Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing - Sonah Yearbook (Abington, PA)

 - Class of 1939

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Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing - Sonah Yearbook (Abington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1939 volume:

lvngfil' ' v Wm vu 55:1 ' V ' wf Q a I. n V ,. Wvfm ,ff ,M I , - ..., A-LJWJ-' Y 4 W W W W 1 W P W W W W W W W W A. W W W W , W 1 W x W W W 1 - W W - W W W 5' . W W !W W -. .W QAEM URM! 01 UF NV' '9 I 9 Q, H C? 1 Vvittl welcoming portals ever wide, both day and night, Abington Memorial Hospital, by right of its proud past, 'inspires in all the lofty ideal ,of ,service to Humanity. T H E S I C H 4 Entrance at Midnight I : F PRESENTED BY . .IQ SCHOOL N 01: U NURSING R ABINGTQN MEMORIAL S HOSPITAL ABINGTON, PENNA. JUNE . . g .. 1959 N G o o IHHIE TO MR. GEORGE W. ELKINS, Chair- man of the Sctiooi of Nursing Committee, for iiis many icincinesses, for his unfaiiing ttiougtitfuiness, and for his constant encour- agement during our three years in training, we, the Class of Nineteen Thirty-Nine, cieciicate this eciition of the HSONAH." MR, GEORGE W. ELKINS PREFACE The wheels of time have turned-to speedily bring the Class of ,39 from early probationary days to the coveted present, with its Wbite array, diploma, and mucb striven for "R.N.,, Tbese tbree preparatory years may bave held bard Work, but they bave also been fraugbt with truest friendships, uncountable gay IHOUIS, memories which linger. A This Hsonabf' We, the members of the Class of ,59, offer as our treasured accomplishment-an unbreakable link We ourselves bave formed, to catcb and forever bold f-1 down through -tbe years i- time magic of our Training Days. THEQEDUBENCE NIGHTINGALE PLEDGE I SOLEMNLY PLEDGE myself before God and in tbe presence of this assembly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from wbatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any barmfui drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate time standard of my profession, and will bold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. Vvitb loyalty will I endeavor to aid the pbysician. in bis work, and devote myself to time welfare of tbose committed to my care. i 6 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1.1 1 V 1 11 I 1 1 I1 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 . 1 1-11 1 1 1 1 1 I J 1 - !l'2v,', v 1 1 I 1 1 'I , U L1 1 11 1 1 111 11 11 11 12 1 11 i1 '1 11 .1 11 1 1 1 1. 41 11, 5 1 1 f . 11 1 M I1 111' '1 1:1 1 1, 5111 1 111 11 12 11 1 111 11 1m 11 11' 13 1 '11 . 11 11 . ,JW , ,,., fs MRS. RUTH LLEWELLYN LETTINGER Directress of Nurses' 7 Members of the Graduating Class of 1959: "You will be better women for the life which you have led here. But what I mean by better Women is that the eyes of your souls have been opened, the range of your sympathies has been widened, and your ctlarac- ters have been moulded by the events in which you have been participators during the past ttnree yearsf, Sincerely, RUTH LLEWELLYN LETTINGER, RN., Directress of Nurses. 8 NIR. JAIVIES R. YVIAYS . ' Executive, Director A Nlember of the School of NUfSi11g Committee ' 9 NIR. GEORGE F. TYLER president of time Board of Trustees DR. H. B. NVILMER Nledical Director Meniber of the School of Nursing Committee 12 Miss E. PAYE FERNER Teaching Ward Instructress i f 1 IVIRS. HELEN IVICALLEN Directress Qi Nilrsing .Education NIISS A. MARGARET KOHLER Nursing Arts lnstructress -'Milk MISS E. LOLITA Noomi xSSiSfHl1tDiTCCtTCSS.SCl100l0fNlII'Sil'lg NIRS. JOAN f5xSH bllgg RUTH BAKER Night Sllbervisor Assistant Night Supervisor I0 To DR. SUIVINER H. CROSS, staff mem- ber at Ahington Hospital since 1914, memher of the school of nursing committee, physician and friend of the Class of '59-our deep appreciation for his untiring efforts in our behalf. f To DR. FLETCHER D. SAINf-'OIII' sin- cere thanlcs for his excellent medical care and advice, and for his attention to the Class of ,39r-individually and 4 - collectively. ' ' 15 MR. GEORGE F. TYLER President of the Board of Trustees DR. H. B. WILBIER Nledical Director Nlember of the School of Nursing Committee 12A 4 DIETITIANS Nliss Nliss Nliss Miss Virginia Gray Sylvia Biggins Christine Nlinor Elizabeth Fleming 1 l 5 ANAESTIIETISTS Nliss Evelyn Stout Niiss Louise Nfvest lvliss Jeannette' Gilbert H "W '1 SUPERVISIIIIS V ixlizs. RUTH L. LETTINGER, Directress of Nurses NIRS. -JOAN R. ASH, Night Supervisor NIISS RUTH BAKER, Assistant Night Supervisor Bliss. Anna Benesliunas Miss Ethel -Bittle Bliss Carol Cain ' ' Bliss Florence Fleming Aliss Leanda Frankentielcl N N B, D by, A as iss Jean Palmer iss Dorothy Patton Hrs. Dorothy Rieg iss Nlary Stambauglm iss Harriet Stout iss Nlartlia Stranlc Ifi Nliss Wliss Miss Wliss Niiss Kathryn Fritz iwiiclred Groth Mabel Houslmectlri Marion Lawson Nlary Lessiioclc are io become a part of the life of the commonwealth, and will enter into the malf- ing of an even finer nursing profession which it will he your great responsibility and your joyous adventure to build. As I turn my mind hack over the past three years, the pages of memory unroll to reveal many pleasant occasions of our association. The Hproioien stage was soon passed and you hecame efficient student nursesg then the wards and private floors ahsorhed many useful hours of your young lives. I Wish to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the many kind- nesses shown me during those hoursHfor the countless Hmessagesn taken for me, and for the consideration, thoughtfulness and cooperation that enahled me to serve you so happily as Chief Resident Physician. I consider it a privilege to have heen alole to dispense HS.P.C.A.M capsules, to order splints, slings, and even admissions for your occasional illnesses. , Finally, my hopes and affection go out to each of you, now and always, across the miles, and through all the years. A FLETCHER D. SAIN, - Chief Resident Physician. i 9 INTEIRNES Dr. S. Wiighi Hawkins, 1957-59 Di. Isadore M. Robins, 1958-59 Dr. William C. Layton, 1957-59 Di. I. Riva-is Hanson, 1958-40 Di. Charles M Noriieet, Ji., 1957-59 Di. Allen W. Hildioih, 195s--10 Dr. J. Ross Schmidt, 1957-59 Di. C. J. Isaak-Janiaon, 195s-40 Dr. Robert R. Siniili, 1957-59 Di. Theodore W. Pluino, 1938-40 Dr. James Radcliffe, Jr., 1958-40 N X . V. I7 R ,, I ,W 1 W ' if My as ' r .L af I 1.5.3 X fkkr J K , K, I , I LVL' . "Li .x V R . ,6.,,, me A , A "" 9 ' it ' 4 RESIDENTS DR. FLETCHER D. SMN. Chief Resident DR. JOHN W. HOWARD. Resident Ratliologist DR. PAUL Nl. BERNEY, Resident Rliysician DR. JOHN A. PRICKETT, Resident Roentgenologist DR. JAMES R. WARBASSE, JR., Resident Surgeon Dear lvlemtners of tile 1959 Graduating Class: Tliougli l am truly sensible ol ttre lionor done me in tlie privilege of greeting you all in the '39 Hsonalif, yet l am distressed by ttle consciousness that my ability and experience of writing cannot attain time liigli literary standards of your Year Boolc. Indeed. even the most eloquent would find it difficult to express in words the real pleasure it gives me to greet and congratulate tlie 1959 graduating class ol tae Abington Melnorial Hospital Training School. You are to be congratulated not only upon tlae achievement Ol qualifying for tie degree ol Registered Nurse, lout equally upon your identification with the pro- lession tliat laas done, and will continue to do, so mucli for tlie pliysical welfare ol tie lluman race. One great pllilosoplier lias said tllat we are a part ol everyone we have met. ln tiis liglit, l can see tlie radiant inlluence ol a great cliaracter, a brilliant Directress of Nurses, under wliom you liave liad time privilege of training. During the past ti, iree years ol experience and pleasures, mixed witli a few llardsliips, as you have associated yourselves witli your alale leader, all of you liave had an opportunity to lay up a store of lmowledge and