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ORACLE 1985 ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL PennsylvaniaFACULTY CLUBS SPORTSA Flashdanc© secretary5 That will b© fifty cents Guess who's?! The intensity of senioritis Three's Company Auhhhh!Abington's Gossip Center Girls just want to have fun! 13Camera shy Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeze! I just won a what?!Go Grease Lighting!!!!!!! 1516Abington Board Of School Directors 20 row 1 Beverly Freed, Muriel Alt, President; Adele S. Block, Elaine Shay row 2 Leonard M. Rosenfeld, Ph. D. Melvin K. McMaster, Ed. D., (Vice-President); George H. Manaker, Ph.D., Richard G. Hollowway, Peter A. Dreifus James F. McCaffery, Acting SuperintendentWilliam Lucian, Assistant Principal Principals )ohn Skilton, Assistant Principal G. Donnon McGinley, Assistant Principal Norman W. Schmid, Principal Time is a strange phenomenon for many of you. For some, the past twelve years have moved swiftly and have been filled with school-centered study and activity. For others, those twelve years took on a slower pace, and the center of their focus was on other aspects of life. For most, they were a mixture of both. Yet each one of you passed through exactly the same number of days and hours and minutes. Only the perceptions have differed and will remain with you as you leave one way of life to enter another. No one can say how much time the future holds, so it is important that you make the most of every opportunity. Your parents have given you life and taught you and your teachers have tried to prepare you for what lies ahead, but only you can fully realize what you have been given. Only you can turn the passage of time into success and well being and feelings of self-worth. To do this is your right and also your duty. No matter what your immediate endeavor in life may be, a profession or a career of service, early marriage or the armed forces, you are receiving a new start and a new opportunity. Time lies before you. Make the most of it.Guidance The Guidance Department has the task of helping students make decisions that relate both to the now and the future. This can include academic success, career choice, personal concerns, employment and future education. The counseling staff utilizes both group and individual contacts to assist students and their parents in the search for options and alternatives. The department makes use of a number of information systems as supplementary resources. These include the English 111 career development program, evening seminars for parents, and lunch hour group guidance sessions for interested students. The counselors also visit the adviser rooms to convey necessary information to their assigned counselors. In addition, students can use the VICS computer information system located in the school library. Students can visit a school or college campus during a free period by making use of the video cassette and laser disc equipment housed in the departments' college resource center. Other information channels include the Guidance Newsletter, visits by school and college representatives, school and career vertical hanging files, departmental handouts booklets, and a number of bulleting boards at strategic locations in the building. John H. Althousc Mahlene D. Lee Chairman Jeffrey Marmon Lcnore H. Leonard 22ence. 23English The graduating class of 1985 has the dubious distinction of being the last class to read Beowulfand Macbeth in their senior year. Henceforth, American literature will be taught at grade 10, British literature at grade 11, and World literature at grade 12. The World literature course, recently developed by a committee of ten English teachers, will include writers from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America and will focus on such works as Candide, Oedipus Res, and Crime and Punishment. Complementing the new literature sequence will be revised programs in composition, grammar, and vocabulary. In addition to the required program, the English Department will continue to offer the following electives: Acting, Creative Writing, Debate, English Composition, Ethnic Literature, Journalism, Public Speaking, Radio-TV Workshop, and Theatre Production. James Giordano Gerald Alpaugh Chairman Eileen Foley Dr. Nicholas Alexander Charles Baker Dr. Robert M. Burt Thomas J. Connor 24Sleeping on the job? Rosemary I. Tobin jT Ralph Maltese Peter J. Kelly You have just got to be kidding! Patricia Corcoran Philip J. Smith Charles E. Schneller Millicent Neff Dwight W. GoodSocial Studies The special purpose of social studies is citizen education and the civic learning of each individual. Abington has as its goal the development of a contributing and productive individual possessing self awareness, knowledge, skills, and a sense of responsibility. The World Civilization II program in Grade 10 focuses on the nations of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America in their geographical, historical and cultural setting. The American Studies program in Grades 11 and 12 presents an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the United States. It encompasses the history, the governmental structure, and the economic, social, and cultural development of our country from colonial times to the present. In addition elective courses are offered in Afro-American History, Anthropology, European History, Minority Groups in the United States, Psychology and Sociology. Dr. ). Robert Rorison DeWitte Shipley Chairman 26I. Barry Friedman Erwin F. Albrecht, Jr. Times up! Walter Yost Thomas J. Nyman William Dodds Donnelly Casto Jane Milks Nancy McHughForeign Language Foreign Language is an all-elective area with course offerings in five areas: French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Latin. White the first three levels are basically the same, level IV allows the student to select either IV or IV Honors. The final year, level V, completes language study at the high school level with level V Honors designated as an Advanced Placement course. The Foreign Language department faculty sponsors many active clubs including: Affiliation Club, Spanish Club, Itallian Club, Latin Club, and French Club. The highlight of the departmental activities is the annual Mardi Gras celebration. Over six hundred language students don costumes, dance, and eat ethnic foods. Students are also encouraged to take part in the many local and national language contests. As in past years, Ab-ington is always excellently represented. Donald Alberl 2:35! 28Mathematics The responsibilities of the mathematics department are the development and implementation of curriculums in both mathematics and computer science. The department's staff consists of fourteen members, all highly trained and experienced teaching professionals. The staff is currently considering some textbook adoptions and the resequencing of the M-Mathematics track. These changes are in connection with the third year mathematics requirement for graduation to be instituted by Abington School District in the 1985-1986 school year. The most recent changes have occured in the upgrading of the computer science curriculum. We currently offer courses in BASIC, FORTRAN, and Advanced Placement Computer Science, which uses Pascal as the vehicle of communication. We are proud to be one of the few schools to offer electives in these three high level languages. The goal of our department is to provide a continuous mathematical sequence and meaningful classroom experience for students of every ability level. We trust that those students who are graduating from Abington Senior High School will be able to draw upon the problem solving skills that they have learned in order to enhance themselves in their chosen vocation and to improve the quality of life for all. Everyone take a few deep breathes. I've marked the tests . . . H. Russell Pittman Acting Chairman n K I Brian Reiff w John M. Mirsch 30Elaine B. Shaffer Miska Mechlowitz Rodney Ralhbun Barry Bciswenger “The deer . . . James W. Detweilcr Richard D. BradyScience The Science department is an interaction of the physical and biological disciplines. It ranges from the required basics in Biology to Advanced Placement courses. Intermediary interests include practical and physical sciences and Advanced Biology. Courses are also available in Chemistry and Physics. Advanced Placement college-level courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are offered, too. Except for Biology, courses are entirely elective. Such courses are designed to further the science knowledge of those students aspiring to attend college. Special interest courses are offered in Aerospace Science and Ecology. Frederick Fisher Chairman H. Samuel Stewart William Manogg Robert O. Cummings So much attention. It must be grade time.' 32Glenn R. Jones Samuel P Roeder Richard M. Thomas The one to one approach. Joseph Gribosh Richard T. Butler James Riley ■d' Karen J. LakeSally A. Beothy C. Michael Beagle Special Education The Learning Disabilities Classes at Abington Senior High School have been departmentalized. There are now three teachers in our program. Ms. Carrie Jones teaches the English sections for grades ten through twelve. Ms. Kathleen (Kip) Malloy teaches a potpourri of classes: World Civilization, American Studies, Science, and L. D. Clinic. Mr. Richard Wrigley, our newest member on the team, teaches the Mathematics sections for grades ten through twelve. We are pleased with our team work and it enables us to meet and work with all the students in the Learning Disabilities Classes. Reading The EMR program has been designed to prepare students both socially and vocationally for life when they leave Abington High School. Emphasis is placed on mastering practical skills in such academic areas as English, Mathematics and Social Studies. Students leave the EMR program ready to become independent and productive members of the adult community. Since education in today's world revolves around the ability to read, many students are eager to improve their reading skills. The Reading program at Abington Senior High School makes available to receptive students a Reading Skills course, a Developmental Reading Skills course, and individual Reading Clinic appointments. Emphasis is placed upon reading comprehension, vocabulary development, textbook study techniques, note and test-taking procedures, preparation for College Boards and rapid reading skills. The challenges of the future require that each person be responsible for improved understanding through improved reading ability. Kalhleen M. Malloy Richard Wrigley Business R. C. Miller Beatrice Barrett Chairman Ray Rebcr Ruth A. Fcchter Viola Mom Ruth Wicnstein Office careers today offer more opportunities for an interesting and satisfying career than ever before. Government and industry continue to report a shortage of well-trained secretaries, clerks, and data processing personnel in all parts of the country. To help alleviate this problem the Business Department offers a course in Word Processing, has upgraded the Clerical and Secretarial Office Procedures courses to include instruction in word processing and the use of memory typewriters, and has added a new word processor and several computer terminals in the word processing lab. This equipment is available to all students in the department and will prove helpful in the study of Accounting, Management, and Record Keeping as well as the secretarial field. The Business Department stands willing and able to help prepare students for well-paying jobs in the business world, or for entrance into degree granting institutions of higher learning specializing in various business occupations. 35Music The Music Department offers a varied elective program that is an integral part of the school curriculum. Scheduled classes include Choir, Madrigals, Band, Orchestra, Piano with an electronic piano lab, small group instrumental instruction, and many other courses. Students may also participate in after-school activities including Marching Band, the Musical, district, regional, and state festivals. The staff is experienced, talented, and dedicated to providing meaningful and varied musical experiences for the number of students enrolled in the program. John S. Musika Joseph V. Mauro Opps, I think I'm on the wrong page' 36Art The Art program consists of courses available to both career-minded students and avocational-minded students. The major areas dealt with are painting, sculpture, drawing and graphics. The history of western art is also taught for the college bound student. These art experiences should result in a broadening of a student's visual perceptions. In addition, the Art Department has added a Commercial Art Photography course for the student considering a career in these fields. Rendering, design, layout and paste up are a few of the areas covered by this course. As always the following dictums apply: “Back to the drawing board. The first 500 are the hardest. Edwin Nagel Gary Sprocsser Chairman Home Economics Exploring living skills is the major emphasis of the Home Econooics department. We learn about making housing decisions, making wise food choices, food preparation and clothing construction skills. We explore design in housing and clothing; we discuss dating, choosing a mate and a lifestyle; we learn about young children and parenting options. This year we added the opportunity to learn skills that will help us become geriatric or child care aides. As students in the new Human Development course we had the experience of working in a mini-nursery school in the Home Economics department. Maryland Wanck Ellen B. Fonda 38Industrial Arts Lcland S. McNutt Chairman William Volp John Wiegand Gary Jackson Steven Mandes The industrial Arts Department started reorganization in 1983-84, teaching grades 10, 11, and 12. In 1984-85 the new Trades and Industrial Occupations program had its inception. This program gives tech school oriented students a chance to sample a series of experiences while in 10th grade. In one year a student experiences carpentry, small engines, graphic arts, basic drawing, electricity, machine shop, auto body, and auto mechanics. The regular industrial arts program teaches skills and attitudes dealing with wood and plastic, mechanical drawing, metal shop, electronics, and jewelry. These courses are offered in beginning and advanced shop teachings. Duties of operation in the department deal with coordination of the program, ordering materials, promoting harmony among the teaching staff, and presenting the best possible programs in all areas taught. The staff in this department is dedicated to student excellence and is always willing to help a student whenever possible. Always watch what you're doing.1 39Physical Education The Health and Physical Education Department is only effective and interesting because the instructors and students together show enthusiasm and involvement in the program. The staff must continually relate their efforts to the needs and interest of our students. This year we have added aerobics and have changed our format in the aquatics elective. We think this change in aquatics will not only add interest to the elective, but it will also provide the students with enough experience for basic water safety so that each student can safely enjoy water activities. The Chairman's duties are working with the staff members of the department in reviewing and changing the program, observing classes, ordering equipment, scheduling repairs and doing whatever else is necessary to make the program operate smoothly. The Health and Physical Education Department is only as good as the individual staff member's contribution who helps make every class a worthwhile experience for the student. Two wild and crazy guys! Raymond A. Coleman Chairman Kenneth R. Cooper 40Kathe Grebe Douglas Moister Carlotta Schaffer Identify this location. James E. Wilkinson Doc plays tennis!?!Library The library at Abington High School can be an invaluable source of information for students. In addition to thousands of books and a variety of magazines and audiovisual materials, the library can also provide college and career information through VICS, a computer terminal located in the library. The libraries are always glad to direct students towards wanted information. The library is housed in two locations this year, the main library and the library annex, to accommodate the extensive book collections. It is conveniently open for students from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This enables strdents to use its facilities before school and after school, as well as during free periods. A student can use a student identification card to sign out books. Ruth Ann Focht Janet A. Simon 2:35? You want to renew that book for ten weeks? 42lean Kortright Health Suite School health services are designed to be an integral part of the total educational process. The major goal of health services is to help students attain and maintain their optimum health status so they can receive the maximum benefit from their educational experiences. To reach this goal, health service staff members periodically assess the health status of students through the medical and dental examination programs, the yearly health conference program, and other screening programs. As health problems are identified, parents and appropriate school personnel develop and implement plans for resolving them. Utilizing their knowledge of community resources, staff members integrate the school health services with other health service delivery systems as they assist parents in appropriate referrals to these resources. Health service staff members, through participation in formal and informal instruction in both health room and classrooms, through counseling with students, parents and staff according to their individual needs, seek to promote the development of positive health attitudes and practices. Finally, health service staff members are charged with the promotion and maintenance of an environment that is free of hazardous practices and or conditions. In school a plan is developed for care of students and employees who are sick or injured and for the prevention and control of communicable diseases. You have a 107 degree temperature, but I can't give you aspirin Fingerprints?? Come on . . . show your teeth! 43s u P P o r t S t a f f 44 SECRETARIES Jean Brady, Jean Martin, Norma Humphreys, Betty Maurer, Sylvia Mott, Marie Shear, Elva Manton, Phylis Ryan, Nancy Woodcock, Doris Boerner, Carol Pendergrest, Peggy Stewart, Vera O'neill, Marilyn Maher, Virginia Shakarjian, Janet French Cafeteria Staff Bottom row, left to right: Nellma Frank, Margaret Apple-gate, Margaret Herman, Patricia Schroeder, Annie Hessenthaler, 2nd row: Nancy Borkowski, Joan Anthony, Dorothy Pannulla, Karen Skasko, Joan Shortall, Mary Ann Zatevski, Irma Shivers, 3rd row: Stella Cuprys, Audrey Leathcrbury, Antoinette DiFillippo, Hattie Padden, William McManimen, John Childs Cafeteria Monitors Rita McLay, Jean Schumann, Hall Monitors Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hagerty, Mrs. Janet Piunti, Mr. James Frances Cristaldi, Christina DeLia, Catherine Wolfson D'EliaIn Memoriam ROBERT BO SCHNECK 7 16 26 - 4 16 84 There passes not a single day that a babe is not born as a personality to this world. Bo in our midst has crossed many paths for those who needed a helping hand. For he was ready to show a friend, student, or educator he cared and understood. He let his presence be felt in his zest for living and Everyday was like Sunday! He lived in the joy of his family as a husband father and chuchman. He was honest with himself as he was with life. His humor sparked much joy and laughter. He believed in eat, drink, and warm merriment with friends for tomorrow may not come. He loved life and wasted none, and in his way he would say, My peace I give to you.TEACHERS ARE PEOPLE JOHN ALTHOUSE is a volunteer director of a summer Canadian canoe camp . . . DON CASTO has travelled to twenty-two European nations and the Soviet Union, but he loves to vacation to the sunny Caribbean Islands. TOM CONNOR spent his summer on a twenty-three state tour of the United States by motorcycle .. . KEN COOPER likes tennis and working out. When remembering back to high school, he sees finally passing Latin as a very memorable experience ... SERINA BARON is a fantastic dancer and roller skater. She travelled to Mexico City to attend the Annual Conference of Spanish Teachers, and plans to travel to Spain this spring . . . Ms. Baron serenaded by La Tuna. JAMES DETWEILER is a skilled hunter and fisherman, while also being a great tennis and golf player . .. ELLEN FONDA had a great high school career. As a cheerleader, Senior Prom Queen, and class Valedictorian, she thoroughly enjoyed those years... I. BARRY FRIEDMAN is an experienced traveller. Africa, South America, Australia, India, and the Far East are all part of his journeys ... DWIGHT GOOD will never forget his first time at bat during his high school baseball season, when he hit into a triple play . . . KATHRYN HOLGATE is the person to see if you are interested in coaching a group of young men to perform a Can Can chorus line; she has done it before .. . PETER KELLY will never forget his senior prom because his 1960 Mercury Comet exploded . . JEAN KORTRIGHT loves the best of life’s great pleasures; eating, talking, and going on long walks. Although she loved high school, she cannot forget getting turned down in chorus rehearsals four years in a row . . . MARION LEIDY enjoys swimming and biking, and spends each summer in North Carolina . . . RALPH MALTESE has completed extensive travel to Great Britain, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands . . . JEFF MARMON has a passion for sports, but enjoys coaching tennis and refereeing high school and college basketball above all . . . NANCY MCHUGH loves to talk about her trip to the Soviet Union and her dog Casey . . . SAM MCNAUGHT will never forget the time that a female student accidently ripped his pants from his back pocket to his knee, or the time that he stole (borrowed) four tires from his high school chemistry teacher’s car . . . ROBERT MILLER loves to travel and to ski, as well as play tennis and the electronic organ . . . LELAND MCNUTT is an avid hunter, fisherman, and trapshooter, and travels most often to areas where this is permitted ... DOUG MOISTER loves coaching football and watching gym classes. The highlight of his high school years was when he made the All- State football team ... THOMAS NYMAN takes great pride in his work at Abington. The swim team and student activities keep him very busy. As far as his classes are concerned, “I enjoy working in the classroom; every day is like the Carson show” . . . RAYMOND RAUEN-ZAHN is an experienced traveller, and enjoys the beautiful outdoors and photography . . . BRIAN REIFF is interested in organic gardening, woodworking, and genealogy ... FRANK SALERNO loves to jog and swim and will discuss his army career at any time. Recently he travelled to Canada and the West Coast.. . CARLOTTA SCHAFFER, alias BUNNY, was the best female athlete of her class at Abington. She lettered in field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and track. As a faculty member, she coached the field hock- ey, lacrosse, and basketball teams. In 1974 she was honored as the Abington Coach of the Year ... PHYLLIS SCHLANGER loves music, knitting, and reading. She is also quite an island hopper, but her Bermuda trip in 1982 was her best. Her “adorable, young French teacher” in high school inspired her to continue the study of French ... ELAINE SHAFFER is a fantastic singer. She sings with the Philadelphia Singing City Choir and has taken two choir tours to Israel and Egypt. While in the Middle East, she performed with Lubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic, the Cairo Symphony, and Itzhak Perlman .. . STEVEN STEWART’S most memorable high school experience was winning both the basketball and football championships. He will also never forget when a student in his class asked if England was an island . . . VINCENT PEZZULLO has travelled to France, Greece, Italy, and parts of the United States. He ritually works out on Nautilus machines and loves to play the piano and crochet . . . MARYLAND WANCK will never forget her interview with Mrs. John B. Kelly for a high school term paper written about the late Grace Kelly ... JAMES WILKINSON thoroughly enjoys coaching the basketball team and telling stories to his health classes about his children . . . GARY SPROESSER loves to swim and build things. This past March he travelled to Jamaica. 46ON EDUCATION TOO! to celebrate his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. While teaching art history several years ago, Mr. Sproesser happened upon a very funny story. His class was studying a painting of the Virgin Mary painted by Jan Van Dyck, a fifteenth century Flemish painter. Suddenly, a hand shot up in the back of the room. “Mr. Sproesser,” the girls asked, “was the Virgin Mary still alive when Van Dyck painted her?” . . . FRED FISHER enjoys biking, hang gliding, and chess. Recently, he hiked to Williamsburg, Virginia, with Mr. Thrush and averaged 87 miles per day. He will never forget the day a Halloween wolfman kissed KAREN LAKE during a class period. In his own high school, he was president of his class. Fred Fisher hitching a ride to Annapolis. William Thrush looking for the same ride. Education is very important to the students at Abington. However, the faculty at Abington are just as concerned about their influence on the students as the parents are. Several faculty members have voiced concerns as well as compliments for the Abington education system. Their opinions are vital, if any improvements are to be made. It is important to know exactly what the teachers are feeling about their responsibility and the responsibility of the students. Some teachers feel that our society increasingly expects the school system to teach ideals that were once taught at home. These tasks, some feel, are beyond the responsibilities the schools are equipped to handle. It is felt that the apathy among students, parents, and faculty add to this passing of duties from home to school. Apathy is a problem that permeates all the branches of education. If the students become more interested in their school environment, it is likely that their achievements will increase. For this to happen, the adults in their lives must also become more involved. Parents must work with the school for the common goal. Where curriculum is concerned the faculty has several suggestions. Some feel that the return to practical education is a must. Courses that help to prepare for careers and life in the world are needed to balance the more esoteric classes. Of all the basics, reading seems to be the most important basic course that is always in need of improvement. Other teachers ' disagree with this idea emphatically. The reutrn to basics has decreased the well-rounded education once offered. Students should be given the opportunity to touch base with several areas of study, so as to be able to make decisions about their future with a good base of knowledge. The faculty seems to differ on the subject of electives also. Some feel that home economics should be required for both male and female students. Tech school also seems to be a subject area that needs more respect in order to increase participation in that area. All are in agreement that the elective programs should be expanded instead of decreased. The nation’s trend towards science and math has many teachers worried. .The need to study foreign languages should also be a top priority. This would enable students to be better citizens of the world. Less practical suggestions also were supplied by the faculty. Some faculty suggested an extended school calendar and week with longer hours. However, some suggested shortening the week, day, and year instead. Another teacher feels that the last three years of high school should be optional with free night school available until age twenty-one. Still others think students should be kept in school an extra year or two to further round out their education. The atmosphere of school also needs improving. If a more humanistic approach is used, the student may enjoy studying more. Often calling teachers by their first names has helped in private learning institutions. Smaller classes with more individual attention also seems to be a great solution. Study habits also should be taught, some faculty members feel. Less memorization and more thinking would lead to more effective schooling. For this habit to be broken, study habits must be taught in the elementary schools.VITAL STATISTICS ALMA MATER KATHRYN HOLGATE: Bucknell U. Lehigh U. DWIGHT GOOD: University of Iowa TOM CONNOR: Fairfield U. PHYLLIS SCHLANGER: MT. Penn H.S. Ohio State U. Middlebury C. RALPH MALTESE: Villanova U. University of Indiana ELAINE SHAFFER: Millersville U. Beaver College CARLOTTA SCHAFFER: Abington H.S. Tennessee State Temple U. JEAN KORTRIGHT: Alfred U. Penn State PETER KELLY: East Strousberg U. I. B. FRIEDMAN: University of Penna. SERINA BARON: University of Penna. U. of New Mexico JAMES DETWEILER: The King’s College JOHN ALTHOUSE: Penn State U. Columbia U. ELLEN FONDA: Cornell U. Drexel U. BRIAN REIFF: Indiana U. of Penna. DOUG MOISTER: Methacton H.S. W. Chester State U. DON CASTO: W. Virginia State U. THOMAS NYMAN: Penn State U. W. Chester State U. U. of Maryland Villanova U. SAM MCNAUGHT: Wissahickon H.S. Ursinus U. Lehigh U. State U. of New York LELAND MCNUTT: Blairsville GARY SPROESSER: Kutztown State U. MARYLAND WANCK: Abington H.S. Mansfield U. Penn State U. VINCENT PEZZULLO: UCLA Middlebury C. ROBERT MILLER: Temple University FRANK SALERNO: LaSalle College KEN COOPER: Maryland University FRED FISHER: Millersville U. MARION LEIDY: Trenton State C. JEFF MARMON: Temple University NANCY MCHUGH: U. of Pittsburgh FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS KEN COOPER: Football, you bet! First aid lesson: There are two kinds of adhesive tape; the kind that won’t stay on, and the kind that won’t come off. MARION LEIDY: Nerts! FRANK SALERNO: Quiet, please VINCENT PEZZULLO: Porca Miseria MARYLAND WANCK: Where are my keys? SAM MCNAUGHT: Don’t let the turkeys get you down! THOMAS NYMAN: Ain’t no thing. DOUG MOISTER: Football, you bet! ELLEN FONDA: Goodness! OK! SERINA BARON: Bravo! JAMES DETWEILER: Let’s begin! PETER KELLY: This is outrageous JEAN KORTRIGHT: Return to STEVEN STEWART: Precedent Peon PHYLLIS SCHLANGER: Oh la la! tch, tch, tch DWIGHT GOOD: Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. Some people wonder what happened! GARY SPROESSER: Back to the drawing board. TOM CONNOR: OY VEY! MOST INTERESTING COURSE MARYLAND WANCK: Nutrition VINCENT PEZZULLO: History of Art FRANK SALERNO: History MARION LEIDY: Microbiology Consumer Health FRED FISHER: Qualitative Chemistry KATHRYN HOLGATE: U.S. History Course Dealing with Court Cases KEN COOPER: Bio-Feedback and Stress Management on Physical Exertion During Maximum Output TOM NYMAN: History of the World -Part II DOUG MOISTER: Anatomy DON CASTO: English Literature BRIAN REIFF: English Literature ELLEN FONDA: Observing and Participating in the Campus Nursery School JOHN ALTHOUSE: Epitomology 48PETER KELLY: Anatomy of the Cat JEAN KORTRIGHT: Social Pathology JAMES WILKINSON: Human Development STEVEN STEWART: History of Russia RALPH MALTESE: U S. History II ELAINE SHAFFER: Music Genetics Microbiology LELAND MCNUTT: Advanced Woodworking DWIGHT GOOD: Comparative Literature that Taught how to Delve into the Literature SAM MCNAUGHT: Comparative Political Systems MOST BORING COURSE STEVEN STEWART: Any Educational Course ELLEN FONDA: Organic Chemistry TOM NYMAN: Educational Psychology PHYLLIS SCHLANGER: Educational Psychology LELAND MCNUTT: Psychology MR. GEEEE . . . Mr. Gee: This year is going to be a struggle to learn American philosophy, but I