Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA)

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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QPWQW4 QMMJG-fflf I IW I .-,...?76'O.oo I 2500 .2 A -,--' ' 9-rgfvafk-' aw-, ,,,, .'Zf.0O Jfrfgx.. .,... 0.05 'L J . 77- 53 ----.!??.0B armmamfyma. 414: fan . : - , - mem.-S .f 4-1 ..+f.'f-4-w.1,sev:y. w. LaAv.mw ' ,mp-ng 'L SUN 1952 EDITORS-IN-Cl IIEF .zdlguzhcafion of fAe .gfuafenla of .fdgfllktllll ol-2I'lC0!I'l SCA00! c aunf if graft, JW. Blaine fBltc4UROHt11l1lI,7VCu 'WIISOII 0 0 N -I E N -I S IILISINIESS MANAGER Robert Qardrzer ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Lynel fMcKee nm IORIAL ADVISER 'W. Robert Brown BUSINESS ADX ISER Margaret R. fHender5on OEOICATORY 3 ADMINISTRATION .... .... 7 PuI3ISICATIONS'... ROTC... ....I7 SPORTS .......... .... 2 3 ORGANIZATIONS ..... .... 3 DRAMASPEECH .... .... 5 3 MUSIC .... .... 6 I SENIORS .... .... 6 9 UNDERCLASSMEN ....83 dedicated to J reaf igredinlenf . . real ,QI friof . . reaf an . WHUS f'Tlie panes in this fledicalory section me lmwd in part on ideas in the tfuuvitil lilulls Nonpareil and the Umalia 'll'orl1l-7-lerald, material pre- pared hy the 'luwa Development ffuinniissiun, and n speech by 'Wil- liam 'l. Petersen, SilIJCflYllC71!lL'Yll of the Slate 'Historical Society of Jowaj 1 i IVIEWEBER ln this busy Presidential year, we pause to honor a President, a patriot, and a man of great integrity and competence-Abraham Lincoln. Probably the most remarkable of all the Presidents of the United States, Lincoln never evaded a duty, yielded a principle, broke a promise, or violated a trust. As a patriot, he dedicated himself to the Union and never faltered. Bigots, fanatics, and enemies raged against him, but he remained invincible. As a man, he rose above the ugly years of his youth, a person of supreme patience and compassion, sensitive to all misery, utterly without vanity, to serve a splendid purpose. Although Lincoln belongs to all the ages, we students at A.L. feel the closest kind of bond with him, for every clay we are asso- ciated with him . . . and we bear his name with pride. 3 J-V Q 'Ill' J lll Clll council bluffs fm In Wluyzravmvxl ,ll IM lvl' ul 13,11-'Yami IJv11'c I Jr :mln Jul!! nmll-W IM' Jw! u'M'r4' Hmllmru vm In ww-nl I-ax ,lu lufrwt ,Lu rn ug, A' 5, QW' X Unless it is Kentucky, his birthplace, or New Salem and Springfield in lllinois, hardly a place has greater claim to link the immortal Abe with its region than has Council Bluffs. The lite of Lincoln is associated with many phases of Council Bluffs history. ln August, 1850, Lincoln visited Council Bluffs on a trip to the West. During his stay here, he made his residence at the Pacific House, located where the john Beno Company now stands. Soon "the town buzzed with curiosity to see the 'rail-splitter' who had debated the urbane Senator Douglas." Citizens had their opportunity when Lincoln spoke on the issues of the day at Con- cert llall tpresent Strand Theater locationj. Most important, Lincoln climbed atop one of the many clay bluffs overlooking the Misa souri River and decided that the broad valley b:low would be an ideal site for the eastern and western railroads to join. This decision had a far-reaching effect on local history, for in ISO3 President Lincoln selected Council Bluffs as the eastern terminus of the Union Pacific, and Council Bluffs was to become one of the most important "railroad towns" in the Middle West. s A P tm W Llvvi it I.:-1 ig tfuuruil Bluffs lflces to mmu' tlvirufs after Liruuln. fI.L. Tluflv School, fnictitrcd above, fl ilanule, tl nuuket, ti street, and It real estate addition me only it few tommermvmtirut his name. Uvviau Rimini Ulit liunu' of ffL'HL'l'Ilf UI't'tll7l'flL' QW. llodtte. 'Tlvis funuluu liirufnuuky built flu' Year the 'Union Muifft uius tuvufileletf, overlooks it network of mil- ruiuls lnemiml out Liruulrrs frrefilrety nlmut tfouncil Bluffs "filmtv milromts will tenter in this town." "Bill Boy," ttifuit 'tluiun Ptuific crutiru' slvuwn at rutlit, svmhulizes tlu' euilvt nuifm railrutufs torment' nut at tlnmtil Bluffs. Fturrilittr ttr fl L. stintertts, this small Lirlurlrr Nlt1fltL'tlf the head ul the south stairs rctrmirrs it rrivsterv its tu title and identity ul wttrltrltrr. Files txt ttrumtl lthttls turd Urrntlrtt Iilrrttries tmtl the lirslyrl flrt llltNL'ItHl hture jttiletl ttr swim' the rittille. Whert Council Bluffs lligh School became Abraham Lincoln High, the "school on the hill" received more than a great name. Wfe students received an ideal for youthful ambitions-all the virtues of Lincoln to live up to in our everyday life and conduct: the searching curiosity of self-education, farsighted vision, kindness for the less fortunate, self-sacrificing leader- ship, achievement with humility, patient wisdom, and integrity. That the spirit of Lincoln pervades our school is demonstrated in such tangible things as statuary and paintings, shown on this page, and in such subtle and elusive things as a literature student meeting the mind of Lincoln in the Second Inaugural Address, or a boy on the football held learning to measure up to the manliness and leadership of Lincoln. Bl ll tilll l tl.l. IL lmteritw ttrrrretrrttrrlttutwxthLxr1ttrlrl ls they truss this stative in the errtrtutte nrt rulv thrtrxrtth the txrt irhtetts tllltittf the hull, jew students realize that it is it repro tlirrl hut ttlwtr in their studies. Pupils in tttrttitrrl uf the fttrrtuus .fluituxltu St. trttuderrs 'TWU Wtlilttt tltlttlill' UNC vt UH' WNY el flil' tritim literature thus tire whuttrn mfr trrlttirml in thitrttttfs Lincoln Pttrlc. 'The 1-WNV!" l'lll"'f'N'ltN"'U'l lttlttlwrtk ' The rrrurtxrttt their tcwtlurolc stxtttw' of Lirxttrhr statue was preserrtetl to the stbtrtrl by the BUY Lflluiltlfv diwlrlttvett in Rumi: tm. urtth it hrtllutiu lrtrrtrtl ittwtrluy. thus of If rs., iv QSXSQXQ A E ulaerinfenclenf o!.S1l1ooZi RUSSEL MOURER oarc! of giclucafion HOLDQVER MEMBERS NEW MEMBERS HARRY C. Voss, President DR. KENNIQTH G. WALKER C. FRANCIS PLITNAAX joim A. juNc:ouls'1' DR. RussE1.L BLANCHARD JAMES H. ROSS RETIRING MEMBERS CIHARLIES W. l.ANGMADr CARI. W. ECRERT, Outgoing Pres E. L. ALLPHIN F ii"""' LIiSTlER E. Amnmaws, Secretary "lt is very fitting and proper that this year's annual be dedicated to the man for whom our school is named-Abraham Lincoln. "On August 15, 1859, Abraham Lincoln declared that Council Bluffs would be the terminus of a new Pacific railroad. A memorial to Lincoln's visit is located on a high bluff overlooking the Missouri River and bottom lands, but an even greater memorial to this unique man is our high school which bears his name. "Abraham Lincoln once said, 'Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understand it.' "Lincoln's words are just as true today as they were a hundred years ago, for he remains a spokesman and a symbol of the highest American ideals. ln a period of unrest in the world and confusion at home we must all - like Lincoln - have the moral fortitude to stand at all times for the things we believe are right." THERON R. STUELKE Principal ufmjf gm H DEAN OF BOYS Rox' E. LAwsoN I Left to Right: Mrs. Marigold Walker, secretary, Mrs. Ruth Montgomery, treasurer, Mrs. Mae Maher, registrar. 8 RRIIIR IRAININR RRISIRAI IRURAI RICHARD LESSENGER ILA., Jowa State Teachers College DRIVER TRAINING CLEOLA M. MANSFIELD l?.S., Worth 'Western 9I'lissouri Teachers College GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION PEP CLUB SPONSOR CHEERLEADERS SPONSOR VERNON DOTY EDWIN J. REINEL B.S., Rowa State College B.S., Stout flnstitute INDUSTRIAL ARTS DRAFTING AND ATIILIZTICS PRACTICAL MECIIANICS HAROLD L. STO LIT ILS., iowa State Teachers College INDUSTRIAL ARTS SRIINRI NRRSIRIAI ARIS I VICTOR P. JENNINCS B.A., Parsons College BIOLOGY, ATHLETICS LETTERMENIS CLUB SPONSOR HERBERT LITTLE ILA., Cotner College CHEMISTRY CAMERA CLUB SPONSOR SENIOR CLASS SPONSOR 9 E ROY F. LAWSON B.S., Parsons College 7I'l.A., Creighton 'University DEAN OF BOYS ORIENTATION, GENIERAI. SCIENCE FRESIIMAN CLASS SPONSOR VIRGIL H. MILLER RA., 7I'l.Jl., indiana 'University PHYSICS, ALGEBRA CAMERA CLUB SPONSOR JUNIOR CLASS SPONSOR IANGUABI ARIS FAYE E. MARTY BIANCA MCCOMB I3.A,, University of Nebraska IIA., University of Nebraska 5Ifl.fl., University of Ytfliclaigan ENGLISH, CLIO SPONSOR ENGLISH, TIIAI.IAN SPONSOR ERESIIAIAN CLASS SPONSOR LUCY MILLER lift., Simpson College ILCS., UI-zitiersity of Illinois IJBRARIAN E. GRACE TAYLOR AGNES H. WHITE IZ.,-I., Drake 'University IIA., ffabor College ENGLISH I-I'I'ERA"I'LIRll AAIIIERICAN I..I'I'ERA'l'l.IRI2 DIELTA TAII SPONSOR PSYCHOLOGY ILINIOR REI: CROSS SPONSOR EILEEN WOLFE RA., University of Omalia SPEECH, DIIAAIA, DI2BA'I'I2 PLAY PROIIuc1'ION SIIPHUAIORE CLASS SPONSOR ELEANOR IIAPTIST W. ROBERT BROWN I3.fl., 7Kansas State Teachers ILA., University of Omalm College 7t1.A., Tvorthwestern ENGLISH, DEI.'I'A TAII University SPONSOR AAfII3RICAN LI'I'ERA'I'LIRE CRIMSON AND BI.uE EDITORIAI ADVISIER LOIS DELK IIE4., Simpson Collette 7II.fl., University of Texas SPANISII SPANISH CLLIII SPONSOR MARGARET R. HARRY N. LANGDON HENDERSON IMI., University of Omaha IZJI., Tarkio College ENGLISH LATIN, ENGLISH DRAAIATICS SPONSOR LATIN CLUB SPONSOR CRIMSON ANII BLIIE BUSINESS ADVISER IANGUAGE H. ARTHUR LEE IMI., IH., Baker University Illft., 'University of Kansas -I0lIlINAI.ISIX'1,ECHOIES AIIVISER HI-Y SPONSOR ARIS. y A IET THRUSI-I DOWNS ERVA C. State 'Llnivcrsily of Iowa HUCKLEEBERIIY Tvvmcz IIJI., Park College SIIORTIIAND, Eno SvuNsoR jumou CLASS Svomsou WII.I.IAM R. HUGHES ILS., jl40fI1lHfI5lLlU Collcglc 9Il.S.,'Uni1vcrsily ol Omalm IIuslNlse4s EIIIICATIUN THLIRMAN JOHNSON GERALD E. ROSS Il.S.,Sim11,son College . lI.S.C., 7Il.S.Z., Creigllrlon 7l'l.S., 'University ofOmal1a 'llniucrsiiy Tvvmcs, A'I'llI.I2'l'ICS SALESNIANSHII' I.xa'r'rxsuMnaN's Cl.un Sponsor: DlS'I'IlIIlll'l'IX'I3 EIJLICATION SOPHOMORIE CLASS Svcmsou I LENA E. WHITE ILS., Iowa Stale ffeaclwers College Ilouluuzlavxmz, Snow IIANII Y-THEN Svousou IINI ARIS BIISI NESS IIIIIIIAIIIIN VIOLA N. BICHEL INV., Chicago Conservatory VOCAL Music VIICAI. Music Ilomm SPONSOR BERNIECE E. POHL IIS., 'University of Omalva FINE ARTS 11 HARRY H. HILTON ILA., 'University of Omalva 7Il.fl., State 'University ol flown INS'I'RLIIN1I3N'I'AI. Music ELAINE C. SORENSEN BJI4., Nortlnvcslcrn 'University S'rmNu ORCIIIESTRA, ENsr2Mm.ns MARION HANTHORN EDNA L. WILLARD B.S., lowa State College l3.S., flowa State College ITOMIEMAKING, OMEGA SPONSOR FIOMEMAKING, CI.IO SPONSOR MATHEMATICS THOMAS H. CAPEL JUANITA R. ESCHMANN l2.S., University of Omaba l3.A., Park College AMERICAN HISTORY YWO4., Columbia University ECONOMICS, ATli1.ETlCS WORLD HISTORY LETTERMEN,S CLuIz SPONSOR THALIAN SPONSOR BESS HANIGAN l?.,4., 9H.,4., University of Cbicago AIN1El!ICAN GOVERNMENT MODERN PROHLEAKS ALPHA SPONSOR SENIOR CLASS SPONSOR WALTER T. KALTENBORN GRACE BROADFOOT I THOMPSON l3.A., University of Nebraska 5 AMERICAN GOVERNMENT BJ., State University of loiva is AMERICAN HISTORY AMERICAN HISTORX' l AUDIKJ-VISL1Al. AIDS DIRECTOR YTEEN SPONSOR ATHLETICS 12 HUMEMAKING LELA M. KETTER DORA G. NYROP B.S., Drake University BA., University of Nebraska TRICONOMETRY, ALGEBRA WLA., Columbia University PLANE GEOMETRY ALGEBRA, JUNIOR BUSINESS ERO SPONSOR AI.PHA SPONSOR MARY ETHEL POMEROY T'b.l?., Drake University DEAN OF GIRLS SOLID GEOMETRY, GERMAN OMEGA SPONSOR SOEIAlSEIENCE 1 22.3. WE wi V74 W , . M ff . W V M, , A 1,6 1 , g"'?-M , v - mm' ' A H ' WW' ,y,wW"" N f WW X, 'f I' ,V ' ,M f fi v Q- 1. M , '1,w,wmQ yu M W Mx M nw My ,Mwam ,f, 3 xr' fi S. QNX My 'Wx M N355 Smw W Rl.A1Ni5 CBUUD Roifmmx lHl CHI SHN lllllll Bllll First Ruin: Beezley, Dempsey, Neilsen, Peterson, Iorgensen, Xteyer, Fairman, Hoffman. Ncwini Ruin, Wfilson, Zimrnex- nrnn Schroeder, Franke Rannex' Buclatz Bloxoni. 1Tlvir4l Ruin: Stoker Burbridi.:e, Hansen, Ntortenson, Henderson f 1 ,f f 1 . Ciess, Perkins, Rotfman. N ELL WILSON To students of Abraham Lincoln lligh School, the "Crimson and Blue" means a yearly record of their high school life, not just the academic part, but the games and dances and the clubs. To edi- torial stafl members, it means publishing: a book that must be more interesting than the preceding one and as diflerent from it as possible. Each piece of student copy and printer's proof must be checked and double checked for spelling and all usage mistakes. The Camera Club takes the pictures requested by the stall with the exception of the large groups, which are done by a pro- fessional photographer. The business staff has the task of getting ads, selling the book to students, and all the multitude of details connected with the commercial side of the annual. The linal result is a book which staff members and editors alike hope they may well be proud of. 14 lllllllllllll Slllll CO IEIDITORS-IN-Cl lllili. , ...... ..,NuIl Ifilwn, lilaim' Cllmll Roflmnn ADMINISTRATION IIIDITOR .4...............,.............. 'Karen -pClL'l'S0ll ORGANIZATIONS ISIDITORS. ,lmm .'llcmlcrwn, 'lanicv lurglcnscn, Plvyllis Tiluxom BOYS' SPORTS IIIJITOR .,....,........... ,....,....,...., l Dick THCHllUl'SO1l GIRLS' SPORTS IEDITOR ..... ....,. 7l lnry Alice Yllaclnjhrly DRAMA IZIJITOR ...,....,. ,........,.... C fnrol Lev lirlllnl: MUSIC EDITORS ......... ..... I llvyllls llluxom, flcrry llcC:lL'Y l'LlBl.lCATlONS EDITOR ..., ..,...........,. S Ivirlcy llrxmow ROTC IZIVDITOR ...,......., .... l Sill jIlUrlL'1l50vI IJIZIJICATORY IEIJITOR .,.. .,......,...,.........,. I lill Qrcsn SIFNIOR IEDITORS ...,.., .. ,Nnrv ,Inu Ncycr, 'William Vcrlcinx ,ILINIOR ISIJITORS ....... ..... 'K nllvlcvn licmpscy, Tune 'Fnirnmn SOPI IOMORIE IZDITOR ,... ...,........,.. 1 llycc Jlnn 'Trnukc IIRIZSIIMAN IZIJITOR ....... 7Carcn Qclvrocdcr ' ' R 1-fc 2 l'llOTOC1RAl'HIC EDITOR ............I......,............. flnnicc'l'oll,stcdt Um' MDN" Ass1s'l'AN'1s ...... Tim Slvkcr, 5,41 fl-loll1nnn, Riclmrzl fl'IIUl.SCll, TKc1111y Zimmcrmrm Hill lllll'l17lLlllL', Leonard 'Ranucy l'lIOTOCRAl'lllC ADVISER ....... ............ ..... fl l r. l'irg1il Nlllw TYPIST .............,........ ........ l Sarlmm Ncilwu lfl3lTORlAl, ADVISIER ..., .,... Tl lr. ll'. llolwrl llrulvfl BLISINIESS MANACIER .............., ...., A Rulrcrl fiarllncr ASSISTANT BLISINIISS MANAGER, .............,............ Lvncl 7IlcfKcc STAFF MIEMISISRS .,..,.. lcnn licll, Tam' Full, Szfznulwlfisclwr, llorls jenn Lfranlcc, Slmrun fKnulck, Tuycu Landon, Tom illaclclnrrll, janv Yllark, Pnl O'Jllcnm IELISINIZSS AlJVlSllR ..............,............... Jliss J-llIll'llI1l'L'l ilIL'llllL'l'vOll , K 1.x'Nu1. MCKLQE Tint Rum: McKee, Fischer, Mark, Bell, Fell, Scwnd Row: Vnllstcdt, Gardner, Mackland, Franke, Knotck, O'Meara. 15 x FALL SEMESTER Betty Ellsworth lerry Knudsen SPRING SEMESTER Mary I.on Doran Ronald jackson STAFF Ifcnilwcrs uf Ilvc fall xcincstci slnjl me listed Inst CO-EDITORS ........ Iiwliy Ifllsivorllv, jerry Knudscn R011 fIackson,7I1ary Lou Doran BUSINESS MANAGER ........ Diana Qolvlinqlvorsi, Yllarie Amato SPORTS EDITOR ........... .Ray 7I'aICrs, Qlcn Birks ADVERTISING MANAGER ,.... Qlarriet lKt1lClH1d1'I, lTom Ylfaclcland FACULTY ADVISER .... . . .Jin H. Arllmr Ice IHI IIIHIIIS Abraham Lincoln High Sch0ol's paper, The Echoes, is a weekly publication produced by sec- ond-semester journalism students and the jour- nalism Mechanics class, under the direction of Mr. ll. Arthur Lee. The Five main staff members are chosen from journalism 2 classes and all the remaining students are reporters assigned to vari- ous phases of school life. This year found the journalism students and their adviser faced with a new problem: learning to print their own paper on a multilith press, pur- chased with the aid of the student council. Crea- tion of a new class in the mechanics of the ma- chine was necessary, giving students an oppor- tunity to learn how to run the press and enabling interested students to continue a third semester in journalism if they wished. The primary pur- pose of this class was to print The Echoes. Although printing their own paper was a new and difficult task for both the students and their instructor, the department continued to put out a paper which contained news of school ac- tivities, national school news, editorials, and the usual advertisements of Council Bluffs businesses. first Row: Doran, Irlagerman, Cash, Amato, Reynolds, Davie, Ellsworth, Gohlinghorst. Scwnd Row: Wilsoii, Fischer, Bell, Dates- man, Vollstedt, Waters, Landon, Roffman. Third Row: Rounds, Gardner, Williams, Letner, Mackland, Knudscn, Schroeder. is X, I --... , . f W A , , 4 ., ,J ,f,, aw 41 Q , . '12 W ,Ez ,, ? M? H' Tffgg, 1 l, , ,,g' 'Taj fm. ,U - W -' ,JV gl' , M, .M N11 ,bv H' ,jg f f . H1 X , ,. V 1, 442 - ,nf- . M .ffzfw .,, , ,. . f lwkwflw '- " wi, 'fi f..,, fZ4,gg3w'm?L - 'W M. '.4"U- ,f 5 A w v ' :ian L. H 1' 3 97' Aff vw. 4' yu!" if' W ' f . ,,. A , -4' 1 'u 'rm K 1 .arf 1 fm ' SM' "JIM ft' , ,L W ,Z M, in , I ,fqyw . A W' , ' ' If ff' ' Z' -r' W ' , Y 1' v X . A 1 . 