ideals, l am confident tile great majority of you liave done tliis and will carry on tlie nolnle traditions of your distinguished protes- sion. Your splendid laitli, integrity, courage, training, social and spiritual insiglit I6 ,I ' i c l 1 I I I L 'i I, H , E! YW ' 4 HHSSES X Q W H N 35g ' in -i N N 3 H li K1 , N 1 45 ,Q 13 fFV : ,, ,x 2 W 1 l 4 N 1 .w x I , L .J NUDE T0 NUIlSES'9 fkf you can fzksais kkks ckockou annk kkks 1uf1s'nui1o'na k Ukks znnnfzsninksncksnk anfk kkkskflakisrnks, koo, I gkks fzakisnksl famikiss anck gown isniofn nwnisi, 'f7nUoukck issm kgak Houlck gavs cjuiks snougg ko ako. df you can flksass kkks Qzaninsf. of kkks f1ank'ny,. I Ugs Jvafloksona wgo mamags anfk kkakkks kkks kkakk, cqnnkvyskk ak you fan rnok nuakging on kkks csikingg 01 smiks wkksn you kkaus kosk gown gsaufs 'flkkons aakk- df you can fzksaas kkks inksnnss annk kkks Eouss ckockou, oqrnnk kkoknk gown kongus wkksn kgs Euckk kgsy kny ko pass, , 01 wkisn ckkamkksfnmainks annk sksuakofn nuo'nEs'na. Ukkinkk gown nkay is kosk wikkkouk kkksifn san-- df you aanskay gown ksnvns wgsn in kkks Jfnug fnoom, asfn fofn uikkom annk wkky you warnk kkksifn wansfn, Sxsnnk you gacg fynonko fo'n fynssafnifzkions, cqnnk makns you akimg wfkak sssms cn mikkkon, 4kai'ns-- ' you swwius kwo kong monkgs in kkks fwikg ukis my gown," anck ufkannk ms kgizn ofn kkkakf' Ukks wiknk sxciksmsnk of kkks nkockonls scokcking, Skikk nkonlk gius uf: anck ksaus Hown kfnaining fkak- df you ckonlk swswn kkks nigkkk Houfus gok a gsauy, Oqrnck a'ns infonmsnk ikka gown kufnrn ko nskisus, df you ikikk skiakk wkksrn kying konguss 'nun 'namf1an.k, Ugak kkkoss in akkafngs assm nkiifloasfk ko kiskisusu df you san, gkicks Paak ak rnsafnky fkaygfnsakk, 56911 kkks kzookk annk makls ik koofn kikls uksn. o'ckoakk,H - df you can ,Look kkks susfn wakagfuk rnwnsszn, qflfkksn you go kkakksss fo'n a unuakkk wnounnk kgs gkockknu df you can Essfl gown gsank wgsn Bskks cvnounnk you ' signs fninging 'kik you nkonlk gnow wkkak ko nko. df you can fnssfz gown kkswnk wgsn kkarnnksoms inksfnrnss 041.5 kosing kgsifns arnnk knkaming ik on you-- df now kkkak you kkaus finiskksnk kzaining, you can kookek kgaakk uflon. kfkin kifs as , Qyouu is kgs safnkkk, Euk Him kks'ns ko kskk Hou, fyowkk Es nok a nufnss--yowkk Es a cgaink, my k efilfm 18 DGLLY RAY BOWEN 9 9 I ALBANY, GEORGIA Shes slim and smart, Has a Southern cirawl, which makes her dear To us, one and ali. ' ELIZABETH JCHNSGN Cl tS37J! 6615- GREENAE ST. GERMANTOWN, PA. Our Betsy wants to gain some But rushing out to keep a date .Prevents the awful obese state, - And only gains a pleasing ma te. 521 me f! X4 . Weight. A T-XJ REBECCA EQ PENNINGTGN "Pennyn 109 GREEN ST. SELLERSVILLE, -PA. A Lab. Technician you would tae? Q Well then, O.K., but when you see Beneath the miscroscope some germs Beware of txow your tummy cimurnst . ,. 1 MARTHA E. STRANK ETHEL IVI. BITTLE 0UR SENI0lEl SPIINSIIBS Cigna! ffuuuzzf-- Q01 H2155 10129 Heals, qflf!s'ua Known, youm foya, flflfioo olfuool youu toon. youlus ofouyylool Haul 04uol,Eoou oo yoool, Uzying fo do ffziinga 545 you olioulfl. ifowz, cuomg uufl wafcging flflfoo uof oouu, Goo iynzfzaffly ' aiu! .sooo foom pain Cyou Eoouylif fo ol! flflfzflizu youu oofoo. JVOLU youllool in ufkzfo, ago young! oo fum! flflfo ooo you yo. Jvo fouyuo ooo fo!! U55 joyo wo ufzoll you, ESO - - q3'CL'LELLfE!X! ov. g.o14Q.o4. 20 RUTH J. KOCH "Cokie" 6557 BAYNTON ST. GERMANTOWN, PENNA. Silas clever and cute, Has a gay, carefree mien, 6KBIId,, she loves to see A De Soto Machine! iirtnl FJ jxN KLA S S l ELEANOR NICN. TYSON ' is UEleanor,, ' 1155 E. STAFFORD ST. X - ' PHILA., PA. C! SI16,S a nice Hun," Gut own Tyson, Friendly, helpful, Willing, gay, Smiling, cheerful all time day. ' BLANCHE M. HEIN n.BlaTlCll8,, 'R.D. No. 5 . NORRISTOWN, PA. Sixeys very quiet, ' Don,t deny it, But does 'a Willing Way possess, which should bring wealth and happiness ! 25 HELEN M. MACKENZIE "Mac" WIDENER ESTATE ELKINS PARK, PA. She lends her clothes in a friendly way So other girls can he chic and gay, But fm glad to know she cannot lend The heart she has to a passing friend. is .A B x , , iz ELINOR R. HASTIE HHastieH 522 SIXTH ST. DONORA, PA. Ch, living minus love is dull This girlie grew to find, l' So S0011 E1 HCNV I'OlfI1al'lC6 she Sfluglltf-4 j w To ease her peace of mind. VE 7 BETTY C HALL Betty 14 E RIDGE ST LANSFORD PA 0 doctors doctors everywhere They re in the wards and on the stair And one who s honny tall and fair ef 22 He takes me here he takes me there HELEN G. FRANKENFIELD HFranl2ie,' , . MARSHALL,S CREEK, PA. E.. J? VVt1ere,s Virginia, fs, Where is she, N Did she go out . -J I4 Leaving me? A " X I am lost Without my sister, - 1 will you help me find her, mister? FLORENCE M. NEIDIG A s"Neidig" 510 FRANKLIN ST. . - A QUAKERTOWN, PA. X , SJ A grand sport b And a good sport, The right sort And a trim sort. SARAH E. STEWART 'usallyu BRYNNMAWR AVE. BRYN MAWR, PA. A competent nurse if you need one, A basketball star fast and true, A girl who has pep, rep and beauty, Here,s a toast, Sally Stewart, to you! , 25 BEATRICE VON STEUBEN s6Bea,, V 1416 LORAIN AvE. - BETHLEHEM, PA. Her wittiness can chase away ' A cIoucI from anyI3ocIy's day, But don't forget that soft brown eyes, Though' Iaughing, can Ime wondrous' wise. ANN IVI. LIPP ' "Lippy" ' Q . , - 2431 W. HILTON ST. I 7- ' I PHIA.,P. ..--lei ' L A K T.-2,.-fl ' 5 ' X3 ' +5 I I Ilear a wisecrack in tIr1e air, V From nortI1 or soutI1 I Icnow not where, But if a stranger, taIce my tip, ' - It issued from tI1e Iips of Lipp. VIRGINIA E FRANKENFIELD Ginny MARSHALL s CREEK P To the movies sI1e must go To oIoserve eacI1 passing sI1ovs CrosIoy GaIoIe cast a speII LocaI Iaoys can t cIo that weIII 24 I H ,I U , A. I by I ' , ' H 1, MILDRED E. PECK "Mid" . 518 E. NORTH ST. CARLISLE, PA. The giggle that we heard, by heck, Could only come from that gal, Peck! She quickly scares tile blues away By giggling, giggling an time day. ELEANORE LUKENS A nLukie , , ' 405 HILLSIDE AVE. JENKINTOWN, PA. Tall and Sleflder, CYCS deep BILIC, Hair ti1at,s blonde and wavy, too. We know wily each moti1er's son Falls so for this lovely one. i ve ig? ga QR .4 5 WILMA E. BUTLER HBuileru 457 DELMAR' ST. ROXBOROUGH, PA. Men they say that blondes prefer, We advocate their taste: For your blonde hair and dimples Should never go to waste. 27 -Y W7 Wrda- Wmnrf .-J.L.T+ .-.fn . .. .M Y. . --. A Y- KATHRYN M. SCHICK ..Kay,, 5143 BARNETT ST. PHILA., PA. Most attractive, short and neat, Bit of temper-often sweet, Kind to patients, Work Well done, May your days bring joy and fun EDNA SHAW nBang-Bangn 4538 CHESTNUT ST. PHILA., PA. I ' P Dependable in all you cio, ' X Steacifastness such a part of you, A ZX p The World is made a better place, A 8 Adil Q A - when foiiis like you care for tile race A k VIOLET L. RICHWINE NIO., ' 55 S. EAST ST. CARLISLE, PA. 4 L Dainty and small she may ine, HConnieH her primary thought, Yet, she is an excellent nurse.-J Much surcease from pain she has brought '76 l i ' i A ALTA HGLMES 6gHOlWlGS,, 290 N. NIAIN ST. K DOYLESTOWN, PA. Lek I . 1 X' xqq R A fog horn in the still of night, . X! X Is that the noise I hear? Lk f ji 5 Oh, noi you say, in cold disdain-1 I - K N K It,s Holmsey drawing near. ' , DORQTHEA DE CUURASEY J ,. 'r'Dot', ' X Ei JAMISON, PA. Q! I Ring out the bell for young Cornell: He,s simply swell! Yes, doing Well In old Cornell Is young Cornell! 4 i A y ABBIE DALE HQPKINSON l "Hoppie,, 1,3 122 YORK ROAD ' JENKINTOWN, PENNA. Sleeping in a rocking chair, Thait,S the life for meg Dreaming dreams of Florida, ' Near the bright blue sea. 3? W V if Qi W 2 M iw s Q 5 fm I M Q 1 , M Ur' 21: rx A-1 l. 2 J? lp -N 0 Q l DOROTHY MCILHATTEN "Mac" 115 E. MORELAND AVE. HATBORO, PA. A friencl Worth while, just loads of fun, Who keeps young William on the run. May you find laughter, never tears, Your hoon companion through the years. 