Thompson, Knotek, Hendrix, Row 6: enls l rorlcns' lr ey Orensen' yron OO' Fletcher, Peterson, Toot, Beaumont, J. Schlott, D. Schlott, Mourer, Secrelcrlesi Pclly Bckerf Vl0l0 Coleman! Treos' Finerty, Spence, Hubler, Busch. UI'el'S: Clll:lOI'Cl SClWF1EldSF, Dove l-lercl. 4-6 X -f Bti 3 5' 5 fmlgiwgtmfi as Leading parts in "The Fortune Teller" were played by Gary Jessen, Audrey Phillips, Bill Burbridge, Shirley Sorensen, Peter Gould Patty Baker, Fred Beaumont, Janet Watson, and Dave Herd. Operetta Victor Herbert's "The Fortune Teller" was presented January l4-15 by A. L. vocal groups, under direction ot Mrs. Viola Bichel. Choreography was handled by Mrs. Cleola Manstield, gym instructor. Right: "That was in the ploy," sings Pete Gould to Janet Watson in an amusing scene from "The Fortune Teller." Bottom: On stage for the curtain call are, left to right, Pete Gould, Fred Beaumont, Patty Baker, Audrey Phillips, Gary Jessen, Shirley Sorensen, and Bill Burbridge. 47 Drama Row l: Gerald Schlott, Dagmar Peter- son, Willicm Higgins. Row 2: Robert Dryden, Mary Elgan, Carolyn Walker, Carol Schellinger, Terry Jasper. Row 3: Byron Toot, Nikki Smith, Fred Beau- mont, Tom Bolton. ' I The action of "January Thaw" centers around an old house which the Gage family buys without a clear title. The fun begins when a second family, the Rock- woods, appears. The faculty director was Miss Rhoda Godown, Janice Durick was student director. Junior Class Play "January Thaw" Presented on October 2-3, 'I953 Road Show The Abraham Lincoln High School Road Show, under direc- tion of Mr. Harry Langdon, was presented in the school audi- torium November I2 and 14. Based on "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick," the production introduced specialty acts in which 200 students took part. Trying out for the number, "Aaron Slick's Chicks," are Jeanette Prince, Nikki Smith, Fran Le McMains, and Velma Feller. Dave Wilson as Aaron Slick and Natalie Marcus as Rosie Berry show concern and amusement over the antics of Sis Riggs, portrayed by Mary Jane Fischer. These three students carried the leading roles. Karen Sorensen, the "Girl in Red," attempts to al- lure the bashtul Aaron Slick. Stage Manager Dan Ratekin and Gerry Mahon check their list to make sure they have everything needed for the production. Drama 49 N Seated: David Tepperman, Dr. Einstein: Bill Higgins, Mr. Gibbs: Mary Kay Seabury, Abby Brewster: Gayle Proctor Martha Brewster: Margaret Miller, Elaine Harper: Fred Beaumont, Mortimer Brewster: Bill Ballenger, Mr. Witherspoon Standing: David Jensen, Mr. Spenalzo: Gary Jones, Officer Brophy: Tom Bolton, Teddy Brewster: Terry Jasper, Ot ficer O'Hara: Don Stoufer, Jonathan Brewster: Byron Toot, The Rev. Dr. Harper: Dick Lightner, Officer Klein: Bill Kretch mer, Mr. Hoskins. Omega, Thalian, Delta Tau Pla "Arsenic and Old Lace" Presented on February 26-27, 1954 Above: Dr. Einstein and Jonathan Brewster trick Mortimer Brewster into this position in an attempt to kill him. Left to Right: David Tepperman, Fred Beaumont and Don Stoufer. Below: Gayle Proctor and Mary Kay Seabury, as Martha and Abby Brewster, anxiously watch Mr. Witherspoon, played by Bill Ballen- ger, drink a glass of poison. 50 1 Alpha-Clio-Ero Pla "I Remember Mama" Presented April 23-24 Above: Enthusiastically reading their play parts are Ann Thomsen, Tom Bromberg, Jean Hounshell, and Bill Ballenger. Left: Marilyn Ketcham, Carol Pedersen, Don Danford, and Nikki Smith get into the mood of the play as they rehearse "I Remember Mama." Row T: Bill Kretschmer, soda clerk, Tom Bromberg, Mr. Thorkelson, Sandra Johnson, a nurse, Barbara Burbridge, Madeline and scrubwoman, Nikki Smith, Kartin, Byron Toot, Papa, Carol Schellinger, Mama, Jayne Kochel, Florence Dana Moorehead, Carolyn Walker, Aunt Sigrid, Carol Pedersen, Katrin, Tom Bolton, Dr. Johnson. Row 2: Karen Russell, Dorothy Schiller, Don Danford, Nels, Jean Hounshell, Aunt Jennie, Terry Jasper, Mr. Hyde, Bill Ballenger, Uncle Chris, Wilma Mott, a nurse, Sally Olsen, Dagmar, Alan Strong, bellboy, Marilyn Ketcham, Christine. Not pictured: Mary Jane Fischer, Aunt Trina, Tom G. Brown, Arne. 51 Drama Senior Class Play "Death Takes a Holiday" Presented May 21-22, 1954 "Death Takes a Holiday," adapted tor the American activities for three days, and during this time, he stage by Walter Ferris, is a play which presents falls in love with a beautiful girl. Through this girl, understandably the profound problems of life and he realizes why mortals fear him. death. The main character, Death, suspends all his Seated: Dan Ratelcin, Janet Watson, Bill Kerber, Kenneth Lett, Betty Kulisek, Gerry Mahon. Standing: Marilyn B. Jensen, Bill Claus, Phyllis Whitbeck, Roger Berg, Karen Sorensen, Ted Davis, Eileen Haas. Death-Prince Sirlci Cast Kenneth Lett Janet Watson Grazia --- - ....ee, --- Dulce ..... Stephanie .... Alda ,,,, Eric .we,. Ca rrado --- --- Bill Kerber ----- Betty Kulisek Karen Sorensen ----- Roger Berg ------ Bill Claus Ba ron Cesarea Princess ----- Maior Whitred Cora ------- Fedele ------ Director: Mr. Harry N. Langdon Marilyn B. Jensen Rhoda -------- -- ----- Gerry Mahon --- Phyllis Whitbeck ------- Ted Davis ---- Eileen Haas --- Dan Ratekin Varsity debaters. Left to right: David Tepperman, Katharine Bruce, Terry Jasper, Eugene Thompson, Jayne Kochel, LaVerne Kelsay, Carol Schelllnger. 1953-54 was indeed an active and inter- esting year in speech at A. L. The annual Prose and Poetry contest was held in Janu- ary and an extemporaneous speaking contest in February . . . The Ero Literary Society won the intersociety debate tourna- ment for the third successive year . . . Abra- ham Lincoln varsity debaters participated in tweive major tournaments, winning high honors in the University of Omaha Clinic, Missouri Valley events, and the state con- test at the University ot Iowa. Speech Prose and Poetry winners. Carolyn Walker and Nancy Swick, third place tie, Karen Sorensen, first place, and Carol Schellinger, second place. Ero winners of intersociety debate. Jeanette Prince, Barbara Bur- bridge, seated, Geraldine Stewart, Carol Schellinger, standing. A Q L,35w,g:3 in5yvfgfmgfikiifffii..gglg5fgw5,g Ag A 1gf.!? 3?f?M'f EE N V ,W iw fiwzfwf l tp , ,g" ff,- ,. ..1, , A mf. Q :g:ff?fAf'5faf:.fM , Opposite: The drill holl . . . luke soldiers W ' 'A at attention, the rifles sfcmd ID rlgld forma- Tion in their rocks. ff X 5 ? Q 5 if i . xx 4: g ' Q21 W EL ' X5 1 Y" 'a-A. - Q '51-i, S f . 'nf Vs' V, ik S55 2 , 4, W. Q .L i N 5 Sf' 1 ix- - , is ' ir mf ,1, i i ie R. O. T. C. P.M.S. 8 T. and Staff Capt. Scharn Capt. Edward O. Scharn P.M.S. 8: T. MXSQT. Sheldon K. Waite MfSgt. Waite Instructor Sfc. Rollin C, Edmondson Instructor Sfc. Edmondson Kneeling: Storey, Powers. Standing: Etherington, Epperson, Ballenger, Larsen, Loursen, Pierson. m luwmm l1f mvwf. 1wi if:2o+a+A m 35th Annual Military Ball Top: Honorary Major Katharine Bruce, Major Eugene Thompson, Honorary Major Grace O'Hara, and Maior Gerry Mahon. Bottom: Lt. Colonel Robert Proctor and Honorary Lt. Colonel Betty Kulisek are announced as they march through the arch of sabres. 