1 . 4-WH 5 4 vp 'H .1 wpmgs X 0 W Q Q? S H N5 X ., ,RX Q W .2 l H .f 1 an if X o ,NH K if-f.,. 'V ' A , es I J g X - fx, . 'fiifvlsj s .. Z Ev E A 9 N 2 3 x me 3 ai' . 2 1 11 sf 3 5 Q N Q Q, 'f W Qi R a , , E2 " P , L2 ,W A Mi,1.,.., w 4 A 'Q lllf Ill H ll The program opened with music hy the A. I.. hand and mixed chorus. This was followed with hrief ad- dresses hy Principal Theron Stuelke, Major Ceorgze Wicltershaiii, professor of military science and tactics, and Russel Mourer, superintendent of schools. The colors were dramatically presented hy MfSgt. lfrwin Atherton, SFC Tom Mackland, Cpl. ,lim Neil- sen, and Cpl. Art Alensen under the hrilliant focus of three spotlights. The Cadet officers and their ladies were: Company A - Capt. lfloyd Foreman, commander, and Miss lfarhara Schroeder, lst I.t. Ronald Kiger, executive officer, and Miss Phyllis Bloxom, lst Lt, ,Iohn Kates, first platoon leader, and Miss Anne Datesman, lst I,t. Williatii Mortenson, second platoon leader, and Miss Nancy Shea, End I.t. Williatn Perkins, third platoon leader, and Miss Sharon Moore. Company li-Capt. Richard Ilenderson, com- mander, and Miss l.ynel McKee, Ist l.t. Blaine Roff- man, first platoon leader, and Miss -Ioyce Landon, 2nd l,t. -lohn Scheef, second platoon leader, and Miss ,lane Mark, 2nd l.t. Ronald Sealock, third platoon leader, and Miss .lanice Vollstedt. Company CWCapt. l.eonard Ranney, commander, and Miss I.ou Ann Rath, Ist I.t. ,lack Mordeson, ex- ecutive officer, and Miss Carolyn Finney, Ist Lt. l lerhert Andersen, first platoon leader, and Miss ,fanis I Ienderson, Ist I,t. Ray Waters, second platoon leader, and Miss Nancy Shawler, 'lnd I,t. Darrell Axtell, third platoon leader, and Miss Mary f.ou Doran. :Nik 'Q l.r Col, Puizu it CTM! ,um Minn' Al u I' MM l,AFl'ILl1TY fltxfttxlion tt nlnnnldei ff-UIUNIYY LQ! tolvnel I. Romsl Y l.I INI ie l,lANA Colll1N4:lioicsi lliiltulion fftiiutfuit Iluiiomw ,Tlayoi Company IJ-Capt. Ifdward Walker, commander, and Miss Kay Prather, Ist I.t. Williaiii llallenger, first platoon leader, and Miss Nell Wilsoiw, 'lnd I.t. lloward llough, second platoon leader, and Miss Nancie Dewall, Und l,t. Roger Sealock, third platoon leader, and Miss ,lane Varnum. f-5 NMI -IAMI s Mt'Ri1it:sl'x' KAN N P, 'H:Rg0N llalltifion Jwtiilive Ujjitcl J1,i,m,,Uy Vain, P. M. S. 84 T. AND STAFF RMS. tk T. ...,... Yllaj. George LQ. "I1'icleer,slmni ASSISTANT P.M.S.81 T. . .Call 'llauid SH. Voss R.O.T.C. INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF ...... 7I1fSgt. Jrcl 73. Reed, 7l'l,fSql. Hugh W. jared As the battalion passes the reviewing stand, the command is "Eyes right!" ln the early part of May came the big event for the ROTC -federal inspection. This inspection not only summed up the battalion's efforts on the drill field, but also provided an opportunity to test the cadets on their yearls class work. First-year cadets were tested in first aid and on the M-1 rifle, second-year cadets, on the Browning automatic rifle and marksmanship, third-year cadets, who were concluding their high school ROTC days, were tested on small unit tactics and map reading. Besides this volume of classroom work, many hours of drill were spent on the drill Held, under regular army instructors, cadet officers, and cadet NCO's. The combination of all these efforts brought A.L. its fine rating among schools offering ROTC. Abraham Lincoln was fortunate in having instructors with varied back- grounds and many experiences in the fight for freedom -such men as Captain D. H. Poss, MfSgt. lrel Reed, MfSgt. Hugh jared, and SFC Edwin Focht. lllllljil-IS Tirst Row: Foreman, Mcllurney, O'Meara, Hon. l.t. Col. Mary Alice Maclaflerty, Letner, W'alker, Nvtorid Rm' Ballenger, Roffman, Hough, Axtell, Andersen, Ranney, Roger Sealock, Ronald Sealock. ffbiid Row. Kiger, Waters, Perkins, Henderson, Rates, Mortensen, Scheef, Mordeson. 20 COMPANY A OITVICISRS IIOMPANYC10,Nl.Nl,-XNIJIEIZ... I'XlfCfLI'I'lX'IS OITICIFR .... ,. HRS I' I'l.A'IUON LIZAIJIER. ., SIECIONIJ I'l.A'l'OON LIZADIZR 'HIIRID l'I,A'I'OON l,IFAlJl5R,. ., .... 141111. Howl Furcvmlu ISI 7.1 RUIHIM KU ' MI 'gl 101111 Kfllw ,...lxI LI. U'iIlin.'n Jlurlcvzwll Zml Ll. Tl'ilIIan1 Purkim IU 1 nlfmm 4 mmml' C wi l'l4lNI I Hsu CfUMl'.-XNY CfUMM,XNlDIfR ...... illfvl. Ridumf Hcmlwwvr 'x ...X K nvvlfnlrlv F IHC?-I l'l,.'XIUON IAI3AlJl:R .,..,..... ut Ll. Hluzm' Roffumfx 4 ,, R,,,,,,, HHH, N SILONID PIAIOOIN l.l'Al3I:R ..... ..,. 3 ml LI. Yulvn .Nglwvl , "HMM 5xc'1l10L 'HIIRIB PI .NIUON l,lfAIJlfR. ., .Qrnf Ll, M 1 COMPANY COMPANY COMMANDER IZXECLITIVE OFFICER ..... FIRST PLATOON LEADER SECOND I'I.A'I'OON LEAD IIIIRD I'I,A'I'OON IIEADISI COMPANY D OFEIC ERS COMPANY COMMANDER In fl f'IIumI1 7141 'I I I7IRS'I' IIIATOON LEADER. ISI ll Iizllmm In Imu SECOND I'I.A'I'OON I.EADI R Wm II 1 IIIIRD PIATOON I.IfADER MI A mu x Whiz. Q X Q 3. RNMQ . lllllllllll . , Mapping strategy for coming battles are Cap- tain Rod Letner and Coach Vic Jennings. Aided by ten lettermen, plus the help of a bril- liant array of juniors and sophomores, Abraham Lincoln enjoyed in 1951 its most successful foot- ball season since 1921. The backfield quartet of Gallagher, Waters, Stucker, and Bendon, sup- ported by Kiger, Rapalje, and Thomsen, had the fear and respect of all opponents. This backfield, together with a powerful line consisting of such FIRST lf M standouts as Burdick, Letner, Mordeson, and McBurney, marched through the season to win efght out of nine games. In the opener, Abraham Lincoln rolled past favored Shenandoah by a score of 13-0. Crum- bling Mustang defenses with vicious line play and hard-running backs, the Lynx completely dominated the game. The second victim for the relentless hilltop- pers was lntercity rival Omaha Tech. Once again the Lynx were the underdogs, but fought their way to the top side of a 6-O score. The next gridiron tangle found the scrappy eleven facing their old enemy, Thomas jefferson. Carried by the hard running of Stucker and Waters, they humbled the Yellow jackets to the tune of a 22-12 tally. When Abraham Lincoln met their new foe, Omaha Cathedral, the Class "B" team promptly showed the Lynx they were not to be slighted. Wading through the mud, the Omahans ran up a 12-0 first-quarter lead. But the undefeated boys from A.L. roared from behind to nip Cathedral 13-12 and rack up their fourth straight victory. The following week found Vic Jennings' boys on the road to meet a mistakenly-under- I v Tfrst Row: Thomsen, Stucker, O'Meara, Mann, Gallagher. Second Row: Ander- sen, Bendon, Dunlop, Sage, Cheyne. llbird Row: Innes, Waters, Crowl, Nimtz. rated Des Moines Dowling team. After a fierce struggle, the Lynx, spearheaded by the sharp passing of Gallagher and the nimble feet of Waters, forced the Des Moines boys to con- cede a 6-0 defeat. Creighton Prep stood next on the list for the boys in Crimson and Blue. ln an important lntercity League clash, an inspired Lynx team scored two touchdowns in the first half, com- pletely outplaying their opponents. But the tle- termined Prepsters stormed back into the game resolved to break the Abraham Lincoln victory string. The equally-determined Lynx beat off the intended rally and at the final gun the score stood Abraham Lincoln, 12, Creighton Prep, 6. The following week, with a six-game win- ning streak under their belts, Abe Lynx grid- men met a highly-favored Omaha Central team, who completely outplayed and outcharged A.L. during the first half and blasted their way to a half-time lead of I2-0. The Lynx revived in the second half and did all but run Central off the lield. The rally fell short, however, and the hill- toppers swallowed the first defeat of their record- breaking season. The boys from A.L. bounced back in their next contest, showing the spirit that Lynx teams always have by trouncing a surprisingly- stubborn Corning eleven, 13-0. The nifty ball- handlers rolled forward behind the alert line play of Mordeson, Pickerill, and Letner. In what proved to be the roughest game of the season, A.L. seniors suited up for the last Heading for the wide open spaces is Keith Rapalje, as Rod Letner CNQ. 413, Larry Burdick KNO. 423, and Louie Bendon do a good job of blocking. game of their high school careers. They played heads-up ball all the way to check a well-bal- anced Thomas jefferson team, 19-14. Sparked by Stucker's brilliant passing and running and the reliable effectiveness of the Crimson and Blue line, Vic Jennings' rugged gridders left the scene of their final clash the proud possessors of the best record compiled by an Abe Lynx team in thirty years - a final tally of eight wins and one loss. FIRST HAM M is "f3'Tff et t , 'cste .4 ,f""t 'tsc Q- or sw 3 3 'ft R 1 S f g WE 41.1 i 49 , ,....t c... L X i A ' Q an-maxim 9 A 9 6 'l ' ... at Q a N Q nik-Chit . Tirst Row: Letner, Kiger, Lane, Second Row: Mcllnrncy, Stoker, Burdick, Mordeson, Jensen. 1TlvinI Row: Henderson, Everson, Willian1s, Pickeiill. SEEU Il HA First Raw Seibert, Maurer, Mclntosll, Reynolds, llill, Voss, Stapleton. Yewml 'Row McSorley, Rounds, Fitch, Hodge, O'Cunncr, Bclircnml .,, - ..... 1- g-.. ., first Raw: llerd, Swanger, Messerli, Petry, Christensen, Hays, Samui Row Burdick, Delung, Prather, Cambron, Rapaljc, Mclicuwn. 26 ,.xQ......-,...... lun aol-. natural- ...L li QP4 'FII A.l..48 A.l..48 A. L. 5l A. L43 A. I.. oo A.l..35 A. I., SI A. L42 A. leon A. I.. 51 A. l..fi4 A.l..78 A. l..Nl A. l..48 50 A. l,,!17 A. I.. 52 A. l.. 4I A. l..-85 A. l.,IiH A. l..5ll SEASONS RECORD .. . Missouri Valley 40 ..,... Treynor 36 . . . Glenwood 42 . ......... Grinnell 55 . . Iowa School forthe Deaf 55 . . .. . Creighton Prep 5l .. . . . Mapleton 50 . . . Omaha Central 36 . . . Thomas jefferson 4U BoysTown24 . . Iowa School for the Deaf 41 .. St. Francis 32 ......... Alumni 67 . . . Omaha Technical 45 ....... Manning 59 . . . Thomas jefferson 37 . . . Omaha Technical 55 . . . Creighton Prep 43 .. , Omaha Central 42 Distritt Tournament ....,.... .....,.. Thomas jefferson 48 Suh-State Tournament Boone 54 BASIHTB Plotting a new defense against the next op- ponent ol the Lynx are Coach Thurman hlohne son and Dick Henderson. Rog Berg KNO. 23D awaits tipofl, while john Kates jumps against Treynor. 27 Krieelnitt: Gallagher, Stuelke, W'aters, liverson, Kiger, Perdew, Dunlop, Hoffman. Stmidiiitf- Voach johnson, Cfrowl, Pratt, Atherton, Kates, Birks, Henderson, Berg, Manager l.a Mar. flSIfllllAll Abraham Lincoln's basketball team had a fine season, finishing with a record of fourteen wins and seven losses. The Lynx placed fourth in the lntercity League and were in a position to move into first place until the final week of play. This year's club was another one of A.L.'s typical fast break outfits. Paced by the front line trio of Dick Dunlop, Dick Hen- RST derson, and Ray Waters, A.L.'s offensive rolled up an average of fifty-five points per game. The guards, -lohn Kates and Dick Crowl, were known for their demon rebounding as well as flashing, con- sistent scoring ability. The Lynx started the season on the right foot, winning their first three games by overwhelming Mo. Valley -18-40, Treynor 48-36, and Clenwood 51-42. The Abraham Lincoln five were then stopped by a strong Crin- nell team, 55-43, but bounced back to trip l.S.D., 60-55. The next week A.L. opened their intercity season with a sour note, losing to Creighton Prep, 5I-35. They then traveled to Mapleton, where they lost to a fast crew by a score of 59-5l. However, the Hilltoppers then started off their winning streak by defeating a good Omaha Central crew, 42-36. Next victim for the Crimson and Blue was their crosstown rival, T.j., blasted by a score of 60-40. ln the following game the Lynx edged a star-studded Alumni five, 69-67, in an overtime period. An upset came when a strong Boys Town crew fell before the Lynx, 51-24. Their next outing was l.S.D., who became the fifth straight conquest of the Lynx by a score of o-1-40. '+P- Llfdy 29 Tint Row Mewnley, Ratekin, Ratigan Mahon, liianeke, Daxis Sansnn lfiteli wtmi.f Row. lierher, Swassing, Proetor, Gneelter, Prather, f'amhi'nn, llaxs, lleul, Tlvntf Row Xlanagel' Tccleseo, Thompson, Rnrrliels, Cliell, Vollins Rapalie, llel ong, toath lennings Powerful Omaha Teeh was then eut tlown hy the lynx, 48445. Teth hatl heen ratetl first in Nehraslia previous to that game. ln a game giving the reserves most of the aetion, Al.. smashed St. l7rantis, 7?-I RT, Twentyfone players saw action. The llilltoppers' vittory string was rutlely snapped in the fol- lowing game lw an untlefeatetl Manning team, 55?-5h. lior the setontl time of the season, T.,l. visitecl A.l..'s gym only to go home again on the short entl. This time the home hoys won o7 37, lletause of a slow first half, Ahe lynx was turned hack hy Omaha Tech with a store of 55-52. A.l., rallied the second half, hut it wa--n't quite enough. C,reighton l'rep then upset the home team 43-All in a game that was tlose tlown to the final gun. The following weelq saw A.l,. overeome a thirteen-point clefif tit in the final quarter to stun Omaha Central 45-42 in the last regularly sehetluletl game of the seas In the tlistriet tournament, Cloaeh ,lohnson's hoopsters ripped T.,l., 118 AIN. The lynx huilt up an early lead and eoasted the rest of the way with reserves. Al.. then advanced to the suh-state, where lloone hung on to defeat the lynx 54-50. Alter trailing hy ten or more points throughout the first half, the lynx roared hack in the last half' to again, for the fourth straight year, A.l.. fell short hv inehes of reaching the State Tournament at lowa City. f outseore Boone, but eoultln't narrow the gap enough. Antl onee This year, as before, Coach Tom Capel and Assistant Coach Vern Doty were greeted with a promising turnout. Ten major lettermen returned to the Lynx track wars. These were jim Mc- llurney, 880 yard dash, Don Henley, S80 and 440 yard dashes, Dick Henderson, 440 yard dash, Louie Bendon, Sprints, Dick Dunlop, sprints, Mike Callagher, Sprints, l lerh Andersen, sprints and high jump, Ron jackson, 880 and mile, Howard Everson, 880, and Dick Crowl, sprints. Dther promising thinclads were Wes Feller, Del Purscell, ,lerome lV1cKeown, Earl lll llll Talking over prospects for this year's team are Ron jackson, track captain, and Coach Tom Capel. Down in starting position are these A.L. tracksters: Bill Camhron, jim llohain, Mike Callagzher, and ,lini Mcliurney DeLong, Bill Camhron, lien Prather, and Larry Hays. As expected, the turnout was large and optimism ran high regarding the Lynx pros' pects. Tint Row: Thomas, Perry, Schneider, Jackson, McBurncy, Henley, Crowl, Gallagher, N1cS0rley, Camhron, Thomsen. Xecniui Row: Mclieown, Coleman, Behrensl, VI. Smith, Petersen, Prather, Fitch, Herd, Hays, Taylor. 'Third Row: T. Smith, Miller, Andersen, Sanson, Burdick, DeLong, Ballenger, Merrill. 30 Cowen Viiiw Dots WIHSHIG Despite a losing season, Abraham Lincoln wrestlers had one of their most promising years. Time after time the squad, ably tutored by Coach Vernon Doty, was beaten by only small margins. The Lynx placed third in the district meet, in which Dennis Green, Mickey Rocha, and Frank ,lerkovich all qualified for the state meet. Ken Gilman was probably the best wrestler for his weight in the lntercity league, for he lost only two matches all year. Other consistent winners were Dennis Green, Frank Vlerkovich, Ray Messerli, and Dave Hollinger, As only four wrestlers were lost by graduation, next year's prospects for a winning team look bright. et A I. 's distritl wrestling champions. I.eft to right "W'ho's whov' could well be the question in this picture. llere, Ray Hes' nt Ii.inL lcultovirli, Dennis Green, ant! Xtickex' Rocha, serli takes the advantage over ,lim Boham as Coach Vernon Ditty referees. 