1 MARY GENEVIEVE HAYS "Hamm 347 S. LINCOLN AVE. M 5 V. . K NEWTON, PA. N . An all around gal-4 . l The kind of a pai I 2 Who always her help will extend: I 7 N A In nur-sing, We find W N VVe need just your kind, k For more than a nurse'-you,re a friend! A KATHRYN M. SMITH 1 Q "Kitty, 146 W. BERTSCH ST. LANSFORD, PA.. Itas the little things that count, A You may often readg j L Anduhecause you're small and cute Lf' Thus you count, incteecit 28 - I 4 BERNADINE ELLIS ICB , as 1 QFTIIG 1 5962 AUGUSTA ST. 2? 222- rt? Q22 9399 5 'U :Q-E Sgg CD . sm' 213' QU oi. ' EQ.. :PST 0. fb ,CSX M' J W' f I ' Onnher finger, there,s a thing Q7 i Called her new engagement ring. I5 P l . ' A DORIS ELEANOR CRANCH ' H Cranclzien XBRYN ATHYN, PA. C X - X.: Unassuming, quiet lass, . . We hardly see you as you passg Yet your willingness reveals A heart that understands and feels. EDNA JACKSON i Hlaclzieu 1. SELLERSVILLE, PA. A 4 It would be hard to quite disguise The lights from those two twinkling eyesg What gives them joy, what makes them smile A Vvhen you do naught but Work the While? 3 1 l z L ! 51 ELIZABETH J. SWEENEY usweeneyu 405 HOFFNAGLE ST. Fox CHASE, PHILA., PA. She loves to hurn the midnight oil, Although her days are full of toil, I wonder, Sweeney, if you know' Ten-thirty struck three hours ago? --lax ' f - - KE F-X31 I U7 E. DORIS BATES UBatesien Q03 ALLEN LANE WILLOW GROVE, PA. Early to rise, Fun-loving, wise, t Panama waits For the girl known as Bates! MARGARET CALL .. Peg ,, 116 S. 7TH Sr. NORTH WALES, PA. A girl well worth knowing A nurse that is fineg We,re glad you will enter Our graduates, line. '50 SARAH LOUISE VLIET HSally,, RD. NO. 1 PHILLIPSBURG, N. J. X Hair of reddish-golden hue, Lovely, sweet and fair, A A IL You have made a splendid nurse D X For those in your care. Q kj If ALICE S. PETERS Hpetersn 26 N. 4TH ST. ' COPLAY, PA. Aft 2 Every night, when duty s o er A We can see you through the door. Reading books and munching cake ,Til you cannot keep awake. MARIAN E. THOMAS uTommy,, 1819 MAIN STE V NORTHAMPTON, PA. - You spend your .nickels for a Coke Until you are extremely broke, - And then cold Water has to do-1 Unless Dad sends a check to you. VIRGINIA I-IGLBERT , "Ginny H WARRINGTON, PA. Oh, quicIcI My Iiair I,ve got to rinse At eight o'cIocIc I must see Vince.. Then we wiII ride a miIe or two . And at the moon. will take a viewy II IDA BEAUIVIQNT "FIash,' ' 8049 FERNDALE ST. PHILA., PA. A redhead with' tI1e gift of gab, A friend of one named HFran,'g The work you've cIo,ne has I1eIpecI to ease X The mortal iIIs of man. I ,A . I , AXE, XI LE,-kiqlk I FLORENCE V. SIMMONS I "FIossieH 5911 FAIRMOUNT AVE. PHILA., PA. Flashing eyes, a ready smile, " Happy, friencIIy, cute, ' When a patient needs a nurse-1 I am sure you,cI suit. ginas fini you cams to O4 gfcoufz of glzoliiaa naw, qfilslvs wafalisfl willi fyzlcls ina LUOQIQT you 04 loyal liancl ancl haue, Ulia flags wsfza o flsn wifll foil, you liacl fo lsafzn ins gnacli fgf giving fzilla fox flafisnfai illa, CD15 liow fo 'zuli a Eaali, you gfzaw fo gnow liow CU'El:if28'ZEJ wofccli fgfcouglif cfuicll fcaliaf ffzom Pain, you iliingi wfcong, fnsn cloggeclly micl clufisa olaz again, Qui afzlsncliclly youius nzacle flis gfzacla 04ml now gown laufzali final, ..1'B.-zaauis you foog ina time to Es goocl nuusi--Qwest anal liincl, Oqncl looliing Bacll in mebzoafzaaf, youlll fcsalizs ilia fun CLASSEDEDICATIUN you Eacl wgsn :even Bella 'collacl ,'Z,Ol,LI'l6l, J fmliin clufisa nolily clone, G4 aaul gains in flis lscfuzs 'Loom Ofc clfzuaing fofc a glance, O4 time flak af five of ian, 04 liif: of gay zomanas-- Ulisas lnslnofufu will lingsfc on O44 you sxfnlozs liff-3,4 waya, Oqncl Houlll 'recall wifli wiaffulnaii Ulis awall, olcl bzaining claw., icqncl wifli lliia noisgay o f ills fiail, Jiffay U fzfcsasnl fo Hou, 04 f5'LUEl2f fnaysfc fliaf liziglifz iucasm Bs youu in all you clo. :fifiay liafzfzinsm ancl lisalbli anal luali BE alwayi at Howe iicls, 901 youifzz oufz clam of liliimfy-nine, 'Dum fmiancli, oufc liofzs, oufc fyciclel FLORENCE FLEM1NG, RN. X 66 9, To DENNY FLEMINGPH We give our sincere utiianiis for iier interest, and Wiiiing cooperation in the making of this iuooic. ' 55 CASE IIISTIIIIY 1. INTRODUCTION Name-Class of 1959 Service'-Humanity Date of Aclmissiong-'February 5, 1.956 Reaolmittecl-September 8, 1956 Date of Discharge-Niay 24, 1959 Diagnosis-Proioies Condition of patient on ctischarge-'Graduate nurses Referrect hy,-High School Agencies interestecl-Family, Doctors, Supervisors, and Upper Ciassmen. H. SOCIAL HISTORY Nationality '-Pennsyivania, New Jersey and Georgia sent their prettiest A . - and wittiest girls to Abington to spend three years. AOccupation- -Jacic of aii tracles Enizironmentr-5roi Floor -Nurses Home 5rd Floor Annex Qnct Floor Nurses Home 2nd Floor Annex 5rci Floor Niaternity 5rd Floor Hospitai Total IncomeFS5.00 a month minus ioreaicage and hooks. Diet Sleep Exercise Recreation 111. NIEDICAL HISTORY Past History,-4 Complaints Symptoms Etiology Treatment Prognosis -'Three meals a day pius Hamburgers and Hcoiiesf, -Ten to six? ,-Pientyi -Glee Ciuh, Book Reviews, Class Nleetings, Dances, Bas- ketball, Swimming Parties, Skating Parties, Sewing Cir- cles and Dates. Colds, La Grippe, Athletes, foot, infections, T. 8- A., Scarlet Fever, Pneumonia, and Five Appendectomies. I-Tired feet, Corns, Shaixy knees fespeciaiiy the first day in the 0. RJ, Sleepy, Hungry. . P-Burnt fingers ............ . . diet kitchen Chappect arms . . . . . operating room Headache .... .... B . Surgical Photophoioia u t I .... I Biinding and buzzing Tinnitus 1 lights on any ward. Chills . . . . . c Night Duty HUnicnown. --One day off each week. I-Capable and efficient nurses. 56 MR. WILLIAM By LANG Head of the Inter-County Hospitalization Department We, the class, Wish to extend to Mr. Lang our deep- est gratitude for his excellent suggestions and con- structive advice in the publication of this book. He has ever been Willing to give of his valuable time and of his knowledge to aid us with this ,59 HSonal1.,, 57 ' ,-vnu -M:2,.Ad4-W Y i -ml t -1 . Q .9 A V ..,. , g , ,Z ., I S. s 2 Zi' 1 3 1 -,gif lf' ! 2 'X 'Y new s j I 'jjf lbw. 'Md 7 A ... Sunni' 1 . wf,wMf,vm Arm--s f f ' g . ., Q "" Q' V. ' 2 E 3 ' Q . 5 E 1 f mfgfawg M QP W Q '5' , ,W 'T as: '- off-'P- it Q E i , - gf? 'i"W,t We 9 y P . ,, i i i f S " P. . i 5 E . . . , F. , ,E yn ' is 4 CLASS 0F 1940 Helga Aamocit Bernice K. Alien Harriet C. Borda Margaret Bracihury Helen D. Fuimer Ruth Benner Qiivia Bracier Phyllis I. Cloud Eieanor'R. Dc-:sch Ruth E. Dorward Anna S. Foyie I Dorothy F. Glick FEBRUARY GROUP Frances Groff Ethel Hunciertmaric Ethel D. Kuip Helene Laveiie Ethel A. Lines Marcia D. Losse Florence R. Martin Ann Nuss Betty M. Taylor Lillian E. Tuticus Eva I. Wiidoner Eciythe Zetty SEPTEIVIBER GROUP Niary L. Goundie Katherine F. Harshaw Neva IIIQFHHI Nlartha E. Johnston Dorothy L. Keyser Niary Kathryn Leaman Constance Moyer iviary N. Philips Helen Bates Ricicert Loretta Ni. Roeder Elizabeth Roth E. iviarie Siotter Emma J. Smith Dorothea R. Vvhite Gertrude E. Vvoclocii Niarion J. Yerices TO OUR BIG SISTERS Xfve said to ourselves, a fine verse we will writeg A paean of praise. of their Beauties wen raveg Their nursing wen hoost till they Hush at the sight Cf the pleasure and help that they gave. 1 58 So for hours we pondered, we scratched and we scrawtedg We twisted, contortect, resorted to stangg We tested and tried tilt our heads were near hatd-1 But we still hadn,t gotten the Hhangf, , Then we finally decided to leave it Has ish To he true to the verse and forget to he kind, To say anything that comes into our heads-f As long as we get it to rhyme. The Frantcentield sisters we,H never forget, such a charming and lovely pair They have a sort of Hpocono twangnf-hut what heautiful curly hair! Gr Tommy who is wise in ways she hasntt gleaned from hooks: Vve would,n,t want her funny strut-'hut geet Weyd love her looks! s. Miss Hastie we with envy view, she's