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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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-- ' - -1- ,. -, fd .fr ff V' - - x I 434 -r "Wg gaming... I :SW I :, T314-.1"a"'1'.f'I " U f Y 1 w . V , I V . 4 H' , . , 4. , V n Di 3 I i ? ,. , V af ffg 3. if '42!937 2' '. 'w-. ' 1' . , W 4 2 : .3 , f - X ' 1 1 , , 'I :MQ , gl .' x l . - '94, . 2 ' QPQW-' .QR L F W ' 5 .. A .- -- V A N ,W . ,am , . V , - .qpwi -, - L . i I -Q -V in , X . H , ' I - ' , l"1"J 1 "W 1 Q A WAV ,V VA' 5 , - . 1? A .gfng 4 'wc' -hx--wr: M ' gw- , ' V fi 'Y KP, Pa ' 1 , , . .L 3 - 4 1 l . F ! Q vp i 1 i 1 1' - A! 15 , A 2 f ElCd1l01'.LllIZ, E gf 1 V E 3 , 1 7 " w1'f:Y5l ,L jig? ,! . , ,X A ,a 'A v . A afw 4 V W, W + ,V .1 , f,'.q,:ff1,,fif." : f " ' 'if W NU HMV f ' ..m....,... w....m uf.,.x-.W u , . x, wa Q' 1 ' fs' ' Q Q , -- y ., 'kv ' Uhr 192'-7 Qlrimnnn sinh ZGI1112 Published by the SENIOR CLASS Of Ahraham Elinrnln Qigh Srhnnl COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Elurrmnrh T PRESENT to you in a tangible, graphic form a small idea of the program of mass aesthetic appreciation which Abraham Lincoln High School has perfected in the last decade is our chief pur- pose in this year's book For four full years here We live in an atmosphere of the best in music and art. Greatly adding to our school's equipment for carrying out this ideal are the Carnegie Art and Music Teaching sets, including libraries of excellent books and records, and an unusual art exhibit. The Carnegie Foundation gifts have been obtained in the last two years by the efforts of Principal G. W. Kirn. Besides approximately 840 reproductions of art in the library gift, and 650 records in the music set, more than 100 reproductions of paintings and statuary, friezes and medallions, grace our halls and classrooms. The aesthetic appe-al of our school is our chief pride. K D . Behiratinn grid ECAUSE the cultural aspects of life are con- sciously placed foremost in Abraham Lincoln High School, We dedicate the 1937 Crimson and Blue to the Fine Arts. The school administration of Council Bluffs has planned and Worked to make its school buildings veri- table centers of fine arts in themselves. We see this in our halls, beautified With excellent copies of old master- pieces, we see it in the extensive art research library and music recording library, We see it in the emphasis placed on music, art, dramatics, and literature in the curric- ulum. - "Little by little We are fashioned into the image of all We have seen and heard, known and meditatedf' says Spalding. "If We learn to live with all that is fairest and purest and best, the love of it all Will in the end become our very life." CFD Gfahlr nf Qlnnirnta FOREWORD - 4 DEDICATION - 5 FACULTY - - 1 1 CLASSES - - 17 ACTIVITIES - - 51 R.O.T.C. - - - 83 BOYS, ATHLETICS - - 89 GIRLS, ATHLETICS - - 101 MAY FETE ----- 108 FEATURES AND ADVERTISING - 109 CSixJ 1 Seven I iEightj lNinel E 2 s f 2 1 1 5 5 F A: 1 2 c S E E i 5 2 v Aw fr-vgzwueiavm - - w IKE LINCOLN, OUR FACULTY AND ADMINSTRATORS HAVE COME TO BE TO US THE SYMBOL OF PATIENT WISDOM, FARSIGHTED VISION, AND SELF- SACRIFICING LEADERSHIP. THEY ARE THE UNHERALDED EMANCIPATORS OF OUR UNEXPRESSED TALENTS. Ahminintraiinn , .,i GERALD W. KIRN lgriuripal Kirn A leader who possesses an inspired vision, invincible courage, and sympa- thetic insight into human nature. Through his untiring efforts, Abra- ham Lincoln High School has risen to heights never before attained. Svuprrintrnhrnt Efrur For seven years we have had the in- telligent supervision of this far-sighted educator. His active membership in the Kiwanis Club, the Community Theater, and Chamber of Commerce make him not only an accomplished superintendent of schools, but an in- valuable citizen. Ufwclvej JOHN A. TRUE BENJAMIN S. ASQUITI-I A. B. University of Iowa A. M. University of Iowa American History and Government Economics Business Law , Aristo DAISY B. BARTLEY' A. B. Colorado State Teachers College English I-IANSEN F. BLANK Stout Institute Free Hand Drawing National Honor Society MABEL LOUISE BRISLEY Ph. B. University of Chicago English Ero DOLLIE D. BURGESS Midland College Bookkeeping Office Practice Aristo FEE CI-IEW B. S. Drake Salesmanship Advertising Bookkeeping Athletics JET TI-IRUSI-I DowNS University of Iowa Typing Commercial Club RoMAN I-IAMMES B. S. Stout Institute M. S. Iowa State College Drafting Safety Education Logo fThirteenJ 0 ELEANOR BAPTIST A. B. Kansas State Teachers College Journalism English Quill and Scroll Crimson and Blue Thalian MYRA L. BISHOP B. S. University of Nebraska Household Art Alpha XM!! EMMA N. BoEScI-IE University of Iowa Geometry Trigonometry Ionian National Honor Society GRACE B. BROADFOOT A. B. University of Iowa American History Girl Reserves RUTH CASTLE A. B University of Iowa Dramatics English Masque and Wig J. RICHARD COCHRAN Id!! B. S. Parsons Salesmanship , Commercial Geography , General Science Athletics' I THEODORE FRANKLIN R. O. T. C. Affairs BESS I-IANIGAN Ph. B. University of Chicago M. A. University of Chicago American Government Alpha Senior Sponsor MARION HANTHORN W B. S. Iowa State College Household Arts AAS' Foods and Cafeteria LELA KETTER B. S. Drake American Government Geometry Ero Junior Sponso ROY F. LAWSON B. S. Parsons Biology Athletics W. HOWARD MCILRAT1-1 A. B. Grinnell College Debate Business English Modern Problems MAJOR WALLACE A. MEAD Military Science and Tactics MARY C. Nix A. B. University of Nebraska J-Girls' Physical Director Girls' Athletic Association Girls' Rifle Corps d ' f DQRA G. NYROP A. B. University of Nebraska M. A. Columbia University Dean of Girls Junior Business Training . En lis . PERSIS POOLEY B. S, University of Minnesota School library American History fFOurteenJ MARGARET R. HENDERSON A. B. Tarkio College Latin Reservettes FLORENCE LANDON A. B. Coe College M. A. University of Iowa French Spanish French Club Spanish Club I-I. ARTHUR LEE A. B. and B. J. Baker M. A. University of Kansas Journalism HifYg Junior HifY Senior Sponsor PAYE E. MARTY A. B. University of Nebraska M. A. University of Michigan English Thalian pil- 4 LM" VIRGIL I-I. MILLER A. B. University Of Indiana M. A. University of Indiana Physics Algebra Philo WILLIBALD NOWAK Conservatory Instrumental Music MILDRED I. OLSON B. S. University of Nebraska Typing Reservettes MITTIE M. PYLE A. B. University Of Iowa M. A. University of California European History Clio National Honor Society EDWARD REINEL B. S. Stout Institute Manual Training N. Y. A. WILBUR I. ROSENKRANZ B. A. North Central College M. A. University of Minnesota Chemistry Crimson and Blue KATHLEEN SHAW Omaha University Vocal music Q.. fs- rs-f,..Lf '-- ' f if N. RUTH M. TAMISEIA A. B. University of Iowa Dramatics English Public Speaking GRACE E. TAYLOR A. B. Drake English Delta Tau AGNES WHITE A. B. University of California English Junior Red Cross International Correspondence Club M' EDNA WILLARD B. S.'Iowa State College Household Arts Jwfwff RUTH MONTGOMERY Clerk 1 C? LOREN F. REYNARD B. S. Iowa State Teachers College M. A. University of Iowa I? Bookkeeping ' Ionian RUDQLPI-I SEIDL Conservatory, Vienna Orchestra Band I-IARoLD STOUT B. S. Iowa State Teachers College Manual Training Physical Education Golf EDITH R. TATROE Gregg University Shorthand Delta Tau MARY D. WALLACE A. B. University of Nebraska Algebra Geometry ,L-JTZ: LENA WHITE B. S. Iowa State Teachers College Shorthand Bookkeeping Girl Reserves ARMILDA BEAN Registrar 454' MARIGOLD WALKER Secretary Mrs. Bondo Mr. Johnk Mr. Wurl igvalih tmh welfare RS. BONDO, the school nurse, looks after the general health and welfare of the Abraham Lincoln High School pupils, while Mr. Wurl attends to the physical cul- ture of our students and assists Miss Nix in the presentation of the May Fete. It is to Mr. Johnlc, superintendent of buildings and grounds, that we owe many of the improve- ments which were made on our building during the summer months. Oluatnhiana sinh Qlafrirritt Staff LWAYS there must be someone behind the scenes of any great undertaking, doing the small and seemingly unimportant duties which, in reality, cause the visible pro- duction to appear polished. Our school custodians and cafeteria staff are such characters, "the props behind the scenes." Landon, Porter, McGonigle Front row: Oyster, McCall, Hanthorn, Livingston, Straud Second row: Ives, Miles, Hall, Hollender, O'Neill. fSixteenJ EBE, JUVENTAS, THE GODDESS OF YOUTH, REMINDS US DAY BY DAY TI-IAT WE TOO ARE NCUPBEARERS OF THE GODS" AND MUST OFFER THE WINE OF OUR YOUNG SPIRIT FREELY TO REJUVEN- ATE THE WORLD. "YE COME TO LEARN, GO FORTH TO SERVE." 1 . .Q , . 1,4 ,.,q5:,., I ,,n gb- fm, : 5, '4 5, - L .4 , PY.: . gm- NT- -..-, if , , , ...M .. W, .4 4,-..,.. v ,e, V 3. x f .1-3-m+13iIi532w ' q- .a Qfivw.. my um 011215525 Front row: Jepson, Scott, Martin. Second row: Miss Hanigan, Bell, Gundlach, Mr. Lee, Svrninrn URTAIN goin up! The lights fade to dimness, a hush comes over the audience, and here is the last act of the Senior Class of 1937. White dresses form a sharp contrast with clark suits, but the same loolc of determination is written on All the faces of the actors. We have completed our apprenticeship in stock and are now ready for ubig time." After years spent in the shadow of the wings memorizing tedious lines, learning pur- poseful movements and gestures, we talce our places in the spotlight and present to you what We hope will he a play that will live in our memories forever. OFFICERS DREXELL SCOTT - ---- - President GLEN MARTIN - - Vice-President JACK .IEPSON - - Treasurer HARRY GUNDLACH - - - Secretary WILLIAM BELL --------- Sergeant-at-arms Sponsors: Miss HANIGAN, MR. LEE 1EighteenJ EVERETT ACORD Commercial R.O.T.G. sergeant. MARJORIE ALBERTI College Preparatory Honoraiy Major, Annual staff, National Honor Society, Echoes staff, Clio president, vicefpresi- dent, lirench club president, "Skidding," Quill and Scroll, Girl Reserve, Rifle Expert. ADELEEN ALLEN General Rifle corps, Spanish club, EARL ANDERSEN Commercial Editor Echoes, Logo, basketball, "Skidding," Production staff "A Murder Has Been Arranged." ROBERT L. ANDERSON College Preparatory Ionian, HifY, band. JACK ANDRESON Commercial f Commercial club, R. 0. T. G. corporal, wrestling. , fNineteenJ PAUL ACORD Commercial ANNA MARGARET ALKIRE College Preparatory French club, Latin club, Delta Tau sergeantfatfarms, historian, Production staff "Mrs, Bump- steadfLeigh," "The Things That Count." CLARENCE ANDERSEN General Football. EVELYN ANDERSON College Preparatory Editor Echoes, Thalian secretary, Girl Reserves, Masque and Wig, Production staff "Lilies Of the Field," "Fly Away Home," Quill and Scroll. ROY ANDERSON Commercial Basketball, cheerleader, track, football. VERA A. ANGEROTH College Preparatory Clio historian, National Honor Society, Echoes staff, Rifle corps, Masque and Wig, glee, "Skidding," Business staff "Growing Pains," MARY GAIL ARNOLD Commercial Ero sergeantfatfarms, glee, Production staff "Daddy Long Legs," "A Murder Has Been Arranged," Pinaforef' WOODROW BAILEY College Preparatory Vsfrestling, football, track. WILLENE BALDWIN Commercial G. A. A. JACK BALL Commercial "Mrs Bumpsteadfleighf' "Rid- ing Down the Sky, . M. S. Pinaforef' Logo, glee. CLAUDE BARRETT College' Preparatory EVA BAssETT Commercial Glee. QTwenty1 KEITH AUSTIN Commercial Echoes staff, football, track, R,O.T.C. sergeant, manager track squad. , LILLIAN BAKER Commercial Alpha, Commercial club, glee. ELEANOR BALL Commercial Commercial club. MARGARET BARBER Commercial Delta Tau, G. A. A., Rifle corps ROBERT BARTEL College Preparatory Ionian, Editor. Echoes, vice' president HifY, secretary Span' ish club, debate squad, captain R. O. T. C., Business staff "A Murder Has Been Arranged," "Seven Chances," "A Prince There Was," Quill and Scroll. EMMYLOU BEBENSEE College' Preparatory Alpha president, debate squad, Echoes staff. WILLIAM BELL College' Preparatory Football, track, basketball man' ager, band sergeant, senior class sergeantfatfarms, Annual staff, Echoes staff, orchestra, HifY president, Quill and Scroll, DOROTHY BENNING Commercial Thalian, French club, G. A. A., Production staff "Fly Away Home," commercial contest team. I-IORACE BERTELSEN College Preparatory R. O. T. C. lieutenant, Philo, Echoes staff, glee, vesper choir, Production staff "Fly Away Home," "The Things That Count." HAROLD BOSLEY College Preparatory Glee president, HifY, Echoes staff, Production staff "A Murf der Has Been Arranged," bas' ketball, Latin club. CHARLES BRANDT College Preparatory Logo. CARLYSLE BRICKEY College Preparatory R. O. T. C. major, basketball football, track, Rifle team, Logo sergeantfat-arms, HifY vicefpresf ident, BifPhi-Chem,,EchOes staff. iTwenty-onel CLARENCE BELT College' Preparatory Rifle team. BETTY BERRY Commercial G. A. A. ' 9.51 EUGENE BOCK College' Preparatory Band, orchestra, BifPhifChem, National Honor Society, Prof duction staff "Fly Away Home," Echoes staff. CHESTER BOWERS College Preparatory R, O. T. C. lieutenant, Aristo, football. MARIANNA ERNA BRANDT Commercial Clio, Commercial club, Rifle corps VERNIECE BROWN Commercial Rifle corps, Commercial club. BARBARA BRYAN College Preparatory Thalian, Girl Reserves, Masque and Wig, Production staff "A Murder Has Been Arranged," "Fly Away Home." JENNIE BURGESS Commercial Com mercial club. LAWRENCE CADE Commercial Aristo, R. O. T. C. corporal. WAYNE CAss College Preparatory Aristo, "Bighearted Herbert." ROBERT CHILDRESS General ERNA CHRISTENSEN College' Preparatory Ero, Latin club, glee, "Daddy Long Legs," Production staff upigs.-1 fTwenty-twob JOHN BUESING, JR. College Preparatory Ionian, football. DOROTHY CADE Commercial Delta Tau, glee, MYRTLE CAMPBELL Commercial Delta Tau, Commercial club treasurer, president, Spanish club secretary, Junior Red Cross Council, glee, Production staff "The Things That Count." ETHEL MAE CHAMBERS Commercial Ero, Commercial club. EDITH Cl-IILDS Commercial Commercial club treasurer, Alpha. HARRIETT ELIZABETH CLAAR Commercial Commercial club, glee. - Q- BERYLE MAE COLLINS College Preparatory Spanish club treasurer, Thalian vicefpresident, Echoes staff. VIRGINIA CONLEY Commercial Delta Tau sergeant f at f arms, band, orchestra, Rifle corps, attendant to Football Queen. MARY LOUISE COSTELLO Commercial Echoes staff, Spanish club, Rifle corps, Commercial club, glee. I PAT COYAN College Preparatory Editor Echoes, Spanish club president, secretary, band ser' geant, dance band, orchestra, student conductor, Aristo, Band president, Quill and Scroll. HARRY DALL Commercial Logo VIOLA DAUGHERTY Commercial Commercial club. .- 4 1Twenty-threej JACK CONE College Preparatory Track, football, wrestling, glee. JAMES CONLON College Preparatory junior class treasurer, Philo pres' ident, "Lilies of the Field," glee, vesper choir, S. Pina' lore," Bi-PhyfChem, debate, R.O.T.C. lieutenant. HELEN COULTER Collegei Preparatory Girl Reserves, Delta Tau secre' tary, treasurer, glee, Pinaforef' "The Things That Count," Echoes staff, vesper choir. NANCY CROWE College Preparatory Clio, Masque and Wig, Spanish club, band. VERA DARRINGTON General Commercial club, glee, Reserf vettes FRED DAY College Preparatory HifY, Rifle team, Aristo, Span- ish club, football, golf team, R.0.T.C. lieutenant, "Come Out of the Kitchen." MARY CHARLOTTE Dicic College Preparatory G.A.A., Clio, Spanish club, Rifle corps. 'eil LORAINE DRAKE College Preparatory Thalian, Masque and Wig, pro' duction staff "Lilies of the Fieldf ' ELSIE EDHOLM Collegez Preparatory Ero, G.A.A., Echoes staff, Prof duction staff "Daddy Long Legs." Gus ELLERBECK College Preparatory R.O.T.C. corporal. BETTY ANN ENSELMAN College Preparatory Ero, Clee, Rifle corps, Masque and Wig, Ero treasurer, Echoes staff. ALBERTINE FEYERABEND College' Preparatory Commercial club. fTwenty-fourl ICATHRYN Dicics Commercial Commercial club, Alpha , N 4' . ROBERT DRUMMOND Commercial Football, Echoes staff. RUTH EHLERS College Preparatory Clio, Girl Reserves president, French club treasurer, glee club president, Masque and Wig, Na' tional Honor Society, sextet, "H.M.S. Pinaforef' SYLVIA ENDELMAN Commercial Girl Reserves, Commercial club, glee, Reservettes, Echoes staff. RICHARD ESANCY Colleger Preparatory lntersociety debate, debate squad, orchestra, band captain, HifY, Ionian president, band drum major, school electrician, "A Murder Has Been Ar' ranged." VONNA Fiscus Commercial Delta Tau, "The Things That Count," Commercial club, G.A.A., state commercial con' test. , 1 Roy Form Commercial Aristo, wrestling, lee, R.O.T.C. un1,gW" HAROLD Fox College Preparatory Spanish club president, Philo treasurer, Echoes staff, wrestling, R.O.T.C. sergeant. GERTRUDE GARRETSON Commercial Clio, Commercial club, Produc' tion staff "Skidding." MARJORIE GIBBS Commercial Commercial club secretary, Rifle corps, Masque and Wig. CATHERINE GILSON College Preparatory Echoes staff, Alpha vice-presi' dent, Masque and Wig treasf urer, "A Prince There Was," Production staff "Big Hearted Herbert," 'Seven Chances," de' clam semi finals, "Where Love ls" ARDIS GossARD College Preparatory Ero vicefpresident, Spanish club vicefpresident. A fTwenty-fivej RUTH ELAINE FORD College Preparatory Delta Tau vicefpresident, Latin club consul, glee, debate squad, Pinaforef' 'The Things That Count," 'Flying Down the Sky," Production staff "The Big P o n d," "M r s. Bumpstead' Leigh." ' FRANK FRIAR Commercial Football, basketball, R.O.T.C. major, junior class president, Echoes staff. 