Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA)

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Qf 4' I i u.-194' 5 fl! J I D , ,, .,, ,, .. f xx ' , 14 u' "7 r rr fl' I r N . u., ., -. ui' 4 ' -. f... , V , ,, . 4, u. '4., . , Q "',iJQ'. 1 ', ,Q gif, M' - , . ,Q4,.L..f , f, ,u 'N ' ' ' 2 ff F494 7 . . " - . w 5- 4' jig? ' - . f n, aww - " Ui 1 ,. I -, .Q Ai V. . V UVV giiVV 'r,1,31 2 .u' ff ""'79':f1L "A ' " ,g5f.' 1 " wg 'P .. ,ugf .1 ' ' 4, 1 'Ek " ' 'N 25 . -lv' A ff 5LS'?2 , .4 f ,nl Qgvim7i? 1 A ' ' , - 5.1 ' FZ-. . , V.: ,t ,, ' ' 0 Q . . ."' 1 ut: ' M V - A f.1. , .1-,Y 2.0, .,..,0, 'f 'NV ' v ..z -. Y,..- 'wx " L. ,. A A-1-f.xl,,v . wzfffff-:ig ' T 1-i ' ry , si' 7, .' - A- -4 - . Q V. - Sv"f:fw. H . V i ' 9,14-.25-.,,1,, E 21 ' . R g' 61. 3 ,'.gZ'- ,I-,gg if :A-. A ,WE w 1 A1 M ,- ,V f ,R V , - , A qs- Kr' 1 ' . - 9. JT . vw. ,.-.,,m ,Q ., - pr ,, ,V it 1, V Q Q. , , 3 ' 39 nv' - ,I J'f Uf I" V- Ur 4 . ' 1 , . H. J f. - . , 'ei' " ?'- U xml .. 4 -, :gn 4, . W ,f . 1 f . 1- rf MQ ' . 'f "aiu f 'E e:a-52A,VgfAf. , -x --w. 1, lr: . mf ,A .ff 1' , ' 'in Ytvv ., A ,- wp,-., , .,-V1 , .4 V . 1 ,j Q f .. .,V V Q - ' . N' 'f 4 . Q, V . -f in imap, ' an V A Vu , A V 1-:Luffy , z V: Q' ' ' 34 ,Zz -T Q F . Q if, ,Sb- V ,, V ,A V. uf. .Q 'f A , 43, Y Q .QMS . '. ff X . V, , V .. f .4-. f N if ' . is f ' V. -V V It Q. . , . . ef' 'z ' V 92.f',.' 16:42, , f - ,.,- ' ' ' ' A if .- , ., , m,g,'i-1 . f k--Mgt 4 1 ., ' 1 F W. ,- -A ,, . . . 5 1- , 4 . .iV.?X! re?-1 712-".1 ., A 4 ' .,f:.:Tf..x -Ltef ff, ' ELEANOR WHITE - - - - - - - Editor JOHN ZURMUEHLEN - - Business Manager ILT Tm CRIMSON U E 1938 D Published by the Senior Class Abraham Lincoln High School Council Bluffs, lowa Pg Th FOREWORD "COMING events cast their shadows before" ..... Shadows of television presage a marvelous future for us. Just now visions of fear, suspicion, anxiety, flash off and on our figurative screen. Unemployment faces us on every side. A more tragic outlook for graduates would be hard to find. l Healthy minds bridge this transition period in which We meet the World. Television is a shadow fore- telling the miracles and Wonders of the nent era. Our generation Will fall heir to this wealth of Wonder! Our future is beckoning. The 1938 Crimson and Blue serves as a "screen- ful" of local achievements, and unlike the other Visions, it will persist after We have reached our quota of to- morrows. t I DEDICATION H ERE'S to the future! Tomorrow, today will become yesterday, a part of the past, but tomorrows will come forever. In the future gleam the visions We live by, there- fore we dedicate this year-book to that powerful, beckoning loadstone-the future. All that We Work for, the quality of what we do, of character itself is shown up by this compelling magnet. I This record of school life has been the iprime hope of every senior class-ours, too. It marks the "30" of our high school career 3 but We still have our future and our hope. CONTENTS I. Administration ------ II. Classes - - III. Music and Speech Arts IV. Publications ------ V. Military ---------- VI. Organizations ----- VII. Athletics 11 16 45 54 59 65 85 VIII. Humor, Advertising 101 AROUND Tl-IE CAMPUS HJ liilth Avenue and Third Street. QD On looking west from the main entrance. Q31 The gym' nasium. Q45 Shadow on the cannon, Q53 Guns in the drill hall. Q63 Ice under foot at boys' en' trance. f7D Gihralter and 21 l'wird's nest in january. QS, The campus from the top of Gibralter. Q91 From hehind the cannon. HKU The front walk after school. Qllj Guardian in the front hall. CIZJ "Ye onine to learn, go forth to serve." Eight 5 1 Station L. I-LS. Television Broadcast ii f H IN CHARGE OF CONTROLS W N PRINCIPAL G. W. KIRN Page Twelve Congratulations "For three years you have been a part of the Abraham Lincoln High School. The halls have rung with your merry laughter. You have sought knowledge and understanding in the class rooms. Your lives have been enriched with beautiful friendships of pupils and teach- ers. You have vied with each other and with pupils of other schools in athletics, forensics, dramatics, music, art, journalism, commercial subjects and other activities as you have sought excellence in intellectual achievement and in personal development. You have breathed the spirit of the school. You have been the school. "Now as you are graduating you are presenting this Annual as the record of your school life, the tangible evidence of your ambitions, your appreciations and your achieve- ments. It is my sincere wish for you that this book will always recall in golden memory this matchless period in your lives, that it will record for you in type and picture your quest of the good, the true and the beautiful, that through it you will cherish all your lives the high idealism that your high school days have stressed and that you may relive whenever you read it, the happy days of your high school course." G. W. KIRN. ....-L "My congratulations and best wishes to every member of the senior class of the Abraham Lincoln High School for the success you have attained in fulfilling all the re- quirements for graduation. You have taken advantage of the educational opportunities afforded in this community and have overcome the obstacles met in attaining this first milestone along life's pathway. We share your happiness in reaching this goal. "We look with you into the future and see on every hand opportunities for those who are willing to prepare themselves and who are eager to be of service to humanity in this troubled world. Go forth with determina- tion that will not be denied. Formulate for yourself some philosophy of living and a creed that will carry you through any crisis. May I suggest the one given to the world by Harold Walters: I would he true for there are those who trust me, I would he pure for there are those who careg I would he strong for there is muck to suffer, I would he brave for there is much to dareg I would he friend to all, the foe, the frienrllessg I would he giving and forget the gift, I would he humble for I know my Weahnesxg I would look up and laugh and love and lift. "My wish for you is health, happiness and success." J. A. TRUE f SUPERINTENDENT A TRUE Asquith Baptist Bartley Bishop Blank Broadfoot Burgess Chew Cochran Downs Hammes Hanigan Hanthorn Henderson Kelly BENJAMIN S. ASQUITH A. B. University of Iowa A. M. University of Iowa American History and Government: Economics: Business Law: Aristo Sponsor ELEANOR BAPTIST A. B. Kansas State Teachers Col. Journalism: English: Quill and Scroll Sponsor: Crimson and Blue Editorial Adviser. DAISY B. BARTLEY A. B. Colorado State Teachers College English- MYRA L. BISHOP B. S. University of Nehraska M. A.Teachers College, Columhia University Household Arts: Alpha Sponsor. HANSEN F. BLANK Stout Institute Free Hand Drawing: National Honor Society Sponsor. EMMA N. BOESCHE University of Iowa Geometry: Trigonometry: Ionian and National Honor Society Sponsor. FACULTY MABEL LOUISE BRISLEY Ph. B. University of Chicago English: Ero Sponsor. GRACE B. BROADFOOT A. B. University of Iowa American History: Girl Reserves and Junior Sponsor. DOLLIE D. BURGESS Midland College Bookkeeping: Office Practice: Aristo Sponsor. FEE CHEW B. S. Drake Salesmanshi 1 Bookkeeping: Athletics Cfjiach. J. RICHARD COCHRAN Ii. S. Parsons Salesmanship: Commercial Geography: General Science: Athletics Coach. JET THRUSH DOWNS University of Iowa Typing: Commercial Club Sponsor. ESTHER EHMKE A. B. University of Iowa History: Thalian Sponsor. JOHN D. GARVIN Sergeant D.E.M.L. fR.O.T.C.J Instructor. Boesche Brisley Ehmke Garvin Ketter Landon ROMAN HAMMES B. S. Stout Institute M. S. Iowa State College Drafting: Safety Education and Logo Sponsor. BESS I-IANIGAN Ph. B. University of Chicago M. A. University of Chicago American Government: Alpha Sponsor: Senior Sponsor. MARION HANTHORN B. S. Iowa State College Household Arts: Iioods and Cafeteria. MARGARET R. HENDERSON A. B. Tarkio College Latin: Rcservcttes Sponsor. GRANT P. KELLY Sergeant D.E.M.L. fR.O.T.C.J Instructor. LELA KETTER B. S. Drake Geometry: American Government: Ero Sponsor. FLORENCE LANDON A. B. Coe College M. A. University of Iowa French: Spanish: French Cluh and Spanish Cluh Sponsor, Paize Thirteen Lawson Lee Nix Nowak Reynard Roscnkranz ROY F. LAWSON M. A. Creighton B. S, Parsons Biology: Athletics Coach: junior Sponsor. H. ARTHUR LEE A. B. and B. Baker M. A. University of Kansas Journalism: I'IifY and Senior Sponsor. MARY ELLEN MCCABE A. B. University of Illinois Dramatics: English: Puhlic Speaking. W. HOWARD McILRATH A. B. Grinnell College Dehatez English: Modern Prohleins. FAYE E. MARTY A. B. University of Nehraska M. A, University of Michigan English: Thalian Sponsor. WALLACE A. MEAD Major Infantry Professor of Military Science and Tactics. VIRGIL H. MILLER A. B. University of Indiana M, A. University oi Indiana Physics: Algehra: General Science: Philo Sponsor ge Fourteen McCahe McIlrath Marty Nyrop Olson Pooley Seidl Shaw Stout FACULTY MARY C. NIX A. B. University of Nehraska Qd5l, mauor: Girls' V ciation and Girls' Rifle Corps Sponsor. WILLIBALD NOWAK Theatre ancl Orchestra School Conservatory Instrumental Music. DORA G. N YROP A. B. University of Nehraska M. A. Columbia University Dean of Girlsi Junior Business Training: Psychology. MILDRED I. OLSON B, S. University of Nehraska Typing: Reservettes Sponsor. PERSIS POOLEY B. S. University of Minnesota Lihrarian. MITTIE M. PYLE A. B. University of Iowa M. A. University of California : Clio and National Honor Society Sponsor. EDWIN REIN EL B. S. Stout Institute Manual Training: in charge of N. Y. A. Meade Miller Pyle Reinel Tainisiea Tatroe LOREN F. REYNARD B. S. Iowa State Teachers College M. A. University of Iowa Bookkeeping: Ionian Sponsor. WILBUR I. ROSENKRANZ B. A, North Central College M. A. University of Minnesota Chemistry: Crimson and Blue Business Adviser. RUDOLPH SEIDL Conservatory, Vienna Orchestra Band. KATHLEEN SHAW A. B. University of Omaha Vocal Music, HAROLD STOUT B. S. Iowa State Teachers College Manual Training: Physical Education: Golf. RUTH M. TAMISIEA A. B. University of Iowa Dramatics: English: Masque and Wig Sponsor. EDITH R. TATROE Gregg University Shorthand: Delta Tau Sponsor Bondo E. GRACE TAYLOR A. B. Drake Englishg Delta Tau Sponsor. MARY D. WALLACE A. B. University of Nebraska Algebra: Geometry. AGNES WHITE A. B, University of California English: Psychology: junior Red Cross Sponsor. Taylor, Wallace, A. White, L. White, Willard, Bean, Shyken FACULTY LEN A WHITE B. S. Iowa State Teachers College Shorthandq Bookkeepingglfdfk Girl Reserves Sponsor. EDNA ILLARD Grinnell Coluege B. S. Iowa State College Household Arts: Clio Sponsor. CITY LIBRARY Walker ARMI LDA BEAN Registrar. 74 UTH SHYKEN Treasurer. MARIGOLD WALKER Secretary. SARA BONDO, R. N. School Nurse. The city library of Council Bluffs contributes its facilities and service generously to assist the pupils and teachers of the school system. Its cooperation makes it an important auxiliary of the city schools. tif. gow ... M , W . . 4 A . . N ,L pm . - w.fM.?'ll16Wf -P . , Q.: mv. --re rw, l l RADIO PERSONALITIES Front row: Miss Hannigan, Plunkett, Wierda, Second row: Henderson, Pinkston Pohl, Mr. Lee. Senior Class of I938 OFFICERS President ..... , , . . . . Vice-President ..,. Secretary ........ Treasurer ..,..,.....,...,.. Sergeant-at-Arms .,..,..,,......,.......,....,..,. . .Don Wierda , . , . , . Donald Pohl . . , .Eileen Plunkett .Bob Henderson . .Bill Pinkston Sponsors: Miss Hannigan, Mr. Lee O LOOK at us now, how would you ever realize that once we, too, were hesi- tant freshmen? By taking advantage of all the character moulding processes offered, we have become changed in attitude and outlook. It took a few years to accomplish the change, but now that we have within our reach a basic foundation for knowledge and formulae for an honest, intelligent way of living, we're willing to make our debut. Similar paths of service open before each of us as a result of careful high school training. Instructors have guided us through our thicker days of that four-year pull- and here we arel We have tried to make ourselves a dis- tinct part of the school. We have com- pleted our work now, but some day in the future, you and I will look back wistfully to these rip-roaring days when all things were not only possible, but probable. Our time has come! Now we, too, will take glad steps to the strains of "Once More, Dear Home." Honors have been shared, as well as scholastic achievements and activities. We are thankful to have been a part of all this. Page Sew 1 nteen DORIS ADAMS -------- College Prep Clio: Girl Reserves: French Club: Orchestra: Iiehoes Staff. CHASTA ADERS -------- Commercial Glee: Rifle Corps: Commercial Club. KATHLEEN AI-IRENS - - - Commercial Glee: Commercial Club. WILLIAM ALLAN ------- College Prep Football: Basketball: Echoes Staff: R.O.T.C. Lieutenant. IRENE ANDERSEN -------- Commercial G.A.A. President: 'l'halian: Company Sponsor: llonorary Lieutenant Colonel. PAULINE ANDERSON -------- Commercial Glee: Rifle Corps: Commercial Club: Company Sponsor. BENJAMIN H. ARCH - R.O.T.C. - - Commercial DICK ARNOLD ----- Glee: Aristo: Football. - - College Prep LEAI-I BAILEY ----- -- - Latin Club: Orchestra MAXINE RAIN --------- - - Commercial College Prep Delta 'I'au Sergeant-at-Arms: Echoes Staff: Glee: French Club: Masque and Wig, MILDRED BALABAN -------- Commercial Glee: 'l'halian Serxreant-at-Arms : Girl Re- serves : Literary Society Debate, LUIS BANDOMER 1 ------ Commercial Glee. ' Q 1. ,ARIAN BATES -------- Commercial Alpha: Glee: Rifle Corps: Masque and Wig. LEMUEL BINKLEY --------- Commercial Rifle Team: R.0.'l'.C. Corporal. JOHN BLIZZARD ------- Commercial Crimson and Blue Staff: Logo Viee-President: R.0.'l'.C. Major: "The Ghost 'l'rain": Masque anrl Wig: Literary Society Debate. CAROL BUCK -------- College Prep E ro Red President: National Honor Society: Junior Cross Council: D.A.R. Representative: Interwsoeiety and Varsity Debate: Girl Re- serves: Echoes Staff. ALICE BOEDEKER ------- College Prep 'l'halian: French Club: Girl Reserves: Rifle Corps: Glee: Literary Society Debate. ANNE BRANDT -------- College Prep Evo: Masque aml Wig: Echoes Staff. SENIUHQ r OLIVE BRANDT ------- Commercial Rifle Corps: Commercial Club. DOROTHY JEAN BRENNEMAN - - College Prep Crimson and Blue Staff: Echoes Staff: Girl Reserves Vice-President: Delta Tau: Masque and Wig. HELENA BRIGGS -------- College Prep Delta Tau: Orchestra: Girl Reserves Secre- tary: National Honor Society Treasurer. RUTH BROUGHAM - - - cuiivgt- in-L-,. Delta Tau. CHARLOTTE BROWN - - - - riirlffhi Thalian Treasurer: Commercial Club RALPH BROWN ------- Commercial Glee President: Football: "The Ghost Train' , Contest Play. .IEANNBTTE BUCKINGHAM ---- Commercial Commercial Club. NELS BURGESS - - - - Commercial Echoes Staff. IVA BURKET - - Commercial Thalian. MARJORIE BURRILL ------- College Prep Crimson and Blue Staff: National Honor Society: Clio President: Girl Reserves: Echoes Staff. CARL BUSKNESS - - - College Prep Aristo: Glev. ROY CARTER --------- College Prep Football: R.O.T.C. Lieutenant. RUTH CHAPMAN ----- P- Commercial KATHERINE CHARLES ------- Commercial Alpha Treasurer: National Honor Society : Girl Reserves Vice-President: Glee: Literary So- G.A.A.: Company Sponsor. ciety Debate. ALYCE CHRISMAN - - - Commercial G lee. ESTHER CHRISTENSEN ------- Commercial G.A.A.: Delta Tau: Literary Society Debate. LORRAINE CHRISTENSEN ----- Commercial Commercial Club: Rifle Corps. ROBERT CT-IRISTIANSEN - - - - General Basketball: Football. VERNON CHRISTIANSEN - VV1'c-stlirlyz. RAYMOND CI-IRISTOFFERSEN - - Hi-Y 3 liuslu-tbzlllg Football 3 J ANE CLARK ---- Comnu-rcial Club. - - General Comm on-iul Echoc-s Slzxff. - Commercial HAROLD CLAYPOOL ----- - - Cnllvxlv Prop Ili-Y Vice-Prvsimlvnti R.0.'l'.C. Lin-utonzmt. MARCELLA COCHRAN Gln-0: Riflo Corps. MARY COLLINS -------- Commercial Club: R JACK CONKLING' - - lonizm SL'TLI'L'ZlIlt-Elf-Al'YTIS 3 - - - - Comma-rcial Com l'lIOY'l'I?ll iflc Corps. - - - - - Collcgro Prop Football: 'l'r:1ck3 R.O.T.C. Lim-utonunt. DON CONNORS - - - Ilzuslu-tlmll 3 'l'm-nnis Z - - - - - - - G1-m'i'z1l R.0.T.C. I.i1-ut:-nzmt, MARJORIE CONSTARLE ----- Collcirx- Prep Alpha: Mznsquv and FRANCES CRABILL - Riflo Corps: Ero. MARK CURTIS - - - Logo Viv:--I'1'l-sidn-nt: Wigg French Club. - Comma-rcial - - - - Collogc- I-'ron Junior Class 'll!'L'?lSlll"Ql'1 Intcrsovim-ty :ind Varsity Debate: "Tho Ghost Trz1in"g National Ho LOIS DALLINGER - - nor Socivty. - - - - - - College- Pr Evo: Gln-0: Rn-scrvvttos. vvyv JOHN DAVIS ---- Ionian: Wrvstlimgg I uc-ant. GLENN DECKER - Conirru-rcial Club: R.0.'I'.C, Captain: HAROLD DE VOL -------- - - - - - - Cnmmvrcizll make-tlmall: R.O.'I'.C. Sur- Commercial Philo: Echovs Staff: "Tho Ghost Train." Collcfru Prep Track ' Wrvstling ' Football mwwf I A 4' ALMEDA mlfrs ------ ' fIOI!Il'YlL'l'Ci2ll Club. THELMA IIOLAN - Conimn-rviul Club: G LESTER DONER - - R.O.'l'.C. Sn-rm-zxnt. - - Commercial Commercial lvv. - - GL-nvral Sl2NlllllS Ml JERRY DROGE --------- College Prep Thalian President: Girl Reserves Vice-Pres- ident: French Club: Sn-xtetg Masque and Wig Treasurer: Declam Finals. DORIS DRUSTRUP - - - - - - - - Commercial Girl Reserves: Commercial Clubg Rifle Corps. ALICE DUGAN ---- - - - - Commercial Commercial Club Secretary: Gleeg Rifle Corps. BETTY DUGGAN ---- - - - - - Commercial Commercial Club Treasurer: Erog National Honor Society. .IEANNE DURFEE ------- College Prep French Club President: Hrog Rifle Corps, WAITE DURFEE -------- College Prep Logo President: Junior Red Cross Council: Intex-society and Varsity Debate: R.0.T.C. Lieutenant. VIRGINIA DYE - - - Ero: Girl Reserves. - College Prep ROSEMARY EPPERSON - ---- Commercial Glee: Commercial Club: Reservettes. FLORENCE ESANCY ----' - - Commercial Thallun: Masque and Staff. Wig: Gleel Echoes VIRGINIA ESANCY ------- College Prep Alpha: Girl Reserves: Orchestra: Echoes Staff: Glee. MARY JOYCE EVANS - - -'-- College Prep Em: Masque and Wig: Orchestra. JEAN FALLERS ------- Coin-ge Prep Rifle corps: Echoes Staff: Jufiior Red cross Council. - HELEN FARHER - - - Ero Secretary: Masque test Play. LOIS FAUROT - - - Eehoes Staffg Clio. JACK FELTON - - - Echoes Staff. HAROLD FISCI-IER - Logo : Glee. VERNON FITCH ---- Basketball: Football. FRANCES FITZGIBBON General and Wig: Glen: Cun- - - College Prep - - Commercial - Commercial - - College Prep - - - - - - General Ero: Girl Reserves: Glee President. ' QENlUl5lS DAVID FLACK ------- - Collvgn- Prop Fuotlmll: Echoes Editor-in-Chivf. VIRGINIA FRANKLIN ------ Cullvgo Pm-D Erug Girl Rvsvrvos 'IlI'l'!lSlII'4'I'I lizxnslg Urchls- tru: Fra-nch Club. LEONA FRIED ------- Girl Iii-svl'vm-sg Rifle Curnsg