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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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'snug' I 3 2 59 A ff ,ff f' gf gi",.,,,Z .-fn" ,f f,,1"""-rv' .f""" fl 1 f' 5' ,,,,-1" fi..." M...-1 K-Q rf, u,,,,,,,,,,,-f-""' ffffw fx QL.-awww 'Hamm vF"""' ff ,-E133 WW j M M " S f P ' 'E E , a ,ff at E 2, ff, - 2 ,, 4 X , ' '4 If' I r Q f f ff ?e 'i 7 5 ZZ Z ,z 3 ,f .Z Z Z 2 -,ff f a-94? v I 'r' ,Z g 2 -+2 -of' -,J . '. .' ' ' .,. fx y,..+,"'f 2 Z 2 J 'si 9' 'S 4 'vs x "ap ' " ' X' fa. S y - - f ' b -r-xx-s Q-Dx ps N- Q Q - ' Trl 1 i- ' . - rv 4 , u. 'I X QW 4 N - 1, N r "- ,, A1 if R Sv X- ,,,.--' 1953 THE CRIMSGN AND BLUE H, I Co-Editors-in-Chief: Vivian Strong Marion Holden Business Manager: Shirley King Assistant Business Manager: Mary Ann Martin Advisers: Mr. W. Robert Brown, editorial Miss Margaret R. Henderson, business Mr. Virgil H. Miller, photographic A Publication of the Students of Abraham Lincoln High School Council Bluffs, lowa Table Dedicatory . Administration Classes . . Publications . Music . . . Drama-Speech Organizations R. O. T. C. . Sports . if' of Contents U11 ll RIVER TCW a tribute to a brave city We dedicate this annual-to the Missouri River, friend and foeg to our brave city of Council Bluffsg and to its people, heroic and successful in their fight against the mighty river. 3 I Section Editors: Florence Everest Pat Roennau Carolyn Shehan afffff-"""NX - f- 9 iii, . 1 ' it 'M 'Q', gf I lli ff' '02 " ' Q ' 1 1 'QSSSSV' it Ekifif +" '1 il 5 :malls dish af 'Wt z? SfW.1 S 949' s. 3-ms s . . Z rm-svn' . s ------- - - - -1 - - -i-'- f . kf,g'?', 0 Z Q 273 1 5.4, I 6 , YK.: Af: 1 , m , -N, 94' 4 V 5 Y 33 I I A 1 0 f-'P 0.3 a l- s A Q J I ' R 1 gl 'A 5: at 'swam lsr. Mew Sf. fm Y 2' 5 EL g g ,453 'QLXQ' Q . .. XX . 5 "T fi- ' .I ,,- N., Ei fx, 45' '52 I g 161 .1 i Q4 .sr ft its 5 .f f5Q'Y. ff' fs 'Wil I fi an ihsuwfm, Fd El s. NNm9.'wMfWQQ ' " 2 ' F! T 5Q35 OmrD1"" ow -QD' so-250' MCC! 3- 25 'O msn Emu' 5C:so 3815 1. Qaia :ww 5035 mg... 7 QQQI1 IJ 00" :i-3 go-i-+ o gm CQ.3X 5.7.10 nm5 nfD,,,1 3"" fp mang- 36.0 no-go' QCDs'4 3322522 Q-O1fDmOl- p S."zJ'1?v3 CDD.--O:-Q-v 32239-9,455 300140-2 "Q-0--gg-hQ.8 33031: 2 --C aa Q 3333, +2033-K 32-525+ 0' gsffgmi W3 .7 35 OJ :2Z'U5f7"g. 5:25133 :w3'fDFCm T020-Q.:-4 O-nm ND' 8.n'f-3-Q'2'm 0 o 04m mo-2 mari., -. 1j52m2m 4 0-+--0' WEQQRBQ Tm. ..omo. -i :- an -h 2. UI -O- U7 -0' rn Q! 3 0' o OJ -Q' QI U U cn Q! 3 rn o. o 3 -I' J' cn 4- i 1, river in 1819, and from 1830 to 1858 trade mushroomed. Navigation tonnage reached its peak in 1880, before its elimina- tion in competition with the new railroad system. However, the Missouri River is once again an important carrier of trade, levees and the removal of sandbars facilitate naviga- tion as ,far north as Sioux City, Iowa. Along its banks lie some of the most productive lands 'in the United States. Enor- mous possibilities still exist in the Missouri River as a source of valuable hydroelectric power, besides water tor irrigation. V--ex ... V H ..:.' -fwfr U, ... 1 Serene and beautiful, the Missouri presents another face to its admirers as it curves south from between the bluffs. Rivers, like people, have personalities. "Big Muddy" is a river of many conflicting moods, of whimsical notions, of irresolution and determination, of friendliness and hos- tility. ln the latter mood, it has left its banks to even a score with human bein try to meddle with its wanderings and confine it to a bed that it has no intention to lie in. gs who tb 199' ......... X his Q : Q Like a friend, the river can be a help or hindrance. The obstacle of water must be H spanned by railroad and vehicular bridges 5 4 to bind into a single productive metro- 4 ll ., ,. . politan area Council Bluffs and Omaha. i 1 . I 1-tw?-'HT ' m g ' 14 . l K . " V I i Q - on:-.TM "1 ' ' ' 'D few-'-' 14 an fY6'6'Y ' i' ' ' ' B ' 9 9494 'V L :Mir ' ' ' .. ', -r--e....- . v- X ' ' v it v Q :Q 1 . r. lla BQ L A ' AH A .4 2 l l The Missouri, sometimes a menace, is more often a helper to the city. At the Narrows Pumping Station, it gives Council Bluffs its water supply, and by means of sanitary and storm sewers, it takes the wastes, purifies itself, and rolls alon t b the next town. g o e of service to . . Q K "' wg' . 41-fi 8 - . M - ,. , ,N A .J,.,., M .U ,:-. .4 . .gf- ,-.. 5 S, , :sg s it Y N .. , 'rx 311-if ' "0 ,5'v' if .1 'I-as A .Q-, so gg-fat. . . if '-1-jd.. .f i r v- , Sir" 1' Qc.: . 'M .1 35 14-. ' 5 ,V .Ali- . A .M 1 QQ L " L ft .1 ,' r LQBIQL 43,2 x- 2 "f li" Q li 2 . 16 , it '- if -fx ' . i i , .1 ' ' m A .' . 5 4 . r . 'ii H. 5 ,f , mi , 3 ,I , 1 5 4 1? Wil? it 3 X. y. E. E .1 2 . .f Q, A , it s J af me ,f 'H ,Jfsf L 1 + FFA' 1 tfm. . .. .51 8 - 's'4srrrtl'?5'ns,i Q r f". 2 ' t tj Q - fi . 5 Q5 if, 4' ' s i- .Q , 'Nl' -S W at an ig an we , ,-:,,, L .,,k.. , 1 ,g i 35 if , in arf its .aw 1 vp Til 'Q 3 ,Leg The Cit Born in the wilderness of the past, Council Bluffs has emerged as a metropolis in the richest agricultural section of the state. Her life story is a composition of memorable history. A council held with Indians by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804 gave birth to her ultimate name. Trading posts, as early as 1823, established the city at this location. Among the first inhabitants were Mormon settlers, who, in 1845, started a village on the bluffs and called it Kanesville. ln 1853, an act passed by the General Assembly of lowa changed the name of this progressive town to Council Bluffs, and, in a short time, the first city govern- ment was formed. Six years later Abraham Lincoln visited Council Bluffs and selected it as the terminus of the Urrion Pacific Railroad. Perhaps Lincoln had hopes then that someday he would be the leader of the country and could help develop this area into a great in- dustrial and railway center. More abundant resources and opportunities are offered today than Lincoln could have foreseen, making this a city of active, progressive people. And Council Bluffs will continue to progress if her past history is any indication of her future. Council Bluffs in Pictures On Page 6: Council Bluffs is proud of its many memorials, such as the "Black Angel" by the famous sculptor, Daniel Chester French, in com- memoration of Anne Dodge, wife of General Grenville M. Dodge. Another historical memorial is the old pioneer log cabin which now serves as a museum for the Pottawattamie County Historical Society . . . Recreation areas help a city's well-being. Fairmount Park in the bluffs offers outstanding picnic facilities, playgrounds, and drives . . , Stately old homes, like those pic- tured, combine with newer ones to make Council Bluffs a fine residence city. 1' v-4 On Page 7: Important to Council Bluffs are her young people and their education. Hoover School is one of several new buildings included in the school system's construction program . . . A city must work to live. Among the big breadwinners are the Union Pacific, symbolized here by its familiar bridge over the Missouri River, and the huge Griffin Car Wheel Company, third largest plant producing railway car wheels in the United States , . . In the panoramic view are seen many of the varied elements that contribute to the success of Council Bluffs: homes, industries, rail- road yards, rich farm lands, and grain elevators. .IM CCUNCIL BLUFFS BATTLES THE RI ER When the history of the Missouri's greatest flood is completed, the Council Bluffs chapter will certainly be one of the most heroic. For, when Council Bluffs citizens saw disaster coming on the April floodtide of the mighty river, they battled with every resource at their command to save their homes, their industries, their town. It was hard work, dirty, grueling, tense and desperate work as thousands of Southwest Iowa people, the army, the engineers, the utility companies, WX ,K M' and the railroads all combined in a superhuman effort to meet the rolling 30.2 crest. No other effort in the history of Council Bluffs was more magnificent. Cour- age and spirit of that caliber could not be denied, and it was not. The town won against the river! With people of such fiber, such courage, and such selfless devotion to a community task, Council Bluffs can look to the future with even greater confidence in her strength, unity, and purpose. Man Against the Missouri.-Broadway merchants as far east as Main Street sandbag their business houses against the menace of the river . . . Linemen prepare to string lights along the dikes to keep levee workers on a twenty-four- hour basis . . . Flashboards, shown here in the building stage, save the city when the crest exceeds levee height . . . The eastward movement, as trucks carry belongings of people from the danger areas . . . Men wait their turn at city hall while the manpower pool makes assignments for levee duty. tml A. L. High School Helps Fight the Flood.-Hundreds of temporarily homeless are housed in the Abraham Lincoln High School gym . . . Disregarding the age rule for levee workers, A. L. boys fill sandbags and join the sandbag line of the round-the-clock fight . . . A. L. volunteers at work on the dikes symbolize all the men and boys who helped keep the city from going under . . . Lynx-men pause for coffee brought by mdbile canteeng then it's back to the battle again. xl- L 5' a . ', Lili' I Q Q .J l 4. -. X 'J lk Q 1 5, M girl X A Vs, A in i lr . Jw W - Q. Am ll .3 fs! A! F Qrw ' . .' la 3 Y 'egg'-1',4q!-T. 'A if-f--"M Unsung Heroes- And Heroines On this page are pictured only a few of the many members of the stu- dent body and faculty who, devoid of fanfare and publicity, go far beyond the limits of duty in unselfishly helping to make A. L. a better school. Reading counterclockwise: Principal Theron Stuelke interrupts many a busy day to help advise students on everything from private problems to the selection of school subjects . . . ln spite of the variety of demands on her, Miss Lucy Miller finds time to pass along her know-how to student librarians-such as Donna Dingman-who, in turn, give up some of their study periods to help serve the school . . . Mr. Walter Kaltenborn and his student proiectionists, here represented by Ray Dawson, devote much of their own time to make possible the showing of educational films for classes . . . Larry Knotek knows how willingly and often Mrs. Viola Bich'el gives individual assistance to her music students . . . Mr. Nels .lohnson's day is filled with countless little "extras" that are not part of his paid iob but are part of his thoughtfulness in making the school run more smoothly . . . A special commendation should go to hard-working sponsors like Mrs. Agnes White and conscientious students like Harold Miller and Sue Olsen in "seeing through" the numerous projects of the Junior Red Cross. 10 ADMINISTRATIGN Edit 'X xx N X ' .X X - -X A OI'S: K R d SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Russel J. Mourer BOARD OF EDUCATION Harry C. Voss Charles W. Langmade C. Francis Putnam - James H. Ross Dr. Russell Blanchard Dr. Kenneth G. Walker John A. Jungquist Lester E. Andrews, Secretary "April, 1952, is a date that A.L. students and faculty members will never forget. Rapidly-melting snows in the Dakotas and near-by northern states sent the Mis- souri River on a rampage. Men and equipment were mobilized, and U. S. Army troops were called to Council Bluffs. It was necessary to use A. L. to house troops, the gym to house evacuees, and Kirn Field to house trailers from evacuated areas. "Many A. L. boys worked 'round the clock' on levees, filling sand bags and doing other important jobs. A. L. girls worked in canteens, supervised the play of evacuee children, and did many other useful tasks. A. L. teachers worked in similar iobs, acted as traffic control officers, area wardens, and did general patrol duty. "We are proud of both students and teachers in their combined effort to help save our city." Theron R. Stuelke Principal 12 Principal Theron R. Stuelke The September Committee The September faculty group had charge of the annual teachers' dinner held September 24 at Quick, Iowa, where A. L. faculty members and their guests enioyed a chicken dinner and an informal evening of entertainment. Mr. Herbert Little headed the committee composed of Miss Grace Taylor, Mrs. Viola Bichel, Mr. Walter Kaltenborn, and Sgt. Edwin Malone. VIOLA N. BICHEL B.M., Chicago Conservatory Vocal Music Vocal Music Board Sponsor WALTER T. KALTENBORN BA., University of Nebraska American History American Government Audio-Visual Aids Director Athletics HERBERT LITTLE BA., Cotner College Chemistry Camera Club Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor 'Y Qt Seated: Miss E. Grace Taylor, Mrs. Viola N. Bichel. Standing: Mr. Herbert Little, Mr. Walter T. Kaltenborn. Not pictured: Sgt. Edwin C. Malone. SGT. EDWIN C. MALONE R.O.T.C. Instructor E. GRACE TAYLOR BA., Drake University English Literature Delta Tau Sponsor 13 i Seated Miss Marion Hanthorn, Mrs. Jet Thrush Downs. Standing Mr Thurman E. Johnson, Mrs. Juanita R. Eschmann Mr Harry N. Langdon. JET THRUSH DOWNS State University of Iowa Typing JUANITA R. ESCHMANN B.A., Park College M.A., Columbia University World History Thalian Sponsor MARION HANTHORN B.S., Iowa State College Homemaking Omega Sponsor The October Committee Each member of the October committee reviewed an article pertaining to his own teaching field. Those taking part were Mr. Harry N. Langdon, chairman, Miss Marion Hanthorn, Mrs. 'Juanita R. Eschmann, Mrs. Jet Thrush Downs, and Mr. Thurman E. Johnson. THURMAN E. JOHNSON BS., Simpson College M.S., University of Omaha Typing, Athletics Lettermen's Club Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor HARRY N. LANGDON B.A., University of Omaha English, Dramatics Thespian Society Sponsor ROY F. LAWSON Dean of Boys B.S., Parsons College M.A., Creighton University Orientation, General Science Freshman Class Sponsor MRS. MAE MAHER Office Registrar BIANCA MCCOMB B.A., University of Nebraska English, Clio Sponsor Freshman Class Sponsor The November Committee The November committee led the discussion on National Education Week and was in charge of the open house for parents on November ll. Members of the committee were Mr. Roy Lawson, chairman, Mrs. Mary Ethel Pomeroy, Mrs. Mae Maher, Miss Bianca McComb, and Miss Lena White. MARY ETHEI. POMEROY Dean'of Girls Ph.B., Drake University Solid Geometry, German Omega Sponsor LENA E. WHITE B.S., Iowa State Teachers College Bookkeeping, Shorthand Y-Teen Sponsor X 411 Seated: Miss Lena E. White, Miss Bianca McComb. Standing: Mr. Roy -F. Lawson. Not pictured: Mrs. Mary Ethel Pomeroy and Mrs. Mae Maher. 