5 LAURA GETHOEFER Commercial Commercial club treasurer, Ero, Echoes staff. ARLINE GILCRIST College Preparatory Clio, Rifle corps, Echoes staff, Production staff "Skidding," glee. MARIAN Goomzxci-1 College! Preparatory Ero president, National Honor Society, French club president, lntersociety debate, Girl Re' serves, glee, "H.M.S. Pinafore," Business staff "A Murder Has Been Arranged," PAULINE RUTH GRABEN1-IoRs'r College Preparatory Annual staff, Delta Tau presi' dent, secretary, "The Things That Count," Echoes staff, Vesf per choir, "H.M.S. Pinaforef' glee, Quill and Scroll. ERNEST S. GRONEWEG College Preparatory R. O. T. C. major, Logo vice- president, Echoes staff, "Skidf ding.' ELOYSE GROSSMAN Commercial National Honor Society treas' urer, Thalian, Masque and Wig, Production staff "A Murdr Has Been Arranged," " Away Home." ,441 HUGH GROW College' Preparatory G l e e, Ionian vicefpresident, R.O,T.C. lieutenant. DOROTHY HAENEN Commercial Clio GLEN HAMMER Collegei Preparatory Aristo, R.O.T.C. corporal. PAUL HANSEN College Preparatory Aristo, R. O. T. C. lieutenant. fTWenty-six? JOE GRONSTAL College Preparatory R. O. T. C. lieutenant. JACK G. GROSVENOR Commercial R.O.T.C. captain, Commercial club. HARRY GUNDLACH Commercial Senior class secretary, R.O.T.C. captain, Logo secretary, "Honor Bright," "M r s. Bumpstead- Leigh," "Skidding," Commercial club. WILLIAM HALPIN College: Preparatory Basketball, glee, R.O.T.C. lieu' tenant. JLESSANN HANNAN College Preparatory Girl Reserves secretary, Alpha treasurer, Reservettes. RHODA M. HANSEN College Preparatory Alpha, Latin club, Lincoln High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, German club, Creative Leisure. ALBERT HARRISON General Glee, sergeantfatfarms, track, stage crew "H.M.S. Pinaforef' Joi-IN HATI-:AWAY Collegew Preparatory Football, track, Philo, wrestling, baskektball manager, R.O.T.C. sergeant. ALBERT HENNESSY College Preparatory HifY, Ionian, French club. VIVIAN HERWIG Commercial Thalian, orchestra president, band, Business staff "Fly Away Home." GEORGIA MARIE HILTON College Preparatory French club president, secretary, band lieutenant, "Seventeen," declam finals, Road Show. MILDRED HOLLINGSWORTH College Preparatory Clio, Girl Reserves, Latin club, Echoes staff, Rifle corps, Pub' licity staff "Sl-ridding." fTwenty-sevenj ROBERT HARTNETT College Preparatory Philo, band corporal, dance band, "Fly Away Home." n HELEN LOUISE HAUSCHILDT Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps. MARY ELLEN HENNESSY College Preparatory Thalian president, Girl Reserves, Junior Red Cross Council, de' bate squad, National Honor So' ciety, "A Murder Has Been Arranged," "Fly Away Home," Rifle corps. DONALD HILL College Preparatory Range officer, R. T. C. lieu- tenant, Echoes staff. ELEANOR HOLLENDER Commercial Commercial club, glee, "H.M.S. Pinaforef' . VIRGINIA LEA HOLLINGSWORTH Commercial Alpha vicefpresident, National Honor society, Commercial club, state typing contest, Girl Re' serves, Production staff "Big Hearted Herbertf: debate. STANLEY HOLST Commercial Football, wrestling, R.O.T.C. corporal. JOHN HUDGENS Commercial R.O.T.C. sergeant. CLYDE HURD , Commercial Philo. EVELYN JARCHOW General G.A.A., Commercial club. DELBERT JENSEN Commercial Philo. V1v1AN JENSEN Commercial Delta Tau, Production staff "The Things That Count," glee, Reservettes. QTwenty-eightj MARY JANE I-loUGH Commercial Alpha. 1, .ff ELIZABETH HUGHES College Preparatory Ero president, Rifle corps, An' nual staff, "H.M.S. Pinaforef "A Murder Has Been Ar' ranged," Spanish club, glee pres' ident, Echoes staff, Quill and Scroll. ' a VENDA IVES Commercial Commercial club. ARTHUR JENSEN Commercial Ionian, glee, basketball. FRANCES JENSEN Commercial Delta Tau, Commercial club secretary. JACK JEPSON Commercial R.O.T.C. lieutenant, senior class treasurer, "Fly Away Home," "A Murder Has Been Ar' ranged," "Growing Pains," Philo secretary, vice'president, school electrician, state contest play. CARLTON JOHNSON Commercial JACK JOHNSON General Echoes staff, R.O.T.C. corporal. DELORES JONES Commercial Rifle corps, G.A.A. president, vicefpresident. . RUTH KEALY Commercial Commercial club. MARGARET KINNEY Commercial Ero, Commercial club. JoE KMEZICH Commercial R. O. T. C. captain, Editor Echoes, wrestling, football, track. 1 CTwenty-ninel HELEN JOHNSON General Glee. RUTH IONE JoHNsoN Commercial Thalian, Commercial club. SAM KARCHOMSKY College Preparatory Ionian correspondent, Echoes staff, Wrestling. MAXINE KENNEY College Preparatory Clio, Latin club, Echoes staff. ELSIE K JAR Commercial Clio, Production staff "Skidf ding," Commercial club, glee. ALVIN GLEN KNIGHT Collegew Preparatory Wrestling, track, Philo. FRANK Korrwrrz College Preparatory Logo, Bi f Phi f Chem, debate, drafting. GEORGE KRUEGER Commercial R. O. T. C. lieutenant, Com- mercial club. JEANNE LAINSON College Preparatory Alpha, "Seven hancesf' 'Wl la K l1J JEAN LANGER Commercial Commercial club, Rifl orps. ELMER LARSEN Commercial Logo sergeantfatfarms, "Honor Bright," R.O.T.C. captain. LYLE LARSON Commercial Echoes staff. fThirtyJ PAUL KRASNE Collegew Preparatory French club sergeantfatfarms, tennis team, R. O. T. C. lieu- tenant, Philo. EDWARD KUSSMAN Colleyrfl Proparato-ry l-lifY, Ionian, football manager, Echoes staff. CHARLES LAHEIST Commercial R.O.T.C. corporal, Wrestling, football. FRANK LANE College Preparatory Ionian, Echoes staff, basketball, R.O.T.C. sergeant. EMIL LARSEN Commercial I o n i a n treasurer, secretary, R.O.T.C. major. DONNA LAVELY Commercial Clio, Rifle corps secretaryftreas' urer, Company D sponsor, cheer' leader, Masque and Wig presif dent, Road Show, "A Murder Has Been Arranged," "Skidf ding," R.O.T.C. honorary col- onel. NORMAN LEED College Preparatory Football, track, basketball. IDA LERNER College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Reservettes, Ero secretary, Production staff "Dadf dy Long Legs." EVELYN LINDSTROM College Preparatory Ero, "Daddy Long Legs." MARIAN LOOMER College' Preparatory Delta Tau, G.A.A., Rifle Corps. ELEANOR Lurz College Preparatory Annual editor, Girl Reserves president, National Honor so' ciety, Delta Tau vicefpresident, Rifle corps, Echoes staff, debate squad, junior class secretary, "The Things That Count," Quill and Scroll. GERALDINE MCCART College Preparatory Rifle corps, Spanish club. fThirty-onel EARL LEONHARDT College' Preparatory Echoes staff, Latin club. ETHEL MAY LEWIS College Preparatory Annual staff, Latin club vice- president, Girl Reserves treasf urer, Clio, debate squad, Echoes staff, Production staff "Skidf ding," "Growing Pains," Masque and Wig, extempo fi- nals. RALPH LLOYD College Preparatory R.O.T.C, sergeant. JACK LOUIE Collegel Preparatory Basketball, fo o t b all, track, Echoes staff, Annual business manager, glee, "Flying Down the Sky," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' R. O. T. C. personal adjutant. GEORGE LUXFORD Commercial Philo, basketball. GERALD MCCART College' Preparatory Wrestling, track, basketball, football. JACK MCCARTHY Colleger Preparatory "Seven Chances," R.O.T.C. lieutenant, "H.M.S. Pinaforef' intersociety debate, Road Show, Ionian, Echoes staff, glee. JEAN MCGILVRAY Collegev Preparatory Thalian. Echoes staff. GLEN MARTIN Colleges Preparatory Basketball, Annual staff, senior class vicefpresident, "A Murder Has Been Arranged," "The Things That Count," "Mrs, BumpsteadfLeigh," interfsociety debate, Logo president. Tom MATTESON College Preparatory Logo, glee, "Daddy Long Legs," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' ALTA MERRIAM College Preparatory National Honor society, Clio historian, treasurer, glee, Prof duction staff "Joan of the Nanc Lee," "Skidding," Echoes s . ALFRED MILLER College Preparatory Logo, HifY, Annual staff, Echoes staff. , fThirty-twoj SHIRLEY MCDOWELL Commercial Band, Commercial club. LAURA MAE MADISON Commercial Alpha, glee. GERALDINE MARTIN Commercial G. A. A., Commercial club, Echoes staff, glee. DARYL MASON College Preparatory Echoes staff, Aristo. CLAYTON MEIER !Collegel Prep r o Philo treasurer, president, junior class vice'president, Hi'Y, Na' tional Honor society, R.O.T.C. captain, Echoes staff, Annual staff, "Fly Away Home," "A Murder Has Been Arranged," Quill and Scroll. LORRAINE M EYERSON College Preparatory Ero, Girl Reserves, French club vicefpresident, "A Murder Has Been Arranged," assistant direc' tor "Seven IChances," declam finals, glee, Echoes staff, con' test play. ' KENNETH MILLER Commercial Philo, electrician, basketball, tennis. ROBERTA MILLER Commercial Glee. BONNIE MOORE Commercial Glee, Commercial club, Road Show. - GEORGIA ANN MORGAN College Preparatory Delta Tau vicefpresident, "The Things That Count," Produc' tion staff "The Big Pond," 'LMrs. BumpsteadfLeigh," Ref servettes, Girl Reserves, Echoes staff. LEILA MORSE Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps, glee. WALTER MUELLER Commercial Commercial club vicefpresident, track, R.O.T.C. corporal. fThirty-three? NORMA JEAN MILLER Commercial Thomas Jefferson, Echoes staff. RUSSELL MILLER College Preparatory National Honor Society, Aristo, R.O.T.C. captain, HifY, Echoes staff, 'tBig Hearted Herbert." FRED MOORE College Preparatory Vesper choir, Production staff "joan of Nancy Lee," glee club president, Masque and Wig, "Flying D own the Sky," "H.M.S Pinaforef' boys' quar- tette RALPH MORRIS Commercial Comm ercial club, basketball, TED MORSE College Preparatory Ionian, Spanish club, Echoes staff, L'Pigs," "Seven Chances," Band, Road Show, Quill and Scroll. THELMA MYERS Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps. ARTHUR NELSEN Collefzd Preparatory Philo, Echoes staff, R.O.T.C. corporal. FRANK NIKEL College4 Preparatory Football, Echoes, R. O. T. C., track, hasketball. HOWARD NORMAN College' Preparatory Football. FRANCIS OLIVER Commercial Alpha, Rifle corps, glee, "H.M.S. Pinaforen production staff, "A Prince There Was," Echoes staff, THOMAS O,NEIL Commercial Aristo sergeant-atfarms, fresh- man baskethall, glee. HELEN PARMER College Preparatory Football Queen, Expert Rifle' man, Thalian president, debate finals winner, National Honor society, Girl Reserves vice-presi' dent, honorary lieutenant colonel, Latin club, Masque and Wig. fThirty-fourb GEORGE NEILL College Preparatory junior Red Cross Council, Philo secretary, HifY, Masque and Wig, "Daddy Long Legs," "The Lilies of the Field," "Growing Pains," "Fly Away Home," Red Cross Convention. MINNIE NIELSEN Commercial Reservettes, Girl Reserves. REGINA NUSSER Commercial Alpha, Girl Reserve, Produc' tion staff "Seven Chances." ROBERT OLSEN College Preparatory Debate, Logo president, Declam winner, "skidding," Latin Club secretary, BifPhy'Chern, Masque and Wig, "H. M. S. Pinaforef' "It's an Ill Wind." GERRY OWENS Commercial Alpha, National Honor society, "Seven Chances." ELIZABETH PARK Commercial Glee, Commercial club, E:hOes staff. PATRICIA PEAKE Collegel Preparatory French club, Clio, Girl Reserves, Masque and Wig. 'map x wa 3 9 K LORENE PETERS Commercial Alpha, Commercial club, Prof duction staff "Seven Chances." ROBERTA PHILLIPS College Preparatory Rifle corps, Girl Reserves. Y RUTH PILLING College Prepa ratory Clio sergeantfatfarms, secretary, Masque and Wig, Production staff "loan of the Nancy Lee," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' "Growing Pains," "A Murder Has Been Arranged," "Skidding," Rifle COl'pS SCCl'Cf3l'y, UYCZISUTCF. ROBERT POMEROY College Preparatory Aristo treasurer, Iunior Hi'Y treasurer, HifY, Bi-PhyfChem, Latin club, R.O.T.C. lieutenant. JUNE POWELL College Preparatory Ero, Spanish club treasurer, Masque and Wig, Echoes staff, Latin club, Reservettes. fThirty-fivej MARIAN PERLMUTTER Commercial Clio, Reservette, Girl Reserve, French cluh, Production staff "Growing Pains," "Skidding." ARTHUR PETERSON College' Preparatory R. O. T. C. corporal. DORIS E. PETERSON General Latin club, Reservettes, Girl Reserves. FRANK PIRSCH College Preparatory Logo, state drafting, R.O.T.C. sergeant. ELAIN-Ei PITTMAN Commercial Glee, Reservettes, Girl Reserves, Commercial club, Echoes staff, junior Red Cross Council. LOUIE PROFEDA General F o o t b a ll captain, wrestling, R.O.T.C. first sergeant. KEITH PURDY Commercial Echoes staff, basketball, Com' mercial club, Ionian, R.O.T.C. captain, cheerleader. ROGER GLENN RIDER College Preparatory Football, Philo vicefpresident, R.O.T.C. captain, glee, "Riding Down the Sky," "Growing Pains," "The Things That Count," Pinaforef' state contest play. MARY MARGARET ROARTY Commercial Commercial club. DOUGLAS ROBERTS College Preparatory French club secretary, lonian, HifY treasurer, "A Prince There Was," declam finals, glee, band. GEORGIA ROHRBERG Commercial Clee, Delta Tau. DOROTHE SALTZMAN Commercial French club, glee, Rifle corps, Reservettes, Girl Reserves, O f mercial club. lThirtyJsixl PHILLIP PYLES Commercial Aristo vicefprcsident, junior HifY president, HifY, Commerf cial club, Echoes staff, R.O.T.C. first lieutenant, Annual staff, state winner drafting, Quill and Scroll. PAUL RAUTERKUS Commercial R.O.T.C. sergeant, Commercial club, Ionian, freshman basket' ball. OLIVE REID Commercial Clee, G.A.A., Thalian, Echoes staff. - ROBERT ROFFMAN College Preparatory Spanish club treasurer, Philo, Echoes staff. CHARLES ROHRBERG College Preparatory Rifle team, R. O. T. C. lieu' tenant. VELMA JOAN RUSHENBERG Commercial Latin club, Delta Tau, glee. CATHERINE SCHUMACHER Commercial Delta Tau, Commercial club vicefpresident, C.A.A., glee, "Ioan of the Nancy Lee," "Flyf ing Down the Sky," Production staff "The Things That Count." GENEVIEVE SCI-IOLEIELD Commercial G.A.A., Quill and Scroll, Com' mercial club, band. MARY SCOTT Commercial Clio VELDA SCOULAR Com mercial Commercial club. MARGARET SEIDLER Collegei Preparatory Annual staff, Echoes staff, Delta Tau historian, Latin clu b, Masque and Wig, Business staff "The Things That Count," "Mrs, Bumpstead'Leigh," com' mercial contest, Quill and Scroll. MARGARETANN SESSIONS College Preparatory Ero secretary, Orchestra vice' president, glee, Girl Reserves, French cl u b, String octet, "H. M. S. PinafOre," Echoes staff, band. , My QThirty-sevenj MARJORIE SCHLOTT College Preparatory Clio treasurer, vice-president Masque and Wig, French club glee. , DREXELL SCOTT Commercial Senior class president, R.O.T.C. captain, cheerleader, track, bas- ketball, football. ROBERT SCOTT College Preparatory R.O.T.C. colonel, Aristo secre' tary, HifY president, declam fi' nals, debate squad, "Seventeen," "Big Hearted Herbert," Esenf ther trophy, outstanding cadet '36. ALVIN SEARS Commercial Commercial club, glee RUSSELL SEIFFERT College Preparatory Annual staff, Logo, Hi'Y, junior class sergeantfatfarms, Rifle, R.O.T.C. major adjutant, foot' ball, glee club. LORRAINE SHEA College Preparatory Spanish club, glee, Echoes staff. a 1 WILLIAM SHIRK College Preparatory R.O.T.C. lieutenant, Latin club, Echoes stff. RUDLOPH SIECK College Preparatory Spanish club president, R.0.T.C. lieutenant, National Honor so' ciety, Ionian, Echoes staff, glee, "Riding D ow n the Sky," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' ARTHUR SMITH Commercial Band, orchestra, R.O.T.C.. cor' poral. Z ROBERT D. SMITH General R.O.T.C. sergeant. GRACE SMITH College Preparatory Clio secretary, sergeantfatfarms, glee, "Riding Down the Sky,' "H.M S. Pinafore," "Skidding.' ROBERT SPELLMEYER Commercial Echoes staff, HifY sergeantfat' arms, football, basketball, track. fTl'Iirty-eightl LEONA SIEBURG Commercial Latin club, Commercial club, glee, Production staff "Pigs," "Daddv Long Legs." s LEON SKELTON Commercial R.O.T.C. lieutenant, football, basketball, track, Echoes staff. BYRON SMITH Commercial Football. SHERMAN SMITH Collegel Preparatory HifY secretary, ',Pl'Iilo, Spanish club, band corporal, orchestra, dance band, tennis squad, glee. GERALDINE SORENSON Commercial Glee, Alpha historian, "Seven Chances," Production staff "Big Hearted Herbert," "H.M.S. Pinaforef' . WILLIAM SPEER Commercial Echoes staff. R,O.T.C. sergeant. EUNICE STANCLIFFE College Preparatory Delta Tau president, declam finals, varsity debate squad, Annual staff, Echoes staff, glee, "Mrs, BumpsteadfLeigh," junior Red Cross Council secretary, sextet. JEAN STAGEMAN College Preparatory Clio, Rifle corps president, Masque and Wig, Echoes staff, "Skidcling," Girl Reserves, Prof duction staff "Growing Pains," "A Murder Has Been Ar' rangedf honorary major. .