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ORACLE '83 Abington High School Abington, PennsylvaniaTABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty.... Sports...... m Me Creative .... lug AW Student Life Seniors.... Clubs...... Juniors.... page 18 page 60 page 106 page 120 page 140 page 210 page 2504 Life in the fast lane.Orangya hungry? Schramm will never find me here! Our team Is actually winning!!The epitome of school spirit. 7fcfc- Rob Dockstader clowns around'. It's better In the Bahamas. Lost Beach BoyNational Honor Society Induction. Smile, you're on candid camera. how to what'!?'10 Two more minutes.Don't light the fire yet! First since 1969. it may cost a bit more, but we re worth It! Ten minutes left. • Abington's Galloping Gourmets. Four minutes isn't enough. They put WHAT in these pretzels? 14Ed Lackman scores from the key. Jamie Fitzgerald drives for two WINTER SPORTS SCENE Coach Wilkinson encourages the team. 1618Abington Board of School Directors Row 1: Mrs. Bonnie Durphy. Mrs. Adele Block. Mrs. Lynne lannelli. Mrs. Muriel Alt. Row 2 Dr. Leonard Rosenfeld, Mr. Richard Halloway. Dr. Melvin McMaster. Mr. Peter Dreyfus. Dr. George Manaker. 20 Charles Grottenthaler. Superintendent of SchoolsPrincipals Norman W. Schmid, S.C. Dear Seniors, As the school year draws to a close, you are leaving Abington High School bright with promises deep within each one of you. Success, uncertain though it may seem in uncertain times, is still yours for the taking if you make full use of your learning and your abilities. When you began your school experience, your world was filled with promise, a promise which still exists. You have been exposed to the learning which will help you to be happy and productive and, in every way, all that you can be. Now, you are going forth into a world where promise is too often treated lightly or soon become tarnished, but your promise is still bright, and you must strive to keep it shining. Self-fulfillment based upon honesty, dignity, and a sense of personal worth must be your objective while the great good stemming from industry and the creativity within you can become a positive force in a world much in need of it. There is greatness in each of you. Your dreams have been nourished by your family and friends, and your skills have been developed by your teachers. It is up to you to make the most of your future, to be what you can be. You have promises to keep. The Administration 21 John E. Skilton, N.C.South Campus Assistant Principals L .... I don't like giving detentions — I LOVE IT! C. Donnon McGinley David Schramm William J. Lucian 22North Campus Assistant Principals 23 Daniel S. TurnerRamon Lantz Guidance Department Will it be employment, specialized training or further education? Seniors will tell you that decision making is the name of the game, and the choices are often difficult. But, you are never alone, because help is just as close as the office of your school counselor. Although the school counselor’s role has many facets, two primary tasks are apparent. The first involves providing or indentifying guidance information for students, parents and teachers in both individual and group guidance sessions. The second function involves counseling in either a one-to-one or group session. In recent years, an increasing percentage of the counseling sessions have focused on the personal problems or concerns of students. As anyone can tell you, it is reassuring to have someone available who can help you sort through options, or simply listen to you when you need to let it all out. it is also an advantage to receive those suggestions that help you explore new areas you might not otherwise have considered. The school counselors can make all of that happen!! Kathryn Holgate 24Ben Monticciolo Chairman Sam Russell I o u c • =3 O 25South Campus English Charles Schneller Chairman Eileen Foley Dr. Nicholas Alexander 26 ULTRA BRITE — Dynamite White! Dr. Robert BurtRalph Maltese Dwight Good English Department The South Campus English Department subscribes to the goals for quality education in the pursuit of excellence in education. Following in traditional curriculum, focus is placed on basic communication skills that can be developed through a sequential, ordered English program. To the realization of a rewarding lifestyle, the department strives for proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening — all critical in the total educational growth of the individual. English III and English IV place primary emphasis on American and British literature respectively; however, an understanding and appreciation of all literature of the world complements the curriculum. Seven elective courses provide students with oppurtunities to pursue special avocations and develop additional expertise beyond the required English program.North Campus English Dear Santa Peter F. Kelly, Jr. Alex Woodley 28 O.k., so it's not Penthouse.29 GRENDEL is about a BIG monster.South Campus Social Studies Dr. J. Robert Rorison Chairman Steven Stewart Walter Yost Joan Gallagher so William Dodds■ Thomas Nyman Eric Luce Social Studies The social studies department curriculum is built on the foundation disciplines of history, geography, economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and political science. The specific courses and topics which comprise the curriculum rest on this foundation focus on the past, present, and the future of human beings and their environment. American Studies, which is a required subject in grades 11 and 12, is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of American society and its people. The American Studies program uses a historical lattice work on which to interweave and relate the concepts drawn from other social science disciplines. In addition to the required program, elective courses are offered in Afro-American History, Anthropology, European History, Minority Croups in the United States, Psychology and Sociology. Louis Martin siNorth Campus Social Studies ■ James Gavagan Chairman Donald Baker Ronald DeShon Dewltte Shipley William J. Miller Louis Russo Raymond Vernon William Powell 32Reading and Special Education Salley Beothy S.C. C. Michael Beagle s.c. Kathleen Malloy S.C. Carrie Jones S.C., EMR Frances Crawford N.C. Dale Jones N.C. Lois Harrington N.C. Reading Program Since education in today's world revolves around the ability to read, many students are eager to improve upon their reading skills. The Reading Program at South Campus makes available to receptive students a Reading Skills course, a Developemental Reading course and individual Reading Clinic appointments. Emphasis is placed upon reading comprehension, vocabulary development, spelling skills, textbook study techniques, note and test taking procedures, preparation for College Boards and rapid reading skills. The challenges of the future require that each person be responsible for improved understanding through improved reading skills. 