57 R. O. T. C. Honorary Lt. Colonel Betty Kulisek pins the pips on the shoulders of Lt. Colonel Robert Proctor. On the evening of March 6, the Abraham Lincoln High School Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps staged the Thirty-Fifth Annual Military Ball in the Abraham Lincoln gym. Hundreds of spectators, students, teachers, parents, and many honored guests thrilled to the presentation of officers and their ladies and to the beauty of the grand march. R. O. T. C. Row l: Capt. Ralph Storey, Capt. Patrick Powers, 2nd Lt. James Sorensen, 2nd Lt. Fred Perry, Mai. Gerald Mahon, Honorary Lt. Col. Betty Kulisek, Lt. Col. Robert Proctor, Mai. Eugene Thompson, lst Lt. Larry Schnieder, lst Lt. Daniel Ratekin, lst Lt. Richard Burgeson. Row 2: lst Lt. Donald Hudson, Capt. Keith Rapalie, lst Lt. Lee lngraham, lst Lt. Ronald Swassing, lst Lt. William Burbridge, Capt. Ralph Voss, lst Lt. Roger Berg, lst Lt. Charles Gates, lst Lt. Gary Jessen, lst Lt. James Neilsen, lst Lt. Larry Knotek. Battalion Officers Battalion Commander ,,,,A.........,,,... Lt. Col. Robert Proctor Executive Officer ............,.,c.,......,, Maj. Gerald Mahon Adiutant ,.eee.,,c,........,.,,c.....,. Maj. Eugene Thompson Company A Company B Company Commander: Capt. Ralph Storey Company Commander: Capt. Keith Rapalje Executive Officer: lst Lt. Lee Ingraham Executive Officer: lst Lt. Roger Berg lst Platoon Leader: lst Lt. Daniel Ratekin lst Platoon Leader: lst Lt. Charles Gates 2nd Platoon Leader: lst Lt. James Neilsen 2nd Platoon Leader: lst Lt. Dean Stapleton 58 Company C Company Commander: Capt. Ralph Voss Executive Officer: lst Lt. William Burbridge lst Platoon Leader: lst Lt. Larry Knotek 2nd Platoon Leader: lst Lt. Donald Hudson Company D Company Commander: Capt. Patrick Powers Executive Officer: lst Lt. Ronald Swassing lst Platoon Leader: 2nd Lt. Fred Perry 2nd Platoon Leader: lst Lt. Gary .lessen 'WW ili 11: Q WM L. MM , M5218 w.,,,,,,, nf ,WM P-ihtff. M, ., M5 MM My - - ' w2af?VW ' ll' ' x fi' --L'mf,m'w Tix? S. : I S. . H rv ,nz .x..,.,:x7-:HI A Q : jV1V . , 5 if 5 NQFAE if Q Q' H Q' ,X-5 ,, ,Mm+1:-f:.,iYh,5 Y: pxfiiagggihk I thin ? A.Wfg.lQiQ3t?,a:Sa I W .QS-W5-f3g,2f'5tkN35ox5,ig'52,":f1 Opposite: Room 201 . . . where young Y' 'b s Turn into iournolisfs and heor Their mfgmw Mk iv me waxy Mft.. M.t'fi1a1- ray- mf N "ff3f2f2"wQff-'W '71f'f vii? ,. 'f' p -'L11AT,jf,'f!jT V A scrl e A' words thunder through the press. N 'L hx fflf 'f ' .a 4 xi' 1 fan 3 Q w ,,LL L, N A xy ' 32 . yn van. Bob Proctor, Co-Editor-in-Chief Jan Gravenkamp, Co-Editor-in-Chief Row 'lz Green, McManamy, Grover, O'Hara, Alcorn, Axtell. Row 2: Bamesberger, Schroeder, Schoening, Berry, Franke, Kulisek, Whitbeck, Gravenkamp. Row 3: Boham, Beezley, Davis, Herd, Thompson, Larsen, Proctor. The Crimson and Blue Editorial Staff Jan Gravenkamp: Co-Editor-in-Chief Bob Proctor: Co-Editor-in-Chief Jerry Beezley: Executive Editor, Dedicatory Editor Kenny Zimmerman: Photographic Editor Joanne Berry: Senior Editor, Student Groups Editor Phyllis Whitbeck: Senior Editor, Student Groups Editor Ruth Schoening: Administration Editor, Student Groups Editor Mary Grover: Junior Editor Karen Schroeder: Junior Editor Jane Alcorn: Sophomore Editor Joanne Axtell: Sophomore Editor Karen McManamy: Freshman Editor Dave Herd: Football Editor Ted Davis: Basketball Editor Mickey Rocha: Wrestling Editor Jim Boham: Track Editor Ted Tedesco: Golf and Tennis Editor Wendy Bamesberger: Girls' Sports Editor Alyce Ann Franke: Music-Drama-Speech Editor, Production and Copy Editor Grace O'Hara: Music-Drama-Speech Editor, Production and Copy Editor Betty Kulisek: Production and Copy Editor Eugene Thompson: Publications Editor, l2.0.T.C. Editor Tam Bolton, Noel Cook, Dick Harding, Alan Strong, Dave Taylor: Photographic Staff Mr. Virgil Miller: Photographic Adviser Carol Green: Typist Shirley Larsen: Typist Mr. W. Robert Brown: Editorial Adviser 62 Publications The l954 Crimson and Blue stands as a paper-and- ink monument to the efforts and energies of all those who contributed to its publication, to all those who wrote, edited, and correlated the information in the yearbook. Business Staff Business Manager .lane Anderson Assistant Business Manager Bill Kerber Treasurer Dan Ratekin Business Adviser Miss Margaret Henderson Staff Members: Evelyn Broman, Gordon Kolhof, Gerry Mahon, Colleen Nelson, Linda Passer, Barbara Pilling, Sandra Smith, Sally Stroh, Ralph Voss. Row 'l: Kerber, Nelson, Voss, Kolhof, Anderson. Row 2: Above: Jane Anderson, Business Manager. Below: Ratekin, Mahon, Broman, Pilling, Stroh, Smith. Bill Kerber, Assistant Business Manager. Prospective Crimson and Blue material submitted by Betty Kulisek passes under the editorial scrutiny of Bob Proctor and Jon Grovenkamp. Publications The camera staff, whose fine work is a vital part of school publica- tions, is shown at top. Seated: Kenny Zimmerman, Dave Taylor, and Torn Bolton. Standing: Alan Strong, Dick Harding, and Noel Cook. ln the bottom picture, Lee lngraham, Fred Perry, Don Schlott, and Jack Smith prepare a page layout for the Echoes. 64 ,449 Jane Anderson, Gerry Mahon, Colleen Nelson, and Bill Kerber comprise an important part of the business staff of the Crimson and Blue. Pressmen Jack Smith, Louis Smith, and Dave Meyers carry out the final step in Echoes pub- licotion. The Echoes A tribute should journalists whose be paid to Those student efforts made possible the Publications publication of The A. L. with weekly faction. Echoes. They have provided news, enjoyment, and satis- Just before distribution, The Echoes is folded by members of the staff. Fred Perry, Dave Mclntosh, Mark Thompson, Rogers Durham. Warren Francke, second from right, sports editor of The Echoes, confers with football letterman Dean Stapleton, basketball letterman Mark Thompson, and wrestling letterman Vernon Hodge. The Echoes Staff. Seated: Ted Davis, editor, second semester, Warren Francke, sports editor, second se- mester, Marvin Holt, editor, second semester. Stand- ing: Grace O'Hara, advertising manager, second semester, Sandra Johnson, editor, first semester, Marilyn A. Jensen, business editor, first semester, Jack Smith, head pressman, first semester, Marilyn B. Jensen, advertising manager, first semester, Frank Kilibarda, sports editor, first semester, Betty Kulisek, business editor, second semester. Not pictured: Judy Chamberlin, editor, first semester. Left to right: John Hickey, Andy Poulos, Lee lngraham, 35,i,Qt,s,,. rw.: f -f N,w'v,'si. ' .tm .1 Q'-- .. w.,,.,, Opposite: The gymnasium . . . sports orend for those who like 'ro ploy and Those who like fo wotch. " .M .. X ,. ,.L.,,., WM Y! . .vm ..,.,.......- --..-...-r--4-so Wx. QQVEWTGEEQMQGM M22 Eff 3133 .. M, 5 W W.. 'X lL H mir., WL, " ,l'33"'IIf.f ... w M.: ,W WF v W-N,,f. 314' an 5 K 'F 5 . ...V aw 1 7 V LVM 2 ll ai Ak sg? -'-' - 5 'EW fa Q ...ii ky " mmm Wu Y Football Bruce Miller Bob Miller Gary Eriksen Bob Collins Varsity Football Thirteen lettermen, led by Keith Rapalie, Dean Stapleton, Ray Messerli, and Jerry Swanger, gave Abe Lincoln a successful 1953 football season. In the season opener, Abraham Lincoln cruised past Shenandoah by a score of 3l -0. Rapalie scored four touchdowns behind outstanding blocking by the line. A. L.'s footballers then turned the tables on Tech to crush them 21-l3 after spotting them a I3-point lead. Messerli, Rapalie, and Hollinger led the Lynx past the favored Tech team. In the next game the Hilltoppers ran-wild past T. J., their city rivals, 43-0, to claim the most decisive A. L. triumph over them in the city's long football history. With Swanger and Herd setting a bruising pace in the line, the game was never a contest. Abraham Lincoln racked up their fourth straight victory the next week by defeating Omaha Cathedral, 28-7. Gallo made his ball-carrying debut by averaging 5.6 yards per carry. The defensive play of the A. L. line could not be matched by Cathedral. The following week found Vic .lenning's boys at Benson to meet one of Dick Gilman Jerry Swanger Glenn McKsighon Chuck Stevie Coach Victor P. Jennings Don Goodman Ray Messerli Larry Hays Vernon Hodge Bob Proctor Dean Stapleton Joe Fitch Dave Hollinger Steve Johnson Gary Jason 68 the stronger teams in the intercity. After outplaying the Bunnies for nearly four quarters, the Lynx were forced to settle for a 7-7 deadlock as Benson scored in the last two minutes of the game. Creighton Prep, the number-one team in Nebraska, stood next on the list for the Abe Lynx gridmen. An overfllow crowd of 4,800 watched Prep shock A. L, 41-6 atter the Lynx held a 6-O lead in the first quarter. The Hilltoppers then suffered their second straight loss at the hands of Omaha Central, l9-6. The Eagles presented a varied attack that got rolling in the second half to grab the victory after they were behind 6-0 at the half. In the season's gridiron windup, Abraham Lincoln traveled to Lincoln to play Northeast. The boys from A. L. rolled up a tremendous ground yard- age to achieve victory by a score of 29-7. The play of Rapalie, Stapleton, Hodge, and Gilman was outstanding. The Crimson and Blue closed with a record of 5 wins, 2 losses, and a tie. A fighting team spirit and morale was shown in every game. Football Keith Rapalje Dave Herd Bill Cambron Jim Boham l Assistant Coach Thurman E. Johnson John Winchester Bill Gallo Jack Smith Don Miller Jim Sorenson Keith Wise Dick McSorley Jim Craigmile Joy Colwel Duane Coleman Mel Burkgren Carl Burhenne Bill Johnstone Charley Gates 69 my W 3 ,gk Af in 5 ffl. , ,, fy A M A wg Q -rfi it .." gg Q ,ff ,, ' ' W 42 i gm 5? 