- DONALD STEIBER College Preparatory Latin club, wrestling. JOAN ST. HENRI College Preparatory Ero vice-president, debate squad, Girl Reserves. BiLLiE ROSE STOKES Commercial Commercial club, glee. DONALD TACY College Preparatory Aristo president, treasurer, de' bate squad, f'l'hirty-ninej ESTHER STANCLIFFE College: Preparatory Clio vicefpresident, Annual staff, Girl Reserves secretary, varsity debate. glee, Business staff "Skidd1ng," Pinafore, Echoes staff, sextet. JEAN MARIE STECH College Preparatory Alpha vicefpresident, Latin club, "Seven Chances," debate squad, varsity debate, "Riding Down the Sky," glee. GERALD STEVENS Commercial Football, track, Rifle team. VIOLET STEVENS College Preparatory HELEN STILES Commercial G.A.A. treasurer. ROSETTA STROHDEHN Commercial Clio, Commercial club president, Production staff "Growing Pains." -lv RUTH THOMAS Commercial Alpha, glee, orchestra, band, Echoes staff. ' RUBY THOMPSON College Preparatory Glee, "H.M.S. Pinaforef' Echoes staff. EVELYN VALLIER Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps. Boro F. WALKER Colleges Preparatory' Ionian sergeantfatfarms, HifY president, basketball, track, R. O. T. C. lieutenant colonel, Annual staff, Echoes staff, Na' tional Honor Society, "The Things That Count," Quill and Scroll. Ross WALKER Commercial R.O.T.C. corporal, wrestling. FRANK WALLACE Commercial Clee, Ionian. fFortyJ RUTH TALLMAN Commercial Alpha, Commercial club, Prof duction staff "Big Hearted Her' bert," and "Seven Chances." ADOLPH TORNETEN Commercial lonian, wrestling, R.O.T.C. cor' poral MARGARET TRIVELPIECE Commercial Commercial club. THELMA WADDELL Commercial Reservettes, Girl Reserves. MARGARET WALKER Commercial Commercial club, Echoes staff EARL WALLIN General Wrestling, track. MAXINE WAUGH College Preparatory Thalian, Rifle corps. MARY LOUISE WELLS Commercial Thalian, Rifle corps, Commercial club IRENE WESLEY General Thalian. Spanish club, Masque and Wig, glee. ARLINE WINN Commercial Delta Tau treasurer, Annual staff, G.A.A. secretary, Produc' tion staff "Mrs, Bumpstead' Leigh," "The Things That Count," Quill and Scroll. GEORGE WISEMAN College Preparatory Wrestling, football, track, R.O.T.C. corporal. VIRGINIA WOOLMAN Commercial Clio, Reservettes, G.A.A., glee. fForty-onej NADINE WATSON College! Preparatory Ero, Latin club, glee. DORIS WENTWORTH Commercial Commercial club secretary, Rifle corps. 4, I.. wi.: 63- f JEAN WILcox College Preparatory Delta Tau, Girl Reserves ser' geantfatfarms, Junior Red Cross Council, glee, Rifle corps, Pro' duction staff "A Murder Has Been Arranged," "H.M.S. Pina' fore," piano contest. BETTE WIND General Delta Tau, Rifle corps. BETTY Woops General C.A.A, president, vicefpresident, Alpha, honorary major. JEAN Wooos College Preparatory Clio, French club, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, "Skid' ding," Echoes staff, Annual staff, Rifle corps. EDWIN WRIGHT IVAN WAGER College Preparatory Commercial Ionian, glee, football, wrestling, Logo, "Honor Bright," R.O.T.C. track. corporal. Rosa Sporo Commercial Comm ercizrl club, Lee labors . . . Emulating Lincoln . . . The planer . . . Wrrlkcr' learns on the queen . . . Taken hy surprise . . . The editor . . . Pauline pauses . . . Mzrybe you voted earlier . . . This timeffflike Apollo . . . Tipftop typers , . . Have you got my size? . . . Studiousfill . . . Uver the top . . . Truekin' . . . Spring is here . . . fForty-twnl Front row: Miss Ketter, Sprigg, Curtis, White. Second row: Tennant, Stevens, Mr. Cochran. 3Iuninra NE more step and we go mover the top." For three years we have existed in the shadow of the trenches waiting for the "zero hour", for our chance to win our long- hoped-for laurels. The chance, our senior year, is the culmination of our careful prepara- tion. As juniors we have encountered many shell holes and struggled through the barbed- wire of disappointments. However, there have been frequent "leaves of absence" when we could take time out just to enjoy being juniors-plays, dances, assemblies, and music. We have made many true friends, "buddies", who will carry on with us through our senior year. OFFICERS JAMES SPRIGG - - President ELEANOR WHITE - Vice-President PAULINE STEVENS - - Secretary MARK CURTIS - - - - Treasurer RAYMOND TENNANT -------- Sergeant-at-arms Sponsors: Miss KETTER, MR. Cocl-IRAN lForty-three, ka Front row: Christofferson, Arnold, Blizzard, Bailey, Adams, Cochran, Barritt, Buskness, Collins, Aders, Bigley, Bandoiner. Second row: Burgess, Buckingham, Blanchard, Ahrens, A. Brandt, Brennainan,Burrill, Charles, Bain. I, Andersen, Chapman, Clark, Chrisman. Third row: Barrett. Balahan, L. Christensen, Briggs, O. Brandt, Bock, E. Christensen, P. Anderson, Chambers, Boedeker, Connors, Allen, Claypool, Binkley. Juniata E, the junior class, have already proved ourselves outstanding in many of the schoolis activities. In our midst are actors, orators, dehaters, musicians, and athletes. For three years we have felt ourselves a part of this progressive organization, and it is with even greater ambition and school spirit that we hope to carry on the traditions of the school as the Q'Seniors of tomorrowlv Front row: Duggan, Hanna, A, Dugan, Burkett, Dye, Esancy, Hall, Gellert, Graves, Fryer, Gittle, Gehuhr, Dolan. Second row: Esancy, Fitzgihhon, Droge, Epperson, Hansen, Hamnier, Franklin, Fulmer, Fried, Hall, Dilts. Doner. Decker. Fischer. Third row: Felton, Gahle, Grote, Drusrrup, Durlee, Farher, Crahill, Hamilton, Fellcrs, Glass' hurner, Giles, Curtis, Durfee, Gustafson, Grote. fForty-fourl .Aff 7' 0' Front row: Knoble, Hansen, Hetriek, jaeohs, Howlette, D. johnson, Jaeohsen, Kennedy, julian, Jennings, ays, Kohold, Johnson, Hogan, Hiller. Second row: A. Kemplin, Hecht, D. Kemplin, Kinney, Henderson, Kerher, Hauschildt, F. Hansen, Hudson, B. Hansen, Hanusa, D. Hansen, Jeppsen, Hartlieh. Third row: Gilleland, Heck, v 1 lx. Henderson, Jepson, Kutlcr, Harriman, Knowlton, Ha 'rison, W. johnson, Killian, Jensen, jenkins, Harms. Iiluninra Ar one junior to another: The goal is close in view, The triumph to he wong And though we laugh and labor on, The greatest work is done. If L 1. 1' I f ,,, 11 af Front row: Lainniert, Miller, Monlort, Miller, Lexis, Long, Maekland, Norgard, Neely, Morrow, Nelson, Mann Milner, Mounts, Neumayer, Lewis. Seeond row: McLane, Meyerson, McCarthy, Morse, Miller, Neff, Miles, Martin, Pedersen. Nansel, Nlorgan, Lee, Mortenson, Miles, Madison. Third row: Qlson, Pedersen, Larsen, Pinkston McKee, Norman, Neasham, Moth, Meis, ennin's, Meier, Nelson, Larson, MeCoinhfe Nelson, , fFo1'ty-fivel u 111 J S X lqront row: South, Seldin, Smith, Southward, Schultz, Reid, Rowe, Purdy, Rohinson, Preston, Pierce, Paval, O'Neil, Oshorne, Ring, Paludan, Ranch, Putnam, Second row: Riley, M. Roden, Saltzgaver, Smock, Mzirtiii. Russell, Perlmutter, Pritchard, Remmington, Reggio, Sollazzo, Sollazzo, Miller, Pohl, Platt, Price, Third row: P. Roden, Sheehan. Person, Pinney, Plunkett, M. Petersen, B. Petersen, Overman, Pischel, Perdcw, Ranney, Peters, Prior, Radtke, Ripper. Juninru LTHOUGH we aren't yet the "big-shotsv of school, we are undoubtedly one of its most important classes. We have had a year to get adjusted and are beginning now to make ourselves known. The juniors are the backbone of the plays, athletics, de- hates, journalism, art, music, and the many other activities. We learn the fundamentals now and just watch us shine next year! Front row: Vv'eston, Stewart, Weiner, Stillwell, Stevens, Tinnell, Stash, Willeford, Vv'infield, Woods, White, Constable, Thurman, Wallace. Second row: Zurmuehlen, Thompson, Van Druff, Sowl, Wright, Wager, Van Leuvan, Zimmerman, Williams, Swanson, Thomas, Williams, Vencil. Third row: Whitman, Telpner, XVhitf taker, Stuhhlefield, Smith, Westphal, Severson, Smith, Wierda, Voss, Walters, Wohlers. lForty-sixj Front Row: Bennett, Anderson, Johnson, Black, Knoble, Brown, Brooks, Copeland, Lawson, Ellerton, Jacobs, Grosvenor, Fauble, Loper, Feldt, Hardenbraeh. Seeond Row: Epstein, Cliristenon, Epperson, Areh, Fox, Haiston, Hammer, Barth, Archibald, Lee, Krause, Heath, Howard, Kesterton, Howlette, A len, lirittain, Crowl, Howlette, Krasne, Hazelton. Third Row: Chapman, Larsen, Heisler, Hansen, Kellogg, Adkins, Black, Cure, Ford, Johnston, Hardigren, Black, Cooley, Hendricks, Jacob- sen, Annis, Kistle, Cody, Bauman, Fischer, Baird, Graves, Drake, Alphin, Uorland, Jopland, Hughes, Budatz, Miller. Fourth Row: Hurd, Holt, Hopkins, Harrington, Bruimzton, Johnston, Hardigan, Klatterbuek, Hoyt, Greulaeh, Christenson, Lincoln, Hills, Akers, Green, Haaeh, Johnson, Anderson, Krumenacher, L 'ons, Flacky, Crabill, Anderson, Kruse. Fifth Row: De Vol, Clarke, Lass, Jensen, Le Baupzh, Leosis, Ellis, Buesiniz, Hahn, Allen, Gibler, Huerman, Franke, Eakin, Holling worth, Harman, Brewir, Hanneman, Frohart, Bolton, Hartshorn, Hennessy, Evans. Sixth Row: Barrett, Elgzan. Hombaeh, Bernstein, Asman, Cauizhlin, Kemplin, Hoffman, Barton, Durbin, Jergenson, Hancock, John, Lind, Bell, Friend, Lidixett, Lacy, Beatty, Hawkins, Hansen. Svnphumurrn MERGING from the throes of uncertainty and reaching the crossroads of their high school career, the sophomores are one step further toward their goal. Behind, the wavering efforts of their first year, ahead, the realization of their ambitions. Class presi- dent? Editor of the "Echoes,'? Football captain? May Queen? Only with the publi- cation of future annuals will these now imagined ideals and hopes be recorded. Front Row: Nielsen, O'Neil, Thomas, Stair, Sehak, Shields, Miller, Praeht, Shea. Second Row: Varner, Vernard, Sandburg, Tyler, Suislair, Tatta, Tyler, Millsaps, Olson, Olson, Maurer, Sorenson, Whitson, Ring, Stemple, liunte, Yount, Seldin, Stage- man. Third Row: Loper, MeCreary, Nelson, Wallace, Rennells, Sever, Wipple, Mortensen, Eishied, Kelly, Pace, Miller, Miller, 0'Brien, Wilkinson, Whitney, Felton, Meis, Woksa, Spurgeon, Sehmaedelie, Teehau, Nelson, Wesley, Peters. Fourth Row: Rasmussen, Petersen, Warner, Newell, Pederson, Martins,Peteison, Robinson, Shell, Sheely, Steinhaurer, Simmons, Nena- thon, VVeaver, Wild Molzahn, Maurer, Thomas, Siizlin, Paulus, Sligrhton, McKenzie. Fifth Row: Moore, Weddle, Ratliff, Van Druff, Thompson, Mcliirn, Thomas, Nielson, Russell, Pinkston, Mflcher, Olsen, Shawler, Remington, Powell, Pfiefer, Triplet, Potter, Olsen, 0.-borne, Moise. Sixth Row: Robshaw, Smith, Murray, Miller, Otis, Mathis, Yan Ells, Madsen, Mathis, Phinney, Peelfs, Smith, Phillips, Winfield, Scofield, Nelson, Mxlfnncy, Wileox. lFo rty-sevenl Front row: Cross, Tyler, Van Horne, Moore, Sorenson, Lewis, Sadler, Austin, Porter, Curtis, Evers, Bromberg, Allan, Grossman, Kirn, Foote, Ogan, Bernstein, Harkins. Second row: Van Drulf, McMurray, Chapman, Leosis, Sever, Cochran. Skelton, Leverett, Spencer, Caywood, Berg, Bates, Keiderling, Benjamin, Robertson, Fisher, Buhrman, Howell, McBain. Third row: Pruitt, Russel, Thornell, Beezley, Cohen, Lindsay, Gallo, Christensen, Christofferson, Bigley, Paladino, Jenson, McGee, Steppuhn, Lindstrom, Lanning, Farrel. Fourth row: Holm' yard. Snetinan, O'Brien, Cossard, Larsen, Besse, Harriman, Chapman, Wzlrfrmrd, Derry, Fryer, Stephens, Parks, Payne, Dumas, Parmer, Spencer, Fifth row: Mosher, Barton, Rassmussen, jacks, Rinehart, Caskey, Hansen, Ilordal, Bachman. lessen, Adkins, Connors, Christensen. Freshmen sinh 5vnphnm11rra N the fence! We,d like to fall on the right side and he full-fledged sophomores or juniors, hut as it is, we're merely 10-l's and ll-Ps, the outcasts of society land A.L.j What to do ahout it? Prohahly the only satisfactory solution to this problem will he for us to rememher next time to start our kindergarten careers in September! Front Row: Seihan, Simon, Williziins, Drager, Cilligam, Bryant, Morrow, Hamilton, Collier, Wight, Smith, Haines. Second row: Overstreet, Larsen, Bennett, Simpson, vlenson, Babbitt, Thomson, Baker, Downs, Taylor, Acord, Spoto, Ulm, Swisher, Flower, Briggs, Nelson, Dickson, Hinks. Third Row: Teal, Peterson, Stephens, McClelland, Langdon, Young, Bridenhaugh, Malich, Agnew, -lensen, Anderson, jacohsen, Fogle, Buhh, Bamlord, Clark, Durfee, Bock, Peters, Cretzer, Peterson, Thompson, Caywood, Brackley, Putman. Fourth row: Stevens, Jensen, Flack, Holrns, Durick, Rasmussen, Cilwitz, Detlelf, Aders, Essington, Caliquir, Fowler, Allen, Cox, Harriman, Otto, Baht, LeMas' ters, Wilcox, Bradford, Perlmutter, Wirifield, Murray, Sorenson, Grote. Fifth Row: Wriglit, Smith, Yager, Booth, Cevo, Trayer, C-ahler, Fitch, Kmezich, Mortensen, Sessions, Hansen, Otto, Durfee, Smith, Oshorn, Cure, Nelson, Peterson, Vxfadum. Young. Martin, Deliarr. Sixth row: Stowe, Amento, Eggers, Katelman, Eherhart, Ahles, Oyster, jackshaw, Graves, Koholt, Brown, Kauffman, jones, Capel, Friar, Skelton, Wilscmn, Northrup, Marshall, Hoff, Jensen. 'Forty-eiizhti Front row: Harrington, Larsen, Koger, Heitrnan, Knowlton, Bar, Johnson, Hartwell, Hirsh, Adkins, Child, Knut- sen, Fauble, Burgess, Ruggan, Klindt, Arp, Giles. Second row: Christensen, Hamilton, Condon, Wiser, Fauhle, Claar, Healy, Cohns, Brahand, -I. Allan, Brinkley, Goodman, Hays, Cruz, Lueth, Dickason, Haiston, Bothe, Fisher, Bostedt, Bresee. Third row: Hill, Hansen, Bostedt, Bussey, Codsey, Diller, -largenson, Coffelt, Fazzio, Hill, Koger, O. Camphell, Kjar, Camden, Camphell, Hanna, Ligget, Henderson, Andersen, Brown. Ffrvnhmm OU canlt be senior class president until you're a senior, you can't he junior class presi- dent sill ou're a 'unior, and ou can't he a so homore resident because there isn't Y .l Y one. You canlt o out because ou're too oun ' ou canlt sta in hecause ou're in the g Y Y gr Y Y Y way. Nobody loves you except mother and she,ll love you more when you're a sophomore. liront row: Swanson, Page, Owens, Rooney, Ranch, Sauiders, Murphy, Myre, Walson, NVunner, Mahoney, Meir, Vfeh-ter, Stagenian. Schuldt, Peterson, Seott. Second row: Moore, Shea, Severn, Maclcland, Vv'entworth, Tuller, Steinhaurer, Sessions, Neilson, Thornell, Meyernian, Tallinan, Rohinson, Murlcley, Ziinnxerman, Sorenson, Pang' horn, Third row: Vfachter, Maxie, Masie, Phillips, Reili, Pogge, Miller, Sears, Tiarks, Reil, Phister, Nelsen, Pearce, Tlionipsen, XX'aslord, Pierce, Schaaf, Vv'ingate. w " 1Forty-nine! i Miller mcdalahcs . , SCC? , . 25C worth . . Tiiwduyk ECSK . . Going out? , . 011 mc! . . Umm fi? , . Round in buck . . Ubligingg lil'v1'111'izm . . Rcposing . . Alien 4 4 'LVv'iic1'c Love ISN . . Hot dogs . Hi, boys . . Qliii to Iowan City . . Popeye or Scilicrt, guess which . . S THE BRIGHT AND UNERRNG ARROWS OF DIANA, THE MOON, RUTHLESSLY SLAY THE MISTS AND HELP DISPEL THE CLOUDS, SO THE ARROWS OF OUR VARIED ACTIVITIES DISPEL THE MISTS OF IGNOR- ANCE AND INEFFICIENCY IN OUR LIVES. f Q' 1 S-'z ' a ... Artiuitim Front row: Seiffert, Seidler, Alberti, Merriam, Hughes, Lutz, Anderson, Winn, Grahenhorst, Louie. Second row: Wzilker, Martin, Coyan, Bell, Smith, Miller, Meier, Pyles, Morse. lN'ERNATIONAL 'Q ff nf... 1 ll I I l,Ki' 511 53,8 V' J llbuill sinh Svrrnll UILL and Scroll, the international honorary society for high school journalists, is an award for outstanding work in writing, editing, or business management of school publications. Candidates must be juniors or seniors in the upper third of their class in schol- astic standing. They are recommended by the advisors for superior work and must be ap- proved by the national secretary-treasurer at Northwestern University in Chicago. This or- ganization corresponds to the National Honor Society for general classwork. Nineteen members of the Echoes and Crimson and Blue staffs have earned that award this year. Sponsors: Miss ELEANOR BAPT1sT, I-I. ARTHUR LEE lFifty-twoj Front row: Stancliffe, Alberti, Lewis, Seidler, Walker, Hughes, Lutz, Grabenhorst, Winn, Stancliffe. Second row: Martin, Miller, Bell, Woods, Meier, Pyles, Louie, Seiffert. Qlrinuinn sinh 161112 Staff f E, the 1937 "Crimson and Bluev staff, present this book to you with a mingled feeling of satisfaction and regret. Satisfaction because of the realization that our best efforts have been put forth in order to present a book worthy of the class which it represents. Regret that we are unable to picture more fully the happy, busy hours and goocl times within the walls of our high school. We hope that in the future, as you turn the pages of this book of memories, you will recall the richness and fullness of your high school days. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief - --------- ELEANOR LUTZ Associate Editors - - PAULINE GRABENI-IoRST, CLAYTON MEIER Literary Editors - - - MAR.IORIE ALBERTI, JEAN Woons Faculty Editors - - ----- EUNICE STANCLIFF, ESTHER STANCLIEF Senior Class Editors - - ELIZABETH I-IUGI-IES, MARGARET SEIDLER, RUSSELL SEIFEERT Boys' Sports - - ------------- BILL BELL Girls, Sports - - - ARLINE WINN Literary Societies - - - ETI-IEL MAE LEWIS Clubs and Uizderclassmen - - BOYD WALKER R.O.T.C. ---- - ALFRED MILLER Plvotograplvy - - PHILIP PYLES A.rt - - - - - -- - - - Joi-IN GRETZER BUSINESS STAFF Business Maiiager ------' - - - - JACK LOUIE Assistant Business Manager - - GLEN MARTIN Editorial Adviser - - MISS ELEANOR BAPTIST Financial Adviser - - WILBUR I.RoSENKRANz fR'11'ty-threel Front row: Alberti, Morse, Anderson, Kussman, Hughes, Miller, Woods, Reid, Endelman, Grabenhorst, Lutz, Powell, Stageman, Gilson, Second row: Sessions, Kinney, Anderson, Fox, Bock, Miller, Wiseman, Gronstal, Pyles, Shea, Coulter, Gilchrist, Mr. Lee. Third row: Crowe, Shirk, Ford, johnson, Roffman, Bell, Day, Leonhardt, Bertelsen, Mason, Groneweg, Costello, Gethoefer, Martin. Uhr Erhnvs INCE '01, The Echoes has been printed weekly by the journalism classes of this school. These embryo journalists cover the whole school in a business-like manner-writing, copy reading, and making up the paper. Under the direction of Mr. H. Arthur Lee, The Echoes has really "put itself across" as one of the nation,s best school papers. ECI-IOES STAFF NO. 1 Editor-in-Chief - ------- EVELYN ANDERSON News Editor - - - ELEANOR LUTZ Business Manager - - LAURA GET1-IoEFER Advertising Manager - - DOUGLAS MARTIN ECI-IOES STAFF NO. 2 Editor-in-Chief ---------- EARL ANDERSEN News Editor - - - RUSSELL MILLER Business Manager - - LAURA GETHOEFER Advertising Manager - - DOUGLAS MARTIN 1Fifty-fourj Front row: Mann, Gable, Stancliffe, Enselman,'Lewis, Meyerson, M. Walker, Burrill, Blanchard, Esancy, Hollings worth, Darrington, Kennedy, Merriam, Stancliffe, Putman, Seidler. Second row: Price, Matteson, Peterson Alkire, Gebuhr, Madison, Edholm, Nelson, Woods, McGilvray, Hammer, Bartel, Jennings, Martin, Hall, Olsen Bain, Miller, Harrison. Third row: johnson, McKee, B. Walker, Giles, Pinkston, Thompson, Ford, Johnson Whittaker, Kmezich, Larsen, Telpner, McCarthy, Jensen, Morse, Bosley, Grow, Spellmeyer, Mr. Lee, Meier. Uhr Erhnrn HE work of the second semester staff was greatly facilitated by the helpful hints of the first semester's staff. The business department comes in for praise, as their "pain- less extractionv of advertisements from leadin merchants bids fair to ull the a er out g P P P of the cred". ECI-IOES STAFF NO. 1 Editor-in-Chief -------- - JOE KMEZICH News Editor - - - ELLEN GEBUHR Business Manager - - WAGNER PEDERSEN Advertising Manager ------- - CLARK GILES ECHOES STAFF NO. 2 Editor-in-Chief ----------- Bon BARTEL News Editor - - HARQLD BOSLEY Business Manager - - WAGNER PEDERSEN Advertising Manager - - CLARK GILES CFifty-fivej Front row: Norgard, Stillwell, Stancliffe, Willefcard, Neumayer, Stech, St. Henri, Bock, Stancliffe. Second row. Vv'hite, Behensee, lVlolz,hz1n, Neff, Lutz, lVIeCz1rthy, Hennessy, Hansen, Pomeroy, Third row: Pohl, Qlson, Bartel, Kottwitz, Zurmuehlen, Durfee, Esancy, Wierdzi, Curtis. Bvhatr Svquail NE of the largest debate squads in the history of Abraham Lincoln high school was retained this year by Coach W. Howard Mcllrath. Although they did not win every debate, the good sportsmanship and cooperation of the squad made the season a successful one. The question for debate was "Resolved: That all electrical utilities should be governmentally owned and operated." Eehate Umm LTHOUGI-I four different girls' teams were used in the Missouri Valley Tourna- ment, Abraham Lincoln won the championship for the 1936-1937 season. Most of this yearis varsity team were competing for their first season, but seven of the high ten will return next year. Front row: St. Henri, Hennessy, Mr. lvlcllrzith, Steeh, Bock. Second row: Hansen Zurmuehlen, Duriee Curtis, XViCl'Lli1. fFifty-sixl Front row: Balaban, Parmer, Pohl, Neumzxyer, Hennessy. Sccond row: Kutler, Curtis, Kottwitz, Durfee Martin, Olsen. ilntvrznrivig Evhate HEY say that history repeats itself. Ar least it did in the intersociety debate finals as the Thalian debaters continued their championship reputation by defeating the Logos in this year-'s final debate. This is the third consecutive time that the Thalians have cap- tured this honor and the second time that the Logos have been the runners-up. Qbratnrg, Bnlamatinn anh iixtvmpnranrnna Speaking OBERT Olsen's oration entitled "The Crime War" was selected as the best in Abra- ham Lincoln High School. Robert represented us in the district and by placing sec- ond, qualified for the finals in the state competition at Iowa City. Marilou Neumayer won first place in the dramatic section of the declamarory con- test, while Jerry Droge captured first honors in the humorous section. Waite Durfee won the school contest and placed second in the district to qualify for the finals in the Iowa High School Extemporaneous Speaking Championship contest. Qlscn, Droge, Neumaycr, Durfee. fFifty-sevenj Front row: Decker, Sheehan, Morse, McCarthy, Wallace, Blizzard. Second row: Curtis, Jensen, Pinkston, Van Druff, Radtke, Brown, Wierda. 3luninr mag HO-oo-ooo-OO! With shrieking and grinding of brakes, "The Ghost Train" came roaring through Abraham Lincoln-bringing death to all who looked upon it- excepting, of course, the thrilled and excited audience that saw the junior presentation of the year's mystery thriller. Ellie Bramatir Seaman "FLY AWAY HOME"-Thalian-Philo. October 23 and 24. Cast: Bill Daniels, Marilou Neumayer, Loretta Keiderling, Eugene Telpner, Mary Ellen Hennessy, Jerry Droge, Jack Jepson, George Neill, Florence Esancy, Bruce Glassburner, Robert Hartnett, Clayton Meier, Eloise Bair, Director4Miss Ruth Tamisiea, Assistant director-Donna Lavely. "THE THINGS THAT COUNT"-Delta Tau-Bye-November 6 and 7. Cast: Lucille Neff, Roger Rider, Boyd Walker, Eleanor Lutz, Joan Stageman, Glen Martin, Pauline Grabenhorst, Stella Lewis, Helen Coulter, Georgia Ann Morgan, Peggy Hall, Seth Hills, Vonna Fiscus, Joseph Thornell, Maxine Bain, Ruth Ford, Directorv-Miss Ruth Castle. Assistant director-Marjorie Schlott. "SEVEN CHANCES"-Alpha-Ionian. November 20 and 21. Cast: Ted Morse, F-rank Parmer, Robert Bartel, Jack McCarthy, Francis Williams, Arthur Elgin, Clark Giles, Jeanne Lainson, Florence Meyerson, Loretta Preston, Gerry Sorenson, Virginia Hanna, Jean Marie Stech, June Sowl, Jessann Hannan. Director-Miss Ruth Tamisiea. Assistant director!-Lorraine Meyerson. Operetta, UH. M. S. PINAFOREU. December 4, 5, and 6. Cast: Jack Louie, James Conlon, Lucius Thomas, Frances Oliver, Ralph Brown, Willis Abels, Fred Moore, Ruth Ehlers, Donald Wierda, Frances Fitzgibbon, Harry Besse. Director- Miss Kathleen M. Shaw. Assistant director4Robert Olsen. Q'SKTDDING,'-Clio-Logo. February l9 and 20. Cast: Ruth Pilling, Grace Smith, Delbert Olson, Vera Angeroth, Ruth Ehlers, Robert Olsen, fFifty-eight? Front row: Martin, Schlott, Meyerson, Pilling, Morgan, Angeroth, Gronstal. Second row: Spellmeyer, Peake, Skelton, Meier, Neill, Hennessy, Moore. 7 Seninr iilag FF stage when on stage and on stage when off stage. Situations such as this were common in the 1937 senior play. Proving to he the laugh sensation of the year, "The Torchhearersn was a play within a play, with the plot centering about an amateur theatrical, and the complications arising therefrom. Uhr Eramatir Svmann frnntinurhl Harry Black, Marjorie Schlott, Marjorie Alberti, Jean Woods, Harry Gundlach, Earl Anderson, Donna Lavely, Jean Stageman. Director-Miss Ruth Castle. Assistant di' rector-Roxanna Morse. "WHERE LOVE IS"-Dramatics Class. Christmas Play. December 23. Cast: Jack Jepson, Jerry Droge, Ralph Brown, Eugene Telpner, Marilou Neumayer, Cather' ine Gilson. Extras-class. Director-Ruth Castle. "COME OUT OF THE KITCHEN"-Ero-Aristo. April 9 and 10. Cast: Francis Fitzgibbon, Robert Henderson, Ralph Staley, Ervin Pinkston, William John' son, Fred Day, Jean Durfee, Don Langdon, Eleanor White, Helen Leosis, Beatrice Gel' lert. Director-Miss Ruth Tamisiea. Assistant director-Evelyn Anderson. "TI-IE GHOST TRAIN"-Junior Play. April 23 and 24. Cast: Mark Curtis, Roxanna Morse, John Blizzard, Warren Jensen, Evogene Wallace, Josef phine McCarthy, Don Wierda, Rosanne Sheehan, Bill Pinkston. Ralph Brown, Warren Radtke, Bruce Van Druff, Glenn Decker. Director-Miss Ruth Castle, Assistant di' rector-Jean Stageman. "TI-IE TORCHBEARER9'-Senior Play. May 20. Cast: Clayton Meier, Glen Martin, George Neill, Joe Gronstal, Jack Jepson, Fred Moore, Leon Skelton, Robert Spellmeyer, Lorraine Meyerson, Mary Ellen Hennessy, Georgia Ann Morgan, Patricia Peake, Marjorie Schlott, Vera Angeroth. Director-Miss Ruth Tamisiea. Assistant director-Ruth Pilling. CFiity-ninej Front Row: Zimmerman, Giles, Bock, Moser, Allen, Stageman, Greulach, Koger, Herwig. Second Row: Phin. ney, Ranch, Leosis, Harrington, McClelland, Diller, Owens, Rasmussen, Young, Esancy, Parker, Coyan, Russell. Third Row: Anderson, Barton, Franke, Anderson, Ford. Maloney, Tallman, Sears, Maxie, Hetrick, Giles, Fryer, McLean, Lidgett, Roberts, Barton, Steinhauer. Fourth Row: Schuldt, Haiston, Bailey, Loper, Eggers, Brown, Smith, Hartnett, Thompson, Murphy, Olmstead, Whittaker, Hansen, Conley, Tyler. Fifth Row: Hannah, Mc' Clelland, Caskey, Glassburner, Morse, Smith, Harriman, McDowell, Perdew, Hansen, Andersen, Lee, Collins, Eberhart, Miller, Hilton. Sixth Row: Walters, White, Smith, Harmon. Rani! HE A. L. band and orchestra are the two leading service organizations of the school. Whether it is a football game in sub-zero weather, a basketball game with snow drifts two or three feet high outside, or when they lead the R.O.T'.C. regiment down the street on those blistering hot parade and inspection days, the band is always on the job performing its duties faithfully. To obtain the skill which they exhibit, they must put in many hours of conscientious study. They worlc the latter half of sixth period, and many times after school and in the evenings. The band and orchestra alternate each year in going to the State and national contests. This year the band went to the state contest at Iowa City in the early part of May to uphold its fine reputation gained through previous contests. Directors: RUDOLPH SEIDL, WILLIBALD NOWAK fSixtyJ Front row: Mann, Adams, Brown, Hansen, Evans, Steinhaurer, Kirn, Sessions. Second Row: Hanna, Briggs, Ulm Rooney, Fauble, Otto, Dickson, Escancy. Third Row: Leuth, Kutler, Briggs, Petersen, Koger, Herwig, Epstein Hamilton, Wunner. Fourth Row: Hoffman, Metcrma 1, Haiston, Zimmerman, McClelland, Pierce, Coyan, Rus sel, Rassmussen, Young, Escancy, Parker, Condon, Kruse. Fifth Row: Scott, Thornell, Teal, Coffelt, Bell Barton, Steinhaurer, Bock, Giles, Zimmerman, Thompson, Tyler, Whittaker. Sixth Row: Eberhart, Andersen Miller, Smith, Hilton, Franklin. Seventh Row: Caskeey, Purdy, Kruse, Conley, Thornell, Wentworth, Tullar Walters, Smith, White, Glassburner. Gbrrhvatra HE orchestra contributes its part to the many activities of the school. It provides music for the operetta, the literary society plays, various assemblies and numerous pro- grams given throughout the year. It also takes a large part in the series of Sunday vesper concerts along with the band and glee clubs, and finishes off the year by assisting with the Commencement exercises given at the city auditorium. Besides these services, the orchestra has given the pupils in Abraham Lincoln high school a deeper appreciation of music that will benefit them throughout their lives. This year is the orchestra,s turn to compete in the National High School Orchestra contest, and much is expected of them because they came out of the national contest held at Madison, Wisconsin, in 1935, with flying colors. Directors: RUDOLPI-I SEIDL, WILLIBALD NOWAK CSixty-one? lront row: E. Stanclill, Mounts, Eu, Stainelill, Hennessy, Vw'ilcox, Fitzgihhon, Meyerson, Grossinzin, hteeh, Vfhite, Kiederling, Vain Driill, Kirn, Oliver, Bates, Eszincy, Neunixiyer. Second row: Smith, Sinock, Fried, Peter mn, Gehuhr, liklill,XNi1lll21CL',X?Vy4IUK,lS, Durlee, Thomson, Hollander, Bzilaihzin, Keinplin, Robinson, Norgsird, Arnold, Preston, Russel. Third row: Sessions, Roden, Fisher, Fzirher, Droge, Meyerson, Sowl, Coulter, Goodrich, Thomas, XX Ex Soi 1 hin ilu 'e:ner. wins, f 'enson, Vvlilleliord, Adzinis, Sl ee 1 , El Svrninr CHIP? Qllulm HE senior glee cluhs, including 47 hoys and 55 girls, represent two active organizations. Each year the members participate in concerts and contests. Among these are the Southwestern Iowa Chorus, the Spring Concert, a series of four vesper concerts, district and state contests, and also the M.I.N.K. contest held in Peru, Nebraska. The officers: PresiclentsfRuth Ehlers, Fred Nloore, Mildred Smoclc, Ralph Brown, secretary-treasurers-Nlildred Smoclc, james Conlon, Frances Fitsgihhon, Russell Seiffertg lihrarians-Jerry Droge, Russell Seiffert, Horace Bertleson, Jean Wilcox, Don Weirda, Rosanne Sheenan, Clark Barritt. Director: Miss KATHLEEN SHAW Front row: Voss, Perlinutter, Thomas, Hills, Hudson, Seililert, Overrnain, Brown, Cohen, Gosszird, Buskness f eppesen, Louie. Second row: Vvileox, Conlon, Staley, Peters, Bertelson, Rider, Hardin, lvloore, Cone, Wriltci-s Kruinenzicher, Ford, Third row' Andersen, Sieck, Uurritt, Rririner, Bziehnizin, Mairtiii, McC:irthy,Ball, Rrrdrkc Killian, Elgun, Cziskey, Ahcls, Curtis, Vwlierdai. lSixty-two! Front row: Otto. Cleminson. Exers. Bernstein. R. Blue". Hillililftllli Pillllililli. Ol-on. Loseth, E2llilI1, B. Hughes I. Cfzihill. Foote. Endlemim. H. john-on. Rgtthll. Uittle. E. Hughes. Bzunlvord. Dickinson. Second row: Howlette Floxveri L. Shen. Stokes. :X1llIlN. Reili. K. Graves. Downs. Cfuligueri, Ring. N. lvlorten-en. L. Reid. Mills. Dolan YHHYIQI. Tyler. fifths-. Le Ilzlugli. Lewis, lf Mortensen. Larsen, Tyler. Martins. Third row: Heislcr, Ivluurer Bnndoiner. Durlee. Moore. Ahrens. E-uncy. Sinclim. cnjllll, U'l5r1en. li. Crzlhill, Iii-zicliey. Spoto. Detleli. D. Smith Lu lvlztster. Bulirmzin. Hflllll. Techgm, Dichson. Pederson, Fisher. l'ourth row: Swisher. Guhler. Briggs, 'Buhh Perens. Fisher. Lee. lf. Grimes. Epperson. Rohinson, Rasmussen, Nelson, Czzyvxoocl, Aders. Olsen. Sever. O. Reid omg. Clll1'iXHlilH. Brttaun. Wvild. liilith row: Hinks. Cody Felton, Reynolds, Arfliilwzlld. Dorlzlnrl. R. Shen, V11I'I1l'l' Kelly. Hays. O. Aders. Holilimzm. Sourthzxtcl. Allan, Henlrix, Cl1:1pmz1n,C. Rohinson, D. Black. Huiston. Johnston 3J1Il1i11I' 05199 Qlluha LTHCUGI-I l'ehinci the scenes most of the time, the junior glee members play an im- portant part in the music world of the school. They form the nucleus of the senior groups. This year the junior groups were united with the senior glee clubs ancl participated in the four vesper concerts. The officers: Presidents-Elizahetli Hughes, Harold Boslev, Irma Olsen, Harold Killian, vice-presidents-Lucille Spetman, Grover Hansen, Helen Fisher, Frank Krumen- acher, lihrarians-Barham Hughes, john Beezley Helena Briggs, Jack Bell, Betty Mounts, Alhert Harrison, joy Ealcin, Rohert Wilccnx. Director: Miss KAl'HI,Iil'iN SHAW lront row: Hills. Lee. fx'WQlL'IANHII, Iioslcy. Killian. Loseth. liryer, Bull. lVlL1tte-on. Elgaln. Fisclwr, Bostetlt, Second low: Hgimilton. Clellert. fkhtliis, Allerton, Otis, Stowe, Vfright. Roherts. Hansen, Olson Krllinenziclier, F1'oh411'dt fflirif-ten-on. Third row: Pohl. Bostedt. llennet. Hopkins. Vx'au'lord. Pinkston. Grote. jgtckslmw, Gilleluml . . , , , HH 's e Qui". W. X. .lt-rx. Fxinolul. fioonliiatli. 