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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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f-ff jHfM1ff7J'fM4ffw74L-mf CRIMSON and BLUE Fon 'IQ36 ,,,,,,7,, .-.J EDITEDYBY Editor-in-Chief - ' - Bill Roberts Associate Editor - - Phyllis Van Druft Associate Editor - Gertrude Nlessersmith Business Manager -' Donald Schell By the Jmoldering emberx of cz city yer io come, Lewis am! Clark loelol cl "council below tloo bluff?" more than 130 yeam ago. ln appreciation ot their co-operative service in turning out this volume, the yearbook staff extends its thanks to the NlcNlillen studio, the Nonpareil Engraving company, and the Ainsworth Printing company. jk: -f 2 M K, 'Y I s 3 Q- rf -4 ,. 4.1 .- . 'uf ' m V -a 'f fhff x , A . ' . WY 1? , , .,,,.. X . .. . Y M- '2 ,JS , "3 f t . '. , ' QL-iff-:,j,f ' 'fa "Jw . 5523: uf' 'Sf .?"'.2.' '- " . v I . Mkgkv, :?'l'5- 234: E". X25 ' "R, vig' 1 ' ': Mf1,,g,7 , v V , .J V74 ' . if ?Q E4 K ., 1 . 1 : Al . Tl. ,E If 1 1 4 1 wy5q,,.Q-fm 1 I , .. ,,,1 Table ol Conlenls Fronlispiece . .1 ..........,. 3 Table of Conlenls .... . 4 Foreworol ,....... . 6 Declioalion ..... . 7 Scenic Seclion ...,.. . . . 8 Cenlennial Poem .... . . . I2 Facully .......... . . . I3 Classes .......4 . . . I9 Aclivilies ,...., . . . 5I R. O. T. C ................ 85 Allwlelics 4...,. I .,,.l,.... QI Fealures and Aclveslising l,.. IO9 The Nineteen Hundred Thirty-six CRIMSON AND BLUE Volume XXXVIII Yearbook of the Senior Class ol: Abraham Lincoln l-ligh School Council Blulls, lowa Foreword To give Abraham Lincoln high school, ils sludenls and leachers, a boolc whose very es- sence is Jrhe memories recorded. ln our hearls and minds an emply place will always exisl for The big brick building on Jrhe hilllop. ln some way may This year-book lil lhal empry nilch. ANESVILLE IN 1648 S COUNCIL BLUFFS IN IB5 Dedicafion To our communify we owe a large share of whafever fifness we possess. Therefore if is fo Council Bluffs on ifs cenfennial anniversary fhaf we respecffully declicafe flwis yearbook, prod- ucf of ffie fingers and brains of flwis generafion of youffi, successors in spirif fo flwaf ofher far- removecl generafion of youflwful pioneers who here laiol fl'ie founclafions for fhis communify. Seven rl-i- V Eight Building. Mellowed wiih age, whal cilizens il has made! For more Jrhan lhiriy-five years pupils, Jrhrough Jrhis inslilulion, have been guided inlo lives of usefulness. Soldiers, doclors, lawyers, merchanls-buf mosl of all, good counlrryrnen have been inilialed here info The funda- nnenlals of Thai preloaraiion so esseniial lo righl living. Libra ry. The cily library is an imporlanl auxiliary of lhe school syslem, generously conlribuling ils facililies and service lo aiol pupils and leaclfiers. s r l N 1-J l"""""""""' Dodge Memorial Commemoralive of e a r l y Council Bluffs' foremoslr cilizen, soldier, and railroad builder, This monumenl lo Mrs. Dodge offers louching lribule ol qraleful dauqhlers lo a loeloved molher. T Lincoln Memorial Memories of "l-lonesl Abe" are nol confined To lhis sile alone, bul permeale lhe cily which he eslablished as a rail- cenler. Kinsman Memorial AT This monumenT To a pio- neer iournalisT, Teacher, and Civil War hero, Council BluTTs pays homage To iTs war oleaol each year. PoTTawaTTamie CounTy l-lisTorical Cabin SevenTy-Tive years ago The pioneer movemenT was aT iTs peak here. Relics remain, mak- ing hisTory, buT The spiriT wiTh which These early seTTlers en- clowecl us pushes civilizaTion on! E1 Vi- V The Story JusT one hundred years ago Trader Tires began To glow, Red men lived ThroughouT The woods, WhiTe men came To Trade Them goods: FurTher back, in eighTeen Tour, Clark and Lewis came ashore, Smoked The red skins' pipe oT peace Which Tor decades did noT cease. LiTTle did The red man dream l-le musT move on down The sTream. Move he did wiTh pain and Tears, Making room Tor pioneers. De SmeT in a valley cool BuilT a liTTle church and school: l-lere The Mormons sTopped To resT Near The gaTeway To The WesTg Here aT Kanesville in The woods Wagon Trains were sTocked wiTh goods. As The village grew To Tame Council BluTTs was made iTs name: M, MQ, fin? 1:55.45 74 3' ,T "ifff , n 7 ,ij I f' i 'y , l A ' ' ll' Ti ' 'i ti, l' T T ii, eil A ri ,i , isiwirg, ., ' k ' V,-1 , , P I 'hi ' my 4 vi. 'il Jil'-', T U . V Iflyi -j Vi ' il l . uni. . . ffilgf lr A f, J: Lincoln said Tl'iaT he would call ,q 5215, This The U. P. Terminal. Ti ,'?3fiA' v I T. sw:,,:ji , Tfffffg iff., Where was wasTe land long ago 3 Shops and mills began To growg Tepees now were oT The pasT, Modern homes were here aT lasT. : gg I 11, ',,f4f'yf:, ,,4 'T , i,. ThaT s The sTory up To daTe,- f illl 1,5 Mi 'l,Z'i"i- 1-'F Now we plan To celebraTe. 7 i 'l,,'i ,sg i,l?I,,il. lllli. , alll 'il 'ilil -Helen Gloria CoulTer. 'Wir il ,,,i, l l "s, .,,g , . ""r 74, Y Mfr , , .+uv'iw4,s'Y'f?r w sa+A1e1fi T 'pfH . T f A fl' N g Y , 1 , 4 mugs? flied, -x:Nxlg ,l, i ' c f .. . V, ir fy I -.t,., ,,.,.,ci V-24.11, iT'i is rf f 1 far T ff "" " T 1 Nlu 'f kfff v J.- -T T ,-.W T. . , f ,, .f ., ir ,lg ' 1 ,gigs 1 sl k inf 4 ,,,, if Fxvelve . .. f'3'?3Qg5XrLf?22'E':V52"V'E'E55131:-f13:1Ys.f2S'M L 11" ' MJ: 31554v.FF:j.':5'g-T.5E,2If5.,1Ej.'V:VV'-V::'::'V: - ,. 1,55 'H 1 .f :r w - . - ' . 'W' ,-.:.'--:?5.:-rfw:sf-,-ni - , .- , V :V V . -p,,.rf" 'V-1-V-1--.:,.Vf:.--e, ...nfl 5723-:Q .- . - '- -'IsI'E'i'-' I ' V1-'fffwggsif eff. -- - V I - , . -Q..-455,-,5Vg.g'. - .. . ...gf sg.-5--V,,--.,.,,.--,,. h- .V..-- - 4.'.I4.-..i1'"3fff1Ni.V'Vi6I'iE'EII'1"'':I'-5I31::"1'lZY13ff-F'5f"Gi.-I.5If:. V , --4 ,..:-V5i:'-EV"-:S-ifi. -- .. V: Q34-::'::: are3Q,.5:'-1.2-11:fQ:.s.5gaf V225 -.:1V,. V -. . 'r.rf'.-V- 57 - .- .,.V:9 Q...-:,fVw A ' f 2 1 . ,:.,iVf--::,j -'3f:fe.:3r?., ' - , - M,-Z-V2 -sw ' :'...'.:.af3"i,,- - . 'sz-ff-2'-V-953:i:'5?'.?I--1-2:e,'.:'-.s3.2ffii7i'.Ef.i-?'-5 - '- -""""" 1 .4 ' - . ' -IFf'ijI"Zf1??'f':4: ""'V5'I' . , Q ,4',. 5. ,.,, M, I V-. .V .. , - 1 -' 1-V 1. . .. 1, . V' " .i-1' 11' " 'fl''P'-'ES'E--fri:75"I34T:'i'?65?:S'aIgI?VIff:'E1E:,'' Vzf 12, .-.'1.5- .'5j"-5 5. . 3.2 i V .Y4-.fE':2-132212QQQRZTI...-Eizifmsigi--6' , ' 'V A, . -. ,Q ' "y:9s:EiV:i--.- . 2 .1!'.Ef.fE'I2?51".fi1ii55S...:::v1af'-1 4-A??V.fV.-7'.'iC--fI:-'-,- .-3322:-:I.' , , H::,,...,. ,, .... , .. - .. N3-Q.: .. 4 - --. .0 -. 52152::ii-':V.2.5:f4fif1 .IE':.1.1.s'5'-'E-If-27 1ai4g?iE"-"'i :ft VV - '.-:?:fI':,l.-"1 V ':'i'I-ifI---125"rI+j..'1I'j.V.,'VE3 .25-E'E1""VlV I ci-In -:.'fPtSi5'LeXV,f-I' Izi, I-'i'-"':y':f' .f ' ' "f , J.-:',':'f1'f'.'...f':"f': gc. ', '.f'u-I-A-22:3-,'E:,' 'Q - ' . -Pi ' 45?-.-1 JET VI.V'f f g.V .' .'V.V-:pu V,.v:gv:i:::gz"f-', ,. ag-.!.,,p-"'4ee, .V -gg., CV .I ,.'v- wwf:-V'---:' "::":- - ' 'v 'L :G " , 'i"s-1-gg'-1 V.. .. if- X52--:V',V-if:s,fg:g'I.- .rw V- ,wg-V wa ,.:gQ':,,Qj.,: .,E.V.+5',j:.f""ifi' V W A,.-,:"- 2f'V'-',g"v '- '.g:::,:lE'5df. '.2'I--.i,.233:-f'1""lEii".f.i'l,:V, - x . ' . J Fi'-V4 "1 1.-2.3 ., . .1ip'5'?V':5?i-SEI-':2i5-W." yi'-.E 'ufvf' ' ' ' ' ' ' fs .,,,-s.fV.V- ,-'3.:v, - Sa I . V ,. 1:-, Q .-, V 'Q -,nj my v5:,5f:g:K,3Q ,..we-,..--egg-5, -1--1.-.:--Ar,-V-Vps, , U - .5 , - P ., 1 -7 V , ,F-mfgsallg A , H ' V , 3, 1 gf.. - ' , - " A ' " rf. Q 1- . -iw ' 'V i" i'?-if ' if ., x - x.,.::..:f. 3- - . ,, V. V- . - 3,5-,. -. V V. Q M- Vw. f,.1 fi'-? 44:35, -. -3 4 3.55. ' Q. MJ' V 53. ,af -4- aa.. . ' 'j jj l -'-'- Q I ,:v:Z. :,::::, ,J.:sg5i,v -52.3 . ' 'j fi-2' -' I ill- f- ,jf " "'j,V.:,:V.:,2. ::f6'-Q ff E,:fE'5.' " V ' 25, -55' . 1 11:1 1 Y , 4' .Q jf 'ZiffK'1'1-:.E..:2t:q'f:i:E.j.'?ifHV 6: . . "i?S?::EfE':"'EV222.2Vi'i',"""'Q3-E:""'7:" gf" '?'., ' f 1 , . -. V' - -' -- - 1. . ,-222251. " " V, V Q- V' . .- wi-2"V-VVIV11-:N ?i'f .:..-13. L.. ' . . ' " '45 :V JE' ' 'fxt "1Vf,2 33? S' ,:,v "iEiV"' 'YW Q' Q" .eE"" ' i gf . ' ..,. V' -VV' 1 . " , .... 1 . . ,g, is Q -Vf .-fr-: z-5 9-V ' 55:5 , ,5 V V ff-.3-V11 "- V' - " ? - -?V33' - HS ., , 4 . -1 W X "' . - -. '- ' .,,gl5':.Vgg'eLt:4:'.esVsi5.g4'EVE :rim Q ' VV "" 1'ft1.i?'?iQ '3' 19. g l' ,. Z' -V " 'mf ,-,gf-f f,'1q,i-25V-,::.,'..'5gfIf5--.I,...-3,.y,1' .i FS' ?S:'fS:ifj1'S5QI:Iiffiiii- gf -' 3?-4 V2 , :sif- ' 1 -.w ., ' it ifif is -'V':2.:, ".21?.4'EE'V?1. ' i "+"i5. . V: -.,..j.f:1-5-I 5 4.1:-L Vf---1-5531, " f-.-V ,:-1 '- ' - .-Vi-iii?-25153-E2-a'V'd V i " V-VV 5? U .ff5L--sighs. . 'Qg1'.2..13-SfT2'.-tfzwfif:s11P:i::'Vf2-:rv 1 " ' . , I.-iff? 1 .-is -.i 1 ' QV'- .f.-.-s -'-'-' . misss- -. . P ,--Viz'-VI'. V:'2'..,.:- .V . 3 ' ' . i W i " -'V-gm-,..-V ,N---1"-F:-in G , -.-5 1,5 ,s V4,V...,..,31g:Vg-g,,.r .1 A V- . - 1 Yeslerday-Pioneer of all leachers, Falher De Srnel came here a cenlury ago lo spread his philosophies among 'rhe un- luloreol reclmen. V em ' Ai. Faculty Today-a capable faculiy guides The desfinies of a rising generafion To higher ideals and more valorous deeds for an- ofher cenfury of s+ill more amaz- ing aclwievemenf. , - 74 v . JOHN A. TRUE, Superinlenclenl lnlelligenl supervision of The eclucalional lacililies of our cily is in his hands. l-lis unanimously acknowledged abilily ancl clear oullooli have clone much To rnalce our lives happier and more successful. l GERALD W. KIRN, Principal A man brave enough To underrake The hazards of principalshilog ro do ir carefully, lhoughrfully, and wirh high enlerprise. Difficulries can nor hold him back. l-le forges slraighr ahead and essays Jro bring every benefir ro rhe school and ils srudenls. Norhing is spared To enrich our lives. w Club -,M r . p c .J i W y 1 I l i Sixteen if rl vi-'H' e j. in -.M I Benjamin S. Asquith Daisy B. Bartley American v History English American Government Business Law u,Aristo A Eleanor Baptist Myra L. Bishop Ennna N. Buestlie Journalism Household Arts Geometry English Alpha Ionian Quill and Scroll Honor Society , Crimson and Blue Mable Louise Brisley Dollie D. Burgess Fee Chew English Bookkeeping Salesmanship Ero Office Practice General Science Aristo Bookkeeping Athletics Grace B. Broadfoot Ruth Castle V Jet Thrush Downs American History Dramatics - 'l'yl1ing,r Girl Reserves EHHHS11 Commercial Club Masque and Wig Theodore Franklin Bess Hanigan Margaret R. Helidersoti It.O.'l'.C. Affairs American Government Latin Alpha Reservvites . Latin Club Roman Hammes Marion Hanthorn Herbert H. Johnk Drafting: Household Arts Manual "Training: Logo Leia Ketter Roy F. Lawson American History General Science Geometry Biology Ero Athletics Esther E. Kleist Williani K. Layland ' 1 Librarian Salesmanship American History Advertising Thalian Commercial Geogrnivhy Athletics Ka X. 'Q if-.Y -Q 5 0 5 'QN lx ' ,xx xx? xl? l l 27 A TV""lT,' V UW AJ 'Wav H. Arthur Lee W. Howard Mcllrath Virgil H. Miller Journalism Debate Physics Hi-Y Business English Algebra Junior Hi-Y Economics Philo Honor Society Faye E. Marty Major Wallace A. Mead Mary C Nix English Military Science and Tactics irls' Physical Director Thalianf V ' fr firls' Athletic Association Jw VB Willibald Nowak Mittie M. ye ' oren ' Instrumental Music European History Bo - ' Clio Honor Society ' Mildred I. Olson E-lwar R nel 6- f Wilbur I. Rosenkranz Typing: Physical l'lllllC2ll.lQ?1 Chemistry Rest-rvcttcs Manual Training Crimson and Blue Rudolph Seidl Ruth Nl. Tamiscia Grace E. Taylor Orchestra llramatics l'lng:lish lianfl English Delta Tau Public Speaking: Kathleen Shaw Edith R. Tatroe Mary D. Wallace Vocal Music Shorthand Algg-In-gi Delta Tau Helen Wilcox French Spanish French cluln Spanish club Agnes White liusiness I-Inx:lish International Currcspomlcnuc Club Lena E. White Edna Willa1'd Shorthand lIOllSC'l'Nllll Arts Bookkeeping: Clif, Girl Rmecrvos M , kit.: ', -1 f 4' A Lf!! fl Seventeen I B 3' was r 5.5 n .a L MISS NYROP Miss Nyrop, dean of girls, pos- sesses the highest type of character and personality. She sets a goal which every Abraham Lincoln high school girl would be proud to attain. of fir Dom G. NYROP unior Business Training English 5:45 5, - X , New ' . .,.,. , .. , -5:52 wt? -1 " R R "fl 'M 1 or lwmgffafr r,,, , .... Marigold Walker Armilda Bean Ruth lVIcGonagle Sara M. Bondo Otto A. Wurl Secretary Rc-1,ristrar Clerk School nurse Physical Education Eighteen ' IN MEMORIUM The memory of Milo Smith will always remain as a constant inspira- tion to those who started their musical training under him. His kindly smile and friendly advice will last forever in our hearts. In his passing he left behind the most precious memory among his many friends: the memory of a man who rang true! i Yesferday-Two brave aci- ven+urers Treck across H1 e "Graaf American Deserf' 'ro bring back official reporis which promored i'rs se'r'rIemen'r. si A in Classes Today-Affer an inlrerval of a c:en+ury and a quarfer, 1cor+y odd Jrnousands SUQQOF1' our ins+i- fulrion of learning Tnaf Jromor- row's pioneers may be Hne greafer. Twenty F Qu, y Senior Gffioers Solliday, Miss Hanigzm, Mr. Lee, Applequist. Stupfcll, Read, Smith. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Graduation affords us, the class of 1936, the opportunity of applying effectively for the first time the casts of our characters which have been moulded during our high school careers. We Wish to express our appreciation to the citizens of our city for the chance they have given us to equip ourselves for the future. We entered Abraham Lincoln as freshmen, and through the process of years, we have now become seniors, possessing a clearer outlook on life, a basic foundation for knowledge, and formulas for an honest, intelligent way of living. To our instructors We extend our gratitude for their guidance in these four years of learning. Through them we have gained a more detailed study of the past, present, and future in all the realms of study. We have been afforded the best in the opportunity for fortifying ourselves for the situations confronting us in the years ahead. Despite individual grades, honors, and intellects, the same paths of success have been opened to each of us. We can take out into the World only that with which we have availed ourselves. Our high school days have come to their close-a new life lies before. Richard Read - - Presidcnf Mason Smith - Vice prcsidenf Donald Stupfell - - - Secretarw - - - - - Treasure' Martin Applequist - Eddie Solliday - ------------- Sergeant at arms Sponsors: Miss I-Ianigan and Mr. Lee , MJ .W e , J ,. .-f 1, I Lf 4 -' 1 5 -uf I ll -L diff' Z. Gale Adams Ruth Ainsworth ' College Prep. College Prep. lflditor-in-Chief, Annual staff, Girl Reserves treasurer, Echoes Ionian. staff, French club president, "Growing Pains", "His merit lies noi in his word alone, but also in his every "Ruth has brains, we don't :lei-il." deny it, She thrives on scientific diet." Vera Addison Commercial Latin club, G.A.A. company sponsor, Masque and Wig. "Always a good sport." T mas Allan If Marie Andersen folleyre . Commercial F al, r c , R.O.T.C. lieu- Commercial club. en: t, . . itsiry-treasurer, Phio treasurer, Annual staff, "Ste: y and dependable." Et-hues staff, basketball man- airw-. - ul hold he loves me he J- 0 ' calls me "l'om'." Q Dorot 5 5 V e'll C , . 0 5 C - 'il cl l 1, glee. V 0 ' P l U 0 K 'A i a utef' ' K 'Qi W Q is . . Holger Andersen I Q-Martin Applequist Commercial fx lx J Q' 0011020 PFPD- I Lugu, J x Honor society, senior class treag- - ' urer, Philo president, R.O.T, . "Cheerful, frank, and efficient l" captain, glee, "Growing Pains". "Leadership in every undertak- ing." X l K 1 1 - '. Frances Appel D, X, x Commercial , ly Clio sergea t 'gt,21rl'ns, Commer- cial elu 2 rer, glee, "GQjxv- ing Pang r W size rl0esn't limit her bi ity." X I , f' Ruby Arnold Clay General ,bl ' ' - 1 Clin president, Annual staff, , orchestra, band .ger. cheerleader, Masque and Wig president, G.A.A., 'tliiiling Dbwn the Sky", 'tllonor Bright". "Courtesy that is genuine." I "lIer eyes are as mediative :is twilight." Donald Austin Commercial R.O.T.C. lieutenant, football. "Fun loving and likeable." Clifford , er Maxyne Ballew Coll Prep. College Prep. Sym s club sei-gi-:uit at arms, Clio treasurer, State sextet, glee, . ' r Hi-Y, foullixill, Echoes "Joan of the Nancy Lee", "Hon- st . or lil'lLZ'l'll.H, "Growing Pains", "Riding Down the Sky". ' .et's give a cheer for Baker." "The high note in the girls' sex- tet." Mnrieum Ball Commercial Clio secretary, G,A.A. president, 4-rmipany sponsor. "She asks no favors, nor shirks responsibilities." l i Twenty-one Evelyn Bamford Arline Berg College Prep. Commercial Ero, French club, band, orches- G.A.A. treasurer, Commercial tra, glee, Vesper choir. club, glee. "A heavenly flute and a heaven- "Quiet, considerate, friendly." ly girl: result? heavenly music.' Francis Bell College Prep. Basketball, wrestling, track, R.O.T.C. corporal, Echoes staff. "Why we cannot tell, but all like our genial Bell." -3 rp ,--5.1 J -,J , :- Lucille Bigley Catherine Blang if College Prep. CUNNETCRA C Glee, Rifle corps. Clio secre ary l'3lrlJ.Re,e1'ves, glee libra 'a , Masq nd Wig "She always does her best." treasurer, an: of' h Nancy Lee". 5.3, f "Honest labor bears a lovely face." Arlene Birchard Commercial Clio, orchestra secretary, "Grow- ing Pains". .-She asks no f2lV0 Dorothy Bobbit Mark Breneman Commercial College PNP- Glee, Commercial club, R. O. T. C. lieutenant, Ionian, Spanish club, intersociety debate, "Her hair is like spun gold." "A Prince There Was", "Joan of the Nancy Lee". "It is a great plague to be too handsome a man." - Walter Brandt '14 Il ' College Prep. Vtvfv " R.O.T.C. captain, football, rifle team. Echoes staff, Hi-Y, Span- -h club, Philo, Road Show. "There's seriousness with all this fun." Br enhemke Maryam Capel an rep. Commercial i i e president, Annual Echoes staff, glee, Rifle corps. N oes staff, R.O.T.C. , "Growing Pains", "Every week a charm." Ridi Down the Sky". Kind words cost nothing." if Kenneth Camden I y Collegei Prep. X Aristo, Spanish clu "Seven- teen", "Big Hearted Herbert". "Good humor carries the day." Evelyn S. Christensen Sh0W, glee. "So lovely and so sweet." always ready for Frederick Chapman , E Commercial Aristo. 9 "A laughing, likable lad," 9 Commercial vice Dl'9SidHHf. Commercial club president, State Echoes shorthand team, French club, Gerda Christensen ' Roy L. Claar Commercial College Prep. Commercial club, Rifle corps. Football, glee president, Hi-Y, R.O.'l'.C. lieutenant, "Spooks" "She modestly conceals "Joan of the Nancy Lee". Her beauty and her charms, But we catch a glimpse of "Best in the West by test,- them." that's Claarf' Leah Christensen Commercial Commercial club, Reservettes, orchestra. "Her sunshine scatters the shadows away." Helen Clark Audra Claypool Commercial College Prep. Thalian, Rifle corps. Alpha president, Reservettes, French club, Echoes staff, debate "Dainty and demure with de- finals, "A Prince There Was" termination to do well." "Serious, smart, and sedate." Roderick Clark College Prep. Philo sergeant at arms, glee li- brarian, "Big Pond", "Riding Down the Sky", Latin club. oj "Great Works are performed by perseverance." , f I , ' 3 4 Guy R. Cockley ' Charles Collet General , Commercial Echoes staff, Philo, Hi-Y, glee. , "Little and smart with a great to learnixiefa-ul this big heart." Lila Mae Coffelt Commercial Glee, Rifle corps, Commercial club. "Shy, gentle, and sweet, her soft blue eyes her kind thoughts speak." - 1 , I 1 l ' ' Berniel Collins R0b9l'i Crowl College Pl-gp, College Prep. ' - fomaha Techj Echoes staff, Aristo, "Big Heart- ed Herbert", Annual staff. "A real likable girl and 21 genius in art." "Common things uncommonly well done pave the way to suc- cess." I eph Cons mo l , o m al I Fre an ball captain, K k R. T. rporal. . ' at hair, a friendly smile 'WXCUCA bine: direct resultAJoe." fr U ' U l fo it yi enry I Eleanor Deitchler , Colle' . " College Prep. 