'B XT M "gf, W 4 , W QR. W N N W, W, QM. W.: , , K 3' E Varsity Basketball What was said to be the toughest basketball schedule the Lynx have faced for years began with a 54-40 conquest over an experienced lowa School for the Deaf team. Mark Thompson led the way with 25 points. The next week, Art Grell's last-minute basket and free-throw squeezed a never- say-die Lynx squad past Glenwood, 64-63. A. L. then sent Villisca home on the short end of a 43-28 score, sneaked by a strong Alumni crew, 5l-48, and deflated Thomas Jefferson's spirits to the tune of 65-45. Thompson headed the scoring column in all of these games. Continuing on their victory march, the Lynx hoopsters walked by Creighton Prep, 43-36, aided by the clutch .play- ing ot Dick Gilman, and they followed this with a 55-47 win over Benson. A. L. fans relived the Glenwood contest as Tech fell 39-38, but then breathed easily as the Lynx raced past the Boys Town Cowboys, 60-36, as Thompson and Grell showed excellent form in their respective jobs of scoring and rebounding. ln the next four games, the Lynx added more scalps to their growing collection. Onawa gave in, 63-47, as "marks- man Mark" had his best night of the season with 30 points. Central fell victim by 64-50 as little Bill Cambron and Roger Berg showed their scoring abilities. North found themselves on the short end of a 39-33 score, and South was greeted with a 64-46 defeat. In the South game, rapidly-improving Jack Chapman filled the shoes of Mark Thompson, who had received an ankle injury in the North game, by dropping in l9 points. In the inauguration of the new Thomas .lelfterson Held- house, the Lynx played their role of guest poorly by defeat- ing the Jeffs 45-39. History books were rewritten as the A. L. cagers made it l4 straight wins with a 48-44 victory over a strong Creighton crew. The old record was l3, set up by last year's team. Benson, playing terrific ball, stopped the Lynx streak at i4 by an impressive score of 60-45. Varsity Coach Second Team Coach Thurman Johnson Thomas Capel Art Grell Bill Cambron Roger Berg Mark Thompson .lack Chapman Larry Hays Dave Goecker Basketball Getting back into the victory swing, a determined Lynx crew crushed Tech 72-50 to the delight of the A. L. players' mothers, who were honored at this game. A. L. then set a new inter-city scoring mark by trouncing Central, 86-48, the old record being 83, set by last year's crew Dave Goecker and Thompson shared scoring honors with 24 points apiece. A. L. survived a late North threat, 44-41, as Grell and Cambron potted the clutch points. T. J., for the third time this season, surrendered to the Lynx in a 49-47 thriller as Berg and Gilman provided the needed points in the Hnal minute. This district championship game let A. L. move on to the sub-state tournament. For the second time in as many years, the Lynx reigned as inter-city champions by smashing South, 69-39, as Cam- bron scorched the nets for 22 points, followed closely by Thompson's 20. A. L. went into sub-state competition with a l9-l record, the best that any of Coach Thurman Johnson's teams have ever achieved. The Lynx, boosted by Mark Thompson's l9 points, de- feated Sioux City Heelan in their first sub-state game. This 62-56 triumph brought A. L. within one game of a return trip to Iowa City. Larry Meyerson Noel Cook Bill Kretschmer, Manager Dan Ratekin, Manager l It l U 4 .U 0 'Q 0 Q L ll . 0 l . . -in lg. -- I.. 4. Dick Gilman Ted Davis Ronald Chambers Bill Kerber Gordon Moore Jim Craigmile Chuck Stevie Art Grell shakes hands with the op- Last-minute instructions are given by posing captain iust before the Tech Coach Johnson in the tense moments game. before game time. 1 Mark Thompson gets one of his many Lanky Jack Chapman grabs the re- shots as Jack Chapman anxiously bound as teammate Roger Berg awaits watches for a rebound. a pass. Row 1: Lester, Blake, Hoffman, Francis, Smith, Jones. Row 2: King, Hawks, Lovelady, Schropp, Johnstone, Schneider, Mgr. Choate ., 1 imm 'lKw2"ew'5,wmsS'if .w:1wfgs:x,r'w.'we m1m1w..2f.l12:M'uiawW s exi-'f . Above: Clearing the high hurdles are Dave Herd, Joe Fitch, and Bob Proctor. Below: Practicing starts are Dave Herd, Duane Coleman, Bill Cambron, Bob Miller, and Kenneth Lett Track The A. L. track team, coached by Vic Jennings, had one of its best years. The Lynx placed high in all their meets. Their strong points were the 440 yard relay, 880 yard relay, mile relay, and pole vault. There were several nice trips, including the Drake Relays and the District and State Meets. Fifteen returning maior Iettermen strengthened the team. They were: Jim Boham, discus throw, lOO yard dash, and 440 yard relay, Joe Fitch, pole vault and relays, Vernon Hodge, pole vault, 440 yard relay, and 880 yard re- lay, Keith Rapalje, football throw, 440 yard relay, and 880 yard relay, Ron Sanson, mile, Duane Coleman, mile, Dave Herd, 440 yard dash and 880 yard dash, Don Shepley, shotput and discus throw, Virgil Watson, high iump and relays, Bob Proctor, 440 yard dash, Dale Christians, 880 yard dash and mile, Bill Cambron, 880 yard dash and 880 yard relay, Bob Miller, 440 yard dash, Dick McSorley, 440 yard relay and 880 yard relay, and Mel Burkgren, manager. Row 1: McSorIey, Fitch, Hodge, Rapalie, Cambron, Coleman. Row 2: Miller, Shepley, Proctor, Christians, Boham, Scnson, Herd. Not pictured: Virgil Watson and Carl Bur- henne, manager. Coach Victor P. Jennings Assistant Coach Vernon E. Doty 75 l Wrestling Under Coach Vernon Doty and Assistant Coach Richard Lessenger, the A. L. wrestling team enioyed one of the most profitable and success- ful years in its history. Squad members won seven matches, while losing Eve in dual competition. Their victims were Audubon, twice, Thomas Jef- ferson, twice, North, twice, and Tech. They finished fourth in intercity competition. ln addition to these meets, the Lynx participated in three tournaments. They achieved fourth place in the team standings in the North Invitational Tournament, with Vernon Hodge the l45-pound champion and Mickey Rocha runner-up in the T33-pound class. Six A. L. grapplers won indi- vidual titles to lead the Lynx to their second straight District Champion- ship. The District individual champions were, Dave Hollinger, li2, Frank Jerkovich, l2O, Michey Rocha, l27, Duane Coleman, i33, Vernon Hodge, l45, and Ray Messerli, l54. These victories qualified them for the State Wrestling Tournament, held in Cedar Falls. Season's Record Lynx 26 Audubon i9 Lynx i6 Central 22 Lynx i6 Central 23 Lynx l2 South 34 Lynx 21 South 22 Lynx 2l North i8 Lynx 26 North i7 Lynx I5 Tech 20 Lynx 25 Tech i6 Lynx 38 T. J. 7 Lynx 35 T. J. 8 Lynx 28 Audubon IO Coach Vernon Doty Assistant Coach Richard lessenger Row 'lz Wiggington, Bachman, Tallman, McGee. Row 2: Hollinger, Storey, Hodge, Messerli, T. Green, Gates, G. Green, Jerkovich, Rocha. Row 3: Smith, Coleman, Scheidle, Wyatt, Petersen, lngraham, Nicolini, Knotek, Winchester, Fitch, Tay- lor, Miller, Wingstcd. 76 Ray Messerli sfops Vern Hodge's efforts to get away with a "cross-body ride." Greg Green seems to be enioying himself as he ahempts fo "somersaul1" and escape from Bill Sforey. 