33South Campus Language William Black Carrie Stefanelli Esperanza Galshack Chairman 34 Eileen CawleyNorth Campus Language Roy Reeves Thomas Fitzmartin 1 Joseph Procino Chairman Dorothy Day Louise Hively Edward Wilk Donald Albert Carole Michaels 35South Campus Mathematics Martin F. Hubley Chairman Paul Swedberg Richard Brady Miska Mechlowitz Mathematics The world today demands more mathematical knowledge on the part of more people than the world of yesterday, and the world of tomorrow will make still greater demands. Society leans more and more heavily on science and technology. Hence the number of cititzens skilled in mathematics must be greatly increased. The mathematics program at Abington High School is designed to meet this need. Courses are offered to meet the needs of both the college-bound student and the non-college-bound student. Special electives are offered in Advanced-Placement calculus, Computer Programming and Practical Mathematics. Rodney Rathbun 36North Campus Mathematics . Lilian Rau Chairperson Brian Reiff Lewis Penfield Vincent cuminski 38Edward Pepple Richard Keiser Saundra Freedman ♦ John Mirsch James Detweiler What do you mean? I'm never wrong. 39South Campus Science Samuel Roeder Richard Thomas The Science department is an interaction of the physical and biological disciplines. It ranges from the required basics of Earth and Space science and Biology to Advanced Placement courses, intermediary interests include practical and physical sciences and Advanced Biology. Courses are also available in Chemistry and Physics. Advanced Placement college-level courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are offered too. The primary emphasis of North Campus is with the required basics; the South Campus courses are entirely elective and concern the student interested in gaining further knowledge relative to the student’s aspirations in college. Special interest courses are offered in Aerospace Science and Ecology. 40Richard Butler Karen Lake The cafeteria after lunch Howard Boyer 41North Campus Science Evelyn Lenner Richard Bell Chairwoman Rita Bennett 42 David Sharp43 Elaine ShafferBusiness Ruth Fechter S.C. Ray Reber S.C. Business Education The U.S. Department of Labor continues to report a shortage of well-trained secretaries, clerks, and data processing personnel in all parts of the country. To stay abreast of this situation the Business Department now offers a course in Word Processing, and has upgraded the Office Procedures courses to include instruction in word processing and memory typewriters. Next year the department hopes to include several computer terminals among the work stations in the word processing lab which could also be used by students in Accounting, Management, and Record Keeping. Office careers today offer more opportunities than ever before. The Business Department is willing and able to help prepare students for well-paying jobs in the business world, or for entrance into degree granting institutions of higher learning specializing in various business fields. Beatrice Barrett N.C. 44Home Economics The Home Economics department has valuable information to offer every student. All of us need good diets to stay healthy; we must select and care for the clothing we wear, and we live in some type of home that is furnished. Most of us live in families and sooner or later establish our own families. Hopefully we all have resourses, time, money, and energy, to manage and therefore need to become good consumers. Nine different courses are available to help young adults organize everyday living in such a way that there will be time to include the more exciting thing in life. Maryland Wanck N.C. Charlene Downs N.C. How in the world did you burn the salad?Art The art program should develop in a student the ability to make visual judgements so that he is capable of assuming his share of responsibility for the improvement of his aesthetic environment on a personal and community level. This art experience, therefore, should be selected and organized to result in a broadened understanding of the following: seeing and feeling visual relationships, knowing and understanding art, and producing works of art. Draw lines, many lines.” Leslie Martin N.C. Robert Anderson N.C. 46Music John S. Musika S.c. Martin Donahue N.C. Joseph Mauro S.C., Marching Band The dedication the music teachers have put into their field demonstrates the kind of stick-to-itiveness that makes the Abington Music department what it is. It is run by a skilled group of professionals who must love what they are doing, for they have all been doing it for a long time. Yes, a long time. Our Music department is a great asset to our school and should be admired for the fine musical productions and concerts it has given us. An Abington Band concert is one that you will never forget. It is through the wide variety of electives that students are swept into the music program. A student can do anything from playing an Instrument in the jazz band to singing in a choir. All of the electives at Abington's music department have won Highland Avenue acclaim and honor. 