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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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6 The Crimson and Blu l94l Published by the Senior Class ol: Abraham Lincoln l-ligh School Editor Herbert Jorclal Ass't Editor - Alclis Johnson Bus. Manager Yvonne Weatherill THE "ARSENAL" OF EDUCATION Main Building The first line of defense is the scl1ools." Gymnasium Two iii- -l The Nation's Moral Defense Throughout the nation, the gears of industry are rotating at full speed. Factories are beginning to turn out defense items in mass production. So it is with the high schools of America. Simultaneous with hurried preparations for national defense, thousands of stu- dents are preparing for their future as citizens. They have completed their apprenticeships and are ready to take part in their nation's moral defense as full-fledged workmen. These students have passed through their last "bottleneck," When this year's commencement exercises have come and gone, many thousands of young men and women graduates will shoulder new responsibilities. They will gladly accept the task of carrying on in the struggle to preserve Amercan liberties. Table of Contents Dedication . Administration Faculty . . . Classes , . Activities . Sports . . . R. O. T. C. . .l 3 .4l .79 .97 Thr The Essence of Democracy We students know already that our greatest defense against the enemies of democracy is the love of liberty and justice that has been instilled in our minds through the years of our education. We know that only by keeping our minds free from prejudice and narrowness can we preserve the es- sence of democracyg that by opening our hearts and minds and keeping them clear and liberal, we can help to preserve for ouselves and our fellow-men that individual freedom which our forefathers embodied in the Constitution. Therefore, it is to spiritual defense that we dedicate the Crimson and Blue of l94l. BOARD OF EDUCATION Raymond Smith, E. V. Gustafson, Paul E, Weaver lpresidentl, Herbert Jonnk, Miss Mclvlillen lsecretaryl, Thomas McMiIlen, C, B, Stemple, Superintendent Crawford, lNot in picturel Dr. C. Ericksen-l-lill. IN THE OFFICE Marigold Walker, secretary, Eileen Plunkett, registrar, Mrs. Pauline Peterson, general treasurer. Six Since he has spent 22 of his 30 years of teaching at Abraham Lincoln, his greatest interest in lite has always been this school, its program, growth, and ideals. An outstanding honor was bestowed on Principal Kirn this year when he was elected president of the lowa State Teachers' Association. Principal G. W KIRN Although this is his first year, we have already come to like Dr. Crawford. l-le came to us from Muskegon Michigan, where he was assistant superintendent. H has his Ph. D. from the University of Michigan. We hope that he will remain to work with us for many yea rs to come. Superintendent C. L. CRAWFORD My l I l I J . KTADI ELEANOR BAPTIST DAISY B. B T EY HANSEN F. BLANK LUCILE M. BRADY L A. B. Kansas Teachers A, Ii. Culorzu I utr- Stout Institute A- U, IIIliV0I'SiW Of CUIUVHYI College Tcziuhi-Vs i. M. A. State Uuiverfzily ul' low F H d D ' , N - Journalism, English, English, e 'al Read- 52,501 GnHOngJrWmSOCieiy Public Speaking, Dramatics Quill and Scroll Sponsor, ing. Sponsor. FEE CHEW Crimson and Blue Edi- Ii. S. Drake torial Adviser. MABEL LOUISE BRISLEY G Ph, B. University of Chicago English, Ero Sponsor. ALINE ELLIOTT Il. S. Emporia State Teachers Collage M. A. State University of E Iowa Girls' Physical Educa- tion, Girls' Athletic As- sociation Sponsor. Eight RACE B. BRoADroo'r DOLLY D- BURGE55 A. li, University ul' Iowa Milllzmd Colhlgu Bookkeeping, Office Practice, Aristo Spon- sor. American I-listory, Girl Reserves and Junior Sponsor. M V. J. FRANKE STHER EH KE Iowa State 'I'v:xcht-rs A. li, University al' iowa Culli-go l-listory, Thalian Spon- Bookkeeping, Junior sor, Business, Lago Sponsor. Salesrnanship, Retail Selling, Athletic Coach. BESS HANIGAN Ph. Il. and M. A. Univci. ty of Chit-aim American Government, Consumers Economics, Alpha Snonsor. JET THRUSH DOWNS University of Iowa Typing, Commercial Clu' Sponsor. MARIAN HANTHORN Drake linivvrsity B, S. Inwxi State Folic-ge Foods and I-lome Manage ment, Cafeteria. iARGARET R, HENDERSON LELA KETTER FLORENCE LANDON ROY F. LAWSON H. ARTHUR LEE A, li. 'l'zn'iziii Ciilli-ire li, S. Drnki- llniversity A. li, Cm- Civlli-pu ll, S. l':ii'siins A. li. :mil IC. J. RZISLOI M, A. llnivn-rsity of Iowa M. A. Crm-iizhtcin University College' , . Latin, Reservettes Sponsor, Geometry, Trigono- n I Q A NLVA. lllllVl'l'f4ll-Y Of mefryl A I Q e b ,f G French, Spanish, French Biology, American History, lvlfmlf American Govern and Spanish Club Spon- Athletic Coach. Journalism Hi-Y ment, Ero Sponsor. 50" Sponsor. ' ILMAN M. LOCKARD 5 1,S,,. 3, ,H,,,. FAYE E. MARTY B'cl.liilfif,,l,'i'iiIfJll ' uh" w. HOWARD McILRATH A, li. University of - 1. . LEN M ABE M. A, ohm si.ii. Limiiisily N,,b,,,,,k,,' w MARY El- CC Uniwmw U, ,mm VIRGIL H, MILLER Graphic AHS! Sofety Edu- M.MiAHiulllr:iix'm-iwiiy of A, li. Univi-rsiiy of lllinois A. li, Gi-inni-ll College A.IniXl'i.HU:,ix.,,,.Sity of LOTION, Pl'iIlO SDOVISOF. I , D r Cl m O l l C Si Public DGbOfG, English, Modern M. A.lllnivr1i'siiy of E"l9l'5lC?f Tllolmm Speaking, English, Mos- Problems, lmliilfw Dons V' ue and Wi S onsor. q Q p Ph sics, Philo Sponsor Y AY E' NELSON DORA G' 'NYlwP- ARY ETHEL POMER Ph. ls, C.-Qmhifin liniviii-sity A'Nlf,3,.ll'f,lf'L"'S'ly of Ml'-DRE'-7 l- ol-SON M OY M. A, llnivn-rsiiy of Chic-ago A- M- Columbia lg' S. UMW.,-sity nf Ph. li. llrnlw University PERSIS Pool-EY , , ll "1s'l. Nll 'zfkz 4 Q f American History, Govern- nm lv LNB 1 Gefmml, GGOWGTVY, SGVNOV ll' M11-hllxsilmty 0 nent, Business Law, Junior Orientation, English, T y p i n g , Reservettes and National Honor Society :lass Sponsor, Dean of Girls. Sponsor. Sponsor. Librarian. MITTIE M. PYLE A. B. University of Iowa M. A. University of California World History, Cl io Sponsor. EDWARD J. SCHULTZ First Lieutenant Infan- try Reserve, Instructor of Military Science and Tactics, Member of "Scabbard and Blade." r EDWIN REINEL B. S. Stout Institute Industrial Arts, N.Y.A. Adviser, i fi, ,i 5 RuDoLPi-I Sim f Conservzktoryi ' una Orchestrai, End. Fifi I'iI ' i+ if ql' if ix at ti E. GRACE TAYLOR wxg3gZRA G, 1-ODD A. B. Drake English, Delta Tau Philadelphia p, High School HARRY L. RICE B. S. University of Iowa M. S. University of Iowa Algebra, Geometry. HAROLD STOUT B. S. Iowa State Teachers College lndustrial Arts, Physical Education , Freshman Basketball, Golf, Aristo Sponsor. DOROTHY E. WASSUM B. Music University of Nebrzxslczl School of Music LT. COL. H. S. ROBERTSON Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia Military Science and WILBUR IQ ROSENKRA TOCTICS- iz, A. Noi-th cena-ai cout THERON R. STUELKE A. ll. Coe College M. A. University of Iowa Commercial Geography, Or- ientation, General Science, Athletics Coach. EDNA WILLARD B. S. Iowa State College Grinnell College Sponsor. R.O.T.C, Instructor. Vocal Music. Clothing, Clio Sponsor. Ten M. A. University of Minne Chemistry, Crimson i Blue Business Adviser, nian Sponsor. EDITH R. TATROE Gregg University Shorthand, Delta Tau Sp sor. "Soldiers of Education" This year there are 46 members of the faculty-28 women and I8 men. Thirty-five of them have bachelors' degrees, and four- teen have masters' degrees in addition--adequate proof of their wisdom. Nineteen teachers have been educated in Iowa, one acquired his knowledge in the Conservatory in Vienna. Most of them are native Hawkeyes or Huskers. ln one day, 224 classes are conducted throughout the school by the faculty members, ond 23 study periods are supervised between classes. Teachers in Abraham Lincoln have been in service in Council Bluffs a grand total of 587 yearsl In addition to their regular classroom duties, thirty-five mem- bers of the faculty oct as sponsors, advisers or coaches to societies, publications and teams of the school as extra service. They are the "soldiers of education," MARIE WILLARD AGNES WHITE LENA E. WHITE SARAH BONDO B S Iowa Stwte College A. B. University of California Iiciilegmgva State Teachers School Nurse Clothing l-lome Manage- English, Psychology, Junior I ment Alpha Sponsor, Red Cross Sponsor. 5l'f0fll"0nd, BOOIQIQGGDIVWQ, Girl Reserves Sponsor. MARIGOLD WALKER PAULINE STEVENS EILEEN PLUNKETT Secretary General Treasurer Registrar xllard A. White L. White Bondo Walker Stephen Plunkett The silent vigil . . . Our battle tactics . . . The P. T. A. dines . . The faculty's gift to bride . . . "Double" trouble . . The prince and his lady A wintry crossing . . The 'annual" senior lineup . . . "Play, Fiddler, Play" . th 8 ,-fsx vw 'si Lf- X 419 Xllfm r, J'-4 l IH ll fx WW . f -Mx A s 'X , ' -.,. fini 1 ffillll ' flat " l .alum Ig ffw Z li X Through classes and study, the student de- velops an understanding of the world about him, its beauties and its problems. He learns to use his reasoning powers, to judge values, and to secure a knowledge of the fundamental human rights and freedoms that mark a democratic government. ffITi'l"I'i'i'liiTi" . E 2 Tht f5 elwh 5444 Robert Wright, Glen Anderson, Joan McGrane, Charles Scheel, Herbert Jordal. The Front Line of Defense OFFICERS President , Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-A rms ,,,, Charles Scheel . Glen Anderson . Joan McGrane Herbert Jordal Robert Wright Sponsors: Mrs, Pomeroy, Mr. Lee ln glancing through the following pages, we recognize ourselves as the students who came to Abraham Lincoln three years ago to- make a name for ourselves, to study hard, to meet friends, to form ideals, and to generally build up and shape our lives. We have utilized the opportunities in school to attain our ambitions We have engaged in the activities of the school, both scholas- tic and social, Our representatives have gained recognition in all fields of endeavor. Fourteen For the past three years the school has been almost our sole pride and joy. We have enjoyed working at Abraham Lincoln, learn- ing to become better Americans. We hope we have helped make the school just a little bit better for the coming generations, for a school is no greater than the spirit and character of its students and teachers. lt is with these thoughts in mind that we approach the finale. . V- -Y -i KATHERINE ADKINS College Prep. Reservettes. DO OT ALLE Commercial Commercial Club, D ROT Y,A L N Co ge Prep. Thaliain Vice- .PPreS.,I:IlNlalinalr4+Ooafr Sillety, Gevmdrl Club, Lnter- society and Varsity, Debate, Reservettes. ll . J. ELSIE ANDEUON Commercial Commercial Club. GLENlAN lllSON.',, College Prep. Basketball, Foot- Ball., msonugdfi Blue, Echoes, Jr. Class ice-Pres., Quill, nd SS. , Sr. Class Vice-Pres. RUTH V. ANDERSON Commercial rl Reserves, Commercial Club. Wy RUTH ASMAN Commercial Delta Tau, Echoes. CHARLOTTE BACON College Prep. Delta Tau, Na- tional l-lonor Society, lnter-society and Varsity Debate. LUELLA BANDOMER Commercial Commercial Club. PAULINE BANTHER General Glee, Mosque ancl - Wigf I., , , ,. , 'L' . V C V. .fl f, - f iCECIfE ABTARDSLEY Commercial Delta Tau Pres., National Honor Society, Commercial Club, Rifle, MARIAN BARRITT Commercial Thalian, Commer- cial Club, Glee, Librarian. ART BARTEL College Prep. Aristo Pres., Masque and Wig, Hi-Y, German Club, R.O.T.C. First Lieut. HALE BAUGH College Prep. Basketball, Band, Hi-Y. JACK BAUMAN College Prep. National Honor So- ciety, Echoes Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Scroll, Spanish Cl b Pres. ' son and Blue, Philo, Hi-Y. 1, ,f ,- DONALD BAXLE Commercial Jr. Chorus, R.O.T,C. Serg. ' JEAN ' X 0 f' Co - rep. Thalian Pres., Girl Re- serves, -V, Q C I 1. , . . Red Cross Council, Inter- societ 5.1 . izi.siE BERTELSEN General. r. l I I - ' 'J' 5 I ' S ' x- -. - w. .Q .4 ,YXK VIRGINIA BIRCHARD Commercial Thalian, Mas- que and Wig, Glee. DOLORES BISHOP College Prep. Ero, Masque and Wig, Reservettes, Ass't Director of Clio Play, Semi- finals Declam. NORMA BLACK Commercial Commercial Club. GERRY BLOCKER College Prep. Delta Tau, Glee, Rifle, Masque and Wig, Delta Tau Play. BERENICE BOLAND College Prep. Delta Tau Histor- ian, Girl Reserves Sec., Spanish Club, Sr. Chorus. BARBARA BOLTZ College Prep. Girl Reserves Treas., Clio Historian, Masque and Wig, Rifle. MARGARET BOWLIN Commercial Jr. Chorus, Echoes, G.A.A., Operetta. From T. J. ALICE BRANDT College Prep. Thalian, Masque and Wig, Declam Finals, Thalian Play. JOYCE BRANSBY College Prep. Alpha Vice Pres., lntersociety Debate, Jr. Play, Honorary Masque anal Wig, Alpha Play, Declam Winner. WILLIAM BRANTZ Commercial Football, Track. BERNADINE BRIGGS College Prep. National Honor Society, German Club Pres., Girl Reserves, Orchestra, Thalian, Thalian Play. ESTHER BROWN College Prep. Spanish Club Treas., Alpha, Masque and Wig, Glee. MELVIN BRYSON Commercial Track, R. O. T. C. Corp. BILL BUDATZ Commercial R.O.T,C. Corp. PRISCILLA BURKE College Prep. Alpha, Girl Re- serves Sec., French Club, Varsity Debate, Rifle, liiis BURKETT, comme C' i GA A MAR E Ngo I l' rg. at Arms, Gir e v s, sque and i . MARGARET CAM N Commercial Alpha, Masque and Wig. 0 MARK CAMDEN College Prep. Football, Basketball. TOM CAPEL ColIegar"PFep. ' otbalii Basketball, Track, R.o.T.c. Carp. -. ,Wg I EUGENE CAUGHLAN College Prep. Jr. Hi-Y Sec., Golf, Ionian, R.O.T.C. Zncl Lieut., Officers Club Serg. at Arms, Echoes. xcjfygfyf ,,.,f 5' if IRWIN CHERTIISS College Prep. Echoes Editor-in- Chief, Jr. Class Treas., Quill and Scroll, Band, Orches- tra, Logo, Tennis. DAVID E. CHRISTENSEN Commercial Orchestra Glee, Operettas, Philo. EVELYN CHRlSTENSEN!,,,.Comm cial Chorus, HARRIET CHRISTENSEN College Prep. Band, Or- chestra, Delta Tau, lntersociety and Vorsity Debate. JUNE CHRISTENSEN Commerfial G. A. A. Treos., Commercial Club, Glee.. -9 V' 1 , ..f' ROBERT CFIMRISTENSEN " cummefciai wresiimg, Rifle Team, R.O.T.C. Serg. RICHARD CLABAUGH Commercial R.O.T.C. Cap- tain, Masque and Wig. UNA ELAINE CLAYPOOL College Prep. Delta Tau Sec., Girl Reserves, lntersociety and Varsity Debate, French Club, Echoes, Mosque and Wig, Quill and Scroll. I ' , -S ' I BETTY COHEN College Prnpl -Clio Serg.-at-arms, Masque and Wig, Girl Reserves, Echoes, Quill and Scroll, Clio Play. - I x 'K .H , N ,-.QCA-X. ,nl I .R . X' Y f' ' w-- Q" I JACK COLBURN Commercial Golf, Glee, R.O.T.C. First Lieut. Q'-I ,-r I? A li-fits.-J, .M . HARLEY COLLINS commoqytii ' ofC1?ffSfr8,"Bmid. CARL COLWELL College Prep. f A 51" if BETTY CONDON College Prep. Clio Pres., D.A.R. Representative, National Honor Society, Crimson and Blu Chorus lnters iety and arsit Debate. DOROTHY cox 0 JOAN CRAWFORD College Prep. Rifle. I I4 'I ' f BILL c T con e rep.