always say, “The struggle to the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart — keep pushing that rock!” Student 1: But Mr. Gee, why is your class more difficult than all other classes? Mr. Gee: Because I am nothing; I see all, the currents of the universal being circulate through me, I am part and parcel of God; I become a transparent eyeball. You will learn that I won’t eat the orange and throw away the peel — just check the drawers in my English office (known to the students as THE TEMPLE). Student 2: I don’t care, I don’t understand, I don’t want to hear anymore! Student 3: I’m feeling an ecstacy over your words similar to Daisy in The Great Gatsby and her ecstacy for shirts. Mr. Gee: I know, I saw, she disgusts me. Student 1: I cannot believe that I chose this difficult course. Why in the name of the seven mad gods have I been allowed to come thus far and contemplate sand and trees. It’s hard having a god for a teacher. Mr. Gee: The God. Oh — why are the innocent allowed to suffer? It’s an eternal paradox, and I am the high, cold star in this universe. All: How can we explain this to our friends that aren’t lucky enough to be graced by your infinite and divine words every day? Mr. Gee: Don’t, don’t hang back with the brutes. Student 3: Is it possible to establish an I Thou relationship with you? Mr. Gee: It will be difficult, but life is difficult, absurd, and full of Nada, so the best I can do is supply you with a light for the night and a little stoic dignity. Student 2: Life is not Nada; sir, I exist! Mr. Gee: Ah, maybe, but do you stand on your feet or on your head? Student 2: Huh? That wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with that doughnut hole essay we had, would it? Unfortunately, I was so lost and alone on that one, I most wished I was dead. Mr. Gee: It’s okay to be lost now, but by the end of the year you will see that happiness only comes from vintage wine, The University of Pennsylvania, The Phillies, and cats. 49mm-jzrrn 1 - iiaSTUDENT COUNCIL Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 S. Schramm K. Kim P. Tucker S. Eberhardt A. Henderson S. Smiley T. Grant C. Kia-Noury G. Judkowski S. Okamoto K. Wilkinson L. Chizever J. Reynold M. Strunk C. Lane S. Timbers S Peterson T. Lee A. Sheppard A Sokoloff M. Gallo L. Carlifz A. Tress - J. Dipaolantonio K. Lee V. Griet R. Malnati J. Rosenthal P. Nino tie:: C. Bardol P. Silberman J. Doyle I Garramone L. Harris B. Rauch J. Winters D. Eisman D. Fitzgerald 7J. Bourbon A. Greenfield A. Wright A. Abowitz P. Purdy W. Rodoff G. Shore % J. Smith C. Pugliese B. Shrager H. Moon V. Kocher ■T M. Sarma B. Wainer L. Suckey N. Frank $. Gallant M. Rosenfeld v it—A M. Davis D. Britchkow S. Palacio A. Boardman M. Block IBl L DeLeon J. D'Elid 1 V. Garramone N. Campbell L. Sheckman V. Yoder The Student Council, under the leadership of President Steven Brown, made an effort to make the 1984-1985 school year at Abington Senior High School spirited and successful. The Council provided a high-quality entertainment package, committed itself to community service, and raised funds for scholarships and services. The promotion company, Midnight Sun , was contracted by the Council to provide a six-pack entertainment package. The package included such exciting events as the Back-to-School Dance Party with British DJ Paul Evans, and the Hooters' concert. This year the Student Council continued its tradition of Community service through its sponsorship of the annual Christmas Dinner Food Drive and the American Red Cross Blood Drive. The Council's Community Action Committee, chaired by Pam Silberman, played a central role in strengthening Abington High School's ties to the community. The Council's fund raising drives during the '84-'85 year were extremely successful. The funds that the Student Council garnered through refreshment sales at home football games and ticket sales for dances and concerts were used to provide scholarships for graduating Abington students. One of the highlights of the year for the Council was American Education Week. At the Council's invitation, township employees and other members of the community enjoyed a slide show about the high school, a luncheon, and a tour of the building by Council members. In addition, a greeters' table was set up in the lobby to welcome parents of Abington students who visited the school during the week. This week, for the students, was also entitled Abington Spirit Week . The students enjoyed dressing up in their favorite team jerseys and their best maroon and white clothes. Those students who did so were awarded Abington spirit buttons and were dubbed Ghostboosters . The Senior Class received one-hundred dollars from the Council treasury because it was the seniors who showed the most spirit during the week. Overall, it was a truly successful year for the Council and a very exciting year for Abington High School. Row 7: L. Smith, Vice Pres,; A. Rublin, Corr. Sec.; L. Levin, Treas. Row 2: Mr. McNaught, Sponsor; S. Brown, Pres.; J. Trotter, Soph. Adm. Assis.; C. Griffin, Jr. Adm. Assis.; Mr. Nyman, Sponsor. Not Pictured: A. Wagner, Sr. Adm. Assis.Row 1 Y. Zambrana A. Wright P. Tucker K. Parker M. Komins D. Britchkow L. Suckey G. Judkowski S. Timbers A. Sheppard ). Topkis stein Pak L. Pripstein L. Meckling M. Gallo S. Eberhardt E. Diegel IVlr Row 2 Row 3 G. Wiggins T. Hanna L. McNair L. Wachinski J. Ripley D. Zappin D. Butler M. Strunk J. Rosenthal P. Rawlik E. Mailman J. Wilson K. Singley D. DiSandro M. Davis M. Rosenfeld A. Boardman S. Brown A. Henderson L. Ferracci M. Moylan L. Brenner J. D'Elia S. Craig A. Greenfield V. Danta B. Alexander P. Purdy V. Garramone K. Shubin C. Lane M. Bruck J. Smith A. Bednarsky C. Pugliese J. Stoddard R. Watts K. Lee The Senior Class Council of 1985 is expecting to have a successful year, sponsoring such activities as volleyball night, the Hooters' concert, and other school dances. The Senior Class got off to a good start by generating the most spirit during Spirit Week and receiving the $100 prize for having the largest number of people wearing maroon and white. The Fall calendar sale boosted our treasury. The forthcoming M M candy sales purposed for the Winter and Spring will be another fund raiser for our class. A mug sale with the class emblem is to be held in January. The money raised will be used for the Senior Prom, which will be held at the Westover Country Club. One important event on the seniors' calendar was Senior Work Day. On that day each student worked in the community in order to donate money for the Senior Scholarship Fund. With the support of the seniors, the Senior Class of 1985 hopes to have a great year! 54 Row 7;S. Gallant, Sgt.-at-Arms; J. Doyle, V. Pres.; Ms. Carrie Jones, Sponsor. Row 2: S. Petersen, Pres.; C. Kia-Noury, Sec.; K. Wilkinson, Treas.; P. Silberman, Parlia. SENIORCLASS COUNCL - -JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL The Junior Class Council consists of 110 members. Its purpose is to raise money for the Junior and Senior proms, and to make the 1984-1985 school year an exciting and fun-filled year. The Junior Class has sponsored several dances, and has held jewelry, candycane, Valentine's Day candy, and Easter candy sales; all of which were very successful. Officers L. Harris, Treas.; L. Chizever, Sec.; C. Bardol, Pres.; J. Carramone, Vice Pres. Row 1 T. Crawford H. Kaplan K. Cordon L. DeLeon B. Dorshimer L. Caso B. Zucker L. Chalmers R. Malnati C. Carter A. Tress P Salazar S. Bacal Row 2 B. Shrager L. Carlitz L. Spiegel E. Miller A. Keller L. Berger D. Jaslow R. Morrissette I. Trofin D. Slenn J. Sharp B. Seiler S. Smiley Row 3 K. McKeever M. jacobson A. Wainer V. Reynolds A. Russell T. Lotz D. Mulkewycz D. Sykes L. Downey D. Gross k Thompson M. Fitzpatrick J. Nercnbe D. Eismanf D. Shin son trick 56SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL Officers: D. Neff, Treas.; S. Gold, Vice Pres.; N. Zambrana, Pres.; not pictured; D. Heigh, Sec. This year's Sophomore Class Council was a mixture of many motivated representatives and a cooperative class that together planned a productive year. The class held candy sales and sponsored a successful Soph Hop. Throughout the year, the class also sponsored additional fund raisers. Row 1 B. Flynn |. Naylor ). Abrams D. Meyer Row 2 S. Jacobson E. Smiley M. Sohuman D. Zager D. Packman Row 3 J. Strulson A. Ewer L. Woo B. Eskin M. Bray Row 4 M. Schuyler S. Cold D. Heigh T. Harrell Row 5 D. Neff A. Strahle S. Cross T. Diamond S. Eberz 57ITALIAN CLUB Row 7 Row 2 ). Leavitt D. Dipaolantonio M. Minda J. Crawford L. Caso D. Genovese L. Lapa S. McGlumphy Mr. Pezzullo M. Linslata P. Castorina V. Buccafuri M. Gallo A. Ledebur S. Eberhardt A. Puntel Row 4 C. Notaro D. Sampson G. Ritter G. Bisaquino L. Buccafuri T. Manzo T. Price J. Lepore B. Williams J. Tomeo P. Propato N. Tancor C. Coccimiglro Row 3 S. Stronach D. Lott E. Rosenholtz M. Defrancesco H. Cooper G. Carosella R. D'Angiolini W. Amato The Italian Club of 1984-85 has become involved in many productive activities throughout the year. Directed by Mr. Pezzullo, its members participated in successful bake sales, candy sales, T-shirt sales, and other fund-raising events. Club activities included a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a trip to the Italian Market, and a participation in the Macedonian Feast of Friendship . This year's successes have been supplemented by the participation of students from the junior high school as well as those from the senior high school. Due to such activities, classwork and informative discussions helped the students to become more aware of the Italian origin and culture while learning the language and how it is spoken. LATIN CLUB Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 B Pierce C. Hartman R Wright D. Hewett H. Kaplan S. Okabayashi T. Sexton T. Mancini E Miller N. Harvey J. Tomkins K. Kaufman I. Hinerfeld J. Wilson P. McLaughlin R Goldstein A. Hill M. Iffil C. Sommer A. Hoffman I. Suckey T, McNair S. Shin M. Slenn Mr. Pezzullo M. Tomkins V. Kocher I. Houseknecht M. Gallo D. PoJey D. Scott E. Longstreth S. Eberhardt S. Wood N. Mareske J. Jordan P. Mitchell R. Zaslow S. Psula D. Simon R Allen L. Pak A. Williams C. Kia-Noury D. Dickson C. Missara K. Parker E. Mailman H. Safir J. Shuttle G. Hungsavaisya A. Coyle A. Tulone A. Puntel K. Immordeno D. Braccia K. Camp S. Sadoff J. Strulson The Latin Club, one of Abington's most active organizations, began its 18th year of operation in September. Under the guidance of sponsor Mr. Vincent Pezzullo and sporting its largest membership ever, the club held many fundraisers in order to accumulate the money necessary for the club's many activities. Among the fun-raisers were six bake sales, a lollipop sale, a car wash, and a t-shirt sale. Each of these endeavors was successful, and enough money was raised to fund the clubs trips to the Morris Arboretum and the University of Pennsylvania Museum, the Senior dinner, and the Latin Club's traditional toga banquet in May. The officers who lead the 105-member club were: Social Secretaries Sally Eberhardt and Aurelia Hill; Corresponding Secretaries Pat Mitchell and David Cameron; Treasurers Marisa Gallo and Cindy Sommer; Vice Presidents Lynn Suckey and Joy Eisman; and Presidents Paul Searls and Robert Maxwell. 58SPANISH CLUB Row 1 Row 2 A. Greenfield B. Krupmck L Suckey I Berger L. Schwartz A Sokoloff D Sant men I. DeLeon W. Teeple R. Grossman A. Johnson H Plan J. Morrn M Goldstein Mrs. Baron B. Cohen ffl I?1 V? T. Morris J. Wordinger Row J V. Mardmo t E. Mailman R. Zaslow T. Bell D. Britchkow L Sharp Y. Zambrana 0. Neff A. Sheppard O. M. St D. toew J Bourbon T. Lang K. Immordino Row 4 fdS 7 |. Rubin M. Rosenfeld A. Rickenbarh 1. lanien P Early E. Parsha V. Mott M. Moylan L. Baskm K. Galie A. Kelly B Carbutt C Camacho J Bradsky D. Meyer M. Ballon R. H kk H. Coidhammor The purpose of this year's Spanish Club, sponsored by Ms. Serina Baron, is to learn about Spanish Culture, customs, and traditions. This year members of the Club attended the Menudo concer in mid-October, held a Halloween party, and attended the musical “Man of La Mancha at the Bucks County Playhouse in early November. Activities included candle sales, Spanish holiday celebrations, a trip to the United Nations in New York, and a trip to the Spanish restaurant “El Qui jote in the Spring. The Spanish Club met twice a month and meetings were conducted in Spanish. This year's officers were Senior President Yvonne Zambrana, Junior President David Jaslow, Sophomore President Nelson Zambrana, Secretary Beth Cohen, and Treasurer Lynne Suckey. FRENCH CLUB Row 7 Row 2 Row 3 S. Estel R. Goldstein Miss Schlanger R. Malnati D. Leonard L. Woo J. Schott D. Lipson S. Okabayashi B. Zucker J. Topkis J. Eisman E. Sciortino K. Gordon T. Trost R. Silberstein S. Lieberman S. Kim T. Smith A. Kaji N. Gever D. Kafrissen A. Sewell T. Ettelson M. McMahon K. Peirce D. Koche L. Pak A. Connelly A. Boardman B. Nieh T. Diamond E. Muhl P. Silberman Row 4 D. Zappin A. Strahle K. Greenfield J. Strulson M. Davis E. Miller Row 5 M. Sarma L. Wachinski C. Lloyd S. Okamoto M. Block A. Wagner L. Busch A. Coyle The French Club, led by Miss Schlanger, has reorganized this year. The officers are all energetic and excited about the 1984-1985 year. In order to insure that the officers accept the many responsibilities of the French Club, the club elected two officers for each position. They are: Andrew Wagner and Becky Zucker, President; Erica Miller and Cheryl Greenblatt, Vice-President; Pam Silberman and Susan Baren, Secretary; and Lauren Busch and Linda Woo, Treasurer. Meetings of the French Club are usually held monthly, and plans are discussed at that time. Fund-raisers discussed are t-shirt sales, April Fools Day balloons, and a French Club picnic. An award is given every year to an outstanding French Literature student in honor of the late Mr. Vincent Barone, who taught at Abington High School for 15 years. We hope to create a large treasury that we can donate to this award. As a club, we hope to experience many lessons in French culture together. The club has talked about seeing a French movie or going to an art exhibit on French artists. 59Row 1 Row 2 Row J M. Davis S. Batal Ipr y C. Shields N Dumaran J. Eiseman 9. Salazar L. Tinsman W Teeple B Mien A. Tress JW F. Friedman D Muller S. Lin S. Lee M. Ginsburg H Moon J. Washington S Young Park R Grossman A. HoHman B Goetz V. Markov E. Miller f I D. llB |. Smith t. N. Frank A. Henderson L. Steinmayer N. Mareske S Smiley J. Schott H C. Lloyd A. Kirchbaum B. Zucker H. Kaplan K. Pierce K. Gallagher A Smith V. Yoder L. Cariitz I. Compter || 1. Trofin H. Kieserman D. Zekh M. Sarma T. Morris E. Maneroff D. Butler J. Morris J Feshncff I- 5harp J. Wordingcr A. Summer E. Muhl T Stritimalter S Yi M. Eskm S. Delaney U Carey T. Nguyen E. Loyr M Bogdanoff M Davit N. HungSavaisya $ pm D. Kafristen I Pa® j: yd T. Ettelson Foreign exchange students: Elanor Loyr, Narudee HungSavaisya, Britta Goetz, Nikolas Officers: J. Tsou, Co-Pres.; A. Kaji, Co-Pres.; L. Woo, Sec.; A. Mareske, Anuschka Kirchbaum, Cheun, Treas. The Affiliation Club is an orgnaization which promotes world understanding and exchange programs. Each year, Abington Senior High School conducts an exchange program with a high school in Germany through funds raised from the Affiliation Club's candy sales after school. This year )ennifer Bruck has been chosen as the exchange student from Germany. In addition, Brita Goetz (Germany), Anuschke Kirchbaum (Germany), and Kate Walton (England) are exchange students at Abington. Affiliation Club has organized several activites auch as an International Halloween Party and a Holiday Polyanna Party in conjunction with the Asian-American Association which enabled the club members to interact with the international students. Video exchanges, audiotape with exchanges, and correspondences with foreign students also were organ-aized to help promote a better understanding of the world we live in. This year, the Affiliation Club consists of over 100 active members. This organization is sponsored by Mrs. Eileen Cawley and Mrs. Carrie Stefanelli. This year's officers are Jennifer Tsou and Amy Kaji, Co-Presidents; Amy Cheun, 60 Treasurer; and Linda Woo, Secretary.VARSITY “A” CLUB Row L. Wathinski S Okamoto L. Meckling L, DeLeon A Wainer W Meyfi Silbermarr Alexander Eberhardt Stevens Carr Lor Wilk B. Carbut igh Row 2 K. Rambo ). Oxendine L. Mundy B. Laumer C. CIutch - V I . Mundy LS r R. Learn A. Russell L. Schwartz xfflura M. Moylan D. Zappin Mam' Roq J D. Mulkewycz R. Malnati C Mair J. McAndrew R. Silberstein E. Sciortino A. Wainer T. Lotz M. Waite S. Rowland S. Herrmann N. Wilson M. Manaker The Varsity A Club is an organization of varsity letter holders from the various athletic teams. The Varsity A Club sponsors many activities such as the Halloween Roller Skating party, the crowning of the queen at the annual pep rally, and a picnic at the close of the school year. The club awards trophies to Coach of the Year and Manager of the Year . They also sponsor intramural basketball during the winter. 61LIBRARY AIDS Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 J. Wattley C. McColgan J. Fisher M. Wormley M, Levy B. Wainer A. Salters R. Grossman L.Tinsman P. Griffith S. Birch W. Teeple C. Rawlik V. Ewing C. Kuehn T. Orlina T. Lee T. Grant J. Nowicki Library Aides are students who devote some of their study hall or lunch time working in the library. A main function of Library Aides is to work behind the circulation desk: signing out, and checking in books; and writing overdue notices. Other duties the Aides may be responsible for include: shelving books; organizing magazines and records; making special deliveries around the school; sorting mail; alphabetizing and filing catalog cards; and checking booklists in the card catalog. The Aides work with librarians Mrs. J. Simon and Mrs. R. A. Focht, and secretaries Mrs. M. Shear and Mrs. F. Chamberlain. USHERS AND USHERETTES C. Pugliese ). Sharp C. Dougherty M. Burns C. Storiali 1. Trofin H. Katz A. Wainer D. Grossman M. Sarma L. Lindsay C. Lane H. Dieterly M. Levy L. McClinton Ushers and Usherettes Club is organized to assist at school events. We take tickets, give out programs, help people find seats or locations in the building. We are the friendly welcome at the beginning of each event. This year we have assisted at the All-School Parent's Night in October, Honor Society in November, the Winter Concert in December, the All School Musical in March, the Spring Concert and the Awards Ceremony in May. The biggest and most exciting event is graduation for the Class of 1985 in June. 62F.B.L.A. Row 7 Row 2 Row 3 S. Brown K. Strittmatter B. Wilson E. Muhl P. Tucker L. Marino T. Wallis K. Parker L. Day J. Parr A. Jackson V. Garamone S. Kramer K. McFadden K. Degen R. Filaferro P. Kistler S. Stuhltrager C. Stecklien C. Lane G. Wiggins L. Gargan L. Woo The Future Business Leaders of America is an interesting club for business students at Abington High School. It provides an opportunity for students to become better acquainted with business principles and ideas. The Club participates in regional, state, and national conferences. Scholarships are awarded to 11 institutions for members of the club. The state project for the 1984-85 year is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All business students are encouraged to become members. SCHOOL STORE E. Muhl, K. Tunstall, K. Yottey, M. Wormley, C. Simpson, T. Wallis The School Store is not only a place where one can buy notebooks, jackets, and pens. It is also a place where students learn responsibility. Responsibility is a major part of the School Store. It needs people who will show up on schedule. It is open for the convenience of the students. The Future Business Leaders of America is the backbone of the store. Anyone belonging to F.B.L.A. can work in the store. The store promotes school spirit and provides an opportunity for students to learn about retailing business.HONOR SOCIETY Row 7 A. Boardman K. Kim C. Kia-Noury S. Eberhardt K. Wilkinson J. Ripley S. Okamoto I. Trofin W. Rodoff L. Smith L. Bellet M. Manaker D. Kaiser M. Waite J. Morris D. Leonard J. Maloy Row 4 R. Kelner M. Magyar A. Reich D. Zappin G. Shenk S. Schramm P. Rawlik S. Thompson E. Goldhammer R. Aghen D. Kafrissen L. Maion C. Shield S. Delaney M. Davis Row 2 A. Dratch R. Zaslow V. Mott C. Shakarjian L. Smith S. Okabayashi D. Britchkow D. Santman L. Lorch J. Topkis A. Abowitz T. Trost M. McMahon K. Strittmatter S. Lin J. Tsou B. Grenald M. Timm Row 5 G. Rickard D. Cameron B. Silkovitz D. Lowe T. Asher L. Williams J. Newell T. Greenwell D. Disandro M. Block C. Meyer I. Peterson S. Sutton L. Levin J. McDowell Row 3 A. Williams A. Littig J. Winters N. Gever E. Apolinario M. Ginsburg S. Estel R. Goldstein L. Suckey M. Slenn B. Slenn S. Goldsmith S. Smiley A. Russell J. Smith C. Kuehn K. McCawley H. Steinberg M. Barlow J. Wilson E. Wilhem M. Wright M. Conway M. Yulsman L. Mundy E. Israel K. Equi S. Ritter R. Maxwell B. Wainer Officers: L. Wachinski, Sec.; A. Wagner, Pres.; P. Silberman, Treas.; S. Rowland, Vice-Pres. The major activity of the National Honor Society is providing a tutoring service to all students. Other activities include the fall induction and reception. The guest in 1984-1985 was Dr. Peter Liacouras, President of Temple University. A fund raising program provided a scholarship at graduation. 64WORLD AFFAIRS FORUM L Meager Row 6 A. Hodman M. Epstein M. Block Row 7 S. Chilian t 1. Ferracci M. Rosenfeld A. Greenfield M. Yulsman D Strauss 'P. Henderson The World Affairs Forum Club provides students with an opportunity to gain an understanding of foreign policy and world events. A variety of activities is offered; included are: field trips to the United Nations building, Washington D.C., the Goddard Space Center, and other political science workshops. These excursions enable participants to experience and role play in various model political programs. In addition, various in-house activities such as lectures, guest speakers, films, and information seminars are formulated by club members. Students with an interest in foreign affairs, political science, and power politics have found this club an interesting and rewarding experience. J Row 1 A. Boardman A. Rubfin R. Kelner V. Markovitz L. Chizever J. Sharp M. Sarma T. Etlleson Row 4 K. Schecter L. Mcckl J. Ryan I. lies Row 5 L. Pripstein L. Brenner R. Zaslow lecier iUipg n PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM Row 1 Row 2 M. Manaker B. Wainer A. Cheun M. Block ). Tsou B. Grenald R. Kelner Presidential Classroom is a unique learning experience for outstanding seniors. The location is Washington D.C. and the subject is the American National government. For one week the students attend formal seminars and on-site briefings conducted by government leaders at the decision-making level and key observers of official Washington. In 1985, fourteen Abington students participated in Presidential Classroom. Row 3 Row 4 A. Rublin D. Henderson A. Wagner ). Winters 65CHESS TEAM The chess team, sponsored by Mr. Paul Swedberg, is one of six members of the North Suburban Chess League. Each team plays each of the other teams twice, one at home, and one away. A match consists of five individual games which count for points. A win is worth one point, a draw is worth one-half point, and a loss is worth no points. If, at the end of a match, the score is tied, the school that wins the first board is awarded the victory. Each player is allowed one hour to make all of his moves. If a player's time expires before the end of a game, the opponent is declared the winner. DEBATE TEAM Row 1 H. Steinberg R. Kelner D. Britchkow H. Mackler A. Rublin M. Merovitz J. Bourbon A. Hendeson Row 2 J. Strauss J. Strulson D. Cohen M. Ballen K. Schecter M. Yulsman D. Strauss M. Kill The Debate team of Abington High School exists in order to provide interested students with forum for discussing current issues and to teach advanced verbal and forensic skills. The team participates in league debating meets and is respected throughout the state as one of Pennsylvania's leading debate teams. Debate requires a combination of verbal ability, quick thinking, and calm temperment. Team members must indure a grueling training program which stresses rhetoric debate style and poise. Those who survive the initial basic training join an elite group of expert debaters who make up the varsity team. 66CAMERA CLUB Row 7 E. Diegel A. Cheun T. Betz A. Silva Row 2 S. Brown J. Krenis D. Rosenthal Smile! The Abington Camera Club could be focusing on you. The club, sponsored by Mr. Charles Schneller, put their cameras to use focusing in on the various activities and sporting events throughout the high school. The pictures that these aspiring photographers took were used for the News Bureau, the Abingtonian, and the Oracle. Many of the photographers often got the satisfaction of seeing their work published in the local newspapers. The main purpose of the club was to help inexperienced photographers gain and imporve their skill and build confidence through a valuable service to the school. NEWS BUREAU Row 1 D. Silverberg T. Smith E. Diegel A. Littig T. Betz D. Rosenthal M. Magyar A. Cheun Row 2 S. Christensen A. Silva J. Krenis D. Jaslow The Abington High School News Bureau, sponsored by Mr. Charles Schneller, once again proved its excellence in its efforts to provide the community with news about school happenings. The eleven students, guided by Editor-in-Chief Amy Cheun, were dedicated and willing to work hard to meet the Thursday deadlines. Articles and pictures reporting on various clubs, activities, and school events, were sent to local newspapers. 67ARTW Good Morning! Everyday for ten months Abington High School listens to the voices of the ARTW staff during the homeroom period. Ken make a mistake Malis opens with the pledge and occasionally the correct date. Jill bring a breakfast Topkis and Hilary I'm sorry I'm late but . . Mackler alternate with the clubs and activities and the up-to-date world news, brought to you by the World Affairs Forum Club. Jolly Jack Go Ghosts! Winters continues with the latest sports news. And here's Gabby . . .! Loud Lisa Lorch tells the newest gossip and helps to wake up the sleeping students. Darling Debbie Kaiser operates the state of the art equipment that makes ARTW possible. Tom Ring-Master Connor makes sure that the train wrecks remain calm. And thus concludes the day at ARTW. Think about it! 68 Ken at work!SPECTRE Each year the Spectre, Abington High School's literary magazine, displays a diverse collection of creative thoughts. After a long screening period, the best short stories, plays, poetry, essays, photography, and art are carefully chosen by the Spectre staff. A theme is selected to link all of the works together. This year the editor-in-chief is Sheryl Mikelberg. Her editors deserve much credit for organizing and circulating the materials to the staff. The editors for prose are David Goldb-latt and Joy Eiseman. Poetry editors are Adam Can-deub and Neil Gever. Christine Henderson and Amy Cheun are the art editors. The circulation editors are Amy Kaji and Lauren Chalmers. Mrs. Rosemary Tobin is the Spectre's sponsor. The Spectre remains the vehicle for students to communicate their talents to others. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 S. Askel D. Leonard N. Frank L. Chalmers M. Eskin A. Tress S. Mikelberg L. Marion J. Eiseman D. Goldblatt M. Sarma D. Lipson T. Etteison 69by Jennifer Tsou Fourteen ser ' — - -----u “ chosen to rep Row 7 D. Lipson R. Grossman D. Jaslow B. Slenn M. Eskin L. Marion D. Leonard L. Steinmeyer A. Coyle Senior High Presidential Young Americans program focus ir branches of $ Abington rep re meet with oth representatives in Washington week. The represi participate in classes frcm 8: w m i w Visits to the Vhite House, the State Department, Capitol Hill, and the Central Intelligence Agpncy will also be part of the program. All participants will be housed in a section of a leading Washington-area hotel. Classes will be conducted in a less traditional approach in order to allow for free exchange of ideas and informal discussion. Seninars simulating news conferences and lectures from gcverment officials will also be a part of the curriculum. The Presidential Class roan is a non-partisan, non-profit educational organization chartered in 1968. It has allowed ewer 25,000 students the opportunity to analyze the nation s political structure for the purpose of promoting national loyalty and a better understanding of American ibilities include beliefs heories of Nietzsche and percent arwin, Hegel, nmer9an, and the Bib ave not been definite o inspire others to me wn suggestions. The cl o meet only monthly • ere stipulation that ents read the mater articipate in iscussions. Before the club matt 3 one of Abington clubs, it must meet the appiuv-al of the executive board of the Student Council. Interested students are welcome to join as the club needs to meet at tendency requirements. Listen to future ainouncements for details. Row 2 D. Sewell J. Krenis D. Strauss G. Green J. Merovltz D. Britchkow H. Mackler K. Schecter D. Cohen L. Woo of the U.S. high school g class, bee ora Merit Serai-Finalists. ‘7, students must have in selection index. two times the verbal is the math score. Thi.« isylvania residents hac jton Marching ring Section at by Doug Leonard ant David Lipsor 0.on's most exciting pej organization, the marching band, is off to another tremendous start. When cne observes a band practice, the determination and the effort became apparent. Tire Abington spirit and dedication shin — oau .