31 1i1llfANIl llIllllIS Tint Timur Stuclke, Crowl, Coeclzer, Hoff' Golf is a sport of experts. Ted Tedesco and Dennis man. NL-Lund Row- liightner, Rounds, jessen. Miller watch the putting technique of Don Hudson. H The 1952 golf and tennis teams, under the guidance of Walter- Kaltenborn, de- xv',a...iK,a.tiN1.its veloped into well-balanced squads by the season's end. Coat. The golf team was bolstered by four returning lettermen: Ted Tedesco, Bob Draper, LeRoy Durham, and Charles Cates. After enjoying a hne initial season last year, the tennis team again showed signs of expertness. Behind the experienced hand of last year's singles champion, Fd Hoffman, the tennis team rounded into shape. Other returnees from 1951 were ,lim Stuelke and Bud Rounds. Newcomers were Dick Crowl, Gary jessen, and Richard Lightner. Hlllilllll llllll One of the big events of the football season was the coronation of the Football Queen. Candidates for this honor were the thirteen girls who had the most season football tickets sold as votes for them. The Queen, Lynel McKee, was elected from among these girls by the varsity football squad. l.ynel was crowned by her escort, Ron Kiger, in a ceremony during the half of the A.l..-Creighton game. Tint Row: Bcndon, Gallagher, l.ane, jenkins, O'Meara. Second Row: Crowl, Letner, Andersen, Dunlop, Kiger, Xllfatcrs, Mcllurney. Third Row: Green, Cheyne, Katcs, llenderson, Burdick, Mordeson, lllllllllfl 'S lilllll The Abraham Lincoln l.ettermen's Club is composed only of athletes who have received a major letter in a major sport. Operating the concession stands, the l.ettermen's Club used the profits to pay for the football, basketball, and track banquets. The purpose of the l.ettermen's Club is to promote good sportsman- ship among the athletes at Abraham Lincoln. OFFICERS IJRESIDIENT ..... .,... L nrrv liurdick VICE- PRESIDENT ............ 'Herb flndersen SECRETARY-TREASLIRIER .... jack flfordeson SERCEANT-AT-ARMS ..,...., jim fllclharney SPONSORS ,,...,.., . . . ,fllrx Victor' flennings, fllr. jTlnn'nmn 'lol1nsun, Sllr. Thomas Capel, Nr. 'l'cr'n0n Holy llerb Andersen, Larry Burdick, jack Morcleson, jim Mcllurney. 33 GIIHS' PHlSICAllIllllIAlIll The year's activity of the physical education department started out in full swing with the combined efforts of the art and music departments in a three-way production of the "Nutcracker Suite" at Atlantic, lowa. Under the direction of Mrs. Cleola Mansfield, the girls in her department worked many hours on this program given for the Southwest lowa Educational Asso- ciation. For the performance, Miss Berniece Pohl and her art classes created the backdrop, a sugar plum tree, and Mrs. Viola l3ichel's student chorus furnished the musical background. The picture at the right shows Miss Pohl, Karen Peterson, Mary Alice MacLafferty, Carolyn Finney, and jim Williarns making final plans for the presentation. Every year the physical education department lends its aid to the production of the operetta. This year was no exception, for Mrs. Cleola Mansfield and Mrs. Viola Bichel worked to- gether many weeks planning the choregraphy and instructing the girls in their dances for "The Marriage of Nannettef, These colorful dances became one of the most appealing parts of the operetta. Mrs. Mansheld is shown at right di- recting a dance rehearsal for the production. The swim pageant climaxed the activity of the physical edu- cation department this year. Here again, Mrs. Cleola Mans- lield teamed up with other departments of the school to make this production possible. Mr. Edwin Reinel's practical me- chanics class constructed the flutter-boards for the "aqua- caders," and Miss Berniece Pohl's groups painted and lettered the boards, which proved a colorful addition to the exhibition. ln the picture at the right, Ronald Sealock, Roger Sealock, Wes Feller, and Roger Miller, practical mechanics students, watch girls in the swim class try out the new flutter-boards. Cfliucrlt-.ulitiig isn't as simplu as smiling hcfurc thc truwnls and lurking vuur hut-Is in thc air. A. l.. tltn-ci'lL-zulws tind thuinsclvus in various fmthcr roles suth as that nl pfwlitcincn, dcsigncrs, and ntliccrs. Manv hnurs ut' lahfir art: involved in thc "glam- nrtvttsm iuh nl tliccrlcadinig. The twenty-four incin- lwrs ul thc squad hntl thcir stlimil clay hcginning at 7131! .i.in, an lunar lwllm: tht-ir tlassmatcs wander llIl'Hllj,1ll thu slinnl Lltinrs. During that hour, they Food stholatship is uni: nl' the must iinpuitant icquiiuincnts lui pixutint' and xxnrlt nut mwv tltccrs, , A .A L b a'ltuci'lcatlcrs, Studying in thc hluacliurs aiu llarliaia llcuitt Bcicilx Mt-inlxvrs nl thc squad ultcn hcuin thccrlcading during tht-ir trcslnnan vuar, iwrlqing up through rc- llcalcv, and lanicc Phillips scrvt- ranlts In thu varsity gruup. arca in trnnt nf the sthuul to ltccp Lars trmn intvr Mrs, Cllr-Ula Manshclnl is the tliccrlcmlcrs' wath. lc'-'ng wllh A lwll '-alll' llnnlcr hor stipcrvisinii, thu girls must maintain satis . . U . A l:vcn though the girls niust spcntl a lui nt tunic latturv stlmlarslup, pt-rlfirin in hallytiinc stunts, and 4 . . . ,, , in vigormis training, these lcon-agcrs say, lt s mirth .1 I .us vtilitt-im-ti hir ww asscnihlics iatrullin' the ,. K l l l ' l l' all thc ivurli. 5 K - Iohnsim first R-uv llcll, l.anilnn, Taxltir, llcwitt, Xlcvvi. Nvmiui Hou' lfngaitx, llcalrv, Phillips Snutlla ' ' ' Ii 'incs, liuliscls, Ulsvn llaint'-i Nlaitus, lvllllltl, lluht-it, Runm. Tlvnfl Run' Ncwinan, Smith, Snicnscu, cal ltr-ugiw, fkctil, Sftlltllfl Irmhnstin. pv- 'wr vii' writ' nnlx lhlvr Nfllltlla nn Ihr lllk'1'!lUHlllllQl Sflllml 'W vp, tonal tcani ulivcilcatluus xsmlt un unc nt thc inanv stun Illll nn tluiing thc halt tintc priimls 'l'hcv air llllllfll s it-ai Pvaititinig thrn tolls in thc pint thcv arc Ican Ncwrnan, Kiuml Xtaivus Vcvil, anal liulisclt lltll, l'.lt lailni, .Intl lniiv lam lun s xx W ' 'J' l l T vice-PRr3s1Dr5NT. .. SECRETARY..7l1nry flnvz mitted: Pat Taylor, jane Fell, Marilyn Otto, Mary Ann Meyer. Sttutdintl. N Norma Waters, Carol l.ee Budatz, Harriet Katelman, Anne Datesman, janice iitztuts orrtctsas Tall srrncsler nfhters tue lrstcrl first PRESIDENT. Carol Lee l5tttinl:, flnuc lmtcsnmn . . . .Tancl liwtitri, Nornm lfalers Jllevcr, Ylfarilyn Otto TREASURER .. ...lanicc 'Iorqcrm'rt, 'I-lnrricl 7CaleImart SERCLEANT-AT-ARMS . . . . .llnlriuia 'Tnvloig ,lane Tell SPONSOR .... . ..fll1s. tflcola Fllnnsficld The Pep Club represented the school at all the sports events the year 'round In the fall, they cheered the football players on to more and more victories. During that season, senior mem- bers made the presentation of boutonnieres to fathers of the football players. After season, Pep Club members turned their attention to basketball and presented corsages to moth- ers of the basketball players. Nearly the last thing on the club's agenda was the annual Pin-Up Boy dance. dance the name of the senior boy selected by the group as Pin-Llp Boy of 1952 was revealed. This year's choice was Dick Henderson. The Pep Club serves as an organization to create enthusiasm and spirit and to encourage others in backing the various teams. football At this 'First Row: Ellis, S. Olsen, Remde, Haas, Cash, M, jensen. Second Row: Everest, King, Annis, Vanzlerpool, Dilley, Teague, Knox, Scarpello, Frankel, O'Brien, Prather, Wilsotx, Rath, Hubert. ffbifd Row: Fairman, McCunn, Bellamy, Bybee, M. Hansen, Shea, Starrett, C-rahl, K. Sorenson, Power, Shehan, jackson, Roennau, Scott, Marcus, Allerton Shoemaker, Brown, Colwell, Watsoit, Blunk, Sorensen, Newman. ifoufth Row: M. jensen, O'Hara, Amato, Dewey, P. Barritt, Taylor, Landon, Stevens, Makinson, Bryner, Kruml, Passer, McKee, Meyer, Smiley, Martin, Neilsen Wfymore, Fell, Phillips, Chamberlin. Tifth Row: Smith, R. Olsen, M. Barritt, Butler, Davie, Schroeder, Clatterbuck r Brownlee, C-ohlinghorst, Ellsworth, Jorgensen, Farnum, Doran, Mark, Peterson, Keairnes, Kulisek, Knotek, Shawler: Miller, Sixth Row: johnson, Profeda, Hall, Waters, Owen, Budatz, Pilling, Moore, Dewall, Datesman, Nielsen, Mae- Lafferty, Leighton, Roden, vollsredt, Franke, Henderson, Berry, B. Brown, Higgins, Larsen. xxx . xi , Q ' K 5 SQ -r - -S' MLS swixmgiwikx. .X Y xg-iw Nei .Y ' .QQ 5 X E Q WW? '. 1 A A 1 X A , . i X S iifxm xt . Lrluq, Hollmgu ihwllu XII'-ll 1mlR0hL1I1 fllklx 'WWW Fuxt Ruw Cnh, Fairman, Zach, Palmer ohnbon lxruml Soxenscn lxnux Rath Lwml kuu Cluusscn Fxsnhu nngwzlm nlu on ll thumumuu' ln thu hum hill OMC Hulderhon G Green Bern. K f V 1 . f I at ls l""m" h K Stoker luzznu Gould, McS0rley. PRESIDENT .... . VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY .... TREASURER . . . SPONSORS ,... nn-nt toumil ,it xtnilt l'iixitlt-nl lfax Watrix Lllutlw llis' .ulmn ol tllt' iouniil on in nntp: it int lfllll Cll SPRINGSl?.X1I3S'l'l?R N114 'K L1 H wi it 'ii-il F'--ia' I xciiwt! llalwi lllunlt XX'.1llt'ix K olwcll, liuutou liioxxn, lantcx, Tcaguc Nvtoinl Rau lliucltc lttuxot f olilinyiliout lit-nt li X .in llolu I lxnotult N lxnott-L Antlt-non Watcls, Rocha Vlvxvtt Nou' lcllu llainun ki 'l lu" Nl SU V 1 stu .Xinlvrwn Xilit-:ton linll llcntlvixon Nliniti, llougli l This yt-ark stutlt-nt tountil was one ol' A. l..'s lnusicut organi- nations. A lull year! activity wax opcncd lvy a magazine drivc wltitli nt-ttt-tl ovcr sc-vt-n liundrcd dollars lor thc school. The touncil also proinott-tl various clc-anaup idcas around the school and ln-lpt-tl pax' lor tln- ncw niultilitli printing prose for the xtltool papcr. Ilctatiwt- ol- tht- outstanding work ol' tlic student council, Aliraliain l.intoln is, and will continue to lic in tltc future, a lwcllct' platt- to go to Qtltool. WM-Ma-Www wmbuw fs,-,vit-aizwgjh-X Allllllfll Hll UR S llllll 'First Row. jackson, Ncilsen, Bell, Davie, Kohcl, Gallagher, Wilson, Shehan, V. Strong, Ellis. .Ncmrid Row If. Strong, Knotek, llendeison, Rolfman, Gardner, Perkins, Schack, Voss, Baker, Ellsworth, lfranlxe, Xlvnstel OFFICERS PRESIDENT ..... .... 1 ack fllordesun VICE-PRESIDENT . .. .,.. Slmrun flloorc SECRETARY ...,. .... J anis 'Hcndcr,son TREASURER . . . ...........,... flanc Illark SPONSOR. . . . . fllrs. flfnrv Jjllwl llonicrov Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest honor Abraham Lincoln bestows upon a student for scholastic achieve- ment. Five per cent of the ll-2's, ten per cent of the 12-l's, and fifteen per cent of the 12-2's are thus honored each year. This society, although inactive, offers many scholarship tests for its members. These optional tests give the student an opportunity to win scholarships for which outstanding students all over the nation are competing. The members of this organization are always ready to help with any worthy projects about the school. National llonor Society also serves as an incentive for underclassmen to improve their standing scholastically. 1 Fin! Row: Frankel, Landon, Meyer, Otto, Fell, Benton, W5'n1oi'e, Smith. Second Roni: llatesman, Moore, Stuelke, Mordeson, Burdick, .Nlortenson, Nimtz, Fiala, .N1acI.afferty, Mark. lust Row S Sorensen, Kilnnl, K. Sorensen, Olsen, Swanson, Wilscrii, Rath, Shawler, XVntson. Yetiuxd Run' Dates- nmn, Xlome, linker, Pmtlier, Kntelinan, Dunlop, Miller, II, Henderson, XlacI.at'lerty. Tlviitl Run' Ranney, Innes, ID llennleison, Kntes, Ninitz, Stuelke, Perltins, Kruger. Jll lllll lllll IIIHISS CHU llll Through its junior Red Cross Council, Al.. participated in the activities of the world's largest youth organization. ln November the annual enrollment assembly was held, during which the various services of the ,lunior Red Cross were ex- plained to the student body. Gift boxes were again filled and sent overseas for the Christmas season. Needy families in the local area were provided with generous amounts of food, clothing, and holiday gifts. The traditional Sok Ilop was held February '22 and was one of the best-attended dances of the year. The money raised was turned over to the National Childrenis Fund. OFFICERS l'RlfSllJlfNT. .. ......., liitlc .llender'snvi, ,THIYY llln L' .-l11lL'L11ll-L'IlY VICIF-l'RlfSIlDlFN'l'. . Hiliiw Ilfttt' ,TInt'Li1llerlY, 1x'i1m'v Slulwlur SlfCRlf'l'ARY .. .. Inuit' lbizicwnlu '47 TRIZASLIRFR ......... Yell 7l'ilson SIZRCZISANT AT ARMS ...... 'fuoinntl Rtznnuv SPONSOR. . ...llfN. linnw ll'lu'Ie ' fm T , wilful Nlalx' Alice Nlntl.aHeiIy, Anne llatesnmn. Nltunliiid Nancx' Sliawlei, Dick llendeison, Nell XVilson, OFFICERS CONSULS . .. ..,Sne Olse 'v1, Tlnrolil Olsen SCRIPTOR . . . .... Ca l'a1 l Rice' QUAFSTOR .... ,..,, l truce linker LICTOR .,.. . . . .,.... lmviil Wilson SPONSOR . .. .... Jliss fllarmlnrel 7lem1er'sun Sauter! Sue Olsen, Carol Rice. Nttunliinlg Dave W'ilson, Harold Olsen, Brure Baker. lfill HUB The Latin Club, open to all Latin students, provides opportunity to develop the lighter side of this high school subject. The ancient Romans become real through the discussion and observ- ance of some of their customs. Election to office follows the pattern of the Roman election. Rome, ancient and modern, is brought closer by seeing moving pictures of this famous city, and by having people who have visited in Rome share their observations with the students. This year the club enjoyed a Christmas party at which there was a program and a gift exchange. The sponsor, Miss Margaret Henderson, entertained the group at her home for the February meeting. Latin Club members this year bought a book on Roman life and presented it as a gift to the school library. Tifsl Row: Whitlaeck, S. Olsen, Rice, Strong. Nietmni Row. Higgins, Knotek, Franke, Rain, Stroh, Burgeson. Tlviril Row. Wilson, Thompson, Rus, H. Olsen, Baker, OFFICERS l'RlfSllDlfN'l '..., lit wriv UW Hd vnvr n, lHtllI't'l'tl tllis VICIZ-l'Rl2SllJl?NT .. ...lenv llce:lev SISCRIETARY ... ..., Slvillev llttckstni TRIEASURISR . .. .. ...levee jlYHNlL'I SlfRCllfANT-AT-ARblS .,..... 'Ktnen llL'lL'lSOH SPONSUR .... . Hlliss Lois llulll Nenlml llatvitia lzllis, Ielix' lleezlex, l,llItlllly'fJ5l1Ul'Il, Ntnmlfinl Karen Peleison, lone Xlvnstei, Shirley lacltson. SPANISH lllllll The Spanish Club, sponsored by Miss Lois Della, is an organization to which Spanish students are eligible lor membership. The club's fifty members met after school in Room 208 on alter- nate Tuesdays. Once each semester each member served on a committee in charge of a meeting. New members were initiated at the fall picnic, and a spring picnic climaxed the year's activities. The traditional pinata was the center of interest at the annual Christmas party. Purchases for the Spanish Department were linanced by the semester dues. This year flags, music, and records of l.atin American countries were purchased, and Spanish films were rented. ln addition to the conversational use of the language, Spanish Club members became lamiliar with the music and customs of Spanish-speaking peoples. lost Rout Dempsey, lillis, Osborn, U'llrien, Nluen, llawlts, Garner, Skow, Petersen, Minor, Merle Allred, Smith. vtornl Kota' Tatta, lfvetest, llerd, Petker, Mynster, Strong, G. llansen, C. Hansen, Cfoate, Nlartin. Third Run' ,Xntleison, llasch, lackson, Nlcllonald, Swanson, Rasmussen, Katelman, Peterson, liischer, Finney, Sealoclx, fourth Ron' Platter, Works, Smith, Knutson, Schaclt, Niacldantl, llurtlick, Stapleton, Gravenlsainp, lleezlex SERVICE RECORDER .... 'Fx I R tt Norma Waters, Barbara Schroeder, Doris jean Franke. Set'- l R 'Xlornia Walters, ,Ioyce Landon, ,Ioan Stexens, Barbara Neilsen. -lll The Y-Teens are the junior division of the national YWCA. This group is both a service and a social club. lts meetings are held bi-monthly with cabinet oflicers and program committees meeting on alternate weeks. Some of the services of the organization include holding an annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, sending chocolate candy to children in the Phillippines, and making scrapbooks for veterans. ln the spring, the Y-Teens join with the Hi-Y in presenting an Easter program for the entire school. They attend an annual spring conference with approximately one thousand other Hi-Y and Y-Teen members of Southwest lowa. The last highlight of the year is the traditional May breakfast, which is held as a tribute to graduating Y-Teens. VICE-PRESIDENT ..,........ TREASURER ............,.. MUSIC ,........., Belly Hlstnorllw, joycc Qllyrislcr SERCEANT-AT-ARMS ......... OFFICERS 7.411 semester nyyitt-it tue listed tux! PRESIDENT ....... Nornm "Waters, floycc Landon . .liarlmm Ncilsen, Doris jean ifranlct' SECRETARY ..... Doris Tenn Trarzke, joan Stevens . llarlmra Schroeder, Norma flcmi 'lllallerwe DEVOTlONS ..,.. lbonnrl Lcvllvani, Yoanne Illorris .Slmrlcne Owen . . .fllnrion Sl-lanicke, Ylfarjuric liarrill SPONSORS .... . . ,Jlrm Qrme iTl7UHllJSOH 5'l1i.w Lena 'Wlrite 'First Row: Merk, Leytham, Walters, Hnnicke, Colwell, Otto, Byhee, Forney, V. Strong, Exline, Brandenburg, Peter- s.e.i, j. Green, Dewey, Morris, Brink. Second Row: Coate, French, Xllfymore, Neilsen, Hansen, Mynster, jacob, Arterburn, C, Strong, Saint, jorgensen, Andresen, Lewis, Kreft. fflvirtl Row: Landon, C. Green, Owen, Bnriitt, W'aters, Anderson, A, Franke, ll. Franke, Schroeder, Ellsworth, Wilkeii, Kiger, Stevens, Whitheck. Vim! Ron' Riggins. Messeili, Callagher, Baker, lenkins, Durham, lf. Smith, Sorensen, NlcSo:ley, Xlotner, C, Green. wtovul Ron' Hendon, Draper, Shannon, Sage, Rew, Roger Sealock, Ronaltl Sealoclt, Hallenger, Taylor, Claus, Allen. li flieen. llvfnl Row XY'illiams, Ninuz, ,I. Knudsen, l'etersen, Shelton, l.andon, Van Ilorn, lforeman, Swassing, Kigei, R. Soiensen. 'Fourth Row Merrill, Miller, lleitman, 15. Green, Bicliel, Birks, Rates, li. Knutson, Dunlop, l.etnei, The lli-Y, whose purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the Stoker, Rus, school and the community high standards of Christian character, is one ot' A.l..'s most prominent service groups. This year it continued the service project of helping to fill and deliver the Cloodfellow Christmas baskets. ln the spring, the lli-Y and Y-Teens joined together to sponsor the Easter program and also comhined to send representa- tives to the llifY and Yffeen district conferences. While the cluh devotes most ol its time to service proiects, the hoys still lind time for such activities as participating in the Southwest Iowa lli-Y Basket hall 'l'ournament, which they have won two years in succession. Ul3l3lClliRS tall vuucslrr uHnclsi1rt'l1sIt'1l lust l'RlfSIlJIfN'lf . mlttlllt' licndun, RUIICI .Nlcttlotlc Yltlli l'lllfSll7l'N'l' .. .,RIlss4'll l'rIH Hlltllll, Reiley flllllcr Sl5CQRli'l'ARY Rovmld h't'tlltYLls', tflwulcx lllllllt17HN 'l Rl,A9llRl5R ,4'tli4'urilNn1illv, Russell Van Horn SlflU.l5AlXl'l Nl' AlQlXlS ,,.... C luulcx llt'llHHlH, Louis llcltdotl ill lAI'l.AlN, ,. . lt1HIt'X.X,lUls't'l,LHIIV-Sllltlllllttll SPONSOR .. ,... fllv. ll, -lrtlvm Luc .Ncnlc'd, lid Smith, Ronald Sealock, Roger Sealoclt, Russell Yan lloln .Nliunlintl ,lim Stoker, Charles Williams, Roger Miller, Charles lleitman, Louie Hendon Tint Row. Teague, McCehee, Boyd, O'Hara, Roennau, Hansen, Garner, Newman, Olsen. ,Necmnl Row Healey, Amato, XY'ymore, Chamberlin, Passer, jackson, Kulisek, McKee, Wilson, Stevens, Carson. Tflviui Row: Stroh, Smith, Anderson, Mackland, Datesman, Nixon, Bowlin, Henderson, Crahl, Bobrick, Power. lHtllIll This year, as in the years before, Thalian members have taken an active part in all intersociety activities. Debate teams composed of Barbara Boyd, Pat Roennau, Beverly Healey, and Shirley jackson won a three-way tie for second place. Representing the Thalians in Prose and Poetry were Beverly Healey, ,lanis Henderson, and Nettie Power, who placed fourth in the hnals. "Heaven Can Wait," one of the most modern plays presented at Abraham Lincoln, found Thalian members Betty Kulisek, Nettie Power, and Pat Roennau holdf ing supporting roles. ln the hi-monthly meetings, all Thalians took active part in the varied pro- grams which were presented throughout the year. The all-society Christmas tea was an interesting social event of the winter season. The year's activities were brought to a pleasant climax with the annual Mother-Senior Banquet in May. Ol'5FlCl9RS Tall NL'Hlt'NlCV nti1tt'rti1rt'listctl hui VICE-PRESIDENT ...,...,. . . ,loan Stevens SECRETARY. . .fliaric Jimmie, Slvirlev lflnmscn TREASURER ....... Nell Yfilwn, lit1l'l7fl1'fl liovrl SERC-EANT-AT-ARMS .... .... L wit-1 f'l1c74ec svomsoies . .. .....r may trayc army, fllrs. flnauila 5.sclm1r1nn .Nuulctl klanice Xlvyniore, l.ynel McKee, Nell Wilson. Stmnlimlf Barbara Boyd, Shirley Cflaussen, Anne Uatesman, joan Stevens, Marie Amato. PRESIIJENT. .flnnc lirztcsman, lattice lfynmrc SI RC IANI AI ARMS ......., Jllartia Rutlen SPONSORS ,Jim Jlarv Hliel Punveruy, F OI FICERS 1 ll . f to ng: Qfyx I are mai nm ' SIDI NI N mic llcwall, Kmcn Vclcrsun I I PRI SID N .. ...tfvnllvia Swanson, Sl7t11'O1lFKHUlCll SI C RI IARY S vmun 7CnuIek, Donna Hattie ASLIRI R t mn Nielsen, tfynllvin Swaiisuri Y., V Jliss Jfariun 'Hanllvurn Seated: Clara Nielsen, Donna Davie, Cynthia Swanson. Ntnninxtl Karen Peterson, Nancic Dewall, Marcia Roden, Sharon lxnotek IIIVIIISA Omega I.iterary Society is again proud of the girls who have brought honor to the society. ,Ieanine Kelsay placed first in Extemporaneous Speaking and also took part in the society play, "Great Expectations." Karen Peterson, second semester president, did outstanding work in the Prose and Poetry contest, She also carried the leading role in the society play, in which Nancie Dewall was student director. Marion Holden, Sharon Knotek, Patty Baker, and Jeanine Kelsay com- posed the debate team which tied for second place in the tournament with the Alpha and Thalian societies. A most successful year ended with the annual Mother-Daughter banquet. Tint Row Baker, O'Brien, Broman, Durick, Budatz, Dingman, Kelsay, Holden, Allred, Sammi Ruin: jensen, Martin, Schroeder, Slightam, Goodman, Knotek, Leighton, Taylor, Peterson, Lainson, Brown. .Third Row: Brownlee, Davie Dcwall, Roden, Nielsen, Spence, Schneider, Green, Swanson, Buswell, Kramer. OFFICERS Fall semester ofilters are listed lin! PRESIDENT .... loycc Landon, Phyllis Ylfalony VICE-PRESIDENT ........ Diana Qolvlingllmrsl linrlmra Neilsen SECRETARY ..... Phyllis llloxom, flame Tarnuin TREASLlRER.7a11c ifaritimi, liiaim Golilivtqlvorsl SERCEANT-AT-ARMS ..........,. Pal fK11tYN, lcmicrute Sain! SPONSORS .... .,,.... J 'Vim Lcln SKUIICV, Miss Miva fl-lucleleebcrry Ncttttwif Diana Cohlinghorst, Phyllis Malony, joyce Landon, liarlzara Neilscn. Stmidimjf Pat Knox, Phyllis Bloxom, jeanenne Saint, jane Farnum. H20 The year--'51-'52 -got off to a royal start for the Erodelphian Literary Society as it held its initiation supper in the recreation room of Diana Cohlinghorsfs home. There was excellence there in food, fun, and fellowship. Dancing, singing, and initiation triclzs were the order of the evening. These events were followed by the traditional candle-lighting service for new members. During the first semester, Eros walked off with top honors in debate with Pat Ellis, Barbara Hewitt, Geraldine Stewart, Eileen Haas, and Carol Rice winning all their debates. Next on the "First" list came Phyllis Malony, winning first in the finals of the Prose and Poetry Contest. The Eros were honored to have Florence Everest participate in these finals, also. Then, in the second semester, Phyllis Bloxom won second place in Extemporaneous Speak- ing, while Barbara Hewitt ranked in third place. The mystery play of the year, "Great Expec' tations," saw Phyllis Malony, Karen Sorenson, and Florence Everest in important roles. A very line year closed with the annual MotherfSenior Banquet in May. 'First Row: Ellis, Stewart, Rice, Neujahr, Neilsen, Claussen, Everest, Skow, Faris, Haas. Second Raw: Makinson, Knox, Farnum, Bloxom, Prather, C-ohlinghorst, Saint, Watson, Hewitt, Colwell, Beck. Whird Row: Landon, johnson, Fischer, Wise, Brown, Hall, Coleman, Sorenson, Basch, Kinsell. OIIFICTERS lull s 1'1ll1's lcv olliteis are listed lust PRIZSIDIENT ..licllvllIswo1tl1, llU1'0lllVfJNll0Hl VICE-PRIESIDIENT.Sha r'nv ri fll nvnvr c, Carol llmiatz SIECRIETARY. .. -lriiln Stnrpcllo, lletlv Ellsworth TRIEASLIRIER ........ flldt'Y lfmlv, TXYIIHLTY Shea SIZRGIEANT-AT-ARMS .. ..,, Nmicv Shea, Slllllllll flluotc l IISTORIAN .... ...,, . Zola .llllllhfll SPONSORS . . . ..,, flliss Grace llavlor, Jfiss Hcavio1'llnjmtisl Nz-tiled Carol I.ee Hudatz, Dorothy Oshorn, Betty Ellsworth. Staini- nn! Sliaion Xioore, lola Hansen, Nancy Shea. Illlll-l lll lfor more than lilly years the Delta Tau l.iterary Society has made a record of which it can he proud, This year has not heen diflerent from those preceding. The Delta Taus have heen well- represented in all activities and have made good records. Delta Taus participaied in the intersociety debates, with credit going to Martha Shoemaker and Shirley Sorensen. The society was represented hy Dorothy Osborn and Sharon Dague in the linals of the Prose and Poetry contest and lvy Zola llansen and Donna Key in Extempo- raneous Speaking. Many of the Delta Tau meinhers worked hard on hoth the cast and pro- duction stall of the trifsociety play, "Heaven Can NVait." It was a husy year, filled with hard work and lots of lun. The Delta Taus took an active lead in promoting the allssociety Christmas Tea, a new idea and a great success. And no one who attended can forget the annual banquet held at the end ol the school year. lt was a line trihute to the mothers and graduating: seniors. lrisi Row llush, Smith, Osborn, Phillips, Dague, Sorensen, Key, lllunk, Brunow, Dempsey, lluhert. Setoml Row Rath, I.ear, Nloen, Soe, Shoemal-ter, Moore, Hansen, lll'SllKllIl!l7lIl'll. l7airman. Scarnello. 'Third Now l. Smith. Starrett, Shea, Butlatz, lillsworth. Piofeda Olsen lohnson. Vouartv 49 First Row: liranlxel, Cfash, Anderson, Annis, Hansen, King, Dilley, Knott, Starrett, Redner. .Rewind Row XY'atson, lleuwinltel, Kochel, Keairnes, Nlcflehee, Miller, Higgins, Phillips, Rasmussen, Marcus. Third Roni Nelson, Schoen- "Not for self, but for all" is the motto every Clio tries to follow. Members strive for self- ing, Berry, Borwirk, Kiger, Bell, Doran, Finney, Shawler. improvement by participation in all activities, not only because of benefit to the individuals themselves, but because it adds to the pleasure of all within the group. Early in the fall semester, the traditional informal and formal initiations were held. The beautiful formal initiation ceremony ended with the presentation of corsages in the Clio colors, purple and white, to the new girls. Ruby Anderson, Donna Annis, joanne Berry, janet Borwick, ,layne Kochel, and Natalie Marcus represented the society in lntersociety Debate. Clios were proud of Barbara Frankel when she placed third in Prose and Poetry Hnals. Elaine Sternhill represented the society in Extempo finals. Several Clios participated in the society play, "Great Expectations." The outstanding social event was the annual Mothers' Valentine Tea. Valentine colors were used in decorations and refreshments, and a Valentine corsage was presented to each guest. As is customary, senior Clios were given beautiful corsages for baccalaureate. Ol-l4IC.l!iRS Intl wniester utlums me ltstuil tint Q, yrs i PICESIDISNT .... tfnrolyn 'F1'HHL'V, lean .Inn Hell VYCE-PRlZS'DlENT. .. ...flfnrv Lon llornn, 7nv1ite'Plu'llijvs SECRETARY ..l1v:n ,lun liell, llixic Lon Jlillei 19, 'l'lCEASLlRIfR. ,Tn nv Sl'l1tt'lt'1', tnmlvn 'Finney ll'S'l'ORlAN, .llixiehvn,l1iller,Nnntv Slmwler SlTRC.lfANT-AT-ARMS ,, .nliarlmm tlilen, Rnlw JfHtfL't sun SPONSORS. . ,. .... flliss trivia 71'ilItniI, Jliss liimun Jig fiUlHf7 Seated ,lean Bell, -lanice Phillips, Mary l.ou Doran. Niiltltlllltl: Ruby Anderson, Carolyn lfinney, Nancy Shawlei. 50 STR! LIAN l' AT ARMS .,,..., lnnite lleleiwn, 'n'flNHUtl5 . ...,,..., ,llist lie-is llnnnjnn, OlflflfllfRS lull fini' lf: wllltwr- nw' li lvl ltisl l'Itl snmrmi , ,, ,Wlltuv may Jrtittnfft-nv, 4' - ltinellmk Yllflf l'lllfSllJlfN'l' ,,. .Hllmriel Knlelnmu, l Sllllltlll llulv 9l1fIRl:'l'AllY,. lennnelle lieulun, Kitten Rennie lAlll'ASLllllflC. ,llnrlmm llllllllrl, Knllieinie lirute ,llnitmiel Sienssiury IIXSICJRIAN .... I mul f,rcen, Knllnvn Sealetk ,lllss lim rl BVYV up Rented Karen Remde, Katherine Bruce, Rarluara llilling Sharon Dotx Nlnmlintl QICZIIIIICIIC Benton, Margaret Swnssing, ,lane Xtarlt, llnixiet Katelman, Mary Alice Ntaclatferty, tfaiol Green, lxalhiyn Sealock lPHll The Alphas did outstanding work this past year. Debate teams consisting of Carolyn Shehan, .lane Fell, .lane Mark, Kathryn Sealock, and Roberta Zuck tied for second place in the lntersociety Debate Tournament. .leannette Benton received an honoralwle mention in the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest. Alphas carried three important roles in the Alpha-Thalian-Delta Tau play. Three contestants Marv Alice Maclaffert Sharon Dot' and ,leannette I ,, f f Benton were in the Prose and lloetr finals with Mar Alice winning second 1 1 Y . place. As a result ol' this honor, Mary Alice represented the school in Extempo- raneous Interpretive Reading at the lowa Forensic League Meet in lowa City. To close a successful year the Alphas held their annual lwanquet to honor their seniors and mothers. First H.-in llagerman, Ntcffallum, Benton, Mills, Vantlerpool, Duffy, Scott, liell, Sealoek, Randolph. Netmnl Row Iensen Brrmn, Green, Allerton, Bruce, Beck, Swassing, Shehan, Remcle, Thompson, Duty. fluid Run' luck Xlailt, Nlarlatfertv, Vollsteclt, Katelman, Pilling, Boehm, Larsen, johnson, Blunk. 51 Tits! Ruin: Denatelli, Cash, james, Brunow, I.ara. Semin! Ruin- Knauss, Kerher, Cihhs, .X1akinson, Christensen, Mullin. Third Row, Stucker, I,encI1, Liggett, Iixline, Sorensen. IIIIIIII SAIIS CIUII The purpose ol this cluh is to promote at A.L. interest in retail sellingg and to wrovide the memhers of the Distrihutive Education class the aradoxical o or- I tunity ot participating in an extracurricular activity during school hours, Once a week the cluh sponsors either a movie, special speaker, or a Iield trip to retail and industrial firms. A "Holiday IIop" was sponsored by the cluh during Christmas vacation to raise funds for the annual noon luncheon for em- ployers. In Eehruary the cluh members and their friends attended a roller sliatf ing party. Other social events outside of school and working hours were planned for the spring school term. OVEICIERTS 'fill 'NCIIHVICI UIIILCIN ine ltslrwl tw! MANAGER .,..,,.. GCHL'I'IL'l7L' 'Knlnr Ibitlc Lizlztcll ASSISTANT MANAGER ...... flnine fllnlcinwn, Inch Zxline SECRETARY . . , . ,flnim Lam, Ierrv fllnllin IIOOKKEEPER .,...........,...,.. Intl: 'Knanss PLIBLICITY DIRECTOR. Henna Iam: fII7I'ISIt'?INCll, III!1Il'ILifIlII1IIllUIl' ELOOR XXf"AI.KER.IlitIc Ligmell, l7unaliI llenalelli SPONSOR. . . .... Jfr. ljemld ,Russ sented: Elvira Lara, Dick Liggett, jerry Ntnllin, Pat Brunow. Nlinni inn, Don Denatelli, Elaine Makinson, Donna Christensen, Bob Knanss. 52 x x my ' ,we x if SN V- x L N : Q5 E '33 IHI IIIVI I IIIIIIIIM IUNIOR CI.ASS PLAY Wt? V im W 'E "I'ni such a dreadful disappointment to my father!" lim Stuelke, Sandra Knott. The neighborhood girls, played hy Donna Annis, Barhara Frankel, ,lean Fogarty, Nettie Power, Pat Roennau, Marion Holden, Beverly Healey, and Sharon Doty, sit around and admire handsome Tex Arlen, portrayed hy Erwin Atherton. Tirst Row: Scarvie, Knott, Phillips, Fuhs, Stuelke, Fogarty, Martin, Frankel, Merrill. Sammi Row: Holden, Duty, Dilley, Healey, Power, Hewitt, Roennau, King, Pitt, 1Thinl Row: Bichel, Lainson, Hansen, Atherton, Kuhl, johnson, Fischer. The first play of the year was the uproarious comedy, "The Divine Flora," produced by the junior Class. Centering around a young girl and the attempt of two boys to make her popular, the play was presented October I I and I3 under the direction of Miss Eileen Wolfe. WINNIE ... BOB ............. BOOBS .............. KITT OLMSTEAD ..... ELTA DEAN CFLURAD .... RANDY PRYOR ...... MR. PRYOR ......... MRS. PRYOR ...... BUZZ RAFFET .... MR. DEAN .,....... SHARON PRYOR WAYNE ,.......... TEX ARLEN .... POLLY .............. MARVELLE ........... DAPHNE GILLFORD MR. DUGNAN ..... BELLA ........... SUSIE ........ CAST .. .7I1ary Lou Pitt .....9I'like Nerrill ...Nancy Lainson Mary Jlnn Wlartin ......Sandra Knott ....jim Stuelke ....joe U-Iansen . . .janice Phillips ...,. .Bob Tuhs .....Dick Kuhl . . . . .jean Togarty .......Dauid Smith . . .Erwin Atherton . . . . .Nettie Power . . .Barbara 9-Iewitt . . .Sondra Johnson . . . . . . .Bill Bichel .................,..........ShirleyKing Suzanne Tischer GIRLS .... ..,............... B ciferly Healey, Qloria Ililley, Pal Rocnnau, Sharon Iloty, Donna Janis, fllarion 'Holdem Barl1ara'Tranlcel two clil'c'ciln's, hliss wlcillc' flllbl tNlr. l..tngclon, .incl the two leading per- l'tn'inc'rs, Vlovcl Knutson and Phil Ntrolihc-lin, lflovcl .incl Mr. langdon loolc over the rc-snlt. inicfs taste. lane liarnum .incl Nancy Shea cotnparc' notes on their con- trasting solos. ,lane sang "Indian l,ovc- Call" .incl Nancy, "Alter Ynltlvc' finite." fic-ocl stage c reics are essential for a sttccesslul procluction. ,Iohn llarri- son nianagecl the stage ancl house lights lor the roacl show. l'hc' script was a joint project ol. the lhc-re nas music to please every- 'i.:sfgppsw.t . i Ns ANIHIIIIAA ROAD Sl IOXV The annual roacl show proha- hly is the most cosmopolitan school event ot' the year. There are no limitations as to age, memhership, or type ol' talent. This year's procluction, with a ca-at ol' approximately three hunclrecl, was one of the hest uniliecl performances ever presentecl at Al. Directecl hy Mr. llarry l.angclon, Miss Eileen Wcxllie, ancl Mrs. Viola Bichelfit was hasecl on great events in American history. Both the auclience ancl the huge cast hacl a wonderful time. Although the running-time of the show presentecl N0- vemher to ancl I7 was two hours, many more hours ol preparation went on hefore the opening night, as is illus- tratecl hy the accompanying pictures. Ihc' participants ol' each slcit produced their own costumes Mixed chorus rehearsals are strictly informal, hut the linishecl incl stage props, .Nlargaret Swassing and lfleanor llays get product providecl some of the road show's hest lllllslc Acccmi- in a lc-w stitches on thc- golcl satin Inclian costumes they panied hy the nimhle lingers ol' Bruce Halter, Cynthia Swanson ire in thc- ltt'sl act. practices her solo. 55 Provis spends his last few moments with Pip and Herbert after he- ,ng shot on the hal- :ony of Pip's hoarding school. Phil Slrolvbelm, Don Slwplcy, IJom1'KoIlmf. "Oh! Don't cut my throat, sir. Pray don't do it, sir." lJong'Koll1of, Don Shepley. HISIIIAI IXPIIIIAIIII S" A dramatization of Charles Dickens's famous novel, "Great Expectations," was presented at Abraham Lincoln Decemher I4 and I5 by the Clio, Ero, and Omega literary societies. The three-act play concerned a young Englishman and his struggle to find his own place in life. The director, Mr. Harry Langdon, had gratifying success with the difTicult casting. PIP ................,.........,... MRS, JOSEPH CARCERY .... .. JOE CARGERY ..,..,,........ .. . . Dong Kullvof .flfliyllzs flialony ......fIoe'Hansen PROVIS .............,......... ...... I Jon Slleplcv Making a play successful takes lots of practice and hard work Pictured are Karen Peterson and Doug Kolhof rehearsing their lines. SERCEANT OF THE GUARD ..., .. MISS HAVISHAM ,,.......... .. ESTELLA .........,. , . SARAH POCKET BIDDY ........... .... MR. IACCERS .,..., . . . HERBERT POCKET .... , . .fntlene 1Tliompson . . .Gloria 7-Ianscn . .Karen 'DCfL'f5Uil . . fleanine fKeIsaY , ..flar1iccPl1illi11s . Waller' Ilyper, flr. . . .7'IwiISlroIvI1elwn SKIEEENS .......,. . . .'Tl0rcncv Ffvcrcsl MOLLY ............. .... 5 fIaineSIernl1ill CLARA HARLEY ......... ...,... 1 Karen Sorensen BENTLEY DRLIMMLE .,., ,... ' Kenny Zivinzcrnmn Niitlintf: G, Hansen, Sorensen Sternhill, Malony, Everest Zimmerman, Peterson, Phillips Kelsay, Sttnnlintz- Thompson Pyper, Shepley, I. Hansen Strohhehn. HHIAIII CA WMI" AI.PI IAsIJIEI.TA TAUATI IAI.IAN PI.AY Cast .lfllf I'lfNlJl.If'I'UN ......,..,.......,..,... ..,,, I lull Lvlrlw Lluderstudvz lfulr Pvutluv llIf'I"I'If IAOCZAN .,.,.,. ,......4.... I .flltIlY lllct' fllncLtlfIc1IY Under-.ludy: liqliy 5 llswurllv MR. ,IORIJAN .,........,,........,........... Tluwnvil lluudlv Llndcrstudy: Ilhllcr Pyywr MIZSSIENCISR 7lIl.i ........... ...,....,... . Nlwrry I'nmIcr1wooI lUI.lA I5ARNSXX'ORiI'Il ., ....... Nellie TIUHICI 'IUNY AIiIIO'I"I', ,. ... ..'Kvurw Zimmcrnmn 1 I fl "Please, darling, lv.-IK stmiglileu lhis ef ul Ilungs tant go Im this may Ixennx MAX LEVENE MRS. AMIES .... WIIIIAMS ..., I.I?I3TY ..... SLISIIE . . . ANN ....,,... XVORKMAN .... DOCTOR . . . NLIRSI: .........,...... RADIO ANNOLINCIER. ,. PLAINCLOTHIESMAN .,... FIRST IESCORT ......,. SIECON IJ IESCORT .,.. STLIDIENT DIRECTOR .,,. STAGE MANACLIER, . .. .. . . .Pat O'II!cm'a . . .Pal Ruenmm .. . . .llnne "Wilson . . l1'm'run Trnncke Iimlmm Hm1v.'r'nxan . . ..4udrey Phillips . , . . Roller SLWIIOLKIJ . . .Bruce linker .. .Bmlmm Sou . . . . Ive 'Hansen . . . . . Domi Rolwy . .Shirley SUVL'!ISt'?l . . . .llvlly 'Kllliwk . . . .Terry Ilce:lL'Y , . .John 'Harrison IL nl , Rml l,eInel, Nellie llrmul 1.-vllwv Lvl! P H ps"'U"w"' mlm" xlml"'H'5"lf I-ff'-L", lllmfwl Riillvl But l tell you, l.ellx', I was shut in In V "ln" lI""'l't' tfH""I k""' ll"ll'l'Nf heart. Rod I.eIner, Vlarlen l4rann'ke. Lower R1 JI! llh lxulisek, Vnmleipoul, Ruennau Ilviril Row Play rehearsals are a lot of lun as evidenced by thx lnmeiman, lhmlm, Sealotk, Sue. Langdon. "lIeaven Can Wait," the hilarious stage success on which the movie, "Here Comes Mr. jordan," was based, was the presentation March 'll and 22 of the Alpha, Delta Tau, and Thalian Literary Societies. The fantasy chron- icles the adventures of ,Ioe Pendleton, a prize fighter, who is snatched from a crashing plane by an overly-ambi- tious angel before the fighter can die. The remainder of the play describes the efforts of Mr. jordan, a heavenly authority, in securing another body for Mr. Pendleton. Murder, mystery, and nonsense all play a part in this lively comedy directed by Mr, Harry gay group. Dorothy Osborn, sees a vision of Mary the mother of jesus, for the first time The senior class presented "The Song of Bernadette" on May 22 and 23. Lourdes, France, in the mid-nineteenth century, is the setting for the play, which is taken from a novel by Frank Werfel. The three-act drama tells the story of a young French girl and her miracle-producing faith. Bernadette, played by "THE Sli li Ill Bill AIIIIIF' CAST SISTER MARIE VAUZOUS. .. IEANNE ABADIE ,... IZERNADETTE ...,..... MARIE SOUBIROUS .... DEAN PEYRAMALE .... LOUISE SOUBIROUS ,.. SOUBIROUS .............. CROISINE BOUHOUHORTS . . . LOUIS BOURIETTE ....... BERNARDE CASTEROT ..., MADAME SAJOU ...... ANTOINE NICOLAU ... MAYOR LACADE . . , JACOMET ....... DR. DOZOUS .... CELESTE .........,. MADAME PERNET ..... MOTHER JOSEPHINE .......... .,..Slmiuii flltmit' .. . . . .-KIIY'lll't1llIL'l' ., .ibtwoilw Osborn . . . fllmlmrn 'Hrigleriiinii . . . .llicls 7-icutier sun ...Vitvllis flfnluuv . , . .Tltwtl 'Kuttlwii ..ZuIt1 Tiauscu .....IJtuigJ Kollmi . . . , ,7Cm'en Vulcrstvii ., , .Nmitiu lbewali , . .'FItwtI Tuieiiitiii . . . . .7'lUItIt1Vt1'HUIltIlI ....Simi Cfuliiris , . . ,ilili St'i1roL'tIt'r .. . . .Naricv Slim ...wlielly Fllsworllv ..........,Cfarolyn 'Finney STUDENTS. . .Lou Ann 'Rally Nmzcy Slwautler, Yauittt' Vullsletil, Plvyilis Iiloxum, Carol Lee Htidnlz, Fsllwr Starrett DIRECTOR .................... .........flliss r'ilt't'H ii'oiit' First Row, Hagerman, Rath, Malony, Hansen, Peterson, Starrett, Finney, Still dressed in their modern clothes, these girls practice their Shea, Prather, Bloxom, Osborn. Srtmiti Row: Ellsworth, Vollstedt, Collins, portrayal of students in a nineteenth-century Iircnch classrnmwt Knutson, Henderson, Hough, Kolhof, Schroeder, Foreman, Dewall, Moore, VARSITY 4-1 lloyd lorrrrrtrrr li.rrlr.rr.r lleuitt .uid lirnX1t'CIrrirelonL up Netlled llarlrara llewitl ,lolrn llarrisorr lim Xixliuirc rrrlrrrrrr.rtiorr lor tlrerr delmles in lexrlrorrlts and m.rg.rrirres -learrirre Kelsax Nttrmlrrrrr lflovtl l-oremarr llnrrglas lxollrot f rrd lrlns .rre used to tlassrlr qlrol.rtrorrs .rrrd rrrrporlarrl lu lorrrrrtrrrrr on trrrrerrt delr.rle loprrs Xa! silt dclrater s lolrrr Illll ll Debate is rapidly becoming one of the more important activities at Abraham Lincoln. There are two main phases of it -varsity and intersociety. The varsity debaters, under the direction of Miss Eileen Xlifolfe, debate instructor, represented the school in more than one hundred and twenty debates with other high schools. Ol these de- bates, a large majority was wins for A. l.. Besides debate contests, members ol the squad won other a- wards. ,leanine Kelsay placed fourth in an extemporaneous speak! ing contest at Xllfesleyan College alter winning lirst in the district contest. Doug Kolhol' and ,lohn llarrison were chosen outstanding debaters at llastings and were on the lirst place debate team in the Boys' Missouri Valley Tournament. Doug also received lirst place in radio speaking at the district contest, Central lligh School, and Wfesleyan College. l3loyd Foreman was a linalist in the district radio speaking contest. The intersociety debaters, also under the supervision ol Miss Xllfolfe, represented their literary societies in debate tournaments in the fall. This year, the lfros came out with top honors, winning all their debates. There was a three-way tie for second place between the Omega, Alpha, and Thalian literary Societies. Ilrrrr-,mr rrrrl ltnrrrrrre lselsax torrsrrlt their tile as Doug Ktrllrrrt r.,tt.,.. I HRSII V.,,.,Vz. c ...., .. rllr lane lell .rs Irrrre keeper ll.rrlr.rr-r llertitt presents her xierts irr an irrler Vrrst Rr-14' llealey, llewitl, lioul Koclrel, Horrriclrt Iatltsorr Xiarls Ncrrrrul rtrelx rlelrale l'.rlrrtr.r lllrs It-ll rrrd lartrlxrr Slrelrarr ur .it their turns Row Sorensen, Balser, Haas, ,Xrrderstrrr llolden lielsax Tlrrrtl R-'rr' .Xruriy Nlroerrralter, RIWIIIIJII, Phillips, lutlt, Xiarcirs Wrnncs nun First Row: Faris, Power, Roennau, Hewitt, Phillips, Peterson, Dewall, Healey, Everest, Holden, Frankel, Olsen, llagerlnan. Niutmnl Roto. Jenkins, Beezley, Ranney, Foreman, Hough, Kolhof, .N1acl.ai'ferty, jackson, Riggins. Tlviril Roni: llansen, Shepley, Atherton, Kates, Nlacklancl, Knutson, Harrison, Pall DRAMATICS CLUBS The Dramatics Club is an organization that is interesting as well as informative. Anyone interested in dramatics, whether it is acting in plays, participating in prose and poetry, or giving speeches, has the privilege of becoming a member. The meetings consist of individuals giving one act plays, acting out skits and pantomimes, and having guest speakers. A meeting is held once every month. The Thespians, another of the dramatics organizations at Abraham Lincoln, is made up of students who have earned enough points through work in plays or on stage crews to qualify for mem- bership. The Masque and Wig is an inactive honorary group to which four students from each production are elected. lHlSPI HCT. DRAMATICS CLUB GFHCERS PRESIDIENT ........ llomllax Kolliol VlClf-lJRllSlUl?N'l' . . .'RKr1rt'it 'l'L'lt'r'sol1 SECRETARY . . . . .Nellie llozzwr TRlfASLlRl3R .. .,.. lolm llarriwn first Row. Frankel, Hagerman, Everest, Power, Peterson, Phillips, Healey, Roennau, Osborn. Semin! Roto: Dewall, llenderson, Nlacl.at'ferty, Pyper, Kolhof, Moore, liinney, Beezley, Duty, lTbird Row: Harrison, liorernan, Shepley, Atherton, Kates, Mackland, Hansen, Knutson. 60 yrQ:iQ'l' Y 95: ' 'QW ii , K as wr, Q SE5 X 2 552? 2"bm5p 13 -R s 33:55 A 'SMS zeiiew f H1351 ' ' :gs 33 l Q. QW K .X ms ,, K N' WX fc S ' 'EX ,YQ Sf D .ix fic 'gs 5. A X S35 A5295 :F-S im x 'XS K s. mx wwe .. . 1 Q xg i W . W .sw x Qu? X x Q X. N. .Mx . . 135:22 X, . QQ.. . SSN ' Sling Y wx - 'First 'Ruin Malony, Swanson, Hansen, Farnum, Osborn, Second A popular pecldler, played by Don Hansen, sells K H d D e Richie. a lotion used hy a famed and beautiful Countess. Row: Gould, Ogren, nutson, en erson, emps y, 'lHl MARRIAGE lll lllllllllllillln The production of "The Marriage of Nannettefi a three-act comic opera, was presented in the school auditorium on the nights of March 7 and 8. The show, with lyrics by Agnes Emelie Peter- sen and music by Louis Woodson Curtis, takes place in the French village of Champs-des-Fleurs. Mrs. Viola Bichel directed the operetta, with Mrs. Cleola Manslield directing the dances. lll2l.OlSl3, Conttesse de Martigny. YVQNNE, her sister ........... FREDERIC, Doc d'Antin ..... MADELON, his daughter ..., HENRI, his nephew ........ . Hll.AlRE, his Steward .......,.... MME. ZENORIE, keeper of the inn ..,. .... NANNETTE, her daughter ....... EDMOND, Mme. Zenohieis son ..... ., RODERIQUE, a highwayman. . . JEAN ....,........,,......,. REPORELLO, a gypsy chief ..... , . ,Zola l'l'lt1ll.Nl.'Il .lllvyllis jllalony . Donald Sl1cl1lr.'y ...jane fFarnum . lliclc flienderson ...Hjim Sluelkc .lfynllvia Swanson .Dorothy Osborn ...ullclc Qould . .jerry Dempsey .Tim jllcffarlney .. . . .Dick Omen ZINGARA, a gypsy girl ,..........,..,....... 'Karen llclcrsou RFNE, a village youth, in love with Nannette ..,.. floyd 'Knutson IEMILE, a village hoy ....,..,.................. lliclc Tl"l!1l1SL'll YVETTE, a village maid .,...... .... l Dixie Tllillcr SUSANNF, servant at the inn ..., ,..Naucy Sltawlct' MARCEI., servant at the inn .,.,.. ...,.. R on 'Kiqer l'llERRF l'ARTl'llfNAY, notary, town-crier .... .... ' R011 Richie' PALILINA, a pedcller ....... ... SANYO, Reporellok hear .... ,...Don 'Hansen .. , . .jim Kern A group of village maids sing ol Rene setenades Naiinette as they hang garlands in honoi l ""t' ' Dowtln OST or.1, lloyd li rt o the tluke's forthcoming arrival. of the estixiies. 1 Y .ii t. BUYS' lilll 'Tint 'Row Don llansen, Richie, Knntek, Thompson, Wfilson, Works, Mourer, Kern. Sewixd Row: l.endt, Mcffartnex' Slnelke, lessen, Knutson, Dempsey, Rus, Kiger. illvinl Row: Rasmussen, Shepley, Henderson, Dick Hansen, Neilsen i'hui1'hn1an, Oglen. GIIHS' Gll livwf Row Hxhee, Ilulwerl, Newman, Wilson, Keairnes, Haas, Palmer, R, lleywnod, Bush, Petersen. Nuovo! Ron- Rinliuine, IJ lfxline, Brown, Iennen, Nl. llexwoml, Coleman, li. lfwline, Marcus, Baker, Klllisek. Tlviiil Row Kramei Reiff, Goodman, lovgensen, Brown, Shoemaker, Slightam, Blum, Pruitt, Sealock. Fourth Row Iverson, Anclei:-on, Pioledn, Soe, Filling, Kain, Boehm, ldanke, Shehan, Beck. 63 SIVIAH GIHIUPS BUYS, QLIARTETTE MIXED QUARTETTE Mclfartncy, Dempsey, Stuelke, Richie, Malony, Dempsey, Stuelkc, Osborn. Q IRLS TRIO Nlalom Oshm n Hansen ,MGM SEXTETTE DOUBLE SEXTETTE wnlcd I:?ll'IllII11, Maclaffcrty, Swanson. fkfflilfffllflz Miller, Moore, Slxocning. first Rum Pluitl, bhcemaker, Hawks, Owens. 5t'U'1lIfRU1l': Beck, Bell, W'at:.0n, Stroh 64 IIIIIXIII CHUIIIIS Inst Row Faris, liranlccl. Svmnd Row Rice, Neuiahr, B. Schoening, Falk, Palmer, Key, C. Beck, johnson, Annis, O'Ilrien, llranilenlwurg, Z. Ilansen, Blunk, Ramey, Morris, Osborn, Wfatson, Riggins, M. Hansen, Lear, Sorensen, Duty. IIIUII R-'uv llell, Shawlcr, Peterson, Swanson, Stroh, Tatta, Knox, Oden, Basch, Swassing, Franke, Sihneider, S. Iinolek, llarnum, Rloxnm, Nloon, Miller, Gohlinghorst. Tmulh Row. Phillips, Power, Petker, Ilawks, Owen, Iiarsen, NIaiI.aIfevtv, Spenre, I.. Knotek, Richie, Thompson, Roden, S. Beck, Coleman, Moore, Datesman, Ilewall, Davie, Iillsworlli, R Schoening, ID. llansen. Villlv Row: Mourer, Schlmt, Anderson, Kern, Dempsey, I,emIt, Rasmussen. Knutson, Rus, Ugren, flhurchnxan, R. Ilanscn, Neilsen, Stuelke, Wilsorr, McCartney, lessen, Could, Works, MIXIEIJ CII IUIIIIS UI3IfIClIEII1i VOCAI. IWLISIC BOARD 0I:I3ICIfRS l'RI5SIIJI1NI' ,.. ...llovoflvy IMI rivr vi PRISSIDENT ...... ..., I 7omIIW Osborn VICIIE I'IiI'SII JIENI . . . . .lcrrv Ibcnrpwy VICllfI'RI2SIDIfN'I '... ., .llmlvnm Udcn f-XIfCfRIf'I'ARY .... .....,...,,..,, I Jimi' Jlillcr SIYCRISTARY ... .,.IJiNic fllillcr IIIIRARIANS ,,.......... .,.I'IvvIIix AlmIvcr', Ixmnila Iirink TREASURER ... .... Ilclly 1KuIiwk XYARIJROIIIE MISIRITSS .... .... L on 'Inn Sperm' IIISTORIAN ...janet 'Watson IIIIEIII IISIC B0 IIII Ins! Row Ileuk, Nliller Kramer Ellswortlx. Nvwvni Row Iiulisck YQ'atf,01I. I I I 65 With the aid of Xliss Elaine Sorensen, string instructor, a portion of the Hrst violin section of the orchestra puts in a few moments of extra practice. ORClsllfSTRA OFFICERS l,RliSll7lTNT ..... ,..7att1's llcntlcrsoii X'lCIE-IJRITSIDENT ...,....... it 'i'i y l3cc:lCv SiICRli'l'ARY-TRIEASLIRER ..... lane fllrtrlc FIIRCZEANT-AT-ARMS. . . . . .lirnce linker jane Mark, jerry Beezley, Bruce Baker, ,lanis lflenderson. One of thc most important musical organizations of the school is the high school orchestra. lts activities are many and varied, and its music ranges from popular song hits to classical selections. The orchestra this year gave a concert in comhination with the hand on Decemher 4, and took part in the Music Clinic for all Council lilutls high school music students and those from near-hy towns. The clinic was held Fehruary 25-26 with guest conductors. Four memhers of the orchestra were also menihers of the lowa All- State Orchestra in Des Moines on Novemher 23-24, and played in a concert at the Drake Fieldhouse, climaxing two days of practice. Again, as in years past, soloists and groups gained many superior and excellent ratings at district and state contests, continuing the line work of previous music students of A. l.. The operetta on March 7-8 was another school project assisted hy the orchestra. Thus ended another successful season of work and fun for the or- chestra under the ahle direction of Mr. Harry Hilton and Miss Elaine Sorensen. First Run' Iiirkliolz, P. Baker, Bamesherger, Budatz, Schroeder, Kiliharda, Mills, Petersen, Beezley, Nuctnnl Row, Browntielcl, lligvins, l- llurick, Makinson, Fell, Colwell, ,Third Row Siehert, Miller, G. Hansen, Thontpson, Sorensen, Kteger, Iverson, Mark, Henderson, Green, Gould, B. Baker. Fonrllv Row pl. llansen, Anderson, Kuhl, Ogren, Nimtz, Knutson, Spence, Vosler, Teclesco, Reynolds. 