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biBEa D CVN 72 WESTP4C 2006 TABLE OF CONTENTS FRONTPAGE TABLE OF CONTENTS PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN GETTYSBURG ADDRESS USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN 72 HISTORY. HONGKONG PATTAYA BEACH, THAILAND SINGAPORE SASEBO, JAPAN CROSSING THE LINE CEREMONY. EXERCISE VALIANT SHIELD HAWAII RIMPAC2006 TIGER CRUISE (HAWAII - SAN DIEGO) AIR POWER DEMONSTRATION HOMECOMING SAN DIEGO TIGER CRUISE (SAN DIEGO - EVERETT) HOMECOMING EVERETT. MAP OF DEPLOYMENT. USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN CHAIN OF COMIVIAND COMMANDING OFFICER CURRENT EXECUTIVE OFFICER PREVIOUS EXECUTIVE OFFICER COMMAND MASTER CHIEF. DEPARTMENTS ADMINISTRATION AVIATION INTERMEDIATE MAINTENANCE AIR COMBAT SYSTEMS DECK DENTAL ENGINEERING LEGAI MEDIA MEDICAL CREW ' S BOOK WESTPAC 2006 NAVIGATION OPERATIONS REACTOR RELIGIOUS MINISTRIES SAFETY. SUPPLY. TRAINING WEAPONS AIR WING EMBARKED STAFF COMMANDER CARRIER STRIKE GROUP NINE DESRON9 CARRIER AIR WING TWO HS-2 HSL-47 VAQ-131 VAW-U6 VFA-2 VFA-34 VFA-137 VFA-151 VRC-30 NEW ARRIVALS CREW ' S BOOK STAFF AND CREDITS. ABRAHAM LINCOLN Lincoln warned the South in his Inaugural Address: " In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, and not mine, is the momentous issue of civil war. The government will not assail you...You have no oath registered in Heaven to destroy the government, while I shall have the most solemn one to preserve, protect and defend it. " Lincoln thought secession illegal, and was willing to use force to defend Federal law and the Union. When Confederate batteries fired on Fort Sumter and forced its surrender, he called on the states for 75,000 volunteers. Four more slave states joined the Confederacy but four remained within the Union. The Civil war had begun. The son of a Kentucky frontiersman, Lincoln had to struggle for a living and for learning. Five months before receiving his party ' s nomination for president, he sketched his life: " I was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. My parents were both born in Virginia, of undistinguished families-second families, perhaps I should say. My mother who, died in my tenth year, was of a family of the name Hanks.. .my father removed from Kentucky to. ..Indiana in my eighth year.. .it was a wild region, with many bears and other wild animals still in the woods. There, I ■ grew up. ..Of course when I came of age, I did not know much. Still somehow, l could read, write, and cipher.. .but that was all. " Lincoln made extraordinary efforts to attain knowledge while working on a farm, splitting rails for fences, and keeping store at New Salem, Illinois. He was a captain in the Black Hawk War, spent eight years in the Illinois legislature, and rode the circuit courts for may years. His law partner said of him, " His ambition was a little engine that knew no rest. ' ' He married Mary Todd, and they had four boys, only one of whom lived to maturity. In 1858, Lincoln ran against Stephen A. Douglas for Senator. He lost the election, but in debating with Douglas he gained a national reputation that won him the Republican nomination for President in 1860. As president, he built the Republican party into a strong national organization. Further, he rallied most of the northern Democrats to the union cause. On January 1, 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation that declared forever free those slaves within the C onfederacy. Lincoln never would let the world forget that the Civil War involved an even larger issue. This he stated most movingly in dedicating the military cemetery at Gettysburg (see following page). Lincoln won re-election in 1864, as Union military triumphs heralded an end to war. In planning for peace, the President was flexible and generous, encouraging Southerners to lay down their arms and join speedily in reunion. The spirit that guided him was clearly that of his Second Inaugural Address, now inscribed on one wall of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C " With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the Nation ' s wounds... " On Good Friday, April 14, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated at Ford ' s theatre in Washington by John Booth, and actor who somehow thought he was helping the South. The opposite was the result, for with Lincoln ' s death, the possibility of peace with magnanimity died. 16th U.S. President Served as president 1861-1865 Married to Mary Todd Lincoln Born February 12, 1809 Hardin County, Kentucky Died: April 15, 1865 Shot in Washington D.C. by John Wilkes Booth, an actor. text reproduced from www.whitehouse.gov THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war ... testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicatc.we can not consecrate ... we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us ... that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion ... that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain ... that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom...and that government of the people... by the people ... for the people shall not perish from the earth. given on the battlefield near Gettysburg Pennsylvania November 19, 1863 Ie - «,t i£L4i , a-u. ' -.f,, m7r:, ' - -t -- ■ A»-Y A ' f . a j fi fi-r vXi -aI-co « l» -c - it 0„ ■ SXa lyxc ! " - . t.e » -«- w. ev tv ' uC «w-«j Ajy ' Aa j CC C t t t t-j ' -U C ' -JnjCC C jty iyC ' -» J -AaXJ. ofcCT A ; a,o?-e-»o £pCe.a oO A. jCZ fy f-t c -a f-» .. J tfi :fco« ZZiw fe , Si ca f Arr fjiti-ts Sj, o c.«. o r tfj- - . 2 . gc .rw. H. .ve.u pA rf£ A USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN 72 m the story behind the legend... USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) is America ' s fifth Nimitz-class carrier. The ship was named in honor of our nation ' s 16th president and is the second ship in the U.S. Navy to bear his name. The ballistic missile submarine Abraham Lincoln (SSBN 602) was in service 1961-81. ABRAHAM LINCOLN ' S keel was laid Nov. 3, 1984 at Newport News, Va. Four years later the ship was christened and began a series of perfor- mance thals leading up to commissioning Nov. 11 , 1989 at Norfolk, Va. After completing shakedown and acceptance trials, ABRAHAM LINCOLN departed Norfolk in September 1990 for an interfleet transfer from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The ship completed a tran- ABRAHAM LINCOLN led a 23-ship armada that sealifted 20,000 evacuees. The armada moved nearly 45,000 people from the Subic Bay Naval Station to the Visayas Province port of Cebu. With Operation Fiery Vigil completed, the ship took up station in the Arabian Gulf in support of allied and U.S. troops remaining in the region for Operation Desert Storm. Carrier Air Wing 11 (CVW 11) the embarked Air Wing, provided combat air patrol, reconnaissance and support operations over Kuwait and Iraq. Abraham Lin- coln remained in the Gulf for more than three months. The ship spent early 1992 in a Selected Re- stricted Availability (SRA) at Naval Air Station Al- ameda. It deployed again June 15, 1993 for the Western Pacific. After a brief port visit to Hong Kong, it returned to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch, the U.N. sanctioned enforcement of a " no-fly-zone " over Southern Iraq. In October 1993, ABRAHAM LINCOLN was ordered to the coast of Somalia to assist U.N. hu- Brazil, Argentina and Chile. and surrounding areas, backing American eration Desert Shield Desert Storm. While enroute to the Indian Ocean, the ship was divert- ed to support evacuation operations following the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo on Luzan Island, Repub- lic of the Philippines. Operation Fiery Vigil became the largest peacetime evacuation of active duty military personnel and family members months in SRA and prepared for the next deploy ment. 1 ;k 1 i - ' " ' - ' •: II ' ■-■■ ' " W! ft - j ; — nr ' - ■■ - ' - ij " ' 1 1 1 ' «1 ™- on its third Western Pacific deployment. The ship made visits to Hong Kong and Singapore on the The ABRAHAM LINCOLN Battle Group, under the command of Rear Adm. Phillip Balisle, was comprised of the carrier, which served as the command ship for the battle group, and eight other vessels. On February 10, 2001, USS ABRAHAM LIN- aTTaiWTaI at B I AT Jl H FVVaaTATal ■ a BA 1 ment to an end as the carrier arrived in its home- transit phase, port visits to Hong Kong, Singa Iill[«lVillI«M »]|ll ]HIWiM8j Ship moved to its current homeport of Everett, Washington January 8, 1997. In June 1998, ABRAHAM LINCOLN com- to fight and maintain vigilance over the air space in the no-fly zone over Iraq. Only two port visits were made while the carrier was in the Arabian the flight deck at midday sometimes reached 150 home by way of Perth, Australia, Hobart, Tasma- nia and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, arriving in Everett before the Christmas Holiday. Following a break, the ship visited Santa Bar- bara, California, then commenced a six-month Planned Incremental Availability (PIA) in Bremer- ton, Washington in April 1999. After completion of the PIA in September 1 999, Abe participated in Fleet Week ' 99 in San Francisco, California. The crew then began a nine-month Inter-Deployment Training Cycle (IDTC) during which the ship re- visited Santa Barbara and Victoria before partici- pating in RIMPAC 2000, a multinational exercise conducted off the Hawaiian Islands. RIMPAC completed the IDTC and prepared the ship for WESTPAC 2000, a major deployment to the Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf. The USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) left port August 17, 2000 for a scheduled six-month Western Pacific (WESTPAC) and Arabian Gulf deployment. The carrier was joined the following week off the coast of Southern California by Car- rier Air Wing 14 (CVW 14). The carrier and nine- squadron air wing spent the majority of the de- ployment in the Arabian Gulf supporting Opera- tion Southern Watch which included the enforce- ment of the no fly zone over Southern Iraq. necessary to fly nearly 1 ,, carrier began its transit across the Pacific. In April of 2001, the ship moved to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for a scheduled six-month Planned Increment al Availability. After complet- ing PIA in October, ABRAHAM LINCOLN began workup exercises for its next deployment. Sailors and Officers headed to the Arabian Gulf in sup- port of Operation Enduring Freedom in late July 2002. The carrier embarked with Carrier Air Wing 14 (CVW 14) in San Diego and headed across the Pacific with the other ships from the battle group. What set this deployment apart from others is the operational debut of next generation Navy technologies. Implementation of these technolo- gies is based on the Chief of Naval Operations ' vision, " Sea Power 21 " , which builds on U.S. strengths such as information superiority, sea control, fire power and persistence. This deploy- ment represented the largest number of innova- tions in a single battle group in recent history. ABRAHAM LINCOLN relieved the George Washington Battle Group in the Persian Gulf on or about September 11, 2002 and conducted opera- tions in support of Southern Watch for nearly three months when it departed the Gulf and tran- sited out of the region after being relieved by the Constellation. The ship earned the Battle " E " award for 2002, even with turnovers in leadership. Commanding Officer Capt. Kendall Card took command upon entering 5th fleet in November 2002, three months into deployment. The day after taking command, CVW-14 aircraft launched from his new ship to fly strike missions in the (then) south- ern no-fly zone over Iraq. By mid December 2002 the Lincoln had been relieved by the USS Constellation and began tran- siting back to the United States. On December 18 she was in the Indian Ocean headed for Australia. She arrived in Fremantle on December 22 for a port call where she remained until December 26. In late December reports from the Navy sur- faced indicating that a carrier, either the Lincoln or the Kitty Hawk would be redeployed to the Per- sian Gulf as tensions escalated between raq and the U.S. At that time it was unclear if the Lincoln would remain deployed or if they had just been alerted of the possibility. On December 30 the Lincoln Battle Group was located south of Austra- lia. On December 31, new reports indicated that the Lincoln had indeed been ordered to remain at sea and to redeploy for the Gulf. On January 2, 2003, according to Navy documents, the Lincoln was reported to be Northwest of Australia. On January 3, 2003 the Western Australian Newspa- per reported that the Lincoln would be returning to Fremantle for an extended stay for repairs and maintenance before it would redeploy for the Per- sian Gulf. In the first 1 7 days of Operation Enduring Free- dom (OEF) alone, CVW 14 dropped more than 1 .3 million pounds of ordnance. The ABRAHAM LINCOLN Strike Group and CVW 14 began heading home for their respective homeports April 9th, following an extended de- ployment that was the longest for a carrier in three decades. During the deployment ABRA- HAM LINCOLN ' S Reactor Department worked overtime to continue to produce all the water used for galleys, showers, laundry, drinking and cata- pults. To keep up with the increased tempo of wartime operations they turned sea water into 80 million gallons of usable water. Drinking water in conjunction with 47.5 million sodas and 42,300 gallons of milk, helped wash down 50,600 lbs. of chicken 27,272 lbs. of steak, 16,000 lbs. of shrimp and 29,000 lbs. of hamburgers over the course of the deployment. USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) returned home May 6, 2003 after nearly 10 months on de- ployment and enjoyed the honor of the first presi- dential landing on an aircraft carrier by President George W. Bush forever remembered by the American public by the phrase " Mission Accom- plished. " Reports from the Associated Press in mid-May indicated that the Lincoln was to undergo nearly 10.5 months of maintenance and yard time to re- cover from the 02-3 deployment. That would make the Lincoln available as an emergency surge carrier no sooner than June 2004. On June 10, 2003 the Department of Defense released that a contract had been signed be- tween the Navy and Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp. for a Phased Incremental Availability for the Lincoln with work to be completed by May 2004. The aim of the contract was to provide year-round maintenance so as to maximize vessel readiness. USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Carrier Strike Group arrived in San Diego October 16, 2004 before deploying on October 19, 2004 to support Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet operations and theatre security cooperation initiatives. The Lincoln Carrier Strike Group deployed with the following San Diego based ships: the cruiser USS Shiloh (CG 67), commanded by Capt. Joe Harris; and the de- stroyer USS Benfold (DDG 65), commanded by Cmdr. Don Hornbeck. Other ships deployed with the Lincoln Carrier Strike Group onclude the Everett, Washington based destroyer USS Shoup (DDG 86), led by Cmdr. Alexander T. Casimes; the Pearl Harbor based attack submarine USS Louisville (SSN 724), under the command of Cmdr. David Kirk; and the fast combat support ship USS Rainier (AOE 7), based in Bremerton, Washington. USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Carrier Strike Group was dispatched to provide support to hu- manitarian relief operations following the devastation caused by the December 26, 2004 Asian Tsu- nami. USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN reached the Java Sea on December 30, 2004. The ABRAHAM LINCOLN ' S surgical wards, engineering and construction capabilities, in addition to water purification equipment and helicopters were expected to provide much-needed assistance in relief operations, but also search and rescue missions as well as ferrying of supplies to disaster areas. After several months of restricted availability in its homeport of Everett, Wash., USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) began its inter-deployment work-up and surge sustainment training during the summer of 2005. Following a successful Bureau of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) evaluation in January 2006, ABRAHAM LINCOLN deployed February 27, 2006 to the Western Pacific Ocean to conduct training and exercises in support of the United States ' commitment to fostering good relations with Rim of the Pacific nations, exercising joint operability, and ensuring freedom of navigation in the Pacific In March the ABRAHAM LINCOLN Strike Group participated in Exercise Foal Eagle with the Re- public of Korea navy. The Strike Group took part in Valiant Shield off the coast of Guam in June with the Ronald Reagan and Kitty Hawk Carrier Strike Groups. In July ABRAHAM LINCOLN joined several nations in the Hawaiian Operating Area for the RIMPAC exercise. The Strike Group also conducted two passing exercises with the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force. In April ABRAHAM LINCOLN made a port call in Hong Kong, China, and shortly aftenA ard became the first U.S. Carrier to pull pierside in Laemb Chabang, Thailand. Other port calls were made to Sin- gapore, Japan, and Hawaii. ABRAHAM LINCOLN deployed with USS Shoup (DDG 86), commanded by Cmdr. Christopher Halton, USS Russell (DDG 59), commanded by Cmdr. James W. Kilby and the cruiser USS Mobile Bay (CCG 53), commanded by Capt. Thomas Carney. - — I Jill »i ' •;: !■ i jlr- n I Jjr i ill ' - «■ IIJ " ™ J nil a I ijil " 1 ifll- | t lr.» ' f I fiP I iin-n I KM 1 ill!- n i 5V JUMBO , . m:::.iEzirf :: ' ' W«--V:::-;=.: o... • iV. w- ' ■•- • r hley Market Road r ■ ' .f-r. ' y ' •■- r.Tnw yj. ' j ■■ ' ■-■■• ••»l: ll lilV ' US Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) wrapped up a port Konglml lioitafter four days of liberty. ; ' call, in Hong mm complMng tire ReceptiohV ' Stagihg,, Onward-movement alid -:- Kong area, lent a helping hand m community service projects and even found time to squeeze in a run with a local chapter of the Hash House Harriers. Lincoln ' s Morale, Welfare and Re creation (MWR) office sold tickets for more than 1 ,230 tours of the area. Additionally, more than 350 Sailors took advantage of the opportunity to stay in hotel rooms in Hong Kong and Kowloon. While Sailors explored places such as Lantau Island and the New Territories, Lincoln ' s soccer and rugby teams played local clubs, getting a taste of international competition. A few other Sailors spent time either playing basketball - both men ' s and women ' s teams, or golfing. ALCSG Sailors participated in six community service projects, including work for the Salvation Army, the Banayihan Trust and other local charities. They assisted in preservation, moved supplies and contributed to other projects to extend good will. i! % eople ' s Kepuhlic of ffs uimnsi QRiffi)GD[© OYM hacdiearned liberty. Community Service (COMSERV) projects with a localWJHH and two local schools. v W Sailors had the opportunity to host 38 children from the Pattaya orphanage aboard the ship April 22. The children had ice cream in the First Class Petty Officer ' s mess and were led on a tour of the ship. Lincoln hosted more than 500 people on board for tours of the ship, including members of the Chinese and Russian embassies to Thailand. Sailors also took advantage of tours, traveling to Bangkok to visit such places as the royal palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and Wat Pho, the temple of the Reclining Buddha. There were activities such as snorkeling, elephanUides Usk0iJ , shopping in Pattaya as well. - s -; k: • MS sattis l B r USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) got underway from Changi Naval Base in Singapore on May 1 , after a successful four-day port call to the ' ' Lion City. " Lincoln hosted a reception April 27, welcoming the Honorable Patricia Herbold, U.S. ambassador to Singapore, Rear Adm. Ronnie Tay, chief of the Singapore Navy, and ambassadors of several other nations to Singapore aboard the ship. ABRAHAM LINCOLN Carrier Strike Group (ALCSG) Sailors offered, their time during the port visit in six Community Service (COMSERV) projects, including taking children from a local orphanage swimming and helping disabled children who are undergoing water therapy. i ' More than 200 Sailors participated in the COMSERV projects, which were designed to increase interaction with local people. In addition to promoting good will through COMSERV projects, ALCSG Sailors toured Singapore and the surrounding islands through the ship ' s Morale, Welfare and Recreation program, enjoying the world famous Singapore Zoo, tours to Sentosa Island and more. ' . Lincoln also hosted tours to more than 400 guests while in Singapore, showing them the flight deck, hangar bays, bridge andihe Abraham Lincoln room which houses artifacts from President Lincoln ' s era and information about the ship ' s namesake. ■r,% Wfirj.lRfJWirf ' ,. yn KHH ' USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CV I 72) departed Naval Base Sasebo, Japan May 29 1;; r Sailors from the Lincoln Snd Carrier Air Wing (CVW 2y had the opportunity to learn Japanese culture through various command sponsored tours and sporting events. Although there were many tours Sailors could have signed up for through Abe ' s Morale, Welfare and Recreation, some decided to spend their free time playing against local sports teams. - May 29 wasn ' t just a day that Lincoln pulled out of a foreign port, it was also Memorial Day and was observed onboard at 3 p.m. local time with 30 seconds of silenced " For more than two centuries, Americans have been called upon to defend the founding ideals of our democracy, " said Commanding Officer Capt. C.A. McCawley. " On Memorial Day, " McCawley said in an address to the crew, " A grateful nation undertakes its solemn duty to honor proud patriots who sacrificed their lives for our great nation. Your vital work is spreading the realm of freedom and furthers the cause of liberty. " While in port, Lincoln hosted 650 guests to tour the ship so they could get a better understanding of how an aircraft carrier actually works. Lincoln also hosted a reception with over 200 foreign guests. j K n til ' ? ' Tfcrr jTiaT K HHBll l P ' - p SfJt i- .r H! F f • A " • w i P H ' ' :■; V ' t 1 g li " 1 tL.. 1 ■mawaii c More than HMO Slimy Pollywogs s. if skins and bjQ t]©o ■ ' of and was originally used on sailif ships of old to test the mettle of new hands and ensur, Biey were tough enough to handle the rigors of life at sea. For centuries, others have seerT " Wl a Sailor ' s status as a " Shellback " or " Pollywog " as a measure of how " salty " they are. ' f j W - ..i- - - ' rrKH :i -yiin ' ' - ' ■:: ■ ' . . mmmmm ' ft ' :? ' - " T Wo«i WK K iJBM Mi H J iBy ' III w ' . ; , ' r HfxaK w. 91 llnJ wBP ' l|BI| HE ' B ll l By W . H 1 V hIIi A - Im 1 •r ( ' V 1 SJ USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN fCYN 721 BAHLE GROUP USS RONALD REAGAN :K 1 ■ v mV im b- ,: JL, fmai (CVN 76] BAHLE GROUP USS KITTY HAWK fCV 691 BAniE GROUP jg|y|j ll g |J jjg 29 S " " ' •- 5«- LSS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Carrier Strike Group (ALCSG) concluded exercise Valiant Shield June 23, marking the completion of the first such exercise to involve three carrier strike groups in more than 10 years. The USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Carrier Strike Groups also participated in the exercise, along with U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Marine Corps personnel. Valiant Shield is a joint exercise designed to reinforce the United States ' commitment to the Pacific Region. Valiant Shield 2006 exercised the U.S. military ' s ability to conduct robust, joint command and control operations and rapidly bring together joint forces in response to any regional contingency. The exercise demonstrated the U.S. commitment to the Pacific region. » " Exercise Valiant Shield is the most important evolution of our 2006 deployment, " said Lincoln Commanding Officer, Capt. C.A. McCawley. " Our ability to seamlessly integrate with two other carrier strike groups as well as Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard units in order to respond to any situation that could occur in the Pacific region is vital to the usssi transformation of American fighting forces in the Pacific. " USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) and Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 2 visited Pear Harbor, Hawaii from June 30 to July 5. Sailors manned the rails pulling into port to show their mm PSlMmi ' ™u fP( f liRTatT!Til [ ' s!sm floQ p[F(i @fi [p(Mijfl ' []0@Si)®[p (ro(a|EH2i mfSo§ m©[iQ5® (io] mwi © gp B|ffl WMM jM]Do ©(DfflMfl (U iii]®[K ffl| fflnmiilw foitoSQOQ [iio§o §tt) ffl| iiRliMi lltefMilcir w(M ' m M Sailors also enjoyed liberty, tours flfroughout the island, and several running events with local chapters of the International Hash House Harriers running club. The Sailors ' weekend was capped off with huge fireworks shows and celebrations throughout the island, from the Bay Fest at Marine Corps Base Kaneohe, to a Fourth of July festival at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, both of which welcomed ihe general pudH as well as military celebrants. J-Although Sailors enjoyed well — deserved liberty in Hawaii, their focus was on the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise. Eh K XfMAff PEARL HARBOR m. ' SD T -■v i- SM- fk ' ■ ' S!l ■,• ' ' , ' 4?. Lincoln got undei-way from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, July 5, to participate in several weeks of training and exercises as part of Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2006. RIMPAC brought together maritime forces from Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. Lincoln sei-ved as the flagship for the exercise, as well as providing combat air patrol and anti-suilace and anti-submarine warfare assets from Carriei Air Wing (CVW) 2 on board Lincoln. . This year ' s exercise is the twentieth in a series of RIMPAC exercises conducted biennially since 1971. RIMPAC operations included participation by 35 ships, more than 60 aircraft and 18,000 Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Soldiers and Coastguardsmen. RIMPAC is intended to increase the tactical proficiency of participating units in a wide array of combined operations at sea. By enhancing interoperability, RIMPAC promotes stability in the Pacific Rim region to the benefit of all participating nations. L AUSTRALIA f iB CANADA 1 A.m ? r «« s« n- " ' ' ! ' • ' VVV ' ' , ' ' s, ' %. X ' V» ' " ' ' — j inLu ■fs ' -t CHILE W-w.- JAPAiV 1« " « PERU UNITED KINGDOM : -as- sm KtBP. UNITED STATES of AMERICA XJBU HAWAII 4© SAN ©lEGO JULY 29 - AUG 4, 2ffiffi6 1 1 - T ■: -A M« f WW in KJR Ji n m -i(h- ' - -d4 I Crewmemb e nsta n d guests aboati USS ABRAHAM LINC0MS ( Wi ' m ' mm ' p (f8 phe air power demonstration showcased the Dm Itomti (DlFam ais imlblMl (gmDwdl (sfcDrntafediQ M a dlpisiiiiQa© iiiiiil 1 m » A, Ells I ■--ip--. f " .i«. . ■■•- a ' ■p— ow MT ymf SSr Hn Ij: ' ■J A«6 L-. -,, . J kL| i W ; ' " ' ' VpSMtoL - J ' 7 3ml £ " ' " " ' " -- " " " 1 £ ■ rw J w (, - ' i E n Bw J ImJ I Stt iv... . Z 1 1-: j SAN ©lEGO to EVERETT AUG S - AUG 8, 2 6 ■ -- iK LlA ■ r ! . : ' °- »y ' I 4. I ,y ' .r pn -■ .■w. ' r r- Z! ' : ' ■ ' i ' iVi ' rt-iMf tWSK ' ' li!-ts USS ABRAHAM UNCDLN CVNmM WE$T PAmmm K I4SEB0, JAPAN THEEOIMTOR Si ErM; !NEPTMVE?S REA-EAf— — — TV--- • • I 1. , 11. mm ERKTT, WASHINGTON 2. , 10, DIEGO, CALIFORNIA hWR, HAWAII Depart.E4erettrW 0i immiUjXiiiii ' iKiiimiii. .iy26M)Q6. VB| »I»J (y, A(», l!i 0i m, " " ta-mCf TOTAL BMS AT SEA:. -ma- CAPTAIN ANDREW ?,lcC COMMANDING OFFICER USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN f ' ' ' " NDER THOMAS NOSENZO EXECUTIVE OFFICER USS ABRAHAM T tncOLN MAY 2006 - PRESENT CAPTAIN DAVID LAUSIM EXECUTIVE OFFICER IISS ABRAHAM LINCOLN SEPTEMBER 2004 - MAY 2006 DCM mCHAEL ANJOLA COMMAND MASTER CHIEF USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN n J ' A - f " «: lJ - S N A©MIM§TRATIO. : ■ H m H m P Lv H n Ha H ,i J HHHH H H 1 • " 0 ■y f. ' l LCDk Jon Mumper ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT HEAD The Administration Department on USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN is dedicated to serving the needs of the crew, air wing and embarked staffs. The delivery of quality products and customer service is the department ' s only goal. The department maintains service records, provides career coun- seling, educational services, equal opportunity guidance, drug and al- cohol counseling and administrative support to the Commanding Of- ficer, Executive Officer andCommand Master Chief. The Administrative Department impacts the lives of everyone aboard. r tv I i i V. I r L w ;: I c I ENS Robert Gallardo SHIPS SECRETARY ENS Troy Wright ESO PSCM Mark Boivin X ENS Robert Gallardo Y 1 U IN U i N U S N YNC Timothy Aragon YNC Christopher Blair •«K.. m " ii C ' 1 f wSf ' YN1 Justin McKaye YN1 Andres Valencia YN2 Jesse Armitage YN2 Aileen Camacho i ' i K J 4 r ' W ? h V - 1 YN2 James Manabat YN3 Justine Camarena YN3 Rashawna Ward YNSN Maria Espinoza YNSA Toni Usher CO XO ADMIN The Commanding Officer ' s and Executive Officer ' s Administrative Offices provide administrative support to 18 Departments, the Command Master Chief, 168 Officers and more than 3,000 Enlisted crewmembers as well as embarked staffs and Air Wing. Hundreds of pieces of official correspondence are processed through these offices on a daily basis. They also maintain the daily schedules for the CO, XO and CMC, and are responsible for command instructions and no- tices, fitness reports, command awards and the Plan of the Day. In managing the directives issuance program, they ensure all memoran- dums, notices, and instructions providing guidance for the daily operation of the ship are current and are disseminated electronically to the ship via the onboard intranet. Additionally, transfer, receipt, retirement, and pay issues for all Officers attached are handled through these offices. One of the functions provided in maintaining Officer records is an electronic web-based social roster that provides current information about each Officer onboard. These administrative offices are also responsible for the liaison and administrative support to the Command Ombudsmen as well as the spouse support groups, the ABRAHAM LINCOLN Enlisted Spouse Support Group and the Spouses of ABRAHAM LINCOLN Officers Association. The foremost goal of the Sailors in these offices is to provide outstanding customer service on a daily basis to all personnel on the ship. Si. - STRAT ©N — •yupffp mpppfmrrr- ipn ' ' ■»fnn ppnr - ' " ' ' y . fi ' r- ' - ' r ' K f ' .F Tf -Tm ; - ' . --?■-- ' ' --,» r ' awjiv . u ijwipiF!pi!;gagi?- .