'f F Arista, fr' e team, S ks." Delta Tau vice-president, Girl - A I ' ' J' g Reserves serileant-at-arms, An- 5' fable always hasug 1 nd a nual staff, .Echoes staff, pro- 'M fyftiendly wave' fprjk v?'y nef' duction staff "Speaks", 1' ' ,aw A 1 A Y 1, ll gl . it V' 3 M "Pretty to walk with and witty Z l ,Ig 'fn to talk with." .v ' f"' I ' , j ,w 1 , ,QB , v . J Q ether l R H flfommercial A Echoes staff, R,0.T.C, sergeant, . . I Philo, wrestling. L' " "You can see his manners ' his face." A -, xii' ' B f ,v tl! Twenty-three .e....m Hymie Diamond Gerald Diercks College Prep. Echoes staff, R.O.T.C. captain, Hi-Y, Aristn sergeant-at-arms, rifle team, football, basketball. "'l'here's no substitute for thor- ough going, ardent and sincere earnestnessf' Eugene Dickerson Commercial College Prep. R.O.'l'.C. first lieutenant, Ionian, "Daddy Long Legs". "From learning he seldom shir-ks," Cheerleader. Philo, Echoes staff, H.O.T.C'. lieutenant. "As prone to mischief as able to perform it." Natalie Dills Margaret Durfee , ,L 2 Commercial College' Prep. if if ' Clio historian, glee, "Riding Thalian, Girl Reserves, produc- F Je' Down the Sky", production staff tion staff "Seventeen", "Lillies ,' .. 5 . ' xx "Are You a Mason ?", "Honor of the Field", Reservettes. ,I f f ' Bright". 1 7 A fi if train' x T "Capable of accomplishing whal- yx,--s-,X "She doesn't put things off, she ever she attempts." ,Alf ' I puts them over." , - 1 I Af.. xx X Luella Duff ',- Commercial 5 Glee, basketball CEast Sioux 5, Cityl. l o "As dependable as her smile is right." Rid Eames College Prep. Bi-Phy-Chem crack squad, academic honors. club, lonian, track, general science, t'He is full of good meanings and wishes." General College Prep. Delta 'Pau treasurer, intersociety debate, French club treasurer, Echoes staff, "Joan of the Nancy Lee", "Riding Down the Sky", Road Show. "Intelligent, talented, attract- Girl Reserves president, Ero sec- retary, xzlee secretary, "Joan ol' the Nancy Lee", "Riding Down the Sky". "She brings sunshine with her music." Berniece Faurm College Prep. G.A.A. president club, basketball i 4. l volley ball team. 1ff4'Ly,,1,, Robert Esbeck ,A Commercial Logo, "Honor lli-ight", R.O.T.C. lieutenant. "Worth makes the man." X Bernard R. Eaton 1,u,A,M Jil 'Vi ' Echoes staff, track, R.O.T.C. lieutenant, basketball. "The man of the hour." Georgia Etnyre Lucille Father College Prep. Honor society, Ero president, de- bate team, Girl Reserves, Re- servettes, "Pig's". "An intelligent girl and attractive tio: A c mbinatio found in very ive." l le du' V1 Leonard Evansxlll sfjl 'Ill' Commercial 'Ji ' ' Hand. V "Witty, jolly, hltpny-go-lucky." Ill- lie 'fr 'xp Prisci a Fariday Truman Felton Collenc Prep. Commercial R.0.'l'.C. lieutenant. "Always willimr to help, but he has a mischievous his eye." twinkle in , Thalinn, Latin team captain, "The athlete always proclaims a character straight and true." .H .' 5b'n -HZ I 4' , -7 William Fent Bert Fitzgibbon Commercial General Philo, R.O.T.C, sergeant, Hi-Y, glee librarian, "Joan of the Nancy Lee", "Hiding llown the Sify". "lf it's a debt or a credit, he can get it." Lois Fischer Philo, glee, Echoes staff, An- nual staff, Vesper choir, "Rid- ing llown the Sky", production staff "Spooks". "lle's an artist-he can always draw a crowd." Commercial f ' Delta Tau. Jw "Modesty is the most beautiful , ornament of woman," il 1 Lf r we .J I iq. .fa john Forgn Opal Franksen College Prep. Commercial Honor society, Aristo president, Delta 'l'au treasurer, Rifle corps. Latin club president, debate squad, 'ATr0ubles few, subdued are kept, victims of unlimited pep." "He'll awake some day and find himself famous." Melvin Frame College Prep. Road Show, Echoes staff, Hi-Y, band, orchestra, M.l.N.K. con- test, State champion brass sex- tet, student conductor of band. "He blows his own horn, but never sounds 's ow praise." X .... 6 . 'X X7 . S ichard eman 745 Delbert Frkdd P X C cia College rep. r, V S cetbal , hilo, Commercial Spanish club, el- . K ub, fl tlzall, tennis, I X "ln a chorus w off, lyg'h,a. Uliashfulness is often the height swell guy." A f of intelligence," ' 4, Ward French Commercial Basketball, track, glee, Com- mercial club, Southwest Iowa ehorus, "Riding: Down the Sky". "C'onseir-ntious and perseveringf' . . 5,77 A, jrlflif Leonard Frimodt Myrtle Funk College Prep. Commercial Aristo, Orchestra, basketball, Echoes "Serious, quiet, and dependable." Robert Ful r Col ego staff, Commercial club. "Lines of a type, She reads 'em right," 2 ' 1 ' 2ljICl', Jllnltll' C HSS K. illH, football, track, J H rn ' ' l sergeant ' sn F-o' t' , i-Y presie ' y, red hair, not too tall: rw lil'ed bv 'ill' A jolly fell: t L . Fannie Garubba Leroy Gillin Commercial Clio, production staff 'Allonor l5rip5ht". "She speaks, acts, and behaves College Prep. Logo treasurer, li.0,'l'.C. ser- geant, Hi-Y, movie booth mun- ager, electrician. just as she ought." "A handy man in any jam." Dorothy A. Gates Cummcreial State typing team, Commercial club, G,A.A, vice president, Correspondence club. "A good sport in everything." Twenty-f ive X 3' Twenty-six Marguerite Gohlinghorst Robert Grace I. Commercial College Prep. Alpha treasurer, Echoes staff, Bi-Phi e , ogo. . 4- Annual staff, cheerleader, glee, gf ' business manager "Riding Down I Bl sse th -'safy noth- the Sky", commercial team. ing, f never be quote ' -K "Full of mischief, full of fun, X 9 She's a friend to everyone." 1 Jeanne Gotch Commercial Alpha historian, Commercial club vice president, glee, "Joan of the Nancy Lee',, and "Big Hearted Herbert". "Liked here, liked there, liked everywhere." Frederick Greene Harley Grossmann Commercial Commercial R.O.T.C. captain, production Logo president, Echoes staff, staff "Spooks". Annual staff, R.O.T.C. sergeant, "Spooks", "Mrs. llumpstead- "He declares war on difficulties, Leigh", his only terms are unconditional surrender." "You can't keep ' good man down." 4 , Warreii Gross College Pre . 7 ,. l A Ionian. P J' I 'lvl U , 8 Veracit V . a , gilo s-y ,- ' truth." ,' 'J' I 1' Forrest Grote lane Grow College Prep. Ionian sergeant at arms, "Pigs", R.O.T.C. sergeant. "Every inch a man." ' ayne Grote Commercial College Prep. Ero president, Annual staff, French club, Girl Reserves sec- retaiy, Masque and Wig, band, glee. "Simplicity with sincerity." Aristo, R.O.T.C. sergeant. "All troubles he doth smote with a smile remote." X X Gwendolyn Hack Bernice M. Hansen College Prep. , Commercial Girl Reserves es , Th liall Commercial club, glee. vice presid , ual aff. Echoes st , e secretary- "Mild manners and gentle treasurer. V hG2ll't-" f "Her rs y radiates in her ' ha'rI'3, Robert R. Hailey College Prep. hilo treasurer, Echoes staff, band, orchestra X brass sextet. ffgirowing Pains U 'J . .N N gc,-, ale Hansen R0 General Spanish club, band secretary, orchestra president. "You bring the butter: Dale will bring the puns." L ' a oll rep. Cli president, Bi-Phy-Chem, i dance band, , Road Show. "IlQ"mischeif could only be ' taxed, what an income o I . School would enjoy." bert Hansen Commercial R.0.T.C. lieutenant, Philo, Echoes staff, "Tillie of Blooms- bury", "Growing Pains", pro- duction staff "Spooks". "Unhurried, unworried, unruf- fled by anything." Echoes staff, f e and Wig treasurer, Latin c secretary, "Growing Pains". e think she's sweet too, ave." C06 .lf , Carl Hanusa Margaret E. Harris College Prep. Commercial Philo, Bi-Phy-Chem, winner of Ero, Rifle corps, Echoes staff, lNationa.l Drafting wntekt, glee, "Daddy Long Legs", R.0.T.C. lieutenant, "Spooks", "Spooks", "Joan of the Nancy "Growing Pains". Lee". "A quiet, friendly fellow with "She has a happy way of doing fn artistic turn of mind." things." Lorene Harding O Commercial Ero, G.A.A., Masque and Wig treasurer, declam winner '36, "Daddy Long Legs", Road Show, production staff "Pigs", "A personality plus." f , Q, l i l '-Mfrble Fern Hartman Dorothy Heck ,Q 'I :P College Prep. Commercial Y" f Thalian, Girl Reserves, French Thalian president, Annual staff, K club, Ehoes staff, Rifle corps, "Lilies of the Field", Road Latin club, "Lilies of the Field". Show, production staff "Seven- teen". "As an artist, we expect great things from her." "A dot of work and a dash of wisdom." Wilma Hays Commercial Thalian, G.A.A., Masque and Wig, glee, production staff "Lilies of the Field". "Her smile is illuminated by her lovely, pearly teeth." ol-wifi' U Aggie Lou Hernxes College Prep. Aristo, rifle team, glee, fresh- Ero, G.A.A. secretary. irlee, man basketball, track. "Daddy Long Legs", production staff "The Marriage of Nan- "Here, there, and everywhere." nette". Arthur Heisler College Prep. "Good things come in small packages." Mary Margaret Held Commercial Commercial club treasurer, Ero, band secretary. "Amiable, accurate, athletic." James Hessenflow Arlene Hiller General Commercial Aristo, Echoes staff, band. Commercial club, glee. - "You just ean't be sad when he's "A friend in need! is a friend "' at-,M around." indeed." f a I . V," s V J! x ...f-I-"""N" Verlyn Hilburn jj, X fy Off rf ,543-5, Commercial K gl I s ' ' ' Philo, Hi-Y, n.o.'r.c. lieuten' t'T' ' f jo- 2 basketball, track, Echoes staff. "Handsome is as handsome . does." N . , DWL' Harry . Hilton Mildred Hogue College Prep. ' College Prep. LOE0, Fl'9I1Ch Clllll. lh-PhY- Girl Reserves, Reservettes. Chem, band, orchestra. , U "Quiet but willing." "Does everything as well as he plays the trumpet." ' I 'j ,, .1 4, 2 Arnold Hoffman I , ' ls. 9-4 ff ll ,ffl ' College Prep. ,, ,f L, -fl 5 I 1 LV Echoes staff, Latin club consul, l -f l hand, orchestra, superior sub- district clarinet solo contest. V "Success surely comes with con- f1dence." Twenty-seven Archie Hopkins Twenty-eight ,ll-2311 Holm Marjorie Hough College Prep. A Commercial Alpha. I'll'0dllCf10D Staff "A Delta Tau, Commercial club, Prince 'l'here Was", business staff "Big Hearted Herbert". "A kind heart, a willing hand." "The joy ot' youth and health her eyes display, And love of her heart her every look conveys." 1 .ws e .X -J A. L. House College Prep. Commercial R.O.T.C. sergeant, wrestling, glee. "A friendly heart with many friends." V Ruth Hutchison Commercial Ionian president, Hi-Y, Echoes staff, "Joan of the Nancy Lee", "Riding Down the Sky", glee. "This house has a firm founda- tion." Dorothy Howard Commercial Delta Tau debate squad, Com mercial club secretary, Girl Rc- serves, production staff "Big Pond". "Little, but uh my!" Alpha, Commercial club. "We like her quiet, sincere per- sonalityf' Edna Faye Hutton Arthur James College Prep. Clio, Reservettes club. "She has sweet and quiet man- ners, a mark of good breeding." Commercial Commercial club secretary, Ili- Phy-Chem club, R.O.T.C. cor- poral, tennis. "To have a friend, be one." fb, I ,U . it Ruby Inman I Commercial ? 'pl PQ! G,A.A, treasurer, Echoes staff. by "A poetess is she." bi Lawrence Jarchow Foneta Jensen General Ionian debate squad, R.0.T.C. corporal. "He will make as much out of life as one who stirs up more dust." Erma Jensen Commercial Commercial club. Commercial Delta Tau, G.A.A. "How sweet and fair she seems to be." "Her smiles intent Make us content." Harlan Jensen Mildred Jensen College Prep. R.O.'l'.C. lieutenant, Hi-Y, glee, business manager "Growing Pains", Philo, "Riding Down the Sky", Echoes staff, cheer- leader. "Three cheers for a great cheerleader." Harry Jensen College Prep. College Prep. Honor society, Ero treasurer, French club sergeant at arms, Girl Reserves, string quartet, M,I.N.K. contest. "She fiddles with our hearts as she does with her violin." nor society, R.O.T.C. captain, lresident Missouri Valley Stu- dent Council conference, Logo llresident. fm V "An intelligent debater with a I ' powerful personality." so D , j 7 tv .raw ,j LRobert Jensen Virginia Jensen College Prep. Commercial Orchestra vice president, band. Commercial club, glee. "Fritz Kreisler has nothing on "A sonpzstrcss of rare ability." this quiet lad." Russell Jensen College Prep. R.O.T.C. sergeant, Spanish club, Latin club vice president, Logo, rifle team. "A smile goes :t long: way with motor troubles." ,Ml ' All ff f C V' l Hpwyxkssen Helen Johnson ' enera ' Commercial .e YFOotlJall, rifle' team. Commercial club, band librar- ian. L, "Action eloquence." "She'll make somebody a pretty . secretary." 1 K' , Eva Joerns ,Vf ' o crciill e 0 . staff, Delta 'l'au sergeant arms., production staff "Peg of My Heart", "The Big Pond". "Her complexion needs no re- touching." Louise Johnson Leona Katelman College Prep. Commercial Ero, Masque and Wiz, "Tillie of Novice typing team, Girl Re- liloomsburyf' Rifle corps. serves, Commercial club, Rifle corps. "She underlines her words by putting her dimples beneath." "A sure 'shot' on the typewriter A and range." Corrine Jordal College Prep. Delta Tau, Echoes staff, Rifle corps, production staff "The Big Pond." "Quiet, quick, yet unassumingzff, , N 'L il 'i Gwendolyn Keller Rosella Kenyon College Prep. Commercial Ero, Latin club, "Spooks", pro- Clin, duction staff Christmas play. "A manner plain, unaffected, f "Life's stage holds a future for and sincere." the winsome and the wise." . , , Louise Kennedy ,- ,, 1 General J' - l , Rifle corps. ' ' "Des Moines' loss was A. L.'s gain." rederick Kleeb Eugene Kobbert College Prep. College Prep. Echoes staff, Aristo, Hi-Y, Echoes staff, hand, orchestra, l freshman basketball, orchestra. Ionian, Bi-Phy-Chem club. "Fun is the spice which seasons 'AIIL-'s a fellow nut inert." life." Alice Klindt Commercial Orchestra, Commercial club. "She enters your life as quietly as a sunbeamf' liifff f. ,.,.f J 4 l -ii L .A I Twenty-nine Y w m I P i X X4 IVJM we st f . fxfiiri p I I i E l i P i E l S I 1 Th i rty oef X CJ fv' 'U I r.?1.n.u. V1.1 Vivian Kortz Albert Kramer Commercial Commercial Commercial club, glee, Girl Re- Philo, Echoes staff, electrician. serves. "Electrons like smiles "Vivian is another 'gain' for Travel many miles." A. L." -, Forrest Krabbe College Prep. Ionian sergeant at arms, crack squad, R.O.T.C. corporal, Echoes staff, "Pigs", production staff "A Prince There Was". "Ever happy, never crabbyf' Irene Krueger Leonard Kuhl Commercial College Prep. . Ionian vice president, glee, "Sweet amd modest with a Echoes staff, R.O.T.C. corporal, friendly smile." Road Show. "Always genial, hc's not a fool." Frances Krumenacher College Prep. Delta Tau president, Rifle corps, Girl Reserves, French club, Ves- per choir, glee secretary, "Mrs, Bumpstead Leigh". "She has a heart full of song: and exquisite harmony in all way." John Lapsley Harold Larsen College Prep. General Glee secretary-treasurer, Echoes "He's a chap of cheerful yes- staff, Vesper choir, R.O.T.C. terdays, and confident tomor- lieutenant, Southwest Iowa rows." chorus. Betty Larsen College Prep. Ero vice president, State cham- pion sextet, Girl Reserves, French club, "Riding Down the Sky". X "Her music in our heart we ooreg Long after it was heard no more." Ione E. Larson Doris Lent Commercial Commercial Commercial club, glee. Commercial club. "What a secretary she'll make." "A pretty dark crown ne'r off- set by a frown." - Irene Larsen Commercial Delta Tau, Commercial club, glee. "Mischief is in her eyes." Marian Linden Commercial Production staff "Speaks", Com- mercial club. Margarett Kathryn Lett Commercial Commercial club, glee. "After she's met, She's hard to forget." "Quiet-unlike most girls." Irene Lewis X , General Glee. L "When speaking of Irene They all say she's keen." l ,. ' A 1 f ' " f I f 1, , 1 ' fi t Y I, 'S -7 4 v - ' ' N' . Maurme Litt e Robert McBain College Prep. General Latin club president, Ero, glee, Logo, Bi-Phy-Chem. Rifle corps, ticket manager "Riding Down the Sky", pro- " ' d ess is wisdom." duction staff "Daddy Long " Lens". "Little twinklcs in her eyes, Are the cause for many a sigh." Robert Lowe General Echoes staff. "Skill to do comes of doing." S Dorothy McDav1tt Gwendolyn Mc ams Commercial College Prep. 'J Commercial club, Echoes staff, lnter-societ, t Alpha see- orchestra secretary. retary, Sp i uh vice presi- dent, " ' rted Herbert", "She is always laughing: and ' nrt of the Movies", always gay." ' oso larxrc dark eyes 'h enchantment lies." Marjorie McGurren Commercial Commercial club, Echoes staff. "Impossible is not in her dic- tionary." gl o McMullen Roland Madision llefze Prep. Commercial onian secretary, Junior Red Ionian, wrestling, "Poor Nut". Cross council, Junior Hi-Y. O "Continual cheerfulnc-ss is a "His stuff on the ball sign of wisdom " I Means success in all." . Jack McSor y If Commercial Freshman basketball, R,O.T.C. sergeant. "To Jack, this fine toast we give, 'l'o the mcrriest lad as ever did live." Earl Madsen Avis Mayne Commercial . Cvllvze PWD- Aristo treasurer, Commercial Ero, Girl Reserves, Masque and f club vice president, band, debate, Wig, glee, Rifle corps, debate, gf Echoes staff, R,O.T.C. sergeant, French club, "Pigs". golf, "Seventeen". "He got the kind of mind you metal." "Her voice ' as soft as a ruse can sharpen your own On. r Leonard Martini yfi' General ' R.0.T.C. captain, basket all. "A good worker, a genial com- panion, a true friend." Vesta Marie Means Robert Miller Commercial Commercial Ero, Masque and Wig, Echoes Aristo, staff, assistant director "Pigs", "Mrs,Bumpstead-Leigh","Daddy "Laugh, and the world laughs Long Legs". with you: Talk, and you talk alone," "Meeting her is more like a re- union than lzctting acquainted." Gertrude Messersmith College Prep. Ma Honor society, Annual staff, rifle expert, Girl Reserves, Echoes staff, Delta Tau sergeant at arms, Reservettes. "Quality rather than quantity." f,igj,f Thirty-one 9 Sf O '1 4 Thirty-two f'ff if, f I, K! , f 'f Eunice Minssen George Moorcf X' . ' ff Commercial Commercial ,ff Delta Tau, Girl Reserves, Rifle Commercial club, li.0.'l'.C, lieu- eorps, production staff "The tenant, Echoes staff. lliz Pond", "Mrs. llumpstead- Leigh". "Amid the hurried roar, Walked the quiet Moore." "Not 'minein' words - she's swell!" Bonnie Moon Commercial Della Tau, Commercial elulm. "Shu-'s a 'llonuy' lass." 9 ' oris Negethon l'an Neill Commercial College PWD- Orehcstra secretary, Commercial Alpha, Rifle corps, Latin club, club, band. Echoes staff, production staff "A Prince There Was", "Big "Of punctual kind, Hearted Herbert". Her smile's sublime." "One who does her duty thor- oupghlyf' Emmanuel Negcthon Commercial Commercial uluh, li.O.'l'.C. cor- poral, Echoes staff. "A lad of quiet dignity." Frances Nelson General Masque and Wiir. trlee. "We can all tell She will do Q Zoe Nelson Commercial Glee, State music contest, Rifle corps, Masque and Wig, G.A.A., "Riding Down the Sky", "Joan well." of the Nancy Lee". "A little ereature with sparkling: eyes." Mary Jane Nelson Commercial Girl Reserves, Commercial club. "As charming a eoquette As ever you met." Maxine Olson 1 I1 K, all Prep. College Prep. ' club, athletics. 