Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA)

 - Class of 1934

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Cover

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W: ' N2 5" 'Q 1 A - , ff -159 ,Q X K' ... GA ' V . . , A 7 ,X . .fwgg ' " 'E V- A- ff -f ,yu X4 1 H 'Q .. Lfx,.+-f " -f .uf X f , , , . , ,xg 1 -. , 1 -3, 4 F f -f' fv'vV-. ,, 4.54. , ' ff . 'iffy' 1 1593 . : A -1 " Pr ' - ' vl U" 3 .,, , , J, - -,-.' N-FYR-2 X 7-5 ,42+..5,fP-+,,, .gf '19, 4, Y J: -N.,-V ,4 4- .fA-,I .,' ,Q . x,.,,x,fg, N,-V ., A '. A fa.. 4. -fb fb- fy APN' .- J g.'H,:,4xL,3f:,L A -.qw -pi - Y . RQ: , ., -. .-L. 5- 4 'a --,. .A .' . X x..'. '-,' , '-.,'- -' ' 7".:.'V1,uiQ " ' -N XX-' V. ,tx , .V S- gr . ,F , Al.:v,:-1 I..-1 ifgxt .-..? :V 7- wa I XA " -'X "N-' :. '1 W- .. . ' ' . - ff, f" ' fan " ,- M . , .I 1 I-x, - aff. - ,N . ,L--1-Q . Q 4, , N! ,3 x 4 fw- X X'-, .F Kr' up fqjd " i 'f 'ff' P A Q1 V E" Lx, f nf , . .1 N 1 A- Q" Xi- - ' V- ' .2 W --f . .f -M, ' - f f if , K' f --I , ax I L ,X ff' -Q lift ,-,...3X-3-I. I 1 ,V -jzl P V '21 - . 1- .. ISI .II I . .I.,.II,,4I e.I -+5 , . 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'sf' -- S' 1' ...f-ff. - -V -V -- FW- -' J ' N II.Q,I 5 ,If '.f'LQ.5I.fgI.fI ffl. ffgwlci " ,' Wi' I' . R7 - ,-. 71? fb 5 ',Q'1H5Y3,1 94 V'35i"'7".' 515 i?'4.'IJ.' ,521 Q- i N' J. Q 'V '--Vf .ffl QA . .gI'Qsqf- .NW " . XI " A :I fFf'.1qITf'1' '.J:9Ig6S-QLQQ 5,5 II ,gh I1 W, I. -III, .I .f- , I..I.I. 1 II I I II .IJI I.. fI21IIgIII-I ,II I-.III-TI?III4IIIf ,qi I IV14.5bII:, ,JIII ,I -.7 .I I.-x. I . , VIII. II .V I-,II i ffff--ay-fif' ' 'U".7'l'liL1 ' .AQ '14 :f'1:' if! "-fT.T'TW-"bf N'-2,1 l"1 Hi'7-JN ' 'IV 'P' nl -'f " N' - " ' "5 T X " 1. "1 -.,.-Xy'.:!. '5 ir' if- "' --w','AfxV.'.rt,x'Q"N' M' ' -- 'Y'. f -- f 'fi -ww' 5- -- - f- "-ff -a - . V- 1 fl A - V. . III. ,- , , 1 . 1.1.5 Avi.. Ig, I .,1 II I I, .f I,I,I.III. t I., I. I I I .I ..II I, i. II I J Jlwntll A ' , Inf:-II. jggIIEI,--IIi":II'IylIIfI ', II II, If LII' IS: QI.. ff: . .-. .. .V . 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IIIf, IILA " nf -rv -1- 11: Q- '-2.35 'fl ' ,I "-Us X' 'I 'ifgif 4 ' 1. ,-JN 'fb' .." , IcI AI-II4 r'IIIIIIII:IIIII.II.,,., Vg, 1 , f-'.,q,?:I'gJ .41 - . - 1' 1. . him' r"f fp-HI .. , I.I. -511 .f-4 . 5, QI ' ' 'FN ' ' afm .. XX III 9 Eg!-I 1. f ,ny ,. .VI. mf -.ki 'fir The CRIMSON AND BLUE for l93l-I- The Class Extends Acknowledgement and Thanks For Efficient Service to Claude K. Constable, Photographer The Nonpareil Engraving Co. and The Ainsworth Printing Co. THE Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-four CRIMSON AND BLUE Volume Thirty-six Published by the Senior Cfass Abraham Lincoln High Schoof COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA POREWORD his lnoolc is the door to your house o f memories. , pen it and live again the happy high school days of nineteen thirty-four. tlpen it and recall the friends you loved and the joys and sorrows you shared with them. I'hat you might have this hook, we have lahorecl long and diligently. We hope you will open it often and enter your house of memories. 'llwllf 5'i?Xl'Il. e cledicate this bool: to he om- munity:-- he ommunity in which we live ancl which has sheltered us through the happiest years of our livesg he ommunity which has made it possible for us to follow the trail of education towarcl higher ideals and citizenshipg he ommunity into whose responsibil- ities ancl pleasures we are soon to enterg he arger ommunity, our nation and the worlcl, into whose various parts our members will be scattereclg he ommunity which will always bincl us together in a spirit of loyalty and com- panionship throughout the coming years. dl f,,' The shrill of thc rcfcrcc,s whistle-frcnziecl cheering-"Yea team!"-"Company at- tention!"-tympanies and trombones-moments musical-"Hail to the Queen of May!"- daisy chain-flowered arbors and dancing feet-honor day-smiles and tears-victory and Clcfea t-THE GYMNASIUM! Lincoln on guard--lessons-Massemlvlics-societies and clubs-dclwates, cxtcmpos, clc- clams-opcrettas and plays-banquets and picnics-the seventh hour-shots from the dark on the range-shadowy halls-cliin glow of lights on beautiful pictures-sunslminc and shadow-joy and sorrow-LINCOLN HIGH! iii" ' - 'N , V A' i' ' Q xx, A . , l 4 43 . - 0 ' I "'-9 na" it 'a' r li a .jf 'Zi' a rw., 7 V' The doorway to QI world of wisdom and l1lllJPll1CSS-'Fl paradise wllere lvoolcs and nooks invite ro hours of enclmntment-fa rendevvous for delmtersf-a storehouse wlwere the present seelcs knowledge and guidance from the past-an old and well loved friend who lms welf coined and served us all-THE PUBLIC LIBRARY! j rt .-.. -.fmffyl-.255-irlaffi Mysterious survivor of thc icc age-child of the mighty winds in our worlcl's dawning -heater of the signal fires of many a reclskiifs warning-lone sentinel on guard over our high school years, silent and clignifiecl, scorched by summer heat or storm-swept by winter snow-whose is the mysterious, giant, shadow face you show us at high noon? Sphynx-like, you answer not-GIBRALTAR! n x O -1 if WWW ff Q 'T' E"3"f"'F' 1 9 ' F Q ,, ' 1 Q v ' f I' Q: ,cl i? :W A 1' if fu Q I. A . 25 Q55 Q? SPI A535 Lbs?-' Pfifff ,Q :iff 2, .r- -4 ,. '.: rniiing cncoumgement friencii -- y counsel--lmelpful ucivice--loyal support--persolml interest in our aciiieve- ments--guiclil i 'i ' ' ig mm S in every wortii e d X y n eavor--all this .incl more we i i ' IEIVC Ifld flOIIl Olll' ffielld ci san more than friends. . . . ,E . r l .jf a JOHN A. TRUE SuperinTendenT oT Schools The l934 ediTion oT The Crimson and Blue heralds The graduaTion oT Three hundred young women and men Trom The Abraham Lincoln High School. The Board oT EducaTion, our TaculTy and The enTire communiTy are proud oT This splendid class. IT is a Tine complimenT To The inTeresT oT our ciTizens in public educaTion ThaT, Tollowing Tour years oT economic disTress and insTabiliTy, we can presenT Tor graduaTion, aT This Time, The largesT class in The hisTory oT The Abraham Lincoln High School. May The enThusiasm oT your high school days be wiTh you in all oT your TuTure endeavors. J. A. TRUE GERALD W. KIRN Principal Malrhew Arnold described The greal guesls of life as Jrhe search for Jrhe good, The Jrrue, and Jrhe beauiiful. My sincere wish is Jrhai 'rhis annual may represenl +0 each of you success and happiness in achieving +he greal guesfs of your high school life: +ha'r your years in Abraham Lincoln High School may have fired your spiril wifh increasingly high ideals of personal conduclrg endowed you wi'rh a rich perspeclrive 'foward ihe 'rrue and given you a consuming zeal lo aifain it and enriched your life wilh an inspired apprecialion for lhe beauiiful. This book will Jrhen piclure +o you a golden moment snalched from Jrhe e'rerni'ries. G. W. KIRN 3 ,,r.-4:.fL. 1? X vi Aww'-r ' .' . , DORA G. NYROP -IOI-IN L. WHITE Dean of Girls Dean of Boys ROBERTA YOUNG MARIGOLD VVALKER RUTH IVICGONAGLE Registrar Secretary Clerk jot Thrush Downs Theodore Franklin Roman N. Hammes Margaret R. Henderson Marion Hanrhorn Ruth Castle F4-0 Chew A. Dem-ke Clark Malrio: D0ff0nl'mugl1 Emnm N. Bocschc Mallmcl I.. Brisley Dnllie D. Burgess 'T Daisy ll. Bnrtlcy llxmsen F. Blank licnjznnin S. Asquitll Bertha E. Hovland Died licla 16. 1934 "Her passing was Jennie G. Rice Wilbur J. Rosenkranz like Llw ceasing ul' CXLllllSllC lllllSlC.H Mary C. Nix Dora G. Nyrop Mittie M. Pyle H. Arthur Lee Faye E. Marty Virgil H. Miller Harriet Nlosslmlder John O. Hoskins Herbert H Jnhnk Lelal Kettvr Roy F. Lawson Wllllillll K. l,ayl:md Lena E. White Helen G. Wilcox Edna Willard Sarah M. Hondo Ono A. Wurl Hazel Thomison Mary D. Wallace Agnes Vlfhitc John L. White Rudolph Scidl E. Grace Taylor Ruth M. Tanxisim Edith Tatroc Kathleen Shaw Milo O. Smith The Faculty Roll BENJAMIN S. ASQUITI-I History, Economics, Business Law, General Science- Aristo Sponsor DAISY B. BARTLEY Algebra, English HANSEN F. BLANK Freehand Drawing-Junior Class Sponsor EMMA N. BOESCHE Mathematics, German--Ionian and Honor Society Sponsor MABEL L. BRISLEY English-Ero Sponsor DOLLIE D. BURGESS Office Practice, Bookkeeping-Aristo Sponsor RUTH CASTLE Dramatics, English FEE CI-IEW Junior Business Training, Bookkeeping-Athletics A. DEEKE CLARK Government, History-International Correspondence Club and Alpha Sponsor MARIE DEFFENBAUGH English, Librarian JET THRUSH DOWNS Typing-Commercial Club Sponsor THEODORE FRANKLIN Sergeant U. S. Army, R. O. T. C. Affairs ROMAN M. I-IAMMES Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing-Logo Sponsor MARION HANTHORN Domestic Science-Cafeteria Manager MARGARET R. HENDERSON Latin-Latin Club and Reservette Sponsor JOHN O. HOSKINS Major Field Artillery U. S. Army, Military Science and Tactics BERTI-IA HOVLAND English-Alpha Sponsor HERBERT H. JOHNK Manual Training-Faculty Manager of Athletics LELA KETTER Mathematics-Ero Sponsor ROY F. LAWSON Biology, General Science-Athletics WILLIAM K. LAYLAND Advertising, Salesmanship-Athletics H. ARTHUR LEE Journalism-Echoes Adviser, Senior Class, Junior and Senior Hi-Y Sponsor FAYE E. MARTY English-Thalian Sponsor VIRGIL H. MILLER Physics-Philo, Honor Society and Bi-Phy-Chem Club Sponsor HARRIET MOSSHOLDER Typing-Reservette and Junior Class Sponsor MARY C. NIX Girls' Physical Training-G. A. A. Sponsor DORA G. NYROP Commercial Geography, Methods-Dean of Girls, Teachers' Training Club Sponsor MITTIE M. PYLE History-Clio and Honor Society Sponsor JENNIE G. RICE Journalism, English-Quill and Scroll Sponsor WILBUR I. ROSENKRANZ Chemistry--Crimson and Blue Sponsor RUDOLPI-I SEIDL Director of Instrumental Music KATHLEEN SHAW Director of Vocal Music MILO O. SMITH Assistant Director of Instrumental Music RUTH M. TAMISIEA Dramatics, English, Public Speaking EDITH TATROE Shorthand-Delta Tau Sponsor E. GRACE TAYLOR History, English-Delta Tau Sponsor HAZEL THOMISON Government, History-Senior Class, Thalian, and Girl Reserve Sponsor MARY D. WALLACE Mathematics-Crimson and Blue Sponsor AGNES WHITE English LENA E. WHITE Shorthand, Bookkeeping-Girl Reserve Sponsor JOHN L. WHITE Debate, Modern Problems, Salesmanship-Dean of Boys, International Correspondence Club Sponsor HELEN G. WILCOX French, Spanish-French Club and Spanish Club Sponsor CLASSES Groups regimenTed by Their degree oT inTormaTion, power and TalenT. Sepa- raTed inTo inTegranT parTs These groups be- come The individual wiTh opporTuniTy given Tor developrnenT oT naTural TalenTs3 uniTed, The groups Tornn The school wiTh bonds oT school spiriT, loyalTy To The same ideals, enThusiasms Tor common goals, Triendly rivalry and pleasanT revelry, wiTh always The seniors holding TasT The TradiTions oT The school and leaving To The younger classes The challenge-"Carry on!" President Vice Prcxirlcrzr Secrclary , Treasurer .. Scrgvanl at Armv , SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Spmzforx: Hazel Tlmomison and H. Artlmr l.vc Claws Colors: Indigo and Silver Cflmr Flmvcr: Xvlntc Carnation Mark Fletcher ,Helen Picrcn' Marjorie Ratlmlwun , , Ray Nelson Dale Newman MARION ABEI, College Preparatory Latin club "Calm and confident with a fine sense of responsibility" FRANK ADRIAN Commercial Sergeant R. O. T. C. "Competent and straightfor- ward but always able to keep an eye out for fun" FRANK AMENTO College Preparatory Lettei'inen's cluh, football, track "Sam is famous for his good sportsmanship and fine fight- ing spirit" LILLIAN ANDERSEN Normal Training Teachers' training eluh treasurer "Her laughter is like the rip- pling of dancing water!" HERTHA ARMSTRONG College Preparatory Delta Tau, Latin eluh, junior girls' glee, Rifle corps "Merry and full of fun, With a smile for ercryoncv OW' EN BABBE College Preparatory National Honor society, dehate finals, Ionian president, lieuten' ant colonel R. O. T. C., track, "Tiger House" "His world is so full of a number of things Because he debates and acts and sings" MASON ADKINS College Preparatory Echoes staff, Senior boys' glee, foothall, track, wrestling, "The Marriage of Nannetten "A humorous twinkle in his eye and a world of good feel- ing in his sniileu NAOMI ALLEN Commercial Coinniercial club, junior girls' glee "A pleasant smile, a gracious manner, and many friends are hers" WAYNE AMICK Commercial Corporal R. O. T. C., Coinmer' cial cluh vice president, producf tion staff "Thirteenth Chair" "Rare compound of oddity, frolic, and fun, Who relished a joke and rejoired in a pun" CHARLES RUSSELL ANDERSON College Preparatory Literary society debate, producf tion staff "Bah' "There's a growing seriousness beneath his fun" ELINOR ASH College Preparatory French club secretary, Delta Tau treasurer, Echoes staff, Junior girls' glee president, Girl Re' serve, Masque and Wig "Gracious, sweet, and lovelyl' MAXINE BACI-IMAN College Preparatory Delta Tau, Masque and Wig, hand "Behind that quiet manner lies a world of knowledge" JOSIE BAILEY College Preparatory Girls' Athletic association treasf lll'Cl' Ulrrepressible Iosie always plays a square game" RICHARD BALDWIN Commercial Aristo, Masque and Wig, stage manager "Merton of thc Mov' ies," "Chimes of Normandy," "Prince of Pilsenn "Under his touch tlre stage turns into a fairylandv ROBERT BAXTER General "Full of miscluief, full of fun, He's a friend to everyone" KATHRYN BECK Commercial Clio, junior girls' glee, Girls' Athletic association, volley ball, Commercial club "Tl2ere's a beguiling twinkle in ber eyev JACK BENGSTON Commercial Arislo "Kind-lzearted, a jolly joker, and a good mechanic" FREDERICK BERG Commercial Company basketball "Quiet, modest, and reliable Hc's a nire Berg to know" BILLY BAKER College Preparatory Ionian, "The Red Mill" "Concentrated mischief" GRAYDON BATES College Preparatory Drum major of hand, Aristo, orchestra, rifle team, "The Nut Farm," "Civilian Clothes," "The Red Mill" "Erect, active, and l1appy-go- lucky" BRUCE BEBENSEE V College Preparatory Aristo secretary, sergeant at arms, hand, "Civilian Clothes," "Are You a Mason?" Senior play cast, National Honor so' ciety "In plays lve's always quite a hit, In class rooms, too, lie does his bitl' FRANK BEEBE College Preparatory Editorfin-chief of Echoes, ser' geant R. O. T. C., Hi-Y secre- tary-trcasurer, Aristo, track, "Are You a Mason?" "Someday his newspaper copy will be flashed throughout the countryl' DEAN BENNETT College Preparatory Band librarian, Philo, Bi'Phy- Chem cluh. orchestra "His keen sense of humor saves many a day" THORA BERRY Commercial Clio, "Are You a Mason?" "A lively little lass who lvelps make the world go 'roundn BENJAMIN BIERER College Preparatory National Honor society, Criin' son and Blue, Philo secretary, Senior hoys' glee, second lieu' tenant R. O. T. C., "Bab,' "Tilly ol' Bloomsbury," Senior play cast 'rBenjarnin-loved by all for his fine mind, fine courtesy, and fine character" 1 ANAGENE BLANK Commercial Thalian, Girl Reserve, Senior girls' glee, "The Charm School," "The Red Mill," Senior play cast "She is sweet, isn't she?" HELEN BOEDEKER College Preparatory Alpha treasurer, Spanish cluh vice president, Echoes staff, French club, Masque and Wig, "Nlerton of the IVIovies" "One gazes on her lovely hair And wonders at the glory there" BERNARD BOSLEY College Preparatory Company haslcethall "He will accomplish whatever he undertakesn ELAINE ELVIRA BRANDT Normal Training Teachers' Training cluh vice president, Delta Tau, Latin cluh "Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable" JOE BRANSBY College Preparatory Ionian, Senior boys' glee presif dent, lirst lieutenant R.O.T.C., wrestling, "The Red Mill," "The Marriage of Nannettef' Senior play cast "Righto! he's a jolly good fel- lowl" RUSSELL BLANCHARD College Preparatory Logo president, declaniatory finals, Senior hoys' glee, Hi'Y, dehate squad, "T li i r t e e n t h Chair," "Bah," business man' ager. "Once There Was a Princf cess," National Honor society "Dorff let that serious look fool you. Thereis a betraying tnfinlqle in his eye" RUTH BLIZZARD College Preparatory Girls' Athletic association, Rifle corps "Always a good sport" HENRY BOLLMAN College Preparatory National Honor society, colonel R. O. T. C., debate squad, Aristo president, HifY presi' dent, "Merton of the Movies," Senior play cast "Leadership, character, and modesty are not often so well combined" DENNIS BOYLE College Preparatory Echoes staff, junior class ser' geant at arms, sergeant R. O. T.C., Philo, football, basketball "Up an' at 'em, boys, Denny's in chargeln CLAIRE BRANNEN Commercial State commercial contest, Delta Tau, Commercial club secretary "Like burnished copper is her hairlv EVERETT BRITTAIN Commercial Philo, Commercial club presi- dent, corporal R. O. T. C., Senior boys' glee, Philo dehate squad, school debate squad, "Inf timate Strangers," National Honor society "Capable of handling any task put before him" WARNER BRITTON College Preparatory junior hoys' glee, wrestling "A quiet lad with a scientific mind" EILEEN BROWN Commercial Della Tau vice president and treasurer. cheer leader, Girl Ref serve, "The Thirteenth Chair," "I"rim'e of Pilsenf' uThe Red Mill." Senior Play cast, National Honor society "Snappy black eyes that dance with mischief" MELVIN BROWN College Preparatory Corporal R. O. T. C., Spanish rluh, Logo, wrestling "Speaking of wit, why hels Mark Tnfairfr understudy!" VIRGINIA BROWN College Preparatory Crimson and Blue, Echoes staff, Girl Reserve treasurer, Ero sec' retary, "Tilly of Bloomsbury," p r o cl uc tion staff "Intimate Strangers" "The perronification of charm, grace, and quiet dignity" ESTELLE BUESING College Preparatory fflrand junction, Iowaj de' clamatory finals, Dramatic so, cicty. orchestra, haskethall, jun' ior class play "Outrtanding in her dependa- bility, she has endeared herself to us in a ,ringle year" RONALD BUSEY Commercial Corporal R. O. T. C. "For work he shows the will to Win, for Ieixure-therefv hir riolinv EVELYN BRONS Commercial Rifle corps "This bronze is bright" LEONARD BROWN College Peparatory Philo, Spanish club, Latin cluh, production staff, "The Thir' teenth Chair" "Never idle a moment" PAULINE BROXVN Commercial Crimson and Blue, Ero, Com' mercial club treasurer, orches' tra "She gives you expert .rervice with ruch a charming .rmiien HARRY BUDATZ College Preparatory Logo, track "Quiet-we wonder!" GLADA BURGETT Normal Training Teachers' Training club presi' dent "A capable student, 'very ron- rcientiouri' DOROTHY BUSCHENFIELD Commercial State typing contest, Thalian, Commercial club "Efficiency plurv IRMEL BUSH Normal Training Teachers' Training club presi' dent, Delta Tau, French club "Quiet charm that challenges attention and well repays in- vestigationu EVELYN CAMPBELL College Preparatory National Honor society vice president, Crimson and Blue, Echoes managing editor, Girl Reserve cabinet, Alpha historf ian, "Marriage of Nannettef' "The Red Mill," "The Prince ol Pilsen' "I-Ier sweet 'voice and her fair face combined Are matched by the brilliance of her mind" ARNOLD fCl-IRISTENSEN College Preparatory Stale drafting contest-first award, national drafting contest - second award, Aristo, Bi' PhyfChem club, National Hon' or societv "He will bridge the canyons of difficulty with shining purpose and erect his dream castles on the solid basis of achievement" KATHRYN CLARK College Preparatory Declamatory finals, extcmpo finals, Rifle corps president, Thalian vice president and scr- geant at arms, Girl Reserve, "Civilian Clothes" "Winsome and wisel" MARY JANE CLEMINSON College Preparatory Declamatory winner, Thalian secretary, French club president, Masque and Wig, "Civilian Clothes, "The Charm School" "Always lmsy- dashing here and there" KATHRYN COATE College Preparatory Echoes staff, Girl Reserve, lLincoln, Nebraska! Girls' Ath- letic association, Masque and Wig "We're glad that she came to A. L., hut Why didn't she come sooner!" CORA BLANC!