Abraham Clark High School - Sphinx Yearbook (Roselle, NJ)

 - Class of 1942

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Abraham Clark High School - Sphinx Yearbook (Roselle, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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X J' 3, ' i s f Q J 5 1 . - r 2 : I 'X '- ' E ? I i F- .w 4 4 W N ,, . ...xg-QV-, , V - .-1 ,L , V mi W ,L 4 F..- H.,- , , J If ff ff X ' f fx, V. .l sv I Y 41 .1- wi vin A K , ,, gf Nj Q1 A Mm, 9, 1 1 L p 'Q . j li' K' MVUBLISHED BY CLASS OF 1942 1 AHAM CLARK HIGH SCHOOL NEWIERSEY A 1 paw-f , if br. L 'x SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-Seated left to right: Burton P. Lewis, B.S., Ed. M., Leonard M. Roupp, B.S., M.A.g Meyer Tarlowe, B.S., Ed. M.-Head, james K. Baugher, B.S., M.A.g Howard. C. Pursell, - B.S.g Lewis C. Armstrong, B.S. 5 SPECIAL TEACHERS--Seated left to right: Anne H. Groves, B.S., Helen Robins, B.S., Margaret j. Lewis, B.S., Elizabeth S. jelley, B.S., Ruth D. Prisk, B.S., Regina Cahill, B.S. Standing left T right: Virgil W. Bork, Leroy S. Hendrickson, B.S., M.A.g Paul C. HoopesfHeadg Reed Chapin, joseph M. Feinberg, B.S., M.S. Guidance Director, Orian E. Rice, B.S., missing. jOSEPH L. BUSTARD Supervising Principal 0 H ' ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-Seated left to right: Marion M. Mara, gf AB., M.S.g Frederica Coeller, B.S., Evelyn V. Morgan, A.B., l-lead, Edith Derrevere, B.S. Standing left to right: john R. Shannon, A.B., M.A.3 john L. Bailey, A.B.g j. Brenton Stearns, B.A., M A F af GEORGE F. FREIFELD SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-Seated left to right: Gunnar A. p""'C'pal Stone, B.A., Ed. M., O. Arthur Nelson, B.S.g Earl B. Rosecrans, B.S., M.A.-Headg Helen B. Cavanagh, B.S., M.A.g Roy S. Mc- Keever, BA., M.A.g Thomas G. Stevens, B.S.g H. Monroe Gordon A.B., MA., L.L.B. . v H - Sf ff'-, it 'X wxll Y ri L, 1 . . ' ,Q 1. faux' fp ' . MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-Seated left to right: Mabel H. Wilkinson, A.B.g Wallace H. Deebel, B.A., Ed. M.g Marion D. Davies, B.S., Ed. M.A.-Headg Gilbert Schmiege, BA., M.A., 0 5 Merle B. Murphy, B.S., M.A. MERCIAI- DEPARTMENT-Seated lefl' T0 Vlgllfi Cl'lafl9S l'l- FOREIGN LANGUAGE 'DEPARTMENT-Seated left to right: El le, B.S-: Grace lvl- Meyer, B-5-, Nl-Ed-: Evelyn I. Rathbone, frieda Herkart, A.B.g Dorothy G. Baron, AB., M.A.-Head, EI Head: D0l'0ll'lY l-- WlWlTenaCk, B-C-S-S Edward A- Callahan. friede Fornotf, A.B.g Dora Santos-Reyes, A.B., A.M. ' ln Com' sI'I1qQIlf,yiJx.4 -awww '. , WM 10" 120 MISS' MORGAN 60 MISS ODELL In appreciation ot their judg- ment and guidance through the years, and for their whole- hearted support of every worthwhile endeavor under- taken by the class of '42, we dedicate this yearbook to our advisers. MA19-2' MR. GORDON THE CLARKER In Production ADVISORY STAFF Miss Morgan Mr. Gordon EDITORIAL STAFF Seated left 'ro right: lane Buckridge, Susan I-lorine, lacqueline Mott, Margaret Walsh, Peggy Soars, luanita Waters, june Nebel. Sfanding left fo right: john Wicklein, Edward Knauer, Edgar Leeberg. George Brown, Frederick Shaw, Editor in Chiefg William Von Dreele, Paul Paraskevas, Warren Smith. L PRESIDENT IOHN F. WICKLEIN College Prep. A. C. News, Ass't. Bus. Mgr. I, News Ed. 2, Ass't. Ed. 3, Ed. 45 Ex- ecutive Board 3, 45 Sr. and lr. Honor Society I, 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Spring Frolic I, 2, 3, 43 Clee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Student Council I, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club, V. Pres. 25 Traffic Squad 45 Monitor Squad 35 Forum Club I, 25 Spanish Club 45 Intra- mural Sports I, 2. 11136837 o-xc N-vl'fI'T +0 ocsusekl Nici! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT LOUISE TOBIASSON College Prep. Class V. Pres. 35 Execu- tive Board 2, 3, 45 Girls Sport Club I, 2, 3. 45 Xmas Play 4. Di:-X ,.. lolof-SS - K OX0 UA.5 SOVP SECRETARY HORTENSE VACHAL Commercial Cheerleading Squad 45 Spring Frolic I, 2, 3, 45 Ciirls Sport Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 First Aid Club 4. Former Class Officers 1uNioR YEAR President-Richard Muller Vice-Pres.--Louise Tobiasson Secretary-Claire Holcombe Treasurer-june Nebel SOPHOMORE YEAR President-john Roloff Vice-President-Alvin Ryan Secretary-Betty Leaming Treasurer-june Nebel 80' 1 4 TREASURER BETTY I:EAMINC Commercial Class Sec. 25 Sr. and lr. Honor Society I, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 35 Girls Athletic Council 45 Executive Board 2, 45 A Capella Choir 3, 45 Cilee Club 2, 3, 45 Spring Frolic 35 Girls Sport Club I, 2, 3, 45 Square Danc- inv Club 4. 'E WARREN BAUGH R RD ALMQUIST AMELIA ANDERSEN Commefclal Commercial B0Wl'nE 3 Girls Sport Club l, 3. MARGARET R. BALL Commercial Sr. Honor Society 45 Girls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Traffic Squad 35 Dramatic Club 45 Monitor Squad 3. EDGAR S. BOCHNER College Prep Glee Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 German Club 35 Entymology Club 3, 45 So- cial Dancing Club 4. wed RITA BOWEN College Prep Girls Sports Club Z, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 French Club 4. Ca Sl-llRLEE BARRETT Commercial Cheer Leading Squad 45 Girls Sport Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l5 Traffic Squad 45 Spring Frolic l5 Xmas Play 45 Monitor Squad 45 Arch- ery l. Ji, iffy! MARTHA V. BLASCHKE Commercial Traffic Squad 45 Girls Sport Club 35 First Aid Club 45 mera Club 4. ESTELLE BRAGG College Prep Club 2, 3, 45 A Cappe 2, 3, 4. Girls Sport Club l, 25 Glee lla Choir 2, 3, 45 Spring Frolic AWAY? Qlxlff IO0 FRANK LEE BRIGGS Commercial Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Cooking Club 4. PHILIP BROWNE Commercial Spring Frolic I, 35 Club 4. DAVID BURR College Prep Intramural Basketball 2, 45 Hunting 6 Fishing Club 4. ITQLQ Q5 RQQTX LOUIS ALEXANDER BRIGGS Commercial Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Handicraft Club 4. GEORGE A. BROWN, IR. College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 45 Execu- tive Board 45 I. V. Football 25 Varsity Track 25 Stu- dent Council 2, 45 A. C. News Ed. 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Rifle Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Glee Club 45 Traffic Squad 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Mechanics Club 45 First Aid Club 4, Y 2. WILLIAM BROWN Commercial Intramural Basketball Cooking Club 4. IANE BUCKRIDC-E College Prep. Executive Board 3, 45 Sr. Honor Society 45 A. C. News 3 4 GI Club I 2 3 3 99 . . 2 ring Frolic I, 25 Senior ay 45 Latin Club 2, 35 ear ' book Staff 4, French 2, 35 Girls Sport Club 3, 45 Archery 45 Library TI-IELMA CARLBERG PETER CASTELINE IOHN CLANCY College Prep. Commercial College Prep. Girls Sport Club l. 2. 3. 41 Intramural Basketball 25 SO- Varsity Football Z, 3, 45 In Glee Club 3, 45 Newspaper Qial Dancing Club 4. tramural Basketball 3, 4 3, 45 Rifle Club 3, 45 French Student Council 35 Glee Clul Club 2, 35 Traffic Squad 4. 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Sprin Frolic 2, 3, 4. EVELYN CONRAD ALBERT CORSON GERTRUDE CORSON EVERETT CRAM Commercial Commercial Commercial College Prep. irls Sport Club l- 2- 33 l. V. Football 22 VBVSNY Girls Sport Club- l, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball l, Z lee Club 4: 5Dfll'lE Ffollc Tennis l, 23 lntramural Bas- Bridge Club 43 Social Dang- I i A 3 Knitting Club 4. ketball 2. ing 4. f' hi' lm! PEARL CRAWFORD College Prep. Girls Sport Club 45 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 43 A. C. News, Feat. Ed. 43 Latin Club 25 Squad 3, 4. Dramatic Club lg Monitor will bu' FRANCES CREE Commercial Girls Sport Club Z. DONALD DANIEL IOSEPHINE MAAVDAVIES ROBERT DP-WALT ROBERT de BROTZKE College Prep. College Prep. Commemlal College Prep- Technicians Club 3, 4. Rifle ciee Club 1, SDring.Frolic 1, i. ,V. Baseball l: Football Band C' Orqliesffa l. 2. 3. 4 Club 2, 3. 2, 3. Archery - Lajin Club Mgr- 3. 4. Spflflg Ffollf 3' 4- lg French Club l all HAROLD DeL G IOHN DeVRlES LOUISE DITTMANN Commercia 4 College Prep. Commercial Bridge Club 4, 3, Intramural Basketball l, 2, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. JA ggolxg 3. SYLVlA lANlCE EATMAN Commercial Glee Club l 3 Library Council 3, 4, Girls Sports Club l, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE A. DUFF Commercial Girls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 4, A. C. News 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Library Council 2, Social Dancing Club 4, Bridge Club 4. HAROLD FISHMAN College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 4, Student Council 33 Sr. Band l, 2, 33 A. C. News 2, 3. BEATRICE FRIEDMAN RAYMOND FULSHAW ROBERT FURNBACK ANN CEOCHEGAN Commercial College Prep. COmmerCial Commercial Knitting Club 4. Student Council 2, l. V. S0Clf3l D-3"'Clf18 Cllflb 4- Girls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 4 l20 Football 35 Technicians Club 3, 49 A. C. News l, 2, Rifle Club 2. l ROBERT GEORES EDNA MAE GIBBS VIVIAN GIRTEN EDWARD GORGA ' College Prep- Commercial College Prep. College Prep. r. Honor Society 43 Traffic Girls Sport Club l, 23 Knit- Monitor Squad 43 Latin Club Chess Club 4, Qllad 42 5S"1lOI' Play 43 ting Club 4. 2, 33 lr. Red Cross Club 4. flonitor Squad 33 French Ilub Pres. 3g Dramatic Club -3 Bridge Club 4. G ROBERT GRIMSHAW College Prep. BEIEZZQSHEBSEBEIM Sr. Honor Society -43 Varsity Sr, Honor Society 43 Student lgOOg3alg3'6l5 lfenlof plaY,43 Council lg Glee Club 1, 2, Faq. 3, FIC l ,l- Spring sg cms spoff Club 1, 2, 3, ffm 'I llgsllflfl Club 41 43 Archery l3 Bridge Club anlamura as efball l- 21 43 Social Dancing Club 4. ' ' WILLIAM HABERMANN MERLE HAMPTON MARIORIE HANLEY AUDREY HANSEN College Pfell College PFSP. Commercial Commercial Elxecutive Board 4g lntra- A. C, News 3, 43 Monitor A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Glee Sr. Honor Society 43 Girls ural Basketball 4. Squad 33 lntramural Basket- Club 2, 3, 43 Girls Sport Sport Club l, 2, 3, 4g Stu- ball 2. Club l, 2, 3, 4. dent Council Sec, 43 Spring Frolic 33 Glee Club l, 2, 3. A 43 A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Dramatic Club 4. 013 RUTH HARRlSTON College Prep. 3 4 G Girls Sport Club l, 2, . . I4-0 tlttlll DONALD HOFFORD College Prep. Spring Frolic Orch. 35 Senior Band C1 Orch. 2, 3, 45 Com- mencement Orch. 3. CLAIRE HOLCOMBE College Prep. Class Sec. 35 Executive Board 3, 45 Girls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club l, 45 Spring Frolic l, 35 French Club 2, 35 Leaders Club 4. . I' ,pr ANNA HARVARD Commercial Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. irls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 4 GEORGE HEITMAN College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 3. Technicians Club 2, 3. Spring,Frolic 2, 3, 45 XVUBS Play 2, 35 Rifle Club 2, 3. SUSAN HORINE College Prep. Executive Board 25 Sr. Hon- or Society 3, 45 Girls Ath- letic Council 2, 3, Pres. 45 Yearbook Staff 45 A. C. News 2, Feat, Ed. 35 Ass't Ed. 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Spring Frolic l, 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 3, 45 Girls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 45 Traffic Squad 45 Leaders Club 45 French Club 2, 35 Latin Club 2, 3. GILBERT HOWLAND College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 3, 45 Technicians Club 3, 45 Spring Frolic 3, 4? Xmas Play 35 Rifle Club 2, 3. WILLIAM HERRMANN Commercial 2 Varsity Baseball 35 lntr 5 mural Basketball Z, 3 Club 4. MARIE HOKENSON College Prep. Dramatic Club 3, Pres. 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Spring Frolic 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Traffic Squad 45 French Club 3. MARY HRUSKA Commercial Girls Sport Club 35 First Aid Club 4. .s- f 9740 Cooking Club 45 Brid GEORGE IOI-INSON Commercial IEANNE IOHNSON Commercial ns 6, Crafts Club 4. Girls SDOFT Club I, 2, 3, 4. MADELYN KERNEY Commercial Girls S ort Club 2 3 D , . 4: Student Council Ig Archery lg Dramatic Club 4, First Aid Club 4. GREGORY KOCENKO College Prep. Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. EDWARD N. IORDAN Commercial Varsity Football 3, Varsity Baseball 35 I. V, Football 23 I. V. Baseball 2, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM KRESC-E College Prep. Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 45 In- tramural Basketball 2, 3, 4 Spring Frolic I. GEORGE LOUIS LANDGRAF College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 3, 45 Stu- dent Council 4, Technicians Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Spring Frolic I, 2, 3, 41 Xma5 Play 2, 3, 4. IEAN KAELIN College Pip. Sr. fr jr, Honor Society I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club I, 2,3 43 A. C. News 2, 3, 4. Traffic Squad 4, French Club I, 25 Monitor Squad 3. EDWARD KNAUER, IR. College Prep. Executive Board 4, I. V. Football 2, Band G Orch. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3. 4, Spring Frolic Orch. l, 2, 35 Latin Club 2, French Clubs 3, Spanish Club, Pres. 41 IANICE LAWRENCE Commercial Bridge Club 4. 015 EDGAR LEEBERG PETER F, LEES HILDE LEFFRANG College prep, Commercial Commercial Varsity Track 3, Hunting 5' Intramural Basketball 43 Girls Sport Club 3, 4, Fishing Club 4. Social Dancing Club 4. Spring Frolic 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 43 l6o MARTIN LEVY College Prep. Sr. C1 lr. Honor Society l, 2, 4, Glee Club lg Band G' Orch. l, 2, 3, 4, Spring Frolic l, 2, 3, 4, Xmas Play 45 Forum Club l. FLORENCE LINES College Prep. Girls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 4, Archery I, 25 Dramatic Club 3. Square Dancing.Club 4. EDWARD LLOYD College Prep. Qifiefjiif varsity Football 3, 4, 1. . . I . Football 23 Varsity Track g Fgolic 3' Girls Sport Senior Play 43 Spring Frolic 33 Xmas Play 3, 43 Fencing Club 2. IRVING V. LEVENTHA College Prep. , I. V. Football 2, Band 2, Entomology Club, Pres. Stamp Club23. T ARTHUR LIEBLER College Prep. Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Var- sity Basketball 3, 44 Foot- ball Mgr. 2, 3, 4. , RUTH MACDONALD Commercial Sr. Honor Society 45 Gi Athletic Council 4, Studs Council lg Girls Sport Cl l, 2, 3, 43 Archery lgKn ting Club 45 Leaders Club ELEANOR MALIN WALTER MANKOWSKI MARY MARQIN FLORENCE MAURER 'College Prep. Commercial Comme,-cial Commercial irls Sport Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2. Girls Sport Club 1' 2, 3, 45 raffic Squad 45 French Knitting Club 4, lub 35 Latin Club Z5 Moni- - or Squad 3, 4. NORMA MCKELVEY Commercial Checker Club 45 Knitting Club 4. MARGARET MCSWEENEY GERALDI Commercial Prep. Girls Sport Club 3, 4. Spring Archery 45 Girls Sport Club 35 Latin Club 3. HERBERT E. MEYER Commercial Archery Club 2. Glee Club lg Girls Spor Club l, 2, 3, 45 Archery l Bridge Club 4. IOHN W. MCMAHON, IR. College Prep. Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Fencing Club l5 Hunting 5' Fishing Club, Pres. 4. lOAN E. MEYER Commercial A. C. News 3, 45 Dramatic Club Z, 3, 45 Spring Frolic 45 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. 017 PHILIP MILLER MARY MINGLE Commercial Commercial lntramural Basketball 2, 3, Gl"lS SDOVT Club li 3, '41 45 Varsity Baseball 3. Traffic Squad 41 KNTTIYWE Club 4. IUNE NEBEL Colle e Pre 8 I3- Acting Pres. Student Council 45 Class Treas. 2, 35 Vice- Pres. Student Council 45 Ex- ecutive Board 2, 3, 45 Girls Athletic Council 2, 3, 45 Girls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 45 Spring Frolic 2, 35 Leaders Club 45 Cheerleading Squad 3, 45 Traffic Squad 45 Dra- matic Club 4. GLORIA NEWHOOK Commercial Spring Frolic 35 Student Council 25 Girls Sport Club 3- 41 A. C. News 2, 35 Leaders Club. lACQUELlNE MOTT College Prep. Executive Board 35 lr. l'lOf1Of Society 25 Ass't Ed. A. C. News 35 Yearbook Staff 45 GIee Club I, 3, 4: Spring Frolic 35 Senior Play 45 Rifle Club l, 3, 43 Girls Sports Club l, 2, 35 Drama- fic Club l5 Latin Club l, 2, 35 German Club 2, 35 Span- ish Club 45 Receptionist 3. Glee Club, Club First Club ETHEL O'BRlEN College Prep. Club l5 Girls Sport l, 2, 3, 45 French 35 Latin Club l, 25 Aid Club 45 Knitting 4. ROBERT ORTH College Prep. Band Er Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleading Squad 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Spring Frolic 35 Rifle Club 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD WERNER MULLER College Prep. Varsity Football 3, 45 1. Football l, 25 Class Pres. Spring Frolic 25 lntramu Basketball 3, 4. Xi I, l IN, FRANKLIN NEW MB College Pr A, C. News 2, Hunting G Fishing Club , Student Council 4. LEON OVERMAN Commercial Spring Frolic l, Z, 35 Cook- ing 4. SUSAN PACE College Prep. rls Sports Club 43 Latin ub 2, 3, Knitting Club 4. l , ix ' U PAUL PARASKEVAS College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 3, Pres. 45 lr. Honor Society l, 21 EX' ecutive Board 45 Yearbook Staff 4, 'Spring Frolic l, 31 S ent Council lg Golf am 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4, ylmtramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Monitor Squad 33 News- . X t'Q r Club 4, Bridge Club K7 4 X 1 HARRY PHILLIPS College Prep. Band C1 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Club 4. ARTHUR PRESSL Commercial vlonitor Squad 3, 4, Traffic iquad 4. CERALDINE PAT-TEN RUTH PEARL Commercial College Prep. Girls Sport Club l, Z, 3, 43 SF- l"lOI'1OI' SOCiGTy 4: Spanish Leaders Club 4. Club 4. CAROLYN POLK College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 3, 43 Orch. l, 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Spring Frolic 33 Traffic Squad 4, Library Council 3, 4, lr. Red Cross 43 Monitor Squad 3, 43 Auto Mech Club 4. jOHN QUINLIVAN College Prep. Varsity Football 43 intra FREDA PRICE ALBERTA QUARLES mural Baskefbm, 4. FHS, Commercial Commercial - . V b Il Knitting Club 4. Knitting Club 4. Aid Club 4' I' ' Om a 2, 3. , M... ,. G"OR'A QUWZEL Q ISABEL RAE HELENE REDMOND RUTH JUNE REKEMEIER . Commermal Cvmmefdal Commercial Commercial C"lS-SDOVT Club l. 2. 3. 45 Girls Sport Club lg Knitting glee Club 2, .35 Dramatic Girls Sport Club I, 2, Knitting Club 4. Club 4, First Aid Club 4. Club 43 Girls Sport Club NORMA RICBY College Prep. Monitor Squad 45 Traffic Squad 43 Rifle Club 2, Sec. 3, Tfeas. 44 Red Cross STEWART ROBERTSON Club 4. Commercial Cooking Club 4. K ioHN ROLOFF VIRGINIA RODCERS Commercial ' Commercial Student Council Pres. 4, - Band C1 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 43 Class Pres. 2, Varsity Foot- FRANCES M ROSEBAULT ROBERT RUBlNCHlCK Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Swing ball 2, 3, 41 l, V. Football Commercial Commercial Band 4. cifis sport Club 1, ig Student Council i, 2, 31 Gee wb 2 3. Fencmg cub L- nf-Zfogfbell 25 l-l.V'3'?-Bfe 2, 3, 43 Harmony Club 43 Spring Frolic 2, Intramural I 2. Twirlgngclub 2 a - prmg 'Om ' n Archery Club l, Basketball lg Intramural ' ' ' ffamufal Basketball 3' 4 Softball I' Intramural Softball l, 2. 200 ALVIN RYAN IOHN SAUERWEIN EDWARD SAVICK EVELYN SCHIODT COm""'e'C'3l College Pfep- Commercial Commercial assls V. Pres. 25 Varsity Intramural Basketball 4. Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 j, lr. Honor Society lg Girls Iotball 2' 3' 45 Va'5'l'Y V. Baseball 2, 33 Intramural Sport Club I, 23 Clee Club '59 al 3- 43 I. V. Baseball Baygefball 2, 3, 4, Ig Traffic Squad 43 Archery I- V' F0Ofball li lotta- I, 2, 33 Knitting Club 45 ural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, gridge Club 4. f ll EDCA I WUBERT C ercial Bridge CI6! 4. , . . ff I , ALICE SILVERBLATT LLOYD SIMPSON Commercial Commercial Library Council I, 2. First Aid Club 4. DONALD CHESTER SMITH Commercial Student Council lg Rifle Club 23 Archery Club lg Hunting G' Fishing Club 3. FREDERICK F. SHAW College Prep. Executive Board 3, 45 lr. Honor Society 23 Sr. Honor Society 4, Varsity Baseball 33 l. V, Baseball Z5 Year- book, Ed. in Chief, 43 Clee Club 2, 3, 4, A. C. News, Sports Ed. 3, 45 Spring Frolic 3, Traffic Squad 4, Fencing Club 2. ODESSA SMITH ' College Prep. A Cappella Choir 45 Olee Club 43 Girls Sport Club 2, 4, Square Dancing Club 43 Handcraft Club 4. o2l WARREN W. SMITH PEGGY SOARS jACOB SOI-QMQN LEON SPITZENFEIL College Prep. College Prep. Commercial College Prep. Student Council l5 I. V. Sr. Honor Society 45 jr. Varsity Football l, Z, 35 ln- Lafin Club 2. 3- Football 25 Yearbook Staff Honor Society 25 Glee Club tramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. 45 Traffic Squad 45 Rifle 3, 45 Spring Frolic 35 Year- Club, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 45 book Staff 45 A. C. News French Club, V. Pres., 3. 2, 3, 45 Girls Sport Club l, 2, 3, 45 Rifle C lub 2, 3, 4, l French Club 2, 35 Traffic Squad 45 Archery 2, 45 First Aid Club 4. BERNICE C. STADELE College Prep. A Cappella Choir 45 Orch. 45 Glee Club 45 Spring Frolic l, 2, 3. GLORIA STEINHARDT Commercial jr. Honor Society 35 Student Council 45 Glee Club l, 25 Senior Play 45 Dramatic Club 2, 45 Knitting Club 4. R D WILLIAM STEVENSON l' SQ? ART College Prep. Col e prep. ROSE LISSETTE FTORK IRENECTHINSCI-:MIDT C Cl b 2' 33 F' f A'd - . - . Commercia ommercia Cialbrrrtgeili u Irs I 'Sinn Frubc S., Rifle Club 3, Knitting Ciub 4. Spring Frolic 2, 35 A G News 4. ROSE TIMMONS MAXINE TOUTANT 10 H TREDIK Q Commeffllal College Prep. llege Prep. , I girls SDOVT Club li 5D"lf18 lr. Honor Society 2, Glee - Spri rolic Z3 Rifle Club 33 irls Sport Club 4. -folic l, 2. 31 DfamHTiC Club Club l, 2, 33 Girls Sport Mo ub 4. 41 Flfsl Aid Club 4- Club l, Z, 3, 43 Archery l, l 2, Leaders Club 4. Q W! lu X GEORGE VAN HECKE College Prep. Varsity 500 ball 3, 4, l V. Football 2, k Tea N25 GI Clu 'Lat' Club Co i ub 4. X XV f lOHN VOGEL College Prep. Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Intra- mural Basketball 3, 4, First Aid Club 4. B i ll vow D rr Sl WlLLlAlvl H. VON DREELE College Prep. jr. Honor Society Z3 Sr. Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 4g Yearbook Staff 45 Glee Club 3, 43 Traffic Squad 41 Band G Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Spring Frolic l, 2, 3. E RUTH VLIET Commercial Girls Sport Club 43 Dramatic Club 4, First Aid Club 4. l in FREDERICK WAHL Dramas? ub Secgilg Girls College Prep. sport Club rms wkead- varsity Football 2, 3, spring ers Club 4, Frolic 3g First Aid Club 4. 023 Z4 0 CERMAINE WALLER College Prep. Archery 43 Handicraft Club 4. EDWARD WEBER Commercial Golf Club 2, 3: Cooking Club 4. IRMA WEINER College Prep. Band C1 Orchestra 3, 43 Twirling Squad l, 2, 3, 43 Clee Club lg A. C. News 2, 3, 43 Spring Frolic 2, 33 Dramatic Club l, 23 Latin Club l, 23 Library Council l, 2, 3. r MARGARET WALSH College Prep. Executive Board 33 Sr. Honor Society 3, 43 Cheerleading Squad 2, 3, CBOT- 42 Gills Sport Club l, 2, 3, 4: Year- book Staff 43 A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Spring.Frolic l. 2, 33 Clee Club 2, 3, 43 Latin Club l, 23 Leaders Club 43 Dramatic Club 43 Monitor Squad 3. ROLF C. WALTHER College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 43 Techni- cians Club l, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Spring Frolic l, 2, 333 Rifle Club 2, 33 Traffic Squad 4. MYRON WEINER College Prep. A. C. News lg Orch, l, 2, 3, 43 Cilee Club 3, 43 Spring Frolic l, 2, 33 Monitor Squad 43 lntramural Basket- ball 2, 33 French Club 3. lOHN WELSH Commercial Varsity Track l3 Sr. Band 23 Cooking Club 4. IUANITA WATERS College Prep. Sr. Honor Society 3, 43 lr. Honor Society 23 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Spring Frolic 2, 33 Drama- tic Club 2, 33 French Club 33 Traffic Squad 4. PHILIP WECELIN Commercial lntramural Bowling l, 2, 3g Cooking Club 4. WILFRED WENZEL College Prep. Varsity Baseball 3, 43 Spring Frolic 33 Intramural Basket- ball 43 Square Dancing Club 43 First Aid Club 4. Re C355 AUDREY WHITEHEAD College Prep. Girls Athletic Council 3, 43 Clee Club l, 23 Spring Frolic l, 2, 31 Girls Sport Club l, 23 Leaders Club 43 Archery 1, 2. 'zffif-V40 wxwvrwjj xnfqx ' b 5 S iUfCX",Ll Q3 ijwljw f't'l"'Nv LESTER R- WILLIARD Commercial Commercial lr Honor Society l Sprnng College PVED- A C News 4 Spring Frolic Dramatic Club 4 Rifle Club 'C I 2 3 R'He OU d G Orchestra l, 2: 3 gms gpm Club Girls Sport Club I 2 A' e'V 3 1' E del Club 3. 