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5:3 ,1 1 Q V Y 4 'IJ f -me--'-ff. -..,...., -M QA .3 ' 17?-Q. p SQL-Nz" r'Z',.'f1: -'WY ' 'QYTTY "EES-'1P'Y'1?'r f,v.--rwvu.--f-.,.h.,,,... , dc" ' '- .2 ur 1 '-- ' 'f - A 'f'fri4iN': +2 if aa-N-fu.f-' -' f' 'Q'-"f.'fF251---1--f,g,W-. -J.-M. -,N- F., - - . , nf' . '- .1-,Z-ks ,.-- -----hw' 'W-31,1 - . ,. , 1'43i:.-.' -1 H, , f " ' 1 ' -ff'--' 1151" ' v ::'5',4'Q -4 , 1, - ...-..,,...,W-, .. , A ,Af-iw ' ' - A f w 'rf -' XT? ffylaa L,-fr, ' , ., .f - - -, - -ff.:-un. 1, ' ,en V- ' -r -151 ' 5,54-1 -, . vi, , TF-2 A X 7 'A Q -2 . V , EP ' ', .J-:Q ,. 9, ' , -' , ., . , . A l 7 if ? A ' A . . f ' 'xl f. ' 5? , .- gi -- ,.4 . ., , , .H . gfhl' , -K uf 2 .':' ,' , 1 I 'f E'3f2".fr. X - ' 2. ,J 'Zyl' fi-5.31. , . -ff .mf W x . , D 1 1" 2.2 , E QU" 3" ' ' 1 E-"'f1Tfi5'-' 7' ' ff ' ifpf 57' 'I' , r . ' Q, " 'fffiii 'M' . ':v'gm, ' - ' ' ,, I - . - L' gqfjgiif.,-13.613515 .L N ZX' 'L F V V Q I .il Q.--, ,fy ,A 1 -wif-'QA 1 - :r , , I. AA,-,, Hx -, ' V 4' gm, -. -v f f- .- -- X ' -.Fw .' -, ,.e.3'1: 5'5" . ,- ,,.,..f,.,,g, 'V cs:- ' ' x 1.2-va'we'w" 1- , - -gi ff. 1 - .r 1 . M ,Q .---'- "',,g. -K , Q 3 V V, 'T -' .-'55-,--1 .. ,vga ' ., - ' ,rx A 4, . - , . - W., . , , , A . . f X ' I 1 ' " K f - ' ' ff. l, 1 L 'ff N ' -'QI L 1 x- .' .:.1 ge ' I I Y: ' ,, N ,I . . Q A ' E ' 7 '. if! -'-52.1 .I . , . . , Y I K . v , , . . -.Y . ' - G f . ' Q , W K - . . k Y , Q , I A ' 1 -I W F- ,, ' 1 - . , , . . ., - 5:1 f 9 -, f is - ' '- g . ' ' -Y".-' '. Y' .. . - 1 fu -- .. Jw. . .-.. .- , -f -k :wa- '. ' "'."F- ' , if . - . ' f- . ':, ' wlk' wr -V . .- -.-. -,fff lf' "'.AJl""f:k r '- ' 4192 "'-11' . .L H 5, -34 S -:. -4'-lf? . .1 . , .sm ., .ew .. ' ff'ak rf 'm,Q1.., gb wx'-I.-',-:Mali -:Q 1 gZw 1,'.- 4 f-JV' ' 'fair " J ' " :yer E. 24: ,?f5:1:- ..---41,310 .si 4 ra---5,-.ffw2.a -f I V, ,,: fi if -. I' .-1, ' -KH.. Y' "s'E::'. . " "",'-'."" ' "'f'fr'g,J":'1"4,' '-' -2" ', ,,Q'AY'1.f." - '.":-"Zig r x71 '1"j',-gf!" 4 f. H' 'VX ' " -, M. 'fl ' v-'TQ 1. -'? f""".g "f 1.--' 'f'j,,1. , if 'ff Q' v' ' , 5' Q ', 1 ,,1"N-I-ff' 1.f,jg-Egg. , - 'Zh .1 I A .mv-rap if -f-54.,5gmf51Er-,':Ega,f,.,,x1,A-4i+v:.-. -. 1v1g1f.W.-::y1i'- ,-, 454 .' .. .sn Tw ., rf 535.1 ' 1'-,,:..g:f1 '- -' ,Ew1i2e::J,,2::2.5f:5.-'V-' 'f5?1""?:.N7v-47"','MJ5,gf --1 v .zf:'N1.1,g,-5 1 - --,gi r f gi., fav- -'fmwiwv -ry' ,-.ffffi-,g.'y3'f-. ff,"4f'L.i-'Mig 'm e g' . ,,x52,3--.,.-,mn ,, x- .qv .. ' A 1. ' '- f ' ' .' , ,gl V ,,?y'.,-:,1:.-ml, fin s' ,H , ' V - . -, v ., 1 - Y ,i V . ,. - , I . .AY. A I , 1 5 ..s v 5 r 1 I .IJ ,, , , f I -,I 4 -I V K v! ' -, f A 1 -Q1 .,. I . I Q. .JL ,Q 7 sr r .L '. '- ,,.f . '. . lvl i ? I I 'Q-M f l This Is Abraham Baldwin College Being a student . . . or a member of the faculty and staff. . . at Abraham Baldwin College has particular meaning . . . because nowhere else is there a school quite like ABAC. This college has a feeling, a warmth . . . all its very own. ABAC is supported, defended, believed in . . . loved. Some say ABAC is a "religion" in itself. . . for the years spent here bring about strong loyalties . . . and deep admiration for this place and its people. lt's growing and changing but it's always ABAC. What brings about these loyalities? What makes possible the warmth which is felt as students go through ABAC? Whatever it is, it cannot be measured on a slide rule or in a test tube . . . but it has dimensions. . . 1 THE EIGHT QF ENTHUSIASM! Enthusiasm . . . expressed in so many ways at ABAC . . . "Gee haw! Whoa hack!" . . . discovering . . . uninhibited enjoyment of the moment . . . creativity, competition . . . third finger, left hand - another diamond! . . . anticipation . . A Homecoming! N 3 11 nz ,., rv 6 an A 51 1 3 - if X- in I, 1 'If ix J N. 1 4 Ja' 4' gf 5 :. 1 S! 5 "' MX., www . vm' 2 , , 1 get ff , , -v 4 v, X 3 L vt x , 4 ,Zi V . 5 7155 I X 1 f ff .1 ix .S T My f 2 X 'X' 2 f Y , f T3 'Y yi 4 .f 1 AQ J 1 1 2 41 Y J ig Y..Qf4'a V V i Q 1 mf , 2 f gg? f 1 Ss v 1:2 is . ' 1 Q 5 3 5 5 i ii' s x Q 1 x x 'K ? ,. Q , f fm . -. v M , I . .,, ' 4 V X nu N ,,,:... 1 W -b , W ,w wf I, V I 1 -.A 5 'Q ABACs curriculum and its activities outside the classroom lay the groundwork for the enthusiasm which comes as students participate . . . Working and studying, going and playing . . . in academics, ideas delight the mind . , , ln organizations and athletics, enthusiasm comes with the exhibition of spirit and pride . . . '51 Q A xi Q Q s MTSU l W W . ,N wi W r 'xi 4 I as 3 t W T ., , L l -l -U- Wi 'Nun- CVD Y W N 4 A Wi" ,E Ira, KVK4, fy 4 ' ! K X? . ,4-' .. .- mhmk,-' ' D I 'W M 5 -- AI.-fm. 5, ' ,, M va ww if' , .. F -.,r 33. - .Lx f. 1 Y Aw , VP A i 9 THE READTH OF PURPQSE! Purpose at ABAC? lt's apparent every- where D.., in classes, the lahs, the fields . . . on the Court, during Club meetings . . . acirniclst conferences . . . ABAC's purpose is another big step on the long road to maturity for those seeking an eclticution . . . 439 s"""'--'-- sg -Iliff : is """--5 'ti 10 M sm f 3 W" rw "' I I 'Hi f 4 1 I Q ' 4 ,4 A fu I 5 1 gf, T", V V 5 I j 'B 1. W V 'N : 'X 3 5 W MII! 1' f ff E VVJN WWWWNNNN 1 , Q ful l 0 I . W.. 4 f u ,,,-, ,L , V :nf Purpose , . . is achieved as ABAC's students seek and find think study . mature and change . . , search for truth and wisdom . . . for, at ABAC, purpose is . . . meaningful, even dynamic for those vvho allow themselves to become involved . , . zfmsrmwmm ' www M' f , if 5 22.23 i 2 5 is untill? -sunisunnuui :,HJn45,11H1..Q . .ii s 1 1-'s 4 s . . v- s'f """-ww-, .".LLfw:s:,,,1 1-is-.:.'..f'......-.-.-.wi g.,.,,,. .1,f.. . .L was-a1v,v..4f.gi 1 -Eng f--.,......,---"'1f-' f"'::1":N 75 .4-M ' 2' 2 " . 'gil rl ' n 'V H. g.g:.gg.'!?'?'!,Q, '--..,"0"" r is.: .2 ,f an L, ' - . i 'ui-.I :LI 4 11 ,xx ua mx na nu an 13 m X WM . M, View :X x 14 TI-IE EPTH QF FRIE DSHIP. happens in understanding approving, res The ties ol' friendship have strength , . they begin and grow and ABACE friendship is last . . . for a Iifcti a tradition and It many ways . . . sharing forgiving, forgetting ponding. E I ,5Qfr"'f7 QQ ri X. fi. fmm f an 1 , ,,,, ,:. H4 "fe ,,g2i1rn.,,.,N W. , , . mi? :A -?'m7'1-".7aA.f Q15 vii-wrv-13:1 ww, . ., M . , vmrwm W , ,mf'j'q,,,, .l ff 4 W I M ff ,Q , ff' Hovv is friendship here known and felt? lt's having an attentive ear to listen . . . a shoulder to Cry on . . . professors who Care and vvill take time to find a solution. Friendship at ABAC is getting your roommate's mail when you don't have any . . . entering the Student Center alone and running into someone you know . . . sharing an umbrella on a rainy day. ,,,,,.......?"' WM...Pff5,. jp 2 ww Q32 Q. fa- lf.: ag ' , 4.5 ,, ,SMH Year's Events: Clnentaucwy Reghurauon Begh1i968-69,At ABAG First, get inside. Then comes the long wait, the endless lines . . . consultation with advisors, finding classes closed out . , . obtaining schedule approval, paying fees . . .and giving in and taking flu shots. This is registration day at ABAG But the frenzy of events during the opening of Fall Quarter has been smoothed somewhat this year with Freshman Orientation held primarily during the summer. Groups of incoming students were acquainted with the campus and faculty as they spent three days here being tested, pre-registering, being away from home. The time prior to registration and the start of classes was occupied by unpacking, meeting roommates, dating, buying books, finding buildings and classrooms, seeing Tifton. UPPER RIGHT: A dreaded part of registration . . . FAR UPPER RIGHT: Moving from home to college makes a heavy burden. ABOVE: House mother, "Ma" Drake, greets new arrivals, LOWER RIGHT: Where to begin is debatable. 18 4 """s . ' . : 5, -5, if. .. 1'-f I if,' ,Lv, A T' IP . M 3 . !.lf Y R., V5 gi, ,Z A. yi,- R fn 5 5 fi - 4 'LN ,av Q: 'ff' ' 6' 'ww 5 1 F ii ' :-- L x LEFT: Time out from unpacking to discuss old friends. ABOVE Ccwmple-ring rvgistmtion forms is a tedious task. 19 ABOVE Matthew Brady Horn Cordellj assails the If-aching of evolution in the classroom during fall production, UPPER RIGHT: Defendant lDan Rogersi talks about his defense with his attorney lljavlfl Dukesi and sweetheart llaurie Rowej LOVVER RIGHT: Newsome lBill Herringj assigned to cover the trial rlefenrls accused teacher and tells the sweetheart about anticipaterl publicity Drama Groups Stage "Inherit The Wind," Two Dne- ct Plays The plays produced by the Dramatics Club and the Drama Department of the Humanities Division provided several evenings of wonderful entertainment as well as training for would-be-drama students. The fall product, "Inherit the Wind" by lerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, portrayed the world famous Scopes' evolution trial. Set in a small Tennessee town, the trial and its participants, including a monkey, gave the audience insight into the tragic reality of a novel situation while humorously recounting the accurate occurrence. During the winter, Henry Fielding's spirited and unforgettable comedy, "Tom lones," set l8th Century England rocked along from beginning to end with the sometimes ribald, always riotous misadventures of history's most famous foundling. Along with "Tom Jones," "Under the Sycamore Tree" was presented. This farcical fable about a colony of ants, opens at a time when the society has become highly sophisticated. They have replaced verbal language with numbers, radio, television, and a secret weapon lDDTl have established superiority over the enemy ants. E. Qu is-Us Q IEFT: Tuvvlvspvopff- and INWVSITIJIT watch lmlnke-yk .mms BELOXXT Young miss flackie fmwle-yj ffllTfQt"5 .11 worm he-lr! out by Slhlllll' nmtcl Ulm lncldj frlghfcins hc-r with srory about J: he-r "worm .1l7c'mtry." """mf-1 .Q?s.1 M Hind Superlatiyes Named At Annual Fall Formal The announcement of Mr. and Miss Baldwin and Whofs Who at Baldwin came at the annual Fall Formal, an occasion creating a "perfect world" for dancing, romance and a night never to be forgotten. Favorite dates . . . rustling silk . . . flowers . . . tuxedoes . . . fabulous music are only a few of the memories recalled by this dress-up occasion. The Who's Who Court and Mr. and Miss Baldwin are selected by the student body through secret ballot, and are among the highest honors which a student can attain at ABAC. LMJ .Inf ' Ili' UPPER RIGHT: Fall formal, a night of splendor and excitement. ABOVE: Mr. and Miss Baldwin, Brantley Harrell and Kathy Wyatt. RIGHT: Miss Nada Fincher, Miss Baldwin 7968, crowns her successor. gi asa sr! -'F +1 1? t""f 'fil ' . -4 K Dr. Conger l-lonoredg Yule Season Brings Festivities Alumni continued to play an integral part of life on the ABAC campus as shown by Dr. George Conger who has provided funds and support for expansion of older buildings as well as for the building of new facilities. Being a successful businessman, Dr. Conger is an advisor and wisely counsels students in selecting a vocation. Another generous contribution was made by the alumnus at a dinner held in his honor during fall quarter. At students' "home away from home" Christmas at ABAC is a warm memory and a very special time for everyone, Dorms are decorated in tune with the festive mood of the season with doors gaily adorned for judging. The onset of the season found a huge cedar festooned with brightly colored lights and a nativity scene was erected in remembrance of the occasion celebrated. The highlight of the season was the lighting of the tree and the gathering to sing Christmas carols. rf K sf-""""wdf . -f" 'vpxwi UPPER LEFT: Dr. George Conger is presented by Dr. Driggers a plaque for contributions to ABAC. ABOVE: Christmas carols sung by ABAC's Clee- Club. LOWER LEFT: The nativity scene enriches the Christmas spirit at ABAC. 23 Nhsslhmneconnngfkdecuxl From Among 28 Lovely Co-eols Homecoming Week, 1969, opened vvith the selection of Miss Homecoming at the TABAC Beauty Revue sponsored by the yearbook staff. Tvventy-seven contestants, sponsored by various campus clubs, organizations and athletic teams participated in the first of what is hoped vvill be an annual event. The entrants vvere judged on a basis of poise, personality and beauty by a panel of judges. The theme "The Loveliest Night of the Year" vvas carried out in red and vvhite and further enhanced the beauty of the young ladies. Miss lvtarolyn Goff, sponsored by the Tennis Team, from Tifton, was selected to reign over the Homecoming festivities. fi-12' gb' 24 rw., ev-fu.. FAR UPPER LEFT: A te-rise, f'XlTll'l7g night has rome to its flow, FAR LOVVER RIGHT: Miss Hormwomirig and hor court, I969. UPPER CENTER: Thv 7969 l'lCJI7TPf0l7TlIT,3.f CQUGUIT is-s-5-s . , Miss Marolyn Goff! TOWER CENTER: Emory lohnsoh, "ABAC's Clvn Car17plJell," 1-ntertdirvs the Bc-July Rcfvuv Jiifliefrvco UPPER RIGHT: Miss Linda Simpson re-cf-ivecl thc: Qovvtvcl Contvstanls' Award from Mr. Spfulrrrmn, LEFT: A thoroughly lTTfJfl9l'IT Millie, Miss Linda Lord, clazxlvs thc' Jrifiivhcef. ABOVE: Miss Becky Vvrncr, vclitor or T969 TABAC, prvsvnts Ihr' trophy to Marolyn. 25 Assembly, Awards Alumni Return To Campus For Annual Homecoming Events The rains came down as a prelude to ABAC's Homecoming Day celebration, but faithful alumni and friends braved the wet weather to return to campus for events of the day. The alumni meeting was sparked by addresses made by three former presidents of ABAC, Dr. l. G. Woodroof, 1933-34, Dr. George H. King, 1934-47, Dr. George P. Donaldson, 1947-61. Each President recounted humorous occurrences which marked his administration, and recalled memories especially dear to the alumni. Several awards and achievements on campus were cited by Dr. l. Clyde Driggers, current president, including the recent construction of new buildings, enlarged enrollment and plans for a Chapel of All Faiths. Among the awards presented by the Association were the following: Grandbaby, Master john llay layl Strickland, lr., Master Homemaker, Mrs. Ann English, and Master Farmer, Mr. Paul English. A new award was established this year when Lt. Governor George T. Smith was presented the first annual Distinguished or Civil wartannon on Homecoming float, Alumni Award. ABOVE: Mr. Tyron Spearman presents awards to Mr. and Mrs. Paul English, the first rouple to receive the Master Homemaker and Master Farmer awards. RIGHT: Doug Mayberry fires replica ABOVE: Dr. Pete admires lay lay Strickland, lr. 's Grandhaby Award while his sister, julie, and proud daddy watch. RIGHT: Dr. George P, Donaldson presents Lt Governor George T. Smith with the first Distinguished Alumni Award. l 26 ai Students' Decorations, Floats Revive "Qld South" The "Old South" was revived again by students for Homecoming, 1969. Confederate soldiers, gentlemen and their ladies in ruffles and lace made by-gone days come alive for the vveekend. The campus was a-stir in preparation of floats, decorating dorms, and anticipation of several dances. Clubs and organizations competed for a rotating trophy awarded on the basis of club participation and helpfulness during the Homecoming activities. A basketball game and dance attracted students, parents, alumni and citizens of Tiftarea, The Colden Stallions handily beat their rivals the North Georgia Champions, Young-Harris College, and thrilled the throng of fans vvho cheered them on to victory. UPPER LEFT: The Drama Cluhk winning float "The Southern Belle," featured skits on the front deck ol the riverboat. lOVVER LEFT: The religious-oriented organizations sponsored .1 "Camp Meeting" float, complete with "pre-ather" and singing Students Elected For Inclusion In Who's Who Harold All nominations for Who's Who must be endorsed by a member of the faculty or administration on a basis of academic standing, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities, and future potential. This honor is conferred annually upon outstanding student leaders from junior colleges throughout the United States. These recipients vvill be listed in the 1969 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in American lunior Colleges." Nominations are submitted annually after selection by committees and elected by a faculty panel. ABAC is proud of these twenty-six students who have been thusly honored for they also honor this institution through their accomplishments. Donald Keeney Robert Tennille 28 Y 742 Carol Southerland Lynn Forhc s Dian: Dugger Zalll 'f".L'?vi Ashivy fJfxi!JJCh -WNY' W Brantley Ha rrell W ,,., Q 'iii' ,. N- .snfnl l L "Qffg?!Q5','i?2 i f i 'fi 1-xi. f T R K v. A , ,X .Qi L W1 nk. ,Fw A ,v4.q.,, F ? Deborah Bell Bw ky Vvfnvr Shirle-y Dubow David Dukes . . Stan Darnell Gary Turner lunff Timmons Lora l4fif'khdlY1 He-nry C. "Bo" Swwart Oleanf- Carrie-n lunv Cottlv Vivian Milf-ii 29 H A ir- Concert Programs Delight ABAC, Communit Audiences Delightful programs of entertainment were presented to the faculty and student body at ABAC through the auspices of the 'fifton Concert Association and the colleges Convocations Committee. Versatility and quality were the keynotes of the musicians in the Continental Air Command Band which presented a performance ABAC will not soon forget. ln a style of blood-surging music that will never be heard live within a few years, the Preservation Hall group of elderly New Orleans musicians performed a style of music that is as warm and fresh as the musicians who understand and play it. lack and Sally lenlcins, a husband and wife team who dance and sing together, entertained here with a lively combination of popular songs and modern dances. Two different touring theatrical groups brought the musical "Carnival" and Shalcespeares "Midsummer Nightfs Dream" to the ABAC stage, Lll'Pf,R Rlfilllf Authentic costumes and bagpipc- music make Continental Arr C'ommancl Banclk The Pipers unicfue. RIGHI Stage romance is clviclerit in "Carnival", BELOW Preservation Hall jazz band "rocks our". sri 30 an-fm-.. x Q41 -gag ,, iii HWY! Birthdays, Trips, Awards Highlight Campus Life The friendliness for which ABAC is well known is expressed not only between students, but also between students and faculty. This closeness was typified by a surprise birthday party given for Dr. Ray Swords by the staff and students. Among organizational groups taking trips away from campus were the 4-l-l Club and The Stallion staff. ABAC's 4-H'ers spent a weekend in North Carolina at Collegiate Weekend. While attending the Georgia Collegiate Press Association meeting in Athens, Stallion editor, Neal Canzel, and his staff collected the state's top award for excellence in news coverage, TOP CENTER: lack and Sally lennings perform romantic rendition. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Swords prepares to but his surprise birthday cake, CENTER LEFT: 4-H students who attended collegiate weekend in North Carolina, LOWER LEFT: Stallion editor, Neal Canzel, and Mrs. Strickland, advisor, admire news award with Dean lohn E, Drewery. Contents The Height Of Enthusiasm Organizations . oBeauties . Sports . . 0 The Breadth Of Purpose . 105 Academics . . Superlatives . The Depth Sophomores . . . Freshmen Advertisers Of Friendship 5 HND HUEE vx' "Q f ABAC5 people Combine their spirit and talent and pride . . . and strive together in academics and activities . . . and together, they enjoy their 5uCCe55e5, lament their defeats . . . they share satisfaction, victory, a joh well done . . 5 I' www "" . E' . 1 7-if? t,t'r,r gli V, ,aw V 1 -we f, f, s tr. - f, M, L, ,gtg if? , ga, :sz-55+ - f had tk 5, ,. nw. - 'hi ei uiuapn--Q-nog s ,W f-.,, Lx, Enthusiasm . . . a burst of vigor, spontaneous and carefree . . . in an effortless energy known only by the young. lt's' the Cheers of the Crowd. . . the praise of the group. . . approval. . . the pride which comes for the closeness. . . vf L N E T tl xxx., 37 1 A.: .f z:.',a 4 v fr.-,. v 1 . J- yK,:,.,. , M,-, Q - fm f .ae .J 'Sir is 1 fs "' 4 if 11? F 1525? is . 1 J' ,. ff'g5L4"fxX ' Q' ' . 115: -9' -C5 , f i,Z4,jfz ' ' 4 1 . nk wi Enthusiasm is. . .sometimes quiet . . . an awareness, a realization . . . the good feeling inside that makes the spine tingle . . .a spirited action . . . a joyous sound . , . a happy smile, a twinkle in the eye its ri 39 V' H' v 'ar M-'H A - W " "f'f 1 Mmm , ,QULHVN W 11931 uri dvr s Mamig , A ., , am Ni pfasgf fu Ham, fn , , ,g,:i,,h., , V ,,,,h, 5 ,X,'Ab,, I .A,1:Uv ,,,.kA , ,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, .,,,, ,V,,A iii, X,,,, ,ii .,,, fg jf iff? iff sssitsfVf',s LJ HJ. 3 I WWSQ uimivw as sims-rig YH pmiy m Hun, fi W ,i, N,W,, ,fi ,434, 4 A , ,, M1gB i , A iiii A iiiis Q is ,bs . is - tif i Wwamvn qwgvf , ggpmii VII ping I in Him g if PM-W fi' W ,,MA Organizations. . Beauties. . Athletics. . Grganizations Student Government . . . Service . . . Special Interest , . . Publications xq-13, 1 SEATED: W. Balkcom, P. Farr, S. DuBo'se, K. Wyatt, L. Young, S, H. Gillespie, M. White, B. Verner, L, Rowe, S. Golden, B. Stewart, D Radford, C, Potts, D. Dailey, K. Smith, S. Stevenson, D. Dukes, I. Bell, C. Farmer, D. Bradford, R. Franz, D. Dugger, I. Ciernens, M Brarnblt-tt, I. Hignsrnith, I. Ussery, M. Borden. STANDING: L. Forbes, Moye. i CLASS OFFICERS: K, Wyatt, P. Farr, D, Dailey, M. White, C. Potts. 42 Representative Group Formulates Policies Student Cabinet BO STEWART President Student leaders here at ABAC worked this year with much enthusiasm on projects that were completed within the Student Cabinet. Major projects included the book sales at the beginning of each quarter and conducting the Teacher-Campus evaluations, dances, elections, student assemblies and the Who's Who elections. The purposes of the Student Cabinet can clearly be seen by looking at the accomplishments that the group brought the campus in 1968-69, The Student Cabinet provides for student government on campus, and a medium of communication between student body and administration. The group provides entertainment and activities for the students and it brings about work with the administration to solve problems within the campus community. Members of the cabinet are presidents oi a chartered student organizations, dormitory presidents, class officers and student body officers, DORM REPRESENTATIVES: l. Mulliford, I, Clemens, K. Smith, B. Verner. OFFICERS, seated: L. Rowe, reporter, S. Golden, vice president, B. Stewart, president. Standing: B. Verner, secretary, N. Ganzel, parliamentarian. Q . 