{gj ' a ' ff-vy ' v?g •iv- ' U 1 N Ui N U |N Y y y PSC Cecil Manzano PSC Jim Robertson l?t ■ — • 1 t:;: " M ' - PS1 Robert Bywater PS1 Carl Moss PS1 Justin Nelson EH mt p If . - 1 i m? a Lt!t i 1 rr y PS1 Patrick Quizmon PS1 John Smith PS2 Robert Delossantos PS2 Timothy Robinson PS3 Teresa Burke L PS3 Noe Imperial PS3Armondo Juarez Jr. PS3 Joseph Kok PS3 Shantrail Robinson PS3 Andrew Saliba i " . " , PS3 Mark Sawyer PS3 Franklin Shanks PSSN Romeo Espana PSSN Natahniel Jadraque PSSN Jennifer Kraft PSSN Scott Pierce PSSN Juan Rodriguez PSSA David Alcala k — " i L - u i 1 m. ' ' .J . lV Ik PSSA IVIichael Dykgraaf PSSA Dayton Franks PSSA Aaron Larson SN Anthony Guzman PERSONNEL (Y-2) The Personnelman (PN) and Disbursing Clerk (DK) ratings combined into one customer service rating, Personnel Specialist (PS), working within two different departments onboard. The majority of the Personnel Specialists work in Y-2 Division, providing invaluable customer service to more than 3,000 ship ' s company and support to 2,000 embarked staff and squadron personnel. The Personnel Office is the cornerstone of the command, supporting every department and squadron daily to ensure that all records are correct and up-to-date based on the latest information. It is essential that all records are correctly maintained and accounted for in order to eliminate any and all issues dealing with pay or benefits for the service member and their family members. The Personnel Specialists of USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN processed and filed more than 35,000 pay and personnel documents, completed more than 25,000 service record entries and issued more than 1,200 Common Access Cards. STRATION j i?« t sfffiii ' y UlN Ui N USN ENS Troy Wright PSC Jason Dee Ong y Y Y PS1 Joseph Farrell PS3 William Bulpett PSSN Gary Hunt PSSN Elizabeth Lemanski ESO (X-4) Educational Services Office (ESO) is responsible for administering all ship- board educational programs. ESO directs the educational program including interviewing and counseling personnel, processing applications for correspon- dence courses, administering ACT, CLEP, DSST tests and end of course tests, and assisting personnel in obtaining high school, college, business, and mili- tary course credits. ESO administered over 1,000 Navy-wide advancement examinations, more than 1 20 NCPACE Tuition Assistance Distance Learning course exams, and nu- merous ACT, CLEP and DSST exams. Additionally, ESO coordinated " NCPACE Instructor Led Courses " for more than 400 Sailors from the ship, air wing, and embarked staffs who took advantage of during cruise. ESO ' s motto is " We are here to accomplish a mission ... to provide the best service possible to every- one. " UlN UlN UiN NCCS Brian Schroepfer NCC Stephen Rogers HTC Carmen Viduya y y AT1 Guy Dicks CCC (X-5) The Command Career Counselor (CCC) office is comprised of 3 Navy Counselors (NC). The CCC assists ABRAHAM LINCOLN leadership to organize and implement an aggressive enlisted career development program. Sailors and fami- lies are provided information concerning career options, opportunities, advancement, commis- sioning programs, benefits of active and re- serve duty and workshops to ease the transition back to the civilian community, encouraging qualified Sailors to continue their Naval service and those who choose to separate leave with the thanks of the grateful nation. Stay Navy! DAPA The Drug and Alcohol Pro- gram Advisor (DAPA) manages the Navy ' s drug and alcohol prevention and rehabilitation programs that have helped ABRAHAM LINCOLN Sailors choose the right path for their exceptional careers. EOA The Equal Opportunity Advi- sor (EOA) aggressively pursues programs to educate all LIN- COLN Sailors that as a team we can maximize people ' s capabili- ties and abilities by treating each other with respect. EOA ensures Sailors always treat each other fairly and equitable at all times. llWIINRIIIIi J: IIH fm J ) ! •• i r - 11 A ,. JS ■W .i ' . ls«:l! l V y " AIMD FICER I V ' v i .5s ' 5i AIMD DEPARTMENT HEAD APRIL 2006 -PRESKNT AIMnnFP PTMFNTHF D JULY 2004 -APRIL 2006 p R I 1 C ■ r L %, : I o ■ ■ 1 1 1 i:w 1 1 1 ■ T -r- - P--] 1 «s:. ; 1 «w ■mn 1 i 1 LCDR Charles Johnson LCDR Kimberly Schuiz AVCM Tony Silveira avcm josepn wanac AIMOAMO AIMDMMCO AIMD LCPO Winners of the 2005 CNAF BLACK E " , Aircraft In- terniediate Maintenance Department ' s primary mission is to maintain the combat readiness of Carrier Air Wing Two during sustained carrier operations. Our mission is achieved through highly skilled and su- perbly trained technicians operating multi-million dollar test equipment and administrative personnel who perform intermediate level maintenance ranging from micro-miniature repair to third degree jet engine repair. A I Ml) is comprised of seven officers and 240 enlisted permanently assigned personnel. While at sea, 110 SEAOPDET Sailors from Point Mugu, Lemoore, North Island, W hidbey Island and Oceana Naval Air Stations re united with the ship ' s company to bring subject iUatter expertise and incorporate it into AlMD ' s core unction. Additionally, AIMD provides physical, iimensional, mechanical and electronic calibration ser- vices for the ship as well as coordinating STRIKE CROUP Intermediate Maintenance Activity (SIGMA) calibration and repairs. FLAWLESS EXECUTION! t v. 1 4M eh 1 r " ' (•. fi » ' 5 l ' ?5»l r- .-» ■ ' ' ' ' mrtteiJi " mnhiB mqpin USNUINUIN LT Timothy Hunt ENS Michael Caffey -m ' .4 J. 1 p. 1 f . J ASCS Randall Buneo ATCS Randy Chesnutt 4 a Ek [ + 1 i ?l k ' SS f. " y . Bt ?- . v X ll JBlalCk ATC Charles Griffith AZC Steve Fernandes AZC Glen Morris AZC Bryan Terry SKC Leogardo Hinahon IM-1 DIVISION IM-1 Division is the catalyst of production efforts and the heartbeat of the AIMD Department. The division is staffed to perform several administrative functions, divided into three main areas: Production Control, Quality Assurance and Maintenance Administration. Production Control establishes daily workload priorities and maintains liaison with supporting activities to ensure Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2) is supported to the maximum extent possible within AIMD ' s capabilities. In addition, they are responsible for the accurate documentation of all maintenance actions. Quality Assurance is manned with a relatively small group of highly skilled personnel who are responsible for conducting and managing the department ' s quality assurance efforts. QA representatives ensure work centers adhere to strict compliance with all naval aviation maintenance programs, analyze historical maintenance data and maintain an accurate library of technical publications. Maintenance Administration provides administrative services for the department to include correspondence, evaluations, awards, coordinating de- partmental training requirements and manpower management to include liai- son with SEAOPDET coordinators. E IS FOR EXCELLENCE! fT5?F " ' ■ ■ ' H| HM " H . ■■K . Wk — . - " Z ' T ■■ : ' ' ' i ! LlilKin ' Y . |k Lm-ypfl, 1 iiJN9lM . 3 1 .. ..i-i.:.., ..:..■:■ .! v;.,.j ' aji;;; ■ " ' ■. ' ' ' " m m s mm Xi ' -..- " l, ' jM w • " " " " " If y y y s sx 4 ■ 4 AD1 Ener Ocampo ¥4 ]iil i 9 AE1 Steven Madrid - AE1 Shawn Pell c:| 1 SI ■ ' ■- " 1 AM1 Steven Burke AS1 Querubin Carreon AS1 Loran Thompson A01 James Short 4 4 4 fr- | AT1 Mathew Collier AZ1 Ron Hoglund AT1 Bryan Geubelle AT1 Michael McQuay ¥4 ¥ 4 AT1 Jason Schuh AZ1 Tim Burnette ! ' S PR1 Uriah Harriman SK1 Christopher Musick AZ2 Paul Conley AZ2 Ernest Latimore It:: 1 ¥ ■ m . l . r ' k IW Hfc 1 . ■. 0 P K= i K »- 1 1 1 f 5 . 1 1 ? AZ3 Michael Burbo AZ3 Kyle Koebler SK2 Claron Cabatic SK3 Jonathan Fischer SK3 Travis Miranda AZAN Darick Charles AZAN Marvin Nash AZAN Almond Oliver AZAN William Scheff AZAN Clay Stew ardson AZAN Kelley Yadon SKSN David Crawford PRODUC .ON COM KOI Mknaiwidrt ' IM-2 DIVISION IM-2 Division provides the basic " nuts, bolts and thread " for the department. The division is comprised of three sepa- rate and unique branches: Power Plants, Airframes and Avi- ation Life Support Systems (ALSS). Power Plants Branch is responsible for the " tear down, build up and test run " of state-of-the-art aircraft engines, propellers and auxiliary power units. They are located in the large open bay at the aft end of the ship. The Airframes and Hydraulics Branch ' s tasks range from a simple screw replacement to a complete rebuild. In addi- tion, they are responsible for the oil analysis and nonde- structive inspection laboratories that assist in the discovery of damage to critical aircraft components prior to failure in flight. The ALSS Branch maintains aircrew personnel life sup- port equipment including parachutes, oxygen systems, rafts and various other gear necessary in case of an emer- gent situation. IF WE CANT FIX IT - IT AIN ' T BROKE! LT Rebecca Hagemann ATCS David Arrigo ADC Edward Jones AMC Jim Moyes PRC Jeff Stone y ? k AD1 Gerardo David 1 AD1 Jeff Humphrey 4 AD1 Jason Idio A01 Bryan Kammerdiener am k :M 1 ' ' 1 . AM1 Quang Van Dang AM1 Erin Fincher AM1 Kristopher Kelley AM1 Thomas Mareina AM1 Roger Parl ey 4 4 AM1 Auddy Rael PR1 Christopher Scanland AD2 Helena Burke JtfJ AD2 Jonas Habte AD2 Aaron Rodriguez AD2 Ben Sapida AM2 Michael Brown Jr. AM2 Rex Cress AM2 Beau Fitzgerald AM2 Jeremy Hughes 4 44 lilUI-UI ' Y AIMD AM2 William Kepke -v i ' % d 35- ' pi . 15 == s 1 ¥¥¥ ¥ ¥ i AD3 Jose Caban Jr. AD3 Antonio Del Rio ¥¥ Y ¥¥ ¥■¥4 AD3 Jessie Fujan ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ¥ 4 AD3 James Garcia AD3 Edward Hopkins AD3 Andrew Lawyer AD3 John Pennecard AD3 Robert Perry r ¥ ¥ ¥¥ 1 1 K " rrr ¥¥¥ L 41 4 1 k! l -V 4 I V Ik. ■ r IjI p 2. ••• » AD3 Michael Hanna AD3 James Williams fitim r ' . k ' ' ' . fL m | m » " Y uaCanfield AM3 Trinity Donelow AM3 Ivann Escuetta AM3 Geroche King AM3 Russel Molato ■ aiMHUiia t ' Miiif rB ¥ if- till . ' I ' ' t ' Vi ji l i Ml ? r:. AM3 David Phouanesavath AM3 Elizabeth Rodriguez AIVI3 Fabian Suarez-Robles AM3 Michael Turnbow AM3 Paul Wheeler ( 1 ' 1 [ ' ■K ifl %Jm - 1 n r - J PR3 Ryan Anderson PR3 Charles Ballard PR3 Josh Brown PR3 Brent McCormick ,tlii!-:;uY L ' . im M f MfVlLl -jrt " 7«™; " » ' »ryf w:.7- " ' , :p im. " ' VT ' T,T " j- ' IPHJ ' ,-! ' " ' ' .T I 1;::| h ' m " " -m ' ••• 4 ADAN Reginald Rose ADAN Damon Woods AMAN Jason Bostock 2 ¥¥4 ¥4 m- 1 ' 9L l k -4 vIB IP AMAN Jonas Calsbeek AMAN Brandon Foumier AMAN Christopher Hoard AMAN Kimberly Loken ¥44 ¥ AMAN Brandon Parijs AMAN Jeremy Preston AMAN Tay Ray AMAN Angel Reyes Jr. AMAN Andrew Rothweiler 1- 1 rz flv H -m %- - i r « AMAN Brenna Ruiz ¥ 4 ASAN Scott Ring AZAN Michael Dashell PRAN Katherine Effle PRAN Galo Juradotapia ♦ 4 ¥¥¥ ¥44 ■3 •S.J ¥44 AMAA JMSica Keefe AMAA Mark Whitaker AMAR Sara Elliot AN Ashley Payne AN Stacy Tidd 1 I ' « ii ..o tioertfT AN Joseph Weaver I Q M SP 1 c - fi LT David Vondrak CW03 John Strachan 3 US N U S N USN ATCS Mitch Sharp AOC David Beam ATC Donald Anderson 1 % 6 ¥ ATC Donald Beck ATC Lawrence Foster Jr. ATC Martin Laumb " ATC James Reily ¥ MM ¥ ¥m AE1 Craig Lapilio AE1 Xavier Yap ♦ J ' ¥4 ATC Sean Russell ¥ ¥¥ A01 Douglas Cain AT1 Larry Causey ¥ ¥4 4 Y AT1 Brian K. Cotter AT1 Casey Dulce AT1 Angela Lamer AT1 Michael Moody AT1 Michael Norman 1 :r ' " b: wfl :5 % k AT1 James Reed AT1 Ronnie Reyes AT1 Paul Salter AT1 Robert Simpson AT1 David Suta IM-3 DIVISION IM-3, Avionics Armament Division is comprised of 14 work centers manned by highly skilled electricians, electronics technicians, ordnancemen and a variety of other ratings. This division accounts for more than fifty per- cent of the workforce in AIMD and where the majority of SEAOPDET Sailors work. Avionics technicians and electricians alike work on complex state of the art equipment, and are able to troubleshoot down to a microchip or circuit. Once failure has been identified, skilled Sailors trained in micro miniature repair, remove and replace the faulty component and return it to the appro- priate work center where it is test run and verified " ready for issue. " Armament Technicians proficiency lies in the weapons carriage, loading and delivery of ordnance systems. Primarily performing at the intermediate level of maintenance, IM-3 technicians also regularly assist embarked squad- rons in on-aircraft troubleshooting. Additionally, IM-3 provides calibration services for all shipboard and air- craft test, measuring and diagnostic equipment as well as STRIKE GROUP support. TRANSFORMERS: TURNING BAD INTO GOOD! lYOYAS! IMD itiiijtitt ilii.,M«tnrt ' iMlt. .-■■:?ry; ' ig ' r»y, ' WW ' ' ffBi7 ' ;.yw i -1 k. 4 ..■ . u fc 1 AT1 Carl Thompson AT1 Jessie Trevino AT1 Jonathan Walsh AE2 Shay Cathey AE2 Michael Durkin Ik! ' ' 1 1 Im AE2 Colander Knighten AE2 Ian D. McManus AE2 Sean ONeil 4 AE2 Lorn Swallow AE2 Mike Vargas t i. 4i kr 1 !• :a l ' ' i Sf flv Aw L mj V: lufl Sn ■ . .E. 1 .W 1 .• k mr . 1 1 1 , k B mIKM AE2 Dorothy Watson AE2 Jason Woods A02 Sean Bramer A02 Rolando Regino A02 Kyle Young t ¥ 1 1 1 -t -f Pfe .i m. P " 1 ' y AT2 Chad Alcock AT2 Jesse Argenbright AT2 Theodore Bakata AT2 Timothy Barthlemess AT2 Kurney Bowersock AT2 Jason Brand AT2 David Brandon ' ■« ' « ' V ■ ' " r AT2 Aaron Burdt ¥4 AT2 Anthony Burrous AT2 Jason Cann AT2 Daniel Cohick AT2 Justin Deibel AT2 Jason Febuary AT2 Cody Garner AT2 Joseph Hagstrom LIIISKf AIMD ¥ ¥4 ¥ 4 ■ ¥ A s % f ! ¥4 AT2 Winfrey Martin III ¥4 ¥4 - AT2 Jason Matts ¥4-4 AT2 Corey McFarlin AT2 Miguel Mulholland AT2 Phillip Stewart AT2 William Vega p;: L « M b S M LX L . f ■Tsj ' ■ tt, k 4 itf yL 1 Y AT2 Daniel Nervals AT2 Miles Okeefe AT2 Brian Parr AT2 Clifton Seigart [;: 1 w tki K kt: NL ' I m ' Mm 1 p£ lm.9 H I H ' k 1-- 1 y r rjf- •♦• 1. ' ▼ » J t :? ' , AT2 Peter Thayer ¥¥¥ ¥ ¥4 AT2 Jeffery Tode I ¥ AT2 William Turner ¥4 ¥M4 ¥ 4 ' AT2 Tomas Uranga ¥4 AT2 Jason Young ET2 Leon Edwards ET2 Michael Scoggins AE3 Shane Burgeson 1 1 ¥ ¥¥ ¥ 4 B -• ¥ ¥ ■ ¥4 ¥4 C ' if ? . • 1 ::: 1 1 1 ¥4 ¥4 ¥4 ¥¥ ¥¥4 AE3 Sebastian Jenkins AE3 Jamal Johnson AE3 Collin Newberry AE3 Ryan Seiser AE3 Benjamin Shinn -K + ■K + ' ¥■¥ AE3 Angelo Torres Jr. AE3 Jason Upshaw A03 Kenneth Bailey -» ■ ' A03 Daniel Doyal fc i B ' .1 " " ' " - y A03 Daniel House M4 ■ 4 ¥4 ATS Thomas Adamucci AT3 Cristano Arbis AT3 Adam Arnstein AT3 Michael Babcock AT3 Lane Banner ■ + - -K- -» AT3 Christopher Berglund AT3 Angela Brian AT3 Jaren Butler AT3 Eric Cumley AT3 John Damm AT3 Jerome Debord AT3 Howard Fantroy AT3 Josua Finley AT3 Christopher Formby AT3 John Gates fclUKUlY SMfMH SSM fflaB Mq L ' AIMD .•5V--.-7-.VW. --Tf:- 3 ¥¥ ¥ ,- AT3 Jon Olivera ¥¥¥ ' ¥4 ¥ ¥4 fr L-fl Nff r r vf J SI. PL. ri s ¥ AT3 John Guthrie AT3 Bryan Heck ¥¥¥ ¥ 4 ATS Torey Johnson AT3 Robert Rogers AT3 Noel Saldana AT3 Timothy Hibbard AT3 Joshua Hyde ¥4 ¥¥ ¥4. AT3 Gregory Karr AT3 Charles Kelleher AT3 William Mathews ♦ AT3 John Silva AT3 Aaron Snyder i B t s L r ■ AT3 Samuel Statler AT3 Richard Summers AT3 Richard Walsh AT3 Ashley Williams AT3 Dallas Yeager [ fl 1 ¥ ¥ I - 1r »iv K:m r P .- . i AZSCarIL DC3JohnBi«po MM3 Barry Biesen MM3 Andrea Padlas MM3 Seth Sharp ..-i %« - m ■ ! " ¥4 -¥4 ABFAN Aaron Fugita AEAN Joshua Fisher AEAN Christina Gadd AEAN Marvin Lovell b-l 1 xfl k -« w AEAN Jayme l leel AEAN Adam Nethero AEAN Jeffrey Savar AEAN Russell Seelye AEAN William Tarry iW AIMD ■. ' ' -•? ' ' igMyi- — ' :-. -y 3 y«f pyf ' gygt ' " ' ' ■■: -,y .;,... 1 t™ j«»j;- i-i;?,7jj;; « AOAN Lance Ashton ii: 1 HH 1 1 VB ' 1 V l m 1 [ V •■- 2 ¥¥ AOAN Danise Burt AOAN Christopher Fuda AOAN Trevor Hammack AOAN William Martinez ¥¥4 U ¥4 m4 r f l f 1 1 iL ' ' , mm i ' 1 1 f AOAN Shannon Padgett AOAN Derrick San Juan AOAN Bezalel Santos ATAN Tyson Ard l ' t- if [::M. | -« v A ATAN Christopher Blessing ATAN Jaris Byers ATAN Jose Casas ATAN Daniel Choy s 3 1 Lr - t p ' 1 r iJM [Tft ATAN Todd Edens ♦ ATAN Kevin Edwards ATAN Darryl Guidetti ATAN Chris Gumminger ATAN Thomas Hamilton ATAN Steven Harden II ¥¥4 ¥¥¥ ¥¥4 ATAN Bret Hartsfield ATAN Alex Hollyfield ATAN Jonah Knife ATAN Timothy Koefoot ATAN Gary Kopf Jr. ATAN Nara Lam ATAN Todd Marney ATAN Gabriel McCoy ATAN Jamie Montgomery ATAN Megan Reiger ttt! fi-tf H ii r r ATAN Eduardo Ruiz ATAN Jeremiah Salyer ATAN Ryan Whitten AZAN Kevin Anderson AZAN Brian Bruce AN Micky Stump AEAA Nicholas Jones AEAA Tyler Quinn ATAA Kerry Gear AAJayYeager ATAA Kasey Kasten AEAR Denver Newman wS mim-s mSSmm ' ' wjw jKWwiJ.w S ' fflr Ami AIMft ■ " AVITW WI IW M«BI B Ji I " - ' ' 4 IM-4 DIVISION Located at the entrance to the AIMD tunnel is the Support Equipment Division where an extremely talented, dedicated and versatile group of Sailors known as Aviation Support Equipment Technicians work. Sailors in IM-4 maintain and repair mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems for more than 1,120 support equip- ment items. The items range from tow tractors, hydraulic power supplies, air conditioning units, pneumatic and liquid oxygen carts to mobile electrical power plants for hangar and flight deck use. In addition, the upkeep of the Crash and Salvage Crane (Tilly) and fire fighting vehicles are part of their responsibility. Professionals of IM-4 Division provide unparalleled sup- port, mainly from behind the scenes, ensuring that all capa- bilities needed are there daily when the rubber meets the deck. The dedication and commitment shown by the mechs and techs of IM-4 Division is evidenced in every aspect of their work. They live up to the timeless motto of: " NO AIR SUPPORT WITHOUT GROUND SUPPORT " Jim di N U i N U |N 444 LT Satumino Mojica ASC Gabriel Coloma ASC Richard Cross y V y 4 44 4 44 f4-4 J 4 i i. 4 4 4 i l k -t t w t t is a mMi i i J Li . l.wi fi .m 1 1 y ASIEricAman AS1 Paul Dabney AS1 Dante Dinelli AS1 Craig Galvin AS1 Juan Garcia AS2 Ray Clark AS1 Ulysses Peque -f + AS2 Robert Herstein H AS2 Timothy Melson AS2 Robert Shumaker AS1 Eugene Rose AS2 Tyson Jones I ■ k 7 AS2 Eric Telly ¥¥¥ ■¥■ -J u 1 1 ....,.:... V SK1 Aldrin Corpuz AS2 Matthew Abrachinsky ¥4 CC AS2 Cheryl! Lacson AS2 Joseph Lewis L:r 1 H n4MJ H AS2 Sara Wheeler SK2 Ronney Nelson ■¥■4 AS3 Sean Allen AS3 Scott Bybee AS3 Owayne Campbell AS3 Jose Capiglioni AS3 William Cummins AIM 4 1 f — Kfl I If m. W L .i fll 1 MM ? y ' AS3 Jeremy Michaels AS3 Thomas Naboa AS3 Benny Tran AS3 Lucas Vales ¥ ¥ i ASAN Alex Boschma ASAN Jesse Boots ASAN Chris Cunningham ASAN Christopher Dionisio ASAN Jason Dorsey ASAN Lindell Hall L .H m ' ASAN Christopher Klaer ASAN John Phan ¥ - ¥4 ASAN Kevin Jones ASAN Russell Kimbrough ASAN Juan Ramirez ASAN Tommy Roberts ASAN Kenneth Rodriguez ASAN Jessica Segura ASAN Joseph Wilson ASAN Kenneth Young AZAN Riley Flack ASAA Jose Dutan ,l.|llKi lY 5 IM-5 DIVISION IM-5 is an extended branch of Aviation Intermediate Main- tenance Department (AIIVID), which was brought forth to master Damage Control Equipment and the Maintenance Ma- terial Management (3M) system. IM-5 is responsible for all de- partmental tools and test equipment issued throughout the department for the performance of 3M DC maintenance. Or- ganized with a cornucopia of ratings including some of the finest undesignated airmen, IM-5 ' s main objective is to pre- serve the material integrity of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN so that it may successfully accomplish every vital operation. While showing great pride and professionalism, IM-5 ex- ecutes more than 2,500 preventative and corrective mainte- nance actions on an annual basis for AIMD ' s 229 spaces ship wide. In addition, these Sailors take pride in assisting other shipmates with proper 3M DC training enabling the entire de- partment to be capable of performing necessary 3M DC main- tenance. NO SLACK ON THE 3M ATTACK! ASC Marlon Sales k. M BS Uia, 1 Hlf v W mm ym % ► AZ1 Shawn Merriman AT2 Ryan Antram AS3 Jeff Leet AA Luis BadJIlo AN Antonio Campos AN Mario Cox AN William Evans II AN Jereme Graves 1 ' + ¥4 l k - flii M " A l ISIB l jHl 1 " V AN Lee Anne Heinzinger AN Christopher Hokeness AN William Kellam AN Elizabeth McCarthysauck AN Joseph Woltman AIMD AA Jock Roles i la J t. ttm o B B mfl 1 " . Bfll BI 12 AIR DEPARTMENT HEAD TheAir Department is the backbone of flight operations. Whether handling aircraft in the hangar bay for extensive maintenance or on the flight deck setting up for an alpha strike or routine sortie, the Air Department warriors with their " can-do ' ' attitude perform miracu- lous acts on a daily basis. No department can run efficiently without an astute administra- ti e staff like ours, all under the direction of the " Boss " and " Mini Boss. ' ' with more than 625 hard charging men and women spread throughout 5 divisions, there is always something going on. The Air Department carries out all tasks with style and finesse, but most im- portantly, they perform their mission SAFELY, PROFESSIONAL- LY and ON TIME. r IV I I i 1 . I r 1 » t I o I «v 7WW m- % ft s J i CDR William K. Mims MINI-BOSS ABCM Dan Harrell AIR DEPT LCPO .. ii !£ r ss ' IV: M % km P TT LCDR Jaime Hernandez LT Charlie Ardinger CW03 Michael Evans CW02 Refugio Garcia UiNUlNUiN ABHCS John Marcella ABHCS Christopher Miller ABHC Derrick Broadous ABHC Carlos Carlos ABHC Alexey Diaz ABHC Warshaund Hill r b 1 W ' Jl-Wtt 1 ABH1 Corey Cooper ABH1 Shawn Henderson ABH1 Broderick Johnson ABH1 Jason Obermeyer ABH1 Alfredo Robledo ABH1 Jose Santiago ABH1 Dickie Ward AIR V-1 DIVISION V-1 Division is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of embarked aircraft on the Flight Deck. At times, this can be a daunting task but, always up for the job, the hearty " Yellow Shirts " direct, organize and coordinate aircraft moves to ensure the ABRAHAM LINCOLN can provide strike capability without delay. The intrepid " Tractor Drivers " oper- ate starting units for aircraft and possess exceptional driving skills when towing the awe- some aircraft behind their " steeds. " Always available and always on the move, the " Blue Shirts " install and remove the aircraft tie-downs and chocks and move the massive 130 pound tow bars to aircraft that require them. They truly are the workhorses of the Division. While providing the Aircraft Handler an interpretation of what is happening on Deck, the " EO ' s " or elevator operators keep a sharp eye on what ' s on the move so the deck is cor- rectly translated on the Master Planning Table, called the " Ouija Board. " As the Naval Aviators " Angels of Mercy, " the Crash and Salvage team is a highly trained group of professionals who act as first responders to any emergency situation on the Flight Deck. All of these proud Sailors on deck " ...make managing dynamic flight deck operations seem simple and expertly balance the intense demands like a ballet. " KIHi-UfY - IMBMMlilg - Trrlv K v Vi i Ak. 1 ' rf Wl w P 1 H 1 i . ir 1 mr p == f r y -.S.. V ▼ «ti» ABH2 Jeremy Chase ABH2 Barry Ellis ABH2 Anthony Freschi ABH2 Dionlcio Garza ABH2 Joshua Hansen ABH2 Derrick Hewett ABH2 Johnny McCloud ABH2 Alen Prieto ¥¥m ¥ ¥ V 1 1 k. ft E ' F 1 ' a p: j - 1 " f ABH2 Billy Ramirez ABH2 Rene Sotelo ABH3 Robert Allen ABH3 Luis Baez ABH3 Matt Beiike .aST p . JB rg ABH3 Marquis Clark ABH3 Glen Craven III ABH3 Roger Eagleson ABH3 Baltazar Espinoza ABH3 Kyle Gagnon p ¥¥ IP R D 1 It S ABH3 Brandon Hernandez ABH3 Bart Kooyman ABH3 Michael Lyons ABH3 Daniel Monroe ABH3 Javier Munoz ABH3 Anthony Olvey ABH3 Christian Rico ABH3 Joseph Robinson ABH3 Omar Serrano ABH3 Jared Shaffer L-y-n ... b:: [vr ABH3 Rusty Stiner ABH3 Robert Stuns ABH3 Tristan TImmons ABH3 Jeff Tuchten ABH3 Juanjose Valdez mmmmmn m iiimmmMmmisi smmis: ' ■, " W r-i: ' ' ™ ' f ■- ' A |0 ■ tm L 1 « " t s f R ' I LSM ABHAN Luke Bacon ABHAN John Cabaluna ABHAN Junior Calep p4M EP JTL f ■t ' i OP. W T k ' 1 ABHAN Jacob Campbell ABHAN Jason Cooper ABHAN Shaun Denton ABHAN Ryan Fawcett ► ' is, 1 IJ i ABHAN Dulce Flores ABHAN John Glosson ABHAN Charles Hwang ABHAN Richard Lagunas ABHAN Phillip McNicholas ABHAN Eric Munoz ABHAN Raven Perez ABHAN Steven Sanchez ABHAN Aaron Sandoval ABHAN Lewis Steward ' or ft ABHAN Christopher Vondra ABHAN Ross Wilson ABHAN Hether Zakrzewski AN Myron Aldan AN Nathaniel Allen AN Richard Becker AN Brandon Brownlee AN Antonio Davis AN Shawna Falk AN Alfonso Flores 1 r -«»- w ■ ■ t;. KW mM 5 AN Alexander Garcia AN William Gardner AN Robert Hahn AN Tommy Hendrickson AN Aaron Johnson L ' ' ' • v fCfZ KF J k m f r IB •s AN Melissa Mandell AN Baron Medlen AN Nicholas Mumma AN Georgia Petrakis AN Andrew Rios M- - ul 1 L p: P AN Wade Rowe AN Kevin Vavreck ABHAA Jason Matson AA William Alaways AA Timothy Bell AA Anthony Carter AA Danielle Chase AAWooChoe AA Nathan Gallagher AA Kendra George • L 1 1 sf l AA Timothy Hayes AA Nathan Henkin AA Adam Hill AA Joel Izaguirre 1 1 m . 1 ' f AA Louis Koller AA Bryan Markwood AA Brian Mosley AA Kevin Murphy AA Jose Musicaalvardo AA Reyvin Olaes AA Steven Powers AA Andan Rempel AA Michael Skarwecki AA Gage Soils AA Robert Sweeney AA Daniel Sweet AA Kendrick Tanner AA Keith Thompson AA Fernando Vazquez r - h r V 1 M ■ VA V A AA Robinson Whitney AA Darryl Young AA Edward Young Jr. AR Matthew Allen 1 f ' 5 I ' 1 . - k ' k1 ML- Il ' w Icvn AR Jeremy Battle AR Christian Connor AR Austin Dant AR Patrick Grant AR Nathanael Groff AR Hollic Hall AR David Muthcr AR Frank Pitt AR Eric Roberts AR Malcom Shaw AR Spencer Skelton AR Jason Stout AR Paul Winchester .I.llli-.KIY 4 AIR AIR V-2 DIVISION The " Green Shirts " of the Air Department operate and maintain the four catapults, each one as long as a football field and capable of launching aircraft from zero to 150 m.p.h.. Ad- ditionally, they operate and maintain the arresting gear engines used to safely arrest air- craft in just 2 seconds. The Air Department ' s V-2 Division is one of USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN ' S largest divisions comprised of 1 5 work centers with more than 200 personnel comprised of four different rat- ings. V-2 division is responsible for maintaining and operating Lincoln ' s aircraft launch and recovery equipment. The Aviation Boatswain ' s Mate (Equipment) team operates and maintains the four cata- pults, four arresting gear engines and the emergency recovery equipment. The catapults I are Lincoln ' s 21 " " guns " which make it such a formidable platform, launching and recover- ing the Navy ' s finest fighter, attack and support aircraft. The Interior Communication Electricians maintain and operate the ship ' s Integrated Launch and Recovery Television and the Improved Fresnel Lens, more commonly known J as the " meatball. " The Electrician ' s Mate ' s maintain all associated electrical equipment while the Aviation Maintenance Administrative workforce provides technical publication support. V-2 personnel work long hard hours performing some of the most hazardous jobs in the world. V-2 Division or " ALRE ALL DAY " means... " MISSION ACCOMPLISHED " G Jl 0 ■■¥■¥4 f iRib s LCDR Chhem Young-Pen LT Curtis Bogetto LT Brandon McCauley LT Keith Radonis CW02 John Fed erico III ;« ABECS Michael Schmidgall ABEC Roderick Aquino ABEC Jason Blankenship ABEC Tyrone Harris i - ' ' " i • J Ik ABEC Manny Lubong ABEC Acie Robinson ABEC Shannon Schneider ABEC Timothy Smith ICC Michael Zullo Y Y Y y Mr- ABE1 Joseph Abbey ABE1 Alexander Baldono ABE1 Kortney Boesch X y ABE1 Tracy Brehmer ABE1 Isidro Cobena ABE1 Robert Conley ABE1 Kurt Dillard ¥¥H ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ x Y 7 f¥¥l l¥ ¥ ' , J W ¥ ■ W 1 If fflSf 1 Y ABE1 Keith Goodell ABE1 Todd Gray ABE1 Paul Hayter ABE1 Johnny Johnson ABE1 Dorian Mills ABE1 Theodore Nokes ABE1 Thomas Riley ABE1 Jonathan Saguid ABE1 Jeffrey Stonebreakcr ABE1 Eric Szabo u y M ::■ 1 y k V ' ABE1 Delfino Vivaldo A21 Timothy Blackwood EMI Javier Barrcra EMI Nelson Roquc IC1 Wayne Dobbs I IC1 Marcus Fincher IC1 Jason Yenawine ABE2 Jonathan Bacungan ABE2 Thomas Bowen ABE2 Jack Delanoy — - -- - yV BV %k - m ' a» — — — " — " " ' ' . L ' ' M k " - — liC: r .,x i% ipj 1 ■ A iA H H jj " ,J3 ▼ w f li L W ' • M f 1 ' r »- J m 1 I AW JL i L Mt 1 ll ft W ' 1 1 m , m ,l.lii!;;u ' Y ' ■ ' t:: k H Bl . 1 f jAFw ABE2 Eric Durdle ABE2 Krista Goldsmith ABE2 Benjamin Liles ABE2 Daniel Longwell ABE2 Armando Martinez l««. w jrv- ABE2 Marquiste Miles ABE2 Rafael Ramirez ABE2 Ernesto Romero ABE2 Dennis Thayer ABE2 Travis Washington J H IC2 Robert Brown IC2 Richard Pepper IC2 Charles Oestrelch IC2 Joseph Raz IC2 Vincent Wiersema ► ' IC2 Preston Wright IC2 David Young ABE3 Christopher Beasley ABE3 Isaac Chavez ABE3 Lidia Cruz 1 ABE3 Armando Deleon ABE3 Jeril Emerson ABE3 Joshua Evans ABE3 Jean Garza ABE3 Jerardo Gonzales 1:: m f t; ? , k ABE3 Matthew Gothard ABE3 Adam Holcomb ABE3 Jeremy Hoobler ABE3 James Johnson ABE3 Brandon Leslie ABE3 Javier Martinez ABE3 Juanita Medina ABE3 Andy Michaelides ABE3 Cedric Nelams bliiKiUY p i . 1 1? ¥ ¥ ABE3 Brian Knoblauch ABE3 Cameron Nesland ABE3 Daniel Orozco ABES Abel Perdomo »- m- N 4 ABE3 Scott Pratt ABE3 Barbara Ramirez ABE3 Danny Ruiz ABE3 Dustin Waite b:: - p V R f - J Lr ' p: . 1 P m fh • ABE3 David Williams AZ3 Felix A lba-Luna AZ3 Kristi Lathen ¥¥4 ¥¥4 ¥ ♦ . ¥■¥4 ¥ ¥ - IC3 Justin Burge IC3 Joshua Faulk p IP p V yl IC3 Nicholas Homb IC3 Jason Jennings IC3 Jeffery McGuire IC3 David Moore IC3 Jeremy Oneal I •■ A " ; ¥¥ SK3 Jimmy Vicencio pl 1 l Qfl 1 1 1 . H£i p IkJ Iti r... " ABEAN Max Alexander ABEAN Jerrell Baker ABEAN Guadalupe Barreras ABEAN Sedrick Bromell ' - , s If Rr l Ib v |§ ABEAN Gary Caulfield Jr. ABEAN Justin Duhon ABEAN Alten Gachupin ABEAN Wall Hassan ABEAN Douglas Howe m iMMiani ABEAN Brandon Hurt i (f ABEAN J. Lookabaugh ABEAN Dennis Lopez ABEAN Renzo Martinez ABEAN Ryan Mika ¥ m 1 S I " " ? ABEAN Dustin Miller ABEAN Sergio Montufar ABEAN Nathan Munoz ABEAN Dirk Ogarek ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ¥ ' ««»• J 1 " I y. K ABEAN Ervin Ramirez ABEAN Charles Reddy ABEAN Robert Russell ABEAN Miguel Soils AN Tarold Andrews 1 AN Krys Antoszyk AN Aaron Austin AN Adnan Ansari AN Brandon Avery AN Michael Baldwin AN Jermaine Cabeza AN Jahmil Cobb AN Ben Dawson An Robert Fetters AN John Fuller AN Erika Garcia AN Christopher Gonzales AN Brandon Hair AN Casey Harrison AN Jonathan Harrison 1 -»(■»(■«( -t m K fl 1 - . i AN Ryan Hoko AN Garrett Hull AN Corey Isles AN Joseph Jones AN Adam Kiser AN Sara Marker AN Adam IVlartinez AN Paul Mayorga AN Jerry McDaniel AN Butch Mertens AN Paul Mootrey AN Jonathan Nicolini AN Charles Osteen AN Julius Porte AN Magdalen Powels ir S iLIUKlU ' Y m AN Randall Queen , j ., ir AN Ataullah Rahman II AN Michael Snodgrass AN Jean Rice w |B 1 1 1 T -. AN Minh To AN Charles Robinson an Kicarao Kosas i t " ffirj L K. J A J J la ••. AN Michael Scott AN Jarred Turner p i |»»4C4 kXT .x:ll p jC V i k 1 li AN Martha Valdivia AN Gary AN Brad Walton ICFN Brandon Axtman AN Radd Villarial ICFN Jonathan Hall ICFN Reggie Peliceux ¥¥-, -3 ABEAA Phillip Berger ABEAA Steven Castro ABEAA Daniel Espinoza ABEAA Jacinto Espinoza ABEAA Alex Gallegos pi- 1 ; . W- 7 ABEAA Sarah Green ABEAA Nathaniel Jimenez ABEAA Desmond Morrow EMFA Louis Hall AA Travis Caldwell " u AA Douglas Dierks AA Andrew Greene AA Andrew Kathol AA Michael McFadden l i Kw V T (?rJ AA Joshua Nixon ♦ -K4 AA Scott Peele AA Efrain Ramos AA Jose Saenz AA Orlando Soto ABEAR Adan Guerra Jr. .koi m I IllSil I ' Y AIR ' i! :Wl ' fl? " :. l ' !!?. ' -!!. ' ]. 5:? 4 V 1 ' -♦ ' •• «i ' all -©- w AR Jathen Allen AR Troy Jones AR Stephen Cantu AR Steve Ellerbe AR Tyson Fitzpatrick AR Joel Hernandez Jr. i ' AR Michael Kwon AR Richie McLaughlin Jr. AR Ryan Mixell ■• :: •• AR Brian Nolder L - ill AR Cole OhmM AR Christopher Swinarski AR Douye Tambou AR Adam Wagner " JuE K r : H ' 1 SI j p ' mM 1 1, ( IFIl ' IIW i!|,l|llffM " ||l ' AiWHii|BilWIIIIII llllll 1 1111—111— B llilil[IIIIIIIIH1BBP8Wi5 : .LIlJKiU ' Y ,si ' iiMitiwiimaitmifiMiiMiiaitiB iiiiiiiiimiiiiii AIR 1 ¥ ¥ l¥ ¥ ■ ¥ - « . 