15 l INN V7 Seated: Mr. Virgil H. Miller, Mr. Harry H. Hilton. Standing: Mr. Vernon Doty, Mrs. Bernice Williams, Mr. Harold L. Stout. Not pictured: Miss Elaine C. Sorensen. VERNON DOTY B.S., Iowa State College Industrial Arts Athletics Lettermen's Club Sponsor HARRY H. HILTON B.A., University of Omaha M.A., State University of Iowa Instrumental Music VIRGIL H. MILLER B.A., M.A., Indiana University Physics, Algebra Camera Club Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor 16 The December Committee Several members of the December committee par- ticipated in a miscellaneous discussion which in- cluded tederal aid to schools through the school lunch program. The members of this committee were: Mr. Harry Hilton, chairman, Mrs. Bernice Williams, Miss Elaine Sorensen, Mr. Harold Stout, Mr. Virgil Miller, and Mr. Vernon Doty. ELAINE C. SORENSEN B.M., Northwestern University String Orchestra, Ensembles HAROLD L. STOUT B.S., Iowa State Teachers College Industrial Arts MRS. BERNICE WILLIAMS Office Treasurer The January Committee The January Committee chose as a discussion topic, "Modern Trends in Education." The mem- bers participating were Miss Faye Marty, chair- man, Miss Eileen Wolfe, Mrs. Agnes White, Mr. Richard Lessenger, and Mr. W. Robert Brown. W. ROBERT BROWN B.A., University of Omaha M.A., Northwestern University American Literature Crimson and Blue Editorial Adviser RICHARD LESSENGER B.A., iowa State Teachers College Driver Training FAYE E. MARTY B.A., University of Nebraska M.A., University of Michigan English Thalian Sponsor 3? "sf" VV -wi Seated: Miss Faye E. Marty, Miss Eileen Wolfe. Standing: Mrs. Agnes l-l. White, Mr. W. Robert Brown Not pictured: Mr. Richard Lessenger. AGNES H. WHITE B.A., Tabor College American Literature Psychology Junior Red Cross Sponsor EILEEN WOLFE B.A., University of Omaha Speech, Drama, Debate Play Production Forensic League Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor 17 LELA M. KETTER B.S., Drake University Trigonometry, Algebra Plane Geometry Ero Sponsor H. ARTHUR LEE B.A., B.J., Baker University M.A., University ot Kansas Journalism, Echoes Adviser Hi-Y Sponsor CLEOLA M. MANSFIELD GERALD E. ROSS B.S.C., M.S.E., Creighton University Salesmanship Distributive Education JOHN E. SPRUGEL B.S., Iowa State College Agriculture F.F.A. Sponsor B.S., North Western Missouri Teachers College Girls' Physical Education Pep Club Sponsor Cheerleaders Sponsor The February Committee Members of the February committee reported on interesting facts about education. This group was composed of Mr. H. Arthur Lee, chairman, Miss Lela Ketter, Mrs. Cleola Mansfield, Mr. Gerald Ross, and Mr. John Sprugel. 18 Seated: Mr. John Sprugel, Miss Lela Ketter. Standing: Mr. H. Arthur Lee, Mr. Gerald E. Ross Not pictured: Mrs. Cleola M. Mansfield. ELEANOR BAPTIST BERNIECE E. POHL B.A., Kansas State Teachers College B.S., University of Omaha English Fine Arts Delta Tau Sponsor GRACE BROADFOOT THOMPSON THOMAS H. CAPEL B.A., State University of Iowa B.S., University of Omaha American History American History Y-Teen Sponsor Commercial Geography Economics, Athletics Lettermen's Club Sponsor LUCY MILLER B.A., Simpson College B.L.S., University ot Illinois Librarian 3. 'T ws, , e 1 The March Committee The topic which the March committee presented '. r , to the faculty was "Are We Preparing Our fT'f .ff Graduates for Service?" The members of this ov . committee were Miss Berniece E. Pohl, chairman, Miss Eleanor Baptist, Miss Lucy Miller, Mrs. Grace B. Thompson, and Mr. Thomas H. Capel. Seated: Miss Eleanor Baptist, Miss Berniece E, Pohl, Standing: Miss Lucy Miller, Mr. Thomas H. Capel, Mrs. Grace Broadtoot Thompson. 19 X' Seated: Miss Dora G. Nyrop, Miss Edna L. Willard. Standing: Mr. Edwin J. Reinel, Miss Margaret R. Hen- derson. Not pictured: M Sgt. Ronald LeDuc, MARGARET R. HENDERSON BA., Tarkio College Latin, English Latin Club Sponsor Crimson and Blue Business Adviser MXSGT. RONALD LEDUC R.O.T.C. Instructor DORA G. NYROP BA., University ot Nebraska MA., Columbia University Algebra, General Mathematics Alpha Sponsor 20 The April Committee The topic for discussion by the April committee was "The Education ot Handicapped Children." The members participating were Miss Edna Wil- lard, chairman, M Sgt. Ronald LeDuc, Miss Mar- garet Henderson, Miss Dora Nyrop, and Mr. Edwin Reinel. EDWIN J. REINEL B.S., Stout institute Drafting, Practical Mechanics EDNA L. WILLARD B.S., Iowa State College Homemaking Clio Sponsor LOIS DELK BA., Simpson College M.A., University of Texas Spanish Spanish Club Sponsor BESS HANIGAN BA., MA., University of Chicago American Government. Modern Problems Alpha Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor ERVA C. HUCKLEEBERRY BA., Park College WILLIAM R. HUGHES B.S., Morningside College M.S., University of Omaha Business Education VICTOR P. JENNINGS BA., Parsons College Biology, Athletics Lettermen's Club Sponsor MRS. MARIGOLD WALKER Office Secretary Typing, Shorthand, Business Arithmetic Ero Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor The May Committee For the May meeting, this committee had charge of the teachers' annual tea. Committee members were: Mrs. Marigold Walker, chairman, Miss Erva C. Huckleeberry, Miss Lois Delk, Miss Bess Hanl- gan, Mr. Victor P. Jennings, and Mr. William R. Hughes. l Ya' 27' Seated: Miss Bess Hanigan, Mrs. Marigolcl Walker Miss Erva C. Huckleeberry. Standing: Miss Lois Delk Mr. Victor P. Jennings, Mr. William R. Hughes. 21 In Memoriam To all who knew him, Bill Sorensen represented courage. He had that infinitely precious trait of not complaining, even though faced with the handicap of illness and the prospect of dreary hours in the hospital. In the sophomore class at Abraham Lincoln High School, he was taking the College Prepara- tory course. Agriculture was his favorite subiect, for nature appealed to Bill. He liked to hike, fish, and hunt. Photography was another of his inter- ests. When a classmate and friend leaves us, he is not forgotten. lt is to the pleasant memories of Bill Sorensen that we, the students and faculty of Abraham Lincoln High School, dedicate this page of the 1953 Crimson and Blue. M' William "Bill" Sorensen Deceased, November 27, 1952 T5 QF' 1-'rf' N, x, N CLASSES R1 Section Editors: Barbara Frankel, Kathleen Grahl, Charlotte Strong, seniors, Alyce Ann Franke, Jerry Beezley, iuniorsg Ruth Elaine Schoening, Karen Schroeder, sophomores, Bobette Davie, freshmen. Os. va-1. 8 ROW lz Dennis Green, president, Jean Atherton, secretary, Warren Vosler, treas- urer. ROW 2: James Stoker, sgt.-at-arms, Erwin Atherton, vice-president. Janice McAlexander is aided by the photographer in her pose for senior pic- tures. . E V SENIORS The graduation exercises held on June 2 climaxed four eventful years in the lives of A. L. seniors. Cherished memories of school activities-such as drama, music, athletics, debate, organizations, social events, and academic work-will never leave the class of 1953. Countless honors have made this class an outstanding one in all phases of school life at Abraham Lincoln. Planning for their future education are seniors Shirley Jackson, Jim Stuelke, Beverly Healey, and Jerry Lawson. This consultation with a Parsons College rep- resentative, Mr. Roger Loving, exemplifies many such conferences occurring through- out the year. 24 '-if ROW 2 ROW 3 DONNA J. ANNIS DONA BASCH COLLEGE PREPARATORY COLLEGE PREPARATORY Clio, Pep Club, Jr. Class Play, Operelia, Nat'I Honor Society, Spanish Club, Ero, Road Show. Girls' Glee, Mixed Chorus. MARILYN ARTERBURN DAVID LEE BECK COMMERCIAL GENERAL Yfleen Treas., Crimson and Blue Bus. Staff, R,Q,T,C,, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant, I Ira, I --A 1 SHIRLEY BECK I -f I " 4 fu ERWIN ATHERTON, JR. COMMERCIAL ' X GENERAL Echoes Bus. Mgr, Alpha Treas., Mixed R,O.T.C. Mai, lst Team Football, lst Team Chorus, Y.Teen, Road Show '49, '50, '51, Basketball, Sr. Class V.-Pres., Mask and Wig. '52, . ' "' A. , --in JEAN ATHERTBN z MARY JO BELLAMY COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL Pep Club, Sr, Class Sec, CliO SGC., Band, Echoes, Pep Club, Student Council, Gym Road Show '52. Pageant. BRUCE P, BAKER WILLIAM N. BICHEL COLLEGE PREPARATORY COLLEGE PREPARATORY Student Council Sec., Boys' State Delegate, Rifle Team, Hg.y, Band, Lawn Club, Jr, Nat'l Honor Society, Road Show '51, '52, Class Play. '53, Jr. Red Cross Council. N L... P if -"L lg ,v x I A E . , :MQ 125515 4 ' x N -...if N? i tl xb E NN " XX I Q .pang 'KQV 'wa' L,-. sv, 5 W Q v 3255 ' L5 ' 'nc ROW I JUDY su.uNK mv!! GENERAL Delta Tau V.-Pres., "Down in the Valley," "Icebound," Echoes, Thespiantj, smuzou soamcx ntf COLLEGE PREPARATORY Thalian Sgt.-at-Arms, Pep Club, Road Show '51, '52, Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant. JAMES D. BOLTON GENERAL R.O.T.C. Ist Lt., Echoes Asst. Sports Ed. WILLIAM BOUCHER GENERAL R.O.T.C. JUANITA DIANE BRINK GENERAL Echoes Typist, Y-Teen Recorder, Chorus, Pep Club, Girls' Glee. -sl Q ,L s if 1? . ,. g. QQ 6 xl ROW 2 GENERAL Y-Teen, Pep Club, Ch Pageant. ALNORA MARIE BYBEE 0 WARREN W. CADE GENERAL R.O.T.C. Sgt. GAIL CARBERRY GENERAL Rifle Team. GENON CARLSON COMMERCIAL JoHN H. cAnLsoN GENERAL R.o,T.c. 26 ,auf 'Alf , ROW 3 , r . fs - U5 ,J J M AAL 9' JACK CHEYNE fyffllrklf Lx" f' GENERAL ,,' ,vf rus, Road Show, Gym lst Team Football, Hi-Y, Lettarmen's Club, Jr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, F.F.A. Treas. JANET JEANNE COX GENERAL Jr. Class Play, Red Cross, Glee, Gym Pageant, Echoes. PHILIP CROSSE GENERAL Rifle Team, R.O.T.C. Ist Lt. RICHARD D. CROWL COLLEGE PREPARATORY lst Team Basketball, Echoes Co-Ed.-in-Chief, lst Team Track, Ist Team Baseball, Letter- men's Club Sec., Treas. RAYMOND DAWSON COLLEGE PREPARATORY R.O.T.C. Mai., Visual Education, Latin Club. ROW I KATHLEEN ANN DEMPSEY COLLEGE PREPARATORY Delta Tau Hist., Crimson and Blue Girls' Sports Ed., Spanish Club, Gym Pageant. DONALD DENATELLI COMMERCIAL Retail Sales Club Sgt.-at-Arms. V .J moan ANN musv I A -1 COLLEGE PREPARATORY ROW 2 RICHARD W. DUNLOP GENERAL Echoes Ed.-in-Chief, Lettermen's Club Pres., lst Team Basketball, lst Team Football, R.O.T.C. Capt. LEROY L. DURHAM GENERAL ' Golf, Hi-Y, 2nd Team Basketball. , ,k MELVIN L. EASTON Clio Sec., Pep Club, Road Show '50, Jr. ARTS AND INDUSTRIES Class Play. Rifle Team, R.O.T.C, Sgt. ROBERT G. DIRGO MARTHA ECKMANN GENERAL GENERAL Band SHARON LEE DOTY COLLEGE PREPARATORY PATRICIA ELLIS Alpha, Thespian, Prose and Poetry, State COLLEGE PREPARATORY Contest Play, Music Groups. CT' Nat'l Honor Society, D.A.R. Good Citizen- ship Girl, Ero Pres., Girls' State Representa- tive, Spanish Club Pres. ' f-I 1 Aff "E ' ngq-II V ii ROW 3 FLORENCE EVEREST COLLEGE PREPARATORY Ero Pres., V.-Pres., Thespian Pres., Nat'I Honor Society, Spanish Club V.-Pres., Crimson and Blue Dedicatory and Or- ganizations Ed. HOWARD EVERSON, JR. GENERAL lst Team Football, lst Team Basketball, R.O.T.C, lst Sgt., Student Council, lst Team Track. JUNE FAIRMAN COMMERCIAL Delta Tau Treas., Sgt.-at-Arms, Echoes, Annual, Pep Club, Student Council. BEVERLY JEAN FALK COLLEGE PREPARATORY Operetta Student Dir., Mixed Chorus, Crimson and Blue Publications Ed., Stu- dent Libr., Girls' Glee. MARILYN FARIS COLLEGE PREPARATORY Crimson and Blue Speech Ed., Ero, Chorus, Latin Club, Forensic League. K' 'J "'..? " x -6' 9 l 3 -si Q HH vw, Nunn...-f A+-In "'l'I?' it 'Q . 5 3 R. .1""" ROW l DICK FARRELL COMMERCIAL Retail Sales Club Mgr., Rifle Team. fl DONALD w. mums 'K " ARTS AND INDUSTRIES 9 'V Track, Rifle Team, R.O.T.C. Sgt. " SHIRLEY MARIE FELLER GENERAL Echoes Typist, Glee, Road Show, Gym Pageant. WESLEY C. FELLER ARTS AND INDUSTRIES Student Council Treas., Crimson and Blue Bus. Staff. 9 fy , f SUZANNE FlSCHEBfJ,,D Q -fy, GENERAL ' Ero, Cheerleader, Jr. Class Play, Crimson and Blue Bus. Staff, Quill and Scroll. 'wmv ROW 2 DONALD D. FLYNN COMMERCIAL Retail Sales Club Mgr., R.O.T.C. Sgt., Track. 1 rf, I-Vff 'hir' JEAN FOGARTY MV 1.-' .ff couscs PREPARATORY CVI Delta Tau Pres., Sec., Cheerleader, Pep Club V.-Pres., Road Show '52, Jr. Class Play. SHIRLEY LOU FORNEY COMMERCIAL Y-Teen, Gym Pageant, Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross, BARBARA FRANKEL COLLEGE PREPARATORY Nat'I Honor Society, Prose and Poetry, State Music, Echoes Ad Mgr., Clio Sgt.-at- Arms. JANE E. FRAZER GENERAL Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant, Glee, "Rid- ing Down the Sky" Production Crew. 28 av' Lx ROW 3 GARY FROST GENERAL , rx . Aix Rosen E. Fur-is "Y"""' ' i' GENERAL ' V R.O.T.C. Capt., Student Council, Rifle Team Spanish Club. MICHAEL J. GALLAGHER COLLEGE PREPARATORY lst Team Football Capt., Echoes Co-Ed.-in Chief, lst Team Basketball, R.O.T.C. Colonel Jr. Class Pres. JANICE GEER GENERAL GARY P. GILLASPY AGRICULTURE F.F.A., Spanish Club, R.O.T.C. '. f' V'vf' ROW l CHARLES L. GOODSELL COLLEGE PREPARATORY KATHLEEN ANN GRAHL COLLEGE PREPARATORY Thalian Treas., "George Washington Slept Here" Student Dir., Thespian, Pep Club Treas., Crimson and Blue Senior Ed. DENNIS GREEN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Sr. Class Pres., Dist. Wrestling Champ., Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms, Crimson and Blue Bus, Staff. cwsunoim GREEN ..,,,.uJ COMMERCIAL ' ,Q .4 Student Council, Echoes Exchange Ed., Omega Sec., Fresh. Treas., Pep Club. JOAN GREEN COMMERCIAL Y-Teen, Gym Pageant. ww- M ROW 2 LANNY LEE GUSTAFSON COLLEGE PREPARATORY lst Team Wrestling, R.O.T.C. Country, lst Team Football. BARBARA HALL COLLEGE PREPARATORY Ero Sgt.