-riiKUC8i.a vail win tinue to conpete for sane 5,500 Row 3 L. Chisever D. Henderson P. Silberman E. Goldhammer B. Grenald L. Chalmers L. Mundy j. Tsou S. Lin 7S to be award-ey are Kalman • Levin, David thur Rublin, reli, Steven Grenald, and the mes E. Jap bers persevere S. Brown t clinics and is after school every day. Its proud music director, Mr. Joseph Mauro, said, TVe members work hard, but their efforts are rewarded. The band is 112 nrr?’ rs strong. It placed ir tV «.op five in a Hershey corrpetition, and it is currently faring well in October tournaments such as the Bensalen Tournament of Bands. It is continuing in the tradition of past marching bands, whose numerous trophies are on display in school. Being Abington s most visible and audible pep organization means attending all football games and rallying spirit at half-time. Abington football games just wouldn't be the same without our musical cheering section. The marching band is an integral part of our school. It deserves strong student support as it strives for continued success. Editors: Row 1 A. Cheun S. Mickelberg L. Levin Row 2 A. Rublin H. Steinberg L. Mundy D. Eiseman R. Zaslow M. Yulsman ruu i dmll by David Britchkow The Abingtonian, the school newspaper, has had many improvements this year. Although the number of issues remained at six, the number of pages has increased due to the large amount of copy submitted by the staff. The Abingtonian has also moved into the computer age. Word processing is done on the Lanier Word Processor and headlines are done on the Apple Macintosh. Under the guidance of sponsor Mr. Gerald Al-paugh, the editors have sought to increase student interest in the paper. The editors are: Laurie Mundy, editor-in-chief; Harris Steinberg, assistant edi- Ghosts to their victory. Another weapon is senior tight end Tim Hack, whose sure hands and devastating blocks have led the Ghosts to victory. The receiving corps is led by vice, aggresiveness, and con- advantage of the running ditio?in8 T'ie teams's rigorcus practices prepare them for fery match. Mis 8 Lancke feels that iaching Suburban aid District vrpianships is a realistic »1 this year. Barb Rauch is a insistent winner aid defin-:ely, an individual contender yr District Chaipianship. A v league rule declares a Lay-off match is to be played £ two teams have identical icords. This provides a great- tor- in-chief; Michael Yulsman, news page; Arthur Rublin, editorial page; Barry Dubrow, features page; Robert Zaslow, sports page; David Eisman, word processing; Amy Cheun, art and photography; Leslie Levin, advertising; and Sheryl Mikelberg, circulation. Money is raised through advertisements by local shopkeepers printed in the paper. Special issues include the April Fools' Issue in which students poke fun at various aspects of the school. The year ends with an issue devoted exclusively to seniors and an annual picnic for all staff members. er opportunity for the Abington tennis team. With the anergence of several strong freshnen, the future of the Abington Girls’ tennis tean appears bright. Two freshmen hold varsity positions this year. If these girls continue the Abington tradition of dedication and drive, they will be assets to the tean. The team is inder the direction of Coach Lancke and Assistant Coach Foley. It is striving for a successful season tnrajgh daily practice and c distant dedication to the sport. s off a Good Season with a Win IX M : spai K LOT Abington s fire. This competent center fullback, and Jeff leadership is provided by the Sheer an stands exit at left three co-captains: John Ripley, fullback. Kevin McKeever and Mike RosenfeId, and Jchn Jasper. Jdin JasPer are left vd right The roster is coiprised of fullbacks with Joe Garramone •--ivhr ■Sfnmr.s—six lunmra i»d The Abingtonian ABINGTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL yo« Highland Arcan Abington. I'a 1V00I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. Laurie Mundy ASSISTANT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Harris Stainberg NEWS EDITOR: Michael Yulsman EDITORIAL EDITOR: Arthur Rublin FEATURES EDITOR: Barrj Dubrow SPORTS EDITOR Robert Zaslow ART PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR: Amy Cheun WORD PROCESSING EDITOR: David Eisman ADVERTISING EDITOR: Leaile Levin CIRCULATION EDITOR: Sheryl Mikelberg STAFF: Steve Brown. Lauren Chalmers. David Cohen. Alice Coyle. Mark Eakln. Nell Gever. David Jaslow. Robert KeJnrr. David Koche Doug Leonard. Stella Lin. David Ltp»on Audrey Ltttig. Lmiu Marlon. Jeff MeroviU. Leigh Mundy, Jeff Nerenberg. Darren Foley. Dave Rosenthal. Kalman SchecteT. Duane Sewell. Brad Slenu. laiura Stemmeyer, Jennifer Taou. Andrew Wagner ADVISOR: Mr Gerald Alpaugh Advertising Kates MM per column Inch Pabllsbed six times per year coming in as a vers it Lie sub. Pete Vai Buren is a consistent two year varsity stopper. Upfront, the team scoring leaders are Dave Holloway and John Ripley (a three year varsity player with explosive motion). Matt Wright, v k is caning to the peak of harnessing his great speed, is on the left wing. In addition, senior Mike RosenfeId adds great experience with same scoring punch fran the center-halfback position. Deserving of honorable mention are: newcaner Jchn Ryan who is a sophmore holding his own, Paul Searls who scored a goal in the first quarter against Ncrristcwn, and Byron List who has provided strength as a sweeper under the duress of a painful knee injury and the idea of moving to Korea. The tean relies an a solid defense and a pre-game psy-ching-tp. For the first few games the team was mentally prepared. In the Last few contests the tean has not played ip to its capability but has seen redemption in the motivation by the seniors and the captains. The tean, as of Wednesday, September 26, is 4-1-2 cverall aid 3-1-2 in league play. Looking towards next year, the graduating class leaves behind another season of solid playing. With a mighty jinior class and a group of developing JV players with great potential, such dk Gino Carosella and Mike Mitchell, the future looks bright for coach Ken Cooper.PHILOSOPHY CLUB Row 7 Row 2 Row 3 N. Gever D. Strauss L. Woo T. Ettelson D. Henderon D. Shinn M. Sarma S. Brown L. Hinerfeld j. Sharp N. Frank L. Brenner A. Kaji D. Lee J. Eiseman R. Maxwell A. Candueb S. Hahn J. Tsou H. Moon S. Eberhardt KEY CLUB Row 1C. Shield, N. Havey, C. Pugliese, K. McCauley, E. Goldhammer, T. Diamond Row2K. Klock, J. Tsou, D. Butler, J. Smith, R. Aghen, E. McLaughlin, I. Trofin, W. Teeple, M. Davis Row 3 S. Brown, A. Littig, J. Stoddard, M. Sarma, J. Sharp Row 4 J. MacLeod, B. Wainer, J. Winters The Key Club is a service organization for Abing-ton School students. It is uniquely different from other organizations in many ways. First, the Key Club is unique because it is sponsored by a local community organization, the Clenside Kiwanis Club. Secondly, the Key Club is unique for its aim in the development of initiative, leadership ability, and good citizenship practices. Thirdly, it is unique because it is not soley on the local level. There is a District and an International level which provides members with the opportunity to relate with teenagers all across North America. Last, but by no means least, the Key Club is the largest service organization of its kind in the world. It has provided service to both the community and the high school. The officers this year are Steven Piazza, President; Michelle Davis, Vice-President; Kelli Singley, Secretary; and Elaine Goldhammer, Treasurer. The faculty advisor is Mr. Brian Reiff. 72CREATIVE STUDIES PROGRAM The Creative Studies Program develops internships for qualified students in their junior and senior years. Students apply for entry into C.S.P. in the spring. After an evaluation by a faculty committee, the new members select an interview for various placements throughout the Delaware Valley. Students are involved in such fields as law, education, medicine, stocks and bonds, computers; also, talented students take individual lessons in music, dance, and art. Mr. Connor, the director, evaluates and charters the members' progress. Row 7 D. Santman, L. Brenner, C. Kia-Noury, M. Merovitz, H. Mackler, D. Silver-berg, M. Komins, A. lieberman Row 2 S. Baren, K. Shubin, C. Creenblatt, L. Sharp, M. Velri,). Tsou, T. Schwariz Row JS. Gallant, S. Brown, G. Judkowski, T. Hanna, A. Rublin. AVIATION CLUB Row 7 V. Ewing E. Sciorlino S. Petersen A. Haley R. Morrissette D. Rementer Row 2 S. Matisoff K. Klock T. Kirschbaum F. Weinberg J. Dusky J. Elick J. Wag a J. Harvey R. Clayborn D. Geiger A. Delaney S. Joyce Row 3 M. Clouse M. Mayo D. Dockstader The Aviation Aerospace Club sponsored by Richard Butler meets monthly for general meetings, and is open every Wednesday for extra worktime by appointment. The club is a suppliment to the aviation cources, but can be a introduction to aviation for non-cource members. The club utilizes a full motion CAT-1 simulator and also contains the posibility for model building and advice. The simulator can count for a total of 8 hours toward the private pilot licence. This club is a good starting point for those who are interested in a aviation related carreer. 73SWIMMING AIDES Row 1 Miss Grebe, L. Wachinski, V. Reynolds, Y. Zambrana, S. Craig, |. Macleod, K. DeMarco, J. Eis-man, M. Levy, J. Purslev, L. Carlitz, R. Grossman, D. Dipaolantonio, L. Caso, T. Diamond, D. Jaslow Row 2 T. Lotz, J. Smith, N. Gardiner, V. Fwing, C. Freed, L. Harris, S. Timbers, C. Bardol Row J D Mulkewycz, M. Soerber, A. Russell, L. Downey, M. Fitzpatrick, L. Th.impson. 11 Sykes The Swimming Aides program involves individuals who participate during their lunch or study hall periods in teaching others how to swim. During the months of September and October they work with students from the Ry-dalbrook School, whose ages range from eight to eighteen. For the remainder of the year they work with the fifth grade students from the five elementary schools in the Abington School District. O.A.S.I.S. O.A.S.I.S. stands for the Organization for the Advancement of Strategic and Interrogative Scenario. The members of this club play games of the intellect and of the imagination. Time Traveller, Gamma World, and Dungeons and Dragons are only a few of the games. The purpose of the club is to permit players to share in the excitement and challenge of intellectual adventure. 74BLACK STUDENT UNON Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 T. Green D. Allen D. Sewell D. Lawston J. Washington T. Houston A. Grasty S. Lawrence T. Donnell T. Grant J. Smith O. Vance S. House C. Carter H. Steinberg K. McDonald K. Revell M. Block K. Parker L. Silver B. Gibson T. Watson E. Young R Watts V. McKinney N. Field P. Tucker M. Peal C. Lane D. Butler G. Wiggins N. Savage S. Berrell The Black Student Union (B.S.U.) is an exciting and dynamic organization that has been highly successful in achieving their many goals. A major goal has been to raise money which is given to graduating seniors on the basis of need, academics, character, and service to the club. The money comes primarily from dances, although the union has also engaged in sales such as cookie, pies, safety products, and Easter candy. A substantial part of the union's success can be attributed to the guidance and experience of our sponsor, Mr. Louis Martin. Equally important is the effective leadership of the officers. This year they are: Jackie Smith, President; Jessica Washington, Vice President; Leslie Siler, Secretary; and Myra Peal, treasurer. But most important is the participation, cooperation, and devotion exemplified by the club members. Because of all these factors, the club is, and will continue to be the interesting and vivacious club that it has been. And we are always looking for lively new members to make us even better. ASIANAMERICAN Row 1 Row 2 Mr. Miller S. Hahm D. Shin D. Lee L. Woo H. Moon A. Kaji N. Frank K. Kim E. Miller C. Kia-Noury H. Kaplan H. Park S. Brown J. Tsou T. Ettelson E. Jap H. Kim N. Hungsavaisya S. Kim M. Sarma J. Sharp J. Morris L. Nguyen With the introduction of the new Asian-American club, better understanding of the races has been brought to Abington High School. The sponsor, Mr. Miller, has organized many activities such as trips, tutoring, debates, and other exciting events. Asian-American's goal of acquainting the student body with oriental cultures and customs will surely be a success this year, and for many years to come.CONCERT CHOIR Soprano A. Cheun S. Christensen T. Cook M. Davis K. DeMarco K. Fly K. Greenfr 1 Hoag A. Jackson D. Kaiser Plum C. Shakarjian K. Singley J. Stoddard S. Tomlinson T. Wallis Alto R. Aghen L. Bellet F. Friedman J. Glatts C. Good D. Kaiser R. McCarthy E. McLaughlin S. Sadoff M Scott |j. Sheffert C Simpson Smith W. Woldoff Greenfield F. Weinberg Bass T. Andrews M. Clouse J. Crawfori K Klock S. J. Newell T. Schwa T. Whiteside MADRIGALS Row 1 Row 2 L. Smith J. Kelly K. Singley M. Davis J. Kaiser J. Stoddard M. Scott M. Clouse T. Cook M. Manaker R. Aghen S. Christensen E. McLaughlin C. Simpson D. Kaiser T. Wallis C. Shakarjian 76ORCHESTRA Violin A. Connelly L. Walter L. Blum S. Estel N. McColgan T. Schwartz S. Smiley J. Wilson S. Baum M. Gallagher S. Kim T. Morris L. Woo Viola L. Chalmers D. Koche S. Birch Violoncello V. Mott J. Wilson M. Wormley Bass H. Scherrer V. Sokolove E. Sherwood Flute S. Craig A. Reich D. Santman M. Baker Clarinet S. Stuhltrager N. Frank D. Jaslow L. Tinsman J. Wilson French Horn K. Kortright Trumpet M. Kehoe Percussion D. Temple E. Lambert Piano M. Stanisewski DISTRICT BAND 77CONCERT BAND Flute S. Barer T. ■ S. Cr I Hirs A. Littig A. Reich S. Rowland J. Topki H Goldhaber S. Schramm G. Shenk C. Shields S. Smith K. Wear M. Armstrong N. Braim M. Bray K. Dawson riiS ™’ HrtB « Pea! 1 Sevens K.1 M. Davis S. Delaney K. Feinour P. Griffith L. Harris D. Leonard D Loew L. Marion T. Trost C. Degurski Z. Fabian K. RosenXeld M. Silikovitz S. Shafferf N. Waldm ield J. vitz -if ! S. Werthnpr Bass Clarinet f D. Mulkewyez to Saxophone sSry S. Su E. Wilhelm S. Smith M. Howai A. Rexr R. Tuck Tenor S, C. Staley J. Baum French Horn L. Genesio K. Kortright J. Story Trumpet M Sorber A. Wagner A. Abowitz J- j. Fur C. Saurman hone % R. Filafer E. Huebn J. Malis D. Marx M. Milligan J. Shuttleworth A. Vetri Trombone M. Barlo T. McGo K. Maca T. Reese T. Rigney Baritone Horn R. Mark ha P. S M. t? Tinsman Gudknecht Tuba D. DiSandro T. Schweizer J. Washington N. Altman onnell Percussion D. “temple ynn D. Gol C.Qlc B Jaur E. . Spector B. Broker dhaber cnblatt PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE W. Waldman L. Smyth J. Fay M. Wachinski N. Mareske V. Markovitz 78MARCHING BAND DRUM MAJORS S. ROWLAND K. MACAULEY SERGEANTS S. CRAIG S. STUHLTR AGER A. WAGNER T MtGONIGLF D. DiSANDRO S. PETTINATO CAPTAINS K ELY iM LITTIG A. WILLIAMS L. YODER M. McMAHON FU TES S. CRAIG A. REICH T. BETZ C. SHIFLDS S. SMI rH S. ZOLLER N. BRAIM K. CHICK CLARINETS K. FEINOUR S. SHAFFER M SILIKOVITZ K. ROSENFLLD N. WALDMAN Z. FABIAN SAXOPHONES S. STUH1 TRAGER B. SILIKOVITZ B. CLAFFEE S. SMITH A. REXRODE R. TUCKER C. STALEY J. BAUM D BETZ MEL L OP! ONES M. GRANDE C. KUEHN L. GENESIO K. KORTRIGHT TRUMPETS A. WAGNER J. HIRSHBERG D. METZ M SORBER T. STEVENS A. ABOWITZ M. MILLIGAN I SHUTTLEWORTH TROMBONES T. McGONIGLE P KISTLER M. TIMM BARITONES R MARKHAM E. WILHELM M. KFHOE L. TINSMAN TUBAS D. DiSANDRO T. SCHWEIZER J. WASHINGTON N. ALTMAN PERCUSSION S. PFTTINATO D. GOLDHABtR E. I AMBERT D. TEMPLE K. ANDREWS T. SCHEUREN W. WALMAN H. S( HERRER J. FAY B. FLYNN E. DIFGEL L WALTER L. PIUNTI TWIRLERS D STOFFFLEK K (iv I. WILLIAMS B. dUshimfr 0- magison S. ABEL R SHUTTLEWORTH T. SMITH K. STRITTMATTER G. GOOD K MORRIS T. STRITTMATTER C. GOLINO AN N. McGETTIGAN L. McCLINTON S, SAYLOR D. V ILLIAMS J. FISHER WK M. HOWALD M. MALTM S. WALTER SWING FL AGX A. LITTIG A. WILLIAMS J. CASTOR R. DOYLE MT SILKS M. McMAHON B. GRENALD D. KAFRISSEN D. KAISER e. McLaughlin D. SCHMIDT SHORT K. SINGLEY L BLUM B PEIRCE J. KAISER S. KIM D LE BEAU C MAHFR f f. WILSON RIFLES ► L L. VODER M. MANAKER V P. PURDY 7? SHAKARJJan L,sM L. SMITH H KLEINTZ , 7 L. ZEMITIS L. HOLLAND MANAGERS R. AGHEN M DENAR DO f L. HOUSENECHT M. MALARKfY The essence of school spirit. TRUMPET SQUAD Boogie on down! This wind is really ruining my hair. FLUTE SQUADLOW BRASS SQUAD CLARINET SQUAD The 1984 Abington Marching Band, under the field direction of Susan Rowland and Karen MaCauley, maintained its tradition of excellence this season, performing at varsity football games and band competitions. The Ghosts also supported the community by participating in local parades and band fe vals. In May, the band traveled to Canada participate in the Blossom Festival Paraded! Niagara Falls and a concert at Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park in Toronto. br band performed at fo sahickon's Tournament of est Chester Invitational, Bensa-' Colors, and the Cavalcac Bands Championship at Hershey. brought home two third place trophic a first place trophy, while placing eight 0. I I 1C ity by I festi-ada to ade at wu The 115-m competitions: Sound, the W lem's Parade o! of fifteen at Championships. This year's show included four excit songs. The opener, Espana by Jay Bocock was followed by Dvorak's Slavonic Danre No. 1 . The concert number All Night Long by Lionel Richie featured soloist Tom McGonigle. Rick Markham, Mark Kehoe, and Karen MaCauley joined Tom in an ex it-ing low brass quartet. Alexander's Ragtir Band by Ira Gershwin was the finale whi included a Dixieland combo featuring Disandro, Tracy Sc Sue Stuhltrager, Abowitz, Tom Rowland. Schweitzer, Charles StalflpB Andy Wagner, Andy McGonigle, and Susan Jam on it!ORACLE Row 1 P. Salazar K. Gordon Row 2 |gg A Abowitz A. Wainer A. Tress M. Timm H. Kaplan K. Macauley L. Pripstein jfegT Henderson 1. Trofin H. Kim M. Komins E. Miller F Mailman Row 3 Row 4 A. Wainer J. Strauss B. Nieh J. Macleod M. Bray J. Hirschberg E. Diegel B. Eskin i 1' T. Green “Will you extend the deadline five weeks?83Bruce Wainer, Statistics Editor» Vo- f-C c j, -yjy fs ThAt h- A fa? S3? ' » ,f r V f o' V7 ..CV SA ■ y% •■ %% W ( . ! V i -■■ ?% - t l UOku THE Yfiflfc r-4 J T E R t - ' I if Sound llg’s Hoi AS 0 C 86INTERIOR Dorothy Fitzgerald and Amy Wright Kara KortrightDECORATORS Dave Frankel and Mike Schummer Marguerite Wormley Ask any marching band member to describe their involvement in this activity, and they’ll probably tell you very bluntly that it requires a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. But they will then be quick to add that effort invested in the band is rewarded many times over. Just how do the Marching Ghosts spend their time? And what goes on “behind the scenes’’? You’re about to find out. It all begins in the spring, when the band holds “clinics.” These are sessions during which new members are taught the basics, and returning “veterans” brush up their techniques. These sessions culminate with auditions and the final selection of the instrumentalists and the band front personnel (twirlers, swing flags, rifles, and silks) that will compose the new season’s band. During the last two weeks of August, the Marching Ghosts haul themselves out of bed bright and early for band camp. From 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. they drill and practice and rehearse and rehearse to learn the music and drill for the field show, which is between nine and twelve minutes long. Instructors and students work together to make those minutes the most entertaining they can be. Although the hot sun and long hours are difficult factors to contend with, and they take their toll in sunburns and sweat, the members always manage to stick it out and do their part in learning the show. Then, at the end of the two weeks, the band holds an exhibition to make its public debut of the things it has mastered. The field show usually consists of four or five numbers - an opener, most often a rousing tune to capture the audience’s attention; a production number, with many “showy” features; a concert selection, THE BANDO which many times is a popular song; and an exit, the final number that leaves the last impression on the audience. Sometimes there is a drum solo, featuring the percussion sect ion and a lot of stick work. The Ghosts’ repertoire this season was “Espana,” a fiery Spanish tune, as the opener; “Slavonic Dance No. 1,” featuring a colorful dance by the band front, as the production number; Lionel Ritchie’s popular “All Night Long” as the concert selection; and “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” complete with kick line and Dixieland combo, as the final number. During the fall, which is the marching band season, Saturdays are full of activity for band members. Often there is little time to eat a leisurely meal; band members know that on Saturdays, McDonald’s, Roy Rogers, and Burger King do the cooking. While other high school students are blissful in dreamland, the Marching Ghosts are rising and shining, preparing themselves for the day ahead. This includes polishing white bucks and boots, cleaning instruments, inspecting, cleaning, and pressing uniforms, and all of those little details that go into making the band look great. Whenever the Ghosts arrive for a performance, there’s plenty to do. This includes unloading equipment, changing into uniforms, warming up, and tuning instruments. Then, with a sharp “Mark time, ho!” from the drum major, they’re off and marching. And believe me, there’s a great deal of pride that Fills you as you represent your school to all who see you. At football games, the band’s main job is to generate spirit. It doesn’t matter what else is on your mind; you’ve got to go out and give 110', during your performance, then return to the stands to play more music and to cheer the team to victory. The band front is especially good at that! Saturday nights are reserved for competitions. This is where the band has the opportunity to strut its stuff and to be evaluated according to its performance level. Here, the band takes “center stage,” and all the hours of practice, patience, and concentration come into play. The band is evaluated by several judges in a number of captions, including music execution, general effect visual, marching and maneuvering execution, and general effect music, among others. In other words, each aspect of the show is judged and scored, and then the separate scores are added together for a total score. Emotion runs especially high in each band member at competitions. Cheers, songs, and bus decorations, including signs, balloons, and streamers, all help to “psyche” everyone up. There’s a little tugging sensation in every stomach because of nerves. During the bus rides to competitions, radio cassette players go full force, jokes pass back and forth, and another coat of polish goes on the bucks and boots. Excitement hangs thick in the air as the band waits to enter the field in competition, hugging each other for good luck. Going on the field, though, all thoughts become serious as each individual strives to do his best show. It’s all up to him now; everyone has worked up to this point, but it is his responsibility to make everything come together and to project it straight up to the press box. The audience and the judges are customers, and the band members are salesmen with the show in their hands, selling it energetically. 90EXPERIENCE! After all of the bands have competed and all of the scores are tabulated, each band sends about five members out for retreat. These people, representing their entire band, march forward to accept whatever trophy or award they have earned. Once again, tension and excitement build. Wrapped in blankets, yelling at the top of their lungs, the band members eagerly await results. Whether it turns out to be a good evening or a not-so-good evening, the pride is still there. And love of the band along with a positive attitude will dominate, even if momentarily clouded. This year, the Marching Ghosts experienced a few disappointments, but by practice on Tuesday afternoon, people were ready to go again. The highlight of the season was the first place victory at the West Chester Invitational Competition on October 13, and no one will ever forget the uncontrolled happiness we experienced there! As if football games, practices four days a week, and competitions aren’t enough, the basic need for money must always be met. And so the Ghosts must often sell more than just their show. Band members sell hoagies, pizzas, and cheese. Paper drives also bring in quite a bit of money. The fourth Saturday of each month finds the Ghosts pulling themselves out of bed extra early and then spending the morning collecting and loading bundles of newsprint. Every ounce helps! In addition to fund-raising, the band has lots of other special activities. The Banquet at the end of the season is always a lot of fun, with special awards and dancing. The Ghosts are regularly asked to perform in the Glenside Memorial Day Parade, although it has rained the past two years. The band always plays at the annual pep rally and bonfire, and at the junior high, also. Two years ago, the Ghosts were on hand to herald the opening of Abraham and Strauss at the Willow Grove Park Mall. And every so often, we take our music beyond our state borders on a special trip. While the life of a Marching Ghost does become hectic at times, the slight inconveniences are nothing compared to the many positive and happy aspects of being in the band. Sure, there are times when things go wrong - a bus breaks down on the way to a performance, something of major importance is forgotten, a piece of equipment or an instrument breaks - but somehow the band manages to go on and mishaps are soon forgotten. We concentrate on the pride in the heart of every band member, the joy of a show well done, the thrill of victory, the spirit generated, and the fellowship shared with one another. Many close friendships are made, as well as memories that will always bring a smile or a tear. It’s not surprising that former band members return each year to see how everyone is and how the show is coming along. Marching band is a learning experience. It gives students the opportunity to grow as musicians, performers, and leaders, but mostly as people who know how to care about, respect, and work with others. And that’s the real inside look at the marching band! A MISSION The bell rings. It is lunchtime. Student 1: We have to do that feature article for the Oracle on Mrs. Haggerty's favorite spots around school. Student 2: I can't believe we're giving up our lunch for the yearbook. Student 1: Those are the sacrifices we have to make. Where should we look first? Student 2: Well, she's always in front of Cafeteria A during fourth period lunch. Let's start there. Student 1: No, she isn't here. How about near the library? Student 2: Let's check the bathrooms; she might be hiding in the third stall to catch someone smoking. Thirty-five minutes later, they are still searching. Suddenly a familiar bellow is heard. Where are your passes, Ladies? I've been following you for the past thirty-five minutes. As the girls look for their passes, they think to themselves that her favorite spots are every place where the students are.• • • WE ARE Abington High 1928 The complex 1968 Automobiles 1939 Hot rod 1963THEY WERE! Hal R. DuBow 1977 John Stone 1984 Mr. Pezzullo 1977 Mr. Pezzullo 1984Our Fashion 94Our Fashion 95On Procrastination The girl was late for the meeting. She had never been on time in her life, she simply didn’t allow herself to he driven by a clock. When she arrived at the meeting, she spotted the editor. The ever-calm editor’s face was flushed and she was sweating for the first time. The girl knew she was in a very dangerous situation, so she carefully edged towards the door. However, her escape attempt was in vain; the girl was immediately recognized by her editor. ‘‘Hi, Madam Editor,” the girl managed to squeak out. “Do you have it?” whispered the editor through clenched teeth. “Now wait, I have an excuse,” began the girl, but she was immediately cut short by a lamp that the editor catapulted in her direction. The girl ducked and made a dash for the door, but the editor was quicker. The girl regretted never making it to her exercize classes that she had so diligently registered for, a week past the deadline. As the editor loosened her grip on the girl’s arm, she said through periodic tears, “If not for yourself, write it for your family, friends, and future!” After this burst of emotion, the editor calmly added an ultimatum. “Have an article written by 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, or else I will have you killed.” The girl giggled, but something in the editor’s voice made her stop. The girl realized this was no joke; the editor was serious. The girl broke into a run, she ran all the way to the bus stop —she simply hadn’t found the time to acquire a driver’s license. Once she reached home, the girl realized that if she didn’t complete an article, her life would be worth less than an empty Bloomingdale’s shopping bag. With the nonchalance possessed by only the truest procrastinators, the girl decided to start writing a bit later. Instead she picked up a magazine and began to flip through it. A very interesting article caught her eye. The girl was so enthralled that she read and reread the article with an unusual fervor. The article was written by an eminent psychiatrist and world reknowned procrastinator. He described his most important discovery in incredible detail. He proved that procrastinators were the world’s best example of perfec-tionalism. The girl realized her calling and natural talent, and therefore, felt it was her duty not to write the article. With this new knowledge of self the girl went to be (at 7 o’clock) with a clear conscience. P.S. The editor is resting in a private hospital in the country away from all signs of a literary world. The girl intends on visiting her as soon as she can find a spare moment. A Modern Art Interpretation Located in the gym lobby, is a steel and cement structure that supposedly supports the roof. However, a certain mystery surrounds the “thing”. Maybe it was built to intrigue the minds of students for years to come. To the average onlooker, this construction might look like an average girder, but with constant attention it can be much more. To the students who see it every day, it provokes some very interesting interpretations. To those with a sports background it may appear to be a ski slope or a giant hurdle. Some students prefer to think of it as a replica of their favorite childhood sliding board. Our science-orientated students see the mass of metal as a model of a frictionless plane or a prism for refracting light waves. Many seem to remember seeing something similar on the cover of their favorite record album. Those with a touch of the philosophy, can even see a Freudian phallic symbol. However, judging by the number of people that surround the structure, the most common interpretation is definitely as a leaning post while waiting for the soda machine to turn on. Quick And Easy Steps On Leaving School Through The Health Suite 1. Cunningly convince teacher that you’re not feeling well. Beg for a pass to the nurse. Make sure teacher is unaware of the fact that you are severely bored. 2. Limp slightly to health suite making sure all your symptoms are overly noticeable. 3. Enter suite and find your place in line. 4. Hand pass to desk attendant, give name, rank, and grade number. 5. When your number is finally called, give a brief summary describing your most unfortunate ailment. 6. Be prepared for the normal routine. Suggestion: take the thermometer willingly. 7. Answer each of the nurse’s questions politely, remembering to keep all symptoms obvious. You may wish to include a few moans or groans in the appropriate places. 8. If told to lie down, refuse to lie next to the student with the runny nose, shaking uncontrollably, just about to regurgitate. 9. Above all, refuse to go back to class. 