-"Wino, Golf, R.o.T.c. Znd Lieut., Rifle Teo , Ech ZTQHI-Y Vice-Pres. LLOYD F. DAGGETT Mercy R.O.T.C. corp. FRED D HL ColIegelPrep. Logo, R.O.T.C. Serg., g y, Crimson and Blue. ' J BILL DAVENPORT commenter CHRIS DAVIS commef I Band sefg. LOMA DAVIS Commercial Commercial Club. JANE DAWSON College Prep. Alpha, Masque and Wig, Chorus, lntersociety Debate. DONALD DAY College Prep. Aristo, Sponish Club, Jr. Hi-Y, R.O.T.C. Serg. RICHARD DEAN College Prep, Football, Basket- ball, Golf, R.O.T.C. Captain, Chorus. OLIVER DEITCHLER Commercial Band EUGENE DILLER General FootbaIl,4,f' ,restlirig, Track, R.O.T.C. Serg, !'ip4l. JACK DOW Commercial ' G ij. WILLIAM DOWNING College Prep. Operettas, Aristo, Aristo Play. HAROLD DRUMMOND Commercial. G DUMAS Commercial 'x l . M f' " ll , I ...fyra f A Qvsikgrw ll , LORAIN DUNLAVEY Commercial R.Q,TaC, Serg. JANicE DUNN Commercial Alpha. 3-"'.' .' - 'lf RALPH ELLSWORTH College Prep. Chorus Pres., Echoes, Aristo, Mosque and Wig, R.O.T , Zrid Lieut. or am' ' f w 5, I' BETTY EMERY Commercial Commercial Club. ELEANOR ESBECK Commercial Commercial Club Sec., Ero Treas., Chorus, Operettas. MARGARET ESPINOSA Commercial Alpha, Spon- ish Club, G.A.A. FRANCES EVEREST College Prep. Delta Tau, Ger- man Club Treas., Glee, Rifle. MARY ROSE EVEREST College Prep. Girl Reserves, Clio Vice-Pres., Junior Play, Operetta, German Club, Masque and Wig. . I 5 HELEN EVERHARDT ' cammerciait 'Delta Tau, G.A.A, Pres., Chorus, Echoes. uf cis-flw' lfl.-f...f2i. ROBERT FALK College Prep. R.O.T.C. Serg., Wrest- ling. MARCELLA FAUBLE Commercial Commercial Club Zeser ettes., MEAN fe eral oulkton, S. D. Football, from Faulkton, S. D. FRANCES FELDT College Prep. Delta Tau, Spanish Club, Masque and Wig, Glee. ARLENE FISCHER Commercial Chorus. MARY FISHER Commercial Tholian Sec., Band Orchestra, Chorus, Operetta, Reservettes, lntersociety Debate. .f 5 I' AVRUM FITCH College Prep. Football. JANE FITZPATRICK College Prep. Alpha, Rifle Pres., Echoes. CHARLES FOOTE College Prep. Philo Sec., French Club Pres., Philo Play, Chorus, Honorary Masque and Wig, Ass't Director of Road Show. LEONA FORD Commercial Ero, Chorus, Crimson and Blue, Operettas. SHIRLEY FORD Commercial Thalian Treas., Chor- us, Thalian Play, Operetta. NANCY FOSTER College Prep. Alpha Treas,, French Club, Mosque n Wig. LESTER Fox College Pf and Blue, Quill and Scroll, Masque and Wig, Aristo ,eailglefhf A? E E - ALBERT IFRANDSEN, JR. College Prep. Football, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Masque and Wig, R.O.T.C. Serg, Electrician. BARBARA FRANKLIN College Prep. Delta Tau Vice-Pre', Girl Reserves Vice-Pres., Delta Tau Play, Echo s, ar h tra, Rifle. ,Ill f J . . ' Je" . .1 .1 - JEFFERSON FRENCH Commercial From Crescent. BETTY FRITZ Commercial Commercial Club, Reser- yettes, Masque and Wig, Glee. DARREL FROST College Prep. J ,pp if f' RAYMOND GARRISON College Prep. Logo, Masque and Wig, Officers Club, R.O.T.C. First Lieut. JOAN GARUBBA Commercial Commercial Club. TEDDY GERSHUN College Prep. Philo, Echoes, Jr Play, Chorus, R.O.T.C. Serg., Quill and Scroll. .X A' A i F lezifcl MARJ RIE GIDLEY C mer 'il Delta Tau Vice- P ., Commercial Cl 'Sex lntersociety Debate, 5 e ,-" LIJMJ KE ETH GILES ge Prep. Band Lieut., Orches- tra Manager, Logo, Echoes. VIVIAN GILLMAN Commercial Commercial Club, C.A.A. W JERRY GOOUIWI , Commercial Alpha see., Quill and Scroll, Girl eserves, Echoes, Masque and Wig, Rifle, Spanish Club. ROGENE GRAYBILL College Prep. Alpha, Masque and Wig. DONALD GROTE Commercial Rifle Team. IQJ-A.9elf2rll::'i SHIRLEY GROW College Prep. Delta Tau, Girl Reserves Pres., National Honor Society, Crimson and Blue, Varsity Debate. KATHERINE HALLORAN College Prep. Clio, French Club Serg.-at-arms, Rifle, Clio Play. RUTH HANCOCK College Prep. Clio, Girl Reserves, Masque and Wig, Quill and Scroll, Rifle, Echoes, Clio Play. ARNOLD HAN A Commercial Track, Wrestling, Echoesff EDNA MAY HANSEN gmmelelol aloe, G.A.A. ELMER HANSEN Commercial R.O.T.C. Capt., Elec- trician. V, ' EVELYN HANSEN Commercial Glee, Commercial Club, Reservettes. HELEN HANSEN Commercial Echoes, Commercial Club. HELYN C. HANSEN Commercial Baton Twlrler, Glee, Commercial Club. MAXINE HANSEN College Prep. Thalian Pres., Echoes, National Piano Winner, Masque and Wig, Accompanist, Operettas. WENDELL HARDING College Prep. Wrestling, Foot- ball, R.O.T.C. Serg. CHARLES HARRIMAN College Prep. BETTE LEE HARRIS College Prep. Ero, Honorary Masque and Wig, Girl Reserves, Ero Play, Rifle, Ass't Director of Jr. Play, Glee. FAYE HARVEY Commercial A Clio, Commercial Club Pres., Junior Play. MADGE HATHAWAY Commercial G.A.A. Qofyj gill' l ROBE 1' HAVEN Commercial Phllo,eolf., E, lk l l W!- BILL HEATH Commercial Echoes liellioi. WALTER HIGGINS General Echoes. l l VERA HINMAN College Prep. 3 Ero Sec., Masque one Wig. LOUIQ HQFLER Commercial Echoes, Glee, Track. JAMEi-yoagggcommerolol Golf, Bono. -1 ll Url' ii...l.u.....b-if DOROTHY HOLLENDER Commercial Chorus, Op- eretta. RAY HOLLINGSWORTH College Prep. R.O.T.C. Serg. CHARLENE HOLLY Commercial Commercial Club, Masque and Wig. CLEM HOLMGARD College Prep. Aristo Serg.-at- arms, Glee, R.O.T.C, Serg. MARGIE HOLT Commercial Delta Tau, Reservettes Pres., National Honor Society, Debate, Cheerleader, Extempos. HAROLD HORN Commercial Jun'o Play From l-lastings, Iowa. NMI Club. DOROTHY HUBBARD Commer 'al cial ALFRED lELLl Commercial JACK INGRAHAM Commercial Orchestra, Echoes, D m Major Band. iw Esiofzi. FLORENCE IRVING College Prep. Alpha Sec., Masque and Wig, lntersociety Debate, Alpha Play. KATIE JACOBS Commercial Al a Comm ial Club. K Z , ' LEONA RUTH JE Commerci ommercial Club, G.A.A fj ,mf D NNA BELLE JENSEN College Prep. Chorus, Thal- ian, Echoes, Masque and Wig, Quill and Scroll. ELOISE JENSEN College Prep. Alpha, Echoes, Li- brarian, Quill and Scroll. , - M fy LESTER JENSEN Commercial, i . .Q',Qf'FifSi Lieut., Echoes, Officers Club. ,, 'l' . -ll' 'i 4512i WALTER SEN Commercial Hi-Y, Echoes, Quill and Scroll. ALDIS JOHNSON College Prep. Ionian Pres., Crim- son and Blue Ass't Editor, National Honor Society, lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil, Extempo Finals, R.O.T.C. First Serg. BRUCE JOHNSON College Prep. National Honor Society, Logo, R.O.T.C. Serg., Echoes, lntersociety De- bate, Logo Play, Quill and Scroll, l'w'w-QMW' EDWARD JOHNSON General Masque and Wig. FERN IRENE JOHNSON Commercial Thalian, Girl Reserves Masque and Wig Thalian Play , , - 6. ROBERT JOHNSON Commercial. .. i' I .ff - i I - - ' ' VIRGINIA JOHNSON Commercial G.A.A., Commer- cial Club. , FRANCES ANN JONES Commercial Commercial Club, Masque and Wig, Jr. Chorus, G.A.A. HERBERT JORDAL College Prep, Crimson and Blue Editor-in-Chi f, Jr, Class Pres., Logo Vice-Pres., No- tional Hvfior Socjkty, lriter ogiefy and Varsity Debate, Sr. Class T eas.r5,, 'fl ,fi 5 i 'ix ! -, f .4-fri 'Q p0-fvwlf I ' ii BARBARA JORGENSEN Comm rcial Baton Twirler, MARJORIE KAHL College Prep. Reservettes Vice- Pres., Clio, Rifle. ROBERT KEAHEY College Prep. National Honor So- ciety Pres., Aristo Sec., Jr. Red Cross Council, French Club Vice-Pres., Junior Play, Era-Bye Play. Tv-feskiiv A l-fffc.lA.rcnl,N MARJORIE KELLQ Commercial Chorus. JOAN KIRCHOFF Ctynmercial Commercial Club, G.A,A. GEORGE KIRN College Prep. Crimson and Blue, Band, Orchestra, Aristo, Basketball, Tennis, Masque and Wig. ETHEL KISTLE College Prep. Girl Reserves, Extem- o Fin s, Clio Play, Varsity Debate, Clio Treas. horu , Rifle. R EZICH Commercial G.A.A,, Echoes, Crim- n a Blue, Cheerleader. T KNIGHT Colleg P ep. Discontinued school in Februar because ot gin s. ei of JEANETTE KOGER Commercial Commercial Club, Band Echoes , 1 - fi wALooN KRABBE Co CURTIS KRUME College Prep. Spanish Club, Aristo, Rifle Team, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lieut. I nf 1 .h ' 'J , 5 f Q FLOY KUSGEN Commercial Clio, Commercial Club, Glee. ERMA LARSEN Commercial Rifle. HELYN LARSEN Commercial Commercial Club, Baton Twirler, Glee, JEAN LARSEN College Prep. Clio Sec., Jr. Chorus, Orchestra Serg.-at-arms, Band. OLIVE LARSEN Commercial Alpha, Glee, Masque and Wig. WALLACE LARSON Commercial Echoes, Tennis. ," 905 fx e, DONALD LARSON Commer ' I IWC Corp. Jo: LAsH College Prep. ' f ,Cl4,,9ij , 1 VARIAN LEBAUGH Com 'erciol Glee Librarian, G,A.A., Clio. VIOLA LEE Commercial Commercial Club, Jr. Chorus. RICHARD LEED College Prep. Football, Wrestling, Echoes, Quill and Scroll, EILEEN LEERSKOV Commercial Spanish Club Pres., Clio, Glee. VIRGINIA LEMEN College Prep. Delta Tau Pres., Masque and Wig, Delta Tau Play. MARY LEONARD Commercial Rifle, Commercial Club. ROBERT LEONHARDT Commercial Crimson and Blue, Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, R.O.T.C. Corp. . ,r , 'F or fi: V " . LYLE LESTER Commercial R.O.T.C, Serg., Echoes. BETTY JEAN LEWIS Commercial Commercial Club, WILTON LEWIS College Prep. X - I l ' 'V IVAL LIGGETT College ep. f I gf JACK LINCO oll R rep. iago Pres., Junior Play, R. . Dewey Logo as MARY HELQ L College Prep. IEE, Sbdhish Club, Rifle, O retta, Masque and Wig, Chorus. ESTHER LONDON College Prep. Masque and Wig, Echoes, Glee. BEATRICE LORENZEN Commercial Masque and Wi ,fC+Qorus, E aes. f i JOE FWHRA Generalg if i EL NOR LUFTH College Prep, Orchestra Concert Mistress, ,Masque and Wig, Thalian, Girl Reserves, Quill and Scroll, Rifle, Extempos, DORIS LUNBECK Commercial Commercial Club, Chorus. RAYMOND McCABE Commercial Tennis, Glee. i it MARY McCLELLAND College Prep. Band 2nd Lieut., Orchestra. OMA JEAN McFARLINE Commercial G.A.A., Com- mercial Club. JOAN McGRANE College Prep, Girl Reserves, Sr. Class Sec., Clio, lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Chor- us, Masque and Wig, Crimsolnykand Blue. or EN N i hZ iffy iiP"Q,.f'l Q. SHIRLEY KEE C Ilege Pre fr, horus, Alphci r s., Echoes Efditor-in-Chief, GilfQKi3'?g,d4iasquiZ d Wig. If ff SHIRLEY McMULLEN College Prep. Delt Tau Treas., Girl Reserves Serg.-at-arms, Quill an Scroll, Echoes, DONALD MADSEN College Prep. Echoes, R.O.T.C. Master Serg., Philo. KAREN MADSEN Commercial Junior Class Sec., National Honor Society Sec., Ero Pres., Girl Reserves, Crimson and Blue. VIRGINIA MAGEE Commercial !jAReservettes. MARIAN MAIN Commercial Commercial Club Vice- Pres., Rifle. ELEANOR MANN College Prep. Thalian Sec., Thal- ian Play, Spanish Club Sec., Rifle. JACK MARSHALL College Prep. Football, German Club, Track. GORDON MEREDITH College Prep. Echoes, Jr. l-li-Y Vice-Pres. BETTY MLLLARD Commercial Commercial Club Pres., Ero, Cheerleader, GENEVIEVE MILLER Commercial Girl Reserves, Commercial Club. JULIA MILLER College Prep. Chorus, National Hon- or Society, Clio Vice-Pres., Orchestra, German Club, Operettaj . f X X ,. a,-A+--Q V 71? RENCE MIL....K Colleg Prep. R.O.T.C. Capt., . Football and Basketball Manager, Masque and Wig. RICHARD M. MILLER Commercial Arista, R.O.T.C. Serg. H I. ' fxffjwffl ffl.: VIRGINIAJMILLER' 'comihaiciqi' Alpha, Echoes. WARD MILLER Commercial Football, Basketball, Wrestling. GUENEVERE MINOR Commercial Chorus Sec., Crim- son and Blue, Ero Treas., lntersociety Debate, Librar- ian, Operetta, Girls' Sextet. JACK MOORE College Prep. R.O.T.C. Znd Lieut., Electrician. KENNETH MOORE Commercial Glee Pres., Foot- ball, R.O.T.C. Serg. J RY MURPH 1 College Prep. A Band Capt, Orches- S anish lub- Fo tball, ru et Trio. L NANS Commerci Bos tball. .1 , , X72 la fe-f .f - fj .7 ' MARIAN NEGETHON Commercial Chorus, Com- mercial Club, Opereftos. HARRIETT NELSEN College Prep. Chorus, Alpha, Masque and Wig, Rifle, Operettas. GERALDINE NEWELL General Commercial Club, Thalian. CLARA NICK Commercial Commercial Club, Glee, Operettas. MARY ELLEN NORTHROP College Prep. Delta Tau, Spanish Club, Chorus Pres., Declam Finals, Masque and Wig. NORMA OIEN Commercial Glee, Commercial Club, Rifle. MATT 0'KEEFE College Prep. Arista, I-li-Y Pres., French Club, Masque and Wig, lntersociefy Debate, Arisfo Play, R.O.T.C. First Lieuf, LA VERNE PAGE Commercial Alpha Vice-Pres., Mosque and Wig, Alpha Play, Glee, Declam. GEORGE PARKS College Prep. Philo, Spanish Club Pres., Rifle Team, R.O.T ,. Major, Officers Club. . il LOUISE PAVELICK College Prep. Della Tau. GERALD PETERS College Prep. Logo, From Ware, Iowa. HESS PETERS College Prep. Ionian Vice-Pres., Hi-Y, lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Jr. Play, Tennis, Ex- tempo Finals, R.O.T.C, Znd Lieut. , . Yqlffv V ROBERTA V, ERS Commercial Thalian Sec., Band Sec. , IM, .,' l KENNETH PE ERSEN College Prep.l Ionian vice- Pres. ROBERT E. PETERSEN College Prep. R.O.T.C. Col- onel, Logo Vice-Pres., Officers Club Pres., Rifle Team, Logo Play, , h WILLIAM PETERSEN College Prep. Hi-Y, Crimson and Blue. RICHMOND PETERSON College Prep. VIRGINIA PETERSON College Prep. Alpha, French Club. BERNIE PETRUS College Prep. Echoes, Masque and Wig, Hi-Y Sec., Jr. Red Cross Treas., R.O.T.C. Lieut. Colonel, Logo, Officers Club Vice-Pres. VERNON PETTIE Commercial ROBERT PHILLIPS Commercial Football, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lieut., Echoes. a jirsiffg v , . ul 217.21 W y yi in ffWf'M'ib3fl WIINFRED PHILLIPS Coll? e Prep. Junior Class Serg.-atfarms, Basketball, ootball. ROBERT PHINNEY College Prep. R.O.T.C. Capt., Rifle Team, Golf, French Club, Ionian, Chorus, Op- erettas. DWAINE PLUMMER College Prep. R.O.T.C. Corp. BUD PLUNKETT College Prep. Football, Basketball, Track, Echoes. , ROSE PROFEDA Commercial Girl Reserves, Echoes, Cheerleader, G.A.A. Z., A , MORRIS PULLEY College rfQ4Qp.'l lR'foY.c, Farsi serg. if? NORMA PURDY Commercial Band, Orchestra, Baton Twirler, Masque and Wig, Echoes, EVALINA PYETZKI College Prep. Clio, Girl Re- serves, Chorus, Echoes, Quill and Scroll, Masque ond Wig, Operetta. DIC ,RAIL General, ',,Chorus, Operettas. .wry 5,,f'Ir,'M.Jf2' JACK RAIN College Prep. l-li-Y, German Club Treos. HENRIETTA RANDOLPH Commercial Delta Tau, Reservettes, G.A.A., Masque and Wig. CARL RASMUSSEN Commercial Echoes, R.O.T.C. 2nd Lieut. , gf? lg llfglftxrfivt I... f I DORON RAS USSEN College Prep. li R.O.T.C. First Serg., Logo, lntersociety Debate, Crimson and lue, Officers Club. JEAN REDDEN College Prep. Clio, Glee, Mosque and Wig, Clio Play. ARTHUR REGGIO Commercial Football, Basketball, JUDITH ANN REID Commercial Thalian, G.A.A. THOMAS RHODES College Prep. Echoes. DOROTHY RIEF Commercial Echoes, Delta Tau, G.A.A., Chorus. SHARLENE RODGERS Commercial Commercial Club, G.A.A. Sec., Glee. . GERALD ROSS Commercial Echoes, R.O.T.C. Serg. GERRY ROSS College Prep. Alpha Pres., Varsity Debate, Extempos, Girl Reserves, Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil, German Club, Alpha Play. f" i fl V ,5'J4:V' xxx!! ll . if ,.. - ff I , . Y' fhi - IRENE ROSS Commercial Commercial Club, Echoes, FLOREINE RUNYON Colle e Pre . German Club, 9 P Librarian. JACK SADLER College Prep. Basketball, Football MARILYN SALTZMAN College Prep. Girl Reserves, Masque and Wig, Junior Pgy, Echoe SGlee, wy0AlC tgexuxwfi NORMAN SA DBERG Commercial Echoes.-g FRED SAVAGE College Prep. Aristo Pres., French Club Serg.