4Sixty-thrc-vi Front row: Pierce, Preston, Bates, Miller, Woods, Oliver. Brackney, Peterson, Peters, Clemensen, Hollings worth. Bobhitt, Krasne, Baker, Bromberg, Martins, Peters, Owens, Krause. Second row: Seldin, Holmgard Wilkiiuscan, Chapman, Yount, Esancy, Miller, Sowl, Roden, Smock, Hansen, Nelson, Nusser, Charles, Overman, Meyf erson, Mann, Hannan, Gilson, Behensee, Sorenson, Clark, Third row: Hough, Gross, Tallman, Price, McBain Paludan, Hanna, Van Horne, Mosher, Nelson, Hannaman, Gabler, Thomas, Lamrnert, Fischer, Caywood, Stech Thurmond, Monfort, Lainson, Hollingsworth. Alpha I-IE Alpha literary society participated in all activities during the year. One member of the society is on the school debate squad, and four members are on the Echoes staff. The Alphas placed second in the girls' extempo contest and second in the piano contest. One contestant was entered in the declam finals. The debate team won the gavel for best sportsmanship. "Seven Chances", the Alpha-Ionian play, was a lively comedy presented to an enthusiastic audience in November. Fall OFFICERS Spring JEAN MARIE STECH - A President - - EMMYLOU BEBENSEE RUTH SELDIN - - Vice-President - - CATHERINE GILSON KATHERINE Dicics Secretary - - ELIZABETH HOLMGARD HELEN OVERMAN - - Treasurer ---- JUNE SOWL Sponsors: MISS HANIGAN, MISS BISI-Isp Front row: Stech, Holmgard, Bebensee, Seldin, Second row: Gilson, Sowl. 1Sfxty-fourl a Front row: O'Neill, Langdon, Staley, Scott, Russell, Melcher, Gustafson, Olsen, Pinkston, Bell, Loper, Green Brooks, Felt, Smith, Cade. Second row: Pomeroy, Th urnell, Holmes, Cohen, Christensen, Ford, Peters, Pyles Haack, Voss, Jennings, Day, Johnson, Hansen, Hill, Shugart, Rasmussen. Third row: Kobold, Mathis, Busk ness, Henderson, Perlmutter, Jones, Pryor, Martin, A. Anderson, Parker, Beatty, Mason, Jensen, Otis, Brown Tacy, Walters. Armin LTI-IOUGH the Aristo literary society hit few high spots this year, the members consider it a progressive year. Aristos were represented in every type of activity. Several were on the football teams, in debates and all literary contests. Two were in the final declams. "Come Out of the Kitchen", a rollicking comedy, presented with the Eros was a big hir. Fall OFFICERS Spring ROBERT SCOTT - - President - - DONALD TACY ROBERT HENDERSON Vice-President - - RICHARD WALTER ROBERT GUSTAFSON - Secretary - - IVAN OLSON DONALD TACY . - . - Treasurer - - ROBERT POMEROY 1vAN OLSON - - - Sergeant-at-Arms - - ROBERT SCOTT Sponsors: MRS. BURGESS, MR. ASQUITH Front row: Olsen. Henderson, Scott, Pomeroy. Second row: Gustafson, Tacy, Wzrlters. ,als ff' iSixty-fivej Front row: South, Perlmutter, Angeroth, Graves, Hamilton, Vv'oods, Lavely, Alberti, Stageman, Ehlers, Weiner Burrill, Stancliffe, Merriam, Nelson, Sinclair, Pace, Brown, Millsaps. Second row: Gittle, Schlott, Kistle, Skelton McKinnon, Perlmutter, Plunkett, Bock, Maurer, Caywooil, Morse, Wallace, Van Druff, Kirn, Fisher, Lewis, Madi son, Gilcrist, Smith. Third row: Portee, Foote, Peake, Flower, Crowe, Dickson, Hinks, Siedin, Bubb, Grossman Lass, Bernstein, Durfee, Baird, Allphin, Molzahn, Chambers, Norgard, Kenny, Leosis. Ollinanphian HE Clios have participated actively in debate, extempos and declams, and have con- tributed members to the Annual and the Echoes staffs. For the second time, a Clio was chosen "Queen of Hearts". The annual Mothers' Valentine Tea will always be re- membered. "Skidding", one of the finest plays of the year, was given with the Logos. Fall OFFICERS Spring JEAN Wooos - - - President - - MARJORIE ALBERT! MARJORIE ALBERTI - Vice-President - ESTHER STANCLIFFE GRACE SMITH - - Secretary - - - RUTH PILLING MARJORIE SCHLOTT - - Treasurer - - ALTA MERRIAM RUTH PILLING - - Sergeant-at-Arms - - GRACE SMITH DONNA LAVELY - - - Historian - - - VERA ANGEROTH Sponsors: Miss PYLE, Miss WILLARD Front row: Angeroth, Alherti, Smith, Pilling, Schlott. Second row: Stancliffe, Woods, Merriam. lSixty-six! Front row: Hall, Sadler, Tatta, Maekland, Loomer, Austin. Stageman, Ogan, Grabenhorst, Nelson, M. Wilcox, Thompson, Annis, Peters, Brenncman, Whitney, Van Druff, Cades, Brittain. Second row: Alkire, Tinnell, Russell, Eal-tin, Sandburg, Stancliliie, Wilcox, Serber, Lewis, Stevens, Briggs, Pisehcl, Harkins, Seidler, Peterson, Sheehan. Grote, Campbell, Fiscus, Rohrhurg, V. Jensen. Third row: Newell, Ranch, Crowl, Spencer, Winn, lvlorgan. Bain, Conley, lvlaurer, Henderson, Barber, F. Jensen, Christensen, Steinhauer, Neff, Lutz, Coulter. Evita Elan HE Delta Taus started the year off with "The Things That Count". Although not winners they made a worthy record in both debate and declams. Five members of the Annual staff including the editor-in-chief were Deltas. New members were initiated last fall at a Hallowe,en party and this spring at a Valentine tea. The Mother-Senior banquet was as usual a beautiful ending to the year. Fail OFFICERS Spring EUNICE STANCLIFFE - - President - PAULINF GRAEENI-ioRsT ELEANOR LUTZ - - Vice-President - GEORGIA ANN MORGAN PAULINE GRABENHORST- - Secretary - - - HEI.EN COULTER HELEN COULTER - - - Treasurer - - - ARLINE WINN JEAN WILCOX - - Sergeant-at-Army -.ANNA MARGARET ALKIRE MARGARET SEIDLER - - Historian - - MARGARET SEIDLER Sponrorx: Miss TAYLOR, MRS. TATROE Front row: Alkire, Stancliffc, Morgan, Winn, Grabenhorst. Second row: Conley, Coulter, Lutz, Seidler, 1Sixty-seven? Front row: Hogan, Gethoefer, Larsen, Graves, Drake, Leosis, Kinney, Chambers, Gellert, Brandt, Rowe, White, E, Hughes, Christensen, Arnold, Duggan, Lerner, Meyerson. Second row: Powell, Fogle, Jacobson, Sheeley, Cretzer, Cody, Hammer, Sessions, B. Hughes, I. Crabill, Saltzgaver, Briggs, Winfield, St. Henri, Dye, Fitzgibbon, Spetrnan, Miller, Franklin, Leffert, Tyler, Mounts. Third row: Johnston, Schell, Hahn, Durfee, Watson, Buesf ing, Kerber, Dorland, Willeford, Stash, Goodrich, Enselman, Wright, Bauman, Bock, Farher, Stillwell, Gossard. lirnhrlphian N debate the Eros were excellent although no outstanding honors were won. Two Eros were entered in the final declamatory contest. Eros held positions on the Echoes staff, the Annual staff and the school debate squad. "Come Out of the Kitchen" was presented in April. Among the social activities figured a I-lallowe'en party, a tea for new members, and the Mother-Senior banquet. Fall OFFICERS Spring l.VlARIAN GOODRICH - President - - - JOAN ST. HENRI Aizms GOSSARD - - Vice-President - - - NADINE WATSON IDA LERNER - - Secretary - - MARGARETANN SESSIONS ELEANOR WHITE - - Treasurer - - BETTY ANN ENSELMAN CAROL Bock ---- Sergeant-at-Arms - - MARY GAIL ARNOLD Sponsors: MISS BRISLEY, MISS KETTER Front row: Vvlhite, St. Henri, Sessions, Lerner, Gossard. Second row: Bock, Goodrich, Watscmn, Ensclman fSixty-eiizhtl Front row: VSY2lCl1LClA, Russell, Peterson, WIll1zIIIIs, Wliettlc, Scott. Lincoln, Barton, Hzinnsa. Hansen, Hills, Jensen Roberts. Poggi. Malony. Platt. Second row: Hennessy, HCIIQlCl':'fDl1, Lanning, Bigley, Larsen. Xklmlkcr, W2l1'l1,'d Hatton. Grow. Fryer. Perdew. 'Vluthis. Hanna, Skelton. Anderson, Smith. Larsen. Third row: B2lfKCl, MlJlpC Efzincy. Giles. Moth. Rzinncy, Scofield. Anderson, Clzlypool. Pan'Ine1', Elgun, WI'iglIt, lensen, Stowe, MeCzII'thy. Zlllliiilli EACHING a new high in membership and spirit, the Ionians brought another year to a close. The were outstandinff in cleclams extem os and debates. The Ionian Y I o 9 D l I h pla', useven Chancesn, was a rousin success, both financiallv and hlstrionicall . An - l . . g. , . 1 Y . Ionian was elected president of the junior class. The 'King of Hearts" and the editor- in-chief of the Echoes were also Ionians. Fall OFFICERS Spring JAMES SPRIGG - Provident - RICHARD ESANCY HUGH GROW - - Vice-President - - HUGH GROW -IAMES PLATT - - - Secretary - - - BILLY HANSEN JOHN ZURMUEHLEN - Treasurer - - JOHN ZURMUEHLEN RICHARD ESANCY - - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - BOYD WALKER SAM KARCHOMSKY - - Historian - - SAM KARCHQMSKY Sponsors: MISS BOESCHE, MR. REYNARD Front row: Grow, Plant, Hansen, Vvhlker. Second rovvg Esuncy, Zurinuehlcn, Sprigg, Kztiehonlsky. 4Sixty-nincl l l W' ' 2 N111 Front row: XVilson. Brown, Rooney, Pohl, Sessions, Blizzard, T. Mzitestiii. Tzillmzm. ClvI'iStiIliiCl'S4ll1, Hays, Giles Hansen, Smith. Mattesmi. Miller. McGee. Second row: jacks, l1Ul'7rlHlVt', lfishei, Vim Ells. Friend. Herd. Larsen Shields. Young. Olsen. lfverhzirt. Ulaick. Brickey. C-roneweg. Anderson, Seiiiiett. De Vol Third row: Kiltlei' Nlurlin. Vdiqer. P. Miller. A, lvliller. D. Olsen. Curtis. Piiiltstmm. Cundlxich. Kottwitz. Pm. Olson. Durfee. Eggers Kant-Imam. Vfuduni. 'm11g11fP1'hI1iEI11 OR the second consecutive ear the Loqos reached the debate finals. A Logo took Y s first lace in the extem o contest and in the oratorical declamator contest. The com- . p . p . . y. . pletion of the traffic demonstration board was financed by the Loffos, maugurating a new program of safety education in the school. The Clio-Logo play, uSl:idding", will be re- membered as one of the outstanding productions of the year. Fall OFFICERS Spring GLEN MARTIN President - - Roisilim' OLSEN ROBERT OLSEN - Vice-President ERNFST GRoNEwEG HARRY GUNDLACH - Secretary - - FRANK KoTTW1Tz Dots: PoHL - - - Treasurer - - WAITE DURFEE FRANK KOTTWITZ - Sergeant-at-Arms - CARLYSLE BRICKEY Ervin. LARSEN f - Historian - - - EMIL I.ARsttN Sponsor: 1VIR.HAMMEs liiont iwiw: l,:li'sL'Ii. Durlee, Pohl. Kottvvitl. Olson, Suomi row: Cliindlaiuh. Brickey. Cronewcg. l'Sevc-niyl Front row: Ranch, Miller. Andersen. Hansen, Fox, Jepson, Rider, Buck, Meier, XVierdzi, Mzillick, Conlon, Simon, Qlsen, Bostedt, Bridenhaugh. Second row: Brahand, Akers, Petersen, Starr, Arch, Schaat, Brown, Bostedt, Cziughlin, Krasne, Hzxtliziwzty, Decker, Powell, Mcflcwiiihie Grote, Oshorne, Lyons. Third row: Bertelsen, Nelson, Rofliinam. Pztrks. Gossard, Telpner, Neill. Drake, Hurd, Hancock, Vv'right, Graves, NVa1lters, Asrnan, Payne, Stephens, Glasshiirner. llilhilrimathian HE oldest boys, literary society in Abraham Lincoln high school contains many out- standing students. Always enthusiastic in every undertaking, they have won the respect and admiration of everyone by their attitude while participating in declams, extempos and debate. The Thalian-Philo play, Q'Fly Away I-lomeu, was one of the hit productions of the year. Fall OFFICERS Spring CLAYTON MEIER - e President - JAMES CONLON JACK .IEPSON - - Vice-President - DON WEIRDA GEORGE NEILL - - Secretary - - EUGENE TELPNER HAROLD Fox - - Treasurer - - - HAROLD Fox EUGENE TELPNER V Sergeant-at-Arms - ROGER RIDER Sponsor: MR. MILLER Front row: Fox, Telpner, Vy'ierdz1, Jepson. Second row: Conlin, Meier, Rider. lSeventy-onej Front row: Curts, Allen, E. Anderson, Drake, I. Anderson, Droge, Farmer, Reid, Ulm, Keiderling, Esancy, Ceiwitz, Budatz, Overstreet, Purdy, Haiston, Bamford, Neumayer, Hennessy. Second row: Sorensen, McGilvray, Johnson, Fryer, Collins, Bryan. Grossman, Coulteaux, Tyler, R. Robinson, Wesley, I, Wesley, Hoyt, Herwig, Mc' Murray, LeBaugh, Harriman, Ratliff, Ellis, Gebuhr. Third row: Holt, Boedecker, Martin, Young, Mortensen, Bur. kett, Benjamin, Neilson, Waugh, Wells, Kruse, Woksa, Balaban, Hennessy, Jacobsen, Tiaiks, Chapman, Hoffman, Roden, Cure, Evans. Glhalian HALIANS are indeed proud of the record which they have made this year. "Fly Away Home", given with the Philos, was a great success. For the third consecutive year the Thalians won the Inter-Society Debate tournament. In the final declamatory con- test, the Thalians won two first places and one second. The Thalians also won the girls' Literary Society Volleyball tournament. Fall OFFICERS Spring MARY ELLEN HENNESSY - President - - HELEN PARMER HELEN PARMER - - Vife-President - BERYLE MAE COLLINS EVELYN ANDERSON - - Secretary - - EVELYN ANDERSON MAXINE WAUGH - - Treasurer - - MAXINE WAUGH LORETTA KEIDERLING - Sergeant-at-Arms - KATHLEEN HENNESSY TVIARYLOU NEUMAYER - Historian - - LORRETTA KEIDERLING Sponsors: Miss MARTY, Miss BAPTIST Front row: Neumayer, Keiderling, Collins. Second roy: Anderson, Waugh, Parmer. ISeventy-two? X ,2 5, 2 z lk 1 1 . -, X tra, , N Front row: Roherts. Pomeroy, Jepson, Voss, Day, Meier, Seiliiert, Christollierson, Smith, vVVlCI'd2l. Stott, Kuss nian. Second row: Iennin fs, Van Druil, Hennessf Christolfersen, P les, Millei'. Ig2lI'tCl, Zll1'I1lL1Cl1lCll, Hansen . is 51 Y Millers. Lee. Third row: Vfztlker, Bowers, blensen, Bosley, Clztypool, Anderson, Bell, Spellmeyer, Neill, Briclcey Hi-13 HE Hi-Y groups close another successful year as two of the leading service organi- zations of Abraham Lincoln high school. The groups, under the tutelage of Mr. Lee, sponsored the sale of pennants, attended church in a body, ancl greeted visitors at the school. As to the social times together, there were many memorable dinner meetings held throughout the year. Ar each clinner, inspirational tallcs were given by prominent men of the community. Fall OFFICERS Spring BOYD WALKER - - Presidenl - - - FRED DAY ROBERT BARTEL Vire-President CARLYLE BRICKEY CHESTER BOWERS - - Secretary - - SHERMAN SMITH WILLIAM BELL - - Treasurer - - ROBERT SPELLMEYER Sponsor: H. ARTHUR LEE Front row: Ranch, ScliInit', Bell, Parks, Rasmussen, Lyons, Gosszird, Wzxlters, Sessions, Thornell, Second row Lee, McGee, Mildhfli, L. Hansen, Parmer, Hawkins, Anderson, Asman, Barton, Christensen, -Iensen. 3 ' 3 A Z A S f, -ad' 2-QQ '-of ' v.. 4' -gn. fSeventy-three-I Front row: Alkire, White, Kirn, Holmgard, Van Druff, Craybill, P. Krasne, Hennessy, Platt, R. Krasne, F Meyerson, L. Meyerson, Roberts. Second row: Neumayer, 1. Droge, Sheehan, Ehlers, G. Smith, Mann, I Durfee, Goodrich, Woods, Adams, Sessions, Bock, Russell, Third row: Alberti, Landon, Triplett, Williams, V Durfee, Larsen, Neasham, Peake, Morse, McCarthy, Hilton, Wallace. 7112 Qlrrrlr Illranraiz cc A seance est Ouverte". When the president utters these words, the members of Le Cercle Francais settle down to the serious business of displaying their best French vocabulary. Programs which are carried on in French consist of French plays and games. French life and customs usually given at each meeting are an essential part of the club. Not only does this organization promote an active interest in speech fluency and French culture, but it also serves to bring the members of the French classes together for a good time. Fall OFFICERS Spring GEORGIA MARIE HILTON . - President - - MARIAN GOODRICI-I JERRY DROGE ---- 'Vice-Prerident - - FLORENCE MEYERSON DOUGLAS ROBERTS - - Secretary - - MARILOU NEUMAYER ROSANNE SHEEI-IAN - - - Treasurer - - RALPH RUSSELL ALBERT I-IENNEssY - - - Secretary - - - ALBERT HENNESSY Sponsor: Miss FLORENCE LANDON fSeventy-four! Front row: Wesley, Pierce, Tyler, Porter, Allan, Collins, Crowe, Hammer, Siglin, Powell, Hughes, Spetman. Second row: Landon, Seldin, Wesley, Mortensen, MCCart, Harkins, Sieck, Osborn, Thomas, Shea, Hansen, Gross. "Ea Blunta iiapannlaf' EMBERS of the Spanish classes who are particularly interested in the life and customs of Spain, Mexico, and South America are organized into a group known as "La Junta Espanola". New members are elected each semester. The club holds meetings twice a month at which various programs are given by the members. In 1936-37 a new constitu- tion was adopted and an attempt was made to conduct the meeting entirely in Spanish. A formal initiation ceremony was held for the members elected the second semester. The out- standing program of the year was an illustrated lecture on Mexico. Fall OFFICERS Spring RUDOLPH SIECK - - President - - VIRGINIA HAMMER DoN WHITTAKER - - Vice-President - - ARDIS GOSSARD ROBERT BARTEL - - Secretary - - TED MoRsE BERYLE MAE COLLINS - - Treasurer - - JUNE POWELL MARY VIRGINIA RODEN Sergeant-at-Arms - - DONALD BROOKS Sponsor: MISS FLORENCE LANDON lSeventy-fivej Front row: St, Henri, Hennessy, Goodrich, Coulter, White, Woods, Hamilton, Bock, Hollingsworth, Alberti, Stage' man, Ehlers, Lutz, Burrill, Stancliffe, Price, Owens. Second row: Graves, Neumayer, Wilcox, Fitzgibbon, Esancy, Petersen, Darrington, Neff, Nusser, Peake, Dye, Charles, Lewis, Stancliffe, Putnam, Jensen. Third row: Ses' sions, Perlmutter, Fried, Stash, Sheehan, Boedecker, Peterson, L. Meyerson, F. Meyerson, Lerner, Endelman, Ranch, Paludin, Morgan, Parmer, Bryan, Hall. LEM iliriarruvzi cc O face life squarely, to find and give the best" is the motto of the Girl Reserves organization. Each girl tries to grow in personality, and to shoulder her respon- sibilities in serving others. Personalities are developed by means of inspirational and other- wise interesting talks at the meetings. The Girl Reserves strive to serve those less fortun- ate by helping other high school girls and giving joy to the poorer children at Christmas. They stand united in a common purpose with the Girl Reserves of many nations. Fall OFFICERS Spring ELEANOR Lurz - - President - - - - RUTH EHLERS HELEN PARMER - - Vice-President - MARY ELLEN HENNESSY ESTHER STANCLIFFE - - Secretary - - - JESSANN I-IANNAN ETHEL MAE LEWIS - - Treasurer - - ETHEL MAE LEWIS FRANCES FITZGIBBON - - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - - JEAN WILCOX Sponsors: Miss LENA WHITE, Miss GRACE BROADFOOT fSeve'nty-sixj Front row: Milsaps, Graves, Ratliff, Spetman, Hughes, Hennessy, S. Van Druff, Evans, Kirn, Peters, Mosher, Cruse, Harrington, Stageman, Tiarks, Maurer, Tyler, Holmgard. Second row: Stevens, Larsen, Leoses, Howlette, Keiclerling, Van Druff, Howlette, Briggs, Peterson, Molzahn, McCarthy, Hannaman, Crowl, Robinson, Balaban, Maurer, Penney, Dorland, Fisher, McBain, Drustrup, Brenneman, Robinson. Eezrruritrn HE Reservette club, an organization made up of the younger Girl Reserves, is a serv- ice cluh and has the same high ideals as the Girl Reserves. Although the Reservette club is local to Abraham Lincoln High School, it is a part of the national Girl Reserve or- ganization, which, in turn, is a part of the world-wide Young W'omen's Christian Asso- ciation. As their special project, the Reservettes entertain the Creche children at an annual Christmas party and weekly story-telling hours. Another annual custom of the Reservettes is to welcome the new girls to Abraham Lincoln at a tea at the beginning of the spring term. Fall OFFICERS Spring ELOISE BAIR - - - President - - ELEANOR PETERS ELEANOR PETERS Vice-President - - BETTY EVANS KATHERINE KIRN - Secretary - - - KATHERINE KIRN SHIRLEY VAN DRUFF A - Treasurer - - SHIRLEY VAN DRUEF Sponsors: Miss MARGARET HENDERSON, Miss MILDRED OLsoN KSeveI1ty-sevenj Front row: Aders, johnson, Fried, Kinney, Dugan, Pruitt, Chambers, Childs, Evers, Darrington, Hiller, Hanson, Miller, Ball, Second