Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA)

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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E ! 1 4 J xii A 3 A 4 1 X , S iii N I .f , if .-TU' f1fY'wZ'r,,.' -1 ,A 2 :Q V ' -, 'ga , V H., 1 Q ?' f .4 3: 'hr 5 . M, 91:M,, .., .fs -f.- wif -f 1' 11.-"LQ fr 11' fvwfv 1 , 5 7" ' Y My "s.,"u? 'I 32 , fl! '5. N .,J,L gi V ., 2552253553 , f 4' V-se, "W:-fmif. H ,. ,. .1mmwmf:- , ,WJ 1 gm ,. ,,:f.,.,x I '. ,JN , , iw, 'ZSBMQ ,Ld ,, a, Q, ev . W awp ,j5.gf-5, Hr ' .QA EQ ,fefgxliqy A A Q' N, f ,Ti f. ag ain. SP 1 3,4 gg n 3 ,, ph x .-mf' Ma' -fy .xxrnvn-mf, mhz Glriznsnu zmh 231112 VOLUME XXXIV PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA 7 ureinnrh As the sower when planting his field, tries carefully to choose the grain which will reap for him the best harvest, so ave, the staff, have endeavored to seleft from many interesting events, the most outstanding happenings of our high school life, in order that this Crimson and Blue may be for the class, a beautiful reminder of four perfect years. Behicatinn In our years at Abraham Linroln high school, we have tried to adhere to our school motto, "Ye Come to Learng Go Forth to Serve." During this time, it has been our object to learn, and now we the class of nineteen thirty-two, wixh to dedicate our annual to the service which we hope to give in ful- filling the second part of our motto, "Go Forth to Serve!" l . Ggrher nf fgnnks BOOK I THE SCHOOL - BOOK II THE CLASSES - BOOK III DEPARTMENTS . BOOK IV R. O. T. C. - - 'BOOKV ATHLETICS - - - BOOK VI GIRLS' ACTIVITIES - - BOOK VII SOCIETIES AND CLUBS ------ BOOK VIII SOCIAL AND INSPIRATIONAL CALENDAR BOOK IX SERVICE --------- - Grim guardian of four fleeting years. Giihrzlltar - r "My heart goes back to wander tlvere, Among llvc dreams of the days that were ,muixr Euilhiug Thr lmmc of music and of youthful rcvelry. G5g,mnasiunt ,A RN.. M.. vw ,mf La Premiere Qgluumer Junior Ziiglg Szlgnnl -ufa. r . s . A -A , ' F xl LL . N. XM. :m K . ,. N 5 A Y -gn .,,.,k,,,k,,-A ., The dreamefs haven and the debatefs paradise. Ulge lfiluhlic Tlihrarg ww! ax I Winter, the master etcloer, weaves luis magic .spell Snnfu ,Steno Administration 1 1: Y Y Z Z 7 JOHN A. TRUE, Superinfendent of Schools To the class of 1932, memories of high school days will always hring sincere apprecfation of that friend of all students, Mr. john A. True. Our association with Mr. True, although short, has been a pleasure. We have felt we had in him a real friend to whom, in parting, we wish to express thanks for his interest in our welfare, appreciation of our achievements and encouragement toward further endeavor. Twelve Q X X 3 2 GERALD W. KIRN, Principal We, the class of nineteen thirty-two, wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Kirn, for his helpful guidance throughout our high school course. Whenever we encountered unfortunate obstacles, or lacked the necessary enthusiasm for some scheme, we always found him ready to suggest just the right thing to insure success. There are few ways in which we are able to express our very sincere appreciation for all these and many other favors. We do hope, however, that future contacts with the various members of the class may prove to our faithful adviser that we have listened to and profited hy his excellent advice. Thus may he see that all his efforts in our behalf have not been in vain. Thirteen 1 S Y Z 7 Y 7 BARTLEY, DAISY B.g A. B. Colorzulo State Teachers' Collcxro The Visiting Teacher Algebra BRISLEY, MABEL L.g Ph. B. University of Chicago English Ero Sponsor DEFFENBAUGI-I, MARIE5 M. A. Morningside College English Librarian HOVLAND, BERTI-IA E.g B. A. SL. Olaf Collcge English Alpha Sponsor LEE, I-I. ARTI-IURQ A. B.g B. S. j liaker University University of Kansas Journalism Echoes Adviser Hi-Y Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor MARTY, FAYE E.g M. A. University of Michigan University of Nebraska English Thalian Sponsor RICE, .IENNIE G.g Ph. B. University of Iowa English, Journalism Quill and Scroll Sponsor SEEMAN, FRED A.g B. A. Iowa State 'Fcachcrs' Collcirc Civics, Debate Sociology F0llTf6C71 A Y Z BOESCI-IE, EMMA N. University of Chicago Mathematics, German Ionian Sponsor Honor Society Sponsor KETTER, LELAg B. S. Drake University Mathematics Ero Sponsor NYROP, DORA G.5 A. Columbia University University of Nebraska Dean of Girls Algebra WALLACE, MARY D.g University of NL'lJl'2iSk1l Mathematics Crimson and lilllc' Sponsor Y 1 3 Y 7 2 7 LAYLAND, WILLIAM K., A. B. ASQUITH, BENJAMIN S., M. A. University of Iowa Iowa State Teachers' College History, Economics Aristo Sponror Northwc:-tern University Simpson Collcgrc General Science, Agriculture Athletics S. CLARK, A. DEEKEg Ph. B. University of Chicago Government, History Alpha Sponsor LAWSON, ROY F.g B. Parsons College History, Biology Athletics MILLER, VIRGIL I-I., M University of Indiana Physics Philo Sponsor Kansas State Teachers' College University of Kansas History, Government Thalian Sponsor ROSENKRANZ, WILBUR I., B. A. HENDERSON, MARGARET R., B. University of Minnesota Tarkio College North Central College University of Chicago Chemistry Latin Crimson and Blue Sponsor Latin Club Sponsor l . A. Tl-IOMISON, I-IAZELg B. S., M. A. A. Sixteen L:a iz. X X PYLE, MITTIE M.g M. A. University of Iowa University of California History, Latin Clio Sponsor Honor Society Sponsor Latin Club Sponsor WILCOX, HELENg A. B. Drake University French, Spanish French and Spanish Clubs Sponsor FRANKLIN, THEODORE Sergeant U. S. Army R. O. T. C. Affairs SHELTON, CYRUS Q. Captain U. S. Army R. O. 'I'. C. Affairs BLANK, I-IANSEN F. Stout Institute Chicago Art Institute Freehand Drawing Junior Class Sponsor BEARD, ALBERTAg B. S. Drake University Typing Ionian Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor Girl Reserve Sponsor BURGESS, DOLLIE DICK Fremont Normal Bookkeeping, Office Practice Machines Auditor Aristo Sponsor CHEW, FEEg B. S. Drake University Salesmanship, Advertising Athletics Seventeen 1 41 Q X Y Z Z Z TATROE, EDITH R. Grew.: Shorthand School, Chicapro Shorthand Delta Tau Sponsor MOSSHOLDER, HARRIETTg B. S. University of Nebraska - Bookkeeping, Junior Business Training: Junior Class Sponsor DOWNS, JET THRUSH University of Iowa Typing: Commercial Club Sponsor WHITE, LENA E.g B. S. Iowa State Teachers' College- Shorthand, Bookkeeping: Girl Reserve Sponsor HANTHORN, MARION, B S Iowa State College Drake University Domestic Science Cafeteria Manager WILLARD, EDNAQ Iowa State College Grinnell Household Arts Clio Sponsor B.S HAMMES, ROMAN g B. Stout Institute Columbia University Drafting Logo Sponsor JOHNK, HERBERT H. Stout Instituto Kansas State Normal Manual Training.: Faculty Basketball Ma Athletics nager Eighteen gf S 7 MIDDLETON, ANGIE A. Chicago Musical University of Columbia Supervisor of Vocal Music SHAW, KATHLEEN Doane Conservatory Omaha University University of Southern Cz Director of Vocal Music LEE, MARGUERITE Harp Instructor SEIDL, RUDOLPI-I Vionnn Conservatory Orchestra, Band lliforniu SMITH, MILO 0.3 Ph. B. Grinnell Instrumental Music NIX, MARY C.g A. B. University of Nebraska Physical Education G. A. A. Sponsor Girls' Rifle Corps Sponsor WURL, OTTO A.g A. G. U Normal College Harvard Summer School Director of Physical Education BONDO, SARA M. Unit K Overseas Service Croix de Gul-rro Wcslcrn Rosvrvo Cullcgv School Nurse 1 4:1 Q S Y Z Z 7 Roberta Young-Registrar Ruth McGonigle Clerk Marigold Walker-Secretary TO TI-IE FACULTY Once as newcomers We, your pupils, hesitated On the threshold of The high school. Faltering, stumbling- We needed guidance. Guides you were- Helpful and encouraging. You, the faculty, Led us with Praise and criticism Up the steps of achievement. We offer this appreciation To you, our instructors, Who assisted us as then "We came to learn." We'll remember you as now "We go forth to serve!" -Illildrcd Bergman. TO TI-IE OFFICE FORCE Through the four long years of high school You have told us with firm power, "You have failed to do your duty So, for you, the seventh hour." You have written us our white slips When we brought excuses soundg You have given to us pink ones If no reasons could be found. Now the time has come for parting, Just as always such times do, And they,ve given us our last slip, A diploma! So we're through! We have known you had to scold us But your kindness made amends. Now the scoldings fade in distance. So, goodbye! God bless you, friends! -Leone I saac. Twenty Classes n:: 4:1 Q S X 7 A Message It is with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow that we, the members of the class of 1932, approach the goal toward which we have been travelling for four long years. We rejoice in our achievements and pleasant relationships, our sorrow comes from the realization that we must leave scenes which we may well suppose belong to one of the happiest periods of our lives. As a class we have tried to be eager, willing students so that we might carry on the name of Abraham Lincoln high school with its traditional records of achievement. In leaving, we wish to express our most sincere appreciation to the faculty of our school who have worked and sacrificed that we might learn something of the successes and defeats of life. To our friends, the underclassmen, with whom we have spent many happy hours, we wish continued success, not only in Abraham Lincoln but in later life. Now, as we, the class of 1932, close our high school life and prepare to depart from our school we charge our friends, the underclassmen, with the obligation of carrying to still greater perfection the high standards of Abraham Lincoln high school which we have received from classmen who have gone before us and which we in turn hand over to them. -Robert Rosenfeld, President of the Class of 1932. Twenty-two 3 Q 3 X Z President .,,,A,,.,.. Lee, Beard, Rosenfeld, Rider, Walters, Bernstein, Hawkins SENIOR OFFICERS Robert Rosenfeld Vice-President ,,,.... .,rr,.... J ane Hawkins Secretary ..,.,,..V. .Pearl Bernstein Treasurer .,,e.,...,.., ,..,. Sergeant-at-A rms .Robert Walters .............Harmon Rider Sponsors: Miss Beard and Mr. Lee Class Molfoz "We build." Class Flower: Lilac Class Colors: Purple and Wlmite. Twenty-three i Y 2' 7 7 Q L , ADKINS, ALICE LUCILLE, "AL" Commercial Alpha "A maid of grace and modesty." ADLER, MORTON J. College Preparatory National Honor Society Aristo Vice-President '32 School Debate Squad '31, '32 Latin Club Crimson and Blue Staff Band, Orchestra "The Nut Farm," "Strictly Confidential" "Well, Napoleon the Great was little !" ALLERTON, CHARLES Commercial Ionian "Prince of Pilsen" Production Staff "Out ot' the Night," "Tiger House," "Belle of Barcelona" "What's the use of worrying 7" ANDERSON, ADELE M., "ADE" College Preparatory National Honor Society Echoes Editor-in-Chief '32 'Fhalian Secretary '31 Girls' Rifle Corps Secretary-Treasurer '31, '32 Quill and Scroll Production Staff, "The Nut Farm," "The Baby Cyclone" "Efficiency is evidence of a master mind" ANDERSON, EARLE EDWARD College Preparatory Aristo Vice-President '31 Echoes Staff '31 Representative to Press Conference, Grinnel '31 Publicity Manager "Adam and Eva" Production Staff "The Prince of l"ilsen," "Chimes of Normandy" "Who can wrestle against sleep ?" ANDERSON, IRENE, "ANDY" Commercial "Charming: in her shy, sweet way" ANDERSON, ROY College Preparatory lii-Phi-Chem Club "He will carve out his own future" CQFLOP7 ANDERSON, RUBY PEARL, Commercial Thalian Echoes Glee Club '30 "Chimes of Normandy" Commercial Club "lSut her value as a friend is beyond even diamonds" Twenty-four n:a 1 x Y 7 ANDREWS, ELIZABETH, "BETH" BAIRD, CHARLES College Preparatory Clio Girl Reserves Echoes Business Staff Quill and Scroll Girls' Rifle Corps '31, '32 Production Staff, "Old Lady House" "Cheery, chummy, charming l" ANDRUS, ROBERT W., "BOB" College Preparatory National Honor Society National Trombone Champion Philo President '32, Treasurer '31 liand President '31, Ol'Ch8Sll'il Manager '32 Debate Squad '32 Hi-Y "The Nut Farm," "We Americans" "He has the will to win" ANGEROTH, OLIVE Normal Training Teachers' Training Club '31, "Tiller "A girl whose friendship is worth cultivating" BAILEY, ROBERT E. College Preparatory Quill and Scroll Hi-Y Crimson and Blue Commercial Aristo Treasurer '31 Iiicutenant R. O. T. C. "An independent thinker with will power and determination to succeed" BALABAN, BERNARD Colleyre Preparatory National Honor Society National Bassoon Solo '29, Second Place Quill and Scroll liand, Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, '32 Aristo Treasurer '31, Secretary '32 "Adam and Eva" "A life that follows melodious ways" BALDAUF, TONY, "BONY" College Preparatory National Honor Society Logo Debate Team '30, '31 Logo Treasurer '31 Plxtempo '30 iii-Phi-Chem Club '31 Goodfellows '31 Puhlieity Manager Logo Play Commercial Club --1 will be brief!" BALL, DOROTHY, "SUNNY" Commercial Echoes Staff' Band Senior Boys' Glee Orchestra "The Prince of Pilsen" Girls' Rifle Corps "'l'here's a lot of mischief beneath his mild Commercml Club exterior" "A merry heart. 'Enjoy life' is her motto" Tnfcnry-fin' A Y S 2 Z 7 7 BALL, VERNON Commercial liand '2R, '29, '30 mhoes Business Manager . Senior Boys' Glee '29, Iii-Y "l4alwy Cyclone" "Chimes of Normandy," "Happy as the date is long" BAUER, ANNA College Preparatory Clio Girls' Rifle Corps Pronluction Staff, "Tiger "With shining hair and To be her friend is well BAUMEISTER, HUGH BRUCE, "JUNIOR" College Preparatory National Honor Society Hi-Y Ionian President '32, Vice-President '31 French Club Vice-President '31, Secretary '32 Echoes Business Manager Major R. O. T. C. "The Whole Town's Talking," "In The Next Room" "A man with a purpose in life" BAXTER, DONALD College Preparatory Track Team '31, '32 Lettermen's Club "A swift and dashinp: fellow in track" '21 '30, 'su "I'rinL-e of l'ilsen" House" winning: smile: worth while" BEATTIE, LLOYD College Preparatory National Honor Society President '32 Philo Vice-President Hi-Y Latin Club Major R. O. T. C. Crimson and Blue Staff "A brilliant, versatile fellow. much better than Lloyd" They 4lon't rome BECK, EDWIN, "BECK" College Preparatory Philo Ili-Phi-Chem Club "Although his hair is red, his temper is well controlled" BELDEN, LUCILLE M. "LOU" Commercial Thalian Girls' Rifle Corps "Pleasant to walk with, Jolly to talk with" BERGMAN, MILDRED College Preparatory National Honor Society Vice-President '32 Echoes Managing: Editor '31 Girl Reserves Vice-President '31, '32 Crimson and Blue Staff G, A. A. Secretary '30, '31 Ero President '32, Vice-President '31 "She paints pictures with words And sets them to the music of rhythm" Twenty-six 2 tn L-A X X 7 BERNSTEIN, DGNALD, "DON'l Commercial Echoes Commercial Club "All joking aside, let's get down to business" BERNSTEIN, PEARL Commercial National Honor Society Senior Class Secretary State Novice Shorthand Champion 'Ill 'lhalian Secretary '32 Inter-Society Debate House Manager, "The Nut Farm" Commercial Club Secretary "Competent to the nth degree" BETZ, ELSIE General "She is a mixture of simplicity and kindness" BIGLEY, FRANK GEORGE Commercial 2nd Lieutenant. Personal Adjutant R. O. 'l'. U. Commercial Club "A prospective general and 51 politician" BINTZ, ROBERT J., "SERG', General Licutqnant R. 0. T. C. "A man of affairs, he does all of them well" BIRD, MARGARET, "BIRDIE" Commercial Commercial Club "lf ol' her virtues you evade the snare Then for her faults you fall in love with her" BIRD, Tl-IELMA, "CORKY" Normal Training: 'leaehers' Traininp: Cluh "Cute and small, Liked by all" BLANCI-IARD, HELEN ARLEEN College Preparatory National Honor Society Crimson and lilue Staff Echoes Staff Delegate to Character Conference Clio Secretary '32 "'l'i1xer House" Girl Reserves "A charming personality l" i I H 1 Twenty-sever: Y x 'E' 7 1 BLANCI-IARD, WILLIAM College Preparatory "A man of' few words, but industrious capable" BLIZZARD, HOWARD L. Collfge Preparatory Stage Manager "Strictly Confidential" "Put 11 lllizzarcl in a chemistry lab, Anil you may expect success to lilow out BOEI-IME, MELVIN Commercial Golf Team '30, '31 "His long suit is gulf, anal he suits us to zu 'tee'." BOLIN, JOSE, "JO" General Commercial Club MSW:-et, sunny and sensible" and BRAHMS, PEARL Commercial Masque anrl Wil: Girls' Rifle Corps Glec '29, '30 Commercial Club "A pearl of a girl" BRIGHTMAN, ADELINE E., "CRUT" Commercial Crimson and Illue Staff "As bright as she is friendly" BUI-IRMAN, I-IAZEL M. Normal Training 'l'. T. C. Secretary '31 Thalian Girls' Rifle Corps Junior Girls' Glee '29, '30, '31 "She is just the quiet kinll that firuls her joy in music" BUNNELL, ELBERT I-I., "BUNNY" College Preparatory Orchestra "Every inch a gentleman" 4 Trvcn ly-eight 1 1 X X X Z ""'7 BURKE, MILDRED E., "MID" Commercial "She takes responsibility and carries it with honor" BURNS, ALICE Commercial Commercial Club "Liked here, liked thcrc, liked cvcrywhcrc" CARTER, I-IAYDEN Commercial Production Staff "'I'hc Wholc Town's Talking" "ln the Next Room" "A solid, substantial fellow in more ways than one" CAYWOOD, RUTH ELAINE Commercial Sponsor Company A '32 Alpha Secretary '31 Girl Reserves Plohoes Staff' '32 Girls' Rifle Corps Presirlent '31, '32 Production Staff "Wo Americans," "Mrs. Partridge Presents" "As you watch her dimples como and go You'll understand why we love her so" Cl-IILSON, GERALD, "JERRY" General Glee Club "An equal mixture of good humor and good sense" Cl-IRISTENSEN, EVELYN L., "EVIE" Commercial Commercial Club "Good as beautiful is she, With gifts to match her goodness' CHRISTENSEN, JUNE C., "jUNIE" College Preparatory Orchestra Band Girls' Rifle Corps '20 Echoes Business Manager '31 "A June rosc is not half so sweet a. sho" CLARK, LORRAINE M., "CALLY" Commercial Clio Girls' Rifle Corps '31, '32 Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '30 Harp Class '30 liand '30 "If music the :perch ol' angels, :hr-'II soon grow wings" Twenty-rzinc 7 x x g 7 X E , CLARK, MABEL M., "MAYBE" COULTER, ELAINE, "LINNIE" Normal Training Teachers' Traininsz Club "She knows her own mind, 'l'ry to change her, don'tl For 'Maybe' she will, Anil 'Maybe' she won'L" CLARK, MAXINE CAROL, i'MAX" Commercial Delta Tau Spanish Club '29, '30 Girls' Riflc Corps "She is blonde, jolly and attractive" COAN, MAUDE, "MAUDIE" Commercial Commercial Club "S:'nz1ll, sweet and most lady like" COOPER, CHARLES, "CHUCK" Collcgre l'reparatory Crimson anll lilue Staff Philo Sccrc-tary '30, 'ill Echoes Stuff liaml and Orchestra "Wu Americans," "Baby Cyclone" "A good fellow with friends Lf2ll0l'l"' Normal Training Delta Tau Vice-President '32 T. T. C. President '30 Girl Reserves Girls' Rifle Corps '30, '31 Junior Girls' Glee Productinn Staff "Mamma's Affair" "Sowing seeds of kindness, Radiating fun, Doing' a little studying, Always on the run" COZIAR, EMMET, "PETE" Commercial Commercial Club "A promising lad of fine purpose and ability DALL, LESLIE E., "LES" Commercial Commercial Club "A good looking chap, reserved and sincere DAMITZ, NORMA L., "TOBY" Commercial Alpha Senior Girls' Glee Commercial Club "A merry spirit, A ready tongzue, She bubbles over With life and fun" Thirty 4: 1 2 X 2 DAMON, CAROL, "COOKY" DEMPEWOLF, LUCILLE M., "LOU" Normal Training National Honor Society Crimson and Blue Staff Ero President '31 Girl Reserves Girls' Glee Club '29, '30 "The Maker of Dreams" Honorary Major R. 0. T. C. "Precious things are mostly in small compass" DAVIS, LENORE A., "BING" College Preparatory Clio French Club Treasurer '31 Girls' Rifle Corps "Refined and polished to a hixzh degree of perfection" DAVIS, RICHARD, "DICK" ' College Preparatory Captain R. O. T. C. Crimson and Blue Staff Logo President, Treasurer, Historian Hi-Y Track Stage Technician '29, '30 "Dick's the kind of fellow you like to be with" DELANEY, ALICE PATRICIA, "PAT" Commercial Junior Girls' Glee '30 Senior Girls' Glee '30, '31 "Prince of Pilsen" "Chimes of Normandy" "Blessed with that charm, the certainty to please" ' Commercial Commercial Club "An unaffected girl, ouu at friend a friend" lways a DEMPSTER, JACK H., "JoCKo" Collcyzc Preparatory Captain R. 0. T. C. Senior Boys Glee "Prince of Pilsen" "Chimes of Normandy" Business Staff "Mamma's Affair" "Only 38," "Seven Keys to Iialdnat0" "So jolly, and what a no-yzettc-r!" DERRY, LELA FRANCES Normal 'i'l'Hil'liTlll' Thalian T. T. C. "Her hair is no more sunny than her heart" DIVENTI, PAULINE M., "POLLY" Commercial Spanish Club Masque and Wig: Commercial Club "Her beauty weaves a spell of enchantment" Thirty-one Y 5' 7 EAMES, BONNIE E., "BOOTS" College Preparatory Girls' Rifle Corps Junior Glee Librarian '32 "A charming maid with dainty ways" EBERT, KATHERINE Normal Training lflro Treasurer, Secretary '31 T. T. C. Vice-President '31 "Spreading: the News" l'roduction Staff, "My Son" "Her modest answers and cheerful air Showed her wise and good as she is f2lil'H ENDELMAN, SADIE, "SADE" Commercial G. A. A. Masque and Wig: Thalian Sergeant-at-Arms Stnior Girls' Glee President '32, Vice- dent '31 "Prince of Pilsen" Commercial Club "Stunningl That's thc word" EVANS DOROTHY GAIL a College Preparatory Delta Tau Debate Team '31 Girl Reserves French Club Vice-l'r1-sident '32 Marque and Wi': "Mamma's Affair" Production Staff, "Prince of l'ilsen" "The sunshine tangled in her hair, A sheath of' soft and radiant gold" 1' resi- FALCON ER, ALICE Commercial Commercial Club "Talented and spirited" FARRELL, STANLEY J., i'STAN" College Preparatory Football '30 Basketball '30 Iii-Phi-Chem Club Spanish Club I,ettermen's Club "lt isn't in his heart to shirk a task of kind" lilly' FAUBLE, KENNETH, "KENNY" College Preparatory Rifle Team '31, '32 "A man of cool nerve and steady aim" FELKER, DOROTHY College Preparatory Girl Reserves Thalian French Club Echoes Staff Debate Finals and School Squad "The Nut Farm" "A human dynamo, with pep to give away' Tfnirty-Iwo 1 1 Y 3 Y Z -A X F ELLERS, ELEANOR College Preparatory Sponsor Company D '31 Delta Tau Sergeant-at-Arms '32 Girl Reserves Senior Girls' Glee '30, '31 Orchestra '29, '30 "Mamma's Affair," "The Whole 'l'own's Talla- ing.. "Not very tall, and not very small liut fair and dear and loved by all" FENT, LLGYD BAKER College Preparatory l.ou'o Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Glee Club President '32 "Prince of Pilsen" "He's game for anything" FERNLEY, LILLIAN M., "LIL" Commercial Delta 'Tau G. A. A. Treasurer '31, Secretary '32 Inter-Society Debate Glee Club "Mamma's Affair" "Happy-zo-lucky as the day is longl' FISHER, CHESTER H. Collexre Preparatory National Honor Society Crimson and lilue Art Staff Foollrzlll '30, 'Jil Senior Iioys' Glee Echoes Staff lli-Y Masque and Wig "In the Next Room," "Student, athlete, and above all, an artist." FISHER, MARGARET, "FISH" Commercial Clio Girls' Rifle Corps Senior Glee Production Staff "Tiger House" "Chimes of Normandy," "The Prince of Pilsen" Commercial Club "For giggles she is famous" FITZPATRICK, KENNETH, "KEN" College Preparatory Ionian "Take My Advice" "The Whole Town's Talking" "For every 'why' he has a 'whereforc'." FOX, ROSE Commercial Delta Tau Masque and Wig "In the Next Room" Assistant Director "The Nut Farm,' ma's Affair" Commercial Club "You can depend upon Rose: She will finish what she undertakes" FRANCIS, RUTH N. College Preparatory National Honor Society Clio Historian '31, Vice-Presillcnt '32 Girl Reserves' Cabinet Echoes Staff '32 Road Show '30 Business Staff "Old Lady" '31 Production Staff' "Ti!:er House" "The essence of sweetness And a model of neatness" "Mum ' Thirty-tfirtt X 1 in S X 7 FREEMAN, ROBERT SCOTT, "SCOTT" Colleize Preparatory Latin Club Echoes Staff '31 "A good-natured, industrious chap" FRICKE, EVELYN L., "FIDGE" College Preparatory Ero Masque and Wig Girls' Rifle Corps "Of what stature is she? Just as high as someone's heart" GILCHRIST, FRANCES, "FRANKIE" g'i1ll's"neI'tii'l'd Corps '31, '32 Commercial Club "Her eyes are stars of twilight fair And twilight too her shining hair But all things else about her, drawn From Maytime and the cheerful dawn" GQLDBERG, JAY College Preparatory "We wonder how Chicago docs without him!" GATES, LEN M., "WAR-HORSE" GOODWIN, UMATILLA, "TILLY" General Winner Grand Sweepstakes Ames Annual In- dustrial Arts Exhibit '31 Sergeant R. O. T. C. "There are some silent men more interesting than the best talkers" GERBER, MARIAN, "MARY" College Preparatory French Club Spanish Club Alpha Echoes Staff '31, '32 "Clever, keen and steadfast" College Preparatory National Honor Society Crimson and Blue Associate Editor Clio Spanish Club Vice-President '31, Secretary '32 '31 ' "Wisdom Tooth" Echoes Staff, "Tiger House,' "Adorable l" GOSCI-I, DELBERT General "Some school lost a prize and we irainud one, when Delbert came to Abraham Lincoln Thirty-four TT X 'Y 1: ra f A-'7 GREENWOOD, ARTHUR, "ART" College I'repzl1'atory Rifle Team "Here-'s Z1 jolly, good fellow!" GRIEDER, CLARENCE, "CLANCY', Commercial "Ho is an zlttrzlctive fellow-ai painter, you know" GRUBB, RONALD W. Collvire Preparatory Ionian Hand Stuff Sergeant R. 0. T. C. "Timer House" Production Staff "Out of the Night" "A man bound tu succeed in whatever he undertakes" I-IADDEN, LEONA Follvlrv l'rvpu1'z1tury l'In-hues Staff "A :good chemisl :xml :I good enola" I-IALE, MAUDIE L. College Preparatory "Awfully sweet, mlemurc, and small" HAMILTON, GEORGINE F. Commercial Ero Treasurer Production Stuff Ero Plays '32 "Miss Sew" HAMILTON, RUTH L. Commercial Alpha Historian Production Staff "Adam and Eva" "And sew" HANLEY, ETI-IELYN, "LYNN" Normal Training: Alpha Vice-President '32 Girls' Rifle Corps Girl Reserves Historian Sorxzvant-at-Arms '30, '31 '1'. 'I'. C. Production Stuff "Adam mul livin." "A tender heart-an will inflexible" E, ff Q X To 2 1 HANSEN, AAGE Commercial "A quiet boy, but we wonder a little, for there's such a twinkle in his eye" HANSEN, BARBARA, "BOB" Commercial Alpha Historian '31 G. A. A. President '31 Echoes Staff '32 Girls' Rifle Corps Production Staff "Mrs, Partridpre Presents" Production Staff "Adam and Eva" "A charming girl of great versatility" HANSEN, ELIZABETH P., "BETH" Commercial Alpha G. A. A. Glee Club Production Staff "Adam and Eva" Production Staff "The Prince of Pi1sen" Commercial Club "Her music in my heart I bore Long after it was heard no more" HANSEN, KATHERYN M., 'eKAY" General Thalian Orchestra '30, '31, '32 Senior and Junior Girls' Glee '20, '30, 'Ill Girls' Rifle Corps "Prince of Pilscn" "A dandy girl, we like her well, We never could her virtues tell" HANSEN, LEONARD O., "L" College Preparatory Senior Boys' Glee Secretary '32 Boys' Quartet '32 Philo Corporal R. O. T. C. Echoes Staff "Soldier, singer, reporter--what a fcllah!" HANSEN, MILDRED L., "MlLLY" Commercial "There is fun in everything I meet" HANSEN, WOODROW, E., "WOODY" Commercial Commercial Club "He'l1 make a home run to success" HARRIS, CHESTER College Preparatory District Violin Solo '31 First Lieutenant R.. O. T. C. Crimson and Blue Staff Hi-Y Aristo "Adam and Eva," "The Belle of Barcelona" "When he draws his bow o'er quivering strings, We are lost in dreams of beautiful things" Thirty-six str L , za 111 X X X Y f 1 HARWOOD, RUTH Normal Training 'l'f-avhers' Training! Cluly "Her quiet manners are a mark ol' breeding" HAWKINS, DOROTHY JANE College Preparatory National Honor Society 'l'halian Treasurer '30, '31, President '31 Junior Class Vice-President Senior Class Vice-President lfrench Club President '32 Girl Reserves Secretary '32 growl "Her D2lSSiI'1L!' is like the ceasing ol' exquisite - n TINISIC HEADLEY, I-IOMER Commercial "A good sport with a mind of his own' HERWIG, RUSSELL FIN LEY College Preparatory Orchestra Librarian '31, President '32 Iii-l'hi-Chem Club Rifle Team Ionian Seryzeant-at-Arms '32 Hand Librarian '30 Elertrician "Out of the Night," "ln the Room" "ll:-'s :L whiz in science, you know" Next l-IIRSCI-l, MARCIA J. General Masque and Wig: "A chnrminyr little maiden: With talent she is laden" l-IOBUS, LUCILLE, "LUCY" Commercial Thalian Commercial Club "Her sunny disposition scntters along her way" l-IOXWARTI-I, PAUL Commercial Echoes Staff Rifle Team '30, '31 "With steady aim And purpose, too, He'll make his mark 1'm telling you !" ISAAC, LEONE, "DINKY" College Preparatory National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Crimson and lilue Staff l t hnpninem Delta Tau President '32, Debate Team '31 Echoes Managing: Editor '32, Art Editor '31 Spanish Club Sergeant-at-Arms '32 "Clever, witty and attractive" T,7lTffV-,S'C1'?77 1 - 1: X 7 JACOBSEN, ELMER JOHNSON, BARBARA, "BARB" Commercial gelfaRTau Treasurer '31 ir eserves Sergeant R. 0. T. C. Echoes Staff "A fellow who strives in every way To rlo his best in work or play" JACOBSEN, LILLY VIRGINIA, "LIL" Commercial Ero Orchestra '30, '31, '32 Commercial Club "There will be no one who can quite take her place among: the violas in the orchestra" JASEPI-I, ROLAND H. College Preparatory Captain R. O. T. C. Philo Secretary '32 "In the Next Room," "The Nut Farm" "Courageous, frank and competent" J J Girls' Rifle Corps '29 Masque and Wig Players "Mamma's Affair", "In the Next Room" "Where there is honey there are li's" OI-INSON, FLORENCE V., "FLOSSIE" Normal Training Teachers' Training Club "Like a shaft of silent sunshine She warms the hearts of her friends" OI-INSON, FRANCES E. College Preparatory National Honor Society Clio Debate and School Debate Squads Girl Reserves Echoes '31, '32 Masque and Wiz Production Staff "Tiger House," "Old Lady ,31,, Commercial Club "Quick and nimble fingers combined with in- telligence make a smart woman" JENSEN, ALBERT W, JOHNSON, MARIAN VIRGINIA, If 7 College Preparatory 7 Logo College Preparatory Echoes Staff '32 Clio First Lieutenant R. 0. T. C. Declam Winner '32 Senior Boys' Glee Masque and Wig "Seven Keys to Ilaldpateu "Tiger House" Production Staff "Mamma's Affair" Production Staff "Old Lady '3l" "He is in the habit of srivim: straifzhtforwawl "With the throb in her voice that does things expression to his convictions" to our heart strings." M- I i 1 Thi rty-eight 2 C .. 