quite the perfect nurseg Has beauty, poiseg hut is she slow? fthis verse is getting worsej. Now Betsy Johnson, there's a gait hlue eyes that shine like stars,-4 But so darn thin a puff of wind might shoot her up to Mars. That noisy little Simmons girl-'can we forget her? never! Her chuhhy cheeks, her coitish ways, her efforts to he clever. Miss Mcllhatten we all Ioveg of course, she's never quiet. ' She sings and shouts, cavorts ahout, grows stout, and laughs at diet. We Worry so ahout Miss Koch, dark heauty, charming ways: A real "ma.n's girlf' hut miles away, in fact, she's in an daze. The hahy of your freakish class, that tiny Richwine elf, Puts alcohol tags on patients' wrists, and patients on the shelf. A curly head, a southern drawl, has little Dolly Bowen. Shes always in the smoking room. Smoking? dear not sewin,. Now Alta with her raucous voice, disturhs our needed rest. A real good sport in spite of that, we count her 'mong the hest. Qur Ahhie Dale'-fa lovely girl with eyes so dark and deep-1 A little on the heavy side, hut not from too much sleep! Miss Hall is famous for her grace, we,ve never seen her hustle: But still she seems to get ahout, escorted hy her Russell. Now Miss MacKenzie has us stumped, she acts so meek and mild: K But we hear she tosses shoes and shouts when someone gets her riled. Miss Von Steuhen missed her calling, we're sure you,H all agree, A Barrett or a Barrymore is what she ought to he. Vvho terrorizes prohies? Who keeps us all in awe? I guess we aggravate her toog-apoI0gi6S, Miss SIUIW- Betty and Dot you can them: Jitterhugs we all titterg WE know the secret password, and Boy-kin they jitter! Miss Butler is a hit ahrupt, a domineering missg We hope when wed to Milton he,H change a hit of this. The carrot tops who numher fourg Ida, Eleanor, Betty, Sally Add color to a drah array. Enough of this! Finale! '59 CLASS 0F 1941 Jane Bieiier Eiizaioetii Morgan Madia Smith Elizabeth Dougherty June Nowacic Jean Worstall Barbara Kaesiialfier Virginia Quimby Doris Wright THE JUNIOR CLASS' DIARY FEBRUARY 16,-'Un this never-to-ine-forgotten date, We, the Junior Class, timiciiy crossed the 'tinesiiiuoici of Abington Memorial Hospital to become tire Hproimiesf' P FEBRUARY 17-We first wore our uniforms-were the aprons ioaggy? MARCH 4-Qur first Hexamf, That was only time beginning. fHeaven, iieip usU MARCH 23-We squeamisiiiy Watciieci our first surgery-perforrneci on a guinea pig. Hold Tight! 40 MARCH 28'-Duty called us for the first time. Heavens-we saw some patientsi APRIL 27'-Vve took a trip to Sharpe and Dohmeas laboratories. A grand time was had hy ali'-'especially since Hpappyu Fowler was along. But, ohpathose snaicesi IVIAY 2-Qur first department changesi will we ever get used to it? New super- visors, new seniors, new patients, even new monei metal to Bon Ami. MA.Y 12'-Vve ciimhedlinto our slacks, and had a "Doggie roastu at Baederwood Miss Quimby made a huge bonfire. fP.S. She used to he a girl scout., We had plenty to eat-and so clici the mosquitoes. JUNE 17'-Qur first autopsy. We can still eat! JUNE 28'-Vve were capped. COL, Can it hew Now we are complete, until, in two and a half years, We get our white uniforms,-we hopei - SEPTEMBER 10-24-'Vacations-they speak for themselvesi The .new Hprohiesn arrived While we were away. ' QNOW, vve,re no longer at the very hottomj JANUARY 9'-Vve had our picture taken for the year hook. Uh! There it is on the other page. No, we are really supposed to he awake. During these first onths of our hospital training, each of us has had numer- ous unforgetahie experiences. We realize with anticipation that the remainder of our training holds in store for us many more. . 41 lr a i E PRE CLINICAL STUDENTS i Ellen lvl. Aslilsrralee Winifred M. Bird Mary Ernily Davis Frances Dolinny Kathryn NI. Franks Erliel E. Gclla Rebecca E. Jones Virginian Keini Billee A. Kilmer Ruth H. Leech Mary E. Ridgeway S Pauline E. Miller Judith F. Roberts Hannah Moore Caroline A. Rufe Dorothy E. Moyer Mildred S. Schmidt Anne E. Shields Edith M. Murphy Eileen Elizabeth Nielsen Helen MacDonald Shields Natalie B. Pollack Betty C. Slack Margaret E. Peiglital Jane A. Springer it l Janet L. Rice Margaret E. Wilson 5 Nlary M. Wynn Ruth Ziesel f 4. 4 Y l FROM THE PROBIES Gn a dreary, rainy day in September, the Class of 1941 entered the School of Nursing of Abington Nlemorial Hospital. The weather must certainly have reiiected the moods of some of us, for here we were, entering a new life--'entirely on our own'-'hoping to make the grade, and to measure up to the traditions and accomplishments set for us hy previous classes. U While most of the class are from Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey also have contributed to our ranks. ,L We have been educated at various high schools, as well as at Temple, Beaver, Limestone and Catawba colleges. We hope what education we have acquired will fit us for the rigid course of instruction We are now undertaking. We extend our congratulations to the Class of ,BQ and our thanks to them- for the inspiration they have provided for us. We hope to he ahie, in our three years of training, to do as good a ioh as they have done, and to he ahle to record as many accomplishments when it is our turn to publish our HSGNAH.', A , , "PROBIE" NGNSENSE ROBERTS asked his mother for some NIOORE bread, hut she said No the MILLER told me there was a SLACK i.n the supply and we have to use less there s RICE instead. In disgust he went to the SPRINGER to wash his hands and he noticed a LEECH in the pipe on the RUFE. He exclaimed, 'SMY GOLLAI NIOYER darn tr0uhleT Little MURPHY tried to put her PEIGHTAL in the pipe to stop the LEECH After the pipe was fixed NEILSON and WILSON took their SHIELDS to see who could WYNN at fencing. They accidentally SCI-IMIDT a BIRD which was perched on a BRIDGE near the ASHES. Since ROBERTS was ZIESEL ahout animals he felt had and ran over to the wounded hird and criedr-"HAR-RIS the bird now?" He wanted h s hrother to he KEIM to dumb animals. Mrs. MURPHY said he shouldnt feel had about the CHIPPY because we all have our ups and DOWNES. 45 ,A wwf f 1-...Q 2. bf.Z5's? 5:52 -- 917' nufijig if xr! Aw --y, 1: ' 2,535 Q' L-wa .,,. A5 I9 -1.7 W 51, fum .. P- , f ,pf 5 If 73 ,ff I f . .1Z', 4f" jr. 1f,,-fy, ,Mgt M' , I J ' u ,' ,k u P ? " T m-:rib nl :fl ' ff f A ' Q , , . f 2 G. Y! 1 "L '1 T 'x x ii . A xl 'Z Y , , Q 4 l . . Z if fi . ' 25. Mi 5 Hx A 11, 1! ' , K ,I F -1 wwwwfn X0 741 ,xy ,Zi ' 4 V , f M-.fn .- fn-... W ..f.,-,.w.L.,. ,, ,,,,.L.,, 41 -..-V 4,,., .N 4 A Mm ,5 Yli' - QW xz, X f ,X.,,,z.X.,. M. rw S . u5.':E'i' Z- .2 My wk: '5 f . W y.. x .43 2 M. - AW 4, , A QQ, Q 4 f P 1 f y C X C5 Qfvg xi mzizg- ' VM. I 0 .. . W U Qqwv-QMN .J CLASS WILL VVE, the ciass of 1959, of the School of Nursing of Abington M.Cll'l0fiill Hos- pital in Abington, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, being, we hope, sound in minci and body, cio hereby maice and publish this our last will and testament. I. To you, H. To you, to Wait III. To 1. 2. 5. 4. 5. IV. To 1 . WE the up and coming Senior Class, We do hereby give and bequeath: 1. Une added 12:50 pass each month. 2. Permission of the School of Nursing Office to punch the c1oc14 at 10:50. 5. The privilege to sit at the senior tabie. 4. Qur torn and tatterecl uniforms. . 