cial Club: Echoes Stuff. - - Conxnwrvizxl Gln-4-C Cumnuvr- LAURA MAE FUIIMJCR ------- CClHIlT14'I'CI2ll Comms-ruizll Club: Il:-sn-r'vvttvs: Loulslc GABLE ---- f - Gln-I-: Commvrcial Clulmg livllm-s Stuff, ELLEN GEBUI-IR ------- Ch-v. - COlT1I'Y1L'I'CIZ1l - Cullvgm- Pr:-11 Gln-0: Thzllian VIf'l'-I'I'K'Hllli'Ill. LEATRICE GELLERT - - Erng Echoc-s Stuff. - - Cullum- Pri-11 WALTER CLARK GILES ----- Cullvgr- Prop Ionian View-l'1'usid4-nt: Echon-s Stuff: linnd: Urn-hm-stru: Mzlxquu und Wixrg WILLIAM GI LMAN ------ 'R.U,'l'.C. Corporal, IDA GITTLE --------- Ifuutlmll. - - C0l11lIl4'Y'l'I1lI Commurciul Clin: Cmnmm-rcizll Club: Glen-3 Mzisquv and Wig. BRUCE GLASSBURNER ---- - - Cullogv Prop Philo 'froasurvrg Echoes Stuff: fIl'I'l'lI'Sl.I'?lQ Glco. DORIS GRAVES ------- Clio 3 Girl Rvsvrvs-s Sc-f'rz-tzxry 3 I'IELI'IN GRAY - - Ulm-0: Riflv Corps. .IUHN STEPHEN GRETZER - Arista: Mzlsquv und Wig: Cx' Staff. ELEANOR GROTE ---- Gln-0: Hel zL 45 JACK GROTE ----- Fuutbzxll: Trzlckg Gln-0. BOB GU STAFSON ------- Arista President 3 Iiitorzu-y R.0.'l'.C. Lin-utvnzxnt. BETTY HALL ------ Dvltu Tau: Girl Reserves. - Collvgv Prop Nlaxsquv and Wig: - Colh-Liv Prop - - - - Gm-nnrill imsun :xml lillu - - CUYTIIT14'I'CIlll - Comnu-rciul - Colle-1:0 PM-p Socis-ty D1-halo! - Commvrciul QENIURQ PEGGY HALL - - - College Prep Glee: Ero. BOB IIALL ---------- Commercial Aristo: Commercial Club: Echoes Staff: State Music Contest: R.O.T.C. Lieutenant. ADA MAE HAMILTON ----- College Prep Clio: Girl Reserves Treasurer: National Ilon- or Society: Echoes Staff: Glue. VIRGINIA HAMMER ------- College Prep Spanish Club: Gleei Latin Club. VIRGINIA LEE HANNA ----- Commcrcial Commercial Club President: Alpha: Rifle Corps. Bl-IRNICE HANSEN - - Commercial Commercial Club. BILLY HANSEN ------- College Prep Ionian President 3 Golf Team 3 Inter-society and Varsity Debate : Hi-Y Vice-President Rand Q J unior Red Cross Council. FOLMER HANSEN ------- College Prep Logo: Band: Orchestra: Golf: Hi-Y. LEROY HANSEN -------- Commercial Glee: Hi-Y: Logo: R.O.T.C. Lieutenant. VIRGIL HANSEN - - - Commercial Philo 3 Hi-Y. HAROLD HANUSA ------ - Commercial loniun: R.O.'l'.C. Corporal, MAX HARDEN ------- - College Prep Glee: Track: Football. DARRELL I-IARMS - - - Commercial DON HARRIMAN -------- College Prep llzisketball: R.O.T.C. Lieutenant. ANNA MARIE I-IAUSCHILDT - - Commercial Clio: G.A.A.: Rifle Corps: Commercial Club. :elf-f LUCILE IIAYS --------- Commercial liroi G.A.A.: Glee: Spanish Club: Echoes Staff: Commercial Club. BILLY HECI-IT ------ - Commercial R.0.T.C. Lieutenant. DELPIIINA HECHT ------- Commercial Rifle Corps: Commercial Club: Glee. EDWARD HECK --------- College Prep Ionian: llatin Club: Echoes Staff. BOB HENDERSON ------- College Prep Aristo President: Echoes Staff: Football: R.O.'I'.C. Captain: Senior Class 'I'reasurer. VIVIAN HENDERSON ---- - - Commercial Delta Tau: Commercial Club: Glee. CHARLES HERD ------ Football 3 Basketball 1 Track Z R,O.'l'.C. Corporal. DELORES HETRICK - G.A.A.: Band, MAXINE HILLER ---- Glee: Commercial Club. MARY ELIZABETH HOGAN - - Ero: Commercial Club. MARIAN HOWLETTE - - - - - - Commercial Echoes Staff: - - Commercial Commercial - - Commercial - - Commercial Girl Reserves: Commercial Club. ROBERT HUDSON -------'- General Echoes Staff: Glee: Cheer Leader: R.0.'l',C. Captain. DEAN HUTCHISON ------- Collexze Prep Football: Basketball: Wrestling: R.O.T.C. Major. MARGARET JACOBS ----- - - Commercial Rifle Corps: Commercial Club. JUNE JACOBSEN - ------- Commercial Rifle Corps: Commercial Club! State Short- hand Contest. MILTON JENKINS - Football I Track. DON JENNINGS - - - Aristoi Football I Rifle R.O.'l'.C, Major. JEANETTE JENNINGS Glee: Rifle. WARREN JENSEN ------ Team : - - Commercial - College Prep Hi-Y President: - - Commercial - College Prep Echoes Staff: Ionian Treasurer: Hi-Y: Glee: "The Ghost 'l'rain": R.O.T.C. Major. FRANKLIN JEPPESEN ------ Collefze PWD Glue: Ionian: State Music Contest, ROBERT JEPSON -------- College Prep Logo: State Drawing Contest: R.O.T.C, Lieu- tenant. DORIS JOHNSON - - - Commercial Rifle Corps: Commercial Club: Girl Reserves. WILLIAM JOHNSON - - Aristo: Spanish Clubg R.O.'l'.C, Lieutenant. ALVIN KEMPLIN ------- Foutballg VV1'estling: E DOREEN KEMPLIN - - Clee: Cheer Leader: Echoes Sta MARY KENNEDY - - Echoes Staff. MARJORIE KERBER - - Evo: Clee. VIOLETTA KIRN - - Commercial Club. HAROLD KILLIAN - - Football: Vlfrestlingg Clee. KATHRYN KINNEY - - College Prep Masque and Will? Commercial choes Staff. Commercial ff., Commercial - - Commercial mme:-cial College Prep - - - - - Commercial Commercial Club: Glue: Rifle Corps. I V 1 L . ff JJ WADE KRABBE ' - Commercial BEN KUTLER --------- College Prep Logo Secretary: Literary Society Debate: De- elam Finals: Extempo Finals: R.O.'l'.C. Lieu- tenant. LORENE LAMMERT - - Alpha. KENNETH LARSON - - Football. TOM LAUGHLIN -------- Echoes Staff: Band: Debate. ELEANOR LEASURE - - - Commercial College Prep College Prep Orchestra 3 Varsity College Prep Thalian: Reservettes: Sigma Tau at T. J.: International Club at T. J. ERVIN LEE - - Commercial Bandg Glee. JOAN LUNG - - - - - ollege Prev Gleeg Echoes Staff. JOSEPHINE McCARTHY - e ---- College Prep Clio Vice President: French Club! Girl Re- serves: lntersoeiety and Varsity Debate: "The Ghost Train." MARIAN MCCLELLAN - - - - Commercial Delta Tau. JACK McCOMBIE ---------- College Prep Crimson and Blue Staff: Echoes Staff: Jun- ior Red Cross Council: Hi-Y Secretal'y-'l'rez1s- l,ll'1:'l'. GLADYS MCDONALD ---- - - Commercial Alpha: Girl Reserves. PAUL McKEE ---------- College Prep Football: Echoes Staff: Wrestling: R.0.'l'.C. Sergeant. KATHERINE McLANE ---- - - Commercial G.A.A.: Commercial Club. JACK MCMAINS ----- ----- C ollege Prep Football: Basketball: R.O.T.C, Lieutenant. DELMA MADISON - - Clio. - - Com merciul TALITIIA MANN ---------- Alpha: French Club: HELEN MARSH - - HERBERH' MARTIN - College Prep Echoes Staff: Orchestral Glee: Aristo: R.0.T.C. Sergeant. CLIFFORD MEIER -------- College Prep Football: R,O.T.C. Lieutenant, College Prep Commercial BILL MEIS -------------- Commercial Football: Wrestling: Echoes. FLORENCE MEYERSON ------ College Prep French Club President: Alpha Secretary: Glee: Girl Reserves: Masque and Wig. BETTY MILES - - - - - - - - Commercial Commercial Club. DARLENE MILLER - - ------- Commercial Commercial Club: Alpha: Echoes Staff: Glee: Masque and Wig. GLEN MILLER - - - ------- Commercial Commercial Club: Logo: R.0.T.C. Sergeant. MARJORIE MILLER --------- Commercial Ero: Literary Society Debate. VIRGINIA MILLER ---------- General Alpha: Glee: Echoes Staif' M s ue and Wig. SENIUHQ ALICE MILS ------ Glee: Echoes Staff. - - College Prep ARLENE MOFFITT ---------- Commercial Glee: Girl Reserves: Commercial Club. .IANICI-I MONFORT ----- Alpha. 'inf ' "' sf., DELL MORGAN - ---- - - Phio : Literary Society Lieutenant. RUBY M,0RROW ------- Orchestra : Reservettes : Rifle Corps. - - - .1 Commercial - - - - College Prep Debate : R.O.'l'.C. - - - - Commercial Commercial Club: ROXANNA MORSE - - ------- College Prep Clio: French Club Treasurer: Masque and Wig President: Rifle Corps: "The Ghost Train." NELLIE MORTENSEN - - Glee: Spanish Club. ALVIN MOSHER - - Football. - - College Prep - - College Prep ROBERT MOTI-I ----------- College Prep Ionian Secretary 3 Literary Society Debate : Crimson and Blue Staff: Junior Red Cross Council 3 Hi-Y: R.0.T.C. Lieutenant. BETTY MOUNTS ------ - - - College Prep Rifle Corps: Ero Secretary. FRANCIS MUNCIIRATH ------- College Prep Spanish Club: Aristo. ROBERT MYRE ------ Philo: Basketball: Track. - - - - Commercial HERBERT NANSEL -------- Commercial Logo: Glee: Commercial Club. TOM NEASIIAM - ---- - - - - - College Prep Traek : Basketball : Echoes Staff : French Club: R.O.'l'.C. Captain. MAXINE NEELY - G.A.A. LUCILE NEFF ------ - Commercial - - - College Prep Crimson and Blue Staff: Masque and Wig: National Honor Society: Delta Tau' Vice-Pres- ident: Girl Reserves: Echoes Staff: Interso- ciety and Varsity Debate. DON NELSON -------------- General Philo: Echoes Staff: R.0.:l'.C. Sergeant. EDITH NELSON - Echoes Staff. - - - General SENIUHS r LUCILLE NELSON ----- Alpha: Commercial Club. MARILUU NEUMAYER ---- Thalian President: French Girl Reserves: Glee Presiden Rifle Corps: Masque and Colonel. HELEN NORGARD ------ - - - Commercial - - - Colln-ge Prep Club Secretary: t : Declam Finals: Wig: Honorary - - - Commercial Glee: Clio: National Honor Society: State Typing Contest: Varsity Debate, CHARLES NORMAN ----- - - - College Prep Football: Basketball: Wrestling Manager: R.O.T.C. Captain. HELEN OLMSTED - - Band. - - College Prep IVAN OLSEN - ----------- College Prep Aristo Secretary: French Cl ROSEMARY 0'NEJLL - - - Commercial Club: Glee. I-IAZEL OSBORN ------- ub Vice-President. - - Commercial - - - Commercial Commercial Club Vice-President: Rifle Corps. HELEN OVERMAN --------- f'C ercial Alpha: Rifle Corps: Glee. ANN PALUDAN - - - - - Alpha: Girl Reserves: Glee. FRANCES PAVELICK - - Rifle Corps. El,M.ER PEDERSEN - - WAGNER PEDERSEN - - Echoes Staff. - - College Prep - - Commercial - - Commircial - - General ROBERT PERDEW -------- College Prep Ionian: Crimson and Blue St Band. aff: Echoes Staff! JOE PERLMUTTER --------- Comm:-i'c'l:1l Glee: Football: Aristo : BETTY PETERSON ----- Cheer Leader. - - - Commercial Delta Tau: Band Secretary. ' MARIAN PETERSEN - - - - - - Commercial Glee. ROSELLA PETERSEN - - - - Commercial El PHYLLIS PIERCE ---- - - Commercial Spanish Club: Alpha. BILL PINKSTON --------- College Prep Football: Echoes Staff: Hi-Y: Logo Treasurer: "The Ghost 'I'1'ain": R.O.T.C. Lieutenant: Senior Class Sergeant-at-arms. I-ILEANOR PINNEY -------- - General Girl Reserves. FLORENCE PISCHEI, ---- ---- C ornmercial Commercial Club: Delta Tau. JAMES PLATT ----------- College Prep Ionian: French Club: R.0.'l'.C. Lieutenant. EILEEN TLUNKETT --------- Commercial Clio: National Honor Society: Commercial Club: Rifle Corps: State Shorthand Contest: Literary Society Debate: Senior Class Sec- reta ry. X741 DONALD POHI. ---------- College Prep Crimson and Blue Staff: Logo President: Na- tional Honor Society: Junior Red Cross Coun- eil: Latin Club: R.O.T.C. Major-Adjutant: Senior Class Vice-President. LORETTA PRESTON ---- Alpha: Glee. MARIAN PRICE ------- - College Prep - College Prep Alpha Treasurer: Girl Reserves: Masque and Wig! Glec: Echoes Staff. GLENN PRIOR - - - R.O.'l'.C. Corporal. MINA FAE PUCKHABER - - Alpha: Reservettes. RUTH PURDY ------- - Thalian: Commercial Club: Orchestra : Iiand. MARGARET PUTNAM - - Girl Reserves: Glee. WARREN RAIJTKE -l. - . - - College Prep - College Prep - - - Commercial Girl Reservesi - College Prep - - College Prep Glee President: Spanish Club: Football: Ras- kelball: R.O.'l'.C. Colonel. FLORENCE RANCH -------- College Prep Girl Reserves: Literary Society Debate: Delta Tau Secretary. ROBERT RANNEY ------ - - Commercial Ionian: R.O.'l'.C. Corporal. MARY RAYGOR ---------- Commercial Glee: Commercial Club: Rifle Corps. 'JO H REGGIO --------------- General Football. Sl2NlUl3lQ IONA REJD - - - - - Cummvrcial Gln-ci G.A.A. FRANKLYN REMINGTON - - - - Collcm- Prep R.O.'l'.C, Livutonant. DON REYNOLDS ------- - - Commercial Fuulballg Wrc-sllingg Glec. KATHERINE ANN RILEY ----- Commvrcial llc-lla Tau: Rl-svrvcttcsg Commercial Club: Masque and Wig, G EREN IC RING ---- Lfonlnlvrcizll Club. ELSON RIPPER --------- - Cummvrcial - Cummvrcial Latin Club: Football: Baskvtball. IIOROTIIY ROBINSON ------- 'l'halian: Girl Rvscrvvs: Glue. MARY VIRGINIA RODE Spzulish Club: Glcc. BETTE ROW E ----------- Culln-sin' Prup - Commercial Coll yrs l'rm-U Em: Masquu and Wig: Echoes Staffg French Club. JEAN RUSSELL - - Delta 'l'au: Glcc. KATIIRYN SALTSGAVER - - lim: Choc-r Loader. GLADYS SCHULTZ - - Commcrcizll Club. RUTH SELIIIN ----------- - Cu lI1lUl'ClZll - Cul 1 rcial - Commercial Cullugzs- Prop Alpha Vin-I--IW:-sirlcrltg Spanish Club 'l'rv.-asurcr: Exim-lupu Finals. ROSANNIC SHEEHAN - - - - - - Collvgv Prop D1-lla Tau l'l'l'SlIlK'I'llI French Club 'l'ruasurL-rl Sc-xtvl: Girl Rosc-rvus: Honorary Major. PAUL BROWN ----------- liasliutball: Track: Football 1 JOHN SMIITH - - Football. NORMAN SMITH - - lVrvs1ling: Track. SARRINA SMITH - - College Prop l'hilu. - - General - Commercial Cullvxze Prop mme MILDRED SM,OCK ---- ---- - - Connnvrvial Alpha: Gln-0 Prusillcnt: Ma:-aqua and Wig. FRANK SOLLAZZO - - - ----- - - Gs-nn-ral Football. JOSEPH SOLLAZZO ---- Evhovs Staff: liaskvthall: ant. ROSALEE SOUTH - - Clio. DOROTHY SOUTHWARD - G11-ug Commercial Club. JUNE SOWI. -------- Alpha 'I'i'v:1sx11'c1': Comme-rclal and Wig: Orchvstra, - - - - - - - GL-in-1':1l R.0.T.C. l.ivutc-n- - - Comm.-rvial - - - Collvgv I'i'1-li - - - - - Commi-rm-i::I ' Clulmg Massim- JAMES Sl'RlGG ----------- Collcgo Pri-p Ionian l'm-siiln-lit: Junior Claw l'rn-sirlont: Na- tional Honor Society Prcsidvnl: Intcrsncim-ly a nfl Varsity Dvbatu. ART SPRY ------ liaskvtliallg Track. RALPH STALEY ------ Arista: Clic-vr Loader: JAMES STARR ---- R,O.'l'.C. Corporal. MARY LOUISE STASH - - R.O.T.C. - Coninii-ruial - - - - Cullviil' l'1'L-yr Lia-utvnant. - - Commorcial - - - - Collvgrm- l'rvp Em: Girl lim-sc-rvcsg Masquv and Wig. PAULINE STEVENS -------- Coinmx-rcial Us-lta Tau 'frm-asurcrg Junior Class Sl-cr'ut:lry3 National Honor Society: Girl Rvsvrvvs: Com- ma-rcial Club: ,Masquu and Wig. .IOSEPHINE STEWART - - G,A.A. IRENE STILLWELL ---- - Commm-luial - - - - - Cnmin.-ruial Evo: Intvrsucivty and Varsity UL-l1:1tn-. DON STUBBLEFIELD - - - - - - - Cnlll1'L!s' l'l'L'p Logo: Wrvstling: Echovs Staff: R.O.'l'.C. Lia-atm-nam. JACK SWANSON - - - Colman-rcial R.O.T.C. EUGENE TELPNER ---- Philo 1'm-sidvntg Track: Sncif-ly Dubatv: Masquv dc-nt. RAY TENNAN T ------- - - - - Cullouc Prop Iiasks-tball: Iiitvrary and Wig.: Vicu-1'1'osi- - - - - Collvgfi- l'rx'p Junior Class SL'l'Lfl'ZlHl-ill-Al'lIlSQ liaslu-tliallz Fool lmall. SENlllllS BLAINE THOMAS ----------- Commercial Wrestling: R.O.T.C. Lieutenant. FRED TIIUMSEN - - - Football: Track. LUCILE TINNEL - - Delta Tau. BRUCE VAN DRUFF - Hi-Y: Philo: Echoes ant Colonel. DICK VAN IIORNE - Football 5 Basketball : geant. ALBERT VOSS --------- - - - - - - - College Prep - - Commercial V ----- 5 College Prep R.0.'lf.C. Lieuten- - - - ommcrcial Track: R.0.'l'.C. Ser- - - - Commercial Glee: Hi-Y: Aristo: Cheer Leader: Masque and Wig: R.0.'I'.C. Lieutenant. MARY WAGER ------- - - Commercial Glee: Commercial Club. EVOGENE WALLACE ----- - - - Collelle Prep National Honor Society: Clio Treasurer: French Club: Glec: Masque and Wig: "The Ghost Train." RICHARD WALTER - - -----4- Colin-ire l'I'0P Band Vice-President: Orchestra: Literary Society Debate: Aristo. GORDON WALTERS - - Philo: Hi-Y: Latin Lieutenant. EVELYNA ARD O - e b. JEAN WEINER ---- - - - - - - - College Prep Club: Gleel R.0,'l'.C. - - - Commercia O 195 - - - - - General Clio President: State Contest Play: Deelam Finals: Glee: Literary Society Debate. CAROLINE WESTON ------ - - Commercial G.A.A.: Commercial Club. ELMER WESTPHAI, --------- Commercial Commercial Club: R.O.T.C. Sergeant. ELEANOR WHITE --------- College Prep Ero: Girl Reserves: Junior Red Cross: Liter- ary Society Debate: Honorary Major-Adjutant: Editor of Crimson and Blue: National llonor Society. RAYMOND WHITMAN - - - - Commercial DON WHITTAKER --4----- College Prep Rifle Team: Band President: Orchestra: Spanish Club Vice-President. BOB WICHAEL - - Basketball. - - Commercial DON WIERDA ----------- College Prep Philo Vice-President: National Honor Society: Junior Red Cross Council: Varsity Debate: R.0.T.C. Captain: Senior Class President: Masque and Will. MEGNON WILLEFORD ------- College Prep Ero Vice-President: Crimson and Blue Staff - Echoes Staff: Glee: Latin Club: Masque and Wiz: Varsity Debate. FRANCIS WII,I.lAMS --------- Commercial Ionian: Football: Wrestling: Echoes Staff: R.O.T.C. Corporal, GWEN WILLIAMS - ---- ---- C ollege Prep Thalian: French Club: Girl Reserves. La VAUGI-IN WILLIAMS ----- College Prep French Club. ALTHEA WINFIELIJ - - - - Commercial Spanish Club: G.A.A. PAULINE WOODS --------- Commercial G,A.A. Vice-President - Thalian: Honorary Major. GERTRUDE WRIGHT ------- Commercial Glee: Evo: Commercial Club. KENNETH WRIGHT ---- - - Commercial Basketball: Track: Glee. BETTE ZOE ZILLES - - - - College Prep Thalian. EDWIN ZIMMERMAN ------- College Prep Rand: Orchestra: Basketball: State Music Contest. JOHN ZURMUEHLEN ------- College Prep National Honor Society: Ionian President: Junior Red Cross President: Crimson and Blue Staff: Hi-Y: Intersocicty Debate. Lewis and Clark Memorial Erected by tbe Colonial Dames of Amerira to commemorate tbe famous coun- cil beld by Lewis and Clark with tbe In- dians, Ibis beautiful memorial stands bigb on Rainbow Point. Tbe event it portrays gave Council Bluffs its name. Seated: Schlott. Beezley. Standing: Mr. Lawson, Bigley. Barritt, Rinehart, Miss Broadfoot. Junior Class ol: I939 OFFICERS President ..,,. ........ . . . . . Earl Rinehart Vice-President . . ...... john Beezley Secretary ..,.... .... E leanor Schlott Treasurer ....., . , , Jack Bigley Sergeant-at-Arms ........,.,....... ..... ..,....... C l ark Barritt Sponsors: Miss Broadfoot, Mr. Lawson NE more year and out we go! Three years we've been waiting for this chance to win long-hoped-for honors. As juniors we've encountered innumerable ob- stacles and struggled along with our senior goal in view. Frequently we take time out to enjoy our present status. We attend plays as well as put on the mystery play of the vear. Assemblies break the monotony, too. This year we've made countless friends, and they will carry us through our senior year. We, the junior class, have proved our- selves outstanding in countless school ac- tivities. A junior won the dramatic division of the declamatory contest. Six of the mem- bers of the teams in the final debates were Page Thirty four juniors. Operetta leads were carried by juniors. In our midst are all the school electricians who can make or break every play that A. L. puts on. We aren't big-shots yet, but we are the biggest class of juniors this school has had for some time. Almost 400 of us are learn- ing the fundamentals so that we can shine next year. It has taken us a year or so to get adjustedg now we are beginning to make ourselves known. The majority of the year's plays have had junior leads. Wrestling and track honors have been lit- erally scooped up by these seniors-in-the bud. Basketball has ridden on the crest of the wave due to the juniors' staunch sup- port. Front row: Buesing, Bruington, Brewick, Burnstein, Bunton. L. Brown, Annis, Coan, Claypool, Baird, Chapman, Archihald, Barth, Akers, M. Christensen, Beezley, Bennett, Boland. Second row: Alphin, Clark, Brittain, Bromherg, Caywood, Budatz, H. Barton, Bruce, G, Anderson, A. Christolillersen, Ar' huckle, G. Brown, M, Allen, Bachman, Beatty, Arch. Third row: Clatterhuck, Cochran, Cuinniings, Boiler, W. Allen, C. Allan, B. Brown, Bell, Chapman, Asman, Caughlin, V. Anderson, E. Christolllierf sen, Allerton, Cohen, Bigley. Fourth row: Bauman, Cure, Black, Benjamin, Buhrman, Crowl, Cody, Austin, R. Christiansen, Cooley, Brooks, O. Christiansen, Anderson, H. Black, Adkins, Barton, llesse, A. Anderson. Front row: Epperson, Grcll, Eakin, Eyherg, Evers, Foote, Haininer, Graves, Harrington, Crossnian, Haiston, Duffy, Eischeid, Grosvenor, Epstein. Second row: B. Fischer, Durhin, Dorland, lfcldt, Brad' lord, Hardegen, Essington, Edmondson, Gibler, Crahill, Ford, Hahn, Hanneman, Drake, Green, Cos' sard. Third row: Creulach, Farrell, Harkins, Gross, H. Fisher, Ellis, Friend, Fryer, Haack, DcVol, Har' riman, Elgan, Harman, Frohardt. Fourth row: ElUill'iI1C, Dorn, Derry, Hayes, Gallo, Hansen, Hancock, Copeland, Bell, Drake, Franks, Hartshorn, Juniors Once again we stand on the crossroad of modern thought. Some say we are too husy acquiring technical knowledge to waste our time on unimportant ideas. They con- tend that we will learn to get along without teamwork and co-operation, that our su- perior training and knowledge will enable us to rise above human failings. We congratulate ourselves on our choice of sponsors, Mr. Lawson and Miss Broad- foot. They accepted the responsibility cheerfully and worked hard assisting our class. An election later than usual resulted in the choice of our class officers: Earl Rine- hart, presidentg John Beazley, vice-president, Eleanor Schlott, secretary, Jack Bigley, treasurerg Clark Barritt, sergeant-at-arms. After two years of getting acquainted with the school, we went through a year Page Thirty-fivi Front row: Heisler, F. Howard, I. Johnston, Joplin, Kelly, Kestcrson, Krause, Kamrn, Hansen, How lette, Hutchison, Hurd, Hill, Second row: B. Knohle, Krause, A, Johnston, Hoiliinan, KIl'll, Keidei' ling, Howey, Holt, I. Howard, Hough, Humilcek, Howell. Heller. Third row: R. Knohle, U. Jensen Hennessy, jacnhsen, Holingard, R. Johnsen, Hendrix, Kistle, Hughes, Krasnc, jacohs, Kruinenacher Hills, C. Herd. Fourth row: jnrdal, Karr, jacks, C. Jensen, blahan, Jennings, jenkins, Jorgensen, Howe Hopkins, D. Jensen, Heuerinan, hlenks. Front row: lfauhle, Mt-is, Newell, Lass, McBain, Leverett, Mortensen, Mixture, Oainck, C. Nelson, Nick, Ogan, Millsaps, Maiden, LcBaugh, Molzalin, Mccreery. Second row: MCKll1Il2lIl, Lee, Negctlwii, B. M. Larsen, D. Neilson, Moser, Maurer, C, Leosis, H. Leosis, L. A. Miller, L. M. Miller, M. Lewis, Mcliern, E. Olson, Maertens, 1. Nelson, Owen, McMuiAray. Third row: Lanning, Loper, McBride, Mad' lu: sen, Matl Nielsen, Lacy, R. mis, Mark, Mcm1'se, Matteson, L. Qlson, D. Olsen, H. Miller, Lincoln, Lyons. Fourth row: A. U'Ui'ien, Lindsay, Murray, Mcfiee, G. Larsen, Otis, Adkins, Lind, Malony, Lausen, L. Miller, Nielson, E. Lewis. Juniors of studying, extracurricular work, and so- cial activities in great style. Some of these things will he our lifelong memories. Among our fondest memories will he such events as the Junior Prom and junior-Senior Day, while as time goes on, we will have profited from the helpful advice and guidance which we have received from our teachers. The forensics and journalistic depart- ments are generously sprinkled with us. We are represented in the National Honor So- ciety lwesides giving real strength to the ten- 4- Thirty-siit nis, golf, and track teams, the outstanding spring activities. With our record of ahility, hard work, and fine school spirit, this class is eagerly looking forward to its senior year when memhers will he leaders in most activities. And yet, because this means that our days at A. L. will come to an end next vear, we feel a little regret, too. It's a wonderful life the way welre liv- ing itl And there are so many of us who have taken advantage of the innumerable l Front row: Sinith, M. Petersen, Sheely, Reynolds, Pace, Reid, Ring, Porter, Poulos, Sever, iiCS1'IUllL'IS. Seldin, Rutlilf. Second row: Rasmussen, D. Schell, M, Scheel, Sadler, Schmidt, Roberson, Rohinson, Potter, Schlott, Runte, E. Pedersen, Sandherg, F. Shell, Schzick. Third row: R, Russell, Payne, S. Rus' sell, Pinkston, Reclls, Shngairt, Sehnlticld, Rasmussen, Phinney, Roherts, R. Pogge, Pleiler, R. Scott. Fourth row: QI, Petersen, lf. Pngge, Rohshuw, Pztlaidino, A, Pedersen, G. Scott, Rinehart, ljilfl-it'I', Price, Rennngti mn, Pxirlgs, l'arinei', Phillips, Shziwler. Front row: Sinclair, Stageman, Warner, M. Van Dfiifl, Stemple, Skelton, SPCUNLII1,R.Xxlilllit'l',Sllgfllllllll, Vfilkinson, I. Thoinus, Yollnt, R. Sorensen. Second row: Siehert, Vdesley, Siininons, Sieinliziner, Vfootlf wzml, S. Van Drnll, Vcnurd, Wippel, Siglin, Spurgeon, Spencer, Vdhitson. Third row: M. Sinith,V1in Horne, Techxm, Surher, E. Sorenson, Triplett, Vw'oltsa, Vw'ild, M. Thomas, Tyler, XxlCllX't'I', l,. Thninzis. Fourth row: Stephens, Sizer, Shea, Vvlilcox, Vdidtleldt, Thornell, Vim Ells, Starr, Vx'edtlle, E. Vxfillwr, Van Lenvan. Juniors opportunities that are dangled before us. Wliile we weren't worlciii ourselves into mild tornadoes of hysteria and clamoring for "AEM, Principal Kirn hrolce the monot- ony with appealing assemblies. Our candle has been burned at both ends countless nights-we've had circles Linder our eyes and a lag in our gait from too much study and-other things. We've come a long way and endured the cus- tomary twitting destined for underclassmen. No chips hurden our shoulders, though. This year is OUFS-t0 do with as we please! Witli our sponsors to lceep us under control, wc're lceeping the peace department on the tear. We aren't exactly degrading the peace, hut our share of laughs has heen delivered in cellophane and we're experiencing the fun- niest phase of school. l'zxg:i- 'l'hi rty-1-1-vi n l i l Cl ii LX B Cl k U Andeisen Ai ustine. Cornelison. Cleinenson Front row: Camden, Col ict. 'licri 'ss, i . town. , ar . . . Lg . Bohbitt H Andersen S Adkins. Curtis, D. Christensen, Adains, Burgess. K, Christensen. Arch, Been' lev. Second row: fluri'ic. Btidcnbaugh, Binkley, Caliquire. Baker, M. Bennett. B. Cox. Caywood. M, Cox, Agnew llaiiilioixl Aders Barnes Bassett, Arline Christensen, Barth, Cain. Cohrs. Third row: Allen j. Di. flaiiiphell. Boiiti-ight, iliriggs. iliubh. Atp. H, Christensen. Carter, R. Andersen. S. Bennett. Bothe, Allen. Acortl. A, Brown. lirackney. Bock. Alphine Christensen. Childs, Crowl. Baht. A, Adkins. Cllaar, Fourth row: Baron. C, Brown. Cure, H. Andersen. R. Campbell. Ahels, Ainento, S. Brown. Capel, lluchanan. VV. Andersen, Andersen, Caughey, John Bostedt. Brandt. Collins. Joe Bostedt. Front row: Hill. D. Hansen. Grote. Haines. L. Hamilton, Daggctt, Hughes. Cershun. Hall, Duggan, Derry. Dorn. Uevo. Fowler. Foglc. 'lean Herndon. Hartwell, D. Holtz, Flower, C-eiwitz. Heitman. Hurd. Hunter. Second row: james Herntlon. D. Decker. Dawson, Hays. Haworth, Hinks. Gretzet. R. Decker, T Fvins Ehlers Gibbs Fauble Evers. Honey. Hild, Fischer. Harrington. G. Hamilton. Graves, Hen tlersiui. iThird row: Fteyder. Diinovo. Durliee. Drake, F. Holst. R. Evans. V. Durice, Ditkason. Davitt, Dick, Downs. Dctlel. Haniiiier. Hzuston. Hurst. Fitch, Gahblcr, Gibbs. Fourth row: E. Hansen. DeBai'. lfrizug Laughlin, Holmes. D. Diller. Dreaget. Ehcrhart, Dye. Eggers, Durick. Dunn, Fernley. Gray, l'eyi'i'ahciitl. Hanna. Fazio, Heath. Holi. Sophomores shines in golf. Rudy Jacksha represents us in wrestling. Shirley Grow and Arline Krasne rival upper classmen when it comes to specialty dancing. E'RE past the half way mark from our kindergarten days to our college degrees. Half way up the hill, we're still climbing. Two more steps and we'll pass fi- Thirty-1 the secondary plateau. Recently we were nondescript freshmen fnow look us over. You may not be able to spot them, but among us is a May Queen, a colonel and an honorary colonel, a football captain, Honor Society members, -all are here. You'll seel Many of us have already demonstrated our talents. Ward Shaw, Dick Moats, Bill Schaaf, Allan Jahan, and La Verne Jenks excel in basketball, while Don Hansen -ight Joan I-Iaiston, Hallie Lee Wilnner, Cora Curtis, and Suzanne Thornell are promi- nent in musical circles, playing the harp, flute, piano, and violin, respectively. Betty Grossman has a lilting soprano voice rivaled by that of Mary Rose Everest. Jean Hern- don's hobby of puppetrv is rather unusual, too. Half our school days here at Abraham Lincoln are paSt history now. Two more years will find us marching with diplomas Sophomores Front row: P. Miller, Pcrdew, Peterson, O. Olson, Knouse, Phillips, Krasne, A. Larsen, Overstrect, Lyons, Kruse, Myers, Mahoney, Merfwiggan, Hezlrns, Moore, Murphy, Otto, Dugan, Massey, Mowery, Laughlin, Liddielc, Klint, Dorothy Nelson, P. Fogge. Second row: Fierce, G. Pogge, Kramer, E. Larsen, Miller, V. A, Nelson, Nielsen, G. johnson, Kinezieck, Mortenson, Le Masters, L. jcnsen, Alordan, L, johnson, Jepson, Lindsay, Lass, Mils, Kubby, Montgomery, jorgenson, Morrow. Third row: Kerns, Mes' llJl1,Killlllll, K. johnson, Nibbce, jaeksha, Moats, Kjar, Langdon, Lewis, H. Olson. nl. jenkins, V. Nelson, Mzixie, Malliek, Owen, Doris Nelson, Martin, Knziuss, Scharll, C. Jensen. Fourth row: Kaitelf inun, Linden, F. Jensen, D. jenkins, R. ulensen, Meyers, jones. Mzn'shall, Lash, Mcclellaincl, Keeline. Morse, N, Lewis, Liggit, Kziullnian, Northrup, E. Olsen, C. Alensen, O, Jensen, Osborn, Otto. Front row: Oyster, Shellield, Ross, Vv'ull, Pleiler, Vwlright, Wiglit, Williaiiiis, L. Swanson, Vw':illier. Skelton. Saunders, R. Shultz, L. Vergamini, Reggio, Robertson, Wai'lcmi'd. Second row: Vwfinlieltl, Rusinussen, Rooney, Crouch, Strziyler, Shultz, Wilsoii, Vvlalker, Young, Prneker, SCll2ll'S, F. Peterson, Vvlunner. S. A. Sorenson, Salisbury, Scott, Swisher, Ulm, Vv'ebster, Wagiieie, Shea, Underwood, Purcell, Spoto. Third row: R, Smith, Ranch, Reimer, K, Widleldt, Peters, Putrnain, Schrout, Thornell. Vvlilson, Vertlin. Spetman, Ferlmutter, M. Sorenson, Singer, Stageman, lean Young, W:igiiei', F, Thomson, L. Peterson, D. Riel, E. Riel, Wilccix, S. Sehmziedecke, D. Petersen. Fourth row: R. Smith, Sulholl, Pryor, D. Schmxiedecke, Roth, Rzlil, Skelton, Wzidiliii. O. Smith, V. Petersen, M. Thompson, Roach, Sieburg, Plzlll, Schindler, Tiarks, E. Swanson, Voss, Severs, K. Vxfidleldt. Fifth row: WIlI'Ll, Roherty. Teal, Shoe' inuker, Shaw, Schweer, Painghorn, Schull, Stowe, G. Stevens, R. Smith, B. Young, Sessions, R, Stevens, Yeager, Zimmerman, D, Sorenson, Schlemmer, johnson, Nelson, Schmidt. to the strains of "Once More. Dear Homef, but until then we will do our level best to carry on the traditions with which our school is permeated. We have been exposed here to cultural advantages, perhaps more so than sopho- mores of other high schools throughout the state. Our principal has made it pos- sible for us to acquire a broader under- standing of the fine arts through excellent collections of boolcs as well as of paintings and sculpture. Assemblies featuring a high- er type of entertainment have heen fre- quent. We,ll never forget these sophomore days so packed with paltry worries, yet colored with a light-heartedness never to he felt again as we feel it now. But we're still young and art, and our future stretches enchantingly before us. Page Thirty-iiim Front row: McFarline, Bryson, Skelton, Pullen, Hanna, Klein, Skelton, Drummond, Garrison, Baum' ker, Lincoln, Fox, Giles, Moore, Christiansen, Koger. Second row:.. E. Anderson, Sigler, Knox, Rodf gers, Vv'eisner, Manchester, Neal, Main, Miller, Grote, Boland, Franklin, Stilen, VVejby, Gillman, Irwin, Harvey, Asman, Knudsen, Tuller, Third row: Elbert, Mils, Wez1tliei'ill, Rockwell, Owen, V. Johnson, Bowen, P. Skelton, Briggs, Goodwin, Grossman, Kelly, Page, Van Ells, Kelson, Lorello, D, Smith, Hollender, Young, Liddick, Fourth row: Sears, Schweer, Pulley, Redden, Everest, Lueth, Steinhauer, Fauntz, Fischer, Leerscov, Bandomer, McLean, Northrop, Hubbard, Esponosa, McKee, lVicGrane, M. Smith, Black, Stephens, Scott, Mintun, Fifth row: Collins, Swant, Spetman, Nansel, Salts' gaver, Higgins, A. Johnson, E. Hansen, Sandberg, Le Baugh, Puteney, H. Hansen, Condon, Grow, Mc' Clelland, H. Larsen, Nelsen, Ross, Saltsman, Jensen, Vfagner, Harding, Madsen. Sixth row: Harrif Tililll, Petrus, R. Johnson, Barrel, McMurray, Wymcii'e, Speer, Merkert, Krllme, Petersen, Tallman, Ellw worth, Keller, D. Larson, Murphy, Sadler, Dow, G, Anderson, Swanson, Totten, Campbell, Front row: Pearce, Liggett, Carlson, Bryan, Swanson, Slagle, Kirn, Wriglxt, Harrod, Winn, Schroeder, Scheel, Ingraham, Colburn, Cherniss, Brittain, Dryden, Wiiiter, Hogan, Benscoter. Second row: Peters, Clay, C. Hemmingson, Abels, Yager, Melntyre, Kircholf, Fauble, Herd, Shields, Jarchow, Petf ersen, Allen, E. Hansen, F. Johnson, Vv'unner, Brandt, Steppuhn, McCabe, McMullen, Hill. Third row: Schmidt, Roberts, Passer, R. Peters, T. Schroeder, Hemmingsen, Nelsen, Wilcl, C. Wiltl, Lee, Lewis, Moser, Tryon, Birchard, E. M. Hansen, Graybill, Bradsley, Unmack, Thomsen, Mclntosh, Purdy, Fourth row: Thomas, Kahl, Williams, Vsfinter. Verpoorten, Story, H. Christensen, Miller, Garrett, Burkett, Gravitt, Lane, Telpner, B. Hansen, Kusgen, Musselman, Justessen, Fox, Stutsman, Bacon, L. Johnson, Magee, Adkins, Tighe, Caughlin. Fifth row: Leonard, Banther, Jacobs, Deitchler, Lash, Van Dercreek, Norman, Garrubba, Burket, Snyder, Millard, Sieck, Parker, StenwalU, Jessup, Mueller, Reif, L, Peters, Vsfelbourne, Barritt, Sorensen, Varner, Diller. Sixth row: Pangborn, Smith, Davenport, Leed, Murdock, Harden, W. Miller, Vxfeisen, Clark, Zoller, Tillman, Baxley, Falk, C. Schroeder, An' dersen, Bailey, Knight, Maaske, Pettie, R. Christensen, D. Christensen, Britt. Freshmen OBODY loves us, nobody hates us-- long now until you'll be glad to say you we,re in everyone's way, so no one ap- knew us once. You can make saps of us preciates us. But wait until we are sopho- while we are freshmen-it's your privilege, mores and juniors-just wait! It won't be but soon that very privilege will be ours. I age Forty ALL IN A SCI-IOGL YEAR Qlj Rohin Wcddlc, S cfclock guard. Q25 Iunior hcautics give Molznhn Competition. Q31 Th:1t's right, girls, hunks must go home. Q4j High School, hats off. Qij The picture of health, Chupinam, Wcmmmds, Anderson. Q61 Tom and Rox! of all things! Q71 Tired at thc first step, Kirn and Hughes. Q81 If our cannon Could talk, Q91 Tennant puts it right down the old groove. QIOJ Tom :ind Becky watch the folks leave. Qlj Energy bottle. Page For 2 r-one 2 A , va 'A X XX da' W YW' grae? r 1 .352 X 'X -'gun Q 2 i ,nl wg. 5555 www ,NM in R' Q 31: 1 My ,W .L Q 5 'WS .Zz Xa' ' - - Vg vw, .-.- : .x.. f - E may .. . -:gxa::::: .1 5 5. ' ' 1 ,,g ' , A':" -b ' ,, , 2 J MMWWVWW Y 5, x ., A ., .,'. Q, nf'-w. Jw e f w ne ,., ':'. N 1 ' "-,g. Z 1 5 33 b ' y Q S51 f f ., A 1 I E Q :W . 13 42212 K' W ' ': ' - f H-gg? -Qgg kfwwgw Flux is Y it E 56 M X if J' X :f , 'f X ,K xi E 10,2 we Q r. N mf ww e Lyflf "mm S,Ng,1. .. 'wwe Q EQEEE RFH5 f 1 ff: - A gf 2 am? if 1 . , isifzsiif' 'I L- Eaigziegasfziajg- ff Q2 ,. ' f -- aw U H Q T? , M -.www f Vw ' 5 yX,..g4 A p .M I ' 'x .- , Y Ex .-4 WWF 5, . ., me-mmm., 5 ,gi ,,4 33? xii 5, :gf iff 5 5 ffs ffif R , , l v fm 55? MMM f w'3,5g5:,5 ' wg s. iss' mfg ' Hifi H55? 'ffffix i .U . I Q51 3 OE A. Sei WWW . www ww wi fx V-,:.,. ..f,.,:,g :?::,gEg. , QV ALL IN A SCHOOL YEAR 111 Cadets rcccivc instructions. 125 McCnmbic mounts scnivr picture. 133 Gchuhr gasps and won' tlcrs "Could Pinkstnn tell limi?" 141 A journalist in the making, 171 Tlirough for the day. 161 Ser' cnatlu to an open window. 175 Roincn 1V1ui'gan avuws his love. 18j 1V1c1V1illcn, unrcliids to him" on the jnb. 193 Lizzie' Vwfcincr going some place. 1101 Future Lynx starting out young. 1111 Spring lever. 1123 Fullers starting out with "Ketter," the bicycle. 1131 Shaw explains. Page Fort y-four SOUND Front row: Mann, Adams, Brown, Hansen, Otto, Burgess, Esaney, Kirn. Second row: Hanna, H. Briggs, Kutler, B. Briggs, Rooney, Britt, Verdin, R. Steinhauer, Fauble, H. Wunner, Dickson. Third row: Leuth, Meyerman, Haiston, Zimmerman, Jessup, jarchow, Jaffe, C. Giles, Telpner. Russell, E. Wunner, Mueller, Walker, Abels, Hamilton, Owen. Fourth row: Scott, S. Thornell, Miller, C. Briggs, Pierce, Christensen, McClelland, Winters, Evans, Parker, L. Kruse, Condon, Smith. Fifth row: Hoffman, Ulm, Petersen, Shields, Stenwall, Mclntyre, H, Barton, B. Hansen, E. Steinhauer, Grey, Payne, E, Zim' merman, Fryer, Barton, Slagle. K. Giles, Whittaker. Sixth row: M. lVicClelland. R. Owen, Young, Rassmussen, Parker. Seventh row: Cummings, Perdew, Andersen, Eberhardt, lvliller, Collins. Eighth row: Franklin, Haiston, R. Purdy, Tighe, V. Kruse, N. Purdy, Thornell, Tullar, Benjamin, Zoller, Glassburner, Walter, Katclman, Smith, Wight. ORCHESTRA Instrumental Music Directors: Mr. Seidl, Mr. Nowak EALING trumpets, shrill high notes of school song or to help out with a yell. clarinets, blare of the trombones, all blend together in a snappy military march, announcing that the band is doing its part Playing for football and basketball games, however, was not the only activity cf the band. A series of three Vesper con- to help the half time pass quickly for foot- ball fans. Playing in the stands before the game and marching, with intricate ma- neuvers, at the half, the band was present at every home game and at the Thomas Jefferson game on Armistice Day. Fair weather or foul, they did their best. At the end of the football season the band turned to basketball games and did its bit to help the Lynx to victory by sup- plying school spirit. A little noisy, perhaps, in the confined quarters of the gym, but band members were always ready with the Page Forty ix certs, in which both the band and the or- chestra took part, were held on November ZZ, January 16, and February 20. These con- certs, intended to raise money to send the band and orchestra to the music contests in the spring, were held on Sunday after- noons in the gym. During the Christmas season, the or- chestra presented a Yuletide program on December 20 for patrons of the school, and on December 23, for the students. In this manner the orchestra helped the school to celebrate Christmas. And at every play, at the operetta, at the road show, the music between acts and during the performance was furnished by a small group of band and orchestra members. To increase the musical reputation of Abraham Lincoln, two trips were made to Omaha this year. In the fall, the band went to the Creighton homecoming and marched in the parade and at the game. On March 6, the orchestra played a con- cert at the Joslyn Memorial and received many favorable comments on