4 Fm Atd Club 4 'EEZ 25511 4 Momfof 260 RICHARD WRECE WILBUR VVURZBURC-ER Commercial College Prep. Intramural BasebalI.3, 4g ln- Intramural Basketball tramural Basketball 3, 4. Bridge Club 43 Square Danc Alma Mater Our strong band can ne'er be broken Formed in Roselle High, Far surpassing wealth unspoken Sealed by friendships tie. Chorus ' Lift the chorus: speed it onward, Loud her praises tell! Hail to thee our Alma Mater Hail, all hail, Roselle. High School days at best are passing Gliding swiftly by. Let us pledge in word and deed Our love for Roselle High. lVIem'ries leaflets close shall twine Around our hearts for aye And waft us back o'er life's broad To pleasures long gone by. tract ci::,3,gm..., coMM1q-TEE + A Glu,-in NP-211: Ptopeg-ti S ewhook es 3225581351: TD Miner Fredmq, Th C 'Wish " E Aw, Cee! Sue, Dorff Cry" Juan Mm Mak on Class Of 19 r e-Up John get Wm Presents Ifunnim W fs uilllivaf, Carl 0, ' rg P , U wma ubllclty Mamm Er. Bowen :E aodward ER clfsta Irvin N . Geo A04 88 Geo, R l4ve1,th rze Van Hmm Suzy Hn'-on me Ezchenmzl , nepy w- . . L' H R0lZ2'g,wm...be reZ1Sf'f'mf,,, C0f77ECly in "UW 't "Wana No, Three Flcrs ""' Riel: Fl Shi 1 I -V WED: A "' Bum, U e R-Verso Hn c Sher 'farm " an l 'Om eff-es Ar U"-1 w 47 Car Eu, I can Bm fhu, Ch , fu II1 Cl 1 e 0.85m Jw:'L.,miu' mm- emems 1 " Vlq, s Tbelm, " or V l cirlbe M We Wood fs,-A W mek W, C dum' New re -!o:j::'V" Karnes' 'lg 'lltffe N Hanan. eH'in.Pr, . Iflss Om me Davies .' A N ik' Y -1 v.,,,m H1-fm vers ' f b Secuta , 1 , A rw Lou. s f A ' Mm' Evelyn Class me Tobilllaq V. Xxx! Morgan Advis Begfy L ' :cs pr , ers elminz T Gaiden! r m Cl ' "Hearn, ark Hi - Eh : .-oe k the Cla rkefs' V 547700, Uafy 30 194 I, EU5- by I 'Kd fl , Hb 3,76 I Roseuewj Fludlrarium jan . I 2 A, Q . A 5. v ACT ONE An afternoon in November. ACT TWO Scene One: About ten days later. Scene Two: Two weeks have passed. ACT THREE Thirty minutes later. PLACE The Clover house in Preston a small suburban town Tune The present Produced by special arrangement with Swmuel French of Nm wYork Ever Smce Eve A Comedy in Three Acts by Florence Rversrm and Colin Clements CAST Mrs. Clovor......... ,.,, .. ...,,....,.G1.omAS'rE1NHAnD'r Johnny Clover. . ......... ..,......... ..... R o sam' Gr-Lomas Mr. Clover ,..,.. Spud Erwin ...,. Susan Blake ..,, , , .........,,.,........ Enwum KNAUER .,.... .. ..,..,.... RoLFWAL'rl-um , .... ...... ..SusANHonms Betsy Erwin., ...,,.....,...,,,...,... JANE Bucxnmcl-I Martha Willard .....,...,.,.....,........ Mmm: Hoxznson Oficer Cuppy Simmons Henry Quinn I ucybelle Lee Preston Hughes Football Plwyors Rosmvr Olvm JACK Wxcxnsm JACQUELINE A. Mort GEORGE Bnown Jn JACK Cumcv En LLOYD Cnoncz VAN HEUKF Roar-:R'r Gmmsnllw Play Conch MARION M MARA . ........ ,,........... . . . W . . . ,,.i. .1 , . , ' ' L Most Luke! Y fn Succp ,.,..3 " 31 'Q we X News 1 Q ,MX pf' 431, xp: jf ,oe ?jf'x93:' " xii t x 'dx Fi' Kit - wg ' -,X Q wx-fx K .VX Y. J wil Q N ,f ix Q63 XX wr XX iz. N3 X X 4 ERR N f"5?v'xi:.QX x'4"x-ax,-wlw gf ' M , -f' ,Q ' Q JN' - S , l -Rfk cm, a nd B BY: 'do 'X f -N XB 0- mwfgwwfw-r1s:1z'1-'v'vf': , ,,.,..,, Mm., h,.., ,.,, . -..,., . Li IN TMS SSEO! A r X MST. . ilmf... Q .I I Ns 4.556 ., tu Q w US Huff'-"0 Mn-.Q wQu,.Z.L. K aim., 5 f .,m.,..., 1 ., A iw 5 f S 2 W ,fjm x Sf 1,- M ,tw ,qyf 2 ij 5 4 W , ..-MJ --,, T x Jwzumziwn 06' h Q40 9. qs" A : 5, . ,1 QM? -V W .9255 Zcf gk xo' oi' 6 'G ' 9 Q 1 N 1 wilful, V. , N l M .M :ilu ,,, , , Q' TVHEEXX f-fx --9 an Rb: Y BQ gg,Sg,: - f K i ' ff M. yr X Bef' All A fo won' X B SK woyjni. C QQWS .ug .XV X Xxx X N..- Magp po P 1- A, wfghxx E.f,"1 x F? C9 Kuff? r 9, i i wg -xml 7J,.,w, Q ,.Q.MWz,,,,,, ,QA .NA ,,f,4W,. M, vs 12 Pswewf W Nv"""w' ,..f 54 3 ,w"q"' X M,,,.,.--f - Karfoon Karnival Finale WWW. 'www MW' 4 gfwexvpiiiw , kv? Eu w i l an ,M - -V 7 'V -Y gvivifyifyfkzfsb E 'J wi. ' ' ' if ww RUF! ' ff: ui f X, If 4' ff? ,L 2 5 1 3 ' xfw J gf W .L A r W0 QM K 41 ull Name F S'5953??5.f??5'??iE557??5553555595955155595????S55????ES5'9E3Ei????5'9513?5E'?553J?E'5f5??E???5?5?'9?E?'5E? -P--u 1'-1 --0 rn emo-'... n -1 eos: -1 Q -1. An Q :: E ."' ft morn '1 'rr-ra. "i?.S'51""'394'S-"E-2'51'-395.5-235'"EWS 52525'erase"BSWBRQQSQS-?3:5L94F5'aE9-feea'2f7SeG3Q-22:0 5'2'.R'Ja3:"',2-:"2Fr""Q':'E-285' ,mf-,,, N.-.m.,3,.,,,q. :hmmm :Q,o,,r-:w,,,:j...p- mow --zsgffgg-eu1... ov ...'-:D : gnu- m nntbo :,,::-:F o.-.,,wmm,,::-1 9- U- W O 5 mf,-5 5'-4 .1-.,cu W,-4.-. o g vi-.3 "" Q- -in 'Q asfvm 5 ri :S.,yg,, rev :SH ago 5-na. z er S saw' -ff. ea -- ff' sf' me--sr 2 S-rm 2-0- .-. 5 5 "'m vt 7 n. 9' .- sa ff a ig, R f- 5 2 Q 340 E In Nickna ZS? 2.0 --vt' Peggy Lee Bud Martie Bock Ed Renee Bubbles Seabiscuit Luva Brownie Bill Phil Janie Mother Buzz Blondie Baron Evie Barney Ge rt J isgs Pearl Franie Don Jo Bob Deacon Shorty Danny Lou Joy Syl Sennacherib Bea Bunny Pro Annie Bob Ed Veg None obby '11 5' C 6' fn H 'i Ill 'U D' -4 Drawing Sketching Collecting Match Covers Stamps Photography Airplane Building Stamp Collecting singing Photography Boxing Drawing Candid Camera Sports Movies Collecting Anything Htunting and Fishing ' Balancing meals Roller Skating Sports Horseback Riding Tennis Tennis Airplanes Collecting Books Collecting Cups Model Building Souvenirs Mechanic Loafing Bowling Camera Working Playing the Piano Knitting and Dancing Reading Swimming Fishing Trouble Drawing Scrap book on current events Dancing Reading Classic Books None bition e's Am if P1 be E. O 3 L '1 Typist Commercial Artist Travel Travel Doctor's Assistant Aeronautical Engineer Acting Gym teacher or singer Teaching Travel around U . S .A. Artist Great Industrialist Salesman of Stocks,Bonds Make enough to Retire Lawyer Hunting and Fishing Be a famous dietician Bookkeeper Own my own Restaurant Dental Assistant Army Service Worker Draftsman Doctor Be a good stenographer Aeronautical Engineer Housewife Travel Go everywhere, do everything Officer in the Marines U.S.N. Air Corps To be a nurse To be Court Stenographer Teach Home Economics None Office Work Aviation Seaman To Travel Aeronautical Engineering Oifice Work Private Secretary None 1943 ? E N fv- m O I Stillman Shop work Secretarial Work Job Army Pace Institute J ob College N .J .C. College The army Obtain a J oh Princeton University Defense Factory Working Duke or Radcliffe University Michigan Marshall College Work Work at W. Electric Dental School Defense Work Worker Navy Presbyter. N 'se Sch. A Good Job College Stand. Oil Co. VVork on milk truck College Get a job College- N. Dame Work until can be a nu Work in Prudential College ? Unknown Office Work Union Jr. College Army Stenog- rapher Work ' Off-ice Work College None Favorite Subject F' w 2 Arts and Crafts Shorthand Printing Science Office. Practxce . Chemistry Geometry Music English Arts English History History History Latin Chemistry Chemistry History History Sewing History Office. Practice Chemistry English Gym Mechanical Drawing Plane Geometry Economics and Sociol. Biology Book- . keeping History Biology ' Shorthand Chemistry History Commercial Law Science Law Shorthand History History Latin None orite Sport Fav U1 o E. ni Bowling Soccer Basketball Pool Football Basketball Swimming Basketball Soccer Football Football Football Baseball Football Like them Fishing Swimming Baseball Football Basketball Tennis Baseball Swimming Swimming Ice ' ' ifiiiillfii izliiiiimk Football Football Baseball Basketball Basketball Swimming Baseball Tennis Basketball Fishing Swimming Soccer Tennis Baseball Yachting None Favorite Book Q o 5 5 rn 'f 2. Pi Law HK3, Rhinhart Gone With The VVind How Green Was Valley Kings Row I Married Adventure How Green Was Valley The Scarlet Pimpernel Learn Dance In 6 Lessons Ramona Drums Along The Mohawk Zane Grey Cruise of the Raider Wolf Last of the Mohicans Man for the Ages Anthologies of Poetry The Living Forest Boston Cook Book Sea Wolf Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind Ilzlorthwest assa e Gone WVith The Wind I-Ieav'n Highg Hell Deep Post Mortems H. M. Pul- ham, Esq. Talley-Ho Heide Kazan Life of Nelson Hang My Wrath Excuse It Please Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind Candide by "Voltaire" Fiction fmurderl Big Ones Get Away Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind Northwest Passaic The ains Came Ellery Queen Mystery None G I" Favorite Magazine v-nv-nv-vu th 0 0 Reader's Digest Reader's Difgest Li e Life Life Life Life Look Boys' Life Life Saturday Even'g Post Reader's Digest Saturday Evenfg Post Esquire Reader's Digest Popular Mechanics Esquire House- keeping Life Life Esquire Reader's Digest Ladies Home Journal American Reader's Digest Comic Book Scientific American Popular. Mechanics Esquire Journal Ladies Home Journal Life The -New Republic Movie Screen Life Popular Mechanics Cosmo- politan Life Look Life None 3' cn un Favorite Newspaper '-1 5351, ,eps 23:1 'E 'E' Eliz. Daily Journal Eliz. Daily Journal New York American Newark Even'g News Eliz. Daily Journal Daily News News N. Y. Journa, American Daily News News New York Times Daily Mirror Daily Mirror New York Herald Trib. New York Herald Trib. New York American Journal- American New York News New York News New York World-Tele. American- Journal J - Journal- American New York Herald Trib. New York News New York Herald Trib. New York Herald Trib. Daily News New York Times New York Journal-Am. New York Journal-Am. New York Journal N. Y. Daily News Journal- American New York Times Daily News Daily News A.C.H.S. News Eliz. Daily Journal Daily News News Philadelphia Inquirer ' None MBI R RPO astime ' P Q h Z L 'ling ,ening music wing icing ,d - , ,ding lding 8 ig I ncmg ncing k Ab't thing .tening Radio rsebac ding lvlxng ling h- rgers kms' ng k th gang ller , ating otball We? nittmg orking ovies iting xttering nitting idio eading leeping o'fing and hinking eading ovels leepxng lovies. Qovies Irawing eading Knitting ating briving iarI I V Vritmg .etters Dancing Knitting Talking lone 3. Favorite Actor O '-'Cure' O'-' rgiesaggg Q: 5 EHS gg 3 cn gm! Gable - None James Craig Errol Flynn Charles Boyer James Cagney , George Raft Tyrone Power Tyrone, Power Gary - Cooper Bing Crosby. John Payne Gary Cooper William Holden Errol Flynn Tyrone Power John Payne Gary Cooper Cary Grant Cary Grant Lawrence Olivier Stirling Haydon Mickey Rooney Melvin Douglas- Spencer Tracy Frederick March Gary Cooper Gary CooIper Les ie i Howard Lawrence Olivier Ronald Reagan Conrad Veidt Spencer Tracy Errol Flynn Sally Rand John Payne Ray Milland Spencer Tracy Robert Taylor None Favorite Actress l" F' t" l" U1 aogstsortst :,'c,I-1:53-inc? cv ggmta.-ff-1'5W5"e 9'-1 WE'-1 J oan Fontaine Madeleine Carroll Bette Davis I Bette Davis Ann . Sheridan Dorothy . Lamour I Betty Grable Lana , Turner Jeanette McDonald Greta Garbo Madeleine Carroll Roz ' Russell Lana Turner Gene Tierney Bette Davis Lana Turner Madeleine Carroll Rita Hayworth Vivian Leigh Linda Darnell Jane I Russell Katherine Hepburn Shirley Temple Veronica Lake Lana Turner Lana Turner Katherine Hepburn Ida Lupino I Linda Darnell Marie Ouspenskya Betty , Grable Ginger Rogers Betty Grable Gene Tierney Ruth Hussey Bette Davis Alice . Faye None Favorite Orchestra A egsaaergsagfsQs959E59555595255EEEQFWEQEESQEFE5595EE? ess?ES2:rg25555255252BisaisiiaiairiiiiiHiraiaaiiieie 35--.5-r'4'v"4'l52-ef' '1 "' -4.4-ek! rn' " 523-5' -4 , 'sqm 0:55 fb B I vu a og, A E. I D :Harry James Glenn Miller ' Glenn Miller Glenn Miller Eddie Duchin Vaughn Monroe Vaughn Monroe Sammy Kaye Jimmie Lunceford N.B.C. Symphony , Tommy, Dorsey , Sammy Kaye Glenn Miller . Vaughn Monroe Glenn Miller Glenn Miller Harry James None R Favorite Song o o zewsnagsgmemegg was-rwg,:2,,qfl,:U:n'U:' I:- Q'-T-"lF'vD-f1'i"l" o7"o:"'-i NNE -4 ru rn.-.ED .-Guru, o 4 4 0... im H gwgnenng :S -rv 0- E I-T2 w 0 I3 Sn EF IEP. L: mow'-ima-ef-115'-IQQUQPCQ Qsarrrsrgrgaaqa n.vmZ2l" ZwZmU5'U:! vs -....05-.Hc..--ur-1.,r 'I' m:49'fN:.1W:: ' ' ' f are 5 Saga " 5 odxiodgj : rF5'5D, Blues In The Night I Said No Moonlight Cocktail You Made Me Love You Chattanooga Choo-Choo Deep R Purple Sometimes Shrine of St. Cecilia Danny Boy Deep In Texas Shrine St. Cecilia Yours In the Mood Chattanooga Choo-Choo Shrine of St. Cecilia Racing With The Moon White Cliffs of Dover You Made Me Love You Blues in the night M'dls'h's Con. in E Min. You and I Moonlite Masquerade Deep in Heart of Texas Everything I Love Chattanooga Choo-Choo S'm'n's R'kin' My Dr. Boat You Made Me' Love You None Favorite Radio Program Q '-e 5 Cdlll U m m wmv HwmwwenwmarmomggHwwmwmwwEQWIWmwUEw9Wwm??wEEZHWQf?m?m??m III ,,.,,,--O.