1 RAND OITICIERS f1U111Ul1,.v11 QNIJ 1.18. .... .,..,.. 1 1,1fs 1' 1.1.1 1 , 1' 1 ' '11'1111'.l Y,'.1111-:1X'11.11'1 11i111Og1c11. 1111111111111 A111111 ,X1:11L'1N.11.1, 111111 K11111, 1111511 K11l1ls1111, 11111111111 51111112 A x1'1'v .lL11X'1.' 111711113 111 1211.-.i1i.111w Jl'11llI1L1 SLI111111 1111'1111g1111111 1110 11.111 11-.11 11.1, 111L' 11.11111 111, '1x1ll'L1ll10 111111 111011111011 LOI1NlilIlI1y 11111.15 111,11-11111111 .11 111,111,111 1131111-,V playing Uyluqpggy 511111 pm' A fZll11111Zll'SCl3IlC 1111111114 f1111111a11 season is 1110 11IIl1l1, X1'111Lk11 1'1111111i11u5 mllsic 111111 111a1'1'11i11g fm' 11a11'-lime: 11111g1'a111s 111 c111c11ai11 111s 1.1111 1111111111111 111 1111- 111-11 11.11111 .11 11.1s11c111a11 ga111us. 1111s 511111111 11111 1.111111 111 11II'11IL'1 -.111:1111-1111111 at A. 1.. c1l'0LlP5 and 5111111515 1111111 1111' 11a1111 1'c1cix'1'11 111.1111 x11pc1'i1 5.1.:1'111111g5 11.11. 11111 1II'N1 .111ivi1v 11ndcr1a1ic11 11y111c 11and wil11 HIIL1 cx1':11c111 ratings at 1111111111 a1111 slate 1'11111cs1s. 11.11 1'.' 11111: 111121, 111.11 L1 1-.111111'1-pam111r111u11111111a11ga111cs,parades, 11111 1V1JlI'k1l1lIg1 11JlI1L1 C111111-x1 at A11-Sar-13011 on Scp1c11111cr 28 and A C,1i11i1 and playing: a1 1110 111i111.11'y 11.111. C1111111111i11g 111C ycam 1'11- H1.111- .N1.11111111g5 CI111111.-1.1 .11 S11c11a111l11aI1 1111 011111101 13. ' ' ' ' w111'11 llllL1Cl' 1111: 11a11111 111 M12 1121l'I'v.' 111111111, 111c 11:11111, 111gc11111 U111- 1.11-1111111 111 1111: 11.11111, A1111 SIIIII11, was 111111ac11 111 a11111 111111 111L 111 111 111, giavc 1 11111'1'1-Q .11 11c.11'111' 1 11115 411111 1'11ax'1'1 1111111 .11 11111 11.111 .1-1 .1 1IVL'I1l15C1' 111 1111' A11-Slatc 11aIlc1 and 1111111 1 ' 3 1" '- 1 U 1 31 11.1111 111 1111- 11-n1L'1.11 .11 131'-1 ,N1111111-s 1111 N1lX'C11113L'I' 24. A- 11-1 Um1'11Cn4C111C11l QWVUWS- 11111 1611111 N 111:11'-1, X11,111u, Stcvcns, Kroger, I. Smith. W1111111 7111111 Sioufcr, P. Vnslcr, Colwcll, KlllIL1SCIl, XYY0l1k1NN'01'I11, I.ig11t11c1'. R Sl1l111l XY. X'111.I1'1 1111111 1311111 11ll111,L1H11K1, Cf11a11111u1's, lliggins, N1L'CfaII11111, Starlctt, Bl'llHUM', 13111iL'k, Saint, Ki1i11a111a, C11'cc11, Ila1'1'is1111, '1'1111111p51111. V11111111 R11111 8111111111-1, '1' N11171111a111, 1i.11x1111, 1f1'11111a1111, Bmlalz, Hills, K. N11g1D1111a111, C. 11a111'c11, '1-I'ZCL'1H1i, Cox, X1i11u1', Rcy1111111s, Claus, S1'1111c11i11g 1.111 lI11111 Ix11111x1111 111111 R11111 C11111111, 'I'c11cs1'11, 1Da11111111, 1:CJllI'11l7lIl, BlII'1!Cl1I1C, C11rif11c11s1:11, M111'p11y, 1X11111:1s1111, 5IlXL1Cl, Og1c11,511111111cI111 1111111 S11-111-11, Nimlx, I 1l.1111u11, 1X1kc1111a11, 5 ,Innes DRUM 51.111011 ..15'111'11 11111111111 191' ITS .. 1111111 l11111'111111 11113 11.111113 11111 111'11g:1'a111 1I1k1llL1CL1 11a1'1111pa1i1111 111 1111- A111111 WIIIIIIIIIS. Although going to school is a full-time occupa- tion, outstanding students still hnd time to carry on their extracurricular hobbies and turn them into winning activities. Work in 4-ll groups kept many A.l.. girls busy. Some of their prize-winning projects were in the fields of better grooming, gardening, cook- ing, sewing, and home furnishing. Seated in the picture at upper left are Barbara Soe, jane Mark, Mary Mackland, Georgiana Frost, jane Fell, Shir- ley Beck. Standing are Mary jane Slightam, Don- na Davie, Lynel McKee, Gwen Green, lane An- derson, Barbara Pilling, Kathryn Sealock, Carole Beck. 4-H work kept the boys busy, too. Franklin Fiala CcenterD won his ribbons in hog-raising and demonstrations. The Sealock twins, Ronald Cleft? and Roger Crightl, won theirs in raising steers and also at state fair demonstrations . . . Garol Rice's essay on "The Five Things I Want Most Out of Life" won her a variety of prizes includ- ing a typewriter, camera, television set, con- vertible, and a trip to New York. The contest was sponsored by the Independent Grocers AI- liance . . . The F. ,Iohn Brandeis trophy was a- warded Ed llotlman as lntercity junior singles tennis champ . . . Barbara Frankel and Bob Proca tor received portable radios for their original or- ations in the Voice of Democracy contest, spon- sored by the junior Chamber of Gommerce . . . Bob Fuhs displays the trophy he won for his accuracy in trapshooting. QQ if 'fe 65 . ,, , ,,rvf,A?v W r f, Q G K . wg z Q, . is , A L. ,K Q x- 1' X F "vu Q6-ww,.M st-iitvii Harold Voss, Louie Ben- lon Nltulriiiiil, Lou Ann Rath, Rod elner, ,Ianis Henderson. Alter a successful football season, one oi A.I..'s varsity players turns in his equip- ment, X . .wawwasgi l . Seniors put on their best clothes and smiles for the photographer. Concentration centers on the weighty problem ot selecting the style of senior announcements. SEIRS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ........ ..,.......,. . . .Louie lieiitiuit VICE-PRESIDENT .... ..., R oiiiivv Lulncr SECRETARY ....., ..., 7 anis 'Henderson TREASURER ........... .Lou ,Jim Rath SERCEANT-AT-ARMS .......,........,..,.... 'Harold 'Voss CLASS SPONSORS ..... .... fl liss 'Hess Hriiiitlnit, fllr. 7-luilwrt Little Looking back over the past four years, the class of '52 has reason to be proud. Early in the school year came the election of class officers. Then, as the semester got under way, seniors took a leading part in ROTC, clubs, socie- ties, and were outstanding in dramatics, debate, athletics, music, and scholastic achievement. The ROTC record has been impres- sive this year, with seniors as othcers. The class of '52 has been active in dramatics and debate. Many members displayed their dramatic ability in the senior play. This has been a year of successes in athletics. 1952 saw A.L. with the best football team in years. In other sports, seniors did equally well. Many seniors were active in music, taking part in band, orchestra, glee, and practically all musical groups, Besides these activities, many seniors have attained scho- lastic recognition. Each six weeks, a representative number of seniors has appeared on the honor roll. ln addition to this, some have received significant personal awards such as scholarships. Graduation on Kirn Field climaxed four eventful years of high school for the seniors. 70 liinxi Roxx NlARllE ANN AMATO 1 omntcitiul lfchoes Huw. Mgr, Tlialiau Ser. Pep Club, Girls' Glee, Gym llag ennt, ARl.ON C ANDIERSON 1 ollellt' luetmrtllury lland Ist l.t , Road Show '4'l, '91, lllfRllliRT lf. ANDIERSIZN 1 ullvllt' l'r1'tullillluY lfootlmll, llasketlmll, Tiark, ROT1' lst l,t., Sopli 1'l:tss Sgt.- at A rms RllllY ANDIIRSON 1tInllrl1'l1tttl tlm Sgt. nt-Aimx, lflioe-. Stall lutersm'ietY Delsate, 'l'1lllmRmx lliAN ANN l'llfl.l. tUll1'll1' l'rt'1ntmtuiY 1'lio Ser, l'res,, Cheerleader Co 1'apt, Crimson and Blue Bus Stall, liootlmnll Queen Attendant Hand llon. lst l.t. lOllllf lllfNDON tievlwltl Sr 1.lass Pies., lll Y, l-ootlmll l.UlIUl'IllCI1'S Cluli, Tiatk. l.OlS 'IlfANNlITTlf BISNTON toluvuvrtiul Alpha Bev., Student fitlllllfll l l rose and Poetry, lfwtenipo lin Ill Roxx l'llYlililS HLOXOM 1t'll1'llt lwclmrutolv l?inSe1-, "l.ittle W'otuen," Crim son and llllIC Organizations lid. l'ep1 lulm, llon, lst l,t. RI1'llARD lf, l'lORXX'l1'R lvtx mul linlmtinw Sl YI N I'II Roxy Sl llRI.lZY l'lROW'N 1 omnlt'rt1'ul i i Si msn Roxy l'llYl.l.lS C. ARCHER Ummlertiul lichoes lfxfhauge lid., Y-Teen, Student Council, Chorus, Road Show. RODNEY lf. ARMOLIR Ucneml lli-Y, Student Council, Echoes Staff, Rifle Team. DARRlil,l. R. AXTlil.l. Vollctle llretuuulon' ROTC 'Ind l.t., Ritle Team. W'll,l,lAM li. BAl.l.ENGlTR 1it'nerul ROTC lst l.t., lli-Y, Traelt, lireslt. Baslcetlwall, Foltnili Roxx RORIERT BIERNIIARDS Liuuerul ROTC, lfchoes Stall, VAl.liRA ,IOYCIS BIRD 1fem'mI Road Show '50, "Riding Down the Sky," Clturus, Gl,l2N BIRRS ticuwul lfclioes Sports lid., Basketball, lli-Y. SIYI II Roxx BARBARA ANN BOYD 1 ollvile lm-ptxralow Thalian Treas., lntersociety De hate, Varsity Debate, Gym Page eant, Latin Club. IANIZT ALICE BROWN 1 olletle Pietmrulory Alpha V.-Pres,, Pep Cluh V.- Pres., Student Council Sec., lichoes Ad Staff, lfchoes Club and Soriety lid. Omega, Spanisih Cluli, jr. Real Cross, Rep., Gym Pageant. PATRICIA JOAN BRUNOXV 1 on1ntL'r1l'ul Road Show '50, Gym Pageant, Debate Team, lfehoeu Staff, Band Maiorette. Fitwr Row SHIRLEY BRUNOXV Iienerul Delta Tau, Crimson and Blue Publications Ed., Orchestra, Echoes Ad Staff, CAROL LEE BUDATZ College Prepurutory Pep Club Pres., Delta Tau V.- Prcs., Echoes Girls' Sports Ed., Crimson and Blue Play Ed., Spanish Club. GLENN BUNDY tjeneml ROTC. l.ARRY BLIRDICR ffolletle l'reImmtor'v jr. Class Pres., Football, Letter- men's Club Pres., ROTC 1st Sgt., Spanish Club, MATT A. BYERS lvts and lmlmtries ROTt1. SIELOND Row' CATHERINE MARIE CASH Commercial Student Council Sec., Football Queen Attendant, Pep Club, Clio, Road Show. MARY LOUISE CASH lfommercial Delta Tau Treas., Pep Club, Gym Pageant, Girls' Glee, Road Show. DON E. CHRISTENSEN tjeneml DONNA JEAN CHRISTENSEN Ifommerciul Retail Sales Club, Ero. NORMAN E. CLATTERBLICK .lrts and Jndmtries ROTC Sgt. I9 2 eniorfi 1952 TIIIRIJ Ruxx' YVONNE CLATTERBUCK flUIllHIt'lLllll Girls' Glee, Pep Club, Echoes Staff, Gym Pageant. SHIRLEY MAE CLAUSSEN Commercial Thalian Sec., Student Council, Road Show '4'I. STANLEY COLLINS General ROTC, Dramatics Club, Road Show. Form ru Row JANET CLARE COl.XlVELL tjeneml Glee Club, Pep Cluh, Operetta '50, '51, '52, Gym Pageant '50, '51, RON COOK general Echoes ROTC Ed., ROTC. SYI .VIA G. COONS l,mnmer I itll - A . ww.MWm.' Mm' ff.L4b.wmaswx.sw.v wm 1flva 1' IIINSI' Row Al,BlfR'l' DANllfl.5liN Ul.'lIL'l1Il liootlmall, ROTC, lfnhoes. ANNIE DA'l'lfSMAN 1oll1'tl1'l'u'p1ui1!orY 'l'halian Pies., Pep Cluli Pres, llon. lst l.t., lfchoes Society and ifluli lid., Ir. Red Cross See. DONNA I. DAVllf 1 ommel1n1l Student Council, Omega Sec., lfhorus., Nlaioretle, Pep Club, SAl.l.llf DAVIS llvnuml Spanish Vluli, Road Show '71 'l'lln1oR1txx BOB DRAPIIR 1 ullvtlv l'rc1mr11tmY liehoes Stall, liootliall, llifY, ROTC, l.ettermen's Clulm. lilf'l"l'Y IANII lfl.l.SW'UR'l'll 1 ollwlm' Prulmmtmy lfehoes lfd.-in-Chief, Della Tau Pres., Sec., Nat'l llonor Society, Y-Teen Pres, liootlxall Queen At- lendant. IACK lZXI.lNl2 1onllN1'r1i1Il Relail Sales lfluli V Pres. l'n1l1Row PATRICIA l3lfRRlS 1 umnwltiul Chorus, Cyn: Pageant. lRANKl.lN A. l3lAl,A 1 oll1'1Je l'r1'p1u11!orY Nat'l llonor Society, Rille Team. Student fillllllfll, ROTC Slllf. Sl t.oNIr Roxx ,IIERRY lAMlES IJEMPSIEY 1u'neml Boys' Clee, ROTC, "Marriage of Nannetle," Road Show, Wfres- tling, NANKIIE DlSWAl.li lIl'llL'I1ll Omega Pres, "Kay Beats the Band," Masque and Wig, Thea- pian, Hon. 2nd l.t. lill.l,LN DIl,l5 1unoncr1i1il Alpha, Pep Club, Girls' Clee. MARY LOU DURAN Lfumwnl Echoes lid.-in-Chief, llon. '2u1l l.t., Vlio V.-Pres., Pep Vlnli, lioutliall Queen Attendant. lfoinu II Roxx' CIENIS l.. FANCNIAN 1f1'ri1'vuI XNIZ FARNJUM t'oll1'1Ve lhetmltztmv lilo Sec., 'l'reas,, llon 2nd l.t., Road Show '-Pl, '50, WI, "Klar- riage of Nannette," Prose and Poetry liinals. IANIE lf. lflEI,I. 1 ollvtle l'r1.'11ioulolv Orchestra, Crimson and Blue Bus Staff, Pep Club Sgt.-at-Arms' Alpha Sgt.-at-Arms, l.atin Club. SIXIII Row CAROLYN RAI? HNNIZY 1 ollvtn' l'iepi1n1l1vw Hun. lst l.t., Clio Pies., 'lireas,, Spanish Kflnh Treas., lfresh. Class V.-Pres. lll2'l'Il ANN l3l.lE'I'K1lll7R 1:1'm'1.1l Alpha, lr. Red Cross Rep., Kivni Pageant, Road Sliuw. SITVFNTII Row FLOYD FOREMAN 1 oll1'1l1: Prelmvittory ROTC Capt., Ritle Team, "XXX- Shook the Family Tree," Thea pian, Dehate. DORIS IIEAN lfRANKlE 1 1vII1'111' l'rupt1rt1tmv Y-Teen V.-Pres., Ser., latin Vluh, Pep filulw, iflioiu5, Road Show '50, '5l. FIRST Row ,LEN E. FROM Commercial Track, Echoes Staff, ROTC. ONAI.D HAROLD .INKHALISER ljeneral Freshman Football, 'Intl Team Football, Debate, DBERT GARDNER Cfonlrnerrial Crimson and Blue Bus. Mgr., Nat'l Honor Society, Echoes Atl Staff, Track Mgr., ROTC Sgt. OSE GIBBS t.omrnercial Retail Sales Club. ENNETH E. GILMAN treneral Football, Wrestlirtg, Track, l.ettermen's Club, SECQNU Row DIANA LEE GOHLINGHORST College Preparatory Hon. Maj., Ero, Student Council Echoes Bus. Mgr., Pep Club, XWILLIAM GRESS tfommerciul Crimson and Blue Theme Ed. DARYL F. GUEST flrls and 'industries Echoes Staff. BARBARA LYNN HAGERMAN College Preparatory "We Shook the Family Tree,' "Riding Down the Sky," Alpha, Camera Club, Dramatics. ZOLA HANSEN College Preparatory Girls' Trio, "Marriage of Nan nette," Road Show '49, '50, '51 Delta Tau, Thespian. 9 2 eniom I9 2 THIRD Row JANET M. HEFLIN Qjerleral Cheerleader, Student Council, Football Queen Attendant, Road Show, Echoes Feature Ed. CHARLES j. HEITMAN Uenerul ROTC, Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms. ,IANIS E. HENDERSON College Preparatory Nat'l Honor Society, Sr, Class Sec., Orchestra Concert Mistress, jr. Red Cross Council, Hon. lst I t. Fou RTM Row RICHARD HENRY HENDERSON College Preparatory Basketball, Student Council Pres., jr. Red Cross Council Pres., Track, ROTC Capt. GWENDOLYN MARIE IIICKS tiuneral Road Show '50, Gym Pageant. LIOWARD C. HOUGH Qeneral ROTC 2nd l.t,, Dramatics Club, Student Council, "Heaven Can Wait." L lilnsr Row NOEI. HURD 1,etlL'rt1l ROTC Sgt , will P.-T.A. Christ- mas Play. RON ,IACKSON 1 olletle Preymmlmv Echoes lid., Track, ltettermen's Club, ROTC Ist Sgt., liresh lfootball. NANCY l,l2l2 IAMES 1 tmlnlertittl Student Council, lr. Red floss Srt.0Nn Row FRANK jAMES JASPER lltlllftll' 'nut-pttmrttrv Student Council V.-Pres., ROTC, Track, GEORGE BURTON JENKINS Ljeneml Football Mgr., Echoes Asst. Ad Staff Mgr., Hi-Y, Dramatics Club. NAIJINE M. JONES Ul'1l1.'Hll Ntaiorette, Echoes Stall, Mixed Rep., Thalian, Echoes Ad Statf. SHIRLEY ,IAMES 1 Ullllilflllall Retail Sales Club, N-Teen, Gym Pageant. 'lllllltll Row IIARRIIET KA'l'lZl.MAN 1 olletle Vvrtmmtorv lichoes Ad Mgr., Alpha V.-Pres,, Spanish Club V.-Pres., Pep Club Treas,, ,Ir. Red Cross Council. IOllN W. RATES, -IR. tpeuertll Bilsltelball, RKYTC lst l.t., lli,Y, liootball Mgr., li. Llass Sgt.-al Artns. IIEANINII I. KlEI.SAY tfenelnl Varsity Debate, Omega, Ew- Chorus, Delta Tau, Road Show, VIANICE -IORCENSEN 1'nn1nlev'cit1I Crimson and Blue Organizations lfd., Pep Club Treas., Echoes Ad Staff, ltatin Club, Echoes staff. l:UllR'I II Row ROSIEMARY KERBER 1 mtlntertiul Retail Sales Club. RONALD I.EE KICER 1 ullette Prefmrtttow lfoothall, Basketball, Student Council V.-Prcs,, ROTC Ist l,t., "Heaven Can Wait." ROBERT l.. KNAUSS tkontntevt itll Retail Sales Club, Road Show '40, tempo, "Great lfvpeclationsf' Road Show. lin tu Roxx SHARON I.YNNlE KNOTER 1 tfllette Prejmmltvrv Omega V. Pres , Sec., l,atin Club, Pep l.lub, Student Louncil, Mixed Chorus. PATRICIA LOU KNOX trunuml lilo Sgt. at-Arms, I.atin Club, Road Show, Pep Club, "Riding llown the Sln' H NIXINIII Ruxx' RllSSlEl.l, rl. KOHIEI. 1 ullette llreptuttlorv Vlfreslling. 'IEROME C KRLICIER 1 tvlletle l'retmtt1ttnY Student Council, R Track, W'restling ROTC, Wfrestlinyg. Sixiu Row IERALU A KNLIDSIN Uertvml Echoes Ed.