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 Happy Birthday, Abington! 1888 - 1988 100 Years Of Tradition 100 Years Of Excellence 100 Years Of Achievement ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA 19001 Contents: Opening Academic Life Student Life Organizations ....... Sports The Arts ............ Graduates ........... Underclassmen ....... Advertising ......... Index ...............ABINGTON COLORSYOUR LIFEiBINGTONABINGTONABINGTO OLORSCOLORSCOLORSCOLO 6 Opening SCOLORS COLORS COLORSC 'OURYOURYOURYOURYOUR .IFE LIFE LIFE LIFELIFELIFEUFEOpening ,V,V. MMX Ri Pi yCENTRAL ADMINISTRATION Superintendent: Dr. Louis J. Hebert ABINGTON BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS: Clockwise from left: Beverly Freed. Dr. Leonard Rosenfeld. Peter Dreifus. Vice-President; Muriel Alt. Adele Block. Elaine Shay. Dr. George Manaker. Dr. Melvin McMaster. President. Not pictured: Richard Holloway 16 AdministrationPrincipal: Norman W. Schmid It is a special honor to be a graduate of Abington Senior High School in its centennial year. The class of 1988 now joins that throng of Abingtonians who impress their mark upon the community. the nation, and the world. Founded in 1888, Abington High School has touched many lives over the past one hundred years. Our graduates have succeeded in many endeavors in all of our states and in many of the nations of the world. Whether they be historians, mathematicians, shopkeepers. housewives, physicists, or mechanics, they all have one common bond: an origin in one of the best high schools in the nation. The faculty of Abington High School has tried hard to provide you with the keys to success. We hope that these will be used wisely and well. While we trust that we have touched you in a positive way, know that you have also touched us and that you will be remembered for your many accomplishments and contributions. It is fitting that our "Centennial Class” of 1988 has set a new record of excellence by counting eighteen merit scholars in its ranks. It is a hallmark that will always be a source of pride for all of us. As you go your own separate ways after the commencement, we wish you the best in life and Godspeed in your chosen endeavors. Administration 17 Mr. John E. Skilton Mr. G. Donnon McGinley Mr. William Pacropis The ground on which the original Abing-ton High School is built was once Boucher’s farm and was donated by Reverend C. Eckard, then pastor of the Abington Presbyterian Church. In the year 1901, there were only twenty-five students and two teachers at Abington High School. By the year 1918 the student body numbered 140 and the faculty had increased to ten.In the early days of Abington High School, students received one music lesson per week from a traveling teacher. In 1898 this teacher was Mrs. B. Jones who rode from school to school on her bicycle. V Mental arithmetic and etymology were the two favorite subjects at Abington in its early days. In 1908 final exams were given by outside teachers, and in 1909 the graduating class consisted of three. L -1 F ELAB DISASTERS . . . TAKING LIFE INTO YOUR OWN HANDS I’LL NEVER FORGET THE TIME IN SCIENCE WHEN . . . k I We were dissecting frogs and someone peeled off its skin and threw it. It landed on my cheek. Needless to say, when he was laughing I got him back by throwing it in his mouth. J J Amy Lang, Senior. k k We mixed the wrong chemicals and the whole first floor smelled. Everyone started gagging and a few people went outside. J J Michel Hampel, Sophomore. A k Last year I had Miss Lake for sixth period chemistry. My lab partner and I were the most nervous people in the class. I guess we thought we were going to turn someone into the Fly or the Blob or something. We were using a crucible and Miss Lake told everyone to check for cracks before we started. My lab partner and I dutifully checked and rechecked and then started the lab. We were towards the end of the lab and were heating the crucible when we noticed a crack. We quickly took it off the ring stand and put it on the table where it proceeded to crumble. All around us crucibles were exploding. Pieces of porcelain were flying through the air. J J Wendy Zeitz, Senior. { L I dissected a worm, taped all parts to a paper, took the paper home, and my cat ate the body parts.J J Becky Ferguson, Senior. k k I burned a hole in a lab table. J J Lorine James, Senior. Right: Randy Wittenberg, the biologist? Janean Adamson Special Ed.-I.U. Donald Albert Sheila Allen Foreign Special Language Education Gerald Alpaugh English, Latin Abingtonian Sally Beothy Reading 20 Academic life William Black Chairman. Foreign Language Work Study Howard Boyer Science Robert Burt Chairman, English John Althouse Chairman, Guidance Involvement Day Richard Butler Science Aviation Aero Club 1 Richard Amoroso Music fi t Donnelly Casto Social Studies Charles Baker English Soccer Eileen Cawley Foreign Language Beatrice Barrett Business Education F.B.L.A. Merta Chrin For. Lang. Affiliation Club German ClubMichael Beagle Barry Reading Beiswenger P.M. Detention Mathematics Kenneth Cooper Physical Education Soccer. Track, weight training Patricia Corcoran English PICKING FAVORITES My Favorite Subject Is Lunch “You must be kidding!” Aletha Akers, Junior “Gym. You don’t have to think.” Mark Quinn, Junior. “Lunch. It’s the only one I’m passing.” Tom Cassidy, Senior. “Physics, just kidding! I just wanted to be the only one in Abington Senior High to say that!!” Kari Krupnick, Senior Academic Life 21The Fine Art Of CRAMMING Without a doubt, it is a student's art. It takes finesse, polish, and years of practice to master. Cramming is a craft performed by nearly all pupils: those who say they've never crammed for a test either have photographic memories, or are lying through their teeth. It is an unwritten law, understood by students at Abington. and is dutifully obeyed. There are a few ground rules that must be learned in order to properly execute the task of cramming. First, caffeine must be stockpiled. Chemistry notes look very hazy at three o'clock in the morning without the aid of artificial stimulants. Junk food is also a necessity. It is also important to have emergency telephone time: at least one friend who can be called in the wee hours of the morning for solace. These are only the basic must-haves; people devise their own personal necessities. Teachers advise an hour or two of study each night. But who's kidding who? With five majors, two hours each night equals ten hours. It's difficult to tear a student away from the T.V., the phone, the job, the friends, to study for even a half-hour, let alone ten. However, there are consequences to cramming. Students get over-confident, and think because they aced one test with minimal study, they can ace them all. Hey, we're kids, remember? We’re supposed to be like this. Face it. cramming is a sacred insitution not yet ready to die. Karen Hirsch HEY, YOU! DO YOU CRAM FOR TESTS? "Most definitely. Test cramming is an art. If you were graded on it, I'd get the highest score possible. The best test cramming situations usually occur at lunch when you have a test next period. And the group usually contains one person who has already taken the test." Anonymous Junior. "I always cram for tests. I can’t comment because I have to go study for my calculus test (as soon as I find someone who knows what chapter we're being tested on).” Anonymous Junior. "No, if I cram for tests, I get a headache, and if I get a headche I take aspirin, and if you take aspirin it ruins your stomach, and if it ruins your stomach you can't eat, and if you can't eat or drink you get dehydrated, and if you get dehydrated you die a slow, painful death. So I avoid that." Deana Spasari, Sophomore. Robert Cummings Science James Detweiler Mathematics Bible Club Patricia Donahue English Linda Edwards Mathematics Ruth Fechter Chairman, Business Ed. F.B.L.A. Bowling A K Fred Fisher Chairman Science Richard Flint Social Studies Cross Country Track Ruth Ann Focht Library Library Aides I. Barry Joan Gallagher Friedman Social Studies Social Studies Spirit Committee 22 Academic life Esperanza Galshack Foreign Language Spanish Club rk Dwight W. Kathe Grebe Good Phys. Ed. English Swimming Chess Club Aides Debate Team Girls Hockey O.A.S.I.S. Girls Lacrosse Joseph Gribosh Vincent Science Guminski Mathematics Kathryn L. Holgate GuidanceYour Side YOU . . . m a STUDY HABITS . . . eat ice cream and chips . . . drink soda . . . stay in your room on your bed . . . listen to the radio or T.V. When doing homework-if you do it! i I Depends what's on t.v j 7 Dan Rhynhart, Junior GRADES . . . Delight Or Terror? “If I got a “C", my parents would throw me a party.” Chrissie Gramlich, Senior "I don't want to be a trashman." Justin Alpaugh, Junior "They are important to an extent, but I will not get an ulcer from them.” Nichole Stella, Senior “The little number after G.P.A. on the report card determines my life span.” Steve Kelley, Junior A Eileen Foley English Academic Decathalon Gary Jackson Industrial Arts Ellen Fonda Home Economics Usherettes Carrie Jones Special Education HOW ABOUT IT... Weighted Grades “It's good-the subjects are harder so you should get rewards." Jeff Bender, Junior “It should go on a diet.” Tom Cassidy, Senior “All men are created equally, they should be graded equally.” Phil Compton, Senior YOUR METHODS ON Term "I like to do it my way! My paperM'll do it my way!” Adam Carangi, Senior “I mess mine up and usually fail. I went by the guidelines once and failed anyway!" Patrick McLaughlin, Senior Papers “I write them in crayon!" Brett Bonfield, Senior "It's much easier just to buy them.” Michael Silberman, Senior Academic Life 23“User Some seniors can now breathe a sigh of relief. Chances are they have successfully avoided using what teachers consider the most valuable asset to the Abington curriculum -computers. Until recently computer courses were solely electives. Only students who enjoyed the challenge of designing their own programs were the staunch supporters of computer science. However, as parents and educators continued to stress the pertinent role of computers in today's job market, Abington responded by expanding its computer science program in various departments throughout the school. The improvements were costly as well as time consuming. Computers were slowly in- Friendly tegrated into the English Department, chaired by Dr. Robert Burt. The most crucial benefit of computers, he explains, is the ability to make "multiple revisions without multiple rewrites us- ... as parents and educators continued to stress the pertinent role of computers in today’s job market, Abington responded .. . ing a public domain writing program." Likewise, Journalism and Creative Writing classes are taking advantage of the Apple lie system. Students are advised to carefully organize their ideas on pa- per before they start typing their stories into the machine. The writings can then be stored in the computer memory bank, which makes “rearranging ideas, revising the text, or altering the writing style very easy in the future." Not only do students learn how to operate the system, but every teacher comprising the English Department took part in mandatory teacher computer inservice sessions last school year (1986-1987). After they learned the fundamentals of this "creative machine for arts as well as sciences” teachers could then use the computer as a teaching tool for students of all ability levels. Right: Hmmm ... did this come out right? 24 Academic Life Above: Hey Mike, your computer or mine? ?. . . Technology Peaks During Abington’s Centennial (continued from page 24) Dr. Burt also stresses that the installation of computers "breaks the economic barrier” at Abington. Whether students use the Apple lie at school or in addition are fortunate to have one at home, the results are the same—a computer education for the increasing computer generation. The Music Department is also following in synch with the updated computer program, contends Mr. John Musika. The Apple computer allows music students to not only hear the melodies they are playing but also helps them to "visualize the music.” The course is called Computer Based Music (Levels I, II. III). Students begin with relatively simple assignments like composing a "c” scale on the computer. Eventually the ultimate goal is to design a musical composition using a variety of tones and then it can immediately be played back to the student so he she can somewhat comprehend what the composition would sound like with a real band or orchestra. Mr. Musika calls this technological process "teaching traditional subjects through technical means." Mr. Brian Reiff, a mathematics and computer sci- The Music Department is also following in synch with the updated computer program . . . ence teacher, instructs all levels of the Apple Computer (Basic, Fortran, and Pascal). Advanced students are offered the opportunity to take A.P. Computer Science. Enrolled students range from computer programming wizards to those who are interested in a related computer career. Computers are also used to aid students in the Tells (Remedial) Math program. The machines help students practice on their own if extra help is needed outside of the classroom. Mr. Reiff contends that "computers aren't for everyone, but most students seem to enjoy the challenge of solving problems and designing programs." Mr. Reiff also sponsors two Computer Bowls each year which gives interested students the opportunity to test their acquired knowledge against other local high school students. Tovah Kasdin Academic Life 25Senior Stress Is .. . COLLEGE HELL Around November, a strange thing happens to seniors: they disappear. They can be found, fretting and trembling, beneath stacks of viewbooks, applications, score reports, and reply cards. This is called the college application process. A more apt description would be college hell. After all, this is a big decision: weren't you once told this could make or break your entire life? Isn’t this what those horrid permanent record files were prepared for? Isn’t that what all the nasty cat-fighting competition over grades was destined for? If students are still sane by January, they're lucky. There's a lot to consider when looking for a college. Not only do you look for high quality literature professors, but high quality parties. There's the question of the podunk village versus the sprawling megalopolis. The experimental bohemian "open school” versus the rigid traditional academic. How bad is the food? How small are the dorms? And a million and one other questions and fears that prospect applicants face. In truth people really should relax about it all. A wrong choice will not hex you the remainder of your days, and an obnoxious roommate can be dealt with. SATs are more important but they will not make or break a college's decision. Special talents on original essay, a good interview are all important factors too. A visit to a college can tell you ten times more than a PR pamphlet received in the mail. Did you ever notice that all the viewbooks say the exact same thing regardless of the institution they purport to represent? An overnight with a student can give you a real picture of campus social life, and classroom visits can show you what the catalogues can't. It's an anxiety-filled time. After all, many kids have been threatened with "If you don’t do well, you’ll never get into college," since they were weaned. And there is validity to this threat, but all too often it leads to fierce competition and incredible stress. High school is time to have fun, too, not only to work yourself to the bone for an A. More parents should say, “Relax. If you don't get in to Harvard, the world won’t end.” So take pity on the seniors. It’s easy to drown in the piles of papers, questions, and confusion. And be prepared for both elation and tears when April fifteenth rolls around. But most importantly, juniors and sophomores, be prepared: college hell awaits you, too. Until then, work hard, but enjoy, too. Karen Hirsch Glenn Jones Science Kathleen Malloy Special Education 26 Academic Life Nancy Kelly English Ralph Maltese English Bridge Club Peter Kelly English Play and Musical Bowling ARTW Steven Mandes Acting Chairman Industrial Arts Richard Koch Chm. Physical Education Health Athletic Trainer William Manogg Science Math Jean Kortright Nurse Jeffrey Marmon Guidance Senior Class Karen Lake Science Louis Martin Social Studies Girls Basketball Girls Track Mahlene Lee Guidance Black Student Union Girls Track Winter Track Marion Leldy Nurse Health Careers Club Jo Ann Mault English CSP Joseph Mauro Music School Musical Marching Band Concert BandLeft: Tres Hombres-Steve. Dave and Tom. Don’t mess with them! Above: Sneaky Sophmores- How did you get a copy of Mr. Smith's Grammar test?! Sophomore Stress Is .. . THE FIRST DAY “My first day as a sophmore . . . was the first day in my life that I experienced pure terror and complete panic.” Ray Woodruff, Junior "I'll never forget it. I was walking outside at lunch and I thought I was real cool, but I tripped down the stairs. I was so humiliated.” Stef! Pashman, Senior "Every minute I would be walking into some gorgeous senior, while looking at my handy little map.” Nancy Jones, Junior “Proud, grown up, excited, everyone was driving everywhere, the girls were hot, life was good.” Jamie Robinson, Junior "I was unimportant and, like the other sophmores, a loser.” Arlen Shenkman, Senior Left: Hey, big boy!" Rodd McCuen Supervisor of Athletics Donald McDowell Social Studies Baseball Lenore Leonard Guidance Karen Lord Phys. Ed. Health SoftballVO-TECH . . . The Eastern Montgomery County Area Vocational Technical School, or more commonly known as “Vo-Tech,” "Eastern” or "The Tech School,” has a lot to offer. Fifteen different course programs are offered to over five-hundred students. One hundred ten Abington students attend Eastern. The school’s commercial art, auto body and electronic technology, programs are state recognized as superior and are serving as the model to build similar courses throughout Pennsylvania. Several programs at the school have college credit, and 18-20 percent of the students go on for further education past graduation. Eastern’s competency based programs make it unique. All academic levels are in one classroom. Each student can proceed at his own pace. This gained freedom is generally a more beneficial approach than the normal high school classroom setting. The Eastern Montgomery County Vocational Technical School is a school to be proud of. Students gain more than knowledge of a trade, they gain a knowledge of themselves. Jean Kintisch Above: "Sing me a song I'm the Piano man . . .” Right: . just take this little screw out and hope you live . . ." 28 Academic LifeTop Left: Kim Camp cranking it up. Above: Step aside. Jay. and take a lesson. Bottom Left: Mr. Devine and his buddy at work. . . . It’s More Than What You Think Academic Life 29A Closer Look At . . . Right: Hoy Qumny. doesn't look like you're the BIG GUY here!' Above: A right, Jen tor the last time, this IS how you do it 30 Academic Life Right: Come on. Marcus, you have to break the code! I need straight A’s. Why Go To Vo-Tech? "It beats sitting in class and I'd rather use my hands for a trade, not pushing a pen or pencil.” Bruce Pederzani, Junior "Studying about the War of 1812 isn’t going to help you make a car payment, but carpentry will.” Anonymous Senior Is It Worth It? "It prepares you well for the trade you’re interested in.” Steve Glatts, Senior "It gives kids a Vo-tech backround if they don’t want to go on to college. It’s a technical institute.” Stephanie Colantonio, Senior "Right after graduation I can get a job. It teaches you how to work with others, also.” Bruce Pederzani, Junior "It’s fun and you are independent." Lisa Maier, JuniorBelow: “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble . . The one and only Lemuel Dicks does his imitation of the witches in Macbeth. Above right: Tina Seymour gives a facial to a brave friend. Below right: Chris McCaughey flexes his muscles. . . . Vo-Tech Academic Life 31What You’ll Remember . . . Teacher Mannerisms Mr. Smith: Firpo, Hemo, Wanda Warthog. Benito Dingus. Mr. Kelly: Flyer talk. Mr. Detweiler: Hunting stories. Mr. Pittman: "as we say in the math biz.” Mr. Thomas: "It's such a beautiful day." Mrs. Kelly: tongue noises and eye movements. Mr. Black: "Animales Brutos." Mr. Weiner: fake "Latin" words: Gorlops, Stengel. Mr. Nyman: megaphone in hall. Mrs. Mault: large words. Ms. Reme: sings to herself. Mr. Salerno: "first time, nev- er done before." Mr. Stewart: “Bugs?!!?” Mr. McNaught: “Hey. turkey!” Mr. Casto: southern accent. Miss Foley: The arched eyebrow; French words. Mr. Riley: “It’s mine. You don’t touch my stuff!" Mr. Nagel: “O-Kay." Ms. Haggarty: "Do you have a pass?” Mrs. Galshack: "Sweetheart!" Ms. Gallagher: "If you will.” Mr. Swedberg: "You have a question on this simple problem?" Mr. Marmon: “Tennis anyone?” Those Times They’d Like To Forget "The madrigal singers were singing at Eugenia Hospital (a mental hospital) for the patients and sang a collection of commercials from famous products. Everything was going fine until we started the theme for Almond Joy, "Sometimes I feel like a nut . . .” and the audience went wild.” Mr. Musika "A student put marijuana in the bread dough in my Foods with a Flair class.” Mrs. Fonda "My zipper was opened in class and nobody said anything to me until I noticed the fact towards the end of the period.” Mr. Pezzullo Nancy McHugh Social Studies Vincent Pezzullo Italian Club Foreign Language Samuel McNaught Guidance A.M. Detention Student Council Russell Pittman Chairman Mathematics Leland McNutt Industrial Arts Chairman Second Semester Rodney Rathbun Mathematics Miksa Mechlowitz Mathematics Ray Reber Business Jack Miller Social Studies Asian Am. Amnesty Int.'l V'j t Jeffery Miller Mathematics Douglas Moister Physical Ed. Football Wgt. Training James Riley Science John Musika Music Concert Choir Musical Marching Band Samuel Roeder Science Brian Reiff Chantll Reme Mathematics Foreign Key Club Language 32 Academic LifeBehind Closed Doors THE LOUNGE "We play darts." Mr. Kelly "Lots of snoring from the Art Department. Scholarly conversation about new educational trends.” Mr. Musika If I Knew Then . . . WHAT I KNOW NOW. . . . that I must RUN to pick gym electives. . . . that the library has an Amnesty Day. . . . that I could get by in English class without reading the books. . . that I do not have to outline for Social Studies. .. that I could forge a pass. . . that I can do a term paper in one night. . . that library books are obligations. YEARS OF SERVICE TEACHING AT ABINGTON Edwin Nagel Art Frank Salerno Social Studies P.M. Bus Supervision World Affairs T jt J. Robert Thomas Rorison Nyman Chm. Soc. Social Studies Studies Student Boys Swimming Council Honor Society Boys Swimming Archives Water Polo Club Munchies While Grading "Radishes and meatlauds.” Mr. Weiner "Cream of Wheat." Mr. Kelly "Anything that does not leave stains on the papers." Mr. Smith “I eat dried prunes." Mr. Casto "The most fattening things in the fridge." Dr. Burt Mr. Yost - 30 years Mr. Weiner - 20 years Mr. Smith - 17 years Mr. Beiswenger -17 years Mr. Kelly - 16 years Mr. Wilkinson - 28 years Mr. Cooper - 28 years Mr. Pittman - 19 years Mr. Stewart - 27 years Mr. Yost ■ 20 years Mr. Weiner - 20 years Mr. Smith - 17 years Mr. Beiswenger -17 years Mr. Kelly - 16 years Mr. Wilkinson - 21 years Mr. Cooper - 23 years Mr. Pittman - 19 years Mr. Stewart - 22 years Academic Life 3; ITeacher Profiles: Two Special Guys — KELLY AND WILK Pete Kelly How long have you been teaching here at Abington? I've been here for 16 years. I was very young when I started, 21 years old. (16 + 21 = 37! Whew, Mr. Kelly! That answers our next question.) As a person growing up in the '60's, do you think you fit the stereotype? Let's just say I was a child of the times. What prompted you to enlighten people and enrich their minds (teach)? I always wanted to teach when I was growing up. What about acting? Acting was always a hobby for me. A www, come on, Mr. Kell-didn’t you ever want to be a movie star? I thought about being a movie star, but never seriously for a career. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully, right where I am. OK. If you could pattern your teaching style after someone, who would it be? Mr. Weiner, my colleague, my friend, my idol. i i Let's just say I was a child of the times, y y What do you find challenging about teaching Abington students? A challenge is trying to appeal to such a wide range of interests. One last question. Who is your "mysterious" female friend who works at KYW? I have a lot of female friends who work there. A WWWW. . . come on!! You know who we’re talking about. Pat Ciarrocchi Jim Wilkinson How long have you been teaching at Abington? 21 years. I spent 8 years in Pittsburgh. Can you characterize the age in which you grew up? (He's smiling.) It was Rock'n Roll! What was your generation like? It was the 1950’s. We had good music, like you never knew. It’s never been duplicated. It was a fun time. Do you remember your favorite teachers? I had two in college. One was very demanding. The other was thought provoking. He really challenged you. I tell a lot of class stories about him. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hey, it's gonna be sooner than that! I’ll be at a small college in the South. I'd like to coach basketball and teach a little, and play golf year 'round. Why did you begin teaching? Well, I didn’t like business administration. But I always thought I’d like working with young people. I love to see them grow. What’s it like to be the only guy in the house? I feel lucky. I’m surrounded by three great women. But I miss Julie and Christy at college. i L I couldn't be better blessed with a family, y y You cover some pretty touchy subjects in Health class. Have your daughters helped you at all? Yeah. They say, “Dad, don’t come on too strong on that. You'll turn the kids off.’’ They help me gear my teaching to today's students. Carlotta Schaffer Physical Education Richard Thomas Science Cafeteria Super. Science Club P M. Traffic Phyllis Schlanger Foreign Language French Club William Thrush Science Charles Schneller English Varsity "A" News Bureau Golf Rosemary Tobin English Spectre David Schramm Business Education Safety Services Nancy Voigt Music Orchestra Elaine Shaffer Mathematics Yearbook William Volp Industrial Arts A.M. Bus Supervision Janet Simon Philip Smith Gary Sproesser Library English Art Library Aides Yearbook Sally vonMeyer Science Sandra Waller Special Ed. (I U.) Maryland Wanck Home Economics Sophomore Class CouncilWhy Did You Become A Teacher?! vV "To serve them all my days." Mr. Smith "I enjoy working with young people and I hope that my contact with them benefits them in their future real-life experiences." Mr. McCuen "I have certain masochistic tendencies." Mr. Weiner “I became a teacher because I wanted to continue to be a student.” Dr. Burt "I became a teacher as a job that would keep going until something important turned up. Now that I'm near retirement I'm very grateful nothing better ever turned up. Working with great young people keeps me young." Mr. Casto Above: Instead of taking a picture, take some books!” Below: 'You sweet embraceable you!" Samuel Stewart Science P M. Detention vj Ted Weiner English Boys Basketball Paul Swedberg Mathematics Fredda Weinfeld Foreign Language S.A.D.D Academic Lile 35A Burning Question For Modern Man: WHAT IF THEY STOPPED MAKING CLIFF’S?!? "I am a senior in Level I English. How do you think I got here? Thank you Cliff!" Tom Cassidy, Senior “Kill Cliff!" Deana Spasari, Sophomore "I'd save $3.25.” Anonymous •Fail." Heather McCarthy, ln :— “Work at McDonald's.” Paul Conroy, Senior “Rent the video tapes.” Larry Jones, Senior Just in Case You Forgot... Excerpts From Cliff’s Notes On Cinderella Chapter X "At the Ball" Summary Accompanied by her attendants (mice magically transformed into Coach Driver and Footmen), Cinderella arrives at the palace ball in her new gown. There she catches the eye of the prince, and the two happily dance away the evening. Upon the stroke of midnight, however, she flees, mindful of her impending transformation back to a lowly servant girl. In her haste to depart, she leaves behind a glass slipper, which the prince finds and cherishes. Commentary The theme of sexual ambiguity is reinforced in this scene. Professor F. 0. Matthiesen suggests, "Perhaps, in a subliminal sense, Cinderella is a boy dressing up in the throes of gender confusion.” Freudian critics find significance in the rodent motif - mice which represent the dark, furry forces of the ID. Of particular note is the ambivalence of the Prince himself (a father figure or symbol of Emerson's Oversoul). Says critic Richard Wilbur, "The fellow is obviously a foot fetishist - a real kinko!” The scene is regarded as one of the great moments in literature. 36 Academic LifeENGLISH BOOKS . . . The BEST And WORST The majority of students polled said that the worst book was Moby Dick. The Old Man and the Sea and Great Expectations were a strong second and third. THE SCARLET LETTER "The author used big words. I mean a lot of big words. They were so big one word was the sentence, that's why I hated it.” Sean Randolph, Sophomore THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA "This old man goes out fishing, finally gets one on the line and it takes him 130 pages to catch it." Jeff Bender, Junior THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE “I didn't read more than two pages. Go, Cliffs, go!" Josh Green, Senior "It was tedious, stupid, silly, romantically ridiculous, long, not funny in the British sense. What's worse, the Cliffs are bad. too." Ben Hinerfeld, Senior Students overwhelmingly voted Catcher in the Rye as the best book they ever read for English class. A Separate Peace also had a large response. Students said they liked these books because they could relate to the characters' lives and problems . . . unlike BEOWULF. “It was stupid. All these guys did was sit around and talk about themselves and their fathers." - Skippy Schlisman, Senior CLIFF’S NOTES ... An Opinion They are the bane of a teacher's existence and the savior of a student's. It's amazing how a cheaply printed, three dollar mass of ink and pulp can cause such a commotion. Teacher's threats—ranging from detention and failure to public beheading— fall mostly on deaf ears. Students who just can't bear to read 200 pages of a Russian novel, modernist didactic, or Shakesperean tragedy simply turn to the yellow-and-black striped booklets and think all their problems are solved. Instant classics at your fingertips. But Cliff Notes gyp the students of the experience of reading and understanding worthwhile literature. There is much value in reading novels, plays, and poems; good writing is one of the most beautiful forms of expression that exist. Karen Hirsch Academic Life 37r» i f 10 TEACHER COMMANDMENTS Words To Live By .. . I. Thou shalt not refer to insects as bugs. II. Thou shalt keep thy feet on the floor. III. Thou shalt not touch my stuff. IV. Thou shalt never say “shut up.” 4 V. Thou shalt wear thy safety S glasses. 0 k r VI. Thou shalt have work to do upon entering the library. a L VII. Thou shalt have a destination whilst roaming the halls. VIII. Thou shalt not crack thy gum. Jr IX. Thou shalt not shoot baskets into the trash can. X. Thou shalt not sell M M's in class. Ruth Weinstein Business Education School Store Eileen White James Mathematics Wilkinson Health Softball Basketball Michelle Williams Social Studies Black Student Union Richard Wrigley Special Education Jeanne Yeagle Walter Yost Mathematics Social Studies A M. Traffic Duty Intramural BasketballBut What Do The Teachers Think? "dan . . . Dan . . . DAN . . . DAN! WAKE UP!!! Dan Scarpello, Senior "No reaction. Dave Hewitt always sticks his pencil in my ear, though." Jamie Altman, Senior “I don't think they realize it; I've managed to train myself to sleep with my eyes open.” Bridget Grimes, Junior "I don't know. I'm asleep at the time." Dan Langan, Senior Academic Life 39Support Staff . A Necessity, A Treat Right: Secretaries Row 1: Virginia Shakarjian. Peggy Stewart. Betty Maurer. Jean Schumann. Row 2: Marilyn Maher. Jean Martin. Elva Lennox. Sylvia Mott. Vera O'Neill. Doris Boerner. Phyllis Ryan. Carol Penderghest. Nancy Shepherd. Not pictured: Peggy Baker. Faith Chamberlin. Norma Humphreys. Elva Manton. Janet Piunti. Marie Shear. Below: Corridor Supervision Michael Fiske. Betty Hagerty. Marion Christy. Above: Lunchroom Supervision: Dolores Miller. Rita Mclay. Fran Cris-taldi. Tina D’Elia. Left: Cafeteria Staff. Row 1: Ann Naylor. Margaret Herman. Bea Mongone. Annie Hessenthaler. Lois Hollars. Row 2: Audrey Leather-bury. Patricia Schroeder. Joan Anthony. Nelma Frank. Dorothy Pan-nulla. Row 3: Haddie Padden. Antoinette DiFillippo. Nancy Bor-kowski. Frank Furchi. Mary Ann Za-tareski. Kathleen Fazio.PROFILE: John "Woody” McGoldrick HOME: Ivyland, Bucks County AGE: 39 DESCRIPTION: Smiling face, glasses, curly hair PROFESSION: ‘‘custodiologist'' YEARS OF SERVICE: 18 WHY I DO WHAT I DO: “I like my job.” LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Going to the Abington Cheltenham game HOBBY: working at school dances PROFILE: “Friendly, helpful, good-looking" QUOTE: “Oh, yeah” PROFILE: Stephen "Gonzo” Terlecki HOME: Southampton AGE: 67 DESCRIPTION: Dark hat and jacket, badge, glasses PROFESSION: Security guard YEARS OF SERVICE: 5 WHY I DO WHAT I DO: "'cause I like it” LATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Going to Flyers hockey HOBBY: Watching Flyers PROFILE: “Pretty good guy" QUOTE: “Move it out”Looking Back A CtaWuxm AibimWarfb Tv Kkou) The, Mgit iiei Of The, Univwe? JuiT Aik Me,, Mi. SciMudIke or Stevenson- which will it be? Students at Abington High School participate in a mock presidential election in 1952. Ironically, vice-presidential winner Richard Nixon went on to become one of the most infamous public officials of this century. In the early years of Abington High School the students received a fifteen-minute recess each morning and each afternoon to relax and gossip with friends. It was war time in the United States in 1918. The Abington yearbook that year was dedicated to those who served our country Two seniors graduated in soldier uniforms, And Lawrence S. Doyle, editor of the Oracle, enlisted in the U.S. marines. S-T-U-D-E-N- In 1898 the most favored activity was performing plays four times a year. In 1951 it was the spring concert that attracted a large crowd to Abington. Parents and friends were entertained by music and ballet dancing performed by the students. L-l-F-EThose Special People Friends, Buddies, Pals It's the first day of school. Within a minute, you scan the classroom and come to the realization: “None of my friends are in here!” If it weren't for our friends, our lives at Abington High School might be a lot duller. We look forward to talking with them at lunch and in the hallways. Passing notes during a long lesson of trigonometric principles or the History of the Federal Reserve helps pass the time. Often we don’t appreciate our friends. After all, who would be there to give us the motivation to get through a night of grinding for three major tests, and a term paper? Who would we call at late hours of the night to discuss personal problems or catch up on the latest gossip? And who would drag us to another exciting school function? Our friendships have grown strong over the years. Some have originated as far back as kindergarten, others, at different levels of our education. With our best friends we share secrets, aspirations, good times, and meaningful experiences. The memories we have shared will last long after graduation, perhaps forever. Above: Chris Butler, Tony Santiago, and Frank Green. Top Right: Tim Carlin and Kristin Cepregi. Bottom Right: David Hewitt and Brett Bonfield. 46 Student LiteTop Left: Alison Meckling and Christine McNamara. Top Right: Hope Rosenthal and Shelbee Teller. Left: Marijke Klein, Aimee Malnati and Becky Maxymuik. Bottom: Amanda Kufta and Donna Swiderski. Student Life 47That’s What Friends Are For . . . 48 Student Life Top left: Paul Krause and Peter Lineman Lower left: Bruce Brabbitz, Bill Sams, Peter Davies Above: Tina Henderson and Curtis Grasty“A friend is someone to have around when you feel like being yourself.” -anonymous Far left: Tammy Burns. Chris Ifill. and Karen Rosenfeld Left: Dawn Armwood. Lucille Clark. and Lacountess Williams Below: Bonnie Mandel and Laurie Bellet Top: Lisa Paris and Connie Falcone Bottom: Wendy Bankoff and Tammy Berger To Share Our Laughter Student Life 49This Night The Dance Of '87 The Class of 1988's Junior Prom was celebrated on May 8, 1987. All that frenzied Friday, class representatives labored to decorate the gym. The final touches arrived shortly after lunch: the balloon arch and the balloon clouds. Weary but pleased, the reps trudged home to prepare for the prom. Dancing under the black, white, and silver balloon-filled gym made the evening very special. Billy Joel's song, "This Night” provided tertainment by a magician and a short appearance by Black Out, a then-senior band, the night seemed complete. Souvenirs of the Prom included a program, a special key chain engraved with the date, the theme, and a picture, and coupled pictures. All in all, "This Night” turned out to be a night to remember. Right: Dancing the night away at the Junior Prom! "This Night" certainly proved that the Class of 1988 could party in style. Below: "We re so fine!" Missy Graham. Rossana Casso. and escort. Right: Taking a breather from the dancefloor. Kenya Henderson. Rob Brown, Tamika Holt, and Kyle Stanton share a few quiet moments. 50 Student LifeLeft: Tom Cassidy and Jill Pickers-gill -talk is fun. Below: Rob Greenbaum and Jen Mallard share a dance under the balloon clouds. private moment. Student Life 51The Ride Over Getting There Is V2 The Fun It's 6:15 am, and a rhythmic tune blares on my radio. I get up to turn it off and slump into the bathroom. I'm on a tight schedule- one minute off and I’ll be late. I'm a senior without a license-1 ride the bus. The worst thing about riding the bus is getting on it. I think I hold the world's record for missing the bus the most times in a nine year period. Have you ever tried to get on a bus when everyone wants to be the first one on ? I think I know what tooth paste feels like! It’s pretty dangerous for a skinny girl like me. Then winter hits. You can be sure that you'll have to wait ten minutes no matter when you leave the house. I consider myself a professional bus rider. I've carried everything from ten helium balloons to a band uniform, a clarinet, a pocketbook, and a bookbag plus gym clothes all at the same time. I’ve learned who not to ask. "Can I sit here?” I know how to get the front seat so I don't have to stumble through the aisles. I even know the exact time I have to leave the house so I can make it with thirty seconds to spare, 6:59. However, more than once I have to fly out of the house at 7:02, raisin toast in hand to see the back of the yellow bus going down the street with my friends waving out the rear window. What do I do when I do catch the bus? Anyone who ever sat with me would say nothing, but I’m really thinking. It’s too boring to watch the same scenery over and over again, so maybe I’m thinking about a song going through my head or perhaps a good looking guy I saw. Well, that's my story of how I was a nine-year bus rider. Each day I face the challenge of getting to school; what will happen if I wake up some day at 6:50? -LeVonne Lindsay 52 Student LifeBelow: Jen Arbittier and Allison Ru-doy display the official Tailgate banner. Left: Mike Verdon, Derek Har-rar, and Chuck Maslin-the chefs. The smoke from the hi-bachi blew in their eyes, the smell of hot dogs permeated the air, the music rocked on! Friday, December 11, 1987, a group of Abington students parked their cars at the bottom of the student lot, and gathered together for the first and last Abington Tailgate Party. Assembled to raise school spirit, blow off some steam, and create some heat during the long winter, the students were truly getting into the party mood. A sense of cam-raderie grew among the participants, and asked for what they were tailgating, they answered, life! Lower Left: The Tailgaters-what more can we say! Lower right: Jamie Altman and Bria Gisond share a hotdog at Tailgate.Loud And Clear Abington Makes Itself Heard Go Ghosts, Pounce the Panthers!" shouted hundreds of excited Abington students at the 1987 pep rally. The pep rally, sponsored by the Varsity "A” Club, is a great way to raise spirit for the annual Ab-ington-Cheltenham football game. The two schools have been rivals for sixty-seven years. The pep rally was MC’ed by students Kurt Shenk and Kevin Walsh. A highlight of the afternoon was the crowning of the homecoming queen, Janine Lepore. Her escort was football star Jeff Hack. The queen’s court consisted of seniors Jodie Okamoto and Megan Johnson, juniors Vickie Mordon and Sandra Saylor, and sophomores Wendy Levine and Cynthia Young. That evening, students met at the field to witness the annual bon fire. Gathering around a fire burning an effigy of the panther, students cheered for a victory. Abington won again, making the record thirty-nine trounces of the Chelts. Another loud activity took place on November 13 when the senior class sponsored the Battle of the Bands. Two bands met to jam and compete: Rich Cluelow and Synergy and Trespass. Unfor-tuneately. Me and Those Guys never showed. The winner was Trespass, made up of Jen Young, Matt Ford, Bill Pearce, Dave Allen, and Tom Morris. Above: The Homecoming Court - Wendy Levine, Vicki Mordon. Megan Johnson. Janine Lepore. Jodie Okamoto. Sandra Saylor. Cynthia Young. Student Life 54Left: Rich Cluelow and his band Synergy entertain Abington with some classic jazz. Above: Fans in the Dave Getty cheering section root the Ghosts on to victory! Student Life 55Winners Take All Mental Gymnasts Capture Glory Abington takes pride in its many students who make marked achievement in academic pursuits. The class of 1988 can boast eighteen National Merit Semi-Finalists. This number is one of the highest in Abington history. Qualifying for this honor because of their performance on the NMSQT-PSAT, these students then entered the competition for the monetary awards given to the most de-serving candidates in successive levels of the competition. The Academic Decathalon team of Abington swept the Montgomery County Decathalon competition. Com- ing in first place, the team won several one-year scholarships to MONTCO. Many of the Abington participants won awards in the numerous subjects in which they were tested. Felice LePar and Brett Bonfield won the most awards, and Felice won the all-around silver medal, while Brett won the gold. The Abington Computer Bowl team also brought pride and victory to Abington. The four man team, coached by Mr. Reiff, brought home a special trophy. Competing in computer literacy and other topics, the team surely proved that Abington prepares its students for the computer age. National Merit Semi- Finalists Standing: Mr Schmid. Mr Alth-ouse. Sham Tow. Emily Neff. Shira Goodman. Jennifer Rivkin. Jessa-myn Reich. Jennifer Arbittier. Felice LePar. Hanna Lim. Michele Lebeau. Kneeling: Brett Bonfield. Joshua Green. Ben Hinerfeld. Tom Stoudt. Paul Krause. Dave Hewitt. Robert Stoerrle. John Crimmons. 