77 Wrestling Charlie Gates applies an efiective "figure-four," while Tom Green lies helpless. Frank Jerkovich has Dave Hollinger in trouble as he applies a "half-nelson" pin hold. -ki! lf ..'1 Golf The T954 golf team, under the guidance of Coach Walter Kaltenborn, was at top strength. It was bol- stered by the return of five lettermen: Ted Tedesco, Fred Beaumont, Frank Jerkovich, Dennis Miller, and Don Hudson. Those reporting for the first time were: Frank Kilibarda, Bill Johnstone, and Larry Perkins. Reporting for golf for the first time are Frank Kilibarda, Bill Johnstone, and Larry Perkins. l Walter T. Kaltenborn l S Golf and Tennis Coach Don Hudson Ted Teclesco Frank Jerkovich Dennis Miller Fred Beaumont 78 Tennis After enjoying a fine season last year, The Tennis Gary Jessen, Dick Lightner, and Bill Ballenger. In ad- Team again showed signs of expertness. Although They dition To These veterans, Coach Walter KalTenborn had lost Dick Crowl and state singles runner-up, Ed Hoff- six first-year men. They were: Noel Cook, Larry Meyer- man, from last year's stellar outtit, eight returning let- son, Cam Clapp, Tom Bromberg, Allen Passer, and termen Took up the slack. They were: Art Grell, Ted Larry Schneider. Davis, Warren Francke, Dave Goecker, Mike Hoffman, Warren Francke, left, and Bill Ballenger sharpen up their Teamwork. Ted Davis, left, admires Art Grell's backhand return. Row T: Grell, Lighfner, Davis, Hoffman, Jessen, Francke, Goecker. Row 2: Cook, Schneider, Ballenger, Chapman, Bromberg, Clapp, Passer. 79 G m Classes Left panel: Classes in individual sports learn the essentials of the games of their choice. The girls are also taught to appreciate sports in which they do not take part. ClGUSSer1, Kulisek. Reick, Sprinkel, Hatcher, Bundy. Mrs. Cleola Mansfield offers a wide variety of gym courses to the girls of A. L. For the athletic girl, there are such diversified sports as tennis, field hockey, swimming, basketball, softball, golf, and bowling. For the girls less athletically inclined, classic and ball-room dancing are taught. Mrs. Mansfield also provides a varied selection of sports for the freshman boys' gym class. , l Freshman Swim Class: Scheidle, Fell, Choate, ready to dive, Doty Fallmon, resting. Dance Class: Boortz, Reimer, Foster. Team Sports: Barritt, Schultz, Munson, Ander- son. 80 Cheerleaders Seniors These three-year veterans have the ex- perience and vitality necessary to keep the crowd cheering, providing a stimulant to the spirit of the team. Row l: Marcus, Keairnes, Newman, Smith. Row 2: Olsen, Kuli- sek, Sorensen. Row l: Hewitt, Bamesberger, Cobb. Row 2: Slmow, longmade, Feller, Hall. Sophomores Constant practice, beginning with the sophomore year, is needed to keep the girls in condition for their strenuous but exciting activity. They practice regularly before school, learning new cheers and perfecting old ones. Juniors A pleasant, congenial personality and a natural sense ot rhythm and timing are re- quisite qualities tor a good cheerleader, such as any one of the juniors pictured here. A conscientious cheerleader is always striv- ing to be worthy of the letter she wears. Left to right: Patterson, Shaw, Winchester, Miller, Johnson, Russell, Beaumont. 81 L 134. lil as l i. -1 aL 3 i K K ig, K, V- 'fkr .kgk AQ -if I i 2 ggi' 5+ " X g '51, , si A. ,L 4 :M-My ' '1- ' 1 Xxii K. s 'xxx' Qi fi Opposite: Kirn Field . . . scene of senior closs commencements, sports, ond fed- erol inspections. 4 i' 1 ww-esfsff wx. ,- Qs, f' W ,::,Mw.4,V ,RFQ H, R X ,M My ,fuk 5- .X i ,. , if K n vs f is af' A f ir' ww 1.1, 5 :QW Q Q 4 N N ,L W ' 'Y fm., ww'-gang Q ' M W. NM, ,M . , I-, 5. Q Seniors Four years of eventful high school life have ended for the seniors. The class of '54 has reason to be proud. Seniors took a leading part in R,O.T.C., clubs, societies, dramatics, athletics, music, debate, social events, and scholastic achievements. Commencement exercises on June l at Kirn Field climaxed tour never-to-be-forgotten years. The Senior Classyof I954 Seated: Marilyn Ann Jensen, secretary, Roger Berg, presidenip Ted Davis, vice- presideni. Standing: Gerry Mahon, treasurer, Dean Stapleton, sergeant-at-arms. 84 RICHARD L. ANDERSON College Preparatory Spanish Club Sgt.-at-Arms, R.O.T.C. ROBERT ARCHER Commercial Retail Sales Club. CARL BAHR General Student Council. PHYLLIS ANN BARRITT Commercial Girls' Glee, Student Libr., Pep Club, Gym Pageant. CAROLE J. BECK General Jr. Class Play, Student Council V. Pres., Ero, Echoes Ad Staff, Operetta '50, '51, '52. GERALD BEEZLEY College Preparatory Nat'l Honor Society V.-Pres., All- State Orchestra Concertmaster, Crim- son and Blue Executive Editor and Dedicatory Editor, Boys' State Rep., Thespian. JOYCE LOUISE BELL General Mixed Chorus. EILEEN BELT Arts and Industries ROGER L. BERG Arts and Industries Sr. Class Pres., F.F.A, Pres., Varsity Basketball, R.O.T.C, 2nd Lt., Letter- men's Club. ROGER C, ACKERMAN General Band, Hi-Y, R,O.T,C. DOROTHY E. ADKINS Commercial Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant. JANET ADKINS General Red Cross Rep., Gym Pageant MILTON CHARLES ALLEN Arts and Industries F,F.A., R.O.T.C. ELIZABETH ANN ALLERTON General Alpha Sec., Pep Club. JANE ANDERSON College Preparatory Thalian Pres., V.-Pres., Crimson and Blue Business Manager, Girls' State Rep., Nat'l Honor Society, Jr. Red Cross Council. . .1 .rm JOANNE M. BERRY College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Senior and Student Groups Editor, Clio Pres., Pep Club, Student Council, Red Cross Rep. PAUL W. BLACK General SHARON KAY BLUNK General 1953 Football Queen, Pep Club Treas., Alpha Sec., Student Council, Road Show '51, '53. SANDRA BOEHM Commercial Alpha Sgt.-at-Arms, Hist., Mix e d Chorus, Road Show '51, '52, '53, Pep Club, Operetta '52, '53, '54. JAMES M. BOHAM Commercial Student Council Pres., Varsity Foot- ball, Track, Lettermen's Club, Hi'Y. JANET BORWICK Commercial Clio V.-Pres., Hist. BARBARA ROSE BOWLIN Commercial Thespian, Thalian Sgt.at-Arms, Road Show '52, Operetta '52, Pep Club. CAROL JEAN BREMHOLM Commercial BEVERLY JOANN BRIGGS Commercial Girls' Glee, Pep Club, Student Libr., Gym Pageant. EVELYN M. BROMAN College Preparatory Omega Pres., V.-Pres., Student Coun- cil, Crimson and Blue Business Staff, Thespian, Road Show '52. BARBARA BROWN General Ero Sec., Echoes Ad Staff, Typist, Pep Club, Road Show '53, Mixed Chorus. BEVERLEY IRENE BROWN Commercial Road Show '51, '52. CAROLINE BROWN General Cheerleader, Omega V.-Pres., Sec., Pep Club, Operetta '53, Road Show '51, '52, ROSE ELLA BROWN College Preparatory Road Show '53, Red Cross Rep., Mix- ed Chorus. JEANNINE BROWNLEE General Omega Sgt.-at-Arms, Echoes Ad Stalt, Jr. Class Play, Road Show '5l. SHARON BUSWELL Arts and Industries Echoes Cartoonist, Omega Treas. Gym Pageant. JOANN FAYE BUTLER Commercial Girls' Glee, Pep Club, Gym Pageant BILL CAMERON General Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football Track, Baseball, Jr, Class V.-Pres. SHIRLEY IRENE CARSON Commercial Debate, Band, Echoes Ad Staff, Red Cross Rep., Mixed Chorus. HELEN CATHERINE CARTER General TIMOTHY CASKEY General R.O.T.C. JUDY CHAMBERLIN College Preparatory Echoes Co-Ed.-in-Chief, Y-Teen Sec., Nat'l Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Student Council. DICK CHRISTENSEN General Student Council, Red Cross Rep., Band, R.O.T.C. JERRY D. CHURCHMAN College Preparatory F.F.A., Hi-Y, R.O.T.C,, 2nd Team Foot- ball, Mixed Chorus. KATH ARINE BRUCE College Preparatory Alpha Pres., Treas., Varsity Debate, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil, Road Show '52. NAOMA BRYNER General Pep Club, Road Show '53, Operetta '53, '54, Mixed Chorus. WILLIAM JOHN BURBRIDGE College Preparatory Mixed Chorus, Crimson and Blue Camera Staff, R.O.T.C, 2nd Lt., Oper- etta '54, Road Show '52, '53. RICHARD GILLIAM BURGESON College Preparatory Nat'l Honor Society Pres., R.O.T.C, 2nd Lt., Latin Club. CARL BURHENNE Arts and Industries F.F.A,, Hi-Y, Band, Road Show '52, '53. SHIRLEY JUNE BUSH Commercial Delta Tau Hist., Road Show '51, '52 JACK G. CLARK College Preparatory Student Council, R.O.T.C EDWIN R, CLATTERBUCK General R.O.T.C. GEORGE WILLIAM CLAUS College Preparatory Band Drum Major, State test '52, '53, Hi-Y Sec Play, Thespian. MARGARET I. CLAUSSEN Commercial Gym Pageant, Ero. KARENE SUE COATE College Preparatory Y-Teen, Spanish Club, Gym Pageant, ALBERTA JUNE COFFELT Commercial Gym Pageant. ii KENNETH C. COFFELT College Preparatory Mixed Chorus. DUANE COLEMAN College Preparatory Varsity Football, Wrestling, Track, F.F.A., Lettermen's Club. VIOLA M. COLEMAN Commercial Ero, Echoes Ad Stott, Operetta '51, '53, '54, Road Show '5l, '53, Jr. Class Play. NORMA JEAN COLWELL General Pep Club, Ero, Orchestra, Student Council, Mixed Chorus. SHERRY J. COLWELL Commercial Y-Teen Devotions Chairman, Student Council, Red Cross Rep. DAVID LYLE CRANE Commercial Wrestling, Retail Sales Club, Spanish Club, R.O.T.C. SHARON ARLENE DAGUE General Road Show '5l. TED DAVIS College Preparatory Echoes Co-Ed.