its ability. On March 14, rhe orchestra was high- ly honored by being the first high school musical organization to ever play with the famous pianist, Winifred Christie, who played on her double keyboard piano. The band also played a large part in the annual R. O. T. C. inspection. At every parade they were at the head of the line of marchers from A. L. The music at the May Fete was fur- nished by the band, which spent almost as much time at practice as any group in the fete. The Regional Music contest which has taken the place of the national contest, was held in Omaha on May 12, 13, and 14. The A. L. band and orchestra, because of superior ratings won last year, went to this contest without going to the state con- test at Iowa City. With all of these activities during the year, it can easily be seen that the band is one of the most important service groups in the school and also one of che hardest working. BAND Front row: Payne, Zimmerman, Phinney, Ranch, Grey, Wagner, Weiser, Fryer, Stutsman. Second row: J. Moser, Allan, Haiston, Schuldt, Mueller, Wunner, Telpner, Russell. Third row: Harrington, Christ' ensen, Jacqueline Moser, Tighe, V. Anderson, Cherniss, M. McClelland, Owen, Young, Rasmussen, Parker, Lidgett, Barton, B. Hansen, Steinhauer, Fourth row: Maloney, Franke, Greulach, Yager, Jensen, Ralph Perdew, Pogge, Brown, Eggers, Osborn, McClean, Peters, Karr, H. Barton, Jordan Fifth row: Ford, Kirn, Whittaker, Slagle, Murphy, Giles, Olmsted, Hill, lngraharn, Wulf, VanDercreek Jansen, Pearde, N. Purdy, Hetrick, Robert Perdew, Lee, Cummings, R. Anderson, Collins, Eberhardt Miller. Sixth row:,. Franklin, Hanna, Glassburner, E. Hansen, Bryant, Deitchler. Pogge, Harriman P. McClelland. Pfeiffer, Zoller, R. Purdy, Kruse, Walter. Vv'ight, Katelman, Smith, Herndon. a s 1 Page Forty-seven i Front row: Heisler, Van Druff, Bates, Kestcrson, Hammer, Fitzgihhon, Smock, Durfee, Vw'einer, Charles, Rasmussen, Hall, Neumayer, Keiderling, Esancy, Grossman, Spoto, Preston. Second row: Porter, Bain, Spetman, Schlott, Holmgard, Miller, Farher, Tyler, Norgard, K. Briggs, Buhh, Bromherg, Detlef, Ogan, Gross, Evans. Third row: Daqlenger, lvlurphy, Kelly, Droge, lviaiden, Robinson, Lewis, Nelson, Bauman, Kirn. Hinks, Derry, Laughlin, Sheehan, Geiwitz. Fourth row: Reynolds, Wzilliice, Nleyerson, Adams, Kemp' lin, Cahler, Hamilton, Roden, Thomas, Fischer, Balahan, Larsen, Gehuhr, Gray, H. Briggs, Downs. Front row: john llostedt, Sorenson, Vfalters, Frohardt, Perlmutter, Vv'ierda, Curtis, Hills, Krutnenacher, Allerton, Fazio, Cohen, joe Hostedt, Hudson. Second row: Lee, Buskness, Ahels, Voss, Teal, Pryor, Elgan, Mathis, Copeland, G. Hansen. Gossard, L. Hansen, Schlemmer. Third row: Wilcox, Killian, Ratltke, Giles, Harden, Anderson, Peters, Parker, Lewis, Barritt, Parmer, Bell, Feyerabend, Senior Glee Clubs Page Forty-ui OFFICERS Presidenis: Clark Barritt, Vlfarren Radtke, Frances Fitzgibbon, Marilou Neumayer. Secretaries: Ralph Brown, Mildred Smoclc. Librarians: Bob Wfilcox, Don Copeland, Elizabeth Holmgard, Loretta Preston, Harold Killian, Betty Evans, Jeanne Durfee. Director: Miss Kathleen Shaw HE vocal music department, represented here hy the senior boys' and girls' glee clubs, is an important factor in our varied extracurricular program. It furnishes us with music on all occasions. The schedule for the year included the Southwest Iowa Teachers' convention, the presentation of ght the light opera, "The lVlilcado,,' the vesper concerts, the yuletide programs, and the contests. Because of their continued su- perior worlc, the glee clubs this year entered the regional contest, in which four states participated. Front row: Dickason, D. Christensen, Caliguire, Knox, Millard, Neal, V. Lee, N, Mortensen, Wilkii1f on, Redden. Larsen, Manchester, Vvlinter, Briggs, Seott, Liddiek,-l. Christensen. Vvlidtleldt, Bohhitt, Grow, V. Martens, Spetnian, Second row: Steppuhn, Lorenzen. Vtlilson. Davitl. Wl2llkCl'. Llwlll. M. Evers. Severn, Long, Vfillianis, Condon, Clenienson, Lewis. Otto. Swisher, Ratlilli, Hughes, Krause. Mont' goniery, B. Anderson, E, Hansen. Reed, Archihald. Fox, V. LeBaugh. A, Christensen, Kelly. Gittle, Hollender, Mclntosh, Klindt, Zilles, Rohinson, Young. Oien, Third row: Dick, Bell, Annis. Wili'mix, Howell, Teehau, E. Lee, Verdin, Allen, Van Ells, Page. Rockwell, Kelsen, F. Mortensen, H. Maerf ens, Rodgers, H, Hansen, Heitnian, Childs, lilrchard, Aders, E LeBaL1gh. E. Olson, M. Evers, L. Mils. Thompson. Grelzer, L. Petersen, V. Nelson. Fourth row: Everest, Baker, M. Mils, V. A. Nelf on, Chapnian, llnhrinan, Sinelair, Vv'arner, R, Sorensen, Cody, Praeker, Claypool, Sever, Leerskov, Iilllllll, Caywood. Black. R, hlohnson, Dickson, Grossman, lVleKern. Dolan, Hartwell, Durliee, Honey, H, Olsen, -lenkins. Fifth row: Barritt, LaMasters, lensen, Hendrix, Vxfild, Fischer, L. Alohnson, Shea. Thom-is. Miller, Bowen, Hollender, Goodwin, Sclic'l. Riel, Adams, Snrth, McKee, Northrop, liolhe. M. Sorensen. Varner, A. Mils, Augustine. Front row: Propst, Ellsworth, Shaw, Buskness, Gray, Condon, Fischer, ,I. Andersen, Matteson, Cfherni Gallo. Second row: Kramer. -lensen, Mark, Smith. 5. Anderson, Phinney, Oslen, Hill, jones, jenkins. Junior Glee Clubs OFFICERS Presidenlxz Bill Barritt, Mary Virginia Roden. SCt'Tl'Ic1TiC.VZ Ward Shaw, lVlarian Xxfhitnev, Barhara ldughes. Librarians: Don Reynolds, Albert Gallo, Ann Verdin, Marigtild Walker, Emma Lou Spetman, Bill Pryor, Warren Matliis, Cora Curtis, Nlargaret Tyler, Marian Wliitney. Diredor: Miss Kathleen Shaw ONSTITUTING the second factor of the vocal music department, are the junior Boys, and Girls' Glee cluhs. Next year they will have their opportunity to he- come memhers of the Senior Glee clubs. They stand ready to supplement this or- ganization at all times. Their main project for the year is par- ticipation in the Christmas program. They I'l0t only sing with the Senior Glee cluhs, hut also present their own numbers. Page Forty-li lf' i Varxify Ten Comparing Notes Society Champs ana' Runners-Up Front row: Gretzer, Wliite, Bobbitt, Ncurnayer, Fisher, Molzahn, Hennessy, C. Bock, McCarthy N H Stillwcll, Kim. Skelton, XVillcfurd. Second row: Payne. Sorenson, PUQ.IgC,cllll'iFfCl1SCIl. WYiLxI'dll, Zuiinuth len, Stowe, Curtis, Durfee, Gustafson, Hansen, Sprigg, M. Bock. Sporzyorx: Nlr. Mcllrath, Miss Tamisiea, Miss McCabe Speech Arts OMPLETING his third successful year as debate coach at Abraham Lin- coln, lVlr. W. Howard Mcllrath has led our debaters through another outstanding year of superior worlc. The question for the school year 1937-'38 was "Resolved: That the Several States Should Adopt a Unicameral System of Legislation." Opening the debate season at Abraham Lincoln was the literary society debate tournament, beginning with the tryouts on October 19 and 21. At the literary society debate banquet on October 29, Margery Gretzer launched her brilliant debate ca- reer by winning the after dinner speaking contest, using "Doodling,' as the subject of her speech. The tournament ended on December 9 with the Ionians defeating the Clios in the final round. On this occasion the varsity squad for this year was an- nounced. Abraham Lincoln also triumphed at the Missouri Valley debate banquet when Billy I-lansen, speaking on "State Legislatorsf' won the after dinner speaking contest. For the second consecutive year Abra- ham Lincoln was the champion of the Girls' Division of the Missouri Valley League de- bates. At the Midland Debate Tournament on January 27, 28, and 29, our debaters were in the quarter finals, while at the southwestern Iowa division of the Iowa High School Forensic League, held at First place winners: Extempo-Zurmuehlen. Dcclam Afterdinner speaking-Hansen, Grctzcr. Original -Fitzgibbon, Hennessy, Kutlcr. Creston on February 18 and 19, we again triumphed and topped the list. The first week of March found our debaters at the McCahill tournament at Drake where they competed with 36 teams representing six states, and we were one of the four teams to reach the semi-finals. Ending the debate season for this year was the state tournament at Iowa City on April 23. Our eligibility for this tourna- ment was secured through our outstanding work in the Southwestern Iowa District Contest. Abraham Lincoln was also represented at the State tournament in the extemporaneous speaking division by John Zurmuehlen who Twenty-fourth Annual oratory-G ustafson. won first in our school and second in the district. Robert Gustafson was our representative in the original oratoiry division of the dis- trict contest with his original oration, "Fort- ress of Progressf, Winners of the annual declamtory con- test, held on January 20, were Ben Kutler in the oratorical division, speaking on "The Supreme Menace", in the dramatic divis- ion, Kathleen Hennessy, reading "The Hero", and Frances Fitzgibbon, giving the selection "The School Program," in the humorous division. The City National Bank awarded medals to these winners. Declamatory Contest ORATORICAL N "Our Fortress of Security".. . .,.... .. Robert Gustafson "Character" . . .,.... . . . . . .Warren Jensen "The Supreme Menace", . . . ......., .... B en Kutler DRAMATIC "Romeo and Julieti' . . . . ..... ,... l'-l elen Farher "The Littlest Orphan" .,..,. .Faye Graves "The Hero" ......... , , .Kathleen Hennessy "The Last Leaf" . .,,. . , . . . . . Magdalen Millsaps I-luivioaous "The "A Dramatic Society of the Gay 90's", . Q'The Soda Fountain". . ........ . . . "Lizzie Announces Her Engagement" . . School Programn .,....... . ....,..... . , . .Frances Fitzgibbon , . . .,,. Peggy l-lall . . .Florence Meverson . . . . . .jean Weiner Page Fifty-one SENIOR PLAY CAST Seated: Vfallace. Constahle, Meyersnmn, lviorse, Giles. Standing: Kutler, Uretzet. lilzgihhon, Henderson, Brown. IUNIUR PLAY CAST Seated: Ciraves, Russell, Hughes, Copeland, llenntssy, T Xlfilcox. Standing: Hills, Stei-liens, Clos:-.u'd. lorter, Hansen, Rzitlilili, THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN HE lovahle Ahhy, portrayed on the screen hy the immortal Marie Dressler, appeared on our stage in this hilarious comedy of New England life. The "late Christopher Bean" was a poor artist, his works having unknown value. After his death the Haggetts, with whom he had lived, received a douhle surprise, the first upon learning of the fortune they had let slip so easily through their hands hy giving away his innumerahle paintings, and rim second when they learned of his marriage to their serving woman, Ahhy. THE DOUBLE DOOR NOTHER mystery thrillerlll The audience cringed at the heartless cruelty of Vic- toria Van Bret who ruled her family with unyielding severity. She was the only person who knew the secret comhination of the Hdouhle doorw leading into a soundproof room in the center of their aristrocratic home. This knowledge proved to he her doom, for. as a result of her own selfish designs, she was imprisoned in this dungeon which hecame her tomh. l lui- lfi l'1 y-I wo I THE DRAMATIC SEASON CHARM-Delta Tau-Aristo. November 5 and 6. . Cast: Peggy Hall, Maxine Bain, Stuart Russell, Wilbur Wulf, Rosanne Sheehan, Richard Walter, Don Langdon, Albert Voss, Joe Thornell, Virginia Harkins, Helena Briggs, Shirley Van Druff, Joy Eakin, Ervin Pinkston. Director-Mary Ellen McCabe. Assistant director-Jerry Droge. FRESH FIELDS-Alpha-Bye. November 19 and 20. Cast: Florence Yount, Esther McBain, Virginia Miller, Clark Giles, Marjorie Constable, Eugene Telpner, Jeanne Moser, Billy Marshall, Ann Verdin. Director-Ruth Tam- isiea. Assistant director-Helen Farher. THE MIKADO, Operetta. December 2, 3, and 4. , Cast: Eugene Stowe, Max Hardin, Willis Abels, Don Wiercla, Ralph Brown, Seth Hills, Ralph Staley, Lorretta Keiderling, Doris Adams, Marilou Neumayer. Frances Fitz- gibbon, Marian Van Druff, Mildred Smock, Katherine Charleis, Cora Curtis. Direc- tor-Kathleen Shaw. Assistant director--Jeanne Durfee. 1 THE NATIVITY--Dramatics Class. Christmas Play. December 23. Cast: Jeanne Durfee, Seth Hills, Faye Graves, Patricia Bauman, Marian Van Druff, Ralph Brown, Howard Loper, Arthur Elgan, Don Gossard, Billy Marshall, Bob Jepson, Don Langdon. Director-Ruth Tamisiea. Assistant director-Eleanor Peters. TOM SAWYER-Clio-Philo. January 7 and 8. l Cast: Don Gossard, Jean Weiner, Jo McCarthy, Evogene Wallace, Marjorie Burrill, Doris Graves, Doris Adams, Helen Norgard, LeRoy Asman, Glen Decker, Dell Mor- gan, Wayne Graves, Bruce Van Druff, Roxanna Morse, Virgil Anderson, Jack Stephens, Charles Buchanan, Don Hansen. Director-Mary Ellen McCabe. Assis- tant director-Rosanne Sheehan. ' GREEN STOCKINGS-Ero-Ionian. March 4 and 5. Cast: Helen Farher, Jeanne Durfee, Frances Fitzgibbon, Mary Louise Stash, Bette Rowe, Patricia Bauman, Warren Jensen, Eugene Stowe, Robert Moth,' Horace Barton, Billie Marshall, Warren Mathis, Rhen Petersen. Director-Ruth ,Tamisiea. Assistant director-Evogene Wallace. HAPPINESS-Thalian-Logo. April 7 and 8. Cast: Florence Esancy, Lester Friend, Doris Neilson, Mildred Balaban, Charlotte Brown, LeRoy Jacks, Emma Lou Spetman, Fern Gater, Grant Hunter, Georgia Mae Over- street, Warren Andersen. Director-Mary Ellen McCabe. Assistant director-Man ijoe Evans. DOUBLE DOOR-Junior Class. April 22 and 23. Cast: Mary Jane Ratliff, Jack Stephens, Dorothy Porter, Seth Hills, Barbara Hughes, Faye Graves, Kathleen Hennessy, Grover Hansen, Bob Wilcoii, Stuart Russell, Don Copeland, Don Gossard. Director-Ruth Tamisiea. Assistant director--Frances Fitzgibbon. THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN-Senior Class. May 19 and 20. Cast: Florence Meyerson, Evogene Wallace, Frances Fitzgibbon, Roxanna Morse, Mar- jorie Constable, Ralph Brown, Clark Giles, Bob Henderson, Ben Kutler. Director- Mary Ellen McCabe. Assistant director-Marilou Neumayerp W Page Fifty-three NEWS QJBNLEYORS UH M Front row: Burrill, McCombie, White, Pohl, Fisher, Gellert, Zurmuehlen. Second row: Blizzard, Gretzer, Neff, Moth, Willeford, Perdew, Brenneman, Mr. Rosenkranz. fbusiness adviserj, Andersen, Giles. EDITCRIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ,.., ,..,...,... ...... ,....,. . . . .Eleanor White Associate Editor. . . ..........,........... ..... J ack lVlcComl3ie Senior Editors. . . . Literary Editor ....,.,......... Literary Societies and Farulty .,.. Girls' Sports ............... Boys, Sports ..., Clubs, Underclassmen , . . junior Assistant Humor Editor .,.. R. O. T. C. ...., . Band, Orchestra ...,, Art .,....,.,.,... . , , . .John Blizzard .Donald Pohl Bob Moth . . . . . .Marjorie Burrill . . . .Megnon Willeford Lucile Neff . . . .Dorothy Brenneman . . . . , .Jack lVlcCombie .......Staff . . . .Helen Fisher . . . . .Donald Pohl , . . .Robert Perdew . . . . .John Gretzer Editorial Adviser ..... .........,....,...... ..... E l eanor Baptist BUSINESS STAFF Business Staff. . Advertising Manager. . .. . . ......,., .......,....... J ohn Zurmuehlen Leatrice Gellert Clark Giles Dick Andersen .........,.jean Weiner Financial Adviser ....... .. .Wilbur I. Rosenkranz Crimson and Blue T'S yours at last! As your yearbook staff, patiently we suffered sleepless nights to present this immortal souvenir of the class of 1938 to whom it may con- cern . Years will show up the quality, but it was all so much fun while it lasted that we made the most of it whenever we could. "Now the deadline is--" For months, an anxious editor spurred an effi- cient staff into a semi-conscious realization that the l938 Crimson and Blue must come out on schedule. Straying from the rigid paths of formality of Crimson and Blues of the past, the editorial staff this year has tried to present in an informal man- ner a minute, pictorial history of the current year. Page Fifty-fiv Front row: Felton, Fisher, Brandt, Burrill, Brennenian, Gellert, Keiderling. Rowe, Esancy, Adams Kemplin, Kinney. Second row: Knohle, Mils, Neff, Miller, Bock, Hamilton, Fullers. Hays, Fried, Long, Bruce. Third row Matteson, DeVol, Burgess, Perdevv, Meis, Henderson. Van Drufi, Jeppesen, Herd NC1lSl1llfI1, Harms. Fourth row: Zimmerman, Christoffersen, D, Andersen, Decker, Connors, Pinlcstnn G Anderson, Telpner, Glasshurner, Giles, Olsen, McCtwmhie. Echoes Fall Semester STAFF Editors-in-Chief .... ......,. .,., B r uce Van Dtuff News Editors , Sports Editor .,,., Business Manager .,...,.,... Assistant Business Manager .,.. Advertising Managers ..,.. . . Bob Henderson , . . . ,Carol Bock Bruce Glasshurner . . Bill Pinlcston . .... Alvin Kemplin , , Ray Christoffersen . . ,Dayton Gilleland Don Connors Faculty Adviser: H. Arthur Lee N CHOING vigorously, justly, and without prejudicef' This is the slo- gan of the Echoes, a medium for expres- sion for the aspiring journalists of our school. The Echoes is printed Weekly and really fulfills its motto. It serves as a re- flection of student life and opinion, and serves as an inspiration for better and more Fifty-six extensive work in the field of journalistic English. The cooperation of many students is necessary to produce the Echoes. Com- posing the staff were fifty-six students the fall semester and forty-eight the spring se- mester. Aiding those who are officially Front row: Allan, Benjamin, Buhrman, Caywood, Leverett, Tyler, Williams, Harkins, Van Horne, Wil' leford, Morse, Williams, Gable, Wallace, Gross, Lewis. Second row: R. Russell, Bain, Hudson, Beczley, Bigley, Flack, Jensen, Anderson, Staley, E. Christoffersen, Hecht,Cliristensen, Ogun. Third row: Lind' say, Sizer, Brown, Crimsley, Claypool, -Bruce, Pinkston, Tclpner, Gossard, Besse, Cohen. Puladino, Wal' ters. Fourth row: R. Christoffersen, Gallo, Wright, Scott, Rinehart, Lind, Parker, Price, Glaissburncr, Giles, Payne, Rzinncy, Wicrda. Echoes Spring Semester STAFF Managing Editor .... ...,.., Editors-in-Chief ,.,. News Editors .... Sports Editor ..... Business Manager .......,.. Assistant Business Manager . . . Advertising Managers. . . . . . . ..,.. Bill Pinkston . , .David Flack Warren Jensen . . . . .Eugene Telpner Dick Payne Doris Gross Roxanna Morse , , . . Earl Rinehart , . . , .Jack Bigley . . . .Margaret Lewis ....,..WarrenParker Bob Hudson Faculty Adviser: H. Arthur Lee members of the staff are approximately one- hundred students who are in all the jour- nalism classes of the school. The Echoes has made many advances during the past year. Cne of these was the modern name plate contributed by John Gretzer. The National Journalism Conven- tion was held in Des Moines this year on December 2, 3, and 4. This is the first time it has ever been held in Iowa. Having it so near home made it possible for many of the staff members to attend. Our newspaper has served as a practi- cal worlcshop for many journalism students. Not only have they learned the fundamen- tal principles of journalistic writing and