47South Campus industrial Arts Industrial Arts Three major areas make up the south Campus Industrial Arts program: metal shop, wood shop, and drafting. Students may elect to take one or more of these course offerings, depending upon their interests, available time, and major field of endeavor. Some students take industrial arts courses to further their interest in a specific area, others as a relaxing change of pace from the daily routine; but the major objective of each course offering is to expose the students to the basic skills necessary for them to have a working knowledge of the area chosen. individual instruction plays a major part in all of these areas, and students may progress as fast and as far as they wish. Leland McNutt Chairman William volp 48North Campus Industrial Arts Steven Mandes Ronald Kasper 49South Campus Physical Education Carlotta Schaffer Douglas Moister James Wilkinson Raymond A. Coleman Chairman Robert Schneck Joseph Jurich Richard KochNorth Campus Physical Education Alan Lusch Wallace Miller Chairman Dorothy Lemcke Edna Scott Bud Lewis Today’s physical education is an organized, planned co-educationai program providing all students with the opportunity to select from a wide variety of course offerings. These selections are made from a number of physical education, aquatic, and alternative activities. Continuous effort is being made for total student participation, including students with medical modifications. Through these selections the students can enrich their physical well-being, become aware of their own abilities, formulate interests for better use of leisure hours, develop knowledge and skills in a variety of activities, and better appreciate the enjoyment and satisfaction of physical movement. All these needs culminate to provide the students with a favorable attitude toward active participation. 51Librarians Jeanne Yeagle Janet Simon Elizabeth Focht Ruth Snowden The library at South campus can be an invaluable source of information for the motivated student. In addition to hundreds of books and a variety of magazines, the library can also provide an unbounded supply of college and career information through VICS, a computer terminal located in the library. The librarians are always helpful in directing the confused student towards wanted information. The library is conveniently open for students from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This enables students to use its facilities before school, after school, as well as during free periods. A student can use a student identification card to sign out books. Hey, l didn't know that books can be interesting! 52Health Suite 53 I begged, but they wouldn't give me an aspirin.Row 1: E. Mergner, F. Collins, J. Eakle, B. Mavrer, P. Stewart, C. Shakarjian. Row 2: E. Devine, V. O'Neill. E. Manton. E. Gilly, J. French, P. Ryan, J. Spangler, N. woodcock. 54 Row 1: R. Bowyer, R. Henze. B. Hoffman, N. Shepherd. Row 2: S. Clark, C. Burns. T. Black. E. Breslin, M. Johnson, N. Lassen.Cafeteria Ladies Front Row: A. Hessenthaler, J. Anthony, H. Kramer, G. Parrish. N. Frank, P. Schroeder, A. Di Filippo, E. Losher. Back Row: H. Padden, H. Bilets, N. Borkowski, M. Herman, R. Derricks, L. Salkeld, V. Maher, J. Shorthall, M. McGaugh, D. Miller, M. zataveskl, L. Hollars. Monitors Frances cristaldi. Tina DiElia, Rita McLav, Jean schuman... and Cinderella and the Prince lived happily ever after. No, this is not my Mardi Gras outfit! You want what? is my tie straight? Extra credit for anyone who can guess what it is. 57Gee you're hair smells terrific! Got It — HANGMAN! Cheryl Tiegs wants MY number???? My armwrestling career is over because my wife can't sew. They used to call me Rocky in the good ole days. 58Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not, unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not, the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. 61CO Aldington Co Lead on offense by senior running back Kyle Boelter and junior quarterback Andy Riemenschneider, the footbbali team compiled their best record (8-3, 6-1) in over ten years to gain a piece of the Suburban One National Conference championship. The Ghosts did not lose in league play until the last league game of the season against Norristown. coach Moister got two new coaches, a new team attitude, and a fantastic record. Both Boelter and senior wes Olsen won All-league, All-district, and All-area honors. Other standout players were Andy Riemenschneider, Kevin McCown, Brian Neely, Bob Helm, Craig Lerch, Mike Mathis, Jim Moore, and Norm Haeberle. According to one player, the real standout was the entire defense team. The Ghosts finished off their outstanding season by thoroughly trouncing arch-rival Cheltenham 41-0. Boelter won star of the game honors by rushing for 265 yards and five touchdowns. rfoot6a ff row 1: captains Kyle Boelter, Craig Lerch, Brian Neely Row 2: N. Haeberle, M. Mancini, J. Moore, K McCown, D. Muhl. D. Roesser, A. Sykes, W. Olsen, S. Wilks, A. Riemenschneider Row 3: v. Dennis, L. Stone, M. Marshall, T. Cotton, L. Tomieo, B. Helm, M. Freeman, R. Dinkins Row 4: J. Stone, J. Joseph, E. Lletman, J. Vagnoni, J. Berg, P. Lempa, K. Mundel, A. Green, F. Elton Row 5: J. Podwell, M. Zucker, M. Adams. B. Freeman, B Markawitz, S. Wurster, T. Delia, T. Washington Row 6: B. Johnson, M. Lawson B. Ferber Row 7: M. Wanck. J. Corrado. Tina, K. Eisenberg, T. Hack. S. Brown. J. Stone, M. Krom Row 8: D. Torrezani, C.J. Allendorfer, D. Moister, N. Wanck, R. Mitchell, B. Roman, Doc Jurich Coach MoisterThe hustle never stops The Mean Machine Ain't no stopping us now Grind it out64 Let s get fired upKyle on the run Nice kick 65Scoop For Success The fine coaching of Miss Grebe with the enthusiastic leadership of tri-captains Janet Gerhard, Jennifer Neff, and Marnie Christian proved to be an important factor in the 1982-83 girls field hockey team's success. The team finished in third place in the Suburban I National Conference. Not only did the squad have talented seniors, but many highly skilled underclassmen also participated. Defense was led by Janet Gerhard, Cynthia Castle, and Marnie Christian. Kim Bolig, Mandy Chamberlin, and Charlotte Zygmont also protected goalies Diane Goodell and Bea Gaglianese. Marnie was named to the All Suburban first team. Janet and Jennifer earned positions on the All suburban second team. Diane and C.C. received honorable mention. Depth and determination are key factors in a hockey team's success. This team has developed well this year and hopes to continue their success next year with promising underclassmen Marnie Christian, Mandy Chamberlin, Patti Enright, Nancy Treese, Lisa Kalbfleish, Charlotte Zygmont, and Kristi Wilkinson. row i- N. Gardiner, M. Christian. D. Lotz. L. Malloy, S. Pugliese, M. Tompkins, J. Neff, k. Wilkinson, C. Shuman, S. Okomoto, , M. Chamberlin. Row 2: D. Kaiser, S. Timbers, s. Herrmann, L. Kalbfleisch, V. Griet, K. Hunter, T. Traynor, P. Enright, C. Zygmont, B. Gallagher, k. DeMarco. L. Lorch, B. Gaglianese , Row 3: D. Goodell, Coach Misko, D. Zappin, L. Crimian, T. Santry, K. Bolig, C. Castle, J. Gerhard, N. Treese. L. Wachinski, J. Stoddard, P. Astbury, a. Crimian, Coach Grebe Janet Gerhard and C.C. Castle pour it on.Ablngton Magic. Ablngton hockey — charmers on and off the field ..'