-at-arms, Junior Play, Masque and Wig, Rifle Team, R.O,T.C, First Serg., Declam, in-. "PO Mr CHARLES SCHEEL Commercial National Honor So- ciety Vice-Pres., Senior Class Pres., Logo Pres., Band, Intersociety and Varsity Debate, Extempos. DON SCHMAEDECKE Commercial Glee. HARRY SCHMIDT College Prep. Philo Treas., Echoes, Masque and Wig, Chorus, Operetta, Philo Play. I , Ada. r didfllfl Adi- 'il , 1A f . e 1 Ubzlxg ,I J- DALE SCHROD Commercial Philo, Echoes, R.O.T,C. Serg. LOIS SCHROEDER Commercial Clio, Commercial Club. THEIL SCHROEDER Commercial Ero, Commercial Club. BoNl1'A scHqL1'r""colleoe Beep. . Rifle, Mosque one Wig, Glee. H ff-T - N1 x'x"'- :. -'M 1-Neff -' ww- ' -'N,..... WALTER SCHWEER NCollege Prepf' 'Echoes HONOR SCOTT College Prep. Chorus, Ero Vice- Pres., French Club, National l-lonor Society, Masque and Wig, Ass't Director ot Sr. Play, Girls' Sextet. .G ' J n em, f 9 J . I flu . Xa 'College Prep" Chorus, Ero Vice- Pres., Masque and Wig, Chorus, Declam Finals, Ero . J' Play, Operetta. V AYXIRAYMOND sEARs Commercial Band, Echoes. 'sf JBUD SHAFFER Commercial R.O.T.C. Serg., Glee. -- x J 'Nz il ff x, it Rx ELVIN SHEW Commercial Echoes, Basketball, Jun- ior Play, R.O.T.C. Corp. AUDREY JEANNE SHIELDS General, Orchestra, G.A.A., Glue. - ' , , , " FLOYD SICKLER Commercial Masque and Wig, R,O.T.C. Serg. Elecfricyii. "J i f jf . Y." ' ' LAVON SIECK Commercial Thalian, Girl Reserves, Echoes, Rifle, Orchestra, Thalian Play. Wig Operetta ll-31' ,f"ZZ'7Z'f-I2 JACK SKELTON Commercial R.O.T.C. Serg,, Logo, Echoes. EARL SKELTON Copmef? Cfiorus, Masque and I' ' 47 . 6 ...l g. 'PAULINE SKELTON Commercial Chorus, Rifle, Operetta Echoes 1 DONALD SLACK dieral . .. Q . S erg. WARREN SLAGLE College Prep. Band Capt, Philo Pres., Orchestra, Philo Play, Masque and Wig, Trum- pet Trio. lkluvveu VA Q HELEN SMITH Commercial Masque and Wig, Chorus, Operetta. MARJORIE SMITH College Prep. Alpha, Girl Re- serves, Crimson and Blue, Masque and Wig, Quill and Scroll, Echoes. WALTER SMITH Commercial Masque and Wig, Chorus. MARJORIE SNYDER College Prep. Glee, Rifle, G.A.A. JACK SPEER General fi EDWIN SPETMAN College Prep. lonian, Jr. Red Cross, Masque and Wig, Hi-Y, Officers Club, R.O.T.C. Captain. LESTON STACY College Prep. Philo Sec.-Treas., Honorary Masque and Wig. ELEANOR STASH Commercial ELIZABETH STASH College Prep. Masque and Wig, Ero. yi.,-f ws. NGS? RAMONA STEINHAUER College Prep. Ero Sec., National Honor Society. MARJORIE STEPHENS College Prep. Girl Reserves Vice-Pres., Alpha Treas., Mosque and Wig, Crimson and Blue, lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Alpha Play, ROSE STOREY Commercial G.A.A. 2 I . ,,,. E 1 JACK STROWIG College Prep, Track, Basketball, R.O.T.C. First Lieut. VIOLA STURGEON Commercial Commercial Club, Ero ESTHER STUTSMAN Commercial Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Echoes. NICK SULENTIC Commercial lTo campl. DONALD SULHOFF College Prep. Masque and Wig, Basketball and Football Manager, Echoes. ARLENE SWANSON Commercial Girl Reserves Treas., Ero, Honorary Masque and Wig, Glee. WALL CHARLES SWANSON College Prep. Arista Pres., Hi-Y Pres., Varsity Debate, Jr. Red Cross, R.O.T.C. Lieut. Colonel, German Club, Golf, DOROTHY STEPPUHN Commercial Thalian, Rifle, Glee, Commercial Club, National Honor Society. GERALD SWEENY Commercial Projectionist. J P ' S GILBERT TAFFE College Prep. Spanish Club Serg.- at-arms, Philo, National Honor Society. RICHARD TALLMAN College Prep. Echoes. LEO TAMISIEA Commercial From Missouri Valley, Iowa. AUDREY TELPNER College Prep. Delta Tau, Ger- man Club, Band, Orchestra. DOROTHY THOMAS Commercial Chorus, Delta Tau. DONALD THOMPSON College Prep, From Hancock, Iowa. 5 MILLICENT THOMPSON College Prep. Ero Pres., French Club Sec, Girl Reserves, Intersociety and Varsi- ty Debate, Honorary Masque and Wig, Ero Play. GENEVIEVE TIGHE College Prep. Clio Treas., Reser- vettes, Baton Twirler, Band, Orchestra, Jr. Chorus. BETTY TRIPLETT Commercial Girl Reserves, 1 PATRICIA TULLAR Comme i ifle Sec. Clio Pres Orchestr g LJ Masque and Wig, e ate. , h, rn r I X , JACK VAN DERCREE olle e . Band, Ionian, WANDA VARNER Commercial Thalian, Commer- cial Club, Glee, Librarian. FERNE VERPOORTEN Commercial Glee, Commer- cial Club, Rifle. WARREN VOGT College Prep. Football, Basketball, Track, Echoes. ALLEN WAGER Commercial Chorus. MARY WAGNER Commercial Echoes, Girl Reserves, Ero. HAROLD WAHE General Echoes. From Cedar Rap- ids, Iowa. PATSY WATSON College Prep. French Club, Delta Tau Serg.-at-arms. i vi i YVONNE WJEATHERILL College Prep. Ere, Honor- ary Masclue and Wig, Crimson and Blue. WILLIS wslsslz Commercial iBand. BETTY WELBOURNE College Prep. Masque and Wig, Clio, Jr. Chorus, Operetta. DARLENE WESLEY General Thalian, Honorary Mas- que and Wig, Glee, Thalian Plays. wAL'r ef" oll e . einen Club Vi e-P . . f I ' e and g, ' ,,, ecla . ,Nw DONALD wHlTNevf' College Prep. Loge, chews. CLARIAN WILD College Prep. Glee, Alpha, French Club, Operettas. JOYCE WILD Commercial Rifle, Commercial Club. MARZEE WILKERSON College Prep. Alpha, Chorus, Masque and Wig, Ass't Director of Delta Tau Play, Alpha Play. - BETTY JANE WILLIAMS College Prep. Girl Re- serves, Rifle. MARY WILLIAMS College Prep. Echoes, Ero, Girl Reserves, French Club, G.A.A. JAMES WINN College Prep. Golf, Chorus. P N SIDNEY A. WINN Colle e Prep. Ionian, Masque and Wig, Sr. Chorus, German Club, Operettas, Ionian Play. l I 2 4 A 'f ' lsJCffJf l lvfx' K If GLENN WINTER cemmefeleiili, ofelieelre. " MARJORIE WINTER Commercial Orchestra Vice- Pres., Glee. - V K ' It JUDY WISEMAN Commercial Girl Reserves, Com- mercial Club, Rifle. STELLA WISNER General Rifle, Commercial Club. WANDA WOODS Commercial Thalian, Commercial Club. NORMA WOODWARD General From Fort Dodge, lowa. X ROBERT WRIGHT Colle e Prep. restling Capt., R.o.T.c. Ca .369 0, sr. Class Serg.-at-ar EVELYN WUNNER College Prep. National Honor Society, Ero, German Club, Regional Flute Winner, Band, Orchestra, Echoes. Lf ' - , ,V g,.',4,,.k ,..g..:4' KENNETH WYMORE College Prep. Logo Sec., De- bate, R.O.T.C, Second Lieut., Junior Play, Officers Club. EVELYN YOUNG Commercial Masque and Wig, Commercial Club Vice-Pres., Rifle, G.A.A., Band, EARL ZIMMERMAN College Prep. Philo Pres., Echoes Editor-in-Chief, Band, Orchestra, Quill and Scroll, Debate. F V.. .f,., 'fe J .. 1 ,ai 'N . l PHYLLIS VAN ELLS Commercial Alpha, Chorus, Masque and Wig. BETTY CHRISTENSEN Commercial ROBERT ZOLLER General Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y. Efisgfwu The Chain of Defense As the last senior reaches the platform, the pageant which will be the close of his school year begins. After the addresses and the presentation of the diplomas, the senior commences his life as a part of adult society. His education is to be to him a spiritual defense against evil. He has hopes of becoming a great exe- cutive, or a teacher, or a scientist, but no matter what he does, he is still a part of the great mass of the American people who are striving to make this a happy and prosperous nation. But his job is not complete at this point, for it is his privilege to guide the lives of future generations. lt has come time for him to put his education into practice and pass his knowledge along, in order that he may be a strong and sturdy link in the chain of defense of American people. He has taken his place in society, he has found his niche in life. Thirty-one - A 2 E l Miss Broadfoot, Hartwell, Smith, Clay, Jessup, Wright, Mr, Nelson The Second Line of Defense lJunior Class of l94ll OFFICERS President , Vice l'rcxifle11t Scfrclary 'llrcamrcr Sergeant-at-Arwzs , , . Stanley Clay John Hartwell . Joan Smith Margaret Jessup . . . . Orville Wright Sponsors: Miss Broodfoot, Mr. Nelson One more step and we are in the front linel For three years we have trained regularly to goin skill and knowledge. As underclass- men, senior rank has been our goal. Frequently we have taken time out to enjoy school activities. We attended all the plays and put on the only mystery play ot the year. The burden at the musical activities has been carried largely by juniors, We could go on and enumerate our accomplishments '1'hmy-two in detail. l-lowever, we did not pretend to be Tl-lE regiment during the year. We knew that we must wait until we had passed in- spection this spring. Through all the thrills of the junior year we have made new and deeper friendships, pre- paring for a happy senior year. We have been rather light-hearted so tar, but we will be capable of shouldering the responsibili- ties handed down to us. Now we are seniorsl In the Ranks Front row: Virginia Brunow, Joyce Bruner, Marianne, Brunow, Mary Brugen-Hemke, Marian Anderson, Edna Bithers, Julia Buttz, Audrey Benson, Mary Bunton. Second row: Betty Cavitt, Maxine Barnes, Ethel Brown, La Von Brewer, Eunice Beck, Joyce Bock, Jean Abels, Clarice Bratches, Marjorie Bridenbaugh, Pauline Bowes, Doro- thy Best, Joy Bruner, Christine Askin. Third row: Lawrence Adkins, Dick Baughn, Merlyn Adkins, Cleone Angeroth, Walter Bailey, Dean Allen, Louie Caparelli, Robert Adams, Earl Anderson, Roy Britt, Shirlee Balaban, Merrian Bernstein, Mabel Angeroth, Fourth row: Charles Binkley, Jim Beraldi, Alvin Anderson, Joseph Capa- relli, Eugene Boatright, George Buhrman, Jack Abels, Arthur Bryan, Bob Alberti, Joe Burke, Bob Bell, Sarah Ann Agnew. Front row: Betty Hough, Betty Elson, Norma Claypool, Anabelle Collins, Peggy Dugan, Marjorie Haas, Eleanor Erickson, Lainys Dawson, Leona Daugherty, Vivian Doner, Georgian Gorn, Marian Doty. Second row: Thelma Grote, Phyllis Ellerbeck, Verna Fremodt, Mary Gallo, Caroline Drake, Geri Gretzer, Jere Cochran, Lucille Darring- ton, Esther Darrington, Shirley Christensen, Lois Green, Virginia Ellis. Third row: Hubert Hall, Donald Eyeberg, Norman Grossman, Bill Edmundsen, Stanley Hansen, Bob Ginn, Raymond Collier, Fritz Dimmler, Bob Gibler, Lowell Grundmeier, Fourth row: Harold Doyle, Theodore Durtee, Jack Hansen, Don Falk, William Feyerabend, Dominick Fazio, Marvin Gillgam, Dean Gossard, Melvin Frohardt, Calvin Frohardt, Fifth row: Clyde Copeland, Roy Fernley, Robert Gatrost, Jack Hammer, Erick Edholm, Darryl Dickson, Jack Gideon, Robert Emarine, Robert Drustrup, Dwayne Daugherty, Stanley Clay. Thirty-three ' Q its In the Ranks lJUNlORSl " Front row: Willa Bella Jirnison, Margaret Hurd, Kathryn Hartnett, Lucy Ann Howard, Margaret Hardwick, Roselle Jabens, Lorene, Justenson, Mary Hill, Delores Hemmingston, Doris Hemmingston, La Vonne Jackson. Second row: Helen Karas, Rosalie Harding, Joan Hays, Eleanor Jenson, Joy Langer, Hazel Jenson, Helene Hott- man, Betty Hays, Eleanor Huttaker, Dorothy Heiburg, Richard Horrum. Third row: Lois Cody, Ruth Helen Howe, Jeanette Hubbard, Tim Larsen, Richard Knudsen, Margaret Jessup, Georgia Hays, Marjorie Jepson, Betty Keifer, Maxine Hanan, Harry Petersen. Fourth row: Evelyn Hurd, Richard Jacks, Robert Hansen, Leonard Jen- son, Don Henderson, John Hartwell, Lowell Hopkins, Darrell Langteldt, Don Hobson, Bob Hesse, Robert Humphrey. Front row: Marilyn Morse, Adelaide Madsen, Margaret Mortensen, Delores Moran, Helen Mclntyre, Mary Jane Malick, Rosemary McKelvie, Barbara Kirn, Velma Nixon, Corallie, Orrel. Second row: Jean Nielson, Carolyn Mackland, Eileen Olson, Carol Mann, Eleanor Moats, Janice Meyer, Dorothy Martin, Donna McKain, Betty Mar- shall, Catherine Nelson, Beverly Minor, Ruth Harlan, Third row: Betty O'Neill, Joyce Oarnek, Perry Graves, Ed Lee, George Lemen, Frank Messmore, Virginia McCoy, Mary McBain, Lynn McNeil, Helen Olsen. Fourth row: Louis Loper, Earl Nixon, Charles McClelland, Jackie Moser, Garvice Nelson, Donald Mann, Ray McColl, Arliss Mann, Bonard Morse. Fifth row: Virginia Loomer, Arnold Musgrave, Craig Olson, Duane Meyer, Richard C. Miller, Donald Neujahr, Jack Larsen, Orris Murphy, Clifford Miller, Kenneth Mathis, Orval Lee. Thirty-four In the Ranks UUNIORSJ Front row: Dorothy Ougheltree, Dorothy Schultz, Rose Paluka, Maidelle Platner, Betty Shawler, Amybelle Russell, Kitty Lou Rooney, Agnes Shields, Edna Pace, Betty Prior, Margaret Palensky. Second row: Maxine Saunders, Vivian Scholfield, Alice Passer, Fern Roenfeld, Darlene Soe, Luana Paluka, Kathleen Parker, Lucille Shoemaker, Jere Shellenberg, Joe Ranney, Third row: Joyce Schroeder, Mary Jean Sorenson, Norman Peterson, Donald Plummer, Douglas Peterson, Fred Robinson, Don Russell, Warren Schlott, Don Rose, Alden Presler. Fourth row: Elaine Pratt, Edwin Rasmussen, Ray Ranum, Myron O'N eol, David Shugart, Charles Schlott, Bob Scott, William Roux. Fifth row: Jean Otis, Jack Rasmussen, Norris Shehan, Rodney Ross, Donald Shroeder, Dwayne Schroeder, Richard Riddle, Kenneth Shrieves, Jack Peregoy, John Porter, John Overmeyer. Front row: Harriet Wild, Pauline Shea, Leonora Solazzo, Kathleen Stech, Edith Wingate, Agnes Thompson, Claudine Stilen, Jane Tennant, Joanne Smith, Burnice Steinberg, Dorothy Starr, Second row: Eleanor Summy, Rosemary Wells, Eris Winther, Louise Van l-lorne, Edith Sorenson, Margaret Tank, Erma Tripplett, Delores Wea- ver, Lucy Beall Stouter. Third row: Bill Campbell, Harry Southword, Lois Walker, Dorothy Voss, Helen Sten- wall, Betty Stevens, Arthur Tucker, Carl Zaccone, Kewt Thornell. Fourth row: Myron Strobehn, George Van Horn, Donald Williams, Oda Sulley, Duane Sweeny, David Sullivan, Jay Swanson, Duane Walters, Russell Ward, Richard Weare, Fifth row: Arthur Widtteldt, Orville Wright, Mark Stageman, Lynn Tennant, Ed Williams, Tom Speer, Blaine Vandeventer, Clarence Strong, Dale Thomas, Claude Sparks. Thirty-five In the Ranks lSOPHOMORESl Front row: Donahoo. Cherniss, Beraldi, I. Brown, Davenport, S. Brenholm, Carter, Craft, Cody, Christensen, Burkett, Corneli- son. ,Second row: Buttz, Crowl, Braun, B. Barrett, Baird, Chandler, Ahrens, Basch, Boiler, Campbell, A. Barrett, Culley, Clark, Denson, Chambers. Third row: C. Brown, Bandomer, Durbin, Baker, C, Christensen, Collier, Dorn, Bauman, Burgfstrum, B. Brooks, G. Brooks. Fourth row: Agnew, B. Brown, F. Beck, Cooley, Gallager, Derry, Dilly, Clay, Brice, Caywood, B. Christoffersen, Berg, Buskness. Fifth row: V. Beck, B. Barrett, Danielson, Coughey, Bennett, Buesing, Bock, Chaney, Cramer, A. Brown. Keaton, Bolter. L, Brwon. Front row: Hess, M. Hughes, B. Hannum, Hall, Earhardt, Ford, Boltz, C. Hannum, Williams, Goff, Ernst, Gallo. Second row: Hoesly, Hansen, Head, Frandsen, Haas, Hubbard, Eddy, Blocker, Hahn, Hamilton, G. Goldapp, Hildebrand. Third row: Gillman, Hays, Griffeth, Edson, Hunt, H. Hughes, Hartwell, Downs, Howe, D. Goldapp, Hecht. Fourth row: Hermsen, French, McKeeman, Goodwin, Gress, Finn, Hennessy, Howlctte, Burgess, Duffy. Fifth row: Felton, Hall, D. Brown, Filbert, Evans, B. Hughes, Hudson. Bertelson, Drummond, Gray. Although we're considered freshmen or about thot roting, we still comprise obout 28W ot the populotion of Abrohorn Lincoln High. Our closs is unorgonized, but we do o greot deol in furthering the octivities of the school. Thariysix In the Ranks lSOPl-IOMORESJ Front row: Mark, Klahan, Morse, Magee, Lyons, Jeffers, R. Lewis, McClure, Morris, Crabbe, Mendenhall, P. Larson, Morgan, Knauss. Second row: Lausc-n, McClelland, Meyers, Madsen, W. Miller, Lieberknecht, Jordanson, Jorgensen, Jones, Leavitt, Moran, Kleeman, Lint, E. Johnson. Third row: Montgomery, T. Krasnc, Meis, Kringel, Kroger, Mclntyre, ll. Larsen, E, Lewis, li. Miller, Millhollin, S, Johnson, Lash, Lamar. Fourth row: Jackson, Lett, L. Martin, Lidgett, Mueller, Johnk, S. Krasne, M. Johnson, Kirchoffer, McGee, S. Johnson, Marty. Fifth row: D. Johnson, Mulligan, W. Johnson, Mathis, Ken- singer, G. Jensen, R, Martin, D. Johnson, Jager, L, Jensen, Juel, Linn. McDaniels. Front