10. When finally asked if you wish to go home, conceal your exhileration until you at least make it through the school’s double doors!! M Meets M! If by some freak of nature, you manage to consume more than three M M’s following the purchase of a box of this well-known snack food, you should consider yourself one of the select few. As we all know much too well, it seems our classmates have an inate sense of detecting a newly opened box of M M’s. Call it a sixth sense that one acquires upon entering our school, when the first sports of the year begin to sell the sometimes ominous boxes of M M’s. Now that you have purchased, and with help from your newly acquired “friends” managed to eat the bite-size candies, you find yourself left with . . . just the box. Now we must ponder . . . What do you do with the box!? An unimaginative mind might not recognize the potential that lies dormant within a box of M M’s for those few seconds that it takes to consume the contents. But as soon as the box is emptied it assumes a life of it’s own; one totally different from that of a simpler container. It is there awaiting the metamorphis which will transform it into a whole new life form and you are the one who will determine its fate! (Bet you feel pretty powerful now!) Well, it may not be all that, I mean, controlling the fate of an empty candy box! But we must not dismiss this theory for at this very minute someone is folding and gnawing on a box. From hours of observation as well as hands on experience, it has come to my attention that people come up with some of the most unique, yet practical uses for that rectangular cardboard box. Things such as sleeping bags for Barbie, dice rollers, an intercom system (you know, the kind you attach by strings), a litter box for Barbie’s cat, a pencil holder, a musical instrument, a truck or car, a jewelry box, an ant farm (depending on the age of the box), an ashtray, earrings, stationary, or weapons to throw at unsuspecting passersby, just to name a few. The uses are endless and I’m sure that the next time you have a box of M M’s you will find yourself doing one of the above or inventing a new use for the iminent M M box, for as long as there are league sports and the hungry customer, M M’s will never die. 97School Spirit Exchange Friday, November 16, 1984, seemed like any other school day in the year until 1:40 when the 1984 Pep Hally began. The Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Jack Winters who started the pep rally off with a “HOOOO!” to over a thousand fellow students who returned the favor. Mr. Schmid made a few remarks, the band played a selection of songs, and then it occurred, what everyone was waiting for -the 30th Annual Queen Ceremony. The two sophomore girls in the court were Dawn Heigh accompanied by Mike Young, and Brooke Laumer escorted by Kevin Thomas. The two junior girls were Tina Lotz escorted by Bill Strange and Karen Rambo who was accompanied by Ralph Siani. The two senior girls in the court were Brenda Alexander escorted by Tim Mancini and Natalie Gardner accompanied by John Ripley. Our Football Queen for 1984 was Vicky Garramone who was escorted by Joe D’Elia. Vicky is one of our Abington Cheerleaders and is a member of the Varsity “A” Club. Her other activities include Student Council and Future Business Leaders of America. Our Queen would like to attend a business college in preparation for a career as a secretary. Well, the pep rally did not end there, no siree. The Cheerleaders performed and Mr. Coleman commented on Abing-ton’s successful fall season in sports. The Band’s Marching Units performed their award-winning marching and maneuvering to the songs that were directed by Sue Rowland and Karen Macauley. A guest appearance by Zelda Gum spiced up the gathering when she flaunted her stuff down the floor and even had the gaul to kiss Coach Moister. The Cheerleaders, led by Cindy Meyer and Lisa DeLeon, performed their team cheer to the onlooking students. Coach Moister went to the mike and promised that Cheltenham would pay for the football team’s last two losses and went so far as to promise an undefeated football season in the year to come. After being whipped up at the pep rally and bonfire the previous night, the Ab- ington Galloping Ghosts had the privilege to do some busting of their own against their rival, the Cheltenham Panthers. The Ghosts humiliated the Panthers in front of a huge crowd of fans. The most elusive ghost of the day was Chris Roberts who rushed for 316 yards, breaking John Stone’s record of 311 also against Cheltenham, and scored three touchdowns. Roberts also broke the 1,000 yard harrier for the year on his 12th carry of the game which was in the second quarter. Bill Freeman, the workhorse, added to the Ghosts’ victory with two touchdowns of his own. After the dust cleared from the battleground, the score was 32-0 giving Abington its third consecutive 8-3 season. The offensive back awards went to Chris Roberts and Bill Freeman, while the offensive line awards went to Joe D’Elia and Larry Faison. And what this fan remembers most about that Saturday in November is seeing Gary Landa the coach of an 0-11 Cheltenham team saying over and over again, “Those Ghosts just slimed me!” I am Nikolas Mareske from West-Berlin, Germany. I am an exchange student for the Affiliation Club this year. Being an exchange student is very interesting, but also very difficult, because I came into a totally new world which I only knew from television and books. There are a lot of differences between Germany and the United States; I had to change my whole lifestyle. My first problem was the language. When I left the airport nobody around me spoke German anymore, and then I had to start speaking broken English. The second obstacle was living with a totally new family. Fortunately, I had two really great families who were very nice to me. The third point, which was really killing me in the first few days, was school. School in the United States is very different from school in Germany; thus, I was very confused. The first confusion was homeroom. It started with the pledge to the flag. I asked myself, “What are they doing?!’’, because they don’t do that in Germany. Then, after homeroom, I started the run to find the teacher rooms. This school is so big, that I couldn’t find the rooms. It was so new because in Germany you sit most of the schoolday in one classroom and the teachers come to you. The Abington students were very friendly and were willing to help me all the time. I was very facinated by the amount of spirit for school and country that Americans express. This year in Abington was one of the best of my life. I would like to thank all the people who made this year possible for me. Special thanks to my two host families; Family Clouse and Family Davis, and also to the whole Affiliation Club. Last but not least, a very special thanks to Mrs. Cawley for making this whole year possible.An Excerpt From The Abington Dictionary Of American Slang 1. Ace (adj.) a word used to describe any exciting or positive event. Can be used sarcastically to express the opposite. 2. Awesome (adj.) a banal expression used when one wants to show utter amazement for a person, place, thing, or action. 2. Bogus (adj.) a term used to characterize extremities relative to other actions, events, things, and places. 3. Chill out (v.) a term that proposes a desire for an increased amount of tranquility; usually follows the exclamation “Yo!” 4. ’Cuz (proper n.) a salutation addressed to any acquaintance but never to an actual relative. 5. Doable (adj.) any action capable of being done. 6. Dood (n.) a word used in place of man. Can be used with negative connotations. 7. Dweeb (n.) describes any person who is socially unacceptable. Varies from group to group. 8. Foul (adj.) used to describe any statement that was unfair or unsuitable for repetition; as a rebuttal. 9. Geek (n.) any human being who performs emharassing actions; such as falling over chairs and tripping over feet. 10. Goober (n.) originates from the character of that name on the Andy Griffith Show. One who is naive and a geek. Not to be confused with the candy. 11. Good morning! (expression) an annoying statement (especially on Mondays) that is often used to irritate those listening to the morning announcements. 12. Ho! (a salutation) used to address any person that is not in a good mood when you are. 13. I love your outfit! Where did you find it? (expression) an ironic way of displaying dislike for items of clothing, and a way to acquire the names of stores one wishes to avoid. Also applicable to haircuts. 14. I must say! (exp.) originating from a Saturday Night Live character. Used by goobers to express dismay over a particular situation. 15. Just dandy! (exp.) used sarcastically to express a horrible day. Often as a response to “How are you?” 16. Later (exp.) a cool way to say goodbye, often creating an air of anticipation for things to come. 17. Like (adj., n., v.,exp.) used for any and all occasions. Often every other word in a sentence. 18A. Mr. Yuck (exp.) used to express absolute disgust with a situation. Rarely used without the “Mr.” 18B. Muzzle it! (v.) an updated version of “Be quiet!” 19. Nebbish (n.) any human being who has yet to adjust to their own feet. 20. Nerd (n.) a banal expression used to describe an uncool person. Often mistakenly used in place of the more accurate dweeb, geek, goober, or nebbish. 21. Oh Nellie! (exasperated exp.) used after a mistake has been realized. 22. Otay Butwheat (exp.) originating from the Little Rascals character with a speech impediment. Used to show agreement. 23. Radical and intense (adj.) a flattering description of a favorable situation. 24. Relax - don’t do it! (command) a rather nebulous way of warning against the forbidden. 25. Schmageg (n.) someone who is abnormal and does not deserve a place in society; the lowest of the low. Should be used as infrequently as possible. 26. Slap me Slide me (v.) an impolite way of asking for a material object. Frequently used at meal time. 27. Snag (v.) expressing the action of being caught doing something against the rules. 28. So not true! (exp.) used to emphatically express the falseness of a statement. The grammar often makes English teachers cringe. 29. ’Sup (interrogative) an abbreviated greeting indirectly revealing curiosity regarding recent occurences. 30. Think about it (exp.) statement used to promote further study of a profound saying. Most often used by the ARTW staff. 31. Thumpin’ and jumpin’ (adj.) used to describe the state of a public event; attendance of school dances, etc. Often used sarcastically. 32. Wow! Snazzy! (adj.) only used in sarcasm to express dislike for someone else’s material possessions. 33. Yuck! They make a horrible couple! a discreet way of expressing an unflattering sense of jealousy; a common phrase used to defile the happiness of a couple for selfish reasons. 99I'll Hi-yah! The finish line is only . . . three miles away. Would you look at that girl? The Abington football team at their finest. Why are you taking Bo's position? Speak up, I can't hear you!   Out here on my own . . This is the best thing that came out of this horn in a long time. 'Get this one or ten laps!' Am I in your way?' Raise your hand if you're sure!' Doublemint . . . double running? Three cheers for the Ghosts! ------------------------------------1 Hail! Hail! The gang's all here! Everyone, look! I hit the ball! What's in this stuff?  Hello, world. Can you see it now? John Ripley, center ring. Bowling the revival of the Charleston. Okay guys. I've got them cornered! MVUNG ESIf t'GUN U'Tl ft r We are family! And they're off! You can do it ball, com'on! Need some help? TRACK BASKETBALL SWIMMING WRESTLING BOWL!BASKETBALL SWIMMING WRESTLING BOWLING WINTERTRACK BASKETBALL SWIMMING WRESTLING BOWLING W It went where? Yeah, I eat Wheaties every morning! . . . the thrills o( being a swimmer. Wake up, you have him pinned. Intramural Basketball The Saturday Afternoon Intramural Basketball League concluded its 1984-85 season as Penn defeated Navy in the Championship game 109 to 105 in two overtimes. Leading the undefeated Penn team was Captain Mike Schummer (43 points). Mike Rosenfeld netted 23; Vance Dorsey 12; Arom McCoy 10 in a well-balanced team effort. In a losing cause, captain Larry Faison netted 29 points and Dwayne Jones hit for 40 points. Penn Navy were the class of the league and all 20 boys on the 2 teams could be called champions. For third place, Princeton edged out Temple 124 to 101. Willie Tolbert paced Princeton with a season's high 51 points, and Bill Gibson chipped in 30. Temple was led by the 8 scorer in the league Alex Zentner with 39 points. For 5th place, Army walloped Villanova 102 to 64 and Notre Dame edged UCLA 124 to 123 in a tight game. All players in the league selected an all-star team of 12 players of the 80 participants. They are: Allen, Fred Faison, Larry Gibson, William Jones, Dwayne McCoy, Arom Ross, Chris Schummer, Mike Sewell, Dwayne Sharkey, Shawn Tolbert, Willie Williams, Rich Zentner, Alex Saturday Afternoon Basketball Final Games for 1984-85 Season I. Scores - March 2, 1985 Championship Playoffs Penn 109 Navy 105 Princeton 124 Temple 101 Notre Dame 124 UCLA 123 Army 102 Villanova 64 (double overtime) Row 1: A. Quarles, G. Owens. Row 2: J. Swift, T. Smith, C. Ross, M. Yulsman. Row 3: V. Thompson. Row 1: D. Sewell, A. Rublin, B. Andrews. Row 2: G. Rosenfeld, A. Bentner, A. Hoffman. Row 3: B. Roberts, M. Shamlian, C. Carter, S. Cohen High scorer Mike Schummer High scorer Rich Williams 116Row 1: H. Sullivan, T. Asher. Row 2: T. Mancini, J. Barbella, M. Block. Row 1: S. Gallant, D. Gralnick, R. Silberstein, J. Berlanda. Row 2: J. D'Elia, S. Sharkey, M. Znak, K. McKeever, D. Henderson. Row 1: V. Dorsey, L. Ferracci. Row 2: D. Frankel, J. Harris, R. Zazlow, A. Dratch. Row 3: M. Rosenfeld, M. Schummer. Row 1: D. Jones. Row 2: G. Judkowski, L. Faison, T. Dratch. Row 3: K. Johns, J. Vogel, F. Allen. Row 4: J. Love. Row 1: R. Williams, T. Sexton. Row 2: J.D. Chick, C. Lineman, Row 3: A. Wagner, J. McDowell, T. Moore. Row 1: D. Temple, I. Magill, J. Jasper, S. Lanzillotti. Row 2: P. Traynor, M. Kenoe, B. Gibson, T. Cottom.BOYS CROSS COUNTRY AHS OPP 17 Upper Dublin 46 15 Ply-White 50 18 Wm. Tennent 39 23 HS. Truman 33 16 Neshaminy 47 19 Pennsbury 39 15 Bensalem 45 37 Council Rock 23 15 Norristown 50 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY AHS OPP 23 Cheltenham 32 29 Upper Dublin 26 36 LaSalle 25 18 Ply.-White 43 35 Wm. Tennent 25 15 HS. Truman 44 18 Neshaminy 39 23 Pennsbury 34 19 Bensalem 39 37 Council Rock 24 16 Norristown 43 43 Neshaminy 18 Row 1: T. Moore, M. Conway. Row 2: D. Voyt, S. Sexton S. Ca agher C. Nosal L. Mundy, R Arnoldi, S. Goldsmith. Row 3: R. Silberstein, B. Carey , M Rasdell, R. Bell, (Asst. Coach); Coach Grande, R. Flint, (Asst. Coach), S. Sutton, K. Klock, R. Zaslow. Asxwcro ■$ + Row 1: A. Goldhaber, R. Greenwell, H. Goldhaber, D. Greenwell, L. Mundy, N. Morrison. Row 2: R. Bell, (Asst. Coach); Coach Grande, L. Mundy, T. Greenwell, L. Mundy, R. Flint, (Asst. Coach). BOYS SOCCER AHS 4 Council Rock 1 3 H.S. Truman 1 1 Neshaminy 1 2 Wm. Tennent 2 2 Pennsbury 1 2 Lincoln 0 5 Norristown 1 5 Bensalem 1 4 Council Rock 3 7 Truman 3 3 Neshaminy 1 4 Wm. Tennent 1 4 Cheltenham 0 4 Pennsbury 3 0 Norristown 0 8 Bensalem 2 1 Upper Moreland 0 Row 1: J. Ryan, E. Israel, J. Jasper, M. Rosenfeld, J. Ripley, E. Lumbard, J. Garramone. Row 2: C. Lukens, K. McKeever, N. Mareske, S. Santora, P. VanBuren, R. Williams, M. Wright, D. Armor. Row 3: J. Sheeran, P. Searls, P. Early, Coach Cooper, G. Seydel, B. List, E. Metz.GIRLS TENNIS Row 1: B. Rauch. Row 2: S. Feldman, M. Logan, L. Podell, M. Bass, C. Creenblatt, V. Compter, R. Cohen. Row 3: K. Koff, M. Krasick, L. Eckert, S. Okabayashi, L. Spiegel. Row 4: J. Rubin, L. Schwartz, Coach Lemke, L. Compter, Asst. Coach Foley, K. O'Donnell, M. McGrath, A. Doyle. Row 1: V. Griet, P. Mulkewetz, M. Shuman, D. Heigh, S. Okamoto, J. Connell, D. Mulkewetz, S. Timbers, C. Bardol, G. Gelman. Row 2: T. Lotz, D. Freas, L. Murphy, A. Strahle, C. Pugliese, S. Herrman, J. Stoddard, N. Gardiner, K. Wilkinson, C. Freed, K. Chick, S. Ritter, K. Rambo, N. Wilson, B. Laumer, K. Immordino, M. Griffin. AHS 4 C.B. East 3 4 Connestoga 3 5 Pennsbury 2 6 Wm. Tennent 1 7 H.S. Truman 0 6 Neshaminy 0 2 Council Rock 5 6 Bensalem 1 7 Norristown 0 4 Pennsbury 3 4 Wm. Tennent 3 5 H.S. Truman 2 2 Council Rock 5 7 Norristown 0 7 Bensalem 0 6 Neshaminy 1 FIELD HOCKEY AHS 0 Council Rock 4 4 H.S. Truman 1 0 Neshaminy 2 0 Wm. Tennent 2 2 Pennsbury 1 1 Norristown 1 1 Bensalem 0 1 Council Rock 2 2 H.S. Truman 0 1 Upper Moreland 1 0 Neshaminy 2 1 Wm. Tennent 1 2 Pennsbury 3 Norristown 2 3 Bensalem 0 GOLF AHS OPP 2‘ 2 C.B. East 15 S 13‘ 2 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 4» 2 10 Methacton 8 17 2 Upper Moreland 10‘2 Bensalem 7V3 15 William Tennenr 3 15l 2 Neshaminy 2‘ 2 13 Pennsbury 3 7 2 Council Rock 10 4 119 Row 1: B. Gamburg, S. Philips, D. Silverberg, B. McGrath, K. Walsh, B. Dubrow. Row 2: D. Wachinski, C. Peters, J. Malloy, J. Smolda, J. Keiserman, D. Jamieson, D. Topkis.AHS FOOTBALL OPP 19 Pennridge 3 27 Glen Mills 0 26 Upper Merion 7 22 Council Rock 8 7 Pennsbury 12 34 Bensalem 7 14 Wm. Tenncnt 11 H.S. Truman 6 12 Neshaminy 30 13 Norristown 18 32 Cheltenham 0 0 Pennridge 20 6 Glen Mills 8 0 Upper Merion 6 12 Pennsbury 7 14 Bensalem 16 22 Wm. Tennent 12 0 H.S. Truman 22 14 Neshaminy 21 0 Norristown 14 Row 1: M. Cataldi, J. Ripley, E. Wurster, B. Marlziewicz, J. D'Elia, T. Hack, C. Owens, T. Mancini, T. Croxton, T. Watson. Row 2: A. Ewer, L. Faison, A. Quarles, B. Freeman, Doc Jurich, (Trainer); C. Shneller, (Equip. Mgr.); W. Harvey, (Asst. Coach); R. Coleman, (A.D.); B. BeeBee, K. Thomas, T. Washington, K. Parker. Row 3: K. Greenfield, D. Lee, E. Ellis, C. Griffin, P. Lempa, (9th grade coach); B. Kennedy, (9th grade coach); Coach Moister, R. Mitchell, (Asst. Coach); O. Bachelor, (Asst. Coach); C.j. Allendorfer, (Asst. Coach); A. Simbo, B. Farrell, C. Carter, V. Dennis. Row 4: J. Castor, M. Gallagher, B. Strauss, M. Jones, R. Grasty, R. Johnson, A. Mitchell, B. Strange, J. Furlow, E. Bucksar, H. Moon, R. Siani. Row 5: C. Lerch, C. Roberts, O.J. Walker, S. Sims, L. Nguyen, J. Pepper, M. Young, L. Waugh, D. Helm, T. Claymon, N. Bucksar, J. Trotter, B. Scott, S. Corrado. To be or not to be-an Abington Varsity Cheerleader. For years, many girls yearn to be one. They are said to be the few, the proud, the Abungton Varsity Cheerleaders. The epitome of self-confidence, exuberance,and school spirit, but it's not easy. -Practice time after time. - Wanna do something Saturday? Sorry, I have a game. - Ouch! Oh-! I forgot to stretch! - We won! We won! We won! - We love Abington forever! Yes, beyond the facade of the stereo-typical exterior, there lies a person, a true Abington! 120 Row 1: L. DeLeon, R. Malnati, C. Meyer. Row 2: K. Black, L. Woo, V. Garramone, A. Wainer. Row 3: V. McKinney, E. Young, A. Berkowitz.Row 1: G. Ceniviva (Asst, coach), T. Grasty, E. Vaughn, M. Barlow, J. Diamond, T. Hack, A. Dixon, J. Wilkinson (Coach), Row 2: T. Weiner (Asst, coach), G. Martin, H. Burrell, J. Allen, S. Rines, G. Scheuren (Manager), B. Seiter (Manager), Row 3: R. Grasty, D. Schwartz, A. Collins, G. Ferguson, T. Washington, C. Roberts, A. Mitchell, Row 4: D. Greenfield, J. Nair, A. Mitchell, S. Simms, J. Gerber. Varsity: T. Kolonis, S. Fine, D. Shin, M. Strunk, P. Sheridan, S. Kim, j. Ripley, D. Johnson, M. Farley, R. Markham, R. Grasty, P. Sheridan. J.V.: M. Gallagher, E. Lucos, B. Bradshaw, J. Wagner, M. Young, P. Leonard, J. Malis, R. Arnoldi, L. Cohen, D. Harrah, A. Smigel, B. Equi, C. Equi, M. Rosenberg, M. Grasty, D. Getty, N. Dumaron, G. Ritter, D. Langdon, K. Shiller, B. Plante, J. Markovitz, J. Mandler, M. Flynn, J. Whitney. Row 1: S. Rowland, D. Butler, B. Alexander, M. Peal, J. Bailey, R. Watts, M. Sorber, Row 2: D. Fichter (Coach), C. Storedli (Manager), E. White, R. Dennis, L. Downey, D. Garrett, A. Russell, M. Fitzpatrick, K. O'Donnell, D. Fitzgerald (Manager), L. Martin (Coach). BOYS BASKETBALL AHS OPP 48 Upper Dublin 54 43 Ply-Whitemarsh 38 52 Norristown 51 76 Bensalem 39 54 Easton 41 47 Williamsport 57 72 Allentown-Dieruff 36 48 Allentown Allen 62 45 Council Rock 44 72 H.S. Truman 54 70 Neshaminy 54 56 Pennsbury 64 60 Norristown 63 54 Bensalem 56 74 Wm. Tennent 31 77 Council Rock 43 69 H.S. Truman 42 69 Neshaminy 52 62 Wm. Tennent 39 57 Pennsbury 54 77 Cheltenham 36 59 Pennsbury 52 79 C.B. West 41 56 Academy Park 49 -63 Upper Dublin 69 18 wins 7 losses WRESTLING AHS OPP 51 Wissahickon 14 38 Cheltenham 19 37 Upper Moreland 29 29 Bensalem 26 60 Norristown 8 41 Hatboro 22 51 Lower Moreland 18 38 Wm. Tennent 21 16 Pennsbury 45 20 Methacton 38 30 H.S. Truman 23 39 Ply-Whitemarsh 21 20 Neshaminy 27 31 Upper Dublin 30 27 Council Rock 32 34 Upper Merion 31 GIRLS BASKETBALL AHS OPP 25 Upper Dublin 84 26 Ply-Whitemarsh 71 29 Norristown 45 34 Bensalem 43 26 C.B West 83 23 Cheltenham 56 46 Mt. St. Joe 58 28 Council Rock 43 31 H.S. Truman 47 24 Neshaminy 67 30 Pennsbury 34 27 Norristown 48 53 Bensalem 51 39 Wm. Tennent 41 34 Council Rock 60 34 H.S. Truman 40 37 Neshaminy 52 26 Wm. Tennent 52 37 Pennsbury 47 19 Cheltenham 61 121BOYS SWIMMING AHS OPP 60 Methacton 111 114 Ply- White 58 87 Upper Dublin 85 96 Upper Morion 76 82 Wissahickon 89 104 Upper Moreland 65 97 Cheltenham 75 88 Lower Moreland 84 98 Bensalem 74 68 Norristown 101 74 Pennsbury 98 83 Wm. Tcnnent 89 106 H.S. Truman 65 111 Neshaminy 57 58 Council Rock 114 Row 1: K. Burdol, T. Cassidy, K. Reynolds, O. McManus, D. Grande, T. Nyman (coach). Row 2: R. Filaferro, B. Rorison (asst, coach), J. Wilson, S. Fink, C. Steckling, N. Bender, Z. Fabian, R. Witney, T. Stowdt, D. Jaslow, J. Gillespie, P. Greenlee (asst, diving coach), R. Whitney, L. Walter (head manager), S. Walter (manager). Row 3: R. Whitney, N. Moreske (exchange student), R. Erwine, P Van Buren, K. Thomas, G. Rosenfeld, D. Bauerle, D. Lipson, D. Loew, L. Spector. GIRLS SWIMMING AHS OPP 75 Methacton 96 106 Ply-Whitemarsh 66 56 Upper Dublin 116 87 Upper Merion 85 99 Wissahickon 73 97 Upper Moreland 75 116 Cheltenham 49 78 Lower Moreland 94 110 Bensalem 54 101 Norristown 81 76 Pennsbury 96 115 Wm. Tennent 54 134 H.S. Truman 36 2 Neshaminy (forfeit) 0 67 Council Rock 105 Row 1: B. Fischer, J. Hannon, K. Traub, J. Hoag, B. Sturla, K.’Strittmatter. Row 2: S. Eberz, J. Strulson, A. Livezy, A. Spiegel, B. Laumer, K. Walsh, J. Reich, K. Gannon. Row 3: D. Sykes, D. Hazard, H. Schick, E. Hollin, M. Hahn, J. Jordan, K. Immordino, K. Kerner, J. Fisch, H. Miller, M. Armstrong. Row 4: N. Gardiner, J. Connell, K. Rambo, C. Maher, J. Tompkins, K. Freishman, D. Lebeau, C. Lloyd, P. Greenlee, D. Jurich (coach). Row 5: W. Watt, B. Garbutt, K. Pennekamp, M. Lebeau, K. Beck, J. McAndrews. 122WINTER TRACK Row 1: M. Morrison, B. Cohen, L. Mundy, D. Greenwell, L. Mundy, R. Greenwell S. Stallings, R. McCarthy, N. Morrison, L. Flemon, D. Lawston. Row 2: S. Isserman, S. Sims, T. Washington, M. Wright, C. Taliferro, V. Thompson, S. Ferguson, L. Waugh. Row 3: M. Rasdell, A. Watson, L. Blake, M. Conway, R. Blake, G. Kocke, C. Nosal, L. Mundy. AHS OPP Row 1: D. Jamieson, M. Ferraro, M. Rottenberg, S. Thompson, R. Lapham, E. Lombard. Row 2: K. Carney, J. Carney, J. Vogel, M. West, Mrs. Fechter (Asst, coach), Mr. Kelly (coach), B. Silkovitz, M. Znak. BOYS BOWLING AHS OPP 0 Upper Dublin 4 4 Upper Moreland 0 0 Bensalem 4 3 Hatboro-Horsham 1 3 Neshaminy 1 4 Council Rock 0 0 Morrisville 4 3 Norristown 1 0 Wm. Tennent 4 1 Pennsbury 3 3 Upper Merion 1 1 H.S. Truman 3 22 Totals 26 GIRLS BOWLING AHS OPP 4 Upper Dublin 0 3 Upper Moreland i 3 Bensalem i 4 Haboro-Horsham 0 1 Neshaminy 3 3 Council Rock 1 3 Morrisville 1 4 Norristown 0 1 Wm. Tennent 3 0 Pennsbury 4 4 Upper Merion 0 1 H.S. Truman 3 31 Totals 17 123 Row 1: S. Stuhltrager, P. Kistler, D. Schmidt, L. Heinz, A. Jaworski, C. Innes, S. Thayne. Row 2: A. Kaufman, K. Tunstall, Mr. Kelly (Coach), K. Dawson, L. King, K. Yottey, K. Degurski, Mrs, Fechter (Asst, coach), M. Staniszewski.FOOTBALL The 1984 season opened with a great victory over Pennridge High School. The young Ghosts won their next three games. The highlight of those three games was the big victory over Upper Merion High School, the eventual champions of the SOL American Conference. The Ghosts were to lose three games to Pennsbury, Ne-shaminy and Norristown, finishing the season with an eight and three record for the third consecutive year. Abington won over Cheltenham 32-0 in the final game of the year. The 1984 season produced a fine team of football players. Senior captains: Tim Hack, joe D'Elia. TENNIS Poem 1 - Pennsbury 9 7 84 Aloha, team, the time is here, to start our Abington tennis year- we worked our butts for three long weeks - so we could start our winning streak - we played our scri-mage and did well, so down with Pennsbury we will yell! Singles players, remember strategy and take your time, because you can outwit with the mind - Now doubles you can do the same, but when you take the net, you'll reign - No pushing the ball or lazy feet, because if you do, you'll admit defeat - Now Pennsbury is good but don't be scared because you're as good as anyone there. - So go out there and do your best and you will come out above the rest. Before each match during the season, I wrote a poem to get the team psyched to beat their opponents. Above is the first poem I wrote for our first match against Pennsbury. Our season left us in second place. We beat everyone in the league except Council Rock. Captain: Barbara Rauch. GIRLS X-COUNTRY They say nobody ever remembers who took second. Such is the epitaph of the 1984 Girls' Cross Country Team. Yet, as Captain, I wish to vindicate the team by pointing out the many pluses which make the team one of the most successful teams in Abington over the past few years. First of all, let me point out all the second places we took: Steel City Invitational, William Tennent Invitational, Suburban I National Dual Meet Title, District I Championships, and State Championships. The last is the one I wish to emphasize. Abington is second in the state. Out of 27 all-league selections in Suburban I National, no less than 16 belonged to Abington, including all 8 Abington Varsity runners. They are: Rochelle Greenwell, Donyale Greenwell, Hope Coldhaber, Nicole Morrison, Audrey Coldhaber, Lisa Mundy, Leigh Mundy, and Laurie Mundy. And I would not like to forget our solitary but persistent junior varsity runner, Tamara Greenwell. Now I'd like to give individuals various thanks and messages. To Mr. Flint and Mr. Grande: Thanks for your coaching and support. To Mr. Bell: Thanks for your support, but not your camera. To the team: Thanks for a great season. Captain: Laurie Mundy. FIELD HOCKEY At the beginning of the 1984 Abington Field Hockey season, the girls were not eager to announce their record over ARTW each morning or to the other victorious sports teams. The Lady Ghosts struggled through a tough season, becoming acquainted with the word “lose . However, at the end of the season, the girls got their act together and finished the season with a four game winning streak and a 7-5-3 record. The team surprisingly 1984-85:THE SEASOM REVIEW FALL GOLF The Abington Golf Team had a good season. They came in second place in Suburban I Nationals and lost only one match, which was against Council Rock. Brian Me Grath played as Abington's number one man; Kevin Walsh played number two; Debbie Silverberg played 3 number three. Brian Me Grath, Kevin Walsh, I Steve Phillips, Barry Dubrow, and Debbie Silverberg made it to District I P.I.A.A. championship. Debbie Silverberg placed fourth and was the only player from Abington's golf team to qualify for states. The girls P.I.A.A. State Championship was held at the Elks SOCCER The 1984 Abington Soccer Team seemed destined for a successful season. All the ingredients were there: good goalkeeping, a solid defense, and a developing offense. The Ghosts started out strongly with a thrashing of perennial league power in their league debut with Council Rock (4 - 1). The best game of the year was played at Neshaminy High School. Abington pounded previously unbeaten Neshaminy. Incidentally, the Ghosts were the only team to beat District I Champion Neshaminy during the 1984 season. Abington's luck ran out at that point for they lost to Upper Moreland (1 - 0) in a controversial match in the first round of the playoffs. The most contested play was a goal by Kevin McKeever with 11 seconds remaining which was called back for an alleged handball. During the season, the ended in third place with a chance for playoffs. When the girls' offense finally got a grip and kept their sticks, no one could stop them from scoring, not even their feet. The defense finally got serious and even convinced their coach to stay on the field. The team learned what the word W.I.N. meant after scoring a goal - a what? - A goal! The team will miss the services and voices of departing seniors: Natalie Gardiner, Vivian Griet, Sharon Okamoto, Chris Pugliese, Janice Stoddard, Sharon Timbers, Lynn Wachinski, and Kristi Wilkinson. Senior captains: Natalie Gardiner, Kristi Wilkinson, Janice Stoddard. Golf Course located in Pennsylvania State Park. There were thirty-five girls playing in the field. Debbie Silverberg shot 76 and 78 to place third in the state. Captain: Debbie Silverberg Senior captains: John Ripley, Michael Rosenfeld, John Jasper. BOYS X-COUNTRY The 1984 Abington Boys' Cross Country season has been one of great success. The team finished second in Suburbans; 7-3 in dual meets, and 15-2 in the league. The success of the team was spurred on by good performance throughout the season by every member: Mike Conway (first man), 2nd at Suburbans, 4th at Districts, and State qualifier; Tom Moore (2nd man), 4th at Suburbans and state qualifier; Steve Sutton (3rd or 4th man), 12th at Suburbans; Sean Sexton, consistently 3rd or 4th man; Chris Nosal, consistently 4th or 5th man, placed 32nd at William Tennent Invitational; Steve Gallacher, consistently 4th or 5th man; and Rich Arnaldi, 6th man who placed 72nd at District Championships. Ghosts shined with John Ripley leading the scoring at ten, and Pete Earl bringing up the rear with outstanding goalkeeping. All in all, Coach Ken Cooper had a successful and enjoyable season. Captains: Mike Conway, Tom Moore. 1251984-85: THE YEAR R GIRLS BOWLING The girls' varsity bowling team (yes, there is one) finished off the 1984-85 season with an impressive record of 31 wins and 17 losses. This year's team was made up of 5 outstanding bowlers; freshman, Amy Kaufman (144); Kim Dawson (152) and Kim Tunstall (152), sophomores; Patty Kistler (151) and Sue Stuhltrager (153), seniors. Senior Debbie Schmidt (137) also bowled four varsity matches and did well for the team. Patty Kistler had the high game of the season with a score of 222. Sue Stuhltrager had 3 good games (175, 213, 194) to take first place-High Series Scratch (582) at the Suburban I Tournament. The toughest match of the season was when the girls faced Morrisville (30-6), but the team came through with a victory (3-1). The coaches, Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Fechter, helped the team with their support and expert advice. BOYS BOWLING The 1984-85 boys' varsity bowling team had many enjoyable and eventful matches this past season. Although finishing with a team record of 19-20 for league play and 22-26 overall, the team flirted around the .500 mark for most of the season. Leading off was senior Mike Znak (ave.-154, high- game-189, high series-519) who was followed by junior Steve Thompson (167, 221, 567), senior Ed Lombard (155, 188, 540), senior Brian Silko-vitz (167, 220, 540), and senior anchorman Rob Lapham (171, 228, 560). The team had some big wins over Upper Moreland and Council Rock while taking 3 out of 4 from Hatboro horsham, Nesha-miny, Norristown and Upper Merion. All in all, it was a very good season. Captain: Patty Kistler. Captain: Sue Stuhltrager. Captain: Mike Znak. WRESTLING The 1984-85 wrestling team finished its dual meet season with an impressive (12-4) record. The team set a new school record for having the most wins in a single season (12). Key wrestlers for the team included John Ripley (24-1), Mickey Strunk (15-4), Rick Markham (17-7), Pete Sheridan (17-7-1), Pat Sheridan (19-3), Sang Kim (19-4-1), and Steve Fine (11-7). Captain: John Ripley. GIRLS BASKETBALL The Abington Girls' Basketball team was led by co-captain, Myra Peal. Brenda Alexander, the other co-captain, was out most of the season due to illness. First year player Meg Sorber helped the Ghosts remain competitive, in addition to other seniors, Susan Rowland, Danielle Butler, Robin Watts, and Jeanine Bailey. Captain: Rob Lapham. Captain: Myra Peal and Bi i Alexander. 