-IE BUTLER College Preparatory Thalian, band, expert marks' man in Rifle corps "One of those rare friends who always have a ready ear to listen and a ready hand to helpu EDWARD CARTER College Preparatory Football, lHebron, Nehraskaj football, track "He plays the game of life earnestly, honestly, and mod- estly" EVERETT CHRISTENSEN Commercial Crimson and Blue, Echoes staff, sergeant R. O. T. C., Philo, "Tilly of Bloomsbury" "That modest manner covers rare sympathy and achieve- ment" STANLEY CLARK College Preparatory Philo sergeant at arms, BifPhy' Chem club, 'iThe Red Mill" "Good nalured, always ready for fun and frolic" EVADNA COAN Commercial Commercial club "The wildest manners and the gentlest heart il DOROTHY COHRS Commercial lMcClelland, Iowal Barong stall, glee club "In those dark eyes, a wistful wonder lies" JACK COLE College ,Preparatory Band president, secretary, and concert master, Lugo treasurer, HifY, Senior girls' glee, "Maw riage of Nannette," "The Red Mill," "Once There Was a Princess," National Honor so- cicty "Mentally alert, musically in clined, honest, and sincere" CHARLES CROFT College Preparatory and Commercial Editorfin'chief of Echoes, Span' ish cluh sergeant at arms, sec' ond lieutenant R. O. T. C. "Tall, dark, and handsome, All this and then some" ARTHUR DECKER General Corporal R. O. T. C., Philo, cheer leader, football "Let's give a cheer for Decker!" PAUL DELANTY General "An artist-quiet and reserved" GENE DIXON Commercial Echoes staff, Lettermen's cluh, football, haskethall "He makes a hohlvy of acquir- ing 'new friends and retaining old ones" WILMA DORSETT General Echoes staff, junior girls' glee "Mischief flances in her eyes and plays hide and seek in her dimples" IVA CRAIN College Preparatory Thalian, Spanish eluh, Rifle corps, junior girls' glee "Happiness and Iva travel to- getheru BOBETTE DANIELS College Preparatory Echoes staff, Thalian, Girl Ref serve. "The Charm School" "So charmingly gay and in- souciant" EDWARD DeFRIES College Preparatory "He has a cheery word for everyone" ROBERT DEMPSTER College Preparatory National Honor society, Latin club president, Aristo secretary and treasurer, HifY, "Prince of Pilsenf' "The Red Mill," "The Marriage of Nannctte' "You run up against real op- position when you try to excel Bohn VERNA DONN Commercial Ero, Commercial cluh "She does so many things Worth while, And always does them with a smileu ROY DRUMMOND Commercial Sergeant R. O. T. C., rifle team, wrestling "The things he does are un- commonly well done" LUCILLE DUNN Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps "That friendly smile comes straight from her heart" HAROLD EVANS College Preparatory Edilorfinwzhief of Echoes, Crim- son and Blue, French cluh, wrestling "Harold's sense of humor has often saved the day" FIDDIE FAIR College Preparatory Aristo secretary and sergeant at arms, first lieutenant R.O.T.C., Masque and Wig, Senior boys' glee, football, "The Thirteenth Chair," "The Red Mill," "The Marriage of Nannetten "Our golden 'voiced tenor" V IOLET FELTON Commercial Commercial cluh, playground meet, volley hall, hasehall "Mother Nature forgot the temper to match her lovely red hair" MARVIN FITCH College Preparatory State Fair architectural division -first award, corporal R. O. T. C., Spanish cluh, haskethall, BifPhy-Chem club "Nature gave him two mag- nificent hlaek eyes!" HAROLD FLURY College Preparatory Sergeant R. O. T. C., football "A ready wit for all occasions" KENNETH EBERT College Preparatory Crimson and Blue, literary so- ciety dehate finals, Aristo presif dent, HifY, Senior hoys' glee, "Merton of the Movies," Sen' ior play cast, National Honor society "Steady and dependable, he will make any grade under his own power" joe EWALD College Preparatory Echoes news editor, Ionian president and secretary, French club sergeant at arms, wrestling, track, "The Charm School," "The Red Mill," "The Mar' riage of Nannetteu "When they put an income tax on charm, Joe will go bank- rapt" FRANCES FAUBLE College Preparatory Delta Tau, Masque and Wig, Junior girls' glee, Rifle corps, production staff "The Thir' teenth Chair" "When it rains she likex the rain, When it mow: :he likes the snow, A pleasant girl you'd like With the bert attitude we known IRENE FISHER College Preparatory Clio president, Masque and Wig secretary-treasurer, expert marksman in Rifle corps, Girl Reserve, "Are You a Mason?" assistant director of senior play, National Honor society "Charrningl" MARK FLETCHER College Preparatory Senior class president, Echoes managing editor, captain R. O. T. C., Rifle team, "The Thir' teenth Chair" "Mr, President-."' FORREST FOSTER College Preparatory Logo, Lettermen's club, foot' hall, track, wrestling, producf tion staff "The Thirteenth Chair" "He will down every difficulty he tacklexu CHARLES O. FOXVLER General French cluh treasurer "l,ileeal7le, industrious, talent- ed" EDWIN FRANKS Commercial Commercial cluh, foothall "Always willing to lend a help- ing hand" HELEN FRENCH Commercial Thalian, Commercial cluh, "Prince of Pilsenu "Sweet and charmingv EILEEN FROST Commercial Clio. junior girls' glee librarian, production staff "The Thirf teenth Chair" "Her hair is as soft and light ar new fallen mow" EDWARD GEISLER Commercial Philo, production staff 'lTilly of Bloomsbury" P 'You ran't know him without liking him" CARI. GILL General Echoes staff, corporal R.O.T.C,, rifle team, foothall "A true marksman when it comes to straight shooting" RAYMOND FRANCIS College Preparatory Sergeant R. O. T. C., Echoes staff, Senior hoys' glee, foot- hall. track, "The Marriage of Nannetten "Bud, where did you get jvour unsurpassed wit?" DON FRANKSEN Commercial "A business man's dream real- ized in looks and manner" LESTER FROM Commercial Commercial club "All signs indicate that we will hear from l.ester in the future" CARL GEBUHR College Preparatory National Honor society. Quill and Scroll, first lieutenant R. 0. T, C.. Logo vice president. secretary. and sergeant at arms, hand, "Nlamma's Affairs," "Once There Was a Princess" "He can be calm and rerious, or cheerful and rarefree as the occasion demands" ROBERT GIDLEY College Preparatory Sergeant R. O. T. C., Logo, production staff "Are You a Ma' son?" "A regular fellow-cheerful, industrious, and friendly" CHARLOTTE GILLIN College Preparatory Ero. Spanish cluh. junior girls' glee, Masque and Wig. Rifle corps. "Spreading the News" "She's at home on the stage, in the glee club, and on the range" FREDERICK GILSON Commercial Echoes sport editor, foothall nianager, sergeant R. O. T. C., delegate to lowa Press confer' ence, haslcethall "Our lanky Lynx center played tlre game bard and welll' THELMA GRASSFIEID Commercial Alpha, Spanish cluh, orchestra "Merton of the lvloviesn 'rslre makes tlve violin speak ber language" CHARLOTTE GREEN Normal Training Teachers' Training cluh treas' urer, literary society dehate. Alpha, production staff "Mere ton of the lvfoviesn "A charming nziss with clrarm- ing ways" ETHEL GREENE Commercial Coininercial cluh, Girls' Athlet' ic association "She radiates friendliness" JAMES GRONSTAL College Preparatory Logo, P. T. A, honorary mem' her, Senior hoys' glee, produc' tion staff "The Thirteenth Chair" "Friendly-tlzafs the worriu FRANCES GROTE Commercial Ero, Girl Reserve, orchestra "She is quiet, demure, dfld clrarmingg HARRIET GOULD College Preparatory Crimson and Blue, literary so' ciety debate, Echoes staff, Curl Reserve, Latin eluh, Rifle corps. National Honor society "Small, but efficient- Capable of big tasks" WAYNE GRAYBILL College Preparatory lllNltl7illl, l'mSkCtl'5Illl "'Figlvt, fight, figbtl'-that seems to be lVavne'.c middle naman WALTER GREEN College Preparatory Latin cluh, Spanish club, or- chestra "Six feet two and every inch a gentlemanl' ROBERT GREENE College Preparatory BifPhy-Chem club secretary, second lieutenant R. O. T. C. "A congenial friend" ROBERT GROSKLAUS General Sergeant R. O. T. C., lnternaf tional Correspondence club, Iowa State drafting contest in pen and ink sketches, first award: in originality, second award "Bob will blue print the world's air castles and materialize tbem into beauty, safety, and com- fort" GEORGE HALL College Preparatory Sergeant R. O. T. C., BifPhy- Cheni cluh, Aristo, "Merton of the lvioviesh "He conquers his difficulties and seizes his opportunities" ARTHUR HANSEN General National Honor society, Philo president, sergeant R. O. T. C., "Tilly of Bloomsbury" "Studious and dependahle, he inspires trust" OVENE HANSEN Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps. Girls' Athletic association "Her hair is like a golden halo" MARGARET HARPER Commercial Girls' Athletic association presif dent, vice president and secref tary, Commercial club, orchesf tra, basketball, volley ball "Full of laughter, full of fun, A loyal friend to every one" VELMA HARRINGTON Commercial Alpha, Commercial club, Inter' national Correspondence club, fMagnolia, Iowaj declamatory Contest "If smiles were dollars, she could he called a jolly spenderv ERMA K. HARTY Commercial Declamatory finals, Rifle corps secretary'treasurer, French club vice president, Echoes staff, Delta Tau, "Peg O' My Heart," "The Thirteenth Chair," "The Red Mill," Senior play cast "Graceful as a young tree .sway- ed by an autumn breeze" RUTH HAYNIE General Girls' A t h I e t i c association, Masque and Wig, Rifle corps "Artistic and pretty, jolly and witty" L GEORGE D. HANSEN Commercial Commercial club "He will do a man's work from sun to sun and laugh with his friends when day is done" DONALD HARDING College Preparatory Echoes news editor, major R. O. T, C., Philo, Hi'Y, football, "Thirteenth Chair," "Baby Cy' clone," Senior play cast HA. genial fellow with a de- lightful sense of humor" MAR-IORIE HARPER College Preparatory Echoes staff, Alpha vice presif dent, Girl Reserve, "Merton ol the Movies," National Honor so' ciety "She's generous with her friend- ship, service and sympathy" LILLIAN HARRISON Commercial Commercial club, junior girls' glee, "Prince of Pilsen" "Eyes of blue- And dimples too!" MARGARET HAUSCHILDT Commercial Girls' Athletic association, Com' mercial club, baseball "Sweet and modest with a friendly smile - that's Mar- garetv MILDRED C. HEMMINGSEN Normal Training Clio, Teachers' Training club vice president and sergeant at arms, Girls' Athletic association, volley ball, captain ball "Resourceful in emergency, ath- letic in choice of pleasure" DONALD HENDRIX College Preparatory Philo vice president and treas' nrer, band, orchestra, "Bishop's Candlestick," "Bah," "Tilly of Bloomsbury" "Here I am and ,ere I st'ys 'til I gits what I cyme for" ROGER HERWIG College Preparatory Orchestra president and secre' tary, superior rating in district flute contest, hand, sergeant R. O. T. C., Bi'PhifChem club "He rivals Pan in his piping" VVILLIAM HIGGINS General Corporal R. O. T. C., Spanish cluh, wrestling "Colonel is a live wirey' KATHRYN HILL College Preparatory Thalian president, debate squad, French club, Girl Reserve, Sen' ior girls' glee, "The Nut Farm," "The Marriage of Nannettef' National Honor society "The jolliest of companions- bar none" ERMA HOPKINS Commercial Coininercial cluh "She scatters seeds of friendship and cultivates them with shy zeal" PAUL HOWARD College Preparatory Logo "Frank and honest-a true friendu FLOYD N. HERD Commercial Captain R. O. T. C., Logo sergeant at arms, Lettermen's club, football, basketball, track "Floyd has been both 'heard and seen' in athletics" HELEN HICKS Commercial Alpha, Spanish club, Rifle corps "Happy as the clay is long, With dancing feet and heart of song" JACK HILL College Preparatory Ionian vice president, HifY, Lettermen's club, track, "The Nut Farm," "The Poor Nut." "jacks courtesy has that touch of gennineness that comes from the hearf' ELINOR HOLDEN College Preparatory junior girls' glee, Rifle corps, KM i d 1 a n d, South Dakotaj school play "A wholesome breath of the sweet northwest wind came to us when Elinor hlew in from South Dakotav NORMA I-IOUGH Commercial Ero "Quiet seriousness, sweet sym- pathy, and a sunny naturev ERVA HUCKLEEBERRY College Preparatory National Honor society treasf urer, Ionian scholarship award, Delta Tau president and secrcf tary, "Bah" "A brilliant mind and a lovely character" GROVER HUDSON Commercial Corporal R. O. T, C., Philo, Commercial club "He's a 1934 model with latest attachments" SUSAN HUSHAW General Delta Tau, fPisgah, Iowaj glee cluh "An attractive brunette with a pleasing personality" HELEN MARIE INMAN Commercial Thalian, Commercial cluh "There is good gray matter un- der those little black curlsl' MARTHA LOUISE JACOBS Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps "Her friendly manner is sin- cere, She's really just as nice as she appearsv ANTOINETTE JAKSH A Commercial Commercial club "Sweet and modest- Altogether lovable" EARL JENNINGS Commercial Band, orchestra, track "A good looking chap with a million dollar smile" FLOYD HUGHES College Preparatory Editorfin-Chief of Echoes, Quill and Scroll, Captain R. O. T. C., Philo treasurer, HifY, "Tilly of Bloomsbury" "He has many pressing en- gagementsn ARDA HUTCHINS Commercial Alpha, Rifle corps "So brown her eyes, so soft her hair, And then you'll like her friendly air" DON JACKS College Preparatory Ionian, basketball "He will take your hand with a cheerful smile, And help you over that weary mile" ANNA -IACOBSEN College Preparatory Echoes staff, Girls' Athletic asf sociation secretary "A jolly girl, loving fun, There are no dull moments when she comes" PEARL F. JARCHOW Commercial Commercial cluh, Iuniot girls' glee "She has the initiative to do the right thing quietly, modestly, efficiently" ELLEN JENSEN Commercial Novice typing team, Novice shorthand team, State short' hand contest first award, Thalf ian, Latin club, National Honor society "She has a choice collection of prize awards and a long list of devoted friends." FERN JENSEN College Preparatory Crimson and Blue, Alpha sec' retary, honorary major R. O T. C., distinguished rifleinan in Rifle corps, Girl Reserve, "Mer ton ol' the Movies" "Her brush produces vivid pir- tures, her bon' beautiful melo- dies, and her personality a last- ing impression" HAROLD JENSEN College Preparatory Ionian "A quiet, serious lad who will follow through to success What- ever he undertakes" MARIE JENSEN Commercial Thalian, Commercial club, Jun- ior girls' glee "So efficient in her quiet. thoughtful wayv GEORGE JOHNSON Commercial Corporal R. O. T. C. "A jester! a jolly jester!" ROYNALD JOHNSON College Preparatory National Honor society, Quill and Scroll secretary, Logo vice president and treasurer, cheer leader, HifY, "Once There Was a Princess," "Are You a Mason?" "A keen mind which doesn't suppose but gels busy and finds out" DELBERT KARR Commercial Ionian, "The Poor Nut" "When Karr comes to bat he will make a hit" OLADYS JENSEN General Echoes staff, Alpha, Junior girls' glee, perfect attendance for twelve years "For her no 'office gods' have frowned!" LEONORA JENSEN Commercial Commercial club "Laughing blue eyes, dimples, and a fascinating little giggle" DONALD JOHNSON Commercial Commercial club, wrestling "Theres never a dull moment with Don" MAX JOHNSON General International Correspondence club "Unhurried, unworried, Unruffled by anything" TOM JUBB General "Shakespeare's ardent student In his silent realms of thought, But just a modern play-boy, When the spirit moves him not" HERBERT ,KATZENSTEIN College Preparatory Ionian, "The Charm School," fThomas Jeffersonj Woodpeck' ers' club vice president, Senior science club, football "He was able to adapt himself to new surroundings and estab- lish a fine record" l:l-ORENCE lVlARGARliT KENNEDY' College Preparatory Quill and Scroll, Clio treasurer, Girl Reserve, Spanish club, Rifle CCYVPS "She always zloes her hest, and that lvcst ir fUHlPll7i1'l.Q to he proud of" EDGAR KINDER General Philo. track, home room bas' ketball "So serious, so sensible, so hus- incsslilcc-yet what a sense of humorl" JOHN KING Commercial Corporal R, 0. T. C., xvrestf ling "johnny, King of the senior class! His royal coach is a Pontiacl' RUTH KLEEMAN Normal Training 'l'e.icliers' Training club ser' geant at arms, Rifle torps MS1I'C1'l7105S ancl shynr-vs often go together", MARJORIE KLINDT Commercial Tlialian "Not as tall as she might he lint dainty, friendly, and carc- freew liVAloYN KOl,l-IOP Commercial Commercial club "A retiring ye! Winsome per- ronalityu ELIZABETH KERN College Preparatory Extempo finals, Echoes stall, Girl Reserve, Latin club, school and Clio debate squad, "Are You a lvlasonf' "A Worthy opponent in clehate An enthusiast in all she uncler- taker" LILLIAN KINDER Commercial Crimson and Blue, Girls' Allie letic association president "lf you Want something clone, asle Lillian-then you can for- get about it" ADDISON KISTLE College Preparatory National Honor society press' dent, junior class treasurer, first lieutenant R. O. T. G., Aristo, State extempo contest first award, debate squad "Some day we'll look in Whois Who and say- 'We knew him when-' D JACQUETTA KLEIN College Preparatory National Honor society secref tary, French club vice presif dent, Junior class secretary, Girl Reserve president, "Adam and Eva," "The Marriage of Nan- nette," Senior play cast "Fairy feet, willing hands, and a warm heartu ARTHUR KNUTSON College Preparatory fSouth High, Omahal Spanish club, freshman baseball "He has a certain dignity of manner becoming to his inches and mental qualityn NINA KORGAN Commercial Girls' Athletic association, high' est number of points in athf letics for three successive years, baseball captain, basketball cap' tain, captain hall captain, track "Babe Didrickson the second! By far the most outstanding girl athlete Abraham Lin- coln has ever seen" VERNON KUHL College Preparatory Second lieutenant R. O. T. C. rille team, Uavnczil glee cluh "K1thl-heacfell aml Wdfill- heartvcf" ARDEN LARSEN Commercial hergeanl R O. ln. L., l'l1Ili1. louLh:i!l, haslqethall "Athletic-quite a hit, Soeiiihle lm frienffs mimi!" LEONA LARSEN Commercial fAui'ura, Nehraslcal Girl Ref serve, basketball "Aurora's loss was our gain HENRY LAUTER Commercial Corporal R, O. T. C.. Coin' mercial cluh Died-April 18, 1934 "None name him hut to praise his character and attainments- and mourn his loss" MARTHA LEHMKUHL Commercial Commercial cluh, Girls' Ath- letic association "An attractive girl with an ir- resistable dinzpleu JENNIE MAE LLOYD Commercial Alpha "She is attractive and sweet" ,v VIRGINIA LAINSON Commercial Girl Reserve, expert marksman in Rifle corps, Commercial chih, Ero, honorary major R. O. T. C., "Tilly of Bloosmhiiryn "Preppy, pretty, pleasant, and popularu INEZ LARSEN Commercial Erq, Commercial club, "Tilly ul Bloolnshul'y" "The gold !hat's hoarllezl in her hair, Is Nature's boast-and Lawls despair" LOUIS LARSEN General Spanish club, golf "He suits us to a 'tee' " FRANKIE LAVELY Commercial Band, Rifle corps fThomas jeff fersonj Delphian, Band club secretary, "Santa's Air Line" "Fascinating and captivatingg a cheerful little eyefuln MARIAN LEE LEWIS College Preparatory Quill and Scroll, Senior girls' glee librarian, Thalian secrcf tary, Rifle corps, "The Mar' riage of Nannettef' "The Charm School" "She can write and she can sing, She can rio mos! anylhingv HAROLD LOGAN College Preparatory Spanish cluh, Senior boys' glee. Masque and Wig, "The Mar' riage of Nannettef' "The Red Mill" "Amiahle, dependable, never still a minute" LESLIE LONDON College Preparatory Business manager of Crimson and Blue. Spanish cluh treasf mer, Echoes stall "Along nfiilv his dry wit, Leslie has L1 mort infertiour laugh" LEONARD MCDANIEI. College Preparatory Sergeant R. 0. T. fl.. Philo. Spanish club "He has a cheery 'Hil' for everyone" LOUISE Mt-GILVRAY Commercial Girls' Athletic association, Senf ior girls' glee. hziskethall, track. "The Marriage ol Nannelteu Mfliriialrle and athletic" DAVID McSORLEY Commercial Echoes staff husiness iiiziiizigcix sergeant R. O. T. C., golf "A man to dare the hazards on the links of life" LOXWELL MARCUS General loniaii. Spanish cluh, lieutenf ant R. O. T. C.. Senior boys' glee, laziskethzill, "The Prince of Pilsenf' "The Red Ivlillu "Tall, dark, and handsome" WINFIELD MAYNE College Preparatory French cluh secretary, Latin cluh, sergeant R. O. T. C. "Here's a serious minclecl lad whose charming sincerity of manner ruins many friends" HOWARD McCUNN College Preparatory Lettermen's cluh, football, hasf kctball, track "A fine figure and a peppy player on the hasketball floor" DORIS McGILVRAY College Preparatory Girls' Athletic association vice president, Delta Tau, track "A good sport and a loyal friendu MAXINE McKISSICK Commercial lNemaha, Nebraska! junior class treasurer, tRock Port, Mis' souril basketball "She hasn't been with us long, but we like her immenselyl' BEULAH MACKIE College Preparatory Echoes staff, Clio historian, French cluh, Rifle corps, orches tra, production staff "Are You a Mason?" "Once There Vv'as ai Princess" "In those large darle eyes, Mitch enchantment liesv ELDO MARTIN College Preparatory National Honor society, Echoes advertising manager, first lieu' tenant R. O. T. C., Logo, has' kethall, "The Thirteenth Chair" "He rearhes high and gets what he goes after" MARY JANICE MENERAY College Preparatory Delta Tau vice president, Girl Reserve, declamatory finals, hand sponsor, "Bah," "The Thirteenth Chair," "The Mar- riage of Nannettef' "Peg O' My Heart," Senior play cast, National Honor society "Beware of those snapping I hlacle eyes. " MARY JANE MITCHELL College Preparatory National Honor society, Editor' in-Chief of Crimson and Blue, Quill and Scroll, Ionian schol' arship award, Girl Reserve. Delta Tau 'I-Sire welcomes eagerly life's joys and has the keen intellect to weigh their values" GARTH MOORE College Preparatory Echoes staff, first lieutenant R. O, T. C., Spanish cluh, Bi' Phyf Chem clulw "In all ways bis conduct is tlvat of an officer and a gentleman" MERLE MOREHOUSE Commercial "He possesses quiet dignity and modesty" GLADYS MORTENSEN Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps "An industrious and capable girl rvlzose very quietness chal- lenges your interest" MARIELLA MULQUEEN College Preparatory Clio vice president and zeecre tary, Ecoes :managing editor. Girl Reserve, Rifle corps, Mus' que and Wig "'Wlven Irislz eyes are smil- ing-' Tlrcy can rio a lat of claniaqefw VICTOR DALE NEWMAN College Preparatory Senior class sergeant at arms, Lettermen's club, foothzill, has' ketlmll "Dale's a good sport-win or lose be can take it with a smile" ESTHER LARENIA MONTGOMERY College Preparatory Girls' Athletic association, Rifle corps, baseball, volleyball "Like a breath of fresh air on a laot sultry day Is tlre girl nflvo loves action, seeks good wlvolesome playn MARY VIRGINIA MOORE Normal Training Teachers' Training club sccre' tary, Delta Tau, Rifle corps "The more you see Iver, The more you like ber" JOHN MORRISON College Preparatory Echoes sport editor "Always happy is this lad, His Fora' canlt even make lrim sad" HOWARD MORTENSEN Commercial Commercial cluh, company has- kethnll, tennis "Some say freis quiet, but we .say lie swings a wicked racquet" RAY NELSON College Preparatory National Honor society, I'IifY, Senior class treaisurer. dchzile squad, captain R. O, T. C., Aristo "A cultured gentleman with a penchant for music and debate" FERN NICHOLS Commercial EditorfinfChief of Echoes, Crimson and Blue, Ero vice president and sergeant at arms, Quill :ind Scroll "Where trained efficiency, pep, and enthusiasm can win, slve is irresistalnlel' ERNEST NIELSEN Commercial National drafting contest lirst award, corporal R. O, T. C., Philo, publicity manager ol' "Tilly of Bloomsbury" "When Ernie's around There's fun to he found is RALPH PACE Commercial Corporal R. O. T. C. "Very few can keep up with this Pace" LANGSTON PARKS General Letterinen's club, sergeant R. O. T. C.. lreshnian basketball squad coach, football, track. basketball allfstate team "A worthy pillar in the sch0ol's athletic temple" WILLIAM PAULSON General "He certainly has his share of sincerity and common sense" CATHERINE PEET College Preparatory Delta Tau, Latin club, Spanish club "In manner modest ana' unaffected, In heart sincere and loyal" IVIAXINE PETERSEN Commercial .Iunior girls' glee "In her eyes, laughter, On her lips a smile, In her heart, lqindnessl' ROBERT O'BRIEN College Preparatory Band manager. captain R, U. 