-at-Arms, Pep Club, Blue Girls' Sports Ed. MARION HANICKE COLLEGE PREPARATORY Y-Teen. DONALD HANSEN COMMERCIAL Retail Sales Club Floor Walker, Jr. Play Asst. Dir., Operettas '51, '52 Chorus. DONNA LEE HANSEN GENERAL Omega, Y-Teen, Spanish Club, Glee Road Show '52. 'J lst Lt., Cross Crimson and Class , 1 53, Club, ROW 3 JOSEPH HANSEN ARTS AND INDUSTRIES Band Capt., Fresh. V.-Pres., Jr. Class Play, Thespian Sgt.-at-Arms, "George Washing- ton Slept Here." E. RICHARD HANSEN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Student Council, R.O.T.C. lst Lt., Annual Camera Staff, Road Shows, Operettas. ROBERT LEROY HANSEN GENERAL R.O.T.C. JOHN A. HARLING GENERAL R.O.T.C. Capt., Spanish Club, Echoes, Jr. Red Cross. JOHN HARRISON COLLEGE PREPARATORY Varsity Debate, Echoes, lowa High School Press Association Pres., Thespian, Band. ,4s-- ,or 'xi' 'YT vi' --ur' i 'Q '51 N1 Q., ie tx fl fr 'S ' t W :Q .::" ' gxlhv ja i hm Q if 'Q wsu..- 'ww P 'qv ' Y 0 we ' Q", , - . fd' .ffglwta Wilt ROW I JACK J. HARTER GENERAL R.O.T.C. Sgt., Wrestling. JOHN ALLEN HAWBAKER COLLEGE PREPARATORY Track, Debate, F.F.A., R.O.T.C., Lettermen's Club. f ELEANOR L. HAYsqJ,,f'5j-" COMMERCIAL N ' Pep Club, Operetta '52, Road how '51, Gym Pageant, Chorus. . 5 BEVERLY HEALEY I-ff COLLEGE PREPARATORY Thalian V.-Pres., Thespian V.-Pres., Cheer- leader, Prose and Poetry, Student Council. PEGGY HIGGINBOTHAM COMMERCIAL Echoes Staff. Wa' :PW HU' VW ,5, .fix-vl!b1 'S up---' NY' "' ' tu- ROW 2 EDWARD HOFFMAN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Student Council Pres., Ist Team Basketball, Ist Team Tennis, Lettermen's Club, R.O.T.C., Ist Lt. MARION HOLDEN COMMERCIAL Crimson and Blue Co-Ed.-in-Chief, Omega Treas., Prose and Poetry, Nat'l Honor So- ciety, Jr. Class Play. STERLING HOLLINGER ARTS AND INDUSTRIES vmen. G. Homus confers PREPARATORY R.O.T.C. sgi. CHARLES GLENN HOSFORD GENERAL 30 I ROW 3 JOAN ELAINE HOUGLAND GENERAL Band, Orchestra, Latin Club, Road Show. JOHN CURTIS INNES COLLEGE PREPARATORY R.O.T.C. Ist. Lt., Jr. Red Cross Treas., Crim- son and Blue Bus. Staff, Football Mgr. LOUISE IRWIN COMMERCIAL Ero, Pep Club, Gym Pageant. BARBARA .IEAN IVERSON COLLEGE PREPARATORY All-State Orchestra, Orchestra Sgt.-at-Arms, Chorus, Echoes Ad Staff, Openat s. SHIRLEY JACKSON COLLEGE PREPARATORY Thalian Pres., Nat'I Honor Society, Spanish Club Treas., Thespian, Crimson and Blue Drama Ed. ROW l ROW 2 PHYLLIS M. JACOB DONNA JOHNSON . COMMERCIAL GENERAL Y-Teen, Echoes. Ero Sec., Echoes Bus. Mgr., Pep Club, Road , Show '51, '52, SHARON I.. JACOB ' COMMERCIAL " PJ? souorm JoHNsoN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Delta Tau Treas., Sec., Pep Club Pres., AlggLLJEEgEsEg2EPARATORY gheerleader, Jr. Class Play, Student Council R.o.r.C. sgf. ec' ARTHUR JOSEPH JENSEN EA STANLEY 'ONES COMMERCIAL ARTS AND lNDUsTRlES Band Orchestra 2nd Team Basketball R,O.T.C. lst Sgt., Echoes Ad Staff. ' ' ' Fresh. Track. DASESZREFSEN TERRY F. KENNEY RIOI-C' AGRICULTURE H.-Y, FEA., R.o.r.C. KENNETH G. KEPHART COMMERCIAL ROW 3 JAMES H. KERN ARTS AND INDUSTRIES "Marriage of Nannette." Q DONNA RAE KEY COLLEGE PREPARATORY 592' Delta Tau Pres., Echoes Exchange Ed., Pep club, Road show '49, '50, '51, '52, Chorus. AUDREY KIGER GENERAL Clio Sgt.-at-Arms, Y-Teen, Spanish Club, Gym Pageant. KENNETH J. KIMBALI. ARTS AND INDUSTRIES R.O.T.C. Sgt., Ist Team Wrestling, Track. SHIRLEY KING COLLEGE PREPARATORY Crimson and Blue Bus. Mgr., Clio Treas., Pep Club Sec., Jr. Class Play, Echoes Ad Staff. ,rx 41'- 'f 1 - l 3.1 Q 2 ,al QI , Q, Nm-ag A-.J ,ar i ,P S K Nw, L IU! 1 ' N Q-1. 'QS' 'i .Q V . if 'K ""' '19 .... ,Q 74- -J -vr"'Y" N! 6? buf' 'ti' in 43? -v' A 6- RW X A! . . K . -, W C, ,M 4. , RSi51."i' R- : '. ROW 1 EARL DARRELL KLzzLER COMMERCIAL F.F.A. V.-Pres., R.O.T.C. Sgt., Student Coun- Cil. P' E-+'x,f" SANDRA LEE KNOTT ,iff ,A "Q, COMMERCIAL C Clio Treas., Jr. Class Play, Nat'l Honor Society, "Icebound," Thespian. JANICE KNUDSEN COMMERCTAL Student Council, All-State Music, Road Show. JAMES B. KOCHEI. COLLEGE PREPARATORY lst Team Wrestling, F.F.A. Reporter, Latin Club, Spanish Club, R.O.T,C. DOUGLAS A. KOLHOF GENERAL Debate, Radio Newscasting Medalist, "Great Expectations," "Song of Bernadette," Road Show '51. ROW 2 NANCY LEE KREGER COMMERCIAL Band, Malorette, Echoes, Orchestra, Road Show '50, '52. RICHARD G. KUHL COLLEGE PREPARATORY Band Lt., "The Divine Flora," Hi-Y, All- State Band, 2nd Team Wrestling. J f NANCY LAINSON GENERAL Omega, Pep Club, Jr. Class Play, Football Queen Attendant '51 '52, Spanish Club, DARLENE LAKE COMMERCIAL Y-Teen, Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant. DONNA LAUB COLLEGE PREPARATORY Pep Club. 32 FZ Ni' -un'-4" ,M . 1 Q ROW 3 JERRY LAWSON COLLEGE PREPARATORY lst Team Basketball, Nat'l Honor Society, R,O,T.C. 1st Lt., Echoes Sports Ed., Student Council Treas. RICHARD LEASURE GENERAL R.O,T.C,, Student Council. NORMA JEANNE LEIGHTON COMMERCIAL Omega, Pep Club, Road Show '51, '52, Gym Pageant. ' A KENNETH LENDT WM' fp ,-A, ARTS AND tNousTRIEs f N' R.O.T,C. Sgt, Operettas, Chorus, Camera Club, Soph. Track. DONNA LESTER GENERAL Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant, Chorus. D M I - . 'D v ' 'rt A-JP1 ROW I KENT A. LINK COLLEGE PREPARATORY Basketball Mgr., R.O.T.C., Traclc, Latin Club. KERMIT LINK GENERAL F.F.A. .IANICE McALEXANDER GENERAL Crimson and Blue Bus. Staff, Pep Club, Y-Teen, Echoes Ad Staff, Gym Pageant. JAMES WALLACE McCARTNEY ARTS AND INDUSTRIES All-State Chorus, R.O.T.C. Ist Sgt., Road Shows '5l, '52, Operettas '51, '52, Chorus Pres. MARLENE McCUNN COMMERCIAL Echoes, Pep Club, Road Show '52, Operetta '50, Jr. Class Play Production Staff. ROW 2 SHIRLEY ANN McGEHEE COMMERCIAL Nat'l Honor Society, Clio Sec., Hist., Crimson and Blue Typist, Pep Club, Road Show '5l. LaDONA MADSEN COMMERCIAL Chorus, Road Show, Gym Pageant, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Operetta. FRANK MANN GENERAL Ist Team Football, Track. ' MARY ANN MARTIN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Omega Pres., Sec., Crimson and Blue Asst. Bus. Mgr., Pep Club Sgt.-at-Arms, Student Council, Jr. Class Play. 'f , V J DOROTHY MEYER , RJ' GENERAL I. f " Student Council, Cheerleader, Omega, Echoes Staff, Football Queen Attendant. fr 'T' . ,I 'sf l fs Fil ROW 3 HAROLD E. MILLER COLLEGE PREPARATORY Fresh. Class Pres., Soph. Class V.-Pres., Jr. Red Cross Pres., Band, Thespian. SHIRLEY MINOR GENERAL Jr. Class Play Prod. Staff, Ad Staff, Ero, Spanish Club ESTHER LaRAINE MOORE GENERAL Echoes Ad Mgr., Maiorette, Typist, Road Show. JOANNE MORRIS COMMERCIAL Jr. Class Play Prod. Staff, Nannette," Chorus, Crimson Music Ed., Y-Teen Recorder. ALLEN MURPHY GENERAL Band, Retail Sales Club Sec. I1 Z. fi. gi it L! l l Chorus, Echoes 7 I Band, Echoes "Marriage of and Blue Vocal 'E 'QI S kv-or 'suv' Nl' sf' mix 7? I N7 PU' hi.. f-Cub. 'ffffgzv 49 gan:-ng. .gunn- wx sm- ,M . A ROW 1 Jovcs Mmsrsn COMMERCIAL Nat'l Honor Society, Y-Teen Sec., Music Chairman, Spanish Club Pres., Sec., Student Council. y CLIFFORD D. NELSON ., ARTS AND INDUSTRIES R.O.T.C. lst Lt., Hi-Y, Fresh. Football, Fresh. Track, Echoes Ad Staff. JUDY R. NELSON COMMERCIAL GORDON E. NIMTZ COLLEGE PREPARATORY Band Drum Maior, Nat'l Honor Society, Lettermen's Club, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross Council V.-Pres. 1 , MARJORIE NIXON , COLLEGE PREPARATORY Thalian Sec., Latin Club, Student Librarian. ii l illf ,J mn HI 'fl 'T-T.".."" my l at 4? , 'lan wil 1' ggi K sl r it .N E- ROW 2 RICHARD NORDEEN ARTS AND INDUSTRIES KAY O'BRIEN COLLEGE PREPARATORY State Music Contest, Prose and Poetry, Omega Hist., Spanish Club, Road Show '51 MARY KATHRYN ODEN GENERAL Ero Sgt.-at-Arms, "Riding Down the Sky," Road Show Bus. Mgr. '53, Echoes News Ed., Pep Club. DICK OGREN GENERAL Chorus, Operettas '52, '53, Band, Boys' Quartet. HAROLD E. OLSEN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Latin Club, Crimson and Blue Bus. Staff, R.O.T.C. 34 ROW 3 SUE OLSEN COLLEGE PREPARATORY Latin Club Pres., Jr. Red Cross Sec., Thalian Sec., Thespian, Crimson and Blue Ad- ministration Ed. JACQUELENE F. PETERSEN ARTS AND INDUSTRIES Gym Pageant, Glee. , . Jon-INNY R. PETERSEN 'f A X ARTS AND mousmss I I , '-fl Ist Team Football, Wrestling, Hi-Y Treas., Student Council Pres., R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt. BELVA PETERSON COMMERCIAL Gym Pageant. BETTY JUNE PETKER COLLEGE PREPARATORY Spanish Club, Thalian, "Marriage of Nan- nette," Chorus, Road Shows '5I, '52. ROVV l JANICE MARIE PHILLIPS COLLEGE PREPARATORY Clio V.-Pres., Jr. Class Sec., Thespian, Cheerleader, Crimson and Blue Drama Ed. PHIL PICKERILL COLLEGE PREPARATORY Echoes Sports Ed., R.O.T.C. lst Lt. NETTIE POWER COLLEGE PREPARATORY Thalian Pres., Jr. Class Treas., Thespian Sec., "Heaven Can Wait," Prose and Poetry, DICK PRATT GENERAL lst Team Basketball, Student Council, Spanish Club, R.O.T.C. Sgt. ARTHUR PRIEN COMMERCIAL EU! 1 ROVV 2 DORIS MAXINE PRIEN GENERAL Gym Pageant, Girls' Glee. on Punscsu e .f '39 ' 'f2""'I GENERAL Nu fiff VM R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt., 2nd Team Football, 2nd Team Track, Jr. Red Cross, Crimson and Blue Bus. Staff. ANNE PUSEY COLLEGE PREPARATORY Omega Treas., Prose and Poetry, Jr. Red Cross Pub. Mgr., Scholastic Art Contest, Pep Club. CLAUDIA DEE RAMEY COLLEGE PREPARATORY Thalian, "Marriage of Nannette," Chorus Sec., Jr. Red Cross, Y-Teen. DONNA RASMUSSEN COMMERCIAL All-State Music, Operetta, Triple Trio, Chorus. ROVV 3 QUENTIN J. RASMUSSEN GENERAL Chorus, "Marriage of Nannette," "Down in the Valley," R.O.T.C. Squad Leader, Boys' Quartet. SABINA RASMUSSEN GENERAL Clio Hist., Spanish Club, Band, Road Show '52 Stage Crew. BERNADETTE REID GENERAL Gym Pageant. KAREN REMDE COLLEGE PREPARATORY Alpha Pres., Sec., Thespian, Jr. Red Cross Council, Nat'l Honor Society, Crimson and Blue Admin. Ed. BRADLEY REW GENERAL Hi-Y, R.O.T.C. Sgt., Golf, lst Team Football Mgr., Camera Club. fn. NR fr nv 1 T .-Q 'iff' a Q -. . A. wal' "'Rf'.:-'V "' of 5 et.. .. I .M M. 4. L 1 I: QA 'tg im, D ,A 8 ,I I f Sf ml sf -1-: . . - . L I ROW I RON RICHIE ARTS AND INDUSTRIES Operetta, Quartet, Jr. Red Cross, State Concert. DOUGLAS ROBEY COLLEGE PREPARATORY Jr. Class Play, "George Washington Slept Here," R.O.T.C. Sgt., Road Show '50, '51, Latin Club. SUSAN EILEEN ROBINSON GENERAL Football Queen Attendant '51, '52, Road Show '50, Pep Club, Gym Pageant, Oper- etta '5I. PAUL ROBSON COLLEGE PREPARATORY R.O.T.C. PATRICIA ROENNAU COLLEGE PREPARATORY Nat'I Honor Society, Crimson and Blue Dedicatory Ed., Thespian, Thalian V.-Pres. Latin Club. ROW 2 RALPH SAAR ARTS AND INDUSTRIES R.O.T.C., Fresh. Football. OLIVER SCARVIE 'WI' iii" ...yn-4" he ,,,,.. f--.J ROW 3 LARRY SHANNON ARTS AND INDUSTRIES Hi-Y. VIRGINIA SHATTO GENERAL COMMERCIAL Ist LT., HI-Y, 2I"ld Team Wrestling, Y-Teen, Pep Club, Thalianl Crip-n5Qn and Jr. Class Play, Fresh. Sgt.-at-Arms. Blue Typist, Gym Pageant, GERALD SCHNEIDER CAROLYN SHEHAN COMMERCIAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY R.O.T.C. Ist Lt., Mixed Chorus. Nat'l Honor Society, Alpha Pres., Treas, Echoes News Ed., "AlI My Sons," Inter MARILYN scnusinen S"C'e'Y Debm' COMMERCIAL Y-Teen Treas., Crimson and Blue Bus. Staff, JUNE COLLEEN SHEPARD Echoes Ad Staff, Mixed Chorus, Omega. COLLEGE PREPARATORY Y-Teen Pres., Crimson and Blue Bus. 'Staff SALLY SEYMOUR Y-Teen Recorder, Latin Club. COMMERCIAL ' Gym Pageant. 36 PAUL NEAL SIEBERT GENERAL Band Ist Lt., Orchestra, F.F.A. ROW l CAROLYN SKOW COLLEGE PREPARATORY Ero Trees., Spanish Club V.-Pres., Echoes Exchange Ed., Student Council, Football Queen Attendant. BONNIE SMILEY COMMERCIAL Annual, Echoes Staff, Student Council, Pep Club, Y-Teen. DAVID M. SMITH GENERAL lst Team Football, Lettermen's Club, Track, Jr. Class Play, Operetta. ISOBEL M. SMITH COLLEGE PREPARATORY Band, Maiorette, Thalian, Show '52, JAMES L. SMITH GENERAL Visual Education , R.O.T.C. 'E' Latin Club, Road '5 ROW 2 -. ROW 3 gp aff' f'!7,s,0!v 1 Vs' ROBERT SORENSEN 154 6 GENERAL lst Team Footbal Echoes Head Pres I, Hi-Y, R.O.T.C. lst Lt., sman, . dl df LOU ANN SPENCE 1790-ff nv, 1' BE 'V i -.1 COMMERCIAL Omega V.-Pres., Shows '49-52, Y-T TTY D. STEPHENS COMMERCIAL Student Librarian. c ,M Opzgttas '50-53, Road een, Student Council. K ,J J- 4 s ELAINE srEnNmLL 32:1 JYYFM COLLEGE PREPARATORP 'J-A Clio Pres., Student Council, Jr. Red Cross Council, Crimson Ed., Thespian. and Blue Organizations . ,I r, JAMES WILLIAM STOKER 'M""x COLLEGE PREPARATORY "' 'Y R.O.T.C. Capt., lst Team Qball, Senior Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Hi-Y V,-Pres., Chaplain, Camera Club Pres. 339 CHARLOTTE STRONG COMMERCIAL Nat'l Honor Society, Crimson and Blue Senior Ed., Y-Teen Pres., Spanish Club, 1 Student Librarian. VIVIAN STRONG COMMERCIAL Crimson and Blue Co-Ed.-in-Chief, Student Council, Nat'I Honor Society, Y-Teen V.- Pres., Latin Club. JAMES STUELKE COLLEGE PREPARATORY Nat'l Honor Society V.-Pres., lst Team Foot- ball, lst Team Basketball, Thespian, R.O.T.C. lst Lt. h .A x.Y,.ff9 MARGARET ELLEN swAsslNG ffvvfs ,Ju-fy 'GENERAL ' Football Queen, Alpha, Road Show '49, '50, '51, '52, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club. , ,J - MARIAN LonENE TEAGUE 'fr'-"S fx ,J GENERAL f Q- 'R' 'A Thalian Sec., Pep Clulsfj-.lT'Class V.-Pres., Echoes Ad Staff. -'io sqm ,.. ...- s vs... - -Mouse E If s '3- N. T' L. Y? 0-E. i 3 fl' QQ ok If ' ,Q-up 'ft YT' i""" W' .5 N, ,,"' fl vs .if Q .QW L I X9 Q in 'I 12 in A F2 .Sv xl ' y 'R - inn' 1 ,'-V -1""" . " W' - It I C 9-sr "F"'w T' to ,,,.-4-.ar ROW I NORMAN R. THOMAS ARTS AND INDUSTRIES lst Team Track, Retail Sales Club V.-Pres., Student Council. JACK N. THOMSEN GENERAL lst Team Football, Student Council, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt. SHERRY VANDERPOOL GENERAL Alpha Hist., Thespian, "Heaven Can Wait," Football Queen Attendant, Band Maiorette. WARREN F. VOSLER COLLEGE PREPARATORY Sr. Class Treas., Band Capt., 2nd Team Basketball. DONNA RAE WALDRON COMMERCIAL Echoes, Gym Pageant, Glee, Jr. Class Play. 