126REVIEW . . . WINTER BOYS BASKETBALL At first glance, the 1984-85 basketball season will seem to be a rebuilding year. We opened the year with only one starter returning from last year's state playoff team and with only one player that saw regular varsity playing time last year. Through hard work and perseverance, this year's team has used a strong defense and an incredibly talented bench to erase any questions. The season has had many highlights. We've traveled to Williamsport, Easton, and Allentown and played against tough teams. Coach Wilkinson won his 400th game, and we finished second in the toughest league in our district. Captain: Tim Hack. BOYS SWIMMING The 1984-85 boys' swim team had a very successful swimming season. We finished with a 9-6 record which keeps us in the winning tradition. With only three seniors on the team this year I would expect the team to get much better because it is such a young team. Graduating from the team this year are Jim Wilson, Nikolas Maneske, and Captain Kevin Thomas. Next year the team won't have these men but they will be led by many other stars. Expect a better boys' team next year. They are on the rise if there are no injuries. Good luck. Captain: Mike Barlow. CHEERLEADING The 1984-85 varsity and junior varsity cheerleading squads were by far two of the best squads in the past five years. Thanks to the help of our sponsor, Carol Hack, we were able to develop new mounts and pyramids. By the end of the basketball season, our continual appearances on cable tv helped to show Abington's spirit. I'd like to thank all of the loyal Ab-ington football and basketball fans who always enthusiastically supported us. I'd also like to thank Mrs. Carol Hack whose presence was essential to our sport. I'd also like to say to all the girls of both squads: thank you. Captain: Kevin Thomas. GIRLS SWIMMING This year the.girls' swim team did very well, finishing third place in the league with a 5-2 record and a 10-5 record overall. Many girls performed very well and qualified for districts. Five of these girls also qualified for states. The medley relay came in second place in the district with a time of 1:54.4, and Jackie placed sixth in the 500 freestyle. The seniors would like to thank the underclassmen for a great season, and we leave behinf a year's supply of razors for all of the district qualifiers. We would also like to thank Doc for his dedication and to wish him the best of luck. Senior Captain: Cindy Meyer. WINTER TRACK The 1984-85 winter track team had a fair amount of success through their nine meet season. Morney Roedell, Thomas Washington, Matt Wright, and Steve Sims qualified for the state meet by running a qualifying time in the 880 relay. Morney, Thomas and Mike Conway qualified individually for The Meet of Champions.Abington licks wounds against Ghosts suffer Pennsbury reversal Abington puts ibington hovs know the score stOD to Rock Cohen nets Abington win S 'P ibington too deep 4i»ing«»npressure? Young Ghosts for Upper Morelantf amp kn0w j-Jjg meaning Ghosts take powder at Pennsburv Roberts goes S-SI5§sd fteld hockey |imr Friday on record coach Kathe Grebe The shots were against Chejts £2S3S5 .... »tJBgg»SL Mistakes cost GI 3sts chance at big upset Abington wings by Bensaleni t - — Practice makes (oriunes looking up Derf„„, for Ahir — Abington has winni£h.os,s co le; Ghosts come back for seconc£a cons wlt , r oarlow iab Vbinston matmen reach 6-U alter swee] Morristown ot or,'on„ ||Q Abington in Oi Ripley makejs JbeJlifivers t ennsbury puts Abingt |n— 1 the news 'Jn beaten Abington .Abington in District Nortl Abington in fowl moot Wilkinson flusters Bensalem OUTSTANDING SENIOR hence, so forth a son was born (cruel) to this son was a sin (accept) don't lie to this sin a son was born shed no tears--only cry a dove with a scarlet wing never to fly left to bleed, bleed someone clse's blood shed no tears —only cry then the son was a man a man to die a man to play himself in his own game his own game lose, he will lose shed no tears-----only cry for this nan came another (sigh) the second also had a game this game-two played the man lost once more once more over and over forever till this ends (leave;no, come back) you must leave sir shed no tears yes, the man is a fool (fools die) and so the fool chooses his route one few have chosen be brave oh yes (one a fool would chose — understand?) be brave shed no tears-only cry V I i t aw J end here what? things go awry no, he is not a fool (the man is a fool) so lie discovers his destiny (fool?) someone his someone only cry lie looks--he will find- found why? he will find shed no tears leave this man alone shed no tears it will not be long shed no tears he will see... see... see (sec)? huh? only cry excuse me no start over yes just cry don't lieALL IN THE ST A TE OF MIND If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think you dare not. you don't; If you would like to win and don't think you can It's almost a cinch you won't. If you think you'll lose, you're lost For out in the world you'll find Success begins with a fellow's will; It's all in the state of mind For many a race is lost Ere even a step is run; And many a coward fails Ere even his work is begun Think big and your deeds will grow. Think small and you'll fall behind; Think that you can and you will It’s all in the state of mind. If you think you're outclassed, you are; You've got to think high to rise. You've got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win a prize. Life's battles don't always go To the faster or stronger But sooner or later, the man who wins Is the fellow who thinks he can. 132LOST As I stand here In the darkness of my room Gazing out the hazy window. To my past. I see a dog tied to a tree. Snow falling gracefully. Christmas lights at the neighbors A sand castle in a sandbox. Morning glories in full bloom. On a red fence. Around an empty pool. Only me. I think how things change. The pool is gone. A dead tree. A space of dirt where a sandbox used to be. Only me. 133I see her everyday She listens to what I say About life and love And other stuff We smile and we cry Sometimes we know not why We share the same voice We have little choice She wants to stay and fight I want to say goodnight-To everything-forever. And when we are gone Nothing can go wrong But should we go away? Or should we smile and stay? On earth and cope-And not give up hope. That's what we will do-She agrees too. Because she is part of me And I am part of she. We will live together, happily. My heart fills with love When my thoughts are of you You are my friend And I love you. My face fills with a smile When you're near or far You always make me happy Wherever you are. My ears fill with space To listen to what you say I'll always be there for you-Come what may. My hands fill with flowers For you, from a friend In hope that our relationship Never will end. My body fills with warmth When something reminds me Of life without you. For me, could not be. My heart fills with love When my thoughts are of you You are my friend And I love you!July 28. 1984 We all are Americans proud or not to say, given all our freedom to live and love and pray. Many have fought in battle to preserve democracy, they lay down their lives on foreign soil just for you and me. The constitution is eternal, we are promised all our rights; we live in the land of liberty with the fewest human plights, i America is diverse in its people, land, and thought, by American labor our nation's greatness is rought. 1 Don't mock our stars and stripes, or shun our union grand, for we should be proud to be American, God has truly blessed our land! - Darren G. Poley Proud AmericanI [1ILIIISI J U 11V VConsidering the obvious ] ou see at the ocean the Si Zhe sea is green, do you? Zhere is where blue meets Zhat’s all. Of course you must consia Hack home, we have our o, Hut no matter, when the n Zhat’s all. Tm sorry, this is nonsense Hut do look like maybe yo, What J say is all too sim Zhat’s all.o : MMvMi '.Afo 140Dike a flower a child is bom At first, showing small, with no hint of the beauty to come. Dike a songbird a child will live rising high and higher flying with all their glories wide. Dike a flower this child shall stay bending, nodding to pressures too hard but springing always back to its beauty. Artwork by-. Sibel Ay din Zina Metz Amy Cheun Christine Henderson Sharon Okamoto Poetry by-. David Cameron Karen greenf ield Kara Kortright Darren Poley Photography by: Matt Mruek Ilames Krenis Adam Dieberman. Photography Editor 144Susan Margaret Abel Stewart Andre Adams Michael John Adornetto Robyn Michelle Aghen Brenda Marie Alexander Alissa D. Allen Thomas Joseph Amato Alice Cay Anderman movies: teachersbeverlyhillscopeducatingritaalltheri Keith M. 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Walker Tracy Lynn Wallis Lisa Walter Kate Walton mchales'navybeverlyhillbilliesdennisthstarskyandhut Thomas Albert Warfield Thomas Taylor Tonya D. Watson Robin Rosalyn Watts Washington 205Sharon L. Werley Rand William Whitney Christopher Wigand Gina Lynette Wiggins Craig R. Weggel Frank Weinberg Susan Theresa Weinberger Deborah Ann Werley chtherockfordfileslassiestartrekbonanzacartercountr Eric Nicholas Wilhelm Kristi Lynn Wilkinson David M. Williams Laura Lee Williams 206yflippertherookiesadam12barmorkandmindylougran Woerner 207Marguerite Wormley Amy F. Wright Janice Leigh Wright Matthew Wilson Wright Regina lynee Wright Edward Joseph Wurster Robert Scott Wynn Mark D. Yampolsky placestokissinschool'.spacenexttophoneboothsleani 208Michael Benjamin Ruiz Yvonne Zambrana Yulsman Deborah Anne Zappin Robert Joseph Zaslow Arthur Zbinden, Jr. Michael Theodor Znak ngupagainstawallbandwinginthemiddleofthehalllock CAMERA SHY Roderick Blake Bruce D. Millstein Matt Woerner Daryl Clifton Stacy Monheit Jill Wolfe Debbie Fentose Jeanette Perkins Albert Wolfinger Freddie Harris Calvin Pinkney John Woodfolk Christopher C.C. Kowalczyk Colleen Reichner Donna Woodruff Anthony N. Lauts Wendy Roberts Jacqueline Strenger John Lennox Erik P. Schmidt Sidney Weiss Stephen E. Lloyd Stephen Shreiner Jennifer Pouliot Joan McIntyre David Stryker Jae Young Park Andrew Meyer Rose-Ann Thompson Diev Nguyen 209EASTERN MONTGOMERY COUNTY AREA vocational technical school Eastern Montgomery County Area Vocational-Technical School is located in Willow Grove and offers nineteen different vocational-technical courses to Abington High School students. Students selecting the Technical School as an elective, attend for half a day and take required academic course at Abington the other half of the day. Programs are primarily two years in length for 11th and 12th grade students. Approximately 174 of Abinton's students attend the Technical School. The Technical School is considered a department of Abington High School. As such, students register for Technical School courses through their counselor when regular registration occurs. All students enrolled at the Technical School are given a math assessment. This is used to assist students who need help in the technical math required in each course. Students attending the Technical School for at least two years are eligible to apply for the Cooperative Education Program in the senior year. Co-op education allows a student to work on a job in the field trained under school supervision. Students attending the Technical Scool will learn basic occupational skills to qualify for employment in trade and technical occupations as advanced trainees and be able to further their education at trade or technical schools, or 2 or 4 year colleges if appropiate course work is taken at the home school.Friends • Friends • FriendsFriends • Friends • FriendsJunior Prom All Night Long” April 27, 1984 Music by: TJ's Junior Class Council: President-Scott Gallant VicePresident-Pam Silberman Secretary-Sally Eberhardt Treasurer- Alex Bednarsky Sponsor-Miss Carrie JonesStudent CouncilSpecial Appearance: Lady B-Power 99 Halloween Rollerskating Party October 23, 1984 Sponsored by: Varsity A ClubYou, The Jury November 16, 1984 November 17, 1984 The Cast Allan Woodward-David Klein Edith Scott-Sherry Sadoff Miss Carver-Ann Bonfiglio Clerk of Court-Dan Spencer Bailiff-Morty Ballen Barbara Scott-Amy Connelly Mrs. Lake-Wendy Woldoff Judge Thomas Findlay-Darren Poley Robert McPherson-Noah Bender Lewis Rennie-Neil Gever Gwendolyn Kelton-Beth Ginsberg Sheila Vincent-Lisa Williams Janice Scott-Hilary Goldhammer Jimmy Perry-Matt ClouseTHE HOOTERS IN CONCERT JANUARY 19 1985 Sponsored by: The Senior Class Council President-Scott Peterson Vice-President-Jim Doyle Secretary: Claudia Kia-Noury Treasurer: Kristi Wilkinson Sergeant-at-Arms: Scott Gallant Parliamentarian: Pam Silberman (Concert Promoter) Advisor: Miss Carrie JonesSpirit Week Pep Rally Bonfire Homecoming 226 ALLOT •- m76STSJWinding Up The Year... Activities 1985Television Television is a major part of the life of an Abington student. One can’t deny the importance of this medium. However, the selection of viewing pleasures is quite diverse. On any given day the viewer can easily find something to watch. With the introduction of cable television, came even more options. The first category is game shows. Although these are seen mostly during school hours, it is still possible to play the games in the evening. Shows such as “Tic Tac Dough” and the “Family Feud” are very popular. Without a doubt, all audiences scream answers at the television hoping to save someone from losing money, or to prove their intellectual prowess. Soap operas are also popular. The daytime soaps such as “General Hospital” and “All My Children” are big favorites. Suprisingly, the audiences are not restricted to females. Several male Abington students have been caught following the ever addictive shows. Nightime soaps are a bit more seductive, but also more popular. These hour-long programs give every Abington student a chance to forget the real work and become involved in a world of luxury. Unfortunately, all to often the viewer sees an illicit affair, divorce, or even a murder. “Dynasty”, “Dallas”, and “Falcon Crest” have not suffered because of their sometimes trite plots. It is almost impossible to turn on a television set without being hit by a police or detective drama. These shows have a great influence on the male population of Abington. The most popular of these dramas is by far “Hill Street Blues”. The sitcom will always be a favorite. Although the story line rarely changes, the jokes and characters add the needed variety. One can almost always count on a mix-up in communication, a dumb blonde, and short sarcastic phrases. In the past three years, the best comedies have appeard. “Cheers” and “The Cosby Show”, as well as “Family Ties” and “Night Court” have all gained respect and admiration from all audiences. Quite ironically, the reruns seem to be the most popular shows’ on the air. Every student enjoys a chance to see “Gidget” or “Leave it to Beaver” even though they were just a few years before our time. More recently, “M A S H” and “Taxi” have been as popular in reruns as they were in series. No student can deny the great pleasure involved in watching “Brady Bunch” reruns and trying to guess which episode it is from the opening credits. Cable television has affected a great influence. Where else can one watch the same movie simultaneously on at least two channels. The cable comedy shows, such as “Not Necessarily the News” are also very popular. The greatest cable invention for every Abington student is MTV. No other channel has as much influence or control over the Abington student body. Before going to bed, and also before and after dinner, the evening news is a must. After an Abington student has spent a good portion of the day watching television, it is obvious that they must have neglected Mu their studies. It is for this reason that “The Tonight Show” and “David Letterman” are so popular. It gives the student a perfect opportunity to find a good joke to tell the teacher while explaining why the assignments weren’t completed. Music has always been a driving force in the lives of teenagers. Each year new and interesting musicians appear with their own unique style and sound. i This year the influences are quite diverse. Where once Michael Jackson seemed to be the hottest musician around, now stands the outrageous style of Prince. The Abington sound is as diverse as the students within the building. Music tastes vary among all the types of music in the world. The hard rock crowd listens to groups such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. The sound is intensely guitar and drum with the vocals taking a back seat. Ozzy Osborne and Twisted Sister offer more than just music. The style and attitude they project are • equally important. The pop rock crowd seems to be the largest. This is do in part to the fact that much of the popular music in 1985 might begin in one category, but wind up as a favorite for all music lovers. The new wave group listens to an interesting mixture of groups. The Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and U2 are the favorites. By far the ho ot musicians of 1985 are popular because of their ability to reach all types of people Sometimes the message of a song is important as the actual music. Bruce Springsteen seems to be 230Movies )7rll tS 1 sic The Boss for this reason. Although Bruce has been around for several years, this year has by far been his most successful. The women in music have had a great year. Cindy Lauper, Madonna, and Tina Turner have had hits that insure their popularity. Prince is the big hit for 1985. With the release of his Purple Rain movie plus his work with other popular musicians, he has made quite a big hit for himself. Dance music has become a hit. It has replaced the void that disco left back in the seventies. With hits from Sheil E. and Chaka Khan the music industry hasn’t been quite the same. Raps and human beat box music are indiginous to the music of the eighties. Throughout the halls of Abington, one can find the rappers and even the breakers doing their stuff. Old favorites such as the Rolling Stones and Van Halen have not lost any popularity in 1985. Even reggae music has had a small revival at Abington this year thanks to the British invention of ska, an upbeat version of reggae. Last year’s hit musicians such as the Eurythmics and Culture Club have not lost popularity, but they have not really gained any either. Music has always been a focal point for teenagers, and this year at Abington hasn’t been any different. At school dances and in the cars of the students there is always music blasting away. The radio stations benefit greatly. Power 99 and WYSP 94 seem to be the Abington favorites, but every station has at least a small Abington audience. A weekend for an Abington stu- dent would not be complete without at least one movie. This year was a hot one for movies of all types. Last spring and summer brought Gremlins and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom these movies brought a needed entry into a fantasy world. Harrison Ford is definitely an added attraction for most Abington Females. The farm movies of 1985 have been popular yet a bit trite. With a flood and a woman weathering the storm alone in each one, the individual plots seem to run together. Places in the Heart, Country, and The River attracted big stars like Sally Field, Jessica Lange, and Mel Gibson. Some great comedies came out of this past year in movies. Beverly Hills Cop and Bachelor Party were definitely cult favorites. Some people insist on seeing each one at least twelve times. Naturally, Ghostbusters was a big hit for all Abington students. Our archrivals Cheltenham (BOOOO!!!) used that slogan against us at the football game. Music movies are also popular. Prince’s Purple Rain and the Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense are even more popular than the music videos. Dramas such as A Soldier’s Story and Witness really brought nerve— wracking excitement to the year. Falcon and the Snowman brought the teenage audience into a serious involved movie. The biggest hit among Abington students was definitely Revenge of the Nerds. Only this movie brought a realistic view of the plight of the nerd. Unfortunately, a few too many Abington students related to the movie. There are definitely dangers in that. 231Around Abington Abingtontron ABington Rockettes 232 O K. the clipboard is the Rhineland, the pen is the river and the watch is the German tank ... All tied up Abington . . . First in the alphabet, first in achievement i Sf Something's gotta make this food more exciting 233 You just broke the bank, that'll be $10,000 in nickels please.It's the lunchtime shuffle! What do you mean you don't like Latinnnn? Your move.Remember, he started at Abington! Mr. McGinley's hot seat. Next meeting wear your Groucho glasses. No these are not Siamese twins. The Charleston and bowling rolled into one. y 4 ? to To all the girls I've loved before Mrs. Haggerty's hypnotism class: Look into my eyes . . If m fig ?0 to Chug, chug, chug, chug . . . SPLAT!! Lunch is served 236 Mr. Coleman moonlighting as a janitor?''Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I've got love in my tummy. The winner gets the blond. Is this one of those guess the number of jelly bean contests? 237 One of those daysiBBBBnr ni rirrrmrrr TD mmumi J k I J -I ■ 1 -1 ■ h: HiJUNIORS Andrew Abowitz Cry Mil Adkins Freddie Allen Joseph Allen Ethel Apolmario Meredith Arbittier Susan Basal Darin Bacharach David Bailey Mary Balandovich Amy Banks Courtney Bardol Susan Barlow Lori Baskin Dennis Becker Kimberly Bell Djamil Benchouk Noah Bender Kristina Benson Lisa Berger Allison Berkowitz Ellen Black Kristine Black Roderick Blake Rose Marie Blake Lori Blum Heather Bockius Kevin Bodo Michelle Bogdanoff Bruce Boldt Stcfanic Bonner Beth Botel James Bourbon John Bowser Danielle Braccia Julie Bramen David Brand Amy Brown Diana Brown Patrick Brucker Eryn Bryan Eric Bucksar Erik Budman Mark Burns Maxine Burns Howard Burrell Dolores Busser Stacey Cahan Michon Camp Leigh Campbell Charles Cantey Michael Capnotti Danielle Carey Lauren Carlitz Brian Carlson Caryl (Carl) Camacho Christopher Carrell Loren Carrington Charles Carter Loredana Caso Joseph Castor Kimberly Cepregi Lewis Cenno Lauren Chalmers Craig Chrashore Jon Chick Lisa Chizever Kelly Ciliberto Michael Cilio Lisa Cirone Bran Claffee Sharon Clark Robert Cleghorn Stephen Cohen Leona Collick Aaron Collins Michael Collins Kathleen Conlan Wanda Cook Charmayne CottomJUNIORS Thomas Crawford Anne Dalessandro Kevin Davis Marc Davis Kimberly Degen Susan Delaney Andrew Delaney Michael Delaughter Lisa DeLeon Greg Delfiner Marianna Denardo James Destefano Carol Diaddezio Dana Dickson Heather Dieterly Michael Dimon Peter DiPalma Terri Donnell Beth Dorshimer Michael Dougherty Elizabeth Downey Barry DuBrow Tracey Duggins Belynda Dunn John Dvskey Dorothy Duszkiewicz Lawrence Early David Eiseman John Elick Eric Ellis Kimberly Ely Scott Epstein Curtis Equi Stephanie Ertel Richard Erwine Mark Eskin Sandra Estel David Evans Kenneth Feinour Jennifer Feldman Anthony Fetzer Eric Fiorillo James Fischer Gregory Fishman Megan Fitzpatrick Lori Felmon Michelle Flipping Elizabeth Flynn Kenneth Fox William Foxall Nancy Lrank Cynthia Freed Felicia Friedman Juli Friedman Jonathan Furlow Sean Gahagan Kate Galie Kristin Gallagher Matthew Gallagher Robert Gamburg Beth Garbutt Lynne Garlotta Joseph Garramone 241JUNIORS David Geiger John Geiger Gwen Gel man Lisa Genesio Neil Gever Michael Gibson Marika Ginsburg Stacey Gipprich Britia Goetz David Goldblatt Douglas Goldhaber Rachel Goldstein Gwenevere Good Kelly Gordon David Gralnick Anita Grasty Martin Grasty Robert Grasty Gary Greenblatt Tamara Greenwell Charles Griffin Maryjanc Griffin Pamela Griffith Paul Grindle Danielle Gross Reina Grossman Tommie Grubbs Gregory Guim William Guinther Sang Hahm Stacey Hall Todd Hankinson Veronica Hardmon Joseph Harkins Josh Harris Lisa Harris Christina Hartman Jonathan Harvey Nancy Harvey Dennis Haynos David Hector Dana Heitzman Shannon Hcrrman Stephan Heuges Joanne Hoff Allan Hoffman Mamie Hoffman Milton Hollars Maureen Horan Laurie Houseknecht Thomas Houston David Hughes Bernadette Humes Susan Hunt Matthew Ifill George lllingsworth Kimberly Jacker Audra Jackson Jonathan Jacobs Martin Jacobson Harry Jahn Steohamc Jarema Donna Jarvis 242 turn '! JUNIORS David |aslow Benjamin Jaurigue Frank Jaworski Donna Joerger Kevin John Daniel Johnson Kathleen Johnston Dwayne Jones Michael Jones Stephen Joyce Cynthia Kamenir Stuart Kamens Hope Kaplan Joshua Kasdin Mark Kehoe April Keller Allen Kelley Megan Kelley Christopher Kerner Hilary Keiserman Jon Keiserman Katheryn Killhour Hyun Kim Sang Kim Harlan Kleintz Jennifer Klenk Kenneth Klock David Kochc Maryanne Komykoski Larry Krasick Robert Krmn Donald Krom Beth Krum Brina Krupnick Christine Kurowski Edward Lambert Thomas Lang Sharon Lawrence Juliet Lawsin Dina Lawston Perry Leach Daniel lee Sharon Lee Laurel Lcightner John Lennox Douglas Leonard Matthew Leonard Miriam Levy Susan Licberman Stacey lindley leanne Lindsay David Lipson Byron List Robert Loeffler David Loew Sandra long Earl Longstreth Christina lotz Jarrell Love Karen Macauley Leigh Mac El wee Sally Magill Jennifer Maicr Kristie Maier James Malloy Renee Malnati Michael Mailman Sally Manson John Marinucci Louis Marion Jamie Marks Mark Marshall Myron Marshall Michael Martella Gerome Martin Jose Martinez Soloman Matisoff Nicholas Matyszcak Katrina Mawhinney Robert Maxwell 243JUNIORS Edward Mcaleer Semonne McCarr Leigh Me linton Nancy McColgan John McDermott Catherine McFadden Mary McGinnis Sharon McGlumphy Brian McGrath DeVere Mclnnes Kevin McKeever Laura McQuay Lori Merion Jason Meyers Sheryl Micklebcrg Erika Miller Jody Miller Kevin Money Robert Montcrosso Shawn Montgomery Hyung Moon Jon Morris Kelly Morris Michele Morris Raymond Morrissette Erie Muhl Deborah Mulkewycz Dana Muller Leigh Mundy Jeffrey Ncrcnbcrg Tuan Ngyuen Curtis Nii Kris Nollendorfs Christine Nowicki Diana Nucssle Vincent O'Donoghue Joseph Oesterle Susan Okabyashi Ronald Older Christopher Olimpo Ronald Overholt Sonia Palacio James Parker Thomas Parsha Jodi Patrick Barbera Peirce William Penderghest Lee Perlman Stephen Philips Bryn Philyaw Denise Pichaj Scott Pietak Sylvia Pinkney Shan Pitkow Joseph Piunti Heather Platt Ale Poffarl Darren Poley Dara Pollack Steven Power Jacqueline Pulley Jessica Pursley Katherine Rahn Karen Ram bo Robert Rath Alp Recik Christine Reed Victoria Reynolds Lisa Ridge Tracy Ridgway George Riehm Sharon Ritter William Rivkin Richard Roatch Brian Roberts Christine Romeo Michael Rosner Anne Russell John Ryan Christian SaboeJUNIORS Janine Sacchctti Pamela Salazar John Sanders Stephen Santora Manjula Sarma Charles Saurman Alice Saylor Herb Sherrer Todd Schucren Brian Schmid Judy Schott Stacy Schramm Robert Schuyler Steven Schwartzstem Timothy Schwartz Tracey Schwcizcr Tara Segal Elizabeth Seiler Thomas Senin Nick Serratore Glenn Seydel Shawn Sharkey Jennifer Sharp Laurie Sheckman Greta Shenk Patrick Sheridan Carolyn Shields David Shin Brian Shrager Ralph Siam Kevin Siegel Caryn Silver Alan Sim bo Kristen Singleton Patrick Slavin Bradley Slenn Murray Slenn Brent Small Shara Smiley Amy Smith Scott Smith Steven Smith Susan Smith Victoria Sokolove David Solomon Raquel Sommerfield Larry Spector Daniel Spencer Lynne Spiegel Gary Stahl Brian Stahlworth Andrew Starr Jeff Steigelmann Debbie Steiner Amy Stern James Stidham Michael Stoduto Todd Stone William Strange Brian Strauss Tracey Stnttmatter Joseph Sturm Patrick Sweeney James Swift 245JUNIORS Wendi Twple Crystal Thomas lynn Thomas Sloven Thomas Tracey Thomson Maria Timm Scot! Timmons leah Tinsman Patrick Traynor Denise Tremblay Amy Tress Inna Trofin Tami Trosi Robert Turner Keisha Twyman Eugene Vail Allen Valeri Peter VanBuren Oscar Vance lee Varallo Diana Vaughn Eric Vaughn Jeffrey Vogel Alan Vukasovic Alica Warner Anne Wainer Darlene Waldon Christopher Walsh Jeffrey Ward Nathaniel Washington Amy Watkins Melissa Watkins Wendy Watt Christine Weaks Kristen Wear Maryanne Wengert Michelle West Ryan Whitney Angela Williams Carnell Williams Denise Williams Diane Williams Janice Wilson John Wilson Natalie Wilson Robert Wurster Raymond Wysocki Son Hyang Yi Michele Yannes Eleanor Yap lisa Yoder David Yun linda Zemitis Alexi Zentner Julie Zenstein Anne Zimmerman Theresa Zollo Rebecca Zucker Photo Shy Balanda, Michelle Bauerle, David Berman, Todd Block, Ira Byerley, Anthony Cnudde, Steve Cohen, Sheri Dennis, Vincent Dorsey, Vance Duncan, Rhonda Durica, Richard Ettelson, Todd Fentos, Debbie Gerber, Brian Grindle, Paul Hartman, Joseph Hinerfeld, Laura Houser, Richard Kaji, Amy Koval, Kevin Kulick, Christine Lafferty, Joseph Langdon, William Lemisch, Valerie Mangiaruga, Rochelle Matthews, Charles McCoy, Arom Miller, Elyse Norris, Tabatha Piazzi, Steven Reale, Domenic Rose, Robert Rose, William Sadoff, Shari Seaforth, Steven Shaw, Nancy Snyder, Diane Spatola, Loredana Sykes, Dana Sykes, Philip Thomas, Delores Timoney, Brenden Washington, Jessie 246JUNIORS 247 He told me not to chew gum in class but I didn't listen.SOPHOMORES Robert Abowitz Lisa Abromowitz Jennifer Abrams Edward Abramson Melinda Acker John Adams David Adelsbcrgcr Lisa Agster Dawn Allen Rhonda Allen Nicole Altman James Amato Thomas Andrews Cynthia Anthony Steven Armor Lome Aschendorf Mary Baker Robert Baker Amie Balandovich Mark Baldwin Morton Ballen Sharon Banford Manfred Barcza Richard Barnett Melissa Bartron Meredith Bass Joanna Baum John Begley Joseph Begley Dani-Ella Betz Sean Birch Angela Blake Anthony Blow Gabriella Boris Angelica Boyle Lawrence Bozzomo Christopher Bradshaw Nancy Braim Rachel Braman Paul Brandeis John Brandenburger Drew Braverman Megan Bray David Brill Jonathan Brodsky Bradley Broker Rebecca Brooker Michael Bruton Victoria Buccafuri Nicholas Bucksar Nicole Byerley James Canale Kelli Card Gino Carosella Helen Cashner Jeanmne Cassel Jeanette Castor Aaron Castro Rachael Castro Michelle Cataldi Maia Cherner Kelly Chick Kristin Chick David Childs Carla Ciarrocchi Troy dayman Beth Cohen David Cohen Louis Cohen Laurie Compter Philip Compson Sean Condron Janine Connell Holly Cooper Adam Cooperstein Delly Cornell Steven Corrado Kimberly Couldron Alice CoyleSOPHOMORES Kimbcrlcc Craig Beth Crawford John Crawford Charles Creely Russell Cummings Kristine Cybulka Regis D'Angiolmi Alexander Dakoglou Anne Dambrackas Kimberly Dawson Meredith Day Michael Defrancesco Caryn Degurski Kathryn Delaney Diane Dell Joseph Demarco Rhonda Dennis Kathryn Dcttinger Deanna Dever Charlotte Devers John Devitt Sharon Devor Tracy Diamond Elizabeth Dickerson Russell Dinkins Thomas Dinkins Joanna Dion James Dipalantino Jean Dipasqualc Isaac Donato Kimberly Donato James Donnelly Jodi Donner Michael Downes Patrick Doyle Ruth Doyle Anthony Dratch Jill Drcscher Ralph Duwaran Stacy Eberz Beth Eskin Andrea Ewer Zolton Fabian Domenico Faccio Michael Farley George Faust James Fay Judy Fay Todd Feldman Viktors Felkers Jerome Ferguson Sheldon Ferguson William Ferguson Ellen Fiedercr Rcnato Filaferro Steven Fink Janinc Fisher Tracy Fitzgerald Brian Flynn Mark Flynn Michael Forde Donald Forrester Robert Fountain Kelly Foxall 249SOPHOMORES Dawn Freas Jennifer Freer Jennifer Fiedman Mark Friedman Wendy Friedman Shannon Fries Favie Froehlieh Jeffrey Fuchs James Gabbamontc David Gallacher Stephen Gallacher Michael Gallagher Stacy Gallant Dina Garrett James Gaskins Colleen Gavin Mary Geiger Michael Gem ik Deana Genovese James Gerber Jennifer Gilbert Karen Glass Sara Gold Hilary Goldhammer Carol Golingan Aimee Goodwin Robert Gordon Howard Grant Toni Grant Rodney Grasty Ronald Green Jonathan Greenfield Donyale Greenwell Rochelle Greenwell Michelle Griffin Susan Gross Julie Gudnecht Diane Guinther Lisa Gunter Michael Gunton John Haiges Tracey Hairston Theresa Halle Catherine Hamilton Sharon Harel Tony Harrcl Nancy Harris Ann Harley Cinnamon Hartman Eric Hartman Patricia Hartman Karen Harwanko Dawn Heigh Mark Hcinman Daniel Helm Alexander Henderson Laura Hewitt Sheila Hirsch Jacqueline Hirsh David Hoerr Mary Hogan Rachel Hogg Lisa Holland Ellen Hollin 250SOPHOMORES Leroy Holmes Jennifer Horrocks Paul Hotlnunn Samantha House Maureen Houston Maryann Howald Erik Huebner Charles Hvi da Joseph lies Patricia Illingworth David Im Kristie Immordino Webster Jackson Stacy Jacobson Eric Jahn Chnslopher James David Jamieson Shen-lynn Jewell Joseph Jocrgor Audra Johnson Dean Johnson Phillippa Johnson Rodney Johnson Jacqueline Jordan Alan Juhas; Jennifer Kaiser Nelum Kannaugare Michael Katjr Ann Kcelcy Candace Keller Paul Keller Julie Kelly Kimberly Kerner Son Mee Kim David Klein Eric Koch Gary Koch Kara Kortright Marprie Krasick Heather Kriston Yale Krugman James Krull Susan Lahmann Robert Langan Stephen Lan illotti Brook Laumer Troy Leatherbury Dort Lebeau Benson lee Matthew lemaitrc Kelly Leonard Phillip Leonard Christopher Lcrch Kary Lester Abigail levy Joanne Licchiello Darrin Lieschc Michele Linsalata Julie Lishnoff Christine Lloyd Melissa Lofton Diane Logan Henry Lowery Charles Lyon Michelle Macnichol Deborah Magison Constance Maher Kimberly Maier Marianne Malarkcy Jonathan Malis Sharon Mallo2 i Melissa Maltman Ellen Manhoff Christopher Marx David Marx Cynthia Massaro Kelly May Rhonda McCarthy Brian McCauley William McClinton 251SOPHOMORES Christina McColgan Thomas McCormick Jason McGee Nancy McGettigan Scott McMastcr Joanne McNamara Joseph McNamara Paul McNamara Kellie McStay Thomas Medueckus Michael Medycki Robert Medycki John Mento Jeffrey Merovilz Robert Metz Andrew Meyer Mark Meyer Julie Mickelberg Ronnen Miller