'lf C., Logo, "Once There VVas a Princess," National Honor so' ciety "He never fails to he courte- ous" ROBERT PARISH Commercial ,, . He towers above us in stature, yet is always a warm friend on our onfn level" BETTY PATES Commercial Clio sergeant at arms, Gul Rc' serve. Senior girls' glee lilirav rian. Latin club, "The Marriage of Nannettef' "Are You a Ma' son?" "The Thirteenth Chain' "A dainty blonde with musical talenty' ELNA PEDERSON Normal Training Alpha president and treasurer. Teachers' Training club presif dent, Alpha debate squad. Southwestern lowa character conference delegate, Gills' Ath' letic association, Nlvlerton ol the Movies," production stall of "The Thirteenth Chair," Na- tional Honor society "There's a versatile brain beneath her aulvurn hair. Shc's capahle and good as well as fair" ERNEST PETERSON College Preparatory "Industrious and reliable" ROBERT PETERSON College Preparatory National Honor society, Stale original oratory contest first award, major R. O. T. C., Esen- ther award, debate squad, Na- tional. bassoon contest second award "He has the hrain to conceive and the tongue to persuade" MARGARET PFLASTER College Preparatory Echoes staff, debate finals, Ero, orchestra librarian "S he knows something about al- most everything but is very modest about it" GAYLE PICKREL Commercial Senior girls' glee, "The Red Mill" "Always anxious to do her best in what she undertakes" HAROLD PISCHEL Commercial Philo, "The Marriage ol Nan' netten "Reserved, resourceful, and re- liable" ISABELLE POGGE Commercial junior girls' glee "'She is a belle and a blonde at that" HARLAN PRINGLE College Preparatory Orchestra business manager, Latin club, Senior boys' glee, "Prince of Pilsenn "Happy landings, Harlan."' JOHN PRYOR College Preparatory Echoes husiness manager, Hi-Y vice president, Senior boys' glee secretary'treasurer, French cluh, Latin cluh. golf HA. friendly chap with a quiz- zical smile and quick, clever wit" LEONA PICKETT Normal Training Teachers' Training cluh sergeant at arms, fDes Moines, Iowab Shorthand club, Spanish club "Des Moines lost an excellent student when Leona came to Abraham Lincoln" HELEN PIERCE College Preparatory National Honor society vice president, Senior class vice president, Delta Tau president, debate squad, Latin club, busi- ness manager of "Peg O' My Heart" "A rare combination- A brilliant mind and A charming personality" KENNETH PLANCK College Preparatory Lettermen's cl uh , wrestling team, loothall, sergeant R. O. T. C. "'Planclz-and he doesn't carry tt chip on his shoulder either" ROBERT POORE General Echoes staff, rifle team, wrest' ling "Nimrod has flue nerve to try a long shot and usually bags his game" ARLEN E PRIOR Commercial Novice typing team, Commer' cial club secretary, Junior girls' glee "Smiling, small, and sweetl' ANTHONY RAITER Commercial Crimson and Blue, Echoes stall, band secretary, sergeant R. O. T. C., Commercial club "Before our lips could aflt him, His hands the rvorlz had done" GERTRUDE RANKIN Commercial Clio historian, Commercial club, Rifle cluh, Crimson and Blue "Sweet dignity and quiet ef- ficiency" ROY RASMUSSEN General Aristo, w r e s t l i n g manager, wrestling team, production stall of "Merton of the Movies," "Are You a Mason?" "His strength matches his inches, His modesty becomes his strength, And his kindliness his modesty" MARJORIE RATHBllN College Preparatory Senior class secretary, associate editor of Crimson and Blue, Senior girls' glee president. Thalian vice president and treasurer, Iowa Press association vice president, news editor ol Echoes, National Honor society "This blue eyed lass has won many honors and deserved every one of them" CARL RAYGOR 'Commercial junior hoys' glee "A quiet friendly fellow of a mechanical turn of mind." ROSE REGGIO Commercial Girls' Athletic association, hase' hall, volley hall "A wild rose is not more shy and sweetn FRANK RIASKA College Preparatory Motion picture operator "The genius who throws light on the silver screen" OLENE RASMUSSEN Commercial Ero president, assistant director of "The Ninth Guest," Com' mercial cluh, Masque and Wig, track, "Tilly of Bloomsbury," National Honor society "She has grace and poise" VIRGIL RATH General Football, lCarson. Iowal loot- ball, glee cluh "Heist a good mixer and a jolly good fellow" CLAIRE RAUTERKUS College Preparatory Thalian, Latin cluh, Girls' Atli' letic association "Cheerful manner and quiet air A serious girl, our friend Clairen ADIN READ Commercial Band, Crimson and Blue, Masque and Wig "Serious minded, and how he can talk!" ROBERT REIMER College Preparatory junior hoys' glee president. "Prince of Pilsenf' "The Red l Mill," "The Marriage .ml Nan' nette" "He looks solemn, doesn't he? But do you know him?" LLOYD RIEF Commercial Captain R. O, 'lf C. "A smiling Rief with friendly air In sunny Weather. But tall and strong enough to dare Both wind and wave together" ESTHER RODENBURG Commercial Clio, Commercial club, Rifle corps "Always busy but not too busy to help a friend" RUTH ROFFMAN Commercial Echoes staff, Alpha, Commerf cial cluh, junior girls' glee "A cheerful word to make the day's task lighter, A pleasant smile to make the dark place brighter" RUTH SCHLEY College Preparatory National Honor society, Crimf son and Blue, Ero vice presif dent and treasurer, French club treasurer, lnterfsociety debate finals, "Intimate Strangers" "She is the last word in de- pendabilityn ALPHA SCHNEPEL Commercial Commercial cluh, junior girls' glee, Rifle corps, llvlinden. lowaj glee cluh "A clever mind, a witty tongue" LOUISE SEIDL College Preparatory liro president, Girl Reserve sec' retary, Senior girls' glee presi- dent, National harp solo con- test second award, French cluh, Rifle corps "She plays the big harp like an angel, but there's such a hu- man twinkle in her eye" GEORGE SIDERS Commercial Assistant advertising manager of Echoes, lieutenant R. O. T. C., track "With a love for adventure and wit to salt ir" PEARL RODENBURG Normal Training Teachers' Training club treas' urer, Alpha "She is always laughing and gdyi, DON ROSENFIELD College Preparatory National Honor society treas' urer, HifY president, Logo president, International Corres' pondence club president, major R. O. T. C., declamarozy Win' ner "A man of worth. Who tloubts it?" FREDERIC SCHLOTT College Preparatory Band master, Aristo, Senior boys' glee, debate finals, A. L. dance orchestra, "Merton of the Movies" "He blows his own trumpet, but never sounds his own praise" LEWIS SCHWEER General Sergeant R. O. T. C., hasketf hall "Very efficient in what he undertakes hut 'very modest about it" DICK SHAW College Preparatory junior class president, Echoes staff, sergeant R. O. T. C., foothall, haskethall all-state team, National Honor society "The 'Big Shot' in 1934 has- kelballv LAWRENCE SIECK College Preparatory Spanish cluh, BifPhy-Chem cluh, wrestling "Seek and ye shall finrl-a fel- low, industrious, ambitious, and capable" MARIAN SMITH College Preparatory lland viee president, orchestra secretary, string quartette and trio. Thalian. Girl Reserve, Rifle eorpfa, National Honor so' riet y "Blur arc her eye: at the fairy flax" JACK j. SNYDER College Preparatory Ifehoes e-tall, captain R.0.T.C.. wrestling, "The Marriage ol' Nannetteu "He belong: to the jolly Good l"ellon'v" l'llil.l'fN lf. ST!-XGl'ilVlAN Normal Training Teaeliers' Training eluh. llro. Girl Reserve. Rifle eorps, pro' Klllftltlll stall 'ilntiniate Stian' Hers" "l'Ve lilac lm vtyle ancl enjoy her roinpaimf" ROSALIND STAGEMAN College Preparatory llonorary colonel R. O. T. C., Eehoes stall. Clio vite presi' tlent, Girl Reserve ealainel, ex' pert inarltsinan ol Rifle corps, "The Thirteenth flltillllu i'Are You a Masonfr' Senior play east. National Honore society "A hit of the hlue of heaven in her ever, fl lwir of ilu- vim eaptzcrerl in her hair" IfI.OYD STAIXlCl,ll'll:lf College Preparatory Assistant lwusine.-s Iilllliiltjfl' ol Crimson :intl lilne, Quill and Seroll, Echoes stall, Ionian, Bi' PhY'Chein eluh. Wlhe Poor Nut," National Honor soeiety MA. good worker anrl a ifenial ronipailioiil' MARIAN STEXWART Commercial Delta Tan "Mariari likef them all, anrl they like Marian" VIRGINIA SMITH Commercial Ifoininereial eluh Green df? her eyes di 1,76 ICH on a rloudlerr day, Light ir her heart ar the foam on the wave toyred .rprayu HENRY SPENCER ' College Preparatory Captain R. O. T. C., rifle learn. lwaskethall "A good looking larl with fricnrly galorcl' PALJI. STAGEMAN College Preparatory Sergeant R. O. T. Ci, Aristo, Senior hoys' glee, hand, Bi' Phy'Chein elnh. "Merton ol the Movies," "The Red Mill," "The Thirteenth Chair." uThe lvlarriage ol Nannettcn "Ma,qiral fingcrv, a mimral voice, a perceiving mincl, anrl a rnerry mul" TOM STAKER College Preparatory Football team manager. basket' hall team inanager. Lettermen's elnlv, loothall, hasltetlaall "A rocket on the lvaclzetlvall horizon that dazzled rlic fair onexn ROBERT STARR College Preparatory Captain R, O. T. C., rille teain "On thc range helr a .vhooting Starr" MERl.E STROHBEHN College Preparatory Philo. hand, "Tilly of Blooms- bury," lTreynor, loveal hasket' ball. hand. junior -:lass play "An alert, likable fellow who maker friends quickly anrl holclr them" LESLIE STROUD Commercial Echoes staff "His ability to get things rlone should be better adrertisedu ROBERT STUART College Preparatory Dehate finals, Spanish cluh president and sergeant at arms, Aristo vice president, second lieutenant R. O. T. C., Hi-YV secretaryftreasurei, "Merton ol the Movies" "Gifted with a brilliant mind And humor which you sela'oin find" ELDON SWAIN College Preparatory Band lihrarian, Ionian, Latin cluh, orchestra "His eyes are brown, but be talks a blue streak with them" GORDON SWEENEY Commercial Commercial clnh president. cor' ioral R. O. T. C. L . . . "He has a certain dignity of manner becoming to a man of affairs" DARWIN TALBOTT College Preparatory Associate editor of Crimson and Blue, sergeant R. O. T. C.. basketball, BifPhy'Chem club, Echoes staff, National Honor so' ciety "Here,s intelligence, responsi- bility, and goocl eomrarleshipl' LOUISE TEUFEL College Preparatory Superior in M. I. N. K. music contest, district music contest, Clio sergeant at ari.1s, Senior girls' glee, French club, "The Red Mill," "The Marriage ol Nannetteu "A beautiful girl with a lovely eontral to voice" STANLEY STROUD Commercial Corporal R. O. T. C. "A sociable fellow, always qui- etly intent on some errand or pleasant taskv PAUL STUTSMAN College Preparatory Echoes staff, ioolhall, lmslietf hall, track "Got a match, Chief?', LUCILLE SWANSON College Preparatory Deelam finals. Girl Reserve, Teachers' Training cluh, hand, "Merton of the Movies," "The Poor Nut," National Honor so' ciety "Intelligent, talentcfl, attract- A N me DAN TAGUE College Preparatory Logo, Senior boys' glee, sec' ond lieutenant R, O. T. C., "Are You a Mason?" "Peg O' My Heart," "Chimes of Nor- mandy," "Prince of Pilsenf' "The Red Mill," i'The Mar' riage of Nannette' "Perhaps it's Hamlet that soliloquizes here, Or maybe Romeo who serenacles his dear" GRETCHEN TAYLOR College Preparatory National Honor society, junior class vice president, extempo finals, debate finals, Tlialian president, French ciuh "Invincible in argument and pleasant in CLI7l'I't'l'KdlfOfl,, MARIAN THOMAS Commercial Commercial cluh vice president. Alpha historian. Girls' Athletic association, volley hall. lonian scholarship award, 'iThe Poor Nut." 'iMerton of the Movies," National Honor society ffE1'67'fltl7OClfV loves Golrlilorlcf' MARGARET F. THOMAS Normal Training Teachers' Training club sccrcf tary, Alpha sergeant at arms, literary society debate, fCla' rinda, lowal Teachers' Train' ing club vice president, Girl Reserve, glee club "She is quiet, sweet, and shy" BONITA THOMASON Normal Training Teachers' Training cluh vice president, Clio, Rifle corps "A tall blond with an air of gracious di gnity" ERVIN TINNEL Commercial Corporal R. O. T. C., Com' mercial cluh, basketball "He is efficient and depend- able, a gentleman through and through" MYRTLE TOWER Commercial junior girls' glee, Girls' Ath' letic association, Rifle corps, basketball, volley hall, captain ball "Frail tendrils and shy blossoms oft conceal, But storms, a tower of strength reveal" TRESSA ULFERS Commercial Commercial club, Rifle corps "Only happy words should pass so lovely a portal" GEORGE VERGAMINI College Preparatory Corporal R. O. T. C., Philo. basketball "A quiet man will often go the farthest ' MILDRED THOMAS Commercial Alpha secretary, literary society debate fClarinda. lowal glee club, shorthand contest, Girl Reserve, Dramatic cluh "Versatile and capable" RUTH THOMPSON College Preparatory Associate editor Crimson and Blue, Quill and Scroll presi- dent, Alpha historian, Girl Re' serve, French club, Senior girls' glee, National Honor society "Sweet as a May morning and just as lovable" MAURINE TIPP Commercial "Sweet from the top of her head to the tip of her toes" ROBERT TURNER Commercial Aristo, Commercial club "Trivial things do not worry him, he has a mind fixed on greater objectives" ROBERT VAN HORNE College Preparatory Crimson and Blue, Logo. first lieutenant R. O. T. C., Masque and Vv'ig, Rifle team, cheer leader, National Honor society "There,s mischief and a will- to-do behind those twinkling eyes" ALBERT VIOLA College Preparatory Orchestra president and busif ness manager, sergeant R. O. T. C., Echoes, Ionian, foothall, baskethall "This musician and athlete, As a true friend can't he beatv KATHLEEN WADDINGHAM College Preparatory French cluh president, Alpha president and secretary, Girl R e s e rv e, "The Thirteenth Chair," National Honor society "Diminutive and lovely" EVELYN WARFORD Commercial Clio "In manners, unaffectezl anrl sincere With courage to defend whatever she holds dear" JACK WATSON College Preparatory Crimson and Blue, Quill und Scroll treasurer, Echoes sports editor, Ionian, golf, "The l'oor Nut," "The Charm School" "He's a versatile fellowu WENDALL WHALEN General Echoes staff, lSt. Frnncisj basketball "'Wimpy, is a 'whale' of a good fellow" ISABEL WILLIAMS General Thailian, flvlcud, Nebraska, mixed chorus, "Pirate's Dalugh' ters" "A more charming miss you will seldom find" WAYNE WINTERS College Preparatory Motioim picture operator, elec- trician "Air-minded, but not light- headed" LORENE WALKER Commercial Alpha, Commercial club, pro- duction staff "Merton of the Movies" "There is grace and dignity in her manner, a quiet self-pos- session that charms" ROBERT WASHBURN College Preparatory "Why hurry? Why worry? There's too little work and too much worry" LEOREX M. WEHLAND College Preparatory Senior boys' glee librarian, Logo, International Correspond' ence club "A rival for Ruhinoff' MAR-IORIE WILBUR College Preparatory Spanish club president, Clio treasurer and secretary, Girl Reserve, Rifle corps, orchestra. "Are You a Mason?" National Honor society "Many friendships she has won, Because she's lots and lots of fun" IMERVIN WINSLOW General Echoes staff, Philo, stage man' ager "Tilly of Bloomsbury" "He's not so slow- He can always draw a crowd" VICTORIA WISEMAN Commercial Commercial club, Girls' Ath- letic association "Black as a raven wing, her hair, We like her for her modest air" 45 PHYLLIS WISNER General Orchestra, Commercial cl uh "So quiet and considerate, Su truly sympathetic" HAROLD VVOLPA College Preparatory Hi-Y, Ariz-zto, lirst lieutenant R. ONT. C., member of hoys' quartet in state contest first award, 'fThc Rctl Mill," "Prince of Pilscnf' "The Marriage ol Nnnncttc" "jolly, likable, full of fun, But a serious worker when play is tlunev ALBERT WITT General "A wit in any crowdl' MILTON .CHRISTOFFERSON College Preparatory Sergeant R. O. T. C., Spanish club, "The Red Mill," "Prince of Pilscnu "When he will, he will and jvou can depend on it PVl1en he won't, he worft and tl7at's the end of it" Tl-IE CLASS PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE It is with a deep feeling of regret that the Class of 1934, the largest ever to be graduated from the Abraham Lincoln High School, leaves these halls. The progress of this community is measured by the ability of each succeeding generation to carry out its ideals and aspirations. Within the next decade the Class of 1934 will play an important part in the progress of this community and each succeeding class will have its part in this great scheme of community building, Through four short years, all too short now that they are behind us, we have shared our joys and sorrows. Now we are leaving, hut we will not forget these mutual experiences as we go down the highway of life. We could not enumerate all the worth while things the Senior Class has doneg look through the pages of this book and read some of them there. Commencement-that all important day which is the last time the Senior Class meets as a body-is June 1. As we go out of the building saying, "Good-bye," to this friend and that, we shall turn and look at Abraham Lincoln High School and feel that we have suc- cessfully passed one of life,s milestones. We will smile as we look-and then go forward toward our second milestone. MARK FLETCHER, President of the Class of 1934. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Prcridcnt ,,,Kclley Hannan Via' President Adele Jeppesen Secretary ,.Marian Dahl Tr:-arurer ,, A, , , jane Behensee Svrgcanl af Arms , . .joel Nlontgomery Sponxors: Harriet Mosslmolder and Hansen Blank New opportunities-good intentions-new ambitions-a lceener sense of values-a new outlook on life-an awareness of the future-a realization of the swift flight of time -participation in social functions-the swish of formals-the glitter of uniforms-the Mil- itary Ball-the Junior-Senior Prom-Junior-Senior day-receiving the torch from the Seniors to carry on the traditions of the school as the Seniors of tomorrow! THE CLASS OF 1935 Firsl Row Geraldine Burgett jane Behensee Elizabeth Alkire Marian Bryan Esther Bird Mae Burlcet Ruhy Bailey Raymond Bailey Second Row Maxine Boysen Virginia Blunk Fern Butler Helen Buhrman Marjorie Boyer Margaret Anderson Mertie Beldin Adela Bergstrom Third Row jean Bahhington Arlene Bacon Jean Busey Jennie Blecit Doris Brown Gertrude Brown Clara Burdiclc Paul Beezley Fourth Row Richard Andersen Billy Bengtson Clair Bussey James Barnes Donald Barnett Robert Bean Earl Bergman Fifth Row Eric Branshy Ernest Branz Charles Cornthwaite Jack Andersen George Ahrens Terrill Brown Rex Bruce Frank Binder No! In Picture Florence Anderson Margaret C. Anderson Jack Asmussen Helen Bartel Harry Beason Francis Bigley Robert Bowen john Bowers Beatrice Bradley Corrine Brewer Betty Busselle Walter Bussey THE CLASS OF 1935 First Row jerry Donovan Mae Christensen Beverly Clouse Maurine Durfee Helen Delanty Frances Christiansen Pauline Dodd Second Row Helen Clausen Wilma Dillon Harriett Esancy Mary Louise Diventi Elizabeth Epperson June Campbell Doris Feyerabend Third Row Maxine Conley Dorothy Crabtree Marian Dahl Florence Day Vera Derry Joyce Darrington Jean Cummings Fourth Row Meredith Carter .lack Fernley Clarence Clemmens Dale Chambers Grenville Christensen Sam Epstein Fifth Row Donald Drustrup Jack Ehrig Donald Filbett Not In Picture Don Caywood Floyd Clark Richard Colburn Arthur Collister Floyd Deal joseph Delanty Leona Dewaele Arthur Dorland Delbert Dorman janet Drake Edwin Drustrup Bernard Dunn Robert Endelman Eleanor Fehr THE CLASS OF 1935 First Row Leslie Hays Se Mary -Iayne Hunt Clara Holmgarcl Margaret Greene Helen Heileman Mary Held Helen Ford Elizaheth Gidley cond Row Kathryn Head Adeline Hansen Anne Goehner LaMar Hannes Dorothy Howard Vivian Hansen Altha Graves Lucille Gilhert Third Row Clalian Hushaw Ivan Holst Byron Hirsch George Hiddleston Drayton lngraham Marjorie Fox Fourth Row Robert Hannah James Hemmingscn Harold Hansen Lyle Hansen Paul Gronstal Ralph Hamilton Fifth Row Frank Hitchcock Kelley Hannan Lee Gotch Sam Garafalo Not In Picture John Garner Mabel Hartman Mary Hecht Frank Hessenflow Barbara Howarth Roy Humlicelc THE CLASS OF 1935 First Row Theresa ,Ialcsha june Meyerson Pearl Meyerson Pearl Luclciesh Ruth McMullen Wanda .lones Adele Jeppeson Evelyn D. Larsen Dorothv jones Second Row Mary Elizabeth Longley Shirley Maltz Bertha Kushner Minola Larsen Vera Mattioli Maxine Lund Virginia jones Ann Meis Third Row Evelyn Larsen Mae Milgard Dorothy McDaniels Jeanette Mark LaVinnia Larsen ,lune Larsen l.ela Justesen Mildred Larsen Frances Mark Fourth Row Thelma Massey Arlene Manz Maxine Morrow Leah K-:airnes Berry Mayne Dorothv Moore Wendell Marshall Bernard Jalcsha Raymond Martens Donald Loomer Fifth Row Clarence King Byron Moore Dean Jennings Norman McMains Jack jenkins Warren Kemplin Milburn Knight Sixth ROW Lawton Larson Charles Merriam Joel Montgomery Ray Knapp James Knight Not In Picture Willard Kingston Carolyn Laird Elsie Lidgett Tom MacDougall Robert Mills Robert Morse Clifford Mortensen THE CLASS OF l935 First Row Fourth Row Oliver Otto lngelletta Olsen Mildred Porter Irene Owens Bonnie Bee Nelsen Patty Phillips Beula Russell Marjorie Oyster Second Row Allan Pilling Eva Nelson Mary Louise Petersen Katrine Organ Mildred Nelson Amelia Nicoll Thelma Richardson Orlan Purdy Third Row Rohert Preston Dorothy Norton Doris Sessions Elna Mae Nelson Frieda Schapsmeier Mary Sales Dorothy Sessions Mildred Schroeder Orville Ross Ila Reichardt Leo Negethon Marie Petersen Iola Phifer Frank Scott Harold Reynolds Fifth Row Harold Pryor James I-Iemmingsen Henry Norgaard Donald Olsen Billy Seddon David Perlmutter Leo Prohaslci Bernard Nugent Phillip Mounts Homer Orrell Robert Price Richard Olsen Alvin Peterson Charles Sessions Not In Picture Ellen Orr Esther Phillips Mary Reggio Fay Russell Ruth Schlemmer Leona Schweer THE CLASS OF 1935 lxrst Row Ailene Smith Isabelle Thomas Grace Staclc Thelma Shobe Myrtle Howell Mary Ellen Shaffer Esther Steinburg Theda Waddell Second Row Helen Stewart Mary Waddell Martha Triplett Mary Smith Darlene Williams Mary Siebert Fern Van Leuvan Marjorie Zoller Third ROW Gretchen Wulff Martha White Mary Wiatt Fern Smith Dorothy Walline Helen Young Helen Yeager Francis Smith lack Walclmann Fourlb Row Robert Steibcr George Young Franklin Storey Roger Sulhoff George Walker Jack Thompson Arnold Shields john Tornctcn Fifth Row Lester Teclesco Aleclc Swistalc Carl Vergamini Francis Swassing john Winn Robert Sorenson Not In Picture Wayne Shaw Robert Sprinlcel Raymond Thomas Audrey Twiford Emil Viola Robert White Richard Whitman Albert Williams THE CLASS OF IQ36 At the crossroads-rather exclusive-we'rc not juniors-we're not sophomores-just our sweet selves-eleven-ones. But pep-we have it-gangway please! Arden Agnew Ruth Ainsworth Dorothy Andersen Irene Anderson Max Anderson Kathryn Lou Annis Clifford Baker Marieum Ball Maxyne Ballew Arline Berg Gcrda Christiansen Roderick Clarlc Guy Coclcley Charles Collett joe Constantino Arno Cook Henry Damitz Dorothy Dargel John Decker Natalie Dills Tom Dixon Russel Dungan Robert Esbeclc Berniece Faurm Leonard Frimodt Fannie Garuhba Fred Greene Jane Grow Dick Gurney Dale Hansen Diclc Hansen Robert Hansen Carl Hanusa Lorene Harding Elden Hartje Wilma Hays Dorothy Heck George Hiddleston Verlyn Hilburn Edna Hutton Lawrence Jarchow Harry Jensen Eva Joerns Helen Johnson Freddie Kleeb Irene Krueger Frances Krumenachcr John Lapsley Betty Larsen Irene Larsen Marian Linden Robert Lowe Dorothy McDavitt Marjorie McGurren Gwen McMains Earl Madsen Esther Magnussen Frances Marlc Leonard Martin Darrell Mathis Vesta Marie Means Gertrude Messersmith Bob Miller Bonnie Moon Frances Nelson Edith Pedersen Raymond Pettit Jack Petersen Charlotte Presler Roberta Putnam Harriet Piclcrell Harold Prior Diclc Read William Roberts Donald Schell Helen Shields Virginia Siders Marie Slcow Edward Solliday Keith Sowl Mary Starr Russell Starr Helen Steele David Stowe Glenn Swisher Mary Louise Thompson Phyllis Thorpe Phyllis Van Druff Franlc Wallace Jeanne Watson Ruth Witt THE CLASS OF 1936 So homore trails-we o ball craz -'rah team'-tea dances-dates-ste in out P, J J J g Y P 2 and stepping in-pink slips or white-"Er-er-Mrs. Walker, you see, etc."-most days have seven periods-the morning parade! John Alexander Lyle Allen Holger Andersen John Anderson Roy Anderson Mildred Anthony Martin Applequist Don Austin Clayton Bachman Claude Barrett Mildred Bedford Francis Bell Lucille Bigley Arlene Birchard Catherine Blank Dorothy Bobbitt Jack Brainerd Walter Brandt Mark Breneman Mary Louise Burton Marian Capel Don Caughey Geraldine Caughlan Harold Champlin Evelyn Christensen Marian Christensen Roy Claar Helen Clark Ernestine Coate Lila Mae Coffelt Arthur Cook Robert Crowl Jack Curry Duthiel Dalton Eleanor Deitchler Hymie Diamond Gene Dickerson Gerald Diercks Robert Dixon Margaret Durfec Richard Eames Gus Ellerbeck Georgia Etnyre Leonard Evans Robert Evans Lucille Father Priscilla Eariday Everett Feight Truman Felton Billy Fent Lois Fischer Dorothea Fleshcr John Forman Melvin Frame Opal Eranksen Delbert Fricke Bob Fuller Myrtle Funk Dorothy Gates Meta Gibbs Leroy Gillon Helen Goehner Marguerite Gohlinghorst Kenneth Gordon Robert Grace Lois Graves Warren Gross Delbert Grosse Harley Grossman Jack Grosvenor Forrest Grote Wayne Grote Gwendolyn Hackl Robert Hailey Bernice Hansen Lois Hansen Margarette Harris Vera Harris Wesley Harwood Edward Hayes Arthur Heisler Aggie Lou Hermes James Hessenflow Arline Hiller Arnold Hoflman Mildred Hogue Albert L. House John Hudgens Korby Humlicek Ruth Hutchison Clayton Jensen Erma Jensen Foneta Jensen Harlan Jensen Mildred Jensen Robert Jensen Russell Jensen Virginia Jensen Harvey Jessen Albert Johnson Genevieve Johnson Louise Johnson Burton Johnston Corrine Jordal Leona Katelman Gwendolyn Keller Rosella Kenyon Virginia Kern Dale Kinsell Donald Kirkendall George Klein Alice Klindc Eugene Kobbert Forrest Krabbe Albert Kramer Leonard Kuhl Ione Larson Norman Leed Margaret Lett Maurine Little THE CLASS OF IQ36 Sophomore trails-mid-semester exams-report cards-made the 4-A list or Clidn't- spring fever - track - junior-Senior clay outcasts - oh, well, never mind - we'll he seeing you in the fall! Rohert McBain Shirley McConnell Merle McDowell jack McSorley Avis Mayne Alfred Miller Eunice Minssen Nlarjorie Mitchell Donald Moore Doris Ncgethon Fan Neill Mary Jane Nelson Zoe Nelson Emma Nielsen Hans Nielsen William Nourse Maxine Olsen Marie O'Niell Cora Oswald Donald Parks Douglas Parks Mary Louise Parks Dale Paschal Gilhert Pedersen Marion Peet Freclamae Peterson Frederick Peterson Helen Louise Peterson Roy Peterson Lorraine Phillips Raymond Pickett Virginia Priestley Vera Primm lone Pruitt Barhara Pryor Orlan Purdy Talmage Quick Arthur Radliff Allan Reed Paul Rink Mary Margaret Roarty Kenneth Robinson Lucille Roden Marion Roennau Reynold Ross Sylvia Ross Miriam Saks Betty Saunders Alice Schley Virginia Schutz Drexel Scott Harry Searle Frances Seicller Donald Shea Glen Shelton Jack Shepard Mary Lois Simon Helen Singer Eileen Slocum Glenn Smith Gretchen Smith Mason Smith Maxyne Smith Ruby Smith Mary Spencer June Springer james Stageman Melha Staley Helen Stash Stella Stcgall Donald Steihcr Loren Stiles Lawrence Stockinan Frances Stoker Artie Storey Fern Strauhe Donald Stupfell Arne Svenningscn Frank Thomas Sarah Thompson Clarence Tyler Pauline Ulm Louise Unverfertli Thelma Van Horne ,lere Van Rensselaer Bernard Verdin Rohert Warner Vernon Wartman James Watson Irene Wesley Barbara White Vera White Doris Wiatt Don Wichael Charlotte Wight Margaret Xvilliams Jack Wingate Jeanne Winn Delmar Winslow Marjorie Wippel Jane Witt Rae Wolfson Carleton Woodward Lucille Wortman Louise Yeoman THE CLASS OF I937 Sophomore trails-"Aren't freshmen queerll'-bright flashes of ambitious dreams- rookies at last-society initiation-make society debate squad-they depend on me- library nights-make the Hollywood crew behind the scenes-breaking into the Echoes! Everett Acord Marjorie Alberti Clarence Andersen Earl Anderson Marion Arbuckle Mary Gail Arnold Gerald Asman Keith Austin Eleanor Ball Margaret Ella Barber Eva Bassett Eugene Bock Marianna Erna Brandt Carlysle Brickey Wilma Brown Myrtle Campbell Maxine Chambers Carl Christensen Etna Christensen Leah Christensen Elizabeth Claar Vaughn Clark John Coyan Margaret Coyle Harry Darnell Viola Daugherty Frederick Day Kathryn Dicks Bob Drummond Chris Dumas Norman Elgan Ruth Ford Jeanne Gotch Freda Graham Guy Graybill Harry Gundlach Billy Halpin Glen Hammer Albert Harrison John Hathaway May Hemmingsen Quentin Henderson Robert Herndon Edna Hoch Venda Ives Arthur James Arthur Jensen Frances Jensen Dorothy Jennings Carlton Johnson Howard Johnson Phyllis Kingsley Elsie Kjar Edward Kussman Donna Lavely Frank Lane Jean Langer Bert Lewis Evelyn Lindstrom Julian Lund Robert Gallahcr Gertrude Garretson Laura Gethoefer Ardis Gossard Eleanor Lutz Marguerite McCarthy Buena McCurry Laura McCurry Maxine McTwigan Argustine Mack Donald Macrae Geraldine Martin Glen Martin Clayton Meier Lorraine Meyerson Ruth Miller Fred Moore Walter Mueller Jaxine Nagel Emanuel Negethon Arthur Nelsen Minnie Nielsen Frank Nikel Regina Nusscr Jack O'Brien Robert Olsen Helen Owen Marguerite Pace Ruth Pace Elizabeth Park Helen Parmer Marian Perlmutter Sherman Pike Elaine Pittman Keith Purdy Lawrence Rail Jane Rasbach Dorothy Reed Roger Glen Rider Charles Rohrberg Mary Ruiz Dorothe Saltzman Marjorie Schlott George Schroeder Catherine Schumacher Alvin Sears Russell Seiffert Rudolph Sieck Leona Sieburg Clyde Spencer Gerald Stevens Loring Stockman Anna Swistak Cathryn Terry Ruby Thompson Bert Thurmond Austin Twiford Beulah Vogt Thelma Waddell Ross Walker Ray Westrip Barbara White Vivian White Carl Williams Lois Williams Arthur Wolman Helen Wortman X, Tl-IE CLASS OF l937 Opening doors-slaves of the huzzers at last-pint sized freshmen-outsized hoolcs- when do we eat?-learning the don'ts-dazzled hy R. O. T. C. hoots, helts, huttons, and spurs-guess I'lI get me some someday-"How do you get to seventh period?-"Office at end of periodl' heart failure-trouhle, trouhle, trouble-thrill, thrill, thrill-"Oh, it's great to he a freshman!" Adeleen Allen Leona Allen Evelyn Anderson john Henry Anderson Rohert Anderson Vera Angeroth Ruth Barnes Alice Barnett Boh Barrel Emma Lou Behenset Dorothy Benning Horace Bertelsen Charles Brandt Clifford Brewer Dorothy Budatz John Buesing Violet Buschenfeld Wayne Cass Ethel Mae Chamhers Edith Childs Vernon Christiansen .lack Cone Carol Cornelison Nancy Crowe Vera Darrington Lillie Deputy Roy Anderson Victor Britt Bert Caligur Betty Ann Ensehnan Marie Downs Lorraine Drake Ben Edwards Ruth Ehlers Richard Esancy Doris Etherington Louise Gable Joe Gronstal Eloyse Grossmann Dorothy Haenen Norman Hansen Rohert Hartnett Helen Hauschildt Vivian Herwig Leonard Holt Richard Howard Clyde Hurd Mahel Jorgensen William Jorgensen Marlen justesen Ruth Kealy Alvin Kemplin Maxine Kenney Alvin Glen Knight William Koenig George Krueger Thomas Laughlin Doris Larsen Elmer Larsen Emil Larsen Phyllis Larsen Erven Lee Ethel May Lewis Mary Lyons Gerald McCart Geraldine McCart Thomas Matteson Troxel Miller Rosalie Montalhano Bernice Moon Doris Moore Norma Murray Richard Nugent Thomas O'Neill Geraldine Owens Lorene Peters Ruth Pilling June Powell Glenn Prior Betty Pullen Phillip Pyles Paul Rauterlcus Tl-IE CLASS OF I938 Ellen Gehuhr Clarlc Giles Stanley Hahhen Orra McLean Clifford Owens james Sprigg Anna Marie Hauschildt Jack Watford Ila Mae Rich Paul Roarty Douglas Roberts Rohert Scott Velda Scoular Margaret Seidler Margaretann Sessions Dean Shallenherger Sherman Smith Ruth Spillard .lean Stageman Rose Billie Stolces Rosetta Strohhehn Mary Elizaheth Swann Margaret M. Thomas Ruth Thomas Fred Thomsen Adolph Torneten Helen Van Leuvan Ivan Wager Gertrude Marie Weir Mary Louise Wells Anna Marie Will Betty Woods jane Wormhoudt Diclc Wentworth Doris Wentworth Donald Wliittakcr ACTIVITIES Forging bonds of friendship-Iorming social conIocIs-weighing vaIues+seIIing new sIonoIards-Melearning ine ioy of service -recreafion-goocI spodsrnansiwip in Ieann playee-Ine soIisIacIion of recogniIion of eIIainmenIeeIearning democracy II1rougI1 perI'icipaIion in governmneI-eeessunning re- sponsibiliry-eeaIIII1ese oooor+uniIies for de- veloping individuai powers and Ialenirs oI mind and bociy are given by ourh ACTIVITIES. lzllitur-irz-Clricf Axxocialc Editor. Axivoriafc' IL'a'itor Amofialc Edilorn liuvincvv Marmgrr, Awivlarzl Nlmzagcr, Stancliffc Talbott London Thompson Mitchell Rathbun CRIMSON AND BLUE Extzcurivie STAFF Spmixor: Mary D. Wallace Busiwuss S1'AifF Sfvfulmrz Willwur 1. Roscnlcranz , Mary Jane Mitchell ,, ,Marjorie Rathbun ,. ,Darwin Talhott ....,..Rl1Il1 Thompson ,Lcslic London ,Floyd Stancliffc First Row: Campbell, Schley, Jensen, Brown, Kinder, Nichols, Gould Second Row: Ebert, Van Horne, Raiter, Christensen, Evans Faculty ,....,r Echoes , Forensics . Societies ,, Clubs ...,.,,.,, Dramatics ....,, Glee Clubs .......,.,.,, Instrumental Musicn. R. O. T. C ....,..... Boys' Athletics .... Girls' Athletics .,.. Year's History ........ Proof Reader ,... Pictures Typists ..... Third Row: Bierer, Watsoii, Read CRIMSON AND BLUE ASSISTANT EDITORS Everett Christensen ...,,..,,l-larolcl Evans ,,,......Kenneth Ebert .,,..Benjamin Bierer ....,Ruth Thompson ..Marjorie Rathbun ,....,..Evelyn Campbell .....,.Pauline Brown ..,.,.....,.,...,.Robert Van Horne ......,,I-Iarold Evans, Jack Watson Nichols ...,c,.Virginia Brown, Harriet Gould Jensen ,....,,.Ruth Schley, Ruth Thompson ..,...,..Pauline Brown, Lillian Kinder, Anthony Raiter, Adin Read First Row: Nicliols, Mulqucen, Campbell, Steinberg, Wilbiir, Coate, Dorsett, Jensen Second Row: Pryor, Higgins, Jacobsen, Butler, Stageman, Mackie, Harper, Evans, Moore Third Row: Winslow, Roffman, Brown, Harty, Kern, Ratlalvun, Shaw liourtfr Row: Olsen, Spencer, Stutsman, London, Stroud, Vergamini liiftlr Row: Brown, Stancliffe, Sweeney, McCunn, Mr. Lee Sixth Row: Rath, Rairer, Dixon, Newman, Martin, Harding THE ECHOES lQ33 EDITORIAL STAFF Editors-in-Chief .,.,. V f.,, ,, ,,,,,,, .. ,Fern Nichols, Harold Evans Managing Editors, H Mariella Mulqueen, Evelyn Campbell News Editors ,,,,. ,..,,,,, M arjorie Ratliluun, Don Harding Feature Editors.- , A, ,Rosalind Stageman, Floyd Srancliffe Copy Readers .,,.. ,,,. . Marjorie Wllbllf, Virginia Brown Proof Readers ..... .,r,,.,,. W ilma Dorserr, Gladys Jensen Sports Editors ..... ..,,., . .. ....... Mervin Vffinslow, Fred Gilson BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ......., ,,,,... J elm Pryor Advertising Manager ...,., ,t,,..,, E lclo Martin Circulation Manager ,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,trr.,,,,,,, Beulah Mackie Exchange Editorsm ,,r, .Leslie London, Anna Jarolwsen First Row: Ash, Daniels, Organ, Lewis, Shobe, Harper, Phillips, Hopkins Second ROW: Hirsch, Lainson, Buesing, Lidgett, Day, Rauterlcus, Boedelcer, Mtlrshall Third Row: Morrison, Hendrix, Hughes, Gill, Bengsron, McMains, Wlialen, Mr Lec Fourth Row: Knutson, Hansen, Johnson, Groslclaus, Herd, Mcsorley, Riel: Fifth Row: Collister, Hitchcock, McDougall, Neilson, Poore, Croft Sixth Row: Bosley, Marcus, Johnson, Pringle, Fillaert Editors-in-Chief .,,,,,,,r News Editors .,.... Feature Editors... Copy Readers ...... Proof Readers ..,...... Boys' Sports Editor ...,,,.. Assistant Sports Editor ,.,.., Girls, Sports Editor .,.. Assemblies ........,. Business Manager .... Advertising Manager.. Exchange Editors.. . THE ECHOES I93ll- EDITORIAL STAFF .........Charles Croft, Floyd Hughes . .... Joe Ewald, Thelma Shohe . ..,. ...,. A rthur Knutson, Lloyd Rief ..F10fence Day, Marjorie Harper .......Wendell Marshall, Don Johnson Bosley .......Boln Bowen, John Morrison, Jaclc Snyder .......Elinor Ash ........,Louise Seidl BUSINESS STAFF ..........Dave McSorley .....................Norman McMains . ..... Lillian Harrison, Ernest Nielson, Don Hendrix First Row: Brittain, Wulff, Van Rensselaer, Hill, Pierce, McMullen, Behensee, Saks Second Row: Knight, Fisher, Maltz, Jones, Bean, Bollman, Stuart, Parks, White Tlrirtl Row: Kistle, Busselle, Kern, Peterson, Mr. Wliite, Nelson, Blanchard, Clark, Chambers ABRAHAM LINCOLN l933-34 DEBATE SEASON Question Resolved: The United States should adopt the essential features of the British system of radio control and operation. MIDLAND TOURNAMENT Runner Up Winner Alwraham Lincoln, ,,.,,.. .,.....,,,.....,,.,.....AA.....,,,,....,,.r...,.,,,,,,..,,,rr....,,,,,,. , ,, Fremont Decision debates-15, Victories-11, Defears-4 MISSOURI VALLEY TOURNAMENT Runner Up Winner Fremont ..,,.,,.....,.,..,,, ...,........,..... B oys ....,,,....... ,...,,,. t..., , A braham Lincoln Thomas Jefferson ....., ,,,,. .,,,....,,...,.. G i rls .....,........ ......,.,,, ,.,,,.. A b raham Lincoln Thomas Jefferson .,,,. ,.................. F ree for All ....,... ....,.....,, ,.........., A h raham Lincoln Decision debates-23, Victories-23 W. A. BRINDLEY TOURNAMENT Under auspices of Iowa State Teachers, College Runner Up Winner Cedar Falls ..,.ssr...........,,.s...,,.......................,..............,........,,....,..,,,,....r.. Ahraham Lincoln Decision debates-11, Victories-9, Defeats-Z DRAKE TOURNAMENT Under auspices of Drake University Runner Up Winner Elgin, Illinois .,...,., s..... ,..,.,,,,..s..,,, ..., ,.,,,.. ,....,,.. A h r a l mm Lincoln V1cToRiEs East High, Des Moines Newton North High, Des Moines Boone Elgin LI-fr to riglrl: Kistle, Busselle, Peterson, Taylor, Coach john L. Wliite, Rosenfeld Clark, Nelson ABRAHAM LINCOLN I933-34 DEBATE SEASON IOWA LEAGUE Under auspices of Iowa University Runner Up Wirzncr Ahraham Lincoln . . . Davenport A. L. VicTomEs A. L. VICTORIES Thomas Jefferson ...I Centerville . . . ....I Decorah ,,,., I Creston . .. ...I Fort Dodge ..l Davenport -,V,.-- 2 A. L. DEFEATS Roosevelt .I Davenport . . .2 Ames . .. .. .1 Eagle Grove . ,, 1 Oskaloosa ..,.,.. 1 Thomas Jefferson .. , l INDIVIDUAL HONORS W. A. BRINDLEY TOURNAMENT Four Year Scholarship to Iowa State Teachers' College Don Rosenfeld . . . .. . .. .... .Rohert Peterson DRAKE TOURNAMENT One Year Scholarship to Drake Uliiversity Rohert Peterson .. . . .... Don Rosenfeld. . .. Addison Kistle IowA LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Four Year Scholarship to Iowa University Addison Kistle . .. . , ,. . . . . ...Robert Peterson if '..1,r rg. ... .vt A xx 0,759 ,,g- '4 I 1,- x ,Qi .a fp.