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' ABIWBtOI HIGH’SOHOOL ABINGTON PA 19p01 PA r'iil TV A ACTIVITIES. . . .4 f CLUBS. 60 SPORTS..106 rFACLlfTY q?£ATIV . 138 ACTIVITIES UNDERCLASS. 158 SENIORS....188 ADVERTISING 264 «It is the province of knowledge to speak, and Superintendent Abington Board Of School Directors Seated: Beverly Freed, Murial Alt, Adele Block, Elaine Shay. Standing: Dr Leonard Rosenfeld. President; Dr. Melvin McMaster. Dr. George Manaker, Vice-President Richard Holloway, Peter Dreifus.if is the privilege of wisdom to listen. Oliver Wendell Holmes John Skilton Assistant Principal David Schramm Assistant Principal G. Donnon McGinley Assistant Principal TO THE CLASS OF 1987: All of your school life has been filled with questions and answers. Some of the questions were easy to answer, and some were more difficult, but you somehow found enough answers to prepare yourself for graduation. Your parents and your teachers pointed the way for you, but the effort was yours alone. Several final questions remain, and the answers will come only with time and experience. There are no quick answers. Am I ready to take my place in the world? What if I am not? What will I do? These thoughts have crossed each of your minds. Over the years many seniors have asked themselves the questions, and just as many have found the answers within themselves. For some, the process was quick and sure; for others it was slower and more laborious, but answers were found. You, too, will find your place in life. The time has come to bid farewell to each other. It seems almost paradoxical that such a happy occasion has, for many, tinges of the somber and the sober. You are gaining a new found freedom, but you are parting from friends. You are pleased with the stamp of acceptance your diploma gives you, but you must also face responsibilities that go with your new status. New questions will arise, but within you is the answer to what your place will be in life. Good-by and Good Luck, The AdministrationENGLISH The Abington Senior High School English Department has developed a tradition of outstanding teaching of literature, composition, and language. The course of study in English II focuses on American literature. The required writers include Emerson, Steinbeck, and Hemingway. The English III program concentrates on British literature with readings from the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Conrad. English IV emphasizes World Literature and focuses on some of the world's greatest authors: Sophocles. Dante, and Flaubert. The English Department is currently exploring the many applications of the computer that will augment the fine program of instruction in composition and language now in place. Gerald Atpaugh Charles Baker Thomas J. Connor Ralph Maltese Joanne Mault Millicent Neff Charles E. Schneller - 20'•n MATHEMATICS = x-2. The Mathematics Department has the dual responsibility of curriculum development and implementation in both mathematics and computer science. The department is constantly involved with the examination of new text materials, the reevaluation of courses and their curric-ulums and the revising of these courses when necessary. The most recent change involving the Class of t987 is the implementation of the state mandated requirement of a third year of mathematics. The goal of our department is to provide a continious mathematical sequence and meaningful classroom experience for students of every ability level. Paul Swedberg Eileen White Jeanne YeagleSCIENCE The Science Department is an interaction of the physical and biological disciplines. It ranges from the required basics in Biology to Advance Placement courses. Intermediary interests include practical and physical sciences and Advdnced Biology. Courses are also available in Chemistry and Physics. Advanced Placement college-level courses in Biology. Chemistry, and Physics are offered, too. Except for Biology, courses are elected. Such courses are designed to further the science knowledge of both those students dspiring to attend college, and those students desiring a better understanding of science for personal gratification. Special interest courses are offered in Aerospace Science, Ecology, and Field Biology. Richard Bell Howard Boyer Richard T. Butler William Manogg James Riley Samuel P Roeder 24H Samuel Stewart Richard M Thomas W.lliam R. Thrush Sally A vonMeyer 25Donnelly Casto I. Barry Friedman Joan Gallagher James Halpin Thomas J. Nyman Frank J Salerno DeWitte Shipley 26Donald Albert Esperanza Galshack Louise Hively Vincent A. Pezzullo Phyllis Schlanger Carrie Stefanelli Fredda Weinfeid 29GUIDANCE The Guidance Department has the task of helping students make present and future decisions. This can include academic success, career choice, personal concerns, employment and future education. The counseling staff utilizes both group and individual contacts to assist students and their parents in the search for options and alternatives. The department uses a number of information systems, including the English III career development program, evening seminars for parents, and lunch hour group guidance sessions for interested students. Also, students cdn use the VICS computer information system, or visit a school or college campus by making use of the video cassette and laser disc equipment. Other information channels include the Guidance Newsletter, visits by school and college representatives, departmental handouts booklets, and a number of bulletin boards throughout the building. lenore Leonard Jeffrey Mormon Samuel McNaughtBUSINESS Office careers today offer more opportunities for an interesting and satisfying career than ever before. Government and industry continue to report a shortage of well-trained secretaries, clerks, and data processing personnel in all parts of the country. To help alleviate this problem the Business Department offers courses in Information Processing and Executive Business Training, which includes instruction in word processing and the use of memory typewriters. A new word processor and personal computers are now in the information processing lab. This equipment is available to all business students. The Business Department stands willing and able to help prepare students for well-paying jobs in the business world, or for entrance into degree granting institutions of higher learning specializing in various business occupations. Beatrice Barrett Dorothy Cross Ruth A. Fechter Ray Reber Ruth Weinstein 31INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts Department began reorganization in the 1983-84 school year. This included grade ten as well as eleven and twelve. In 1984-85 the new Trades and Industrial Occupations Program was designed by the Industrial Arts Department and became a part of the course offering. This program gives the Tech School-oriented student a chance to sample Carpentry, Small Engines, Graphic Arts, Basic Drawing, Electricity, Machine Shop, Auto Body and Auto Mechanics in the tenth grade. The regular Industrial Arts program teaches skills and attitudes working with wood, plastic, metal, mechanical drawing, electronics, and jewelry. These courses are offered in beginning and advanced shop teachings. 32SPECIAL EDUCATION The Special Education program at the high school supports the academic and vocational needs of many students. The department includes courses in the major areas appropriate for high school English, social studies, science, and mathematics. The department also sponsors a work study program which trains students in job attitudes and responsibilities and places them in an appropriate position with the school district. The combinations of academic support and vocational assistance sets the tone for the course content and prepares the students for the big jump- life after high school. Patricia Powell Sandra Waller Richard Wrigley 33MUSIC The Music Department offers a varied elective program that is an integral part of the school curriculum. Scheduled classes include Choir, Madrigals. Band, Orchestra, Piano with an electronic piano lab, small group instrumental instruction, and many other courses. Students may also participate in after-school activities including Marching Band, the Musical, district, regional. and state festivals. The staff is experienced, talented, and dedicdted to providing meaningful and varied musical experiences for the number of students enrolled in the program. Joseph V Mauro Nancy Voigt John S. Musika ART The Art Department deals with the teaching of basic fundamentals such as drawing, painting, print-making and sculpture. The main curriculum direction is of a fine arts nature. However, there is a one year program in the commercial art and photography area. Students may choose a major tract which is a college prepartory program or choose a minor track for vocational reasons. An art history program is also a study in the major track. One of the unique aspects of the program is that the students can work in an independent atmosphere stimulated by the music of The Who, Bruce Springsteen. Bob Dylan, etc.HOME ECONOMICS Ellen B. Fonda Maryland Wanck Exploring living skills is the major emphasis of the Home Economics Department. There are eleven courses available to help students learn how to organize everyday living for the highest potential satisfaction and enjoyment. We learn about making housing decisions, making wise food choices, food preparation and clothing construction skills. We explore design in housing and in clothing. We discuss dating, choosing a lifestyle and choosing a mate. We learn about young children and parenting options. We explore various aspects of the aging process. This helps us in our study experiences of working with elders. We operate a nursery school in the spring for four year old children. Through this experience we learn more about children, develop skills that will help us become child care aides, and gain knowledge about parenting. READING Since education in today's world centers on the ability to read, many students are eager to improve their reading skills. The reading program at Abington Senior High School has two elective courses available to receptive students: Reading Skills and Developmental Reading. Individual appointments are available in the Reading Clinic. Emphasis is placed upon reading comprehension, vocobulary development, test taking procedures. textbook study techniques, note-taking skills, test-taking procedures, preparation for college boards, and rapid reading techniques. The challenges of the future require that each person claim responsibility for enhanced understanding through improved reading ability. At the Reading Center, it is our goal to help all students become the best possible readers. v Michael Beagle Sally A Beothy Barry RichATHLETICS The goal of the elective, coeducational, physical education program is to provide students with opportunities to develop skills, interests and an understanding of physical education. The purpose is so that they may learn controlled body movement, become physically educated and learn sports activities that will carry over into later life.Kothe Grebe Karen lord Douglas Moister James E Wilkinson 37LIBRARY The Library at Abington High School can be an invaluable source of information for students. In addition to thousands of books and a variety of magazines and audio-visual materials, the library can also provide college and career information through VICS, a computer terminal located in the library. The librarians are always glad to direct students toward wanted information. The Library is housed in two locations. the main library and the library annex, to accommodate the extensive book collections. It is conveniently open for students from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m This enables students to use its facilities before school and after scnool, as well as during free periods. Ruth Ann Focht Janet Simon HEALTH SUITE School health services are designed to be an integral part of the total educational process. Its major goal is to help students attain and maintain their optimum health status so they can get the most from their educational experience. Staff members periodically assess the health status of students through the medical and dental examination programs, the yearly health conference program, and other screening programs. Staff members integrate the school health services with other health services to assist parents in appropriate referrals. Finally, health service staff members promote and maintain an environment free of hazardous conditions. 38SUPPORT Standing: (L to R) Frank Furchi. Peg Herman. Nellma Frank. Bill McManimen, Ann Naylor. Bea Mongone. Pat Schroeder. Stella Cuprys. Kathy Fa2io. Haddie Padden Seated: Nancy Borkowski. Audrey Leatherbury. Dot Pannulla. Toni DiFiippo. Lois Hollars. Joan Anthony Annie Hessenthaler Misting: Mary Ann Zataveski. Joan ShortaH. Helen Brenner. Irma Shivers 39THE FACULTY •ARIES Egocentric, adventurous and idealistic are three traits that make up the Aries personality. Others include recklessness, ruthlessness and selfishness. Aries are born leaders, intolerant, unsympathetic and emotional. They have an explosive temper, tend to be physically violent and are accident prone. Aries are easily angered but do not hold a grudge. They are vain, impulsive, and they lack both patience and subtlety. They tend to go to the extremes in everything. Aries have a crude sense of humor. Dwight W Good Some Other Arles: Vincent Van Gogh, Louis Martin. Patricia Powell, John Wiegand, Sylvia Mott. Phyllis Ryan, Vera O'Neil, Virginia Shakarjian. Those born under the sign of Taurus are peace lovers and are. because of this, both diplomatic and tolerant. They are opportunistic, but lack drive and can be prejudiced. Taureans are practical, cautious, stable and down-to-earth. Although they are inquisitive. Taureans are slow thinkers. They are bargainers and inclined to compromise, but can be obstinate, selfish and greedy as well. Taureans have a gentle, dry sense of humor. Phylis Schlonger TAURUS Some Other Tauruses: Sigmund Freud, Charles Baker, Nancy McHugh, Ruth Weinstein, Sam McNaught. Elva Manton. Rosemary I, Tobin Friendly to the point of being downright flirtatious, those born under the sign of Gemini are unable to maintain anything but casual. platonic relationships. They are prone to gossip, spread rumors and prevaricate to avoid embarrassment. Geminis are fid-gity, restless, and always on the run. They are witty, express themselves well and are remarkably versatile. Geminis are quite good with children due to their own childlike qualities. Some Other Geminis: Judy Garland. Robert Burt, William Manogg, Russell Pittman, Howard Boyer, Richard Thomas, James Halpin.FIRMAMENT Peter J. Kelly Sensuous, imaginative and romantic are some of the traits that describe Cancerians. They are also impressionable and introverted. Cancerians are practical, prudent and suspicious. They are stubborn and tend to procrastinate. Overall. Cancerians are kindhearted and maintain strong family attachments. They are intuitive. economical, reserved and supersensitive. They are artistically inclined, especially in the performing arts and like Taurus. Cancerians have a gentle sense of humor. GANGER Some Other Cancerians: Duke of Windsor, Robert Rorison, Sam Stewart, DeWitte Shipley, Edwin Nagel, Richard Butler, Leland McNutt. Some Other Leos Lucille Ball, Donnon McGinley, Richard Bell, James Riley, Carrie Jones. Ellen Fonda. Dorothy Cross, Louise Hively. LEO Richard D. Brady Loyal, proud and self-assured, Leos are domineering individuals. They are often arrogant, possessive and completely complacent. Leos demand respect from others, but are warm-hearted and generous in many ways. Although they pride themselves on their stoicism and independence, they are sociable, need affection and actually despise solitude. Leos are strong characters except for a lazy streak and a tendency to be gullible. They, like Aries are born leaders and great organizers through a natural and conservative instinct. Virgos are very much like Gem-inis in that they, too, are fidgity and restless. Virgos are also reflective, intellectual and rational. They are obsessed by details and are clearly mental perfectionists. They are hyper-critical, yet cool and are humble and kind. Virgos are rather pessimistic due to their lack of self- confidence and tend to nag. They have wonderful memories but lack originality and any sense of humor other than an occasional, caustic wit. VIRGO Donnelly I. Cas o Some Other Virgos: Peter Sellers. Barry Friedman, Patricia Corcoran. John Althouse. Karen Lake. Frank Salerno. Ted Weiner, John Musika.Some Other Libras: Mahatma Gandhi. Norman Schmid. Eileen Foley. Steven Stewart. Sally vonMeyer, Brian Reiff, Joseph Mauro. LIBRA James E. Wilkinson Libras, like Tauruses are diplomatic and tolerant as well as opportunistic. They are also quite adaptable. Libras are idealistic, romantic, flirtatious and are not exceedingly serious about anything they do. They are superficial and never profound, but have a great love for justice. Libras can easily maintain a give-and-take-attitude. and have a tremendous capacity for compromise, vacci-lation and even evasion. They depend heavily upon others and are unable to maintain lasting friendships due to their personality. They are often times selfish and avaricious. Some Other Scorpios: Pablo Picasso. Philip Smith. Barry Beiswenger. Vincent Pezzullo, David Schramm, Carrie Stefanelli. Robert Winters. William Volp. — Scorpios are intellectual, thorough, detatched and introspective individuals. They are self-contained, analytical, intuitive and despise any display of emotion. Scorpios are sarcastic, vindictive, suspicious and critical of others. Beneath this secure and stable individual lies a supersensitive one, with a strong inclination toward art. Scorpios are single-minded, self-disciplined and courageous. They possess intense emotions but keep them well-concealed. They are uncompromising, jealous and often harbor grievences. SEQRPIG Some Other Saglttarlans: Sir Winston Churchill, Ralph Maltese, Donald Albert. Sheila Allen, Esperanza Galshack. Rodney Rathbun. Kathe Grebe. Jo Ann Mault. SAGITTARIUS James Detweiler Jovial, humane and benign. Sa-gittarians are adventurous individuals. They are conservative, sporty, honest and are exceedingly generous. Sagittarians are also inspirational, optimistic and often religious. They are. however, impatient and occasionally impulsive. They are generally pleasant, never offensive, and have a keen desire for freedom and progress. Sagittarians maintain a highly developed sense of justice, are ambitious and versatile. They are wonderful storytellers and have a hearty down-to-Earth sense of humor. 42GflPRICBRN Capricorns are cautious, practical and thrifty individuals. They are also obstinate and inflexible. Capricorns are good friends because of their reliability, faithfulness and strong sense of duty to others. They are methodical, logical and industrious. Capricorns are both serious and studious, but lack imagination and sentimentality. Capricorns, like Aries, are intolerant yet ambitious. They have a need for security and for this reason, maintain strong family attachments. They are talented music lovers. Frederick W Fisher Some Other Capricorns: Muhammed Ali. Charles Schneller. Douglas Moister, Karen Lord. William Thrush. Samuel Roeder, Elaine Shaffer. Aquarians are the true individualists of the zodiac, with a de-tatched, objective view of life. They have no regard for conventions and follow the dictates of their own hearts and minds. Aquarians maintain erratic, irregular relationships. They are creative with a strong will. They are intelligent, humanitarian and have a good sense of humor. Aquarians seem to be deliberately eccentric, with a flair for turning what is dull into something exciting and refreshing. Aquarians are completely unpredictable and spontaneous. Some Other Aquarians: Lord Byron. Gerald Alpaugh, John Skilton, Paul Swedberg. Mahlene Lee, Michele Williams, Rod McCuen, Jack Miller, Ruth Ann Focht. Dominated by emotion, the well-meaning Pisceans are their own worst enemies. They are idealistic, romantic, sentimental and escapist. Pisceans have a desire to be a part of everything, they are sensation-seeking, self-indulgent individuals. They are imaginative. versatile and intuitive with a well-developed aesthetic sense and love for the arts. Pisceans are exceedingly affectionate and malleable as well as introverted and timid. The weakness of their characters leads them to procrastination and prevarication. Pisceans have a quick, dry wit. T Some Other Pisceans: Albert Einstein, Walter Yost. Jeffrey Marmon. Jean Kortright. Robert Miller. Gary Sproesser. 43BACK TO SCHOOL VANCE September 26, 1986 Abington started off another fantastic school year with the annual Back-to-School Dance. The dance was sponsored by the Student Council and was held Friday, September 26. The extravaganza featured the talents of D.J. Paul Evans from England. Among the highlights was a spectacular sound and light show. Also there were prizes galore. The dance raised a lot of money, and everyone had a terrific time. 46HALLOWEEN DANCE October 31, 1986 The Halloween Dance did not have a great turn out, but the twenty-six people who attended really enjoyed themselves. The original and decorative costumes made the evening quite festive. The dance was run by the Senior Class Council. 47November 14, 1986 PEP RALLY Abington spirit came alive for the 1986 Pep Rally. The students showed their support by a large turn out. The homecoming queen and her court were presented at the rally, and the queen was chosen. The court consisted of sophomores: Dina Laumer and Sandra Saylor; juniors: Janine Lepore and Lisa Cohen; and seniors: Brooke Laumer and Kelly Chick. The homecoming queen was Jeannette Castor. There were skits performed by the field hockey team and the Rap Crew. The band played selections, and the cheerleaders led cheers. Consequently. the Abington Ghosts won the football game 42-0. 