row: Reeves, Reynolds, O'Keefe, Pyetzki, Perry, Shuman. E. Owens, Saks, Parady, Mowling. Second row: Rief, D. Petersen, Schultz, E. Peterson, Shields, Pospisil, Ranney, Payne, Roach, Purdue. Third row: G. Russell, lk. Petersen, L. Olson, Parsons, L. Nelson, Post, D. O'Niel, D, Owen, G. Owens, Poulos, J, Owens. Fourth row: Rapp, J. Peterson, Miller, M. Rus- sel, Dick Peterson. Pitzer, li. Schultz, Peters, Pfaff, G, Nelson, Don Peterson. Fifth row: Neely, Olsen, Ryan, Page, S. Olson, Ratekin, Roth, Norgard. O'llara, Nickerson. Our promotions will be coming soon. These will put us that much closer to the point where we may break from the ranks of obscurity, We accept the opportunities granted us as a l I shortcut from the ranks. Some day we ll be out in front. Thirty-seven In the Ranks lSophomores and Freshmenl Front row: M. Smith, Tank, White, Shatto, B. Wood, Simonds, V. Turner, B. Smith, Truscott, M. Scott, Wilson J. M. Thomas, Sealock, Taylor. Second row: Witt, Wild, Seaburg, Sturgeon, Underwood, N. Smith, Sutton Trede, Spry, M. Thompson, Thordsen, J. A, Thomas, P. Thompson, Strayer, Swanson, Williams. Third row: V Staley, Timm, Shea, Spitznagle, A. Turner, Oakes, Wolff, V, Skelton, Wallace, Slack, Severn, Wicltfeldt, Shatter Stephens. Fourth row: .l'l. Scott, V. Skelton, Tighe, M. Suden, Sickler, M. Thompson, Walters, Stageman, D Voss, Whitman, Tedesco, Steftensen, Stewart, l. Staley. Fifth row: M. Suden, Steven, Watson, F. Voss, Win- ters, Snyder, J. Thomas, Stightam, Walrus, D. Wood, D. Scott, Sheehan, Wadsworth, V. Thomas, C. Scott. Front row: Cambell, Cherniss, Benton, Gorn, Everhardt, Clabaugh, Collett, Ballenger, Allen, E. Chrisman, Den- son, Farrell. Second row: Eyeberg, Company, Boot, Bostwick, Dunlavly, Crabtree, Adrian, Ellsworth, Gun- dram, Bierer, B. Barritt, E. Davis, Campbell Curtis. Third row: Downs, Birchard, Dalton, Brougham, Brugen- Hemke, Garrett, Barritt, Grayabil, Cramer, Darrington, J. Adkins, Christensen, Fourth row: Baunker, Breener Dorland, Chevalier, Davis, Green, Archibald, Carmichael, Brandt, Brantz, Boss, Grosvenor, Deitchler, Gottbrecht Fifth row: Corbally ,Cohrs, Joan Cross, Jean Cross, Gound, Burke, Datesman, Allphin, Hilton, Grego, Alsburn Beasley, R, Adkins, Cox. lsn't it discouraging to be lO-l 's and ll-l's? We would like to become either tull-fledged sophomores or full-fledged juniors, As luck will have it, the juniors don't want us and we don't want the sophomores. What shall we do about it? The only solution is that next time we will begin our kinder- garten careers in September. P Thirty-eight In the Ranks llrreshmenl Front row: Neumayer, Murray, Gossard, Howell, Jacobsen, Kelsen, MacDonald, Howard, Knoble, Hubtord, Hunt, Knudsen, Napier, Molzahn, E. Klein. Second row. Leedy, Lockwood, Kamm, Hutchison, Kane, P. Heitman, D, Heitman, l. Larsen, Kielblock, Howe Hanneman, V, Larsen, Nichols, Mueller, Hubbard. Third row: McKee- man, Woker, Neilsen, Hansen, Lenihan, Mendiz, Hoch, M. Johnsen, Mader, B. Kline Messmore, McMains, John- son, Kynett, J. Hansen. Fourth row: Jessup, Johnson, Bowes, Hibbard, essen, Harrings, B, Lewis, McAIeer, Mack, Lorenzen, Katleman, R. Nelsen M. Larson. Fifth row: Koger, Keller, Hounshell, Meyers, Montgomery, Humlicek, Jessup, Loinson, Kubby, McKee, McDowell, Kruse, Hill, M. Nelson. Front row: Williams, Owens, Reynolds, Voss, Reeves, Kamm, Peters, Stacy, tSarr, Schroder Wiatt, Spera, V. Tur- ner, Torrey, Watters. Second row: South, Parks, S. Thompson, R. Smith, Woods, Shreiberg, Petersen, Stech, Skelton, Poder, Schmidt, Sheel, O'Hara, Peters, Ronney. Third row: Samples, Woker, Ruppert, Trapolis, Snyder, Tidher, Russell, Wilsen, Sieck, Olson, Saunders, Van Horn, Van Warmer, Ross, Stageman, Wild. Fourth row: Spetman, Otto, Teal, Stone, Jorgensen, Oglevie, Trunkenbolz, Donald Seidler, Spencer, Darrell Seidler, Purdy, Gibler, Smith, Schmidt, Widtteldt, D. Thomas. Fifth row: Le Bough, Morehouse, Farmer, Holmes, Siener, Sit- zer, Paulson, Osborn, Stacy, Russell Tise, Phieffer, Madsen, Miller, Schroeder, Thomas. You can't be senior class president until you're a senior, you can't be junior class president until you're a junior, you can't be sophomore president, because there isn't one. You can't go out, because you're too young, you can't stay in, because you're in the way. Nobody loves you except your mother, and even she will love you more when you're a sophomore. Thirty-nin e Forty N X ,gpg XX fx.-ix sf l X C m7 l M X! , Q5 , N X ,x 0 N ' f HJ f Activities of the manifold clubs teach mem- bers the practice of democracy in ordinary life. ln all organizations are students of dif- ferent abilities and racial origins, and they work together in harmony and perfect equal- ity, creating a society in which understanding, tolerance, and cooperation are the motivating principles of group action. l EA r-1 lQ ....,, .,, UU WNW!!! -len 1 mix-uiliiiltlilhl lllllldlillllllu- lll,Ll I ll lllll Aesgr?-NN i-.1 M... lllllllll 3- N llllllllll lllll l , Q---me H - If - H L ! Q--! F L.. ,.-... L T 'I Forty Front row: Smith, McKee, Leuth, Stephens, Goodwin, Cohen, Claypool, Hansen, Wurner, McMullen, Pyetzki, Hancock, Jensen. Second row: Peterson, Ellsworth, Anderson, Lced, W. Jensen, Leonhardt, Bauman, Jordal, Cherniss, Gersbun, Fox, Johnson. f tmetliehesa 39 f C711 , M mzgsfcms , me iiiwsmri mow svimni or if i 451 3..- mx N Ls A6 NW 5 N shelf as on i 1 v :gill iii? f E 32 233 N Tag ggi s, i-1 fl gl ies, f 913' ' sg' gf , ,pizii -,f ws: 1' :aw ff5tWQ asv, Q fo in few ,Ui Taj 3 5' E23 'ii flifssfti if 215 gs, , WNW ,, mf ' Quill and Scroll Sponsors: Miss Baptist, Mr. Lee Inspiration and encouragement come to potential "defense workers" through Quill and Scroll, the honorary society for out- standing publication work. Membership in this organization is obtained by the journalists who show particular talent in writing up advertisements and clever articles, proficiency in photography or art, or special aptitude and resourcefulness in the detailed work or management of the Forty-two school's two publications, the yeorbook and the newspaper. The chapter in Abraham Lincoln is made up of those who in the future will maintain the moral defense of the country as "en- thusiasts of the pen," os men and women who will influence public opinion through their writings. To them, Quill and Scroll offers recognition and honor, as well as stimulation of further effort towards ad- vancement and improvement. Seated: Condon, McGi'une, Johnson, Jnrdal, l.i-onhardt. Standing. Kirn, Dahl, Pm-tn-rsm-n, liusmussi-n, Crow, linchmun, Kvzxhi-y, Anderson, Madsen, Fox, liaumzm, Larson, Minor, Weatherill, Kmezick, Smith. Fowl, Stephens. The Record of the Years Staff of the Crimson and Blue Editor-in-Chief . . Herbert .lordal Assistant Editor . . Aldis Johnson Senior Editors . Karen Marsen Jack Bauman Bob Leonhardt Leona Ford Literary Editor . . Guenevere Minor Clubs and Societies . . Marjorie Stephens Marjorie Smith Faculty . Joan Mc Grane Shirley Grow Boys' Sport . . . . Glen Anderson Girls' Sport . . , Ann Kmezich Art .... Don Schmaedeche Photographers . . Doran Rasmussen Bill Petersen, Rewrite Man ..... Lester Fox Business Manager . , Yvonne Weatherill Assistant Business Manager . . Fred Dahl EditorialAdviser . Business Adviser . The year l94l will always be remembered as a war year for the peoples of Europe. That's a sad thought, but since we want you to remember this year as a happy one in your high school lite, we are presenting to . Miss Baptist . . . Mr. Rosenkranz you this yearbook of l94l. Surely in years to come, when you look through its pages, the pictured record will bring back happy memories, and the volume will become a priceless keepsake. Forty-thuze First row: Tighe, Proteda, Hansen, McKee, Franklin, Hancock, Saltzman, Second row: Kmezich, Nelson, E. Jensen, D. Jensen, Pyetski, McMullen, Bowlin, Lorenzen. Third row: Fox, Zimmerman, Larson, Giles, Liggett, Phillips, Coughlan, Rhodes. Fourth row: Madsen, l-lofler, Meredith, Dean, Mr, Lee, Phinney, Plunkett, Sulhott, Anderson. Communications l Echoes, First Semesterl l Echoes, Fall Semesterl Editors-in-Chief . Managing Editor News Editors . Sports Editor . . Business Manager . . Advertising Manager . . Staff . Earl Zimmerman Shirley McKee . . Bill l-leath . Bernie Petrus Don Madsen Barbara Franklin . Don Sulhott . Bob Phillips Gene Caughlin Faculty Adviser: l'l. Arthur Lee 'Where's the news editor?" "Here's a num- ber three headline to write." "Copyl - Copyl", shouts the editor rushing into room ZOl. To the uninitiated, the husle and bustle is confusing. But all is part of a well-organ- ized system, each part ot which is vital to the success ot the Echoes. Few people realize how much time is spent and how much work is done in getting out the Echoes each week. F01-fy-four The amateur journalists are acquainted with the newspaper tradition of doing every- thing in their power to see that their paper gets out on time. Daily, the budding newsmen obtain experi- ence in reporting, copyreading, ad solicit- ing, and other phases ot newspaper publish- ing, always keeping in mind the policy of the paper: "Echoing vigorously, justly, and without prejudice." Front row: Everhardt, Claypool, Hansen, Wunner, E. Larsen, Purdy, Fitzpatrick, Hudson. Second row: Zim- merman, W. Larson, Sweeny, Gershun, Ellsworth, Anderson, Goodwin. Third row: Higgins, Schmidt, Dahl, Cut- ler, Cherniss, ohnson, Jensen, Stenwall. Fourth row: Skelton, Sears, Rasmussen, Falk, Mr. Lee, Anderson, Vogt, Bauman. Communications l Echoes, Spring Semesteri Staff Editors-in-Chief Managing Editor . News Editors . Sports Editor . . Business Manager . . Adevrtising Manager . . Faculty Adviser: "Scoopl-Scoop! Stop the presses!" While not always so sensational, the Echoes has had at least one scoop during the spring semester. At the time of the class elections, the staff decided to present the returns in true news- paper style. Within one and one-half hours after the ballots were counted, Echoes containing the final returns were distributed throughout the classrooms. H. Irwin Cherniss Jock Bauman . Earl Zimmerman Una Claypool Betty Cohen Erma Larsen Glen Anderson Dale Schoreder Ralph Ellsworth Arthur Lee By working on the Echoes, journalism stu- dents are at least exposed to the old adage: "Once printers' ink gets into your veins, it can never get out." The serious side should not be overlooked. One should not forget that in addition to the many other liberties which are enjoyed in America, the freedom of the press is universally maintained. Forty-five Let the Melody Run Prexident Secretary Librarians Sergeant-at-Arms Director Cadet Offices Director The blore of morticil music or the muted melody ot violins hos come to be recognized os o sure sign thot the orchestro ond bond ore preporing for onother concert or pro- grom. This yeor these two outstonding groups hove porticipoted in the operetto, ploys, ond concerts The bond hos morched in severcil porodes ond other civic functions. Forty-Six . . Genevieve Tighe . . . . Roy Britt . Glen Winter, Wolter Bailey . . . Jeon Lorsen . . . . Rudolph Seidl . Worren Slogle, Gerry Murphy . . . . Rudolph Seidl The orchestro os o whole or in smcill groups hos performed for mony school ond civic clubs ond orgonizotions. The two groups porticipoted in the cinnuol Music Festivol ot lowo City in the spring ond ot the com- mencement exercises closed the yeor with the tomilior stroins of "The Pilgrim's Chorus." l flimlll llvluisim tziiiwgg Grace Notes GIRLS' TRIO Morse, Brown, Bosch BOYS' QUARTET Roney, Bertelson, Widfeldt, Scott GIRLS' SEXTET Scott, Sorenson, Minor Rooney, Fisher, Morse TRUMPET TRIO Giles, Slagle, Murphy SAXAPHONE QUARTET Tennant, Davis, Peters Weiser STRING SEXTET Bratches, Paluka, Kirn Winter, Purdy, Downs Special laurels go to the many small vocal and instrumental groups at A. L., of which only a few are shown. These groups con tribute greatly to the success of the music department as a whole First row: H. Scott, J. Dawson, Wilkerson, Minor, Christensen, Esbeek, Hays, McCoy, McKee, MeGrane, Parker, Basch, Wea ver, Morse, Second row: L. Dawson, Nelson, Logan, Hubbard, Feyerbrand, W. Smith, Bertelson, J. Winn, Schmidt, Skelton Otis, Rooney, Boland. Third row: G. Morse, Everest, Fischer, S. Ford, Dalton, Ellsworth, Olson, Riddle, Ranney, McNeil Mueller, McKain, Fisher, Hall. Fourth row. Thomas, Sorenson, Miller, Northrop, Negathon, S. Wynn, Knight, Wager, B Morse, Frohardt, Hinkley, Condon, Kistle, M. Scott. Fifth row: Lorenzon, Lunback, Soe, H. Smith, Dean Foote, Scott, Widt- feldt, Frohardt, Johnson, Hartwell, Williams, Downing, Johnk, L. Ford, Marshall. First row: Larson, Campbell, Fenn, Rose, Mueller, Owen, Starr, Malick, Schroeder. Second row: Van Horn, Knauss, Rief Hamilton, Grote, Frandsen, Sullivan, Baxley, Brown, Mortensson. Third row: Lee, Tighe, Welhourne, Leavitt, Skelton Caparelli, Peterson, Bock, Beck, Bowlin. Fourth row: Pyetzki, Gorn, Loomer, Tullar, Mathis, Abels, Christensen, White Madsen, Nelson, Walker. Fifth row: F. Jones, Everhart, Darrington, Hansen, Juel, Brown, Jensen, Whitney, Phinney, E Jones. Senior and junior Chorus , 3 1 Forty-eight Fall Spring Ralph Ellsworth President . Mary Ellen Northrop Dorothy Thomas Secretary Goenevere Minor Jolla Maller . Program Chairman Arr wadrfeldr Charles Binkly Monitor Dale Johnson Kenneth Mathis Librarians Robert Wright Dick Deon . Bonard Morse Preridenr Bob Phirmey Secretary Francis Jones Program Chairmen Joyce Bock Monitor . Ray Mathis Librarians Albert Frandsen Beverly Brown Senior and lunior Girls' Clee Fall Pat Tallar . . Marian Anderson Betty Condon . Ethel Kistle Beverly Brown Eleanor Taylor Fail Doris Jean Larson Leonora Sollazzo Alice Madsen . Jane Ann Braun Doris ean Larson Secretary , Scrrefary ,Program Cfmirrncn M onitor Librarians JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE Prexident , President Program Chairmen , Monitor . Librarians Spring . Margaret Jessup Ida Mae Hamilton Doris Jean Crowl . Clarion Wild Della Mae Ford Barbara Hess Spring Barbara Hannurn Beverly Barritt . Norma Smith . . Gertrude Baird Marjorie Bridenbaugh Carolyn Mackland First row: Shatto, Ellsworth, Iirenholm, Schuman, Sever, liruner, Bruner, McDonald, Starr, Pace, McKveman, Ranney, Second row: Gallo, Palensky, Perry, Schroeder, Moran, liarritt, IS. Hannum, Turner, M. Owen. Justeson, Hildebrand. Third row: Baird, Rosenfelrlt, liridenbaugh, Christensen, Allen, C. Hannum, Molzahn, Kynett, Larson, Davenport Shoemaker, Fri- modht. Fourth row: Asikin Anderson, Liebernecht, Ernst, Wimnld, Summy, Dunlavy, Doty, S. Thompson, Teal, Shea, Fifth row: D. Owen, Witt, Clark, Williams, Brewer, Cross, Griffith, Smith, M. Thompson, Maekland, O'Hara, Russel, Wild. First row: Solazzo, Williams, liunten, Syder, Hansen, Jeffers, Taylor, Howell, Lawson, Neumeyer, Sealock, Torrey. Second row: Earhardt, Hall, Head, Hanson, O'Neill, Mann, Ford, Claypool, Crowl, Hanan, Keefer, Tullar. Third row: Densnn, Dar- rinqton, Hamilton, lioltz, Harding, Goldapp, Klaizer, Krasne, Vernoorten, Cochran, Scott, Lyon, Larson, Fourth row: Hcitman, Payne, 'l'rade, Hartwell, Drake, Hess, Bishop, McCoy, Kistle, Jessup, Schmidt, Banther, Fifth row: Harris, Pyetzke, Nelson, Hanson, Fritz, Redclen McKain, Wild, Cavitt, Roach, Nowlimz, Braun. v l First row: Teal, D. Christensen, Vlfood, Condon, Lidgett, Neujahr, Larson. Second row: Schroeder, Donald, Pitaer Shghtam Hofler, Hanson, Scott, Kensinger. Third row: MeAleer, Russel, Boatright, Bolter, Shehan, Moore, McDonald Fourth row Chaney, Collier, Evers, McCall, C, Christensen, Schroeder, Dwayne. Allen. Green. Fall Don Whitney Fred Robinson Jock Abels ' Bill Campbell Bud Shaffer Gaily the Troubadourv lBOYS' GLEE CLUBl President Secretary Monitor Librarians 11 Spring Kenneth Moore Norris Slwehon . Don Lidgett Duo ne Slightom Fred Kensinger -HARMONY? The Senior Chorus Rehearses Fifty Making Life Melodious lnstead of the customary Gilbert and Sulli- van operetta, the music groups this year presented the "Emperor's Clothes" by Clo- key. This operetta is based on the old fairy tale in which l-lis Majesty, the Emperor, is tricked into buying a suit of clothes which, supposedly, can be seen only by the good and faithful. The results are very humorous indeed. The shysters, Flou Flou and Fri- pon, are apprehended by Jarrotiere, the banished betrothed of the Princess, thus winning the favor of the Emperor. ln order to show his gratitude the Emperor presents Chausette, his daughter, to Jarrotiere in marriage and names him as the chancellor to succeed the aged Archivieux. The music for the operetta is clever and colorful and greatly accentuates the mood of the operetta as a whole. Two dance groups added much to the presentation. One of the most outstanding and commen- dable characteristics of the operetta was that all costumes, wigs, and properties were made by the members of the vocal groups. Special mention must also be given the fine orchestral work. A single phrase aptly describes this oper- etta: "One of the most colorful and suc- cessful musical performances ever pre- sented at Abraham Lincoln." Fifty-one PRACTIVE IN DEMOCRATIC LIVING . . . They'II make lovely wives . . . Lef's clean up on 'em . . . Me and Madame Curie . . . How's your French? . . . Furniture makers . . . "RaphaeIites." 