9 Alpha. '11 'She's a 'sporty' gal." "She is your friend indeed and , will help you in your need." N ans' ielsen I 'Cdhmercial LO.T.C. sergeant, Ionian. "The outlines of his face reveal that genial race." 6 bf' 55 Jeanne O,Neill Marguerite Pace Commercial Commercial Rifle corps, Commercial club, Clio, Commercial club. glee. "So short, so sweet, "Her duties as a secretary she'll One to love and meet." never shirk. Maric O'Ncill Coll:-gc Prep. lijro, French club, Spanish club, Masque and Wig, production staff "Pigs", glee. "St, Patrick knew O'Neill too." lf!!! ff? y Donald Parks Mary Louise rks General College , - ix , Football, wrestling, glee, rifle Hono s e ety, ho, Fr n' uh team, hand, Echoes staff, "Joan se re , ' Res v i of the Nancy Lee". rri H t, ' ,ate ' 'ro -ms , or . "Don likes them all and the, V :ill like Don." 'Music ir! he nprers s ight in her air.' li i Douglas Parks d QJ College Prep. liatin club vice president, "Rifl- 9 im: llnwn the Sky", R.0.'l'.C. '5 A il 1'Ol'l70l'2 . "A plfmusupher' in his trends, P P i XX ,Finds l:1r.fze cliviclt-n1ls." A fi! 5' . 1 gf ' V C r. Gilb rt P liredrick 3- so Cin-i rein J Comme a Ioijylzif Jtj7.'l'.C. captain, If-hoy q' sta , may treasurer. L X ' ' rs um -Leigh", "Honor HGl'f!QlC',fI.I'lltlS were lvloml too." r' f e ty und manners are . 5 ' Marion Peet College Prep. Delta Tau vice president, Latin eluh censor, Girl Reserves, "The Big Pond". ,J l 71' "Ready in llClll'l,xl'CIlllY,-XII hand." cf' ,U ' -Q" ,f C L' , of r l fi x kd + U 1 'lj xv . ll rf L . . . I-lelen Louise Peterson U Lorraine Phillips Commercial ,L Commercial Glee, Girl Reserves. Commercial clltlu, ldro, "So well she acts all and every "Her cheerfulness is an offshot part." of goodness and wi:1rlom." Roy Peterson Commercial lntersuciety flehale, R.O.'l'.C. ii VS! sergeant, Logo. V 4 "Sincerily is the mark Ul'st1'On:: souls." Honor Prentice Vera Primm Commercial College Prep. Delta Tau, intersociety ileliate. Latin club. "A friendly uirl with 'Honor' in "Pork and trim, her eyes." She's always 'I'rim'. Charlotte Presler College Prep, Honor society, Thalian vice pres- ident, Girl Reserves, French club, Masque and Wig, glee, de- elam finals, debate. "In plays she's always quite a hit: ln classrooms too, she does her bit." lone Pruitt Talmage Quick Commercial College Prep. Alpha, Commercial club. Football, basketball, R.O.T.C. lieutenant, Echoes staff, Hi-Y "Her every action is measured by secretarv-treasurer, Vesper choir the flepth of the sentiment from glee, Officers' club. which it proceeds." "The flavor in socicty's recipe." Barbara Pryor Cnllege Prep. Girl Reserves, Spanish club, glee, Alpha, Rifle corps. "Prim, precise, pretty." D X-.4 .2 Thirty-three Thirty-four .L g . . ,, F . -- ---.., Richard Read Paul Rink College Prep. College Prep. Senior class president, R.O.T.C. Honor society, Annual staff, captain, A1-isto president, foot- glee, Latin club, Aristo. ball. "Politeness is to do and say the "A million dollar smile." kindest things in the kindest I way." Dorothy Reed Commercial Commercial club, glee. "Her eyes are pools of quiet- ness." . lf' . . if J ', William Reber Lucile Roden if College Pre College Pre . , 3 .1 Football, o society, Annual 'Fhalian sergefm aighrsf glee, staff, I h s .ta , basketball, French cluli, Sp sh club, u Wig, "Pell Echoes staff, Road Show. ear "Lucille w'l steal heart "Gi at tho Lrhts come from the away," heart." 'f-4 U Kenneth Robinson College Prep. R.O.T.C, captain, glee, Aristo Hi-Y, "Spooks", "Riding Down the Sky". "He Lzoes along with a song in his heart". Marian Roennau Sylvia Ross Cflllelre Prev. College Prep. Clio secretary, debate, produc- liand, Rifle corps, G.A,A, tion staff "Growing Pains", ln- tcrnational Correspondence club. "Effervescent mirth, Ever since her birth." ,, "The,faij-est garden in her looks f ip" her mind? the hwisest' ' 'rt kolqs. Q , l Reynold Ros Commercial Commercial club, .O.T.C. ser- ucant, glee. "It's not thc gloss that makes the boss." e u erg Betty Jane Saunders . C rcD. Commercial ' De au, Echoes staff. Clio secretary, prlee, Rifle corps. "Sophisticated lady." "Queen of hearts." Miriam Saks College Prep. Honor society, junior class treas- urer, extempo finals, debate finals, debate, Thalian treasurer, Girl Reserves. "Knowledge is power." I f" ' Donald Schell Virginia Schultz Commercial Commercial Annual staff, Echoes staff, Com- Rifle corps, glee. mercial club president. "Her true greatness lies in hc- "Wit, work, and worry make ing kind." great men." Alice Schley College Prep. l Honor society, orchestra. presl- dent, string quartet, Alpha his- torian, production staff "Mer- N ton of the Movies", Latin club. "There's nothing so queenly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth." . .N fr .Q- 5 Harry Searle Donald Sh - ' College Prep. Cnmmer R.O.T.C. captain, Aristo, Echoes lonian. 3 staff. ' "He can give and t thfthe "Easy come, easy gn." best of them." Frances Seidler College Prep. Thalian, Masque and Wig, Latin club, glee, production staff "Speaks", business staff "Charm School". "Modest manners with wisdom and courage beneath." I h Law . G . y A WX, Iv, is of Helen Shields Mary Lois Simon Commercial Commercial Echoes staff, Commercial club, Echoes staff, Clio treasurer, U,A,A, Rifle Corps, glee. "Sh: 'shields' her modesty." "A golden light caught in her hair." Virginia Sidlers General Commercial club, Rifle corps. "Her kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making' everything: in its vicinity freshen into smiles." Helen Singer Eileen Slocum Commercial Commercial V G,A,A, Thalian, glee, Masque and Wm. "Some jobs are no fun, "Happy as the day is long." liut she gets them all done." Marie Skow Commercial Glee, Commercial club, C.A.A., glee i1'ersia, Iowal. "Like a gentle breeze She aims to please." A 4 I x Glenn Smith Mason Smith College Prep. Collvzre Prep- ' I Echoes staff, R.0.'l'.C. corporal. Senior class vice pres , Latin K ' club counsul, Ionian president, I W "He works because he's willing, Honor society, R.O.T.C. captain, I X and worry knows him not." "A Prince There Was", "The . Charm School". lr "Fate triecl to conceal him by X X i calling lynx 'Smith'." ' I. . i N 1 .' -if-N if in weft, M", gi, I ti ' Am. i' ' X551 It " Gretchen Smith -V, f sf 'N t M 1' 1 ' ' K 4 College Prep. Ll i I Clio, French club, Rifle corps, Eehees staff, "Growing: Pains". K "Lovely to louk at, delightful to n know." WW ard Solliclay James Stageman College Prep, Football, basketball, senior class serizeant at arms, track, R.O.'l'.C. lieutenant, glee librarian, An- nual staff, Echoes staff, Span- ish club. "The little 'bitt shot' of the football team." Mary Spitznagle Commercial General Freshman basketball, R.O.T.L-. sergeant, glee. "He is a man Who maintains Commercial club, glee. "Mild as a gentle breeze." 'l can !'.' Thirty-five D 'swf' We YM -KEY A N. Thirty-six Melba Staley Helen Stash Commercial Band, Commercial club, Inter- national Correspondence club. "Cheerfulness is the principal ingredient in her composition." Mary Elvira Starr College Prep. College Prep. Thalian treasurer, Masque and Wig, Rifle corps, assistant di- rector '35 Christmas play, Latin club, "Lilies of the Field". "A slender flower of lovelinessf' Rifle corps secretary-treasurer, Junior Red Cross council sec- retary, Girl Reserves, Masque and Wie, Thalian, "Seventeen". Ulirevity is the soul of wit." Hazel Steele David Stowe General Commercial club, Rifle corps. "Her eyes of hlue Will get you too." Frances Stoker F x-1' Commercial My glggy, mee. G.A.A. College Prep. President Iowa high :ehool Press association, Echoes staff, Honor society president, Annual staff. "Intelligence knows no houn4l.:," "A laugh of hers is worth a hundred laughs in any other market." Donald Stupfell Frank Thomas College Prep. Senior class secretary. Hi-Y president, R,O.'l'.C. sergeant, basketball, football. "Ar-tions, not words, makes the man." College Prep. Logo vice president, production staff "Pee: O' My lieart", "M1's. Bumpstead I,eiLrh", "Honor Fright", "Ninth Guest", ltoafl Show. "A frank, subtle, efficient lad!" B4 I f Glenn Swisher College Pre , Ionian, FZ oes s ' , R,O,T,C, lieu an I "I ters' ink does ' not f, 1. pt to find it does , not sh of ' X Girl Re- to n A Was" Clarence Tyler . College Prep. Loco. Bi-Phy-Chem club, crack squad, Echoes staff. "Salesmanship, and Tyler too." N ,- 'jshe quiet, sweet, and shy." qi ,' ' E ff . ,X g l- Maw Louise Tliompsonuejff, lj., .1 l I ommercial 5,95 .' l 1- 4" V gl . .v 1 "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maiden-a are." Selwyn Tyson Louise Unverferth Commercial Commercial Ionian. "A stern but gentle look." Pauline Ulm College Prep. Commercial club, glee. "Quiet,, serious, with a sunny nature. Thalian, Reservette, Girl Re- serves, production staff "Charm School", "Seventeen", "Spools", "Lilies of the Field". "So quiet and considerate." , lx Phyllis Van Druff Jere Van Rensselaer '-J ' College Prep. College Prep. l Annual staff, junior class vice Declam winner, Frenchxx cu , president, Thalian president. Honor society, Clio, glee, Je atc , Honor society, Girl Reserves, squad. French club. "A 'nso e lass is she." lv "Her smiles are nets to catch , A A, the strongest hearts." V' xg I 'XX KJ 4' Thelma Van Horne ill ll -N ' f ' t Commercial , Clio, French club. if No rn itter what she t 'es 0 db She always tries to do her best- K li it At horde, away, oriat he ischoohfi X' There isn't any better rule." gf Q I' ' UN ' J, 'L P Bernard Ve din Eugene K. Waldmann College Prep. College Prep. Football, Ili-Y, Vesper choir, Bi-Phy-Chem president. 'Spooky' "A real worker." "He meets ill luck With plenty ul' pluckf' Pleasant Voss Commercial G,A.A. secretary, basketball tcam, volleyball team. "Efficiency plus." ,L It I ,. f' -J ' ' L-5'fL' ,- W ff , J lle 1 Wftff fffqovwfev 712 KW john E. Waldmann James Watson . College Prep. C0mm9l'Clal lii-Phy-Chem president, Philo. Football, bas h , track, glee R.O.T.C. s rf! 'nt, rifle team "His words are bonds. llettermans cl b. His oaths are oraclesf' "TakiqP: the game seriously i a ground gainer in any contest.' Robert Warner C6' mercinl lingo, lt.U.'l'.C. corporal, wrest- linkt. "Every main stamps his own values on his own self." Jeanne Watson Doris Wiatt College Prep. Commercial Echoes staff, Rifle corps, glee, Glee, Commercial club. Thalian, production staff 'ASM'- enteen", "Spooks", "Lilies of "Thought is deeper than all the Field". speech." "Quiet, serious, dependable." Mary Wiatt General Glee. "She does way." Barbara White College Prep. Honor society, junior class sec- retary. debate, Delta 'l'au presi- dent, lJ.A.R. county repreenta- tive, "Mrs, liunipstead Leigh". ' "Her head is poised as perfect- ly as the crest of a wave." Charlotte Wight College Prep. Glee, Masque and mlm .. KI, I Pd 1 aw" l Wig, Alpha secretary. "Rig Hearted Her- things in the kindest bert", "Short and sweet." Mary Virginia Wickham College Prep. French club, Rifle corps, glee, Thalian. "Footloose and fancy free." -1 Thirty -seven Thirty-eight X Lx! fX XJ is X-af .J K.. Albert Williams Margaret Williams College Prep. Band, Ionian. "And when there's a gentleman Commercial Alpha, Masque and Wig, Com- mercial elub, glee, there, "Meets trials with smiles and You know all other things give they vanish, place." Faces cares with u song and they flee." Jeanne Winn Delmar Winslow Commercial Commercial Ern. Spanish club, Girl Reserves, girls' sextet, senior class ex- ecutive committee, "Riding Down the Sky". "Many friends has she won, 'Cause she's lots und lute: of fun." Masque and Wigr, Philo, Echoes stuff, "Growing: Pains", "Endurance is nobler than strength." Marjorie Wippel Ja ne Witt Commercial Ero, 'Commercial club, Interna- tional Correspondence club, glee, State shorthand contest. "Very efficient in her own thoughtful way." Commercial Echoes stuff, Clio, Girl Re- serves, Rifle corps, production stn ff "Are You il Mason", "Honor Bright", "She's a truc- 'wit'." Rae Wolfson Carleton Woodward Commercial College Pr . Thalian historian, band, Girl lli o , i e , und, Reserves, Rifle corps, "Spooks", or .l'.C. sergeant, "Joan of the Nancy Lee". 1 c ilu n staff "Honor Bright". "Goodness has made her happy, and happiness has made her "lnnercircle." good." 1 Junior Officers Mr. Miller, Lutz, Miss Ketter, Friar. Seiffr-i'l, Meier, Cunlcn, CLASS OF 1937 We resent the 'unior class-consistin of 307 in number and each roud of the ac- - P J g P complishments of his class. Of our actors, orators, athletes, delnaters, and musicians-many are juniors. They stand for the hest there is in scholarshi , character, anti school s irit. . . . P The have clone so well as LIHIOYS-Wllfit will the do as seniors? Y 1 Y Frank Friar Clayton Meier Eleanor Lutz James Conlon Russell Seiffert Sponsors: Miss Ketter and llflr. Miller - Presizlent Via' presidenl - Secreiary - - Treasurer Sergeant at arms 'l'hiz'Ly-nine 'i Forty CLASS OF 1937 Juniors proved themselves outstanding in many of the society productions throughout the year. Efficient in all other departments of the school as Well, has been this class. Next year this group with its high ideals should prove one of the successful in many years. Bock, Acord, Cass, Barrett, Ball, Anderson, Belt, Austin, Barrett, Acord. Anderson, Bryan, Christensen, Brown, Childs, Chambers, Christensen, Arnold, Collins, Brandt, Barber, Bosley. Angeroth, Burgess, Cade, Berry, Baker, Alkire, Alberti, Chambers, Bussitt, Cluar, Anderson, Bull. Bertelsen, Andresen, Brandt, Andersen, Allen, Andersen, Bell, Bowers, Cade. Escuncy, Grosevnor, Groneweyr, Gundlzuzh, Friar, Day, Jensen, Dahl, Hall, Gronstal. Gossurd, Grossman, Gilson, Dick, Feyerbrand, Drake, Goodrich, Conley, Edholm, Coulter, Costello, Ehlers. Fiseus, Gzlrretson, Dicks, Enselmzxn, Campbell, Harman, DZll'l'lH2'tOH, Gethoefer, Crowe, Ford, Endelman, Coyle, Biruhzxrd. Davis, Cone, Ford, Halpin, Conlon, Grow, Fox, Drummond. CLASS OF 1937 Athletics, while not as successful as in previous years, still has the loyal support and school spirit than will produce outstanding results for next year. Much success of the hand, orchestra, and the other music groups we owe to the special talents of the junior class. Kottwitz, Harrison, Hartnett, Hurd, Lzxugzhlin, Kruyrer, Lane, Larson, Knight, Johnson, Iiarchomsky, Jarehow, Hughes, llollender, Gable, Hennessy, Jensen, Ives, Ilauschildt, Jones, Hough, Johnson, Hennessy, Johnson, Jennings, Jensen, Gould, Kinney, llerwiyr, Hilton, Kjar, Kinney, Klisl. Hansen, Jeppeson, Larsen, Hathaway, Hansen, Krasne, Kussrnan. Morse, Howard, Leell, Miller, Mueller, Martin, lic-onharclt, Neill, Miller, Moore. Moore, Linclsironi, McCa1't, Meyerson, Lerner, Mai-le, Lewis, Morgran, McMastei's, Miller, Myers, Morse. Iiindstrom, Vai-ks, Nusser, Morraine, Oliver, Neilsen, Martin, lV1ellilvery, Lutz, Iiavelv. Owens. Owen. U'Niel, Miller, McKinsey, Luxford, Martin, Matteson, Louie, lllsnn. Forty-one Folly-two CLASS OF 1937 Many positions on the Echoes staff were held by juniors, and it is to them and their loyal support that we owe much of the success of the high school paper. Their helpful hints and lcincl suggestions have been profitable to us. Pyles, Pirsh, Ryder, Rohrburg, Pugh, Skelton, Profezlzi, Smith, Smith, Rzxtzikuus, Roarty, Sieclc. Purdy, Rzxygror, Powell, Rohrburg, Petersen, Rourty, Shea, Pilling, Peake, Sziltzman, Roffmaxn. Reid, Peters, Schlott, Pzirrner, Seicller, Smith, Schumacher, Perlmutter, Pittman, Sieburg, Sessions. R. Sm-ott, li. Scott, Shueffer, Roberts, Pomeroy, D. Scott, Shirlc, Sieffert. Vain Leuvzin, Stokes, Wills, Wiseman, Spellmeyer, Stevens, Svc-nninyrson, Wright, Stevens, Woods, Wind. Wollmzux, Thompson, 'l'ullmz1n, Wells, Sorenson, Watson, Waugh, Winn, Stiles, Stzrneliffe, Thomas, Wzuldell. Spencer, Spillizlrsl, St. Henri, Stecfh, Wesley, Wilcox, Stzigremnn, Woods, Wormhourlt, Spoto, Scoulzir, Stzincliffe, Strohbehn, Vallier. 'l'orrz-tin, Stockmun, Tucy, Sidow, Sears, Walker, Walker, Wager. CLASS OF 1938 We are the unsophisticated freshmen of yesterday-the confident sophomores of today. We are doing our best to make our class the finest that has ever been in the school. -lust watch us blossom out. We are half way through high school and are starting the "climb to success." Gretzor, Jepson, Allan, Felton, Heck, Hudson, Hansen, Gustuffson, Droire, Hollingsworth, Fryer, Durfee, Henderson. Johnson, Arnold, Hanson, Boedecker, Charles, Fried, Bain, llnnnuh, Brown, Gebhur, Briggs, Davis, liaumeister, Franklin, Grote, Esancy, Fitzgibbon, Fulmer, Jzieobsen, Kinney, Durfee, llurrill, Dallinger, Eszlncy. Smith, Olsen, Platt, McKee, Telpner, Myers, Whittaker, Spriirg, Wright, Van Druff, Nelson. Pinkston. Wullnu-, Morse, Seldon, Smoek, Meyerson, White, Miles, Ilziyi-fs, Wright, Tallman, Pierson, Sultmrnver. Mounts, Munn, Overmzxn, Price, Miller, McCarthy, ' Wentworth, Miller, Elson, Morris, Walker, South. Forty-three CLASS OF 1938 Somewhere in our miclst will be the senior presiclent-the junior president-the editor- in-chief of the Echoes-no one knows what possibilities we have. lr still remains for time to solve the problems of our future. Do your best, sophomores, to carry on the traditions of our schools! i1'orty-four Anderson, Christoffersen, Tennant, Childs, Heath, Grote, Fisher, Kutlcr, Harden, Hush Anderson, Gilleland, DeVol. Brown, Hutchison, Casali, Knapp, Drustrup, Fallers, Hall, Johnson, Girard, Endicott, Fisher, Hansen, Noble, Dolan, Bailey, Lammert, Jacobsen, Aders, Christensen, Chafen, Chapman, llrown, Kemplin Kerber, Ahrens, Kinney, Gilbert, Day, Christensen Farher, Hansen, Hayes, Brell, Bock, Adams, Howlette, Cox, Julian, Chambers, Baldauf, Flpperson, Fryer, Dye, Hall, Lewis. Hogan, Gittle, Evans, Buskett, Crabill, Bair, Hamilton, Graves, Hetriek, Brandt, Hiller Cochran, Jennings, lialaban, Duggan, Lewis, Anderson, Anderson. Glassburner, Burgess, Hansen, Harrington, Hanusa, Blizzard, Gillman, Buskness, Harriman, Jeppeson, Gellert. Reynolds, McGee, Peterson, Peterson, Sones, Zurmuehlen, Price, Norman, Radtke, Wiuhac-l, Sorenson, Whitcomhs, Ranney, Meis, Opal, Sollazzo. Van Leuvan, Swanson, Wierda, Walters, Staley, Williams, Morgan, Smith, Masske, Olson, Permutter, Peters, Moth, Myer, Starr. Mr-Clellan, Roden, Wager, Puckhaber, Millner, Peterson, Roden, Sowl, Stewart, Neff, Nelson, Stevens, Norirard, Mackland, Peterson, Plunkett. Mortensen, Miles, McC'lland, Stash, Peterson, Miller, McCalland, Monfort, Purdy, Neely Winfeld, Pierce, Pinney, Preston, Robinson, Russell, Tinnel. Pruitt, Mortensen, Weiner, Willefo1'd, Thurmond, 0'Neill, Ring, Neumayer, Pennington, Ranch, Palluder, Madison, May, Pischel, Southward, Veneil. Remington, lVIcCombie, Peterson, Walters, Miller, Shobe, Zimrnc-rman, Pohl, Voss, W0lhEl'S, Thomas, Madison, Perdew. i In CLASS OF 1939 Wlien do we eat?