48BONFIRE Friday November 14, 1986 49November 21,22 1986 “BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE” The school play, "Butterflies are Free," was a big success. The play ran for two days. The cast of characters include Morty Ballen, Hillary Goldham-mer, Andy Jacobs and Ellen Bender. MINGTOtl FREE LIBRARY 1030 OLD YORK R0A0 ABIHGTOB, FA 19001 siFriday November 14, 1986 The Battle of the Bands was co h with a special appearance by the Ri Trespass. Jhe audience voted for th| was very successful proven by the ■Four bands were present Revelations, Black Out. and velength second. The event 5253January 24, 1987 up - SYNC NIGHT This year, the Junior Class sponsored Abington's 1st Lip-Sync Night. The students who performed were judged on: originality, appearance: lip sync; and audience appeal. The audience was not a great factor, though as inclement weather hampered the evenings events Five acts managed to arrive for the festivities They were: AC-DC. Poncho Tracey. The Motown Sounds. The Commercial Entertainers, and The Beasty Boys. Moving to the tunes of the "Temps Tops, " the fabulous Motown Sounds (who also appeared at other events, including the prom) were upset by the Commercial Entertainers. The 'Entertainers’ stole the show with their fantastic use of props to Barry Mani-low's "VSM.'' We hope this event will continue in the future. AC-DC: George Hamlin Poncho Comacho and Tracey Hairston Beastle Boys: Mike DeFrancesco. Chip Jones. Paul Conroy. Motown Sounds: Rob Abowitz. Shawn Rhoades. Brad Broker Joel Trotter. Commercial Entertainers: Chrissy Delaney. Jennifer O'Shea. Maria Sanchez, Dina Laumer. Angella Foell. Kristy Roesing. Candy Ewing.57MORE JUNIOR PROM PICS OW! That was my foot! Todd Glass and his groupies Cindi Lauper impersonation' 5859a N C I L Row 1: D. Neff. J. Shaffert. M Bray. R. Gordon. L Woo. Row 2: R. Whitney. M. Perfecky, S. Gold. D. Heigh. A Wavro. J. Castor. S. House. D. Pakman, B. Laumer, S. Shaffer. Row 3: C. Bradshaw. R. Abowitz, B. Broker. N Savage, M DeFrancesco, D. Freas Row 4: M MacNichol. J. York. D. Logan. S. Gallant. B. Cohen, L. Compter. G. Rosenfeld, A. Reiver. K. Traynor, R. Braman. C. Keller, E. Smiley, K Chick. 62 Student Council's Back-to-School dance. Is this a dance or a social club?Row 1: J. Altman. A. Churchill, M. Fischer. L. Rosenthal. R. Gordon, A. Smolda. J. Shore. D. Neff. A Doyle. J. Trotter. P Gupman Row 2: A. Livezy. S. Yi. A. Caranji. V. Compter. M. Glantz, J. Blank. Row 3: M. Hollingsworth. S. Roberts. W. Metz, J. Gannon. C. Gever, J. Baker, S. Gibson. M. Johnson. C. Malloy, C Harrison. J. Shepard. S. Miller. N. Baksas, R Fishman Row 4: A. Meckling. J. Tsinejinni. K. Stritmatter Student Council Homeroom: D Neff, S. Walter. L. Woo. M. Bray $ McNaught (advisor). R Gordon. A. Livezy. Mr Nyman (sponsor). 63 This is student government?s E N I R C L A S S Row 1: R Abowitz. D. Logan. A Reiver. A Vetri. D Neff. L. Compter. C. Bradshaw. B. Cohen. L. Tribolet. S. Gallant, M. Perfecky. M. Schulyer. R. Gordon. E. Fiederer, R. Walsh Row 2: D. Simon. A Balandovich. E. Smiley. R. Braman, B Broker. M. Bray. S Shaffer, A Saunders. S. Birch. A Wavro Row 3: Mr Baker (sponsor). T. Grant. K. Chick. B. Eskin. S. Ebertz. A. Coyle, L. Murphy. L. Woo. L Weaver. J DiPasquale, C Sommer. K Imordino. L. Steinmayer. D. Heigh. B. Laumer, A. Henderson. J. Shaffert. N. Braim. N. Savage. S. Gold, M DeFransisco. J. Castor. D. Wright Row 4: D. Rosenthal. V. Yoder. K Yatti. J. York. S. Werthner. M. MacNichol. H Cooper, P. Leonard. G. Rosenfeld, C. Keller. D. Pakman. K. Traynor. E. Manhoff. J. Merovitz. P. Brandeis. G. James. K. McStay. A Ewer. L. Huttner 64Now everybody touch your toes Met her on a Monday and my heart was still. De Doo Run Run Run De Doo Run Run. Here's the story of a man named Brady This place makes you climb the walls. 65Junior Class Council Row 1: H.Lim. J Schiller. V Compter. C.Rudoy. J.Kintisch. W Gallagher Row 2: D.Rooch.J Sheppard. J Kromdyke. K Walsh. L Blackman, B Jones. B. Mandel. P Williams Row 3: K.Gever. F Lepar. D.Rowen. S.Barlow. K.Cornell. D.Kaplan. S Pashman. J.Fish. Mr Marmon(Sponsor). B Wilson Row 4: C. Stritmatter, B.Equis. A.Carangie. M.McCall. Officers : K.Strittmatter-Pres. B.Mandel-Treas. M. Johnson-Sec. M.McCall-V.P. Mr. Jeffrey Marmon-Sponsor 66Sophomore Class Council Row 1: S. Diamond, A Malnati, B Grimes Row 2: A. Pezzullo, J. Cohn, A. Polin. M. Klein. W. Freidman. K Zeiv, H McCarthy. D. Fogei Row 3: N Baksis, A. Churchill. S. Miller. W WillsKey Club Row 1: Skim, K.Chick. TDiamond. D. Guinther Row 2: D Betz. S.Ebertz. R Hogg. H Goldhommer. J.Wordinger. S.Park Row 3: L Segal. B Davis. M Gobbomonte, Y.Kim. D lebeau. N.Garrison. M.Armstrong, C Carlo The Key Club is an organization for Abing-ton High School students sponsored by the Glenside Kiwanis Club. Its purpose is to develop initiative, leadership ability, and good citizenship practices while helping others in the community. Key Club is by no means only on a local level. In fact, it is an international organization made up of thirty districts with over 100.000 members. It is by far the largest service organization of its kind in the world. This year, the Key Club took part in the MS Penny-a-vote Football Competition sponsored by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and WCAU-FM. The proceeds from the competition will go to support MS research and give financial support to victims of MS in the Delaware Valley and across the country. The club is also involved in this year's Youth Serving Youth project: Understanding: Pathway to Progress. This project's purpose is to provide help to the handicapped, elderly and poor The Holiday Food drive. Officers: T Diamond(Pres ). K Chick(V P ). S.Kim(Sec.). D Guinther(Tres) 68Row 1: H. Kim. R. Spatola B. McAlpin, L. Rosenthal, M. Klein. B. Grimes. Row 2: L. Steinmeyer, C. Sommer. V Yoder. M. Minda. B. Davis, T. Henderson. N. Prescott. Row 3: E. Freider. J. Blank. D McMannus. K. Koff. K. Pierce. P. Chun. E. Riley. J. Stanischewski, A. Dihm, L. Woo. S. Park. T. Kim, S. Kim. S. Platt, A. Carrell. The Affiliation Club is an organization which promotes world understanding and exchange programs. Each year. Abington Senior High School conducts an exchange program with a high school in Germany through funds raised from the Affiliation Club's candy sales after school. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Stefanelli. The officers are Lynda woo. Andy Carrell. and Valerie Yoder. Officers: A Carrell (top), V Yoder (middle). L Woo (bottom)."Good Morning Abington!" ARTW is Abington's modified version of WMMR's morning zoo. They may not have Hawaiian Shist Gonzo Friday with Nikki Hoi. but they've got spunk. They radiate the airwaves with their voices as they inform Abington Students of meetings, sports, scores, and birthdays. A song is played each morning by request and the latest gossip is revealed. What more could you want in the morning? 70 Row 1: K. Parr. A. Malnati. T. Kim. Row 2: A. Ackers, D. Logan. C. Rawlick, B. Crawford. Row 3: T Coles. Mrs. Barrett (sponsor), T. Grant, P. Brandeis, J Silberstein. T. Ackers. B. Pinto, T Abramson, J. Greenfield, D Wright. I. Gunter Officers: L Gunter (Pres ), B Pinto (V.P.). S Nidecker (Trees). D Wright (Sec ) The Future Business Leaders of America is a national student organization for secondary students enrolled in business courses FBLA helps students to strengthen confidence in themselves and their work, to create a better understanding of the free enterprise system.A Carrell. S Isserman. W Zeitz. Mr Good (Sponsor). A Henderson, J. Green. D. McManus, D Greenwell, K. Hindsman. Chess is a game requiring the perceptual skills of structural visualization, the mental skills of abstraction and the emotional discipline of patience. To plan, to perceive, to pursue — such are the rudiments of the chess player's grand strategy. It is said that chess is the favorite game of those living on Mt. Olympus. L Rosenthal. 0 McNeil. T. Kasdm, K Hrsch. I? Nodine. S. Gross, J Robb. M Rosenfeld, K Kerner, S Armor. H. Cooper. B Skanga, G Sfreibig, L Huttner Each year the Spectre Abington Senior High School's literary magazine, displays a diverse collection of creative thoughts. After a long screening period, the best short stories, plays, poetry, essays, photography, and art are carefully chosen by the Spectre staff. A theme is selected to link all of the works together. The Spectre remains the vehicle for students to communicate their talents to others. 71H O N O R C I E T Y Row 1: (Officers) Sanders Shaffer. Megan Bray. John Malis. David Pakman Row 2: B Cohen. A Meckling. J Kolonsky, V Yoder. J Miller. J. Freider, S. Yi. B. Jaslow. F Lepar. D Rosenthal. W Gallagher. Row 3: S Goodman. L Bur, B Eskin, J Lishnoff. K Pierce. H Lim, J Arbittier. H. Kim. A. Balandovich. L Woo. A Coyle. H Goldhammer. IMA. Fraud. J Wordmger. R Hogg. M. Dougherty. J Shaffert. K Chick. B. Luamer. D Freas. A Sewell Row 4: M Minda. J. Kintisch. S Gold. D McManus. L Murphy. E Smiley, J. Gilbert. M. Pesenson. T Stoudt. E. Freider. P. Leonard. A Strahle. J. Reynar. A Jacobs. T Kasdin. C. Ciarrocchi, J Pinsley. M Armstrong. K. Chick. N Harris. J. Baum. C. Hunt. K Rawlick Row 5: N Waldman, J. Connell. L. Smyth. J. Jordan. R. Abowitz. D. Simon. J. Brodsky. A Henderson. K Rosenfeld, Z Fabian. E Huebner, D. Freas. A. Apolinario. B. Tynan, T Weiler. E. Lucas. C Maher. J. Fischer. S. Kim. B Wilson. M. Wormley. 72 Honor Society Officers: David Pakman (Treasurer). Megan Bray (Secretary). Jon Malis (President). Sandy Shaffer (Vice-Pres)David Pakman, treasurer, speaks at the induction ceremony The Abington Honor Society is a chapter of the National Honor Society. It consists of students who have obtained a 3.0 grade point average and have demonstrated leadership, service, and character. Their main purpose is to offer a tutorial program to other students. Other activities include a fall induction, reception, and a variety of fund raisers. The money obtained from such events as the sale of M M's and other goodies goes toward a fund from which several scholarships are created to be handed out to Abington students upon graduation. This year's Honor Society officers are president Jon Malis, vice-pres. Sandy Shaffer, treasurer Dave Pakman, and secretary Megan Bray. Vice-President Sanders Shaffer sets up the tutorial program with fellow Honor Society members 73Amnesty International Row 1: K Gever. M. Klein. M. Wormley, A. Femme. A. Malnati. S. Diamond, Y. Kim, I Steinmeyer, V Yoder. K. Pierce. D Rowan. R, Hogg. H Goldhammer Row 2: B. Hinerfeld. B. Park, F. LePar. L. Piuntyt, N McGettigan. A Siegal. J. Millard. A Polin, B, Maximuik. T. Kim. Joe Cool. B. Cohen. T Hungsavaisya. I. Dunno. B. Ware. D. Pacman. M. Balen. J. Ryan, T. Ngyeun, D. Cohen( co-coordinator ), J Miller( faculty sponsor), J. Malis( co-coordinator ), J Strauss Abington is lucky enough to be one of the ■ high schools in America to have a chapter B mnesty International Al is an apolitical. I worldwide hugprf rights organization which fights to free those imprisoned solely for their dal; or religious belie' inesty ian the political, soda believes that the pen is mightieP H f sword, and thus the group’s main weapon in their fight is that of the letter, written to the governments of the prisoners. Abington's chapter of Amnesty International was very successful in its letter writing and fund raising activities this year, the main one being a Write-A-Thon which raised over $1000 and 300 letters. Amnesty also had several guest speakers this year who related their efforts in the fight for human rights in different countries, such as Chile The group is lead by David Cohen and Jon Malis who were both extremely happy about this year's success andt H Amnesty will continue to be successful at| ington. r;'V ' | Amnesty International Co-Coordinators Dave Cohen and Jon MalisWorld Affairs Forum Club Row 1: B McAlpin. T. Kim. M. Gunton. B. Cohen, T. Hungsavaisya, M. Klein. L Rosenthal. Row 2: B Gottleib, V. Mendosa. A. Lee. R. Spotola. D Row-en. Y Kim. S Harel, H Goldhammer Row 3: D. Logon, L. Compter. S. Sokolov. G Abramson. E. Urn. A Thawor. A Seigel. L Katolick. A Malnati. F. Woll. L Mundy. A Pezzullo, C. Gever. M Goldstein. F. Lepar. A. Poin, D. Liu. Mr Salerno (sponsor) The Forum Club provides students an opportunity to gain an understanding of foreign policy and world events. A variety of activities are offetfed such as field trips to the United Nations, Washington DC., visiting the Goddard Space Center, and other political science workshops. These excursions enable participants to experience and role play in various model political programs. In addition, various in-house activities such as lectures, guest speakers, films, and information seminars are formulated by club members. I Students with an interest in foreign affairs, political science. and power politics have found tn s club an interesting and rewarding experience. ■ 75O' c The Camera Club, sponsored by Mr. Charles Schneller. put their cameras to use focusing on the various activities and sporting events throughout the high school. The pictures that these aspiring photographers took were used for the News Bureau, the Abingtonian, and the Oracle Many of the photographers often got their work published in the local newspapers. The main purpose of the club is to help inexperienced photographers gain and improve their skill and build confidence through a valuable service to the school. Row 1: V.Mendoza, L.Schiffman. W.Zeitz Row 2: K.Hindsman. J.Stanischewski. No Pictured: l.Schiffnnen. T.Kim, T.Hungsavasyia Our major aim is to acquaint members with knowledge and descriptions of various health fields in which they are interested. Our activities include several trips to different hospitals, a CPR course, having several speakers, and participating in benefits such as the March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon. Our present sponsor is Mrs. Leidy. We meet on the second and forth Wednesdays of every month.L. Baker. K Parr, T Mason The School Store is sponsored by the Future Business leaders of America. The students work on a volunteer basis sacrificing their lunch period to be in the store. The store sells all types of school supplies such as pens, pencils, paper, etc. It also sells jackets, shirts, shorts, and other clothing and novelty items. The Ushers and Usherettes assist at events which are held in the auditorium. They greet guests, give out programs, take tickets, and help people find seats. They assist at plays, concerts, parent's night, and other various school functions. Their major function is assisting at graduation. Row 1: A Keeley. J McAlister. C Innes Row 2: D. Jamison. M Gabbamonte. T Holt. M Hallinsworth 77WIH Row Is A Malnati. B.McAlpin. T.Kim. M.Klein, B.Grimes. A.Coyle, L.Le, W.Wills. K.Zeiv. Row 2: J.Miller, S.Pashman, J.Kintisch. J.Castor, B.Eskin. S.Shaffer. M Bray. B.Broker. B.Gotleib Row 3: A Reiver. M.MacNichol. D.Logan. J.Rosner. A.Lang. L.Katolik. S.Greenfield. M.Goldstein. L.Blackman. J Kromdike. MGoodman. J Sheppard, D.Fogel. C.Maloy. A.Doyle. MJohnson. T Zabignu. K.Koff. H.Lim, G Abramson, J Alfman. R A C L E The Oracle is a group of dedicated people brought together to endure the cold hardships of assembling a yearbook. These lost souls devote a sizable percentage of their time to unraveling the complexities of the Oracle. It is through their suffering that this yearbook can be made possible. Our venerable, exalted advisor. Mr. Phil Smifh. known to his friends as Captain Ahab. King Editor-in-chief. David Cohen This picture just about says it all 78We don't look alike! Computers . Yea. right! Oracle Editors Co-Photography Editor- Rob Abowitz. Faculty Editor Megan BrayMore Oracle Editors Winter Sports Editor- Jean Kintisch Sports Editor- Brad Broker. Clubs and Activities Editor- Sandy Shaffer 80 Underclassman Editor- Jen Miller Managing Editor- Stefi Pashman. Busli Editor- Lynda Woo.Debate D Cohen. T.Kim. M.Gunton. B.Cohen. J.Malis, A Coyle. R.Melnlkoff. Mr.Good(sponsor) Debate is a contest between intellects on the playing field of lanugage. Logic, knowledge, and wit are the forensic elements with which contestants forge the armor of a case. Debated throughout the United States this year was the following issue: Resolved— The federal government should implement a comprehensive long term agricultural policy.French Club . 'o' -'Hill, , ■sTw.uv.v.' Bow 1: T.Kim. D Logon, Y.Kim. L.Le, M.Morris Row 2: D.Rosenthal. M.Rottenberg. MMinda. S Goodman. B Eskin. M Bray. J Kintisch. J Arbittier. A.Pezzulo Row J: MDubrow. S.Cheun. P.Yi. B.Grimes. J.Miller. A.Doyle. C.Koft Row 1: B.Eskin(Pres). Miss Schlanger(Sponsor), L.Woo(Pres.) Row 2: A Jacobs (Treas). J. Kely(V P ), S. Pashman(Sec). S.Goodman(Sec). A.Polin(Treas) The French Club is an organization promoting the French culture throughj guest speakers, activities, and g newsletter The newsletter is published onceevery semester. The French Club hopes to contfiue it production The Banquet is ah annual event, and everyone brings in French foods. A great time is had by all j FRENCH 82Spanish Club Row 1: B.Gotlieb, A Seigel. M Klein. W.Freeman Row 2: G Abramson. D Reiver. Mrs Galshack(Sponsor). Cmnes. M Dougherty Row 3: J Upton. S.Tow. D Rowen. T.Coles. R Braxton. D Fogel. The Spanish club is organized to promote Spanish culture through speakers, discussion, and cultural events. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Galshack. Two Spanish club members enjoy a football gameRow 1: T.Puglicari. D.Lott, D.Logan, C.Notero. Row 2: M Hollingsworth, L.Lapa, Mr.Pezzullo. J.Lepore. M.Minda Row 3: V Mordan. D Dillin, M. Mills. M McKlinnis, A.DiMartino. S.Smith. K.DiJoseph. J.Gannon. R.CiUberto. V.Buccafuri. G.Carosella, M.DeFrancesco. R.D'Angiolin, R Baccari. K West, D.Scarpella Row 4: G.Bisaquino, J Valentine, R.Caso. A.Braccio. H.Cooper The Italian club brings together Italian students to study Italian culture outside of the classroom. All Italian students take part in the club. Consequently it is a big club. Some of the club's activities are a trip to the Italian Market, a trip to New York, and a pizza party. Fund-raisers such as candy sales help to fund these activities. Officers M DeFrancesco. C.Notero. A DiMartino. L.Lapa, J.Lepore. Mr Pezzullo. M.Minda. M.McKlinnis. S.Smith. D.Logan. J.Gannon, R.D'Angiolin.Latin Club Row 1:1 le. J Shepard. J Miller. K Cornell. N.McGettigan. l.Piunti. Row 2: T Massaro. G Abramson. M Morris. B Grimes. B Maxymuik. T.Kim. B Jones. L Gippnch. S Rgney. E Fitzgerald The Latin club is organized to advance Latin culture throughout the school. The club raises money through lollypop and bake sales after school. The money goes toward trips.a Roman dinner, and possibly tee-shirts. The club's sponsor is Mr. Alpaugh. The Latin club is an active club proving that Latin is not a dead language. 85 The thought that Latin is a dead language puts club member Nancy McGettigan into a deep depressionBlack Student Union Row 1: P Vaughn. D Wilson. P.Newman. V Hindsman, T.Satchel!. C.Newman. S.Saunders. K Saunders Row 2: K Washington. R.Thomas. M.Simms. M.Newman. T.Williams, A.Saulters, S.Roberts. T.Green Row 3: S.Rhodes. V.Jamison. M.Roberts. T.Grant. D.Garrett. T.Wellington. L Williams. S.Birch Row 4: S.House. L.George. D.Wright, M.Morrison Row 5: S Simms. C.Roberts. P Wilson. R Dennis. T Marshall. S.Gbson. The Black Student Union is a fund raising club. Some of the fundraisers include: dances, bake sales, and a fashion show. The money raised is used for scholarships presented to seniors in the club who are planning further education. The club gives the black student the opportunity to express concerns. problems, or ideas to others in the club. 86 Officer S House(Pres). LWHI»ams(V.P.). L George(Sec ). S.Birch(Treas.).Asian American Club Row 1: T.Kim. A Nguyen. P.Park. S.Cheun. A Lee Row 2: A.Pezzullo. D.Kim. L Woo. P.YI, Y.Kim. T.Nguyen. T.Hungsavaisya. H.lim, J.Park i Asian-American Club bridges the gap between Asian and Western culture through learning more about each other's customs. This is achieved through guest speakers and communication. We are a new organization, and we try to help Asian students adapt to the school. 87Varsity “A” Row 1: J.McGee. J.Abrams. S.Sexton. C Bradshaw. A.Livezey, L.Smyth, J.Castor, L.Schmidt. C Lloyd. B.Laumer. M.Bray, D.Laumer. J Shepard. J.Okimoto, C.Lurch Row 2: K.Shenk. T.Abramson. K.Traynor. M.Schlank. A Wordinger. J.Hannon. C McNamara. M Johnson. L Weaver. K.Cornel. D.Gregg. S.Barlow. J.Lepore. D.Freas. V.Compter. L.Eckert, E.Hollin. A.Doyle. E.Smiley, D Helm. E Huebner. M.DeFransisco Row 3: E.Freider. K Gannon. T.Stoudt. D.McMannus. E.Neff. M Houston. T Dratch. A Ewer Officers D.Freas(Sec.). B.Laumer(Pres). K.Chick(V.P ). J.Lepore(Treas ) A" club is a spirit organization df varsity letter winners repre- nting all of the athletic teams The year began with the crowning of the queen at the pep rallt thesClub provide are a coadlj and -manager sponsoring intermural her services that ards given to the e ye etb 88Library Aides p Library Aides work during their study halls and lunch periods to assist the librarians. They sign books in and out and shelve them. They are a great asset to the library service and help their fellow students in the library. library Aides Row 1: T Kolonsky. C.lnnes. M Naylor Row 2: M.Gabbamortte. J.McAllister, J.lempa. M lipinski. K.Maier. A.Keeley. News Bureau News Bureau Homeroom The News Bureau is sponsored by Mr. Schneller. They write articles and take pictures for the newspaper. Their work also appears in the yearbook and local papers. 89Row 1: L Katolik. A Jhawar. G.Abramson. R.Gordon Row 2: L.Mundy. R Jaslow. C.Rudoy. J.AItman. E Simon. J.Kintish, S.Sakalov, K.Hirsch Row 3: K.Krupnick. F Lepar. S.Gross. J.Merovitz. C.Lloyd, D.Cohen. M.Dubrow Row 4: A Coyle. B.Cohen. 90Concert Choir ROW 1: C Massaro. H.lim. J.Kaiser. M.Hackett. J.Matisoff. J.Shaffert. Alee. T.Kim Row 2: W Zeitz, L.Shiftman. A Keeley. S.Goodman. A Nguyen. J.Condeefis. J.Crawford. B.Collier. D.Kelly. J.Park Row 3: J.Forbes. S.Tomlinson. K.Foxall, A.Gebb. K.Hindsman. M.McCown. D.PIon. S.Baker, J.Arbittier, H.Miller, K.Roma. Row 4: C.Scott. C.Hefner. M.KIein. A.Polin. A.Jacobs. L.Vance. A.Lackman, T.Leatherbury. K.Kortright. J.Wopperer. 92Madrigals Row 1: J.Kaiser. A.Jacobs. J.Shaffert Row 2: A.Geib. J.Crawford. W Zeitz, S.Tomlinson Row 3: J.Condeelis. D.Kelly. K Hindsman. H Miller. T.Leather-bury Row 4: J.Arbittier. A Milbo. K.Kortright. J.Wopperer. 93District Band Montco Band Montco Band Row 1: D.Laumer. C Diamond. H.Lim. H.Segal. B.Davis. Row 2: R.Miller. K.Rosenfeld. Z.Fabian. K.Kortright. M.Armstrong, T Riggey Row 3: D.Freas. R.Cleulow. S.Burkhart. R.Fillaferro, M.Bray, K.Chick. M.Jessop. District Band M.Jessop. K.Kortright, T.Rigney. D.Marx, N.Waldman. 94Jazz Band Row 1: S Burkhart, D.Freas. R.Geeseman. Row 2: R.Cleulow. J.Staniszweski. R.D'Angiolin. N.StellaOrchestra Violin I D.Liu. S.Kim, W.Wills. L Woo, P.Pork, T.Morris, R.Jaslow, K Goldberg. T.luetkemeyer. M.Gallagher. M.Kromdyk. S Saunders. B.Mandel. D. Sandy Violin II N. Garrison. T.Propato. R Baker. M.Rottenberg. L.Katolik. A.Moore. B Gisondi. J.Hatton. D GIemser. C.Ellis. R Mancini. M.Potere. M. Hollingsworth Viola K Saunders. S.Birch. S.Gibson. J.Polari. D.Butowsky, R Sorrentino. B.Van Horn. S Rigney Viollncello M Wormley. J.Millard. J.Baker. S.Reavis. K Gibson-Tshilenge Contrabass T Rigney. E.Sherwood. T.Tolbert Flute M Baker. K Chick, H Segal. Clarinet N.Waldman. S.Shaffer. R Miller. L.Bur(oboe) French Horn K.Kortright, C.Horner Trumpet R.Filaferro. D.Marx. Trombone M Jessop. Tuba N.Altman Percussion D.Pakman, N.Stella. D.Topkis. M.lezzi. %Percussion Ensemble J.Faye. M Wachinski. K.Revell, J.Kintisch. L.Smyth. J.Lucas. 97Symphonic Band - Grades 11 And 12 Row 1: S.Shaffer. K Rosenfeld. A ApoMnario. K.Degursky. B.Davis. L.Bur. C.Gever, M.Bray. K.Chick. M Baker Row 2: N.Waldman. J.Staniszewski. T Weiler. K.Chick. S.Werthner. W.Gallagher, R Miller. B.Pierce. R.CIuelow. C.Horner, K.Traub Row 3: B Schlorff. C Sauerman. L Shields Row 1: K.Chick. S.Thayne. M Baker. H.Stieffenhof. L Segal. M.Armstrong, C.lffi. H.Lim Row 2: S.Burkharf. A.Rexrhode. K.Shacklady. S Park. E Huebner. J Malts. J Shuffleworth. D.Freas. R.Filaferro. D Marx Row 3: D.Harrar. J.Mina, I Smith. B.CNIton. B.Tynan. B.Laumer. J Gudkencht. M Jessop. A Carrell. T Rigney. 