35 r "I is Q i .sy ' it Q x - :elf ""' ity' FIRST ROW: D. Daily, I. Williams, M. Balkcom, I. Iohnson, Lynn Hard- C, Hudson, B. Ietter, A. Reynolds, C. Toth. FOURTH ROW N. Mc'- wifk, sweetheart: B- Szorady, l. Bramblvtt, I. Hall. 5ECOND ROWS 5. Daniel, I. Darby, R. Dressel, H, Mills, I. Penn, G. Crook, I. Harris, H. Darnell, R. Hartley, B. Stewart, M, Borden, M. Williams, M. Moye, P. Brady, FIFTH RQWIA N, Gamzpl, I Hucwy- Miller. THIRD ROW: M. Ciddens, C. Midkiff, M. Harrison, M. Griffin, Communications Boosted Circle K Campus communications at Abraham Baldwin received a boost this year with the addition of the student organization bulletin board provided by Circle K, a service organization for men, Members of the group gave financial support and hours of work toward underprivileged children of Tifton through funds raised by the sponsorship of several dances on campus. Circle K took initial steps this year in the organization of ABAC's first vvomen's service organization, Alpha K. Any male willing to serve his community and campus embodies Circle K's purpose. OFFICERS: M. Moye, treasurerg N. Ganzel, reporter, H. Mills, secretary, I. Williams, vice president, M. Borden, president. 44 05 RWM FIRST ROW: R. Austin, Krista Shiver, sweetheart, R. Franz, I. Ussery. SECOND ROW: Mr. Potter advisor, R. Griffin, C. Sayler. Offers Assistance Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, one of the service organizations on campus, has assisted the campus community in such ways as guiding tours for prospective students, publicity for the blood drives, assisting with registration and summer school orientation. The purpose of this fraternity is to assemble college men in a national service fraternity in the fellowship of the principles of the Boy Scouts of America as embodied in its scout oath and lavv, to develop leadership, to promote friendship, and provide service to humanityg and to further the freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage. 45 Donate To Blood Drive Phi Sigma Delta Contributions of blood to the ABAC Blood Drive during fall quarter highlighted project activity for Phi Sigma Delta, a service organization of men who strive for a better life through serving the needs of others less fortunate. Members of the group contributing to the blood program outnumbered all other organizations donating. Funds for Phi Sigma Delta's service projects were l raised through donut sales on campus and various dances during the year. C. Kinard, president. v in ., .354 Qiff U: ' DLA FRONT ROW l Crosby D Owens, I. Langdale, A. Werner, R. Powell, C. Kinard, G. Martin, D. Stokes, R. All, S. Taylor, sweetheart, Presley I Clifton SECOND ROW: D. Middleton, A. Heath, D. I, Rucker, L. Benton, advisor. THIRD ROW: I. lefterson, L. Deloach. 46 OFFICERS, STANDING: L. Benton, advisor D Stokes, treasurer. TREE: R. Presley, secretary Members Attend State Matches Chess Club The ABAC Chess Club attended matches sponsored by the state and has held matches on campus with other junior colleges. ln addition, the clubihas regularly scheduled matches between its members. The meetings not only give members an opportunity to play chess, but also allows people interested in the game a means for learning to play. K Q N I TANDINC: B. Wills, I. Mulliford. SEATED: I. Lynn, G. Drexler, S. Forester, 47 nrdl ' '14, Nevv Croup Competes Rodeo Club ABAC's Rodeo Club was organized this year to give students who are interested in the sport of rodeo the opportunity to further their interest through team participation. To increase the interest in rodeos, the club members competed at rodeos in surrounding areas to publicize ABAC's rodeo and challenge students from other schools so as to eventually form an intercollegiate rodeo team. Any student with a genuine interest in the sport and who is willing to participate andfor enable fellow members to participate in the sport can join. OFFICERS: B, Little, treasurer. Standing: I. M. Burts secretary, C. Floyd, president. fm FRONT ROWS l. TlWOVY12iSUf1 R, Slellkefi D- RMHPWHY- 5ECOND ROWS R- Butler, T. Sappington, S. Criffith, C. Dillard, advisor. THIRD ROW S jones advisor, C. Floyd, T, Mann, B. Little, C. Brunson, M. Worley, B, Ferrell, 1, M- Burtg, P, Mogre, 1, Clemons, 48 l ff" ty. V. W . OFFICERS, Seated: R, Bomar, president. Standing: R, Griffin, consultant, B. Brannen, vice president, R. Fountain, corresponding secretary, E. Clemmons, recording secretary. 1 SEATED: B. Brannen, R. Bomar, C. Davis, S, Rogers, L, Davis, R, Fountain STANDING I Tennison, E. Clemmons, L. Smith, B, Carter, I. McNair, R. Griffin, G York, P Hays Aids Professional Preparation Student Nurse's Association ABACS Student Nurses's Association is on campus to aid in the preparation of student nurses for the assumption of professional responsibilities. The only requirement for membership is to be a nursing student. This year the student nurses had a Valentine's Party at the nursing home and Wrote to boys in Vietnam. 49 , H Wg, W 3 , , wus:-nm .K l . 5 'ykf ' iy- . . g ..,.. , xxllh my 8 . 1 , . A F A . , . . . . , . . . . .,., ., ,V,,. , .. . . A5 A ,F M K, 1 g x S. Y ga g N I' AT 1530 ,. 23 . . " A ' ' ' gigs? fm, 1 FRONT ROW: I. Hall, I. Humphrey, L. McEver, R. All, I. Matthews, T. Sprouse. SECOND ROW: M. Guill, K. Wills, M, Balkom, M. Williams, H. Gillespie, G. lackson, D. Wright. Travel To The University Agricultural Engineering Club Agricultural engineering majors took their annual trip to the University of Georgia to acquaint themselves with the school's facilities and curriculum. The purpose of the Agricultural Engineering Club is to develop a deeper interest in engineering principles and theories. OFFICERS: H. Gillespie, president, G. lackson, secretary, I. Humphrey, vice president. 50 Q is W il ,M lei I Q 5 gf P.. X fi . 9 "Q OFFICERS: I. Sutton, president, S. Clayton, reporter, E. Cuillebeau, secretary. Experience Field Trips Pre-Vet Club Field trips to a variety of operations associated with livestock were important to the Pre-Vet Club's program of projects for the year. Members visited the animal disease lab at the Coastal Plain Experiment Station, local packing plants, Swift's in Moultrie, and Hardy Packing Co. in Sylvester. Members' participation at the "open house" at the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine proved to be a highlight of the year. Students attending ABAC for the purpose of acquiring their two years of study required in the field of veterinary medicine and animal science make up the Pre-Vet Club. Campus activities included participation in the Homecoming Parade and raising funds for scholarship to be offered to a future pre-vet student. FRONT ROW: R. Slenker, I. Sutton, M. Holland, W. Quarles. SECOND ROW: S. Clayton, B, Dowling, L. Brown, T. Sappington, E. Guillebeau. 51 N 52 lg HR57 ROWV' VV. Bftll, l. Wheat, T. Golden, P. Hersoy, M. Harrison, H T. Price, M. McKinney, Mr. H. johnson, advisor. THIRD ROW N Mt Willis, T. Lavender. SECOND ROVV: A, Stephens, P. Howard, P. lrwin, Daniel, B. Bowen, Q, Keeney, I.. Marlin, R. lay, l. Kelley, l. lcnn lx W. Davenport, R, Franz, Kathy Wyatt, sweetheart, H. Millis, T. Hays, Boyd, F. Riley, F. Hendrix. Attend Forestry Conclave Forestry Club The Forestry Club sponsored a field trip to the campus of the University of Georgia to attend the Southeastern Forestry Conclave. Prospective students toured the school's forestry facilities and were introduced to the curriculum and forestry professors. A nativity scene which enhanced the campus was sponsored by the Forestry Club during the Christmas holidays. Several dances and formal functions sponsored by the club make campus life even more lively. Members of the club are majors seeking career training or either their first two years of study in forestry toward a bachelor's degree. OFFICERS: A, Finch, secretary, L. Saunders, treasurer, P. Hogan, vice president, I. Tate, president. Sponsors Dealers' Day Ag Equipment Technicians Club The Agricultural Equipment Technicians Club sponsors farm power and equipment dealers day at ABAC, and journeys to neighboring schools to present programs concerning ABAC to FFA chapters. To further encourage prospective students AET also sponsors FFA and 4-H Cub Day on campus. AET seeks to encourage and develop students in the field of agriculture and industrial equipment sales and service. The members are encouraged to develop a justifiable prize in the farm equipment industry as well as the essential service it renders to agriculture. FRONT ROW: Q. Blair, W. Durrance, A. Finch, C. Hudson, C. Ussery, L, Saunders, V. Scott, Mr. I. C. Chambliss, advisor. SECOND ROW: P. Hogan, l, Tate, L. Collins, D. Metters, N. Hurtado. ' F if -l FRONT ROW: I. Rich, B. Deal, G. Farmer, E. Holbrook, I. Thomason, l. Tillar, I. Hudgins. SECOND ROW: R. Miller, E. lones, l. johnson, I. Timmons, C. Walden, sweetheart, B. Riddle, sweetheart, H. Wilson, M. Sibbett, advisor, A. Avery, Plan Publication Agriculture Club ABAC's Agriculture Club is a club devised to promote better farming practices, to develop a greater interest in Agriculture and to increase the leadership abilities of its members. This club has completed several projects this year. They have procured guest speakers for their meetings and have been the guiding force to the publication of the Abraham Baldwin Agriculturist magazine and the sponsorship of a trip to the University of Georgia on ABAC Day. FEE' Ill 'f OFFICERS: E. lones, secretary, B. Deal, second vice president, I, Tillar, treasurer, H. Wilson, publicity, G. Farmer, president. 54 Compete ln judging Saddle And Sirloin The members of the Saddle and Sirloin recently formed a judging team which competed with various other schools and teams in the states and surrounding areas. Not only does this club provide a greater knowledge of livestock, it also promotes interest and comradeship between students, faculty, and livestock breeders of the state. Those interested in livestock on the ABAC campus, particularly animal science and pre-vet majors, make up this student organization. , ,ws ,swf STANDING: C. Walden, D. Ridgeway, Mr, G. Dillard, advisor, B. Dowling, I. Thomason, M Holland. SEATED: R. Slenker, I. Highsmith, L. Brown, S, Griffith, T. Sappington, R. Moore, I. Tillar 55 4 ' lv . 1. FRONT ROW: O. Carden, M. Anderson, C. Edwards, D. Ellis, L. Harris, I. Willis, G. Bryant, l. Bramblett, C. Walden, M. Griffin, R. Collins, S. Heath, A. Miller, W. Balkcom, M. Holland. SECOND ROW: C. Hall, C, Le-May, D, Ridgeway, M, A. Ellis, G, Bone, Continue Participation College 4-H Club The highlight of the college 4-H Club this year was the Collegiate Weekend at which all the col- lege 4-H Clubs in the Southeast met for an ex- change of ideas. This year ABAC 4-H'ers journeyed to North Carolina for this conference during winter quarter. Fall and winter quarter the club sponsored a hayride and square dance for members. ABAC's 4-H Club gives these former members of high school groups opportunity to continue their participation in this organization. OFFICERS, Seated: O. Carden, social chairman, G. Bryant, girls vice president, C Willis, secretary-treasurer, A. Miller, project chairman. Standing: W. Balkcom president, C. Hall, publicity chairman, M. Anderson, boys vice president. 56 Caters To Campus Activites. Home Economics Club Catering for different activities on campus - Fall Formal, College Night, Homecoming Sweetheart - was the year's primary project for the Home Economics Club. Other projects were purchasing accessories for the living area of the new Home Economics Department and sponsoring an Easter egg hunt for the All-Faith Boys Home. ln February, the Baldwin Club hosted the Georgia Home Economics OFFICERS, FIRST ROW: S. DuBose, president, C. Edwards, reporter, D. Harpe, publicity, O. Carden, historian, S. Colden, 1st vice chairman, C. Bryant, projects chairman, B. Marshall, treasurer, SECOND ROW.' G. Bone, vice chairman, L. Wells, secretary. m y 2 ' - :as FRONT ROW: D. Dugger, I. Reese, M. A. Ellis, S. DuBose, C. King. SECOND ROW: L. Wells, E. Hester, A. Ramsey, O. Carden, B. Marshall. THIRD ROW: C, Willis, B. O'Hara, M. Webb, S, Golden, L. Rowe Association Workshop. ABAC's Home Economics Club provides students with an opportunity to become better acquainted with professional activities of home economics leaders. All students enrolled in one or more Home Economics courses are invited to join. it 1 E 'i FOURTH ROW: M. I, Murrow A. Miller. SEATED: G. Bryant, LeMay, C. Bone, 57 L. Bush, D. Harpe, K. Wyatt, C. Edwards, C.. S. Law, I. Roberts, V. Mclnvale, S. FRONT ROW: E. johnson, C. Fordham. SECOND ROW: C. Goff, L. Wright, A. Cor- tll THIRD ROW l. Hall, L. Scarborough, W. Copelan. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Uson advisor, li. Molnley, W Archer. SIANDINCJ M. Move, l, Wilclcis, C ters E. Holbrook, D. Roberts, R. Laswler, I Vassvy. Complete Research Project Distributive Education Clubs Of America The presentation of a marketing research improvement project for the community commanded the attention of members in ABAC's chapter of Distributive Education Clubs of America. The group held competitive events on the local level to determine vvho vvill compete in state competitive events. Other projects were a concerted effort to improve school spirit and participation in activities and to have campus communications and the development of a state-wide more enfective contributions to newsletter for junior college DECA chapters. DECA, the only youth organization operating through the public schools and junior colleges of the nation to attract young people to careers in marketing and distribution, requires that all of its members should be students majoring in distributive education. 58 'V OFFICERS: M. Moye, president, C, Fordham, treasurer, C. Cioff vice president, T. Hall, parliamentarian W: i t OFFICERS, Mrs. Carolyn Lanier, sponsorg E. Chambless, vice presi- dent, G. Moore, treasurer, P. Farr, president. Attracts Business Majors Phi Beta Lambda Business majors in Phi Beta Lambda stayed busy with projects set as goals for the year. They sponsored a candy sale and helped with the cancer drive on campus. ln a trip to state convention, members competed with other schools in such activities as speaking, vocabulary, Miss Future Business Executive, Mr. Future Business Executive, Chapter of the Year Award, largest chapter membership, best chapter exhibit, parliamentary procedure contest and spelling contest. Phi Beta Lambda is set up to give confidence to members and teaches them to compete honorably with their associates. lt encourages scholarship and helps develop qualities that vvill enable members to participate ehfectively in business. Engaging in individual and group projects of a business nature and recognizing outstanding leadership abilities is also a major function. Membership can be acquired by any business major and is supported by yearly dues. X FIRST ROWQ B. Harrell, B. Miller, L. Tucker, P. Iohnson, S. Darnell. SECOND ROW: K. Smith, I. Robinson, L. Harris, I. Cone, L. Parker. FOURTH ROW: G. Moore, E. Chambless, S. Radford, D. Pendergrait, C. Potts. THIRD Farr, C. Laner, C Savler, Nl. Kagan, ID lxitltlightvi. I. Daxis, 59 ROIN Foreign Students Organize lnternation Relations Club Newly organized on ABAC's campus this year was the International Relations Club. This club is an independent, non-secret organization whose purpose is to promote scholarship and to provide its members with a better understanding of the American culture and to provide Americans with a better understanding of the cultures represented in the membership of this club. IRC has been on several trips this year. Some of the places visited were Cape Kennedy, the Universities of Georgia and Florida at vvhich some of these students will further their education. Soccer, a new sport on campus, vvas organized by the IRC. lQ' , OFFICERS, Bottom: H. Montanez, vice president. Top: H. Romar secretary-treasurer, S. Stevenson, President. .5 iff tix lt 4. i FRONT ROW: N. Hurtado, P. Marc, H. Romer, S. Stevenson, A. Rassoul STANDING: H. Montanez, M. Shigueno, R. jones, E. Cravitt, D. Paredes. 60 L . 5 r - Y ' .. , , .. x.. A 'WTS ' vi:-fs, W - Promote Fellowship -f Vespers Each quarter Vespers had cookouts to promote fellowship among students. Vespers is a nondenominational religious fellowship designed to give all students an opportunity to continue their religious activity while in college. Mahi' M ' ner? 1-Wi 9025 I WMM ' 1 i i 'M I , W,-1.1 :FFF i gs W- ,Effie an-QM OFFICERS: F. LaByer, vice president, L. Tucker, song leader, L. Benton, Sponsorp L. Young, president. FIRST ROW: D. Dugger, G. Bryant, G Rogers, C. Daniel, V. Ogletree, H, Gillespie D. Todd, S. Golden, C. Kapps, A. Bone SECOND ROW: S. Dubose, S. Nicholson, D Harris, S. LaMay, K. Wills, I. Bramblett, C Edwards, B. Reeves, M. Murrow, K. Tally THIRD ROW: L. Davis, I. Sheeley, C. Harris C. Hudson, M. Anderson, M. Balkom, R Rogers, D. Ridgeway, B. Marshall, L. Young FOURTH ROW: H. Bailey, N. Harrell, I. P Rogers, L. Tucker, C. Hall, D. Ellis, R, Collins G. Smith. FIRST ROW: C. Collins, A. Ramsey, K. Wyatt, D. Burts, G. Farmer, L. Bush, L. Waters, S. Harrell. SECOND ROW: C. Marchant, M. Webb, D. Owens, I. Bullington, G. S. Law, I. Dunn, C. Potts. THIRD ROW: C. Pursley, M. White, C. Fallen, I. Rehberg, F. LaByer, R. Heath, B. Cargile. FOURTH ROW: I. Doe, S. Griffin, T. Henderson, A. Avery, L. Benton, advisor, D. Crum. Hold Quarterly Workdays For World Mission Funds Baptist Student Union One of the most active clubs on and off campus this year, the Baptist Student Union has held a workday each quarter to raise money to send summer missionaries to all parts of the world. Fall quarter the club sponsored the film "A Patch of Blue" campus-wide with a discussion afterwards to bring forth student opinions. ln state activities the Baldwin BSU attended two state wide meetings and also held a Bible Study Retreat on campus winter quarter for other college groups in South Georgia. BSU is on campus to assist the churches in bringing every student into a meaningful church relationship. OFFICERS Seated L Waters music A Kimbell devotional B Kendrick secretary Standing K Talley program chairman F LaByer mission chairman B Marshall publicity H Gillespie presidcnt L Tucker enlistment L Cullens vice president B Harris program chairman FIRST ROW tleftlz D. Kicklighter, B. Kendrick, L, Tucker, C. Hudson, B. G. Bryant, C, Fallin, l. Bramblett. FOURTH ROW: G. Bone, M. A, Ellis, L. Harris, R. jones, advisor. SECOND ROW: A. Kimbell, H. Gillespie, B. Waters, S. LeMay, K. Tillman, A. Avery. STANDING: D. Bell, L. Young, L. Marshall, G. Smith, B. Davis, advisor. THIRD ROW: F. LaByer, K. Talley, Cullens, R. Collins, M. Anderson, K. Wills, L. Davis, S. Harrell, C. Potts. V J K .P . .. , ., V A lr fd 'f x .1 .fix DX-""f' as it ' FRONT ROW, SEATED: B. Verner, L. Forbes, I. M. Burts, S. R. Brooks, S. Smith, advisor, A. Duke, S. Golden, A. Ramsey, A. it I Forbes, president, S. Nicholson, vice president. OFFICERS: A. Duke, secretary-treasurer, L. l Harrell, L. Davis, M. Goff. STANDING: D, Blanton, I. Walker, Thrasher. advisor, S, Smith, D. Dugger, S. Nicholson, N. Harrell, C, Hall, Sponsor Movie, Drama, Aid Herring Memorial Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation was on the move this year giving the students many interesting moments of work. The Foundation sponsored a movie, a "joy in the Morning", and a drama presented by the students of Val- dosta State College called "Round the Cherry Tree." Much work went into bringing discussions for the general student body on such subjects as "The Pill", "Study Habits", Student Involvement" and various theological questions. Artificial trees were presented to different departments on campus to be used for Christmas decorations, For fun, the members went on several cookouts and enjoyed a weekend trip to the North Georgia Mountains. The Wesley Foundations off-campus service was performed by sponsoring a book drive for the library of Herring Memorial Church, Tifton's intercity mission. The organization also painted a sign that stands on the front lawn of Herring Memorial Church. The purpose of the Wesley Foundation is to involve the ABAC students in Christian activities, to promote Christian fellowship among students and to render services to the campus and community. 63 Provides Tutoring Service Mu Alpha Theta The provision of a tutoring service vvas offered by Mu Alpha Theta to students vvho needed help in mathematics. Members also provide enlightening lectures for those interested in learning vvhat's new in mathematics. To stimulate interest in mathematics is the purpose of Mu Alpha Theta vvhich is sponsored by the Mathematics Association of America. The requirements for membership are an overall B average in all college vvork and distinctive work in mathematics. OFFICERS, Standing: L. Forbes, vice president, D. Bell, president, Seated: T. MacMillan, secretary-treasurer. , if fyytllls' J 'fi ,L-n--- ?EF"J' F FRONT ROW: G. lackson, L. Pitts, O'Hara, L. Forbes, I. I. Day, advisor. THIRD ROW: M. Griffin, D. Bell. T. MacMillan. SECOND ROW: H. Guillespie, S. Strange, B. 64 fa.. W . uf, l fry 5.- OFFICERS' P. Farr, secretary, If Hayes, yice president, D. Dukes president. if FRONT ROW' A. Brasel, T. Cordell, S. Strange, W. Quarles, L. Forbes, I. Darby, K, Sanders, P. Campbell, K. Teems. SECOND ROW: L. Akin, advisor, B. Hatcher, T. Hayes, G. Hinds, P. Farr, D. Dukes, C. Hines, O. Carden, D. Rogers, M. I. Carrard, B. Herring, M. Ellis, P. Dixon, I. Whitehead, advisor. THIRD ROW: B. Settle, T. Faircloth, L. Rowe, I. Bramblett, G. Mobley, G. Midkiff, D. Todd, S. Hand, S. Clayton. "Inherit The VVind" and Two One+ACt Plays Staged Baldwin Players Fall quarter ABAC's Baldwin Players presented "Inherit the Wind" directed by Mr. I. I. Whitehead. Winter quarter the Baldwin Players produced two one-act plays, "Tom Iones" and "Under the Sycamore Tree", each of these were taken on tour in the surrounding counties. The club participated in an exchange with other junior colleges in the state where ABACfs plays were taken to other colleges, other colleges presented drama groups at Abraham Baldwin, A three-act-play was presented spring quarter, and a trip was taken by members of the group. 