'N ' .-4-M' ,MW-asf KENYA E 3 AII's quiet . . . Posters on the press . . . Schiaperille? . . . Such specimens! . . . Learning their lines . . . When do we eat? Front row: Sollazzo, Madsen, Payne, Bacon, Claypool, Boltz, Grow, Peters, Second row: Cherniss, Christensen, Brugen-, Hemke, Ross, Burke, Anderson, McCoy, Stephens, Juel. Third row: Sweeney, Jessup, Condon, Thompson, Steinhauer, Allphin, Paluka, Scheel, Olson. Fourth row: Johnson, DeVo1, Swanson, Nelson, Mae, Sheehan, McGrane, Jordal, Peregoy. Learning to Analyze Problems One of the first steps in becoming a good citizen is becoming acquainted with one's government. The debate squad took a great stride along this line when discussing the subject, "Resolved: The Powers of the Federal Government Should Be lncreased." The first event in the debate season was the annual debate banquet, Jack Peregoy won first place in the after-dinner speak- ing contest held at that time. Following this was the intersociety tournament. The Logos, "the underdogs" of past years, won the boys' tournament and the Clios defeated the girls. As is the custom, the women had the last word when the Clios defeated the Logos in the final rounds. After the close of intersociety debate, the large varsity squad was chosen. These de- baters participoted in the Missouri Valley Debate Tournament. l-lere the girls placed fourth and the boys placed third in their respective tournaments. The varsity fifteen was then selected. ln early January, these people journeyed to Midland College at Fremont. A. L. entered Fifty-four two teams which came out well in spite of opposition. Merry DeVol and Mary Brugen- Hemke entered the extempo and after- dinner speaking contests respectively. During February, A. L. had the honor of playing host to the underclassmen for a discussion program. This tournament gave juniors and sophomores an opportunity to debate and also to hear some very outstand- ing speakers. Concluding a very successful year, the Var- sity Fifteen journeyed to Perry, Iowa, to Drake University at Des Moines, and to lowa City for tournaments, Although the teams had tough competition, they emerged with a good percentage, Winners of the declamatory contest which was entered by all literary societies were as follows: Walter Wheeler in the oratori- cal division, who spoke on "And Sudden Death", Joyce Bransby in the humorous di- vision, whose selection was "The First Day of Kindergarten", and La Verne Page in the dramatic division, who gave "Buttons". Finalists "Speaking ConfidentIy." lDeclamatory Finalistsl Sitting: Everest, Bransby, Page, Scott, Brandt. Standing: Filbert, Alberti, Wheeler, Northrop, Condon. "Relax and Listen." lAfter-dinner Speakersl Front row: l-lughes, Juel, Grow, Peregory, Boltz, Paluka. Second row: Ross, Filbert, Mr. Mac llrath, Brugen- l-lemke, Fernley, Payne. The "WINNAHS!" llntersociety Debate Finalsl Row l. Jordal,Wymore, Row 2. Cavitt, McGrane, Condon, Nowling, Payne, Row 3: Jes- sup, Scheel, Dilly, Olson, Fil- bert, Ericksen, Payne, Beck, Alberti. "Spontaneous Speaking." KExtempo Finolistsl Sitting: Steinhauer, Ross, Condon, Petersen, Holt, Standing: Peters, Johnson, Schmidt, Peregory, Kistle Future Patrick Henrys. Seated: Olsen, Johnson. Row I. Bacon, ..Brugen - l-lemke, Ross, Steinhauer. Row 2. Jes- sup, Christensen, Peregoy, De Vol, "Mac", Swanson, Mc- Grane, Jordal, Condon JUNIOR PLAY Mary Ann Hudson, David Shugart, Maidellv Platnor, Craig Olson, liob Alberti, Alfred Anderson, Fredi-i'iv Bock, Mary Bruizen-Hemkc, Lowell Grundemeyvtg Mary Hughes. CAPTAIN APPLEJACK The play tells the story ot a sedate family, who in one evening find romance and adventure in their very midst, when a group ot thieves, looking tor a treasure, disguise themselves as pur- chasers ot the old tamily home which is up tor sale. Working in a progressive tempo, the adaption reveals the dreams, ex- citement, and romance of a restive, bored household. The Dramatic Season LAVENDER AND OLD LACE-Ero-Philo.. November 8 and 9. Cast: Millicent Thompson, Dave Shugart, Betty Markley, Ramona Steinhauer, Bette Lee Harris, Warren Slagle, Miriam Scott, George Parks, Honor Scott, Charles Foote. Director: Lucile Brady. Assistant Director: Mary Rose Everest. GLEE PLAYS THE GAME-Thalian-Bye. November I5 and I6. Cast: Bernadine Briggs, Elinor Lueth, Geri Gret- zer, Lavon Sieck, Darlene Wesley, Mary Bunton, Eleanor Mann, Lucy Beall Stoufter, Mary Hughes, Roberta Peters, Shirley Ford, Alice Brandt, Joan Otis, Fern Johnson. Director: Mary Ellen McCabe... Assistant Director: Phyllis Van Ells. JUNE MAD-Delta Tau-Ionian. January I7 and l8. Cast: Peggy Dugan, Roy Fernley, Barbara Frank- lin, Jack Pitzer, Russell Ward, Bonnie Roach, Fifty-six Viola Ernst, Kenneth Petersen, Sidney Winn, Clit- tord Miller, Gerry Blocker, Arthur Brown, Virginia Lemen. Director: Lucile Brady, Assistant Director: Marzee Wilkerson. LIGHTING OF THE CHRISTMAS TREE-Christmas Play. December 24. Cast: Bob Keahey, Dolores Bishop, Joyce Bransby, Nancy Foster, Walter Wheeler, Earl Skelton, Mar- jorie Stephens. Director: Mary Ellen McCabe. Assistant Director: Bonita Schultz. THE EMPEROR'S CLOTHES-Operetta. January 23 and 24. Cast: Charles Binkly, Bonard Morse, Loinys Daw- son, Mary Rose Everest, Ralph Ellsworth, Julia Miller, Bill Downing, Dole Johnson, Shirley McKee. Director: Dorothy Wassum. Assistant Director: Joan McGrane. SENIOR PLAY Front row: Mary Jean Wil- liams, Joyce Bransby, Honor Scott, Marzee Wilkei'son, Nam-y Foster, La Verne P- lt tt C h n B k rim-, it y o e . ac row: Audrey Telpner, Sidney Winn, ltnlivrt. Keahey, Ken- neth Wyman-, Fred Savage, Ki-nneth Petersen, Charles Foote, Bruce Johnson, Vera Hinman, DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY ln Duke Lambert's castle in Italy, during a period of three days, Death, suspending all usual activities and assuming the guise at a friend ot the Duke, visits the group of people assembled at the castle. Death hopes to discover the answers to two questions: Why do human beings tear death? What is the meaning of love? The play tells the story. The Dramatic Season IN A HOUSE LIKE THIS-Alpha-Logo. February 28 and March l. Cast: Moree Wilkerson, Joyce Bransby, Lo Verne Page, Clarion Wild, Kenneth Wymore, Frederick Beck, Marjorie Stephens, Bob Emarine, Bob Alberti, Florence Irving, Nancy Foster, Bonard Morse, Bruce Johnson. Director: Mary Ellen McCabe. Assistant Director: Betty Cohen. GROWING PAINS-Clio-Aristo. March 28 and 29. Cast: Jock Abels, Betty Cohen, Ruth Hancock, Robert Keohey, Jean Redden, Ethel Kistle, Don Henderson, Fred Savage, Norris Shehan, Walter Kirhotter, Stanley Clay, MacWatson, Barbara Boltz, Jean Larsen, Marjorie Byers, Marjorie Kohl, Kay Halloran, Patricia Tullar, Pepper. Director: Lucille Brody. Assistant Director: Dolores Bishop. CAPTAIN APPLEJACK-Junior Class. April 25 and 26. Cast: Lowell Grundmeier, Mary Hughes, Maiclelle Platner, Frederick Beck, Roy Fernley, Jack Abels, Bonard Morse, Ed Lee, Eugene Boatright, Norris Shehan, Stanley Hansen, David Shugart, Mary Ann Hudson, Mary Brugen-Hemke, Dolores Weaver, Craig Olson, Alfred Anderson, Bob Alberti. Director: Mary Ellen McCabe, Assistant Director: Bette Lee Harris. DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY--Senior Class, Cast: Bob Keohey, Marzee Wilkerson, Nancy Foster, Joyce Bransby, Betty Cohen, Charles Foote, Sidney Winn, Vera Hinman, Audrey Telpner, Mary Jean Williarns, Bruce Johnson, Fred Savage, Ken- neth Peterson, La Verne Page. Director: Lucile Brady. Assistant Director: Honor Scott. Fifty-seven 9 c ' '.:. 7 g A.,,,A,,,A,, sir? . " r --"' 1 t, . 4 tt t 2 '-r- fl! , L2, .,.,. ..:.,,:,. 9' . g t e t .,.. . 1,1 me .. F he mt K A Top row: Condon, Bransby, Holt, Scott. Second row: Madsen, MCGl'3Hi', Russ, Ford. Third row: Everest, McKee, Bt-no, Steinhauor. Fourth row: Miller, Burke. Fifth row: Bardsley, Mann, Leuth, Wilkerson, Dunn, Foster. Bottom: Northrop. May Festival Who will be queen of the May? An outstanding girl of Abraham Lincoln is to be chosen to reign as queen of the May Festival. A hush falls and in the dim twilight the queen and her attendants enter. The queen's subjects then entertain her. The audience applauds and another queen has gone down into history. Fifty-eight 55 0 Sf vga wo' 3 Mm Sb ,,.,,.x' X rlfqf I K 'VW Front row: Thompson, Hall, Scheel, Keahey, Stoinhauer, Madsen, Grow, M. Morse, Wunnor, Bacon, Watson, Cohen. Second row: Paltner, Balaban, Telpner, Martin, McC1rane, Briggs, Allphein, Weaver, Hughes, Minor, Gidley, Hansen, DeVol, Jessup. Third row: M. Andersen, Kistle, Condon, Ross, Kahl, Weathorill, McKee, Dawson. Fourth row: Stephens, Fernley, Garrison, Leonhardt, Clay, Vandeventer, Jensen, Sweeney, C, Cherniss, I. Cherniss, G. Anderson, Ericson, Adkins, Dawson. Fifth row: Schroeder, Wheeler, R. Morse, Hartwell, Wright, Bell. Sixth row: Zimmermann, Kirn, li. Johnson, Bauman, Peterson, Parks, Scott, Stephun, Bradsley, Beno, Everest, Miller, Clabaugh, Jordal, A. Johnson, Alherti, Taffe. 7 l i f' J f ,Z ational Honor Society Colors: White and Gold Pfefidfnf . . .... . Robert Keahey Vice President . Charles Scheel Secretary . . Karen Madsen Treasurer . . Ramona Steinhauer Sponsors: . Mrs. Pomeroy, Mr. Blank The most anxiously awaited assembly of the year is that in which new members are an- nounced for the National Honor Society. A beautiful ceremony arranged by old mem- bers of the Society explains the symbols of the key and torch, and the new members are called to take their places among the future leaders of America's defense pro- gram. A secret committee of faculty members chooses outstanding students to become members of the National Honor Society. Sixty These members are selected on the basis of character, leadership, service, and schol- arship. Eligible for membership are five per cent of the juniors and fifteen per cent of the graduating class. Their specific contribution to the school during the year is the business management of the Road Show. Membership in this Society signifies real ability and qualities that make for success in any field of life. junior Red Cross Council f "'7 W 4 f 1 Founded in i933 Colors: Red ond White i I r Z. ,A OFFICERS Pfefideflf . Edwin Spetmon Vice President Merry De Vol Sfffefdfjf Ann Jennings Treasurer Bernie Petrus Sergeant-at-Arms . . . . . Kathleen Stech Sponsor: Mrs. White "Hove you old to Britain?" shore of work in the senior division, They contributed Sl5 to ciid wor retuges ond formed c disaster com- IYOU bet We have' mittee to cooperate with the Senior Red Cross, The Junior Red Cross Council hos token on octive port in the Aid-to-Britain program To conclude their yeor, the members sent ten beau- They have rolled bondoges ond helped with sewing tiful portfolios to South Amreico, Our Junior Red ond knitting in the Red Cross rooms, shouldering their Cross is certainly doing its shorel First row: Jessup, Alberti, Emarine, Spetman, Beno, Petrus, Wallace. Second row: DeVol, Peterson, McGee, Morse, Gretzer, Third row: Wadsworth, Johnson, Clay, Keahvy, Swanson, Ross, Paine. Sixty-one Front row: Brown, Wilkerson, Bransbv, Foster, Ross, MvKe-. Pace. lrvimz, O. Larsen. Weaver. McBain. Starr. Second row: Boltz, Wallace-, O'Kv4-fe, Montgomery. Moran, Braun, B irritt, Goldapp, Taylor, Martin, L. Dawson, Cullvy, Stephens. Third row: B. Hannum. Magee. R, Gallo. Nelsen. Peterson. Huffrilzvr, Sorenson. Fitzpatrick, Hartwell, E. Klein, J. Dawson, Goodwin, Malick, Fourth row: Wuiff, Turner, Densen, Lyons, Esninosa, Burke, Dunn. B. Kline, M. Larsen, Minor, Akers, J. M. Thomas, Bison. Fifth row: Haizcr, Wild, Camden. M. Gallo, Graybill, Iiaumker, Cross, O'Hara, Lenihan, Jacobs, Smith, Jimison, Bratches. Hunt, Olson. Alpha Literary Society JW Colors: Gold and White X f Founded in l9l5 OFFICERS Fall Spring Gerry Ross . President Shirley McKee Joyce Bronsby Viff Pfffidfnf Lo Verne Page Gerry Goodwin Secretary Florence Irving Nancy Foster Treasurer Olive Larsen Jane Dawson Sergeant-at-Arms . . Marzee Wilkerson Priscilla Burke Hiffvrian Sponsor: Miss Hanigan, Miss M Willard With Gerry Ross winning first in externporaneous were beautiful and amusing. speaking and Joyce Bronsby and La Verne Page placing first in humorous and dramatic sections of AS 0 Climax to G very Successful yew WGS the Gnriufnl the Cl9Cl0m0f0fY COVITGST, the AlDl"05 h0V9 indeed WON Mother-Senior Banquet. This is looked forward to for honors this Year- by all members as the finishing touch to o year full -I . V ' ' of fun and good times. r As is the custom, the formal and informal initiations Sixty-two Arzstolzan Lzte Founded in l9l5 Colors: Purple and Gold rary Society l Q 5 get 2 is r 'X OFFICERS Fall Spring Art Bartel Pf6'5ld?flf . Fred Savage Don Day . . Vlfl? Pfffidfflf . . Don Henderson Don Henderson . Secretary . Edward Cherniss Irwin Cherniss . . Tffdfllfff . John Hartwell Ray Ranum . .... Sefgednf-df-Arm! . . . Norris Shehan Sponsors: Mrs. Burgess, Mr. Stout "Growing Pains," the Aristos' dramatic production, was definitely not o pain. On the contrary, it was a whopping success. The club members were outstanding successes in the First ww: Dean, 0'Keeie, Day, Bartel, Savage, Holmgard, Fox, lic-nnc-tt, D. Sheehan, Pi-i'i:oi'y, Keahey. Third row: Watson, Krasnc. Fourth row: Voss, Ranum, Shafer, Thornell, Hennessy, Abels, Hounshell, Clay, Downing, Swanson, McDonald, Adams, H speaking field, and their team placed second in the boys' division of debate. The representative in the State After-Dinner Speaking contest was an Aristo, and he placed fourth from the top, an honor in any man's language. Ellsworth. Second row: Chi-rniss. Adkins, Wadsworth, Schlott, Ross, N. Sheehan, Hartwell, Dickson, Dimmler, Steffensen, Stephens, Henderson. Fifth row: Burhmen owletto. Berz. Sixty-three n First row: Boltz, Kirn, Larson, Tighe, Asikin, Claybaugh, Mann, Wingate, Pace, Wilson, N. Haas, Mendenhall, B. Smith, Allen. Second row: Brown, Hess, Thompson, Stilen, Krabbe, Payne, Marshall, Goldapp, Leedy, Ellsworth, Russell, Tank, Tuller, Jepson. Third row: llalaban, Nichols, Chandler, Everest, Byers, Nowling, Erickson, Ford, Christiansen, Hardwick, J. Pyet- ski, M. Haas, Rooney. Brown. Fourth row: Drake, Summey. B. Petersen. D. Petersen. Abels. Rcdden. Paluka. Cross, Johnson, Jones. Millihallin, Welbou1'ne. Condon, Kistle. Fifth row: Woods, Gundram, E. Pyetski, Hays, McKain, Brewer, Shields, Schroeder, Kuskin, N. Smith. Hancock, Halloran, Cavitt, McGranQ, Miller, Kahl, Jessup. f f'i Cliosophian Literary Society Fail Betty Condon Mary Rose Everest Julia Miller . Ethel Kistle Marjorie Byers Betty Cohen Sponsors: Reaching the debate finals, the Clios pulled honors with a sportsrnan's victory. They were tops not only in debate, for Betty was the D. A. R. Representative, and the body elected Jere Russell the football queen. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-A rm: Historian Miss Pyle, Miss E. Willard off top Founded in l 920 Colors: Purple and White Spring Patricia Tullar Julia Miller Jean Larsen Genevieve Tighe Betty Cohen Kay Halloran assistant directors of the student productions. Rose Everest and Julia Miller did outstandig in carrying the leads in the operetta. Condon student The Clios' Valentine Tea, given in honor of Mary mothers, completed a successful year of hard Rose Everest, Joan McGrane, and Betty Cohen were Sixty-four with fine results. .Mary work their work Delta Tau Literary Society Founded in l9OO Colors: Block and Gold A e OFFICERS Fall Spring Cecile Bordsley . Pfefideflf . Virginia Lemen Barbara Franklin Vife Pfefidfnf . Marjorie Gidley Virginia Lemen . Secretary Una Elaine Claypool Shirley Grow . . Treasurer Shirley McMullen Harriet Christensen Berenice Boland , Sergeant-at-Arms , , , , Historian , . Potsy Watson Berenice Boland SPOUSOTSZ Miss Taylor, Mrs. Tatroe At least, the Delta Tous EAT! Kiwanis Point was the scene ot the Delta Tous' hilarious initiation picnic for the new girls lost fall. This spring the new girls were also honored, but in on altogether different Vwoy. Their initiation consisted of a George Washington Teo. As further proof that the Delta Taus eat, ond also to conclude the year's program, the annual Mother- Senior supper was held. This event was one of the best that the Deltas have ever had, and mothers think Delto Tous are "tops" as entertainers, First row: Felrit. M. Smith, Holt, Bardsley. Lemen, Bacon, J. Smith, McM:1ins, Saks, Duggan, McKelvie, Second row: Goff, Cmthran, Gidley, Claypool, Jensen, Randolph, Prior, Roach, Morse, Grow, Boland, Franklin, Tank. Third row: Staley, Ballen- ger, Doner, Earhardt, Messmore, Levitt, Baird, Hall, Parady, Darrimzton, Kraft, Beck, Watson, Brunow. Fourth row: Ste- vens, Cody, Ernst, Nelson, Hamilton, Agnew, Pavelick, Eddy, Blocker, Hahn, McMullen, Moran, Northrop, Fifth row: Tclp- ner, Platncr, Kynett., Back, Hays, DeVol, Claypool, Moser, McIntyre, Leibernecht, Howe, Everhzirdt, Christiansen, Sixty-f ive .f 'fu ., Front row: Morse. Shawler, Esbeck, Hinman, Thompson, Madsen, Steinhauer, Minor, M. Scott, Jacobsen, Kelsen, Smith. Second row: Hughes. Parks. White. M. Hansen, Frandsen. Head, Edson, Wunner, Barnes, Schroeder, Kruger, Reynolds, H. Scott. Third row: D. Hansen, C. Hannum, Howard, Stech, Russell, Hughes, Mclntyre, Reif, Hill, liarritt, Nelson, Sealock, Logan. Fourth row: Corbally, Brown, Wild, Passer, Loomer, Moats, Hubbard, Millard, Ash, Bishop, Hanan. Fifth row: Tisher, Ahrens, liasch, Snyder, Bicrcr, Swanson, Soc, McCoy, Parker, Harding. Anderson, Wcatherill, Erodelphian Literary Society VW Founded in l9l3 Colors: Red and White OFFICERS Fall Spring Karen Madsen . Pfefideflf Millicent Thompson Honor Scott . Vice President , , Miriom Scott Ramona Stenhauer Secretary Vera Hinmgn Guenevere Minor Treayurer . Elinor Esbeck Betty Shawler . . . Sergeant-at-Arms, , , Marilyn Morse Sponsors: Miss Brisley, Miss Ketter Hard work but a good time is the policy of the Eros! l-lard work certainly was carried out when the dramatic production, "Lavender and Old Lace" was given with the Philo Society. Hard work also always must accompany any party, but when this is combined with an intiation of new Sixty-six girls, there is bound to be fun included. This was the case when the Eros "honored" their new girls last fall at a Christmas Party. ln the end, though, the Eros feel that all the fun received more than equals the work put in. Ionian Literary Society Founded in l925 Colors: Green and Gold V I OFFICERS Fall Duane Sweeny l-less Peters . Aldis Johnson Kenneth Peterson Bob Phinney . President , Vice President , , Secretary , Treasurer , , ,Sergeant-at-A rms , Spring Ald's Johnson Kenneth Peterson Clifford Miller Duane Sweeny Russell Ward Sponxor: Mr, Rosenkronz Declam spells tough competition among societies, and this year the lonians took top honors. Walter Wheeler was the member who won such a high place for this society. The Ionian scholastic pin is an award made annually to students who receive all A's. It works on an exchange basis. lf the students keeps his A's, he can exchange the first bronze pin for silver, and the silver pin for a gold one in his senior year. All students work for these pins, but few attain this very high goal. lonians and Delta Tous produced "June Mad," which was acclaimed by the critics as very well done. First row: Spetmun, Vander Creek, Peters, A. Johnson, Swceny, Petersen. Miller. Second row: Pitzvr. Kubby, Fernlx-y, M. Johnson, Sparks, Sullivan, Curtis. Third row: Iiurmsen, Williams, Horrum, Winn, Ward, Hudson, Fourth row: Wheeler, Vzindvrvm-ntur, Mc-K1-c-, Iivnwn, Staizcmun, Walters. Sixty-seven Front row: D, Miller. Duffy. Gross. C. Olson, Evans. Alborti. Emarine, Filbert, Dilly, Second row: Franke, Marty, Baker, Grossman, Giles, Morse, D. Petersen, Robertson, Brougham. Third row: Peters, D, Johnson, Hughes, Jessup, Zacconi, Caywood, liauman, Montgomery, C, Olsen, Jensen, Bock. Fourth row: Wymorc, li. Johnson, School, Jordal, Rasmussen, Drustrup, L. Brown. Petrus. D, Johnson. Lonrlon. Logotechnian Literary Society WW 7 Founded in l92O Colors: Blue ond White OFFICERS Fall Jock Lincoln . Herbert Jordal Bob Alberti . Kenneth Wymore Bob Peterson , , President , , Vire President , Secretary , Treasurer , , Sergeant-at-Arms Spring Kenneth Wymore Bob Peterson Frederick Beck . Bob Alberti Bob Emorine SPOHSOVZ Mr. Franke Champions? Well, not quite, but almost. Runner-up for the debate championship this year was the Logo team. Because this team topped all the boys' societies, they met the Clios, as champions ot the girls' societies, in the final rounds. Sixty-eight However, they were very well represented in the declamatory contest hoving two members competing in the tinal contest, Bob Alberti ond Norman Filbert were the participants, and they placed second and third respectively. Champions? Maybe not, but you can always depend on tough competition when a Logo is involved. Philomathian Literary Society Founded in i907 Colors: Orange and Black "Come on, let' OFFICERS Fall Warren Slagle Pfitfideflf Bert Tqffe , Vice President Charles Foote Secretary Lesfon Sfgcy Treasurer Jere Shellenberg Sergeant-at-Arms s dance!" SPOHSOTSI Mr. Miller, Mr, Lockhardt Spring Jere Shellenberg Earl Zimmerman Leston Stacey Harry Schmidt Dave Shugart rd 72 My "Lavender and Old Lace," presented with the Ero Yes, this was the Philos' cry when participating in the "inter-society dance!" When the four boys' societies got together and decided on a dance, the idea met with a great deal of enthusiasm. All the societies did their part and the dance was evaluated as the "best ever." Society, was so ably portrayed by t the cast that you could almost make that you were living in that period. lt is agreed that Philos are able and cipants in any contest during the ye he members of yourself believe sportive part: CIT. Front row: Schroeder, Stacy. Shcllenhorg, Single, Foote, Zimmerman, Cherniss. Second row: N, Peterson, Schonbc-rg, Burgen Hemke. Gurshun, Collier. Mclh-0, Purdy, Third row: J. Hansen, Durfce, Presslv.-V, Grundmeier, Bryan, Snvder, Pam-, Hughes Fourth row: Shuggart, Madsen, Schmidt, Bauman, Whitman Hammer, Juel Heck. ..Fifth row: Hansen, liachman, Eyoberg, Goa sat-d, Williams, Taffe, Pax-ks, Anderson Edmundson. Sixty-nim Front row: Snllazzo. Shatto, Truscntt. Brunow. Van Horne. Fisher, Beno, Allphin Hansen, Huxford, Lauson, Jordnnsen, Cody. Second row: Madsen, Oumek, Crawl, Anderson, Krasne, Molzahn. Klahan, Trede, Dau-rington, Angeroth, Purdue, Newell, Stepphun, Third row: ikrifzizs, Moyers, Mackland, Olsen, Burchard, Bandomer, Trapalis, Nielson, Brandt, Bunton, Woods. Johnson, Reid, 0'Neil. Fourth row: Lueth, Rzmney, Ford, Peters, Jansen, Durbin, Frandsen, Kielbloclf, Stoufer, lieanstein, ' ' " " ' ' S ' , H 1 Jensen, retzer, Clark, Hecht. Fifth row: Hubbuxd. Larsen. Madu, Jolgcnsen, Palukd, Downs, Mann, oienson, uc-san, Otis, Barritt. WW may T halian Literary Society 7 ' .f n i? Founded in l925 Colors: Blue and Gold OFFICERS Fall Spring Maxine Hansen Pfefifleflf Jean Beno Dorothy Vife Pfeiident Gerry Newell Robert Peters Secretary Mary Fisher Eleanor Mann Treasurer Shirley Ford Mary Brugen-Hemke . Sergeant-at-Arms' , Lucy Beall Stoutter Leonora Sollazzo . . . Historian , , , Mqry Bunren Sponsors: Miss Marty, Miss Ehrnke All-girl cast! This is what you think ot first when anyone mentions the Thalian-Bye play, "Glee Plays the Game." lThis unique play was the first ever to be given with an all-girl cast. The gossipy old maids, the romantic young girls were all cleverly played by members of the Thalian Society. Seventy Added to the activities of the year besides declam, debate, and extemporaneous speaking contest, was the initiation of the new girls in the fall, the tea honoring the new girls in the spring, and the Mother-Senior banquet that ended a very successful yea r. Commercial Club Founded in i932 Colors: Orchid and Green gw W! X 7 OFFICERS Fall Spring Faye Harvey . . Pfefideflf Betty Millard Marian Main . Viff Pfffideflf . Evelyn Young Eleanor Esbeck . Seffffdfy Helena Olsen Betty Millard . Treasurer Joan Kirchoff Sponforz Mrs. Downs "Practice Makes Perfect." This might be used as the theme song of the Com- mercial Club. During the year the members strive enthusiastically for their shorthand and typing awards. When there is a contest to enter, the winners of the awards contests participate. The meetings include initiation, business activities, election of officers, and interesting programs. Quite often, the program includes guest speakers-business men and women of Council Bluffs who know the conditions in the business offices where the members will work after graduation, Since the Commercial Club has been organized, many fine typists, secretaries, and booklceepers have been turned out, and this club has played a large part in their development. First row: Lewis, Emery, Stepphun, Fauble, Kirchoff, Esheck, Millard, Young, Olsen, Orrell, Jepson, Second row: Herd, Lunbock. Cox. Shultz. Davis. Newell, Jonas. Butz, Jackson, Nelson, Cochran, Malick. Third row: Allen, Ellis, Voss, Nixon, Gorn, Collins, Jacobs. Nick, Pace, Harlan, Stenwall, Prior. Fourth row: liandomar. Verpoorton, Varna-r, Barritt. Cody, Sto- vens, Sturgeon, Leonard, Kuskin, Schroeder, Millar, Holly, Green, Fifth row: Negethon, Wells, Wiseman, Woods, Dougherty, Hays, Grote, Ellerbeck, Frimodt, Parsons, Clark, Jensen, McK:1in, Langer, Seven ty-one Front row: Rooney, Phinney. Thompson, Keahcy, Reno, Foote, Andersen. Second row: Watson, Stech, Mackland, Palonsky, llurkc, Balaban, Mcliuin. Third row: Ahrens, Hamilton, Halloran, Peterson. Foster. U. Claypool, Summy, Shawler. Fourth row: O'Keet'c, N. Claypool, Wild, Brugen-Hemke, McKelvie, Hmwarrl, Emarino, Savage, French Club fel? Founded in l93l Colors: Red, White and Blue OFFICERS Fall Spring Jean Beno President . Charles Foote Bob Emmane . . Vife President . . . Bob Phanney Millicent Thompson Secretary . Marjorie Anderson Kitty Lou Rooney Fred Savage . , , Treasurer , . Sergean I-at-Arms . . Honor Scott Kay Halloran Sponsor: Miss Landon Originally, the admiration of A. L. French students for the culture which the French language represents, was the formation of Le Cerle Francais. Today, more than ever, there is a need of this kindredship and sympathy which the French Club endeavors to supply in a small measure to the great majority of freedom-loving French people who still Seventy-two stand for democratic principles and ideals. The meetings, which endeavor to bring about this feeling, are arranged to give a better understanding of France to the members of this organization. There is no doubt that in a time like this there is need for such sympathy and fellowship as is being brought about by the French Club. Spanish Club Founded in l923 Colors: Purple, Crimson, and Gold my W- ff ffl-y OFFICERS Fall Jack Bauman . Walter Wheeler Bonard Morse . George Parks . Mary Ellen Northrop , President , Vice President Secretary , , Treasurer , , Sergeant-at-A rms , Spring George Parks . Walter Wheeler Bonard Morse Eleanor Mann Gilbert Taffe SPOVIXOTZ Miss Landon "El Circulo Espanol," commonly known as the Span- ish Club, is an organization that strives to bring about a better understanding between the United States and our Latin American neighbors. Through the programs which consist of Spanish songs, games, and book reports, the members have learned much about the customs, history, and litera- ture of these countries To add further to the Span- ish atmosphere, sometimes Mexican or Spanish dishes are served for refreshments, Each member works hard, hoping that in his senior year he will be called on Honor Day as the lucky member to receive the Spanish Club medal, This award is given to the student who has contributed the most to the club during his membership First row: liruwn, Mann, Wheeler, Parks, Taffee, li. Morse. Second row: Feldt, Duty, Stilen, Bridenbaugh, Olson, Espinosa, Ash, Logan. Third row: G. Morse, Reynolds, Hubbard, Larsen, Ranncy, Northrop. Fourth row: J. Bauman, Shugart, Feye1'b1'and, l'. Bauman. Hinkley, Frandsen, Seventy-three Front row: Doner, Mosher, Kirn, Bratches, Everest, Briggs, Cutler. Second row: Runyan, Cavitt, Miller, Wunner, Telp- ner, Allphin, Ross, Bartel. Third row: Stageman, Wright, Sheehan, Alberti, Olson, Winn, Dickson, Marshall. German Club Founded in i939 Colors: Red, Black, and White OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer , , Bernadine Briggs Jacqueline Moser Evelyn Wunner . . Frances Everest SPOVISOTZ Mrs. Pomeroy "Young, but oh! so wise!" Der Deutsche Verein was organized that the students might become better acquainted with the German people. The programs, which are always fresh and entertain- ing, consist of German music, talks on famous musi- cians, scientists and artists, and reports on the cities of Germany. With only two years behind them, the Seventy-four members feel thot they know much more about the German people and their country through the varied activities of the club, The initiation is one of the important events of the year. This year it was held in Fairmount Park in real German style with German costumes. Even though it is new, the German Club is an up- ond-coming organization of enthusiastic workers. Masque and Wig Club Sponsor! Miss McCabe "ls everything ready for the curtain." This is one of the many sayings that are typical of members of Masque and Wig. All the dramatic productions rely upon the help of Masque and Wig. The electricians ore furnished through this organization as are the make-up artists, some ot the stage helpers and actors. lt you do outstanding work in a dramatic production or on one ot its com- mittees, you may be chosen os an honorary member, It is the coveted desire of every actor and helper to receive this honor. First row: Brown, Hoffman, Duggan, Claypool, Hanson, Bransby, Spetman, Foster, Bishop, Fritz, Harding, Cochran. Second row: H. Smith, Jones, Swanson, Saltzman, Young, Nelson, ltunther, liirchard, Holly, Hays, Downing, Gruybill. Third row: Gershon, Clayl1uug'h, Fi.