-,. if ,cf "' , L. 1 L. w'T.. l Bollman, Kistle, Peterson, Nelson, Ebert, Campbell, Behensee, Taylor, Hill, Clark, Jones, Van Druff LITERARY SOCIETY DEBATE TOURNAMENT Question Resolved: The nations of the world should adopt a plan for complete disarmament except that which is necessary for police protection. Runner Up Ionian , Vicromizs Philo , I.ogo . Ionian Runner Up Ero ,,,,. , . VICTORIES Alpha . Delta Tau , Boys' FINALS ARISTO K 2 Thalian 2 . l Ionian GIRLS' FINALS TI-IALIAN Clio ,, . ..2 VICTORIIZS DI-IFICATS Vicroizuss DEFEATS Ero ,,,, ,. , Izro , , ,,,,,,,,,,.. l Aristo , SOCIETY DEBATE FINALS Rinzncr Up Thalian. H . , , , , TEAMS THALIAN Amsro Kathryn Clarlc Phyllis Van Druff Jane Behensee Kathryn Hill Wai1da Jones Gretchen Taylor Kenneth Ebert Rolwert Stuart Rohert Peterson Henry Bollman Ray Nelson Addison Kisrle TOURNAMENT HONORS Awarded hy popular vote of all participants Winner Arisro ., 2 , , I IVinner Thalian 2 .I ,Z lVinnrr AriSfi1 Honorary gavel awarded for sportsmanship ,,,,,,,,. .. I-Ionorahle mention for sportsmanship , Helen Pierce, Donald Rosenfeld ,, ,,,,,,.,.i.. Logo Olsen, Rosenfeld, Cleminson LEFFERT DECLAMATORY CONTEST DRAMATIC gon Olsen . ,,.. lfVinner .. . .. .Alias James Dyke rligiffifiira. a esss ssssss t to .fre Srrrgrallifleififii june Meyerson v..e. . .................. .s.e......,. . .Fourteen to One ORATORICAL Don Rosenfeld- .. .. .. .. Iflfinner . ..ee.. ,e,,..., . Woodrow Wilson Addison Kistle... . . Russell Blanchard .. . . ,.,,..The Adventure of Peace .. ..My Brother's Keeper ROIDBFC Bean .........,,, ,,.,..,,.....,,,,., ....., T h e Plea for Cuba I-Iuivioaous Mary Jane Cleminson ....., .. .. Winner ....,,. .,.. . .Percy Visits the Battleship Lucille Swanson .,...,,,.. . .. .....,.,, . . .. .A,,, ,... G oodbve, Sister .Iere Van Rensselaer ,,.. Lorene Harding ......re, . ..,,., ..,..,,. e,,,.... ..,,r. . . . .. . .Edith Economizes ......The Old, Old Story TWO STATE CHAMPIONS ADDISON ' ROBERT KISTLE PETERSON XVinner of the Wiiiimei' of the Slate Extemporane' ous Speaknig Conf test There is no li that ref quires more clear and logical think' Uflll ol' speech ing than extempor- aneous speaking. ' Addison defeated our best local speak- ers, and they were good: then won at the district contest at Oakland: and finally captured first honors at Iowa City in the State Contest. Addison was awarded a four year scholarship at the Iowa State University. State Oratorical Contest This was the lirst year an original or' atorical contest was carried on in the state. Interest was keen, for the conf tests were held in the English classes and anyone could enter. s judged to be the most eloquent speaker at Abraham Lin' eoln and, as such, entered the State con- test at Iowa City. He brought honor to himself and the school by winning first place in the state. He was awarded a four year scholarship at the Iowa State University. Robert Peterson wa 1933 jack Cole, . . ,, Margaret Anderson Graydon Bates ,,,, , Robert Sorenson Henry Clatterbuck Clarinets Margaret Anderson Arnold Hoffman Clayton Bachman jean Babbington Cora Blanche Butler Graydon Bates Kathleen Waddingham jack Watford Lucille Swanson Nancy Crowe James Gronstal Frankie Lavely Eugene Bock Roy Anderson Doris Negathon Robert Anderson Dick Payne Edwin Zimmerman Clark Giles Tom Laughlin Douglas Roberts Carl Gebuhr Donald Hendrix Billie Bell Flutes Roger Herwig Arlene Bacon Vivian Herwig BAND Director: Rudolph Seidl Assistant: Milo O. Smith OFFICERS .. President . Vice President ,,..rr Secretary ,, , Librarian , , ,. Manager , MEMBERS Esther Steinberg Oboes Homer Orrell John Coyan Bassoons Robert Peterson john Winn Saxopkones Lucille Neff Irving Cohen Martha Jacobs Sylvia Ross Ora McLean Horns Jack Fernley Harlan Pringle Marian Smith Richard Esancy Drums Donald Filbert Orlan Purdy Clarence Clemmens Robert Herndon Margaretann Sessions Peggy Swan Cornet: Jack Cole David Stowe Fred Schlott lowa State Festival-Concert Band, Superior-Marching Band, Excellent. 1934 Henry Clatterbuck Marian Smith . ..,. jack Cole ,,David Stowe Robert Hailey Geraldine Tyler Melba Staley James Hessenflow Robert Sorenson Adin Read Troxel Miller Donald Whittaker Leonard Evans Eugene Kobbert Trombones Melvin Frame Robert White Ben Edwards Leo Negathon Ingeletta Olsen Myrle Strohbehn Basses Henry Clatterbuck Eldon Swain john Torneton Earl Madsen Lyle Hansen Bruce Glassburner Barilones Leslie Hays Dean Bennett Sherman Smith Robert Hartnett 1933 Roger Herwig . Fern Jensen . , ., Marian Smith ,,,, Henry Clatterhuclc 1 xrxt Violin v Esther Steinlverg Earl Bergman Thelma Grassfield Alice Schley Beulah Maclcie Wendell Marshall Rohert Jensen Ivan Holst Stanley Halahen Second Violins Alhert Viola Helen Wfortman Dale Hansen Carleton Wrvodward Franklin Storey Sam Garafalo Talitha Mann Helena Briggs Willis Ahels Jolm Zimmerman Jane Hoffmann James Hanna Violax Ralph Hamilton Shirley Maltz THE ORCHESTRA Director: Rudolph Seidl Aysistaut: Milo O. Smith OFFICERS , ,. ,, President .... Vice President Secretary ,, Manager ,, MEMBERS Marjorie Wilhrir Mildred Jensen Cello: Marian Smith Kathryn Hill Kathleen Waddinglmanl Peggy Swan Dean Bennett Virginia Esancy Margaretann Sessions Mary Louise Parks Basses Eldon Swain Henry Clatterhuclc Fern Jensen Jack Cole Margaret Anderson Ht7TU.f Jack Fernley Harla11 Pringle Richard Esancy Trumpets David Stowe Rohert Sorenson Rohert Hailey Iowa State Festival-Excellent Rating. 1934 Albert Viola ,, . Fern Jensen .Roger Herwig ,. , Henry Clatterhucl-c 'fronzborzcs Melvin Frame Leslie Hays Ben Edwards Clarinets Arnold Hoffmann Carl Gehuhr Flutes Roger Herwig Arlene Bacon Vivian Herwig Qboes Homer Otrell John Coyan Harmony Rohert Peterson John Winn Drums Orlan Purdy Don Filhert Clarence Clemmtns Rohcrt Herdon Harp.: Louise Seidl Mary Janice Meneray Benjamin Bierer SENIOR GLEE CLUBS Director: Kathleen M. Shaw OFFICERS Girls 1933 Marjorie Rathhun . . ,, .,,,... . President Louise Seidl . . ,, ..,. Secretary-Treaxurer Betty Pates, Betty Larsen. ,. ,,,,,, Librarians ..., Ruth Schlemmer ,,,,,,,,.,... .,,.,,, A rcompanirt ....,. 1934 Louise Seidl , . .,..,,.,..,A .,,.,... P rexident Marian Dahl .. . .. ....,,,,,,,,,, Secretary-Treasurer Marian Lewis, Frances Krumenacher . Librarians ..,,..,.. Ruth Schlemmer , ,................ .,,,,, A ccompanist ..... . First Row Third Row Jacquetta Klein Evelyn Campbell Frances Krumenachcr Eileen Brown June Meyerson Pearl Meyerson Mary Ellen Shaffer Maxine Ballew Barhara Wliite Priscilla Fariday Kathryn Hill Elizabeth Epperson La Mar Hannes Mary Louise Diventi Anne Goehner Erma Harty lla Reichardt Kathryn Clark Marjorie Oyster Louise Seidl Marguerite Gohlinghorst An.ene Blank Second Row Mary Janice Meneray Ruth Thompson Jeanne Winn Jere Van Rensselaer Mildred Porter Betty Pates Miss Shaw Ruth Schlemmer Marian Lewis Theda Waddell Fern Van Leuvan Louise Teufel Jeanette Mark Marjorie Rathhun Richard Olsen Helen Ford Mildred Schroeder Jack Cole Fourfh ROW Mason Adkins Keith Sowl Lee Gotch -loc Ewald Don Loomer Evelyn Bamford Lucille Swanson Clalien Hushaw Evelyn Larsen Marian Dahl Frank Scott Harold Logan Stanley Clark Russell Blanchard Fifth Row Owen Babhc Boys . , , Eric Branshy , ,Joe Branshy . ,,Fiddie Fair, Owen Balwhe . Ruth Schlemmer , .. ,Joe Branshy . , ,,,,,r, , ,.,,, John Pryor Lee Gotch, Frank Scott ,, ,Ruth Schlemmer Everett Brittain Paul Stageman Bob Dempster John Pryor Fred Schlott Don Olsen Harold Wcaltua Eric Branslwy Sixth Row Kelley Hannan Jack Asmussen Fiddie Fair Harry Jensen Boh Reimer Milton Christoffersen Roynald Johnson r-rmfh Roni' Kenneth Ehert Dan Tague Meredith Carter Joe Branslay James Gronstal JVUI In Picture Mary Louise Burton Betty Busselle Eileen Frost Raymond Francis Paul Harris Rohert Peterson JUNIOR BOYS' AND GIRLS' GLEE CLUBS Director: Kathleen M. Shaw Girls Frances Krumenacher . Priscilla Fariday .......... Geraldine Caughlan Marjorie Boyer ..,r .,,r Maxine Conley .,,. Mildred Nelson ......,,. Catherine Blank .,..... , Marjorie Boyer .,.......... First Row Margaret Harris Irene Wesley Lila Mae Coffelt Evelyn Lindstrom Iona Larsen Erma Jensen Catherine Shumachcr Virginia Jones Eileen Slocum Zoe Nelson Ruth Miller Maxine Conley Ruth Pilling Margaret Green lngeletta Olsen Miss Shaw Grace Stack Helen Louise Peterson Tom Matteson Ruth Ehlers Third Ron' Donna Lavely Margaret Seidler Elizabeth Parks Vera Wliite Ruth Thomas Esther Steinberg Second Row Tom O'Neill Mary Gail Arnold Leona Sieburg Maxine McTwigan Frances Christianson Marguerite McCarthy Marie O'Neil Marjorie Alberti Ruth Ford Allan Reed Marjorie Schlott Hertha Armstrong Isabel Thomas Catherine Blank Foneta Jensen Maxine Chambers Eva Bassett Mary Spencer Mildred Nelson Maxyne Lund Bernice Hansen Gertrude Weir Geraldine Martin Lucille Wortman Eleanor Holden OFFICERS 1933 President .. Secretary-Treasurer Librarians Accompanist 1934 President Secretary-Treasurer Librarians Accompanirt Roberta Putman Maxine Peterson Fourth Row Lavinia Larson Dorothy Howard Dorothy Jones Gwendolyn Hackl Laura McCurry Charlotte Gillin Avis Mayne Evelyn Watford Marjorie Boyer Ruth Ainsworth MaryLouiseThompson Arlene Berg Wilma Hays Kenneth Robinson Boys Robert Hannah Billy Fent Roderick Clark Marjorie Boyer Clarence King Billy Fent Albert Kramer Marjorie Boyer Lucille Roden Eighth Row Lois Hansen Alpha Schnepel Isabelle Pogge Jennie Mae Lloyd John Winn George Ahrens Sixth Row James Watson Paul Rink Truman Felton Jack Anderson A. L. House Billy Fent Leonard Kuhl George Klein Martin Applequist Fifth Row Harlan Jensen Elsie Lidgett Bernard Verdin Natalie Dills Seventh Row Delbert Fricke Roy Claar Jean Busey Dick Hansen Freda Mae Peterson Doris Wiatt Margaret M. Thomas Elaine Pittman Georgia Etnyre Dale Chambers Harold Reynolds Clarence King Frank Thomas Sherman Smith Wesley Harwood Guy Coclcley Fred Moore Dick Colburn Frank Hitchcock Leo Negathon Donald Parks Albert Kramer Not in Picture Dorothy Anderson Vera Derry Frances Fauble Lois Graves Edna Hoch Esther Montgomery Ruby Thompson Sarah Thompson Warner Britton Charles Collett Floyd Deal Sidney Jubb Carl Raygor Russell Starr Clarence Tyler ALPHA LITERARY SOCIETY 1933 Elna Pedersen . ., Betty Mayne . Fern Jensen Evelyn D. Larsen , , Helen Goehner. Mary Ellen Shaffer ...., ,,,,e... Founded-1915 OFFICERS 1934 Pfg,-idgnf A, , A,,,Karhlecn Waddinglmaxii Vice President ., . Marj0ri9 HRYPCT , ,,,,,, Sefretary ,,,,,, , Mildred Thomas Tregyurer A Marjorie Oyster , Sergeant at Arms Historian N .. ... Geraldine Owens .. Edith Pedersen Sponsors: Miss Hovland and Mrs. Clark First Row Geraldine Owens Margaret E. Thomas Kathleen Waddinghaln Jacquetta Klein Fay Russell Frances Christiansen Mary Ellen Shaffer Marguerite Gohlinghorst Evelyn D. Larsen Mildred Thomas Second Row Ruth Thompson Marjorie Oyster Pearl Rodenhurg Betty Woods Jane Rashach Edith Childs Patty Phillips Barhara Pryor Velma Harrington Evelyn Campbell Colors: Gold and White MEMBERS Third ROW Fern Jensen Marian Thomas Emma Lou Bebensee Charlotte Green Elna Pedersen Edith Pedersen Ruth Thomas Marjorie Harper Jeanne Gotch Jennie Mae Lloyd F ourtb Row Mrs. Clark Helen Buhrman Dorothy Norton Margaret M. Thomas Fern Van Leuvan Marjorie Fox Mary Louise Dunshee Maxine Olson Fifth Row Thelma Grassfield Dorothy Sessions Fan Neill Elizabeth Epperson Mary Louise Diventi Ruth Roffman Regina Nusser Gladys Jensen Sixth Row Lorena Walker Virginia Blunk Alice Schley Lucille Swanson Betty Mayne Helen Boedeker Dorothy Cohrs Elizabeth Longley Not in Picture Marion Bryan Mary Louise Burton Helen Goehner Doris Hagerman Mary Siebert CLIOSOPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY 1933 lrene Fisher , Rosalind Stageman Mariella Mulqueen Marjorie Wilbur , Louise Teufel . Gertrude Rankin , liiryl Row Adeline Hansen Ruth Pace Marguerite Pace Marian Perlmutter Catherine Blank Beveriy Clouse Ruth Pilling Thora Berry Rosetta Strolwehn Nancy Crow Maxine Ballew .S ccona' Row Ingeletta Olsen Mariella Mulqueen Kathryn Lou Annis Gretchen Smith Marian Roennau jean Stageman Ruth Ehlers Marianne Brandt Myrtle Howell Mae Christensen Illzirzl' Row Marjorie Alherti Founded-1920 OFFICERS 1934 7 President .,,.,, . ,. Irene Fisher , . Vice President , . Mariella Mulqueen . Y Secretary . . , ,, Marjorie Wilbur . ,, , Y Treasurer ......,. , Florence Kennedy Sergeant at Arms .,.. ...,,,,.. B etty Pates Historian , , ,, A. Beulah Mackie Sponxorsr Miss Pyle and Miss Willard Colon: Purple and White MEMBERS Marjorie McGurrin Arlene Birchard Mary Lois Simons Rosalind Stageman Beulah Mackie Mildred Schroeder Irene Fisher Florence Kennedy Fonrtfr ROW Fanny Garruha Marjorie Schlott Dorothy Crabtree Maxine Morrow Ruth Ainsworth Betty Saunders Betty Pates Dorothy Haenen Helen Yeager Gertrude Brown Fiftfr Row Elsie Lidgett Esther Rodenherg jean Busey Evelyn Watford jere Van Rensselaer Mary Louise Parks Louise Teufel Marjorie Wilhur Mae Milgard Helen Wortman Sixth Row Edna Fay Hutton Ethel Mae Lewis Bonita Thomason Eileen Frost Leah Keairnes Gertrude Garretson Scufentlz Row Natalie Dills Miriam Ball Elizaheth Kern Clara Burdick Thelma Van Horne Lois Hansen Not In Picture Rosella Kenyon Gertrude Rankin jane Witt DELTA TAU LITERARY SOCIETY 1933 Helen Pierce ,,,,. , A Mary Janice Menerayr, ,, Erva Huclcleeberry , Founded-1900 OFFICERS President Vice President , ,, Secretary ..,A. .. 1934 , Erva Huclcleeberry Eileen Brown Mary Janice Meneray Elinor Ash , ,, ,. Barbara White Elizabeth Giclley Eileen Brown ., r,... ,,r.. .,....,, 7 T reasurer ..... .. Erma Harty ., ,, Sergeant at Arms Elizabeth Gidley . ,,,,,.Y,,,,,, ...,.,,,,, Historian ..., Sponsors: Miss Taylor and Mrs, Colors: Black and Gold MEMBERS lirst Ron' Miss Taylor Margaret Greene Catherine Schumacher Barbara White Mary Virginia Moore Beulah Vogt Phyllis Thorpe Mary Jane Mitchell Ruth Hutchinson Second Row Thelma Shobe Thecla Waddell Harriett Gould Gertrude Messersmith Irene Owens Ruth Ford Dorothy Jones 'fiirri Row Roberta Putnam Mary Janice Menerav Hertha Armstrong Opal Franlcsen Marion Peet Elisabeth Gidley Mrs. Tatroe Fourth Row Erva Huclcleeberry June Meyerson Esther Steinberg Eileen Brown Dorothy Howard Eleanor Deitchler Corrine Jordal June Campbell Elaine Brandt Fifth Row Helen Pierce Pearl Meyerson Eva Joerns Dorothy Dargel Maxine Conley Frances Fauble Doris McGilvray Sixth Row Virginia Jones Elinor Ash Lois Fischer Tatroe Shirley Maltz Georgia Etnyre Catherine Peet Maxine Bachnian Virginia Priestley Seifenilv Ron' Irene Larsen Eunice Minssen Evelyn Larsen Elinor Lutz Erma Harty Marian Stewart Amelia Nicoll Not In Picture Helen Barrel Claire Brannen irmel Bush Vera Derry Lois Graves Susan Hushaw Frances Krumena hu Leona Schweer Stella Stegall ERODELPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY 1933 Louise Seidl ,. , Fern Nichols . .. Inez Larsen , Ruth Schley . , , Anne Goehner ,. I irxf Row Genevieve johnson Priscilla Fariday Louise Seidl Clara Holmgard Ruth McMullen Vesta Marie Means Evelyn Lindstrom Lorraine Meyerson Second ROW Lorene Harding Mildred Porter Pauline Brown Maurine Little Marie O'Neil Peggy Swan Aggie Lou Hermes Erna Christensen Third Row Jeanette Mark Mary Gail Arnold Margaret Harris Founded-1913 OFFICERS 1934 President .. Olene Rasmussen Vice Prexidenl ., ,.,,.Ruth Schley Secretary ,, ..Virginia Brown Treasurer ,. ,,.,,.Marian Dahl Sergeant at Arms ......,.,,,,,.... ..,,.... L a Mar I-Iannes Sponsors: Miss Brisley and Miss Ketter Colors: Red and White MEMBERS Marjorie Wippel Dutheil Dalton Adele Jeppesen Louise Johnson Margaretann Sessions Fourth Row Frances Grote Margaret Pflaster Fern Nichols Mildred Nelson La Mar Hannes Anne Goehner june Powell Fifth Row Evelyn Bamford Verna Donn Leona Siehurg Ruth Schley Inez Larsen Avis Mayne Norma Hough Charlotte Gillin Sixtfr Row Ann Meis Lucille Farher Betty Larsen Jane Grow Mildred Jensen Mertie Beldin Esther Magnusson Helen Stageman Scrcrztfr ROW Maxine Chamlwers Janet Drake Virginia Brown Olene Rasmussen Virginia Lainson Ila Reichardt Lorraine Phillips Marian Dahl Not In Piclurc Marian Arhuclcle Betty Busselle Betty Ann Enselm 311 THALIAN LITERARY SOCIETY 1933 Gretchen Taylor , . Marjorie Rathbun , , Marian Lewis ,, Jane Behensee , . . Kathryn Clark , Martha White .,... ,..r.....,,, .....,,.,,,, First Ron' Mary Starr Geraldine Caughlan Miriam Saks Rae Wolfsrwii Irene Wesley Ellen Gebuhr Dorothy Budatz Eileen Slocum Second Row Mary Jayne Hunt Phyllis Van Druff Eloyse Grossman Jane Behensee Wanda Jones Cora Blanche Butler Helen Heileman Anagene Blank Elizabeth Alkire Miss Thomison Third Row Malwle Hartman Vivian Herwig Mary Smith Marjorie Klindt Founded-1925 OFFICERS .. ,. President ...... .. . . Secretary ..,,. . . ,..... Treasurer .....,.. .. Sergeant at Arms Sponsors: Miss Marty and Miss Thomison Colors: Blue and Gold MEMBERS Dorothy Buschenfield Dorothy Benning Helen Parmer Wilma Hays Maurine Durfee Mary Jane Cleminson Fourth Row Katrine Organ Bobette Daniels Harriet Esancy Dorothy Heck Kathryn Hill Helen Marie Inman Vera Mattioli Ruby Smith Frances Seidler Fifth Row Thelma Massey Charlotte Presler Kathryn Clark Gwendolyn Hackl Iva Crain Jane Wormhoudt Pauline Ulm Historian ..,.,........ ,, .. 1934 , .,Kathryn Hill . ., , Kathryn Clark ., , Vice President ...Vv. ., ,Mary Jane Cleminson , ,, ,.Martha White ,.,,,,Florence Day ,. Gretchen Taylor Marian Lewis Sixth Row Arlene Bacon Gretchen Wulff Martha White Lucille Roden Marjorie Rathbun Mary Louise Wel Margaret Durfee Isahel Willianas Seventh Row Florence Day Ellen Jensen Marie Jensen Helen Stash Claire Rauterkus Eva Bassett Evelyn Anderson Marian Smith Not In Picture Loraine Drake Dorothy Jennings Ellen Orr Gretchen Taylor ls ARISTOTELIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Founded-1915 GFFICERS 1933 1934 Henry Bollman ..,,.. ,. President .,,,, . , Kenneth Ebert Kenneth Ebert , .. , Vice President ., .. ,.,.,,, Robert Stuart Ray Nelson .,,.,... ,, ,,... . Secretary ....., , ,. Bruce Bebensee Bob Dempster ,,,, Y,... , .. ..,........ Treasurer .....,,..V...A,, ., .. Eric Bransby Bruce Bebensee .......,.,........,. Sergeant at Arms .,..... ,, . Thomas ONe1ll Sponsors: Mrs. Burgess and Mr. Asquith Colors: Purple and Gold MEMBERS First Row Kenneth Ebert Thomas O'Neill Robert Scott John Forman Bruce Bebensee Grenville Christensen William Nourse Norman Hansen Allan Reed Second Row James Hessenflow Hymie Diamond Frank Scott Henry Damitz Fred Schlorr Harry Searle Third Row Robert Stuart Fiddie Fair Harold Wolpa Robert Crowl Wesley Harwood Richard Baldwin Henry Bollman Fourth ROW Paul Rink Robert Turner Dick Read Meredith Carter Kenneth Robinson Mrs. Burgess Fifth Row Anthony Raiter Frank Beebe Paul Stageman George Young Bob Dempster Robert Miles Fred Day Sixth Row Albert Witt Eric Bransby Donald Macrae Arnold Christensen Winfield Mayne Graydon Bates Roy Rasmussen Charles Cornthwaite Not In Picture Bernard Dunn George Hall Glen Hammer Addison Kisrle Earl Madsen Ray Nelson Robert Peterson John Torneten 1933 Owen Babbe jack Hill ., joe Ewald . Bob Bean.. IONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY First Row Albert Williaiiis Oliver Otto Billy Baker Donald Moore Forrest Krabbe Alfred Torneten Rudolph Sieck Second Row Robert Preston Forrest Grote Emil Larsen Glen Swisher Donald Shea Third Row Don Olsen Mason Smith Glen Smith Leonard Kuhl A. L. House Warren Gross Gilbert Pedersen Fourth Row Frank Lane Delbert Fricke James Sprigg Gerald Dierclcs Donald Barnett Founded-1925 OFFICERS Prendent , , Vice President ...,.... , Secretary ..,,. ,, , Treaxurer ...,... Sergeant at Arms 1934 ,, joe Ewald , Bob Bean .. ,, Don Olsen Dale Chambers Mason Smith Sponsor: Miss Boesche Colors: Green and Gold Misivissfzs Floyd Stancliffe Mark Breneman Richard Eames Fifth Row Drayton Ingraham Jack Hill Bernard Verdin Raymond Martens Bob Bean Dale Chambers Joe Ewald Don Jacks Sixth Row Charles Merriam Arthur Jensen Jack Watson Herbert Katzenstein Owen Babbe Joe Bransby Eldon Swain Harold Jensen Not In Picture Robert Bartel Arthur Dorland Quentin Henderson Keith Purdy Douglas Roberts lfim' Row LOGOTECHNIAN LITERARY SOCIETY 1933 Russell Blanchard .,,,, Roynald Johnson ,. Carl Gebuhr ....... lack Cole ..,, . ,, liloyd Herd .A Robert Gidley Edward Solliday Russell Seiffert Holger Anderson Jaclc Shepard Glen Martin Paul Beezley Thomas Matteson Second Row Robert Warner Albert Harrison Carl Gebuhr Henry Norgaard Leroy Gillin Frank Pirsch Ben Edwards Elmer Larsen Alfred Miller lvan Wager Founded-1920 OFFICERS President ...,.... . Vice President ....,,o , , Secretary ..,, ,, ,, Treasurer ,, Sergeant at Army , ,A,, Hixtorian ..... Sponsor: Mr. Hammes Colors: Blue and White MEMBERS Third Row Fred Moore -lack Brainerd Korby Humlicelc Russell Jensen Paul Howard Robert O'Brien Fourth Row William Roberts Harry Jensen Harold Hansen Roynald Johnson Warren Kemplin Roy Peterson Mr. Hammes Fifth Row Carleton Woodward Harley Grossman Harry Guncllaclc Byron Moore 1934 Russell Blanchard ,, . Carl Gebuhr , James Gronstal Roynald Johnson , Robert Sorenson , Dan Tague Robert Sorenson Floyd Herd Sixth Row David Perlmutner James Gronstal Dan Tague Jack Ehrig Robert Price Russell Blanchard Jack Cole Not In Pirture Charles Blundt Bert Caligur Robert Esbeclc Eldo Martin Darrell Mathis Robert Olsen Charles Rohrberg Don Rosenfeld Frank Thomas Clarence Tyler PHILOMATHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY 1933 Lee Gotch , Benjamin Bierer Floyd Hughes ,, Don Harding , . First ROW john Decker john Hathaway Delmar Winslow Billy Fent Laurence Stockman Robert Evans Martin Applequist Second Row Clyde Hurd jack Thompson Gene Dickerson Carl Hanusa Howard Johnson Harry Darnell Dean Bennett Third Row Myrle Strohbehn Truman Felton Roger Sulhoff Don Loomer Floyd Hughes Robert Hansen Founded--1907 OFFICERS 1934 President .. .. .. Arthur Hansen . , , Vice President ..,,.... ,.,,.,r,r,,,, D on Loomer Secretary ,,.. Treasurer Martin Applequist Don Hendrix Sergeant at Arms ...... ,... ,,r,.. R i chard Olsen Parliamentarian Sponsor: Mr. Miller Colors: Orange and Black MEMBERS A Mr. Miller Fourth Row Robert Hartnett Troxel Miller Kelley Hannan Paul Gronstal Don Harding Alan Pilling Leonard McDaniel Everett Brittain Walter Brandt Russell Anderson Arthur Decker Jim Knight Fifth Row Leonard Brown Harlan Jensen Don Hendrix Edward Geisler Stanley Clark Roger Rider Mervin Winslow Sixth Row Everett Christensen Ernest Nielson Robert Hailey John Winn Leonard McDaniel Charles Sessions Benjamin Bierer Albert Kramer Eugene Bock Roderick Clark S evenlh Row Lee Gotch Norman McMains Don Drustrup Arthur Hansen Gerald Stevans Harold Pischel Richard Olsen Not in Picture Robert Bowen Arno Cook Edward Drustrup John