Stephanie Miller Martin Milligan Mark Mills Jennifer Milsop Joseph Mina Allen Mitchell Stuart Mogell Tammu Morris Thomas Morris Myla Morrison Monique Mosee Susan Moskowit Kristine Mueller Patricia Mulkewycz Lisa Mundy Lisa Murphy Joshua Nair John Naylor David Neff Jennifer Neri Heather Newberg Lucretia Newman linh Nguyen William Nitschc Richard Nodine William Nolan Christopher Nosal Kathleen O'Donnell Kristen O'Halloran Stephen Olson Craig Oser David Pakman John Park Sun Young Park Kimberly Peiffer Kimberly Peirce Kimberly Pcnnekamp Jeffrey Pepper Luke Petter' Marta Perfecky Anthony Pcrri Michael Pesenson Sheila Petersen Abbee Phillips Jillian Pickersgill Brett Pinto Lara Piunti Lauren Podell Kathy Pohl Michael Provost William Prutzman Christine Rawlik Catherine Reed Aaron Reid Amy Reiver Karrlah Revell Alan Rexrode Jeffrey Reynar Laura Reynolds Shawn Rhoades Thomas Rigney 252: SOPHOMORES Ethan Riley Samuel Rines Joseph Robb Amy Roberts Christopher Roberts Marc Roger Curtis Rollins Matthew Rosenberg Cary Rosenfeld Kenneth Rosenfeld David Rosenthal Joel Rosner Vmcella Ross John Ryan Kevin Sahl Angela Salters Tracy Sampson Edward Sandy Joseph Sauder Arlene Saunders Suprena Saunders Nathaniel Savage Donna Scaffidi Jennifer Scarpcllo Gayle Scheuren Mark Schlank Louisa Schmid Sandra Schneegas Ann Schreiner Meredith Schuyler Christopher Schwartz Daniel Schwartz Lynda Schwartz David Sciortino William Scott Andrea Sewell Sean Sexton David Sezov Sanders Shaffer Jennifer Shaffert Heidi Shea Jeffrey Shceran Edward Sherwood Jay Shienbaum Megan Shuman John Shuttleworth Joseph Silberstein Michele Silikovitz Stuart Silverman Timothy Simmons Deborah Simon Steven Sims Andrew Smigel Ellen Smiley Anthony Smith Michael Smith Sonya Smith Lori Smyth Wendy Snyder Cindy Sommer David Sopinsky Andrea Spiegel Betsy Stallsmith Clifford Stansbury 253SOPHOMORES Valeric Starr Christopher Strecklinc Laura Stcinmayer Dawn Stinson Dawn Stoeffler Jessica Story Amy Strahle Jennifer Strulson Terrance Sullivan Stephen Taylor Antoinette Thomas Charles Thomas Phillip Thomas Chris Thompson Sandra Tomlinson Janet Tompkins Joan Tompkins Keith Traynor Laura Tnbolet Joel Trotter Rebecca Tucker Ahja Tulonc Kimberly Tunstall Jeffrey Valentine Veronica Veney Adam Vetri Matthew Wachinski Noah Waldman Wendy Waldman Olie Walker Thomas Wallace Kelly Walsh Sharon Walter Jennifer Wargo Andre Washington Allen Watson Jillian Wattley Larry Waugh Matthew Wcidner David Weidner Shan Weisbrot Steven Werthner Michael West Kane Wharton Dawn White Helen White Kimberly White Tyron Whiteside Rodd Whitney Kristine Wicgand Michael Wilkins John Williams Kevin Williams Kimberly Williams Lisa Williams Michael Williams Todd Williams Roddy Wittenberg Jeffrey Wolf Kenneth Wolfgang Mark Wolfgang Linda Woo Mark Woodruff James Wordmger 254PHOTO SHY =3 SOPHOMORES MjrU Wormley Denttc Wright Valerie Yoder Christine Yokl Jamie York Kimberlcc Yotlcy Michael Young Raymond Young Peter Zacharias Dorenc Zagcr Nelson Zambrana-Ruiz Margaret Ziegler Jolie Zmberg Susanna Zoller Albert, Arden Armstrong, Michelle Borden, Charles Butler, Randall Carnegie, Yousef Casey, fames Ciliberto, Roberto Coleman, Ronald Dipaolantonio, Donna Dolan, Martin Durkin, Amy Endy, Melissa Fitzgerald, Edward Hamilton, Lonny Harrington, Lowell Hilles, Elaine Hughes, Robert Johnson, Dale Johnson, Elise Kline, Kelly Kohles, Kari Lange, Susan Leach, Stephen Lepure, Michael Llanos, Bonifacio Martin, Wayne Maupay, Donna Meyer, Andrew Miller, Joanne Minor, Jared Minto, Heather Mitchell, Michael Moyer, Patricia Norman, Kenneth Novak, James Parker, Larry Petrie, Timothy Robinson, Kenneth Santangela, Theresa Saylor, Jill Scanga, William Sims, Steven Sitasz, Ann Strauss, Jeremy Streilbig, Gregg Sturges, Charles Swoopw, Vincent Taliferro, Cortney Umbenhaver, Stacey Vesci, Rosemary Ward, Steven Wargo, Elizabeth Weinberger, Margaret Williams, Cheryl Woudfolk, Robin Zadorozny, Daniel Mr. Detweiler: Let's begin . . . shooting! But, I wanted to play on the team. 255Hacky Sack A new sport has developed in the past six months, and it has hit Abington like a storm. Hacky Sack may seem like a silly game to the average onlooker; however, it takes a lot of skill and concentration to master the game. The rules are very simple. Any part of the body, except the hands, may be used to pass the small sack. The serve can not be a self-serve, and most importantly, one must never say, “I’m sorry.” The Hacky Sack itself is a small leather pouch filled with beads easily concealed during nonhacking periods. Hacky Sack terminology is also quite distinctive. For example, a “hack” occurs when all members of the circle have hit or passed the Hacky Sack to someone else. The object simply being to move the sack as many times as possible between all players. As the sport becomes more precise, new and innovative moves are created to supplement the typical kick. The “Hamill Camel” is an extended backwards kick similar to the famous skater after whom it is name. The “rainbow” is also a new variation consisting of an over the shoulder pass. The most fascinating is an advanced move only to be tried by those with months of experience; the “eagle” is a pass performed by catching the sack on the back and hurling it in the desired direction. With the increased interest in the sport, several Hackers decided to market “Hacky” clothing, beach towels, and even a new cologne aptly named “Hackston”. As with all sports there are a few complications. Along with minor medical disorders, such as Hack-knee and Hack-elbow, there are several Hackers with an addiction problem. For this reason, several reformed Hacky-ho-lics have established an annonymous hotline. If you, or one of your friends, has a problem, call 1-800-H-A-C-K-S-A-C anytime except weekdays from 10:30-1:00 (lunch periods at Abington, the prime Hacky Sack time). In moderation Hacky Sack can be a lot of fun. One must remember and never forget that Hacky Sack is not a sport, but a way of life. As one Hacker so aptly put it, “It’s a way of looking at that sack and saying, ‘Hey bud, let’s hack!”’ Sophomore Blight The seniors can’t even fathom it. The juniors have a slight idea of it. The sophomores are living it. Being a sophomore at Abington High School is far from easy, especially this year. Last year we sophomores were the freshmen who held Abington Junior High School in the palm of our hands. We were the elders with very little responsibility to bind us. We were the captains, the editors, and the presidents. This year if we are lucky enough to make the team, staff, or committee, we are merely gophers. We are barely acknowledged by the sponsors and the seniors who are too busy beefing up their college applications. On the first day of school, we were lucky to have the whole school to ourselves ... but we had no clue as to getting around in it (S-wing? where is it, on second thought, what is it?”). We struggled and asked for directions, but we made it. On the second day, if our unsteadiness with our environment wasn’t enough, we were bombarded with hordes of seniors and juniors. They all knew their way around the school, and they left us in their wake. Taking final exams was a rude awakening last year; however, this was the only major work we did. This year not only do we have finals, but midterms as well. Also, horror stories from the juniors regarding PSAT’s and SAT’s loom over us like a dark, foreboding cloud. Our teachers are making us think for, what seems to be, the first time. It appears that we are just beginning to learn what the word “responsibility” is all about. How many sophomores can forget the shock of actually seeing someone smoking on school grounds? This new school is quite different from the rigidity to which we were accustomed. Here students can smoke, eat outside, and sometimes leave school before the end of the day, all without fear of suspension. The morning announcements also took some adjusting to. All of a sudden, there was a “Gabby Abby” who relayed personal messages and played music. This couldn’t be found at Abington Junior. Who could imagine Miss Elliot squealing, “Good morning! Happy Birthday to John Smith from Plain Jane! and now here’s the . . . Grateful Dead”? It’s true that being a sophomore isn’t easy, but look on the bright side. In two years we will be the seniors taking our revenge on the new lowly sophomores. Have patience. 256Abington's Annex: The Willow Grove Mall With all their differences, there is one thing that all Abington students share, The Willow Grove Experience. Every student has been plagued by the chronic Mall Syndrome. Recent studies indicate that this disease first began to spread amongst the Abington student body, as plans for the Willow Grove Park commenced. This research also shows that this disease commonly strikes youths between the ages of fourteen and nineteen. Symptoms include addiction to Hillary’s ice cream, a habitual need for Luca’s pizza, and a sudden craving for Porky’s cheese fries. This disease has been noted for its ability to diffuse into its victims the need to loiter. As the most critical symptom, its advanced stages cause the immobilization of the victim’s limbs. There are several forms of the disease such as, Bloomingdale’s virus Spencer’s bacteria, Oodle’s fungus, the Merry- Go- Round infection, or the Listening Booth earache. Several Abington Students have become so attached to the mall, that they fight for jobs at any of the possible shops. Most students seem to work in the various food shops; however, girls tend to migrate towards the clothing stores to benefit from their employee discount. The mall is also the perfect place for Abington students to congregate. It has become the new central location for any rendezvous. It is impossible to walk through the mall without encountering at least five Abington jackets. 257 The Luca Pizza habit.'It's cat day, idiot biology students!' Lovers' quarrel Live it up!! Get me out! Get me out!' 'Boy, do you need GUIDANCE! 258 True love I'm a growing girl. 259How'd that history book get in there? Yeah, right! Is his heart still beating? I don't know. What do you think? Gee, I don't know either. Underclassmen have to smile 'I think he's looking at you!' Through the looking glass ‘Look at that. Right through the roof.Friends forever Brina, Jane, and Cher. Only Mr. Roeder can bring humor to P.S.S.C. Physics Matt Clouse and friendSame to you, too. Two and two is . . . I know there must be a reason for this picture but.. . (advisor's note) (This was so good, we ran it twice.) A statue of Miss Foley. I don't believe how flat this soda is. ’ SENIOR STATISTICS AM, Susan M. 881 Edgehill Road. Glenside, PA 19038. Flag Twirl-ers 10.11.12; Band From 10, 11,12; FBLA 11; School Store 10,11. Adams, Stewart Andre. 2608 Burleigh Avenue, Glenside, PA, 19038. Student Council 12; Basketball 9, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Soccer 9. Adornetto, Michael J. 1510 Arline Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Swimming Team 10, 12. Aghen, Robyn Michelle. 1637 Fawn Lane, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Band Manager 12; Choir 9, 10. 11. 12; Honor Society 12. Show Prompter 11, 12; Broadway 11; Madrigals 10, 11, 12. Alexander, Brenda. 2897 Thunderhead Road. Roslyn, PA 19001. Student Council 10. 11. Class Council 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9. 10, 11.12, Softball 9.10.11,12; Italian Club 10, Oracle 12. Varsity A 10, 11, 12; Soph-hop Committee, Junior Prom Committee. Allen, Alissa Donielle. 1647 Edge Hill Road, Abington, PA 19001. Student Council 9,10,11; Class Council 9,10,11;Threatre Honorary 11; Usherettes 11; World Affairs 9, 10. Amato, Thomat Joseph. 314 Zane Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Lacrosse 9, 10, 11. 12. Anderman, Alice Cay. 1875 Jenkintown Road A203, Jenkmtown, PA 19046 Andrews, Keith M. 800 Hamel Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Band 10, 11. 12. Andrews, Robert Thomat. 1559 Coolcdge Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Class Council 11; Track 11. Angell, David. 1541 Arline Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Apolinario, Deanne 1.1180 Lindsay Lane, Rydal, PA 19046. Usherettes 9, 10, 11. 12. Aquilino, Patrick. 123 High School Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Football 9. Armor, David. 2056 Woodland Road, Abington, PA 19001. Basketball 9, Baseball 9. 10. 11; Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 11; Honor Society 9. Asher, Anthony H. 1446 Gunpowder Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Council 9; Cross-Country 9.10,11; Track 9,10,11,12; Honor Society 11, 12; Latin 11, 12; Railroad Club 9; World Affairs 10; Newspaper 9. 10 (Editor), 11 (Editor). Aydin, SiM Esma. 1186 Highland Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Railroad Club 9. Bailey, Jeanine Frances. 109 Shelmire Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111 Basketball 9,10.11,12; Softball 9.10.11,12; Varsity A 10, 11, 12. Balanda, David Micheal. 1558 Reservoir Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Bankofl, Robin 5. 1824 Edmund Road, Abington, PA 19001. Class Council 12. BarMla, John I. 2311 Rosemore Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Baseball 9,10,11,12; Football 11,12; Honor Society 12; Varsity A 12. Baren, Susan E. 341 Thorpe Road. Jenkintown, PA 19046. Student Council 10, 11. 12; Class Council 10, 11, 12, Band 9, 10. 11, 12; Cheerleader 9. 10. 11; World Affairs 9. 10. Barlow, Micheal W. 2156 Myrtlewood Avenue, Abington, PA 19001 Basketball 9,10,11. 12; Baseball 9; Soccer 9.10,11, Band 9. 10. 11, 12; Honor Society 9. 10. 11. 12. Bauers, William P. 2238 Menlo Avenue. Glenside, PA 19038. Track 10; Spanish Club 9; Swimming Instructor 9, 10. 11. Beck, Martha I. 1484 Jerico Road, Abington, PA 19001. Field Hockey 9. Bednarsky, Alexander L. 1002 Fox Chase Road, Rockledgc, PA 19111. Class Council 10 (Vice-President), 11 (Treasurer); Debate 11. 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 12; News Bureau 9; Spectre 9, 10 (Editor). Beebee, Brian Eric. 2422 Lafoyette Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Football 9. 10. 11. 12; Track 9, 10. 11, 12. Bell, Alyte Hara. 8 McFadden Drive, Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Council 11, 12; Intermural Soccer 10. Bell, Anthony D. 1747 Prospect Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Wrestling 11, 12. Belief, Lynn Cheryl. 1651 Fawn Lane, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Council 12; Football Manager 11; Choir 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 11, 12; Threatre Honorary 10; Usherettes 11; School Play 9, 10 (Assistant Director); School Musical 11. Bergen, Edward J. 1835 Cleveland Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Track 9, 10. Berger, Stacey L. 46 Moredon Road, Huntington Valley, PA 19006. Student Council 10 (Secretary); Class Council 9. 10. 11; Baseball Manager 10; Cheerleaders 9 (Captain), 10, 12; Spanish Club 12; Usherettes 9, 10; Varsity A 12. Berlanda, John. 2638 Jenkintown Road. North Hills, PA 19038. Beta, Tina Ruth. 1251 Glenbrook Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Band 10, 11,12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12; News Bureau 12; Spanish Club 12. Beyer, Jonathan S. 370 Heathcliffe Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Wrestling 12; World Affairs 11, 12. Block, Michael Lewis. 1174 Valley Road, Rydal, PA 19046 Student Council 9, 12; Band 9, 10, 11,12; Camera Club 11; French Club 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; News Bureau 11; World Affiars 9, 10, 11, 12; Black Student Union 11; Ghost Post 9, 10; Intramural Basketball 11,12; Library Aide 9,10; Computer Club 9, 10; Pit Orchestra (All School Musical) 11. Boardman, Andrew Evan. 2920 Senak Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Student Council 10, 11, 12; French Club 12; Honor Society 9. 10, 11,12; Oracle 12, World Affairs 10, 11, 12 (Vice-President); Ghost Post 9,10 (Art Editor); Intramural Basketball 11,12; Computer Club 9; Library Aide 9. Bodony, Lisa Jean. 2816 Mount Carmel Avenue, Apt. A, North Hills, PA 19038 Bonfiglio, Ann Marie. 1566 Reservoir Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. School Play 11, 12; Threatre Honorary 11. Bors, Jonathan A. 223 Rolling Hill Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Ghost Post 9. Brennan, John W. 2224 Hillthorpe Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. lacrosse 11, 12; Guides Ushers 10. Brenner, Lisa E. 210 North Sylvania Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Class Council 10.11; Soccer 9,10; Track 9, Oracle 12; World Affairs 11, 12; CSP. Britchkow, David Stephen. 1574 Williams Road, Abington, PA 19001. Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Council 9, 10, 11, 12; Soccer 9; Band 9, 10; Chess Club 9.10,11.12; Debate Team 11. 12 (Captain); Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Oracle 12; Spanish Club 12; World Affairs 9, 10, 11, 12; Newspaper 9, 10, 11. 12; Intramural Basketball 11, 12. Britt, Matthew . 2738 Fernwood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19036. VICA. Brough, John W. 335 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Brown, Eric Wade. 1857 Rowland Road, Abington, PA 19001. Debate 11; ROTC 9, 10; Sabre Arch 9, 10; Computer Club 9, 10; Dungeons Dragon Club 9, 10; O.A.S.I.S. 12 (President). Brown, Steven A. 1656 Fawn lane, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Student Council 9,10,11,12 (president); Class Council 9,10 (Presi- dent), 11, 12; Football 9; Wrestling 9, 10; Camera Club 9. 10,11,12; FBLA 12; Human Relations 11, 12; News Bureau 11, 12; Oracle 12 (Editor); Guides Ushers 9, 10; Key Club 12. Bruck, Matthew Jonathon. 1452 Frog Hollow Road, Rydal, PA 19046 Student Council 9. 10, 11, 12; Class Council 9, 10 (Vice-President), 11,12; Ice Hockey 10, 11,12; Spectre 10, Newspaper 9, 10, 11, 12; Soph Hop Committee; Junior Prom Committee Buccaluri, Catherine. 2330 Weldon Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Burton, Stephanie Lynn. 1582 Edgewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Butch, Lauren K. 1202 Oliver Road, Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Class Council 9, 10; Soccer 10; Cheerleaders 9; Usherettes 10. Butter, Caroline. 134 Haines Avenue. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Butler, Danielle Nicole. 1714 Fairview Avenue, Willow Grove. PA 19090. Class Council 11; Basketball 9,10, 11. 12; Baseball 10; Affiliation Club 12; School Store 10; Spanish Club 12; Black Student Union 12. Cacciola, Peter. 453 Township Line Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Bowling 12; FBLA 12. Camacho, Jennifer C. 2929 Windsor Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Softball 9; Dance Club 10, 11. Cameron, David Lee. 1808 Silver Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Class Council 10; Cross-country 9,10; Track 9,10; Honor Society 9, 10, 12; Latin 11, 12 (Secretary); World Affairs 10; Ghost Post 9, 10; Abingtonian 11, 12; Philosophy Club 12; Spectre 12; Sprite 9, 10. CampMI, Nancy. 2840 Turner Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Crosscountry 9, 10, Winter Guard 10 (Co-manager); Choir 9.10; Lost and Found 12. Carney, Kevin S. 209 Runner Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Bowling 11. Catsel, Jacqueline. 247 North Hills Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Cattidy, Kevin J. 2810 Rubicam Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Football 10 Castorina, Paula Ann. 707 Monroe Avenue. Ardsley, PA 19038 Italian Club 11. Cataldi, Steve. 1112 Bradfield Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Football 9, 11; Track 9; Wrestling 9. Chau, Hoang M. 2916 Carnation Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Swimming Team 9, 10, 11, 12; Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12; Soccer. Cheun, Amy E. 1436 Dorel Road, Rydal, PA 19046 Student Council 10; Class Council 9, 11; Affiliation Club 11, 12; Camera Club 11, 12; Choir 9, 10,12; Honor Society 9,10, 11,12; Latin Club 11; News Bureau 11,12 (Editor), Oracle 11,12 (Editor); Spanish Club 9,10,11; Spectre 11, 12; Usherettes 9. 10. 11, 12, World Affairs 11, 12. Christensen, Suzanne E. 2013 Chester Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Choir 9, 10, 11, 12; Lacrosse 9; Creative Writing 12; School Store 11; Usherettes 9. 10; Musical (Grease, Broadway). Cilio, John D. 618 Cricket Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. EMCO Tech (Auto Body) 10. 11. 12. Clifton, Darren. 1673 Franklin Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Clouse, Matthew W. 1434 St. Charles Place. Roslyn, PA 19001. Class Council 10. Band 9, 10; Choir 9, 10, 11, 12. 264SENIOR STATISTICS Coe, Peter H. 1447 Birchwood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001 Baseball 10; Band 9, 10. Cohen, DavidM. 37 Central Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Baseball 11; Gymnastic Team 11; Wrestling 10. Cohen, Rayna G. 800 Cedar Glen Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Class Council 9, 10; Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12; Softball 9; Human Relations 9; Student Council 9, 10, 11. Collins, Calhleen A. 2475 Avondale Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Condeelis, Alet John. 731 Highland Avenue, Jenkintown, PA 19046 Tennis 10. Connelly, Amy Loren. 1527 Spring Avenue, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Choir 9; French Club 12; Orchestra 11, 12; School Play 11, 12. Conway, Michael R. 457 Roberts Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Cross-country 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 12; Guides Ushers 11; Varsity A 12. Cook, Michele M. 1411 White Owl Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. EMCO Vo-tech (Cosmetology) 11, 12. Cooper, Joseph R. 1713 Crestvicw Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 CosUnio, Gabriel M. 2268 Cross Road, Glenside, PA 19038. Cottom, Timothy D. 339 Chelsea Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Basketball 9; Football 9, 10, 11. 12; Track 9, 10, 12; Black Student Union 10, 11. Craig, Susjm 1. 1824 Old Orchard Road, Abington, PA 19001. Girls Soccer 11. 12, Field Hockey 9; Band 9, 10,11, 12; Orchestra 10,11, 12; Class Council 12. Croxton, Tyrone D. 2542 Pierce Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Football 9, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; Track 9, 10. Custer, Crystel M. 2412 Maplewood Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. D'Elia, Joseph P. 106 Houston Avenue, Glenside. PA 19038. Student Council 12; Class Council 12; Baseball 9.10,12; Football 9, 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Varsity A 12. Dambrackas, Daniel V. 209 N. Easton Raod, Glenside. PA 19038. Class Council 9;FBLA 11,12; News Bureau 9, 10; Oracle 11; Ghost Post 9. 10; School Store 9. 10, 11, 12, Usher 9. 10; World Affairs 9 Dansky, Steven A. 683 Meadowbrook Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Student Council 10; Class Council 10; Wrestling 10, German Club 9. Danta, Victoria M. 1233 Lenox Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Class Council 9 (Vice-President), 12, Basketball 9; Softball 9; Volleyball 9; Band 9; Choir 9; Honor Society 9, 10; Pep Club 9; Performing Arts Club 9; Spanish Club 9; Unicef 10; Yearbook 9. Davies, James R. 364 Rolling Hill Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Council 9, 10; Class Council 12; Soccer 9, 10. Davis, Michelle D. 531 Meadowbrook Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Student Council 12; Class Council 12, Bowling Manager 12; Affiliation Club 12; Choir 9. 10, 11, 12. French Club 12. Honor Society 9, 10. 11. 12; Key Club 12 (Vice-President); Madrigals 10, 11. 12; School Musical 10. 11, 12. Day, Laura £. 1239 Fitzwatertown Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. FBLA 12. DeMarco, Kim. 2031 Susquehanna Road, Abington, PA 19001. Soccer 12; Field Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12; Choir 9. 10, 11, 12; Water Aide 11. 12; Musical Broadway [ 11). DePaul, Daniel Jr. 2943 Old Welsh Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 DePaul, Micheal J. 818 Tennis Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Dickison, Maryann. 1853 Eckard Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Diegel, tllen L. 7 Montgomery Avenue, Rockledgc, PA 19111. Class Council 9, 10. 12; Band 11, 12. News Bureau 12. DiMaria, Joanna M. 2468 Norwood Avenue. Roslyn, PA 19001. Dimond, James K. 1409 Lindberg Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Class Council 9, 10, 11, Basketball 10, 11. 12. Soccer 9, 10 Dinkins, Melvin III. 1459 Rothley Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. DiPaolantonio, James V. 612 Highland Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Lacrosse 11. 12. DiPasquale, Christopher D. 2427 Rosemore Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038 Football 11; Ice Hockey 10, 11, 12. DiSandro, Daniel C. 1862 Bertram Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Council 10; Class Council 9, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11. 12. Dixon, Arthur. 1508 Thomson Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Basketball 9. 10, 11, 12; Football 9, 10. Dockstader, David A. 106 Susan Drive, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Class Council 9, 10, 12. Dominic, Jeraud M. 221 Jorrett Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Dougherty, Karen A. 110 Robbins Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Usherettes 12. Doyle, James. 1023 Sherman Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Dratch, Adam D. 1876 Foothill Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Class Council 9, 10, 12, Baseball 9, 10. 11, Football 9; Ice Hockey 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9. Dreilus, Benjamin R. 1321 Osbourne Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Basketball 9; School Play (Lighting) 11. Dries, Arthur. 809 Pinewood Drive, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Driscoll, Maria E. 2948 Grisdale Road, Roslyn, PA 19001 Swimming Team 9, 10; FBLA 11, 12; School Store 11. lash, Carol E. 1521 Edgewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Newspaper 9. Ferber, Robert Jr. 1843 Hartc Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Class Council 12; Football 9, 10; Play (Stage Crew) 12; Swimming Aide 12. Ferracci, Lawrence C. 1372 Edgewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Student Council 9, 10, 12; Class Council 9, 10, 12; Football 9; Oracle 12; Spanish Club 12; World Affairs 12. Fields, Nichole L. 228 Ruscombe Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Class Council 12; Black Student Union 11, 12. Finck, Christine M. 2139 Curtis Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Choir 9, 10; Honor Society 9; EMCO Tech (Data Processing). Fine, Stephen M. 1651 Buck Hill Drive. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Council 11, 12; Wrestling 11,12; Abington Friends: Wrestling 9, 10. Fisher, William F. 1050 Tyson Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Student Council 12; Choir 12. Mt. Pleasent High: Student Council 11; Baseball 9, Soccer 9, 10. 11; Wrestling 9, 10, 11; Choir 9. 10, 11, Varsity Club 10, 11. Fitzgerald, Dorothy. 1821 Eckard Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Frankel, DavidS. 1110 Dclcnc Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Class Council 11, 12; Soccer 9; Debate 11; FBLA 12; Oracle 12; Ghost Post 9, 10; Guides Ushers 9, 10; Intramural Basketball 12; Junior Achievement 10; World Affairs 10, 11, 12. Freeman, William D. 1354 Edgewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001 Class Council 12; Football 9, 10, 11. 12; Track 11, 12; Rifle 11, 12. Chess Club 9, 10; Honor Society 9, 10. Friedman, Feme J. 1906 Foothill Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Choir 9, 10, 11, 12; News Bureau 9; Honor Society 9, 10; Library Aide 9, 10, 11, 12; Usherettes 10; Madrigals 9. 10, 11; School Play 9, 10. 11. Musical 9, 10, 11. Gallagher, Bernadette M. 1902 Silver Avenue. Abington, PA 19001. Student Council 9, 10, 11,12; Class Council 10,12; Lacrosse 9, 10; Field Hockey 9, 10. Eberhardt, Sally J. 1372 Easton Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Class Council 9,10 (Treasurer), 11 (Secretary). 12; Track 9; Lacrosse 9,10, 11,12; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Italian Club 9, 10,11 (Treasurer), 12(President); Latin Club 11, 12 (Secretary); Oracle 12; Newspaper 9. 10, 12. Varisty A 12. Ewing, Vera L. 930 Garfield Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Wrestling 10, 11, Band 9, 10; Choir 9; FBLA 9; Usherettes 10. Facciolo, Rocco. 336 Penn Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. EMCO Tech. Faison, Lawrence. 1532 Airline Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001 Basketball 9; Baseball 10; Football 9. 10.11, 12; Track 9. 12, Black Student Union 12. Farrell, Norman D. 2528 Lamott Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Basketball 9, Football 9.10; Black Student Union 12; EMCO Tech. Felkere, Ingrida. 1850 Lukens Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Affiliation Club 12; German Club 12; Ottawa Hills High School: Ski Club 9, 10; Volleyball 9. Gallagher, Teresa A. 410 Roberts Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council 9, 10, Baseball 10; Volleyball 10. 11; French Club 9. 10. Gallant, Scott R. 1408 Stocton Road, Meadowbrook, PA 19046 Student Council 9. 10, 11. 12; Class Council 9 (President). 10, 11 (President), 12 (Asst, to President); Baseball 9,10; Golf 9, 10,11,12; Band 9, 10; Creative Writing 10; Jazz Band 9, 10; Oracle 12; Orchestra 9, 10, 11; World Affairs 10, 12; Student Forum Mont. Co. 11, 12 (Secretary). Gallo, Marisa. 1054 Roberts Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Student Council 12; Class Council 10; Italian Club 9 (Secretary), 10, 11, 12 (President); Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 12 (Treasurer); Oracle 11, 12. Gardiner, Natalie I. 753 Tennis Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Student Council 9,10, 11; Class Council 9.10,11,12; Swimming Team 9. 10, 11.12; Field Hockey 9. 10. 11. 12. Softball 9, 10. 11, 12; Choir 9; Honor Society 11, 12; Swimming Aide 11,12; Varisty A 10, 11, 12. Gargan, Laurie A. 618 Central Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Winter Guard 10; FBLA 12; Student Council 9; Retarded Swimming Aide 9. 265SENIOR STATISTICS Garramone, Vicky A. 2154 Oakdale Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Student Council 11, 12; Track 9; Gymnastics 9. 10; Cheerleaders 12; FBI A 12, Varsity A 12. Ginsberg, Beth M. 1231 Fleetwood Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Class Council 12; Guides Ushers 10; Newspaper 9, 10; Sprite 10; School Play 11, 12. Giovinazzo, Fred N. 1571 Edgewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Lacrosse 9, 10. 11, 12. Giroud, Karen A. 1830 Willard Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Glatts, Joan I. 25 Park Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. GJuch, Christine A. 2067 Kenmore Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Soccer 10, 11, 12; Gymnastic Team 9, 10; Swimming Team 11, 12 (Manager); Usherettes 9; Library Aide 9, 10; Sprite 10; Varsity A 12. Goldhaber, Alim. 1821 North Hills Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Goldhammer, [bine L. 1444 Pepper Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Soccer 9, 12; Affiliation Club 12; Choir 9, 10; Honor Society 9, 12; Usherettes 9, 10; Ghost Post 9, 10; Abingtonian 11, 12. Goldsmith, Stephen R. 767 Carmet Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Council 12; Class Council 11; Soccer 9; Cross-Country 11,12; Honor Society 10; Junior Achievement 10; News Bureau 10; Guides Ushers 11. Goldstein, Marlyn K. 517 Mary Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Council 10; Class Council 10, 11, 12; Oracle 12; Spanish Club 12; Usherettes 10, 11. Gordon, locelyn T. 1354 Panther Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Council 11; Class Council 10; Usherettes 10. Gordon, Robert A. 2833 Lillian Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Grande, Mirk J. 2933 Kanes Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Band 10, 11, 12; Computer Club 9, 10. Graser, Patrick R. 1127 Highland Avenue, Abmgton, PA 19001. Grasty, Timothy. 