-...:...,.cI,:,,,, Ba:-frooooog, -o0o0w.a-'-fine n vmO-,,D-05.05. on 302-OS-SgngoagecvQ-zosos:."'f'i5en--evevsrifdscvvszg-HErvvifgx-22?i': 'S 2 2 S 'S 0Qf"5e: 0 3-'3g5.'lwFu7W3f?i-7,7943 " " Sf' Wa' me Blum'-2 n -4 ZW O O B ' ru 000 05- -rn -1 O .1 I.. OC: -s I no : ' GWB geEg'3m BFQQ' Be E Eg S Q 5 O 'sa Q af P- E 54 fu f, E2 ru W " 3 Hope Lux Radio Theater J ack Benny Red Skelton , Symphony Hall Step' Mother March Of Time Bob Hope Bob Hope I Make Believe Ballroom I Make Believe Ballroom Bob Hope None Favorite Comic Strip 'If un ma VI Donald Duck Blondie Boots Li'l Abner Nancy and Sluggo Terry and The Pirates Superman Blondie Terry and The Pirates Smilin' Jack Buck Rogers Freckles and His Friends Li'l Abner Prince Valiant Our Bill Flash Gordon Blondie The I Spirit Dick Tracy Smilin' Jack Li'l Abner Boots Prince Valiant Terry and the Pirates Blondie Blondie Blondie ' snmm Jack I Blondie The Phantom Li'l Abner Blondie Terry and the Pirates Blondie Moon Mullins Dick Tracy Terry and The Pirates Terry and tes The Pira Smilin' Jack Smilin' ' Jack Smilin' Jack Mickey Mouse None L bt .e 5 -.1 Q 41 U E W E O Basketball Swimming Roselle ' Rookies Swimming Hunting and Fishing Bowling Dancing Junior Fire I Reserves Roller Skating Basketball Any sports I Movies Jr. Essex Cavalry Tr'p. Clubs Work Everything Imaginable Hunting and Fishing Sports Roller Skating Club Solis of Amer. Legion Royals Club I Working Sports Sports of the Year Rainbow Girls Catholic's Young People Bowling Horseback Riding Playing Football Band and Orchestra Bowling Alley Executive Bowling Work in Bakery Methodist Yt, Fellowship " Girl Scouts Club Inter. Order Or "Jerks" Bike riding Scouts Motorcycle Ice - Skating Boy Scouts Dancing Horseback Riding None Favorite Dish no mm we-fowl-irrnm-in-4 aa5saS5ga5geasSaS O Irfwivagxamewgigg 5 5,225 H' K" in-5 rn.. sv ui :P :rg U' CD 2 ,.. . Creamed Ham Sweet Potato Pie A girl sm'th'd with kisses Steak Dinner Steak Dinner Vegetable Salad Baked I Macaroni Steak and Onions ltalian I Spaghetti Spaghetti R'st B'f and Br'n Potatoes Chicken Full Course Steak Dinner Steak Dinner Veronica Lake Steak Pie ' Chocolate Pudding Strawberry Pie Spanish Rice ' ' Lana Turner Steak' and Onions I Spaghetti Steak ' Steak Srn'th'd with onion Chow Mein Ice Cream Legumes Melangees S'uth'rn Fried Chicken Hamburgers Ice 4 cream Chow Klein Candied Sweet Potatoes Ice Cream Chow Mein None Ideal WW Su M 0. 4 a - My Mother J on I Whitcomb Helen U'Connell Lou Gehrig My Father Money A Movie Actor My Mother Carolyn Polk Joe I Louis Joe , Louis ' A Lien. Douglas MacArthur Ted - Williams ' Lou Gehrig Papa's Self Control Zane Gray Dorothy I Thompson Pop I Lou Gehrig MY Mother General MacArthur Roz Russell Charles Atlas Margaret Sullivan My Oldest Sister Lou I Gehrig Betty Crocker Gary Cooper Abe Lincoln ' Ned Day Billy Conn Edith I Cavell Gene Tierney Carolyn Polk Frederich g Engel ' I Lana. ' Turner Colin Kelliy . Admiral Dewey John A Whitcomb Franklin D. Roosevelt gmc ebel , I Winston' , Churchill Nobody .T H --.Y I' Happiest School Yea "fl 'I fl 'll n- B Bl :s Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior - Senior Senior Senior Freshman f Junior Senior Senior Senior Sophomore l Junior Senior 1 Sophomore i l 4 Senior Junior .3 Senior Senior Senior Senior 1 Freshman I Senior Senior Senior ' Sophomore Sophomore i Senior I - . 'l Senior I . Senior senior Junior l Freshman J 1 l l u Senior 1 - I Senior Q Senior 5 . 1 Senior , Senior 3 Senior ' None ' o 35 3 J. C am ull N 'F Bernice Greirn Robert Grimshaw William Habermann Merle Hampton Marjorie Hanley Audrey Anna Hansen Ruth Mae Harriston Anna M. Harvard George Louis Heitn-ian William Herrmann Donald Hofford Marie Fay Hokinson Claire Elinor Holcombe Susan Horine Gilbert Earl Howland, J r. Mary Hruska George Johnson eanne Dorris Eliason dward ordan ean Ethel Kaelin Madalyn Kerney Edward Knauer, Jr. Gregory Kocenko William Kresge George Louis Landgraf Janice Ann Lawrence Betty .Carolyn Leammg Edgar Leeberg Peter Lees Hildegard C. Leffrang- Irving Victor Leventhal Martin Levy Arthur Liebler Florence Mae Lines alice 1 P Edpward Lloyd I Ruth Adaire MacDonald Eleanor Malin Walter Mankowski Mary R. Marcin Florence Maurer Norma Alta McKelvey John Walter McMahon Jr. Margaret McSweeney 36 0 Nickname UI B' O v-1 fo '4 Bunsen Bill Izzy Marge Aud J immey Ann Da Mighty Bill Deacon Hoky Claire Susie Gil Wiggles Scranton Bootsie Buddy Jeanie Madge Ed Russian Rube Landy Jan Chub Moey Limey Dee Irv Marty Art Bubby Lilmy Eddie Mac Babe Pizon Mick Flo Norm Chick Pezsy by ob H monomer-nmn sgaiegsoe W,-.EET -155' "'p.n n 5 0 ,Q-ag. Wig. in on E rn 'U O 35 Vllriting Iwetfy Reading Singing Technicians Work Reading Tenor Sax Music Knitting Classical records Traveling Roller Skating, Clay modeling Band Leader's Autographs Any ports Collecting Records Souvenirs Music All Sports Swimming Collecting Travel Books Taking Pictures Taking Pictures Sleeping Photography Taking pictures Stamps Model Airplanes Sports Roller Skating Horse Back Riding Collecting Records Roller skating 'Reading Photography Movies Drawing Fashions Sewing Hunting and Fishing Collecting Pennants bition Am it'e's U! rn 0 5' .. L Bl H '4 Get in Telephone Co. To be Somebody Organic Chemist Good secretary Private secretary Dress Designing Baby nurse To be a Success Get Married Welder To Become a Music. Actress To succeed in everything Earn a living Rebuild world after the war A Good J ob To become a chef Otlice Work To write a novel Get good Husband Success ln Everything Minister Designer Baseball Player Chemical Engineer Be a success- ful secretary Private Secretary Hitler's Successor Engineer Secretary -private Government Agri. Work Retire Be A Chemist Travel around the World To Travel in U.S. Chemical Engineer Marriage --3 kids To set the world on fire Pilot Working Be good secretary Salesgirl Air Corps Marriage n.. V5 V Ut u-4 Working Work Work U. C.J . C. Secretarial school Working in an oiiice School Kin Washingtonj Work Rutgers Working Get a job College College Col. QR and. Maconl College Work To get a perm. job Picatinny Arsenal Work Private Secretary J ob Navy Work At Western Electric Working oflice work Work and Play Army working as a secretary College College Navy Take a Trip Business School College Comptometer operator College Army Pilot Working in ofhce Working in Prudential Salesgirl Get good wb ork Favorite Subject gwo 2,3 51 n-22 5. fl 3 nw .-. :r Chemistry Vocal music English Chemistry Comm. Law Math Cooking History English History English Physics ant Chemistry Office Practice Commer. Law Oflice Practice History Chemistry Sewing Plane Geometry Math. Sciences Chemistry Shorthand Vocal music Math Chemistry Shorthand Biology Physics Chemistry History Book- keeping Chemistry Typing II Chemistry Law Law Shorthand Comme r. Law History History Favorite Sport M m UI ra cr 9: : Baseball Swimming Baseball Baseball Soccer Baseball Basketball Tennis Baseball Football Swimming Basketball Tennis Football Basketball Football Basketball Baseball Swimming Basketball Baseball Basketball Baseball Baseball Ice 2522228 Football Tennis Soccer Football Tennis Basketball Basketball Baseball Football Baseball Tennis Football Baseball Ice Skatin Basketball Football Baseball ok Favorite Bo Clfll V7 H510 n9q?ses??9 sglghgsgnmg H4753 3352 2910-10 ::Sw"'2 airs 'Ss n Q Q 55 E 2 Treasure Below Sugar- foot This Above All A Tale of , Two Cities Rebecca Forever Gone With The Wind GWTVV The U. P. Trail How Green Was Valley Daring Man on Fly. Trap. Wuthering Heights Gone With The Wind How Green Was Valley Seventeen Superman Comics Treasure Below iii? is o Gone IWith The Wind Introduction to Cytology Berlin Diary GWTW Gentlemen Are Sissies Work of Freud 10,000 Years Under Sea Rebecca Admiral Death How Green Was Valley Native Son Gone With The Wind Tobacco Road Gone With The Wind Rebecca Gone With The Wind Yearling Gone With The Wind Favorite Magazine U! 55 an 'K Ei ru 5 Esquire Reader's Digest Movie Story Modern Screen Life Modern Screen Life Saturday Evenfg Post Esquire American Reader's Difgest Li e Reader's Digest True Story Life Readcr's Digest Time Life Ladies Home Journal Lif e Esquire Life Life Reader's Digest Red Book. Esquire The ' American' Cosmopolitan Esquire Life Life Red Book True Story Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Cosmopolitan Saturday Even'g Post Look Life Modern Screen Outdoor Life Good House- keeping O r-4 De cn cn Favorite Newspaper QQEUZZUHZZUZUQMQMW D' a E sa 2 2 2 556525555 gsteaiim-4361.-an-e ,4mb.,mtnf,.-I-gi Q:-1 E E. 93. 9, cn ua ng eg r Q Q r ' ' is New York Times New York News P. M. Newark Even'g News Herald Tribune Newark Even'g News Elizabeth Journal New York' Herald Trib. Spectator Elizabeth Journal Newark Eve News World Telegram Mirror The Daily Worker The Forewargl Eliz. Daily Journal P. M. New York Times New York J ournal-Am. Elizabeth Journal Elizabeth Journal New York American News Newark Even'g News Eliz. Daily Journal News Daily News Daily News Journal- American Daily News 4 r Movi Eati Ice Sleep Liste Recor Singi Drivi Car Readi Movi! Tickli Ivori Readg Gone Cpretl' Danci Danci Puttei Lister the R Readi: Drawi Cartoxj Play: Recon Readii Roller Skatin Roller Skatin Dancii Danci: Swim! Playin Piano 4 Listeni Music Drivin Car Loaf in Rogues Arguir Drivin, Car ' Dancir Buildii Models Readin Funnie Roller Skatini Roller Skating Listeni Record Roller Skating Driving Golf Listeni the Ra Reaclin Listeni the R: Hunti Fishing Readin Favorite Actress '-I i . - 5395????Q?95?5FE!5?Z?S?5??????EEEEQEQFQEQQQFQQmggamgegegmgowgoem I'-BQr:.gm-155'52ra.Q,?,'4-tSg." eeegg..-'TcR425acxwrsgasezngwgig-SP2Q2-1.Sv,2g,'22oQ2.'l 53, ,wo 53 9-in :E,,E9q:'g,-53 mm,-7,-na-no-enorrgvg n.5-5-0: g-4z...5- m..,5g-- E ...ggf,...g 5 2 1 D -1' Neg I - 5 H g Ea 2 0 ave gross Q M 0 M 0 5 :r 0 5? en D-f' "' :SU :U 'f '4 rv W' D- no can 3 Ann Sheridan Ida Lupino Wendy Barrie Gene Tierney Rosalind Russell Bette Davis Constance Moore Hedy Lamour Greer Garson Bette Davis Veronica Lake Bette Davis r-1 'FU FU O FU Orchestra Favorite crw'-1 org'-"-"cm we 1.-,- . . 52259555555 B 5 is 52525 sssgeszfssesrggaseses:assessorsQrffrereeoaaaosswo 555-,fS5'i5g.25'aq.'1'g2gtaBaaoeisgycaiiosisa-5535552Wamliggsi-:2s:U,rg.?:2aaaasggaawgggggagasEsisqg-is ng: Swan!! 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H ' R vi'-3 ei- ss-.712-llfigl-1 -an-Q..-+.,m 0 -1.-+wD-ui -t'U'4 Q5' 5531 5 mg: :nn- III Mickey Finn Freckles McGoosey Smilin' Jack Terry and The Pirates Boots Little Lulu F reckles Blondie Barney Google Henry Li'l Abner Abbie and Slats Terry and The Pirates Terry and The Pirates Popeye Prince Valiant Superman Boots Flash Gordon Prince Valiant Smilin' Jack Smilin' Jack Terry and The Pirates Bringing Up Father Blondie Superman Blondie Superman Terry and The Pirates Dick Tracy Dagwood Smilin' Jack Terry and The Pirates Smilin' Jack Smilin' Jack Boots 5s F: . 2 at O 42 v 73 71 ..- :s O Archery Bear's A. C . Walking to School Hiking Baseball Roselle Rookies Clubs Basketball Tech. Club Baseball Soda Jerk Choir Royals Club H.P.A.C. De Molay Roller Skating Writing Poetry Basketball Sports Roller Skating Debs Club Church Activities Basketball All Sports Bicycling Fellowship Roselle Rookies Hunting Golf- Tennis Roselle Rookies Working Airplanes De Molay Work Senior Tuxis Circle Bowling Roller skating Working Sports Movies Movies Badminton Hunting and Fishing ' Skating Favorite Dish QZFQSQEQQIQZ' S959 in :S 5-2.o 2.0 gf' Q-:I 2.0 Elm 55 S 5 2 3 Q25 E -f 5 3: SI. D, nay, ... as nw N 5 Steak and Onions Crushed Pineapple Spaghetti and M eat Balls Steak Chop Suey Strawberry Sundae Jello Steak and French Fries Turkey Dinner Hamburger Steak Spanish Hot-lpot Stea and Onions Steak Dinner Pie A la mode Pie A la mode Steak Pork Cho s Porlii Chops Chicken Strawberry shortcake Borscht Roast Beef Strawberry Shortcake Veal Chops Boeuf Rote CRoast Beefj Steak and French Fries Chicken Chow Mein Apple Pie CA La Model Italian Spaghetti Italian Spaghetti Steak with all the fixings Creamed Chicken Italian Spaghetti Chicken Chow Mein Chicken Dinners Italian Spaghetti Ideal WH '-1 59mg?9Fs9z:aoasQQSQeeaoee g5..