-rnley, Foote, Condon, Everest, Holtz, Brown, Franklin, Brandt, Agnew, Hirnman, Christiansen. Fourth rowa: Garrison, Grundmoier, Caparclli, Binklcy, Bartcl, Frandson, Alu-ls, liurko, Anderson, ltyers, Ellsworth, Gretzvr, Hancock, Hu son. First row: Burke, McKelvie, Wilkerson, Schroeder, Purdy, Staley, Johnson, Logan, Wesley, Shields, Walker, McCoy. Second row: H. Smith, Jones, Swanson, Saltzman, Young, Nelson, Bunten, Irving, Stephens, London, Moi-sc. Third row: Randolph, ll. Scott, Morse, Pago, M, Scott, Thompson, Lueth, Northrop, Johnson, Winn, Savage, Ranney. Fourth row: Jimison, Lo rt-nsen, Jensen, Pyetski, Sorenson, Kirn, Slagle, McGrane, Miller, Weatherill, Vandcrcreek, Shellunberg, Fifth row: Mil- lor, Zaccone. Schonberg, W, Smith, Schmidt, Widefcldt, Keahgy, Petrus, O'Keefe, Johnson, Spetman, Taffe, Wheeler. ,MW . Seven ty-five First row: Kirn, Burke, Boltz, Cutler, Grow, Spetman, Caughlan, McGrane, Peters, Saltzman, liar-tel. Second row: Meyer, Johnson, Profeda, A. Thompson, Goodwin, Byers, Stephens, Boland, Joy Bruner. Steinbaugh, Joyce Bruner. Third row: Bala- ban, Van Horne, Parker, Jimison, Shawler, Kistle, Briggs, Beno, Ross. Steinhaurer, Leuth. Fourth row: Drake, Bock, Hays, McKee Franklin, Tank, Pyetski, Claypool, Miller, Anderson, Brown. Fifth row: Moser, M. Thompson, Hancock, De Vol, Gretzer, Smith, Swanson, Madsen, McMullen, Martin, Cavitt, Jensen, Harding, First row: Oamek, Lyons, Tizhe. Hall. Crowl. Krasne, Holt, Kahl, Sealoek. Chandler, J. M. Thomas, Saks. Second row: Mc- Bain. D. Hansen, Jordansen, Goldapp, Moran, Braun, C, Hannum. Franrlsen. Simonrls. Hoesly. Fisher, E. Hansen. Third row: Truscott, Schuman, Pratt, Ellis, Platner, Hartwell, B. Smith, li. Hannum, Turner, Roach. Nixon, Summy, J. A. Thomas, Magee. Fourth row: Triplett, Howe, L, Nelson, Moran, Adkins, Wulff, Johnson, Hughes, Head, Bishop, P. Wil- liams. Curnelison. Lamar. B. Williams. Fifth row: Mackland, J. Smith, Allphin, Brunow, Brugen-Hemke, Russell, Rooney, Denson, Swanson, Boltz, Fritz J, Nelson, S. Johnson, Spry, Lent. Service Clubs GIRL RESERVES Founded in i929 Colors: Blue and White OFFICERS Fall Spring Joan McGrane . Pfeffdfflf . Shirley Grow Mgrjorje Stephens , Vic? PT8A'idC7lf BCJFDOFO Franklin Priscilla Burke , Secretary Berenice Boland Bqrbqrq Boltz , Treasurer . Arlene Swanson Shirley McMullen . , .Sergeant-at-Arms . . Mary Jean Williams Sponsors: Miss Broadioot, Miss White RESERVETTES Founded in i933 Colors: Blue and White OFFICERS President . . . Marjorie Holt Vice President , Marjorie Kohl Setretary Rose Mary Lyons Treasurer ,.... . . . Connie Hannum Seventy-six Sponsors: Miss Henderson, Miss Olson Fall Charles Swanson Aldis Johnson Bernie Petrus Ed Spetman . Fall Craig Olsen . Alden Pressler Warren Schlott Arthur Brown Federick Beck A symbol of service!" The service club activities of the year consist almost wholly of services to the student body of A. L. Service Clubs SENIOR HI-Y Founded in l9l9 Colors: Olive Green and Pink OFFICERS , President , , Vice President , Secretary Treasurer . Sergeant-at-A rms . Sponsor: Mr, Lee JUNIOR H-Y Founded in l929 Colors: Olive Green and Pink OFFICERS President , , Vice President , Secretary , Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms . Sponsor: Mr. Lee Spring Gene Coughlin . Bob Zoller . Don Day . Bill Cutler .lack Bauman Spring . Oda Sulley Ray Rannum Donald Williams Warren Schlott Arthur Brown The Easter program is given through the combined efforts of the Hi-Y, Girl Reserves, and the Reservettes. Its beauty and reverence makes the students more fully appreciate the spirit of Easter. Front row Albvrti. lkauizh. Bartel. Pm-tors. Swanson, Petrus. Sm-tman. Second row: Sullcy. Petersen, Beck, Williams, lensmn Ieonhaidt, Cutler. Third row: Caughlin, O'Keefe, I'i-assler, F1-andscn, Zoller, Morse. Fourth row: Olson, Hen- nessy Ranum Day, Winn, Brown, Bauman. Seventy-sevcn Casually One lump or two? . . . The harp in A. L.'s halls . . . "Two on the aisle, pIease" . . . Our social workers . . . Just kids at heart! . . Soldiers at study . . . The villians,-heh-heh! "Tardy again?" . . . "Where'd he come from? . . . ,- :1 9, QS if X fgx I . .ff f f ' ,ZL'-I if 1 kg? ,,,, ' 1 so-ot+A?QI Character and competence are strengthened through participation in sports activities. The players learn good, clean habits of thought and action. Their individual talents are recog- nized, and through the development of these abilities, the students acquire the confidence and capability which are necessary to defend humanity against brute force. 42 EI . . gg:'::":'::':5 ' IIIIIIIII WEL , annum Sindh il'l e m. -25? Seventy COACHES Chew Lawson Mcllrofh Sfuelke Stout VIRGIL H. MILLER DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS Virgil H. Miller CHEERLEADERS Profedo Kmezich Millard WARREN VOGT Honorary Captain Pigskin Review Our l94O football season will be a long remembered one for its all-around good team and a good season. The Lynx had one of their better seasons, winning six games and losing two. Opening on Kirn Field on Friday l3, the Lynx turned back Missouri Valley, 32 to O. Tom Capel, Bud Plunkett, Art O'Neill, and Dick Dean crashed past the Big Red bar- riers for A. L. touchdowns. At l-larlan the l-lilltoppers blanked the home team, 26 to O. Plunkett, Capel, l-lonorary Captain Warren Vogt, and George Lemen counted touchdowns for the Lynx. Playing for the first victory over Tee Jay since l936, the Lincolns toppled the Jeffs l8 to 7. lt was a nip and tuck battle from the first whistle to the last. Dick Dean bucked over the first six points with Bud Plunkett following suit. The Jeffs drove over late in the secondquarter to pull up to l2 to 7. Plunkett heaved a pass to Ed Williams to end the scoring and pile up the largest victory margin over the West- end rivals. Central Sioux City handed the Lynx their first defeat 20 to G. Charley Uknes scored all of the points. This was one of the toughest teams in the Missouri Valley con- ference. Omaha Central journeyed across the river to hand the l-lilltoppers their second loss of the season. The Lynx practically handed the Eagles the l2 to O decision. A. L. jumped back into the win column with a 6 to O victory over the Shenandoah Mus- tangs. Dick Dean lugged the pigskin over the last chalk stripe, but everybody played equally. Eighty-one O'Neill Dean Anderson Plunkett Miller Pigskin Review The Lynx dropped Logan by 7 to Og charg- ing 236 yards while holding the Panther's offense to 57 yards. Art ONeill, playing with a broken hand, showed the fans two beautiful 46 yard punts. Bud Plunkett Speer Sadler Story carried the mail on the scoring play, then passed to Tom Capel tor the seventh point. Logan battled fiercely to revenge the i939 season's 58 to O rout and nearly came out with a tie. With Tee Jay reputed to have a much better ball club than that which first took the field against the Lynx, a very close game was ex- pected. The Jefts had a win over the strong Creighton Prep eleven and only needed a victory over Abe Lincoln tor a good season. Every boy on the Hilltop team was wanted to make this last contest with the Yellowjackets a successful one for the seniors. 1- . r j fi - i a I .,,f 4,14 Jliiiiows-HM Harding Eighty-two Diller Leed Lemen Loughran Reggio Pigskin Review ln the season's grid finale, the warriors wearing the Crimson and Blue defeated Thomas Jefferson for the second time of the season. The game, played on the west end field, was witnessed by a capacity crowd although it ended in a snowstorm. 1940 Foolball Season A, L. 32 .,,.,,.. Missouri Valley O A. L. 26 ............,...,..... Harlan O A. L. l8 ....,. Thomas Jefferson 7 A. L. O ..,s Sioux City Central ZO A. L. O ........ Omaha Central l2 The game wasn't as close as the l2 to 7 score indicated. Tom Capel ended his high school playing by scoring both touchdowns, and Bud Plunkett played the best game of his career. Seventeen Lincoln seniors played their last football for the l-lilltop school. A. L. 6 .............. Shenandoah O A. l.. 7 ...............,,....... Logan O A. L. l2 ...... Thomas Jefferson 7 Sulhotf Saltzgaver Capel Phillips Miller Eighty-three J Q -vw W lzw A wi First row: Tn-nnant, Thompson, Radtkc, Adkins, Speer, Thom as, Tedcsco, Scott, Sparks. Second row: Manager Beraldi, Gib- lor, Olson, Allavic, Russell, Zaccone, Barritt, Porter, Cash, Watson, Coach Stuelke. Third row: Rose, Prcssler, Evans, Voss, Bennett, Wadsworth, Parks, Sulley. Football Reserves SECOND TEAMERS Not showing such a good record as the var- sity, but revealing prospects for next year's first eleven, the second teamers finished the season with four victories ond three losses. Coach Theron Stuelke's Reserves downed Benson, Creighton Prep, Glenwood, and North, while dropping contests to South, Central, and Thomos Jefferson. This ex- perience will be preporotory for A. L. teoms next foll. BABY LYNX A. L.'s frosh won the intra-city champion- ship for the second consecutive year. The Boby Lynx, guided by Coach Fee Chew, went through the seoson undefeated. ..A scoreless tie was the only mar on the per- fect record. Thomas Jefferson, l. S. D., and Bloomer could not put forth o team of the calibre of the l-lilltopper yeorlings. These boys will bolster the Abrohom Lin- coln vorsity elevens in the future. First row: Dorn, Kmezich, Archibald, Woods, Garrett, Houndshell, Kruse. Second row: Kern, Johnson, Thomas, Sigler. Third row: Assistant Strowig, Lewis, Coach Fee Chew, Heckman, Binkley. Eighty-four Front row: Manager Sulhoff, Ilaugh, Thomas, Murphy, Story, Sheehan, Lemen, Manager Miller. Second row: Coach Law- son, Strowig, Dean, Radtke, Vogt, Anderson, 0'N1-ill, Plunkett, Gibler, Assistant Coach Stuelke, Basketball Working with a large squad of rather inex- perienced ball players throughout the entire season, Assistant Coach Theron Stuelke de- veloped a fairly good ball club. This squad of promising underclassmen with the re- turning varsity should solve many of Coach Roy Lawson's problems for a successful cage quintet next season. FIRST SQUAD Abraham Lincoln's basketeers opened the season with promise, and appeared to be one of the better quintets in this vicinity. The Lynx downed six opponents in their first seven starts. The cagers were unable to maintain this pace and the remaining games were represented equally in the won and the lost columns Most impressive was the first A. L.-T. J. encounter in which the Lynx displayed their greatest talent. The intra-city rivals were severely trounced, 39 to 25. Coach Eddie First row: Manager Boraldi, Lenihan, M. Johnson, Tedcsco, Musgrave, Swanson, Russell, Paulson, Manager Humphrey. Second row: Sparks, Bennett, Adkins, Gillgam, Sheehan, Evans, R. Johnson, Tennant, Rose. Third row: Van Lcuvan, Gibler, Voss, Berg, Langfeldt, Stacy, Hermsen, Nickerson, Bryson, McDonald, Coach Theron Stuelke. Eighty-five mst sQuAn Anderson Vogt 1 -f.1r2: Inl' 4 'QQ fl Li 7 2 P 'ii Radtke O'Neill Eighty-s ix Dean . if E 2. gf K ff: T53 Q 1 ,P N 2- -alias 1 2 f 1 , 1155351 . f 1 3 4' fi at K H,- , K rs g 2 F t S , F Q it M SR ev Bud Plunkett Honorary Captain Hickey of Creighton said A. L. had the best high school team in this area because of their showing then. Other high spots of the 1940-41 campaign were the win over Creighton Prep and the machine-like effec- tiveness used to snuff out Omaha Tech, 42 to 19. Three teams were victims of the Lynx twice during the season, Sioux City East, Omaha Tech, and St. Francis. Missouri Valley, Lo- gan and Omaha Benson suffered defeats when they met the Hilltoppers. The Lin- colns also celebrated victories at the ex- pense of Sioux City Central, Creighton Prep and Thomas Jefferson. Of the seven losses, Tee Jay and Omaha Central each accounted for two with Sioux City Central, Creighton Prep, and Creston capping re- venge tilts. siofy Sulhoff Beraldi Reggio Thomas Strowig Murphy The Hilltoppers rolled along in the Sectional Tournament dropping St. Francis, 35 to 27, and topping Logan, 43 to 32. Then, meeting Tee Jay for the third time, the Lynx dropped a close 28-26 decision to lose a sectional tourney for the first time in several years. Coach Roy Lawson lost two mid-season lettermen, Glen Anderson and Art Reggio, and four more lettermen because of gradua- tion: l-lonorary Captain Bud Plunkett, War- ren Vogt, Dick Dean and Jack Strowig. Art O'Neill, Don Radtke, Bob Story, Orris Murphy, Bob Gibler and George Lemen will return next season to form a nucleus for Coach Lawson. 