Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA)

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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'f2i'l'A'fUQQef 17,37 722411-lvvlu I4 'vC5+J.1vQ'L-af 1 n W CRIB Sf N AND r r 4 BLUE. wg-f The Crimson and Blue JMH6,IQ3Q 1 V Kwuj, dk. gif 2 N ,L of """"M'Qa-,Q,w. , Published by the Senior Class of Abraham Lincoln High School Council Blujfs, Iowa F vig The schools are the bulwark ot liberty and self government. The future of democracy and of the common school are inseparable. Let them go tor- ward together. What the school is today, democ- racy will be tomorrow.-Joy Elmer Morgan. :: Page 4 OREWO It is our hope that this book will r to all of us memories of four of the piest years of our lives, for high sc signifies unforgettable fun as we learning. The friends we make an happy experiences we have durin high school days will never be forg Sometimes in later life persons r that they cannot live over again "carefree days of youth." Through book, many of us can live over these joyous days spent at Abrd Lincoln. ll as lf RD ecall hap- hool the our tten. egret the th is again ham I 1: Page 5 :: i It democrocy is worth while, its tenets must not only be taught, but stressed, in order that the re- sponsibility of the individual to the democratic woy of life mov be recognized.-Dr. George M. Wiley. :: Page Six :: i .. ....l, DlCATlOl Without Democracy, our country would not be the free and progressive natiion it is today. Without Democracy, we would not learn the true value of goverrlment of the people, by the people, and for the people. Without Democracy in eelluca- tion, there would not be the indiwlidual development and the feeling of personal achievement that now prevail, lln a period of unsettled ideologies alnong nations of the world, we believelthat Democracy is still the best form oflgov- ernment for us. l We therefore dedicate our boold and rededicate our lives to that great in- stitution of freedom and fair livihg- DEMOCRACY. l , l ::Page7 :: l l i i l CONTENTS I, Faculty - - 9 II. Classes - - - l5 Ill. Publications - - 47 IV. Music - - - 53 V. Drama and Speech 59 VI. Clubs - - - 65 Vll Athletics - - 83 VIII. R.O.T.C. - - lOl IX. Features - - lO7 1 xx' A23 iii... Wim, 1 G. W. KIRN Principal Abraham Lincoln High School No just estimate can be made of Principal Kirn's educational program that does not take into account his whole educational philosophy. Tl His program is spread upon a wide canvass, his philosophy of education is highly selec- tive, his ideology is democratic. He senses the difference between a text book education and basic culture. Consequently, he strives for a program that releases the mind of the student to the future without any severance from the best of the past. The net result is an understanding of the pres- sent. 1l Principal Kirn is one of the most understanding high school educators in the Middle West. The imprint of his broad educational pattern is upon most ofthe graduates of the Abraham Lincoln High School. Their four years in an atmosphere of democratic ideals, of high ethical standards, of the best in the fine arts, and of character emphasis, in addition to thorough educa- tional instruction, send them forth well braced against the false and the superficial. -A Citizen of Council Bluffs. J. A. TRUE Superintendent Council Bluffs Schools The success of the school system depends largely on the attitude and ability of the head of the schools. 1l Superintendent True has guided the destiny of our school system through a trying time without injury to the standards estab- lished during good times. His attitude in the employment of only the best instructors and a careful program of instruction has co-ordinated the work in the schools of the district. Through the several years he has been with us he has tirelessly endeavored to improve our schools, both as to curriculum and the physical condition of the plant. -A Former Member of the Board of Education. 2: Page 10 :: DAISY B. BARTLEY A. Ii. Ciilorailo State 'I'e:u'hi-rs English. MABEL LOUISE BRISLEY Ph, Ii. University of Chicago English, Ero Sponsor. J. RICHARD COCHRAN Ii. S. Parsons M. A. University of Iowa Salesmanship, Commercial Geography, G e n e r a l Science, Athletics Coach, ASQUITH BICKETT IQROADFOOT B. S. ASQUITH A. Ii. Univi-rsity of Iowa A. M. University of Iowa American History, Econom- ics, Business Low, Aristo Sponsor. L. CAROLINE BICKETT A. B. Muskimrum Colin-ire Retailing: New York llnivi-1':4ity Cooperative Retail Selling. GRACE B. BROADFOOT A. II. University ol' Iowa American History, Girl Re- serves Sponsor. JET THRUSH DOWNS University of Iowa Typing, Commercial Club Sponsor. ELEANOR BAPTIST .,E.rgI1Sjd:.6E:5il,CI'lk'l'S Collciru ourndliirb, English, Quill on?--Scroll Sponsor, Crim- son and Blue Editorial Ad- viser. HANSEN F. BLANK Stunt. Institute Free Hand Drawing, Nat- ional Honor Society Spon- sor. DOLLIE D. BURGESS Midland Colleirv Bookkeeping, Office Prac- tice, Aristo Sponsor. ESTHER EHMKE A, IB. University of Iowa History, Thalion Sponsor. EMMA N. BOESCHE University of Chicziiro Geometry, Trigonometry, lonion and National Honor Society Sponsor. FEE CHEW Ii. S. Drake Salesmanship, Bookkeep- ing, Athletics Cooch. MARGARET R. HENDERSON A. Ii..'I'm'kio Colluirc Latin Reservettes Sponsor, az! ,I v'4 I!Al"l'lS'I' BLANK DOWNS RI' RCI-ISS EHMKE liAR'l'I.I'IY a liiil-ISCIIIC ISRISLICY FIIICIV CUCIIRAN HENIJHRSON AWS if Y. 1"""' -I i527- 'vs I N G, sv... is YM we GARVIN HANTHORN JOHNSON LAWSON Lm: M' MARTY HAMMES HANIGAN KETTER LANDON MCCABE MCILRATH MEAD K. MILLER JOHN D. GARVIN ROMAN HAMMES BESS HANIGAN MARIAN HANTHORN S1-riruant D.E.M.L, lR.O.T.C.l Instructor. W. T. JOHNSON B. S. Iowa State Teachers College M. A. State University of Iowa Bookkeeping, Philo and Senior Sponsor. H. ARTHUR LEE A. B. and B. J. Baker College M. A. University of Kansas Journalism, H-Y Sponsor. B. S. Stout Instituto M. S. Iowa State College Drafting, Safety Education and Logo Sponsor. LE LA KETTER B. S. Drake University Geometry, American Gov- ernment, Ero Sponsor. MARY ELLEN MCCABE A. B. University of Illinois Drarnatics, Public Speak- ing, English. WALLACE A. MEAD Major Infantry Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Ph. B, University of Chicago M. A. University of Chicago A m e r i c a n Government, Alpha and Senior Sponsor. FLORENCE LANDON A. B. Coe College M. A, University of Iowa French, Spanish, French Club and Spanish Club Sponsor. W. HOWARD McILRATH University of Iowa A, B. Grinnell College Debate, English, Modern Problems. KATHLEEN SHAW MILLER A. B. University of Omaha Vggglwmusig. lfirst semes- terl . Drake University B. S. Iowa State College Household Arts, Foods and Cafeteria. ROY F. LAWSON M. A. Creighton University B, S. Parsons Biolog , Athletics Coach. r ,,,,,w FAYE E. MARTY A. B. University of Nebraska M. A. University of Michigan English, Thalian Sponsor. WILLIBALD NOWAK Theatre and Oi'vhvst.1'a School Const-rvzitnry lnstrumental Music. MITTIE M. PYLE A. Ii. University of Iowa M. A. Univi-i'sit.y of Czilifornizi World I-listory, Clio and National Honor Society Sponsor. HAROLD STOUT Ii. S. Iowa State 'I1t'IIK'hLtI'5 Callvirv Manual Training, Physical Education, Freshman Bas- ketball, Galt. V. MII.I,I'IIi NYROI' RIGINIGI. 'VAMISIICA NOVVAK I'YI.I-I STOIVI' ' 'Hl........ VIRGIL H. MILLER A. li. University of Indiana M. A. University of Indiana Physics, Algebra, General Science, Philo Sponsor. DORA G. NYROP A. IS. Univrwsity of Ni-braslia M. A. Columbia University Dean of Girls, English, Orientations, Jr. Business Training. EDWIN REINEL li, S. Stout Instituto Industrial Arts, N.Y.A. Adviser. RUTH M. TAMISIEA A. Ii, University nf Iowa Drarnatics, Masque and Wig Sponsor. 5 MARY C. NIX A. IR, Univi-1'sit.y of Nebraska Girls' Physical Director, Girls"'A'thletic Association and Girls' Rifle Corps Spon- sor. f MILDRED I. OLSEN Ii, S. University of Ni-Iviwislizi IQLQQW-Q, Reservettes Spon- sor. WILBUR I. ROSENKRANZ li. A. Nm-th Central Cullczri- M. A. University nl' Minnusutzi Chemistry, Crimson and Blue Business Adviser, lon- ian Sponsor, EDITH R. TATROE Groirgr I'riivi-rsily Shorthand, De tg T a ii Sami PERSIS POOLEY li. S. IInivi-rsity of IIIII ii 0 'I Librarian. RUDOLPH SEIDL L'oiisvi'v:xIiiry, VIUIIIII Orchestra, Band. E. GRACE TAYLOR A, IS. Drailn- English, Delta Tau Sponsor XIX l i oI.si-IN 'l'A'l'RUI'j le..i'1l'S IRQ RUSICNKIIAN! V00 PX TAX I OR WALLACE E. WILLARD WASSUM M. WILLARD I'LUNKE'l"1' MARY D. WALLACE DOROTHY E. WASSUM A. B. University of Nebraska B. Music University of Nebraska School of Music Albegra, Geometry. I Vggal Music- tsecond se- mesterl. EDNA WILLARD Ti. S. Iowa Statf C011 -g- Grinnell Colm? K t MARIE WILLARD Household Arts, Clio Span- B' S' Iowa Stan' C"11UW sor. Household Arts, Alpha Sponsor. EILEEN PLUNKETT Registrar. A. WHITE VVALKER STEVENS AGNES WHITE LENA E. WHITE A. B. University of California A b C 11, f i English, Psychology, Junior 0 LM Red Cross Sponsor, , Girl Reserves Sponsor. MARIGOLD C. WALKER Secretory. SARAH BoNDo School Nurse. PAULINE STEVENS General Treasurer. The Faculty The high school has forty-two full time teachers and two half-day instructors, one librarian, three office assistants, one nurse, and three R.O.T.C. officers. Almost every teacher has extra-curricular duties in addi- tion to his regular classes. llThe school's courses are College Preparatory, Commer- cial, and General. llA fine improvement in the physical equipment of the school would be the erection of a building for fine and industrial arts to further the guidance program of the school and to relieve present crowded conditions. The enrollment now is approximately l383. L. WHITF BONDO B. S. Iowa State Teachers. Shorthand, Bookkeeping lusgx. Front row: Fisher, Miss Hanigan. Second row: Mathis, McGee, Payne, Stephens, Mr. Johnson. Senior Class of l939 OFFICERS President - - Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer - - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - Dick Payne - Roland McGee Helen Fisher Jack Stephens Glen Mathis Sponsors: Miss l-lanigan, Mr. Johnson "Where do we go from here?" is the ques- tion of the day. Some of us are gathering up our courage, and our typing and short- hand credentials, with an eye on the busi- ness world. Others are flipping the pages of college bulletins, frantically searching for a school to suit their needs and desires. Then, of course, there are a few of us ex- ploring the pages of home planning mag- azines, as well as gazing speculatively into furniture store windows. Meanwhile the business world, colleges, and society are giving us, the l939 crop of grad- uates, the "once-over." We realize that a great deal depends upon us in the future development of the world of which we are to become a part. A country founded upon democratic principles, such as ours, finds its security in the development of the youth of today and the opportunities offered to them as the basis of its future national life. And so we, the "embryo citizens" of tomor- row, willingly accept the challenge that a world of confused conditions opens to us. :: Page 16 :: ROBERT ADKINS- Commercial- Freshman Vol- leyball, Football. ARTHUR AKERS-Commercial-Hi-Y. CATHERINE ALLAN - College lPrep. - Tholian Sec., Spanish Club Vice-Pres., Girl Reserves, Echoes, Band, WINIFRED ALLEN-College Prep.-Spanish Club, Glee. JACK ALLERTON-College Prep.-Glee, Spanish Club, Hi-Y. V BETTY JO ALLPHIN-College Prep.-Clio, Spanish Club, Rifle Corps. ALVIN ANDERSON - General - Aristo, R.O.T.C. Sgt GARRY ANDERSON - College Prep. - R.O.T.C. Lieut., Glee, Hi-Y, lonian.'ht4.44u.4,f,43'f1 NORVIN ANDERSON-College Prep.-Aristo, f STANLEY ANDERSON-Commercial-Glee, Aristo. VIRGIL ANDERSON-College Prep.-Philo, Band, Masque and Wig. SARA JANE ANNIS-College Prep.-Rifle Corps, Delta Tau, Glee, Echoes. WILBUR ARCH-College Prep.-Wrestling, Track, R.O.T.C. Corp. GERALDINE ARCHIBALD-Commercial -9am- ' mercial Club, Glee. ' 941 LE ROY ASMAN-College Prep.-Hi-Y Pres., Philo Sgt.-at-Arms, R.O.T.C. Lieut., Echoes. RITA AUSTIN-College Prep.-Delta Tau Vice- Pres., lntersociety Debate, Crimson and Blue, Echoes, Girl Reserves. MERLE BACHMAN - Commercial - Glee, Philo, Hy-Y. MARY BAIRD-College lPrep.-Clio Sgt.-at-Arms, French Club Vice-Pres., Latin Club. CLARK BARRITT-College Prep.-Football, Glee Pres., Junior Class Sgt.-at-Arms, Masque and Wig, R.O.T.C. Supply Major. WILMA BARTH-Commercial-ThaIian, Commer- cial Club. HORACE BARTON-College Prep.-Regional Sax- ophone Solo, Band Pres., Ionian, Crimson and Blue. ds all , an A Q .'.E' ,'.., if QQ ii i s.r... S 1 C iiirl A is rn M- JACK BARTON-Commercial-Hi-Y, Band, Or- chestra, Echoes, Ionian. PATRICIA BAUMAN-College Prep.fEro, Echoes, Glee Sec., Masque and Wig Sec., Reservettes. DONALD BEATTY--Commercial-Arista, Echoes JOHN BEEZLEY-College Prep.-eFootball, Wrest- ling, Track, Basketball, Echoes, Crimson and Blue, Junior Class Vice-Pres. BETHINE BELL-College Prep. - Rifle Corps, Glee, Masque and Wig. JACK BELL - Commercial - l-li-Y, Arista, Glee Masque and Wig. HARRIETT BENJAMIN-College Prep.-Thalian, Orchestra, Crimson and Blue, Echoes, Girl R - serve, French Club, Latin Club.'! HAROLD BERNSTEIN - College Prep. 4 l-li-Y, R.O.T.C. Lieut., Echoes. ROSE BERNSTEIN-Commercial-Clio, Glee. HARRY V. BEESE-College Prep.--Track, Wrest- ling, Football, R.O.T.C. Lieut,, Echoes. JACK BIGLEY - Commercial - Football, Track, Basketball Mgr., Hi-Y Vice Pres., Junior Class Treas., lonian, R.O.T.C. Lieut. DOROTHY BLACK-Commercial-Glee, Commer cial Club HARRY BLACK -- College Prep. - Cheerleader, Logo, Latin Club, lntersociety Debate, Echoes. A BOILER-Commercial-Echoes, G.A.A. ROBERT BOLAND- College Prep.- Masque an Wig, R.O.T.C. Sgt., Latin Club. DARLENE BRADFORD-Commercial--Commercial Club, Rifle Corps, Glee. RUTH BREWICK--Commercial-Rifle Corps, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club Sec. ' MARGARET BRITTAIN-Commercial-Delta Tau Glee. ' DARLENE BRO ERG--Commercial-Alpha, Glee, Cheerleader. DONALD BROOKS- College Prep.- Glee, Aristo Sec., R.O.T.C. Lieut., State Drafting Contest, Spanish Club. BETTY BROWN--College Prep.-Clio, Girl Re SSFVES GEORGE BROWN-College Prep.-Orchestra Pres., R,O.T.C. Sgt., Philo, Latin Club. LUCILLE BROWN - Commercial - Commercial Club, G.A.A. MARIAN BUDATZ-Commercial-Thalian, Com- mercial Club, Echoes. GRETCHEN BUESING-College Prep.-Ero, Masque and Wig, G.A.A., Orchestra. ALICE BUHRMAN-College Prep.-Clio, Masque and Wig, Glee, Echoes. RICHARD CAUGHLAN - College Prep. - Golf Philo, Spanish Club, Asst. Football Mgr. MARILYN CAYWOOD-Commercial-Alpha, Girl Reserves, Rifle Corps, Commercial Club, Echoes. RUTH CHAMBERS - Commercial - Commercial Club. ROSE ELLA CHAPMAN-College Prep.-Crimson and Blue, Thalian Treas., Girl Reserves, Glee. MARVIN CHRISTIANSEN-CommerciaI-Echoes, Logo, Glee. OTTO CHRISTIANSEN - College Prep. -- Aristo Vice-Pres., lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Na- tional Honor Society. ROSETTA CHRISTIAN5EN- Commercial- Com- mercial Club, G.A.A. ALVIN CHRISTOFFERSEN-CommerciaI-Football. EVERETT CHRISTOFFERSEN - General -Logo Treas., Hi-Y Treas., State Drafting Contest. EVELYN CLARKfCommercial. GERALDINE CLATTERBUCK-Commercial-Ritl e Corps, Commercial Club, Glee, VIRDELL CLAYPOOL-College Prep.-Delta Tau Sec., French Club, Glee, Echoes, Masque and Wig. BETTY CLAYPOOLE-CommerciaI-Alpha. REGINA COCHRAN-General-Rifle Corps, Echoes. IRVING COHEN-College Prep.-Aristo, R.O.T.C., Sgt., Glee, Echoes. VIRGINIA COOLEY - Commercial - Rifle Corps, Commercial Club, G.A.A. I24- 1 'WS W E -3, v-04 ,gn-QF iw . 1' . eau. DON COPELAND-College Prep.-National Honor Society Sec., Glee Pres., Masque and Wig, "Double Door." JUNE MARIE CRABILL-College Prep.-French Club Pres., Ero Treas., Rifle Corps, Reservettes, Glee, Masque and Wig, Honorary Major. VIRGINIA E. CROWL- Commercial- Delta Tau, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club. VIOLA CUMMlNGS-- Commercial- Glee, Band, Orchestra, Masque and Wig. MARGARET cu 'S Thalian, Rifle Corps, Echoes. WILLIAM DERRY-Commercial--BasketbaII, Sec- ond Team Mgr. G A . A. , a' LOIS DORLAND-College Prep.-Girl Reserves, Ero, 5 Glee. I G Qu LEIGH DRAKE-College Prep.-Philo Vice Pres., iv , lntersociety Debate, R.O.T.C. Sgt. -s--r '-., V f "'- , ' PHYLLIS ANNE DRAKE-College Prep. - Ero, ' 7 Masque and Wig. 'S 5 4 -. , 3 A, W W m .. Q-3 Q . ef ces. . 'gf . fa isrri A zr- 'VU' K LORRAINE LEIN DUFFY-Commercial-Delta Tau. DOROTHY DURBIN-Commercial-Girl Reserves, G.A.A., Spanish Club. JOY EAKIN-Commercial-Delta Tau, Commercial Club, Masque and Wig h erleader, Glee. BETTY ROSE EDMUNDSON- Commercial- Ero, Masque and Wig. E N,US EISCH ID-CQ merciol--Gle ommer- ' al Club. ARTHUR ELGAN-College Prep.-Glee, Ionian, Echoes, Masque and Wig, R.O.T.C. Sgt. MARJORIE ELLIS- Commercial-- Thalian, Com- mercial Club Vice-Pres., State Commercial Con- test, Girl Reserves. , 1 If lil WILMA JEAN EPPERSON- Commercial- Reser- vettes, Glee, Commercial Club. LOLA ESINGTON--Commercial-Rifle Corps, Com- mercial Club. MARJORIE EVERS - Commercial - Delta Tau, Reservettes, Glee, Commercial Club. IRENE EYBERG-Commercial-Girl Reserves. ELOISE FARRELL- College Prep.- Glee, French Club. GLEN FAUBLE-Commercial. DONALD FELDT-College Prep.-Arista. WANDA FELTON-Commercial-Commercial Club, Glee, Echoes. BETTE FISCHER-College Prep.-Alpha Pres., Na- tional Honor Society, French Club, Glee, Echoes. HELEN FISHER - Commercial - National Honor Society, Senior Class Sec., Asso, Editor Crimson and Blue, lntersociety and Varsity Debate, State Commercial Contest, Girl Reserve Pres., Clio. LOIS FLACK- Commercial-- Echoes, Commercial Club. GEORGE FLECKY-College Prep.-R.O.T.C. Lieut., Basketball. LUCILLE FOOTE-Commercial-Clio, Rifle Corps Sec.-Treas., Glee, Honorary Major Adjutant. DOROTHY FORD-Commercial-Band, Delta Tau, Echoes. MELVIN FOX--Commercial-Glee, Logo. PEGGY FOX-College Prep.-Rifle Corps, Masque and Wig, Alpha. EUGENE FRANKE-General-Band. LESTER FRIEND - Commercial - Echoes, Hi-Y, Commercial Club, Masque and Wig, Logo. MERLIN FROHARDT--CommerciaI-Glee, Masque and Wig, R.O.T.C. Corp. CHESTER FRYER-College Prep.-lonian, Band, Orchestra, Echoes. , ALBERT GALLO--Commercial-BasketbaIl, Foot- ballg Track, Glee, R.O.T.C. Sgt. CARL GARUBA-General--Philo. HELEN GIBLER-Commercial-Commercial Club ve DONALD GOSSARD-College Prep.-Philo Pres., Hi-Y Pres., Declam Finals, Debate Finals, Extem- po Finals, "Double Door." FAYE GRAVES-College Prep.--Ero Pres., Nation- al Honor Society, D.A.R. Candidate, Declam Fin- als, Debate Finals, Girl Reserves, "Double Door." EARL GREEN-College Prep.-Arista, R.O.T.C Lieut. sn 'O-,1 Q J . . JEQ ,,.,,,i, Z HENRIETTA GRELL-General-Thalian. MARY KATHERINE GREULACH-COmrnerCial- Band, Rifle Corps, Echoes. ROBERT GRIMSLEY -- College Prep. - Aristo, R.O.T.C. Sgt., Echoes, DORIS J. GROSS-Commercial-Alpha, Glee, Echoes, Reservette Sec., Girl Reserves. LIBBIE GROSSMAN-College Prep.