98Concert Band ■ Grade 10 Row 1: M. Lupinski. L Comito. D. Bender. L. Clark, C Newman Row 2: R. Geesaman. L. Axler, M Fischer. D. Laumer. P. Henehoffer. P. Antayo. L Gip-prich, L. Sachell, M Baker Row 3: L. Facciolo, S. Merues. J. O'Shea. J. Years. J. Lucas. D. Wormley, E. Ertel. J. Kukura. J. Lempa Row 4: J Keller, J. Ulmer. F Wall. S. Kelly. K. Delaney. A. Pezzullo. M Milligan. S. Chun. D. Kim. C. Alakszay. M Sanchez. A Seigel Row 5: M Sarno. C. Pizer. G. Goodman, H. Yi, K Lee. J. Matzov. D. Lim. T. Rigney. M. Jessop. A. Watson. K. Kortright. I. Lugmbuhl. M Jiles. B. Timm, M Seabrook, C. Diamond. R Ritchie. L. Traub, K. Story. 99 Look. I can fly I The concert band performs at the winter concertEscaped mental patients disguised as trumpet players in the band Skilled therapist Wendy Gallagher treats marching band stress victim Audrey Goldhaber 100Comfy cozy Go ahead, make my day! A portrait of an inspired leader. The 1986 Abington Marching Band, under the field direction of Kelly Chick and lanie Segal, maintained its tTacim®QOf excellence season, performing rat es and band [ supported the i In the GWhsid The brltf tfons: W icko P-W'S tqprnar ent®f bands, apd Hajjxo-Hgfcs mthe C£ alcad Hershey and plac Conference. This year's sho football Ghosts parfici-, Chan- :omfcB-S nd, DutJI looted I jnsfflp at lerican songs. The opener. "Tronada," was followed by "Samba de Orpheus." The concert number was “Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartny and Wings. The finale was “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue " Featured soloists were Nicki Altman with a Tuba solo in "Samba" and Ron Filifarro with a trumpet solo in “Slaughter on Tenth avenue." ;our exciting 4 'M A R C H I N B A N S Q a A Pictured Above- Row 1: B Tucker. J. Baum. N. Waldman. D. Betz Row 2: E Ertel. S. Burkhart. J. Kukura. J. Reich, L Sheilds Kortright Pictured Above- Row 1 S. Co- lantonio. D Bender. S. McCulli-gan. C. Iffil. P Hennehoffer. C Newman. W. Braim. Pictured Above- A Cohen. S Shaffer, T Bigney, C. Pizer, I. luginbuhl. Pictured Above- Row 1: J Gudkenecht Row 2: B Chilton. B Tynan, A. Apolinario Row 3: C Diamond. R. Cleulow. I Smith Row 2: M. Milligan. G. Goodman. J Shuttle-worth. A. Geib. H Lim. Row 1: G Markham. A Burr. T. Shuttleworth. Above- Row 1: W GaNagher. A Gold-haber. Row 2: B. Wilson. R Geesaman. Row 3 K Rosenfeld. D. Kim. L Lindsay. K. Degurski. 102 Row 1: C. Malloy. D. Freas, R Filafarro. B Hirchberg. E. Lucas. S. Kelly. J. Ulmer. Row 2: D Lim. J Kintisch, J. Faye. J. Lucas. L Smyth. D. Pakman. M Petnatto. J. Wustner. B Pierce.Pictured above- Row 1: M Maltman. L Williams. S Walter. M Howald Row 2: J Lempa. J. Fischer. C. McColgan. M lupinski. Pictured above- Row 1: D Magison. M Malarky. N. McGettigan. L. Puinti. B Hel-wig. Row 2: C Hefner. K Williams. J. Baker. M. Platt. N. Jones Row 3: G Trotter. L Carlo. K. Rosenfeld. L. Axler. M. Morris. S. Saunders. Co-Director- John Musika Drum Majors- Lanie Segal. Kelly Chick Director- Joe Mauro "You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around . . Mr Mauro practices his John Travolta imitation from Saturday night fever Pictured below- Row 1: J. Young. J Shaf-fert. S. Kim. C. Antayo. N. Harris. T Marshall. K Saunders Row 2: D. Stinson. J Kaiser. S. Park. C Maher. D. Guinther Pictured below- Row 1: M Wormley. B Wilson. P. Antaya. J. Baker. C Golingan 103Marching Band Candids 104 Which one of these does not belong? These men ore professionals. Kids, don't try this at home! Abington Marching Band presents "A Chorus Line"Awards + Scholarships 105 National Merit Scholars: Row 1: D.Simon. V Yoder. B Cohen. D Meyer Row 2: M West, M Gunton. J.Reynar. T.Harell. K.Rosenfeld. A.Sewell. J.Strauss, Z.Fabian. J.Story. B.Neu. J.Trotter, A.Calzi. Mrs Lee Not Pictured: S Shaffer Black National Merit Scholars: M West, A.Sewell. J.Trotter, Scholarship Winners: D Johnson. T.Harell. Mr Schmid Mr. Schmid(Principal).!»?• Football Row 1:C Roberts. A. Mitchell. L. Waugh. I. Dunno. C. Lerch, P. Wilson. Row2:C. Rollins. S. Corrado. S. Fer- season guson. D. Helm, $. Lanzillotti. O.J. Walker Row 3;B. Scott. T. Ferguson, A. Perry. J. Trotter. T. Leatherbury, E. Nutt. T. Gaskins. 108Chris Roberts-on the way to 3.000. JUNIORS Row 1: N Durham. W Mason, J. Hack, M Roberts. R. Durham. Row 2:P Brusho, E. Farich, C. Green. B. Amato. S Johnson. P Conroy Row 3:G. Pers. D. Getty, T Ferguson, J Wagner. D. Roatch. K. Beard. L. Jones. A. Carangi. 109£ b p S’ •5 First Team Bill Scott- Guard Dan Helm- TE Punter Larry Waugh- DB Chris Roberts- RB Allen Mitchell- Off Tackle Second Team Dave Roatch - LB Marshall Roberts - DB Joel Trotter - DB Russel Durham - DE Eric Farich - DT Third Team Neil Durham- DE Curt Rollins- DT Jamie Wagner- LB Sheldon Ferguson- OLB Warren Mason- OGuard Jeff Hack- QB Ted Ferguson- SE Sophomores The Abington Football Team had a great season this year. With last year's less-than-impressive performance, The Ghosts had something to prove. Compiling an incredible season record of 10 wins and just one loss. The Ghosts showed everyone their true powerhouse ability. Three reason's for the team's great success were 1) Co-captain Allen Mitchell; the KYW-TV All-Area Defensive Tackle. Row 1: J. Dinkins, T. Johnson, T, Gaines, C. Robinson, R. Farmer. Row 2: L. Byno, R. Taylor, P. Brain, C. O'Donnell, J. Mishkin. D. Beebee, V. luliani. 110 Managers Heather "Hairspray" and Stacey watch practice2) Co-captain Chris Roberts: surpassed the 3,000 yard mark this season; Montgomery Newspapers Outstanding Football Player; and the Philadelphia Eagles' Outstanding Football Player in Montgomery County. 3) Co-captain Larry Waugh; winner of the Maxwell Award. The Football Team Finished 4th in the Southeastern PA rankings and 9th in the Final State rankings. As for next year, we wish Coach Moister and all of the returning Ghosts the best of luck. "What just happened?" The FansBoys' Soccer "Come here, you ? $ ' boll. "Hey guys, look what I can do " Mike Mitchel This year's varsity soccer team had a great season. Under the direction of Coach Cooper and Assistant Coach Gorni, the team finished 2nd in their division. The season record was 13 wins. 4 losses and 3 ties. Team captains Gino Carosella and Mike Mitchell led their team to eleven straight games without a loss. C.B. East proved to be too strong as they handed the Ghosts two of their three regular season losses. Gino Carosella was a great asset to this team. He was the leading scorer as well as the team's MVP. Carosella, Mike Mitchell and David Parsha all made the first team of the Suburban 1 League. Gary Bisaquino made the second team. Mike De-Francesco received honorable mention. "Gee. we're sorry Mr Cooper " "Yeah? Well, you should be!" 112Gino Carosella goes for the goal. effortlessly shakes off his opponent and scores Row 1: J Orzechowski. G. Bisaquino. M. DeFrancesco. M. Abrams Row 2: G. Scheuren (manager). D. Parsha. C VanBuren. G. Carosella. M. List. D. Lombard. J. Gushue. Row 3: K. Cooper. K. Shenk. E. Huebner. G. Bowie. M. Mitchell. P. Ledebur, S. Goldstein. T. Dratch. K. Traynor. J. McGee. M. Gorni, T. Santangelo 113Field Hockey “Wow- the boll stopped!" The Girls Field Hockey Team had high hopes for this season. Coming off of a season plagued with injuries last year, the Lady Ghosts were healthy and ready for a promising season. Unfortunately, the team played in one of the toughest divisions in the league. The first place team of this league became State Champions. The Ghosts though, finished third in their division with 7 wins, 6 losses and 4 ties. A highlight of the season was the great success of individual players. Goalie Dawn Freas recorded nine shut-outs (the most by an Ab-ington goalie in 8 years). Freas made the first team of the Suburban 1 League. Kristi Immor-dino, Maureen Houston, Jen Shephero and Kristin Chick all made the second team. Dawn Heigh playing with a bad leg - such dedication Goalie Dawn Freas imitates John Travolta 114"Just Me and My Shadow." Two Field Hockey Lovelies Cop ortis Megan Bray. Kristie Im-rn°rdino and Kristin Chick Row 1: K. Beck. E. Neff. M. Johnson. J. Okamoto. C. Malloy. J. Ripley. B Fischer. H. Kerner. S Herrmonn Row 2: M Dougherty. N. Baksis. D. Heigh. M. Shuman, D. Laumer. B. Laumer. K Chick, M Griffin. D. Gregg. K. Cornell. J. Kromdyk, L. Murphy. D. Freas Row 3: K. Grebe. S. Roberts, E. Purdy, B Jones. S. Hayes. A. Meckling. P. Mulkewycz. K Immordino. C. McNamara. B. Crawford. M. Bray. M. Houston. L. Reynolds. J Shepherd.CROSS COUNTRY Looks like they forgot their Cheerios this morning "Are you O.K.?" "I think I'm lost " BOYS Abington's Boys Cross Country Team finished the season with 7 wins and 6 losses. Although the record does not reflect it. this was an important year for the Ghosts. This was a building year for a team composed mostly of underclassmen. Captain Chris Nosal is the team's only graduate. As for individual achievements: Nosal. Elliot Frieder and Rich Arnoldi all made the first team of the Suburban 1 League. Justin Wolfe made the second team. Steve Gilbert received honorable mention. The Boys Cross Country Team finished 2nd in their division. 116 Row 1: T. Massaro. S. Gilbert, T. Nguyen. E. Frieder, C Nosal. L. Mundy. T Waite Row 2: J. Grande. B Equi. D. Sax, M. Kean. J. Wolfe. J. Kukura. R. Flint. The girls stop for a rest. "Here . . have a LifeSaver." Faster than a speeding bullet Row 1: N. Morrison. D. Greenwell. M. Morrison. J. Devers. Row 2: J. Grande. L. Mundy. R. Greenwe . M. Conway, R. Flint. Girls Outrageous! The only other words that come to mind when describing the Girls Cross Country Team are awesome, amazing, and incredible. For the 2nd year in a row, they were undefeated - 12 wins this year. The girls also did great in all of their invitationals and championships. Led by captains Rochelle and Donyale Greenwell and Lisa Mundy, the girls placed first in the Wm. Tennent Invitational and in their division. In the District 1 Championship, they placed 2nd and they got 4th place in the PIAA State Championship. As for individual accomplishments. Rochelle and Donyale placed 1st and 2nd. respectively, in the conference championship. The Green wells, Mundy. Nicole Morrison and Maria Conway all made the 1st team of the Suburban 1 League. 117Girls Tennis "It's a hit!" Captain Libby Weaver - always on her toes. Meredith Bass shows her stuff. Row 1: L. Weaver. M. Bass Row 2: K. Pfefferle. V. Compter. S. Feldman. D. Moss. Row 3: M. Wolfinger. F. Sokarda. M. McGrath. L. Eckert. A. Doyle, V. Mordan, D. Lemcke. 118 The look of confidence.Golf "FORE!" Abington plays with or without a ball "Help! I'm stuck!" Row 1: T Gleason. M Hoff. J Keiserman, G. DeStefano. R. Greet; Row 2: C. Peters. D Wachinski, S. Ken worthy. Coach Chuck Schneller; Foreground: K Walsh The Abington Golf Team did not have the type of season they had hoped for. With four wins and ten losses, the "Golfin' Ghosts" are looking forward to next season. The Golf Team was inexperienced this year, as all of its members were underclassmen. The Ghosts did, however. get outstanding performances out of Kevin Walsh. Walsh, who played in the number one position led the team with an average of 38. Jim Kie-serman was second with an average of 42. With the entire team returning, next year promises to be a better year for the Ghosts. 119Boys BASKETBALL Row 1: Chris Parker. Josh Nair. Sam Rines. Jerome Culmer. Mr George Ceniviva. Row 2: Lynne Gray. Mr. Ted Weiner. Jeff Hack, Mike Cotfom, Mr. Jim Wilkinson. Row 3: Jerome Ferguson, Steve Goldstein. Jim Kieser-man. Tom Andrews. Not pictured: Jim Gerber. Chris Parker at the foul line The 1986-87 season placed the Ghosts first in the Suburban 1 National Division. The team is led by Captain Sam Rines, who has been a starting player for three years. There are a number of junior standouts who make Abington's future in basketball appear very bright. These players include the twin towers, Jerome Culmer and Chris Parker, Mike Cottom, Jim Kieserman, Jeff Hack, and Steve Goldstein. The Ghosts have qualified for the District and State Playoffs for the past eleven years and will continue this trend for many years to come. The team is coached by Jim Wilkinson in his nineteenth year as head coach. Jerome Culmer goes for the hoop 120flc Row 1: Mr. Ted Weiner, Marshall Roberts, Mike Giles, Garret Hauptman, Jeff Carltz. Row 2: Lynne Gray, Craig Cinnamon. George Winstead, Barry Jacobson. Row 3: Russ Durham. Andy lackman, Jeff Hack's magic Dave Watts. Matt List. 121Girls BASKETBALL Row 1: Ann Wordinger. Audrey Goldhaber. EHie White. Dana Gregg. Dawn Koder, Valerie Conlan. Row 2: Mr. L. Martin. Stacey Roberts. Keitia Washington. Judy O'Connor, Rhonda Dennis. Sue Duskiewitz. Mrs. D. Cross. Keitia Washington and Stacey Roberts. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Two more for Ellie White!Audrey Goldhaber aims high. Judy O'Connor prepares for the shot. Row 1: Jennifer Espenshade. Mimi Newman, Valerie Conlan. Maria Conway, Janine Lepore Row 2: Mr. L Martin, Nicole Reed, Dawn Koder, Theresa Rose, Mrs. D. Cross. Row 3: Stacey Roberts, Keitia Washington. 125Bowling Row 1: Steve Vickers. Scott Carlson. Joe Staniszewski. Dan Glatts. Glen Abramson. Dave Lombard. David Mak. Row 2: Mrs. Fechter. Mike Ferraro. Adam Condron. Doug Jamieson. Frank Giampa. Steve Ewing. Mike West. Peter Tuz. Elbert Lin. Mr. Kelly. 126 Above: Can you guess which one is Doug? Right: Mike Ferraro steps for the strike.” $% . dropped it on my $% ' foot again!” 1987 SUBURBAN CHAMPS Row 1: Lori Heinz, Michelle Gabbamonte. Patricia Traub. Kim Kerner. Audra Johnson Row 2: Mrs. Fechter. Gail Scheuren, Lisa Hollars, Denise Dillon, Amy Kaufman, Kim Tunstall, Mr Kelly. Barb Richards. 127SWIMMING Row 1: Rob Rice. John Peterman. Don Lipson. Kevin Stoudt. Mike Block. Rich Volp. Row 2: Rob Shockey. Craig Pizer. Reide Fishman. Brian Gottlieb. Justin Alpaugh. Craig Miller. Rich French. Row 3: Tom Cassidy. Tom Stoudt, Dave McManus, Reece Whitney, Adam Carangi, Keith Reynolds, Hans Miller. Dr. R. Rorison, Joel Trotter. Mr T. Nyman. Row 4: Steve Fink, Chris Speckline, Rod Whitney, Gary Rosenfeld. Bob Gordon. Zolton Fabian. Yuri Masid. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall The Coaches check the charts.Beth Fischer perfects her form. Captain9 Janet Tompkins and Brooke Laumer Row 1: Megan Sulfcvan. Keina Winters. Jackie Jordan. Kate Gannon. Theresa Cormdo. Scott Innes Row 2: Jen Tobin. Amy Lewis. Kirsten Freisheim. Mary Gannon. Beth Fischer. Dore Lebeau Row 3: Ms L. Geiger. Mrs K Eppmger. Margie Fischer. Gretchen Hazard. Kim Pennekamp. Brooke Laumer. Elen Holin. Janet Lempa. Tammy Burns. Rachel Sorrentino. D'arcy Hazard. Kathy Traub Row 4:Kely Peters. Karen Stocks. Karen Pfefferle. Dina Laumer, Karen Baker. Pam Bonnet. Dana Bender. Amy Roberts. Mimi Lebeau Not pictured Kathy Strittmatter. Janet Tompkins. Laura TriboJetWrestlingOkay, now John, take a deep breath. Ho,d on BuddyINTRAMURAL BASKETBALL : sneakers! Row 1: Tom Santangelo. Dave Parsha. Chuck Peters Row 2: Aldo Braccio. Jeff Valentine Row 3: Sam Clark. Larry Waugh. Tony Blow. Row 1: Brad Broker. Shawn Lenard. Albert Watson. Fred Woll. Row 2: Jamie Robinson. Keith Traynor, Gary Bisacquino. BHI Godfrey. Row 1: Lem Dicks. Hans Miller, Seth Baron. Kevin Beard, Kary Lester Row 2: Mark Lee, Richard Saunders. Sonny Holiday. Jon Greenfield. Mike Defrancesco. Row 1: Neal Durham, Patrick Esposito. Kevin Lee. Mike Abrams. Dan Schwartz Row 2: O.J. Walker. Chip Jones. Tracey Hairston. Dave Neff.AND SWEAT ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON Row 1: James Gaskins. Rodney Grasty. Paul Brandeis. Aaron Reid Row 2: Row 1: Chris Van Buren. Dave Roatch. Mike Valentine. Doug Topkis Row2: Eric Okabayashi, Steve Johnson, Brian Thompson. Brian KeUy Dan Wachinski. Erik Wahus. Matt Howald. Nick Malko. Row 1: Mike Young. Poul Conroy. Dan Helm. Kurt Shenk. Row 2: Steve Row 1: Todd Dratch. Brett Pinto. Sean Sexton. Ed Abramson. Row 2: Ron Gilbert, Henrik Andersen. Chris Steckline. Ken Rosenfeld. Mike Gorgon. Eberz. Gavin Perry. Steve Lanzilotti. Guy Trotter 133Cheerleading Row 1:H Newberg. J Abrams. K Goldberg. S. Jacobson Row 2: M Mosee. J. Im. J. Castor, B Williams. J. Hannon Row 3: L Woo (cap't). L. Schmid (co-cap't). JUNIOR VARSITY Bottom: H. Shrager. Middle L. Seydel, S. Saylor. S. Gibson. S. Humphries. T. Holt (cap't), J. Ward, R. Mancini, M Mairs Top: M Bell (co-cap't). 134 Heather Newberg leads the danceScoreboard Soccer Field Hockey ABINGTON OPPONENT 5 Ply-Whitemarsh 3 3 Neshaminy 1 2 Bensalem 1 1 Wm. Tennent 0 5 Lincoln 3 2 Truman 2 3 Council Rock 1 1 Pennsbury 1 1 New Hope 1 3 ftennridge 1 3 Hdtboro- Horshom 2 0 , C.B? tost 2 Jc Norristown 1 0 .q.B West 1 2 North Penn • 1 0 C.B. East 3 3 Norristown 0 2 Pennridge 0 3 C.B. West 1 ABINGTON OPPONENT 1 Ply-WNtemar h 0 0 Neshaminy 5 1 Bristol 1 0 2 Wm. Tennent Trumdff 1 0 0 2 uncil Ro£fc rf- 0 1 £ Pennsbury 1 1 Pennridge 0 0 C.B West 1 0 OB.. East %,• 4 Bensalem 0 0 Norristown 0 0 C.e. West 2 1 North Penn 1 2 Pennridge 0 2 C.B. East 3 0 Norristown 1 1 North Penn 0 Boys X-Country Girls X-Country TON 20 Cheltenham 28 Upper Dubin 35 Norrisfbwfc .. 17 Pennsbi 27 Ply-Wr 31 Bens 23 Nes 44 Council R 43 Wm. Tenr 33 C.B. West 24 C.B East 18 Pennridge 15 North Penn r 35 27 21 46 30 26 35 18 20 24 32 39 50 Golf 53w ABINGTON OPPONFNl 12 Wm. Tennent 6 4V4 Upper Dublin 13 Vi 6 Vi Council Rock IV , 6Vi Pennsbury HVi IV, C.B East 4 Vi 6 C.B. West 1? 4 North Penn 15 Vi 9 Neshaminy 9 13Vi Bensalem 4 Vi Vi 8 C.B. East Norristown 17 Vi 10 13 Norristown 5 7 Vi CB West 10Vi 2 .North Penn 0 Football BOYS BASKETBALL AB NGTON OPPONENT 47 Upper Dublin 42 45 Ridley 52 53 Ply Whitemcrsh 45 78 Neshaminy 49 82 Bensalem 55 GIRLS BASKETBALL WRESTLING nan v' ;ah»ckon Council Rc Pennsbury C.B. Past c b west Pennridge C.B East C.B West Norristown Cheltenham AB NGTON 33 41 55 41 39 29 37 50 40 23 31 27 40 20 29 37 27 20 OPPONENT Dublin Whitemarsh AB NGTON 14 0 North Penn 6 Neshor-ihy OPPONENT 43 65 BOYS SWIMMING BOYS BOWLING GIRLS BOWLING AB NGTON 0 1 0 Wm. Upper North Upper North Per Hatborc Hatboro Norristown Upper Moreland Upper Moreland AB NGTON OPPONENT 1 Wm. Tennen 3 4 Upper Dubl n 0 4 North Penn 0 3 Norristown 1 4 Upper Dublin 0 4 North Penn 0 1 Hatboro-Horsham 3 3 Hatboro-Horsham 4 Norrstown ! o 4 Upper Moreland 0 4 Upper Morekjnd ? 0 1987 Suburban I Champions 13710 High Points 1. Expensive Dental Work 2. Skilled Craftsmen 3. Mass Transit Better Than SEPTA 4. Two People Really Having A Nice Day 140 5. Biofeedback For Tension ReleaseOf Our Society 8. Muzak 9. Telephone Answering Machines 10. Pole Worshipping Cults 6. Foods Containing Lecithin, Whey, and all things Partially Hydrogenated 7. Art on DenimBreakfast in the office WeN Really, sir. there is no real explanation . . Yes. I know cleaning the pool is a very expensive undertaking . So. I guess you're right, it wasn't a very funny prank. I fully recognize the trouble I've caused . But ... I didn't think anyone would be hurt, and I'm reafly sorry You're not going to involve the authorities, are you Sir . . I promise to pay for this in hard work Yes. I know I'm asking you to trust me. but just this once I've never really been a problem student ond I had my heart set on graduating . What Yes. they were Icelandic fresh water salmon Well, we only planned to keep them in chlorinated water for one Gym period You see Ha. Ha! . uh Oh. well yes. you're right I'm really sorry, you know......... Jeremy Strauss Photos by Rob Abowitz 143blacksmith this sweat-mottled man does not care does not care for lace-latticed moonsets, for loom-woven river reeds. for the calliope plumages of orioles he pounds he pounds on orange-molten metal, on nail-ridden iron, on black-stained steel (such a malleable world and he so much wiser than i; the hammer's song mocks as i chase the swirl-hued lark feather) Karen Hirsch Just another day in the land of woebegotten dreams Yeah, sure something like that Perhaps it was just another lonely day in suburbia, or maybe a time of senselessness in some mystical land where the women were distorted Picasso-like images and the warlords are after your head. Either way. he still didn't want to go to school The shower was cold, breakfast was soggy, and his ears were ringing It seemed as if they were ringing quite loudly when he realized that it was the phone Who on earth called at 7 00 in the morning anyway? No one does in the real world, actually, but it was 12:37 in the afternoon. It was the school calling to ask why he was absent. He told them that he had been trapped inside a watch factory when it blew up the day before. The secretary told him to stay away from cheap cigars and women, and that she hoped his watch would be better the next day He wondered what all of that ment as he fed his dog some Mt. T cereal and took a bite of a sausage. Since he had the rest of the day off. he decided to live it up He then proceeded to watch two hours of Scooby Doo on T V Fifteen minutes later, an odd man with a moustache came to his door saying that he was there to read the meter and buy the T V. The man proceeded to read the fake parking meter in the youth's room. He then took the television set. and the door for that matter, and handed the boy his moustache, saying. "Keep the change." “What a great bargain." thought the boy as the man drove off on his Harley, “but where did his moustache learn to talk and where is he going on my motorcycle?" Just then, a familiar face appeared in his living room. It quickly vanished, and the boy wondered what they put in that sausage. Stuff that good shouldn't go to the dogs. His dog then stood up and growled. “I pity the fool who takes away my snausages!" The boy went and had another one. Meanwhile, back in Gotham City the boy was semiconscious. He was a real trooper so he pulled himself up by the boot straps his mother had sewn onto the sneakers he was wearing at the time At this point, somebody dressed in black with sunglasses on (I'm not sure how he got the sunglasses or the blackness either) appeared at the entryway where his door had once been. He asked the boy if he could take some pictures. The boy was agreeable to just about anything at this time so he said that he thought that he was Bette Davis and that he didn't much care what happened as long as there were no police officers (he said ocifers but he meant officers) involved Hence the creative section was born. And let that be a lesson to you. David Cohen146147Photos by Dave Rosenthal Hither and thither and round you go Traffic is great, your mileage low Driving in circles bang your head on the wall Should you pull over, abandon it all? What kind of fool turns off at this time The freeway is open, stopping seems such a crime Yet what kind of man likes a dead-end street Where hope fades away, a smile turns bittersweet Your car is a wreck from the crash two days past The condition it's in - how long can it last? Sense gets jarred by a large pothole Time to pause and pay yet another toll How long can this last? The road seems an endless strip You try to steer the wheel with a very weak grip Company would make the ride more bearable. If only you'd known You look at the passenger seat. You are quite alone Is it time to pull over, perhaps take a rest? The conditions so bad, it must be for the best Your speed becomes reckless as you drive in the rain A detour at rush hour might drive you insane You've got to pull over, your fuel's almost gone The sign says no parking. I must carry on 148 David CohenPhoto by Dave Rosenthal lamp-light bathing, the million neon butterflies flock to stain a charcoal-haze sky, dun and dull do not dwell here, all is calliope, kalaidescope: oil-swirling tapestry on slick concrete, metal jungle and macadam forest: this wilderness breeds animals of its own. from black-black alleyways, metamorphosis as once pale wings soar, newborn, to paint the canvas of Night sunshine seeking, the few sewer rodents scamper and scurry to escape and relax 'neath a tree, hurried and worried do not dwell here. all is serene, tranquil: dirt path cleaving tufted grass, oak skyscraper and firefly neon: this city is run by nature, swimming in the brook, the sewer rats become field mice. as once soot-stained wings spread, cleansed, to do Mother Nature's painting. bars on the windows thought scared away can’t We escape? can’t We be free? I came to learn I came to experience left with a cage and a book without the words Maturity comes only with Freedom not with a whip Youth is no blessing old age no curse Intelligence Reason Trust Personal Freedom keys to life blindness or just fascism keeps these fools from giving Us Independence and allowing Us to Live to Learn to Love teaching (?) suspicion and hate is no way to improve society’s ills We are The New Generation the new ways cannot be the old ways of ignorance but those of Peace Love Intelligence The Dove Must Fly ft's so hard here In this callous city Harder still With a broken heart Street lights glow Seems dim and weak Nothing to do But sit and stare At the trees In the sunlight On the horizon Some day soon It won't matter To the trees In the forest Sitting serene Softly smiling Alone with you •David Cohen 149 Photo by Rob AbowitzALTERNATIVES Lyrics By David Pakman Wavelength The L.A train leaves at 6 A M. each day. A decision to leave was made in a very subtle way. I packed my bags and checked the schedule once again When I look back. I won't miss what happened then. When times get tough and work gets harder to find With a tie around your neck you won't need to stand in line Independence is a trait- it develops with age Satisfaction only comes from conquering rage A rr an is only strong if he has Alternatives His blood-red eyes will not let him give Moving away won't secure this sheltered kid. That attic loft seemed more comfortable than this . . 