■V Go Defense! Pep talk — Grebe style Closing In on the opponent 67Real Kickers The 1982 Abington Soccer team continued its reputation of excellence, bringing home second place in the Surburban One National, powerhouse league. Led this year by coaches Ken Cooper and Mike Gorrni, the team compiled a league record and was overall. This year’s offense was lead by Steve Criet, voted most valuable player on the team. Steve was supported by Bill Bradley, Joe Harkins, Larry Byron, Bob Tomer, Stewart Cold, and Tony Eberhart, all of whom had an outstanding year. The defense ''jelled to a strong unit during the season, mainly with the help of Jeff Oliphant, Bill Tompkins, J.R. Gear, and goal-keeper, Randi Cramp, voted most inspiring player. The 82 team, first believed to be lacking as a result of losing last year s seniors, expected a .500 season. This dim outlook was shattered as Abington was undefeated in its first ten games. Last year’s soccer team contained superstars, but this year’s team was just that: a team! Abington again added excellence to the long list of recorded athletic achievements! Soccer pnu 1 (L to R) B. Thomer, R. Littig, B. Bradley, S. Costanzo, S. Loeffler, Row 2 (L to R): C. shank R Podell R Dylan T. Eberhart, C. Bisacquino, M. Treacy Row 3 (L to R): Coach cooper B Tompkins, S. Griet M. McManus, J. Harkins, R, Cramp, L. Byron, J.R. Gear, J. oiiphant, s. cold, Asst, coach Gorney How sweet It Is”Live, Love, Laugh, and Lob This year, even with the reorganization of the Suburban One League and the loss of eight varsity players, the girls tennis team, coached by Dorothy Lemcke, managed to rank second overall in the league. Senior Abby Schwartz, captain of the team, was a Suburban One singles finalist and went on to District One qualifications. Teamed with Carol Rowland, the two went on to become Suburban one National League doubles semifinalists and also qualified for Districts. Other seniors that contributed to the team were Jennifer Goldberg and Sally Barbella. Standing: Coach Lemcke, T. Trost, L. Schwartz. E. Frank, C. Rosenbaum, l. Koff, S. Barbella, C. Rowland 1st row: L. Webb, J. Goldberg, J. Rubin, J. Wolfe, B Rauch, A. Schwartz, ground: S. Okabayshi, R. Cohen, K. Shubin, L. Speigel, B. Botel The world through a tennis player's eyes.Lorey Schwartz lobs It over Carol Rowland — what a backhand! Sally Barbella ! Are you serious? Happened? «00» ScnwaiT! follows tnrough 71All Par for the Course The 1982 Golf team showed a satisfactory improvement over last year. Headed by seniors Brian Pervais, Tom Cusick, and Steve Fitzpatrick and bolstered by a strong group of underclassmen including Jim Fiorillo, Bob McGrath, Chuck Walsh and Steve Phillips, the team enjoyed 100% more success than the preceding squad. Coach McNaught is looking expectantly towards next year when most of his squad will return. Brian Pervais’ outstanding play earned him a place on the second team All-Suburban One squad. Coach McNaught, B. Pervais, T. Cusick, s. Fitzpatrick, S. Gallant, B. DuBrow, R. Lowery. (Not pictured: J. Fiorillo, B. McGrath, C. Walsh, S. Phillips) Hole in one.Over the river... Abington High's Boys' Cross-Country team finished the year with a 5-5 record. At first glance this may appear to be a mediocre year; however, this is not the case. This was a building year for a team composed mostly of underclassmen. Tom Baldwin will be the team's only graduate. Sophomore Mike Conway had a tremendous year finishing third in Suburban One and fourth in Districts. He qualified for States and ran in the top thirty. Showing tremendous development was Steve Sutton. Though the loses were equal to the wins, many were quite close, and Coach Grande was encouraged by the way his runners matured. rBoys Cross Country Row 1: M. Conway, T. Asher, T. Baldwin, S. Swift, D. Metz Row 2: A. Pitcow, M. Waite, T. Sexton, T. Moore, J. Hogan Row 3: J. Grandy, D. Cameron. S. Sutton, J. Yannaccone, R. Flint Mike Conway pushes the last mile.Sitting: M. Stanlszewskl, H. Coldhaber, L. Mundy 2nd row- r . Mundv. D. Kia-Noury, Y. Zaslow standing: Coach Grande l f fnvln'Sni- M. Snyder. Coach Flint ' Munc|v, E. Fine, J. Oxendine, pat Bauerle in competition. ... And through the hills The strenuous practices and dedication payed off for the 1982 girls' Cross Country team. Led by Coach Grande, Captain Pat Bauerle, and senior Dina Kia-Noury, the team placed third over-all in the Suburban I National Championships. Freshman Hope Coldhaber captured second runner over all at Suburbans. At Districts Hope finished in first place, winning her first ticket to States, where she finished fourteenth. Senior Pat Bauerle ran in the Dannon Yogurt Marathon, which consisted of ten miles. She also took first place at the Wyoming valley Back Mountain Triathon, consisting of a one mile run, thirty-eight miles of the cycle segment, and a one mile swimming event. Dina and Claudia Kia-Noury competed in the Philadelphia Distance Run, a harsh course of 13.1 miles. Dina culminated a fine season as a varsity starter. The Cross Country team will continue doing well next season with many returning underclassmen: Hope Goldhaber, Leigh Mundy, Denise McCall, Laurie Mundy, Claudia Kia-Noury, and MaryLou Country Snyder. Cross They run much better than they cook. Hope Goldhaber goes for the COLD.Spirit — Let's Hear It! The Abington Varsity Cheerleaders work in a unified fashion to create entertainment and enthusiasm at school functions. As a fund-raiser, the cheerleaders sold M + M's candy to buy sweatsuits. School spirit is what the Abington Cheerleaders inspire. Mrs. Godfrey is the sponsor coach. Row 1 A. Swift, A. Mosee, R. Peal, M. Sanders Row 21. Donnell, S. Phillips, P. Reme, J. Levin Row 