-Clio, Glee Sec., Girl Reserves, Echoes, Masque and Wig, Crimson and Blue. RUSSELL GROSVENOR-Col lege Prep.-Logo. OSCAR HAACK-General-Aristo, R.O.T.C. Capt., Echoes. BILL HAHN-Commercial. MARY ANN HAHN - Commercial - Ero, Rifle Corps. DORIS HAISTON - College Prep. - Orchestra, Thalian, Masque and Wig, Declam Finals, Echoes, Glee. DOROTHY HAMMER-Commercial-Ero, Rifle Corps, lntersociety Debate, Echoes. VIOLA HAMMER-College Prep.--From Union Star, Missouri. ARTHUR HANCOCK - College Prep. - R.O.T.C. Colonel, Hi-Y, Philo. MARJORIE HANNEMAN - Commercial - Alpha, Girl Reserves, lntersociety Debate. DONALD NSEN--Commercial-R.O.T.C. Corp. GLEN HANSEN--Commercial-Echoes. GROVER HANSEN -- College Prep. - Basketball, Football, Track, Arista, lntersociety Debate, R.O.T.C. Lieutenant Colonel, Glee. LESLIE HANSEN-College Prep.-Glee. MILDRED HANSEN--Commercia -G.A.A. STANTON HANSEN - Commercial - Wrestling, R.O.T.C. Lieut., Rifle Team. 'YVM-r"MJ-if GERALDINE HARDEGEN - Commercial -- Rifle Corps, Commercial Club. VIRGINIA HARKINS- Commercial- State Com- mercial Contest, Delta Tau, Echoes, S anish Sec., Glee VAN HARMAN-College Prep.-Band, Logo. MAURICE HARRIMAN -- Commercial - Band, Track, Football, R.O.T.C. Corp. MERLIN HARRIS-Commercial. OWEN HARTSHORN-College Prep.-Basketball, Track, R.O.T.C. Lieut., Spanish Club, Masque and Wig. DONALD HAVEN-College Prep.-Logo, Glee, DEAN HAYES-CommerciaI-Basketball, R.O.T.C. Lieut. MILDRED HEATH-Commercial. DONA HEISLER-Commercial-Girl Reserves, Glee. LUTHER HELLER-College Prep.--Basketball, ln- tersociety Debate, Echoes. WILLIAM HENDERSON - General - From York, Nebraska. MARJORIE HENDRIX-College Prep.-- Girl Re- serve Sec., Thalian Sgt.-at-Arms, Masque and Wig, Echoes. KATHLEEN HENNESSY- College Prep.-- Thalian Pres., "Double Door," National Honor Society, lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Declam Finals, Junior Red Cross Council, Girl Reserves. CLIFFORD HERD--Commercial-Football, Basket- ball, Track ARTHUR HEUERMANN-College Prep.-R.O.T.C. Corp., Football, Track, Echoes. ROBERT HILL--Genera I-Hi-Y. SETH TRUESDALE HILLS-College Prep.-Nation- al Honor Society, Ionian Vice-Pres., Junior Red Cross Council, Masque and Wig, "Double Door," Glee. JANE HOFFMAN-Commercial-Thalian, Orches- tra, Commercial Club, Reservettes, Masque and Wig, Glee. JUANITA HOLLINGWORTH-Commercial-Alpha Vice-Pres., Echoes Editor, National Honor Society, Commercial Club Vice-Pres., lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Masque and Wig. ELIZABETH HOLMGARD- College Prep.- Alphc Pres., Girl Reserves, French Club, Masque and Wig. EVELYN HOLT-Comrnercial- halian. t GEORGE HOPKINS-General-Glee, R.O.T.C. Corp. FLORA HOWARD-Colle e'Prep.- panish Cl , G.A.A. 4 mercial Club. GERALD HOWE-Commercial--Track. MARY HOWLETTE-Commercial-Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Glee. AURORA MAE HOYT - Commercial 1- Thalian - Commercial Club Pres. BARBARA HUGHES-College Prep.-Ero Vice- Pres., "Double Door," Declam Finals, Girl Re- serves, Rifle Corps Pres., Crimson and Blue, French Club CAROLE HUMLICEK- Commercial- Commercial Club, Glee JACK HURD-Commercial-Logo, Wrestling, Glee Masque and Wig. IRWIN HUTCHISON- College Prep.-Wrestling, R.O.T.C. Lieut. LE ROY JACKS-College Prep.-Basketball, Logo Sec., Masque and Wig, R.O.T.C. Sgt. JEANNE JACOBSEN-College Prep.-Girl Reserves Thalian Vice-Pres., French Club, Masque ancl Wig, Echoes, Declam Finals. ALLAN JAHN - College Prep. - Basketball, R.O.T.C. Ord. Mai., l-li-Y, Masque and Wig. JULIUS JANSEN-Commercial-Band, Arista. DAVID JENKINS-College Prep.--Football, Track Wrestling, Glee. LA VERNE JENKS-Commercial-Football, Basket- ball. HENRY JENNINGS-College Prep.-Aristo, Foot- ball, Echoes. CHESTER JENSEN-College Prep.-R.O.T.C. Sgt DONALD JENSEN -- Commercial - Hi-Y, Ionian, R.O.T.C. Sgt UVONNE R. JENSEN- Commercial- Clio, Bond, Echoes. DICK JESSEN-Commercial-FootbalI, Bas- kefball. IRENE HOWARD-Commercial-Delta Tau, Com7 I 1 JOE JOHNSON- College Prep.- National Honor Society Vice-Pres., Aristo Pres., Masque and Wig, Inter-society Debate, Tennis, Crimson and Blue. 'U MARY JANE JOHNSON-Commercial-Com- mercial Club ROVINA LORRAINE JOHNSEN-Commercial - Rifle Corps, Glee, Commercial Club, Latin Club. 'vv ALICE JOHNSTON-College Prep.-Ero, Glee. ISABELLA JOHNSTON-Commercial-Rifle Corps, Commercial Club. MARJORIE JOPLIN-College Prep.-'Span' h Club Ero. EDWARD JORDAL-College Prep.-Philo. GEORGE JORGENSEN-Commercial. LENELDA JUBB-Commercial-Commercial Club, Rifle Corps ANN KAMM-Commercial--Delta Tau, Commer- cial Club, Rifle Corps. DELNO KARR-College Prep.-Bond. LORRETTA KEIDERLING-Commercial- Thalian Vice-Pres., Echoes, Rifle Corps Pres., Girl Re- serves, Glee, Honorary Major. MIRIAM KELLY-Commercial-Glee, Rifle Corps. VIOLETTA KERN-Commercial ' . RUTH KESTERSON- College Prep.- Glee, Latin Club. FLORENCE KINNEY- Commercial- Commercial Club. KATHERINE KIRN-College Prep.-Clio Pres., National Honor Society, Junior Red Cross Pres., Crimson and Blue, Debate Finals, Orchestra, Girl Reserves. JULIA KISTLE-College Prep.-Clio Sec., French Club, Masque and Wig, Rifle Corps. BERNARD J. KNOBLE-General-Echoes. RHODA KRASNE-College Prep.-French Club, Alpha, Girl Reserves. BEATRICE KRAUSE-General-Alpha Vice-Pres., Girl Reserves, Masque and Wig, Glee. I 4?' 51:33 Q ills it Ak f 2 Neill t . ixw ,sf ee v bs V R . sf IM 'G+ s FRANK KRUMENACHER-College Prep.--Glee, Masque and Wig, R.O.T.C. Sgt. VIRGINIA KRUSE-College Prep.-Orchestra Sec., Girl Reserves. MORTON KULESH-- College Prep.- From Central High School, Omaha, Nebr. GROVE LACY - Commercial - Wrestling Mgr., Track. FRED LANNING - College Prep. - Wrestling, Ionian, Mosque and Wig. BERDELLA MAY LARSEN-College Prep.-Ero, Glee, Girl Reserves. l GEORGE LARSEN-College Prep.--Ionian Pres., Golf, Intersociety Debate, State Drawing Con- test, R.O.T.C Sgt. ' WILLIAM LAUSEN-College Prep.-Aristo Sgt.- at-Arms. FLOREN LE BAHGH- Commercial- Thalian, Glee. 177477 ' EDITH LEE-Commercial-Glee. CALMERA LEOSIS-Commercial-Masque and Wig Pres., Clio Sgt.-at-Arms, Cheerleader, Echoes. HELEN LEOSIS--Commercial-Ero, Girl Reserves Treas., French Club, Commercial Club, Echoes, Band. CAROL LEVERETT-College Prep.-Ero Sec., Girl Reserves, Crimson and Blue, Echoes, Quill and Scroll, State Commercial Contest, lntersociety Debate. EVERETT LEWIS-General. MARGARET LEWIS-Commercial-Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Gle? Zhoes. ' JACK LIDGETT-College Prep.--R.O.T.C. Corp., Echoes. ARNOLD LINCOLN-Commercial-Ionian Sgt.- at-Arms, R.O.T.C. Corp. GEORGE LlNDSAY- College Prep- Echoes, lon- iam ADALINE LONDON - College Prep. - Spanish Club, Echoes, Glee. HOWARD J. LOPER, JR.-General-Aristo, Masque and Wig. , JOHN LYONS -- Commercial - Hi-Y, Glee, R.O.T.C. Corp., Echoes. ESTHER MacBAIN-College Prep.-Girl Reserves Pres., Alpha Vice-Pres., French Club, Masque and Wig, Glee, lntersociety Debate. EARL MCBRIDE-Commercial-R.O.T.C. Sgt. NELLIE McCREERY-Commercial-Rifle Corps. ROLAND McGEE-College Prep.-Logo Pres.,- Hi-Y Pres., lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Crimson and Blue, Senior Class Vice-Pres. DOROTHY McKERN-- Commercial- Commercial Club. KAY McKlNNON-General-Clio, Girl Reserves, French Club. JUNE McMURRAY - College Prep. - Thalian, Echoes. KENNETH MADSEN- Commercial- Editor-in- Chief Crimson and Blue, Hi-Y Sec., R.O.T.C. Corp., National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. HARRIETTE MAERTENS-College . Prep.-Glee. GEORGE MALONY-College Prep.-Band, Ionian, Hi-Y. GLEN MATHIS-General-Hi-Y Sec., Senior Class Sgt.-at-Arms. WARREN F. MATHIS-College Prep.-Ionian, Glee, Hi-Y, Echoes. WILLIAM MATTESON - College Prep. - Logo, Glee, R.O.T.C. Corp. JEAN MAURER-College Prep.-Clio, Girl Re- serves Sec., Glee, Masque and Wig, Rifle Corps. MARGARET MAURER - College Prep. - Rifle - Corps, Masque and Wig, Girl Reserves, Delta Tau, Glee, Echoes. "4'v . " MARY LOUISE MEIS-Commercial-Commercial Club. 'I THELMA MELTON-College Prep.-Glee, G.A.A. HOMER MILLER-College Prep.-Band, Orches- tra. LILYMAE MILLER-Commercial-Rifle Corps, Commercial Club LLOYD MILLER-Commercial-Commercial Club, R.O.T.C. Corp. MAGDALEN MILLSAPS - College Prep. - Clio Pres., Girl Reserves, Junior Red Cross Council, Masque and Wig. I , an R 3 -W ii is 'A lk x l l Qi' MARY ELLEN D. MOLZAHN-College Prep.- National Honor Society Treas., Clio Hist., Inter- society and Varsity Debate, Girl Reserves, Echoes, Masque and Wig. ' I9 4' BARBARA MOORE-CommerciaI-Commercial Club, G.A.A. Pres., Rifle Corps. DOUGLAS MOORE-College Prep.-R.O.T.C. Sgt. HAROLD MORSE -- Commercial -- Commercial Club. FLORENCE MORTENSEN-College Prep.-Glee. JEANNE MOSER-College Prep. -Alpha Pres., Crimson and Blue, Band Vice-Pres., Girl Reserves Sgt.-at-Arms, Masque and Wig, Quill and Scroll. EUGENE MURRAY-General-Ionian. MYRTA NEGETHON- Commercial- Commercial Club. CAROL NELSON - College Prep. - Clio, Spanish Club Sec. IRENE NELSON-Commercial-Glee, Cheerleader, Masque and Wig. VIRGINIA NEWELL- Commercial- Delta Tau, Commercial Club, Rifle Corps. LUCILLE NICK-Commercial-Thalian, Commer- cial Club. AAGE NIELSEN-Commercial. H 'Wa will DORIS NIELSEN-College Prep.-Thalian Treas., - Masque and Wig, Echoes, Glee. I RICHARD NIELSON--College Prep. - .- X2 . KATHERINE OAMEK - College Prep. - Spanish ' Club, Rifle Corps. JACK O'BRIEN-College Prep.-Echoes, R.O.T.C. Major Adjutant. . Cheerleader, Echoes. . ' 7 EGM '- JACK O'HARA-General-Hi-Y Treas., Ionian -' " - DONALD OLSEN-College Prep.--R.O.T.C. Major, Q Philo, Spanish Club, Masque and Wig. ELIZABETH oLssN-commercial-aiee. 'ij' fo MMVL HOPE OGAN - Commercial - Delta Tau, Glee, LLOYD OLSON-General-Logo, Freshman Foot- ball. JAMES O'NElLL-General-Philo, Rifle Team, Freshman Football. JOE OSBORN-College Prep.--Crimson and Blue Masque and Wig, Spanish Club, R.O.T.C. Corp ROSWELL OTIS - General - Arista, Echoes, R.O.T.C. Lieut. DORRIS PACE-College Prep.-Clio. JOE PALADINO-Commercial-Echoes, R.O.T.C. Lieut., Football, Wrestling. WARREN PARKER - College Prep. -- Orchestra Mgr., Band Comdr., G e ces. Arista, Hi-Y Sgt.- at-Arms. I. EDWARD PARKS--College Prep.-Junior Hi-Y Philo, Junior Red Cross Council. I FRANK PARMER- College Prep.- Glee, lonian, Echoes. FLOYD PARRACK-Commercial-Freshman Foot- ball, Freshman Basketball, R.O.T.C. Sgt. DIC-K PAYNE-College Prep.-National Honor So- ciety Pres., Philo Pres., Band and Orchestra, ln- tersociety and Varsity Debate, Regional Clarinet Solo, Echoes, Senior Class Pres. ARNOLD PEDERSEN-Commercial. ERNA PEDERSEN-Commercial-Delta Tau, Rifle Corps, Commercial Club, Glee, BERT PEET-Commercial-lonian, DOROTHY PETERSEN-Commercial--Band Rifle Corps, Commercial Club, G.A.A. I JACK PETERSEN- Commercial- Wrestling Mgr., Track Mgr., Philo, R.O.T.C. Sgt. MARGARET PETERSEN - Commercial - Girl Re- serves, Orchestra. JACK PFEIFER - Commercial - R.O.T.C. S t. Q 1 Echoes. FRED PHILLIPS-College Prep.-Echoes Editor-in- Chief, Philo Vice-Pres Hi Y Vice Pres Mas u ., - - ., q e and Wig. 7 RUSSELL PHINNEY-College Prep.-Band, lonian, Orchestra, Glee, Football, Masque and Wig. ERVIN PINKSTON-College Prep.-Arista Che , er- leader. RAY POGGE-Commercial-Band, Echoes. DOROTHY PORTER-College Prep.--Spanish Club, Secy., Reservettes, Glee, Clio. LUCILLE POTTER - Commercial -- Commercial Club. CATHERINE POULOS- Commercial- Commercial Club. RAYMOND PRACHT - General -- Rifle Team, Freshman Basketball. RICHARD J. PRICE-College Prep.-Glee, Echoes, Philo. FRANK RADLIFF-Commercial. GLEN RASMUSSEN-Commercial-NationaI Hon- or Society, R.O.T.C. Sgt., Hi-Y. ORVILLE RASMUSSEN - College Prep. -- Band Drum Maj., Orchestra, Aristo, Band Pres. MARY JANE RATLIFF-- College Prep.- Girl Re- serves, Thalian, French Club Treas. EARL REELFS-General--Wrestling, Track, Fresh- man Football, Echoes. LAVERTA REID-Commercial-Glee. BRUCE REMINGTON- General- R.O.T.C. Lieut., Masque and VVig. ALICE RESPELIERS - Commercial -- Commercial Club. VIRGINIA REYNOLDS-Commercial-Glee. RICHARD RICKABAUGH-College Prep. PAUL RIGG-Commercial-Logo, Glee. EARL RINEHART-College Prep.-Junior Class Pres., Basketball, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Echoes, Arista, R.O.T.C. Sgt. DOROTHY RING-Commercial-Glee, Commercial Club. PAUL ROARTY-CommerciaI-Freshman Basket- ball, Commercial Club. Q REGINA ROBERSON-Commercial- Rifle Corps Glee, Thalian. IVAN ROBERTS-College Prep. KATHERINE ROBINSON - College Prep. - Glee, Reserve-ttes. DWAIN ROBSHAW- Commercial- Masque and Wig, R.O.T.C. Lieut. ' HARRIETT RUNTE- General- Masque and wig, Rifle Corps, Girl Reserves. RALPH C. RUSSELL-College Prep.-Ionian Pres., Band Lieut., Orchestra, Crimson and Blue, French Club Sec., Regional Oboe Solo, lntersociety De- bate. STUART RUSSELL-College Prep.-Aristo Sec., Spanish Club Vice-Pres., Golf Team, "Double Door," Rifle Team. MARJORIE SADLER - College Prep. - Delta Tau, Echoes. LA GENE SANDBERG-CommerciaI-Delta Tau. CLIFFORD SCHACK - College Prep. - Echoes, R.O.T.C. Corp. lql MARIAN SCHEEL- Commercial- lpha, Echoes. DOROTHY SCHELL-College Prep.-Ero, Echoes, Girl Reserves, Masque and Wig, Glee. ELEANOR SCHLOTT- Commercial- Junior Class Sec., Thalian Pres., Commercial Club Pres., Crim- son and Blue, National Honor Society, lnterso- ciety and Varsity Debate, Glee. BARBARA SCHMIDT- Commercial- Era, Echoes, Commercial Club. LOREN SCHOLFIELD - Commercial - R.O.T.C. Major, Second Team Football, Hi-Y, Ionian, Echoes. GORDON SCOTT-Commercial-Arista. ROBERT SCOTT-College Prep.-Ionian, Glee, Masque and Wig, R.O.T.C. Corp. BETTY SEEGER-Commercial-From Thomas Jef- ferson High School. WILLIAM SEEGER- Commercial- From Thomas Jefferson High School, R.O.T.C. Sgt. NORMA SELDIN-College Prep.-Echoes, Clio, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club. FRANCES seven-commercial-Glee. ' wn.uAM L. SHAWLER-College Prep. ' 799 WILLIAM SHEA-General-Glee, Arista. GERALDINE SHEELY-Commercial-Ero, Masque and Wig. FRANK SHELL--College Prep. PHILIP SHUGART-College Prep.-Spanish Club, Arisfo. ALBERTA SIEBERT - Commercial -- Commercial Club, Glee. BERT SIECK--College Prep.-Ionian. JEANNETTE SIMMONS-Commercial-Glee, Com- mercial Club, Masque and Wig. DONNA SINCLAIR-Commercial-Clio, Glee, Rifle Corps. JACK SIZER-College Prep.-Football, Basketball Mgr., Echoes. RITA SKAHILL-College Prep.--Clio. HELEN SKELTON-Commercial-Clio Sec., Girl Reserve Treas., Reservette Pres., Masque and Wig. Treas., lntersociety and Varsity Debate. ELLA MAE SLIGHTAM-Commercial-Glee. ROBERT ARBUCKLE--Commercial-Philo. RODNA SORENSEN - Commercial - Glee Com- mercial Club Treas., Ecl'1oes.VYN4fUIAfVLf 4J ELSIE MAE SORENSON - Commercial - Crimson and Blue, Thalian, Girl Reserves, Glee. BERNICE SPENCER - Commercial - Commercial Club, Masque and Wig, Thalian,0Y'4'VU'-4--L HOWARD SPENCER- Commercial- Logo, Com- mercial Club, R.O.T.C. Sgt. LUCILLE SPETMAN -College Prep. - Ero Pres. Spanish Club Vice-Pres., Junior Red Cross Sec. Girl Reserves, Rifle Corps, Masque and Wig, Hon orary Major. BETTY JEAN SPURGEON - Commercial - Rifle Corps. JOAN STAGEMAN-College Prep.-Delta Tau Pres., Declam Finals, Masque and Wig, Rifle Corps, Girl Reserves, Football Queen, Honorary Colonel. HOMER STARR-College Prep.-Echoes, Philo. ELAINE STEINHAUER-College Prep.-Delta Tau Vice Pres., Band, Orchestra, Echoes. BETTIE JANE STEMPLE-College Prep.-Alpha, Echoes, Rifle Corps, Girl Reserve Masque and Wig. I 7 'U JACK STEPHENS-Collage Prep.-Philo Sec., Crim- son and Blue, State Drafting Contest, lntersociety Debate, R.O.T.C. Major "Double Door," Senior Class Treas. ROBERT STEPPUHN-General-- Freshman Foot- ball, Glee. EDYTHE SURBER-Commercial-Delta Tau. PEARL TATTA-College Prep.-Delta Tau, French Club, Crimson and Blue. AUDREY TECHAU-Genera l-Alpha, Glee, INEZ THOMAS-College Prep.-Thalian, Girl Re- serves, Spanish Club, Echoes. LUCIUS THOMAS- College Prep.- Glee, Masque and Wig, Echoes, Logo, R.O.T.C. Sgt. MAUDE THOMAS-Commercial-Glee, Alpha, JOSEPH B. THORNELL-College Prep.-Aristo Treas., Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms, French Club, Band, Orchestra Vice-Pres., lntersociety Debate. PATRICIA TRIPLETT-College Prep.-Masque and Wig, Spanish Club Treas., French Club. MARGARET TYLER-Commercial-Glee, Thalian, Girl Reserves. PHYLLIS VANDECAR-CommerciaI-Commercial Club. Q I MARIAN VAN DRUFF-College Prep.-Clio Vice- Pres., Crimson and Blue, Declam Finals, Masque and Wig, Girl Reserves, Glee, Rifle Corps. ROY L. VAN ELLS-College Prep.-Echoes, Masque and Wig, Logo, Hi-Y, Glee, R.O.T.C. Lieut. FRANCES VAN HORNE-College Prep. -Alpha Vice-Pres., lntersociety and Varsity Debate, Crimson and Blue, Echoes, Rifle Corps, Extempo Finals, Quill and Scroll. RICHARD VAN LUEVAN- Commercial- Ionian, Glee, Freshman Football. - MARJORIE VENARD- Commercial- Rifle Corps Ero, Masque and Wig, Commercial Club, Glee, 7 EARL E. WALKER- Commercial- Glee, R.O.T.C. Corp. RACHEL ANNE WALKER- College Prep.- Delta Tau Sgt.-at-Arms, Echoes, French Club, Girl Re- serves, Orchesfra, lntersociety Debate. :Q If 'll x Q ,X I. 2 ily i ' Ts., Q. I -3' ,,,. '757-5 . ,H .f. AE .. gas, M Y our i La- W 1 Hi 'J '11 . l is i FRED WEATHERILL-College Prep.-From Cedar Rapids, Track. MAXINE WEAVER - Commercial - Reservettes, Echoes, Commercial Club. ROBIN WEDDLE- Commercial- Echoes, R.O.T.C. Lieut., lonian, Commercial Club. MARY WESLEY-General-Thalian, Spanish Club. MARION WHITNEY-College Prep.-Delta Tau Pres., Glee Pres., Rifle Corps, Masque and Wig, Honorary Major. ROBERT WILCOX-College Prep.