-.Q'4:1"CoB5-IIF3-r-tBB0---rngsrun mnamj- 5020 ,-,5T'O5Bl4mOg 0,10 rv '1 -40-r -4 ...3w.,:x -1 mr.."1 -rv 3-rrrw N n.,,,ru em 9'-' '4 3 -.E+-...vs E fr 2 Person with poise Abraham Lincoln To. Become swing Pianist Ida James My Mother Jacqueline Cochrane Spence F. D. Roosevelt Melvin Ott Jimmy ' Lynch My Mother Dorothy Parker Einstein Rockefeller Dorothy Thompson Secretary Wickard Deems Taylor Boh Davies Hedy Lamarr P's'n'lity Like Mrs. Cav'n'gh Colin Kelly Dorothy Dix Some millionaire Mr. Nelson My Mot-her My Mother gloiience ig tin ale Errol g Flynn My Mother Happiest School Year 5 0 Yll :r 5 N :s Senior Senior Junior Senior Senior Junior Senior Junior Senior Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Junior Senior All of them Senior Senior Senior Senior Sophomore Senior Senior Sophomore Senior Senior Senior Junior Sophomore Senior Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Sophomore Senior Sophomore Senior Senior Senior 037 E A Full Nam gagggweeeeszfeeeererreereesfra asseweeerraamsasrfgerzfs'assessors:2:29:Qeaeegeferscsssssssssesr v .0 50 Z'-'vm:rmrocgcfwse-U-we-To-"v"W-1ar-+o.--og---0 --'J'wV""" f"""'.::-iv-"'-1-v:mff- mov:-t:5'59,g P-1:5 5.2--ner! -1:-12-4 :'s " 'S ni'-1:'L'1'-2'-E,.,-4,,25n-ep---5-,ming---Qo:s0f-'ueE.fv2U'3o::r rv ,,::,:5-1f'SD-"'D""9..:1--1:-Fgpgv -mg-l,.S'o-12.5---,,5g," -Nogmfeozn agi- fafgfggeg ggsgiragm HEa5Smr2g5g'w5H3R 'imimgi N25 Egg' :QQH 'gg ag 3255 Q25 engage H393 5 :Eg on -E. Q. ggi Qu iwg r.-Sag E Pegs: , 525: sg a A--Fa 3 jg - so , 40 : U sr M H0 g Q 2 5 39 F E H 2 W 94 W 5- 63' ru 2 51 ca. : ..- n 380 C Nickname UD' .C :S 5 F4 Moe Glamour Fidge Butch Jacki Alan Mountain Neib Newc 'Glor O'Bie Bush Junior' Sue Greek Pat Dimples Muscles Polkie Pretz Ries Berta Beans Butchy Scotty 1 .Helen Stretch Chubby Stew Ginny Dutch Fran Bob Mush Ned . Babe Evey V Eddie Rick ' Al Simp Smittyi Dessa r Smitty it -t 'E c III Horseback Riding Art Collecting Records Women Roller Skating Figure Skating Une Hobby Saving Records Swimming Knitting Collecting Records Hunting, fish- ing, skiing Fixing . Machinery Handi Craft Eating Collecting Records Collecting autographs Physical Culture Bicycling Stamp- collecting Handwork Collecting Pictures Collecting Souvenirs Dancing Singing Singing, Music Collecting Movie mag. None Playing the Trumpet Horseback Riding Gardening 8: Housekeeping ' Sports Women Auto mechanic Photography Sewing Collecting Records Records Knitting Collecting gon pictures unting and fishing Activity , Scrapbook Skating SI D u: LE E 41 ,rn 0 ... -1 -. Nurse Artist Singing with an orch. Big league ball player Marriage Something Worth While Enough money to be Happy Air Hostess - Be rich Marriage To be a nurse Make some- thing of self Make million and retire Nurse Doctor Secretary Laboratory Technician Chemist Librarian Machinist Bookkeeper - Typist A Flying Cadet Marriage Marriae Vocalist Comm. Artist Travel To Travel To Travel To Travel To Sing Well Own clothing' store Baseball None To become hvy-wt champ To Travel Famous Piano Player Lead A Band Typist Engineer To travel To be happy Electrical Engineering fn. N: 'Y UN v-1 Med. Center Training Sch. Army ll nsic School Work Weston C u. Sweetbriar College Work Secretarial School college work Medical Center College Arn1y or Navy Work Navy Work , Hospital training Army air corps College Vocational school ' Bookkeeper Night School Working Working Typist School N ight School Working Go to California Go to College Guess Working in an onice Army Go to school Army Golden Gloves Stenographer Drakes College College-Penn State Work Work Travel someplace YVork Columbia University Favorite Subject F' su 23. 'S Cooking Printing , History Commercial Law . Chemistry Trigonometry English Chemistry History English Science and Math History Biology Chemistry Office' Practice Chemistry Math A - French A Woodshop Bookkeeping History History , Business . Organization Office Practice English History Chemistry History English History History English History English Law Shorthand Commercial Law Physics Commercial Law Gym No such thing Algebra Physics Favorite Sport U1 4: n n ru -1 Hockey Skating Baseball - Baseball Hockey Football Swimming Football Soccer Soccer Skiing Football Basketball Golf , Baseball Swimming Football Soccer Softball Swimming Basketball Football Sliliilg Basketball Basketball Swimming Football Baseball Skiing Football Walking Basketball Baseball Basketball Boxing Basketball Baseball Hockey Handball Football Swimming Basketball Golf C5 Favorite Book 71 rn cr' rn o rx W Hanging Acrobat The Yearling Mein Kampf Gone With The Wind The Nazarene Northwest Passage Northwest Passage Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Wild Geese Calling Rebecca Berlin Diary One by Da- mon Runyon Kings Row Northwest Passage Stella Dallas Gone With The Wind Theory of Evolution Come Spring Mysterious Island Uncle Tom's Cabin House of Earth Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind Out of the Night Pygmalion Lorie Ellery Queen Mystery None Gone With The Wind West of the Picos Lad: A Dog . Comic books Out of the Night Drums Along the Mohawk Gone With The Winds Gone With The Wind The . Yearling Gone With The Wind Berlin Diary Native Son Rebecca They Got Me Covered LASS Magazine orite Fav Q Q 5 o 'es E. :I ru :S Collier's Good I Housekeeping Esquire Liberty Reader's Digest Esquire Vogue Life C Harper's Bazaar Red Book Life Look Ladies Home Journal Reader's Digest Life Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Life Popular Mechanics N Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Esquire McCall Reader's Digest . Vogue Look Cosmopolitan Popular Mechanics , Reader's Digest Football g Annual Good Housekeeping Reader's Digest Look Colliers o Rini: Reader's Digest Modern ' Screen Life Ladies Home 'J0l1l'IlE1l , American Boy i Reader's Digest Ladies Home Journal Life L- 0 D4 .Newspa orite .Fav grease? 2 5 sf. si a 2 5 es' ess x'l'sg9 -2' -'E' 'Q Star Ledgce- N ew Yor ' News New York Times New York News , New York Times Eliz. Daily Journal News New York News Daily News Daily News Newark Daily New: Daily A News ' New Xork American N. Y. Worl Telegram N. Y..1our' American N. Y. Jour: American Sunday American Eliz. Daily journal Eliz. Daily Journal News Daily News Daily News World Telegram Newark Ev News News The Hobo News New York Times Journal- American Newark E' News Daily News Newark Star Ledge New York News Daily News N. Y. Iour American New York Times Herald - Tribune Daily News New York American N. Y. Jour American Newark E' News ' Newark Star Ledge l Good nd nd 3 D. Rec. about M Favorite Act Ula' '-4 U1 "-4 '-l U7 '11 Q"lm"lmC70.177'fF"11 . '-1 U ' ' . 593959355?99f955????5?55559999:??s???s5??53??a59s??r:a22S2issis???S?5s?a9?5?555?5?5f9?EW -1 1e1O'v'4CP"-'4 :Q 5 0-'U'-.E-1 5 5 0: -,,.-r:-so...-if-,png iq :Sono :s -"EI-4 -.-:F 5-we fe ET5WEBE225ET5 g iQ:5:222'gKrmrEa5E:5SE:355:3QQoW:-oFwg1g5 5E5'H'ET5T2 QQBHQEEHN QQSSZES5 ff I-Hn' ra. '4 ui I1 3 '04 -r -1 -1 5 -1 5-:" 3 W4 'I' E i-1 W W O Favorite Actress -.4 . , 1 - , 95235.21ETQFEEZ'5,E357i?2'EE9595525535?i?s.?E,EEiF55.FL12??FQ:?E?ElETE?E' 1f333E33rWE'a5i5ig2ai:ggggigigfviiggaigsagggagiz 2 N 0 are .ras M M aww Q M M 2 mf' as-wffeeaf-2 we a 4 H 1 Bag Hg H H 2 H3 -mmdq ' : w mo 5 T H 0 5 3 0 Rosalind Russell Loretta Young Lana Turner Bette Davis Rochelle Hudson Lana Turner Joan Bennett Deanna Durbin Betty Grable Lana Turner Hedy LaMarr Lana Turner Rosalind Russell Deanna Durbin Gene Tierney Bette Davis Gene Tierney Gene Tierney Lana Turner Bette Davis no J Favorite Orchestra '-1'-4 '-4 ' - A '-4 ' '-+"' '-4 H '-WO? v '-4'-4 '-1 P-'-4 me-1 '-4- '-4 '-4 V EQSQS?5?5?i5?55???5?5E???E?5s???E?SS?s555555Eas5egs95??i5?5?Qe?s55?sE?5a?5sE5?fg62ses225 H: -5 3 :55 Q - wanna m 3- - -5' m 'B nom -sm M 1 Sw :3:::-w n:gEgQn5gQgQg3,mwmo:,magm m nn snsqmm M wogn n:m-m3: n3mnmwW-o3 n Bn: 3 mw-mn n 0 0-w N n n mm ww r YM! 0 1 new Q MQW! - wgw 0 0Bmg-- 3 5 Bm '1 -4-e -1 -4,435 -1 gag-2-4 E 3:-gk: '4.49.:,'4 35.414 .4 .4 gre' -are-ag 3- 3-1 -1 -r .43 5 ra. F-,far Q' Song Favorite M 9 m n D- II m n Shrine of St. Cecelia I Know Why Blues in the Night Elmer's Tune Hung. Rhaps. No. 2 Why Dn't We Do T's M' Of' Stardust Blues in The Night Chattanooga Choo-Choo Stardust You Made Me Love You Anniversary Waltz Couple In The Castle You Made Me Love You T'is Autumn Chattanooga Choo-Choo Sh'stak'vitch's 6th Clair de Lune Deep in the H'rt of Texas A' The Things You Are I D't Wan't to W'k W'th't Y' I D't Wan't to VV'k W'th't Y' I D't Wan't to lV'k W'th't Y' You Made Me Love You Moonlight Cocktail I D't Wan't to W'k W'th't Y, Tales From Vien'a Woods The Star Spang1'd Ban. This Love of Mine I Know Why Tonight We Love Chattanooga Choo-Choo This Love of Mine Idaho Maria Lena The Things I Love My Hero Stardust You Made Me Love You Red River Valley You Made Me Love You Chattanooga Choo-Choo The Annivers. Waltz Favorite Radio Program Bob Hope Charlie McCarthy Bob Hope Inner Sanctum I Love A Mystery Ford Symp. Hour Bob Hope Hope Bob Requestfully Yours Bob Hope Bob Hope Lux Radio Theatre Bob Hope Go Get It Bob Hope Make Believe Ballroom Information Please Bob Hope Make Believe Ballroom Bob Hope Orson Wells Make Believe Ballroom Jack Benny I Love A Mystery Bob Ho ie Malte Believe Ballroom Red Skelton Bob Hope Bob Hope gob OW Make Believe Ballroom Red Skelton Inner Sanct. Mystery Bob Hope Bob Hope Gang Busters Inner Sanctum Blondie Bob Hope Bob Hope Double or Nothing Make Believe Ballroom Make Believe Ballroom Red Skelton Strip mic Favorite Co U11 l"'-l og"::'rTl on--mf-1 Ho " -t LU! Jw ms .-.-. 0... UI Donald Duck Dixie Dugan Our Bill Henry Katzenja'me Kids Flash Gordon Terry and The Pirates Terry and The Pirates Smilin' Jack Dick Tracy Boots Terry and The Pirates Blondie Smilin' Jack Prince Valiant The Phantom Terry and The Pirates J lggs Blondie Smilin' Jack Boots Terry and The Pirates Boots Li'l Abner Terry and The Pirates J 1335 Blondie Phantom Blondie Smilin' Jack Terry and The Pirates Smilin' Jack Smilin' Jack Terry and The Pirates Superman Our Bill Terry and The Pirates Dick Tracy Katzenjam'e Kids Blondie Flash Gordon l' Y AE' .2 if 0 E m U S O V. P. Cathol. Club Drawing Debs Club CSec.J Bowling Roller Skating Fig. Skating Club Everything Royals, Just Ate Swimming Just Ate Ice Skating Fish. and Hunting Baseball Roller Skating Sports Dancing Clubs Exercise Scouts Scouts Social Clubs Roller Skating VVork Baseball ' Bowling Swimming Running a I .aunch Church Clubs Baseball Young Peop. Society Swimming Teach. Sun. School Club De Molay, Sports None Box Bowling Baseball Sports All Sports Basketball Fishing Royals Soda Jerk rite Dish Favo O CII 5,53 93? 