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 DALE C. WICHMAN KENNETH HIATT GENERAL GENERAL Hi-Y, Track, R.O.T.C., Fresh., Soph. Football. R.O.T.C. DICK WILSON BETTY JEANE McCALLAN GENERAL GENERAL 2nd Team Wrestling, Chorus, Hi-Y, R.O.T.C. Alpha, Spanish Club. Sgt., Fresh., 2nd Team Basketball. MIKE MERRILL JIM WINCHESTER GENERAL ARTS AND INDUSTRIES R.O.T.C. Sgt., Boys' Glee. HOWARD WOHLNER ARTS AND INDUSTRIES R.O.T.C. Ist Lt., Boys' State Rep. JERRY WOODS COMMERCIAL Retail Sales Club Treas., R.O.T.C. Sgt., Rifle Team. 38 Sr. Class Play, Jr. Class Play, R.O.T.C. Sgt. Hi-Y, Road Show. KATHARINE TATTA COLLEGE PREPARATORY Clio, "Marriage of Nannette," Spanish Club Chorus, Road Show '5I, '52. DEL IAILEY NOT PICTURED HARLAN E. HUGHES PHIL STROHBEHN GENERAL GENERAL COLLEGE PREPARATORY R-0-T.C-, 'lit Tum F0OtbBll, 2nd Team lst Team Wrestling, 2nd Team Wrestling. Band, Orchestra, Echoes News Ed., Thespian. Wrestling. LESLIE CLARK LARSON JACK JEROME UNDERWOOD RON FUNKHAUSER GENERAL ARTS AND INDUSTRIES GENERAL R.O.T.C. Sgt. R.O.T.C. DON M. HENLEY SHIRLEY SHARLENE OVERMAN ROBERTA WADUM GENERAL GENERAL GENERAL Track, R.O.T.C. Sgt. , Spanish Club, Omega, Gym Pageant, Pep Club, Clio, "Divine Flora" Student 7,12 Chorus. Dir. neun Hewm M GENERAL 'T' MERWYN L. PIERSON Ero Treas., Cheerlea er, Forensic League COMMERCIAL Pres., Thespian, Varsity Debate. 2nd Team Wrestling, R.O.T.C., Track. UTOGRAPHS President . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . Sgt.-at-Arms Sponsors . ii 1 . J it , if x' m... 4 rs ir Wilson, Merk, Bol-iam, Kulisek, Cambron. . David Wilson . William Cambron . Betty Kulisek . Joan Merk . . . . Jim Boham lMiss Erva Huckleeberry ' lMr. Virgil Miller Juniors The year i952-53 was an active one for the iuniors. The class rings were selected and ordered on January 19, and March 20-2l saw the annual junior class play given in A.L.'s auditorium. To top off a successful year, the Junior- Senior Prom was held at the Chieftain Hotel on May 9. All in all, the class proved capable in each service performed for the school-scholastic, extracurricular, and social. if 'Xl Junior class members crowd around the dis- Engaged in the task of paying class dues is play board to view samples of class rings this group of iuniors. offered in a variety of styles. 40 ROW I: Blunk, Barritt, J. Adkins, Beck, D. Adkins. ll ROW 2: Boham, J. Anderson, Belt, Borwick, Berry, Boehm, Allerton. ROW 3: Allen, Archer, Bahr, Berg, Ackerman, R. Anderson, Beezley. ROW ln Bremholm, Brownlee, Bryner, C, Brown, Butler, R. Brown, Carson. ROW 2: Bowlin, Bruce, Buswell, Barbara Brown, Bush, Broman. ROW 3: Q Burgeson, Burhenne, Burbridge, Cambron, Beverly l1I1101'S Bmw:- ROW l: S. Colwell, Claussen, Chamberlin, Carter, . N. Colwell. ROW 2: Clatterbuck, Ernst, Coffelt, Coleman, Coate, Dewey, Dague, ROW 3: Clark, Christensen, Caskey, Churchman, Davis, Claus. ROW l: Franke, Garner, Frost, Duffy, Exline. ROW 2: Fitch, Francke, Etherington, Gould, Frazer. ROW O 3: Ewers, Ford, Durham, Gates, Epperson. uniors uniors ROW I: M. Hansen, Green, C. Hansen, Hawks ROW 2: Haas, Hodge, Hill, G. Hansen, Griffith Hollingsworth. ROW 3: Hays, Holmes, Graalfs Herd, Grell, Gravenkamp. ROW I: Jacob, Hurd, Hansen, Kain, Keairnes, S. Johnson, Marilyn A. Jensen. ROW 2: Hubert, Hud- son, Jackson, Jay, J. Johnson, Kinsell, Marilyn B. Jensen. ROW 3: Ingraham, Kerber, Jessen, Knotek Holt, Huggins. i ROW 1: Lawrence, B. Merk, J. Merk, Makinson, Lewis, Korth, Kolhof. ROW 2: Kuiisek, S. Larsen, Kramer, L. Larsen, Mass, Marcus. ROW 3: Leeper, Lett, Ketcham, Mclntosh, Kreft, McSorIey, Mahon. ROW I: Neuiahr, Moen, Morse, O'Hara. ROW 2: Mott, Olsen, C. Nelson, Muschall. ROW 3: Messerli, . B. Nelson, Neilsen, Mundell, Mourer. O ROW l: Palmer, Petersen, Passer, Pruitt, Randolph ROW 2: Phillips, Profeda, Pilling, Owen. ROW 3 Platter, Rapalie, Osborn, Proctor, Ratekin. ROW 1: Redner, Sealock, Reiff, Richwine, Schneider Q ROW 2: Schlott, Scott, Shannon, Reif. ROW 3: Reyn ' I I olds, Rus, Shepley, Powers, Schoening. ROW 1: S. Smith, S. Sorensen, Strother, Slightam, . Stokes, Stewart. ROW 2: J. Smith, Shoemaker, Stroh, K. Sorensen, Soe, Springer. ROW 3: Storey, J. Smith, J. Sorensen, Snyder, Stapleton, Siebert, L. Smith. ROW I: Watson, M. Thompson, Zach, Wilson, Whit- beck, Wigington, ROW 2: Woodworth, Vailier, E. O Thompson, Tedesco, Weakly, Zimmerman. ROW 3: Techau, Witthauer, Voss, Swassing, Taylor. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Sgt.-at-Arms Sponsors . . Don Danford . Larry Meyerson . Ronald Sanson . Brian Letner . . Dale Christians lMr. Thurman Johnson lMiss Eileen Wolfe Sophomores Since the sophomores had no special class-sponsored activities, members found other ways to keep them- selves busy and to be of service to the school. They handled leading roles in plays, won recognition in sports, and took honors in the various organizations to which they belonged. JH' -.. I Danford, Meyerson, Christians, Letner, Sanson. Looking back, sophomores saw a productive year of achievement, looking ahead, they saw an ever more promising future. qu Dramatics holds the interest of many sophomores. Mary Elgan, Among important activities on the sophomore roster is seated, listens while Jeanette Prince practices her offering for athletics. Steve Johnson, Chuck Stevie, and Don Goodman the Prose and Poeny assembly' are basketball stalwarts. 47 ROW 'l: Baker, Barritt, Bamesberger, Brunow, M. S h Anderson. ROW 2: Brownfield, Budatz, Basch, Andresen, Best. ROW 3: Bahr, Bryan, Allen, Andress, Broman, Beaumont. ROW 4: R. Anderson, Ballenger, Adamson, Arnold, Bolton. ROW l: E. Chambers, Christensen, Cash. ROW 2: Davis, Claussen, Cecil, Christiansen, Clark. ROW 3: Colwell, Ceika, Comley, Danford, Cobb, R. Chambers. ROW 4: Cook, Burkgren, Collins, Craigmile, Chris- h op omores 9 Sophomores ROW I- Grover, Gnlfnh, Gllpln, LaDonna Good- man ROW 2: Guest, Hawbaker, Lorraine Goodman, B Hansen, E. Hansen, ROW 3: G. Green, Henman Hall, Gyllrng, Harrwngton, M. Hansen, ROW 4: B, Green, Gilbert, Grlr-nan, Gravenkamp, D. Goodman. ROW lr P. French, Margaret Elgan, Mary Elgan, Fischer, DeLong. ROW 2: Durick, Feller, J, French, Dingman, Fluke. ROW 3: Durbin, Finiff, Everson, Gardner, Demitroff, Fitch. ROW A: Gallo, Finerfy, Dryden, Fleming, Eriksen. ophomores i Q is 1 '1 ROW 1: Hinman, Holt, Jacobsen, Hickey, Heywood. O ROW 2: Heuwinkel, Johnson, Jasper, Higgins, He- p witt. ROW 1: Lara, Jorgensen, D. Kreft. ROW 2: Kelley, Kruml, Langmade, Kieldgaard, Kochel. ROW 3: Lester, Lemons, LeMaster, Leeper, P. Larson, Kmezich. h ROW 4: Knudsen, Lefner, W. Kreft, F. Larsen, D. Sop omores L afsen . h ROW 1: Lund, Mendez, Lustgraaf. ROW 2: Mitchell, Op McVitty, Long, McMains, Meyerson. ROW 3: Mills, Mackland, Lostroh, Olson, Link, McGehee. ROW 4: J. Miller, Milner, D. Miller, Lieber, Lightner. ROW I: Payne, Petrus, Olson, Dagmar Peterson, Neff. ROW 2: David Peterson, P. Peterson, Oviatt, Pace, Nielson, C. Pedersen. ROW 3: Palmer, R. Peterson, Moore, D. Petersen, Palmisano. ROW 1: Ramey, Schnackenberg, Schlott, Schellinger Porter, Slaughter. ROW 2: Randolph, Russell, Prince R. Schoening, Petry, Rexroat. ROW 3: Rasmussen Reynolds, Peirson, S. Schoening, Reninger, Points ROW 4: Riggins, D. Schoening, Sanson, Ranney, Sophomores ophomores ROW I: Spencer, Skow, Shepard. ROW 2: Seabury, N. Smith, M. Smith, Schroeder. ROW 3: R. Smith, Simmons, Silverstrand, J. Smith, Shebel. ROW 4: Schultz, D. Smith, Spence,5hoemaker, Scott. O ROW l: Tripp, Swick, Turpin, Walker, ROW 2: p Swanger, Voss, Thomsen, Starr, S. Trzeciak. ROW 3: Taylor, T. Trzeciak, Swain, Vosler. ROW 4: Van Horn, Thompson, Stoufer, Stevie, Strong. ROW li R. Wilson, Watts, Wiest, A. Wilson. ROW 2: Winchester, Van Scoy, B. Wyant, N. Wyant, Wyatt. ROW 3: Waters, Schultz, Wehrli, Whitbeck. ROW 4: Westphal, Wise, Wichman. ,.,, f,, nl TH Hubler, Alcorn, Messerli, Miller, Storey. ROW l: Bachman, Carlin, M. Contryman, Blum ROW 2: Alcorn, R. Contryman, Boyle, J. Ander son, Carrier. ROW 3: H. Anderson, Carter, M Collins, Brugenhemke. ROW 4: Adkins, J. Collins, Christensen, Axtell, M. Anderson. President . . Mildred Messerli Vice-President . David Hubler Secretary . . Jane Alcorn Treasurer . . William Storey Sgt.-at-Arms . . . Dwayne Miller Sponsors . lMr. Roy F. Lawson ' I Miss Bianca McComb Freshmen Although small numerically, A. L. freshmen showed big enthusiasm for the school and its many activities. The be- ginners participated in music, sports, and organizations. Some of the boys also helped out in the cafeteria at lunch time and worked in the concession stands at football games. If the start ot its high school career is indicative of things to come, the class of '56 should make history between now and graduation day. 54 ROW I: Funk, Hendrix, Gaies, Hestness. ROW 2: h Farrell, Gustafson, Davie, Dall, Gronberg. ROW 3: Gill, Hansen, Hatcher, Fiala. ROW 4: Haynes, Epper- son, Geer, Goodman, Gyiling. ROW I: Lett, May, Larsen, Kolhof. ROW 2: Kimball, Juhl, Hollingsworth, Messerli. ROW 3: Knickman, Jones, Merryman, Mass, Mclntosh, ROW 4: Hubler, Hounshell, Leuch, Miiler. nh ROW 1: Roper, Perkins, Moor, Robinson, Randolph. e ROW 2: Nimtz, Roffenbarger, Russeil, Points, Pickens. ROW 3: O'Neill, Nelsen, Mott, Moats, Rowe. ROW 4: Powers, Nicoiini, Robison, Parks. ROW 1: Sollazzo, Stoll, Saggs. ROW 2: Wyatt, B. Strong, Weiland, Sheils, Stancliffe. ROW 3: Skipton, Schneider, Sigler, R. Strong. ROW 4: Wright, Vance, Watson, Turpin, Schott, . .. '15 X ta: ' .. M' f ',:,f l f ' ,xlff ,xr hi x 'bf NX f -. . PUBLICATIGNS ROW 1: Frankel, Ellis, Remde, Faris, Dempsey, ROW 2: Morris, Shehan, Everest, Sternhill, Roennau, Olsen. ROW 3: Beezley, Baker, Schroeder, Schoening, Stoker, Herd, Strong, Franke. Co-Editors-in-Chief Dedicatory Editors Administration Editors Senior Editors Junior Editors Sophomore Editors Freshman Editor Publications Editors instrumental Music Editor Vocal Music Editor Drama Editors Speech Editor Editorial Staff Marion Holden, Vivian Strong Florence Everest, Pat Roennau, Carolyn Shehan Sue Olsen, Karen Remde Barbara Frankel, Kathleen Grahl, Charlotte Strong Jerry Beezley, Alyce Ann Franke Ruth Elaine Schoening, Karen Schroeder Bobette Davie Patricia Ellis, Beverly Falk Bruce Baker Joanne Morris Shirley Jackson, Janice Phillips Marilyn Faris Organizations Editors R.O.T.C. Editor Boys' Sports Editors Football Basketball Track Wrestling Golf and Tennis Girls' Sports Editors Photographic Editor Assistants Photographic Adviser Typists Editorial Adviser is -5 14 we , Florence Everest, Pat Roennau, Carolyn Shehan, Elaine Sternhill Erwin Atherton Mike Gallagher Dick Crowl Dave Herd Mickey Rocha Jim Stuelke Kathleen Dempsey, Barbara Hall Jim Stoker Bill Burbridge, Noel Cook, Richard Hansen, Scott Platter, Kenny Zimmerman Mr. Virgil Miller Shirley McGehee, Virginia Shatto, Karen Sorensen Mr. W. Robert Brown Camera Seated: aff Scott Platter Noel Cook Kenny Zimmerman Jim Stoker Standing: Bill Burbridge Richard Hansen 58 Harold Olsen THE CRIM O BLUE The Crimson and Blue is the yearbook of Abra- ham Lincoln High School, Its distribution at the close of each school year gives a personal me- mento of high school life to the students. Through ku ? 'env' Shirley King Mary Ann Martin 'Nd Marion Holden Vivian Strong the work of the editorial, business, and camera staffs an illustrated story of the academic, ath- letic, and social activities of the school is pre- sented. Business taff Business Manager Janice McAlexander Shirley King is Assistant Business Manager Mary Ann Martin Staff Members Marilyn Arterburn Wes Feller Mike Gallagher Dennis Green John Innes Del Purscell Marilyn Schneider Colleen Shepard Carolyn Skow Bonnie Smiley Business Adviser Miss Margaret Henderson ROW: I: King, Skow, Arterburn, Shepard. ROW 2: McAlexander, Schneider, Martin, Smiley. ROW 3: Feller, Olsen, Green, Purscell, Gallagher. si, 1-we x. we 1 Seated: Dick Crowl, Mike Gallagher. Standing: Dick Dunlop. Th Echoes Fall semester officers: Dick Dunlop, editor-in- chief: Donna Johnson, business manager: Esther Moore, advertising manager: Phillip Pickerill, sports editor. Spring semester officers: Dick Crovvl, Mike Gallagher, editors-in-chief, Shirley Beck, business manager, Barbara Frankel, adver- tising manager: Jerry Lawson, sports editor. Faculty adviser: Mr. H. Arthur Lee. "Echoing vigorously, justly, and without prei- udice" is the well-kept motto of our school paper, The Echoes, which keeps students posted on all school events and activities. Mr. H. Arthur Lee, Journalism instructor, oversees both the newsgathering and mechanical departments of the paper. Echoes staff members Barbara Frankel, advertising manager, Jerry Lawson, sports editor of The Echoes, selects and Shirley Beck, business manager, get together to plan prints tor his section ofthe school paper. an ad layout. 60 1 if 1 Ny? 9. ' I MUSIC Section Editors: Bruce Baker, instruments! Joanne Morris, vocal 9 " F5 -3,5 Q5 5' Y it ,315 P' I Band Officers The following are Abraham Lincoln High School Band officers: Gordon Nimtz, drum maior, Joe Hansen, Warren Vosler, captains, Harold Miller, Paul Siebert, first lieutenants. Blasts from the trumpets, "oom-pahs" from the tubas, and the shrill of the drum maior's whistle all add to noise and excitement during a typical band rehearsal. Throughout the year, A. L.'s band contributes much to the school. At games, parades, commencement, and numerous other events, band members through personal effort and school pride made this year's organization one of the finest. Jerry Beezley, Karen Sorensen, Sharon Doty, Bruce Baker, Barbara Iverson. Warren Vosler, Gordon Nimtz, Joe Hansen. Not pictured: Harold Mil- Ier, Paul Siebert. Crchestra Ufficers The following are Abraham Lincoln High School Orchestra officers: Jerry Beezley, president, Bruce Baker, vice-president, Karen Sorensen, secretary, Sharon Doty, treasurer, Barbara Iverson, sergeant-at- arms. The conductor's hands go up, a hush falls over the audience, and one of the concerts by the A. L. Orchestra is about to begin. Soon beautiful music fills the air. Such is the scene at a concert played during the year. Behind that scene are hours of hard work every sixth period when each member studies a great deal about the technique and appreciation of music. What is learned in orchestra is only another of the many ways in which A. L. helps its students to live a more rounded life, now and in the future. 