1 LCDR Tim Gibbons £ ' ? ' . V ? ' ' iiiJ0 miliiii Bi st UlNUlNUiN sJM ' ii P i 1- ABHC David Dalton ABHC Ryan McNamara AIR V-3 DIVISION The Yellow Shirts and Blue Shirts that make up V-3 Division are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of aircraft on the Hangar Deck. Conducting on average 600 aircraft moves and 200 elevator runs a month makes this team the hardest working Hangar Deck crew in the fleet. They are responsible for operating four aircraft elevators, each possessing a maximum lifting capacity of 130,00 pounds. They vigilantly man 3 Hangar I Deck CONFLAG stations 24 hours a day. From there, they provide the immedi- ate response to aircraft fires in the Hangar Bay and routinely re-configure the I hangar deck for Underway Replenishment evolutions, visitation displays and Naval Ceremonies. With approximately 110 personnel, V-3 plays a vital role in spotting aircraft for crucial aircraft maintenance. With demanding challenges from all nine squadrons of CVW 2, the Hangar Deck Warriors are always ready to support the air wing. y Y y , ' 1 ' . HA iGAB ABOVt ' ■i;: t V ♦ ¥ 1 ¥ ¥ . ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 4 W " k 4 1 T ABH1 Darren Anderson ABH1 Alton Keith ABH1 Lindbergh Wesley ABH1 Roland Wright " W ABH2 Christopher Ahart ABH2 Christopher Ferris ABH2 Mark Fullcrton ABH3 Gary Bickham ABH3 Douglas Bruder Jr. « «». ABH3 Katrina Biielva 1 1 niln Mitfi iiffitH i ' »sb ' ' ' ' floa« 1 Mm mUt iiffifcit mi r irittun AIR 127 ¥ 4 ABH3 David Burda ABH3 Justin Cogswell ABH3 Sean Czuchaj ABH3 Stephen Devlin : ' fl: H ABH3 Anthony Diamandl ABH3 Daniel Duncan ABH3 Chris Judd ABH3 Kurt Miller ABH3 Matthew Newell ABH3 Christopher Oliver ABH3 Marcos Rosario ABH3 Louis Schubert ABH3 Seth Sherlinski [ .V V ¥ 4 ' 4 ' ■¥ - ' - p 1 ABH3 Jermaine Smith ABH3 Damien Sutherlin ABH3 William Watson K» : A it ' fl. mi w p R ¥ 4 ¥ ¥ ABHAN Maurice Espinoza ABHAN Daniel Gass ABHAN Zach Olson ABHAN Shane Tietz ¥¥¥ AN TywaJne Bibbs AN Geoffrey Blackner AN Stephen Cuomo AN Victor Gomez An Martin Graner AN Kevin Hodges AN Dexter Hormann AN Coleen Kee AN La Wanda Kelly AN Leander Lee !SSKifi ' °- 1 L AN Matthew Mills AN Melissa Mundell AN Marcos Pagan AN Bruce Paganvega AN Jason Pence AN Julio Ponce Marin AN Dommar Ruiz AN Tyler Scott AN Keundria Taylor AN Landreau Tate AN Joshua Ware AN Sean Watson AN Jim Woodard ¥¥¥ AN Robert Zeisler ABHAA Alejandro Esquivel [■; fC] i ABHAA Jonathan Jarrell AA Christopher Adamson AA Andres Cereceres AA Brian Courey ¥ ¥ 1 ••• AA Shannon Oix AA Daniel Dorris AA Justin Dyal AA Laune Erickson AA Sean Kenny [ ¥4 ¥ ¥ ' , ¥ ' S ' ¥¥ i ' i AA Gustavo Orta AA Kenneth Reeder AA Kelvin Reeves AA Travis Vinson AA Georgia Vogtiin 1 m i 1 m L::: 1 " m s i2 ti9 ' ' i ' z] } - ' i r 1 AA John Winton-Dean AA Newton Yost ABHAR Chase Nunes AR Daniel Botts AR Krcg Clausscn AR Phillip Dungey AR Justin Force AR Destin Keller AR Eric Kerr Jr. AR Adrian Nevarez AR Thurman Norton AR Jesse Orozco AR Lonnie Pratt AR Michael Rios AR Jorge Ruiz L - .lllUiilHNMMPPiniHIPIIlHi mmmmfmmm kliiKHi ' Y .jj . M m! m AIR V-4 DIVISION The Purple Shirts or " Combat Grapes " of V-4 are three sepa- rate centers working as one unified team. Grapes below decks use state of the art equipment to control the on-load and issuing of JP-5 during at-sea replenishments. They also process, trans- fer, purify and filter the 3.5 million gallon high capacity system into ready service fuel for embarked and transient aircraft. On the Flight Deck, they maintain and operate the 17 refueling stations which operate continuously through the rigorous sched- ule of daily flight operations. Grapes keep long hours during high-tempo flight operations and routinely complete more than 100 hazardous refueling evolutions a day culminating In expend- ing more than 150,000 gallons of JP-5 alone. The professionals in the Quality Control Laboratory of V-4 validate safety-of-flight fuel issuance by continually monitoring the fuel quality. Comprehensive tests are conducted at sample points throughout the system for water and various types of con- taminants. An average of more than 100 aviation fuel laboratory tests are conducted every day during routine flight operations. O W 0 t hi: P pIh LCDR R. Burley LT Michael Chanley ♦ ■♦c m f Lr IP I it USNUSNUIN i % f ■ 1 V It: ftv 17 . e ABFCS William Langdon ABFC Laurence Jones ABFC Salomona Leauanae ABFC Jack Seymore , ' i i ' vX ' - ' . IM : ' m ) ' ( ' ' i ' . M di- ' :m M ' iy ' :m:M ' ■ ' . ' " ; ' !,tJ ' ' - m l H MM : ' s Vil iV;!iWv, •U " : ' :.!ir;i V;. rv;?» - mp i■ ■r ' J ' v: ' :.-v ;):-V;;vv:: ' ; :V; ' , ' ' ' y; i ' vV k Mi.l ' ,li) :V ;i! ■A ' M::i ' A ' U ♦ — ' r,J,C . ' niyv i : ;;A ' il ' -l r ' y s « t:: H ABF1 Kyle Campbell ABF1 Kelly Dillon ABF1 Matthew Evans ABF1 Michael Lewis F -K4 i ¥ ¥ t tk. 1 K Pf l s» hB iv V ABF1 Douglas Mohr ABF1 John Ordonio ABF2 Tristan Alberto ABF2 Michael Hall ABF2 Kenneth Hardy ,i.iiiM! rY, ' ' ' , .} V «. ' ±L iiilHll|i)nuil||iU|UixiAM x •l S AIR ABF2 Kyle Krantz ABF2 Robert McKendree ABF2 Damian Rodriguez ABF2 Dewayne White ABF3 Timothy Bonita ABF3 Clifton Bush ABF3 Andrew Chiuppi III ABF3 John Cuellar ABF3 Patricia Fry ¥ ¥ ¥ k -k. m ¥¥4 m " ' J L i -} ABF3 Preston Grant ABF3 Sam Gregg ABF3 Joshua Hajek ABF3 Eric Hass ABF3 Chad Haverly ABF3 Ray Jackson III ABF3 David Kirby ABF3 Ruben Montelongo ABF3 Laura Prince ABF3 Lindsey Sheppard ¥ ¥■ ' .§ ■» ¥ i m :a Ml L X. .1 ■ f 1 I 1 Y 1 1 Y 1 £ ABF3 Dustin Smith ABF3 Bernard Willis Jr. EM3 Chad Williams %F R K p; nu V:-ii 1 1 -I r 1 H £ ■ ■■■■■HB P 1; , , 31 ABFAN Robert Becker ABFAN Milton Brown ABFAN Charquise Burns ABFAN James Daugherty pnp F ' « P h:: 1 W ' " rtV p i [ ' -♦ ' ■♦ ' • ' - 1 Hk. ' t ' ' 1 HHr 1 ' ? ABFAN Alicia Haller ABFAN Michael Irwin ABFAN David Landiuittori ABFAN Eric Ohiin ABFAN Thomas Philpot AN Adam Chenausky 1 IL -•- AN Nathan Comer AN Jason Cox T X p ..«. AN Ulysses Craig 4 AN Jefrey Darby AN Timothy Drob AN David Durgin AN Kyle Henderson AN Andrew Jimenez H 4Jfc- ' I 4 i- U H H I B K H I AN Christopher Jones AN Sean Kelly AN Nicholas Lagreca L AN Jose Matos k i L t ' S v » AN Michael McDonald AN Matt O ' Brien AN Kathi Oliver AN Todd Patterson AN William Peacock AN Clinton Perreault 4 r ■ ¥ ■ ttt! W ' ' ' s k AN Diron Pinnix AN NIcoleann Price AN Gabriel Salidomendoza AN Guadalupe Soto AN Jeremy Soto AN Scotty Stafford vS T r rt ,„ 1 4 IP ¥ 4 ¥M . V «► Vm AN Alex Stapleton 0. iLIUKSUY AN Keith Wallace AN Kurtis Wegner AN John Wicker AIR AN Jesse Wofford V J ABFAAJuan Barron 1 H 1 k ; p ' ; ¥¥¥ , ' ¥ ¥ Bf= A Brian Beck ABFAA Christopher Burch ABFAA Eddie Lang n Bk ? ABFAA Roland Lozano Jr. ABFAA Tylor Makizuru ICFA Bruce Hurlbut AA Daniel Atwood t 4 y 1 i i AA Miguel Bejarano AA Gerald Brown AA Jaleel Cole AA D. L. Hardick AA Kyle Harvey AA Adaora Madu ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ♦ AAAdam Omacht AADung Pham AA Kurt Reagan AA Luis Romanvega ¥¥k m- I ¥ ¥ Bm 5 n b : S m ¥ ¥4 ¥ ¥ ¥ . A A Berry Sykes AA Eric Vinzant ABFAR Elizabeth Peterson AR Nicholas Cole AR Charles Collum TTTT h ' Um. jr m. i H il L LdiJ m AR David Cooney AR Jerry Downer III AR Timothy Lewis Jr. AR Richard McCormick AR Michael Owens AR Rudy Sanchez AR Ethan Schrock AR William Spooner AR Joshua Warder AR Nicolas Webb " -am AIR V-5 DIVISION V-5 Division personnel are the " Administrative Warriors " of Air Department. Responsible for ail administrative functions, they provide tireless support to the " Air Boss " and " Mini Boss " by manning the Air Office, Primary Flight Control and Landing Signal Officer (LSO) platform around the clock. V-5 personnel in " pri-fly " track all aircraft launch and recovery evolutions during flight operations. This critical work demands meticulous attention to detail and 100 percent accuracy all the time. These professionals contribute significantly in the preven- tion of injuries to personnel and damage to aircraft. USN U I N U I N LT Robert Gomez ABEC Leon Solidum 1 g i 4 Sf 1 P (■ ¥ 1 7 yi ABH1 Quynntin Long YN1 Earl Norton ABH2 John Cupstid III ABH2 Michael Sarauw 1 1 Lr ' . . m Nat ¥¥4 ¥ ¥ i ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ' m ABF3 Oaratt Randall ABH3 John Gibson YN3 Lisa Jorgensen w ABEAN Joel Swigart ABFAN Nathan Paradis AN Jeremiah Evans AN Christa Jensen l ' ■M ut; ik 1 L J zm K 12 N. r AN Jose Martinez AN Jason Salonga AN Carlos Vitale AA Ian Baello AA Joseph Cooke ' . LIHKiUY vk l « y ■4 II ' J L " " ' o Wi ' ' I IfclHKKrC ■V ' COMSAT ■qpi HSiHIIIIIillilHS ill k COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT HEAD ( ombat Systems department consists of a diverse and highly trained team of professionals. They are responsible for the proper operation, maintenance and repair of the ship ' s multi-million dollar electronic equipment suite. I nder the direction of the C ombat Systems Officer, the Department is di- ided into 2 functional areas of responsibility: The C ombat Systems Mainte- nance branch and the C ombat Information branch. 1 he C ombat Systems Maintenance Officer (C SMO) directs the efforts of 4 uniquely qualified divi- sions, responsible for the maintenance and testing of all radar, communica- tions and weapons s stems. Ihe (ombat Systems Information branch consists of 4 divisions and is headed by the ( ombat Systems Information Officer (C ' SIO). The C SIO is re- sponsible for the operation and administration of all communications, com- puters and network systems. r 1 I i i t.. I r I t : I o I { " s I 1 ' f 4 1 1 § 1 it 1 1 1 f , r mt i rx.w 1 ' ' ■ LCDR Michelle Young LCDR Gregory Ludwig CSMO ETCM Warren Gray CS LCPO I The Combat Systems Management and Administra- tion CS-0 organization consists of the Combat Systems Officer, CSIO, CSMO, Command ISSIVI, Department Leading Master Chief Petty Officer, Information Branch Master Chief Petty Officer, Command EKMS Manager, and the department Yeoman. Together they manage the daily operations of the department and lead more than 200 highly skilled personnel in nine divisions. - ' K I itft O0 ; h - . -- ! ' . ' " ifeSS " p SS " -SsSS ' ' - - ? ' » ' r .e ?e - ' ,S ' . ' , • ;- ' z ' ■?=ii- - - s ; ' ij Kk- - ' . - ir v UlNUlNUlN v A bi » L ' lp 1 N J FCCM David Kirk ITCM Russell Breisch ETCS Samuel Delaney ITC Shon Lewis y y y p p -p 1 L f + 1 I YN1 Jolene Denning yi N UiN L) IN ¥ CW04John Bilello ITC Jon Cohenour ITC Sherman Fultz ITC Randy Wright ■ H ■ 1 Bl J ■ " •iP V P ' tK c c ' i l- « N P IT1 Felix Jones IT1 Steve Luna IT1 William O ' Neil IT1 Nathan Smith CS-1 The Combat Systems Communications Division CS-1 is responsible for the proper operation of the ship ' s external communications systems. Operating all tactical voice, data and Video Teleconferencing (VTC) capabilities, they provide the critical information link between USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN and the outside world. Comprised of a variety of expertly trained personnel, the division manages advanced equipment and supplies POTS telephones links, SIPRNET and Nl- PRNET E-mail connectivity, and Ship to Air Ship to Shore UHF, SHF, and EHF communications. In addition, they manage the processing and dissemination of all record message traffic for 2 embarked Staff commands and nine Air Squadrons commands, always ensuring outstanding customer service and satisfaction. |r Y ¥■¥ ' ■¥■ ¥ ■ + SL f ¥ 4 . ¥-% -. k ■♦ IT1 Ian Thomas IT2 Paul Bartell IT2 David Bleckinger IT2 John Cheney IT2 John Conedy IT2 Hector Garcia IT2 Phillip Gilbert IT2 Jason Gunther IT2 Kevin Hamilton IT2 Robert Lucero 1 ?. . COMBAT IT2 William Myah Jr. 149 i ' 1 7 - r 4 ' N ¥4 4- 4 1% " 1 1 h¥4 f - Pi ! IT2 Randy Nera f ■ A) 10 IT2 Mathew Oconner IT2 Jason Salesberry IT2 Christian Severt IT2 Rebecca Ticknor It wi r -j 1 IT3 Eddie Fuller IT3 Jonathan Hannah IT3 James Hunter ITS Blake Jordan IT3 Vanessa Ussery ' - w. ITSN Hilary Hayden ITSN Mathew Montgomery ITSA Travis Luther . a KY ' i]) ¥A. LW kid i1 il k w%. 1 1 -M Hi{ j 2 CS-2 CS-2 Division is responsible for maintaining USS ABRA- HAM LINCOLN ' S external communications suite, including all flight deck and portable communications systems. They also manage the ship ' s Copier Repair and Miniature Micro (2M) repair programs. Maintaining more than 2,000 pieces of complex electronic equipment and systems, the highly skilled Electronic Techni- cians of CS-2 always ensure that the communications suite operates at peak performance. The hard working Sailors of CS-2 make the communications happen every day, living up to their divisional motto, " We have ways of making you talk! " wxooaoi M) uTn UlN U|N yM ' % i LTJG Loren Nichols ETC Erick Ozbun 4 IC ° I B . n V X 1 A ••-«, ET1 Gregory Mendenhall ET1 Christopher Pipkins ET1 Dominique Taylor ET2 Karen Carlson 4 1 ¥4 . 4 Bi » ' Oi- w,. JS St 1 r i V 1 u ET2 David Chambers ET2 Mark Dugan ET2 Bryan Kopra ET3 Irvin Rash III ET2 Teresa Samples ■ + ET3 Jerrid Burke ET3 Jerry Cantu ET3 Robert Cox ET3 Donald Gardntr ET3 Matthew Garton ET3 Chris Goodholm ET3 Derek Haupt ET3 Michael Lucas ET3 Daniel McCartney If pf-. % 1 - 1 1 « K V : i » ET3 Albert McDermond ET3 Denise Paul ' m %. ET3 Jonathan Pearson ET3 Jeremy Perry ET3 Jonathan Snyder COMBAT kiMi ' .Kir ET3 Travis Underwood all fe. 2g6 M- P 4 LTJG Anthony Dobson y y Y [ il k jn V ' ism 1 v. Ox. V •? UiN LJiN U|N yM ' ETCS Milton Bishop ET1 Jeremy Welch IT1 Richard Williams IT1 Christopher White ♦ ♦ i 4 1 m IT2 Michael Maxwell IT2 Christopher Newberg IT2 Michael Ortiz IT2 Bradley Potts III IT2 Daryl Rees k: 1 X 1 1 M. f id 3 IT2 Francisco Villa ET3 Raechel Moermond ET3 Ian Roso ET3 David Wostrel IT3 Andrea Brown IT3 Geoffrey Dingle IT3 Brent Nikolaus IT3 Rafael Perez IT3 Norranut Sutakul 4 ' .fi jm-- W CS-3 Information Systems Technicians and Electronics Technicians com- prise the exceptional CS-3 Division team. They are responsible for the operation, administration, mainte- nance, and security of the ship ' s un- classified computers and local area network systems. The division provides service and assistance to those who require spe- cific network automation tools, en- suring ABRAHAM LINCOLN ' S ability to carry out at-sea operations in sup- port of the ship and air wing team. Some of the better known services of the CS-3 Division are In- ternet Web browsing and E-mail, as well as online personnel records and aviation maintenance. %m. £I K H W ITSN Jack Bolton ITSN Daniel Snyder ITSN Paul Wilson y£i. UIUKIU ' Y B COMBAT gVO TCLf g B5!ll UiNU|NU|N T T I IH B ETC Stephen English IC1 Ramon Palomo IC1 Jeremy Standifird IC2 Matthew Elliot IC2 Brian Ondich ' L. " k t » ▼ y ? ET3 Andrew Senary IC3 Breck Breckenridge IC3 Darren Farr IC3 Jacob Hollingsworth IC3 Branden Lempea IC3 Muhammad Matthews IC3 Joanna Orozco IC3 Robin Sanger IC3 Jack Vincent ICFN David Zawartkay ICFA Joshua Maddocks CS-5 The Interior Communications Electricians of CS-5 are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Ship ' s Telephone, SITE and Satellite Televi- sion, Radio Broadcast, Video Teleconferencing, and the Ship ' s Video Display Systems. They also maintain critical navigation systems such as the Ring Laser Gyro and Distribution System, navigation Senor System Interface, Dead Reck-| oning Analyzer, ship ' s Fathometer, Underwater Log and Ship ' s Control Display System. The services maintained by CS-5 Division provide outstanding tactical sup- port of operational mission requirements and ensure improved crew morale by maintaining quality of life Telephone Communications and Satellite Television reception. ■■■■■■ ■■» ■ ■■■■ ■ Ml! ;;.-;: ' ,a v: COMBAT i. CS-6 CS-6 Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all shipboard radar, navigation and air control systems. ■ The radar work center, CS-61, maintains the ship ' s surface and air search radars, TACAN and IFF equipment. We are the eyes and ears of the ship. The radar division provides elec- tronic tracking of all air and surface targets and contacts. This is to ensure safety of navigation and flight operations. The Air Traffic Control work center, CS-62, handles CATCC displays, ISIS, aircraft landing, and aircraft information systems. We track aircraft from 50 miles and bring them to the deck safely. Finally, the Test Equipment work center, CS-65, provides the distribution, administration and calibration of all electronic test equipment used within Combat Systems Department. A j M ' G 0 t 1 1 1 v 1 ' UINUSNUIN xjp . - ¥ 4 1 ? X LTMichMlYclanJian ETC Kathleen Jackson ¥4 ¥ - - ' Rk y W ET2 Michael Bland ET3 Daniel Deleon ww-i ■ s m ET1 Daniel Collier ET1 Anthony Gray ET1 Vickie Evans-Spates ET2 Charles Allison ET2 Colton Brownell ET2 Andrew Czerwinski ET2 Chris Williams ET3 John Dixon ET3 Robert Ellis ET3 Brett Hunter ET3 Matthew Blaisdell W M. M u ■ 1 ♦ liB H I ■ 1 r i L 1 ' ll[ L H hi L E B bL. 1 ss iu » 1 L-3 v r Pf r v x ■ k T .... • 1 X Y i » . L ET3 Victor Olvera ET3 Jason Tucker ET3 Nathan Williams ETSN Stephen Nguyen tins uric COMBAT CS-7 CS-7 (Fire Control) division is responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of all self-defense weapons sys- tems. As the largest division in Combat Systems Department, the Fire Controlmen of CS-7 support mission readiness by providing air warfare, self defense and tactical war fighting ca- pability. The division operates and maintains a wide variety of ad- vanced weapons systems and radars including the Phalanx Mk-15 Close-in Weapons System (CIWS), NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System (NSSSMS), Target Acquisition System (TAS), SPS-48F Air Search Radar System and the Advanced Combat Direction System (ACDS). Their role is vital in provid- ing air defense for ABRAHAM LINCOLN, and adds extensively to the war-fighting capability of the Battle Group. LT Nichol Schine USNUlNUlN % j yy MM FT m I ' •» k - 4 b ■rUshr V m . ' ' h 1 f f p dS- Y K FCC Michael Betz FCC Richard Martinez FCC Shawn Meilenberger FCC Richard Moore FCC Christopher Sabella y y y FC1 Robert Bost Jr. FC1 Robert Dickson FC1 Robert Duffy FC1 Curtis Foster ' n ikA ' 9 K ' % [::« m ¥ f%; " " acr FC1 Thomas Lewis FC2 Christian Blanco FC2 Phillip Clement FC2 Jonathan Crelly FC2 Victor Garcia I8«rti ¥¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 4 ¥4 " V- rir h r 1 f r FC2 Jason McKeever FC2 Cory PostI FC2 Amy Shandy lAAi - RTT 1:; 2b 1 k Bl k i Ifl 1 FC3 William Crowe FC3 William Elmore FC3 Beau Ellerson ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ¥ 4 ■ ¥ 4 ¥¥¥ ¥¥4 FC3 William Andrisek FC3 Randy Anfinson II i ¥¥ 4 B r sfs Jl ' ' - ll FC3 Robert Evans FC3 Jennifer Harrison FC3 Ryan Jones FC3 Matthew Keller FC3 Lantz Lewis FC3 Sharon Fabrizio I ¥¥ ¥¥ . • m Y s FC3 Scott Moore FC3 Rose Owens FC3 David Perry FC3 Agelica Preciado FC3 David Slovich FC3 Nicholas Vassey FC3 David Witt FC3 Jack Tufarelli .. 1 1 1 1 ♦ 1 l k -ti ' t V 1 ■■191 LI FC3 Edward Yi COMBAT UUKKfY T Sa UlN US N U|N s i s i ENS Steven Shepski ITC Robyn Wood Y Y ¥ ET1 James Stamper ET1 David Vanhattem IT1 James Davidson m A - Yi ¥¥4 4 IT1 Ernest Miller IT1 Marcus Stitt ET2 Tracy Vaughn IT2 Sunnle Gardenhire IT2 Tonikka James IT2 Michael Mathls ET3 Jeff Kuhns IT3 Sabrina Lampkin IT3 James Madere fc fc . l l l ifl 1 1 k IT8N Christopher Tetreault ITSA Norma Shorthair ITSA Justin Sin ITSR Tara Tonozzi CS-8 CS-8 provides USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN and Embarked Staffs with Mission Essential Tactical Automated Information Systems (T-AIS) management, operations and maintenance. The division is comprised of 18 personnel, spanning both the ET and IT rates. CS-8 operates and maintains 17 different types of classified systems, including two classified Integrated Shipboard Network Systems (ISNS), 2 Global Command and Control Systems - Maritime (GCSS-M), CENTRIX, TBMCS, and others, providing user interfaces into secure networks for the gathering and dissemination of classified imagery, in- telligence, information and materials. y % f {■ ■CSI H ill ■h . % A w k 4 1 B H E ' H 4 i ' 1 C r l m 1 m u M g. K B m i 7 " 1 E tllls-KlY ,?. s COMBAT SYSTEMS 165 CS-10 The Information Assurance (lA) Division of Combat Systems is leading the way for the Navy ' s future in lA. They monitor network traf- fic, ensure 100 percent updated virus protec- tion and systems patches, manage all com- puter assets and provide annual user training for the entire ship, air wing and embarked staffs. 216-220 lisr " ' di Ul N U 1 N U i N LT David White y y y ¥■ 4 ' I . -?i ' » y IT1 Shane Swenson IT2 Michael Austin IT2 Cody Owens IT3 Nicholas Craig IT3 Jonathan Culver IT3 John Foiles PR ITC Wendy Trice E f l k- IT2 Gilbert Rojas ♦ 1 HP H L:: -J y . J 1 k IT3 Michael McCloud ITSA Michelle Key COMBAT f - A B " f ' ' ? ' r islllQII MS m " i- I— ,•♦• DECK DEPARTMENT HEAD c Oil board I SS ABKAMAM LINCOLN there is a group of men and vomen who uphold the time honored traditions and heritage of the Lnited States Navy. They are the Boats ain ' s Mates, the oldest rate in the Navy, symbolized by the " crossed auchors ' V proudly displayed on their rating badge. The reputation of a Boatswain ' s Mate is widely known for their seafaring expertise. It is a rich history of tradition, culture and continuing achievements at sea that reinforce that status. Lxperts in all the historic disciplines of seamanship including splicing, rigging, ground tackle, fancy work, bends and hitches, these Deck Sailors are true professionals. force of 140 strong, they are the principal work force on all the seamanship e olutions that are executed by this warship. Led by the First Lieutenant, and Deck Department ' s Leading (hief Petty Officer they execute all mooring, docking, anchor- ing, fueling, towing, and transferring of cargo at sea. All of this is made possible by the expert kno» ledge of the ship ' s Boatswain, who oversees the operation and main- tenance of deck machinery and arranges all underway replenishments. rivii i.. if Li : : i; i i ii;; at LT Erol Mandrell ASST. FIRST LIEUTENANT CW02 Richard Mortimer SHIPS BOSN BMCS James Williams DECK DEPT. LCPO .■..•!,»,f 1 FIRST DIVISION " EMBRACE IT " First Division owns spaces in the forward and port side of the ship. On the foremost portion of USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN is the Forecastle (pronounced Foc ' sle). The Foc ' sle houses two Navy Stockless Anchors, weigh- ing 30 tons each. In addition to Sea and Anchor Details, the Foc ' sle is used for church services, command ceremonies and awards quarters. First Division is also responsible for the port RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat). Led by the First Divsion Officer, these fine young men and women are proud to serve their country. LUG Charles Bunton ¥ ¥ ¥ BM1 Long Nguyen BM2 Marcus Alexander BM2 Charlene Hoffman BM2 Jerold Lejeune ' •M ' =eiJ.- %n » 1 j r r V .« • s ' E m Kw i» BM2 Stanley Ochonogor BM2 Eric Owens BM3 Benjamin Acostaramos B M3 Jeremy Cash BM3 Joshua Mammons • iTft i BM3 Willie Pagan BM3 Joshua Tikkanen SN Jose Acevedo SN James Anderson SN Matthew Anson a t SN Nick Bailie SN Levi Bendixen u. i;;; ] ¥ r A L ' " ' ' K m lb SJL. K , . l PT n V ' - m SN Robin Bums SN Alicia Dymond SN Robert Hill SN Zachary Lind SN Andres Lopez SN Meghan Luna 1 SN Jerumias Braga SN Trudy-Ann Brooks h ; gi S SN Nathaniel Kramer SN Robert Maiden SN Adam Lee SN Heather Murph Wi P- pf- 1 7 ' " »m fci ■ i SN Caleb Newberry SN Travis Otusajo SN Nathaniel Pruned. SN Robert Robinson II SN Gordon Ryan SN Royanee Santos SN Jessica Showman SN Christian Tomayo ¥4 SN Steven Wilson SN Tou Xiong SARebekha Servian SR Austin Faulk SR John Gulley SR Kyle McCassey SR Monica Navarro DECK : i s w 13 IE 5 1 9% .7200 LB8 - 1 1 im — 1 imwr 1 4 |,, IHk is iii£r " K M ' Q J ' 0 f 5 1 «m..„ LTJG Adam Krumbholz Y Y Y N - h C m . Ln . ' oSIIId ' DIIII!I ■SOF ' mn u s N uiisi 1 BMC Thomas Cook BM1 Cuentin Coleman BM1 Johnny Ford BM2 Michael Banner BM2 Zane Bradshaw ' i ur i r " BM2 Robert Dykes BM2 David Sulem BM2 Juan Swinton BM3 Travis Greenidge BM3 Michael Tabaka Jr. SECOND DIVISION " SECOND TO NONE " 1 Second Division is responsible for spaces aft and starboard on the ship. They are responsible for the operation and maintenance of all un- derway replenishment stations, the starboard RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) and the fantail (the aft section of the ship which holds the stern dock where liberty boats dock during anchorage). Led by the Second Di- vision Officer, these fine young men and women are proud to serve their country. Nf:. i BM3 Donald Wiliams r k 1 1 f " BMSN John Armstrong BMSN Tyrel Atchley BMSN Andrew Brewer BMSN Michael Sullivan DECK SN Brandon Anderson 177 D U ¥ ' 1 • ' t SN Samantha Anthony ijf- I ' ' SN Rav Auaustus SN Nadia Beckford SN Tony Brundage ■ X ' ¥¥ ' SN James Cassell w MA f f SN Brandon Corbett ¥ ¥ ■ SN Trelazel Davis SN Michael Eoff SN Dustin Freeman SN Michael Hiatt SN Erwin Johnson SN Harold Lanham SN Dearl Messick SN Joseph Paul SN Bryan Pingeon SN Sarah Rich SN Erin Small 3 SN Keith Wegner SN Dustin Williams SN Brandon Wrigh t SN Sue Yang SA Kate Jackson SA Jacob Lineberry SA Eric Oliver SA Ashley Turner M SN Scott Snyder r » 1 SN D Andre Stewart I ' f ' -y 41 ■ IL) ' A PS - i SA Jonothan Blackmon SR David Drane Llits-uiY DE6K 179 y y V n EN1 Alan Turner EN1 Jerod Viall MM1 Frank Orthmeyer ¥■ Wk H IBj p V ... □e BM2 Fred Lowe BM2 Valencio Quintana EN2 Thomas Goslin f W LI2 Erik Barbee ■ " ' » 5 , i A - THIRD DIVISION " THE BACKBONE " Third Division is composed of Enginemen, Electrician ' s Mates and Machinist ' s Mates who direct the maintenance of all Deck Department machinery including the ship ' s capstans, underway replenishment equipment and ship ' s boats. Without their dedicated support, Deck Department would surely fail. Led by the ship ' s Bos ' n, these fine young men and women are proud to serve their country. Deck Department ' s Sailor Support Center is responsible for all administrative work to including training, supply tool issue and underway watchbills. BM3 Richard Koza K m f EN3 Jonathan Alridge f 3 EN3 Thomas Bradley EN3 Charles Brewer EN3 Darin Bun EN3 Melvin Correa-Colon EN3 Cory Millsap EN3 Jason Richardson EN3 Damlan Rivas EN3 Daniel Safreed EN3 Justin Schoenborn EN3 Andrew Wilson M- ' klUliKlVf. mJTjKTKT YN3 Juan Palma ' JD4 - n S 1 C S i X t iW SN Pamela Burrow SN Jeffery Chinn SN Matthew Kodadek SN Christopher Price tr. k 7m 2 ft 1 J • ■ Uv. 1 SN Jamie Rodgers SN Phil Romanow SN Heather Slater SN Jonathan Snider SN Justin Thompson SR Grayson Davis DECK k . L Ja ' - LjLJ -J i n .u --rs: ,m ' A CDR Richard campucu DENTAL DEPARTMENT HEAD riie IJ ( OI N Dental Department prides itself on providing the best possible care to our own Sailors as well as those embarked staff, air ning and other ALC SCi ships. We offer a full range of dental treatment including annual and mis- sion specific dental exams, restorative care and a wide range of specialty care. We provide services such as tjulontic (root canal). Periodontic (gum) and Prosthodin- tic (crown, dentures) treatment onboard and even have a fully equipped dental laboratory. Additionally, we provide Oral Maxillofacial Surgery services ranging from simple tooth extractions to facial reconstruction surgery. We also have the ability to deploy a dental treatment team armed with portable equipment and materials to nearly any ship or station worldwide. Dental personnel piav a key role in (General Quarters and Mass C asualty situations, enhancing the capabilities of LINC ' OLNS ' s Medical Department. I hev serve as emergency medical prov Iders in all Battle Dressing Stations, manage the walking blood bank and serve as first responders In the Repair Lockers. All Officers and Hospital ( orpsmen assigned to the Dental Department are trained in emergency life saving techniques. I he professionals of the Dental Department are proud of their role In supporting the mission readiness of the Pacific Fleet ' s " (.o- lo ( arrier Strike Group " . " DRILL, FILL and FlCUr rivii v. ir i A.;! i i v k LT Heidu Borek DIVO LT Susan Hinman ASST. DENTAL OFFICER LT Jared Reid ASST DENTAL OFFICER U S N U S N LJ |N HMCS Steven Wheeler y Y y HM2 Aubrey Jakes HM2 Dominique Paano HM2 Annabel Pacho HM3 Ephellus Cornelious HM3 Misty Hanger HM3 David Merz HM3 Moneke Nelson HM3 Raven Royal HM3 Charles Simon -.. y HM3 Sheree Skinner HN Erica E. Bums HN Dusty Collins SN Diana Henry HN Daniel Manzi I DENTAL AN Keith Minter ttiiii- il . wo(. ENGMIERMG ; " Ai Livi ' ■ ' ' J -1 %,m- ' L- H BT; - - mI 11 TTX JL XV V 111 Id iVAWJCl ENGINFFRING OFPARTMFNT HF AD ri ii ' Nt if ' - : oi: i I o ¥4 1 ¥4 1 . .• LT Arthur Aganon LCDR Kirt Brothers E-DIV DCA ¥•¥4 ' ¥4 v LCDR Bruce Martin MPA LCDR Carol McMillan 3MA MMCM Bruce McDu ' LCPO Engineering is one of the largest and most diverse depart- ments, comprised of nearly 300 personnel in 6 divisions. Led by the Chief Engineer with the aid of talented Principal Assistants and technicians. Engineering is responsible for operation, main- tenance and upkeep of a wide range of equipment and systems throughout the ship. These systems directly impact our primary mission (the ability to launch and recover aircraft), as well as maintain a high standard of shipboard quality of life. The team of professionals in Engineering has an extensive impact throughout the ship and is responsible for providing many •creature ' ' comforts, such as heating, air conditioning and elec- tricitv. Thev also maintain a wide range of service systems in- eluding sanitation, galley and laundry, and trash plastic waste processing. Mission essential equipment includes aircraft eleva- tors, steering gear, anchor windlass, aircraft catapults and a wide variety of internal communication and alarm circuits. En- gineers also man the primary at sea fire fighting team and maintain all associated damage control equipment. In addition to accomplishing innumerable repairs throughout the ship, En- gineering supports long-term shipboard maintenance by plan- ning all major upkeep periods and depot level availabilities. Jllll ■ ¥4 Ul N Ul N L) I N ■ ¥ 4 ¥- LTJG Michael McDonough ENS Allan Young 1 ¥ -- K R F. W }m w MMCS Laurence Mayfleld MMC Jesse Callender MMC Roy Hatten ¥¥4 MMC Knut Hoelstad MMC Danny Rodriguez y Y y •1 • y MM1 Antonio Ambat MM1 Alex Armas MM1 Ramoncito Cancio MMUoey Delosreyes ¥4 l¥¥¥ 7 y ¥4 ¥¥4 ¥4 M1 Andrew Dick MM1 Michael Johnson MM1 Brandon King MM1 Eddie Lawson MM1 Bobby Quinn A - DIVISION Auxiliaries Division is comprised of seven work centers (shops) with more than 80 personnel who provide several vital support functions and re- pairs to critical systems. Collectively, these shops are responsible for a vast amount of essential equipment in support of the ship ' s various missions, keeping A-Div engaged 24 hours a day. The shops are responsible for main- taining and operating four aircraft catapults, fire pumps and two 02N2 plants, which generate nitrogen and oxygen for the aviators while in flight. A-Div also maintains and operates the major hydraulic systems onboard ship including four aircraft elevators, four deck edge doors, two hangar bay divisional doors, four steering units and two ship ' s anchor windlasses. Fur- thermore, A-Division maintains several ship ' s quality of life systems includ- ing air conditioning and refrigeration systems, distribution of hot and cold water, eight galleys, all dishwashers, clothes washers, driers and laundry equipment. 