-A dash for lunch at quarter to UVClVC-lfilflllllg the dols and dont's-dazzled by the rush in the halls-l-low do you get to seventh period? Office at the close of the period-trouble, trouble, troulvlc-Oh! the life of a freshman! I':1rmer ,O'Brien, Grimsley, Wzidum, Winn, Parker, Fryer, Hermes, Stepphnn. Neilson, Starr, Lindsey, llzirrziek, Thornell, Coekley, Hansen, Halpin, Christofferson, lligrley, Jessen, Pziliclino, Iloyson, Caskey, Sizer, Hahan, Spencer. Terry, Mcbzmiels, Larson, Iii-zu-kman, Rinehart, White, Burton, Cohen, Costznntino, Stortz, Pllder, Gallo, Adkins, Jordal, Jensen. lmonhziri, Lindstrom, Sehnioedec-he, Evans, Cnywood, Benjamin, Fisher, Chaoinzin, Lewis, llnhrnmn, Christensen, Farrell, Robinson, Onan, Moore, Skelton, Austin, Gosszlrd, Jacks. Gross, Iiirdsomr, Brandt, Tyler, Leosis, Moser, Allen, Porter, Berg, Iinrrett, Bernstein, Van Horne, M4-lizgin. Sorenson, Hairkins, Spencer, Wrinkle. l,'4wkr:1n, Howe, London, Grossman, Soetman, Holnnrzlrd, Kirn, Foote, Curtis, Huis-s, MeMnrr:iy, Sadler, Maiden, Keiderling, Van Druff, Sehlott, Serher, Kissel, Pike, Iironilseryz, l-Ixers. Iieezlvy, Ru:-mussen, Dumas, Mi-Gee, Payne, Hesse, Christofferson, Russell, l':1rks, Daniel-1, Riekulvouirh, Derry, Christienson, Melieenan, Stcvuns. lizirlon, Ebberhart, lizirriit, Drake, Eggers, Brown, Abels, H:u'liz-lm, Farrell, Anderson, Hziack, Jansen, Franke, Anderson. Hopkins, Hansen, I,igm-11, Anderson, Kat:-lnmn, Ilrittizm, Frohzirdt, Jorgensen, Larsen, Allen, Grosvenor, Hnrly, Foxx. Dodd, Greulzich, Dir-kensen, Eiseheid, Cone, llzirth, Archibald, Cox, Conn, liell, Drake, Dorlind, Epox-rson, Knohle. l lindzntz, Hamniernieister, Adkins, Kruse, Hoffman, Hendrieks, Fisher, llngrhes, Grabill, Hziiston, llrittien, Cody, Joplin, Lee, Allen. l llellol, Haeon, F2llllJlK', llurd, Loper, Brown, Fox, Jacobs, Christensen, Johnson, Jones. 1-15-five CLASS OF 1939 Young, Powell, Smith, Phinny, McClelland, Peterson, Spuryrvon, Points, Scofield, Ross, Voss, Mzlnasmith, White. Tcchan, WLlliFil, Whipple, Otto, 'I'wifm'fI, Roach, Peterson, Ulm, Nviruthon, Meliern, Mun-hl:-mvc-gr, Steinhzxuor, 'l'hom:1s, Thomas, Woorlwzirtl. Tripplctt, Wilfl, Slightznm, Ramsey, Whitson, Ring, Warner, Stzigremun, Reynolds, Siiglini-, Mols, Morlvnson, Martens, Sprinifer, Millrr, Starllin, Wood, Smith, Thomas, Olson, Shra, Shields. SNAPSHOTS just a moment till I tie my shoe, Betty .... Some of thc boys were whooping it up- than Mr. Asquith came along .... Signor lVlclVlillcu takes to his auto top for the R. O. T. C. pictures .... Fightl Fight! .... Fuller leacls the field at the start of the 220 in the Tee Jay Relays .... Clark and Grossman take down the flag. Look at Grossman's hat, thoughl Forty-six MORE SNAPSI-IOTS Senior athletes regret . . . The two mile quartet which broke a Tee Jay Relay record: Skelton, Cone, Knight, and Allan starting left to right .... Three carloads off for Iowa City and music honors .... Horse car brigade for the Iowa City trip. ' .P L,' 1 , - . We 4' ' A " Q :S 1. , Ae l Forty-eight TI-IE ART COLLECTION The Blue Boy stands before us. I-Ie draws no breath. His pulses do not throb. And yet he is living-living and exemplifying art for all those who pause to study him. The group pictured here-the famous Blue Boy and the statues, Diana Robing and I-Iebe-are typical of a remarkable collection of paintings and statuary in the halls and rooms of Abraham Lincoln, a collection that is one of the largest of its kind in the schools of the Middlewest. In our halls are approximately sixty reproductions of paintings of undisputed reputa- tion, and three originals. Such masters as Raphael, Wluistler, Gainsborough, Corot, Van Dyke, Sargent, Reynolds, and Velasquez are represented. A group of twelve French, Dutch, and American modems hang in the study hall. In the classrooms are some twenty-five famous reproductions, and a number of valu- able photographs. Besides the paintings, twelve pieces of statuary are distributed through- out the building, and every morning we are greeted in the front hall by our best beloved statue, a large one of St. Gaudens' Abraham Lincoln. Seven plaques and medallions and three sets of freizes are included in the collection. Une of these sets is Thorwaldsen's "Triumphal Entry of Alexander Into Babylon". An- other is from the Parthenon of Greece. The senior class is presenting the school with the Cantoria Frieze by Lucca del Robbia this spring. The present collection has been many years in the making and it is being added to constantly. Art is not a sermon-it has no moral. Yet art creates an atmosphere in which the good unconsciously grows, the beautiful refines, and the perfect suggests the perfect. THE CARNEGIE COLLECTION Because of its collection of fine paintings and reproductions and its outstanding program of mass aesthetic appreciation, Abraham l.incoln was presented with the gift of an Art Teaching Reference Set by the Carnegie Foundation, this year. In this way it has come to possess one of the finest and most complete high school art libraries and exhibits in the country. Included in this unusual addition to the art source material of the school are books on all phases of art: general histories, volumes on many types of art, on the contribution of various countries, and on the worlc of noted individuals. Nearly all of these books are lavishly illustrated and many of them consist largely of beautiful pictures. There are books on ancient art, on arts and crafts, and on costume and furniture. A large number of volumes deal witlw the history and the broad subject of art itself. Four volumes deal with medieval art. The contribution of the Rennaissance to art is discussed in twelve books. Two interesting divisions are those on prehistoric art and the great masters. A most important section is that containing mounted many of the finest worlcs of art in all ages: paintings, sculpture, architecture, and mosaics. There are approximately 840 reproductions in this collection. The reproductions of modern art which accompanied the collection have been framed and hung in 315, giving the room the pleasing effect of an art gallery rather' than that of a study hall. The entire collection of books and mounted pictures is housed in an attractive cabinet built by students. Although the gift has been in the school less than a year, it has dem- onstrated its value in many ways, and the work almost of every pupil has been affected thereby. Who can estimate the value of this collection in fitting youth for richer living through a deeper appreciation of beauty? Forty-nine SENIOR BABIES! Row one-Peet, Schell, Hackl, Read, Grow, and Hermes. Row two-Presler and M. I.. Parks. .Row three-James, Heck, Winn, Jeanne Watson, Van Rensselaer, and Deitchler. Row four-Krumenacher, Van Druff, Winslow, French, and Freeman. Row five-Ainsworth, and here the "Seann uf the Century" by ihe Annual staff-our own Principal G. W. Kirn at 2. very, very tender age, Linrlcn, Brandt, and Stupfell. Below, row one-F. Grote, Harry Jensen, House, White, M. Smith, Searle, and Kleeb. Below, row two-Vcrdin, Messersmith, B. Larson, Hailey, Quick, and Brugenhemkc. I 1 i Yesrerclay--Daring The wilds of an unlrramplecl sod +o reach happiness, a life for The hardy and impefuous, and finding Jrheir Uropia in a simple Triumph over man's sfrongesf foe-Nalrure. il V, 5 1 5 1 AY 1 I , 2. I E be -4 J 5 5 , 1 , .11 -, i 1 . V 1 W v I li S11 . -I Activities Today-Sacrifice and cour- age bring a complex world for us ioday-and wiiiw ii an oppor- iuniiy of becoming ine icoremosi of men and women Jriirougifi an all-around iraining for ieacier- siiip in ine growing cornpiexilry. Fift V' l Fifty-two ACTIVITIES As students of Abraham Lincoln High School, we are indeed privileged to have the opportunity of entering into many varied outside activities. Coming first in publications is the Echoes, a weekly newspaper put out by second semester journalism pupils. The Crimson and Blue, yearly annual, is published by a selected group of seniors. The entire year's worlc of the school is surveyed in the book. Forensics include debate, declam, and extempos. Contests in these divisions originate in the various literary societies. The picked winner of each society then competes with other society winners and in this manner, the school's champion is chosen. Poise, character, speaking ability and similiar qualities are all promoted in this group. Band, orchestra, and glee clubs are given periods of their own during the day in which to practice. Each year an operetta is given by the senior glee members and is assisted by the orchestra. Contests of sub-district, district, state and national origin are entered as part of the project in music. Special voice classes are also held. There are nine literary societies-five for girls and four for boys. It is in these organizations that culture, leadership, character, and sportsmanship are highly developed. Everyone is given a chance to show his talents in one way or another, through plays, debate, or as an officer of the group. The athletic, commercial, dramatic, and language clubs have originated from their respective school divisions. They are usually organized for entertainment or sports. Coming as a climax to all the enjoyable activities are the plays. Every year through the co-operation of each literary society, five comedies are given. The junior class produces a mystery play and the senior class a drama. Besides these, one short Christmas play is presented. CRIMSON AND BLUE STAFF Time marches on. For more than six months we, the members of the Crimson and Blue staff, have labored to get out the I936 edition, under the guidance of Miss Eleanor Baptist, sponsor. We have enjoyed the labor it took to erect this milestone and we appreciate the honor of being chosen to do it. But as time marches on, never to return, our only hope is that this milestone may guide you back to countless scores of pleasant memories, as you continue marching along with time. Schell, Grossman, Stowe, Roberts, Adams. f Deituhler, Allan, Solliduy, lirugenhemke, Crowl, Heck. Gohlinghorst, Arnold, lVIi-ssc-rsrnitli, Miss liuptist, Van Ilrllff, lluckl, Crow. CRIMSON AND BLUE STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF - - - - - William Roberts - Phyllis Van Druff - Gertrude Messersmith - - Edward Solliday - Marguerite Gohlinghorst Ealitor-in-Chief - Associate Editor - Associate Editor - Boys, Sports - Girls' Sports Faculty - - - - - - - Paul Rink Senior Class - - Jane Grow, Eleanor Deitchler Under-classmen - ---- Dorothy Heclc Literary Societies A - - Gwen McMain5 Plzotograplvy - ----- Bob Crowl Clubs - - - Gwen I-laclcl, Ruby Arnold R.O.T.C. - ---- Tom Allan Art - - - - - Bert Fitzbiggon Micsic - ----- - David Stowe BUSINESS STAFF - Donald Schell Gale Adams, John Brugenhemlce Harley Grossman Business Maiiager - ------ - Advertising Salesmen - Editorial Adviser - Financial Adviser - - Miss Eleanor Baptist - Wilbur I. Rosenlcranz Fifty-three ECI-IOES For thirty-six years, our school paper, the Echoes, has served its purpose and edited the news accurately and with timeliness every week of the school year. The entire staff consists of pupils of Abraham Lincoln journalism classes. Covering the school in a blanket-like fashion the Echoes staffs admit that exclusive interviews, scoops, and going to press are not unlike hard work. But with the capable ad- vice of H. Arthur Lee and Miss Eleanor Baptist, Abraham Lincoln scribes found their difficulties greatly eased. Fifty-four Harris, Jordal, Grossman, Allan, Saunders, Gross, Jensen, Kramer, Funk, Wiaitt. Stash, lleitchler, Hansen, Searle, House, Kuhl, Crowl, Dierclcs, Smith, Thomas, Duff. Bell, Fuller, Pryor, Brandt, Mr. Lee, Hackl, lirugenhernke, Frame, Hcisler, Stowe. Verslin, Kralxbe, Parks, Hailey, Winslow, Petersen, Fricke. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief - News Editor - Feature Editor - Sports Editor - Sports Assistants Luel Proof Readers - Copy Readers Exchanges Art Editor - Business Manager la Duff, - - - Robert Crowl - - - - - Robert Hailey Gretchen Smith, Corrine Jordal - - - - - - - - Bob Fuller Clifford Balcer, Leonard Martin, Francis Bell, Gretchen Smith, Corrine Jordal - - - Eleanor Deitchler, Myrtle Eunlc - - - - - Gwen Haclcl, Tom Allan Barbara Pryor, Betty Saunders, Helen Stash - - - ----- Gwen McMains Busmess STAFF - Fred Peterson - Harley Grossman Advertising Manager Advertising Assistant - A. L. House, Art Heisler, Leonard Kuhl, Ruth Thomas, Mary Wiatt, Delbert Ericke, Walter Brandt, Melvin Frame, Gerald Diercks Mailing Assistants Typists - - - - - - - - - - John Brugenhemlce, - - - - Warren Gross, Harvey .lessen - - - - - - - Margarette Harris, Forest Krablae, Bill Speer, Delmar Wiiislow, Hazel Steele Faculty Adviser ------- - - - H-Affhl-If L99 , ECHOES These embroyo journalists will find it difficult to forget those little placards posted in 201 and 214 emphasizing 'tAccuracy," "Verify,', et cetera, as they will those delightful house spent in publishing the "sheet', at the print shop. Editorially we must concede that the Echoes was vcry successful this year. It might prove interesting for us to note those who dabbled a little with printers' ink to see if it sticks, as the adage asserts, uprinters' inlc will never wash off.', Mr. H. Arthur Lee, faculty adviser, is at present the President of the Iowa Associa- tion of Journalism Directors. Roux-ty, Adu s, Moore, Iirickey, McSorley, Smith, Hessenfluw, Parks, Negrzlthon, Hoffman, Cockley, Tyler. f'hris1ens0n, Inmzm, Parks, Kobbert, Searle, Shields, Sorensen, Etnyre, Neill, Claypool, Capel, Van Horne, Austin. Robinson, Lane, Sim-ls, Kewl, Mr. Lev, Pittman, llzively, Roclen, Jvnsen, Gohlinghorst, Simon, Winn. Lead, llielu-rsun, Dlillhllllll, Decker, Cuyaxn, Ellerbeck, Miller, Purxly, Allan EDITORIAL STAFF Editors-in-Clnief - ----- Gale Adams, Pat Coyan News Editors - - Keith Austin, Audra Claypool Feature Assistants - Georgia Etnyre, Maryan Capel Sports Editor - ----- Frank Lane News Reporter ---- Carlysle Briclcey Sports Assistants - Norman Leed, Geraldine Martin Copy Readers ----------- Elaine Pittman, Keith Austin, Alfred Miller, Dorothy Reed Proof Readers ------- Carlysle Briclcey, Gale Adams Exffygngeg ----------- Etna Clll'iSt8I1S8X'l, Fan Neill, Mary Lois Simon, Elizabeth Park Typists ------ Donna Lavely, Marguerite Gohlinghorst Publicity . - Bernard Eaton, Ruby Inman, Fred Kleelw BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ------ - Jane Witt Assistant Business Managt'r - - ,l0l1I1 D6ClC6l' Advertising Manager - - - Rudolph Sieclc Advertising Assistants -------- Eugene Kobbert, Glenn Smith, Clarence Tyler, Helen Shields, Douglas Martin, Arthur Nelsen, Gus Ellerbeclc, Phillip Pyles Advertising Deliverers --------- Alfred Miller, Don Parlcs, Donald Steiber, Gerald Roarty, liernice Knoble, Thelma Van Horne Mailing Supervisors - - - George Mtmore, James Hessenflow Faculty Adviser - ----- H. Arthur Lee I Fifty-five Fifty-six DEBATE TEAM Climaxed by the annexation of their fourth McCahill tournament award in fourteen years, a record for the Dralce university debate classic, the Abraham Lincoln debate squad gave Coach W. Howard Mcllratli a fine record for his initial year here. Missouri Valley conference debate tournaments found the Lynx speakers among the high teams every time, while they placed second in the state championship elimination at Iowa City. Forman, Mr. Mcllrath, Jensen, Saks, White, Claypool, Father. Pohl, Durfee, Grossman, Jensen, Kottwitz, Olsen. Parmer, Hennessy, Saks, Van Druff, Presler, Boedeker. INTERSOCIETY DEBATE For the second successive year, the Thalian debaters were 'Qtops" among the literary society debate squads. Their victims in the intersociety debate finals were the Logos this year. Last year the losers were winners of the honorary gavel for sportsmanship-proving that winners are products of fair play. DEBATE SQUAD The debate squad was quite successful this year, winning many honors in debate on the subject, "Resolved: That the several states should enact legislation providing for a system of complete medical care available to all citizens at public expensef' Forman, Scott, Olsen, Smith, Robinson, Meier, Jensen, Bai-tel, Durl'r-v. Stech, Saks, Hennessy, White, Farber, Claypool, Peet. White, Van Rensselaer, Arnold, llziriling, Jensen. EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING Student speakers struggle with weighty problems of the day, with Barbara Wluite winning the school title and fifth place in the state extempo speaking contest. DECLAIVIATORY SPEAKING Three girls stir their audience to laughter and tears, and win over nine other con- testants in the finals of the declam speeches. ORIGINAL ORATORY Harry Jensen climaxed a highly successful speaking career at Abraham Lincoln by winning third place in the state original oratory contest. Jensen began as a sophomore with the male lead in "Peg O' My Heart," and continued to distinguish himself in debate, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and dramatics. Fifty-seven BAND Although other music groups have earned equally enviable records in contests, to many A. L. pupils i'music" means the band. And small wonder. What organization is more often in the spotlight than the band in its brilliant crimson and blue uniform coats, gleaming white duck trousers, sparkling buttons, and shining silver and gold horns? At games, on the field or in the gym, at inspection, and in all the parades, the picture isn't complete until the arrival of the bandsmen. And-finest of all, you can always count on their being on the job, whether that job is marching down a frozen football field between halves, with the icy wind blowing a gale, or leading the regiment in parade on one of those sultry, 950 in-the-shade days of May. All this is just the marching, blaring band of the open air. But there's another phase of the work of the band, the one not so well known, perhaps, but even more important. lt goes on each day during the sixth period and frequently after school and in the evening, when the band, in shirts-sleeves now, sits and drills, learning the fundamentals of tech- nique and expression at first, and then applying them in the selections which they play at concerts and contests. Fifty-eight Hoffman, Bachman, Zimmerman, Payne, Grulach, Bamford, Herwig, Baldauf, Russell. Bell, Anderson, Roberts, Allen, Phinney, Moser, Leosis, Adams, Ross, Knapp, Steinhaur, Neff. Boch, Anderson, Chapman, Purdy, Thornell, Wolfson, Rasmussen, Brown, Esancy, Farher, Giles, Laughlin, Barton, Peterson, Reynolds. Bailey, Franke, Day, Barton, Jensen, Eggers, Hansen, Brown, Mannasmith, Olmsted, Hansen, Conley, Stowe, Kobbert, Whittaker, Hailey, Hilton. Seidl, Heck, Negethon, Smith, Hartnett, Eherhardt, Lee, Parks, Hermiea, Anderson, Miller, Hansen, Hilton, Frame, Larsen, Nowak. Anderson, Mac:DowelI, Morse, Glassburner, Opal, Jensen, Hanna, Cashe, McClelland, Walters, Stacy, Katelman, Smith, Spellmeyer, Thomas, Woodward. This year, the band, together with the orchestra and glee clubs, presented a series of Sunday vesper concerts in the gymnasium. They were successful in char they not only afforded an opportunity for these groups to gain experience, but they also gave the patrons of the school an opportunity to hear what the students were accomplishing. Since the band won superior rating in the state contest last year, it did not compete in the district or state contests, but was privileged to go directly to the national contest at Cleveland this year. As that contest came very late in the term, it was impossible to obtain the results of the competition for this annual. lt is certain, however, that if the band members went, they did very well, for it is the concensus of opinion among compe- tent observers that this yearis band was the equal, if not the superior, of any band that ever represented Abraham Lincoln. H f,., , lc l A B: . 