7 A x X 4 C X JOHNSON, PEGGIE JULIEN, I-IARRIETT V., "MIDGE" College Preparatory College Preparatory Alpha President '31 Senior Glee Club '31, '32 Girl Reserves Cabinet '31, '32 "Prince of I'ilsen" French Club .. ' , 1 - x - . Y V I Crimson and lllue Staff, Echoes Staff Wlgt?yhEf!tn?l,iblJi'iii,'t' "Iced mwN""n"" will Senior Glee Club ' em, "Mrs. Partridge Presents," "Adam and Eva" "Poppy and jolly, clever, too, We don't know why we love her: we just do" College Preparatory Individual and Grand Sweepstakes, Ames An- nual Industrial Arts Exhibit '30 "We awoke one morning and found .lack 'eWALT,' famous" College Preparatory lland Librarian '31, '32 Rifle Team '31, '32 "The world has need ol' strong, silent men" Normal Training Teachers' Training: Club ::MAXsa "AO5valr:efree girl with a 'pray Lziizgle all her Normal Training Teachers' Training Club "A very charming little maiden, ller smiling: face with dimples laden" College Preparatory Lugo Secretary '32 JORGENSEN, WILLIAM, HBILIJ' fj3'gg5SCffggfgejjW ,Z College Preparatory lli-Phi-Chem Club Footlmll '30, Second Team "Marnma's Al'l'aii"', "Seven Keys tu llaldpnta-" "Business before pleasure-then "Jack's the kind of fellow you'd like to taki- 'l'leasure, l'll be seeing: you'." with you on a long journey" C 1 -nl I Tlnirty-nine 1 3 4: Z KLEEMAN, EDWARD, "ABIE" Commercial Rifle Team '31, '32 "He aims at success anrl, being: il Qootl shot, he'll make a hit" KRUMENACHER, HAROLD P. !QKR-UM!! Commercial Vocal Solo Contest '31, '32 A. L. H. S. Quartet '31, '32 Junior Glee '29, Senior Glee '30, '31, '32 Production Staff "Belle of llarcellonau "Chimes of Normandy," ".Prince of Pilsnnu "The Caruso of our class" KUSI-INER, LILY Commercial National Honor Society State Champion Shorthand Tram Final Extempo '31 Ero Vice-President Girl Reserves Echoes Staff '31 Commercial Club "A student and a scholar wherever she goes' LAINSON, MARJORIE JESSIE Commercial Girls' Rifle Club Spanish Club Clio G. A. A. Charter Member "Jolly, peppy, always ready for a prood time" LARSEN, BERNICE, "BUNNY" Commercial Delta Tau "A sure enouprh bunch of spicy rlevernesff' LARSEN, DONALDENE General Alpha Masque and Wie: Club "Adam and Eva" "Admirahle, ideal, womanly" LARSEN, HELEN R. Normal Training Alpha Teachers' Trainimr Club "A lively girl ol' unexcelleal competence" LARSEN, VIVIAN Commercial Delta Tau Commercial Club "Dainty, reserved, lovable" sweetness and 1. Forty 4: 41. A X ,W f LAUSTRUP, DONALD F. "DON" College Preparatory Philo Senior Glee '30, '31, '32 Cheer Leader Echoes Staff "We Americans," "Spreading the News" "Occasionally late, but never behind the times" LEI-IMAN, CATHERINE, "KATE" Commercial Honorary Major R. 0. T. C. '32 Girls' Rifle Corps Girl Reserves Clio Echoes '32 "Tiger House" "She 'majors' in R, O. T. C. affairs" LESLIE, ALICE M., "AL" Commercial Commercial Club "Quiet, demure" LUECKE, GEORGE F. Commercial Echoes Staff Senior Boys' Glee "Prince of I'ilsen" "Chimes of Normandy" Commercial Club "Gentlemen seems to" lVlcEVOY, CARMELITA T., "CARlVl" Commercial G. A. A. Senior Glee Commercial Club "Those who know her bust, praise hm' must" lVlcFADDEN, LEVILLE, "BUD" College Preparatory First Lieutenant R. O. T. C, French Club "To him, whatever may annoy, The world is joy-just simple joy 1" prefer blondes, at least Gourm- McGUIRE, VIVIAN, "BABE" LIVERS, HAROLD A. C , ollege Preparatory College Preparatory Clio Hi-Y Spanish Club Treasurer '31 Logo President '32, Vice-President '31 "Old Lady '3l" Senior Boys' Glee '30, '31, '32 Masque and Wig Senior Mixed Chorus '30, '31, '32 Business Staff "Tiger House" lloys' Quartet '31, '32 Production Staff "Old Larly '31," "ln the "Mamma's Affair," "Seven Keys to llaldpate" Next Room" "The word irnnossible is not in his dictionary !" "She's so petite, tiny, anrl sweet" Forly-om nz 12 X X e Y 7 MCMULLEN, WILLIAM, 'iWILLIE" MALTZ, MEYER Cullegre Preparatory Latin Club - Loco Sergeant-at-Arms, Vice-President Lieutenant R. 0. T. C. "Every inch a soldier and a gentleman MADSEN, DEAN J., "SARGE" General Spanish Club Rifle Team '31, '32 Sergeant R. 0. T. C. "Ili-'ll make :1 lllllllti-OXO un the target of MADSEN, VIOLA, "VI" Commercial Commercial Clulx Vice-President "A maid with winning: ways" MADUFF, SYDNEY L., " College Preparatory Philo Echoes Managing Editor Orchestra Vice-President 'Ill Corporal R. O. T. C. "Matter of fact and practical, One who has shown his worth" MCDUF College Preparatory Aristo Echoes Junior Boys' Glee, Senior Iloys' Glee ,, Hand, Orchestra "Prince of Pilsen" "Good sense and good humor combined." MERRILL, JANET, "JENNY" College Preparatory Clio Sergeant-at-Arms '31 Inter-Society Debate '31 Girl Reserves Treasurer '31, '32 Echoes Staff '31 m-,,-- Senior Girls' Glee '29, '30, '31 Business Staff "Tiger House," "Old Lady 31' "If she has a motto, it must he 'Pep'." MEYER, DOROTHY College Preparatory Thalian French Club Treasurer Girl Reserves, Echoes Staff '31 "The Baby Cyclone", "The Nut Farm" "Divinely tall, and most divinely fair." F77 MEYERSON, GWENDOLYN College Preparatory National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Final Declams '29 Delta Tau Treasurer '31 Girl Reserves, "Mama's Affair" Novice Typing' Team '31 "Die'nified, gracious, lovable, and lots nf fun Forty-two x 3 W Q f n MICHAEL, HARRY L. College Preparatory Ari:-:to Lieutenant R. O. 'l'. C. Masque and Wig "ln the Next Room" "Dark, handsome, indifferent, the despair ol the ladies" MILLER, BERNICE MAE, "BUNNY" Commercial G. A. A. Commercial Club "Her willing, merry disposition is one of her charms" MORGAN, DOROTHY G. "DOTTIE" General Alpha "Tiny, but precious" MOSER, VIRGIE LEE, "ZUZU" College Preparatory Clio President '31 Inter-Society Debate '29, '30, '31, '32 School Debafte Squad '31, '32 Masque and Wig Players "The 'Fifzer House" Production Staff "Old Lady '3I," "In the Next Room" "A feminine Demosthenesu MULLER, CARLA F. College Preparatory Clio Girls' Rifle Corpf- G. A. A. Echoes Associate Editor Production Stall' "Tiger House" Business Staff "In the Next Room" "Quiet and sincere, with success object" MUNSON, MAXINE Commercial Commercial Club "Small and clever, smiling: too, Always cheerful, never blue" NEFF, LYLE College Preparatory Arfsto Echoes Editor-in-Chief '32 Quill and Scroll Iii-Phi-Chem Club Latin Club "One of our 'bright lip:hts'. llc-'s a everything: he undertakes" NELSON, SYLVIA, "PUTTS" Commercial "A petite blonde with lots of pep" her sole shark at I Forlyfrfvrec X g Y 7 7 NIMTZ, EDNAI-I Commercial Thalian Senior Glee "Chimes of Normandy" Echoes Staff Production Staff "The Baby Cyclone" "You can always count on Ednahg she's that kind of girl" NORGAARD, MARTHA K., "MART" Commercial "Una ffecterl and sympathetic" ORR, DOROTHY General Delta Tau Masque and Wig Club Senior and All School Basketball Team "The sun at eve that kissed her hair Left bronze red gfleams of beauty there" OWEN, ALICE MARGARET, "SNOOKY" Commercial "With heart so kind And eyes so blue I.it'e's little troubles Smiling: through" PARKS, Tl-IEO, "TI-IEE" Commercial "Lovable and sweet, Her charm is complete" PENNINGTON, GWENIVERE, Q EN37 Commercial Clio Crimson and Blue Staff Girls' Rifle Corps '31 Production Staff "Tiger House" "Old Lady '31", "In the Next Room" Commercial Club "A wizard with her pencil" PERRY, WILMA College Preparatory Delta Tau Sergeant-at-Arms '31 Spanish Club Secretary '30, President '31, Treasurer '32 Senior Girls' Glee '31, '32 Piano Contest '31 "Prince of Pilsen" Business Staff "Mamma's Affair" "Pretty and petite is this little musician 01 ours" PETERSEN, MARGARET JULIA, UMARGD General Commercial "As lovely in personality as she is in np- pearancen 1 Forly-four I7 1 4:1 Q L S 7 7 PETERSON, HELEN F. College Preparatory Clio G. A. A. "She's a most mlelicatc fragility" PIERCE, MARY Normal Training Thalian Girl Reserves 'I'. T. C. "The liaby Cyclone" Production Staff "In thc Next Room," "The Nut Farm" "Cireumstanee offers her no restriction, She does what she does with firm and bold conviction" PLATT, GROVER Colleue Preparatory National Honor Society President '31 Colonel R. 0. T. C. State Extempo Finals, Second Place Junior Class President Ionian President '31, Debate Team '29, '30, '31 Representative Leadership Conference Ames '31 "He can always discuss the isness of thc is, the whyness of the why, and the whatness of the what." POGGE, CECILIA, "BLONDY" Com mcrcial Commercial Club "Plenty of pep, playinxr impossible pranks, perplexing people with her pious pose" lass, with an air of POORE, BRANDT General "A friemlly strahrhtforward boy" PRISTLEY, DONALD E., "DON" General Iii-Phi-Chem Club "Tall and blond, Rather scientific you know. He studies why the clock ticks And why the wheels go" PRINGLE, HAROLD B. Commercial Senior Glee '31, '32 Band '32 "Prince of Pilsen" "A tall one, whose head is above the pctty things" fog of PURDY, VERNETTA L., "BILLY" Commercial Commercial Club "There's a friendly smile in her eyes" A Forty-five X 4-3 11-I L 7 7 RAPP, GLORIA College Preparatory National Honor Society Clio Treasurer G. A. A. Girls' Rifle Corps Latin Club First Consul Ili-Phi-Chem Club Secretary-Treasurer "A joyous spirit, a clever tongue, A talented maid full of pep and fun" REED, BETTY College Preparatory National Honor Society Vice-President '32 Echoes Editor-in-Chief '31 Quill and Scroll Vice-President '32 Delta Tau Secretary '31 French Club Secretary '31 Girl Reserves "The more we gazed, the more the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew" REHM, JOHN HENRY, "JOHNNY" Commercial "Thoroughly a gentlman, courteous and re- liable" RIASKI, ROBERT College Preparatory Motion Picture Projectionist Production Staff R. O. T. C. Road Show Logo "A spark of genius here abidcs' RICHARDS, DON College Preparatory lion was graduated in mid-year No picture "Ill will find 21 way or make one" RICHERSON, VIOLA, l'VI" College Preparatory Ero Spanish Club Vice-President '31 Girls' Rifle Corps Crimson and Blue Art Staff "As an artist we expect great things of her" RIDER, HARMON E., "GROGGY" College Preparatory Hi-Y Captain R. O. T. C., Senior Class Scrg-at-Arms Glee Club '29, '30, '31 Football '30, '31 "In the Next Room" "A man among men." RIDER, RICHARD L., "BEANS" College Preparatory Colonel R. O. T. C. Esenther Tropy '31 Aristo Senior Boys' Glee '30, '31, '32 Echoes Staff "Old Lady '3l," "In the Next Room" "When the colonel marches by 'Ich liebe Dick' the girls all sigh" ROGERS, ARTHUR, "ART" College Preparatory Philo Spanish Club "Spreading the News," "Tho liaby Cyclone "Mrs, Partridge Presents" Production Staff "We Americans," "Chimes of Normandy" "A finer fellow would be hard to find" Fo fly-six R 'W e W? e ROLF, WILMA IONA, "WILLIE" Commercial Delta. Tau House Manager "Mamma's Affair" Commercial Club "Let's hope that her future is as rosy as her cheeks" ROSENFELD, CAROLYN College Preparatory National Honor Society Editor-in-Chief of the Crimson and lllue Delta Tau President '31 School Debate Squad '31 French Club Vice-President '31 Girl Reserves "ln the Next Room," "Mamma's Affair" "Well poised and versatile is she, liut loving fun, her many friends agree" ROSENFELD, ROBERT J., "BOB" College Preparatory National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Senior Class President Ionian President '31, Vice-President '30 School Debate Squad '31, '32 First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Hi-Y "Pride of the seniors, the envy of the juniors, a model for the sophomores, and a. hero to the freshmen" ROSNER, MARY LOUISE, "MARY LOU" Commercial Alpha Girls' Athletic Association Junior Girls' Glee "She sows courtesy and FOEKIIS friendship" ROUNDS, RUTH VIRGINIA College Preparatory Clio Treasurer '32 French Club Secretary '31 Senior Glee Club, Vcsper Choir Girls' Rifle Corps House Manager "In the Next Room," "Old Lady '31" Ticket Manager "Tiger House" "A cheery smile along the hall: A pleasant word to each and all" RUSSELL, CLYDE Commercial "We Americans" Production Staff "Prince of 1'ilsun" Commercial Club President "Hr: is as mischievous as the day is lung" SANDERS, RICHARD, "DICK" College Preparatory Track '31, '32 Logo I.ettermen's Club "He has wings on his feet" SCI-IATZ, LEO, "SHOTS" Commercial Orchestra '2EI, '30 Glee '29 "A musician and a good sport, too" lforty-:cron f 4-'-T7 x ,NTL A 7 nt my ,Q A ' K . SCOTT, BERYL BLANCHE, "SCOTTY" Commercial Delta Tau G, A. A. Treasurer '31 Delta Tau Debate Team Merry Glee '30, '31 "The Whole Town's Talking!" Production Staff "Tiger House" Commercial Club "When Beryl comes in, boredom limos out" SELLERS, IRMA KATHRYN, "KAY" Normal Training Clio G. A. A. 'l'eaehers' Training: Club Junior Glee '30, '31 Production Staff "Tiger House" "lt's nice to be natural when you'rc naturally YIICU SHAW, MARGUERITE KATHLEEN, Commercial Delta Tau Girls' Rifle Corps Glee Club Ma-que and Wil: Production Staff "The Whole 'l'own's 'l'alkin1:." "Mamma's Affair" "Vivacious and flirtatiousu Sl-IEELEY, DOROTHEA M., "DOT" Commercial 'lhalian Merry Glee '30, '31 Production Staff "Only 38" Commercial Club "A Dot with a dash-" 1 SHELLENBERG, ROBERT, "BOB" College Preparatory Quill and Scroll President Associate Editor Crimson and Iilue Aristo Treasurer '30, Vice-President '31, President '31 Echoes Business Manager '31 "Mrs. Partridge Presents", "Adam and Eva" "There will never be a place to which he does not bring: honor and credit." SHELTON, DARRELL General "IE you want something: beautifully printed, ask Darrell." SHOEMAKER, KATHERINE, "KAY" Commercial Band '30, '31, '32 Commercial Club "She has a clever tongue and a pray spiritf SISSON, ARTHUR ROBERT, "ART" College Preparatory National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Secretary '32 Echoes Editor-in-Chief '31 lonian Historian '3I, Debate Team '31 Latin Club Vice-President '31, '32 "The Whole Town! Talking", "Tip:er House" Captain R. O. T. C. "A good editor, a better soldier, but the best of lovers." Forty-right If 3 X 2' 7 7 A Y H 7 , 1 .,.,. ., SMITH, ROBERTA, "BOBBY" SPITZNAGLE, JOHN College Preparatory College Preparatory National Honor Society National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Spanish Club Vice-President '32 Clio Sergeant-at-Arms '32 Senior Boys' Glee '31, '32 French Club President '31 Sergeant R. O. T. C. Echoes Staff '31 Tennis Team '31, '32 "ln the Next Room", "Chimes of Normandy" "Prince of l'ilsen" "Oh, dainty fascinating maid "An antidote for depression, he 1-an get :I of the Mardi Gras, I ween laugh out of any CY'0Wll-H A more liewitching vision, - Y 4 Q ,.. mine ep es have never seen. KRBABED Normal Training Teachers' Trainimz Club Orchestra '28, '29 v ' " "fi SORENSEN, ANNA M. C. 9,56 Club 'H' Z . er manner and her eyes begruile. She always greets you with a smile," STAGEMAN, RUTH Normal Training National Honor Society t'on1nicreial "Pure gold, how different from the artificial." Associate Editor of the Crimson and lilue Thalian Treasurer '31, '32 Ulnimvrvml T. T. C. Vice-In-esilil-nt '30, lwesiflt-nt 'ssl "The kind of a. girl you cannot help liking." Girl Reserves Thalian Debate Squad "With a head as level as her heart is big." STEELE HARRY 5 College Preparatory Coinnn-rcial Football '30, '31 lit-hoes Advertisimr Manager '31 Logo '29, '30, '31 Quill and Scroll Spanish Club '29, '30 "A gentleman, eourteous, studious, and "Everybody knows Hzirry. He plaved zlciirnd:ihle." fgjotbgll-" ' Forty-ninc Y X Y 'E' 7 STEVENS, MARY B., "MIBS" College Preparatory National Honor Society School Debate Squad '31, '32 Crimson and Blue Staff Thalian Vice-President '31, President '32 Masque and Wig President '32 Girl Reserves "Baby Cyclone", "The Nut Farm" "She always has the best, if not the last, word." STOCKERT, GERALDINE JANE, "GERRY" College Preparatory Echoes Business Staff '31 'l'ha.lian liand Secretary '31, '32 Orchestra '31, '32 Production Staff "The Baby Cyclone" "All speak well of her." STOKES, GLADYS Y VONNE, "PUNK" College Preparatory Clio French Club Junior Girls' Glee Aecompanist '30 Production Staff "Tiger House" Harp '31 "Sincerity is the keynote of her l'l'1HY'HCt9l'.' STREEPY, CHARLOTTE, "PEGGY" Normal Training Teachers' Training Club G. A. A. "Whole-hearted in everything she does." 1 1 STUART, DOROTHY, "DOT" College Preparatory National Honor Society Sponsor Company E '32 Latin Club Consul 'Ill Echoes Managing Editor '32 Clio Secretary '31, President '32 "Old Lady '31" "Y'ought to hyeah dat gal a-warblin' !" STUART, MARGARET, "MARY" College Preparatory National Honor Society Thalian Vice-President '32 Quill and Scroll Crimson and Blue Staff Junior Class Secretary Girl Reserves "As sweet as the heather, The bonnie purple heather." STUPFELL, WILSON College Preparatory National Honor Society Secretary '32 Captain R. O. T. C. Crimson and Blue Staff Bi-Phi-Chem Club President '31, Hi-Y Philo Vice-President '31, Treasurer '32 "Ho asks no favors and shirks no responsibilities." THOMAS, DOROTHY LORRAIN E Commerical Alpha Girls' Rifle Corps Production Staff "Adam and Eva' Commercial Club "Merry as the day is long Full of laughter and of song." Fifty Q: Y ? 'T E f A--7 1 - THOMAS, MARIAN DERECE Commercial Commercial Club "Steady, dependable, With loving: heart, quiet, true and eyes of blue." TRUE, MARK College Preparatory Nlajul' lt. 0. 'l'. C. Det-laniatory Finals lingo Ili-Y Crimson and l4luc Staff' "Seven Keys to lialdnaten, "Mamma's Affair" tAdjutantl '31, Winner '32 "Dons his own thinking and needs no advice." UNDERWOOD, HELEN JANE Collegre Preparatory Thalian Echoes Production Stall' "The Nut Farm" "An attractive dark-eyed girl." URMEY, NELLIE H., "NELL" Collrxrr l're-paratory llaml '29, '30, '31, '32 "An intelligent xzirl with quiet charm. What will the band do without her 7" VANCE, EVELYN SHIRLEY Commercial Alpha Business Staff, "Adam and Eva" G. A. A. Vice-President '31, President '32 Representative Playground Meet Sioux City Crimson and Blue Staff "Jolly, sweet, kind to all, Very peppy, rather tall." WALTERS, ROBERT, "BOB" College Preparatory National Honor Soriety Junior and Senior Class 'l'rr-asurcr First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Philo President '31 Hi-Y President "The Nut Farm" Business Manager "The Philo play '32 "Personality plus." WARE, HOWARD V., "IKE" College Preparatory "To be of service rather than to be conspicuous is his aim." WHITE, DORIS, "DODE" College Preparatory National Honor Society Secretary '32 Honorary Colonel R, 0. 'l'. C, Girl Reserves President 'Dill Clio Vice-President '31 lltlmrate Ames Character Confertlies' Student Council Conference Baby Cyclone", 'AA sagaeious maid and pretty too, A Combination found in few." 'Il I Fiflv one ,. n. 1 zz WILBUR, EMILY M. College Preparatory Spanish Club, Alpha G. A. A., Girls' Rifle Corps Orchestra Business Manager "Adam and Eva" "Ambition joined to ability insures success in her chosen occupation." WILLIAMS, JAMES ARTHUR College Preparatory National Honor Society Captain R. O. T. C. Final Declams '30, '31, '32 Ionian Scholarship Award Aristo President '32, Secretary '31 Debate Team '30, '31, '32 Crimson and Blue Staff State Extemporaneous Contest, Second Place "A live wire." WILSON, LEONA, "SALLIE" Commercial Delta Tau Vice-President '31 Girls' Rifle Corps Junior Glee Masque and Wiz: "The Whole 'Tnwn's Talking" Production staff "Mamma's Affair," "In the Next Room." "She is petite and dainty." WILSON, WOODROW C., "CORNIE" College Preparatory Lieutenant R. O. T. C. WINCHESTER, EARNEST General "True to his word, his work, his friends." WISEMAN, JOSEPHINE, "jO" Commercial G. A. A. Commercial Olub "A friend who knows and dares to say The kind sweet words that cheer the way." WOLF, HARRY College Preparatory National Honor Society Business Manager of the Crimson and llluc Captain R. O. T. C. Quill and Scroll Hi-Y Echoes Staff '32 Business Manager "In "Adam and Eva" Aristo "The wizard who juggled the finances of the annual. Thanks a lot, Harry!" the Next Room" , WOOD, MARION, "LYLOCKS" College Preparatory Senior Boys' Glee Vice-President '31 First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Tennis Team '30, Captain '31 Ionian Treasurer '31 Deelam Finals '30 "Chimes of Normandy", "The Tiprer House" "He doesn't wait for things to come his way. "A star at tennis. One of Abraham He goes after them." Lincoln's best songstersf' Fifly-two I Q 3 X Z' 2 7 X I BURNS, RUTH E., NRUTI-IIE" WILMES, GEORGE Collfgxv Pre-1mrzito1'y GPIIQYHI Senior Girls' Glee '29, '30, 'Ill lfilml '25'. '30, '31 'llfhimvs of' Normandy" UFChF'Sil'1l '31, '32 "l'1'inu0 of l'ilsen" El'h0l'S Slllff '32 --lsull of pep ,md 1015 of fun." "A boy that run lie cleiionrlml on." ZINK, FRANCES LOUISE C m HANSEN, ERIK G""ii,"R""" w Delta Tau f'liil'i""'l'i'grii"'3l, '?ChU9S SWT '32 "An outwtfmcling lvnv on lho linkw" c"'mm9"""" C""' ' ' " ' " "A gay little worlcvr nnml zi wonderful rf,-portvrf' L E LI " " REID, SHIRLEY L. Zig REE HCR, PAL ,, -, o ege repara ory ?""'m"c"" Q U National Honor Socin-ty Treasurer '32 A Winch 'lf fl FUVI- Alpha President '31, Vico-President 'SHI Inter-society Debate- Girl Reserves Senior Girls' Glee "Chimes of Normandy", lfufiness Mzinzuzer ':Ad:1m :ind Eva" Y lfrlmson :ind lilue Staff :,1'L'e"!" """""""""y "We 4lon'1 know why we like "Pol" ' Wv've novm' trivrl to see "llc r soft brown vyvs :lnrl xrvnllv mzlnnm' :irf But wo'vv somehow grol the notion Ihr' sollrvv of hm' c'h:1rm." l1's lmvvzltlsi- shv's she." I l I - 1 i 2 Fiftv-lfrrrv 5 - 4: 4 L L I-Iannan, Walsh, Blank, Morrow Williams, Mossholder, Pryor JUNIOR OFFICERS President ,,,....,,.,. ,,.....,Y.....,.. Treasurer ....,,....,,,. Sergeant-at-A rms ..Y,. ,,,,,,, ,.....,,.,.....,, ,,,7,,., Bruce Morrow Mary Pryor Vice-President ,,.,.., ,,,............ Secretary ,,.,,,,,,.,, ,,,,, B eatrice Williams ,....Charles Hannan ,, ,....Y, Matthew Walsh Sponsors: Miss Mossholder and Mr. Blank Colors: Flame and Black Flower: Gardenia MOTTO Let us then be up and doing, With a heart for any fate Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to lahor and to wait. --Longfellow. Fifty-four 1 1 Y X S Z Z j JUNIOR LOG NERTZ- NAME NAME SECRET AMBITION OUTCOME Adams, Mary "Addie" Eating ice cream cones Stoking furnaces in Iceland Allen, Lislc "Lizzle" Getting in good with A. Has to train for team Allen, Vivian "Viv" Biologist Noodle cutter Allerton, Robert "Bob" Drilling Training models for modiste shoppe Anderson, Ruth "Ruthie" Dramatic coach Marionette director Anthony, Willard "Wid" Basket shooting Referee at marble match Applequist, Fred "Freddie" Neatest boy in Co. D. 7th period cleaning rifles Armstrong, Ethel "Blondie" To be liked Popularity Asman, Alice "Lisha" Talking over KOH. Soliloquy Asmussen, Eugene "Gene" Hitchfhiking A walk home with mother Austin, Roy "Migget" Getting his lessons To college in 1980 Baxter, Robert "Bobo" Fighting Office Beaty, Vinton "Vint" Studying hard Grave digger Beazley, James "Jim" Reading Eugene O'Neil Selling Ballyhoo Beezley, Eleanor "Norie" Queen of May Flower girl Bernstein, Pauline "Paul" Hollywood Nervous breakdown Beedle, Mildred "Bobbie" Writing love letters Caught by Miss B. Bigley, Irene "Biggle" Sweeping us off our feet Ianitress Bishop, jane "Roy" The boy friend Riding in an Essex Blank, Dorothy "Dodo" The next door neighbor Chauffeur to school Bock, Gretchen "Boggie" Dancing Sore toes Bonfante, Virginia "Ginna" Farming Dime store clerk Brannen, Howard "Sly" Playing marbles Lost and crying Bright, Wilma "Shine" What's his name? Date Brockman, Alma "Al" Ride in model 'I' 2 flat tires Broman, Bernard "Barney" Fishing Catching minnows Broman, Charles "Chick" Tramping Shoe financier Bromberg, Harry "Herk" Strong man in circus Muscles developed Brown, Helen "Brownie" Reading fairy tales Reading them to the birdies Brown, Florence "Flora" Perpetual sleeping Chicago racketeer Bobbit, Dudley "Dud" To mix things 2nd Mussolini Bruce, Loren "Bruce" Teacher's pet Superiority complex Bryan, Gilbert "Limp" Weiner Roast Limp Burgett, Elton "Burgie" Swimming under water Drowning Burke, Margaret "Maggie" A walk through the woods Getting lost Burkett, Fred "Freddie" To be neat Working in the dirt Burton, Helen "Bert" Punning Pundunck Center Buschenfield, Don "Bushie" Typing Pulling his hair Butler, Florence "Battle Ax" Handling a rolling pin Poor Jack Carlile, Veryl "Red" Car Riding Tourist camp Carmine, Estaline "Essy" Presidential campaign Woody Caywood, Fawn "Cay" Actress junior play Chapman, Carolyn "Chap" Memorizing poetry Amnesia Chilson, Harold "Chilly" Iournalist Printer's devil Chrisman, Marcel "Migs" Mathematician Hat checker Christensen, Agnes "Aggie" Dancing the rumba ZiegfieId's assistant Clark, Harlowe "Hy" Bookkeeper Keeping the family budget Fifty-five The Junior Class Fifty-six ,M M77-,Wu i, WEE' J , , A.,jWfL-f5 A- N.. LJ The junior Class Fifty-sm 1 za Q X X Z JUNIOR LOG NERTZf NAME NAME SECRET AMBITION OUTCOME Clatterbuck, Shirley "Buck" Santa's double Miser Collier, Martha "Red" Anything interesting Happiness Collins, Harlan "Harlie" To be a general Errand boy Collins, Jeannette "jen" To be a general Motovcycle cop Coyle, Kathryn "Kitty" To be a cook Peanut vender Cummings, Ardith "Ard" Walking the halls Race track Cunningham, Dora "Doris" Freddie Oscar Cunningham, Helen "Ham" Hairdresser Wig maker Currie, june "Lil" Contralto genius Bathroom soprano Cutler, Mary Louise "Smiggles" Opera singer Fish vender Daggett, Marian "Mernie" Vergil Caesar Daniels, Anna Mae "Am" English teacher Professor in France Datesman, Helen "Helly" To be fully rested Sleeping in class Deetken, Fred "Red" Cheerleader Train Caller DeFries, Edward "Ed" Chauffeur Bicycle rider Delanty, Paul "Del" Baseball player Big league in Podunk Dellinger, Chester "Chet" Poet Policeman Dixon, Gene "Dix" Football player Marble shooter Dodd, Rosalie "Rosie" Great dramatic actress Heroine in Show Boat Doty, Lyle "Scout" Chemistry instructor Second Mr. Hyde Dryden, Eugene "Dry" Artist Sign painter Edwards, Ruby "Fifi" Develop brain power Owner of a fish shop Eichorn, Lois "Eche" Editor of Annual Sleepless nights Emarine, Billy "Billy" Shear the curls again Helen says UNO!" Esancy, Howard "Easy" Draftsman Cartoonist Evans, Arthur "Art" To he in uniform Sent for an excuse Fariday, Wayne "Waynie" President of U. S. President of Glee Club Fischer, Arlon "Fishie" Drug store clerk Fizzfifcian Fitzsimmons, Maurine "Fitz" Superintendent of schools Custodian Flemming, Wallace "Wallie" Great man Side show heavyweight Flood, Ruth "Toots" Specialist Jack of all trades Foster, Florence "Flossie" Physical educator' Dancing teacher Fox, Jake "Foxy" Understand relativity 75' second cousins French, Alice "Frenchie" Fly to Paris Swim Missouri River Friedman, Lester "Les" To be a great debater Hosiery, salesman Fryer, Marian "Fry" Sail around world Hitch'hiker Gable, Iohn "Gab" Director Prop boy Gaines, Helen "Len" Grinning Photographers model Gallaher, Della Mae "Del" Chief librarian Bookfwormitis Gallo, Fred "Fritz" AllfArnerican team Boyles' College Gardner, Thelma . "Fie" Famous primafdonna Chewing gum demonstrator Gatton, Charles "Chuck" Aviator Flag pole sitter Gilbo, Gerald "Gil" Ambition Lots of it Gill, Gordon "Gordie" Consume fifteen hamburgers Indigestion Gillett, Grace "Gillie" To he quiet Female politician F ifly-eight Z 2 X Z 7 Y 3 7 NAME Gittle, Helen Glassburncr, Fred Gohlinghorst, George Gordon, jack Gould, Rebecca Green, Charles Green, Howard Grell, Hans Gretzer, Gertrude Griffin, Madeline Grifin, Marianne Haas, Naomi Hammer, Elwood Hannah, Donald Hannan, Charles Hansen, Arthur Hansen, Erik Harkins, Elinore Harrington, Mildred Hart, Hazel Hartwell, Kenneth Hathaway, Kathryn Haurigan, Edward Hayes, Marian Hayes, Nancy Lee Hedrick, John Hessenflow, Harold Hickey, Edward Holmgard, Ingrid Holt, Gerald Hough, Frances Huckins, Gene Hudson, Charles Hurd, Edith Hutton, George Ingraham, Arthur Iackson, Iean Iaksha, Edward Iaksha, Dorothy Jensen, Dorothy Ieppeson, Donald Jepson, Elizabeth Ioerns, Edward Iohnson, Dorothy johnson, Lois Iohnston, Marjorie JUNIOR LOG NAME NERTZ' SECRET AMBITION OUTCOME "-letters" Pep Cornflakes "junior" Bank president janitor "Jawdge" Manager of chain restaurants Tamale man "Rubinoff" Conduct radio orchestra Pied Piper "Beccy" Cut them thar curls Lucky Tiger dcmonstrator "Slats" Speculator in stocks Now wearing sweater "Howdy" See night life Milkman "Dutch" Man with past " Living down that past "Widgie" Rival of Venus Takes powder puff "Skinny" Walking in rain Double pneumonia "Mary" Uneicpressed Village vampire "Geoma" Latin teacher Latin teacher "Tack" Perfect dancer Gigolo "Don" Theater' magnate Usher "Chuck" Radio announcer Lockjaw "Arth" Extempo speaker Hog caller "Monk" Bobby Jones II Bobby Jones 72 "Harkie" Eating olives Poor health "Fish" Making eyes Inventor "Harry" Hinting for dates Telephone operator "Kenny" Own florist shop Gardener "Kate" Will power Katy did "Eddie" Mighty broadjumper Skinned knee "Mem" Rich hubby Old maid "Haze" Own 1000 records 999 broken "Hed" Editor of lovelorn column Farmer's wife "One-Cell" Cadet Colonel Buck private "Bud" World's fastest thinker Making excuses "Shrimp" To grow tall Shrimp 'Grrfrr" Own a restaurant Making hot dogs "Franc" To have fast feet Marathon Champ "Hukie" Nothing particular Breaking flower pots "Charlie" To be nice once A chaperon "Edie" To do things Going places "Georgie" A lawyer A parrot tutor "Artie" Happy marriage A henpecked husband "Nora" To be able to talk in 315 Miss B.'s pet "Jake" V To be a surgeon Inventor of a tin can opener "Dorot" Typist Pulling weeds "jenny" To have blonde hair Blondex testifier "Donny" Own a bow tie A bachelor "Lizzie" To be able to tell time Late for work "Ioesne" To be an understudy Sis's pal "Dot" To be an interviewer Surgeon "Lo" Dancer in footlights Living in Old Ladies' Home "Marie" Life of the party Following miragcs Fifty nine Z 2 Q S Y Z JUNIOR Loo NERTZ' NAME NAME SECRET AMBITION OUTCOME Iones, Alma "jones" Lion tamer Taming Edward jones, Robert "Bob" To be popular Reno Iorgensen, Henry "Henry" To have a hefmanish figure Al Capone Iorgensen, Mary "jorgen" Am I a heart breaker? Prize fighter Iuhb, Thomas "Tom" General in next war On K. P. duty Kearse, Elsie Marie "Ellie" Concert Violinist Fred Keith, Dona Rae "Deith" To be an overseer Working the Clios Killian, Evelyn "Kelli" To go to heaven Modernistic artist King, Mildred "Milly" To get five A's Student's model Kistle, Elizabeth "Liz" Famous cartoonist Nonpareil reporter Kleeman, Edward "Ward" Radio announcer Weather forecaster Krolhof, Delores "Del" To fall in love Housewife Krumenacher, Robert "Bob" To be nertzy Nertz Kuhl, Harold "Kuhl" World traveler A salesman Lacy, Charles "Charlie" Congressman Millionaire Larsen, Elizabeth "Bess" To own a diamond ring See Woolworth Larsen, Maxine "Max" The modern artist Varnishing floors Launer, Lucille "Lacy" A model in Paris Minister's wife Lavdure, Gladys "Glad" To travel in Peru Peru, Iowa Lewis, Vera "V" Parachute jumper Deep-sea diver Lane, Ruby "Lany" French Fire Escape Lett, Kenneth "Lett" Big -farmer Penthouse gardener Lewis, Elsie "Els" Movie actress Endorser of Lux soap Luckiesh, Marvethel "Lucky" To play a flute just flitting around Luxford, Cecil "Sizzle" Greatest man Unknown soldier McAlpine, Kenneth "Mac" Work contract bridge system Dentist McCargar, Jean "Fritz" Look down on somebody Matt Walsh McEvoy, Mary "Marybeth" Interior decorator Cateress McGilvray, Bert "Ethel" Ioin House of David Testing Burma'shave McGonagle, Maxine "Max" Angleworm psychiatrist Wife McKown, Eddie "Izzy" Izzy is Izzy not McManus, Hope "McMinnie" Premier denseuse in Vanities 99 4440076 pure Matlack, Martha "Mart" Swim English Channel Life guard for gym Miller, Ardath "Ad" I'll walk to lunch Weather fwolman Milner, Gladys "Glad" Sunshine spreader Beatrice Fairfax fan Morris, Marshall "Swamp" Philosopher Soap box orator Morrow, Bruce "Duke" To be Jr. President junior President Morse, Wilma "Willie" To filibuster Teacher Mueller, Selma "Mule" To go to Venice Paddling a canoe Murray, Dorothy "Lady" To wear SW shoes Not enough feet Mustard, Dorothy "Dot" Drive a moving van Director of pushcarts Matthiensen, Virgil "Mat" To get by Hazy Nelson, Leonard "Lemon" Owner of five sweatfshirts Ragman Nichols, Opal "O" To be an heiress Wall St. crash Neidermeyer, Josephine "Jodi" Embroidering Olympic Tight Rope Walker Nipp, Pauline "Nippy" Mind reader Dead from shock Sixty I IY 1 2 Q X X Y 7 7 JUNIOR LOG NERTZ' I NAME NAME SECRET AMBITION OUTCOME Norregaard, Thordis "Snail" On time at gym Class called late Nourse, john "Heppie" Barker at sideshow Bearded lady Nugent, Frances "Ziz" Perfect chemistry test llead keeper of Atoms Nusser, Esther "Queenie" Perfect permanent Follies girl Olsen, Earl "Hot cha" Have a girl Bigamist - Olsen, Earnest "Earnie" Have two girls Harem Orr, William "Bill" Write ballads Editor of Ballyhoo Paludan, Reinhardt "Rein" Manufacturer of May Baskets Deliverer of Easter eggs Parmer, Mary Lee "Piffle" Write subtitles for talkies Junior Log Paulson, Boyd "Pawl" Collect junior dues New ring Pavelich, Mildred "Scotch" Golf champion Loses only ball Perry, Frank "Deed" Reading ghost stories School spirit Peterson, Violet "Vi" Park by fireplug Iailbird Peterson Clara "Petey" Platinum Blonde Credit at hairdresser's Peterson .Gerner "Gr'rr'r" Mayor Pound master Peterson Jack "jackie" Posseess soprano voice Crooner Peterson, Pauline "Polly" Millionairess Polish silverware Peterson, Ronald "Ronny" Lick Carnero Hospital regular Phillips, Ruth Anne "Goofy" Raise kittens Making cat's pajamas Pilling, George "Pill" To cut corners Aeroplane pilot Praeker, Frances "Francie" Actress Broke Price, Helen "Price" Collect bargains Santa Claus Priestley, Albert "Al" Hollywood heavy Romeo Prouty, Ida "Mae" Going steady Elwood Pryor, Mary "Min" Deep sea diver Mermaid Pullen, Ercell "Ercie" To be erts-nay Ertsfnay Randolph, David "Dave" Author Wastebasket collection Raph, Katherine "Kate" School Marm Scarecrow Reafleng, Bessie "Bess" Clothespin Needle Reafleng, Lela "Reafie" Henry Field Earl May Reid, Shirley "Shirl" Fireman Ship stoker Robinson, William "Billy" Billy Sunday Heart failure Robinson, La Verne "Rob" Livestock Specialist Bed bug killer Rodenburg, Fern "Riddie" Sealskin Coat Missionary to South Sea Rocnnau, Emma Elisabeth"Emmie" Arthur Missin Rommel, Clara Marie "Claire" XVrite plainly Typist Rosenberg, Anna Louise "Annie" Artist Believe it or not Rowe, Harriett "Harry" Twining hair Curling iron Saar, Frances "Fanny" Make chalk marks on floor Seventh period Salisbury, Virginia "Jinnie" Football player Ping pong champ Saltzman, Helen "Mae" Rocking chair fiend Mildred Baily VI Santi, Doris "james" Radio star Strangulation Savage, Robert "Bob" Go to war Peace pact signed Scott, Amos "Amos'n' Ventriloquist Andy's' successor Smith, Audrey "A" Fourth in Boswells Kresge Krooner Smith, Ida "Cider" Inspiration for song Whoopfdefdoo Smith, Margaret "Marg" Spanish teacher Esperanto adopted Sixty one 1 L: Q S Y 7 JUNIOR LOG NERTZ' NAME NAME SECRET AMBITION Smith, Marjorie "Marjie" Communist leader Solliday, Ethel "Sol" Original Miss Innocence Sorenson, Georgia "Gee" Shorthand 200 per Sorensen, Leah "Lee" Own an Austin Southard, Woodrow "South" Slaying the ladies Spencer, Richard "Dick" Kansas City Star Editor Sprinkle, Robert "Bob'l Silver voiced orator Stageman, Audrey "Ray" Dietician Staley, Walter "Tooter" Corridio Steinberg, Florence "Flo" Paderewski Steinberg, Marvel "Buster" Prestidigitator Stouffer, William "Bill" Track man Stroud, Leslie "Les"- Enter sleeping contest Stuart, Robert "Stew" A from Mrs. C. Sulhoff, Ernest "Ernie" Cutup of the party Tevis, Harold "Tevy" Make first squad Thomas, Corinne "Corry" Coquette Thorpe, Virginia "'Thorpie" Raid Movies Tiarks, Lucille "Lucy" Bold and bad Tuchenhagen, Hulda "Tuckie" Ann Harding's double Patten, Lee Van "Van" Quietly destroy chem. Vergamini, Frank "Minni" Sharpshooter Voss, Lloyd "Ossie" Do something big Waddell, Harry "Duck" 2nd Coach Layland Waddell, Fern "Waddie" To be called Fern Waddell, Phyllis "Pl'1yl" To be called Phyllis Wallace, Arlene "Rena" Eating holes in doughnuts Wallace, Josephine "Ice" Head blower in bottle factory V Walker, Kenneth "Kenny" Acquire keen imagination Walker, Edward "Ed" Dyeing zebras Watts, Dolores "Dolly" Burlesque toe dances Watson, Richard "Dick" Tester in pop factory Ward, Chester "Chet" Professor in blushing Walsh, Matthew "Matt" Whitewashing giraffes Wallahan, Herbert "Herbie" Displacing Walter Wintchell Wallace, Martha "Wally" Fly kites in subway Whittaker, Alfred "Al" South African ditch digger Williams, Beatrice "Bee" Posing for Ivory Ads Wilson, Robert "Bob" Champion spitting record Winger, Ancil "Pie face" Running for sheriff Woker, Robert "W0kie" Street car conductor on Lake Erie Woolhiser, Lawrence "Kaiser" Punching holes in Swiss cheese Yates, Maxine "Blondie" A. L. prize fighter on faculty squad Young, Herbert "Herb" Philanthropist Young, Ruth "Boots" Taking care of G.O.P. ' elephant OUTCOMI3 Salavation Army Lass 2nd Texas Guinan All per'ed out Lost it in crowd Bluebeard Bloomer Bugle The timid soul Feeding the birds Missing passes Teach scale at Glenwood Egg Siberian rabbit hunter Insomnia , 315 at 3:20 Vivisectionist Making third Cupid's little helper Best girl Shy and sweet A farmer's joy Far from quietly Crosseyed from overwork Washing elephants Dancing instructor Called Phyllis A Called Fern Going "Pringle" Putting glass in road Reporter Alma's little helper Musical top Popcorn Popper Chief mixer in bluing factory Midgets Little Benny's right hand man Putting crackers in soup Cemetery caretaker Laundress ' Owner of a grasshopper farm Still running Ferryman on Atlantic Ocean Worker in a sponge factory Baby orchestra Creche Owner of a flea circus Sixty-two Q C, Y X X Z 1 X Adrian, Frank Amento, Frank Armstrong, Hertha Babbe, James Bailey, Raymond Baker, Frank Bates, Graydon F. Berg, Fredrick Bierer, Benjamin Boyle, Dennis Bransby, Joe Brown, Florence Brown, Pauline Carle, Viola Christoffersen, Milton Datesman, Helen Dempster, Robert Dorman, Delbert Emarine, Jack Felton, Violet Fitch, Marvin Fletcher, Mark Flury, Harold Gehuhr, Carl Gidley, Robert Greene, Robert Grosklaus, Robert .IUNIORS-11-1 Grote, Frances Grotheer, Wanda Hall, George Hansen, Arthur Hansen, Ovene Harding, Don Harper, Marjorie Harris, Paul Harrison, Lillian Harry, Erma Hendrix, Donald Hill, Jack House, Mary Katherine Huckleeberry, Erva Jacks, Don Jennings, Earl Jensen, Fern Kinder, Edgar Kinder, Lillian Klein, jacquetta Knickman, Marvin Larsen, Helen Blanche Mathis, Virginia May, Leo Mayne, Wililield McGilvray, Louise Nelson, Ray Nichols, Fern O'Brien, Robert Pace, Ralph Pedersen, Woidman Pflaster, Margaret Pierce, Helen Rankin, Gertrude Rathbun, Marjorie Raygor, Carl Read, Adin Schlott, Frederic Schweer, Lewis Seidl, Louise Siders, George Smith, Ida Smith, Marian Smith, Virginia Speers, Eyvonne Starr, Robert Supernois, Don Talbott, Darwin Thompson, George Thompson, Ruth Tinnel, Ervin Van Horne, Robert Wiiiters, Wayne Sixty-tlvrcc 1 1 Q S X Z Abel, Marion Adams, William Adkins, Mason Allen, Naomi Amick, Wayne Anderson, Lillian Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Russell Ash, Elinor Asmussen, Jack Babbe, Gwen Bachman, Maxine Bailey, Jose Baker, William Baldwin, Richard Beason, Harry Beck, Kathryn Bennett, Dean Berry, Thora Maye Blanchard, Russell Blank, Anagene Blizzard, Ruth Boedeker, Helen Bollman, Henry Bosley, Bernard Brandt, Albert Brandt, Elaine Brittain, Everett SOPI-IOMORES-10-2 Britton, Warner Brons, Evelyn Brown, Eileen Brown, Leonard Brown, Melvin Brown, Virginia Buhrman, Helen Burket, Jessie Burgett, Glada Buschenfield, Dorothy Bush, Irmel Bussey, Clair Butler, Cora Blanche Campbell, Evelyn Capel, Max Capleton, Rosie Arnett Caywood, Don Chafen, Irene Childs, Herbert Christensen, Arnold Christensen, Edward Christensen, Everett Clark, Stanley Conn, Evadna Cole, Jack Crain, Iva Decker, Arthur Delanty, joseph Dorsett, Wilma Drummond, Roy Dunn, Lucille Ebert, Kenneth Evans, Harold Ewald, Joe Fair, Fiddie Fauble, Frances Feldt, Earl Fisher, Irene Foster, Forrest Fowler, Charles Fox, Leonard From, Lester Frost, Eileen Fullberg, Muriel Gehan, Patricia Geisler, Edward Gill, Carl Gillin, Charlotte Gilson, Frederick Green, Walter Green, Charlotte Greene, Ethel Gould, Harriet Grassfield, Thelma Graves, Altha burly our Harris, Harry , Kenneth 1 4: X Y S Z Z 7 Graybill, Wayne Griffith, Floyd Hansen, Dorothy Hansen, George Hardegan, Jean Harper, Margaret Hauschildt, Margaret Hemmingsen, Mildred Herd, Floyd Herwig, Roger Hiclcs, Helen Higgins, William Hill, Kathryn Hopkins, Erma Hough, Merle Howard, Paul Hudson, Grover Hughes, Floyd Humlicelc, Roy Hutchins, Arda Inman, Helen Marie Jacobs, Martha Jacobsen, Anna Jalcsha, Antoinette Jensen, Ellen Jensen, Gilbert Jensen, Gladys SOPHOMORES-10-2 Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Harold Leonora Marie Jessen, Olive Johnson Johnson Johnson , Donald , George Johnson, Max Johnson, Ronald Jones, Gerald Jordan, Francis Karr, Delbert Kennedy, Florence King, John Kingston, Willard Kistle, Addison Kleeman, Ruth Klindt, Marjorie Knight, James Kolhof, Evelyn Korgan, Nina Kuhl, Vernon Kunze, Velma Lainson, Mary Lainson, Virginia Larsen, Arden Larsen, Inez Lauter, Henry Larsen, Louis Lewis, Marian Lee Lidgett, Elsie London, Leslie McClymonds, Erskine McCunn, Howard McDaniel, Dorothy McGee, Maxine McGilvray, Doris McGilvray, Laura McSorley, David MacDougall, Tom Mackie, Beulah Marcus, Lowell Marshall, Wendell Martin, Eldo Meneray, Mary Janice Mentzer, Louise Michelson, Roy Milgard, Mae Mitchell, Mary Jane Montalbano, Catherine Montgomery, Esther Moore, Garth Moore, Mary Virginia Morehouse, Merle Sixty-five ? X x X Z Morrison, John Mortensen, Clifford Mortensen, Gladys Mortensen, Howard Mulqueen, Mariella Nelson, Eva Nelson, Joan Newman, Dale Orr, Ellen Parkes, Langston Pates, Betty Pedersen, Elna Peet, Catherine Peterson, Dorris Peterson, Ernest Petersen, Maxine Peterson, Robert Pickett, Leona Pischel, Harold Planck, Kenneth Poore, Charles Poore, Robert Pringle, Harlan Prior, Arlene Pryor, John Raiter, Anthony Rasmussen, Olene SOPHOMORES-10-2 Ratliff, Harward Rehm, Martha Reggio, Rose Reid, Rose Riaski, Frank Rief, Lloyd Rodenburg, Esther Rodenburg, Pearl Roiiiman, Ruth, Rosenfeld, Donald Rosenfeld, Jack Russell, Beula Schley, Ruth Schroeder, John Shaw, Dick Spencer, Henry Stageman, Helen Stageman, Paul Stageman, Roselind Stancliffe, Floyd Stewart, Marian Stowe, Robert Stroud, Stanley Stuart, Robert Stutsman, Paul Swain, Eldon Swanson, Lucille Swassing, Francis Sweeney, Gordon Tague, Daniel Taylor, Gretchen Terwilligen, Frances Teufel, Louise Thomas, Marian E. Thomason, Bonita Totten, Helen Turner, Robert Vallier, Bernice Vergamini, George Viola, Albert Waddingham, Kathleen Wakefield, Elvin Walker, Lorene Watford, Evelyn Washburn, Robert Watkins, Marian Watson, Jack Wiese, Walter Wilbur, Marjorie Winslow, Mervin Wiseman, Victoria Wisner, Phyllis Witt, Albert Wolpa, Harold S ix t y-.fix iz, rr X R-l+ Z Anderson, Florence Aringdale, Daisy Armstrong, Pearl Baker, Ailene Binder, Frank Bingston, Billy Blecit, Jennie Bowen, Donald Bowen, Robert Bransby, Eric Branz, Ernest Brown, Doris Buchholz, Violet Busselle, Betty Butler, Fern Christensen, Grenville Clark, Kathryn Collister, Arthur Crabtree, Dorothy Dahl, Marion Davis, Helen Day, Florence Dodd, Pauline Drustrup, Don Ehrig, Jack Elliot, Bernice Endclman, Robert Epperson, Elizabeth Eszincy, Harriet Fairquhar, Ralph Gzimfalo, Sam Cotch, Lee Craves, Merle Hamilton, Ralph Hannan Kelly Hansen, Adeline Hansen, Lyle SOPHOMORES-10-1 Harper, Hazel Hecht, Ma1'y Hessenflow, Frank Hirsch, Bryan Hitchcock, Frank Hofler, Elsie Holway, Betty Howard, Dorothy Howarth, Barbara Hurd, Nettie -lessen, Grace Keairnes, Leah Kern, Elizabeth King, Clarence King, June Knight, Milburn Kushner, Bertha La Heist, Vernon Larsen, june Loomer, joseph Mackland, Harvey Madison, Roland Manz, Arlene Maxfield, Donald McMains, Norman Meyerson, June Milner, Charles Montgomery, Joel Noris, Martha Morrow, Maxine Mounts, Phil Nelsen, Edna Mae Noyes, Mabel Olsen, Donald Qlsen, Richard Orrell, Homer Organ, Katrine Patterson, Dorothy Petersen, Marie Peterson, Alvin Phillips, Patty Pickrell, Gail Radliff, Edith Rice, Genevieve Rice, Virginia Richardson, Thelma Risor, Edward A. Roop, Porter Schlemmer, Ruth Schmidt, Theoan Schroeder, Mildred Schweer, Leona Scott, Frank Seddon, Billie Sessions, Charles Sessions, Doris Shaw. Wayne Shobe, Thelma Sieck, Lawrence Smith, Harold Smith, Mary Sprinkel, Florence Spurgin, Wilma Steinberg, Esther Stoker, Roy Twiford. Audrey Vana, Charles Vergamini, Carl Vernon, Floyd Viola, Emil White, Robert Wisner, Ruth L Sixty-scvcn cz 4: K A X Z Z 7 Ahrens, Donald Andersen, Margaret Andersen, Richard Babington, Jean Bacon, Arlene Barker, Ethel Barnett, Donald Bebensee, Jane Bergman, Earl Bird, Esther Boggs, Bertha Bolin, Harold Bonfante, Joseph Bonfante, Josephine Brewer, Corrine Brickey, Carlysle Buckner, Inez Burket, Mae Bussey, Walter Campbell, June Christensen, May Clausen, Helen Cleinmens, Clarence Copeland, DeLoma Cowgill, Florence Cummings, Jean Darrington, Joyce Deal, Floyd Delanty, Helen Dillion, Wilma Diventi, Mary Louis Dixon, Tom Doyland, Arthur Duff, Helen Ellsworth, Ervin Fernley, Jack Filhert, Donald Flood, Esther Fox, Frances Marie Griffith, Howard C FRESI-IMEN-9-2 and 9-1 Grow, Jane Anne Gurner, Richard Hagerman, Doris Hansen, Melvin Hays, Leslie Heileman, Helen Hemmingsen, James Hopkins, Archie Hudson, Floyd Huff, Dorothy Hushaw, Clalien Jacobsen, Virginia Jaksha, Theresa Jensen, Letha Johnson, Martha Jungferman, George Justesen, Lela Kemplin, Warren Kirehhoff, Donald Kleeb, Frederick Koger, Claude Lane, George Larsen, Evelyn Larsen, Harold Larsen, Mildred Leuth, Clifford Luckiesh, Pearl McGuire, John McKinley, Erman lVlacDonald, Byron Madsen, Earl Mailtz, Shirley Mzirk, Frances hffartens, Raymond Massey. Thelma Miles, Robert Miner, Frank Moore, Byron Nelson, George Neilson, Raymond Norgaard, Henry Olsen, Ingilletta Owens, Irene Patterson, Erma Petersen, Mary Louise Phifer, Iola Pilling, Alan Prior, Harold Reed, Melverna Richmond, Marjorie Ross, Orville Russell, Eugene Sales, Mary Sheilds, Helen Shull, Fern Smith, Francis Sorenson, Robert Sowl, Keith Steiher, Robert Stewart, Helen Stivers, Maxine Stone, Wentworth Storey, Franklin Stowe. David Strauhe, Genevieve Swanson, Donald Taylor, Jeanne Thomas, Isabelle Torneten, John Triplett, Nlartlia Waddell, Theda Walker, George Whalen, Evangeline Whitman, Richard Wiatt, Mary Yeager, Helen Young, George Young, Helen Sixly-eight Departments 5' Y X X .2 ? 7 7 Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor. . Associate Editor., Associate Editor ,,,,, Business Manager i,,,, Stageman, Rosenfeld, Goodwin Wolf, Sliellenlverg CRIMSON AND BLUE EXECUTIVE STAFF Sponsor: Mary D. Wallace BUSINESS STAFF Sponsor: Wllbllf I. Rosencranz Carolyn Rosenfeld Umatilla Goodwin .,,,t..Rutl1 Stageman Robert Shellenberg ,,,.i..,.Harry Wolf Seventy Q 3 X 7 F int Row: Stevens, Brightman, Zoller, Stuart, Bergman, Kushner, Reed, Damon, Blanchard, Rapp. Second Row: Adler, True. Third Row: Classes ..t.,.....,.. Athletics .....,,, Girls' Activities ....,, Publications .,., Forensics ..,. Dramatics ...........,. Music .........,. Cooper, Williams, Shellenberg, johnson, Richerson, Pennington, Davis, Miss Wallace, Beattie, Rider, Fisher, Stupfell, Harris. CRIMSON AND BLUE STAFF ASSISTANT EDITORS ..i..,r.Peggie Johnson, Margaret Stuart, Betty Reed Richard Rider Mildred Bergman Lily Kushner .,Mary Stevens .......j'ames Williams Chester Harris Societies, clubs, departments ,..,,,, ..,..,,,, C arol Damon, Robert Shellenberg R. O. T. C ...........,.....,......, ,,tr .... .......rr.........,,......,,..,,,,,,.,.., L l o yd Beattie Pictures .........,, ..,,...,.. . ,. ........,,...,.,,,,.s.............. Richard Davis, Wilson Stupfell Humor ..s,s,,..s,..s..,,,,....,,.,,,...,,,..,..,,,.s Social Inspiratio Art ..........,..i.... Typist ...,,,. Solicitorsm Leone Isaac, Gloria Rapp, Morten Adler, Bob Bailey nal Calendar .,,,...,,,,,,...,........,,,,,,,,s,,.,......,,,............,...... Arleen Blanchard .,,,r..Chester Fisher, Guinivere Pennington, Viola Richerson Vance, Adeline Brightman .,,...,,Elinor Zoller, Charles Cooper, Marla True -' 4: X X S Q 7 First Row: Kushner, Bergman, Stuart, Stokes, Andrews, Hadden, Blanchard, Stuart, Goodwin, Isaac, Merrill. Second Row: B. johnson, Reed, P. Johnson, Meyer, Rapp, Meyerson, Johnston, Gerber, F. Johnson, Stoclcert. Third Row: Cooper, Shellenberg, Balaban, Maduff, Neff, Sisson, Wolf, Smith. Fourth Row: E. Anderson, Walker, Sorenson, Freeman, Lee, Laustrup. THE ECI-IOES 1931 Editors-in-Chief .,,....,, ..,,.r..,....,....,,...,...,.,....,. A rthur Sisson, Betty Reed Managing Editors ..r,r ,..,.,,.. D orothy Stuart, Mildred Bergman Associate Editors ..,. .A..........i,,...,.,....,. L yle Neff, I-larry Wolf News Editors ....,, ,,,.,.... A rleen Blanchard, Dorothy Meyer Proof Readers ..... ,..,,,.. F rances Johnson, Robert Freeman Feature Editors... ...,,r.. Reggie Johnson, Roberta Smith Columnists r,,,,,r ,,,,,.. ,,,,....r,... ,......,......,,,,..,,,,.. S y cl ney Maduff, Don Laustrup Art Editors ..,,,, rr,,,.,r,....r,,,r,..,...,.i..........,....,,....i,....,....,,,.. B ernard Balaban, Leone Isaac Sports Writers ..,......, Gloria Rapp, Kenneth Walker, Gwendolyn Meyerson, Earl Anderson Feature Writers ,,,.....,.,. ,,.,,..,.,,, ......,,....................... J a net Merrill, Margaret Stuart Special Reporters ,,,, .,,,.. .,,,,,,,, A l ice Smith, Lily Kushner, Marjorie Johnson BUSINESS STAFF Business Managers ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, , .,,. .....,,.,...,,.,.... R obert Shellenberg, june Christensen Advertising Managers ......,r,,,,.,., ,,.,,,i,, O scar Sorensen, Elizabeth Andrews Assistant Advertising Managers .,,i, ,.,..,, G eraldine Stockert, Barbara Johnson Solicitors ..,...,....,.i,.,,....i......,,,,,,, .,,..ri..,. C harles Cooper, Gladys Stokes Special Solicitors ,,.,,,r,,,,,,,,,.,,. r.rr,,., M arian Gerber, Leona Hadden Circulation Managersn, i.,,,,, Ednah Nimtz, Umatilla Goodwin Adviser r,,,,,,,,,..... ,..,,,,...,.....,.,..,,...... H. Arthur Lee Q r Seventy-Iwo 4 ES' Q 3 Y 7 Z 7 First Row: Caywood, Hansen, Stuart, Andrews, Isaac, A. Anderson, Gerber, Francis, R. Anderson, Underwood, Zinlc. Second Row: Felker, Lehman, Muller, Johnston. Third Row: Fisher, Bailey, Balaban, Maduff, Orr, Sisson, Spitznagle, Watson, Walker. Fourth Row: Howarth, Bernstein, Wilmes, Maltz, Gordon, L. Hansen. Fifth Row: Wallahan, Lueclce, Baumeister. Sixth Row: Rider, Kenyon, Neff, Lee, Kennedy, Jensen. Editors-in-Chief ..,. Managing Editors ,...,, Associate Editors .... News Editors ....., Proof Readers ..,,, Copy Readers .,.,,, Columnists .....,, Art Editors ....., Sports Editors .,,. Feature Editors ..... Special Reporters ....,,.....,,....,...........,.,,,,,,......,.,.,.... Typists .,..,......,.... THE ECHOES 1932 .,,..,...Lyle Neff, Adele Anderson ....,,,,..Sydney Maduii, Leone Isaac Bernard Balaban, Carla Muller Robert Bailey, Edward Walker ,,,,,,.,.William Orr, George Wilmes Jack Kenyon, Catherine Lehman Jack Gordon, Meyer Maltz Chester Fisher, Leonard Hansen George Lueke, Richard Rider .....Jaclc Kennedy, Paul Howarth, Herbert Wallahan, Marjorie Johnston Harry Bromberg, Ruth Elaine Caywood Donald Bernstein, Ruby Anderson BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .,..,,....,. .........,,....,,....,..,.....,.,..........,,....,.....,. H ugh Baumeister Advertising Managers .,..,,,,.,.....,...,,,..,,.....,...,......,,,..,.... Ruth Francis, Clifford Hiddleston Assistant Advertising Managers ,..........,,...........,,.....,............ Marian Gerber, Arthur Sisson Circulation Managers .............. Elizabeth Andrews, Albert Jensen, Helen Jane Underwood Special Solicitors ............,...,,..........,..,,.,...,,..,.,.,,..,...., Ruth Anne Phillips, Dorothy Fellcer Solicitors ......... ......... M argaret Stuart, John Spitznagle Adviser .,................................ H. Arthur Lee Seventy llmt' E I g Y X X Z Seeman, Williams, Babbe, Rosenfeld, Hutton, Hedrick, Friedman, Andrus, Adler, Stuart, Rosenfeld, Roennau, Fellcer, Moser, Stevens, Johnson, Fox MISSOURI VALLEY LEAGUE DECISION DEBATES Question: "Resolved That the Several States Should Enact Legislation Providing for Compulsory Unemployment Insurance" .Won ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,r SCHEDULE Date .....,,.,, ,.,,... P lace .,,,,,..,.,,....,..,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, Boys Dec. 10 ..... .... ..,,,.. C e ncral ,,..,.. t,,,,,,,, W on Dec. 14 ,,e,,,e,,, .,7,,,. B enson ,,..,,.. ...er,,.. I dost jan. 8 EL........ .....,E S ourh ...E.,,E,...... ,E.,,... jan. 12 ..,....... .,.,... C reighton Prep ,...... ,....,.,, W on Jan. 17 ,......e.. ,...... T ech ....,,e,....,......,.... t,...,,,. L ost Feb. 2 ,,t,,,t,,, ,,er,,7 T laomas Jefferson .,..,,,,,..,..,,.. Lost Felw. 28 ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,7, N ortla ......., ...,.. ,,,i,..., L o st 'Seventy-fozzr ,.,r..,..Girls Won Won Won ,....,...Lost ,,,,,....Lost Won 7 7 7 Hedrick, Rosenfeld, Williams, Adler Question: "Resolved That the Several States Should Enact Legislation Providing for Compulsory Unemployment Insurancen STATE LEAGUE ' D f School N ictories e eats Abraham Lincoln 3 3 DRAKE TOURNAMENT School Victories Defeats Abraham Lincoln PRACTICE DEBATES: Fort Dodge, Iowa Ottumwa, Iowa Marian, Iowa East Sioux City, Iowa Central Sioux City, Iowa Vermillion, South Dakota Blair, Nebraska Lincoln, Nebraska 2 1 DECISION DEBATES: North High, Des Avoca, Iowa Sioux Falls, Iowa Fairfield, Iowa Elgin, Illinois Newton, Iowa Thomas jefferson Shenandoah, Iowa Per Cent 500. Per Cent 666.66 Moines Teams: James Williams, Robert Rosenfeld, John Hedrick, Morton Adler, Owen Bahhe, George Hutton, Frances Johnson, Carolyn Rosenfeld, Virgie Loc Moser, Mary Stevens, Dorothy Fellcer, Margaret Stuart, and Emma Elizabeth Roennau. Smfcnly-five WTT, A as .fa Qi' -axag ,Daft ' ,an-ff s Qs or ., , M .E - thi IONIAN DEBATE SQUAD John Hedrick, Robert Rosenfeld, Billy Emarine, George Hutton, Owen Bahbe. INTER-SOCIETY DEBATE TOURNAMENT The question for debate was, "Resolved: That the Several States Should Enact Legis- lation Providing for Compulsory Unemployment Insurancef, Two separate round-robin tournaments were held to determine the winners in the boys' and the girls' literary societies. The Thalians and the Ionians were the victors. The decision was split in the finals between the Thalians and the Ionians. As the teams tied on the judge's decision, the debate was decided upon individual speaker rating. On this basis the Ionians were named victors. By a vote of all the society debaters the Thalian team was awarded the Honorary Gavel, which Mr. White, former debate coach, gave to the school, for the best sportsmen in this tournament. TI-IALIAN DEBATE SQUAD First Row: Jane Hawkins, Dorothy Felker, Mary Stevens. Second Row: Gretchen Taylor, Margaret Stuart, Ruth Stageman. Smrnfy-six 1 1 X Z Z 7 LEFFERT DECLAMATORY CONTEST ORATORICAL A Plea for Cuba ,,,, ,,,.,,,,.,...,.,,,A,..,,,,.,,,..,....,,,,.,,,.,.,...,...,........,....... .....,,.,, M a rli True The Meaning of America's Entrance Into the World War... ..,..., Robert Peterson The Unknown Speaker ...A,...,.............................,............,,... .,,.,,. -I ames Williams Regulus to the Carthaginians ,,,.......,,.,..,.,,,,,..,...,...,,,....,.... .,.Ar.., O wen Babbe Winner ,7,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,A,,Ar,,,,r. .,,,..r,,,.,,,.. M a r k True DRAMATTC Sugar Beers ,,,...,..,,t,,,...,,..,,.,,...,,..,,,.....,,,,...,,,..r,.,,.,.., .,.,.,.. M arianne johnson Fear God and Take Your Own Part ,...... ,..,.A,, G ertrude Gretzer Littlest Rebel .........,.........,....r...,..,....,,... ...... N ancy Lee Hayes Laclclie .........,.,.........,..,.,....,,.,,,...,........,.........,........ ........ V irginia Thorpe Winner ,.t,, ,,,.,,..A,rr,4,,.,,,.,,,............ ...,,.,., M a rianne Johnson HUMOROUS Ma's Monday Morning .i,,,,.,, ,,,...,,,...,,,i,,,,,,.,,..,,, i,..... H e len Datesman Healtliena . ,,,t.t,.,t.,i,,.,,,...,,,,,,,,,, ,,.....,..,.,, I da Prouty At the Modernistic Art Gallery .i,,,,. ....,,..,...,,,, I-I elen Gaines Brothcrly Love ..,.,..,,.,,,,,..,.,,,,,.i,,,, ,,.ii, M ary Janice Meneray Winner ,t..,ttt..,,,,,....,,......,,,..,,..,..,.e,..,.........,......ii....,, Helen Datesman EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING CONTEST James Williams, winning the school championship in extemporaneous speaking, represented Abraham Lin- coln at the district contest held in our own school audi- torium. He won second place in the state contest at Iowa City. The system of contests in Abraham Lincoln high school gives practical train- ing in extemporaneous speak- ing to almost two-thirds of the student body. The first contest is held in the James Williams literary societies. Represen- tatives are then selected to participate in the semi-finals, in which ten speakers are chosen for the final contest. Those participating this year were R o b e r t Rosenfeld, James Williams, Morton Adler, John Hedrick, Caro- lyn Rosenfeld, Mark True, Dona Rae Keith, Frances Johnson, Mary Stevens and Gretchen Taylor. James Williams was victorious and second place was won by Robert Rosenfeld. Seventy sw Ln 1 :za K S X Z 7 X The Dramatic Year A combination of thrills, chills, comedy and drama made up one of the most success- ful years in the history of our school productions. Superior acting, backed by adequate support, kept the action of plays surviving all year long. The ball started rolling with "Mamma's Affairn, a successful comedy of home life. The supervision of a pampered family was the plot of "Adam and Eve." "The Nut Farmf' the next play, solved the problem of a movie-struck wife. Here the drama was interrupted by the lovely strains of "The Prince of Pilsenf' The Glee clubs gave the fin- est musical comedy in the school's history. The under classmen next gave as their tradi- tional Christmas play, "Wooden Shoes." The school always enjoys the attempts of younger students at the production of a play. Flashing lights, opening panels and scratching noises were features in "The Tiger Housef' This play was the only mystery produced during the year. Following this came the unique arrangement of the Ero-Philo plays. A comedy, fantasy, and a drama, each comprising one act, were given. The juniors were given their chance next with "Dulcy.,, The case of a too-helpful wife was disposed of then. The superior seniors gave the most serious presentation of the year in "Copperhead" A stirring drama of the Civil War, well deserves the honor of closing the dramatic season. With the final curtain of "Copperhead," the theatre-goers of Abraham Lincoln were well satisfied, having witnessed a most successful year. Seventy-eight cz L 1: X 3 S Z Z j MAMMNS AFFAIRS Docforf Dociorf Come Help Hen' By RACHEL BARTON BUTLER Presented By DELTA TAU-LCGO LITERARY SOCIETIES Directed By MISS RUTH CASTLE Tommy., ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,.....,,,,,. ,,,,,,..,.,, C a r l Gehuhr, Ronald Johnson Henry Marchant ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, L ester Friedman, Jack Kenyon Eve Orrin ,,,,.,, .. ,,,, . ,, .,,, ,,.,,,,, B arbara Johnson, Eleanor Fellers Mrs. Judith Marchant ,,,,.,,,, . ,,.,, Gertrude Gretzer, Gwendolyn Meyerson Mrs. Grace Orrin .,..,,.., . . ,, ,,Carolyn Rosenfeld, Ruth Anne Phillips Dr. Jansen ,,,,. ,,,, ,,,, , , , .,,,,,,,. Harold Livers, Mark True Mrs. Bundy ,,,,, ,, ,, , ,, ,,,,,, ,Lillian Fernley, Dorothy Evans BUSINESS STAFF Business manager, Jean Jackson, ticket managers, Violet Peterson, Jack Dempster, puhlicity managers, Leone Wilson, Tony Baldaufg program manager, Wilxna Perry, music chairman, Esther Steinhergg house managers, Wilma Rolf, George Johnson. PRODUCTION STAFF Albert Jensen, Donald Maxfield, Charles Hannan, Eldo Martin, Henry Jorgensen, Donald Rosenfeld, Lloyd Fent, Dorothy Blank, Ruth Anderson, Dorothy Orr, Beatrice Willianms, Marguerite Shaw, Elaine Coulter, Richard Davis, Robert Riaslci, Beryl Scott, Helen Pierce. Seventy-fzirzu Q-Si S 3 Z ADAM AND EVA Stopf Wlvafr Going On Here? By GEORGE MIDDLETON AND GUY BOLTON Produced By ALPHA AND ARISTOTELIAN LITERARY SOCIETIES Directed By MISS RUTH TAMISIEA james King ........ ........,..............,..............,..........,................. B ernard Balaban Corinthia ............... .....,, E mma E. Roennau, Ruth Thompson Clinton DeWitt ,.i,,.. .,,,,......,.........,,,.Y.,,, R obert Shellenberg julie DeWitt .......,.,.. .......,, A lma Brockman, Helen Datesman Eva King ,,,,Y.,,,. .,,,,,.,,, ..,.,,,,, J a cquetta Klein, Nancy Lee Hayes Aunt Abby Rocker .,i...... ,,A...... D onaldine Larsen, Veryl Carlyle Dr. Jack Delamater ,,.. ........,......,....,i.,,.,,i.... C hester Harris Horace Pilgrim ,,,...., ,,...,,,, A ddison Kistle Adam Smith ...,,,... ,,.,,.,, .I ames Williams Lord Andrew .,,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, B r uce Morrow BUSINESS STAFF Elinor Zoller, Harry Wolfe, Hulda Tuchenhagen, William Stouffer, Earl Ander- son, Peggie Johnson, Emily Wilbur, Paul Stageman, Evelyn Vance and Harold Wolpa. PRODUCTION STAFF Ronald Peterson, Jane Bishop, Henry Bollman, Arthur Evans, Eddie McKnown, Jack Rosenfeld, Dorothy Thomas, Ray Nelson, Pauline Bernstein, Lyle Neff, Ruth Elaine Cay- wood, Richard Rider, Barbara Hansen, Ingrid Holmgarcl, Harry Bromberg, Mary Louise Cutler, Mary Pryor, Ethelyn Hanley, Gilbert Bryan, Bert MCC-iilvray, Ruth Hamilton and Norma Damitz. Eighty L Q Q X A 7 Z j TI-IE PRINCE OF PILSEN Come! Comef Explain Yourxelvesf Music by Gustave Luders. Libretto by Frank Pixley Produced by The Department of Music Directed by Kathleen M. Shaw CAST Lloyd Fent, Arthur Evans, Mary Louise Cutler, Jacquetta Klein, Helen Burton, Ruth Rounds, Maxyne Yates, Josephine Neidermeyer, Dona Rae Kieth, Dorothy Murray, Betty Holoway, Sadie Endelman, Robert Bailey, Charles Allerton, Myer Maltz, Robert Allerton, Harold Krumenacher, George Gohlinghorst, Martha Collier, Eugene Asmussen, Jean McCargar, John Spitznagle, George Lueke, Harry Harris, Mason Adkins, Vernon Ball, Dan Tague, Albert Jensen, Richard Rider, Harold Livers, Milton Christofferson. CI-IORUSES Peterson, Rathbun, Gittle, Larsen, Delaney, Wallace, Lainson, Harty, Burns, Meneray, Brown, Harrison, Maltz, Baldwin, Reimer, Allerton, Krumenacher, Marcus, Fariday, Nicoll, Fisher, Blank, Perry, Harrington, French, Gaines, Julian, Blank, Burton, Santi, Seidl, Damitz, Campbell, Hansen, Hill, House, Applequist, Harlan Pringle, Bierer, Frank Perry, Pringle, Allen, Babbe, Gable. BUSINESS AND PRODUCTION STAFF Greene, Larsen, A. Evans, Burton, D. Evans, Anderson, Fair, Nelson, Russell, Ebert, Snyder, Day, Stuart, Allerton, Fariday, Fisher, Blank, Eichorn, Keith, Klein, Winters, Riaski, Rogers, Wolpa, Fisher, Day, Wilson. Eighty one is 3 S S Z THE NUT FARM Action! Action! Can'l You Hurry? By John C. Brownell Produced by Thalian Literary Society Directed by Miss Ruth Castle Mrs. Barton ,,,,... .....,.. K athryn Hill, Mary Stevens Willie Barton ...,, ,.,,...,,,,,,....,,..,,,, R obert Walte1's Rohert Bent ,.,,,,., ,.,,, ,,.,..,,.,,,.,,.,i,, R o land Jaseph Ezra Sliscomb ,i....,,,,, ,.,,,,,i,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,.,.,., G raydon Bates Helen Bent ....,t...i,,,..i..,,., ,tt,,i,, D orothy Felker, Helen Gaines Hamilton T. Holland ,,.., ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,, R o bert Andrus Agatha Sliscomh ,,,...,,,. H ,,,, Fawn Caywood, Virginia Thorpe Hilda .,..,,,,,,,.,i.....,....... .,.,......,i,,,,,i,,,,,. Kathryn Clark J. Clarence Biddeford r,,,, r,,.rr,, M orton Adler Harold Van Horton .,., ,, .,,.,,,,...,,,,. ..,......., , ,, ,,,,,,,,, Jack Hill BUSINESS STAFF Ruth Stageman, Mark True, Joseplfnc Nicdermeyer, Adele Anderson, Pearl Bern' stein, Arlon Fischer, Marjorie Rathhun. PRODUCTION STAFF Lester Friedman, Eldo Martin, Kenneth Ebert, Henry Bollman, Elizabeth Kistle, Florence Steinberg, Chester Fisher, Mary Pierce, Ma1'ion Lewis, Margaret Shearhurn, Gretchen Taylor, Dorothy Meyer, Jane Hawkins, Russell Herwig, Arthur Rogers, Mar- garet Stuart, Helen jane Underwood. Eighty-Iwo S A 4: 4 efff --- y THE TIGER HOUSE Donlt one of you dare movef By Robert St. Clair Presented by Clio-Ionian Literary Societies Directed by Miss Ruth Tamisiea Erma Lowrie ..A., .,,... .......... .......,. ,,....... C a t h erine Lehman Yami, a Hindu ....,.., .,.,.................. M arion Wood Sarah Broderick ....it. ...,,,.i....,..... U matilla Goodwin Mrs. Murdock ,,..,, ,,.....,,, H clen Arleen Blanchard MacIntosh ,,,..,,,. ,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,, A rthur Sisson Arthur Hale i,,, . ,..,,,,,.,,,, Owen Babbe Oswald ,,,,.,,..r,,.,.., , , ,,William Emai-ine Peggy Van Ess ,,,,,. , Y .Virgie Lee Moser Thompson ,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. R o nald Grubb "The Mystery Woniai1" ,..,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.., ,,,,,,,r,, , H ,,,Marian johnson "The Tiger Manv .,,. .,..,,,,,,,,,,. . ,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,., . . .... ? ? ? ? PRODUCTION STAFF George Hutton, Jack Emarine, Oliver Hall, jack Watson, Donald Buschenfield, Gwenivere Pennington, Elizabeth Andrews, Katherine Sellers, Hugh Baumeister, Robert Bailey, Margaret Fisher, Anna Bauer, Carla Muller, Donald Filbert, Dorothy Stuart, Roberta Smith, Lenore Davis, Charles Allerton, Russell Herwig, Harvey Maclcland, Ruth Francis, Frances Johnson. BUSINESS STAFF Gloria Rapp, Kenneth Fitzpatrick, Ruth Rounds, Jake Fox, Janet Merrill, Robert Rosenfeld, Vivian McGuire, Fred Applequist, Doris Wliite, Joe Bransby, and Gladys Stokes. Eighty-three rr. 1 1 g A S Z EROPHILO PLAYS "Every woman should keep a school, for every man is born a fool" TI-IE MAKER OF DREAMS BY OLIPHANT DOWN Pierrot ,,,,.,, ., ....,,,.,...,,,,Y,,.,,, A.,, Norman McMa1ns Pierrette , ,,,,,,,, , The Manufacturer Assistant Director: Mary Stevens THE BISHOP'S CANDLESTICKS DY NORMAN MCKWNEL The Bishop .,,,., ...,,,............,.....,..........,...........,.....,....,,. s,....... . The Convict ,,..,.., ,,,.,s,,,.,..,.. . ., Persone lBish op's Sisterl Sergeant ,,,,,,,,.,,,.....,,. .,,, Gendarme ,,,,,, Bartley Fallon .,,. Mrs. Fallon .,.. Jack Smith ,,.,.,,,. Shawn Early ,,,,. Tim Casey ,,,,,,,,, James Ryan .,,, Assistant Director: Rose Fox SPREADING TI-IE NEXVS BY AUGUSTA GREGORY Mrs. Tarpey ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Mrs. Tully ,,,, ,,,, ..,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,., Policeman U0 Magistrate , ,, e Muldoonj Assistarzt Director: Frances Johnson All Plays Directed by Miss Castle ,,,,,,Carol Damon ...,,,Don Harding ..,,,..Lloyd Beattie ,,,,,,,Don Hendrix ,,,,,...rAlice Smith , Dennis Boyle ,Richard Olsen ,s.....Benjamin Bierer ....,,,tMaxyne Larsen ...,,,Don Laustrup ,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,sFrank Baker Bob Krumenacher ,,,,,,.,.,Kelly Hannan ,,,Katherine Ebert ...Charlotte Gillin H H ,,,,,,,Arthur Rogers ,Boyd Paulson I zglzly-four g Y X Y Z 7 f ' "DULCY" Now get this xtraiglnt Dulcyf Produced by the Junior Class Directed by Miss Ruth Tamisiea Sponsors: Mr. Blank and Miss Mossholder CHARACTERS Dulcy ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,..,.....,,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,, .,,,.i.....,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, I d a Prouty Angela .,,,,,,,, ,..,,.. F awn Caywood, Maxine lVlcGonaglc Mrs. Forhesw. .,,,,, .Gertrude Gretzer, Dorothy Blank Gordon ,,s,. ,,,.,,,,.,,,,,....,.,,,,,,,,,,,, G eorge Hutton Mr. Forhes ,,,,,,,,,,, , , .,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,r,,,,,,,,,,, John Hedrick Bill ,,,,,.,......,r..,r.,.,.,, ,.,, r,.,,,,,,,.,... W a lter Staley Schyler Van Dyck .,...rr,, ,,..,,, K enneth McAlpine Tom Stewett .............,, ..,.......... J ack Gordon Vincent Leach ,........ ......t, L ester Friedman Blair Patterson. ......,. Charles Hannan Henry .,..,,,... ..,,,,t,,....r.,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.r, ,,,,,,,.. E u gene Dryden BUSINESS STAFF Pauline Bernstein, Williani Emarine, Mary Pryor, Bruce Morrow, Veryl Carlile, Arlone Fisher, Wilnma Bright, Frank Perry, Hope McMant1s, Jack Fox, Gillette Randolph, David Randolph. PRODUCTION STAFF Ronald Peterson, Chester Dellinger, Harry Bromlnerg. John Fisher, Russell Herwig, Harold Chilson, Wayne Winter, Helen Gaines, Nancie Lee Hayes, Jean McCargar, Ruth Leslie, Elizabeth Kistle, Maxine Larsen, Helen Gittle, Arthur Evans, Ardith Miller, Della Mae Gnllnher, Ingrid Holmgard, Rosalie Dodd, Ruth Anderson. Figfrty-five N Z THE COPPERHEAD Joey ,YA......,.,,,,, Grandma Perley. ..,, , Ma Shanks ....v,,,,,, Captain Hardy. Milr Shanks ,,,.,, Mrs. Bates ,,,,,,,, Sue Perley .,,,.. Lem Tollard 7,... Newt Gillespie Andrews ,,,,,,,i,, Sam Carter ,,,,,, Madaline King 7,,,. ,, Philip Manning ....,,,, Mrs. Manning ..,,,,,,, Dr. Randall ,7,7,, BY Aucusrus THOMAS Produced by the Senior Class Directed by Miss Ruth Castle PART I PART II PRODUCTION STAFF ,,,,,,,....Bob Walters i,.Donaldene Larsen r,,,w,,,.,..,DorOthy Stuart Kenneth Fitzpatrick ,,,,,...,Chester Fisher Y ,,,,,. Marian johnson .,i.....Carol Damon ,..,.,,,.Arthur Sisson ,,.,,,,Roland Jaseph ..,,,,,Robert Andrus ,,r,,,,Harry Michael ,,.....Barbara Johnson ,,,,,...Harmon Rider ........Mary Stevens r,,......Marlc True Homer Headley, Lyle Neff, Elbert Bunnell, Elinor Zoller, Leona Wilson, Gwendolyn Meyerson, Pegie Johnson, Viola Richerson, Vivian Larsen, Barbara Hansen, Roberta Smith, Jack Dempster, Doris White, Katherine Ebert, Ethelyn Hanley, Evelyn Friclce, Dorothy Evans, Frances Johnson, Ruth Rounds, Arleen Blanchard, Ruth Elaine Caywood, Ruth Francis. BUSINESS STAFF Gloria Rapp, Hugh Baumeister, Morton Adler, Virgie Lee Moser, Betty Reed, Lloyd Beattie, Darrell Shelton. lxglrfy-fix 1 4 41 Y X X Z l THE ART DEPARTMENT just as the music department co-operates with all lines of school activities and thus secures for its students training while they give service, so the art department co-operates in all school projects. The school is very proud of the class room work of the art classes and of the outstand- ing work of many of its graduate art students. SCHOOL ART TREASURES The heroic sized statue of Abraham Lincoln, the guardian spirit of the building, greets the visitor who opens the front door of our school. The corridors are adorned with man beautiful ictures. These are an all school ro- . . 1 1 y . p - - . p ject, the gifts of senior classes, friends, and literary societies. These pictures are chosen and hung hy the Faculty Art Committee. A unique lighting system keeps these pictures lighted at all times, day or night, while the huilding is open. Thus beauty adds its silent influence to the education of the students. A FEW OF OUR ART TREASURES Wiimter Evening in Council Bluffs foriginall ,....,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Autumn in Fairmount Park foriginalj .....,...,..., ,,...,...,.G1lder ,,,.,,,,,,.Sylvester The Blue Boy ............................................... ...... G ainsborough The Syndics ................. ,.....,,.. R emhranclt George Washington ....., ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,., S tuarr The Boy Lincoln ......A....... Eastman johnson Signing the Declaration ...,..,, .,,,,,, J ohn Trumbull The Student ..........,............... ,.,.,,,,,, R embrandt Pilgrims Going to Church .,,.... ,,,,,,,,, B oughton Miss Bowles ...,...,..........,.,... .,,,,,,,,,, R eynolds Beatrice de Cusance .......,.,.,. ,,,,,,,, V an Dyck The Old Santa Fc Trail ..,,,., ,,,, , ,Younghuntcr Eigbly -f1'1'C77 y g Z Z President 7,,.., Vice-President Secretary ,,,..A.A.. Librarians ..,, First Row: Anagene Blank Louise Seidl Evelyn Camphell Helen Gittle Dorothy Blank SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE Director: Kathleen Shaw OFFICERS ,W,,,niSadie Enclelman ..,,.,,..,..Martha Collier Burton ,rn,,,,,,rMary K. House, Jacquetta Klein Aecornpanist: Dorothy Blank MEMBERS Harriet Julian Ruth Rounds Helen French Mary McEvoy Margaret Fisher Mary Pryor Miss Shaw Wilma Perry Jean McCarger Mary Katherine House Third ROW: Ingrid Holmgarcl Mary Louise Cutler Jacquetta Klein June Currie Serond Row: Kathryn Hill Betty Patcs Martha Collier Betty Holloway Erma Harty Dona Rae Keith Maxine Larsen Helen Burton Fourth Row: Dorothy Murray Arlene Wallace Audrey Smith Irene Chafen Lois Eichorn Sadie Endelman Josephine Wiseman Mary Lainson Maxine Yates Marjorie Rathbun Not Pictured: Louise Teufel Norma Damitz Katheryne Hansen Josephine Neidermeyer Cazmelita McEvoy Doris Santi Eighty-ciglrf ? x S 7 SENIOR BOYS' GLEE Director: Kathleen Shaw OFFICERS ' President .........,,w,. .,,,.,,,,.,,, , , ,,,, ,. ,,,,..,.,, Lloyd Fent Vice President .,,,,, Y, , A,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Y,,,, ..,,,, .,,, ,YY,,,, B o ln B a iley Secretary . .,,,.., , ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Leonard Hansen Librarians ., ,,,,,,,..,,,.,, A ,,,,,,,,, ..., A lbert Jensen, Fred Applequist Acrompanist: Dorothy Blank MEMBERS First Row: Miss Shaw Leonard Hansen Lloyd Fent Harold Livers Harold Krumenacher Dorothy Blank Second Row: John Spitznagle Arthur Evans Dan Tague Owen Babbe Fred Applequist Charles Allerton joe Bransby Harold Wolpa Milton Christofferson Third Row: Chester Fisher Meyer Maltz Marion Wood Wayne Fariday Bob Bailey Bob Dempster Bob Reimer Fourth Row: Don Laustrup Harold Pringle Lisle Allen Albert Jensen Eugene Asmussen George Gohlinghorst Fifth Row: Jack Dempster Franlc Perry Harry Harris George Luelce Not Pictured: Mason Adkins Gerald Chilson Richard Rider Jack Peterson Eighty-nine 1 4: X E X Z Z j President Vice-President .....A7 Secretary-Treasurer Librarians ....,,. First Row: Josephine Wallace Lillian Fernley Elizabeth Hansen Mary Janice Meneray Ruth Thompson Miss Shaw Patricia Gehan Adeline Hansen Mildred Harrington Thora Mae Berry Caroline Chapman Doris Hagerman Second Row: Selma Mueller Elizabeth Epperson Myrth Peterson JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE Dirccforz Kathleen Shaw OFFICERS Marian Daggett Mary Janice Meneray Caroline Chapman Florence Foster, Bonnie Eames A ccomparzist: Ruth Schlemmer MEMBERS Irma Hopkins Thordis Norgaard Gail Piclcerel Bernice Elliot Erma Patterson Anna Mae Daniels Ethel Armstrong Mary Louise Rosner Third Row: Lucille Swanson Lucille Tiarlcs Maxine Peterson Eyvonne Spears Rosie Capleton Pauline Peterson Bonnie Eames Iva Crain Mary Louise Diventi Esther Flood Elna Peterson Irene Fisher Fourth Row: Laura McGilvray Hazel Lubbe Florence Foster Lillian Anderson Marian Daggett Helen Young Ruth Schlemmer Marie Jensen Inez Larsen Not Pictured: Hazel Buhrman Elaine Coulter N znety Y X Y Z 7 7 President .,,,,, Setretary Librarian.: , lwzrrt Row: John Gable Richard Olsen Frank Scott Raymond Bailey Miss Shaw Floyd Hughes Robert Stuart Paul Stageman Paul Harris Eugene Dryden Serond Row: Fiddie Fair Henry Jorgenson Dan Tague JUNIOR BOYS' GLEE Director: Kathleen Shaw OFFICERS ,Bob Allerton ..i,,,,,,,.,,,t,,,Wayne Fariday ,.,,.,,,..,,... ,.,, F iddie Fair, Bob Reimer Accompanist: Ray Nelson MEMBERS Don Olsen Everett Brittain Leonard Fox Benjamin Bierer Joe Bransby Bob Reimer Dudleigh Bobbitt Third Row: Norman McMaines Russell Blanchard Kenneth Ebert Robert Stowe Frank Baker Wayne Fariday Fred Applequist Fourth Row: Lowell Marcus Ray Nelsen George Parks Owen Babbe Jack Asmussen Paul Welsh Jack Snyder Stanley Clark Bob Allerton Harold Wolpa Not Pictured: Billy Baker Henry Spencer Nimfy vm Z 1: S 7 Y President ,....,..... Vice-President Manager ......A,w, Secretary ,...., Librarians .A,.., Clarinets: Margaret Anderson Charles Hannan Walter johnson Carl Gebuhr Bruce Morrow Francis Swassing Anthony Raiter Wentworth Stone Kathleen Waddingham ,lean Babbington june Grow Richard Guerney Lucille Swanson Clifford Seiffert Ruth Flood Robert O'Brien George Walker Morton Adler june Christensen Saxoplvonesz Doris Spencer Maxine Bachman Katherine Shoemaker Ralph Earquahr Nellie Urmey Erwin Ellsworth Bassoons: Bernard Balaban Robert Peterson BAND Director: Rudolph Seidl Assistant: Milo O. Smith OFFICERS .,........Ronald Grubb ......Charles Hannan .....,... ....,,,..... B ruce Morrow Geraldine Stockert ,,,.t,.Walter johnson, Margaret Anderson Oboes: Homer Orrell Earl Jennings Alto Clarinet: Graydon Bates Bass Clarinet: Edward Walker Tympany: George Wilmes Flutes: Roger Herwig Arlene Bacon Charles Hudson Trumpets: Melvin Wakefield lack Cole Dean Bennett Robert Sorenson john Lorneton Earl Madsen Eldon Swain David Stowe Lawrence Woolhiser Fred Schlott Horns: Harry Harris Geraldine Stockert Clifford Lueth Howard Esancy Harlan Pringle Trombones: Dorothy Ball Ingilletta Olsen Harold Pringle Robert Vv'hite Basses: Meyer Maltz Henry Clatterhuck Ronald Grubb Harold Bolin Arthur Evans Drums: Clarence Clemmons Gene Huclcins Xylophone: Kelley Harman Harps: Mary McEvoy Mary Janice Mcneray Ninety tivo IT 1 4: Q X X 7 A President , Vire-President Manager . ,, Secretary ,, Librarians ,,.,, lfirsl Violins: Earl Bergman lack Gordon Thelma Grassfield Gladys Lavdure Sidney Madulf Reinhardt Paludcn Emily Wilbllf Esther Steinberg Chester Harris Second Violins: Florence Anderson Helen Buhrman Pauline Brown Margaret Harper Fred Kleeb ORCHESTRA Director: Rudolph Scidl Assistanl: Milo O. Smith ,Russel Herwig Chester Harris Robert Andrus , ,, , ,. Alice Smith . ,Edward Walker, Jack Gordon Albert Viola Lilly Jacobsen Katherine Hansen -lack Fernlcy Cello: Alice Smith Katherine Hill Hope lvlclvlanus Nlarion Smith Katherine Clark Drum: Kelly Hannan Tympany: ffnnv-,vm Ylfil .