3 R. Klasmer, K. Williams Cfieerfeacfin 9 What a chorus line!Shooting Stars The 1983 Abington Basketball Team had a stupendous year, coming off a championship season and losing key seniors to graduation, no one expected this team to do as well as they did. They made it to the final round in the District I playoffs only to be beaten by Chester, whom they beat last season, in the consolation round they lost a close game to Reading. The team's final record was 27-4. Key plays during the year were made by starter Ed Lackman, Brian Neely, Jamie Fitzgerald, Daryl Shocky Vaughn, and Jamie Lewis. The team will lose five starting players to graduation, so next year's team will be very young. Coach Wilkinson says next year's team has promise but will need some time to mature. Row 1: S Loeffler Mgr.; D. Vaughn, J.F. Fitzgerald, B. Neely. Trl-Captalns; J. Harris, Mgr. Row 2 D Torresarii Asst. Coach; D. Green, M. Yarnoff. J. Larson, M. Greenberg. E. Lackman. J Gaston s waetjen, R. Lee. s. Bing, j. Wilkinson, Head Coach; T. Weiner, Asst, coach. 3asRet6af( Row 1. v. Dennis, w. Fitzgerald, I. Maglll. Row 2: j. Winters, A. Dixon, P. Searls, M. Barlow. Dimond, T. Grasty, J. Saunders, T. Hack, T. Weiner, coach. J.The long reach Concentration Anticipation Up and in 79They Had High Hoops The lady ghosts began the season with bright playoff hopes and the team took 3rd in the first half of the season. But the ghost’s dreams were shattered when senior co-captain, Carol Digger” Rowland, was lost for the season due to a knee injury. Coach Dick Koch led the team to a 4-8 record in league play and 6-14 overall. The other seniors that led the team were Sabrina Parham, co-captain, Linda Caine, Trish Santry, and Renee Dinkins. There are many promising underclassmen for next year's team. Juniors Mandy Chamberlain and Agnes veney were aggressive off the bench as were sophomores Brenda Alexander and Myra Peal. The highlight of the season was a come from behind fourth quarter win over Neshaminy Langhorne. (jirfs dnisf el6a(( Row I: Ass't Coach L. Martin, C. Storiall (manager), R. watts, D. Butler, A. Grasty, 0. DiMassa S. Conley, C. Rowland (co-captaln), L. Caine, K. Lee, M. Peal. R. Dinkins. Coach D. Koch. Row M. B. Ball (manager), L. Tucker. A. Veney, B. Alexander, s. Parham (co-captain). T. Santry M Chamberlain, T. McHenry, J. Bailey. Row III: e. Mailman, G. Rondinelli, T. Milligan Linda Caine goes up for the jumpshot.Myra Peale in action. Sabrina Parham alms her shot. Carol Rowland dribbles around her opponents. Renee Dinkins anticipates the basket. 83Slick Fish The Boys Varsity Swim Team finished its dual meet season with a 10-6-1 record. They further distinguished themselves at the Suburban I Swimming Championships, winning a total of 9 medals, Junior Dan Krewson set new Suburban I records in the 200 and 500 Freestyle events. On Monday, February 14, the team traveled to the District I Swimming Championships at the University of Pennsylvania where they placed 7th out of 76 teams in the competition. Dan Krewson took 1st place in the 200 Freestyle event, setting a new school record of 1 minute and 44.480 seconds. Juniors Dan Krewson, Chris Downey, Pat McManus, and Andy Sykes qualified for the State Swimming Championships held at Penn State University on March 3 to 6, 1983. j; uimmmcj M. Adernetto, M. Liebman, A. Phillips, R. Strohlson, D. Upson, D. Bauerle. R. Erwin, 0. Jaslo, L. Spector, D. Lowe, R. Whitney, T. Wilson, Dr. Rorison, K. Thomas, P. Malarky, J.C. Frazer, j. Waite, T. Van Vorhees. J. Rosenthal, u. Bear, M. chlzever, J. calci. M. McManus. D. Krewson, C. Downey, P. McManus, D. Dafilou, A. Sykes, D. Capin. Upside down and backwards too.The round-about route An Abington Fish State Qualifiers Chris Downey, Andy Sykes, Pat McManus, Dan Krewson, and Mickey McManus with Coach Nyman. Back twisterAqua Ghosts The girls swimming team upon graduation will lose many seniors — who have contributed many points and have been swimming for 4 years. This year the season was most challenging with 17 swimming meets plus the suburban and district championships. The girls finished with 9 wins and 8 loses for a win season, and placing 4th in the league. The following seniors will be missed: Donna Barlow — Tri-Captain, Tracy George — Tri-Captain, Cheryll Ann Lassen — Tri-Captain, Sharon Ballard, Nancy Hanna, Laurie Schumann, Hillary Dunn, Sheila Ballen. The undergrads wish the departing seniors good luck and much success in the future. Su immi 1st Row: J. Hoag, M. Driscoll, C. Simpson, N. Gardiner, C. Lassen (tri-captain). 2nd Row: D. Sykes, W. Watt, B. Garbutt, C. Money, J. McAndrews, L. Maher, T. Ceorge (tri-captain), Asst Coach J. Fitzpatrick, S. Ballen, Coach Doc Jurich. 3rd Row: M. Bahls, H. Dunn, N. Hanna, D. Barlow (tri-captain), S. Ballard, C. Gannon, J. McLeod, L. Schumann, R. Fees Cheryll Lassen at her bestAn Abington fish They've got it backwards and forwards Surveying the competition Off to a good start The hard work pays off 87Ring Giants Cpjimui'ii i'v Row 1: D. Metz, C. Kermer, K. Malis. T. Crawford. Row 2: S. Kamen, T. Stevens. S. Costanzo. J. Kramer. Row 3: Coach K. Mackin. T. Wong. C. Schecter. B. Pervais. A. Rayson. F. Beard. R. Kerner, Coach D. Kirchner. Anthony Raysor shows his strength A different view of Jon Kramer Power on the RingsRow 1: D. Goldhlrsh (co captain), S. Shamlian. S. Barbella (co-captain). Row 2: A. Wainer, R. Malnati, B. Dunn, S. Psula, Coach Lusch, S. Beam, A. Saylor. K. Wilkinson, D. Trevlyn, E. McHale Sally Barbella executes a split leap. Denise Trevlyn demonstrates her flexibility. Bar Hopping The girls' gymnastics team enjoyed a highly competitive 1982-83 season. Led by captains sally Barbella and Dorrie Goldhirsh, the team performed well in all meets. Team scores often topped 100 points; a challenging goal which the girls achieved. Coach Lusch encouraged and worked with the girls throughout the season. Seniors Denise Trevlyn, Eileen McHale, and Susan Shamlian contributed their expertise on all four events. Sophomore Kristi Wilkinson and freshman Renee Malnati also performed well in competition. The team also has many talented underclassmen with the potential to excel in the sport. Team members Denise, Eileen, Dorrie, Kristi, and Renee competed well in the Championship