56 Student LifeEastern Montco Academic Decathalon Champions Row 1: Dave Sax, Ms. Foley. Row 2: Bridget Grimes. Katina Madianos. Brett Bonfield, Kim Ziev, Mike Stern. Felice LePar. Pearl Park.. Not Pictured: Andy Jhawar. Stephanie Diamond. Darren Lim. Tina Kim. Leo Katolik. Mike Overholt. Student Life 57Prepping For The Prom A Lesson By Sue And Adam O.K., I'll say it. Prom. The “p" word. It sends shivers of worry and anticipation down spines across the world. Truly a night to remember, the prom is a great source of aggravation until it happens. To ease the worry, I've enlisted a few Prom Pros to help pave the way to a perfect Prom. Step One: Prom Apparrel. For girls, although the shopping may take days, the right dress will be found. For the gentlemen, a tuxedo can take some time. Thanks to Ventresca’s Tuxedo Shop, we can outline this procedure for you. Measurements must be taken for tie, cummerbund, jacket, pants, and shirt. Then comes the fun. Try on as many styles and colors as you like. Don’t be deprived. Adam models Below: Sue Barlow carefully applies her nail polish. Leave time for such preparations. Right: It's time for Sue's grand entrance. black tails, and black and white tailess, as well. Step Two: Now that you’ve got the clothes, put them on! Leave plenty of time for makeup, hair, pictures, and last minute emergencies. Step Three: The Prom: Relax and have a blast; it's your night to shine. Just be sure that before you leave, you check the checklist compiled with Sue Barlow's help. Remember: you only have one Prom-do it right! Shira Goodman The Bucks Start Here Sue's dress- $125.00 Crinoline (the puffy thing under her dress)-$25.00 Shoes-$30.00 Stockings-$3.50 Earrings-$17.00 Adam's boutenniere-$3.50 Sue's total expenses-$204.00 Adam's tux-$55.00 his shoes-$9 rentals Sue's corsage-$12.50 Adam's total cost-$76.50 Tickets-$45 00 Limo rental- $50 hr Total Prom Cost-$500.50 58 Student LifeSurvival Check List Order corsage and boutonniere early to avoid prob- lems and mix-ups. Cffl' Tie and cummerbund match girl’s dress. No clashing at the prom! [ "'Transportation is agreed upon: Who's driving, or will you hire a limo? Make sure you know who’s carrying the tickets! C???' Have directions to Westover Country Club: it’s way out there! Ladies: Remember portable hair spray, lip gloss, and u blush for touchups. Gentlemen: Dress socks, please, not white! [ Tj ‘ Plan time for family photos. Q: • Have a blast, and don’t drink and drive! What Your $500 Prom Tab Would Buy: 1000 boxes of m m’s 250 rental movies 295.86 Big Mac’s 1 CD player and 16 CDs 1 VW Bug 5000 yellow No. 2 pencils 10,000 pieces Bazooka gum 100 movies at Bader-wood (no popcorn) 10 sweaters at Bloomies 100 sweaters at Filene’s 250 floppy disks 10 tickets to Phantom of the Opera 25 Springsteen tickets Left: Adam Carangi sports the formal look. Black tie and tails add a special touch to the tuxedo. Below: Sue and Adam have it all together. Totally prepped, they're ready to prom! Student Lite 59In February 1943 all clubs at Abington were converted to groups working specifically for war and defense activities. Every student participated in at least one of these clubs. One such club was the Bond and Stamp Committee. From the money this group earned Abington was able to name an Army pursuit plane. It was christened "Galloping Ghost of Abington High." Another club that was organized in 1943 was the Victory Corps Committee. It instructed students in map reading, model plane building, and other war subjects. 0 R G A N l Z A Many clubs which students enjoyed in Abington's early days are no longer in existence. These include not only the Camp Cooking Club and the Bird Club, but also the Boys’ and Girls' Etiquette Clubs which held discussions on good manners at home and in school, at the table and on the street-in other words, etiquette for all occasions. T 1 0 N SPolitics In The School A Government Of Equals The 1987-88 Student Council was led by a lively bunch of officers. President Kevin "Flamer'' Walsh, Vice President Amy "Livezley" Livezey, Treasurer Kurt "Sheepdog" Shenk, Recording Secretary Kathy "Stritt" Strittmatter, and Corresponding Secretary Dan “Duke” Wachinski were aided by Senior Administrative Assistant Vicki Compter, Junior A.A. Aimee Malnati, and Sophomore A.A. Kishba Washington. The Council was a very active Organization during the 87-88 school year. The Council operated the Student Lounge, an area open to students on their free periods. Student Council also selected the Students of the Month, and awarded scholarships to numerous graduates. Student Council Officers also attended each of the P.T.A. and School Board meetings held in the township. The primary source of income for the Council came from the ever-successful soda machine and the concession stands at our football and basketball games. Officers: Reclining: A. Livezey and K Strittmatter. Seated: K. Washington, K. Shenk. K. Walsh. V. Compter, D. Washinski. A. Malnati. Standing: Mr. Nyman. STUDENT COUNCIL SENIORS Top Row: J. Altman, L. Shields, A. Goldhaber, T. Holt. C. Grasty. M. Newman. K. Henderson. J. Baker. Row 2: D. Wachinski. M. McCall. A. Caranji, D. McManus. R. Arnoldi. R. Wheeler. Row 3: S. Tow. K. Walsh. T. Brennan. K. Gannon. K. Strittmatter. M. Silberman. P. Lineman, C. Zollo. J. Ramil. M. Minda. A. Hill. A. Livezey Row 4: K. Shenk. S. Smolda. D. Gregg. M. McGrath, L. Blackman, M. Glantz. V. Compter. K. Krupnick. Row 5: L. Torres. J. Shepherd. B. Mandel. K. Goldberg. D. Kaplan, K. Cornell. J. Blank. 62 Orjanizatiomas '" STUDENT COUNCIL JUNIORS Row 1: C. Delaney. D. Laumer. L. Rosenthal. T. Kim. B. Grimes. Row 2: J. Lempa. A. Malnati. P. Park. V. Sokarda. D. Fogell Row 3: T. Marshall. A. Churchill. L. Seydel. T. Ma-saro. A. Pezzullo. G. Abramson Row 4: E. Fisher R. Perlman. B. Jacobson. H. McCarthy. P. Bauersfeld. A. Cohen Orcanizjtions 63They've got the class! Senior Spirit "It's the one-hundredth graduating class, and we're looking forward to going out in style." - Jeffrey Marmon Class Sponsor The senior class officers, Bonnie Mandel (pres.). Dana Gregg (sec.). Marilyn Minda (treas.). and Jamie Altman (vice-pres). along with Mr. Marmon take time to make a tram Produces Enthusiasm, Cash From top to Bottom: Tina Hungsavaisya. Andy Jacobs. Levonne Lindsay. Hannah Lim. Arthur Apolmario. Pete Lineman. Brian McHale. Pete Hall. Neil Kimes. Rodney Wheeler. Shira Goodman. Jean Kintisch. Emilie Neff. David Roatch. Jen Shepherd. Janine Lepore. Kevin Walsh. Kirstin Freisheim. Felice LePar. Tricia Williams. Mike Silber-man. Barbara Wilson. Lynne Larson. Anne Wordinger. Jimmy Whitney. Rich Arnoldi. Mamut Aydin. Eric Farish. Becky Ferguson. Shari Markowich. Matt Leube. Kari Koff. Joanna Schiller. Jill Blank. Kate Gannon. Amy Livezey. Adam Carangi. Kathy Stnttmatter. Jessie Reich. Becky Jaslow. Jen Arbittier. Tamika Holt. Jessie Kromdyk. Kari Krupmck. Lori Blackman. Debbie Kaplan. Stefi Pashman. Jenny Miller. Kristy Lee Goldberg. Judy Im. Lynne Eckert. Stephanie Humphreys. Jodie Okamoto. Melissa Goodman. Margo Glantz. Vicki Compter. Carolyn Malloy. Karin Cornell. Lee Lapa. Megan Johnson. Dana Gregg, Jamie Altman. Mr. Marmon. Marilyn Minda. Bonnie Mandel. 64 OrganizationsThe Abington High School Class of 1988 is ready to party! They have cause for celebration! They are the one-hundredth graduating class of Abington High School. Under the guidance of mentor Jeffrey Marmon, the class officers Bonnie Mandel, president; Jamie Altman, vice-president; Dana Gregg, secretary; and Marilyn Minda, treasurer, have led the class in various fund raisers. In addition to sponsoring the Annual Battle of the Bands and the Annual Lip-Sync Contest, the senior class of 1988 has sold Abington football jerseys, class mugs, and a variety of candies. Money from these endeavors was used to finance the Senior Prom which was held in May, 1988. Above: Marilyn Minda. Anne Wor-dinger and Dana Gregg take time out from Battle of the Bands to pose as the Ronnettes. Organizations 65Jesse Years and Becky McAlpm: top salespeople of the junior class. Would you like to buy a calendar? The young ones Underclassmen Gear For The Future. Being an underclassman is tough! To ease the pressures of Abington, the junior and sophomore classes have their respective class councils. Planning dances, sales, and other social events, the underclassmen years culminate in the Junior and Sophomore proms. Fundraisers are all channeled into the Senior prom fund, and every class vows to raise the greatest slush fund for its prom. The winner is yet to be announced. Junior Class Council Officers from left: Chrissie Delaney. Nancy Baksts, Darren Fogel. and Alexis Pezzullo find a moment to pose as cool juniors. Junior Class Council Row 1: C. Delaney. N. Baksis. D. Fogel. A. Pezzullo. Row 2: B. McAlpin. M. Fischer. T. Propato. S. Matz. K. Ziev. J. Poleri. H. Marion. J. Carlitz. S. Merves. S. Hayes. A. Akers Row 3: L. Rosenthal. A. Polin. J. Dansky. J. Ward. A. Churchill. T Nguyen. J. Cohn. E. White. S. Diamond. L. Grey. A. Wolkov. V. Sokarda. B. Grimes. D. Laumer, T. Comido. J. Lempa. L. Williams Row 4: J. Dunn. H. McCarthy. S. Miller. D. Moss. M. Parish. R. Perlman. A. Jhawar. F. Woll. M Goldstein. J. Years. G. A-mbramson. M. Lipinski. 66 OrfanizationsAbove: Trung Nguyen shows his moves at a Junior Class sponsored dance. Such dance skills foreshadow a bright Travolta future. Sophomore Class Council Top: M. Hollinsworth. K. Baker. M Mills. A. Driscoll. R. Dumaran. T. D'amore. P. Inteman. J. Grave. J. Livingston Row 2: J. White. S. Whitney. P. Bonet. P. Mason. M. Znak. C. Zbinden. E. McNamara. A. Eis-man. D. Hartman. D. Henry. T. Burns. Row 3: D Ricker. J. Eskin. J Levin. Rob Neff (treasurer). Debbie D'Amore (president). Anita Jones (secretary). Donna Miller (vice-president). Mrs. Wank Row 4: C Nowak. J. Spiewak. J. Chalmers. J. Mascione, L. Meyer. J. Kot. Orfanizations 67Gaudeamus Igitur . . . The Halls Of On November 5, 1987, the Abington Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted the new senior and junior members. The induction ceremony was highlighted by the guest speaker, Pat Ciarrochi, the Three Today anchorwoman. In addition to her remarks, each of the four officers, Sung Moon, president; Sae Joon Hahm, vice-president; Michael Silberman, treasurer, and Alison Meckling, secretary, presented a speech. The speeches of the officers illustrated the four factors necessary for Honor Society membership: schol- Academia arship, citizenship, leadership. and character. Dr. Rorison, the sponsor of this organization, has worked with the officers and members to provide necessary services for the school. A key program sponsored by the Honor Society is a peer tutoring service. Through fundraising events, the Honor Society raises money in order to be able to award scholarships to Senior members. The Honor Society is able to provide such extensive services because it is one of the largest organizations of the school. Above: Dr. J. Robert Rorison, Principal Norman Schmid, and guest speaker Pat Ciarrocchi listen attentively to the speeches of the Honor Society officers during the induction ceremony. The induction process is a special night for newly initiated Honor Society members; it is truly a milestone in one's high school career. Below: President Sung Moon and Vice-President Sae Joon Hahm address the inductees and their families. Both Sae and Sung are truly representative of the ideals which the Honor Society espouses: character, leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. Honor Society - Juniors Row 1: Dean Godfrey. Craig Pizer. Aletha Akers. Sandy McColgan, Tina Kim. Jill Cohn. Kim Ziev. Hillary Marion. Maureen Morris. Allison Po-Im Row 2: Dana Bender. Pearl Park. Lisa Rosenthal. Sung Moon. Michael Silberman. Sae Joon Hahm. Row 3: Lily Le. Kelly Saunders. Shelly Saunders, Sue Duskiewicz, Sheila Gibson. Cathy Alkszay. Vicki Tano-van, Lauren Axler, Sam Cheun. Trung Nguyen. Shannon Hayes. Vera Sokarda. Amy Siegel. Bridget Grimes. Becky McAlpin. Wendy Freeman Row 4: Steve Gilbert. Darren Lim, Chris Boher, Walter Knapp. Pong Yi. Tony Massaro. Elbert Lin. Chris Newell. Noel Laukaitis. Tom Gleason. Darren Fogel Row 5: David Kim. Leo Katolik, Mike Goldstein. Ricky Geeseman. Tim Waite. Andy Jhawar, Fred Woll, Joe Ku-kura. Glen Abramson. Alexis Pezzullo. 68 Organizations Honored Guest Pat Ciarrocchi discusses her experiences with the new members at the Honor Society induction ceremony. Honor Society - Seniors Bottom Row: Mimi Lebeau. Jen Bonner. Kate Gannon. Lauren Bur. Shira Goodman. Becky Ferguson. Janine Lepore Row 2: Heidi Stief-fenhofer. Dana Gregg. David Par-sha. Dana Reiver. Sham Tow. Kari Krupnick. Jen Kolonsky. Stefi Pash-man. Sae Joon Hahm. Dorothy Liu. Jen Rivkin. Row 3: Claude DAIIes-sio. Marilyn Minda. Jamie Altman. Gene Steinberg. Jeremy Pinsley. Meredith Bell. Debbie Kaplan. Jen Miller. Sung Moon. Mike Silberman. Len Mundy. Tom Stoudt Row 4: Jodie Okamoto. Maria Doughtery. J.D. lies. Chris Ifill. Barbara Davis. Anita Gebb. Andrew Jacobs. Audrey Gold- haber. Emilie Neff. Jessie Reich. Jean Kintisch. Art Apolinario. Bryan Tynan. Erich Lukas. Linda Shields. Liz Vant. Dave Freas. Jonathan Frieder Row 5: Dave McManus. Joe Staniziewski. LeVonne Lindsay. Josh Green. Ben Hinerfeld. John Berg. Michael Dubrow. James Lee. Chris Van Buren. Row 6: Tom Weiler. Ian Smith. Tina Hungsavai-sya. Caren Gever. Jamie Lipton. Sonm Yi. Becky Jaslow. Hannah Lim. Jennifer Arbittier. Felice LePar. Seth Baron. Dave Sax. Craig Gordon. Adam Brenner. Paul Conroy. Doug Topkis. Ojanizations 69Putting the world in focus Clubs Scrutinize Global Events Abington can take pride in its two politically oriented clubs. Being informed is a major goal of World Affairs Forum Club members. A main activity of the club is the preparation of important head lines to be read over the announcements. The club, led in the 1987-88 year by copresidents Brett Bonfield and Tina Hungsavaisya. vice-president Caren Gever, secretary Tina Kim. treasurer Lisa Rosenthal, and sponsor Mr. Solerno. raised five hundred dollars form the third annual World Food Day. The club also held a debate on nuclear war and other pressing topics. Special guest speakers included eight Vietnam veterans who shared recollections of their war experiences. Amnesty International is a nation-wide organization dedicated to freeing prisoners of conscience and working for the betterment of human rights. Bottom: L. Rosenthal. T. Kim. B Bonfield. T. Hungsavaisya. C. Gever, Row 2: L Katolik. L Axler. K Madianos. A. Lee. L. Messina Row 3: E. Tsmajionie. K Rudolph. A. Zucker. M. Sanchez. A. Berkowitz. A Polin. M. Klien. A Siegle. B McAl-pin. A. Malnati. M. Rottenberg. A. Brenner. Row 4: J. Boardman. T. Comido. C. Delaney. V. Sokarda. A. Foell. M. Morris. C. Ergun. H. Ngyuen. V. Tanovan. K. Strittmater. M. Silberman. S. Yi. A Jacobs Row 5: A. Cohen. H. Bush. J. Baker. D. Godfrey. D. Lim, L. Blackman. J. Blank, J. Kolonsky. A. Wolkove. R. Perlman. D. Rhynhart. Rhynhart. B. Hinerfeld. S. Kiamond. C. Miller. L. Mundy. J. Femour. F. LePar, M. Overholt. Row 6: K Williams. J. Bonner. E. White. L. Gray. Row 7: P. Yi. B. Helwig. D. Dusky. E. Gralnick. A. Zucker. D. McManus. D. Moss. H. McCarthy. H. Garret. C. Larash. H. Marion. S. Schott. K Ziev. T Auhn, J. Laub. Top: J. Hack. B. Jacobson. K Downes. F. Wohl. C. Jones. J. Or-zedowski. M. Seabrook. T. Santangio.Bridging the gap Groups Promote Understanding Abington also can boast numerous organizations which foster unity and mingling of cultural backgrounds. Providing opportunities and fostering understanding are goals of the Affiliation Club, the Asian American Club and the Black Student Union. Affiliation Club members sell candy after school to raise money for an exchange program with a high schooler in Germany. The 1987-88 year saw a record number of German exchange students studying in Abington. a genuine cultural experience for all involved. The Asian American Club helps to bring the Asian and Western cultures closer together. It also helps Asian students adjust to their school. The Black Student Union raises funds to be presented to senior club members who plan on furthering their education. The BSU also sponsors various dances and activities which add to the social life of Abington. Affiliation Club Row 1: Maria Sanchez. Bridget Grimes. Tina Kim. Martjke Klein. Alison Polm. Pearl Park. Bettina Kes-sel. Mike Silberman. Lola Harrison. Kristy Roesing. Angela Foell. Shannon Hayes. Justma Park. Tina Hung- vaisya. Barbara Davis. Tamika Holt. Rita Spatola Row 2: Betta Permi, Sae Joon Hahm. Craig Gordon. Elvira Topfer. Mike Jansen. Hillary Bush. Kai Gibson. Jill Boardman. Karen Bohr. Jamie Lipton. John Feinour. Joe Stamszewski Row 3: Walter Knapp. Doug Topkis. Kishba Washington. Debbie D'amore, Allison Abowitz. Jessica Spiewak. Cem Ergun. Tilda D'Amore. Andy Carrell. Eric Despirlet. Mimi Eggert Hansen.Asian American Club Row 1: David Kim. Elbert Lin. Tony Massaro. Carl Lin. Pong Yi. Dean Godfrey. Row 2: Tumom Takahashi. Eunshil Ahn, Christine Oh. Shawn Kwon. Mihn Nguyen. Hannah Bae. Hannah Lim, Trung Nguyen. Row 3: Paul Chun. Ramil Laudico. Anh Huy Nguyen. Vivian Messina. Lily Chun. Lynnette Messina. Row 4: Tina Kim. Pearl Park. Adriana Lee. Black Student Union Bottom: Kelly Saunders. Christine Newman. Gayle Trotter. Vonda Hindsman Row 2: Blair Thompson. Lee Jordan. Warren Mason. Doreen Case. Naeemah Ali. Ed Franklin Row 3: Malcom Mills. Jordan Bouser. Annette Blount. Kevin Lee. LaCoun-tess Williams. Tony Johnson Row 4: Sabrina Hindsman. Trevina Marshall. Tyza French. Shelly Saunders. Curtis Grasty. Steve Johnson. Row 5: Monique Brooks. Kwan Birins. Tony Boomer. Dawn Armwood. Barry Jacobson. Larry Jones. . Marshall Roberts. Chris Holloway. Mark Lee. Kishba Washington. Organizations 73Abington International Polyglots Have More Fun Bonjour Hola, Ciao! What ever way you cut it, it comes out “Hello!” Among the active clubs in Abington are the language organizations. Not merely “academic” clubs, these groups hold their own when compared to other extracurricular activities. The Spanish Club promotes Hispanic culture through discussions and special events. It’s a popular club, as one can see from the heavily populated photo, and it’s heartily promoted by Ms. Galshack. Those who go for feasting find a happy home in the Italian Club, whose annual activities include the famous bacchanalian banquet, a trip to the Italian Market, and a host of simpatico gatherings funded by those omnipresent candy sales. The always effervescent Mr. Pezzullo leads these Neapolitans-at-heart. Although the French Club is unable to charter a flight to Paris, an important event is its gastronomic trip to France at its annual pilgram-mage to a Gallic eatery. It also publishes its own newsletter. Ms. Schlanger heads the Francophiles. Spanish Club Bottom: Leah Decato. Allison Abowitz. Theresa Comido. Wendy Freeman. Marijke Klein. Kristy Lee Goldberg. LoriBlackman, Margo Glantz, Debbie Kaplan. Vickie Compter. Joanna Schiller. Jen Fish. Mrs. Galshack. Ellen Bender. Aurelia Hill. Chris Jeanquart. Dana Reiver. Jim Kieserman. Steve Johnson. Row 2: Lily Cheun, Marla Hahn. Rosana Caso. Amy Seigel. Chrissy Delaney. Karen Row. Lisa Rodin. Margie Fischer. Angela Foell. Doug Topkis. Paul Conroy. Bonnie Mandel. Kan Krupnick. Lauren Goldsmith. Laurie Bel-let. Jamie Lipton. Aletha Akers. Lisa Carlo. Shani Tow Row 3: Dara Bu-towsky. Tilda D'Amore. Julie Levin. Debbie D'Amore. Mike Silberman. Steven Goldstein. Jeremy Pinsley. Billy Godfrey. Paul Bauersfeld. Brian Hart. Keith Walters. Danielle Wilson. David Tanovan. Keith Reynolds. Adam 74 Organizations Zucker. Anita Jones. John Feinour. Heather White. Jill Katz. Michelle Po-tere. Hannah Bae. Row 4: Bubbles Wagner. Aaron Sims. Andrew Cohen. Lynn Grey. Jill Cohn. Glen Abramson. Hillary Marion. Kenny Rudolf. David Parsha. Stacey Matz. Stacy Feldman. Andy Godfrey. Jamie Dunn. Greg Maddox. Paul Saraceni. Adam Major. Darren Fogel. Barry Jacobson. Jeff Horner. Nikki Donato. Row 5: Austin Wackerman. Victor Masnyj. Kishba Washington. Tomas Llanos. Yale Stiengard. Matt Seabrook. Jeff Carlitz. Ronnie Trichon. Chip Jones. Kevin Mills. Tom Santangelo. David Roatch. Seth Baron. Adam Brenner. Malcolm Mills Row 6: Greg Shienbaum. Greg Dries. David Getty, Paul Devor. Roy Dumaran.French Club Bottom: Josh Green. Sae Joon Hahm. Stefi Pashman. Shira Goodman. Allison Polin. Caroline Rudoy. Jenny Arbittier. Tina Kim. Liz Meyer. Michelle Keller. Maria Sanchez. Row 2: Vicki Tanovan. Katina Ma-dianos, Lily Le. Maureen Morris. Kari Koff. Alan Wolkov. Jenny Miller. Bettina Kessel. Sonni Yi. Dorothy Liu, Pearl Park. Lauren Axler. Amanda Kufta. Meredith Hender. Row 3: Ms. Schlanger. Jill Eskm. Nancy Jones. Angela Foell. David Sax. Bridget Grimes. Stephanie Diamond. Chris Roberts. Eric Gralnick. Scott Merves. Jen Rivkin. Jessie Reich. Marilyn Minda. Jean Kintisch. Caren Gever. Vera Sokarda. Dana Moss. Peter Hoffman, Heather McCarthy. Teresa Propato. Row 4: Tim Waite. Pong Yi. Sam Cheun. Mike Goldstein. Andy Jhawar. Fred Woll. Dan Rhynhart. Eric DeSpirlet. Italian Club Bottom: Jennifer Chalmers. Adam Gerber. Wendy Levine. Jen Varallo. Vicki Mordon, Francesca Buccafun, Sabrina Monterosso. Randi Weinstein. Stacey Lieberman. Row 2: Jessica Spiewak. Jen Mascione. Tilda D'Amore. Marilyn Minda. Dan Lott. Antoinella DiMartino. Mr. Pezzullo. Lee Lapa, Rossana Caso. Debbie D’Amore. Jen Gannon Row 3: Rafella Lombardi. Peter Intemann. Kim Norman. Jason Hughes. Rita Spatola. Missy Graham. Courie Notaro. Gina Lulliani. Rob Baccari. Kevin Mills. Sandra Saylor. Chris Zollo. Janine LePore. Matt Eberz. Bonnie Williams. Stephanie Fink. Brian Gordan. Beth Falbo. Marlella Pulicari. Denise Dillon. Tina Pulicari Lucia Facciolo, Michelle Gabbamonte. Organizations 75Above: Ghosts and Goblins replace the familiar faces of Abington Key Clubbers! Right: Jen Rivkin flashes a smile for the children of Abington Hospital. 76 Organizations Reaching Out . . . Key Club Offers Involvement The Key Club is a worldwide public service organization made up of more than 125,000 high school students. The theme for 1987-88 is "... for Friendship’s sake," and the Abington High School chapter has done much to fulfill this. Starting the year with a Bike-Hike-a-thon at Alverth-orpe Park, the Key Club raised $300 to support Special Olympics. In addition to this, numerous bake sales and a candy sale will bring the donation for Special Olympics to over $1000! Key Club members visited children and cancer patients in Abington Hospital on Halloween, "adopted” elderly nursing home residents to visit weekly, and held a sing-along at Rydalbrook before the holidays. Key Clubbers also helped with holiday giftwrapping at Montgomery Mall to raise money for the Montgomery County Association for Retarded Citizens. They also organized a highly successful, school-wide food drive to help many needy families in the community have a more enjoyable holiday. Most Key Club members agree that the best part of the club is the great feeling one gets after helping out those in need. This year’s officers; president. Becky Jas-low; vice-president, Felice LePar; secretary, Caren Gever; and treasurer, David Kim would like to thank Mr. Reiff the sponsor, and all club members for making this year very successful. -Becky Jaslow r- I 1 S I1 r ■Jj n | % w Bottom: Barbara Davis. Lynnette Mesina. Nancy Weinberg. Caren Gever. Becky Jaslow. Felice Lepar. Jennifer Arbittier. Row 2: Pamela Saunders. Jennifer Rivkin. Lola Harrison. Aimee Malnati. Glen Abramson. Dean Godfrey. Lauren Axler. Vicki Tanovan. Lynn Larson. Shawn Kwon. Katie Rhoda Row 3: David Kim. Darren Lim. Pon Yi. Elbert Lin. Andy Jhawar. Walter Knapp. Kishba Washington. Michelle Gabbamonte. Lisa Carlo. Jen Wopperer Row 4: Chad Diamond. Reynolds Ritchie. Fred Woll. Tony Massaro. Joe Kukura. Organizations 77. Far left: Key Clubbers added spirit to the Halloween of the young children in Abington Hospital. Left: Tired Key Clubbers toss back a cool one after the grueling bike-hike-a-thon. 'For friendship's sake" 1987-88 Key Club MottoPlease Rise For: Abington’s “Morning Zoo” 7:39 A.M. Half asleep, you stumble into homeroom, take your seat, and fall back into that delightful state of R.E.M. 7:40 A.M. Behind the scenes, the ARTW controls are activated by the dexterous hand of Peter Kelly, the esteemed advisor. 7:41 A.M. You are beckoned to rise for the flag salute pledge by the all-powerful voice of Andy Jacobs. 7:43 A.M. Head on desk, you sleep through the duration of the announcements and miss the daily maxims of the witty Kim Ziev. Still in this comotose state, you ignore the sports reports read by music-master Brit Van Horn. 7:47 A.M. Heart beat quickens, pulse races, chest tightens, and body shakes in anticipation of that sweet, unavoidable, yet somewhat annoying voice that screeches “Good Morning!!” This faceless voice radiates an enthusiasm to the otherwise unconscious Ab-ington population. It is Gabby Abby! Gabby Abby is Abington’s in-house "Yente” or "Gossip Queen.” She is a tradition with rank equal to that of the ghost. Just picture a Gabby Abby-less school - a mere building filled with 1500 sleepy-eyed individuals. Gabby Abby’s unenviable job is to wake up these masses. In doing so, she spreads a ”joie de vivre” which helps to ease early mornings at Abington. -Stefi "Gabby” Pashman ARTW staff (from left): Kim Ziev, Andy Jacobs. Stefi Pashman. Peter Kelly, and Brit Van Horn. 78 OrganizationsBottom: Meredith Bell. Robin Mancini. Kristy Lee Goldberg. Dina Laumer. Karen Pfefferle. Mamie McGrath. Dana Moss. Jessie Kromdyk. Sandra Saylor. Megan Johnson. Tamika Holt. Janine LePore Row 2: Emihe Neff. Stephanie Humphries. Lynn Seydel. Shelia Gibson. Vicki Tanovan. Anh Nguyen. Steve Gilbert. Margie Fischer. Lynn Eckert. Dana Gregg. Bartricia Williams. Marla Hahn. Anne Wordinger. Mr Schneller Row 3: Kathy Strittmatter. Reynolds Ritchie. Kevin Stoudt. Dave McManus. Richie Volp. Tom Stoudt. John Peterman. Judy lm. Amy Lang. Carolyn Malloy. Jodie Okamoto. Jen Shepherd. Amy Livezey. Chrisy McNamara. D’arcy Hazard Row 4: Stephen Smolda. Marshall Roberts. Dave Parsha. Keith Reynolds. Jimmy Kieserman. Chris Van Buren. Steve Goldstein. Pepe St Phard. John Orzechowski. Steve Johnson. Kirsten Freisheim. Jamie Wagner. Row 5: Chip Jones. Kevin Mills. Kurt Shenk. Dan Wachinski. Doug Topkis. Matt Seabrook. Jeff Hack. Neal Durham. Keith Bardol. Adam Carangi 3 Cheers For: The Athletic Elites The primary goal of the Varsity “A" Club is to build stronger bonds between Varsity athletes, fellow peers, and the faculty. The Varsity “A” Club is open to any Abington Varsity athlete. The club sponsored activities such as the Halloween Roller Skating Party. Saturday afternoon intramural basketball, and the Homecoming celebration. Officers Janine LePore, president; Tamika Holt, vice-president; Megan Johnson, secretary; Sandra Saylor, treasurer; and Vicki Tanovan. showcase coordinator, worked alongside sponsor Charles Schneller to expand the scope of the club’s activities. The 1987 pep rally was full of spirit, as Abington prepared to crush rival Cheltenham! Vicki Tanovan Organuationt 79SO Organizations Students Against Drunk Driving crc. Top: Mrs. Weinteld, Lauren Bur, Marilyn Minda, Andy Jacobs Bottom: Shira Goodman, Jean Kin-tisch, Steti Pashman, Jen Miller. Vicky Compter. Lori Blackman. isung Heroes Serve Abington s any large, well-run institution, Abington High has several be-nd-the-scenes organiza-ans who help the school inction effectively. Often aken for granted, these mall groups are an integral art of the school, socially and academically. Day in and day out. the small staff of the school store provides students with essentials for the day. Additionally, the store is the official supplier of Abington garb and regalia. Concerts, plays, and assemblies are attended by their various fans, but one group is ever-present at such activities. The usher- come and an informative program. Do long lines in the library get you down? Have no fear, the library aides are here! Again, a small group of dedicated students helps ease the flood of work which swamps the library, especially at obligation time! The newest club which has risen to serve Abington is Students Against Drunk Driving. Officers Stefi Pashman, Jen Miller, and Jean Kintisch work with sponsor Mrs. Weinfeld and members to alert fellow students to the danger of driving under the influence. Most active during Prom season, this organization urges students ettes, under the supervision and their parents to sign the of Ms. Fonda, are always contract for life, there with a cheery wel-Usherettes Top: Michele Naylor. Katherine Parr. Margo Jones. Tamika Holt. Bottom: Carin Innes. Lisa Carlo. Michele Gabbamonte. Aurelia Hill. Library Aides Top: Jacqueline Grant. Melanie McCaul. Janet Lempa. Bottom: Ingrid Arnoldi. Caren Innes. Charlotte Furcron. Organizations 81Spectre Top to Bottom: David Scott. Sam Sokolove. Ben Hinerfeld. Karen Hirsch. Brian Schlorff. Stacy Zellinger. Brett Bonfield. Lisa Rosenthal. Tina Kim. Aimee Malnati. News Bureau Bottom: Jen Arbittier. Tovah Kas-din, Shira Goodman. Hillary Marion. Row 2: Mr. Schneller. Lynn Gray. Eunice White. Karen Hirsch. Vera Sokarda. Jill Cohn. Cathy Alakszay. Tom Gleason. Row 3: Jen Wop perer. Joe Kukura. 82 OrganizationsGetting the scoop 1000 Words Are Abington is home to a variety of literary publications. The school newspaper, the Ab-ingtonian, is published by students and distributed free of charge. Funded by advertisements, the paper is an enjoyable source of news, sports reports, and student editorials. Special issues include the April Fools Issue and the Senior Issue. The latter includes a list of future plans of graduating seniors as well as last will and testament by and for the graduates. Not Enough The Spectre is Abington's literary magazine. Featuring poems, short stories, and other creative pursuits of various students, the Spectre provides a creative outlet for often untapped talents. A small group of students participates in News Bureau. Through involvement in this activity, students are able to submit articles about Abington activities to local newspapers. Journalistic talents are fostered, and participants are encouraged to find their own scoops. Newspaper Top: Leo Katolik. Mike Kane. Jonathan Frieder, Doug Risen. Peter Bell Row 2: Mike Dubrow, Jeff Livingston. Andrew Cohen, Sam Cheun. Sam Sokolove, Mike Overholt. Tracey Coles. Row 3: Ben Hin-erfeld, Becky Jaslow. Caren Gever, Caroline Rudoy. Felice Lepar. Vicki Tanovan. Karen Hirsch. Row 4: Hillary Marion, Tina Kim. Jean Kin-tisch, Lynne Larson. Katie Beck. Orjanirafions 83Yearbook is forever Oracle Pages Are Bound With Memories You have crossed the threshhold to room 235. You see walls covered with strange diagrams. People hover actively over a small table in the too cluttered room. You are entering a dimension beyond human sanity; you are entering the yearbook office! If you are brave enough to continue into the depths of Oracle headquarters, you will hear the ravings of frazzled editors pushing dead line limits. A detatched observer, you listen and watch in shock as Lily calls for a cropper and Jen tosses her a plastic uh .. thing. A neophyte to yearbooking, you stare in awe as editors seemingly resist the desire to leisurely sort through pictures and instead play with the cropper and blue grids which look like the graph paper your calculus teacher handed out for the test you just bombed Interest aroused, you turn to Jean who is pouring over the proof binder, checking her page for typos. Then you focus, horrified, as Debby appeals to co-editors for a clock she can smash. Therapy might be more effective, you think, as she describes the picture she has planned. As you lean against the wall for support, you notice Caroline sitting on the floor trying to fit headlines onto her pages. Just then, Jamie enters and snaps a few candids with his 35mm. As you stagger to the window for some air, you see in the corner of your eye Ben and Len competing for Mr. Smith’s time. Shira is frantically searching the photo file for something, and Stefi has just been handed another late senior stat sheet. You're overwhelmed; you quietly take your leave. But it's not over. Outside the office, Hill and Jill change the display case, and Ms. Shaffer returns from ad hunting, hopefully bearing food for the famished editors. Having reached safety, you ponder the scenes you have just witnessed. You wonder if it was an out of body experience. The editors often ask themselves the same question. As of yet, their only answer is that they’re doing God's work; after all, a yearbook is forever, insanity can be temporary! -Shira Goodman Top to Bottom: T. Kim. A. Siegel, P. Park. B Grimes. D. Scott. B Schlorff. S. Cheun, L. Katolik. A. Ahn. F Lepar, H. Kim. A. Eismann, J. Katz, B. Helwig. D Duskey. J. Rivkin. J. Eskm. D. Liu. V. Tanovan, A. Polm. B. McAlpin. B. Jaslow. M Morris. S. Markowich. K. Williams. J. Baker. T. Reed. Ms. Shatter, M. Sanchez. K Roesing. R Perlman. D Rhynhart. H Kerner. S. Merves. C Delaney. L. Messina. T. Propato, M Mairs. J. Ward, T. James. A. Lee, H. McCarthy. Mr. Smith, C. D'Alessio. P. Voelker, S. Humphreys. J. Kintisch. H. Marion. K. Ziev. J. Cohn. S. Pashman, J. Miller. C. Rudoy. S. Goodman. L Mundy Not shown: B Hinerfeld. J. Altman. A. Kutta. D. Swiderski. L. Le Debbie Kaplan: The Arts 84 OrganizationsLen Mundy (above) and Ben Hmerfeld (below): Sports Lily Le Underclassmen Offanitation-We make it happen: The Yearbook Staff Jill Cohn (left) and Hillary Marion. Advertising Stefi Pashman Graduates Jen Miller Editor-in-Chief a . YOUR DOES CLEN X 86 OrganizationsTHER T LIVE HERE UP AFTER XJRSELF Jamie Altman Photography Jean Kmtisch Academic Life Orianuations 87Checkmate, Checkbook, Checkup: There’s Something For Everyone Certain organizations at Abington are to be admired for their intellectual pursuits. These groups are as active as others and often bring pride to the school. These clubs truly attest to the diversity at Abington. The Abington Chess Team is a very competitive club. As well as internal tournaments. the team participates in interscholastic matches. The Debate Team at Abington is also a very serious organization. The debate topic this year focused on the United States Latin America policy. The Health Careers Club focuses on activities related to the medical profession. The club often hosts guest speakers and arranges trips to further enlighten its members to their chosen career. Another career oriented organization is the Future Business Leaders of America Club. Composed of students who major in or have an interest in business, the club has sponsored competitions in business activities. These special organizations help to illuminate the diversity of Abington. There is definitely a club for everyone here! 88 Organizations Debate Team Row 1: Bill McNeil. Julia Blank. Tina Kim. Peter Bell Row 2: Mr. Good. Ray Melnikoff. Josh Brookreson. Kristin Engasser. Carl Lin. Leslie Frankel. Julie Engiles. Erich Lukas. FBLA Row 1: Eric Wahus. Dave Goldstein. Alan Wolkov. Lori Hutchinson. Randy Wittenberg. Tony Massaro. Tony Delfiner. Row 2: Todd Schlank. Scott Inazu. Scott Merves. Ryan Perlman. Chess Club Seated: Steve Isserman. Semyon Kruglyak Standing: Mr Good. Andrew Carrell. Josh Brookreson. Kyle Hindsman. Tony Goldstein. Wendy Zeitz Not Shown: Mike Jessop. Kevin Beard. Health Careers Club Bottom: Margo Jones. Hannah Lim. Wendy Zeitz Row 2: John Feinour. Tricia Williams Row 3: Laura Schiff-man. Joseph Staniszewski. Kyle Hindsmen. Top: Mrs. Holgate. Mrs. Liedy. Orjanizations 89Boffo! Above: Kim and Maggie look over the script Right: Give him a break. Mr Kelly. He’s trying. 90 Organizations Below: In the carefree style of the 1920's, Jennifer Arbittier and Bob Collier dance the night away. U.S.fl. Wows Packed House The date is Friday November 21. 1987; the location- Abington Senior High School's auditorium. A large audience waits patiently for the spectacle to begin. What is it that they have come to see? From the posters that dot the hallway walls it would be likely to assume that this eager crowd has gathered to watch the school drama- U.S.A. This assumption is correct, for sure enough each member of the audience reads a play program, and a few hold flowers. On the other side of the huge red and blue curtain, the scene is quite different. The six actors: Andy Jacobs. Jen Arbittier, Kathy Strittmatter, Bob Collier, Stephanie Gould, and Josh Brookerson pace nervously through the dressing rooms. Director Peter Kelly and his two assistants Kim Ziev and Maggie Swift adjust the props and fix the lights. The clock above the dressing room door reads 7:58. It is time for the actors to take their places. All six take their seats, each expressing their fears differently, but all hoping for success. After all they've worked for two and a half months on this historical documentary of the development of the U.S. . It hasn't been easy. Waiting under the hot lights, the actors try unsuccessfully to get comfortable in their turn of the century costumes. The clock reads 7:59. Mr. Kelly gives a pep talk and Andy and Jen wish each other good luck. The house lights blink. The audience cheers. Each actor thinks quietly: will Jen drop her knitting; will Andy crush his hat; will Bob forget his song? Twenty-four hours later, this exact scene repeats itself. Both nights prove to be enormously successful, or as one anonymous source says, it deserves five stars! -Andy JacobsThey don’t miss a note. Talented Voices Soar above the Crowd The choral groups of Ab-ington have had a very successful year. The Concert Choir, under the direction of Mr. Musika and Mr. Mauro, have participated in various school concerts. One of the highlights of the year was a special selection of Handel’s Messiah. A more select vocal group is the small section of Madrigal singers. The size of the group permits a greater opportunity for outside concerts. Special performances included a visit to a Veterans Mental hospital and the cancer ward of Gene’s hospital. Bottom, left to right: Jen Kiszka, Lauren Zerns. Wendy Zeitz. Jean Morrell. Lisa Rosenthal. Carol Lynn Phillips, Hannah Lim Row 2: Stephanie Gould. Courtney Love. Anh Nguyen. Ed Adornetto. Allison Polin. Charles Lentz. Laura Schiffman. Adriana Lee. Bevin Doletski. Aissa Vaughn. Row 3: Josh Matisoff. Jen Wopperer. Jen Arbittier. Kristi Roma. Diane Kelly. Sue Dobrowolski. Chris Hefner. Michael McCown. Jason Condeelis. Anita Gebb. Row 4: Andy Lackman. Lloyd Vance. Chris Eckl, Bob Collier. Martha Wopperer. Jessica Faunce. David Plon. Justin Baker. Charles Schweizer. Kyle Hmdsman. Renee Gebb. 92 OrfanizationsForke And Allegro Bach - We’re Playing Your Song The Abington High School Orchestra, conducted by Mrs. Voigt, is a large and talented performing body, as has been evidenced by their participation in various concerts and musical events. Composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Orchestra is more than an extracurricular activity. Orchestra, like Choir and Band, is a class for which participants receive grades and credit. Because of the serious nature of this musical group, it has been able to perform pieces which are advanced and reserved for only mature orchestras. The Abington Orchestra is a highlight of both the winter and spring concerts, and it also performs annually at the Honor Society induction. Jen Jessup and Jen Millard represented Abington at District Orchestra Violins: D Liu. E. Ahn. P. Park. H Hoo. L Katolik. V Hindsman. C. Oh. M Kromdyk. N. Garrison. T. Luetke-meyer. M Kennedy. R. Baker. B Gisdoni, D. Sandy. C. Baker. M. Sup-sic, B. Mandel. D. Hartman. M. Pa-terri. K. Goldberg, R. Mancini, J. Hatton. T. Propato. A. Jones. A. Moore. T. Potere. C. Ellis. C. Richer. Viola: D. Butoksky, B. VanHorn. M. Levy. R Lewis. Cello: J. Millard. T Stocks. J. Baker, K. Gibson-Tshi- lenge, S. Scheffer. S. Fischer. Base: T. Tolbert. K. Baltzer. Pianist: M Schwartstein. 