newspaper printing, but many have received a foundation for their future life's work. Paige Fifty-sev HISTORY OF PUBLICATIONS NCE upon a time, 1897 to be exact, the "Hill-Top Delver," a news publication, ap- peared at Abraham Lincoln high school. And, as an old annual puts it, it was issued 'Qfortnightlyf' Although facts are profuse telling of its success, few sources seem inclined to tell us why it failed. Nevertheless, the Hill-Top Delver went out, and the High School Echoes came in, with its first publication on December 17, 1901. The Nonpareil mentioned it as follows: "The first edition of the High School Echoes, the latest venture of the high school students in the realms of journalism, will appear today from the press of the Nonpareil. The paper consists of twelve pages, seven by eleven inches, and is as neat typographically as its contents are interesting." They attempted to print the full twelve pages twice a month, but the little mat- ter of financial difficulty arose, and the paper hastily changed to a monthly publication. Various changes have swept through our paper to make it the publication it is today. As if to compensate for the fewer number of papers, the Echoes once enlarged to a sixteen- page monthly. So the paper went merrily on its way. The World War came and went. But wait- thought the editors-if the United States can win a war, surely we can start a campaign. An eight-page bi-weekly paper was promptly published. Alternate staffs worked on the paper. By 1921, the Echoes was issued every Thursday. The present thriving 4-page, 7-column Echoes reaches more than two-thousand peo- ple. Compare that with the two-hundred subscribers of the Hill-Top Delverl But you should have seen the first of the Crimson and Blue! No, it wasn't a grand affair, but rather a little pamphlet. It was issued as Volume I in 1897. Not important, but quite interesting, is the fact that Lucius Pryor was the business manager of this first annual. And the contents were so different from those we have now. First of all, came about six pages of advertisements. Certainly, the schoo1's patrons received ample compensation for advertising in the senior annual. Then came some school yells. Oh, they were peach- es. Next, the "gray matter material" about class history, class prophecy, history of cadets, and history of athletics came. Upon counting the pictures, we find the huge number of -six. And that includes the pictures of the school administration, too. Not many years ago, the pictures had to be taken out of doors. Just as sure as pic- tures were scheduled for a Wednesday, the "ground hog just wouldn't see his shadow." Or it might be a cold day with the wind blowing briskly at one's hair. How nice it is now to walk peacefully into the auditorium for pictures, where weather is ignored. Each year, the annual chooses a theme. In 1918, the class motto was Rover the top," when the annual worked out the World War theme. From war to television-what can tomorrow foretell? Yes, Father Time grows older, but Abraham Lincoln publicaitons, though older with experience, grow ever youthful with their pep. Page Fifty eight R. o. T .c. MARCH OF TIME w + Front row: Sergeant Garvin, Colonel Radtke, Lieutenant Colonel Van Druff, MajorfAdjutant Pohl Majors, Jensen, Blizzard, Jennings, Hutchison, Captains, Norman, Decker, Henderson, Wierda, First Lieutenants, Kutler, Claypool. Second row: First Lieutenants, Conkling, Hecht, Jepson, Carter, Meier Tennant, Moth, Second Lieutcnants Platt, Remington, Johnson, Stubblefield, Paladino, Gustafson Third row: Second Licutenants Voss, Hall, Pinkston, Allan, Meis, Durfee, Walters, Morgan, Staley Kcinplin, Westplial, Thomas, Sergeant Kelly. Page Sixty Reserve Officers' Training Corps NOTHER year-another regiment. An annual ball, followed by an annual inspection. But were these the only activ- ities in which our regiment of Junior R.O.T.C. cadets participated? If one could have accompanied us during our periods of drill, and if he could have realized our ac- complishments, he would not think so. It was October. Drill began with a formal announcement. Approximately 500 boys enrolled. Many were ugreenhornsf, Tests were given to the senior cadets, cov- ering basic theoretical and practical mater- ial. Those who survived were promoted to the rank of second lieutenant. As a result, a few newly-promoted officers experienced the thrill of wearing boots and commanding the companies at the first parade. Although the day was warm and the rifles became heavy, we were all inspired to do our best. Yes, we were all out of step, and our rifles were slightly crooked, but we were never- theless proud of our regiment. Soon after, the Cadet Officers' Club was organized. Ir was a new organization, but its purpose was old: we were deter- mined to bring this year's regiment to a bril- liant climax-the award of an honor rating at the Annual Federal Inspection. The winter followed-the time of year that discourages the eager personalities, when we must remain inside, discontinue close-order drill until better weather returns, and in the meantime listen to lectures. We covered a lot of material, however, and we knew it would be essential later. With the coming of spring, enthus- iasm mounted. The R.O.T.C. Manual be- came the constant companion of the offi- cers. The junior cadets were striving for the three stripes which designate a sergeant. The rifle range became popular with the girls. Why was such an impetus in activ- ity shown? Merely because spring had come? No, March 19, the date of the an- nual Military Ball, was nearing. Ir was considered the Hides of March" for many of us, for the last promotions were to be announced then. Honorary officers were to be presented, too. Finally the day arrived. Rumors con- cerning the identity of the top officers pre- vailed. Then on the evening of March 19 came the denouement. The ball will be remembered as one of the greatest ever held at school. The cadet and honorary officers were announced, from the lowest to highest ranks. Spectators saw members of the reg- ular army there, the national guard, offi- cers of the surrounding R.0.T.C. regiments, our parents and teachers. Here-in this large congregation-was illustrated the ac- complished air of the senior cadet, who real- ized it was his last promotiong the hope of the junior cadet, who was next in line of command, and the awe of the sophomore cadet, as yet inexperienced. All in all, it was an impressive, inspiring, and colorful display of school military life. After such excitement came the period of calm. All efforts were now concentrated upon the inspection. Individual companies assigned definite sulniects for study, upon which the inspector would question them. Again and again regimental review was practiced. were May 12 came as March 19 had come- preceded hy much impatient waiting. The ceremony passed quiclcly, almost too quick- ly for us. The parade to the field, the re- view, the exhihitions, the lecture period. Then we were dismissed. We had done our best. All that remained was the hope for an honor rating. And so followed Memorial Day-the senior's "last paradef' Another year-and another regiment had completed its seem- ingly short life. HONORIARY OFFICERS Major Sheehan, MajorfAdjutant Vw'hilc. Colonel Nun' nmycr, Lcutenaint Colonel Anderson, Major Vv'oods. COMPANY SPGNORS -Front row' Bohloitt, P. SHQICIIIRIII, Anderson. Al. Staigcinnn Chapman, Second row: Van Druff, Drogc. Mounts. Honorary Officers Company Sponsors l Paste Sixty-1 r i Rifle Team Front row: Sergeant Garvin, Hutchison, Van Druff, Russell, Jennings, Second row: Moth Whittaker. AINTENANCE of the record estab- lished by the preceding year's rifle team was the goal of this year's team. Again the organization, whose members are des- ignated by the result of competitive rifle fire among cadets, participated in weekly inter-school matches, the seventh corps area match, which includes teams from many surrounding states, and the Hearst Trophy Pag Sixty four match which constituted their last competi- tion. Under the new direction and instruc- tion of Sergeants Garvin and Kelly, the cadets proved their comparatively high rat- ing among neighboring junior R. O. T. C. rifle fire units, with Cadets Whittaker and Hutchison receiving top honors for indi- vidual rank. POPULAR PRGGRAMS Front row: White, Wallace, Briggs, Gebuhr, Kirn, Graves, Burrill, Dye, Graves, Millsaps, H. Fisher Pierce, Smock, Christensen, Bock, Hamilton, Charles. Second row: Ranch, J. Durfee, Hollingsworth Gretzer, Weiner, Farher, Neff, Pischel, Schlott, Norgard, S. Van Druff, B. Fischer. Third row: Dug gan, Stevens, Plunkett, McCarthy. Fourth row: Copeland, Bell, Emarine, Wierda, Rinehart, Gustafson Henderson, Jensen, Molzahn, Crabill, Meyerson, Sheehan, Neumayer. Fifth row: Madsen, Payne Hills, Christiansen, G. Hansen, Walters, Pohl, B. Hansen, W. Durfee. Sixth row: McCixmbie, johnson Sprigg, Zurmuehlen, Kutler, Curtis, B. VanDruff, Moth. The National l-lonor Society OFFICERS President ,,..,, .....,.,....,.. ,... J a mes Sprigg Vice-President . . . ....., Eleanor White Secretary ..,... , . . . . . ...,.......,..., John Zurmuehlen Treasurer ,.....,,...,...........,..,.....,... . . ,Helena Briggs Sponsors: Miss Pyle, Mr. Blank, Miss Boesche a f Page Sixty-six HE National Honor Society represents the highest academic honor that a stu- dent can attain. It represents the highest division of the student body. Since the establishment of the National Honor Society in 1929 under the auspices of the Phi Beta Kappa, a national honorary fraterity, it has grown to be one of the leading national societies for those seeking distinction in the fields of scholarship, lead- erships, and, character. Of the entire class, only fifteen per cent are eligible. Five per cent of the members may be chosen in their junior year and ten percent may be chosen in the twelve one grade. The new members are not selected by the old members, but by a secret com- mittee composed of members of the faculty selected by the principal. This year the society sponsored the an- nual Road Show. The advertising and the sale of tickets were ably managed by the members. Wlienever the society has been called upon to do service for the school, its mem- bers have always responded cheerfullv and willingly so as to inspire those with whom they worked to a greater appreciation of what the honor student can attain. Quill and Scroll Candidate: Front row Wluite, Pohl, Morse, Blizzard, Moth, Burrill, McComhie, Jensen. Second row: Llay pool Willefcurd, Gehuhr, Van Horne, Bain, Giles, Hamilton, Brandt, Brenneman, Gellert. Third row Payne, Fisher, Leosis, Christensen, Russell, Leverett, Neff, Hammer, Zurmuchlen, Pinkston Fourth row: Olsen, Henderson, Wierda, liallcrs. Quill and Scroll UILL and Scroll membership is utopsv in writing for high school students. Nearly every state in the union boasts a chapter of this international honorary so- ciety. More than 20,000 journalists-in-the bud have a membership in Quill and Scroll as a result of their outstanding achievement in the scholastic writing field. Twelve years ago, a group of High School teachers met and organized this hon- orary society. It has done much to foster creative talent. Candidates must he in the upper third of their class scholastically and must have done superior work of some sort in jour- nalism. Outstanding members of the Echoes and Crimson and Blue staffs, recommended by the sponsors, make up the local group, known as the "Ding" Darling chapter. Sponsors: Miss Baptist, Mr. Lee Page Sixty seven "Now We Contend Tfvat . . .U Miisical Interlude Front row: Clmpinxtn, Clemenson. Rasmussen, Bohhitt, Yount, Charles, McBain, Moser, Fischer, Peter son, Price. D, Miller. Paludan, Bates. Constahlc, Schuldt, Stcmplc. Second row: V. Miller, Hroinherg Fowler, Clark, Van Ells. Page. Goodwin, Lass, Evers, Vv'i-lkinson. Gershun, Krasne, Pierce, Preston Stephens, Krause. Third row: ivionfort, Nelson, Gross, Caywood, Peterson, Smock, Verdin, V. Millci' Sclclin. Holingnrtl, Meyerson, Young. iviztnn, Ross, Espinosai, Smith, Esaincy. Fourth row: Piztfl, Puck hither, Cahlcr. Van Horne, D, Nelson, Olsen, Hanncman, Brackncy, Lindsay, IvIcDon:1ld, Jepson, Lain inert, Thomas, Hanna, McKee. Alpha Literary Society Fall OFFICERS Spring Jeanne Moser . . . ..,... President. , . . .Katherine Charles Juanita Hollingsworth ..,.., Vice-President. . . . ,Esther McBain Bette Fischer. . . . . . Secretary .,.. . . Florence Yount Marian Price . . . . ,... Treasurer . . , . . Lorraine Peterson Darlene Miller . .....,. Historian. .,... . . .Virginia Hanna Sponsors: Miss Hanigan, Miss Bishop UITE the happiest times of their lives came to a numher of girls through Alpha memhership. Of all the participants in intersociety dehate, an Alpha was de- creed the hest sport. The society had a competent representative in the extempo- raneous speaking contest finals. They also reached the declamatory contest finals in the humorous division. The Alpha-Bye play was magnetic in its appeal. "Fresh Fields" had "yumph". So that each girl could anticipate the Part Sixty ight excellent programs in store, a yearbook of programs was published. Alpha pins have been popularized to such an extent that almost every girl has one. Last fall after a community supper, an exciting time was had at a roller skating party. Lovely cor- sages were presented to the mothers and seniors at the memorahle banquet held for them in the spring. And so another mem- ory-laden year for the Alphas came to an end. Z Oratoryf Debate' Extempof Refvearfal for "Charm" Front row: lviiller, Smith, Loper, Munchrath, Hall, Gustafson. Olsen, Henderson, Staley, Russell, Langdon, rox, N. Anderson. Second row: Green, Wlill, S. Anderson. Cohen. V. Cliristianseim, O. Clliristizinsen. Pinltston, Rinehart, C. Hansen, Perlmutter, Bruce. Thornell, Buskness. Third row: Haaek, Hill. Holmes Rasmussen, W1iltei', Mzlxie, Brooks, Feldt, A. Andersen, Morse, B att .V P ei y oss, eters. Fourth row: john- on, D. Jennings. Camhell, Nm-rr-ll, Swanson, H. Jennings, lii1l'liCl'. jones. -lensen. Vv'idtleldt. Northri Lausen. Otis, Sliugztrt. lp, Aristo Literary Society Fall Robert Gustafson . . Stuart Russell. . . Joe Johnson. . . Don Langdon OFFICERS Spring . .President . . Joe johnson . . .Secretary . . . Ivan Olsen . . . Treasurer . , . .Ralph Staley Sergeant-at-Army.. .. , . Don Langdon Sponcorv: Mrs. Burgess, Mr. Asquith I-IE Aristos started off the year with "Charm.y' This smart, sophisticated comedy won praise for both the Delta Taus and them. At the close of the debating sea- son, an Aristo was named the most sports- manlilce debater in intersociety debate. Sec- ond place in the oratorical division of the declamatory contest went to an Aristo. The position of drum major was ably filled by one member. An Aristo won first place in the tenor section of the school vocal con- test. I-Ie was entered in the sub-district contest at Red Oalc and was rated as su- perior. Wl1en it came time for the juniors to malce their big choice, they chose wisely, and an Aristo became junior class president. Boh Henderson was elected Aristo presi- dent each semester, hut had to resign hoth times. In the fall he was made editor-in- chief of the Echoes, and the seniors elected him senior class treasurer in the spring. Sixty-nine Si-vi-n Case for the Negative "Lovely,' Is the Word Front row: Brown, Everest, lvlillsaps, C. Adams, Scott, Leosis, D. Adams, Wallace, Morse, Gittle, Bur' 'll VV' iner Mcfxartliy Plunkett Walker Davitt, Pace, L. Grossman. Second row: Skelton, Porter, Nel' Vl - C v J- Q , Q son, Alpliin, Flower, Anderson, Mcliinnan, Condon, Bernstein, Perlinuttcr, Detlef, Kruse, Dickson Kirn, Van Druif, Barth, B. Crossinan, Seldin, Third row: Crowl, Baird, Maurer, Kistle, Foote, Decker Hild Redden Graves Seihurg Lorello Mcrfwigan, Leliaugh, Lcerskov, Sinclair, Molzahn, Bubb S 1 L 'V A U 1 Fourth row: Norgard, Fisher, Augustine, Durlcc, Wulff, Caywood, Hinks, Jensen, Hamilton, Lass Hnusrlnldt, jenkins. Nelson, Hartwell, Tullar, MCLz1iie, Bock, Nladison. Clio Literary Society Fall OFFICERS Spring Marjorie Burrill . ., .President ....,..,..,..... Jean Weiner Jean Weiner .,..,... .... V ice-President ...,.,. Josephine McCarthy Josephine McCarthy ,.., .... S ecrdtary ,... ..... E vogene Wallace Evogene Wallace . , . .... Treasurer. . , ...., Roxanna Morse Eileen Plunkett .....,. ...... H istorian ,..,...... . . , Doris Adams Ada Mae Hamilton, .,.. Sergeant-at-Arms. .... .,... , .Ida Girtle Sponsors: Miss Willard, Miss Pyle new for their play. Mark Twain's beloved "Tom Sawyer" was greeted with enthusiasm. In the school vocal contest two Clios placed, rating first in the mezzo-soprano division, and second in the alto division. The senior class chose a Clio for secretary. Un the an- nual staff the literary editor and the ITH a strong, well-balanced debate team, the Clios reached the finals of the inter-society debate tournament, but were defeated in the final contest hy the lonians. When declam finals came around, two Clios represented their society, one 1 winning second place in the humorous di- vision. It was a Clio who placed third in the extempo finals. Getting away from the usual sophisti- cated comedies, the Clios tried something junior apprentice are Clios. Aiclio was maid-of-honor to the Queen of Hearts Formal and informal initiations were held, but the outstanding social event was the Mothers' Valentine tea. 1 l l Delta Taus in the Making Line: Must Be Learned Front row: Boland, Kamm, Stageman, Maiden, Walke1', Russell, Ranch, Sheehan. Neff, Stevens, Hall. Evers, Curtis, Eakin, Asman, Franklin, Herndon, Mahoney, Hamilton, Ogan, Vsfunner. Second row: Riley, Tinnel, Grow, F, Grote, Tatta, Austin, Annis, Wilctwx, Brenneman, Nelson, Brown, Sorenson, Heitman, Adkins, Ford, Thornell, Howard, Lewis, Thompson, Peterson, McClelland. Third row: Briggs, Claypool, Sadler, Sandberg, Surher, Christensen, Van Druff, E. Grote, Osborn, Bennett, Steinhuuer, Pischel, Barnes, Brougham, Harkins, Crowl, Newell, Brittain, Wai'ner, Northrop, WCgI1CI'. Delta Tau Literary Society Fail OFFICERS Spring Rosanne Sheehan . , .,.., President ,.... ..,. R osanne Sheehan Lucile Neff ....,.. . . .Vice-Prerident. . . . . . Florence Ranch Florence Ranch. . . ..., Secretary ...,, . . . Pauline Stevens Pauline Stevens. .. ..... Treasurer ...... ..... L ucile Neff Jean Russell ...,. . . .Sergeant-at-Arms ..,,...,... Maxine Bain Peggy Hall ,,.............,. Historian ........ ..,...,. P eggy Hall Sponsors: Mrs. Tatroe, Miss Taylor HOUGH they didn't come out on top Delta Tau. The Deltas scored again when in the field of speech, the Delta Taus the allflllai staff WHS CIIOSCUQ the lif6I'E1I'y offered strong competition. One member was on the varsity debate squad, and the interpretation of an original reading placed another Delta in the declam finals. The Delta Taus had one representative in the extempo finals. For the second year, a Delta won the piano contest. Well presented and equally well received was the play, "Charm." The football queen, chosen on popularity, was a society and faculty editor and the girls' sports editor were Deltas. Socially, the Delta Taus were active. Each semester an initiation party for new members was held. Senior members enter- tained other Deltas at a tea in the spring. The attraction of a special Christmas party was a puppet show given by two members. The year's social activities closed with the Mother-Senior banquet. Page Sevt nty on EACHING a new high, the Eros came the After Dinner Speaking contest, two Page Si-vc-nty Tea in Honor of New Members New Eros Give "Gay 90" Review Front row: Rowe, White, Vsfilson, B, Hughes, Sheely, Schell, Stash, Willefiurd, Farher, Stillwell, Bock Dye, Crahill, Mounts, Brandt, Salisbury, Spoto, Gellert, Scott, Second row: Hogan, Lyons, Briggs Uretzer, Durfee, Johnston, Schmidt, Miller, Graves, Crabill, Spetman, Harrington, Wmmixdward, Dicka son, Venard, Edmundson, Klindt, Franklin. Third row: Steinhauer, Hahn, Fitzgihhon, Kerhcr, Larsen Dorland, Uuesing, Drake, Hughes, Hammer, Haiston, Bauman, Montgomery, Hall, Cody, Duggan Arp, Fogle, Cain, Leverett, Schindler. Ero Literary Society Fall OFFICERS Spring Carol Bock. ,... ..... P resident .,... .,...,.,.. V irginia Dye Irene Stillwell. . . , . .Vice-President ...,.... Megnon Willeford Betty Mounts ..... ..... S ecretary .,.. .....,l I-I elen Farher .Mary Louise Stash , . , ,Betty Duggan Frances Crahill ,,.., .,.... T reasurer .... .... Anne Brandt. . ..,.., Sergeant-at-Arms ..,. . . , Sponsors: Miss Brisley, Miss Ketter out on top in many events this year. An Ero represented Pottawattamie County in the D. A. R. Good Citizenship Pilgrim- age. The editor-in-chief and faculty editor of the annual were members of this societyg also the news and feature editors of the Echoes staff. Well represented in speech, three Eros participated in the declam finals, one win- ning in the humorous division. Winner of -two entries in the extempo finals and five girls on the varsity debate squad were Eros. "Green Stockings," Ero play, was one of the hits of the season. The soprano and contralto sections of the vocal contest were won by Eros. One member was chosen "Queen of Hearts." The three social events of the year were the I-Iallowe'en party, tea for new memhers, and the Mother-Senior hanquet in May. play, was acclaimed one of the hits of the Worn Out Champs "Green Stocleingsn Front row: Peterson, Ralph Perdew, Brown, Van Dfrcreelc, Giles, Zurinuehlcn, Claypool. Stowe, W. Jensen, lvloth, Hansen, Schlemmer, Caughlin, Britt, lvlcivlullen. Second row: Lsinning, johnson, Platt Russell, H. Burton, Elgun. Wcddlc, Lincoln, Skelton, Spetmzin, Robertson, Dye, Hzinuszi. Third rowii Vwfard, Poggee, Chcmiss, Sorenson. Barton, Phinney. Hills, Partner. Schultz, Olsen. Scott, RZIIIIICY. Fourth row: Robert Pcrdew, Wzii'fi1rd, Sprigg, Emzirine. Larsen. Mai-shall, lvlsithis, Anderson, liiyer Smith, Dunn. Hanna. D. -lcnsen, lvlaloncy, Schwcer. lonian Literary Society Fall OFFICERS Spring Billy Hansen, , . .... President. , . . . ,John Zurmuehlen Clarlc Giles .... . .Vife-President. , ,,.., Robert Moth Robert Moth .... . .Secretary . , .Eugene Stowe Warren Jensen ..,,. . . . .Treasure-r. . . . . . ,... Clark Giles Harold Claypool.. ,.,... Sergeantvat-Army . ..., Warren Jensen Sponsors: Miss Boesche, Mr. Rosenlcranz HE Tonians proved their supremacy in speech this year by capturing first place in the inter-society debate tournament with- out a single defeat. When the cleclamatory contest came around, the Ionians were on class editor of the annual, and the editor- in-chief of the Echoes are members of this society. "Green Stockings," Ero-Ionian hand: one member reached the finals in the oratorical division. Two members of this society walked away with the extem- poraneous speaking contest, taking both first and second places. Two of the ten members of the varsity debate team were Ionians. The business manager and senior year. A grand friend and an understanding sponsor was Mr. Loren F. Reynard. The Ionians were more than sorry to see him leave A. L. The appointment of Mr. Wil- bur Rosenlcranz as the new co-sponsor of the Ionians pleased every member. Page Si-vi-nt y-thr VU! Curtis Couglzs Up Dues l'Vl7EH Logo 1VIeets Logo Front row: Lincoln. Phillips, E. Hansen, Kutlcr, Black. Curtis, Pinltston. Durice. l". Hansen oi Blizzard, Cherniss. Giles, Hunter. Second row: Petrus, Petersen, Campbell, Danimruw, Hurd Smith Andersen, Harinan, Vvladuin. Van Ells, Young, Larsen.DeVc1l.Mattesiun. Third row: Hayes, Ciughey Mcfiee, Tallinan, Friend, Ehcrhart, lacks, Christoffersen, Sessions, Smith, Fisher, Kzitelman, -len en Logo Literary Society Fall OFFICERS Spring Donald Pohl . . . President ...., . Waite Durfee John Blizzard. . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . Marla Curtis Waite Durfee ,,.. ,... . Secretary .... ...., B en Kutler Mark Curtis. . . . . . . Treasurer ..,.. . . .Bill Pinlcston Harry Black. . ..... Sergeant-at-Arms .... . . Folmer Hansen Sponsor: Mr. Hammes LTHOUGI-I they received no spec- tacular honors, tllle Logos are proud of their accomplishments for the year. The vice-president and sergeant-at-arms, two of the five officers of the senior class, were Logos. The managing editor of the Echoes, who was also the former sports editor, was a memher of this society. Two Logos held the positions of senior class editors on the Crimson and Blue staff. In speech, the Logos were excellent. ity-loui- Their dehate team ranked second among the hoys' debate teams. First place in the oratorical division of the declamatory con- test went to a Logo. The Logos were well represented in the extempo finals, although they did not place. At the Military Ball a Logo received the appointment of Major- Adjutant. Last fall the envy of the school was the rollicking initiation held with the Philos. MI-Iappiness," Thalian-Logo play, a great SUCCESS, completed a well-rounded year. Payne Clincbes a Point The Philo "Seal" Front row: Ranch, McCabe, Slagle, Christensen, R. Smith, john Bostedt, Decker, Telpner, lviorgan Wiei'da, Glasshurner, Wziltei's, Van Druff, Payne, H. Smith, Caughlan, Asman, Lyons. Second row: Grote, Dawson, V. Hansen, McCombie, Bridenbaugh, Olsen, S. Brown, Buchanan, Petersen, Gray, Stephens, Gossard, Arch, Akers, joe Bostedt. Third row: Phillips, Schaaf, Wi-iglit, Lash, Graves, G Brown, Mzxlick, V. Anderson, D. Hansen, Drake, Hancock, Andersen, Starr, Osborn. a Philo Literary Society Fall OFFICERS Spring Eugene Telpner .... ..... P resident ..... ...., G ordon Walters Don Wierda ...... ,... V ice-President. , . , . .Glen Decker Bruce Glassburner ,.,. .... S ecretary .,.. . , ..,,, Dick Payne Gordon Walters .... ....., T reasurer ....,...... Bruce Glassburner Leonard Ranch .... ..., S ergeant-at-Arms. . . . , . . . Le Roy Asman Sponsor: Mr. Miller UCCESSFUL was the past year for the Philos. The senior class presidency, one of the most coveted positions of the school, was ably filled by a Philo. The society was well represented in the journalism depart- ment. Three members rated the positions of news editor, assistant news editor, and copy editor on the Echoes staff. The as- sistant editor of the annual was a Philo. At the Military Ball, one member was made lieutenant-colonel of the R. O. T. C. The Philo-Phollies, acclaimed one of the best acts of the Road Show, was pre- sented by ten Philos. The splendid sports- manship of the debate team earned for them the honorary debate gavel. In the declamatory and extemporaneous speaking contests no important honors were received. A rousing initiation was held with the Logos. Together with the Clios, the Philos gave "Tom Sawyer," Its simplicity and di- rectness won the hearty approval of the audience. Pag S nty ix vi-my Kathleen Giver Winning Selection Miisic in Their Midst Front row: Keiderling, Leldaugh, Barth, Budatz, Allan, Leasure, Evans, Gebuhr, Balaban, Hennessy, Droge, I. Andersen, Brown, Neuinayer, Purdy, Haiston, Ulm, Briggs, Thomas, Wcsley', Zillcs, Geiwitz Second row: Grell, Sorenson, Roberson, Schlott, Overstrcct, Nleyerman, Hoyt, Ellis, Spetman, Jacobsen hams, Tyler, Petersen, Benjamin, Bothe, Lueth, Nlortensen, Mztrtiri, Young, Chapman, Hendrix, Holi man, Kruse. Roden, L. Vxfilliains, R, Andersen, IVlcNlurray, Vwfoksa, Burket, Holt, Robinson, Nvsilsen, Thalian Literary Society Ratliil, Krasne, Childs, Duggan, Kubby, Fischer, Wcxiids, Esancy, Barnlord, St-liars. Third row: G. Fall OFFICERS Spring Mariloii Neumayer. , , . , .President , . ...,.. Jerry Droge Jerry Droge, , . . . Vice-President , . . . , Ellen Gebuhr Ellen Gebuhr , . . .Secretary . . . , .Mildred Balaban Charlotte Brown , ..,. Treavurer. , .. . .Eleanor Leasure Mildred Balaban. . .. Sergeant-at-Arms .. Irene Andersen Kathleen Hennessy . . . , , .Hi5torian. . . .,...,.. . .Betty Evans Sponsors: Miss Ehmlce, Miss Marty REATLY honored at the Military Ball this year was the Thalian Literary Society. The two highest positions offered to girls, honorary colonel and honorary lieutenant-colonel, were filled by Thalians. The Thalians kept up their usual high standard in speech. Once again it was a Thalian that toolc first place in the dra- matics division of the declamatory contest. This year the debate team ranked second among the girls' debating teams, but the Thalians had previously won the school de- -six l'HZ1f6 lfOLll'I'l3.I'I1CI1f l:0I' three consecutive YERYS. For the third time the Literary Society Volleyball tournament was won by Thalians. "I-lappinessv, Thalian-Logo play, proved successful. An initiation supper in the fall in honor of new Thalians started the year's events. A tea was given for new members in the spring. The final Thalian activity was the banquet for mothers and seniors-a beauti- ful ending to a full year. ront row: llatcs, Gross D C i ut Iii n dr Bi man, Dye, Duriee, Droge, Fitzgihhon, Hughes, Eakin, Harrington, Uittlc, s, 'z 1 , 'cimemzin, Cc-llert, Hall. Second row: Blizzard, Constahle, Claypool, Drake, B Bell Holiiigard, Hennessy, l'arhei', Hendrix, Uiuington. Charles, li. Graves, Haiston. Third row: itthi on, Cohen, j. Bell, Copeland, Giles, Elgan, Brown. Gossarcl, Anderson, Grctzcr, Hills, Bain, umm Front row: llortei, Yount, Schlott, Spetmain, Stzigeiiiaii, Kirn, Millsaps, Neuinuycr, Skelton, Van ljlllii ' s Rowe, Rzitlill, D. Miller, Krause, Ulm, Surher, ftepheiis, D. Nielsen. Second row- Rohiiisoii Riley' Roherson, Mcflziiii, Sowl, Vwfillelord, Mimsci', Schell, MCc:2ll'lI1y", V. lviillcr, lviorse, Sheeliain Stash ivfoiwdj ward, Meyerson, Vvhllzsce, Runte, Smock. Third row: ldracht, Lcosis, Langdon, Rohshaw, Voss, john' on, Curtis, Morgan, Zui-muchlch, Wilcox, Vifierda, Nell, Loper, Ti-iplctt. Masque and Wig Fall OFFICERS Spring Roxanna Morse Barhara Hughes Jeanne Durfee . , ...President , .,., Ralph Brown Rosanne Sheehan Calrnera Leosis Eleanor Peters . , . .... Secretary . . . , . ,Don Wierda Jerry Droge Frances Fitzgihhon Kathleen Hennessy .. .... Treasurer . , , .,.. Helen Skelton Sponsor: Miss Tamisiea OISE and grace through self develop- ment is the aim of the members of the Nlasque and Wig Club. So high is the caliher of their work that readers and play- ers are sent throughout the community to fill the numerous requests for performers. Slcillfully and willingly applied is the malce- up for the plays, Road Show, and operetta. Helping to mold the school program were the one act plays: "The Teeth of the Gift I-lorsel' and "Mushrooms Coming Up." The Christmas play, "The Nativ- ity," was heautifully done. In the state con- test at Iowa City a rating of excellent was awarded to the play, Q'The Bishop's Candle- sticlcsf, The performance of Don Wierda was rated as superior. The achievement of the year was the acquisition of a recording machine. Voices can now be studied and speech defects more easily corrected. '. p,,,r,. 5 i-vt-lily-st-un l Front row: Bohhitt, Barth, Hoyt, Hogan, Gittle, M. Christensen, Homes, Decker, Eyberg,.Howard, M. E. Howlctte, Evers, Cochran. Second row: L. Christensen. Fried, Crowl, Christiansen, Gihhler, Clem' hhltl M Hwl tt H1nsen C' Adel O Aders Third row: inens, Brown, Fogle, Collins, Arc i a , . o e e, . 5 , ,. , .. ' ' - '- ' s h' s D11 Chrlc Boiler, l'ulmer, Brown, Buntcn, Brnkct, Hall, Brewicl-:,Huml1telc, Hiller, Dilt.-, Ro ll1'OI1, o in, 1 , Anderson. Front row: Vwfhippel, Moore, D, MlllCl', Plunkett, Schlott, Stevens, VVcstplial, Spencer, Schmidt, Kainni, R, Sorensen, Purdy, NlcDonald. Petersen. Second row: W8Q1CI', McClellan, Laminert, Miles, Respelicrs, Pischel, Ring, Kinney, XVild, L. Nelson, Monfort, Newell, M. Sorensen. Vv'zn'dlow. Third row: Riley, Vv'eavcr, johnson, ONcill, L. Millei', Osborne, Potter, D, Nelson, Young, Sowl, MCKCl'Il, Negcthon, Siehert, Shultz, Commercial Club Fall OFFICERS Spring Virginia Lee Hanna , . . ,President ,..., ,Eileen Plunkett Hazel Osborn . . , . , . , .Vice-President. . , Eleanor Schlott Alice Dugan ..,, ,,.. S ecretary ...,, . ,Pauline Anderson Betty Duggan ....,. Treasurer. ..,. . .Hazel Osborn Sponsor: Mrs. Downs Page Seventy-c-ight i USINESS men should consider them- selves lucky to receive such competent business men and women as Abraham Lin- coln is turning out yearly. Not satisfied with daily work in class alone, the commercial students have ven- tured out of the realm of daily assignments to form a Commercial Club to further their social contacts, as well as to acquaint them- selves with modern business methods. Yes, the commercial students seem set on success. Business men are called up for talks on business conditions, and machine demonstrations are frequent. Current knowl- edge of new machinery is necessary to our soon-to-be young business debutantes. But such hard work char goes into itl Tt's the typing room. About the time spring fever was getting too contagious for any studying comfort, remember? And you simply had to get outside, didn't you? But for commercial contestants-ah, nol They patiently walked into classrooms at 3:20 to practice. For there's technique to typewrit- ing. The touch and rhythm are both very important. And, of course, there's shorthand. Per- haps you've called it penscratching. On sec- ond thought, it might be picture drawing. But seriously, just try to think of taking 60-80-100-120-140 words a minute by hand. Do they use Palmer method? Wfell, it would be nice, but think for your- self. Tense moments they are as you take pen in hand and the dictator gets out her little time watch. Itis now or never. Each word is read but once. Pens are gripped tightly in clammy fists. Dictation goes re- lentlessly on . . . But for our contestants, it's a simple matter. Agile pens in the fingers of com- petent contestants scoot across the page. lt was practice that made competency. How many times has a sign gone up in the win- dow llkeep out, shorthand dictation." For each June, our commercial seniors sally forth into the business world, knowing that business is always open to efficient, competent workers. COMMERCIAL CONTESTANTS rom row: Pierce, Hollingsworth, Ellis, Holt, Leverctt, Kamm, Graves, Second row: Duugin Norgzitd, Stevens, Hin-kms, Wtmksai, Christiansen, Nelson, lvieyetson, Fisher, Page Seventy nine Yagi Eighty Voici, Notre Provence Jeanne d,Arc Front row- Uerslmn Krusne. Adams, Constalble, Flatt, Morse, Ncaslmm, Durlee, Olsen, Wzillttc L crson, Ffillglillli,iNCllll1lkly'Cl'. Second row: lvlann, Bain, Evans, Vvlzilkcr, Cluypool, Fischer, Molzalm flnrtliy, Van Drull, Cmbill, Mzlideii, Scllzxrs, jordan, Third row: Hughes, Benjamin, Farrell Tliplctt Mcllnin, Lewis, Gray, Pearce, Russell. Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS Fall Florence Meyerson Ivan Olsen . , . jean Durfee . , Roxanna Morse , Tom Neasham .. ., .,.Pre511ent,..., . , , .Vice-President . , . . ,Secretary . , .. , . . Treasurer ..,. . , , , . Sergeant-at-Arms .,.., , . Spring , . , . .Jean Durfee . Virginia Franklyn . . , .James Platt A . .Tom Neasham ,Virginia Maiden Sponsor: Miss Landon French Club EMBERSI-HP in the ,offers an excellent opportunity to those who desire to gain a better under- standing of the people of France. The club was founded in 1921 with the purpose of promoting an interest in French art, culture, literature, and customs. At the beginning of each semester an initiation tea is held for the new members. Programs include a variety of subjects deal- ing with various phases of French life, one of the most outstanding was that given by Miss Grace Taylor as guest speaker. Any student who is taking French or has had at least one semester of the lan- guage is eligible for membership. Aly! Seniorita, Will You Be Mine.' The Flag of a Friendly Neighbor Front row: Porter, C. Allan, Joplin, Nelson, Spetman, Russell, Harkins, Gross, R. Selclin, N. Scldin, Siglin. Second row: Hammer, Murphy, Oamek, W. Allen, Roden, Durbin, Lass, Evers, Wesley, Pierce, Pfziff, lvlortensen, Third row: Triplett, Brooks, Allerton, Hansen, Hartshorn. Shugzirt, Osborn, Olsen, London, Hays. Fall Warren Radtlce Lucille Spetman Stuart Russell Ruth Seldin . . . Philip Shugart . . , . . La Junta Espanola OFFICERS Spring , . . , . . , . . President . . , , Virginia Hammer . . , .... Vice-President . . ..,. Lucille Spetman . , .,... Secretary .... .... V irginia Harlcins , ....... Treasurer ..,.. ,...... R uth Seldin .Sergeant-at-Army . . . .... Doris Gross Sonsor: Miss Landon HE SPANISH CLUB was founded in 1923 with the purpose of giving the stu- dents of Abraham Lincoln High School a broad program of Spanish literature, art, culture, and customs so that the members might become acquainted with the people of that nation. With formal initiation of its new mem- bers, the Spanish Club swung rapidly into action with an extensive program consisting of lectures given by Father Cobb, Mr. Chew, and Miss Hannigan. A talk on Mexico ac- companied by colored motion pictures was given by Mr. Leo Unger at a dinner held at the Y. M. C. A. As meetings are held every two weeks and each member talces an active part in the functioning of the club, an atmosphere of friendliness prevails throughout the group. A student to be eligible for membership must have had at least one semester of Span- ish or be taking it at the time of entering the club. Pu ge Eighty-o Front row: Krasne, Grossman, Gershun, Walker, Hughes, Young, A. Krasne, Dickason, Leverctt, Crowl Skelton, Gross, Benjamin, Eyherg, Leusure, Allan, Wilscuii, Krause, Stcmple. Second row: Seldin, Lewis