5. Lastiy, our superior inteiiigence. the Intermediate Class, we do hereby give and bequeath the patience until your turn comes. you, thepoor incoming Hprobiesf, We do hereby give and bequeath: The ability to bluff. The ability to take orders rather than give them. The singular honor of distributing the hymnals at chapel. The professional ban on Iipstick, nail polish, Hoppy curls, dirty shoe Iaces, U and chewing gum. The privilege of being 1ast and ieast in everything. certain inc1ivic1ua1s, as follows: ELINOR HASTIE ABBIE HOPKINSON ELEANOR CRANCH VIOLET RICPINVINE QUEENIE ,EMMERT BEA VON STEUBEN BLANCHE HEIN LORRAINE FANVCETT MARION THOBIAS BETTY NAUGLE Do hereby give and bequeath my Do hereby give and bequeath our 46 Loquaciousness Drowsiness Conscientiousness Frienclliness All Bran Wir Quiet Aloofness Curls feet Temperamenial g 3 To ETIIEI. HUNDERTMARK PHYLLIS CLOUD RUTH BENNER CONNIE IVIOYER ANYONE VVHo NEEDS Ir ETHEL LINES OLIVIA BRADER ANN Nuss MARCIA LOSSE ii , I I 1 i A S 1 r K . Mi I QV' li 'ivy s 1 1 s,1 1 S I H I I -w 3 ' ' V 4 , .H , . . r x, w 185 m fn? F I 1 ll ,lv 1 1 5 ' E 1 ii J 'a DR. DAMON B. PFEIFFER DIRECTOR OF SURGICAL SERVICE MENIBER OF THE STAFF OF ABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL SINCE ITS BEGINNING IN 1914 wmfiie longer I live, the more deeply I am convinced that that which makes tI1e cIifferenCe between one man and another-between the weak and the powerful, the great and the insignificant-is energy, invincible deter- mination, a purpose once formed and then death or victory. X - DR. IRVINE M. BOYKIN Visiting Surgeon DR. J. WALTER LEVERING Visiting Surgeon DR. CALVIN M. SMYTHE, JR. Visiting Surgeon DR. J. NIONTGOMERY DEAVER Visiting Q Surgeon 48 .nf N DR. GEQRGE NIQRRIS PIERSQL DIRECTOR OF NIEDICAL SERVICE uxfve live in deeds, not yearsg in thoughts, not hreaths In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time hy heart-throhs. He most lives Who thinks most, feels the nohlest, acts the hestf' DR. SUMNER H. CROSS Physician-in-Chief DR. R. DALE HOPKINSON Visiting Physician DR. JOHN B. POLANSKY Visiting Physician 49. ' DR. ALEXANDER RANDALL SURGEON-IN-CHIEF UROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT U-fine men Whom I have seen succeed ioest in life have always been cheerful and hopeful men, who Went atoout their Business with a smite on their faces, and took the ,changes and ctxances of this mortal life like men, facing rough and smooth alike as it camef, DR. EDWARD W. CAMPBELL Assistant Visiting Surgeon DR. F. E. HANBY Assistant Visiting Surgeon 50 DR. GEORGE OUTERBRIDGE SURGEON-IN-CHIEF GYNECOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT li I . Courage and pCI'S6V6I'Ell1C6 IIHVC El IIIHQICHI t6llISlTl8.l1, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into airf, I DR. ROLAND D. PORTER Visiting Surgeon sr DR. JOHN EHVIAN DIRECTOR OF PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORIES "TO achieve what the world calls success a man must . . . keep a little in advance Of the times. The man who reaches the top is the One who is not content with doing just what is required Of him. He does more." DR. WALTER G. KARR Biochemist Of Laboratories DR. CHARLES G. GROSSCUP Research Chemist DR. EZRA P. CASMAN Bacteriotogist MR.'.' RUSSELL H. FOWLER Assistant Bacteriologist 52A DR. FREDERICK H. KRAUSS SURGEON-IN-CHIEF GTO-LARYNGOLOGY DEPARTMENT MEBIBER OF THE STAFF OF ABINGTON IVIEMORIAL HOSPITAL SINCE ITS BEGINNING IN 1914 HAS I grow olcler, I simplify both my science and my religion. Books mean less to meg prayers mean Iessg potions, pills and drugs mean Iessg but peace, friend- ship, iove and a life of usefulness mean more, infinitely F lTlOI'6.H DR. WILLIABI INIEWSON Surgeon-in-Chief I 55 W I I I DR. ROLAND D. PORTER f OBSTETRICIAN-IN-CHUEF I I I 3 I I I I ?, I UNO man is Worth his salt who is not ready at aII times to risk his body, to risk his Weil-being, to risk his Iife. in a great cause." I DR. J. CALVIN HARTMAN I Obstetrician-in-Chief I DR. ARTHUR C. HEHN Visiting Obsieirician ii . I I ii if I DR. EVERETT S. MCDANIEL, JR. 44 II I 3' Assistant Visiting Otmstetrician DR. CHRISTOPHER TURMAN It Assistant Visiting Obstetrician . I L I I 54 if I U I S I I I I I I I I i I I I I I i il ' ei! 5 . oh il 2, i X R . LQ ' ' W3 IQ' .5 4 ' E J DR. JOSEPH STOKES, JR. PHYSICIAN-IN-CHIEF PEDIATRIC DEPARTMENT in 131 iii A +1 Sr HHe who helps a child helps humanity With an im- mediateness which no other help given to human p i creatures in any other stage of human life can possibly 1 4 1 1 . . 99 p give agam. ,r U i . J ill DR. THEODORE S. WILDER Visiting Physician DR. CHARLES J. COLE, JR. f Visiting Physician f . V l 5 ' 55 n M jx: ga X THF LABURATURY Gften overloolced when praise is offered for advance against disease, time laboratory is, nevertheless, a complete vital unit in the campaign for bealtb. Too few persons realize ttle importance of the laboratory' as an invaluable aid and guide for time physician. Therefore, we propose a tour tbrouglm Abington,s Pathological Laboratory whose- director is Dr. Jolwn Eiman. First, we approach the Histology Section, which is concerned with the micro- scopic examination of tissues. fvvoe be to any student who labels the specimens incorrectlyll ' Our attention is now drawn to the room directly across time corridor where the cbemical content of time blood is analyzed. Here we see blonde Miss Jones calcu- lating tbe amount of sugar in time blood of a diabetic. fvvoe be to any student who neglects to bring down the 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. blood specimenst, p A5 we leave this unit, we encounter Andy'--the li--Handyu man about tlle lab, dasliing to and fro performing bis cbores, washing bottles, sweeping Hoors, and keeping time place in order. fvvoe be to any student who touches bis guinea pigsll After Andy passes, we proceed to time rigbt, entering time bematology depart- ment wlnere blood is examined under the microscope. Scattered over the deslc are numerous requests for blood counts, some ustat,H some routine, all a part of the day's worlc. ln one corner, a technician is rapidly typing blood to malce transfusion safe. The urinalysis department is also in action. QOI1, tbose P.S.P. and Mosentbal tests., , Last, but not least, is dear Mr. Fowler, with bis assistants. He, incidentally, endeavored in our uprobieu days to teactl us the subject which is his delight, namely -Bacteriology. He is, as usual, surrounded by his culture mediae, bis slides, and his specimens of every lcnown strain of bacteria. We shall never forget lVlr. Fowler because of trisctleery smile, and bis friendliness to us, from our uprobieu days up. At the far end of the room, time centrifuge wliirls madly, time incubator lceeps growing bacteria at body temperature, time agitator noisily sbalces raclcs and raclcs ol test tubes. Yes, tbis Ulabu is a busy place, and we all owe to it a debt of gratitude, for it is bere tbat causative organisms are discovered, diagnoses are confirmed, chemical content of all body Huids are found to be eitber normal or abnormal, vaccines are oftentimes made, and various treatments are indicated. 56 '? , 3 1, 1 i 3 2 5 il is P l ,. F 71 I 'Y if if I l ! E Il ra if wg 1 I Q. it 1 3 4 i I II F I QI If Iy,g I I ' I f ,I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I "I I I I I ,If I' 5 9, 'II :I . I I 7I I ' I 'I I .1 -I Il :Il I I I I I I III J II Ir I II I II I IQ I II , 5, Ip , , 1 I II ' I, E, I . I I BASKETBALL The Abington Basketball team, in blue and gold, with Sally Stewart as captain, has added another successful season 'to our Basketball history. Despite occasional defeat, school spirit and all-round good sportsmanship were constantly displayed. Thursday nights were set aside by members of the team for practice in Jenkintown High School Gymnasium. The exhilaration of feeling fit, the joy of competition, the love of the game, wiped out the drudgery of practice sessions. The A.A.A. Dance, given annually to procure funds for team expenses, was an outstanding social and financial success this year. The enthusiastic efforts of the coach, Miss Leslie Perkins, were much appreci- ated. She left with the girls -much useful knowledge of the game of Basketball. Nlembers of the squad were: Doris Bates - Alta Holmes Florence Neidig Margaret Call Abbie Dale Hopkinson Mary E. Ridgway Ruth Emmert Constance Moyer Sarah Stewart Dorothy Harris Edith Murphy . Genevieve Hays, Mgr. Six of the Girls of the Team leave this year with the Graduating Class. They are Niisses Stewart, Neidig, Holmes, Hopkinson, Bates, and Emmert. Presbyterian '- , Abington'- Episcopal Abington- Lanicenau Abington Hahnemann i- Abington Nlethodist Abington Temple .... - Abington Internes . . .f-H Abington ABINGTON CHEERLEADERS Kathryn Leaman, Niary Phyliips, Marie Siotter 58 In in the School of Nursing. Under the direction of Nlrs. Helen Riddell Holcomb, conductor, and Nlrs. Henrietta Horne, accompanist, tI'1OSC of us who enjoyed singing met regularly to learn to harmonize as a group. Under the very able direction of our leaders, who gave unreservedly of their time and talent, We progressed quickly and soon Were able to present Wen-rounded programs, which met with tI1e kind approtoation of our audiences. Qur rehearsal nights were entivened on many occasions by tile Gray Ladies of the American Red Cross who graciously entertained us and who turned our rehearsals into gala social evenings. GLEE CLUB '59 September, 1958, a Cttee Club was introduced as an extra-curricular activity THE HIT PARADE All Alone ............ A Tisket, A Tasket .... Any Time At All ..... Cry, Baloy, Cry ..... Contidentially . . . . Day After Day ...... Deep ln A Dream .... Everylnodyls Doin, lt. . . Say lt lsnlt So ........ Having Myself A Time .... Howls Chances ....... l Go For That ........ Imagine My Surprise. . . ll ltls Last Thing l Do. Jeepers Creepers ....... .....o My Heart Belongs to Daddy .... ......... l lm Broke .. ..... Night Duty in the 0.R. . . . .lVly little drug laasket . . . .Getting off duty ............Nursery .........Oilice Call For three long years During Class Year Book, We hopel .Blocked lntravenous . . . .Buying a ...........12:50Pass Desserts ......Time Gilt Duty ............Twins . . . . . . . .l'll Graduate .....5-11 Shift again Flat-Foot Floogie ..... w ...... ............ E lla Small Fry ......... .. ................... Prohies So Help Me .......... ............. , . .vvangensteen You,re All l Need ........... ..... A Hamburger with Onions l Can't Escape From You ........ ................. lVl iss Ball ln My Solitude You Haunt lVle. . . ..... Stock Tahle ' lt's June in January .... Youlre My Desireq. . .. . What Goes Cn Here. . That Old Feeling ..... Three Little Words .... Ho Hum ............. .ooo- Sweet Little Headache ..... Hold Tight .......... ,Who Who . . .... Diet Kitchen ......Diploma Sheet . . . . .Appetite at 10 P.lVl. . . . .Sponge Count, Please A.lVl. ' . . . . . GIIICOSC Tolerance ...........Retract0rs A DO You REMEMBER? padded around all night in tennis sneakers? tied l.V. tuloing in circles? Who flooded 4th Floor with water? Who threw a laucket of Water out the Window on Vvard A? Who made custards with loutterrnilk? Vvho specialed a cadaver? Who had a patient sign permission for autopsy instead ol operation? Who dropped a suture hook on the lloor at the beginning ol Dr. Pfeitferls clinic? Who Who Who Who Who asked the chief to Wait a minute during an operation? gained Weight in the 0.R.? lost Weight in the Diet Kitchen? enjoyed lneing called out at night? had hut two speeds-slow and stop? 60 l g AMUNG our: ALUMNAE Niarla A. Southard, c1ass of ,58, was married to Edward Duke, Jan. 1959. Stella Kazmirchuk, ,58, to Fred Schaefer, Got. 1958. 1V1arion Batdorf, ,52, who was stationed at Palmer, Alasica, for a number of vears, has returned. Her experiences have been most interesting and educationai. Edith C. Carlson, ,52, has accepted a position at E114 County General Hospitai, and is being transferred into District No. 8. Dorothy Bell, ,56, was married to P. Aiton Rieg, Nov. 12, 1958. ' 1V1r. and 1V1rs. Kenneth Hayter, of Abington, are being 'congratulated on the birth of a daughter. 1V1rs. Hayter wi11 be remembered as 1V1iss Ethel Dager. c1ass of ,24. I ' Dr. and iV1rs. Robert Burke are being congratu1ated upon the birth of Grace Arleen Burke. Mrs. Burke wi11 be remembered as G. Arieen Eastwood, class of '56. Nieredyth V. Cutting, c1ass of 156, was married to W. VV. Thomas, D.D.S., 1V1arch 9, 1958. Nliidred Nieyers, 956, was married to Frederick Piequette,-April, 1958. Dr. and Mrs. George Irwin are receiving congratulations on the birth of a son born Jan. 1959. 1V1rs. Irwin was former1y Betty Dunbar, class of '54. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Krewson are receiving congratulations upon the birth of a daughter, born Feb. 1959. Nlrs. Krewson is the former Bernice Reimel, class of '54. THE IDEAL ABINGTGN SENIOR WOULD HAVE V The hair of Sa11y V1iet . The CYCS of Eleanor Lukens The teeth of Florence Neidig The 1ips of Helen 1V1acKenzie The nose of Sa11y Stewart The complexion of Eleanor Hastie T1 -he figure of Aiice Peters mhe legs of Ruth Emmert The hands of Bernadine E11is ,--. ihe cheery disposition of Florence Simmons 61 1 1 1 i 'GALA NITE Glamour, sophistication, enchantment reigned for an eveningt For at least a Week before November eighteenth, the air was vihrant with expectation, and the , uppermost questions in every mind were "Who are you taking? and "What are you Wearing? , Everyone worked like mad in order to he off duty at seven o,cIoclc. Lovely corsages poured into the School of Nursing Qfficef-roses, gardenias, orchids ,-all so very beautiful, and with the Howers, the thrill of the tribute they so ade- quately expressed. The night was chill and Windy-lout no matter! From the road below, the clubhouse was a jewel in the night-a blaze of light in the darkness. As one approached the club grounds, the music could he heard faintly. The rhythm set the pulses tingling and the toes to twitching. Qh, Hurry! Let,s not Waste one minute of this precious evening! And then suddenly, one was theregin the midst of the excitement. So many couples-the girls so heautiful-the men so handsome! Music, lights, laughter, love, gayety, flower-scented air-all lent enchantment to Gur Dance! 62 CLASS PRIIPIIECY YEAR 1950 . Helen Macifenzie, a private duty nurse, is caring for a friend, Elinor Hastie, a prominent Pittshurgh socialite, suffering from insomnia. She is reading to her patient from the latest edition of HAiumnae Chatterf' edited hy Betty C. Hail. Miss MACKENZIE sPEAKs:.. uOh, Eiinori Here,s an articie ahout Blanche Hein paying a visit to the Frankenfieids, Retreat for disahied nurses in the Poconos. While she was there, she met several of the girls of our class of ,59. Eleanor Tyson was one, who is still crocheting her mother,s hutiet set that she started in ,58. Eieanore Lukens is recovering from an operation in which she had her uiourpu changed to. a new tune. Poor Tommy is stiii soaking her tired feet. HHere,s the sick list,-ltas reported that Floss Simmons is confined to hed as a result of following Queenie Emmerfs strict reducing diet of apples and All-Bran which she used during her training days. Ida Beaumont is suffering from oioesity, and Betty Naugie is surreptitiousiy applying that new drug of ,57, Suiphaniia- mide, to her feet. ' Q I HI see where the Hospital Beauty Shop has a new Beautician, Kitty Smith. Her hest customers are Betsy Johnson and Ann Lipp who are trying to chase the silver from the gold. Meanwhile, Lorraine Fawcett is still trying to look like Shirley Temple, and Ruth Koch gets a daily facial to pass the time away. "But some of the girls really do represent our class at the hospital. Alice Peters is supervisor of the iVIen,s Vvard, and Dot ixiclihatten is first assistanttto the men who do the cutting up. Gen Hays and Flo Neidig now coach the hasket- hail team which practices in the new gym donated hy Alta Holmes, who gave up nursing to demonstrate 'laughing gas., Ahhie Hopkinson sells 'Lightning Feet Shoes, to patients who can,t walk. Sally Viiet is supervisor of the D.R. Bea Von Steuben is an e.ntertainer in Childrens Vvard and Edna Shaw is stiiiiteach- ing Prohies how to adjust themselves. "The Hospital has a new Efficiency Expert, Eleanor Cranch. Betty Sweeney is professor of Anatomy and Sally Stewart professor