1 k P l v ,,. t;: i H .A 1, ki: 1 HW H p 1 ? B L m»VS b N mm V ' ZJ r T.! MM1 John Sears MM1 Jeffrey Walczak MM1 Daniel Williams MM1 Jerome Wrenchey MM2 Brian Betz fGINEEWNG Q» . r f Y r MM2 Charles Clapper-Scott MM2 Rachael Domke MM2 David French - - MM2 Aaron Frost MM2 Michael Graybill MM2 Cody Hoover MM2 Eric Macinnis MM2 April McHam I - j MM2 Angel Navarette MM2 Loree Ray p-vi t: A ' ' J |j Pf: J 1 MM2 Ronald Schrage MM2 Summer Va«qu« MM3 Andre Bradley MM3 Brandon Breaux MM3 Joseph Brissette f TT7 1 MM3 Jonathan Cieplinski MM3 Michael Epright MM3 Jose Escobedo MM3 Lance Green MM3 Terrance Griffin y; : mH Rr V ) ' V ¥■¥ ¥■¥ p £B i k Jk MM3 Brandon Hayward MM3 Cisco Hernandez MM3 Joshua Holmes MM3 David Hren MM3 Brion Kemmis MM3 Jerry Ledet MM3 Richard Manriquez MM3 Jason Menosa ¥-4 ¥¥ ¥Jf i i 1 1 d {¥¥■¥ K ! V t MM3 Joseph Ingle ¥¥■¥ ■ ¥4 MM3 Joe Rino ■ ¥¥ 1 S s 1 1 ¥¥ ¥ 4 ffit 1 k:i- 1 J»« M s » NJi 1 f... - L MM3 Joshua Seago MM3 Antonio Taylor MM3 Dan Voorhees MM3 Willis Younger II tlueufY ' - " -x KGINE p 99 W f „ MMFN Brandon Anderson MMFN Terry Ball II ¥4 |l9 MMFN Joseph Craig MMFN Brandon Driessen ¥¥¥ W- l r r MMFN Jeb Essman ♦ MMFN Grant Fox MMFN James GIvens II MMFN Adam Hermann MMFN Matthew Lomas 2 M " ■¥¥ s ■ 1 w Pv: i V A " ■■ f J MMFN A. h n MMFN Oscar Padilla MMFN Ronald Ware MMFN Rodney Werner MMFN Jamaul Winder J = «-rl " .. ------:: «sj- f- en S r Ik FN Michael Devall FN Jack Scotti ■ MMFA Keith Gober MMFA Jerry Matzen III MMFA Shane Romero ¥4 MMFA Eric Santos MMFR Nicholas Dohrn MMFR Charles Dromgoole MMFR Alex Moran INEERING ■i B V ¥■¥ ¥ ■¥ 4 Et sJ J w. feate2S r -r- 1 111 l DC2 Todd Horn ENS Jeffrey Raiford DC1 Hector Bracero DC1 F.W. Herzberg U i N LJ I N U IN ¥¥4 §¥• M M [¥ ¥4 jgg ¥4 t DCC Chad Lukehart ■♦ ' - :h. DC1 Matthew Insonia HT1 Dwaine Bryan L ' Jw t¥¥¥ Sm. 1 L. H V M a 1 ' u,- £ ' - r ' ■ ■ 1 DC2 Darren Krider DC2 James Rogers DC2 Hans Schwarzbach DC3 Jaime Barrera MM4 M¥-¥ fi» m «■ ■■ TT DC3 Andrew Gray M4 f 1:, ) y ...Ju...— ...J kl DC3 Armando Guerro DC3 Lloyd Norton F 1 y V , M¥4 DCS Lucas Kiefer M¥4 DC3 Nathan Kio - -»c y DC3 Lucio Lopez DC3 Jonathan Marriot DC3 Eduardo Martinez DC3 Anthony Munson DC3 Lynda Nyberg DC - DIVISION Damage Control Division is responsible for maintaining the material integ- rity of the ship in case of damage from casualty or attack. The core of the Fire Department, the " Flying Squad " is always " on call " to preserve the ship ' s safety. When the bells ring and the 1-MC announces: " FIRE...SMOKE... FLOODING.. .TOXIC GAS... " or any of several other emergen- cies, Damage Control Division responds immediately, any time, day or night, to combat and control damage. The AFFF and Halon systems that are forever on guard in our Main Spaces are maintained by the DC Division and stand ready to save lives when needed. !T7T i HBk W1 N ■NHC P k. JA- J . DC3 Corey Robins DC3 Cory Rorex ¥■¥■¥ DC3 Bo Skelton ¥ V Jt , V, DC3 Rossmon Stoecker DC3 Steven Turner ■¥¥¥ r- ¥ ¥¥ K ' sH k ' ft " " - 1 1 1 iS " " 1 DC3 Eduardo Vega DC3 Jacob Walker DC3 Aleah Wetherell ¥¥ ¥ 4 ¥¥¥ ■ 4 ¥ ¥4 DCFN Matthew Brand DCFN Ernesto Bermudez DCFN Jason Cozort DCFN Anthony Jaques mi ' ' m ' m t : t TTT FyT- I L- 1 Pfi |v F w 4 . cj ' SriwiwM.- DCFN Austin Kiser DCF N Xzavier Payne DCFN Matt Rommel DCFN Leandra Satterwhite DCFN Logen Steinbach 9 iM M H L. H( ' DCFN Zachary Still DCFN Peter Welsh ■ KRIDFR. 203 E - DIVISION The Electrician ' s IVIates (EM ' s) perform maintenance on the ship ' s 440VAC and 120VAC electrical distribution system, ship ' s laundry and galley equipment, Hangar Bay divisional and deck edge doors, aircraft elevators (ACE) and various other electrical circuits throughout the ship. Interior Communications Electricians (IC ' s) perform maintenance on alarm and warning circuits, the ship ' s steering control console, rudder control system. General Announcing Systems and Amplified Voice Circuits. Effectively maintaining thousands of pieces of electrical equipment and protecting shipmates from the hazards of electrical shock, the skilled technicians of Electrical Division can handle it all. 1 V " " " M nI ' W l Li f fl i LTJG Marcus Machart LTJG Michael Spurgeon ENS Michael Pittman V i . r l -t 1 A - 1 wW EMCM William Souders ICCS O.H. Hudson Jr. EMC Gregorio Fordan EMC Milton Hawthorne s . , . ' ¥¥4 s a ■% EMC Romeo Santos EMC Alex Taliman v4 w . V, ' r bioKiirr t X- I ► •• ' ¥¥ L H l v " . V T 1 1 J " J EM1 Alberto Antonio EM1 Noel Babadilla EM1 Christopher Brock EMI Serena Peterson-Smith ENGINEEMNG Vx 205 {¥¥¥ «P » 1 . y ft pi y EM1 Andrew Stuart EM1 Ryan Urban IC1 Christopher Stellar IC1 Joseph Torres 1 R wM L W WW ' 1 fvF " V ' " " • l -lf M m TL r « T h L IC k r , k EM2 Mitchell Adamo EM2 Victor Clark EM2 Layba Diawara EM2 Geoff Divinagracia W . J ? J EM3 Nicholas Adams EMS Luke Adams EM3 Ryan Chauncey EMS Salvador Cortez EMS Carlos Delgado EMS Gregory Franz EMS Mattew Goodenough EMS Brian Hobbs EMS Peter Jasin EMS Nabil Lapido ¥¥4 EMS Corey Lewis ¥¥4 ff- ¥¥ h¥¥¥ , k ar r H rC S " " y. Wt-J. ..„.. ■■ .. 1 t:: K. : f - N i ' r n ' l w kM ' .t L ' EMS David Martinez EMS Justin Hubbard EMS Jordan Jansen EMS Kurtis Nowak EMS Jason Pappas EMS Joseph Pirone EMS Cody Shadley EMS Kent Simpson EMS Stephen Starkey - ' V ' si ' :, ( hIBKKlY ENGINEERING 207 i h | -« 1 W EM3 John Stevens EM3 Andrew Tracker IC3 Jason Ferreira IC3 Eric Harris ¥4 IC3 Fabio Tellez IC3 Mike Tint! IC3 Johnny Turner IC3 Miguel Vallade .5 IC3 Lance Weaver ¥ ¥4 EMFN Christopher Arenivar EMFN Kurtiss Lindsey EMFN Ronnie Satepauhoodle EMFN Daniel Shreve ♦+1 EMFN Cliford Stang EMFN Kerry Supplee ICFN Shaw n Davidson ICFN Matthew Elliot ICFN Russell Means ICFN Richard Taylor FN Jacob Kornowski FN Jacob Taylor EMFA Scott Boyle EMFA Roger Dessert i ¥¥4 [ K w- J EMFA Nicholaus Erickson EMFA Drew Goranson EMFA Devon Pettit EMFA Elizabeth Picray EMFA Jordan Rackley ' st . ' ' M t K l EMFA Christopher Rice EMFR Fontwan Hood 209 ENGINEERING LOG ROOM The Engineering Administrative Division is the functional hub of the department. This team of professionals consist- ing of four Yeomen (YN ' s), provides unequaled customer service and administrative support for more than 300 offi- cers and enlisted personnel. They ensure all evaluations, awards, correspondence, directives, leave and designations are drafted, smoothed, tracked and processed expeditious- ly- Anchoring Engineering Admin is the Engineering Leadmg Chief Petty Officer (LCPO), who provides experienced lead- ership and oversight to the department ' s enlisted personnel and offers insightful guidance to the Chief Engineer, his Offi- cers and Chief Petty Officers. ¥■¥ I M 4 k ' 1 • ■ 4 - i " . 4 MM1 Norm Storey YN1 Raymond Gopher YN3 Benjamin Clay YN3 Bobby Morse Jr. YNSN Frank Mrak 3M MSC DIVISION The Maintenance Material Management (3M) office super- vises and coordinates the daily management efforts of the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) for 19 departments and 129 work centers. Working with each departmental 3M As- sistant (3MA), they provide the support needed to manage and operate the programmed maintenance on all ship ' s equipment and systems. The Maintenance Support Center (MSC) provides Integrat- ed Logistic Support (ILS) service to more than 131 work cen- ters among all departments. They maintain a reference li- brary of technical manuals, drawings and numerous other publications, which assist in locating parts, provide techni- cal information concerning parts and equipment and identify suppliers for items not carried in the Navy Stock System. Additionally, they maintain a list of all equipment on board and validate installation procedures to ensure the correct re- pairs and maintenance can be made. LCDR Carol McMillan w teMi gi 4- N4 y am u §L Br c ' —ar FCCS Russell Armstrong CTMC Elolse Paulino MMC Dennis Byrne 4-4 4 4 4. 444 444 f-44 iS ' l k-t H u l MMI Brian Harvell MM1 Keith Hosenfeld 44 ¥ ¥ 4 ¥44 444 W r r ABF2 Alan Hughes ABE2 Nicholas Schroeder A02 Ronald Carper 444 4a SK1 Shannon Ford .4 4 4 . ¥¥¥ ¥¥4 4 44 ■ 44 MMC Timothy Pigott SKI Kathy Lundeen MM2 Joseph Verhalen MM3 Melvin Medinafontanez ' ■¥■¥ B« N m ■ f im ■ 4 ' -? » ET3 Andrew Haynes HT3 David Mcguffey a ' j mc r - ll " - I 213 G M3 0 r- -r T- T ¥¥ MB ' . . ' ffirf CW03 Jose Knaub CW02 Michael Dewolfe mn u i N US N ¥■¥ • f i 1 ' A " ' 1 « ; 1 - U.M HTCS Ramon Vigil HTC Duane Menigoz HTC Kenneth Thomas 7 r, HT1 John Davis HT1 Jason Perkins MR1 Larry Wallace HT2 Damion Avery k " f " - m - ' ' Wrz je» H b: Nw w Pk PkV K 7 r m HT2 Holly Gardner HT2 Richard Hoyer HT2 David Luper HT3 Richard Austin HT3 David Barett REPAIR DIVISION Repair Division is comprised of eight work centers, each performing a series of unique functions. Hull Maintenance Technicians (HT ' s) and Machin- ery Repairmen (MR ' s), join forces as a competent team responsible for a myriad of repairs, ranging from critical high and low pressure piping repairs in Reactor spaces, machining and creating parts to performing structural repairs to the ship. Sheet metal repairs, carpentry and engraving services, also directly affect the morale of the crew. With a crew of more than 60 Sailors, Repair Division maintains proficiency in shipboard repair as well as maintenance to the CHT System. The Repair Di- vision is always ready to support the Carrier Air Wing, USS ABRAHAM LIN- COLN and the Battle Force IMA. KIUHKI ' V ■% ENGINEERING 215 ! .-Cl- 1 ■ t ¥4 N HT3 Bradley Dewey ¥¥¥ ■ ¥ HT3 Aaron Dunn ¥¥¥ ¥ ¥ ¥Jf4 ¥ 4 HT3 Johnathon Fogwell HT3 Jeffrey Goodwin ¥¥¥ ¥4-4 ¥4 ' f¥¥ ¥¥¥ ¥4 HT3 Derek Edy ¥¥4 ¥4-4 ¥4 I HT3 Peter Hashley l : J L ' l i. r J r t 1 HT3 Dan Engell ¥¥ ■- HT3 Jonathan Meyer HT3 Dustin Palmer HT3 Daniel Ratliff HT3 Dennis Rumsey r ' 1 | + l» w- .y m s ' «rl s MR3 Leopoldo Bastante MR3 Derek Hunt ¥ ¥4 ¥4 HT3 Joel Walden ¥¥4 ¥4 HT3 Lacey Ward MR3 Ben Nelson MR3 Stephen Valentine p p ,- f ■r ¥4 g L LT ' fl h. HTFN Tyrell Bratlee HTFN Christopher Cannon HTFN Nicholas Dillon HTFN William Ervin V ¥ - m. l k -K ■ m n«fc. HTFN Lars Hansen HTFN Robert Mayfleld HTFN Steven McKenzle HTFN Casey Shipman ¥¥ ¥¥■¥ ■ ¥■¥ ¥4 HTFN David Wright MRFN Robert Paxton ¥¥¥4 ¥¥. 1 ¥¥¥ ¥¥¥ ¥ ■¥ ft ii i " ' MRFN Joshua Prock FN Kevin Gates HTFA Sean Eckert HTFA Matthew Keelin HTFA Joseph Pigman Kl. 217 rVV ' j tiiii::!irY K Xf kl m 1 i ■l N I LtK USS. Olllii ' L ai aivii COMMAND JUDGE ADVOCATE 220 !iiiiffiMaiwiiaiiMt:oiii:;i ' .[ii. m isBai It ' jial Dt ' piirtment has three priniarv missions: assist in the maintenance of good order :irul (lisciphne of the crew; assist in maintaining crew readiness; and advise the command on its legal affairs. The Legal Department assists in maintaining good order and discipline of the crew by administering the discipline |)rogram onboard. In this endea or it docnments and coordinates all nnauthorized absentees and deserters. re iews criminal investigations bv the ship ' s Secnritv Force and the Naval ( riminal hnestigative Service, drafts charges based on e idence. ad ises the C ommanding Officer and other embarked commanders on a|)pr()priate disciplinary action and processes offense reports through disciplinary and i lministrati e separation proceedings. The Legal l)e|)artment assists in maintaining readiness of the crew by operating mul- le legal programs for the benefit of the crew members. These programs include legal as- Nislance on famils law matters, landlord-tenant disputes and other civil law matters. In addition, the legal I)e|)arlment prepares wills and powers of attorney, assists members with immigrati(»n and naturalization issues, administers the income tax-filing program and conducts Noter registration for the benefit of all crewmembers. Legal l)e()artment also a(hises the C ommanding Officer on a wide range of a(lministrati e law issues, conducts and re iews .lACi Manual investigations, monitors the (» crscas libert risk programs, conducts the Strike (iroup ( ustoms inspections and losponds to ( ongressional Inquiries. r IV ■ 1 1. I r 1 w c I ;: ■ i i i LT Ryan Stormer DISCIPLINE OFFICER 1 t [ i I i UlN UlN UlN j ; % j y j ¥44 LNC Terri Webb 1 N t 1, Bi ¥ ¥4. R Y Y y f ¥% 4 S s y nr " " X r- v Y- 1 1 1 1 ' « J LN1 Lourdie Powell LN1 David Hunt LN1 Paul Smith LN2 Gail Anne Hill k M ' v ■ ;.-. : ' :--- . ' ,::■.- s .■-?■ V y ML . 1 bsJ Di«aB ! C ' K } I nV ft Blr " ' L 1 p ]S INhsI L K H fcv AF0X. f P U.S. HAW ! fl »— ir ) » :4 ?p;r I. V).5. WW r J 5 «TH m 5 - LN2 Tegan Winters M r X I Eul " i LEGAL 223 J r- MEl IA .LINCOLN PHOTO IAS , CJ w- imi. MEDIA DEPARTMENT TOLA] L J 1 - 1 LdlK JUllll 1 iiuatiai MEDIA DEPARTMENT HEAD 226 I lu ' Media Department mission is to tell the LINC OLN ' s story and to pro- • ide media serxiees and publie affairs support to LINC OLN and her embarked staff. Media ensures the ere v has multiple traininjj, news, sports and entertain- ment telex ision channels around the clock via satellite and on ideo tape. The Mass ( ommunication Specialists (MC ) also brin » information to Sailors b neans of their oxvn media products, such as the weekly TV news show News iiK, KRl Radio, the weekl Penn Press newspaper, the command Web site nul this criiise book.M( s proxide an extensive range of printing and photo- ;.:raphic serx ices, amounting to literallx thousands of jobs, to support the strike V roup. Printing serx ices include ex erx thing from daily schedules to phone books t programs for special ex cuts to stacks of training and briefing materials. Iiotographic serx ices range from documentation of exerxdax exolutions and iiilestones to forensic photographx to studio portraiture to designing or I eproducing posters and chaits. I he department ' s public affairs professionals also coordinate xisits bx thousands of distinguished xisitors, public xisitois and media in port and at sea. r n I i ' V. I r I t ■ A i ' 1 1 1 W ] ¥ ¥ ' ¥¥ 1 1 I ¥¥ 1 1 ■ T Timothy Tow JOCS Jon Annjs ' ' VISION OFFICER MEDIA DEPT. LCPO 227 ■!■ G ,§? «« % 1 1 1 i ' ' ly ' •oaEP ' ' " napn tarn 1)1 N U 1 N U IN ENS Brett Dawson PHC Sean Jordan y V y S ' S IL 1 » " 1 ■» y % ( J01 Joaquin Juatai LI1 Gloria Hornacek PH1 Patrick Sullivan J02 Michael Cook U2 Daniel Cleary ¥¥ ¥ E A. iS IM 1 f 1 w ■• 1 PH2 Martine Cuaron PH2 Jason Frost PH2 Seth Peterson ET3 George Mann ¥¥¥ ¥¥ ' ¥ ¥ lf:K 1- ¥ 4 f- ¥ ¥ ' k. . M ' L. M s% - w ' R IB S r s ■, r:J PH3 Jordon Beesley PH3 Patrick Bonafede PH3 James McGury PH3 Brett Morton PH3 Moses Yoder JOSN Nikki Nester LISA Michael McNabb LISA Joseph Scarberry PHAN Justin Blake % fm -» , u k . • fr 1 m i • ■. k 4 m PHAN Ronald Dallatorre PHAN James Evans PHAN Mary Guiney PHAN Geoffrey Lewis PHAN Timothy Roache Jr. EDIA PHAA Brandon Wilson 229 Hm..j V jjkM ' K 7 " I 1 " I ' i ' 0 i.. H . ' MCAL .1 J J — I. tf i 1 . »l (t$ V V k. ' K CDR Jiiiiiiii ifititirtiiv ii MEDICAL DEPARTMENT HEAD 232 The I SS ABRAHAM LINC OLN (( V N 72) Medical Department eagerly accepts its role as the huh of health and wellness to the crew, squadrons and ships assigned to Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2) and ( arrier Strike (iroiip • (( SG9). Kmharked are a broad scope of professionals including ( Orpsnun. doctors and administrators sharing the common goal of pro iding " Force Health Protection.- Mission capabilities of the medical facilities onboard range from routine sick call, a myriad of physical examinations, disease pre ention xia sanitation and education, in asive surgical procedures to mass casuait management and medical e acuation to higher echelons of care. " One leam. One I ight. ' " Health serx ice support is also extended to our sister ships ' nharked Independent Dut (Orpsnun. Be it medical consultation. MEDENAC assistance, nergenc suppl pei sonnel request, or intelligence dissemination. CA N 72 Medical is ready to Ihe spirit of the department ' s desire to excel reaches further than our frame number. Personal uoals. be it warfare qualifications, |)ursuance of higher academic education, or volunteering for duties external to the department. dis|)la s exemplar) dedication and character of the personnel assigned to Medical. Such a degree of professionalism. moti ation and dedication exemplif the Hospital ( orpsmen Oath end)odied in all Medical personnel. riiLii v ir iu Ac c ioi vi ; ' i CAPT Eduardo Cuison SHIPS SURGEON LT Chad Rees MAO LT Timothy Crider MAO 233 r ■. ' «. i LCDR Jennifer Calvin LCDR Ken Ehlers LCDR Sharon Mullaney LT Kendall Lane ¥■¥■ LT Blake Mitchell LT Freddy Torres LT Joanne Vanhorn HMCS Tim Stewart HMC James Jones HMC Harold Sims VV ' Vm I u m J ti: - V l Ki ' i .fj k y y y ¥ k A HM1 Tim Coffey HM1 Russell Cole ' T HM1 Donald Jacobs HM1 James Johansen HM1 Donald Kleinfelder HM1 Lisa Kolka HMI Rebecca McClung HM1 Jeffrey Mueller HM1 Gordon Primeaux HM1 Trent Sickles 235 HM2 Jeff Beyer HM2 Joseph Budke HM2 Sylvia Esthay HM2 Amiel Guerrero HM2 James Stephan HM2 Bryan Talley HM3 Spencer Cromwell HM3 Bernardo Elizondo lL L ft HM3 Stephanie Garoutte HM3 Tiffany Greer HM3 Ariel Knuckle HM3 Megan McLeod HM3 Kory Ochs HM3 Ken Powers HM3AdnanZeb HN Steflbn Coma YNSN Paul Patnode AN Rosa Rodriguez SN Ashley Smith , V M M l, HtHNTfnWWW JH.tm WVKW .|IRI!WII|| 237 -» jn 1 m i ■ M [ ■ m M ■[ ' -» 1 1 H H 1 1 " 5 HAVIGATI0H 1 «r; I ' i ' V y 1 lV tlUiiii uaiiiuiitv NAVIGATION DEPARTMF.NT HEAD 240 Precise and safe Navigation is the essential goal of any sea-going vessel. IJSS AI5RAnAM LINCOLN requires detailed voyage plans at a moment ' s notice to any- where in the world. The professional Quartermasters of USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN are tasked with the responsibility of both creating and executing such plans. Ihese highly trained Quartermasters assist the Navigator in development and ex- ecution of detailed sailing plans required to execute ABRAHAM LINC OLN ' s mis- sion. Whether it is C elestial. Global Positioning, or Dead Reckoning navigation. Quartermasters display precision and professionalism each and every day they stand the watch, ft is the Quartermasters ' duty and responsibility to correct and update charts as well as lay navigational tracks to and from foreign shores. Quartermasters are required to stand watch on the bridge twenty-four hours a day to provide the Of- ficer of the Deck with recommended course and speed changes to assure safe, precise, hazard free na igation. Despite operating in toda ' s environment, which is consumed by electronic inno- ation. Quartermasters continue to retain the skills required to execute traditional methods of visual communications: flag hoist, flashing lights and semaphore. These lime-h»»nored skills remain the backbone of the Navy ' s Quartermaster rate. Although the Na igation Department is one of the smaller departments onboard ABRAHAM LINCOLN, it is by far a department with some of the largest amount of responsibilitN. Rest assured, ABRAHAM LINC Ol N Quartermasters execute their re- sponsibilities with both pride and professionalism each and every day. rrvii %.. ir L c k i.: i i i LCDR Joe Martinez ANAV 241 us-N u s:n u in 1 QMCS John Trail k " Pir 1 w-iw y V QM1 William Hampton QM1 Joseph Mcfayden QM2 Patricia Garcia QM2 Nicholas Grillot QM2 Crystal Swafford QM3 Michael Brown QM3 Kacey Carroll QM3 Jason Fowler QM3AvondineHill 4 w 1, Y • QM3 Shane Martin QM3 Ceuma Mascarenhas QM3 Derek Scott QM3 Jason Thompson QM3 Timmothy Wheeler QM3 Joshua Williams YN3 Samuel Saenz ;:-- } -V S " " - : f. A QMSR Walter Cahail k.-AC- ' Of irS U ' « 1 ' - QMSN Joshua Ficek QMSN Jessica Russell QMSN Phillip Sanders SN Themotle Dinkins ' :i " ' } I:I8EU|% NiWiGATIO 243 r — i3.« - . iH : " ■T g Br- - •S TS i js. m .11 V - OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT HEAD APRIL 2006 -PRESENT i. Jk.A AMt vAAV tl OPERATIONS OFPAPTMFNT HE AD JULY 2004 -APRIL 2006 r i ■ 1 V I r 1 . j I o ■ F lI r 1 I [ 1 CDR Steve Bristow CDC OFFICER CDR Matthew Miller STRIKE OPS OFFICER CDR Byron Chew AIR OPS OFFICER CDR Edward Zellem INTEL OFFICER CTTCS Jan. OPS LCPO 246 Operations Department is responsible for the planning and coordina- ion of all operations ital to ABRAHAM LINCOLN ' S mission. Because ff the many areas of expertise required to accomplish its numerous asks. Operations is di ided into ten di isions which function in concert vith other departments throughout the ship, the air wing and embarked latf. Air Operations is responsible for the positive control and safety of all aircraft during launch and recover) in the carrier control area sur- rounding LSS ABRAHAM LINCOLN. The C ombat Direction C enter tracks all air, surface and subsurface ontacts, coordinates with each of the ship ' s specialized warfare mod- ules and associated sensors and is readv to direct ABRAHAM LINCOLN ' S defense systems and aircraft against real or simulated Ifueats to the ABRAHAM LINCOLN Strike Group. The Na al Security Force is responsible for maintaining good order ;iiul discipline and enforcing Na al rules and Regulations onboard IISS BRAHAM LINCOLN. I he Intelligence Center supports operations by providing timely in- formation on current military and political events, interpretation of jJiotographic reconnaissance as well as the briefing and debriefing of all airw ing crews. The Meteorological Office keeps the Strike Group informed of cur- rent and impending weather conditions by means of sensitive instru- ments, weather balloons and satellite information. Strike Operations coordinates all long-range and short-range plan- ning for the ship including drafting the daily air plan. 247 A J5Bfr- ' : V«i OA DIVISION The professionals of OA Division, sometimes referred to as METRO, provide IVIeteorology and Oceanography (METOC) services to the crews of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Strike Group Nine, Car- rier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2), and DESRON Nine. Located on the 06 Level of the ship ' s island structure, the Sailors of METRO observe, analyze !and forecast meteorological and oceanographic conditions based on I experience and formal training using the latest technology. The METRO office provides a wide array of products including Aviation Weather for the aircrews, radar ranges for Strike Warfare and Air De- fenses and products supporting Undersea Warfare operations. Above all, the METRO office is responsible to the Commanding Of- ficer for the safety of navigation, flight operations and all shipboard evolutions where environmental elements play a factor. AG2 Scott Tilford n Tn L:; mm Wm ' tti- ' LCDR Ron Piret AG1 Brian Benoit 1 S s© h:: l ' JP K 1 ' J - Y • • AG3 David Bjorkman AG1 Marc Fryer AG3 Doron Dill AG1 Jason Green « AGC David Martinez 1 . " f y! AG1 Charles Osborne 1 1 r - ¥4 5 . If ■•. AG3 Daniel Muhich AG3 Rodolfo Ornelas AGAN Ole Hutchens ,. ,.;,.. y (sim-iiiY OPER OI« ■; v.t ' TH ;k ,v;.- ' . i»7w ■ ■!- HHHI 249 If n y - fli ? LCDR Kevin Heiss LCDR Brian Keogh LT Susanne Connolly k H j L « w A 4 V ACC Gary Friudenberg ACC James Page ENS Bryce Klaput ♦ ' I ACC Bill Thompson OC DIVISION OC Division is comprised of three work centers: CCA, Air Operations and Air Transfer Office. i CCA is responsible for the operational control of aircraft departing the ship and recovery of inbound aircraft after mission completion. Air Operations has overall responsibility and makes the real-time decisions i necessary for safe and efficient aircraft launch and recovery operations. ATO is responsible for the safe and orderly handling of all COD VOD pas- sengers, mail and cargo arriving or departing the carrier while at sea and for overall management of ground transportation. •« , M s . V. mt ' 2i l X y y I Ml 1 ' W-V 1 AC1 Gary Wilson ] flU ? ¥ 1 Y ► AC1 Danny Diaz AC2 Tony Banguel AC2 Adam Jones - J lu m . I .l-lllKUlY S AC1 Kyle Hempel AC1 Jeremy Johnson AC1 Christopher Switzer ¥1 «4 ♦ ' L w . 1 k k ' 4lii b:@te wm Mil it , AC2 David Moreira AC2 Frank Munoz RATIONS ' AC2 Alvaro Ramirez 1— 1« 4 4 -♦ ' ■♦ ' - L -mir 1 Y ».« " AC2 Nicholas Strenke AC2 Iredrian Thomas SK2 Bruce Henerson ACS J.J. Carpio AC3 Ann Diblin 4 ii k. JC S ' r:- 1 Lj " ■ " t ■ • Zk AC3 James Easter 1 - M Ij SK2 Michael Poole AC3 Robert Buie ACS Joshua Filla ACS Jamar Franl lin pr7. t ' 1 ' ' - V - l r 1 - - " M -A i ACS Daniel Groesch AC3 Megan Lsbovltz ACS John Lovato ACS David IVIcKeehen ACS Yunnis Smith s ' ' yil -. » :w , ■ 1 r " p! IB l - . X. «i ' l i. 1 L V V sMmm «i ACAN Kevin Hawkins ACAN Gregory Jones ACAN Jules Pluvlose ACAN Alan Tew OPERATIONS ■MIIJIIlLW iyyMlti UWUIUIjW ' -■ a?R?yft:f ' qiV7: ' i jPW- :yT; ' w yEy jr . ' ' AN Andrew Johanson 253 01 DIVISION 01 Division is the largest division in Operations. 01 Division stands watch in Combat Direction Center. Detection and Tracking identifies and pros- ecutes all air radar contacts and manages the tactical data links. Tactical Operations Plot is in charge of the safe navigation of the ship, identifies surface contacts, maintains a navigation plot to back up the Quar- termasters and conducts communications on tactical radio nets. The Air War module conducts air to air intercepts and stands watch as Strike Controllers. All modules feed their information into the Display and Decision module for the TAO and watch officer to process. The TAOs work closely with the Ship ' s Weapons Coordinator. Additionally, OSs are the SYSCOM who troubleshoot equipment problems in CDC and serve in the ' ZULU " module. This is the area where DESRON 9 manages the Global Com- mand and Control System-Maritime and stands watch as Force Over-The- Horizon Track Coordinators for the Battle Group Commander. ' Wa ' " A M ' p; G W 0 r L ' A 1 f ' r .=-. LCDR Aaron Sterling LT Keith Henderson LT John Honemann LT Paul Kesler ¥, 1 Ltt ' P LTJG David Widener CW02 Theron Woodbury USNUINUIN «4 ' k««! - ¥4 l ¥ ¥ JS, 1 JSff? w OSC Nick Desoto OSC Brian McCleneghan y y y -r " : k OS1 David Allen - y KE ■t 1. 1 1 r 1 OS1 Joseph Cardana OS1 Mark Figueredo r OS1 Amy Hanes OS1 Scott Klocek OS1 Raechel Macduff w . r A ' 1 OSUames Paul OS2 Christopher Cervantes OS2 Robert Concepcion OS2 Khalvin Cook OS2 Joseph Heingarten :• ' ! i : .:«iifc|j ?H pj y (i.-ij ' fW¥, y, iif -- ' y TTatyy y.yjJt ' Trf-i-c- • ■-.g- . ' - ' ■ ■ ' --■■ 255 ¥¥4 ¥ J ' l i .J y 1 L 1 • OS2 Susanne Kokoska OS2 Anthony Lampkin OS2 Adam Little OS2 Bernadina Macias ¥¥M ¥ ' ¥¥4 ' ¥ ¥4 " P % w mfiiiu i ¥4 •a OS2 Jonathan Morgantini OS2 Antonio Myers OS2 Timothy Newman OS2 Jacob Owens ¥4 ¥ ¥ w V ly - .H CSV Bi 1 t. ' f-¥4 ¥¥4 ¥ ¥ OS2 Robert Pereira OS2 Kristle Rhodes OS2 David Schaum OS2 Samuel Singleton III OS2 Sean Shenefelt Sk y ' ¥¥ ' m : ir t OS2 Shakita Skinner OS2 James Storey OS2 Luz Vasquez OS2 Derrick Watson OS2 Taron Webb HhS l¥ ¥4 I ¥ A ma l k-i t - s M 1 r-- OS3 Reiko Arakaki OS3 Tamara Bak«r OS3 Bryan Camacho 0S3 Ricardo Castro OS3 Sean Clark iff- f M k ' l t " : l X|a ' -. 1 ' ■ - f fW i " | -r w OS3 John Dennison OSS Catriba Ladson 0S3 Derrick McKee 053 Michael Numata OS3 William Stricklan .-sy-- -. L " mrA lilaEiUY OPERATIONS 257 h; 1 -W ' tlll LK I H H i L i J ' ' ' OSSN Donald Casey OSSN Edward Evans r OSSN Jonathan Fuller OSSN Timothy Hasse OSSN Jacob Jarozewski ¥ -. H f ' l ¥ I OSSN Matthew Martinez AN Douglas Fuller OSSA Sean Chauvin OSSA Jaime Gooch OSSA Wayde Haslem f M M I V J OSSA Lucas Hertel OSSA Devon Oneal OSSA Kyle Wilson OSSR John Hall AR Michelle Villabrllle LW EoKj ILr fo mHmp)Pj| PjpjgppppHyyjr«-v--H " - i ji--Tffiijiij| ti »H)nw ' ' .- ' n?»--jj.j|j| JiWiiuiM||jg|wi 259 rfe S ' 3 rffw " LI li J H v H m.: ' ¥ -t M JL f k H 1 ' £- IM LCDR Ron Piret y y y ▼in 4 1 ¥ |rt g|t » v w ■SX p P IT1 Javier Reyes AC2 Travis O ' Connor LT Cynthia Chan f- ¥ 4 K ? • w YN3 Lisa Jones OM DIVISION OM Division is one of the smallest divisions onboard USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN. The task of the division is to maintain more than three thousand security clearanc- es for the crew and provid- ing OPSEC training for Junior, Senior and Executive personnel upon arrival and throughout their tour on- board. OM Division is re- sponsible to the Command- ing Officer for tracking and maintaining over 300 con- tainers containing more than 10,000 pieces of Classified Material. OS DIVISION The primary mission of OS Division and the Cryptologic Tech- nicians (CTs) who man it is to provide Indications and warnings (l W), anti-ship missile defense and signal recognition support to the ship, air wing and embarked staff through Signals Intelli- gence (SIGINT). SIGINT is comprised of Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT). The CTs that work in the Ship ' s Signals Exploitation Space (SSES) perform COMINT, translate foreign languages, provide administrative support for special intelligence communications and maintain and operate highly specialized cryptologic equipment. The CTs who work in the Electronic Warfare (EW) Module per- form ELINT to maximize the Strike Group ' s use of the electro- magnetic spectrum while denying the enemy the ability to obtain useful information. The three areas within EW are Electronic Support (listening), Electronic Attack (active or passive jam- ming) and Electronic Protect (defensive operations). Exploitation of enemy communications and radars is accomplished through the process of intercept, identification, extraction of intelligence and location of enemy emissions. SIGINT provides vital l W while degrading the ability of enemy forces to find, locate, target or attack the ship or Strike Group. SIGINT is a powerful tool to help identify and locate enemy forces and assist in the concealment of our own ships to protect the men and women of the ABRAHAM LINCOLN Strike Group from attack. j Aj « . B a % r) v ' !S ' ' €i ' iiJiHimr niTWTTn LJi N Ui N U I N LT Jason Homer CTTCS James Harris CTRC Kurt Mazi ■ Ij 1 AjimiiiliiiliiMi k, Y Y y ■¥■■¥ CTM1 Kenneth Rowett CTR1 Phillip Pena CTR2 Carrie Andoloro k t CTT2 Anthony Bellomo CTT2 Alan Ewing dl F ¥ 1 jfc 1? K dl f w 1. t CTT2 David Herbert CTT2 William Overturf ¥¥ A CTT2 Daniel Pennycuff CTT2 Amy Rodarte CTT2 Matthew Trant CTA3 Shane Clark CTM3 Janelle Rivers KV K1 1 r . v. CTR3 Misty Chrysostomides CTT3 Grace Abel CTT3 Terek Green CTT3 Michael Hulse CTT3 Christopher Logan p: ► CTT3 Elizabeth Stanton Jbi B iJA M M ■♦ v i B S ' V ( CTRSN Matthew Donaldson CTRSN Michael Olmstead CTTSN John Benedict CTTSN Annette McKean OPERATI 263 ox DIVISION OX Division operates ABRAHAM LINCOLN ' S Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Module, located within Combat Direction Center I (CDC). This Division is comprised of Aviation Warfare System Operators (AWs) who collect, analyze and disseminate ASW data to the vari- ous Battle Group assets. In addition, the division operates closely with the embarked Destroyer Squadron Commander to conduct Military Interdiction Operations (MIO) in support of United Nations resolutions and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. The ASW Module integrates Strike Group assets to successfully accomplish critical missions of the ABRAHAM LINCOLN Strike Group. USN UlN USN i M 1 k LTJG Karl Kingsbury LTJG Ian Peterson ENS Raleigh Stahl 1 AWC Gregory Peele V y y i ¥ ¥ ' B ' ■ ¥ ¥ Nf « L VC v ' t Sl k l ? M - Ml fVH 1 1 IJJ f. J 1 1 L AW1 George DeJesim AW2 Brandon Stampfer AW3 Amy Bellesheim AW3 Joseph Holody AWAN Alexander McCoy AWAN Joel Sharp 265 OY DIVISION Operations Admin provides support to the Operations Office in the execu- tion of administrative duties for the entire department. OY coordinates mul- tiple ship-wide programs that include Casualty Reports, Standard Operation- al Reports Training System, Operational Summaries, Logistic Requests and Replenishments At Sea Requisition reports. Ops Admin also provides depart- mental administrative assistance in the coordination of all correspondence, awards and evaluations. Strike Operations creates the air plan and organizes the ship ' s long and short term schedules. The air plan is an organized daily schedule detailing missions, ordnance and take-off and recovery times of all aircraft involved in our daily operations. Also, the ship ' s schedule is organized and de-conflicted by Strike Operations by taking various inputs from the Commander Carrier Strike Group 9 Staff, ship ' s departments and air wing. M t: ffita ¥4 k M 1 B V B HT - ' ' - ' E rA H 1 -ST Kir " ' 1 1 ,if Ik CDR Matthew Miller LCDR Judd Conatser LT Clint Cody ¥ ¥¥4 ¥r ¥ LT Jeffrey Richter ¥ ¥ 4 B. ' ¥ ¥. 