Hudgens Sidney Jubb George Klein Milburn Knight Clayton Meier Clifford Mortensen . .' n illasnwua NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Rrquiremerzlr for lllemfrerslvipz Character, Scholarship, l,e:idership, and Service 1933 Jack Emarine .. Addison Kistle ..,, . Jacquetta Klein .....,,. Don Rosenfeld S ponsors: First Row Jacquetta Klein Harriet Gould Erva Huclcleeberry Mary Janice Mencray Eileen Brown Marian Thomas Rosalind Stageman Mary Jane Mitchell Elna Pederson Evelyn Campbell Theda Waddell Pearl Meyerson Kathleen Waddingham Esther Steinberg Second Row Jane Bebensee Adele Jeppesen Kathryn Hill Wanda Jones Marian Smith Helen Pierce Shirley Maltz Marjorie Harper Miss OFFicERs , , ,, Prerident , Vice President Secretary , Treasurer MENIBERS Irene Fisher Ruth Schley Marjorie Wilbur June Meyerson Ruth Schlemmer Gretchen Taylor Third Row James Knight Bruce Bebensee Henry Bollman Lucille Swanson Marjorie Rathbun Ellen Jensen Olene Rasmussen Everett Brittain Kelley Hannan Dale Newman Carl Gebuhr Fourth ROW Addison Kistle Benjamin Bierer Robert Dempster Floyd Stancliffe Kenneth Ebert Pyle, Miss Boesche, and Mr. Miller 1934 .. ,, Addison Kistle , Evelyn Campbell ., Robert Dempster Erva Huckleeherry Dick Shaw Robe Robe Robe rr Van Horne rt Bean rt O'Brien Fifth ROW Lee Gotch Owen Babbe Robe Ray Joel Jack rt Peterson Nelson Montgomery Cole Russell Blanchard Sixth Row Jack Ehrig Darwin Talbott Arthur Hansen Eldo N ot in Ruth Martin Picture Thompson Arnold Christensen Don Rosenfeld Roynald Johnson Betty Busselle INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS OUILL AND SCROLL NI. M. lDingI DARLING CHAPTER Founded-1926 OFFICERS Pri-vidcn! Vive Prv5ir1'e11! Secretary ,, ,, , , Treasurer , , , .Ycrgmril at flrmv ,, , ,, Sponror: Jennie G. Rice HONORARY MEMBERS Clark Galloway of the Nonpareil Rev. MEMBERS H. Arthur I.ee, Echoes Adviser l"irs't Row Second Row Wanda Jones Evelyn Campbell Fern Nichols Marjorie Harper Florence Kennedy Ruth Thompson Mary jane Mitchell Carl Geluuhr jack Watson Roynald Johnson Floyd Stancliffe Nlarian Lewis No! In Piclure Harriet Gould Ruth Thompson Marjorie Harper Roynald johnson . ,. Jaclc Watson .Carl Gehuhr R. Perkins 1933 Erva Huckleeberry Robert Dempster Barbara White Richard Reed ,,,, Louise Mentzer . , Mary Lou Petersonn, , Firrl Row Bob Evans Marjorie Oyster Elizabeth Gidley Maurine Little Erva Huclcleeherry Leona Seibert Erna Christensen Marjorie Alberti Sefond Row Mary Lou Peterson Pauline Dodd jane Bebensee Barbara White Ruth McMullen Dorothy Jennings Helen Parmer Ruth Ford Third Row Leah Keairnes Adele 'leppescn LATIN CLUB Founded-1931 OFFICERS Consul , .. Consul .... .. Praetor ,, .. . ...V. Quaestor .. . . ,. Aedile K ...... . .,,, Censor ..,,.... Sponsor: Miss Henclersen MEMBERS Maxyne Smith Gertrude Brown Margaret Andersen Berniece Faurm Elaine Brandt John Forman Fourth Row Vera Primm Helen Stash Marjorie Boyer Ellen Jensen Elizabeth Kern Clara Burdick Fan Neil Fifth Row Lester Tedesco Paul Rink Russell Jensen Arnold Hoffman Douglas Parks 1934 . .. Ila Reichardc . ,,.. Mason Smith ,, ..,,.. Jane Bebensee Elizabeth Gidley ,.... Barbara White ,A A. Maxyne Smith jim Knight Sixllv Row Benjamin Bierer Marian Abel Roderick Clark Bob Bean Bob Dempster Mason Smith Not In Picture Hertha Armstrong Maxyne Boysen Lois Hansen Dorothy Ford Ellen Jensen Emma Neilson Robert Olsen Catherine Peet Alice Schley Marjorie Schlott Donald Steiher LA JUNTA ESPANOLA 1933 Rohert Stuart ,.,, Helen Boedeker A Phyllis Thorpe, , , Leslie London . , Marjorie Wilhur , , A Fi fThe Spanish Cluhj Founded-1923 OFFICERS . .. Presxdent ....,,, .A . Vice President ,..... ..,, Secretary V,V,.VV .,,.,V,V Treasurer Sergeant at A rms 1934 . Marjorie Wilbur , Phyllis Thorpe Clarence King Drayton Ingraham . Walter Green Sponsor: Miss Wilcox rs! Row Iva Crain-Carmincita Helen Boeclelcer-Casilda Marjorie Wilbur-Marta Miss Wilcox Mary Louise Diventi-Maria Charlotte Gillin-Carlota Florence Kennedy-Florenci1 Florence Day-Barharito Second Row T Bernard -Ialcsha-Bernarclo Earl Bergman-Esteban Garth Moore-Gilberto Rolwert Stuart-Roberto Leonard Brown-Leonardo Sherman Smith-Saladino Leo Prohaslca-Loandro Harold Logan-Haroldo Byron Hirsh-Ernesto lrirzf Row Donald Whitaker-Dario Ailene Smith-Adelina MEMBERS Louisa Marie O'Neil-Mariano Phyllis Thorpe--Paula Irene Wesley-Ireno GertrucleWeir-Gertrudis Mary Ruiz-Maria Theda Waddell-Dolores Walter Brandt-Gualterio Fourth Row Drayton Ingraham-Frederico Clarence King-Calvino Clifford Baker-Pedro Frecleric Day-Felipe VV alter Green-Tomas Eldon I-lartje-Sanchez Leslie London-Leon Leonard McDaniel-Leonardo Not In Picture Melvin Brown-Poalo Lawrence Sieclc-Lorento Robert Barrel-Roberto Ellen Orr-Helena Arden Agnew-Diego LA CERCLE FRANCAIS 1933 Kathleen Waddingham .,,,.. ,,,.,..,,. Jacquetta Klein .,,..,,... Winfield Mayne . ....,. . Kel Joe Fi ley Hannan ..ee,,A. Ewald ..i...,,,, . fFrencl1 Cluhj Founded-1931 OFFICERS 1954 President , , , .. Mary Jane Cleminson Vice President .,,,.,,, . . .,,, , Erma 1-iarty Secretary , Elinor Ash Treasurer ,, , Charles Fowler Sergeant at Arms ,.s,,. . ,..,. Phil Mounts Sponsor: Miss Wilcox MEMBERS rs! Row Miss Wilcox Lorraine Meyerson-La Reine June Meyerson-Yvonne Jacquetta Klein-Jacquette Adeline Hansen-Juliette Dorothy Saltzman-Dorthe Marian Perlmutter-Marian Ruth Schley-Suzanne Mary Jane Cleminson-Marie Albert Williams-Andre Kathleen Waddingham-Josette Mary Janice Meneray-Marie Jeannette pomtj, ROW Myrtle Howell-Avril Genevieve Johnson-Francoise Esther Steinberg-Elisa Ruth Thompson-Julienne Sefond Row Katrine Organ-Matilda Helen Boedeker-Helene Wanda Jones-Flore Betty Mayne-Espere Kathryn Hill-Catherine Elinor Ash--Adrienne Erma Harry-Emilis Bohette Daniels-Roberta Kathryn Lou Annis-Catherin Louise Teufel-Virginine Tlrird Row Allan Reed-Jule Mary Jane Mitchell-Margot Theda Waddell-Jeanne Thelma Van Horne-Barhe Merrie Beldin-Louisa Arlene Bacon-Rosalie Ray Martens-Raymond Phil Mounts-Philipe Don Loomer-Tohie Charles Fowler-Charles Kelley Hannan-Gulliume Marion Bryan-Clementine Margaret Greene--Jeanine Not In Piclure e Louisa Elizabeth Allcire-Bertha Joe Ewald-Jacob Sam Epstein-Napoleon John Garner-Jean Winfield Mayne-Wycliff Harold Reynolds-Jacques Mabel Hartman-Mai Belle Jeanne 6 Prcxidcnt . Vive Prcsiclent .. . , Secretary ,, Treasurer Program .... M uric Social ., Service .,,,,,, Publicity .,,.., ,,,,,, Memberslrip . , ....,.,,,,,,, ,..,...,,Y.,,..........,...,,,.,,,. . . GIRL RESERVE Founded-1929 OFFICERS ,Jacquetta Klein , . Kathleen Wacldingham .,,,.,,, ,Louise Seidl CABINET MEMBERS ,,Virginia Brown . ,Erma Harty Evelyn Campbell Kathryn Hill , Helen Heilman Sponsors: Miss White and Miss Thomison First Row Mary Jane Mitchell Frances Grote Marjorie Wilhur Kathryn Hill Elinor Ash Mariella Mulquccn Eileen Brown Fern Jensen Louise Seicll Esther Steinberg June Meyerson Anagene Blanlc Betty Pates Marian Smith Second Row Bohette Daniels Miss White Adele Jeppesen Irene Fisher Florence Kennccly Thelma Shobe Kathleen Wadclingham MEMBERS Rosalind Stageman Waddingham Marjorie Harper Jeannette Mark Betty Mayne Virginia Lainson Martha Triplett Helen Buhrman Mae Christensen Evelyn Campbell Mildred Thomas Margaret Thomas Miss Thomison Third ROW Ruth Thompson Helen Heilman Iola Phifer Mary Waddell Maurine Durfee Gertrude Brown Fourllr ROW N Mary Janice Meneray Jacquetta Klein Mary Ellen Shaffer Kathryn Coate Jane Behensee Clara Holmgard Amelia Nicoll Marjorie Rathhun Erma Harty Martlla White Kathryn Clark Virginia Brown Elizabeth Kern Florence Day Marian Dahl Shirley Maltz Gretchen Wulff Helen Yeager Lucille Swanson ot In Picture Betty Busselle Harriet Gould Ellen Orr Helen Stageman Rosalind Stageman Patty Phillips RESERVETTE Founded-1933 Omficizas Prcridefzl ..,,,..,..,A , , Phyllis Van Drulf Vice Preridenf ,. , Mary jane Hunt Secretary . H , , ,,., , ., . Y Waiida lones Treamn-r , ,, A,,,, , , ,, ,, , , Beverly Clouse Sponsors: Miss Mossholder and Miss Henderson MEMBERS First ROW .S c Ruth Hutchinson Priscilla Fariday Catherine Blank Mary Lois Simons Pearl Meyerson Maxine Lund Phyllis Van Druff Barhara Pryor Miriam Saks Helen Louise Petersen filfld ROW Frances Krumenacher Marian Peet Ruhy Bailey Margaret Durfee Mildred Nelson Gretchen Smith l.a Mar Hanlmes Pauline Ulm Beverly Clouse Gertrude Messerslnith Miss Henderson fvird Row Charlotte Presler Betty Larsen Ruth Ainsworth Gwendolyn Haclcl Mary Louise Parlcs Edna Fay Hutton Wa11da jones Mae Burlcet jane Witt Miss Mossholtlcr No! In Piclure Mary 'lane Hunt Esther Magnussen Eunice Minssen HI-Y SENIOR HI-Y OFFICERS 933 934 Don Rosenfeld ,. ,. President ....,. HEMY Bollmfm , Vice President ., ohn PrV0f l rank Beebe Secretary-Treasurer Robert SIUHYI Sponsor: Mr. Lee UNIOR HI-Y OFFICERS Eric Bransby I ,,,,I,I., , .,.., ,,..... . . Ifffldffll Robert Bean V ',V,,AV .-AA.A,,,,,A,,,,,, V Ice President Sponsor: Mr. Lee MEMBERS I xrst Row Frank Beebe JUNIOR HI-Y Leslie Hays Dale Chambers Fred Schlott Robert Bean Raymond Martens Joel Montgomery Phil Mounts Eric Bransby Robert Preston George Walker Not In Piclure Alvin Peterson occond Row SENIOR HI-Y Henry Bollman Floyd Hughes Mr. Lee joe Ewald Roynald ohnson Russell Blanchard Third Row SENIOR HI-Y Kelley Hannan Robert Stuart Lee Gotch Owen Babbe Jack Cole Robert Dempster John Pryor Kenneth Ebert Not In Picture Don Harding l Jack Hill Addison Kistle Ray Nelson Robert Peterson Don Rosenfeld MASQUE AND WIG PLAYERS 1933 Marjorie Rathbun ,, ,. joe Bransby , ,. .... june Meyerson . ,,,, , ireneilrisher liirvt Run' Lorene Walker' Fern jensen Irene Fisher Mary jane Cleminson Mary janice Meneray Eileen Brown june Meyerson Pearl Meyerson Vesta Marie Means Maxine Ballew Mary Starr SL'CU?1d Row Patty Phillips Mariella Mulqueen Aleda Burgstrum Marjorie Zoller Helen Marie Inman Beulah Mackie Ruth McML1lle11 Mary Ellen Shaffer Kathryn Coate OFFICERS ,. ,, ,, President . . Vice President ,, . ,, .. Secretary , , , , , Assit. Secretary .. Treasurer ,, , , ,, As5't. Treasurer , .,..,,,,, Historian , .,....,.. .. Sponsor: Miss Ruth Castle MEMBERS Esther Steinberg Tluirrf Row Kathryn Lou Annis Anagene Blank Charlotte Gillin Rosalind Stageman lla Reicharcit Maxine Bachman La Mar Hannes Louise Teufel I-larolcl Logan Fourlfv Row Marian Smith Lucille Swanson Virginia Brown Clene Rasmussen Helen Boeclelcer Betty Busselle Elizabeth Kern Marjorie Rathluuu 1"ifIf7 Row Rohert Van Horne 1934 Betty Busselle ,, joe Ewald Olene Rasmussen ,, Marian Dahl . june Meyerson , , . Marjorie Rathhun . ,. .. Pearl Mcverson Don Olsen joe Branshy Frank Beelvc Adin Reacl Richard Baldwin Not In Picture Elinor Ash john Bowers Clara Burcliclc Marian Dahl Pauline Dodd joe Ewald Frances Fauhle Erma Harry Earl Jennings Leah Keairnes jacquetta Klein Virginia Lainson Frances Nelson Frank Scott Louise Seidl The Cfmracfcrs Mrs. Margaret Chisholm Dr. Murray Chalmers Reid Jason Osgood . Peter Daly Tim Salmon Sylvia Tngleshy Henry Ahhott Jean Trent The First Guest. Hawkins . ? ? ? '? ? ? ? "Tl-IE NINTI-I GU EST" Produced hy the Junior Class Under the Direction of Miss Ruth Tamisiea Played by .Marian Dahl ...Frank Scott George Young ..,..,,,Boh Bean ,Kelley Hannan June Mcyerson ......Don Olsen .Marjorie Oyster, Patty Phillips THE DRAMATIC YEAR Lee Gotch Don Loomet V ,Tjale Chambers If variety is the spice of life, the dramatic presentations during the past year have heen spicy enough to satisfy anyone. The Alpha and Aristo literary societies opened the season with a rollicking comedy, "Merton of the Movies." The Clios next voiced the uestion "Are You a Mason?" This was a hilariousl amusin farce. q Y g "Tillie of Bloomshuryf' a charming story of romance and humor, was presented hy the Ero -and Philo societies. The operetta given hy the Glee cluhs was an outstanding event of the year. "The Marriage of Nanctte will he rememhered for its colorful costumes, graceful dances, and music. Christmas at Ahraham Lincoln is always a time of joy and service. This year the freshmen gave for their annual Christmas play, "The Stranger." "Learn how to he charmingln Thus admonished hy the Thalians and Tonians two capacity houses attended "The Charm School." 90 95 'S' O0 95 First Row: Klein, Meneray, Brown, Harty, Blank, Stageman, Fisher Second Row: Bebensee, Ebert, Bransby, Bierer, Harding, Bollman "ICEBOUND" Produced by the Senior Class Under the Dircclion of Miss Ruth Castle 'I 'fn' Cfmmclerx Henry Jordon., Emma Nettie , Sadie Fellows, Orin. , , , Ella Jordon , Dr. Curtis , Jane Crosby Judge Bradford Ben Jordon Hannah . .lim Jay , THE DRAMATIC Played by Don Harding , , , Eileen Brown Mary Janice Meneray -..Erma Harty ,....Bruce Behensee Rosalind Stageman . ,,.. Kenneth Ebert , Jacquetta Klein , ,Joe Branshy Henry Bollman Anagene Blank Benjamin Bierer YEAR fcontinuedl Wixistxiiie Peg and her dog, Michael, captured their audience in the Delta Tau and Logo play, "Peg O' My Heart." The annual Road Show, sponsored by the Band Mothers, organization, presented a diversified program of music, dancing, and humorous skits. Outstanding features were, the music by the hand, the lovely music cn- semhle, rho rustic wedding. and the "Spring" dance by "The Ninth Guestf' presented by the Juniors was Witli "Icebound'y a play strong in delineations of school. Student directors who aided Miss Castle and Miss Nlarjorie Rathbun, Erma Harty, June Meyerson, Mary Janice and Olene Rasmussen. Much praise is due to the many students who worked as staff and to the electricians who achieved many beautiful and the athletes. full of tense situations. character, the Seniors closed the dramatic year of the Tamisiea, the faculty directors, were, Jacquetta Klein, Menera , Rosalind Sta eman Irene Fisher, Y il v members of the stage crew and production unusual lighting effects. 91 1933 Gordon Sweeney Wayiie Amiclc Claire Brannen Pauline Brown COMMERCIAL CLUB Founded-1932 OFFICERS . President .. ,. Vice President , ,, , .. .A Secretary .,.., ,, . Treasurer , , Sponsor: Mrs. Downs MEMBERS First Row Wilina Dillon jean Cummings Irene Kruger Helen French Mary Louise Diventi Velma Harrington Eileen Brown Pearl Jarchow Second Row Naomi Allen Esther Bird Mac Burlcett Erma Hopkins Fern Butler Mary Hecht Helen Johnson Margaret Hauschildt Doris Brown .Iennie Blecit Leonora Jensen Dorothy Bushenfield Third Row Evadna Coan Lucille Dunn Antoinette jalcsha Margaret Harper Kathryn Bcclc Evalyn Kolhof Norma Hough Pauline Brown Helen Marie Inman Tressa Jarchow Fourth Row Marie Iensen Frances Fox Edwin Franks Wayne Amiclc Fred Green Everett Brittain jean Busey Verna Donn Not In Picture Robert Baxter Claire Brannen Helen Clausen Violet Felton Lester From Ethel Green George Hansen Lillian Harrison Grover Hudson Martha Jacohs Don Johnson 1934 Everett Brittain Marian Thomas , , Arlene Prior , .. Inez Larsen COMMERCIAL CLUB MEMBERS Firsl Row Lorene Walker Gladys Mortensen Fern Smith Inez Larsen Elna Mae Nelson Mrs. Downs Doris Sessions Dorothy Norton Martha Lehmlcuhl Bertha Kushner Second Row Alpha Schnepel Leona Larsen Ruth Roffman Thelma Richardsen Mary Smith Irene Larsen Virginia Lainson Arlene Manz Maxine Morrow Esther Roclenhurg Isabelle Pogge Virginia Smith Third Row Marian Linden Isahelle Thomas Marian Thomas Bonnie Bee Nelson Fern Nichols Arlene Prior Grace Stack Eva Nelson Marie Peterson Olene Rasmussen Orville Ross Fourlb Row Maxine Peterson Frances Smith Robert Turner Donald Schell Howard Mortensen Gordon Sweeney Adin Read Anthony Raiter Not In Picture Henry Lauter Gertrude Rankin Leona Schweer Thelma Shohe Irvin Tinnel Audrey Twiford Tressa Ulfers Victoria Wiseman Bl-Pl-lY-CHEM CLUB Founcled-1934 OFFICERS Donald l oomei ,,,,, . , , , In 11 mr Rolurt Grtem , , , , .. Sl"C7Cf17'Y I-rr: urn Sponxor: Mr. Miller liirrt Row Garth Moore Robert Greene Bruce Bebensee Floyd Stancliffe john Pryor Dean Bennett Lawrence Sieclc Roger Herwig Scronzl Row Lyle Hansen Paul Stageman George Hall Benjamin Bierer Carl Vergamini MENIBERS Marion Abel Myrle Strohehn Donalcl Loomer Stanley Clarlc Mr. Miller Third Row Jack Cole Phillip Mounts Darwin Talbott Eldo Martin Jaclc Ehrig Walter Green Arnold Christensen Not In Pirture Marvin Fitch i' V1 A HBH R. O. T. C. Frorn awleard roodes lo Sam Browne loell and spurse-accepling discipline 'ro learn leadership, seeking leadership ro learn service-obeying leadership lo learn co-operalion, sharing responsipilily lo learn The dulies and privileges ol democracy-if lraining rnind and body lor liner cilizen- ship-elhese are goals o1cR.Q.T.C. CADET GFFICERS Cadet Colonel-Henry Bollman Lieutenant Colonel-Owen Babbe Major Adjutant-Robert Peterson Major-Donald Harding Major-Donald Rosenfeld First Row Major Donald Harding Major Donald Rosenfeld Colonel Henry Bollman Lieut. Col. Owen Babbe Maj. Adj. Robert Peterson Serond Row CAPTAINS Henry Spencer Robert O'Brien Robert Starr Mark Fletcher Ray Nelson Lloyd Rief Floyd Herd Floyd Hughes Third Royal Delbert Dorman Robert' Van Horne Fiddie Fair Harold Wolpa joe Bransby Addison Kistle Fourth Row SECOND LIEUTENANTS Robert Stuart David McSorley Vernon Kuhl Roy Drummond Dan Tague Robert Greene Lowell Marcus Fifth Row FIRST L1EU-1-ENANlh SECOND LIEUTENANTS Garth Moore Carl Gebuhr Benjamin Bierer Eldo Martin Lainson Stageman Jensen HONORARY OFFICERS Honorary Colonel Rosalind Srageman Honorary Major Second Battalion Honorary Major First Battalion Virginia Lainson Company A-Erma Harry Company B-Mary Starr Company C-La Mar Hannes CoMPANY SPONSORS Fern Jensen Company D-Ruth McMullen Company E-Kathryn Clarlc Band-Nlary Janice Meneray 14 First Row: McMullen, Meneray, Starr Scfonrl Row: Hannes, Harry, Clark COLOR COMPANY C Commandcrl by Cadet Captain Floyd Herd Cadet Lieutenants-Vernon Kuhl, Carl Gebuhr, George Siders Sergeants-Arthur G. Hansen, Wayne Graybill, Gordon Sweeney, Don Olsen Donald Loomer, Arden Larsen Corporals-Wayne Amiclc, William Higgins, Melvin Brown, Dale Newman Fin! Row Floyd Herd George Hiddleston Keith Sowl Merle Morehouse Raymond Bailey john Forman Clifford Mortenson Henry Norgaard Bernard Ialcsha Joe Delanty Grenville Christensen Dale Newman Billy Seddon Vernon Kuhl Carl Gehuhr Second Row Leonard Kuhl Robert Hansen Paul Stutsman Frank Binder, James Knight Don Olsen Mervin Winslow William Higgins Melvin Brown Third Row Sam Garafalo Frank Riaslci Dean Jennings Donald Loomer Gerald Dierclcs Carl Hanusa Gordon Sweeney Fourlln Row Jack Watson Donald Schell Paul Gronstal Alvin Peterson Don Stupfell Harry Jensen Dick Read Fifllz Row Talmadgc Quick james Knight Arno Cook Lester Tedesco Delhert Karr John Lapsley Rohert Steiher Arthur Hansen Sixth Row Frank Binder Wayne Shaw Arnold Christensen Arden Larsen Wayne Graybill Howard Mortenson Milhurn Knight Wayne Amiclc Robert Morse f.u.w.'r RIFLE TEAM fin! Row Frank Binder Vernon Kuhl Carl Gill Carl Vergamini Homer Orrell Second ROW Robert Poore Terrill Brown Graydon Bates Roy Drummond Charles Croft Third Row Robert Starr Mark Fletcher Robert Van Home Delbert Dorman Henry Spencer Sergeant Franklin Not In Picture blames Watson Rohert Greene CJHALLFNGE MA'fCHES Wfinner Walxkegaxm, Ill. f3374j, . HA. L. 135181 Natrona Higlx, Wfy. f3'507j , ,A. L. 85261 Crcrin High, Nlinn. 435055 ,,,, A. L. f3526j Xvcnrworth Academy fForfeiLl .A. L. f9l8j flleward Srorej CI-mM1'1oNsHIv IVIATCI-nas Seventh Corps Area Nlatch I5 reams A. I.. Seventh Place XV111. Randolph Hearst Trophy ,,...... A. L. First Team XV111. Randolph Hearst Trophy A. L. Second Team 9 'J "TU '-'Q' f 'S - ' E ff 1 1 -..,q,- - .1 . 1 1, wex ., . ' ff A L , i'?',- , ,fi 3.??,1:k3zN?i U .fs - x I . 4 .. 1- .iy if ',1 14 , K gm I I9 i WQXN' 5212 Le , Q sg. ,fa K . 4 - . . ag:- :,,5 V- t f ix 53 in M y W N ' N V.. V4 . x' " - .' F xkv. N. , . E.. Y , ,, ,, O xx ' . 5, Q 1 4 1 ' s -A - A 3 A ' ,., + . If f H. fx gy. 1 - ' ff V ,IQ L T ' : ' N r N, , , . x I 11 5. - t vl ' ,,, fy f ' 1 . gl! I . .Q . V Q S. New ' , 11 1 -Q + if -2 H QCP . 'Xs" mx ,. 9 L Q y A X X A , X ,P xi Zffn bu f g 4' Hi Ua3e? 55'?kfa5 ' 1 . ' fi 4? 33 if fl . - Q-i fv qMWg'4 H UI Q - -1, n 'f'fif T: FS: 5 gh up J ' Q- - J . ,N -JL ' ' J 1 A 1' : f ge' , bl- Ji' 1' by x .. nf' 3- . 'Q .b CO- 9' ' 4' 3: A t ,,, . A uf' ALS , .fi - A h ' 1 - . U in 1 +3 v J 3 W ' NH Q f 3 Q 'Pfi- . is. 3' -1- if 5' QM ' ' K Q , ' ug 1, , if , . 2. - , -E6 .Q 4' im? c K, . r . ,fx ,, in ,I -iw . 23 P . W K' 42 f 1 52 3 , . 'B 'Wife 'V .. 5. EJ .23 ,Q .N ,4.,,?,en ,. 5, , , X1 Sh? QW. - 'gig A . o lip gb xg: HR , w. 'Q' ATHLETICS Self confidence and self respecl from Jrhe llwrill of pilfing one's self againsl ollwers -endurance developed by long hours of praclice-co-operalion in Jream play- qood sporfsmanslwip in learning fo play a square game, To lake defeaf or viclory- loyally in figlwling for llwe sclmool-a pleas- urable sense of aclwievernenl in wearing a lefler on l-lonor Day----all Jrlwese qualifies are developed by our-ATHLETICS. CHEERLEADERS First Row: Ewald, Johnson, Decker, Van Horne Sccona' Runf: Hanncs. Brown Third Row: Harry, Patcs Fourth Row: Larsen Cklizl Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, who? Allah-H. S. C-CACOU-N-N-CIL, Council Bluffs High School! LINCOLN! Yeah team! Yeah team! Fight 'cm! Fight ,cml Fight 'cm! Fight 'em! Fight 'em! A. L. H. S.! A. L. H. S.! A. L. H. S.! SZZZZZZZZZT-'l7O0!11! Fight 'cm! Fight'cm! Fight 'cm! Fight 'cm! Fight 'cm! CRS Wl13f,S thc matter with thc team? They'rc all right! Thcy'rc in the light! Team! Team! Team! L-I-N-C-O-L-N, Lincoln! Go gang! Go! Beat - -TE?