152Making Much Of Bliss Oh, that we ourselves were spring. And our love the blossoming rose. Withstanding pain and suffering And all other fateful blows. That joy and hope would forever last And our ecstasy should never wane. That you could never mean to leave me. Without returning once again And if cruel death should one of us claim Unmercifully tearing two souls apart. Then the other could never be the same. Grieving the loss of a loving heart So to the lovers, make much of your bliss, Waste none of your time with hate. For when love has flown it is what you shall miss. Unable to censure the cold hand of fate. Alice Coyle 153 Photo by Rob Abowitz Photo by Dave RosenthalTHE WA “And you may find yourself in an American high school in a black If you do enough things like this, the next thing you know, there's a health film with a well-focused picture of your liver in it. Nothing better than to start the day off with a nice, polyeurethane bag of stiff, dead frogs. Unusual, the appearance of a Mr Moister says you only get one un-principal's office, with the read- prepared, swimsuit or monkey suit, ing material of a dentist's office The story of a man and 156'FA RER ;uit. . . And you may ask yourself, ’how did I get here?1” MATHEMATICS OEFT OFFICE wm Who knows what the math department does behind that blocked out window' So this is the guy who has been vicking all the paper towels! Hey. buddy! look over here! Since no one else showed for this large-group film, could I make a request for either "Easy Rider", or "Repo Man"? Unusual, the look of a library with the reading material of a dentist's office. his suit at Abington . . . Photos by Dave Rosenthal 157Glen L Abramson PeQQy Adams Tina M. Adams Aletha Y Akers Naeemah Ali Catherine E Alkszay Justin P. Alpaugh Marc C Andrews William T. Anstock Patricia E Antaya Dawn I. Arm wood Lauren Axler Justin S. Baker Marguerite S. Baker Rebecca J Baker Sheralina Baker Nancy Baksis Wendy M. Bankoff Khadijah Barnes Christopher Bauer Paul E Bauersfeld Kent Baum Howard Beal David E Beebee Kenneth Begley Margaret A Beideman Doreen T Belz Dana Bender Jeftrey W Bender Matthew P. Benner Rian Berger Adam Berkowitz Suzanne Betschener Gatefred Bivins Julia Blank Michael W Blessing Annette G Blount Jill A Boardman Karen Bohrer Mark A Bond Lemar A Booker David Boyle Heather A. Boyle Lori A. Boyle Nicole Bozzomo Bruce M. Brabitz Aldo M Braccia Kelly Bradford Jason Brand Rayna L. Braxton Josh T Brookerson Anthony F Broomer Daniel Brusha Andre A Burr Hilliary Busch Evelyn L. Buss 160Dora R Butowsky Matthew L CadweH Irakly Camocho Jeffrey M Corlitz Lisa Carlo Christopher Casper Fabnzio Catom Samuel Cheun Maryann Chieffo Kimberly A Christian Paul Chun Amy S Churchill Richard Cianela Sean P Clancy Lucille A. Clark Sheridan A Clayton David L Clouse Andrew Cohen Jill E Cohn Shona Cole Lenora C. Collick Theresa A Comido Valerie A Conlan Joshua A Conlew Maria T Conway Dawn Couldron Richard E Cox Derek Culbreth 161Sophomores Julie S. Dansky Charles T. Decesare William Degen Christine D. Delaney James Delaughter Antony Delfiner Gregory Destefano Jenniter Devers Chad R. Diamond Stephanie M. Diamond Krista L. DiJoseph Denise D. Dillon Antonella DiMartino Joel D.G. Dinkins Paul Dippolito Wayne A. Dorsey Kara A. Doyle Rosemarie Duffy Jaymie L. Dunn Susan M. Duszkiewicz Ronald M Eberz Theresa M. Egan Daniel Eichelbeger Christine A. Ellis Eric M. Ertel Jennifer Espenshade Patrick D. Esposito Candice Ewing Lucia Facciolo Philip L. Falcone Robert Farmer Stephanie Fink Margaret M. Fischer Eric W. Fisher Reide Fishman Stephen M. Fitzgerald Angela M. Foell Dareen M. Fogel Mark C. Foley Jodi L Forbes Nicole Forston Wendy R. Freeman Tyza French Charlotte Furcron Michelle L. Gabbamonte Kris Gallagher Jennifer C. Gannon Nikkie A. Garrison Richard Geesaman Sheila R. Gibson Kayowa Gibsonshilenge Steven R. Gilbert Michael D. Giles Lynn P. Gipprich Brio Gisondi Dean M. Godfrey 162William S Godfrey Michael J. Goldstein Glen W Goodman Tina M Goodwin Ross M. Gordon Brian R. Gottlieb Charles H Gough IV Marilyn Gradwell Robert W Graefe Eric M Gralnick Lynn L Gray Tanya Green Richard J. Greet April P Griet Jennifer Grill Bridget A. Grimes Marianne Grindle Kate A Groshens Michelle M Guim John M Gushue Joyce D Guyon Albert Hamilton George Hamlin Antoinette Hammond Brandon P. Hannon Robert S. Hardcastle Lola M. Harrison Brian P. Hart Working hard and taking it easy 163Sophomores ■ Jennifer Hatton Garret M Hauptman Shannon D. Hayes Gretchen Hazard Joseph Heald Raymond C. Heim Meridth Hender Patricia Henhoeffer Vonda D. Hmdsman Robert D. Hirschberg Ralph Hoag Michael R. Hoff Peter E. Hoffmann Lisa A Hollars Talib C. Holloway Le June Holmes Ronette N. Holt Jeanne C. Hostman Eric J. Houseknecht James F. Hovis Kelly A Howell Deborah J. Hudson Kimberly Huff Robert W Hunter III Mark lezzi Scott Inazu Scott D Innes Gina M. luliani 164Sophomores Vincent luliam David B. Jackson Barry Jacobson Tara P. James Andy Jhawar Loretta D. Johnson Ronald Johnson Troy Johnson Derrick L. Jones Lawrence Jones Nancy C Jones David Karn Stacey Kaskey Leonid I. Katolik Michael T. Keane Jennifer Keller Steven R. Kelley Brian Kefly Holly L. Kerner Christine Y Kim David Kim Dawn M. Kirk Richard Kleimon Marijke E Klein Walter F. Knapp Dawn M. Koder Sandra L Konzeiman Melissa Kromdyk Karen Krull Joseph L Kukura II Shawn P. Kurland Andrew Lackman Christman A Lanciano Christine La Rash Noel A. Laukaitis Dina A Laumer Vincent L Laurelii Robert L. Lawrence Hung Thanh Le Lily Le Adriona Lee Kevin Lee Mark Lee Janet E. Lempa Shawn A Lenard Stephen J. Leonard Joseph A. Leporace Kristen Leube Amy Lewis Sonja I. Liesche Darren T. Lim Elbert Lin Michelle R. Lipinski Matthew List Scott J. Littig Matthew C. Littman 165Sophomores ■ Tomas Llanos Zoila Llanos Joseph Lostracco Jeffrey M. Lucas Thomas Lucas Trisfessa Luetkemeyer Ian E. Lugmbuhl Jennifer Luongo Gregory P Maddox Tracy A. Mahon Bryan C. Maier Heafher Maier Lisa Maier Megan S. Mairs Adam D. Major Michelle M Major Theresa L. MaHozzi Aimee M Malnati Robyn M. Mane ini James Mandler Tina Manzo Hilary B. Marion Timothy B Markiewicz Trevina Marshall Cesar Martinez Victor P. Masnyj Tiffany Mason Anthony B Massaro 166 Sophomores Joshua A. Matisoff Stacey C. Matz Rebecca M. Maxymuik Jessica A. McAlister Rebecca McAlpin Heather McCarthy Christopher J McCaughey Matthew C McClinnis Sandy McColgan Michael McCormick Aaron McDowell Donna M. McFadden Kathleen McIntyre David M. McKenry Barry J. McLean Erika E. McLendon William P McNeill Ray Melnik off David I. Mendelsohn Scott A. Merves Andrew S. Meyer Jennifer Millard Craig M Miner Hans N. Miller Steven E. Miller Marlene Milligan Jonathan L. Mishkin Roya E. Mohsenian James Money Stacey L. Montgomery Angelo A. Mooring Maureen Morris Linda M. Moskowitz Dana E Moss Kathryn E. Murphy Marna D. Naselsky Michele L. Naylor Christopher Newell Christina M. Newman Patrina Newman Trung Nguyen Charles Nieh Michael Nobles Scott Nowak Lori J. Nuessle Christine L. O'Connell Christopher O'Donnell Heather L. O'Neill Jennifer O'Shea Amy O'Toole Colleen M. Ohara Michael A Older Kia Orphanidys Jodi Overholt Alicia E. Packard Pearl Park 167Sophomores Kathryn D. Parr Bruce K. Pederzani Ryan Pearlman Gavin G. Perry Kelly L. Peters Sharon M. Petersen Carlton Petrie Michael A. Pettinato Alexis Pezzulo George Phillips Craig Pizer Marlene Platt Allison B. Polin Michelle Potere Jamie Pouliot Teresa M Propato Tina Pulicari Mark T. Quinn Scott J. Quinn Lisa M Randall Michael Rash Saeema Reavis Jay Reed Sharon A. Reynolds Daniel E. Rhynhart Dejuan J. Rice Tyuan D. Rice Stacy A Rigney Scott K. Ringer Reynolds Ritchie Andrew Riveron Denise L Roach Stacey J Roberts Christopher T. Robinson Jamie Robinson Kenneth Rodoff Kristi Roesing Kenneth R Rollins Sarabeth Rose Theresa A. Rose Andrew J. Rosenberg Karen J. Rosenfeld Lisa J. Rosenthal Jerry Ross William Sams Jr. Maria Sanchez Thomas A Santangelo Tony Santiago Paul Saracem Marcia L. Sarno Trina D. Satchell KeHy T Saunders Shelly J Saunders Sandra Saylor Keri Schiller Todd E Schiank 168 I Stephanie Schott Mary B. Schreiner Matthew Schwortzstein Charles R. Schweizer Christy Scott Howard Scott Melanie M Scott Matthew E. Seabrook Anne M Searls Lynn M. Seydel Quintina Y. Seymour Philip M Shaffer Scott Shaffer Eric K. Shaffert Joseph W. Shandlay Howard Sheckman Daniel P. Sherwood Heidi J. Shrager Timothy J. Shuttleworth Amy J. Siegel Marlaina Sims Wayne O. SmeHie Sandra C. Smith Olivera Sokarda Katie A. Somers Rachel D. Sorrentino Steven Spitzkopf Dimitri St. Phard 169Sophomores Kari Stallsmith Kristi Stallsmith Heather M Stamm Stephen A Starr Yale M Steingard Katherine O Story Andrew C. Strauss Susan M Strickler Lewis L. SuHivan David J. Swirsding Robert R Taylor Bryan C. Thomas Rochelle Thomas Karen B Thompson James F. Titus Jennifer Tobin Bradford Todd Richord C. Todd Terence L. Tolbert Thien-An Y. Tran Patricia N. Traub Gaetane Trevant Ronald J Trichon Jr Gail R Trotter Guy H Trotter Jeffrey G. Ulmer Erik J. Umbenhauer Michael Valentine Kimberly Van Allen Dennine Vaughn Timothy Waite Stanley K Walters Thomas Walton Janet L Ward Keitia Washington Marnie Watkins Albert Watson David Watts Denise L. Watts Tracy Watts Casey Weaks Paul A. Wear Maritz M Webb Andrea R. Weinberg Jennifer M. Weinstein Randee S. Weinstein Eric P Weiss Jason Wengel David E. Werley Kevin C. West Eunice L. White James Williams Lacountess R Williams Keith R. Williamson Wendy A Wills Danielle Wilson 170 Sophomores Jill Winder George A Winsteod Melanie A. Winter Harry L Wolfgang Alan Wolkolv Frederick P. Woll III Jessica A Woodrow Raymond P. Woodruff Karla L. Wormley Jesse Years Pong Hun Yi Kimberly A. Ziev Adam M Zucker Hey I Where'd they go?l Carl Andrews Thomas Gleason Dcric! P. Muller Manfred Barcza Erika J Glemser Sean Nidecker William G. Bell Jr. Thomas Glinecke Maribeth Oropeza Gary Benezra Irek Gondex Eric M. Panning Tammy L. Berger Bernard Griggs Jr. Edwin Peiffer Lisa Boiselle John T Harris Kimberly J. Philipsen Lisa M. Brill Angelina Hartz Jamie Poleri Glenn Brough Charles Hawley Donald Praeger Dung Bui Mark Henry Elizabeth Purdy Michael Carter Sharisma A Herrmann Tracie Reed Kevin Chapman Andrew Hertzberg Jeffrey S. Rudesyle Curtis Colkette Lolita Johnson Dawn R Sandy Myia L Deans Charles Jones Paul N. Santora Craig M Ellingsworth Lisa Landers Gary M Saurman Mark F. Farish Stacey Lieberman Amy L. Sturges David Farrell Christine Maurer Gerald Thomas Luke Forrest Sherri McEwen Jerald C. Thompson Sharon Fox David McGee William A. Timm Troy Freeman Wilbert Moody Paul Vollrath Scott Friedman Victoria A. Mordan Christopher J Walton Troy R Gaines Pete Mosebach Janeen Wenle 171Jock E. Abel Scott Abel Michael E. Abrams Carolyn Adams Keith Adams Trina Adams Theodore Akers David V Allen Jamie Altman William M. Amato Craig Andrews Arthur Apolinario Jennifer Arbittier Noemi Armstrong Richard Arnold Mahmut Aycin Lauren J. Bacal Robert J Baccari Eleanor M Baker Jennifer H. Baker Keith Bardol Susan Barlow Seth A Baron Kevin Beard Kathryn A Beck Meridith Bell Laurie Bellet Ellyn F. Bender Jonathan I. Berg Andrew Berger Sheri Betschner Edward G. Bick Gary J Bisacquino Lori H. Blackman Lloyd Blake Jill Blank Chris Boetticher Brett Bonfield Jennifer Bonner Greg Bowie Jordan Bowser Gregory P. Bracken Tamara Brennan Adam M. Brenner Joseph Brusha Elissa Buccafuri Lauren Bur Steven C. Burk art Matthew Burns Kim Camp Karen Campbell Timothy Canino Adam W Carangi Andrew B. Carrell Doreen Case Rossana Caso 174Thomas J Cassidy Kristen E Cepregi Robert Chilton Samuel Clark Richard Cluelow Lisa A Cohen Stephanie Colantino Tracy Coles Robert Collier Vicki A Compter Jason Condeelis Paul Conroy Timothy Cooper Karm M Cornell Bruno Cotroneo Michael Cot tom John X Crimmins Jerome Culmer Claudio D'Alessio Lan Dang Jonathan K Daniels Peter Davies Barbara Davis Lauren Davis Vernice Dennis Regina Diana Lemuel W Dicks Conna Dieckman 175Edward J. DiPalantmo Susan G. Dobrowolski Jason R Dominic John F Dougherty Maria E Dougherty Kevin P Downes Alison C. Doyle John F. Dubeck Michael G. Dubrow Neal Durham Russell Durham Gregory Durphy Deborah K Duskey Lynn M. Eckert Darryl L. Edwards Walter M Eggert Steven K. Eisenberg Mark Elliot Phyllis EBis Brian Equi Stephen Ewing Winnred C. Fad Kimberly Famo Constance Falcone Ronny Fanelli Stephen Fanelli Erik Farish George Farrell John D. Feinour Stacy Feldman Jerome Ferguson Rebecca Ferguson Theodore Ferguson Michael J Ferraro Jennifer Fisch Elizabeth A. Fischer James C. Fisher Oriel J. Francis David Freas Kristen L. Freisheim Richard A. French Elliot Frieder Jonathan Frieder Wendy Gallagher Kathleen A Gannon David Garbrick Elizabeth Gardner Michael Gargan James Gaydos Anita L Gebb David B Getty Caren Gever Frank Giampa John Gillespie Margo R. Glantz Daniel D. Glatts 176Juniors Have The Abington Spirit Jennifer. Karen. Mimi. and Jayson catch a breath of fresh air between classes Jill checks out the other Galloping Ghost fans, but it's that bando with the tuba who's caught her eye Juniors Steven G. Glatts Debbie J. Glemser Nancy Glickman Kristy L Goldberg Audrey L Goldhaber Lauren Goldsmith Steven L. Goldstein Melissa Goodman Shira Goodman Robert Craig Gordon Melissa Graham Christine Gramlich Curtis Grasty Carlos Green Joshua T. Green John S Greene Robert K. Greenebaum Susan R. Greenfield Dana Gregg Jeffrey W Hack Sae Joon Hahm Marla Hahn Aris Holiday Lawrence Holiday Regma M. Hannon Derek T. Harrar D'arcy Hazard Christine Hefner Juniors IJIIIWB Lori Heinz Elizabeth A Helwig Kenya Henderson Tina M. Henderson David A. Hewitt Kim Hickock Aurelia Hill Michelle Hill Kylian Hindsman Benjamim J. Hinerfeld Karen Hirsch Carolyn Hirsh Rockwell Hoffman Leslie A Hogan Mary B Hollinsworth April Holloway Tamika Holt Christopher Horner Matthew Howaid Stephanie A. Humphreys Rachaneeporn Hungsavaisya Lori L. Hutchinson Michelle Hyams Christina Ifill Joseph lies Judy Im Carin B Innes Steven Isserman 178Andrew Jacobs Lorine L James Rebecca Jaslow Alysia Jaworski Christina M Jeanquart Michael J. Jessop Dawn Johnson Megan Johnson Steven Johnson Brian Johnson Anissa Jones Brian Jones Lawrence Jones Margo F Jones Lisa Kam Deborah Kaplan Tovah Kasdin Amy Kaufman Jennifer Kaufman Ann C. Keeley Faith Keeley Sean J. Kehoe Diane Kelly Sean Kenworth James Kieserman Hyun Chin Kim Neil A Kimes Jean Kintisch Jeffrey Kirwin Richard A Knox Kari H. Koff Thomas Kolonis Jennifer M Kolonsky James J. Kramer Paul Krause Jessica Kromdyk Kari L Krupnick Steven R. Kucera Vincent Lanciono Brian Landis Amy L. Lang Daniel R. Langan Liliana B Lapa Lynne A Larson Jason A. Laub Ramil Laudico Jeffrey Lauts William J Lavelle Melissa Lawler Michele E. Lebeau Paul Ledebur Charles E. Lee James Lee Felice H Lepar Janme Lepore Jennifer Levy 179Juniors I Cathy Lewis Misha Lewis Hannah J Lim Levonne Lindsay Peter Lineman Jaime Lipton Dorothy Liu Amy Livezey David W Lombard Chad London Timothy J. Lonesky Tammy M Longstreth Donald J. Lott Steven Lowry Erich G. Lucas Susan Magenta Nicholas C Malko Carolyn Malloy Christopher Malloy Bonnie Mandel Gregory Markham Shari Markowich Charles W Maslin Jr. Warren W Mason Jr Michael McCall Patricia McCormick Michael B McCown Donald McEwen 180Juniors Patrick McFadden Mamie McGrdth Brian McHale Patrick McLaughlin David E McManus Christine McNamara Alison Meek ling Richord T Memke Vanessa Mendoza Wiltred Mickie Heather A Miller Jenniter L Miller Kevin M Mills Jennifer Mina Marilyn Mmda Crystal Mmmck Scott A Monheit Lisa Moody Sung Joo Moon Angehque Moore Troy J. Morgan Holly Morris Jennifer R. Morns Nicole Morrison Brett Moser Leonard Mundy Emilie Neff Michelle Newman Anh Huy Nguyen Julie Nicole Michael P. Nosal Connie Notaro Judith O'Conner Delcita V Odums Raymond M Oesterle Eric Okabayashi Jodie Okamoto Alex J. Olimpo John Orzechowski Jr Keith P Oser Michael D. Overholt Kristina Ozols Lisa Pans Justina (Young He) Park Christopher J. Parker Kimberly Parker David C. Parsha Stefam Pashman Jon Pavic William Pearce Kelly Peoples Charles A Peters Jr. Leigh Petruzelli Karen Phillips JJlian Pickersgili Jeremy Pinsly 181Stuart E. Plant© David S. Plon Matthew Plum Daniel Podwil Donald Price Tomasina Price Pasquale Propato Rachel Pugliese Jennifer L. Ramil Jessamyn Reich Aaron Reid Nicole Y. Reid Dona Reiver Diane Reynolds Keith W. Reynolds Michael A Rice Jill Ripley Gregory Ritter Dennis Riveron Jennifer L. Rivkin David Roatch Marshall Roberts Lisa Rodin Allison Roesser Kristi A. Roma Steven Romano Jennifer Romero Peggy Rosenberg Hope B. Rosenthal Mark K. Rottenberg Karin L. Rowe Dana M. Rowen Caroline Rudoy Dawn Sampson Pamela J. Saunders Richard Saunders Jeffrey Saurman David S. Sax Daniel Scarpello Heather Schick Laura Schiffman Joanna R. Schiller Kirk Schiller Marne Schlank Scott Schlisman Brian J. Schlorff David Scott Heiaine Segal Genevieve Senger Robert Sers Keith Shack lady Kurt P. Shenk Jennifer Shepherd Linda M Shields Jill Shorr Francine Siegel 182Juniors Michael Silberman Eric J. Simon Craig Sinnamon Kim Smigel Catrina Smith Ian Smith Robert Smith S. Smith Adrienne Smolda Stephen M Smolda Edie Soboleski Fiorina Sokarda Samuel Sokolove Michael S Somers Rita D. Spatola Betsy Stallsmith Joseph B. Stamszewski Thomas Steigelmann Eugene Steinberg Jr Nicole Stella Michael Stern Todd Stidham Heidi Stieffenhofer Robert A Stoerrle Thomas J Stoudt Katherine Strittmatter Joseph B. Summers Marjorie Swift 183Juniors ' Nicole L. Tancor Shelbee Teller Stacey L Thayne Charles Thomas Blair Thompson Sean F. Thompson Brian Timbers Regina Tolliver Jocelyn Tomeo Douglas L Topkis Shani Tow Kathryn A. Traub Michael Tressider Eugene Tsinajinnie Keith Tucker Brian M. Tynan Michael Valera Christopher Van Buren Lloyd Vance Britton Van Horn Elizabeth Vant Levodes L. Veney Michael A. Verdon Vincent Vesci Pamela L. Voelker Daniel Wachinski Bruce I. Waetjen Jamison Wagner Erik R. Wahus Kevin P. Walsh Brian Warfield Tracie L. Watlington Jennifer Weber Tom R. Weiler Norma Wemle Julie L. Weiss Jonny Werner Cynthia Whalen Rodney Wheeler James Whitney Reece W. Whitney Bartricia Williams Bonnie L. Williams Kathleen Williams Lee (Troy) Williams Barbara J. Wilson Pernell Wilson Ann Wordinger Jacine H. Wright Jason Wustner Son-Hwa Yi Jennifer Young Wendy H. Zeitz Stacey Zelinger Ran Zohar Charles Zoller 184Christine Zollo Hovering Elsewhere . Olympia Ballis Timothy Carlin Jill Carter Michele G. Cogan Anthony DiMaria James Donnelly Trina R. Duncan Cori Ettleson Matthew Ford Shannon Fries Deana Genovese Michael Gerini Anthony Graham Douglas J. Grande Marcus O Hackett Alaric Hamacher Thomas Harkins Stuart Harman Vanessa Jamison Martin Lucas Erik Maasik Francis Malatesia Kelly Martin Joseph McMahon Lance A Meyer Stacey Miller Scott K Montgomery George Newman Richard Pickersgill Nicole Prescott Brian D. Rose Eric Sanders Jorgianne Seaforth Arlen R. Shenkman Amy F Skolnick Nicole Strapple Irene M Waugh Jennifer Wopperer Angela M. Wurster 185Robert Abowitz Lisa Abramowitz Jennifer L Abrams Edward B Abramson Melinda J. Acker David J Adelsberger Nicole H Altman James W. Amato he who is afraid of ask Steven Armor Michelle Armstrong Henrick AndersenMarjun Ayati Mark Baldwin Mary Baker Morton A BaHen Robert E. Baker Sharon J Banford Amie M Balandovich ng is ashamed of learning -danish proberb Melissa Bartron Meredith Bass Joanna Baum Dam-Ella Betz 191Sean I. Birch Angela Blake Anthony E. Blow Angelica Boyle Lawrence Bozzomo Christopher Bradshaw when a thing is not 192 worth ove John Brandenbergerloing, leave it alone! ■anonymous Jonathan $ Brodsky Victoria Buccafuri Yousef Carnegie 193Gino C. Carosella Jeannette Teresa Castor Maia H. Cherner Kelly Michelle Chick Michelle Cataidi Aaron Castro Kristin Ann Chick David Scott Childs the heart remembers everything, al- Carla Ciarrocchi Roberto Ciliberto Beth Hilary Cohen David Jeffrey Cohen 194Steven Robert Corrado Janine Marie Connell Kimberly Couldron Louis Harold Cohen Holly Pamela Cooper Adam D. Cooperstein though the mind forgets. —anonymous Beth Ann Crawford John Allen Crawford Charles Creely Alice Cecilia Coyle 195Kimberly Ann Dawson Meredith Lynne Day Michael DeFrancesco Caryn Degurski love conquers all —virgil Kathryn M Delaney Diane Dell Rhonda Diane Dennis Deanna