65 I 5 if, -.f. SEATED: M. Vaughn, B. O'Hara, M. Lobsinger, M. White, M. Ci. Moore, l. Berkeypile, M. Whidclon, I. Roberts, P. Faircloth Conner, L. Tucker, B. Szorady. STANDING: K. Odom, D. Dug- K. Kort, C. Marsh. ger, B. Sawyer, E. Cheney, D. Mathis, P. Smith, I. Timmons, Hold Teachers Day Student Education Association Members of the Student Education Association, the professional organization for education majors, sponsored Teacher Appreciation Day and made several tapes at local radio stations to promote American Education Week. College Night, a meeting to introduce high school students to various colleges in the state, is one of SEA's foremost projects. ABAC was vvell represented at statevvide SEA conferences and meetings during 1968-1969. The club endeavors to help its members learn through all projects and skills as vvell as to gather ideas which will help them in later teaching efforts. u Jygk- fi l by H 'Fl ,..l mg OFFICERS, Seated: E. Cheney, reporter, D. Dugger, president. Standing: D, Mathis, vice president, B. O'Hara, secretary, L, Tucker, treasurer, B. Szorady, second vice president. OFFICERS: M. lames, secretarvg D. Rigdon, president, L. Gaines, vice president. Present Concerts Glee Club The songsters on campus who are members of the ABAC Glee Club have presented their 1968-69 Christmas concert here on campus and concerts at South Georgia College, and Middle Georgia College. A spring concert was held at ABAC. Members of the Glee Club have also participated in the All-State lr. College Chorus, singing for the American Association of lr. Colleges in Atlanta. The only requirement to the students wanting to join the Glee Club is the desire to sing. Rigdon, M, Ragan, M. james, L. Gaines, SECOND ROW: I. Bramblett, C. Edwards, Graydon, K. Odom, B. Settle, M. Vaughan, R. Tucker, Mr. D. Doster, Anderson, N. Walker. LADDER: M. Griffin, S. jackson, D. Bradford, S. Lawson. FRONT ROW: D. Blanton I. Adams, V. Ogletree, D. W Rogers, E, Chambless, L. M CAROLYN WILLIS NLM GANXEL Assocsdln- Editor Eciltm'-in-Clwwf FIRST ROVV. M. Vaughn, ID. Braciturci, N. Klarusfl, I Crmrrh-II, lr., A, Brawl, H. Rm-eves. SECOND ROW. D. Arrmgtfm, CL I:dVI11f'f,I. Iir.1mIJIvlI, M Cmrtm, R. fIoIIim ANDREA BRASEL, TOM CORDELL, IR. MRS. HELEN L. STRICKLAND Columnists Advisor 'M , 'W-me .-aa . X fic ELAINE GUILLEBEAU, Eeaturt' Editor, DIANE BRADFORD, lNomen's Editor, LYNN BENNETT, Sports Editor DAVID ARRINGTON Business Manager 69 Newspaper Expands Facilities, Coverage The Stallion Staff The Stallion, ABACs bi-monthly newspaper which is probably the most popular periodical on campus, enlarged its photographic facilities and moved to acquire new offices in the Northside Building. The special edition during Homecoming has added to written materials within the paper and helped to increase the number of readers. The voice of ABAC students can be heard and appreciated through this media of the campus. All this and much more made the i968-I969 Stallion the best in news service to the campus community. The Stallion is created to present the news and opinions of the college campus in its entirety. Interest in newspaper journalism and willingness to work are the two essential needs in fulfilling the requirements for positions on the staff. gr, , ,,,.,W, e CARY FARMER, IAMES BRAMBLETT Photographers Yearbook Enlarged, Campus Beauties Presented In Revue TABAC Staff The TABAC staff stayed in a frenzy from September until late February putting together the largest edition of the yearbook published at Abraham Baldwin College. There vvere headaches , . . pressure of early deadlines . . . need for more funds . . . lack of enough time . . . lost pictures, like the Forestry Club, for example . . . the photographer who forgot an appointment . . . a fouled up typewriter carriage! But there vvere good times, too. . . parties. . . trips to Atlanta , . . deep satisfaction of creativity . . . getting pictures identified, finally. . . having a staff that 'fstuck" throughout the year . . . mailing the last shipment. Staff members are gleened from interested students, particularly from among former high school yearbook editors, who will give their time and talent to the book's production. And on the TABAC, all become very much involved in selling ads, layouts, copy vvriting, photography. Prior to Homecoming, the staff presented the TABAC Beauty Revue for the selection of Miss Homecoming. Its staging brought beauty and loveliness to the forefront and presented an evening of delightful entertainment. BECKY VERNER Editor-in-Chief SUSAN RADFORD, MARTHA IO GARRARD, OLEANE CARDEN Associate Editors DEBRA KICKLIGHTER, CARL FAIN, SHARON MURPHY Editorial Assistants LINDA LINDSEY Managing Editor ,- Mau, ww., T U01 FIRST ROW: L. Tucker, G. Smith, K. Wells, B. Woodyard, I. Bramblett, C. Fain, I. Iohnson, B. Seckinger, B. Fuller. SECOND ROW: Miss Golden, Advisor, S. Iefferson, C. Hudson, B. Deal, F. Ogden, V. Arnold, I, Roberts, M. Murrow, G. Metcalf, E. Cillebeau, D. Harpe, L. Pitts, S. Murphy, S. Radford, P. Winslett, THIRD ROW: S. Morris, B. Poole, K. Lyle, I. Ussery, R. Fountain, B. Saunders, C. Southerland, E. Chambless, M. Ragan, S. Decker, R. Austin, M. Whiddon, L, Hardwick, M. Williams Members Back Stallions Pep Club VVe're No. I! . . .Gee, haw! Whoa, back - give 'em HELL ABAC! . . .These are but a fevv of the cheers and yells that emanate from the cheering section provided by the ABAC's Pep Club. Pep is not only the first word in this club's name but also its reason for existance. The Pep Club provides a students bus for out-of-town games and supports the Golden Stallions, helping to make 1968-69 one of the most successful basketball seasons ever. OFFICERS: I. Usse-ry, presidentg L. lucker, vict president, R. Auston, treasurerp V. Arnold, Secretary. 72 1 Beauties IVIIS5 Homecoming . . . Ano' Her Court Campus Favorites I K. ,-QL. , . m f, 5- v -. if i I ' S 3 1 m 2 7 .V A I I . ' Y :uninsu- , - - are 5 Y W .. M Q-Vg, -2 A , r K . r - - - Y . Y Y Y Y Y YY Y- - Il - Y V V .., 73 554 Miss Dona Morrison Sponsored by Herring Hall 4 2. f ,'W' I Qx V 'X new L if 4 F if x ' K- lx 2 3 1 X? 2 C Y v . 1 . 5 A A , . 2 z l 5 , 2 K , w 1 ss ' N 2 r L x . X. l v Miss Merry Holland Sponsored by Four-H Club ...5 "i " A i si M l l H RM.. Homecoming Court, 1969 f Q' Miss Penny Caultney Sponsored by Home Economics Club K 1 R ,pri Miss Donna Rigdon Sponsored by Glee Club i i :M X 'Ei S' 9 xx df, K Miss Carolyn Willis Sponsored by Stallion 75 me ,r, 1.1 J 4 A af' . ,I . ,Q .1 53:5 ,Qi M W Au U ' W ,, , , ' , X ay , ' Hz?" ,5 V sf 1 ef WS 2,4 B A J f 5: , 5 -I :EP fx- Qs g Um . 0 if " v A ,Qf A ff! X? 'ln X V r f 'V ' t 't 'Af' 1 f . U my W. , ."' U xx' e ir-lv t "" ef, w1"W , Mvfmw A , 3 5 '.sI?.'S,f':', .K 'P Zi WV "W fi?-ft " K if . f? i isgl 'll' xg In V f iffrx' rf' gf ,M . ,,. U - f ' ,g 1 A , 1 ,. , tis' 'kgmlht 3 'YM Q ' x 1 ww l ' 5 xt 'V pu W Y- Q 'ww-- 5' ML. f . 'WY Miss Homecoming, 1969 MISS IVIAROLYN CUFF Sponsored By The Tennis Team Tall and captivating Marolvn Goh, a freshman from Tifton, became "queen of the campus" upon being named Miss Homecoming, l969. A former majorette for her high school band, Marolvn plans a major in physical education and recreation which goes right along with her avid interest in swimming, dancing, and other recreational sports. She is noted for her vibrant spirit and vvarm smile, bronzed skin and golden ash blonde hair. is li s li 1... ,nh N. , A. 'E ,W ,, il , , f ,fi Q1 fer 4 Campus Favorites ma, tif? fir Miss Rose Potts Sponsored by Ag. Engineering Miss Brenda Long Sponsored by AET Club Miss Sharon Taylor Sponsored by Phi Sigma Delta A-N X Miss Carol Southerland Sponsored by Pep Club and Cheerleaders 'W I ,, at. .rw : . V . I I, B+ IL 'A 255.3 ,- -. Miss Maida Ragan Sponsored by Phi Beta Lambda Miss Mary lo Murrow Sponsored by Lewis Hall ,hmm Miss Nancy Tanner Sponsored by Drama Club img! Miss Donna Tqcker Sponsored by Circle K 79 QA 'ww 'Elk ,ammmm Miss Marguerite Lumpkin Sponsored by Gomer Hall Campus Favorites Miss Suzanne Schramm Sponsored by Baseball Team Pm 355519 Miss Beverly Barr Sponsored by New Mens Dorm Miss Lynn Hardwick Sponsored by Circle K ,,.....-asv' Q.,-w M.,-an ,Mmm- -...fn-....,... -vp, w ,,,,,.-osF' ,Quai luminal 7 v"""'l Miss Sandy Sibbett Sponsored by Golf Team XX-so J Miss Krista Shiver Sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega Miss Kathy Tucker Sponsored by DECA Miss Debbie Chancey Sponsored by DECA 81 Campus Favorites Miss Brenda Riddle Sponsored by Agriculture Club Miss Donna Harpe Sponsored by Wesley Foundation 82 Miss Laurie Rowe Sponsored by Stallion Kd' W il i f gfgiifl 0 lf' l F 5' you o ar F Miss Kathy Wyatt Sponsored by Forestry Club G3 Basketball Stallions Post Perfect 12 O Record To Take Southern Division Title The Golden Stallions of Abraham Baldwin College lived up to preseason ratings by winning the Southern Division title of the Georgia junior College Conference. However, there vvas an oddity in the way they accomplished this. The polls had stated the ABAC cagers would be "pressed" by at least three other teams. This was anything but true because ABAC galloped to a perfect 12-O conference record and the nearest team to them suffered five defeats. The fine depth the Colden Stallions possessed enabled them to go full speed at all times. This and the employment of the fast break into their offense helped coach Vann Brackin's studs to average over 90 points per game, tops in the C.l.C.C. 84 NN lam .Mg km VANN BRACKIN Head Basketball Coach ABOVE, FAR LEFT: lvrry lohnston vyadfas one' opponvnt while obsmrle on floor keeps him from driving in, Ashley De'Loach and Dennis McSwain look for possihlv solution. CENTER: Norman Colle-gel playf-rs look on as Harold Adkins pumps in a vital two points. BELUVV, FAR LEFT: Lewliv Moorv buckets a field goal in f-.irly se-ason win over Cordon Military Collegf- 8 -tp 2' 75 79 l-10 I 02 70 l I0 Q8 96 I 06 77 86 70 89 115 Q3 8l 70 96 80 72 l08 EH ' ABAC OPPONEN Gordon Military Chipola lones College Georgia Military College Gainesyille E South Georgia lracle North Florida Norman Park lr. College DeKalb Brewton-Parker Chipola Brunswick lr, College Albany lr. College Gardner-XfVelJlJ Gainesville Young-Harris Miclclle Georgia South Georgia Gordon Military l5fLlHSWlClx lr. College Norinan Park lr. College Georgia Southern lB lea South Georgia Middle Georgia Georgia Military College DeKalb Albany lr. College Brevvton-Parker Young-Harris South Georgia Trade 6, 8l 6. 54 65 8 89 7t 7-l 88 82 73 7 I 93 77 W -i5 65 7-l 72 6K 61 nil 7- 89 62 8K 85 69 94 89 l'l7 K CONFERENCE RECORD 'IZ won 0 los SEASON RECORD 25 won 5 lost ABOVE: lerry lohnston wrests rehound away from Chipola players to help ABAC gain a revenge victory at home. BELOW: Odell Pack lays up a two pointer as the Stallions win their Homecoming game against Young Harris. Harold Adkins and Harley Stewart M02 lend sssistance. Basketball UE, :gf l f i Y F W fs. so . l i ABOVE: Head Coach Vann Brackin lcenterj discusses practice schedule with assistant coaches Wayne Studdard lleftj and Norman Hill lrightj. Ashley DeLoach Basketball Six Cagers Play Final Game, The year 1969 saw six cagers play their final game as members of the Abraham Baldwin College Golden Stallions. Graduation exercises saw the departure of Odell Pack, Carlos IvlcSwain, Leslie Moore, Ashley DeLoach, Buddy Whitley, and Harold Adkins from the ABAC scene. Odell, called by many the best junior college player in the state, was known around Georgia hardwoods for his consistency. Big Carlos provided the toughness needed for the close games. Leslie was called the little man who came through in the "big" games. Ashley was a ball hawking guard known around the campus as the "friendly Stallion." Buddy was famous for his agressive defensive play. Harold was the teams best "one-on-one'l player. ABOVE: Dennis McSwain l54j tries to get to loose ball but is elbowed out by Brunswick players. David Adams l32j is too far out to help, RIGHT: The Stallions' outstanding ball player, Albert "Mud" Lewis, scores on a 20 foot jump shot to rally ABAC over upset minded Gordon Military. -. -i Buddy Vllhitlvy ,ds wa A D5 Kb-M 5144411 .--'P' ABOVE: Buddy Whitlc-y fights for rebound as the Stallions crumble Brunswick lunior College LEFT: Leslie Moore- rallies two points against South Georgia Tfdflf' School. Carlos lVlcSvvain hustlffs in to Check fJfOCkfxf'Clll7gS. 89 . I if ,nur W ...asv ABOVE: Odell Pack and his famous faclfl-away jumpshot is good for two points as ABAC rolls over South Georgia. Basketball MM Mlilflalf sq saw all-air ABOVE: Harold Adkins. RIG HT: Carlos Mc Swain, f LEFT: Ahraham Baldwin College lost one home haskethall game this season and tht' reason why was Artis Gilmore, Gardner VVehln's 7-3 giant. ABOVE: Managvr Stan Darnt-ll provide-5 ai assistantt- lor Buddy Whitlvy and Odt-ll Pack. TOP RIGHT: Big Carlm lVIcSvvain strc-tches out to "re-cover" thv hall :luring game against Cordon Military. 91 KNEELING: Leslie Moore, Albert "Mud" Lewis, Ashley DeLoac'h, Harold Adkins, lulian Deaton, Mark Hall, STAN DING: lerry lohnston, Odell Pack, Dennis lVIc'Swain, Carlos McSwain, Harley Stewart, Buddy Whitley, David Adams. .gl ww , f -' . -will W . . :..,i. . . W A . 1 . .- Axidiafywfk- - V MM ,H , s ig, 7 ,..M.ai"P" Q, -- k , V "Mi: A, wh 1 gy Vi-1-2 V W .7 , uw I. fm 93 Basketball Odell l'.1c'k FAR LEFI. Carlos lVlCSLV11ll7 fontrolx thc- lump ball lor the' Stallions against Mlrlrlle' Cvorgla, Orlf'llP.1ck mows into position to 14-cc-iw Hp, CEN TER: ABAC3 lumplng lac k, lvrry lolmston, c'h.mge1s mlnrl abou! shooting while' in mid-.rlr and looks for 1011171 nmte to throw to. Baseball Another "Banner Year" Expected For ABAC Nine Tom Moody has good reason to anticipate another banner year for the Baldwin College baseball team. The head coach has his entire pitching staff from last year returning, last year's top hitter, and an outstanding group of freshmen. ABAC was runner-up to South Georgia College last season in the Southern Division of the Georgia junior.College Conference. The Stallions nine posted a 10-6 conference record and a 11-13 overall record. Compared to the 24 games last year, the team scheduled 40 games for the 1969 season. In connection with this year's edition, Moody plans to go with three sophomore starters: Gary Turner, johnny Kirkland, and Buddy Whitley. Another sophomore, Rucker Taylor, will be used primarily for relief purposes. Freshmen Keith O'Mary, Eddie Morrison, Ricky Hudson, Gary Midkiff, David Adams and Mike Prevatt round out the pitching corps. O'Mary and Hudson are ABAC's only southpaw hurlers. Of his catchers, Moody says sophomore Buddy Martin will catch, unless a freshman comes through. Martin can also play third. The head coach rates Tommy Richardson, jad Deaton, Bob Bolton, and Freddy Kreuger, all of whom are freshmen, about even. Sophomore Don Keeney returns from last year's team to head the first base position. Hudson, a Stallion pitcher, can also play first. john Bradley and jeff Clemons are promising players at the keystone position. jerry Marshall, the team's top hitter will play third. Billy Fain and Martin could help. Buddy Davis and Mike Higginbotham battles for the shortstop spot. Moody can choose from Ray Corbett, jerry Toms, Fain, Gay Isreal, Kreuger, Marshall, and Higginbotham for the three outfield positions. UPPER RIGHT: Coach Torn Moody. CENTER RIGHT: lerry Marshall. RIGHT: Canny Richardson waits for the pitch from Rucker Taylor as Buddy Martin catches. LOWER CENTER RIGHT: Canny Richardson. FAR RIGHT: Outfielder catches ball. 94 . -hh 'vt 6' 'w 'B 1- 4' my 'QS 1- . .--if avi Mg. " Q .. g., V - .1 .. Hi... ' 1 , cavvngx -1"e3F!: 1355. 'f -"" wi aq.T'-,- , fig' if Mffmu , ' 'tk 'es,-Fifi U.. M4 " -Qi' if - C ABOVE, FIRST ROW: lad Deaton, Bob Bolton, leff Clemons, john Bradley, Freddy Kruger, jerry Marshall. SECOND ROW: Eddie Morrison, Buddy Martin, Ricky Hudson, Rucker Taylor, Cay Israel, Tommy Richardson, Gary Midkiff. THIRD ROW: Coach Tom Moody, Ray Corbett, Don Keeney, Buddy Davis, Keith O'Mary, Buddy Whitley, Canny Richardson, johnny Kirkland. ,f x, to is TOP: Coach Tom Moody and pitcher lohnny Kirkland take' a hreathvr between innings to talk over game situation. ABOVE LEFT: Coach Moody talks game strategy with lohnny Kirkland, lerry Mar5hall, and Charlie Stevens. LEFT: lohnny Kirkland, Buddy Whitley, Coach Moody, lerry Marshall. ff J -i 2 vip, if VL' ,K K ,i ' at , ' if ,xii-1 --1 wr -linea- ABOVL: Millie- Williams, C'apt.1iri 4 3-lull """"""""' ABOVE: Paula Winslett, Sandy Morris, Millie VViliams, Carol Soutlierlanrl, lan Martin, Su Margaret Whirlrlon, Lynn llarclwick Cheerleaders Ten Co-eds Cheer Stallions To Victor Ten lively Co-eds spirit the student body into exuberant Cheers for the ABAC athletic Contests and assemblies. A smile, a tense moment before the game is vvon, and a love for ABAC are all an inate part ol each of the Cheerleaders who typily the allfABAC girl. These girls serve as a Catalyst for school spirit and pride, and make banners to decorate the gymnasium before each game while urging the players on to victory. 97 -ugcllltl san Dec ker, l Cheerleaders 98 4 S 6 X I 2 ,Z -I 5 6 8 9 IO w ff HUCIWQ1 339831 twig., Ql?' 319110 mmm f ,ng-time jf 1 lvl 1513! Zffif mi il is X11 Wall ll MX! ll Ulf' fi SEK -H Row Potls Paula M'm5le'l1 Sanrlv Murrfs, Co-4 lp 1 Cam! Smiths-rlllnrl M.1rgarwr Hflvfclflrvr Lynn Harrlwrr k fan ,Nf111rfin Sharon ffifAfPfNI7H Vis Ellvn Vic Mfrs Susan Dvckc-r 1, A 1 Colf Linksters Cain New Head Coach Abraham Baldwin's first organized golf team made its appearance last season, and its members proved true as they upheld the winning tradition ABAC athletic teams are accustomed to by finishing fourth in the state. Vann Brackin directed the first edition of ABAC's .Q y linksters. The 1969 team was under the leadership of a new head golf coach, Raymond Busbee. At the opening of the collegiate golf season, Busbee rated jerry Conner, a returnee from last year, and freshman Robert Roan as the best of the current golfers. joe Womble, E. C. Bridges, Sonny Strange, Tommy Roberson, Robert Morton, David Crum, and Alex Remeta will battle for the three remaining positions. fb ALI 100 TOP CENTER: Sonny Strange. LEFT: Robert Brown. ABOVE: E. C. Bridges, Robert Brown, lerry Conner. P5 I Ms' gr' L t rw' RAYMOND BUSBEE Head Colf Coach ir 3534 101 ABOVE: lerry Conner, foe Womble, Sonny Strange, E. C, Bridges, Robert Brown. LEFT: 1, C. Ethridge, Robert Brown, jerry Conner. . ,,nt-aw, tm Hi :K Y fa -Munn., E? 1. -H ,I ,,,ggaua..n.-vw N 'H 1-ue,.,..mM-f M if, ii,i,2gg1w1Ltr,...t-WM in 5: T .ff f 5 4-4, 1 t -135 4 Q e D., - d o C Q ff C 44. . X lf 'E , 1 , " T I Q , E WWW C if , .,., ,. 'iw ,I f C attti S 3 1i??i25'S5 . tsffwzzs 'K f ' , A ,MM ' ' , A C f2-.tw,w- tg 'Q is - 'lf .a J V Q , it ,A. ,. . www M . , ,. t .WB .ffffiji ix . .. .. . nusvm ar 5, V , 4 .. . 1, , .AL V V-N522 5?m.f'1:s7' 'vffillex 55 iwww' ,. . , Y' Y W M- T. T-,E Y wmv 7 C "LI A. ,l W ww Q M A. fri wt ff, ,K 3 . H FRONT: Arnold Reynolds. SECOND: Dickie Paredes, Chris Toth. THIRD: Coach Norman Hill, Wendall lohnson, Ronnie Hammons. BACK: Stuart Spencer, 102 'X ' . if j ll V , .k ,,,, t,,1, f l T 3 T .3 Wf.. , i QP- .f,kf5?g515,g ,. T iw K Esiksiki? e?Fte1g?2 , . s I. Tennis Second Tournament Title In 1967 Abraham Baldwin College fielded its first tennis team and won third place in the State tournament. The year 1968 proved ever more successful as the Baldwin netters became the state champions of Georgia and received a number ten national ranking. lt will be difficult for the 1969 team to improve on a state championship Q17-SJ, but head coach Norman Hill expects his current edition could be stronger. ABAC has two players returning who captured individual awards in last years state tournaments. Dick Parades with a 16-6 record placed fifth in the state, and Stuart Spencer, 18-3 record, was number six. Another freshman, johnny Moreland, was number two in the state but did not return to school this year. TOP: Chris Toth, Ronnie Hammons, ABOVE CENTER: Arnold Reynolds, Wendall johnson. LOWER LEFT: Stuart NORMAN 1-HLL 5P9'1C9f- Head Tennis Coach 103 1968 State Champions Seek -,HM fi T17 'QQ 4 o ww , . an Q o v 1 4 IIN vm ab., IIT U' -- g,f9457f' 'mnwu Ng, W ,.-"X ,I ,, r r F5 QW- f--mf, - -L Annan-, .rw mqfw-mv , 4 M gi ik- f-krlwnsfwimnqq 2 L F mms. .v.:4.m,,w..w,. w,-ww-www. - .14 V M., x ...---up Vaiyw-i---01.--., J' Wx. 7? 334 5 f 25 5 "' l 'ijfgqii ff 5,1 N we 5 A Y Wsh v fi M Rv M f w " .ffl 1:32 , , 3 . Q 4 2 5 gg If A fm' Q Q iz 3,23 A fy., fi Purpose . . . an open door for oppor- tunity , . . a life of preparation for the world outside, the future beyond . . . the joy of learning. . . research, creativi- ty. . . experimentation, explanation . . . va... awww v-t- W" i w Q ----v,-.y 1 t -mf-ff A ' i 'E Students and professors attain purpose by grasping for ideas exploring methods . . . reflecting on new experi- ences . . . -M-nr s :z , 1 Q - JZ . fe fm if' ., 'i Q v I Mweat v -pili- ,ugvf .wk . .1 .-Q05 - ' , ,pig 'If .- K , A, NJA, ,ua 0 Q, 's f we t 1 " :Q -9 ?'i'52 V-W fwfr- 1 . . . -aa. lib . ,Wg . - , .O . Q 'YG a '5 Q , an l filifazf W F My ,, 1 R , JL? ffififfbif My, , K , - 1 iw? mmew- fu- ., X av km-, s?l7,WWtQI - fm-4w.:,g, L if , 44 f V. gm :Siam-ff f . lf, 1--, HNQMWI, , v Mu, 491'-E f -'Q ffm,:s,,-1 Www 5 R Q1 .-vm--. l ..,,,g.- 4, Q ku-Q4-as--f.nh-wa...-.-. . . '4- 1" " ' ' ' , .,,....-..wM,, ,Q N , x ,, v,,,,.4 - 1g1gsq:g.:fsfg:s3Sfvw:'fo- " , , -fgf3Q.gfh..g,.L..,, h - , .A y.1?..,-,. .-57:7 H .1u,v,,,,,.x ' A h K -, as Xml ,-1" fiL2,a5,5g,:.1-'.ff3 . , 1. ,.. . X Yi .h .yiakf w r g is , Q,,:...-.-...--.'- M 3 , .::, :':'f, Q '-A+.:-1,. 1 .- -....-- V . - A L" h 'f'..LaQ'.1-iwff!-3'-'v+"', f - ' -f .-.N '- N' d .A . 1 A ,Q , . -- - 'ug' M .. V ,..,....n--- K--v-"P" , . -. - -. ..Q.--fx:-f ' . . , vmfw-ifxf-Tf- '-'ff . ,Y -Y.-V,-.fr "H" K ,,.-'- - ., '5' 3 4 K. , , 7-QFLE-gear 15. , K is 4, i - . ,A ., -.149 mp1""B5?k-3'2" """'G? X , .,.ig-,iyxzg .Q . Lv. . : K N. L kv K A nn -.F ,,,.,.,.q-4 K L k,:r.vxrl.,-fgqfutngi.