94 OrtanuatkmsOff animations 95Fine Tuning The Crowd Pleasers Top Row: B Tynan. R Ritchie. J.D lies C. Pizer. I. Lugmbuhl. C. Dia mond. P. Traub. I. Smith. M. Jes sop. J. Wustner D Lim. D. Topkis. E Neff Row 2: K Shacklady. J Lee. P Yi. F Woll. K Lee E. Fisher. S. Kelly J Ulmer. R Hirschberg. D. Freas Row 3: S Burkart. B Pearce. R Cluelow. J. Years. S. Cheun. A. Siegel. J. Lempa. L. Facciolo. P. An-taya. S. Thayne. H. Stieffenhoffer. P. Henhoeffer. Row 4: J. Saurman. L. Shields. D Grande. C. Eckel. J. Lucas. D. Werley. J. Kukura. C. Delaney. K. Traub. J Jessop. Row 5: R. Geesaman. L. Axler N. Jones. D. Kim. M. Fischer. T. Comido L. Clark. S. McColgan. C. Newman. M Li-pinski. Row 6: A Apolinario. B. Davis. J. Staniszewski. T. Weiler. D. Laumer. L Bur. D. Gregg. L Grip-prich. T Satchell. T Brennan Row 7: D. Bender, C. Iffil. C. Gever. L Segal. Mr. Mauro. conductor of Abington’s symphonic Band believes the 1987-88 band to be one of the best ever. The band, consisting of seventy eleventh and twelfth graders, played more difficult pieces than in past years. The class meets five days a week. Their agenda consists of a ten to fifteen minute warm up, followed by an assortment of musical selections. The Concert Band is comprised of thirty students, the majority of whom are sophomores. This band is also led by Mr. Mauro. Students learn the history of music and study great composers. Both bands performed admirably amid an arrangement of poinsetta flowers in the Winter concert dated December 16. 1987. The Symphonic Band played “Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite” and “Variations on a Korean Folk Song.” The Concert Band joined the Symphonic Band to play “The Spirit of ’76” and a wonderful arrangement of “Greensleeves” to end the evening. Get It Right- Sophomore Malcolm Mills knows the value of practice. (Right.) Striving For Excellence- Sophomore Tammy Burns plays the clarinet- Bass. (Lower Right) Symphonic Band 96 OrganizationsConcert Band Top Row: J. Wustner. M. lezzi. S Carlson. M Hollm Row 2: M. Jes-sop. G. Schuler. B Frank. J. Pak-man. G. Schaller. R. Schockey. C. Schramm. J. Graves. Row 3: T. Burns. S. Kanner. A. Pezzullo. J. Day. K. Patterson. S. Hyams. J. Jes-sop. Row 4: E. Franklin. R. Geesa- man. W. Rose. M Mills. R. Rice. J. Motts. Y. Gray Row 5: K. Rhoda. H Garrison. K. Pfefferle. V. Katolik. Making Music- Jeff Pakman. Sophomore. and fellow Baritone players. Organizations 97In the spotlight Outstanding Musicians Many special band groups exist for the more talented musicians. Abington has been privileged to have sent various participants to each of these special gatherings, and even sponsors its own extracurricular band group. The Jazz Band, under the direction of Mr. Nicholas Val-lerio meets weekly throughout the year. Their performance was a highlight of the school wide spring concert. Another distinguished band group is the Montco Band, consisting of talented instrumentalists from schools all over the district. The Montco Band performed a spectacular concert on February 20, 1988. After long hours of practice, the participants surely demonstrated their musical prowess. Finally. 5 Abington band members were chosen to participate in District Band. Jen Jessop. Mike Jessop, Rickey Geesaman, Joe Stan-iszewski and Seth Kanner represented Abington in this special concert. Also, Jen Jessop, Mike Jessop, and Rickey Geesaman moved up a level to participate in the Regional band performance. bove - Regional Band, (t - Ry. Jenifer Jessop. Rickey Geesaman, like Jessop. Left • Montco Band, iottom Row. Joe Staniszewski. auren Axler, Chris Mill, Tammy Irennan. Heidi Stieflenhofer. Row £: Jean Kintisch, Art Apolinario. Jina Laumer, Lauren Bur. Steve Burkart, Chris Eckl Row 3: Darren Lim, Brian Tynan, Reynolds Ritchie. Chad Diamond, Ian Smith. Row 4: Mike Jessop. Steve Kelley. Jeff Ulmer, Rob Hirschberg, Jennifer Jessop. Row 5: Ian Luginbuhl, Bill Pearce. Rich Cluelow, Rickey Geesaman. 98 0r{)ni2)tiomLeft: Geoff Schaller. a member of the Jazz Band. Other members include: Rickey Geesaman. Steven Burkart. Chris Eckl. Joe Stanis-zewski. Steven Kelley. Damani Patterson. Dave Freas. Jordan So-pmsky. Reynolds Ritchie. Ian Lugmbuhl. Dana Bender. Andrew Cohen. Brian Tynan. Rich Cluelow. Jeff Lucas. Jeff Ulmer. District Band - Top Row: Seth Kan-ner. Jennifer Jessop. Mike Jessop. Bottom Row: Ricky Geesaman. Joe Staniszewski. Organizations 99Forward, March GET IN STEP, GHOSTS! The 1987 Abington Marching Band had another excellent season this year. The Marching Ghosts started their busy season with band camp, then had practices after school, football games every weekend, competitions at Wissahickon, Upper Moreland, Upper Dublin, and West Chester, and the Cavalcade of Bands Championship in Hershey. The band finished up their season by marching in the Channel 6 Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year's show opened with “Exultation'' followed by the “Flintstones", a drum solo with an ensemble made up of Dave Freas, Hannah Lim, Art Apolinario, Kathy Traub and Craig Pizer. The concert number was “Praise Be Good" with soloist Dave Freas, and the finale was “American Folk Spectacular” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” with soloist Hannah Lim. This year's student leaders were Drum Ma-jors-Chris Ifill and Lainie Segal, Flutes- Stephanie Colontonio, Clarinets- Barb Davis, Saxophones and Mel-lophones- Steve Burkhart, Trumpets- Dave Freas, Low brass- Art Apolinario, Percussion- Jean Kintisch and Band Front- Chris Hefner. Above: Linda Shields- Alone with her saxophone! Top Right: A drum roll for the pep rally, if you please. Bottom Right: Audrey Goldhaber toots a tune during a dismal rehearsal. 100 OrganizationsClarinets: Top: P Bender. R Rice. T. Cameron. D Kim, L. Lindsay. B. Clafee Bottom: A Goldhaber. B Davis BLAHS AND BLUES - A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DRUM MAJOR It all started Aug. 24, 8:00 A.M. Here we are again. Our third year standing on this sizzling field in the dead of summer. But wait a minute! Chris just fainted, and there goes Katie! We tried out for drum major just to help carry people off the field? No, there's more! There are plenty of other complicated things we did-like clap. Sure, it may seem simple to the un-bando, but to a drum major it's tricky. Everybody mocked us behind our backs for constantly changing speed, but we meant to do it that way. Speaking about abuse, ban-dos love to pick on the way drum majors call commands. Lainie had it a little easier - it was her second year. She's a pro! But that didn't keep people from joking with her, and quiet Chris had an even worse time. Did you know that it takes about a quarter of an afternoon practice just to get 70 people on to the field for close order? We were positive that everyone adored close order, but they pretended they didn't want to do it. We also were the "Dear Abbys" of bando life. Power struggle? Go to Chris and Lainie. No cooperation? Go to Chris and Lainie. Disharmony in the squad? You guess it. Did we mind? Naahh. Was it worth it? Sure - we didn't do close order, we could sit on the podium while everyone learned their spots, and we marched along in the Thanksgiving Day parade with the easy job of saluting now and then and looking official. The life of a drum major isn't easy, but someone has to do it! - Chris Ifill Drum Majors Lainie Segal and Chris Ifill take a moment to ponder their bando lives Leaders of the pack, they live for marching band Orjinintioni 101MARCHING BAND SQUADS Low Brass: Top: J. lies. I Luginbuhl. C. Pizer. A. Apolinario. B Tynan. E Franklin. Bottom: I. Smith. R. Cluelow. C. Diamond. P Traub. McAlister. P. Matz Row 2: L Fac- Mellophones Saxophones: J. Stamszewski. L Shields. G Schaller. S Bur kart. R. Geesaman. J. Kukura Bottom: J Engles. J Jessop. K Traub 102 OrganizationsPercussion: Top: A Burr, P. Shuttleworth. J. Years, M Pettinato. J Wustner. J. Lucas. B. Pearce Bottom: M Hollin. D. Lim, J. Kmtisch, D. Mak. THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE DRUM MAJORS ciolo. J. Lempa. P. Antaya, M Li- pinski. M. Gabbamonte. J. Morrel. Trumpets: Top: C Malloy. J. Ulmer. D. Freas. S. Kanner. R. Hirschberg. D. McFadden. T. Burns. Bottom: C. Bottom: H. Lim. E Lucas. Hefner. B. Wilson. Organizations 103Did You Know That. . . In 1898 Abington's sports program consisted of a football and a baseball team, but there was no coaching or supervision. In 1908 Abington organized its baseball team; however, players bought their own suits and equipment. They also made their own schedules. Between the years of 1920 and 1924, Lud Wray, Lou Little, and Heinie Miller, all leading football coaches, coached at Abington. S P 0 R «4W4WjrwKir«fr»wrv srfK';irJ.T.f1928 Football schedule and scores: Abington 38, Bristol 0 Abington 41, Roxborough 0 Abington 19, Upper Darby 0 Abington 12, Lower Merion 0 Abington 14, Bryn Athyn 0 Abington 26, Darby 0 Abington 20, Haverford Col. Fresh. 0 Abington 31, Jenkintown 0 Abington 24. Cheltenham 0 Totals: Abington 225, opponents 0 SJ."ONE OF THE BEST" VARSITY GRABS 9 WINS The Abington Ghosts ended the season with 9 wins and 2 losses. The Legion of Doom led the team to the third place finish on the Montgomery County Record football poll. "Dr. Death” Kevin Beard, Jeff "The Mad Bomber" Hack, Russ "The Hammer" Durham, and his brother Neil "The Mailman" were major contributors to the team’s success. Besides the Legion of Doom, seniors David Getty, Marshall Roberts, Dave Roatch, Eric Farish, Jamie Wagner, and Steve Johnson received All-Suburban honors Head Coach Doug Mois-ter remarked, "these seniors played against the best in the state for the past two years, and they have become one of the best." The Ghosts have nothing to be ashamed of, especially after the close game against rival Central Bucks West. Moister recalled, "We were inside the 20 twice and "... these seniors played against the best in the state for the past two years and they have become one of the best.” - Coach Moister couldn’t convert.” However, Moister is looking forward to next year. "The underclassmen have great potential." Moister also commented about Maxwell Award winner Jeff Hack. “In my 15 years of coaching, Jeff is the best quarterback I’ve seen, and he has the stats to prove it.” A controversial issue this year was a game not played against Bishop McDevitt. (above): Our Athletic Trainer, Mr. Koch, tapes Adam Carangi while Judy O’Connor records his visit. 106 Sports (above): Quarterbacks (left): Terence Tolbert. Troy Johnson. Jason Hughes. Jeff Hack, Marshall Roberts. Starting Quarterback Jeff Hack was first-team All-Suburban. Quarterback Jeff Hack commented about their team. “For their league, they hit low and hard; however, our league consists of four of the best teams in the area which they never play.” Hack also remarked about the outcome if Abington did play: "We’d whip them." Win or lose, Coach Moister would like to congratulate all the members of the team for their commitment and for an excellent season. - Len Mundy V(back, left): D. Jefferson, E. John- Farmer. B. Controneo. L. Jones, son. S. Gaskin. T. Orlina. P. Mi- (Front, left): C. Green. T. Harris. M. chaels. R. Lawrence. (2nd, left): T. Roberts. T. Gaines. French, L. Booker. C. O'Donnell. R. (left): Marshall Roberts and his teammate prepare for a game outside the swimming lobby. Roberts achieved first team All Suburban as a running back. "THE MAD BOMBER" JEFF HACK AWARDED MAXWELL ongratulations to Jeff Hack who received the prestigious Maxwell Award. The award is given to the best all-around football player in the area. Jeff expressed that the award was the “best thing that happened to me.” However. he felt as nervous as ever. As Abington’s starting quarterback. Jeff is certainly nerve-free on the playing field. In league competition, Jeff received first team honors as quarterback and second team defensive free-safety. He also compiled three school records such as the single season passing. all-time passing, and the all-time rushing and passing by a quarterback. Hack attributed his success to Head Coach Doug Moister. “He keeps your confidence up.” remarked Hack. This was especially true after Jeff broke his hand during sophomore year. Despite the injury, Hack started as quarterback for the past two years. Jeffs most memorable experience was initiating the sophomores. He is looking forward to college football and wishes the underclassmen the best for next year. - Len Mundy (left): Jeff "the mad bomber" Hack displays his devastating passing form. His skill broke three school records including the total rushing and passing by a quarterback. 4k 0 Vi? Sports 107 (Front, left): A. DiMartino. M. Lapa. J. Robinson. R Taylor. M Mills. B. Amato. B. Cotroneo. R. Durham. J. Hack. M Roberts. B Link. E. Farish. K. Beard. S. Johnson. D. Getty. A. Berger. L Dicks. D Roatch. (Row 2, left): J. Summers. E. Gralnick, D. Jones. T. Johnson. D. Ciamaichela. J. Mishkin. C. Robinson. L. Jones. D. Zucker. N. Durham. T. Gaines. J. Wagner. J. Bender. C. Jones. T. French. P. Conroy. L. Booker. M. Farish. R. Farmer. M. Eberz, T. Tolbert. J. Hughes. C. O'Donnel. C. Green. T. Graham. A. Carangi. K. Downs. B. Wagner. D. Gambrick. M Hender. (Back, left): C. Petrie. D Jones. J. Veny. A. Hagerty. R. Rambo. S. Gaskin. T. O’Leary. T. Dervm. R. Lawrence. T. Ferguson. T. Harris. T. Sorber. A Mooring. E. Beebee. K. Begley. G. Trotter. L. Jones. M. Hollinsworth. E. Johnson. E. Cantey. C. Schramm. T. Moore. T. Orlina. J. Stein. P. Michaels. D. Jefferson. J. Stewart. J. Pinsley. (right): Nell Durham was first team All-Suburban as a defensive end. 108 Sports (above): Eric Farish received first team honors as a defensive tackle.(below): Athletic Director Rodd McCuen. Ass't Coach Nate Savage. Head Coach Doug Moister. Defensive Coordinator Russ Mitchell. Offensive Line C J. Allandorfer. Freshman Coach Jeff Franko. (above): Russ Durham- All-Suburban first-team linebacker. Sports 109FUTURE HALL OF FA CAPTAINS DOMINATE SEASON The 1987 soccer squad compiled a season record of 13 wins, 2 ties, and 6 losses. The team suffered through some critical injuries in the early season but rallied to win 9 games in October to complete another fine season. The team was led by senior Gary Bisacquino with 22 goals and 9 assists. Gary became the third man on the list of all-time goal scorers in Ab-ington’s long history of soccer. Senior David Par-sha was recognized as one of the Philadelphia area's finest soccer players with many awards and honors. With the return of players Pepe St. Phard, Matt Seabrook, Matt List, and Peter Hoffman, Abington should be a threat for the league title in 1988. Coach Ken Cooper, 183 wins and only 57 losses, looks forward to the upcoming season and win 200. Also receiving honors for the 1987 season were Kurt Shenk, Sean Thompson, Pepe St. Phard, and Steve Goldstein. However, the duo of Bisacquino and Parsha (co-captains) will be remembered as two of Abington's all-time great players. - Ken Cooper (back, left): Head Coach Ken Cooper. 0. Francis, P, Hoffman. D. St Phard. M. Seabrook. K. Shenk. S Thompson. D. Parsha, S. Goldstein. E. de Spirlet. P. Ledebur, R. Du- maran. C. Van Buren. M. List, (front, left): D. Karn, T Santangelo. J. Frieder. G. Bisacquino, J. Orze-chowski. J. Gushue. R. Graefe. 110 Sports(left): Senior Chris Van Buren handles the pressure given by North Penn. (left): Senior Gary Bisacquino controls the ball between two opponents. He is the third All-Time goal scorer with 36 goals. (below): Chris Van Buren shows his soccer form. He had three goals and two assists.A YEAR OF HOPES AND STRUGGLES GHOSTS ASPIRE TO .500 MARK Captained by Emilie Neff, Jenny Shepherd. Carolyn Malloy, and Jodie Okamoto, the girls’ field hockey team compiled a 7-8-2 record. Of the losses, 3 were by one goal, making for a very exciting season. Two of the most satisfying wins were shut-outs against Upper Dublin and C.B. West. The varsity team consisted of 15 seniors who worked very hard all season in a very tough and competitive league. Megan Johnson was the leading scorer, and goalie Maria Dougherty recorded six shut-outs. League recognition went to Jen Shepherd, Maria Dougherty, Emilie Neff, Chrissy McNamara, Jodie Okamoto, and Megan Johnson. Kristy Roesing, Stacy Roberts, and Vicky Tanovan captained the Junior Varsity which had 5 wins, 6 losses, and 6 ties. Junior Ghosts Nancy Baksis and Eve Leonard each scored six goals. Playing goal for the J.V. Lady Ghosts were Stacy Roberts and Jen Espenshade, aided by Dina Laumer, Shannon Hayes, Karen Lukas, Susan Scher-rer, Minh Nguyen on defense. 112 Sports (Back, left): Asst. Coach Allen-dorfer. Coach Grebe. E. Neff, N. Hill, J. Shakesby. C. Oh, K. Stocks. M Nguyen, W. Lloyd. K. Norman. S. Hayes, K. Ozols, J. Marszalek, A. Kufta. J. Espenshade, B. Grimes. Assf. Coach Nisko. (2nd row, left): J Shepherd. V. Tanovan, S. Herrmann. D. Laumer, K. Roesing, N. Baksis, E. Leonard. S. Barlow, B.SENIOR STICKWORK CAPTAINS LEAD TEAM IN TRANSITION It makes me proud to be a co-captain of a team with as much class as the Ghosts. As a senior, it added to my already enriching experience on the team. It was a lot of fun and gave me the chance to become close to my teammates and coaches. As one of the four captains I had to use leadership to help the team de- vote itself to hockey. I learned responsibility, dedication, and commitment by doing so. The team was very special to me. They were energetic and hardworking, always helping each other out. Being a captain was truly an honor. I hope they all know how memorable they made my senior year in hockey. —Jodie OkamotoT "LEADING THE WAY" FELDMAN AND MORDAN CAPTURE DOUBLES TITLE Captained by Lynn Eckert and Marnie McGrath, the Girls Varsity Tennis Team finished the season with 10 wins, 4 losses. Leading the way for the Lady Ghosts was Junior Vicki Mordan. Mordan played first singles for Abington and she finished second in the Suburban 1 league championships. The highlight of the season was the participation of seniors Stacy Feldman and Mordan in the doubles competition within the state championships. In league play, Mordan and Feldman outgunned all opponents and reached the finals of the district tournament. Seniors Flo Sokarda and Feldman received MVP honors during the tennis banquet at the end of the season. The Junior Varsity team ended the season with 11 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. Head Coach Dorothy Lemcke congratulates the members of the team for an excellent season. (Back, left): T. Miller. K. Slujka. D. Harel, C. Ewing. B. Slenn, V. Sokarda. V. Mordan. M. McGrath, L. Eckert, F. Sokarda. K. Hart. Coach Lemcke. (second row, left): K Pfef-ferle. C. Sotiropolous. L. Goldsmith, S. Feldman, K. Krupnick, V. Compter. T. Sax, R. Lit. (front, left): N. Smith, S. Diamond, R. Gever. N. Mayer. B. McAlpin. D. Moss. 114 Sports “AN UPHILL BATTLE" BOWLERS REBUILD IN ’88 With the loss of several key bowlers to graduation, the 87-88 season appeared to be one in which rebuilding would be the main priority. The defending Suburban I West Champion girls team returned all-star Amy Kaufman, but faced an uphill battle to repeat as they faced opponents who were primed to knock them from their lofty position. Steve Ewing and Dave Lombard returned to anchor a willing but inexperienced boys squad. A strong North Penn team should provide an ample challenge to the Ghosts as they seek to establish a foothold in the ranks of the league's elite. Coaches Kelly and Fechter expected a strong second half of the season as the team began to jell and the experience of bowling under pressure became less intimidating. ■Coach Peter Kelly (back, left): Coach Peter Kelly. S. Ewing, M. Elliot. P. Tuz. R. Sers. D. Glatz. R. Reynolds. Ass t Coach Mrs. Ruth Fechter. J. Staniszewski. (front, left): F. Giampa. D Lombard. S. Vickers. 0. Mack, M. Klenk, M. Strahan. (left): Coach Peter Kelly. A. Kaufman. L. Hienz. L. Baker. T. Traub. Ass t Coach Ruth Fechter. Sports 115THE NEED FOR SPEED RUNNERS PURSUE VICTORY The Winter Track Team was coached by Mr. Ken Cooper and assisted by Mrs. Mah-lene Lee. The team was composed of 32 dedicated students. The sprinters were led by senior Marshall Roberts, juniors Robert Taylor, Tyuan Rice and sophomores John Graves and Tracy Strother. Showing continued progress was the novice mile relay composed of Steve Hyams, Brian Isserman, Vaughn Coleman and Wesley Rose. Mr. Cooper expressed his thoughts concerning the future of Abington's success. “'With continued dedication, the Winter Track team will be strong." In Cross-Country, Nicole Morrison and Maria Conway led the girls team with first-team honors in the Suburban I. Elliot Frieder and Steve Gilbert captained the boys team to a third place finish. Frieder also qualified for states. (above):Super$tar senior Brian Equi displays his flexibility during practice. (right): With Coach Cooper by his side, John Graves stretches to complete a clean jump. 116 Sports i j i (Back, left): C. Lin, J. Ku-kura, E. Tsinajinnie, A. Mas-saro, Coach M. Lee, L. Kato-lik, V. Coleman, J. Frieder,. (middle, left): R. Taylor, T. Nguyen, T. Rice, T. Strother. S. Hyams, J. Kot, J. Graves, W. Rose, R. Israel, (front, left): I. Lafette, J. Devers, L. Decato. C. Ziegler, C. Grasty, T. Hogan. A. Barrett, S. Reavis. J. Stautter. (Back, left): J. Kukura, J. Wolfe. R. Ritchie, F. Woll, B. Equi. R. Gourley, D. Sax, S. Baker, T. Waite, S. Gilbert, E. Tsinajinnie. (front, left): R. Loudico, T. Nguyen, E. Frieder, G. Fabian, J. McCready. (From left): S. Brown. H. McDowell. K. Cooper. N. Morrison. M. Conway, C. Ziegler. Sports 117SUBURBAN I CHAMPS GHOSTS TROUNCE NORRISTOWN At the most exhilarating game of the regular season, the Ghosts defeated Norristown to capture the Colonial Division title. Captains Jerome Culmer and Jim Kieserman were the major contributors to the team's success. Culmer has been the leading scorer and rebounder for Abington while Kieserman led in assists. Other seniors on the varsity squad are Chris Parker, Steve Goldstein, Jeff Hack, Mike Cottom, and Craig Sinnamon. Underclassmen Jeff Carlitz, Dave Watts, Mike Giles and Chris Kohles are Ab-ington’s hopes for continued success. Under Head Coach Jim Wilkinson, the team entered the District I tourney for the 15th consecutive season. However, this season has been even more enjoyable. While the Class of '88 celebrates being the 100th graduating class, it is the 75th anniversity of the boys basketball's winning tradition. Also, with 1500 games played thus far, the all-time Ghosts have won 808 of them. This fact was compiled by Mr. Barry Friedman who also celebrates 25 years of being statistician for the team. With all this in mind, this year has been full of milestones in Abing-ton's history. - Len Mundy r 4, (Above): Senior guard Mike Cottom performs his defensive moves on the opponent during a home game 118 Sports(Below): Mike goes for a basket He and the rest of his teammates keep the winning tradition alive. (Left): Cottom can not be stopped by the Trojans. Abington will head into its 15th consecutive District Tournament this year Sports 119(Back, left): K. Rosenfeld. C. Sinna-mon, D. Watts, C. Kohles. K. Peters, (middle, left): Coach Jim Wilkinson. Coach Ted Weiner. M. Giles, J. Car-litz. Coach George Ceniviva. (front, left): J. Hack. S Goldstein. J. Culmer. J. Kieserman. M. Cottom. C. Parker. 120 Sports (Right): Senior Captain Jerome Culmer slam dunks the ball at an away game. Culmer is the leading scorer for Abmgton. Junior Varsity squad (back, left): T O'Leary, M. Goldstein. A. Lackman. J. Hughes. G Orlina. (front, left): Coach Ted Weiner. B. Cohen. M. Grasty. G. Hauptman, M. List. D. Blake. (Left): Head Coach Jim Wilkinson psyches the team up for the next period. Coach Wilk has never experienced a losing season in his 21 years of coaching. Sports 121UTING THE GROUNDWORK LADY GHOSTS GET READY FOR ’89 The 1987-88 Abington Girls' Varsity Basketball Team, led by captains Ann Wordinger, Audrey Goldhaber and Judy O'Connor struggled through a year of rebuilding. Coaches Lou Martin and Dee Cross kept the team in good spirits throughout the season. Junior Sue Duskiewicz and Sophomores Stacie Whitney and Michelle Hiett will be returning to the Lady Ghosts' starting lineup. Senior Mimi Newman contributed greatly this season while providing leadership for the team’s fiery underclassmen. Although it was not their best season, the team is looking forward to next year. (Above) A question of velocity - J. Espenshade propels the ball (and herself) forward. (Right) Impervious to adversaries. Sue Duskiewicz gives opponents a taste of "elbow sandwich." 122 Sports(Back, left): Coach Martin. J. Thomas. M. Deans. M. Hiett. T. Henderson. S. Whitney. S. Duskiewicz. S. Roberts. D. Koder. (Front, left):M. Dougherty. M Newman. A. Wor-dinger. J. O’Connor. A. Goldhaber. J. Espenshade. (Above) Audrey (Bird) Goldhaber sets up a no-look pass. (Left) Stacy Whitney snatches an offensive rebound. Sports 123LOOK OUT, STATES GHOSTS ARE SURGING TO THE TOP Swimming is work, sacrifice, and sometimes pain, but primarily at Abington - swimming is fun! A quote from Coach Tom Nyman (in his 17th season) sums up the team’s philosophy "a tradition of excellence and one WHALE of a time." As of this date Abington swimmers have qualified for District Championships in 7 of the 10 swimming events, and from there it's the State Swimming Championships. Senior standouts going to Districts this year are Tri-Captains Tom Cassidy, Dave McManus, and Tom Stoudt. Other standouts who represent the team’s future are: Captain Dave McManus (drowning, right) has swum for four years and is going to districts this year along with his co-Captains. Coach Tom Nyman (below, left) plans a relay strategy as senior Doug Grande offers suggestions. Sophomores Paul Coleman, John Peterman, Kevin Stoudt, Rich Volp, and Rich Rambo plus freshmen swimmers Kevin Bauerle. Mark Bowie, Chris Freisheim, Sean Malloy, and diver Ben Ritter. Adding an international dimension is Cem Ergun from Germany—the team’s sixth exchange student member in the past 8 years. Converted senior football player Adam Carangi, with senior diver Keith Reynolds, contributed heavily to the team's success. Other graduating swimmers are Chris Malloy and Rich French, each with 3 years on the team, and diver Doug Grande with 2 years. — Coach Tom Nyman (Back, left): D. McManus. D. Grande. C. Ergun. A. Carangi. F. Woll. B. Gottlieb, K. Reynolds, M. Block. J. Peterman, C. Malloy (Row 3, left): Asst. Coaches S. Fink and Dr. Rori-son, K. Stoudt. T. Cassidy. R. Volp. P. Coleman. A. Schlisman, R. Rambo, C. Pizer, Coach Tom Nyman, (Row 2, left): C. Miller, K Bauerle. S. Malloy. R. French. J. Al-paugh, M Ulrich. M Bowie (Front, left): C. Marz, Managers D. Miller and D. D'Amore. R Shockley, B Ritter. C Freisheim (Lounging. Front): T Stoudt - Capt 124 SportsSWIMMING SORORITY COHESIVENESS LEADS TO WINNING SEASON The Girls’ Swimming Team might be Abing-ton’s most close-knit varsity squad. Each year senior captains boost spirits and pass on leadership and tradition. Captain Kathy Strittmatter provided comic relief at meets to keep the team loose, and support in practice to maintain the high level of concentration expected. Co-captains Kate Gannon and Kirsten Frei-sheim took two relay teams to districts this year. Kirsten. Kate, and Katrina Sullivan combined with Dina Laumer in the freestyle relay, and Amy Churchill in the medley. Marjie Fischer was a top-notch alternate. The future looks quite promising as several underclassmen approach stardom. Patty Bender. Laura Jones. Kate Mason, and Katrina Sullivan are all excellent swimmers and should carry the team in the upcoming seasons. Coaches Gerry Schultz and Mick McManus guided the team to a fun, winning season. (Back, left): S. Greenfield. D. Hazard. M. Lebeau. K. Beck. A. Livezey, B. Perini (Row 4, left): G. Hazard. D. Laumer. P. Bonnet. K. Traub. Coach G. Schultz. Coach M. McManus. (Row 3, left): T. Burns. J Lempa. K. Winters. A. Lewis. M. Sul- livan. J. Tobin. L. Slipakoff. M. Levy. T. Comido. (Row 2, left): K. Mason. D. Bender. M. Gannon. P. Mason. L. Jones. K. Sullivan. K Baker. D Bender. Coach S. Fink. (Front, left): K. Strittmatter. K. Gannon. K Freisheim. Sport 125TEMPLE DOMINATES INTRAMURALS Abington’s interscholastic athletic program has always been diverse and successful; however, it has not been limited to varsity teams. Every January and February the gymnasium is filled with shouting, jumping, and a tremendous amount of arguing as the Saturday Afternoon Intramural Basketball League plays. There are eight ten-man teams, each with the name of a popular university. This year Princeton and Temple had great success, while Penn and Navy ran close behind. Gary Bisaquino and Troy Johnson brought out Temple's talent as they dominated the league. Dave Roatch, Chip Jones, and Aaron Reid lifted Princeton above most of its opponents. UCLA had a rough season, suffering through frequent player strikes (see photo, opposite page), but Tinker Harris still led the league in scoring. For Villan-ova, Joe Brusha was a force during much of the season. Temple: (Back, left): Y. Steingard, S. Lenard, G. Winstead. J. Dinkins. (Front, left): D Fogel. T. Johnson, G. Bisaquino, R. Durham, D. Parsha. Not Pictured: B. Kelly. H. Sheckman. Navy: (Back left): M. Seabrook. B. Jacobson. D. Topkis (Row 2): M Howald, G. Abramson. (Front, left): S. Johnson, C. Van Buren Not Pictured: S. Smolda, B. Hart. S. Abel Princeton: (Back left): M. Quinn, T. Santangelo. D. Roatch, K. Mills, M. Valentine. T. Ferguson, C. Jones. (Front): T. Gaines. Not Pictured: A. Reid. F. Woll. 126 SportsPenn: (Left): T. Tolbert. G. Trotter. S. Baron. C. Green. N. Durham. Not Pictured: K. Beard. B. Thompson. M. Gargan. M. Lee. S. Kenworthy. Villanova: (Back, left): T. Rice. M Hollingsworth. J. Brusha. (Front, left): R. Whitney. K. Walters. B. Collier. E. Okabayashi. L. Veney Not Pictured: D. Tanovan. K. Lee. Notre Dame: (Back, left): T. Del-fmer. T. Sorber. A. Pezzullo. (Front, left): A. Godfrey. D Wachinski. P. Conroy. L. Dicks Not Pictured: D. Getty. L. Haliday. A. Braccia. U.C.L.A.: (Left): S. Gilbert. T Harris. T. Boomer Not Pictured: S. Clark. A. Hargrove E. Wahus. M. Nobles. M. Abrams. K. Shenk. T. Gleason. Army: (Back, left): A Gerber. S. Gaskins. B. Godfrey (Front, left): M. Mills. K. Walsh. P. Hoffman Not Pictured: C. Lee. M. Hoff. D St. Phard. C. Peters. Sports 127Webster's Dictionary defines exercise as “activity for the body or mind.” In other words, if you walk, talk, run, swim, or laugh, you exercise. Therefore, everyone is an athelete, since athletics is defined as playing sports, games, or the key word, exercising. Everywhere you look Abington’s student athletes are exercising in some way or another. The majority of exercise is provided by the Athletic Department. During the school year athletes are developing their table tennis, archery, miniature golf, volleyball, floor hockey, and football skills. More important, each student has the option to fly away to Wimbledon with Mrs. Schaffer to practice tennis. Elsewhere Mr. Koch can explain marksmanship at the rifle range. However, the gym period does not satisfy most ath- (right): The state champion Face-Squeezing Team shows its form on Arlen Shenkman. ▼4 letes. Some athletes spend their time vigorously playing competitive sports. Others exercise during lunch and before school. In 20° to 80° weather, handball is the sport of the morning. Moreover, the state seems to agree that exercise of the body is just as important as exercise of the mind. -L. Mundy and J. Berg (right): Junior Chuck Norris vs sophomore Bruce Lee. Or. is it Rudolf Nureyev vs Mikhail Barishni-koff? It's certainly not Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant, (left): A little hacky-sack to start off the day. Sun or rain, diehard hacky-sackers brave the elements to work on their championship form. VARSITY HACKY-SACK??! EXERCISING UNCONVENTIONALLY Right): Wait! Where's my contact ens!?! Poised for combat, gym lass enthusiasts throw themselves eadlong into floor hockey Far Right): The Varsity Loafing earn practices strenuously for the ig Cheltenham match, showing hat true championship form. ABINGTON’S STREET SURFERS RIDING THE WAVES OF CRITICISM he Abington student body consists of diverse groups. Intellectuals, individuals, new wave or punk, and competetive athletes are some groups. Among the smallest are skateboarders. Yes, skateboarding is a sport. It takes skill. Coordination, balance, and courage are needed to perform the stunts. The derogatory nickname of this group is “skate rats”. My view, however, changed by talking with Dave Williams. He looked like a typical skateboarder with the sides of his hair cut short and dyed bangs. He proffered some insightful facts about his lifestyle. Dave has a job at a skate shop. He and his friends listen to "hard core skate-rock.” In eighth grade, Dave remarked. skate boarding was a competition among his peers. However, he now just enjoys the sport for the fun alone. Dave's parents encourage him especially to be himself. But enjoying skateboarding is difficult with the unnecessary criticism about his hobby. Yes, there are skate rats. Len Mundy Soorts 1PERSISTENCE, STRENGTH, AND SWEAT WRESTLERS NEVER STOP WORKING The 1987-88 Ghost Wrestling Team consisted of 29 tough young men. The team was led by senior tri-captains Jamie Wagner, John Gillespie and Buddy Plante. Coaches Jeff Franco, Dick Bell, and John Hickey were pleased with the team’s vast improvement. In addition to their victories the team lost 4 very close meets at the final heavyweight bout. Senior Jamie Wagner (155 lbs.) led the team with an 18-4 record and was the Coatesville Holiday Tournament champion. Rick Knox and Brian Warfield both contributed key wins in only their second full season of wrestling. Lloyd Vance and Kirk Schiller were hard working seniors. The team has a bright future with 22 members returning and top freshman Charlie Fitzgerald (16-3-1) building on the foundation created by the 1987-88 squad. - Coach J. Franco 130 Sports(Front, left): B Plante. J. Whitney. J. Gillespie. C. Fitzgerald. D. Pavic. J. Wagner. (Back, left): P. Bauers- feld. Jamie Wagner. L. Vance. C O’Donnell. B. Warfield. R. Knox. Sports 131Sweet Swings Make Season Superb Greg DeStefano (above) led underclassmen with a 41.2 average. Spurred by seniors Jim Kieserman, Kevin Walsh, and Dan Wa-chinski, the golf team tore up the fairways with a ten and five record. Team captain Walsh averaged a torrid 38 strokes per nine holes. Dan Wachinski averaged 41 in the third varsity spot. Sean Kenworthy and Chuck Peters shared the fourth position. Juniors Greg DeStefano and Tom Gleason will lead next year. A strong J.V. team, with three underclassmen, should continue the success next year. Coach Charles Schneller is quite proud of his top two men who repre- sented Abington at the Suburban I Championship at Philmont Country Club. Walsh finished a solid run-nerup to teammate Jim Kieserman, as the two swept the tournament.(Left) Meredith Bell. Lynn Seydel. Sandra Saylor. Judy Im. Jeannie Hannon. Robyn Mancini. (Bottom, center) Tamika Holt. Bartricia Williams, Sheila Gibson, Kristy Goldberg. Stephanie Humphreys. (Front) Heidi Shrager. Class And Pride Shine In ’88 They're not doing this just for the teams or the fans, but "because it's fun," Heidi Shrager said. A lot of work is needed to be a cheerleader. Practicing twice a week, cheerleaders have to be creative and spirited, while maintaining their academic standards. They cheer throughout football and basketball games, rousing up crowd support. The twelve varsity spots are drawn from over 40 who try out. Those who remain take on a tremendous responsibility. Curiously, all of Abing-ton’s cheerleaders before 1936 were young men clad in white, wielding megaphones for spirited yelling. By 1940 women took over entirely. Spofts 133BOYS SWIMMING BOYS BOWLING GIRLS BOWLING ABINGTON OPPONENT 0 Upper Dublin 4 0 Hatboro-Horsham 4 3 Norristown 1 0 North Penn 4 1 Upper Moreland 3 0 North Penn 4 4 Upper Dublin 0 2 Hatboro-Horsham 2 0 Norristown 4 3 Upper Moreland 1 ABINGTON OPPOOENT 77 C.B. East 95 101 Norristown 67 96 C.B West 76 50 North Penn 122 90 Neshaminy 66 73 Bensalem 99 75 William Tennant 97 127 Harry S. Truman 36 58 Council Rock 114 59 Pennsbury 113 63 Upper Dublin 109 117 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 55 71 Upper Moreland 101 GIRLS TENNIS ABINGTON OPPONENT 6 Bensalem 1 7 Truman 0 5 Neshaminy 2 5 Pennsbury 2 7 Tennent 0 3 Council Rock 4 1 C.B. West 6 4 C.B. East 3 1 North Penn 6 5 Pennridge 2 2 C.B West 5 4 North Penn 3 5v, C.B. East 1«, 4 Pennridge 3 FIELD HOCKEY ABINGTON OPPONENT 2 Upper Dublin 0 0 Neshaminy 2 0 Tennent 3 3 Truman 0 2 Bensalem 0 1 Council Rock 0 0 North Penn I 1 Pennridge 1 2 Pennsbury 1 0 C B East 3 1 Norristown 1 1 C B West 0 2 North Penn 0 0 Pennridge 2 0 C.B. East 3 1 Norristown 2 0 C.B West 1 134 Sports ABINGTON OPPONENT 0 Upper Dublin 4 0 Hatboro-Horsham 4 0 Norristown 4 0 North Penn 4 1 Upper Moreland 3 0 North Penn 4 4 Upper Dublin 0 0 Hatboro-Horsham 4 0 Norristown 4 1 Upper Moreland 3 FOOTBALL ABINGTON OPPONENT 36 Truman 0 24 Pennridge 0 20 Upper Merion 0 20 Neshaminy 21 36 William Tennent 6 35 Council Rock 15 7 C.B. West 17 24 North Penn 10 21 C.B East 7 21 Norristown 7 38 Cheltenham 6GOLF BOYS BASKETBALL BOYS X-COUNTRY ABINGTON OPPONENT 24 Cheltenham 32 19 Upper Dublin 38 41 Council Rock 18 37 William Tennent 20 30 Pennsbury 25 15 Norristown 50 27 North Penn 28 30 Bensalem 25 22 Neshaminy 34 15 Truman 50 26 C.B. West 24 22 C.B. East 33 15 Pennridge 49 ABINGTON OPPONENT 64 Wissahickon 52 55 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 54 74 Neshaminy 38 70 Bensalem 57 77 William Tennent 36 74 Truman 48 52 Council Rock 42 56 Pennsbury 45 62 C.B. East 50 67 C.B. West 57 75 Pennridge 41 56 Norristown 60 63 North Penn 46 53 C.B. East 37 83 C.B. West 42 67 Norristown 57 SOCCER ABINGTON OPPONENT 3 Neshaminy 1 3 Bensalem 3 0 William Tennent 2 4 Truman 0 1 Council Rock 3 6 North Penn 3 4 Pennridge 2 1 Pennsbury 2 3 C.B. East 1 2 Norristown 1 1 C.B. West 1 6 North Penn 1 6 Pennridge 0 2 C.B. East 4 7 Norritown 2 4 C.B. West 2 ABINGTON OPPONENT 18 William Tennent 0 15 Vi Upper Moreland 2 Vi 9 Vi Neshaminy 8V7 10V2 Council Rock 7 Vi 14 V? Pennsbury 3Vi 11 North Penn 7 15 Vi Norristown 2V2 6V2 C.B. West IIV2 7 North Penn 11 16 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 2 8V2 C.B. East 9H 3 C.B. East 15 11 Vi Norristown 6Vi 15 Bensalem 3 6V2 C.B. West 11 Vi GIRLS X-COUNTRY ABINGTON OPPONENT 34 Pennsbury 25 44 North Penn 19 40 Bensalem 20 WRESTLING ABINGTON OPPNENT 3 Neshaminy 60 8 William Tennent 55 13 Bensalem 46 18 Truman 50 6 Council Rock 56 3 Pennsbury 54 48 Pennridge 14 28 Upper Dublin 48 15 C.B East 48 17 Norristown 44 25 Cheltenham 31 Sport 135Autumn Ending Atop the tallest tree Clings an old brown crumbly being Fearing the moment When life will leave And the long downfall will last Almost forever Floatingswirling At least enjoyable Til the finish finds it Unclinging Spiritless at the bottom Among comrades of seasons past. Kimberly Yulsman 1973 Athens, sacred to Athene, Fair city of violet crown, Carved on your pillared temples Are fame and glory and renown. Anonymous 1929 All Things Fair A silvery path o'er sea to moon, A golden dawn on a blue lagoon, An opal’s tints, so subtle and deep, And sky-blue violets, dewy sweet-Rainbow mists from a gay cascade, Dream-filled sleep in the maple’s shade; The nightingale's song on the night wind borne, The earth’s awakening at break of morne; And life, and love, and all things fair, I search and find them everywhere. School days full of ecstatic joys-Working and playing as girls and boys-Commencement time- happy, yet sad. Laughter and singing that make us glad; Gray, and the purple of truth Bring us to those days of youth-These memories to delight the heart-Gold buys them not in any mart! Estella Biddle 1927 Block Print by Ned Brownlee 1931 Raindrops Clouds of darkness obscure the light of the moon Silvery stars disappear from the sky Descending like tin crystal pendants with a luster that dazzles the eye The silence now filled with the rhythmic tappings like that of a tiny drum. Anonymous 1973 00 CO o H 1 o Prior to 1925 the Abington Oracle was published four times during the year as a literary magazine with the last issue being the yearbook as we know it today. In 1973, the first Abington yearbook to include a creative section was produced. This section, which illustrates the talents of students in art, poetry, prose, and photography, has become an Abington tradition.xmnmuingP) A short time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a strange craft descended on the planet of Abing-ton. This glistening craft was inhabited by an extraterrestrial super-hero known as ‘‘A”Man, who was joined by his sidekicks, 'Sup and Yo. They were on an expedition from the planet known as Schmid, whose inhabitants possessed superior intelligence and wielded great authority in the universe. "A”Man, ’Sup, and Yo had been sent to Abington to search for intelligent life forms; this was a running joke on Schmid, as no one actually believed that intelligent life could be found on such a planet as Abington. At 7:32 AM, our galactic heroes cautiously exited their craft and began to make their way uphill towards the main structure of Abington. Abingtonians of all descriptions ran towards the entrance. Quite suddenly, a distinguished but harried looking individual jumped out from behind his own craft, and screamed, "Hey you! Where’s your parking sticker?” (The heroes were startled at first, because Heyu was the name of their pilot, who was still on board). So "A"Man, 'Sup, and Yo ignored the creature and continued walking warily towards the entrance to the building. As they entered, the frenzied Abingtonians were heard to shout, "Hey Man!" and "Yo, s'up?" numerous times to each other. Our heroes were frightened; someone had obviously spread the word of their arrival. 