1 - f ! s AW1 William Forrest YN1 Joshua Kelemen YN2 Michele Turner OS3 John Laity STRIKE OP OFFICER OPERATIONS lii|W.ni»H.i)||llH»nmwiM» W I ' l ■ ' I i«,iiltlWTlw»w ' . " WW»M»l» Wi|IW ' ' »»W ' »» i»WWPPW»P.III»WI.»WltWWIII 267 r s aL M» ' uL»t 4 ' V IV 1 s w 5 t CDR Stephen Roberts LCDR Thomas Wypyski ENS Rebecca Cannon fTTT ENS Mate Keeton CW02 Robert Hollander " " s ' - OZ DIVISION The Carrier Intelligence Center (known as CVIC) is the focal point for intelli- gence support to ABRAHAM LINCOLN Carrier Strike Group (ALCSG). CVIC consists of intelligence professionals assigned to Destroyer Squadron 9, Car- rier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2), and USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN, all working together as a single team to satisfy intelligence requirements for the Strike Group Com- mander and his warfare commanders. The intelligence team provides vital Indication and Warning (l W), imagery products and analysis, evaluation of enemy capabilities, threat orders of battle, targeting and mission planning support as well as post-mission debrief and weapons system video analysis in support of operations and decision- making. Intelligence is critical to the successful execution of the Strike Group ' s many missions and CVIC ensures the entire Strike Group is informed and alerted to potential threats. U I N LJl N U I N ISCS James Moffatt L B H ' fllP ' ' ' H ' xJ I sx IS1 Bruce Bartkowski IS1 Mark Craft IS1 Pat Greene IS1 Jeremy Heyer l;;: Kkr m R m k La r " X IS1 James Thomas 269 rr ' imr ' nirT r ¥■ tkA 1 1 i Ifl W wM w Ik ' r ■ " - 1 L k f - - y 1 IS2 Aaron Barker IS2 Donetta Cravens IS2 Jacob Egbert IS3 Andrew Dickinson I " IS3 Billle Grant Jr. IS3 Nicole Holmberg IS3 John Lussier IS3 Jordan Stiles IS3 Robert Yotz t:!P ¥ itak r 1 i ii ISSA Thomas Home Jr. ISSA Elijah Jacobson I IHEltiiK OPERATIONS a § ' o . 1 1 1 1. M s ' LTJG Gregory Boniface NAVAL SECURITY FORCE (NSF) USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Naval Security Force is comprised of the Security Officer, 21 rated Masters-at-Arms and 68 Temporary Assigned Duty personnel from the ship ' s company and embarked Air Wing. This highly diversified divi- sion of the Operations Department provides shipboard secu- rity, force protection, individual protection training and advi- sory information for overseas travelers, investigations, urinal- ysis, brig operations and security patrols in port and at sea. Most of the traditional roles of the Master-At-Arms, one of the oldest rates in Naval History, are still conducted today: main- taining good order and discipline, enforcing Naval Rules and Regulations, manning and maintaining the ship ' s brig and acting as Bailiffs for Executive Officer ' s Inquiries, Captain ' s Masts and Courts Martial. The 21st century brought various state of the art technolo- gies such as urinalysis, ensuring a vigilant drug use detection and deterrence program. This team of professionals utilizes high definition cameras and recording devices to monitor and maintain the security of the perimeter of the ship and high se- curity areas within the ship, drug and explosive vapor particle tracers, x-ray baggage scanners, hand-held and walk through metal detectors and a state of the art intrusion detection system to ensure the highest safety of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN and its crew. U5NU1NU5N 1 1 JL. w i ffMsi K» B k r 1 L ' . ' % w.. X ..itr 1 h ) • § MACM Clarance May MACS Charles York MAC Clifford Holt TTT iik r ' ' if y y ycwT Nt 5f t ft lA vvv y l yJ k V ABH1 Johnathan Mowrer A01 Oliver Flannery CS1 Raymond Judge GM1 Tyrone Lumpkin V ® 1 1 1 4 M SI 15 ii " t MA1 Mark Alves MA1 Chad Bearden MA1 Jim IVIouser MA1 Bryan Sardegna MA1 Richard Suedekum ' ii w y k OPERATIOI : Ti x iiiW ' W nfwaKi ' - " -. " :■ vtj™ : i - irr " :;;; MA1 Jimmy Weaver 273 Y ¥ ¥ -. ¥ . S. 1 V .«, ' .. ' • Vt MC1 Steven Myers ABF2 Argel Perez A02 Jason Penhollow A02 Todd Quintens ET2 Asher Budka ¥ ¥ -t ¥ ' AS2AugustoDelacruz AT2 Gilbert Salazar ABF2 Christopher Soileau CTR2 Nicholas Wirth GM2 Robert Stevens ¥ ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ¥ , Iji: ' IP- ' V V IC2 Christopher Norman IT2 Willianfi Taylor MA2 Kenneth Akers MA2 Deon Amos ¥¥4 ¥ rf MA2 Eric Comacho MA2 Ryan Dykstra MA2 Richard Jackson MA2 Heidi Kuehnc Wiinam Kunkel MA2 Frank Maver MA2 Jennifer Volmer MA2 Torie Wilson MM2 Kelly Lockhart MIVI2 Marco Menaobando MM2 Marcus Miller Bfl x , M 1 . L. §[: R I ' M m 1 II y| W m W 4 " " ' 1 MM2 Thomas Sipe l Lf ■ 1 -) jfe m tm » m MM2 Christopher Wolfe SK2 Thomas McCarthy ¥¥ ¥ ¥4 w jw -j 1 w SK2 Stephen Scott A03 Michael Murphy AS3 Gregory Wahlstrom CS3 Ryan Gamble CS3 Ariel Martinez - 1 ¥ ¥ Sl h, ET3 Joseph Weaver OPERATIO 275 Y ♦1 -V f rrn Ai l i r ' L ' ' 4 4 1« S w ol IC3 Brent Walworth IT3 Andrea Brown MA3 Jeffrey Johannes MM3 Eric Garcia OS3 Jennifer Cross OS3 Jeffrey Richardson PCS JeHery Boney QM3 Mark Fry : 4r [ k M r 4 1 R ' C tffi- 1 1 1 SK3 Westley Ames TM3 Alejandro Sanchez Sy ; », ? j AN Clarence Askew AN Steven Gallegos AN Edward Martlneau AN Shaun Nevlns H ' " B . 1 y H K i ' l H H ft H f r i i H J l K 3i H 11 I BI H A y r " AN Dwayne Rhymes AN Whitney Schaaf r 1 A l-J AN Sarah Smith AN Cynthia Sparks MASN Jeremy Shivley SN Roshua Kelley SN Christopher Racca . |HH:n " Y LI.Ht3tCA1 VWWW WW " WW 277 T :. :% =1? JJ zfda i WH. :ACTOR L 1 AM 1 t - 1 L: : u IL 5 J i r-ff 7 . ' ; CAn v3lCVCli l lUUUiiC REACTOR DEPARTMENT HEAD 280 The mission of Reactor Department is summed up by the words " LIN- ( Ol.N Power and Lij ht ' This department is responsible for the safe opera- tion of the ship ' s two A4 t pe pressurized water reactors and four steam (lri en main engines. I tili ing state of the art equipment, twin nuclear reactor plants and the top operators in the fleet. Reactor Department provides the means to propel the ship from the shores of the I nited States to any point in the world. Alon i the wa , the department jienerates and rej ulates all electrical power utilized throughout the ship and provides the water necessary for cashing aircraft, showers, laundr cooking and many other dail tasks. Reactor Department is manned by a combination of nuclear and conven- tionally trained Sailors from four ratings: Electrician ' s Mates, Klectronics lechnicians. Machinist ' s Mates and l nginemen. eomen also serve within the department to maintain the paperwork necessary to run this 400-person department. r i I I ' i V. I r A 1 A . I o ■ 1 LCDR Matthew Lyie ELECTRICAL ASSISTANT LCDR Lance Harpel MAINTENANCE OFFICER LCDR Jorge Garcia MAIN PROPULSION ASST ¥-¥ ¥ ¥■ i W. k P 4 f ¥ ¥ ■ ¥- gP 1 ' V y ' T.fli k LCDR Charles Jones MECHANICAL ASSISTANT CWo5 Randy Carlisle CHEMICAL RADIATION ASST. EMCM Dennis Morin REACTOR LCPO M DIVISION MACHINERY Machinery Division is the fourth largest division onboard ABRAHAM LINCOLN and provides more vital services to the ship and her crew than you can shake a control rod at. Ser- vices range from the making of water used for drinking, cooking, and showers, to supplying the steam to heat it. Machinery Division operates and maintains the four main engines used to provide propulsion for the ship ' s service tur- bine generators used to generate electrical power for the lights that burn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Machinery Di- vision is the sole provider for the ABRAHAM LINCOLN water, power and light. That ' s why we say we keep " two burnin ' , four churnin ' , and four makin ' rain... " Mm U S N U IN U S N USN y y y LT John Cahill LT Gregory Cissell MMCS Chad Stockton MMC Steven Bradshaw LT Clayton Roberts LT Jason Sunderson r MMC Clint Ellrlnger MMUavier Chavez MM1 M. Faber MM1 Eric Fritts MMC Victor Moya MM1 Eric Gjerstad ¥■ M . r. A m ■»l ■ " m MM1 Brian Harvell MM1 Leighton Hennings MM1 Matthew Hoffman MM1 Patrick IVIcGuire MM1 Justin Simcho t " (■¥. • s i 9 t ' - tl MM1 Darrin Sterrett MM1 John Welerich MM1 Richard Zehrung MM2 Donald Bishop MM2 Jeffrey Burfeind MH. tlUSUiY ACTOR 283 K e 1 W f u MM2 Robert Cerney MM2 Dwain Diffey MM2 Brandon Dyche MM2 Thomas Estrada rf MM2 Eric Hammers MM2 Chris Harding IVIM2 Travis Hullett MM2 Demond Jackson MM2 Mansa Jawwo IVIM2 Brett Johnson MM2 Jason Kee IVIIVI2 Brad Metcalf MM2 Adam Moore MM2 Eric Ostrom MM2 0ilbertoRlvas i S i 1 MM2 Dawn Parker MM2 Christine Pawley MM2 John Radenheimer MM2 Chris Richard F L s wW MM2Bi kttSe«feldt MM2 Thomas Sipe MM3 Adam Campbell MM3 Gabriel Chacon t, MM MM. MM. iI HRa f MM3 Dayne Crawford MM3 Hercules Cummings MM3 Scott Deal MM3 Alexander Flemmer MM3 Michael Frank ll § p. , .- iJH MM3 Ton! Galvez MM3 Eloy Gomez MM3 Blake Harrison MM3 Tyler Hartshorn MM3 Jason Hawthorne m fM L-n 1 " f • ••» 1 ri MM3 Adam Hernandez MM3 Neal Jeltema MM3 Christopher Le MM3 Mario Madrigal MM3 Jared Martin mmm. .flp ' . 1 A fi vf 1 k " S -1 k MMMa M-¥M M M K» %. ' m mm . 1 l ( ' |9 MM3 Jacob McAlpin MM3 Joshua Weeks MM3 William Mundall MM3 James Newman III MM3 Ryan Oshea U M ifl ' W M . f 20 4 MM3 Erik Oshier 285 Ik MM3 Marion Parmar ¥- MM3 Christopher Riley MM3 Jonathan Skagen MM3 Erin Soltysiak y W-. h: mam , ' ' i MM3 Cory Sweet MM3 Christopher Tebbens MM3 Aaron Thrasher MM3 Elias Werner 1 f tt r r " ■ h 1 0- r- MMFN Randy Akers MMFN Jered Cothren MMFN Shawn Deegan MMFN Erik Gonzales ! 9 MMFN Lceanne Hill MMFN Thomas Johnson MMFN Cotez Martin MMFN Patrick McPetcrs MMFN Kyle Pulver MMFN Dustin Riggs MMFN Bruan Schneider MMFN Ray Stapleton MMFN Matthew Woodard MMFA Patrick Brasel ¥¥¥ ¥ ¥ : : - 1 ■1 v m -V ' MMFA Jacob Coates MMFA Mark Dean MMFA Ronnie Fillman MMFA John Gallegos MMFA Yuri Hardt ¥¥ 1 w9 I f ¥ ¥ L « ■h l E. fs f ...- m ••; Ai . m MMFA Kevin Perryman MMFA Justin Raab MMFA Andre Ramseur MMFA Christopher Roberts MMFA Sarah Shull U:: p. MMFA Stephen Stacey MMFA Matthew Wirtz MMFA Paul Woodrome MMFA Jarcd Zerjav MMFR Christopher Frantz ' t«K WW PBf WPWWtBWir v . MMFR Ralson Kutz 287 NM DIVISION NUCLEAR MAINTENANCE The Reactor Department 3M Assistant. Work Test Control Officer, Damage Control Supervisor and several Material Condition Assessment Program Administrators staff the Nu- clear Maintenance (NM) Division. NM Division implements Reactor Department ' s preventative maintenance and Damage Control training programs and coordinates produc- tion planning for the Planned Incremental Availability and routine maintenance upkeep periods. The Division also ad- ministers the Zone Inspection and Material Condition as- sessment Programs. i, " ' tuiiuu " ' umiiu nairo ' EMC Russell Johnson y y MM1 Kelly French MM1 Ryan Hall EM2 John Schwobel ET2 Christopher Spencer MM2 Zacharie Hays MM2 Ton! Trottler EM2 Gary Watts MM3 Craig Risdon FN Francisco Flores uittKurv ■■■■ ;yy ' .!y ' U-- ' ' f f ' 5BR B v-- ' ' » ' ' ' . jv- j ' yi - ' W ' j Fiia " ■■■ ■-y ' - yjJWi y - ii?T:-- ' ' y :. ' ' wes Jtgg y ' REACTOR 289 o SCCo p. ?f?SS ' 1 ( LTJG Jon Brennan US N US N U IN y y y " ♦ ' ■y -K ♦- . . ft 1 y MMC Daniel Alexander HT1 Jason McPherson MM1 Michael Prummer HT3 Jesse Casillas QA DIVISION QUALITY ASSURANCE Reactor Quality Assurance (QA) Division provides mainte- nance procedures and guidance ensuring all material repairs are performed effectively with top-notch quality, giving opera- tors confidence in their systems and equipment. QA Division is led by the Quality Assurance Officer and Leading QA Chief Petty Officer and is staffed with engineering and Reactor Quality As- surance Supervisors and Non-Destructive Test Examiners. Liaising with the Type Commander and the Navy ' s Mainte- nance community, QA Division administers training, qualifica- tion, tracking and proficiency programs for all QA Supervisors, Craftsmen, Welders and Brazers. JTT DIN yijN Ll:i;N Nk MMC Douglas White y Y y VNC Merl Naumowicz Sr. S " v K j YN2 Garrett Williams RA DIVISION REACTOR ADMINISTRATION Reactor Administration (RA) directly supports the Reactor Officer and is the link that holds all the diverse divisions of Reactor togeth- er. Most aspects of RA Division amount to " customer service. " We oversee the administrative functions and organize the pape r flow within the Reactor Department. Like the Captain ' s Admin, we en- hance professional and personal development of all Sailors in the Department. 1 " jraiwmmyf-yiisspmtiiK " REACTOR " fiffltes 1 P 9 m c f- r MR 1 1 S • ' LT Kevin Casagrande LT Rebecca Sigmon LTJG Noah Rich US N U IN LI IN ¥4fi ' ■¥■ ¥ ■ - .HiSt K , mf ¥ m jUf ■¥■ ' f 1 $ ETCS Christopher Syring ETC Marcus McDowell ETC Brian Thompson ¥ r TT 1 -M r ' ' X 1 m ET1 Wesley Conkle ET1 Allen Deshler ET1 Sean Dunfee ET1 Brandon Finch ■ S i y . V ET1 Jeremiah Ledda ET1 Bradley Schaffner ET1 Raymond Stockstad ET2 Jonathon Atherholt ET2 Samuel Augare ' ¥ ¥ ¥4 k ¥¥ m i 1 V ' " " m y " ET2EricBlanclMtto ET2 Leonardo Cafardo ET2 Clinton Campbell ET2 Joey Cavalarro RC DIVISION REACTOR CONTROLS Reactor Controls (RC) Division is responsible for the safe operation and control of the two pressurized water nuclear reactors on board the ship. We ' are Electronics Technicians who have completed a rigorous two-year training program to attain certification as nuclear reactor operators. Standing watch as Reactor Operator, Throttleman, Reactor Technician and Instrument Watch, RC Division is at the heart of ABRAHAM LINCOLN ' S power and propulsion . team. Through our meticulous attention to detail, constant technical and profes- sional training and overwhelming desire to succeed, we ensure that ABRA- HAM LINCOLN is able to steam to any remote area on the globe at a moment ' s notice while never compromising the safety or reliability of our nuclear power and propulsion systems. .I ' a ' .tinfiiUY ACTOR 293 I f¥A M W j ET2 Quade Danise m 1 - - |9 p 1 X ET2 Robert Desisto ET2 ByrI Eddy Micah Gip ET2 Marc Oroundwator ■• " ....:?;• ¥¥¥ ' K ' 5 1 m w: 3 ET2 Susan Emmons ET2 John Gartung - • ' ¥t 1 % 1 •Ww 1 f ET2 Daniel Jackaon ET2 Thomas Jordan ET2 Vincent Manley s Jp p7 M J ET2 Brookley Maynard ET2 Rhett Meyers ET2 Eric Odell ET2 Christopher Phillips ET2 Christopher Poole P ET2 Joshua Prim ET2 Ryan Veltramp f- - - rrr. gm L« ' 1 i- I ■ ET2 Dustin Retterer ET2 Curtis Roberts ET2 Eduardo Sandoval ET2 Christopher Simmons wr Y 1 r r J : X ' t t 1 ET3 Randi Fair ET3 Carlos Garciason ET3 Matthew Geiger ET3 Kevin Humphrey ET3 Robert McSw ain ET3 Christopher Noble ET3 Brian Pollard ET3 David Schultz ij- . sr- ' j. m ' ■I i IBEKIY Jv£mC lOK 295 RE DIVISION REACTOR ELECTRICAL Reactor Electrical (RE) Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance and care of all reactor and propulsion plant systems. RE Division also provides normal and emergency electrical power throughout the ship. We work 24 hours a day to ensure that electri- cal power is available when you need it. Our 88 person Division of professionals works with 4,160 volt, 450 volt and 120 volt electrical power to provide you with all the comforts of home. t ss UiNUSNUfN p ■ r SiS H 1 FfS k 3 N f: IV M " . P ' - tr Ik AWA jJOHn % " LT John Kajmowicz LT Michael Root LTJG Ervin Hatcher LTJG Amy Lin W ¥ ¥ L¥¥ - u: i.t f ¥ f I Bv I L -(t ffir k " ' " J ? • EMCS James Rosen EMC Matthew Acevedo EMC Michael Arnold EMC Robert Barnard EMC James Bowden V l2 5 % y Y y i) k« ' 1 f £ 1 ? f " EM1 Daniel Berryman EM1 Gregory Hendricks EM1 Joe Kelly A 1 J EM1 Emmanuel Legaspi EM1 Jeffrey Muse EM1 Christopher Rainbow EM1 Jeramie Reimers EM2 Grant Austin EM2 Cole Betz REACTOR EM2 Ryan Bishop 297 p S t it s |P MWv 1 EM2 Kelly Burns p l K- p 1 .1 ' EM2 Mark Burke EM2 Quintesa Carter EM2 Jason Cook EM2 Anthony Cox EM2 Kevin Cronk EM2 Louis Engeike EM2 Stacey Evans W ■ A a 1 m 1 mMM If i EM2 Santos Flores EM2 Michael Garber EM2 Aaron Hanslip EM2 Matthew Hemler EM2 Michael Huffman EM2 Tyler Hylton EM2 Corrine Jensen EM2 Kristopher Johnson EM2 Douglas Kuzenski EM2 Matthew Lewis • t k i 1 S w ' ' - 1 D H j 1 — — : 9 " Tt ■ " Brandon Lopez EM2 Derrek Mteador EM2 Sarah Paggen EM2 Steven Pailer EM2 Christopher Pence .. J 1 fL fT 1 S s ' R P ' 1 J ' ■ EM2 Kevin Perry P M. 1 J EM2 David Randolph EM2 Jason Russo EM2 Douglas Shaw EM2 Joyellen Vance p m ' f • l gl fir W K 1 1 " EM2 Benjamin Wester EM2 Jennifer Wilson EM2 Travis Woolridge EM3 Zachariah Anderson EM3 Eddie Ashford M m: " i Rfe TOR 299 p EM3 Jesus Barron EM3 Blake BestuI EM3 James Black ¥¥a ¥Jn. p p 1 EM3 John Borchard EM3 Paul Crouch EM3 Andrew Dockendorf EM3 Matthew Douglas ■f i EMS Ivan Grayson i 1 i ' EM3 Bradley Durso EM3 Robert Elchlepp EM3 Joseph Esparza EM3 Antonio Garcia ¥-¥ EM3 Bruce Goveia EM3 Peter Grigsby EM3 Robert Grubb EM3 Nickolas Hansen EM3 Shaun Hardwick EM3 Charles Henderson EMS Chris Hickman EM3 Jeremiah Holdan EM3 Steven Ignacio EM3 Matthew Justus 1 EM3 Brandon Kmeger EM3 Timothy Lambert EM3 Richard Leopold EMS Sean Overstreet in: • EM3 Amy Schoize ti:: " Y EM3AnupPatei EM3 James Seago M-m B k Fl r-j EM3 Roy McQuire EM3 Aaron Pinkston EM3 Kristina Putnam p n L ji. 1 ' J f 1 « " EM3 Jean Semaia EM3 Katrina Smith EM3 Kristen Mitchell EM3 Travis Solberg EM3 Jorden Trent EM3 Isreal Reyes EM3 LA. Smith n I Vv Ml W ¥ - r: w tf l w y • 1 1 EM3 Bryan Wells WO( i REACTOR RL DIVISION REACTOR LABORATORIES Water chemistry and radi ological controls are the main responsibilities of Reactor Laboratories Division (RL). RL Division ensures that the water used in the re- actor plants meets purity standards and that proper controls are taken for radiation emitted by the reactors. RL oversees maintenance on radioactive systems and monitors personnel radiation exposure. t ei ' 9J£ S ' » ' «S - 1 Q W 0 -£ 1 1 1 % ' - LT Alana Garas y Y y ¥ ¥ V K ¥ k - f T " • 4 L MM1 Jeremy Blumenthal MM1 Bonnie Fleck ¥¥¥ ¥¥¥ ¥ LJ 5 N U i N Ul N MMC Christopher Chaffin W ' % m ' ' tf l % ' J . MM1 Diana Godal MM1 Jesse Layton BW l j . P ¥ ¥ ' ¥. HVi N F R y % b ' i L F f 1 ) --J . ■■• ' ' 1 ' -V MM1 Christopher Myers MM2 Hillari Anderson MM2 Terrence Brownlee MM2 Christina Gillen MM2 Brett Kemphues b L 1 " 9 jUb Y ¥ ' W ¥ ¥ ' k ¥ ■ k.. MM2 David Laboon MM2 Cyrus Metcalf IVIM2 Ryan Roberts MM2 Greg Schrouder MM2 Brandon Starnes p f y MM3 Shaneon Adkins MM3 Cameron Brin MM3 Thomas Glenn it tw- i 1 MM2 Anthony Vittorio MM2 Jamie Vongpachan MM2 Charles Walters MM2 Jason Witeck MM2 Jacob Zaharia ¥ m ft. ▼ MM3 Patrick Kelley MM3 Daniel Liebold ■ V i ¥¥ ' ¥ ¥■ ¥. PPf ' ¥¥ ' ¥¥ i9 : iM L k. 1 ' MM3 Alison Lintern MM3 John Lucas MM3 Marcus Widen li|IIK!«lY REACTOR SSBBHOHI 303 t s m ■¥■ ¥ - ' M mliW, " " LT Kimberly Jones MMC Matthew Bolm E; r i - in— 1 MMC Danny Ramey LT Alex Turner LJ 5 N U S N LI IN 5 ' % 1 ' ' yM LTJG Michael Jarvis ■ " " mm LTJG Aaron Napier ENS Christopher Acor ENC Patrick-George Carino S— -a, k: i 1 MM1 Christopher Bickish MM1 Curtiss Carter i r 1 1 ' r y y y 5»Wi MMC Keith Stebblns EN1 Robert Zantow ¥ ' ¥ ¥ ■ , 1 f MM1 Aaron Karlsson MM1 William Leftwich MM1 Jeremy Mohrmann i -4( ■ 1 MM1 Jules Sualog EN2 Matthew Becker EN2 Michelle Ruggireo MM2 Dominic Bertone RM DIVISION REACTOR MECHANICAL Only one word clearly defines Reactor Mechanical Division: Power. Reactor Mechanical (RM) Divi- sion is responsible for providing the power that drives this mighty warship. This is accomplished by running and maintaining the ship ' s two A4W type pressurized water reactors, the most powerful reactors in today ' s Navy. These reactors create the steam neces- sary to drive the ship ' s electrical power. Without Reactor Mechanical Division ' s hard work and dedicat- ed officers and crew of nuke Machinist ' s Mates, the ship would be dead in the water with no steam, no power plant and no water. " We keep the cores burn- ing, so the engines keep turn- ing. " MM2 Edward Billmeyer MM2 Kevin Boogerd MM2 Justin Dessel k . y MM2 John Droste MM2 Josh Eckhart MiAfl it rm t s h ' M f % r ■ " - 1 r MM2 Mariah Harvey f¥ . 1 1 - ' 11 MM2 Kurt Hauer MM2 Adam Hendershot MM2 Scott Holley ¥ ■- ¥ ■ ! ¥ ■ 1 MM2 Ricky Hyson MM2 Adam Johnson MM2 Jory Kitchens MM2 Seth Lovelady MM2 Donald Lynn RBA€TOR MM2 Karl Martin 305 m !Li9» ¥ Nh MM2 Christopher Teall MM2 Gregory Massar MM2 Trevor Nisbet MM2 Nicholas Ocker MM2 Daniel Pike 4 u - V n 1 k -tt - ¥ m y MM2 Christopher Ray MM2 Ken Smith MM2 Christopher Stackhouse MM2 John Stefanides II HM m ' i , y y .0 IBr 1 ¥ ' l -ti ' EN3 Brian Hayes EN3 Christopher Kelly EN3 Joseph Mendoza EN3 Adam Metelski K ■ - MM3 Dayna Ada MM3 Caleb Aures MM3 David Barry MM3 James Cholick MM3 Orlando Colon 1 1 p r MM3 More •nConner MM3 Anthony Devera MM3 Craig Duvall MM3 Timothy Elwonger MM3 Ross Goodwin MM3 Clinton Kannenberg MM3 Gerard Lafond MM3 Keith Lawlor MM3 Peter MacDonald IVIM3 Robert Mann 1 1 jH , 1 " " ' L 1 m yH w - WL ni Wf M -.«. 1 MM3 Brandon McGuffin MM3 Robert Monroe MM3 Brandon Patrick MM3 Damon Prellwitz MM3 Nicholas Ritchie MM3 Nathan Sharp MM3 Jacob Wellwood MM3 Joe ZielinskI AN Karran Harvey ENFN Benjamin Crytzer ENFN Herbert Ferguson ENFN Waldemar Ruizrivera ENFN Hayder Salehoglo ENFA Adam Rush REACTOR IPIIIWffWl . ' WW " - PI ( mip H«wMi.iiiiiiiM imimm mmm 307 Q Mt SP I M ± I: • LT Chris Daskam k IP LT Phillip Hochgesang Jr. r 4:p 4 L ' kr mx L V uTn us n us n w MMCM Mead Lotz MMCS Bruan Heavilin ETC Gary Peterson REACTOR RT DIVISION Reactor Training (RT) Division is responsible for maintaining the high levels of operational proficiency and of knowledge re- quired to operate our propulsion plants. RT coordinates and , evaluates all drills, administers and grades all tests and con- | ducts plant specific training for newly reported nuclear opera- tors. All of this is accomplished by the smallest division in Reactor Department, while also coordinating the continuous training pro- gram for all qualified personnel. ET1 Jason Cato MM1 Kevin Copeland MM2 John Paul Javier MM2 Earl Lyons |+-K-( H ♦ 4 MM2 Janice Schatzer 5 065 309 ?. joc, sEuaous mmm. ■ i y kV V 1 mcH U.S i ' ' DR Bryan r mvu RELIGIOUS MINISTRIES DEPARTMENT HEAD ,i — « M«l ' H!i m MISSION s I vh:mi:m: As members of the I iiltcci States Navy C haplain C orps we: Al) ISK commaiulers to ensure the freedom of religion Pk() IDF religious niinistr and support to authorized personnel Al) ()( Al K for and promote the well-being of all personnel SI.RN K as command liaison to ci ilian religious leaders, communities, organizations and agencies. (,l IDINC. PRIN( IPiJ ' S: e are faithful to our indi idual religious traditions and practices. We respect the right of others to hold spiritual beliefs and religious practices different from our own. We cooperate and collaborate in ministr . We are committed to the highest standards of morality and personal integrity. rnii iir xL, l .. io I i I c ¥■¥■4 ¥4 LT Mike Green RMDPA RPC Ronald Roberts RMD LCPO 313 SB 1 LT Kenneth Nelson 1: RP1 Russell Foster RP3 Brandon Anderson RP3 Michael Jordan RP3 Todd Schindler - - + 1 m ::«. P , m 1 J RP3 S.M. Screiber RP3 Jason Sturdivant RP3 Daniel Toblln 1 1IU3-M II311I ' Mi P 1 - :. mmm f " 1t» l);, V % SMB0STRT£S pipiWBiyyt ' ij.,iii wiwiji fJi ' . ' wiyiwWffMiwiiW HP 315 fZit " ' ' " - ' ' ■ c ' AFETY f PtQQPV BpARP H ] ■ 1 ■■ji 1 H s II !! r- ■.wmt -N I - J sAF :T ■ SAFETY DEPARTMENT HEAD 318 The Safety Department eontributes to the operational readiness and combat prowess of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) and Carrier Air Wing 2 (C S 2) team through the pre ention of personnel mishaps and ma- terial losses by employing aggressive occupational and en- ironmental health and safety awareness, education, in- spections and enforcement. r ix I 1 1 . I r I . t I c f I ' M L(...l)K r..iui ireacKvny INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE OFFICER 319 ¥¥- ¥ - USN LJl l up ..-i f ABHC Edgardo Baloy WT 4 , Y Y y J A01 Darrin Troyer BM1 Gregory Fyhr ET1 Ozovese Akerele HT1 Chance Barker llM 1 bii i -tt -« rL 1 " Vs. y W 1 .: MM1 Darren Axtell SKI Richard Ward YN3 Dawnelda Parker AA Jonathan Arriagasalazar nlh ' Mi 7a f -p J 7A SiJfJ ?» ■jj H h hbI ■SSSiB H Wj wi SfiiBB Si L. E E Ss l ' jj i i .i::3i ¥v ' i®1 Xf r ■m I " S i J lli ClilV liatiu SUPPLY DEPARTMENT HEAD aen, 324 With more than 600 personnel, the Supply Department is the largest department on boaril I SS ABRAHAM LIN( OI.N. Running an operation that spans aireraft logisties to laundry ser ices. from material shipping and reeeiving to haircuts, it is the onl department that has a direct impact on every crewmember, every day. " Safety, Service, Accountahilitx, Sorties " - the department ' s objectives - sum up this " high impact " member of the I SS ABRAHAM IJNC OLN team. S l K lA : Managing almost 700 spaces, it is imperati e that the Supply Depart- ment maintains their focus on safet ...safet for ourselves; safety for our customers; safetN for our shipmates. SKR l( K: We proNide more than 15,000 meals per day, ser ed from two galleys, (no VNardrooms and the ( hief ' s Mess. We operate an industrial-size laundry facility, tno barber shops, two retail stores and nuFiierous ending machines. Paxroll, the Post Office and the cre " s entertainment coordinator, the Morale, Welfare, and Recre- ation Division, complete our ser ices. AC (Ol N lABIIJI V: W hether it is the food, sodas, repair parts, a go ernment ciedit card or an operating budget in evcess of S50 million dollars, e are account- able to the I nited States Savy and our fellow taxpayers for the proper use and ac- counting of these assets. SORIIIS: lAerything we do is focused on supporting flight operations. We manage the annual aviation operating budget and maintain a S250 million inventory of repair parts and consumable supplies, all to help the Air Wing complete sorties. Ihe I SS ABRAHAM LIN( OLN Supply Department strives hard to live up to their motto: ONE SHIP, ONE TEAM - READY FOR SEA! rfvii-«»v ir xi o i»i iXii3 i H I H 1 1 1 4 f " hLi I IIUT 1 i mmmm LCDR Eric Morgan ASUPPO LCDR Robin Allen PAL LT Todd Friedman SERVO SKCM Jeff Campeau SUPPLY LCPO 325 -0 DIVISION ADMINISTRATION The Supply Depar tment Yeoman and Career Counselor are respon- sible to the Departmental Leading Chief Petty Officer for all administra- tive functions. During this deployment, Supply Admin processed more than 780 leave and TAD requests, controlled all incoming and outgoing correspondence and ensured that all award nominations were correctly submitted. The Departmental Career Counselor manages the compre- hensive career needs of more than 600 enlisted Sailors which includes Reenlistments, ASVAB retests, Retirement Separation Packages, Fleet Reserve, Perform to Serve, TAP classes and Career Development Boards. These individuals are the technical experts and the administra- tive backbone of the Supply Department. Y Y y % ■ 4 , m m ' - SKI Aaron Washington YN3 Erika Rice SKSN Honey Rivera 1 S-1 DIVISION STOCK CONTROL Stock Control has three main functions: Inventory Management, Financial Management and Open Purchase Requisition Expediting. As Inventory Managers, we are responsible for ensuring stocking objec- tives are met for the 40,000 line items carried in our 70 storerooms. We I process all stock orders with a total inventory of $300,000,000. The Financial Management section oversees an annual budget of more than $15,000,000. We develop, enforce and monitor the expenses of every division and department in the command. With the use of the Government Purchase Card, we make numerous small purchases our- selves, improving flexibility and reducing customer wait time. Lastly, our CASREP and High Priority Expediting section is the finest in the fleet. We properly identify and search for parts, researching every available database via the worldwide web and through various commer- . cial sources. Stock Control is always open 24 hours a day, seven days ' a week, in port and at sea. qTmXo ' ' U I N U I N U I N ENS Diana Dalphonse y y y SK2 Dametries Holmes SK1 Lawrence Degarcia SK1 Nelson Deleon SK1 Jillian Easley SKC Frederick Cabling SK2 Molly Lerch SK2 Soledad Rodriguez SK2 Stephen Townsend SK1 Michael Faulk CS3 Galay Tsui U L AHS- l k -• w mi CS3 Rashay Williams SK3lanCodilla SK3 Eric Gain AN Robert Thomas ► Ui Jrl t SKSN Chris O ' Banion 327 2 S-2 DIVISION FOOD SERVICE Welcome to the " Best of the West Coast " carrier dining facili- ties. The S-2 Food Service Division is uniquely designed with 7 major work centers providing continuous feeding for 22 hours a day to the crew of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN and Carrier Air i Wing 2 (CVW 2). We operate 2 full service galleys, one of them consisting of fast » food and breakfast items, while the other provides full meal ser- vice. This continuous feeding with multiple options enhances and improves morale regardless of work shift or battle readiness con- ' ditions. Our Culinary Specialists run 2 shifts in the galleys, serv- ing an average of 20,500 meals daily during underway periods for a grand total of more than 3.2 million meals served over the course of our Western Pacific Deployment and RIMPAC. USNUiNLJlN iT ' •■ ■- - f -- •■■.. .I.-- ' 1 « M- 1 : Ltt m Bw ' il!} ! y CSCM Neftali Monzon CSCS Danilo Bartolome CSC Renardo Robertson y Y y i i CS1 Nicholas McCann CS1 Daniel Sansano CS1 Paul Sundin CS1 Paul Rountree Brett Wolfson CS2 James Jackman CS2 LuisRo Lorico CS2 Centralia Masline CS2 Henry Owens 1 k - ' t CS2 Rick Ruiz CS2 David Salazar CS2 Enrique Torres CS2 Glendon Turner CS2 Jarrod Walker CS3 Robert Alexandrenne CS3 Ronny Alzume CS3 Christina Cress CS3 Andrew Heitz CSS Linda Liev BSBBSBSSSSSB R , : ' ;LH«fiitfY " H 329 CS3 Janie Owens CS3 Lee Schwegman r 1 E:- 1 7 T ? r AN Mark Delmonte CSSN Ryan Anderson CSSN Shonecia Bailey ¥4 ¥¥4 ¥ ¥ A 1 I 1 ► ¥¥4 I 4 ' ' pM. I k. ' x ' - V " i CSSN Daveda Burton CSSN Mike Carmody CSSN Quinton Cummings CSSN Abram Goodloe CSSN Robert Porter : -. Ltt ' Mi ! . k ! ¥¥. 