23m "oz 5:1- ur Pork Chops Spaghetti Steak and Mushrooms Shrimp Salad Alma from Orange Fried Chicken Steak, Fried Chicken South. Fried Chicken Home Made Veg. Soup Chicken Dinner Steak and Mushrooms Kobosie and Kupusta Turkey Ice Cream I Ixobossie Ice Cream Potato Pancakes Sea Food Ice Cream Pea Soup Spaghetti Scotch Steak Pie Spaghetti Fish Dinner Steak and French Fries Tomatoes Chow Mein Blondes Turkey and Mash. Potat. Ice Cream Fish Salad Dish Sweet Potato. and Bk. Ham Ice Cream Steak Ice I Cream Ice Cream Chocolate Eclairs Ice Cream Roast Pork Ideal gas 52' U.:- .1 fb Nw B D- , Helen O'Connel M y Pop My Mother Clare Booth Luce Al Dittmann Be Greater Than Great Superman Carole Lombard Florence Nightingale Howard Hughes J. D. Rockefeller Florence Nightingale Paul Bunyan Sing like F. Langford My Mother Hercules My Mother Gary Cooper Lana Turner Marian Anderson Errol Flynn Sing Like Judy Garland Vtlinston Churchill Dinah Shore Dolly Tree My Mother My Uncle Missy Lehand John R. Rockefeller Deanna Durbin My Brother Lou Gehrig Ted Williams Max Baer Margaret Lansing Tommy Dorsey Lou Gehrig Lana Turner My Mother Frank Buck My Mother Superman appiest School Year M ru E. 9, H Senior Senior Junior Senior All Four I Junior Junior Senior Senior All Four Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Sophomore Senior W Senior Junior Senior Freshman Senior I Sophomore i Sophomore Senior Senior W Senior Freshman Senior Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Junior N Senior Junior Sophomore W Sophomore Senior Senior Sophomore Freshman Junior Senior 039 .g .3 'ij .sg E E a 2 E 0 I E VJ U2 Dil e E 41 3 3 3 Z S Ig- Iv. ... ': , ': ': E 5 2 3 3 5 E 5 Lf-1 z m i.: 2 In In ki Peggy Peg My dog To be College Chemistry Swimming Tale of I I SONS successful Three Cltles .l3C0l! Jake Stamps Business Army History Baseball Forward Solomon Ho Leon I Red Fishing, To be a Earn money Chemistry Football J ustI Silltzenfeil I I Hunting great doctor to fulfill amb. I Fishing C alre Bernice Bernice Sketching To be a Academy of Chemistry Basketball The Good Stadele I great dancer Music I I Earth Gloria Boots Knitting Private Secretarial Shorthand Swimming The Sun Is Stelnhardt Secretary Work I My Undoing William Steve photography Mech. Draftsman Chemistry Baseball GWTW Stevenson Engineer Edward Bud Model To be happy Get a English Swimming Kings Stewart Airplanes 'Gb I Row Rose Lxssette Storky Stamp Typist lNork English Skating So Stork . . Collecting I I I I Blg Irene Kamllla Tlnney Df3wing Commercial Work Typing Swimming Kings Thlnschmldt Artist Row Rose Boots Dancing Travel Go to Sewing Horseback Gone With T1mfn0r1S I , business riding The Wind Louise Zella Toby Knitting To be an Newark Ind. Math Baseball Gone With Toblasson I artist Art School The Wind Maxine A. Maxine Collecting Nurse College Math Basketball Gone With T01-ltafll regards I I I The Wind Joseph Joe Model Join Navy Earn money Tr1g0110mell'l Swimming They Got 'llfefllli Making for Jr. College I Me Covered ghyills May Turk Drawing Secretary Work History Basketball Kings ur Row Hortense Jackie Colloeting To Travel Work or History Watch Gone With V3Cl13l Stamps Bus. School I Football The Wind GCOTEC V311 lleclol' Minerology Become Phys- Rutgers Chemistry Football Berlin Hecke III Instructor Diary Ruth Ru Movies Bus. Career Working Shorthand Watching How Green Vliet I 8: Marriage I Football Was Valley blllll Fllalles Slogle Souvenirs Air Cadet Work History Baseball Berlin 089 . Diar William Bill scrapbook on U-S- Foreign Middlebury English sail- Asyliim by Von Dreele I the War Service College 1910-41 boatingI Seabrook D0f0l1l1y .llllle Stamps Travel Business PYIUUHE Swimming Gone with - Wahl I School , The Wind Ffedeflck Fred Hunting and Forest Maine Chemistry Football Windswept Wahl I I I fishing Ranger I S'II'El'Hlallle Blbl Drawing Chemist College Chemistry Swimming GWTW 3 ef Margaret PCBSIB Collecting To blow my Business l2HEllSl1' Soccer Kings Walsh , Junk own Horn School JY- YFZY I II Row Rolf l-lll'leY Fishing Sail the College Pl1y51CS Skiing Ocean Walfllef I South Seas Gold Juanita I- N112 Sketching Please people College Vocql Football One Foot WH'fCfS by singing music in Heayen Edward Ugly Fixing cars Airplane Navy Typing Golf I Married Weber mechanic Adventure Plllllll I Cato Eating Bull Army Gym Football, The Wegelm I I Lineup Inna Florence Woozle Saving Nui-sing Training Chemistry Tennis Ai-i-owsniitli Weiner , letters school I Myron Mike Playing the Doctor College Chemistry Football Cook Weiner Drums Book J0l'lYl Jack Machines Owning an College Gym Football Confession Welsh I airplane Min.'s dghtr. Wilfred Jeffy Playing Baseball Gym Baseball Baseball Any Sports Wenzel , I Baseball College I Book V10la Ifwm V1 Roller Typist Working History Roller Gi-and Wl1e4l0H I Skating Skating Canyon Sark Ier Ruthie Skating Good Cook College Chemistry Basketball Jane se Eyre Deana lime Deb Sports Business A job Algebra Basketball The White I executive Citadel Evelyn Mafy Ev Dancing To go to a Job asI I Shorthand Swimming Gone With While I I savage life receptionist The Wind Auflfey Lll Aud Collecting for Nurse College or Math Basketball Gone With Whlleheafl I scrap boo nursing scho'l The Wind Vefllfm lflsll Stan1lJI Navy N avy English Football GWTW Whittle Colleoting John , .lack Writing Writer 8: College History Baseball Count WlCklClU I world traveler I I von Luckener Lester Les Radio Radio J umor Chemistry Baseball 'GWTW Wllllaftl I f- II I hnglneer College Dfllsy M30 Sallll Music Concert Travel English Baseball The Light WllS0fl I I Pianist I I That Failed Olive Elan! Rusty Collecting Traveling Working in Printing Basketball Gone With Wood . , Pms . onlne The wind MBYIOU Elaine Blondie Sewing Medical Nurse's Biology Swimming Gone With Woodward I Profession Training The Wind Rlcllafd Beans ICE Skating Aviator Army Woodshop Baseball Defense of Wfege I I I the Alcazar Wilbur Flash Walking the Taking life Army History Football Cooking Wurzburger Dog easy 400 Favorite Magazine Ula' U1 M51 Cl :0595:?sa5Q -ein-0Igm,,.....,,,.e0 m:5'mD.n,Q.....I,,,,iD- 5ww"'25m2 Q su-E 'H' 5 " : o D' 0 'B B 5' " rn Popular Mechanics Ladies Home Lournal ed ' Book McCall Women's Day Look Popular Mechanics Vogue Vogue Reader's Digest Good I Housekeeping Esquire Reader's Digest American Esquire Life Women's Day Life Reader's Digest Popular Mechanics Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Esquire Sat. Eve. Post I Esquire Life American Reader's Digest Reader's Digest Life American Reader's Digest' Popular Science Life Ladies Home Journal McCall's Esquire Popular Science r' De cn cn Newspaper Favorite Z rn E '4 O vi W' Sun New York News Newark Evi News N. Y. Teleg r New York Worl am American A.C.H.S. News MlfT0 I' I Sunday Call Newark Evl News Eliz. Daily Journal Eliz. Daily Journal N. Y. J ourr American Eliz. Daily Journal Newark Ev. News Daily News A.C.H.S. News News News New York Sun News New York American New York Times Daily News Daily News N. Y. Heral n Tribu Newa r Star L Hobo News e k Journal New York 1 Amer C311 Eliz. Daily D Eliz. aily Journal Newa Call rk Sul ,. Eliz. Daily Journ al Herald Tribu ne Herald Tribu News News Daily News N ewa News n e rk Evi Eliz. 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Club Sports Church choir Bowling Bowling Play Ping Pong Playing Drums Work The Trio Club Badminton Cadette Club Young Peop. Clubs Roselle Rookies Epworth League Softball De Molay Boy Scouts Local Band Royals The Cadette Baseball Bears A. C. Favorite Dish 2 as 3 2 Steak Steam Pudding Chow Mein Steak and French Fries Fish Fish Ice Cream Cheese Sandwich Lots of Ice Cream Turnips Turkey Dinner Betty Grable Steak and Potatoes Ice Cream Beans and Ham Stuffed Peppers Spaghetti Roast Beef - Italian , Spaghetti Roast Beef Ice Cream Rare Roast Beef Roast Beef Chocolate Cake Roast Turkey Leg o' Lamb Salads Charcoal Steak Hamburger Italian I Spaghetti Chow Mein Ice Cream S Sausage and Pineapple Chop Suey Turkey Dinner Ice Cream Steak, etc. Chicken Dinner Spanish Rice Ice Cream Chicken Orange Ice Roast Turkey Ideal OVW NCQ? Timm 1 gg W :B D- My Mother Eleanor Roosevelt Henry Ford My Father Deanna Durbin Eleanor Powell Gene Tierney Mrs. Cavanaugh we , xg tmga e My Father Betty Davis Jinx Falkenburg Teddy Roosevelt Clara Barton Colin Kelly Sumner Wells Walt Disney My Father Madame Curie My Mother Commodore Ed. Ellsberg Rev. J. Henry Meyer Corrigan Hedy Lamarr Betty Atkinson Cozy Cole Joe Louis Tommy Bridges Clara Barton My Mother Gene Krupa Eleanor Powell Lorraine Day Gary Cooper Lowell Thomas Marconi Ella Fitzgerald Amelia Earhart Mother Mel Ott Johnnie Vander Meer appiest School Year UI o E. 91 H Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Sophomore Junior Junior Senior Senior Sophomore Senior Freshman Senior Junior Senior First Grade Senior Junior Junior Junior 7th Grade Kindergarten Senior Senior Freshman Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Junior - Senior Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior 0 41 ADOLESEENCE TO ADULTHOOD The 'lime is nearing whentjhe Class of l942 will pass on from l'he friendhf, proleclive wallsjjlbraham Clark High School, QE lo make ils way successfully, we are confidenly lhroughlhe slruggles and lriumphs, 'lhe sorrows and joys of life. Though we be forever separa'l'ed by dislance, may we be Forever uniled by lhe spiridr of our six years of comradeship during our preparalion for lhe fulure. ' Therefore, we include lhis chronicle so lhal, al some faiedislanl dale, while paging lhrough lhis monumenl To our class, we may lhink back and recall lhe many pleasanl experiences lhrough which we, lhe mem- bers of lhe Class of l94'E, have passed .......... , For our firsl glimpse of an infanl class, we musl look in on one day in May, back lhere in l935, when we firsl assembled in whal was 'l'o be our new 'Alma Nlalerl l'l was lhen Mr Freilseld Forelold our coming exislence and evolulion: how we were lo be ulillle fish in a big pondf' and how we would Finally emerge as lheubigfishl in 'rhe same pond. Then, on Seplember 7 J936, lhe Class of l942 was aclually 1 born. None of us will Forgel our firsl assembhf, up on lhe sheliz ibm Racing from class 'lo class and darling in and oul among lhe huge Seniors was greal funn ihal is, aicler we golf over our nervousness and fears of l'he firsl few days inuhigh schoolf... Soon come our firsl real concerled efforl' as a body-- lhe Magazine Campaign. We didn'l do badly alall.. Enlhusiasm ran high in our new advenlure. There were even a Few lucky ones who proudly carried ou'l' lheir bils asubugsu QA in our firslq Spring l:rolic,"Rise and Singl l'low we swelled vvilh pride! Came Sep'l'ember, l937. Wasn"l' i'l'grea'l no'l 'lo be lermeduinfanls' anymore? Now lhere was aclualhf a class beneaih us. We were Eighlh Graders, and prided ourselves on lhe faci. We were cer'lainly well on our way. Why, al' 'lhe end of lhis year we were Eighlh Graders, and prided ourselves on lhe Facl. We -were cerlainly well on our way. Why, al lhe end of lhis year we were lo choose our courses For lhe nexl four years in lhe real, honesl'-lo-goodness Senior High School. FM l958, anolher Seplemloer, and anolhergreal mileslone. W We now need no longer have hul a grade-number, we were "Freshrnenf The lille dd sound imporlanl. We were imporl'an'l,'l'oo. Some of us received recognilion in lhe "Gospel Trulhf a delinile sign of ourugrowing up." And when lhe Spring Frolic rolled around lhere' were several ninlh graders wilh speaking parls. H' seems lhal each fall loroughl wilh il new horizonspeiwifor wilh lhe Fall of l939, '42 ascendedanolher slep. i-'I This was Jrhe year For lhe Sophislicaled Sophomores lo organize 'lheir class. Our inilial organizalion meeling was held November 22, when we were inslrucled how l'o go aboul carrying on our class l'unclions.An execulive board was elecled, and lhey, in lurn, chose our class advisors. lvln l'l. Nlonroe Gordon and Nliss 'Dorolhy Odell were selecled 'l'o guide '42 lhrough lhe years. -l'hen came lhe ldrsl eleclion. On Uecernherlzl, clohn Rolloff was voled class presidenl, Alvin Ryan, vice-presidenl, Be'l"l'y Leaming, secrelary, and June Nebglt, lreasurer... Some of lhe hoys of lhe class played in Varsily gamesgffg lhis year .... Of course lhe loig evenl came on Nlay lOlh-- Jrhe firsl social funclion ol' Ql2,.'lhe Sophomore Hop, en- lilledufapring Swing" wenl over wilh a bang Leo Birch wasdeclared uswellf and everyone lileed 'lhe lnlacli decoralionsd... Towards summer, we all piled inlo buses and wenl on a class lrlp lo lhe World'S Fair Q We gol oul lo an earbf slarl in l94O, as juniors--onbf one more peg up Jrhe ladder, and we would reach lhal all imporlanl "Senior Yearfl.. On Oclober l8, Dick lVluller was elecled Junior class presiclenl onawrile-in vole, Louise Toloiasson was voled vicefpresiclervl, Claire l'lolcomlJe,secrelary and June Nelnel was again our 'lreasurer .... The -.lunior Winler Carnival came on January lT There cerlainbf were nice decoralions wilh evergreens and snowmen, and a general lheme of green and while, Don Gibson 's Orcheslra played, and al- eleven-lhirlyfsnow' fell from lhe lskyf... il was in -January lhal we purchased our class rings and pins .... A large number of us had a swell lime parlicipaling in lime, lOlh Annual Frolic E lhis year, which was a revue of all pasl produclions .... May l6 broughl lhe nnosl 'imporlanl social Funclion up lo lhal lime- - our Junior Prom--when