Meet. Dorrie, Kristi, and Renee also qualified for Districts. All in all, the girls had a good season and are looking forward to continuing their success next year. Cjirfs GymnasticsThey're always on top ■ ■i Row 1: D. Lang, M. Lawison, T. Fitzgerald, J. Ripley, F. Johnson, C. Czerwonka. Row 2: J. Oxendine, G. Fox, B. Strange, S. Brown, B. Strunk, S. Fegley.91 Ever feel like a turtle?Alley cats. The 1983 Abington bowling teams faced the challenge of rebuilding squads which had been depleted through graduation. Despite the presence of several new faces, the teams matured quickly and rolled some excellant matches against some very tough Suburban One competition. The girls varsity squad finished with a record of 25-19, with senior Terri Tunstall holding high average. In the Suburban One tournament, trophies were captured by Johanna Bense, Judy Kunkel, and Terri Tunstall. On the boys side, the varsity compiled a record of 20-24, and Ed Boekel picked up a trophy at the tournament. Bill Nowack took high average honors. The strong showing at the league championships capped a season which saw great improvement as the year progressed, and sparked optimism for the 1984 campaign. Row 1: L. Caso, T. Reese, T. Tunstall, B. Toppl. Row 2: J. Bense, K. Bolig, B. Nowack, D. Cohen. Row 3: T. Begley, K. Webb, Coach P. Kelly, B. Hewish, P. Russo. Row 4: S. Shaw, J. McNeil, N. Matyszezak, R. Lapham, E. Boekel, K. Smith. M. Znak, W. Yerkes, E. Lombard Curveball. Right up her alley.Testing gravity. Shuffle off to Buffalo. Aiming for the pins. Hitchhiking is the way to go. Anticipation Will it be a strike? 93And They're Off ... The boys' winter track team greatly improved under the excellent coaching of Karl Caines and Brian Geating. Although they were a young team, contributions from all team members helped them achieve their goals. The tough winter practices formed a strong base for an excellent spring team. The strong weight team consisting of seniors Mike Mathus, Aaron Green, and Vlady St. Phard competed well in the field events. Outstanding senior runners were Mark Rascell, Dave Omdal, and Scott Dimetrotsky. Junior hopefuls Adam Pitkow, Craig Faison, and Bob Colding contributed to the team effort. Up and coming underclassmen Marnez Rasdell, Mike Conway, and Tom Sexton will continue to contribute their efforts towards next year's team. Boys U inier Row 1: M. Conway, T. Sexton, E. Bergen, M. Rasdell, M. Wright, T. Washington. Row 2: c. Apollinarlo, A. Pitkow, D. Cameron, S. Dimetrotsky, B. Imordino, S. Sutton, C. Faison. Row 3: Coach Gaines, B. colding, D. omdal, M. Mathus, A. Creen, M. Rasdell, v. St. Phard, T. Stella, Coach Geating.1st Row: B. Grenald, S. Wood, M. Moyland, D. Kia-Noury, L. Mundy. 2nd Row: H. Goldha-ber L. Mundy, B. Ripley, T. Greenwell. G. Wiggins, C. Kia-Noury. 3rd Row: Coach J. Grande, J. Oxendlne, M L. Snyder, L. Strittmatter, S. Jackson, M. Matthews, K. Strittmat-ter, N. Vance They take their work seriously. Beth Ripley runs the relay. Dina Kia-Noury aims for the finish line. ... TO A Great Start! The winter track program is designed to give girls the opportunity to compete during the winter months and prepare for spring track. Over twenty girls participated this year. They ran in meets at West Chester college, Haverford, Lehigh, and Princeton University. Team scores are not kept in winter track, but the girls distinguished themselves with several fine performances. Qirls U inter JracRSports FOOTBALL ABINGTON OPPONENT 29 Upper Dublin 0 7 Upper Merion 27 21 Academy Park 22 33 Council Rock 15 15 Pennsbury 3 14 Bensalem 0 17 William Tennent 15 41 Truman 9 23 Neshaminy Langhorne 0 6 Norristown 13 41 Cheltenham 0 ABINGTON GIRLS TENNIS OPPONENT 7 Central Bucks West 0 7 North Penn 0 2 Council Rock 5 6 Neshaminy-Langhorne 1 7 Truman 0 2 Pennsbury 5 7 Norristown 0 1 Council Rock 6 5 William Tennent 2 6 Langhorne 1 6 Truman 1 3 Pennsbury 4 7 Bensalem 0 3 William Tennent 4 7 Norristown 0 GOLF ABINGTON OPPONENT 1% Upper Dublin I6V2 9% Norristown 8V2 6 William Tennent 12 4 Council Rock 14 8% Bensalem 9% 6V2 Langhorne IIV2 V2 Pennsbury 15V2 GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY ABINGTON OPPONENT 0 Bensalem 0 2 Council Rock 0 4 Truman 0 1 Neshaminy Langhorne 2 1 William Tennent 1 0 Pensbury 0 4 Norristown 0 1 Bensalem 1 0 Council Rock 0 3 Truman 0 0 Neshaminy Langhorne 1 0 William Tennent 0 1 Pensbury 0 3 Norristown 0 BOYS CROSS COUNTRY ABINGTON OPPONENT 23 Plymouth Whitemarsh 32 36 Cheltenham 20 26 Upper Dublin 29 32 Neshaminy Langhorne 23 27 Truman 30 23 Bensalem 34 43 council Rock 19 22 Norristown 35 32 Pennsbury 25 34 William Tennent 22 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY ABINGTON OPPONENT 38 Cheltenham 20 18 Plymouth Whitemarsh 45 27 Upper Dublin 28 20 Neshaminy Langhorne 41 31 Truman 24 15 Bensalem 50 41 council Rock 18 15 Norristown 50 19 Pensbury 43 32 William Tennent 24 BOYS BOWLING ABINGTON OPPONENT 0 William Tennent 4 1 upper Moreland 3 4 Hatboro-Horsham 0 0 Norristown 4 4 Council Rock 0 2 Bensalem 2 0 North Penn 4 2 Maple Point 2 1 Langhorne 3 4 Hatboro-Horsham 0 0 Pennsbury 4 2 Upper Dublin 2 0 Truman 4 1 upper Moreland 3 GIRLS BOWLING ABINGTON OPPONENT 0 William Tennent 4 2 Upper Moreland 2 4 Hatboro-Horsham 0 4 Norristown 0 1 council Rock 3 3 Bensalem 1 3 North Penn 1 3 Maple Point 1 4 Langhorne 0 3 Hatboro-Horsham 1 0 Pennsbury 4 4 Upper Dublin 0 1 Truman 3 0 Upper Merion 4 96GIRLS SWIMMING Abington Opponent 75 Cheltenham 41 59 Lower Moreland 68 50 Methacton 77 47 Central Bucks East 80 79 Plymouth Whitemarsh 48 48 Upper Dublin 79 83 Upper Merion 44 56 Upper Moreland 70 68 Wissahickon 59 88 Truman 29 80 Hatboro-Horsham 47 85 Langhorne 35 62 William Tennent 64 89 Norristown 37 55 Council Rock 71 72 Bensalem 54 45 Pennsbury 81 BOYS SWIMMING Abington 64 Cheltenham Opponent 62 70 Lower Moreland 57 48 Methacton 79 58 Central Bucks East 66 83 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 43 65 Hatboro-Horsham 62 45 Upper Dublin 82 66 Upper Merion 61 70 Upper Moreland 55 63 Wissahickon 63 79 Truman 48 79 Langhorne 48 56 William Tennent 70 80 Norristown 46 54 Council Rock 73 65 Bensalem 62 51 Pennsbury 76 Abington 83.18 BOYS GYMNASTICS Opponent West Chester Henderson 58.5 89.94 Council Rock 93.54 83.86 Upper Dublin 66.18 89.25 Langhorne 89.06 82.10 Cheltenham 105.66 84.95 West Chester East 101.1 GIRLS GYMNASTICS Abington 97.5 North Penn Opponent 112.35 96.95 Langhorne 117.55 103.40 Pennsbury 133.60 85.3 Council Rock 120.3 89.15 Maple Point 93.3 97.4 Mastbaum 84.7 97.4 Souderton 101.3 Forfeit Bensalem 0 GIRLS BASKETBALL Abington 27 Plymouth-Whitemarsh Opponent 54 41 Central Bucks East 58 36 University City 67 40 Upper Dublin 73 42 Bensalem 62 37 Council Rock 35 49 Bristol 36 31 Maple Point 33 41 Truman 64 44 Langhorne 42 34 William Tennent 44 56 Pennsbury 52 34 Upper Moreland 29 32 Council Rock 42 30 Bensalem 58 97Those Inspiring words. Oops! Missed again. 