'Sup was the first to note that Abingtonians were quick to spread gossip, and recorded this in his memory bank for later use on Schmid. But before 'Sup could discover the originator of this gossip, a bell rang, and the Abingtonians disappeared. “Very interesting," Yo thought: "They are intelligent enough to obey loud noises.” Yo then spotted an Ab-ingtonian who hadn’t responded to the bell (obviously a slow learner). Out of nowhere, an aggressive female type approached the startled creature and demanded his “pass!” "A”Man could not believe it! Robbery, right out in the open! The female was obviously a predator. Being a superhero, "A”Man went to intervene. But before he knew it, the female demanded his "pass” also. “Hold itright there.” "A"Man said. “You can’t steal from a superhero!" The female replied, "I can do anything- I’m a hall monitor. And I'm taking you to McGinley!" Who was this all-powerful A.Hall Monitor? It was frightening. Everybody knew that McGinley was a neighboring planet in the Third Galaxy, where many uncontrolled people from Schmid were sent into exile. The heroes had no choice but to follow A.Hall Monitor to McGinley. When they reached McGinley, the imperial guards, Shakarjian and O’Neill, ordered them to ‘‘have a seat!” “A”Man did as he was told, picking up a chair; however, the guards shouted, "Don't be smart! Just sit down!” Ah, the truth was out! On Abington, they were not allowed to be smart! All that they could do was sit! It was obvious that intelligent life could never be found on Abington. So, at the next available moment, our heroes slipped away from the imperial guards, and ran for the nearest fire exit. As they hurried towards their craft, a strange uniformed creature sprang from behind a vehicle: "Hey you! Where do you think you're going?” The heroes ignored him, (as we said, Heyu was already on board). Suddenly, a thought occurred in "A"Man's head. That creature had resembled a largely known demigod of the people of Schmid. "Who are you?” "A”Man demanded. “I'm Gonzo.” He replied. Gonzo? The Great Imperial Wizard Gonzo! This was too good to be true! It hadn't seemed possible that such a super-intelligent being could be found in, of all places, Abington. Our heroes quickly grabbed Gonzo, and labeled him "Specimen 1." This was going to be worth a lost of passes back on Schmid! They hurried "The Gonz" into their waiting ship, and locked the hatch. The craft rose noiselessly, hovered for one final look at this puzzling planet, and disappeared at warp speed. Destination, Schmid. The Wizard Gonzo's only comment was, just make sure I'm back in time for lunch! Someone has to keep the peace." Mark Farrkh« V, I 'v. ,. • - +' S. W . 7 «. ■' k : V. 5fo "v . i ■■■ w - „w ,.• «. ,'C.. ■ vriafe' W4 W t. » -xm»;:r«; V 3TI rr (T) TtV l £Av E. S-iWokJ AT- - ’ £ aisfeiToPS 3 'r7M - k"r - m£ -smrsos -- I ' ' ► r M VJV 3 ° ornp 45KS-. ■ r ’ - % G Ov' ■- '.)• ’ -• ♦'. « " X ! «.c i c 01 CD 0 1 The Rebels That We Are The conservatives we will be The romanticism we hope for Will decrease with every bill For Each Year That Passes Our first views slowly fade Time will age our bodies Our spirits never forgotten For Each Page Turned Keeps the times remembered For each page turned Keeps us immortal -Len Mundy 142 Th« ArtsMORE.. .Thoughts LIFE The worst moment FoR. the ATHEIST iS when he is ffeAU-Y thankful and we has nobody to THANK — Dante, Gabriel f?osetti if You're go ng to do -Someth nq th-at you'll Be Xo Rfty R)R TonodADW MORN WQj sleep late -He ioy oungmas) Jo Wf STAND UPON THE LEDGES OF OUR Lives-W JTH OUR RESPECTIVE SIMILARITIES - £i IIy Joel what you can BEcome you ARE ALREADY Fredrich Hcbbcl SHALL WORLb UT I WOJLbNT WANT TO PAINT JT. — Steven Wrijlnrk A NT IT JUST LIKE A FRIEND OF Mine, TO HIT ME FROM behind p -Ja ACS Toiler tell ME HOW you YOURSELF AMD Will tell you WHO you ARF " Multa.tu.fi ITS BETTER, TO 6E LOOKED OUefl T1YAN OVER LOOKED "Majt West Always look on the BRIGHT SlbE OF LIFE JP "'Morvfcy Py+hon A TRUE friend STABS YOU IN THE FRONT "Oscar Wilde WOULDNT you LIKE TO GET AWAY ? - Cbetrs This roan aiust be vER y IGNORANT, FOR HE ANSWE LS every question he is ASKED — VolFaire NOTHING, is as FUNNY AS THE UNINTENDED y UMOR OF REALITY -Cas-I Reiner TURN YOUR HEAD Don't L-ook Back SET you A SAILS FOR A NEW HORIZON — Phil ColliOS I READ THE NEWS TOD AS, OH Boy-rhe. Beatles "» Mi 143144 The Arts Jennifer YoungThe lake is calm in the morning hours when the fish awake with the lily flowers- As the sun arises the day grows warm the lake come to life the boats do swarm, As evening falls the boats come in letting the lake rest from the day that's been, The lake is calm in the night time hours when the fish go to sleep with the lily flowers. Lauren Bur 146 The ArtsA Tale Of Two Variables With 24-hour hindsight, it is all quite simple. X now blames it on education, and to Y she says: it is because Y never learned properly of variations. Inverse. Joint. Combined. Y forgets, says X, that in all variations there is a constant, K. Z thinks that it is strange that in order to create a variable, there must be a constant, an indelible. She does not say this. She wonders if the opposite is also true, but she does not say this, either. What she says is this: X, you are a modern woman. This completes the equation for both of them. They do not search for other solutions; there is no point. Who needs a set. when one will suffice? « The above is what Y hears, what Y imagines was said after the door was slammed and the blue china vase was smashed against the beige wall. For all intents and purposes, he is correct. It may not have been Z who completed the transaction, perhaps it was A or G or Q, but X was X, and he was Y, and the others do not matter. Perhaps he doesn’t truly matter, either. He could have been B or 5 or zymojig, it all would have been the same. He smiles, and thinks he knows more of variables and constants than X imagines, could ever imagine. He does not know if anything would have been different if he had learned more of that K, ubiquitous and omnipresent, if he had less firm-rotted belief in the ephemeral things, if he could remember his algabraic laws. He does not say this. He thinks of what he truly loves: chariots and ambrosia and the molasses flowing song of Appolonian harps. He wonders if he will see the Parthenon before it crumbles to ash. He remembers saying this before, and does not say it now. It will be said again someday, thus fulfilling another equation, in another base and root. What does not compute in one place will compute in another. (This is the only form of the chameleon K that he belives in, though he does not know it, though X does not know it. And though one is in Athens waiting for demise, and one is adding sums of parts trying to make a whole, remember, dear voyeur, that this is only 24 hours after a vase was broken. a- V.V v 1 Given a certain number of the proper units of time, all things will return to the way they were. Euclid will roll over in his grave, and Prometheus will bleed on his own rotting chains: one ane one will make two this time, or maybe eleven, but either way, it does not matter . . This is a fairy tale, and who really needs to know how to add, or how to steep up shards of glass by the fireplace, anyway? No X or Y. Z will think of this, but she will not say so. She will say: Y, buy a scientific calculator, and learn how to find square roots. She will say: X, learn how to pronounce Dionysus, how to spell Aphrodite. And this will fulfill the equation. They will not search for other solutions: there is no point. Who needs a set, when one will suffice? -Karen HirschSomebody very wise once said to me: “To have friends, one must be blunt, straightforward, and honest.” I tried that, and wound up getting spanked for telling Susie that she looked like a hippopotamus. Somebody else told me, not too much later: “If you want to make friends, you've got to giggle! Be talkative and funny!” That didn’t work too well, either-I got 47 detentions and 13 parental threats of murder, all in one week. A sophisticated somebody bequeathed these words unto me: “Why try? Be cool and aloof. They'll all die of admiration and fall at your feet.” After three weeks of silence, I gave up, realizing that something was definitely wrong. Besides, my neck was starting to hurt from tilting it back to look down my nose. Then, someone smiled at me. I was so surprised, I forgot to be honest. Or was it funny? Or distant? All of the brilliant advice vanished from my mind. I didn't know what to do, so out of sheer desperation, I smiled back. It worked. ■Kim Ziev 148 The MsI look at my country and watch the controlling T.V. Nothing is said I look at the sky and speak to the powers that be Nothing is heard I look all around and speak to the powers I see Nothing is changed I look at my heart and look for what’s inside of me Nothing is there. Paul KrausePhofc 150 The Arts MARSUPIALS WE SPOKE: Of whether Captain Kangaroo was a real captain -or a marsupial. Or if Mr. Rogers actually needed any more neighbors. WE WONDERED: If the Coyote would ever catch the Road Runner -Or why Bedrock needed a fired department WE HOPED: That Kermit could have it easy -being green. And that there was something else on AS WE CHANGED: The channel -and pondered life’s great mysteries. - Deborah KaplanThe Arts 151 Photo by Deborah Kaplan i’A Photo by Jennifer Miller7 • V • . !.: rSS SL $5 • • N • % s • . . • . %' N . • A % . % % ‘ s , ' % % « j v • % p • % % % •% % . t % . V • • ' , » J U ' t • ' .' - ,'J. . ■ L‘v- •■ r -t Sfya % .» V.V • % • . . • . :•: t4sS b v i v' A • » • v A t H • % • V ' V ft • • % A A ' • • u, • i • • k's - • • . V 5 ; ' • x • i v ✓ Oft Vv VsA V l • • «x % A • • % • V -K §'L«£v. •• s. rj ■ t A' • ' •» % '•J I .•' X • V • i tA A %f % • I • r « C. « x vv-.;.f : l . • + « » «‘U4« • ‘ • . ,% ; fc :;;A .. - »• a y V: • V 'x iZ a « •.Vft : • • • C • .v yv . • » • v%.« •V ki‘». f, ' %- .4 . Jayson Laub 152 Th fot Cindy Gailey The Arts 153The Arts 1551929 I960 Dorothy Downs Williams (Ditts) 1928 Graduates programme Allen Stokes Corson Maurice Wurts Fulton George Joseph Gock Joseph Aloysius Hegcr Lydia Kirk Harmer Margaret Josephine Kimbel Charles Everett Lurcott Albert Bctson Shaffer Alice Virginia Tomlinson Vallec Lillian Williams TIMES-CHRONICLE PRINT 14th Annual Commencement OF THE Abington High School Monday Evening, June 24, 1001 AT 8 O’CLOCK HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING ABINGTON. PA MUSIC BY THE JENKINTOWN ORCHESTRA William Samuel Corey (Bill) 1929Did You Know . . . that the class of 1889 had only five members, and up until 1902, the high school course consisted of only two years? In the year of 1901 there was no graduating class as the course was lengthened to three years. This year, the one hundredth graduating class of Abington High School consists of 503 members. Elizabeth Bastian Tustin Bettie 1929 Daniel Lathrop Wolf 1958 • E • SJack E. Abel 2226 Menlo Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 Scott W. Abel 881 Edge Hill Rd. Glenside. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: To be a welder Michael Evan Abrams ■Mike’' 933 Wellington Rd Elkins Park. PA 19117 Class Council 9 (v.p.). Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12 Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 9. 11 Carolyn D. Adams Carol” 1573 Fairview Ave. Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Council 10. 11. 12. Basketball 10. 11 FUTURE PLANS: College for Nursing FAVORITE QUOTE: 'Yeah, buddy.” Trina Antoinette Adams 342 Ruscombe Ave. North Hills. PA 19038 Class Council 11. Key Club 12. Amnesty Int’l 12. World Affairs 12 FUTURE PLANS: Career as an M.D. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Love does not dominate. it cultivates.” David F. Allen “Dave” 137 Stanley Ave Glenside. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: Attend Berklee College of Music and pursue a career in music Jamie F. Altman 1978 Chester Ave Abington. PA 19001 Student Gov't 11. 12. Class Council 12 (v.p ), Oracle 11. 12 (Ed.). News Bureau 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To be a doctor FAVORITE QUOTE: De do do do de da da da is all I want to say to you. -Sting 158 GraduatesWilliam Matthew Amato “Bill" 314 Zane Ave. Phila . PA 19111 Football 10. 11. 12; Lacrosse 12. Italian Club 10. 11 Jennifer A. Arbittier Jen" 832 Cedar Glen Rd . Elkins Park Class Council 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. French 10. 11. 12 (Sec ). Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Key Club 10. 11. 12. News Bureau 11. 12. Drama 9. 10. 12. Abing-tonian 10. 11. Madrigals 11. 12. Oracle 10. 12 Richard Soren Arnoldi 1336 Lindsay Lane Rydal. PA 19046 Cross Country 9. 11. Student Council 12. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Wrestling 9. Amnesty Inti 12. FUTURE PLANS: College and the Marine Corps. FAVORITE QUOTE: To my close friends "Guess what tonite is . . . it’s hat night." Lauren J. Bacal 631 Hoyt Rd. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Cheerleaders 9. 10. Lacross (Mgr) 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: College: Communications Major. FAVORITE QUOTE: Hey you. is there anybody out there" -Pink Floyd Arthur Eugenio Apolinario "JAY JAY" 1180 Lindsay Lane Rydal. PA 19046 Class Council 10. 11. 12. Wrestling 11. Honor Society 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 10. 11. 12 (Sgt.) FUTURE PLANS: To become a family doctor. Noemi Armstrong 265 N. Easton Rd Glenside. PA 19038 Mahmut F. Aydin 1186 Highland Ave Abmgton. PA 19001 Class Council 12. Lacrosse 9. 10 FUTURE PLANS: To keep on peaking and freaking FAVORITE QUOTE: "My high school years, what a long, strange trip it's been." Robert Joseph Baccari Rob" 1216 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 FUTURE PLANS To go to college, marry, and have kids FAVORITE QUOTE: Just say no". HA Graduates 159Eleanor Mary Baker ••Kelly- 878 Edge Hill Road Glenside. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: To tour with the Grateful Dead and make jewelry. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Ever since the sun took LSD it's been a fundamentally better site!” Olympia Balis 2155 Susquehanna Road Abington. PA 19001 Susan Denise Barlow "Sueb". -Spud” 2156 Myrtlewood Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Student Council 9. 10. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. LAX 9. 10. 11. 12. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A” 11. 12. Affiliation 10. 11. FUTURE PLANS: Attend Drexel and become Pres, and owner of an Ad. firm. Own a white Corvette Convertible. FAVORITE QUOTE: Chives?” "Jello fever." "Sue. shut the door." "What s a gaffer?" Kevin Beard 1517 Birchwood Avenue Roslyn, PA 19001 Jennifer Helene Baker "Smooge" 1940 Old Welsh Road Abington. PA 19001 Student Council 11. 12. Class Council 10. 11. 12. Flag Twirlers 10. 11. 12. Oracle 12. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Amnesty Int i 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: College for marketing. FAVORITE QUOTE: Run for the shad- ows in these golden years." Keith William Bardol 1338 Wheatsheaf Lane Abington. PA 19001 Soccer 9. 10. Swim Team 9. 10. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College FAVORITE QUOTE: "That isn’t funny, that is a severe mental disorder." Seth Alan Baron "Step- 611 Sioux Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Soccer 10. 11. Affiliation 10. 11. Chess 10. Choir 10. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 10. 11. 12. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12. Abing-tonian 10. 12. Drama 10. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Engineering and ROTC in college. FAVORITE QUOTE: "No matter what you do. make sure you have fun doing it." Kathryn Ann Beck "Boofa” 2706 Laurel Lane Glenside. PA 19038 Swim Team 9. 10. 12. Lacrosse 9. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. Softball 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College to become a legal secretary. Marry. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Yo. guys. I have no clue.” 160 GraduatesMeredith Ann Bell 1744 Sharpless Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11 (Co-capt.). 12. Oracle 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12. FUTURE PLANS: To become a commercial artist. FAVORITE QUOTE:" so it's the laughter we will remember whenever we remember the way we were.'' Ellyn Faith Bender ‘ Helen". “Schmeltz” 1760 Sharpless Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Class Council 12. Affiliation 11. Oracle 11. 12. Spanish 10. 11. 12. Drama 9. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To be on Broadway. FAVORITE QUOTE: Let the schmeckens clean it up!" "No-body!" "She's such a klutz!" "Hi ugly!" "Bone. Helen, and Bells!" "The L-word." "Sweetheart!" "The candy counter!" Laurie Michelle Bellet "Bells". "La" 1651 Fawn Lane Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Soccer 11. 12. Track 9. Latin 10. Oracle 9. 10. 11. Spanish 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To drive the zamboni at the Spectrum. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Let the schmeckens clean it up." "Goome GOOGOO." "Mrs. Gamberg!" "No-body!" "The best is yet to come.” - Bryan Adams." "M M Flem!" "Jello fever!" Jonathan Ira Berg 1224 Gilbert Road Rydal. PA 19046 Andrew H. Berger "Berg" 1070 Squirrel Road Jenkintown. PA 19046 Student Council 11. Basketball 9. Football 9. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College for a career in either real estate or at a car dealership. FAVORITE QUOTE: "It's better to burn out than fade away " "Live and let live." Sheri Lyn Betschner 2806 Lamott Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 School Store 10. 11 FUTURE PLANS: To be the best in whatever I do. FAVORITE QUOTE: If each of us showed love to those within reach, the world would be as God meant it to be." Edward G. Bick 35 Park Avenue Rockledge. PA 19111 Gary John Bisaquino "Bis" 1644 Fitzwatertown Road Willow Grove. PA 19090 Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Italian 9. 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas. FAVORITE QUOTE: I'm fresh Graduates 161Loren Heather Blackman ”Lori’' 942 Irvin Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Student Gov't. 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Gov't. 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend College FAVORITE QUOTE: One day when we reminisce, we’ll all say there wasn't too much we missed. And through the tears, we'll smile as we recall, we had it all.” Jill Blank 1740 Meadowbrook Rd. Abington. PA. 19001 Student Gov't. 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Gov't. 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 9. 10. 11. 12. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Creative Studies 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend College! FAVORITE QUOTE: "I’m at a loss!" Farmer Ted Chris William Boetticher 608 Susquehanna St Student Gov't 9, 10. FUTURE PLANS: To get older! FAVORITE QUOTE: "Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do." Brett J. Bonfield 2030 Woodland Rd. Abington. PA. 19001 Student Gov’t. Sec. 9. Soccer 9. Honor Society 9. Oracles 12. Spectre 11. 12. World Affairs 11. 12 (co-pres.). Amnesty Int'l. 11.12 (co-pres.). FUTURE PLANS: Author of novel high school students hate to read, childless "till-death-do-us-part" marriage, early retirement. FAVORITE QUOTE: You know. I have a certified Ph D. in psychology." -source witheld Jennifer Bonner 125 Robbins Ave Rockledge. PA. 19111 Affiliation 10. 11. Honor Society 11. 12. World Affairs 10. 11. Amnesty Int'l. 10. 11.12 (president) FUTURE PLANS: College FAVORITE QUOTE: Increase the swing of the pendulum, increase, increase, come up and bear against that point of furthest balance-increase-increase-'' William Golding "Lord of The Flies" Tamara Ann Brennan "Tammy” 2224 Hillthorpe Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001 Student Gov't. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college for physical therapy. Greg Patrick Bracken 1430 High Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001 FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, join the Peace Corps for 2 years, get married and have two kids. FAVORITE QUOTE: "I don't know" Adam Michael Brenner "Gus” 1317 Michael Rd. Meadowbrook. PA. 19046 Soccer 9. 10. 11, Track 9. 10. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 11. 12. World Affairs 11. 12. Intramurals 9. Ice Hockey 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and major in pre-med. FAVORITE QUOTE: I’m sorry but I have to start somewhere, you have a minus!” 162 GraduatesElissa Buccafuri 2330 Weldon Ave. Glenside. PA. 19037. Steven C. Burkart “Ice” 1232 Bockius Ave Abington. PA. 19001 Class Gov t. 9. Orchestra 9. 11. Jazz Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Aviation 11. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Join the Air Force and become a pilot. FAVORITE QUOTE: All's fair in love and war." Karen Campbell 2840 Turner Ave. Roslyn. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: I plan to go to work at Prudential. FAVORITE QUOTE: Do you think it bothers me?" Adam Wayne Carangi 1205 Rosemont Lane Abington. PA 19001 Student Gov’t. 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Gov't 9. 10. 11. 12. Baseball 9. Football 11. 12. Swimming 10. 12. Varsity "A" 12. Amnesty Int’l. 12. Intramurals 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: Architecture at any school that will accept me FAVORITE QUOTE: "McCall you little sneak!" -Mr McGinley 1987 Lauren Eaglin Bur 1444 Wheatsheaf Lane Abington. PA. 19001 Field Hockey Mngr. 10. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin 11. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Creative Studies 12. SADD 11. 12. Presidential Award 9. FUTURE PLANS: I hope to attend Thomas Jefferson University to become a physical therapist. I plan to specialize in pediatric therapy FAVORITE QUOTE: Mickey is a mouse. Donald is a duck, and Pluto's a dog. but what's Goofy?" Kim Ann Camp 2918 Woodland Rd Roslyn. PA. 19001 Track 9. 12. FBLA 10. 12. Latin 9. 10. Spanish 9. BSU 9. 10. 11. Health Careers 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college to expand my studies in the health field. FAVORITE QUOTE: If you expect something. wait for it; If you want something, work for it.” Timothy Canino “Tim" 2140 Parkdale Ave Glenside. PA. 19038 Baseball 10. 11 FUTURE PLANS: To work with my brother as a carpenter Tim S. Carlin 1437 Thompson Rd. Roslyn. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: To work and go to school. FAVORITE QUOTE: 88 is the Best!" Graduates 163Andrew B. Carrell “Andy" 2869 Rossiter Ave. Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Gov t. 9. 10. 11. Affiliation 10. 11 (Sec.). 12 (Treasurer). Chess 10. 11. 12. Orchestra 9. World Affairs 11. Jazz 9. Amnesty 11. Intramurals 9. Creative Studies 12. Concert Band 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: Attend East Stroudsburg University for Education. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Where am I. if I am?” Doreen Jeanette Case 329 Chelsea Ave. North Hills. PA. 19038 Black Student Union 10. 11. 12. Usherettes 11. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and to become an Accountant. FAVORITE QUOTE: “You gets nothing in America.” Tom J. Cassidy "Tucker” 1321 Rothley Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001 Swimming 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To get out of school and sleep a little later. Also to attend college. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Where's the party this weekend?” Robert J. Chilton III “Chill” 3008 Raymond Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001 Student Gov't. 9. Soccer 9. Swimming 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. 10. 11. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. Marching Band 9. 10. 11. Rossana Mirella Caso “Rossana Rossana Danna” 1243 Boone Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001 Class Gov't. 9. 10. Lacrosse 9. Italian 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend Temple University and major in psychology with a minor in business and languages. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Love ... It speaks in so many voices . . . Those who love will always hear it.” Kristen Elizabeth Cepregi 3008 Limekiln Pike North Hills. PA. 19038 FUTURE PLANS: To attend a two year college for business and some day open my own business. Samuel Clark III 2708 Jenkintown Rd. North Hills. PA. 19038 164 GraduatesRichard Cluelow 1900 Smith Ave Willow Grove. PA. 19090 Lisa A. Cohen 37 Central Ave. Rockledge. PA. 19117 Tracie Michelle Coles •Chubby” 2218 Hamilton Ave. Apt. D Willow Grove. PA. 19090 FBLA 11,12. School Store 11. 12. Black Student Union 10. 11, 12. Abingtonian 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend the Court Reporting Institute and become a court reporter. FAVORITE QUOTE: Don't get mad. get even!” Vicki Ann Compter 1205 Fairacres Rd Rydal, PA. 19046 Student Gov t. 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Gov't. 9. 10. 11. 12. Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 11. 12. Spanish 12. Student Forum Rep. 11. 12. Administrative Assistant 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend College FAVORITE QUOTE: 'Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.” -Cheers Michele Gwen Cogan 606 Oak Shade Ave. Elkins Park. PA. 19117 FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and major in International Relations. FAVORITE QUOTE: ” ... how do you know what you're going to do till you do it? The answer is. you don't . . . it's a stupid question.” -J.D. Salinger The Catcher in the Rye Stephanie Ann Colantonio 1002 Tennis Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038 Winter Guard 10. Library Aides 9. 10. 11. Concert Band 9. 10. Marching Band 10. 11.12 (Flute Sergeant). FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and major in Law with a minor in Music. FAVORITE QUOTE: Winning isn’t everything. but it sure feels good.” Robert Collier "Dr. Shock” 1731 Park Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090 Basketball 12. Football 11. Track 12. Choir 11.12. Spanish 12. BSU 12. Madrigals 12. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. Drama 12. school play 12. Spanish award 9. District Chorus 12. Regional Chorus 12. SADD. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and major in music or communications. h FAVORITE QUOTE: Good like Chicken! Absotively posilutely!” Jason Condeelis “The Greek” 731 Highland Ave. Jenkintown. PA. 19046 Tennis 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Madrigals 10. 11. 12. school play 10. FUTURE PLANS: Go to Florida and start a Greek cult to take over the world. FAVORITE QUOTE: In the immortal words of Tom Cruise. "Porsche, there is no substitute.” Graduates 165Paul J. Conroy "PJ" 726 Llanfair Road Rydal. PA 19046 Baseball 11. 12. Football 9. 10. 11. Affiliation 12. FBLA 12. Honor Society 9. Spanish 12. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To get a good job as an engineer and invest my money in a new brakelight for my '87 Dart. FAVORITE QUOTE: ‘Now tell me. is THAT normal?!" Timothy J. Cooper 1713 Crestview Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Karin M. Cornell "Marsha." "Slugger" 140 Perry Street Elkins Park. PA 19117 Stud. Gov't 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Basketball 9. 10. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Softball 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin 11. Varsity "A" 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and become an elementary school teacher. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We ll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we ll find these are the best of times." -STYX Bruno Cotroneo 327 Zane Avenue Rockledge. PA 19111 Michael Cottom 2629 Arnaud Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 Jerome Culmer 1701 Valley Glen Road Elkins Park. PA 19117 Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt.). Varsity "A" 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To be a pro basketball player and marry the best girl in the world. John Xavier Crimmins 153 Roberts Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: Unknown. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Don't panic." Claudio A. D’Alessio 572 Tyson Avenue Ardsley. PA 19038 Baseball 12. Honor Society 11. 12. Italian 10. 11. 12. Oracle 12. Spanish 9. Aviation 11 FUTURE PLANS: To become a certified master electrician and to finish restoring my '67 Mustang by graduation. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Today will never come again; how are you making it count?" "You never fail until you stop trying." "Be sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth." 166 GraduatesJonathan Keith Daniels "Jack'' 1439 St. Charles Place Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Council 12. Bowling 12. Jazz Band 12. Concert Band 12. FUTURE PLANS: To have a career in architecture or art and designing. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you feel low in life, set a goal and accomplish it." Barbara Gwenn Davis 2012 Pleasant Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Class Council 9. Affiliation 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 12. Key Club 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 11. 12 (sgt ). FUTURE PLANS: To become a school psychologist or an elementary school teacher. FAVORITE QUOTE: Close your eyes and dream, relive the days we ve seen. We may be far. but in our hearts we'll always stay. Don't slip away my friend." -Anon. Lauren Meredith Davis 2914 Meyer Avenue Ardsley. PA 19038 Soccer 11. Softball 9. 10. Cheerleaders 10. Latin 11. Drama 9. FAVORITE QUOTE: Can I tell you?!" Joanne Delzingaro 218 N. Easton Road K-24 Glenside. PA 19038 French 11. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin 11. FUTURE PLANS: To become an anaesthesiologist. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Come on baby light my fire.” Vernice Marie Dennis "Skooter" 1628 Prospect Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Choir 9. FBLA 12. BSU 10. 11. 12. Lib. Aides 10. FUTURE PLANS: To attend court reporting school to become a court reporter FAVORITE QUOTE: "Don't get mad. get even." "What goes around comes around." Eric A.A.M. De Spirlet "Snoopy" 45 Ave Longue Beauvechaim. Belgium 5338 Soccer 12. Tennis 12. Affiliation 12. FUTURE PLANS: To become a civil engineer at a university in Belgium. FAVORITE QUOTE: I don't care any- more. "• Phil Collins Regina Marie Diana 618 Garden Road Glenside. PA 19038 Choir 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: To become a licensed cosmetologist and have my own shop. Conna M. Dieckman 1010 Arthur Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 FAVORITE QUOTE: Well. I've been afraid of changing, 'cause I've built my life around you. But time makes you older. even children get older, and I'm getting older, too." Graduates 167Kevin Patrick Downes 1037 Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Football 11. 12. Swim Team 9. 10 FUTURE PLANS: To get a college education and attain a higher form of existence. FAVORITE QUOTE: "You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave -Eagles Susan G. Dobrowolski 1155 Easton Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Anthony A. DiMaria 2468 Norwood Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Maria E. Dougherty 2071 Susquehanna Road Abmgton. PA 19001 John F. Dougherty ■"Doc" 110 Robbins Avenue Rockledge. PA 19111 Class Council 9. Ice Hockey 11. 12. Intramurals 9. 10 FUTURE PLANS: To attend Duquesne Univ. and major in business administration. while playing ice hockey for the school. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Yo dude, what s up?" John Frank Dubeck "Dube" 2211 Stratford Avenue Abmgton. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college 168 Graduates Michael Gary Dubrow "Mike" 1204 Gilbert Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Affiliation 10. French 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9, 10. 11. 12. Abmgtoman 10. 11.12 (ed -m-chief) FUTURE PLANS: College and graduate school FAVORITE QUOTE: "It was Din! Din! Dm! you Lazarushian-leather Gunga-Din. Though I've belted you and flayed you by the living Gawd that made you. you're a better man than I am Gunga-Din '"Neal Bryant Durham ■Jack” 2563 La Mott Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Baseball 9. 10. Football 9. 10. 11. 12. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 10. 11. 12. BSU 10. FUTURE PLANS: To attend S. Carolina University. Russell L. Durham "R.D. Hammer" 2563 LaMott Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Council 9. Basketball 9. 10. 11. Football 9. 10. 11. 12. Track 9. Varsity "A" 11. 12. Intramurals 10. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To attend Notre Dame or Clemson on a scholarship. FAVORITE QUOTE: I hope to leave a legacy for a growing dynasty ." Gregory C. Durphy 1719 Edge Hill Road Abington. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: I plan to go to college for 4 years and major in sales business administration. FAVORITE QUOTE: No pain, no gain." "No guts, no glory." Deborah K. Duskey "Deeb" 2236 Oakdale Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Basketball 9. Band Front 10. 11. 12 (capt ). Oracle 12. World Affairs 11. 12. Amn. Int i 11.12 FAVORITE QUOTE: 1 Why be difficult when with a little bit of effort you can be impossible ." Darryl L. Edwards 1504 Fairview Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Lynn Mills Eckert 1829 Edge Hill Road Abington. PA 19001 Stud. Gov't. 10. Class Council 10. 12. Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Debate 12. Varsi-ty"A" 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To spend at least one fun-filled night at the Silver Saddle and learn to cha-cha. FAVORITE QUOTE: What's that got to do with the price of eggs?" Walter Michael Eggert "Wally." "The Egg-Man" 26 Moredon Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Tennis 9, Bowling 9. FUTURE PLANS: To go to Penn State for mechanical engineering, go to grad, school, and be successful. FAVORITE QUOTE: Never put off to- morrow what doesn't have to be done at all." Graduates 269Steven Keith Eisenberg "George'' Paul Brook Lane Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Counc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil 11. 12 (Sec ). Honor Soc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 11. 12. Sp. Club 10. 11. 12. Fr. Club 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, graduate. earn first 100 million by 30 and retire. FAVORITE QUOTE: "For everyone out there this is true." A s. Tpi id Brian Equi 1161 Rydal Road Rydal. PA 19046 Wrestling 9. Cross-country 11. 12. Latin 11. FUTURE PLANS: To see how sobriety is. FAVORITE QUOTE: But. officer Cem Ergun Rapsstrasse 18 1000 Berlin 13. West Germany Swimming 12. Affil. 12. Fr. Club 12. World Aff. 12. Amnesty 12. Lacrosse 12. FUTURE PLANS: Something with music and women. FAVORITE QUOTE: The world is full of trash. Poison pollutes the air. I don't know just how long people can make it there." Ronny Fanelli 2822 Jenkintown Road Ardsley. PA 19038 Stephen Fanelli 2638 Jenkintown Road Glenside. PA 19038 Eric Allan Farish 2555 Fernwood Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Counc. 11. 12. Football 9. 10. 11. 12. Track 10. 11. Lacrosse 9 FUTURE PLANS: Be happy FAVORITE QUOTE: "There's no such thing as a free lunch: but if you get one. take it." 170 GraduatesJohn David Feinour 369 Beaver Hollow Road Jenkmtown. PA 19046 Oracle 12. Sp. Club 11. 12. Health Careers 11. 12. Lib. Aides 9. 10. 11. Cone Band 9. FUTURE PLANS: To become a hospital administrator and travel the world.' Rebecca Sue Ferguson "Becky" 1339 Wheatsheaf Lane Abmgton. PA 19001 Lacrosse 10. 11. 12. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 11. Honor Soc. 12. Oracle 12. Vars. "A" 12. FUTURE PLANS: I plan to go to a prestigious university. After I graduate I’ll write 2 books on the economic society with Heilbroner. When I turn 37 I plan to begin my political career and end as President. FAVORITE QUOTE: He'll keep calling me. He'll make me feel guilty. This is. this is disgusting. I'll go." -Cameron Howe. Jennifer G. Fisch "Jenny" 1455 Marshall Lane Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Class Counc. Rep. 11. 12. Swmming 9. Oracle 11. 12. Sp Club 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and reach my goals in life. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you fail, try and try again until you succeed." James Charles Fisher "Fish" 1386 Reservoir Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: Make money. Stacy Renee Feldman "Spacey." "Stack" 7 Lee Lynn Lane Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Sp. Club 12. Softball 9. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college. FAVORITE QUOTE: "I don't have a snowball’s chance in hell." Michael Jon Ferraro 1362 St. Charles Place Roslyn, PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. 10. Class Counc. Rep. 11. Bowling 9. 10. 11. 12. FBLA 10. 11. 12. School Store 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College, to be rich. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Who said children should be seen and not heard?" Elizabeth A. Fischer "Beth Ann" 3026 Turner Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Counc Rep. 9. 11. Track 9. ming 9. 10. 11. 12. Field Hockey 11. 12. Vars. "A" 12. FUTURE PLANS: College FAVORITE QUOTE: "Cheer up. life’s a peach." Swim-9. 10. Dude. Matthew Dalton Ford "Matt" 2052 Corinthian Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Battle of the Bands 11, 12. FUTURE PLANS: College career in music. FAVORITE QUOTE: All I need is a T.V. show that and the radio Graduates 171David William Freas •Money” 102 Stanley Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Lacrosse 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10, 11. 12. Marching Band 10. 11. 12 (sgt.). FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and do something dealing with computer science. Kirsten Lori Freisheim 838 Glen Road Jenkintown. PA 19046 Student Gov't 9. Class Council 10. 12. Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12. Tennis 9. 10. Oracle 12. Varsity "A” 10, 11. 12. CSP 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college. FAVORITE QUOTE: If you wanna leave take good care. I know you’ll make alot of nice friends out there. Just remember there's alot of bad and beware."-Cat Stevens Elliott Jay Frieder 2059 Woodland Road Abington. PA 19001 Cross-Country 11. 12 (capt.). Soccer 9. 10. Track 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt ). Affiliation 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 11, 12. Varsity 'A” 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To get a quality education at a well-respected institution. FAVORITE QUOTE: You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Jonathan Richard Frieder ‘Fritz’’ 2059 Woodland Road Abington. PA 190001 Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Affiliation 10. 