-gi .wp-g.,'-AM- , 1 .At K .4 A A ' , . .Q - K- ' .,, p. - rf , .M.---wt ' . V W--V,,.. , ,, l, .. Q , F LA. L J Ki, . - .I 1 X. N5l.,?5X,Q,'?it,-33. QA ,.-. I V . .Ap A, . , 7T1:?f" ' - " ' A, - ff - wg .-432'-" , . ' X I "' ' k 110 Purpose . . . is the hard work of concentration and study . . . practical application . . . ABAC5 students find purpose as they . . . lead and follow . . . plan, prepare . . . experience, realize . . .graduatel n i""'f f'-vu--1 1 I , . D 4 - Q i V S. , -' K5 1 if jk 2 Q " 1 Q 12' A , 5 , ' , .. I x'-+ V ,," Q ic,,i A H S A Q Q .i PURPOSE . Academics Curriculum Superlatives i if -H- ,- ' ,, ., V . . A .vw Y ' n 41:3 .MQJM .2 ' if ' H " 'X f??M ., , J 9 1 fs 1' .MKS Q IQEHENQ 3 aiu Academics Administration, Faculty, Staff, Curriculum i i i i Dr, Driggers presents hundreds of speeches betore groups and is one of ABACS most effertive salesmen. During the weekly Open House in the President's home, Dr. Driggers has a Ieisurely fire-side Chat with students and iaculty. Mrs. Driggers is a concerned member of civic' groups and is V, always a part of ABAC activities. Janlllllln- A1 , i 114 Dr. 1. Clyde Driggers, ABAC's President, Spearheads Phenomenal Growth Cf College The personality and endeavors of Dr. 1. Clyde Driggers, President of Abraham Baldwin College, exemplifies the phrase "the friendly college," a term long associated with the institution located in the heart of Southcentral Georgia. Dr. Driggers, with his cheerful greeting and beaming smile for everyone with whom he has contact, is a complete optimist . . . about the growth and expansion of the college, the benefits gained here by its students, the contributions of its faculty and staff, and its unique ability to hold the loyalties of its graduates. Having been named the head of the college in 1964, Dr. Driggers has spearheaded and witnessed the phenomenal growth of ABAC's student body. He has secured the addition of many new facilities and aca- demic programs and has brought about such improve- ments on campus as landscape planning, paving and central heating. Both Dr. and Mrs. Driggers are active contributors to the civic and religious life of the Tifton Community. Mrs. Driggers is particularly involved with the activity of local garden clubs and the Baldwin Women's Club in which she initiated the organization of the Baldwin Newcomers Club. Dr. Driggers is a steward of the First Methodist Church and a past president of the Tifton Rotary Club. "Operation: Surge" - the Systematic Utilization of Resources for Growth and Efficiency - is a program formulated and directed by Dr. Driggers for the benefit of Tift County and its people. Dr. and Mrs. Driggers have four children - a son in medical school, a daughter who is the mother of the Drigger's granddaughter, a son enrolled as a freshman at the University of Texas, and a son at Tift County High School. As a result of Dr. Drigger's tireless efforts on ABAC's behalf, men such as State Senator Ford Spinks and University System Chancellor George Simpson are interested in ABAC. Deans Recruit ew Facult And Personnel To Extend College's Expansion Dean Tom Cordell, Dean and Coordinator of Continuing Education, is the person who plans and directs Abraham Baldwin College's extensive program of short courses, non-credit evening courses, and public relations. The objective of this division is the extension of programmed instruction to the adult population of South Creorgia. Specialists from various Georgia and out-of-state institutions are brought to the campus regularly for participation in the various facets of the program. Dean Loyal Norman, as Academic Dean, has the responsibility for leadership in curriculum and teaching personnel. In directing the division of instruction, Dean Norman coordinates faculty recruitment, the orientation of new teachers, and provides the president with recommendations concerning employment, retention, and promotion. Dean Ray Swords is ABACTS Dean of Student Personnel Services who directs and coordinates all student service programs. The Students Personnel Division is concerned with both the behavior of individuals and groups as they become involved in academic extracurricula activity of ABAC. Among the services under the supervision of Dean Swords are' Dean of Men, Dean of Women, Housing, Student Center, Health, and student activities, TOM M. CORDELL I. R. SWORDS Dean and Coordinator Dean of Student Personnel of Continuing Education Services Co-ordinating activities with the faculty is part of Dean Swords responsibility A meal is enjoyed in the ABAC dining hall by attendants of a Continuing Education Shortcourse. , WW., , .,,.m,.. q,.,,,,m, lfrlnwwwlm-Q ,A ,,,, 143-,-..,.. Staff and faculty present Dean Swords with a birthday cake and all enjoy the happy occasion. Plans for growth on ABACS campus are developed by Dean Norman. 117 Student Personnel Service Heads Extend Guidance And Pattern For Responsibility Dean Worth Bridges is better known as the Dean of Men and Director of Student Activities, or "that man" which stu- dents - male students, particularly - see about problems which may arise while enrolled at ABAC. Dean Bridges helps to formulate personnel policies and is responsible for stu- dent compliance with the established rules and regulations. In addition, he had direct responsibility for all students activities and the campus security program. Dean Sue Bush is ABAC's Dean of Women, the administrator responsible for the formulation of school policy on student behavior, student personnel, and activities pertaining to the women students on campus. All house directors in dormitories for women are under the direction of Dean Bush, one of the college's most valuable staff members. Mr. lames W. Massengale, the Director of Admissions, is one of the first people on the ABAC campus with whom students have contact, primarily because his office receives all applications for admission to the college. The admissions director is, in a sense, a one-man public relations agency for ABAC since a part of his responsibilities include the promotion of the college in order to interest potential students. Miss Rosemary johnson, Director of Guidance, has charge of the college guidance program which consists of counseling the students in two primary areas - personal problems and career guidance testing. Mr. Robert Cressette, in his position as Director of Student Aid, has the responsibility for finding work for the many students who are enrolled on the work-study program. Dr. H. E. Aderholt, College Physician, directs the student health program with the able assistance of Mrs. Sally 1. Wells, a graduate registered nurse. Mr. Dan Doster, Director of the Student Center is head of the staff which operates the campus bookstore and snack bar. All faculty book orders for required class materials are handled by Mr. Doster. The financial assistance program explained to a student by Mr. Gressette, Telephone conferences are a daily part of Miss Iohnson's job, W. W. WORTH BRIDGES MRS. SUE C. BUSH DANIEL H. DOSTER ROBERT B. CRESSETTE Dean of men, Director of Dean of Women 118 Director of Sludgnt Qerrter Director of Student Aid Student Activities i Mr. Massengale happily goes about his work of admitting students and recruiting faculty. Mrs, Wells administers flu shot to a student. MISS ROSEMARY IOHNSON l. WILLIAMS MASSENCALE Guidance Counselor Director ot Admissions DR. ED ADERHOLT MRS. SALLY l. WELLS Physician of ABAC Regwlefed Nurse in 4 ie- lyk l Qt 1 ,V f ' ," A is Z Co m pt rol ler s Dffi ce P r O V I d e S M a n y S e I C e S V Mr. I. Talmadge Webb, Comptroller, handles the administration iff y of all business affairs of the institution including policy :'fi formulation concerning finance, budget preparation, recruitment of non-academic personnel, and the operation and maintenance of the physical plant. Working with Mr. Webb in a supervisory capacity is Mr. Emory McMillan, Assistant Comptroller, Mrs. Lennie Stansell, Director of Food Services, has direct supervision of the college dining facility. She plans the selection, purchase, preparation, and serving of food for student and others eligible to eat in the ABAC Dining Hall. Mr. Nathan R. Dyer is Director of the Physical Plant and thereby has the responsibility of all ABAC buildings and grounds. Working vvith Mr. Dyer is a staff of supply and inventory personnel, janitorial personnel, and workmen for the upkeep of grounds. NATHAN R. DYER Physical Plant Director l. TALMADGE WEBB Comptroller f ,N C ,Q ii "i A rir'l. , C .,.t --.. ST V irt , ' i Fees are paid for registration every quarter under Mr. Webb's careful supervision. 120 EMORY MCMILLAN Assistant Comptroller MRS. LINNIE STANSELL Director of Food Services Student assistants aid both permanent staff and students in library. ,pa s al ma, Y - the - . .:'. :'.1' "'mf9t':tv Lg- Nil?" ' S E l MR. PAUL GAINES Registrar Academics Are Aided By Registrar's Office And Campus Library Mr. Paul Gaines, Registrar, supervises the maintaining of records of students eventuating from academic studies adapting improved procedures when possible, and serving as security officer for student academic records. The Registrar's office renders all required reports, provides service in the preparation of class schedules, and formulates and proposes an annual calendar for the college. Giving invaluable assistance to Mr. Gaines is Mrs. Evamae Howard, Assistant Registrar. Mrs. Harriet C. Venable is ABAC's Head Librarian, the person responsible for the administration of the library facility and the supervision of its personnel. The people within this division have frequent contact with both students and faculty in providing the academic service of securing needed materials for course content and assignments. MISS EVAMAE HOWARD Assistant Registrar Student seeks a volume from among the many books and research materials housed in the Baldwin Library. 121 MRS. HARRIET C. VENABLE Head Librarian Foreign Languages, Dther Courses Expand Program Offered ln Humanities Division fitifr l-.J i ' i . ' 'Z " AF l' 1 T l rn W. fit , J, it it K ga, Kg, . . "" 'N , ,w fi iw ,L t .J t KF as ,att i. J' a ERNEST EDWARDS LEW s. Axim Miss FLORENCE BAXTER ASSOUAFQ profeswr Of Instructor in Speech-Drama Assistant Professor of English Humanities and Chairman of Division of Humanities A new division chairman, the addition of foreign languages, and an expanding curriculum highlighted the program offered to students in the Division of Humanities. Being a student in Humanities means the development of creative abilities, the exploration into other cultures, the adventure of understanding oneself, and a search for universal truths. Course offerings are art, composition, journalism, literature, mod- ern languages, music, philosophy, speech and drama. ln addition to classroom work, the division offers students participation in academically-related activities including the Ctlee Club, which presents musical concerts, the Drama Club, which annually produces two major plays, and student publications, which offer creative outlets to writers, photographers, and artists on the college newspaper and yearbook, i Drama and speech students participate in production of "Inherit the Wind." 122 MRS, SYLVIA G. BURTON IERRY G. CARR Instructor of Reading Instructor in English 11 Miss Elder counsels with student during English conference. 1 I I MISS GAYE E, ELDER VINCENT A. KESSEE Kathy Kort sketches in charcoal during drawing and painting Instructor of English Assistant Professor of Art class. MISS ROSALYN RAY IAMES E4 STUART Assistant Professor of English IWSUUCIOV Of En8I'5I'I MRS. HELEN L. STRICKLAND IAKVE I- WHITEHEAD Instructor in joumalgm Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama Mr. Ernest Edwards, division chairman, secures audio-visual equipment for class. Additional Machines Contrbute to Business Division's Program Having grown consistently in the number of students seeking an education in the field of business, the Division of Business Administration continued its program expansion during 1968-69 with the addition of new faculty members, course offerings, and more modern business equipment. Students enrolled in the division study in one area of concentration from among several options - Business Administration College Parallel, General Business Technical, Distributive Education, Data Processing and Accounting, Computer Science, and Secretarial Science. ids .f Zi L K rf. 'Vi if ,WM K -'tif K I., ' If DR. MARY M. LEMAR Chairman of Business Administration Division GEORGE EVANS Assistant Professor of Business Administration L ,I GQ!!-Msg - is I ' if A E-Jess -ff, - f 'f + WALTER I. BURGESS Assistant Professor Business Administration Iiigzsfresft v A fyfrvvg' 'if fir-dey., 'LT' iivvgf, 21" 4 471,-fn' gf'7ff 'Ulinl' x 'vvfys 4'1nf.,' 'MMU fvvq gl' 71114, a.,' f'vvl 0 fflnaqg 4411 Q, annggff vu gan, MRS. CAROLYN H. LANIER Instructor in Business Administration my rv- MISS BETTY CLAXTON Associate Professor of Business Administration Wan WILLIAM F, MUTH Assistant Professor of Business Administration -21224 x .ns 'I' Students work with the division's newest business machines and equipment. ff' .. Qu. Mrs. Vivian Mizell demonstrates the method by which computer elements are re-programmed. Mr. Robert Whiddon programs data on master computer used by students in computer science. Mr. Evans checks in on possible classroom problems. I l,lS?t!f3,'?'2fRBlZ3'i'2I? MR LESTER WPSON MR' ADBIAN ZABMA Administration ASSOQM? PrOf9550',0f Instructor of Business Dlstrlbutlve Education Administration 125 College Parallel, Technology Programs Available In The Division Df Agriculture A large percentage of the student body during 1968-69 were enrolled in the Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics with college parallel and technological programs offered. An anticipated addition to the division is a program in home economics technology which will be offered in the fall of 1969. Within the forestry department, students now have an option between the previously existing program in forestry and the new option, wildlife ma.nagement. The agricultural department offers courses required for the first two years in this important area of study, as well as technology curricula. ln connection with these programs the division operates a farm, shop, and machinery for practical application of skills and training. In seven quarters, the forestry student may complete the new technology program in forestry, which offers options in forest recreation and wildlife management. This program, in addition to the college parallel study of forestry, provides a foundation for future intellectual growth and the capability for professional capacities. as Qi... .QW , DR, FRANCIS S. McCAIN IESSE G, CHAMBLISS Chairman of Division of Head Professor of Ag Agriculture, Forestry and Engineering Home Economics PHILLIP W. CROSBY GEORGE DlLLARD Farm Supervisor Professor ot Animal Husbandry Agriculture technology students receive instruction concerning tractor repairs from Mr. Larry Godwin. QB-. . Mr. Baldwin Davis takes a smoking break from his agronomy classes. Student operates welding torch in ag engineering class. it 'K tt l we A . .iz NOLAN R. GIBBONS LARRY GODWIN Assistant Professor of Ag Engineering Technician Engineering 4? it K t . u 4, MARSHALL F. GUILL HARVEY H, IOHNSON Associate Professor of Ag Associate Professor of Engineering Forestry .4-n-.. ,, N ' M 'Vw K .xl Y W ,fry RONALD E. IONES VERNON YOW Z Associate Professor of Ag Head Professor of Forestry Economics Forestry student "works up a sweat" in practical appli- cation of sowing technique. "' 11 1. W4 -"' '-"' I I7 a s :' I ' :-If 1 MRS BRENDA M SEKUL Nursing student prepares an Injection under Mrs Sangsters supervaslon Head, Department of Nurse Education tiylg. I 5 srr I MISS IUNE MULLINS Instructor of Nurse Education MISS PATRICIA TACKETT Instructor of Nurse Education Proper techniques in hospital bedmaking are learned by nursing students. Mr. Virginia Lindskog, Associate Professorof Home Economics, plans for move into new Home Economics facility. ursing Students Gain Clinical Experience A grant for renovation of the present Home Economics building will give the Division of Nurse Education a new home in the immediate future. Having been temporarily quartered in the former president's home, the nursing program instituted in 1966 is rapidly growing and expanding its programs. The departmentfs new home will house classrooms, faculty offices, and an audio-tutorial laboratory. This lab, in addition to providing a setting for the practice of nursing techniques, will also provide audio-visual equipment to aid in instruction. The department has three newifaculty members, who expanded the curriculum and give advanced experience. In addition to the classroom experience, the students go to local hospitals or agencies to observe and practice in the latest nursing techniques. When students finish their training, it is expected that they will pass the State Board Examination and become licensed Registered Nurses on the staff of a hospital or public health agency. Diversified Program Offered To Home Economics Students Within the home economics department, special emphasis is placed on textiles, clothing, food, family child development. New facilities in the college's newest classroom building provide laboratory, living and dining areas which strengthened the instructional program. The planned home economics technology program will train students to serve as assistants in areas of home economics. 129 Course Qfferings Broadened, Expanded l ath-Science Providing a wide variety of courses to students from all divisions as well as math-science majors, the Division of Math-Science expanded its program during 1968-69 to facilitate the instruction of students in order that they might meet the demands of a complex vvorld. A new division chairman spearheaded the program of the division which offers six areas for majors - biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, medical related fields, and nurse education. A recently occupied building houses labs, offices, and classroom facilities for students enrolled in the many courses available in the division. Glassware: Essential equipment to the students of chemistry and related courses. -nm.-.W lOSEPH I. DAY Associate Professor of Mathematics 'N-vw-....,.w OLLIS G, FLETCHER Associate Professor Physics : -feast, 'z of LARRY I. BENTON Instructor in Mathematics ,Z r," . s,k,, R riiftiii ,rf y 1 at if ,A Q ,Q A , it fl s Dr. Frank Thomas, division chairman, prepares an experi- ment for a chemistry class. 1 i l sr MRS. ALLEAN K. GARRETT Instructor of Biology R4 5 M, .run DONALD MASSEY Instructor of Mathematics MRS. INA W. WEBB Instructor of Biology -' :JF . ia. .it L ' Science student experiments with chemicals in lab. , il V ERIC C. MYER EUNICE L. MIXON Instructor of Botany and Instructor of Biology Biology WILLIAM T. WHEELER MRS4 VIRGINIA R, Instructor of Mathematics WINDSTROM Instructor of Chemistry tem? NAP' N MISS IANELL GOLDEN Instructor of Mathematics IAMES H. CRINER Assistant Professor of Physical Science GEORGE W, POWELL Associate Professor of Biology Mr. Benton clarifies algebraic equation to students after classtime. 157' DR. THOMAS R. MILAM W. MILES COX Chairman of Division of Psychology Instructor Social Science and Professor of Social Science K if P wc. l Textbooks for classroom study and lesson preparation, MRS, RAY DALTQN i Instructor in Social Science Mr. Potter lectures to his Political Science class l i l l l l Classes in the Social Science Division are interesting and enlightening. l l 132 H. 1? ku opera' fka SV-'hw i W EUGENE GRAVITT Instructor of Sociology and Psychology fk Mr. Standard's smile is an example of friendliness in this division. Mr. Potter prepares a lesson plan for his classes. Social Science Division Teaches The Past To Govern The Future Older courses in the Division of Social Science took on a new look during 1968-69 with the addition of numerous faculty members and courses and a new division chairman. During fall quarter, the division experienced the last of having its courses taught and its faculty situated in a variety of locations across the campus. With the beginning of winter quarter came the opening a new classroom building which, among other departments, now house the social sciences. The division, designed to help the student understand himself and the world in which he lives, strives to present current data and statistics. Courses offered benefit political science majors as well as undecided students and those seeking a broad foundation of education. Regardless of the major, the Division of H ,E s, ' 9 'e 1 , .ww -fret. in . --- ,'?t2"zJf43'tY i9 , A egtfsm, 'w12'.f,lf:- f 3 RW - ' t - '.'gz fe' s' ,.,,.-.f--...,.., Social Science teaches the past to govern the future. MRS. ANN R. HAMMONS Associate Professor of Social Science PHILLIP E. POTTER Instructor in Political Science MISS REBEKAH C. MILLER Assistant Professor of Social Science DIFFEE W. STANDARD Associate Professor of U.S. History Volleyball is served during regularly scheduled physical education class. New Division Df Health And Physical Education Created A new division came into existence this year on the Abraham Baldwin College campus with the creation of the Division of Health and Physical Education. With the division came a new division chairman and the addition of two new physical education instructors. Some of the activities such as swimming, soccer, touch football, and golf could be enjoyed throughout students' lives not only as leisure activities but also as occupations, The Health and Education Division offers a course of study in preparation for college work. Nutrition, health, physical education, recreation, and recreation leadership are oriented toward the student planning to major in Physical Education. Sally lennings practices for intramural programs' Upowderpuff' football practice. Student engages in footwork practice for soccer, ABACs newest physical education activity. lt's a hit! Men students participate in physical education's softball class. WEN dim Wt Margaret Whiddon takes a breather during trampoline exercises at cheerleader practice. 