62 THE BAND THE GRCHESTRA 63 AHR- A, ur' .Q-uv r ,Q ,xl ....,l.,., , K 5,0 x K . neg' il in -if -N - - - Seated: Judy Blunk, Loren Spence, Stand- ing: Ronnie Richie, Joan Harrington. f. ,xx Vocal Music Board President . . . Judy Blunk Vice-President . . Ronnie Richie Secretary . . Mary Elgan Treasurer . . Loren Spence Historian . Joan Harrington GIRL ' GLEE ROW l: Walker, Guest, Dingman, Goodman, Clark, Wilson Jones. ROW 2: Harrington, Schultz, Ceika, Mary Elgan, Phillips Peterson, Pedersen, Schellinger. ROW 3: Cash, Van Scoy Margaret Elgan, Comley, Collins, Olson, Dall, Kelley. ROW 4 Mills, Hansen, Schoening, Lostroh, Lemons, Johnson, Kinsell. 65 Boys' Glee Mixed Chorus ROW l' O'Brren, Ellus, Carson ROW 2: Pruitt, Randolph, Bybee, Hawks Neulahr ROW 3: Petersen, Sltghtam, Annls, Iverson, Sternhill, Jensen Knickman, Haas, Faris, Bell. ROW 4: Frankel, Johnson, Blunk, Key Sorensen, Colwell, Marcus, Keairnes, Brown, Shoemaker, Larsen, Jorgensen, Tatta, Minor, Redner, Ramey, Morris, ROW 5: Reiff, Coleman, Swassrng, Petker, Plrsilllps, Soe, Bowlln, Profeda, Kain Anderson, Knudsen, Spence, C. Beck, M. Hansen, Kulisek, Exllne Ernst, Slwelxan ROW 6 S Beck, G. Schlott, Collett, Rlcltie, Schultz Owen, Kramer, Pilllng, Franke, Boehm, Valller, Finerty, Mourer Athay, Sealock, Stron, ROW 71 Rigglns, Miller, D. Schlott, Wilson Rus, Shepley, Rasmussen, R Hansen, Burbridge, Nielsen, Spence Ogren, Ford, Herd, Jessen, Knotek, Gould ROW l: Knotek, Finerty, Mourer. ROW 2. Vallrer, Sclwulrz, Gould, Muller, Rrclwle. ROW 3' Rasmussen, Jessen, Wrlson, Spence, Scnlott, Atlway. ROW -11 Sltepley, Hansen, Neilsen, Burbrrdge, Ogren, Ros Mixed Chorus Officers President . . Lou Ann Spence Secretary . . Norma Colwell Treasurer . , Donna Johnson -:I. 1 . X Q ui-5 3-"' nn:-I "Will you go with me to the dance Saturday night, Jenny?" Dick Ogren asks hopefully of Judy Blunk, pictured here with Quentin Rasmussen and Gary Jessen in one of the few happy scenes from the tragic American folk opera, "Down in the Valley." "Everything has turned out for the best. We'll be happy for the rest of our lives." This conclusion is voiced by Gary Jessen, Shirley Sorensen, and Ronnie Richie in "Bastien and Bastienna." 66 Operettas An innovation of the vocal music department, under the direction of Mrs. Viola Bichel, was the presenta- tion of two short operettas February 20-2l instead of one longer production. They were "Down in the Valley" by Kurt Weill, and "Bastien and Bastienna" by Mozart. The cast for "Down in the Valley" included Judy Blunk, Dick Ogren, Quentin Rasmussen, Gary Jessen, Loren Spence, and Eugene Thompson. The cast for the second operetta was headed by Ronnie Richie, Shirley Sorensen, and Gary Jessen. - i- DRAMA- SPEECH 67 'AQ in-,vwfw Section Editors: Shirley Jackson, Janice Phillips, drama Marilyn Faris, speech Xe A Mr. Kimber , Newton Fuller Annabelle Fuller Madge Fuller Steve Eldridge Katie , . . Mrs. Douglas Clayton Evans Rena Leslie . Hester . , CAST "And this is how it's done!" The art of falling is demonstrated to the play cast by Director Harry Langdon. "GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE" Presented by the Ero, Omega, and Thalian Literary Gerald Schlott . . JoeHansen Karen Sorensen Janet Watson Harold Miller Karen Kinsell . . Sue Olsen John Harrison Marilyn Jensen . Mary Jane Slightam Seated: Jensen, Healey, Sorensen, Kinsell, Brornan. Standing: Schlott, Dantord, Slightam, Harrison, Wilson, Robey, Watson, Miller, Beezley. .,-. v "0- Y, Raymond . Mr. Prescott . Uncle Stanley Leggett Frazer Miss Wilcox . Sue Barrington Tommy Hughes Societies . . Don Dantord Douglas Robey , Dave Wilson Jerry Beezley Beverly Healey Evelyn Broman Dick Lightner Faculty Director . . Mr. Harry Langdon Student Director . , . Kathleen Grahl Technical Director . . . . Bruce Baker Production Manager . . Dale Christians Q 68 'The house belongs to none of you, but to Jane!" emarks Raymond Peterson in the role of lawyer. In iramatic portrayal of this tense scene are: Louie Schultz, Raymond Peterson, Barbara Frankel, and xt 'homas Bolton. Emma Jordan Nettie . . Ella Jordan Jane Crosby Hannah . . Henry Jordan Sadie Fellows Orin... 2. fl .Q N, M Q ..., , K, CAST 6- K K I 1 -1... As "ICEBOUND" Presented by the Alpha, Clio, and Delta Tau Literary Societies . Carolyn Shehan . . Judy Blunk . Barbara Frankel . Sandra Knott Shirley Sorensen . Thomas Bolton Marcella Thompson . William Higgins 1 s f I X Doctor Curtis . Judge Bradford . Ben Jordan . Jim Jay . . Faculty Director . Student Director Stage Manager . Lighting Technician . . Alan Strong Raymond Peterson . . Louie Schultz . Richard Pierson Mr. Harry Langdon . . Karen Remde . Joseph Athay . William Rus 1 -my Seated: Shehan, Sorensen, Knott, Frankel. Standing: Thomp- son, Strong, Schultz, Peterson, Bolton, Pierson, Blunk. 60 71 Q S ni, That play rehearsals are a combination of hard work and fun is shown by these four students: Ted Davis, Carole Hubert. seated: Ralph Voss. Sandra Smith. standino. 70 fn.. 1 V Seated: Ted Davis, Ralph Voss, Sandra Smith, lvaia--1. Marcus, Don Shepley, Kenny Zimmerman. Standing: Andy Poulos, Marilyn B. Jensen, Carole Hubert, Carl Burhenne, Marcella Thompson, Carole Beck, William Claus. JU IUR CLASS PLAY "MEET A BODY" cAsr John MacGregor . Margaret MacGregor . Tim MacGregor . . A Girl C"Ellen"D . Manny Siegelman . Understudy . A Stranger C"Scientist"l . A Young Man C"Clark"J . A Gentleman C'Craig"J . A Lady i"Carla"l . . . . Ralph Voss . Sandra Smith . Ted Davis . Carole Hubert . . Bill Higgins Kenny Zimmerman ' . Edwin Snyder . Andy Poulos . . Bill Claus . Natalie Marcus An Old Woman K"The Dancerul . . Carole Beck Policewoman McVey . Dr. Hestor .... Detective Sergeant Corly . Faculty Director . Student Director . Marcella Thompson Eugene Thompson . Carl Burhenne Mr. Harry Langdon Marilyn B. Jensen SE IOR CLASS PL Y ROW I: Joe Hansen, Carolyn Skow, Phil Strohbehn, Lou Ann Spence, John Har- rison. ROW 2: Nettie Power, Harold Miller, Anne Pusey, Erwin Atherton, Jean Fogarty, Mike Merrill. N "THE RIVALS" Captain Jacl: Absolute Fag ...... Faulkland . . . Sir Anthony Absolute Bob Acres .... David .... Sir Lucuis O'Trigger Thomas .... Lydia Languish . Julia Melville . Lucy . .. . Mrs. Malaprop . . Chambermaid . Staging . Coaching . . . Student Director . Q-0 Rl w --4v--1 CAST Phil Strohbehn Jerry Lawson . John Harling . Richard Kuhl Oliver Scarvie Harold Miller Erwin Atherton Richard Dunlop Carolyn Skow Nettie Power . Anne Pusey Lou Ann Spence . Jean Fogarty . Mr. Harry Langdon . Miss Eileen Wolfe Barbara Frankel Q 71 '1 Q-is XSS I I i o O- 5' 'H iivkff. Road how As lively as its title, "A.L.'s a Poppin '," the 1952 Road Show had as its theme old-time vaudeville. Hundreds of A.L. students took part in the big- gest all-school drama-and-music presentation of the year. Miss Eileen Wolfe and Mr. Harry Lang- don were co-directors of the show. Top: The sophomore chorus line finishes its number with traditional "kicks" Second: Mem- bers ot an all-girl minstrel act relate their best iokes for the audience. Third: The Australian tag- match demonstrates how not to wrestle. Fourth: The principal comedian, Warren Francke, receives some persuasion techniques from the two M. C.'s, Fritz Beaumont and Joe Hansen. Bottom: Make-up is applied to all participants in preparation forthe show. 72 Thespian ROW I: Jensen, S. Sorensen, Sternhill, Healey, Thompson, Kulisek, Power, Jackson, Remde. ROW 2: Frankel, Grahl, G, Hansen, Roennau, Phillips, Shehan, K. Sorensen, Everest, Knott, ROW 3: Blunk, Schlott, Schultz, Beaumont, Beezley, Baker, Bolton, Miller, Wilson. ROW A. Pierson, Stuelke, Shepley, Atherton, J. Hansen, Strohbehn, Peterson Olsen. The Forensic League, a new organization formed this year, includes in its programs such activities as interpretive read- ings, after-dinner speeches, and speaking in dialect. Anyone may belong who wants to learn a great deal while having fun. The Thespians are another dramatic society that serves its purpose by helping its members develop their dramatic abilities. Membership is gained by a series of points earned through participation in plays as actors or stage crew. ROW l: Frankel, Faris, Olsen, Rasmussen. ROW 2: Pedersen, Hewitt, Sternhill, Basch, Skow, Everest, Jensen. ROW 3: Beezley, Wilson, Healey, Power, Jackson, Phillips, Sorensen. ROW 4: Baker, Peterson, Strohbehn, Shepley, Hansen, Tedesco, Schultz. Thespian officers for i952-53: Florence Everest, president, Beverly Healey, vice-presidentg Nettie Power, secretary, Donald Shepley, treasurer, Joe Hansen, sgt.-at-arms. Sponsor: Mr. Harry Langdon. Forensic League officers for 1952-53: Barbara He- witt, president, John Harrison, vice-president, Elaine Sternhill, secretary, Shirley Jackson, treas- urer, Sue Olsen, reporter. Sponsor: Miss Eileen Wolfe. Forensic League 73 Pg- f"""""!' X X eu-'IC VARSITY DEB TE The varsity debate squad, under the di- rection of Miss Eileen Wolfe, instructor, represented the school in the following tournaments: the Central High School Forensic, the Hastings College Invita- tional, and the Boys' Missouri Valley De- bate. Other events in which the debate Top: Preparing for one of the many debates are Carol Hewitt, Jack Hawbaker, Bill Ballenger, Connie Skow, seated, John Harrison, Douglas Kolhof, stand- ing. Bottom: Warren Francke, Carol Schellinger, and Terry Jasper listen attentively as Barbara Hewitt presents her side of the question, squad participated were the Mixed Mis- souri Valley Tournament, the Lincoln High School Invitational, the Tech High Prac- tice Tournament, and the District and State Forensic League Contests. Intersociety Debate In the lntersociety Debate Tournament, the Ero and Alpha Literary Societies won four out of five rounds. A run-off debate, in which the Eros received first place, was held to determine the final winner. Thalian and Clio Literary Societies tied for third place. ROW I: Stewart Schellinger Ellis ROW 2: Shehan Thompson Bruce Doty 7.1. -if T Wada , t 1' '. 1 -Y" Rua , v , N URGANIZATIUNS 75 Section Editors: Florence Everest, Pat Roennao, Carolyn Shelmn, Elaine Stornhill. Alpha At the top in more than just the alphabet, the Alphas have taken an important place in school activities. The Alphas were leaders in the finals of intersociety de- bate, Prose and Poetry, extemporaneous speaking contests, and were outstanding in the tri-society play. Climaxing all the programs and parties ofthe year was the Mother-Senior Banquet, a memorable event that closed another year made notable by the Alphas' key to success: ability, loyalty, pride, happiness, and ambition. Fall semester officers: Carolyn She-han, president, Marcella Thompson, vice-president, Sandra Johnson, secretary, Shirley Beck, treasurer, Patricia Dufty, sgtfat-arms, Sherry Vanderpool, historian, Spring semester officers: Karen Remde, president, Marilyn Jensen, vice-president, Judy Munson, secretary, Lucille Larsen, treasurer, Mary Jane Fischer, historian, Elizabeth Allerton, sgt.-at-arms. Sponsors: Miss Bess Hanigan, Miss Dora Nyrop, ROW l: Remde, R, Contryman, O'NeiIl, Mills, Pedersen, Blunk, M, Contryman, M. Larsen. ROW 2: Shehan, Brugenhemke, Sealock, Trzeciak, Munson, Ceika, Gilpin, Jensen. ROW 3, Vanderpool, Green, Thompson, Swassing, Leuch, L. Larsen i Sandra Johnson, Scott. ROW 4: Beck, Bruce, Pilling, Boehm, Hounshell, Sally Johnson, Hall, 76 ROW lr Gates, Hendrix, Walker, Annis, Palmer, Brown, Payne Frankel, Schoening. ROW 2: Weist, Marcus, Nielson, Knott Alcorn, Knickman, Spencer. ROW 3: Sternhill, Demitroff, Nel son, McGehee, Kiger, King, Bantesberger, Adkins ROW -1 Keairnes, Phillips, Atherton, Rasmussen, Berry, Borwick, Han sen. Clio A name synonymous with efficiency, vigor, and service is that ot the Clio Literary Society. Members of this club gain valuable experience through participation in a variety of activities. The society was well represented in Prose and Poetry, ex- temporaneous speaking, and debate, finishing third in the intersociety series. Clio members, as always, were high on the scholastic honor roll. "Not for self, but for all" summarizes well the accomplishments of this organization. Fall sn,-inif-,ter officers- Elaine Sternliill, president, Janice Phillips, vice-president, Jean Atlierton, secretary, Sandra Knott, treasurer, Shirley McGehee, historian, Audrey Kiqr-r, sqt .itarnis Spring semester officers Elaine Sternhill, president, Janice Pliillips, vice president, Shirley McGeliee, secretary, Shirley King, treasurer, Sabina Rasmussen, historian, Barbara Frankel, sgt.-at-arms. Sponsors. Miss Bianca Mcfonih, Miss Edna Willard 77 ROW l: Dempsey, Hubert, Barritt, Ramey, Swick, K. Olson, Cash, Christensen, Fairman. ROW 2: Sorensen, Brunow, Blunk, Mcvitty, Johnson, Cobb, Elgan, Key, Bush. ROW 3: Fogarxy, Harrington Phillips, Shoemaker, Morse, Smith, Moen, Kelley. ROW 4: Marshall, Profeda, Soe, R. Olsen, Lemons, Reynolds, Hurd. Delta Tau When a group of vivacious, versatile girls are together in one club, the accom- plishments are certain to be successful. A look at honors won in intersociety activities proves that members of this society have given generously of both time and energy. They were also represented in the second play of the year. The successful Christmas tea could well be attributed to the work of the Delta Taus. A spring banquet climaxed the year, making i953 unforgettable in the minds ot all. Fall semester officers: Jean Fogarty, president, Donna Key, vice-president, Sondra Johnson, secretaryg June Fairman, treasurer, Judy Blunk, sgt.-at-armsg Mary Lou Pitt, historian. Spring semester officers: Donna Key, president, Judy Blunk, vice- president, Jean Fogarty, secretary, Sondra Johnson, treasurer, June Fairman, sgt.- at-arms, Kathleen Dempsey, historian. Sponsors: Miss Eleanor Baptist, Miss Grace Taylor. 78 Ero Har-.-,frtooos and trngezt tncttan costames were the rnformat initiation styte as the new Eros V-.ere taien roto tne socrety, A more solemn occasion was the tormat ,r taxon, .'.nere, ciarng a canctte-I gnttng ceremony, eacn quality ot a good Ero .-.fag cirzcossect tn fre pta,, 'George Washington Slept Here," Ero members showed 'Mer qfrarnat-c ar, ' ' es success again was eyrdent when the Eros won tne inter- c , ,r fieznwes For 'ne seccnct consecottye year. Trte year ctimaxed rn the annoat .'