1 1 :Pg av 4,1 51 f ORCHESTRA Since the orchestra had competed in the National High School Orchestra contest at Madison, Wisconsin, in 1935, this year's work consisted mainly in laying the foundation among underclassmen especially, through the district and state contests, for an organiza- tion in 1937 which would be well able to compete with the finest groups of the entire country. In this objective, the orchestra has been very successful, as can be determined before the outcome of the state contest can be learned. Although several strong musicians were lost by graduation, others have come to fill their places, and, as a whole, the general stand- ard of musicianship seems to be higher now than in the past few years, at least. Franklin, Negzathon, Kruse, Purdy, Connley, Caskey, Wallace, Smith, Kzttelmun. Luden, Kutler, Briyryrs, Peterson, Hansen, McClelland, Abels, Glassburner, Miller, Smith, Hilton, Frame. Stadlen, Hoffman, Scott, Briggs, Roache, Paine, Abels, Haine, Hoffman, Zimmerman, Bell, Young, Brown, Esancy, Haskins, Parker, Whitteker, Hilton, Hailey, Stowe, Condon, Dickson. Jensen, Woodward, Brown, Cornell, Steinhaur, Neff, Giles, Russell, Coyan, Steinhuur, Verdin, Walker, Kirn, Bair. Munn, Adams, Hastens, Ulm, Deputy, Bamford, Herwig, Thomas, Otto, Sessions, Eszlncy. Jensen, Schley, Rowe, Zimmerman, Knapp, Evans, Swan, Parks. The showing which the orchestra made at the district contest was very fine and in the state contest the organization was given a superior rating. Incidentally, this year's contest number is one of the most beauiful that has ever been chosen-"Symphony in D Minor" by Cesar Frank. Naturally, these contest activities do not constitute all of the work of the orchestra. It furnishes music for almost all the plays, the operetta, and the various assemblies and programs of the school. Taken all in all, its contribution to the school and to individual pupils is probably as great as that of any other organization. Certainly no one can play in the orchestra during n period of years and not gain an appreciation of music that will enrich his whole life. Fifty-nine SENIOR GLEE One of the largest, most active, and most useful organizations of the entire school, the senior glee clubs embraces the fifty members of the boys' glee and sixty of the girls'. This group contains the pick of the singing talent of the school, and this year bids fair to duplicate the very fine record of last yearls group at the State Musical Festival. These singers have all Won their places in competition with others, and when a still smaller group is picked to go to the contests, they will also be chosen in the same way. Sixty Ballew, Van Rensselaer, Van Druff, Blank, Saunders, Mayne,vEhlers, Wormhoudt, Cockley, Rider, Ball, Hall, Friclce, Louie, Bamford, Hennessy, Roden, Hall, Fitzgibbon, Hackl, Krumenacher, Sessions Etnyre, Farher, Sheehan, Keiderling, Weiner, Breneman, Quick, Svenningsen, Clark, Smith, Parks, Applequist, Larsen, Smith, Overman, Smock, White, Bates, Gohlinghorst, Thomas, Wilcox, Stoker, Drodge, Bain, Norgard, Seiffert, Robinson, Glassburner, Wierda, Martin, House, Barritt, Davis, Ainsworth, Woods, Roden, Myerson, Coulter, Goodrich, Wileford. Ford, Myerson, Presler, Steck, Hansen, Voss, Justesen, Moore, Jensen, Rink, Kuhl, Jensen, Gretzer, Brown, Baumeister, Moraine, Oliver, Robinson, Nelson, Shumacher. White, Pryor, Fariday, Solliday, Fent, Jensen, Matteson, Bushness, Jeppesen, Jensen, Shaw, French, Smith, Claar, Radtke, Neumayer, Larsen, Winn, Little, Wight, Charles. O'N0il, Shea, Waltman, Anderson, Boedecker, Peterson, Kemplin, Chafin, Anderson, Rhorberyz, Lee, Wiatt, Burman. Epperson, Tyler, Thomas, Lewis, Aders, Maiden, Fisher, Hecht, liandomer, Dorlan, Cade, Wallace, Jensen, Aherns. Preston, Endicott, Sorenson, Grote, Reed, Voss, Anderson, Anderson, Peters, Elder, Scoular, Slipfhtman, Cochran, Jennings. Hollander, Gable, Roberson, Endelman, Stadlin, Beezley, Cohen, Shaw, Hansen, Nansel, Bertleson, Henrick, Costello, Mann, Mounts. Hopkins, Cone, Matteson, Gossard, Jacks, Halpin, O'Neill, Thomas, Hesse, Hopkins. JUNIOR GLEE The Junior Glee clubbers seldom appear before the public, devoting themselves rather to building a solid musical background for their later careers in the senior groups. OPERETTA One of the most colorful, bright and picturesque operettas was "Riding Down the Slcyf' written by Goeffrey Morgan, which was presented by the Senior Glee clubs. Spanish costumes, colorful clances, and good acting molded together made every minute of this production real entertainment. Witli Very capable leads, as well as a good supporting cast, the show was one of the highlights of the season. Under the most capable direction of Miss Kathleen Shaw, and with the untiring co- operation of her most efficient business and production staffs, the operetta was a great success. Glasslnurnor, Railtkc, Fitzgribbon, Mayne, Wooils, Faritlay, llousc-, Ballow, Saunders, llall, Van Rensselaer, Robinson, Lars:-n, Wormhouclt, Smith, Clark, Moore. lSron1ln'1'1:, Hughes, Southward, Hammer, Barrett, Julian, Evers, Dallimrvr, Vries, Kcrlmr, Harkins, Gilchrist, Gitllc, lialaban, Sorenson, Birdsonz, Williams. Fisher, Gebuhr, Ansreroth, Roygon, Mortenson, Spetman, Durfee, Wright, Hamilton, Van Horne, Paludzln, Mcllain, O'N0il, Stancliffc, 0'Neil, Alberti. Rvctl, Lewis, Van Druff, Stancliffr-, Rnden, Putman, Kirn, Price, Sears, Farmer, Walters, Powell, Mortenson, Porter, Miller. Hendersomab Feyeraband, Holmgzard, Orson, Russel, Gould, Barrett, lVlt'Carlhy, Davis, Weill, Van liuetlan, May, Grossman, Reynolds, Sehlott. Wright, Grow, Rrittin, Daniels, While, Staley, Sieck, Wripyht, Gronewcpr, Pcrlmutter, Malice. JUNIOR GLEE From these l'5O alert songsters of the Junior Glee club will be drawn the personnel for the operetta casts and the contest choruses of the school for the next few years. Sixty-one Sixty -two ALPHA A milestone of the Alpha literary society is its annual Mothers' tea. Next is thc sec- oncl place awarcl in the girls' division of literary society clelvates. Two Alphas hold positions on the school debate squaclg two were on thc annual staff, and two, on The Echoes staff. The Alpha play, t'Big Hearted Herbert," was a highlight in the Clramatic season. l':1lzulnn, Hough, Lzlinson, Haniirzm, Sowl, Moser, Sehley, Pierce. Childs, ESZIYIUY, Peterson, Holmgard, l42lI11I110l'l., Meliain, Gross, llolmirarrl, Preston, Esnney, Childs. Olsen, Thomas, Sorenson, Wight, Steeh, Charles, Monfort, Thurmontl. Mann, Nelson, Roden, Dicks, Nuser, Puckhaber, Neil, Holm, Smock, Pruitt. Owe-ns, Howzirfl, Peters, Miller, Averman, Gilson, Tnllman, Hanna, Hannnn. Woods, Miller, Gohlinghorst, Clziypool, Meyerson, Bates, Pryor, liaumeister, Selden. FALL OFFICERS SPRING Audra Claypool . , . . . . . President , . . . .Mary Louise Dunshee Virginia I-lollingsworth. ., .. Vice prefidcnt . .... Jean Marie Stech Florence Meyerson ....,, . Secretary . ,,.. Charlotte Wight Marguerite Gohlinghorst. . , . . . . . Treasurer . . .,.. Catherine Charles Virginia Miller ........, ........, H istorian .,.,... , . .Jerry Sorenson Sponsor: Miss I-lanigan CLIOSOPHIAN The Clios have contrihutecl a wealth of material hoth to the curricular and CXtl'ACUt'- ricular activities of the school. Popularity is evidenced hy the fact that a Clio girl was chosen "Queen of Hearts." Two of the three winning declainatory contestants were Clios. lVlarcli Gras, the higgest social event of the city, recognized six Clio seniors. The Nlothersl Valentine tea was one of the leading social activities of the school year. Si-hlott, Skelton, Harman, Dirk, Van Horne, Madsen, Merriam, Roennuu, Kenney, Porter, South, Kenyon, Stzltzenuul, l'illini:, liirehzxrrl, l'lum'ke1, McCarthy, Morse, Wallace, Smith. fir-ossmzin, Paco, Slum-liffv, liurril, flmvcs, llamilion, VVoo1ls, l.:1v1-ly, I'v:nkc-, Alherii. Iirzenzlf, l'erlmuHc-r, Ainsworth, Fisher, Garrelson, Evans, Norunril, Chzunlwrs, Kjzlr, Strohehn, Arnold, Weiner, Ehlers, V:in Konseaelzier, I.:-wis, llniton, llrvllimrswrn-th, Amr:-roih, Gitile, Kllzlpp, FALL Lois Hansen. Gretchen Smith Catherine Blank, , , Frances Appel .,,. Ruth Ainsworth . . Van Druff. Kirn. Adams, Appel, Smith, Parks, Szxnmlvrs, lilnnk, Simon, Crowe, Foote. OFFICERS Presidcnl , Vice president , , , . Secretary . , Sergeant af arms , Historian Sponsors: Miss Pyle and Miss Willard SPRING Lois l'lansen Ruby Arnold Betty Saunders Catherine Blank Ruth Ainsworth Sixty-three Sixty-four DELTA TAU Delta Tau has just entered upon her thirty-sixth year, having celebrated with due ceremony last June her thirty-fifth anniversary. Her birthday gift to her Alma Mater was a piano. New members were initiated this year at a l-lallowe'en dinner and a Colonial tea. In the debate tournament she was awarded the honorary gavel and one of her mem- bers received highest honors, while the play, 'llVlrs. Bumpstead Leighf, brought out Clra- matic ability of a high order. Hough, Neff, Deitehler, Jordal, Christiansen, Jensen, Fisher, Rohrberg, Messersmith. Hutchinson, Joerns, Maeklantl, Sadler, Lutz, Harkins, Lewis, Tinncl, Russell. Prentice, Jensen, Conley, Wilcox, litnyre, Ford, Ogen, Austin. VVin, Svirllcr, Peterson, Briggs, Wind, McClellan, Larsen, Riley, Henderson, Stuncliffe. Hall, Bain, Minsen, Grote, Shumacher, Stevens, Morgan, Cade. Barber, Sheehan, Mortensen, Krumenaeher, White, Ranch, Alkire, 1'wI'21Y1lCSl'Il, Peet. FALL Frances Kruinenacher. Marian Peet .... .... Eleanor Deitchler. . , Opal Franlcson ..,.... Gertrude Messersinitli, Anna Margaret Allcire, OFFICERS .... President ..., . , Vice Presidenl . , . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . ... Sergeant at Arms .. Sponsors: , . Hiylorian ..., . Miss Taylor and Mrs. Tatroe SPRING . . . .Barbara White . . Eleanor Deitchler , , A . Marian Peet . . . , . .Georgia Etnyre A . . ,... Eva 'loerns Anna Margaret Allcire ERODELPI-IIAN "Pigs" was the Ero-Ionian play, clever and successful, which starred several of the underclassmen. One Ero won the humorous division of the declamatory contest. The debate team was excellent, although it did not win any outstanding honors. In honor of the new members, a George Washington tea was given, offering the girls a taste of the social life of the society. The social affairs of the year came to a pleasant climax with the lVlother-Senior banquet. Miss Keller, Hughes, Hermes, Hnselmzxn, Kerlxer, Dllrfee, liorrk, Dye, Miss llrisley. Gossmwl, Christensen, Franklin, Wright, lilrlholm, Saltzgraver, Hall, Means. White, Spetman, Fitzizibbon, Hays, Show, Willeford, Farher, Crzxlvill, Brandt, Gellert, Chambers, Powell, Lindstrum, O'Neill, lizimforrl, Ilutrgzin, St. Henri, Mounts, Homin, 'VVinn, Lewis, Mayne, Lerner, Meyerson, Peterson, Siehurgr, Little, Arnolrl, Wippel, Sessions. l":irifl:ly, Lzlrson, Johnson, Jensen, Grow, Farher, Givml1'ich, Swan, file-ihnfer, IVliIli'1', S121-h. l'lAI.L OFFICERS Spmwc, ,lane Grow . , , President , . l,ucille Farher Betty Larson ..... Priscilla Fariday. . Lucille Father Marian Goodrich Sponsors: .. Vice president . . . Treasurer Sergeant nl firms .. . Secretary . M Miss Brislcy and iss Kctter Louise Johnson Betty Larson Mildred Jensen Peggy Swan Sixty-five Sixty-six TI-IALIAN The pinnacle of the Thalian literary society year's program was the capture for the second consecutive time of the first honors in the lnrersociety debate tournament. De- feating the contesting girls' literary societies in early December, the school debating champ- ionship became theirs when they defeated the Logo society, winning boys, debate team. "The Lilies of the Fieldf' the Thalian-Bye play, was presented to enthusiastic audi- ences in November. VVormhoudt, Palmer, Brandt, Stash, Herwigr, Jennings, Hackl, Watson, Slocum. Wolfsen, Purdy, Roden, Nelson, liurket, Chapman, Allan, Gebuhr, Boedeker, Roden, Droge, Neumayer, Presler, Van Druff, Heck, Hartman, Curts. Ulm, Bryan, Durfee, Sorenson, Drake, I-irown, Faurm, lialdauf, Grossman. Anderson, McMasters, Spencer, McMurry, Wells, Moraine, Waugh, Seidler, Mefiilvary. Saks, Wesley, Fryer, Balaban, Esancy, Pennington, Schlott, Hennessy, Bair, Keiderling. FALL OFFICERS SPRING Phyllis Van Druff. . . . , President . . . , , ,Dorothy Heck Charlotte Presler. . . . Vice presidcnt . . . ,Gwendolyn I-lackl Dorothy Heck .. .. Secretary . ,,,. Charlotte Presler Miriam Saks. . . . . . Treayurer , . , ,.., , Helen Stash Jerry Droge ..... .,,,. H irtorian Mary Ellen Hennessy Jane Wormhoiidt .. ,.....,... Sergeant at Army ...,, .,...., L ucille Roden Sponsors: Miss Marty and Miss Kleist ARI STOTEL1 AN The Aristo literary society had an interesting year. About ten of the prominent mem- bers will graduate, but there is a fine group left to carry on. Aristo won second place in the debate tournament. tying with Tonian. Two were on the school debate squad. Two were in the final declam contest, and an Aristo was in the final extempo contest. First, second and third places in the vocal music contest were won by Aristos. Their play, "Big Hearted Herbertf, was a jolly comedy, well received. 0'Nn-ill, Hansen, Ht-mln-rrson, Gustzivson, Martin, Hall, Cass, Iirown, Czundvn, Grote, Coyan, Robinson, 'l':u'y, Thornell, Ford, liops-r. llvisler, Scott, Miller, Read, Frirlmofll, llizlmonrl, Hessvnfluw. liurigvss, Rnsniussvn, Staley, Jvnninyrs, Huy, Rinehart, Maison, I'vli'rs. Vrowl, Cohen, Wullvr, Olson, Chilfls, Rink, Kacle, Asiluilh, Smith, Moss, Ponxfwuy, Fornizin, Pylcs, liusltness, Stmllin, llzinsvn FALL OFFICERS SPRING Richard Read . . . , . President , John Forman Russell Miller. , Vice pre5ic1'cnt Phillip Pyles Robert Scott. , . , Treasurer Robert Scott Leonard Frimodt , .. , Treasurer Earl Nladsen Hymie Diamond Sponmrsl Sergeant al arm t Mrs. Burgess and Mr. Asquith Hymic Diamond Sixty-seven Sixty-eight, This year found the Ionian literary society members doing their best in all they undertoolc. Presenting "Pigs,', IONIAN following the simple policy of a humorous play that was very well doneg tying for second place in the boys' division of the intersociety debate tourna- ment, and being represented in the declamatory finals were a few of their accomplishments. They' again awarded the Ionian pins to those individuals in the whole school who had outstanding scholastic records for the year. Morse, Barton, lligley, Kobbert, McCarthy, Anderson, Jensen, Krahbe, Jarchow, Kzirchomsky. Lindsay, Hennessy, Davis, Fryer, Reynolds, Giles, E szlney, Bartel, Elder, Grow, Larsen, Hansen, Boysen, Andersen, Meier, Moth, Heck, Hanusa, Van Leuvan, Sidow, Smith, Rauterltus, Tyson, Shea, Wright, Zurmuehlen, Patch, Rzinny. Phinney, Grote, McMullen, House, Reynard, Kuhl, Smith, Larsen, Sollazzo, Perdew. Jeppsen, Petersen, Russel, Williams, Roberts, Sieek, White, Platt, Farmer. FALL Nlason Smith .... blames Sprigg .... Donald lVlclVlullen. . , Emil Larson ,..... Gilbert Pedersen , OFFICERS . . . President . . . , Vice president . . . . . Secretary . . . . , , , . Treasurer , , ......., Sergeant at Arms . Sponsors: Miss Boesche and Mr. Reynard SPRING A. L. House James Sprigg Emil Larson Leonard Kuhl Forrest Grote LOGOTECI-INIAN The Logos made it a big year. First came the presentation of that sensational comedy, "Mrs, Bumpstead Leighf' The smoke had barely cleared from the scenes of the play, when the debate team came through to win the boys' championship, only to be defeated in Z1 close debate by the girls' champions in the finals. ln the defeat, however, honors were conferred upon the Logo president. In providing a worthy project for the school, the Logos topped the list by providing funds for the construction of a Traffic Board which will be used for class room study after its completion. i Anderson, Grossman, Rall, Gronewt-ir, Pinkston, Gundlach, lirit-key, Koltwitz. Sizer, Seiffort, Mt-Rain, .lt-risen, Andersen. Martin. Gillin. l Warner, Young, Shields, Olsen, Jacks, Kzitelmun, Peterson, Peterson. Thonins, Nansel, Wzxirer, Durfeo, Hansen, Pirsuh, Eberharrlt, Hilton. Ile Vol. Jenson. Hansen, Cutler, Lzirsr-n, Fischer, Mt-G4-11. Pohl, Hurd, Christensen, Mztttr-son, Matheson, Blizzard, Olson. FALL OFFICERS Harry Jensen ...., . . , President Harley Grossman .. Vice president Frank Thomas .... . . Secretary A . Fred Peterson .,.... .... Y ireasurer ,.... William Mattison. , . . . . Sergeant at flrrns Sponsor: Mr. Hammes SPRING Harley Grossman . Frank Thomas ,Harry Gundlach , . LeRoy Gillan Donald Pohl Sixty-nine Seventy Pl-IILOMATHIAN Here are the members of the oldest boys' literary society in Abraham Lincoln high school. The boys may not have won first place in declams, extempo, and debate, but they have entered into these contests with an attitude that has won admiration and respect. The secretary of the senior class is a Philo. The Philo-Clio play, "Growing Pains", was one of the hit productions of the year. Leonhardt, Burtelson, Krasne, Van Druff, Neill, Knight, Roffman, Parks, Herd. Luxford, Wierda, McCombie, Powell, Gossard, Jordal, Ables, Myer. Davis, llrugenhemke, Jensen, Fent, Fitzgibbon, Glassburner, lirown, Olsen, O'Neill. Conlon, Morgan, Hartnett, Clark, Cockley, Bock, Smith, Jepson, Fox, Kramer, Constuntino, Stevens, Payne, Bacliman, Applequist, Miller, Hanusa, Walters, Winslow, Hathaway. Price, Daniels, Hansen, Tclpner, Hailey, Miller, Meier, Allnn, Rider. FALL OFFICERS SPRING lVlartin Applequist. . , . , . President . . . ,.... Clayton Meier , . . . , . . . . . . , , . . . Vice president A , 4 .John Bdugenhemlce jack Jepson. , . . Secretary ...,. , ,Tom Allan Bob Hailey ..... .... T reasurer , , ,... Bob Hailey Roderick Clark , . , . Sergeant at Arms .. .. Roger Rider Sponsor: Mr. Miller QUILL AND SCROLL The M. "Ding,' Darling chapter of Quill and Scroll, the international honorary society for High School Journalists, was organized in Abraham Lincoln in May, 1926. Besides the student enrollment, Miss Eleanor Baptist, literary adviser of Crimson and Blue, Wilbur Rosencranz, business adviser of Crimson and Blue, and H. Arthur Lee, Echoes ad- viser, are regular members. There are two honorary members: Reverend R. Perkins and Clark Galloway, Council Bluffs' leading literary men. Crowl, Hansen, Mr. Lee, Van Druff, Roberts. Ainsworth, Messersmith, Grow, Huckl, Deitchler, Clzlypuul. Hansen, Reed, Mis: Baptist, sponsor, Peterson, Schell. Candidates for Quill and Scroll must be juniors or seniors who are in the upper third of their class in scholarship. They must have done superior work in writing, editing, art work or in business management. They are recommended by a committee governing pub- lications and approved by the national secretary-treasurer. 