135 , .tw my K wut f MR. L. NORMAN HILL Director of Athletics and Assistant Professor of Physical Education 5 'eww at L. Qtr' in. xx it 4 ix . fl ,ali I , MR. EUGENE CHAMBERS Instructor of Physical Education i A atm P it MR, HUGH l.. STUDDARD instructor of Physical Education in t. . " MR. T. VANN BRACKIN Instructor of Physical Education :PH-. MR. THOMAS K. MOODY Instructor of Physical Education 1 MRS. ELLEN E. VICKERS Instructor of Physical Education Staff Serves Administrators, Faculty, And Students The capable staff of ABAC, numbering vvell over 200, is concerned not only with the responsibilities demanded by their office or position but with the student. Typing and running errands are but two of a myriad of responsibilities delegated to the secretaries of the divisions, business office and services offered. Ac- countants, machine operators, consultants and cashiers supplement the vvorking force of the office staff. Be- hind every major program scheduled from any ABAC division we find these people making it possible, through tireless hours of work. Maintaining a farm for ag-related courses of study is a full-time job for farm supervisor, technicians, engineering assistants and student helpers. The build- ings and the physical aspects of the campus are kept in working condition by a maintenance of carpenters, janitors, maids, and building personnel. The campus is patrolled by security officers for the protection of the buildings and the student body. Y . MRS. ETHAN ABBOTT , Clerk, Student Center l l i MRS. BETTY S. COX l Library Assistant MRS. CECILE BAILEY Secretary, Dean Continuing Education MRS. IANE DAY Secretary to the Academic Dean MRS. VERNA Y. BAKER Assistant Director of Food Services my MRS, EVELYN A. EVE Recorder Mr. Stembridge gives ticket to erring student. MRS. ERNESTINE BALL Secretary, Division of Business Administration MISS MARY NELL GARRICK Secretary, Division Agriculture -5 :-, if xc vkt ts i t r if - ,..is A k.V. k'i'- ik . it MRS. IACKIE VV. BATEMAN Payroll Clerk "': .iiii V 'Witt T i f ' ...... l MRS. WESLEY IO GRAY Housing Clerk A day's work is completed by Mrs. Lee MRS. FFRRIS CRINER MRS, ANNE L, HARMON SGCYGUIFY, DlV'5'0f"40f Assistant Librarian and Science Mathematics Aggigtant Profegggr MRS. FLORENCE HUFF MRS. MARQIE IVEY Technical Assistant, Acting Cashier Library MRS. GERTRUDE L. GRAHAM Assistant Director of Food Services Sit MRS. MILDRED HARRISON Clerk, Student Center 0 .fit P I 9 sf 5 1 . , my. . .asf 4 5 1 5 5. if 41 . - . Lt,c X 5. . , 1 Q 3 L i . Q 'jk S I . if 552 - FS 25 Q ,. .W fs' f . J. - "wg ,. , aa. .. . ,-,. a I was :ws " W.. M- l af.. Health care is available twenty-four hours a day in a modern health center. MRS. PATRICIA HARVEY Secretary, Dean of Men and Dean of Women ' '.if4fl3g.f-f . i..J:25.'..'f1 r...'.,a,:..1gfs..M :figs -,, MQW ark? ""'-fc be aifaijagggw ,sig W 2 ' S Vl.."?.g-zwffuf 9 ' . f 3. L H . was , , . 5 1- E. . ' aagfgv N tt-ills N ,I . . -5 Y -'Ii V Lf. -:av ' -iilfw Hlrgfsafft E. 1 . H- I f -Q, 1':r5Q5i'i'g?f5f1'?t:l's?f - ,. , .1 I 5.2 .iff A . .te Mwst? - - an ,.. . . . f 413 4 . -m , 5' wfa2v?'s' - s .wff .A .! '!fm if" --f ' ,ffl :vS'f2rff?'r: ' fl5L7B"W .... MRS. MARY HENDERSON Assistant Librarian and Assistant Professor A if MRS. IANIE 1oNEs MRS, DOROTHY KENDRICK MRS. MERCIE MCINTOSH Clerk, Student Center Qlerkr Bookgrore House Director fwuhual - X 21.si?.ftsfg.f'izit ta-"fi iw ssisifeimiitiigi g . +-.Q sf- . a I -lf- i"' . MRS. ETHELLE S. MARCHANT Assistant Manager of Snack Bar MR. H. M. MOORE Machines Operator MRS. AVA R. MATHIS Licensed Practical Nurse MRS. EULA M. MAUGHON MRS. VIVIAN K, MIZELL House Director, Weltner Machines Operator MRS. SHERYL T. MOORE MRS. CARA VOLA PAULK MRS. SANDRA B. PADGETT Secretary, Division of Postal Clerk Secretary to Dean of Student Humanities Personnel Services . ftsitffl "" Preparing meals is a full-time job for the permanent dining hall staff. BAC's Staff Members Are Delegated A Myriad Of Responsibilities, Duties A , sa... . I ,r - fy P- Nu ff .2 S .. sftifgw' R 22. I i I-:gf "" f fr I' f'15"if'- Q ? .. V - r't MISS SANDRA L. PATE MRS. CANDACE REIBER Secretary to the Registrar Secretary of Baldwin Library -1--t. . F X , t X .5 N it I: -as R - .A N 'ix K T'-rb"l is .H qs . 'N.l'-'K df IGN , N IW, .ssl fi". f 1.3. Q I 4 -f ".S 1 - MRS. LUNA C, STONE MRS. MAIDEE H, STUART House Director, Comer Hall House Director, Lewis Hall MISS IOANN SHIFLETT Cashier-Secretary MISS DIANNE THOMPSON Secretary, Division of Social Sciences Mrs. Pate has a variety of duties. Mrs. Eve gives assistance to Mr. Davis in finding information on students. '!,",,,f,f . l I RAY WLAKER Supply and Inventory Clerk MRS. CAROL IEAN WHITE Bookkeeper IOHN W. STEMBRIDCE Campus Security Officer MRS. MARY L. WALKER Secretary to the Comptroller ' fsrLsgbg1a:2w.:,.1,+z1f2i+g?Lff .5.f:I2z'R:sfEflr ' ,. , ,ef 'W , at rt f . if M1543 . 'il 5 55 ...W s... ln. ..,., , 'C ' 5'2Q5a':f1':f." "51:ff1": -. :flu .f A f, .P I A .,.,. . 5.55. -- t MRS. INAMAE H. WARD Registered Nurse MRS. FRANCES M. WILLIAMS Secretary of Director of Admissions ' ROBERT I. WHIDDON Accountant-IBM Operator Nw. Q-F S -h . f-...' 5 'l Qilfsi- - .. y. ...g gg xV.l 5 .,,. MRS. ALMA YOUNG Clerk, Student Center lfVho'5 Who At Baldwin: Superlatiyes Selected By ABAC Sophomores Superlatives is Word used to describe those students who are representative of their scho'oI and the ABAC student body. Named on the basis of their contributions to ABAC the Superlatiyes are accomplished in many areas - academics, athletics, and extra- curricular actiyities - in a superior manner. PEGGY FARR IOHN HUSSEY P 714 ASHLEY DQLOACH SANDRA GOLDEN -nous 11' l IX! .x . , Q, A 35- A.. f Nu 0 6' 1' x Q K ' Q, :M W 'K ,if ' 4 m ' 1' x , gk f x Q Q. jr H, K Q Q 1 V sf 'U 55 2" ,, , ' ' " it 5 I .W 3 , X fi Pa ' - A T ,Wg-1-:qp.f.v,.4-v -'Q -In-W a lr X HENRY C. "BO" STEWART CAROL SOUTHERLAND BETSY HARRIS IUNE TIMMONS LESLIE MOORE THE EPT!-I OF FRIENDSHIP "VVhat'5 your major? Where are you from? Well, do you know - ". . . and a new way of life begins . . . at Abraham Baldwin with students, professors . . . with the community. . . 146 ,, -WM N46 Wy... - ,J 1 Q, '1'1s.:11 - A, Y ,Q ...,. i W ,miss in ' L 'G-1.,.,.., ,Tx . ..,..,p f2I'lZl,.' ZTTITZ, Mix.. I ' r r 4 P' ' Q 1 gk N 'S 9 1 -B 7 X . N f-' my if J"r M 2? wr -, ., . Q Phan. my . :W x ,+',,W.,, , gl U: - A 1 -, fasi455: i,,v.-,J Y , A, Ax . 2 :Q A 'C z , SCWHCJXIKJRI IJHICKIRS, TOP: Kathy MMIII pr uhm , M ' , Hmrwtlwx Harrell, vice pu-wir nl Ii! I IUXX Peggy Farr, lrs'.mAr1-r, M.1lJ1.1 Wlwrlv, xecretary. i K s f l V , 2 L , i -x 1 ., +8 ,L " K' I 2 5 46 g 13? " : " T7 All 'vim 1 , .. ,,:'E Afgu I Y 8 K K- 'T"'1B,s.., , Q -- QQ. N: ."' Wa- -1' ' I L ,,, k,,,,... '9' rf .1 Y 3 Q I 4 up 4 Q his V' ,f rt LH ,J St FRESHMAN OFFICERS, TOP: Don Dailey, President, Barry Spence, Vice-president, BELOW: laye Harvard, secretary, Cathy Potts, Treasurer. Wm, ,f 5 Friends share . . . dreams, secrets . . . precious moments! They associate everywhere . . . in the dorm . . . over a meal . . . on quiet strolls around the Campus . . . in the Student Center . . . on the porches . . . at parties . . A 'li fm. , -I . -'J i, 8 fa A if ,J W ' W: " ffm X wf qw fn Q sq J Y bf W H S,:.4.W.b,,1 1 S x - ig -Qi ,fJ" f m f 9 ' 4 fmzbs , F- ' -in -Lasik 41fvw'iw Q- . , Q? A r W. , uw. N. as Q . ia fm H WM 11 is Kiwi-5?943Ww , Q fp if fif P MH ,7'fJ'Q4 M 5 'Z Y 151 ini 32 1 6 S 4- WIP FRIENDSHIP . .. Classes. . . Supporters Indexes. . . Directory 152 Sophomores "Bo then-, baby!" Student relaxes with game ot pool in Student Center, Garner, thfy ever Cover these ditches' Co cc H we It wont fxplozlrl . . Chvrnlstrv studs-nt encounttrs another brrclge cow rung drtchu tor new prepares expr rrrnent In lab. "Oops, . Fumble' Co-mls pr ic NCQ s Powderputf Football 1 IANE ADAMS Dearing MICKEY ANDERSON Macon RONNIE AUSTIN LaGrange RONNIE AVINCER Clinton, SC. BILLY BAGWELL Sylvester DALE BAKER Norman Park WELLBORN M. BALKCOM Blakely WAYNE BALKCOM Blakely ELAINE BANKS Lyons im Mrk? , as ,sw ,, A mls if fr' 235,32 4 nm P L, wg -- .-mm. av- 1 ,.-M e l!-S X K , ,fa ANN BARFIELD Hahira Sophomores is M: Mmm ltr, MIKE BARFIELD MARGARET Lafayette BARKSDALE Qvlvoctor It If CD-H-A. CD-H-B? CD-HAXYZV' - Student has briei memory lapse in recalling box Combination. 1 GEORGE BARLDW Norman Park ea! NELL BATEMAN HIRAM BEARD WAYNE BELL DEBBIE BELL Sylvegrpr Shpllman Sycamore Ellabelle sf IM W Q , la Mya ., NEAL BARRETT Sylvester ANN BENKOSKI Madison Students dine, establish friendships during Dining Hall meals and afterwards IUDY BERKEYPILE BOB BIRCHMORE BARBARA BISHOP IOHN BISHOP ROBERT BISHOP Tifton Athens Attapulgus Fitzgerald Fitzgerald VICKI BODDIFORD SONNY BOND MIKE BORDEN BARRY BOWEN SIAN BOWEN Sylvester Hartwell Miami, Fla, LaGrange Danville K lm DONALD BOYD DIANE BRADFORD DONNA BRADFORD HAL BRADY IAMES BRAMBLETT Nashville Ocilla Lakeland Cairo Sugar Valley CAROLINE BRANNEN ANDREA BRASEL DAVID BRINKLEY IAMES BROCDON PATSY BROOKS Portal Sumngr Thomson Nashville Thomson LEE BROWN LYNN BROWN SARAH BROWN GLENN BRYANT OWEN BRYANT Cherry Log Stilson Tifton Folkston Macon ,iam IDA MARY BURTS Fort Meade, Fla DIANE BURTZ LINDA BUSH IULIE BUTLER Camilla Newton Ashburn BECKY CALHOUN H. D. CANNINGTON Sylvester IR. Tifton OLEANE CARDEN BARBARA CARCJILE GERALD CARPER IACK CARSWELL Danville Ocilla Tilton Waynesboro ,A-L,,' X 45- EDWARD CHAMBLESS SKIPPER CHASON ELLEN CHENEY ANNETTE CLARK Waycross Pelham Millen Portal KEITH CARTER Sycamore 7,, 'R' A I lg 'V ' I R VICKIE CLARK Moultrie L 'ff IEFF CLEMENTS IOHNNY CLIFTON RONNIE CLIFTON CALVIN COLSON SHIRLEY COLSTON Cairo Alley Twin City Valdosta Kite BILL CASEY Cedartown MAXINE CONNER DAVID COOK WAYNE COOK ALBERT COOPER VVYNN COPELAN IAMES COPELAN Ping Vidalia Nashville Hartwell Greensboro Valdosta I ' we ...- EA, I X at RAY CORBETT TOM CORDELL, IR. SAM CRAIG CLARA CRANE DAVID CRLJM LEWIS CUMMINCS Valdosta Tifton Bainbridge College Park Blakely Moultrie I? 4a STANLEY DARNELL WILLIS DAVENPORT Rabun Gap Ellijay Pelham Statesboro "Cool off, boys!" Co-eds dampen "visit" by male students. LEE Del-QACH LINDA DOLES IIMMY DONALDSON SHIRLEY DUBOSE Pgrial Tilton Twin City Vkaycross CLAIRE DAVIS DIANE DEAL RONALD DEAN ASHELY DeLOACH Sophomores "We said, 'Whoa' Back," " ABAC fans protest referees call during basketball game. Soplwomores DIANE DUCGER DAVID DUKES Thomasville lesup ff 'ia , "' li ANN DYKES ROSE DOYLE RANDY DRESSEL ROBERT ECKLES TOMMY EDGE CHARLENE EDWARDS Moultrie Baxley Lake Placid, Fla. Social Circle Tifton Cordele WILLIAM D. ELLIS Warner Robbins IOHNNY EMBERSON "Who said that girls were in the minority at ABACW' Ringgold Coaeds leave joint dorm meeting on regulations for 11 KAY EUBANKS PATRICIA FAIRCLOTH CARY FARMER Camilla Gray Lula 158 A-tif .'A,i ' "' ,-an - QW, f DZ'-.f ' t.e'.'r f.. A women students. A -f fy- A - . I PEGGY FARR IACK FEARS RANDY FERRONE Thomson Hampton Moultrie .f 'Pi' LILA FLOVVERS GERALD FLOYD LYNN FORBES CHARLES EORDHAM WAYNE FORDHAM IESSE FOSHEE Sylvester Gedartown Tifton Tifton Dudley Vienna 1 is in 'f'-M, an A K , ,sh REGENIA FOUNTAIN LAMAR FOVVLER RODDY FRANZ Mt. Vernon Carnpobello, SC. lacksonville, Fla. ROBERT GASKINS Nashville RANDY GIBBS Moultrie .""'- fs MARII GOFF St. Marys SANDRA GOLDEN Albany lite: -' ALEX GREEN IIMMY GREENE Valdosta Manassas ft. ,g-.A f ,Q ,Q ...- x 6 MARVIN GIDDENS Pearson 'IF'-y RUDY FUGLAAR NEAL GANZEL MARTHA IO GARRARD Atlanta Iacksonville, Fla. Washington E' ef Eiga. I I ,ve A LSL tw fi-'55 Ei DVVAYNE GILBERT HAROLD GILLESPIE KATHY GOFF Pearson Carnesville Sylvester BRUCE GORDON Warner-Robins ROGER GRIFFIN Tifton 1:,1.,Q1 "The living end."' Drama student works late preparing props for "Inherit the Wind" produc tion. 159 .affix STEVE GRIFEITH Eatuntori NN ILLIAM CLUTHRIE Nichols - K f'Prc1tectirJn against detection" AII-important ABAC car xlicker is prorninentiy displayed on student automobile windshield. K S x Sophornores BOB HARRELL Tifton HF 'K 'vi' 'ww +- DEVAUGHN I. HARRIS IONATHAN HARRIS MIKE HARRISON TED HAYS Tifton Imnp Thcmrnson College Park JL . gut JAMES GRITNER LESLIE CROON ER Nashville Glennville --':' ' 4 ' . V , ,,,' Q I I "I ' . I --.. 'll' . I eeee A y I EIII I . I FRANK HALPIN ALEX HARDY Bogart Eastman R .. k vin 5 Tw M , t'L"' BRANTLEY HARRELL DANNY HARRELL Bainbridge Bainbridge fm Q AI. HEATH Soperton ROSALIND HEETH MARTHA HENDERSON RICHARD HENDERSON THOMAS HENDERSON ARCHIE HENDLEY Atlanta Ocilla Covington Chickarnauga NasIiviIIe .ni YW: IIM HENDRY HENRY HENLEY BILL HERRING IOYCE HIGHSMITH DWAIN HOBBS DURLEYANN HOGAN Washington Warner-Robins Valdosta Thomasville Cordele Stuart, Fla. .. M it - I BARBARA HOGAN WILLIAM T. HODGES EDDIE HOLBROOKS CLARK HOLCOMBE GARY HOLLEY HUMBERTO Fitzgerald Americus Demorest Ty Ty Macon HONTANEZ Colombia, S. A. of if IO ANN HORN IOHN B. HORTON PAUL HOWARD IOEL HLJDGINS ARTHUR HUDSON DIANNE HUDSON Tifton Lumpkin Decatur Leary Ocilla Ocilla ilk A Yi' JOHN HUMBER NAPOLEON HURTADO IOHN HUSSEY Georgetown Bolivia Tampa, Fla. san The ten "best dressed" men on campus attend cage PAUL IRWIN EDMUND IACKSON STEWART IACKSON contest in Gresette Gymnasium. 5mY"na V'9nna B3VW'Cl4 Sophomores "lt's just not the same with Coke!" Students take break from studying. DENNIS JAMES JOHN JARRELL JIM JEFFERSON SALLY JENNINGS Sylvester Butler Zephr Hills, Fla. Dawson EMORY JOHNSON IERRY JOHNSON Oconee La Grange ,N -an MARTHA D. IONHSON Colquitt CAROL JONES Tifton LYNN JONES DON JORDAN PLEASANT IOWERS RICHARD KEENE BESS KENDRICK IAMES KICKLIGHTER Portal Tifton Ocilla Lakeland Conyers Glennville Q iii' ? " if K .. 4 Q A 3 R Pg. 'x J- KIM KILLINGSWORTH ANNE KIMBEI-L JAMES KIMSEY JARVIS KING CHRIS KIMSEY JOHNNY KIRKLAND Athens Macon Hiawassee Alley Lake Park Columbus we EDDIE KIRKSEY FRED LABYER JOANN LANIER LINDA LASTINGER TED LAVENDER SANDI LEE DIAWSOU Clewiston, Fla. Portal Barwick Macon Statesboro M x rw . i 1 T A T L'-f V I iff' 5 ,gi- In I JAMES L. LEWIS LINDA C. LINDSEY Savannah Tifton CHAPPELL LONG DARYL LONG Smithville Bainbridge 'YL GAIL I-OCKLEY BOBBY LUKE "lust three more minutes." LYOFIS ValdOSl8 Co-ed waits for clothes to wash in campus laundry. was gl ,E A 4 KATHY LYLE MARK MADDOX LARRY MADDOX PATRICIA MALLORY SAM MANNING GAIL MARCHANT Springvale Ochlochnee Auburn Cartersville Buford Ty Tv TERRY MARCHANT CHRIS MARSH BRENDA MARSHALL CARL MARTIN LEMAR MARTIN IAN MARTIN Thomasville Statesboro Macon Fitzgerald Brunswick Bainbridge T are W' 0- ra IIMMY MASSEY DIANE MATHIS IOHN MATHIS Thomasville Lakeland Cordele IU? ' MAGMCGEE LARRY MCLEOD Anderson, S.C. HARRY MILLS Fernandina Beach, Fla. OTIS MILLER Sylvester GALE MOBLEY Hinesbille GAYLE MOORE Nashville PAM MOORE Perry ROY MORRIS Madison Glennville 5. Q L .V ax S gs? IOE MCLENDON Social Circle ur-M ar R, ? ,QQ 12 aiia r e' ,W fn 4'9- QQ ws- x in rf TIM MATTHEWS Preston IOHN MCCALL NEAL MCDANIEL Rochelle Atlanta LANE MELLON IULIAN MERCHANT DALE MITCHELL Smyrna Willacoochee Cordele "Don't try to 'sweet talk' us . . Cheerleader sells refreshments to faculty members. Co-eds experience the difficulties of housekeeping in dorm. gal' . ,ssaifwgfi - me wwe s- :Ms ng: . .erik- 1, lm i ,P 5 A 3 ,... f 1 ya, 3 5-. rv fix S ,- FU' 165 TIM MORRIS Willacoochee WAYNE MOSLEY Reidsville MICHAEL MOYE Tifton IACK MULLIFORD Newton IIMMY MURPHY Moultrie SANDIE NICHOLSON Tifton PHILL NORMAN Lincolnton TOMMY NORRIS St. Marys MAUREEN O'HARA Cairo KERRY O'QUlNN le-sup LYNN OVERSTREET Bristol SANDRA PALMER Sylvester RICARDO I. PAREDES Panama CHARLES PARRAMOR Camilla IULIAN FRANK PATTON Atlanta LEROY PEARMAN Chula IOE PENN Camilla IOEL PETERS Valdosta IEFF PETERSON Marshallville DON PlTTS Cordele LINDA PITTS Dorun MRS. MAUREEN PITTS Ashburn IOHN F, POKOROKI Macon LAKEETA POSTELL Adel il lv. "This is life at ABAC, boys . . Students enjoy a TV date in vvomen's dorm living room. DAN NY POWELL Cobbtown WENDELL POWELL Nashville GARY POWERS LARRY PRESLEY IOE PRICE KENNA PRICE TERRY PRICE IAN PURVIS Vienna Maysville McDonough West Palm Beach, Fla Macon Ocilla AMY RAMSEY PATRICIA RANSOM JANICE RAWLINS HANK RAY Morrow Unadilla lacksonville, Fla. Thomasville GROVER REEVES DONALD REHBERG SIDNEY REIBER ROBERT REID Moultrie Thomasville Tifton Leesburgh "A little help goes a long way" Co-ed gets a helping hand in moving into the dorm. , , BUCK RICHARDSON FRANK RILEY DANN ROGERS EUGENE ROOKS IOHN ROOKS BRENDA ROWE Atlanta Butler Gainesville, Fla. Inverness, Fla, Newton Tifton BEVERLY ROYSDEN WAYNE SAMS TOM SAPPINGTON BARBARA SAWYER LYNN SCARBROUGH CHARLES SCOTT Tifton Newborn Thomaston Sylvester College Park Americus IERRY SCOTT WILLIAM SCOTT BILL SECKINGER MITUAKI SHTIGUENO SUSAN SIMS BOBBY SLADE Guyton Cordele Savannah Brazil Moultrie College Park Sophomores IOE SMALLWOOD BILL SMITH CHRIS SMITH Bainbridge Savannah Quincy, Fla. MELINDA SMITH CAROL SOUTHERLAND MIKE SPEARS Tifton Tifton Marietta Sophomores "Sharing choice knowledge . . Library offers students a means for study "You do it my way . . . or l'll break your other ankle." Limping and research. co-ed greeted on campus by male admirer. STUART SPENCER IAMES L. STABLER IAMES M. STARR Miami, Fla. Bainbridge Morrow 'ff 1. T ' fb 2 s SEAN STEVENSON BO STEWART DOYLE STEWART La Ceiba, Honduras Macon Macon RICHARD STALVEY NEAL STAVELY TOMMY STEPHENS Hahira Cocoa, Fla. Q vu LARRY STONE ANNE SUBER Tifton Quincy, Fla. Cordele ,Rfb Q , . A ' .A .E J if gr HELEN SWANN Washington af - Yu.-..., HMMY SWORDS BOBBY SZORADY KATHY TALLEY WAYNE TALTON I. L, TAYLOR RODNEY TAYLOR Tifton St. Louis, Mo, Blue Ridge Perry Quitman Moultrie l l s l ' 1. we vw ea ,Y gf, Q '1 1 'I 'Q W' 42 1' V 15, '2 ff- A Y gi. 9, -.11 fi 1 ,I 5 i Q , RUCKER TAYLOR BILL THOMAS Richland L KE, xr, eisw v, l rx 'W L rs KAY TILLMAN Moultrie QL QONNA TUCKER Ocilla Albany DANNY THOMPSON Tilton LOE ERBY THOMPSON KAY THORNHILL DANNY THORNTON Pahokee, Fla. Tilton Screven IERRY TIMMONS IUNE TIMMONS ALEX TOOTLE BECKY TUCKER CAROL TUCKER Leary Leary Glenhvulle- Statesboro Tilton LARRY TUCKER Columbus Mile OSCAR UGARTE lOHN USSERY, IR, Salvador Z N- ng BECKY VERNER Watkinsville LaGrange IOHN VICRERS Cheerleader makes get-away during half-time at basketball game. Thomasville MARTHA WALKER Georgetown MARY WALTON Colquitt ANDREW WARREN Sylvester LAVETA WATERS Blue Ridge KENNETH I. WELDON Tifton LYNETTE WELLS Atlanta WAYNE WEST Vienna IOHNNY WHIDDEN Nashville MARGARET WHIDDON Tifton MARSHA WHITE Bainbridge DONALD WILDER Moultrie MAC WILDER Tifton IIMMY WILDES Sylvester DAVID WILKINSON Hahira CHARLES WILLIAMS Cordele IAMIE WILLIAMS Montezuma MARVIN WILLINGHAM Hogansville CAROLYN WILLIS Norman Park HOMER WILLIS Blakely IIMMY WILLIS Tifton 0 K ,- mf Im In -ir.. X "Buddies three are wel" Students strike ready pose for ABAC Cameraman. Sophomores , fv- "Will his class ever end?" Coed waits RUTH WILLIS VERNON WILLIS DON WILSON HUBERT WOOD outside New Class room Building, Tifton "What . . me worry?" Two friends have difference of opinion during Conversation. Tiflon Commerce Ty Ty 'K is . O 'T Y If" "I know , , . Other plans," Dissappointment shows as student Calls for a date, 1595! f V :-:: ,U ' "I f i 355 DEMPSEY WRIGHT Dublin KATHY WYATT Dublin LOMA YOUNG Bainbridge Freshmen "Whew. . . What a day!" Registration is confusing and exhausting for students and faculty! ya 1 s x .4 I ir 5 "I'II mail it to you!" Co-ed and mother discover item which has been left at home, ALLEN ADAMS Augusta svewiyiiw 7 jf:- 5 -,,.w 4 at 8 "" gn y 2, P. MQ? M y tr, .. ar, 3 .. Y' as LAURA ADAMS Derring ,,,.,,...,,,fa-m,g 'V-"LW ., ,QR magna-w K -awk was V K L. f " Q -in ,aww ,. - I N 5 .V . N w..w.MgW,V-w 31 U -1 ,M A 'rein-aq,pp....L.,, 1 K Even at ABAC, one needs to be a friend with himself. -L 4? 'FW' J LEE ADAMS KAREN AKIN Ft. Pierce, Fla, Ashburn 'fl feel goodf' RODNEY ALEXANDER RICKIE ALL Expression of happiness exhibited by dancing co-ed. Franklin Fairfax K my 15 N V 7 1-...M 1 ,IAQ K . A OTIS ALLEN ROBERT L. ALLEN ROBERT M. ALLEN CLAUDIA ALTMAN CHERRY ANDERSON KEITH ARNOLD Swainsboro Atlanta Lalta, S. C. McRae Collins Miami, Fla. ri QD t Q gg? Q WM vi my N We ij I I 'Ti ' 'rw' ' , V ijfj l , giwi 'ft VICKI ARNOLD DAVID ARRINGTON RONNIE ARTHUR MATH ATES ANDREW AVERY, IR. EDWARD AYCOCK Lexington Hogansville Ashburn Tifton Bainbridge Lincolnton , i Ylil T o .:., i Q :hhk 2 -..,,. V. if . Q, kLlVVhl . 1 , Eh V W' J V :,. A , Vw , gl C I C 5 " '," 5 f . 's aisi B' A C ,I 'ififixi '-i' i'iiiv 1: :. , -irtii Tfi -V , l -if1' I ' i i ' x i -i'-1 vw BELINDA BANKS RENE AZAR IEEE BABB MAURICE BACON BRUCE BALDWIN IOEY BALTES Pelham Moultrie Mountain View jacksonville, Fla. Warner Robins Ocilla rf-if CYNTHIA BAKER IAMES BARNES IUDY BARWICK BEVERLY BARR Adel Byron Boston Tifton ag? Qtr' "You made an F in Clee Club too!" PAULETTE BAZEMOR GARY BEDGOOD LYNDA BEGGS LYNN BENNETT The nutnotous Side of the C1355 Garden City Harrison Tifton Adel toorn gnnd is noted in Student Center. LARRY BENTON HUBERT BICKLEY ANDREAS BILL BIGGERS QUINTON BLAIR DEBBIE BLANTON Thomasville Talbotton BIETENHOLZ Cordele Barney Tifton Quincy, Fla. ,gf I P oyoi ww I ,W ff T 5- ,f ft A. llzi ELAINE BLEDSOE GARY BLOUNT IOEY BOATWRIGHT GEORGE D, GAYLE BONE HENRY BOYNETTE Ocilla Wrightsville Alma BODDIFORD Powder Springs Tifton Sylvania rx IQ. ROMAINE IOHN BRADLEY RANDY BRAGC LORRAINE BANCH TIM BRANCH BECKY BRANNEN BRADFORD Annandale, Va, Springfield Tifton Tifton Perry, Fla, Brooklet ,Q--f 1- I-any if w,,.gu1-'H'-MW 'M' "Wouldja get a load of that."' Magazines sometimes offer more delight than textbooks. Freshmen at C55 if ga Ms. 'Sv- 5 All TERESSA BRANTLEY Waycross KENNY BREEDLOVE Roberta IEANNIE BRIETLOW Athens IANICE BREWER Tifton IOEL BRIDGES Sylvester CHARLES BRONSON Kissimmee, Fla. BEVERLY BROOKS Arlington RUSSELL BROOKS Commerce AMORY BROWN Dawson CATHY BROWN Warner Robins BENNY R. BULLARD Doerun JOHNNY BULLINGTON Cordele DENNIS BURGESS LaGrange ALVIN BURKE Waynesboro BOB BUTLER Okeechobee, Fla. DORIS BUTLER Chauncey MILLIE CALLAHAN Folkstori BEN CALLAWAY Ringgold F ,. Co-eds sign out of the dormitory for evening. PAUL CAMPBELL KATHY CAPPS Charleston, S.C. Waycross "" A K 2 i , 'vc X2 ,H at sw. -.:- ,,--:.