!tutttt,r'U1,gtrfer Ba' igoef ttetci earty tn the spring, F4 - ' ' Pt" , a E S , cs F orc-me Everestyv ce orestdent, Donna 3 , E1'r:1r1 Sprng semester ot: :ers Porence iw" f' 53" Q ' P1'r,'r E 5 , ta pres di-"t Samara How tt, secretary, Cafotym ' -1 wr Ewrmrft Pa scrwta me Sponsors N1 ss Ewa Hcik eeoerr, Mrss , 1 h V ROI. t Nutr, Hawes, Parts Jonnson Lovd, Show E' s Haas ROY. 2 Sztternger, Uaknsorw, Scrotvz, Para Stewart Xuan S:oy Beck RCI, 3 Nc-utanr, Oden Coeran Ha' Sew" Basw 'Frnce Exerest FCI, -3 Oscn Sorenson '.',oa's, Yncntsen Los'ro'r Kose Brown 79 ROW I: Seabury, Kolhof, Saggs, O'Brien, M. Jensen, Durick. ROW 2: Robinson, L. Goodman, Pusey, Martin, Kruml, Slightam, Peterson, Holden, Allred. ROW 3: Dingman, P. Goodman, Feller, Hickey, M. Hansen, Lainson, Broman, Petrus, Clark. ROW 4: Skow, Kramer, D, Hansen, Buswell, Green, Schroeder, Brownlee, Langmade, Budatz. Omega As in previous years, the Omega members have participated widely in all inter- society activities. Three Omegas were cast in the play, "George Washington Slept Here." The society was well-represented in debate, Prose and Poetry, and ex- temporaneous speaking. Programs and teas that were presented throughout the year by society members served as a helpful deviation from the regular bi-monthly business meetings. With the Mother-Daughter Banquet, the Omegas closed a very successful year. Fall semester officers: Mary Ann Martin, president, Mary Lou Allred, vice-president Gwendolyn Green, secretary, Marion Holden, treasurer, Lou Ann Spence, sgt.-at arms, Kay O'Brien, historian. Spring semester officers: Mary Lou Allred, president Lou Ann Spence, vice-president, Mary Ann Martin, secretary, Anne Pusey, treasurer Patty Baker, sgt.-at-arms, Kay O'Brien, historian. Sponsors: Miss Marion Hanthorn Mrs. Mary Ethel Pomeroy. 80 1 Thalian Versatility is the criterion ot the Thalians. They can be iustly proud of their success both in social and scholastic activities. This year, talented members won respect and admiration by participating in forensic contests and dramatic productions. Thalians' names frequently appeared on the honor roll, The obiect of this society is to stimulate development of responsibility, leadership, poise, and appreciation ot the arts. Highlights of the year, which will long be remembered, included the informal initiation, the Christmas party, and the annual Mother-Senior Banquet. Fall semester officers Nettie Power, president, Beverly Healey, vice-president, Mariorie Nixon, secreraryg Kathleen Grahl, treasurer, Sharon Bobrick, sgt.-at-arms. Spring semester officers Shirley Jackson, president, Pat Roennau, vice-president, Sue Olsen, secretary, Marian Teague, treasurerg Sharon Bobrick, sgt.-at-arms. ROW l: Teague, Passer, Hewitt, Garner, Elgari, Starr, Hinrnan, Ran dolph. ROW 2: Nimtz, McGehee, Rasmussen, O'Hara, Healey, Bobrick Cecil, Hansen, Olsen. ROW 3: Roennau, Grover, Kulisek, Anderson Stroh, Chamberlin, Waters, Power. ROW 4: Grahl, Jackson, Gardner Mackland, Bowlin, Nixon, Best. 81 Latin Club Meetings of the Latin Club are planned to arouse interest in the ancient Romans and their customs. Old games are played, and songs are sung in Latin. Once every six weeks, each class sets aside a period for a meeting. There are separate sets of officers for each of the three periods. Once each semester, a party is at- tended by members from all three classes. Fall semester officers: Period 1: Connie Jo Skow, Sylvia Wiest, consuls. Period 3: Larry Perkins, Jennifer Randolph, consuls. Period 5: Fran Le McMains, Carol Schell- inger, consuls. Spring semester officers: Period l: Shirley Trzeciak, Jeanette Prince, consuls. Period 2: Jennifer Randolph, Larry Perkins, consuls. Period 3: Nikki Smith, Jim Finerty, consuls. ROW l: Walker, Lund, Stoll, Roper, R. Contryman, Randolph, M. Contryman, Saggs, Larsen. ROW 2: Swick, McMains, Nielson, Mar- shall, Brown, Sternhill, Schellinger, Points, Pedersen, Hinman, Porter. ROW 3: Mills, Seabury, Feller, Trzeciak, Gates, Hendrix, Prince, Hewitt, Whitbeck, Nelsen. ROW 4: Cook, Smith, Schoening, Langmade, Thom- sen, Hounshell, Schroeder, Moats, Hansen, Perkins. ROW 5: Strong, Bolton, Reed, Burkgren, Thompson, Beaumont, Higgins, Schott, Finerty. 82 ROW lr Blum, Ellis, Garner, J. Anderson, Skow, Hollingsworth Stancliffe, Peterson. ROW 2: O'Brien, Lewis, Jackson, Jones, Meyers Coate, Basch, Everest, Gronberg. ROW 3: Kieldgaard, Franke, C Hansen, Stroh, Mynster, G. Hansen, Hawks, Waters. ROW A: Smith D. Hansen, D. Gravenkamp, J. Gravenkamp, R. Anderson, Mott Beezley. panish Club This active organization holds meetings twice a month for educational and social purposes. Featured are oral reports and movies depicting Spain and Spanish cul- ture. The minutes are read in Spanish, and a fine of one cent is imposed for each English word spoken during the social part of the meeting. The picnic initia- tion is one of'the highlights of the year. At this time, initiates willingly submit to the stunts in order to become active members of the club. Fall semester officers: Joyce Mynster, president, Florence Everest, vice-president, Patricia Ellis, secretary, Jan Gravenkamp, treasurer, Jerry Beezley, sgt.-at-arms. Spring semester officers: Jan Gravenkamp, president, Carolyn Skow, vice-president, Joyce Mynster, secretary, Wanda Waters, treasurer, David Gravenkarnp, sgt.-at-arms. 83 ROW 1: J. Green, Shatto, C. Shepard, Mendez, Lara, Bybee, DeLong. ROW 2: Hanicke, Morris, Dewey, Dague, V. Strong, Mitchell, B Strong, Reiff, B. Merk, Brink, S. Shepard, Claussen. ROW 3: Forney, J. Whitbeck, Kramer, Kulisek, French, Petersen, P. Whitbeck, Coate Arterburn, Slightam, J. Merk. ROW 4: Jones, Grahl, C. Strong Andresen, C. Hansen, Chamberlin, Johnson, Kiger, Jacob, Jorgensen. ROW 5: Mynster, Larsen, C. Green, Owen, Schneider, Franke, Ander- son, Schroeder, D. Hansen, 1 1 Y-Teen Since the Y-Teens are essentially a service club, they do many things for people during the year. Several of their services include giving a Christmas party for underprivileged children, helping to present the Easter assembly, and sending chocolates to Y-Teens in foreign countries. The year was highlighted by the spring conference and by the May breakfast, which was given in honor of graduating members. Girls leave the club well prepared to serve the world as well as them- selves. Fall semester officers: Charlotte Strong, president: Vivian Strong, vice-president, Joyce Mynster, secretary, Marilyn Arterburn, treasurer: Colleen Shepard, recorder: Joan Green, music chairman: Carol Green, devotions chairman. Spring semester officers: Colleen Shepard, president: Vivian Strong, vice-president: Carol Green, secretary, Marilyn Schneider, treasurer, Juanita Brink, recorder, Shirley Larsen, music chairman, Sherry Colwell, devotions chairman. Sponsors: Mrs. Grace B. Thompson, Miss Lena White. 84 Hi-Y The motto of the Hi-Y-"To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian characterufhas been singularly symbolic of this organization's service. Supervising class elections, assisting the Goodfellows at Christmas, and presenting the Easter assembly with the Y-Teens are fine ex- amples of the Hi-Y's contributions of time, effort, and Christian service. Fall semester officers: Mike Gallagher, president, Jim Stoker, vice-president, Bill Claus, secretary, Johnny Petersen, treasurer, Paul Allen, chaplain, Dennis Green, sgtfat-arms. Spring semester officers: Dick Dunlop, presidentg Jim Stoker, vice- president, Gordon Nimtz, secretary, Jim Sorensen, treasurer, Jack Cheyne, chaplain. Sponsor Mr H. Arthur Lee. H, Arthur Lee, sponsor. ROW la Colwell, G. Green, Trzeciak, Claus, Letner, Mc Sorley, Gallagher, Beaumont, Wilson, Rew, Durham, Kenney, Dunlop, Knotek, Shannon, Kreft, Gylling, Christensen, Wright, Ranney, Stoker, Ackerman. ROW 4: Stevie, Nelson, ROW 2: Riggins, Mourer, Reynolds Platter, J. Sorensen, Vallier, ROW 3 Herd, Sanson, Swassing, R, Sorensen Allen, Petersen, Churchman, Cheyne Wichman, D. Green, Nimtz, Wilson, B. Green. 85 ROW l: Pedersen, Sternhill, Sorensen, Jensen, Remde. ROW 2: Olsen, Colwell, Power, Lainson, Points. ROW 3: Kruml, Dingman, Profeda, Bruce, Johnson, Keairnes. ROW 4: Bowlin, Baker, Nimtz, Miller, Richie. unior Red Cross Council A. L. students again gave from their pockets as well as their hearts to the Junior Red Cross drive in order to aid the county chapter in the various services it renders. The council annually sponsors four big events. They are an assembly in November, opening the drive, the delivery of Christmas boxes of food and clothing to needy families, the sending of friendship albums to promote better international rela- tions, and the Soc Hop to get money for the National Children's Fund. Officers for l952-53: Harold Miller, president, Gordon Nimtz, vice-president, Sue Olsen, secretary, John Innes, treasurer. 86 ROW l Allred, Frankel, Holden, Hewitt, Jackson, Everest, Anderson, Atherton, Healey, Basch, Hansen, Chamberlin, Ellis. ROW 2 Hawks, Burgeson, Baker, Gallagher, Gravenkarnp, Crowl, Fuhs, Hoffman, Beezley, Hall. ROW l' Owen, Teague, Miller, Shehan, Roennau, Key, Remde, V. Strong, McGehee, Robey, Mynster, Stewart, Johnson. ROW 2- Knott, C Strong, Whitbeck, Proctor, Stuelke, Nimtz, Peter- sen, Kizzier, Lawson, Lake. ational Honor Society President . . Pat Ellis Vice-President . . Jim Stuellce Secretary . . Shirley Jackson Treasurer . Carolyn Shehan 87 s I K 7 I -msn ' sis. Student council representatives from A. L.'s many home rooms discuss organizational problems under the direction of Principal Theron Stuelke, sponsor of the group. tuclent Council The student council is the nerve-center of student gov- ernment in A. L. By discussing the problems and policies of student affairs, home room representatives, who make up the council, form ideas, draw conclu- sions, and help give A. L. students what they want in their school. As sponsors of various projects and promoters of school spirit, the student council takes its place as one of the year's foremost organizations. ROW lc Larsen, Sorensen, Holly, Ceika, Neuiahr, Brunow, Ellis. ROW 2: Martin, Larsen, Goodman, Knudsen, Schroeder, Lemons, Morse. ROW 3: Hoffman, Beezley, Gould, Gallagher, Baker, Bolton, Messerli. ROW 4: Wright, Christensen, Dunlop, Petersen, Lawson, Swain, Leasure. 88 ROW l: Stevens, Sternhill, Colwell, Strong, Frankel, Lara. ROW 2: Ratekin, Marcus, Mynster, Green, Spence, Swassing, Knick- man, Carlin. ROW 3: Swain, Petersen, Crowl, Atherton, Stoker, Sorensen, Harrison, Sanson. Fall semester officers: Ed Hoffman, president, Bruce Baker, secretary, Jerry Lawson, treasurer. Spring semes- ter officers: Johnny Petersen, president, Bob Fuhs, vice- president: Margaret Swassing, secretary: Jim Sorensen, treasurer. Fall semester officers, left: Bruce Baker, Jerry Lawson, Ed Hoffman. Spring semester officers, right: Margaret Swassing, Johnny Petersen, seated: Bob Fuhs, Jim Sorensen, standing. i-Q 0. "I" " 89 F 3. i 1 5' . c ,L--' 5 if i The Retail Sales Club attains the double purpose of training young business peo- ple and developing the fuller character that accompanies any extracurricular ac- tivity. Dick Farrell and Jerry Woods, pic- tured here are taking advantage of one ,E ects that of touring industrial firms of this organization's most popular proi- M viisxiceiif I' ' if ' . .X Q-ty RET IL SALES CLUB Fall semester officers: Don Flynn, manager, Norman Thomas, assistant manager, Richard May, secretary, Dick Farrell, bookkeeper, Jerry Woods, publicity director, Allen Murphy, floor walker. Spring semester officers: Dick Farrell, manager, Mary Oden, assistant manager, Jerry Woods, bookkeeper, Allen Murphy, secretary, Kenneth Kephart, publicity manager, Don Hansen, floor walker. Sponsor: Mr. Gerald Ross. Through the Distributive Education pro- gram an attempt is made to train young people who have chosen retail selling as a career. Learning merchandising and customer psychology are Norman Thomas and Don Flynn. F 90 Camera Club The Camera Club, consisting of students who are interested in photography, is one of the most unique clubs at A. L. Its most unusual feature is its lack of officers. The biweekly meetings are very informal, and, having no particular program, the members discuss, without the restriction of procedure rules, any subiect of interest. Finances are obtained through the sale of pictures taken by club members. Some of the members are selected to be on the camera staff, which does most of the pictures for the school yearbook. Seated: Strong, Wilson, Bryan, McDonald, Cook. Standing Bolton, Zimmerman, Ballenger, Hansen, Burbrldge, Stoker Platter, Lightner. 91 1 Future Farmers of America Two necessities for a thriving America are good citizens and prosperous fields. ln A. L.'s newest club, the Future Farmers of America, these two requirements are met, for part of the plan of this national club is for the members to acquire training in practice farming and good citizenship. One of the big events of the school year was that of the F.F.A. dance in November, with its crowning of a harvest queen for the first time at A. L. Officers for i952-53: Roger Berg, president, Earl Kizzier, vice-president, Ronald Sanson, secretary, Jack Cheyne, treasurer, Jim Kochel, reporter, Duane Coleman, Sgt.-at-arms. ROW l: Klemet Link, Everhart, Lett, May, Anderson, Slater, Parks. ROW 2: Wright, Randolph, Powers, Huggins, R. Schoening, Letner, D. Schoening, Mass, Turpin. ROW 3: Techap, Strong, Kenney, Mott, Kochel, Coleman, Kreft, Gylling, Geer, Simmons. ROW 4: Mr. John Sprugel, Burhenne, Kermit Link, Kizzier, Sanson, Vance, Ranney, Perry, Hosford. ROW 5: Allen, Siebert, Johnson, Berg, Cheyne, Churchman, Christensen, Miller. 