-in-Chief, Sr. Class V.- Pres,, Varsity Basketball, "Meet a Body," Tennis. FANNIE MAE DEWEY General Y-Teen. ROBERT P. EVERHART Arts and Industries Boys' Glee, Mixed Chorus, F.F.A., R.O.T.C., Freshman Basketball. KENT EWERS General R.O,T,C. Sgt, DONNA EXLINE Commercial Mixed Chorus, Road Show '5l, '52, Operetta '52, JOE FITCH Arts and Industries Track, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y. WARREN T. FRANCKE College Preparatory Echoes Sports Editor, Varsity Basket- ball, Tennis, Road Show '52, Student Council. ALYCE ANN FRANKE General Y-Teen V.-Pres., Recorder, Music Chairman, Spanish Club, Crimson and Blue Editorial Staff, Mixed Chorus, Operetta '52, '53, JULIE ANNE FRAZER Commercial Girls' Glee, Road Show '5l. GEORGIANA FROST College Preparatory Student Council, Gym Pageant, Era. JOAN GARNER College Preparatory Spanish Club, Thalian, Girls' Glee. Seniors PATRICIA ANN DUFFY Commercial Alpha Sgt.-at-Arms, Gym Pageant. ROGERS DURHAM General R.O,T.C. Sgt., Color Guard. BOB EPPERSON Commercial R.O,T.C. Sgt., Rifle Team. DELORES FAYE ERNST Commercial Road Show '5l, '52, Operetta '52, Girls' Glee, Mixed Chorus, Delta Tau. JACK LEROY ETH ERINGTON Commercial R.O.T,C. Sgt., Rifle Team. N ,.fmi...fi,.g s ,Q .H ,Ima CHARLES L. GATES Commercial Wrestling, R,O,T.C. Qnd Lt., Varsity Football, Student Council. DAVID GOECKER College Preparatory Varsity Basketball, Tennis, Track, ROTC. Sgt., Student Council. PETER E. GOULD College Preparatory Band Asst. Dir., Operetta '5l, '52, '53, '54, Student Council, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, RAYMOND L. GRAALFS Arts and Industries F.F,A., R.O.T.C. .IAN PAUL GRAVENKAMP College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Co-Editor-in-Chief, Nar'I Honor Society, Spanish Club Pres., R.O.T.C. CAROL LORRAINE GREEN Commercial Y-Teen Pres., V.-Pres., Sec., Alpha Hist., Crimson and Blue Typist, All- State Band, Student Council. Seniors i 1 ff , e 'Ps 'Q ARTHUR GRELL College Preparatory Varsity Basketball, Student Council Tennis, Lettermen's Club, R.O.T.C. BOB GRIFFITH College Preparatory Baseball, Hi-Y, Echoes, Retail Sales Club. JACKIE M. GUSTAFSON General Mixed Chorus. EILEEN ELEANORE HAAS College Preparatory Ero Pres., Treas., Thespian, Echoes News Editor, Road Show '5I, '52, '53, Operetta '53, '54. CHARLENE ELMAE HANSEN Commercial Y-Teen Devotions Chairman, Spanish Club, Gym Pageant. DORIS MAUREEN HANSEN General Student Council, Thalian. GLORIA W. HANSEN College Preparatory Nat'I Honor Society, Band, Spanish Club Treas., Clio V.-Pres., Sec., Orchestra. MARVA LOU HANSEN Commercial Thalian Sec., Red Cross Rep., Ex- tempo, Road Show '52, '53, Pep Club. NANCY ALICE HAWKS Commercial Spanish Club Sec., Road Show '51, Nat'I Honor Society Sec., Y-Teen, Chorus. PHILIP VERNON HOLMES Commercial Retail Sales Club Pres., "Down in the Valley," Red Cross Rep., R.O.T.C. MARVIN L. HOLT College Preparatory Echoes Co-Ed -in-Chief. DONALD HUDSON College Preparatory R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Lettermen's Club, Golf, Rifle Team. A. LEE INGRAHAM College Preparatory Hi-Y, Wrestling, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Echoes Exchange Ed. DON F. JACKSON College Preparatory Tennis, Boys' Glee Club, R.O.T.C., Mixed Chorus. EUVEDA JACOB General Gym Pageant. DONALD L. JAY General R,O.T.C. MARILYN ANN JENSEN College Preparatory Sr. Class Sec., Jr. Red Cross Council Pres., V.-Pres., Echoes Bus. Mgr., Alpha V.-Pres., Road Show '52. MARILYN B. JENSEN College Preparatory Echoes Ad Mgr., Omega Pres., Sec., Thespian V.-Pres., "George Washing- ton Slept Here," Road Show '5I, '52, '53. LARRY HAYS General Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Track, Soph. Class Pres., Student Council. DAVID N. HERD College Preparatory Varsity Football, Track, "The Fortune Teller," Echoes News Editor, Letter- men's Club Sec.-Treas. JOHN D. HICKEY Arts and Industries R.O.T.C. Sgt., Rifle Team. DARYI. E. HILL Commercial Retail Sales Club Treas., Stu d e nt Council, 2nd Team Football, R.O.T.C., Golf. VERNON HODGE Arts and Industries North Invitational Wrestling Champ, Varsity Football, Track, Baseball, Let- termen's Club. JAY E. HOLLINGSWORTH Arts and Industries In GARY CARL JESSEN General R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Operetta '52, '53, '54, Hi-Y, Tennis, All'State Chorus. JAMES LEWIS JOHNSON Arts and Industries Student Council. SANDRA JOHNSON College Preparatory Alpha Pres., Echoes Co-Ed.-in-Chief, Cheerleader, Nat'l Honor Society, Jr. Red Cross Council Treas. JEANNE MARIE KAIN College Preparatory Operetta '5l, '52, Road Show '52, Latin Club, Gym Pageant. MARGIE KEAIRNES Commercial Cheerleader, Pep Clu b V.-Pres., Soph. Class Treas., Clio, Student Council. HARRIET RUTH KEARNES Commercial Gym Pageant. sg i-. S2-11652492 WILLIAM T. KERBER College Preparatory Varsity Basketball, Crimson and Blue Assistant Business Manager, Student Council, R.O.T.C., "Death Takes a Holiday." TOM KETCHAM Commercial Retail Sales Club. FRANK KILIBARDA College Preparatory Echoes Sports Editor, Golf. KAREN RAE KINSELL General Ero, Thespian, Pep Club, "George Washington Slept Here," Road Show '52, '53. LARRY LEE KNOTEK College Preparatory R.O.T.C, 2nd Lt., Hi-Y V.-Pres., Wres- tling, Lettermen's Club, Operetta '52, '53, '54. GORDON C. KOLHOF College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Business Stafl, R.O.T.C. GLENAVON JOAN KORTH College Preparatory Girls' Glee, Gym Pageant. CARLENE KRAMER Commercial Y-Teen Sec., Devotions Chairman, Omega Hist., Mixed Chorus, Road Show '5l, '52, '53, Operetta '52, '53, '54. BETTY ANN KULISEK Commercial Thalian Pres., Sec., Y-Teen Pres., Cheerleader, Echoes Bus. Mgr., Soph and Jr. Class Sec. Seniors BOB MCCAMPBELL Commercial Retail Soles Club. DAVE MCINTOSH General Varsity Football, Track, Hi-Y. RICHARD MCSORLEY General Varsity Football, Track, 2nd Team Basketball, Hi-Y Pres., Lettermen's Club Sgt,-at-Arms. GERALD L. MAHON College Preparatory Sr. Class Treas., Student Council, R.O.T.C, 2nd Lt., Crimson and Blue Business Stott, Road Show '53. JOYCE ANN MAKINSON Commercial 1 Ero Treas,, Orchestra, Pep CI u b, Echoes Ad Stott, Road Show '5i, '53. NATALIE MARCUS College Preparatory Pep Club Pres., Cheerleader, Clio, Road Show '5l, '53, Student Council. NORMA MASS Commercial Gym Pageant. BONNIE LOU MERK General Y-Teen, Student Libr., Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant, Girls' Glee. JOAN MERK College Preparatory Jr. Class Treas,, Y-Teen, Student Libr., Spanish Club, Girls' Glee. xlflm LUCILLE M. LARSEN General Alpha V.-Pres, Treas., Thespian, Y- Teen Treas., Road Show '52, Pep Club. SHIRLEY IRENE LARSEN Commercial Y-Teen Treas., Student Council, Crim- son and Blue Typist, Operetta '52, '53, Mixed Chorus. JESSE LAWRENCE Commercial ROBERT K. LEEPER General KENNETH A. LETT, JR. College Preparatory Fr. Basketball, Track, R.O.T.C. JEAN ANN LEWIS General Y-Teen, Spanish Club, Retail Sales Club. RAY MESSERLI Arts and Industries Varsity Football, District Wrestling Champion, F.F.A. V.-Pres., Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y. DAVID ELMER MEYERS Arts and Industries Varsity Football, R.O.T.C. ROBERT P. MILLER Commercial Varsity Football, Track, R.O.T.C. Sgt. SHARON MOEN General Student Council, Delta Tau, Spanish Club, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Pep Club. LARRY MOORE General R.O.T.C. MELINDA LEE MORSE Arts and Industries Delta Tau Pres., Treas., Pep Club, Echoes Ad Staff, Football Queen At- tendant, Road Show '52. . .... . K K AJ . .ua LAWRENCE MOTT College Preparatory F.F.A. Pres., Spanish Club V.-Pres. STEPHEN MOURER College Preparatory Hi-Y, 2nd Team Football, Road Show '5l, '52, '53, Mixed Chorus, R.O.T.C. RALPH J. MUNDELL Commercial Fr. Football. VERA ANGALENE MUSCHALI. General Gym Pageant. JAMES A. NEILSEN College Preparatory R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Color Guard, Mixed Chorus, Road Show '51, '52, "The Fortune Teller." COLLEEN NELSON Commercial Clio Cec., Crimson and Blue Business Staff, Soph. V.-Pres., Pep Club. BILL NELSON General R.O.T.C. JOYCE MARIE NEUJAHR Comercial Ero, Mixed Chorus, Student Council, Road Show '52, '53, Gym Pageant. SANDRA NEWMAN Commercial Cheerleader, Pep Club Sgt.