of Ethics at our 'Alma Mater., "Some of our girls are traveling. Doris Bates is working on the Philadelphia- Camden ferry line caring for seasick sailors'-fstiii working' her way to Panamai. UKay Schick is .now ioecoming a native New Yorker. Becky Pennington is a microhe hunter for 'Safety First Mouth Vvashf and Edna Jackson is a school nurse teaching little Eskimos in Alaska. Peg Cali is a visiting nurse and finally has her very own Ford. Dot Decoursey hecame a telephone operator so she could make calls to lcorneiis free oi charge. "Some of our girls really did settle down ,to married life and are trying to practice what they learned in pediatrics and the diet kitchen. They are the former: Bernie Ellis, Jo Richwine, Ginny Hoihert, Wilma Butler, and Mid Peck. "Uh, Elinor, did you really faiiasieep? And such interesting gossip, tooin 65 nsnjmbols ,nm 5chior5 QLH235 W n. u.n,,i,-, i s,....f.. u. sm-,im 0 ? CL, Bhutan' Shui, 5 mia ' 0 f n -' I -Q pfflfz, 2D4.2Q2:3:-4 " ' 4 ""' , , H. HOFRIQTSOH 3 2 E92 -' A 8 0 ' 0 I, "1G.D. xv" Q - . -F-0 H can T bS'5T1W' ,J QQ? -'B-:-E-L55 E. . Crunch QD 0 Q , qu Hdlbtrf' '11, """ - 5 P f' "F 1 Q13 "' E-Jmchsoq 4 Q A' 1' -'-I' A I, .'5Qo..umon'Y wr' Q L I., 14,1-1-- '- B ' I F. 5w'mM,93D l, 3. '. ' J b l m.Tghomtf..? . . . R. Pdcrp ' , ' Ayr' 1 xx A gvfffvss .V '-52'-'lit P ' s.v1.a+ ' q. E vom..-rf Q1 ,. 9 ' ' ' ' ' '0- 3 n I - I Q I f W J 5"'u 'a 'S'-XNLOIS of-Phe, -Seniors Dlln TN . 'Pchhing Ton Be 2 ?::'t'1E:!"":"5 ' E-if'-ti-Ln O." I ? wt-avail! son.-.J . P-ff 'Wg-2 M1 I H.YWuc.Ken ic. " qw 'En Bode. Dv ' V My gsrmtg. N 'Q' "' 'Q-'WE' fw V- B. Nall . 'Im w'm...,hg 1 s 'R.KOC.h x - Cqjl main A -0-he. ann- a , -o 'B.Von5fobu1 49 H L - 'i"""' "'v . 'EE A Cxfuf. '15 15- Y 1 I 1 h k . 1 I '14 . , V. Frmnllh Ilia v f . 5 31-Guaaa,-r H-Ffwm W :--T..,..,..-Q X I' I 1 Q. -""Q P 0 1-P5 - 'L , . ' "' 4.5 amy IIQKC. :ni 'hub . 1 . 1, 1' Y 0 f' 'YJ " eww """"" " J'-'gf ' m V . B-'hu' -Es , ' 05 ' ' . ' , ma? - N 7 5 V Ou? U 4 - C K .Ds :.::r I- ' " Wu 5 ff f Q- 'N' ' W. -BUT lt l' 'Vick-'Peck Ymkzn' - ' N lm: M- 5 . gina!! 5'Il Q C+ 'P ' ' A "' 'L . 1D.mdllha.'t!fgn In'uu-nfl --v7"""' ' Q . Q3 JJ.: JJ EVERYDAY EXPRESSIIDNS 0E MENIN WHITE Save this hed for an emergency. . . . Me-e-ow! Me-e-oxvi Me-e-oxvt .... Comes ze Revolution? ....... Thank You-Ma,am ......... . ...... Funny-dpeculiar, or funny-Ha-Ha? . . . Huh?-VVhat'c1 you say-Huh? .... Accents from Yale ............................. If he starts, "acting upf' we,H sigmoidoscope him. . . . I'Il treat you in Receiving Ward ............... What can I do for you? ......... Good morning'-How are you? ..... Hello! This is me, Dr. r-0-1 ................. . Good 'morning-good morning-fgoocl morning. . . 7 P.M.-Can I redress now? ................. Let,s do a physical! .......... Will you do it for mef-Yes! .... . . DF. HOXVUTCI ....Dr. Smith .Dr. Hildreth . .DL Noriieet Dr. Vvarhasse . . . .Dr. Rohins .Dr. Radcliffe . . .Dr. Berney .....Dr. Sain . .Dr. Prickett .Dr. Hawkins . . . .Dr. Isaak . . .Dr. Plume . .Dr. Hanson . . .Dr. Layton . . .Dr. Schmidt WHERE HAVE I HEARD H THIS BEFIIRE Set up another wangensteen,-4 Who has the key to the medicine closet? Whose turn is it to irrigate? You make custarcls and junkets. toclay. I Want these diets servecl hot. I smell ruhher burning. Miss, give us hotter spongesi Go' thru that linen for that needle. Did anyone count narcotics? Scrub! Boil the infectious dishes. So We lost our overnights. 7 o,clock-only 20 more charts. Is the hopper room straightened? What! Another Admission? Prune Whip again? What time do you have off? Baths, hinders, heel-pans, basins, babies. Cut, Miss! 66 X DOROTHY MCILHATTEN PRESIDENT . KATHRYN S-MITH SECRETARY AND TREASURER CLASS IIFFICEBS I A 6Gs0NAn22 ASSISTANT EDITOR Ruth Emmert ADVERTISING MANAGER Alta Holmes HISTORY Lorraine Fawcett Edna Jackson WILL AND PROPHECY Ida Beaumont EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Florence Simmons DR. JOHN A. PRICKETT ISTAFF BUSINESS MANAGERS Beatrice Von Steuben Elizabeth Sweeney PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITORS Genevieve Hays Sarah Vliet ART EDITORS Elizabeth Johnson Doris Bates SPORTS Ahhie Hopkinson p Florence Neidig In this small Way, the Year Book Staff and Class of ,59 Wish ' to sincerely thank Dr. Prickett for his faithful cooperation and geniality displayed throughout this production. 67 PATBIINS AND PATIIIINESSES Dr. ancl lVlrs. Ben T. Bell Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cole Dr. and Mrs. Sumner H. Cross Dr. and Mrs. J. lxflontgomery Deaver Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Fegan Miss Faye Ferner Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fowler Miss Leancia Franlcenfield Miss Jeannette M. Gilhert Dr. ancl Mrs. Charles G. Grosscup Miss Mildred E. Groth ' Dr. and Mrs. Ralph VV. Hoerner Dr. and Mrs. R. Dale Hopkinson Dr. Walter G. Karr Miss A. Margaret Kohler William S. Kohler, P.D. Dr. ancl Mrs. H. Vernon Lapp Dr. ancl Mrs. Norman Lepper Dr. ancl Mrs. William A. Lell Mrs. Ruth L. Lettinger t Dr. and Mrs. rl. Walter Levering Mrs. Helen NlcAllen 'i and Mrs. A. A. Martucci and Mrs. Karl F. Mayer ' Robert P. Mccomhs Everett S. McDaniels, Jr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Mcllhatten and Mrs. Merle M. Miller ancl Mrs.'Allan H. Moore Miss E. Lolita Moore Miss Mary Moses and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs William l... Noe, Jr. Paul H. Parker George Morris Piersol Damon B. Pfeiffer Dr. and Nlrs. Roland D. Porter Dr. ancl Mrs. C. Thorne Riclcer A. T. Ross, D.S.C. Dr. Fletcher D. Sain Dr. Charles W. Scull Miss Evelyn N. Stout Miss Martha E. Stranlc Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Turman Dr. ancl Mrs. Earl Vollmer Nliss Louise West Dr. and Mrs. William l. Westcott Mrs. Mabel Whitman Dr. ancl Mrs. Theodore S. Wilder Dr. and Mrs. Gomer T. Vvilliams Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Vvitting DF- Zalcreslci Dr. ancl Mrs. J. Donalcl Zuliclc 68 1 i N 1 'w i vi HH H1 II s I MEN IS "1 u 1 , 4 1 . 1 f 1 . 3 1 1 w 3 i w il , MN li BARBER SHOP BEAUTY SHOP MAGAZINES NOVELTIES ICE CREAM CICARETTES CIGARS , BOOKS CANDY CAKE i' WOMENS AU XIUARY SHUI? Ground Floor ABINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL INTER-CCUNTY HOSPITALIZATION PLAN Executive Offices: Abington Memorial Hospital .- A Non-Profit Service Organization-Aftording to Subscribers in Its Service Area, Protection Against Unexpected Hospital Bills at Any Non'-Profit Hospital. - Cr-rRoNoLoGY APRIL, 1937 Started as a department of Abington Memorial Hospital. IANUARY, 1938 Incorporated as Abington Hospitali- zation Plan, Inc. IULY, 1938 Name changed to Inter-County Hos- pitalization Plan, Inc., to permit ex- tension ot the Plan throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties. DECEMBER, 1938 Benefits to subscribers increased to include certain professional medical services such as: X-ray, laboratory, anesthesia, physical therapy, electro- cardiograms, metabolism tests. IANUARY, 1939 Hospitals of Chester County became sponsoring hospitals, permitting ex- tension ot Plan to this county. SPONSORED BY Abington Memorial Hospital P' Abington, Pa Chester County Hospital I ' West Chester, Pa Coatesville Hospital Coatesville, Pa Elm Terrace Hospital Lansdale, Pa. Grand View Hospital Sellersville, Pa. Homeopathic Hospital of Chester County West Chester, Pa. Homeopathic Hospital ot Pottstown Pottstown, Pa. Montgomery Hospital Norristown, Pa. Phoenixville Hospital Phoenixville, Pa. Pottstown Hospital ' Pottstown, Pa. Quakertown Community Hospital Quakertown, Pa. Riverview Hospital Norristown, Pa. ACCOMPLISHMENTS lAs of May l, l939l Number of Subscribers ............... .. 34,409 Number ot Subscribers Hospitalized ...... 