-.. ,,,. Trumpet: Fred Schlott Cornet: Lawrence Wtmolliiser Horn: Geraldine Stotlielt Tromborics: Robert Andrus Dorothy Ball Baxses: Ronald Grubb Graydon Bates lfern Jensen e 2 7 Z DRAFTING Abraham Lincoln High School's drafting department was opened on a full time basis in the fall of 1924. At that time two semesters of mechanical and four of architectural drawing were offered. The demand for additional work in these fields has grown until now a full four year course is offered in each branch of drafting. This year the advanced machine design group planned a water works pumping system for a small town while the advanced architectural students rendered competition drawings for small libraries. A visitor to this department is interested in the accurately and well executed technical drawings and the artistically drawn and rendered plans, from small cot- tages to libraries, which may be seen here. It is enlightening to see the latent talent of the freshman beginning to manifest itself and the deftness of senior draftsman dashing off a competition drawing. The drafting department entered its first state contest in 1928 at Des Moines and won first place. In the past three consecutive years both the individual firsts and grand sweep stakes as well as the all school firsts and grandsweepstalces were won by the Lynx draftsmen in the state competitions held at Iowa State College. We are now in possession of the Veishea cup as grand sweepstakes award. Professor William Hunter head of the Industrial Arts Department, Iowa State College, in a letter to Mr. Hammes, writes, "I am sorry that due to a laclc of funds, we are not having the exhibit this year, since your work was so out- standing and attracted so much attention." Ninety-four MANUAL TRAINING Abraham Lincoln Hi h School furnishes a com lete four ear course in Manual train- - . g . p Y - mg. The first two years are spent in learning the fundamentals of machine and tool usage. By the end of his course the student has completely mastered every phase of cabinet and furniture building. One hundred thirty-eight boys were enrolled in the Manual training classes this year. HOUSEHOLD ARTS This department furnishes three distinct branches of training:-cookery, clothing and household management. Cookery offers complete training in meal planning, cooking, and serving. Sewing offers courses in textiles and clothing, appropriate dress for high school girls, silk sewing, and senior sewing for the wardrobe for graduation. A cash prize is given for the hest made dress at commencement. There were one hundred sixty-eight girls in the department this year. Ninety-five 3 X 2' 2 7 Anderson, Thorpe, Shoemaker Stuart, Steinberg, Meyerson TYPING The amateur and novice typing teams of Abraham Lincoln high school each won first place in the Sectional contest at Missouri Valley, April 23, 1932. The amateur typing team, consisting of Adele Anderson, Gwendolyn Meyerson and Katherine Shoemaker, won first place in both speed and accuracy, with a team average of 57.39 words per minute, and twenty-one errors. Adele Anderson won first in individual honors for accuracy, and Gwendolyn Meyerson, second for speed. Virginia Thorpe, Florence Steinberg and Dorothy Stuart, the novice typing team, also placed first in both accuracy and speed, their average being 50.98 words per minute, with 28 errors. Virginia Thorpe won first place for speed, writing at the rate of 56.8 words per minute, and Florence Steinberg won first for accuracy, making only three errors. Out of the ten awards given in typewriting at the Sectional contest, Abraham Lincoln received seven. The teams represent the school in the state contest at Des Moines, May 14, 1932. The typing classes of Abraham Lincoln had an enrollment of three hundred twenty- four students this year. 7V111cty-six R mu A V Q X X f 7 f Willianis, johnson, Neff Bernstein, Madsen, Kushner SI-IORTHAND Both the amateur and novice shorthand teams of Ahraliarn Lincoln high school won first place in the Sectional division of the Iowa Commercial Contest, held at Missouri Valley on April 23, 1932. The amateur shorthand team, composed of Pearl Bernstein, Lily Kushner and Viola Madsen received first place in their event, having an average of 97.17. Pearl Bernstein with 98.5 and Lily Kushner with 97.17, won individual honors of first and second re- spectively. ln the novice class, Beatrice Williaiiis, Katherine Neff and Frances johnson, also placed first, the team average being 96.62. Beatrice Williains won first place individually, with a final grade of 99 and Katherine Neff second with a grade of 97.5. Two hundred thirty-four students are enrolled in the shorthand classes of the Abraham Lincoln high school. The course covers four semesters. Students are required to write eighty words per minute for graduation, hut many have secured medals for having written at the rates of 100 and 120 words per minute. Five students received their 120-word pins this year. They are: Pearl Bernstein, Mar- garet Fisher, Frances Gilchrist, Lily Kushner and Viola Madsen. Ninety-seven y S ig Y Z j Tague, Pringle, Leulce, Allerton, Applequist, Gohlinghorst, Laustrup, Maltz, Allen, Dempster, Bailey, Asmussen, Fariday, Bransby, Babbe, Adkins, Murray, Wallace, Collier, McCargar, Hansen, Eichorn, Larsen, Wolpa, Williams, Blank, Keith, I-Iansen, Fent, Cutler, Livers, Krumenacher, McEvoy, Neiclermeyer, Endelman Nelson, Steinberg, McEvoy, Rounds, Hill, Campbell, I-Iouse, Fisher, Seidl, Lainson, Burton, Currie, Perry, Blank Smith, Balaban, Orrel, Herwig, Harris, Stockert, Esancy, Leuth, Steinberg, Jensen, Smith MUSIC VICT ORS The music department of Abraham Lincoln high school plays a very important part in the curriculum of the school. While it has been the custom of these groups to rep- resent our school with outstanding honors, this year was one of the most scintillating of any in the school's history. The sub-district and district contests were taken by the Lynx practically in totem. To Mr. Siedl, director of instrumental music, and Miss Kathleen Shaw, glee club supervisor, is due much credit for their untiring efforts in the organization and develop- ment of their respective organizations. The following groups and soloists tool: first place in the district contest, thus win- ning the opportunity of representing Abraham Lincoln at the state contest at Iowa City. Groups: The band, orchestra, string quartet, string trio, woodwind quintet, brass quartet, boys' glee club, girls' glee club, mixed chorus, and the boys' quartet. Soloists: Russell I-Ierwig, clarinet, Homer Orrel, oboe, Clifford Leuth, French horn, and Mary Louise Cutler, soprano. In the state contest the girls' glee club won first place, the boys' quartet second place, the mixed chorus third place, and the boys' glee club second place. Ninefy-cight Xl R. O. T. C. I it S X S Z Cadet Colonel, Richard Rider Commanding Regiment Cadet Major, Lloyd Beattie--Commanding First Battalion Cadet Major, Hugh Baumeister-Commanding Second Battalion Cadet Major, Mark True-Adjutant CADET OFFICERS Front Row: Robert Rosenfeld, First Lieutenant james Williams, Captain Mark True, Major fAdjutantD Richard Rider, Colonel Hugh Baumeister, Major fCommander oi Second Battalionl Lloyd Beattie, Major fCOHlID21l1dC1' of First Battalionj I Robert Walters, First Lieutenant Second Row: Lloyd Fent, Second Lieutenant Arthur Sisson, Captain Wilson Stupfell, Captain Harmon Rider, Captain Harry NVolf, Captain jack Dempster, Captain Richard Davis, Captain Third Row: Albert Jensen, First Lieutenant George Bigley, Second Lieutenant Williani McMullen, First Lieutenant Chester Harris, First Lieutenant Charles Baird, First Lieutenant Vxfoodrow Wilscmn, Second Lieutenant Not Pictured: Leville lvlclladden, First Lieutenant Robert Stuart, Second Lieutenant Harry Michael, Second Lieutenant One Hundred 1 :za Q S Y Z 7 7 McGonagle, Lainson, Damon, Pryor, White, Lehman, Stuart, Caywood HONORARY OFFICERS Honorary Colonel-Doris White Honorary Major fFirst Battalionj-Catherine Lehman Honorary Major fSecond Battalionj-Carol Damon SPONSORS Company A ...,..... ..,...,................ ....... R u th Elaine Caywood Company B ..,...,.. ,.........,.... M ary Lainson Company C ..,..,.,., ....... M axine McGonagle Company D ,.,.,.,,. .........,...., M ary Pryor Company E, ........ ....... D orothy Stuart The annual Military Ball marks the occasion of the identification of the Cadet Colonel, the honorary officers, and the company sponsors. The girls are chosen from the Girls' Rifle Club by vote of the Cadet Corps from a large number eligible by virtue of attaining certain degrees of excellence in marksrnanship. To be eligible for honorary positions, the girls must reach the rank of expert while the senior and under class sponsors must have seven and four bars, respectively. One Hundred One 5 Q S X Z COLOR COMPANY D Commanded by Cadet Captain Wilson Stupfell COMPANY OFFICERS Cadet Lieutenants-Albert Jensen, Robert Rosenfeld. First Sergeant-Don Hard- ing. Staff Sergeant-Lester Friedman. Sergeants-Glen Madsen, Frank Vergamini, Harry Bromberg. Corporals-Adler, Babbe, Gebuhr, Hughes, Hutton, Jacksha, O'Brien, Whit- taker, Cole. ROSTER . Allen, Lisle Amick, Wayne Anderson, Russel Asmussen, Eugene Baker, Frank Baker, Billy Beck, Edwin Bollman, Henry Brandt, Albert Christensen, Alvin Chrisman, Marcel Clark, Stanley DeFriese, Edwin Esancy, Howard Gallo, Fred Gilson, Fred Gudath, Guy Hammer, Elwood Hansen, George Hartwell, Kenneth Herd, Floyd Joerns, Edward Johnson, Max Johnson, Ronald Jones, Bob Jorgensen, Henry Kuhl, Vernon Krumenacher, Harold London, Leslie McCunn, Howard McClymonds, Erskine Nourse, John Parks, George Parks, Langston Raiter, Anthony Randolph, David Rief, Lloyd Shaw, Wayne Staker, Tom Starr, Robert Stowe, Robert Stroud, Leslie Swain, Eldon Van Patten, Lee Washburn, Robert Wilmes, George Winslow, Mervin Woolhiser, Laurence Young, Herbert Wolpa, Harold One Hundred Two g 5 S 7 Z ,7 ABRAHAM LINCOLN RIFLE TEAM Madsen, Glen Burgett, Elton Vergamini, Franlc Johnson, Walter Greenwood, Arthur Fletcher, Marlc Madsen, Dean Herwig, Russell Jensen, Albert McAlpine, Kenneth Whittaker, Alfred Starr, Robert Fisher, Arlon Kleeman, Edward Fauble, Kenneth ACCOMPLISI-IMENTS A. L. Opp. Waukegen Township High School, Waukegen, Illinois ..,.,. .....,.. 3 323 3279 University of Maryland College Park, Maryland tt,,,, .. ., .,.., 1258 1313 7th Corps Area Match, 7th place, 15 entries. Two teams were entered in the Randolph Hearst Trophy match. One Hundred Three cn Q 3 X 'Z Z Regimental Review IN HONOR OF CAPTAIN CYRUS Q. SHELTON The R. O. T. C. organization of Abraham Lincoln high school has repeatedly brought credit to our school at its appearances in public parades and at the annual inspections. Never has the unit enjoyed more inspiring leadership than during the four years that Cap- tain Cyrus Shelton has been in charge. In competition with schools who devote more time to military training and who are not handicapped by the large size of the classes Captain Shelton and his associates, Ser- geants Esthener, Moran, Truex and Franklin, have succeeded in obtaining the coveted "honor" rating in a majority of the four years they have been in charge. It is with sincere regret and with best wishes that we say good-bye to Captain Shelton. At the same time we wish the best of luclc to his successor. One Hundred Four ,. Athletics 1 1: Q X Y Z 7 7 Cheer Leaders: Livers, Deetlcin, Keith, 1VlcCarger, Laustrup SUMMARY OF FOOTBALL SEASON A. L .......,. 19 ....,............A.,......,........,.............,.. Harlan .............. 0 A. L ....,.... 27 ...,.., ...,... T ech ........,,,....... 12 A. L ......... 6 ,...... ,...... O maha Central.. 6 A. L .,....... 43 ,...,.. ..,.... R ed Oak .....,...... 0 A. L .....,... 0 .Y,,... ...... L incoln ..,.......,... 18 A. L ....,.... 18 ....... ...,... G lenwood ,,..,..,.. 0 A. L ......... 0 ..Y... ....,.. S t. joe .,.,,.....,.,. 13 A. L ......... 13 ...,., ....... A tlantic .... ..... 0 A. L ...a,,... 0 a..,.. a...,,. T . J. .aa.,,. ,,a..... 2 4 Winning five games out of nine, the Abraham Lincoln squad completed a rather suc- cessful grid-iron season. The most important game of the season, however, was lost to the old rivals, the west end Yellowjaclcets. The A. L. team fooled many critics by winning as many games as it did. The eleven were on the whole, a scrappy bunch for any opponents to handle. Much credit for the success of the team is due to the three coaches, William K. Lay- land, Roy Lawson and Fee Chew. Mr. Layland turned out an excellent bit of work in the first team, and Mr. Lawson and Mr. Chew after whipping their reserves and freshmen into shape, helped with the first team. Best wishes next year coaches! The outlook for next year is hopeful. There will be eleven lettermen back, and a probable candidate for every position. Besides the actual first team veterans for next year, there will be a large group of men who will be favorable material coming up from the reserves. This bunch had a very prosperous season, and should yield much help to Coach Layland, so he can fill in the gaps and turn out an army that will uphold the Lynx honor, and conquer its foes. One Hundred Six Z 7 Q R W D 7 FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row: Dick Shaw Harry Waddell Gerner Peterson Earnest Olsen Lisle Allen Marvin Knickman Bert McGilvary James Hough Harmon Rider Chester Fisher Fred Gallo Langston Parks Floyd Herd Chester Dellinger Howard McCunn Second Row: Coach Chew Wayne Shaw Alex Winger Shirley Clatterhuck Walter Bussey William Stouffer George Walker Dennis Boyle Fiddie Fair Edward Joerns Richard Rider Raymond Francis Harry Steele Wayne Grayhill Frank Amento Norman Foster Mason Adkins Edward Hickey Jack Cole Coach Layland Third Row: Carl Gill Joe Branshy Floyd Deal Bob Miles Joe Ewald Charles Vana Arden Larsen Francis Swassing Walter Staley John Schroeder Willard Kingston Ralph Farquhar Bernard Bosley James Knight Arthur Decker Melburne Knight Gilbert Bryan One Hundred Seven 1 2 X X X 7 CHESTER FISHER, "Pork", Guard Chester was one of the mainstays of the Lynx def lensive. His defensive lullfhack position will be hard to lill next year. HOVJARD McCUNN. l Izil lfliacli Vfith a IAootba'l luturc rrill before him, Howard will he expected "to put forth ' when he returns to ilu' lw:i.l.l4icld next year. LANGSTON PARKS. "Lanks", Halffhack With two years ahead of him, this flashy back proved the best and sur- est ground gainer of the Lynx. RAYMOND FRANCIS, "Bud", Guard Although new, Bud can return next year with wellffounded expectation of landing a position on the A. L. line. THE FOOTBALL TEAM BERT MQGILVRAY, "Caglebert", Fullback As captain and fullback, Bert did some exceptionally fine bucking and running. He will he missed next year. fNo picturej FRITZ GALLO, "Meenja", Guard This small chunky boy tore to pieces the opposf ing lines as he broke through for tacklers. RICHARD SHANV. "Dick", Quarter Dick played the posif tion ol quarter enough this year to get a letter and will probably hold that position regularly in his two remaining: years. HARRY STEELE, End Harry brought his high school football career to a fine close by playing end on this year's gridiron tramplers. GERNER PETERSON, "Norway", End As an end, this little Norwegian showed every' one that he really could play the game of foot' ball. He will be back next year. One Hundred Eight K X X 2' Z 2' EARNEST OLSEN, "Swede", Fullhack NVith another year to go, "Swede" played half or full and gained consistently in either po' sition. IIARMON RIDER, "Groggy", Tackle Playing offensive guard and defensive tackle, I"I1l.l'll'l0ll proved a valuf ahle asset on the first team. He graduates this year. FLOYD HERD, "Son", End Floyd held down one wing on the first eleven this year. He looks for' ward to his two remain- ing years, and much is expected of him. JAMES HOUGH, "Cushion Foot", Tackle "jiin's hulk and skill proved a hulwark in the Lynx forward Wall and will he greatly missed next year. fNo picture.J THE FOOTBALL TEAM GILBERT BRYAN, "Gila", Manager XVielding helmets, tape. liniinent, handages. and everything in general, Gih proved a help' ful and willing manager. MARVIN KNICKMAN, "Red", Tackle As a new man to A. L. foothall "Red" showed exceptional ability. This lnterfcity and all Missouri Valley tackle will again he hack to work for Coach Lavland next year. LISLE ALLEN "Lisle", Center Although handicapped by lack of weight, Lisle proved himself quite cap' able of holding his first team position. l'Ie'll be hack. CHESTER DELLING ER "Chet", End Chet's greatest asset was a toe evidently cut out to he a punting one, hut his work at end will also he a hig help to the team llCXl. SCZISUH. HARRY XVADDELL, "Duck", Quarterfbaek Piloting the Lynx army, Duck ably fulfilled a very difficult task. His pass' ing and coolfheadedness will he greatly missed next year. QNo pieturej i -3 One Hundred Nine i x 7 7 LETTERMENS CLUB First Row: Marvin Knickman Chester Fisher Fred Gallo Richard Sanders Bruce Morrow Gerner Peterson Gilbert Bryan Donald Baxter Second Row: Richard Shaw Ernest Olsen Floyd Herd Lisle Allen Harmon Rider Howard McCunn Richard Stoufer Willard Anthony Ervin Tinnel Third Row: Mr. Layland Joe Ewald Tom Staker Raymond Francis Matthew Walsh Chester Dellinger Langston Parks Elwood Hammer Mr. Chew The Lettermen's club is composed entirely of men who have earned at least one major letter in any sport. It is an honorary club and was organized for the purpose of giving recognition to those who represent Abraham Lincoln on the athletic field. It is possible to obtain major letters in the following sports: Football basketball track, wrestling, tennis and golf. The managers are also given letters for their work thus making them members. Une Hundred Ten x 5 S 2 Layland, Tinnel, Staker, lVIcCunn, Shaw, Stuart, Lawson. Anthony, Parks, Wfalsh, Dellinger, Hammer, Herd SUMMARY OF BASKETBALL SEASON Nine games won, six lost, the sectional tournament won, and the district tournament lost, were the feats accomplished by the Abraham Lincoln basketball team for the 1931-32 season. Again we wish to congratulate the coaches on their good work in making such a team out of new material. As the season progressed, the team grew better and better. Teams to whom the Lynx had lost early in the season fell before them towards its close. Next year should bring one of the best basketball ICHIHS ever turned Out at Abrallafn Lincoln. Almost every member of the squad will be back, and after showing up so well this year, the prospects for next year are unlimited. Om' Hundred Eleven Q Y X Z. IIKJWAIK IJ McGUNN, Guard Iloward saw service at guard and center. He will be back next year and should be a valuable man. LANG STON PARKS, blanks", Guard Lettering for a second time, "Lanks" showed in' creasing ability to stop the opponents without their scoring. He has two more years. CHESTER DELLINGER "Chet", Forward Aided by height and skill "Chet" proved a great help in downing the Lynx opposition. He'll be back again next year. FLOYD HERD, "Son", Guard Herd as the other reg' ular guard played with line ability on the defense .ind even aided highly the offense. He'll return. THE BASKETBALL TEAM l l ELWOOD HAMMER, Forward A flashy and valuable floor worker was Elwood. His ability to dribble and advance the ball was marvelous. He has an- other year. RICHARD SHAW, "Dick", Forward As a sophomore this small forward played will' ingly and skillfully, makf ing a name in basketball circles. Two years are left in his basketball ca' reer. WILLARD ANTHONY, "W'itt", Forward For a beginner at bas' ketball, "Witt" made a most remarkable record. Many are the points this forward has made. He'll be back. ERVIN TINNEL, Guard Although only a soph' omore Ervin proved a good man at guard. One Hundred Twelve Q S 7 X 2 2 MATTHEW WALSH, "Matt", Center During this, his second year of first team bas' kcthall, Matt was the high point man of the five. His control of the tipfoff will be an asset next year. The Basketball Team ROBERT STUART, "Bob", Manager Many thanks are due to Bob, as the man' anger has an tough job and doesn't get much credit. He did a fine piece of work. TOM STAKER, "Tom", Guard Tom was a stzihle amd steady guard, who played well. Opponents found it hard to get by him in a game. YELLS Ciffi-C-O-Ui N-N---C-I-L COUN--CIL--BLUFFS--HIGH--SCHOOL LINCOLN! l .-I--N-C--O--L-N I Lincoln! Go! Gang, Go! Beat--l-i-l A-L-H-S- A-L-H-S- A-L-H-S1 Ssssl Boom!! Fight 'eml Fight lem! Fight 'eml Fight 'eml Fight 'eml One Hundred Thirteen Q X X Y T Z A.L ..,....., A.L ......... A.L ......... A.L ......... A.L ......,,. A.L ..,...... A.L ......... A.L ......... A.L ......... A.L ......... A.L ......... A.L ......... A.L .....,.,. A.L ......... A.L ......... A. L ......... 37 ......... ........ A. L ....,.... 27 ......... ..................... BASKETBALL SCORES Glenwood .,.......... East Sioux City .... Sioux City Central Omaha Central .... Cherokee .....,...... Storm Lalce ...,.,.. .Thomas Jefferson Omaha Tech ....., St. Joe Central .... Lincoln ................ Thomas Jefferson Omaha Tech ,,.... Lincoln .....,.......... Omaha Central .... St. joe Central .... SECT IONAL TOURNAMENT Griswold ............ Thomas Jefferson Exceptional results were unexpectedly obtained in the sectional tournament this year Unusual ability was displayed by all the players, and much credit is due the coaches who turned out such excellent results from new material. A. L ......... 27 ...........,...................... A. L..., ..... 18 ............,....... .... . DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Shenandoah ..... Mount Ayer ...... Although Abraham Lincoln did not win the district tournament very satisfactory re sults were obtained when the first game was won and the second lost to as fine a team as Mt. Ayer. One Hundred Fourteen 1: 13 Q X S Z Lawson, Crisman, Enclleman, Talbott, Voss, Supernois, Stoker, Deetlcen. Vergamini, Graybill, Dixon, Martin, Gilson, Newman, G. Vergamini. Allen, Tevis, Stutsman, Staley, Boyle. SECOND BASKETBALL TEAM The basketball season of 1931-32 was quite successful for the Abraham Lincoln re- serve team. During the regular season they lost only three of the fourteen games which they playecl. The coaches will have much excellent material to draw from when the call for cage- SfC1'S COIHCS f'lCXf Scmsnuuz December 18 . ., .,.,,,,...,..,,. December 22 ....... january 8 ,,,,rr January 12 ...,,. January 29 ,.,... February 12 .,,,, February 16 .....,. February 23 ,,,r, February 27 ,,,,r February 27 ,.... ,,,,,t7Y7GlCl1YVKl1ld ,,,,,,,Carson ........Logan ,,,,,,Central Thomas Jefferson ...........,....,,,Central ,,,,,,,i,,,..Teclm Macedonia Thomas Jefferson Om' Hundred Fifteen q x X S Z Z 7 Fair, Plank, Ford, Baxter, Broman, Kirschoff, Decker, Hemmingsen, Evans, Walker, Chew. Knickman, Kingston, Joerns, Gallo, Foster, Stoufer. Knight, Ewald, Brown, Madison, Higgins. WRESTLING Wrestling is a comparatively new sport in Abraham Lincoln. Much of the credit is due Coach Fee Chew for his work in the organization of the squad. Of the outstanding men of the mat team Fritz Gallo is the only man that will not return. With so many veterans returning, next year promises to be more successful for the Lynx. Sci-1uuULu North Tech Tee jay South Central Creighton Ono Hundred Sixteen Q A X Z Z 7 I zrsl Row: Frank Amento Gerner Peterson Howard McCunn Edward Hickey Fiddie Fair Bob Krumenacher jack Hill Bill Stouffer Lisle Allen Floyd Herd langston Parks Delbert Gosch George Walker Second Row: Mr. Layland Joe Ewald Kenneth Plank Wayne Graybill Edward -Iourns Fred Burket Raymond Francis TRACK Matthew Walsh Chester Dellinger Eldo Martin Marcel Chrisman Eugene Russell Dick Shaw Mr. Chew Third Row: Leonard Nelson Dick Davis Clair Bussey Donald Baxter Charles Ford Claude Koger Albert Witt Roy Stoker George Siders Byron McDonald Floyd Deal Walter Bussey Leslie Hays Track the last major sport of the year, drew about fifty candidates Mr layland and Mr Fee Chew were in charge of the coaching. The cindercd track IS a h1rd road to follow and much credit is due those who participated. One Hundred Seventeen Spitznagle, Stowe, Rosencranz, True, Hannan TENNIS Despite the lack of experienced players the tennis team had quite a successful season in 1932. The nnly letter man to return to the team was John Spitznagle who was largely responsible for the vic- tories this season. SCHEDULE April 19 ....,, .,,., S outh May 3 .... ...,. C entral April 22 , , .4,.,,....,. North May 6 ..,,.,, .......,, I Sensor! April 26 . ,,.. ......... T ee Jay May 10 .... Creighton April 29 . .,.. .,,..,. T ech May 16-21 .,.... ...... I ntercity GOLF Billy Emarine was the only veteran that returned to the links this year. The team was entered in the Intercity contest and the Missouri Valley Conference and showed up well. SCHEDULE April 18 .,,,.,. , South May 3 ,. , Tech April 21 ., ,. Creighton May 6 ....... ,,.. C entral April 25 , ,... ....,. B enson May 9 .,,....... ..,, ' Pee Jay April 29 .,,... .,,.,,............,,...,... N orth May 16-19 .......,....,,.... ...,., I ntercity May 27 .,,,,..., ......,,.. M issouri Valley Conference Lawson, Fent, McSorley, Hansen, Pryor, Emarine, Watson, Rosenfeld, Larsen, Winger One Hundred Eighteen Girls' Acrivitics ? Y S X Z Y j TI-IE GIRL OF TI-IE G. A. A. I-Iere's to the girl with the eyes of blue Of black or brown, or grayg Her hair may be sunny or black as night But sheE clear-eyed anyway! I-Iere's to the straight-shooting, clear-headed When obstacles block her way, Sh: thinks things through to the logical end And acts accordingly. Healthy of body and sound of mind, Who courageously goes her way, Her-e's to the girl who is all of these things, The girl of the G. A. A. i ,7 , gir bne Hundred Twenty Y X X 3 7 7 gf MISS ABRAHAM LINCOLN For the past four years, the Girls' Athletic Association has chosen the most represen- tative girl in the athletic department and has awarded the title of Miss Abraham Lincoln to her. Evelyn Vance was selected this year because of her high grades in physical training, which averaged A or B for the entire four yearsg her interest and cooperation in all school sportsg her leadership in the activities of the athletic departmentg her outstanding athletic abilityg and her correct posture. Evelyn was President of the Girls' Athletic Association this semester and also Vice- President last semester. She served as Captain of the twelfth grade teams for the Play- ground Meet and the Basketball Tournament this year. She was one of the two girls selected by the Girls' Director to attend "Play Dayi' at Sioux City on April 30. She has been awarded letters on Honor Day every year for participation in athletics. V One Hundred Twenty-one 1 41 Y X Y Y Z j BARBARA HAN SEN Senior Captain Volley Ball Team LILLIAN KINDER junior Captain Volley Ball Team Basket Ball Team JOSIE BAILEY Sophomore Captain Volley Ball Team MELVERNA REED Freshman Captain Volley Ball Team Basket Ball Team Base Ball Team MARY IORGENSON Captain School Basket Ball Tea m SPORTS LEADERS EVELYN VANCE Senior Captain Basket Ball Team Captain Ball Team DORIS McGILVRAY Sophomore Captain Basket Ball Team FLORENCE FOSTER junior Captain Captain Ball Team NINA KORGAN Sophomore Captain Captain Ball Team Base Ball Team JEANNE TAYLOR Freshman Captain Captain Ball Team One Hundred Twenty-two Louise McGilvray Mildred Bergman Not ln Picture: L S E3 Z 7 Y A 7 i rst Row : GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS 1931 1932 Barbara Hansen .... ..... P resident .,... ..,.. E velyn Vance Evelyn Vance ....,... Vice-President ..... Mary Jorgenson Mildred Bergman .... ..... S ecretary ..... Lillian Fernley Beryl Scott ..............,.,, .,,....., T reasurer ........,,,e.,.,.,,..,,, Marian Daggett Girls' Athletic Director: Mary Nix The Girls' Athletic Association, organized to promote the voluntary athletic activities of the girls of Abraham Lincoln has just finished its fifth successful year as a progressive club. The organization is self-supporting, and each year buys letters that are given on Honor Day to those girls who have earned the required number of points. This year, as an addi- tional project, the Association awarded bronze medals to the members of the girls' all- school basketball team, which was victorious in everyone of the six games played. Sweat shirts for the use of the athletic department have also been purchased by the G. A. A. Teams in volleyball, basketball, captain ball, and baseball are chosen to represent Abraham Lincoln in competition with Thomas Jefferson, Bloomer, St. Francis, and the Iowa School for the Deaf. The organization also sponsors an inter-city tournament each year. A silver loving cup, presented last year by the club to the winning literary society, becomes the permanent possession of the winner of this tournament for three consecutive years. The Ero literary society has won it the past two years. Any girl in the high school who has won twenty points by participation in athletic con- tests is eligible to join the Girls, Athletic Association. Myrtle Tower Georgia Sorenson Margaret Harper Lillian Kinder Ardith Cummings Kathryn Hathaway Evamzeline Whalen Marjorie Wilbur Elna Pederson Carmelita McAvoy Mary Louise Rosne Josie Bailey Second Row: Ruth Ilaynie Jeanne Taylor I" Ruth Schley Mary McAvoy Melverna. Reed Evelyn Vance Victoria Wiseman Mildred Harrington Emily Wilbur Lillian Fernley Third Row: Barbara Hansen Frances Zink Helen Stewart Iola. Phifer Alma Jones Ovene Hansen Irene Fisher Beryl Scott Doris McGilvray De Loma Copeland Fourth Row: Marian Dagaett Dorothy Orr Irene Chafen Mildred Hemminyzsen Florence Foster Gloria Rapp Anna Jacobsen Josephine Wiseman Nina Korgan Katherine Beck Rosalie Dodd Sadie Endelman Wanda Grother Elizabeth Hansen Mary Jorgensen Dona Rae Keith Evelyn Killian Martha Lemkuhl Martha Matlar-lt G. Meyerson Dorothy Murray llelen Peterson Marian Thomas Bernice Miller Mary Refzgzio 1 i l r 1 1 1 Ont' Hllnd7Cd Twenty-thn e fd--. .gm-. , X A me---e--..g ss--sag RR-g'fE.L,sf f ' L-.---we - ascii. W- X llf Daggett, Vance, Korean, Rapp, Jorgenson, Foster, Orr. Bailey, Kinder, Sorenson, Jones, Harper, McGilvary, Tower. BASKETBALL Abraham Lincoln's all-school basketball team, with Mary Jorgcnson as their captain, achieved the high distinction of finishing the season as an undefeated team. Their opponents in the six games from which the girls emerged victorious were teams from Thomas Jefferson, St. Francis and the Iowa School for the Deaf. SCORES . Lincoln 24 ....,., ....... v s. .. ......, Jefferson 151 Lincoln 21 ....... ....... vs . ....,,,.,,. I. S, D. 3 Lincoln 28 ,,,,.., ..,,... v s. ...., ........ I . S. D. 11 Lincoln 25 .................... vs. l...,,. St. Francis 16 Lincoln 22, .,.. .. , ...... vs. ............ St. Francis 21 Lincoln 24... ......,......... vs. ....... Jefferson 19 Lincoln 24... ....... ...... v s. ,... ......... .... J e fferson 25 VOLLEYBALL Fernley, Bergman, Cummings, Bailey, Fisher, Harper, Sorenson, Kinder, Miss Nix, H, Young, Reed, Phifer, Tower, Jones, Stewart, Taylor, Pederson, Miller, Jacobsen, Rapp, Lainson, Foster, J. Wiseman, V. Wiseman, Schley, Meneray, Whalen, Vance, Daggett, Orr Approximately eighty enthusiastic girls turned out for that sprightly autumnal sport-volleyball. Games were played by class and double teams. The twelfth grade team, under the leadership of liar- bara Hansen, won first honors in Abraham Lincoln as the winners of the most games during the tournament. One Hundred Twerzlylfour A T TTL if T 1 1 X S X Z Fernley, Bailey, Jones, Korgan, Fisher, Kinder, Harper, Sorensen Kuntze, Schroeder, Sonner, McGilvray, Copeland, Rasmussen, Tower, Reed, Phifer, Stewart, Taylor Orr, McAvoy, Rapp, Jacobsen, Vance, Nix, Wiseman, Jacobsen, Peterson Christensen, Schley, Meneray, Whalen, Foster, Daggett, Buchhottz, Wiseman PLAYGROUND MEET The annual Spring Playground Meet was held at Bloomer School on April 20. This was the main event of the year for five teams were chosen from each grade which made a total of twenty teams from Abraham Lincoln. Ninety girls participated on one, two, three or more events. Those appearing in the picture represented our school in at least two events. As in past years individual honors were achieved by the Abraham Lincoln girls. In the event "Twenty-onev, Naomi Haas placed first in the city with twenty-six points and Lillian Kinder and Nina Korgan, tied for second place with twenty-five points each. Edith Radliff, second highest in the overhead for throw, was able to throw the basketball fifty-one feet. Helen Yeager and Mildred Larsen placed first and second respectively in the free throw. A total of one hundred seventy points was made by Abraham Lincoln. The tenth grade team, with Nina Korgan as captain, came out first in the school with sixty-seven points, the eleventh grade, under the leadership of Florence Foster, second with sixty points, and the twelfth grade with Evelyn Vance as captain, third with forty-three points. Jeanne Taylor was captain of the ninth grade team. One Hundred Twent we . 1 Y 3 S T- 7 Z 7 Caywood Anderson GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB The Girls' Rifle Club, since its organization in 1922, has become one of the largest and most progressive clubs in Abraham Lincoln. This year, one-hundred members fired on the range during their study periods each Wednesday. Eight girls received their expert medals during the preceding school year. In addition, many other girls were awarded medals and bars for varying degrees of marlcmanship. The positions of Honorary Colonel and Majors are open to any Senior girl who has acquired her expert medal. The five company sponsors are selected from all the members who have received three or more bars for target work. The girls attaining these positions are honored at the annual Military Ball held in the Spring. Any girl in the school who pays the initial-fee of one dollar, and fifty cents each year following, is eligible for membership in the Club. Caywood, Wilson, Damon, Anderson, White, McGonagle, Lehman, Rapp One Hundred Twenty-six g S X Z Fi rs! Row: Mrytle Tower Fern Jensen Marjorie Wilbur Kathryn Hathaway Kathryn Hill Mary Janice Meneray Louise Seidl Dorothy Thomas Cora Blanche Butler Rebecca Gould Harriet Gould .Ruth Blizzard Margaret Stuart Florence Kennedy Second Row: T Ida Prouty Helen Datesman Ruth Haynie Virginia Salisbury Florence Foster Kathryn Clark Ovene Hansen June Meyerson Jane Bebensee Irene Fisher Irene Owens Frances Gilchrist Barbara Hansen Ruth Pagh Helen Burton bird Row: Virginia Moore Ruth Rounds GIRLS' RIFLE CLUB Helen Buhrman Bonita Thomason Arda Hutchins Olene Rasmussen Dorothy Stuart Doris White Lorraine Clark Emily Wilbur Theda Waddell Fourth Row: Olive Jessen Mary Lainson Audrey Twiford Gertrude Rankin Bertha Armstrong Carol Damon Gloria Rapp Catherine Lehman Lucille Tiarks Leona Wilson No! Pictured: Dona Rae Keith Marjorie Lainson Maxine McGonagle Dorothy Murray Ruth Ann Phillips Mary Pryor Marjorie Rathbun Viola Hicherson Carolyn Rosenfeld Naomi Shepard Marian Smith MEMBERS Marian Sorenson Helen Stageman Rosalind Stageman Adele Anderson Elizabeth Andrews Alice Asman Dorothy Ball Anna Bauer Hazel Buhrman Viola Carle Ruth Elaine Caywood Maxine Clark Elaine Coulter Iva Crain Lenore Davis Bonnie Eames Eleanor Fellers Maureen Fitzsimmons Ruth Flood Evleyn Fricke Virginia Gaines Gertrude Gretzer Erma Harty Helen Hicks Mary Catherine House Leone Isaac Mary Jorgensen Ruth Thompson Marian Dahl Florence Day Betty Busselle Ethel Greene Pearl Luckiesh Mary Jane Mitchell Dorothy Meyer One Hundred Twenty sewn TRACK TEAM Orr, Foster, Tower, Bailey, Kinder, Sorenson, Harper Vance, Wiseman, McGilvray, Schroeder, Nix, Reed, Stewart, Taylor, Whalen, Hemmingson Korgan, Raggett, Wilbur, Fisher, McGilvray, Copeland, Wolf, Sonner, Haynic Abraham Lincoln gained first place in the track meet this year with a total of thirtyfnine points, winning over Thomas jefferson by a margin of sixteen points. CONCESSIONS Candy Bars! Hot Dogs! Eskimo Pies! The old familiar cry! Was there anyone who did not hear it? Attractive girls, dressed in crimson and blue, climbed up and down the aisles of the gymnasium calling their wares. These girls were representatives of the Girls' Athletic Association. "What did the Girls' Athletic Association do with the money?" One hundred twenty dollars, the greater part of the net profits was used to defray the expenses necessary for the maintenance of G. A. A. Taylor, Copeland, lVicGilvray, Korgan One Hundred Twenty-eight ii Literary Societies and Clubs 9 l 1 4:3 K 3 Y Z 7 y Wilson, Isaac, Rosenfeld, johnson, Coulter Blank, Anderson, Williams, Fellers, jackson, Reed DELTA TAU LITERARY SOCIETY Founded-1900 OFFICERS 1931 1932 Carolyn Rosenfeld .....Y 7,.,.,. P resident .,,.,, ........ L eone Isaac Leona Wilson .e,L...., .,.,,. V ice-President .,... ,..,Y.. E laine Coulter Betty Reed .,,7..l..... ,,.....,.. S erretary .7.... .,,,.,,.. R uth Anderson Barbara Johnson .. ,,l,,, ,.,Y,.. T reasurer .,......, ..,.. B eatrice Williams Eleanor Fellers .,,,..... ,,,r,,,. S ergeant-at-Arms .,.... .r,,.,... J ean Jackson Dorothy Blank ,...,,, .. ,,.,,,, Historian .,,,,,.,, i,,, D orothy Blank Parliamentarian ...,. Phyllis Knutson Sponsors: Miss Taylor and Mrs. Tatroe Colors: Black and Gold OUTSTANDING SERVICE Editor-in-Chief Crimson and Blue-Carolyn Rosenfeld. Editor-in-Chief Echoes-Betty Reed. Winner Literary Digest Essay Contest-Shirley Maltz. School Debate Squad-Carolyn Rosenfeld. - Declamatory Contest-Gertrude Gretzer, Mary Janice Meneray. Extemporaneous Finals-Carolyn Rosenfeld. Junior Play-Gertrude Gretzer, Dorothy Blank, Maxine McC-ionigle. President of Spanish Club-Wilma Perry. Members of Honor Society-Betty Reed, Leone Isaac. Members of Quill and Scroll-Betty Reed, Leone Isaac, Gwendolyn Meyerson. Ona Hundred Thirty Q -l- ? Z 7 ij DELTA TAU MEMBERS First Row: Anna Mae Daniels Erva Huckleberry Georgia Sorenson Maxine McGonigle Leone Isaac Dorothy Blank Ruth Anderson Mary Janice Meneray Patricia Gehan Esther Steinberg Vivian Larsen Rose Fox Second Row: Erma I-iarty Helen Pierce Shirley Maltz Katherine Hathaway Beatrice Williams Mary McAvoy Clara Marie Rommel Eileen Brown June Meyerson Betty Reed Third Row: Virginia Salisbury Emma Robinson Eyvonne Spears Wilma Perry Leona Wilson Mabel Irene Noise Wilma Rolf Lillian Eernley Elinor Ash Carolyn Rosenfeld Fourth Row: Lois Eichhorn Beryl Scott Frances Zinlc Dorothy Orr Marjorie Smith Violet Peterson Dorothy Evans Jean jackson Ruth Anne Phillips Barbara Johnson Eleanor Fellers Fifth Row: Elaine Coulter Marian Stewart Harriet Gould Mrs. Tatroe Miss Taylor Maxine Clark Gertrude Gretzer Gwendolyn Meyerson Not Pictured: Maxine Boclcman Susan Hushaw Phyllis Knutsen Bernice Larsen Katherine Peet Mary Jane Mitchell Marguerite Shaw Onc Hundred Thirty-one g x ? X Z Z Cooper, Beck, jaseph, Laustrup, Harding Beattie, Walters, Andrus, Stupfell PI-IILOMATHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY 1931 Robert Walters Wilson Stupfell Charles Cooper Robert Andrus Edwin Beck .,,,. . ,. .. . Founded-1907 OFFICERS 1932 Prerrdenz ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, R obert Andrus Vice-President .,,., ,,.,,, Secretary .,,,,, ..,..,... Treasurer .,...,.., ..,.,,.. Sergeant-al-A rms Parliamentarian Spomor: Mr. Miller Colon: Orange and Black OUTSTANDING SERVICE Major R. O. T. C.-Lloyd Beattie. ...Lloyd Beattie ...Roland Jaseph Wilson Stupfell ...Don Laustrup Don Harding National Honor Society Members-Wilson Stupfell, Lloyd Beattie. National Honor Society President-Lloyd Beattie. Latin Club Consul-Lloyd Beattie. Bi-Phy-Chem Club President-Wilson Stupfell. Band President--Robert Andrus. Representative to Character Conference-Lloyd Beattie. School Debate Squad-Robert Andrus. Om Humlrczl Tfrirly-Iwo R 5 X 2 Z 2 PI-IILO MEMBERS First Row: Leonard Brown Floyd Hughes Clarence Clemens Arthur Decker Everett Brittain Kelley Hannen Boyd Paulson Sydney Maduff Charles Cooper Second Row: Russell Anderson Bob Krumenacher Don Hendrix Bob Stowe Arden Larsen Stanley Clark Benjamin Bierer Arthur Rogers Don Laustrup Third Row: Howard Green Wilson Stupfell Don Harding Edwin Beck Roland Jaseph Ernest Sulhoff Richard Olsen Frank Binder F ourth Row: Lloyd Beattie Bob Walters Cecil Luxforcl Bob Andrus Frank Baker Edward Walker Bob Empkie Not Pictured: Dennis Boyle John Fisher Don Kirchoff Bob Stuart Mr. Miller Gordon Sweeny Norman lVlcMnins George Walker One Hundred Tlurty Ilzree 3522 1:1 - ri 4 A X x X ,Wo 1 1 7 Hamilton, Ebert, Haas, Smith Kushner, Damon, Bergman ERCDELPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Founded-1913 OFFICERS 1931 1932 Carol Damon ,..,,,, .......... President- .,,,.,,.,,,. ,.,,, M ildred Bergman Mildred Bergman ,,,,,. Vice-President ,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,. L ily Kushner Katherine Ebert tt.,. ,,,.,.. S ecretary V,,,,,.., ,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,. N aomi Haas Alice Smith ,,,,,,,,r ...i,.,... T reasurer .,,,,,,, ,,,,., G eorgine Hamilton Lily Kushner ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,a....,. S ergeant-at-Armr ,....,,,..,..... Mary Jorgenson Sponsors: Miss Brisley and Miss Ketter Colors: Red and White OUTSTANDING SERVICE Honorary Major-Carol Damon. Lead in Operetta-Martha Collier. Winner of Inter-Society Volley Ball Tournament. Team: Mary Jorgensen, Opal Nichols, Georgine Hamilton, Margaret Pflaster, Ruth Schley, Estaline Carmin, Milred Bergman, Florence Foster, Virginia Lainson. Winner of Inter-Society Basketball Tournament. Team: Mary Jorgensen, Georgine Hamilton, Ruth Schley, Mildred Bergman, Florence Foster, Margaret Pflaster. Honor Society Members: Mildred Bergman, Lily Kushner. Amateur Shorthand Team-Lily Kushner. Winner of Christmas Essay Contest-Carol Damon. One Hundred Thirty-four 5 X X X Z Z 7 fzrst Row: Carol Damon jean Cummings jane Grow Fern Rodenherg Louise Seidl Helen Stageman Katherine Ebert Naomi Haas Frances Grote Lily Jacobsen Inez Larsen Louise Mentzer Second Row: Cpal Nichols Fern Nichols Pauline Brown Margaret Pflaster Martha Collier ERO MEMBERS Third ROW: Maxine Larsen Virginia Lainson Helen Mae Saltzman Lily Kushner Florence Foster Ethel Solliday Olene Rasmussen Alice Smith Betty Busselle Frances Saar Fourth Row: Georgine Hamilton Evelyn Fricke Ardith Miller Ruth Schley Virginia Brown Marian Dahl Elizabeth Larsen Elsie Marie Kearsc Pauline Nipp Bertha Kushner Mildred Bergman Alice Asman Viola Richerson Estaline Carmin Miss Brisley Mary Jorgensen Charlotte Gillin One Hundred Thirty-five 9 Y 3 X 'Z 7 Scblott, Adler, Peterson Wolf, Williams, Shellenberg, Balaban ARISTOTELIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Founded-1915 OFFICERS 1931 1932 Robert Shellenberg .........rA...,..,.. President .,...... ..... J ames Williams Earl Anderson ..,,.,,,,.. .....,,. V ice-President ,i,.,,, .,,.,,.. M orton Adler James Williams ....,, .,..,,.. S errelary .,... ,,.,,,, B ernard Balaban Bernard Balaban .....,, .....,. . Treasurer .rr..... rYv,.. R obert Peterson Fred Schlott r,,,. ,.,,,,,,r ...,, S e rgeant-at-Arms ,,,,,.....,,,..,,.,,.. Harry Wolf Sponsors: Mrs. Burgess and Mr. Asquith Colors: Purple and Gold OUTSTANDING SERVICE Editor-in-Chief Echoes-Lyle Neff. Business Manager Echoes-Robert Shellenberg. Business Manager Crimson and Blue-Harry Wolf. School Debate Squad-James Williams, Morton Adler. Inter-society Debate Runners Up. Declam Finals-James Williams, Robert Peterson. Extemporaneous Finals-Morton Adler, James Williams, Winner Colonel R. O. T. C.-Richard Rider. Member of Honor Society-Bernard Balaban. Members of Quill and Scroll-Neff, Shellenberg, Balaban, Wolf. Latin Club President-James Williams. Spanish Club President-Harry Bromberg. Quill and Scroll President-Robert Sl-iellenberg. Masque and Wig President--Richard Rider. State Extemporaneous Contest-James Williams, Second Place. One Hundred Thirty-six K X Y it Z 7 7 ARISTO MEMBERS fir!! Row: Charles Baird Arthur Evans Fred Schlott Frederick Kleeb Robert Stuart Morton Adler Jack Gordon Robert Peterson Bruce Morrow Bob Shellenberg Harry Michael Second Row: Bernard Balaban John Gable Leonard Fox Eric Bransby Henry Bollman Paul Stagernan Paul Harris James Williams Harold Wolpa Third Row: Jack Rosenfeld Kenneth Ebert Addison Kistlc Meyer Maltz Floyd Hudson Lyle Neff George Hall Chester Harris Fourth Row: Mr. Asquith Winheld Mayne Richard Stoufer Harry Wolf Ray Nelson Graydon Bates Richard Baldwin Richard Rider Robert Dempster Mrs. Burgess Not Piflured: Gilbert Bryan Harry Bromberg Donald Loorner Joel Montgomery Ronald Peterson George Young One Hunrfrul Tlurtv :men Y gt 2 Hansen, Hanley, Swanson, Harrington, Johnston, Boedeclcer, Caywoocl, Zoller, Thompson, Pryor, Klein ALPHA LITERARY SOCIETY Founded-1915 OFFicERs 1931 1932 Elinor Zoller .,.......,... .,,.. P resident .,.,... ,.,..,... M ary Pryor Hulda Tuchenhagen ,,,,.,.,,,,, Vice-President .,.,..r ,,,Y,,, E thelyn Hanley Ruth Elaine Caywoocl ,..,... ,,,.i S ecretary ,,,,... ,,,.,,e J acquetta Klein Marjorie Johnston . ...... ,..,.,... T reasurer ......V ..,t.... H elen Boedecker Mildred Harrington ..,,,. Sergeant-at-Arms .. .. ...,., Lucille Swanson Barbara Hansen ,,t,, . ,,,,,,. Historian .t,..,, .t,,,,,,,, , . Ruth Thompson Sponsors: Mrs. Clark and Miss Hovlancl Colors: Gold and White OUTSTANDING SERVICE School Debate Squad-Emma Elizabeth Roennau. Declam Finals-Nancie Lee Hayes, Helen Datesman, Winner. Soprano Solo Winner in District Contest-Mary Louise Cutler. Company Sponsor R. O. T. C.-Ruth Elaine Caywood. ' Honor Society Member-Elinor Zoller. A Leacl in Operetta-Mary Louise Cutler. Delegate to Character Conference-Ingrid Holmgarcl. President T. T. C.-Hulcla Tuchenhagen. One Humlrcd Thirty-ciglvt Q T Q Z ALPHA MEMBERS fzrst Row: Jacquetta Klein Elinor Zoller Emma Elisabeth Roennau Marjorie Harper Elizabeth Hansen Elna Pedersen Pearl Rodenberg Patty Phillips Kathleen Waddinglmam Dorothy Morgan Ruth Leslie Doris Hagerman Pauline Bernstein Ingrid Holmgard Second Row: Veryl Carlyle Gladys Lavdure Dorothy Thomas Donaldine Larsen Helen Larsen Fern Jensen Marian Thomas Evelyn Campbell Mary Louise Cutler Ruth Thompson Third Row: Lucille Tiarks Naomi Shepherd Thelma Grassfielcl Esther Nusser Barbara Hansen Ruth Elaine Caywoocl Helen Boedeclcer Lucille Launer Evelyn Vance - Mary Pryor Mildred Harrington Mary Louise Rosner Fourth Row: Corrine Thomas Hulda Tuchenhagen Evelyn Killian Peggie Johnson Helen Datesman Ruth Flood Lucille Swanson Ruth Hamilton june Christensen Alma Broclcman Fifth Row: Helen Buhrman Marjorie Johnston jane Bishop Nancie Lee Hayes Miss Hovland Mrs. Clarlc Ethelyn Hanley Helen Hicks Marian Gerber Emily Wilbur Not Pictured: Norma Damitz One Hundred Tlurtv nmc Q Gehuhr, Hannan, Davis, Friedman, Baldauf, Glasshurner, Kenyon, Livers, McMullen, Dempster LOGOTECHNIAN LITERARY SCCIETY 1931 Richard Davis Harold Livers Jack Dempster ,, Tony Baldauf Lester Friedman Donald Maxfield Founded-1920 OFFICERS . ,,,.,., President ,,,A,,. ...,,.,,, . Vice-Preszdent ,,,..,,,,,, Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Historian Sponsor: Mr. I-Iammes Colors: Blue and VUhite OUTSTANDING SERVICE School Dehate Squad-Lester Friedman. 1932 ..,,,.,.I-Iarold Livers ,William McMulle11 .,,,,,,,-lack Kenyon ,,..Fred Glasshurner ...,r,..,.Carl Gehuhr r,,Charles Flannan Winner in Declamatory Contest-Mark True. Extemporaneous Finals-Mark True. Junior Play Cast-Lester Friedman, Charles Hannan Cadet Major R. O. T. C.-Mark True. President of Latin Cluh-Charles Hannan Lead in Operettn--Lloyd Fent. One Hundred Forty ? X 3 X 7 I ln! Row: Lester Friedman Dan Tague Leslie Hayes Fred Glassburner Carl Gebubr Ronald johnson Charles Hannan Tony Balclauf Gerald Jones Harold Bollman Second Row: Robert Allerton Wayne Fariday Henry Jorgenson Robert Van I-lorn John Nourse Mr. I-Iammes Donald Rosenfeld Robert O'Brien Robert Sorenson LOGO MEMBERS Third Row: William McMullen Richard Davis Mark True Arthur Hansen Frank Vergamini -lack Ehrig Harold Livers Fourth Row: Eldo Martin Edward Blair Russel Blanchard Jack Cole Jack Kenyon Albert Jensen Jack Dempster Lloyd Fent Not Pictured: Carlyle Briclcey Melvin Brown Donald Maxfield One Hundrtd Forty-one is R K S 7 Merrill, Francis, Rounds, Stuart, Blanchard, White, Smith, Rapp, Moser, Johnson CLIOSOPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Founded-1920 OFFICERS 1931 1932 Virgie Lee Moser .,i. ,..,. P resident ........ ..,... D ororhy Stuart Doris White ,,,t....., .... V ice-President ....... t,..,....,. R urh Francis Dorothy Stuart .,.,.. ..,,,,.. S ecrelary ......Y. ,,,,,. A rleen Blanchard Gloria Rapp ......., ,,t.,,,...,. T reasurer ,.,.,,,. ..,,,,r,,, R uth Rounds janet Merrill ,t,,,, ,,,,,, S ergeant-at-Arms ..... .,,.. R oherta Smith Ruth Francis .,.,,,, ,,,,,.. H istorian ........,,,,,,,,,,,,,t,, Marian Johnson Sponxorsz Miss Pyle and Miss Willard Colors: Purple and White OUTSTANDING SERVICE Members of School Debate Squad--Virgie Lee Moser, Frances Johnson. Final Declamatory Contest-Ida Prouty, Marian Johnson, Winner. Final Extemporaneous Speaking Contest--Dona Rae Keith, Frances Johnson. Lead in Junior Play-Ida Prouty. Honorary Colonel R. O. T. C.-Doris White. Honorary Major R. O. T. C.-Catherine Lehman. Advertising Manager of Echoes-Elizabeth Andrews, Ruth Francis. Consul Latin Club-Gloria Rapp. Members of Quill and Scroll-Roberta Smith, Elizabeth Andrews. Representative to Character Conference at Topelca, Kansas-Doris White. Representative to Sectional Character Conference-Arleen Blanchard. Members of Commercial Teams-Dorothy Stuart, Frances Johnson. Winner of State Paris Peace Pack Contest-Ruth Rounds. Associate Editor Crimson and Blue-Umatilla Goodwin. Honor Society Members-Gloria RHPP, Roberta Smith, Doris White. One Inlunalrcd Forty-two g Q T X Z Z 7 lim' Row: Ethel Armstrong Virginia Mathis Marjorie Wilbur Rosalind Stageman Helen Gittle Gladys Stokes Elizabeth Andrews Irene Fisher Phyllis Waddell Fern Waddell Vivian McGuire Margaret Fisher Marian Fryer Second Row: Wilma Bright Elizabeth Jepson Ruth Rounds Doris White Gertrude Rankin Umatilla Goodwin Mariella Mulqueen Maxine Morrow CLIO MEMBERS Lenore Davis Virgie Lee Moser Frances Johnson Katherine Sellers Third Row: Anna Bauer Carla Muller Betty Pates Janet Merrill Ruth Francis Frances Hough Helen Burton Evelyn Warford Kathryn Beck Fourth Row: Leah Kearnes Arlene Wallace Ida Prouty Bonita Thomason Katherine Lehman Hope McManus Jeanne Taylor Beulah Mackie Dorothy Stuart Marian Johnson Helen Arleen Blanchard Dorothy Crabtree Fifth Row: Dorothy Murray Della Mae Gallahcr Mary Lee Parmer Marian Daggett Miss Pyle Gloria Rapp Dona Rae Keith Dorothy Jensen Guinivere Pennington Gladys Milner Mary Lainson Not Pirtured: Rosalie Dodd Roberta Smith Ruby Lane Onc I-Izmdrcd Forty-lhrcc Q X X S Z Hedrick, Rosenfeld, Baumeister, Emarine, Sisson, I-Iutton, Babbe, I-Ierwig, IONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Founded-1925 OFFICERS 1931 1932 Robert Rosenfeld ..... ....,.,,,, P resident ........ .,,.,,. I-I ugh Baumeister I-Iugh Baumeister .A.., ,,..,. V ice-President .....,. ....... W illiam Emarine William Emarine ,, ,,,,,,, Secretary ,,,,.,,, . ,,.,.,,, John I-Iedriclc Marion Wood ,,,,,,,,,,,,11,.,,,..,.... Treasurer ........ ,,,1,.,,, O wen Babbe Clifford I-Iiddleston ,,,.,....,. Sergeant-at-Arms ..... A..., R ussell Herwig Arthur Sisson .,..., ,.., ,.,,,...,. H i storian ,,.,.,.. ,,,.,..,,,7,.,,.,...7,,....... ,,,,,,,,, ..,. P arliamentarian .....,.,,,.,,,.,,, George Hutton Sponsors: Miss Boesche and Miss Beard Colors: Green and Gold OUTSTANDING SERVICE For the third consecutive year the Ionian Literary society will this year make scholar- ship awards in the form of bronze, silver and gold pins. In 1930 twenty-one such pins were given and in 1931 twenty-nine. Winners of Inter-Society Debate Tournament School Debate Squad-Rosenfeld, I-Iedriclc, Emarine, Babbe, Hutton. Declamatory Finals-Owen Babbe fsubstituting for Robert Rosenfeldj Extemporaneous Finals-Robert Rosenfeld. Editor-in-Chief Echoes-Arthur Sisson. Senior Class President--Robert Rosenfeld. Business Manager Echoes-Hugh Baumeister. President of Band-Ronald Grubb. President of Orchestra--Russell I-Ierwig. Colonel R. O. T. C.-Grover Platt-I-Ionor Society President. Major R. O. T. C.-I-Iugh Baumeister. I-Ionor Society Members--Rosenfeld, Emarine, Sisson, Plant. Quill and Scroll Members-Sisson, Bailey, Emarine, Rosenfeld. Junior Play-John Hedriclc, George I-Iutton. Operetta-Robert Bailey. P One Hundrcrl lforly-four Q X X X Q 7 7 7 ICNIAN MEMBERS Fzrst Row: Donald Barnett Ronald Madison Jack Fernley Frederick Deetken Howard Esancy Jack Fox John Pryor Donald Filbert George Hutton Eric Bransby Kenneth McAlpine Second Row: Owen Babbe Frederick Applequist Raymond Martin -lack Hill William Robinson Charles Allerton Robert Bailey John Hedrick Robert Jones Russel Herwig Third Row: David Randolf Donald Busllenheld jack Emarine Don Olson .lack Watson Robert Rosenfeld Miss Boesche Hugh Baumeister Marion Wood Delbert Karr Fourth Row: Billy Emarine Ronald Grubb Philip Mounts Robert Endelman Miss Beard Arthur Sisson Not Pirtured: Hayden Carter Floyd Deal Kenneth Fitzpatrick Oliver Hall Clifford Hiddlesron Harvey Mackland Byron McDonald Eldon Swain Ont Hundred lorry wc g s X E' Z Z 7 Stageman, Stuart, Anderson, Bernstein, Stevens, Neidermeyer, Hawkins, Endelman THALIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Founded-1925 OFFICERS 1931 1932 jane Hawkins ,,,.,,, Preriden! r,,r.... ,..,. M ary Stevens Mary Stevens .....,,, A.,... V ice-President ,,,. ,..... Margaret Stuart Adele Anderson ..r..,, .,...,, S ecretarjv .,r..,,. .,.,.,.. P earl Bernstein Ruth Stageman ...,.,. .,..,,.... T reasurer ........ ......,,,. R uth Stageman Dorothy Meyer ,,,,,,,,,,,.....,, Sergeant-at-Army ,,....,,,Y.,,,,,,. Sadie Endelman Josephine Neidermeyer ttt,,,.,,.,,,, Historian ,,,.,,.. ..... J osephine Neidermeyer Sponsors: Miss Marty and Miss Thomison Colors: Blue and Gold OUTSTANDING SERVICE Debate-First place in Girls' Inter-society Debate. Missouri Valley League Debaters-Felker, Stevens, Stuart. Winner of "Honor Gavelv for good sportsmanship in debate. Declamatory Finals-Helen Gaines, Virginia Thorpe. Extempo Finals-Mary Stevens, Gretchen Taylor. Junior Play Cast-Fawn Caywood-Juvenile lead. President Senior Girls' Glee Club-Sadie Endelman. Soloists in Operetta-Sadie Endelman, Jean McCargar. Echoes Editor-in-Chief-Adele Anderson. Associate Editor Crimson and Blue-Ruth Stageman. President French Club-jane Hawkins. President Masque and Wig--Mary Stevens. President T. T. C.--Ruth Stageman. Members of Honor Society-Adele Anderson, Ruth Stageman. Members of Quill and Scroll-Adele Anderson, Margaret Stuart. School Representative to Character Conference at Thomas Jefferson-Jane Hawkins. Members of Commercial Teams-Pearl Bernstein, Florence Steinberg, Virginia Thorpe Adele Anderson. One Hu7ldfClI Forty-six Q S 'D 2 z TI-IALIAN LITERARY SOCIETY First Row: Anna jean Blank Rebecca Gould Evangeline Whalen Virginia Thorpe Mary Jane Clemenson Jean McCargar june Currie Ellen Orr Mary Catherine House Helen French Dorothy Bushenfield Lela Derry Jane Bebensee Dorothy Sheely Pearl Bernstein Second Row: Mary Smith Harriet Esancy Kathryn Hill De Loma Copeland Fawn Caywood Kathryn Clark Marian Smith Olive Jessen Iva Crain Betty Holloway Clalien Hushaw Ruth Stageman Ruby Anderson Third Row: Katrine Organ Lucille Belclin Adele Anderson Geraldine Stoclcert Cora Blanche Butler Marian Lewis Mary Lou Peterson Marjorie Rathbun Lucille Holnus Fourth Row: Thelma Massey Gretchen Taylor Sadie Endelman Jane Hawkins Dorothy Meyer Dorothy Felker Mary Stevens Margaret Stuart Kathryn Hansen Mary Pierce Fifth Row: Josephine Neidermeycr Helen Gaines Helen Jane Underwood Margaret Shearborn Sixth Row: Audrey Smith Florence Steinberg Miss Marty Miss Thomison Frances Nugent Arlene Bacon Florence Day Hazel Buhrman No! in Picture: Elizabeth Kistle One Hundred Forty :wen 9 1 1 3 X Z INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS QUILL AND SCROLL J. N. fDingJ Darling Chapter Founded-1926 OFFICERS President .....A......... ,,..... Vice-President .,..... Secrelary ......... Treasurer .,7....,,,.,.. Sergeant-at-A rms ....,, ...,,.. .,,,,.,..Robert Shellenberg ,,,,,,,,,.,......Betty Reed .,........Arthur Sisson .,,,,,,..Roberta Smith .......Alice Asman Sponsor: Jennie G. Rice HONORARY MEMBERS Clark Galloway of the Nonpareil ..........,,.,,.,. ...,,..... R everend R. Perkins MEMBERS H. Arthur Lee-Echoes Adviser First Row: Billy Emarine Gwendolyn Meyerson Leone Isaac Adele Anderson Betty Reed Alice Asman Marjorie Johnston Oscar Sorenson Second Row: Robert Rosenfeld Robert Bailey Bernard Balaban Robert Shellenberg Lyle Neff Arthur Sisson Harry Wolf Third Row: Miss Rice Mr. Lee Not Pictured: Roberta Smith Elizabeth Andrews Margaret Stuart 9 R A 5 Z NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Requiremenls for membership: Character, scholarship, leadership and service. 1931 Grover Platt .,,..,,,v.... Mildred Bergman . Robert Rosenfeld Doris White ......... Sponsors: First ROW: Katherine Neff Elinor Zoller Carol Damon Doris White Betty Reed Emma Elisabeth Roennau Mildred Bergman Umatilla Goodwin Ruth Francis Adele Anderson Leone Isaac Naomi Haas Serond Row: Lily Kushner jane Hawkins Hope McManus Carolyn Rosenfeld Pearl Bernstein Margaret Stuart OFFICERS 1932 President Lloyd Beattie Vice-President , Betty Reed Secretary Wilson Stupfell Treasurer Elinor Zoller Mrs. White, Miss Pyle, and Miss Boesche Ida Prouty John Spitznagle Beatrice Williams I-Iulda Tuchenhagen Roberta Smith Third Row: Gloria Rapp Ruth Stageman Dona Rae Keith Gwendolyn Meyerson Frances Johnson Mary Stevens Dorothy Stuart Alice Smith Charles Hannan Fourth Row: Arlen Fisher Wilson Stupfell Chester Fisher James Williams Lester Friedman Arthur Sisson Morton Adler John Hedrick Fifth Row: Bernard Balaban Tony Baldauf Hugh Baumeister Robert Walters Robert Andrus Lloyd Beattie Harry Wolf Robert Rosenfeld Not Pictured: Laverne Robinson Grover Platt Billy Emarine Helen Blanchard Marian Sorenson One Hunrircd Forly nine Q K Y X Z Z 7 GIRL RESERVES Founded-1931 OFFICERS President .......... ...,YAA...... D oris White Program Vice President ...... Mildred Bergman Sffnff ' 7 """"' """" P ublicity Secretar Jane Hawkins Softail- 'i""AA' Treasurer ,.......i Janet Merrill Music .. First Row: Mildred Bergman Lily Kushner janet Merrill Katherine Neff Carolyn Rosenfeld Pauline Bernstein Ruth Francis Marian Sorenson Ingrid Holmgard Virginia Thorpe Ida Prouty Betty Reed Elizabeth Andrews Margaret Stuart Mary Pryor Mary Stevens Second Row: Katherine Lehman Doris White Sponsors: Miss White and Miss Colors: Blue and White MEMBERS Carol Damon Mary Stevens Peggie Johnson Jane Hawkins Helen Gaines Dorothy Stuart Ruth Elaine Caywood Barbara Johnson Dorothy Fellcer Frances Johnson Third Row: Miss Beard Helen Brown Elaine Coulter Dorothy Evans jean Jackson Helen Burton Irma Patterson Alice Smith Ruth Stageman Dona Rae Keith CABINET MEMBERS Ruth Francis ...,.........,Ida Prouty .....,,Peggie Johnson Betty Reed Roberta Smith Fourth Row: Mary Lee Parmer Hope McManus Marian Daggett Miss White Nancie Lee Hayes Dorothy Meyer Arleen Blanchard Ethelyn Hanley Gwendolyn Meyerson Not Pictured: Alice Asman Helen Datesman Eleanor Fellers Mary Pierce Frances Rilcer Roberta Smith Ruth Young Elinor Zoller M ' 1 One Hundred Fifty 1 in Q X S Z 7 X I-II-Y Irefxdenf , ,,,,,,. ,.,,,.,.,,,,, ,...., ,.,,,..,, R o b ert Wqlters Sponsor: H. Arthur Lee First Row: Chester Harris Mr. Lee Chester Fisher John Hedrick Charles Hannan Robert Bailey Robert Rosenfeld Second Row: Vernon Ball Billy Emarine Mark True MEMBERS Richard Davis Wilson Stupfell Harmon Rider Hugh Baumeister Third Row: Harry Wolf Harold Livers Robert Walters Lloyd Beattie Gerner Peterson Robert Andrus OUTSTANDING SERVICE Represented at Quad State Conference at Sioux City: Sponsor of Good Will Day. One Hundred fx tv one 9 1 ni. X Z LE CERCLE FRANCAIS fFrench Club, Founded-1921 1931 Roberta Smith ,... Carolyn Rosenfeld .,,..... ..... Ruth Rounds ..,.,, Lenore Davis ...... Hugh Baumeister OFFICERS 1932 President .,,,... ,.,... J ane Hawkins Vice-President ....,, ,..,.,,.. D orothy Evans Secretary ..A..A. .,.A.,,, H ugh Baumeister Treasurer ,,..... ...... Sergeant-at-Arms .. . . Dorothy Meyer Mary Pryor Sponsor: Miss Wilcox First Row: Margaret Stuart-Marguerite Mary Pryor--Diane Gladys Stokes-Susanne Carolyn Rosenfeld-Caroline june Currie-Madeleine Miss Wilcox-Helen Irmel Bush-Susette Jean McCarger-Sicionie Betty Reed-Lisette Patricia Gehan-Marie Pauline Bernstein-Pauline Florence Brown-Florence Second Row: Peggie johnson-Julienne Nancic Lee Hayes-Nancy MEMBERS Dorothy Evans-Gail Jane Hawkins-Juliette Ruth Rounds-Virginne Beulah Mackie-Josette Gretchen Taylor-Geneve Frances Nugent-Francoise Marian Gerher-Marianne Third Row: Robert Savage--Jacques Leville McFaClcien-Aclolphe Florence Steinberg-Florence Dorothy Meyer-Dorathee Alice Smith-Valentine Helen Gaines-Helene Dorothy Fellcer--Clarice High Baumeister-Amhrose Ono Hunrfrcrf Fifty-two 1 Q - K 'D 2 Y X - LA JUNTA ESPANOLA qspanish Clubp Founded-1923 OFFICERS 1931 1932 Wilma Perry ............. ...,.,,. P resident ,.,........ ........ H arry Bromlnerq Umatilla Goodwin ..,.,,,. ,,,w V ice-President ....... ,w.,,. J ohn Spitznagle Jack Gordon .,,.,,,...... .,... S ecretary ,......, ,A.,,. U matilla Goodwin Vivian McGuire ,,..,., ..,...,. T reasurer .....Y...,, ...i.., W ilma Perrv Clifford Mortenson ..,....... ., Sergeant-at-Arms ..... ...... L eone Isaac Sponsor: Miss Wilcox MEMBERS First Row: Emily Wilbur-Emilia Clifford Mortenson-Carlos Leone Isaac-Lolita Vivian McGuire-Losita Wilma Perry-Eloisa Pauline Diventi-Paulina Miss Wilcox Ruth Pagh-Tula Jeanne Taylor-Centellita Phyllis Waddell-Camilla Fern Waddell-Renata Katherine Hathaway-Juanita Wilma Bright-Constancia Second Row: William Higgins-Guillermo Dean Madsen-Archihaldo Rosie Capleton-Rosita Umatilla Goodwin-Felipa Iva Crain-Carmencita Helen Hicks-Helena Helen Boedeclcer-Caselda Viola Richerson-Rita Marian Gerber-Felicia Grace Gillett-Gracia Third Row: Leslie London-Leon Fred Glassburner-Federico Robert Stuart-Roberto Alfred Whittaker-Natan Glen Madsen-Inocencio Clifford Seiffert-Homero Lester Friedman-Lastro Edward Walker-Eduardo Henry Jorgenson-Chico Fourth Row: Edward Jalcsha-Lucefilo Kenneth Ebert-Kempis John Spitznagle-Juan Jack Gordon--Prospero Arthur Rogers-Arturo Fred Deetlcen-Rojo Walter Staley-Qualterio One Hzzndrcd F1 f'v three Gloria RaPP Eldon Swain 5 LATIN CLUB Founded-1931 OFFICERS 1931 1932 Gloria Rapp, Lloyd Beattie ...,v. ..,.,, C onsuls ..i............. Ida Prouty, Charles Hannan Arthur Sisson ..7.,7..,,,7.,,.,,. .....,. P raetor .,..,A.....,..,.....,,...,.. Arthur Sisson Mary Lee Parmer .....,....,. .....,. C ensor ,..... ..........,. J ack Kenyon Robert Walters .....,........... .....,,.,. A eclile ....,,............,,,............. Virginia Thorpe Emma Elisabeth Roennau ,,.,.,,.., ....... Q uaestor ....A..,.........,,.,r........ Mary Lee Parmer Sponsors: Miss Henderson and Miss Pyle MEMBERS Fir5t Row: Irene Fisher Fourth Row: Esther Steinberg Louise Mentzer Mary Katherine Virginia Thorpe Ida Prouty Ruth Anne Phillips Emma Elisabeth Roennau Evelyn Campbell Harriet Gould Mary Janice Meneray Katheryn Hill HOLISE Second Row: Betty Pates Kathrine Clark Hertha Armstrong Helen Pierce Mary Lee Parmer Marjorie Wilbur T Elizabeth Larsen Marian Dahl Pauline Nipp bird Row: joe Ewald Charles Hannan Benjamin Bierer Jack Cole Ronald Johnson Arthur Sisson Donald Rosenfeld Robert Krumenacher John Pryor Morton Adler Miss Henderson Addison Kistle Russel Anderson james Williams Grayclon Bates Robert Stowe Eric Bransby Frank Binder Robert Dempster William McMullen Kelly Hannan Fifth Row: Winfield Mayne Miss Pyle Harold Livers Lloyd Beattie Bob Walters Jack Kenyon Lyle Nell: One Hundred Fifly-four 1 4:1 Y X S Z 7 7 TEACHERS' TRAINING CLUB 1931 Ruth Stageman .,,.. Katherine Ebert ...,.... Hulda Tuchenhagen ....... Ethelyn Hanley ,,,.,,., Helen Larsen ,,,,..,.e,e, first Row: Mary Virginia Moore Helen Larsen Thelma Bird Hazel Hart Katherine Coyle Lela Derry Maxine Johnson Elna Pederson Pearl Rodenberg Carol Damon Second Row: Fern Rodenberg Maurine Fitzsimmons Bonita Thomason Ruth Schley OFFICERS 1932 President Hulcla Tuchenhagen Vice-President Helen Brown Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-A rms .. Sponsor: Mrs. White MEMBERS Thelma Springer Florence Johnson Olive Angeroth Ruth Stageman Katherine Ebert Hulda Tuchenhagen Third ROW: Katherine Sellers Mabel Clark Cecelia Kenney Ruth Harwood Helen Brown Ercell Pullen Wilma Morse Evelyn Killian Charlotte Streepy Lucille Swanson Fern Rodenberg Evelyn Killian Ercell Pullen Fourth Row: Lillian Anderson Louise Teufel Helen Buhrman Elaine Coulter Hazel Buhrman Mrs. White Ethelyn Hanley Thelma Gardner Dorothy Mustard Hope McManus Mary Pierce No! Pictured: Mildred Harrington One Hundred I1 tv nr ? Y Z President .....,... Vice-Presrdenl ,. ,. Secretary ....,,,,,, Treasurer ,,e... I' ml Row: Pearl Bernstein Ethel Armstrong Anna Mae Daniels Maude Coan Pauline Diventi Rose Fox Helen Gittle Elizabeth Hansen Vivian Allen Margaret Fisher Dorothy C. Jensen .Second Row: Lilly Jacobson Frances Gilchrist Elizabeth Jepson Kathryne Hathaway COMMERCIAL CLUB Founded-1932 OFFICERS Sponsor: Mrs. Downs MEMBERS Irene Bigley Dorothy M. Jensen Dora Cunningham Georgine Hamilton Ruth Hamilton Alice Falconer Alma Brokman Third Row: Marian Hayes Pearl Brahms Margaret Burke Jose Bolin Dorothy Ball Mildred Burke Alice Burns Gretchen Bock Margaret Bird Gerald Holt .,,,...Clyde Russell .i,.......Viola Madsen ....,,,,....Pearl Bernstein ...,,...Howard Brannen Fourllr Row: Katheryne Hansen Sadie Endleman Caroline Chapman Ruby Anderson Lucille Dempewolf Della Mae Gallagher Roy Austin Erik Hansen Fifth Row: Leslie Dall Wallace Fleming Edwin Franks Tony Baldauf Howard Brannen Emmett Coziahr One Hundred Fifly-six g Q S X Z 7 7 first Row: Frances Zinlc Naomi Shepard Maxine McGoonagle Georgia Sorenson Mary Louise Rosner Katherine Shoemaker Vernetta Purdy Audrey Stageman Bernice Miller Lily Kushner Katherine Raph Josephine F. Wallace Maxine Munson Second Row: Dorothy Thomas Josephine Wiseman Opal Nichols Clara Marie Rommell Mary McEvoy Lucille Tiarlcs Helen Price Ruth Pagh Martha Matlack COMMERCIAL CLUB MEMBERS Harriett Rowe Beatrice Williams Gwenivere Pennington Third Row: Bessie Reafleng Lela Reafleng Alice Owen Alice Leslie Leah Sorenson Marjorie Smith Violet Peterson Margaret Petersen Wilma Rolf Ida Smith Carmelita McEvoy Lucille Launer Fourth Row: Dorothy johnson Viola Madsen Gwendolyn Meyerson Dorothea Sheely Sylvia Nelson Frances Johnson Vivian Larsen Helen McCann Cecelia Pogge Gladys Milner Marian Thomas Fifth Row: Kenneth Lett Marion ,Lehmlcuhl Amos Scott Marshall Morris George Lueke Clyde Russell Ervin Tinnel Earl Olsen Donald Bernstein Not Pictured: Mildred Beedle Estaline Carmine Marianne Griffin Woodrow Hansen Lucille Hobus Harold Tevis George Bigley One Hundred F1 ty seven ? y 3 2 7 7 MASQUE AND WIG PLAYERS A Sponsor: Ruth Castle OFFICERS President ,,.,,,,,.. .,,,,,,,. M ary Stevens Assistant Secretary ..,...... Dorothy Blank Vice-President ...,.. .....,,.. R uth Anderson Treasurer .t....,,,,,.. .......... C hester Fisher Secretary .....,.,., ,,,,.,... V irginia Thorpe Assistant Treasurer ...,s..... Robert Allerton MEMBERS First Row: Barbara Johnson Jane Bishop Rebecca Gould Ruth Flood Rosalie Dodd Fawn Caywood Dorothy Blank Ruth Anderson Evelyn Fricke Virginia Thorpe Miss Castle Rose Fox Ruth Thompson Marjorie Rathbun Eyvonne Spears Mary Katherine House Jaquetta Klein Shirley Reed Second Row: Josephine Wallace Thordis Norgaard Ruth Haynie Dona Rae Keith Mary Stevens Third Row: Gertrude Gretzer Pearl Brahms Frances Johnson Virgie Lee Moser Dorothy Orr Irene Anderson Iune Currie Donaldine Larsen Mildred Harrington Fourth Row: Maxine Larsen Betty Bradford Sadie Endelman Emma Robinson Arlene Wallace Margaret Shearborn Erma Harty Fifth Row: Chester Fisher Homer Headley Robert Allerton Robert Savage Gilbert Bryan Bruce Morrow Morton Adler Not Pictured: Viola Carle Irene Currie Gwendolyn Meyerson Mark True Dorothy Evans Josephine Wallace OUTSTANDING SERVICE During the year the dramatic department has presented the following plays: "Pearls', "The Birthday Ball" "The Dear Departed" 'QThe Fxilev "The First Dress Suit" "Thursday Evening" "When Martha and George Returned" One Hundred Fifty-eight RICMERSON 1 Social and Inspirational Calendar l ? K X X Z Z f September 25- October 15- October 22- November 6- November 19- December 11- December 18- December 18- February 27- March 1- February I2- March 31- March 26- April 20- April 27 May 3- May I3- May 17- May 21- SOCIAL CALENDAR RECEPTION FOR THE DEAN OF GIRLS. A tea for all girl stu- dents and faculty members, honoring Miss Dora Nyrop, the new dean of girls, sponsored by the Girl Reserves. GLEE CLUB DANCE. Given by the Glee Clubs in honor of Mrs. Pctts, music instructor in Central high school, Omaha, in the gymnasium. HONOR SOCIETY "WHOOPEE." Picnic at Gloria Rapp's home at Lake Manawa. THALIAN MOTHER-TEACHER PARTY. An annual affair in honor of the Thalian mothers. Professor Paul Gruman, Director of Joselyn Memorial, was guest speaker. FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE GIRL RESERVES. Golden Jubilee tea. Miss McCullough, head of Omaha Girl Reserves was an honored visitor. ALL GIRL KID PARTY. A riotous good time for all girls and fem- inine faculty members in the gymnasium. ALPHA MOTHER-TEACHER PARTY. An annual affair in honor of the Alpha mothers. ANNUAL ALL-SCHOOL CHRISTMAS DANCE. The third an- nual all-school party, sponsored by the literary societies. ANNUAL BANQUET FOR SOCIETY DEBATERS. Given by the literary'societies in honor of the debaters and their sponsors in the school cafeteria. SUNLIGHT DANCE. Given for the benefit of funds for Good Will Day in the gymnasium after school. Sponsored by Girl Reserves and Hi-Y. CLIOSOPHIAN MOTHER-TEACHER PARTY. An annual affair in honor of the Clio mothers. Words of appreciation, tea, and yellow roses were featured. GIRL RESERVE WEINER ROAST. Held at Fairmount Park. GRAND MILITARY BALL. The most brilliant social event of the year, sponsored by R. O. T. C. and Girls' Rifle Corps. Among the visitors on the dance floor were many high ranking regular army officers. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PARTY. At the home of Mrs. C. E. Wliite. T. T. C. SENIOR PARTY. A "depression" dinner party honoring the T. T. C. seniors. ERO MOTHER-SENIOR BANQUET. An annual affair in honor of the Ero mothers and seniors. THALIAN-IONIAN SENIOR BANQUET. An annual affair in honor of the seniors of both societies. . DELTA TAU BANQUET. Honoring the Delta Tau mothers and seniors. ALPHA BANQUET. Honoring senior and alumni members at Hotel Chieftain. One Hundred Sixty One Hundred Sixty-one +L- N-Ni -.. fwwr' ffl' x X f One Hundred Sixty-two ? September 17- September 24- September 20- October 9- October 14- October 28- November 2- November 9- November 10- November 11- November 11- November 18- November 23- INSPIRATIONAL CALENDAR CONSTITUTION DAY. An assembly address, "The Constitution, our Greatest Document" by Phillip Orchard of the Daily Nonpareil. ASSEMBLY ADDRESS, "What You Are to Be You Are Now Be- coming," by Cameron Beck, personnel director of the New York Stock Exchange. MOVING PICTURE FILMS AND LECTURE. "Scenes of the Malay Peninsula" by G. Miller, experienced explorer. "SHEPHERD OF THE EAST," a story laid in Mesopotamia by George Elias, a native of Chaldea. MOVING PICTURES. "A Travelogue of Scenes in Alaska," by Edgar Raine, internationally known adventurer and traveller. MOVING PICTURES. "What Good Are Insects" and a lecture by Brayton Eddy, naturalist. ASSEMBLY ADDRESS, "Choosing Your Life Work" by Adams Puffer, Vocational Guidance Director of Boston, Massachusetts. DAVID BARNETT, one of the most outstanding concert pianists in America gave a program of unusual merit. fConcert Service numberj . EDUCATION WEEK. Pageant, "The Schools of the Past, Present, and Future" presented by members of the National Honor Society. ASSEMBLY ADDRESS, "Playing the Game" by Dr. Donald Macrae, noted surgeon and soldier. When Dr. Macrae died, january 11th, 1932, the nation lost a loyal son, Council Bluffs lost one of its outstanding citizens, and Abraham Lincoln high school lost one of its most interested and true friends. GIRLS' ASSEMBLY. Address, "The Quest for Beauty" by Mrs. Mar- garet Wells Woods, prominent social worker. MOVING PICTURES, "The Bottom of the World" by Aimee Porter, famous lecturer and traveller. CONCERT by the Welsh Imperial Singers, Great Britain's greatest male ensemble, at the city auditorium. One Hundred Sixty three ? X S X Z December 8- December 16- December 20- January 18- February 5- February 12- February 17- February 22- March 10- March 2'5- April 6- April 20- May 29- june 3- INSPIRATIONAL CALENDAR ASSEMBLY ADDRESS. "World Problems of Today" by Dr. Baum- gardt, noted traveller and lecturer. ASSEMBLY ADDRESS. "The Evils of Alcohol" by Albert Coe, stu- dent secretary of the Anti-Saloon League of Iowa. ASSEMBLY ADDRESS. "The Need for Mental Disarmament" by Dr. Taylor, professor of sociology at Andrewville University, Tennessee. CONCERT by the Manhattan String Quartet. CONCERT by the famous Brahms quartet. These members of the quartet appeared in Viennese costume of 1850. ASSEMBLY HONORING THE BIRTHDAY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Address by Reverend F. A. Hosmer of the First Presby- terian church, Omaha. MOVING PICTURES. "Top of the World" by Arnesen, world traveler and lecturer. ASSEMBLY HONORING THE BI-CENTENNIAL OF GEORGE WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. The assembly was sponsored by the National Honor Society. A play, "When Martha and George Re- turned" was given by the Masque and Wig. ASSEMBLY ADDRESS. "Disease Kills More People Than War" by Frederick Snyder, prominent speaker, introduced by Mr. Clark Galloway, city editor of the Nonpareil. ROAD SHOW. An evening of comedy and music presented by stu- dents, teachers and prominent citizens, a benefit for the Band and Or- chestra. ENTERTAINMENT. George Staples, magician. COMEDY. Frank Craven's "New Brooms", a New York success, pre- sented by the Misner players. BACCALAUREATE SERMON, at Broadway theater. COMMENCEMENT, city auditorium. One Hundred Sixty-four Service and Humor on .f.7" .471 E S Q 5 S X X 3 x Q S STOP! LOOK! LISTEN!! Q R Xvhen a bfltchef, a baker S S Y Cafldlgtick maker Q ou nee or s ' Q Turn over thesgngaggvlce, my dear, S S 3-tile frifnds are these Sages Q Q e a ook and find out who are here. 'Q X X Q 5 S TO OUR ADVERTISERS S Q We want you to know R Q yi!! appreciate you. Q Q The want you to know Q Q at we know YO'-lr true blue. Q X 'T' - S IS true times are h d S S EVorld depression we av-iew S Q et 25 fight if, together. S Q You re for us! We're for your S X . X X S X S THE STAFF SIGNS OFF g S :Je lhave burned the midnight current Q Q Thi 21:2 spattereld seas of ink g I-1g'ts'we've t unk. If h - . . Q What it is we cannot thingiuc is missing 3 S Ek have interviewed instructors R S md the Capfam in his X S Cro d h den S S Se Esc t e threshold of the office Q S e mg what and where and when. Q Q xifefve worn out the phone to Carveras S S msworths nerves were frazzl d S X Weave b d C , too. S e 7 Q Let, f urne- up th gas to Bakers X Q s orget lt. We are through! S M h' - X F135 t IS book, likeisweet old rose leaves Q S I , yet redolent with years, R S hack days of youth and laughter R S ories sweet though edged with tears. R Q Yours rill the last drop 3 S of ink, Q S -The St , S aff 5 S Q , J., ff S ' ffffffff ffffffffff ffffffffff ffffffffff S one Hundred Sixty-fix .A'l'.A'l'.A'!'.A'!'.!' .A7'.f.7'.f7".!' .!.V'.f.7f.7".A7J.7J' .A7'..l2l'.A7J' -Af' .l.7'..A'fl.7'.f.7J.7' .!.7'.f.V'.f.7'.f.7'.A7'.A7'.!.7J.7'.A7'.A7' J' J' .!.77..7'.A!J.7'.f.77.7'.!.7".A7'.f.7'.f' .f.7'..A'fJ.7' , .- , Pete Arrives and Departs 9 2 s + - f Council Bluffs, September 2, 1928. Dear Paw: I just came in from the first day in this here school you sent me to. I ain't so sure it's worth the muney it costs. This here place where I eat and sleep ain't so much. I didn't get nuthin for breakfast but a dish of oatmeal, 3 eggs and 5 slices of bread and butter and strawberry jam, and two little pieces of ham as small as your hand. Hon- est I was so hungry I had to fill up on fried potatoes. And there wasn't any pie at all. I et up at school at noon. You never seen anything like the way the kids go to lunch. One minute yer in the class room setting up and actin like you wasn't watching the clock, and then the bell rings and we go as fast as we dare to the door. Then everybody is rushin like mad, just like they was starved and afraid there wouldn't be enuf left. The boys all line up at one place and the girls at anuther. I spent 35 cents of the 75 cents you gave me, and all I got was two hot dishes of some oriental gulosh, two sanwitches, two pieces of pie and a slab of ice-cream. I was most starved by the time school was out so I bought a hot dog on the way home and it was a good thing I did for we didnit have much to eat down here tonight. After the stingy breakfast you'd think they'd do something to earn that 53.25 you pay them every week. I must close now. I hope you will notis how hard I'm studying and how interested I am in my lessons. Well I guess I wrot all I can on the subject. Tell ma I wisht I could have et one of her suppurs tonight. It don't seem just rite not to have to feed the hogs and milk the cows and go up to bed all tired out. Guess I'l1 stop now A Yours, PETE. P. S.: Guess you better send me another 75 cents for extras-this won't last long unless I starve to death before I get it. .A!'.!.V' September 9, 1928. Dear Paw: There's a big statute of Abraham Lincoln in the front Hall in this school. I guess our teacher in district no. 6 didn't know he was so big. She never told us that he was about 12 feet tall. It must a been hot in Washington when he was there cuz he's all dressed up in a white suit. They say that once his head fell off and smashed up. I guess he got too worried cuz we don't get enuf to eat. And all the kids brought 3 pennies and bought a new head. There,s more than a thousand kids here. You'd never know his head wasn't as old as his body. This building just kind of trembles when we all rush to lunch. They say the cups in the trophy case up stairs just jazz around once every year. I wish you could see them cups. Some of them are most as tall as our baby. Say pa, how is little Bertha? You know, I started countin them cups and I got up to fifty so I got tired and quit. And the walls of the offus are pappered with wooden things with silver on them: I guess the boys that went to school here before I did must have been pretty good to win all those. But just you wait till I get started -they'll need another case. The halls here would have been dark ex- cept they are light. There are great big pictures all around with electric lights in above them and a shield that turns the light on the picture. I like best the one of Lincoln when he was a kid setten by the fire-place readin a book. It makes me think of me beside the stove at home on a winter night. Guess I'll quit now. Tell ma I'm all right yet. PETE. October 16, 1928. Dear Paw: I got my first report card today and I'm sendin you this letter to tell you I got it. 199939 ..A'!'.A'f'.A'f'J.7'.A'!' J' .A'!'.!' J' .!:f'.!:fJ.7'.A'!'.!.7'.A"!!.7'.!.7'.A!'.A'!'.!.7".f.7'.A'!' y' N r ' One Hundred Sixty-seven 5 o:or1u1n:n:n14n:n1o1o1o1o1o14 ifninioioxeninioxnifnioznianininioioinozo Q i " E Q i 5 i - - ! x i l he Councll Bluffs Nonparell 5 2 i . Q i ! x Q X X Q S I S CONGRATULATES ! Q T I-I E Q Q ! 3 i ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL 5 3 l GRADUATING CLASS 5 Q i of ! S 1932 Q Q 5 3 i Read All the Local News in Your Own Local Newspaper ! S ! 5 I ! Q ...laflQOQOQ0,0:0au0u0DoD0: uoQo: ,.. 5 I am most afraid to trust it to the mail- What set me thinking about going home Q if it got lost it would cost 10 cents to get was the seniors down in che auditorium sing- Q another. ing, "Once more dear home I with rapture Dong You think Pd better take it back belgold thee.". But believe me I am not in Q to the .teacher and tell her you're sick or gunuiflg Eievgiziiflgeglieflikljhln the bolhng Q someth1ng and can't be bothered. 1 S They have a funny way of marking cards mgnlsot gl-Eskelato ?hElE:1Eh?liiilncOTl2 Eng? S here with letters' E' D' C' B' A' E means ficially pardbns you from school gThe sa S Rexcellemfi D' mfans RDOM Wellf' The Mr. Kirn gives elizery boy and girl that icomy: Q 21325523 2233: tolfoiizzm? sszaiii I 'gt Why I said a boy that had such grades didn't have upelllfge ?,5 injvZTiY1E0ugEyg:ld 111:35 Q to turn out for football, he'd earned the Q right to Study with her after school, But it's a great life if yuh don't weaken. Q Guess Fu stop and eat more- And anyway I'1I soon be seeing yuh. S Goodbye maw, Q PETE. PETE. Q I x X o-o-o-o S X M , . ay 25th 1929 AN EPILEPTIC EPIC Q Dear Mawz- S Just four more slee cl l Vernon Ball Q PS an e even more Loafs in the hall X eats until I come home, ma. Believe me ' S you'd better git ready a lot to eat for I'm Lloyd Beattie's Q hungry. P11 say! Got big featries. S S One Hundred Sixty-eight ,a, , , .l.77.7' .Af'J' , , nzarjoiaicxioiasiaioifninioicrioisicszninxcnicnzxioinininioininioioisog 5 5 . l 3 ' - 5 S The State Savlngs Bank 5 3 X coUNc1L BLUFFS IOWA ' .3 v I X l 3 1888-1932 3 Q X 44 YEARS CONSERVATIVE BANKING 5 g I Q lg Q --9-1 x l S ! S 3 "At Your Service" g X The officers of the State Savings Bank are accessible and 8 approachable. They are always glad to give their time to the ! Q discussion of problems of a nature which will promote the ! Q welfare of the Graduates and advise them on matter per- Q Q taining to their future, ! Q 4 Q , x -1- 1 3 , , s E Strength Wzth Security ! Q E Q ! I B. P. WICKHAM, President H. L. TINLEY, Cashier ! Q W. S. BAIRD, Vice President and Trust Officer ! I Joi-IN KELSEN, Auditor 5 3 W. B. HOUGH, Asst. Cashier B. H. SPITZNAGLE, Asst. Cashier ! AURELIA R. TINLEY, Asst. Cashier ! , EDW. F. HUBBARD, Asst. Cashier 5 l J. E. CREAGER, Asst. Cashier R. B. BARNUM, Asst. Cashier ! I E E 0.0.02QQDQHUDOQODDQODQOQQHQDDQPQDDDQDDQODDQDDDQUDUQUDC lx' ' 3 One Hundred Sixty-nine .A'!'.A7'..A'f'.A7' -J7' AA.A'l' ----------I. .A'fJ' -:A7.- Xfffffffffffffffff ff!!! fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I S 2 I 2 I I X X S 3 X I I S 2 I S S I I I I S I , , ., , ,, .f'.A'f'J.7J.7' J'.A"!'.f' . -f'.f' .!:f.f' Eddie Beck Acts like heck. Margaret Bird Is never heard. Bunny Bunnell Certainly fell. Lloyd Fent Up and went. Janet Merrill Is a perrill. Mark True I-Ias a high I. Lela Derryis Quite the berries. Wilma Rolf Should play golf. o-o-o-o PETE ARRIVES AND DEPARTS 1929 September 5, 1929. Dear Paw:- I got back to school all right. Found a lot of new teachers at the school. I don't think many of them look like easy marks. If I flunk this year don't blame it on me. I didn't pick them. My Algebra teacher is not the same one I had last year but the text is, and we be- gun on the same page in the book. But it's all new to me or seems that way. I made a hit with my teacher. She said I learnt fast. Guess I'1l quit. Got to turn out for foot- ball now but I'll keep you informed. PETE. A. L. H. S. September 12th, 1929. Dear Pa:- Oh boy! oh boy! am I sore!!! You can bet your hot necktie. This football racket is getting me down. I don't mean maybe! One Hundred Seventy g..- 0- - 0- ... .. I Q0 H010 M41 5..- 0-0. 0- 0. 0- I lil M0 D0 D0 0.011 ug 01011 xi ni 41111111101 52:10 in 110111 1010 in 1:91a in in in 1: M6 MSandwich Shop 409 West Broadway 4916+ Light Lunches - Home Made ' Pastry - Sandwiches Waffles - Hot Cakes 1 1 ui oi in 1014110 1010 QT 1 110:60 Commencement Invitations High Seboo! Annzzezls Programs and Tickets Lewis 6: Emarine Printers and Stationers Broadway at Scott Council Bl 1101011 101010101010 uffs. I Q 3 xi 01 11101 10,0 in 10 11 METZGER'S MEAT MARKET We Specialize in FISH, SEA FOOD IN SEASON AND GOOD MEATS Tjaden 66 Kamm, Props. Phone 212 523 B'clway Council Bluffs, Ia. 1010101 01:11 1 7 0,0 10 10 109. aio: ui: 0:0 v in in iuio 101111111010 101011 Co1lister's Service Store MAGAZINES CIGARETTES LUNCI-IES TOBACCO Phone 504W 234 So. Main 233 Pearl St. oi oi ni 1:01011 10:0 '2 .L'l"..A'f:4'!'.f.7'.f.7' ----J'---- ----------v,-f'v-------1' -----f-Z -,,,Jl,v .!.7:,,,,.C,,,,,,.f.V'.A'!J'-- J7'-,,.!:,,,,J' ,.. . ,t S X 4'"""""""'-"""""""""""""'" The ole pile driver makes us hop around Q i . 0 thet field about 17 dozen times every nite. Q i Y0u'1l Flfld lt at the Then he makes us back up against a fence Q i Pe 16,8 re just like them hogs do at feedin' time. Q i Op 0 The other day they had what they call Q i fO1' LESS a scrimage. Believe me it looks more like Q i a fight. Finally by some act of mercy the Q i mint. SOUTNWEBTIRTJ ww. ...M .76 pile drivers cease and the guy that wasn't X i in the fight sez' "li yards for off side." Q I Once I got plumb disgusted and I ast Q I the coach to do a little explaining. All he X Q"-----'- - '1'1"T"T"1"1"1"1"1' said was "you better stick to marbles." You Q bet I never talkt to him again. Q 'i""""" -""""""""':""""" Now I'll have to git my algerbra. S i So long, i We l-lave Always PETE g I I X i Thought Q i X i It has heen our thought from the Sept, 19, 1929. S i very start of the O. P. Skaggs system- Dear pa:-, S i that there is need in every town for , X i at least one grocery store handling only I gift E35 25 EJZJEQOTHOE' Lglgigjiiisdgizgg Q i quahty mcrchandlse- Our SUCCESS has look so bad. At least there's a girl doesnlt X X i justified the thought. We will never seem to think 50, They make me sick! S i knowingly sacrifice quality in order to Each day at three thirty We have a Spe- Q i Secure low Price- Thc POHCV of every cial affair. Itis called "The Sweethearts 3 I 0- P' Skaggs System Store is to sell on parade." The folks in it clon'r know X i you only quality merchandise-but to anything about it but those that look on do. Q i sell it always at the lowest price pos' fliliifllgcli 015053: to see em Walkin' walking S i sible. ' X i Some folks say those that look on haven't S ' a look in. But heaven bless me if anything E 0 P h like that happens to mel I don't see much S F use in wastin time around girls. I spend S Q my time profitable. Q ':"-0-0-"- ""-"-"-"- ""'n-li-oz' Yours till Andy Gump grows hair on the S by-0 y-1 top of his head. Q fi! Q4 I-UQ!! Q0 Q0 -0 -U -0 :U in -I . Q I KEEN AN GLASS and X - x 2 PAINT COMPANY Q i Oct. 4, 1929. Q i Dear Pawz- Q i I joined up with one of them Literary S i QUALITY societies the other day. Q i AT THE RIGHT PRICE The very next meetin we gotta give some Q i kind of a debate speech. I don't know Q .f.,.0..,..,......,,.,-.,-.,,.,-.,.,.,-.,,..5 what it's all about but I think I'm gonna Q X ,dc One Hundred Seventy-one Q ' 1010ininioioioinioininininioinioinioininin1010102 1010101105 S X i . ' Q i Our Sporting Goods Department 3 S i WILL SAVE YOU MONEY ! Q ' i I Q U- ! Q Q i O c A 0 W f W f 1 : I i ' 5-3 W '15 and Bwfy - CouNc.u. BLUFFS - lowA. ! : Q i I Aura ruPP1.lcr - :Ponrnvc coops - Ezznnppunuczr ! , g A i I 4 Corner First and Broadway Opposite Methodist Church Phone 3020 ! , 1 l , I O: la all:UQUQUQUQUQUQUPQUQU-UDUQDDUQUQ02UQOall:0QUa USUDKPQUQUQU-l.:' I E 1 5010101 ininioiuiiliuiu101010101011 ifxinioininioioioi is 1010 iw? : ' I ! r I I OUR BEST W ISHES I . 