l.eo Birch again played. The lheme lhis lime was a lllawaiian Cruise? and decoralions were blue and while,wilh silver slars and a huge moonfj lending almosphere. Refreshrnenls were served From augrass hull Everyone had leis, and everyone wenl lo lhe "Meadowbrook aflerwards .... We should menlion lhal lhe percenlage of Juniors on lkirsibf Sqruads lhis year was high, especially on lhe very successful baseball l-eam.. ? On June l8, we said goodbye lo lhe lasl Senior Class above us and spenl' lhe summer looking forward lo. . . . . . Seplernber 8,l94ll, and SENIOR YEAR! One shorl year in which lo make so many of lhe mosl pleasanl memories of our lifelime. Things began rolling swiflhf, Miss EVEBIN ll Morgan was welcomed by lhe class as ils new advisor since Miss Odell was an exchange leacher in Puer lo Rico lhroughou our Iasl yearin school. Jack Wicklein was elecled seniorclass presidenlg Louise Tobiasson was reelecled vice-presidenli Jackie Vachel was chosen secrelaryg and Belly l.eaming,lreasuren in lhe Class' final eleclion on 5eplernber23.. ll was lale in Oclober lhal lhis group ol' Seniors began ils series of record breaking lriumphs. Every l2lh grade homeroom doubled ils guola For magazine sales, and we broughl inlhe here-lo-fore unheard-of lolal ol' 5 578-' This aslronornical figure was a porlend of grealer lbings lo come For 342. A A Yearbook slail- was lhen' appoinled, wilh Fred Shaw as edilor.. Bob Grimshaw slarred lhis Fall in foolball... E A Jack Fllzgerald was chosen lo play For lhe years Hrsl dance, lheu Senior Pow-wowf' on November 25. The dance had an lndian-Thanksgiving lherne, A wilh harvesl lime decoralions and mulli-colored slreamers... On December 23, everyone enjoyed lhe Class Chrislmas Parly in lhe big gym, where we "swayed N lo lhe music of 'l'he'l'lechnicians Orcheslra" As has been lhe cuslom, lhe Seniors decoraled lhe school lobby for Chrisl'mas.... Wilh 'lhe coming of l942 came lhe realizalion lo each Senior lhal lheyear wilh which lhe class name is associaled had Finally arrivedrlhal slowhf and surehf, we were progressing 'lo lhe high-poinls ol our high school career-- Class Nighl and Commencemenl, and lhen, sadhf, lo lhe end of lhese pleasure-filled years of our school life .. .. "Ever Since Eve.. lhe greal lhealrical underlaliing of our class, coached by Miss lvlarion M. lvlara, was presenlecl January 30, and proved 'lo be anolher overwhelming , success.Anolher record was shallered, wilh gross relurns of 5425. A parly was l held for lhe casl and commillees on February l5 .... The second informal dance of lhree held during lhe school year looli place on February E Z llwas lilled ullarloon Karnivalf' and ils molif was comic sl'rip characlers. Red and while were lhe predominanlcolors. Ned Hilchcocli and his esquires played. .. . . .Al lhe lime of wriling .lhe final Spring Frolic in which we will parl'icipale,on April 23, 24, and 25, is well on ils way lo complelion. Our splendid Senior Ear is swiilly drawing l'oaclose.The Chronicle of '42 musl end here. Our lasl informal dance is l'o be held on May l5g lhe Class'lifip, ..lune5.'l'hen will come +he'Nighl'of Nighls:-Class Nighl, June l5,allhe Winfield Scoll l-lolel in lilizabelh. finaly afler +he Baccalaureale Serv- ice al ll-ie Firsl Presbylerian Church, Roselle, on Sunday, June i1+he"DayofDays" will be al hand-- Commencemenl, X Abraham Clarli High School, June l8, l942.The Diplomas we receive repre senl more lhan six years spenl' in classrooms--lhey represenl six years of pleasanl associalion wilh classmales and 'leachers,associalions long lo be remembered. These lasl weelxs are hlled wilh icy and sadness- lhe peak has been reached,ancl now, sadly, we musl separale, .... Spring Frolics, Concerls, Sporls, Acliviliesilrips, The Magazine Campaign, Parlies,The Play--Class Nighl, Gradualion. . .All are now bufl' fond memories lo be laepl foreverg For ...... Our slrong band can ne'er be broken Formed in Roselle High .... . . .lVlem'ries leaflels close shall lwine Around our hearls for aye-- , And wafl us back o'er life's broad lracl To pleasures long gone bye. 460 "Jingle Belles and Beaux" - RICHARD ALMQUIST He could gaze over heads, for ,he was that tall, And Richard could certainly bowl a "mean ball." AMELIA ANDERSEN f , , Now here was a swell girl, through and through, A whiz in sports, she was never blue. V I MARGARET BALL ' ' J Another honor student now claims ourglance, you see, Her driving was terrific, Peg, don't bump into that tree! SHIRLEE BARRETT This cheerleader roused-the crowds with zeal, And to the eye-she had much appeal! WARREN BAUGH Now Bud's another of the bowling few, He's a good looking fellow-ambitious, too. MARTHA BLASCHKE . She was tall, demure, and quiet, and blonde by nature, TOO. Her spirit- waslundying and her charactenquite true. GEORGE BOCHENEK ' A dab of pencil, a touch of peng Showed George as an expert artist ofmeng EDGAR BOCHNER His dramatic ability was really swell, He'll probably end up, another Orson Welles. " RITA BOWEN She had a knack of making faces, And how she showed dramatic traces! , D - ESTELLE BRAGG She liked to take pictures, she liked to blow "bubbles," But hardly, if ever, did you hear her troubles. . , n FRANK BRIGGS He played the game of football, and none can contest, That Frank, in this sport, was one of the best. LOUIS BRIGGS ' Another ace in football this time claims our view, You found him in the starting lines when the season N ' first,was new. GEORGE BROWN Glee Club claimed him and Rifle Club too, And his sharp shooting genius was nothing new. WILLIAM BROWN The strong and silent type is Bill, with gentlemanly mien, He's usually found delivering "Town" magazine. PHILIP BROWNE He rated first among the redheads in the class of '42, And his auto made its presence heard before it came in JANE BUCKRIDGE Always a'-flutter with things on herrmind, Her role in the Play was the best of its kind. DAVID BURR He sat for hours in his boat while trawling in the sun, And soaked in perspiration, said our Davie, "Boy, what THELMA CARLBERG She told splitting jokes, but all had their cloaks of pro- ' priety, X In bridge she infringed on opponents, who cringed with PETER CASTELINE His pals 'called him "Kato" and though very shy, ' 'Twas not hard to say, he was easy on the eye. I JACK CLANCY You saw him in football, the Class Play and such, And even in school with a humorous touch. ' EVELYN- CONRAD . A dimpled ready smile, a look so far yet near, The one who, answers to all this, hoped for a business ALBERT CORSON ' Along with the famiIy's line of fame, "AI" chose the tennis court for his big name. , GERTRUDE CORSON - A wizard in sports, yes, this miss rated the name, But of all of them, tennis was really her game. EVERETT CRAMM Here we had a worshipper of fish and all their kin, Such talk of war took second place when fishing season PEARL CRAWFORD A student at heart and by effort the best, She made every grade and passed every test. FRANCES CREE Frannie to us, and Frannie to all, A career girl for business when came the fall. DONALD DANIELS He was a technician of noted skill, And a wonder in studies, by dint of his will. JOSEPHINE DAVIES "Jo" was voted the lady of the class, And what pretty chestnut locks had this lass. ROBERT DAWALT You found him stopping with milk at your door. Here's hoping that he will deliver much more. ROBERT DeBROTZKE His iokes and pranks were known to be "punny," Even his everyday actions were funny. view. fun!" anxiety. career. was in. HAROLD. DeLONG His stature though small was very strong, Another of the famous "Line of DeLong." IOHN DEVRIES Quite suave, you know, what tremblings in female hearts you brew! Your hopes are pinned on Notre Dame, so here's suce- cess to you. LOUISE DITTMAN , . A look so sweet, a smile disarming, All help to make our "Ditty" charming. JOYCE DUFF A whiz as a typistg an ace in the sports, . . And a pretty companion, from all reports! ' SYLVIA EATMAN . Her favorite hobby was to dance or to cook, She will someday end up in a dietitian's nook. ' HAROLD FISHMAN , Now here's a lad who seems ,to bea rarity indeed, il . , He actually comes to'school toiearng a virtue,' we con- cede. BEATRICE FRIEDMAN Her manner in,classes was quiet and refined, - ' . This attractive girl to nearly all sports was quite inclined. RAYMOND FUILSHAW - Camping trips and outdoor life, this fellow, finds the pleasantest, It won't be long 'till you will find him camping on r Mount Everest. , - .' ROBERT FURNBACK ' Autos seem to hold a fascination for our Bob, So if ever you're blown right off -the curb, you'lI know he's on the Job. ' ANN GEOGHEGAN You saw her coming a mile away. r, With her red hair shining -and her smile so gay. ROBERT GEORES Dashing, sleek, and handsome, the hero of the. day, 'I His able acting helped to put across the Senior'iPIay. ' EDNA GIBBS A wonder with a baking pan, was she without a doubt, And yet that wasn't all she had'in mind, Young Man, watch out! - V VIVIAN GIRTON u She knew her Latin from "A to Z," ' , i And in French, Viv, was one of the smartest there be. EDWARD GORGA Quiet in nature, his cloaking reserve, ' ' ' Was really the only thing we could observe. BERNICE GREIMS . Her heigqht added to her ability in sports, studies and suc , '- And Bernice was an honor student with a yen to progress so much. , , I . ROBERT GRIMSHAW ' ' I l He shone in football, he stood out in front, Voted Best Athlete of '42, if through the files you hunt. WILLIAM HABERMANN A trend for dramatics, a boy at heart, One who gave many a girl a "start." MERLE HAMPTON . . ' A studious chap of the highest degree, ' He merited the marks that he earned, we agree. - MARJORIE HANLEYP This girl was excellent in studies and sports, And as for energy, Margie had quarts. AUDREY HANSEN , . A quiet miss, though forever, drivingj, 1 To get things done and for better things striving. RUTH HARRISTON Give her a pen and a spot ofpaint, , - - And Ruth will produce something very' quaintf ANNA HARVARD She liked to sing, she liked to dance, 1 On a basketball court, she-surely did prance. ' ' GEORGE HEITMAN Here waslan artist and technician with skill, , And his presence gave many a girl a thrill. WILLIAM I-IERRMANN Willie, as we baseball fans all knew, was quite a flash, But here-his talent didn't endg he was tops in his sales class. DONALD HOFFORD He makes a sax just croon a tune, ' An ace in band, a' maestro soon: MARIE HOKENSON A genuine Bostonian, baked beans with her are fine, A singer in Glee Club with a-knack for pantomime. CLAIRE HOLCOMBE Claire was known as "Minnie" to all, Quiet in most things, except basketball. 