row: Hollingsworth, Howlette, Hogan, Epperson, Burgess, Aherns, O. Brandt, A. Hauschildt, Goethefer, Brown. Campbell, Fiscus, Endclman, H. Hauschildt,johnson. Third row: Hollander, Ives, Dolan, Buckingham, Keuly, blarchow, Dilts, Clark, Collins, L. Christenson, Caywood, Saltzman, Feyerabend. Glninmvrrial Qlluh HE Commercial club serves as an asset to each of its members. The programs throughout the year have been lectures by various business men and women who have presented subjects for the purpose of cultivation of vital business traits. The club has endeavored to develop the necessary poise, tact, and business etiquette, which will later prove invaluable to its members. Front row: Scouler, Howell, Southward, Trivelpiece, Peters, lvlyers, lvlzlnsel, Sears, Mtleller, Ring, Vallier, Oliver, Schultz, Regger. Second row: Spoto, Spencer, Vxfentworth, O'Neill, Waiger, Stokes, btrohbchn, Wells, Vencil, lvlilner, lvlorrow, Tallman, Osborne, Westoii, Pischcl, Miles, Nloffitt, Nlclsanc. lSeventy-eightj Front row: fReid, Strohbehn, Sorenson, Stevens, Grossmann. Second row: Childs, Jacobsen, Seidler, Duggan, Benning, Hollingsworth. Third row: Norgard, Schlott, Waugli, Droge, Christensen, Anderson, Hauschildt, Plunkett. Zlnum Qlnmmvrrial Qlnntrzi S the end of every spring term rolls around, champion typists and stenographers be- gin putting in long weary hours of practice. As a result, our school has become one of the outstanding competitors for high honors in the state contest held every year at Des Moines. Spring ROSETTA STROHBEHN - CATHERINE SCHUMACHER FRANCES JENSEN - - MYRTLE CAMPBELL - MARJORIE MILLER - - OFFICERS Fall President - - MYRTLE CAMPBELL Vice-Presidenf - WALTER MUELLER Secretary - - DORIS WENTWORTH Treasurer - - EDITH CHILDS Pianist - -- - - BETTY DUGGAN Sponror: MRs. JET THRUSH DOWNS Front rovv: Strohhchn, Camphell, Childs. Second row: Jensen, Mueller, Vifentworth. fSeventy-ninel Front row: Wallace, St. Henri, Hennessy, Stech, Goodrich, Coulter, Norgard, Lutz., Vfhite, Woods, Hollings' worth, Grossman, Burrill, Oliver, Lewis, Angeroth, Owens, Parmer, Stageman, Meyerson. Second row: Sieck, Meier, Morse, Hamilton, Bock, Neff, Duggan, Hilton, Briggs, Merriam, Alberti, Ehlers, Stancliffe, Bebensee, Stancliffe, Charles, Plunkett, Stevens, Grabenhorst, Third row: Pohl, Walker, Bock, Jepson, Martin, Kottwitz., Neill, Wierda, Sprigg, Bartel, Durfee, Olsen, Curtis, Zurmuehlen, Scott ,Seiffert, Pomeroy. Natinnal linnnr Svnrirtg INCE being established in Abraham Lincoln high school in 1929, The National Honor Society has continued to be one of the outstanding organizations of the school. The National Honor Society is under the auspices of Phi Beta Kappa, a national honorary fra- ternity, and only fifteen per cent of the graduating class is eligible for membership, and of this number five per cent are chosen in their junior year. Members are chosen for their scholarship fthey must be in the upper one-third of their classes, , character, leadership, and service. Old members admit new members to the society at an assembly in the spring. OFFICERS RUSSEL MILLER ------- - - President VIRGINIA HoLLINGsxvoRTI-I - - Vice-President EUGENE Bocx - - - - Secretary ELOYSE GROSSMAN ---------- Treasurer Sponsors: MISS BOESCHE, MISS PYLE, AND MR. BLANK iEiKhtYJ Front row: Charles, Price, Alberti, Seidler, Meyerson, Fitzgibbon, Meyerson, Grossman, Castle, Lavely, Bates, Esancy, Neumayer, Durfee, Fahrer, Willeford, Ehlers. Second row: Dye, Powell, Burkett, Grossman, Bryan, Gilson, Sowl, Woods, Bain, McCarthy, Mosher, Smock, Anderson, Stash, Weiner, XVallace, Hilton, Schlott. 'Third row: Angeroth, Crowe, Graves, Pilling, Stageman, Brown, Ball, Peake, Neff, Barber, Morse, Neill, Wierda, Moore, Martin, Sheehan, Preston. Fourth row: Droge, Lewis, Olson, Olsen, Voss, Jepson, Miller, Giles, Meier, Zurmuehlen, Telpner, Curtis, Rider, Louie, Blizzard. fllllanqur ami! Mig ELF-DEVELOPMENT: that is the goal for which the "Masque and Wiggers" work. A new personality, "brought out from under the bushel," so to speak, by a chance to lose all the extra feet, hands, and thumbs with which amateurs are needlessly encumbered. A chance given them through constructive criticism and a sympathetic audience in class. Achievement, play producing isn't their only concern. With the faithful support of the whole school, they have been able to acquire a new cyclorama, not to mention a set of new practical doors and windows. These particular additions will greatly add to the com- fort of a worried audience every time a door is shut or a window closed. Fall OFFICERS RosANNE SHEEHAN - - President DONNA LAVELY - - Vice-President FLORENCE MEYERSON - - Secretary MARJORIE SCHLOTT - - Secretary CATHERINE G1LsoN - - Treaxurer GEORGIE MARIE HILTON - - Treasurer Sponsor: Miss RUTH QEighty-onej Spring - - RALPH BROWN - - EUGENE TELPNER EvoGENE WALLACE - - FRANCIS FITZGIBBON JEANNE DURFEE ROXANNA MORSE CASTLE Front row: Hennessy, Wilcox, Mrs. White, Spetman, White. Second row: Stancliffe, Pohl, Zurmuehlen, Stowe, Durliee, Vv'ierdz1, Stuncliffe. Eluninr EKPII Qlrnun ITH its primary objectives of rendering local, national, and international service, of building health of body and mind, the junior Red Cross strives to unite the various organizations of our school in a common cause. Sponsor: MRS. AGNES WHITE We're off fund howlj . . . Sitting pretty . . . Modest menf?j . . . Christmas spirit . . . It's the tops! . . . Big shot . . . ,loc the Kid . . . We are seven . . . Three strikes you're out!! . . . Where Lincoln stood . . . Helping Santa , , , Tea for one . . . Syncopated swing. lliliirhty-twol 4 EW WORLDS TO CONQUER! NOT BY BLOODSHED AS ALEXANDER THE GREAT SUBJECT ED THE CIVILIZED WORLD MORE THAN 2,000 YEARS AGO, BUT BY THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE OF SUPERIOR PHYS- ICAL PROWESS WHICH WILL BETTER EN- ABLE US TO WAGE OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL BATTLES FOR SUCCESS IN FUTURE CAM- PAIGNS. . . g 4 -. . 1 .. Q . I .I b , , ! , - 3 ' li X i 11 lu , N z .-. M , A. 4 i ',r . f' 4 3 1 Q wwf, -,A, , .. , , .A ., -L :m.Mnnn.r.N..mf..i1M -71, ,. ,- .,,- ,. .am-'-as-.rsindn PnE'5.,?I.v l..,-.-up-BTA: gs,-.1-44, -...P man". , Jigrmsu. -:J Lfawm. .mnuwu 21.09.001 Front row: Colonel Scott, Lieutenant Colonel Walker, Major Adjutant Seiffert, Major Larsen, Major Brickey, Major Groneweg, Captain Bartel, Captain Miller, Captain Cundlach. Second row: Major Friar, Captain Meier, Captain Purdy, Captain Larson, First Lieutenant Krasne, First Lieutenant Crow, First Lieutenant Shirk, Second Lieutenant Whittaker, Captain Esancy. Third row: Second Lieutenant Bostedt, First Lieutenant Krueger, First Lieutenant Pyles, First Lieutenant Hanson, First Lieutenant Hill, First Lieutenant Rohrberg, First Lieutenant Halpin, Second Lieutenant Sieck, Second Lieutenant Bertelsen. Fourth row: First Lieutenant Jepson, First Lieutenant Gronstal, Captain Kmezich, Captain Louie, Captain Rider, Second Lieutenant Pomeroy, Second Lieu' tenant Conlon, Second Lieutenant Speer, Second Lieutenant Kottwitz, Fifth row: First Lieutenant Bowers, First Lieutenant Skelton, First Lieutenant Day. Qlahrt Clbiiirrra O the cadet officers must be extended a word of praise and recognition. Under their leadership is placed the task of preparing the cadets to be future protectors of our nation and promoting the virtues of discipline, self-control, team-work, patriotism and re- spect for fellow men and for legal authority. Qiiflr Timm TARTING from scratch, the Rifle Team with only one veteran hack, climaxed a suc- cessful campaign by annexing the Seventh Corps Area rifle championship. Seiffert for the second consecutive year placed first in individual scoring in the Area. Firing against experienced men, the team placed third in the Nonpareil Rifle League in Council Bluffs and Omaha. Front row: Stevens, Bowers, Jennings, Brickey, Seiffert, Rohrhcrg, Day, Belt, Wlwittaker. Second row: O'Neil, Crecn, Perrick, Hill, Walliii, Motli, Mason. lEighty-fourj Front row: Larsen, Pariner, Lavely, Stageman. Back row: Friar, Hilton, Brickey, Walker, Scott, Woods Groneweg, Seiffert, Alberti. flllilitarg IEa1I ELECTION of the honorary officers of the R.O.T.C. are made from those members of the Girls' Rifle Corps who have attained the degree of excellence in marksmanship, or 1,000 points in G.A.A. Their identity remains a secret until disclosed at the annual Military Ball. Glnmpang Svpnnanra IRLS are eligible for company and band sponsors if they have earned at least their fourth bar in the Rifle Corps and earned at least 500 points in G.A.A. They are elected by popular vote of the Cadet Corps. Only girls from the company's class can he chosen the company sponsor. Van Drulf, Vfoods, Conley, Anderson, NVcston, XVhi.c, Hughes. fEighty-fivej COMPANY A-CAPTAIN ROBERT BARTEL Front row: Seiffert, Kottwitz, Conlon, Bartel, Rider, Sieck. Second row: Morris, Chapman, Acord, Hammer, Leonhardt, Hendersen, Jepson, Starr, Anderson, Arch, Mattesrun, McCombie, Breaker, Buskness. Third row: Petersen, Mason, Felton, Westphal, Bachman, Lidgett, Barrett, Murray, Cass, Jensen, Steppuhn, Jennings, Gellert, Russell. Fourth row: Ball, Jordal, Moth, Pinkston, Killian, Van Ells, Olsen, Bailey. IK. GB. CE. QI. RAMP! Tramp! Tramp! And as the parade marches briskly by, we view the well-drilled cadets who started as awkward rookies and who, by accepting discipline, obeying leadership, sharing responsibilities, are now ready to step forth as the leaders of tomorrow. COMPANY B-CAPTAIN RUSSELL MILLER Front row: Officers-Miller, Purdy, Kmezieh, Shirk, Hill, Bostedt. Second row: Hopkins, Ratliff, Lyons. Thomas, Solazzo, Bennett, Caughlin, Jensen, Williams, Loper, Hansen, Lanning, O'Neill, Fauble. Third row Herd, Decker, Smith, Telpner, Meis, Burgess, Gustafson, Christensen, Christofferson, Nielson, Mathis, Fryer, Shea Hayes, Green. Fourth row: Pedersen, Hennessy, Hawkins, Arch, Remington, Otis, Smith, De Vol, Allen, McGee Durfee, Haven, Lacy, Jarret, Dall, Fifth row: Jansen, DeVol, Brandt, Moraine, Hartlieb, Jensen, Christensen Shawler, Davis, McBride, Moore, Bell, Leonhardt, Stevens. Sixth row: Norman, Anderson, Moser, Smith, Brown Vsfager, Scott, Harris, La Heist, Weddle, Thompsen, MCCart. Seventh row: Spry, Scholield, Kerchival, Shugart Asman, Smith, Olsen. Eighth row: Wiseman, Ford, Bosley, Johnson. fEighty-six! COMPANY D-CAPTAIN EMIL LARSEN Front row: Officers: Walker, Friar, Larsen, Louie, Day, Halpin, Grow, Krasne, Pomeroy, Rohrberg. Second row: Hawn, O'Neill, Harrison, Van Leuvan, Matteson, Arnold, Blizzard, Lindstrom, Shields, Pohl, Lindsay, Sollazo, Anderson. Third row: Platt, Heck, Meier, Nelsen, Sprigg, De Vol, Elgan, Anderson, Thompson, Tacy, Smith, Friend. Fourth row: Stubblefield, Belt, Radtke, Wright, Claypool, Hansen, Stutsman, Hansen, Tennant, Fischer. Fifth row: Kultcr, Knight, Buesing, Jepsen, LaHeist, johnson. 13. GB. GT. QI. N addition to training the cadets for preparedness in future conflicts, it embodies within them the characteristics of obedience, service, discipline, which are fundamental in training the mind and body for finer citizenship. COMPANY E-CAPTAIN CLAYTON MEIER Front row: Officers-Larsen, Meier, Bowers, Skelton, Hansen, Krueger,Pyles, Bertelsen. Second row: Feldt, Shobe, Sizer, Knohle, Harrison, Black, Derry, Gossard, Hecht, Krumenacher, Beezley, Brown, Thomas, Fox. Third row: Miller, Hanusa, Severson, Smith, Staley, Hansen, Moore, Drake, Curtis, Jenson, Perlmutter, Prichard, Remington, Binkley. Fourth row: Powell, Hurd, Gallo, Grosvenor, Nansel, Whitman, Parmer, Pinkston, Neas' ham, Hall, Morgan, Copeland, johnson, Mathis, Hartchurn. Fifth row: Christolferson, Wallin, Boysen, Winn, Shea, Reinhardt, Starr, Ranney, Dumas, Bigley, Hurd, lessen. Sixth row: Van Druff, Nelson, jenkins, Peterson jurgenson, Proleda, Paladino, Fox, Frohardt. Seventh row: Kemplin, Cone, Hudson, Drummond. 'Eighty-sevenl COLOR COMPANY-CAPTAIN HARRY GUNDLACI-I Front row: Scott, Gronstal, Gundlach, Brickey, Iepson,Speer. Second row: Cohen, Hansen, Pedersen, Petersen, Walters, Conners, Perrick, Schack, Olsen, Wilcox, Harriman, Fleckey, Martin. Third row: Hancock, -lahn, Doner, Cade, Wohlers, Besse, Herd, Parks, Bernstein, Hutchinson, Pfeifer, Beatty, Jennings, O'Hara, Reggio. Fourth row: Wadum, Hunt, Heuermann, Wallin, Jacks, Haack, Stephens, Anderson, Phillips, johnson, O'Brien. Fifth row: Brooks, Melcher, Sorenson, Larsen, Hansen, Spellmeyer, Rauterkus, Voss, Norman, Herd, Madsen, Rohshaw, Epstein. B. GD. GI. 611. O the company which is most representative of the aims and virtues of the Abraham Lincoln high school regiment goes the distinction of bearing the colors. They have, through their own endeavors, been brought closer to the goal of R.O.T.C. and the peak of military perfection. THE GYM-The scene of our basketball games, assemblies, dances, and, most of all, our gym classes, our gym- nasium holds many pleasant memories for every A. L. student. fliighty-eightj UR OWN SYMBOL OF PHYSICAL FREE- DOM AND BODILY STRENGTH, THE AMERICAN INDIAN, RECALLS OUR HISTOR- ICAL HERITAGE, AND LEADS US TO REJOICE IN THE FACILITIES OFFERED HERE FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND SKILLED, CONTROLLED FACULTIES. an-ovsnm-srzaaagsz-mrffl N n' A rf: -..--if 1 5,11 J.f L v, A -,xnahm m..a,z..nx,-a,,,L1x...:..,xg. .L 1. 1- r--L. ,uma never ,fxrgxnmmmm V Athlvtirn KIRN FIELD ilinnihall N keeping with the pace of the times this year was Abraham Lincoln athletics, with a complete new deal. Everything, from the coaches to a new football field, was included in the new deal sweep. To start things off, Principal G. W. Kirn finished several years' hard work when he saw the completion of one of the most completely equipped high school athletic fields in the Mid West. Mr. Kim has been busy the past years getting grants from the government to finance the building of this field. The climax of it all came on Thanksgiving Day at the dedication of Kirn field. Helen Parmer was crowned Queen of Football on that occasion. The stadium has a seating capacity of 4,500 and the field has a fine, quarter mile track. Showers and locker rooms are located underneath the bleachers. Next in line of change came the coaches, where the whole staff was revamped. Roy F. Lawson, former second team coach, took over the head duties in basketball and football. Fee Chew, former freshmen mentor, retained the duties of head coach in wrestling, and also took the same position in track. Richard Cochran came here from Coin, Iowa, to as- sist in football and basketball. Director of athletics now is Virgil H. Miller, who is also holding the position for the first time this year. LAWSON COCHRAN CHEW MILLER fNinetyJ Front row: Hathaway, Reynolds, Jenkins, Hurd, Brickey, Barritt, Tennant, Spellmeyer, Austin. Second row: Coach Lawson, Bowers, Bell, Paladino, Profeda, Skelton, Kmezich, Wiseman, Cone. Third row: Harriman, Seiffert, Day, Friar, Stevens, McKee, Mosher, Smith, Leed. Haraitg Flinnthall Svquail HANGING the style of football that has been played at Abraham Lincoln for the last few years, Coach Lawson gave the school a brighter outlook on the game, by winning four games, losing an equal number, and gaining one tie during the season. Missouri Valley opened on the Kirn field, and each team found the going tough. With both teams doing their battling on the center of the field, the game ended in a scoreless tie. On the next week-end, Tech came over to play a game on the wind-swept field. After pushing over a first-half touchdown, the Lynx became over confident and let the Omaha team garner two touchdowns and a safety to carry a 15 to 6 victory back home with them. Next, A. L. encountered one of the toughest teams in the inter-city in South High. After having everything their own way in the first half, they found it tougher going in the second half, but wound up on the large end of a 20 to 0 score Returning home for their next game, the team won a 7 to 0 victory over a smaller Essex team. Then, on its second trip, A. L. traveled to Sioux City. This trip proved disastrous because East High won the game, 20 to 0. Again entering the inter-city wars on the next week-end, our Hilltop team met Cen- tral. Although Abe Lincoln was beaten 16 to 6, plenty of thrills were experienced. Next came the game that made the season a success. You guessed it, the one with T. JJ With vengeance in their hearts for the seven long years in which A. L. had not been able to gain a victory, the Lynx entered this game. For three quarters it looked as if the result was going to be the same as in previous years, but towards the end of this quar- ter Frank Friar caught a pass for a touchdown, and Herd kicked the extra point. T. also scored, but was unable to convert the extra point, and sweet victory was Abraham Lincoln's. Finishing the season against the Iowa School for the Deaf, the Lynx had little trouble in downing that team 19 to 6. On Thanksgiving Day, the Hilltop team played a post-season game against the pick of the best players in Southwest Iowa. Ar this time Abraham Lincoln's new field was dedicated, and the fact that the All-Stars defeated the Lynx 24 to O could not dim the glory of that occasion. QNinety-onej Although not a regular, Keith Austin could always be depended upon for a good game in the backfield. Playing his first year of varsity football, Clark Bar- ritt gained the reputation of a smashing fullback. Bill Bell, a veteran tackle, finishes a brilliant career on the Hilltop team this year. Playing a flashy game at end, Chet Bowers finishes his school football career this year. A three-year man, Carlysle Briclcey, finished the most outstanding of the three this year as fullback. Speed boy of the Lynx, Jack Cone, diminutive guard, also sees the last of high school football this year. fNinety-twoj Fred Day, although he played only one year of foot- ball for A. L., showed plenty of fight at the center posi- tion. Frank Friar, senior, made a great end out of himself when he caught the pass that won the T. football game. Une of the scrappiest fighters on the team was Johnny Hathaway, Lynx watch charm guard, who graduates. Charles Herd was only one of the several under- classmen who made a great showing for themselves in the baclcfield. Que of the really tough ends on the team was Joe Kmezich, who finishes his career in a blaze of glory. Discovered this year was Milton Jenkins, shifty negro backfield star, who will be back next year. Returning to bolster next year's squad will be "Rip" Mosher, another guard who was always in the thick of the fray. Helping a good deal to make this year's team a win- ner was Paul McKee, big center, who will return. Another of a long list of outstanding guards was Joe Paladino, who will come back for his third year. Captain and one of the most outstanding players on the team was Louie Profeda, tackle and fullback. Utility man on the team was "Monk" Reynolds, who played either backfield or line and will be back. Une of the peppiest mem- bers of the squad was "Russ" Seiffert, senior, who gave a good showing of himself at quarterback. Most feared by opponents was Leon Skelton, the spec- tacular end, who finishes a brilliant athletic career this year. Rising from obscurity to a first-team position was Bob Spellmeyer, the senior quar- terback. 