- , , ,,.. Q ANNETTE CARSON BONNIE CARTER ARTHUR CHADWELL IIMMY CHAMBERS DEBBIE CHANCEY Tifton Lakeland Zephyr Hills, Fla. Sandersville Winder A ,mf 9 '- Y 9 i f .tw qu... .guy 1 REX CHILDS BILL COBB RANDY COLEMAN CONNIE COLLINS IIMMY COLLINS Statesboro Camilla Tifton Newton Iesup 451 an fl L, O. LEE CAREY f Royston 'ii Y fs. 5 JENNIFER CHEELY Winder rw- 'T A LEROY COLLINS Meigs Qi .,,- 'Q :I A . ww- : . A M' ffl ittl A A .1 ROGER COLLINS DIANE CONE IUDY CONE CAROL CONLEY DONNIE CONNELL CATHY COOK Whigham Pavo Soperton Tifton Williamson Pelham FAYE COOK ALAN CORBITT CURTIS M. CORBITT STEVE CORBITT FRANKIE COTTLE RANDY COVINGTGL- Ashburn Sycamore Pearson Pearson TyTy Camilla BRENDA COWART LARRY COX DENNIS CLARKE Collins Bowdon Uvalda Freshmen Cordele Quincy, Fla. Whigham CRAWLEY GAIL CROOK GARY CROOK Norman Park Senoia Montezuma '-INNY CROSBY JOHN CRUMBLEY Baxley Claxton DON DAILY Waynesboro ARLENE DANIEL GAIL DARBY ION DARBY Madison Thomasville Hahira ANA CLARK ROBERT CLARK SONYA CLAYTON ERNA CLEMENS BOB CLEMONS IACK DARLEY IEFF CLEMONS Sylvester High Springs, Fla. Pelham Okeechobee Fla 2 "Food is more fun with friends!" Students head for dining hall at suppertime. CYNTHIA DASHER Glennville IIMMY DASHER Ludovvici IANET DAVIS Soperton LENNA DAVIS Atlanta GENE DAY Toomsboro VVAYLON DAY Fitzgerald BENNY DEAL Baxley BRENDA DEAL Statesboro ROSCOFF DEAL Savannah ED DEANE Warner Robins IULIAN DEATON VVheeIrigI'1t,Ky. SUSAN DECKER Tifton DARRELL DENHAM Tifton MA RTY DESFORGES Augusta IIMMY DESSELLE Moultrie PAM De-VANE Macon EVETTE DICKERSON Pembroke IRA DICKERSON Savannah BOBBY DOTSON Tifton LIBBY DRESSEL Lake Placid, Fla. Due to lack of Interest tomorrow has been canceled," Glee Club sings at campus Christmas tree lighting program. Freshmen I . I I sgfsitgsag ' ' ...aa GREG DREXLER IANICE DUCKWORTH AMELIA DUKE HAROLD DUNAWAY WILLIE DURRANCE IOHN DYAR Tifton Tifton Attapulgus Unadilla Glennville Greenes f' 'ii 'gr ,R ' ' ' , I is ' I I W -N If .A 5 GAYLE EDMOND5 WILSON EDWARDS NANCY EIDSON MARY ANNE ELLIS BILL ELPHINGSTONE BILL ESTES Thomson Atlanta Atlanta Griffin East Point Winnesboro, SC LANE ETHELL IEFF EVERSON CARL FAIN CHARLENE FALLIN BILL FARRIS IAMES A. FENNELL Leesburg Edison Cairo Thomaston Thomasville Baxley -'Vu LINDA FINLEY STEVE FLOYD IOHN FLYTHE PAM FOLSOM DONALD FOUNTAIN IAMES FOXWORTH Tifton Forsyth Valdosta Barney Dublin Nashville pr WAYNE FULLBRIGHT BILLY FULLER SPENCER EUS-SELL LINDA GAINES BILL CANDY ED C-ARREIT Thomson Lincolnton McRae Tifton Valdobta Monroe "1"-.5 DANNY GATTIS PENNY GAULTNEY LINDA GIBBS TOMMY QIBBS IOHNNY GIBSON CARY GILPATRICK Ellabille Roberta Tifton Moultrle Waycross East Point ff Er 'h'n', ' gag, .st ' iw 'v - 44,5 ,, D, at .J DORIS GLOVER MARY ALICE GOBER MICHAEL GOBLE PEGGY GODING COY GOEE STEVE GOLDEN Albany Clevviston, Fla. Macon Apopka, Fla. Tifton Sylvester Freshmen M ,491 ,. +. A , Eif V bf,.,+Awl 7 ,,mfis,?,4 A '.u.W'Qfg. ' I Q ' 2 'P' "We came . , , we saw. , . we conquered." Co-eds depart from Student Center ZS y A 1 -, 'fa ' . ' C- YW A -Life: L 12: , v' mg ' I will 1 M A ruuyyu I. I L ZA sa ' MARGIE GOOD WATSON CJR,-XYIDON IYYNWUUD GREENE Fiflrm Tifmn MONFY GRIFFIN RICKY GRIFFIN Barmky B1-rlin gm WAYNE FREEMAN MARYNELLE FRESH IAMIE CRINER Tlflum Iiltom L I k W-ff CHARLES CRIST Sylvania Dillard 1 'Q gf' 'IE Y CEJLEMAN HADIJEN LARRY HADDEN MVIIQF Gibson EDWARD CROSS ELAINE GLJILLEBEAU BRUCE CUNN il' Moultriv SOL GRIFFIN Ashburn HSFIIIN' your xhoc-s, comb your hair . . Ndghvgllp Studvnt gms rr-ady tor spc-tial dale. X sf Ei-f 5 F ,ff Ilmolrwturw Sylvvstvr rn. V "CMH . . . you have bmutiful 1-yes." Students say "goodnight" in front of worm-n's dorm. CHARLES HALL IAMES D. HALL La Grange- Douglasvillv 181 I - I RONALD HALSTEAD TRUDY HALL DARRELL HAMAN Centerville Wavcross f- I-. I ll egg LYNN HARDWICK MRS. H. B, HARMON Tifton El Dorado, Kan, Tifton f :Ig if L, . HI, DONNA HARPE Edison Freshmen 3 K a Wi " ta , A vu... 9' DALE HAMBRICK RONNIE HAMM STEVE HAMMOND DANNY HAMPTON Little Silver, N.l. Norman Park Blakely Irvvinville 'ibn SHERRELL HARRELL DOYLE HARRIS IAMES HARRIS LINDA HARRIS Hartsfield lesup Nahunta RODQYIG ina fi X 5 . sfvif A vzl n BUDDY HARRISON IUDY HARRISON CECILIA HARROD Blackshear Camilla Norman Park TOMMY HART RONALD HARTLEY IAYE HARVARD La Grange Lexington, NC, Macon I "lt's almost that time again." Dining hall servers get ready for students' arrival. "Whats HER name?'f Election Committee members meet a lot of people. SUSAN HATCHER PAULA HAYES TED HAYES IOHNNY HEATH DAVE HENDERSON SHELDON Bainbridge Tifton Baconton Dawson Ashville, NC. HENDENSON Blairsville DANNY HENSON RALEIGH HENRY TOM HELTON EUNICE HESTER Canton jackson Sandersville Whigham IOHN HIGGINS IAMES HIGGS GARY HINDS IOHN HINDS Thomasville Ridgeviller SVC- Selma, Ala. Lewburg Student leaders load busses for leadership retreat fs, f u,.px':5,,-:fm ",:a1n-fm-- .,.. Lrg iw Mfreiafi Y A 8 iw 12? I H2 A 13 an is r Safari a A F' s I 11: , . 1 KATHRYN Homes BETTY Hooors CURRY HOGAN PHILLIP HOGAN JAMES HOLCOMB WARREN HOLDER Ocilla Claxton Lincolnton lUDlf9V, Fla- AUWGUS L0CU5t Grove S 7 unb .B ' 'I ' -I 1 , er ' f i A V t al yt 'R H Q- .':' . -.3 -1 Xl 1' A L- i i j,1',Fr V : ' A I Vkh, Q: , A ' V" A BILLY HOLLAND MERRY HOLLAND SUSAN HOLTON IULIAN HOOD LINDA HOOD CAROL HOPKINS Glennville Albany Camilla Tifton Bradenton, Fla. Fitzgerald 183 ROBERT HOPKINS O HUMPHREY MARION HULSEY REGINALD HUDSO CARTER HUDSON SAMMY HOWELL Thomasville Martin Portal Sylvester McDonough Ocilla . '5 igl. ' x az- -sr ,rfr GAY ISRAEL DAVID HOWELL SHERI HOWARD RUSSELL HOWARD ALAN INGRAM CARL IRELAND Barwick Dawson St. Mary's Iron City Ashburn Dawgon A , as - x T fn x ,, .-w Y, . 55 I iw., I 323 Eff V 4? if ' fn fm Rlfl SUSAN IACKSON TOM IACKSON MIKE IAMES GEORGE IARRIEL BYRON IETTERS SHARON IEFFERSON Tifton Edison jacksonville, Fla. Collins TERRELL IENKINS ROBERT IETER LARRY OHNS Y HNS , I PEGG IO 5YIVaf"a Cordele Nahunta Chattahoochee, Fla. Freshmen 184 Lyons Zephyr Hills, Fla. "I wish she'd hurry, it's 10:30 already! Students study together in dormitory. YT" I "Now how did Mother do this?" Home economics major experiences problems on project. "You've been waiting HOW long?" Student waits for appointment with counselor. Af-- MIKE JOHNSON Decatur SUSAN IGNES Clayton, Ala, 6 ffw 11, int 33 GAIL KELLEY Dearing WAYN E KELLY Statesboro F1 ,z k,VV, I yy , j vb. i A DEBRA KICKLICHTER Glennville II A Sp 'tt PETE IOHNSON Cuthbert 'li .iti A :-: Ss",f TIM IONES Cedartown KATHY KELLEY Dearing BETTY KETTLEWELL Boston 2 ' I CHARLOTTE KING Tifton EMORY IONES Cleveland BUDDY KELLY McDonough W E '35-. . ,f?,tw SUZETTE KELLY Decatur PERRY KEY Tifton . ' 1 DEBBIE KNIGHT Orlando, Fla, FREDDY KRUGER Columbus BRYSON LANGFORD Nahunta ROY LASSETER Ocilla MRS. LAVELLA D. FITZGERALD Tifton GLENDA LAW Ocilla SUE LAWSON Marven GEORGE LEE Waycross GLEN LEE Nahunta SUE LeMAY Cedartown ALBERT LEWIS Wheelwright, Ky. BILL LEWIS Thomasville IOHNNY LINDSEY Tifton BRENDA LONG Bainbridge GERALD W. LONG Bainbridge RANDALL LOTT Omega aww- all ' 'T' -rw i f r. I V, . df' ag? 4 76. Freshmen "Benton! We'lI have no more non5ense!'f Lona Young "commands" Vespers meeting. 186 "l'm so glad you offered to clean up my room!" Dorm neighbors exchange the day's experiences IPM CHARLIE LOVERING TOMMY LUCAS MITCHELL LUCKIE MARGUERITE GAYLE LUNCEFORD IOHN LYNN Blakely Hampton Moultrie LUMPKIN Washington Waycross Ashburn We CAROL MAKE SUE MANNINC PIERRE MARC CAROL MARCHANT PATTY MARCHANT GREGG MARTIN Boynton Beach, Fla, Funston Haiti Sumner Tifton Maggie Valley, N.C. .I g in THOMAS MASON NANCY MASSENCALE IOHN MASSEY BILLY MATTOX STEVE MAXWELL IAMES MCAFEE Perry Senoia Sylvester Blackshear Bainbridge Wrightsville 2'15zffxf:2q1.- i,,.,., i I-JW f2f3z T' fl' ? :':':a'i' ff' 1 2 5 1 a 3, 1 is I 5 4. 5' 'il 'f 5 Agi a,"-:aj , lx? sis? 1- ew ta A 1 CHARLEY MCAULEY DANNY MCCLELLAN LINDA MCCLURE IANICE MCCORKLE Savannah Ft. Meade, Fla. Pompano Beach, Fla. Blakely . 49 f , if -. -I IOYCE MCELVEEN SHARON MCELVEEN SlMMY MCKEOWN VIRCIL MCINTYRE Brooklet Stilson York, SC. Irwinville 187 Im L, 'I slw swf-f-IW' K'I'IfHl1IUI,NIliIII1II'0fjl,l'IS spa-1 ml dtlmwlum, IANL MILLI R PAUL Mll LER SAM MILLLR Wmdpr Nl. Mmm: Ii1u1cI1,II.1, Mugs Freshmen 5 .:. ii, . 4 x ff V . rw' J 5,11-gg, I E535 T 2 I Ii-.v.3a.gaE1-55 I . f fi s g ifilfsi' A N IX IAN Mr INYALI XVII I IAM M4 MATH KFNNY JN1i.NIII I 'XIX Allmny Ihxwwn Irttcm q , if Q 6 IXJYIL,NIIIlIJfR'w ROY ,NIIRCIR GARY NIII3IxIIF SyIvm'slc'r Iilakvly Wlirrwr Ruhlns .l ARIIVNI, MIIILR BARBARA MILLER CRIC MILIIR IiLwl1.1 Vista Cairo Bmoklet . ,-sa.. I If' ' CHARLES MOBLEY WAI TER MOODY LARRY MOORE Ocnlld bavarmvmh Harlem 188 MARVVARD MORGAN RELAND MORGAN SANDY MORRIS Fcmlkstcm SprmglIc'IrI LItIwi.1SprIng.1w ig f ' ?gsuMvg1f5"iYw . 4 Qisfflisfw ' ' ' - May, V . , 3352351 52,55 V "' I f -' - ,f I A .fi Qing? 341 - '.?fi:3SEf':. . 5' ,S-'lg' .'fIjl':..2 --Z-,fibre-.2 V ,Lg is - g+Z.s95:2isQJ- , -jfg"zwg,sr Q-an Z-isa-me -, ,, L 'elite-I, :mir mg . '- Hiliif 1 L. L.: 'E l' , nm H if ,. , ,gg .i , K, ,,. S A 1 Qi gi Q sv I L. .JL -,r:1q7m1,-,ii K Ifxfia if I 4 S ,- -:wx " ef S PEL ' 01 S SI ii? If 3 r 5 K :Z A, as 51, X 6 rm- , -A T445 -- fi- Sij uf ' ,S W QM 33122 L I is iq if uh aa? if I if as ,d-1 'Qi I ig 5 if I I EEE' A I. CARY MURPHY Thomasville .pw vw LOUIS NEVVSOME Harlem BARBARA O'HARA Cairo + I,fz I he ' LW" IACKIE PALMER Newton I SHARON MURPHY MARY IO MURROW Cairo STEVE NIX Cordele , -' N 'H Q 5 KEITH O'MARY Leesburg NANCY PARHAM Ashburn Farmington I I PATRICIA MUSCIROVE Climax MARIE NOLAN KAY ODOM Tifton Ashburn DIANE NELSON WILLIAM NELSON Cairo Marietta FLOYD OCDEN VERNON OGLETREE Ft. Valley Augusta 'Qu AL O'QUINN DAVID OVVEN DARRELL OVVENS HENRY PADGETT Waycross McDonough Payo Baxley Q If ' YICL , I, MICHAEL PARTEN LINDA PATTERSON TIMOTHY PAULK ELTON PEARMAN Moultrie Omega Tiftnn Chula CONNIE PEAVY MERLE PEDDY DONNA Vienna Dawson PENDERGRAF Waycross 11 I I we "Patirince prevails" I I Portion of campus orcupiecl by corwtruction. 'L 'Uv ' 'Qu--f' RANDY PEPPERS BOBBY PERKINS DANA PERKINS RODNEY PETTY CAROLYN PHILLIPS IOHN PHILLIPS Bostvvifk Whigham VVinder Atlanta Thomson Tifton 'KJ' if 4, ' 4 A DAVID PIKE IOANNE PIPPIN CAROLYN PITTMAN LYNN PITT5 BEN POOLE CHARLES POOLE La Grange Tifton Lyons Pitts Decatur Sylvester an I I E gg g EI Q: N it , I I ,. ' ffl 'lf ' IEEE I .1- 5 'T' PHIL PORTER CATHY POTTS ROSE POTTS BEVERLY POOL, IR. IANETTE POWELL BENNIS POVVELL Cray Conyers Tifton 'lennille Stateslmoro Pelham Y? '-:F ' 1 ROYCE PRESLEY MIKE PREVATT MIKE PREVOST CYNDIE PLJRSLEY WAYNE QUARLES TERRY QUEEN Pavo jacksonville, Ela. Georgetown Griffin Fairfax, Va. Blairsville Freshmen "And then he said . . I ABACs boys rate serious discussion everywhere. "This isn't a Villager, either!" Closet space is limited in Crowded dorms. "This issue's gonna be a blast' Stallion editor Neal Ganzel shows happiness of meeting another deadline. X W - ' ii-- Q" wamwj v H S' .- i fax ,Q JJ ,H+ are , it ' . . .. T "' t 5 4? iam, ,wg f, 'Wi sinf- ANN RABUN Thomson NANCY RACKLEY Camilla A. I. RADFORD Quitman SUSAN RADFORD Quitman MAIDA RAGAN Perry IOAN REAVES Ouitman IEAN REESE Macon IOE REHBERG Thomasville JOHN REICHERT Boston ARNOLD REYNOLDS Atlanta CAROLYN RHUDY Tlfton IIMMY RICH Collins DANNY RICHARDSON Columbus CARRY RICHARDSON Columbus DAVID RIDCEWAY jackson DONNA RICDON Tifton SID RICGINS Waycross ANN RIGSBY Camilla TOMMY ROBERSON Trion BOB ROBERSON Ochlocknee '52 kk . "' I SEQ 4 I ' ,. at , ,V '-" , I ,.,'. I ' ,, wk E V I V 2 2 P2 my IW Q 2 wa M 2,51 at P I seat xl srgiy . M7253 . ., +::,,5,, P DOYLE ROBERTS IUDY ROBERTS KENNETH ROBERTS LINDA ROBERTS Donaldsonville Portal Blacksburg, S.C. Omega is is W A. , I T ,.,:, . AVGN I yr k -,v A K ,Q ff ' A . . I1 . I - T f I ' 4 W an Y .V F , -,tri tu, : - . ff . ' wfa. 3gz,fee-is - f . sq ty . , at . 'S Y "M0fhef gem them E E LYNWOOD ROBERTS DAVID ROBERTSON IULIE ROBINSON GAIL ROGERS Roommates partake of fruit in dorm. Gray Hinesville Sardia Glennville JOHN ROGERS LARRY ROGERS RICHARD ROGERS Afabl Macon Fitzgerald fb- W 1 1,' K SHEILA ROGERS HANS ROMER LAURIE ROWE McRae Denmark Tifton ,ma .r,-' E I -I I ' -..' 'rV, 'S ' "Decisions, decisions!" I DIANNA ROWLAND IOHNNY RUCKER BETTY SANDERS Student makes selection at drinkbox. Fernandina McDonough Cordele 192 Beach, Fla. sa Freshmen "A toast in order." Short orders are available in Student Center. , ..E?EiiiSii?iIsEI33 vt - if fili- , ,fwasms iii? rrr- ff' 'Q 4' V-.- QE A it . ' N I1 ,.-'k - n r rerrr I st tv i A IUDY SANDERS KENNY SANDERS FRANK SANDIFER DIANE SANDIFER GLENDA RHETT SENN Lakeland Donaldsville York, S.C. BFOOkfI6ld SCAREIAOEOUGH Smyrna c ae A W liigila Q TI E ,lz Q- I I I I T Z V i . AL SHANKLIN LINDA SHELLEY GLENN SHIRLEY KRISTA SHIVER SANDY SIBBET LINDA SIMPSON Sylvester Pavo Bainbridge Camilla Tifton Valdosta C w- si -,gmem . - tfwiiff . Sglzfx 1 ' We .. ' iii:-' Q X J - ' . :- Tb-i an 4 , , ,V ffl ' , , 715i:!eff1asg'f ' ' ROBERT SLENKER CHARLOTTE SMITH KAREN SMITH GEORGE SMITH IOE SMITH IIMMY SMITH Cordele Sylvester Atlanta Atlanta Columbus Waycross fir fl tw , . -- P53 I 3 nr 3 ' I :if LILLIAN SMITH PATTI SMITH TIM SMITH SANDRA SMITH SIM SMITH Warner Robins Douglas McRae Cordele Madison, Fla. fs - 1 THOMAS SMITH LINDA SNYDER KEITH SOCKVVELL BARRY SPENCE IOAN SPENCER Griffin Hialeah, Fla. East Point Richmond Hill Cartersville ,-., "- fl L. nf- M ,Q , ,E , J 'A +-I , 'E niii RICK STECALL IOYCE STEPHENS KEN STEPENS Thomasville Cordele Cobbtown 5 .. A rr ' T I., f I .v-r "Are yOu SURE it'5 in this book?" HARLEY STEWART TRACY STILES MIKE STOWE Co-ed helps friend Study in library. Sharkgburg Morygglownl NAI, Warrenttmn V? Y avi 6- ' I I - J" " Q, L x ROBERT STRICKLAND DOTTIE STRIPLING IOHNNY SUMNER Luella Bradenton Sylvester 1 ii' 'I ,,. if I IOHN SUTTON Sylvester Wi. TERRELL SMITH Tifton ANDY STANTON Social Circ le 59 M-. In Mm 1 I Q1 27" ' WEBSTER STEVENS Willacooc-nee SON NY STRANGE Tifton REATHA SWAIN ROBERT SLJBER Pitts Greensboro, Fla. "l've already seen this movie." Even movie re-runs will heal cramming for a test. '5- NANCY TANNER IAMES TATE IERRY TATLJM Norman Park Hazelhurst Alma , Q F Y if " 4 'fl Q 5 iiee uf-1 -'.- . ' , . ,, W g i ' Some nights you Can!! get to hed! Student seems puzzled over the condition ol his room. A Freshmen DAVlD TAYLOR IOANNA TAYLOR SHARON TAYLOR Nifholls Lenox Brooklet f '-" x " i?fs,- W, tl I --5115 9 AF-My ' 5: 1 L, ,llu rr .L .. g an T T T QL E N- , , . -.Q Nw N I f EDDIE TEACUE KATHALEEN TEEMS IOHN THOMASON IAMES THOMPSON IAMES THOMPSON RONNIE THOMPSON ANNETTE THRASHER Bowdon Fitzgerald Bishop Poulan fifton Moultrie Madison IOHN TILLER DAN TODD RONNIE TOLER STEVE TOMBERLIN CHRIS TOTH ERNEST TREADVVELL RONNIE TRUSSELL Winder Screven Irvvinton Ofilla Ft. Lmiclerdals-, Fla. Campton Sandersville 7- ,90- KATHY TUCKER LAVERNE TUCKER IBN RANDY TUCKER Tilton Waycross Thomasville aaa I - ,H x.1 L A , ,'L' hw- 1 4 I MELANIE TUDOR DONALD TURNER LINDA TURNER "Name, age, measurements, phone number?" Vdldwld Thomasville Camilla ABAC students alvvavs have forms to complete wb A 'W I , f " v Q Q A' B I I Q. 11, SCOTT TURNER MITTIE VAUGHN DANNY VESSER Thomasville Waycross DCJUCLAS VINSON IUDY WADE SUSAN VVAINWRICHT Waycross Cordele Al ELAINE WALKER CHERYL WALDEN Rhine Wrens "Sitting on the duck of the bay. . ," David Dukes sings at Student Cabinet retreat on lekyll Island. .Ll in Y Atlanta Eolkston MIKE WALKER Ashburn fx t, K Mk. ,fks i f M Y. Freshmen "ABAC's night life." NANCY WALKER IOHN WALTERS The fellovvs sometimes have a quiet night, too, Tifton Doerun - ,Lij ,'.:: r lv , A .. :lam wg, ., . --.. H : L. PI I TERRY WARREN MARIE WEBB BRYSON WELLS ELRY WELLS Warner Robins Riqhland Dublin Sylvania LARRY WHEELER Sycamore SHIRLEY WHIDDON Tifton ALBERT WILDES WILLIAM WILKINS Hazelhurst Blacksburg, S.C, CLARA WARD PRESTON WARD Astatula, Fla. Athens WILL WENDELKEN BOBBIE IO WHEELER Rincon Ocilla - ro- . -I " f,.s2f-If 'I' Aggie? ff' 3 ff BRIM WHITE MIKE WHITE DICK WHITLOCK TOMMY WIDEMAN Meigs Millen Madison Rebecca . A W I '- , , I SALLY WILKOWSKE GREGG WILLIAMS GAIL WILLIAMS MILLIE WILLIAMS Gainesville, Fla, Concord Glenn Bainbridge 197 Freshmen "9"9 fYx . X? "Boys, why do you look so happy?" Two lucky boys are surrounded by all these Co-eds, .41 LARRY WILSON GLYNN WIMBERLY PAULA WINSLETT Butler Camilla College Park .ai IOE WOMBLE BILL WOODYARD MARTHA WOOTEN Donaldsonville LaGrange Coolrdge IAMES VVILLIS SARAH WILLIS BILL VVILLS Omega Tilton Americus ' 4 gyg-ffl? KENNY WILLS DIANNE WILSON HAROLD WILSON Preston Fitzgerald Sardis "Now what, Dean?" Student Cabinet prexy Bo Stewart contemplates another problem "Let'5 go! A Basketball game breaks at half-trme, MACK VVORLEY Okt-ec hobee, Fla. Ocilla 'Het 2 F - 'W L x is K . k.,kV V FHARLLS VVRIQHT BOBBIE NELL VVYNN LINDA YARBROUCH MELVIN YARBROUGH IOE YAVVN Ocilla htton Tifton Hazelhurst -W .qgw-f L. ww, m A ,L L11 zc. - u V, ,, K' N A N CY YAVV N CHARLENE YORK I. VV. YOUMANS LARRY YOUNG Rhmo Columbus Iron Cnty Tvmnille TOMMY LAMAR ZIPPERER YOUNGBLOOD Guyton Sylvester "L0t'5 sew . . . what rlvaractvr is after Dipk Tmfty this we-ek?" 99 Student takes time to check up on his tavoritv comic strips. 1 Compliments ofthe CITY OF TIFTON "The Friendly City" Tifton, Georgia 200 Compliments ot 21 J .i Ladies' Wearing Apparel Telephone 382 .2412 i 1,65 g 'mm ,y i y BENSON-voufymns DRESS sHoP T' "VVhere Every Customer is a Friend" . -1 l il 4 I 3 2-14 East Second Street 5 ml!! 'EIB Shift ' Timm, Georgia 31794 4 . 348 South Main - Tifton, Ga. Compliments of TIFTON BEAUTY CULTURE SCHOOL 133 East F tth Street Phone 582-6322 Phone 382-2740 HAMBURGERS f , XII '7'M!!i5it ..., - 402 West Seventh Street Tifton, Georgia BURGER CHEF Franchised Nationwide by Burger Chef Systems, lndianap o Home of the VVorld's Greatest Hamburger! 201 Iis CIBBS PATRICK FARMS Certified Potato Plants - Seed Potatoes Quality Eating Potatoes P.O. Box 36 Omega, Georgia HOWARD IOHNSOINVS Motor Lodge and Restaurant ATWATER-PEACOCK ELECTRIC CO. EIeCtriCaI Contract g West Seventh Street H Phone 382-3650 in Compliments of IOHN D. CROSBY HENRY BOSTICK BRUCE FEED MILL Custom Grinding Molasses Blending Buyers of corn 84 h Purina Feeds Phone 382-1934 3V Compliments of CARL'S PURE OIL Interstate 75 US 82 Phone 382-1313 Open 24 hours TIFTON RETAIL DRUCCISTS ASSOCIATION Brooks Drug Store Eckerd Drugs Compllmemg of lacobs Drug Store Cox Northside Pharmacy Tilton, Ca. Pinkston's Drug Store Rainer's Pharmacy Rucly's Self Service Drugs Tift County Drugs VVright's Drug Store Compliments of C0mD'imf'mS OI QIANA SHQPS DELK TILE COMPANY 321 Main Strom Specializing in ceramic tile, Tifmn, Georgia marble, vvall to wall carpeting, inlaid vinyl floor covering. Day Phone: 382-2250 Night Phone: 382-I777 D Compliments of MTM COM "Char-Broiled i s-2 vm, Hn I :ln Hur or" I IU ffl- Curl on Top" g I I I Truckers of Livestock DAIRY QUEEN Sz BRI-XZIER HGtP'S'C' ' MCA W Tifton, Georgia YISHVLZSQ TSZSJQSY TIFTON' GEORGIA "You Buy 'em , . . Day phone: S82--ll-17 I We Haul 'em" Night phone: 382-S766 COVTTDIIIYWGUIS of Compliments of CITIZENS HARDWARE CENTRAL IEWELERS 807 South Main Main Street PLIOTIGI Tiflqpnr Gpofgid Wholesale Distributors Compllmenb U' Parts for Cars Trucks and Tractors BOYS SHOPS lovvn and Country Plaza Phone 382 l7l4 Cash When You Need lt GLOBE LOAN COMPANY National Bridal Service '47 Love AW Hue Flnancrng Better LIVIDQ, Timm Gd Ronald jackson 1 t Frtth Str Trtton Georgra QA in j' 1 9094996 . A 47143131 v"a 'F x lil ,f LW-vm. 4 O ,K 33. -x,,gQl,'f""c:... , M f -f - L . I fw v fg ,f W ,V Q-u,,,,',,,1 A Q A M Q I ' I ' z J A U , 2. Akai : ,...- r5 ,5L, gg?ij1Q,5 :1l? f I, f, , -W A , M Q I. A-I ,.fiff ,1-Hui 5 --Hg, j 1g,,,f,gf5 ., 5,11 .L - A , V ,L K, i -f I A ,Swag ,. .I fag, ,fy 4 - A , W W M' M QM, I, 'wigil' 'S I Rf- : f, ..c bf' ' 951:55 f Q ff? ' M.. 102757: 235,711 'ii E igfalw 5631 7 '35."'l '41 ff?