Dever 1%Charlotte Devers Sharon Miriam Devor Elizabeth Maria Dickerson AHS yearbook today . . . Playgirl centerfold tomorrow Trocy Lynn Diamond this is the time —billy joel Jean Marie DiPasquale I. Wayne Donato Kimberly Donato Thomas Dinkins 197Hilary Goldhammer. A.K.A. Mme. Cury Ruth Ann Doyle Patrick J. Doyle Todd Anthony Dratch beatles Michael J. Downes III Stacey Jean Eberz all you need is love —the Jill Michelle Drescher 198 Neil Dumaran Richard A Duncan Jr.Melissa Endy Beth Lynne Eskin Andrea M. Ewer Todd David Feldman Mary Beth Egan Zoltan Fabian Michael Farley Judy Lynn Fay mickey mouse rules! —beth and brad Ellen Joan Fiederer Renato Richard Filaferro Steven Edward Fink Sheldon Ferguson 199Edward G Fitzgerald Tracy Fitzgerald Robert E. Fountain Kelly Ann Foxall James R. Fray Janine M. Fisher Mark Flynn if you see a chance Dawn E. Freas Jennifer Lee Freer Jennifer Friedman Mark David Friedman 200Favie Froehlich Stayci Shannon Gallant Jeffrey Fuchs Dina Garrett Mary Kate Galie James Albert Gaskins —take it! —Steve wynnwood Mary Anne Geiger Michael Gemzik Deana Marie Genovese Michael F. Gallagher Colleen Marie Gavin Leslie J. George 201all i want from tomorrow is to 202get it better than today —h. lewis Susan Elizabeth Gross JuKe A Gudnecht Diane Lynn Guinther Lisa Gunter 203Tony Harrell Nancy Margaret Harris Ann Hartey Cinnamon Hartman Patricia Ann Hartman Karen Harwanko Dawn Marie Heigh Mark Heineman Michael Gunton John George Haiges IV it is completely unimportant, thatVincent G. Hester Alexander C. Henderson Jacqueline Hirsh Rachel Elizabeth Hogg David Hugh Henry Mary Hogan Daniel Joseph Helm Alan B Hickok Jr. is why it is so interesting. —a. Christie Lisa Ann Holland Ellen Faith Hollin Paul C. Hostmann 205Samantha L. House Maryann Howald Erik Leon Huebner Cheryl Lynne Hunt Leah S. Huttner Charles F. Hvizda Kristie Marie Immordino Webster D Jackson these are the best of times —styx Stacy Beth Jacobson Eric Lee Jahn Christopher James David Douglas Jamieson 206don’t stop believing —journey 207Kristina H Jurczenko No Caption Needed Nelum Kannangara Michael Scott Katz he who hesitates is last —mae west Candace Keller Julie Ann Kelley 208Karl Kohles Kara Kortright Eric Koch Gary Charles Koch Jr. all the past can help you —r. henri Yale R Krugman James Krull Stephen John Lanzillotti Brooke Elizabeth Laumer 209Thanh L© Hien Troy Leatherbury Dor© L©beau Benson Lee Matthew LeMaitre Kelly Ann Leonard Phillip Michael Leonard Christopher A Lerch there’s a lady who’s sure all Darrin C. Liesche Michele Linsalata i I Joanne M. Licchiello Kory D Lester 210Bonifacio R Llanos Juke Beth Lishnoff Christine Anne Lloyd Melissa Elizabeth Lofton Diane Logan Michelle MacNichol George Maddox III that glitters is gold —led zeppelin Constance M Maher Kimberly Maier Sherry Lynn Major Deborah Helen Magison 211Marianne Malarkey Melissa Ann Maltman Christopher Marx David Robert Marx Cynthia Jean Massaro Donna Marie Maupay Jonathon Martin Malis Ellen Marci Manhoff Sharon Marie Mallozzi Joseph T. Marshall the kind of friend i’d like to 212have is the kind i’d like to be —unknown Scott McMaster Joseph T McNamara Paul McNamara KeBie Ann McStay 213Michael Wayne Medycki Mark Alton Meyer Jeffrey I. Merovitz David Scott Meyer Ronnen Miller Martin Milligan the time is always right to Jennifer Milsop Jared Minor Mark Leon Mills 214Michael Mitchell Stuart Michael Mogell Tammy Morris Susan Moskowitz Thomas P Morris Myla Lee Morrison Monique A. Mosee do what is right —martin 1. king jr. Patricia D. Mulkewycz Lisa Rosalia Mundy Lisa Anne Murphy Kristine Mueller 215opportunity makes your future —risky business Thong Due Nguyen William Mtsche 216Christopher J Nosol Thomas H. O'Donnell Jr. Kristen Denise O'HaHoran Stephen M Olson If we smile enough maybe this'll go in the yearbook all roads lead to where we stand —d. mclean Craig Richard Oser David Blair Pakman John Park Sun Young Parkwith a Jeffrey Howard Pepper Marta Perfecky Anthony Perri Adam J. Perry FREEZE!!! start each day nap —anonymous Kimberly Michelle Peirce Kimberly PennekampBrett Matthew Pinto Douglas M Prusso Kathy Pohl Sheila C. Peterson Long Dihn Phan Lauren Dale Podell Michael Pesenson Lara Piunti dream on! —aerosmith Christine Elise Rawlik Amy Jill Reiver Karrlah Revell William John PrutzmanAnita Marie Rice Thomas Rigney Ethan Allen Riley Samuel W. Rines remember yesterday, dream of tomor Joseph Robb Amy Brooke Roberts Christopher Todd Roberts Marc Rogers 220Edward Sandy Theresa Santangelo Joseph Sauder Suprena Saunders ow, but live for today Matthew Rosenberg Joel Rosner Gary Rosenfeld Vincella Ross Kenneth Rosenfeld John J. Ryan David J. Rosenthal Tracy Sampson —unknowntime as he grows old 222Sean Michael Sexton teaches all things —aeschylus David Sesov Sanders Joseph Shaffer Jennifer Anne Shaffert Heidi Shea David Frank Sciortino 223Young He© Kim- a mon Dieu!jon Brodsky and Chrissie Uoya Chris Bradshaw and Ellen Smiley Rob Johnston and Lisa Holland227 Mark Schlank and Andi Spiegel230 Dan Helm and Maureen HoustonMorty Ballen and Heather NewbergMore Thoughts For Life Compiled By Robert Abowitz And Bradley Broker. “Folks, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.” -Dr. Sidney Friedman. MASH 4077 “You can't have everything, where would you put it?" -Steven Wright “Students, I am dismissing you ten minutes early today Please leave qui- “Hello, I must be going.” -Phil Collins etly so as not to wake the other classes." -Unknown "A friend is someone who dislikes the same people you dislike." -Bill Lyon. The Philadelphia Inquirer “It’s much better to look good than to feel good." -Fernando “Solving problems is easy. It's living with the solutions that's tough." -Bill Lyon “Don't forget your second wind." -Billy Joel "It ain't the school 1 don’t like; it's the principal the whole thing." -Contrary Mary ‘Baby, we were born to run." -Bruce Springsteen “Love lasts as long as money endures." -Caxton "My oh my, we're having some fun now.” -David Letterman “All I need is a TV show, that, and the radio." -Genesis “The stranger people are, the more we love them." -Unknown "Women: can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em." -Steven Wright “Errrvinnnnng!" -Dave “The Zink” Zlnkoff “Frustration is when you have ulcers but still aren't successful." -Bill Lyon "Too much is never enough." -MTV “Just drop off the key Lee, and get yourself free." -Paul Simon “Since we’re only here for a while, might as well show some style." -James Taylor “Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again." •Billy Joel “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen." -MASH 232 “That’s all she wrote!" -Jack Strap, 93.3 WMMRRemember jui July 20, 1969 -May 19, 1974 -May 27. 1975 -Sept. 7, 1975 -Oct. 27, 1980-Oct. 31, 1980-Jan 4. 1981 - June 30, 1981- Man walks on moon Flyers win Stanley Cup Flyers win It again First day of klndergarden Phillies win World Series Abington teacher strike begins The strike ends Graduation from elementary school. ay 31, 1983 June 18, 1983- July 13, 1985 Sept 27, 1985-Jan 28. 1986 -Jan 28, 1987 -June 10, 1987- Sixers win NBA Champion Last Graduation from Hunt and Abington Jr. High Schoo Live Aid Hurricane Gloria Space Shuttle Tragedy Seniors Contract 24-Hr. Virus Graduation 21 From Woodstock To Live Aid 1 Songs From The Last 18 Years Oct 1969 Apr 1970 June 1970 July 1971 Jan 1972 Feb 1973 June 1974 Dec 1974 Apr 1975 Oct 1975 Feb 1976 Jan 1977 May 1977 “I Can’t Get Next to You” - Temptations “ABC” The Jackson Five “Lola” The Kinks “You’ve Got a Friend” James Taylor “American Pie” Don McLean “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” Wonder “Band on the Run” McCartney Wings “Cat’s in the Cradle” Harry Chapin “Philadelphia Freedom” Elton John “Born to Run” Bruce Springsteen “Fiftey Ways to Leave Your Lover” Simon “Rich Girl” Hall and Oates “Hotel California” The Eagles June 1978 Aug 1979 Nov 1979 Mar 1980 July 1980 Feb 1981 May 1982 Nov 1982 July 1983 Apr 1984 Apr 1985 Nov 1986 Jan 1987 “You’re the One That I Want” Grease “Roxanne” The Police “Still” The Commodores “Another Brick in the Wall” Pink Floyd “Still Rock and Roll to Me” Billy Joel “Celebration” Kool and The Gang “Ebony and Ivory” McCartney Wonder “Truly” Lionel Richie “Every Breath You Take” The Police “Against All Odds” Phil Collins “We Are The World” USA for Africa “Higher Love” Steve Winwood “This is the Time” Billy JoelJessica Story and Rick Nodine 235 Jon Malis and Megan Bray New Sat Math Questions 1 - 12: The following items consist of two columns, in case you could not already tell, A and B. We command, not just request, that you compare the quantities given and respond. Respond on the answer sheet only. The testers see no reason for the test taker to rise, sing, talk, swagger, gesticulate, engage in an ultimate frisbee game, eat, play the bass, imbibe, or bear arms in response to any of the questions herein. Please do not get violent if you do poorly on this test, as we, the testers, do not care how well you do, or if you go to college or not. We just want your money to feed our miserly motives. After all, 1 bought a new Porsche at this job, and you probably cannot even afford a compact disk player. You’re probably just a mediocore pelican carcass, with an attention span of 2.3 minutes, so stop reading these directions, and take the test already. Respond as follows: A if the quantity in column A is greater. B if the quantity in column B is greater. C if the quantities are equal or too close to call. D if the relationship cannot be determined, or you are too stupid to understand what we are talking about. E if the answer is 6. F if you think there are F’s on the SAT answer sheet. Column A Column B 1. Number of snow days Abington School District alots, per annum. Number of arms on the average human being. 2. Spread on the 1986 Abington Cheltenham football game betting circuit. Combined weight of Cheltenham football team 3. 0-60 time of Mr. Beiswinger’s Chevelle 0-25 time of Mr. Smith’s Honda 4. 3 6,784,938 5. Cost of a standard school lunch in pennies Days since the last time you bought a school lunch 6. The number after 5 The number before 7 The 1987 Oracle charges $150 per full page ad. Number of ads the 1987 Oracle must sell to raise $80,000 Number of ads the 1987 Oracle must sell to make writing this worth my time. 1 Gonzo= 5 Hagertys, 1 Hagerty= 10 Lunch Aids 8. Number of Gonzos in 300 Lunch Aides The weight of the average breadfruit 9. Annual income of Ivan Boesky Annual income of Ivan Boesky declared 10. Number of college bound seniors in Abington Number of seniors, in Abington, who can spell “college" ARTW talks an average of 5 hours over the course of 1 year. 11. Number of years it takes for ARTW to talk for a decade Number of seconds it takes to make you feel as if ARTW had been speaking for a decade 12. Length of a six foot hogie 0-25 time of Mr. Smith’s Honda 13. Number of Iron Maiden fans in Eastern Montgomery County Number of Tito Puente albums owned by the members of Iron Maiden 236 SAT Reading Comp. Yeh, Babe we’re gonna hit gold tonight, so sit down Babe and let me sing real trite. I wanna thrill you, spill you, show you my car, Show you all these movies with Eva Gabor Rock on, Roll on, Raucous tunes, Rock on, Roll on, loudness rules, Rock on, Roll on, Bang your forehead, Rock on, Roll on, Don’t call me Fred. Let me show you my paneling, let me show you my toes, Let me show you my Scotch tape, and my 12 extra rolls. Now I know you’re a babe who loves top Rock and Roll, So smash all your albums by Bach and Billy Joel. And when we’re all through we’ll eat some cold gruel, and jam to my albums of Ratt and Girlschool. So Rock on my woman, you’re really swell, And I dig your hairstyle. 1. The author’s tone is best described as: A. elegiac B. generally uptight C. sedate D. swell E. hip 2. Why does the author mention of Eva Gabor? A. he has much respect for this fine personality B. he believes Miss Gabor is a popular role model C. It rhymed D. Eva Gabor is an archetype for Heavy Metal lyrics. E. Eva Gabor is the author. 3. The author’s primary point is: A. yeh, well, like yeh. B. Fred is not his name. C. Everyone should see his stuff, even his car D. 12 rolls of Scotch tape are really masculine E. Only some sort of Demigod could pen such lyrics. 4. Which of the following best expresses the author’s lifestyle, personality, and general social value? A. A chest of drawers B. Gene Simmons of Kiss C. a major soft drink label. D. Ooh, taka taka, Greeeekaaa, taka, oooooo, eegoozzma. E. A chest of drawers 237 Stop Or Be Shot By ProcterHelen White and Chris Roberts 238 Kelly Chick and Dave PakmanGino Carosella and Candy Keller 239 Sam Rines and Dawn HeighAre you looking at me?? 240 DON'T ASK fry Yuri and Laurie . it rhymes1 DO NOT Quite a change trom football jerseys .Jeffrey R. Sheeran John Mark Shuttleworth Joseph Silberstein Michelle Silikovitz Megan Joy Shuman Deborah Jane Simon after changes upon changes we Sidney Lee Sims Steven Lee Sims Andrew L. Smigel Ellen Beth Smiley 242Lori Smyth Wendy Snyder Sonya Smith Michael Smith Charles M. Soboleski Hyacinth Marie Sommer David Alan Sopinsky Andrea Leigh Spiegel are more or less the same s g Valerie Starr Christopher Steckline Laura Ruth Steinmayer Dawn Stinson 243Terrance Sullivan Cortney Taliaferro Amy Strahle Dawn M Stoeffler Jessica L. Story Gregg Ralph Streibig Jennifer Nancy Strulson a dreamer lives forever -unknown Phillip Thomas Chris Alan Thompson Sandra Lee Tomlinson Janet Margaret Tompkins 244Joan Kathleen Tompkins Keith Traynor Hahn Van Tran 45th period lunch . . need we say more?! Jordan Trachtenberg work hard . . . play harder! ■unknown Laura Joan Tribolet Joel C. Trotter Rebecca Jane Tucker Ahja Tulone 245cleverness is not wisdom euripides Adam Vetri Matthew Edward Wachinski Noah Andrew Waldman Wendy Anne Waldman 246Steven David Ward Andre Washington Jillian Wattley Larry Waugh familiarity breeds contempt - and children. -mark twain Amy Suzanne Wavro Elizabeth Ann Weaver Matthew Weidner Margaret Helen Weinberger 247Helen Elizabeth White Michael David West David Ross Weiner George Stephen Werthner Rodd W Whitney Diane Wilcox Tyron Whiteside Kimberly Linda White nothing worth having is Kevin Williams Michael Scott Wilkins Cheryl Lynn Williams 248Lisa Ann Williams Kimberly A Williams Michael Williams Todd M. Williams Roddy Evan Wittenberg Mark Joshua Wolfgang Linda I Woo easy to get - unknown Valerie Lynne Yoder James Wordinger Marla Louise Wormley Denise Andrea Wright 249Christine Patricia Yokl Jamie Lyn York Kimberlee Ann Yottey Michael David Young we’re outta here Raymond Young Peter D Zacharias Dorene Judith Zager 250Ruiz Nelson Zambrano Margaret Ann Ziegler that’s all folks! Jennifer Ann Zoss -class of ’87 Gabrille Boris David Brand James Canale Mark Coccimiglio Joseph DeMarco James DiPalantino David Facciolo James Fay Viktors Felkers camera shy Michael Higgins Sheila Hirsch Maureen Houston Jennifer Lowes Charles Lyon Heather Minto Patricia Moyer Jacqueline Pulley Gerard Ryder Angela Salters William Scanga Patrick Sweeney James Thomas Elizabeth Wargo Jennifer Wargo Warren Weiss Kane Wharton 251EASTERN MONTGOMERY COUNTY Eastern Montgomery County Area Vocational-Technical. located in Willow Grove, offers fifteen different vocational teachnical courses to Abington High School students. Students selecting the Technical School as an elective attend for half a day. Programs are primarily two years in length for 11th and 12th grade students. The Technical school is considered a department of Abington High School. As such, students register for Technical School courses through their counselor when regular registration occurs. All students at the Technical School are given a math assessment. This is used to assist students who need help in the technical math required for each course. Students attending the Technical School for two years are eligible to apply for the Cooperative Education Program in their senior year. Co-op education allows a student to work on a job in the field trained under school supervision. The program benefits not only the student, but also the employer and ultimately the economic health of our community. Students attending the Technical School will 1) learn basic occupational skills to qualify for employment in trade and technical occupations as advanced trainees and 2) be able to further their education at trade or technical schools, or 2- or 4- year colleges if appropriate course work is taken.TECHNICAL SCHOOLAbowtti, Robert N. 1840 Mchok» Dr.. Huntr gdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Council 10. 11. 12. Camera Club 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12; News B eou 11. 12. Orocle 11. 12 (editor); Inter-Club Councl 12. Abramowlts, Lisa. 2526 Rosewood Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Abrams, Jennifer Lynne. 1078 Kingsley Rd.. Rydol, PA 19046 Class Council 9. 10. 11; Soccer 10. 11, 12. Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanish Club 11. 12; Varsity "A" 12. Abramson, Edward B. 1077 Claire Ave.. Kntington Valley. PA 19006 Basebol 9. Golf 12. Tennis 10. 11. 12; Spanish Club 10. Varsity "A" 12. mtrarnurais 12 Acker, Mindy J. 668 Harrison Ave.. ArdSley. PA 19038 Adeisberger, David Joseph. 605 Sytvania Ave . Glenside. PA 19038 A Hen, Rhonda Jose tie. 2631 Eiott Ave.. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 lotm Club 10 Altman, Ntcote H. 1978 Chester Ave.. Abogton. PA 19001. Amato. James W. 314 Zone Ave . Phiodeiphia. PA 19111. Class Councl 10. 11; locrosse 12. Italian Club 11, 12. Ice Hockey 11. 12 Andersen, Henrik. 2053 Corinthian Ave. Abington. PA 19001. Andrews. Thomas Keith. 1559 Cooldge Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001 Basketbal 9. 10. 11. 12. Footbal 9. 11. Soccer 10. Concert Band 9. 10 Armor, Steve M. 2217 Mt Carmel Ave . Glenside. PA 19038 Class Counci 11. Soccer 10. 11; latm Club 10. 11; Orchestra 9. Spectre 12. Jazz Band 9. Concert Band 9. Armstrong, Michele. 265 N Easton Rd . Glenside. PA 19038 Soccer 9. 10. 11. Feld Hockey 12. Honor Society 9. 11. 12. Key Club 12. Spanish Club 11. 12; Varsity "A” 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12; Inter-Club Councl 12. Montco Band 12. Aschendort, Lome. 42 lee-lynn Ln . Huntington Valey. Pa 19006 Ayatl. Morfun. 155 W Washington Ln . A2 Jenkntown. PA 19046 Baker, Mary H. 114 Cricket Ave.. North Hks. PA 19038 Honor Society 11. 12. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. School Store 9. Concert Band 9. 12 Baker, Robert E. 1423 Fltzwatertown Rd . W»ow Grove. PA 19090 Rolandovich. Amie Marie. 721 Cedar Rd . Phiodeiphia. PA 19111 Class Ccxrel 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12 Affiation Club 11. 12. Honor Society 9 (vce-pres.) 11. 12 Baldwin. Mark S. 307 North h«s Ave . North Hfe. PA 19038 Footbal 9. 10 Rotten Morton. 317 Felx Rd . Hintngdon Valey. PA 19006 CSP 12 Spanish Club 11. 12. ARTW 12. Drama 9. 10. 11. 12 Banford. Sharon Jean. 31 N Sytvania Ave . Rock ledge. PA 19111. Cross Country 9, Bass, Meredith Date. 1409 Stephen Rd . Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Tennis; ARTW 12. Varsity “A" 10.12; Class Corel 11. 12 Bartron, Melissa 1537 St James PI.. Rostyn. PA 19001 Baum. Joanna Elisabeth. 1311 Warner Rd . Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Class Cand 12. Winter Guard 11. Honor Society 9. 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12; Marchng Band 10. 11. 12. Pit Orchestra 10. 11 Bets, Danl-Ella. 1251 Glenbrook Rd.. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Affiation Club 11.12. Honor Society 12. Key Club 11. 12; Orocle 11. 12. Spanish Club 11 (treas ). 12. Jazz Band 9; Concert Band 9. 11. Marching Band 10. 11. 12 Birch, Sean . 2159 Keith Rd.. Abngton. PA 19001 Student Government 9; Class Councl 12. Footbal 11. 12. Locrosse 12; Choir 11. 12; Key Club 12. Orchestra 9. 10. 11.12. School Store 9. BSD 12. Ltxary Aid 10. 12. intramurals 9 Blake, Angela Delores. 1557 Arfne Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Blow, Anthony Edward. 2567 LaMott Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Basketbal 9. Basebol 9. 10. Socer 9. Intramurab 11. 12. Concert Band 9. Bods, O a brie lie Ann. 1940 Robert Rd . Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Boyle, Angelica S. 566 Gtoson Ave.. Holy wood. PA 19111 Itafcan Club 10 Boszomo, Lawrence. 2968 Sunnycrest Rd . Willow Grove. PA 19090 Bradshaw, Chris S. 774 Edgehi Rd . Glenside. PA 19038 Bralm, Nancy Jean. 1310 Wheatsheaf Ln . Abington. PA 19001 Class Councl 12. CSP 11. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12; Marching Band 10. 11. 12. Braman. Rachel I tone. 816 Winter Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Class Councl 10. 11. 12. Locrosse 9. Orocle 12. Brandels, Pool. 353 Meodowbrook Dr . Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Brandenburger, John. 2917 Olahomo Rd . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 mtrarnurab 9. Aviation Club 10. Braverman, Drew Scott. 738 Glen Rd . Jenkntown. PA 19046 Class Counci 9.10.12. Locrosse 10.11; Latin Club 10 Bray, Megan Jane. 1252 Huntingdon Rd.. Abington. PA 19001. Student Councl 9. 10. 11. 12 (sec ). Class Corel 9. 10.11.12. Basketbal 9.10 Feld Hockey 9.10. 11.12 (capt); Softba 10. French Club 10. 11; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12 (sec ); Orocle 10. 11 12 (editor). Varsity "A" 12; Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Inter-Club Councl 12 (sec ). Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Brodsky. Jonathan Scott. 232 FUmore St.. Abington. PA 19111 Honor Society 11. 12. Latm Club 11 (treas). Spanish Club 10 Broker. Bradley A. 319 Mutoerry Ln. Ekins Park. PA 19117 Student Coirel 10. 11. 12; Class Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Base bal 9. Tennis 10. Orocle 11. 12 (edtor). intramurals 12. CSP 12. Concert Band 9. 10. Inter-Club Councl 12. Bruton, Michael Joseph. 222 Hamel Ave . North Hfe. PA 19038 Footbal 9 Buccofuri, Vickie Angela. 352 Tennis Ave . North Hfc. PA 19038 Class Councl 10.11. 12. italan Club 10.11,12; Ltorary Aid 11. Bucksar, Nicholas James. 2161 Warton Rd.. Glenside. PA 19038 Class Councl 9. 10. 11. 12; Footbal 9. 10. 11. 12. Soccer 9; Locrosse 12. Honor Society 9, 10. 11. 12; Varsity "A" 11. 12. Byeriey, Nicole J. 1875 Jenkintown Rd . Apt. B-201. Jenkntown. PA 19046 Track 10; Latin 10. BSU 10. 11. 256 Callahan, Brian P. 756 Arden Rd . Jenkntown. PA 19046 Cotzl. Alex J. PA 19038 Majorette 12. Choir 12. Madrigals 12 Canale, James A. 1820 Lukens Ave.. Wllow Grove. PA 19090 EMCO Tech Student Advisor 12 Carnegie, Yousef. 2546 Lomott Ave.. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 CaroseUa, Qlno C. 1018 Arthur Ave.. Huntingdon Valley. Pa 19006 Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Terms 9. 10. 11. 12; Italan Club 10. 11. 12 (treas ). Castor, Jeannentte T. 3 Moredon Rd.. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Student Councl 9, 10. 11. 12. Class Co rel 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 9. 10. 11; Lacrosse 12. Cheerleaders 12. Flog Twiners 10. 11. Latm Club 11. Orocle 11. 12. Varsity “A" 11. 12. Morchlng Band 10. 