4W 1 i • CSSN Raymond Rantz CSSN Christopher Reese CSSN Matthew Smith CSSN Jason WIckens CSSN James Wingham II [TtT . f- ¥ h ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ' Ai 1 ' Sfr M ¥ ¥4 ¥ ¥4 ¥ ¥ SN James Presley CSSA Jessie Andama CSSA Jacob Johnson CSSR Shane Young :!9 1 B ' Hj L E l 1- M iBci S Bj B Bk ii ' l H H V l . ' - { ' 331 isiffis ■ Lil-N US N U IN " J N , h. " , I ' 1 r «a5 1 SHC Noel Abrigo SHC Alberto Galang ' . i Sb I H i Sm R.T. Anthonissen SH1 Corlordis Jones SH2 Robert Moe SH2 Scott Overstreet Rl. « ' m Ik. ' MR m ' ' J 1 1 SH2 Jason Walker SH3 Adrianna Arebalo SH3 Troy Brown SH3 Terrance Daye SH3 Lashonda Dorn S-3 DIVISION SALES SERVICES Sales and Services Division provides daily support and customer service for the ship ' s company and the Air Wing through Laundry and Barber services, Vending Machines and Retail Stores. To support these functions, Sales and Services Division loaded in excess of $1.5 million dollars of retail stock. All of these items were on sale daily in the Lincoln Mall, with average daily sales of more than $12,000. In 6 months, the crew and Air Wing consumed more than 70,000 cans of soda and 200,000 candy bars. The Barber Shops provided more than 20,000 squared away haircuts during the deployment, while the Laundry, open more than 18 hours daily, processed in excess of 30,000 pounds and pressed more than 800 uniforms each month. At the end of the deployment, we were able to turn over profits of more than $300,000 to the ABRAHAM LINCOLN Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fund. UtlKUfY 333 ¥ ¥ rr SH3 Joel Hameed SH3 Josh Jokela SH3 Candice LeCocq SH3 Michael Siibernagel 1 R TT n ¥4 Y . k Y...J SH3 Kristy Smith SH3 Jeffrey Starlin SH3 Brodericit Surratt SH3 Cedric Wilder AN Jason Brent AN Jamar Jones SHSN Joshua Arrollo SHSN Keyshawn Coats ' xrx m N ¥ ¥ f a i SHSN Kyle Frase SHSN Tevrin Narcisse SHSN Tequila Perry SHSN Blake Rehbein SHSN Jordan Thomas ¥¥4 titnlci { ' ft (i iMiV ' icimi SHSN Jennifer Wise AA Frank Theus SA Perdita Henry SHSA Ryan Brannan 1 SHSA Anthony Brown SHSA Michael Burns SHSA William Newlove SHSA Eric Stott SHSR Herbert Burnett Hr - y " " " M - ' - m l . ,1 . v r: Mr SHSR Michael Childers ■s. IAVx ■ ■ ' ' . ' s ' se f wmw. 335 57 4 j DKCM Magiting Villamoya 1 Eric Baker PS1 Henry Gabriel PS2 Chon Chu PS2 Heather Herman - 4 ¥ ¥ PS3 Hanni Amanda PS3 Jason Combos PS3 Jessica Lucas ¥ PS3 Dylan Sylvan ¥ 4 PSSN Jenny Andaya PSSN Joseph Wheeler PSSA Owen Kroeger S-4 DIVISION DISBURSING The Disbursing Office team led by DKCIVI (SW AW) Villamoya, began final preparations for deployment four months prior to getting underway. Treasury checks and ATM cards were ordered in sufficient quantities to permit delivery before the cruise and to maintain the large supplies necessary to last for the entire deployment and accommodate the anticipated increase in Split Pay Option participation by air wing and ship ' s company personnel. Precise plan- ning was required to ensure accurate currency denominations were obtained and safeguarded during the cash load-out totalling to $8.5 million. Twenty and five-dollar bills were max loaded in order to maintain full capacity for the on- board Automated Teller Machines. Prior to deployment, the ATM ' s and all pay processing systems were given complete software diagnostics and mainte- nance to accurately and efficiently maintain the pay accounts of more than 5,000 ship ' s company and air wing personnel. tfliililftll tMui ■ I I ■ I B I k A .a-f-aM 0 !JX X 1j-X 337 ■« " ' ,» " - I S-5 DIVISION WARDROOM Demonstrating superb talent and great contributions, these exceptional Culinary Specialists are known for having the " Finest Wardroom in the Fleet. " S-5 is responsible for 3 Wardrooms operated from 2 gal- leys and more than 300 Staterooms and related spaces. These experts serve 5-star meals to 150 ship ' s company and 244 Air Wing officers. Simultaneously, S-5 serves exquisite receptions and din- ners for high ranking United Sates, foreign military and civil- Ian dignitaries from around the world. Their hard work and professionalism greatly contributed to the Supply Depart- ■ ment winning the 2005 Dorie P. Miller Award for Wardroom Excellence. UlNLJiNU|N V i ' l Hi!2 l k BR? ! CSCS Noel Sebastian CSCS Derel Sunday CS1 Edward Denmon Jr. CS1 Roberto Felizar CS1 Arnold Lagat CS2 Rowcll Bordon 1 Id rcoran ▼■ CS2 Anthony Hooper CS2 Janice Jauregui CS2 Tammy Larrison CS2 Jason Voce Vv 9 v K w«t.i.i.iii7i , r ' k 4 W . f CS3 Dustin Sage CS3 Mark Serrano CSS Michelle Stangland 4 k ft h ll .. ' k V J CSSN Ashley Parker CSSN Cory Thompson CSSN Phillip Yu v WWnpq Hiuviui . .JLJIUSigMB :S ¥ ¥4 Q J ' " LT Matt Ellis UlN UlN U|N iii 1 ¥ ¥ 4 1 ¥4 {¥¥ ' |fl £S SKCM Cezar Batac SKC Virgilio Cristobal SKC Nelson Magtoto SKC Dennis Morgan Y y Y t ' ir i. 1 11 l-U N»0 s X rw r- k lK II r ft 1 i Y SKI Ana Boyce SK1 Alexander Rullan SK1 Danielle Shields SK1 Craig Stark r ¥ L 1 i ? r SK2 Luis Candelas SK2 Charlie Cassey SK2 Chatchai Leelaphlsut SK2 Daniel Miller SK2 Kristopher Pevoto SK2 Maria Vasquez SK2 Michael Vermeulen SK2 Rally Villanueva SK2 Timothy Wahl SK3 Wesley Hill S-6 DIVISION AVIATION SUPPORT The Aviation Support Division was an instrumental player when the ABRAHAM LIN- COLN Supply Department earned the 2004 and 2005 Blue " E " Supply Excellence Award. S-6 Division maintained 100% accuracy In receiving and stowing and issued more than 3,200 Aviation Surface Depot Level Repairable items valued in excess of $310 Million. These efforts directly support Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2) and its 71 aircraft, which achieved a 99% sortie completion rate during the 2006 Western Pacific deployment. Aviation Support Division also processed more than 1,200 repairable items worth more than $52 Million in support of CVW-2 ' s 9 Squadrons and the 65 Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department work centers. From continuously achieving the monthly COM- NAVAIRFORCE goals to safely and successfully executing Vertical Replenishment evolu- tions, Aviation Support prides itself on being the best Logistic Specialists the Navy has to offer. ¥ ¥ ■» 1- y V ' SK3 Benjamin Alpers SK3 Shawn Davis jl SK3 Nicole Hermiller SK3 Diego Santiago SK3 Tommy Sumler ¥¥ ¥¥ ¥ ■« AN Keno Burl AN Michael Franklin AN Dennis Gallegos AN Fabian Guevara iM NL ' fll S KR i i It fi 1 AN Patrick Macaranas AN Harry Osukuku SKSN Angela Aldridge SKSN Trevor Jews-Cephas SKSN Shane Penne ¥¥ ¥ ¥ ' ■ km ¥ ¥ ' N 3 yf v ' ■. SKSN Michael Satterlee SN Amanda King SNAdamKrieger SKSA David Maes SKSR Mark Bullis Po H ' H m L i V L u , ' ■ H vH ' i if l ■ i t X K f ' i i A 1 ki l ii k k m J r w Vk yk j mn ' W - - H Hffl -.- :i: 4. " 2 SKSR Destiny Trujillo SR Amanda Morrison ftlllKKfY wm »l Lll Mf U)WPI ■ i i i £lii liaiau£ i uau.A.Lt vteii£t ,Ajv d.; 343 7 K i f ■% Hy, l Mr. John Porter VC O v . , ' ? USN USN LI3N B-» B ' PCC Cedric Marks 4 ¥ ■ L Sw i " N f ■ ' 1 1 1 s V 1 .... rq ■ • AM2 Corrirw Jensen ET2 Priscilla Mckinney DC3 Colin Parrish S-7 DIVISION MORALE, WELFARE and RECREATION Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Is responsible for ensuring that the crew has ample opportunity to enjoy themselves while In port and underway. In port Everett, we sponsor a variety of events Including the Command Carnival and Command Christmas k Party, while also selling discounted tickets to major sporting events, concerts, movies and more. k While underway, we provide outlets for Sailors to enjoy their free time by sponsoring various tournaments, karaoke, steel beach picnics and Big Bucks Bingo. For Individual recreation we offer more than 1000 DVD ' s for rent. In addition to PS2 ' s, XBOX 360 ' s and DVD players. We also provide sporting equipment ranging from golf clubs to boxing gloves, while maintaining 5 fully functional gyms offering both strength training and cardiovascular ex- ercise options. In foreign ports, MWR arranges a variety of discounted hotels and tours, helping to enhance each crewmember ' s port experience and adding to memories that will last a lifetime. g k ) M IP V AEAN William Terry AN Chris Devilbliss AN John Ellison AN Thomas Loomis PSSN Noe Agabo-Martinez SN Travis Graybill AR Matthew Kilgore 345 H 1 4 .■ ■■¥■■ IHB« G M 0 USNUiNUIN III SKCS Paul Smtts SHC Sheldon Cherry SKC Steven Cornell SKC Maria Horn k Bii w ? y MM1 Craig Flourney SK1 Brian Button SK1 Richard Clair SK1 John Davis i SK1 Omar Fernandez SK1 Allen Gauthreaux SK1 Travis Menzie SK1 Noriel Rafael SK2 Jomel Cabalbag S-8 MATERIAL DIVISION " SUPER 8 " Super 8 Division is the Commander Naval Air Forces Storeroom Management Prototype for all carriers. The division streamlined operations and centrally manages all logistic stores including general stores, hazardous materials, provisions, Ship ' s Store stock and medical and dental supplies. The personnel of Super 8 are the future of the Logistics Specialist rate and routinely load, stow, inventory and Issue more than 25,000 line items and hundreds of pallets of gen- eral cargo daily. Super 8 ' s professionalism and dedication to duty is directly reflected in the receiving and stowing of hundreds of pallets during each underway replenishment on deployment. It ' s fully staffed shipping and receiving operation is responsible for coordinating all freight and cargo on and off the ship. Super 8 Division consistently sets the standard for all carri- ers to follow. 347 8 N y PI SK2 Bruce Danlag SK2 Brian Leavitt SK2 Mary OReilly SK2 Jamin Simmons SK2 Sarah Williams CS3 Jason Bruins CS3 Christopher Malsbury SH3 Walter Goldthwaite h 1 Y i 1 SK3 Denise Arroyo SK3 Roy Burnette SK3 Eric Davidson SK3 Marcus Gittens SK3 Brian Harmon 1 1 1 ♦ ♦ 4 ■ ♦ ■« M. M. A . Hk 1 li - 1 f:: Sl Y v5. f T SK3 teda Henick SK3 Galo Rodriguez SK3 Michael Smith 2 ? . pit N: 17 f r " i ? ADAN Paul Ward AN Donald Adklns AN Michael Greallsh AN Armando Moreno AN Joseph O ' Shea w AN William Peters CSSN Hosea Burnette CSSN Levett Ruffin AN Jeremy Sims iiii i FN Jeremy Crayne AN Justin Woodley CSSN Jonathan Coleman ttl NH V ' ! - ij SKSN Billy Saechao SKSA Frankie Quier III , «, iO SUPPLY " 349 ¥ 4 SKSN Ryan Dungan SKSN Tamara Gholson SKSN Kota Gorman SKSN Mathew Quick SKSN Shawn Ryan SKSN Troy Throne SKSN Aaron Welsh SKSN Randy Wilfong ¥ ¥ + ¥ ¥ 1 Ik k ' m ¥ ¥ r- SKSA William Sharkey SKSA Nikko Caston SKSA UKwon Lcggctt SKSA Shane Mcrcness SKSA Brynt Mcrritt 1 ?n V r ' SKSA Jason Wong SKSR Jorian Hamilton SKSR Mathcw Luna SUPPLlr S-10 DIVISION QUALITY ASSURANCE The Quality Assurance (QA) Division provides the Supply Officer with an independent review and analysis of the services and readiness performance indicators throughout the department. Within Services, this division is responsible for ensuring quality of services provided to the crew. On the Readiness side, QA analyzes inventories and financial management to assess the health of the operation. Furthermore, Qual- ity Assurance monitors the Supply Department ' s Training program. QA is directly responsible to the Supply Officer for all specific and routine inspections or audits. Upon review and analysis, QA provides recommendations and targeted training to assist in improving perfor- mance. ¥ ¥ 1 .¥¥ |H ?wftrt ' UM v. (J AC V " ? . LJ 1 N Ui N U 1 N LT Kevin Morris SKC Ricardo Soles y y y 1 -i . i 5« CS2 Thomas Daub SK2 Daniel Reyna SK2 Mark Strohl mjijm- ¥ ¥ ' ¥ SH3 Joshua Ivie ¥¥ 1 ¥ PS3 George Balbalosa SK3 Scott Collins S-11 DIVISION CPO MESS S-11 Division is responsible for providing quality customer service to all of the ABRAHAM LINCOLN Strike Group Chief Petty Officers berthed onboard. These remarkable Sailors ensure the material condi- tion of the CPO mess, from the damage control fit- tings to heads to galley equipment. We also provide laundry services and maintain berthing cleanliness for 25 spaces. UlNUlNUiN y y y !«. ■ ¥ 1 L: ' .« S%i vf ! A 1 y EMC Conrad Capindo CS2 Otha HennJngs CS3 Jeremy Goyeau ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 4 CS3 Nicholas Marstall CS3 Jesse Sosbc CSSN Brianne MacAskill W ' i IIIRUfY SEE 353 S-12 DIVISION POST OFFICE With 8 personnel assigned to S-12, these Postal Clerl s processed, scanned and routed more than 250,000 pounds of mail for the ABRA- HAM LINCOLN Strike Group and all embarked units with zero discrep- ancies. Displaying technical expertise and professional customer ser- vice, the Post Office distributed mail to more than 5,500 Sailors. We sold more than $142,000 worth of stamps and meter sales along with $180,000 In money orders and consistently received a grade of out- standing on all audits conducted by Commander Naval Air Forces Postal Advisor. PC1 Daniel Weaver PC2 Shawn Nady PC2 Raymond Owens PC3Chad Nichols PC3 D ' arcy Plumley PCSN James Ambrose PCSN April Burkett PCSN Satima Martin t3 - - ' !- w :-. 355 S-13 DIVISION SUPPLY MAINTENANCE Supply Maintenance Division is responsible for maintain- ing all damage control equipment for more than 660 Supply spaces, ensuring the highest state of readiness in the event of an actual emergency. Additionally, we maintain the ventila- tion systems for the entire department to keep our spaces at a comfortable temperature for members of team Supply. During the 2006 Western Pacific Deployment, S-13 com- pleted more than 2,650 maintenance requirements on more than 10,000 pieces of damage control equipment and com- pleted more than 750 spot checks to validate the mainte- nance. These dedicated professionals are the backbone of the Supply Department customer service team. i-v v ■ uuj|iuj " " a3||iiD naiiiii U 1 N Ui N U 5 N SKC Roger Mier y Y y CS1 Anthony Dee CS2 Kenneth Adkins CS2 Joseph Davis CS2 Tyrone Perkins rr ¥ 4 V SH2 Frederick Cleaveland SH3 Natasha Furlano SH3 Brendan Kelly AN Demetreus Dancy CSSN Paul Kim CCSN Jason Robinett DCFN Eugene Reyna ■ z- ' ' UIIIKlUY PSSN Jawaiian Sales 357 V- ' . " l m iV I ♦ " t " FB MMNG ♦1 L. J k r " 1 V i ,s« ' .mi ffiAl . .? v- •JK K . rPR. David Nikodyiu TRAINING DEPARTMENT HEAD Ihc Traininjj Department provides around the clock training support and customer service for the Sailors of the ABR.AHAM LINCOLN. The training Department is manned by 26 Sailors from various departments throughout the ship, with each staff member bringing with them a broad base of experi- ence and subject matter knowledge. I he Department is primarily respon- sible for coordination and administration of all ship-wide training program command indoctrination, formal training requests, travel budget manage- ment and travel order execution. Additionally, the department is the host liaison for reservist augmenta- tion. Ihc Iraining Department consists of 2 divisions: Ihe Schools of Ihe Ship (SOS) Division and the Indoctrination (INDOC ) Division. rivii i . iry i ; c i; i i ■ 4 ■ 9 1 " ' J k d MMCS Lyie Knudsen LCPO AGCS David Martinez PA 361 TRAINING SOS INDOC The SOS Division is responsible for management of the ship ' s annual training budget, including Temporary Additional Duty (TEMADD) order writing for both routine and emergency travel, arranging transportation and lodging and the processing and tracking of TEMADD travel claim liquidation. The SOS division also obtains quotas for required training, manages three of the ship ' s classroom facilities and the command ' s Learning Resource Center, orga- nizes Senior Indoctrination and coordinates Command GMT. The INDOC Division is responsible for the instruction of required initial training and the transition to s hipboard life for the command ' s new Sailors. The five-week program begins with INDOC Division staff personnel contacting each Sailor prior to their arrival, ensuring aware- ness of protocol and military bearing and providing answers to any questions the Sailors may have. Indoctrination also provides the transportation to the ship as necessary upon arrival, a i curriculum of required coursework for all new personnel, presents opportunities for after- hours activities and allows for personal and professional mentoring for each new Sailor to get them started on the right path for a successful tour onboard USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN. r, i ABH1 David Phelan AT1 Keith Clerique FC1 Robert Bost Jr. HM1 Jose Afable Y ■ 4 PS1 Jonathan Westrum A02 Justin Oman BM2 Stanley Ochonogor EM2 Joyellen Vance IT2 Tonika James YN2 Orlando Cepeda AD3 Victor Pennecard ET3 Zach Lamb OS3 Stephen Vonkanel PS3 Dylan Sylvan ii -: AN Bruce Paganuega fetBE rt n l i " - I V ••» 1 1 ( V Wli ' MF j O J . cM v v ' U) 0, i . jf ' ll ' j, t ■• . X aui JLiiicivjiuii WEAPONS DEPARTMENT HEAD 366 Weapons Departnunt consists of more than 300 Sailors. Ratings include Aviation Ordnanceman ( AO), Aviation Maintenance Administrator (AZ), Electrician ' s Mate (I:M). (.unner ' s Mate (CM), Machinist ' s Mate (MM), Torpedoman (TM) and Yeoman ( N), along with numerous undesignated personnel. I he Department is responsible for providing ordnance and support to the emabarked squadrons of( arrier Air Wing 2 (CAW 2) as well as playing a key roll in |)ro idiiig securitx and sell defense forces for I SS ABRAHAM LINCOLN in port, at luhorage, and in near shore en ironments. The Department is responsible for six maga ine groups, magazine sprinkler s stems and nine Weapons Elevators. I he Sailors of the Weapons Department excelled during sustainment training and ( reparations required for W KS IPAC 06 deployment. At the end (d " LINCOLN ' S in- porl Lpkeep and Iraining period was the beginning of a compressed inspection sched- ule including COMNW A! RIOR 3M inspection. Aviation Ordnance Readiness Review ( AORR), C oinentional Ordnance Safetv Re iew (COSR) and culminating with the IJoard of Inspections and Sur e s (INSLRN ). All the inspections were performed superbiN and professiouall . resulting in an outstanding grade. r n ■ 1 1 . I r I J o t I . I [y I c ORMical Bindschatel AOCS Billy Welch WEAPONS LCPO 367 AOC John Cortner AOC Larry Hill CW03 Douglas Park USN Ui N U S N f " m ¥ ¥¥ m P tjaet£i«SL r ' j J •■ » AOC Patrick Zawchenuk G-1 DIVISION The G-1 Armament Weapons Support Equipment (AWSE) work center ' s function is to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs on Weapons Sup- port Equipment. They are also responsible for the safe transfer of ordnance in " support of flight operations. AWSE personnel receive ordnance from the mag- azines and transfer it to the flight deck or stage it in the hangar bay for quick response. The primary mission of G-1 Flight Deck is to provide the embarked air wing with the required amount of ordnance necessary to carry out the daily flight schedule. Along with receiving bombs, miss iles and other ammunition from below deck magazines, G-1 Flight Deck is responsible for all ordnance Verti- i cal Replenishments (VERTREP), including the safe handling and rigging of I ammunition to helicopters for transfer to other ships or shore stations. 4kW A01 Levi Allen . ii Ik ' vP k i « ' «. X iy k flM ai Vf M y 1 Y A01 Carl Smith A02 Rafael Avali f s ml -J A01 Russell German A01 Nathan Knopp A01 Michael Small I A02 Rafael Ayala A02 Christopher Brown A02 Michael Jones A02 John Lee J : LlHKilM v ' 9flBw:!T; " ' " iryTP " ' ' " ' - 1!! ' ' • " ▼ ' ■ " ▼ ,i5f : " r- L.O ' ' ■• " ■.7 " " : " . ' J " . 369 ¥¥ A02 William Love ll ] - ¥ ■¥■¥ Xa t m Y ' A02 Jonathan Lutz A02 Carlton Spofford A02 Anthony Warner k py ¥¥ " vV ' J k AZ2 Lorenzo Carter A03 James Flood A03 Christopher Galusha A03 Ross Guiney A03 Alexander Lamboygautier A03 Steven Marlcal A03 Anthony Montemurro A03 Adam Moore A03 Corey Moredock A03 Joel Ramirez A03 Christopher Sorrclls A03 Wilfrcdo Reyes AN Conrad Graham AN Thomas Tolbcrt AN RusscI Velasco AOAN Fernando Acosta ¥ p 1 •a- AOAN Kirby Baker AOAN Kari Bennerman AOAN Brett Carpenter AOAN Ramiro Casillas AOAN Anthony Davis - ■K ■♦c k, V- AOAN David Edwards AOAN David Fairburn AOAN Gregory Gibbons AOAN Donald Jackson AOAN Christopher Jankoski .TT ■ AOAN Ricky Johnson AOAN Efren Lopez AOAN Brian Lusher AOAN Chris Macphearson AOAN James Miller s 1 ' AOAN Roxanne Padias AOAN Jose Perez AOAN Robert Rios AOAN Ramon S anchez AOAN Adam Sibley AOAN Robert Somrasamy ¥¥¥ - AOAN Alexander Syms AOAN Raul Valencia AOAN Douglas Weber AOAN Charles Whitmire AOAN Quindric Woods ■ ¥¥¥ )l: ' l 1 1 il ». ' 7i c ¥¥ A f AOAN Marcus Zapp AOAN Nicholas Zuniga AZAN Jesus Cervantes AA Shedearian Ash AA Vaughn Batemon h A H ff . I L J ' TO ■ i , i ► AA Michael Beswayan AA Jarrell Browne AA Shawn Byrne AA Christopher Crawford AA Brandon Taylor . ■ I AA Brandon Taylor AOAA Renee Evans AOAA James Queen AOAA Amber Thomas AGAR Breanna Strong : -K AGAR Dustin Tonne AR Marco Cantu AR Paolo Mongon AR Robert Salazar AR Nicholas Sanchez itiueury » AR Blake Simmons AR Cesar Vazquez AR Thomas Whisler AR Ruben Zapata ' «rf 0 .ji 1 17 mz 1. PMM ■ - iff V : ilv «SS |HB4 ' ' - ' 1 rra. ' . ' ' »■«: HH l F ;iS ,-. , .- , . . ... ,- ., . , ., , - , . - . . . 373 •tm. ' ' ' rrrrfirTD ' onwnii uumuf US N US N U S N % i f % i m SI CW02 Michael Roach GMC Ronald Hughes TMC Regina Hawley L:: Wi c i - ] 0M1 Norman Bank OMUoshua Bunt TM1 Leonard Blackman A02 Tanya McCarlson j SJaKnti 5in ' t»i»-«3riMKrt; G-2 DIVISION G-2 Division of the Weapons Department is primarily responsible for the op- eration of the Ship ' s Armory, which includes the maintenance and operation of all ship ' s small arms and crew served weapons. The division also provides testing and maintenance of ship ' s Magazine Sprinkler Systems, which are de- signed to automatically extinguish fires that may occur in the ship ' s ammuni- tion magazines. Additionally, G-2 Division conducts small arms range qualifi- cations, ensuring ABRAHAM LINCOLN Force Protection personnel are quali- fied in the safe and effective employment of all weapons. G-2 weaponeers also are responsible for the receipt, stowage and configuration of MK46 Light- weight Torpedoes in support of CVW 2 Anti Submarine operations. During Un- derway Replenishment and mooring evolutions, the division ' s gunners pro- vide line throwing services. GM2 Jeremiah Hinton GM2 William Housley GM2 Zachary King GM3 Neal Glutting h P m r ... 1 ' - 1 i ad TM2 Travis Nelson ■» ' ¥ A A03 Brian Oietz 1 1 GM3 Adam Martin GM3 Judd Morgan GM3 Dustin Waggener GM3 Donald Wells GM3 Jason Zielsdorff APONS 375 mi AN Rory Odell AN Javier Vega AOAN Ernest Allen AOAN Mark Hubbard GMSN Thomas Ledlow GMSN Brian Schinto SN William Bowles Jf4 SS tfi IL HK? vEL ' 4 SN Chad Clingman TMSN Maximiano Elenes TMSN Imam Grayson TMSN Timothy Johnson TMSN Zachary Morrow ICNTI P lt- p T ' 4 ■ ■b " . 1 ' yf3 m 1 VVV k. II 1 » 1 . m ; BBSI ■ Wti 9 ' •b-. 4 ' 8 L ixi: -il ' ■ l , w TMSN Joshua Steger AOAA Kyle Wojnicki GMSA Aaron Bonnell GMSA Bryan Bossman GMSA Benjamin Smith 377 G-3 DIVISION G-3 Division (Bomb Missile Assembly) is responsible for the safe handling, stowage, assembly, disassembly and in- spection of conventional weapons used to support the ship and air wing team ' s fire power needs. Keeping 33 primary weapons magazines in battle ready condition, this group of dedicated professionals work with everything from GPS and laser guided munitions to small arms. Always ensuring the safety and reliability of all weapons issued is their primary goal. This superb group of warfighters motto is: " Committed to Higher Standards " ' LTJG Michael Klaphake AOCS Michael Gilbert AOC Douglas Hager AOC Alvin Lewis AOC Derrick Robinson y y y ¥ -f i ■¥■ ¥ ¥ A01 Anthony Diego A01 Phillip Durlo A01 Barry Gipson A01 Joseph James A01 Timothy Millard A01 Richard Miller A01 Antonio Shaw A01 Anthony Whetstone A02 Ronald Fawson IIBSrtifflK WHHWHjpwwwiH ivf i it m-mrMwrn m " ' . " ' -: ' 379 A02 Dusti Hall A02 Forrest Mayne A02 Derek Overton A02 John Reed ■♦ ' A02 Devon Roberts A02 Michael Simer A02 Kevin Walter A03 Jason Bare K| » A03 Brandon Capron A03 Larry Courson A03 Michael Fryer A03 Heather Kelsay A03 Ryan Kuhnhenn A03 Paul Leonard A03 Nicholas Maddy A03 Reco McRae A03 Miguel Ortega A03 Nicholas Smith AN Eddie Alvarez AN Joseph Calabrese AN Oscar Canizalez AN Mark Dell L ' -K-K a- ' m Mm m AN Rocky Guerrero AN Thomas Johnson AN Ryan Smith AOAN Keith Allen AOAN Ian Bartosh AOAN Joshua Blake AOAN William Blankenship AOAN Jose Bonilla AOAN Joshua Brown AOAN Richard Calderon i . .. k.;: k. -» 1 f i AOAN Charles Carson AOAN Orlando Castro Jr. AOAN Lorenzo Chapman AOAN Anthony Coke AOAN Paul Francoeur LIllKUlY WEAPeN§ AOAN Timothy Gray ' 4 1 m- • . I AOAN Jeremiah Hall AOAN Adam House AOAN Brandon Keudell AOAN Brandon Legg AOAN Alejandro Lopez ♦ ♦ IT T AOAN Rafael Marin AOAN Carlos Mejia AOAN Miguel Moreno Jr. AOAN David Nardo AOAN Chris Northern AOAN David Owens AOAN Jimmi Richard AOAN John RIgglns AOAN Anthony Rivera AOAN Lindsey Roe -? ' AOAN Carlos Rosado AOAN Jose Salas AOAN Sebastian Shay AOAN Kevin Shirley AOAN Valerie Skidmorc AOAN Brent Tocts AOAN Donald Thcriot AOAN Eulogio Velazquez AOAN Kristopher Walters AOAN Travis Yarborough 383 AA Brian Houston AA Nathan Meyer | " k;;; K 1 1 1 1 i !► i AA Eric Sanders AA Kody Yengich AOAA Cody Blair AOAA Glenn Coleman " I H IRvS PTii ' F1 BH u f JJ V. ■ AOAA Heather Graham AOAA Joel Marnin AR Joseph Aguilera AR Benjamin Bentley AR Joshua Boggs AR Stephen Origans AR Luis Garcia AR Jastin Liu AR Daniel Mason 1 1 :: 1 K w It . ►W AR Jerice Greene AR Frederico Guzman ¥¥ AR Randy Mateo AR Roger McFann AR Daniel Hinton AR Robert Meads AR Jason Rowe AR Victor Samaguey AR Jason Schrunk AR James Stolz AR James Vaughn WEA » 385 K 7 It- ' ! ? B M LT William Donals Jr. Ul N US N U| N b WlA AOC Michael Hall EMC Hilario Gudez A01 Corey Fountain EM1 Adarryll Peek MM1 Demetric Hairston A02 Lloyd Rodriguez Anthony Whalen EM2 Noel Coggin EM2 Donald Goldsberry MM2 Jamie Zuehike A03 Nathan Wh.tmorc G-4 DIVISION G-4 Division ' s primary mission is to expedite the transfer of con- | ventional ordnance from shipboard Weapons Magazines to the flight | deck for issue to the embarked Carrier Air Wing. These profession- als do this by combining a tireless work ethic with the seamless team of AOs, MMs and EMs. Their responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of nine weapons elevators and associated hydraulic and electrical equipment are executed with deliberate actions and a sense of duty. Additionally, they maintain and operate 26 Electrically Enclosed Forklifts for the movement of all ordnance within the mag- azines and through the hangar bays during on-load and off-load evo- lutions. Whether operating elevators, performing scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting or repairing equipment, the division ' s " Can Do " per- sonnel are always on the move and take pride in all aspects of their work. i 4 m EM3 Cecil Davis EM3 Henry Granados 387 :■ • •■ : II I III I nil ■ li I ll ' i J . Me mm s AN Christian Dickens AN Adam Legere AN Angelica Mora AN Bodie Ronk 1 iM% 1 4 4 AN Michael Schleve AN Melvin Williams AOAN Donald Caruthers AOAN Shad Danielson AOAN Shawn Garrett t AOAN AOAN AraoM Irizarry AOAN Bradley Kinder AOAN Leon Lurks AOAN Brian Mattingly m w S t I L-f 5L k w W 1 .1 AOAN Kyle Wong AOAN Robert Roomsburg AOAN Nicholas Weaver . EMFN Tremayne West AA Bradley Myer AOAR Tahnee Reece AOAR Mathew Schofield AR Charles Alilpule AR Oscar Fernandez AR Kevin Hennagin AR Raymond McGriff AR Marques Stone vl.HIKlU-Y WEAPONS 389 f fe ' 3 T " 1 1 n sp LT Gene Cook uTn dl N U I n Ei ' m l l pn V ' ' T AOCS Carlos Alamo AOC Jerry Crowley AOC Vince Martin : G-5 DIVISION G-5 Division is responsible for Weapons Administration of the Weapons Department. Ordnance Control is the operational center of the department, re- sponsible for the safe and timely requisition, receipt, stowage, assembly, dis- assembly, issue and accounting of all ammunition assets to embarked units to meet all training and combat mission tasking. The Retail Ordnance Logistics Management Branch provides timely and ac- curate account of all ammunition on board the ship. The Weapons Quality Assurance Branch monitors all programs including the Conventional Ordnance Qualification and Certification Program. The Weapons Office is the hub for the department, providing all the admin- istrative support and Career Counseling for the Sailor ' s professional growth. L:: -. I J r ¥ f3 i II Jd A01 John Clark A01 Kenneth Davis Jr. A01 Robert Gregory A01 Douglas Holt A01 Jeffrey King A01 James Russ A01 Robert Strohl A01 Thomas Zimmerman YN1 William Clifton 1 ■WEAPONS " COMMANDER ■ CARMER STRIKE GROUP 9 COMMANETER DESTROYER SQUADRON 9 R CARRIER ■ n k ■ H 7 V ' H B ' l mm ' © 1 a " a y H j;;7 t ; REAR ADMIRAL GOODWIN COMMANDER CC$G9 Commander, Carrier Strike Group 9 (CCSG9) ' s mission is to plan and conduct operations and exercises In surface, subsurface, air and strike warfare as directed by Numbered Fleet Commanders. Operationally, Commander, Carrier Strike Group 9 (CCSG 9) deploys as Commander, ABRAHAM LINCOLN Strike Group (ALSO), with responsibility for four surface ships and nine Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2) squadrons. USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Is Rear Admiral Goodwin ' s Flagship. Administratively, CCSG 9 has authority over USS SHILOH (CG 67), USS MOBILE BAY (CG 53) and the ships of Commander Destroyer UP NINE TOUR OF DUTY ONBOARD USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN 72 CAFTAM MAimW FALETH APRIL 2006 -PRESENT CAPTAIN BRIAN 1©BY CMIF OF STAFF MARCH 2003 -APRIL 2006 ITCM PAMELA ORTEGA SENIOR ENLISTED ADVISOR Squadron NINE that are not deployed with ALSG. CCSG 9 actively participates in developing tactical doctrine and assists Type Commanders in preparing training schedules and operational employ- ment of Strike Group assets. The Navy ' s " Theater Cooperative Security Plans " call for responsive forces like ALSG to sustain high levels of training and readiness to liaison and conduct exercises with valued friends and allies throughout the Pacific Basin. This deployment emphasized the cooperative security plans through the exercises FOAL EAGLE, VALIANT SHIELD and RIMPAC. lllll 1 ■■ 1 4 1 • I k4 if- rfffiv CAPT Kevin Campbell CDR Peter Falk CDR David Foley CDR Scott Cover CDR Thomas Meadows CDR Brian Nickerson CDR Anthony OhI CDR Kevin Ziomek LCDR Todd Cloutier LCDR Vitterio Crisp LCDR Robert Crow LCDR Wayne Goveia BV ■ f LCDR Joseph Kasperski LCDR Jeff Negus ' ' J LCDR Sean Robinson LCDR Dan Sander U 4 " ' r A t . Fr 1 -» M k K f t c L ' V J v V f Pr? c . b y J - i • . . i V 1 LCDR Tracy Shay LTJoa LT DavM Burmeistor LT Smn Clevenger LT Joseph Johnson LT John Laney LT Samuel Marshall LT Ian Nesbitt LT Kelly Nichols LT Allen Wallace LTJG Jason Lofton Ui N Ul N UlN | 4i Ittt Ik 1 1 1% • il V « J 4t • ' A OSCM Chris Wells CSCS Dedric Ward ENCS Edward Swanson Jr. FCCS David Charlesworth GSCS William Tate SKCS Joseph Vallido YNCS Anthony Clark CTTC Franklin RInaldi DCC William Vetter ENC James LIsenby ETC Michael Neff LNC Renate Williams YNC John Robinson fejoj . COM M AND i: R CAIKIM SlMKl Gl OUPNINS 397 y- 4 44 Y y y BM1 Darin Ashton CTT1 Eric Johnson CTT1 Earl Tapley r k -v JB ■Ml kifl 1 1 l%! " £u w » EN1 Christopher Nesbitt HM1 Michael Curtin IS1 Donald Lockwood IT1 Robert Welch 44 MA1 Kenneth Brenek OS1 Joshua Smith OS1 Dana Spangler PS1 Patrick Cook QM1 David Worthey 1 :A. p n H 1 yl f Y CS2 Derek Ideker CS2 Rachel Mares CS2 Jonathan Osborne CTR2 Christopher Hahn CTR2 Nathan St. Aubin p 5 1 f ' -Z ' . ■ CTT2 Joseph OeStetano OM2 Terry Jones IC2 Tyler Shellito IT2 Richard Blanco IT2 Ramona Brown f ! . P k. ss N iP m ta i 1 IT2 Travis Coleman IT2 Jerry Moreno IT2 Justin Shrader IT2 Andrea Smith IT2 Chaquitta Williams ♦ ♦« ■1 v%- - 7 1 k OS2 Daniel Campbell OS2 Daniel Gevillius OS2 Lisa Moore OS2 Christine Spencer OS2 Thomas Williams Ir r " » W lk . A lim si i 1 ( () M M AN I) i: k CMIII 399 KBi»% i J GAKOE pR ipEm iraiipiHiPKwii y H-nil COMMOBOM To see the war fighting skills of the Strike Group, one must enter the ZULU Module in CDC. There, you will find the warriors of Commander, Destroyer Squadron 9 (COMDESRON 9) led by Commodore Jeffrey Harley. As Sea Combat Commander, COMDESRON 9 is responsible for Undersea Warfare, Surface Warfare, Maritime Interdiction Operations, Mine Warfare, Screen Coordination, Submarine Element Coordination, Naval Cooperation and Guidance of Shipping Coordination, Helo Element Coordination and serves as Alternate Launch Area Coordinator for Strike missions. With such an impressive array of war fighting responsibilities, you would assume COMDESRON 9 is a large staff. In fact, a small group of 24 supremely talented warriors make up the team that set the goal to be " The most tactically proficient Destroyer Squadron in the Fleet. " The COMDESRON 9 philosophy is built upon three principles building teams, delivering combat readiness, and mentoring ship decisions. Teamwork is essential in a Strike Group and COMDESRON 9 is the model of teamwork, effectively interacting each and every day with the professionals of Carrier Strike Group 9 (CCSG9). Carrier Air Wing 2, l UK Jbi LCDR MICHAEL LOCKWOOD CDR SCOTT MURDOCK CHIEF STAFF OFFICER CfflEF STAFF OFFICER JUNE 2006 -JUNE 2008 NOVEMBER 2004 -JUNE 2006 FCCM (SW) KEVIN fflBBiT TS SENIOR ENLISTED ADVISOR ABRAHAM LINCOLN, MOBILE BAY, RUSSELL, and SHOUP. Integral members of all Strike Group teams involved in planning and executing the mission, from the Bubbas process to Intel to the Joint Planning Group, there is not much that happens that does not include the DESRON 9 team. Small in number, they are defined by inspiring teamwork, superior war fighting ability, and extraordinary tactical prowess. When not on deployment, COMDESRON 9 directs, oversees and assists the five ships of Destroyer Squadron 9 in achieving and maintaining the highest levels of material, operational and personnel readiness for the conduct of sustained naval operations. Commander, Destroyer Squadron 9 reports administratively and operationally to Commander, Carrier Strike Group 9 and is homeported in Everett, WA. EN GARDE! ¥4 4 NME DEPARTMENT HEADS j M YNC Juliet Rose LCDR Jonathan Van Lare LCDR Jonathan Holmgren N4 I ' m 4 1 ' •« LCDR Jennifer Mills N5 LCDR John LeFevre N3 LCDR Paul Maddox S i ITT f i n • LT Michael Farmer LT James Steffen LT Derek Swanson LTJG Savanna Dixon 4 4-. 