1 Always dependable as a utility lineman was "Pat,' Stevens who also ends his high school football this year. Making a "grand slam" at his first bid for football honors, Ray Tennant was a big part of A. L.'s backfield. Always ready to play either end or backfield George Wiseman, a senior, came in handy in the pinches. Playing the role of manager was Don Harriman, who is commonly known to the squad as "Pest." He was ably assisted by Norman Herd who finished school at mid-semester. lNinety-threej i ll ii iii ii at i i g at la E. E Front row: Christofferson, Fitch, Henderson, Kemplin, Gallo, Allan, Flack, Besse, Second row: Smith, Pinkston, Killian, Reggie, Melcher, lessen, Larson, Hardin, Van Horne. Third row: Nielsen, Thompson, Meis, Sizer, Christensen, Thompson, Schofield, Arch, Holst, Coach Cochran. Srrnnh Umm Ilinntlmll NOTHER sport which came under the tutelage of the new coach, Richard Cochran, was second team ifootball. If success means anything, then Coach Cochran has established himself at Abraham Lincoln, because his team this year won 6 games, lost l and tied 1. Under the conditions which Coach Cochran worlced, his success was hard earned. With his best boys being elevated to the first team the coach did exceptionally well with the material at hand. ilirvahman ilinnthall URNING in the poorest record of the season, according to the won and lost column, is the freshman squad. Abraham Lincoln's only two wins were over the Iowa School for the Deaf squad, while Bloomer and Thomas Jefferson each defeated them twice. Much of the Baby Lynx failure to win a game can be laid to their size and laclc of weight. However, Coach Chew had worked together a fairly decent squad by the end of the season. Front row: Dodd, O'Neil, Busscy, Moore. Second row: Hayes, Reelfs, Hansen, Dinovo, Oleson, Campbell, Anderson. Third row: Coach Chew, Henderson, McB:'ide, Phinney, Robshaw, Herd, Fazio. lNinety-fou rj Front row: Harriman, Herd. Second row: Hays, Christensen, Friar, Melcher, lahn, Spry, Rinehart, -lessen. Third row: Paladino, Severson, Neasham, Kauffman, Norman, Hansen, Koger, Daniels. Svvrnnh Eleum Basketball NOTHER sport which came under the tutelage of the new coach, Mr. Cochran, was the second squad in basketball. Hindered by the fact that capable boys were con- stantly being elevated to the first squad, and other boys were being put down on the sec- ond team, the squad did very well. When all regular season games were over, the second team had an average of a little over the .500 marlc. In the county tournament, which was held at Avoca, the team got off to a smashing start, but suffered defeat in its second game at the hands of Hancock. illrvahman Eazkrthall LTHOUGH having little to work with, Mr. Stout did much with the material at hand in freshman basketball. Making a rather shaky start, the Baby Lynx didn't do so well during the regular season, but made a grand finish on the home stretch. The win and lost column in the city play didn't show any brilliance on the part of the small Hilltoppers. When the team played in the county tournament, the members showed plenty of fight, and should be valuable additions to next year's second team. First row: Fazio, Schaff, Anderson, Dinovo, Zimmerman. Second row: Giles, Sears, Miller, Hays. fNinety-fivej JOHN HATHAWAY FRANK FRIAR BILL BELL Basketball TARTING off with a bang when they won two games at Sioux City, and ending rather abruptly when they lost the final game in the district meet were the beginning and ending of the Lynx basketeers. In the meantime they were a hot and cold club, not knowing from one game to the next whether or not they would be able to play basketball. When they beat both Sioux City teams and then proceeded to lay it on South High, Nebraska state champs, they put out the challenge twice of being the unbeatable ball club. A midseason slump, caused by the flu epidemic, quickly disrupted this idea and A. L. took it on the chin six times. Our most ardent rivals, the T. Yellowjackets, were the first to turn the trick when they beat us in a two-point thriller. When the sectional tournament opened, the Lynx revenged this defeat when they beat their West End rivals in the finals. In the district tournament, Abraham Lincoln esablished itself as a favorite when it routed the classy Sac City outfit 51 to 21. It also went on to win a second game in a victory over Manilla, but Rolfe disappointed a highly enthusiastic A. L. crowd when its team gained a one-point victory over the Lynx in the district finals. This squad, since it was not only fast, but classy, and averaged nearly six feet in height, gave Abraham Lincoln a fine basketball team. A L Opts Game: Played A.L. Opts. Games Played A.L. Opts. Games Played Atlantic - - - 30 19 Central - - - 37 28 East Sioux Citi' ' East Sioux City - 37 35 X655 0 ' ' ' 24 Francis ' ' - - I 2 t antic - - 45 . curnament smug City Central T9 Glenwood - - 34 15 Sac City - - - Tec "" St. Francis - Thomas Jefferson South "" 3 3 31 Central - - Walnut - - Thomas Jefferson - 32 34 Creston - - Manilla - Sioux City Central - 17 30 South ---- Rolfe - 4Ninerty-sixj 43 26 65 9 37 24 34 35 wrglffg Ma 9 QTEER A M LINCOLN QS: 595K 'S 'Rana at 5 426 lion Ra 4115 Wai Rei Nkgrgu ga I5 I 1119 Front row: Kemplin, Arch, Knoble, Thompsen, Meis, jones, Amento, Besse, Reelfs, Schofield. Second row: Anderson, Thomsen, Neasham, Herd, Campbell, Van Horne, Dinovo, Fazio, Bailey, Norman, Christoffersen, Miller, Claypool. Third row: Spellmeyer, Andreason, Brickey, Tennant, Hardin, De Vol, Conklin, Skelton, Radtke, Bell, Jenkins, Herd, Brown, Knight, Paladino, Cone, Gallo, Coach Chew. Glrtxrh NE of the sports that gives the Lynx the most of its prestige is track. This year's squad will have a great deal to live up to if it's going to duplicate the feats of last year's team. Last yeai-'s squad got off to an excellent start when it won the Thomas Jef- ferson relays. One record set, was by the two-mile relay team, of which three boys return. Another excellent point-getter was the mile, which was run by Leon Skelton. wrestling NE sport that took a tremendous jump in popularity this year was wrestling. At the first of the season, they looked unbeatable, but defeats by South, Tech and Central wrecked all chances for a championship. Most of the Lynx power was concen- trated in the upper weights where most of our matches were won. In the inter-city wrest- ling tournament, which was held at Abraham Lincoln, Kemplin and Profeda carried off top honors in the 155 and 165 pound weights, respectively, while Kmezich was runner up in the heavyweight position. Front row: Lee, Lanning. De Vol, Beezely, Fox, Bailey, Torneton, Kemplin, Proleda, Kmezich. Second row: Beez' ly, Thomas, Hermes, Hansen, lvleis, Wisemaii, Thompson, Beese, Bussey, Arch. 'Third row: Vergamini, Hutchinf son, Arch, W'allcn, jones, Schofield, McBride, Shugart, Reynolds, Andreason. Back row: Claar, Skow, Knight, Chew, Pziladino, Robshuw, Durlec, Rcclfs, lNinety-eightl Russel, B. Hansen, Larsen, Gustafson, Van Druff, T. Hansen, Meier, Seiffert, Kussman, D. Hansen. CEnlf OLF is another minor sport that takes its place among Abraham Lincoln's sports. Although it did not have as disastrous a season as the tennis team had, the golf team's season last year was not one that would bring any championships to the school. Things seem a great deal brighter to the Lynx ulinlcstersl' this spring because of the return of five members of last year's squad. Mr. Stout was the new coach of the golf team, talcing the place of Mr. Lawson, who was himself too busy to take charge of this team this year. Gfrnnia ACKETS to the right of them, raclcets to the left of them volleyed and served. No, this isn't Tennyson's immortal "Charge of the Light Brigade." It's only the way tennis balls seemed to be coming at last year-'s tennis team, which wasn't able to win one match. Much of Abraham Lincoln's failure in tennis can be laid to its inadequate playing facilities. Things looked much brighter this year with the injection of new blood into a team that last year diclnlt seem to be able to get the: winning spirit. Front row: Simon, Green, Pohl, Krasne. Second row: Oyster, Whittington, Smith, Stowe, Miller, Morse fNinety-ninej DELORES JONES Jillian Abraham Einrnln HE highest and most desired position a senior member of the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion can attain is that of Miss Abraham Lincoln. Athletic ability, leadership, co- operation, interest, and high physical education grades-these are the qualifications she must possess. Delores Jones was chosen Miss A. L. of 1937 by the girls who know her best-the members of the G.A.A. She is the tenth girl to obtain this coveted honor. Having obtained the highest award given by the school-a state pin, which requires 1000 points-in her junior year, Delores now has more than 1750 points to her credit. Her favorite organized sport is basketball, and she has earned a large part of her points in this game. Her favorite outside sport is skating. She earned many of her points b actin as leader, not onl in classes but outside as well. Y g Y Not only has she participated actively in practically every sport, but she has held the captaincy position on many teams. She has also held the offices of president and vice- president of the G.A.A. f0ne Hundred Onej CE. 2-X. A. Artiuitien Basketball Betty Woods Dancing Maxine Neely Volleyball Olive Reid Hiking Arline Winii Concessions Pauline Wocnds Badminton Ruth Chapman Skating Esther Christensen Hor,seslJoes Althca Wiimfield Rifle le Marian 3 Loom er Swimming 75 Delores B' , 101125 "" f i-I "'::' ' Stunts L Caroline ' l Weston Track Irene Andersen Bicycling Helen Stiles , f0ne Hundred Twoj Baseball Gerrv Martin if '1 4? s E 4 all CE. A. A. 2-Xmarim ' B. wooos JONES 1 ,..,, g STILES P. WOODS MOORE REID ANDERSEN NEELY CHAPMAN State Amarha ORE girls received state pin awards this year than in any previous year. This is the highest award given, and the requirement is 1000 athletic points. oin s are earne ar ici a in in a mos an s or . or ever i teen minu es o Pr dbyptprg ltyptF yff rf play one point is given. Points may he earned by taking part in outside sports as well as organized sports. The first award is a monogram given for 250 points. The next is a letter award for 500 points. All of these awards are presented on Honor Day. ifletier sinh Hinnngram Amarha Front row: Stageman, Kellogg, Coan, Leosis, Barber, Edholm, Martin, Durbin, Weston, Christensen, Winfield, Herrick. Second row: Loomer, Whipple, Haiston, Burgess, Stewart, Dick, I. Reid, Moore, Neilson, Webster. fOne Hundred Threel Front row: Loomer, Hetrick, Neely, O. Reid, Coan, P. Woods, Durbin, Haiston, B. Woods, Kellogg, Moore Stageman. Second row: I. Reid, Chapman, Leosis, Dick, Jones, Martin, Weston, Barber, Stewart, Christensen Vv'infield, Andersen. Hnlleghall AGERLY she stands posed on the serving line. A hush hangs over the gym. A sud- den blast from the whistle. Slowly her arm swings forward, and the ball glides swift- ly and gracefully over the net. Thus begins a game with Thomas Jefferson which will end in a blaze of noise and excitement. Three big tournaments were held this year- Tnter-school Tournament, Girls' Literary Society Tournament, and Home Room Volley- ball Tournament. Basketball OMENTARILY the forward takes a quick and accurate aim. Up, up, up goes the ball and hesitantly lingers on the rim of the basket. Then down it falls through the basket for a score. This year nine games were played with the Thomas Jefferson girls. Although all three teams were strong and enthusiastic, the eleventh grade team had a slight edge over the other two. Front row: Kellogg, Hetrick, I. Reid, Durbin, Moore, Winfield, Christensen. Second row: Stiles, Buesing, Gabler, Jones, Weston, Martin, Leosis. Third row: Loomer, Neely, O. Reid, Coan, B. Woods, Chapman, P. Woods, Andersen. fOne Hundred Fourj a Chapman, Christensen, Andersen, Hauschildt, Chambers, Coan. Hume iKnnm llinllrghall LMOST every afternoon during October and November, the gymnasium was filled with the shouts of girls participating in the home room volleyball tournament. Work- ing its way from almost the bottom to the top of the ladder, Room 203, under the leadership of Ruth Chapman, captured the large trophy presented on Honor Day by the G. A. A. Runner-up was Room 212, led hy Delores Jones. Uhalian Eitrrarg Snrirtg lllnllvghall APTURING the volleyball tournament title this year, the Thalian team is now well on its way to winning the cup presented on Honor Day by the G. A. A. to the win- ning team of the girls, literary society tournament. The remaining societies ranked as follows: Delta Tau, Clio, Alpha and Ero. Front row: Balaban, Andersen. Second row: Reid, Burkett, Brown, Purdy, Fisher, Holt, Harriman, McGilvary. i0ne Hundred Fivej Jean Stageman Donna Lavely Girls' illiflr Qlnrpa Experts Sharpshooter, fourth class Marjorie Alberti Alice Boedecker Mildred Hollingsworth Donna Lavely Helen Parmer Jean Stageman Jean Woods Marian Bates Olive Brandt June Crabill Marjorie Gibbs Roxanna Morse Lucille Spetman Ruth Tallman Sharpshooter, first class Sharpshooter Eleanor White Sharpshooter, second class Virginia Conley Margaret Coyle Jerry Droge Marilou Neumayer Marian Van Druff Sharpshooter, third class Margaret Barber Jeanne Durfee Arlene Gilchrest Anna Hauschildt Elizabeth Hughes Lorretta Keiderling Eleanor Lutz Rosanne Sheehan Joan Stageman Pauline Anderson Suzanne Bennett Verniece Brown Helena Briggs Loraine Christensen Regina Cochran Juanita Colteaux Gwen Harriman Delphina Hecht Kathleen Hennessy Margaret Jacobs Katherine Kirn Marian Loomer Barbara Moore Ruby Morrow Viola Mae Pace Erna Pederson Eleanor Peters Esther Rief Betty Spurgeon Marjorie Tyler Shirley Van Druff Frances Van Horne Virginia Wilkinson Marksman, first class Alice Barnett Bethine Bell Pat Ann Blanchard Virginia Cooley Geraldine Hardegan Jeannett Jennings Shirley Kemplin Julia Kistle Jean Langer Nellie McCreery Leila Mae Morse Roberta Phillips Harriet Runti Donna Sinclair Pat Stageman Chasta Aders Betty Joe Allphin Matilda Bigley Darlene Bradford Marcella Cockran Margaret Cure Jean Jacobsen Doris Johnson Isabella Johnston Genevieve Lewis Magdolen Millsaps Mary Molzahn Margaret Myre Florence Thompson Anna Will Pro-Marksman Ada Aders Mildred Balaban Eloise Bobbitt Virginia Durfee Jeanne Fallers Margery Gretzer Dorothy Hammer Nlarjorie Hinks Barbara Hughes Jean Maurer Margaret Maurer Clara Murray Lorrayne Peterson Hazel Simpson Marjorie Venard Marion Whitney Jean Wilcox Marcia Wilcox Front row: C. Aders, Neumayer, Bates, Murphy, Bobbitt, Loomer, Myre, Peterson, Lavely, E. Hughes, Tyler, Pace, Hardigan, Bradford, Millsaps, P. Stageman, Stageman. Second row: O. Aders, Kistle, Kirn, Ratliff, Pederson, Venard, Johnston, M. Van Druff, Keiderling, Harriman, Morrow, Blanchard, Spetman, Durfee, S. Van Druff, Hennessy, J. Stageman, White, Sinclair. Third row: McCreery, Jacobsen, Wilkinson, R. Cochran, Christensen, Morse, B. Hughes, Jennings, M. Cochran, Hecht, Crabill, Jacobsen, Spurgeon, Cooley, Bell, Droge, Parmer, Alberti. Fourth row: W'ilcox, Hinks, Hays, Brown, Gretzer, Phillips, Hollingsworth, Conley, Brandt, Molzahn, Hauschildt, Gilchrist, M. Maurer, Kemplin, Simpson, Anderson, Woods. 