-Glee, "Double Door," Football, R.O.T.C. Capt., Mosque and Wig. WILLETTA WILD-Commercial-Commercial Club, Glee. VIRGINIA WILKINSON - College Prep. - Alpha l-list., Rifle Corps, Echoes, Glee, Commercial Club. MERLYN WILLIAMS - College Prep. - Thalian, French Club. MELVINA WIPPEL - Commercial -- Commercial Club, G.A.A. KENNETH WOHLERS-Commercial. BERNICE WOKSA-Commercial-Thalian Sec., Commercial Club, Glee. FLORENCE YOUNT-Commercial--Alpha, Girl Re- serves, Masque and Wig. CITY AUDITORIUM-Where commencement ex- ercises are held. Commencement For the seniors, June is the finale to four years of high school, clubiously yet hope- fully anticipated. The night of June 9 arrives. Anxious par- ents tremble as nervously as the graduates- to-be. At last the procession marches down the aisle of the auditorium, singing with full voices, "Once more, dear home-." Girls in white formals seem to float toward the stage, carrying bouquets of red roses. Then come the boys in dark suits, seeming to rise to manhood in a night. The picture is perfect. An hour or so, and-it's all over. All over except indelible memories. Page 34 :: l bij? Miss Broadfoot, Gretzer, Crowl, Holmes, Hunter, Mr, Lee. Junior Class of I'-740 OFFICERS ,President - - - RlCHOI'd Holmes Vice-President - Betty Jo Crowl Secretary - Marjorie Gretzer Treasurer - - ---- George Pogge Sergeant-at-Arms ------ Grant Hunter Sponsors: Miss Broadfoot, Mr. Lee. One more quarter to go and our game is over! At the half we were just beginning to understand what the score was, and now we are definitely on the right track. Our goal? A happy, successful senior year! Our junior year, as we look it over, has been one of accomplishment and joy. We have been well represented in every event. The leads in the annual operetta were ably car- ried by juniors. Our junior play, "Mystery at Greenfingers," was a rousing success. The musical activities for the year have been represented largely by juniors. Two of us won first places in the declamatory contest this year. The success of our bas- ketball season was encouraged along by the prowess of certain juniors. We could go on supplying proofs of our abilities. How- ever we're not by any means the "big-shots" yet. We're just beginning! Circumstances too have been right slick for us this year. We have enjoyed many fine assemblies, thanks to Principal Kirn. The plays couldn't have been more enjoyable, and the military'baIl was a thrill! Only, when we are "presidents", we'll have more tea dances! ln all this fun of our junior year, we've made new and deeper friend- ships, preparing for a happy senior year. We have lightly and gaily sailed through this year, but now we must prepare to shoul- der the responsibilities handed down to us. We are now seniors! z: Page 35 :: i Juniors Front row: Don Beezley, Adrian Brown, Dorothy Cain, Elinor Bamtord, Eloise Bobbitt, Beverly Anderson, Billie Ann Caywood, Kenneth Arch, Mildred Bennett, Catherine Adams, Helen Bohr, Oda Aders, Sarah Adkins. Sec- ond row: William Kenney, Robert Caughey, Stanley Cherniss, Betty Bothe, Catherine Briggs, Shirley Brackney, Marjorie Bock, Priscilla Burgess, Jean Briggs, Leola Allen, Lynette Childs, Alice Brown, Dora Adkins, Ruth Barth. Third row: Ralph Bryant, James Boatright, Stuart Brown, Willis Abels, Walter Angeroth, James Allen, Nancy Baker, Alphine Christensen, Margaret Bassett, Norma Agnew, Gloria Bruce, Ruth Andersen. Fourth row: Bob Capel, George Brown, Hass Bacon, George Briclenbaugh, Roy Campbell, Howard Andersen, Mark Camden, John Bostedt, Warren Andersen, Jack Andersen, Joe Bostedt, Lucille Arp. Front row: Bettie Grossman, Shirley Gershun, Joan Davitt, Dorothy Dorn, Esther Derry, Cora Curtis, Retta Decker, Betty Detlet, Virginia Clemenson, Jeanne Fogle, Helen Gabler, Dorothy Geiwitz. Second row: David Drake, Kenneth Diercks, June Dickason, Helen Christiansen, Maxine Cox, Harriett Dickson, Marilyn Evers, Betty Jo Crowl, Mary Agnes Duggan, Virginia La Masters, Sophie Gevo, Berniece Cox, Lloyd Doggett. Third row: Eugene Currie, William Collier, Frank Fauble, Lawrence Feyerabend, Marvin De Bar, Robert Dawson, Charlotte Dick, Anna Mae Dilts, Betty Christensen, Eva Mae Fitch, Mildred Fischer, Kenneth Christensen, John Hayes. Fourth row: Gerald Collins, Bob Hill, Earl Cure, Dennis Diller, Tom Dunn, Norman Eberhart, Howard Friar, Arvin Eggers, Frank Dinovo, Dick Decker, Roger Durick, Richard Claar, Conrad Dye. :: Page 36 :: Juniors Front row: Grant Hunter, Howard Grote, Alice Heitmon, Dorothy Harrington, Margery Gretzer, Jean Herndon, Virginia Jacobsen, Lucille Jensen, Jacqueline Hughes. Second row: Geneva Hamilton, Winifred Hiner, Joan Haiston, Royalyn Hildebrand, Jean Jenkins, Jean Jepson, Mary Louise Hammer, Mary Jane Gibbs, Shirley Hall. Third row: Bill Kerns, Floyd Holst, James Herndon, Dick Holmes, Ivan Haines, James Jorgensen, Dale Jenkins, Eugene Henderson, Bill Keeline. Fourth row: Milton Katelman, Emmett Hansen, Kenneth Johnson, Roger Jensen, Ivor Jones, Eldeen Kauffman, Rudy Jaksha, Orval Jensen. Front row: Doris Lyons, Gracie McDaniel, Margaret Myre, Annette Montgomery, Annabelle Larsen, Louise Meyermann, Ruby Mowery, Evalene Mossie, Emma Jean Knauss, Arlene Krasne, Clara Murray, Kathryn Mc- Twigon, Bette Anne Mahoney. Second row: Norma Leytham, Dorothy Nelsen, Virginia M. Nelson, Patsy Lindsay, Maxine Marriott, Lou Rita Kruse, Arlene Mortensen, Jacqueline Lewis, Zora Kmezich, Doris Nelson, Virginia Martin, Virginia Ann Nelson, Betty Kubby, George Lenihan, Wayne Lee. Third row: Robert Mayne, Russel Morse, Dick Moats, Donald Lash, Don Langdon, Richard Knoble, Bill Malick, Jerome Miller, Dwight Moore, Robert Lee Moxie, Lisle Knauss. Fourth row: Edward Larsen, Everett Kramer, John Kjor, Gilbert Mc- Clelland, Joe Lidgett, Norman Lewis, Richard McClelland, Donald Linden, Howard Nielsen, Paul Miller, Eldred McMullen. 1: Page 37 1: " 'T' r . Juniors Front row: Viola Reimer, Lorraine Peterson, lla Marie Severn, Maudelaine Roach, Evelyn Perlmutter, Lois Salisbury, Doris Elaine Scott, Shirley Schuldt, Georgia Mae Overstreet, Francis Peterson, Margaret Roche, Ned Rooney. Second row: Leonard Ranch, Rhen Peterson, Lorraine Shea, Marti Jean Otto, Rosemary Pfaff, Ardis Plunkett, Phyllis Rasmussen, Vermelle Peterson, Mary Louise Sellars, Mary Ellen Northrop, Norvin Oamek, Ger- ald Philips. Third row: Keith Pieper, Arthur Reggio, Donald Otto, Helen Olsen, Dorothy Rief, Maxine Schindler, Phil Pogge, Jerry Peters, Dick Rail, Gerry Robertson, Ralph Perdew. Fourth row: John Schweer, Eugene Peters, Gerald Oyster, Wallace Putnam, George Pogge, Bill Pfeiffer, Fred Ross, Frank Northrop, Orville Olson, Donald Sessions, Bill Pryor, Jack Schlemmer. Front row: Dick Smith, Amy Swisher, Evelyn Swanson, Katherine Wegner, Myrtle Sorenson, Pat Stageman, Marcia Wilcox, Florence Thompson, Marigold Walker, June Young, Mary Spoto, Vivian Underwood, Marjorie Ulm, Hallie Lee Wunner. Second row: Robert Young, Dick Sroufe, Lola Strayer, Helen Winfield, La Vern Thompson, Clarice Wagner, Margaret Tiarks, Suzanne Thornell, Kathleen Widtfeldt, Shirley Wilson, Louise Voss, Jim Williams. Third row: Wilbur Wulf, Preston Wight, Ralph Smith, Glen Walker, Emma Lou Spet- man, Ann Verdin, Mary Sieburg, Jean Young, Irene Singer, Hazel Simpson, Don Sorenson, Jack Williams, Everett Warford. Fourth row: Robert Skelton, Robert Stevens, Richard Stevens, Charles Teal, Kenneth Wad- um, Chris Yager, John Zimmerman, Robert Yudelson, Leslie Ward, Francis Sheehan, Don Wright, Ralph Smith, Robert Lee Smith, :: Page TSX :: Front row: Christiansen, Allen, Bowen, Bachman, Bardsley, Asman, Hansen, Burke, Blocker, Boltz, Brown Bacon. Second row: Christiansen, Black, Burket, Cox, Birchard, Byers, Beno, Bransby, Brandt, Christensen Bowlin, Boland. Third row: Baumker, Bartel, Benson, Bowes, Andersen, Bandomer, Banther, Davis, Condon Christensen, Briggs, Adams, Barritt, Brittoin. Fourth row: Bryson, De Bar, Cutler, Crawford, Allphin, Dawson Capel, Binkly, Clabough, Dahl, D. Christensen, Davis, Cherniss. Front row: Gidley, L. Ford, Gillman, Hansen, Irving, Foster, M. Holt, Harvey, Dunn, Goodwin, Hollender, Ever hardt, Hansen. Second row: Graybill, Larsen, M. Everest, Esbeck, S. Ford, Feldt, M. Fischer, A. Fischer, Espin osa, Grow, Franklin, Christensen, Fauble, E. Hansen. Third row: Grote, Foote, Hanna, Hollingsworth, Hubbard F. Grote, Everest, Harris, Hansen, Hinman, Giles, Diller, Fox, Fourth row: Higgins, Gibbs, Dunlavy, Haven Dryden, Garrison, Downing, Hogan, Shoemaker, Shaw, Hill, Gershun. Fifth row: Hemmingsen, Carter, Gevo Holmgard, Ellsworth, Dow, Harding, Fitch, Hansen, Dumas, Falk. Sophomores We have just reached the halt of our gamel We are eager to speed on to victory. Now that we have established our- selves in the A. L. program of study and other activity, we feel so much a part of this school that we are entirely at home. :: Page 39:1 1 1 1 Front row: Main, McFarline, Lorello, Leerskov, Larsen, Logan, Millard, Mann, J. Larsen, Knudsen, Knox Koger. Second row: Lee, McMullen, Leonard, Magee, E. Larsen, Miller, Kahl, Johnson, Kelsen, Kelly, McKee McGrane, Jorgenson. Third row: Lewis, G. Miller, Kusgen, Kmezick, K. Madsen, London, Jensen, Kistle Jenks, McClelland, Larsen, McMullen. Fourth row: Johnson, Mabbit, Johnson, Keahey, Meredith, La Fay, Lewis, Knight, Kirn, Miller, J. Lincoln. Fifth row: Larsen, Lash, Liggett, Jones, Jordal, Leonhardt, Jensen Leed, Jensen, Merkert, D. Madsen, Krume. Front row: Rodgers, Runyon, Newell, M. Scott, Profeda, Murray, M. Nelson, Purdy, H. Scott, Pyetzki, M. Pet- erson, Page. Second row: Schroeder, Steinhauer, Ross, Miller, Oien, Minor, Oglevie, Punteney, Rockwell, R Peterson, R. Petersen, Savage. Third row: Redden, Varner, Welbourne, Schultz, V. Peterson, Nelsen, Peters Saltzman, Negethon, Nelson, R. Miller, Sandberg, Ross, Moore. Fourth row: Pangborn, Schroeder, Robinson W. Miller, Kinney, Peters, W. Phillips, O'Keete, Schmidt, Saltsgayer, R. Phillips, Petrus. Fifth row: Rain C. Rasmussen, Scheel, Murphy, Sadler, D. Rasmussen, Parks, Phinney, Plunkett, Schweer, Sears, W. Petersen Sophomores More opportunities than most high school students have are ours, for instance, excellent assemblies, and extraordinary cultural surroundings embodied in the splendid collection of sculpture and paintings in our halls. :: Page 40:1 1 1 Front row: Stutsman, D. Steppuhn, Watson, Stash, Unmack, Telpner, Williams, Wunner, Stacy, Shields, Wisner Wilderson, Van Ells, Woods. Second row: Smith, Wagner, Smith, Schroeder, Thompson, Sonner, Wild, Snyder Skelton, Stephens, Tuller, Sieck, Winter. Third row: Verpoorten, Sturgeon, Williams, J. Wild, Thompson, Stash VViseman, Vtfeatherill, Thomas, Swanson, Stilen, Wahe, Whitney. Fourth row: Wright, VVinn, Strowig, Sulentic Wfymore, Skelton, Smith, Tallman, Zimmerman, Sweeny, Weiser, Sims. Fifth row: Spetman, Speer, Winn Swanson, Sickler, Shew, Wolpa, Stacy, Zoller, Tamisiea, Totten, Vogt, Sophomore We'll try to do "big things" and prove our class to be one of the best. From our midst debaters, declam winners, a May queen, Honor Society members, and athletic lettermen will arisel lndeed, we have much to look forwad to- we "seniors-to-be." Freshman Front row: Doner, Cash, Anderson, D, Evans, Gretzer, Cohen, Bock, Darrington, Fluharty, J. Bruner, Cochran, Edson, Gorn. Second row: Baumker, Cornelison, Gallo, Dukes, Daugherty, Balaban, Angeroth, Bratches, D. Evans, Emery, Buttz, Chambers, Grote, Bailey. Third row:.. Christoffersen, Caywood, Cooley, Abels, Beck, Doty, Asikin, Bernstein, Bridenbaugh, Hammer, Brewick, E. Anderson, Dimmler, Campbell, Fourth row: Brapon Collier, M. Frohardt, Edholm, Fazio, Feyerabend, Charles, Andersen, Alberti, Bryan, Falk, Doyle, Bachman, C Frohardt. Fifth row: Dean, Birkly, Adkins, Edmondson, Grossman, Carlson, Burke, Gossard, Britt, J. Gideon Clay, Hammer, Duggan, Abels. 1 1 l sat 1: Faire 41 :: l Front row: Harmon, Hudson, Hill, Kirn, Malick, Hays, Justesen. Lewis, Loomer, Mcliain, Klagrer, D, Heinmingsen, D. Heming sen, Hardimr. Second row: Lieberknecht, Jensen, Howe, Holly, Hancock, Hayes, Langer, Lunbeck, Harter, Hoffman, Jepson, Mc- lntyre, Moser, Jensen. Third row: Hiorth, Hartnett, Harlan, Nixon, Jessup, D. Mueller, Hunt, G. Hayes, Olson, Hansen, Osborn. Fourth row: Mahan, Thomas, Knudson, Lee, Olsen, Jennings, D. Hayes. Jansen, Maiden, Morse, M. Mueller, Shelton. Fifth row: Hartwell, Larsen, Hesse, Jensen, Jager, Henderson, Mathis, Murphy, L. Hopkins, Larson, McCall, McClelland. Front row: Wesley, Sallazzo, Shea, Rosenberg, Sessions, Tennant, Van Horn, Peterson, Shields, Tatta, E. Pace, Steinberg Second row: Staireman, Wells, Rice, Stenwall, Parker, Teal, Unopulos, Palensky, Skelton, Slack, Sternberg. Third row: Tighe VVL-are, Young, Stilen, Roberts, Pryor, Wild, Randolph, Wilcher, Thiel, Scott. Fourth row: White, Parks, Talbott, Peterson Tennant, Prior, Riley, Waters, Russell, Sheehan, Tucker. Fifth row: Ross, Wright, Riddle, Porter, Petersen, Ranum, Wil liams, Smith, Roux, Price, Vandexenter, Vandercreek. Freshmen Ot course there are the freshmen who must be considered. We know we aren't very important yet, but our time is com- ing. The rest of you call us troshies, but you can't keep us down. Our first year has been one ot new experiences and discoveries. Now we are beginning to learn what is expected of us. Just wotch for the notable accomplishments we will make in the next three Years. :: Page 42 :: But the inconvenience of this location made CUR ALMA MATER When the wave of progress in education swept westward and reached Council Bluffs in l868, when our forefathers heard of high schools being established in 60 other cities, they decided that the school system should immediately be brought "up-to-date", so they added the high school department to the already existant primary, intermediate, and grammar departments. The second story of the old building on Pierce Street was where the first high school classes met in September, l868. The first superintendent, Mr. Allen Armstrong, and one assistant taught the 34 boys and 28 girls who were enrolled. lAverage attend- ance was but 42-tut, tut, we do better nowll This number dwindled down to the four that were the first graduates of C.B.- H.S. in l87l . The second graduating class had yet more graduates-the total number of 6l And all girls, at that! At that time, the students tried to avoid studying writing, arithmetic, algebra, grammar, geometry, and Latin, the board of education arrange for the erec- tion of a new school building at the top of what is now High School avenue. The Non- pareil described it as a "magnificient build- ing"-and it had a capacity of 300. The building's altitude caused quite a predica- ment. It is said that many students were forced to quit-too much high climbing. Five courses of study were now offered: Classical, Latin Scientific, German Scientif- ic, English, and Business. Foundation of a manual training department was being started. The business department now boasted of eight first-class typewriting ma- chines. The chemical laboratory was lo- cated in the basement which was dingy and dungeon-like. Although it may have re- sembled the abodes of the ancient alchem- ists, the students found the odoriferous chemicals and infrequent whiffs of fresh air not exactly pleasant. But as the enrollment grew and grew, and PAST AND PRESENT more adequate fneans and more thorough equipment were needed to carry out its func- tions, a new hig for. Over a sur high school was capacity was 60C. h school was again called wflower patch, the present constructed in l900, the ln l9l3, it was enlarged to its present size. And all the time grew. The time Council Bluffs grew and came when another high school was neces ary in the west end of the city. At this ti e, in l920, when Thomas Jefferson High chool was completed, the Council Bluffs igh School took the name of Abraham Li coln. improvements selemed to run in a l3-year cycle. Abraham Lincoln High School, hav- ing covered thelsunflowers in l900, and having been en arged in l9l3, Principal Kirn decided tha a gymnasium was neces- sary in l926, an so it was built. And now in l939, we areponsidering the construc- behind the school which tion of a building would be devoted to the mechanical and household arts. ln 1936, Kirn fid letics, and track ld was leveled off for ath- meets and football games are now held over the site of the old high school. lt was G. W. Kirn, up named for our principal, n petitions of the faculty and students, betlause of his efforts in pro- moting it. And now to descr ln the future wd and say "how q ibe the A.L. of the present. shall probably look back ueer,"-but it is all very natural to us now. The courses again have changed radical Commercial, an Arts, Household ial, Accounting, The school pride in various fields o sic, speech, dra clubs and societi portunity for an rience. Our over to victories in :: Page 43 :: ly: College Preparatory, General, offering Liberal rts, Engineering, Secretar- nd Retail Selling courses. itself now on its success activity: journalism, mu- ma, athletics, and many s give the students an op- nriched and varied expe- rowded trophy cases attest any fields. J? M:-lip Q Q- i, fu .W x 63: SQTFE! is .NMQV .V Jiiiff gi. if ...gn ,- 3 eg? W M Q M . v 23 , Q ew iifmi? :Z 1 X32 f fa Y Saab 'iwiiffi wiv, f if 4 x QR. 4, .0 N ' A 1 ,, , 0 Q y ' Eff va-Hlhlifl 1 If Y ',, ,am , 1 S 2 'Q A+. . u , TU , L x wr, W .V if fm 3- . W I lf i-N331 X ,K 1 ., I U s -N 4? W . is 1 5 s Y f 5 e Q22 I M x 4 0-v"V"NNM,! ggwmwgwmgivagg .L K M c k wiswfew, X 1 ' gf, . .xgxw i se wx XA X an I gms M M .5 r" Q? 4 iw ikff in F, I I, ll li ...w...r,..-.f..... ...... . .,.,..,.--. Y i 5 in L wr. V .,,. ,ff , iff " - x I yv'v..- wifi ' xchltlifi , ff I ,il ,fffxx all Xxx - Q fly I VV-, E:-::: i ii H- If f, .