92 ns 64 Q.,-al' ' 7 . O. T. C. 93 9 A Section Editor: Erwin Atherton K A -ixfxwx Q- 1 Q Q , X , 94 The veil of suspense and mystery was removed Sat- urday, March 7, from the indentities of the cadet colonel and the honorary colonel at the thirty-fourth annual R.O.T.C. Military Ball held in the A. L. gym. Michael Gallagher was revealed as the cadet colonel, and Jean Fogarty as the honorary colonel. The cadet majors and their ladies were Raymond Dawson and Elaine Sternhill, Erwin Atherton and Elinor Albertson. Sfc. Rollin C. Edmondson of the R.O.T.C. staff acted as master of ceremonies for the festivities, which were 34-th Annual Military Ball Honorary Colonel Jean Fogarty and Colonel Michael Gallagher attended by 600 persons. Speakers were Principal Theron R. Stuellce and Superintendent Russel J. Mourer. The presentation of Cadet Colonel Michael Gallagher and Honorary Colonel Jean Fogarty was highlighted by a march through the arched sabers of other cadet officers. The traditional bouquet of red roses was pre- sented to Jean by Cadet Corporal Warren Francke and Carole Hubert. Music for the dance was provided by the A.L. band and the mixed chorus. 'li Elaine Sternhill Mai. Raymond Dawson, seated Maj. Erwin Atherton Elinor Albertson, standing RIFLE TEAM gi +--vw. as,-R K , . g ks- ., " Kneeling: Easton, Carberry, Storey, Hickey. Standing: Fauble, Crosse. Sfc. Focht, Bichel, Powers. l l , One of the highest honors attained in R.O.T.C. is that of being in the color guard. The guard carries the American flag, the regimental flag, and proudly presents the colors at Federal Inspection. One of A. L.'s four R.O,T.C. companies marches to Kirn Field. Each company is commanded by a captain, who has under him three first or second lieutenants in charge of the platoons. vi fi ,ic Ei, ll nillllllll FEDER L INSPECTIG T in 1 Nlwliii A battalion is only as good as its officers, A good officer must be high in scholastic work, leadership, and understanding of military tactics, ln the fore- ground, preparing for Federal inspection are former officers who met these requirements. The band is an integral part of the Federal Inspec- tion, leading the parade to the field, and ushering the companies onto the field with a march. The band's exhibition of musical and marching abilities adds color to the inspection routine. BD" N X it 'ef A 4-A ,Al A ,Q v 4 Q fl ke X i Q. wa' .. ,X ff Q. . F ntf'f'i""' - .-Wt' rt' Q at i 9 W s ' 1 S 'it t it as T 'ni-, ,mf-f Q-X, N ,Y",.sfmfad" t X 96 Each year the Federal Inspection climaxes months of drilling, parading, and classroom study. The battalion marches to the field where it passes in review and prepares for inspection. After the reviewing officers inspect the men, cadets re- turn to classes excepting those chosen for squad, platoon, and company drill. if It takes much practice to make perfect. The only method for perfection such as that demanded by the R.O.T.C. for Federal Inspection is weeks of drilling. A squad is the most important unit in army forma- tions. Since one of the important examinations at a federal inspection is that of squad drill and parading, extensive training is needed. .A K 3, Q "' ' V l v . Y-'Y s 1 s fu .Q-:"' ' ' ' ff' . -I 0 . tae .... i'ir - TA ,swf my, f W, , Q I V,., ., XV my gk, . t , . ...il K 4 1, .. ' f ,. H .4 x-, "Q - ' 'Q ' . ' ' The cadets are tested on ,Jew ' 'T A W E f . fav' " f I 0 all R.O.T.C. subiects at -L Federal Inspection. Here , , A men are being examined . , . A X N i' fiistfir , A , hwy,-H... -Wt . Mime on the M-I rifle. Other L 4 --1fif,,"" r-We X X 3 tests cover map reading, small unit tactics, the Browning automatic rifle, first aid, drilling, and parading, . i 5 . yn- w ' s Q. .Pa I A N, Qt . -jSq5x..,.., 6! I Q l vw., b i K A .Tx " U ' h ., 4. - .. .K ss, it N, 97 P.M.S. 8. T. AND STAFF P.M.S. 84 T ...... Capt. David H. Poss Administrative NCO . . . Sfc. Rollin Edmondson R.O.T.C. Instructional Staff MXSgt. Ronald LeDuc, Sfc. Edwin Focht, Sgt. Edwin Malone Battalion officers: Michael Gallagher, commander, Erwin Atherton, executive officer, Raymond Dawson, adiutant, Clifford Nelson, plans and training officer, Dick Crowl, supply officer, Philip Crosse, range officer. Company A officers: Capt. Robert Fuhs, commander, lst Lt. Lanny Gustafson, executive officer, lst Lt. Oliver Scarvie, first platoon leader, 2nd Lt. Johnny Peter- sen, second platoon leader, 2nd Lt. Wes Feller, third platoon leader. Company B officers: Capt. John Harling, commander, lst Lt. Jerry Lawson, executive officer, lst Lt. John Innes, first platoon leader, lst Lt. Richard Hansen, second platoon leader, lst Lt. Jim Bolton, third platoon leader. Company C officers: Capt. Jim Stoker, cdmmander, lst Lt. Jim Stuelke, executive officer, lst Lt. Howard Wohlner, first platoon leader, lst Lt. Robert Sorensen, second platoon leader, lst Lt. Phillip Pickerill, third platoon leader. Company D officers: Capt. Dick Dunlop, commander, 2nd Lt. Del Purscell, first platoon leader, lst Lt. Gerald Schneider, second platoon leader, 2nd Lt. Jack Thomsen, third platoon leader. ROW lc Crosse, Atherton, Gallagher, Fogarty, Dawson, Nelson, Crowl ROW 2: Stoker, Stuelke, Wohlner, Sorensen, Pickerill, Dunlop, Hoff man, Thomsen, Schneider, Purscell. ROW 3: Fuhs, Gustafson, Scarvie Petersen, Feller, Harling, Lawson, Hansen, Bolton. 98 J.Nk.gs L ., N ...is ...N - ,kr .Alb PORTS 1 ,sv A VFW Wan! v 99 , Q, K ,Q c -- .sv .As as-un ' X EN , Sigue Q c Q 'fa 5. w -f .gi Q K. 5 . ,,., ,L . . . - - K' Q ' ar , a..s . .. A, 'gr' MM. ,D 1 Q? Xbffi A ,- f f Section Editors: Boys' Sports: Mike Gallagher, tootballg Dick Crovvl, basketballg Dave Herd, trackg Mickey Rocha, wrestlingg Jim Stuelke, golf and termisp Girls' Sports: Kathleen Dempsey, Barbara Hall Q N332 v begs, IK V xl ,ii iii i J i ,ff b - , 3 ' Jlnfl., - if r-.L-L M - ' U fr "V K ' 'K' .4 . ' -. vs.: -W . SMS. .,r"9x'1fisl5s...a,-1 '55, 7 W K ,.'k,v,yf', . as ,:.. , ,ru ,,5:Qxv.., V, WL, FOGTB LL Long hours of practice are needed before a game can be fought, as shown here by Jack Smith and Jim Stoker. Last-minute kinks are worked out by a keyed-up Team in signal drill The night before a game. Highlight of the season is the Trip to Shenan- doah, which is enjoyed by each squad member. Jack Thomsen and Howard Everson smash a hole which Jim Boham slips fhrough for a considerable gain. 0 ROW ln Shannon, Gustafson, J. Smith Restricted pre-season practice because of the polio situation, a green line, and "fumble-itis" combined to plague the Lynx in their first two unsuccessful games, those with Shenandoah and Omaha Tech on September I2 and 19 respec- tively. The Hilltoppers, however, were able to throw off the iinx and hit "pay-dirt" three times against their crosstown rival, Thomas Jefferson. Boham, Cheyne, and Rapalie were stand-outs in this rugged 21-20 victory. The four games with Cathedral, Dowling, Central, and Creighton returned the Lynx to the red-ink side of the ledger, but A. L. fans didn't lack excitement. Great ball-toting by Boham in the Cathedral game, Thomsen in the Dowling game, and Dunlop in the Central game combined to make each encounter a thriller. Stapleton, Messerli, Hodge, and Stuelke shouldered their defensive tasks especially well. Finally hitting the winning column again, the Lynx crew downed Corning, T3-O. A well- balanced offense and defense completely baffled the Red Raiders. In their finale with Benson on November 8, A. L. dominated the first half, thanks to excellent running by Goodman and Gallagher and block- ing by Everson and Sorensen. The picture reversed itself after intermission with the Bunnies storm- ing back to crush any Lynx hopes. The season ended with two wins and seven losses Although Abraham Lincoln footballers failed to match' the l95l eight-one record, a fierce fighting spirit was displayed in each game. l0l y . If fp: :ZH ix C, tl ...., lb X ix i,g ,ff I s 3 9 X Eff is Coach Victor P. Jennings First Team Messerli, Gallagher, Mann, Meyers, Boham McSorley, Hodge. ROW 2: Rew, Stapleton Cambron, Sorensen, Dunlop, Hill, Petersen D. Smith, Thomsen, Jessen, Fitch, Mourer ROW 3: Proctor, O'Connor, Stoker, Herd Rapalie, Swanger, Sandy, Cheyne, Atherton Mclntosh, Everson, Stuelke, Hays, Nimtz. .isis , Q sf lk Happy and busy in her role of 1952 Foot- ball Queen, Margaret Swassing arrives at Kirn Field, inset, and is escorted by Jack Smith to her seat of honor in the stands. ROW I: Winchester, Bolton, Collins, Hollinger, Jay, Riggins, Christensen, Green. ROW 2: Mc- Keighan, Sandy, Gilman, Craigrnile, Gallo, Speer, Christians, Johnson, Anson, Letner. ROW 3: Bruce Miller, Stevie, Bob Miller, Burkgren, Milner Peterson, Eriksen, Ballenger, Wise. r Second Team 10 'W 2 BASKETBALL Dick Dunlop, the "dashing redhead," drives in for a lay-up against Mapleton. Anxiously watching as Roger Berg leaps high to outiump his foe'are Mike Gallagher, Jim Stuelke, and Dick Dunlop, Dick Crowl, A. L. center, dunks in two points despite an attempt to stop him by North guards, The Lynx run through their pre-game warm- up drills. Here Ed Hoffman drives in to take a hand-off from Mark Thompson. 1 L. or 1 QE si .. i ' - 1 3 ' ROW 1: Hoffman Gallagher Lawson Pratt 0 Stuelke, Crowl, Berg, Dunlop. ROW 2: Proctor, Kerber, Cambron, Grell, Goecker, Thompson, Hays, Francke, Davis. What was thought to be a tough season started well for the Lynx as they rolled to an impressive victory over Missouri Valley, 51-24, on November 14. In their second, third, fourth, and fifth contests, they continued the wins, trouncing Villisca 61-32, a tall Glenwood five 56-46, lowa School for the Deaf 67-53, and Cathedral 79-29. ln their first lnter-City contest, A. L. cagers won from South, 42-38, the first meeting in recent history between the two schools. The Lynx then gained revenge over Mapleton, 65-41, and set an lnter-City scoring record against North, 79-49. Thomas Jefferson succumbed to a one-point victory, 46-45, leaving A. L. number-one in Southwest Iowa. Boys Town's undefeated Cowboys fell 42-29 after a Lynx fourth-quarter rally sparked by Ed Hoffman. A highly-rated Benson five was upset 59-55. In meeting a vastly-improved North team, clutch playing 'IDA by Dick Dunlop, Jim Stuelke, and Larry Hays gave the Lynx a victory of 53-46, then at Central, A. L. poured it on in quarter three to win easily from that school, 65-49. The first defeat was suffered at Creighton Prep, 40-39. Roger Berg was outstanding for A. L., holding Prep's leading scorer to only seven points. On the following night, the Lynx upset Tech, 75-64, after a wild contest which kept lnter-City hopes alive. The total sum of 139 broke the lnter-City record for the most points made in a game by both teams. Before a packed gym, A. L. dropped a 58-55 thriller to Manning, stopped by Manning's second-half rally. In a second win over T. J., 59-52, the Lynx played their usual fast-break basketball, but slowed down the last quarter to assure victory. At Tech, the Lynx found that nothing went right and were beaten 67-33 by a blistering-hot Maroon five. iContinued from page 1043 ln a record-breaking evening, the boys from A. L. trounced the South High Packers 83-43. The team total of 83 broke the record of 79 set earlier by A. L. Dick Crowl's 42 points topped the individual-scoring record of 41 set by Benson's Jerry Dutcher in 1938. Disaster struck at Central, 61-40, but a determined A. L. team recovered its know-how in the last regular game of the season against Creighton Prep. The result was a 52-39 victory, giving Abraham Lincoln a tie with Benson for the lnter-City League Championship, and leaving Dick Crowl with an Inter-City season's record of 407 points. The flashing Lynx captured their fourth straight dis- trict crown by achieving their seventh consecutive victory over T. J. Jim Stuelke, Roger Berg, and Ed Hoffman sparked a last-half surge after a close first half. Second Team ...Q ag. Coach Thurman Johnson And so the Lynx entered sub-state with an 18-4 rec- ord, the best ever achieved by an A. L. team under Coach Thurman Johnson, ROW 1: Chambers, Gallo, Christians, Stevie, Milner, Craigmile, Goodman, Sandy, Coach Thomas Capel. ROW 2: Sanson, Cook, Erick- sen, Nuzum, Meyerson, Moore, Peterson. f Y 3, rx in is x. my P A ' x gl, ggi: , sgulflee ' 4 Ufnfwislfy TRACK Pole vaulfer, Joe Fitch, soars over the bar in one of The most strenuous Track events. Jim Boham's broad-jumping form is dis- played as he makes his bid for victory. A long "heave" is made by Don Shepley in The shot put contest. Ready for the start, Ronald Sanson, John Hawbaker, and Calvin Dorseff Toe The mark. 6 Coached by Vic Jennings, the track squad this year gave A. L. one of its better teams. Seven major letter- men and three fall lettermen topped the list for the Lynx. They were Jim Boham, l00 and 220 yard dashes, Dick Crowl, 220 and 440 yard dashes, Joe Fitch, pole vault, Mike Gallagher, football throw and sprints, Don Henley, 220, 440, and 880 yard dashes, Dave Herd, 440 and 880 yard dashes, Dick McSorley, 220 yard dash and broad jump, Ron Sanson, mile, Calvin Dorsett, mile, and Jack Hawbaker, 880 yard dash and mile. Helping to boost the squad were eight minor-letter winners: Bill Cambron, Don Fauble, Larry Hays, Vernon Hodge, Larry Schneider, Don Shepley, Dean Stapleton, and Dale Wichman. The team's strong points were shown in the 880, mile, and mile medley relays. There were many out- of-town trips again this year, with the Drake Relays in Des Moines as the high spot in the Lynx schedule, Coach Victor Jennings ROW la Hodge, Fitch, Boham, Hawbaker Herd, Sanson, Schneider. ROW 2: Shepley Fauble, Stapleton, Wichman, McSorley. 107 f I 108 WRE TLI G Lanny Gustafson and his famous "figure- four" effectively subdue Duane Coleman. Jack Smith and Bruce Green grapple for an advantage. Dave Hollinger has Mickey Rocha in a fix by applying a "cross-body ride." A "guillotine," used by Dennis Green, puts Dean Stapleton in an uncomfortable position. 109 The A. L. wrestling squad, under Coach Vernon Doty and Assistant Coach Richard Lessenger, came through the season with many surprises. Their season record was 5 wins, 8 losses, and l tie. One of the Lynx major victories was that over Thomas Jefferson, crossstown rival. The win of 23 to TA was the first over the Yellowiackets since 1940. During the District Wrestling Tournament at Carroll, Iowa, A. L. qualified eight contestants for the state tournament and captured the district crown with 38 points. Abraham Lincoln qualifiers consisted of three first- place winners and five second-place winners. District champions were Frank Jerkovich at lO3, Dave Holl- inger at 112, and Ray Messerli at T45 pounds. Second- place winners were Herb Miller, Duane Coleman, Lanny Gustafson, Vernon Hodge, and Jack F. Smith. ff.. ,c,c JJ' L, Y Y ' . jill' , . X o f-. ic. .'2ff'Qy,tff5gi,f , ' f- st J l- x is SQ s ' lljly , jiX.g,1zj Q is i A if A xc ,if tftffllflf-Air, Coach Vernon Doty Two of the best performers in the State Wrestling Tournament, held February 27, 28 at Cedar Falls, were Frank Jerkovich and Dave Hollinger, both placing fourth. ROW lr Hollinger, Jerkovich, G, Green Gustafson, B. Green, Smith, Coleman, Hodge, Colwell. ROW 21 Woods, Storey, Perry, Kochel, Stapleton, Knotek, Wilson Miller, Manager Nicolini. 