1- SUSAN HORINE Newspaper, Glee Club, and sports were her pride, And her lessons, our Susie, would never let ride. GILBERT HOWLAND He leaned toward mathematics 'and in'-school was a - technician, . .' . I So girls, when e're in' doubt, he' knows a clutch from ignition! I MARY HRUSKA Quiet in manner, but a lady of degree, In class she had a rating of a good sport, don't you see? GEORGE jOHNSON George was quite quiet, but did his bit, To help his class, by using his wit. jEANNE jOHNSON With loads of good excuses this little young lady, Turned all the teachers speechless when she just wasn't ready! EDWARD jORDAN Ed seems to be the solemn type too, ' He needs a firecracker to wake him up anew. jEAN KAELIN A worthy mark in every subject seemed to be her plan, But please don't think she was a grind, because she got her man! MADELYN KERNEY Around and around she wandered away, With a mighty big shock, she'lI awaken someday. EDWARD KNAUER His absent minded manner was the humor of the day, He showed us his ability by his acting in the play. GREGORY KOCENKO They christened him the "Russian," he was jolly as could be, He could bag any basket on the court, we all agree. WILLIAM KRESGE He tagged all the men when they rounded third base, In that old game of baseball, Bill was an ace. GEORGE LANDGRAF In the N.H.S. and Technicans Club, George was no fool, And he sure was at home on a piano stool. jANlCE LAWRENCE janice had a way with those big brown eyes, That made other girls try,to copy her sighs. BETTY LEAMING An all around girl with oodles of friends, Her activities were great, her future-that depends. EDGAR LEEBERG Now here-was a genius, a boy both big and tall, His studies were a cinch, they just came natural, that PETER LEES Pete came to us with an accent so cute, That everyone hated to see him mute. HILDE LEFFRANG A flash of blonde, a dash of blue and a winsome look, All help to make our Hilde like a picture book. IRVING LEVENTHAL Irving was the printer of the Senior Class, you know, Here's laurels to you, lrvy, wherever you may go. MARTIN LEVY An accomplished violinist, few if any, could surpass, And his fluency in French was the envy of the class. ARTHUR LIEBLER He could shoot a basket from the middle of the court, In fact was a good man at any 'old sport.' FLORENCE LINES She liked every sport and in all she was good, Even with her classmates, Bub highly stood. ALICE LIPP Here's another fan of the camera group, With a taste for dancing and 'Merwinian Soup.' EDWARD LLOYD Drollery and wittiness, you've got them both, it's true, And with the girls it seemed to workg Ed Lloyd, we RUTH MacDONALD Ruth and her ever ready smile Made everything cheerful and all worthwhile. ELEANOR MALIN Her favorite was 'Chem,' she was good at it too, To find her a doctor would be nothing new. WALTER MANKOWSKI Happy-go-lucky was smiling Wally, No blue near him roamed, for he was so jolly. MARY MARCIN Resigned to life was Mary Marcin, All we could think to rhyme here was "parson." FLORENCE MAURER Her height was an asset to add to her fame, For in all the sports, she had quite a name, NORMA McKELVEY Her manner was quiet, her smile serene, Her features were tiny, with us she was Supreme. IOHN McMAHON l just mention fish to this young man and you have got him hooked, For when the fishing season comes, it's no use, girls, . he's booked. MARGARET MCSWEENEY "Mac" was the nickname known to us, A good-natured girl without any fuss. GERALDINE MELOFCHIK Those eyes just rolled around, When 'male' -- men were nearby, She stamped those letters 'Forward PIease,' And they came at ar wink of her eye! is all. envy you. 'Jingle Belles and Beaux" HERBERT MEYER This fellow was known as "Herbie" to all, And the opposite sex, he did simply enthrall. jOAN NIEYER She ran about even with Dot Wahl in humor, Her hair styles were numerous and Oh! what a crooner. PHILIP MILLER He'll get somewhere with those dancing feet, For his peabody and jitterbug were really neat. MARY MINGLE This blonde was attractive with eyes of blue, Better be careful, she might attract you! IACQUELINE MOTT In the Senior Play, she vamped and pouted, With her long blonde tresses, all hearts she routed! RICHARD MULLER Mountain in football was known to all, Too bad for the guy upon whom he might fall. jUNE NEBEL They kidded her about her height, She maddened at this it's true, She had many friends and heart-throbs, But her enemies were few. FRANKLIN NEWCOMB School work with this young man was never undone. Although he would prefer the woods and a gun. GLORIA NEWHOOK She brought happy moods by her dazzling carriage, Her ambition in life iquote the yearbook! is marriage! ETHEL O'BRIEN In class she giggled and tried to write verse, In future years she might be a nurse. ROBERT ORTH He was voted the flirt but was misunderstood, He was just being friendly as cheerleaders would. LEON OVERMAN Now while in school, Lee was a fidget, And was known for being such a midget. SUSAN PAGE Glee Club and sports took most of her time, And her skating technique was really sublime. PAUL PARASKEVAS His deeds made him president of the N,H.S. For his school work merited this, we'll confess. GERALDINE PATTEN They called her "Red," and she got mad as hops, In dancing and basketball, our "Pat" was tops. RUTH PEARL Though we've known you but a little while, We've come to like your dimpled smile. HARRY PHILLIPS Give him a clarinet and he'lI sound like Benny Goodman, Someday he'lI be up there among the good ones. CAROLYN POLK She always had knowledge right at her hand, A perfect lady of the land. ARTHUR PRESSL Quietly and modestly he moves throughout the day, Retiring in his habits-silence seems to be his way. FREDA PRICE She liked the sports and liked to sew, An agreeable girl without a foe. ALBERTA QUARLES Alberta's advantage was being tall, Right through the hoop she could drop a basketball. jOHN QUINLIVAN He followed his brothers in their line of fame, In football and sports he had quite a name. GLORIA QUINZEL Her future she had planned ahead, We bet every cook book she had read. ISOBEL RAE She contributed to Glee Club and sang her bit, With all the students, she was quite a hit. HELENE REDMOND Her favorite was singing, in Glee Club she shone. Andiwith the boys she was certainly no drone! RUTH REKEMEIER When it came to artist's touches, Ruth was in her prime, She could sketch a pretty scene at any place or time. NORMA RIGBY On any target she could hit a fifty, And in style and manner she was quite a nifty. STEWART ROBERTSON lf you fail to recognize his face, why then try to employ This simple plan, look at his hand, for he's the "brief- case boy." VIRGINIA RODGERS On a trumpet she plays both loud and long And Ginny herself is sweet as a song. IOHN ROLOFF Many things could be said here to make these two lines rhyme, But we'Il just say, 'He's one swell guy' and save a lot FRANCES ROSEBAULT Now Frannie's Commercial is just the tops, She makes studious strides in leaps and hops. of time. 0 .47 480 I ROBERT RUBINCHICK Oh wondr'ous lover, prithee tell, for we can ne'er endure, Your silence. Do confess the magic secret of l'amour. ALVIN RYAN When yet a junior, he broke a state score, But with the hearts, he's broken many more. jOHN SAUERWEIN He hailed from jeff and made friends here fast, With them they're not just 'new' ones, with him they EDWARD SAVICK He made up the poundage on the football team, And with playful pranks, Eddie would beam. EVELYN SCHIODT A helper of teachers, dependable it's true, With Evelyn, her work was never quite through. EDGAR SCHUBERT The picture of cooperation and reliability, With decorations, Edgar had dependability. FREDERICK SHAW Editor-in-Chief of the "Clarker Book" Was just one of the things in which he partook. ALICE SILVERBLATI' Her sweet disposition was known about the school, She was a conscientious person, thinking deeply, as a rule. LLOYD SIMPSON The Minnesota football team was tops with this young man, He followed every play Bruce Smith was in, since he DONALD SMITH Here's a boy who gets joy from fishing in a brook, To him, no affair could compare with dangling a hook. ODESSA SMITH In Glee Club as alto, she was a very good singer, 'Twas nothing at all to wind "blondes" round her finger. WARREN SMITH His humor seemed to break every bound Warren was one of the best-all-around. PEGGY SOARS Here was a miss who seemed to have an ample curiosity, This talent made her knowledge mount with quickening jACOB SOLOMON As guard in football, he is king, In addition to that, jake does everything. LEON SPITZENFEIL A sportsman of the forest and a demon of a shot, We only fear that with the flaming head of hair he's got, That it will be a deer, not he, who'lI end up in the pot. BERNICE STADELE She walked about with debonaire, But when she danced, oh sir, beware! GLORIA STEINHARDT She had a gift for acting and art, In the Senior Play she did her part. WILLIAM STEVENSON A lover of good old Chemistry, A guy who's got some feeling, The one who could mix the chemicals, 'Thout landing on the ceiling. EDWARD STEWART Termed the best dressed Senior, Eddie seems to be, The one with spotless appearance, you see. last. began. velocity. ROSE STORK Cheeriness and sweetness seem to be her fortunate af- flictions, , Her name is quite suggestive--but we shall not make predictions. IRENE THINSCHMIDT Spring Frolic saw her many times, Beating it out in the kick chorus lines. . ROSE TIMMONS Commercial studies claimed most of her time, But outside of class, Rose could dance on a dime! LOUISE TOBIASSON Vice-President of the mighty Senior Class was she, For adeptness in all sports, Toby deserves a pedigree. MAXINE TOUTANT Here we have a mademoiselle, petite and so demure, When near the boys, 'twas plain to see the rise in temperature. IOSEPH TREDIK joe was serious, though not a grind. One of those friends that are hard to find. PHYLLIS TURK Phyllis was gay and her nature was true, Her ambition-to drive and keep fenders like new. HORTENSE VACHAL A cheerleader -and 'the Secretary of the Senior Class, This popular little lady was our prettiest lass. GEORGE VAN HECKE An ardent fan of Chemistry and minerals and such, With George, thoughts of women never enter in-Not Much! RUTH VLIET Many were the boys who were swept :ight off their feet, After they had cast a glance at glamorous Miss Vliet. jOHN VOGEL An ardent fan of dancing was john, And with all the women, a Don juan! 'Jingle Belles and Beaux" Y WILLIAM VON DREELE A foot in Student Councilj ' A hand on the 'cello, A brain for studies, Make Bill a handsome fellow. DOROTHY WAHL This miss is known as a perfect sport, And her famous red hair is known from report! , , FRED WAHL Fred had a knack for attracting the girls, ' And was mighty cute.with those dark, brown curls. GERMAINE WALLER ' A linguist had we here 'who hailed from far across the ocean, La Belle France was her home, she had that 'continental MARGARET WALSH Here's a miss who sent our cheers across the field with zest, A bouncing ball of energy, she never thought of rest, And as for decorations at a dance, Peg, you were best! ROLF WALTHER Something of a sailor, much ambition for the sea, He's soon to be a "Harvard" man with accent and IUANITA WATERS Her greatest ambition was really to sing, So here's all the luck that her talent could bring. EDWARD WEBER When e're there was skating, there he would be, But when came the Spring-he fitted golf to a 'tee.' PHILIP WEGELIN A mighty sharp dresser was this cute lad, His natural wit made everyone glad. IRMA WEINER She could make a baton just spring in her hand, And made a pretty picture as she marched with the MYRON WEINER His drum sticks could beat out a perfect rhythm, And when the band practiced, he was right there with IOHN WELSH A cowboy on wheels, caught for misdemeanors, When called up for a ticket, he went to the 'cIeaners.' WILFRED WENZEL Here's the cause for all those yearning, girlish sighs vou hear, Voted most attractive so the reason should be clear. VIOLA WHEDON A killer with the boys, with an eye for the blondes, Pnquiet little lady on the lake or the ponds. RUTH WHEELER From the banks of the old Ohio she had settled in Roselle, A pleasing accent added a touch to this mid-western DENNA WHITE Denna, the girl with the drumming sticks, Give her a drum and she"lI show you some tricks. EVELYN WHITE Her outstanding activity was majorette of the band, A baton was at home in her little white hand. AUDREY WHITEHEAD Her name was Little Audrey and though she was quite small, She made the grade in Council and made the "bellows" VERNON WHITTLE He's tall, blonde and handsome: a regular Adonis, Our Senior Class was blessed when 'Irish' descended jOHN WICKLEIN Behold the President of the Class of '42, He ran the paper's staff when his duties were all through, We think a mighty handsome iob he did of them, don't LESTER WILLIARD Constructing model airplanes wegknew was tops with Les, To something aeronautical we're sure he will progress. DAISY MAE WILSON C'mon now Daise, don't change your name, just cause a new song has reached its fame. OLIVE WOOD Sports were a delight to this golden haired gal, Dc her a favor and she was always your pal. MARION WOODWARD If you ever doubt this girl's aim in life, just give this miss a rifle, And you will soon find out, she isn't one with whom DICK WREGE Short and stocky, he was known as "Beans," Though not a bit shy with the glamour queens. WILBUR WURZBURGER Another tall giant once claimed our attention, His attraction for the women--we won't even mention! notion.' degree. band. them. belle. fall. upon us. you? to trifle. 2' ' W' W V X f 1' . Q ' . 1 x ,"J H 1 . W

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