Yount, Thomas, Plall, MeKinnan, Curtis, Fulmer, Martin. Tyler, Schell, Kruse, Young, Verdin, lnrohsen Vw'alker, Vyfilcox, Dock, Anderson, Austin. Third row: Ellis, Sorenson, Cody, Adams, Jepson, Thorncll Haiston, Caywood, Cliaipinan, Bennett, Durhin, Brewiek, Lindsay, Hinks, Peterson, Thompson, B. A Caywood, Nelson, Gretzer. Front row: Heisler, Millsaps, Harrington, Franklin, Briggs, Hzunilton, Brenneinan, XVhite, Bork, Stash, D, Graves, Cliarles, Burrill, Howlette, Hall, Larsen. Second row: Esaney. Price, Brown, Spetman, F. Graves, Moser, Hendrix, Meyerson, Fitzgihhon, Hughes, M. Van Drulvli, Neumayer, Ranch, Paludan, McDonald, Third row: Slllgiilllllll, Maiden, Putnam, M, Petersen, Rohinson, Kruse, Hannaman. Balahan, Finney, Hennessy, Molzahn, MeC4u'thy, Kirn, Crowl, Dye, Purdy. Fourth row: Willizllns, Evans. S. Van Drulili, Drustrup, Fried, Adams, Sheehan. Droge, Holmgard, Mellain, Ratlilf, Fisher, M. Petersen, Neff, Stevens. Girl Reserves OFFICERS Fall Spring Eleanor Wliite Preyidcnt Carol Bock Katherine Charles Vice-Provident Dorothy Brenneman Helena Briggs . Secretary . . Doris Graves Virginia Franklin . . Treamrer. Ada Mae Hamilton Mary Louise Stash Sergeant-at-Arms . Frances Fitzgihhon SpU715OT3'Z Miss Wliite, Miss Broadfoot Reservettes OFFICERS Previcfent Vice-Presirfenl . Secretary . . . . Treamrer . . Helen Skelton Betty .lo Crowl Doris Gross Carol Leverett Sponsors: Miss Olson, Miss Henderson am- Eighty-Iwo Service Club Work IRL Reserves is an International Ser- vice Club, having chapters in China, India, and far corners of the earth. Its aim is to live up to the motto, "To face life squarely, to find and give the bestf' The Abraham Lincoln chapter renders many services to the school and to the cit- izens of the city. A reception tea is given for new girls of the school in the fall, each member contributes the money earned in one day of work to a service fund of the school, contributions are received from all students of the school during the month of November, Good Will Month, sponsored by all the service clubs, a Christmas party for all underprivileged children of the city is given, and joining the other service clubs, the Girl Reserves helps in preparing an Easter program. This year some of the members were able to attend Girl Reserves' conferences both in Omaha and Shenandoah. The in- spiration received at these conferences was delivered to the entire club, and the sug- gestions made will enable them to carry on this superior type of work next year. Forming a junior organization to the Girl Reserves is the Reservette Club. Al- though this is not a national organization, it serves as a stepping stone for the girls who wish to talce part in the nation-wide activities of the senior organization. The Creche children provide an oppor- tunity for service for the Reservettes. The girls entertain them at an annual Christ- mas party. In the spring semester the Reservettes give the reception for the new girls. They take part in the Easter pro- gram, and send their delegates to the Girl Reserves Area conferences. The two I-Ii-Y groups of Abraham Lincoln strive "To create, maintain, and ex- tend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian characterf' This year their accomplishments consisted of participation in Good Will Month, the sale of football pennants, tin footballs, and porn-poms-all of which formed their con- tribution to the service fund for the needy of our school. They join with the other service clubs to present the Easter program. The organizations carry on their tradition of attending church in a body every Sunday. OFFICERS Presidents: Hi-Y-Don Jennings, Roland McGee, Junior I-Ii-Y-Garry Anderson, Kenneth Madsen. Vice-Presidents: I-Ii-Y-Billy Hansen, Albert Voss, junior I-Ii-Y- Kenneth Madsen, Glen Rasmussen. Secretary-Treasurersz I-Ii-Y-Don Wierda, .lack McCombieg Junior Hi-Y-Don Sessions, Glen Mathis, Glen Ras- mussen, Garry Anderson. Sergeant:-at-Arms: I-Ii-Y-I-Iarold Claypool, Joe Thornellg Junior I-Ii-Y-Jack Barton, jack Barton. Sponsor: I-I. Arthur Lee Front row: Ranch, V. Hansen, Walters, McCombie, Rassmussen, McGee, Anderson, Madsen, Voss, Pinkston, Asman, lim-rnstein,I.y11nS. Second row: Zeller, Sessions, Moth, Cartis, Zur-muehlen, Wierda, Thnrnell, H. Ch1'istul'fi-rsen, Barton, Iiigley, A. Christoffersen, F, Hansen, D. Jensen. Third row: Kerns, Gossard, W. Jensen, Parker, Clay- pool, Jennings, Van Druff, II:-ineoek, Emzirine, Sehaaf, Mnthis, D, Hansen, Allerton, Page Eighty-three First A id Treatment Disaster Mapg Portfolios First row: Pohl, lvlillsnps, Graves. Gl'ClZCl', lviaidcn, Hennessy, Bock, Spctnian, W11lkci', Kirn, Vv'h1tc. Second row: Hills, Vv'ierda, Hansen, Zurinuehlcn, Stowe, Durfce, Mivtli, Curtis, Payne. Junior Red Cross Council OFFICERS President . ,, John Zurmuehlen Vice-President . . Eleanor Wliite Secretary ..,.., . ,Lucille Spetman freasurcr... Sponsor: Mrs. HE Junior Red Cross Council is one of the few philanthropic organizations represented in our school. Although pub- licized hut little, its accomplishments in fields of local, national, and international services are great. Added to the usual services of aiding ex-service men, the maintenance of a service fund, and the transfer of portfolios to for- eign countries, were the new functions of I nicht! our , . , . ,. Eugene Stowe Agnes Wliite first aid instruction and disaster relief pre- paredness. A representative was again sent to the national convention, which was held in San Francisco in May, to learn methods of improving the Council,s program. Not only in our school, hut in thous- ands of schools throughout rhe world exist such junior chapters ofthe Red Cross, each striving for higher service ideals in a com- pletely international manner. SPORTS H ' 6 H3955 Officers in Conference Chapman, Nix, Christiansen, Anderson, Woods, Winfield. Front row: Shields, Peterson, Hetriek, Knox, Woods, Anderson, Christenson, A. Winfield Chapman Rodgers, Larson, Wejby, Bacon, Hansen. Second row: Underwood, Roache, Brown, Swanson Neely Williami, Gihhi, Nloore, Wippcl, lvlintun, Stilen, Webster, Hurd. Third row: Garret, Elbert Holstz, E Anderson, Ried, Coan, Ehlers, Mowery, Voss, Se'lars, Storey, Stageman, Lorcllo, Rockwell Fourth row: Kilsen, Thomson, Boiler, Iohnson, Agnew, R. Andersen, Durhin, Basset, Kuhhy, Stuart Singer H Winfield, MeFarline. Page Eighty-six Girls' Athletic Association Fall Irene Anderson Pauline Woods . . . . Ruth Chapman Caroline Weston OFFICERS ...President ..... . . ,Vice-Prexident ..,.. . . , ....Secretary. . . , .. ....., Treaxurer....... Sponsor: Miss Nix Spring . . . .Althea Winfield Esther Christiansen . . . Ruth Chapman . . .Pauline Woods G. A. A. Activities RGANIZED in 1928, the Girls' Athletic association has been steadily growing. It was a local organization until 1933, at that time it became a member of the state system. Abraham Lincoln was the second school to join, due to the fact that the sponsor, Miss Mary Nix, served on the committee for the organization of the state point system. By sponsoring the Halloween party and the Valentine party, the G.A.A. raises money to sponsor activities. It also sponsors the Girls' Kid party and the sale of candy at the basketball games. The home room volleyball tournament, literary society tournament, and games with Thomas Jefferson and Bloomer junior high school for the promotion of girls' athletics are under the direction of the G.A.A. To promote posture, the G.A.A. sponsored the posture campaign. Girls in gym classes with good posture were given red buttons. If they kept these buttons for a period of six weeks without losing them through poor posture, they were awarded a blue button. Membership in the G.A.A. is limited to seventy-five girls. Any girl may become a member by paying 5.75 dues. To stay a member one must earn at least one hundred points a semester. Miss Abraham Lincoln l l O every senior member of the Girls' Athletic association the most coveted title is that of Miss Abraham , Lincoln, for she is the most representa- tive girl in girls' athletics. Althea Winfield was awarded this honorary title for her excellent posture, sincere cooperation, outstanding leader- ship in athletics, her good sportsmanship and interest in physical education and athletics. She was elected by popular vote of the Girls' Athletic association. To her credit she has a total of 1141 points, and is eligible for her state pin. Her favorite game is basketball, and V she has earned many of her points by l N being captain of basketball teams. Althea 1 l is fond of all outside social activites. She headed her organization, as presi- dent this last semester. Miss A. L. in Action Page Eighty-seven Irene Anderson Ruth Chapman Norma Coan Dorothy Durbin Barbara Moore Mzixine Neely Pat Stageman Althea Vsfinfielil Pauline Woods State Pins Y participation in various activities, members of the Girls' Athletic associa- tion earn points to qualify for awards. Any girl attaining 1000 points is entitled to a state pin. These points are earned by par- ticipation rather than ability. For every hour of participation in either organized activities at school or unorganized activities outside of school, four points are earned. It usually takes four years to earn the 1000 points, but because so many girls have at- tained this number in three years, a special award of a chenille letter for 1500 points is given. This year, Pauline Woods has earned 2500 points. This is the best record attain- ed by any girl in Abraham Lincoln. In 1934, Nina Korgan won the first state pin to be presented in Abraham Lincoln. Be- fore this time the Girls' Athletic association of Abraham Lincoln was not a member of the state organization. Letters and Monograms In order to get the first G.A.A. award of a monogram, a goal of 250 points must be attained. The second award offered for 500 points is a school letter. These awards are given on Honor Day. Front row: Shields, Underwood, Webster, Bacon. Second row: Durbin, Wiiifield, Chapman, Wmmtads Corin, Reid, Stageman, Neely, Moore. Third row: Hauschildt, Andersen, Gabler, Kubby, Mowery Ehlers, Voss, Gibbs, Roche, Williariis, Swanson, Storey. Page Eighty-1-ight SCHOOL CHAMPIONS OR the second consecutive year the Thalians, led by Irene Anderson, cap- tured the Volleyball tournament titleg the Clios came in second. Climbing steadily up, Room 311, with Ruth Chapman as leader, ran away with the plaque in the home room Volleyball tourna- ment, with Room 204 coming close behind. Page Eighty-nine OTHER 6. A. A. ACTIVITIES ASEBALL, stunts, voIIeybaII, ping pong, dancing, track, basketball, badminton, concessions-aII of these are a part of the program of the G. A. A. The faciIities that are avaiIabIe make it possible for the girls to participate in the sport that they Iike, all of which aims toward the ideals of sportsmanship and the building of healthy bodies. Members aIso receive points by participation in any of these activities. In the Way of unorganized activities they have sociaI gatherings at the homes of members and spend the evenings roller skat- ing and bicycling. ge Ninety Bar l Loretta Keiclerling Droge, Wliite, Neumayer, Mounts, Hauschildt Marian Bites President Ninth Bar Girls Secretary-Treasurer Front row: Vsfulff, Bohbitt, Stemple, Steppuhn, Boland, NVisner, Herndon, Neumayer, Sorenson. Kei' derling, Bates, Kamm, Franklin, McTwigan, Foote, Gershun, Krasne, Ross, Everest, E. Young, Grow, Millsaps. Second row: I. Johnston, Roach, Cox, Aders, Oien, P. Stageman, Young, Cain, Steinhauer, Barnes, Hammer, Stageman, Essington, Bradford, Kelly, Wegner, McCreery, Allen, Duggan, Clar- terhuck, R. Johnsen. Third row: Kirn, Collins, Marriott, Jepson, Siehurg, Miller, Peterson, Verdin, Lind' say, Cochran, Rief, Bell, Dickason, Oamek, Hahn, Tiarks, Baker, Augustine, L. Spetman, Van Drulf. Fourth row: Oshorn, Olsen, Martin, Crahill, Durfee, Greulach, Bothe, D. Nelson, Van Horne, Brewick, Spurgeon, Morse, jacohsen, Young, V. Nelson, jenkins, Lewis, E. Spetman, Hennessy. Girls' Rifle Corps 1 Sponsor: AWARDS EARN ED Bar 9: Jerry Droge, Alice lloedeker, Anna Marie Hausehildt, Betty Mounts, Marilou Neumayer, Ros- anne Sheehan, Eleanor White. Miss Nix Parsy Lindsay, Nellie MeCreery, Virginia Martin, Magdalen Millsaps, June Young. Bar 1: Marjorie llarnes, Mary Collins, Shirley Gi-rshun, Jean Jenkins, Jeanne Jepson, Isabella Johnston, Miriam Kelly, Maxine Marriott, Doris Nel- son, Katherine Oamek, Hazel Simpson, Marigold Walker. Sharp Shooter: Leola Allen, Betty Bothe, Ruth lirewick, Dorothy Cain, Gerry Clatterbuek, Mary Duggan, Jean Herndon, Rovina Johnsen, Arline Krasne, Lilymae Miller, Arline Mortensen, Hazel Osborn, Emma Lou Spetman, Dorothy Steppuhn, lietty Stemple, Margaret Tiarks, Jean Young, Bar 8: Marian Van Drnff. Bar ltoxanna Morse. 7: Oda Aders, June Crabill, Jeanne Durfee, Bar 6: Pauline Anderson, Marian Bates, Jacqueline Hughes, Loretta Keiclerlinfz, Gerry Ross. 5: Barbara Hughes, Katherine Kirn, Helen Olsen, Maude Roach, Lucille Spetman, Joan Stage- man, Frances Van Horne. liar Cochran, June Diekason, Kathleen Hennessy, Jae- queline Lewis, Esther Rief, Pat Stageman, Betty Spurgeon, Florence Thompson, Shirley Van Druff, Ann Vertlin, Joan Wilson, Jerry Wulff, Ruby Mor- l'UW. 4: Sara Jane Annis, Eloise llobbitt, Regina Bar 3: Chasta Aders, Jane Augustine, Bethine Bell, Lorraine Peterson, Marian Whitney. Bar 2: Dorothy Acord, Joan Davitt, Lucille Foote, Helen Gray, Margery Gretzer, Dorothy Hammer, Marksman Ist Class: Maxine Cox, Mary Ann Hahn, Jean Herndon, Jeanne Jacobsen, Margaret Maurer, Rosemary Pfaff, Regina Roberson, Angela Soren- son, Maxine Schindler, Mary Sieburg, Katherine VW-gner. Marksman: Darlene Bradford, Lola Essington, Mary Rose Everest, Annette Montgomery, Ardis Plunkett, Mary J. Ratliff, Stella Wisn4'i', Evelyn Young. Pro Marksman: Nancy Baker, Berniee Boland, llarbara Franklin, Shirley Grow, Mary K. Gruelaeh, Ann Kamm, Elinor Lueth, Katherine Mc'l"wigan, Norma Oien, Frances Pavelick. Page Ninety-one Front row: Chew. Rosenkrzmz. Second row: Lawson, Miller htout, Cochran. URNISHING the background of many years' experience, the athletic coaches of Abraham Lincoln have brought us our first real taste of consistent success. The football and wrestling teams emerged with encouraging records and the basketball team reached even greater heights, winning the Missotiri Valley Conference championship and going to the State basketball tourna- ment. This is the first time that Abraham Lincoln has gone to the l'Stnte', in several BOYS' ATHLETICS years. Every athletic event was efficiently managed by the Director of Athletics, Mr. Miller. The Cheer Leaders, too, helped in bring- ing the students closer to the game and giving the team that "fighting spirit" that leads the Lynx on to victory. Ar every game and pep assembly, these cheer gen- erators were always on the job, efficiently handling the organized rooting. Pinkston, Ogan, Eukin, Nelson, Lcosis, Kcmplin, Hudson. xc 1N im tg two TRACK , 4 , l Slug l r I I r l Herd Clears the Top Up and Over Runners: Radtke, Norman, Chas. Herd, Conkling, Gallo. Second row: Diller, Bailey, Beraldi, Cliff Herd, Hays, Tillman, Baxley, Hanna, Reggio, Lee Diiovo, -lenks. Oyster, Currie, Harden. Standing: Cochran, Arch, Kauffman, Miller, Hansen, Howe, Knight, Reelfs, H. Andersen, Capel, jones, Claypool, De Val, Besse, Anderson, jenkins, Bigley, Kirn, lelli, Mcrideth, Clark, Ai. Anderson, Lacy, Schroeder, Shew, Cherniss, Hartshorn, Petersen, Chew. HE track squad at Abraham Lincoln is known as "the traveling squad," since the team travels more than the teams of the other branches of athletics. This year the Abraham Lincoln track team will enter the State track meet at Ames, the Tarkio Relays at Tarkio, Mis- souri, the Iowa Indoor Meet at Iowa City, the Thomas Jefferson Relays on the T. Athletic field, and the Drake Relays at Des Moines. Because of graduation and the ineligi- bility of 13-1's, A. L. has only five major lettermen back this year. Three minor award lettermen will return this season, however. Coach Chew will build his squad around Warren Radtke, Albert Gallo, Jack Conk- ling, Charles Herd, Charles Norman, Ivor Jones, Max Harden, and Tom Neasham. Page Ninety three Chew, Hunter, Vsfriglit, Lee, Knight, Beezley, Durfce, Reellis, Reynolds, jenkins, jones, Pzilaidino Norm in Front row: Miller, Lzinning, Beezley, K, Arch, Saunders. Second row: A. Andersen, VV. Ai-eh. Nornizin Diller, Bussey, H. Ancletseli, Cziniphell, Lucy, jakslni. Third row: jenkins, Pettie, Bauley, De Bur, Hurd Leed, Dinoyo, Besse, Shugairt, Fourth row: DeVol, Hanna, Druinnioncl, Cluur, Nloote, Vergiiniini, Tholnp son, Davis, Cliristiunsen, ge Ninety-fo WRESTLING VER since 1938, when wrestling was first introduced at Abraham Lincoln, the squacl has hoasted of at least one of the Knight brothers. This year Bob Knight, a freshman and the youngest of these broth- ers, not only made the first team, but was HY' the only Lynx wrestler to qualify for the State tournament. Thc SCHSUI1 plfllvcd tl, he 3 reasonalwly successful one for the Lynx grapplers, as they took second place in the Intercity and tied for third place with Gilmore City in the District tournament. The 1938 season inaugurated the first annual Inter-company wrestling tourna- ment. After three days of elimination, Com- pany F came out on top with 27 points, followed closely hy Companies E and B with 25 and Z3 points, respectively. The following boys were individual win- nets in their respective weights: Hunter, Company E, in the 85-pound weight, Arch, Company E, in the 95, Saunders, Company F, in the 1055 Higgins, Company G, in the 115, XV. Arch, Company E, in the 125g Shugart, Company C, in the 135, Chris- tiansen, Company A, in the 1455 Jalcsha, Company F, in the 155 and Schofield, Com- pany F, in the heavyweight class. In a post- season match these winners held the first team to a 21-21 draw. Don Reynolds, the Lynx 155-pounder, was elected captain of the wrestling squad at the close of the current season. Two former Lynx wrestlers were elected captain of their respective teams this year. jim Knight, a junior at the University of Nehraslca, was elected captain for the '38 season, and Carl Vergamini was elected captain of the University of Iowa wrestling squad for the 1939 campaign. District Results The A. L. boys did all right for them- selves in the District tournament, winning one second place and five third places. Bob Knight won second place in the 115-pound class, Grant Hunter won third place in the 85-pound class, John Beezley won third in the 125-pound class, George Durfee was third in the 135-pound class, Don Reynolds took third in the 155-pound class, and E1- mer Thompson won third place in the heavyweight class. The Wixiilcr 1-'ag Nm ty five Front row: Allan, Cliristnl'l'crscn, Pzllzldinu. Tennant, Reynolds, Rcggio, Second row jenkins, Tlimnscn, Gallo, Herd, Bzniitt. Riglcy . jcsscn. Third row: Lawson, jones Tvlclfcc, Larsen, l'inkstnn, Radtkc, Killian, Mgi', Harriman. Not in the picture: Kem plin, Carter, Mcis, Smith, Cunkling. Front row: licczlcy, Busscy. Smith, Fuziu, Clii'istulfci'scn. Second row: Sllllwff Dimmvn, jcnlcs, Herd, Oyster, Hansen. Third row: Amcnto, Andc1'Scn, Russ, Killlfl. mann, Coclimn, Capel, Sizcr, jenkins, Cuuglilun. Front row: jenkins, Halrdingg, Lccd, Killian, Rcggiu. Second row: Diller, VV, MlllC1', Clicrnias, Andersen, Peters, Currie, Herndon, lj. MlllCl'. Third row: Chew. 1330 Nimzv-1 FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM FRESHMAN TEAM FOOTBALL SEASON HE Abraham Lincoln high school football team opened the 1937 season with a 6-6 tie at Missouri Valley, September 17. Alvin Kemplin, late in the .second quarter, drove over for the Lynx' only touchdown. In the first home game of the season, September 24, the Lynx met Logan High and battled to a 6-6 tie. An opening quarter march of 65 yards netted 6 points for the Lynx. Albert Gallo scored the touchdown. Having neither won nor lost their first two games of the year the Lynx were victorious over Glenwood by the unusal score of 11-7, October 14. A safety,Na dropkick by Herd, and a pass from Herd to Pinkston accounted for the eleven A. L. points. On October 9, at Lincoln, Nebraska, the Abraham Lincoln football team met defeat on a field of mud, by a score of 20-0. Sauer of Lincoln was the outstanding player of the game. X Sioux City's East High football team gained a 27-0 victory over the disabled Abraham Lincoln football team on Kim Field, October 22. Long passes accounted for the Black Raiders offense. , Outplaying Omaha Central, but losing, October 29, the Lynx won a moral victory by keeping the Central backfield at bay during the entire contest. An intercepted pass and a 35-yard runback gave Central a 6-0 victory. 