'I' Seventy-one Seventy-two NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National I-lonor society was first established in Abraham Lincoln high school in l929. Basis for membership is scholarship, leadership, service and character. This organi- zation is under the supervision of Phi Beta Kappa, a national honorary fraternity. Of the graduating class, fifteen per cent is eligible. One third of this number is chosen in the junior year. At an impressive assembly in the spring, those members who have attained the upper third of their class in scholarship and have been chosen by a faculty committee are installed. Schell, B. Hansen, Applequist, H, Jensen, L. Martin, G. Martin, H, Grossman, Rink, Sieck, Meier, Adams, Bock, Hanusa. Smith, Heck, Johnson, White, Anpferoth, Alberti, Claypool, Farher, Arnold, Deitchler, Ainsworth, Woods, Crowl. Peterson, Etnyre, Hennessy, Goodrich, Lutz, Owens, E. Grossman, Hollingworth, Swan, L. Hansen, Stash, Ball, Merriam, Forman. Stowe, Grow, Larsen, Saks, Parmer, Ehlers, M. Jensen, Christensen, Mayne, Ford, Holm, Schley, Messersmith, Roberts. Not in picture: .lere Van Rensselaer, Phyllis Van Druff, and Boyd Walker. OFFICERS David Stowe . , , . . , . .President Miriam Saks , , , . . ,Vice president Paul Rinlc . . , ...., Secretary Alice Schley ..,....,..,.,.,,....,.......,...,, .,.... .,.. ..,. T r e asurer Sponsors: Miss Boesche, Miss Pyle and Mr. Miller LATIN CLUB Latina Societas was organized in 1930 with the purpose of uniting into a social group the several Latin classes. Meetings are held twice a month at which interesting programs are given by the mem- bers. A study of conditions in Italy is carried on by the club. Modern Italy as compared with the Roman world about which Latin classes study. The officers of the club correspond to the officials of ancient Rome. Recently the Latin club purchased a picture which now hangs in Room 210. Pohl, Moth, Forman, Olsen, Rink, Staley, Pugh, Jensen, Hoffmann, Leonhardt, McCarthy, Heck, Pzirlis. YVzilte1's, Scott, lluilvy, Wallace, Morse, Kenney, Austin, liriggs, Will, l'eu-rson, Hullingrsworth, Wilt-i'nx'4l, Peet. lJu1'I'ee. Lewis. lluniniur, Seitllcr, Mvliaxin, Benjamin, Ni-il, Little, Fryer, llunmlersun, linir, l'i-veton, FALL John Forman. . . Ruth Ford ..... Russell Jensen . . Douglas Parlcs. . Robert Olsen ,.... Arnold Hoffman, . , . . . . . Ford. St s-ch . Endicott, Ormcnus .. Consul! . . Consult . , . Praetor . , . Aedile . . . . Quaestor Censor . Sponsor: Miss Henderson SPRiNG Arnold Hoffman Maurine Little Ethel May Lewis . Robert Olsen . . Donald Pohl Virginia Hammer Seventy-three FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francais or the French club, was founded here in 1921. All students who secure passing French grades are eligible for membership. The aim and purpose of this club is to promote an interest in speech fluency and better to acquaint the members with French culture and customs. Krzlsne, Munn, Jensen, Grow, Larsen, Krumenzieher, Sheehan, Drugxe, Van Rensselaer, Boedeker, Wfrrrnhuodt. liminwister. Meversun. Hennessy, Clnypool, Christensen, Htnyre, Schlotl., Van Horne, Bamforcl, Woolls, Vun Druff, Parks, Mavne. Sessions. Roberts. l McMaste1's, Wilcox, Alberti, Ainsworth, Hurtnnun, Hilton, Ehlers, Hilton, l'i'ef,ler, Smith, White, Meyerson, Alkire. FALL OFFICERS SPRING Seventy-four Marjorie Alberti. , Lorraine Meyerson Mary Louise Parks. . Georgia Etnyre. . . Mildred Jensen ,.. , President . . . , . Vice president . Secretary , , . . . Treasurer . A A . . . . Sergeant at Arms . . , Sponsor: Miss Wilcox . , . . Ruth Ainsworth Mable Fern Hartman . , , .Audra Claypool Ruth Ehlers .. Harry Hilton SPANISH CLUB The Spanish cluh was founded in 1923 with its chief purpose being to acquaint its members with the costumes, culture, customs, and literature of Spain. Only students who take Spanish or who have studied the language for at least two semesters are admitted to the club. Roffrnamn, Coyun, Whittaker, Jensen, liurtel, Fox, Camden, Miller, Friuke. Smith, Gossnrtl, Mc-Curt, Collins, Wilcox, llivk, Winfiulil, London, Srh named, Morse, li renemun. Wil:,ul1, Meier, Winn, Allun, Pryor, Mortensi-n, Uroxve, Wesley, Seldon, FALL Gale Adams . . Gwen McMains. . . John Coyan. A Rudolph Sieclc Don Wliittaker Solliday. Campbell. OFFICERS . . . , Prexident , , Vice president , .. Secretary ,. . , Treasurer .. Sergeant at Arms Sponsor: Miss Wilcox Spunszc Gwen lVlclVlains Gerry Caughlan Rudolph Sieclc Robert Roffman Ted Morse Seventy-five GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves, one of the service clubs in Abraham Lincoln, is a branch of the Y, W. C. A. The organization has a membership of sixty junior and senior girls. The clubls purpose is to teach the nrt of "facing lift: squarely, giving and finding the lwst, and being of service to humanity." l f-Qi-veiity-six FALL Gwen l-laclcl. . Barbara White. Helen Parmer. , , Ruth Ainsworth. . llzu-lil, Pittman, I.c-rm-V, Meycrson, Sinks, Goodrich, Ehlers, Uoitchler, Father, l'ry0i', White, Alherti, Fziriiluy, Krurnenaeher, Minssen, Wolfson, Ulm, Durfee, Blank, Simon, Lutz, Pzirks, Farmer, Nussor, Nielsen, Wuclslvll, Hannan, Bryon. Hennessy, Mayne, Lewis, Hutton, Jensen, lirounlfoot, White, Woods, Coulter, Hzirtmun, Ainsworth, Session, Gebuhr, Kortz. Owens, Peterson, Wilcox, Larsen, Vain Druff, Presler, Grow, Wormhoutlt, Starr, Messersmith, Peet, Nelson, Thomas, Swain, Katelman. Sponsors: M OFFICERS . . . President . . . Vice president . , Secretary , , , . . Treasurer . . , Sergeant at Army iss White and Mis s Broadfoot SPRING . . ,Priscilla Fariday Mary Louise Parks ...mjane Grow . , .Barbara Pryor .Eleanor Deitchler RESERVETTES The Reservettes are a junior Girl Reserves organization with much the same principles as thc Girl Reserves. Cl'1U'Ell'lCC I'CqL1l1'C1116llfS are CXpCCf6d of CVCFY 1I1C1I1lJC1'. This group provides the Creche children with a Christmas party each year as well as with Valentines. They also alternate each semester with the senior organization in giving a tea for all new girls. Anderson, l'1'iee, Adams, Franklin, l'Isam'y, llalinuvr, Darn-ingrtmm, l'0tc-run, Neff, Siaah, l'l1ax'lvs, Plltnzini, Kmlpp, l'lu'khalwr, lVlm'g::-ln, licwk, Miss Olson, Hall, Claypool, Saltzman, Stalwliffc, Purely, Sheehan, She-zu, liilvy, l'l1illips,,l4'nr4flI Stancliffe, Staizeman, Ilya, Frieil, Fitzgilulmn, Mi-s llemlers . , i Ull 1'ci'lmutlcr, Kruse, Staireman, luwvll, Neumayc-r, Ilrugv-, Hmlelman, IN1:-yr-rson,Wl1itv,12r:u'r X llalnillmm, I'all11lin, llanrli, lllivrill, llnlling: wnrlh, lim-1lr'kr'l'. FALL 0IfFIf.FRi Srairwz lVlarj0ric Burrill . , . Presidcnl Auclra Clayponl Carol Bock . . . Vice prcsialcnl Eleanor Wlmite Virginia Dye, . . . , Secretary , Rosanne Sheehan Ruth Ann Knapp, . , .,.... , ,.... Treasurer , , . . . Eunice Stancliffe Sponsors: Miss Henderson and Miss Olscn Seventy-sc-Ven HI-Y GRGUPS The Hi-Y groups close a successful year as two of the leacling service organizations in Abraham Lincoln High. The service program sponsored the Gooclwill Fund clrive which was an overwhelming SUCCESS. The groups also sponsored the sale of pennants and pompoms for athletic contests As to the social times together, there were many memorable occasions at the numer- ous dinner meetings held throughout the year. At each clinner, inspirational talks were given by prominent men of the community. Seventy-eight Hansen, Jennings, Van Druff, Hansen, Jensen, Pyle, Christnfferson, Pomeroy. Lee, Voss, Hansen, Wicrdzl, Pinkston, Zurmuehlan, McMullen. Scott, Briekey, Bowers, Cockley, Bell, Neill, Day, Jensen, Bnrtcl, Frame. I Forman, Hennessy, Solliday, Robinson, Lee, Brandt, Meier, Roberts, Gillin, Jensen, Verilin. Walker, Allan, Stupfell, Quick, Fuller, Woodward, Jensen, Font, House, Smith. FALL Robert Fuller ,,.. Harry Jensen. , . Talmage Quiclc. . . Q OFFICERS President . .. Vice president , Secretary-treasurer Sponsor: Mr. Lee SPRING , A A . , .Donalcl Stupfell Carleton Woodward , , . . .,.. Tom Allan JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Witli its primary objectives of serving others, huilding world friendships, and huilding health of hocly and mind, the Junior Red Cross Council strives to co-ordinate the numerous service organizations in school. This year the major activity of the Council has been the preparation of six large portfolios entitled "Our Schoolv. These are being sent to foreign countries with the hope of creating a hetter understanding hetween nations, and fostering the idea of world peace. lX1t'Cun1hic, Neil. I MC'Mlllll'I1, Ilf-nm-ssy, N While, Starr, Wilcox, Slzinvliff. Conyzm, Ilzwtmftt, liillllfllllll, lizirlon, Glzisshurner, Ii. Smith, S. Smith, VVhitt:ikt-r, Ilziilr-y, DANCE BAND , . Under names varying from "lVlissing Lynxn to "Krazy Kangaroosf, this group of musicians gave their services to tea dances, school parties, and the Road Show during the 1935-36 school year. Their contribution to the Ahraham Lincoln social swim is not to he measured in small lots. Seventy-nine Eighty IOWA COMMERCIAL CONTEST Little claily glory comes their way, but on go our commercial Trojans of the typewrit- ing and shorthand departments. These clisciples of hard work bring baclc honor to themselves, to their school, to their instructors-with hours of perserverence and initiative as a base to build those honors upon. Katelmun, Klintlt, Fiscus, Gates, Jensen, Staley, Wipplc, Christiansen, Siedler, Waugh, Hollingsworth, Benning, Olsen, Saks. Grossman, Sorensen, Hziuschildt. Gotch, Schell, Mzulsnn, Christiansen. Gibbs, Mrs. Downs, Appel, Hutchison. COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS We congratulate the Commercial department of Abraham Lincoln high school for the honors it has given to our school through its initiative, perserverence, ancl hard Work. COMMERCIAL CLUB The eyes of the business world are focused upon the members of the Commercial club, for they are to become the future business men and women of their community. The club's program has been one of lectures given by various business men of Council Bluffs and its immediate vicinity. Apt subjects have been discussed for the purpose of promoting the cultivation of vital business traits. The club has endeavored to develop the necessary poise, tact, and business etiquette which will prove invaluable to its members in later life. Schell, Spillard, Roarty, Wiatt, Weston, Myers, Strohhehn, Scoular, Spoto, Phillips, Raygur, Ross. Moore, Nelson, Shunnzluher, Morse, Tzillman, Siders, Negethon, Wentworth, Walker, Vallier, Negethon, Sears. Pyles, MeGurren, MeDuvitt, Saltzmzrn, Staley, Pace, Martin, Shields, Wright, Parks, Van Leuven, O'Neill, Mueller. Childs, Chambers, Brown, Enrlelman, Costello, Hauschildt, Krueger, Klindt, Darrimzton, Claar, Hough, Daugherty, Kjar, Hiller. Burgess, Christensen, Gibbs, Buchingham, Hendersen, Kortz, Downs, Ives, Jensen, Howard, Brandt, Baker. Fried. Hanna. Christensen, Appel, Hollendar, Feyerabend, Jacobsen, Fulmer, Hutchison, French, Reed, Gcthoefer, Gotch. Coffell. Lett. Funk. Ball. FALL OFFICERS SPRING Donald Schell, . . President , , Evelyn Christensen Earl Madsen ..., . . Vice prexidcnt , Jeanne Gotch Ruth Hutchinson. . 4 . . . Secretary . Marjorie Gibbs Mary Held ..,.. ,,.... T reasurcr ...... .. Frances Appel Sponsor: Mrs. Downs Eighty-one Eighty-two JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Cruisers 51-65-77-Attention, cruisers '51-65-lllll Go to the St. James theater. UA Murder Has Been Arranged," back stage. Pick up and hold for the missing person bureau Maurice Mullins. It is believed that he is the killer. Also restore the audience to orderg the ,36 junior play has been too exciting. K. O. P.-HCouncil Bluffs Police, that is all--. Martin, Meyerson, Lavely, Hennessey, Jepson. Woods. Meier, Esaney. Wormhoudt. THE DRAMTIC SEASGN "PIGS"-ERO-IONIAN Cast: Eleanor White, Vxfarren jensen, Avis Mayne, Forrest Grote, Forrest Krahbe, Betty Larsen, Mark Breneman, Priscilla Fariday, and Edward Heck. Director-Miss Castle. Stu- dent direetor+Vesta Marie Meaiis. HLILLIES OF THE FIELD'lWTHALIANfBYE Cast: Marilou Neumayer, Phyllis Van Druff, Eugene Telpner, Dorothy Heck, Charlotte Presler, George Neil, Mahle Hartman, lane Vxformhoudt, Helen Stash, and james Conlon. Director-Miss Tamisiea, S, D.+Lois Hansen. "MRS BUMPSTEAD-LEIGH"-DELTA-LOGO Gast: Barhara White, Gertrude Messersmith, Harry Gundlaeh, lack Ball, Georgia Etnyrc, Eleanor Lutz, Harley Grossmann, Glen Martin, Eunice Staneliffe, Frances Krunienf aelier, and Fred Peterson. Director-Miss Castle. Student director-Vesta Marie Means. "DUST OF THE ROAD"--CHRISTMAS PLAY Cast: Mildred Balaban, John Zurrnuelin, Richard Anderson, and Albert Voss. Direef tor-Mr. Nlcllrath. Student director-Helen Stash. 1936 SENIOR PLAY The senior elass play, "Philip Goes Forthf, had to do with a young man who would like to write a play, and though opposed hy his father, he went to Greenwich Village only to discover he had neither the talent nor inclination. Fortunately he realized his short- comings before it was too late. This entertaining play provided a successful climax to the dramatic season. Ballew, Smith, I'ri-sler, Knhl. I"arfrl'iy, Roberts, Johnson, VVinslow, Van Rensselaer, Van Druff, Hansen, Sollislay. THE DRAMATIC SEASON lContinueclj 'LRIDING IDQUWN THE SKY"fffOPERETTA Cast: Bert Fitzgjihhon, lere Van Rensselaer, Kenneth Rohinson, Avis Mayne. Betty Larson, lvlason Smith, Fred Moore, llruee Glasshurner, A. L. House, Maxine llallew, Priscilla liariday, and Roderick Clark, Direetor-Miss Kathleen Shaw. Student director-Ruhy Arnold. "BIG HEARTED HERBERTY--ALPHAfARISTO Cast: John Gretzer, Mary Louise Dunshee, Toni Baumeister. Ralph Staley, Bob Hen' derson, Kenneth Robinson. Margaret Thomas, Kenneth Camden. Florence Meyerson. Russell Mille1', Charlotte Vwlight, and Richard Vvlalter. Direetorflviiss Tainisiea. Student director --Charlotte Presler. NERC BWINQI PAINSM -f-CLIOPHILO Cast: Mzixiiie Ballcw, Eugene Telpner. Lois Hansen, Roger Rider, Ruth Ainsworth, Ruhy Arnold, Gretchen Smith. Mary Louise Parks, Alere Van Rensselaer, Nlartin Applequist, Frances Appel, Clayton Meier, Delmar Wiiislcmxv, lack lepson, and Robert Hansen. Diree' tor-Miss Castle. Student director--Priscilla Fariday. Eighty-three MASQUE AND WIG The center of Abraham Lincolnls curricular activities is the Masque and Wig-the world of greasepaint, footlights, and rehearsal! Through the organized efforts of Masque and Wig, the school has enjoyed a number ofhwell-produced plays. A "current accomplishments" project has created appreciation and stimulated interest in the Broadway stage and in superior screen productions. To the casual observer, Room 212 may look like any ordinary classroom, but to the dramatic student it introduces a world of difference! N Eighty-foul: Arnold, Wight, Slocum, Castle, Arnold, Nelson, Mayne, Wormhoudt, Anderson, Drake, Morriss, Seidlt-r, Alberti, Lindstrom. O'Neil, Enselmzin, Schlolt, Blank, Fariday, Hansen, Stash, Meyerson, White, Van Druff, Grow, Presler, Means, Harding. Starr, Hilton, Mack, Bryan, Johnson, McMasters, Smith, Powell, Parmer, Gilson, Wallace, Durfee Wesley, Addison, Crowe, Ballew, Lavoly, Staxzeman, Filling, Ehlers, Swan, Drogre, Meyerson, Sheehan. Teluner, Ilcll, Brown, Olsen, Winslow, Solliday, Claar, Roberts FALL OFFICERS SPRING Ruby Arnold . . .... President , , . , , ,Jane Grow Priscilla Fariday ..,,.. . . . Vice president . . Marjorie Gibbs Mary Louise Dunshee. . . . . Secretary . . . .EugeneTelpner Phyllis Van Druff. . . . . Secretary , , . s jane Wormhoudt Catherine Blank . . . . . Treasurer . . , . .Eddie Solliday Eddie Solliday .... ......Treasurer,,,,., Sponsor: Miss Castle Rosanne Sheehan YesTerday-WiTh hosTile sav- ages making everylsTep wesT- ward more hazardous, our Tore- TaThers Tound The "survival oT The TiTTesT" Their only alTernaTive -and proved Themselves TiT. R. O. T. C. Today-Domesric securiry ar horne and a sense of prepareol- ness make This life one of some assurance of rornorrows for us and Those who will follow. 'Y - x ,,.gQ,,,g,.g 4 54 w , AM fwixls Ayr, Ag 'ass' Eighty-five Eighty-six CADET OFFICERS To the cadet officers we offer our salute and praise of work well done. To them lay the task not only of preparing the cadets to be future protectors of our nation, but of the laying of the foundations of intelligent citizenship by inculcating in the students habits of precision, obedience, orderliness, courtesy, and physical development. Second Lieutenant Searle, Second Lieutenant Dickerson, Second Lieutenant Jensen, First Lieu- tenant Austin, Second Lieutenant Breneman, Second Lieutenant Moore. Second Lieutenant Svenningson, Second Lieutenant Williams, First Lieutenant Hansen, Second Lieutenant Hanusa, First Lieutenant Swisher, First Lieutenant Allan, First Lieutenant Solliday Captain Diamond, Captain Greene, Captain Quick, Captain Brandt, Captain Robinson, Captain Grosvenor, Captain Read, Captain Esloeck. Major Fuller, Major Adjutant Applequist, Colonel Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Jensen, Major Peterson Nelson, Gilleland, Telpner S,ubbltfield, Skelton, Campbell, Solazzo. Krabbe, Durfee, Bowers, Bartel, Gronstal, Donor, Neilsen, Nelson. Dahl, Knight, Cass, Louie, Belt, Gundlaeh, Leonhardt, Peterson, Scott, Moore, Grote. Ranny, Anderson, Olsen, Morris, Hennessy, Day, Sears, Walker, Allan. Pague, Miller, Friar, Meis, Basted, Pomeroy, O'Neil, Pederson, Grote, Harrison. House, Svenningson, Applequist, Fuller, Hansen, Purdy. COLOR COMPANY "Attentionl Forward March!" and a column of eager, smiling-faced cadets swing into a rythmic step on into the leadership of tomorrow. As the parade swings past, we salute the color company whose cadets are the most representative of the aims and virtues embodied in the teachings and spirit of the Abraham Lincoln high school regiment. I-IONORARY OFFICERS Honorary officers of the R.O.T.C. are selected from a large number of the Girls' Rifle Corps members, eligible by virtue of attaining the degree of excellence in marlcsman- ship, or 1,000 points in G,A.A. Their identity remains a secret until disclosed at the annual Military Ball held each spring. -.54 Honorary Major Frankson, Honorary Colonel Van Druff, Honorary Major Ball. Company C4-Woods, Band-Harding. Company D-Lavely, Company E-Andeson, Company A-Fariday, Company B-Neumayer. COMPANY SPONSORS Company sponsors and band sponsor are elected by popular vote in the Caclet Corps and announced at the Military Ball. Girls who have obtained at least their fourth bar in the Rifle Corps and earned 500 points in G.A.A. are eligible. Each company sponsor is a girl from the company's class. Eighty-seven Eizhty-eight MILITARY BALL A hugle is sounded beneath the Stars and Stripes. At the farther end of the gym- nasium there,s a clashing of spurs and sabers-then silence. The colonel and honorary colonel are presented to the regiment. Dancing to Sanderson's orchestra was the recreation for the evening. Can you find yourself in the crowd? Perhaps you were in the balcony. N A RIFLE TEAM Bang! Bang! and another record is shattered by the brilliant 1936 rifle team which closed the most impressive season ever encountered by such an Abraham Lincoln team. A winning squad throughout the season, the sharpshooters reached a thrilling climax by winning the championship of the seventh corps area in the annual William Randolph Hearst Trophy matches by challcing up 924 points out of a possible 1,000. Sttwens, Hell, Brickey, Bowers, Day, Jennings, Van Druff. Jensen, Williams, Diamond, Sieferl, lirundt. In the Nonpareil Commercial Rifle League, the team, firing against older and more experienced men, placed second with an outstanding record of ten victories in fourteen matches. The team, the pride of the R.O.T.C., consisted of boys who were not only straight shooters, but sportsmen as well as champions. Eighty-nine Company A Company B Company C Company E Yesierday - Our predeces- sors' perspirafion and muscle conquered savage, Torrent and space. They adapfed ra new couniry 'ro 'rhe needs of a civi- lized race. - Athletics Today -- Young men and women are lrained physically as well as menlally lo assure lo- rnorrow ol a race of people lil 'ro carry onward 'flue greal work llme pioneers slarled a cenlury ago. Ninet Coaches Captains Kg., . " Cheerleaders WII.I.IAM K. LAYLAND FEE CHEW Head football, basketball, and Freshman football coach, wrest- track coach. ling coach, track coach. ROY F. LAWSON HERBERT H. JOHNK Second team football and bas- Faculty director of athletics. ketball coach, golf coach. BILL ROBERTS What he lacked in weight, Bill made up in spirit and determination. Figuring in nearly every play, Rob- erts handled heavier opponents with ease and dexterity. A mid season ankle injury kept Bill on the side lines for a while, but he came back strong in the last three games to end two years of brilliant play. CHEERLEADERS Ir isnlt the game-it,s the spirit of itl TALMAGE QUICK A zip and a flash-and another two points are chalked up for the Lynx. Such was the almost habitual performance of this diminutive for- ward who closed two years of varsity play. Quick became captain of the basketball team after two years of outstanding play. Ninety-two Jensen. Wichael. Paschal. Scott. Lavely, Hudson, Harding. Football ,.: tw. - cl-.i Layland, Lawson, Quick, Fuller, lirandt, Cone, Palidino, Bowers, lirickey, Stupfell, Bell, Stevens, Watson, Roberts, Skelton, Kmezieh, Profeda, Spellmeyer, Verdin, Hathaway, Solliday, Allan, Chew. Drummond, Hansen, Giles, Reggio, Reynolds, Anderson, Rider. Brown, Allen. Wright, Piukston, Barrett, Jennings, Harden, McGee, H. Smith. J. Smith, Allan, Walker Seifert. Louie. Norman, Nickel. ' Miller, McMains, Harriman, Chapman, Perdew, Thompson, Liatzet, Barrett. Colefelt, Moser, Hutchison, Scofield, Meirs, Grote, 1JeVol, Christoffer: on, Solozzo, Van Leuvan, Gillman. 