- N f N-.,HL',,l,,' :. .:,.. ' g, Z, , ,N E 1 W wgxlilxl -. U I 'Ati of m Q l ,RANV X X XX X y.,-,, Ns, , Q i XR , Q we I R 3 A xl'-ix ' 1' -41 X, k ,. A 5 if 3, l iii i W i f V 'if I i 2 l , X '17 :" E, ':" 1: is.: fl Q t , i .i --. . A Front row: Kciderling, Spetman, Whitney, Stagcman, Skelton. Second row: Hammer, Crabill. Third row: Van Druff, Millsaps, Foote, Fischer. Fourth row: Kirn, Hughes, Holmgard, Schlott. Fifth row: Hollingsworth, Leverett, Fisher, Graves, Hennessy. May Fefe F Under floods of light, while the band plays clear march melodies, sixteen girls in pastel shades of organdy form a procession pre- ceding the entrance of the Queen of May. The two duchesses are introduced, followed by the maid of honor. There comes a lull over the audience as they anxiously await the entrance of the May Queen! After ascending the velvet-draped throne, she and her attendants witness a pageant in which every girl in school may partici- pate. Page 46 :: I Front row: Hughes, Wight, Schack, Van Horne, Beezley. Second row: Van Ells, Van Druff, Molzahn, Friend, Austin, Rus- sell, Lindsay. Third row: Rinehart. Fourth row: McGee, Leverett, Madsen, Holmes, Phillips, Asman. Not in picture: Christensen, Fisher, Haack, Hollingsworth, Johnson, Leosis, Miller, Moser, Payne, Pfeifer, Ross, Starr, Stephens, Van Dvuff. fl f I 7 J A Quill and Scroll To become a member of Quill and Scroll, the "honor society" of junior journalism, is the desire ot every high school publication staff member. The society is international in character, having more than nineteen hundred chapters distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, England, and China. Since its organization, April lO, l926, by a group of high school supervisors for the pur- pose of awarding outstanding achievement in journalistic endeavor, Quill and Scroll has played an important role in raising the standard of high school journalism. Candidates for membership must be at least juniors in high school, must be in the upper third of their class, and must have done outstanding work in some phase of journalism. Our chapter, known as the "Ding" Darling Chapter, is named for the well-known car- toonist of the Des Moines Register staff. Sponsors: Miss Baptist and Mr. Lee :: Page 48 :: I Front row: Fisher, Madsen, Leverett, Jacobsen. Second row Grossman, Osborn, McGee, Benjamin. liarton, Moser, Beezley, Hughes. Van Horne, Kirn, Chapma Austin, Tatta, Stephens, Ratliff, Russell. Crimson and Blue EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief - - Associate- Editor - - Kenneth Madsen Helen L. Fisher Senior Editors - - -Carol Leverett, Ralph Russell Eleanor Schlott, Elsie Sorenson Photography - - Jack Stephens, Joe Johnson, Horace Barton Faculty ---- Rita Austin, Rose Ella Chapman Literary Editor - Clubs and Societies - Music - - - - Marian Van Druff Katherine Kirn, Frances Van Horne Jeanne Moser Girls' Sports - - Barbara Hughes Boys' Sports - - John Beezley i Humor - - - Faculty Adviser - - Jeanne Jacobsen, Mary Jane Ratliff Eleanor Baptist BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager - - Roland McGee Advertising Manager - Harriett Benjamin Assistant Bus. Mgrs. - Libbie Grossman, Joe Osborn Faculty Adviser - - Wilbur I. Rosenkranz If you like our annual, all the weeks of work in carrying it through have been worth while. Beginning in early fall, the editors devel- oped, section by section, the page unfolded here. Faculty editors and photographers applied a new scheme to the faculty section. The informal "shots" are meant to help present, in pictorial review, a year of life in high school. In later years, when you're thinking of your high school days,t perhaps you'll pull out this treasured annual of yesteryear, and re- gain through its pages that undaunted spirit you had way back in '39, With this hope in mind, we present the Crimson and Blue. :: Page 49 :: Front row: Felton, Sorensen, Keidf-rling, Schell, Hollingsworth, Greulach, Jensen. Ford, Cure, Haiston, Sadler, Austin. Second row: Lyons, Annis, Wilkenson, Claypool, Phinney, Wight, Asman, Grosvenor, Boiler, Scheel, Stemple. Third row: Brooks Starr, Schack, Bernstein, Smith, Lindsay, Elgan, Beezley, Van Ells, Mig Lee. Fourth row: O'B1'ien, Shawler, Anderson, Srrholfie-ld, Widtfeldt, Rinehart, liiszley, Phillips, Herd, Heller. Echoes Fall Semester STA FF Editors-in-chief Managing Editor - News Editors Sports Editor - Business Manager - Assistant Business Manager - Advertising Manager - - Faculty Adviser: Introduced into the school curriculum to make English composition more interesting, newswriting lor journalisml apparently has accomplished that purpose. Almost 400 pupils have taken the course this year. The Echoes furnishes an outlet for creative writing. Here there is a practical applica- - Juanita Hollingsworth, Jack Emarine - - - - Earl Rinehart Preston Wight, Fred Phillips - - John Beezley Loren Scholfield - - Jack Bigley - - Marvin Christensen H, Arthur Lee tion of the things learned in class-a test- ing of the tyro's knowledge of spelling, punctuation, rhetoric, and grammar. Keynote of staff membership is coopera- tion. ln a manner similar to that of the professional newspaper, each member of the staff attempts to cooperate with every other in an effort to promote speed and efficiency. :: Page 50 :: Front row: Allen, Reimer, Seldin, Jacobsen, Van Horne, Schell, Greulach, Holmes, Pllillips, Thompson, Detlef, Stemple, Second row: Olson, Sever, Thomas Kmezich, Miller, Nelson, Young, Walker, Molzahn, Sadler, Schmidt, Spoto. Third row: Flack, Herd, Schack, Otis, Starr, Lindsay, Wight, Asman, Friend, Mr, Lee, Steinhauer, Bauman, Nielson. Fourth row: Lidgett Beatty, Jennings, Haack, Kauffman, Black, Harman, Peterson, Ross, Van Ells, Pfeifer, Siter. Echoes Spring Semester Editors-in-chief Managing Editor - Chief News Editor Girls' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Business Monoger Advertising Manager - Advertising Assistant - - Faculty Adviser: Punctuality is stressed, with definite dead- lines set on each story. Similar also to the reporter on the professional newspaper, each reporter attempts to make his story singular-different. The advertising staff tries to outdo all previous advertising quot- as, as do the editors try to make up their page far to excel previous publications-in STAFF - Dick Holmes, Fred Phillips - - Plieston Wight - Le'Roy Asman Frances Van Horne George Lindsay LLester Friend - Betty Stemple - - Roswell Otis H. Arthur Lee short, to set a new and better style. "Echoing vigoroilislv, justly, and without prejudice" is theltraditionol slogan of The Echoes. Printed lweekly, it makes the ef- fort to chronicle lschool events. The con- tributors develop the ability to express facts effectively and clearly, in true journalistic style. l :: Page 51 :: l l l i STUDENT LIFE-l. Student practices retail selling at Joe Smith's. 2. Watching the mir- acles of chemistry. 3. Assembly call! 4."Anything else, Mrs. Smith?" Another retail selling student. 5. Mr. Nowak teaching them how to toot. 6. ln training. 7. Spring calls during the lunch hour. 8. Looking out ot 3Ol. 9. One ot our superior assemblies. lO. "l take great pleasure in introducing-," says Principal Kirn, ll. An anxious moment on the annual. lZ. Moser, l-leisler playing "London Bridge" at Girl Reserves party for children. :: Page 52 :: 3 A 34 LJ Front row: Payne, Ranch, Fryer, Gray, Wagner, Weiser, Mueller, Koger, Fisher, Stutsman, Wunner. Second row: Phinney, Schuldt, J. Moser, Haistan, Harrington, Christenson, J. Barton, Anderson, Kirn, Russell, Telpner. Third row: Malony. Greulach, Osborn, Graves, Karr, Davis, Peters, Tennant, H. Barton. Fourht row: Jensen, Ford, J. Moser, Scott, B. Anderson. Fifth row: Madsen, Brewick, Robertson, White, Caywood, Britt, Leeper, Brown, Perdew, Eggers, McClelland, Cherniss, Young, Clay, Rasmussen, Parker, Lidgett, Steinhauer. Sixth r0w: McClelland, Strowig, Kelsen, Gideon, Jensen, Van Dercreek, Wulf, Ingraham, Giles, Hill, Murphy. Seventh row: Wight, Thornell, Kruse, R. McClelland, Hansen, Pogge, Zoller, Beck, Brian, Shields, Pfeiffer, Dietchler, Maiden, Weare, Charles, Russel, Collins, Eberhardt. Eighth row: Christoffersen, Smith, Herndon, Katelman. Band OFFICERS Presidents - - Horace Barton, Orville Rasmussen Vice-Presidents - Jeanne Moser, Homer Miller Secretaries George Malony, Ray Pogge Directors - Mr. Seidl, Mr. Nowak The baton rose for the third annual vesper concert in the gym, presenting to the stu- dents and adults the band, orchestra, and glee clubs. The band, prominent in this event, has a fine record. Entered in the Regional Music contest held in Omaha last spring, it rated highly superior. To the activities of civic organizations the band is a generous contributor. When monuments or buildings are to be dedicated and a snappy march is required to add to the general effect, the band is elected to do it. When school spirit needs reviving at a foot- ball game, due to chilly weather or a slump in the scoring, the band effects the neces- sary stimulation by means of a stirring ren- dition. Later in the school year, when the sports' spotlight focuses on a new activity, a track meet or basketball game, the band is called upon to "turn the trick" with a peppy march. Light, danceful music lends color to the May Fete. Because of the band's many fine offerings throughout the year, the school has returned a decision of "highly superior" for it, too, along with the contest judges. :: Page 54 :: Orchestra One of the most representative groups of the school is the high school orchestra. Numbered among the many activities it has participated in are the vesper concerts, the literary society plays, and the operetta. lt also supports the seniors as they march "the last mile" to the strains of the "Pilgrims' Chorus." For the orchestro's first perform- ance of the year, it played for the South- western lowa Teachers' Convention. Early this spring the orchestra was selected as the best in this section of the country to play over the radio on a national hookup. Playing the opening and closing numbers on the thirty-minute program under the aus- pices ofthe National Music Educators' Con- ference, the orcl' iestra received many mes- sages of congratulations after the broad- cast for its outstanding work. lt, along with th ior in the Regio band, rated highly super- al Music contest held in Omaha. The fine symphonic effect devel- oped by the orchestra is the result of many hours of practice ber of the organi formance has m mand made on i ln addition to tl by each individual mem- ation. This brilliant per- re than satisfied the de- throughout the year. -me orchestra as a whole, many students entered the contests individ- ually at Oakland and Harlan this year, win- ning many honod ratings. l brge Brown Joe Thornell inia Kruse e Hoffman Ned Rooney - Emmet Hansen OFFICERS President - - - Ge Vice President Secretary 4 Vir Historian - Ja Sergeant-at-Arms Librarian - Directors Mr. Seidl, Mr. Nowak Front row: Lueth, Hanna, Mueller, Stenwall, Brown, Steinh:-luer, Dickson, Kirn. Secnnd row: Meyerman, Zimmerman McClelland, Rooney, Hansen, Abels, Hamilton, Wunner. Third r0w: Scott, Thornell, Haifton, Anderson, Jessup, Britt, Kim McIntyre, Shields, Winter, Kruse, Condon. Fourth row: Hoffman, Haiston, Bachman, He mingson, Hartnett, Kirn, Telpner, Russell, Wunner, Stutsman, Mueller, Fischer: Walker, Hughes, Parker, Franklin. Fifth ro : Miller, Briggs, Briggs, Bratches, Winter, Walker, Barton, Steinhauer, Payne, Gray, Ranch, Schuldt, Phinney, Parker, Hugh s, Hill, Giles, Lieberknecht, Balaban. Sixth row: Ulm, Peterson, O. Christensen, McClelland, Cherniss, Young, Clay, Rasmusse , Pfeiffer, D. Fussell, Eberhardt, Collins, Leeper. Seventh row: Wight, Thornell, Kruse, Purdy, Tullar, Tighe, Larsen, You g, Zoller, Benjamin, Teal, Smith, Katelman. Mais ' " ' :: Page 55 Front row: T., Ford, Adams, Sinvlair, Tnllar, Larsen, Stageman, S. Ford, Wilkerson, Bennett, Eischeid, Hanson, Nelson, fhapnian. Second row: Baker, Reid, Simmons, Minor, Thompson, Severn, Eva-rest, Blocker, London, Adm-rs, Lunbt-ck, Loomer, Olson. Third row: Scott, Welbournv, Techau, Cox, Venard, Murray, Pedersen, Clatterbuck, Martin, Fitch, Moser, Malick, Allvn. Fourth row: Wild, Langer, Hammer, Redden, Nc-ge-thon, Birchard, Rief, Knudson, Skelton, Jessup, Bock, Hays, Hinman, Nelson. Front row: Phillips, Fox, Milli-r, Hansen, Marshall, Decker, Skelton, Putnam. Second row: Cherniss, Drake, S. Winn, Mathis, Morse, Lyons, McCabe, Wzxge1'. Third row: Schmidt, Rigzg, Carta-r, Smith, Talbott, Diercks, Holmzzard, Colburn, Hww. Fourth row: Shun, Rail, Frohzxrwlt, Vlfilliarns, Wolpa, Otis, Lind, Hanson, J. Winn. Junior Glee Clubs OFFICERS Presidents - Florence Thompson, Don Langdon, Honor Hartwell, Billy Marshall Secretaries - June Dickason, Billy Marshall, Shirley Ford, Bill Hill Librarians - Billie Ann Caywood, Varian Le Bough, Honor Hartwell, Gene Wolker, Marzee Wilkerson, Guinevere Minor, Wallace Put- nam, Lloyd Miller. Director Miss Dorothy Wassum. ln preparation for taking over the task left heights of good organization in vocal work. to them by the Senior Glee clubs, the Junior They work together with the Senior clubs in Glee clubs are working to achieve the various programs of the year. 1: Page 561: Senior Glee Clubs Prominent in extra-curricular activities are the Senior Glee clubs. Their most outstand- ing projects are the vesper concerts, the operetta, and the Southwestern Iowa Teach- ers' Convention chorus. ln the spring, the Glee clubs enter regional contests. This gives experience and poise to each individual in the group. Tribute is paid to Mrs. Kathleen Shaw Miller, who resigned this year, tor her able direction ot the Glee Clubs tor the past ten years. OFFICERS Presidents - Miriam Kelly, Don Copeland, l-lelen Gabler, Warren Parker Secretaries - Libby Grossman, Willis Abels, Patricia Baumann, Seth Hills Librarians - Patricia Baumann, Edyth Babb, Warren Mathis, Bill Pryor, Kathleen Widtteldt, Shirley Brackney, Clark Barritt, Willis Abels Director Miss Dorothy Wassum Front mw: it i-i, list. i- .-ii 1. iii. img t-ii, s t-ti it, iam t1i-ii , iq.-mi-S iiii, uiiiti .-i-, na iiitiii ri, ip, ta i-.i is iitii U, iii-at-it ii.- y, vvi.iii'.iitit, ii.-,-it-. Second rnw: Helleniltv, Rockwell, Kelly, Oiran, Sever, Mortensen, li, Grossnizin, IM-tlef, Slmtu, Ailkins, Hull. Third row: Svt-ight-1-, Whtllgei-, Iiivlizisttii, Thmnpsun, Oien, l.eei'sluw, Rosenberg, Otto, Hulnurnrd, Van lM'iil'l', Keiilerlilixr. Fourth row: VZH'lfiL't'2ll', Curtis, Y. Nelson, Young, Nl. Thiinms, Hilflebranii, VVileiw, Jenkins, Funiimi, Fischer, Rnsniiisseii. Fifth row: Cum- mimrs, Lewis, Hirst, lCslu-elt, liiult, Siu-tniun, Miller, Ii. Thmnzts, V. Nelson, Olsen, G4-iwitx, Front row: lillswerth. VVmliim. Lewis, l'i'yei', liamfortl, l'm'kei', ltzirritt, Hills, Abt-ls, Gt-rshiin. Second row: llzirtwell. liewniniz, Walker. Ft-yerzilientl, R. Phinney, Coin-laiml, C, Froharilt, Rulmertsun, Ikranks. Third row: Scott, S. Anderson, 'll-nl, J. liusteslt, Smith, .lnlcsh:x, VV, Anilersim, ll, Phinney, Lanirrlen, M, Fi'eh:n'tlt. Fourth row: liriimeiiziehei-, .l, litistvilt, lint-hinzin. ltziiiman, .li-nltiiis, .l. Anslersen, Nm-thi-up, Hansen, Kut'I'mun, Jones, Schlemmer, Jensen. :Z Page 57 :: Musical Groups The colorful, melodious operetta presented by the glee clubs in December is one ofthe most outstanding events of the school year. When variety numbers are desired by so- cieties of the school and local clubs, the small instrumental and vocal groups con- tribute. They represent the best of their respective organizations, and are always willing to serve. 1: Page 58 :: Front row: Hennessy, Gretzer, Ross, Curtis, Brackney, Jacobsen, Martin, Harringizon. Second row: Ranch, Graves, Schlott, Fisher, Van Horne, Bock, Kistle. Third row: Payne, McGee, Sorenson, Warford, Mr. Mcllrath, Andersen, Swanson, Gossard. Sponsors: Mr. Mcllrath, Miss Tamisiea, Miss McCabe Speech Arts Due to the topic, "Resolved: That the United States Should Adopt an Alliance with Great Britain," this year's debate sea- son proved to be unusually interesting. As usual, the debate season was enthus- iastically begun by the literary society try- outs and announcement of the society squads on September 30. A sophomore, Gerry Ross, came off with top honors in the after-dinner speaking contest held at the annual debate banquet. When the Eros defeated the Philos in the debate finals on November 22, the inter-society tournament officially ended and varsity debating came to the fore with the announcement of the squad for the i938-39 season. Early in January, the varsity girls came through in second place in the girls' divis- ion of the Missouri Valley League debates, while the varsity squad tied for first place at the southwestern Iowa division of the Iowa High School Forensic League held in Abraham Lincoln on February I7 and IS. The month of March ended the debate season for this year with participation in the McCahilI tournament and state finals. Again the school was represented in the extemporaneous speaking division of the Iowa High School Forensic League at Iowa City by Dick Payne, who won the school contest and second in the district. With the stirring original oration, "Lest We Forget," Faye Graves received first place in this district and was the representative of Abraham Lincoln and southwestern Iowa in the State contest. On the night of January l9, the auditorium was the scene of the 25th annual declama- tory contest, in which the winners were awarded medals by the City National Bank. Heading the oratory division was George Pogge with a speech entitled "Ropes" Other speakers were Jean Jacobsen, Don- old Gossard, and Donald Jones. Royalyn Hildebrand's deliverance of "The Fool" ac- corded her the decision in the dramatic division, with Faye Graves, Robert Keahey, and Joan Stageman also participating. Mar- ian Van Druff merited the humorous section award through her interpretation of "Just One Big Happy Family." Barbara Hughes, Joan Haiston, and Doris Haiston offered the competition. :: Page 60 :: MA be -s ' 4 s A A l Q55 lRc-ading left to riglntli l Z 3 4 5 Finalists Competition starts with the literary societies in the speech arts. Tryouts are held by each society to select the "cream of the crop." Then preliminary tryouts give way to inter- society elimination. :: Page "Now this book states that if England were to- -7' Proudly presenting the finalists in literary society debatefthe Eros and Philosl With extempos a week away, it's current events for us! l-low well we remember that exciting night of Jan- uary l8fwe finalists in declamsl Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting our original orator and our after-dinner speaker. At last the best participants in each of the speech divisions compete for first honors. The school pays tribute to excellence in speech, and these finalists are excellent. 611: MYSTERY AT GREEN FINGERS - - - - Junior Play A perfect setting for murder and mystery I-A dark stormy night- A large shadowy English resort hotel just before the season opensl That's the background for the year's mystery thriller. On a blustery night two unknown women come to the resort and later that same evening one disappears. fl A detective starts to work to unravel the mystery. The final investigations reveal the hotel employees to be members of a dope gang, and the two mysterious women are none other than one woman investigator! Dramatic Season The Junior Play F t row: Gershun, Gret- Muyne, Crawl. Second Adams, Hughes, W i g h t , Vfulf, Jepson, Pogge, Howdy Stranger-Alpha-Logo. October ZI and 22. Cast: Fred Dahl, Grant Hunter, Flor- ence Yount, Elizabeth Holmgard, Eloise Bobbitt, Roy Van Ells, Harry Black, Ken- neth Wymore, John Bauman, Raymond Garrison, LeRoy Jacks, Jean Jepson, Jack Hurd, Gerry Ross, Robert Young, Bernie Petrus, Robert L. Smith, Don Sessions, Everett Christotferson, Irwin Cherniss, and extras. Director-Ruth Tamisiea. Assistant Di- rector--Lucille Spetman, The Youngest-Clio-Bye. November I8 and I9. Cast: Calmera Leosis, Mary Ellen Mol- zahn, Uvonne Jensen, Stuart Russell, Norma Seldin, Donald Brooks, Marian Van Druff, Katherine Kirn, Seth Hills, Arthur Elgan, Julia Kistle. Director-Mary Ellen McCabe. Assis- tant Director-Joy Eakin. The Pirates of Penzance-Operetta. Decem- :: Pa ber I, 2, and 3. Cast: Rudy Jaksha, Ervin Pinkston, Willis Abels, John Bostedt, Bettie Gross- man, Helen Gabler, Phyllis Rasmussen, Marcia Wilcox, Jean Jenkins. Director-Kathleen Shaw. Assistant Di- rector-Libbie Grossman. Gloria-Christmas Play. December 23. Cast: Geraldine Sheely, Fred Lanning, Bob Boland, Russell Phinney, Ivor Jones, Billy Marshall, Dwain Robshaw, Virginia Ann Nelson, Merlin Frohardt, Catherine Adams, Betty Crowl, Margery Gretzer, Fred Ross, Paul Rigg, Don Olsen, Roy Van Ells, Don Langdon, Clark Barritt. Peter Flies High-Ero-Aristo. February 3 ge 62 and 4. Cast: Lucille Spetman, Barbara Hughes, Robert Keahey, Charles Swanson, June Crabill, Don Langdon, Ralph Ellsworth, Dorothy Hammer, Warren Parker, Wil- bur Wulft, Margery Gretzer, Patricia Bauman, Don Day, Joe Thornell. The . Senior Play Front row: Van Ells. Brooks, Hills, Lanning, Second row: Keiderlimr, V a n Druff, Foote, Hughes, Graves, Mill- saps. Third row: Spetman, Ratliff, Holmgard, Maurer, Kistle, Nielson, Jacobsen, Skelton. Fourth row: Hart- shorn, Copeland, Hoffman, MacBain, Jahn, Barrint. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - - - - - Senior Play Beautiful costumes and elaborate sets, toisay nothing of the clever dialogue made the senior play unusually cittractive. fl The play con- centrates on Mrs. Bennett's determination to get her daughters mar- ried. Jane and Lydia with their loves are quite content, but no Eliza- beth! She actually refuses to marry Mr., Collins whom she openly deplores, and Mr. Darcy whom she secretly adores. The plot con- cerns the duel between Elizabeth and herl pride, and Darcy and his prejudice. Each gives in before the evening is over, and pride and prejudice meet halfway. Dramatic Season Director-Ruth M, Tamisiea. Assistant Director-Magdalen Millsaps. Lady of Letters-Thalian-Philo. February 24 and 25 Cast: Loretta Keiderling, Don Gossard, Elizabeth Evans, Inez Thomas, Virgil An- derson, Emma Lou Spetman, Doris Niel- sen, Mary Jane Ratliff, LeRoy Asman, Teddy Gershun, Harry Schmidt, Marjor- ie Hendrix. Director-Mary Ellen McCabe. Assis- tan Director-Marian Van Druff. Spring Dance-Delta-Tau-lonian. March 3l and April l. Cast: Gerry Robertson, Horace Barton, Aldis Johnson, Edwin Spetman, Maude- laine Roach, Joan Stageman, Virginia Ann Nelson, Marian Whitney, Florence Thompson. Director--Ruth M. Tomisiea. Assistant Director-Doris Haiston. Mystery Al- Greenfingers--Junior Class. 1: Pa gc 63 2: April 2l and 22. Cast: Bob Mayne, Margery Gretzer, Wilbur Wulff, Jacqie Hughes, Betty Jo Crowl, Shirley Gershun, Catherine Adams, Preston Wight, George Pogge, Jean Jepson. Director-Mary Ellen McCabe. Assis- tan Director-Marjorie Hendrix. Pride And Prejudice-Senior Class. May l9 and ZO. J Cast: Clark Barritt, Marian Van Druff, Faye Graves, Owen Hartshorn, Seth Hills, Libbie Grossman, Margaret Maurer, Hel- en Skelton, Donald Brooks, Donald Cope- land, Elizabetih Holmgard, Mary Jane Ratliff, Loretta Keiderling, Lucille Foote, Dorothy Hammer, Van Harman, Jane Hoffman, Jeanne Jacobsen, Allan Jahn, Julia Kistle, Fred Lanning, Esther Mc- Bain, Magdalen Millsaps, Doris Nielsen, Russell Phinney, Lucille Spetman, Jack Stephens, Roy Van Ells. Director--Ruth M. Tomisiea. Assistant Director-Barbara Hughes. tg, xx x. High, STUDENT LIFE-l. "Lady of Letters" in the making. 2. Six lucky souls who can leave at 3:30. 3. Neilson tells Gossard in Thalian-Philo play. 4. Across the arctic wastes to the main building. 5. Sound your "A"-it's rehearsall 6. Deep meditation in the library? 7. Looking west toward the court house from Gibralter. 8. What forml 9. Our editor- in-chief escorts the lady. lO. Girl Reserves present "Mother Goose" to under-priviledged fats. I l. Thank you, Santa Claus Jones! 12. Journalism conference at Ames. :: Page 64 :: X I Xu'-:lulf Front row: Bobbitt, Fogle, Neilsen, Krause, Grossman, Graves, Spetman, Baird, Stageman, Ranch, K. Arch. Second row: Porter, Bauman, Hamilton, Harrington, Crabill, Kirn, Kistle, W. Arch, Rasmussen, Bell, Third row: Steinhauer, Nelson, Clay- pool, Moser, Walker, Bock, Jacobsen, Tatta, Jepson, Morse, Mathis, Bigley, Leverett, H. Fisher. Fourth row: Bamford, Gabler, Barton, Briggs, Geiwitz, Hills, Stephens, Chapman, McGee, MacBain, Lyons, Pogge, Drake, Hollingsworth, Van Horne Fifth row: Young, Brown, Russell, Christiansen, Haack, Anderson, Hansen, Rinehart, Jacks. Sixth row: B. Fischer, Mol- zahn, Payne, Johnson, Copeland, Madsen, Gretzer, Millsaps. Not in picture: Bromberg, Curtis, Holmes, Hughes, Keiderling Ratliff, Schlott, Sorenson, Van Druff. f 4 A National Honor Society OFFICERS President - - - Dick Payne Vice-President Joe Johnson Secretary - - Don Copeland Treasurer ----- Mary Ellen Molzahn Sponsors: Miss Boesche, Miss Pyle, Mr. Blank Character, scholarship, leadership, and service-these are the torches that light the way to membership in the National Honor Society. Established in Abraham Lincoln High School in l929, under the sponsorship of the Phi Beta Kappa, a national honor fraternity, the organization has remained symbolical of a fine ideal. Only through exemplary character, leadership, service, and superior scholarship is a student eligible to belong to this society. Membership is exclusive inasmuch as only l5 per cent of the graduating class are eligible, and of these, tive per cent are chosen in their junior year. Faculty members, selected by the principal, comprise the committee who confer in secret to select new members. :: Page 66 :: l Junior Red Cross Council I W0 7 4 1 V As a gesture toward world peace, the Junior Red Cross council assembles portfolios each year, explaining some phase ot our national lite. Among the countries with which ex- B I changes have been made are France, ltaly, Argentina, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Greece, QM A India, and Japan. The portfolios of l939 are centered around the American railroads. They depict the romance of the railroads from their beginnings until the present day. This story is told by charts, maps, pictures, block prints, and stories, all of which were contributed by various departments of the school. Through this exchange of portfolios the Junior Red Cross hopes to promote better under- standing between nations. OFFICERS President - - - - Katherine Kirn Vice-President - Kathleen Hennessy! E Secretary - Margery Gretzer 1 Treasurer - - Seth Hills Historian - ----- Magdalen Millsaps Sponsor: Mrs. White Front row: Millsaps, Hills, Kirn. Second row: Clemenson, Graves, L. Spetman, W'alker,l Ueno. Third row: Morse, Keahvy, E, Spetman, Swanson, Sorenson, Johnson. Portfolio Preparation. Folding Bandages. E7 if 6' :: Paue GT :: Gini The Football Queen. Let Music Reign! Front row: Gumlwin, Russ, Rasmussen, KVHIISU, Wilkerson, D, Nelson, Eva-rs, Olson, Van Horne, Irving, Stephens, llransby. Seeond row: Babbitt, Graylsill, Peterson. liiirkv, Brown, Techaii, Pago, Van Ells, Stemple, Schuldt, Wilkerson, GL-rshun. 'lhlrd row: Malivlc, Rosenbn-rgr, Dawson. I.. Peterson, Sessions, Cla-nu-nson, Pfaff, Gabler, V. Peterson, Espinosa, H. Nelson, Mille-in Fourth row: Fox, Iiromlu-rg. Lars:-n, Wilsl, Wagrner, Jensen, Foster, lirackney, Thonizis, Lindsay, Jepson, Faywood, V'-rrlin, Knauss. Fifth row: Clziypoul, Y-ntnt, Hullinflsvvnrth, Jennings, Youngr. Iirucu, Smith, Sclu-el, Moser, Mn-Kee, Gross. - . Alpha Literary Society OFFICERS U fall Spring Q Elizabeth l-lolmgard - President Betty Fischer ' Frances Van Home Vice-President Beatrice Krause Phyllis Rasmussen - Secretary - - Marilyn Evers rlelen Olson - Treasurer - Doris Nelson Gerry Ross - - Historian - Virginia Wilkensen Af Sponsors: Miss Hanigan, Miss M, Willard Westward l-lol Considered the most outstanding event of the Alpha Literary Society for the past year was the play "Howdy Stranger" which was presented with the cooper- ation of the Logo Literary Society and under the direction of Miss Ruth Tamisiea. This play surpassed many records established in former years. First, it is the only western play ever produced here, and second, it used the largest cast ot any play presented in our school before. The "wild west" idea was cleverly carried out in costumes worn by the Alphas several days previous to the presentation and in unique posters and programs furnished by the drafting department. zz Page 68 :: l Aristotelian Literary Society , I l 40 g Throughout the years of society work in various school activities, debating has played c E Q5 vital part in the development of the members of the Aristo Literary Society. g lf ' Since its founding as one of the first literary groups for boys, the Aristo debate squads M have been inter-society champs three times and runners-up once. Besides the element of competition, much benefit is derived from audience contact, sportsmanship in the face of defeat, and the wealth of material which must be .perused before the facts in a debate are presented. Whether they win or lose, the Aristos believe that the survival value of debate is of greatest importance. OFFICERS Fall Spring Joe Johnson - President Ivor Jones Q Otto Christiansen lf'ice-President Charles Swanson ij Donald Brooks Secretary Robert Keahey Joe Tl-iornell Treasurer - Arthur Bartel Ivor Jones - Sergeant-at-Arms William Lausen Sponyorgg Mrs. Burgess, Mr. Asquith Front row: Kirn, Starr, Bartel, Keahey, Swanson, Jones, Lausen, Thor-nell. Brooks, Savage. Second rllw: Ellsworth, T. Andersen, Langdon, Russell, O'Keefe, Pinkston, Maxie, Henderson, Fox, N. Anderson. Third row: D. Jones, Holmzard, Day, Drake, Smith, Skelton, S. Anderson, Shugart, Abels, Ranum, Loper. Fourth row: Riley, Downing, Miller, Wulf. Morse, A. Anderson, Dean, Hansen, Christiansen. Fifth row: Shea, Beattty, Haack, Widtfelrlt, She-htm, Otis, Parker, Jennings, North:-up, In a Concentrative Mood. "Peter Flies High." W .ci :fPa9ze69:: l Mathers' Valentine Tea. Service With a Smile. Front row: Lzirst-n, Sinclair, Skt-ltun, Kistlu, Fisher, Leosis, Kirn, Millsaps, Van Druff, Iinird, Molzahn, l'oi'ti-r, liilson, Paco. Second row: Sr-lclin, Grussnlx-ul, l'Ix'n-ri-st, i'aywouLl, 1,011-110, 'l'ulla1', Harvey, Dvtlcf, Mc'I'wiizan, Duvkur, Scott, Pslrlmllttur, Eli-rnsu-in, lt. l':1ci-. Third row: Cohan. IS, Griissnian, liuhrmzin, McKinnon, 1,04-i'skov, Brown, Barth, liym-rs, Rockwell, V. Nt-lsiin, Holtz, Amlursun, Hans mfr: , .Iiqisoxx. Fourth row: Footy-, C. Nelson, Allphin, VVulki-r', RL'fidk'Y'l, Ilildt-lirunil, Jenkins, "yi-tzki, Iilisggvn, Kuhl, Krlisi-, llicli,-ati, Milli-x', Sk:-ihill. Fifth row: Huck, Davitt, Jonson, Mi'Gi'zinv, Kistlv, Crawl, Ailzims, rifflriiig, Ruhr-i'ts, .los--lip, Alu-ls, Hunt 'vnm' la, Uriicliivi. . Cliosophian Literary Society T OFFICERS 'J fall Spring Katherine Kirn - President Magdalen Millsaps Magdalen Millsaps Vice-Pruident Marian Van Druff Helen Skelton Secretary - Julia Kistle Marian Van Druff Treasurer Libby Grosman Mary Baird - Sergeant-at-Army Calmera Leosis Mary Ellen Molzahn - Historian - - Donna Sinclair l'X Spam-org: Miss E. Willard, Miss Pyle In l9Zl, one year after its founding, the Cliosophion Literary Society planned its first mothers' tea. lt was such a success that a similar affair has been given annually since. The purpose of these teas is twofold: The girls, who have complete charge of all arrangements, are given excellent training in the social graces and the guests may observe first-hand the functionings of the girls' literary societies. The Mothers' Valentine tea is one of the outstanding social events of the school year and results in greater loyalty on the part of the girls and better understanding by the parents. :: l':i,2'e- T0 1: Delta Tau Literary Society f orriceias A Fall Spring , Marian Whitney - Ilygyjdf-,lf - Joan Stogernan Elaine Steinhauer s Ifj,-6-.137-gyjdgylf - Rita Austin Rita Austin - Secretary - Verdell Claypool Verdell Claypool - T,-ga,-mtl, Elaine Steinhouer Rachel Anne Wallser - Hjfforjdn Dorothy Ford Edythe Surber - - - Sergeant-at-Army - - .. Edythe Surber Spgnfm-55 Miss Taylor, Miss Tatroe Climaxing a year of varied activities, the Delta Taus held their traditional Mother-Senior banquet May ZO. The underclassmen were in charge of the dinner and program, deco- rations and flowers proved pleasing to everyone. ln keeping with the Delta Tau custom, a rhyme describing each senior was read, and L when the "banqueters" guessed which senior the verse identified, a lovely corsage was " presented to her. Toasts were given by representatives of the juniors, seniors, and mothers, telling about the different phases of Delta Tau activities and the benefits of participation in literary societies, Front row: Mahoney, liacon, Ford, Walker, Surln-r, Steinhauer, Claypool, J. StZlSIUf'I1illl, Whitney, livers. Ailkins, liolanii Grote, Wunner. Second row: Blocker, Sadler, Swisher, Newell, Kamm, Duffy, Tolpner, P. Stauenmn, Hays, Bock, VVili-ox Grow, Heitmzin, Roach. Third row: Myre, Herndon, Curtis, Everest, Eakin, Lewis. Smith, Hownril, Asman, Ugan, Gidley Hamilton, Watson, Thompson, Annis. Fourth row: Maurer, Brown, liardsley, Crowl, llanther, Sandberg, l'eili-rsen, Riet' Northrop, Thornell, Franklin, Thomas, Wegzner, Nelson. Afternoon at 4:00, lnitiates Doll-up. X . ::P:1e:e Tl :: On Wings of Song. Candles and Lace. Front row: Hammer, Larsen, Logan, Harringrton, Crabill, B. Huyrhes, Gretzcr, Graves, Spetman, Levers-tt, Scott, Spoto, Fogle, Ford, Wunni-r. Second row: Knox, I.. Johnson, VL-nard, Minor, Lyons, Dickason, E. Stash, Schroeder, Harris. Haiston, Ed- l'l'lkll'1ilSOH, llricli-nlyaligrh, Sturgeon, Schmidt, Millard. Third row: Svott, lirigzgs, McIntyre, Parker, Steinhaucr, Williams, Sheely, Schell, li. Johnson, Drake, Hall, J. Hughes, Madsen, Jacobsen, Salisbury, Johnston. Fourth row: Buesing, W4-atherill, E. Stash, Thonipsiin, Capel, l'llUtL'HL'j', Schindln-r, Bauman, Harding, Arp, Hinman, Dorland, Cain, Swanson, Hahn, Montgunn-ry. Erodelphian Literary Society n orriczizs Fall Spring Lucille Spetrnan President - - Faye Graves Carol Leverett - Vice-Prexident - Barbara Hughes Faye Graves Secretary Carol Leverett June Crabill - Treafurer - Margery Gretzer Margery Gretzer - - Sergeant-at-Army - Dorothy Harrington Sponsors: Miss Brisley, Miss Ketter Winners! For the first time since l932 the Eros emerged victorious from the girls' inter-society tournament to battle against the winning boys' society in the finals. The Philos were the opposition. S . The scene of the battle was the auditorium on the evening of November 22, l938. The banners of the two societies formed a background on the stage just behind the debaters. Z Much of the old-time enthusiasm prevailed as a large audience was present to hear the ' . A debates. Both the affirmative and negative teams of the Eros won the decisions. :: Page T2 :: lonian Literary Society Everv year on honor day, the outstanding students ot the school are called betore a school assembly to receive xarious honors. Among those presented are lonian scholarship pins , , , X which are awarded tor outstanding class-room work, The tirst year the pupil excels in l X , ' 4 his studies he receives a bronze award, tor the second year o silver one, and tor the third year a gold one, each new pin being exchanged tor the one received previously. During the years that these pins have been given, the lonians have often denied thern- selves refreshments and porties in order to save money tor these gifts, Since l93O a grand total ot 209 pins have been awarded. Certainly the lonians should be praised tor their interest in the promotion ot better scholarship among our students, OFFICERS Fall Spring Eugene Stowe I'rc.fia'vi1t Ralph Russell Seth Hills - lyice-Prcridcm - Don Sorenson V Don Sorenson Secretary l-lorace Barton 'J George Larsen - Treaxurer Everett Wartord Arnold Lincoln - - Sergeant-at-Arms - Jack Barton Sponsors: Miss Boesche, Mr. Rosenkranz Front row: ll, liuimiii, Hills. Son-iisuii, Russell, T.nrst-ii, Vuirgt-, Wu1'fui'ii, .l, lizimmi, H, Scott. Second row: llzinsvii. Pvt.-1' Milli-V, Yziiiilt-11-1-4-1-I-L, Hulliiigsv.m'th, Ruin-rtsun, lit-elim-, Walclur, MvMlill1-n, Iii-liar. Third row: K, I'etvi'st-11, VVinn. Muthi Mniili-n, 0'Ilum, l'vtt-iwiii, lirilt, liivwii, I,im'oln. Fourth row: R, Scott, XVm'd. Ann-ruth, Burke, Nlzxlotiy, l'iftt-norm. Sprtimizin llyi-, I"i'yvi', .-Xntlt-rstni. Swing lt, Boys! Yes, Yes- Go On! Hilti:---v..--..,.,,... :: Page TI! 1: We Eatf I Solernnly Swearl Front row: Vaywmiii, l2m'rison. McGee, Yan Iills, Haven, Chi'istoi'l'ei'st-n, Young, I.zu'svn, Humor. Second row: lllrick, W'ymmw-, VVhiLnn-y, Dahl. Pliner, Smith, .-Xnalursnri, Knight, Lincoln, Chvrniss. Third row: Johnson, Rigg, ll-tiwls, Hurst-, l'utt-iwiwii. Hun- sun, ,lln'iinl, lir1siwii.is-it-ri, liruwn, llanrnaii. Mr. Hzmnm-s. Logotechnian Literary Society OFFICERS ij fall Spring . Roland McGee President Donald Haven fw em! Donald Haven Vice-President Roy Van Ells Le Roy Jacks Secretary - - Bob Young Donald Sessions - Treasurer Everett Christofterson Bob Young - Sergeant-at-Arms - - Edward Larsen Sponsor: Mr, l-lammes Good sports, we'd call thernf Although the Logos didnt achieve the honor of win- ning the boys' section of the intersociety debate tournament, they did win on honor almost equally as great, At the close ot the intersociety competition, the debaters from all of the societies met and chose the society which had shown the best sportsmanship throughout the entire tournament. After considering the attitude of the debaters toward their colleagues, the opposition, and the decisions rendered by the judges, the sportsmanship gavel was awarded to the Logos. :z Page 74 :: Philomathian Literary Society gggg, I ,f ,lf Ah f Because they won the boys' SeCtlOn of the inter-society debate tournament, the Philos fff' 'CO debated against the winning girls' society, the Eros, The battle was held in the auditorium onthe cold, wintry evening at November 22, l93S. Z The wind was blowing fiercely and the temperature was well below zero, but once the :lebaters took the floor, the temperature rose rapidly. When the heat ot the debate had died down, the anxious debaters awaited the decisions ot the judges. Although the Eros were announced the winners in those tense moments, the Philos can be congratulated for their valiant tight. OFFICERS fall Spring Dick Payne President Donald Gosscird Fred Phillips Vice-Prefidenl Leigh Drake I Jack Stephens Secretary - Leonard Ranch l-il Donald Lash e Treasurer Charles Buchanan Charles Buchanan e -Sergeant-at-Arms - - Dick Payne Sporzxorvz Mr. Miller, Mr. Johnson Front row: ltnxxsun. Si-hniimlt, Illlvhzinan, Su-phviirs, Goss'-arml, Ranch, l'z1ynt'. llrzxliv, Phillips, Asnizin. Linrshlitx. Second row Nlatlsttii, liuzttright, Vvti-1'sm1, Zimnwrinan, Foote, Braun, Mabluitt, K, Christensen, IJ, Christensen, Russell, Third row: Osborn Si-hrm-tlv1', Gussartl, Stzitry, .l, linstvtll, Kiitlvr, l':u'ks, Brown, Iirlnitimlsun, Grote. Fourth row: Olsen. llruwn, Rusinlissvn llzxulnain, llziinvs, Lush, J, Attila-t'svi1, Wright, .l, liuslutlt, Graves, I'iHYlCllCli, V. Anllorsvn. See! lt Says . . Prof. Buchanan Expostulates. M :: Page T5 1: lsn't lt All Right? That's the Way lt Goes. Front row: Ulm, Nt-well, Andersen, Spetman, Chapman, Hendrix, Hennessy, Schlott, Jacobson, Nielsen, VVoksa, Evans, Ratliff. Second row: Steppuhn, Brandt, Mann, Wesley, Fisher, Ove!