--! Locoivioriviz Rah! rah! rah! rah! Council Bluffs! Rah! rah! rah! rah! Council Bluffs! Rah! rah! rah! rah! Council Bluffs! Go-oo-oo-oo gang! Go! t ' ' K ' Q 0 Q ,. FOOTBALL SQUAD I irxt Row FIRST SQUAD Coach Layland Coach Lawson Walter Bussey Frank Amcnto Harold Flury Kenneth Planck jack Jenkins Don Harding Carl Vergamini Don Olsen Dale Newman Fiddie Fair Edward Carter joel Montgomery Boh Endelman Gene Dixon Langston Parks Wayiic Grayhill Frank Binder Howard McCunn Forrest Foster Dick Shaw Floyd Herd Mason Adkins Paul Stutsman Tom Staker, Manage r SCCU7701 Row SECOND SQUAD Coach Chew Edward Solliday Roger Sulhoff Bernard Verden Bob Fuller Lyle Hansen Carl Gill Don Stupfell Richard Nugent Willard Kingston Bill Roberts Don Drustrup Dick Olsen Dean Jennings Roy Claar Harold Reynolds Dale Hansen Dick Read Talmadge Quick Guy Graybill Donald Ross Hymic Diamond Fred Gilson, Manager Sufxsow SUMMARY ,62 - . 7 .2 H12 ,, 6 12 - U13 ,, . 7 0 - W3ll1Llf ., Technical . - Central .,,. - Lincoln - Glenwood . Mt. Ayr , - Creighton Prep - Red Oak .,,. - Tee Jay .,,, MASON ADKINS Guard One of those terrible guards, Foster and Adkins. He was in the thick of every play, defense or offense. EDWARD CARTER End Hehron, Nebraska certainly missed a fine sportsman and end when Ed came to A. L. He graduates. GENE DIXON End A fightin' fool! Not a yard was gained around his end in the strenuous climax game, that with Tee Jay. FIDDIE FAIR Center Although Fair was an under- study to Allen last year his hall-snapping was much in evi- dence this season. HAROLD FLURY End Oh, what a bolstering-up he gave that line! On defense he really charged in from his wing position. THE FOOTBALL TEAM FORREST FOSTER Guard It took a high and mighty bump to send this "stone-wall" out of the game. An opponent usually went out with him. WAYNE GRAYBILL Tackle He instilled more fight into the team by his energy than any other man. He is lost by graduation. FLOYD HERD Halfback Floyd wound up his stellar athletic career at A. L. during the '33 pigskin season. JACK JENKINS Halfback A junior who generally "pro- duced" every time he carried the ball. His services will come in handy next fall. HOWARD MCCUNN Halfhack Howard developed into a fine punter last fall. He also answers the call at commence- ment. JOEL MONTGOMERY Tackle Joel carried on the fine work he started as a sophomore. He was a welcome addition to any forward wall. He comes back. DALE NEWMAN Fullback Perhaps the hardest plunger on the squad. He will be sore- ly missed next year. DON OLSEN End Don played the game hard and there's no doubt that he earned his letter. He is among the few returning. LANGSTON PARKS Halfback No one needs to be told about this boy's flying feet, especially when the enemy's goal was in sight. A four year man. KENNETH PLANCK Guard This was Planck's first and last year as a near regular, but it was because of stiff compe- tition that his prowess was not given greater sway. THE FOOTBALL TEAM DICK SHAW Quarterback A twisting, twirling, writh- ing mass of human flesh that took many arms to bring down. Inter-city quarter. He gradu- ates. PAUL STUTSMAN Quarterback "Chief" was a valuable back and a plucky little signal- caller. He has completed his A. L. career. CARL VERGAMINI Tackle Another fierce fighter. Al- though a junior, he stood up as well as a veteran. Watch him next year. FRED GILSON Manager The manager's job is often almost as difficult as the play- ers'. Fred did a splendid piece of work. TOM STAKER Manager A former star letterman, Tommy well knew the wants of those men before and after a grueling contest. THE FOOTBALL SEASON Fans and followers who watched Abraham Lincoln's initial grid game of 1933, predicted a successful season because in that game, played on September 22, the mighty Lynx machine steam-rollered a game Wal- nut team inro submission by a 62-6 count. But the prognosticators were wrong. It was A. L.'s luck at times to reach great heights but at other times A. L. was not so successful. The XValnut game was played at night, the first of three night games scheduled on the Tee Jay grid- iron. On Saturday, September 30, many A. L. students with high hopes journeyed to Tech's field in Omaha. Their disappointment was great for the Lynx lacked the necessary goal-line punch. The score was 31-7 for Tech. It was a wiser team that challenged Omaha Central under the Tee Jay arc lights two weeks later. Coach Layland's boys made a gallant effort to duplicate last year's 7-7 score but Central came through with a 7-2 win. This was a well played game, although Central had the ball on our yard line when the contest ended. Then came another exhibition of stellar ball play. When the Lynx journeyed to Lincoln on October 21, for their annual tussle with the Red and Black, they had never passed the Lincolnite's goal line. On that day they broke the precedent twice by crossing just that many times. However Lincoln crossed ours twice also and was successful in one of its extra tries. whereas we were unsuccessful in both of ours. Therefore, the score stood at 13-12 in favor of Lincoln, Nebraska, but Coach Bill Layland said it was the finest game played by the boys all season. McCunn played his best game of the season and could be called the Lynx star of that game. The whole team played a good game against the defending Missouri Valley champions. Because of its fine showing against Lincoln, A. L. was easily the favorite slated to win the Glenwood game the following Friday night, October 21. But Glenwood tied the Lynx 6-6. By virtue of this drawn battle the Mills lads called it a good season. Then on the first Saturday in November occurred one of those very rare spectacles of gridiron warfare- a game perfectly played by the contestants and thoroughly enjoyed by the onlookers. The game was with Mt. Ayr at Mt. Ayr. Although only a handful of Council Bluffs persons saw the game, all the spectators will agree that they saw as fine a display of football as could be produced anywhere. Three scores were chalked up, first, three points were made by the accurate toe of a Mt. Ayr footballer, then two well played attacks brought touchdowns by Lynx backs, Shaw and McCunn. Every man was fighting and talked fight to the next one. lt was a far cry from that glorious afternoon on November 4 to the next Friday night when the Lynx went down to the lowest score of the entire season. Creighton Prep and Bob Dailey proved to be poor hosts and they sent a badly stunned Abraham Lincoln team home, beaten by a 40-13 count. Saturday, November 18, found A. L. playing the Red Oak team which it had beaten 34-0 the year before. Red Oak put up a better fight than was expected so Shaw's lone touchdown, scored in the first part of the game, stood as the margin of the victory, 7-0. Then came the grand climax game of the season, that with Tee Jay. The Lynx played a superb game but came out at the small end of a 14-0 score. Gene Dixon, the Lynx right end, played a whale of a de- fensive battle. Statistics showed that the Hilltoppers managed to play right along with the Westenders. With memories of joy and sorrow, victory and defeat the football men of 1933 packed away their suits in moth balls, some to don them again in the fall of 19345 others, like Dale Newman, Langston Parks, Kenneth Planck, Dick Shaw, Paul Stutsman, Mason Adkins, Edward Carter, Gene Dixon, Fiddie Fair, Harold Flury, Wayne Graybill, Forrest Foster, Floyd Herd, and Howard McCunn, fully aware that they were saying goodby to high school football since they will be graduated in June. BASKETBALL SQUAD lfirxt Row Second Row Omaha Central Pilger, Nehraslca , Sioux City Central Omaha Tech ., Lincoln, Nehraslca Thomas jefferson Glenwood, Iowa , Omaha South ., Glenwood, Iowa . Omaha Central , Omaha Tech . Creighton Prep , Thomas Jefferson Lincoln, Nebraska Logan ,, Thomas jefferson Clarinda , George Vergamini Albert Viola joel Montgomery Eldo Martin Wayne Shaw Bolw Endelman Bernard Eaton 28 Z5 ,. 16 16 32 20 , 29 25 27 I2 23 31 29 ,4-0 Dick Shaw Dale Newman Wayne Grayhill Howard McCunn Chief Stutsman Coach Bill Layland Not In Piclurc SCHEDULE Fred Gilson - 25, 42,, - 21,,, Z8 rr,, 30 .... - 29 - 3S.., 34., - 33m - 26M 44 ,,,, - 36, - 43.., 28,,, SECTIONAL TOURNAMIQNI' , M17 U23 - 43 ..,, 27,, DISTRICT TOURNAMENT e,.,...28 - - 21,, THE BASKETBALL SEASON Due to the fact that all but one of his splendid team of the year previous had completed their respec- tive high school courses, Coach Bill Layland was more pessimistic than his usual pessimism in regard to the winter hard-court season. Everyone thought that with the dissolution of the State Consolation Championship Team of 1933 Mr. Layland would need time to develop another such aggregation. However, to Coach Layland there was no time like the present, so he proceeded to wrap a great team around the only regular he had back, A. L.'s most glorious example of true athletic ability, and 1933 All- state high-school basketball forward, Dick Shaw. Moving Gilson in at center, with Martin in reserve, McCunn as Shaw's running mate at forward, and Stutsman and Newman as crack guards, the Coach saw his team march through a season covered with astounding highlights. The team dropped the first game of the season in a close-scoring battle to Central of Omaha 28-25. Then less than a week later the same squad smothered a game Pilger, Nebraska team with a 42-25 score. In its region Pilger is regarded as the outstanding outfit, partly due to its capable coach, Fred Schneider, a former Abraham Lincoln basket ball star. The schedule then relaxed for a few weeks, but the squad kept in shape by practicing quite consistently during the Christmas holidays. Even before school resumed after vacation, the team had engaged in two contests. They played poor hosts to Sioux City Central, sending them home on the short end of a 21-16 score. That was on January 5. The next night they proved themselves poor guests by whipping Omaha Tech 28-16. All this time the scoring column was being set afire by the rapid pace of the phantom Shaw. In no single game did he fail to collect twelve or more pointsg and also several substitutes were swinging into action and making them- selves known. These were Graybill, Montgomery, Eaton, Vergamini, Endelman, Viola, and "Shanks" Shaw. A11 of these filled their part when called upon. A week after the Tech game the Lynx staged a thrilling overtime duel with Lincoln, Nebraska's Red and Black warriors. A. L. finally succumbed 37-35. Then in swift succession A. L. romped through eight straight victories until they met Lincoln again. They trimmed their city rivals, Tee Jay, 29-205 beat Glenwood here 38-29, emerged victorious 34-25 over South, journeyed to Glenwood to nose them out 33-275 got revenge on Central for their earlier season licking by handing them a 26-12 set-backg walloped Technical 44-23, and snapped a marvelous 29-game winning streak from Creighton Prep 36-31g and turned back Tee Jay again 43-29. In the last regular schedule game A. L. lost to Lincoln 40-28 down there. The Lynx entertained the sectional tournament here as usual and defeated both Logan and Tee Jay for the right to enter the District tournament. When they beat Tee Jay in the sectional finals 27-23, it was the third consecutive year they had performed the feat of trimming Tee Jay thrice in one basket-ball season. Creston was the site of the District tourney this year. The Lynx drew a bye in the first round and then in a miserably played game Clarinda trounced A. L. 29-21 in the semi-finals. By this fine playing Shaw again earned a berth on the All-stare team and broke the inter-city scoring record by compiling 275 points. DICK SHAW Forward The most superh package of lightning activity ever to flash across A. lays hardwood court. The inter-city,s might- iest scoring demon 275 tal- lies. All-State '33 and '34. DALE NEWMAN Guard A cool headed guard who played a hard, steady game featured hy his dependalwle air- right defensive work. WAYNE GRAYBILL Forward A man whose middle name was "Fight". He was all over the floor with amazing swift- ness. FRED GTLSON Center Fred crashed through to outstanding center-ship this year. He was kept out of the -sectional tournament by an in- jured ankle. THE BASKETBALL TEAM TOM STAKER Manager Because he played basket- hall last year, Tom proved to he a capahle and knowing man- ager. PAUL STUTSMAN Guard A splendid sportsman who was in the thick of every play. Ran next to Shaw in A. ls. scoring. HOWARD MCCUNN Forward Howard proved himself an ahle athlete this last season. He earned his regular herth through hard work. JOEL MONTGOMERY Guard Wlmen Joe was inserted in the game, the opposing offense was sure to he bottled up. Monty has finished his last full year. ELDO MARTIN Center Eldo had to wait till his last year to turn in his fine per- formances for A. L. He was a popular fellow on the squad. 109 Y SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Fin! Row Tom Quiclc Guy Graylwill james Barnes George Walker Hola Fuller Roger Sullioff Second ROW Edward Solliday Verlan Hilburne l-lymie Diamond Coacli Lawson Rex Bruce Russell Siefferr No! In Pidure Dean Jennings Donald Stupfell Roy Claar Harold Reynolds Jaclc Watson Billy Seddon Dick Read BABY LYNX First Row Second Row Coach Parlcs Paul Rauterlcus Bert Caligur Chris Dumas Billy Halpin Ben Edwards Lawrence Smckmnn Carlyle Briclcey WRESTLING l"ir,vl Row Rolvert Poore Carl Vergamini Forrest Foster Walter Bussey Harold Evans James Knight Norman Leed Williani Higgins Oliver Otto Robert Evans Second Row Roy Rasmussen joe Branshy Francis Swassing Russell Dungan Roy Drummond John King Donald Stageman Alvin Knight John Decker John Forneton Alvin Kemp1in Horace Bertelson Norman Hansen Coach Chew W1214fS'I'l.ING Rrssurrs A. 1.. . 34 ---- Ntmrtli S A. I.. ...33 - Hamlwurg 9 A. 1.. . 15 - Tech 33 A. I.. ..17'Q - Tee Jay 141: A. I.. .. 5 - South 33 A. I-. . 19 - Central 20 A. I.. .13 - Creighton Prep 21 A. I.. 19 - North 21 A. 1.. 26 - Hamlvurg 16 A. I.. 21 - Tech Z5 A. 1.. 23 Tee jay 15 A. I.. 20 - South 22 A. I.. 24 - Central ll A. I.. 35 Creighton Prep 9 Wrestlilig was first introduced as a sport in Alvraham I.inco1n in 1931. Since that time, this new sport has shown consideralwle progress. The graduating class of 1934 will take with it some of the pioneers in wrestling when such wrestlers as H. Evans, F. Foster, W. Higgins, R. Poore, AI. Branslny and R. Rasmussen are graduated from A. 1.. Outstanding men of the season were James Knight who won the inter-city rirle in the 125 pound class and took first in the Iowa district and fourth in the Iowa state meetg Carl Vergamini who tool: second in the Iowa district and fourth in the Iowa state meet in the 165 pound c1ass. Others to he praised for their worlc are Harold Evans, Forrest Foster, William Higgins and Roluert Poore. 111 First Row Joel Montgomery George Hiddleston Carl Williams Russell Anderson George Walker Walter Bussey Third Row Guy Graybill Dick Anderson Talmadge Quick Bob Fuller Fred Greene Roy Anderson Keith Austin James Knight Second ROW Mr. Layland Roger Sulhoff Arden Larsen Harry Budatz Fiddie Fair Tom Nugent Bob Endelman Howard lVlcCunn Harold Reynolds james Gronstal James Watson Gerald Stevens Owen Babbe Don Drustrup Carl Vergamini Don Stupfell Frank Hitchcock Carlysle Brickley Dick Read Billy Robert Mr. Chew After thc graduation of many of the experienced track men of the 1933 season the 1934 outloolu wasn t very promising with joe Ewald, Howard lVlcCunn, and Jim Knight, the only veterans returning Around this small nucleus of experienced men, however, several outstanding sophomores and juniors were developed They opened the season by defeating the here-to-fore undefeated Omaha Tech track team m a dual meet 79 47 They placed second in the Tee Jay meet and participated tn the Drake relavs Outstanding men of the season were Reynolds in the dashes, Anderson for distances Knight for dis tances Ewald in the jumps McCunn in broad jumping, and Montgomery in the 440 Watson, 1V1cSor1ey, Dungan, Johnson, Pryor GOLF SCHEDULE April 16. ,,,,,,,, ,. .. ,,,,,,, ,,,,,. , ,, A,,,,. , ,, South April 19 . , , , . ., , , ,,,, Creighton Prep April Z4 , , Benson April 26 , ,, , North May 'l . . A Technical May 4 , , , , Central May 14-17 , , City Tournament lVlny 26. , , ... , ,, ,. , ,., , ,,,,1V1issouri Valley April 17 ., April 20 ,, April 27 . May 1 May 4 , May 8 May 14-19 Cvrayhill, Peterson, Mortensen, Colliscer TENNIS SCHEDULE , South North Technical Central . , . Benson , Creighton Prep City Tournament 1933 l.iIIian Kinder , Audrey Twiford Anna jacohsen Marjorie Fox GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Orflfltzifns . Pre,fia'er1t . , Vice Presialenl , . Secretary . . . .,,,.. , Treasurer , . Girly' fllfulefic Dircclor: Mary Nix 1934 .Margaret Harper . Evelyn Larsen ,Audrey Twiford , Jeanette Marlc During the seven years of its existence, the Girls' Athletic Association has heen outstanding in all school activities. It is a society composed of girls who have played on school teams or participated in sports, and are thus eligible for memhership. The purpose of the organization is to promote girls' athletics hy having those especially interested in sports handed together to form a society. In this way interest throughout the school will he aroused and more girls will participate in sports. Iiach year this society sponsors volley ball, captain ball, and hasehall tournaments among the girls' literary societies. The winners are awarded a cup for their outstanding ability and sportsmanship. Teams representing the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades are chosen from the G. A. A. to participate in volley hall, haslcethall, and baseball games with Thomas Jefferson and Bloomer high schools. Besides these games, the G. A. A. sponsors hilces, hrealcfasts, and parties from time to time. This keeps the society alive with interest and also gives the girls a chance to earn additional points in order to win a letter on honor day. II-I GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MEMBERS I' xrxt Row Ruth Blizzard Aggie Lou Hermes Dorothy Benning Frances Stoker Alpha Graves Doris McGilvary Jeanette Mark Jean Cummings Wilma Hays Josie Bailey Zoe Nelson Myrtle Tower .Second Row Betty Woods Helen Singer Anna Jacobsen Marieum Ball Mildred Hemmingsen Bernice Faurm Ruth Haynie Dorothy McDaniel Lorene Harding Lucille Gilbert lhirrl Row Dorothea Flesher Nina Korgan Evelyn Larsen Margaret Hauschildt Miss Nix Darlene Williams Natalie Dills Dorothy Gates Claire Rauterkus Fourth Row Vera Derry Foneta Jensen Ernestine Coate Sylvia Ross Donna Lavely Frankie Lavely Helen Shields Shirley McConnell Not In Picture Marjorie Fox Margaret Harper Lillian Kinder Laura McGilvary Rose Reggio Audrey Twiford GIRLS' RIFLE CORPS OFFICERS Kathryn Clark ,,,,. . ,.,,,.., ,.,,,.,,.,,, . A , President Erma Harty .. .. . ., .... .,,.. .,,.,, . . . Secrelary Sponsor: Mary Nix Foremost among the societies of the school is the Girls' Rifle Corps. Ir is the largest organization, consisting of one hundred members. It is also one of the oldest organizations, having been organized in 1922 by Miss Margarette Howland. During the first years of its existence, it was sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association. Now, however, it is an independent organization. Any girl in the school may become a member of this society by paying the initial dues of one dollar, and seventy-five cents a year thereafter. Due to the large number of girls desiring membership, a limit has been set at one hundred girls. The secret ambition of almost every girl in the school is to be chosen as honorary colonel or major of the R. O. T. C. and in order to be eligible for either position she must have received her expert medal. In addition to this, five girls are selected as sponsors by the boys to represent each of the five companies of the R. O. T. C. The honors are formally proclaimed at the annual Military Ball held in the spring. EXPERTS Kathryn Clark, Erma I-larry, Irene Fisher, Fern Jensen, Myrtle Tower, Ruth Blizzard, Rosalind Stageman, Virginia Lainson, Ovene Hansen, Ruth McMullen, Cora Blanche Butler. Not In Picture: Ardith I-Iutchens. llfm First Row Barbara Pryor Mary Starr Mary Janice Meneray Rae Wolfsen Maurine Little Jane Rasbaclc Duthiel Dalton Lila Mae Coffeldt Gertrude Messersmith Irene Owens Evadna Coan Phyllis Larsen Maxine Ballew Frances Krumcnachet Phyllis Van Druff Sammi Row Leona Katclman Lois Hansen Zoe Nelson Gerda Christensen Wilma Dorsett Ruth McMullen Mildred Nelson Ruth Ehlers Louise Johnson Anne Goehner Marian Lewis Myrtle Tower Frankie