1 r Zur' I ' 'rw-'f nib MW PM TENN Coached by Walter Kaltenborn, the T953 tennis season was a prosperous one for the Lynx. The team was led by Inter-City League and District champion, Ed Hoffman, and bolstered by three returning veterans, Dick Crowl, Harold Rounds, and Jim Stuelke. Minor lettermen returning were Dave Goecker, Dick Lightner, and Gary Jessen. Panel Captions: Ed Hoffman, district champion, gets set to meet the ball as it comes toward him . . . Teamwork is essential in tennis. Here the winning combination is Dick Crowl, left, and Bud Rounds . . . The traditional spinning of the racket to start the match is watched by Jim Stuelke and his opponent . . . Bob Dirgo and Alan Jensen paint the boundary lines on the new A. L. tennis court, south of the gym. ROW iz E. Hoffman, Lightner, M. Hoffman, Jessen. ROW 2: Crowl, Stuelke, Goecker. , -, .yy A W ,S .T I M . Q ' - as z . Q fin. , un' 9-'iff if ' 3 J--Q 110 GOLF increasing in popularity every year, golf en- ioyed one of its best seasons. Maior Iettermen and the boys that carried most of the burden were Ted Tedesco, LeRoy Durham, Jerry Lawson, Fred Beaumont, and Dennis Miller. Minor letter- men completing the squad, which was coached by Walter Kaltenborn, were Don Hudson, Terry Jasper, and Brad Rew. Showing his skill and technique, Ted Tedesco putts a short distance to the cup . . . Preparing to tee off for the next green, LeRoy Durham sets his ball on the tee . . . Taking a few practice swings before teeing off is Don Hudson. Left: Golf and Tennis Coach Walter Kalten- born. Right: Golf Team-ROW 1: Beaumont, Lawson, Durham, Tedesco. ROW 2: Miller, Hudson, Rew. X nv . ,Q ROW lt Hollinger, Cambron, Fitch, Boham, McSorley, Hodge. ROW 2: Herd, Goodman, Gilman, Sorensen, Proctor, Gallagher, Durham. ROW 3: Rapalie, Stoker, Dunlop, Nimtz, Hays, Swanger, Hoffman. ROW 4: Crowl, Stuelke, Berg, Atherton, Cheyne, Green, Stapleton, Lettermen's Club Membership in this organization is open to boys who have received a letter in a major sport. As well as promoting good sportsmanship among the athletes of Abraham Lincoln, the Lettermen's Club annually sponsors track, football, and basketball banquets. These events are made possible by profits from the con- cession stands operated by the club. Officers for l952-53: Dick Dunlop, president Mike Gallagher, vice-president Dick Crowl, secretary-treasurer Jim Stoker, sgt.-at-arms 112 3 Pep Club Ever notice the cheering section at the football and basketball games? Of course you have, because you can't miss A.L.'s Pep Club-enthusiastic girls, attractive in uniforms of dark skirts, white blouses, and blue and red ascots. Their colorful pompons add to the festivities of the games. Senior Pep-Clubbers honor football team fathers with a "Fathers' Night," and basketball team mothers on "Mothers' Night." If it's spirit or "game glamour" you want, call on the Pep Club, sponsored by Mrs. Cleola Mansfield. Officers for i952-53: Sondra Johnson, president Jean Fogarty, vice-president Shirley King, secretary Kathleen Grahl, treasurer Mary Ann Martin, sgt.-at-arms ROW l: Keairnes, Hubert, Kulisek. ROW 2: Fogarty, Olsen, Cobb, Hewitt K Sorensen S Smith S Johnson, Marcus. ROW 3: J. Blunk, Teague, Payne, Ramey, Barritt, Spencer P McGehee Van Scoy McCunn, Fairman, O'Brien, C. Skow, Ellis. ROW 4: S. Blunk, Haas, Allred ROW 5 M A Jensen Colwell, S. Sorensen, M. B. Jensen, Lund, S. McGehee, J. Smith, King, Martin Morse Kruml Broman O'Hara, Chamberlin, Munson, Prince, Cecil. ROW 6: Hickey, A. Phillips, Cash Harrington Mary Elgan Margaret Elgan, Kelley, Sternhill, Everest, Remde, Connie Skow, McVitty Roennau Kmsell N Smith Langmade, Starr, Neilsen, Bybee, Bryner. ROW 7: Brown, Shoemaker, Hansen Sealock Key Smiley Bobrick, Long, Peterson, Bowlin, J. Hall, Tr-zeciak, Seabury, Feller, McMams Lester Oviatt Schoenung ROW 8: Mackland, Stroh, Grahl, Power, Berry, Healey, Jackson, J. Phillips Swassmg Atherton Thomsen M. Smith, Lostroh, Sallv Johnson. B. Hall, Leighton, Green, Havs Pmfefl- 'wa- Girls' Sports The world of sports no longer belongs entirely to the male species. Since women have decidedly taken their place along with the men, girls' athletic activities now include practically every- thing in the line of sports. Swimming, tennis, baseball, basketball, hockey, bowling, and others are all taught in Mrs. Mansfield's gym classes. For those not athletically inclined, a course in dancing is offered. All in all, A. L. has for its girls a well-rounded sports program under the excellent guidance of Mrs. Cleola Mansfield. The Girls' Physical Education Department of A.L., under the direction of Mrs. Cleola Mansfield, of- fers a wide variety of sports for the athletically- minded girl of today. In swim class, girls practice a basic stroke in preparation for more difficult ones . . . Field hockey is strenuous and good exercise, but one could never tell by the team's relaxed pose . . . For a quieter game, golf is a good choice. Barbara Frankel, Karen Remde, and Kathleen Grahl are learning the mechanics of a sport played in nearly every community for fun and competition . . . On rainy days, although that is not a requisite, bowling is fine exercise indoors. Suzanne Fischer practices to find the secret of making a "strike," 114 H5 Outmoded as a method of defense, archery is still valuable in developing coordination, as dem' onstrated by Shirley King and Mary Ann Martin . , . Rackets in hand, Carolyn Shehan, Sharon Doty, and Elaine Sternhill realize that fast, vigor- ous tennis is tops for "keeping trim' '.., Two aims of the dance classes are grace and poise: dancing also provides skill in one of the most popular leisure-hour pastimes . . . Something new in checking roll of individual sports members are these "squads," or rows, the first girl taking attendance for her own row. ffiv l sb 1 'S Seven cheerleaders demonstrate the posi- tion for starting the cheer, "The Team Was in a Huddlef' Cheerleaders And who was it that kept up our school spirit, rain or snow, win or lose? Our cheerleaders, of course. lt was hard work, too, for squad mem- bers. They were in the gym at dawn, practicing, and in the gym till dark, practicing. A. L. cheer- leaders well-deserve their tribute of "fifteen rahs." gs: L i l , T l nil lx-n y TOM PETERSON AGENCY Very Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 616 W. Broadway Phone 3-8741 A FRED R. SHAW FLOWER SHOP Congratulations Class of "53" BOB LAINSON'S FLOWER SHOP 17 Pearl St. Tel. 7355 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 COUNCIL BLUFFS GAS COMPANY It's o'!x cr, 92-QQ A ' ' V-'A ' P. PS R l ' ' O I ' if ICE CREAM B Q4 it Y, 3 J At Your Favorite Fountain Or I I In The New Carry-Home Package Council Bluffs. Iowa Phone 4047 117 FRANK STREET Pll.lRNlNCY RllR'S llll SYPER ll.lRKE'l' 548 East Broadway 1600 High Street J Compliments To The Class of '53 . C. PENNY C0., INC. West Broa dway Best Wishes to the Class of '53 NELSIIN GRRCERY T I 2743 W llow Ave. 8.6 Meyer Funeral Home HENRY MEYER Council Bluffs, Iowa T I ph 6780 Congratulations and Best Wishes T o The Class of 1953 ERGLEY ELINIE GEllSlll7N'S DEPARTMENT ST0llE ELLSll'llliTll Elllll ST0llE 604 West Broadway 521-23 S. Main Phone 3-0013 Congratulations to the Class of "53" E0l'Sl'lL BLTEES llll.lPE llllllll'EllS lSSlllfllTlllN 900 South 7th Phone 3 7156 lll'llllES lfllTllllS 153 West Broad y Ph 5591 Council Bluffs, Iowa To the Graduating Class of 1953 BEST ll'lSllES Ellll lll'P0llTl'NlTl' HD SITEESS from PElll'LES llEPlllTllElT STllllE Southwest Iowa's Shopping Center TllE FlllllEll-Lfllillll PRESS Producers of top quality school and educatio l printing of all types, including programs, t tons, tickets and annuals 207 South Main Stree Ph 4383 Compliments to the Class of '53 Best Wishes to Class of "53" And Best Wishes For Their Success llU'l'LEll FUNERAL lllllllll 612 wesf Broadway Compliments of Compliments of S. S. KIIESGE UllAll'ANY 5-I 0-25c Store 516 West Broadway UlllllF'l'AlN ll0'l'EL ou in Wh y th k of schools it's AllllAllAM LINCIILN When you think of clothes it's Congratulations to 'l'llE lllWA ULO'l'llES Sll0l' the Class of "53" One of the assets to SUCCESS is T0 ALWAYS BE l'lllll'EllLY IIRESSEII l0WA CLO'l'llES Sll0P lJLO'l'llES For Men - Young Men - Boys EVANS llfll IIIIIIAAI ANII CANDY SIIIIP C'mP'ime"'S of 1oa E. Broadway rel. 2780 IIWIJ IIIIIIIIIIIIY Very Best Wishes to the Class of"53" IINIIX 81 l'll. 202 West Broadway Dial 4818 Congratulations to the Class of "53" 'IIIE FUII SIIIII' Frank A. Vergamini CllNllllA'IlILA'IlllNS We are most happy to extend our best wishes to each member of the 1953 graduating class of Abraham Lincoln High School. You will always find a warm welcome at this friendly bank. We hope that we may have many opportunities to be of real service. lowa's Oldest Bank. Established in 1856. UIIUNUIL IILIIFFS SAVINGS BANK Council Bluffs, Iowa Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 121 Council Bluffs Hatchery IIY-LINE CHICKS Prescriptions Phone 2595 9th Street and Broadway 138 South Main council Bluffs BALLENGER IINUIISEN zlII'l'll SERVICE ACTCMCTIIIE smivwn "'Z'3ZZ"SnZ"2L'I2fZ" 113-115-117 East Broadway '49 Wes' B"a""aY Tel. 3-7135-3-7136 L KAIIIIELL MCTCIIS, INC: hone 7626 X .I Bl EE I Make Savings a Habit Congratulations to the Class of '53 CITY NATICNAL BANK Council Bluffs, Iowa ALLBEE M0'l'0ll C0. 25 4th St. Phone 4019 01.4, mmwnv Congratulations, Seniors! llll0ll'N'S Sllllll FIT C0. F r Those Who Want the Best C g I h ALCl Sincerely your Joe W. Smith Senior Partner Congratulations, Class of '53 NWSIC SHUI' LICEY-1l'AllF0llll JEWELEIIS 331 West Broadway Open Evenings 238 West Broadway Phone 3-5502 COMPLIMENTS UGIIEN IIIITEL of ffC,,mf.,,,b,e lllllllllllllly l'LE.lNEllS AND LHNIIRY Tel. 2821 7th and Broadway Since 1869" Tel. 8473 4th and Broadway Tel. 5544 125 W. Broadway rcl Lumber 8. Coal Co llllllll LUCK Class of '53 W. M. KEENAN ALL Tllll RUST from MARTIN llRUU CU. 503 West Broadway 12th and Avenue B RETFFRL LUMRFR mPa Y Congratulations to the Class of 1953 FLYNN ELECTRICAL CllllPANT Electrical Contractors for Appliances - Fixtures - Supplies 225 S. Main Street Phone 4295 Best Wishes to the Class oi 1953 CUUNCIL BLUFFS TRANSIT C0. Congratulations to the Class of '53 Congratulations, Class of 1953 ll0llLlNlillllllST SElllll'E llllllllll'ELL ,lEll'ELllllS Congratulations to the Class of 1953 l'lll'Nl'lli liLl'll'FS l'LlNll' Compliments of lllllll'lll' lllllll Cll. Wholesale Druggists 119 South Main Street Council Bluffs, Iowa Best Wishes To Class of 1953 FllX UFFICE llllfll'llllN'l' l'll. Council Bluffs, Iowa .l0llN N. Elllll' Insurance Our Honesty ls Your Best Policy 14 Pearl Street Council Bluffs-2577 T. 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Everything for your Home on Convenient Payments Congratulations Congratulations and Good Luck To the Class of "53" Class of 1953 GOTTBRECHT'S HARDWARE C, E, BAIRD JEXNELRY Farm Supplies--Sporting Goods "Any Time Is Gift Time" Phone 4-163 160 West Broadway 8 Scott St. Phone 4936 126 ADRIAN GIIIIUEIII' KIILEIIEII l'llAlIIlAI'l' McPherson and Bennett Ave. II2 West Broadway Make Savi g Hab Cg lt th Cl f 53 l'l'lY NA'l'lllNAlt BANK Council Bluffs, Iowa Join the Ranks and Save ITIIIINCIL BLUFFS SAVINGS Sz IAIAN ASSlIIfIA'l'llIN Savings Accounts Insured to 510,000.00 We are members of: Federal Savings and L I C p Dan l1SUI'al1Ce Federal Home Loan Bank Systems 503 West Broadway E. P. JUEL, SEC'Y T I 6609 MAE ANIIEIISHN SIIIIP 23 North Main Street Our Good Wishes to All The Abraham Lincoln C gratulations to h Class of 'I953 IIIAIFF CITY LAIINIIIIY-IIIIY IILEANEIIS Graduating Class Dial 2525 of I953 Congratulations, Class of 1953 C 9 l and B957 Wishes YIIlHlKEIIMAN'S small comvmw Gm o1"j,,53 "The Ilouse of Quality" 164 Wes, B,,,dw,y FIIANKSEN Sz .IIIIINSIIN phone 4013 200 West Broadway Congratulations Class of "53" HISCOKS BARBER SHOP FUNERAL SERVICE Ray Ban Sunglasses B 8. L Binoculars SHIPLEY OPTICAL DISPENSARY T27 S. Main St. Optical Prescriptions Filled PHONE 3-3401 COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Congratulations to the Class of "53" ROSE MOTORS YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 EMARINES Headquarters For Complete School supplies BROADWAY a scott couNcuL BLUFFS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '53 Start Saving Soon . . . For Tomorrow's Security STATE SAVINGS BANK afooowoy and Pearl COUNCIL BLUFFS 128 HANSEN PASTRY SHOP 104 West Broadway Dr. J. S. McVitty 408-410 W. Broadway Bluffs Lumber 81 Coal Company 901 Fourth Street Congratulations to the Class of '53 JEPSON INVESTMENT COMPANY T Success to the Class of Congratulations to the Class of '53 O D E N ' S Sewing Machines 1953 Television THE NONPAREIL ENGRAVING Ref"'gerat0rS Washers-Dryers COMPANY 210 West Broadway Phone 3-2956 FORD STORAGE AND MOVING COMPANY S T O R I N G Crating-Forwarding-Moving Council Bluffs, Iowa Ph. 4464 Omaha, Nebraska At. 2556 Good Luck! Best Wishes! Class of 1953 SWANSON FURNITURE CO. 342 West Broadway TAFFE DRUG COMPANY 6th and Broadway Congratulations to the Class of '53 BRUCE P. BAKER CO. Congratulations to the Class of '53 REMDE TIRE CO. Congratulations to the Class of '53 World Radio Laboratories BEST WISHES TO THE JUNIORS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES COLVIN-HEYN STUDIOS' 1807 Furncm Sfreet OMAHA Tel. Harney 5 130 1 , .. V. 14 L14 -, y A ,,.i: , v .vm '3' ,' -14? '.. . 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Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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