-street, Budatz, Holt, Lv Haugh, Dorn, K1-asne. Third row: Varner, Haiston, Duggan, Ford, Van Horn, Hanson. Sellars, Nick, Barth, Briggs, Ke-lsen, lieno. Fourth row: Allan, Gre-ll, Grotzer, Bothe, Bernstein, Mueller, Sieck, Mcyermann, Kubhy, Childs, Bamford, Vlfouils. Fifth row: Hoyt, Ellis, lit-njzunin, Huffman, Martin. Yuung, Hays, Allphin, Kruse, Thumzis, Geiwitz, liar1'itt,Fischei'. Thalian Literary Society OFFICERS Fall Spring 3 Kathleen Hennessy President Jeanne Jacobsen Loretta Keiderling Vice-President - Eleanor Schlott Catherine Allan - Secretary Bernice Woksa Rose Ella Chapman Treasurer - Doris Nielsen Mary Wesley - - Sergeant-at-Arms Margery Hendrix Emma Lou Spetman - ffistorian - - Ruth Anderson Sponsors: Miss Marty, Miss Ehmke The Thalian Mother-Senior banquet presents the grand finale to an eventful and success- ful year. As the month of May approaches, the girls eagerly anticipate this annual banquet in honor of their mothers and the members who are graduating seniors. This makes a fitting farewell to the graduates, who receive gifts as remembrances of their society. f 'V At this time, too, special honors are given to the debaters, declamatory winners, athletic Q' Q? teams, and all Thalians who have won recognition for outstanding achievement in the various divisions of the school's curricula. This annual banquet is always a memorable me event. :: Page T6 1: Commercial Club OFFICERS Fall Spring EIGOHOT Schlott - - President Aurora Mae Hoyt Juanita Hollingsworth Vice-President Marjorie Ellis Lorrayne Petersen - Secretary - Ruth Brewick Rodna Sorensen - Treasurer Roclna Sorensen Sponsor: Mrs. Downs The motto of the Commercial club is "Progress" Every letter of the word progress is o step which has a certciin quality that is necessary to the higher business life for which we ore striving. The steps leading to success: P-purpose, R-readiness, O-obedience, G-growth, R-responsibility, E-efficiency, S-sacrifice, S-service. faq , f ff f Front row: ltolvlxitl, liinkly, I-'ryt-r, Friunrl, Hollingzswurth, Hoyt, Ellis, Howlcttc, Fuyrlv, Clomvnson, Christizmsun. Second row Hansvn. Felton, Cooloy, Gilwlcr, Thomiison, Duvkvr, Hoffman, Bllllkltl, Clattorlmck, Briggs, Iionnvtt, Iflmwrson. Third row: D lilavk, N. lilavk, IC. .-Xndorson. Vanill-car, Hina-r, Childs, Christa-nscn,Rin1r, Hammer, Peterson, Harvey. Fourth row: Johnston Hartlixran I-Issington, Flack, Jonson, Hassett, Christ:-nscn, Brown, Gt-vo, Christiansen, H:-msn-n. Front row: Swanson, Main, Nl-wvll, I.. l'i-turscn, R. Sorensen, lirowick, YVisnoi', Mc'Farlino, Reiner, Vamlcvar, Myrv. Second row: Sroiifo, Vt-narsl. U. l'4-terse-n, J. Young, Nvgrathon, Puntonvy, Nick, A. Larson. Third l'0W'1 Suu-rn, Wilkinson, Smith M. Son-rust-ri, Mi-Korn, Rt-sin-lit-i's, Millar, D. Nelson. H. Larson, Roilgzers. Fourth row: Sinner, Tiarks, Sailislillry, Vllokszi, Mt-is, Ni-lsvn, Massiv, Kmuzick, St1'nyci', :: Paulo TT :: in-1 Think, Mademoisellel Jolie, N'est-ce Pas? Front row: Tatta, Russell. Baird, Crabill, Ifvans, Ratliff, WE1llCm'!',GI'US5ll1iU1, Krasnc. Second row: Llurshuii, Triplutl, Walker, Duvitt, Herndon. Curtis, Claypool, Mcliinnun, Hriniilwn. Third ruw: Kistlu, 'l'hoi'nell, Jacobsen, Robertson, lit-njamin, Scllars, Lewis, Hildelirzinnl. VVilcox, Morse. Tl Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS Fall Spring Betty Evans - President - June Crabill Betty Fischer - Vice-President - - Mary Baird Ralph Russell Secretary - Dick Gray Virginia Durtee - Treasurer - Mary Jane Ratlitt Rhoda Krasne - - Sergeant-at-Arms - Jeanne Jacobsen Spongorg Mi ss Landon Parlez-vous troncais? lt you do-new opportunity tor improvement and enjoyment in the French language is found in the meetings of l.'Alliance Francaise, which meets at the Omaha Athletic Club. This international group meets weekly for luncheon and a soeech on some international question, everything being conducted in French, The organization also sponsors a series of French films, shown at intervals during the school year. This year, for the tirst time, several students from Le Cercle Francais have purchased memberships. They return with unusual material and enthusiasm which they employ to make their meetings varied and more interesting to the other French students in the club. 1: Page TS :: l La Junta Espanol For the first time La Junta Espanol conducted a successful candy sale ot the sectional 9 basketball tournament as its main project for the second semester. l V .4 ff The club is issuing o bi-monthly paper named El Toro and containing contributions such as news notes from classes, cross-word puzzles, jokes, and stories supplied by club mem- bers. This new project affords excellent opportunity for active practice in the'use of Spanish. Programs presented at club meetings interest the members in the costumes, muslc, and customs of Spoin, Spanish-America, and Mexico, and provide on interesting background for the language course. OFFICERS Fall Spring i 5 Donald Olson Preyident - Phillip Shugalrt Stuart Russell - Vice-Presidenl - Catherine Allan Carol Nelson Secretary - Dorothy Porter Dorothy Porter - Treasurer Patricia Tripleltt Jhillip Shugart - Sergeant-at-Arms - - Jack Allerton Sponsor: Miss Landon l l Front row: Triplctt., Allan, Porter, Shuyrart, Olson, Russell. Second row: Allen, Oamek,l Allphin, Nelson, Leerskov, Pfaff Brown. Third row: Maxie, Boatright, Spetman, Durbin, , Mayne, Allerton. W i Candy, Miss? Sombrero, Q Zarape-Spain. 1 Q is s. .s ::Page T9 :: N l ww E V e Q Front row: Millsaps, Grossman, Schull, Bock, Skelton, Hennessy, Fisher, Ratliff, J, Maurer, Hendrix, Moser, Howlr-ite, Heis' li-r, Su-niplv. Second row: Seldin, Keiderline, Van Druff, Runte, Austin, Yuunt, Hughes, Petersen, VViluox, Grvtzur. Thomp- son, Caywooal, Staaeman, Krause, Larson, Third row: Graves, Kirn, Sora-nson, Mr.-Kinnon, Evans. Allan, l.i-vom-Lt, .lam-obson, Anderson, lirnwn, Kruse, Ellis, Petr-rson. Fourth row: Durbin, lira-wick, Spetnian, Holmgarml, NI. Maurer, lionjainin, Young, Martin, Nelson, Thomas, Dorland, Crowl, Chapman, Molzahn, Walker, Eybr-re. Front row: lk-no, Gt-rshun, Porter, Anderson, Walker, Crawl, Jepson, Ross, Curtis, McTwig:an. VVK-gner. Nl- Evers, M. Evers, Stephens. Second row: Everest, Pfaff, Madsen, Krasne, Detlef, Lon-llo, Kruse, Hoffman, Jacobsen, Briggs, Guiwitz, Spoto, Haiston. Third row: Thonipson, Burke, Bultz, Dickason, Sieburg, Adams, Crahill, 'l'iarks, Swanson, La Masteis, Growe. Briggs, Franklin. Fourth row: llauman. Olson. Lindsay, Young, Hughes, liothe, Jenkins. Thurnell, Xelsun, Mcycrmann, Saltz- nian, Mcflranv, MrKt-t-, liracknvy, Kistle. Service Clubs lj , GIRL RESERVES OFFICERS Fall Spring Helen Fisher - Pre-5jdenf Esther MacBain Esther MacBain - V156--Pfegideng Kathleen Hennessy Marjorie Hendrix Sgfrgfarv - Jean Maurer Helen Leosis - Trea,-Mgr Helen Skelton Mary Jane Ratliff - Sgrggdnf-,1p.Arm,- - - Jeanne Moser Sponyors: Miss White, Miss Broadfoot ' RESERVETTES 'U Q OFFICERS 1 i President - - - ..,. Betty Jo Crowl l Vice-President - - Jean Jepson I Secretary - - Marigold Walker Q Treasurer -------- Gerry Ross an 4, A Sponsors: Miss Henderson, Miss Olson :: Page 80 :Z Service Clubs ' l n 1 The service clubs in school strive toward a two-fold aim of character development and 3 y f promotion of service to others. ' Q V A In November of each year, these clubs unite in a Good Will drive for a fund to aicll needy A A A pupils. A goal is set for every student and this year the slogan, "A Barrel of Good Will," 5 was carried out through the cooperation of every homeroom. W Each organization, however, completes its own yearly projects. The Girl Reserves wel- come the new girls in the fall and give ci Christmas party for grade-school children. ln the spring semester, the incoming girls are entertained at a lovely tea by the Reservettes, who also give an annual Christmas party for Creche children. A function of thla Hi-Y is to serve as an intermediary in Senior Class affairs. They do everything possible to meet the needs facing the class or the school. Hi-Y , ii orricisas l Fall Spring Donald Gossard - President - Le Roy Asman Jack Bigley - Vice-President Fred Phillips Kenneth Madsen Secretary Glen Mathis Everett Christoffersen Treasurer Jack O'Hara Warren Parker - Sergeant-at-Arms Warren Parker Sponsor: MF- l-ee JUNIOR Hi-Y OFFICERS Fall Spring Donald Sessions Prexident Donald Lash Donald Lash - Vice-President Bernie Petrus Bill Schaaf - Secretary Victor Swanson Gordon Freyder Treaxurer Matthew O'Keefe Leonard Ranch Sergeant-at-Army Robert Mayne Sponsor: Mr- l-ee Front row: Madsen, O'Hara, Lash, Sessions, Gossard, Bigley, Phillips, Mr. Lee, Asman, Parker, O'Keefe, Mathis, Petrus. Second row: Petersen, Kjar, Zoller, Drake, Holmes, Wig-ht, Friend, Bernstein, Meredith, Lyons Hill Third row- Hansen Spetman, Barton, Allerton, Mayne, Northrop, Bachman, McGee, Thornell, McMullen Christoffersen .Oamek Ranoh F rtli , , , . ou row: W. Jensen, D. Jensen, Pfeiffer, Maloney, Morse, Hancock, Vllidtfeldt, Hahn, Scholfield, Rasmussen, De Bar, Akers. ::Page81:: l Front row: Hoffman, F. Gravcs, Henna-ssy, Holmgard, Gretzer, Bauman, Hendrix, Hughes, Haiston, Bobbitt, Fox, Cummimzs. Second row: Edmundsun, Holt, Grossman, Durfee, Adams, Crowl, Dickason, Hughes, Buhrman, Briggs, Evans, Adkins. Third row: Hildebrand, Claypool, Bruce, liamfortl, Everest, Davitt, Caywood, Drake, Crabill, Boland. Fourth row: Hansen, Fryer, Ifroharclt, Friend, Hills, Allerton, Coin-lanil, Gossard, Haiston, Buesingr, Dick. Fifth row: Herndon, W. Graves, A. Anderson, liarritt, V. Andersen, Barton, Hartshorn, Hutchison, Elgan, Bell. Front row: Krause, I, Nelson, Porter, Roach, Leosis, Vcrdin, H, Olson, Jacobsen, Jepson, Moser, Spotman, Millsaps, Kcidor- Iimz, Yan Druff, Str-mplo, Schlott, Whitney. Second row: Swisher, Simmons, Runte, Sheely, Yount, V. A. Nelson, V. M. Ni-lf-an, Staizoman, Skelton, Kirn, Nielson, M. Scott, Schell, P, Van Ells, Kelsen, Page-. Third row: Ratliff, Tripictt, Wegncr, 'x'-iunrr. Wagner, Rasmussen, Vi-nard, M. Wilcox, Thompson, Kubby, Underwood, Pfaff, Otto, Kistle, J. Maurer, Smith. Fourth row: M. Maiiror, Puntcney, Krumunachcr, Wzidum, R. Van Ells, Phinney, Pinkston, Thorne-11, Jenkins, Molzahn, Lanning, leper, Pr-rdow, Langdon, R. Scott. Fifth row: Jahn, Robshaw, Sickler, Parker, B. Vlfilcox, Ross, Moats, Jones, Jaksha, Jacks, Lind, Remington, D. Olson. Masque and Wig Club An opportunity to develop the highlights of personality and to acquire true poise and grace is offered to members of the Masque and Wig Club. All this is gained through experience in expressing oneself whether it be by speech, drama, or makeup. The Christmas play is presented by the club each year. This year's "Gloria" was beauti- fully portrayed. One-act plays are also produced throughout the year. Requests from the community for readers and plays are willingly granted. The Masque and Wiggers are always on the job applying makeup for the numerous plays, the Oper- etta, and the Road Show. The big achievement of the year was to help pay for the electrical equipment for the stage. :: Page 82 :: ,J fa' f Mi-I Qtllll 1, 'CKE g-,pbocx o--'mr-sxdzn R0g f. EHUDSOIX FEB Clif!!! Head fnlball and X446 ttddl C1116 Basketball cvack mf'-95509 C0045 mcunno cocxrmn ramona stout umm: mmm Knialant Football Freshman 4:6 Gay' Director Of Rlhlctiu Bdxhelball and track Coach cdach BL MARSHALL LEOSIS SCOTT FOOTBALL RESUME I938 A season record not too formidable, but a campaign full of thrills and many breath- less moments briefly sums up the l938 football season. The Abraham Lincoln gridders played a nine-game schedule, win- ning three and losing six contests. Missouri Valley invaded the Lynx camp on the night of September 23 for the opening tilt of the season, but were sent home on the short end of a 6-O score. Jack Bigley counted the A. L. touchdown on a pass from Albert Gallo. The Lynx continued from where they left off the preceding week and emerged with an encouraging 7-6 victory over the highly touted Maroons from Omaha Tech. LaVerne Jenks tallied all seven points on a pass and a conversion plunge. Abraham Lincoln's hopes for a successful season experienced a severe jolt when Jack Bigley, outstanding Lynx end, suffered a fractured ankle in the third period of this game. Sioux City Central's powerful eleven put a stop to the Hilltoppers winning ways by casting a dark 20-O shadow on their prev- iously unblemished record. Taking to the road, the gridders found the going a bit tougher than on the home field and took a 40-O trouncing from the Black Raiders of East Sioux City. Returning to Kirn Field the next week, the Lynx succumbed to a second half Shenan- doah rally and fell l3-6. Clark Barritt plunged over for the Lynx lone score. Tackling their second inter-city foe of the season, the Hilltoppers bumped up against a stubborn outfit from Omaha Central and dropped an exciting thrill-packed encounter l3-l2. Cliff Herd snagged two of Gallo's passes for a pair of touchdowns, but a single extra point made the difference. On Armistice Day, the Lynx outplayed a classy Logan aggregation in every phase of the game excep, the scoring end, and the Panthers walkedloff with a l2-O win. The Lynx hit the win column again, however, the following week, lslipping past a highly im- proved Iowa School for the Deaf, 6-O, on a second half plunge by Clark Barritt. Closing the season on Thanksgiving Day, the Lynx and the Yellowjackets of Thom- as Jefferson batllled on even terms the en- tire first half. A blocked Lynx kick early in the third peribd on their own ten yard line gave the Jeffs their initial scoring op- portunty which they made along with two other scores, Cliff Herd scored on a pass and LaVerne Jenks converted to give the Lynx their only tallies in the final l9-7 set- back. Front row: Heuermann, Jenks, Miller, Ross, B. Capel, Barriit Plunkett, Herd, Gallo, Beezley. Second row: Paladino, Mgr., Jenkins, Hansen, Sizer, Jennings, Jessen, Bigley, Kauffman, Jones, Wilcox, Amcnto, Mgr. Third row: Sheffield, Harding, Mabbitt, Phinney, Coach Lawson, T. Capel, Besse, Oyster, Dino ::Pa,fze85 :: l Manta: FEVER f 'goofs Uzftlftf m Em RUSS P 'f 1... 'JI sn s 9 KDHSUER PM JJIIIIER Hmuffmnm - 4 2 - L ,- Front row: Phillips, Diller, Campbell, Andersen, Vogt, Zimmerman, Milli-r, Lead, RL-izgzio, Vorgzumini, Currie. Second row: XVilson, S:4ltsg1avei', Moore, Jensen, Sickler, Winn, Harden, Otto, Mgr., Bride-nbailgh, Schweer, llaughn, Jenkins, Smith, Killian, li-lli. Front row: Schlott, lirittain, Williams, Lee, Grote, Eslmundson, Jensen, Phillips, Roux. Second row: Bei'al1li,'I':ilbott, More- dith, Miilvihill, Carts-r, Sllll'flflC, Shin-lils, Civvu, Whitil, Coach Chew. Second Team Football Presenting a more tavorable record than their superiors, the varsity, Coach Richard Cochran's second team footballers won six and lost tour tilts. The Reserves succeded in downing Benson, North, Central, Creigh- ton Prep., and Glenwood, while losing to South, Tech, Tee Jay, and Logan. Although slow in getting started the Seconds came through with tlying colors to down their last tour opponents on the schedule. These boys will be elevated to bolster the varisty eleven next season, Freshman Football Coach Fee Chew's Baby Lynx tailed to reg- ister in the win column last tall, but they were well represented in the lost column with six defeats. The Frosh dropped two games each to Bloomer, Tee Jay, and l.S.D. Although losing all six encounters, the Freshman should prove worthy material in the tuture with a little more training. The Baby Lynx poor showing can probably be credited to the injury jinx, which quite per- sistently tollowed the squad throughout the whale season. Paige Sri :: BASKETBALL RESUME l938-39 Abraham Lincoln's basketballers opened the season with promise and appeared to be one of the outstanding quintets of the state, but a mid-year slump, partially due to the loss of three mid-season lettermen, includ- ing Gallo, Rinehart, and Jessen, ended these prospects. The Lynxmen were credited with wins over the Iowa State Champions from Crest- on, lowa, and two victories over Thomas Jefferson, west end rivals, one being the Sectional Tourney finals. After moving along smoothly through the Sectional Meet and their first round game with Glenwood in the District, the Lynx were stunned abruptly by Lenox in the semi-finals 45-44. ln city and inter-city play the Lynx fared very well, winning two games from St. Fran- cis and taking two out of three from Tee Jay. In inter-city league play, Lawson's forces ended in second place with four wins and two losses. Grover Hansen, stellar Lynx guard, won a guard position on the mythical all south- west Iowa selections and also on the second all inter-city five. Cliff Herd, forward, made third team forward on the southwest selec- tions. A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Season's Results - - - - St. Francis - - - Glenwood - - Sioux City lEastl - ,- Tech lOmahal - - - Creston - - - - St. Francis - - -T Central lOmahal - - Sioux City lCentrall - - - - - Tee Jay - l- - - Glenwood - - iSioux City lEastl - Sidux City lCentrall - - -l - Tech lOmahal - - Central lOmahal - l- - - Tee Jay l Sectionlal Tournament --E---Logan - -T.J. District Tournament - - - - - - Glenwood - - - Lenox Front row: Jensen, Capel, Dean, Shew, Oyster, Strowig. Second row: Shaw, Currie, Plunkett, Shoemaker, Fria G ll Herd, Jenks, Bigley, Mgr. Third row: Sizer, Mgr., Anderson, Hansen, Vogt, Rinehart, Jessen, Jahn, Moats, Hayes, Ka f 1: Page 89 ff? Moda LI YK vw YU CS CAGEIQS lm C l J Luv GTA glCTJ2J5 JCL flcmsen AURA Second Team Basketball Under the tutelage of Assistant Coach Richard Cochran, the reserve basketballers turned in a successful season in inter-city and county play. The Reserves were taken out of the running in the County Tourna- men by Treynor in the semi-finals after downing Carson in the opening round. The Seconds carried a large squad of some thirty odd players throughout the entire season. This squad of promising under- classmen will help greatly to form next Year's varsity tive. Freshman Basketball Working with new, inexperienced players, freshmen tutor, Harold Stout, found the going tough at times but the yearlings man- aged to win theirshare of games. Although slow in getting organized, the frosh began clicking toward the end of the regular sea- son and they entered the Southwest lowa Tournament withia presentable five. Their improvement was clearly displayed in their first tourney game as they downed Hast- ings, Zl -20, but were defeated by Thomas Jefferson in the second round. Frnnt row: Ri-ggtiu, ltaiuzhn, Pullvn, Vanduvontur, Phillips, Collins, Murray. Second rotv: McCabe, Miller, lllljllifl. Smith, Privv, Schwuor, Story, ltridcnhamzh. Sheffield, Kirn. Third row: IR-ters, Hi-mminzsen, Meredith, Sadler, Yudelsnn, Hartshurn, Williams, Parks, Dye, Wilson, Smith, Chorniss, Carlson, Derry, Mfrr. Front row: Knnclsun, Smith, Adkins, Henderson, White, Lee. Second row: Larson, Charles, Porter, Talbott, Dnylv, I"vyvi'a bend, Waters, Edmundson. is aff :z Page 91 :: 1 Efdfl CQIFS pOLlUdS iz- .. QAM! POUUJS LTHBHIK ,, IHOV0 145 pouncfls 85 po-mega Dm wayne Lee P BVS Bob It Jenkins poulfxdxw 'ary Codcaptam Knig s.