Lavely Third Row Iola Phifer Doris Sessions Alpha Graves Fern Jensen GIRLS' RIFLE CORPS Mizivmiaas Evelyn Brons Wilma Dillon Cora Blanche Butler Ruth Blizzard Irene Fisher June Larsen Marian Capel Ellanor Deiehler Sylvia Ross Martha Louise Jacoh Marjorie Zoller Iiuurllv ROW Thelma Massey Miss Nix Dorothea Flesher Jeanne Watson Priscilla Fariclay Mary Lois Simon Betty Larsen Charlotte Preslcr Ruth Ainsworth Mildred Jensen Jere Van Rensslaer Beulah Mackie Fifth Row Elizabeth Kern Jeanette Marlc Fan Neil LaMar Hannes Gretchen Smith Lela Justesen Margaret Harris Kathryn Clarlc Eleanor Holden Helen Stash Sixth Run-' Tressa Ulfers Lucille Bigley Maxine Smith Avis Mayne Evelyn Anderson Gladys Mortenson Ovene Hansen Marjorie Mitchell Not In Picture Adelene Allen Hertha Armstrong Helen Barrel Maxine Boysen Eileen Brown Betty Busselle Lucille Dunn Maurine Durfee Frances Fauhlc Frances Fox Opal Franksen Vivian Hansen Erma Harry Kathryn I-Iill Virginia Lainson Pearl Luclciesh Mae Milgard Rosalind Stageman Lucille Swanson Phyllis Thorpe Audrey Twiford Martha Triplctt Martha White Mary Williams Myrtle Tower FERN JENSEN DISTINGUISHED RIFLEMAN Fern is the only girl in Abraham Lincoln High School who has attained this ranlc. There are only fourteen girls in the United States who are distinguished riflemen and only three of these are in high school. First Row: Ernest Nielson, Arnold Christensen, Byron Moore. Second Row: Esther Steinberg, Marian Smith, Louise Teufel, Marian Dahl, Ruth Schlemmer, Marjorie Rarhhun, Evelyn Campbell, Dick Shaw Third Row: Lee Gotch, Russell Blanchard, Jack Cole, Homer Orrell, Roger Herwig, Robert Peterson, Addison Kisrle HONOR PAGE DRAFTING NArioNAL MIECHANICAL DRAWING Corsrriasr Charles Higgins Prize Award Sponsored by Scholastic Arnold Christensen ......,..,,.,., l'ust Prize A I Byron L. Moore , , ,.,,, , , ,.....,,,.,,.., .,,..r,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,r, , , . , ,, , , . Alfu-st Irigc B Ernest Nielson ,, ,.,,., ,, .,, ,,,, .... .r.,,,,,,.,,.,......,,,,, , , , , ,, ,, ,Second Prize KI Keullel and Essen Prize Awards Sponsored by Scholastic Robert Sorenson ., .. ,. , ,, , , ,,... .,,,,,,, ,..,. .... . . . . ....l7ourlh Prize Pen and Ink .,......, ......, , , Architectural Drawing ,. ., Design for Kitchen .,,,.... Mechanical Drawing .,.. Uriginal Project Distinguished Award .,... Mixed Quartet .... Alto .,.., , , Baritone , . Violin ...,. Cello ., , Piano Oboe , , Flute ,.,. Bassoon Girls Ulce Club .... . Boys' Glec Club ...,, ,. Mixed Chorus . All-State Basketball Forward IOWA STATE EXHIBIT FIRST PLACE ,,,, .,,., E ldo Martin, Robert Uidley, SECOND PLACE RIFLE MUSIC M.I.N.K. CONTEST First Place .,..,Nlarian Dahl, Evelyn Campbell, IOWA MUSICAL FESTIVAL STATE CONTEST ATHLETICS ECHOES Vice President ol Iowa State Press Conference ..,.....,,,,. . ,, ., ESSAYS Russell lllz .Robert Urosklaus ,Charles Fowler Raymond Martens Arnold Christensen ,.Robert Grosklaus ,, .,.Pern -Iensen inchartl. -lack flole .,,l.,Hlll5C Tculel A ,Lee Uotch ,Esther Steinberg Marian Smith ,Ruth Schlenuner ,,,.....Hoiner Orrell .,...Roger Herwig ,..Robert Peterson .. ., .Superior Superior Superior , Dick Shaw . , ,lvlarjorie Rathbun D, A,'R .,,, ,,,,. I ,,,,,,, ,,.,...,,.,.....,,.,,..,, ,,,,.,. j z i equetta Klein, Robert Demurister American Legion , , .,,.,,,,,. .....l , ,, .,.. ...,,.., ,....,,...... D 4 inald Pilbert League of Nations .. H , ,Benjamin Bierer, Betty Mayne IOWA COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION CONTESTANTS CONTESTANTS AND SUBSTITUTES First Row Elizabeth Longley Mildred Nelson Wanda Jones Maxine Bachman Ellen Jensen Antoinette Jalcsha Second Row Leonora Jensen Gretchen Wulff Clara I-Iolmgard Harriet Gould Arlene Prior Pearl Luclciesh Dorothy Bushenfield Margaret Harper Third Row Mildred Thomas Bertha Kushner Helen Clausen John King June Campbell Theresa Jalcsha Frances Christiansen NOVICE TYPING Team Substimtes Helen Clausen Frances Christiansen Pearl Luclcicsh Mildred Nelson Clara Holmgard Theresa Jalcsha ILXMATEUR TYPING Team Substitutes Dorothv Bushenfielcl Maxine Bachman Arlene Prior John King Ellen Jensen Mildred Thomas NOVICE SHORTHAND Team Subxtifutef June Camphcll Elizabeth Longley Bertha Kushner AMATEUR SHORTH Team Su Ellen Jensen Margaret Harper Marian Thomas Gretchen Wtllff Harriet Gould Wanda Jones AND Institute: Maxine Bachman Leonora Jensen Antoinette Jalcsha STATE CONTEST Novist Typing Team ,,,, . ,1 ,,.. ,. . ,,.,, .. , . A, ...... N . First Place INDIVIDUAL HONORS Helen Clausen . ,, . ,,.,,,..,,.,., ,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,..,,,,,, .,,,,,, .,,,.,,,, ,,,,,. G o I d Medal flzirst PIaceJ Frances Christianson ,,,,, . ,,,,.,...,,,, ,,,. ,,.,,,,,,. ,,..,,.. . . ,....,... S i Iver Medal fSecond PlaceJ SHORTI-IAND SPEED ELLEN JENSEN HONORS Abraham Lincoln won all first place team events in the District Contest and all point school THE YEAR'S HISTORY SEPTEMBER September 4th - we'rc off! .... Endless lines of schedule changes .... R. O. T. C. uniforms issued . shirts too small, baggy trousers .... Friendly chatter over clinking cups . Girl Reserve tea .... Chat- ting and nibbling . The Hi Y dinners .... Gym begins . fwhat more need be said?l .... Literary Societies choose new members .... That gala teachers' party at the Country Club .... Victory at the initial football tussle with Walnut .... Fire drill .... Pep assemblies . "Those interested may attend" and do we go! .... Tech game . not so good! OCTOBER Six weeks exams .... Highly successful debate banquet .... Filling empty cavities at picnics .... Hopes rise and fall . R. O. T. C. promotions .... South Western Iowa Teachers' Convention . student vacation .... Little symphony formed .... Frenzied cheering . the Central game .... John Gurneyis superb bass baritone voice .... Spotlights . Comedy . "Merton of the Movies" .... Plumed herons . slimy reptiles - Alfred M. Bailey, noted naturalist .... Grabbing the pigskin from the Glenwood grid- SICFS .... Busy feet - tea dances! NOVEMBER Mix-ups . triangles . "Are you a Mason?" .... Proud parents every were . Open House .... Breezes from the North Pole . Harold Eide . Arctic explorer .... "Attention! One minute silence!" Armis- tice Day .... Creighton Prep's football toters humble A. L ..... Magic "Woofle-dust" . Kenneth Carlson holds us spell-bound .... Girl Reserves labor on "Service Day" .... Victory over Red Oak . . . . Laughter . a humorous tea . "Tillie of Bloomsbury" . . . . Blaring bands . A human snake winding through the streets . A. L. and T. at grips on the annual Turkey Day fray. DECEMBER Colorful romance . singing voices and dancing feet . "The Marriage of Nannette" .... Boys supply- ing electricity for light bulbs . Glen Morris, scientist .... Wrestling mats brought into use .... Basketball fans awaken for the first game . Omaha Central .... Gliding figures . a monstrous tree . The Christmas party .... The Christmas play .... Sweet voices carol in our halls .... Food and clothing lugged to school . We share our Christmas with the needy . . . Two weeks of restful vacation. JANUARY "The Vienna Express" . Jack Rand .... Electioneering seniors . Rosenfeld or Fletcher? . Fletcher! . . . . Oratorical . dramatic . humorous . the declamatory contest . . . . Semester exams Cnuf saidl. FEBRUARY Senior class committees begin to function .... Grand opera . Madame Matzenauer .... Resonant chords . a new grand piano moves into the auditorium .... Story book characters . red hearts . girls' Valentine party .... Tech downed by A. L. basketeers .... Success at the Cedar Falls debate tour- nament .... Spring promotions cause commotion .... The Lynx trounce the "invincible" Creighton prepsters . Ye-a-hh team .... Jessie Rae Taylor . excellent make-up artist .... "Ye come to learn, go forth to charm" . The Charm School .... We lose our dearly beloved instructor, Miss Hovland. MARCH High-arched shots . tip-ins . the Sectional Basketball Tourney .... Anna Dickie Olson . clean politics . better government .... A winsome lass with an Irish brogue . dog fights . "Peg O' My Heart" .... Shivering in the spring air . annual pictures . "With a smile, please" .... Week- end trips to Des Moines and Iowa City . debaters .... Oratory and extempo victors .... Incense . brilliant costumes . the Oriental Ball .... Spring Vacation! APRIL Juniors predominate .... Gorgeous attire . folk songs and dances . The Slaviansky Chorus .... Tales of the frozen antarctic . Mr. Mercola, one of Byrd's right-hand men .... Exquisite evening gowns . the clicking of spurred boots . honorary colonel and major? . "The Military Ball" .... Sunburns . sparkling buttons . shining shoes on pants-legs . R. O. T. C. inspection .... The Band-Mothers pre- sent the annual Road Show .... Chills . screams . "The Ninth Guest." MAY Month of joy and solemnity alike .... Songs of many folk . the state music festival .... Young figures in white . a green back-ground . moonlight . color . fairy tale folk-dancing . "Hail to the Queen of May" .... Honor day . radiating joy and sorrow .... Underclassmen labor over two hours exams . . . . Preparations for graduation . . . . Hymns . an impressive sermon . Baccalaureate! JUNE Girlish white organdies .next dark suits . red roses . blue and silver . solemn faces . sweet, youthful voices .... "ONCE MORE DEAR HOME!" 121 h The Class of i934 Shine Brightfy Little Ffame Throughout the Coming Years! JUNIOR ZOO For Juniors BY Juniors THE JUNIOR ZOO ZOOLOGICAI. CLASSIFICATION SPECIE Elizabeth Alkire "T. N. T." Florence Anderson "Flo" Margaret Anderson "Maggie" Margaret Iona Andcrsoi. "Andy" Richard Anderson "Dick" jack Asmussen "Mathew" jean Babington "Babbo" Arlene Bacon "Parky" Raymond Bailey "Spec" Ruby Bailey Rube" Helen Bartel "Bart" Robert Bean "Beanie" Harry Beason "Flicker" lane Bebensee "Bebe" Paul Beezley "Curley" Mertie Beldin "Mert" Billy Bingtson "Bing" Earl Bergman "Bergy" Francis Bigley "Frans" Frank Binder "Speed" Esther Bird "Birdie" jennie Blecit "Slim" Virginia Blunk "Gimmie" Robert Bowen "Sleepy john Bowers " Marjorie Boyer "Marg" Maxine Boysen "Max" Beatrice Bradley "Bea" Bric Bransby "Ear Ache" Ernest Branz "Ernie" Doris Brown "Learry" Gertrude Brown "Gert" Terrill Brown "Terry" Rex Bruce "Gruesome" Marian Bryan "Briney" Helen Buhrman "Burmy" Clara Burdick "Chrissy" Geraldine Burgett "Gerry" Mae Burket "Maizie" jean Busey "Buzzy" Betty Busselle "Brooksie" Claire Bussey "Bees" Fern Butler "Babs" june Campbell "Red" Meredith Carter "Bubbles" Don Caywood "Donnie" Dale Chambers "Oyster" Frances Christianson "Frankie" Grenville Christiansen "Blondie" Mae Christiansen "Maysie" Floyd Clark "Clarkie" Helen Clausen "Hellie" Clarence Clemmens "Spike" Beverly Clouse "Bev" Richard Colburn "Dick" Arthur Collister "Artie" Maxine Conley "Pat" Dorothy Crabtree "Dottie" jean Cummings "Iinga" Marian Dahl "Dollie" Joyce Darrington "Monkey" Florence Day "Iune 21" Flo d Deal "Thoopy" Heiien Delanty "Slivers" Joseph Delanty "Kenai" Vera Derry "Red" Leona Dewaele "Angel" 124 tt u it it an u -4 as ns as .. .. .. .. Kansas City" " .. .. .. .. "Oh, Kid." .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. "Am I disillusioned?" .. .. .. "I like them." as u u ss n ss u tt st is tc GROWL Silence." No growl, just a puff." My soul and shoestringf' Oh, I forgot to study!" More work?" Ho hum." Is that a fact?" None-her eyes talk." I'll grow." The roads were bad." When do we eat?" Golly, I'm hungry." Vex me, will you?" Gee. I wish it was." I'I'ow's my marcel?" Check please." I can take it." How'm I doin'?" "What's funny?" Was I going fast?' You're coo coo." Coming up sometime?" Yes-and no." Rowdy dow." It was only yesterday when I got rhythm" Howdy, kid." Be 'U' as you am." I'm all a flutter." Hot Dawg." Oh, dear." Who cares?" Plenty razma." So?" Oh, shoot." Isn't that pathetic." Gosh!" That's your story.' Isn'c that jazy?" Oh nutts." Why?" You chubby rascal." I'm forever blowing." Maybe so." Oh gosh!" You're nuts." I don't know." Is my face red?" Oh, don't be sil!" That's what you think." Oh, yeah?" Uh huh." I guess so." Oh kid!" Okay." Wait a minnit." Well, what's the joke?" I'm not prepared!" Happy daze will come again This is a bran new one!" Don't dare tell it yet." No growl-just roaring." So what?" I was bothered." THE JUNIOR ZOO Ursus Hanioilis' " ZOOLOCICAL CLASSIFICATION SPECIE Wilma Dillon "Chubby" Mary Louise Diventi "Bump" raunne Dodd "Goldie" Arthur Dorland "Oswald" Delbert Dorman " Janet Drake "Peanut" Donald Drustrup "MoIasses" Edwin Drustrup "January" Bernard Dunn "Dawn" Maurine Durfee "Durf" Jack Ehrig "jackie" Robert Endelman "Zilch" Elizabeth Epperson "Eppie' Sam Epstein "Einstein" Harriet Esancy "Harps" Eleanor Fehr "Ellie' Jack Fernley "Fannie" Doris Feyerabend "Babe" Donald Filbert "Freshman" Helen Ford "Fordie" Marjorie Fox "Foxie" Sam Garafalo "Spud" John Garner "Cactus Jack" Elizabeth Gidley "Beth" Anne Goehner "Susie" Lee Gotch "Pretty Boy" Altha Graves "Al" Margaret Greene "Girlie" Paul Gronstal "Tubes" Ralph Hamilton "Ham" Robert Hannah "Bob" Kelly Hannan "Kel" LaMar Hannes "Tillie" Adeline Hansen "Addie" Lyle Hansen "Hans" Vivian Hansen "Butterball" Mabel Hartman "Mabes" Leslie Hayes "Bubba" Kathryn Head "Kink head" Mary Hecht "Heckie" Helen Heilman "Toby" Mary Held ' "Pooh" lirank Hessenflow "Fighting Frank Byron Hirsch "Socrates" Frank Hitchcock "Knarf" Clara Holmbard "Shrimp" Ivan HOISI2 "Ivy" Dorothy Howard "Dot" Barbara Howarth "Barb" Roy Humlicek "Checkie" Mary Jane Hunt "Rifle" Clalien Hushaw "Claile" Drayton Ingraham "Dr:ite" Bernard Jaksha "Bun" Theresa Jaksha "Jackie" Jack Jenkins "Tough Guy" Dean Jennings "Duke" Adele Jeppesen "Dudic" Dorothy Jones "Dot" Virginia Jones "Jonsev" Wanda Jones "Blondie" Lela Justesen Lee" Leah Kearines "Evie" Warren Kemplin "Kempy" Clarence King "Clarey" Willard Kingston "Prince' Ray Knapp "Apples" James Knight "Jimmie" s. .t .- is .I ti tt si .t .. .. .. "I'm Fred AIlen's shadow." .. is .- to. I. is at .- in u .t in n GROWL oh'hfhl" 1 can take it." Crimson and gold." Lice, 1 hate scnooll' I dont say much. Liuess again." 1 was detained." 1 don't know." You dont say." Hirya, babe?" You ain't lyin'." Tanta'a.'raa." 1'll say yes!" Now my theory is-" Oh, nuts." No kidding." Is that so?" Where are you going, kid?" Um-man." Well, I don't know, kid." Hotfchaf' Ain't love grand?" How do gals." "Don't be bashfulf' "Hi-keeds!" t. I prefer blondes." Xoorhoof' Going my way?" Nice weather we're having." Yeah, man." Howdy." Hey, good looking!" Hi, big boy." "Same stuff." "Aw nertzf' .. .. l dunno. Aw, now you're kidding." Only 950 hours of school left I'm mortifiedf' Sure, honey." Phooeyf' Aw, shucks." Alpha, Beta, Kappa." "Oh yeah?" Oh, I wouldn't say that." Ivan awful cold." Oh, I did what you told me to It all depends." Humi doin', hey hey." Hello Stupid." You ain't lyin'!" So what?" Such crust." "Don't be sill" Hi! bo." Nertz." Aw, go on." Whassa matter?" How are you doing?" Well, well." Please, be still." Not really." Tadder ahhh." How's at?" Long live the king!" I'm chilled to the core." I'm a big bold knight." ZOOLOCICAL CLASSIFICATION Milburn Knight Bertha Kushner Carolyn Laird Evelyn Larsen Evelyn D. Larsen june Larsen La Vinia Larsen Lawton Larsen Mildred Larsen Elsie Lidgett Mary Elizabeth Longley Donald Loomer Minola Larsen Pearl Luckiesh Maxine Lund Norman McMains Ruth McMullen Tom MacDougall Shirley Maltz Arlene Manz Lowell Marcus Jeanette Mark Wendell Marshall Raymond Martens Thelma Massey Vera Mattiola Betty Mayne Ann Meis Charles Merriam june Meyerson Pearl Meyerson Robert Miles Mae Milgard Esther Montgomery joel Montgomery Byron Moore Maxine Morrow Robert Morse Clifford Mortensen Phillip Mounts Leo Negethon Bonnie Bee Nelson Edna Mae Nelson Eva Nelson Mildred Nelson Amelia Nicoll Henry Norgaard Bernard Nugent Donald Olsen Ingelletta Olsen Richard Olsen Katrine Organ Ellen Orr Homer Orrell Oliver Otto Irene Owens Marjorie Oyster David Perlmutter Alvin Peterson Marie Peterson Mary Louise Peterson Iola Phifer Esther Phillips Patty Phillips Alan Pilling Mildred Porter Robert Preston 126 ts ii an u n as ss u as THE JUNIOR ZOO SPECIE "Mil" "Booky" "Carol" uEVu utDeesv Lars" .svinvv Larry" .iMiCuv w "Toots' "Sally" ..DOn.. "Nolan "Lucky" .Maxw- .. . .. Junior "Rufie" "Tommie" Surley ssLenan ul-'aw-I n "All American' "Oliver" "Rayon .. Massy' uveryav u Betsyvv u ttchuckii "Junie" .. Annie" Tiger eye" nBobn uMiuien Gum drop" ujoeu uBin Grassy"' Maurice" ncliffn uphilu Negie" "Bee Bonnet" uMos1 ..Babe.. ..Micky.. "Nick" :'Hank" Nugget" "Donnie" hlIngie19 "Dick" "Tinker" "Elinor" su Harmer" "Ollie" "Lenie" "Shrimp" Dave" Petey" "Mawie" .. Mary Lou" upipern "Phil" up tn H Peggy" u.Bob1v it tr I.- tt it H. it it is si us ta it in as is sa "Dew tell." oh, prffie. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. SL .. Medicine Man" " .. .. CROWL Watch me!" lsn'r that ducky." Guess who?" What did you say?" For the love of Minerva." Oh, I didn't know that." Oh yeah." You doift say so." Oh, I don't know." Oh, berries." Oh, nuts." Hello, sweetness!" Don't be too silly." I hope so." "You wouldn't fool me?" Blow the man down.' Was it a thrill?" "Who said so?" Yes mam. "Where do we eat?" ..Hi .. Oh, mama!" Holmes, james." I prefer pink." "Masn't do that." Where are you going?" Hi, pal!" "Who said I didn't live here?" I couldnt tell you. You vilIian." I'll have to look into this." Oh, prittle, prattle!" Oh, turtle feathers!" You don't say so?" I didn't k'nfo'w that." You said it, sport." "A new plan today." Nertles. Hello, cutie." Hey, you." Rite me a letter about it.", For heaven's sakesf' He told me so." Don't be dull." Whoa, Nellie" That would be duck soup." How'm I doin'?" 'I'here's a lot in what you say." Nothin' doin'." Po-lice-man." It ain't so." I made a homer un on You otta know." Oh, I'll grow." That's Steweyf' How about seeing a sh I'd break a wheel." Yeah, that was me." "Oh, Uncle Henry!" Pipe, pipe. Did you see that?" ce." ow tonight? Hi punk!!! I mean???" I don't taste so had." You and me, both." I preston prestf' ZOOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION Robert Price Leo Prohaska Orlan Purdy Mary Reggio lla Reichardt Orville Ross Beula Russell Fay Russell Frieda Schapsmeiscr Ruth Schlemmer Mildred Schroeder Leona Schweer Frank Scott Charles Sessions Doris Sessions Wayne Shaw Arnold Shields Thelma Shobe Mary Seibert Ailene Smith Fern Smith Mary Smith Robert Sorenson Robert Sprinkel Grace Stack Robert Steiber Esther Steinberg Helen Stewart Franklin Storey Roger Sulhoff Francis Swassing Aleek Swistak Lester Tedesco Isabelle Thomas Raymond Thomas jack Thompson john Torneton Martha Triplett Audrey Twiford Fern Van Leuvan Carl Vergamini Emil Viola Mary Waddell Theda Waddell jack Wildman George Walker Dorothy Walline Martha White Robert White Richard Whitman Mary Wiatt Albert Williams Darlene Williams john Winn Gretchen Wulff Helen Yeager George Young Helen Young Marjorie Zoller Walter Bussey Dorothy Moore James Barnes THE JUNIOR ZOO SPECIE "Bobbie" "Prohask" u 0 -4 Orie" Mawie" TipfTop" "Orveel" "LaLa" "Shortie" In U. Schoppyn Rutabagau "Mime" is 4. Scliweer" Satan" "Charlie" "Dode" "Shank" is Arnie" "Shobie" "Bertie" nlggie.. u Fernie" ttsmittyn ..Bob-- ns sn Nozzel' Smoky" nstub.. "Essy" ustewyau "Fairy" n.Rajahav as Swass" "Swisty" "Slim" ulzzlyu Tommie" ullacobw as Tornado" ..Trip-. HRW.. "Louie" as Verge" "Violet" "Waddie" as Theda Beta "Walt" ss Alexander" "Wally" "Mai-tie" u Fever" "Dick" :swim ..Flea.-. "DarIin' " 5'Red" as "Lala"' "Jawdge" "Older" "Smitty" liwaltif "Or Less" uJirns1 Pi" " Bad Wulfie" rr. as U. ti u as .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. "Who'd a thunk it?' .. .. .. .. .. .. .t an it rs as u it tn es is u GROWL u It cost too much. Wait until I eat." Yeah, I'm Purdy." I'm a Reggio girl." 11 I'm runnin' swell. Ross you dere?" Tra La La!" Yeah, uhfhuh?' Shop where?" Sing to me." I know, teacherf Aw, come on." Hello, beautiful." So?" Say you?" Tall 'n handsome." I'm out of date." That'd be telling." Say, kid." Let's go somewhere." When? What?" s Sweet sixteen-and sweet sixteen I blow my own horn." It ain't goin' to rain." Oh, my goodness." Steibilization of the dollar. How'm I doin', Rubinoff? Who, me?" I'll tell 'em." Call me speed." I saw you last night." Two aisles to the right.' Pipe down." Iust a little wild flower." I'm too bashfulf' Don't hurry me.' How'm I doin'7" Lemme outta here." Well, I like that." So, what?" Loan me a dime?" Well, how would I know?' That's my sorority." I ain't sayin' a word." Ain't that great?" Shall I cry about it?" Oh, pleeeesef' Can't you take it?" I yam what I yam." Am I a heart breaker?" Well who can tell?" Who is he?" "And how!" Whos afraid of me?" je ne sais pas." Woe is me!" Where is it?" Oh fuzz!" Remarkable"' Oh, these men!" What do I care?" nur, w:'-rm 41: umnm!r::g.m, ,- ,Ll-H nnmzunxdungumnnnx 1:41 m.n.n.. 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Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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