1940 BASKETBALL SEASON A, L. 26 . . . Omaha Central 34 A. L. 38 . . Missouri Valley 27 A. L. 40 . . Sioux City East 22 A. L. 3l Sioux City Central 29 A. L. 34 . . Creighton Prep 24 A. L. 39 . . Thomas Jefferson 25 A. L. 35 . . Omaha Tech 3l A. L. l7 . . Omaha Central 24 A. L. 43 . . Omaha Benson 3l A. L. 29 . . . . Creston 35 A. L. 35 Sioux City Central 37 A. L. 42 . . Omaha Tech l9 A, L. 34 . . . St. Francis 23 A. L. 24 . . Thomas Jefferson 28 A. L. 42 . . Sioux City East 27 A. L. 24 . . . Creighton Prep 3l SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT A. L. 35 .... St, Francis 27 A. L. 43 ..... Logan 32 A. L. 26 . . Thomas Jefferson 28 riRs'r SQUAD it . Gibler .W f s.,.. so ., Kgs-k rr. ' 3 -J f ' Q, l Lemen Eighty-seven Lynx Grapplers The Abe Lynx wrestling team was put through the mill last season and finished with three wins against nine loses. The team started off with a bang pinning Creighton Prep and North in its first two matches. Then followed successive defeats at the hands of Tech, Central, Tee Jay, South, Central, and North. Creighton Prep was again easy prey for the Lynx grapplers before succumbing again to Tech, Tee Jay, and South. Coach Chew, with a manager and ten of his best men, trekked to Cherokee to parti- cipate in the district wrestling tournament. Don Miller, Warren Binkley, Leo Cash, Fred Garrett, Louie Carta, Mark Stageman, Bob Wright, Orville Wright, Dick Leed, Eugene Diller, and Manager Oda Sulley were the boys making the trip. Cash, a ll2-pound junior, was the only team member to place when he capped the championship of his division l-le was eliminated in the first round of the state meet held at Clarion. Robert Wright Honorary Captain Bob Knight, veteran Lynx grappler, was kept from action because of illlness. The team was further weakened when Orval Lee injured a shoulder. For the season, Leo Cash, Dick Leed, Bob and Orville Wright, and Gene Diller looked best for Abraham Lincoln. These boys made good showings against Nebraska State champions in intercity matches. First row: Rickabough, Miller, Binkley, Cash, Loper, B. Wright, O. Wright, eel, Christensen, Diller. Second row: Meis, Stageman, Campbell, Lee, Garrett, Le Baugh, Carta, Chaney, S ek os, B. Falk, D. Falk, Lough- 1' , ran. Third row: Manager Sulley, Coach Chew, Manager, Sparks. J' if rl l Eirlhty-L-ight AHKDTUHTUHT1 dl cxrfqr 'ffffmrffsfensenn V Kash f . Ncdfim E in i x .:,, . L Q S H uwgi f 'QW ,Q ' it A SYS: leper' I LHIFNQDHHT Diller fEc1rreT,lBinkley,ILee,lNiHer,lRickf1baugh A , i. First row: Stagcman, Tvrlesco, Strowig, Lenihan, Knudsen. Second row: Williams, Loughran, Story, Vogt, Gray, TRACKSTERS THE SCHEDULE Coach Fee Chew's track team of l94O was t a team with good material but not enough Aprll 12-Red ook Meet of it Although they failed to win a meet, April 19-Tee Joy Relays they had plenty of team spirit and good - sportsmanship. With only tive ofthe seven Aprll Z6-Drake Relays lettermen in school turning out, Coach Chew May 3-Omaha U. Meet was handicapped in the seven meets which Moy IO-District he entered. Jack Strowing, Louis Hotler, . . Louie Loper, Ed Williams, and Art O'Neill Moy 17-M'SS0Uf' Valley are the returning lettermen. May 24-State and lntercity Meets Runners: M, Stagzc-man, Vogt, E. Williams, Tedesco, Lenihan, J. Lough!-an, Strowig. Sittilng: Gress, Sparks, Teal, Paulos J. Stagman, Timm, Hinkley, D. Williams. Kneeling: Carta, Nixon, Nickerson, Jensen, Sheehan, Slightem, Widtfeldt, Knud sen, Johnson, R. Page. Standing: Manager Humphrey, Green, Kirn, C. Loughran, Manager Owen, Voss, Garrett, Chaney Boos, Christnsen, lirantz, Radtke, Petersen, Adkins, Gray, Stacy, Jacobsen, Tice, Beazley, Kruse, R, Scott, Schroeder Hermsen Suden, Jacks, Russell, Shrcevus, Bennett, Wadsworth, B, Page, Hudson, Coach Stuelke, Coach Chew, Story. .unc WM, W.. f ' - H- M, ' i Y ' Ninety 1 , Front row: Thomas, I. Cherniss, Tennant, Slagle, Kirn, E. Cherniss, Richards, Kringle. Back row: Baker, Ward, O'Keefe, Henderson, Charles, Mr. "Moc", McCabe, Peregoy, Jordal. 5, Swanson, Caughlan, Dean, Hogan, Cutler. Golf After winning their first matches of the season, the Lynx linksters under Coach Harold Stout established themselves as a definite threat in the lntercity race. lm- proving rapidly, year after year, that it has been a part of the athletic program of this school, golf is taking more interest than ever before. Dean, Cutler, Coughlan, Hogan. Tennis ln contrast to last year's season of defeats, the tennis team is hopeful of making a better record this spring. Much of Abra- ham Lincoln's poor showing in tennis is due greatly to the the serious lack of adequate courts. "Hats Off" to the boys who repre- sent our school in tennis, for they are help- ing greatly to encourage interest in the game. Ninety-one First row: G. Gorn, L. Gorn, Collett, Cohrs, Smith, Morris Miller, J. Schroeder, Stick, Jeffers. Second row: P. Story Burkett, Dunlavy, Larsen, Starr, S, Schroeder, Everhardt, Griffith, Turner. Third row: Owens, Schuman, Boot, Lewis, Mortenson, Nelson, Underwood, Cody Snyder. Fourth row: Woods, Joan Cross, Jeanne Cross, Ma- der, Mark, Profeda, Jenks, l-lays, Krnezich, Mclieeman. Girls, Athletic Association Physical fitness is essential in this day and age to promote the national 'defense" pro- gram. Without a strongly built body, one can not carry on with his work in the pro- per manner The Girls' Athletic Association is one of the organizations which provides a program that helps to develop strong bodies and sound minds. Besides helping to build up the bodies, it teaches the importance of teamwork and cooperation, which are essen- tial in every field. This organization sponsors parties and dances throughout the year. The girls within the organization participate in such Ninety-two sports as basketball, volleyball, badmin- ton, softball, archery, hiking, swimming, dancing, and also perform stunts. During the spring and fall of the year many picnics are arranged by the group. Candy selling at the basketball games is all done and under the direction of the girls in the association. All girls who sell candy are awarded points which help to get their letters and other awards. Points are earned by taking part in various sports which are played after school. For every hour of play a member earns four po'nts. Additional points are given to cap- tains of various teams and to group leaders. Kmezich Rodgers, Everhardt, Sol lazzo President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AA,,,,,, .,,,,,, . . ,,,,,,.A . . . . . Directors of G. A. A. STATE AWARD Every member of the Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation strives to get her lOOO points tor which she is awarded the Iowa State pin. These points are earned by participating in various sports after school. For every hour of play the girls get four points. There are only tour members of the present organization who now have the State Awardg three ot them secured theirs this year, and one received hers last year. G. A. A, OFFICERS . Helen Everhardt Ann Kmezich . Sharlene Rodgers Leonora Sollazzo STATE AWARD WINNERS Norma Smith Sharlene Rodgers Helen Everhardt Ninety-three G. A. A. ARCHERY-"Am I proud! VOLLEYBALL-"No spiking allowed! BADMWTON-"W"e'e's fha "i"'?" BASKETBALL-All set for ser-ups. CANDY SELLING-"Oh Henry? Babe Ruth? or what have you? DANCING-"Swing it!" Ninety-four Student Life Incidentally . . . Snowbound! And who are you? Another Dizzy Dean. Make-up Men. The house of athletics. Batter up! The yearbook adviser takes a vacation. Out in the midday sun. N inety-six Military Highlights March ZZ! One of the highest honors attainable by any senior in A L. is about to be bestowed upon two people. lt is the night ot the Military Ball when the honor ot heading all the cadets in school is to tall to some R. O. T. C. officer, and one of the twenty-nine girls selected by the gym classes is to be named Honorary Colonel. A tense silence falls. The buzz ot conversation ceases. All eyes are fastened on the closed curtains behind which are the unknown "draf- teesf' Then Cadet Colonel Bob Peterson and l-lonorary Colonel Jean Beno lead the grand march amid the prolonged cheers of the specta- tors. The secret is out at long last. fs W 0 H 1 J x . ffl I l Q, if Ll x, SEK! X J VA 5 fb A o I ' Il: 0 l N , X R. O. T. C. trains boys along definite lines of leadership and character. lt gives them moral and mental discipline and teaches habits of good conduct and self-government. Through strict guidance, boys develop stamina and individuality, become self-controlled, and learn to work with others in an orderly so- ciety. el , W Wg' rg 0 w 37.0. t iTff.fiTi'i"i'i'i'Ii -i llll l llllll lllilllldlllgh R 0 mm uuumn ummm ' Ninety-s The Rifle Team lil.- 2.1 The Officers' Club Front row: Wright, Petersen, Phinney, Day, Petrus, Parks. Second row Porter, Cutler, Clay, Speer, Wymore, Christensen, Miller. Front row: O'Keefe, Garrison, Petrus, Clabaugh, Coughlln, Peters, Wright, Miller, Phinney. Second row:.. Petersen, Parks, Wheeler, Jensen, Dean, Spetmon, Day, Cutler. Third row: Colburn, C. Rassmussen, D. Rasmussen, Swanson, Wymore, Jordal, Baxley, Christensen. Fourth row: Strowig, Hansen. Achieving Disciplined Personalities lThe R. o. T. ci The l94l regiment ofthe Abraham Lincoln of three instructive and memorable yeors. R. O. T. C. is history. The annual Military To many of them it means a chance to com- Ball and lnspection are but lingering events. mand ci company, batallion, or regiment, To the seniors, these events mean the end which is the inevitable ambition of every Ninety-eight cadet from the time he enters the R. O. T. C. as a sophomore. Only the boys in this or- ganization know the struggle involved in or- der to achieve an Honor Rating at the an- nual inspection. With the announcement of the beginning of drill in the middle of September some five hundred boys were launched on the way to an Honor Rating the following May. Com- petitive examinations involving all subjects covered in the first two years of their train- ing were given the seniors wanting a promo- tion, Outstanding cadets in these tests were promoted to second lieutenants and al- lowed to lead the "Back to the Rails" parade. Theoretical training held the cadets' atten- tion during the winter months. Lectures were given concerning map reading, muske- try, first aid, combat principles, scouting and patrolling, and the characteristics of infantry weapons. When spring came and close order drill was resumed, interest mounted steadily. The l94l Military Ball was one of the most beautiful of all balls and will be long remembered. Efforts were then concentrated on the in- spection which was scheduled tor May l3. Drill was held five days a week in order to give more time both to close order and ex- tended order training. Companies were given their respective duties for the inspec- tion and these were practiced over and over. May l3 arrived rapidly. The regiment turned out in all its glory--officers with brass and sabers gleaming, and cadets with immaculately clean uniforms .... The end of another year came all too quickly as the l94l regiment followed the i940 into the past. Colonel Peterson, Honorary Colonel Jean Beno, Lieutenant Colonel Swanson Lieutenant Colonel Petrus, Major Parks. The High Ranking Ofhcers Ninety-nin COMPANY A First row: Peterson, Cauprhlan, Pa-ters, Cutler, Rasmussen. Second row: Stageman, Hall, Martin, Stockman, Heck, Scott, Wrilf, Mann, Shaffer, Claar, Sudon, Borg, Marty, Dimmlcr, Owen. Third r0w: Perogory, Norgard, Whitman, Stageman, Anderson, Sparks, Haas, Roth, Wiatt, Kringell, Third row: Alberti, Ross, Ball, Durick, Baker, Richards, Fairholt, Peterson, Pago, London, Van Horn, Tramonte, Brandt. COMPANY B First row: Jordal, Colburn, Strnwig, Clahaugh. Second row. Downing, Hartwell, Remington, Dilly, Krasne, Pitzer, Johnson, Pierce, Miller, Froharrlt, Wadsworth, Filbort, Clay, Duffy, Burfzstrum, Grossman. Third row: Davenport, Story, Drustrup, Mulikin, Frohardt, N. Peterson, Johnson, Felton, Reynolds, Morse, Sickler, Steffensen, Mann, Lee, Fourth row: Fernley, Chaney, Shreves, liinklvy. Napier, Haven, Lester, Snyder, Olson, Sheehan, liudatz, Mayfield, Mayer, Hollingsworth. Learning to Plan Together "Will the meeting please come to order." The club is also responsible for the beauti- There is a shuffle as the officers take their full mllll0fY boll- H5 members SGVVS to places. The Officers' Club is meeting again. mske up the Hbollu Committees' Each year . . . ' ff ' . The club holds discussions which help them 'ts e echveness grows greater to understand the conditions under which We give G solute fo the Officers and their they must drill the cadets. club! One Hundred COMPANY C First row: Garrison, Krume, Wheeler, Dean, Parks, Spetman, Leed. Second row: Christensen, Burhman, Angroth, Yager Whitter, Lemen, Watson, Howlette, Williams, Poulos, Nelson, Third row: Vandeventer, Drummond, Kennedy, Hansen, Scott Burke, Kooler, Morse, Leonhardt, Gress. Fourth row: Taffee, Graves, McNeil, Miller, Lynn, Emarine, Roux, Russell, Dunlavy. COMPANY D First row: Hanson, Swanson, Phinney. Second row: Schroder, Plummer, Jensen, Evans, Thompson, Musgrove, Gillman, Horrum, Shugart, Olson, Miller, Caughey, Boatright, Kmezich, Dorn, Johnson, McGee. Third row: Abels, Hall, Juel, Good- win, Hughes, Fazio, Brooks, Falk, Nelson, Rain, Micherson, Woods, Lidgett, Tepperman, Ward. Fourth row: Bailey, Lett, Dickson, Hanson, Caton, Thiel, Swanson, Johnson, Sickler, Nixon, Walters, Peterson, Caperilli, Durfee, Cooley, Tennant, Slack, Savage. We Acquire Parade Grounds The students in the rooms on the east side of the building enjoyed very much the few days the grading machine worked across the street. This was the birth of Robertson Field. For many years the R. O. T. C. has drilled in the street for lack of space. Due to the work of Colonel Robertson and Principal Kirn, the lot across the street has become our drill field. At last we have our own pa- rade grounds. With this addition, how can we miss an honor rating? One Hundred One , COMPANY E First row: Diller, Wright, Ellsworth, Second row: Doyle, Waters, Nnejar, Humphery, Cash, Meis, Frandsen, Baxley, Eyeberg, Edholm, Johnson, Peterson, McMullen, Hartenhoff, Campbell. Third row: Daugherty, Voss, Rutekin, Gilgam, Stewart, Johnk, Bussey, Schroeder, French, Schroeder, Buskness, Adams, Larsen. Fourth row: Grote, O'Hara, Scott, Miller, Kensinger, Thomas, Shellenberg, Pulley, Ranney, McDaniel, Voss, Fenn, Lash, Schroeder. COMPANY F First 1-qw: Jensgn, Miller, Petrus, Wymare, O'Keefe. Second row: A Johnson, Thornc-ll, Langfeldt, Maertens, Burgess, Kerns, Hansen, Taylor, Day, Rose, Stephens, Morgal, Phaff, Cherniss, Richabaugh, Chambers, Russell, Kirhofer. Third row: Hender- son, Brown, Hanneman, Parks, Larsen, Caparelli, Gray, Ginn, Sweeny, Bryson, Williams, Bryson, Rasmussen, Kruse, Schlott, Owens, Bauman. Fourth row: Tedesco, Hermsen, Presler, Lewis, Plummer, Derry, Nelson, Bryan, Hammer, Lenihan, Peter- sen, Bryant, Petersen, M, Johnson, Justenson, Osborn, Dahl. Dress Parade! "Practice parade at 7:3O." perfection. May l3 dawnsl The parade begins! The federal inspection is on! The regiment demonstrates its movements. The cadet corps returns to school with fond has practiced on the field polishing its drill hopes thot oo honor rofing hos been All cadets are familiar with this announce- ment. For many mornings the regiment for the inspection. Cadets are striving for reached. One Hundred Two "Friends' names and friends' faces Are better kept in private places. " FRIENDS' FACES O dred

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