-3 G'1"Bl'1t HUULCQH 95 pounds 1-"ED Qi BGL, OH Wighl B652 lexy IOSPQQMJS frict Champion :: Page 92 4' FO VC GGY MJ Kenneth !XY"CI'1 105 pwunas Front row: lievzlvy, Hunter, Arch, Wright, Lee, lk-cd, Dinovo, Reolfs, Jenkins, Hardinyi. Second row: Lacy, Mgr., Lee, Rickabaugrlx, Drake, Stageman, Southwarri, Cash, Cooley, Campbell, Vergamini. Third rcfw: Petersen, Milf., Jziksha, Arch, Wright, Cherniss, Shehan, Mark, Grote, Bailey, Stcrnbergr, Knight. Pangborn, Colburn, D1-an, Rasmussen Larsen, lincan, Cutler, Williams, Hunnuy, Hansen Wrestling Resume I 93 8-39 Slow in getting started, Coach Fee Chew's wrestlers wound up a fairly successful sea- son by finishing second to Cherokee in the district meet, and qualified four men in the state tournament at Fort Dodge. Those com- peting in the state were: Don Beezley, 85 pound district champion, Grant l-lunter, 95 pounder, Frank Dinovo, l45, and Earl Reelfs, l55. The latter three were second place winners in the district. Beezley and Reelfs won first round matches in the state, but both lost in the semi-finals. In inter- city competition the Lynx finished sixth, with two wins and four losses. 1: 1' l Golf Although only a minor sport in the athletic curriculum, golf has grown rapidly in pop- ularity during thel last few years onthe hill- top. Coach Harold Stout's golfers enjoyed a comparatively sluccessful season last year and should come lthrough with an even bet- ter record this spring with a large squad of hopefuls to pick from. Competition is be- coming stronger each year because of the increasing number of turnouts each year. Unlike other sports, teamwork is not as im- portant as indixlidual ability. And yet again, every shot Counts for the team. age 93 :: l cliff Mod TOYQY Han ann Dan ,Ohh inc : : Page 94 Front row ton tracklz Howe, Knight, B. Capel, Kauff- man. Second row ton trackl: Coach Chew, D. Jenkins, Herd, Coach Cochran, Hansen. Front row tkneelingl: Leed, Grote, Charles, Hesse, Moore, Mark, Dinovo, Wil- liams, Bailey, Hartwell, Cherniss, Roux, Shehan, Camp- bell, Thiel, Heuermann, Waters, Smith. Second row: Kriegler, P. Miller, Shaw, Knudsen, Strowig, Vandevant- er, Starr, Petersen, McMullen, D. Jenkins, Rail, Schmaed- ecke, Feldt, Pettie, Beraldi, Meredith, Cash, Jensen, Dean, T. Capel, Ross. Third row: Duggan, Herndon, Wright, Adkins, Weatherill, Parks, Story, Murphy, A. Andersen, Schroeder, Abels, Thomas, Talbott, G. Anderson, M. Lacy, Jensen, W. Miller, Kern, Hays, Robshaw, Hayes, Oyster, H. Andersen, Arch, Jones. Track Since the completion of the new cinder track on Kim field in l937, track has rapidly gained in popularity as a top ranking sport on the Hilltop. At the time of this publication the track season is just opening and the prospects for the year are promising, although there are but three lettermen returning to form the nucleus of this year's squad. They are Grover Hansen in the 440 and mile relay, Dave Jenkins, lOO, 220, and half-mile relay team, and Clifford Herd in the pole vault. The Abe Lynx thinclads of last year emerged with a very successful season winning the Tri-State meet at Tarkio, Missouri, the Red Oak meet, and the Dis- trict meet, qualifying nine men for the Iowa State meet at Ames. TRACK SCHEDULE FOR I939: April 8-Tarkio invitational at Tarkio, Mo. April I5-Triangular meet at Tee Jay. April 22-Tee Jay relays at T. J. April 29-Drake relays and Red Oak meet. May 5-Cardinal relays at Clarinda. May 6-Omaha university invitational. May l3-District meet. May May May ZO-Missouri Valley meet at Lincoln, N 26 -27-Inter-city meet. 27-State Track meet. ebr State Pm Winners . DURBIN MOORE C'OAN STAGEMAN Girls' Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic Association is an active organization which has been in existence for twelve years. Its members are girls in- terested in athletics. The organization trains them both physically and mentally, developing a keen sense of competition and a fine body. The G. A. A. sponsors parties and the tea dances throughout the year. Their time is devoted to a variety of activities, including intersociety tournaments and city competi- tions with Thomas Jefferson and Bloomer. Each semester, lOO points are required to retain membership in this association. The desire for achievement, and the efforts put forth by the girls are rewarded by letters ond pins. The girls present a fine picture of health and intelligence as an example to the other students of the school. Front row: Moore, Young, Stageman, Christiansen. Second row: Gillman, Shields, Roche, Burket, Bacon, Underwood, Briggs, Sollazo. Third row: Woods, Gibbs, Rogers, Everhardt, Durbin,Kmezick, Melton, Kirchhotf, Pyetski. :: Page 96 :: Girls' Athletic Association Fall Spring President Norma Coon - Dorothy Durbin Vice-President Barbara Moore - - Veda Boiler Treasurer Melvina Wipple - Pat Stageman Secretary Dorothy Durbin - - Rosetta Christensen i l Miss Abraham Lincoln The honor of being chosen as Miss Abra- ham Lincoln goes to the most outstanding girl athlete of the senior class. This year Dorothy Durbin received the honor. Basketball, volleyball, and retereeing games are her chief athletic assets, while sports- manship, leadership, and general excellence in athletics add to her already fine record. Honorable, Mention Although not eligible to be Miss Abraham Lincoln because she is a i3-l, Barbara Moore received honorable mention for her top-notch athletic ability. When she was only a sophomore, a stlate pin was awarded her for IOOO points. This last year rounded out a splendid school dareer in girls' sports. FIRST CLASS SHARPSHOOTERS FRONT ROW ' MARIAN WHITNEY LORRETTA KEIDERLING MARIAN VAN DRUFF LUCILLE FOOTE KATHERINE KIRN SECOND ROW ODA ADERS THIRD ROW BARBARA HUGHES MAUDELAINE ROACH JUNE CRABILL JOAN STAGEMAN LUCILLE SPETMAN The Girls' Rifle Corps President: BARBARA HUGHES The Girls' Rifle Corps, since its origin in 1922, has been one of the most popular and progressive organizations in the school. With a beginning membership of twelve, its enrollment has now increased to llO. lt was first sponsored by the G.A.A., but is now entirely independent under the sup- ervision of Miss Mary Nix, girls' physical education instructor. When a girl has reached the rank of a first class Sharp Shooter and is a senior, she becomes eligible for the position of an hon- Secretary-Treasurer: LUCI LLE F0 OTE orary officer in the Military Ball. A girl may be eligible to be a company sponsor or a band sponsor when she has earned her fourth bar. The girls are elected by the popular vote of the R.O.T.C. The initial dues are two dollars a year. That the meeting day of the corps is the most eagerly anticipated day in the week is proved again each Wednesday by the rush to the range, the pell-mell haste in changing from school clothes to coveralls, and the grabbing of guns. :: Page 98 :: Girls' Rifle Corps AWARDS EARN ED Bar 9: Aders, Crabill, Foote, B. Hughes, Keiderling, Kim, Roach, L. Spetman, J Stageman, Van Drutt, Whitney. Bar 8: Ross. Bar 7: Dickason, V. Nelson, Olson, D. Pet- el'SOl'1. Bar 6: Annis, Babbitt, J. Hughes, Spurg- eon, Van Horne, Verdin. Bar 5: Gretzer, P. Stageman, E. Young. Bar 4: Acord, Augustine, Beno, Brewick, Davitt, M. Everest, Hammer, Herndon Jenkins, Johnston, Lewis, Lindsay, Mar tin, Oomek, L. Peterson, Simpson, Stem ple, M. Walker, J. Young. Bar 3: Cain, Wegner. Bar 2: Allen, Eooley, Durfee, Johnson, Krasne, Mille ,, McCreery, D. Nelson, E Spetman, Stepphun, Tiarks, Wisner. Bar I: Clatterbilick, Cox, Grow, Jepson. Sharp Shooter: Baker, Bothe, Bowes, F Everest, Franklin, Freeman, Haiston, Kis- tle, Myre, Newell, Oien, V. Peterson Skelton, Snyder. Marksman lst Cllass: Garriett, Hardegan Lyons, Moweryl, Ratliff, Rief, Runte, Shea Smith, Spoto, 5Verpoorten, Wild, Morksman: Burke, Crawford, Fitzpatrick H. Nelson, Leonard, Main, R. Walker Williams, Wiseman. Pro Marksmon: Blocker. l No Award Won: Buttz, De Vol, Fox, Han cock, Knauss,l Larsen, Logan, Loomer Parker, Sieck,l Tyler. l Page 99 :: l Health Inspection Complete physical examinations were given last September to seven hundred girls in two days by the school nurses. This was done during the girls' gym classes with the help of the GAA. and under the supervision of Miss Mary C. Nix, girls' physical education instructor. Girls who have physical defects are rechecked each Wednesday during the school year by Mrs. Sarah Bondo, the school nurse. :: Page100 :: 2? STEPHENS, HANSEN, SCHOLFIELD, HANCOCK, JAHN, BARRITT, OLSEN, SGT. GARVIN. R. O. T. C. The year has passed, and the i939 regi- ment marches into history. The Abraham Lincoln unit ends a year of useful and un- failing activity. The military ball and the federal inspection linger in the mind of the student body as two of the outstanding events of the year. lf one is familiar with our work, he realizes the everlasting strug- gle to gain the ultimate goal of the R.O.T.C. Drill began early in September with an en- rollment of about 525, the largest in the history of the R.O.T.C. at Abraham Lin- coln. Companies were organized and sen- ior "hopefuls" took tests which covered much of the theoretical and practical work that is stressed in this military organization. Those cadets who came through were pro- moted to the rank of second lieutenant. ln our first parade, although not yet organized completely, the regiment showed the ear- marks of being a crack unit. Hope for an honor award in the annual federal inspection ran high among the cadets. To help make this hope a reality the Cadet Officers' Club was reorganized. This club, although comparatively new, is becoming the strong voice of the policies ofthe R.O.T.C. During the winter we applied most of our efforts toward the theoretical branch of mil- itary science. ln this period of physical in- activity it seemed hard to keep up the in- terest, but we all realized the value of this work in the approaching inspection. More tests were given to cadets wishing to become officers or non-commissioned officers. Each boy began to look with longing eyes toward the coveted rank of colonel, and each dug deeper into the sources of military knowl- edge. Enthusiasm grew steadily as spring drew nearer and we all began to look forward to the day when we could again resume close-order drill. The day of March 25 was announced as the date for our annual Military Ball. Rumors concerning the iden- tity of the new commanding officers floated about our ears, and suspense ran high. Fin- ally the day arrived. The Military Ball of i939 will lang be remembered as one ofthe gayest and most colorful balls ever pre- sented at our high school. The officers and their ladies were presented, while an au- dience af military notables, teachers, stu- dents, and parents looked on with deep in- terest. The Military Ball was a splendid display of military life at Abraham Lincoln. After the excitement of the Military Ball, we concentrated our efforts upon gaining that honor rating at the inspection which was drawing very close. Companies were assigned to their respective duties for the inspection and we practiced regimental re- :: Page 102 :: view many times so that the parade would be perfect. The day of May l8 was named as the day for the federal inspection, and it came as quickly as March 25 had come. The A.L. Regiment turned out in full strength with brass and rifles gleaming to participate in the most important parade of the year. The ceremony was over in a short time and the i939 inspection was completed. We had done our best, and all we could do was hope for that honor rating. The parade on Memorial Day completed the activity of the R.O.T.C. for another year, and as the last tootstep died away, the 1939 regiment became history. Honorary Officers HUGHES WHITNEY VAN DRUFF STAGEMAN FOOTE KEIDERLING SPETMAN KIRN Company Sponsors ROSS DURBIN HERNDON HAMMER CHRISTIANSEN BOBBITT l :z Page 103 :: W I l E 2 L R.O.T.C.-COMPANY A Front row: Haack, Flecky, Kauffman, Spencer, Arch, Malick, Hunter. Second row: Morse. Third row: Osborn, Nelson, Ross, Bostedt, McClelland, Drake, Jenson, Phillips, Ward, Walker, Lyons, Bacon. Fourth row: Stevens, Beatty, Reggio, Christiansen, Hays, Wager, Langdon, Putnam. Fifth row: Boland. R.0.T.C.-COMPANY B Front row: R, Capel, Heuerman, Graves, Friend. Second row: Freyder, Olsen, Anderson, Sulentic, O'Hara, Widtfeldt, Falk, Christiansen, Williams, Linden, Garrison, Phillips, Hartenhoff. Third row: Speer, Dow, Jorgensen, Lash, Dunlavy, Allen, Madsen, Bauman, Cherniss. A Backward Glance You know how they look now, but what were they like then? The early cadets had no attractive uniforms-just drab gray, Civil War replicas. Target practice and sham battles formed the main routine. Be- ginning in l892 from "scratch," the or- ganization has progressed steadily to be- come the largest activity of the school. Prompted by the Spanish-American War, fifty members and ex-members of the corps enlisted among the volunteers and went to the Philippine Islands in l898. Later, sev- eral Abraham Lincoln battalions and one from Thomas Jefferson battled an unseen foe at Dodge Park, drove the enemy out, and seized the bridge. Other like scrim- mages and spring maneuvers were carried on in Fairmount Park, using the hills as fortification. So thinking back, would you prefer to have been one of those first cadets, or one of today's thoroughly rou- tined and trained regimental officers or cadets? :: Page 104 :: R.0.T.C.-COMPANY C Front row: Swanson, Petersen, Wilcox, Jones, G. Anderson. Second row: Dumas, Friail. Third row: Kjar, Vogt, Keahey, Bauman, Parks, Skelton, Spetman, Strowig, T. Capel, Mahbitt, Sorenson, Dawson, De Bar, Ross. Fourth row: Sims, Ras- mussen, Grote, Nansel, Fox, Anderson, Weatherill, Stacy, Downing, Miller, Ellsworth, Gershun. Fifth row: Boatright, Ver- gamini, Jacobs, Grosvenor, Moore. E. Hansen, Wright. l R.o.'r.c.-coMPANY o l Front row: Krumenacher, Asman, Otis, Caughlin. Second row: Ross. Third row: N. Anderson, Leonhardt, Jennings, Pet- erson, Anderson, Phillips, Diller, Haven, N. Anderson, Fox, Savage. Fourth row: Campbell, Meston, Jordal, Morse, Moore, Schack, Peters. The Crack Squad What does that red and blue shoulder cord mean? This question concerning the in- signia of the regimental crack squad is asked over and over. When a boy wears this decoration, he is known as a member of the R.O.T.C. drill squad which ranks highest in military precision and close-order drill. The cadets all strive to bring this honor to their own squad. Every Thursday evening after school one may see the various competing squads in the drill lot. Every company is represented by its best unit t eight men. At the in- dicated time, e ch corporal marches his squad about the rill ground, executing the various movemen s. The best group chosen is the crack squa . The "crack squ d" competition has done much to keep up he interest in the military organization and o arouse a feeling of com- petition which islinvaluable in maintaining the morale of "o r boys." :: Pake 105 :: R.0.T.C.--COMPANY E Front row: Brown, B, Christensen, E. Pangborn, Buffet, Bartel, Buchanan, A. Anderson, Hutchison, Bernstein, Claar, Sweeny, Stubblefield, Jenks, Keeline. Second row: Rain, Morrow, Durick, Swanson, Nielsen, Otto, Mathis, Clabaugh, Benson, McMul- len. Third row: Young, Brantz, A. Johnson, Oamek, Lewis, Hill, Starr, W. Anderson, Jensen. Fourth row: Holst, Herd, Dinovo, liaxley. R.0.T.C.-COMPANY F Front row: Collins, E, Larsen, Remington, Hesse, Green, Brooks, Arch. Second row: Dean, Shaffer, Holnigard, Yudelson, R, Johnson, Ja-nsen, Winn, Moore, Hill, Hollingsworth, Lincoln, Heller. Third row: Angeroth, Sessions, Akers, Shea, Ras- mussen, J. Skelton, E. Skelton, liaumker, Mark, lJ. Larsen, Dryden, VVinter. Rifle Team "Quality as well as quantity" is the phrase that aptly describes the l939 Rifle Team. This vear's group was the largest ever as- sembled in Abraham Lincoln. Competition for places on the team was stiff, because of the large number of "hopefuls" Each R.O.T.C. cadet was allowed to try out by tiring on the range. Finally chosen, the group consisted ot about twenty of the better ritlemen. The team took part in several inter-scholas- tic matches, as well as the Seventh Corps Area competition. Although they were not always the victors, the boys kept up their spirit and tried hard throughout the target season. Several in the rifle group will be lost through graduation, but the bulk of the team will be back next year. :: Page 106 :: NN 5.393 Y .90 bf Your Portrait . . . by WWW I ' The Distinctly Pefrsonal Gift CALENDAR Sept. I-'I5-Frosh seen waiting for the ele- vator on first floor .... The cooperative selling course off to a flying start with Miss Bickett .... Band struts its stuff for the dedicatory exercises for Indian Creek. Sept. I6-30-Annual Girl Reserve tea in honor of new girls .... First conference game with Mo. Valley .... Rosella Brew- er, guest, demonstrates her Seeing Eye dog. Oct. I-I5-Eloise Bobbitt crowned football queen at home-coming .... Annual liter- ary society debate banquet held .... Mob is given a rest because of the Teach- ers' Convention. Oct. I6-31-Madsen named editor-in-chief of Crimson and Blue .... Wild and wooley Raymond Garrison appears in "Howdy Stranger" .... The Old Brick Barn is full of ghosts and goblins at the first dance of the year. Nov. I-I5-Seniors seen putting on their glad rags for the first senior pictures .... A trip is taken to the Broadway to see "Both Your Houses," given by the Jitney Players .... Masque and Wiggers show their stuff in the pageant given for the mothers. Nov, I6-30-Hills, in his role of every-day life, "The Youngest," is the same old Seth .... Eros trim the Philos in inter- society debate. . . Thanksgiving-Food!! l nnunnun nunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 5 BE - BELFORD FU ERAL HOME Thclmas A. Belford I I III Willow venue at Sixth St. Te ephone I48 Ouil Best Wishes Go With You The lClass of I939 I , ak BIALLENGER AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Harold A. Ballenger, 'I7 nun: nun uuununuuuuuunuuuununuuuu runnin -llllllllllllllllllllllllllrllll Our Best Wishes .... For a happy and successful future to each clnd every graduate I v FR o R.sl-iAw Fi. wen SHOP 545 Broadway l Phone -'ll CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I939 GRADUATION CLASS Uakelfjakirg ffgnpallg BAKERS OF PENY-SAVR ......................................................J....... ........... Page 109 :: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I939 Council Bluffs Savings Bank A Strong Bank Since I856 O OFFICERS O B. A. GRONSTAL President E. P. SCHOENTGEN Vice-President and Chairman of Board J ULI US ROSENFELD Vice-President E. H. SPETMAN Cashier and Trust Officer JOHN M. JURGENS Assistant Cashier E. P. JUEL Assistant Cashier JOHN B. KEELINE Assistant Cashier D. E. HESSE Assistant Cashier LAVERNE TOLLINGER Assistant Trust Officer Dec. I-'I5-Mrs. Miller presents her last operetta, "Pirates of Penzance". . . . Flashy new pencils bearing the basketball schedule sold .... A thrilled, packed game with St. Francis won by one point. . . . Glee Clubs oil up their vocal cords for the first Vesper Concert. CAUGHLAN READS THE ADS Dec. I6-23-All-school Christmas party has all the old yuletide spirit .... Masque and Wig presents its annual Christmas play with more beauty than ever before, and Christmas carols are sung in the halls. Jan. 3-I5-Mr. Johnson's gals are champs in home-room volleyball .... "Dead-Eye Dicks" try their ability in first try-outs for Rifle Team. THE COLONIAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATION Has paid Sl80,000.00 in death 5 Benefits up to January I, I939. 