11. Castro, Aaron M. 2985 Carnation Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 CatakH, Michelle. 1112 Brodfteld Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 9. 10 Chemer, Mala Heidi. 800 Foxcroft Square Apts.. Jenkntown. PA 19046 Orocle 12. Health Careers 11, 12. Chick, Ketty Michelle. 335 Clveden Ave . Glenside. PA 19038. Locrosse 10. 11. 12. Winter Guard 11; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Key Club 11. 12 (vice-pres.); Orchestra 9. 12; Concert Band 9. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12. Marching Band 10. 11. 12 (drum major) Chick, Kristin Ann. 335 Cliveden Ave . Glenside. PA 19038 Student Councl 12; Locrosse 9. 10.11.12. Feld Hockey 9.10. 11.12 (capt.); Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12; Varsity “A" 11. 12 (vice-pres.); Swimmers Aid 10. Concert Band 12 ChUds, David Scott. 2489 LaFayette Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Clorrocchl, Carta Marie. 2813 Rube am Ave.. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Affiation Club 10. 11. 12; Cheerleaders 9. Honor Society 9.10.12; Key Club 12; Spanish Club 10. 11. 12. CMberto. Robert. 452 Cricket Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 Locrosse 9. 10. 11; Italian Ckjb 10. 11. Cocclmtglto, Mark. 830 Maple Ave,. Ardsley. PA 19038 Cohen, Beth Hilary. 1856 Edmund Rd.. Abington. PA 19001 Student Councl 9. 10. 11. 12; Class Councl 9. 10. 11. 12; Debate 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 12. Spectre 11. 12; World Affairs 10. 11. 12 (pres ). Amnesty mt'l 10. 11. 12. »r ter-Club Councl 12; Presidential Classroom 12 Cohen, David Jeffrey. 1477 Autumn Rd.. Rydal. PA 19046 Senior StatisticsCohen. Louto H. 37 Central Ave.. Rockledgo. PA 19111. Baseball 9. 10. Wresting 10. 11. 12: Intramurals 9. 10. Comp tor, Lour! Both. 1206 Fairocres Rd.. Rydal. PA 19046. Class Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Tenrts 9. 10. Orocle 10. 11. 12; World Affairs 12. CSP 12 Condron, loan S. B29 Township Line Rd.. Elkins Park. PA 19117. Coonotl, Jarlno Mario. 3009 Jefferson Ave . Ardsley. PA 19036 Swim team 10. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12; Feild Hockey 9, 10.11. 12; Spanish Club 11. Varsity "A" 11. 12; Honor Society 11. 12. Coopor. Hotly Pamela. 972 Rydal Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Student Counci 11. Class Counci 11. 12. Basebal 9 (mgr); Choir 9. Italian Club 10. 11 (vice-pres ). 12; Spectre 12. Ab-ingtonlan 9. Cooporttoln, Adam David. 114 Cedar Rd.. EWns Park. PA 19117. FBLA 11. Corrodo, ttovon B. 2276 Cross Rd . Glenside PA 19036. Basebal 9. 10. 11. 12. Footbal 9. 10. 11. 12 btramuais 11. Coyto, Alice Cecilia. 640 Roseland Ave . Phiodelphia. PA 19111 Debate 10. 11. 12. Abmgtortan 9 (edrtor). 10. 11. 12 (edtor). Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12 Crawford, Both Anno. 229 Woodlyn Ave . Glenside. PA 19036 Class Councl 10. 11; Softbal 9. 10. FBLA 12. Crawford, John A. 825 Tennis Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Class Councl 9. 10. Choir 9. 10. 11. 12. Italan Club 10. 11. 12. Key CKib 9. 10; Modrlgals 10. 11. 12. Drama 9. 10, 11. 12 Crooty, Chariot Mlchaol. 1567 Rockwel Rd . Abington. PA 19001 Student Coind 9. 10. 11. 12. Cummings, Button. 1016 Irvin Rd.. Huntingdon Volley. PA 19006 Cybulka, Krlthno. 320 Leona Ave.. Huntingdon Valey, PA 19006 Dambrakat, Ann. 209 N Easton Rd.. Glenside, PA 19038. D’AngloMnl, Begls J. 1846 Clayton Rd . AbkJgton. PA 19001. Dontott, Howard John. 2411 Mt. Carmel Ave . Glenside. PA 19036 Dawton, Ktmborty Ann. 1441 White Owl Rd. Roslyn. PA 19001 Bowling 9. iq. Day, Morodtth Lynno. 1239 Fltzwatertown Rd.. Roslyn. PA 19001. DoPrancotco, Mlchaol. 212 Roing Hi Rd . Efcns Park. PA 19117 Student Cocnd 12; Class Cornel 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Ice Hockey 11. 12; Italan Club 10. 11. 2 (pres); Spanish Ckt 9. Varsity -A" 12. Intrcmuals 12. Degurtkl. Coryn Joan. 720 Cricket Ave . Ardsley. PA 19036 Bowing 10; Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marctwjg Band 11. 12 Dotanoy, Kathryn Margarot. 2817 Ruble am Ave.. Wiow Grove. PA 19090. Stage Crew 10. Doll, Diono B. 28 Blake Ave . Rock ledge. PA 19111. DeMarco. Jotoph. 608 Edgeh Rd . Glenside. PA 19036 Donnlt, Bhonda Diane. 1620 Prospect Ave . W Ow Grove. PA 19090 Basketbal 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 9. 10; Orchestra 9. 10. BSU 9. 10. 11, 12. Library Aid 11; Usherettes 10. Dovor, Doanno. 2906 Limekiln Pk . North HBs, PA 19038 Track 9; Color Guard 9. Dovort. Charlotte E. 2618 Miriam Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001 Usherettes 12. Dovor, Sharon M. 314 Fetx Rd.. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Lacrosse 9 Diamond, Tracy L. 1839 HWop Rd.. Jenkntown. PA 19046 Dlckorton, Elizabeth Marla. 1730 Summit Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Basketbal 9. 12; FBLA 10. Orchestra 9. 11; School Store 10. BSU 9. 10. 11. 12. Library Aid 11. Drama 9, Dlnklnt, Thomat Watson. 1459 Rothley Ave.. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Student Counci 9.10; Class Counci 9.10. Footbal 9. Wresting 11. 12. Honor Society 12. Varsity "A" 12. DlPalantlno, Jamot Edward. 620 Brodre St.. Rock ledge. PA 19111. Student Counci 10. 12. Class Counci 11. Footbal 12. DiPatqualo, Joanmarto. 2427 Rosemore Ave . Glenside. PA 19038 Class Councl 12. Donato, I. Wayne. 1957 Guernsey Ave.. Abington. PA 19001 Locrosse 10. 11. Donato, Kimberly Joyce. 1425 Edge Mil Rd , Abington. PA 19001. Downes, Michael J. 1037 Huntingdon Pk . Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 World Affairs 11. 12. Doyle, Patrick J. 775 Maple Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Doyle, Ruth Ann. 130 Tyson Ave.. Glenside. PA 19038. Class Councl 11. 12. Trock 9. Lacrosse 10. 11. 12. Flog Twiners 10, 11. FBLA 12. Latin Club 12. Varsity "A" 12 Swimmers Aid 11; Abingtonian 9. Concert Band 9 Dratch, Todd Anthony. 1876 Foothi Dr.. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Basebal; Soccer 9.10. 11,12. Spanish Club 10. Varsity "A" 12. Intramurals 10. 11. 12 Drotchor, Jill MtchoHo. 114 Park Ave., Rock ledge. PA 19111. Dumaran, Hell O. 1235 Meinei Rd.. Huntingdon. PA 19006 Ice-Hockey 11. 12; Wresting 10. Afflkjtion Club 10. Duncan, Ricky A. 1722 Prospect Ave.. Wilow Grove. PA 19090 Ebon, Stacey Joan. 1070 Easton Rd.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Class Councl Swim Team 9.10. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12; Key Club 11. 12. News Bcreou 11. 12; Spanish 11. Egan, Mary Both T. 621 Central Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Endy, Molina A. 512 Cricket Ave . North His. PA 19038 Esktn, Both Lynno. 1443 Woodtand Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Student Council 10. 11; Class Council 9. 10. 11. 12; Affliction Club 11. 12. French Club 10. 11 (sec ). 12 (pres ); Honor Society 9. 10. 12. Oracle 10. 11. 12 (editor); Abingtonian 9. 10 Ewer, Andrea Mario. 1148 Johnston Ave . Abington. PA 19001 Class Couci 10. 11. 12. Footbal 10. 11. 12 (mgr); Soccer 10. 11.12. Chess Club 10. Orocle 12. Varsity "A" 12 Fabtan, Zolton. 1233 George Rd . Meodowtxook. PA 19046 FoccMo. David. 2837 Jenkintown Rd . Ardsley. PA 19038 Parley. Michael ABon. 572 Edgeh Rd.. Glenside. PA 19038 Basebal 9. 10. 12. Wrestling 9. 10. 11. Pay. Jamot Robert Jr. 416 Cricket Ave. North Hfe. PA 19038 Locrosse 10. 11. Wresting 9. Concert Band 9. Marching Band 10. 11. 12. Montco Band 12. Pay, Judy Lynn. 416 Cricket Ave . North Hfc. PA 19038 Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Feldman, Todd D. 1330 Warner Rd.. Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Afflkjtion Club 12; Debate 11; World Affairs 11. Intro-murals 9. 10. 11. 12 FeUtert, Viktors. 1850 Lukens Ave . WHow Grove. PA 19090 Latm Club 12. Ferguson, Sheldon. 1627 Frankin Ave.. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Footbal 11. 12. Trock 10. 11. 12. BSU 11. 12. Ftodoror, Ellon Joan. 705 Pemboke Rd.. Rydal. PA 19046 Student Counci Class Cousci Latin Club 11. FUaforro, Ronato Richard. 1431 Arnold Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001. Cross-Country 9. Swim Team 10. 11; Orchestra 9. 10. 12. Ja22 Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 12. Pink. Steven Edward. 347 Keswick Ave . Glenside. PA 19038 Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12; Locrosse 11. 12. Drama 9. 11. Fisher, Janlno Mario. 1050 Tyson Ave . Apt. 13. Roslyn. PA 19001. Winter Guard 12; Majorettes 10. 11. 12. Band Front 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12. Ubrary Aid 10. 11; Marching Band 10. 11. 12 Fitzgerald, Edward O. Ill 1447 Hunter Rd.. Rydal. PA 19046 Class Counci 12. Honor Society 12. Latin Club 11.12. Spanish Club 9. 10. Abingtonian 12. Drama 9 Fitzgerald, Tracy. 2957 Meyer Ave.. Ardsley. PA 19038. Emco Tech 11. 12. Flynn, Brian A. 960 Springhouse Rd . Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Class Counci 10. 11. 12. Spanish Club 9. 10 Flynn, Mark A. 960 Springhouse Rd . Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Wresting 10. ice Hockey 11. 12. Fountain, Robert. 2532 Fern wood Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Foxak, Kelly Ann. 1505 Easton Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001. Choir 12; Ubrary Aid 9; Intramurals 9. Freas, Dawn Eltzaboth. 102 Stanley Ave.. Glenside. PA 19038 Student Coinci 12. Locrosse 9.10.11. 12. Feld Hockey 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12 (sec). Freer, Jennifer Lee. 1031 Anna Rd.. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Usherettes 10 257 Senior StatisticsFriedman. Jennifer Lynn. 1906 Foothtf Dr.. Hjntmgdoo Valley. PA 19006 Class Councl 9. 12 Friedman. Mark. 203 Marco Rd. Efcins Park. PA 19117 French Club 10.11.12. World Attars 10.11.12. Honor Society 12 FroehUch, Favie Julia. 206 CodwakJer Ave . Efcins Park. PA 19117 Key Club 11. Fach , Jeffrey. 463 Kenwood Rd. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Afflkjhon Club 10 GaUe, Mary Kate. 776 Costtewood Rd.. GiensxJe. PA 19038 Sparwh Club 9. 10 GaUogher, Michael FrancIt. 1825 Ambler Rd.. Abington. PA 19001 Bosebai 11. Honor Society 12. Orchestra; Aviation Club 11. GaBont, Staycl S. 1408 Stocton Rd.. Meodowbook. PA 19046 Student Counct 9.10. 11. Oass Comd 9. 10. 11. 12. Atmaton Club 10. 11. Sottbal 9. 10. 11. 12. Orode 11. 12 Garrett, Dina Marie. 317 Ruscombe Ave. North His. PA 19038 Basketbal 9. 10. 11; Trock 9. 11. 12. Chok 9. BSU 10. 11. 12 Gaskins, Jamet Albert. 400 Tulpehocken Ave . Efcins Park. PA 19117. Student Coind 12. Basketbal 9. 10. Footbal 9. 12. BSU 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 11. 12 Gavin. CoBeen Marie. 2816 Moreland Rd . WBow Grove. PA 19090 Class Councfl 9. Geiger, Mary Anne. 1816 Roberta Ave.. Abington. PA 19001 Basketbal 9. Fteid Hockey 9. 10. Sottbal 9. 10; btro-murais 9. GemxUt, Michael 1865 Osbourne Ave. Wlow Grove. PA 19090 btramurats 9. Concert 8ond 9 George, Leslie J. 318 North ms Ave . North His. PA 19038 Class Cocnci 12; Trock 11. Gerber, Jamet Lawrence. 310 Cedar Rd . Ekins Park. PA 19117 Basketbal 10. 11. 12 Bosebai 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12. Gerioch, wuuam 2906 Oklahoma Rd. Wlow Grove. PA 19090 GBberl, Jennifer Lynn. 1419 Jericho Rd . Abtngton. PA 19001 Soccer 11. 12. Affiation Club 12. Honor Society 12. Key Club 11. 12. Oracle 11; Amnesty Int'l 12. Abbgtonan 9 (news ecttor). Drama 9. 10. Musical 10 Gloss, KorenL 2142 Kent Rd. Abngton. PA 19001 Drama 9 Gold, taro men. 828 Glen Rd.. Jenkbtown. PA 19046 Student Cound 9. 10, 11. 12. Class Councl (vlce-pres ) 9. 10. 11. (pres) 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Bosebai Manager 11. Inter-Club Cound 12 Gotdhammer, Hilary Beth. 1444 Pepper Rd. Rydal. PA 19046 Class Coud 9. 11. Soccer 9. 12. Aftiotton Club 10. 11; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Key Club 10. 11. 12. Orode 11 Spanish Club 10. 11 (sec); World Attairs 12. Jan Band 9; Amnesty int'l 12. Abbgtoman 9. Concert Band 9. 10. 11; Drama 9. 10. 11. 12. Musical 10. 11. GoUngan, Carol Lynn. 921 Tennis Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Writer Guard 10. 11; Flog T wiriers 10; Band Front 10. 11. 12; Oracle 12; Marching Band 10. 11. 12 Goodwin. Aknee M 1418 White Owl Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001. Sottbal 10 Gordon. Boberl Howard. 100 Old York Rd . Jenkintown. PA 19046 Student CovncJ 11. 12 (vlce-pres). Class Cornel 11. 12. Swim Team 12; locrosse 9. Debate 12. Key Club 11. 12. Orode 12. Graham, jm W. 519 North HIs Ave.. North ms. PA 19038 Class Counci 12. Senior Statistics Grant, Toni. 2632 Lamott Ave . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 BSU 10. 11. 12; Class Cound 9. 10. 11. 12. Student Cornel 9. 11. 12 Grotty, Bodney. 1654 Washington Ave.. Wilow Grove. PA 19090 Basketbal 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 9. 10. 11. 12 Greenfield, Jonathan Michael. 348 Peach Tree Dr . Ekins Park. PA 19111. Basketbal Basebd9. Soccer 9. 11; Locrosse 11; FBLA 12; Rap Club 12. GreenweM, Donyaie Lynn. 254 North His Ave . North H s. PA 19038 Class Councl 11. Cross-Country 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 9. 10. 11. 12. Spanah Club 12. BSU 9. 10. 11; Summer's A»d 10. Usherettes 10. 11. 12. Green well, Rochelle Marie. 254 North His Ave . North His. PA 19038 Class Councl 10. 11; Cross-Comtry 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 9. 10. 11. 12; Spanish Club 11. 12. Swimmer's Aid 10; Usherettes 10. 11. 12. Griffin, MicheUe Renee. 1424 Rothley Ave . Wilow Grove. PA 19090 Student Councl 9. 10.11.12. Ooss Cound 10. 11. 12. Basketbal 9. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Sottbal 9. 12. Varsity "A" 12; BSU 10. 11. 12. Gross, Susan fltrabeth. 259 Forest Ave . Efcns Park. PA 19117 Abingtonian 9. 10. 11. 12 (editor); Spectre 12. Class Coax:! 9. 10. 11. 12. Orode 10; Latin Club 10. Locrosse. Gudknecht, JuUe Ann. 1421 Card Rd . Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Student Cornel 9. 10. 11; Ooss Coind 10. 11. 12; Trock 9. 10. 11. 12. Field Hockey 9. Cheerleader 9. 10. Jazz Band 9. 12 Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12; Marchng Band 11. 12 Guinther, Diane Lynn. 728 Roseland Ave . Philadelphia. PA 19111. Affliction Club 10. 11. Color Guard 11. 12; Writer Guard 10. 11; Band Front 11. 12; Honor Society 11. 12. Key Club 11. 12 (treos.); Orchestra 9. Marching Band 11. 12; Drama 11. Gunter, Usa. 1461 Rothley Ave . W«ow Grove. PA 19090 Gunton, Michael Andrew. 1335 Far acres Rd.. Rydal. PA 19046 Wresting 9. Debate 10.11.12; FrenchClub 10; World Attairs 10. 11. 12 (vice-pres). Ha Igs $, John G. 24 N. Penn Ave . Rockiedge. PA 19111. Bosebai 9. Soccer 9. 10. Hairston, Tracey D. 1604 Summit Ave., Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Trock Student Councl 12; btrami ais 12 Harei, Sharon ftyse. 504 Mary Rd. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Student Cocnd 9. Ooss Cand 10. 11; French Club 10; World Attars 10. 11. 12. Amnesty inti 12. Harrell. Tony. 2435 PersNng Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001. Class Coax 10. 11. 12. Track 10. Harris, Haney M. 1379 Arllne Ave. Roslyn. PA 19001 Locrosse 9. 10. 11; Field Hockey 9. Color Guard 11. 12; Band Front 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12; Marching Band 11. 12. Harley, Ann. 534 Pern Ave.. North HBs Ave . North Hfc. PA 19038 Ooss Councl 12. Orode 12 Hartman, Cindy R. 1160 Colonial Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Hartman, Fatrlcla. 301 Church Rd . Abington. PA 19001 Harwanko, Karen. 741 Monroe Ave.. Ardsley. PA 19038 Heigh, Dawn Marie. 1529 Artne Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Ooss Counci (sec) 10. 11. 12 (vlce-pres). Student Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Besketbai 9. 10. 11; Locrosse 12. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12; Bosebai 11 (mgr ); Honor Society 9. 10; Varsity “A" 11. 12. Swrnmers Aid 10. Hektemon, Mark A Han. 2069 Gienwood Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Bosebai 9. 10. 11. 12. Helm. Daniel J. 409 Bm Ave . North HRs. PA 19038 Bosebai; Footbal Varsity' A'' 12. Intramurals 12. Henderson, Alexander Charles. 323 Osceola Ave . Efcins Park. PA 19117 Trock 9. Attlatton Club 10. 11. 12 (treos). Chess Club 9. 10. 11. 12 (copt ); Debate 10. 11. Honor Society 11. 12. Spectre 10. 11.12. World Attairs 10. 11.12 (sec ). Usher 10 Henry. David Hugh. 920 Edgeh Rd . Gienside. PA 19038 Hester, Vincent O. 357 CodwakJer Ave. Ekins Park, PA 19117 BSU 12 Hick ok. Alan. 2152 Ke«th Rd . Abngton. PA 19001. Bosebai 9. 10; Cross-Country 9. Hlgglm, Michael. 1621 Old York Rd 2A. Abngton. PA 19001 Hirsch, Shelia. 2596 Fern wood Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Hirsh, Jackie Marie. 985 Sherman Ave . Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Hogan, Mary D. 2821 Meyer Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Hogg Roche! B. 954 CrefekJ Ave,. Ekins Park. PA 19117. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 9. Key Club 10. 11. 12. Spar«h Club 10.11. Amnesty Int'l 12. Library Aid 9. Drama 10. Class Councl 11. HoBond, Usa Ann. 928 Burke St. Rockiedge. PA 19111 Color Guard 10. 11. 12; Winter Guard 10. 11; Band Front 10. 11. 12. Latm Club 11; Marching Band 10. 11. 12 HoMin, itten Faith. 2113 Park dale Ave . GienskJe. PA 19038 OassCouncH 12;Swim Team9.10.11.12. Varsity "A" 11.12. Swimmers Aid 10. Horrocks, Jennifer A. 1615 Uplond Ave.. Jenkintown. PA 19046 AtHtation Club 10. 11. 12; Color Guard 12; Winter Guard 9. Key Club 12 House, Samantha Usa. 1538 Prospect Ave . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Class Cornel 10.11.12. Soccer 11 (mgr); Trock 9. 10. 11. 12; BSU 10. 11. 12 (pres ). Houston, Maureen. 1960 Susquehanna Rd . Abington. PA 19001 Student Councl 12. Class Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Locrosse 9. 10; Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12; Varsity "A" 12.How aid, kUml. 205 Codw older Avo . Ekns Pork. PA 19117 Trock 9; Locrosse 10. 11; Mojorettes 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. Concert Bono 9. 10. Morchr g Bond 9. 10. 11. 12 Huebner, trtk Leon. 1025 Spring Vo ey Rd.. Meodowbrook. PA 19046 student Council 9; Closs Council 9. 10. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12. CSP 11. 12. Concert Bond 9. 10. 11. 12; Presidential Classroom 12. Huttner, Leah. 1164 rtghknd Ave . Abmgton. PA 19001 Hvtida, Chuck F. 2689 Rossiter Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Wrestling 12. knmordtno, Kristie Marie. 735 Roslyn Ave.. Glenside. PA 19038 Student Counci 9. 10. Class Cound 9. 10. 11. 12. Swim Team 10; Locrosse 9.10.11. 12. Field Hockey 9.10,11. 12 (capt); Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin Club 10. 11; Spanish Club 10; Varsity "A” 11. 12. Swimmer s Aid 10. Jackson, Webster Duboit. 1616 Easton Rd . W«ow Grove. PA 19090 Trock 9 Jacobson, Stocey. 337 Mulberry Lone. Elkins Park. PA 19117. Student Cound 9. 10. 11; Class Cound 9. 10. 11. 12. Affliction 10. 11. ARTW 12; Cheerleader 9. 10. 11. 12; Key Club 11. Orode 9. 10. 11. Spanish Club 10. 11; Varsity "A". John, trie L 443 Tyson Ave., Glenside. PA 19038 James. Christopher J. 352 Rollng Hi Rd. Ekns Park. PA 19117. Basebai 9; Soccer 9. 11. Jamieson, David D. 1380 Gtoert Rd . Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Golf 10. Bowing 10. 11. 12. Ltxary Aid 11; Usher 11. 12 Jardlne, Deborah A. 213 Clveden Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 Jewell, thert Lynn. 773 Jockson Ave.. Ardsley. PA 19038 World Affairs 12. Joerger, Joseph. 1017 Burke St.. Rock ledge PA 19111. Johnson, Audra Lotrell. 1568 Fairvtew Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Soccer 10. Cross-Country 9. 10. Track 9. 10. 11. Bowing 11. 12. FBLA 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. School Store 9. 10. BSU 10, 11; Creative StucXes 10 Johnson, Dean O. 1383 Undbergh Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 9. Honor Society 9. 10. World Attars 12 Johnson, FhUUppa Cartoon. 1442 Osbourne Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001. News Bureau 10. 11. 12. World Affairs 11. 12. Ltxary Aid 12. Johnston, Robert truce. 2413 Susquehanna Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Cound 12 Baseband 10. 11. 12;Orocle 12; Aviation Club 12 Jordan. Jacqueline. 803 Delene Rd . Jenteintown. PA 19046 Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12 Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Lotm Club 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 10. 11. 12 Jurcienko, Krishna H. 1619 Fitzwatertown Rd,. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Kaiser, Jennifer Beth. 1447 Wheotsheaf Lone. Abmgton. PA 19001 Student Cocrtd 10. 11. 12. Class Coixsd 10. 11. 12; Band Front 10.11.12 (capt). Choc District Choir 11. Reload Chok 11; French Club 11; Honor Society 9. 10. Spectre 12. Modngats 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 10. 11. 12. Musical 10. 11. Kannangara. Helum. 384 Beaver Hdow Rd . Jenkntown. PA 19046 Katx, Michael t. 1990 Heritage Rd . Huntngdoo Vaiey. PA 19006 Basebai 9. Spectre 12; Abingtonian 9. 10. Keller, Candace. 2070 Moreland Rd.. Abington. PA 19001. Student Cound 9 (vice-pres). 10.11.12; Class Cound 9.10. 11.12. Swim Team 9. Softbal 9. Affltation Oub 10. 11. Orode 9. 10. 11. 12 KoUoy, June Ann. 732 Dale Rd.. Kmtngdon Vdey. PA 19006 Class Cound; Choir 9.11.12. French Club 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12. Key Club 12; Madngais 10. 11. 12. Muskrai 10. Stoge Crew 11; District Chorus 12 Komor, Kimberly A. 1554 Washington In.. Meodowbrook. PA 19046. Swim team 9. 10; Bowling 12; Lotm Club 11. 12. Spectre 12. Kim, Son Mee. 149 Edge Hi Rd . Glenside. PA 19038 Student Council 11; Class Council 11. 12. Affixation Club 10. 11. 12. Color Guard 10. 11. 12 (capt). Winter Guard 10. 11 (capt ). French Oub 9. 10. 11; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12; Key Club 11.12 (sec ); Orchestra 9.10. 11. 12; World Affairs 11. Asian-American Assoc 10. 11. 12; Marching BAnd 10. 11. 12 (capt ). Dramo 10. 11. Kim, Young Hoe. 354 Van Roden Circle. Huntingdon Vdey. PA 19006 Klein, David. 272 Forrest Ave . Eklns Park. PA 19117 ARTW 12. World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Drama 10. 11; Honor Society 12 Koch, trie. 2960 Modi son Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001. Koch, Dory C. 2028 Chester Ave.. Abington. PA 19001. Trock 9. 10. 11. Kohles, Kart. 557 HMcrest Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 Kortrtght, Kara J. 2830 Grisdale Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Cound 9. Choir 9. 11. 12; Key Oub 11. 12; Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. Madngais 11.12; Jan Band 9. Amnesty Ml 11; Avlo-tton 11. Concert Band 9.10. 11. 12; Marchng Band 9. 10. 11. 12 (Srgt.); District Band 12. Montco Band 10. 11. 12 Krosick, Marforte F. 711 Martin Rd . Efcns Park. PA 19117. Krtsfon, Heather. 656 Cricket Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Krugman, Yale Ronald. 954 Henrietta Ave . Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Kruk, James F. 347 Zone Ave . Pdodelpho. PA 19111. LonxtBotK. Stephen J. 1819 Osbourne Ave.. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Footbd 11. 12; Soccer 10. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11. 12; Honor Society 11. 12. Varsity "A" 11. 12; mtramurote 10. 11. 12 Laumer, Brooke t. 2048 Moreland Rd.. Abington. PA 19001 Student Cound 12. Oass Cound 9. 10.11.12. Swim Team 9. 10.11.12 (capt.). Locrosse 10.11. Field Hockey; Writer Guard 11. 12; Honor Society 12. Varsity "A" 10.1.. 12 (pres). Concert Band 9. 11. 12 Le Hein, Thanh. 1806 Lukens Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Soccer 9. 10. Asian American Assoc 12. Leatherbury, Troy Andrew. 1837 Fleming Ave. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Student Cound 12. Class Cound 12. Foot-bal 11. 12; Camera Club 9. Choc 9. 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 9; Concert Band 9 Lebeau, Dore Louise. 237 Suffolk Rd.. Rydof. PA 19046 Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12. Affixation Club 10. 11. 12. Band Front 10. 11; Honor Society Key Club 10.11.12. Latin Club 12; World Affairs 10. 11. 12. Armesty mn 12 Lee, Benson. 1861 Bertram Rd. Hmtlngdoo Vdey. PA 19006 LeMottre, Matthew Wayne. 849 Cricket Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Class Cound 9; Choir 9 Leonard, KeRy Ann. 345 Leona Ave . Huntingdon Vaiey. PA 19006 Leonard, FtUUp Michael. 113 Fox St.. Rockledge. PA 19111. Class Cound 11. 12; Track 9. 12. Wresting 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt.). Honor Society 11. 12. Varsity 'A' 12. Lerch. Christopher A. 344 Evergreen Rd . Jenkntown, PA 19046 Footbd 9. 10. 11. 12; Varsity "A" 12. Lester, Kory D. 332 CodwakJer Ave.. Eklns Park. PA 19117. BSU 9. 10. Intramurals 12. UochleBo, Joanne. 2751 Kruger Rd.. Roslyn. Pa 19001. Uesche, Darrin C. 509 Pasodena Ave.. Phtodelphia. PA 19111. Tennis 9. Affixation Club 10. Aviation 11. Unsalata, Michelle. 2031 Horoce Ave . Abmgton. PA 19001. Italian Club 10. 11. 12 Ushnott, Julie Beth. 1851 Rowland Rd.. Abington. PA 19001. Class Cocmd 10. 11. 12; Affiatlon Oub 10. 11. 12; French Club 10. 12; Honor Society 12. Oracle 10. 11. 12. Uonos, Son me to R. 1731 Prospect Ave . W»ow Grove. PA 19090 Lloyd, Chrtssie Anne. 203 F«sher Rd . Jenkntown. PA 19046 Class Cound 12; Trock 9. 10; Swm Team 10. 11. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. Lafln Club 11. 12. Orocte 9. 10; Varsity "A" 12; Abngtoman 12 (edrtor). French Club 9. 10. Lofton, Melissa t. 847 Femh Rd . Glenside. PA 19038 Student Cound 12. Class Cound 12. Itakn Club 11. 12; World Affairs 12. Logan. Diane L 1826 Old Welsh Rd . Abmgton. PA 19001 Class Cound 11. 12; Swm Team 9. French Oub 11. 12 FBLA 12. Honor Society 12. Itakan Club 11. 12. Orode 12 World Attars 12. Amnesty mtl 12. CSP 12. Lowes, Jennifer M. 2355 Susquehanna Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001. Luker, Tina. 1665 Sumrrtt Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 BSU 11. 12 Lyon, Charles. 2301 Patton Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001 MocHIchol, Michelle. 1404 Rothiey Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Counci 11. 12. Class Counci 9 (treos ). 10. 11. 12; Honor Society 9. Orocle 11. 12. World Affairs 10. 11 Maddox, Oeorge. 2227 Woodkand Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001 Senior Statistics 259Magi ton, Deborah. 2131 Curtis Ave .. Atxngtoo. PA 19001 Winter Guard 11. 12; Flog Twiners 10. 11. 12 (capt.). Band Front 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. Key Club 12. Asian-Amerl-can Assoc 10. 11. 12; Marching Band 10. 11. 12. Maher, Constance Marie. 800 Jenkintown Rd,. Elkins Park. PA 19117 Swim Team 9, 10, 11; Color Guard 10. 11. 12; Winter Guard 12 (capt ). Honor Society 11. 12. Key Club 12. Latin Club 11. Varsity “A" 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 10. 11. 12 Mater. Kimberly B. 830 Perm Ave .. Ardsley. PA 19038 Class Councl 9. Llxary Aid 11. 12. Ablngtonian 12. Drama 9. 12 Major, Sherry-Lynn. 3030 Turner Ave. Roslyn. PA 19001 Soccer 9. Softbal 9 Mataritey, Marianne. 1378 St. Charles Place. Roslyn. PA 19001 Swim Team 9; Field Hockey 9. Band Front 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 12; News Bureau 11. 12 Malls, Jonathon. 1461 Gunpowder Rd. Rydal. PA 19046 Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12 (pres ). Amnesty Int'l 11. 12 (coord ); Band 9. 10. 11. 12; Wrestling 9. 10; Student Councl 12. Debate 12. Mollozzl, Sharon Marie. 2528 Rodckfte Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Mailman, Melissa, A. 2013 Mt Carmel Ave . Gtenside. PA 19038 Winter Guard 10. 11. Majorettes 10. 11. 12; Band Front 10. 11. 12. Manhoft, Ellen Morel. 212 Susan Dr.. Ekins Park. PA 19117 Student Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Ox 9. 10. 11. 12; Aff»at on Club 10: French Club 10. 11. Honor Society 9; Oracle 10. 11. 12. Atxngtonian 9 (editor); Droma 9. Marshall, Joe. 2539 Rodclffe Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001. Baseball 9. Cross-Country 9. 10. Wresting 9. 12. Marx, Christopher. 1880 Acorn Ln.. Atxngtoo. PA 19001 Footbal 12. Camera Club 10. 11. 12; News Bureau 10. 11; Orocle 10. 11. World Aftairs 10. 11. 12. Abngtonian 11. 12. Rap Club 12. Marx, David Bobert. 226 Jorrett Ave.. Rock ledge. PA 19111. Orchestra 10, 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. 10. 11.12; Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Massaro, Cynthia. 1438 Edgehi Rd.. Atxngton. PA 19001. Choir 9. 12. Latin Club 10. 11 (sec.). Hearth Careers Oub 11 (sec ). 12 (pres); Ubrary Aid. 9. 10. 11; Atxngtonian 9. 10 Maupay. Donna M. 263 Maple Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 McCarthy, Bhonda. 228 Ruscombe Ave.. North His. PA 19038 Choir 9. 10. BSU 10. 11. 12 McCMnton, william 2904 Gohn Dr. WlowGrove. PA 19090 McCotgan, Christina. 543 Harvey Rd.. Gienside. PA 19038 Winter Guard 10. 11; Band Front 11. 12 Honor Society 12. Ubrary Aid 10. Marching Band 11. 12 McCormick, Tom. 1080 Holy Tree Rd . Atxngton. PA 19001 McGee, Jason Sean. 2135 Benezet Rd . Abington. PA 19001. Senior Statistics McGetttgan. Haney K. 2114 Oakdale Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Affliction Club 12. Flog Twiners 10. 11. 12 (capt). Band Front 10.11.12. Honor Society 9. Latin Ckrb 12. Amnesty Inti 12. Marchng Band 10. 11. 12. Stoge Crew 10. 11. McMaster, Scott K, 1115 Highland Ave . Abington. PA 19001. Aviation. 11. McNamara, Paul. 1222 Thomson Rd.. Roslyn. PA 19001 Soccer 11. McStay, Kellie Ann. 914 Edgeh Rd. Gienside. PA 19038 Class Counci 9. 10. 11. 12. Flag twrters 10. 11. Orocle 12; Marching Band 10. 11. Medyckl, Michael. 1515 Arfne Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Mento, John James. 137 Waker Ave.. Ekins Park. PA 19117. Merovttz. Jeffrey Ian. 1578 Wiiams Rd. Abington. PA 19001. Class Counci 11. 12. Atxngtonian 9. 10. 11. 12 (editor) Meyer. David S. 1437 Dor el Rd.. Ryder. PA 19046 Class Counci 10. Latm Club 10; Spartsh Club 10. Meyer, Mark A. 124 Central Ave. North Hfe. PA 19038 Soccer 10. Miner, Joanne. 1300 Thomson Rd.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Miner, Bon. 885 Easton Pd.. Gienside. PA 19038 Orchestra 12. MHUgan, Martin S. 428 Syfvanla Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Aviation 12; Concert Bond 10. 12; Marching Band 10. 11. 12 MiHs, Mark L 2728 Mt Vernon Ave.. W ow Grove. PA 19090 Class Counci 10. Basebai 9. Aviation 12. MKsop, Jennifer. 241 Zone Ave . PModefchia. PA 19111. Drama 9. Mina, Joseph. '908 Fleming Ave.. Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Minor, Jared. 1650 Frankln Ave . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Student Counci 9. Class Counci 10 Minto, Heather. 1907 Lukens Ave.. Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Mitchell, Allen C. 2948 Woodland Rd.. Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Councl 9. 10.11.12. Class Counci 10.12. Basketbal 9. 10.11; Footbal 9. 10.11.12. Trocfc 11. Varsity "A" 12. BSU 10. 11. 12 MttcheK, Michael. 2572 Old Welsh Rd . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Mogell, Stuart Michael. 314 Peoch Tree Dr.. Ekins Park. PA 19117 Footbal 9. 10; Trock 10 Morris. Tammy Ann. 1933 CookJge Ave . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Afflatlon Ckjb 10,11; Cheerleaders 9.10.11. Orchestra 9. 10. 11; Spanish Club 10. 11. Morris, Thomas P. 59 Blake Ave.. Pock ledge. PA 19111. Class Councl 12. Footbal 11. 260 Morrison, Myta Lee. 1375 Lmdbergh Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001 Cross-Country 11. 12. Trock 9. 10. 11. 12. BSU 10. 11. 12 Mo see, Monique. 2825 Rossiter Ave., Roslyn. PA 19001 Cheerleaders 10. 11. 12. Chos 10. Varsity "A" 12. BSU 10. 11. Moskowttx, Susan. 2819 Tuner Ave., Roslyn. PA 19001. Camera Club 12; News Bureau 12. Moyer, Patricia. 475 Roberts Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Mulkewycx, Parte la Diane. 1313 Osbourne Ave.. Roslyn, PA 19001. Closs Councl 11. 12. Field Hockey 9. 10.11. 12; Varsity "A" 12 Mundy, Usa B. 702 N Easton Rd . Gienside. PA 19038 Cross-Country 9. 10. 11. 12; Trock 10. 11. 12. Library Aid 10; Usherettes 10. 11. 12. Murphy, Usa A. 950 Brodheld Rd . Abington. PA 19001 Class Councl 11. 12. Locrosse 9. 10. 11. 12; Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12; Varsity "A" 12. Hair, Joshua. 1968 Adams Ave.. Abington, PA 19001. Student Councl 9. 10. 11; Class Counci 9. 10. 11 Basketbal 9. 10. 11. 12. Naylor, John. 2309 Romig Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Counci 9. Class Cournd 10. Ubrary Aid 10. 11. Stoge Crew 12. Heft, David Lee. 537 Prne Tree Rd.. Jenkintown. PA 19046 Student Councl 9. 10. 11. 12 (pres ); Class Councl 9. 10 (treas). 11 (pres ); Key Club 10. 11; Intramuals 12. Heu, Birgit L 764 Tyson Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 AffBotlon Club 11; Honor Society 9. Jazz Bond 9; Concert Band 9. Drama 9. Hew berg, Heather Dale. 1866 Footfn Dr. Kjntngdon Valley. PA 19006 Student Councl 9.10. ARTW 12. Cheerleaders 12; Orocle 11; Spanish Club 10. Varsity "A" 12. Drama 11; Musical 11. Newman, Lucretla. 1521 Lindbergh Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Newman, Mitchell. 1715 Prospect Ave. Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Nguyen. Uhn. 467 Ridge view Ave. Atxngton. PA 19001 Footbal 10. 11. 12. Trock 9. 10. 11. 12. Wresting 9. Varsity "A" 12. Aslan-Amencan Assoc. 11, 12 (treas.). Nguyen, Thong. 1855 Brentwood Rd . Abington. PA 19001 Nttsche, Bin. 1766 Caverty Rd.. Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Basebai 9. Soccer 9. Ice Hockey 11. 12. Nodtne, Btchord L 2213 Menlo Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Nolan. WHIlam. 1033 Arbuto Rd . Atxngton. PA 19001 Class Councl 9. 10 Nosol, Christopher J. 632 Edgety Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Soccer 9. Cross-Country 10. 11. 12 (capt). Track 9. 10.11. 12 (capt.) O'Donnell, Thomas H. 7143 Edgehil Rd.. Abington. PA 19001. Soccer 9. 10; Spanish Club 10. O’HoUoron, Kristen Denise. 2117 Woodtawn Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Class Councl 12 Soccer 11. 12. Orocle 12 Olson, Steve. 1776 Sharpless Rd.. Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Soccer 9. 10 Oser, Craig B. 1777 Meimar Rd. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Intramuals 9. 10. 11. 12. Pakman, David B. 1034 Beverly Rd.. Jenkintown. PA 19046 Student Councl 9.10.11. Class Councl; Basebai 9; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12 (treas); Orchestro 11.12. Jazz Band 9. 11. Amnesty Int'l 12. Concert Bond 9. 10.12; March-rng Band 11. 12.Park. John. 2058 Glen wood Ave . Glenside. PA 19038 Afflo-tlonCJubll. 12; Honor Society 9. Aslon-American Assoc 11. 12 (pres). Jazz band 9; Concert Bond 9 Pork, Sun Young. 358 Tyson Ave.. Glenside. PA 19038. Affiliation Club 10. 11. 12; Color Guard 10. 11. 12; Band Front 10. 11. 12. Pettier, Klmboriy Anno. 348 Cfveden Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 Peirce, Klmboriy M. 317 Mayfield Ave . Elans Pork. PA 19117 Student Cound 10. Class Councl 11. 12. Afflaton Oub 10, 11. 12; French Oub 10. Honor Society 12. key Club 11. 12; Orocle 11. 12. Amnesty mt'l 12. Poiosl, Mario R. 621 Pine Tree Rd.. Jenkintown, PA 19046. Pennekamp, Klmboriy Joy. 806 Glen Rd., Jenkintown. PA 19046 Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity A" 12 Poppor, Joffroy H. 1144 Hal Ave . Rostyn. PA 19001 Basebal 9. 10. Footbal 9. 10 Portocky, Marla. 621 Garden Rd.. Glenside. PA 19038 Porrl, Anthony S. 72 Bloke Ave . Rockledge. PA 19111 Pony, Adam J. 885 Easton Rd . Glenside. PA 19038 Basebal 9.10.12. Footbal 9. 12. Ice Hockey 10. 11.12; Camera Club 9. 10. Pesenton, Mlchaol. 1392 Glenbrook Rd.. Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Affiliation Club 12. Chess Oub 11. 12. French Club 11. Honor Society 12; World Affairs 12. Acodemic Decathalon 12. Petersen, Sheila C. 1920 Valley Rd.. Meadowbrook. PA 19046 Phan, Long D. 2980 Carnation Ave.. Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Socer 11. 12; Trock 11. Asion-American Assoc. 10.11. 12. Pinto, Rrott M. 1832 Meodowbrook Rd . Abmgton. PA 19001 Plonk, Lara C. 2115 Horace Ave . Abmgton. PA 19001 Flog Twiners 10. 11. 12. Latin Club 12. Drama 10. 11 PodoK, Lauron Dale. 1105 Sewel Ln. Rydal. PA 19046 Swim Team 9. Tennis 10. 11. Oracle 12 Prusso, Douglas. 1847 Guernsey Ave . Abmgton. PA 19001. RawUk, Chritttno Ell to. 3018 Limekiln Pk.. North Hlls. PA 19038 FBLA 12. Honor Society 9. 12. key Oub 11. 12. News Bureau 9 (editor). Orchestra 9. School Store 9 Roivor, Amy Jill. 1851 Guernsey Ave . Abmgton. PA 19001. Student Cound 11. 12. Abmgtoman 9. 10. Class Councl 11 (trees.) 12 (sec ). Oracle 12; Italan Club 11. Rovoll, Karrtah. 1669 Codtdge Ave . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 BSU 10. 11. Rexrode, Alan §. 2504 Fernwood Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Orchestra 9. 10; Jazz Band 9. 10; Concert Band 9. 10. 1. 12. Marching Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Roynar. Jolt Caroy. 1053 Church St.. Abington. PA 19001 Honor Society 9. 12 Reynolds, Laura. 1759 Papermil Rd.. Meodowbrook, PA 19046 Class Cound 10. 11; Locrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Rhoades, Shawn . 333 Chelsea Ave.. North Mils. PA 19038 BSU 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 9. 10. Rico, Anita. 1851 Edmund Rd.. Abington. PA 19001 Rlgnoy, Thomas Orogory. 515 Highland Ave . Jenkmtown. PA 19046 Tennis 9; Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. Jazz Band 9. 10. 11. 12; Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marctw g Band 11. 12. Drama 9. RHoy, Ethan Alton. 2109 kenmore Ave.. Glenside. PA 19038 Affliction Club 10. 11. 12. Or ode 11; Spanish Club 10 Rlnot, Samuol W. 317 Ruscombe Ave . North ms. PA 19038 Student Cound 11. 12. ClassCoimd 11.12. Basketball 10. 11. 12 (COpt ); BSU 9. 10. 11. 12 Robb. Joo. 2138 Wharton Rd . Glenside. PA 19038 Spectre 12 Robortt, Amlo Brooko. 1625 Old Welsh Rd.. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Swim Team 11. 12 (mgr ). Usherettes 10 Robortt, Chrlttophor Todd. 1610 Summit Ave . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Bosketbal 9. 10. 11; Footbal 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt) Rollins, Curtis. 1565 Farview Ave.. Wilow Grove. PA 19090 Footbal 9.10. 11. 12. Track 9. 10. 11. 12. Wresting 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A” 12. BSU 10. 11. 12. Rotonborg, Matt . 1440 Woodtand Rd.. Rydal. PA 19046 Wresting 10. 11. Spectre 12 (editor); Honor Society 10. 11 Rosonfotd, Cary. 1550 St James PI.. Roslyn. PA 19001 Class Cound 11 Student Cound 9. 10. 12; Soccer 9. 10. Swim Team9.10.11.12. Lacrosse 11; Varsity "A” 12. intramurals9. 10. 11 Rosonfotd, Konnoth W. 1030 kpSng Rd. Rydal. PA 19046 Class Councl 11; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Orocle 9. 11. Orchestra 9; Intramurals 12. Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Pit Orchestra 11. Rosonthal, David J. 1117 Sunset Ave.. Jenkintown. PA 19046 Class Councl 10. 11. 12; Track 9. Camera Club 9. 10. 11. 12; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. News Bueau 10. 11. 12. Orocle 10. 11 (editor). 12 (editor). Abmgtoman 9. 10. 11. 12 (editor). CSP 11. 12. Rosnor, Joo! Louis. 1501 Rydal Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Class Cound 9. 10. 11; Soccer 9. Honor Society 9. 10. 12; Oracle 12. Spanish Oub 10. 11. 12 (vice-pres). Ross, Vlncella L 2636 Arnoud Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 Trock 10 Ryan, John J. 1202 Huntngdon Rd.. abington. PA 19001 Trock 10 Rydor, Oerard. 885 N Easton Rd . Glenside. PA 19038 tatters, Angela K. 1515 Birchwood Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Choir 9. BSU 12; Library Aid 10. 11. Sampson, Tracy A. 738 Perm Ave.. Ardsley. PA 19038 Class cound 9; Trock 9. Lfcrary Aid 9; Drama 9. 10. Sandy. Edward. 928 Cricket Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Class Cound 9. Santangolo, Thorota. 633 Roberts Ave.. Glenside. PA 19038. tauder, Joseph. 2770 Galoway Ave , Rostyn. PA 19001 Ice Hockey 10. 11. 12. Saundort, Ariono Mario. 877 Douglass Ave.. Elects Park. PA 19117 Class Cound 9; Bosketbal 9. 10. 11; BSU 10 Saundort, Suprono. 1552 Washington Ave . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Savago, Nathaniel Raymond. 2812 LHan Ave . Willow Grove. PA 19090 Student Cound 12; Bosketbal 9. Basebal 9. 10. 11. 12. Saylor, Jill. 1907 Fleming Ave. Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Scatfldl, Donna M. 346 Zone Ave.. Philadelphia. PA 19111 Sconga, William. 2221 Memo Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 Spectre 12. ScarpoUo, Jennifer Anno. 1552 Osbourne Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Bowing 9. Schouron, Oayto Lynotto. 2562 Rosewood Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Cound 10. Bosketbal 10 (mgr ); Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt.) Field Hockey 11. Bowing 12. French Oub 10. Spanish Oub 11; Varsity "A" 12. Schtank, Mark. 1845 Meodowbrook Rd . Abmgton. PA 19001 ice Hockey 10. 11. 12 (assis capt ); Varsrty ’A" 10. 11. 12 Schmid, Loiso Ann. 2886 Lmekin Pk . Giens»de. PA 19038 Student Cound 10. 11. 12. Class Coimd 9. 10. 11. 12. Lacrosse 9. 10. 11; Field Hockey 9. Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt.). Latin Oub 11. 12; Varsity "A” 11. 12. Schreiner, Ann M. 868 Tyson Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Schuyler, Meredith. 2075 Park dale Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 Schwartz, Christopher. 651 Hamel Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Schwartz, Danny. 615 Oak Shade Ave . Elkins Park. PA 19117. Class Cocmd 9. 10. Bosketbal 10; Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt.). Spanish Club 10. 11. 12. Intramurals 10. 11. 12. Interclub Counci 12. Schwartz, Lynda Ann. 167 Greyhouse Rd . Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Sdorttno, David. 1335 Clarke Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001 Scott, William. 322 Ruscombe Ave . North His. PA 19038. SowoH, Andrea Denise. 732 Martin Rd.. Ekins Pork. PA 19117 Student Cound 11; Class Cound 9. 11. 12. French Club 10. Honor Society 12. Sexton, Sean. 2922 Elott Ave. Wlow Grove. PA 19090 Cross-Country 9. 10. 11; Trock 9. 10. 11 Sozov, David R. 948 Maple Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Shatter, Sanders. 318 Peoch Tree Dr.. Rockledge. PA 19111 Student Councl 10. 11. 12. Class Councl 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12 (vice-pres); Orocle 11. 12 (etftor). Band 9. 10. 11. 12 Senior Statistics 261Shattort, Jonnhor. 1300 Osbourne Ave.. Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Cound 9. 11. 12. Class Couid 10. 11. 12. Cotor Guard 11. 12. Band Front 11. 12; Ok 9. 10. 11. 12; Honor Society 12. Spartsh Club 10. World Affairs 11; ModriQato 11. 12; Marching Band 11. 12. Musical 9. 10. 11. Drama 9 Shoo, Hok . 2307 Edwards Rd. Roslyn. PA 19001 Shooron, Jottroy Robort. 2700 Fern wood Ave. Roslyn. PA 19001 Soccer 9. 10. 11. Shorwood, Edward M. 1705 North H s Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. ice Hockey 10. 11. 12 (capt). Shlonboum, Joy H. 1302 Woodand Rd Rydal. PA 19046 Footbal 12 Shuman, Hogan Joy. 1419 Lndsoy Ln.. Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Student Counci 10. 11. 12. Class Cound 9. 10. 11. Swim team 9. 10 Locrosse 9. 10. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12; Swimmer s aid 9. 10. CSP 12 Shuttioworth, John. 1822 Fleming Ave.. W»ow Grove. PA 19090 SRborttoin, Jotoph. 1408 Holman Rd.. Roslyn. PA 19001. Smkovtti, Htchoto Lott. 1832 Pine Rd . Huntngdon Valey. PA 19006 Concert Band 9. 10; Marching Band 10. 11. 12. Simon, Doborah Jono. 822 Gregory Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Student Cound 9. Class Councl 11. 12; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Latin Club 10. 11; CSP 11. 12. Sknt, Stdnoy Loo. 2533 Pierce Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Student Cound 9 (vtce-pres). Basketbd 9. 10. 11; Basebd 9. Footbal 9; Trock 11. FBLA 12. BSU 10. 11. 12 Sknt, S to von Loo. 2533 Pierce Ave , WSow Grove. PA 19090 Smtgoi, Androw Loo. 1217 Susquehanna Rd.. Rydal. PA 19046 Class cound 10; Trock 9. Wresting 9. 10. 11. 12. Oocie 12. SmMoy, Elton Both. 814 Uanfcxr Rd. Rydal. PA 19046 Student Couid 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Couid 9. 10. 11. 12. Soccer 11; French Club 11.12. Honor Society latmClub 10; Orode 12. Varsity “A" 12 Smith, Htko. 834 Monroe Ave.. Ardsley. PA 19038 Smith, Sonya. 1333 Osbourne Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001. Smyth, Lori Ann. 509 Montgomery Ave. Holywood. PA 19111 SoftbaC 9.10. 11. 12. Winter Guard 11. Honor Society 11. 12. Varsity ”A" 11. 12. Marcrtng Band 11. 12. Snydor. Wondy mocks. 125 Susan Dr . Ekhs Park. PA 19117 AfflkJton Club 11. Key Club 11. 12. Sobtotkl, Chortto. 767 Harrison Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Intramurals 11. 12 Sommor, Hyoctnth H. 630 Rosekand Ave.. Phiodelphia. PA 19111 Student Couid. 9. 10. Class Cound 9. 12. Affikjtion Club 19. 11. 12 Cheerleaders 9. Latin Club 10. Orchestra 10 Soptnsky, David Alan. 225 Susan Dr.. Ekhs Part. PA 19117 Trock 9. 10. 11. 12. Splogol, Androo Lolgh. 1333 Fairacres Rd. Rydal. PA 19046 Student Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Cound 9. 10. 11. 12. Swim Team 9. 10. Affiatlon Club 10. 11. 12; French Club 10. 11 Orode 12 Starr, Votorlo C. 2832 Susquehanna Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001 Softool 10. StockUno, Chrlttophor. 2927 Senak Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001 Basebd 10; Swm Team 10. 11. 12. FBLA 10. mtrornurais 11. 12. Stoinmayor, Laura Ruth. 941 Lour once Ave . Ekins Part. PA 19117. Class Councl 9,10.12; Soccer; Affiotion Club 12; Debate 11. Orode 9.10.12. Varsity ' A" 12. Amnesty Inti 12; Abingtonian 10. 11 Stinson, Dawn. 2833 Mnam Ave . Roslyn. PA 19001 Band Front 11. 12; Marcrtng Band 11. 12 Stootltor, Dawn Hario. 2320 Heston St . Roslyn. PA 19001 Band Front 10. Choir 9. 10. Story, Jottica Lolgh. 1633 Washington Ln . Meodowbrook. PA 19046 Jazz Band 9; Concert Band 9. 10. Drama 9. 10 Strohto. Amy J. 1111 Fox Chase Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Class Councl 9 (sec); Lacrosse 9. Field Hockey 10. Honor Society 12. Orode 12; Amnesty Inti 12. Strauti, Joromy. 