98Megan Costello and Norman Haeberle. Monica Sanders and David Roesser Trish Santry and Wes Olsen 100Homecoming Queen. Megan Costello is escorted by S.C. principal Mr. Schmid and N.c. principal, Mr. Skilton. Abington’s second annual bonfire. 103how long can he stay up there? i'll get that ant. indescribable. Where's the ball? 104Look. Ma. no hands! Hey. girls, the ball’s over here. Where’s the field? Carol in action! 105Creation LIFE TIME Life goes on, by, past. Time calls life, me, sorrow. To live is time Time is only life. Time is just passing But there is a gap Between time. Life is so full But why so empty When time passes. 106 0 come, I said, and let us tame The wild blue-green of wind and wave. Until our bones are washed ashore Or sink to darkness evermore. We sailed a vessel made of gold With ivory mast and keel and oar. She had for guardian one small key That carved of emerald was to be, But 'stead of that it was of fire--Aruby — that my love gave me. Ten thousand days we skimmed the foam And found within a pearly comb. Then came a storm with fierce embrace And took us to a watery home. We lie there still and quiet now, But still we love as we have vowed. Any dream can be a destiny Any fantasy a reality A wild want to a truthful yes All through the powers of worthiness. How to express correctly, how to excel into A supernatural drive from the inner sole of want that pushes to coherence. A new Opening To never surpass the chance to learn new A new life surrounding To bring challenge on adulthood. 107Goodbye is only a word Not Forever. But if overlooked it could be gone. 109Coruscating light Melts into cool shade — Or does it? Slick-sided craters Curve into spheres — Or do they? Raucous life Drops into calm death — Or will it? ILLUSION Changes occur — it's all in your mind. You are told the way things should be, Yet you see things differently. It's revolving in a circle — no end is in sight. You think you see the light at the end of the Tunnel, but the circle continues to revolve. And when you finally escape to your reality, You realize that you're better off living an Illusion. 110Since yesterday was filled with fun Its memory shall linger on And tomorrow is not yet here Although it quickly will appear It is today that's here right now So time must never go to waste Today is the essential bridge To connect future with the past mThe struggle A certain goal is something set too distant. We can discipline and dedicate our minds and bodies, but somehow an obstacle has surmounted our destination. Although we may feel deceived, we have encountered the struggle. Astonishingly enough, it leaves its endeavor with a prominent character, consisting of a core of perpetual self-pride, and seeds of confidence dispersed throughout our entire existence. The knowledge that we have aimed our arrow towards the sun and strived for our very best now permeates our way of thinking. Why so long for thoughts to pass? Waiting for dreams to come true. Wishing is only thoughts that pass, Reality is perhaps a dream come true, Reaching for those dreams, Lose contact with all thoughts. Yet thinking only makes wishing, Which will turn into a dream. 112Test Prayer Now I lav me down to study, I pray the Lord I won’t go nutty. If I should fail to learn this Junk, I pray the Lord I will not flunk, But if I do, don't shed a tear, Just put a rose behind my ear. Tell my teacher I did my best, Then pile my books upon my chest. If I should die before I wake, That's one less test I’ll have to take. Diplomas well-earned All Abington diplomas are well-earned For it’s not just knowledge each student learned Upon the students, peculiar math fell; Most teachers made the students study well Of Hester Prynne and Hielbroner too — As if they had nothing better to do! The physics students have had too many shots At counting tickertapes’ abundant dots. Extra depravities each student pays Like tolerating cabby's dumb birthdays. Some gallant students' stomachs had been churned; Therefore, high school diplomas are well-earned. 113Children learn what they live. If a child lives with criticism, He learns to condemn. If a child lives with hostility, He learns to fight. If a child lives with Ridicule He learns to be shy. if a child lives with shame, He learns to feel guilty. If a child lives with tolerence, He learns to be patient. If a child lives with encouragement, He learns confidence. If a child lives with praise, He learns to appreciate. If a child lives with fairness, He learns justice. If a child lives with security, He learns to have faith. If a child lives with approval, He learns to like himself. If a child lives with acceptance friendship, He learns to find love in the world. Staring out the window, looking down upon a plastic town, filled with plastic people. Everyone is a carbon copy of each other, buying to beat each other out, it is a game. As you and I look out at them, we laugh. When they look in on us, they cry. we are living in different worlds, never really meeting each other. Just passing the time of day, blocked out of each others life by this window, made of cool glass and shattered dreams. 114There once was a advisor named Tom Whose yearbook was nearly a bomb. But everyone helped, So then we all yelped, Three cheers for the advisor named Tom! ARE YOU A WORKING MEMBER? Are you a working member? The kind that would be missed? Or are you just contented That your name be on the list? Do you attend the meetings And mingle with the flock? Or do you stay at home, And criticize and knock? Do you take an active part To help the work along? Or you just satisfied to be The kind who just belong? Do you ever work on committees To see there is no trick? Or leave the work to just a few? And talk about the clique. So, come to meetings often, And help with hand and heart. Don't be just a member But take an active part. Think this over.......... You Know right from wrong, Are YOU a working member? Or do you just belong!?! 