1935 FOOTBALL SEASON Obviously handicapped by the laclc of veteran material and weight, the 1935 Abra- ham Lincoln high school football team had an unfortunate season as far as victories were concerned, winning only one game of a tough ten game schedule. Yet the seemingly hapless Lynx gained wide recognition for their flashes of power in several offensive thrusts and goal line stands. Local sports scribes also repeatedly praised their fighting, do-or-die spirit in face of overwhelming odds. if In the initial encounter of their formidable schedule, the Lynxsters encountered Omaha Benson, later winner of the Intercity and Interstate crowns, in a hard fought battle, September 20 under the Tee .lay "arcs." The Bunnies were victorious by a 13 to 0 count. The following week on the same field the surprisingly strong Omaha Techsters hammered over a 27 to 0 win. Scoring an upset, Iowa School for the Deaf emerged victorious 6 to 0 the following week in the first game played on the newly improved hilltop field. Omaha Central's strong defending intercity championship team invaded the Lynx coup next and found tough going in squeezing out a hard contested 14 to 0 victory on the West End field. Improving steadily, the squad took its first and only trip of the season, October 18, to battle the bullcy Missouri Valley aggregation. Here their pent up scoring power re- leased itself, giving the Lynx their first victory of the year by the score of 12 to 0. A victory in the case of the Lynx was not' a tonic, as the Lynx dropped into a mid- season slump, losing to Glenwood 35 to 0 and Logan 40 to 0 in two successive weeks. The annual Thomas Jefferson game was played Armistice Day on the snow covered hilltop field. Handicapped by the snow, the light Lynxsters, depending on speed, were bottled up, resulting in their bullcier rivals gaining an 18 to 0 victory. After being doped to lose by six touchdowns in the Sioux City game, an inspired Lynx team held its powerful opponents to three scoreless stanzas, only to lose by a freak play caused by a slow whistle late in the last period, giving the visitors a seven point victory margin. The "Turkey Day" game scheduled with Omaha South was cancelled which resulted in the carrying through of plans for a second Thomas Jefferson game. The Lynx again provided a thriller, losing only by the close score of 7 to 2 on the icy, wind-swept Tee Jay field. Of the twenty-three boys who received letters, only twelve closed their careers at the end of the Tee Jay game. Those twelve will little remember the team's defeats, but the happy memories of the companionships and good clean fun on the hilltop can never be forgotten. To the school the season's record little matters, but the characteristics-hard fighting play, never-give-in attitude, and clean sportsmanship-which are the chief goals in athletic training, made Abraham Lincoln proud of the 1935 football team. Ninety-th ree va, 'K ,, YE li Toss T. N. T. into an opponent's offense and you have the effect produced by Leon Skelton's smashing defensive play. 'QSkelly," a junior, made all-Southwestern Iowa's second team. Gerald, "Pat,,' Stevens was another junior to show his stuff. Pat substituted at tackle, where he gave a good account of himself. He was a minor letter winner. Bernie Verdin's consistently steady play made him a bright spot in the line. Bernie brought his Hilltop playing to a close with two letters tucked away. Opponents thought twice before attempt- ing a play through Roy Claar's tackle position. His fine defensive work pulled the team out of many a tough spot. Another under-classman who gained a starting position at guard is Joe Paladino. Gains were seldom made through the guard position without joe's say so. Another new comer who gave a good showing of himself, holding clown the tackle position, is dimpled Bill Bell. Bill was noted for his stubborn fighting spirit. Playing his first year as varsity end, Bol Spellmeyer gave a glowing account of himself. Bob will be back to bolster the hopes for next season's squad. Ninety-four Don Stupfell was perhaps the most con- sistent player on the team. It will be hard to replace a blocking half of as high a caliber as Don. The spirit of the entire squad was per- sonified in Allan, as dependable and concien- tious a football player as ever wore the Crim- son and Blue. Never absent from a practice in two years of competition, Tom was a fine passer, one of the best blockers on the squad, and a deadly tackler. Tom will be missed as much as the brightest star on the squad. Quick sends a spiraling punt out of the Lynx end zone as Skelton blocks Moser, T. J back, out in the first struggle with the Yel- lowjackets. Steady and dependable Carlysle Brickey showed plenty of prospective power as a iunior. Carlysle, a minor letter winner, will be the nucleus of the next year's backfield. Chet Bowers showed enough fight while playing substitute end to warrant himself a minor letter. Chet will be back next year. An educated toe plus 150 pounds of driv- ing energy in the personage of Talmage Quick gave opponents many anxious moments. "Tam," is a two letter man in football. Whether skirting end or smashing off tackle, Bob Fuller was good for yardage on every try. "Red" ended a brilliant two year: at halfback for the Lynx. Bernie Verdin and Don Stupfell stop Eldred "Punk" Arch in one of his Armistice day plunges of the A. L.-T. clash. Cone and Solliday are coming up to help stop the big Orangeman. The speed of Carl Williams, halfback, gave opponents many a headache. "Speed- balln gained two letters while playing football for the Hilltop. Take brains, add an extra measure ol elusiveness, and mix with fighting spirit anc. you have Eddie Solliday, diminutive first string quarterback, an asset to any team. A sophomore, Ioe Kmezich, held down a first string end position in his first year of football. Joe's expected to do big things next year. Gaining the all-Southwestern Iowa third team tackle was just one of the accomplish- ments of Louis Profeda. Stellar lineman Louie will be back. A main factor in every play, jack Cone was one of the best guards in the Intercity. Jack will be back next year to give opponents more worries. Walter Brandt portrayed a smashing util- ity lineman, doing his best when substituting at center. Not many backs found gains through "Docs, position. As a result of his outstanding work sub- stituting at guard, .lohnny Hathaway will be expected to do big things next season. Johnnie won a minor letter. Gaining all-Southwestern Iowa honorable mention was one of the accomplishments of jim Watson, veteran end. Jim graduates a two letter man. A great end was lost to the team early in the season when Norman Leed suffered a broken collar bone. Norman closed his career with one letter. Ninety-fix e FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL Thirteen defeats in eighteen scheduled games, the sectional tournament won, and twice victors in the district tournament before losing to the strong Logan five in the finals is the record compiled by the 1935-36 basketball team. After losing the opening game of the season to St. Francis, the team suffered a disastrous slump which cost them eight straight games before they broke into the winning column with an overwhelming victory at Glenwood's expense. During the next six weeks the team played up-and-down ball winning when "doped" to lose and vice versa. The two important games with our West End rivals, however, ended in defeat. In tournament play, the Lynx came back strong to win the sectional with top heavy victories over Malvern, Sidney, and Oakland. Apparently headed for the state tourna- ment, the team continued its winning tactics in the district tournament, toppling Manning and Villisca in quick order before losing its heart breaking 23-20 decision to Logan. Fuller, Martin, Halpin, Quick. Snellmeyer, liuylnnd. Freeman, Wright, Friar, Radtke, Skelton. SCHEDULE St. Francis ......,,,..,.,,... 19 A, L ,...... ..,.. 7. 0 Creston Sioux City QED ........ 40 A, L ....... ........ 2 5 AVOCR Sioux City QCD ........ 48 A. L ....... ............... 2 7- LOg21l1 South ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.. 27 A, L ....,..,..............,i, 37 Denison g,mahHCTCf'1-6 """"" Sectional Tournament loux my Q 5 --'- A, L ,,,,,., ........,,,.... 4 2 Malvern Thomas Iefferson ,..... 24 I A. L ,.,.,,, t.,..... 4 O Sidney ...., Cmaha Central .......... 26 A L 46 G ki d Glenwood ................ 12 ' ""i" """"' "'ii a a n Tech w-A--,-----.. -------..,- 2 5- District Tournament Sioux City QED ........ 40 A. L ...,... .........,. 3 8 Manning - Glenwood ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 10 A. L .,.,... .....,,, 3 2 Villisca .---, Thomas Jefferson ...... 30 A. L ,............ -..-,-,, 2 0 Logan ---- Central ......,... ....... 1 8 'H South ,,,, .,,,,,, 3 2 Total-A.L ...,........ 700 Opposition FRANK FRIAR-A dead shot plus the ability to control the tip-off made Frank a valuable asset to the team this year. His steady performances throughout the season earned him a position on the all-South- west Iowa team. KENNETH WRIGHT-A re- markable ball-handler, "Coty showed great possibilities until mid-season injuries put him on the bench. He will return next year and, barring injuries, should fill the shoes vacated by Quick. WARREN RADTKE-With two years of competition still ahead of him, this sophomore guard proved worthy in every game. Possessing the stamina, build, and other qualifications of a good guard, he should be a standout on the team his re- maining two years. LEON SKELTON'-'Time and time again breaking up the op- ponents' defense made "Skelly" a main cog on defense. Play- ing a bruising, hard-driving game, Leon was in every play, and will return next year again to worry opponents. Bos SPELLMEYER-Playing his first year of varsity competi- tion, Bob showed up well when- ever he was sent into a game. His speed and ruggedness should be main factors in making next year's team a win- ner. GLENN MARUN-Another lad, who, although hampered by in- juries, showed up to the op- ponents' disadvantage when- ever injected into a fray. A junior, Glenn has one more year of competition and should be a thorn in the side of op- posing forwards next season. Boyn WALKER - A junior, Boyd displays a natural apti- tude for the game. This, coupled with his speed and willingness, should make Boyd a valuable man on the team his last year. DICK FREEMAN Dick's the kind of player you like to watch. Never brilliant, but al- ways steady and dependable, putting his whole heart and soul into the game. Dick was a nightmare to opposing for- wards and every basket made past him was a hard earned goal. BILLY HALPIN-With an un- canny eye for the basket and a remarkable knack for slipping past opposing guards, Billy was teamed with Quick to provide the team,s scoring punch. Al- though Quick graduates, Hal- pin will return next season and gives promise of being one of the finest forwards in the state. BOB FULLER The man be hind the scenes," "Red" was well-fitted for his position of manager and performed his re- wardless duties faithfully and concientiously. Ninety-seven N inety-eight SECOND TEAM In spite of the fact that the reserves were made up largely of sophomore boys, the team enjoyed a fairly successful season. Besides winning more than fifty per cent of the games, the team showed up well in the County tournament, losing only to Thomas Jefferson in a hard fought battle. They defeated T. later in a return game. Several prospective stars were discovered who will probably push the veterans for varsity berths next year. ,urn Allan, Sollazzo, McKenzie, Norman, Harden, Perdew, Lawson. Allan, Tennant, Brown, Allen, Rinehart, Wichael, Gallo. Luxford, Harriman, McMains. Norman, Anderson, Farrell, Barritt, Hansen, Re-inel. 0'Neill, Phinney, Smith, Kzltelman, Dodd, FRESHMAN TEAM Enjoying the most successful season in several years, the Lynx ulcittensl' displayed a superior brand of basketball to maintain a .500 per cent basis during their regular season. The team reached its peak in the Southwestern lowa tournament, winning two games before being halted in its victory march by the Thomas Jefferson "Yellowjackets", one of the finalists in the tournament. WRESTLING Wrestling reached new heights in popularity in the athletic program during the 193 5-336 season. The "grapplers," although mostly underclassmen, crowded the leaders in the Inter- city, District and State tournaments. The team was host to the first district Bluffs where they came through with flying place six men in the state tournament. They ionship of the intercity meet. In the State tournament the team made a chances for a showing. wrestling tournament ever held in Council colors to win second place and the right to were strong contenders for the team champ- valiant stand, but inexperience wrecked their Thomas, Olsen, Wiseman, Wright, Thompson, Karchomsky, Walker, Chew, O'N' S ' ld I 1 di lel, Skow, Hesse, Scott, Clark, Davis, Reyna s, 'a a nu, Hansen. Barrett, Profeda, Kms-zich, Meredith, Torneton, Knight, Fox, Shaft-r, Beezley, De Vol. SCHEDULE Opponent Vlfinner Srore December 6. . . ,.,.. North , . .....,, . . North 2099-1716 December 11 , , . . Central , . , A. I.. 2715-1215 December 17. . , . ...Tech ., . ... Tech 25-11 December 19. . . . . . Tee Jay . . , V... A. L. . . 2492-211-'Q January 7 .. . ...South .. ... South . 3312-1112 January 11 .... ..... C herolcee . .... Cherokee . . 349i-1116 January 14 .... January 17 .,.. January 31 .... February 4 , , . February 7 . , . February 11. . February 14. . . February 21. . . . February 21-22 , . February 25-26-28 March 6-7 ,....,, .....I-Iamburg ...,.Creighton . .. Hamburg .. Tech .....Tee Jay .. South .....Central , , . , Creighton . . . . ....Harnburg,.,. ..,.Tech ., .,..A.L. ...South A.L. .. ,. .. Creighton . District Meet .... . . . Second Place , , .,.. Intercity Meet ., . .. State Meet...,. 24-19 29551216 24-19 25-21 ZZVZ-11W 243-'Q-1995: 21-17 24-19 Ninety-nine One Hundred 1936 TRACK Track prospects were the brightest in years on the Hilltop with the return of six lettermen and a strong crop of last year's reserves to form a well balanced squad. The 1935 state champion two-mile relay team with three veterans back was again tops in the state. With three lettermen back, the sprint relays were strong contenders for the state and Missouri Valley titles. The hurdlers and high jumpers fast developed into championship form after having been hampered by laclc of veteran material at the beginning of the season. Weakness was evident in the pole vault and discus events, but the javelin and shot put, with lettermen on the heaving end, were consistent point getters. "mf lf feat 'z . ' ' ,g ' bt 5... AA Q Q.. .. Skelton, Thomas, Brickey, Radtke, Barrett, Bell, Friar, Stevens, Jennings, Williams, Spellmeyer, Hathaway, Allan, Chew. Hanson, Kmezich, Lennant, McGee, Bowers, Herd, Paladino, Cone, Conklin, Norman, Brown, Fuller. Harden, Grote, Besse, Farrell, Wiate, Knight, French, Gallo, Constantine, Hill, Williams. SCHEDULE April 9 - Omaha North Dual Meet April 18 - - Thomas Jefferson Relays April 24 - ------ Drake Relays May 2 - Omaha University Invitational Meet May 9 - ---- V- District Meet May 16 - - lowa State Meet May 23 - - Missouri Valley Meet May 28-29 - - - Intercity Meet TENNIS Prospects of a championship tennis team were none too bright at the beginning of the season with only one veteran returning, plus the added hardship of inadequate facili- ties on the home campus. Yet portraying the fighting spirit characteristic of Hilltop teams, the squad rounded into a well-balanced group which gave opponents plenty of worried moments before the season ended. Jzlnws, Krusne, Connors, Frvvmaln, Kulmlmert. Font, Walker, Van Druff, Lzirsen, li. Hansen, Day, F. Hansen. GOLF Wt The Lynx ulinlcstersv had an average season as far as victories are concerned, having been handicapped by green material and lack of practice facilities. Coach Roy Lawson, however, was well satisfied by the seasonls play, saying that the sportsmanship and clean play were highly pleasing in all matches. One Hundred One Hundred Girls' Athletics BERNIECE FAURM MISS ABRAHAM LINCOLN Sportsmanship, character, leadership, athletic ability, and co-operation are the essential qualities a girl must possess in order to be chosen Miss Abraham Lincoln. It is an honor of the highest degree than can be bestowed upon a senior member of G.A.A. She is elected by secret ballot of the entire organization. Personifying all that is fine in girls' sports, as well as in possession of all qualities of sportsmanship, character, and leadership is Miss A. L. Berniece has assisted during her senior year with physical education classes, has shown keen knowledge in the field of girls' sports, and has always exemplified enthusiasm and ambition of the highest type. She earned the greatest number of points, 2,000 in three years, and only 1,000 are required for state awards. She was captain of the all-school basketball team, scoring a great number of points, and participated in every sport. Two PLAYGROUND ME ET Ahraham Lincoln's tenth grade team was the outstanding entry in the Playground Meet this year. Placing high in every event entered, they were the victors. Individual honors rather than team honors were won in this meet. Maxine Neely and Rosella Berg placed first and second respectively in the city in "2l',. Rosella Berg and Lucille Hayes tool: individual honors in the free throw. The team was the best in the far throw, with Irene Anderson taking top honors. ,bij .Jw - gl,-2Qag,gH ii fit . ' w-MM..-.