40119 Hundred Sixj Jean Stageman Helen Parmer Girls' illifle Glnrpa LOWLY she raises her gun. Carefully she takes aim. Tensely she holds her breath and pulls the trigger. A shot rings in her ears as a bullet sings through the air. The smoke clears away. Eagerly she looks at the target. It's a bull's eye! Every Wednesday the sound of shots can be heard coming from the rifle range where the boys' rifle team are instructing the members of the largest organization in the school- the Girls' Rifle Corps. The secret ambition of almost every girl is to be chosen an honorary officer by the R.O.T.C. boys and to be formally presented at the Military Ball. Any senior girl who has reached the mark of an expert is eligible to be chosen Honorary Colonel, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, Honorary Major, or Honorary Major Adjutant. Because of the large number of girls desiring membership, a limit of one hundred members was set. This quota is always filled. Organized in 1922, it is one of the oldest organizations. During the first years of its existence it was under the sponsorship of the Girls' Athletic Association, but now it is an entirely independent organization. By paying S2 dues any girl may become a member. Hollingsworth, Parmer, Lavely, Alberti, Stagernan, Woods. fOne Hundred Sevenj is .qw ,Q Nm' ., it :ras igt, ' E 15532 fri il'-Nglllgiv ' qt wat f Y at . , .va ,ta Front row: Helen Parmer, Ruth Ehlers, Mary Ellen Hennesy, Emma Lou Bebensee. Second row: June Marie Stech, Donna Lavely, lean Stagemun, ,lean Wcmixds. Third row: Marjorie Schlott, Eleanor Lutz, lvlarjorie Alberti, .loan St. Henri. Fourth row: Eunice Stancliffe, Virginia Con'ey. Elizabeth Hughes, Betty Woods. Qburvn nf the filing HUSH falls over the huge audience. The sun sinks below the horizon and the spot lights are turned on twelve maidens dressed in pastel shades of net. They form a processional preceding the crowning of the Queen of the May. Next come two duchesses, followed by the maid of honor. A burst of applause and the Queen of May ascends the steps to the velvet-draped throne. . . The Queen is chosen by popular election of the student body, and is selected because she is outstanding in scholarship, leadership, character, citizen- ship, and participation in extra-curricular activities. The four girls particularly honored this year are Eleanor Lutz, Jean Stageman, Donna Lavely, and Marjorie Alberti. From these a May Queen, a maid-of-honor, and two duchesses were chosen, but too late for the yearbook. fOne Hundred Eightj S LIGHT AND VARIED AS MERCURY, THE WIND AND RAIN, DO THE ACTIVITIES OF OUR COMPLETE STUDENT LIFE FORM PATTERNS IN THE DAYS OF OUR FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL, WHICH HAVE PASSED WITH THE SWIFTNESS OF THE MESSENGER GOD. Aim amh Hvaturvn Q0ne- H Us WE EXTEND BEST WISHES 5 TO THE GRADUATES OF 1937 NELSON GROCERY 232 West Broadway g U BROADWAY THEATRE ' Z Wishes a happy and successful September 1-15-Corridors reverberate to 270 prom- enading seniors as school doors swing open . . . Athletic "New Deal" gets underway . . . Miss Bartley holds sway over revamped domain. September 16-30-Boots and spurs clanlc as R.O.T.C. marches on . . . Loyal Lynxmen go forth to meet the foe in first game of the season . . . "We came, we saw, we conquered. October 1-15-Students "Fly Away Home" as teach- ers convene . . . Bell-Lane feud rages . . . Liter- ary societies choose. 'Memberl . . . Band pa- rades for Ak-Sar-Ben. October 16-31-Iowa City beckons journalists . . . Mr. Lee's milk bottle only memento . . . Hal- lowe'en Pranksters scavenge streets and parties. future for the graduates of ' 'Q37" and that we may con- , time to mmm fm enf0yable November 1-15-"Things That Count" were Roose- ' velt's ballots and Lynx win over Yellowjaclcets evening for IWW- . . . R.O.T.C. parades for Armistice day . . . U .-... -.'----------------,-----.-,-----.,-.. .',AAAVA..--. S chool rummages for new cyclorama. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1937 L Council Bluffs Savings Bank A STRONG BANK SINCE 1856 B. A. GRONSTAL --------- President E. P. SCI-IOENTGEN - Vice-President and Chairman of Board JULIUS ROSENPELD - E. H. SPETMAN - - JOHN M. JURGENS - E. P. JUEL - - - JOHN L. PYPER - - LAVERNE TOLLINGER - - - Vice-President - Cashier and Trust Officer - - - Assistant Cashier - Assistant Cashier - - Assistant Cashier - Assistant Trust Officer fOne dred Tefnj El. ,..,............,......,...........................,........,,,.,.,...A.,......,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,A,,,,, A November 16-30-Parmer takes "Seven Chances 1 and becomes football queen . . . Delta Tau's mas- s querade, while Miss Boesche searches for her : picture . . . Thanksgiving . . . We eat. December l-15-Mr. Miller resigns as Honor So- ciety sponsor, Mr. Blank succeeds him . . . : More candidates for basketball manager than 5 team . . . Leed, Kussman, Harriman still wonder 5 who was football manager. 0 Annual Christmas Ball bounces to new heights 3 . . . Yuletide greetings resouncl as vacation en- : sues. january 1-15-Lynx basketeers flash new uniforms 1 in thrill packed win over South . . . Seniors heave sighs of relief after hurclling first semester 5 milestone. 5 0 fanuary 16-31-Girls blanked as seniors again elect all boys . . . Juniors double-cross and two girls ride into office . . . Lutz cracks whip and annual staff jumps. U ...,....,......,..,,,,,....,..,, ............,,, D CALL A 4 5 6 53 : I .1 U Q fc For Reliable 2 Cleaning and Laundry Service I BROADWAY Cleaners and Laundry f0ne Hundred Elevenj O-4 O Z ' VJ December 16-23-"I-I. M. S. Pinaforev docks . . . : ug LU I U" """"' ' E! lowoc Clothes Shop 4 l I a Q' t wk I ,J fix 4 ,E I l J lg li lgfhsalfnafe Xl' 75 wg, The Store Where Men Shop and Women Shop for Men IOWA CLOTHES SHOP lil lj ,......................,........,.,...........,................,r, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,44 Q E Our Best Wishes For a happy and successful future to each and every graduate FRED R. SHAW Flower Shop 545 Broadway Phone 41 0u,. . A nation is no greater than the people with- in it make it. Education means a greater nation. Our best wishes shall always he with you. February 1-15-Classes sparse on day after "Muddy Grass" . . . Hearts flutter as Walker-Stageman rule Valentine Ball . . . Champ Nebraska hoop- sters trompled as Lynx again squelch Packers. Q February 16-28-Junior safety council formed . . . Caskey goes "Skidding', and cracks up . . . Bell and Spellmeyer band together to combat Meier and Morse for credit in suggesting senior class gift. March 1-15-Crimson and Blue netsters trod rough shod through sectional tournament . . . An "Early" game in district finals rebuffs proud Lynx . . . Seventeen captains look forward to Military Ball. March 16-31-Spring vacation enjoyed by pupils and faculty alike . . . Mr. Miller directs another suc- cessful Road Show, and Mrs. Burgess averages seniors' grades. Council Bluffs, Iowa T. G. TURNER - - - Chairman of the Board i ROBERT W. TURNER - - - President I , R. D. M. TURNER - - Vice-President OSCAR KEELINE - - Vice-President P. MCBRIDE - - Assistant Cashier IRA L. HAYS - - Assistant Cashier 1 I l 3 ij ,,,,, ,.......,.,.. ,.,.,........................................ .............. U 1 One Hundred Twelvej April 1-15-Trumpets herald the announcement of . colonels Scott and Lavely . . . Seiffert "Comes Out of the Kitchenv, but forgets date with Fitz- 2 gibbons . . . "Two Crooks and a Lady" journey to Iowa City and McClelland becomes DeMolay Sweetheart. O OF April I6-30-"The Ghost Train" roars past as track team takes second place in the Tarkio meet . . . Annual staff forsakes afternoon work for parts in senior play . . . Spring fever makes students lacadaisical-listless to you. O May I-15--Annual staff members working day and igilghrfbecome Yell acquainted . t . Glagorous ay ete revea s spectacu ar surprises . . . prmg fever has school severely in its grip . . . Iowa City beckons musicians. O O May 16-31-"The Torchbearersn finally persuade Miss Ketter to have Prom . . . Seniors learn how to march and sing and the Annual arrives. C THE REXALL STORE june 4-To the chant of "Once More Dear Home", Abe bids goodbye to 278 new competitors for jobs. lj -,..--Y.A------ E 'F' I Protect Precious Eyes- Ca x A with BETTER LIGHT CITIZENS POWER Sr LIGHT COMPANY III ,..,........,r. E lOne Hundred Thirteenj E .........,........,...............,.,.,.......,, U All Cuts By NQNPAREIL Engraving Department 3521 Names fur Sentara o Marjorie Alberti-"Snook.f" Earl Andersen-"Oil" Evelyn Anderson-"Swede" Jack Ball-ffaaby Faces Bob Bartel-"Plug" Emmylou Bebensee-"BBN 47Ml7ZlM Air Conditioned "THE STORE WITH BETTER DRUG SERVICE" Free Delivery Broadway and Scott Sts. Phone 841 Thereis Nothing Like NATURAL GAS for COOKING REFRIGERATION HEATING WATER HEATING If it's done with heat it can be done better with NATURAL GAS Council Bluffs Gas Co. E1 ................w.......w........i..w..,.r,,,........i,,,.,,,.,.....,,......... .,.,.,.,,,r i , ,t,,,,,,r,rr, ,HEI U lOne Hu ndred D ..,,,....,.... ....., D STYLE QU LITY It's smart to be Well dressed-and it's every Woman's duty to be becom- ingly attired. Joe Smith :Sc Co. are ex- perts in all matters per- taining to the newest in fashionable apparel. Every item of raiment is strictly new-economical ly priced and Well selected. Watch our Windows for the new things for spring and remember ..... Joe Smith SL Company "If You I-Icwe Them From Us TI1ey're Rightv Fifteenj EJ N ....,,,,,.,,......,,,,......,,,,,....., ,, H, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, n,nuEj SAVE TIME , SAVE MONEY .132 Travel by Bus UNION BUS DEPOT 33 Pearl St. - Phone 2000 INTERSTATE TRANSIT LINES lj nurhnhull B E Q 'S Council Bluffs' Most Dominant Department Store o.,., ,Ei Bill Bell-"Boop" Eugene Bock-"jo" Harold Bosley-"Toodlex,' Chet Bowers-"Sleepy" Carslysle Briclcey-"Brick, jack Cone-"Speedster,' Virginia Conley-"Ginn James Conlon-Hjimmiev james Conlon-"fimmie,' Pat Coyan-"Pee,' Fred Day-"Bud', Ruth Ehlers-"Susy" Richard Esancy-"Drummajor" Harold Fox-"Grapp1er" Frank Friar-"LanlQ3f,' Marjorie Gibbs-"Pudgyv Catherine Gilson-"GiIsie', Marian Goodrich-"Goody" Pauline Grabenhorst-"SalIy,' Ernest Groneweg-"Reverend" Joe Gronstal-"Jojo" Hugh Grow-N?" Harry Gundlach-"I-Iairbreadtlf' Bill I-Ialpin-"Slugger" Jessann I-Iannan-"Red" Bob Hartnett-"Pots" John Hathaway-"I-Iappywayl' Hughes Motor Company NEW CHEVROLETS - - - USED CARS OF ALL MAKES r Economical 5-ansportation Telephone 669 f l. 153 West Broadway If' .J L... CHEVRO LET f I-,S or an LJ M ,,,,.,.r.,,,,,,r,,,,,,,r,,,..,,.,,,,i.........l,,,,,,,,.....,. ,..,..,,,.....,,...... . ll fOne Hundred Sixteenl Albert Hennessy-'fluniorv Mary Ellen Hennessy-"Braintrust,' Vivian I-lerweg-"Blona'ie,' Mildred Hollingsworth-"Mil Holll Elizabeth Hughes-"Liz', jack Jepson-"Jacky, Delores jones-"Abe Lynxl' Sam Karchomsky-"Pepy:" Joe Kmezich-"Romeo" Albin Knight-"I-Ianlzl, Frank Korrwirz-"Smdel' Paul Krasne-"Krasil1fitcl1" Ecl Kussman-"Puff" Frank Lane-"Newsfla5lo', Elmer Larsen-"Captain" Donna Lavely-"Little Colonelv Jack Louie-"Carman Eleanor Lutz-"Liz Glutzv Glen Martin-"Iggy" Clayton Meier-"Herr Puff" Alta Merriam-"Babel, Lorraine Nleyerson-"Carbon Alfred Miller-"Al" Russ Miller-"Goffy Gus" Fred Moore-"Gable" Ted Morse-"Weston', George Neill-"Toughy,' U 3 EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME Convenient Payments The OPTICAL SHOPPE ' fl: 9! , 1 ir ' LW me + DR. o. H. GREENBERG ' OPTOMETRIST Guard Your Eyesight - - - s It Is Precious :El Congratulations to the IQ37 Graduation Class QUAKER BAKING COMPANY U ...........,....,.,,.....,.......................,..,Yl...,,,,,,, ,,,,, lj One Hundred Sefventeenj The McMiHen Studio Fine Portraits Telephone 4143 531 West Broadway Robert Olsen-"Mad Scientisti' Helen Parmer-"Mrs: C olonelv Pat Peake-"Vamp" Ruth Pilling-"Ruthie" Bob Pomeroy-"Pee Ween Louie Profeda-"M0i1icie" Philip Pyles-"Snaps" Roger Rider-"Peter" Douglas Roberts-"Plutocrat" Drexel Scott--"Big Shot" Bob Scott-"Colonel', Russ Seiffert-"Herringvitch" Leon Skelton-"Skelly" Bob Spellmeyer-"Boob" Jean Stageman-"Queenie" Eunice Stancliffe-"Tweedle-dee" Esther Stancliffe-"Tweedle-dum" Jean Marie Stech-"Miss Einstein" Joan St. Henri-"Saint" Donald Tacy-"Roxy,' Adolph Torneten-"Strangler" Boyd Walker-"King" Frank Wallace-"Squirt,' Maxine Waugh-"Waugh-hooi' Bette Wind-"Toots', Jean Wilcox-"Lucie Stem" Edwin Wright-"Slim" WOODRING Funeral Home Private Ambulanfe Phone 339 121 So. Seventh . fl XXNM G Wir, 'x .ar a,,,,1fl, XX TERRY OPTICAL CO. OPTOMETRISTS Eyes Examined - Glasses Fitted 408-410 Broadway Phone 330 Cl ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,A,, ,,,A,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,r.,,............,....Y. Our Best Wishes For a happy and successful future to each and every graduate U HENRY MEYER FLORIST Phone 5610 3142 W. Broadway lj A,A,,.,,,..,.,,,,,4A,,,,A, ,,,,,,s,,,s,,,,,, .,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.....,.,.,...,......,,,,,.,.,,....... 6 : .qff......, ff wwf X 0 Lwe eliminate costly frills. 2. We buy for spot cash only. 3. We sell to? quality only. 4. We sell on y for spot cash. 5.We've no delivery service. You get these savings in Pen- ney's consistently lower prices. I.C.PENNEY C 0.,InC. 546 West Broadway CI ..... ..... . .. .,... lj lj ...................... ..............................,,.....,, , , ,,,, .,,,,,,, , fOne Hundred Nineteenj III """ CI FIRST NATICNAL 1' BANK Our Best Wishes 1937 Semester Exam fMultiple choice. Make your own., f The 1937 Crimson and Blue is faj. lousy fb, lousier fc, fair 2. The school's "great loverl' is fa, Kmezich fbi Paladino fc, William Terry 3. The school's biggest rowdy is For Class fa, George Neil fb, Waite Durfee fcj James S ' ' ' of P1182 4. The shyest girl in school is C. G. Ouren - D. B. Stoufer Geo. W. Woods Roy Maxfield J. S. Watson - fa, Gilson Jarchow fcj Maurer 5. Miss Brisley's English 8 class was fa, smart fb, smarter fc, smartest - - President K - - - Vice President 6. The operetta was - Exec. V. P. BL Cashier ' fa, stupendous fb, colossal fc, gigantic - - Assistant Cashier : - Assistant Cashier ' 7. Morse and Meiers' column should have been fa, In the Bloomer Bugle fb, rewritten fc, left out 8. The class of 1937 was faj tough fbi smart fcj extraordinary 9. The football team was faj good fb, better fc, best 10. The school's biggest mystery was fa, Would Kussman graduate? fbj Would Hennessy graduate? f'?j If so, why not? 11. The track flashes were to Class faj Roffman fb, Parker fc, Hank Jennings of Q s Let There Be Music in the Home 1937 at L 1 g' it-illghlllit to Council BIuFFs.IowA. 5 1 The Customer? Satisfaction 5 is our Obligation E! ...... ij lj III KOne Hundred Twentyj The fellow who mopped up on everything at A. L. this year was fa, Porter fb, Fred fc, Faye The school's biggest sissy is fa, Profeda fbi Skelton fcj Bell The School's best looking couple is faj Gibbs and Ball fbi Woods and Ranch fc, Seiffert and Morgan The girls think gym is fa, Perfectly awful fb, Awfully perfect fcl just too, too, adorable The biggest homewreclcer in school is fa, Alberti fb, Winn fcj Stancliffe The most representative student for the Loafer,s Club was Cal Lutz Miller fel St. Henri The class signs this year were faj wrecked fbi demolished fcj replaced by T.J The junior-senior prom was faj swell fbi swell fcj swell The easiest subject in school is faj solid geometry fbj physics fcl German CUTLER'S FUNERAL HOME Council Bluffs, Iowa 533 Willow Avenue Phone 97 LI ,,,,,r,,,,iiir ,,,.,,,,..., El WMM, BANK CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1937 A Career Founded Upon the Principal of Thr: t Is Headed Straight or Success S AV I N Gr S B AN K Co 1111011 Bluffs' Iowa Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STATE U f0ne Hundred Twenty-onel U I1 This Annual Produced by LEWIS SL EMARINE Broadway at Scott Street Phone 112 Council Bluffs, low E1 EI I J 1Fini5 10110 Hundred Twenty-four? v zzn fauna' ' ,111-u1'mQ-za, ' l.:Ll.wmmw ' an 'x .A 1

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