1 i ' S i for a happy and successful future to each and every graduate 5 3 i g S Q i F R E D R . s H A W , , bi i FLOWER sHoP ! ' S E 545 Broadway Phone 41 ! , S , I I S ozouilrioioioioinioioi 1111011 1 11313110101 ioinioinioioiniozo l X . ' N : Q ask a big shot in our society. His name is to buy one for maw if I had any money. : Q Clover Flatt and he's a debtor. He spoke I bet she'd like to keep the pitcher of how X S to me today. I didn't know big guys like I look in R. O. T. C. clothes. X Q him ever spoke to anybody but I guess Th , , . , no I Q they do. When I'm a senior I bet I go d isemcffs if Sinful? age? nc? multi S X round speakin to little new guys too. ear om? n gow or me It W' S h soon be, Once more till the cows come : S wen ru keep you informed. home-" I S 'by Paw, I PETE. F X PETE. I X S X X X S o-0-o--o S 3 X S May 29, 1930. S n S Dear Pa-- B R d I S - etty ee , Q I went to a dandy show right here at Likes to feed' I Q school today. .Yiou know I told you we got Robert Walters S them with activity tickets cheap. Only pay Never falters. X X 10c a week, and get a paper, and ball games, : Q and movin pitchers, and big guys playin Arthur Sissorfs X Q Or talkin- Brains are missin. I Q Everybody had his picher taken yester- Catherine Lehman Q Q day for a book called the annual. My name Cultivates he-man, , S will be printed in it and my pitcher at least u Q three times. In the R. O. T. C., in my Harold Livers Q literary society, and in my class. I'd like Gives me the shivers. Q S 3 One Hundred Seventy-two .:Ql,ilQlla0:ll-llMUDU'U-mnGUQYFUU-0-0,0-0-0:0-U-U20Qilanbll-Y-Uglfzfy l 2 ' Q ii 1732 1932 3 gg X I 3 Q 2 X ll ll I Q i n 13 Q n n s S s . Q u . it S, II ll 'li x 5 - Q Q u u X U U Q u U ll Q n II S r 5 N Q H I 3 l H Q n n I S 1 ti Q i Q x x u Q 5 S Q l U Gionni wismnciou BICENTENNIAL ! X U ll X . Q WASHINGTON Q A Name Tim! Impiref Economy Q Although the business acumen of the Father of Our Country is not as well ! X known as his ability to lead, it is nevertheless true that Wzisliiiigtmmii was a good Q business man. He, like other successful men, practiced economy. Today, you X i are offered banking services that our Colonial ancestors never had. This Bank Q Q I can help you save, help you build a strong financial background to cai'ry you S through days of financial stress. Start now to build a banking reserve. Come H Q in: get acquainted with the friendly services we offer you. 5 2 ,XX Q U COUNCIL BLUFFS SAVINGS BANK 3 MA STRONG BANK SINCE 1856" i S 9 1--1 I 010 Y qu: u-c-0 s-C: 1-4:10 :-U:-. . , U i I use X 0.01 1:11 1:1 ui ici vim 1 111 11111 3111011111 Q X X Q Lyle Neff PETE ARRIVES AND DEPARTS X Makes me leff. 1930 X Q kligxfrifflllff holler. September mlb 1931" Q Dear Dad:- S Roberta Smith ' I v S IS limber and lithu Would you ever in the world believe it? X I'm a good ol' junior in A. L. H. S. Get- L S Mr. Kirn tin' up in the world, ain,t I? QQ Helps us lirn. rp , I 1 Guess what. Im a singer now. I was FQ Tommy Staker doing a little singing down in the locker Q Is a faker. room and some egg yells out "Why don't One Hundred Seventy- three -!.7'..A7'.A"l'.A7'.!.7' .I.7'.A'f'.!.7'.l.7'.f2f'.f.7'.f7".f:f'.A7'.A7'.f7'.A'fA'fA7'-AV'ffJZd!AfJ7!7.fff7dfJ?J7JZ!7Kf'.!7f7KfL'f'J?JZf?A'!'J7J?' .f.77.7" .f.V7.Tf7J" ya join the glee club? I took up the idea seriously and as a result here I am, second tenor in the Abraham Lincoln high school Junior glee club Miss Shaw said I had probably be singin over K. M. A. in no time Ask ma if she remembers the girl I told her about last summer I meet her some- tlmes between classes and we walk around the halls a couple of times. I was late yes- terday because I stayed talking to her out- side her class room door too long. Got anned for a seventh period. I always see her after school too And if I don't have omething important on we walk around and talk and stuff like that. Maybe some day Ill walk home with her. Next summer I think Ill take her to a show. 'I'hat's what a lot of guys do when they've known a girl for a long time It will take a lot of money. How about a little dough, dad? I could use a good sized lump So long folks, PETE. December 18th, 1930. Dear Dad:- I ll be coming home next week end. Bet- ter get the guns oiled up and we'll go rab- bit hunting. Won t that be keen! I made a date with Isabel Daffodil lmy girl you knowj for the Christmas party next week. Tommy is taking Angelica Jane. Tommy and I think we,ll take Izzy Daffy and Angy down town for some popsicles after the party. Can you let me have some more dough Dad? Yours, PETE. April 5, 1931. Dear Dad:- The Junior class organized today. Our president is Clover Flatt, vice-president, jane Gawk Insg secretary, Margaret Stew Art, treasurer, Bob Falters, and Serg. at arms, Ethel Bert. The sponsors are Mr. and Miss Gone A. Gain. And oh, say, I need - - as some possibilities. According to that I'l1 . ., c S . . , . 7 , OV' ne Hundred Seventy-four 0511111111 101111111 11111111 1 11 0217111111111 11 11.111111111111111 11 lDlKDLll0M01010ili0l 0IKlllbllll01K114DllbL1'h10C9i4 E01 U1 010101 l Ol initbiillbll-5lCllll10lKl01KDi0l0ll'll0C .A'f'.!Sl'J.7'.!.V"-4'f'-!-7'.A'f'J.7'.f.7'.f.7'A'fZ'f'J.7".f .lfZfJYf7ffJZAf!7Z'f!7Zf!7J?ZfZ!'.5f'J7ffC!'.f7'.f777J7f .4'fJ.7'.f..V'.A'fZ'f'.!.7l.7'.!' 1 lm QQ 1 -5 Q: .!Y 1 11? ga- IQ I! n! L, Electmally UIC Clean 1L0W 1 COST i A Real Food for Children Q 1111 111113111 i "Let the Quaker 1 U n n n U 1 n II n I n n n ' k n II II II u n U n i 2 1 ' Ji Q6 Q I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q N Q Q Q Q Q N Q Q Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q3 N ..A'!:A'l'.f.7'-ISI'-A'!'.f:f'.f.7'.A'f' .Cf-17' gzqnininiu 1411010111141ioinininio in 11 aiu in in init: inin loin in in iniu iw? I jj 'I . . 5 1' C l Bl ff F 2 H ouncl u S urnlture Q D S l u epartment tore j II ' Q- u We have furnished homes in Council Bluffs and Southwestern Iowa for ll U more than 60 years. Some day in the near future the graduates in the Class of 1932 will be interested in the furnishing of homes. We hope you will give us U an opportunity to be of service to you. 5 Q j ' ll 5 1' fa U Q U i j : il ' ll 311-313-315 West Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa II 2 i I 020,101 -0.-ng.-1 N-11101010-01-1 txt.. ,111 14-n -1 Q1n1u101u1uqpuxoq-nxnzo some dough. I got a date with Izzy Daffy for the military ball. All us R. Q. T. C. fellows are going. It,ll be a swell show and we'll find out whose colonel, major and what girls will be honorary colonel and ma- jor. I hope Izzy Daffy will be company sponsor of Co. C. I am going to vote for her three or four times. But if she is she'll dance with our head guy which will not be so hot. So long folks, PETE. April 30, 1931. Dear Dad:- I sure had a full day yesterday. junior day in the morning and junior-Senior ban- quet at night. Izzy came as Marlene Diet- rich and knocked ,em all cold. She wanted me to dress like Wm. Powell but I thought I'l make a better Will Rogers. We had a hot assembly in the morning and in the afternoon the seniors had their innings but believe me theiris was tame compared to ours. Izzy Daffy sez I've improved in my danc- ing since the Christmas party. I danced just about every dance and never stepped on one girl,s foot more than twice every dance. Didn't get to dance with Izzy so much. Other fellows kept cutting in. The Senior class are singing their "Once more dear home," and does it get on a guy's nerves? just think, a year from now your Pete will be doing that. Not so hot-let's not tarry on that. I'm glad Izzy won't be left behind for some other guy to rush. I'll be home soon. Bye folks, PETE. o-o-o-o ONE MINUTE DRAMA Panning Pluto, or Shades of Hades Scene-Hades. Time-Well, not very soon. Characters-Pluto, his assistants, and two former members of the Latin Club. ,f"' 'A f!?f'f'f ,65'f9Je5J" 1550.3 Q Q C f6'J9'5e'f59'Q?f" i i One Hundred Seventy-five .A'!'.f77' J' .!.77.7'.f.7".!.7'.!' .f.7'.A7'.!.7'.!7'.f7'.A7'.!.77.7'J7'.f7!7'J7'.f7J7J7J7J.7.A'f.Af'J?'J7.f?'J7'.A'f'.!7J.7J?'!7A'f A J' J' J' J' .A'f'..A'!'J.7'.f.7'.4"!'.!Jf'.Af'.f.7".!.V'.A'!J.V'J' J' .f7JZ!ZA'f.!7!fJ7KfJ.Z6fJ7A'f'.A'f.!fJ?A'f.!7JZAf.f7f.Y.!7 .f.7'.f.7".!.7'.A'fA"!'.A7'.A7' .A'fJ.7',,g, fkm With NATURAL CAS Prescription SPCCIHIISIS EASTMAN KODAK A Y Soft Drink Headquarters NATURE S FINEST M f C FUEL TOILET REQUIREMENTS QUICKEST CLEANEST an LOWEST COST Pmzscmpnon unucolsrs 504 BROADWAY CUUNCIL BLU FFS IA . USE . Superior Ice Cream , - all - - Hurds Best Buttei - HURD CREAMERY COMPANY , uto an wo o e a in u mem- ec in somet ing he ter. T e Styx jus ers wio ave 'us een on a ersona con- isn' w a we ex ec e , an ic urics uc e our of Hades, are resin on e s weren' so earfu urious." o re o coa s, as e scene o ens. N I u o, em arrasse - Where di you earn o ex ec some ing be ter. Quai :tt e ci .U an service is m mo o.', uto-" e,wa o ou in o our a in u Mem er um er ne- " ou're sure oin our es o ive us a good time, but-" ember um er ne-" en we were h h rh y t Member Number Two-"I hope you won't feel hurt, Pluto, but we were ex- .zu in in in 10111111 xv 111111111 11110 1:02 o:on1n1u1u1u1n1o1u 1o1n1o1n1n 11024 ., ! ., I U n U l 0 0 U II - II ' S i ! n U i U N U ' 5 U i Il , genc . ' X U I I U . -A Q .... ! j ! i . ! in ' ! 1 The os omplete Line II H of U i U I U I I n U ai ! Q I 5 - I 'lthg IW U I C a I d u i . I H ' I oiox l-llQlll-1-liQ1ljflQlPQKDQlPQlPQ .!. DEOIQIPQIUDUQOQUQDQQOQDQI-UQ DQIOQI QiQla1l,1lQ021l.1lDllU Q1 QOD020-0.0D0-il-0UlQllf0,1lHYUYQIUIUPDOQVIUI 20" i 1 1 5 i O C O O l C l i ' 1 I d l i , q 5 I ! I Manufactured by ! I I I ! Pl d t f th L t CI In p t g h t h t h I h J t b p lly t h t p t d d tl F d t d t t g b d r f lly f f d h t I ch p Pl b d d t Pl Wll hrd y th k f I t p t th r 'P Ity I I ty? d y tt YL t Cl F d b Nb b O M N b O Wh Y g Y t t g I1 gh I L t I h d of 3 N in i schoo our a in Cub a an in- itiation w ic e old us was a mild imi- tation of your little place here, but it cer- tainly puts this Hades of yours in the shade. ,di .!.7J' Hundred Seventy-six 1 AF?" Jef?" 06011111 inininiuiuioiuioiwvioiniwninininienirniavioiraininirnivnifn1011020 i ! Q lty atlona an , i C' N ' l B lc 5 i ! i COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA 3 i 5 E T. G. TURNER - Chairman of the Board 3 i ROBERT W. TURNER ----- President ! i R. D. TURNER - - Vice President ! J. G. VVADSVVORTH - Vice President . i ! i OSCAR KEELINE - - Vice President ! i CHARLES W. PARKS - - Cashier ! i P. MCBRIDE - - - Assistant Cashier ! i IRA L. I-IAYS - - Assistant Cashier ! i ! i ! i ! o veabo fb 52 EV :sa 50 eo- 053 gs FV ici' 32 Tim gs- ,Un GET :WUI Uo- N 'Fl O F! 9 P-4 O z: n. O :r we Member Number Two-"Let's go." They go, leaving Pluto with tears run- ning down his face and sizzling on the red hot coals. o-o-0-o PETE ARRIVES AND DEPARTS 1931 September 10th, 1931. Dear Dad:- Guess who's writing to you. A good ol' senior at A. L. H. S. That's me in case you aren't aware of the fact. Yes sir, start- in' on my last lap of this great adventure called high school life and it's disappoint- ments. Got a lot of new teachers to deal with this year but if I keep the old head up and eyes front, I'll put thru oak. nguiogcxiniiriuiiriniui 1 110101111 ni 0301 niui o 50:1 gr-1 Ss 1 2185 GTS gn 5-5" or-1 5? ESP g.: ' a DJ 55 :H ET gm T2 Dm 2:1 FOV! OO Izzy Daffey hasn't much time for me since she made the first debate squad. All she knows is "unemployment insurance." I'm kinda hopin' she takes me as her per- manent. I'-Iow's little Bertha getting along in school? Tell her she will have to go some to keep up with her big brother. Good-bye folks, PETE. Nov. 20th, 1931. Dear Folks:- Well, the senior election is all over and Izzy didn't get to be secretary, altho I voted five times. Bob Rose and Fled is president. Jane Gawk Ins, vice-president. Peril Burn Em Up is secretary--and Bob Falters is treas- J.7"J.7'J.7".f.7'.f:f'.!' J' ..f.7' .A'!'.A'!'.!7'.A'f.!7'.f.7'.!-7'.l3f'.f.7"J.7'J.7.!.7'.A'f'J.7' .f.7"J?f'.A'f!:f'.f.7'.!.7'.A'!'.f:f'.!.7'.A'f' W O 3 'B R 3 Q.. 'C 'B Q.. Cl: N Q N 3 , if fl: fb 'Q N 3 f AQ' , REC fff'Qf?f ,,.,dfJ?fff c'f5Q'4f 1 Jgfjfffpffff fffinifnfoyif 1 4 r:ou1u1n:o1u1n:4 1 si nioioxnioiugo again i01o7o1n in 10111111 11:10 1n1mQ Q E ! 1111515 11,174 ! . I I "14l'll I ! 1 " 5 i i TERRY OPTICAL Co. i Dr. J. W. Terry - Dr. J. S. McVitty, ' i OPTOMETRISTS ! 408-410 Broadway Phone 830 ! 3 g:01tnlnl010iulni :aiu in in if 1103, 1 1 Cnableris Bakery 1 ! ! The Home of 3 E MOTHER'S BREAD ! E Known for its Quality ! g Phone 6015 104 W. Broadway ! I uzonx 01 0: 01 010111: 010101411 01014024 urer, and Harm Ride Em Cowboy is ser geant-at-arms. The Editor-in-Chief of Crimson and Blue is What-a-Line Rose and Fell. Associate editors-You May Tell A. Good One, Ruth Planeman, and Bob Shout and Bark. Hairy Lamb is business manager. I can understand his job since 1've been business manager of the Echoes. We sure have some fine business men in Co. Bluffs. Right back of the school even though times are awful hard. They don't want us to miss something just because we had to pick out the year of the great depression to gradu- ate in. So long, PETE. January 27th, 1932. Dear Dad:- Enclosed you will find proofs of my senior pictures. Pick out the one you folks like rznivaiuiuiuiuiarin 11: 1010 xnin 11010 gif? Q iii? : UQ- -o S:-!!?PUIlP Q0-'1 co i"' QQ 3 Z m"" 11:1 -1:51011 1 lf' 12,3 gels ztwa O-ifj Do 5.H!i?QG INJE- C'5!iE rn 51. 9fiE Q i SALES AND SERVICE i I l Phone 669 153 W. Broadway M2011 01010101 n:n1o11v1cvinioin1a':' best and send it back for the Crimson and Blue. Isabel D. had her pictures taken last week. They are keen! A lot of fellows are trying to learn to dance before the military ball in March. I'm not so poor at it Isabel says. I am glad 1 don't have to worry about picking out a girl like some fellows. It sure made me feel queer to play my last basketball game. Can't you and the mater come in for honor day? I'll have to go down on the floor quite a few times. Isabel will be there too-she is not so dumb herself. Goodbye for this time, PETER. May 4th, 1932. Dear Father:- Isabel made the Honor Society today at Assembly. My it was solemn and exciting. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LH' 1, . JJ Jtiifbef ' JQCSQQY X ,657 f'J'J5'J'Jy".1" JG? 1 i 1 Q-f 1LJ-QQJAJJ-7A5'ff?f'JaHwvf1,-wwffffwfifzwf1,wf:e'f:d-9vf,-pv,z1,veLv,'QJ,'5',e',-J'11fwf!f:c'f'i','fv One Hundred Seventy-eight f Sf 5 -gg lil li lx 95 if !5 532 !32 45 li ll ll 'F li li ll I l I I I l lx I 3 'Q I it if ininioioifnioitnioinioiflicr 10:0 I 2 CLASS OF l 93 2 2 2 WE CONGRATULATE YOU! ! Q -11.1 i -And we wish you unlimited success in whatever ! i life work you have chosen, or may choose. !. i -We have served your parents and your grand- 5 Q parents with the finest of merchandise-May we . continue to serve you? l i Ii...- i . i "SOMEBODY MUST SELL THE GOOD THINGS" i l i THE JOHN BENO CO. g Council Bluffs, Iowa l We've started singing, "Once More Dear Home," and, honest folks, I like to cried, thinking about all these folks I've been with all these years. I'l1 get you all tickets for commence- ment. Every one is trying to economize on account of the depression but it will be worth seeing, you'll see. Watch for Isabel near the front, she's so small. This will probably be my last letter from A. L. I want you to know, Dad and Moth- er, that I realize what it's meant to both of you, too, to keep me in school even if I never showed it. Thanks a lot! Sometime won't you dig up all my letters and see what you think of them, and my four years here. Love to all, Your Son, PETER JOHNSON. o 03010 0:01 L-' CI Z O I O Z Monday Hot Dishes Hash ....... ,..................... J ay Goldberg Hot sass .... ........... .,...... M a rk True Salad Horseradish salad ............ Leville McFadden Sandwiches Brain sandwich .................... Harry Michael Desserts Their just ones .... Bob Empkie, Chula Baird Tuesday Hot Dishes Scalloped shrimps .............,.,.,,, Wilma Perry Frilly fritters ...... Eleanor Fellers, Dot Evans Sandwiches Baby beef sandwich ............ Margaret Stuart J'f"J?'J".ff'J2' 615' T fff f,f:",J"i v if 3' One Hun red,IS'eventy-nm 6 J' .A'7J.7'.A772fJ.V'.A'l'.!.7'.!.7'.f.7'.!.7' .A'f'.A'fA'fJ.7"J.7'J.V'..4'fA'f..f.7'J.7"J.7'.A'fJ.7!.7'J' .A'ff.7'.A7'.A7'.!.7J.7".A'f'.f' .Iles !-7.7J.7'.f' .A'f.A'!J.7'.f.7'.!.77.V'.A'!'.A'!'.A7'.A'f'.f'..7'.f' O 3 'U 2 : 3. Y fb 9- E Oo v N Ne n ll rw re e iw e ra n tw 1-I ri e i i i 5 Loop i i Pinea le s ru Savory salad ...... Nert Pudding, .. V .A'f'.f' 02010141 in 1 lin F. F. EVEREST, P d t ROY MAXFIELD, Vice-Pre d t G. F. SPOONER, Cashier J. S. WATSON, Assistant Cashier F. M. SCARR, Assistant Cashier Eat Well and Be Well Desserts PP Y P -------4----------------'4--------4- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Aliee Asman, Ruth Ann Phillips Pickled pickerel ..,............... Margaret Fisher Creamed carrot tops .,.... The Waddell Twins ......Rose Fox fwith lettuce, ...................Robert Walters Raspberry sauce ................ Bobby Rosenfeld iuiuioiuifrioiax111101011 ioiuiniiniuiinioie ioiuiuio 11010 . . Q The F lrst National Bank Q 1732 -- WASHINGTON BICENTENNIAL - 1932 5 ! "Economy makes happy homes and sound nations. Instill it deep." -G. Washington. A UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY ! Officers 3 u II Directors li. P. WICKHAM ROY MAXFIELD BERNARD BENO F. F. EVEREST G. F. SPOONER PAINTER KNOX FOLSOM EVEREST WM. ARND ! II MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM The First National Bank Council Bluffs, Iowa ll l 0:1 no 10:0 i 3 3 010.4 of O "YN O O Q- 'U H O Q- C Q n al.. UQ O O D- 0 5 O C UQ 5' 1-1 O oi rioiuinioioioioioi Frank Street Pharmacy Taffe 6: Rigg at the , i Cafeteria 5 Prompt, Courteous Curb Service ua sv ,.. :r 2 Fa W ui mul ,Tn o o R. 32 'H 915: ':."l.' V10 Fr: :::r 9-QT U1 V1 :H ,.. UI Olli- lb FREE DELIVERY MEALS YOU REMEMBER E Phone 3l6l 548 E. Broadway STARK HUNGER Soup Kitchen Scene Scene--A soup kitchen. Hot Dishes Time-Around four o'cloclc, on a Thurs- day afternoon. Characters-Soup kitchen cook and about Salad 300 hungry girls. Girls-l'Foodl Food. Give us foodf, Cook--"All right. Soup is all we have." .f7'.fZA'f'.A".f'.f'.7J.7Zf'.f.V'-A'f:4"!'.f" .A'l:47'.!.7Zf'.f.7'..A'f'.f.7'..A'fA'fA'f' Ziyi? .A'!'.A7J' .Cf J' .f..V'.4!'.Af'.A'f'.f.7'..A'f'.!2f'.!.7'.!I'f.A'!'.!.7'..f 92011 iftidioinioiuinioifrioioiuioidinioidioifxictjoinjnivlix 10101430 4 ! 1 ll l Q i S ' h C if Q 3 oe mlt St o. 5 3 i ! Q H 5 . u Q "Thirty Years of Quality" 5 , i I ' II 3 Q 3 ' II i is P Q REFINED FASHIONS 5 Q 5 In High Grade Wearing Apparel for Men and Women ! E 1 of Clothes Discrimination. ! X l l Q ll s ' 5 : II ' i ! ' 0:01oiui4r11v14xiu1icr1ini:n:rnimsi1vi1r1 xi li sinini xi xi tinioiuiniuioioinze X X X Plump girl, wistfully-"I-Iaven't you any "Spagetti S chocolate sundaes?" For Bettylv Q Cll0fUS-Roh-Sundaesl Please? Wealcened by hunger, she falls off' the Q Cook, firmly-NNo sundaes. ,lust souP." gill! iitnkihieliiifexplgoixd fweargy disap' Q o sou . Girls-"Haven't you any hamburgers? S Or any cream puffs, or jello?,' Q o-o-o-o Q Cook-"No cream puffs. just soup." S Girls-"Ooohhhh! We're starving." JUST BITS OF NEWS S Cook-"Why must you always eat at this Mr. Miller-"If I should drop an egg S time every other Thursday afternoon?" on this brass plate held above the electric Q 'l, l ' ." Girls-"We got the habit when we be- col Wou d licookip. , Q longed to literary societies at A. L. We al- Student- Well, If would break RUYWHY- , Q ways had good refreshments, too, not just Q SOUP!" 0-0 X 3 . Cook-HH You Wonif eat SOUP: You can Alice-"If it lights just as well out of W Just fffdmiv water why do you put it in the bealcer of S The girls go. The last to leave, a small Water? Q blue-eyed girl, waves her short brown hair Mr. Miller-"Just for the amusement of Q defiantly at the cook, stands on a soup bowl the children."-That ought to hold you, Q and delivers this ultimatum: Alice, ,till they get a rope. X X A-za-f ,mi One Hundred Eighty-one Y Q nte igent . . tu ent- ot er, """""""""""""""' "U" "'-' ' ll I ll' A L S d "M h ' li if Latin's a dumb language isn't it?" E E Mother-"No, son. As a foundation it H f ! :Q X helps in mastering forei n languages et Q li F. 8 g cetera-." 0 f o I Q . f - . it Intelligent A. L. Student-"But, mother, a l n ! QR EX nobody speaks it and that's what dumb ! j Q means-n Wishes to express to the student body ! ky 0-0 and faculty of the Abraham Lincoln i i High School our appreciation of the ! gt Believe if or not Loyd Beattie had a many opporrnniries we have had to Q X. date with 315, 7th period, when he was Serve you Clurlng the past School year, ! gk bt elected president of the National Honor and hope to continue serving you In ! l if Society. the future. ! E 5 X X ! it i HHH Q5 1 R N 5 X ! g X ff ll SCIENCE TRIUMPHANT Wf Welfome W tff l xx our hotel at anytime. ! is Scene--A research laboratory ! RQ i -Howard W. Williams, ! X Time-Years and years hence. Mdnage,. ! it Xi Characters-Those distinguished scien- ! Q S tists who used to be the Bi-Phy-Chem Club. -D",-0' """""""""""""""' it Deadly silence prevails. The group is 'Zo-0-1--0---1-1--0-'-1--1---0--eg it gathered about table where something burns ! it with a flickering yellow flame. All are l R ix intent on the flame except one who bears THE LEADING E Q Q signs of having talked himself to exhaustion. SEMI-ANTHRACITE ! QQ i Artistis-"Just two more minutes, and S ld I b ! we will know. The question will be settled O gn y y ! Q, Q for all fine-" Council Bluffs Q bi More silence. The men amuse themselves Coal and Ice Company 5 gg by braiding and unbraiding their long white 9th and Broadwa phone 71 be beards. Yes, long white beards-they have Y I is been engrossed in the experiment for fifty 'Iv'""""""""""""""""""""':' 2 tk years. O S E At the end of two minutes, the flame SD still burns feebly. F. ! S reglllgiralcizsmutter the men of science, in DENTIST 5 ll be Wilsilliest, gravely--"Platt was right. A ! lg sappium flame will burn for fifty years, ! X3 gf even though he talks at the poor little thing 304 Bennett Building, ! XJ from the same direction intermittently in ! ,YN tg twenty minute periods, for all that time." Council Bluffs ! xl Curtain. 1010:010111101oiuzniurxoiniiugo gb One Hundred Eight-two 5 5 it 5 x 5 x if x 3 3 l if x 5 ,ls lb 5 x 5 x 5 5 x 5 5 5 : av so 4 rn 'fi WE Us 02 qv- 0-0- 0- 0- .,.-.i-.,-.i-0-0.-.t-.i-. IP Z IT! ?. O IP VJ m Q lT1 :D -66 U, E CD '1 O H1 -10110 :aiu 'mn 1010 in 10:01 l N Q I H ln' o lm 32 -S '-1 tO 0 II lm rr: 3 U ,., "' I! V4 2 B ' Q Q DN! XI U53 i xg 4 rn 'U Q EH H E F Q11 3 C370 H I CI BQ P'4 H FLEA. f-'Q Q1 ' i 5 fax 9 md U - "' 3' do Q i a Z ! 5 U2 I i 'L ' i 5 U 1 ! E 0..- '-I ,... B T in C vi f-v D 'Pm n O P1 93 73 2. UQ 5' U' O v-1 IT' O O O- O. O UQ i TAFFE DRUG Co. I-IEZEKIAI-I, THE I-IEROINE Scene-A dog hospital. fight. Characters-Numerous injured dogs, also those lovely creatures, the Girl Reserves. "Bow-wow-wow!" "Arf-arfll" "Grrrrl" From the above sounds you have already deduced fwe hopej that the scene is the convalescent ward of the city dog hospital. And who are these white-clad, angelic fig- ures who glide so deftly from dog to dog, patting hairy paws and taking their temper- ature, soothing doggy brows? Who but the Girl Reserves? Suddenly the calm is broken. "Meowwowwl" floats in from the open window. "Bowowowl" whimper the patients. "Save us, girlslv One Hundred Eighty-three o :nge ,v15f5fi" ,1",5j'5?fif Q ' senpn S 54 It We handle a complete I line of ........ I Fresh Fruits Vegetables and Meats 600 West Broadway Pearl through to Main STORES XI' L I B E R T Y THEATRE Greatest Amusement Bargain :roto SAF EW Y Any Day l0c-25c Anytime i in Council Bluffs I 2 BEST IN SOUND FOR i MILES AROUND l Jeff' gzqr 11:10 in in 70101010 10 70 1010 11010, I i Schmoller 6: Mueller Q Plano Company g Home of the Steinway, the world's i finest pianos. Also Ice-O-Matic elec- tric refrigerators, radios and band instruments 4... lu 353 !s QB. ii- Q !Q Q? !L'2 !.v C 3 "3 If- S fl. Y 'U S.. E? UC: 3' T' so-. 9 .u -c ' . 1 nv.: Zarathrustra, doggedly-"I will save you. Scar, scat"-bravely, approaching the win- dow. Cat-"Meowl" Amelia-"Go away, you naughty cat!" She faints. Hezekitch-"Shame on you, you old meanie!" Cat, overcome with shame-"Meow." The cat faints. G. R.'s faint, one by one. Everybody faints except the Curtain. o-o-o-o A TRAGEDY, INDEED Time-11:43 a. m. for perhaps it's 12:33 p. m.j Place-An A. L. classroom. Character-Most any human being. Two minutes more. I wonder if we'll have meat and potatoes, although I like?- "John, how many senators from Iowa? Johnllv "Er-r-I, I don't know-What did you say?" lQuestion is repeatedj. "Oh! Two, I think! Gee, just one min- ute. I hope it's salmon on toast or- "Who are they, John?', lpausej "Er-what? Who are they? Oh! er-r-Why-er-er-a-a-." Oh! There goes the bell. Come on books, we're going. Thank goodness the door's open, cause nobody could stop. Gee willikins-look at the poor kid thatls trying to go against the mob. Will some people never learn. Heck, I'm just famished. If we had to go upstairs in- stead of down I couldn't make it, as it is I think they ought to have slides or some- thing. Whoops-there went a stack of books. These people with a sense of humor- A a J'J'L3'G 1 1 5 J Jef ,P',e9',Fjf f ,f'f,c9j,5"f"' ff .A7J.7J' umph! They just slay me. "Hey, quit your shoving? Well, nobody can ever say I ran down those stairs-I was thrown down. fSniff, sniffj That doesn't smell like macaroni and cheese, does it? No. What is it? Oh! I'm here at last. And it's --Oh! of all the luck, it's spinach!!! o-o-o-o LIFE AND LITERATURE Scene-An attic, festooned with cobwebs. Time-Well, when does Quill and Scroll meet? Characters-Those high literary lights, the Quill and Scroll. Also some chairs. As the scene opens, an individual of high merit is reading aloud his latest creation with much feeling. Young Author--"Life is like a dandelion, It buds, Ir grows, It shoots up, it roots up, It blooms, it withers, It blooms, it withers, Ir blooms, it withersf' Silence. Young Author-"What do you think of it? I consider it my best workf' Serious Lad, Seriously-"Well, seriously, it seems to me a serious treatment of a serious subject, well done. It touches me deeply." He sits down overcome with emotion. Simple School Girl-"It is stark in its simplicity. It seems to me to be simple- so simple as to be almost silly." Since the silence which followed the last speech would have been deadly, we welcome the falling of the Curtain 10:0 14111 injcriuifniazjanjcxioinjoifnianinjoio 10101010 0 reopen xioioioinioiuiuiu v Q- ue! Us-nic xioioioioioioio 1: w Q 2 Q 2 Q, E. S 5 3 S hp..- S. Qi Qi 32 Qi 22 li 1 Q Q inioirnioioioiui 11010111 Sani Clean A semi-liquid soap compound for all cleaning purposes, especially prepared for varnished surfaces. A wonderful product for house cleaning time. Does not hurt the hands. Manufactured Only by KONTINENTAL KOMPOUND CO. Council Bluffs, Ia. -0- I-Il-lllliili-ll-li-Iii!!-li-I-I Come Here for Your Smart Apparel and YOUR MONEY WILL GO FAR! J. C. PENNY CO. 418 W. Broadway Kimball, Peterson, Smith and Peterson ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW 303-307 Park Building HENRY K. PETERSON RAYMOND A. SMITH JOHN LEROY PETERSON ielienibtlirljfbl 102020101011 lit rin oioioioioioioioinjoiq-act? pzoioinioxoioioioxoxoi 11030 9:01 nioioinioinioinioiq fl gzorinioioioinioioinioim 9:4 3 13" A .A'!'.!' .ff J' .A'!'.!.7'.l.V'.f.7'.A'!'.f' .!.7'.f' J' .A'!'.f7'.f7'.A'!'.A'f'.A'f!' J' ,!7".f' J7.A'f.Cf'J.7.5l'.!.7.A'!'.Cf.f.7.A'f.A'fJ.7.A'f.A'f..Cf.ff.f7" .AT , O 3 .fs 2 3 Q.. Y fb Q.. E? TID 3' -, X? 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Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1919 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Crimson and Blue Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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