-at-Arms, Student Council, Road Show '5l, '52, '53, Operetta '53, '54. FRED PERRY General ROTC. Sgt., Wrestling, Track, F.F.A. BEVERLEY JEAN PETERSEN Commercial Y-Teen, Spanish Club, Road Show '52, '53, Operetta '52, '53, Mixed Chorus, AUDREY PHILLIPS General Delta Tau Sgt.-at-Arms, Thespian, Echoes Ad Stott, Typist, Operetta '53, '54, Pep Club. BARBARA JEAN FILLING College Preparatory Alpha Treas., Operetta '52, '53, Crimson and Blue Business Staff, Road Show '52, '53, Pep Club. PHILLIP SCOTT PLATTER College Preparatory Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Camera Stott, Road Show '52, "Arsenic and Old Lace." JOHN POORE Arts and Industries F.F.A., R.O.T.C. ANDY POULOS General R.O.T.C., "Meet a Body," "Arsenic and Old Lace." PAT POWERS General R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Rifle Team. ROBERT R. PROCTOR College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Co-Editor-in-Chief, R,O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Nat'l Honor Society, Lettermen's Club, Boys' State Rep. GRACE AILEEN O'HARA Commercial Echoes Ad Mgr., Crimson and Blue Music-Drama-Speech and Production Editor, Jr. Red Cross Council Sec., Thalian Sgt.-at-Arms, Football Queen Attendant. ROBERTA H. OLSEN General Cheerleader, Delta Tau Sgt.-at-Arms, Road Show '51, Echoes Ad Staff, Jr. Red Cross Council. MERYLE OSBORN General ROTC. SHARLENE RAE OWEN Commercial Nat'l Honor Society, Y-Teen Music Chairman, Student Libr., Operetta '52, '53, '54, Road Show '5l, '52. DARLENE PALMER Commercial Student Council, Girls' Glee, Road Show '5l, Christmas Program. LINDA SUE PASSER College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Business StaH, Thalian, Thespian, Pep Club, Road Show '52, .IANICE PROFEDA General Delta Tau, Red Cross Rep., Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, Road Show '52, '53. MARGARET PRUITT Commercial Mixed Chorus, Road Show '5I. .IUDY RANDOLPH Commercial Mixed Chorus, Road Show '5I. KEITH RAPALJE Arts and Industries All-S.W. Iowa and All-Inter-City Football, Baseball, Track, Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y. DANIEL RATEKIN College Preparatory Student Council, Crimson and Blue Treasurer, R,O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Varsity Basketball Mgr., Road Show '53, BOB RATIGAN General 2nd Team Basketball, R.O.T.C, Hit 3 t2Pt: -1' u SHARON LEE REIFF Commercial Road Show '51, '52, Operetta '52, Girls' Glee, Mixed Chorus. CAROL ANN RICE College Preparatory DAR Rep., Ero Pres., Spanish Club Pres., Nat'l Honor Society, All-State Chorus. BARBARA JEAN RICHWINE Commercial Retail Sales Club, Mixed Chorus. HENRY L. RIEDEMANN General RONALD E. RIEF Arts and Industries F.F.A., R.O.T.C. BILL RUS General Road Show '52, '53, R.O.T.C., Hi-Y. DON E. SCHLOTT General Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee, Echoes Staff, R.O.T.C. LARRY WALTER SCHNEIDER General R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Hi-Y, Tennis, Track, Wrestling. SARA LU SCOTT College Preparatory Alpha, S p a n is h Club, Orchestra, Operetta '5 I , Band. MARY JANE SLIGHTAM Commercial Omega Sec., "George Washington Slept Here," Operetta '5I, '52, Y- Teen, Pep Club. JACK F. SMITH Arts and Industries., Echoes, Hi-Y, R.O.T.C,, Varsity Foot- ball, Wrestling. JANE ALLIS SMITH College Preparatory Delta Tau Pres., V.-Pres., Spanish Club, Pep Club, Jr. Red Cross Rep. LOUIS ED SMITH General Jr. Class Sgt,-at-Arms, Spanish Club. SANDRA SMITH College Preparatory Delta Tau, Cheerleader, Echoes Feature Ed., "Meet a Body," Thes- pian. EDWIN GEORGE SNYDER College Preparatory Band Capt., Jr. Class Play, Operetta '53, Thespian. BARBARA JEAN SOE Commercial Operetta '52, '53, Delta Tau, "Heaven Can Wait," Pep Club Orchestra. JAMES SORENSEN General Varsity Football, Hi-Y Pres., R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Student Council Treas. KAREN ANN SORENSEN College Preparatory Thespian Pres., Road Show '50, '51, '52, '53, Cheerleader, Ero Sec., State Speech Contest '52, '53. Seniors KATHRYN SEALOCK College Preparatory Pep Club Sec., Alpha Hist., Road Show '52, '53, Operetta '5l, '52, '53, '54, Fr. Class Treas. PATRICIA ANN SHANNON General DONALD J. SHEPLEY College Preparatory Thespian, Dramatics, M u s ic , Visual Education, Track. MARTHA J. SHOEMAKER General Delta Tau Sec., Treas., Pep Club, Road Show '52, '53, Operetta '53, Echoes Ad Staff. DONALD L. SIEBERT Commercial Retail Sales Club V.-Pres., 2nd Team Football, Echoes Ad Statt. SHIRLEY SORENSEN College Preparatory Operetta '52, '53, '54, Delta Tau V.-Pres., Sec., Road Show '51, '52, '53, Thespian, Student Council. EVELYN SPRINGER Commercial Band, Chorus. DEAN STAPLETON General All-State Football, Wrestling, Track, Lettermen's Club, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt. GENEVIEVE Y. STEINBERG General Girls' Glee, Gym Pageant. PEGGY STEVENS General Band, Student Council, Echoes Staff, Spanish Club, Road Show '5l. DICK STEWART Arts and Industries Rifle Team, R.O.T.C. Seniors l --ff r as wt ' GERALDINE LEE STEWART College Preparatory Nat'l Honor Society Treas., Ero V.-Pres., lntersociety Debate, Prose and Poetry. SHIRLEY MAE STOKES Commercial Y-Teen, Girls' Glee, Gym Pageant RALPH DAVID STOREY Commercial R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Rifle Team. SALLY ANNE STROH College Preparatory Thalian V.-Pres., Treas., Crimson and Blue Business Staff, Thespian, Operet- ta '52, '53, '54, Road Show '52, SUE STROTHER General JERRY SWANGER Arts and Industries Varsity Football, Hi-Y, Track, Letter- men's Club. RONALD WILLIAM SWASSING Commercial R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Student Council, Hi- Y Sec., Treas., 2nd Team Basketball. VINCENT DALE TAYLOR Arts and Industries Hi-Y, R.O.T.C. Sgt., Scholastic Art Contest ERNEST N. TECHAU Arts and Industries F.F.A. Treas., Hi-Y, Red Cross Rep. JANET ANNE WATSON General Ero, Operetta '52, '53, '54, Student Council, Road Show '5l, '52, '53, "George Washington Slept Here." PHYLLIS ANN WHITBECK College Preparatory Nat'l Honor Society, Crimson and Blue Senior Editor and Student Groups Editor, Y-Teen, Latin Club. DAVE G. WILSON College Preparatory Thespian, Road Show '52, '53, Jr. Class Pres., Boys' State Rep., "George Washington Slept Here." RICHARD LEE WITTHAUER Commercial Retail Sales Club, 2nd Team Foot- ball, R.O.T.C. SHARON L. ZACH Commercial Pep Club, Student Council. KENNETH ZIMMERMAN College Preparatory Crimson and Blue Camera Staff, Echoes. "Heaven Can Wait," Road Show '52, '53, "Great Expectations." Seniors FRANK E. TEDESCO, JR. College Preparatory Student Council, Golf Capt., Road Show '51, '52, Band Capt., State Music Contest '53. S. EUGENE THOMPSON College Preparatory Varsity Debate, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Thespian, Crimson and Blue Publica- tions Editor and R.O.T.C. Editor, Mixed Chorus. MARK THOMPSON General Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Letter- men's Club. TRACY L. VALLIER College Preparatory Fr. V.-Pres., Mixed Chorus, Hi-Y Chaplain, F.F.A. Sec., Thespian. RALPH F. V055 College Preparatory R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., Crimson and Blue Business Staff, Jr. Class Play, Thes- pian. JAMES W. WEAKLY College Preparatory Road Show '53. Not Pictured BETTY PALEN OTHA REX ROOT General College Preparatory RONALD L. DOWNS WILLIAM MELVIN ROBINSON PAT SHELLENBERG Commercial General General RO.T.C. BYRON HANSEN MICKEY ROCHA LEOTA JEAN WISE General Commercial General Wrestling, Student Council, Crimson and Blue Wrestling Editor. 99 Juniors Social as well as academic activities entered into the lives of the junior class of 1953-54. The success of the class play, "January Thaw," prophesied the future for this group of students. Their enthusiasm was shown in the class election by a pep band, roaring students, and stirring speeches. Later the juniors spent much time pondering over the choice of that all-important class ring. The year was topped off by the Junior-Senior Prom. The Junior Class Seated: Bill Ballenger, vice-president, Richard Smith, president, Robert Dryden, sergeant-atiarms. Standing: Sandra Barritt, secretary, Mary Kay Seabury, treasurer. 