11. 12. Varsity ”A” 9. 10. 11. 12. Abingtonian 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Quality education at a private institution. Cindy M. Gailey 1447 Wheatsheaf Lane Abington. PA 19001 band Front 9. 12. French 9. 10. Drama 11. SADD 11. FUTURE PLANS: To attend art school and pursue a career in the art field. Kathleen Ann Gannon 1336 Partridge Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Gov’t 12. Class Council 11. 12. Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12. Oracle 12. Varsity “A" 11. 12. CSP 12. FUTURE PLANS: To major in physical therapy sports medicine in college FAVORITE QUOTE: “Don't give up you still have us. don’t give up you know it's never been easy. Don't give up because somewhere there is a place where we belong." 172 GraduatesMichael Allan Gargan 618 Central Avenue Ardsley. PA 19038 Lacrosse 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college or star in the next ‘Police Academy” film. FAVORITE QUOTE: I just couldn't make it to class.” James Joseph Gaydos “Jamie” 214 Tulpehocken avenue Elkins Park. PA 19117 Class Council 11. Honor Society 9. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College to become an occupational or physical therapist. FAVORITE QUOTE: Oh God. I failed.” Anita L. Gebb 722 Highland Avenue Jenkintown. PA 19046 Band Front 10. Choir 11, 12. Honor Society 12. Madrigals 11. 12. Marching Band 11. FUTURE PLANS: College, get married, have children, and be happy. FAVORITE QUOTE: “You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.” Deana Marie Genovese "Dee” 1927 Fleming Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Softball 9. 12. Lib. Aides 9. FUTURE PLANS: To become a cruise line director. FAVORITE QUOTE: It's for good this time.” David Benson Getty 1843 Acorn Lane Abington. PA 19001 Baseball 9. Football 9. 10. 11. 12. Track 10. 11. Wrestling 9. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity “A" 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To major in computer science at Penn State. Caren E. Gever 1120 Delene Road Rydal. PA 19046 Class Council 10. 11. French 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 10. 11. 12. Key Club 10. 11.12 (sec.). News Bureau 11. Orch. 12. World Affairs 10. 11. 12 (v.p.). Amnesty 11. 12. Abmgtonian 10. 11. 12 (ed.). Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go into ecological law. FAVORITE QUOTE: Caren sees the silver sun.” -James Taylor Frank James Giampa 2322 Kenderton Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Bowling 11. Intramurals 9. FUTURE PLANS: Become parts dep t, manager in a Florida division of a major industrial equipment corporation. FAVORITE QUOTE: You wanna make a bet." “Yeah." ”1 don't care." John M. Gillespie 354 Roberts Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Track 11. 12. Wrestling 10. 11. 12. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Changes aren’t permanent. but change is." -Rush Graduates 173Margo Rachel Glantz 1242 Fleetwood Road Rydal. PA 19046 Student Gov't. 9. 10. 11. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin 11. Spanish 10. 11. 12. CSP 12 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college. FAVORITE QUOTE: Before we end and then begin, let's drink a toast to how it’s been.'' -Billy Joel Daniel David Glatts 25 Park Avenue Rockledge. PA 19111 Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12. Bowling 11. 12. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. Concert Band 9. 10 FUTURE PLANS: To major in industrial arts at Millersville University. Debbie J. Glemser 428 Tennis Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 Audrey Lynn Goldhaber "Goldie”. "Buddy” 1821 North Hills Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Council 12. Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Cross-Country 12. Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Cross-Country 9. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 10. 11. 12. Orch. 9. 10. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend Univ. of Conn, and major in physical therapy. FAVORITE QUOTE: But why. I don't understand ” Loren Glasgow 1113 Edgehill Road Abington. PA 19001 Kristy Lee Goldberg 748 Suffolk Avenue Rydal. PA 19046 Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11. 12(capt.), Orch. 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 12. Varsity ''A” 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and achieve my goals. Lauren Jill Goldsmith 767 Carmet Road Rydal. PA 19046 Student Gov't 9. 10. Tennis 10. 11. 12. Spanish 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and go into sales. FAVORITE QUOTE: Mrs Gamburg!?”. "ACA Jack.” "Are you Gibb?" "Cheese balls. Gary." ’Where do you get off... ” 174Steven Lee Goldstein "JoJo” 559 Oak Shade Avenue Elkins Park. PA 19117 Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 12. Spanish 12. Varsity "A” 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and be successful FAVORITE QUOTE Come on guys, it's all ball bearings now a days.” Melissa Sue Goodman ’Mellllisa" 1071 Claire Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Council 11. 12. Soccer 11. 12. Tennis 10. Oracle 9. 10. 11. Spanish 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To be on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.' FAVORITE QUOTE: Thinking about our younger years we were young and wild and free ” -Bryan Adams Shira Joy Goodman 79 McFadden Drive Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Council 10. 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. French 10. 11 (treas.). 12 (pres ). News Bureau 11. 12. Oracle 10. 11. 12 (ed.), CSP 12. FUTURE PLANS: College and law school to become a criminal lawyer. FAVORITE QUOTE: We love the things we love for what they are.” -Robert Frost Robert Craig Gordon 1025 Roseland Avenue Football 10. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Golf 9. Honor Society 12. World Affairs 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college either pre law or as a history major. Anthony S. Graham "Graham” 1604 Park Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Football 9. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and be successful FAVORITE QUOTE: Hard work is the key to success, but some would rather pick the lock.” Christine M. Gramlich Weirdo” 851 Maple Avenue Ardsley. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: To become a singer in a rock-and-roll band. FAVORITE QUOTE: "I don’t remember.” Melissa Graham 1235 Boone Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Douglas John Grande "Strap-Iron” 2933 Kanes Road Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Council 9. Swim Team 9. 10. 12. Debate 9. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To become a free-lance gynecologist and a beach bum. FAVORITE QUOTE: Well, isn’t that special." Graduates J75 Curtis Grasty "Cut-Gee" 1559 Washington Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Student Council 11. 12. Class Council 11, 12. Cross-Country 9. 10. 11. 12. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A” 12. Black Student Union 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to Australia or business school. FAVORITE QUOTE: Handlin' like a gangster " Joshua T. Green "Josh" 1340 Pepper Road Rydal. PA 19046 Student Gov't 12. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Affiliation 10. 11. 12. Chess 10. 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. French 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 11. Drama 9. 10 FUTURE PLANS: Medical School FAVORITE QUOTE: All great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." -Einstein Robert Keith Greenebaum 1155 Lindsay Lane Rydal. PA 19046 Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. World Affairs 12. FUTURE PLANS: To have a lot of fun and make a lot of money doing it. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Take it as it comes." -Steve Wmwood. "It's the same old song, but with a different feeling since you've been gone."- The Four Tops Dana M. Gregg 1926 Moreland Road Abington. PA 19001 Student Gov't 9. Class Council 10. 11. 12 (treas ). Basketball 9. 10. 11. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12. Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS; To become a Corvette dealer and drive 18 wheelers on the weekends FAVORITE QUOTE: It s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all." John Sternman Greene 1215 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class council 10. 11. Affiliation Club 10. 11. 12. French 10 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college, marry. make money, and drive a 635 csi. FAVORITE QUOTE: The derivative of a constant times a function equals the constant times the derivative of the function."- Mr. Mechlowitz Susan R. Greenfield 1084 Leopard Road Rydal. PA 19046 Swim Team 9. 12. Tennis 10. 11. FBLA 12. Oracle 11 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college, marry. be rich, and drive a white Mercedes convertable with a blue top. FAVORITE QUOTE: our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We'll take the best forget the rest, and someday we'll find these are the best of times."-Styx Jeffrey Wayne Hack "Jeff- 1829 Preston Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Football 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: College 176 GraduatesMarcus Ozzie Hackett 1567 Coolidge Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Marla Ann Hahn 1325 Osbourne Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Council 9. 10. 11. Oracle 10. 11. Spanish 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A” 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend a 4-year college FAVORITE QUOTE: Those who say money can't buy happiness, can't afford it." Sae Joon Hahm 1527 Shoemaker Road Abmgton. PA 19001 Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Affiliation Club 11. 12 (vp). French 10. 11 (ed.). 12 (ed). 10. 11. 12 (v.p ). FUTURE PLANS: To pursue a career in medicine. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Knowing is science, believing one knows is ignorance." Hippocrates Lawrence E. Haliday "Casanova" 1562 Coolidge Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Color Guard 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: To take up architectural engineering in the Air Force after four years of college FAVORITE QUOTE: That's crazy.' "Geeee." Peter Scott Hall 885 N. Easton Rd Apt. 13-A5 Glenside. PA 19038 Student Council 12. Class Council 9. 12. Concert Band 10. Marching Band 10. FUTURE PLANS: College to become an architect. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Don't live in the past. Just enjoy the present, and look forward to the future " Regina Mary Hannon "Jeanme" 1990 Maplewood Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Student Gov't 9. 10. 11. Swim Team 9. Field Hockey 9. Softball 9. 10. Cheerleaders 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 10. 11 FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and be very successful. Then, marry a rich man. have 7 children and be very happy. Anton Hargrove 1738 High Street Willow Grove. PA 19090 Graduates 177BEST MOST ULAR SENIOR Kirsten Freisheim And Jamie Wagner Jeff Hack Strittmatter Kathy TO SUCCEED LOOKING 178 GraduatesSUPERLATIVES Personal EVES Eric Sanders And Karin Cornell COUPLE C 3 Carolyn Malloy And Chris Van Buren 179D’Arcy Lynn Hazard "DRC" 1025 Tyson Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Council 12. Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12. Field Hockey 9. Softball 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity “A” 11. 12. Swimmers' Aid 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college to become a physical therapist FAVORITE QUOTE: 'Goin' coconuts!" Derek T. Harrar 1539 Hampton Road Rydal. PA 19046 Soccer 10. 11. Wrestling 9. Honor Society 9. 10. Jazz Band 9. Concert Band 9 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College and travel to Europe. Then, work in a computer-related business. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side."-Lou Reed Christine Marie Hefner 1144 Edgehill Road Abington. PA 19001 Class Council 12. Marching Band 10. 11. 12 (capt.). Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Madrigals 12. SADD 11. 12. George B. Heinrich III 716 Cottage Road Glenside. PA 19038 Lacrosse 9. 10. 12. Wrestling 9 FUTURE PLANS: College for art in advertising. get married, and settle down in Philadelphia. FAVORITE QUOTE: I love traveling around, seeing new sights, and meeting new people." -Genghis Khan Elizabeth Ann Helwig "Betsy" 2418 Rosemore Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Color Guard 10. 11. Flag Twirlers 10. 11. Band Front 10. 11. Oracle 12. World Affairs 12. Amnesty Int'l 12. Marching Band 10. 11. FUTURE PLANS: Public relations for the government or a large corporation. FAVORITE QUOTE: 'If you were really sorry, you wouldn't have done it in the first place." Lori Ann Heinz "Shorty" Willow Grove. PA 19090 Student Gov't 9. 10. 11. Class Council 9. 10. 11, Track 9 (mgr.). Bowling 9. 11. Choir 9. Library Aides 9. Ushers and Usherettes 10. FUTURE PLANS: Business school. Then, pursue a career in business management or work for the government. FAVORITE QUOTE: na-ah. you think I'm that gullible!" Kenya Theresa Henderson "Pumpkin" 1315 Green Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Track 9. BSU 10. 11. 12. Health Careers 11. 12. Intramurals 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: Become a nurse, marry. and have children. FAVORITE QUOTE: Be all you can be." 180 Graduates( I I ( Tina Marie Henderson 1634 Rockwell Road Abington. PA 19001 David A. Hewitt 1873 Woodland Road Abington. PA 19001 Cross Country 9. Track 9. Latin 9. 10. Oracle 12. Spectre 11 FUTURE PLANS: Go to work for a large firm, make a million by age 40. and retire. Kimberly Ann Hickok ■'Kimm” 2152 Keith Road Abington. PA 19001 Choir 9. 10. Spanish 9. 10. Drama 9 FUTURE PLANS: I plan to attend college and eventually get my master s degree in psychology FAVORITE QUOTE: We set the pace for every born survivor." Heart Aurelia Nicole Hill "Niki" 1437 Lindbergh Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Gov't 12. Class Council 9. 12. Field Hockey 12. Latin 9. 10. School Store 12. Spectre 12. BSU 11. Library Aides 9. Usherettes 12. FUTURE PLANS: To be the first black female on the Supreme Court. I C Michelle Hill 7635 Washington Lane Elkins Park. PA 19117 Kyle V. Hindsman 1635 Fairview Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Student Gov't 9. Chess 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. BSU 10. 12. Madrigals 10. 11. 12. Health Careers 11. 12. Aviation 10 (sec. treas.) FUTURE PLANS: College and major in business administration. FAVORITE QUOTE: Que es problema?" Benjamin J. Hinerfield 1624 Biddle Road. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Student Gov't 10. Class Council 9. 11. Camera Club 11. 12. French 10. 11 12. Honor Society 11. 12. News Bureau 11. 12. Oracle 12. Spectre 12. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Amnesty Int'l 11. 12. Abmg toman 12. Concert Band 9. 10 FUTURE PLANS: Be happy and take a lot of pictures FAVORITE QUOTE: Whoso be a man must be relatively tired and depressed " Karen Diane Hirsch 1952 Lycoming Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Class Council 9 (Sec ). Oracle 12. Orchestra 9. Spectre 11.12 (ed ). Amnesty 10. 11. 12. Abmgtoman 11.12 (ed.). Drama 9 FUTURE PLANS: to escape suburbia, be myself, be happy, and someday earn the title "writer " FAVORITE QUOTE: This .s becoming very insignificant -Samuel Beckett Graduates 181SMILECarolyn M. Hirsh 985 Sherman Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Student Gov't 9 (pres ), 10. 11. Class Council 11. 12. Softball 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 9. 10. World Affairs 11. Health Careers 9. Drama 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and pursue a health-related career FAVORITE QUOTE: "The only permanent thing in one's life is change " Rockwell C. Hoffman "Rock" 2155 Ridgeview Avenue Abington. PA 19001 CSP 12 FUTURE PLANS: College for Communications. Then, pursue a career in radio. FAVORITE QUOTE: One has to worry about a society in which for 12 years students say they hate school. But. the first thing they do when they finish is to go for at least 4 more years. It doesn't make sense." Leslie Ann Hogan "Big Bird" 2149 Kent Road Abington. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: Go to MONTCO for 2 years for Liberal Arts FAVORITE QUOTE: Break a leg Tamika Ginell Holt "Mika” 2564 Rubicam Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Student Gov't 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. Affiliation 11.12. Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11 (j.v. capt.) 12. Varsity "A" 12. World Affairs 12. BSU 10. 11. 12. Concert Band 9. Usherettes 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend Spelman College. majoring m psychology. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Because we are. I am." Mary Beth Hollinsworth 2346 Old Welsh Road Willow Grove. PA 19090 Stephanie Alane Humphreys "Steph " 2800 Rossiter Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Gov't 9. Class Council 11. 12. Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11 12. Oracle 12 Varsity "A" 12. Intramurals 9 FUTURE PLANS: College for business ad ministration Then, work for a successful corporation and eventually own my own business FAVORITE QUOTE: Smile. n s Friday Matthew W. Howald 247 Tulpehocken Avenue Elkins Park. PA 19117 Student Gov't 10. 11. 12. Class Council 11. 12. Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12. Intramurals 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and Rachaneeporn Hungsavaisya "Tina" 723 Forest Avenue Rydal. PA 19046 Class Council 12. Affiliation 10 (Sec ). 11 (v p ). 12 (Pres ). Key Club 10. 11. 12. Latin 9. 10 (sec ). Oracle 10. 11. 12. Spanish 11. 12. World Affairs 10. 11 (treas ). 12 (pres). Asian American 9. 10. 11 (v p ). Amnesty 10. 11. Lib Aides 10 FUTURE PLANS: College and have a blast. FAVORITE QUOTE: "You scratch my back. I'll scratch yours." 184 Graduates Michelle Lee Hyams •Missy" 2074 Corinthian Avenue Abington. PA 19001 FBLA 10. FUTURE PLANS: To marry Peter Framp-ton and become Stevie Nicks' personal secretary. Favorite Quote: "To the gypsies that remain faces freedom with a little fear? -I have no fear. I have only love." -Stevie Nicks Christina Ifill "Chris" 1417 Edgehill Road Abington. PA 19001 Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Orchestra 9. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 10. 10. 11 (sgt ). 12 (drum major) FUTURE PLANS: Have a lot of fun in college FAVORITE QUOTE: The most lost day of all is the day on which we do not laugh " N Chamfort n 1 A r Joseph D. lies "J.D." 2889 Joyce Road Abington. PA 19001 Affiliation 9. 10. Honor Society 12. World Affairs 9. 10. Jazz Band 9. Amnesty Int’l 10. Concert Band 9. 10. 12. Marching Band 12. FUTURE PLANS: Dolphin trainer or forest ranger FAVORITE QUOTE: You can t have everything. Where would you put it?" Judy S. Im ■Scooter” 165 Woodpecker Road Jenk. PA 19046 Student Council 9. 10. Class Council 12. Affiliation 10. 11. 12. Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11.12. French 10. 11. Oracle 12. Varsity "A" 12 FUTURE PLANS: Be a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader FAVORITE QUOTE: Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Oh. I believe in yesterday -Beatles Carin Beth Innes 910 Fox Chase Road Rockledge. PA 19111 Bowling 9. 10. Oracle 9. Spanish 11. Library Aides 11. 12. Usherettes 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: College FAVORITE QUOTE: Okey dokey " Steven M. Isserman "Iss” 1812 Canterbury Road Abington. PA 19001 Student Gov't 9. Cross-country 10. Track 9. 10. 11. Chess 9. 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: University of Miami FAVORITE QUOTE: As it is written, so shall it be done." Andrew Marc Jacobs "Andy" 1419 Woodland Road Rydal. PA 19046 Class Council 10. 11. 12. ARTW 12. Choir 10. 11. 12. French 10. 11 (v.p ). Honor Society 11. 12. News Bureau 11. 12. World Affairs 12. Madrigals 11. 12. CSP 12. Drama 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: and the nominees for best director are . FAVORITE QUOTE: Just know your lines and don't bump into the furniture." Spencer Tracy MOST MOSTRebecca Jo Jaslow “Becky'' 1903 Harding Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Class Council 10. 11, 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. French 10. 12. Honor Society 9 (sec.), 10. 11. 12. News Bureau 11. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. World Affairs 12. n Abmgtonian 9. 10. 12. Drama 9. 10 Key Club 10. 11 (dir ). 12 (pres ). FUTURE PLANS: College. Career in pediatric medecine FAVORITE QUOTE: To thine own self be true.'' -Shakespeare Alysia Jaworski 729 Cedar Street Phila.. PA 19111 John Michael Jessop "Ogre'' 2116 Woodland Road Abington. PA 19001 Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Chess 12. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. 10. 11. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Bible Club 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To teach music and make the U S. volleyball team. FAVORITE QUOTE: For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." -Romans 6:23 Dawn Felecia Johnson "Dawneee" 1737 Park Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Basketball 9. 10. Debate 9. Latin 10 FUTURE PLANS: To have a successful career in the field of accounting, and to become Mrs. Steven J. Magruder FAVORITE QUOTE: Live for the present instead of the past, but always have dreams of the future " 1 00 Megan Lynn Johnson 750 Roslyn Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Student Gov't 9. 10. 11. Class Council 9. 10. 11 (sec ). 12. Soccer 11. Lacrosse 9. 10. 12. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 10. 11. Spanish 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity ”A'' 10. 11. 12 (sec ). Drama 9. FUTURE PLANS: Four-year college (or a Liberal Arts education. FAVORITE QUOTE: Too much is never enough.'' Steven Andrew Johnson ' Dallas'' or "Jay” 1635 Park Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Football 9. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 12. Spanish 12. Varsity "A” 12. BSU 11.12. Jazz Band 9. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To attend an Ivy League Institution and become a physician. FAVORITE QUOTE: When a man is wrapped up in himself, then he become a pretty small package.” Brian Johnston 410 Edgehill Road North Hills. PA 19038 Student Gov't 11. Baseball 9. 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. Spanish Club 9. Intramurals 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: College to become a successful millionaire. Anissa Marie Jones ''Butty” 1312 Osbourne Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Gov't 9 (v.p.). 10. 11. 12. Class Council 9. 10 (pres ). 11. 12. Basketball 9. 10. Track 9. 10. Field Hockey 11. Latin 10. 11. 12. Orchestra 9. 11. 12. Spanish 10. 11. 12. BSU 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To become a medical doctor. FAVORITE QUOTE: Money can't buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Jaguar then on a bus." Brian C. Jones 1209 Mildred Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Margo Florrie Jones "Mar” 2609 Elliott Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Council 9. Track 9. Lacrosse 9. Choir 9. French 9. FBLA 11. 12. BSU 9. 10. 11. 12. Health Careers 12. Lib. Aides 9. Usherettes 12. FUTURE PLANS: To earn a degree in medicine FAVORITE QUOTE: Don't ever torget. what goes around comes around." I love you all. Lawrence Francis Jones Jr. "Jonesie" 359 Osceola Avenue Elkins Park. PA 19117 Student Gov't 12. Football 9. 10. 11. 12. Track 10. Choir 9. French 11. Varsity "A" 12. World Atta.rs 12. BSU 10. 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. Intramurals 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and settle into a management position in corporate America FAVORITE QUOTE: "What we are is God's gift to us - what we become is our gift to God ” Lisa Kain 413 Sylvania Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Graduates 189Deborah Beth Kaplan 1432 Autumn Road Rydal. PA 19046 Student Gov't 9. 11. 12. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Soccer 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 12. Oracle 9 (ed.-in-chief). 11. 12 (ed ). Spanish 10. 11. 12. CSP 12 FUTURE PLANS: College to become a film director. Also, own a quiet car. FAVORITE QUOTE: And you know that when the truth is told, that you can get what you want or you can just get old.” Amy Kaufman-Bauer 343 Heathcliffe Rd. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Bowling 9. 10. 11. 12. CSP 12. FUTURE PLANS: College as a biochemistry major. FAVORITE QUOTE: We cannot all be masters, nor all masters cannot be truly followed."-Othello Tovah Marlowe Kasdin 1212 Lenox Road Jenkmtown. PA 19046 Student Gov't 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Basketball 9. 10 (j.v capt.) Softball 9. 10. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. News Bureau 10. 11. 12 (ed ). Oracle 12. Orch. 12. Spectre 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 9. 10. Abingtonian 9. 10. 11 12. CSP 12. FUTURE PLANS: College as an English major. FAVORITE QUOTE: Success is relative, failure is absolute '-Magnum P.l. Jennifer Leigh Kaufman "Jenny" 7949 Montgomery Avenue Elkins Park. PA 19117 FUTURE PLANS: Undecided FAVORITE QUOTE: lam vaguely serious." Sean J. Kehoe "Shamrock” 130 Sylvania Avenue Rockledge. PA 19111 FUTURE PLANS: Trade school for either diesel or hydrolic technology. Also. I plan on some kind of comedy. FAVORITE QUOTE: Want me like I want you. "-Jodi Watley Diane K. Kelly "Dinan” 1047 Huntingdon Road Abmgton. PA 19001 Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Madrigals 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College to become a therapeutic recreationalist and work with the elderly FAVORITE QUOTE: I feel funky." Sean T. Kenworthy 2130 Wharton Road Glenside. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and enjoy myself. 192 GraduatesBettina Kessel 2371 Oakdale Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Hyun Chin Kim •Hunch'' 2829 Grisdale Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Lacrosse 9. 10, 11, 12, French 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Key Club 12 (Ed.). Latin 10. Oracle 10, 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Graduate from college FAVORITE QUOTE: Nothing ever goes as planned." James Keith Keiserman "Keis” 408 Kenwood Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Golf 9. 10. 11. 12. Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 11. 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and then make alot of money. Also, have a nice family. FAVORITE QUOTE: But that's okay' -D. Roatch Neil Albert Kimes 2807 Lamott Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 World Affairs 11, Library Aides 9. 10. Safety Services 10. FUTURE PLANS: Electronics Navy Jean Marsha Kintisch "Jeannie". "Moo" 1214 Jericho Rd.. Abington. PA 19001 Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. French 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 10. 11. 12 (ed ). Orch. 9. Jazz 9. 10. Abingtonian 11. 12. CSP 12. Concert Band 9. Marching Band 10. 11. 12 (sgt ). SADD 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Cornell Umv. FAVORITE QUOTE: "When considering yourself, use your head when considering others, use your heart." Kari Hope Koff 1417 Robinhood Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Class Council 11. 12. Tennis 9. Affiliation 11. French 10. 11. 12. FBLA 10. Key Club 11. 12. Oracle 11. CSP 12. FAVORITE QUOTE: "A person should wear what he wants to. and not just what other folks say. A person should do what he likes to-a person's a person that way."-Dan Greenburg Thomas Joseph Kolonis 650 Edgley Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Wrestling 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: Deleware Valley School of Science and Agriculture 6raduate 3Paul Boyle Krause •Hay. You!” 314 Edgely Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 FAVORITE QUOTE: Don't ask me nothin” about nothin’. I just might tell you the truth.” Jessica K. Kromdyk "Jesseeka Love Joy” 227 Cliveden Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Govt. Rep. 11. 12. Class Counc. Rep 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Field hockey 9. 10. 11. 12, Affil. 11. Oracle 11. Vars. "A" 12. FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and have my 560 SL by the time I’m 27. FAVORITE QUOTE: "You never know when you might have to JAM.” Kari Lynn Krupnick 135 Susan Drive Elkins Park. PA 19117 Class Counc. Rep 12. Tennis 10. 11. 12. Field hockey 9. Affil. 10, 11. Honor Soc. 11.12, Latin 10. Oracle 12. Sp. Club 12. World Aff. 11. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college FAVORITE QUOTE: If you see a chance, take it!" -Steve Wmwood Christopher Kutzier 1416 Pepper Road Rydal. PA 19046 Steve R. Kucera "Kooky Kucera" 2903 Woodrow Avenue Ardsley, PA 19038 Class Counc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Wrestling 10. 11. Chess Club 9. 10. 11. 12. FBLA 11. 12. Italian 10. Lib. Aides 9. 10. 11. 12. Ushers 10. 11. FUTURE PLANS: Become a gynecologist!!. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Always watch for 1 but don’t step in 2.” Vincent Anthony Lanciano "Vince" 46 Central Avenue Rockledge. PA 19111 FUTURE PLANS: Working on Pontiac performance cars. FAVORITE QUOTE: I love my Firebird." 194 GraduatesBrian Landis 941 Rydal Road Rydal. PA 19046 Daniel Richard Langan 1369 Clarke Road’ Roslyn, PA 19001 Cross-country 9. 10. Track 11. 12. Wrestling 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Aeronautical engineer. Naval Officer Hopes of flight training FAVORITE QUOTE: Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs. even though cheated by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat ” Amy L. Lang "Bubba” 309 Edgley Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Class Counc. Rep. 9. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 10. 12. Vars •A” 12. FUTURE PLANS: College Real estate broker. Liliana B. Lapa 1328 Highland Avenue. Abington. PA 19001 Italian 9 (Sec.). lO(Treas). 11 (V.P.). 12 (Pres.). Class Counc. Rep 9. 10. 12. Stud. Govt. Rep. 12. Football 12 (Mangr ). Orch. 9. Vars. "A” 12. Softball 12 FUTURE PLANS: Public relations and travel abroad. FAVORITE QUOTE: Don't have a cow " Lynne Ann Larson "Noome" 1859 Cleveland Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Class Counc. Rep. 12. Lacrosse 9. Affil. 11. Fr. Club 11. Key Club 11. 12. Abington. 11. 12. FUTURE PLAN: To go to college, get a good job. get married, have children. FAVORITE QUOTE: What did I tell you?” Jason A. Laub 1162 Ballytore Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Football 9. Wrestling 9. Spectre 12. Amnesty 12. Intramurals 9. Cone. Band 9. FUTURE PLANS: To be rich, famous, and have hundreds of beautiful women at my command. FAVORITE QUOTE: Ask me if I care Ramil B. Laudico 2902 Senak Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Cross-country 12. Track 12. Asian Amer. 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To be a commercial artist. Jeffrey Lauts "Jazey” 937 Tyson Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep 9. 10. 11. Class Counc 9. 10. Tennis 10. 12. FBLA 12 (Pres ). Oracle 12. Sp. Club 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and get my MBA. Own a business and LIVE IT UP! FAVORITE QUOTE: ”1 felt sorry for Adam, he didn't have a choice.” Graduates 195William J. Lavelle 1613 Crestview Avenue Willow Grove, PA 19090 Paul E. Ledebur "Dirt ball" 141 Roslyn Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12. FUTURE PLANS: Have a lot of fun and make a lot of money doing it. Considering college (not seriously). FAVORITE QUOTE: Hey. dude, let s party." Felice LePar 1040 Kingsley Road. Rydal. PA 19046 Class Counc. Rep. 9. 10. 11. 12. Fr. club 10. 11. 12 (Newslet Ed). Honor Soc 9. 10. 11. 12. Key Cl. 10. 11. 12 (V.P.). News Bur. 11. World Aff. 10. 11. 12. Amnesty 11. 12. Abington. 9. 10. 11. 12 (Asst. Ed-in-Chief). Cone. Band 9 FUTURE PLANS: College and medical school. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Education is what you have left over after you have forgotten everything you have learned." Cathy L. Lewis 1336 Osbourne Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Michele Lebeau “Mimi" 737 Suffolk Rd. Rydal. PA 19046 Swimming 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Amnesty 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Load all my stuff into a VW van and take off to wherever I want whenever I want to go there. FAVORITE QUOTE: "The sky is falling, the sky is falling."-Chicken Little James Lee "Jim" 1616 Ridgeway Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Affil. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 12. 11. 12 FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life is art is fun."-John Irving Cone. Band serious but Janine Marie Lepore "Neener" 2323 Heston Street Apt. A-10. Roslyn. PA 19001. Stud. Govt. 9. Class Counc. 10. 11. 12. Basket 11. 12. Softball 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 12. Italian 9 (Sec.). 10 (Treas.). 11 (V.P.), 12 (VP). Vars. "A" 11 (Treas ). 12 (Treas ). FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and study to be a lawyer. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Things always happen for the best." Misha Ellen Lewis 2258 Menlo Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Govt. Rep. 12. Lacrosse 10. Oracle 11. 12. Sp. Club 11. 12. World Aff 11. 12. Amnesty 12. 196 GraduatesHannah Joy Lim 1599 Williams Road Abington. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. 10. 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 11. 12. Asian Amer 11. 12. Health Careers 11 (Sec.). Cone. Band 9. 10. 11. March. Band 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, get a degree in engineering. FAVORITE QUOTE: Oh. crumb!" Peter James Lineman 110 Edgley Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Class Counc. 10. 12. World Aft 12. FUTURE PLANS: Finish college and hopefully have a successful job and marriage. FAVORITE QUOTE: "I get by with a little help from my friends. I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends." Jaime Lee Lipton 1268 Fleetwood Road Rydal. PA 19046 Affil. 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 9. 12. News Bur. 11. Oracle 9. 10. Sp. Club 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: I will attend college and major in engineering (probably biomedical engineering). I hope to become fluent in Spanish. Someday rule my world. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you are all wrapped up in yourself, you are overdressed." Amy T. Livezey "Famous Amos" 2731 Oakdale Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Govt. 9. 10. 11 (Sec.). 12 (V.P.). Class Counc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Swimming 9. 10. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. Vars. "A" 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Architecture. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Do you remember in (1988) seeing all the skinheads standing a line, foaming out the mouth, waiting for a flight, high boots, cropped hair, what a sight!-oi!!" Lindsay D. LeVonne 1544 Edgewood Avenue. Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Counc. 12. Lacrosse 9. Cheerleaders 9. Honor Soc. 12. Cone. Band 9. March. Band. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: I plan to attend Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science and major in fashion design. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life is full of disappointments. The key to happiness is to find strength from the last one so you can handle the next one." Brandon Link 553 Baeder Road Jenkintown. PA 19046 Football. Track. Dorothy S. Lin "Dottie" 1322 Osbourne Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Fr. Club 11. 12. Honor Soc. 12. Oracle 12. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To become a concert violinist, writer, or lawyer. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Here was a new generation grown up to find all gods dead, all wars fought, all faith in man shaken ..." -F. Scott Fitzgerald. This Side of Paradise. David William Lombard "Lum" 7956 Church Road Rockledge, PA 19111 Baseball 9. 10. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Bowling 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and become an air traffic controller. Graduates 197Chad Tyler London 1332 Susquehanna Road Rydal. PA 19046 FUTURE PLANS: To make my first million by 22. FAVORITE QUOTE: Big bulls leave large meadow muffins.” Timothy John Lonesky "T.J.. Tim J.” 1337 Rothley Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: To become the head honcho of the Polish mafia! FAVORITE QUOTE: • Would I lie to you?” -Ms. McHugh Tammy Marie Longstreth 46 Blake Avenue Rockledge. PA 19111 Lacrosse 9. Italian 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: Business, court stenographer. Marriage. FAVORITE QUOTE: ”1 don’t know.” Donald E. Lott 2235 Oakdale Avenue Glenside, PA 19038 Soccer 9. 10. 11. Track 9. Italian 9. 10. 11. 12. Aviation aero. 10. 11. FUTURE PLANS: Penn State. Aeronautics. Courtney Love 1558 Reservoir Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Monica Lowery "Black Madonna" 1612 Park Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Basketball 9. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Continue nursing and music (singing). FAVORITE QUOTE: Yeah right!" R. Steven Lowry 1883 Lukens Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Track 9. 10. Aviation aero. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Become an electrical contractor and own Lowry Electric. i------------------------------------- Martin Anthony Lucas "Marty” 2618 Phipps Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Counc. 11. FUTURE PLANS: Get a good job and make a lot of money and have a nice apt. and a nice car. Have kids. Money$$$$Money. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Get out of town. My '98 Olds is bullet proof. Eat my dust Haven't I seen you m the Vogue books?” 198 GraduatesErich G. Lukas 712 Upsal Road Rydal, PA 19046 Track 10. Wrestling 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 10. 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. March. Band 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and become successful in business. Susan Irene Magenta 'Susie'' 2509 Brookdale Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: Become a nurse. FAVORITE QUOTE: Make love not war.'' Carolyn Malloy 222 Roberts Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. 11. Class Coun. 9. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Field hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 11. Oracle 11. Vars. "A" 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and major in public relations! FAVORITE QUOTE: “All right, knew you'd come around.” -Farmer Ted. Christopher Thomas Malloy •'Flash” 236 Roslyn Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Swimming 10. 11. 12. Jazz Band 10. Aviation Aero. 10. 11. Cone. Band 9. March. Band 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Millionaire. FAVORITE QUOTE: "There can only be one.” -Christopher Lambert. Highlander Bonnie Lynn Mandel "Bon (Bone)” 1879 Nicholas Drive Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Stud. Govt. 9 (Treas.). 10. Class Counc. 12 (Pres ). 11 (Treas ). Soccer 11. 12. Oracle 11. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Involved with public relations in either T.V.. radio, or a large corporation. First. I’ll graduate from college. FAVORITE QUOTE: No problem, the car just stalled. I love eggs Let the schmeck-ens clean it up. The J' word.” Tina Manzo 2223 Florey Lane Roslyn. PA 19001 Gregory Joseph Markham 2147 Menlo Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: Further my education, get married and live in suburbs, have children and the dog I always wanted named Spot. FAVORITE QUOTE: "The Philadelphia police department can successfully invade the island of Cuba.” -Frank Rizzo. Graduates 199Shari Lynn Markowich "Shar" 137 Meadowbrook Drive Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Counc. 11. 12. Oracle 12. FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and to win nationals in roller skating.' FAVORITE QUOTE: "Skaters figure more things out." Charles W. Maslin "Chas." 222 Roslyn Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. FAVORITE QUOTE: Are you a HELL- RAISER?” Warren William Mason, Jr. 250 North Hill Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 Michael Leonard McCall 1236 Wheatsheaf Lane Abmgton. PA 19001 Patricia McCormick "Trash" 885 M Easton Road. Apt. 108 Glenside. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: Social work FAVORITE QUOTE: Walking down this rocky road, wondering where my life is leading " -Bad Co. Michael B. McCown 1664 Summit Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 200 GraduatesPatrick J. McFadden ••Killroy" 405 Church Road Abington, PA 19111 Wrestling 12. FUTURE PLANS: Haven’t any Going to attend college FAVORITE QUOTE: Death is certain, life is not.” Marnie Elizabeth McGrath 1531 Amity Road Rydal. PA 19046 Class Counc. Rep. 9. 10. 12, Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. Vars. "A” 12. FUTURE PLANS: College FAVORITE QUOTE: Life I love you—All is groovy!" -Simon Garfunkel. Patrick McLaughlin 1511 Grove Avenue Jenkintown. PA 19046 Bowling 12. Choir 9. 10. Latin 9. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college for electronics. Get a good stable job. Settle down and get married. David E. McManus ■Dave" 307 Fisher Road. Jenkintown. PA 19046 Stud. Govt Rep 12. Class Counc 11. Swimming 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 11, 12. Fr. Club 10. 11. Honor Soc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Vars. A" 10. 11. 12. World Aff. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college FAVORITE QUOTE: You can blow out a candle but you can t blow out a fire. Once the flame begins to catch, the wind will blow it higher." -Peter Gabriel. Christine L. McNamara "Chrisy” 1222 Thomson Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Field hockey 9. 10. 11.12. Softball 9. 10. 11. 12. Vars. "A" 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College FAVORITE QUOTE: A little bit's better than nothing.” Alison Kimberly Meckling •Ah" 1830 Jody Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Stud. Govt. Rep 11. 12. Class Counc. 9 (Treas.). Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Field hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 9. 10. 11. 12 (Sec ). Amnesty 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College FAVORITE QUOTES: ‘Everywhere there’s lots of piggies living piggy lives. " -The Beatles (Piggies). Richard Theodoore Meinke 218 Tyson Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Intramurals 9 FUTURE PLANS: Business management Graduates 201Heather Ann Miller “Brook” 1972 Adams Avenue. Abmgton. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. 10. 11. Class Counc. Rep. 9. 10. 11. 12. Swim 9. Field hockey 9. Affil. 10. 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. Debate 9. Key 10. Oracle 10. 11. Madrigals 10, 11. 12. Intram. 9. 10. Abington. 9. Cone. Band 9. Drama 9. SADD 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To graduate college and be happy. FAVORITE QUOTE: H. H.' Go w.th the flow but |ust say no! Thanks, bye Hunnie! Kevin M. Mills 2728 Mt. Vernon Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12. Italian Cl. 12. Sp. Cl. 12. Vars. ‘“A” 12. Intramurals 12. FAVORITE QUOTE: ““You'll do nothing and like it.” Marilyn S. Minda “M M. Big Red” 325 Keswick Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Govt. 9. 10 (Sec ). 11. 12(Treas ). Class Counc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 11. 12 Fr. Club 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Italian 9. 11. 12. Oracle 10. 11. 12. FAVORITE QUOTE: I don’t know where I’m going, but I sure know where I've been.” -David Coverdale. Scott Keith Montgomery 2751 Galloway Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Baseball. 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: I plan to get into the auto body trade and someday hope to be a custon painter. As for my hobby. I hope to own my own professional drag car. and have winning races. Jennifer Lauren Miller 1239 Fleetwood Road. Rydal. PA 19046 Class Counc Rep. 12. Lacrosse 9. Fr Club 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 11. 12. Latin 10. 11. Oracle 10. 11 (Ed.). 12 (Ed.-in-Chief). Abington. 12. SADD 11 (cofounder). 12 (co-Pres ). FUTURE PLANS: Go to college to major in communications. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Never be diverted from the truth by what you would like to believe.” Jennifer Marie Mina “Nnej. Chipmunk” 1908 Fleming Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Counc. 9. FUTURE PLANS: Go to Penn State major in Agriculture. After college—get a job in environmental work, get married, have millions of kids. FAVORITE QUOTE: “It's just another Manic Monday” -The Bangles Scott A. Monheit 808 Cedar Glen Road Elkins Park. PA 19117 FUTURE PLANS: Work in a furniture store as a salesperson Sung Joo Moon 931 Wesley Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Football 9. 10. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 11, 12. Honor Soc 9. 10. 11. 12 (Pres ). Sp. Club 10. 11. 12. World Aff 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Future employer of Jack Parsha. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Knowing is half the battle ” -G.l Joe ?Q? GraduatesAngelique Eskille Moore "Liquey" 1557 Coolidge Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9, 10. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. BSU 11. Lib. Aides 9 FUTURE PLANS: Air Force. FAVORITE QUOTE: 'Why put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the following day!" Holly Diane Morris 1523 Lindbergh Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. Class Counc. Rep. 9. FUTURE PLANS: To go to a culinary school and eventually own my own catering business and bakery. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Ain't that special." Jennifer R. Morris "Spaz" 15 N. Penn Avenue Rockledge, PA 19111 FUTURE PLANS: Work for a while and maybe go to school later. FAVORITE QUOTE: "I don't know. I don't care, and it doesn't make any difference to me." Nicole Lee Morrison "Nicki" 1375 Lindbergh Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Cross-country 9. 10. 11. 12. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, run track for four years. Become an architect. FAVORITE QUOTE: "It s not over till it’s over." Brett A. Moser 405 Hamel Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: To get a good job and have a great life. Eventually get married. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Rock-n-Roll forever." Leonard Mundy "Len" 702 N Easton Road. Glenside. PA 19038. Cross-country 9. 10. 11. Track 11. Tennis 9. Affil. 11. Chess 10. Honor Soc. 12. Oracle 11. 12 (Ed.). Vars "A" 10. 11. World Aff. 11. 12. Abington. 11 (Ed.). 12. FUTURE PLANS: I plan to attend college and major in business. FAVORITE QUOTE: "The poorest man of all. is the man without a dream." Emilie Lynne Neff 1404 Wheatsheaf Lane’ Abington. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. 10. 11. Class Counc. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Field hockey 9. 10. 11. 12(Capt.). Honor Soc. 9. 11. 12. Vars. "A" 11. 12. Cone. Band 9. 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: College, graduate school, work, and have a family. FAVORITE QUOTE: And it’s true we are immune when fact is fiction and T.V. is reality.’’ -U2. "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Michelle R. Newman "Mimi" 1564 Fitzwatertown Road Willow Grove. PA 19090 Basketball 9. 11. 12. BSU 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go away to some college. And to slam dunk a basketball. FAVORITE QUOTE: Shut up!" Graduates 203t Anh H. Nguyen 2147 Ridgeview Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Soccer 9, 10, Cross country 9, 10. 11, 12. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Wrestling 9. Affil. 10 10. 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Vars. -A” 12. World Aff. 12. Asian Amer. 9. 10. 11. 12. Amnesty 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college after High School (Penn State or Temple). Major in electrical engineering technology. Julie Nicol 213 Margaretta Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. 10. 12 Class Counc. 10. Softball 9. 10. Oracle 12. World Aff. 11. FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and party. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If life is a bowl of cherries why an I always stuck with the pits?" Michael P. Nosal 632 Edgley Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Connie Marie Notaro 734 Abington Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Italian 9. 10 (Sec ). 11 (Pres.). 12(V.P ). Latin 11. Orchestra 9. FUTURE PLANS: Plan to go to Penn State for psychology. Judith Anne O’Connor "Judi" 2914 Elliott Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Basketball 10. 11. 12. Softball 9. 10. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college for sports medicine. Get a job as an athletic trainer. Get married and have kids FAVORITE QUOTE: Calm down That’s gross. Stop it." Eric Sumio Okabayashi “Okie" 2927 Thunderhead Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College and getting on with life. FAVORITE QUOTE: Actions always speak louder than words.” Delcita V. Odums "Dellie" 3028 Windsor Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 FUTURE PLANS: I plan to further my education and attend the College of Performing Arts. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Ain’t nothing but a party!! Jodie S. Okamoto 235 Roberts Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Class Counc. 11. 12. Lacross 9. 10. 11. 12. Field hockey 9. 10. 11. 12 (Capt ). Affil. 11. Honor Soc. 12.. Vars. “A“ 11. 12. Drama 9 FUTURE PLANS: College—science major. FAVORITE QUOTE: Too much is never enough.” 204 GraduatesAlex J. Olimpo Olimpo 357 Central Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and major in the field of computer science. Keith Paul Oser "Oogie" 1777 Melmar Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 FBLA 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, take up business classes and hopefully, own my own business. Kristine Ozols ■‘Pebbles'' 2119 Parkview Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Field hockey 12. Cheerleaders 9. 10. Oracle 12. FUTURE PLANS: Paralegal studies, dance. FAVORITE QUOTE: It's Pulsations night." Justina Park 1412 Autumn Road Rydal, PA 19046 Affil. 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. Italian 11. 12. Asian Amer. 11. 12. World Aff. 11. FUTURE PLANS: I would like to major in business in college and to work in hotel management or a travel agency someday. John J. Orzechowski 2968 Madison Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Vars. "A" 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Be rich and have a great time being rich. FAVORITE QUOTE: Yo! What's up to- night? Where are the parties at." Michael Dale Overholt 2905 Jenkintown Road Ardsley. PA 19038 World Aff. 12. Amnesty 12. Abington. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Get accepted to and attend college, decide on a major (history. political science), graduate, and find a job. FAVORITE QUOTE: Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you. you answer quite slowly, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes." Lisa A. Paris 1135 Clemens Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: To own my own beauty shop and become very rich. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Oh my God!!!" Christopher J. Parker 2433 Patane Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Baseball 9. Avia-tion aero. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Oregon State University. FAVORITE QUOTE: Ask not what your country can do for you. but what you can do for your country " Grxfuitn 205William H. Pearce 1520 Coulon Road Willow Grove. PA 19090 Track 10. Jazz Band 11. Cone. Band 9. 10. 11. 12. March. Band 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Sound engineer. Jon Pavic 2571 Rosewood Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Charles A. Peters, Jr. ■•Chuck" 2114 Benezet Road Abington. PA 19001 Golf 9. 10.11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin 11. Sp. Club 11. 12. Vars. "A" 11. 12. Intramurals 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and major in finance. 206 6r kutes Kelly Peoples 2445 Lamott Avenue Willow Grove, PA 19090 David Christopher Parsha "Parsh" 2056 Maplewood Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Basketball 9. Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12. Football 11. 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12 (Capt.), Honor Soc. 12. Intramurals 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and major in business. FAVORITE QUOTE: ‘ Don’t drink and drive. The cream always rises to the top.” Elisabetta Perini 2048 Moreland Road Abington. PA 19001 Swimming 12. Affil. 12, Italian 12. Stefani Jill Pashman 86 McFadden Drive Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class council Rep. 10. 11, 12. ARTW 12. Fr. Club 10. 11 (Sec.). 12 (Pres.). Honor Soc. 9 (V.P.). 10. 11. 12. Latin 10. 11. Oracle 10. 11 (Ed.). 12 (Ed.). Abington. 9 (Ed ). CSP 12. SADD 11.12 (Co-founder, co-pres.). School musical 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Take your time, think a lot. think of everything you’ve got. for you'll still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not. "-Cat Stevens. Kimberly Parker 1576 Grovama Avenue Abington. PA 19001Leigh Michelle Petruzelli 1727 Tucker Avenue Abington. PA 19001 FUTURE PLANS: I am a dental assistant and I would like to go to school to be a dental hygienist. FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you love something set it free. If it comes back, it is yours, if it doesn’t, it never was.” Karen Belinda Phillips “Katie” 1719 High Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and mjor in psychology, hopefully, go on to graduate school for a masters degree. FAVORITE QUOTE: I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." -Phil. 4:13. t Stuart E. Plante "Buddy" 1979 Maplewood Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. 9. 10. Soccer 9. 10. Wrestling 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 9. Winter guard 9. 10. Debate 9. 10. Italian 9. Sp. Club 9. 10. 11. 12. Vars. ’A” 10. 11. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college for trashmen. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Yab-a-dab-a-do." Matthew G. Plum "Matt” 1150 Jericho Road Abington. PA 19001 Aviation aero. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To become a plumbing contractor and own my own business. Jeremy B. Pinsly "Pinhead. Pins" 625 Oak Shade Avenue Elkins Park. PA 19117 Football 12, Lacrosse 10. 12. Wrestling 9. Honor Soc. 11. 12. Sp. Club 12. FUTURE PLANS: Medical doctor, make a lot of money. David S. Plon 1823 Lippmcott Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Choir 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To become a salesman. FAVORITE QUOTE: Make the most of your life because you only go around once.” Nicole Prescott 841 Jenkintown Road Elkins Park. PA 19117 Graduates 207Donald Wesley Price "Don Dokken. Demon Don" 1310 Rothely Avenue Roslyn.. PA 19001 Basketball. Intramurals 9. FUTURE PLANS: Be an automobile technician. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Run it. Want a cola or somethin’." Pasquale Propato "Pat- 703 Cricket Avenue Ardsley. PA 19038 Italian 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Soc 12. World Aff. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college. Become a landscape designer. Start a firm. FAVORITE QUOTE: "It’s just a small fart in the giant wind of time.” Rachel A. Pugliese 2924 Limekiln Pike North Hills. PA 19038 Trade Lynn Reed "Bean- 1408 Hallman Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep. 10.11.12. Class Counc. 11. Italian 12. Oracle 12. Sp. Club 9. FUTURE PLANS: Physical therapy at Penn State FAVORITE QUOTE: "What seems to be the end is really just the beginning.” Jennifer Leigh Ramil "Beaner" 1401 Edgewood Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. 10. 12. Class Counc. Rep. 11. Oracle 12. School Store 10, Sp. Club. 11. FUTURE PLANS: Attend Bloomsburg University and become an elementary teacher and eventually have my own business in interior design. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Oh my god. you guys. I can't believe this! I lost my purse again!. Now. what am I gonna do?” Jessamyn Sylvie Reich "Jessie- 942 Wellington Road Elkins Park. PA 19117 Stud. Govt. 9. Swimming 9. 10. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Fr. Club 12. Honor Soc 9. 10. 11. 12. Cone. Band 9. 11. March Band 10. 11. FUTURE PLANS: I plan to have as good a time as possible at college, and then marry someone much wealthier than I am. FAVORITE QUOTE: "In the end it all works out." Nicole Y. Reid 3082 Limekiln Pike North Hills. PA 19038 Leehe Fay Reifen 950 Henrietta Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Soccer 9. 10. 12. 11th Grade - Abroad FUTURE PLANS: I'd like to go on to further education and then settle in Israel, preferably on a kibbutz. FAVORITE QUOTE: "I think, therefore I am." 208Dana Michelle Reiver 1851 Guernsey Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Stud. Gov't Rep 11. Class Counc. Rep. 11.12. Honor Soc. 9. 12. Sp. Club 10. 11 (Treas.). 12. World Aff. 12. Amnesty 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, medical school, and become a doctor Diane Marie Reynolds •or 620 Los Angeles Avenue Phila.. PA 19111 Key Club 12. FUTURE PLANS: To go to college, become an elementary school teacher, get married and live happily ever after! FAVORITE QUOTE: "Love is the answer, no matter what the question." Keith William Reynolds 1759 Paper Mill Road Meadowbrook, PA 19046 Stud. Govt. Rep. 10. Soccer 10. 11. Swimming 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9, 10. 11. 12. Sp. Club 11. 12. Vars. "A" 12. Intramurals 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college, graduate. move to a place with warm beaches FAVORITE QUOTE: "Would they drop the bomb on us while we made love on the beach, we were the class they couldn't teach, 'cause we knew better." -Sting. The Police. Jill Leslie Ripley 346 Monroe Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Govt. V.P. 10. Field hockey 9. 10. 11. FUTURE PLANS: College, and becoming an elementary school teacher FAVORITE QUOTE: "Oh yeah, life goes on." Dennis J. Riveron 147 Blake Avenue Phila.. PA 19111 Michael A. Rice 2641 Phipps Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Gregory James Ritter 647 Pine Tree Road Jenkintown. PA 19046 Stud. Govt. Rep 11. Class Counc Rep 10. Lacrosse 10. Wrestling 9. 10. 12. Italian 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: M B A.. C E O.. BMW FAVORITE QUOTE: "We don't do fishies." Jennifer Leigh Rivkin 2937 Grisdale Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud. Govt. Rep. 9. 10. Class Counc Rep 10. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Field hockey 9. Fr. Club 10. 12. Honor Soc. 9. 10. 11. 12. Key Club 12. Oracle 9. 10. 12 FUTURE PLANS: College. Work. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life's truest happiness is found in the friendships we make along the way " Graduates 209David P. Roatch "Tach" 2018 Susquehanna Road Abington. PA 19001 Stud Gov t 9. 10. Class Council 11. Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12. Football 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12. Intramurals 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and be rich. FAVORITE QUOTE: ”Mmike”. ‘Cheese and crackers.” Lisa Michelle Rodin 1830 Kimball Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Council 11. 12. Spanish 10. 12. Swimmers’ Aides 12. School Musical 10. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college, become a successful psychologist, marry, and be happy. Kristi Anne Roma “Spaz” 2129 Woodlawn Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and major in business. FAVORITE QUOTE: Isn’t that special?” Brian Davis Rose "Zack” 343 Northwood Avenue Elkins Park. PA 19117 Class Council 10. Wrestling 9. 10. 11. Chess 10. 11. Honor Society 9. 11. CSP 12. FUTURE PLANS: To win the heart of someone special whom I have loved since 9th grade. Also, become a millionaire and retire by age 38 FAVORITE QUOTE: Eat. drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die.” Marshall Stewart Roberts ’The Renegade” 1612 Arnold Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Stud Gov't 12. Basketball 9. 10. 11. Baseball 9. 10. 12. Football 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A” 10. 11. 12. BSU 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To play football in college while majoring in criminal justice. FAVORITE QUOTE: ’Marshall Roberts, touchdown Abington Ghosts." Mr. I B Friedman Allison A. Roesser 616 Pinetree Road Jenkintown. PA 19046 FUTURE PLANS: To attend the Univ. of Pittsburgh for communications. FAVORITE QUOTE: Steer!” Jennifer Lynn Romano ’Mute” 230 Cricket Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 Italian 12. FUTURE PLANS: To hopefully attend Lock Haven Univ. to pursue a career in physical therapy. FAVORITE QUOTE: "What, are you talking to me?" Hope Barbara Rosenthal "Hopey” 911 Crosswicks Road Rydal. PA 19046 Class Council 10. 11. 12. Soccer 9. 11. Cheerleaders 9 FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and become a scientist-possibly Millersville. FAVORITE QUOTE: Fascinate, deviate, reinstate, liberate, too moderate, recreate. or detonate, annihilate, atomic fate ” -INXS 210 GraduatesMark Kenneth Rottenberg ”Gus 2" 1631 Fawn Lane Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Stud Gov t 9. 11. French 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. Orch. 9. 10. 11. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college as a biology major. Then, continue on in school to become a radiologist FAVORITE QUOTE: -Belief in nothing is a belief in something.” Karin Lynn Rowe 404 Linden Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Spanish 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college, get a job. grow old FAVORITE QUOTE: I hate it when that happens.” Dana Marie Rowen 1485 Rockwell Road Abmgton. PA 19001 Class Council 10. 11. 12. Affiliation 12. F8LA 12. Spanish 11. 12. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Amnesty 11. Lib. Aides 9. FUTURE PLANS: To be happy! College for rest. hotel mngt . get married, and have children FAVORITE QUOTE: Don't get upset, that’s what they want." Dawn M. Sampson 738 Penn Avenue Ardsley. PA 19038 Italian 9 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college for business management. FAVORITE QUOTE: "I have no friends ” Pamela Jean Saunders ’’Pammy" 1815 Jody Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Key Club 12. Drama 9 FUTURE PLANS: To attend a 4-year college and get a B.S. in electrical engineering. FAVORITE QUOTE: Why take life seri ously? You’ll never get out alive.” Caroline Rochelle Rudoy 1160 Oliver Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Council 9. 10. 11. French 10. 11. 12 (treas). News Bureau 11. Oracle 10. 11. 12 (ed.). Abingtonian 9. 10. 11 (ed). 12 (ed.). FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and pursue a career in psychology. FAVORITE QUOTE: ’’Time it was and what a time it was! It was a time of innocence. a time of confidences. Long ago it must be I have a photograph Preserve your memories. They're all that's left you '- Simon and Garfunkel Eric Sanders 1318 Grovcema Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Jeffrey T. Saurman -Jeff” 532 Edgley Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Intramurals 9. 10. 11. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Ice Hockey 11 FUTURE PLANS: To attend East Stroudsburg Univ. and study marine biology. FAVORITE QUOTE: Oh fudge!” Graduates 21.David S. Sax -DBM- 436 Kenwood Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Cross-Country 10. 11. 12. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 10. French 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Abingtonian 9. Concert Band 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college as a biochemistry major. Eventually have a career in genetic engineering. FAVORITE QUOTE: You pack your own parachute.'1 Laura L. Schiffman 1837 Meritt Road Abington. PA 19001 Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 10. Madrigals 10. 12. Health Careers 10 (treas.). 11 (co-pres ). 12 (pres.). FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and become either a lawyer or a psychologist Also, marry and have a big family FAVORITE QUOTE: "Each step you take is a step toward your destiny." Joanna Schiller 1059 Old Ford Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Stud. Gov’t 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 10. 12. Spanish 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college FAVORITE QUOTE: "When I think back on all the c - - - I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all."-Paul Simon Kirk Edward Schiller 1478 Jericho Road Abington. PA 19001 Wrestling 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To go to trade school and become a successful electrician. Marne B. Schlank 1854 Lippmcott Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa 19006 Scott L. Schlisman 956 Rydal Road Rydal, PA 19046 FAVORITE QUOTE: "OK guys, just one more, but then I have to go." Brian J. Schlorff 2042 Roy Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Oracle 12. Spectre 12. CSP 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11 FUTURE PLANS: To attend art school in California. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you have to rock the boat, make sure you're wearing a life preserver!" -K.M.K. 212 GraduatesDavid Scott "Dave” 437 Edgley Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Latin 9. 10. 12. Spectre 12. FUTURE PLANS: To go to Kenyan Savannah and discover life’s mysteries. Or. go to MONTCO. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Run tandem with the random.” Heiaine M. Segal "Lainie" 1885 Lippincott Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Council 12. Honor Society 12. Key Club 11. Orch. 9. 10. 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 10. 11 (drum mjr.). 12 (drum mjr.). Drama 9. 10. 12. FAVORITE QUOTE: March naked Robert Sers 223 Shady Lane Phila. Pa 19111 Kurt Peter Shenk "Sheepdog'' 2362 Oakdale Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Gov t 9. 10. 11. 12 (treas ). Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. Varsity "A" 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college, play soccer, and graduate with a B S. in business. Jorgianne Seaforth 1665 Arnold Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Genevieve Senger 2150 Glendale Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Keith Richard Shacklady 2353 Jenkintown Road Glenside. PA 19038 Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College, automotive design FAVORITE QUOTE: Life may be short but it's wide." Arlen Robert Shenkman 450 Wingate Road Huntingdon. Valley. Pa 19006 World Affairs 11.12. Amnesty 12. Drama 9 FUTURE PLANS: Corporate management FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again." -Billy Joel Graduates 213 Jennifer Shepherd 655 Edgehill Road Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Gov t 11.12. Class Council 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin 10. 11. 12. Varsity •A" 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and be rich. FAVORITE QUOTE: If you ain't a metal head you might as well be dead.'’ Jill Danielle Shorr “Jilly Bean" 1881 Lippincott Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Council 9. 10. Spanish 11. FUTURE PLANS: A college education. FAVORITE QUOTE: Leaves have fallen all around, time I was on my way. still I’m much obliged, such a pleasant stay." Michael W. Silberman 156 Serrill Road Elkins Park. PA 19117 Stud Gov't 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. Track 9. 10. Affil. 10. 11. 12. FBLA 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12 (Treas ). Oracle 12, Spanish 10. 11. 12. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Amnesty 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and become a successful businessman FAVORITE QUOTE: Nothing succeeds like success ." Craig R. Sinnamon 696 Pembroke Road Jenkmtown. PA 19046 Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Baseball 11.12. Cross-Country 12 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and major in business administration. Possibly. play baseball in college FAVORITE QUOTE: Cheese and crackers men!" Linda Marie Shields 1317 Fitzwatertown Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud Gov't 12. Affil. 12. Winter Guard 10. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To major in pharmaceutical studies FAVORITE QUOTE: "I’m on my way. I'm making it." -Peter Gabriel Francine Michele Siegel ‘‘Frani" 367 Wellington Terrace Jenkintown. PA 19046 Honor Society 9. Amnesty 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To enjoy life and achieve a successful balance between a career and family FAVORITE QUOTE: ‘‘You're only human, you're allowed to make your share of mistakes." -Billy Joel Eric J. Simon 1576 Cloverly Lane Rydal. PA 19046 Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 11.12. Oebate 12. French 10. 11. 12. Oracle 12. Amnesty 12. Abmgtoman 9. 10. 11. 12 FAVORITE QUOTE: "I was authorized to do everything that I did " -Oliver North Kim S. Smigel "Kimmy" 1217 Susquehanna Road Rydal. PA 19046 Lacrosse 11 12 (mgr ). FUTURE PLANS: To attend college, live life to the fullest, and take one day at a time. 214 GraduatesCatrina Smith 1680 Easton Road No. 6 Willow Grove. PA 19090 Ian T. Smith 632 Runnymede Avenue Jenkintown. PA 19046 Swim Team 10 (mgr.). World Affairs 10. Intramurals 9. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To design a teleportation beam, make tons of money, then retire as a dreamologist; while keeping a law practice on the side. FAVORITE QUOTE: Truth can only be changed by perception." Robert Smith 231 Ruscombe Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 Stephen M. Smolda "Smells" 938 Meetinghouse Road Rydal. PA 19046 Stud. Gov t. 12. Golf 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 11. 12. FBLA 12. Spanish 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12. Swimmers' Aid 10. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and go into my father’s business. Edie S. Soboleski 879 Township Line Road Elkins Park. PA 19117 FUTURE PLANS: Go to college! FAVORITE QUOTE: Be for real." Fiorina Sokarda 1323 Birchwood Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Samuel Alexander Sokolove "Sammy Sok" 2158 Susquehanna Street Abington. PA 19001 Orch. 9. 10. Spectre 11. 12. World Affairs 11, 12. Amnesty 11. 12 (pres ). Abmg-tonian 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To rule the world or open a shoe store. FAVORITE QUOTE: After all. I do have a Ph.D. in pschology.' Dora Rita Spatola 1963 Lukens Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Affil. 11. 12. Italian 12. World Affairs 11. 12. Asian Amer. 11. Aviation Aerospace 11. FUTURE PLANS: Travel and become a fashion designer. Graduates 215Joseph Benjamin Staniszewski "Joe" 2513 Radcliffe Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Bowling 10. 11. 12. Affil. 11. 12. Honor Society 12. Orch. 9. 12. Jazz Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Health Careers 11. 12. Cone Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 12. Drama 9. 10. 11. 12. Stage Crew 9. 10. 11. 12. Symph. Band 11. 12. Science Club 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: To go to college, medical school, and become a director of emergency medicine. FAVORITE QUOTE: What is jazz?" Eugene Steinberg Jr. "Stein" 1209 Rydal Road Rydal. PA 19046 Class Council 11. Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 11. French 10. 11. Honor Society 11. 12. Latin 11. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 9. CSP 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and become a respiratory therapist. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you love something. let it go. If it comes back, keep it. If not it was never really yours at all." Nichole Yvonne Stella "Nikki" 1129 Tyson Avenue Abmgton. PA 19001 News Bureau 9. Orch. 9. 10. 11. Jazz Band 9. 10. Amnesty 12. CSP 12. Cone Band 9. 10. 11. Marching Band 9. 10. 11. SADD 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and major in psychology-art therapy. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Imagine there’s no heaven, it's easy if you try. No hell below us. above us only sky Imagine it. would it be so bad?" Michael R. Stern "Slob" 1105 Harriett Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa 19006 Computer bowl 10. 11. 12. Academic De-cath. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college then be dictator of some small country. FAVORITE QUOTE: "There's no point in being grown-up if you can't act childish sometimes." Heidi Stieffenhofer "Heidi Ho" 436 Penn Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Field Hockey 9. Honor Society 12. School Store 9. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To conquer every mall in the world FAVORITE QUOTE: "Isn’t he perfect. I’m in love." "Say what you mean, mean what you say " Robert A. Stoerrle "Bob" 264 Hamel Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 French 11. 12. Computer Bowl 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and become a computer programmer. FAVORITE QUOTE: Life is too short so why waste precious time?" Thomas J. Stoudt III 2012 Maplewood Avenue Abmgton. PA 19001 Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12 (co-capt.). French 10. 11. Honor society 9. 10, 11. 12. Latin 11. Varsity "A" 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To major in business in a Virginia college FAVORITE QUOTE: "Shot! Score!" -Gene Hart 216 GraduatesNicole Strapple 223 Maple Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 Katherine Jean Strittmatter “Kathy” 1519 North Hills Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Stud. Gov't 9. 10. 11. 12 (Sec.). Class Council 9. 10 (treas.), 11 (Pres ), 12. Soccer 10. 11, 12. Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12. Oracle 12. Varsity “A” 11. 12. World Affairs 12. Amnesty 12. Intramurals 9. Cone. Band 9. Drama 10. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend James Madison Univ. and major in elementary education. FAVORITE QUOTE: This is the time to remember ” -Billy Joel Joseph Bernard Summers 1226 Bockius Avenue Abmgton. PA 19001 Marjorie Swift ■Maggie” 2512 Rubicam Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Drama 12 (stage mgr ). FUTURE PLANS: I've wanted to grow up for a long time and now that I'm almost there-1 want to make movies. Whatever I do. it will be within the entertainment industry. FAVORITE QUOTE: Today's dreamers are tomorrow's achievers.” -Anon Nicole L. Tancor "Nikki” 1209 Lenox Road Jenkintown. PA 19046 FUTURE PLANS: To go to LaSalle College. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Oh my God!" David Bounyarith Tanovan 920 Jenkintown Road Elkins Park. PA 19117 Basketball 10. 11. Baseball 9. 10. Cross- Country 10. Gym Team 9. 10. 11. Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Affil. 12. Spanish 11. 12. Varsity “A" 12. FUTURE PLANS: To become a sports medicine doctor. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Do you want to change?" -Blane in Pretty in Pink Shelbee Robin Teller "Shel" 1116 Lindsay Lane Rydal. Pa 19046 Stud. Gov't 11. Class Council 12. Oracle 12. Spanish 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and be successful at whatever I do. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Does anybody have any hairspray?” Stacey Leigh Thayne 1342 St. Charles Place Roslyn. PA 19001 Bowling 9. 10. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To live life to the fullest and best it can be FAVORITE QUOTE: Do it up.” Graduates 217Blair A. Thompson 309 Chelsea Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 BSU 11. Intramurals 11. FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and beome a recording engineer. FAVORITE QUOTE: - Life is to get paid in full.'1 Brian David Timbers "Mr. Shimshars" 774 Edge Hill Road Glenside. PA 19038 Stud. Gov’t 9. 10. 11. 12. Football 9. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 12. FBLA 11. 12, Varsity "A" 12. Intramurals 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college, get married, have 2.3 children, and drive a Volvo wagon. FAVORITE QUOTE: "What’s so funny ’bout peace, love, and understanding?" -Elvis Costello Sean Francis Thompson 1233 Thomson Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Soccer 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college. FAVORITE QUOTE: "It’s all fun and games ’til someone loses an eye.” Regina Tolliver 1621 Arnold Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Jocelyn Tomeo "Joy” 2838 Anzac Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Cheerleaders 9. FUTURE PLANS: Cosmetology, acting. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Joe is not coming in my house!" Douglas Lee Topkis "Fresh” 859 Washington Lane Rydal. PA 19046 Golf 9. 10. 11. 12. Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. FBLA 12. Honor Society 12. Oracle 10. 11. 12. Spanish 10. 11. 12 (v.p.). Varsity "A" 12. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12(capt.). Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college, become rich and happy. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life's been good to me so far." - Joe Walsh Lisa E. Torres "Lee" 236 Edge Hill Road Glenside. PA 19038 Swim Team 12. FUTURE PLANS: Move back to the Northeast and go to school for mixology to become a bartender. FAVORITE QUOTE: that noise." Shani Tow 2452 Avondale Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud. Gov't 11. 12. Swim Team 9. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. FBLA 9. 10. Honor Society 10. 11. 12. Spanish 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12. World Affairs 11. 12. Amnesty 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend a 4-yr. univ. and go into international business, advertising. or journalism communications. 218 GraduatesChristopher John Van Buren "Van Beckenbauer" 1721 Paper Mill Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Basketball 9. Baseball 9. 10. 11. 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Swim Team 10. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12. Intramurals 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College and become a success in whatever I do. FAVORITE QUOTE: Oh. I know I can do this problem. I can do every problem in this book." -Mr. Paul Swedburg. math teacher Graduates 219 Michael Valero 2064 Oakdale Avenue Glanside. PA 19038 Britton Lloyd Van Horn "Just a Friend" 372 Fillmore Street Abington. PA 19001 Phila.. PA 19111 Baseball 10. 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. ARTW 12. Orch. 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college, major in broadcast journalism Then, work in broadcasting or the programming aspect of radio t.v. FAVORITE QUOTE: I drank what!?" - Socrates Michael Tressider 1846 Preston Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Eugene Tsinajinnie 1843 Woodland Road Abington. PA 19001 Brian M. Tynan "Tyrone” 2621 Susquehanna Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Soccer 10, Honor Society 11. 12. Jazz Band 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 11. 12. Drama 9 FUTURE PLANS: College and possibly law school. Then, a career in politics FAVORITE QUOTE: Without struggle there is no progress." -Frederick Douglas Lloyd Matthew Vance 411 Osceola Avenue Elkins Park. PA 19117 Stud. Gov t 9. Class Council 12. Wrestling 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Get married and make lots of money. Kathryn A. Traub "Duckie" 2416 Lafayette Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Council 9, 11. 12. Baseball 10. 11. 12. (mgr ). Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A” 11. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: Graduate, travel abroad, go to college, and live a happy and fruitful life. FAVORITE QUOTE: Heidi Ho!" "Nasty Yuck Big Time!' "What time did the movie start?"Elizabeth D. Vant “Lizzie" 723 Benson East Jenkintown. PA 19046 Honor Society 12. Latin 10 (v.p.). FUTURE PLANS: College! FAVORITE QUOTE: “Rest your head, you worry too much. It's going to be all right, when times get rough you can fall back on us. Don't give up. please don’t give up."-Peter Gabriel Michael Anthony Verdon "A.J." 18 Elm Avenue Rockledge. PA 19111 Lacrosse 9. 10. 11, 12. Oracle 12. Amnesty 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go south for college (F.l.T.) and do research for a large company or the government. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Don't you forget about me." -Simple Minds Pamela Lynn Voelker "Pam" 1301 Thomson Avenue Roslyn. PA 19001 Stud. Gov't 9. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and become a successful chiropractor. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you love something set it free ... If it comes back to you it’s yours ... If it doesn’t it never was yours to begin with." Bruce L. Waetjen 1404 Revelation Road Meadowbrook, PA 19046 Basketball 9. 