4 CSC Denis Corpuz ITC James Perrin y Y Y OSC Jay Lankford OSC Robert Nuttall STGC Glenn Southward YN1 Randolph Scott YN2 Andy Brown Jr. m-fg i 403 h- M 55 ' - :i . HS2 ' GOLDEN FALCONS ' HSL47 ' SABERHAWKS ' i. iii»i il; VAQ 131 ' LANCERS ' VAW 116 ' SUN KINGS ' 404 2 VFA34 1 , UNTERS " " BLUE BLASTERS ' VFA151 VIGILANTES ' VFA 137 KESTRELS ' VRC 30 PROVIDERS ' IV 405 L C APT MATTHEW KLUNBER CAG 406 CARRIER AIR WING TWO (C VW 2) Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2) provides ready aircraft and trained aircrews to the Carrier Strike Group and Fleet Commanders. Enabling power projection, sea control, air superior- ity, electronic surveillance, airborne early warning, humanitarian assistance and combat search and rescue. CVW-2 is composed of eight squadrons and one detachment: VFA-137 " KESTRELS " and VFA-2 " BOUNTYHUNTERS " , flying the FA-18E F Super Hornet and VFA- 151 " VIGILANTES " flying the FA-18C, are homeported in NAS Lemoore.VFA-34 " BLUE BLASTERS " at NAS Oceana, also flying the FA-18C; VAQ-131 " LANCERS " at NAS Whidbey Island, flying the EA-6B Prowler; VAW-116 " SUNKINGS " at Point Mugu, flying the E-2C Hawkeye 2000. HS-2 " GOLDEN FALCONS " flying the SH-60F HH-60H Seahawk; HSL-47 " SABERHAWKS " flying the SH-60B Seahawk; and the VRC-30 DET II " PROVIDERS " out of NAS North Island flying the C-2 Greyhound. Though the mix of aircraft assigned to CVW-2 has varied since its inception, the mission and motto have remained the same: " For Lib- erty, We Fight! " CVW-2 ' s mission is to be prepared to conduct sustained combat opera- tions from the sea in support of national nterests.CVW-2 was established on May 1, 1945 as CVBG-74, the Navy ' s new battle concept. On December 20, 1963, after bringing aboard A4D-2 Skyhawks and F-4 Phantoms, the unit was designated CVW-2 and began to prepare for action as an Attack Air Wing. During seven combat deployments to Southeast Asia be- ginning in 1965, CVW-2 was credited with the first three confirmed MIG-17 kills over North- ern Vietnam and in February of 1967 earned a Navy Unit Commendation for coordinated operations in the Gulf of Tonkin. Peacetime operations from the mid-1970s through the late 1980s saw several changes in the Air Wing force structure with the addition of S-3 Vikings in 1979 and the F-14A Tomcats in 1980. In December of 1990, CVW-2 and USS Ranger (CVA-61) deployed to the Indian Ocean in support of Operation DESERT SHIELD, and on January 17, 1991, Launched coordinated night strikes against Iraq in support of Operation DESERT STORM. During the conflict, CVW-2 flew 10,500 hours and more than 140 multi- aircraft strikes. In 1993, a year of transition; three squadrons of FA-18 Hornets including VMFA-323, joined CVW-2. VF-2 transitioned from F-14A ' s to the F-14D Super Tomcat as well as incorporating a squadron of SH-60H Seahawks. CVW-2 was reassigned to the USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64) during her homeport change from Philadelphia, PA. to San Diego, CA. The dates of November 10, 1994, April 1, 1997, June 18, 1999, March 16, 2001, November 2, 2002, October 19, 2004, and March 3, 2006 have marked the beginnings of recent Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf Deployments for CVW-2. Throughout these com- bined 41 months of deployment time, CVW-2 has successfully conducted high-tempo op- erations in the Arabian Gulf, including more than 18,000 sorties in support of FIFTH Fleet and Operation SOUTHERN WATCH. In March 2003, CVW-2 led the opening strikes of Op- eration IRAQI FREEDOM and paved the way for our ground force advance on Baghdad. CVW-2 was reassigned to the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN Strike Group on August 1, 2003. Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2) played a major role in providing Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief to the victims of the 2004 earthquake tsunami that devastated the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. CVW-2 deployed once again in support of our national inter- ests while participating in multi-national exercises FOAL EAGLE ' 06, VALIANT SHIELD ' 06 and RIMPAC ' 06. 407 1 408 CAPT JOHN AQUILINO DCAG Iv fl .--:tS»- 4 T VTW CMDCM KEVIN MONROE COMMAND MASTER CHIEF 409 CDR Barry Crosby Jr. LCDR Eric Buus LCDR Trevor Estes l! n f JSKi L . m LCDR Martin Fuerst LCDR Todd Glasser LCDR Roderick Kurtz LCDR Steven Orren u m 1% r ' L ..oSsf -» - (nj4r« LCDR Ruben Ramos LCDR Eric Simon LCDR Matthew Verich LT Kelly Bishop LT Dan Coder | v n p 1 % » R ;• ► A ' b kHi f N • m •nfj LT Ben Dueliey LT Lisa Peterson LT Jason Pratt LT Jason Sherman LT Jody Weinstein 1 n fVlW LTJG Andrea Easton LTJG Peter Kauffmann LTJG Matthew Kokkeler ' l .- siipn-1 AVCM Robert Banner ADCS Duane Gilray AOCS Luke Shepard AEC Terry Sanders ¥4 4 4j. t 1 li ? AZC Christopher Green ITC James Jackson SKC Mario Moreno YNC Steven Borba WING TWO :msm I« X N ilF Y y Y kl. i 1 r » AM1 Anita Farmer 4 A01 Robert Towk AT1 John Smith OSSN Robert Head .;!j 0S1 Quintin Morris PS1 EldukI Ngiralngas YN1 Nino Delosreyes YN2 Shannon Murray 0S3 Arnel Sapida YN3 Gabriela Gonzalez mmi EJi Bi 4 1 §, k B. ' m | 4 ••• 3 M AN Lisa Mendez AN Raymond Uson OSSA Peter Hasslinger - " - ' -- -• m — m 4 • :««fftlkH«!V W ' %3 413 f H w SB 1. CDR RTTCHARD THOMPSON COMMANDING OFFICER The HS-2 Golden Falcons embarked aboard the aircraft carrier USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) for a WestPac 2006 deployment on March 3, 2006 from their homeport San Diego, California. A nation at war had called upon its power projection force to provide deterrence during turbulent times. The men and women of HS-2 set out to provide support to Carrier Strike Group 9 (CSG 9) and eagerly accepted any task presented to them. They performed all assigned 1 missions with tremendous professionalism and precise execution. In clear skies or freezing rain, over water or over dry land, day or night, the Golden Falcons were called upon time and again to get the job done, whatever the mission happened to be. Tasks ranged from Anti-Submarine Warfare, Special Operations support and logistics to countless hours of plane guard and standing alerts. im EMCMWI omcEi CMBCM MYMONIO MMOS From the Commanding Officer to the newest airman, the Golden Falcons would not rest until the mission was complete. HS-2 often showed tremendous flexibility and unshakable resolve in providing all required assets for both carrier operations and squadron detachments. The Golden Falcons bring a multitude of capabilities to the Carrier Strike Group with both the SH-60F and HH-60H series Seahawk helicopter. From the shores of Southern California to the frozen terrain of South Korea to the tropical islands of Guam and Hawaii, HS-2 was ready to execute the mission at hand under any and all circumstances, holding true to their reputation as the " WORLD FAMOUS GOLDEN FALCONS " ? ' !BSaS t ' " . ' • LCDR Luke James LCDR Mark Leavitt LCDR Joel Moss LCDR Jennifer Wilderman LT Scott Cohick LT James Desrosiers LT Ethan Haines LT Joshua Hamel LT Gregory Knutson LT Matthew Pescador LT Michael Skyta LT William Stickney LTJG John Cauthen LTJG Blake Chaney 1. H f-if» ' 0- ' X ::: i ' k l i ! l.. iJpa Q LTJG Timothy Miller 1 h ' fti 1- p s h f i i r t v «a B n ■«Mni b t y ¥ V LTJG Christopher otto LTJG William Sanders LTJG Jeffrey Schwab LTJG Matthew Wright CW02 Thomas Johnson 417 i 3 .vy nW v V. V UiNLIlNUiN ! i i j s i ■ ¥ ¥ A ¥ H ¥ ¥ ¥ k ;,% ■ - €? AECS Geoffrey Huk AMCS Gregory Behrends AWCS Jesse Cash ADC Ingrid Seymour Ik! ' ' AEC Walter Trent AOC Rudolph Difiglla ATC Ignacio Garza AWC Michael Ousley YNC Stanley Mitchum Y Y y tj . ' B N ' FTTT 1 ¥ « HBt l k « AD1 Hector Quiroga AE1 Cynthia Lcggc AE1 Wayne Waddington AM1 Dennis Darland f- li r a ? l| il. " " ' .3: yI AMI Ernest Florez AM1 Jesse Passons AM1 Winfred Vermillion 1 A01 Dennis Abela A01 Kenneth Early ¥ ¥ ■♦ 0|5I Y AT1 Shawn Joseph AT1 Jeffrey Smith AW1 Shane Gibbs AW1 Cory Merritt AW1 Paul Noriega is2 HS-2 419 1 . 5r ) AW1 David VanderBeek NC1 Marcus Webb PR1 Christopher Kennedy PS1 Evelyn Fosu-Enninful s Z r pf- J w W ' w ' : - 1 K y PS1 Kenneth Luna PS1 Eduardo Meneses YN1 Julio Ramirez AD2 Jonathan Bradley : V r 1 1 ¥¥ + k ni ;» r c HH V t AD2 Antonio Conlu AD2 Samuel Davis ADZ John Gercis AE2 Cesar Pina-Rivera AE2 Michael Delaney AE2 James Marlow AE2 Jamie Schinofen AM2 Carlos Ayala AM2 Travis Bales AM2 Benjamin Conrad AM2 Daniel McDarls A02 Jeremiah Buel A02 David Levin AT2 Avery Kunz AW2 Steven Alcaraz AW2 Andrew Diekmann AW2 Kevin Freeland AW2 Jacob Ohisen AW2 Vincent Rodriguez AW2 Kenneth Rowe ¥ 4 AW2 Brandon Spegal AW2 Timothy Sullivan H B j B % V AW2 Christopher Walding AW2 Zachary Webb AZ2 Shane Bakke AZ2 Mark Bonilla 1 AZ2 Leroy Reyes PR2 Justin Watt n; , CS2 John Nickens SK2 Kimberly Westfield YN2 Jennefer Allen B ' 7 L. 1 V IT f ■ " ' i 1 IT2 Brandon Darr IT2 Jonathan Henson PR2 Jeremiah Armstrong 1 M K Z N ' " -.I 1 SK2 Robert Batchar SK2 Rodante Pinpin SK2 Eddie Randall ADS Cody Miller SK2 Felicia Wells L w --m-- 1 1 -i ■ 1 1 AD3 Tristan Vaughn AE3 David Cahlll AE3 Andrew Harris AM3 Kevin Baas AM3 Daniel Pesce AM3 Jason Ramirez AM3 Jeremiah Smith ES-2 423 ■ ■ ■ 4 m i Y V AM3 Christopher Sturm AM3 P. Techachaiponpoj A03 Michael Gulp A03 Cornelius Matkins A03 Ashley McNeese ¥ 4 AT3 Charleston Hughey AT3 Eric Leon AT3 Benjamin Ristine AW3 Patrick Baumia AW3 Ian Creen AW3 Johnathan Reese AW3 Robert Runnels AW3 Ralph Topete AW3 Patrick Treman AZ3 Jeremy Clements it U 1 CS3 Elma Brigida Benavidez CS3 Sameth Moth CSS Matthew Nohe CS3 Daniel Wells MA3 Sandra Gibson PS3 Stafford Card PS3 Eric Tusing SK3 Jowie Baja SK3 Jonathan Nygaard SK3 Andrey Zhuk 425 YN3 Carmeca Lawrence YN3 Johnathan McLaurin ADAN Lance Bemardini ADAN Long Quan ADAN Steven Williams AEAN Jeremy Bates AEAN Connor Burkart AEAN Daniel Driskill AEAN Shane Pfannenstlel AEAN Rodolfo Rosas III AEAN Wyatt Short AEAN Heather Silva AMAN Tyler Clausen AMAN Javier Galarza AMAN German Marin ¥ 4 AMAN Daniel McBride AMAN William Ready AMAN Noal Russell AMAN Samuel Schumacher AMAN Joshua Senear ¥¥4 AMAN Patrick Sutton AN John Alba AN Mohamed Douha AN Krystel Francis AN Kyshaun Jones fc ' • AN Le Nguyen AN Josue Rodrlguez-Cabral AN Kurt Smith AN Paul Zahara AOAN Tenzin Tomacho ' " ;7 L -aP ■ 427 m ' s ATAN Andrew Lofton II AZAN Sarah Blue AZAN Richard Borbely AZAN Mary Jill Yap SKSN Denis Buzimkic , - • SKSN Deva Devera SKSN Mark Huber II ' C H SKSN Cole Riley ¥ ¥ A SKSN Robert Songo AA Rashad Abushanab 1 ••• AA Nel Andaya Demetrius Duekctt AA Pahamoshawn Johnson AA Oscar Woolfolk Jr. ADAA Carlos Martinez Ic p. ' .i AOAA Tyler Dewey ADAR Michael Chase AR Aaron GIscher AR Luis Orozco AR Joseph Shanahan AR Antwan Smith m-2 429 CDR DANIEL BOYLES COMMANDING OFFICER The HSL-47 " SABERHAWKS " are a test bed for the new Helicopter Master Plan Concept called " Bravo to Sea. " HSL-47 transitioned from a traditional SH-60B Seahawk helicopter expeditionary command to a fully deployable, aircraft carrier based squadron to prepare for the next generation of helicopters, the MH-60R Knighthawk. The squadron ' s mission is Anti-Submarine Warfare, Surface Surveillance and Control, Vertical Replenishment and Search and Rescue operations. " We ' re the eyes and ears of the strike group, and our mission is to protect our ships and combat power, " said CDR Shawn P. Malone, Executive Officer of HSL-47. HSL-47 prepared for it ' s second deployment with LINCOLN through its Fleet Response Plan. The Fleet Response training includes multi-warfare exercises, educating crewmembers and earning ¥ ¥ 0 J im o» 2a . CMSMWNMALOM EMCMWE OmCEl COMMAND MASimi CHIEF qualifications. Command Master Chief (SW) Terry W. Piper said it ' s the first cruise for many of the squadron members, so veteran members have stepped up and provided leadership and advice to prepare them for deployment. " This deployment is a mixture of an old and new way of deploying with our Command Element stationed with LINCOLN, " said CDR Daniel Boyles, Commanding Officer. HSL-47 also has two Combat Elements on board USS MOBILE BAY (CG-53) and USS SHOUP (DDG-86), each with two SH-60B helicopters and 25 personnel. " I am ready to see this squadron in action, " said Boyles. " I am extremely proud of all the SABERHAWKS for their extremely hard work and superb efforts and look forward to taking them to sea. " 4 jm. LCDR Richard Morrison LCDR Kenneth Strong LCDR William Whitsitt LT Nathaniel Anderson LT Ken Deppisch LT Stuart Lindley LT Ryan MacPherson LT David Rodrigues LT Sam Scruggs LTJason Sherman LT Matthew Zarraclna LTJG James Bowen LTJG Kyle Lambert LTJG Robert Mack II. 1 h H mt-f w m Jmsi LTJG Christopher Moore LTJG Jim Scharff LTJG Dustin Wood LTJG Peter Yu ENS Vic Baidoni H i 1 S 1 ' .- ' W ■ »■ ENS Bridget Kelly ENS Leo Nepomuceno CVV04 Arnel Sto. Domingo 433 US N U IN U 1 N ADCS Roseller Campano AWCS Steve Winter YNCS Melissa Sandidge ADC Antonio Agoncillo ADC Arnold Escano AEC Kevin Bengston AEC Julie Smith AEC Bryan Ternus AMC Gregg Isaac AWC R. Scott Abplanalp ITC Christine Fuller AD1 Antonio Hernandez AD1 George Lewis AD1 Gerald Reynoso AE1 Angola Kase AE1 Eric Krause AE1 Ivy Taylor AM1 Hov ard Chase AM1 Ron Flock AM1 Christopher Jones AM1 Justin Monaghan A01 Joel Gonzales A01 Jason Lesher A01 Shane O ' Connor AT1 Jose Gonzalez i % l:: I pt " ■ ' 9 l l V ' i 1 y AT1 Anthony Rojo AW1 Kenneth Ball AW1 XIpe Brooks AW1 Drake Hernandez AZ1 Ronald Tranbarger 435 I 1 NC1 Althea Komorowski PR1 Rolando Dayao PS1 Michael Borrero SK1 Clifton Demery m ' " •n- iw, y ¥¥4 ¥¥ ' ST f SK1 Tiajuana Hill AD2 Tod Beights AD2 Don Garman AD2 Eddie Ramos rr -¥ -( s V « J 1- g 1 1 1 AE2 Anthony Evans AE2 Emery Kucharik AE2 Michael Sebastian AM2 Frank Davis Jr. AM2 Richard Johnson ' % y ¥ i 3 ' " k Y J. AM2 Patrick McCosar AM2 John McFalls AM2 Ringo Olmos A02 Jason Teeter AT2 Ricky Batts AT2 Brandon Maxwell AT2 Gil Romero AT2 Gilbert Salazar AT2 Bryan Young AW2 Zachary Dotson K- K A T AW2 Nathan Minear AW2 Evan Ramirez AZ2 Hipolito Cedillo AZ2 Nicholas Goodin AZ2 Daniel Kalvaitis 437 i . " 4 AZ2 Derrick Marshall IS2 Kathryn DiBacco IT2 Trista Mumper L 9 CV mm im | 1 f y 1 ■. S.V. OS2 D.J. Canales 1 PR2 Kristin Glumack SK2 Timothy Williams YN2 Christopher Jamison AD3 Roy Hernandez AD3 Christopher Marshall AD3 Emil Jalfred Orencia AD3 Jeffrey Sanchez ADS Dennis Santarinala AE3 Casey Pilcher Bi fi AE3 Barry Wise AM3 Ryan Burke AM3 Daniel Kiser AM3 Marvin Tarter AM3 Michael Williams rC I ¥ A03ZacharyConnell A03 MIclwel Haupert ATS Rolax Green ATS Alexander Hunter ATS Kevin OConnell ►ST. m r i m i AW3 Bryan Aska AW3 Victor Eguez AW3 Christopher Riley AW3 Jonathan Santana AZ3 Rene Dominguez E ' s t " h i 1 1 W ...n.w 1 hi lp. 1 )K 1 CS3 Rayan Bennett CS3 Janna Herbert CS3 Katherine Radebaugh HM3 Vincent Montgomery PR3 Zack Maxey 439 t PR3 Christopher Roots PS3 Gary Ross A YN3 Joe Gonzalez L " . PS3 Rodolfo Morales SK3 Adrian Galang SK3 Nwoha Okam L 1 k ADAN Jerry Rivera ADAN Ayele Tegegne ADAN Louis Toy I wi ' £t Kf AMAN KennethRey Chua AMAN Joshua Clark AMAN Christopher Clegg AMAN Derek Emter AMAN Alejandro Gonzalez AMAN Muraimu Muya AMAN Carl Pollard AN Celjna Avalos AN Robert Boyd AN Jose Cotto K ' h ' t;: li. AN Jeffery Hill AN Victor Ixtarojas AN Dustin Kraxner AN Kevin Miljour AN Stefany Menjivar AN Joseph Montoya AN Christopher Potton AN Akesiu Tafuna AN Willis Thomas AN James Tobar AOAN Tarey Dodd AOAN James Harkins AOAN Darrell Moore ATAN Jose Borromeo ATAN Shayne Gibson iRH4(|. ATAN William Stein H ' ? 9 | L 1 f " A y i ' !i d ..„. ATAN Michael Uresti ATAN Adam Williams AZAN James Lynch CSSN Karen McKay M ¥ ¥- Bk sy: w CSSN Christopher Sprouse SKSN Christopher Pham AA Hadi El-Abiad AA Christopher Pate AR Christopher Cox AR Evan Wilson 443 :f n " n. ' Sj " -f r CDR TED WILLIAMS COMMANDING OFnCER The Lancers of VAQ-131 are based out of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Wash., in the heart of beautiful Puget Sound. The Lancers fly the Grumman EA-6B Prowler. Their mission is to provide worldwide support to deny enemies the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Through electronic attack and firing the High Speed Anti- Radiation Missile (HARM), the Lancers project power globally by jamming enemy air defenses and communication nodes. Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 131 (VAQ-131) has been though numerous transitions since its beginning in 1946 when the squadron was commissioned as reserve Patrol Squadron 931 (VP 931). From 1946 through 1955, VP 931 flew the P-2V Neptune. In 1956, the squadron transitioned to the Douglas A-3 Skywarrior and was redesignated as Heavy Attack Squadron 4 ' VAQ 131 LANCERS CDl WILLIAM PARK EMCMWE OmCM CMDCM MICHAEL PEACH (VAH 4). In November 1968, the squadron received the EKA-3 version of the Skywarrlor and was re-designated as the Tactical Warfare Squadron 131. In May of 1971, the Lancers of VAQ-131 became the second operational squadron to transition to the standard version of the Grumman EA-6B Prowler. The Lancers have participated in every major conflict since the Korean War and have earned the well-deserved motto of " Combat Proven. " The Lancers have amassed seven Battle " E " Awards, two Tactical Excellence Awards, and two Prowler Squadron of the Year Awards. The Lancers take pride in their contributions to our great country, the United States Navy and the Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2), USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) team. VAQ-131 always maintains the Lancer standard of " Only the Best Will Do. " mil LCDR Chri stopher Demay LCDR Mike Macnicholl LCDR Peter Milnes LCDR Scott Propst 1 Lt 43 Jk . . aLJ " ,1 H ih ' r -«■«•; 1 LCDR Bobby Savanh LCDR Christopher Sauflcy LT Erica Burficid LT Joscttc Curtis LT Russ Elkin LT John French LT Joshua Fuller LT Kevin Inabnit LT Josh Jones LT Mike Lisa ' •L- y H M ihS ' . LT Stephen May LT Michael Strauss : g ' » ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ■ ¥ ¥ ■ h J LT Kathryn McMahon LT Brian Murphy LT John Nelson LT Lloyd Planty IX ( ¥ i ■ ¥ ' ¥ ¥ ' ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ■ ¥ ¥ ■ S9 H ' f !L .,. , ,„.-,J LTJG Alex Madden LTJG Joshua Pollak LTJG Nathan Sayer LTJG Joseph Stierwalt VAQ-131 LTJG Chad Walker 447 LISNUiNUIN ■ ¥ ■ AM ¥ ¥ ' m X ▲ s ATCS Kenneth Wolf AVCM Jeffery Amidon ADCS Jeff Mollis ADC Geoffrey Brumage AMC Robert Beplate AMC Terry McCabe AMEC Cody James AOC Rich Heard ATC Seth Cummlngs NCC Dwayne Bell YNC Wyndess Lund .-f " CAI Jf » ' QUILINO SQO CRVll r K s YNC » H)U vAa.i3i I " 4S Y y ¥ ssg i AD1 Eric Banks AD1 Israel Moya AD1 Plus Yangal AE1 John Bujnoch !9 ¥ ¥ ' ¥¥ -f s f fc i,; 1 ¥ ■■¥ Y ' ¥ ' ■ ¥ ■ y ••• 7 AE1 Randal Pearce AE1 Jacob Wassenaar AM1 Edward Butler AM1 Theodore Kowalski AM1 Jeremy Parks ¥ ¥ ■ mi . ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ■ ¥ ¥ ■ s AM1 Cory Prescott A01 Floyd Morvant A01 Michael Sasser AT1 Jack Hyatt AT1 Chris Kelly .■■ V 1 1 . ¥ ¥ ■ 1 s 4i ¥¥ ¥ ¥ ' k t.¥ ¥ ' 9 m t AT1 Robert Rhodes AT1 Kerry Reed AZ1 Charles Allen CTT1 David Stringer MA1 Bryan Sardenga 449 I PR1 William Cortez PR1 Kelly Steveson PS1 Kourt Salt SK1 Denise Hood ¥ ¥4 AD2 Christopher Acton AD2 Christopher Diaz AD2 Davon Stephen AD2 Rafael Suareztorres 1 fc ¥ ' Vf ¥ ■ I ¥ ■ ¥ ■ ¥¥ ¥ ¥ ' AD2 George TichI AE2 Michael Wood AE2 Cory Young AM2 Thomas Bond AM2 Gerald Olvera H AM2 Othello Pardo AM2 Kenneth Poyneer AM2 Eric Preston AM2 Peterson Thurgood AME2 Jonathan Gillentlne AME2 James McCulley AME2 Anthony Pepper A02 Tyler Mathes AT2 Jeremy Barnett AT2 Anna Krisko AT2 Michael Nussbaum AT2 Mark Potter AZ2 Ian Daniels AZ2 Gerald Hansen AZ2 Laketh Waters X V.:i ' ii OAND€R f€STINC HOOK . ' J mi: 3 .-vu v Vi N VVsuJ A f VAQ-IJI VAQ-131 -% - ' r 1 CS2 Choke Bennett fe. CS2 Jerime Jones IS2 Jesse Leonard 1 4 grs idM N ' 1 IT2 Chad Wolf I ¥ ■ W ¥ ■ L . » y -J PR2 Trysha De Lore 1 Y PR2 Chris Majors SK2 Ruthly Chery SK2 Jonathan Ferrer SK2 Brian Nelson YN2 Maria Schade AD3 Eric Bessinger AD3 Aaron Geiger AD3 Zackary Gruwell AD3 Desmond Henry AD3 Michael Stone ' -J .. V ll 1 AE3 William Bishop AE3 Mancy Hammond AE3 William Roemer II AM3 Charles Altman AM3 Dwayne Best 4- AM3 Anthony Crist AM3 Neil Cunningham AM3 Charles Euton AM3 Rochelle Goodenough AM3 John Grantham . , - AM3 Phillip Harrison AM3 Earl Johnson AM3 Aron Wicks AME3 Gregory Brumann AME3 Ryan McCartney S S- s AME3 Daniel Peacock A03 Anthony Hussain AT3 Meredith Ansley AT3 Eric Blosser AT3 Trevor Lincecum 453 AT3 James Parrish J • ' £-■ 1 V AT3 Wayne Pua AT3 Kevin Swenson ATS Yuri Taylor 0-% p i;- P ' ' yj 1 ' ATS Nicholas Winsick AZ3 Andrew Haley AZS Paul Mooney CSS Douglas Turner - ] .y -. ■I A ' HM3 Matthew Walker ISS Dean Limb YN3 Ryan O ' Connor YNS Alecia Register k uo l feK vrTT- V H ADAN Adan Aguilarlinares ADAN Darrin Carlisle ADAN Richard Henry ADAN Matthew Henze 7 . f ¥ ¥ ' ¥ ■ 9 1 V — ADAN Amy Kester ADAN Eric Mendoza ADAN Michael Puckett ADAN Tiffany Willis AEAN Garret Borntrager VAQ-131 UM 455 AEAN Bradley Borror AEAN Joel HIddema AEAN Robert Huff AEAN Michael Hyatt 1 ■ ■ k AEAN Camilo Morales AEAN Robert Rothering AEAN Timothy Tippett AMAN David Diggs Jr. AMAN Amber Durden AMAN Jacob Edinger AMAN Dean Idleman AMAN Christopher Salge AMAN Torre Streifthau " rs AMEAN Agustin Garcia Jr. AMEAN David Prudhomme AMEAN Timothy Stone AN Ronald Brown AN Joseph Dacey AN Shane Grammer AN Damien Spencer AN Brandon Van Baggen AN Gary Whisenant AOAN John Bird AOAN Melissa Cruz AOAN Davon Jones AOAN David IVIanchion AOAN Joseph Manzano AOAN Joel Montecarlo AOAN Christopher Saenz ATAN Trevor Denny AZAN Matthew Mustico CTTSN David Smith Jr. SKSN Joshua Benton 457 • • • if ' i«- if Py 1 M SKSN Frederick Johnson SKSN Timothy IVIartin SKSN Carlos Osorio SKSN Brad Wallen YNSN Danisha Johnson it 31 ' YNSN Felicia Matchers AA Keith Davidson AA Misty Granado AAAdam Mines AAZachary Juarez AA Felipe Lomeli AA Ryan Schaedel ATAA Aaron Brewer CSSA Jason McDaniel PRAA Joseph Vlllarreal | 1 r ■ V .1 ■ f IE 1 ' Z ■ft ta }fc IMT ■ l r Hdi ; 1 1 . ' 1 i ' " I IM I I • S ' i ' ' 1 J AR Joshua Martin AR Cody Wood AR Jason Zito PSSR Sylvester Allen 459 3 ■± . CDR JAMES McHUGH COMMANDING OFHCER VAW-116 is located in Point Mugu, Calif, under the cognizance of Commander, Airborne Command Control and Logistics Wing. Commissioned on April 20, 1967, VAW-116 began operations with the E-2B aircraft. To date, the squadron has completed 22 deployments on eight different carriers including the final deployment of USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64) during 2002-03. The squadron has operated with different versions of the original aircraft including the E-2C Group " 0 " and Group " 2 " and currently the E-2C Hawkeye 2000 aircraft. During the 1970 ' s and ' 80s the squadron completed several deployments to the Western Pacific Indian Ocean area in support of Cold War operations. VAW-116 deployed aboard USS RANGER (CV-61) on Dec. 8, 1990 in support of Operations Desert Shield Desert Storm. During Operation Desert Storm, the squadron flew 1,364 total flight hours and L . VAW 116 SUM iONGS 1 CBRMNBYBLACKMON CMBCM KENNETH ELLENBIORG IIECMWE OfflCEl COMMAW MAgTEl CfflEF spent 93 days on station in the Arabian Gulf. Following the Gulf War, the squadron completed several deployments to enforce the " No Fly Zone " in support of Operation Southern Watch. In Nov. 2001, the squadron detached to Norfolk, VA. to provide continual airborne early warning coverage over the East Coast in support of Operation Noble Eagle following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. In its recent history, the squadron has also participated in counter narcotics surveillance operations. In 2004, the Sun Kings assisted in Operation Unified Assistance in Banda Aceh, Indonesia following the earthquake and tsunami that struck the area. The Sun Kings are proud to be a part of Operation Valiant Shield and Rim of the Pacific Exercise during WESTPAC 2006. h: . WSABRK lllll ll it- F f Jp ■HH- 1 UQM ■ LCDR Paul Dale LCDR Daniel Harwood LCDR Bryant Medelros LCDR Thomas Santomauro rt LCDR Eric Smith LT Patricia Ajoy LT Ricardo Alston LT Craig Connor LT Brendan D ' Anna LT Brandon Gill LT Kay Gschwind LT Matthew LaChappelle LT Christopher LeBlanc LT Brad McNeese LT Paul Meyer LT Sean Newby LT Michael Nunziato LT Tara Refo LT Andrew Sylvia f Ik P X. 1 LT Gregg Sweeney LT Justin Ward LT Carl Whorton LT Lee Zaitsman LTJG Bryan Dahlquist LTJG Jonathan Gathman LTJG Omar Torres ENS Curtis Beling ENS Kevin Shaver CW02 Clifford Clingcnsmith 463 USN UlN U|N N |4v 1 ■ . ItCJ ADCS Robert Voit m 4. |TT V hi; J t fc R ? 1 J ATCS Earl Muff ADC Gerry Polohanan 1 1 A AEC Gilbert Acob AEC Tracy Snow AMC Kyle Kurtz AMC Jose Hans Mendoza |r a! n AMC Jeffrey Turney ATC Joseph Clark AZC Paul Hummel y Y y 2T B l Hji ffi H 1 ' tf I ' -i Jl YNC Stevie Span AD1 Ronald Bernal AD1 Jimmie Fadness AD1 Peter Farala AD1 Edite Kristlibs AE1 Gary Staggs AM1 David Kidd AM1 Gina Lim AM1 Veneer Maranan AM1 Robert McCune - n s 5 k ' f rr i AM1 Sukarno Reyes AME1 Bryan Lindsey AT1 Ethan Clark AT1 Andrew Hamblin AT1 Michael Noel " f 3 ? AZ1 Phillip Collins AZ1 Derek Novak AZ1 Ligia Velazquez IT1 Roland Lee LN1 Melanie Harris 465 MA1 Keevin Pierson NCI Alton Lamontagne PS1 Robin Freeneyreed PS1 Arnel Olaso «. -aw- PS1 Lamberto Tayag Jr. SK1 Cipriano Lopez AD2 Jesse Blair AD2 Bradley Bryson p 1 g 1 -4. AD2 Leon Burton AD2 Tate Hugh AD2 Thomas Medina AD2 Duanc Moore AD2 Julio Ramirez -♦ ' + AE2 Richard Amos AE2 Danielle Hinton AE2 Rashad Jacobs AE2 James Schanks AM2 Joe Curtis ¥A m m L W ■ 1 B AIVI2 Manuel Garcia AM2 Nestor Guzman AM2 Hector Martinez AM2 Kelly McLemore AM2 Brody Prather v jWP AME2 Oliver Ventura AM2 Huu Tran 467 AT2 Mark McMahon AT2 Stacy Meyer AT2 Timothy Stanich AZ2 Heather Arias AZ2 Anthony Fore i ' i ¥¥ f ¥ ¥ - k CS2 Roland Bajit IT2 Andrew Perkins PR2 David Folnsbee PR2 John Reindt SK2 Ronald Belfort |7T U ¥ w 1 ¥ ¥ ¥¥ E3Y Is- I 1 ■ m SK2 Jose Garcia AD3 Alison Bennett AD3 Benjamin Doughty AD3 Quy Iran AD3 Shawn Valentine ¥ ¥ + tip r ¥ s ' ,1 L r ■ ' ■ 1 AE3 Emily Hovendick AE3 Roque Luna AE3 Robert Smith AM3 Peter Cervantes AM3 Vincent Estrada % AM3 Amanda Fields AM3 Brien Glenn AM3 Thomas Jenkins AM3 Joshua Leant AM3 Stephen Lord 469 M L -4 1 ¥ ¥ ' :;- 1 FT f ■ ?. 1 1 4. r . 1 jy -o-v 1 r AME3 Harley Kinell AT3 Alejandro Chavez AT3 Christopher Fulton ATS Kim Mao AT3 Christopher McGlaughlin AT3 Christopher Worthen AT3 Juluadweh Wreh CS3 Matrin Gerk HM3 Rudy Rios MA3 Leslee Olson KL 1 d §1 ¥ ' wK B ' " ' Ml r. PR3 Michael Lindt PS3 Emery Torres YN3 Denniska Bol anos 1 ' i ,v ii:- " »- r2|HS5 ADAN Ryan Aczon ADAN Josh Cordero AEAN Chrs Bushart AEAN Jesus Rosado Rivera ii. 1- ¥ ¥ ' ¥ ¥ ■ ¥- g| 1 r B 1 , 1 r i l f-. -j • ii A-1 6 AMAN Joshua Mathis AMAN William Morse AMAN Eugene Portiz AMAN Scotty Slajer AMEAN Ivan Gonzales J 7 AMEAN Christopher Lee mmmmm ' ' ' AN Jamar Moore AN Carol Mejia Perez AN Elias Neri AN Brandy Purdy AN Janelle Simmons AN Daniel Sollenne ATAN Gary Hibner ATAN Thanh Nguy ATAN Nathaniel Smith AZAN Marc lannarino u;: :. k. wL T- Vi k t ' su 1 I ' VM ► " t- - k " 1 J- J s AZAN Chris Marion AZAN Nancy Reyes AZAN Rosa Salinas CSSN Shaun Motley ITSN Manuel Gomez F ■• ' 4 4 W SKSN Luis Garcia SKSN Alan Taylor SKSN Amarylis Luna-Valdez AA J.C. Amparan AA Elliot Littles V .i A 473 Ol AA Daniel Nieves ' « F — !♦♦ . h m 11.- ' f m M fLM iftfl K ' NP M 1 iVr n r 1 k yc ' ■» .. .«• ' . I::: Mr 1 1- 2 AA Michelle Sisney .X AA Isael Villasenor AEAA Keith Loederman AMAA Shaun Malone AMAA Allen Strohm AMEAA Amanda Smith PRAA Scharlanea Cleveland AEAR Bryan Staub AMAR Kyle Geiger AR Edward Carmona AR Derick Jaramiilo AR Kevin Peine AR Jay Smith AR Tavien Tabron AR Brandon Wilson if w -y CSSR Kaylin Phillips 475 ii ' MFA=a2 .: ' 5;a ■ asss CDR JOHN EDEN COMMANDING OFFICER Strike Fighter Squadron 2 (VFA 2)has a proud history that can be traced back to the beginning of naval aviation. Originally designated VF-2, the squadron was the first to be deployed aboard the Navy ' s first aircraft carrier, USS Langley (CV-1). The squadron ' s Vought VE-7 Biplanes were painted with a red, white and blue stripe universally known as the " Langley Stripe. " The " Langley Stripe " is still proudly displayed on the squadron ' s F A-18Fs today. Prior to World War II, the squadron, which was composed largely of enlisted pilots and known as the " Flying Chiefs, " was regarded as the " hottest outfit afloat. " During World War II, VF-2, flying F6-FB ' s, achieved an incredible 87-to-1 aerial combat kill ratio that helped make the Hellcat one of the most legendary fighters of the war. ' I After World War II, the squadron stood down and was absent from naval aviation s3: " OB Tr] : CM SCOTT GOTMOND EMCMWE OmCEE CMDCM WAYNE SMTH COMMA» Wmim CfflIF for 27 years. VF-2 was reestablished and became known as the " Bounty Hunters " when they were selected to introduce the Grumman F-14 Tomcat to the fleet. In July 2003, the Bounty Hunters were redesignated VFA-2 upon their transition from the F-14D to the Navy ' s newest strike fighter aircraft, the F A-18F. Since returning from their WESTPAC deployment in March 2005, VFA-2, along with Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2) and the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) have maintained a high state of readiness through several sustainment training preiods. The Bounty Hunters continue to display a high level of skill and readiness while maintaining their famous motto, " If you ' re not having fun, you ' re not doing it rigtit! " ' Jl 5 |l- Q W %0 € J 1 ' f ' 1 .Ju;. 1 LCDR Joe Barnes LCDR Vorrice Burks LCDR James Crate 1- hi M L K- b. r A 1 L J -i 1 1 1 LCDR Boyd Decker LCDR John Depree LCDR Kelly Federal LCDR Joe Guerrein ¥ ¥ ¥ LCDR Timothy Loy LCDR Marc Miguez LCDR Robert Simone LCDR Chad Spencer LT Harry Chrest r 1 wn- 1 LT Rory Du Pont LT Ryan Fulwidcr LT Rich Grove LT Frank Hclchinger LT Douglas Hool • r» . 1 LT Christopher Kisich LT Erie McQueen LT Peter Morgan LT Rigcl Pirronc LT James Pribbic II LT Chad Redmer LT Dennis Rippy ll | ll 1 |] i-TWi k ' LT Erik Stinson LT Aaron Vcrnallis LT Philip Zarum LTJG Jonathan Farley LTJG Kyle Gilbert ssesss WA-2 seiJHW 479 LTJG James Huddleston LT JG Daniel Jones LTJG John McGee LTJG Chris Nicoletti l1 - U- • p ' LTJG Daniel Sternberg LTJG David Wells LTJG Nicholas Willet LTJG Brian Zellner US N U 1 N U IN AFCM Jerry Welsh ADCS Darren Curtis AECS Richard Zeimet AMCS Donald Zeno 1 S " " i 1 ATCS John C loyes PRCS Dudley Sanders ADC Matthew Heathcoat ADC Terry Middleton AMC Robert Owens AMEC Randolph Hendricks AMEC Beko Rivera AOC Thomas Rose ATC Shawn Edwards ATC Bobbie Pulley AZC Henry Frank II YNC Marcelo Carrillo ¥ ¥ y Y y a AD1 Esteban Gone AD1 Robert Miranda AE1 Todd Wing r " 1 V I AIVI1 William Dahl AM1 Steve Hallock AM1 Michael Plumley AM1 Kevin Sauer AME1 Richard Brickey AME1 Miguel Gonzalez A01 Samuel Guzman A01 Michael Lanhart A01 Charlie Odom A01 Robert Thurlow AT1 Richard Vanda AZ1 Kari Pommerening CS1 Adam Decle IS1 Raul Rivas-Schlanger ■ iV ¥¥ ■¥ ' ¥ ■ ■¥ ♦ • mm k k ' M : 1 1 m. mk ' , L, W ! ' - A s i h T k m2 s 1 MA1 Randall Youngblood NC1 Vance Watson Jr. PH1 John Yoder PR1 James Lemley SK1 Roberto Paquia AD2 Sergio Aguilar AD2 Ruben Pizarro 483 a ¥ ' rC y i AD2 Michael Quinlan AD2 Jeffrey Tolbert AD2 Juan Zarate AE2 Sean Casey AE2 Christopher Morley - . - W ¥ ' W ¥ ' . AM2 Thomas Ashworth AM2 David Ball AM2 Jason Brown AM2 Jason Everett AM2 Shannon Golden AM2 Jeffrey Hanson AM2 Mauro Hernandez AM2 Scott Lucas AME2 Morville Cunningham AME2 Michael Hebert it ¥¥ J r ■ l» 1 ' ■••■• ▲ Y V " AME2 David Keegan A02 Joshua Colebank A02 Scott Dwyer 1 iS 1 ff -e A02 Daniel Hernandez A02 Dennis IHoiloman A02 Christopher Martinez AT2 Harry Figueroa AT2 Joseph Huyge AT2 John Llewellyn AT2 Rosalie Roberts AZ2 Joshua Brown AZ2 Brittany Morgan AZ2 Christina Rodriguez IT2 Troy Camp PH2 Julian Olivari 1 - ¥¥ ' ¥¥ ¥ ¥ - ¥■ IP l |J W ' 1 4 . 