1651 Park Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12. Gray, Sheldon. 1647 Franklin Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Drama Club 9. Green, Terravia D. 328 Chelsea Avenue. Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council 11, 12; Baseball Manager 11,12; Soccer Manager 12; Track Manager 11; Library Aide 9,10, Black Student Union 11, 12. Greenblatt, Cheryl A. 1181 Dixon Lane, Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council 9; Class Council 10; Tennis 11, 12; Usherettes 9, 10. Creenlield, Andrew B. 1084 Leopard Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Council 9, 10,11.12; Class Council 9, 10,11, 12; Choir 11.12; Debate 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Guides Ushers 9, 10. 11, 12; World Affairs 10, 11. 12; Weighted Grades Committee, School Musical (Man of LaMancha, Grease) Greenfield, Karen D. 348 Peach Tree Drive, Elkins Park, PA 19111 Student Council 9. 10, Class Council 10, 12; Choir 12. French Club 12; Oracle 12; Spectre 12; Usherettes 9, 10. 11; Football Manager 12; Tutor for Reading Difficulties 10; Newspaper 10; School Musical 10. 12. Grenald, Bethany I. 151 Woodpecker Road, Jenkmtown, PA 19046. Student Council 9; Track 10; Band Front 10, 12; Latin 11; Oracle 11; Ghost Post 10; Abingtonian 11, 12; Sprite 10; Spectre 12; library Aide 9, 10; Guides Ushers 9, 10; Health Careers Club 9; Unicef Club 10; Presidential Clasvoom 12. Griet, Vivian. 1224 Boone Avenue. Roslyn. PA 19001. Field Hockey 9. 10, 11, 12; Softball 9, 10; Student Council 12; Honor Society 10; Varsity A 11, 12; Water Safety Aide 11. 12. Grossman, Debra . 1004 Irvin Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Choir 9. 11; Latin 11, 12; Library Aide 11; Usherettes 11, 12. Gulyas, Barbara. 757 Dale Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Hack, Timothy . 1829 Preston Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Basketball 9. 10. 11. 12; Football 9, 10. 11. 12; Varsity A 12. Haley, Andrew. 1565 Edge wood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Hamilton, Kelly A. 1711 Rockwell Road. Abmgton, PA 19001 HOSA (EMCO Tech) 12 (President). Hanna, TimothyJ. 1823 Old Orchard Road, Abmgton, PA 19001. Student Council 12; Cross-Country 9; Lacrosse 9.10,11,12, Varsity A 11, 12. Harris, Barbara A. 1932 Osbourne Avenue, Willow Grove. PA 19090 ' Haussler, Heide M. 714 Tennis Avenue, Ardslcy, PA 19038. Hazelton, Cynthia A. 144 High School Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Heath, George T. 160 Edge Hill Road. Glenside, PA 19038. Guides A Ushers 9. Hein, Dale. 734 Monroe Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038 EMCO Tech-Electrical 10. 11, 12. Henderson, Andrew W. 1907 Edgehill Road, Abington, PA 19001. Student Council 9. 10. 11,12; Class Council 9, 10, 11, 12; Soccer 9, 10; Tennis 9. 10. 11, 12; French Club 12; Honor Society 9. 10, 11. 12; News Bureau 11; Newspaper 9, 10, 11, 12; World Affairs 9, 10, 12. Henderson, Christine A. 323 Osceola Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Camera Club 12, Debate 12; French Club 12; Oracle 11, 12; Spectre 10, 12; Stage Crew 10, 11. 12; Usherettes 9, 10, 11. 12; Archives Club 12 (Chairman); Involvement Day 11 (Vice-Chairman), 12 (Chairman). Hicks, Paula D. 1539 Fairview Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 FBLA 12; Black Student Union 12. Hipwell, Cynthia S. Ill Huntingdon Pike, Rockledge, PA 19111. Class Council 12; Basketball 9; Bicycle Club 10; Camera Club 9, 10, 11; Debate 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 11, 12; Oracle 11, 12; School Store 9, 10. 11; Usherettes 9, 10. Hirschberg, Joyce E. 310 Montgomery Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Student Council 11; Class Council 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Oracle 12; Orchestra 11; Usherettes 12. Hoag, Janet E. 363 Fisher Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Swimming Team 11, Choir 11. Horrocks, Wendy. 1114 Johnston Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Houser, Richard. 1248 Nolen Road, Roslyn. PA 19001 Hovis, Ronald W. 2815 Galloway Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Hummel, Patricia L. 1740 Rockwell Road. Abmgton, PA 19001 Student Volunteer 9, 10. Hungsavaisya, Narudee. 723 Forrest Avenue, Rydal, PA 19046. lanieri, Joseph C. 2931 Turner Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001 Lacrosse 9, 10. 11. Immordino, Robert. 735 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Football 9; Cross-Country 10; Track 9, 10. Israel, Ehud. 160 Meadowbrook Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Council 12; Class Council 10; Soccer 9, 12; Chess Club 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 12; Library Aide 11; Guides Ushers 10. Jackson, Arlene R. 2232 Glendale Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Basketball 9, 10. Band 9. Jasper, John P. 1386 Glenbrook Road, Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Soccer 9,10,11, 12 (Captain); Lacrosse 9, 10, 11. 12; Varsity A 12. Jeanquart, Thomas E. 1263 Rosemont lane, Abmgton, PA 19001 Jiles, Anisa I. 1700 Arnold Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Black Student Union 10, 11, 12. Johnson, Angelica E. 322 Cricket Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Spanish Club 12. Jonas, Virginia N. 1144 Colonial Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Jones, John E. 371 Cadwaladcr Avenue, Elkms Park. PA 19117. Joshi, Pratik H. 320 Hill House, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Affiliation Club 12. Judkowski, Guy A. 1034 Dixon lane, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Student Council 9, 10; Class Council 9. 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10; Honor Society 9, 10, 12; World Affairs 10. Kafrissen, Donna S. 644 Forrest Avenue, Jenkmtown, PA 19046. Affiliation Club 12; Winter Guard 10; Band Front 11, 12; Honor Society 11, 12; School Store 11. Kaiser, Deborah I. 1447 Wheatsheaf lane, Abmgton, PA 19001. Field Hockey 9. 10; ARTW 12; Choir 9. 10,11, 12; Honor Society 9, 11. 12, Marching Band 11, 12; Madrigals 9, 10, 11, 12. Karolczak, Audrey L. 2853 Woodland Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Class Council 9, 10, 11; Flag Twirlers 9. Katz, Helayne R. 936 Wesley Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Choir 11; FBLA 12, Usherettes 12. Kauffman, Andrew H. 1807 Washington Lane, Meadowbrook, PA 19046. Kaufman, Keith S. 1333 Michael Road, Meadowbrook, PA 19046. Latin Club 11, 12. Kaye, Daniel S. 1075 Arbuta Road, Abington. PA 19001. Keeley, James W. 1486 Blue Jay Road, Roslyn, PA 19001 Rifle 12. Kelner, Robert K. 771 Upsal Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Council 9, 10 (President); Class Council 9, 10, 11; Debate 11. 12; Honor Society 9. 10, 11, 12; News Bureau 9; Oracle 12; Newspaper 9, 10, World Affairs 9. 10. 11, 12 (President). Kemler, Robert J. 1520 St. James Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Keorkunian, Gary S. 1805 lukens Avenue. Willow Grove. PA 19090. Student Council 10; Class Council 10. Kessler, Roger D. 2133 Kent Road, Abmgton, PA 19001. Guides 9, 10; Latin Club 11. Kia-Noury, Claudia E. 933 Fox Chase Road, Jenkmtown, PA 19046. Student Council 10, 11; Class Council 12 (Secretary); Cross-Country 10; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Affiliation Club 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11. 12; Human Relations 10; Latin Club 11 (Secretary), 12; News Bureau 9; Abingtonian 11 (Editor); Ghost Post 10 (Editor); Usherettes 9, 10. 11. Kidd, Michael A. 1553 Lindbergh Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Kim, Kathleen K. 436 Hickory Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Council 11, 12; Class Council 11, 12, Affiliation Club 11, 12; Camera Club 11, 12, Debate 11, 12; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Human Relations 11, 12; News Bureau 11. 12 (Editor); Ora- 266SENIOR STATISTICS cle 11; Spectre 10, 11, 12; Newspaper 10 (Editor), 11 (Editor); Usherettes 11; World Affairs 11, 12. Kim, Peter C. 1320 King Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Class Council 11. 12. King, Christopher. 137 Blake Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Kirk, Joseph W. 620 Tyson Avenue, Glensidc, PA 19038. Kirschbaum, Tim R. 877 Meadowbrook Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Tennis 9. 10. 11, 12; Chess Club 12. French Club 9, 10. 11. Kistler, Patricia A. 2728 Old Welsh Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Bowling 11, 12; Band 9. 10. 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12. Klass, Karen E. 2552 Brookdale Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Koch, Michael A. 2960 Madison Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Kocher, Diana M. 2123 Wharton Road, Glenside, PA 19038 EMCO Tech, Commercial Art. Kocher, Victoria A. 2123 Wharton Road, Glenside, PA 19038. Student Council 11,12; Class Council 11; French Club 9,10; Honor Society 9; latin 11, 12; Teens For Retarded 12. Koder, Ronald D. 2945 Hammond Place, Roslyn, PA 19001. Basketball 9, 10, 11. Komins, Mat .1110 Harriet Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Creative Studies Program 12. Koval, Cary 5. 1375 Edgcwood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Kowalcryk, Chris. 149 Central Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Kramar, Margaret A. 1530 Easton Road. Roslyn, PA 19001. Basketball 9; School Store 11. Lawrence, Jennifer I. 1609 Ridgeway Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Student Council 9, 10. Learn, Robert 5. 1964 Adams Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Basketball 9; Baseball 9; Soccer 9; Swimming Team 12; Lacrosse 11,12; Wrestling 11; Varisty A 12. Leavitt, John C. 1111 Clemens Avenue. Roslyn, PA 19001 Bowling 12; Italian Club 12; Oracle 12; Science Fiction Club 11. Ledebur, Alexandra V. 141 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Lee, Chun 5. 668 Oak Shade Avenue. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Lacrosse 9, 10, 11. 12 Lee, Kimberly E. 17S3 Fairvicw Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Class Council 9,12; Basketball 9,10; Track 9,10; School Store 9,10; Black Student Union 10, 11, 12. Lee, Tonia L. 1658 Washington Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Basketball 9; library Aide 12 Leon, Marci C. 1329 Osbourne Avenue. Roslyn, PA 19001. Class Council 9, 10; Creative Studies Program 11. 12. Letak, Wilbur H. 716 Tyson Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. EMCO Tech, Auto Body. Levin, Judith A. 979 Sherman Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Council 9,10,11; Class Council 9, 10, 12; Soccer 9, 10 (Manager); Cheerleaders 9. 10, 11; Oracle 11, 12; Usherettes 9, 10; Varsity A 10. 11. Levin, Leslie. 1013 Henrietta Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Council 10, 11. 12 (Treasurer); Class Council 9 (Treasurer), 10; Honor Society 9, 10 (President); 11, 12; Abmgton-ian 9, 10 (Manager), 11, 12 (Manager); All School Musical 10; Orientation Team 10. Levine, Louis M. 1052 Kipling Road. Rydal, PA 19046 Football 10; EMCO Tech. Kramer, Susan A. 1413 Reservoir Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Band 9; FBLA 11, 12; Honor Society 11, 12; Teens For Retarded 12. Krenis, James R. 1402 Pepper Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Tennis 12; Camera Club 12; News Bureau 12; Oracle 12. Krichbaum, Anuschka. 2371 Oakdale Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Affiliation Club 12. Krull, frank J. 347 Zane Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Kuehn, Connie D. 1065 Maple Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038 Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 11, 12. Lane, Crystal A. 403 Stewart Avenue, Jcnkintown. PA 19046. Student Council 11, 12; Class Council 11, 12; FBLA 12; Usherettes 12; Black Student Union 11, 12. Lang, Anne M. 309 Edgley Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Lapa, Ellen. 1328 Highland Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Soccer 11. 12; Softball 9, 10; Choir 10; Italian 11. 12 (Vice-President); Library Aide 10. 11. Lapham, Robert C. 1356 Green Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Golf 9, 10, Bowling 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Varisty “A 11, 12. lauch, Ronald H. 1592 Osbourne Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Lieberman, Adam 5. 1646 Fawn Lane, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Basketball 9; Football 9, 10; Oracle 12 (Editor); Guides Ushers 9, 10; Radio Club; Creative Studies Program. Lightner, Mary B. 2845 Turner Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Lin, Stella S. 1251 Memel Road, Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Abmgtoman 12; Affiliation Club 12; Honor Society 12. Lineman, Christopher D. 110 Edgley Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Littig, Audrey R. 1825 Sharon Road, Meadowbrook, PA 19046. Band Front 10,11,12; Winter Guard 10; Student Council 11; Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 112; News Bureau 12; Usherettes 10, 11, 12. Lloyd, Stephen E. 1204 Westmont Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Cross-Country 9, 10; Honor Society 9, 10. Lombard, Edward F. 7956 Church Road, Rockledge, PA 19111. Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12; Bowling 9. Lorch, Lisa A. 1660 Cloverly Lane, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Council 9, 10, 11; Class Council 10. 11, 12; Tennis 11; Lacrosse 10, 12; Field Hockey 9, 10; ARTW 12; Honor Society 12; Oracle 11,12 (Editor). Lukens, Karl A. 2333 Triebel Road, Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 9.10, 11. 12. lybrand, Samuel C. 1505 Easton Road, Roslyn, PA 19001 EMCO Tech (Carpentry). Lynch, Dudley C. 1591 Arline Avenue. Roslyn, PA 19001. Wrestling 9. Mackler, Hilary Lisa. 1163 Ballytore Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Government 9, 10; Class Council 9, 10; Soccer 9, 10; ARTW 12; Creative Writing 12; Debate 11.12 (President); Oracle 11, 12 (Editor); Football 11 (Manager). MacLeod, Jennifer A. 210 Woodlyn Avenue. Glenside, PA 19038 Swimming Team 10. 11, 12; Honor Society 12; Oracle 12; Water Aides 11. 12. Magill, Irv J. 966 Irvin Road, Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Government 9. 10, 11; Class Council 9. 10, 11; Basketball 9, 10. Magruder, Steven J. 1614 Washington Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Track 9 Magyar, Marie A. 534 Garfield Avenue, Norht Hills, PA 19038. Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; News Bureau 12. Maier, Scott. 1624 Edge Hill Road, Abington, PA 19001. Mailman, Elisa Jane. 120 Susan Drive, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Government 9; Class Council 12; Basketball 10; latin 12; Oracle 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Usherettes 9; Girls Basketball 11 (Manager). Malis, Kenneth Andrew. Apt. 508 Benson East, Jcnkintown, PA 19046. Gym Team 9, 10, 11; ARTW 12. Varsity A 10,11; Creative Studies Program 12; Guides and Ushers 9, 10; Library Aide 10. Manaker, Melissa Leah. 2915 Joyce Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Student Government 9. 10, 11; Cheerleaders 9, 10, 11 (Co-Captain) Band Front 12; Choir 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; News Bureau 10, 11; Varisty A 11,12; Newspaper 10; School Play 9.10; School Musical 9, 10, 11. 12; Madrigals 12; Presidential Classroom 12. Mancini, Timothy T. 633 Crescnt Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Basketball 9; Football 11, 12; Latin 12. Mandel, Brian T. 1889 Nicholas Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Honor Society 9, 10; News Bureau 9. Mareske, Nikolas. 1434 St. Charles Place, Roslyn, PA 19001. Soccer 12; Affiliation Club 12; Swimming Club 12. Marino, Lisa M. 1625 Crestview Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. FBLA 12. Markham, Richard I. 2149 Menlo Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Wrestling 9. 10, 11, 12; Band 10, 11, 12. Markiewici, Ulrich Robert. 2750 Phipps Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Sports Club 11, 12. Mason, Theresa Paula. 345 North Hills Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038 May, Laura Ann. 2351 Oakdale Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Mayo, Myles J. 1482 Huntingdon Road, Abington, PA 19001. Me Andrew, Julie A. 2121 Rush Road, Abington, PA 19001. Swimming Team 9, 10, 11, 12; Varsity A 10, 11, 12. McCall, David M. 1236 Whcatsheaf Lane, Abington, PA 19001. Class Council Representative 11; Football 9, 11. McCarren, Samuel R. 1484 Jericho Road, Abington, PA 19001. Class Council Representative 11. McClanahan, Mark. 128 Houston Avenue, Glenside. PA 19038. McCloskey, Robert. 1229 Bishop Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. McCormick, Mark. 2054 Rubicam Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. EMCO Tech Machine Shop. McDonald, Kimberley I. 1310 Michael Road, Meadowbrook, PA 19046. Student Government Representative 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Council Representative 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11 (Manager); Oracle 12; Black Student Union 11, 12. McDonnell, Alice M. 1406 Arline Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. McDowell, Jeffrey David. 133 Tyson Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Intramural Basketball 11, 12.SENIOR STATISTICS Mchdden, John P. 961 Wesley Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Mchdden, Kathleen Mirie. 2947 Carnation Avenue, Willow Grove. PA 19090 FBI A 12. McGonigle, Thomis P. 2087 Oakdale Avenue, Glcnsidc, PA 19038 Baseball 9, 10, 11. 12; Band 9, 10. 11, 12; Orchestra 11; Jazz Band 9, 10. 11, 12; Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12. McKenry, Timothy R. 1832 Silver Avenue, Abmgton, PA 19001. McKinney, Vilerie Lisbon. 223 Chelsea Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Class Council 9,10,11,12; Cheerleader 9,12; Black Student Union 12. McLiughlin, Elvi Mirgi ret. 1511 Grove Avenue, Jenkintown, PA 19046 Band Front 11. 12; Choir 9, 10. 11. 12; Madrigals 10. 11, 12; Musical 11, 12. McMihon, Mirgiret Ann. 200 Osceola Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Government 9; Affiliation Club 12; Band Front 10, 11,12 (Captain); Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Usherettes 10; library Aid 9. 11. McNiir, Lem. 2540 Rubicam Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. McNeill, John Thomis. 2749 Miriam Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Baseball 9, 10; Soccer 9; EMCO Tech 10, 11, 12 (Auto Mechanics). Meckling, Liuren C. 1830 Jody Road, Mcadowbrook, PA 19046. Class Council 11. 12; lacrosse 9, 10. 11, 12; Oracle 12; Varisty A 12; World Affairs 12. Meggison, Kelly D. 2836 Rossitcr Avenue, Roslyn PA 19001. Soft-ball 9, 10; EMCO Vo-Tech 12. VICA 12 (Secretary). Merovitz, Mirnie Jill. 1578 Williams Road, Abington, PA 19001. Student Government 9, 10, 11; Class Council 10, 11, 12; Cheerleader 9. 10, 11; Debate 11.12; Honor Society 9.10.11,12. Oracle 11. 12 (Editor). Messerschmidt, Bibette. 2712 Heather lane. North Hills, PA 19038. Metz, Divid L. 1439 Meadbrook Road, Meadowbrook, PA 19046. Cross-Country 9. 10; Track 10; Gym Team 12; Band 11, 12. Metz, Irilt Christopher. 805 Tennis Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Soccer 9,10,11,12; lacrosse 10,11,12; Wrestling 9, 11; Varsity A 11. 12. Meyer, Cindy Lee. 1357 Panther Road, Rydal, PA 19046 Student Government 9. 10; Class Council 9, 10. 12; Cheerleader 9, 10, 11 (Captain), 12 (Co-Captain); Honor Society 9. 10, 11, 12; Oracle 12; Varsity A 12; World Affairs 10. Milanese, Michiel R. 2441 Edgecomb Avenue, Glcnside, PA 19038. Miller, lin Ale tinder. 1711 Ferndale Avenue Abington, PA 19001. EMCO Vo-Tech 12 (Graphic Arts). Milligin, Tim M. 428 Sylvama Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Basketball 9. 10. Usherettes 9, 10. Millstein, Bruce. P.O. Bo 455, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Creative Writing 12. Mishkin, Williim. 118 Cardinal Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Baseball 9, 10. Wrestling 9. Monheit, Sticy. 808 Cedar Glen Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Moore, Amy Lynn. 801 South Cedar Road, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Moore, Thomis M. 634 Crescent Avenue, Glcnside, PA 19038. Cross-Country 11, 12 (Captain); Track 12. Morris, Joinn Pitricii. 15 North Penn Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Mott, Victorii A. 1089 Roseland Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Class Council 12; Soccer 9,10, 11, 12; Oracle 12; Orchestra Spanish Club 11,12; Varsity A 12. Guides Ushers 9; Stage Crew 10. Moyhn, Michele N. 426 Rockledge Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Class Council 11.12; Track 10,11,12; Oracle 11; Spanish Club 11. 12; Varsity A 11. 12, Softball 10, 11. 12. Muldowney, Joseph. 209 Rooman Avenue, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Mundy, Liurie Jem. 702 North Easton Road, Glenside. PA 19038. Student Government 10; Crosscountry 10, 11 (Captain), 12 (Captain); Track 9, 10, 11; Cheerleaders 9; Chess Club 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; News Bureau 9; Oracle 11;Spectre ll.Usher-ettes 11; Varsity A 11, 12; UNICEF Club 10 (Secretary); Guides Ushers 9, 10; Newspaper 9, 10 (Editor), 11 (Editor), 12 (Editor-in-Chief). Munoz, Sergio. 1746 Melmar Road, Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Wrestling 12. Murthi, Williim Joseph. 1861 Eckard Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Ni H, P. Steven. 822 Edge Hill Road. Glenside. PA 19038 Class Council 11; Theatre Honorary 11; Health Careers Club. Newell, Jeffrey T. 301 Edgehill Road, Glenside, PA 19038. Student Government 9; Band 9, 11; Choir 9,10,11, 12; Honor Society 9,10, 11. 12; Orchestra 9, 10; All-School Musical; All-School Play. Nguyen, Dieu Ngoc. 2916 Carnation Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Nieh, Brym Anne. 1439 Pepper Road, Rydal. PA 19046 Student Government 9; Table Tennis 9, 10, Affiliation Club 12; Choir 9, 10; French Club 12, Oracle 12. Pnuwe, Oiniel. 2452 Avondale Avenue. Roslyn, PA 19001. Computer Club Pik, Andrei. 324 Felix Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Government 11, 12; Class Council 12; French Club 12; Honor Society 11, 12; Latin 12; Oracle 12; Usherettes 9, 10; Abingtonian 11. Pirk, Hinmji. 302 Rolling Hill Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Spanish Club. Pirk, Jie Young. 358 Tyson Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Pirker, Kimberly Ann. 130 Egcrton Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council 12; Black Student Union 11, 12; Football (Manager) 12. Pirr, Join Mirie. 2331 Susquehanna Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Bowling 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12; Junior Achievement 10. Piuzi, Miriinne. 214 Shelmire Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Softball 9. 10. 11, 12. Pivlow, Michele Lynn. 1571 Arlme Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Peil, Myn Reginii. 1638 Newport Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Basketball 9,10,11.12, Track 9,10,11,12; Band 9,10.11,12; Black Student Union 11, 12; Abington Mascot 10. Peirce, Lisi Rie. 317 Mayfield Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Government 9, 10; Usherettes 9, 10. Nino, Pitricii. 201 Forrest Avenue. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Government 9. 10, 11, 12; Class Council 9, 10. Nowicki, John P. 240 Woodlyn Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Health Careers Club 10,11 (Treasurer); library Aide 9,10; Guide 9, 10 O'Conner, Lisi M. 2914 Elliot Avenue, Willow Grove. PA 19090. Okimoto, Shiron Alice. 235 Roberts Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Student Government 11, 12; Class Council 11, 12; lacrosse 10, 11, 12; Field Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Varsity A 12. Oldhim, Jeffrey Robert. 2840 Galloway Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001 O’MuHin, Christim L. 1577 Rockwell Road, Abington, PA 19001. Folk Guitar 10. Orlim, Tingi Li. 1623 Franklin Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Class Council 12; Cross-Country 10, 11, 12; Black Student Union 12; Library Aide. Owens, Clen D. 2501 Patane Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Football 9. 10. 11, 12; Track 12. Oxendine, Jem Mirie. 1052 Huntingdon Road, Abmgton, PA 19001. Cross-Country 9. 10; Track 9. 10. 11, 12; News Bureau 12; Varsity A 10. 11, 12. Ozols, Kiroline. 2119 Parkview Avenue. Abington, PA 19001 latin Club 11. Perkins, Jeinette. 346 Cricket Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Class Council 9, 10, 11, Softball; EMCO Tech 10. 11, 12. Petersen, tin Eric. 633 Roseland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Class Council 11; Wrestling 11; Honor Society 9, 10, 11. 12; Concert Band 9, 10; Sprite 10. Peterson, Scott Riy. 1920 Valley Road, Meadowbrook, PA 19046. Student Government 12; Class Council 12 (President). Petherbridge, Williim Divid. 2505 Fernwood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Honor Society 9, 10; Ice Hockey 11, 12. Pettimto, Steven John. 422 Keswick Avenue. Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council 9, 11; Baseball 9. 10, 11,1 2; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 9, 10. 11. Piizzi, Steven . 110 Rydal East, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Government 9; Class Council 10. Wrestling 11, 12 (Student Trainer); Key Club 12 (President); Health Careers 9, 10 (President), 11; American Red Cross 11, 12. Picked, Clenn A. 122 Rolling Hill Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Pingue, Elizibeth Anne. 2231 Oakdale Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038 EMCO Tech 10. 11. 12. Pinkney, Cilvin Lee. 1615 Coolidgc Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19001. Pitkow, Rochelle Adem. 1580 Ruck Hill Drive, Huntington Valley. PA 19006 Pittmin, Donm Mirie. 1661 Summit Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 268SENIOR STATISTICS Plum, Liu Ann. 1150 Jericho Road, Abington. PA 19001. Lacrosse 9; Choir 9, 10, 11, 12. Pohl, Karen Barbara. 903 Maple Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Pouliot, Jennifer Marie. 234 Church Road, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Bower, Stott Gerard. 2948 Ellioilt Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Soccer 9, 10, 11; Track 9, 10. Primus, Michelle. 813 Penn Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Pripslein, Lenore. 924 Rydal Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Government 12; Class Council 12; Lacrosse 9, 10,11, 12; Field Hockey 9. 10; Oracle 12; World Affairs 11, 12. Procter, Vincent Andrew. 2328 Roming Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Football 9. Prouty, Timothy. 121 Elm Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Track 9. Pryszlak, George. 202 Church Road, Philadelphia, PA 19111. EMCO Tech 11, 12. Psula, Siike. 716 Abington Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council 9, 10; Track 9; Gym Team 9, 10, 11, 12; Lacrosse 10; Choir 9; Debate 11; latin 12; Oracle 12. Pugliese, Christine A. 2924 Limekiln Pike, North Hills, PA 19038. Student Government 9,12; Class Council 10,12; Baseball 10 (Manager); Track 10; Field Hockey 9, 10, 12; Oracle 12; Usherettes 11, 12; Varsity A 12; Health Club 10; Gifted Program 9, 10, 11, 12; Key Club 12. Puntel, Annette. 2826 Lamott Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Swimming Team 10 (Manager); Italian Club 12; Latin 11, 12. Purdy, Patricia M. 2023 Pleasant Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Band Front 12; Student Government 9,10, 11, 12; Class Council 9, 11; Swimming Manager 10, 11, 12 Band (Manager) 10; Majorettes 11; Oracle 12; Varsity A 12. Quarles, Alfred B. 1608 High Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Football 11, 12; Clack Student Union 12. Quinn, Margaret A. 2731 Hazel Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Radoff, Jeanne Marie. 202 Susan Drive, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Softball 11; EMCO Tech 11, 12. Raglin, Brenda. 1635 Reservoir Avenue, Willow Grove PA 19090 Rajnath, Clarence V. 2800 Carnation Avenue. Willow Grove, PA 19090. Rarkk, Janet Ann. 2062 Susquehanna Street, Abington, PA 19001. Field Hockey 9. 11. Rasdell, Mornez Deshawn. 868 Cypress Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Cross-Country 12. Rauch, Barbara Ann. 1202 Jericho Road, Abington, PA 19001. Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 9, 10. Rauch, John Thomas. 1947 Lukens Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Baseball 9. Rawlik, Peter Steven. 3018 Limekiln Pike, Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council (Representative) 11, 12; Track 10, 11. 12; Creative Writing 10; Honor Society 11, 12; Spectre 12; Library Aide 9, 10, 11. 12. Reap, Michelle A. 315 Townshipline road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. EMCO Tech. Reich, Andrea Merredith. 942 Wellington Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Band 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 12; Orchestra 12; School Play 9. Reilly, Kathleen C. 2110 Wharton Road, Glenside, PA 19038 EMCO Vo-Tech Reiter, Adam M. 1851 Guernsey Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Class Council (Representative) 12; Varsity All, 12; Ice Hockey 9, 10. 11. 12. Rementer, David C. 133 Blake Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Class Council 10; Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12; Bowling 10. Reynolds, Jeffrey S. 342 Cricket Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Class Council 9. 10, 11, 12; Usher 9, 10 Rhoades, Thomas Leon. 308 North Hills Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038 Basketball 9, 10. Rickard, Gail Ruth. 946 Central Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. FBLA 11; Honor Society 9; News Bureau 10. Rickenbach, Andrew John. 2135 Old Welsh Road, Abington, PA 19001. lacrosse 9. 10, 11. 12, Spanish Club 12. Ripley, Brian J. 833 Cedar Road, Rockledge, PA 19111. Ripley, John Andrew. 346 Monroe Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Class Council 12; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Football 12; Soccer 9, 10, 11. 12; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Varsity A 11, 12. Roberts, Wendy J. 2214 Jcnkintown Road. Glenside PA 19038. Robold, Christopher. 2806 Mount Vernon Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Rodoff, Wendy. 1107 Valley Glen Road. Elkins Park, PA 19017. Student Government 9, 10, 12; Football 11, 12 (Manager); Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin 11; Oracle 12, Spanish Club 12. Roller, Joseph I., Jr. 324 Cliveden Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Ice Hockey 10, 11, 12. Romeo, Dominic. 332 Monroe Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. EMCO. Romero, John David. 230 Cricket Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038 Football 11. Rondinelli, Gina Marie. 1852 Horace Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Basketball 10; Softball 11. 12. Rose, Margaret C. 200 Jarrett Avenue. Rockledge, PA 19111. Rosenfeld, Michael . 1550 St James Place, Roslyn, PA 19001. Student Government 9, 10; Class Council 9, 10, 12; Basketball 9; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Football 9, Soccer 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 11, 12; Varsity A 12, World Affairs 10, 12. Rosenholtz, Ellen Michelle. 1618 Upland Avenue, Jenkintown, PA 19046 Italian 12. Rosenthal, Jay. Diving Team 10, 12. Ross, Christopher A. 1351 St. Charles Place, Roslyn, PA 19001. Ross, Stacey Lynne. 2581 Rosewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Honor Society 9, 10. Rowland, Suun L. 1059 Old York Road, Abington, PA 19001. Basketball 11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Band 9,10,11, 12; Choir 9,10, 11; Honor Society 11, 12 (Vice-President); Marching Band 11, 12 (Drum Major). Rubin, Julie Lynne. 