10. Baseball 9. Football 9. Lib. Aides 9. FUTURE PLANS: Hopefully go into some kind of art. marry, and be successful. FAVORITE QUOTE: I've had an experience. have you?’’-H.E. Levodes I. Veney "Votis" 1650 High Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 FUTURE PLANS: I am going to get a part-time job and become a minister of Jehovah's Witnesses. Vincent F. Vesci 2103 Wharton Road Glenside. PA 19038 Wrestling 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend Kutztown Univ. Daniel Alexander Wachinski "Duke" 1341 Jericho Road Abington. PA 19001 Baseball 11. 12. Golf 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin 11. Varsity "A" 12. Jazz Band 9. 10, Intramurals 10. 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and major in business. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Keep that sense of humor Jack, it’s essential.” -Mr. Mom Jamison R. Wagner "Unicef" 1939 Old Welsh Road Abington. PA 19001 Baseball 9. Football 9. 10. 11. 12(capt ). Wrestling 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt ). Varsity "A" 11. 12. Marching Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and make lots of money. FAVORITE QUOTE: "But it's okay." Dave Roatch 42 220 GraduatesKevin Patrick Walsh "Kev Walsh" 1260 George Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Stud. Gov’t 10. 11. 12 (pres.) Class Council 9. 10. 12. Golf 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish 11. 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend either Purdue Umv. or Villanova and eventually have a career in insurance or real estate. FAVORITE QUOTE: On answering the telephone. "Studs-Are-Us" Brian Warfield 327 Northwood Avenue Abington. PA 19117 Wrestling. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To become a carpenter. FAVORITE QUOTE: ’ You got the advantage " Irene, M. Waugh 1435 Rothley Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Jennifer Robin Weber "Jenn" 1854 Foothill Drive Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Stud. Gov't. 11. Baseball 9 10 (mgr ). Soccer 9 10 (mgr.). Spanish 11 FUTURE PLANS: Attend Florida State. graduate within 4 years and be successful! FAVORITE QUOTE: "Oh my God. can I tell you?" Tom Rolf Weiler 516 Shady Lane Rockledge. PA 19111 Class Council 10. Honor Society 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Major in civil engineering at Drexel or Lehigh Univ. FAVORITE QUOTE: Youth is a blunder; manhood a struggle; old age a regret." Norma Weinle 105 Robbins Avenue Phila.. PA 19111 Julie Lynne Weiss 1508 Huntingdon Road Abington. Pa 19001 Orch 9 FUTURE PLANS: To become a fashion designer. FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you love something. set it free. If it comes back to you. it’s yours. If it doesn’t it never was." Jonny E. Werner "Terminator" 1609 Crestview Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 FUTURE PLANS: Unknown. Graduates 221Cynthia Whalen 614 Easton Road Glenside. PA 19038 James Whitney "Doke" 1396 Warner Road Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Stud. Gov't 9. Class Council 9, 10. 11. 12. Wrestling 9. 10. Intramurals 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: College bound. FAVORITE QUOTE: The waiting is the hardest part " Bartricia Ann Williams "Tricia" or "Trish” 1500 Thomson Road Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Council 9. 10. 12. Affil. 11. 12. Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A” 12. BSU 10. 11. 12. Health Careers 12. FUTURE PLANS: To design computer systems and intelligent robots for NASA's space station and their future Lunar Base FAVORITE QUOTE: 'You want it when?!" Kathleen Elizabeth Williams "Gush-Gush Bunny" 2021 Woodland Road Abington. PA 19001 Flag Twirlers 10. 11. 12 (capt.) Band Front 10. 11. 12 (capt.) Oracle 12. World Affairs 12. Marching band 10. 11. 12 FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." Rodney W. Wheeler "Grod" 1534 St. James Place Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Council 11. 12. Football 9. Latin 11. Concert Band 9. 10 FUTURE PLANS: Party at college FAVORITE QUOTE: "Everything's okay as long as you don't get caught." Reece W. Whitney "Whit" 1835 Willard Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Council 9. 11. Football 9. Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 10. 11. 12. French 9. 10. Honor Society 11. Spanish 12. Varsity "A" 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and become an architect. By 40 I'll retire with a wife. 4 boys, and 3.2 billion and my own corporation. FAVORITE QUOTE: Yo" Bonnie Lyn Williams 216 Edge Hill Road Glenside. PA 19038 Softball 9. 10. 12. Italian 9. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college FAVORITE QUOTE: What? I don't un- derstand. tell me after class." Lee Williams 2602 Elliott Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 222 GraduatesJennifer Lee Wopperer “Jen 1512 Coulon Road Willow Grove. PA 19090 Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 12. Key Club 11. 12, News Bureau 10. 11. 12. Madrigals 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To spend 2 years at Susquehanna Univ. and 2 years at Thomas Jefferson Univ. To get my BSN. RN and masters in nursing. FAVORITE QUOTE: 'Nothing that is worth doing is ever easy.” Jacine H. Wright "Ciney" 2134 Rubicam Avenue Abington. PA 19001 Lacrosse 10. FBLA 12. School Store 12. BSU 10. 11. 12 FUTURE PLANS: To attend college and get a good job. FAVORITE QUOTE: Always remember. "Don't get mad get even." Jason Travis Wustner "Jay” 202 North Hills Avenue Glenside. PA 19038 Class Council 11. 12. Soccer 9. Jazz Band 10. 12. Concert Band 12. Marching Band 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College for communications or engineering. Barbara J. Wilson "Babs" 131 Central Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 Class Council 9. 10, 11. 12. Winter Guard 10. Band Front 10.11.12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Orch. 9. Drama 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: To attend college for mathematics and hopefully enter the service. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Abington's first in achievement, first in academics, first in athletics, but last when the snow falls." Ann J. Wordinger "DIO" 264 Maple Avenue North Hills. PA 19038 Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12. Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Softball 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: To go to college for athletic training and play softball while there FAVORITE QUOTE: "Can I tell you something?" Angela Rose Wurster 935 Tennis Avenue Ardsley. PA 19038 Health Careers 10. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and major in theatre arts. Son Hwa Yi "Sonm" 1916 Fairview Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Affil. 9. 10. 11. 12. French 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Key Club 12. Latin 10. Oracle 10. 11. 12. World Affairs 11. 12. Asian Amer Club 9. 10. 11. 12 (sec.) Lib. Aides 9. 10. FUTURE PLANS: To go to a fine univ . become a CPA. travel around the world, and get my driver's license FAVORITE QUOTE: Patience is a virtue." Graduates 223Jennifer L. Young "Youngster” 2080 Wharton Road Glenside. PA 19038 Soccer 11. Marching Band 10. 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: College FAVORITE QUOTE: What a long strange trip it’s been.'' -Grateful Dead Wendy Heather Zeitz 475 Wingate Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Chess 10. 11. 12. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Madrigals 10. 11. 12. Health Careers 10. 11 (treas.). 12 (v.p.), Science Olympics 11. 12. FUTURE PLANS: Major in aerospace engineering m college Stacey Jordan Zelinger 239 N Easton Road Spectre 12. Amnesty 12. FUTURE PLANS: Forever and ever. FAVORITE QUOTE: I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues, and I'm telling you sirs at the top of my lungs! If you keep up pollution, for our lives I fear There is no sollution our end is near." Christine Noel Zollo 1947 Coolidge Avenue Willow Grove. PA 19090 Class Council 12. FBLA 10. 11. 12. Italian 12 FUTURE PLANS: Court stenography FAVORITE QUOTE: The longer you love, the longer you live. The stronger you feel, the more you can give. ' -Peter Frampton Winifred Fad Winni” 1419 Noble Road Rydal. PA 19046 FUTURE PLANS: I live for today! FAVORITE QUOTE: Life is for my own to live my own way." -Metallica Heather Schick 941 Wesley Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Graduates Not Pictured: Joanne Baron • Jordan Bowser • Joseph Brusha • Jeffrey Coladonato • Peter Davies • Lemuel W. Dicks • Edward J. DiPalantonio • Mimi Eggert Hansen • George Farrell • Theodore Ferguson • Nancy Glickman • Aris Haliday • Alan Juhasz • Ann Keeley • Richard A. Knox • Matthew Krewson • Charles E. Lee • Matthew Leube • Erik Maasik • James Miller • James Money • Troy J. Morgan • Richard Pickersgill • Daniel Podwill • Aaron Reid • Steven Romano • Amy Skolnick • Thomas Steigelmann • Marilyn Stoltz • Erik Wahus • Lisa Yeager 224 Graduates 3W FuAxgi - fte ,9‘ ' ' ' ioo M iW I k(r good Hr Orel 226 GraduatesOn these two pages, you’re looking at the entire sophomore and junior classes of Abington High School nearly sixty years ago. Styles havge obviously changed, along with standards of acceptable attire. But some things never change: sophomores worry about fitting in while juniors dream of being on top in another year. Sophomore A 1929 Sophomore B 1929Allison Abowitz Catherine Ackerman Edward Adornetto Eunshil Ahn Diane Anello Ingrid Arnoldi Bruce Auclair Hannah Bae Charles Baker Karen Baker Keith Baltzer Alison Barrett Everett Beebee James Bell Peter Bell Matthew Bender Peter Berensmann George Betschner Philip Blank Dave Blake Michael Block Jeffrey Bonfield Pamela Bonnet Benadette Booker Nicole Booker Michele Borkowski Aldo Braccia Todd Bryson Francesca Buccafuri Tammy Burns Loyd Bush Kris Butler Timothy Callahan 232 SophomoresToo Much. Too Little. Too Late. Some do it in the library, some do it at lunch, some do a quickie on the bus. But no matter where everyone has to study. As each marking period starts resolutions to study hard, get ahead, and raise that GPA are heard across the school. But within a few weeks everyone is hopelessly behind. “I always mean to keep up with my studies," says one sophomore, “but the night before an exam I realize I have 3 chapters I still have to read.” By the time midterms roll around, it’s even worse. "Try cramming a whole semester's worth of into one weekend; it’s not easy.” If the predicament sounds like yours, well. .. the best advice for you is to just close your eyes, take the exam and hope for the best, because at this point, hope is all you have left. —Lily Le « fa V' v Albert Camardella Eric Cantey Scott Carlson Leon Case Christopher Casper Jennifer Chalmers Bernard Chavis Lily Chun Desiree Churchill Christopher Ciarrocchi Brett Clafee David Clouse Brett Cohen Martin Cohen Paul Coleman Vaughn Coleman Kristen Collins Polly Connor George Conway Mark Conway Patrick Crimmins Matthew Cupps Matthew Czarnecki Lucy D'Amico Clotilde D'Amore Debora D'Amore Tara Davis Jeffrey Day Leah Decato James DeLaughter Julie Dell Rae Devlin Paul Devor Joanne Dicesari Joel Dinkins Bevin Doletski Justin Dominic Nicole Donato Gregory Dries Annemarie Driscoll Thomas Dubeck Eric Dumaran Michael Edmonds Amy Eisman Sophomores 233Lara Eisner Kim Engelbach Julie Engiles Jill Eskin Robin Faison Beth Falbo Jamie Farrer Jessica Faunce Helena Felders Shannon Fisher Angela Flanagan Lisa Flemon Michael Flynn Luke Forrest Bernhard Frank Leslie Frankel Edward Franklin Mark I. Freeman Stephanie French Mary E. Gannon David Garbrick Donna Garland Holly Garrison Steven B. Gaskins Renee L. Gebb Kristin Gebhardt Joanna Geiser John J. Genovese Adam T. Gerber Stephen Getty Jill Gillespie Kristine Gipprich Daniel R. Glover Jonathan Godfrey Anthony J. Goldstein Brian Gordon Ross Gordon Stephanie Gould William F. Graefe Laura Graham Jacqueline Grant Charles Grasty Jr. 234 SophomoresAvi Gratz John W. Graves Jr. Yolanda Gray Frank C. Green Thomas Griffin Jennifer Grill Orvil Grunmeier Kate Groshens Christopher Gudknecht Jennifer Gumble Jennifer Haegele Steven Halber Michal Hampel Christian A. Hanley Brandon Hannon Kimberly R. Hardmon Brett A. Harman Carol I. Harris Jordan S. Harris Richard Harris Lola Harrison Jessica Hartin Diane L. Hartman David Hartsock Jonas Hauptman Denise Henry Christina L. Hensman Michelle Hiett Stephen Higgins Matthew T. Hill Sabrina L. Hindsman Andrew Hirak III Atasha Hogan Marc F. Hollin Michael Hollinsworth Toshiko Hollaway Michael Holt Geoffrey D. Horner Jason Hughes Karen J. Hunter Steven R. Hyams Tina Im Sophomores 235Peter Intemann Brian Isserman Charisse M. Jack David Jackson Evelyn Jackson Nicole Jaggers Michael Jarrett-Kane Keith Jeanquart Dominick Jefferson Jennifer Jessop Ellen Johnson Eric Johnson Michelle Johnson Ronald Johnson Lori B. Johnston Dale Jonas Anita M. Jones Lee Jordan Eric Bradley Joseph Jonathan M. Josephs Seth B. Kanner Vira L. Katolik Jill S. Katz Brian W. Kauffman Marta Keeley Jennifer Keller Michelle L. Keller Michele Kennedy Francis Kibler Matthew B. Killeen Paul Yong Tae Kim Mark A. Klenk Angela Knight Christopher Kohles Heath Kornfield Jeffrey D. Kot 236 Sop horn Of psRelief Day in and day out Sophomores are besieged with constant pressures. Any sort of relief, then, is most dearly treasured. Playing cards, for example relieves quite a few tensions. It not only takes your mind off that big history exam next period, but it can also make you a little extra “lunch money.” Another possibility is just kicking back, as Deb- bie does, and dreaming of sunning yourself in faraway places. The best tension breaker is to just sit under a big tree and talk with your friends. It’s relaxing and it's soothing. Just make sure you aren't near any nests; you never know what could drop by. Semyon Kruglyak Jaime-Ann Krupnick Justin L. Kukura Shawn Kwon Maria A. Lapa Scott Lauch Mary E. Laurelli Lawrence Lauriello Richard Lawrence Leonard Leadford Kevin J. Ledwith Shawn Lenard Charles W. Lentz. Eve M. Leonard Joseph Leporace Julie R. Levin Wendy L. Levine Marnie Levy Rita Lewis Carl Lin Yvette Link Geoffrey Livingston Gwynn A. Lloyd Raffaela Lombardi Shirley Lowery Stephanie B. Luce Karen Lukas George Lynch Greg MacNichol Sheila Mahon Rocco A. Major David Mak Theresa Mallozzi James Mandler' Crystal Manor Michael Marone Jennifer Mascione Keith Maslin Pamela Mason Ryan Mazur SopNxrxxei 237Rodney McCarthy Melanie McCaul Thomas McCreary Paul McGrath Erin McNamara Vivien Mesina Patrick Metz Elizabeth Meyer Joseph Miletto Brian Miller Donna Miller Tamar Miller Malcolm Mills Sherman Mitchell Sabrina Monterosso Jeanne Morrell Jason Motz John Murphy Carol Nash Robert Neff Minh Nguyen Stefanie Nitzky Kimberly Norman Peter Notaro Christine Nowak Michael O'Brien Amy O'Donnell Christine Oh Timothy O'Leary Elizabeth Orleans Detasla Orlina Mandrell Orlina James Pakman Kwame Patterson John Peterman Karen Pfefferle Carol Phillips Edward Phillips George Phillips Carli Pinto Dawn Ploszay John Pohl Z tttauiiTrina Potere James Potts Mariella Pulicari Derek Purnell Deborah Quackenbush John Raisch Richard Rambo Albert Randa Sean Randolph Michael Rash Berndaette Raysor Scott Reed Georgeen Reimenschneider Richard Reynolds Robert Reynolds Donna Rheem Katherine Rhoda Richard Rice Robert Rice Eric Richards Guy Rickard Deborah Ricker Douglas Risen Michael Robb Ira Robinson Malachi Robinson David Rondinelli Peter Rooney R. Wesley Rose Susan Rose Melissa Rosete-Dolinsky Alphonso Ross Michael Roth Jeffrey Rudesyle Allison Rudoy Kathleen Russo Dawn Sagnis Philip Salazar Chad Sanders Daniel Sandler Tony Santiago Christina Santone Sophomores 239Tara Saunders Abbie Savadove Geoffrey Schaller Susan Scherrer Andrew Schlisman Lauren Schmollinger Christin Scholfield Stephen Scholz Heidi Schrader Christopher Schramm Garth Schuler Jason Schwartz Allen Scott Jennifer Shakesby Tara Sheridan Gregg Shienbaum Dana Shihadeh Robert Shockey Marian Short John Shuman Douglas Simon Aaron Sims Kim Sizer Matthew Slifkin Line Slipakoff Katherine Sljuka Quan Smallwood Jordan Sopinsky Timothy Sorber Jennifer Sozio Deana Spasari Jessica Spiewak Christina Stahl 240 SopohonwresTravestys Of P.E. One of the greatest disappointments faced by sophomores that first week of school is the realization that they will no longer be required to wear those oh-so-chic gym suits. Instead, they are forced to parade around in such degrading attire as Le Coq Sportif. Oh Horrors! The guys, though, are compensated for this demotion. They at least get to go around in those incredibly sexy looking swim trunks provided by the school. Oh, and the muscles they get to show off from doing such strenuous activities as bowling . . . sigh! It's enough to drive a girl mad. However, not every guy chooses bowling; there are fellows who select weight training for some odd reason. To these guys I ask "why," when they can have the body of a bowler. Christopher Stasen Joshua Stein Gerald Stenn Joseph Stenn Jamie Stewart Michael Stock Karyn Stocks Kevin Stoudt Tracey Strother Megan Sullivan Marc Supsic Patricia Sweeney Roberto Tancor Daniel Taylor Tina Thomann Gabrielle Torresani Michael Towner Kobey Treadwell Anka Trofin Julie Tucker William Tunney Peter Tuz Monica Vahedi Michael Valentine Wayne Valovich Jennifer Varallo Michele Varelli Aissa Vaughn Dennine Vaughn John Veney Lee Vighetti Michael Vighetti William Volp Austin Wackerman Jonathan Wagner Steven Ward Kishba Washington Stephanie Washington Tracey Watts Robert Weggel Cristi Weiner Sally Weisbrot Heather Welsh Jason Wengel Sophomores 241Michelle Whisman Heather White Joy White William White Stacy Whitney Timothy Wik Carmen Williams David Williams Troy Williams Tracy Williamson Danielle Wilson Melanie Winter Keina Winters Randy Wittenberg Martha Wopperer Jennifer Wuchter Lisa Wurster Thomas Wysocki Seth Yablonovitz Gary Yannaccone Hee Young Yoo Cynthia Young Christiane Zbinden Michelle Znak Andrew Zucker 242 SophomoresAmir Ahmadian Steven M. Kaminski Gaal Alon Jennifer Kiszka Carl Andrews Debbie Kiziroglou Noemi Armstrong Adriana Lozada Mariane Ayoub Brian Maier Loraine Berger Jonathan Mason Kathleen Black David McCormick Thomas Cameron John McGinnis Corey Canada Philip Michaels Chris Carosella Thomas Moore Pandora Dicks Edwin Peiffer Antonella Dimartino Marilena Pipitone Winifred Fad Sean Ryan Sharon Fox Andre Santangelo Anthony J. Gerini Richard Saunders Anthony Griffith Jonathan Schick Kimberly Harris Richard Schneyder April Holloway Amy Sturges Jennifer Hower Tonomi Takahashi Glenn M. Huttner Stephen Vickers Stephen Jackson Lisa Walters Lolita Johnson Justin Wolfe Troy Johnson Christine Ziegler Charles Jones , . For Failing To Appear In The lerclassmen Section Of The 1988 Oracle. Sophomores 243The, Uilidb itow Puigitiiy Wove 246 Underclassmenp »Glen L. Abramson Tina Adams Catherine Alakszay Naeemah Ali Martin Alper Mark Andrews William Anstock Patricia E. Antaya Dawn I. Armwood Lauren Axler Justin S. Baker Marguerite S. Baker Rebecca J. Baker Sheralina Baker Nancy Baksis i « Abington’s Oasis Every day, 4th, 5th, and 6th periods, a mad rush occurs as hordes of hungry people sprint to the cafeterias. Lunch, for Andy Cohen, Scott Shaffer, and Phil Shaffer, is a time for socializing. For Keith Williamson, it's a careful taste test before choosing that perfect meal. David Watts examines the dessert racks and prepares to select £ the ultimate in ® ™ munchable delicacies. Many people find it risky to eat everything offered; however, like Keith Reynolds, once you're a senior, anything’s edible. Lunch also pro- I I vides a method of discovering who the sophomores are: they are the ones who still after weeks, even months, persist in calling the cafeterias, "commons." And for seniors lunch may be their only real class. Regardless of grade, lunch is an oasis among the dry doldrums of school life. - Kim Ziev. Wendy M. Bankoff Edward Barba Khadijah Barnes Christopher Bauer Paul E. Bauersfeld Kent Baum David E. Beebee Kenneth Begley Margaret A. Beideman William G. Bell Jr. Doreen T. Belz Dana Bender Jeffrey W. Bender Matthew P. Benner Rian Berger Tammy L. Berger Adam Berkowitz Suzanne Betschner Gatefred Bivins Julia Blank Michael W. BlessingAnnette G. Blount Jill A. Boardman Karen Bohrer Mark A. Bond Lori A. Boyle Bruce Brabitz Kelly Bradford Josh T. Brookreson Anthony F. Broomer Wanda Brown Daniel Brusha Andre A. Burr Hillary Busch Evelyn L. Buss Dara R. Butowsky Matthew L. Cadwell Irakly Camacho Jeffrey M. Carlitz Lisa Carlo Fabrizio Catoni Samuel Cheun Maryann Chieffo Kim Christian Paul Chun Amy S. Churchill Daniel Ciamaichela Richard Cianela Sean P. Clancy Lucille A. Clark Sheridan A. Clayton Andrew Cohen Jill E. Cohn Shona Cole Theresa A. Comido Valerie A. Conlan Maria T. Conway Karen Cooper Pateen Corcoran Dawn Couldron Derek Culbreth Juniors 251Julie S. Dansky Myia L. Deans Charles T. DeCesare Christine D. Delaney Anthony Delfiner Nancy DeLucas Todd Dervin Gregory Destefano Jennifer Devers Krista L. DiJoseph Chad R. Diamond Stephanie M. Diamond Denise D. Dillon Kara A. Doyle Rosemarie Duffy Jaymie L. Dunn Susan M. Duskiewicz Ronald M. Eberz Christian Eckl Theresa M. Egan Daniel Eichelberger Craig Ellingsworth Christine A. Ellis Kristen Engasser Jennifer Espenshade Candice Ewing Lucia Facciolo Philip L. Falcone Mark F. Farish Robert Farmer Stephanie Fink Reide Fishman Stephen M. Fitzgerald Angela M. Foell Darren M. Fogel Mark Foley Nicole Forston Scott Franklin Wendy Freeman Tyza French Charlotte Furcron Michelle Gabbamonte 252 juniorsKris Gallagher Jennifer Gannon Nikkie A. Garrison Richard Geesaman Maureen Gibson Sheila R. Gibson Kayowa Gibson-Tshilenge Steven R. Gilbert Michael D. Giles Lynn Gipprich Bria Gisondi Thomas Gleason Dean M. Godfrey William S. Godfrey Michael J. Goldstein Glen W. Goodman Tina Goodwin Brian R. Gottlieb Charles Gough Robert W. Graefe Eric M. Gralnick Lynne L. Gray Tanya Green Richard J. Greet April P. Griet Bridget A. Grimes Marianne Grindle John M. Gushue Joyce Guyon Kasra Haddadzadeh Andrew Hagerty Albert Hamilton George Hamlin Antoinette Hammond Brian Hart Jennifer Hatton Garret Hauptman Shannon Hayes Gretchen Hazard Meredith Hender Patricia Henhoeffer Sharisma Herrmann tumors 253Vonda Hindsman Robert Hirschberg Ralph Hoag Michael R. Hoff Peter E. Hoffmann Lisa A. Hollars Le June Holmes Ronette N. Holt Jeanne C. Hostman Eric J. Houseknecht James F. Hovis Kelly A. Howell Deborah J. Hudson Kimberly Huff Mark lezzi Scott Inazu Gina M. luliani Vincent luliani Barry Jacobson Tara P. James Andy Jhawar Tony Johnson Derrick L. Jones Nancy Jones David Karn Leonid Katolik Michael Keane Steven Kelley Holly Kerner Christine Kim David Kim Dawn Kirk Richard Kleimon Identity Crisis In reality, there are enormous differences between sophomores and juniors despite the opinion of seniors. At the top. we see Sophomore X. Note the dazed expression and hanging jaw; this is a truly confused boy. But give him time. In just one short year, he will resemble Matt Schwartzstein, and he, too, will have the look of utter superiority. Or he can join the ranks of Ross Gordon and Paul Bauersfeld, noted public relations experts who are always ready to make a lost soul feel wanted . . . particularly if that lonely soul is female. And if the fast life is just too quick for our innocent Sophomore X, he can always join forces with Bill McNeill and share in the beliefs taught by that master of the mind: Peace. Love. Bob Dylan. Marijke Klein Walter Knapp Dawn Koder Sandra Konzelman Karen Krull Amanda Kufta Joseph Kukura Shawn Kurland Andrew Lackman Christine Lanciano Christine LaRash Noel Laukaitis Dina Laumer Vincent Laurelli Robert Lawrence Hung Thanh Le Lily D. Le Adriana Lee Kevin Lee Mark Lee Janet E. Lempa Stephen Leonard Kristen Leube Amy Lewis Sonja I. Liesche Leon Liggins Darren T. Lim Elbert Lin Michelle R. Lipinski Matthew List Scott J. Littig Matthew C. Littman Tomas Llanos Joseph Lostracco Jeffrey M. Lucas Thomas Lucas Tristessa Luetkemeyer Ian Luginbuhl Jennifer Luongo Katina Madianos Gregory Maddox Tracey Mahon Heather Maier Lisa Maier Juntorl 255Megan Mairs Adam Major Michelle Major Aimee Malnati Robyn Mancini Dana Margalith Hilary Marion Jennifer Marszalek Victor P. Masnyj Tiffany Mason Anthony Massaro Joshua A. Matisoff Stacey C. Matz Rebecca M. Maxymuik Jessica A. McAlister Rebecca McAlpin Heather McCarthy Christopher McCaughey Matthew McClinnis Sandy McColgan Mike McCormick Heather McDowell Sherry McEwen Donna M. McFadden David McKenry Barry J. McLean Erika E. McLendon William P. McNeill Ray Melnikoff David I. Mendelsohn Scott A. Merves Lynette Mesina Jennifer Millard Craig M. Miller Hans N. Miller Steven E. Miller Marlene Milligan Jonathan L. Mishkin Roya E. Mohsenian Jim Money Stacey Montgomery Angelo Mooring 256 JuniorsMaureen Morris Linda M. Moskowitz Dana E. Moss Kathryn Murphy Marna D. Naselsky Michelle Naylor Christopher Newell Christina M. Newman Patrina Newman Trung Nguyen Charles Nieh Robert Niemczurka Michael Nobles Scott Nowak Lori Nuessle Christopher O'Donnell Colleen O'Hara Heather O'Neill Amy O'Toole Michael Older Alicia E. Packard Eric M. Panning Pearl Park Kathryn D. Parr Bruce K. Pederzani Ryan Perlman Gavin G. Perry Kelly L. Peters Carlton Petrie Michael A. Pettinato Alexis Pezzullo Kimberly Philipsen Craig Pizer Marlene E. Platt Jamie Poleri Allison B. Polin Michelle Potere Kristy Preston Theresa Propato Tina Pulicari Mark Quinn Scott J. Quinn juniors 257Iris S. Reifen Sharon A. Reynolds Daniel E. Rhynhart Dejuan J. Rice Tyuan D. Rice Scott K. Ringer Reynolds Ritchie Denise L. Roach Stacy Roberts Christopher T. Robinson Jamie Robinson Kenneth Rodoff Kristy Roesing Kenneth Rollins Sarabeth Rose Theresa Rose Andrew Rosenberg Karen Rosenfeld Lisa Rosenthal Jerry Ross William Sams Maria Sanchez Dawn R. Sandy Thomas A. Santangelo Paul Saraceni Trina D. Satchell Kelly T. Saunders Shelly J. Saunders Gary M. Saurman Sandra Saylor William Scheff Douglas Schermerhorn Todd E. Schlank Stephanie Schott Mary Schreiner David Schumaker 258 JuniorsParking Lot Blues Getting your parents to buy that new car is indeed a feat. As soon as you get past the word car, you're left settling with . . . well, anything you can get. (Hint: See picture 1) It may have its problems: ugliness, decrepit body, no side window, but it still manages to get you to your destination. If you are as lucky as Jaime Altman is, a few underclassmen may even hop along for the ride. Still yet, you may be invited to a tailgate party to mingle among the seniors. If you don’t drive, you are left defenseless, and you could turn out like poor Lisa in picture 2. Matthew Schwartzstein Christy Scott Howard Scott Melanie M. Scott Matthew E. Seabrook Lynn M. Seydel Quintina V. Seymour Philip M. Shaffer Scott I. Shaffer Joseph W. Shandlay Howard Sheckman Heidi J. Shrager Timothy J. Shuttleworth Kristina Simmers Marlaina Sims Olivera Sokarda Katie A. Somers Dimitri St. Phard Stephen A. Starr Yale M. Steingard Katherine 0. Story Andrew T. Strauss Susan M. Strickler Lewis Sullivan Aaron Swan Donna Swiderski David J. Swirsding Vicki Tanovan Robert R. Taylor Theresa Thackray Bryan C. Thomas Janel Thomas Kim Thomas Juniors 259 Rochelle Thomas Jerald C. Thompson Karen B. Thompson William A. Timm James F. Titus Jennifer Tobin Bradford ToddChristian Todd Terence Tolbert Elvira Topfer Patricia N. Traub Gaetane Trevant Ronald J. Trichon Jr. Gail R. Trotter Guy H. Trotter Jeff Ulmer Erik Umbenhauer Kim Van Allen Tim Waite Keith Walters Chris Walton Thomas Walton Janet Ward Keitia Washington Albert Watson David Watts Denise Watts Casey Weaks Paul Wear Maritz Webb Andrea Weinberg Nancy Weinberg Jennifer Weinstein Randee Weinstein Eric Weiss Kevin West Eunice White LaCountess Williams Keith Wiliiamson Jill Winder George Winstead Harry Wolfgang Alan Wolkov Frederick P. Woll III Jessica Woodrow Raymond Woodruff William Wynne Jesse Years Pong Yi Mei Shan Yuen Bobby Yuen Laura Zerns Kimberly A. Ziev Adam M. Zucker David A. Zucker 260 JuniorsI Reward | Peggy Adams Aletha Y. Akers Justin Alpaugh Gary Benezra Lemar A. Booker Nicole Bozzomo Heather Boyle Monique Brooks Matthew Burns Lori E. Campbell Lenora C. Collick Wayne A. Dorsey Patrick Esposito Stephen Ewing Margaret M. Fischer Erick W. Fischer Troy Gaines Erika J. Glemser David Goldstein Irek Gondek Angelina Hartz Raymond Heim Talin C. Holloway Robert W. Hunter III Scott Innes Loretta D. Johnsnon Ann Keeley Brian Kelley Melissa Kromdyk Stacey Lieberman Zoila Llanos Terrence Long Trevina Marshall Jennifer McCarthy Kathleen McIntyre Andrew Meyer Victoria Mordan Daniel P. Muller Christine L. O'Connell Jodi Overholt Sharon M. Petersen Saeema Reavis Robert Rosado Heather Schick Keri Schiller Charles Schweizer Amy Siegel Wayne 0. Smellie Gregory Stokes Maureen Stuck Jennifer Upright David Werley James Williams Sam Williams Scott Wright ... For Knowledge Pertaining To The Location Of The Individuals Above, The Day Pictures Were Taken.hlefy! AtmXSf 6we6e V G M 0 0f MilThe High School Cafeteria Sells Only Ice Cream par Excellence Handy Cartons for Every Use and Delightful Fancy Molds Special Rates to Refreshment Chairmen Philadelphia Dairy Products Co., Fourth and Poplar St«., Philadelphia those who know use Ritter Catsup m Have a Coke There’s friendliness in the simple phrase, "Have a Coke”. It turns strangers into friends . . . Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes—has become the high-sign of people of good will. somto uNott AutMotitr or tm coca coia company »r Advertising in the pages of the Abmgton Oracle has oc-cured throughout the years. The advertisement section of the yearbook provides space for friends, families, and local businesses to congratulate and support Abing-ton’s graduating class. Without these ads. the production of this book would not be possible. The Oracle staff would like to thank all those who have supported our yearbook Your Future Thai is the big |urstion which you ran help to answer now in the pages of your Bank Book. You can control this if you organize our efforts and plan things to the best advantage so that you ran make the moat of all your opportunities. To help you do this is an important jwrt of our service. Jcnkintown Bank Trust Company JENKINTOWN. PENN A. 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The Abington Education Association applauds your outstanding accomplishments and wishes each graduate continued success in the future. To elev ate the character and advance the interests of the profession of teaching and to promote the cause of popular education in the United States.’ —The original 1857 credo of the National Education Association Advertising 267ESTABLISHED 1946 RIZZO D ominick's Flowers Inc- 20C Limekiln Pike. Gleoade PA 1900 (215) 664-5945 distinctive floral arrangements WEDDING FLOWERS HOSPITALS PARTIES CUT FLOWERS W FUNERAL DESIGNS FRUIT BASKETS POTTED PLANTS BALLOONS S«rvlDf th« Coaaultv With latcgritv and PH da IURNITURE CARPETS BEDDING Jules Isaacs Furniture, Inc. 233 N. Keswick Ave, Glenside, Pa “ C„ry 2 aV h Safe Sbay" JEAN ISAACS SOLLY VICE PRESIDENT TUrnor 4 5700 Glen-Dobbins 52 FLAVORS ICE CREAM shoppe 238 KI-SWICK AVF.., GLENSIDE, PA. 887-5976 FOUNTAIN FAVORITES: Shakes. Floats. 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THIS HEADLINE WAS BROUGHT TO ■ 7 YOU ' • , by the . WORLD AFFAIRS FORUM CLUB r • • -• n -v- Congratulations to Our Social Butterfly Love Dad, Mom, Hans, Gretchen, The Little One, Honey and HopeRandy Arthur BM1 USN Navy Recruiter Navy Recruiting Command Navy Recruiting Station 1752 Old York Road Abington, PA. 19001 Telephone: (215) 659-1114 2444 trUt, CU Of 1988 But INuIm Fo i A Euaxufuf Canmi ter owe iotc JONATHAN KEITH DANIELS BE A MEMBER OF THE “A” TEAM 10'LL GET YOU LIFE ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Office: Mailing Address: 970 Highland Avenue P.O. Box 55 Abington. PA 19001 Abington, PA 19001 215-572-8899 CONGRATULATIONS to the ABINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICT Celebrating 100 Years In Education fium PcmmU REAL ESTATE • SALES • APPRAISAL • MANAGEMENT AWMG10N I • UP«R MOtKLMO JEHmlOWII • LOWER M3RILUC • CHELTENHAM ■ Wi £ M . UPPER DUBON LW5S? 1125 OLD YORK ROAD [g 884-4300 ABINGTON, PA 19001 Join Your Alumni Association And Keep In Touch Life Membership $10 A Bargain For Life ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION HELPING TO BUILD YOUR FUTURE THROUGH SCHOLARSHIPS Advertising 275To all of our very special friends: Thanks for all the wonderful times and great memories! You are what makes the best of times. Also, to all ORACLE editors, staff, Phil, and Elaine: Your creativity, dedication, and energy made a tough job alot of fun. This is our book (of course, this is not an exercise in narcissism). We love you and good luck. -Jenny and Stefi- A FEW PARTING THOUGHTS FROM STEF AND JEN When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either. A real friend is someone who takes a winter vacation on a sun-drenched beach and doesn’t send you a card. lf you look like your passport photo, in all probability you need the journey. Cooperation is doing with a smile what you have to do anyway. “’’Plan ahead - it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. You can’t fall off the floor. You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST OF LUCK from THE GREENFIELD FAMILY to SUSAN AND THE CLASS OF 1988 WEINRICH BAKERY “A Konditorei" WILLOW GROVE PARK 3rd Level Open 7 Days EDWARD M WEINRICH 657-6755 President 657 6756 Frani - Thanks for making this year the best! P.S. Joseph’s! Jen - Thanks for the gym clothes! Ha! “The Gameroom.’’ Chad - Thanks for everything. You’re the best. I love you and always will. “Bennigan’s when you’re hungry for fun.” Vicki - Thanks for being there when I needed you most. Mom and Dad - Thanks for all the support. -Jill- COSMETIC CITY DISCOUNT BEAUTY SUPERMARKETS PLUS EVERYDAY SUPER DISCOUNTS ON ALL MAJOR BRANDS OF COSMETICS ELKINS PARK SQUARE OU Y«Hi 1 Oiaidi Roods Mon 10 Fri 9 30 lo 9. Sol 9 30 lo 6 00. Son. 13:00 10 3 00 635-6969 LOEHMANN'S PLAZA EmIHA vnisft Shop!, It. 309 at 63, N. Wain Mon. Tool. Sol 9:30 lo 6: Wod. TW. Fn 930 » 900. Son 1200 to 500 643-6161 SPRINGFIELD SQUARE W0I Mtaannka Mon.. W. Sa 9.306. «M. TWv. Fn 930900 im 1200500 543-4472 276 AdvertisingAdvertising 277PRESIDENT: BONNIE MANDEL VICE-PRESIDENT: JAMIE ALTMAN FACULTY ADVISOR: MR. JEFF MARMON 278 Advertising SECRETARY: DANA GREGG TREASURER: MARILYN MINDA“We counted every day only to show we needed each other. Who needs a reason to love when friends just seem to know. ... you have lots of dreams I know. Now it's the close of the show. Let's hope it all passes by. Now get yourself along, you're my best friend." -Air Supply TO ALL OUR FRIENDS: THANKS FOR ALL OF THE MEMORIES, AND GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING YOU DO! WE LOVE YOU! LAURIE - BONNIE - ELLYN - MELISSA “All my best memories come back clearly to me. Some can even make me cry. Just like before - it's yesterday once more." CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF INTELLECTUAL EXCELLENCE To be prepared against surprise is to be trained. To be prepared for surprise is to be educated. Education leads toward a continuing self-discovery; training leads toward a final self-definition. A Vision Of Life As Play And Possibility FINITE and INFINITE GAMES STRATEGIES CLUB DEBATE TEAM CHESS TEAM structural visualization public speaking strategy issues analysis tactics problem solving CLUB SPONSOR: DWIGHT W. GOOD Advertising 279 DccmS Lonl, IV am A pxoud of evwytkiny you luu c bwowA. You cm btiylff, AcnAdh t and hand wonkiMy. You Apf ad AunAldnc and kapplncii u)li£m vt you yo. You luu c bnjouytfc yowv fcmily mm joy an fyicaAum Ikon you can W i Lutayinc. Wc toVb you, Mota, Dad, and Mam CONGRATULATIONS ANDY “The play is done, the curtain drops, slow falling to the prompter's bell: A moment yet the actor stops, And looks around to say farewell." WITH LOVE AND BEST WISHES MOM, DAD, LISA, GRANDMA AND GRANDPA S.G.S. PAPER CO. ONE OF THE AREA'S LARGEST SELECTIONS OVER 5.000 SQUARE FEET OF PARTY SUPPUES MAJOR DISCOUNTERS TO THE PUBUC PARTY SUPPUES PAPER PRODUCTS CUPS • PLATES • HAWNS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED DECORATIONS FOR AU. XCASJONS TOWELS TOUT TISSUES PERSONALIZED IMPRINTING DISCOUNTED ANO INVITATIONS - BALLOONS - BAKING ITEMS CAKE BOARDS - CAKE ANO OFT BOXES - DOUES WUON OEMS OPEN DAILY MON.-SAT. 8:30-5:30 1 RICES MILL RD.. WYNCOTE WE ACCEPT MASTER CARD VISA ABINGTON KEY CLUB Best Wishes to the Class Of ’88 • • Ou tyi'cvy oj CONGRATULATIONS to tha CLASS OF 1983 Zftlandarin garden A Chinese Gourmet Restaurant AUTHENTIC SZECHUAN MANDARIN HUNAN CUISINE ELEGANT ATMOSPHERE PRIVATE BANQUET ROOM OPEN DAILY llrOO-KMXMW FRI SAT TIL 11:30PM COCKTAILS rwl 657-3993 TAKE-OUT SERVICE 91 N. YORK RD (Corner of N. York Rd Davisrflle Rds), WILLOW GROVT To Shira: I am trying to tell a story the way you like it: Thank you. You put up with me all those cranky and jealous times I love you. Ta-dah. To the Bur Gang: You are my second family and my closest friends. Thanks for listening. To Emilie: You were my friend even before birth. My how we’ve grown. Take care of yourself. To Tovah: My year-long friend. I know what a true friend is ... TOE! To the Abington Drum Line: I’m not sure what I’m thanking you for, but thanks. Your MOM adores you all. To the Oracle Editors: Congratulations! Please never forget the girl in the closet. To Mr. Smith: The saucy wench thanks you for all your help beginning Day One of my sophomore year. You have taught me much more than what a pica or a gerund is. Keep squinting! To Ms. Shaffer: Your second opinion was always welcome. Get seat belts for ALTO II! Thanks for making me laugh. To Mr. Mauro: I’ve known you ... we go way back. Thanks for a shoulder to cry on. a good hug. and open ears. Watch that mood-o-meter! To the Faculty and Staff: Thank you. Thank you. You are appreciated. To anyone else I might have missed - To all those at Jen’s, Matt's and Rich’s: I didn’t forget you, but I don’t have space to name you all. Thanks so much for the good times. I’ll never forget you or the things you taught me. To the English Office: Knock, knock! Thanks for letting me in. Hi Mr. Kelly! Where’s Smith? To Mr. Kelly: I am going to keep you as a contact. OK? Hey. where is Smith? -Jean 280 Advertising Professional Photography THOMAS M. MAIRS 1832 Edge Hill Road Abington, PA 19001 Weddings • Bar Mitzvahs Family and Group Portraits 659-1076Best Wishes from the Spanish Club President: Paul Conroy Vice-President: Doug Tompkins Secretary: Buffy Jones Treasurer: Bonnie Mandel Sponsor: Mrs. Galshack Au revoir. les amis. et bonne chance! The French Club Sponsor: Ms. Phyllis Schlanger THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1988 7 ei 1 AflRlV'E JfrtC.I A Si '4 the Front Row (L. to R.): Connie Notaro. Rossana Caso, Missy Graham, Janine LePore, Lee Lapa. Clyde D'Alessio. Back Row (L. to R.): MaryBeth Hollins-worth. Marilyn Minda. V. Pezzullo (Sponsor), Nicole Tancor, Greg Ritter. Ed DiPalantino, Don Lott. Pat Propato, Robert Baccari. Advertising 281CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE 1988 GRADUATES MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographers For The 1988 ORACLE ALL PORTRAITS APPEARING IN THIS PUBLICATION HAVE BEEN PLACED ON FILE IN OUR STUDIO AND CAN BE DUPLICATED AT ANY TIME Write Or Phone For More Information NORTH PHILADELPHIA AIRPORT AND 2981 GRANT AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19114 TO ALL OUR CLOSEST FRIENDS Judy Im, Jen Shepherd, Jessie Kromdyk, Sue Barlow, Jodi Okamoto, Carolyn Malloy, Karin Cornell, Dana Gregg, Stacy Feldman, Bonnie Mandel, Janine Lepore, Melissa Goodman, Lee Lapa, Laurie Bel-let, Lynn Eckert, Emilie Neff, Jenny Miller, Stefi Pashman, Kari Krupnick, And Kirsten Freisheim We love you guys and we’re going to miss you! GOOD LUCK ALWAYS! MEGAN JOHNSON and AMY LANG |f abington . FRAMING mte,CENTER 1st, 1129 OLD YORK ROAD 1, (J V ABINGTON, PA 19001 f215) 884-3508 -CUSTOM FRAMING- Specializing In Antique Prints and Conservation Framing Allison - keep away from snow and exercise! Becky -keep singing the blues! Lisa - hello baby! Goodbye Baby! Shannon - Snork! If 1 didn’t ask you to go with me to the prom as of Feb. 5,1 was planning to. If you did go with me, thanks, 1 had a great time! Brett - you’re the real paradox of yourself! Samuel - May you find a girlfriend you actually like someday! Jen A. - Crocodile Blondie awaits! Caren, Caroline, Becky - If there was a female Beastie Boys, you guys are it! Goofball - you know who you are! No more trades! Dave - good luck! Walt - Folk Fest lives! Eric - bye Siouuuuu! Tom - Irish? German? Sourpuss? Ben, Iss, Bria, Jen, Jen, Jen, Dave, Erik, LeVonne, Josh, Arvide, Marilyn, Dana, Bonnie, Len, Frizzy, Mark, Gene, Shad, Audrey, Rosemary, and anyone 1 forgot: All stay hip! You’re funky people!! -Jamie Bye, guys! 1 mean, this isn’t as touching as I'd hoped, but I'm really not sad at all. Well, Here it is: to all of my junior buddies: to Tina Kim- some real values. To Becky Max a haircut. To Becky Mac a good life. To Amy M. a brain (you asked for it). To Allison - someone to talk to when Brett goes to college. To Lily - organization. That’s that! Now to my rea friends (if they are). JD and Chris - you guys deserve better, not really, but it’s obvious that you'll get married and all that. Hannah, LeVonne, Barbara, Caren, Becky, Sam, Brett- you are all the same person, really. Paul Krause - you are not Henry David Thoreau, sorry. Actually you are Ernest Hemingway and your negativity is from the nada of existence. Dave Sax and Walt become engineers and vote Republican if you like, 1 don’t care. Hi Felice! I’m not ignoring you. Mimi L. - Go row to Cleveland! Gene, Lauren, Emily, and yes, Nikki Do something, 1 don't care. Bye Ms. Foley, Bye Ms. McHugh, bye Lisa, even though you don't go to Abington. Ho Humm, Yipyieoh. Hike! P.S. Nikki. P.P.S. Thank you Jon. To my kids-although you might never exist: Hello, and shut up! So long, Abington! Ben Hinerfeld Advertijinj 283 Bat Wafa Id tte, Ou Of 88 hem the, Butixeu Education, Dtpcudment BedKiee, BmKfJt Ray Rebel Ruth FecMex, David £cjtom RuU h euuteie office smpfes 1550 Old York Road Abingtnn, Pa. 190m • Furniture • Machines • Copies • Printing » Data Supplies » Rubber Stamps CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1988 from Mr. Peter Kelly THE JOSEPH GURCSIK STUDIOS ★ Senior Portraits ★ Proms ★ I.D. Cards ★ ★ Weddings ★ Complete Studio Portrait Service 311 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, PA 19111 21 5-663-0900 284 Advertising The, Futwie Buiieteu Leaden of Amexiea e uh meeaben axe, ptoud Id be poet of Abitufid , High SeJwof edka-cuMicu ax edMtoel. HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS TO JENNIFER BAKER AND THE CLASS OF 88 FROM ALL WHO LOVE HER215-885-2278 1 THE MIMSY SHOP CARDS AND GIFTS C.ClAxt'l- DOMINIC LUCY CATUILO MARIA BURKE 1323 Easton Road Roslyn, PA 19001 TO GARY: CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK! I LOVE YOU, SANDRA ? L ONGRATULATIO "to tVve class o£ NS Junior Class Coumcil 7O OWZ ‘DA‘R4 )7l$ ‘DA‘U$W7Z‘£ 9 d 7r72 eOTHpR n'Uu'A'?'