-Tffibi ' -7' W H3040 :Eff --fFflV'i 1 ' fl, ,.., " if T Tl, . F- 2- F . ,V -W I. , I iff: ' ' -I, 1, . I I . Fw THE F RMERS BAN OF TIFTO 515,000 maximum deposit insurance for each depositor FARM LOANS, HOME LOANS, CAR LOANS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION "Bank On Us" 205 Compliments ot' KENNON TRACTOR COMPANY , Tiiton, Georgia I Phone 582-4750 9 FURNITURE STORES 220 East Second Street Tift C , Ashburn, Ga. i on, Jeorgia 1-RAg1'0R5 4 Phone 567f'582l Phone 382-6555 Best Wishes CARSON BROTHERS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Tifton, Georgia MARY-LYNN FABRIC SHOP Known For Quality Phone 582-27I7 Tifton, Georgia Compliments ot' RIGDON'S COIN-OPERATED LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 310 West 12th Street Tifton, Georgia ROLLINS MEN'S SHOP Sznivg I Shuppe Iifton, Georgia ChiIdren's Shoes Poll-Parrot Ladies' Shoes Personality and Vitality Men's Shoes Rand and Randcraft Tifton's First and Finest Exclusive Shoe Store S 84 R SHOE STORE ,305 Main Street Tifton, Georgia DIXIE LILY MILLING COMPANY, INC. West Second Street P. O. BOX 'IQ32 Tifton, Georgia 31794 Phone 38241655 PRWCE CHEVRQLET Roddenberry Hardware Co COMPANY "Your Friendly Dealer" Sales and Service Stereo Tapes 84 Player 1-Day Installation 24-Hour Wrecker Service Phone 382-2525 Albany Highway Complete Frigidaire Hardware - Sporting Goods Appliances - Housewares - Gifts 118 East Second Phone 382-4022 LANG PRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLY CO. KNlGHT'S FURNITURE CO School Supplies Office Supplies Office Furniture Rubber Stamps "Printing when you want it" .382-4264 Corner Third and Central Avenue Tifton, Georgia Tifton's Largest Furniture Store Where You Always Find "Quality Priced Rightn Corner Main at 5th Tifton, Georgia MITCHAIVVS YOUTH CENTRE 220 Main Street - Town 84 Country Plaza .. . . SINCE Titton, Georgia 31794 I908 Compliments of KULBERSH'S Department Store Tifton's Oldest Tifton's be We support our community. Compliments of CHIEF BRANCH 84 TIFTON POLICE DEPARTMENT QUALITY COURTS MOTEL Tifton, Georgia SAM NEEL'S SHOES Town 84 Country Plaza Florsheim, Rand, Apache-Moc, Hush Puppies for Men, Red Cross, Socialities, Lady Bostonians, Personality, Hush Puppies for Women Carpenter and Poll Parrot for Children MY FLOWER 84 GIFT SHOP Flowers and gifts for all occasions Bridal 84 Attendants gowns Telephone 382-6322 MOOR'S IEWELERS Tift Theatre Building 328 Main Street Tifton, Georgia Your authorized keepsake and Columbia Diamond Ring leweler MASSEY FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used Furniture 706 Main Street - Phone 382-4925 Tifton, Georgia "Let Us Make Your House A Home" ORR'S RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE Franchised Sylvania Dealer Radios - Televisions - Phonographs Sales and Service 201 Fifth Street Tifton, Georgia Day - 382-3399 Night - 382-1530 Open 7 A.M. Closed 6:30 P.M Compliments of 0ns noun 'YIIMIQII Illia I 'Fresh as a Flower - In lustl Hour Tifton Shopping Center 382-7423 COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS M. VV. Turner Wright Turner Carl Willis 223 East Second Street ' Tifton, Georgia LONG MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Tifton, Georgia Tractors, Combines, Portable tobacco barns, Harrovvs, Grain bins 84 Elevators ti Aii, FIFY N , . Z XM , , , I 2 - 1. . L. 5' 1 TOVVN COUNTRY PLAZA Tifton's Newest and Largest Department Store Compliments of RUSSELL DANIEL IRRIGATION COMPANY Tifton, Georgia VARSITY DRIVE-IN 701 W. Seventh Street Hot Dogs C0599 Hamburgers Bar-I-3-Que Curb Service Phone 382-5810 VIOLA'S BEAUTY SHOP Viola - Gwen - Emogene 108 East Fourth Street Tifton, Georgia Phone 382-3757 Compliments of CLIFF PARKER AND SON General Insurance "Tifton's Oldest Agency" Tifton, Georgia Phone 382-3252 gf'Qf27f9i9f 109 Now-enjoy both . . . lightness cmd lift! Why settle for lift without lightness or lightness without lift? You get IQ in delicious RC. This cola goes down breezy light . . . lifts you just right. So reward yourself, friend. Get that light, bright RC feeling. Get RCI ff Wie Dey- QU NZ!! Royal Crown COLA Better Taste calls for RO 212 - Paints ' Hardware - Electrical I-IAZEL 84 IAY'S FLQVVERS - Plumbing I07 WN Ffwfttt Sites' and many other quality items Day Phone 382-4310 Night Phone 382-3714 Wm be found at Tilton, Georgia M79-I IIAIIDWAIIE -"" Town 84 Country Plaza Compliments of AND SINGLETON FURNITURE COMPANY Fifth Street W 1 4 K Tifton, Georgia f' 'Y 3 -' -1-T T T 'Tv 'T 4,1 ifl'IllII'I15.LBlll LK 2 . Hon MooeRN1zA1'1oN csivrsn fi I3 T PM-'f TLUMBER - kfrcusu CABINETS if 82-2314 1-me-au1z.z1Ne-suppL1gs-. I Bill Eubanks at Charles 206 Love Avenue Phone 382-2853 STATE FARM 0 0 Massey INSURANCE Q9 Tifton, Georgia GOLDEN'S STUDIO "Everything Photographic" Photos - Frames - Supplies T61-165 Love Avenue Tifton, Georgia Phone 3824463 GOLDEN'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION 'i 202 u. s. Hwy. 41, N. - Atlas Tires, Batteries, Accessories - Washing - Waxing - Lubrication - Road Service - Minor Repairs 6 Days Per Week - Motor Cleaning 7 AM 'til 'IO PM - Wheel Balancing Phone 382-7603 YOUR FUTURE IN FABRICS Exciting things are happening in tex- tiles-our state's industrial backbone. lt's a fast-changing world of new fab- rics, new fashions, new machines, new markets. There's a great future in fabrics-plenty of chances for genuine advancement in a profession you'lI enjoy. Check with your vocational guidance counselor or come to see us. You'll be surprised how many in- teresting jobs are available-more than likely a spot tailor-made for your special interests. And if you are planning on col- f"""" lege, ask about continuing your 3 Stevens- education at one of the fine E Fabrics I textile colleges in the South. gnu. H J. P. STEVENS 81 CO., INC. FINE FABRICS MADE IN AMERICA SINCE 1813 214 Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station of the University of Georgia AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATIONS in cooperation with THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE vvP' v TH E BAN K QF TI FTON Where it's easy to do business Established 1896 Two Convenient locations Downtown: First and Main Northside: Love and 10th Phone - 382-2424 Call 382-4213 for time of day 216 Compliments of RIDDLE 84 SLACK LUMBER COMPANY NORMAN MOTORS OF TIFTON, INC. 815 South Main Street Iitton, Ceorgia SIM-I Tilton' Georgla Phone 382-65IZ A' 1 H1 K V L H COUGAR Mark Ill Continental, Lincoln Continental, Mercury Marquis, Montego, Cyclone, Come-I, Cougar. CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1969 THE GEORGIA AC RICU LTU RE COMMODITY COMMISSION FOR TOBACCO ...Which is sponsored and financed entirely by Georgia tobacco growers. This commis- sion is dedicated to service in tobacco research, education, and promotion. 3 Q Q 9 , . L Q af ix ff? ,fx 1 ,N 'Q' ,mx M 4 5 Y su X 535 J? Q ii vm Sophomore Directory AUSTIN, RONALD E. - APO, Treasurer, 4, Dorm Council, Comer, 2 BAGWELL, BILLY - Drama Club, 5 BALKCOM, WAYNE I. W 4-H Club, President, 3, Student Council, 3 BELL, DEBBIE - Who's Who of American lunior Colleges BOMAR, REBECCA - Student Nurses Club, President, 3, Vice-President, 3, Student Nurses Club of Georgia, District ll Vice-President, 2, Vespers, 6, Glee Club, I, BSU, I BORDEN, MIKE - Circle K, President, 6, Student Cabinet, Entertainment Chairman, 2 li lu" rw L 7 ' it ' ' BOWEN, BARRY W. - Forestry Club, 5, Student Cabinet, 1, Presidents Advisory Council, I, President Weltner Annex, 3 BRADFORD, DONNA - YWA, President,.6, Vespers, 5, Forestry Club, Secretary, Treasurer, 4, Pep Club, 3, Drama Club, 3, STALLION, Copy Editor, 2 Student Cabinet, 2 BRADY, DAVID HAL - Clee Club, 4, Circle K, Program Committee, 4, Vespers, 3, TABAC, Sports Editor, I BRAMBLETT, IAMES L. - 4-H Club, 6, Ag. Club, 6, STALLION, Photographer, 6, TABAC, Photographer, 3, Circle K, 5, Comer Hall Dorm Council, 3, Vespers, 6, BSU, 6, Herring Hall Dorm Council, 2, Editor "Abraham Baldwin Agricultistn, 2, Convocation Committee, 3, Glee Club, 6, Ensemble, 3, Pep Club, 6, Baldwin Players, I, APO, I BRASEL, ANDREA - Drama Club, 5, STALLION, Columnist, 3 BULLARD, BENNIE RAY - Intramurals, Co-Captain, 5 BULLINGTON, IOHN T. - 4-H Club, 2, Saddle and Sirloin, 2, Vespers, 5 BURTS, IDA MARY - Rodeo Club, Secretary, 2, Student Cabinet, 3, Lewis Hall, President, 3, Wesley Foundation, 6, Lewis Hall Dorm Council, President 3, President's Student Advisory Council, 6, Alpha K, 2 BURTZ, DIANE - Home Ec. Club, 4, Pep Club, I, Vespers, 4 BUSH, LINDA - Home Ec. Club, 4, Pep Club, I, Vespers, 4, Dean's List, 2 CALHOUN, REBECCA - Student's Nurses Club, 3 CAMPBELL, RONNIE C. - Circle K, 3, Drama Club, 3, Dean's List, 5, Top Ten Freshmen CARDEN, OLEANE - Home Ec. Club, Historian, Publicity Chairman, 6, 4-H Club, Social Chairman, 6, Baldwin Players, 3, TABAC, Associate Editor, 3, STALLION Staff, 2, Glee Club, I, Intramurals, I, Alpha K, I, Dean's List, 4, Nomination for Who's Who at Baldwin, Curriculum Committee, Who's Who in American lunior Colleges CHENEY, NANCY ELLEN - Pep Club, 3, Vespers, 3, SNEA, Reporter, 3 CLARK, ANNETTE - Home Ec. Club, 3, Glee Club, 3 CLEMENTS, IEFF - Drama Club, 2, SNEA, I, Comer Hall, President, 3, Intramural Football, 2 CODY, RICHARD - Intramural Football COODY, RONALD H. - Ag. Club, 2, Saddle and Sirloin, 6 CONNER, MAXINE - SNEA, 1, Pep Club, I COPELAN, IASPER WYNN - DECA, 5, Rodeo Club, 1, Poultry Science Club, I, Dorm Council, Comer Hall, 2 CORBETT, RAY - Baseball, 6 CORDELL, THOMAS M., IR. - STALLION, Columnist, 2, Drama Club. 5 COTTLE, IUNE ROSS - Who's Who of American lunior Colleges Sophomore Directory CRUM, DAVE - Circle K, 3, Pep Club, 3, Intramural Sports, 6 CULLENS, LAURIE - BSU, Vice-President, 4 CUMMINGS, LEWIS F. - Ag. Club, 2, Assistant House Director, 2, Chess Club, 2 DAILEY, ILENE - Home Ec. Club, 5 DARNELL, STANLEY, E. - Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges DAVENPORT, EMORY WILLIS - Forestry Club, 6 DAVIS, CLARE - Student Nurses Club, 6, Vespers, 6, Glee Club, T, BSU, 1 DAVIS, NANCY - Pep Club, I, TABAC, 3, BSU, 4, Vespers, 4 DEAL, MONICA DIANE - Alpha K, 2, Pep Club, T, Lewis Hall Dorm Council, 3 DeLOACH, ASHLEY - Basketball Team, 6, Who's Who at Baldwin, Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges DOYLE, ROSE - Pep Club, 4, SNEA, 2, Vespers, 3 DRESSEL, IOHN R. - Circle K, Board of Directors, 5, House Council, New Dorm, 4, Rodeo Club, 3 DUBOSE, SHIRLEY - Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges DUGGER, DIANE - Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges DUKES, DAVID A. - Drama Club, President, Male Lead in four plays, 6, Student Cabinet, 3, Homecoming Committee, Co-Chairman, 1, Who's Who at Baldwin, Dean's List, 1, Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges ELDER, LINDA - SNEA, 2 ELLIS, VVILLIAM DANIEL - 4-H, 2 FAIRCLOTH, PATRICIA - Drama, 4, SNEA, 3 FARMER, GARY - Ag. Club, President, 5, Circle K, 4, STALLION, Photographer 2, TABAC, Photographer, 2, Vespers. 5, BSU, 5 FARR, PEGGY - Phi Beta Lambda, President, Treasurer, 3, BSU, 4, Vespers, 6, Sophomore Class, Treasurer, 3, Drama Club, 6, Who's Who at Baldwin, Dean's List, 1 FLOWERS, LILA - Student Nurses Club, 3 FORBES, LYNN - Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges FRANZ, RODDY - Alpha Phi Omega, President, 5, Forestry Club, 5, Pep Club, 5 GANZEL, NEAL I., IR, - STALLION, Editor, 5, Circle K, Reporter, 4, Glee Club, 5, Student Cabinet, Parliamentarian, 3, Who's Who at Baldwin, Freshman Class, President GARRARD, MARTHA IO - TABAC, Associate Editor, 3, Drama Club, 3, SNEA, 1, Pep Club, 3, GILLESPIE, HAROLD C. - Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges GOFF, LINDSEY - Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges GOLDEN, SANDRA - Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges GORDON, BRUCE L. - Dean's List, 2 GREEN, IIMMY H AET Club,1 GUILLEBEAU, GAIL - Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges HALPIN, FRANK - Dean's List, Z HARRELL, BRANTLEY, IR. - Circle K, 3, Pep Club, 3, Dormitory Assistant, 2, Vespers, 3, Phi Beta Lambda, 3, Student Cabinet, 3, Dorm Council, 3, Intramural Sports, 3, Discipline Committee, 3, Sophomore Directory Mr, Baldwin, Who's Who at Baldwin, Who's Who of American junior Colleges, Vice-President Sophomore Class HARRIS BETSEY - BSU, Program Chairman, 6, Dorm Council, Creswell, 6, Who's Who at Baldwin, Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges, Top Ten Freshmen, Dean's List, 6 , HARRIS, jOHNNY - Pep Club, 5, 4-H Club, 5, Saddle and Sirloin Club, S HEETH, ROSALIND - Vespers, 3 HENDERSON, THOMAS R, - BSU, 3, Vespers, 3 HOGAN, BARBRA - Hotline Club, 2, Pep Club, 2, Student Nurses Club, Recording Secretary, I HUDSON, ARTHUR - Intramural Sports, 6 HUSSEY, IOHN B., IR. - Circle K, Board of Directors, 3, Weltner Hall, Vice-President, House Council, 2, New Dorm, President, House Council, 2, Disciplinary Committee, 3, Who's Who at Baldwin IACKSON, STEWART - Dean's List, I IAMES, DENNIS - AET Club, 5 IARRELL, IOHN WILLIAM - Pre-Vet Club, I IEFFERSON, IAMES KEITH - Phi Sigma Delta, 3, Pre-Vet,l IOHNSON, CLARENCE O., IR. - Forestry, 3 IOHNSON, IERRY - Circle K, 5, Glee Club, 2, Ag. Club, 5, Pep Club, 5 IOWERS, PLEASANT L., III - Drama Club, 2, BSU, 6, Delta Psi Omega KEENEY, DONALD D. - Who's Who of American junior Colleges KENDRICK, BESS - Student Nurses Club, 3, BSU, Secretary, Treasurer 6, Dean's List KENNEDY, STEVE M. - Who's Who of American junior Colleges KIMBELL, BIRGINIA ANNE - Vespers, Publicity Chairman, 6, BSU, Devotional Chairman, 6, Glee Club, 4 LEE, SANDI - Pep Club, 4 MABRY, DOUGLAS CARLTON - Saddle and Sirloin, 4, Circle K, I MADDOX, MARK - Intramural Sports, 6, Circle K 2, Dean's List, I MARSHALL, BRENDA - Home Ec, Club, Treasurer, 5, BSU, Publicity Chairman, 5, Vespers, 5 MARTIN, CARL MARTIN, IAN - Intramurals, 2, Cheerleader, 3, BSU, 1 MATHIS, DIAME - SNEA, Vice-President, 3, Student Academic Appeals Committee, 3 MATHIS, IOHN WENDELL - Intramural Sports MATHIS, WILLIAM CLAUDE - Forestry, 2 MIZELL, VIVIAN K. - Who's Who of American junior Colleges MOORE, LESLIE RAY - Basketball, Coacaptain, 6, Assistant Dorm Director, 2, House Council, 2, Who's Who at Baldwin MOORE, PAMELA - Saddle and Sirloin Club, Secretary, 5, Rodeo Club, 2 MORRISON, DONA - Homecoming Court McGEE, MAC - Saddle and Sirloin Club, President, 6 NICHOLSON, SANDIE - Wesley Foundation, Vice-President, 2 PENN, IOSEPH A. - Comer Hall, Dorm Council, 3, Circle K, 1, Forestry Club, 3 PETERSON, jEFF - Dean's List, 2 POSTELL, LAKEETA - Hotline Club, I RAMSEY, AMY - Wesley Foundation, 2, Home Ec. Club, 2 RILEY, FRANK, IR. - Forestry Club, 6 RIDDLE, BRENDA - Wesley Foundation, Publicity Chairman and Reporter, 3, Vespers, 6, Intramural Sports, 6, Lewis Hall, Vice-President, 3, Ag. Club Sweetheart, 3 ROOKS, EUGENE - Dean's List, I SAPPINGTON, THOMAS A., jR, - Pre-Vet, 4, Saddle and Sirloin, 5, Pep Club, 5, Rodeo, 2, Intramural Sports, 4, House Council, 3, Assistant House Director, 5 SAWYER, BARBARA - Hotline Club, 2, Pep Club, 6, SNEA, 6 f Sophomore Directory SHIGUENO, MITUAKI - International Relations Club, 3 SIEBERT, ALVIN LOYD, IR. - SOUTHERLAND, CAROL - Pep Club, 6, Cheerleader, 4, Alpha K, 1, Who's Who at Baldwin, Who's Who of American junior Colleges, Dean's List, 4 SPENCER, STUART - Tennis Team, 6, Dean's List, 1 STEVENSON, SEAN - International Relations Club, President, 3 STEWART, BO - Student Cabinet, President, 4, Circle K, 3, Drama Club, 1, Who's Who At Baldwin, Who's Who of American Iunior Colleges, President of Student Body TAYLOR, RUCKER - Baseball, 6 TENNILLE, ROBERT A. - Who's Who of American lunior Colleges TILLMAN, ELINOR KAY - Vespers, 5, BSU, 6, Glee Club, 4, Dean's List, 1 TIMMONS, IUNE LELA - Pep Club, I, Vespers, 4, Creswell Hall Treasurer, 2, SNEA 2, Who's Who at Baldwin, Who's Who of American junior Colleges, Dean's List, 4 TUCKER, MARY REBECCA - Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary, Vice-President, 5, Pep Club, 5, President's Advisory Council, 5, Student Cabinet, 2, Traffic Appeals, Secretary, 2, Herring Hall, President, 2, Assistant House Director, I, Dorm Council, 2 TUCKER, DONNA - Circle K Sweetheart, 3, Drama Club, 3, Pep Club, 2, Alpha K, 2, Comer Hall Sweetheart, 3, TUCKER, LARRY - BSU, Enlistment Chairman, 3, Vespers, Song Leader, 3, SNEA, treasurer, 2, Pep Club, Vice-President, 2 TURNER, GARY D. - Who's Who of American lunior Colleges USSERY, IOHN - Pep Club, President, 3, Student Cabinet, 4 VERNER, BECKY - Pep Club, 3, Freshman Class Treasurer, 3, Student Cabinet, Secretary, 6, Creswell Hall President, 3, Creswell Hall Dorm Council, 3, TABAC, Editor, 6, Wesley Foundation, 3, Vespers, 3, Student Nurses Club, 3, Nominated to Who's Who at Baldwin, Who's Who of American junior Colleges WARREN, ANDREW CHARLES - Wesley Foundation, 2, Dean's List 2 WATERS, LaVETA - BSU, Music Director, 6, Vespers, 6, Student Nurses Club, 6, Dean's List, 3 WHITE, MARSHA CECILIA - Sophomore Class Secretary, 3, SNEA, 3, BSU, 2, Vespers, 5, Alpha K, 2, Student Cabinet, 3, Traffic Appeals, Chairman, 3, Who's Who at Baldwin WHITLEY, BUDDY - Basketball, 6 Baseball, 6 WHITTAKER, GLENN DAVID - Dean's List, 1 WICKHAM, LORA LEE - STALLION Staff, 2, Glee Club, 5, Literary Club, 2, Drama Club, 2, BSU, 2, Dean's List, I, Who's Who of American lunior Colleges WICKHAM, MICHAEL R. - STALLION Staff, 3, Literary, 2, Glee Club, 3 222 WILDER, DONALD - Ag. Club, Vice-President, 5, Vespers, 3 WILLIAMS, IAMIE - Circle K, Vice-President, 6 WILLIAMS, IUDY - Co-Ed of the Week WILLIS, CAROLUN - Home Ec. Club, 5, 4-H Club, Secretary, 5, Alpha K, I, Drama Club, 1, STALLION, Associate Editor, 5, Pep Club, 5, Who's Who at Baldwin, Homecoming Court 'N 5' , 1 9' ,J- r -XX WRIGHT, DEMPSEY, IR. - Ag. Engineering Club, 5, Comer Hall Dorm Council, 3 WYATT, KATHY - Student Cabinet, 3, TABAC, 1, Home Ec. Club, 5, Vespers, 6, BSU, 3, Pep Club, 6, Alpha K, 2, Sophomore Class President, Miss Baldwin, Sweetheart of Foresty Club, Who's Who at Baldwin YOUNG, LOMA - Student Cabinet, 6, Vespers, President, 6, BSU, Social Chairman, 6 63 Activity Index Agriculture Club Agricultural Equipment Agricultural Engineering Alpha Phi Omega Baptist Student Union Baseball Team Basketball Team Beauties Cheerleaders Chess Club Circle K DECA Drama Forestry Four-H Glee Club Golf Team 55 International Relations 53 Miss Homecoming 50 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Pep Club 62 Phi Beta Lambda 94 Phi Sigma Delta 84 Pre-Vet 78 Rodeo 97 Saddle and Sirloin 47 Sophomore Superlatives 44 STALLION 53 Student Cabinet 65 Student National Education Association 52 TABAC 56 Tennis Team 67 Vespers 100 Wesley Foundation Home Economics Faculty Index ABBOTT, Mrs. Ethan 136. ADERHOLT, Dr. Ed 119. Akin, Lew s. 65, 122. BAILEY, Mrs. Cecile 136. BAKER, Mrs. Verna Y. 136. BALL, Mrs. Ernestine 136. BATEMAN, Mrs. jackie W. 136. BAXTER, Miss Florence 122. BENTON, Larry I. 46, 61, 131, 130. BRACKIN, BRIDGES, BURGESS, BURTON, T. Vann 85, 87, 135. W. Worth 118. Walter, I. 124. Mrs. Sylvia G. 122. BUSBEE, Raymond 101. BUSH, Mrs. Sue C. 118. CARR, jerry B. 122. CHAMBERS, Eugene 135. CHAMBLISS, lesse S. 53, 126. CLAXTON, Miss Betty 124. CROSBY, Phillip W. 126. CORDELL, Tom M. 116. COX, Mrs. Betty S. 136. COX, W. Miles 132. DALTON, Mrs. Ray 132. DAY, Mrs. lune 136. DAY, loseph E. 130. DILLARD, George 48, 126. DOSTER, Daniel H. 55, 118. DRIGGERS, l. Clyde 114, 115. DYER, Nathan R. 120. EDWARDS, Ernest 122. ELDER, Miss Gaye E. 122,123. EVANS, George 124, 125. EVE, Mrs. Evelyn A. 136. FLETCHER, Ollis G. 130. GAINES, Paul 121. GARRETT, GARRICK, GIBBONS, Mrs. Allean K. 130. Miss Mary Nell 136. Nolan R. 127. GODWIN, Larry 126, 127. GOLDEN, GRAHAM Miss lanell 72,131. Mrs. Gertrude L. 137. 57 Who's Who GRAVITT, Eugene 60, 133. GRAY, Mrs. Wesley 136. GRESSETTE, Robert B. 118. GRINER, Mrs. Ferris 137. GRINER, james H. 131. GUILL, Marshall F. 127. HAMMONS, Mrs. Ann R. 133. HARNON, Mrs. Anne L. 137. HARRISON, Mrs. Milched137. HARVEY, Mrs. Patricia 137. HENDERSON, Mrs. Mary 137. HILL, L. Norman 10, 87, 102, 103, 135. HOWARD, Miss Eva Mae 121. HUFF, Florence 137. IVEY, Mrs. Margie 137. IOHNSON, Harvey H. 52, 127. IOHNSON, Miss Rosemary 118, 119. JONES, Mrs. june 137. IONES, Ronald E. 62, 127. KENDRICK, Dorothy 137. KESSEE, Vincent A. 123. LANIER, Carolyn H. 59, 124. LECLAIR, Mertie A. 128. LEMAR, Dr. Mary M. 124. LINDSKOG, Mrs. Virginia 129. MARCHANT, Mrs. Ethelle S. 138. MASSENGALE, William 119. MASSEY, Donald 131. MATHIS, Mrs. Ava R. 138. MAUGHAN, Mrs. Eula M. 138. MCCAIN, Dr. Francis S. 126. MCINTOSH, Mrs. Mercie 137. MCMILLAN, Emory 120. MEYER, Eric C. 131. MILLER, Miss Rebekah C. 133. MILAM, Dr. Thomas R. 132. MIXON, Mrs. Eunice L. 131. MIZELL, Mrs. Vivian K. 138. MOODY, Thomas K. 90, 94, 95, 13 MOORE, H. M. 138. MOORE, Mrs. Sheryl T. 138. MULLINS, Miss june 128. 223 5. MUTH, William P.124. PADGETT, Mrs. Sandra B. 138. PAITE, Miss Sandra L. 139. PAULK, Cara Vala 138. POTTER, Phillip E. 45, 132, 133. POWELL, George W. 131. RAY, Miss Rosalyn 123. REDEKER, Mrs. loanne 128. REIBER, Mrs. Candice 139. ROBERTS, Mrs. loanne 125. SANGSTER, Mrs. Catherine 128. SEKUL, Mrs. Brenda 128. SIMPSON, Lester 58, 125. SHIFLETT, Miss loanne 54, 139. STANDARD, Diffee W. 133. STANSELL, Mrs. Lennie 120. STEMBRIDGE, lohn W. 136, 139. STONE, Mrs. Una G. 139. STRICKLAND, Mrs. Helen L. 69, STUART, lames E. 123. STUART, Mrs. Maidee H. 139. STUDDARD, Hugh L. 87, 135. SWORDS, I. R.116,'l17. TACKETT, Miss Patricia 128. THOMPSON, Miss Dianne 139. VENABLE, Mrs. Harriet C. 121. VICKERS, Mrs. Ellen E. 99, 135. WALKER, Mrs. Mary 139. WALKER, Ray 139. WARD, Mrs. Inamae H. 139. WEBB, Mrs. Ina W. 131. WEBB, I. Talmadge 120. WELLS, Mrs. Sally I. 119. WHEELER, William 131. WHIDDON, Robert 139. WHITE, Mrs. Carol lean 139. WHITEHEAD, lake I. 65, 123. WILLIAMS, Mrs. Frances 139. 60 76 64 72 59 46 51 48 54 1 40 69 42 49 70 1 02 61 28 71,123 WINDSTROM, Mrs. Virginia 131. YOUNG, Mrs. Alma 139. YOW, Vernon 127. ZABALA, Adrian 125. ADAMS, Allen 172. ADAMS, David 88, 92. ADAMS, Laura 172, ADAMS, Lee 173. ADKINS, Harold 85, 87, 89, 92. BRYANT, AKIN, Karen 173. ALEXANDER, Rodney 173, ALL, Rickie 46, 50, 173. ALLEN, Otis 173. ALLEN, Robert L, 173. ALLEN, Robert M, 173. ALTMAN, Claudia 173. ANDERSON, Cherry 173, ANDERSON, Mickey 56, 61, 62, 67, 154. ARCHER, W. 58. ARNOLD, Keith 173, ARNOLD, Vicki 72,173. ARRINGTON, David 68, 69, 173. ARTHUR, Ronnie 173. ATES, Math 173. AUSTIN, Ronnie 45, 72,154. AVERY, Andrew jr. 54, 61, 62, 173. AVINGER, Ronnie 154. AYCOCK, Edward 173. AZAR, Rene 173. BABB, jeff 173. BACON, Maurice 173. BAGWELL, Billy 173. BAILEY, H. 61. BAKER, Dale 154. BALDWIN, Bruce 173. BALKCOM, Wellborn M. 44, 50, oi, 42, 154. BALTES, joey 173. BALCOM, Wayne 28, 56, 154. BAKER, Cynthia 174. BANKS, Belinda 173. BANKS, Elaine 154. BARFIELD, Ann 154. BARFIELD, Mike 154. BARKSDALE, Margaret 154. BARLOW, George 154, BARNES, james 174, BARWIGK, judy 174. BARR, Beverly 80, 174. BARRETT, Neal 154. BATEMAN, Nell 154. BAZEMORE, Paulette 174. BEARD, Hiram 154. BEDGOOD, Gary 174. BEGGS, Lynda 174. BELL, Wayne 52, 154. BELL, Debbie 29, 42, 62, 64. BENKOSKI, Ann 154. BENNETT, Lynn 69, 174. BENTON, Lary 174, BERKEYPILE, judy 66, 155. BICKLEY, Hubert 174. BIETENHOLZ, Andrea 174. BIGGERS, Bill 174. BIRCHMORE, Bob 155. BISHOP, Barbara 155. BISHOP, john 155. BISHOP, Robert 155. BLAIR, Quinton 53, 174. BLANTON, Debbie 63, 67, 174. BLEDSOE, Elaine 174, BLOUNT, Gary 174. BOATWRIGHT, joey 174. BODDIFORD, George D. 174, BODDIFORD, Vicki 155. BOLTON, Bob 95. BOMAR, R. 49. BOND, Sonny 155. BONE, Gayle 56, 57, oi, 62, 174. BORDEN, Mike 42, 44, 155. BOWEN, Barry 52, 155. BOWEN, Sian 155, BOYD, Donald 155. BOYD, R. 52, BOYNETTE, Henry 174. BRADFORD, Diane 42, 67, 68, 69, 155. BRADFORD, Romaine 174. BRADLEY, john 95, 174. BRADY, Hal 44, 155. Student Index BRAGG, Randy 174. BRAMBLETT, james 42, 44, 56, 61 62, 65, 67, 68, 69, 71, 72, 144 155. BRANCH, Lorraine 174. BRANCH, Tim 174. BRANNEN, Becky 49,174. BRANNEN, Caroline 155. BRANTLEY, Teresa 175. BRASEL, Andrea 65, 68, 69, 155. BREEDLOVE, Kenny 175. BREWER, janice 175. BRIDGES, joel 175. BRIETLOW, jeannie 175. BRINKLEY, David 155. BROGDON, james 155. BRONSON, Charles 175. I BROOKS, Beverly 175, ' BROOKS, Patsy 155. BROOKS, Russell 63, 175. BROWN, Amory 175, BROWN, Cathy 175. BROWN, Lee 51, 55, 155. BROWN, Lynn 155. BROWN, Robert 101, 109. BROWN, Sarah 155. BRUNSON, C. 48. BRYANT, Glenn 155. Gwen 56, 57, 61, 62 142, 155. BULLARD, Benny R. 175. BULLINGTON, johnny 61, 175. BURGESS, Dennis 175. BURKE, Alvin 175. BURTS, Ida Mary 156. BURTZ, Diane 61, 156. BUSH, Linda 57, 61, 156. BUTLER, Bob 48, 175. BUTLER, Dorris 175. BUTLER, julie 156, CALHOUN, Becky 156. CALLAHAN, Millie 175. CALLAWAY, Ben 175. CAMPBELL, Paul 65, 176. CANNINGTON, H. D., jr. 156. CAPPS, Kathy 61, 176. CARDEN, Oleane 29, 56, 57, 65 70, 156. CAREY, O. Lee 176. CARGILE, Barbara 61, 156. CARPER, Gerald 156. CARSON, Annette 176. CARSWELL, jack 156. CARTER, Bonnie 49, 176, CARTER, Keith 156, CASEY, Bill 156. CHADWELL, Arthur 176, CHAMBERS, jimmy 176. CHAMBLESS, Edward 59, 67, 72 156, CHANCEY, Debbie 81, 176. CHASON, Skipper 156. CHEELEY, jennifer 176. CHENEY, Ellen 66,156. CHILDS, Rex 176. CLARK, Annette 156, CLARK, Vickie 156. CLEMONS, jeff 95, 48, 177. CLEMENTS, jeff 42, 43, 156. CLIFTON ohnn 46 156. , I Y , CLIFTON, Ronnie 156. COBB, Bill 176. COLEMAN, Randy 176. COLLINS COLLINS Connie 61,176. jimmy 176. COLLINS, Leroy 53, vo. COLLINS, Roger so, oi, oz, oo 176, COLSON, Calvin 156. COLSTON, Shirley 156. CONE, Diane 176. CONE, judy 59, 176. CONLEY, Carol 176. CONNELL, Donnie 176. CONNER, jerry 1tD, 101. CONNER, Maxine 66, 156. COOK, Cathy 176. COOK, David 156. 