1228 Red Rambler Road., Rydal, PA 19046. Tennis 10, 12. Rublin, Arthur Stuart. 359 Ainslie Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Government 9,10,11.12; Class Council 11; Honor Society 9. 10, 11, 12 (Treasurer); News Bureau 9, 10; Oracle 12; World Affairs 9, 10, 11, 12 (Co-President); School Newspaper 9 (Editorial Editor 10, 11, 12); Orientation Team 10; Junior Achievement 10 (Vice-President of Finance); Intramural Basketball 11, 12. Ryan, Lori Ann. 2859 Woodland Road. Roslyn, PA 19001. Color Guard 12; Softball 9. Safir, Heather Joy. 1627 Edgehill Road, Abington, PA 19001. Swimming Team 11, 12; Latin 12; School Play. Santman, Donna . 848 Winter Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Government 9,11; Class Council 10,12; Band 9,10,11; Cheerleaders 9; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 12; Spanish Club 9; World Affairs 9. 10. Saunders, James Thomas. 877 Douglass Avenue, Eldms Park, PA 19117. Basketball 10, Baseball 9; Football 9. Saunders, Michelle R. 877 Douglass Ave., Elkins Park, PA 19117. Basketball 10. Savage, Natalie Raynetie. 2812 Lillian Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Class Council 10, 12; Basketball 10; Black Student Union 12; EMCO Tech. 10, 11, 12 (Data Processing). Scalfidi, Ross J. 346 Zane Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111. FBLA 11. Schaff, Jennifer Brooke. 1072 Leopard Road, Rydal. PA 19086 Schecter, Joel A. 1849 Clayton Road, Abington, PA 19001. Schecter, Kalman M. 948 Leopard Road, Rydal, PA 19086. Gym Team 9, 10, 11, 12; latin 11; World Affairs 12. Schmid, Deborah A. 171 Valley Road, Meadowbrook, PA 19046. Schmidt, Deborah Lynn. 2973 Goenther Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Bowling 12; Band 9,10, Winter Guard 11, Band Front 10,11, 12. Schmidt, Erik P. 126 West Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Bowling 9,10, 11. Schummer, Michael Robert. 814 Beverly Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Basketball 9; Baseball 9, 10, 11; Honor Society 9, 10; Intramural Basketball 11. Schwartz, Jonathan R. 651 Hamel Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Student Government 12; FBLA 12. Schwartz, Lorey Jane. 615 Oak Shore Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Government 10; Class Council 9, 10; Tennis 9, 10, 11. 12; Spanish Club 9, 12; Varsity A” 11; Guides and Ushers 10. Sciortino, Erik K. 1335 Clarke Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Student Government 10, 11; Class Council 10, 11, 12; Lacrosse 10, 12. Scott, Marjorie E. 1466 Fitzwatertown Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Choir 9, 10. 11. 12. Madrigals 9, 10. 11. 12; Musical 11. Scott, Sherry Bonita. 2619 Burleigh Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. FBLA 12. Spanish Club 12. Health Careers Club 9. Searls, Paul Michael. 1306 Jericho Road. Abington, PA 19001. Class Council 9,10; Basketball 9,10, Soccer 9, 10, 11. 12; Track 11, 12, Lacrosse 9; Band 9.10,11,12; Latin 12 (President); Orchestra 11; PMEA [ strict 11 Band 10. Sechrist, Kimberly Ann. 233 Oswald Street, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Softball 9. Sewell, Duane Anthony. 732 Martin Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Government 10,11; Class Council 12; Track 11,12; Honor Society 9,11.12; Latin 11 (Secretary); News Bureau 10, Oracle 11, 12; Spanish Club 11,12; World Affairs 12; Black Student Union 11, 12; Sprite 10 (Editor); Abmgtonian 10,11,12; Intramural Basketball 11, 12. 269SENIOR STATISTICS Senton, Thomas M. 2922 Elliott Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Cross-Country 9, 10, 11; Track 10. 11, 12; Latin 11, 12. Shakarjian, Christine D. 1054 Marie Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Field Hockey 9,10,11; Band Front 12; Choir 9,10, 11. 12; Honor Society 9, 10. 11. 12; Madrigals 9. 10. 11. 12; School Play 9, 10. 11. 12; Musicals 10, 11. 12. Shamlian, Michael K. 1107 Wellington Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Basketball 9, 10; Soccer 9,11; Honor Society 9,10; Latin 11; Oracle 12; Newspaper 9. 10. Sharp, Leslie L. 2179 Pleasant Avenue, Glonside, PA 19038. Class Council 11,12; Baseball 11 (Manager); Lacrosse 10 (Manager); Soft-ball 9; Honor Society 9, 10; Spanish Club 12. Shea, John L. 336 Evergreen Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Latin 12; News Bureau 10; Teens For Retarded 11; Science Fiction Club 12. Sheppard, Andy Harris. Benson East Apts. Apt. 723, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Student Government 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Council 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 12; World Affairs 10. Sheridan, Peter J. 120 Fillmore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Class Council 9, 10; Cross-Country 10; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12. Shore, Gail J. 1900 Country Club Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Government 12; News Bureau 9, 10; Oracle 12; Office Aid 11. 12. Short, Evelyn Janelle. 2533 Rosewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Lacrosse 10 (Manager); Winter Guard 11; Band Front 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Usherettes 9, 10; Junior Achievement 10; Library Aid 9. Shreiner, Stephen S. 2158 Kenmore Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Football 9. Shubin, Kim A. 1152 Oliver Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Government 9,10, 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11,12; Oracle 11,12; Usherettes 10; Varsity “A 12; Creative Studies Program 12. Shuttleworth, Ruth loy. 1822 Fleming Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Winter Guard 10; Flag Twirlers 11, 12; Band Front 11, 12; Latin 11, 12. Silberman, Pamela Sue. 156 Serrill Road, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Government 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Council 9, 10, 11 (Vice-President), 12 (Asst, to Executives); Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11 (Vice-President), 12 (Treasurer); News Bureau 10; Oracle 11,12 (Editor); Varsity A 12; World Affairs 9, 10; Orientation Team 10; Abingtonian 9, 10, 11, 12; Jazz Rock Band 9; Guides and Ushers 9, 10; Presidential Classroom 12. Silberstein, Ronald I. 1408 Hallman Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Student Government 12; Class Council 9, 12; Cross-Country 12; Wrestling 10; World Affairs 11, 12; Newspaper 9, 10; Computer Club 9, 10. Siler, Leslie R. 362 Osceola Avenue. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Creative Writing 11; News Bureau 12; Black Student Union 12. Silikovitz, Brian Allen. 1832 Pine Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Bowling 11, 12; Band 9, 10, 11,12; Honor Society 9, 10. 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11. 12; Jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Pit Band 11. 12. Silva, Amy B. 2764 Kruger Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Class Council 12; Winter Guard 10; Band Front 10; Camera Club 12; News Bureau 12; Oracle 12. Silverberg, Deborah. 1237 Imperial Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Silverman, Jelfrey. 329 Mulberry Lane, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Class Council 9; Camera Club 10, 11; FBLA 11; Oracle 12; Creative Studies; Junior Achievement. Simmonds, Sandra Marie. 2547 Mott Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 EMCO Tech. Simpson, Claire Marie. 2976 Carnation Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Girls Swimming Team 10; Boys Swimming Team 11 (Manager); Choir 9, 10, 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12 (President); School Store 11, 12; Madrigals 9, 10, 11, 12; Musical Grease Broadway; District Choir 10, 11, 12; Regional Choir 10, 11. Sims, Michael Kevin. 2945 Spear Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Singley, Kelli Ann. 783 Edge Hill Road, Glenside, PA 19038. lacrosse 9; Color Guard 11, 12; Cheerleaders 9; Band Front 11; 12; Choir 10, 11, 12; Key Club 12 (Secretary); Usherettes 10; Magrigals 12; Musical 10, 11, 12. Slattery, Thomas . 415 Central Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038 Smith, Harry A. 2316 Romig Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Smith, Jacqueline. 243 Osceola Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Student Government 12; Track 9, 10, 11; Honor Society 9, 11,12; Usherettes 10; Black Student Union 12. Smith, Laura Marie. 2940 Carnation Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Color Guard 12; Winter Guard 11, 12; Band Front 12; Choir 9, 10, 11. 12; Honor Society 9, 11, 12; Jazz Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Musical 10,11, 12; Madrigals 9,10. 11, 12, District Choir 10. 11. 12. Smith, Lisa. 1884 Nicholas Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Government 9,10 (Treasurer), 11,12 (Vice President); Flag Twirlers 9. 10, Honor Society 9, 10, 11; Oracle 12; Orchestra 9, 10. Smith, Lori Jennifer. 2237 Charles Street, Glenside, PA 19038. EMCO Vo-Tech; DECA (President). Smith, Tracey Ann. 240 Edge Hill Road, Glenside, PA 19038. Student Government 9; Wrestling 10 and 12 (Manager); Flag Twirlers 11, 12; News Bureau 12; Stage Crew Play 12. Sokoloff, Amy Beth. 646 Oak Shade Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Cheerleaders 10; Oracle 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Usherettes 9. 10. Sorbet, Meg. 2246 Fairhill Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council 9; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Varsity A 10, 11, 12. Softball 9, 10, 11. 12; Marching Band 10. 11, 12. Spagnolia, Dawn M. 2223 Florey Lane, Roslyn, PA 19001. Italian 10. 11. Staley, Charles. 1851 Eckard Avenue, Abmgton, PA 19001. Band 11, 12. Stallings, Sharlene. 1841 Davisville Road. Apartment G-4, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Spring Track 9.10,11,12; Cheerleaders 10; Black Student Union 12; Winter Track 11. Stallworth, Diana Elaine. 1914 Preston Avenue. Willow Grove. PA 19090. Stanieszewski, Maria H. 2513 Radcliffe Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Cross-Country 10; Bowling 11,12; Affiliation Club 12; FBLA 11; Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 12. Steigelmann, Joan Anne. 563 Edgehill Road, Glenside, PA 19038. EMCO Tech HOSA 12 (Vice President). Steinberg, Harris. 1209 Rydal Road, Jenkintown. PA 19046. Track 11; Bowling 11, 12; Chess Club 11, 12; Debate 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11. 12; World Affairs 11,12; Abingtonian 11,12 (Assistant Editor-in-Chief). Steinbrecher, Douglas. 521 Berkley Avenue, Hollywood, PA 19111. EMCO Tech Carpentry. Sternberg, William L. 638 Meadowbrook Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Class Council 9; Gym Team 10; Creative Writing 12. Stevens, Thomas A. 1051 Kipling Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Class Council 10, 11; Gym Team 9, 10,11; Diving Team 12; Band 9, 10,11,12; Varsity A 10,11,12; Science Fair Participant 12; Musical 11. Stoddard, Janice L. 1422 Holcomb Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Student Government 9, 10, 11; Class Council 12; Basketball 9. 10, 11. 12; Field Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12; Choir 9, 10, 11, 12. Honor Society 9. 11. 12. Musical 10, 11, 12. Stone, Todd M. 3014 Turner Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Storiali, Christina £.12 Chandler Street, Rockledge, PA 19111. Basketball 10. 11, 12 (Manager); Usherettes 10, 11. 12. Strauss, David J. 709 Woodside Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Government 10; Creative Writing 12; Debate 11, 12; Spectre 12; World Affairs 11, 12; Newspaper 9. 10, 11, 12; Creative Studies Program 11; Computer Club 9. Stronger, Jacqueline Marie. 1413 Edgewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Strittmatter, Kimberly. 1519 North Hills Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Soccer 11, 12; Track 10; Band 9, 10, Winterguard 11; Band Front 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 12; Spanish Club 12; Usherettes 10; Varsity A 11, 12; Library Aide 9. Stronach, Susan D. 1518 Edgewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Italian 12. Strunk, Michael Dave. 1368 Arline Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Class Council 11,12; Baseball 9. 10,11,12; Football 9,11; Wrestling 9. 10, 11, 12; Varsity A 11, 12; Student Government, 12. Stryker, David. 1529 Lindbergh Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Stuhltrager, Susan Marie. 1943 Lukcns Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Class council 10; Bowling 11,12; Band 9,10,11, 12; Winter-guard 11; FBLA 11. 12; Oracle 12, Orchestra 9. 10, 11. 12; Usherettes 12; Jazz Band 10, 11, 12. Suckey, Lynne Marie. Student Government 11, 12; Class Council 12; Lacrosse 10. 11; Latin 11, (Vice-President) 12; Spanish Club (Treasurer) 12. Sulliven, Hubert B. 1121 Delene Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Government 9, 10, 11; Class Council 12; Cross-Country 9; Swimming Team 9, 10; Band 10; Rowing 9, 10. Summer, Michael F. 1226 Bockius Avenue, Abmgton, PA 19001. Sutton, Steven W. 751 Gregory Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Cross-Country 9. 10. 11, 12; Track 9. Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12. Sweeney, Patrick. 539 Fox Chase Road, Rockledge, PA 19111. Tancor, Maria Eric. 1209 Lenox Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Taylor, Jeffery Harold. 609 Edgley Avenue. Glenside, PA 19038. Football 9; Wrestling 9, 10. Temple, Dale Eric. 1151 Jericho Road, Abmgton, PA 19001. Baseball 9,10; Concert Band 9,10, 11,12; Orchestra 11,12; Jazz Band 9, 10; Band 11. 12. Thayne, Craig Steven. 1342 St. Charles Place, Roslyn. PA 19001. Thomas, Kevin B. 2066 Moreland Road, Abmgton, PA 19001. Basketball 9, Baseball 9; Football 12; Swimming Team 10, 11, 12; Golf 9. 10; Lacrosse 9; Varsity A 9, 10, 11, 12. Thompson, Vance B. 309 Chelsea Ave, North Hills, PA 19038. Till, Susan K. 1314 Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. School Store 11. 12. Timbers, Sharon Marie. 774 Edgehill Road, Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council 9, 10, 11, 12; Lacrosse 9, 11, 12; Field Hockey 9, 10, 11,12; Choir 9; Oracle 12; Usherettes 9, 10; Varsity A 12; Swimmers Aides 12. Tolbert, Willie Robert. 1713 Prospect Avenue, Willow Grove. PA 19090 270SENIOR STATISTICS Tomciak, Stacie Marie. 2730 Moreland Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Tomeo, Lou F. 2833 Anzac Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. Football 10; Intramural Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12. Tompkins, Margaret Anne. 235 Woodlyn Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038 Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12; Field Hockey 9, 10, 11; Latin 11. 12; Swimmer's Aide 11, 12. Topkit, Jill Lauren. 859 Washington Lane, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Government 9,10; Class Council 10,12; Lacrosse 9; ARTW 12; Cheerleaders 9; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Oracle 11, 12 (Editor); Concert Band 9. 10,11, 12. Tsou, Jennifer Hai-Ying. 1127 Westbury Road, )enktntown, PA 19046 Student Government 9, 10; Class Council 9, 10, 11, 12; Affiliation Club (President); Choir 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Madrigal Choir 11; Abingtonian 11, 12 (Ghost Post Editor 9, 10); All School Musical 10, 11, 12. All School Play 9; Library Aide 10; Sprite 10; Guides and Ushers 9, 10; Health Careers Club 10 (Vice-President); UNICEF Club 9, 10; Presidential Classroom 12; District, Regional, All-State Choir 11. Tinker, John L. 684 Edge Hill Road, Ardsley, PA 19038. Tinker, Ferketer. 237 Ruscombe Avenue, North Hills, PA 19038. Student Government 12; Class Council 12; FBI A 12; Oracle 12; Black Student Union 11, 12. Turner, Kelly Elaine. 1734 Fairview Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Student Government 9,10,11 (Secretary), 12; Class Council 9, 10, 11, 12. Tynan, Kimberly A. 2621 Susquehanna Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. School Play 12. Uchitel, Daniel. 17 McFaddcn Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Valentine, David Lesher. 745 Glen Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Class Council 9, 10; Soccer 9; Wrestling 9, 10. Vaughn, Dawn M. 1636 Fairview Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Verratti, Allred N. 2930 Oklahoma Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Creative Writing 9, 10, 11, 12; Sports Club 9, 10, 11, 12. Vetri, Marc. 1124 Sewell Lane, Rydal, PA 19046. Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin 9, 10, 11. Vilelli, Kellyanne T. 2943 Limekiln Pike, North Hills, PA 19038 Basketball 10; Gym Team 9, Field Hockey 9; Softball 9, 10, 11. 12; Usherettes 10. Voelker, Deborah A. 2941 Hammond Place, Roslyn, PA 19001. Wachinski, Lynn B. 1341 Jericho Road, Abington, PA 19001. Student Government 10, 11; Class Council 10, 11, 12; Lacrosse 10, 11. 12; Field Hockey 9. 10, 11. 12; Band 9, 10; Honor Society 9, 11, 12 (Secretary); Varsity A 12; Swimming Aide 11, 12; Junior Prom Committee 11. Waga, Joseph A. 2827 lamott Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Honor Society 9, 10. Wagner, Andrew Jay. 1159 Sewell Lane, Rydel, PA 19046 Student Government 9, 10; Intramural Basketball 11; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Winter Guard 11,12; Honor Society 9,10,11,12 (President); News Bureau 11; World Affairs 9, 10; Jazz Band 9, 10. 11, 12; Pit Orchestra 11; Newspaper 9 (Editor), 10 (Editor). Wainer, Bruce R. 127 Stanley Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Honor Society 11, 12; Key Club 12; Oracle 11, 12 (Editor); World Affairs 11, 12; School Play 11; library Aide 11, 12; Guides and Ushers 11, 12. Waite, Matthew M. 730 Wyndale Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Cross-Country 10,11; lacrosse 9,10; Band 9,10; Honor Society 12; Varsity A” 11, 12. Walker, Richard Clinton. 1839 Horace Avenue, Abmton, PA 19001. Wallis, Tracy Lynn. 1522 Warner Road, Mcadowbrook, PA 19046. Swimming Team 9; Field Hockey 9; Choir 9. 10, 11, 12; FBLA 12; School Store 12; Usherettes 10; Madrigals 9, 10, 11, 12; Library Aid 10, 11. Walter, Lisa C. 1026 Beverly Road, Rydal, PA 19046. Student Government 11; Swimming Team 10, 11, 12 (Manager); Lacrosse 10 (Manager); Band 10, 11, 12; Band Front 10, 11; Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12; Usherettes 9, 10. Walton, Kate. 1231 Cox Road. Rydal, PA 19046 Affiliation Club 12; School Store 12; Student Exchange (English). Warfield, Thomas Albert. 327 Northwood Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19117. Computer Club, EMCO Tech. Washington, Thomas Taylor. 419 Tulpehocken Avenue, Elkins Park. PA 19117. Football 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Black Student Union 12. Watson, Tonya Denise. 2625 Arnaud Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Class Council 12; Football 12 (Manager); Oracle 12; Black Student Union 11, 12. Watts, Robin Rosalyn. 522 Pinetree Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Class Council 12. Basketball 9, 10. 11. 12; Black Student Union 11, 12. Weggel, Craig R. 627 Rodman Avenue, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Science Fair 11, 12. Weinberg, Frank. 1410 Edgewood Avenue, Rosyln, PA 19001. Choir 9. 10, 11. 12. Weinberg, Susan T. 1531 Edgewood Avenue, Rosyln, PA 19001. EMCO Tech 10, 11, 12. Weiss, Sid R. 977 Indiancreek Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Class Council 12; Football 12; Lacrosse 12; Wrestling 12; Bowling 12; Band 12; Creative Writing 12; Human Relations 12, Black Student Union 12. Werley, Deborah Ann. 414 Monroe Avenue. North Hills, PA 19038 Werley, Sharon L. 885 North Easton Road, Apt. 7B2, Glenside, PA 19038 Whitney, Rand William. 1835 Willard Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Baseball 9; Tennis 12. Wigand, Christopher. 642 Roberts Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038. Baseball 10, 11, 12; Lacrosse 9. Wiggins, Cina Lynette. 2728 Phipps Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Student Government 9, 10; Class Council 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Band 9; Cheerleaders 9, 10, 11; FBLA 11,12; Oracle 12; Varsity A 11,12; Black Student Union 10, 11, 12. Wilhelm, Eric N. 213 Leona Avenue, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Baseball 9; Affiliation Club 11; Band 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 11, 12. Wilkinson, Kristi Lynn. 2022 Susquehanna Road, Abington, PA 19001. Student Government 9, 10, 11, 12; Class Council 11, 12 (Treasurer); Gym Team 9, 10, 11; Lacrosse 11, 12; Field Hockey 9, 10.11,12; Softball 9,10; Honor Society 9,10,11, 12. Vansty A” 10, 11, 12. Williams, David M. 914 Tennis Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Williams, Laura Lee. 1898 Lambert Road, Jenkintown, Pa 19046 Choir 9, 10. 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 9. Williams, Richard B. 216 Edge Hill Road, North Hills, Pa 19038 Basketball 9. Baseball 9, 12; Soccer 11, 12; Varsity A 12. Wilson, Beth E. 964 Bradfield Road. Roslyn PA 19001. Field Hockey 9. Wilson, James A. 131 Central Ave, North Hills, PA 19038. Student Government 9; Class Council 9, 12; lacrosse 9, 10. 11. 12; Honor Society 12, Orchestra 9. 10. 11, 12. Winters, Jack T. 1609 Shomaker Road, Abington, PA 19001. Student Government 12, Basketball 9, 10; Foorball 9; ARTW 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; News Bureau 12. Woerner, Stephen Donald. 441 Hamel Avenue, North Hills, Pa 19038 Woldo f, Wendy. 1600 Pennypack Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. School Fall Show 9. 10, 11, 12, School Spring Show 10, 11, 12. Wolfe, Jill. 1874 lippmcott Road, Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Class Council 9. 10, 11; Tennis 10. 11. WoUinger, Albert frank. 1845 North Hills Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Wood, Stephanie Lynne. 565 Glenmore Avenue. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Track 10, 11, 12; Lacrosse 10, 11, 12; Latin 10. 11. 12. Wormley, Marguerite B. 1720 Park Avenue, Willow Grove. PA 19090. Student Government 12; Class Council 10, FBLA 12; Library Aide 10. Wright, Amy E. 232 Fisher Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Student Government 9, 10, 11, 12; Softball 10, 11; Student Volunteer 10. Wright, Janice L. 124 Robbins Avenue, Rockledge, PA 19111. Wright, Matthew W. 146 West Avenue. Elkins Park, PA 19117. Class Council 10; Baseball 9.10,11,12; Football 9; Soccer 10,11,12; Honor Society 11, 12; Varsity A 12; Winter Track 9, 10, 11, 12. Wright, Regina Lynn. 2551 Lamott Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090 Wurster, Edward J. 722 Tyson Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038. Student Government 9; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 9; Library Aide 9. 10, 11, 12. Wynn, Robert 5. 1891 Cleveland Avenue. Abington, PA 19001 lacrosse 9. 10, 11, 12; Oracle 12 Yampolsky, Mark D. 2932 Woodland Road, Roslyn, PA 19001. Bowling 11, 12. Yannes, Michele I. 1234 Hall Avenue, Roslyn. PA 19001. Yerkes, Sue . 718 Kirkwood Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Swimming Team 10. Yelman, Daniel E. 2411 Patane Avenue, Roslyn, PA 19001. VICA (EMCO Tech ). Young, Egypt R. 1420 Rothley Avenue, Willow Grove, PA 19090. Student Government 11, 12; Class Council 11, 12; Basketball 9; Track 10; Cheerleaders 10, 11, 12; Varsity A 12; Black Student Union 11. 12. Yulsman, Michael Benjamin. 1729 Lynam Road, Abington, PA 19001. Tennis 9. 10, 11, 12 (Captain); Debate 11,12; Honor Society 9. 10, 11, 12; World Affairs 11. 12; Abingtonian 11. 12 (Editor). Zambrana, Yvonne. 679 Pine Treee Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046 Student Government 9, Class Council 10, 12; Spanish Club 11, 12 (President); Swimmers Aide 11, 12. Zappin, Deborah. 1392 Lindsay Lane. Meadowbrook, PA 19046 Student Government 11; Class Council 12; Field Hockey 9, 10, 11; Honor Society 12; Softball 9, 10, 11; Swimmers Aide 11. Zaslow, Robert. 1035 Wellington Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046 Cross-Country 9, 11, 12, Track 11, 12; Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12; Latin 11,12; Spanish Club 11,12; World Affairs 11,12; Abingtonian 11 12 (Editor). Zbinden, Arthur M. 1540 Grovania Avenue, Abington, PA 19001. Znak, Michael T. 2815 Old Welsh Road, Willow Grove. PA 19090 Bowling 10, 11. 12; EMCO Tech 11. 12.TO THE CLASS OF 1985 President: Scott Peterson Vice President: Jim Doyle Treasurer: Kristi Wilkinson Secretary: Claudia Kia-Noury Parliamentarian: Pam Silberman Sergeant-At-Arms: Scott Gallant Class Advisor: Ms. Carrie E. JonesCongratulations . v qV, VA GH SCHOOi $ % T 1984-1985 President: Steven Brown Vice President: Lisa Smith Treasurer: Leslie Levin Recording Secretary: Tami Trost Corresponding Secretary: Arthur Rublin Administrative Assistants: 10th Grade - Joel Trotter 11th Grade - Charley Griffin 12th Andrew Wagner Sponsors: Thomas Nyman -Samuel McNaught 275 Congratulations To The Class Of 1985 CLASS OF 1986 President: Courtney Bardol Vice-President: Joseph Garramone Treasurer: Lisa Harris Secretary: Lisa Chizever 11 276Best Wishes To The Class Of '85 From THE CLASS OF '87 Officers: President - Nelson Zambrana Vice-President - Sara Gold Secretary - Dawn Heigh Treasurer - David NeffCONGRATULATIONS AND Best Wishes to the 1985 Graduates MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographs for the 1985 ORACLE 'ALL PORTRAITS APPEARING IN THIS PUBLICATION HAVE BEEN PLACED ON FILE IN OUR STUDIO AND CAN BE DUPLICATED AT ANY TIME Write Or Phone For More Information NORTH PHILADELPHIA AIRPORT AND 2981 GRANT AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19114Famous For Hoagies Steaks MON.-THURS. 11-10 FRI SAT. 11-11 SUN 11:30-8 “Same As It Ever Was” 659-3322 659-3323 1656 OLD YORK RD., ABINGTONGood Luck To Class Of 1985 S.G.S. PAPER CO. 1 Rices Mill Road, Wyncote, PA 19095 • 884-5791 (At The Radroad Track) DELAWARE VALLEY'S MAJOR DISCOUNTER OF PARTY SUPPLIES Present You With THE LARGEST SELECTION OF PARTY SUPPLIES • DECORATIONS PERSONALIZED INVITATIONS BALLOONS (HELIUM TOO) • PAPER GOODS • HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS • JANITORIAL SUPPLIES INTRODUCES PARTY TIME U.S.A. 1003 Ridge Pike Conshohocken, PA 19428 YOU ARE INVITED • Caterors • Bakers • Schools • Churches • Hotels • Colleges • Camps • Businesses • Restaurants • Synagogues • All Other Party People BEST OF PHILLY 1985 STORE HOURS 8:30 AM 5:30 MON.-FRI 9:00 AM-5:30 SAT • WEDDING INVITATIONS • BAR BAT MITZVAH INVITATIONS • SWEET SIXTEEN INVITATIONS • BALLOON BOUQUETS • BIRTHDAY PARTY GOODS • SHOWERS • SPECIAL OCCASIONS • PERSONALIZED STATIONERYnlxico SPANISH CLUB SENIORS 1984- 1985 V Deanna Apolinario Jeb Barbella Bill Bauers Alex Bednarsky Stacey Berger Tina Betz Danielle Butler Mike Conway Larry Ferracci Marlyn Goldstein Andy Greenfield Joe laneri Angelica Johnson Dan Kaye Elisa Mailman Vicky Mott Michele Moylan Jan Peterson Mornez Rasdell Andrew Richenbach Julie Rubin Donna Santman Jennifer Schaff Lorey Schwartz Sherry Scott Duane Sewell Leslie Sharp Andy Sheppard Amy Sokoloff Maria Staniszewski Kim Strittmatter Lynne Suckey Ed Wurster Yvonne Zambrana BUENA SUERTE! EME PUERTO RICO PRnflmaThe only Jewish Cafeteria m the Northeast FULL BREAKFAST (Buttleton Only) FULL LUNCH AND DINNER MENU PARTY TRAYS AND SHIVA DINNERS A SPECIALTY t311 90G6 GuiMUn Axmc M ftHjOBpU. p 9349377 934-7389 VAM-9PM AU 9PM Vkr Sj» lOafi Don and Ron Hellinger Proprietors THE ORIGINAL BROOKLYN BAGELS and BIALY’S INC. Wholesale and Retail Congratulations To Donna Santman 7412 Bustleton Ave. Phila.. Pa 19 152 742-9975 OR 342-1661 « Leo Shopping Mall) Bustleton Ave. Hendrix St. Phila.. Pa 19116 464-2330 OR 464-2331 The at Polo Shop at (DIMENSIONS)lferDIMENSIONS) Fine Ciomier imoottercv 1 ln srv1e not fasnion Willow Grove Park Easton Moreland Roads Willow Grove, PA 19090 215-657-8090 282PATRONS CONGRATULATIONS TO PAM SILBERMAN AND THE CLASS OF '85 WE WISH MUCH SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE MOM, DAD, MICHAEL, MICHELLE, SAMANTHA. WE LOVE YOU CINDY! MOM, DAD, JENNIE, AND ELIZABETH. OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS '85 THE TOPKIS FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS TO STEVEN BROWN AND THE CLASS OF 1985. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. LOVE, LENNY, JUDY, JEFF, DONNA, AMY, IDA, GOLDDY, CHOW, AND MITTINS. DEAR VANCE, HOPE YOU SUCCEED IN ALL THAT YOU SET OUT TO DO. I LOVE YOU!!! LORI FLEMON BEST WISHES And LOTS OF LOVE 'ANDY'S MOM' TO ALL THE UNDERGRADUATES: WE HAVE OPENED MANY PASSAGES FOR YOUR FUTURE, GOOD LUCK! LARRY, MIKE AND SCOTT JJAY ROSENTHAL: “NEE-ANNEE-NAY-KOON-JAH-AH FROM YOUR.BEST FRIEND 1 WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF MY FRIENDS FOR HELPING ME ENJOY MY YEAR IN THE U.S.A. ESPECIALLY-AMY, SUSAN, MIKE, NICK, FRANK, JOHN, JAMIE AND ALL MY LUNCH PALS. I'LL MISS YOU ALL. GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING YOU DO! LOVE, KATE WALTON EXCHANGE STUDENT TO THE CLASS OF '85: MY MAN!!! LOVE YOU ALL, Jennifer Tsou, We Made It! (We Both Did Not Flunk!) Enjoy. Much Love, STEVE BROWN Amy Cheun Do You Like The Yearbook? I, MARNIE MEROVITZ, BEING A SEMI-SANE ORACLE '85 EDITOR, LEAVE THE FOLLOWING TO MY FELLOW EDITORS: TO HILARY MACKLER: an awesowe schmageg ride home and a Killer Kookie of course. TO AMY CHEUN: the real deadline TO JILL TOPKIS, the second best college talker: Phil Klein, Organization, a T.V. so she can watch G.H. during her meetings, and Andy Wagner's brain for one day. TO LISA LORCH: Miss Foely, more than one deadline, and a staff. TO PAM SILBERMAN: sixteen more pages from Amy to do for the next day, and another drive around the AHS parking lot screaming “ORACLE '85 FOR TWENTY-FIVE. TO TAMI TROST, the baby of the family: a reliable photographer. TO ADAM LIEBERMAN: a datebook so you remember when to show up to take pictures. TO STEVE BROWN: An Invitation To A Yearbook Meeting. TO MR C: A Tuna Fish Sandwich, I'll Be Back , And Of Course Some Of My PopCorn. 284Cheryl, Just wanted you to know how much I treasure our friendship. When I look back to all the years we've been friends I know that there's nobody else I would rather have grown up with. Thank you for being my best friend. -I love you Chris, I Love You! Now . . . Always . . . and Forever!! Stacey Lynn, It's unusual for two people to become so close in so short a time— I'm glad we did. Thanks for always being there. I love you Stacey Kenneth Andrew Malis, his School and Class Love, Pride and Honor Stacey CONGRATULATIONS STACEY BERGER May your life be filled with Happiness, Good luck and Good health forever and ever!! We love you and are so very proud of you!!!!! Love -Dad- Mom, Dad, Lisa Tammy TO THE GREATEST SENIORS ABINGTON HAS EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL BLOCK: It won't be the same without you. ARTHUR RUBLIN: This year better be your year to improve your correspondence habits. DUANE SEWELL: I hope someone comes along as swell as you. PAUL SEARLS: I'll never be able to watch Letterman without you in mind. KATHY KIM: How will I ever make it through the year without your gossip updates. CLAUDIA KIA NOURY: There won't be anyone left to keep me from making mistakes. BOB ANDREWS: Sorry, I never made it to a Temple game. STEVEN BROWN: It was an honor being your greatest little worker. TO MY FELLOW YEARBOOK EDITORS: Thanks for letting your little sis' in on the action. JILL TOPKIS: Andrew Abowitz is mine! Thanks for a great year. Love! TAMI TROST '86 285(215) 443-7776 BOX 291 HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PA. 19006 HBciizy a LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS CREATIVE DESIGNING PLANNING SPECIALIZING IN JAPANESE GARDENS MEMBER PENNSYLVANIA NURSERYMEN'S ASSOC.. INC. AND AMERICAN ASSOCIA TION OF NURSER YMEN Mxj art, a Q ant. r oir lirCUfS. S-ttUf287SN3J S0f lOldlSIQ 100H3S N019NI

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