1 The Lynxmen met and lost to the deceptive Mustangs at Shenandoah on November 3, by a score of 13-0. This win gave Shenandoah eighteen straight victories. The Thomas Jefferson football field was the scene of a thrilling, hard fought contest between Lynx and the Yellowjackets on Armistice Day. Abraham Lincoln led 12 to 9 at the end of the third period, but a 70 yard march in the closing minutes gave Thomas Jefferson a 15-12 victory. Passes from Albert Gallo to Warren Radtke netted two touch- downs for A. L. Scoring almost at will, the Abraham Lincoln football team defeated the Iowa School for the Deaf 25 to 0, November 19, on a snow-covered field. The feature of the game was Charles Herd's 85-yard return of the opening kickoff. Both Herd and Tennant scored twice for A. L. Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln met for the second time of the year on Kirn Field, Thanksgiving Day afternoon. The Yellowjackets held the Lynx to a 6-6 tie, how- ever, A. L. led in first downs 12-2. Jack Bigley made the A. L. touchdown. Pag Ninety vn Front row: Shaw, Cln'istcvfici'Scn, Friar, Spry, Herd, Tennant, Gallo, blanks. Second row: Lawson, Brown, jalian, jcsfcn, Vw'i'iglit, Radtlcc, Rinehart, Hayes, Hansen, Biglcy, Cimclnan. Front row: Hi1l'fhlTllIAIl, Anderson, Siillioff, Smith, Phinncy, W. Scliwccr, Slicw, Sick' lor. Second row: Sadlcr, Mivati, Canghlan, j, Scliwccr, jacks, Shaw, Ross, Hayes. Third row: flocliraii, Bridcnlvaligli, Oyster, Scliaaf, Pearl, Flccky, Currie, Pullcn, Sliclliiclcl, Sizur. Front row: KIVII, Uilw, flarlwn, l, Clicrnifs, Sluglc, lvlaaskc, liaxlcy. Second row: S. Clwiniw, Muffalw, Mcrcditli, Laili, Miller, Hcminingscn, Knight, Liggctt. ago Niiu-ty-uig:ht FIRST TEAM SECOND TEAM FRESI-IMAN TEAM BASKETBALL SEASON HE 1937-38 basketball season proved to be an especially successful one for Abraham Lincoln. The Lynx basketeers displayed mid-season form from the very first and pro- ceeded to pile up the best won and lost record in several years. For the second straight year the Lynx defeated the Nebraska State champions. Last year A. L. defeated South twice, and this season Lincoln fell victim likewise. The Lynxmen won the Missouri Valley conference, placed third in the Intercity, won the sectional and district tournaments, but were eliminated by Franklin of Cedar Rapids in the State tournament at Des Moines. Warren Radtke was placed on the first All-State team, first All-Southwest Iowa team, and on the first All-Intercity team. Boots Gallo was placed on the first All-Southwest Iowa team and received honorable mention on the Intercity squad. Ray Tennant also received honorable mention on the Intercity team. Each member of the A. L. squad had his spectacular game. Ray Tennant made 16 points against Atlantic, Warren Radtke accounted for 17 in the second Lincoln game, Earl Rinehart scored 16 against St. Francis, Cot Wright made 13 points at Creston, and Albert Gallo scored 20 points in the finale with Central. Tense Moment in Benson Game BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FOR I938 OPPONENT A.L. They Atlantic ftherej ..,...,.. ,... 2 7 20 Glenwood fhere Q ..... ...,.... 3 3 21 East Sioux City ftherej ........ 34 28 Central Sioux City ftherei .,..... 35 31 St. Francis fherej .,...,.,..... 34 23 Omaha South fherej .....,,...., 34 18 Omaha Technical fthercj ,...... 25 28 Benson ftherej ......,, . . .,.. 34 39 Central Sioux City fherej ...... 26 35 Creston ftherej ...........,,... 30 28 Omaha Central ftherej . ..,. 34 26 East Sioux City fhere, . . . ,.., 29 32 Omaha South ftherej . . . . . . 47 40 Lincoln, Nebr. fherej ..., ,... 3 6 29 Glenwood ftherej ...,.... ..,.. 3 6 34 Omaha Technical fherej .. .... 32 30 Lincoln, Nebr. ftherej . . ..,. 37 23 Benson fherej ........ .,,. 3 6 52 Atlantic fherej .,.,. ..,....., 2 2 14 Omaha Central fherej .......... 47 '38 Sectional Tourney fGlenwoodj Thomas Jefferson fC. B., ...... 43 25 Glenwood ......,......,....... 39 32 Sidney ......,....,.....,.. 31 12 District Tourney fshenandoahj Cumberland ........,.....,.... 45 21 Bedford ...,.........,.,...,.. 40 23 Villisca ,.......,. . . ........ 1 32 22 State Tournament fDes Moines, Franklin fCedar Rapidsj ........ 24 35 Pag N ALL IN A SCHOOL YEAR U1 Vv'hat. Lurctt.i with Shaw? Ohfjackl Q21 Regzirdez. qucl physique! 139 Every studcnfs real friends, Q41 Sideline sitters. QU W2ll'fQl1 -Ienseifs third prize winner. 161 Thafs Wierda without his mask. Q73 Arc they EVZIIHSQY Q81 First prize hy Frances Crahill. Q95 Crzipenuts for victory. U03 Powter pigeons. U lj Thzit's how Don Puhlu, away from home. Q21 The feel for victory. ' Page One Hu ndre-ml STATIC ft 'PWM And while I congratulate you on your fine progress up to this great event, I shall continue to give it the name by which it was known years ago -Commencement. Commencement because fbelieve it or notj there lies before you "the great open spaces" of glorious achievement in thousands of opportuni- ties that await the young and eager students with high hopes nd High School diplomas-who, with optimistic enthusiasim, sincerity of purpose and honest persistency will lead victorious lives in hon- or of themselves and this grand country of ours, which becomes your precious possession the day you march out into life. So here is hoping, by one who missed even n High School education, that early in life you will establish lofty ideals, sound principles and noble objectives-these, if patiently adhered to, will insure your final triumph in the joyous "battle of lifef, Sincerely, -JOE W. SMITH. ge One SCENE and HERD fBeing a take-off on a column in our local newspaper! BABY CHICKS-Along about September and January, "baby chicks" struggle with locker combinations. FOOT TROUBLE-Oh, for a seat during the assemblies! NEW LOCATION-Part of the Three-Fif- teen family now resides in lunch room. DON'T FAIL-too. Dat's what me Pa said. EVERGREENS-Freshmen. REPORTS ACCIDENT -Irvin Pinlcston would remove front door. VISITS BROTHER-Without permission. "Seventh period!" FOR RENT-History outline of the American Revolution. Everything for the Home Convenient Payments I .-.fs SG ji Q im fjfinf X fa Q, ' Let There Be Music in the Home E 72 The Custamer's Satisfaction is our Obligation ity National ank COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA T. G. Turner f Robert Turner f R. D. M. Turner Oscar Keeline Ira L. Hays f P. J. McBride f Chairman of the Board f I f President - Vice President f Vice President f f Cashier f Asst. Cashier Page One Hundred I889 1938 49 Years of Service to The Home Builders Of Council Bluffs v Geo. A. Hoagland Co. U M B E R Frank F. Hollis, Manager 724 South Main Phone 245 Scene and Herd-KCont'dl TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE-Regular Scotch turnout at Glee club dance. DELAYED BY RAIN-Girls late from gym. W. P. A. OFFICIALS HERE-Seventh period cronies, "W"e "P"utter "A"round. SMASHES WINDOW-Boys practicing arch- ery with a paper wad. BREAKS ARM-Some enterprising senior broke his arm the other day trying to pat himself on the baclc. UNIQUE-282 seniors graduate. ON BUSINESS TRIP-Was that why you were absent? DOES YOUR FAMILY-Appreciate your re port card? STEALS CHICKS-We hear some seniors are robbing the cradle again. INITIATION-And that look of "sore-trial" appears. X A 5512411141 BANK CON GRA TULA TI ON S CLASS OF 1938 A Career Founded Upon the Principal of Thnft Is Headed Straight for Success 1888 50th Annwersary 1938 SAVINGS BANK Couzzczl Bluffs Iowa Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatzon STATE ge One Hundred Four Scene and Herd-fCont'dD ORCHESTRA WILL PLAY-Sorta' thought that's what it was supposed to do. COOKIES-The girls are cute this year, aren't they? HAVE YOU?-No, I'm sorry, Fm out of paper, too. STEP LADDERS-Wanted! Seniors hunting ladder to success. IN THE-end, where does it get you? FALSE ALARM-It went off an hour late. May I have an excuse, please? BUSINESS NEWCOMER-He might give us an ad for the Echoes. After him, boys! COLLISION-Between paper wad and second floor teacher. Although the paper wad hit her cheek, 'twas the eyes that blazed. Success to the Graduates of -:l938:- SQ LUBBENS Flower 8: Gift Shop Business Phone 30 Residence Phone U55 505 W. Broadway lVIARTlN'S AIR CONDITIONED "The Store With Better Drug Service" FREE DELIVERY B'dway and Scott St. Phone 84I HAPPY EYES! Protect Them With Better Sight Lamps! Wherever eyes are used, there is a need for Better Light! Have the right kind and the right amount of lighting with Better Sight Lamps. The lamps that are helping eyes to easier seeing everywhere. NEBRASKA POWER COMPANY IOWA DIVISION Page One HddF Pg One rqlfenifehn efafu ,af 1933! From the early days of the covered wagon, through the days of the train and automobile, to the days of the airplane, we have served you, and yours. Your confidence and faith have made this possible. Let us continue to serve you in the future as in the past. ..l:1--1- Council Bluffs Savings Bank A Bank Your Confidence Has Built A STRONG BANK SINCE 1856 Ptovissmgf A nation if no greater than the people within it make it. EDUCATION MEANS A GREATER NATION Our best wither :hall alwayr be with you. One Pair of Hose FREE join B. 81 Gfs I3th Pair Free Hosiery Club Plan Buy I2 pairs of guaranteed hosiery and get the l3th pair FREE B. 8: G. Hosiery Shop MAIN AND BROADWAY There 's Nothing Like .... NATURAL GAS for COOKING, REFRIGERATION WATER HEATING HEATING Y If it's done with heat it can be done better with NATURAL GAS Council Bluffs Gas Co. Hundred Six Fitting for "Philo Plvolliesv in Physics Class Scene and Herd-fCont'dJ KENNEL SHOW TO OPEN-"R',ows "O',f "T"rained "C"hihuahas will parade for in- spection and do their acts uniformly on the field. INSTALL WIRING-Ar least that's what we try to do before tests. You know, that aisle current to carry answers from your neighbor. QUENCHES RUBBISH FIRE-Aunt Suzie checks fire of remarks after each issue of the Echoes. TO MY LOYAL FRIENDS-Sincere thanks for your splendid' tribute-saving me a seat for the assembly. GOES HOME-Not from hospital, but from A. L.--not from sickness, but from being expelled. Hi, Mom! SPECIAL SALE-Among seniors of white or- gandy dresses and suits, soon after gradua- tion. TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE-On the 31st day of June, annuals will go on sale two for the price of one. Anyone inter- ested must notify Eleanor White on the second Tuesday of next week. If you still expect to get them for that price, you should have your eyes examined. UNION WILL MEET-The Union for Pre- vention of Mustaches, Local No. 1, will meet at the Clippem Barber Shop to dis- cuss plans for extinguishing all such that have infested A. L. Uur Best W ishes. . . For a happy and successful fu- ture to each and every graduate FRED R. SHAW P 545 Broadway Phone 4l The ptical Shoppe 0 I100. . f, . 882 W. Broadway. Phon 6- ' s in A XT' L P 4Dr. O. H. GREENBERG iI I Guard Your Eyesight ...... ll is Previous MEADOW GOLD Dairy Products -:- ICE CREAM -a- -:- BUTTER -:- MILK -:- l607 W. Broadway Phone 4646 Page One Hu d d S . . . in the Modern Manner luclulllfen Shucha FIMMIE JIDLER e.. We exte FLASH! Scpt.16 Fast football force finds first field Gfadua fight fine ..... Avoca feels funny. Se t. 20 Al3e's summer reverie disturbed ..... P school reopens. N S 4 : Sept. 27 Loud femigine groan of agony .... adway gym starte . Sept. ? Speech amendment in Bill of Rights no go ..... seventh period. FLASH! Oct. 20-2 Pennies from Heaven, or merelv the oclcetlvook ..... Red Cross Member- P ship Drive. Oct. 22-23 Nations at warg youth strives for U D JS M Ny peace ..... Grinnell Conference on International Relations. Oct. 30 Broom handles scarce, witches afloat 40 . . . . . Party in A. L. gym. ,is UNING S Me 'ffaeff Even the X Cult spot most dim- X S ar X and th egfnrz S moved boroughly rex Q Patent ysallilbney S tion Clegg 'tripleicf S return Smg- Wan Q Spotless your dress X with thand1usf"0uw S Colo' r e original ' is free enewed 5 ofever and :gon Get 51:race0f a e r and satisiggi tion from ' glv' Sgghfs the Eng? your , Us for S .care- Semce rodayamtone Phone 456 BRQADWA Congratulations to the 1938 Graduation Class 030 11akelBakiILfJ Cfnnpww BA K ERS OF PEN Y-SA VR - Our Best Wishes - KELSENS Tip-Top Hamburgers 108 West Broadway Where You Will Always Find Your Friend JOHNNIE KELSEN ROLLIE STEVENS HAROLD SKOW Fimmie Jicldler-fCont'dD FLASH! Nov. 1 Mouths bigger, but fists so e Debate well under way. Nov. 1-30 Not one red cent, but two copper ones weekly, some magician calls forth from us all .... . Good Will Month. Nov 10-Mom and Pop sally forth to school- Open House Day. HOME OF THE NP REIL PHOTO- ENGRAVING COMPANY zoom W. BROADWAY-COUNCIL BLUFFS -IA. ILLUSTRHTORSFWD ENGRAVERS K . .J e Hundred Ten Congratulations! We are happy with you at this momenteous period in Life. - ALUMNI - Harry C. Crawl .... Class 'I3 Christine R. Jensen . . . Class '25 Emma L. Jensen .... Class '3I Harry C. Crowl Co. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Cutler's Funeral Home Council Bluffs, Iowa 633 Willow Avenue Phone 97 Fimmie Jiddler-ICont'dl Nov. 20-Surprise! Girl Reserves set alarm clocks at 7:00 Saturday morning-Answer? Service Day. Nov. 25-Crowds yell, colors flash, bands play, determination envelops the boys-A. L. vs. T. Thanksgiving Day game. Nov. 29-Students walk by, slightly bent for- ward in the middle--Thur-sday's dinner lingers on. FLASH! Dec. 2-4-journalistic adventurers find haven in wilderness-National journalists hold parley in Des Moines. Dec. 2-4-Japanese still marching forward, in- vade A. L.-"The Mikado" presented by glee clubs. s Dec. 10-A. L. girls have the last word fper usual?l-Win girls' division of Missouri Valley League Debate. Dec. I7-Back to our childhood days, hair rib- bons and all-All girls' kid party. BE O'S Council Bluffs' Most Dominant Department Store Have More Fun .... at Less Cost .... Going by Super - Coach UNION BUS ii' , ,I - S gi 1' 'Yi' A , X PHONE2000 l r -l IG ii Schmoller Sc Mueller Piano Co. COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Everything in Music Also Electric Refrigerators, Radios, Washers, etc. Page One Hund IOWA CLOTHES SHOP E iowa elodwi 55011 E r is i .. le, U Y Hg!! 2 0 Sl if 0 1 ly U1 g llhulnaia ..n ISP' ., p QQ 3 The Store Where Men Shop o and Women Shop for Men IOWA CLOTHES SHOP ge One Hundred Twelve Fimmie Jiddler-lCont'dD Dec. 18-23-Ye olde yuletide spirit's got us- Girl Reserve Christmas partyg Yuletide program, All school Christmas party, Christmas play, "Nativity", Christmas bas- kets-Vacation at last. FLASH! jan. 3-Ah, woe is me!-School again. Jan. 14-Annual staff cops some of Roosevelt's plunder-C. C. C. C. C. started. Jan. 24-8-Attendance soars, silent ensues-Se- mester tests. Jan. 29-Toes soar and are sore, slippers ruined -C. O. C. Dance. FLASH! Feb. 11-12-Inspiration reigns at Shenandoah -Girl Reserve Conference. Feb. 19-Blushes deepen to match hearts of red-King and Queen of Hearts reign over ball. Feb. 28-Social event claims "debs" of A. L. -Mardi Gras. FLASH! Mar. 5-Embattled Lynx sink victory ball through A. L. basket-Win district tour- nament. Mar. 15-Athletic agitators agree Althea apt athlete-Althea Winfield named Miss Abraham Lincoln. Mar. 19-Click of heels, quick salute-Military Ball. Mar. 21-Apr. 1-A pin drops and Room 305 scowls-Audiometer tests. Mar. 24-6-Serious, sappy, silly, swell, soupy, superb-Road Show. FLASH! Apr. 8-18-Fresh air, poison ivy, and hay fever -Spring vacation. Aucliometer Test Fimmie Jiddler--lCont'dl Apr. 30-The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow seems a reality to some-Honor Society initiates. FLASH! May 2-6-Golden Gate opens to A. L. delegates --Red Cross Council sends representatives to San Francisco for convention. May 26-The Swish of a gown, the straining of necks two inches beyond their normal length --Our May Queen appears. june 3-Seniors walk off the end of the plank -Graduation. June 8-Finally-School closes. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Our Best Wishes For Class of 1938 C.G.OUfCH... President D. B. Stoufer .... Vice-President Geo. W. Woods . Exec. V. P.-Cashier Roy Maxfield . . . Assistant Cashier tl. S. Watson . . . Assistant Cashier I SA S 4 .tt -WINNY LOW C0 ,..,.. . Congratulations to the Class of 1938 I IENTAL Coq I-DLI 5-.iwnvu OR Co, HUGHES MOTOR CO. New Clievrolcts -- -- Usecl Cars of all Makes FOR ECONOIVIICAI.. TRANSPORTATION Telephone 669 I53 West Broadway P L0-I-IddT h t 0 ' in 614,14 of 1938 A We Printed this Annual V Ainsworth Printing Co Council Bluiis, Iowa STATION A. L. I-I. S. SIGNING OFF CFILL IT IN YOURSELFD

Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) collection:

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