5 We invite you to become a member of this association. Pg 110 Jan. 16-31-Annual declamatory contest " held with each contestant quaking in his boots .... "Peter Flies High" and so does the immunization fund. Feb. I-I5-Seniors busy checking senior list and making up subjects .... Miss Hanigan is seen nimbly climbing a ladder during the faculty basketball game at the Sport Revue .... Orchestra makes its debut on the radio .... Mr. Miller calls tryouts for annual Road Show. Feb. I6-28-First double feature given by the Masque and Wig . . . Max Gilstrap gives a program and shows how we can all be little birds ...i . Doris Nielson has the crowd in the aisle at the Thalian- Philo play, "Lady of Letters" .... First senior class meeting held .... Payne voted class president. March I-I 5-Coats and neckties are put on for the annual group pictures .... Candid camera fans organize a Camera Club. THE WORLD IS YOURS . You have our sincere 'a Co CI BLUFF . . . Lynx go tumble game ' the scrappy Ly of district .... 5 ngratulations to the ass of l939 CITY LAUNDRY to district in a rough and with T. J .... Lennox beat nx team, putting them out Boys' quartet tries its luck on the radio., March I6-31-l Show is presem in oratory and aneous speakii resent A. L. ii Hancock and Another succesful Road ted .... Graves wins first Payne second in extempor- 'ig in the district, and rep- 1 state .... New colonels Stageman announced at :luIullluuuuuuuuulunluunununun:uulnnnnnnuunuuuunnunnuuuuununnuun: cong ratulations on having as your present possessions these priceless advantages . . . A finished high school education and a glorious f with unlimited opportunities stretching out before have youth . . . ambition . . . faith . . . hope . . . ou ree America you . . . you tlook . . . and inspiration, which, if properly aimed and directed your success and happiness in life. So keep your head, and above all, your heart "for the issues of life." Joe Sm :: Page 111 , will insure out of it are ith 8: Co. By Joe W. Smith v f 0 v Professional Directory ' ' ' ' DR. ERICKSEN-HILL DR. C. A. HILL Council Bluffs Clinic ALDIS A. JOHNSON, M. D. Council Bluffs Clinic Office Phone 5600 Res, Phone 2949 SYDNER D. MAIDEN, M. S., M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 403-407 Bennett Bldg. DR. JOHN W. BAIRD Dentist 709 Bennett Building Office Phone 875 DRS. COGLEY, EDWARDS, FLOERSCH AND BROWN 6l0-630 Bennett Building MAX S. DUNSHEE Dentist 704-T08 Bennett Bldg. Phone 341 DR. JOSEPH B. THORNELL Diseases of Children Obstetrics 414-422 Bennett Building FRED H. BEAUMONT, M.D., F.A.C.S. General Surgery Council Bluffs Clinic Phone 5600 DR. A. N. BROWN DR. R. E. GREEN Dentists Council Bluffs Clinic JENNIE EDMUNDSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Owned and operated by the Women's Christian Association Phone 2769 DR. McMICKEN HANCHETT DR. GORDEN N. BEST Council Bluffs Clinic L. G. HOWARD, M. S., M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Council Bluffs Clinic Phone 5600 DR. M. C. HENNESSY General Surgery 306 Bennett Bldg. Phone 562 DR. J. L. STECH Physician and Surgeon 5l3-520 Bennett Bldg. Phone 54 112 the annual Military Ball .... "Spring Dance" heralds in spring vacation lHot Dogll April I0-I5-Senior play cast chosen for "Pride and Prejudice" .... Spring fever, hay fever, and senior fever permeate the halls. April I6-30-Murder lurks in the halls as the Junior Play goes into full swing .... Annual staff mop up work. May 'I-I5-Track finishes up with big sea- son .... A. L. represented in National Music contest. May I6-31--Seniors learn rest of words to "Once More, Dear Home," and begin to realize the Big Moment is near .... May fete reveals big surprise. June 9-Big Moment arrives and Old Age sighs and bids goodbye to 370 more "world threats." BENO' Y L BLUFFS Most DOMINANT Department fore 1 ......-L l pun GCJOD LIGHT A Ga - Y l' ' x 71 A ,.....l..- 4-i gi it L . W n mi x 'ff I i ' i.-'Fi QKVQ 'MEI' P544 'li 1 .-IW -:flaw 'wa' ' i . .'.,Q9t7'f'! f-IM. 'is Wg ' l .s-wp-0 W-3-51.-i-it ,M fy '31 , l 4 ,-44'1'19'J:-' A D ,J 'J '-'w'i'f'.3.v, Rl!-!'l-'Q 5: QQ it fi V ,q.55:g.g.5.f i -,Mgt 0 .gpg-1.3. 3.1 ery A y , .,65:i3E5'?" f - iffll, 3 ttf' K1 ' Z 7 ' f fixzqi. V 1-Qi 1 -'4 .o.ti' isis I . t L uv 4 ' i 3 W Wik i, i g -, if Q 7 A , Ish .04 4 4 3 L , . mf 5. C, V K ' . 4. ui .. i ,Iwi v 7 s . X Q , ri. I C 1 2 L' .wi ff i 4,3 AIN ,yi X 6-3.-1, o ' fi 'gal Q71 l I l -2 sfoaz Avgffofndgplwnqllnbq 1 ' by 4 N ' Q . i I oo 4 fly. , I 1 1 . v,o v,'g',gQ Q .1 U i 2 P 1 I -, 4,ZLQg:6.,:f:g..,M W 4-4 A 1 + 3 . -' mafb' lf?07.GmA7f01i'L'b".- ? -l I rn 0 I rn 3, 'U rn Ln -l -l E Z G3 -4 O C T C if IT! 3. O KU! UUITI ITI :im S F-4 30 Z QC 57' 5 OU g'I'l1 -SJ, rjl- gm .gin Bluunn nnuun nuuunnnuuu 5 ::P age 113 :: y l KIRN ATHLETIC FIELD HOOEY HILLTOP H'EXAM. HOOEY HILLTQP H'EXAM. Matching Test True and False Miss Brisley 1. Typing l STO?" Parker is freshman class presi-- en . Seniorls interpret 2' Vvolkmg 2 Miss Brisley wrote the new epic, Ammo' 3' June 9 "Napoleon's Farewell." , 3 Colonel Hancock, our new regiment Commencement 4- lifeedend commander, knows his stuff. relu 'Ce 4 Agnes Williams was most popular Errors 5. Cooperative freshman Qlfl- Selling Course 5 Our Road Show was best ever. Show 5, Quf 6 Don Wright, outstanding track star. R'O'.I..C. 7' Miller 7 "Dane" Hansen, all-Southwest star. 8 Don "Paul Muni" Langdon "acts" like Shirt Tails 8. Work a pig lsome haml. New Deadline 9. Yes, Sir! 9 lO lO. A poet Your Chevrolet Dealer Bigley, captain of football team. "Class of '39" is smallest class in his- tory. un-un g HUGHES MQTOR CO. Twenty-four Years ln The Same Location NEW CHEVROLETS - USED CARS OF ALL MAKES Telephone 669 l 53 West Broadway :4 Page 114 7 8 9 IO. HOOEY HILLTOP H'EXAM. Multiple Choice . Windows were: lol Cracked, ibm smashed, lcl left intoct 2. Assemblies were: lol squoshed, lbl mobbed, lcl breoth-toking 3. Most likely to succeed: lol Loper, lbl Storr, lcl J. Johnson 4. Best line: g lol Swisher, lbl Hommer, lcl Triplett ' 5. Deepest thinker: lol Pinkston, lbl Elgon, lcl Hennessy ' 6. R.O.T.C. inspection hod: l 1 TAFFE DRUG COMPANY Sixth Strieet ond Broodwoy Councfil Bluffs, lowo l l V Southwestelrn lowo's Leoding Prescripllion Drug Store. l EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME lol honor roting, lbl will do, lcl bod l . Junior ploy wos: I lol spooky, lbl thrilling, lcl exciting . Best driver in school: I lol obove por, lbl por, lcl lousy 5 l , Augustine . I ' . Advertising in Echoes wos: lol obove por lbl por, lcl lousy , , w Crimson ond Blue odviser: - i lol Sheff, fbi shorfef, lcl shoffesf a ...... ....... l ......... ......... . There's Nothing Like .... ' l889 1939 NATURAL l 50 YEARS OF SERVICE FOR 1 COOKING, REFRIGERATION I To WATER HEAWNG THE HJ ME BUILDER HEATING O S , OF I If it's done with heot it con be done better with ' NATURAL GAS COUNCIL BLUFFS GAS CO. Pg 115 COUNCIL BLUFFS Geo. A. ,Hoagland Co. I,+wJMBER Fronk F. Hollis, Monoger 724 south Moiln phone 245 . jf ww., ,Wfn L ,.. "1:l'll! Wx TERRY OPTICAL CO. Dr. J. W. Terry Dr. J. S. McVitty Dr. Frank Terry OPTOMETR I STS Eyes Examined - Glasses Fitted 408-410 Broadway Phone 830 'suvvnc DOUTNWIITIIYI iowa OIICI ll I ES ' i t Greater Education Means Greater Success The Failure of the Community depends upon your success. May we wish you everything that is good FIRST NATIONAL BANK El OUR BEST WISHES FOR CLASS OF l939 lfl - - - President C. G. Ouren - D. B. Stoufer - - - Vice-President Geo. W. Woods - Exec. V. P.-Cashier Roy Maxfield - - Asst. Cashier J. S. Watson - - Asst. Cashier AMBITIONS Rita lPetel Austin-To drive a hand car. Larry lAgnesl Asman-To replace Win- chell Clark lBubblesl Barritt-To be an areo- nautical engineer. Bette IB. J.l Fischer-To be a private sec- retary. Helen lFishl Fisher-To swim in a bowl. Lucille lLucie-I Foote-To have a library of swing. Jack lScarletl O'Hara-Doesn't have any. Margaret lMaggiel Maurer-To find the man. Owen lSlugl Hartschorn-Be the "Mad Russian." Joe lOiel Thornell-Get license plate for his "T". Don lCopeyl Copeland-Eat soup with a fork. Earl lRineyl Rinehart-To be the static on the radio. Horace lButchl Barton--To be a mad chemist. Faye lGoldiel Graves-Accompany Jack Benny when he plays the "Bee." Seth lTruesdalel Hills-To dye a hair-rais- ing death. Roland lMugsl McGee-To have a harem. Peggy lFoxiei Fox-To take care of crazy people. Doris lTwo-Ton Tilliel l-laiston--To be a dancer. Kathleen lKathiel Hennessy--To be the "mooer" on the "Contened Hour." Grover lJansJ Hansen-To go to Annap- olis. Elizabeth lLizl Holmgard-To walk out of class. Joe l?J Johnson-To be a fireman. :: Page 116 :: IOWA C OTHES SHOP .......................Ir............................ MARTIN'S , Air Conditioned I B-4 E o "The Store With Better Drug Service" . Free Delivery : E 5 ie Broadway and Scott St. Phone 84l 3 : ...................... . ........................................ : AMBITIONS Icorwai Barbara lBarbl Hughes-To teach dramat- H ics. E Jeanne Uakiei Jacobsen-To break all the g china in a china shop. E O n D4 Allan lAlim Jalliml Jahn-To be a radio engineer: ,,, Henry lBeartracksl Jennings-To be a transport pilot. im Loretta lPugJ Keiderling--To write mur- der stories. 5 o Katherine lKatiel Kirn-To go through much red tape in an adhesive factory. Kenneth lBig Danel Madsen-To be dance S director in Hawaii. io Jack lO. B.l O'Brien-To be No. l glamour man. 5 Warren lToarJ Parker--To be a fan dancer. Edward l ddiel Parks-To be a daredevil E l I WA ci. TI-IES HOP .E I .- :lm l X ?gs:oe,. I-oeF5:55, ' 53533735 r :Zoe-.r. ,qor,,r5r'Ep: If.:oe',-,-r-:neie , wyfo ,- 553 S 4 733 555 Lf . 51:5 Sox: rr5j'o,sgEr:gEe,9 g. ,5.g, geojbymrgg,-geo 5 "1" L,-rflE"qx.'lT iI4'K!r rp-Q5 I eamsiirq qi- 3333562 6 qw- tf-rr. en" Jr' .ic A -.fx fir dang! " - ,,,,o5,, .o goo'-9o'6g.Lo'e -Q-'?e:oJg,V ' 52 rraorimrr. 1 ' .re1E,'e."F,of '54'o3g,zfLgg93 r To rfqpo., fone,-1 , S r gpm ,L ' MSS-P1P,, eigfif or , Moen. os.,,,oe,5 ri I Ik ww .Ne . , ere,-52,051 QR' ,SL .f Siva tu' I?'a.g5 5 e,,.,i3a,g nvorvf' Q-r 0-lv ogg.-,o 1. o -log 4 3133? 5 5 ec-0351: eg . ,Wg Q - or- -ww' Z4 aes: ,g-1.5235 new or e. . - o mil? og? r., fgaro,-1 rosf So, ,o I,- an-'.' nn yu-,Ui , F 3 mwr -,. e :I F 'B' Ivo :fer eq, . q 61551.31 og, org .I , .,, go. 73315 S-S 'PM' fi 5216233 M254 , I fgrig 1 5-2 'o zo GSI K if ie 1: :ss H2337 X Q Fred lSco I Phaiiaoe-To be eorror of o ALWAYS FIRST b'9 newspopeh WITH THE LATEST J. .............................................. 5 w IN Fl E UALITY MEAoow Gow NLOEHING DAIRY PRODUCTS O Q EQ I AND : U ICE CREAM E4 FURNISHINGS BUTTER 3 I FOR : 'W'-K MEN AND YOUNG MEN l607 w. Broadway Phone 4646 : l 5 5 I IOWA CLl0THES sHoP Q: Page 117 k: l l WHAT'S THE RUSH . . .? lt's BARM ETTLER'S , DELICIOUS S COOKIES AND cRAcKERs WORTH RUNNING FOR! We extend Best Wishes to the Graduates of l939 NELSON GROCERY 232 West Broadway INSIST ON . . E. PETERSEN cf scHoENn-is co. Everything for the Home lfl 340-42-44 West Broadway El Your General Electric Dealer AMBITIONS lCont'dl Russell lPhinl Phinney-To try to be a singer. Mary Jane lRatsl Ratliff-To drive a truck down Broadway. Ralph lRustyl Russell+To be a test pilot. Stuart lStewl Russell-To be a hermit. Helen lSkellywagl Skelton-To raise cane in a rice field. Lucille lSpetl Spetman-To learn to cook. Jack lSteviel Stephens-To work on WPA. Marian lSqueeqiel Van Druff--To be an actress. Frances lFrannyl Van Horne-To work on a big newspaper. Marian lWhittlel Whitney-To stand in a library and scream. Robert lRed Soxl Wilcox-To be a manne- quin. Florence lFloweyl Yount--To be a dress designer. -s I I I I . I . PINECREST . . THAT Gooo MILK nn.-.un pq--nun nn-u u-un-nn--nun n ----nu--nun! :: Page 118 :g YOU CAN'T D0 THAT- Go left in the hall without getting caught. Skip an assembly and not be seen in the office later. Predict what's in a teacher's head. Find more than five A's in Miss Bris- Iey. Go by ZIZ before sixth period and not see June and Frankie. Find Maggie M. on time for her fifth period class. Find an empty space in front of the girls' mirrors Find a clean space on the towels. Find a seat in the assemblies. Be first in the lunch room line. Take reserved first table in lunch room from seniors l lCUTLER'S FUNERAL HOME l o Coulwcil Bluffs, Iowa 533 Willow Avenue Phone 97 sci-IMOLLER cf MUELLER PIANO co. Council Bluffs, Iowa , l , EVERYTHING IN Music Also Electrid Refrigerators, Radios : Washers, Etc. l 'n uunuuun T nuuuuuuuuuununnnnn l l CITY NATIONAL B NK i i T. G. Turner - - Chairman of the Board Robert W. Turner - - President R. D. M Turner - Vice-Presiqlent Ira L. Hays - P. J. McBride - - - Cashier - Asst. Cashier l l I l I Pg 119 :: I I Let There Be Music ln The Home , it ui Cl.g I??1E1D. Council BluFfs.IowA. 29.5 The Customer's Satisfaction is our Obligation GIRLS' BRAINSTORM IN PHYSICS This talk of curent in a bore ls often very boring, And study of induction coils Has never raised my scoring. These volts and amperes get my goat, Magnetos don't attract me, The E. M. F.'s in sixty coils Affects my mind abstractly. All generators make me sick, Oh, why were they invented? A current does a lot of work, But leaves my skull undented. BROWN'S WHITE LUNCH 218 West Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa Plate Lunches Sandwiches - Chili Always Open Phone 6228 u .annul:lilInrunninulInIInIlunuluuInInlaulnlnunlnllnllnulnluululu An armature gives me a pain, And commutators turning Don't make impressions on my brain, And don't increase my learning. These physics terms have pestered me Since back at the beginning, And when l ponder over them, They set my poor head spinning. l study hard both day and night, And try to gain some knowledge, But if I stay as dumb as this, I'lI never get to college. -Virginia Ann Nelson. HOME OF' THE PAREIL PHOTO- ENGRAVING COMPANY zoo: W. BROADWAY'COUNCIL BLUFFS -IA. I LLU STR FITORS FIND ENGRAVERS : : Page 120 I1 IF THEY USED WANT ADS IN A. L. Wanted: One A in Miss Ketter's govern- ment class. See a senior. Lost: One good memory. Finder please return to 206 before next 30 lines of memory work are due. For Sale lor rentl 2 One government note- book, reasonable rate. Good Investment: A dozen galvanized line buckets for third floor hall, for use in rainy season. Found: One large scissor for use in cut dances. Look in office. Bargain lfor freshmen onlyl: Twelve slightly used senior brains. For Sale lor rentl : Tests for all occasions. Inquire of mimeograph machine. Wanted: Car load of mouse traps for mice running around. Brain lnvigorater: Needed by juniors. Suggestion: Party to treat annual staff. See annual staff Wanted: An elevator from first floor to third floor. Eye props: Needed after Prom. Inquire of any junior or senior. Wanted: One really good salesman for Miss Bickett's retail selling course. Wanted: A reserve seat in assembly. Wanted: A senior who can name two places where "Ye come to learn, go forth to serve," is written. In un-unnunnnnuuuunu--nun E By Air-Conditioned GO SUPER-COACH E To the World's Fairs - E You'll have fun every mile of the way in these E E luxurious new highway liners. Low fares give E , . ' I : venient schedules. : E 33 Pearl Street 5 5 5 Phone: 2000 0e C' : uugrogus you exrta dollars to spend at the Fair. Con- . : INTERSTATE TRANSIT LINES 5 I lllllllllllllllllllllldulllllll Congratulatiorsl E We are happy 'with you at this momentous ' period in life. i ALUMNI Harry C. Crowl - - - Class 'l3 Christine R, Jensen - Class '25 Emma Jensen - - - Class '3l Gene Huchins - - - Class '33 HARRW c. cRowL co. 5 Fleal Estate Real Estate lnsurance of All Kinds 1 ........................ l ...................................... . clnossMAN DEPARTMENT l stone l Oppfsite Post Office Wishes Everything l Fine To the Class of '39. l E E The X OPTlClAL si-IOPIPE 332 w. Brootawoy Phone 2706 5 l ,.... . .,... Ozfrommwr Assumes Accumxcr. DR. QREENBERG qPTOMETRlST Guard Your Eyesight . . . lt is Precious 5 .......... ....... ............ .............. . . l' :z Page 121 :: l i lllllllllllllll F NOW! LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE 5 Cosmetology and its allied beauty lines is third E largest industry in the United States. Demand E is great for young men and women trained in 2 Beauty Culture : Council Bluffs Beauty Academy E Only Honor Emblem School ' in Western Iowa 6V2 Pearl Street Inquire for information nun nun nu-nun I InlInIII-nn-unuununnnn nnnnuu THE PRESCRIPTION STORE A New and Complete Stock I A Complete line of Pharmaceuticals ond E Biologicals. E Graduate Pharmacists in Constant Attendance. ' Compounding under Clean and Hygienic Atmosphere. lNot a food or drink dispensaryl CLARK DRUG CO. I7 North Main St. Phone 418 I TASTY Fooos . . wi-""-ne Dwarfies n WHEATMIX wwlfl VH .k ....f--Q"" W I i. ll ., , lt " l?eIf'lf 5 Q I LP Q 5 71' t x Qgiig Dwarfies R hw- Popped Wheat wif, A if Dwarfies Poppecl Rice . . AT YouR GROCER DAFFYNOTIONS Ax--To question. Beacon-Meot from side or back of hog. Bookkeeping-The art of going through a semester without losing a book. Colony-That which a teacher does when she comes to the hardest questions in the text. Credence-Those of which we have to have thirty-two. Culminate-What we did in cafeteria. Descent-What the school gets from chem- istry. Detaches-What our parents pay to keep us here. Detest-That which keeps us from passing. Dismoy-The fifth month of the present year. Dough-nuts-Our answer when touched for loan. First-What we do after knowledge? Fleet-What you put on the floor. Flustrate-What we aren't. Forebode-Should wash your face be- Gypsum-What a teacher does when pass- in out grades. Habit-What we don't when we get to physics class. Halo-Thus do we greet our teachers. Harpoon-What we don't use at lunch. Harrow-A missile shot from o bow. Inform-The way the coaches like to see the boys. Lacquer-Place where we keep our books, lunches, and pet mice. Lain-What we come to school to do. Realize-The ones you don't make up. Totiem-What we do with our books every ay. :z Page 12.2 :: ' LEWIS 81 EMARINE A l V t N Printers and Stationerst A w V Telephone H2 Broodwoy ot Scott Street A EM BANK CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1939 A Career Founded Upon the Principal of Thrift is Headed Straight for Success Established 1888 STAT E SAVINGS BANK Counczl Bluffs Iowa Member of Federal Dep s't Insurance Corporat' n THE GYMNASIUM-SCENE OF MANY FESTIVITIES Pg 124 :'

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