1 Y l - - vl ► ■ j 1 i i - ■ 1 1 i PS2 Emire Galdamez SK2 J. Floresnavarette SK2 Susan Morrow YN2 Jeanette Coffman ADS Frank Blackman 485 AD3 Rachel Kunz AD3 Daniel Luna AE3 Pedro Castro-Melendez AE3 James Kimball AE3 Matt Marlande AE3 Preston Nickerson AE3 Corey Roys AM3 Timothy Ashenfelter AM3 Lincoln Daley AM3 Nicholas Daughtrey AM3 William Farmer AM3 Gilbert Madrid AM3 William Martin AM3 Andrew Robinson AM3 Jesse Vos AME3 Michael Lorta A03 Alexis Better A03 Jeremy Biddle A03 Mervin Forbes A03 Michael Fountain A03 Jason Jackson-Wright A03 Stacey Smith AT3 Jaime Garcia 487 .-» r ' AT3 Christopher Jackson AT3 Clay Jennusa AT3 Shane Phillips ATS Christine Shulda h. i ► 1 AT3 Justin Vanleer AZ3 Monica Nieto AZ3 John Venzon CS3 Jesus Melolopez CS3 Amy Meuchel CS3 Craig Travis HM3 Matthew Petersen IS3 Alanna Daniels J03 Cynthia Griggs PR3 Thomas Else PS3 Michael Roach SK3 Angel Colas SK3 Melissa Oriskell SK3 Jorge Magallon SK3 A. Moua YN3 Gersom Abiva ¥■ - c - ■¥- ¥ ' - ' h ' ■J 1 1 F m " " 1 J ADAN David Fletcher ADAN Richard Garland ADAN William Jordan ADAN Jelsamina Koepp k ' » " ™ r " ' ■ lif Rfff VtVv ; ». ' A i CX-v. 489 -r ADAN Josh Trout ADAN O. Peralesvelazquez AEAN Chris Bateman AEAN Nathan Boudreaux f i T ¥ 4 5 AEAN Matt Nicholson AEAN Nicholas Perkins AEAN Kenneth Scott AMAN Sherman Balizan AMAN Christopher Barnes AMAN Lea Brock AMAN Juan Cerros AMAN Russell Jennings AMAN Dae Kim E i H 8 1 w t m sm AMAN Tommy Neff AMAN Amber Pitts AMAN Felix Sias AMAN Ecoyes Young AMEAN Gerardo Caser s S M ' ' k AMEAN Josh Delano AMEAN F. Dietezalzamora AMEAN Robert Harriott AMEAN Kamau Pryce AN Elpidio Abreu AN Carlos Davila AN Ryan Fowler AN Jazmin Gonzalez AN Ashley Houp AN Jacob Hutchison rn 1 - .©- ' J F m mth- N 1 AN Joseph Maestas AN Vianney Martinezhays AN Richard Nevels AN Gabriel Ortiz AN Michael Polono AN Nicole Porter AN Kathryn Romans AN Anklein Simmons AN Nicholas Spardello AN Kalvin Sweatt lf t 7 AN Marquis Wright AOAN Bradley Armstrong AOAN Curtis Babio AOAN Jeffrey Crooks AOAN Nathan Hammick L 1 k - - ' 1 Ik ¥ ' ' 1 v A ..,.ffc " AOAN Crystal Hampton AOAN Dinari Holt ATAN Barrington Buchanan aTAN Amber Evans AZAN Nicolas Scribner CSSN Carlos Marin PHAN Robert Kelley IV PRAN Miguel Sarellano I M ' fL b i . [ 4 ( w J vql PRAN Michael Wilson SKSN Allan Calzadillas SKSN Bryan Gentry AA Tysean Davis ., AA Brandon Drake AA Joshua Hall AA Reginald Hudson Jr. AA Joshua Jackson ADAA Riley Courter ADAA James Finley K ' ' l l 1 K HHHHim BHHir iShH ■B ' 1 i i E J AEAA Michael Baker AMAA Bryan Smith AMAA John Tidwell AOAA Tonya Neal ITSA Daniel Rush PHAA Alison Nelson ADAR Jeffery Hayes ADAR Lance Kampfhenkel ADAR Jose Mendoza AMAR Jacob Clary AOMCttOOHS I WAS ' : ,-a »f(W, VFA-S 493 AMAR Christopher Jones AMAR Joey Stewart AGAR Chadford Morris AR Sean Acord % It- tf fl k |V ' •■ " •i T- AR Kent Galium AR Anthony Cardenas AR Wen Chen AR Chad Dash V T i .» I r.. 1 4 -©• AR David Freiburghouse AR Paul Holmes AR Zachary James AR Raymond Kauffman AR Robert Miller AR Adam Morter SKSR Michael Umphress l ! WA-2 SSsgS W) MY 495 ' « l: ■ r . ■ 4IV 7i : ;-;V.j . • FA-Zl CDR GREGORY PRENTISS COMMANDING OFFICER The Blue Blasters of Strike Fighter Squadron 34 (VFA 34) are based at Naval Air Statiori Oceana where they fly the Boeing F A-18C Hornet. Their mission is " Victory in Combat " through naval strike warfare. The men and women of VFA-34 achieve this mission by maintaining the highest levels of readiness and preparation for worldwide deployment in order to protect and defend our nation ' s security and interests at a moments notice. The squadron ' s origin may be traced to Naval Air Station San Diego more than sixty years ago. The squadron was originally commissioned the VF-20 " Jokers " on October 15, 1943 as part of Air Group TWENTY. Throughout it ' s long and distinguished history, the Blue S. Blasters directly participated In World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis, The Vietnam War, . and Operation Iraqi Freedom. ,v)E BlASr, TrT CDEFOTNAM BROWN CMDCM JEFFREY GARBEl coMMATO mmm cmef The Squadron has flown eight different aircraft types from the decks of 25 carriers while compiling an enviable list of " firsts " . Today, the Blue Blasters are a formidable fighting force, sporting the newest tactics, techniques and procedures. The Blue Blasters have never lost their sense of tradition, being seen and heard in the skies all over the globe flying under the call sign " Joker " as a tribute to our fighting heritage. The men and women of Strike Fighter Squadron 34 (VFA 34) stand ready to heed our Nation ' s call. HAVE GUN...WILL TRAVEL :! n . iXSSif - ' ' ' •«■• k f M N LCDR Braden Briller LCDR Jason Greene LCDR Jessie Hughes LCDR Daniel Smelik LT Mitchell Koch 1 1- P - 1 i 1 P L i ■ s (..H -. . V : ' a|L LCDR Philip Walker LCDR Robert Wedertz LT Amy Bender LT Richard Evans 1 Bk ' ' .Up. m t r 1 " " " - A " ' LT Brent Jaquith i LT Juston Kuch LT Brian Mcintosh LT Christopher Miranda LT Matt Wilcox ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ' ¥ ■ I Hk ' t fi, ¥ t ¥ ' m - k s LTJG Angela Baskette LTJG Jeffrey Johnston LTJG Rob Kurrle Jr. LTJG Nathan Lyon CW04 Ken Atwood CW02 David Bechtol 499 U 1 N U iN U IN AECS Gary Sheldon AMCS Donald Hutson ATCS Dena Yarbrough r n k M y ' g FTT " V¥ ¥ ' f 1 ff. 1 H % ' j K y i ,«.„ ADC Felix Rodriguez AMC Michael Bondy AMC Leslie Thomason AOC Mike Voelker ' ¥■ ¥ •» ATC David Mutter Jr. ATC Scott Sindeldecker AZC Gainer Clark YNC James Greenway Y Y y I H ■ J Hr 1 k mf . AD1 Arnold Daguro ¥¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ' AD1 John Marnati AD1 Conrado Quiaot AD1 Francisco Ramirez ¥ ' ? f .i AE1 Tensey Clark AE1 Michael Collins II AE1 Ronald Fisher AE1 Paul Sanders AM1 Marie Backus AM1 Grant-Anthony Ebreo AM1 John Hooper AM1 James Martin AM1 Paul Murphy AMI Clifford Rushin p f¥ 1 - J re 5 AME1 Cory Casper AME1 Aziza Comparetto AME1 Patrick Flaherty A01 Thomas Fudge 1 y A01 Paul Jusselln A01 David Russell AT1 Daniel Gaumont AT1 Anthony Pendziwiatr g! AT1 Barry Rensing AZ1 Duane Vaughn HM1 Curtis Derrick IT1 Steaven Edmonson SK1 Caria Page SK1 Francisco Santos YN1 Norman Leggett YN1 Sara Sanders AD2 Lewis Catrone AD2 William Friend IP i k I 1 ' X •• AD2 Demetrio Impson AE2 Richard Bates AE2 Bruce Jarvela AM2 Steven Bassett AM2 Robert Britt AM2 Patrick Crowell AM2 John Franklin AM2 Michael Kreisher A M2 Corey Nicolai AM2 James Pittman 503 " W y f AM2 Joseph Zuniga AME2 Chad Linton AME2 Matthew Purington A02 Kelly Ferguson ■ r 4 4 t ' y ' - ji m l k A .■4 A02 Todd Herbst A02 Roman Martinez A02 Sanyika Mitchell A02 Michael Nichols A02 Joseph Pingree AT2 Scott Bradley AT2 Riley Langdon AT2 Rick Mulkey II AT2 Jacob Witt AZ2 Michael Correa i X ur;, i AZ2 Renee Pemberton AZ2 Marissa Staples AZ2 Colleen Tyler CS2 Wartrlna Butler IS2 Richard Jensen PR2 Walden Christensen PS2 Patricia Perry PS2 Stephen Tyler SK2 Richard Avery AD3 Ronal Boone Jr. AD3 Jonas Edgmon e BM ;v- i FA-3A mum miM 505 1 te E 1 4. 5 r t AD3 David Gregory AD3 David Lassen AD3 Jared Shaw - " AE3 Martha Cook 4 FW k " ? AE3 James Hanrahan AE3 Thomas Muggins AE3 Andrew McCleskey AM3 Eric Gates ■ 1 t dk AM3 John Jaslnski Jr. AM3 Kenneth King AM3 Jose Rivera AME3 David Williams A03 Russel Breeding li A03 Justin Estes A03 Ross Jordan Jr. A03 Dereck Pagan AT3 Michael Brand AT3 Kurt Feick AT3 Ricardo Munoz AT3 Jerrid Mutter AT3 Javier O ' Farrill AT3 James Vermes AT3 Daniel Wooden AZ3 Ian Kline 3 j£; H I CS3 Aaron Brown IT3 Jeremiah Maggert PR3 Ryan Lawson ♦ - -J ? ¥¥■ 1 f t- yan Lawson SK3 Todd Bowman ' i H 1 SK3 llene Childress SK3 Peter Melendez Sk3 Ian Stevenson YN3 Lonnle Burke YN3 Bryan Snell YN3 Willie Tanner ,V E BM i FA-S VFA-34 ©LIMISM§ 507 A ADAN Elizabeth Greenlick ADAN Tiffany Holtzclaw ADAN Alycia Johnson 1 ...A „ 1 ADAN Ian Kevorkian ADAN Michael Shadrick ADAN Adam Spell ADAN Matthew Walker ADAN Patrick Ward AEAN Noah Teeter AMAN Dwayne Cowart AMAN Christopher Creson AMAN Joshua Herring :¥¥i AMAN Bryce Kassingscheer AMAN Myung Lee AMAN Adam Navarro AMAN Benjamin Ripley AMAN Joshua Shinn i:: 1 v:. 1 H S ' -) AMEAN Donald Perkins AMEAN James Rich AMEAN Steven Robison AMEAN Chester Yamat AN Wiv( a Lui ■ ■■¥ AN Carlos Parra AN Luis Perez " " ■ ri ► AN Joseph Scott AN Jessica Shelton AN Thomas Starala p— AN Andrew Veach AN Jesse Wells 1 21 B 2 AOAN Alvor Bass AOAN Travis Bell AOAN Brent Harrison AOAN Christopher Holliday AOAN Barrett Houston AOAN Stephen Knowles III AOAN Brandon Lackey AOAN Andrew Marziale III 1 ■k 7 r - 7 2 AOAN Elijah Shelton AOAN Richard Spaulding AOAN Justin Tompkins AOAN Joshua Young ATAN Pablo Garcia ,V E BM5;v. l PA-S WA-34 509 J!?N i ■7,.. 1 -«», . 1 vfvf ATAN John Weidner AZAN Craig Cerverizzo AZAN Michael Edwards CSSN Donald Banks CSSN Gabriel Espinoza l CSSN Nathaniel Jackson CSSN Dena Mills PRAN Argenis Camilo SKSN Nicholas Delia SKSN Panebi Smith I AA Chr istopher Evans AA Daniel Kirk AA Hector Morante AA George Quinonez AA Ryan Souder S ? 1 ' - J ADAA Charles Ross AOAA Jennifer Smolinsky ATAA Jerome Bartley PRAA Ashton Warren AR Quinton Bowden L ! " 1 9 w. mm AR Russell Bruzual AR Damon Crooms AR Tyler McCrary WtST ; » .-; -f ; , -t; .--.. jT uv ' a j ai.-a .%- ' i2 ■ 5 - HP ' .-f « % • 3b .plP U. ' Ikk. Za K r- f jH S9 i f ' 1 V J liHBi • ■M ' ' f; vVi£ BM ;v- 1 91-34 VFA-34 mmt- T H M i ijr- H CDR HUGH FLANNAGAN COMMANDING OFFICER Strike Fighter Squadron 137, nicknamed the " Kestrels " after the native North American falcon, was established on July 2, 1985, and Is home ported In Lemoore, Calif. This marks the command ' s 10th cruise In Its 21 -year history, which has ' eluded deployments with CVW-13 aboard USS Coral Sea (CV-43), CVW-6 onboard USS Forestal (CV-59), CVW-2 onboard USS Constellation (CV-64) and now CVW-2 onboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). In the year since returning from last deployment, the command participated in an Air Wing detachment and two alr-to-air training detachments to NAS Fallon, Nevada, conducted an air-to-ground training detachment to Nellls AFB, Nevada and embarked upon USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN four times for training off the coast of Southern Calif. Beyond these evolutions, all routine maintenance, operations. Inspections and exams were completed safely with the attention to detail and standard of excellence CDRSTO BAKER EMCMWE OMCEM CMDCM JAMES L STONE comum MMTER cmm that have become the Kestrel ' s hallmarks. Such diligence was evidenced by the squadron ' s perfect score on the Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection and by receipt of the 2005 Bruce Carrier Award for Maintenance Excellence from the Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific. The Kestrels continued to succeed during the 2006 WESTPAC deployment in support of Maritime Influence Strategy, boasting a more than 99% sortie completion rate, integral participation in air-to-air ground strike training, tanker operations and other missions necessary for the success of the Abraham Lincoln Carri er Strike Group. All of the 225 Kestrels who deployed individually played a valuable role in these triumphs and should reflect with pride on their contribution when reading this book. ... ..; 0 %. LCDR Robert Belk LCDR Michael Connor LCDR Michael Hsu LCDR Derek Nalawajko LCDR Greg Newkirk LCDR Glen Zeigler LT Mitchell Allen LT Marcus Creighton LT Eric Frostad ¥ ¥ LT Mark Kircher LT Kelly Ladd LT Eric Petersen m i ?T l ' ' m f 1 Wfti ' " - 1 LT Colin Price LT Ken Robb LTJG Christian Bisher LTJG Jason Duffle LTJG Scott Johnson I LTJG Rebekah Murphy LTJG Andrew Ruthenford ENS Brett Kirwan CW04 John Stelner CW02 Russell Slatton 515 m r i usnuinusn ' ' Um 1 ; 1 M ADCS Michael Hurich AMCS William Tungate AOCS Donald Phelps ADC Kenneth Andrews i S. r ADC Clifford Tungate AEC Joseph Mendoza AMC Donald Parker AMEC Sonny Tan Y y ¥ 4 ¥¥ 4 ¥ -t AD1 Thomas Slack AD1 Katherin Allen AD1 Napoleon Asplras AD1 Roger Bessette ¥¥4 ¥¥ 4 AD1 Lloyd Keeling AE1 Patricia Cobban AE1 James Lannom liB ¥¥ ■ ¥ ¥ 4 1 y c AM1 Chris Armstrong AM1 Michael Lignowski AM1 Julio Miranda 1 1 V - A. y 1 AE1 Tyson Vickers ¥¥ 4 m u AM1 David Moore AE1 Charles Waugh I K .K ! 1 ¥¥4 it: iit 1 ( 1 S m AME1 Cruz Gandara ¥¥4 ¥¥4 ¥¥ 4 L AME1 Weston Holdridge AME1 Jonathan Radwanski A01 Richard Anderson A01 Byron Edelstein A01 David Lindsey wA-m 517 A01 Christopher Murphy A01 Joel Oden Av AT1 Don Phelps A01 Adam Saenz ¥ A 4- A in AT1 William Bray AZ1 Aaron Chaney BM1 Raymond Parsons NC1 Antonio Botello ¥ £ P ¥¥4 ¥A MM. 1 1 : ; J fe l •♦ PR1 Howard Rake SK1 David Church YN1 Roland Coates AD2 Robert Kehler AD2 Melania Mezel ¥¥ -» ¥¥4 ¥¥ •♦ 7T7 ¥¥ -t 11 a «9 J a AD2 John Ridgeway AD2 George Sagisi Jr. AD2 Raymond Salenga AE2 Kyle Mehlhoff AE2 Gerard Shelley ¥¥4 ¥¥ 4 AM2 Nathan Browning AM2 Francis Furstman AM2 Kenneth Martinez AM2 David Moreno AM2 Roger Nelson AM2 Wade Wanner ' L t 4 9:- m AME2 Richard Nires AME2 Baltazar Perez AME2 Mickey Shelley AME2 Rurik Wagner 1 ' :, ' T . . T . K»- 519 L Y A02 Jason Davis A02 Richard Mauldin AT2 Ryan Dean AT2 Anthony Hammond AT2 Kenneth Mayes III 1 + Lf " g w -» O ' Y 1 AT2 Andrew Segovia CS2 Greg Kincaid P9 ' 9 PR2 Lewis Dean r 1 u r 1 k M H h m m !iS m ti 3 U 1 s PS2 Luis Cantarero Xi PS2 Roberto Paute u is V t SK2 Jae Lim SK2 Narciso Santos YN2 Juan Perez AD3 Evan Faulkner AD3 Kin Lin ' Lt ' V K 1 r • ' ' " . " .fi .-si- AD3 Arturo Nunez AD3 Armando Robles AD3 Andrea Slagter AD3 Nivea Smith AD3 Stephen Speanzella AE3 Justin Breault AE3 Antonio Clark AE3 Jon Rockey AE3 Dustin Russell AE3 Adam Smigiera f ♦ + p: f ™ i AM3 Jerry Heidebrecht Jr. AM3 Jorge Jimenez AM3 Jamie Richards AMES Michael Tambaoan ¥¥ ♦ ¥ ¥ •» ¥¥ 5 wM ¥ ¥ 4 Wmi ( ' i» y t jL .. T- i| 1 1 " 9 AME3 Steven Valent A03 Adam Allen AOSYuri Carpino A03 Michael Comrie A03 Louis Laurent A03 Jerry Lemon A03 Joshua Lukacovic A03 Travis IVIyer A03 Victor Wise AT3 Angel Alvarado AT3 Joe Buckendahl AT3 Philip Grayeske AT3 Jesse Williams AZ3 Ricardo DeLeon II ¥¥ - ¥¥4 ' ¥ 4 ' E VUlJflIb fS x . ¥¥ 4 ¥ -» ¥¥4 ¥4 i ■ F AZ3 Sean Nagel AZ3 Jeremy Palarca CS3 Michael Downey CS3 Marcus McKinzie CS3 Franky Oglesby f ¥¥4 l¥¥ 4 HM3 Athens Allen IS3 Joshua Scarpino PS3 Alan Bautista SK3 Mohammed Ashraf YN3 Crystal Lemaitre 523 ADAN David Anderson ADAN Ranier John Estigoy ADAN Casey Seamons frm ff 1 AEAN Stephen Bell AEAN Cody Craig AEAN Christopher Edge AEAN Henry Gill w AMAN Sean Berry AMAN Abraham Castellanos AMAN Sonia Degroff AMAN Daniel Dunmire Jr. AMAN Jonathan Garcia ¥4 % 2 1 1 4 9 AMAN Millard Goss AMAN Matthew Jamieson AMAN Jason Milford AMAN Jonathan Rhoads AMAN Anthony Rodriguez AMAN Jospeh Sladeski AMAN Jason Smith AMAN Tommy Iran AMAN Stephen Willett AMEAN Ricardo Arellano ¥¥. [mm. 1 K. 9 ' k. lEVb m Y ¥ m 1 k-t AMEAN Tyler Moriarty AMEAN Jason Rickards AMEAN Carl Toner AN Brandon Cotton AN KIbwe Dacosta m 1 4 w l -t AN Corey EkhamI AN Lucas Flaming AN Rols Georges AN Brandon Monteleone AN Josh Pederzianicole ¥¥4 » k AN Gareth Pondt AN Eriberto Ramirez AN Dewitt Russell AN Josellto Santana AN Cody Tadlock . " i ¥¥4 ¥JH 1 i iv l k ' J AN Andrew Velez AOAN Antonio Arreola AOAN Chester Casabar AOAN Jayarr Devera AOAN Abigail Hoskinson 525 ¥¥ ¥ , 1 m .V AOAN John Mawhorr AOAN Lennis Powell AOAN Sarah Robinson AOAN Robert Wheaton ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ■• m 1 - ■l N ft AOAN John Whitt III AOAN Tyler Wilson ATAN Jonathan Holt ATAN Mark Hughes t t! s. 1 PRAN John Thomas 1 ¥ ¥ ¥ 4 ' ¥ ¥ 1 ¥¥4 ¥¥ 1 1 ATAN Ian Patterson AZAN Britteney Walker CSSN Justin Moody ITSN Cory Redding PRAN Troy Fillmore PRANRoryVoss SKSN Paolo Bacalocos SKSN Wcicuan Cao SKSN Alioune Dlop SKSN Miguel Lozoda-Reyes SKSN Carlo Tamayo YNSN Derrick Smith-Clark AA DancI AM AA Russell Quiglcy f »: 1:1 k r AA Daniel Skelton AEAA Kenneth Barber ¥¥¥ ¥¥ ¥ ¥ 4 mm H AEAA Phillip McCollum AMAA Garrett Walker [::; ■■1 t:: L ' 1 it Mik r fli hi: SB Sv 1 W 1 kimd Lim ly ' ' •? r r 1 •5 ■ i - - - — t:: L::: 1 S9 ; l ? ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ + ¥ ¥ AOAA Michael Aughe AOAA Bobby Cook AOAA Paul Shaffer ATAA Jonathan Holt PRAA Heather Black PSSA Amanda Hoyt AMAR James Butler AR Camese Bedford AR Nicholas Rivera CM JON T. ROSS COMMANDING OFFICER Strike Fighter Squadron 151 began life as Fighter Squadron 23 (VF 23) in 1948 at Naval Auxiliary Air Station Oceana, Virginia. VF-23 was redesignated VF-151 in 1986. The squadron flies the Navy ' s newest Night Strike Fighter version of the F A-18C Hornet and has operated from the decks of some of our greatest ships in peacetime and wartime and continues to set the standard. After completion of WESTPAC 04 05 with Carrier Air Wing TWO aboard USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72), the Vigilantes focused on training for the next deployment. Detachments included Joint Strike Fighter training during DETACHMENT SENTRY EAGLE at Klamath Falls Air National Guard VFA151 CMBOBCADY CMDCMPEPSTO PONCE mMMAM lUEmR CHIEF Base in Klamath Falls, Oregon; Air Wing training in Fallon, Nevada and numerous Sustainment operations in support of USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72). Our Maintenance and Operations departments consistently work hand in hand to bring the finest aircraft and the finest pilots to the fight. Commander Jon " Tonka " Ross, Commanding Officer of VFA-1 51 said that, " could not be more proud of the Sailors and Officers that make up this command. We work hard, play hard and fight hard...and I don ' t thin k any command does it better. Fight Ugly. " k. y It%. i: ' ' ¥¥ , Air iM ' r 1 1 L ' ' •-f ' " .Mfs LCDR Steve Barr LCOR Jim Bell LCDR David Morgan LCDR Aaron Rouland ¥ ¥ ' ¥ ¥ ■ ¥ ¥ ■ ■ y LCDR Kelly Shekitka LT Chad Albold LT Sean Hanson LT Phil Moore LT Patrick Salmon ¥ ¥ ' ¥¥ -iP L-v ' 0M 1 v- N A.. 1 r . ¥ ' 1 LT Nick Saunders LT Andrew Smith LT Jason Walker LT Roy Wyiie LTJG Kelly Dossenback ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 4 ¥ ¥ LTJG Jason Flood LTJG Luke Johnson ENS Neil Halstead ENS Colette Panagos CW04 Steve Ashcroft U ¥ fu K: ' k W •• ' 71 .4s u 1 ..! 1 A i 7 lesp 1 CW03 Mel Fenner CW02 Jonathan Mangilit CW02 Peine Parsons CW02 Richard Sartin ¥¥ 4 ¥ ¥ U 1 N LJ S N U I N AFCM Stephen Zielinski ADCS William Lundgren AMCS Duwayne Love ¥ ¥4 k ..rr. f Mm V ! ii ¥¥4 ¥ ¥ 4 . ¥ -t ATCS John Dunlap ATCS Michael Marshall III ADC Annette Dean ADC Anthony Dicenso L ' IP V miss x " ¥ ¥ 4 k. « 4 V Sf. V . AEC Clifford Lewallen AMC Cheryll Miller AMC Steve Rogers AOC Larry Montoya ATC James Chatlos AZC Ted Christy y Y y 1 - - u: 1 i S 9 fl H H ¥ 4 ¥4 g 1 AD1 Michael Brady AD1 Damian Goudeau AD1 Preecha Hoorod AD1 Brian Joseph ' v. T ' ( ' m -1- 1 1 ¥¥ ft I AD1 Robert Mings AE1 Keith Conyers AE1 Ryan Leeper AE1 Jerome Young AM1 John Elmore AM1 David Frees AM1 Timothy Harris AIVI1 Gary Leegaard AM1 Christopher Sherwood AM1 T. Tookey WA-lSl VIG 533 AME1 Michael Harris A01 Eric Andrews A01 Jason DulskI A01 Helvin Gomez A01 Michael Mock A01 Mark Roberson A01 Jose Robles ATI Jason Parrish k ' ...( l ATI Brian Tucker AT1 A. Vender Ahe-Cossey AZ1 Jeffery Medina CS1 Vaughan Bassegio NC1 Kelly Williams PR1 David Arange PR1 Rubin Tagie SK1 Stephen Henderson SK1 Paul Keller , " ¥■¥4 ¥¥4 ¥ ¥ 4 ¥-¥ 4 ¥ 4 VMM k k %.« r vi PS1 Ruben Hernandez PS1 Jefferson Zafra SK1 Miguel Garcia YN1 Cedric Sanders YN1 Felicia Taylor AD2 Javier Campos AD2 Durdanes Gomez AE2 Caleb Hall VIOMKTO ¥ ft AE2 George Munoz AE2 Jesus Rangel ¥ ¥ ' t L:: -. If v i ' " J 1 [TT — p: " l + h L ir f 1 r K: B r Kl ksk l k-t W F M ■ lk. 11 W U » FIT 1 riTl I f AM2 Brian Bailey AM2 Paul Fortier AM2 Victor Lavarnway AM2 Christopher Ortiz AM2 Joseph Richardson AM2 Edward Rickman Jr. TT k ff. AM2 Anthony Varela AIVI2 Christopjer Whiteside AME2 Nathan Green AME2 Slavador Rivas A02 Eric Cowan y -1- 1 s K i4H s H ' ' ' ff 1 A02 Jonathan Luna A02 Ruben Pasion Jr. A02 Lawrence Wallace III A02 Mario Zazueta AT2 Jeffrey Hamaker 1 km nnn hi: m f .%., V 4 1 ift hJ i 4 Hi tt|k L M AT2 Joshua Hart ::ft AT2 Paul Thompson AZ2 Alvin Findley AZ2 Bruce Fuentes AZ2 Marcus Fuller 5. 1 i 3 ii 1 «J 4 fir ■4 IT2 Christopher Lauer IT2 Michael Sullivan PS2 Tristan Tran SK2 Merben Lagua YN2 Ramiro Romero 537 ■¥■ •» ¥¥ 1 ■¥■ 4 9 YN2 Christopher St. John AD3 Preston Carter AD3 Ricardo Cruz AD3 Eugene Mansueto ¥¥ — - J 1 1 4 l L Hi V l k -« »r I ' H I s g AD3 Jessie Rivera ADS Jeffry Shultz AD3 Joseph Stankey AE3 Bradley Bennett ' ¥4 s k AE3 Shaun Juarez AM3 Jordan Wiermaa AIVI3 David Adams i ' m. i A03 Casey Bauer ¥¥4 AIVI3 DP. Bergeron ¥¥4 ¥¥ 4 ¥ • A03 Trevor Bertel AM3 lobby Dudley AM3 Jonathan Levins p ! A03 Michael Casias A03 Tristan Foster ¥ ¥ A03 Christopher Guerra A03 Kimberly Kolar A03 Antonio Navarro A03 Richard Rodgers AT3 Sean Adamson 1 ♦i ■■¥■ - flHk ' I ' r ' ' rii k w AT3 James Carl AT3 Brian Harris AT3 Joshua McDowell AT3 Jamie Moylan Fi AT3 Jason Senner AT3 Brett Woodford AZ3 Charlette Morgan AZ3 Jahzeel Sequeira CS3 Steven Gotten CS3 Daniel Glascock IT5- JOS , M «t-. . - " •%. -i» VIOILMfim 539 .■N ii..; CS3 Miguel Mendez PM HM3 Brandi Davis E .S..iito i -t PS3 Louis Freeland SK3 Johnson Ceralde SK3 Rodrigo Machacon p ST 1 ADAN Cory Achenbach ADAN Joshua Farmer ADAN Tiffany Masters ADAN Dale Mills 1 1 § m k « m, NV M£ ► ADAN Allison Pryjma AEAN Jorge Anzaldo AEAN C. Caampued AEAN Roderick Lawrence AMAN Kwaku Botchey | :jp te- s |l k . 1 0: SF ' ill i w SK ? ' V ' - a ' iT AMAN Brandon Davis AMAN Steven Higgs AMAN Matthew Robertson AMAN Christopher Sylvain AMAN Christina Willis m •¥■ - iC. p ' W rtV . . b AMEAN Casey Grivat AMEAN Justin Hand AMEAN Chad Kuebler AMEAN Adam Morgan AMEAN Scot Ruehle t:: . 1 1 i 1 9 £i: - ;f AN Patricl Anderson AN Julian Baldaramos AN Edwin Bohorquez AN Maria Caballero AN Matthew Carlisle AN Erich Chen AN Jinx Queenifer Garcia AN Charles Garrett •«. AN Juawan Gray AN Daniel Harrier AN John Harrington AN Brian Le AN Jonathan McNair AN Roberta Jo Monpas 1 1 1 4 1 4 i£ a J -. " .- 1 AN Bryan Murray AN Tim Phan AN Viridiana Ramirez AN Patrick Richards ¥¥ ■» AN Justin Rodriguez AN Jerome Taylor AOAN Christopher Coidiron A OAN Ross Gilmore AOAN Christopher Haygood [jl I S 7 ▲ AOAN Jordan Hidde AOAN Shantra Knox AOAN Joshua Mendoza AOAN Michael Warren ATAN Stephen Claik ATAN Joshua Henry AZAN M.chacI Campbell CSSN Daniel Reyna ITSN Tarqum W.IIJams PRAN Maria Mata -¥¥4 ¥¥-¥ ¥¥ SKSN Joseph Alicea SKSN Alicea Buckingham SKSN Eddie Inchiostro SKSN Gennadiy Perelyayev AA Matthew Harri s AA Michael Leach lit 4 V 1 1 1 c - 1 m ? k «. m AA Cody Orcutt AMAA Louis Velarde III ADAR David Lucas AMAR Robert Speas AR Robert Gagnon AR Jason Newberry AR Carlton Nicholas Jr. AR Radomir Radomir PRAR Daniel Diaz i k -« PSSR Zacharias Flores SKSR Matthew Kim 543 .s . 1 A y LCDR EDWAM ; OFMCEB IN CHARGE VRC-30 deploys using the detachment concept. There are four detachments based at Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, Calif, and one permanently forward deployed to Astugi, Japan. Each detachment utilizes two aircraft to accomplish the Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) mission for their assigned Pacific Fleet Strike Group. The COD mission includes the transport of high priority parts, general cargo, mail and passengers, including distinguished visitors encompassing U.S. and foreign diplomats and dignitaries. Each detachment is usually manned IjaJj jMilaBiiliiJi liS! [y s . AMCSTROYDIGGS with 6 pilots, 1 maintenance officer and 34 enlisted personnel, including 6 enlisted aircrew crew chiefs.The detachment 2 " Roughnecks " attached to Carrier Air Wing TWO, established key logistical hubs at Hickam AFB, Hawaii, Osan AB, Korea, Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan, Paya Lebar Air Base, Republic of Singapore, and Anderson AFB, Guam. The Roughnecks of Detachment 2 continue to be a key asset in diplomatic relations as well as an essential part of onboard logistics delivery and the success of Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW 2). USNUINUIN i K K El k. IP 1 1 LTJG Derek DeBoer LTJG Grant Leslie ADC Tom Katashima y Y Y r ¥ ¥4 ¥ ¥ M ' - « m 9 J 1 - f u s » re 1 AD1 Joniffor Bulatao AD1 Jose Lumanlan AE1 Jason Mastin AM1 Joseph Junk ¥¥4 K s B p 1 Vvl AME1 Alfonso Escamilla Jr. SK1 Keng Singtharnone AD2 Jeffrey Uloa AE2 Dennis Hardison AE2 Natacha Romero AM2 Stanley Richardson AM2 James Webb A02 Jesse Weaver A02 Bill Motley AZ2 LaShonda Malone 547 Il ' Ji 7 r 4 ■ ¥ A I ■ t ¥ 4 PR2 Sascha Lansen SK2 Danny Landas AD3 Chris Carter AD3 Jose Chavez AD3 Brendan Collins I AD3 Amy Hanson AD3 Luz Jimenezdeross AD3 Mizraim Palacios AM3 Bradley Duntz AM3 Hiram Pena i 1 ! AM3 Travis Piatt AM3 Thomas Van Deklundert AT3 Adam O ' Reilly AT3 John Santry i 4: If £ ' -.. ! 13 L AEAN Christina Holloway AMAN Ariel Segato AN Ian Choy AZAN Ryan Taylor f 549 UJ llCJb.Ka :% % ' ' ' " ' ' •£ ' . SSSS ' S: 9 1 ♦ ♦ ♦ 1 Kf K ] 1 J m 1 LCDR Jason Edgington LT Thomas Brouwer LT Scott Campbell LT Michael Curcio - LT Michael Green LT Matthew Hendrlckson LT Gordon Lewis Jr. LT Andrew Miroff ♦ ■ t. LT Glenn Wright LTJG Kristina Bastone LTJG Kevin Harrington LTJG Mark Hermanson i i 1 ♦ ♦ . k LT John Esposito ♦ ♦ r LT Lucas Mixon LTJG Aaron Hudacky LTJG Russell Kuntz LTJG Colter Menke LTJG Ross Simpson ENS Brett Calfant ENS Da ne Johnson ENS Quentin Lease ENS Aaron Rahe CW02 John Debattista CW03 Rudolph Carlos L.nir.r danii r m f- tsf N 1 §? «at J .spa r r) " MMCM Jeff Randall Decs Edwin Belk 1 ♦ ♦ " A ABEC Denny Prazeau PSC Dan Manaloto AEC Bruce Mello FCC Shawn Mellenberger 1 ♦ ♦ ♦ Sf L-A B ' 1 iSv • .fiiFt ' iM ' k. 7 W M SKC Leovic Camarista SKC Bemie Guinto SKC Edwin Presbitero tinsiUY NEW ARRTVA Ill iirrii iLK; vtI arig 1 rvr IP r If -ifh. AE1 Juan Lopez A01 Christopher Douglas A01 Jeremy Logue AS1 Serrano Jay Pena AT1 Aaron Boyle AT1 Richard Burns AT1 Patrick McAnally EM1 Allen Burt EM1 Emerson Flores ET1 Steven Goslin ♦ ♦ FC1 Steven Woods HM1 Ferdinand Ajel HT1 Rodney Smith IT1 Eric Mott MA1 Kathleen Bowman 1 ' ¥ ¥ Kk ! Si« « 0 M V Br H li -1 1 » wm i 1% ' - ' " ■ ■ " X u. MM1 Fred B MM1 Joseph Nelles NC1 Timothy Eckley NC1 Tiffany Gillet SK1 Mark Hull « ' ' ••-.■4 y ABE2 Timothy Crowley ABH2 Joseph LaDell ABH2 Jesse Rodgriguez AM2 Ricardo Barraza-Cobos AM2 Roland Udvarl $« i ffl V I ♦ S T - AME2 Kyle Reedy AME2 Richard Salvaty A02 Robert Gotten A02 Mark Hamilton A02 Shane Hernandez AS2 Marlon Deguzman IC2 Jaqueline Johnson IT2 Kelly Smith MM2 David Gagznos MM2 Colin Heston MM2 Shawn Mason MM2 Joel Wheeler SK2 Joseph Kennedy SK2 James Roth AD3 Marlowe Santos «r..- ' ISlUKKfY r V . V i i l 1 ¥ i Y AE3 Kayla Jernigan AE3 James Minick AM3 David Weiland MM3 M.J. Diaz AME3 Enoch Braisher AS3 Ryan Tabb ET3 Brian Deroulet FC3 James Pace HT3 Stephen Bass IC3 Scarlett Clemmer IC3 Jack Vincent IT3 Mykel Jess IVtA3 Stephanie Holland MA3 Joshua Kraft I L. j A HL 1 prrr 1 w 1 .1 - MM3 Derek Grubbs MM3 Jesse Pritchard MM3 Zachariah Sanford MM3 Tawni Studdard lal PR3 G. Wade YN3 Terrance Williams - i-. - m " ¥ [ ¥ ¥ ¥ t ' - " 1 f f c i S - : 2 I R ABEAN Ronald Byerly ABEAN David Escajeda ABEAN John Ewing ACAN Bradley Golden ACAN Seth Vowell Vc;. Q!9pH ■ , ' --?• 1 i I H SX j ADAN llya Abdurakhmanou ADAN Devon Alexander ADAN Kelley Haunenstein ADAN Lindsay Price AMAN Zoe Burt ♦ ♦ AMAN Jeffrey Johnston AN Amanda Cahoon AOAN John Dolan AOAN Nenamonique Fearon AOAN Heather Graham y . ' i ■ -. lirBERii!! RIVALS 555 pp ♦ m AOAN Tomeka Johnson AOAN Dennis Porter III AOAN Zelton Williams ASAN Shrela Manalon ATAN Sean Marcos AZAN James Oakes AZAN Rebecca Sunday CSSN Lee Ladewig If ni 1 K k H k: m 1 ♦ ♦ s 1 B w 1 1 CSSN Juakee Menefee CSSN Lem White DCFN Ryan Murphy EMFN Luis Mercado EMFN Jamie Morris I EMFN Preston Rucker III EMFN Joshua Turner EMFN Diego Valencia FCSN Andrew Sanchez HN Jeremy Maddox 1 I i 1 9m 1 . ► ..v ♦ 1 1 A HTFN Kevin McKim HTFN Joshua Pecor ISSN Shela Constantineau ISSN Laura Foley ¥ ■¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ITSN Dante Slater ITSN Patrick Welsh MMFN Matthew Girard YNSN Forrest Jones YNSN Steven Lauckhart P ■ ACAAShaunBertrand AEAA Ryan Trost AOAA Nicole Baker AOAA William Beauchamp AOAA Travis Benge AOAA Matthew Dudley AOAA Jackson Key AOAA James Lockridge AOAA Dustin Monti AOAA Adrian Muniz a: ¥ ¥ ¥ . ¥ ¥ AOAA Joseph Reinhart AOAA Edward Salsberry ASAA Nicholas Mills CSSA Patrick Brewer CSSA Walter Cariastobar biaERitVf 557 p CSSA Nathan Lade CSSA Yuepheng Lo CSSA Ronald McCorkle ♦ ♦ CSSA Kenny Tello ♦ ♦ EMFA James Bruns ISSA Eric Tumbill ISSA Chris Weeks EMFA John Davis 1 ¥ ¥ k « EMFA Javan Ireland ICFA Zachary Cripe " » ei v. ITSA Devin Outlaw MMFA Christopher Baka MMFA Christopher Jordan ♦ ♦ ¥ J l -f r ♦ ♦ . ¥ ¥ K L MMFA Charles Morris MMFA Brian Williams MRFA Robert Andrews MRFA Jacob Schenkel OSSA Kathryn Gillaspy ' -» . PSSA Ruth McCormlck P88A Jimmy Olivas SA Rebekha Servian AOAR Andrew Barbcc AOAR Jason Carvcll ♦ ♦ ¥ ¥ bh Ltt, ? n AGAR Kuhio Evans AGAR Gilbert Gutierrez AGAR Joshua Levin AGAR Loc Ngo AGAR Anfiour Nixon ' ' ' «H H n c:: 1 1 f m A • 4 i T AGAR Scott Slusser CSSR Patrick Abeles CSSR Jose Collantes CSSR Dwight Jones CSSR Josua Stedman ITSR Jonas Fredericks ITSR Joseph Skuodas MMFR Jeremy Hurlburt PSSR D. Hernandez-Padron PSSR Jason Hill PSSR Kevin Stoudemire i gljL A bllli-UlY 559 ■ T- EIB®®! STAFF ROSTER PHOTOGRAPHER Kevin Lane CRUISEBOOK C HAIRMAN CDR Richard Campbell ( RUISEBOOK EDITOR DESIGN LAYOUT PH2 Jason Frost CR I USE BOOK COORDINA TOR LT Timothy Tow tuCfky xikJUfJL %j.M.caj.rM. w wik.T r T m PHC Sean Jordan, PH2 Seth Peterson, PH2 Jason Frost PH3 James McGury, PH3 Jordon Beesley, PH3 M. Jeremie Yoder, PH3 Nicholas Morton, PH3 Patrick Bonafede, PHAN Geoffrey Lewis, PHAN James Evans PHAN Justin Blake, PHAN Mary Guiney, PHAN Ronald Dallatorre PHAN Timothy Roache, LISN Michael McNabb, PHAA Brandon Wilson AM EC James Cody, ACl Danny Diaz, A02 Justin Oman, AT3 John Silva, IT3 Nicholas Craig, PH2 Julian Olivari YN2 James Manabat, ATC Lawrence Foster, ABHC Dave Dalton, ETC Erick Ozbun BM2 Valencio Quintana DT2 Aubrey Jakes, HTC Kenneth Thomas, LNI Lourdie Powell, HMl Gordon Primeaux QM3 Cuema Mascarenhas, AC2 Travis O ' Connor YNC Merl Naumiwicz, RP3 Brandon Anderson BMI Gregory Fyhr, SKI Aaron Washington, A02 Justin Oman, AOC Larry Hill, OSI Dana Spangler YN2 Andy Brown, YN3 Gabriela Gonzalez, YN2 Jennefer Allen, NCI Althea Komorowski, NCI Vance Watson, ADC Kenneth Andrews, AMCS Duwayne Love, YNl Norman Leggett, AMEC Cody James ATCS Earl Muff, ADl Jose Lumanlan njrPAnT fENr HEAD ENVIRONMENTAL ROSTER S SAGERY PH3 Jordon Beeslev, PH3 M. Jeremie Yoder On behalf of the Cruisebook Staff and the Media Department, we would like to express our thanks to Captain McCawley and the IVIWR staff for providing us the artistic freedom and opportunity to create this publication. Special Thanks to Pii2 .lulian Olivari for his photographic coverage of Squadron Commanding Officers...we couldn ' t have done it without you. f i»iotli Tow livw Frost IliNichob lines Evans IDillatorre nIn Wilson I j 1 1 f I •( t i|] alencio (Prinieau i iiilcrsoii uSpanjIer NCI Vance nrrnv rtmie Voder V . ' i ' KiiiHi: Of -J i ■ if ' • hVH i c ' ' - ' « . » • fj .» ■ 1 i m ( 1 f f 1 1 1 II ¥ ' - 1 . 1 1 II I iijU SM - ,.,. . ;.; s W,i H i } =s« :

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