709 WoodsxJe Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Student Ccxnd 11. Class Councl 11. Debate 10.11.12. Orode 9. 10. 11. 12 (editor). Amnesty mt'l 10. 11. 12 StroRkg, Orogg. 2059 Kenmore Ave.. Glenstde. PA 19038 Spectre 12. Strulson, Jonnttor Nancy. 1231 Cox Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Class Councl 9. 10; Swim team 9. 10. 11. Field Hockey 9; Afftation 10. Debate 10. French Club 10.11; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12; Latin Club 10. World Affairs 10 Sullivan, Ton-oneo Mlchooi. 1960 Adams Ave . Abngton. PA 19001 Student Cound 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Counci 9. 10. 11.12. Basketbd 9. 10. Locrosse Varsity "A" 11. 12; Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12 TaBatono, Cortnoy. 1555 Rothley Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Thomas, Jim. 1564 Frank in Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Aviation 11 Thompson, Chris. 2615 Woodtand Rd. Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 9. 10. 12 Tomlinson. Sandy. 321 Maple Ave . North His. PA 19038 Class Councl 9. 10. Field Hockey 9. 10. 11; Basebd 9. 10 (mgr). Tompkins, Janot. 942 Woodcrest Rd . Abington. PA 19001 Tompkins, Janot Mathloon. 235 Woodtyn Ave . Glens Je. PA 19038 Class Councl 10. 12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. Lath Club 10. 11. Trachtonborg, Jordan. 1966 Heritage Rd.. Hixitngdon Valley. PA 19006 Tran, Hahn Van. 2980 Comotion Ave., Wdow Grove. PA 19090 Soccer 12. Asian-American Assoc 12 Traynor, Kolth. 626 Garden Rd . Giens»de. PA 19038 Stu dent Council Class Councl 9.10. 11.12. Soccer 9. 10. 11. 12. FBLA 12. Varsity "A" 10. 11. 12. htramurab 10. 11. 12 Tdbotot, Laura. 2920 Gnsdale Rd . Roslyn. PA 19001 Student Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Swim team 9. 10. 11. 12; Honor society 11. 12. Latin Club 11; Varsity "A" 10. 11. 12. CSP 12 Trottor, Joot. 856 Cypress Ave . Ekhs Part. PA 19117 Student Couid 9 (pres). 10. 11. 12 (treos). class Couid 9.10. 11. 12. Footbd 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12 Varsity "A” 11. 12. BSU 10. 11. 12. Swimmers Aid 12 Tuck or, Robocca Jono 684 Edged! Rd.. Ardsley. PA 19038 Choir 9 Orchestra 9. Jazz Band 9 concert Band 9. 10 Marching Band 10. 11. 12 Tutono, Ah a. 19 Borbeck. St.. Rockledge. PA 19111 Lath Club 10. Drama 10. TunstaR, Klmboriy Joan. 926 Garfield Ave.. Ardsley. PA 19038 Class Countl 10. 11. Bowing 9. 10. 11. 12. Softbd 9. 10.11.12. FBLA 10.11. School Store Aviation 11 Vatontino. Jotf. 745 Glen Rd . Jenkintown. PA 19046 Soccer 9. Locrosse 9. 10. 11. 12. rtalanClub 11. 12. Varsity "A" 12 Vonoy. V or on tea 2724 Prtpps Ave . WlOw Grove. PA 19090 Senior StatisticsVatcl, Roaomory. 2103 Wharton Rd . Gienside. PA 19038 Votrt. Adam. 1139 Sewel In.. Rydal. PA 19046 Student Councl 9. 10. Class Councl 10. 11. 12. Footbal 9. Tennis 9. 10. 11. 12. Wresting 9. Jazz bond 9; Concert Bond 9. 10.11 Wochlntkl, Motthow Edward 1341 Jericho Rd Abngton. PA 19001 Student Councl 11. 12. Class Councl 11. locrosse 9. 10. 11. 12; Varsity "A" 12; Concert bond 9 Wotdman, Noah. 1306 Frogholow Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Orchestra 11. 12. Spectre 11.12. Abmgtoman 9. 11. 12 (editor). Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12. Marchng Bond 10. 11. 12 (srg ) Wotdman, Woody Anno. 1845 Chester Ave . Abogton. PA 19001 Key Club 11; latn Club 12; Spectre 12. Jazz Bond 9. CSP 12. Concert Bond 9. Marching Bond 10. 11. Drama 9; Pit Orchestro 10 Watkor, Otto ML 909 Douglass Ave . Efcins Pork. PA 19117 Footbal 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 10. 11; Affiotion Club 12. mtra-murals 11. 12 Wattoco, Thomoa. 755 Garfield Ave . Ardsley. PA 19038 Footbal 11. Wotah, Kotty. 2537 Brookdoi© Ave . Rosiyn, PA 19001 Class Councl 11. 12. Swim Team 10. 11. Honor Society 12. Key Club 11. 12 Woitof, Sharon O. 1026 Beverly Rd.. Rydal. PA 19046 Student Councl 11. 12. Swim Team Mgr 10. 11. 12. Writer Guard Majorettes 9.10.11. 12. Band Front 9. 10. 11. 12. Marching Band 9. 10. 11. 12 Ward. Stophon. 1323 Zachary Rd . Rosiyn. PA 19001 Wargo, Zltxaboth. 247 N Easton Rd . Gienside. PA 19038 Wargo. Jonnttor Ann. 247 N Easton Rd.. Gienside. PA 19038 Waahtngton. Andro. 2619 Arnoud Ave .. Gienside. PA 19038 Wotttoy, Jilt ton. 1114 Hal Ave.. Rosiyn. PA 19001 Trock 10. Ltorary Aid 10. 11 Waugh, Larry. 1455 Rothley Ave . Atnngton. PA 19090 Bos-ketbai 9; Basebd 10. 11; Footbal 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 10.11. Intramurals 10. 11. 12 Wavro, Amy S. 1516 Grove Ave Jenkintown. PA 19046 Student Councl 12. Class Oxncl 11. 12 Orocle 12 Woavor, giti a both Ann. 965 Dale rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Class Cosncl 12; Terms 11.12 (capt); French Club 12. Orocle 12. Varsity "A" 12. Inter-Club Councl 12 Wotdnor, Motthow Thomoa. 510 Edgley Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Bosebal 11. Intramurals 9 Wotnborgor, Foggy. 1531 Edgewood Ave.. Rosiyn. PA 19001. Wotnor, David. 1602 Valey Glen Rd . Ekns Park. PA 19117 French Club 12 Wotaa, Worron. 973 Henrietta Ave . Huntngdon valey. PA 19006 Drama 9. Science Club 9. 10. 11. 12 Worthnor, Stovo. 346 Tennis Ave North Mi. PA 19038 Concert Band 9. 10. 11. 12 Woat, Mtchoot. 1543 Grovanto Ave.. Abington. PA 19001 Bowing 10. 11. 12. World Attars 12. Intramurals 11 Wharton. Kano. 1071 Wynne wood Rd . Abngton. PA 19001 Whtto, Hoton t. 424 Roberts Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Bas ketbal 9.10.11. 12 (capt). Sottbal9.10.11. 12. Varsity "A" 12 Whtto. Ktmborty Undo. 1538 Ferndale Ave Abngton. PA 19001. Whttoatdo. Tyrono Chrlatophor. 1739 Arnold Ave Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Trock 9. 10. 11. 12. BSU 10. 11. 12 Whttnoy. Rodd Woatoy. 1835 WBard Ave W«ow Grove PA 19090 Student Councl 12; Class Councl 12. Swim Team 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt ) Locrosse 11. 12. News Bureou 10. 11. 12. Spectre 12. Intramurals 9. 10. 11. 12 WUcox, Dtono. 202 Ray St. Phlodelpho. PA 19111 WHktna, Mtko. 1807 Roberta Ave Abngton. PA 19001 WUttoma, Choryt Lynn. 204 Rosiyn Ave Gienside. PA 19038 Soccer 10. 11. Amnesty nt'l 10 WMtoma, John. 1608 Park Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Class Councl 10. Bosebal 9. Aviation 11. Computer Ckjb 9 WMtoma, Kovtn. 2302 Edwards Rd.. Rosiyn. PA 19001 Student Cotnci 10. Locrosse 10. 11; Wrestling 11. WUttoma, Liao A. 914 Terms Ave.. Ardsley Pa 19038 Trock 9. 10. 11; Field hockey 9. Winter Guard 10 Majorettes 10. 11. 12; Swimmers Aid 10, Marching Band 10. 11. 12. WURoma. Todd Matthow. 100 Old York Rd Apt 715. Jeokinto wn. Pa 19046 Soccer 10. 11 Trock 12. Varsity "A" 12. Intramurals 12. Aviation 12 WURoma. Mtchoot. 625 GarTtetd Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 WMaon, RomoR. 1737 Prospect Ave . Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Footbal 11. 12. Trock 11 Wtttonborg. Roddy Ivan. 1150 Meodowtxook Rd . Rydal. PA 19046 Student Councl 12; Locrosse 9. 10. 11. Latin Ckto 10. 11; Spanish Club 10. 11. 12 (pres). Wottgang, Mark Joahua. 2914 Susquehanna St . Rostyn. PA 19001 Bosebal 9. 10. Woo. Lynda I. 1273 Gfcert Rd . Meodowtxook. PA 19046 Student Councl 9. 10. 11 (sec ). 12; Class Ccxxsd 9 (pres ). 10. 11.12. Field Hockey 9. Atfiotion dub 10 (sec ). 11 (vice-pres). 12 (pres). Cheerleaders 9. 10. 11. 12 (capt ). French Club 10 (treas). 11 (vice-pres). 12 (pres ); FBLA 10. 11; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12; Orocle 10. 11 (editor). 12 (editor); Orchestro 9. 10. 11. 12. Asian-American Assoc 10. 11. 12. Abngtoman 10. Wordtngor, Jamoa Robort. 264 Maple Ave . Gienside. PA 19038 Class Councl 11. 12. Atfiotion Club 10, 11. 12. FBLA 11; Honor Society 9. 12. Key Club 10. 11. 12. Spanish Club 9. 10. 11. 12 (vice-pres ); Orocle 9 Asian-American Assoc 10; Stoge Crew 11 Worm toy, Marta L. 1720 Park Ave.. Wiow Grove. PA 19090 Winter Guard 12. Band Front 11. 12. Choir 9; Honor Society 11. 12. Orchestra 9. 10. 11. 12. Ltorary Aid 10. 11. Marchtog Band 11. 12. Wright. Dontao Androo. 1542 St James PI. Rosiyn. PA 19001 Student Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Class Councl 9. 10. 11. 12. Trock 11. 12; Orchestro 9. BSU 12. Stoge Crew 12 Yodor Votorto. 354 Van Roden Circle. Huntingdon Valey. PA 19006 Student Cocnci 10.11.12. Class Councl A treat on Club 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 9. 10.11. Orocle 11. 12. Amnesty ntl 12 Yokl, Chrlattno. 1834 Fleming Ave . Wiow grove. PA 19090 York, Jomto Lyn. 2488 independence Ave.. Abington. Pa 19001 Student Councl 12. Class Cornel 9.11.12. Bosebal 9 (mgr ); Field Hockey 11 (mgr ). Swimmers Aid 10. Drama 9 Yottoy. Ktmborty Ann. 2489 independence Ave Rosiyn. Pa 19001 Student Councl 11. Class COmci 11. Bowkng 9. 10. 11. FBLA 10. School Store 10. 11. Young. Mtchoot D. 2859 Joyce Rd . Rosiyn. PA 19001. Bos ketbal 9. Bosebal 9. 10. 11. 12 Footbal 9. 10. 11; Wresting 10. Intramurals 11. 12 Young, Raymond David. 304 Heathclffe Rd . Hixitingdon valey. PA 19006 Class Councl 12. Bosebal 9; Wresting 10 Zochortoa, Rotor. 1444 St Charles PI. Rostyn. PA 19001 Atmotion Club 11. 12. Spanish Club 10 Zogor, Dorono. 1157 Over Rd.. Huntngdon Valey. PA 19006 Zambrano, Ruh Notaon. 679 Pine Tree Rd . Jenkintown. PA 19046 Ztogtor, Roggy. 1429 Grovania Ave . Abington. PA 19001. Zooa, Jonnttor. 433 Meodowtxook Dr . Huntngdon Valey. PA 19006 Senior StatisticsTW™1 db FMD1SI- DAVID "HULKSTER' NEFF ¥HC1 PUBS.- ROBERT COOCH " GORDON IEISOMIIMM© SB1TMT- MEGAN "SEXY" BRAY MIMTOM-JOEL "ANIMAL" TROTTER ®0)M1SP(S)MMM(S raiWA!Y“ AMY "HAIR" LIVEZEY A!BMi«iig'm iiTO!g aanamijS'irga 1 flgato ©MIS- LINDA "WOO WOO” woo USfc ©Mil- AIMEE "SMILES' MALNATI ggf o°» ©Mil-STEPHAN IE "C L SCHOTT pS 0 IB©lIME'if-SHARI PARTyIjTrL WALTER A sipmsforas; tom hurtin dude" nyman SAM "THE MAN McNAUCHT CONGRATULATIONS r jljP Jr ' ! SENIORS GOOD CtJCK AND BEST WISHES ALWAYS REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES AND LET’S HOPE FOR MANY MORE!!!!! LOVE YOUR SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. "1 C’FFICHRS •' I PRLSii.H-NT SARA GOLD f-PRES0EI tTT7A N HEIGH 1 SECRETARY : AMY REIVER TREASURER,: MERRI SCHUYLER Sponsor : mWcharlestbaker WW 267 Dear Jen : BEST OF EUERVTHI NG ENJOV THE REST OF VOOR FIFE! a □GSB00 nsnaBEiKKa□□ a®macaaa dgxeu LOME, DRD J'.X. 11,-CNNg AND II.ling - BOOB LUCK, TOO! WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU Navy we « « : an our Jota a no jjooO toisfce . f ommv, auO Baua jm THE EXPERIENCE. THE BENEFITS. THE OPPORTUNITY. Navy Recruiting Station 1752 Old York Road Abington, PA., 19001 Telephone. (215) 659-1114 2444 UMV - CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO OUR "BESTEST" DAUGHTER LOVE YA, miniMy supercalifraglllstlcexpyaltdotious year In U.S. at Ab. Val. Mort. Mom Dod (1 2). Kim W. familu Mealou . thank-ll so much 4 giving me such great impression of U.S.This also applies to all my friends at Ab. Henrik,J.V Go-J-qo .twist Amie Mort .talking into night, Jimmy, teaching vocab(good?!) funny time ;Diane,being so nice(hi LihnO:Dean .never mind+p+f+c+G-f-D :Son. kimch:Jon. making fun of. eh..sauce!,Sam,what's up?+RG ;Lunda,JK MU ;Val ,sister good friend :Kim P Jen G. .correcting... weird,..."Are U boring?" BERLIN - auf unsereFreudschaft Detlef, Michi, Tanja, liebe Zeilen Andreas B. und danke Mama und Y-A oni. . Bye ... Again, Thank Yeu Young Hee Kim )OM: Thank-you, I love you That says it all. I can be concise! Irish and Italians are very compatible Going through history was great with you.We have so much in common •4PTIE: Thanks for helping your gsl-pal-Al through math h being my best friend for 14 years Sheers Princess of Power, loves you! DJI. BURT: Don't forget Marlowe his idealism or to do Peer Gynt on the radio-you were a great Guru. PIS. TOBlPf: My feet are now on the floor. PUT- BPtVTK: What else can 1 sav but. Anchors Away! I always have the last word. The yearbook provides just that oppurtunity. Brad B. :Change your face. You look too much like me. Maureen M.:Your wrong. I win! Stop smiling. Jon M. :l guess real men have all the answers Dave P. :Her name was Kim VanAllen. Rachel B. rAren't you glad I'rn the only one who Knows you were named "Cecil". Mike G. :Why don't you come up with a believable lie once and a while. You wouldn't get in so much trouble. Your parents hear everything. Audrey G. Tell me the truth Did you really do that with Scott Smith? Brooke.: You have to learn to control yourself One of these days its going to get you in trouble David C. :Why didn't uou take off for Cali, five years ago and saved us all the trouble. Wendy Gallagher :l just decided to RSVP now I figured my invitation to the wedding. Jeremy S. :You just have to hold a party continuously for a week sometimes. Know what I mean? Julie G. :Get a real life, Geeb. Meg B.:You really ought to kick the habit of pulling hair out of people. Stick to your brush. RobA.:You hate school, right? Yet you're going for four more years. Let me guess you're going for the girls there Nicki A.:Your shrinking, you're only 4'10" your sister's taller than you. Love and Kisses, Sanders Shaffer, Clubs Activities Ed. OUR HIGHSCHOOL YEARS ARE NOW OVER WE LOOK BACK UPON THE FRIENDSHIPS WE'VE MADE AND THE WORDS TO A FAMILIAR SONG COME TO MIND " That's what friends are for. For good times, through bad times. Knowing we can always count on you. For sure. That's what friends are for." TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AT ABINGTON: CONGRATULATIONS AND WE LL NEVER FORGET YOU! LOVE MEG AND LYNDA 2695 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 i tioagiefiouse Famous For Hoagies Steaks MON.-THURS 11 10 FRI SAT 11-11 SUN 11:30-8 “Same As It Ever Was 659-3322 659-3323 1656 OLD YORK RD„ ABINGTONHenrik Andersen, Jeff Reynar, Frani Siegel, Jen Kaiser, Lisa Mundy, Jackie Jordan, Mike Gemsik, Long Phan, Mike Farley, Young Hee Kim, Louis Cohen, Jamie Altman, Jim Lee, Patty M., Marrianne M., Phil Leonard, Joel Trotter, Dawn Freas, Dawn Heigh, Kristie Immordino, Amy Wavro, Mike Gallagher, Jen Scarpello, Lee and Diane, Nicki A., Chris M., Megan B., Lori Smyth, Joel T., Robby Abowtiz, Tovah K., Ken R., Nelson Z., and Mike Pensen-son- I wish you all the best of luck; I won't ever forget you! F. Fisher, P. Smith, and R. Rorison, thanks for everything. Dear Slacy. WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU AND LOVE YOU VERY MUCH WISHING YOU EVERY SUCCESS FOR A BEAUTIFUL FUTURE — LOVE, MOM AND DAD MARTY AND BARRY BEST OF PHIUY 1983, 1984 S.G.S. PAPER CO. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '87!! HOPE EVERYONE WILL ENJOY THEIR PICTURES FOR YEARS TO COME! - DAVID ROSENTHAL it Picas Mil Road Wyncote PA 19095 (215) 884-5791 Major Oscountars • Papa' Products • Party Goods • Janrtonal SoppJ • Parsonawad Pnn ng • Ba'oonj 15% orr vith mix ad (excluding xalex merchandise) 271 Brad Broker and Rob Abowitz wish everyone a happy and healthy future and also thank the following for their support and humor: John Debella Phil Smith The Little L.A. Bill Cosby Merin Studios Billy Joel Ms. Jake Beagle The Shore Bagel Ball Phil Collins The Abowitz’s and Broker’s Charlie Baker Sixers and Flyers Ed Julius Erving Lee’s Hoagie House Billy Crystal Marci Sechtin Oracle Don Casto Eddie Murphy Phil Klein Brad and Rob also predict: In the year 2000 we shall see . . . •Dan Schwartz will earn millions through his telephone service “Dial-an-lnsult" •David Cohen will become the founder of a new cult group "Cohenlsm” -Beth Cohen's office door reading "Ms. Beth Cohen: Phd.. M.D., D.V.M., C.P.A., M.C.A.T., B.S., B.A.. Esquire . . . -Joel Rosner will be a ski Instructor retired from the professional circuit after breaking every single bone in his body. •Jennifer Abrams will become the vice-editor of "Trendsetters" magazine •Josh Nair will become the owner of "Stud" magazine. •Valerie Yoder will appear in a very tasteful yet provocative spread in Playboy Magazine. -Dave Neff will become a semi-used car salesman. •Candy Keller will certainly have married. -Sandy Shaffer will own a small amount of beach-front property . . . Australia. •Laurie Compter will become the editor of the National Enquirer. •Lisa Murphy will become the most verbal lawyer In her firm. -Lauren Podell will have an entirely new wardrobe. •Sara Gold will be the first female President of the United States. •Dave Rosenthal will be a photogrpaher for Hustler magazine. •Jordy Tractenberg and sunglasses will star in the film "Terminator II”. •Tracy Harriston will run a Gucci and Polo outlet. •Billy Crystal will be the opening act for the comedy team "Rob and Brad" in Las Vegas. ,irIJbil [TITTY! 5 irtfTV . and the entire Class oj 1987 CONGRATULATIONS MEREDITH QTJI3 I1GJQJB QQQ] MOM, DRD, HMD JENNIFER the moRdAnfc shop. UP. A ftouniy of (Jifts 0 101 000 '0M C CtNTtn CMOirl'M 'H0M S VOMUrCR mm «• to e CONGRATULATIONS AND LOVE TO OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER. Dooms umma AND TO THE CLASS OF 87 JERRY. TERRY. AND RENA ZAGER IT® IP GSIL AES® ■mans (SLA: ©IF THE BRANDEIS FAMILY 272Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 Good Luck For A Happy And Healthy Future Jon D. Fox State Representative 153rd Legislative DistrictTO THE CI 48S Of 87 THE SICIJS THF, THE LTTT1T ! ! ! GOOD LUC 1C IN IJOUtt FUTU1LE ! mon net. . . sikflaa as? OlTlCtftS : PktS lOtNT : Kutfiii Str ittmotter V PJtlXlULm : nifee rtiTiitt S£Cfe£? AUl) : niqim Johnson T)(£ SUfc£)l : tgnnie Tlomhl spomofe : nfc. j£ffH£y rwUmow"Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again, and meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends." I hereby leave: To Amy Reiver, my best friend The memories of the last 5 years because "the past can never change, old times are just the same", my friendship forever, more good times. You're the greatest! To Julie Lishnoff: A Rydal boy, a gun to shoot "nose-job city, Victor, a class called "flirt 101" , my thanx for good times we’Ye had and the ones to come You’re terrific. To "D" Logan: One more afternoon at Jerry s, a party at Eric H.’s, a real joke, a boyfriend younger than 29, more good times. To Susan Gross A one way ticket to Sweden, Major Tom and Ziggy Stardust, Jim(or someone like him), and thanks for all you’ve done. I love you. To Libby : An invite to Tina Turner’s funeral, a video tape of captain caveman reruns, a win at Wimbledon. Thanks for the lunches. I’ll miss you. To Jimmy Gee: A mon dieu! One more french class, a date with Young Hee, another sweater with a pattern to trace To Josh Nair : And) Bernstein!! (You'll hook up one day..) Keep giggin’ - Be Happy. To Bill McC : A real hockey team, Yosemina Hey, Knowledge cause you just don't know), rny love and friendship. To Mr.Smith and the Yearbook Staff : Thanks for putting up with my hissies! (Brad - I leave you Mickey Mouse.) to the rest of the Class of '87-Good luck with oil you do -You're the BEST! BETH To the quMn : for ut life will be ateojafc . . . To lim : Look- out for cate. To Xalfiu : Leep lauqht-nql To Karen : Some dan coon you U be out of tfie soutfv bumble . . . tool (rood luefe to alt the special people joimSiryit ACADEMIC FUNDING RESOURCES 2452 Avondale Ave Roslyn, Pa 19001 College-bound’ Going for further studies? Scholarsh s and grants available from all sources Write us for free details CONGRATS TCI THE CLASS Of 87 DEAR JILL G., JILL S.. AMY, CHRISSY, COLLEEN, KIM, AND BILLY MCC. mm ms 1 mm nir q q o WE LL MISS YOU ! WE LL LOVE YOU ALWAYS, DANA G. AND DANA R. Dear Vend7 i. Hilary; E dlfff hoar at Gibionf . VT . Pseado lev Tear EYe...Mr.Doodleman...IHOP-where yraptalk«...complaint about smart . Befry and Firmity...Don’t Hart Brenda!.. Thaarbs-Up Victory...the Password is...Inn Flight... Ralph love Jill...Cape Cod or Senior Veek?.. Qaiet Dinner at home . Da Hi ng It Together.. .Uaaical Christmas cards ..Moffat and Melancholy. I love yoa gay . Pookie DELICATESSEN ■ RESTAURANT CATERING BAEDERWOOD SHOPPING CENTER JENKINTOWN. PA. 19046 (215) 866-7569 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ENTIRE CLASS OF 1 987 ESPECIALLY BETH COHEN LAURI COMPTER STAYCI GALLANT DIANE LOGAN AMY REIVER JOEL TROTTER WE'LL MISS YOU 275©massif jjsejb Telephone OR7-3030 We love you for your spirit, your insight, and your honesty Always remain who you are and you will be successful and happy. The best is yet to come! H0WE. saosa kj® ©a® WS. 2 .m.2 . General Dentistry Office hour6 By Appointment AVON PROFESSIONAL PLAZA 10752 BUSTLETON AVENUE PHILADELPHIA. PA. 19116 dUl BESt WISHES AND SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS TO BETH ESKIN AND THE CLASS OF 1 987 HEALTH. HAPPIHESS. AUD SDCCESS .........ALVATS....... VE LOVE YOU. MOM. DAD, MARK, JILL M AVI AMI gfiUGI TO THE SUMMER GUNS: Never forget Great Adventure, Peace Valley, Wild Wood, the tubing trip that never happened, the movies, charades and even the murder! Best of Luck in the future and remember: a mm vm a a a Your friend forever. Son Mee If® jpa,as iL'jaiiM®?;? MI® If®! (SlLftSS ®IF “Stf esaisa ifEiL irasiiis bi® iBsair saamaa If® AiUL as? W®® w®a as® arciteteiaaaigrcm. spinas. MR. AND MRS. STEPHEN L1SHN0FF AND ELLEN LISHNOFFCONGRATULATIONS AND Best Wishes to the 1987 Graduates MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographs for the 1987 ORACLE ALL PORTRAITS APPEARING IN THIS PUBLICATION HAVE BEEN PLACED ON FILE IN OUR STUDIO AND CAN BE DUPLICATED AT ANY TIME Write Or Phone For More Information NORTH PHILADELPHIA AIRPORT AND 2981 GRANT AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19114HEAD TO THE TOP AND SOAR!!! FROM THE CLASS OF '89 (THE SOPHOMORE CL OFFICERS: PRESIDENT: STEVEN MILLER VICE-PRESIDENT: WENDY WILLS SECRETARY: NANCY BAKSIS TREASURER: AMY CHURCHILL SPONSOR : MR. MARTIN 278f "Those crazy nights I do remember I in my youth, I do recall they were the I 1 best times most of all i Journey Stacy Jacobson Stayci Gallant Andi Spiegel Candy Keller I?ff3@SK0a Meredith Bass Megan Shuman Lauren Podell Lauri Compter Heather Newberg Dorene Zager Jennifer Abrams Rachel Bramen ■ When your down and troubled, and you need a helping hand, and nothing, oh nothing is going right - close your eyes and think of me . . . winter, spring, summer, and fall, all you have to do is call and I'll be there. Yes I will. You've got a friend James Taylor A B I N G T O N PHARMACY 884-2767 1460 YORK ROAD Abington, Pa. OPEN 8 AM 'Til MIDNIGHT DEDICATED TO YOUR HEALTH" Congratulations to DAVID LEE AND THE CLASS ®F 19071 WE LOVE YOU. LOVE MOM ROB To Megan Bray and the Class of '87 Remember - 'Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm ' Good Luck in all your endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad, and Jim 279Tels.: 379-4125 O 'SlSr 379-4126 ♦ RESTAURANT Lunch • Dinner • Banquet • Take Out 545 Rockledge Ave. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006 Mon. - Thurs.: 11:30 AM-10:30 PM Fri. Sat. to 11:30 PM Sun. 12 noon to 10:30 PM MWMM YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! GET INVOLVED! PAPER BOUTIQUE ANNOUNCES SWEET 16 • SIGH IH BOARDS • INVITATIONS • FAVORS • UNIQUE GIFTS • AND MUCH UORE! THE PAPER BOUTIQUE YORKTOVH INN ELKINS PARK, PA TU6-0805 280

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