-f:'3'V sq-Q.. -455 .nvfrivh Pic-rev, Neely, FALL Marieum Ball Dorothy Gates . Pleasant Voss. . . Arline Berg. . . Chapman, Am , -.av aff 'C' 'J WL? .JM sf 4' .ag at lersun, Christensen, Winfield, lleryz, Buhrmun, Hays, Hetrivk. Hertz, Bull, Gates. Faurm. Ilznrding, Hermes, Voss, In OFFICERS Presidenl . Vice president . . . . Secretary . , . Treasurer Sponsor: Miss Nix l'Y11'll'l. l 3 SPRING Pleasant Voss . . Lorene Harding .Aggie Lou Hermes . . . Ruby Inman One Hundred Three GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls' Athletic association has been founded on good sportsmanship. It has been preserved by a steadily increasing enthusiasm for girls' athletics. The G.A.A. is a comparatively new organization whose purpose is to promote both physical and mental health. A sense of clean competition is developed by the girls' point system. Besides basketball, baseball, volleyball, and track, the G.A.A. sponsors a number of hikes, breakfasts, and parties. During nine years of existence, the Girls' Athletic Association has excelled in every activity which it has undertaken. It is composed of the most capable girls. Eligibility consists of earning fifty points by being a member of some team or by participating after school. One Hundred Stewart, Sorensen, Dick, Berg, Jones, Ball, Gates, Edholm, Barber, Jennings, Weston, Jensen, Fiscus, Singer. Lewis, Duff, Voss, Winfield, Woods, Faurm, Berry, Christensen, Stiles, Winn, Anderson, Reid, Iialdorf. V Hermes, Neely, Stoker, Hayes, Harding, Schroeder, Nix, Inman, Chapman, McLane, Shields, Hetriek, Addison. To promote girls' athletics is the chief function of this oranization. These girls arouse interest throughout the school by sponsoring inter-society tournaments. Inter-society basketball, volleyball, baseball, and captain ball tournaments are held each year between the different literary societies. The winners are awarded the G. A. A. cup on honor day. V For girls who do not choose to participate in these activities the G. A. A. sponsors hikes, breakfasts, roller skating, horse back riding, and social parties throughout the year. In this way each girl has a chance to do the thing she likes best, and so participate in some outside activity. Four W. L EXPERTS ' Nine expert awarcls were won this year, hut no one wasahle to achieve the highest mark, that of distinguished rifleman. Only one girl from A: L. and only six girls in' the United States, cver have achieved this rank. 9271 f-4 ,- 0 . - K 4 ' s 5 :six xyui 'WYFVI nu ui l.. SIQ Q' 'ilk U, nuff? Mcssvrsmith, Van Druff, Little. Parmer, Frzmkson, Krumenachcr, Smith, Ainsworth, Iiiglcy. Starr. Stagcman, Pilling, ' GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB OFFICERS 221 A jean Stageman ----- --.. P yi-gidenf Rllth . Seffefdfy Mary Staff Treasurer One -Hinidrrll Five I 1 Experts Sharpshooter, third class Marksnian, first class GIRLS' RIFLE CORPS One of the oldest organizations in the school is the Girl's Rifle Corps, having been organized in 1922 by Miss Margarette Howland. It was first sponsored by the G. A. A., but it is now an independent organization. The membership is limited to one hundred girls. The initial dues are 52.00 a year. After a girl has reached the mark of an expert and is a senior, she becomes eligible for one of the two highest honors at the Military Ball. She may be Honorary Colonel, or Honorary Major. These girls are chosen for these positions by popular vote of the R. O. T. C. There are also five company sponsors and a band sponsor chosen by popular vote of the boys. In order to be eligible for one of these positions, a girl must have received her fourth bar. Since these awards came at the end of the year, the girls work harder to gain these coveted positions. l Ruth Ainsworth Lucille Bitzley Opal Franksen Frances Krumenachcr Maurine Little Gertrude Messersniith Helen Parmer Gretchen Smith Phyllis Van Druff Sharpshooter, first class Alice Boedeeker Mildred Hollingsworth Betty Mounts .lc-an Stapzeman Mary Starr Eleanor White .lean Woods Sharpshooter, second class Marjorie Alberti Margaret Barbara Carol Bock Jerry Drodge Priscilla Fariday Anna Marie Hauschildt Ruth Ann Knapp Donna Lavely Geraldine MeCart Marilou Neumayer Rasanne Sheehan Mary Spencer Maxine Waugh Jane Witt One Hundred Six Toni Baumeister Winifred Brown Virginia Conley Margaret Coyle Charlotte Dick Mary Cirard Mary E. Henncssey .Tune Jacobsen Florence Meyerson Dorothy Peterson Pegxzy Swan Doris Wentworth Jane Wormhoudt Sharpshooter, fourth Pauline Anderson Marianne Brandt Francis Crabill Betty Enselman Leona Fired Dorothy Fryer Arlene Gilcrist Jessann Hannan Peggy Hall Delphine Hecht Mary Rayzor Ruth Tallman Evelyn Vallier Vera Anxzeroth Regina Cochran June Grabill Ruby Morrow Leila Morse Ruth Pilling Marilyn Caywoofl Jean Durfee Margaret Jacobs Katherine Kirn Barbara Moore Irene Points Maude Roach Marian Van Druff class Pro-Marksman Betty Pennington Jeanette Barrett Vernice Brown Olive Brandt Lorraine Christensen Louise Kennedy Benevieve Lewis Roxanna Morse Jeanne O'Neill Virtlinia Siders France Van Horne Mary L. Wells Helen Chafen Doris Drustrup Ruth Ehlers Margaret Harris Anna Hausehildt Virginia Hollinyzswortr Luelda Jubb Dorothy Mortensen Thelma Myers Marguerite Sehluter Virginia Schultz Hazel Steele GIRLS, BASKETBALL TEAM By placing first in the class basketball tournament, Abraham Lincoln high school's girl basketball team was awarded the 1936 city championship. Each school in the city entered three teams, and in the tournament nine games were played. Abraham Lincoln won five out of the nine games played, therefore winning this title. These teams owe much of their success to their most capable captains, Bernice Faurm, twelfth grade, Dolores Jones, eleventh grade, and Pauline Woods, tenth grade. ff- , ' I '-' fl - - Stiles, Gates, Edholm, Jones, Martin, Christensen, Weston, Woods, Andersen, Inman, Jensen, Duff, Hertz, Winfield, Moore, Neeley, Hermes, Faurm, Reed, Hayes, Hetrick. Pierce, Neeley, Chapman, Anderson, Christensen, Winfield, Berg, llurhman, Hays, Hctriek. Faurm, Jensen, Idilholm, Jones, Weston, Dick, Gates, Stiles, Neeley, Hermes, VVoutls, Andersen, Inman, Reed, Duff. LETTER AWARDS One llunrlrerl Seven MAY QUEEN Audrey ,Lucille A V, C1 Qyppol farher if N ' . X Q De: tchler .F ,. F? . 4' ' "' A ,. , i vig , j Fur-inlay Jane Y Heck 1 32 li eww fi I , Miriam Gertrude Sak-S Messe:-smith. A Pryor Mildred 419118611 Mary Parks Saunders Phyllis Van. Dru ff Charfotte Presler White Van Rensselaer The highest honor any girl in Abraham Lincoln high school can achieve is to be chosen May Queen. She is selected because of being outstanding in leadership, scholarship, char- acter, citizenship, and her participation in extra-curricular activities. The of-honor For Pete was Uno Hundred Eight May Queen is announced at the annual May Fete. She is attended by her maid- and twelve maids, all of whom are also chosen because of basic qualities. the first time in the history of Abraham Lincoln high school, the annual May held on the new athletic field this year. Yesferday-Buffalo g r a s s waved on rolling prairie lands, rribes of Indians lwunred, fished, and roamed over a vasr land of beaufy and na'rural resources- a primilrive civilizafion soon +o give way before a pale-skinned influenceg 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -4 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 Ads and Features Today-Those prairies of a cenlury pasl succumb To a world of efficiency, lliose ln- clians bow lo moclernizelion-a highly civilized land willi marvels we accelol as commonplace. Tomorrow-Perhaps we will wonder al an even more slarl- ling "Cen+ury of Progress." One Hundre N 3' I W A. L. I-I. S. In 1900 IV? E-7057251 Be-Il Wyj-M7630 to M75 The growth of Abraham Lincoln High Graduate! Uf School, has led the growth of the city. The first building, on the site of the present athletic field was erected in 1870. At that time there was a capacity of three-hundred pupils with three faculty members. The next N 1 G site was the present one, as appears above. e It's difference lies in the absence of thirteen 232 West Broadway rooms in the east side of the building. Mean- time the enrollment has been doubled. Cooking Heating IF IT'S DONE WITH HEAT, YOU CAN DO IT BETTER WITH ATUR L GAS Water Heating Refrigeration Congralulatiom TO THE 1956 Graduating Clam Quaker Baking Company I EEE VISIT THE i'O'RiD WIFSF NEW AND GREATER W. T. Quick Motors I Penney CO O 542-544 W. Broadway 59 "COMPARE OUR VALUES 27-29 Fourth St. Phone 3737 -- EST BY TE T 1936 LSANTI Charles P. Emarine REPRODUCTIONS LEWIS 8: EMARINE PRINTERS AND STATIONERS SAN NEPLAST ND ERN SC 1919 -1935 FRA S. LEWIS HUGHES MOTCDF? CO. New Chevrolets--Used Cars of all Makes fr Economical Tllllflffllu ...?? ' I I -.. XCHEVROLETJ' TELEPHONE 669 153 WEST BROADWAY mr-" U," ' Y -,,, Ll" -if:- ti .. if f' -. f .I Y v l ff gl X ,, - 1 ., , , ,J Ip f , g i' rf Lt-JY -,, i rnrrd' ' lf! ' 1 lily 'A i. : 'EW A l W a l 'F vi i fi xc 'Q ,' . ' 4 1 . . A , if ke 9 , I 'S I-' f Bulifjff i t ' l as ,.. l X r F .I S nl K 1 f 1 ,QV if 'A " I ...Epi . gomcthinq weve ltnlgetl foreword Ke All gununct-F-f' X' first dcxu or schwif' .. f Wi. U!! A-115 , ' Piggy 'U "W", i X. ' V if if 17'iw- i' .351 " Q! 7OU1HvmTcQ,i 'ing cw ,f"' flw-'fn na rv' 1"f ci V' , f " -f -. i- Q I w !..--Y---H l p Ig3J1I.i1:..e .35 . .. - gwxtcx ggffkgfniragiz P. fY'b1tHQL ftallxill tpxut Of 54.67121 1.- ..-1 and morc he Sdiwww- or" r " -W A 0,41 l. xl -1 Tn . ' . 1 gil f .1 f ip X ' ' 1 1.1 'S 53' qt X N I P TT i W' ' 'ii XX T Tv rx if ' 'W ?1v" 1 - -f -. , ' nfl .nffcwwmrmo Et ' 1 Uwnybnas ilgvltln f ll 'Anil Di Lful Ln mx. LQ? llkl all ,,,,5fg ' ff- N x--fu.--v,.s,,',,g5K,. - .X ' J Aw V liffiffgi L74 ' ' lil ' 7 P -31 59? 'a V71 ff? ' MXSFQS- " f . :3,:F6',7', . W-Uma' K' l5'ls1""'. x :Q Q V ' XX . A :1 . 6-:sd X .xii V, 74 ill H:-rj ,.b:1x1 5 C g 'Wake 4 N. "i7Qfl72i-We-'frfelf - l'1b-tttwtxh' Colwmxus sd' ld ik. Lean qrmem 1' 1 'f""" " in .ci-Wm Lmmfn .15-V-OH NY! 'ROUND SEPT. 3-School re-opens - - hurricane hits Florida. SEPT? Q-Sherman resigns I- - street car men out on strike. SEPT. 18-Bunnies tame Lynx - - "Tan Tiger" annihilates Baer. SEPT.25-Fuller gives up bachelorship lor Pryor - - OCT. OCT. OCT. NOV. NOV NOV. DEC. DEC. DEC. JAN. Ethiopia resigns all hope for peaceful settlement. 4-Applequist flashes his first boots - -- Mickey Mouse celebrates seventh birthday. 10-Teachers hold convention --- ---- earthquake in Montana. 18--"Pigs,' presented -A -- embattled farmers in another milk strike. S-Thnlians present i'Lilies ofthe Eieldi' and dedicate it to footballers - -- Iowa loses pig deal to Min- nesota on gridiron. 16-Official forgets to blow whistle, but Lynx win Umoraln victory over East Sioux City - - volcanic eruptions in Hawaii. 28-Thanksgiving for vacation, and vacation for Thanksgiving - -+ need more be said? 6-Read squeezed out Winn in senior class elections - - Iowa politicians in graft trial. 15-Fi-rst -vesper concert in gymnasium - - guns roar on in Ethiopia. 25-Everybody has a Merry Christmasg no school. 21-Inevitable exams - - more snow!! ,ROUND FEB. 7-Mere man managed by Echoes business head of the feminine variety - - mercury goes to 20 FEB. 14 degrees below. -Buds of romance not nipped by cold weather -- - Selassie sends more love to Mussolini. FEB. 29-Male "noes,' echo through halls - - marriage license bureaus report business pickup. MAR. 6-Grote and Starr make date for "Growing Painsn -- - King Edward hints he may take bride. MAR. 13M-Girl slips into junior class officialls - - political violence rages in Spain. MAR. 21--Lynx sail through sectional, but lose thriller to Logan in finals of district - -"Anything Can Happen" crooned by Valee, so George Wliite pokes him. MAR. 27-Roadshow makes big splash with student body - 5 big puddle in Pittsburg. APR. 6-Jane Ann arrives-Congratulations, McIlrath's. APR. 18-Cadets hold sway as everyone and his best girl is at the ball - - political hot air getting hotter. APR. 22-Annual editors up all night. APR. 23-Editors still up. APR. 24-Annual goes to pressg editors attend classes again. JUNE 5- School rid of 263 pests, with fumigation at city auditorium. i it 'mail i i gf . 5 5 . ' WE' X I . i s XMHQ' .fs M 1 45, . E 'g i ' IZB. 1.3-Fm' Pfimx' xx Wipe- U' B- Mlmgpn 1 XJ f 7 ,njfl I . 0 g. ugsfx ,Ya -M Q Ml '. 'V 1 , .xi i .I In I. it i C ,A - 4 r -'A ,. ..,,, nz. HAN1D'GRfW" 1 954331 mme W ,Qi1'vK"' oo llc ll se , -if ze- ,. -J ., LA Y I I qv. 5, .. f 1 ll 1. s i .i gg at SJ.. I fff' . i A viz. uviit.gayR5a1r " -H 5-,affieie td 'Q-. i f L I A 3 I fi , mmf' F S . 1 , gal H tl ' n z RS ? ' .ij PQ! i,- ii sim uf A AY M95 599' .p'if?w 1 ,emi G5 Uc'rreiilNwAim, -in 4 "ef-Q Q ,, il ' .A ' as sbs , wx ' ' . -o .i W . ' 1 DQ ., P ' c 7 -- ,, ' .Ja - -1 UNE. 1 Jlgwemote Ov l AY Iowa Blames Shop for Men and S Young Men 4 0 The Store Where Men Shop and Y- 'Z Women Shop lor Men Everything in Stylish Apparel o 536-38 WEST BROADWAY OUR BEST WISHES For a Happy and Successful Future to Each and Every Graduate FRED R. SHAW Flower Shop 545 Broadway Phone 4l suv:-1. WJWW :sflnu vovu unc: :vor Es It HEHTXORE UIOADWQY M llvnnv ncouucll. lululg. The safe future of our great nation depends upon the educational success of youth You have our earnest and sincere good wishes Congratulations Class o 1936 he Council Bluffs Savings Banlt has served its people faithfully for eighty years. We served the people who pioneered and fought with the Indians. The people who started to huilcl the great net work of railroads we now have over our country. Now we are serving the people who operate the great cogs of industry and agriculture. We are also ready to serve the young people who are now going out to talce charge of their V -eu .,....,, -. -...... 3 , . ,gg 5 BALDWBID DQS 12953122 l BANKERSKLAND AGENTSl Q, f' - ' , ....... .,.,. ............ ... .......... -,,1...,,,,.. - 7: .77 I .-... ,.a ...... ., EH.,1.p .... -itMEw!i,k X. l f . g e 5' i ' iuvuhttllllllr . ' ', ' " ' i y i . wssr,a::1.r:.1. W Il nm kt XX gg ,. . .4 ll, j1 fwrrfll 'f 5.-ez.-VJ. ff? iff , . K ' ' 1' Z' . 7515" , exif- X4 , . A4415 , as 7f12Qff1.1'c ' " -S - .U own affairs in life. Council Bluffs Savings Bank COUNCIL BLUFFS, 1oWA "A STRONG BANK SINCE 1856" . , UG TI-IE MCMILLEN STUDIO Fine Portraits ' 4l43 53l W SC SNAPSHOTS, HERE AND THERE- Row one-Mr. Lee turns his back on us . . . "Puss,, is the one on the right . . . Snappy drilling . . . McCahill debate champs . . . Old fashioned McMains and Pryor . . . Guess what? Row two-Auditorium thirty years ago . . . Mr. Porter has a busy winter . . . Avis Mayne chuckles at us . . . Jere takes a cream puff from M. L. Parks . . . Chief Eagle Plum entertains . . . Amateur night at the Christmas party. Row three-Camden helps Fricke eat . . . Chemist Swisher . . . A. L. halls thirty years ago . . . Mr. Kirn poses . . . In 302 . . . Johnny grins. Row four-Harding teases VVichael . . . Barren athletic field . . . Austin bravcs the slush . . . Going home . . . Another flat? Row five-ls Talmage going to the clogs? Meets Billy Searle . . . Snow melts, girls wade . . . Cannoneer Brugenhemke . . . Snowbound Gibralter . . . We catch Stupfell with Frances at the Valentine hop. Row six-Tyler goes in for circus stuff . . . Rock-a-bye, Baby! . . . Don takes Betty Jane lightly . . . An old city view . . . It's Mr. Johnk beneath the whiskers. Row seven-Looking down . . . Spring flood . . . journalistic triumvirate . . . "Mea11ie,' Daniels teases Thomas, Tyler aids him . . . Solliday clowns. Uno Hundred Sixteen STEEL OFFICE EQUIPMENT OFFICE SUPPLIES Ainfwown Printing Company Printers-Binders-Rulers . PHONE 94 Afaxofzir Building Comm! Blllff, Iowa I M 3 I lu Y ,N w M y Ainsworth Printing Company Hmm oo QQQMA W r l ls 2 fl If A xr ,rr ,,r , r,?xs9,.wn 'Ceo fa xfkg5Yvo.49Y,-f"rl, '-14' 9 xllfw 1 -r ,,, , cJf,'vf,f Xxx X ,,', AVW, X hvxl ,XA 1 VI, gx r " NX 1 Y l rl , I lb-5 xc f it Y X mum 1 pk, ELECTRIUTY,l X cae r cr .A-- Cook, clean, refrigerate, wash, iron . . . do a score ol: other harcl jobs electrically at our new ow Rates cmzews Powusn cf Lael-nr co. Everything jnr Your Home l-lui 'ilil ni fm t ll Congmtnldttonf ' , to the JQZEMGQ 1936 Gmdnnting Cldvf Terr 0 tical Co. Y 13 widen in 'MWLl52ZrLEl,-filgMCVmy Eyex Examined - Gltmes Fitted 408-4l0 Broadway Phone 330 AND MORE SNAPSI-IOTS Row one--Radtke and Fuller pound the cinders .... Inseparable, that's Dottie and Mason .... Drill's out! .... The auditorium thirty years ago. Row two--Glassburner, why make such faces behind a pretty girl? . . . Bobby Mere- dith needs a hankie .... The girls simply troop around Laddie Woodward .... Exclusive! The only picture ever taken of Mr. Layland hounding sack poppers during lunch period. It wasn't posed . . . and was Mr. Layland embarrassed! Row three-President Read has an accident of some sort .... Robinson holds Harlan Jensen up .... Crazy man in our midst! Row four-Martin clears the bar .... Insert, hasn't Lorene Harding a charming smile? . . . Mrs. Downs missed a few coming out the front door. One Hundred Nineteen A SMILE Our employees serve you with a genuine smile because they appreciate your patronage ---Visit your Bodecker System Store often where shopping is a pleasure. BUEDEKER C'jj'fcient Service Fooo S ys tem sronss "A SURETY OF PURITY' I'IoteI Chieftain Smdeni Sofia! and Civie Center COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA COUNCIL BLUFFS TYPESETTING CO. 6-1. The type fir tbif Annual was Jet by the Conneil Blnyjff Type- .femng Company. -:J Stanley Hunter Masonic Temple City National Bank COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA T. G TURNER - Chairman of the Board ROBERT W. TURNER - - President R. D. M TURNER - - Vice-President OSCAR KEELINE Vice-President CHARLES W. PARKS - - - Cashier P. J. MCBRIDE - Assistant Cashier IRA L. HAYS - - Assistant Cashier Joiz s m-1 as Co. "Thirty Years of Qualityu Congratulations to the graduating class of 336 and best wishes for a successful career in life To you young people upon whose shoulders will soon fall the broad mantle of responsibility for the future welfare of the city, this state and the U. S. A.-- May you not he found wanting in Education, in Character and in that fine sense of Responsibility which is so necessary to good citizenship and to your ultimate success. Best wishes and may God bless each of you, -JOE W. SMITH. State Savings Bank COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA fF 41 B. P. WICKHAM - - President A C. BLANCHARD - Vice-President H. L TINLEY - - Cashier JOHN KELSON - - Assistant Cashier D. E. CHRISTENSEN - - Assistant Cashier R. M BAIRD - - - Trust Officer PHONE 344 KUHN'S STUDIO KODAK FINISHING AND KODAK SUPPLIES , Iowa 25 South IVIain Street Council Bluffs FIRST NATIONAL BANK lfgtical Shoppe W In Council Bllljk 832 W. Broadway. Phone 2706. COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA I C 1 ' l e Iv If ongratu atlons f- I Z I Class -of- I 9 3 6 Dr. O. H. Greenberg - Optometrist Ofcers and Direclo s -l V C. G. OUREN, Pre A DON. B. sTOUFER,vi -P d ,. - GEO. W. wooDs,Em. V. Pres. dCth Guard Your Eyeslghtn H. P. wind T' Floyd E H gh It IS PYCCIOUS E. H. Gregory William P. K Herman E. Groneweg CLARK IJRLIGB CO. IYOUR STORE? PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS IONLY GRADUATE Pa-IARMACISTSJ SUPER SODA SERVICE--HIGH SCHOOL HEADQUARTERS 5 O4 BROADWAY Autographs .4 f gl J Autographs I i V N 1 I W

Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) collection:

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