100 uniors Row 1: Brunow, Brown, Barritt, Blum, Baker, M. Anderson. Row 2: Bolton, Bamesberger, Budatz, Best, Basch, Andresen, Broman. Row 3: Beaumont, Ballenger, Andress, Adamson, R. Anderson, Brownfield. Row 1: Cobb, Ceika, Cash, S. Christensen, Clayton, Clark, Claussen. Row 2: Bunch, Collett, Burkgren, Cook, C. Christiansen, R. Christensen. Row 3: Burdick, Crow, Collins, Christians, Craigmile, Chambers. 101 Juniors Row 1: Lund, Kruml, McMains, McGehee, Lara. Row 2: Lesfer, Langmade, lemons, Letner, McDonald. Row 3 Larsen, Losfroh, Lieber, McKeighon, Mocklund, Lightner. Row 1: Neff, Mitchell, Olson, Meyerson. Row 2: Munson, Miller, Moore, Mills, McViMy. 104 Sophomores Many things were accomplished by the sophomores this year. Class members took part in all phases of school life. The girls were active in literary societies, speech, debate, music, and helped as student librarians. The boys' interests ranged through sports, agriculture, music, speech, debate, and R.O.T.C. If industry, effort, and talent count, the sophomore group should develop into one of the best graduating classes in A.L.'s history. The Sophomore Class Seated: Sylvia Patterson, secretary, Tom Smith, president, Mike Hoffman, vice-president. Standing: Karen Johnson, sergeant-at-arms, Margaret Miller, treasurer. 107 ophomores Row 'l: H. Anderson, Adkins, Bauman, Barcus, Aldrich, Alabeff, Archer, Axiell. Row 2: J. Anderson, T. Anderson Adamson, Baughman, Alcorn, M. Anderson, A. Anderson. Row 'I: Bundy, Burgeson, Beaumont, C. Brown, Caparelli, Bybee, Colfeli. Row 2: Brugenhemke, N. Brown, Carlin, Carier, Boorfz, Bohs, T. Brown, Benton. Row 3: Briclcey, Bunch, Burbridge, Blake, Bromberg, Boyle, Bragg. 108 Sophomores Row 1: Dall, M. Confryman, Davie, R. Confryman, Ervin, Epperson, Ellerbeck. Row 2: Chamberlin, M. Collins, Chapman, Claussen, Crow, Cary. Row 3: Coons, Clapp, Davis, Chrisiensen, Crum. Row 1: Finifl, Garreans, Fouser, S. Green, Goodman, Flesher, Fiala. Row 2: Fitch, Ford, Gilman, Goodsell, Foster, Gates, G. Green. Row 3: Hunolt, Fogarty, Gohlinghorst, Francis, Gillaspy, Farrell, Fisher. 109 Sophomores Row 'I: Hoyt, Griffifh, Hays, Gustafson, Hansen, Hendrix, Hestness. Row 2: John Hiller, Gronberg, Gylling, Higginbotham, Hanks, Hosfeiter, Hawks. Row 3: Hardin, Hatcher, Hoffman, Hubler, Harding, Hounshell, Janet Hiller. Row 1: Ketchum, M. James, Haynes, Kimball, P. James, S. Jensen. Row 2: Kain, Jones, Jones, Kelsay, Johnson, D, Jensen. Row 3: Harold, W. James, Juel, C. Jensen, Johnsione. 110 Sophomores Row 'I: J. Larsen, Sharon Kolhof, Sandra Kolhof, M. Larsen, Leif, L. Larsen, Lake. Row 2: Knox, M. Mclnfosh, Krefschmer, Knipping, McGuire, S. Mclntosh, Knickman, Leuch, Leighion. Row 1: Nack, M. Miller, Messerli, Nelsen, Newman. Row 2: Mosher, Meyer, Nicolini, Menz, Neilsen, A. Miller. Row 3: May, Moss, Moats, Mott, Merryman, H. Miller. lll Sophomores Row 1: Points, Randolph, Olsen, Pickens, Nimtz, J. Peterson, D. Peterson. Row 2: Nowling, O'Neill, Patterson O'Brien, Charlotte Petersen, L. Peterson, Pyle. Row 3: Poore, Reed, Pofienbarger, Perkins, Craig Peterson, Powers Proctor. Row 1: Roper, Rooney, Scott, K. Russell, Show, Sounders, Suggs, Schiefelbein, B. Riche. Row 2: C. Schneider, Renner, Sheils, Rowe, Reimer, Roundtree, J. Reid, Robinson, Ames, Rounds. Row 3: R. Russell, Russ, Sigler, D. Richie, Schott, Schr0PP, M. Reid, D, Schneider. 112 I 4 1 Sophomores Row l: T. Smith, B. Thomas, Stoker, Sollazzo, B. Smith, TefTt, Stoker, K. Thomas, Skelton. Row 2: Stageman, Snethen, Stom, Sprinkel, Stroh, B. Strong, Stone, C. Smith, Stevens. Row 3: Storey, Tepperman, Nelson, Osborne, Taylor, Passer, Spoto, R. Strong, Stouffer. Row I: Weik, N. Wyatt, Wilcox, Tinley, Ungar, Winchester, Zach. Row 2: Weukly, J. Wyatt, Wright, Wilken, Waugh, Wardlow, Thompson, Weiland. 113 Freshmen Although short in number, the freshman class was long on spirit and quality. A lively election opened the year's activities. Freshmen participated in the school's magazine sales campaign and pitched in to help till Christmas baskets for needy Council Bluffs families. Class members maintained active representa- tion on The Student Council and in other important school chairs. Through enthusiastic endeavor, the freshman class was able to chalk up a successful beginning-year at Abraham Lincoln High School. The Freshman Class Seated: Donald Feller, treasurer, Tom Green, sergeant-at-arms, Rodney Peters, president. Standing: Carolyn Green, vice-president, Sheryl Stoffer- son, secretary. 114 Freshmen Row l: Campbell, Collier, Darnell, P. Adkins, Agnew, Blum. Row 2: J. Adkins, Dewaele, Sandra Allen, Coon, Busch. Row 3: Abbett, Cozad, Stanley Allen, Crowder, Daly. Row l: O'Neill, Johnson, C. Green, Dunn, Hatcher, Hickey, Harris. Row 2: Feller, James, Engelke, Kenkel, Fell, T. Green, Miller. 115 Martin, McMullen. Row 2: Paladino, Nelson, Marhiasen K ...an Row 1 Read Sfofferson Yoder Relck Woods Wright Row 2: Scheidle, Wells, Watts, Schoening, Thomas 116 In Memoriam Although his soiourn was short the world is a better place because of Tom Smith He was stricken with polio in the summer of i952 but his cheerfulness and courage never waned in his untiring fight to regain the full use of his legs Tom attended school by a Telephone hookup during classes Tom maintained a four A average and was elected sophomore president at Abraham Lincoln High School His quick wit and ready laughter are silenced but they will remain enshrined in our memories Tom Sm th I his freshman year at Bloomer. On his return to regular l - . . . . I i Spring Semester Officers Alpha President .... .. ..., Katharine Bruce President .... ,Joanne Berry Vice-President ,,... ,,,.,. L ucille Larsen Vice-President ...,. ..,.. J anet Borwick Secretary ..,. .... E lizabeth Allerton Secretary .... Gloria Hansen Treasurer .,.. ,.., B arbaia Pilling Treasurer ...,. ..... R uth Schoening Sgt.-at-Arms ,.... ,,,.. S andra Boehm Sgt-at-Arms .... .... C arolyn Walker Historian ..,. .... B onnie Goodsell Historian ..,. .,.. Sylvia Wiest Delta Tau President .... ....,,.. J ane Smith President ...... ..,,...... E ileen Haas Vice-President ..... .... S hirley Sorensen Vice-President .... .,,. G eraldine Stewart Secretary ..., ,..Martha Shoemaker Secretary .... .... K aren Sorensen Treasurer ..., ...... M elinda Morse Treasurer ...,.. ..,. J oyce Makinson Sgt.-at-Arms .,.,. ,t.,, A udrey Phillips Sgt.-at-Arms ..... ...,. B arbdra Brown Historian .... ..t.. S hirley Bush Hi-Y President .... .,.. D ick McSorley Vice-President ...,. , ,Larry Knotek Secretary .... ....., B ill Claus Treasurer. , . . Sgt.-at-Arms. Chaplain ,... . . , . Ron Swassing .Keith Rapalje . .Tracy Vallier Consuls ..,.. .... T om Bromberg lst Betty Neilsen Period Becky Beaumont 2nd Linda Foster Period Joyce Knickman 3rd Sheryl Stofferson Period Lettermen's Club President .......... .,.. K eith Rapalie Vice-President ......, ,.., M ark Thompson Secretary-Treasurer .... ...., L arry Hays Sgt.-at-Arms ,........ .,.. J oe Fitch Retail Sales Club Manager ...,...... .... T om Ketcham Assistant Manager ..,, ....... D aryl Hill Bookkeeper .,..... .,... J esse Lawrence Secretary .....,.... .,., D arlene Palmer Publicity Manager ,,.. .,... D on Siebert Floorwalker. 4 ..... Dick Witthauer President .... Vice-President .... Secretary ,... Treasurer4 . . . Sgt.-at-Arms .,i. Thalian . . . . . . .Betty Kulisek Jane Anderson . . . .Marva Lou Hansen ........4Sally Stroh Barbara Bowlin President .,..,. Vice-President4 . Secretary ..., Treasurer .... Sgt.-at-Arms. , 4 Historian ..... Omega . . .Evelyn Broman . 4 . . .Caroline Brown , . . .Marilyn B. Jensen . , . . . , .Sharon Buswell Jeannine Brownlee ..Carlene Kramer Spanish Club President ..,... Vice-President. 4 Secretary ...,.. Treasurer ,..... Sgt.