-in-Chief, lli'Y. l7I.OYlD FRANKLIN KNLITSON Uwtelnl Band Capt., "Marriage of Nan neue," "Kay Beats the Band," Road Show '51, State Music Con- lest NX'inner. an crrt' Sgt., 1 Q X X I , A .t. P gi 'iff Rst x W m NMS Fmsr Row IOE KRUMI. Qeneral Echoes Ad Staff, Football, ROTC, IENEVIEVE KUHN lfonmtercial Retail Sales Club Pres., Gym Pageant. JELORES LAIRMORIT Commercial Y-Teen, Pep Club. IOYCE LANDON Cfonnnertial Ero Pres.,Y-Teen Devotion Chm., Pres., Pep Club, Cheerleader, llon. lst l.t. IOBERT P. LANDON Lieneral Hi-Y, Echoes, ROTC. SFC or-tn Row' RICHARD MIAMES LANE general Football, Wrestling, Track, l.ettermen's Club. ELVIRA j. l.ARA tfomrnernial Y-Teen, Spanish Club, Retail Sales Club. RICHARD L. LEEPER General Band, ROTC, Orchestra. RODNEY CHARLES l.ETNER General Sr. Class V.-Pres., Football, ROTC Mai., "Heaven Can Wait," Track, DONALD R. LEUCH Lreneral Retail Sales Club, Track. Timm Row DONNA RAE LEYTI IAM tfonnnertial Y-Teen. DICK D. LICCETT Commercial Retail Sales Club Mgr. ,IERRY LOVEl.I. College Preparatory Echoes. Pres., Track Foamru Row JAMES H. MLBURNEY College Preparatory ROTC Maj., Football, Basketball Track, Lettermen's Club Sgt.-at Arms. TREASURE FAY Mc:DONALD Ljeneral Y-Teen, Band, Orchestra. ORVAL D. MLGEE ,Iris and Industries Wrestling, Football, Hi-Y, Road Show. I9 2 eniom 19 2 lilllkl' Roxx llkt FWCZLIIRI5 llL'H1.'l til Debate, ROTC. l,YNlfl. GAY Ml Klflf 1 ullvtll' l'l1'1ulllllulY l'l5l Footlmall Queen, llnn. Capt., Crimson and lllue Amt. Hua. Mgr., Thalian, Pep flllllt. THOMAS NlACKI.ANlJ 1 ullctlv Rlctnllttlnrv lluhoeu All Mgr., lfreslt. Class Pres., Spanish Cluh, Dlalnatifa kllllv, ROTC SVC. MARY Al,lClf NlMl.Alfl7lfRTY 1nllt'llv l'li'jullnInly llon l.t. Col., ll A,R. Cond Citizenship Gill, Gills' State Rep., "We Shoolt the l'amily Tree," Alpha PICS. illlllltlt Rim IJIXIIE l.OlI Mll.l.lfR tlllw lllttl lltrlllsllltw ll4'll1lCS NllI'ill' lfcl., Music flnartl llist., Ser., llon. Capt., Clin llis.t., Sec., "Marriage ol Nan- IlEllC.l' RO1IlZR.N1lI.I.lER ticltclill lli-Y, llCllI7CS Staff, ROTC, "NVQ Shook the l:Jl!lllY Tree," Road Show, SAlJllE MARIIZ Nlll.l.lfR 1nllvtlc l'lL'tumllnlv lhallan, l.atln f.lul1. l'lllll Rim IOIIN MORIFIESONJ 1 mlllvtlz' l'l1'flftlltltvlY Nat'I Ilonur Society Pre--., loot llall, ROTC lat l.t,, l.CllCII'llCl1.S Clull Sec., Soph. xl.'l7IlSS. XX"ll.I.IA'x1C MORTINSON 1 nllutlt' l,ll'lH1ItllU1Y Nat'l llonor Society, ROTC lst l.t ,fTIlI1lSUIl and Hlue ROTC lfcl., llawkeye lluvs' State Rep., l.atin Clulr, S' r: Nlll Ron Sl 1 oNln Row lII.AINI2 l. MAKINSON 1ulllll1cvti41l Retail Sales Cluh, Y-Teen. l'llYI.I.IS MALONY 1nllL'rte lhcfmltltnlv "Marriage of Nannette," "Rid- ing Down tlle Sky," Fro Pres., Prose and Poetry, Girls' Trin. jANlY MARK 1 nllvttc lhcflttltltnly Nat'l Honor Society, Alpha Pres., lli:,t.,Treas., Spanish Clull Pres., Sec., llon. 2nd l.t., Orchestra. MARY ANN MEYER 1 ullmll' Plvlllllllltvly Natl llonor Society, Criinsun and lllue Senior litl ,lEl'llllL'S News lid., Pep Clull Sec., l.atin Cluh. l:IllIIt'l Il Row Tl IOMAS O. Mll,l,lfR tivllvl nl ROTC. XY'lf5JlJlfl.l. Xlll.l.l2R flt'll1.'ltll How' Ulcc, SHARON MOORE 1 nllvttt' l'll'f7tlltllt'lY llvlta Tau V.'l'le-Q., Nat'l llnnor Sncietx' V.-Pres., Stnclewt cllllllt' til, Pep Cluh, "WT Shoal: the lfxnilx' Tree " Slxlll Rmx l,ARl. R. 'MYERS 1ullltlll':1lltl ROTC SFC, lfclwes Stall. Al LIN NISAI. flltl tuttl lIl1lllKlVlt'x Student Council, ROTC Sgt., l,c!ioes fltatl. BARBARA Nt Nl5lI,Sl'N ft'HlllIL'lll11l Il. Class Sec., cllll1'lS1Ill and Blue lftlitnrial Stall, fx. Y'lCCl1x,'lICS., lzro V.-Pies., Pep Clulu. l.ARA Nll2l,SlEN 1nIl't- ' 1 ' fJ1"- "e.,,,lEcl1oes in IFC ' St H ,-,M C L JL llt nlllltnlw mein lr 'ls lmtt Iftl., lcp Clulv, lichues All Q a , Fiwsr Roxy OIS MARIE OBERIDIN lfollcqe Pveymrnlmv Delta Tau, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Nat'l Honor Society. ARBARA MAY ODEN lfolletn' Prcptzmtorv Clio V.-Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms, Crim- son and Blue Organizations Ed., Echoes Girls' Sports Ed., Debate Team, Pep Club. lATHI.EEN O'GRAl3Y general Pep Club, Gym Pageant. 'ATRICK B. O'MEARA tfolletlc' Prz'pt1rt1lorY ROTC Lt. Col., Football, "Heav- en Can Wait," Track, Lettermen's Club. IOROTHY OSBORN Culletlv Prepnmlmy Delta Tau Pres., "Marriage of Nannette," "Riding Down the Sky," Road Show '4'l, '50, '51, Spanish Club Pres. Sr.t.oNn Row MARILYN LOUISE O'I'l'O 1 olleae Prelmmturw' Pep Club Sec., YfTeen, I.atin Club, Alpha. GWYNETTE PALMER ijerieral Road Show, Maiorette, "Riding Down the Sky," Student Council, Latiu Club. -IOHN R. PATTON Liencrnl Wrestlirig, Spanish Club. MARILYN JANE PAUL tienernl Omega, "Kay Beats the Band," Glee Club, Gym Pageant. KENNETH PERDEXV Heuer nl Basketball. Tiuno Row' VVILLIAM R. PERKINS tfolleqe Preparatory Nat'l Honor Society, jr. Red Cross Council Pres., ROTC 2nd Lt., Crimson and Blue Senior Ed., Latin Club Pres. KAREN LEE PETERSON College Preparatory Hon. Mai., jr. Class V.-Pres., Omega Pres., "Great Expecta- tions," "We Shook the Family Tree." JOHN PICKERILL College Preparatory Football, Hi-Y, l.ettermen's Club, ROTC. Foum H Row' GEORGE GREGORY POULOS Lieneral Ili-Y, Echoes. KAY PRATHER College l'repnrntor'Y Hon. Capt., Echoes Ad Staff, Pep Club, Ero, Football Queen At- tendant. LEONARD R. RANNEY General ROTC Capt., Student Council, Wrestliiig, Dramatics Club, jr. Red Cross Council. I9 2 eniorri I9 2 llltfsr Roxx' l.OII ANN RATII t onunvrtittl llon. Cnpt., Delta Tau, Sr. Class Tleas., Qlr. Red Clow Counril, Stutlent Council. Ifl.IiANOR l'lfRN RIZYNOLIJS tonullevttul Ifehoes Ifxehnnge Iitl., Iiehoes. Atl Staff, Gym P:ige:tnt, "Mnitl1a," lilee Cluh. IIEANNIE MARIIE RIGGINS tiuneml Maioiette, Iiehoes Copyremlei, Y- Teen, Road Show, Gym Pageant. MARCIA ROIPIZN I Ulletle Plejmmloiy Omega Sgtfat-Anim, Pep Cluh, Chorus, l.:ttin Clnh, Road Show. Tinian Row ANITA SCARPIiI.I.O tovnnlcuml Delta Tau Sec., Pep Clnh, liLhoe5 Stall, Gym Pageant. I,l.OYlJ M. SCIIACK tolletle l'lL'1mmlory Nat'l Ilonoi Society, Spanish Club. C. ,IOIIN SClIlElZli t olletle I'lc'1uuutoiy ROTC 2nd I.t,, 'I'1.ttk, I-lesh. Haxketlmll, ji. flaw Play Tinket Clllil. l'n in Rott Xll,ll.l.lAXl Sf.llROIfl7liR tfevtvml lfthoes, Rille Team, llelmte, Rt l'l't', jr. Class Play Huw. Stall. It JI IN IJ St IOTT it-llmn' l'rt'pi11i1lurY Rf J'lt SIIINIII Roxx NANCY l,IfIf Sl IAXX' t olletlv l'rc'tutri1tovv Slfoxo Row BLAINIZ Y. ROFFMAN tollvtlv Picpanztorv Nnt'l Ilonor Society, Crimson and Blue Co-Ifcl.-inAChiet', Hawkeye Boys' State Rep., ROTC lst I.t., Quill and Scroll. PALII. I.. RYAN twrleml Band, "W'e Shook the Ilillilllj' Tree," Student Council, Ir. Real Cross Council, Ili-Y. XY'Il.l,lA.X1 AI. SACIZ t ollcflc I'vc':v.nu!nlV Iioothnll, Basketball, Ili-Y, Iiehoe: Staff. jI2ANIZNNIS ANN SAINT tolletle l'refn1inlorY liro Sgt.-nt-Arms, Hnntl, Y-Teen, Clrls Clee, l.nlin Cluh. I'ouiet II Row RICHARD S. SCIIUNBERU tontnleltiill Iiehoes, ROTC. BARBARA SCIIOIININC tresuvfll Sr. Sewtctte, Echoes Staff, Y-Teen, Operettas, Nlixed Chorus. BARBARA I.. SCIIROIEIDIER tonlmeuiul Y-Teen Treah., llon. Capt., Pep Lluh. Slxi1iRoxx ROUIER fi. SIfAl,UCIi 'litx mu! lmhutiiet ROTC Zntl l,t., Ili-Y Preo., "l leaven Cnn XX':tit," Rille Team. RONALD lf. SIEAl.OCli lrlt ,uni lnnlxutricx ROTC Intl l,t., Rille Team, Ili-Y Sec., "We Shook the I-amily Tree." IIER All-Stnte Mnsiti liestixnl, li. Retl Cross X -Piex, Clio, "XI:n'ringe ol'Na:1nelte," llon. lst l,t. NANCY I,lEIZ Sl Il'A tovtmlelt till Delta Inu Irene, Pep tfluh, Izrhoes Atl Staff, llon lst It Rontl Show. linzsr Row ROBERT C. SIIELTON Krevlelr-xl Ili-Y, lfCl10C5 Slilfl, ROTC, ANNA MAE SMITH ffmnmerciul Band, Omega, Orchestra, All State Band. -ILROME F. SMITH fpeneml ROTC, Echoes Stalf. BOB E. SMITH tiene: ul Road Show, 2nd Team Ifootball, ROTC. RICHARD M. SORENSEN f,tVHlllICYLldl Retail Sales Club, ROTC. Sr.t.oNn Row' ESTIIER A. STARRETT tpcneral Delta Tau, Echoes Staff, Pep Club, Latin Club, Road Show. JOAN STEVENS ifnmmercinl Thalian V.-Pres., Y-Teen Sec., Pep Club, BETTY SWANGER Ltlllllllflildl jr. Red Cross Rcp.,Gym Pageant. CYNTHIA SWANSON ffullwe Preparatory Omega V.-Pres., Treas., "Mar- riage of Nannctte," Road Show, Echoes Music Ed., jr. Red Cross Council, RAYMOND TALBOTT College Prepavrxtmv Student Council, ROTC Sgt., Echoes Staff. Timm Row DARRELL E. TAYLOR General ROTC Sgt., Christmas Play '50. RUSSELL VAN HORN Lollezpc Urefvaralory Hi-Y, "We Shook the Family Tree," Echoes Staff, ROTC, jr Class Treas. jANICE VOLLSTEDT College' Preparatory Hon. 2nd I.t,, Crimson and Blue Photo Ed., Echoes Feature Ed. Alpha Sec., Pep Club. 1 Foumu Row IIAROLD VOSS College Prefmmtmv Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Student Council, ROTC Sgt, EDXWARD D. WALKER tieneral Football, ROTC Capt., Chorus, NORNIA JEAN WALTERS Cfvnrnercial Student Council, Y-Teen Treas. I9 2 eniorfi I9 2 l 1 - . i -wmv l:IIlSI' Row IIURXIA IIEAN XVATIZRS Iilfinllivuiixl Y 'lcon Pres , Sen , Pep Iill1l1 Y' Pies, Sllllllllll Ifouncil, Girls' lllec. IIXYNIONIID I' YY'A'lAl.RS 1411111111-11 ml '-lmleiil fiUIlllk'll Pics , lfclmes Spoilw lid., ROTC Ist l,I., lfoot- lmall, Ilaslxetlmll. lb! BRIS XX'A'I'I'S ur-vwral l7ARII'NI1XX'llliIiN 4 ummcviml Y 'l'1:el1 llevliliom. I.llIll., Iwm lhigcanr, 'I'1i11mR1m IANII fli W'YNlURlf tullwlc l'1u1m111In11' 'l'l1alia11 l'1es,, Y 'l'eu11, Pup filllll, l.all11 I llIl1. lfl.l!AliIf'l'lI I. kll IIIARIJA I4-llrflc llll'IHllr1lUlY llaunl, f,l'll1CSlIIl. NIAIZ ll Jllllf ,Il INII IIARlIl'l"l' 111-114-ml Y lean Recoinlei, l'ep Cflul1. l'lIIIIR11XX' lllf IIARID A I'lEARI'l' Iu'1lL'rfll lootlvall, lrarlx, Ili-Y, l,eIle1 IIICIIIH Club. l'l DXXUXRIY SMITI I I11'11r'lf1l lli Y, NYIC'-llilig, l-LIIIVCN, RUIL, Srr.oNn Row CIIARIIZS I,. YXIIIIIAMS Iycucifll Ili-Y, lichocs Staff, ROTC. IAMIES II, W'll.l,lAMS Lfcileml Football, SIUKICIIICZOIIIICII, ROTK Road Show, Track. NI2l.I. XVIISON I ollezlv llrvfmruluvv' Crimson and Blue Co-lfcl.-in Chief, Thalian Treas., slr. Red Cross Treas., llon. ls! l.t., Natl I Ionor Society. ,IOYCI5 WYATT fovxivrwuial Y-Teen, lichoes l.il1i, IIIIIIIKIII Rim XY'AI.l.AtIl? BROXWN Ucvicrnl Road Show '4'Y, 'SIL ,IUAN I,lZl2Pl?R tfvnvi ul Gym Pageant. IAMIZS YY. M1fiI,AlJll lllx mul lmluslriex SIXIII Rom PATRIKIIA TAYLOR lfunenll Omega, Pep Ifluh Sgt.-al Arms Cheerleader, Echoes Staff. IN MEMORIAM Janice Peterson Deceased February 27, l952 Commercial Alpha Literary Society GAMER SHY JERRY MLll.LlN PATRICIA ANN NORMAN Qeneral -General Retail Sales Club Sec., ROTC. THOMAS SMITH College Preparatory UTHGRAPHS 82 .N X qitwfsxiwgfix 4. 3 , s X f' , ' 1 . X ii. Q Q I V N Y K. .. Q 'M 2 f , ,. , f ,wkmkg wv QW QM. . , . A 1' -if K 'M Y E x N Zhb . X ? ww 5 5 gif , an Www qs sh- ' X Y is qv K V xii, N, 4 s Si- i xx First Row- Mike Gallagher, Nettie Power, slack Cheyne. 5L'LUlill Roto- Marian Teague, janice Phillips. The junior class of 1951-52 was truly an active group with the class play, the election of of- iicers, the collection of dues, the ordering of class rings, and the junior' Senior Prom. The lirst suc.essl'ul event of the year was the comedy play, "The Divine Elorafl Ahout mid-way of the iirst semester came the class elections. The juniors started theirs with a hang and a hand. Wiith the help of the junior class sponsors, Miss Erva Huckleeherry and Mr. Virgil Miller, the chosen officers carried on their duties very well. The treasureris lirst hig joh was the col- lection of junior dues. Then came the ordering of class rings. There were eight types to The voters crowd arourid the hallot hoxes during the election of junior' class officers. Two junior cheerleaders get a little "aid" for the junior-senior' hasltetfuall game. lt ditl the trick, tool Lett to ritjhlf Del Purscell, Sondra johnson, lim Stoker, Susie Fischer, Jll IUHS PRESIDENT ..... .. ,fllike fjallrlgllrcr VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . .ylfarian ffcaglne SECRETARY.. .. .flarlice Phillips TREASURER ........,. .... N 'ellie Power' SERCEANT-AT-ARMS . ,......... jack Cheyne CLASS SVUNSORS ..., ...fliiss fron TillL'iQiCCi7L'7'1'j', Jl1r.'l'irqil7i1illc1' The selection of the class rings takes much time and study, as is shown here hy Mary Ann Martin, Sharon Doty, Patricia Ellis, Del Purscell, and .lim Stoker. choose from, as well as necklaces, hracelets, and pins, all hearing the emhlem of Ahraharrr Lincoln High School. The final hig event of the junior year was the annual junior-Senior Prom. This was held May 9 in the hallroo:n of the Chieftain Hotel, with Freddie Nimtz's orchestra supplying the rhythms. ln addition to these feature events, the juniors toolt an active part in various activities slrch as literary societies, language cluhs, Red Cross Council, student council, sports, and many others. JU IUHS vcrlvnn, lichu-ml, Amlclwn Vlvml R-'la' .Xllcn Alum, .Xmmy RJSINIINSUII, Mlmcllun, Hiuln-I, Hn JU IUHS lxvxt Run' Hxlwuc, Vox, HIDIIKIUIIIYIIIPI, Brink. 501.11141 Now Bullun, Qfmwl, Cnnlc, llnwsml. H5 Fxrwi Run' licllamx, Artclbuln Hlunk, Annis NL'-mmf R-uw IJ Hunk, llolninlx, Hnwh, S, Hul JU IURS ln I Run' lfnix, lillis, llelnpscy, Daly, S, l7cller, Suunnl Row. llilley, Everest, lfclunann, Iwlk, l:JllIT1HIl 'llvnli 'Run' lfnwwn, llirgu, liverson, Fauble, Dunlop, Durlxanx, W. licllvr. JU IURS nn' lirnnlxcl, I. Green, Curr, llfgsrty, lnrncy, Cnmlcr. Nauru! Rnnv Cmtnlsnn, Fisclxcr, Cl 1 run Flynn, Iimzcr, Crnhl. Third Run' Gallagher, Funkhauscr, Frost, D, Clean, Cumlsull, lfulu H6 JU IIIRS Hut Run' Hcnlcy, Hall, liuywuml, Haw, Hcwilt. Nmmnl Run' Higgunlmthmn, IP. Hansen, Hof? nmn, lI.1um1n, H Hnnwn Hulnlcn, Uvml Row Hauling, Hcnlux, R Hnnscn, I. Hansen, Hn: Hn! R-Inv Huuglnnd, P lamb, 5. -Iohnsun, ll juhnsun. Nu-nn! Rum Hnllinx, S. ,Inculv xclwn, l:nLwn, Hughes, Uvml R-In' lunca, Inncx, A Iunscn, Cfhcvnc, Allan jcnscn, Kcnncx 37 JU IDRS firxf Rum l.ear, Irwin, Kroger, luster, Key, Lainson, 5unnd Run' l.aub, Knudscn, Inks, Kigcr, llusfurd, King. Thin! Raw Kern, Kolhof, Kuhl, Kizzicr, I.ca5ure, Kuclwl JU URS Tin! 'R-vw: Mcflunn, Lcichti, Mark, Martin, Madsen. Suwml Row: Mcilchee, McAIcxnnnlcx Leighton, Mcffallan, Allred. 'Third Row- Mann, Nlcffnrtncy, I.cndt, Kent l,ink, Kermit Link 88 JU IUHS Mrs! Run- Olsen, Morris, Xiumc, B, PCICISUII, Nelson, O'Hricn, Mimlr. .Numnl Row Minlun, Nutt, Nixon nxlrl, If Pvtclwlu, Mills: .Tlvml Row ll Olscn, Uglcn, I, Putcrscn, Nimtz, Xhlrphy, Nnrxlcvn JU IUHS lm! Row Rnmcy, Pctkcr, Rasmussun, Puscy. .Numni Raw. Reid, Power, Prnll, Phillipx, Renxmlc 'Tlvilfl Run' Pierson, Rulwuv, Rcw, Rifhic. 80 IUHS Vnxt 'Run' Rnennnu, Stephens, Sternhill, Shehan, Shepard, Shmtu. Nemmi Rum: Same, Seymour, Spence, Xl, Schneider, Smith, Smiley, Robson, 'Third Rum- Shannon, Sieherl, Searvie, G, Schneider, Sorensen, Stoker First Rnxv, Teague, Vnnclerpool, W'ise, Tana, Wfnldrun, V, Strong. Neunni Rum' Zarr, Wfndnnx, XXHHLKPICSIUI 'I':wlnr Snnssing, C Strung. Tlvini Run' Thomsen, NX'uhlner, Wfichrnnn, Strohlmehn, Stllelke, W'ilsnn Ymlev 00 OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...,. . . .Laffy Qllays VICE-PRIESIIJISNT ... ...Colleen Nelson SIECRIETARY ..... IREASURER .,..,.... .. .fllnrglie 'Keairnes . . . .Betty Kulisek SIERCIEANT-AT-ARMS .., ......... Louis Smilh CLASS SPONSORS ...,,..... Miss filecn Wolfe, fllr. 'Thurimui ff. 'lolmson first Roto: Louis Smith, Larry Hays. Second Roto: Betty Kulisek, Colleen Nelson, Margie Keairnes. SIIPHIIMUIIIS The sophomore class was one of the largest that ever attended A.I.., numbering two hundred and ninety-four students. There were many boys who participated in sports, such as football, basketball, wrestling, and track. Playing against other teams gave them worthwhile experience for future varsity squads. Music appealed to many sophomore boys and girls. The music groups were band, orchestra, glee, and chorus. In these, sopho- mores were able to compete with other students and to take part in the Music Clinic. Wlmile sophomore boys took part in ROTC, the girls were active in the different clubs, such as Y-Teens, Pep Club, language clubs, and literary societies. Both boys and girls showed their talent in the plays presented by the societies. The sophomore year was packed with new adventures- another step forward to that of being an upper classman. IIIISHIIII The freshmen class members have been diligent in their thirst for knowledge. They have come from one-room rural schools, from the city schools, and some have even traveled as far as fifteen miles a day from the nearby towns of Mineola and Crescent in order to fulfill this goal. A heated campaign for class officers began the year. Display- ing posters and giving and hearing stirring campaign speeches were something new to this group as the freshmen prepared to cast their votes. Members of the freshmen class have been helpful around the school. At the basketball games, Eugene Ranney and Ivan Wright were willing and reliable ticket-takers. One freshman was a pro- jectionist, and several boys worked in the cafeteria. Music attracted the largest number of students, with approxi- mately forty-six participating. Myrna Mills and Karen Schroeder traveled to Des Moines for the All-State Orchestra. At the sub- state solo contest, Carole Starrett, Karen Schroeder, and David Petersen tried their luck, while others participated in small-group competition. In sports, Frank ,Ierkovich proved to be an able wrestler, and was sent to the state contest. Twenty- two other boys also showed an interest in sports. I Other activities, such as literary societies, Latin Club, Y-Teen, Hi-Y, and cheerleading, kept twenty- eight students busy. This class has proved that even though it was the smallest class at A.l.. it was big in ambition and interests. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ..... . . .'FretI Iicruimonl VICE-PRESIDENT . .. .... lboumt 'llhlls SECRETARY .... . . .llurv Jfacklaml TREASURER .,........ . . .ilny ne fKocl1el SERCEANT-AT-ARMS ....... . . . Ilou Ilmzfonl CLASS SPONSORS ....... Slliss ltinucn Q-lfL'C0lHlI, flfr. .Roy Lawson 'Fmt Row- Donald Hanford, Fred Beaumont. Sammi Rout Mary Nlacltlantl, Donna Watts, ,layne Kochel. SIIPHIIIVIIIRES VIH! Run' -I. Atkins, Boll, Heck, D. Atkins, lllunlc. Nvwrld Rum Allcmm, I. Anslurson, licrxy, Bnelnn, Belt, Bsrlilr, Tlvml Row, llolmm, Archer, Allcx, Berg, Hahr, R, Anclurson, Bcczlcv. Filxt Rum lircmlwlm, B. Briggs, Bmwnlcy, Burwick, Broman, C. Brown. Suwml Rum' Rose lilla Brown, Buswcll, Bruu: limxlin, Bcxcrlx Brown, Barbara Brown, Bush. 'Third Rum- Burgeson, Bnrhennc, Burbrinlgc, Ackcrnmn, Allen, l. Briggs 92 SUPHUMUR ' lrwl k 1: Clamwn, A truth-Ir llmmhcrlnn, ionic, Butler, mm-1111 Rwu' Claus, Brxncr, X. Kulcmnn, Vnzlcv, uffrlt Hun! Run' Qnnmlwmn, IJ, C hllslcnscn, R fiI1I'iSI1SllSCll, fihlHl'I'llllfllI, Vullins, Vnskcxy C':umrm. SUPHUMUH THX! Run' I,x'crhn1l Hague, S Falwell, N, ifulwcll. Nuuml R-vu' lf lfxlinc licwsx, Ilutiv, IJ. lfxlinc, Tlvxnl Run' Davis Dmsctl, liurhrun, Umm, lkux 93 SUPHU URES Tint Run' XV. Franckc, Frost, Crccn, A. Vlzmkc, CZZUIIICT. Ncwvxfi R-111' Vrnvmzlscn, Cf, Hmm acn, Crnvcnkanwp, I. Frnzcr, llaas. Tlviui K-vw Gould, Clxanlis, Crvcd.cl', llmui, Clrcll Fitch HUMURES . . ,,.g....,,....,....,A,,,,...-..,. ,.....--.,,,.,. , . First Row Ni. 1. llanscn, Hawks, Higgins, Hubert, M. I.. llnnscn, U. Hansen. nm-mi Rm' M, Hansen, Holt, Hill, Hodge. Tlviui R-'uv Hrvlmcs, IJ Hcrzl, l,. Hay.. 94 SUPHUMUH HMI Run' lnuulv, N1 .X Icnxun, Nl, R. I1::1-,cn Nvnvrlvl Run' Hcaxl, S, Irr'mwr1m king lcruvcllc ,lrmlvn-rm. Wm! Rfvw lllldvlll, ,lim -lulmxmm, Ingmhnm, Iiczlvcr .Icsxcu UPHUMUH lux! Kun' Xiult, R N11slL, Y, Xiillcl, tl. Mcrk, Xhlllflll, Nvwmi Row Haw, Xlakinson, nw, Xhrcn Niullm Wm! Run' N1cSm'Icy, XHIIIICI, Ncilstn, N1CKcmvn, Mumlcll, x'CSSL'IIi. 95 0 UIHS ll First Ruw- Marcus, S. l,2U'S0ll, lewis, Xlalmn. Nu-vulrl Run' I.cLt, liuliwclq, Nlflluzmlcl liinscll, Kramer. Tlvmi Run' Lcepcr, Kctchnm, xlCKL'0M'II, I.ux'clncly, Nlcfinnnplucll, Knotclx HMS Fin! R-'xv Ncwman, Ncuinlxr, Phillips, Pr. llClCI'Sfl11, llflllhlfl, Xumnl linm O'llnz1 llnsscr, Owen, Olsen, Nclson. Tlvivrl Run' U'Hricn, ID. Ralclxin, Rnpaliu, Plnttcr, Pcrxx 96 SUP HUMUH w Hwl Run' Ruxlncu, Rnlwlin, llmipps Ncwml Run' l'lui!l, Filling, Pm lumla, Rnmlulply llwnl R-vu' Rnmcy, l'msc1'S, Pypul, l'1nIl1cx, Sflllilll SUPHU lux! Rww Rrulm, Rift, Scalurlm, RlLkl1NK'lIlC, Sn'l1l1cimlcr, Ricrlcnmnn. Wmml Run' Rowe, Smit, Annon, Rciff, Slmcxxmlxcl, llvxnl Run' Reynolds, Riel, Siuhcrl, Shcplcy, Run, 5-rlwcning. 97 UHES 0 UHES Trix! Row Stcxcns, Stewart, Slightnm, S. Sorensen, Stokes, Strolhcrs. Samui Razor Springer, Ii. Sszrcnscri, Stcinhcig, Sou, Stroh, ,Innic Smith, S. Smith. Third Row' AI. Sorensen, I,. Smith, Swzlngcr, Snydcr, Staplcton, Stephens, jack Smith. SHPHU URES First Row. Vinch, XY'm5on, luck, XX'hithcck, M. Thompson, Wigiimgtoii. Suomi Rtvw. C, Thomas, Vfcakiy, W'ilson Taylor, Vnllicr, W'ooclworth. Third Row W'hithatlcr, Tcchau, Swassing, Voss, Thompson, Wforks, Zimmerman 98 FR ESHIVI Hui Rl-14' ikrlxscll, Iinlxci, Ifixlxhrvlz, fflmlx, 4'hnmlwrs, Hmwniiclcl, Xuuml Row Blum, lizlm tux, nil, Bnlncslvcx'gcl, Budnlz Bell Vlvml Row llnllfolnl, Bllllfllll, Cfollins, Amnzx, BCJIIIEIUII. Hi I Hu! R-vw, Ilcywmml, Uucsl, Ilingmmx, Crifiith, NCL-uni Nmv Cl. c1lQCl1, I,IllIQ,.If1ClIy, Ilcu uinkcl, lwcmh, I-cckin. Vluni Run' Hcilmnn, Clricdcl, rlilllllih, B, Urucn, Guml11m 1, llurirlx Q9 SHIVIE SHNIN Hrs! Run' lllslglimf, Hansuu, Knuclscn, IF. Krcil, blcrkovich, Lighlncr. Nvwml Nww x1L'fi?lllllI11, Kuclwl, Iiruml Xlnpklaml, Nlullmmalcl, jmgcnscn. 'Tlvml Row Meyers, Miller, Malick, Mclnlosh, Hrmsfmd, W. Kruft, Higgins Tint 'Rvw Nlrilclmcc, Kiclclglmrd, Schultz, Muon, Porter. Sc'w11d Ruwf Riggins, Rnsmussun, Schroeder, Pnrmtt, R Schucniug, Mills, D. Schncning. Third Huw, IJ. Petersen, R. Peterson, Ranncy, Miller, Samson, Nihhc, Shoemaker 100 l 'fy f if 0 ' 1, ' af! 1 .A RQ K U 3: Sv .5 hx A if T., ss' A ' ' .iii in 4 E , f Q , ,,,.g ,lq ff .V "+ I ? gg QE Y as N Wi-5245 ill? Q x Q Ax 9' 'I' T X 'VA' 5 Q YAY 'Ft X 9 ,ss Q. . LI' f QL., , X q, . 2 f if W if in , AA,, L.. . H , L , Q "Hif i M E QQ Q, R' at - x. " Ex - 7 3 ' um. ' ww, Q Q r xi sq,-1 xx m 5 15 !'-5 " K 3 Meet Our Adveriisers Wewisht th k Ilth d t h h lpdt kethel952yearb k 1952 CRIMSON AND BLUE STAFF ANDERSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONTRACTORS 619 So. Main Ph 2336 Ea! Wwalzea fo flue 64455 of 1952 COUNCIL BLUFFS TRANSIT CC. GOOD LUCK! BEST WISHESP Class of l952 austrup usk fd swANsoN rumsuruuze co, 342 West Broadway T. Years of Service -TREE SURGEONS- Service for the preservation and maintenance m0J'ing3 junefaf -l'l0me of your trees, Insured for your protection. council Bluffs, Iowa AMBULANCE Phone 3-5682 Congratulations to the Class of 1952 BORMAN FARM EQUIPMENT CO. Congratulations to the Class OGDEN HOTEL of 1952 Micl-West Auto Parts Co. "Comfortable Since 1869" BI'OadWay Phone 3-759l 103 Congratulations to the Very Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 Class of 1952 W. H. BELL FRED R. SHAW Plumbing and Heating Phone 4293 1014 - 8th Ave. 17 Pearl St. Tel. 7353 Phone 7626 A KAlllJEll MUTUHS Inc. 1:Q2jjf:Tm4mD-lin 600-610 EAST BROADWAY COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA I V rlll Clongrafufafiond And our very best wishes for a bright and successful future for 1952. each member of the graduating class of The secret of success is constancy to purpose. Counci! Sauingd Kari A Strong Bank Since 1856 caprfai account s1,1oo,ooo.oo Total resources over S20,000,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 104 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Each Graduate of the Class of l952 MAY YOUR FUTURE BE RICHLY REWARDED FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT HARRY C. CROWL COMPANY REAL ESTATE, LOANS, INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS l23 - 4th Street Compliments to the Class of 52 Congratulations to the Class of l952 Funeral Home and Ambulance Service A Truly Modern Homelike Chapel Tel. 6629 Carl Rusch 523 - 6th Ave, Q. Congratulations to the Class of '52 5 x, 4 whens la j oDEN's Y ' The Elace to buy Famous Brands of , - Food Freezers, Clothes Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Yolangstown Kitchens l . 7 +A Television, Refrigerators, Washers, lroners, Sewing Machines 21 O6 W.-,Broadway ',. We Phone 3-2856 ' 1 1 ' u Success to the Class of 1952 THE NONPAREIL EN GRAVIN G CO. 105 Kornmeyers Pastry Shop 81 Coffee Bar 534 West Broadway Phone 7161 Compliments of Ellsworth Farm Store Bottled by Twin City Bottling Co. 52143 S' Main Phone 3-0013 C I' - 0mp""en1s Knudsen Auto SSIVICS of the S. S. KRESGE COMPANY 5 - 10 - 25C Store 516 West Broadway Plymouth and DeSoto Sales and Service 149 West Broadway Tel. 9525 - 2211 Com limen s Hughes Motors pof 1 153 West Broadway Phone 5591 Council Bluffs Iowa BROADWAY CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Phone 5544 125 West Broadway KNICKMAN LIVESTOCK SALES CO hone Telep 9707 BEST wisHEs MPANY 3 Miles East of South Omaha Bridge Residence 3-7943 106 Congratulations to the Class of '52 Greetings to the Class of '52 GOHLINGHORST SERVICE Riel Implement Company Best Wishes to the Class of "52" Cl'aWl:Ol'Cl Lumber 8k Coal CO. l2th and Avenue B Bob's IGA Super Market BETTER LUMBER 1600 High Street for BETTER BUILDINGS Tflffee Drug Company 6th and Broadway ALL THE BEST Congratulations to the Class of 1952 from Younkerman's Seed Company "THE HOUSE OF QUALITY" 503 Wes' Bmadway 164 we-sf Broadway Phone 4013 CCUNCIL BLUFFS CLINIC Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF 1952 5 ' mam Broadway at Eighth 107 Evans Ice Cream and Candy Slwop Fox Office Equipment Co. IO8 E. Broadway Tel. 2780 Council Bluffs, Iowa Adrian Grocery KULESH JEWELRY McPherson and Bennett Ave. 230 West Broadway Congratulations to the Class of "SZ" we glial' Frank A. Vergamini "Reliable Furriers Since l9l7" Council Bluffs, Iowa VERY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "SZ" KNOX AND CO. 202 West Broadway Dial 4818 cooo Lucx Congratulations to the Class of 1952 MUSIC SHOP Bluff City 331 West Broadway Laundry - Dry Cleaners Open Evenings Dial 2525 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I952 O BROADWAY AT SCOTT COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Printers - Stationers - Office Outfitters 108 Congratulations Ben I. Seldin to the Class of 1952 t 1 l u FLYNN ELECTRIC COMPANY Serving this community since l923 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Appliances 2: Fixtures 3: Supplies Phone 4671 l8Vz Pearl Street ' 225 S. Main Street Phone 4295 Compliments of STATE SAVINGS Council Bluffs, Iowa Member F.D.l.C. Complete Banking Service BANK Congratulations to the entire A. L. Class on its Graduation Joe Smifh 8' Co. EIETY YEARS OF QUALITY Sincerely, IOE W. SMITH Senior Partner 109 C pl men h Cl f52 ' And Best Wishes fo h s CONGRATULATIONS TO THE A C'-A55 OF 52 Culler Funeral Home QUAKER BAKERY LOCAL LOAN CO. 5l6 Mynster Council Bluffs Tel. 6283 FOR CASH ISS M' St t BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 SULLEY MOTOR COMPANY DINOVO SHOE SHOP 630 West Broadway CADILLAC - - OLDSMOBILE PIONEER MOTORS THE FARMERS 125 West Pierce Phone 6605 Office, 318 East Broadway Council BI ff Iowa FI yd E H ghes, jr. i-IANSEN PASTRY SHOP I O4 West Broadway Western Iowa's Largest Home Furnishers counnv nruvrmn . un-ns-m lun r R I I COUNCIL llllifl TD vnu: noon Jfzegfh an I U Ill n Everything for your Home on Convenient Payments ENO'S A BETTER DEPARTMENT STORE Congratulations to the Class of "SZ" Marcus Clothes Bob Lainson's Flower Shop 612Wesf Broadway Congratulations to the Class of l952 JOHN N. EDDY INC. INSURANCE IOHN N. EDDY T. I. IIOEI SMITH Council Bluffs 2577 I4 Pearl Strcct Omaha HArney 7868 Complimems of Hushaw Drug Co. PRESCRIPTIONS .yofef Khlehalfl South Main Compliments ToThe Classof'52 .l. C. PENNEY CO. INC. To The Graduating Class of i952 BEST WISHES FOR OPPORTUNITY AND SUCCESS from PEOPLES DEPARTMENT STORE Southwest lowa's Shopping Center 112 Congratulations to the'CIass of '52 Jepson Investment Company Plmmacy ZOO mth Ave. G'OCe'Y Congratulations Class of '52 LUCEY-WARFORD JEWELERS Council Bluffs Hatchery HY-LINE CHICKS 238 West Broadway 9th Street and Broadway Phone 3-5502 Congratulations and Good Luck GOOD LUCK Class of 1952 CLASS OF '52 C. E. BAlRD JEWELRY W, "Any Time is can Time" as scoff sf. Phone 4936 mger juneraf .Home HENRY MEYER Willow Ave. fr 6th St. - Telephone 6780 Council Bluffs, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES . TO THE CLASS OF 1952 Franksen 8: Johnson 200 West Broadway 113 KELEHER PHARMACY Cofigfawfafionsf H2 West Broadway Dick Dean Service Station Life Insurance and Savings Plans R. Wayne Letfler 15 South Main Broadway at Main Herman's Clothes Shop for Best in Smart Clothing Phone 3-0955 Compliments ol BROWN'S SHOE FIT lT'S Ii mgmgp Meadow Gold I IIIILH I ' it Ice Cream I .C , fi N is better , ull I If . I with Men Bw Gold Ice Cream Council Bluffs, Iowa AT YOUR FAVORITE FOUNTAIN OR IN THE NEW CARRY-HOIVIE PACKAGE M 5 BG I fi t 2 f Meadow Gold Jgf 900 vaouvog Phone 4047 114 Make Savings a Habit Congratulations to the Class of '52 City National Bank Council Bluffs, Iowa Congratulations To the Class of "SZ" Compliments of MORPHY DRUG CO. 341 West Broadway A Wholesale Druggists CRCMWELL JEWELERS Ci? Insul-Wool Insulation Co. H9 South Main Street Council Bluffs, Iowa phone 3'08I9 Keep Cool - Save Fuel I228 So. Main Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of I952 Council Bluffs Gas Company 115 Congratulations to the Class of "SZ" COMPLIMENTS from I QF Cunningham Grocery ZIP MOTORS, INC IOO West Broadway 820 West Broadway Congratulations to the Class of "52" ROSE MOTORS When you think of schools it's ABRAHAM LINCOLN When you think of clothes it's THE IOWA CLOTHES SHOP Congratulations to the Class of "52" One of the Assets to Success is TO ALWAYS BE PROPERLY DRESSED yawn cm, sz,,,, CLOTHES For Men - Young Men - Boys 116 loin the Rank and Save COUNCIL BLUFFS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings Accounts insured to Sl0,000.00 We are members of: Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. Federal Home Loan Bank System 503 West Broadway E- P- lU9I, SeC'Y Tel. 6609 Class Rings Announcements Medals and Trophies JOSTEN'S l626 No. 53rd St. Omaha, Nebraska Congratulations to the Class of i952 Kalelman Hardware Company 7l4 W. Broadway Phone 8486 FRANK I-IECI-IT Florist and Nursery Wanted - More Money! Business Stall Wanted: A Senior Class capable ol filling the Shoes Ol the l952's. Special I Houses built Special Reduction for A. L. graduates TOM CAPEL CO. 50 years of service! For Special Basketball Classes see Richard Henderson Specialist Assistant: john Kates Wanted : ONE closs of GOOD CHEM ISTSI See Professor Little Mai waged fo flue Junior-6 CQNGRATULATIONS T0 THE GRADUATES COLVIN-HEYN STUDICJS 1807 Famam Street Omaha Tel. Harney 5445 PHONE 5519 - OMAHA IA. 2699 BROADWAY AT FOURTH STREET COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA 119 IIHIISHAPH ' l ,g .f Q A, --v. .4 , .,, .L Q .gg ' -P: 'Yu ,.g'::Qi , sk," W... L . , W . 2. 9 rf in .q. 4 i N Iefi 1, K5 .:, N... 6, K. ..,-.. M Q, m Wgiffn' 7 . I' K. ...Hg f . W , y,e.1,,,.. , ,. fri! fa .2 ? ,sw , ,. ., - A5 .rv , Q if ya N. aaa. . .,., f .fr .sy 11 emi! T7 rf-Q. ' '.. -xx,-5,1 55 ,, ., V, ,N fifi '. .. Q. - . -. HWY ..:'e--V - Jr . , ip ' , 'f.. 'irq . l 5 5 55' K 'Mn ,gf-1-W-, ... . , mv .fx- . V' ,1-4. -M f .-'.. . . ..m3+:e' 'H' :"?13f,,'1.,. z., QQ.,-V ,,.. " ...sg , .., - a.7ffv.4,,.5.,.zy,. -I. ., M , 5 fs .561 . ,. 5,5 in 1.15, . 1. V. 1- '-'K 1 , iff - Jai? 1, 52 Q - 4" v .V ,,..4li' I f.. 'A -' ' M . 4 f ' vf' V. -'en' .iffhwa .X - nu, ARM. , .J A j . ., iff . yy ELS -,1 f.. xg ,v f ..., ,,....., .A 4 .Af .. 252' A I 5 ' I 5 .A , 44- ' ki-v 1 :K K Y f . L w I M ' :iff K ,, wifi ,' fri -3- ' , 1 'bv "kin 5 1 . . UL. :nw- Y.. wx., f -nz-. ,, 1 1. ,K 1 V -A "-755, E'fSf.'a': Wg, QQFA mf. b m , ff. fu.a,,i.f:w'- -,.. 5 .nm-13,53 4, SM Q .v WJ, , ,ii .. dew 115' " .f.,f:g. Ar . M . .3 w -.5 ., .. ' if we mg .s A f 1.31 . -t ri' , fifwfg-if . xgyvfxv . 5.9121 A .1 at ,...,, , . ,M ,.,,hM, 1. if 'Q 'fy' 2? .. fz:'f.Q:M: wi ' - '-W" Y ,A .. . W., -I 4 . . 1-- 1 11 ' . ., -"x5?Y'qf '15'z': ...lg Q ',,- W, ...- My , 4: sam wr. F' '-,Qi , " fi dig 1 zfawwg' N,y,Q:5: 7:2 - vii S gf: ,-':2g,, ,. . 'g X i L. , . . ig nfl?- - flifgr L 1 " V 'v 7. I 4 'Q' . wk ' ' 1, f-Y.. ' fl paw: . 7 Q 4. ' . . 1. ..1.., , Mqfmp-L F 1- .,:wg:.5.L ,X ' J mm' '4 - V . 'HL .. -e vain, " NELTL1 +1 , - wr s F1 3- , am., 1.3 . .,.., ,... .. .J V. 4- 'fjgy K,-my we' yi N. .K N. wg-ff, L .L 53' Ms: 1 .w l S Xnw I ., ' xr . .,d. . , -My H .1 W Wm.: t Wwdaf 3f'fl.ll'1- '- . P i., fm... 1 BW,-Ag.4 Ta, V ...V .sm . , 'P -x-A -mis - L ' 'isvqg '-'79 1... -f "wiv . -Mn kan? wg . "'1:.h-. 'AY' Q HSP! x Q. . - in .M,,!.. ,.A,A . 4. M , Legywiii-, , 3 N 1' - . ' t. ,Q

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