!OTIS 7O IfOn st7iz 44 ifoniz 'pmzTivsf 40 1 3 47 7fS. mOTtt 7fD T V WITH LOVE AND PRIDE IN HONOR OF OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER JENNIFER AMY ARBITTIER Advertising 285286 AdvertisinfTO THE ORACLE STAFF AND THE CLASS OF '86 Eric: You’re o greor friend. Thanks for oil rhe good rimes, especially Corcoran's parry See ya in Belgium. Chris Everr rules! Lily: My favourrire underdossman Good luck nexr year you deserve ir. Jeremy: You con hove Jon B. and his car since he is your personal driver Levonne: I srill have rhe red scarf We finally gor rhrough our A P science Too bad abour lunch rhis yeor Good luck in Philly Flo: I’ll miss you and your rennis game Nexr rime don'r ger so mad if you don’r win a poinr You know I con’r srond ir when you don’r ralk ro me Shira: "Us newcomers" in rhe ORACLE finally finished and we did a greor job on rop of ir! All rhe besr in rhe furure Mr. Smith: no marrer how many rimes I lecrure. I’m rhe one always learning "Larer holmes' snck ’ Ms. Shaffer: You made rhe yeor alor easier ro deal wirh in mind and in sromach. I'll miss you. -LEN MUNDY To my staff: Thanks so much for the hours, the typing and the creativity! SL O wouldn't have been born with you! Caroline, my coeditor: We made it! Marching band pics, junior prom pics and roller skating party pics! SL O forever! Jean: "It's not time to make a change, just relax and take it easy, you're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to go through" - Cat Stevens. He said what I meant. Jen: To someone who I like to have around when I feel like being myself. "Only the good die you!" • Billy Joel. "I wish that all your wishes come true." Cite the movie. Jenny: A.K.A. The doctor: Here's my last shot at a silly poem: we’ve shared some fun You’re number one Penn is cool I’ll visit you at school! Pretty lame, but you know what I mean. Andy: Chem lab, government. Next time Howie from Maui is on, we have a date. Make me proud, I expect to see your name in lights. Lauren: Waterfalls and gym class! Thanks for X-Mas, it was one of the most special times we've shared. Female sundaes at Dairy Queen • hot fude, no- - - -. Smith and Shaff: Thanks alot! Without narcissism where would mirrors be? Mom, Dad and Rachel: I love you so much. Thanks for keeping me sane during senior year! Love always, Shira DAV ID tARIVOLD HAIR SALON 603 West Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. 19046 886-2887 Daily Tuesday Through Saturday Wednesday And Thursday Evenings To my best friends in the class of '88: Becky and Caren: We've had the greatest times, the best conversations, the plan. Bee: always remember Gavaghan, the hospital (jacket stealing). Car: Cas. Just think it all started with Shi'ites. My same person. Felice: the hardware store in the back of your car will live on. Regression Day. You're a great friend. Hyun Chin: I'll never forget the trip to C.B. West and last April "How was England?" "The operation went well". Shira: We did it! "Which one is Dwight Gooden?" Jen: We must meet next Mischief Night with shaving cream in hand. Jamie: You're a great friend. Cupcake wrappers in Rydal, 8th grade, an awesome ski trip. Love, Carolyn To my friends: Thanks to all of you for being there to help me out (and for helping me clean up)! You've all been great guests! Good luck to all of you in whatever you do. I'll miss you! To the ORACLE staff: Thanks for all of your help, and for putting up with me. jen and Stefi - you're the greatest co-workers ever! King Smith and Queen Elaine - may your reign be long and deadline-free. Phil- lighten up! To Margo, Vicki, Jill, Joanna, and Lauren: Thanks for giving me the greatest memories, and for being such terrific friends. You're the best. Good luck always and forever. I love you! -Debbie Advertninf 287ALF • ALL • MY CHILDREN AYATULLAH AEROBICS Abel, Jack 158 Abel, Scott 158 Abowlti, Allison 72. 74. 232 Abrams, Michael 158 Abramson, Glen 63 66. 68. 74. 77. 126. 250 Ackerman, Catherine 232 Adams, Keith Adams, Peggy Adams, Tina 250 Adams, Trlna 158 Adornetto, Edward 92. 232 Ahn. Eunshll 73. 94. 232 Akers, Althea 68. 74 Akers, Theodore 158 All, Naeemah 73. 250 Alkszay, Catherine 68. 82. 250 Allen. David 158 A Ion, Gaal Alpaugh, Justin 124 A!per, Martin 250 Altman. Jamie SO. 62 64. 69. 84. 87. 158 Amato, William 108. 158 Andrews, Mark 250 Anello, Diane 232 Anstock, William 250 Antaya, Patricia 250. 102 Apollnarlo, Arthur 64. 69. 102. 158 Arbi War, Jennifer 56 64. 69. 75. 77. 82. 90. 91. 92. 93. 158 Arm wood, Dawn 49. 73. 250 Arnold!, Ingrid 81. 232 Arnold , Richard 62 64. 159 Auclalr, Bruce 232 Axler, Lauren 68. 70. 75. 77. 96. 250. 102 Aydln, Mahmut 64. 71. 159 Baker. Sherallna 115. 250. 117 Baksls. Nancy 112. 250 Balls, Olympia 160 Baltzer, Keith 94. 232 Bankoff, Wendy 49. 250 Barba. Edward 250 Bardol, Keith 79. 160. 286 Barlow, Susan 58. 59. 112. 160 Barnes, KhadIJah 250 Baron. Seth 69. 74. 127. 160 Barret, Alison 117. 232 Bauer, Christopher OS. 250 Bauersfeld. Paul 63 74. 250 Baum, Kent 250 Beard, Kevin 108. 160 Beck. Kathryn 83. 125. 160 Bacal, Lauren 159 Beebee, David 250 Beebee, Everett 108, 232 Begley, Kenneth 108. 250 Beldeman. Margaret 250 Bell, James 232 Bell. Meredith SO. 70. 133. 161 Bell. Peter 71. 83. 89. 232 Bell. William 250 Ballet, Laurie 49. 74. 161 Belz, Doreen 250 Bender. Dana SB. 102. 125. 250 Bender, Ellyn 74. 161 Bender, Jeffrey 108. 250 Bender, Matthew 232 Benner, Matthew 250 Berensmann, Peter 232 Berg, Jonathan 69. 71. 161 Berger, Andrew 108. 161 Berger. Rian 250 Berger, Tammy 49. 250 Berkowltz. Adam 70. 71. 250 Betschener, Suzanne 250 Betchner, George 232 Betschner, Sheri 161 Blck, Edward 161 Blsacqulno, Gary 110. Ill, 161. 126 Bivins, Gatefleld 250 Blackman. LorlS2. 64. 70. 74. 80. 162 Blake, Dave 121. 232 Blank. Jill 62. 64. 162 Blank. Julia 70. 89. 250 Blank. Philip 232 Biassing, Michael 250 Block, Michael 124. 232 Blount, Annette 73. 251 Boardman, Jill 70. 72. 251 Boettlcher, Chris 68. 71. 162 Bohrer, Karen 72. 251 Bond. Mark 251 Bonfleld, Brett 46. 56. 57 70. 71. 82. 162 Bonfleld, Jeffrey 232 Bonner, Jennifer 69. 70. 71. 162 Bonnet, Pamelas7. 125. 232 Booker, Benadette 232 Booker, Lemar 107. 108 Booker, Nicole 232 Borkowskl. Michelle 232 Bowser, Jordan 73 Boyle. Lori 251 Brabltz, Bruce AS. 251 Breccia, A Ido 232 Bracken, Gregory 162 Bradford. Kelly 251 Brennan, Tamara 62. 96. 162 Brenner, Adam SO. 70. 74. 162 Brookreson, Josh 89. 91. 251 Brooks, Monique 73 Broomer, Anthony 127. 251 Brown, Wanda 251 Brusha, Daniel 2 51 Brusha, Joseph 16. 127 Bryson. Todd 232 Buccafurl, Ellssa 163 Buccafurl, Francesca 75. 232 Bur, Lauren SO. 80. 163 Burkart. Steven 96. 102. 163. 191 Burns, Tammy AO. 67. 102. 125. 232 Burr, Andre 103. 251 Busch, Hllllary 70. 72. 251 Bush. Lloyd 232 Buss, Evelyn 251 Butler. Kris AS. 232 Butowsky, Dare 74. 94. 251 BIG MAC • BRUCE WILLIS BEACH BOYS • BUSH • BORK i Bacal, Lauren 159 Baccarl, Robert 75. 159. 281 Bae. Hannah 73. 74. 232 Baker. Charles 94. 232 Baker, Ela nor 160 Baker, Jennifer 67. 160 Baker, Justin 62 70. 84. 92. 94. 250 Baker. Karen 232. 125 Baker, Marguerite 250 Baker, Rebecca 94. 250 CATCHER IN THE RYE • COSBY • CALGARY • CIA Cadwell, Matthew 251 Callahan, Timothy 232 Camacho, Irakly 251 Camardella, Albert 233 Camp, Kim 20. 163 Campbell, Karen 163 Canlno, Timothy 163 Cantey, Eric 108. 233 Carangl, Adam 58. 59. 62 64. 71. 79. 106. 108. 124. 163. 183 Carlin, Timothy AS. 163 Carlltz, Jeffrey 66. 74. 120. 251 Carlo, Lisa 74. 77. 251 Carlson, Scott 233 Carrell, Andrew 72, 89. 164 Carter, Jill 164 Case, Doreen 73. 164 Case. Leon 233 Caso, Rossana 50 74. 164. 281 Casper, Christopher 233 Cassidy, Thomas 124. 164 Catonl, Fabrlzlo 251 Capregl, Kristen AS. 164 Chalmers. Jennifer 67. 75. 233 Chavis, Bernard 233 Cheun, Samuel 68. 75. 83. 84. 251 Chleffo, Maryann 251 Chilton, Robert 164 Christian. Kim 251 Chun, Lily 73. 74. 233 Chun, Paul 73. 251 Churchill, Amy 63 66. 251 Churchill, Desiree 233 Clamachela. Daniel 108. 251 Clanela, Richard 251 Clarrochl, Christopher 233 Clafee, Brett 233 Clancy, Sean 251 Clark. Luc He 49. 251 Clark, Samuel 164 Clayton. Sheridan 251 Clouse. David 233 Cluelow, Richard 55 93. 102. 165 Cogan, Michele 165 Cohen. Andrew S3 70. 7A. 83. 251 Cohen. Brett 121. 233 Cohen, Lisa 165 Cohen, Martin 233 Cohn. JIIISA. 68. 71. 74. 82. 84. 86. 251 Colontonlo, Stephanie 102. 165 Cole, Shone 251 Coleman, Paul 124. 233 Coleman. Vaughn 117. 233 Coles. Tracy S3. 165 Collier, Robert 90. 91. 92. 93. 127. 165 Collins, Kristen 233 Comldo, Theresa 66. 70. 71. 74. 125. 251 Compter. Vicki 62 64. 74. 80. 114. 165. 182 Condeells, Jason 92. 93. 165 Colan, Valerie 251 Connor, Polly 233 Conroy. Paul 69. 74. 127. 166 Conway. George 233 Conway. Marla 117. 251 Conway, Mark 233 Cooper, Karen 117. 251 Cooper. Timothy 166 Corcoran, Pa teen 251 Cornel. Karin 64. 112. 166. 179 Cotroneo, Bruno 107. 108. 166 Cottom, Michael 117. 118. 120. 166 Couldron, Dawn 251 288 IndexCrim mi ns. John 56. 166 Crimmlns, Patrick 233 Culbreth. Derek 251 Culmer. Jerome 120. 166 Cupps, Matthew 233 Czarneckl, Matthew 233 DALLAS • DANCING ON AIR DIET PEPSI • DR. RUTH • Dl D'Alesslo, Claudio 69. 84. 166. 281 D'Amico. Lucy 233 D'Amore, Clotilda63 67. 72. 74. 75. 233 D’Amore, Debora 67. 72. 74. 75. 233 124 Daniels. Jonathan 167 Dansky. Julie 66. 252 Davies. Peter 48 Davis, Barbara 69. 72. 75. 167 Davis, Lauren 167 Davis, Tara 233 Day. Jeffrey 233 Deans, Myla 123. 252 Decato, Leah 74. 117. 233 Decesare, Charles 252 Deegan, William Delaney, Christine 63 66. 70. 74. 84. 252 Delaughter. James 233 Delflner, Antony 89. 127. 252 Dell, Julie 233 Delucas, Nancy 252 Delzlngaro, Jo Anne 167 Dennis, Vernlce 167 De Splrlet, Eric 72. 75. 110. 167 Destefano, Gregory 132. 252 Devers. Jennifer 117. 252 Devlin, Rae 233 Devor, Paul 74. 233 Diamond, Chad 77. 102. 252 Diamond, Stephanie 57. 66. 70. 71. 75. 96. 114. 252 Diana, Regina 167 Dlcesarl, Joanne 233 Dicks, Lemuel 31. 108. 127 Dleckman, Conna 167 DIJoseph, Krista 252 Dillon. Denise 75. 252 Dlmarla, Anthony 168 Dl Martino, Antonella 75 108 Dinkins, Joel 126. 233 Dl Patent I no. Edward 281 Dobrowolskl, Susan 92. 168 Doletskl. Bevln 92. 233 Dominic, Jason 168 Dominic, Justin 233 Donato, Nicole 74. 233 Dougherty. John 168 Dougherty, Marla 69. 112. 123. 168 Downes. Kevin 70. 71. 108. 161 Doyle, Kara 252 Dries, Gregory 74. 233 Driscoll. Annemarle 67. 233 Dubeck, John 168 Dubeck, Thomas 233 Dubrow, Michael 69. 83. 168 Dumaran, Eric 67. 74. 110. 233 Duncan. Trlna 169 Dunn, Jaymle 66. 74. 252 Durham, Neal 79. 108. 127. 169 Durham, Russell 108. 109. 128. 169 Durphy, Gregory 169 Duskey, Deborah 70. 71. 169 Dusklewlcz, Susan 68. 123. 252 E ESPRIT • ELTON JOHN • EAGLES • ESP « ELECTION Eberz, Ronald 75. 108. 252 Eckert, Lynn 64. 79. 114. 169. 179 Eckl, Christian 92. 252 Edmonds. Michael 233 Edwards, Darryl 169 Egan, Theresa 252 Eggert, Walter 169 Eggert-Hansen, Ml ml 72 Elchelberger, Daniel 252 Elsenberg, Steven 170 Elsman, Amy 67. 233 Ellngsworth, Craig 252 Eliott, Mark 115. 170 Ellis, Christine 94. 252 Eisner, Lara 234 Engasser, Kristen 89. 252 Engel bach. Kim 234 Engl las, Julie 89. 102. 234 Equl, Brian 116. 117. 170 Ergun, Cam 70. 71. 72. 124. 170 Eskln, Jill 63 67. 75. 234 Espenshade, Jennifer 112, 123. 252 Evans, Gareth 234 Ewing. Candice 252 Ewing, Stephen 114. 115 IF FERGIE • FORTUNE 500 • FATAL ATTRACTION • FUN Facclolo, Lucia 75. 102. 252 Fad. Winifred 224 Faison, Robin 234 Falbo, Beth 75. 234 Falcone. Constance 49. 170 Falcone, Philip 252 Fanelll, Ronny 170 Fanelll, Stephen 170 Farlsh, Erik 64. 108. 170 Farlsh, Mark 66. 108. 252 Farmer. Robert 107. 108. 252 Farrar, Jamie 234 Faunce, Jessica 92. 234 Felnour, John 70. 72. 74. 89. 171 Feldman. Stacy 74. 114. 171 Felkers, Helena 234 Ferguson, Rebecca 64. 69. 112. 171 Ferguson, Theodore 108. 126 Ferraro, Michael 81. 171 Fink. Stephanie 75. 252 Flsch, Jennifer 74. 171 Fischer. Elizabeth 112. 171 Fischer, Margaret 66. 74. 79 Fisher. Eric 63 Fisher, James 171 Fisher, Shannon 94. 234 Fishman, Relde 252 Fitzgerald, Stephen 252 Flanagan, Angela 234 Flemon, Lisa 234 Flynn, Michael 234 Foell, Angela 70. 71. 72. 74. 75. 252 Fogel, Darren 63. 66. 68. 74. 126. 252 Foley, Mark 252 Ford. Matthew 71. 171 Forrest, Luke 234 Forston, Nicole 252 Francis, Oriel 110. 172 Frank. Bernard 234 Frankel. Leslie 89. 234 Franklin, Edward 73. 102. 234 Franklin, Scott 252 Freas, David 69. 103. 173 Freeman, Mark 234 Freeman. Wendy 68. 74. 252 Frelshelm, Kirsten 64. 79. 125. 172. 178 French. Richard 124. 172 French, Stephanie 234 French. Tyza 73. 107. 108. 252 Frleder, Elliot 117. 172. 190 Frieder, Jonathan 69. 83. 110. 117. 172 Furcron, Charlotte 81. 252 GENERAL HOSPITAL • GQ GODZILLA • GORBACHOV Gabbamonte, Michelle 75. 77. 81. 102. 252 Galley, Cindy 172 Gaines. Troy 107. 108. 126 Gallagher. Kris 253 Gannon, Jennifer 75. 253 Gannon, Kathleen 62. 64. 69. 71. 125. 172 Gannon, Mary 125. 234 Gar brick, David 108. 234 Gargan, Michael 173 Garland, Donna 234 Garrison. Holly 234 Garrison. Nlkkle 94. 102. 253 Gaskins, Steven 107. 108. 127. 234 Gaydos, James 173 Gebb. Anita 69. 92. 93. 173 Gebb. Renee 92. 234 Gebhardt, Kristin 234 Geesaman, Richard 68. 96. 102. 253 Gelser, Joanna 234 Genovese, John 234 Genovese, Dean a 173 Gerber, Adam 63. 75. 127. 234 Garin I, Anthony Getty. David 55. 74. 108. 173 Getty. Stephen 234 Gever, Caren 69. 70. 75. 77. 83. 173 Glampa, Frank 115. 173 Gibson, Maureen 253 Gibson, Sheila 68. 79. 133. 252 Glbson-Shllenge. Kayowa 72. 94. 253 Gilbert, Steven 68. 79. 117. 127. 253 Giles, Michael 120. 253 Gillespie, Jill 234 Gillespie. John 131. 173 Glpprlch, Kristine 234 Glpprlch, Lynn 102. 253 Glsondl, Brla 94. 253 Glantz, Margo 62. 64. 74. 174 Glasgow, Loren 1 74 Glatts, Daniel 115. 174 Glatts, Stephen 1 74 Index 289Gleason. Thom as 68. 82. 132. 253 Glemser, Debbie 174 Gllnecke, Thomas 253 Glover, Daniel 234 Godfrey. Dean 68. 70. 73. 77. 253 Godfrey. Jonathan 74. 127. 234 Godfrey. William 74. 127. 253 Goldberg. Kristy 62. 64. 74. 79. 94. 133. 174 Goldhaber. Audrey62. 69. 100. 123. 174 Goldsmith. Lauren 74. 114. 174 Goldstein. Anthony 89. 234 Goldstein, David 89 Goldstein. Michael 66. 68. 75. 121. 253 Goldstein. Steven 7A. 79. 110. 117 120. 175 Gondek, Irek Goodman, Glen 81. 253 Goodman. Melissa 64. 175 Goodman. Shlra 64. 69. 75. 80. 82. 84. 87. 175. 178. 56 Goodwin. Tina 253 Gordon, Brian 75. 234 Gordon. Robert Craig 69. 72. 175 Gordon, Ross 234 Gottlieb, Brian 124. 253 Gough. Charles 253 Gould. Stephanie 91. 92. 93. 234 Graefe. Robert 110. 253 Graefe, William 2 34 Graham, Anthony 108. 175 Graham, Laura 234 Graham. Melissa 50. 75. 175. 281 Gramllch, Christine 175 Grande. Douglas 124. 175 Gralnlck, Eric 70. 75. 108. 253 Grant, Jacqueline 81. 234 Grasty, Charles 117. 234 Grasty. Curtis 48. 62. 73. 176 Gratz. Avi 235 Graves. John 67. 116. 117. 235 Gray. Lynne 66. 70. 74. 82. 253 Gray, Yolanda 235 Green. Carlos 107. 108. 127. 176 Green, Frank 46. 235 Green. Joshua 56. 69. 75. 176. 178. 183. 187 Green, Tanya 253 Greene. John 57. 176 Greenebaum, Robert 176 Greenfield. Susan 125. 176. 190 Gregg. Dana 50. 62. 64. 65. 69. 79 112. 176 Greet, Richard 253 Grlet. April 253 Griffin, Thomas 235 Grill, Jennifer 235 Grimes, Bridget 57. 63. 66. 68. 71 72 75. 84. 112. 253 Grlndle, Marianne 253 Grunmeier. Orvil 235 Gudknecht, Christopher 235 Gushue, John 110. 253 Guyon. Joyce 253 TT 1 3 HOLLYWOOD SQU- ARES • HARVARD • LHOCKEY • HART Hack. Jeffrey 70. 79. 106. 107. 108. 120 176. 178 Hackett. Marcus 177 Haddadzadeh. Kasra 253 Haegele, Jennifer 235 Hagerty, Andrew 108. 253 Hahm. Sae Joon 68. 69. 72. 75. 177 Hahn. Maria 74. 79. 177 Halber. Steven 235 Hallday, Lawrence 177 Hall, Peter 64. 177 Hamilton. Albert 253 Hamlin, George 253 Hammond. Antoinette 253 Hampel. Michael 235 Hanley, Christian 235 Hannan. Regina 133. 177 Hannon, Brandon 235 Hardmon. Kimberly 235 Hargrove, Anton 177 Harkins, Thomas 177 Harman. Brett 235 Harman, Stuart 180 Harrar, Derek 180 Harris, Carol 235 Harris, Richard 107. 108. 127. 235 Harrison. Lola 71. 72. 77. 235 Hart. Brian 74. 253 Hartln, Jessica 235 Hartman. Diane 63. 67. 94. 235 Hatton, Jennifer 94. 253 Hauptman, Garrett 121. 253 Hauptman, Jonas 235 Hayes. Shannon 66. 68. 72. 112. 253 Hazard, D'Arcy 79. 125. 180 Hazard, Gretchen 125. 253 Hafner, Christine 92. 93. 102. 180 Heinrich, George 180 Heinz, Lori 115. 180 Helwlg, Elizabeth 70. 71. 180 Hender, Meredith 75. 108. 253 Henderson, Kenya 50. 62. 180 Henderson, Tina 48. 123 Henhoeffer, Patricia 102. 253 Henry, Denise 63. 67. 235 Hensman. Christina 235 Herrmann, Sharlsma 112. 253 Hewitt. David 46. 56. 181. 190 Hickock. Kim 181 H ett, Michelle 123. 255 Higgins, Stephen 235 Hill. Aurelia 62. 74. 81. 181 Hill, Matthew 235 Hill, Michelle 181 Hlndsman. Kyllan 89. 92. 93. 181 Hindsman. Sabrina 73. 235 Hindsman, Vonda 73. 94. 254 Hinerfeld, Benjamin 69. 71. 79. 82. 56 83. 84. 85. 181 Hirak, Andrew 235 Hirsch. Karen 82. 83. 181 Hirschberg, Robert 96. 103. 254 Hirsh, Carolyn 184 Hoag. Ralph 254 Hoff, Michael 254 Hoffman, Rockwell 184 Hoffman, Peter 75. 110. 127. 254 Hogan, Atasha 117. 235 Hogan, Leslie 184 Hollars, Lisa 254 Hollaway, April Hollaway. Toshlko 235 Hollln, Marc 103. 235 Holllnsworth, Mary 108. 127. 184. 281 Holllnsworth, Michael 67. 235 Holmes, Le June 254 Holt, Michael 235 Holt, Ronette 254 Holt, Tamlka 50. 62. 72. 79. 81. 133. 184 133. 184 Horner. Geoffrey 74. 235 Hostman. Jeanne 254 Houseknecht, Eric 254 Hovls, James 254 How aid, Matthew 126. 184 Howell, Kelly 254 Hudson. Deborah 81. 254 Huff, Kimberly 254 Hughes. Jason 106. 108. 121. 235 Humphreys, Stephanie 64. 79. 84. 133 184 Hungsavaisya, Rachaneeporn 64. 69. 70 72. 184 Hunter. Karen 112. 235 Hutchinson, Lori 89. 185 Hyams, Michelle 185 Hyams. Steven 117. 235 T7 INTEGRA • ICE CREAM • I.Q. • IA-J COCCA • I.Q.U. lezzi, Mark 254 Iflll, Christina 49. 69. 96. 101. 185 lies, Joseph 69. 102. 185 Im, Judy 64. 79. 115. 188 Im. Tina 235 Inazu, Scott 89. 254 Innes, Car In 81. 185 Intemann, Peter 67, 75. 236 Isserman, Brian 71. 236 Isserman, Steven 89. 185 lullanl, Gina 75. 254 Iu I Ian , Vincent 254 JEOPARDY • JUST SAY NO JESSIE JACK-SON • JEANS Jacobs, Andrew 64. 69. 70. 80. 91. 93. 185. 191 Jacobson. Barry 63. 70. 71. 73. 74. 126 254 Jack, Charlsse 236 Jackson, David 236 Jackson. Evelyn 236 Jaggers. Nlcols 236 James, Lorlne 188 James, Tara 84. 254 Jamison, Vanessa 188 Jansen, Michael 72, 188 Jarrett-Kane, Michael 236 Jaslow, Rebecca 64. 69. 77. 83. 84 188 Jaworskl, Alysla 188 Jeanquart, Christina 7A. 188 Jeanquart, Keith 236 Jefferson, Dominick 107. 108. 236 Jesson, Jennlver 96. 102. 236 Jessop, Michael 188 Jhawar, Andy 57. 66. 68. 75. 77. 254 Johnson, Dawn 108 Johnson, Ellen 236 Johnson. Eric 107. 108. 236 Johnson, Megan 54. 64. 79. 112. 189 Johnson, Michelle 236 Johnson, Ronald 236 Johnson. Steven 73. 74. 79. 108. 189 Johnson, Troy 73. 108. 254 290 IndexKessel, Bettina 72. 75. 193 Kiber. Francis 236 Kieserman. James 74. 79. 120. 132. 193 Killeen. Matthew 236 m. Christine 57. 63. 68. 70. 71. 72. 73. 75. 82. 83. 84. 89 254 Kim, Dong Hyun(David) 68. 73. 77. 254 Kim. Hyun Chin 84. 193 Kim. Pong Yong Tae 236 Klmes. Nie! 64. 193 Klntlsch. Jean 64. 69. 75. 80. 83. 84. 87. 103. 190. 193 Kirk, Dawn 254 Kiszka, Jennifer 92 Kleimon. Richard 254 Klein. MarIJke 47. 70. 71. 72. 74. 255 f «nf, Mark 115. 236 Knapp. Walter 68. 72. 77. 255 Knight, Angela 236 fnox, Richard 131 oc . Eric 193 Koder, Dawn 123. 255 Kofi, Karl 64. 75. 193 Kohlos, Christopher 236 Kolonls, Thomas 193 Kolonsky, Jennifer 69. 70. 71. 194 Konzelman, Sandra 81. 255 Kornfleld, Heath 236 for, Jeffrey 6 7. 117. 236 Kramer. James 194 Krause, Paul 48 56. 194 Kromdyk.. Jessica 64. 79. 112. 194 Kromdyk, Melissa 94 Kruglyak, Semyon 89. 237 Krull, Karen 255 Krupnlck, Jaime-Ann 237 Krupnlck. Karl62. 64. 69. 74. 114 186. 194 Kucera, Steven 194 Kufta, Amanda 47. 71. 75. 112. 255 fo n, 1 m 189 Kaminski, Steven 243 Kanner, Seth 103. 236 Kaplan, Debroah 62. 64. 69. 74. 182. 192 Karn, David 110. 254 Kasdln, Tovah 82. 192 Katollk. Leonid 57. 68. 70. 83. 84. 94. 117. 254 Katollk, Vlra 236 Katz, Jill 74. 236 Kauffman, Brain 236 Kaufman, Amy 115. 192 Kaufman, Jennifer 192 Keane. Michael 83. 254 Keeley. Faith 192 Keeley, Marta 236 Kehoe, Sean 192 Kelly, Diane 92. 93. 192 Keller, Jennifer 236 Keller, Michelle 75. 236 Kelley, Steven 96. 254 Kennedy, Michelle 63. 94. 236 Ken worthy, Sean 192 Kerner. Holly 84 254 fo rorj, Joseph 68. 77. 82. 102. 117. 255 Kukura, Justin 237 Kurland, Shawn 255 Kutzler, Christopher 194 Kwon, Shawn 73. 77. 237 Johnson, Troy 106. 126 Johnston, Brian 189 Johnston, Lor! 236 Jonas, Arthur 236 Jones. Anlssa 189 Jones, Anita 67. 74. 94. 236 Jones, Brian 189 Jones, Charles 70. 74. 79. 108. 126 Jones, Derrick 108. 254 Jones. Lawrence 71. 73. 107. 108. 189 Jones. Margo 81. 89. 189 Jones. Nancy 71. 75. 102. 254 Jordan, Lee 73. 236 Joseph, Eric Bradley 236 Josephs, Jonathan 236 K MART • KAMIKAZE • KIRK CAMERON • KUNG FU Lackman. Andrew 92. 93. 121. 125 Lanclano. Christine 255 Lanclano, Vincent 194 Land la, Brian 195 Lang, Amy 79. 195 Langan, Daniel 195 Lapa, Liliana 64. 75. 108. 187. 195. 281 Lapa, Marla 108 La Rash, Christine 70. 255 Larson, Lynne 64. 77. 83. 195 Laub, Jason 70. 71. 175 Lauch, Scott 237 Laudlco, Ramil 195 Laukaltls, Noel 68. 255 Laumer, Dina 66. 79. 112. 125. 255 Laurelll, Mary 237 Laurelll, Vincent 255 Laurlello, Lawrence 237 Lauts, Jeffrey 195 Lavelle, William 196 Lawrence, Richard 237 Lawrence. Robert 107. 108. 255 Le. Lily 68. 75. 85. 255 Lead ford, Leonard 237 Lebeau, Michelle 69. 125. 196 Ledebur, Paul 110. 196 Led with, Kevin 237 Lee, Adriana 70. 73. 84. 92. 255 Lee, Charles 196 Lee, James 69. 196 Lee, Kevin 73. 255 Lee. Mark 71. 73. 255 Lempa. Janet63. 66. 81. 102. 125. 255 Lenard, Shawn 237 Lentz, Charles 92. 237 Leonard, Eve 112. 237 Leonard, Stephen 126. 255 Leper, Felice 56. 57. 64. 69. 70. 77. 83. 84. 183. 196 Laporace, Joseph 237 Lepore, Janlne 54. 55. 64. 69. 75. 79. 196 Leube, Kristen 255 Leube, Matthew 64. 71 Levin. Julie 63. 67. 74. 237 Levine, Wendy 54. 75. 237 Levy. Mamie 94. 237 Lewis, Amy 125. 255 Lewis, Cathy 196 Lewis. Misha 196 Lewis. Rita 94. 237 Lleberman, Stacey 75 Llesche, Sonja 255 Llgglns, Leon 255 Llm, Darren 57. 68. 70. 77. 93. 102. 255 Llm, Hannah 56. 64. 69. 73. 89. 92. 103. 197 Lin. Carl 73. 89. 117. 237 Lin, Elbert 68. 73. 77. 84. 255 Lindsay, Levonne 64. 69. 197 Lineman, Peter 48. 62. 64. 197 Link, Brandon 108. 197 Link, Yvette 237 Lipin ski, Michelle 66. 102. 255 Llpton, Jamie 69. 72. 74. 197 List, Matthew 110. 121. 255 Llttlg, Scott 255 Llttman, Matthew 255 Liu, Dorothy 69. 75. 94. 191. 197 Llvezey, Amy 62. 64. 79. 125. 197 Livingston, Geoffrey 67. 83. 237 Llanos, Tomas 74. 255 Lloyd, Gwynn 112. 237 Lombard, David 115, 197 Lombardi. Raffaela 75. 237 London, David 198 Lonesky, Timothy 198 Longstreth, Tammy 198 Lostracco, Jospeh 255 Lott. Donald 75. 198. 281 Love. Courtney 198 Lowery. Monica 198 Lowery, Shirley 237 Lowry, Steven 198 Lucas. Martin 198 Lucas, Thomas 255 Luce, Stephanie 237 Luetkemeyer, Trlstessa 94. 255 Luglnbuhl, Ian 96. 102. 255 Lukas. Erich 69. 89. 103. 199 Lukas. Karen 112, 237 Luongo, Jennifer 255 Lynch. George 237 m M M'S • MERRIL LYNCH • MINI SKIRTS • MTV Mrs. Elva Manton. valued member of the high school secretarial staff and regent of the faculty mail room, is retiring at the end of this school term after 19 years of dedicated service. The ORACLE staff is especially indebted to Mrs Manton for her assistance throughout the year We ll miss her. Indei 291Mac Nlcol, Greg 237 Maddox, Gregory 74, 255 Madlanos, Katina 57. 70. 71. 75. 255 Mahon, Sheila 237 Mahon, Tracy 255 Maler, Heather 255 Maler, Lisa 255 Main, Megan 84. 256 Major, A. Rocco 74. 237 Major, Adam 256 Major, Michelle 256 Mak, David 103. 237 Malatesta, Francis 199 Malloy, Carolyns4. 79. 112. 179. 183. 199 Malloy. Christopher 103. 124. 199 Mallozzl, Theresa 237 Malnati, Aimee 47. 62. 63. 70. 71. 77. 82. 256 Manclnl, Robyn 79. 94. 133. 256 Mandel, Bonnie 49. 62. 64. 74. 94. 199 Mandler, James 237 Manor, Crystal 237 Manzo, Tina 199 Margallth, Dana 256 Marlon, Hilary66. 68. 70. 71. 74. 82. 83. 84. 86. 256 Markham. Gregory 199 Markowlch, Shari 64. 84. 200 Mar one, Michael 237 Manhall, Trevlna 63. 73 Marszalek, Jennifer 112. 256 Masclone, Jennifer 67. 75. 237 Mast In, Charles 25. 200 Maslln, Keith 237 MasnyJ, Victor 74. 256 Mason. Jonathan 237 Mason. Pamela 67. 125. 237 Mason, Tiffany 256 Mason, War ran 73. 200 Massaro, Anthony 63. 68. 71. 73. 77. 89 117. 256 Mat Iso ff. Joshua 92. 256 Afjtz. Sfacey 66. 74. 102. 256 Maxymulk, Rebecca 47. 256 Mazur, Ryan 237 A c AtIster, Jessica 102. 256 Me Alpln, Rebecca 66. 68. 70, 71. 84. 114. 256 Me Call, Michael 62. 71. 200 Me Carthy, Heather 63. 66. 70. 75. 84. 256 Me Carthy, Rodney 238 Me Caughey, Christopher 31. 256 Me Caul, Melanie 81. 238 Me ClinnIs, Matthew 256 Me Colgan, Sandy 68. 102. 256 Me Cormlck, Patricia 200 Me Cown, Michael 200 Me Cormlck, Mike 92. 256 Me Creary, Thomas 238 Me Dowell, Aaron 200 Me Dowell. Heather 117. 256 Me Ewen, Donald 200 Me Ewen, Sherri 256 Me Fadden, Donna 102. 256 Me Fadden, Patrick 201 Me Grath, Mamie 62. 79. 114. 201 Me Grath, Paul 238 Me Hale. Brian 64. 201 Me La ugh II n, Patrick 201 Me Lean, Barry, 256 Me London, Erika 256 Me Manus. David 62. 69. 70. 79. 124. 201 Me Namara, Erin 67. 238 Me Neill, William 89. 256 Meek ling, Alison 47. 112. 201 Melnke, Richard 201 Melnlkoff, Ray 89. 256 Mendelsohn, David 256 Merves. Scott 66. 75. 84. 89. 256 Meslna, Lynette 70. 73. 77. 84. 256 Meslna, Vivien 73. 238 Metz, Patrick 238 Meyer, Elizabeth 63. 67. 75. 238 Michaels, Philip 107. 108 Mlletto, Joseph 238 Mills, Malcolm 63. 67. 73. 74. 238 Millard, Jennifer 94. 256 Miller, Brian 238 Miller, Craig 70. 124. 256 Miller, Donna 67. 124. 238 Miller, Hans 256 Miller, Heather 93. 187. 202 Miller, Jennifer 64. 69. 75. 80. 84. 86. 202 Miller, Steven 66. 256 Miller, Tamar 114. 238 Milligan, Marlene 256 Mills, Kevin 74. 75. 79. 108. 126. 202 Mina, Jennifer 202 Mlnda, Marilyn 50. 62. 64. 65. 69. 71. 75. 80. 202 Mishkin, Jonathan 108. 256 Mitchell, Sherman 238 Mohsenlan, Roy a 256 Monhelt. Scott 202 Monterosso, Sabrina 75. 238 Montgomery, Scott 202 Moon, Sung Joo 68. 69. 202 MOore, Angellque 94. 203 Moore, Thomas 108 Mooring, Angelo 108. 256 Mordan, Victoria 54. 75. 114 Morrel, Jeanne 238. 102 Morris, Holly 203 Morris, Jennifer 203 Morris. Maureen 69. 70. 71. 75. 84. 257 Morrison. Nicole 117. 203 Moser, Brett 203 Moskowltz, Linda 257 Moss. Dana 66. 70. 75. 79. 114. 257 Motz, Jason 238 Mundy, Leonard 69. 70. 84. 85. 203 Murphy. John 238 Murphy. Kathryn 257 NIGHT COURT • NICARAGUA • NACHOS • NADA • NOW Naselsky. Mama 257 Nash, Carol 238 Naylor, Michelle 81, 257 Neff. Emllle 56. 64. 69. 79. 112. 186. 203 Neff, Robert 67. 238 Nelh, Charles 257 Newell, Christopher 68. 257 Newman, Christina 73. 257. 102 Newman, Michelle 203. 123. 62 Newman, Patrlna 257 Nguyen, Anh Huy 70. 73. 79. 92. 204 Nguyen, Mlnh 73. 112. 238 Nguyen, Trung66. 68. 71. 73. 257. 117 Nicole, Julie 204 Nlemczura, Robert 257 Nltzky, Stephanie 238 Nobles, Michael 257 Norman, Kimberly 75. 112. 238 Nosal, Michael 204 Notaro, Connie 75. 204 281 Notaro, Peter 238 Nowak, Christine 67. 238 Nowak, Scott 257 Nuessle, Lori 257 OPRAH • OLIVER NORTH • OLYMPICS • OBSESSION O'Brien, Michael 238 O’Connell, Christine, 21 O'Connor, Judith 106. 123. 204 O’Donnell, Amy 238 O’Donnell, Christopher 107. 108. 131. 257 Odums, Dellclta 204 Oh. Christine 73. 94. 112, 238 O'Hara, Colleen 257 Okabayshl, Eric 127. 204 Okamoto, Jodie 54. 64. 69. 79. 112. 186 204 Older, Michael 257 O’Leary, Timothy 198. 121. 238 Ollmpo. Alex 205 O’Neill, Heather 257 Orleans, Elizabeth 238 Orllna, Mandrel I 107. 238 Orllna, Detasla 108. 238 Orzechowskl. John 70. 79. 110. 186. 205 Oser, Keith 102. 205 O’Toole, Amy 257 Overholt, Michael 70. 71. 57. 83. 205 Ozols, Kristina 112. 205 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA PIZZA • PENN • PONTIAC Packard, Alicia 257 Pakman, James 238 Panning, Eric 57. 257 Paris, Lisa 49. 205 292 IndexPark, Justins 72. 205 Park, Pearl 57. 63. 68. 71. 72. 73. 75. 84. 94. 257 Parker, Christopher 120. 205 Parker, Kimberly 206 Parsha, David69. 74. 79. 110. 111. 126. 206 Pashman, Stef ant 64. 69. 75. 80. 84. 86. 182. 206 Patterson, Kwame 238 Pavlc, Jon 206 Pearce, William 96. 103. 206 Pederzanl, K. Bruce 257 Peoples, Kelly 206 Perlnl, Ellsabetta 72. 125. 206 Perlman, Ryan 66. 70. 84. 89. 257 Perry, Gavin 257 Peterman, John 79. 238. 124 Peters, Charles 206 Peters. Kelly 81. 120. 257 Petrie, Carlton 108. 257 Pettlnato, Michael 103. 257 Petrozelll, Leigh 207 Pezzullo, Alexis 66. 68. 127. 257 Pfefferle, Karen 71. 79. 114. 238 Phlllpsen, Kimberly 257 P i p . Caro 92. 238 Phillips, Edward 238 Phillips, George 238 Phillips, Karen 207 Plckerglll. Jllllan 207 Plnsly, Jeremy 69. 71. 74. 108. 207 Pinto, Carll 238 P zar, Craig 68. 102. 124. 257 P anfa. Sfoarf 131. 207 Platt, Marlene 102. 257 P on, S. David 92. 207 Ploszay, Dawn 238 Plum, Matthew 207 Podwll, Daniel 207 Po » , Jo »n 238 Polerl, Jamie 66. 257 Polln, Allison 66. 68. 70. 71. 72. 75. 84. 92. 257 Potere, Michelle 74. 94. 257 Potere, Trlna 94. 239 Poffj, James 239 Prescott, Nicole 207 Preston, Kristy 93. 257 Price, Donald 208 Propato, Pasquale 208. 281 Propato, Teresa 66. 71. 75. 84. 94. 257 Pugllese, Rachel 208 Pollcarl, Mar lei la 75. 239 Pullcarl, Tina 75. 257 Purnell, Derek 239 Pa var, Cana 69. 74. 209 Reynolds, Diane 209 Reynolds, Keith 74. 79. 124. 209 Reynolds. Richard 77. 79. 115. 239 Reynolds, Robert 239 Reynolds, Sharon 258 Rheem, Donna 239 P xx a, Katherine 71. 77. 102. 239 Rhynhart, Dan 70. 71. 75. 84. 258 QUARTERBACK • QUICHE QUIZ • QUADROPHONIC Quackenbush, Deborah 239 Quinn, Mark 126. 257 Quinn, Scott 257 REAGAN • ROCK J AND ROLL REEBOKS Q • RIZZO • REESES Rice, Dejuan 258 Rice, Michael 209 Rice, Richard 239 Rice, Robert 239 P ca, Tyvan 117. 127. 258 Richards. Eric 239 Rickard. Guy 239 Ricker, Deborah 67. 239 Ringer, Scott 258 Ripley, Jill 209 Risen, Douglas 71. 83. 239 Ritter, Gregory 209. 281 Ritchie, Reynolds 96. 117. 258 Rlveron, Dennis 209 Rlvkln, Jennifer 56 69. 75. 77. 209 Roatch, David 64. 74. 108. 109. 126. 186. 210 Roach, Denise 258 Ralsch, John 239 Rambo, Richard 108. 124. 239 Ramil, Jennifer 62. 208 Randa, Albert 239 Randolph, Sean 239 Rash, Michael 239 Ratsor, Bernadette 239 Reavls, Saeema 117 Reed. Scott 239 Reed, Trade 84. 208 Retch, Jessamyn 56. 69. 75. 208 Reid, Nicole 64. 208 Re!fen. Iris 258 Re!fen, Leehee 208 Relmenschnelder, Georgeen 239 Robb, Michael 239 Roberts, Stacey 123. 258 Roberts, Marshall 73. 79. 106. 107. 108. 190. 210 Robinson, Christopher 108. 258 Robinson, Ira 239 Robinson, Jamie 108. 258 Robinson, Malachl 239 Rodin, Lisa 74. 210 Rodoff, Kenneth 70. 74. 258 Roesing, Kristy 72. 84. 112. 258 Roesser, Allison 210 Rollins, Kenneth 258 Roma, Kristi 92. 210 Romano, Jennifer 210 Rondlnolll, David 239 Rooney, Peter 239 Rose, Brian 210 Rose, R. Wesley 239 Rose. Sarabeth 258 Rose, Susan 239 Rose, Theresa 258 Rosenberg, Andrew 258 Rosenfeld, Karen 49. 102. 120. 258 Rosenthal, Hope 47. 210 Rosenthal, Lisa 63. 66. 68. 70. 71. 82. 92. 258 Rosete-Dollnsky, Melissa 239 Ross. Alphonso 239 Ross, Jerry 258 Roth, Michael 239 Rotten berg, Mark 70. 211 Rowe, Karin 74. 211 Rowen, Dana 211 Rudesyle, Jeffrey 239 Rudoy, Allison 239 Rudoy, Caroline 75. 83. 84. 87. 211 Russo. Kathleen 239 ST. ELSEWHERE « STING S.A.T. « SOWETO • SIXTIES Sagnls, Dawn 239 Salazar, Phillip 239 Sampson, Dawn 211 Sams, William 48. 258 Sanchez. Marla 70. 71. 72. 75. 84. 258 Sanders, Eric 179. 211 Sanders, Chad 239 Sandler, Daniel 239 Sandy. Dawn 71. 94. 258 Santangelo. Thomas 70. 74. 110. 126. 258 Santiago, Tony 46. 239 Santone, Christina 239 Saracenl, Paul 74. 258 Satchell, Trlna 258 Saunders. Kelly 68. 73. 102. 258 Saunders, Pamela 77. 211 Saunders, Shelly 73. 258 Saunders, Tara 240 Saurman, Gary 258 Index 293Saurman. Jeffrey 211 Savadove. Abble 240 Sax. David 57. 69. 75. 212 Saylor. Sandra 57. 75. 79. 133. 258 Scarpello, Daniel 212 Schaller, Geoffrey 102. 240 Scheff. William 258 Schermerhorn. Douglas 258 Scherrer, Susan 112. 240 Schlffman. Laura 89. 92. 93. 212 Schiller. Joanna 64. 74. 212 Schiller. Kirk 212 Schlank. Marne 212 Sc blank. Todd 89. 258 Schllsman. Andrew 124. 240 Schllsman. Scott 212 Schlorff. Brian 82. 84. 191. 212 Schmolllnger. Lauren 240 Scholfleld. Christ In 71. 240 Scholz. Stephen 240 Schott. Stephanie 70. 71. 258 Schrader. Heidi 240 Schramm, Christopher 108. 240 Schreiner. Mary 258 Schuler. Garth 240 Schumaker. David 258 Schwartz. Jason 71. 240 Schwartzsteln. Matthew 94. 259 Schwelzer. Charles 92 Scoff. Allen 240 Scoff. Christy 259 Scoff. David 82 184. 213 Scoff, Howard 259 Scoff. 259 Seabrook. Matthew 70. 74. 79. 110. 126 259 Seaforth. Jorglanne 213 So . 101. 191. 213 Senger. Genevieve 213 Sers. Robert 115. 213 Seydel. Lynn 79. 133. 259 Seymour. Qulntlna 259 Shack lady. Keith 213 Shaffer, Philip 259 Shaffer. Scott 94. 259 Shakesby. Jennifer M2. 240 S hand lay. Joseph 259 Shock man, Howard 259 S wi r, Kurt 82. 79. 110. 213 Shenkman, Arlen 213 Shepherd. Jennfler 62. 64. 79. 112. 214 Sheridan. Tara 240 Shields, Linda 62. 69. 100. 102. 214 Shlenbaum. Gregg 74. 240 Shlhadeh. Dana 240 Shoe key, Robert 124. 240 Shorr, Jill 214 Short, Marian 240 Shrager. Heidi 133. 259 Shuman, John 240 Shuttleworth. Timothy 103. 259 S otf . Amy 68. 70. 71. 74. 84 Siegel, Franclne 214 Sllberman, Michael 62. 64. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 74. 214 Simon, Douglas 240 Simon, Eric 182. 214 Sims, Aaron 74. 240 Sims, Mar lain a 259 Slnnamon, Craig 120. 214 S or, m 240 Sllfkln, Matthew 240 Sllpakoff. Line 125. 240 Sljuka, Katherine 114. 240 Smallwood. Quan 240 Smlgel, Kim 214 Smith, Catrlna 215 Smith, Ian 69. 96. 102. 215 Smith. Robert 215 Smolda. Stephen 62. 79. 215 Soboleskl, Edle 215 Sokorda, Fiorina 114. 215 Sokarda. Ollvera 63. 66. 68. 70. 75. 82 114. 259 Sokolova, Samuel! 1. 82. 83. 215 Somers, Katie 259 Soplnsky, Jordan 240 Sorber, Timothy 108. 127. 240 Sozlo, Jennifer 240 Spasarl. Deana 240 Spatola, Rita 72. 75. 215 Splewak. Jessica 67. 72. 75. 240 Sf. Phara. Dimitri 79. 110. 259 Stahl. Christina 240 Stanlszewskl. Joseph 69. 72. 89. 96 102. 115 Starr, Stephen 259 Stasen, Christopher 241 Stelffenhofer, Heidi 69 Stein, Joshua 108. 241 Steinberg, Eugene 69 Stelngard, Yale 7A. 126. 259 Stella, Nichole 191 Stenn, Gerald 241 Stenn, Joseph 241 Stern, Michael 57 Stewart, Jamie 108. 241 Stock. Michael 241 Stocks. Karyn 71. 94. 112. 241 Stoerrle, Robert 56. 57 Story, Katherine 259 Stoudt, Thomas 69. 79. 56 Stoudt, Kevin 124. 241 Strauss, Andrew 259 Strieker, Susan 81. 259 Strlttmatter, Katherine 62. 64. 70. 71. 79. 91. 125. 178 Strother, Tracy 117. 241 Sullivan, Lewis 259 Sullivan, Megan 125. 241 Summers, Joseph 108 Supslc, Marc 94. 241 Swan, Aaron 259 Sweeney. Patricia 241 Swlderskl, Donna 47. 259 Swlrsdlng, David 259 tn THREE MEN AND A BABY TOP GUN • —A I TEMPLE • TOTO Taka hash I, Tomoml 73 Tancor, Nicole 217. 281 Tancor, Roberto 241 Tanovan, David 7A. 217 Tanovan, Vickie 68. 70. 75. 77. 79. 83. 84. 112. 259 Taylor, Daniel 241 Taylor, Robert 108. 117. 259 Teller. Shelbee 47. 217 Thackray. Theresa 259 Thayne, Stacey 217 Thomas, Bryan 259 Thomas. Jane! 123. 259 Thomas, Kim 259 Thomas, Rochelle 259 Thompson. Blair 73 Thompson, Jerald 259 Thompson, Karen 259 Thompson, Sean 110. 218 Thonann, Tina 241 Timbers. Brian 182. 218 Timm, William 259 77ft », jimM 259 ro6 n, Jennifer 125. 259 Todd. Bradford 259 rodrf, Christian 260 Tolbert. Terrence 94. 106. 108. 127. 260 Tolliver. Regina 218 Tomeo, Jocelyn 218 Topfer, Elvira 72. 260 Topkls. Douglas 69. 72. 74. 79. 126. 218 Torresanl. Ga brie lie 241 Torres. Lisa 218 Tow, Shan I 56 A. 69. 74. 218 Towner. Michael 241 7rjuf , Kathryn 102. 125. 219 Patricia 102. 115. 260 Treadwell, Kobey 241 Tresslder, Michael 219 Trevant. Gaetane 260 Trlchon, Ronald 74. 260 Trofln, Anka 241 7 offcr, Gj 73. 102. 108. 260 Trotter, Guy 127. 260 Tslnajlnnie, Eugene 70. 71. 117. 219 Tucker. Julie 2A1 Tunney, William 241 Tuz, Peter 115. 241 Tyan, Brian 69. 96. 102. 219U2 • UNDERGRADUATE USSR • UNISEX • UFO Ulmer, Jeffrey 96, 260 Umberhauer, Erick 260 Wachlnskl. Daniel 62. 79. 127. 220 Wackerman, Austin 74. 241 Waetjen, Bruce 220 Wagner Jamison 79. 108. 131. 178. 220 Wagner, Jonathan 74. 108. 240 Wahus, Erik 89 Waite, Timothy 68. 75. 117. 260 Walsh, Kevin 62. 64. 127. 132. 187. 221 Walters, Stanley 7A. 127. 260 Walton, Christopher 260 Walton, Thomas 260 Ward, Janet 66. 84. 260 Ward, Steven 241 Warfield, Brian 131. 221 Washington, Keltla 71. 72. 260 Washington, Klshba 62. 63. 73. 74. 77. 241 VOLVO • VIETNAM • VASSAR VANNA WHITE • VIDEOS Vahedi, Monica 241 Valentine, Michael 126. 241 Valera, Michael 219 Valovlch, Wayne 241 Van Allen, Kimberly 260 Van Buren, Christopher 69. 79. 110. 111. 126. 179. 219 Van Horn, Britton 94. 219 Vance, Lloyd 92. 131. 219 Vant. Elizabeth 69. 220 Vavallo, Jennifer 75. 241 Varelll, Michelle 241 Vaughn, Allssa 92. 241 Vaughn, Dennlne 241 anay. 7o » i 108. 241 Veney, Levodes 127, 220 Verdon, Michael 71. 220 Vase , Vincent 220 Vickers, Stephen 115 Vlghettl, Lee 241 Vlghettl, Michael 241 yoa Aar. Pamela 84. 220 Vo p, William 79. 124. 241 Washington, Stephanie 241 Wafson. Atoarf 260 Watts. David 260 Watts, Denise 260 Watts, Tracy 241 Waugh, Irene 221 WaaAs, Casay 260 Wear, au 260 Wa . Marltz 260 Weber, Jennifer 221 Weggel. Robert 241 Weller. Tom 69. 221 Weinberg. Andrea 260 Weinberg, Nancy 77. 260 Weiner, Cristl 241 Weinle, Norma 221 Weinstein, Jennifer 260 Weinstein, Randee 75. 260 Welsbrot, Sally 241 Wa ss. fr c 260 Wa ss, Julie 221 Welsh. Heather 241 Wengel, Jason 241 Werner, Jonny 221 Wasf, ACaWn 260 Whalen. Cynthia 222 Wheeler, Rodney 64. 179. 222 W » sman. Michelle 242 W » fa, Eunice 66. 70. 82. 260 W » fa. Heather 74. 242 W » fa, 7oy 67. 242 White, William 242 Whitney, James 64. 131. 222 Whitney. Reece 127. 222 Whitney, Stacy 67. 123. 242 Wlk, Timothy 242 Williams, Barlrlcla 64. 79. 89. 133. 222 Williams, Bonnie 75. 222 Williams, Carmen 242 Williams, David 242 Williams, James 260 Williams, Kathleen 70. 84. 222 Williams, Lacountess 49. 66. 73. 260 Williams, Lee 222 Williams, Michelle 223 Williams, Troy 242 Williamson, Keith 260 Williamson, Tracy 242 Wilson, Barbara 102. 223 Wilson, Danielle 74. 242 Winder. Jill 260 Winstead, George 126. 260 Winter. Melanie 242 Winters. Kelna 125. 242 Wittenberg. Randy 20. 89. 242 Wolfe, Justin 117 Wolfgang, Harry 260 Wolkov, Alan 66. 70. 75. 89. 260 Wo . Frederick 66. 68. 70. 75. 77. 117 124. 126. 260 Woodrow, Jessica 260 Woodruff, Raymond 260 Wopperer. Jennifer 77. 82. 92. 93. 223 Wopperer, Martha 92. 242 Wordlnger, Ann 64. 65. 79. 123. 190. 223 Wright, Jaclne 223 Wuchter, Jennifer 242 Wurster, Angela 223 Wurster, Lisa 242 Wustner, Jason 223 Wynne. William 260 Wysockl, Thomas 242 Yannaccone, Gary 242 Kaars, 7assa 66. 260 K , PongHun68. 70. 71. 73. 75. 77. 260 K , Sonhwa 69. 70. 75. 223 Koo, aa Young 242 Young, Cynthia 54. 242 Young, Jennifer 55. 224 Kuan, Afa S »an 260 ZAPPA • Z-CAR • ZOO ZZ TOP • ZIGGY • 7777 Zblnden, Christine 67. 242 Za tt, Wandy 89. 92. 93. 224 Zellnger, Stacey 71. 82. 224 Zaras, .aura 92. 260 Ziegler, Christine 117 Zlev, Kimberly 57. 66. 70. 71. 84. 260 ZnaA, Michelle 67. 242 Zohar, Ran 224 Zoller, Charles 224 Zo o, Christine 62. 75. 224 Zucker, Adam 70. 74. 260 Zucker, Andrew 242 ZucAar, 0aW4 108. 260 Yablonovltz, Seth 242 Index 295Parting WE’RE OUTTA HERE [ANOTHER Y! S TIME TO SA' NOW FAREWELL TO

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