-at-Arms. . . . . . ,Carol Rice . .. ...Larry Mott 4 . . . .Nancy Hawks 4 4 . . . . .Mary Elgan . . . .Dick Anderson Y-Teen President .....4... .4.....4. C arol Green Vice-President ...44 44,. A lyce Ann Franke Secretary .....4..44 ..... C arlene Kramer Treasurer .4..44...... ..... S hirley Larsen Devotions Chairman ..4.. ..4. C harlene Hansen Music Chairman .,... ....4 S harlene Owen Recorder ....44..4 ..... J udy Chamberlin Student Groups Supplement 119 We wish to thank our advertisers for their cooperation in the publication of the Annual for '54 Thank you The Crimson and Blue Staff Good Luck to the Class of l954 FLlHS'S STANDARD SERVICE 421 East Broadway Tel. 9658 HUGHES MOTGRS IS3 West Broadway Phone 559I Council Bluffs, Iowa. Congratulations to the Class of '54 Beno's ' A BETTER DEPARTMENT Sf! STORE QUAKER BAKING CGMPANY "Let Quaker be your Baker" 516 Mynster, Council Bluffs Tel. 6283 lT'S GRADUATION TIME And lowa's Oldest Bank congratulates and extends cordial good wishes to each member of the 1954 Graduating Class of Abraham Lincoln High School. A warm welcome awaits you at this friendly bank and we hope for many opportunities to be of real service to you in the coming years. CGLINCIL BLUFFS SAVINGS BANK Council Bluffs, Iowa A Strong Bank Since I856 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations to the Class of "54" I IlIlllLINlIllllllS'l' SEllI'll'lI Congratulations Class of "54" HISCOCKS BARBER SHOP Bluffs Lumber 8: Coal Company 901 Fourth Street Best Wishes Good Luck! Best Wishes! To mass of 1954 Class of 1954 I SWANSON FURNITURE CO, Fox amos Elll,lPIIIlIN'I' co 342 west Brgadway Council Bluffs, Iowa Ray Ban Sunglasses B 8i L Binoculars SHIPLEY OPTICAL DISPENSARY 'I27 S. Main St. Optical Prescriptions Filled PHONE 3-3401 COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA To the Graduating Class of 1954 BEST IIISIIIIS Fllll IlPPllIl'l'l'Nl'l'l' AND SIITCESS from PIIIIPLES IIEPAIITIIENI' STIIIIII Southwest Iowa's Shopping Center Compliments of llllllPllY lllllfll Cll. Wholesale Druggists 119 South Main Sffeel' ". . . anyone can peddle a policy. . . We provide a program!" Council Bluffs, Iowa JOHN N. EDDY INSURANCE 'I4 Pearl Street Council Bluffs 2-2577 T. "Joe" Smi Omaha Hdfney 7868 John Eddy ADRIAN qlwggm' SMITH'S OFFICE MACHINE co., McPherson and Bennett Ave. 693 Franklin Avenue Very Best Wishes to the Class of "54" KNIIX 81 Cll. 202 West Broadway Dial 4818 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 FUUNIYIL BLUFFS CLINIF SUCCCSS tO the Class of Congratulations to the Class of 1954 1954 BLUFF CITY THE NONPAREIL ENGRAVING LAUNDRY-DRY CLEANERS COMPANY Dial 2-2525 llllllllll ll0TEL "Comfortable Since 1869" Make Savings a Habit Congratulations to the Class of "54" CITY NATIONAL BANK Compliments To The Class of '54 J. lf. PENNY Cll., llllf. WAYNE BURGESON - PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 8375 155 West Wash HARRY M. COX Sinclair Products 305 E. Broadway EVANS ICE CREAM AND CANDY 108 East Broadway Phone 9639 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '54 W. M. KEENAN DR. J. S. MCVITTY Congratulations to the Class of '54 REMDE TIRE CO. Optometrist Congratulationsio the Class of '54- BRUCE P. BAKER CO. 408-410 West Broadway THOMSEN'S SERVICE 1725 High Street Best Wishes to the Class of '54 Taffe Drug Company 6th and Broadway Congratulations and Best Wishes To Each Graduate of the Class of 1954 MAY YOUR FUTURE BE RICHLY REWARDED FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT Real Estate, Loans, Insurance of All Kinds HARRY C. CROWL 123-4th Street .IQHNSQN PHARMACY Congratulations to the Class of '54 917 E. Broadway WORLD RADIO LABORATORIES Congratulations to the Class of '54 TH E FU R S HOP Frank A. Vergamini Make Savings a Habit Congratulations to the Class of "54" lll'l'Y ll1l'l'lllll1lL llllllll Council Bluffs, Iowa It's fix cf! H. , A f x 'x .af MEADOW GOLD u pm. , ICE CREAM 3 5 '- At Your Favorite Fountain Or In The New Carry-Home Package Council Bluffs. Iowa Phone 4047 SU LLEY MOTQR COMPANY Buick Sales 8 Service 126 E. Broadway Phone 6666 COUNCIL BLUFFS GAS CO. Best Wishes to the Class of '54 Start Saving Soon . . . For Tomorrow's Security STATE SAVINGS BANK Broadway and Pearl Council Bluffs Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations Congratulations, Class of 1954 To the Class of '54 GoTTBREcHT's HARDWARE WARFORD JEWELERS Farm Supplies Sporting Goods 238 Wes' B'0UdW0Y Ph -55 2 Phone 4463 160 West Broadway one 3 O Congrotulotions Class of '54 365' Wishes ff0m IOWA JEWELRY SHAVERS FOOD MART INC. Congratulations to the Class of '54 DAIGH'S STANDARD SERVICE Always Happy to Serve You Ist and Pierce Tel. 9725 IT TAKES ' Sporting Goods B N Q S Hobby Supplies Gifts Toys STORE FOR . 1415 Harney Stationery When you think of schools it's ABRAHAM LINCOLN When you think of clothes THE IOWA CLOTHES SHOP Congratulations to the Class of "54" For Men - Young Men - Boys Compliments of ALL THE BEST from OWL GROCERY i MARTIN DRUG CO. Congratulations, Class of 1954 503, West Broadway CROMWELL JEWELERS Congratulations and Best Wishes llllllll LUCK v to the illlSll' Slllll' Class of '54 331 West Broadway 0 . FRRANKSEN 81 .IIIIINSIIN pen Evenings 200 West Broadway Best Wishes to the Class of '54 NELSON GROCERY 232 West Broadway Telephone 2743 Congratulations and Good Luck HUSHAW DRUG CO. Class of '54+. Prescriptions C. E. BAIRD JEWELRY "Any Time Is Gift Time" Phgne 2595 was hm- c -:Biff s scan sn. Phone 4936 ou' ""' mc' U 5 m Evelott 6I2 W. Broadway Best Wishes to the Class of '54 MARCUS CLOTHES SHOP COUNCIL BLUFFS HATCHERY KUHN STUDIO Purina Chows Hy-Line Chicks 25 South Main 9th Street and Broadway C""'P'Ime"'s of FORD STORAGE AND MOVING COMPANY S. S. KRESGE COMPANY 5-10-25C swore STORING Crating - Forwarding - Moving Council Bluffs, Iowa Ph. 4464 516 west Broadway Omaha, Nebraska At. 2556 Western Iowa's Largest Home Furnishers Ga Everything for your Home on Convenient Payments Congratulations to the Class of '54 R 81 S 604 West Broadw y Congratulations to the Class of "54" TOOT FORD SALES, INC. YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER Moy we offer our congratulations to each member of the Senior Cl MCMILLEN STUDIO "Portraits of Distinction" Phone 3-3946 53W W. Broadway GSS 0 f '54 Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class of '54 COGLEY CLINIC Congratulations to the entire A. L. Class Sincerely your Joe W. Smith Senior Partner S. Very Best Wishes to the Class of 'I954 FRANK STREET PHARMACY 548 East Broadway I FRED R. SHAW CULLIGAN SOFTWATER sERvlcE 629 W. Broadway 'I7 Pearl St. Tel. 7355 Congratulations, Class of "54" BOB LAlNSON'S FLOWER SHOP I Congratulations to the 8 Class of 1954 I COMPANY 'I2th and Avenue B BETTER LUMBER for BETTER BUILDINGS FRANKLIN S. KILIBARDA REALTOR-INSUROR 'I3 Scott Street I Congratulations, Class of 1954 YOUNKERMANS SEED COMPANY "The House of Quality" 'I64 West Broadway Phone 4013 Congratulations To The Class of 1954 FLYNN ELECTRICAL COMPANY Pharmacy Grocery SELF-SERVICE 200 16th Avenue Council Bluffs, Iowa Electrical Contractors Appliances - Fixtures - Supplies Tel. 5529 Tel. 3-4669 225 S. Main Street Phone 4295 MIDWEST WALNUT CO. Compliments of SCHIP Wood for Sale NlELsoN's NURSERY Congratulations to the Class of '54 CANON STUDIO 702 Lindberg Drive ERSKINE MOTORS Dodge-Plym. Sales 81 Service Congratulations to Class of 1954 Compliments to the Class of '54 Congratulations, Seniors And Best Wishes For Their Success BROWN'S SHOE FIT CO. CUTLER FUNERAL HOME For Those Who Want The Best Join the Ranks and Save COUNCIL BLUFFS SAVINGS S LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings Accounts Insured to 510,000.00 We are members of: Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. Federal Home Loan Bank Systems West Broadway E. P. Juel, Pres. Tel. 6609 p -' . . . ,-V , 4. " 2 k' 'Sm 1.- -mf my P: -, A- I gif, fftii. -V: ' gf Q, .. if 55,3 ,, , ,ax , V 1 , r N ,151 .,,- u gif 3 v wif- -'iifg rr 5-vm' -V-5-fi.: Lg. L Igf-55-K 51.1, L.Pg'h'r1, :ff :iff , I 19441 C: .- P-.iuivq-,za ' 5 :7'N'-H: +,v:'."i.. 2: ,, Q'fI'IA 4,1-j - - Hs l -,W ,,".-, , 54-g 1- '- Z - . 1 I ." - , -' ,. -'-lu: 4- '-771" " .' Rf - by , . ,,-f, W, -1 vw, 61" 5 E, ' 3 'bgjfxl .. fp. -ang -hy., 5 . ,, . T 5 . . ., , . , , 1,4 1 F . J lip? ' - -. ':,Y:41 . . -1 ' 'ul ' .:. ' . g , ,47 - 1 'F n S .1 x , jg . , , I . ' lr! X - W . -, 1 . F , l I 1 ' f 'K' w - ,A ' v: 1 A ,fl - ' r '- , . 1 Y A- u, ,,'HfI. A 11 X H Y 1 v "' 4 x W 1 : I 4 A . fx .,-, I za.,-... up ,f ,gf . 1 , . .,, I 1 v ML! 5

Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) collection:

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