224 1 COOK, Faye 176. COOK, Wayne 156. COOPER, Albert 156. COPELAN, Wynn 58, 156. COPELAN, james 156. CORBETT, Ray 95, 157. CORBITT, Alon 58, 176, CORBITT, Curtis M. 176. CORBITT, Steve 176. CORDELL, Tom, jr. 65, 68, 69 157. COTTIE, Frankie 176. COTTLE, june 29 COVINGTON, Randy 176. COWART, Brenda 177. COX, Larry 177. CLARKE, Dennis 177 CLARK, Lawana 177. CLARK, Robert 177. CLAYTON, Sonya 51, 65, 177. CLEMENS, Erna 49, 177. CLEMENS, Bob 177, CRAIG, Sam 157. CRANE, Clara 157. CRAWLEY, jackie 177. CROOK, Gail 177. CROOK, Gary 44, 177. CROSBY, johnny 46, 177. CRUM, David 61,157. CRUMBLEY, john 177. CULLINS, L. 62. CUMMINGS, Lewis 157. DAILY, Don 44, 42, 149, 177. DANIEL, Charlene 61, 177. DARBY, Gail 177, DARBY, john 44, 65, 177, DARLEY, jack 177. DARNELL, Stanley 29, 44, 59, 91 157. DASHER, Cynthia 178. DASHER, jimmy 178, DAVENPORT, Willis 52,157 DAVID, Buddy 95. DAVIS, Claire 49, 157. DAVIS, janet 59, 178. DAVIS, Lenna 49, 61, 62, 63, 178, DAY, Gene 178. DAY, Waylon 178, DEAL, Benny 54, 178. DEAL, Brenda 72, 178. DEAL, Dianne 157. DEAL, Roscoff 178. DEAN, Ronald 157. DEANE, Ed 178. DEATON, julian 92, 95, 178. DECKER, Susan 72, 97, 99, 178. DECKER, Susan 72, 97, 99, 178. DELOACH, Lee 46, 157. DENHAM, Darrell 178. DESFORGES, Marty 178. DESSELLE, jimmy 178. DEVANE, Pam 178. DICKERSON, Evette 178. DICKERSON, Ira 178. DOE, j. 61. DIXON, P. 65. DOLES, Linda 157. DONALDSON, jimmy 157. DOTSON, Bobby 178. DOWLING, B. 51, 55. DOYLE, Rose 158, DRESHER, D. 47. DRESSEL, Libby 178. DRESSEL, Randy 44, 158. DREXTER, Greg 179. DUBOSE, Shirley 29, 42, 57, 61 157. DUCKWORTH, janice 179. DUGGER, Diane 28, 42, 57, 61 63, 66, 158. DUKE, Amelia 63,179 DUKES, David 29, 42, 65, 144 158. DUNAWAY, Harold 179. DUNN, j. 61 DuRRENCE, wiiiio 53, 179, DYAR, john 179. DYKES, Ann 158. 1 ECKLES, Robert 158. EDGE, Tommy 158. EDMONDS, Gayle 179. EDWARDS, Charlene 56, 57, 61, 67, 158. EDWARDS, Wilson 179. EIDSON, Nancy 179. ELLIS, Mary Anne 56, 57, 62, 65, 179. ELLIS, William D. 56, 61,158 ELPHINGSTONE, Bill 179. EMBERSON, johnny 158. ESTES, Bill 179. ETHELL, Lane 179. ETHERIDGE, I. C. 100, 101. EUBANKS, Kay 158. EVERSON, jeff 179. FAIN, Carl 70, 72, 179. FAIRCLOTH, Patricia 65, 66, 158. FALLIN, Charlene 61, 62, 179. FARMER, Gary 42, 54, 61, 68, 69, 158. FARR, Peggy 42, 59, 65, 141, 147, 158. FARRIS, Bill 179. FEARS, jack 158. FERRONE, Randy 158. FENNELL, james A. 179. FERRELL, S. 48. FINLEY, Linda 179. FLOWERS, Lila 159. FLOYD, Gerald 48, 159. FLOYD, Steve 179. FLYTHE, john 179. FOLSOM, Pam 179. FORBES, Lynn 28, 42, 63, 64, 65, 159. FORESTER, S. 47. FORDHAM, Charles 58, 159. FORDHAM, Wayne 159. FOSHEE, jessie 159. FOUNTAIN, Donald 179. FOUNTAIN, Regenia 49, 72, 159. FOWLER, Lamar 159. FOXWORTH, james 179. FRANZ, Roddy 42, 45, 52, 159. FULLBRIGHT, Wayne 180. FULLER, Billy 72,180 FUSSELL, Spencer 180. FITZGERALD, Mrs. Lavella D. 186. GLAAR, Rudy 159. GAINED, Linda 67, 180. GANDY, Bill 180. GANZEL, Neal 43, 44, 68, 142, 159. GARRARD, Martha jo 65, 70, 159. GARRETT, Ed 180. GASKINS, Robert 159. GATTIS, Danny 180. GAU LTNEY, Penny 24, 74, 180. GIBBS, Linda 180. GIBBS, Randy 159. GIBBS, Tommy 180. GIBSON, johnny 180. GIDDENS, Marvin 44, 159. GILBERT, Dewayne 159. GILLESPIE, Harold 28, 42, 50, 61, Student Index GREENE, Lynwood 181. GRIFFIN, Monty 44, 56, 64, 67, 68, 181. GRIFFIN, Ricky 181. GRIFFIN, Roger 45, 49, 159. GRIFFIN, SoI61,181. GRIFFITH, Steve 48, 55, 160. GRINER, jamie 181. GRINER, james 160. GRIST, Charles 181. GROOVER, Leslie 160. GROSS, Edward 181. GUILLE, M. 50. GUILLEBEAU, Elaine 51, 69, 72, 181. GUNN, Bruce 181. GUILLEBEAU, Gail 28. GUTHRIE, William 160. FREEMEN, Wayne 181. FRESH, MaryneIIe181. HADDEN, Coleman 181. HADDEN, Larry 181. HALL, Charles 56, 61, 63, 181. HALL, james D. 44, 50, 181. HALL, Mark 92. HALPIN, Frank 160. HALL, Trudy 58, 182. HALSTEAD, Ronald 182. HAMAN, Darrell 182. HAMBRICK, Dale 182. HAMM, Ronnie 182. HAMMOND, Steve 182. HAMMONS, Ronnie 102, 103. HAMPTON, Danny 182. HAND, S. 65. HARDWICK, Lynn 44, 72, 80, 97, 99, 182. HINES, B. 65. HOBBS, Dwain 161. HOBBS, Kathryn 183. HODGES, Betty 183. HOGAN, Curry 183. HOGAN, Durleyann 161. HOGAN, Barbara 161. HOGAN, Phillip 53,183 HODGES, William T.161. HOLBROOK, Eddis 54, 58, 161. HOLCOMBE, Clark 161. HOLCOMBE, james 183. HOLDER, Warren 183. HOLLAND, Billy 183. HOLLAND, Merry 24, 51, 55, 56 74, 183. HOLLEY, Gary 161. HOLTON, Susan 183. HONTANEZ, Humberto 161. HOOD, julian 183. HOOD, Linda 183. HOPKINS, HOPKINS, Carol 183. Robert 184. HORN, jo Ann 161. HORTON, john B. 161. HOWARD, Paul 52, 161. HOWARD, Russell 184. HOWARD, Sheri 184. HOWELL, David 184. HOWELL, Sammy 184. HUDGINS, joel 161. HUDSON, Arthur 161. HUDSON, Carter 44, 61, 62, 72 184. HUDSON, Dianne 161. HUDSON, Reginal 184. HUDSON Ricky 95. HARDY, Alex 160. HARMON, Mrs. H. B. 182. HARPE, Donna 57, 72, 82, 182. HARRELL, Bob 160. HARRELL, Sherrell 61, 62, 63, HARRELL, Brantley 29, 59, 61, 14O,142,147,160. HARRELL, Danny16O. HARRELL, N. 63. HARRIS, Betsy 28, 62, 143. HARRIS, C. 61. HARRIS Doyle 61,182. HARRIS HARRIS HARRIS HARRIS 7 Devaughn j. 160. james 44, 182. jonathan 160. Linda 56 59 182. HARRISON, Buddy 182. HARRISON, judy 182. HARRISON, Mike 44, 52,160. HARROD, Cecilia 182. HART, Tommy 182. HARTLEY, Ronald 44, 182. HARVARD, jaye 149, 182. HATCHER, B, 65. HATCHER, Susan 183. HAYES, Paula 49, 183. HAYES, Ted 52, 65, 183. HAYES, Ted 160. 182. HULSEY, Marion 184. HUMBER, john 161. HUMPHREY, joe 50, 184. HURTADO, Napoleon 53, 60 161. HUSSEY, john 44,141,161. INGRAM, Alan 184. IRWIN, Paul 52,161. IRELAND, Carl 184. ISRAEL, Gay 95, 184. IACKSON, Edmund 161. IACKSON, G. 50, 64. IACKSON, Stewart 161. jACKSON, Susan 67, 184. JACKSON, Tom 184. jAMES, Dennis 162. IAMES, Mike 67, 184. jARRlEL, George 184. IARRELL, john 162. jAY, R. 52. IEFFERS, Byron 184. jEFFERSON, jim 46,162 jEFFERSON, Sharon 72, 99, 184. IENNINGS, Sally 134, 162. IENKINS, Terrell 184. IETER, Robert 44, 184. IOHNS, Lary 184. IOHNS, Peggy 184. 62, 64, 159. GILPATRICK, Gary 180. GLOVER, Doris 180. GOBER, Mary Alice 180. GOBLE, Michael 180. GODING Pe 180. , SSY Coy 58, 180. GOFF, GDFF Kathy 159. GOFF, Lindsey 28. GOFF, Marolyn 24, 25, 73, 76, 77. GOFF, Marta 63, 159. GOLDEN, Sandra 28, 42, 43, 57, 61, 63,141,159 GOLDEN, Steve 180. GOLDEN, j. 52. GOODE, Margie 181. GORDEN, Bruce 159. GRAYDON, Watson 67, 181. GREEN, Alex 159. GREENE, jimmy 159. HEATH, AI 46, 160. HEATH, johnny 56, 183. HEETH, Rosalind 61, 160. HELTON, Tom 183. HENDENSON, Dane 183. HENDENSON, Sheldon 183, HENDERSON, Martha 160. HENDERSON, Richard 160. HENDERSON, Thomas 61, 160. HENDLEY, Archie 160. HENDRIX, E. 52. HENDRY, jim 161. HENLEY, Henry 161. HENSON, Danny 183. HENRY, Raleigh, 183. HERRING, Bill 65, 161. HERSEY, P. 52. HESTER, Eunice 57, 183. HIGGINS, john 183. HIGGS, james 183. HIGHSMITH, joyce 42, 55, 161. HINDS, Gary 65, 183. HINDS, john 183. 225 IOHNSON, Emory 58,162 JOHNSON, Mike 185. IOHNSON, jerry 44, 54, 72, 162. IOHNSON, Pate 59, 185. IOHNSON, Martha D. 162. IOHNSON, Wendall 102, 103. IOHNSTON, jerry 85, 87, 92, 93. IONES, Carol 162. IONES, E. 54, 185. IONES, R. 60, 185. IONES, Lynn 162. IORDAN, Don 162. IOWERS, Pleasant 162. KEENE, Richard 162. KEENEY, Don 28, 95. KEENEY, 52. KELLY, T. 52. KENDRICK, Bess 62, 162. KENNEDY, Steve 28 KICKLIGHTER, Debra 59, 62, 70 135. KICKLITER, jimmy 162. KILLINGSWORTH, Kim 162. LEWIS, Albert 88, 92, 186. KIMBELL, Anne 62, 162. KIMSEY, james 162. KING, jarvis 162. KING, C.57,185. KIMSEY, Chris 162. KINARD, G. 46. KIRKLAND, johnny 95, 96, 162. KIRKSEY, Eddie 162. KORT, K. 66. KRUGER, Freddy 95, 186. LABYER, Fred 61, 62, 162. LANGFORD, Bryson 186. LANIER, joanne 162. LANSDALE, j, 46. LASSETER, Roy 58, 186. LASTINGER, Linda 162. LAW, Glenda 57, 61,186 LAWSON, Sue 67, 186. LAVENDER, Ted 52, 162. LEE, George 186. LEE, Glen 186. LEE, Sandi 162. LEMAY, Sue 56, 57, 61, 62, 186. LEWIS, Bill 186. LEWIS, james L. 163, LINDSEY, johnny 186. LINDSEY, Linda C. 70, 163. LITTLE, B. 48. LOBSINGER, M. 66. LONG, Brenda 78, 186. LONG, Chappell 163. LONG, Daryl 163. LONG, Gerald W. 186. LOTT, Randall 186. LOCKLEY, Gail 163. LUMPKIN, Marguerite 80, 187. LOVERING, Charlie 187. LUCAS, Tommy 187. LUCKIE, Mitchell 187. LUKE, Bobby 163. LUNCEFORD, Gayle 187. LYLE, Kathy 72, 163. LYNN, john 47, 187. MADDOX, Mark 163. MADDOX, Larry 163. MAKI, Carol 187. MALLORY, Patricia 163. MANN, T. 48. MANNING, Sam 163. MANNING, Sue 187. MARC, Pierre 60, 187. MARCHANT, Carol 187, 61. MARCHANT, Gail 163. MARCHANT, Patty 187. MARCHANT, Terry 163. MARSH, Chris 66, 163. MARSHALL, Brenda 57, 61, 62, 163. MARSHALL, Buddy 96. MARSHALL, jerry 95. MARTIN, Buddy 94, 95. MARTIN, Carl 163. MARTIN, Greg 46,187. MARTIN, Lemar 52, 163. MARTIN, jan 97, 99,163. MASON, Thomas 187. MASSENGALE, Nancy 187. MASSEY, jimmy 164. MASSEY, john 187. MATHIS, Diane 66, 164. MATHIS, john 164. MATTHEWS, Tim 164. MATTOX, Billy 187. MAXWELL, Steve 187, MCABEE, james 187. McAULEY, Charley McCALL, john 164. MCCLELLAN, Danny 187. McCLURE, Linda 187. McCORKLE, janice187. McDANIEL, Neal 44, 52, 164, MCELVEEN, joyce 187, McELVEEN, Sharon 187. McEVER,,L. 50. McGEE, Mac 164. McKEOWN, Simmy 187. Student Index MCKINNEY, M, 52. MclNTYRE, Virgil 187. MclNVALE, Vivian 57, 188. MCLEOD, Larry 164. MCLENDON, joe 164. McMlLLAN, Kenny 188. MCNAIR, j. 49, MCSWAIN, Carlos 89, 90, 91, 92, 93. McSWAIN, Dennis 85, 88, 92. MEDDERS, Doyle 53, 188. MELLON, Lane 164. MERCER, Roy 188. MERCHANT, julian 164. MIDDLETON, D. 46. MIDKIFF, Gary 44, 65, 72, 188. MITCHELL, Dale 164. MILLER, Arlene 56, 57, 188. MILLER, Barbara 59, 188. MILLER, Greg 188. MILLER, jane 188. MILLER, Paul 44, 54,188 MILLER, Otis 164. MILLER, Sam 188. MILLS, Harry 44, 52, 164. MOBLEY, B, 58. MOBLEY, Charles 188. MOBLEY, Gale 65, 164. MONTANEZ, H. 60. MOODY, Walter 188. MOORE, Gayle 59, 66, 164. MOORE, Larry 188. MOORE, Leslie 85, 88, 89, 92, 143. MOORE, Pam 48, 55, 164. MORGAN, Marward 188. MORGAN, Reland 188. MORRIS, Roy 164. MORRIS, Sandi 72, 97, 98, 188. MORRIS, Tim 165. MORRISON, Dona 24, 25, 74. MORRISON, Eddie 95. MOSLEY, Wayne 165. MOYE, Michael 42, 44, 58, 165. MULLIFORD, jack 43, 47, 165. MURPHY, Cary 189. MURPHY, jimmy 165. MURPHY, Sharon 70, 72, 189. MURROW, Mary jo 57, 61, 72, 79, 189. MUSGROVE, Patricia 189. NELSON, Dianne 71, 189. NELSON, William 189. NEWSOME, Louis 189. NICHOLSON, Sandie 61, 63, 165. NIX, sieve 71, 189. NOLAN, Marie 189. NORMAN, Phill 165. NORRIS, Tommy 165. ODOM, Kay 66, 67, 189. OGDEN, Floyd 189. OGLETREE, Vernon 61, 66, 189. O'HARA, Barbara 57, 64, 66, 189. O'HARA, Maureen 165. O'MARY,fKeith 95, 189. O'QUINN, Al189. O'QUlNN, Kerry 165. OWEN, David 46, 189. OWENS, Darell 61,189 OVERSTREET, Lynn 165. PACK, Odell 87, 90, 91, 92, 93. PADGETT, Henry 189. PALMER, jackie 189. MER Sandra 165 PAL , A PAREDES, Ricardo j. 60, 102, 104, 165. PARHAM, Nancy 189. PARKER, L. 59. PARRAMOR, Charles 165. PARTEN, Michael 189. PATTERSON, Linda 189. PATTON, julian Frank 165. PAULK, Timothy 189. PEARMAN, Elton 189. PEARMAN, Leroy 165. PEAVY, Connie 189. PEDDY, Merle 189, 226 PENDEGRAF, Donna 59, 189, PENN, joe 44,52,165. PEPPERS, Randy 190. PERKINS, Bobby 190. PERKINS, Dana 190. PETERS, joel 165. PETTY, Rodney 190. PETERSON, jeff 165. PHILLIPS, Carolyn 190, PHILLIPS, john 190. PIKE, David 190. PlPPIN,joAnne19O. PITTS, Don 165. PITTMAN, Carolyn 190. PITTS, Linda 165. PITTS, Lynn 63, 72. PITTS, Mrs. Maureen 165. POKOROKI, john F. 165. POOLE, Ben 72, 190. POOLE, Charles 190. PORTER, Phil 190. POSTELL, Lakeeta 165. POTTS, Cathy 42, 59, 61, 62, 149 190. POTTS, Rose 78, 98, 190. POOL, Beverly, jr. 190. f POWELL, Danny 46, 166. POWELL, Dennis 190. POWELL, janette 190. POWELL, Wendell 166. POWERS, Gary 58, 166. PRESLEY, Larry 166. PRESLEY, Royce 46, 190. PREVOTT, Mike 190. PREVOST, Mike 190. PRICE, joe 166. PRICE, Kenna 166. PRICE, Terry 52, 166. PURSLEY, Cyndie 61, 190. PURVIS, jan 166. QUARLES, Wayne 51, 65, 190. QUEEN, Terry 190. RABUN, Ann 191. RACKLEY, Nancy 191. RADFORD, A. j. 191. RADFORD, Susan 42, 59, 70, 72, 191. RAGAN, Maida 59, 67, 72, 79, 191. RAMSEY, Amy 57, 61, 63, 166. RANSOM, Patricia 166. RASSOUL, A. 60. RAWLINS,janice166. RAY, Hank 166. REAVES, joan 191, REESE, jean 57, 191. REEVES, B. 61, 68, REEVES, Grover 166. REHBERG, Donald 166. REHBERG, joe 61,191. REIBER, Sidney 166. REICHERT, john 191. REID, Robert 166. REYNOLDS, Arnold 44, 102, 103, 191. RHUDY, Carolyn 191. RICH, jimmy 54,191. RICHARDSON, Buck 167. RICHARDSON Danny 191. RICHARDSON Garry 191. RICHARDSON RICHARDSON RIDDLE, B. 54. Kenny 95. Tom my 95. RIDDLE, Brenda 82. RIDGEWAY, David 48, 55, 56, 61, 191. RIGDON, Donna 24, 67, 75, 191. RIGGINS, Sid 191. RIGSBY, Ann 191. RILEY, Frank 52, 167. ROBERSON, Tommy 191. ROBERSON, Bob 191. ROBERSON, j. 59. ROBERTS, Doyle 58, 192. ROBERTS, judy 57, 66, 71, 72, 192. ROBERTS, Kenneth 192. ROGERS ROBERTS, Linda 192. ROBERTS, Lynwood 192. ROBERTSON, David 192. ROBERTSON, David 192. ROBINSON, julie 192. ROGERS, Dann 65, 167. ROGERS, Gail 61,192. ROGERS, john 61, 192. ROGERS, Larry 192. ROGERS, Richard 61, 67, 192. , Sheila 49, 192. Student Index STEVENS, Webster 194. STEVENSON, Sean 42, 60, 168. STEWART, Bo 29, 42, 43, 44, 143, 168. STEWART, Harley 87, 92, 194. STEWART, Doyle 168. STILES, Tracy 194. STOKES, D. 46. STONE, Larry 168. STOWE, Mike 194. STRANGE, Sonny 64, 65, 101, 100, ROMER, Hans 60, 192. ROOKS, Eugene 167. ROOKS, john 167. ROWE, Brenda 167. ROWE, Laurie 42, 43, 57, 65, 82, 192. ROWLAND, Dianna 192. ROYSDEN, Beverly 167. RUCKER, johnny 46, 192. SAMS, Wayne 167. SANDERS, Betty 72, 192. SANDERS, Iudy 193. SANDERS, Kenny 65, 193. SANDIFER, Frank 193. SANDIFER, Diane 193. SAPPINGTON, Tom 48, 51, 55, 167. SAWYER, Barbara 66, 167. SAYLER, C. 45. SCARBOROUGH, Glenda 193. SCARBROUGH, Lynn 58, 167. SCHRAMM, Suzanne 80. SCOTT, Charles 167. SCOTT, jerry 167, SCOTT, V. 53. SCOTT, William 167. SECKINGER, Bill 72, 167. SENN, Rhett 193. SETTLE, B. 65, 67. SHANKLIN, AI 193. SHEELEY, j. 61. SHELLEY, Linda 193. SHIRLEY, Glenn 193. SHIVER, Krista 45, 81, 193. SHTIHUENO, Mltuaki 60,167. SIBBETT, Sandy 81, 193. SIMPSON, Linda 25, 193. SIMS, Susan 167. SLADE, Bobby 167. SLENKER, Robert 48, 51, 55, 193. SMALLWOOD, joe 167. SMITH, Bill 167. 194. STRICKLAND, Robert 194. STRIPLING, Dottie 194. SUBER, Ann 168. SUBER, Robert 194. SUMNER, johnny 194. SUTTON, john 41, 194. SWAN N, Helen 168. SWAIN, Reatha 194. SWORDS, jimmy 168. SZORADY, Bobby 44, 66, 168. TALLEY, Kathy 61, 62, 168. TALTON, Wayne 168. TANNER, Nancy 79, 195. TATE, james 53, 195. TATUM, jerry 195. TAYLOR, David 195. TAYLOR, j. L. 168. TAYLOR, joanna 195. TAYLOR, Rodney 168. TAYLOR, Ruckder 95, 168. TAYLOR TAYLORj TEAGUE Sharon 46, 195. Sharon 68. Eddie 195. WALTERS, john 197, WALTON, Mary 170. WARD, Clara 197. WARD, Preston 197. WARREN, Andrew 170. WARREN, Terry 197. WATERS, Laveta 61, 62, 170. WEBB, Marie 57, 61, 197. WELDON, Kenneth l. 170. WELLS, Bryson 197. WELLS, Elry 197. WELLS, Lynette 57, 170. WENDELKEN, Will 197. WERNER, A. 46. WEST, Wayne 170. WHEAT, I. 52. WHEELER, Bobbie jo 197. WHEELER, Larry 197, WHIDDEN, johnny 170. WHIDDON, Margaret 66, 72, 97 99, 135, 170. WHIDDON, Shirley 197. WHITE, Brim 197. WHITE, Marsha 42, 61, 66, 142 147, 170. WHITE, Mike 197. WHITLOCK, Dick 197. WHITLEY, Buddy 89, 91, 92, 95 96. WICKHAM, Lora 29 WIDEMAN, Tommy 197. WILDER, Donald 170. WILDER, Mac 170. WILDES, Albert 197, WILDES, jimmy 58,17O. TEEMS, Kathaleen 65, 195. TENNILLE, Robert 28. TENNISON, j. 49. THOMAS, Bill 169. THOMASON, john 48, 54, 55, 195. THOMPSON, Bill 169. THOMPSON, james 195. THOMPSON, joe Erby 169. THOMPSON, Ronnie 195, THORNHILL, Kay 169. THORNTON, Danny 169. THRASHER, Annette 63, 195. TILLER, john 54, 55, 195. TILLMAN, Kay 62, 169. TIMMONS, jerry 54, 144, 169. TIMMONS, june 29, 66, 143, 169. TODD, Dan 61, 65, 195. WILKINS, William 197. WILKINSON, David 170. WILKOWSKI, Sally 197. WILLIAMS Charles 170. WILLIAMS Greg 197. WILLIAMS Gail 197. WILLIAMS jamie 44, 170. WILLIAMS, M. 44, 50. WILLIAMS, Millie 72, 97, 197. WILLINGHAM, Marvin 170. WILLIS, Carolyn 24, 56, 57, 68, 75 142, 170. WILLIS, Homer 52,170. WILLIS, james 198. WILLIS, jimmy 170. WILLIS, Ruth 171. WILLIS, Sarah 198. WILLIS, Vernon 171. I SMITH, Charlotte, 193. SMITH, Chris 167. SMITH Karen 42 43 59 71 193. SMITHj George 61, 62, iz, 1'93. SMITH Melinda 167. sryiirnf ree 193, SMITH, jimmy 193. SMITH, Lillian 49,194. SMITH, Patti 66,194. SMITH, Tim 194. SMITH, Sandra 63, 194. SMITH, Sim 194, SMITH, Terrell 194. SMITH, Thoams 194. SNYDER, Linda 194. SOCKWELL, Keith 194. SOUTHERLAND, Carol 28, 72 78, 97, 99, 143, 167. SPEARS, Mike 167. SPENCE, Barry 149, 194. I TOLER, Ronnie 195. TOMBERLIN, Steve 195. TOOTLE, Alex 169, TOTH, Chris 44, 102, 103, 195. TREADWELL, Ernest 195. TRUSSELL, Ronnie 195. TUCKER, Becky 169. TUCKER, Carol 169. TUCKER, Donna 79, 169. TUCKER, Kathy 81, 196. TUCKER, Larry 61, 62, 66, 67, 72, 169. TUCKER, Laverne 59, 196. TUCKER, Randy 196. TUDOR, Melanie 196. TURNER, Donald 196. TURNER, Gary 29, 196. TURNER, Linda 196. TURNER, Scott 196. UGARTE, Oscar 169. SPENCER, joan 194. SPENCER, Stuart 102, 103, 104, 168. SPROUSE, T, 50. STABLER, james L. 168. STANTON, Andy 190. USSERY, john, in 45, 42, 72, 169. VALJGHN, Mime 6e,67,ea,19e. VERNER, Becky 29, 42, 43, 63, 70, 169. VESSER, Danny 196. VESSEY, j. 58. STARR, james M. 168. STALVEY, Richard 168. STAVELY, Neal 168. STEGALL, Rick 194. STEPHENS STEPHENSj STEPHENS STEPHENS STEPHENS A. 51. Charlie 96. joyce 194. Ken 194. Tommy 168. vicKERs, Vinson, john 169. Douglas 196. WADE, judy196. WAINWRIGHT, Susan 196. WALKER, Elaine 196. WALKER, Marina 170. WALKER, Mike 196. WALDEN, cneryi 54, 55, 56, 196. WALKER, Nancy 197. 227 WILLS, Bill 47,198 WILLS, Kenny 50, 61, 62, 198. WILSON, Diane 198. WILSON, Don 171. WILSON, Harold 54, 198. WILSON, Larry 198. WIMBERLY, Glynn 198. WINSLETT, Paula 72, 97, 98, 198. WOMBLE, joe 101, 198. WOOD, Hubert 171. WOODYARD, Bill 72, 198. WOOTEN, Martha 198. WORLEY, Mack 48, 199. WRIGHT, Charles 199. WRIGHT, Dempsey 50, 171, WRIGHT, L. 58. WYATT, Kathy 42, 52, 57, 61, 82 14O,144,147,171. WYNN, Bobbie Nell 199. YARBROUGH, Linda 199. YARBROUGH, Melvin 199. YAWN, joe 199. YAWN, Nancy 199. YORK, Charlene 49, 199. YOUMANS, I. W. 199. YOUNG, Larry 199. YOUNG, Loma 42, 61, 62, 171. YOUNGBLOOD, Tommy 199. ZIPPERER, Lamar 199. JZ' swag-as ag ., 'J 'ig I V 15 ------Q-M......, t- :sm ' y' fs ,I mljasf X ing t To ABAC . . . With Warmth Dimension has been emphasized in the theme which takes readers through the pages of this book, And dimension has been experienced by the lABACf staff within itself. Compiling an acceptable yearbook was our overall purpose, but working on the stan has been more meaningful than merely putting a book together. We've learned and grown .. . found abilities to accept criticism, organizc -... given up weekends to move fast, work late . , . and discovered much about other people and, particularly, ourselves. We have tried to incorporate personality A a feeling of warmth in enthusiasm, purpose, and friendship - through a pictorial record ot ABACQ 'I969.. A purpose that we accomplished unknowingly was moving toward maturity by accepting and fulfilling this responsibility. Lasting friendships began as we labored long and hard. Stall members and advisor worked diligently, faithfully, devotedly. lhrough all ot lllis, we got to know each other in a special sort of way M "closer than a crowd." lt was a group in which each of us became a vital part, Enthusiasm was constantly in our midst. There were problems, frustration, but never lasting disappointments. A wild joy exerted itself when pages section by section - were completed, meeting a demanding deadline schedule. The TABAC Beauty Revue was a delightful experience within itself. Willing staff members endeavored to produce a memorable occasion tor participants and those who viewed the Miss llomecoining selection. Here, l'd like to thank a dependable staff for their friendship, enthusiasm, and willingness to work toward our purpose. One wouldn't believe that we actually had problems in finding enough work for everybody all the time. Sometimes we ran into difficulties, but a certain type of understanding prevailed . . . making everything alright, An extra special thanks goes to fABAC advisor Mrs. Helen Strickland, who, thank goodness, did "get her fingers in the pie." She brought zeal and excitement with her to our very first staff meeting and spread it throughout the staff from then until the final deadline. thanks, Mrs. S. for helping me back into this wonderful world of yearbooks, Your kindness, wit, unbelievable good sense of humor, and understanding were most significant in keeping a staff together and thus producing this yearbook. Grateful acknowledgement goes to our sister publication, lhe Stallion, tor lending and sharing with us . . . pictures, scissors, ideas, advisor . . . friendship! We've attempted to personalize this edition of the IABAC' by portraying the warmth of ABAC as we see it - perhaps making it more meaningful for each of you. Abraham Baldwin College has personality. Hopefully, wc-'ve caught that personality and published a unique yearbook . . . for a unique college. For me, the year I9ts8-69 at ABAC has been one I shall never forget. U ist-city Verner Editor P S No thanks to Rachel. c

Suggestions in the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College - ABAC Yearbook (Tifton, GA) collection:

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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College - ABAC Yearbook (Tifton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 181

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