2,006 Amount of Hospital Bills Paid for Subscribers .... Sll5,346 At 187 Hospitals in 31 States I 4 I l i l I v l in r l I 'X F ll 2 l l M U T H ' S IenkintoWn's Popular Priced Ladies' Shop C. FRED MUTH, INC. I E A N N E ' S Iewelers and Diamond Merchants 723 WEST AVENUE 403 OLD YORK ROAD Established 1899 Ienkintown, Penna. Open Evenings Ogontz 3548 SAM SHAFFER TAILOR Alterations oi All Kinds Cleaning and Dyeing Call and Deliver Ogontz 498 Z4 YoEK ROAD,' Abington, PQ. COMMERCIAL SOLVENTS CORPORATION New Yorlc Central Building 230 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. REYNOLD SHOES 419 YORK ROAD Ienkintown, Pa. The Store ot Famous Shoes Best Wishes to the Class oi 1939 FEL-MODE FOOT-WEAR 729 WEST AVENUE Ienkintown, Pa. Authorized X-Ray Service ABINGTON LUNCH ROOM 2 HORACE AVENUE Abington, Penna. Compliments of the GRAY LADIES I I I I I I 35 a- -- Compliments ot EDWARD B. WATSON DOYLESTOWN, PA. RYDELL HOSIERY SHOPPE 17 WEST AVE., IENKINTOWN ' o Hosiery, 59c to Sl pr. Handbags Gloves Lingerie Costume Iewelry Handkerchiets Hosiery Mending Hernstitching Fresh Meats Breakfast Cakes Every Morning W. BEAUMONT QUALITY GROCER Fresh Fruits and Vegetables FEI-INDALE AND STANWOOD STREETS Philadelphia, Pa. We Deliver It for You Phone Your Order-Bell, Pilgrim 9991 lewelry, Watches, Diamonds, Silverware HOLMES Sf HOWARD Formerly Lencer's Iewelry Store J E W E L E R S 35 ESTATE STREET Phone 675 Doylestown, Penna. WILLIAM IH. BATTERSBY UNDERTAKER BROAD ST. above WESTMORELAND Bell Phone, SAGamore 2667 Compliments ot the Nurses' Alumnae Association Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments ot the INTERMEDIATE CLASS Clear Spring Worsied Mills BREYERS Ice Cream INCORPORATED A Manufacturers of 2 F CS .,f,.,A, .5A. Doylestown, Pennct. H .,:ff" ji ,.....,,,.-. ,::. 1. if fortunate mg.: the TERHUNE, YEREANCE 61- WOLF, INC. Selling Agents New York Life Building, N. Y. Compliments of Mr. ond Mrs. N. E. DeCoursey IAMISON, PA. one food children like best is so wonderfully good for them . . . IT'S BREYERS ICE CREAM. allvcyn Inf ICE CREAM PoweIl's Drug S+ore ABINGTON, PENNA. Ogontz 2222 JJ' AYRSJHUIRIE CERTJUFJUED MILK Produced in accordance with the Methods and Standards as currently adopted by the American Assoclatlon of Med1cal M1114 C'omm1ss1ons, Inc , and A under d1rect superv1s1on ot your local Med1cal M1114 y Commlsszong I ' A MILK EoR THOSE WHo REQUIRE THE BEST NESHAMlNY FARMS George F Tyler Newtown, Penna MR 5. MRS H II SMITH I HEAD NURSES HOME DIETITIANS IUNIOR CLASS Complrments of Comphments of the Comphments of ' Compliments of UFFIGIAL PHDTUGRAPHERS T0 THE 1939 SOHAH P H 0 T 0 G R A P H S, if -taken properly are valuable keepsakes. K N OWLE DG E, through study enable us to give you the best. 1 It I I N N L. W. Oswald Drug Store YORK ROAD at WEST AVENUE Ienkintown, Pa. Stop in for a soda at our Iv in J Q Abingion I popular fountain -1 BooI'H AND TABLE SERVICE A Bank 8: Trust Company I ABINGTON, PA. C om plimen ts' of the Social Service and S A .rf Occupational Therapy I Departments THE SNACK SHOPPE 16 YORK ROAD, ABINGTON Compliments of the Famous for its GRILLED SANDWICI-IES Athletic Association and LUNCHEONETTE 6. FOUNTAIN SERVICE Featuring-ABBOTTS ICE CREAM t' Compliments . of 5 , ! ' A FRIEND And lastly . . . do you remember . . ELLA - THE AMBULANCE AcKN0WLEDGMEN'rs The 1959 Sonah Staff thanks: 0 The advertisers in this hook who have expressed their appreciation of the patronage of the nursing profession, and the patrons without Whose support this volume would not have been possible. ' Mr. N. Francis Rubin and the Sarony Studio for the excellent photography in this hook. ' Mr. Norman E. Aclerhold and the Campus Pula- lishing Company, Inc., for their painstaking co-op- eration and for the attractive design and excellent workmanship of this SONAH. 78 'NV' W mms wmmsmx I X SN " 1 , qh... y , NX' X ' 1 . S '.,, ,... . Y? S 1 gi ' ,- "Q' - ZZZ: X Q :f' N X 1. . x . :.:.1 . xx XX qvu' "'f 4-,. ..,.:A::1: 2:f1rf'P:- Z if S A - 53111. .,...,,.::.... N .zllf ..A..:. 41ff" A11.. -lpizf S ,,.,.., .,,f : .11- ':::l: S V s,rsmN?fsmsi tr, , . 4 Z f 1 .1Al L 4.,4 QQQQ MM "ff'f::: 5 ,:A, ..,A,, .A., -4'2'A'.A..:i.:1 I .1":' , 1 -b-4' . WN "ff -"' 1 as "S "::'1' . X ff' "iii 1:':" ' ,.-1' 12252219 S :TX 1 S '555E5EE5'EN 'Q-5: '22, - S X X X ' ' :'4 """ Q " l f N l . r - N A.:::: X ' ' .,.,.:.::::: X A,L .,W:f.l 1 l1 X N E X , N -4--' xfiiw, " .A,1 f :" fg N, N X 5 ""' :., ..,A .,..:.,,::,: 5 s ,,,f:1f 5 ..1: A' X ix ZIQ U --1:1:I1:f" 'b"':: P l V ,,f 1 A f 214 l1 W, 1 N X .Vf1- 1 T I 9 S Tx " - X . .ff:::-- :sw :1:1 :sis "'f:V- 1 , I ' Q :I 'ff 1 " Ns. ' 1 f .N 'if '1f112 52555: , -411' .A'A Q E A . , 1' u T . .,4. 4- I ' :,,.f . X -:1:f:f1f1:tirf-1r..., 2:55:55-ff X I I . It's the little things that mark the difference between a "distinctive annual" and "just another ' yearbook." The Campus system of yearbook counsel and production is based on the little things that count- wi RQ? P E 11 s o N A 1. ATTENTION l l :ana . ' .,,. 1 - 24' ,... ,V ir' , .QV V ' ff i l 'A U N 1 F o 11 M Q U A 1. 1 T Y f ,, 9 ,f 1? 17? :1, ff fi, . X J :iAil:-: T 'r.a . X , will . i.- . S Q 2 l 'W e493 CDEQQHQ ZII T Y p E ! , i 1 - ' I 1 I . ...-.. .. I 1 I I ff r ,' I f 2 ! 4G1E:E:E:1:I:1Eiiiiiffz-:-:-1 ' 1 '225252555gfgggsgfiafsfziafsrf .... 1 I '32552E133E21:f:555Z5?5E52E5Eg3E5E5E5551515131 M - v W ,urn NX ...., , M-2 5 'A l Artrlvl E EE: " ":' 5 ':4::::::':.: E 35153555555iff355gg5555g5gE55i5El:i:::Q B U D G E T I ' Personalized attention of thoroughly trained ser- vicemen, former editors of outstanding college annuals, who know the problems of yearbook pro- duction-and the answers! 9 Uniformity of quality and materials regardless of the size of book. ' A wide range of type faces, and the advice of expert typographers regarding taste, suitability and harmony of types. 9 An eye toward proper distribution of the budget. 'The Campus plan of handling books completely from layout to delivery allows a maximum of value' at minimum cost. 1 CAMPUS PUBLISHING C0. INCORPORATED v 1217 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA A UTO IIAPII ., A X f' y - ' bf- 3, . ' J ll mx , V A ? l , 1 v I . 1 i 1 us A i I I -. + 5 1 .1 N v X f , X V' , g - i y . I N . T, X 1 . 1 1 IN 1 41 - -N: 1? F 1 1 V 1 3' 5 y y . u f' 4 .. 1 V 11 .4 ,Q . ' E! 4' 1 ' I I' 11, I . . 1 i fin X 7' K . -L ' ' :k u l g! J i 4 . N m 'J ' .,, .wif 'Q 2, .' I 'N I I 'gl' ,,.,, . ,bi ,Eli ,. V -I gl ,,.,g,. ,U , . 4 1 V L I W 5 1 - K , ,, ' A A -on -,-.., , H.. ,.......s....- --- ..g rx , 'L 1 f Lf ,gif 95 I 1 ,Ay , fn 'an 1154. V4 Q2 2 x' fr . M2 ,Wv WZ . 1 2 7 1 V 449 Wu! .fi . ., 7 Ls 2' 1226 4 g ffm 1 ,Y I .4 .-5 iw sw' T : -ld V'-xx 21 5 za? N f"a,Kv ,, v , Kg X 2. I v3 M Q x 14, f 5 i S 1 , A 1 A - . ,.... L: .,- ., . .L-. V. -mr. . .A:.44-4-1.-:-f--f-v1x117:11 " ' ' . - - xg , 1 pp:- +431-: xxx--rn glzixmve 1 .vga-nh:-, f.-.nan af' W, ,LV 3uww.a71.5.-.A1f--.--jfw vp -I " - 17' ' ' 1 '- - A . , f, ',:-...L 41-vs' , , .4 s f k , 'xv'-N-'.H'w, LQQLQ-.s-,..-.-V.-M1-3-1wif -'-- ' ' . N W ,,-,,, . ,. . wo.

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Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing - Sonah Yearbook (Abington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 18

1939, pg 18

Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing - Sonah Yearbook (Abington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 44

1939, pg 44

Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing - Sonah Yearbook (Abington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 72

1939, pg 72

Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing - Sonah Yearbook (Abington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 87

1939, pg 87

Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing - Sonah Yearbook (Abington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 6

1939, pg 6

Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing - Sonah Yearbook (Abington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 73

1939, pg 73

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