115In stepping forward, one steps Pack, To remember. So are we really stepping backwards? I don't want to let go. All the things that are me. Concealed on my thoughts. Deeply imprinted in my soul, Molding my sculpture, Casting my mind, Into a dream. Confusion, Always, Can't be saved, in a tangle, left to dangle, by a string. 116What is to become of one? One who cares of nothing, But ones self. Lack of understanding About time No conception of others Who waits only but to understand Happiness. The hiss of wet wood put down on a fire — The rush of the wind as it scurries along — A clarion trumpet that voices a challenge — These pleasures are dear to me now For now they are all I have left. 117The Bando There was a bando, a disciplined man, Who marched and played when band camp began. He was dressed in his bucks and pants of maroon, and his shako hat decked up with a plume. His cape was ironed; his buttons were brassy, and in this great uniform he looked very classy. He worked very hard to learn his show, for to competitions and games this marcher would go. to perform to his greatest potential, and keep every little mistake confidential. For he must complete a perfect show, or every judge on the field will know. He is somewhat intelligent and somewhat proud, For when he plays, he plays bold and loud. From the end of August until December, Band is the total life of this member, if there's a show in which he doesn't compete, He goes anyway to watch from his seat. To see how all the other shows look, and find out the place that each band took. He eats, works, and sleeps his show, and to those not in it they’ll never know, how it feels to go out and compete, and see your band first on that scoring sheet. The minute he hears the word attention”, His body becomes stiff and full of tension. He will not move from this perfect mold, until the entire unit is told. As long as he's here he is no longer one, but part of a unit for hard work and fun. The Abington Art Student And along the way there was an art student, he thought his fingers were heavenly sent. He wore a smock of large proportions; in his perspective there were no distortions, in his mind he painted with the brush of Cezanne, but his palette was that of a mortal man. His bohemian way of life was fine; what an excuse to have a good time. He enjoyed his talents and also did we; it was a enjoyment that cost us no fee. 118This is a time Of difficult change As most of our friends Will fade through the haze Come five months time As the summer breaths a sigh. Some will follow paths Which lead them away To far away places And distant atmospheres But the memories of them Will not be forgotten. Others will stay But it won't be the same Without all of them there The way it's always been. To the friends that are leaving I must say good-bye I hope that you make it And hope you fly high. Education is that which remains after one has forgotten all that he learned in school. Ein; To paraphrase Shakespeare. Our world Is a stage in which each one of us Has a role to play. What contribution will our class of '83 make to the future? 119123 Toma didn't get through. Our Town Starring: EJ. Singley Sheri Sadoff... Sally Frank Tanya Perfecky Tom Danta David Allen Lee Fiederer.. .....George Gibbs .......Emily Webb ........Mrs. Gibbs ........Mrs. Webb .........Dr. Gibbs .........Mr. Webb The stage manager Our Town is the saga of a small, New England town, depicting life, love, and death. George Gibbs and Emily Webb fall in love and marry. Emily, after her death, returns for her 12th birthday, but finds that the living are troubled, not realizing their own possibilities. The play is held together by the stage manager, who drifts in and out of the action, setting the scene. Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb 124 The mourners at Emily's funeralSheri sadoff as Emily Webb David Allen as Editor Webb' George and Dr. Gibbs Lee Fiederer as the Stage manager 125Abington Ice Hockey Club Row 1: L. Flnklesteln, B. McCettigan, J. Roller, S. DeFrancesco, Capt. R. Goldstein, D. Mason, Asst. Capt. B. Simon, M. Milanese. Row 2: General Manager J. Galacio, R. Buccafuri, M. Magee. P. Saver, S. Young. M. underwood, M. Bruck, T. Aquino, s. crimlisn, B. Thomer, coach M. Klawiter The Abington ice Hockey Club compiled a record of 11-6-3 this year. The club lost to Cheltenham in the first playoff round. This years team was marked by hustle and hard work and the closeness of the tearm mates pulled them through when it counted. The team improved by leaps and bounds throughout the season and finished in second place in their division. Abington will miss this year's graduating seniors next year: the leadership of Ricky Goldstein; the goal scoring of Steve Young; the playmaking of Bruce Simon; goaitender par excellance, Steve DeFran-cisco; and the shorthanded work of Dave Mason. The seniors of this years team wish the players on next years team the best of luck. 127INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Bottom: Waldman. Shames. Kaye. Top: McGee, Cramp. Vogel ?J2£2r:.y2P,re- Middle: Haeberle. Johnson. Muhl. Top: Johnson. Joseph. Mathis ill psvmm Bottom: Stone, Lee. Flipping. Middle: Baldwin. D'Ella. Top: era sty Look at how he flips that pizza.Bottom: Halle, Olsen, Wright, Gunton Top: Dawson, Rosenthal, Fitzpatrick Bottom: Rawley, Lee, Rasdell. Top: Stone, Spesis, Bradley Bottom: Leech, St. Phard. Middle: Perkins, Hindsman. Top: Boelter, Crenshaw, Nelson Villanova — Champs Final League Standings Team Won LOSt Villanova 7 2 UCLA 7 2 Princeton 6 2 Navy 4 3 Notre Dame 3 4 Temple 2 5 Army 1 6 Penn 1 6 individual Scorers — Final Averages Name Team Total Points Lou Stone Navy 222 Chris Lee Navy 219 Carl Willis Penn 191 John Pollich Army 156 Nelson Durham Princeton 149 Eric Vogel Temple 130 Joe Stone Villanova 123 Hayes Johnson UCLA 121 Jim Lee Villanova 114 Vlady St. Phard Princeton 112 in perhaps one of the best games of this season, Notre Dame edged Temple 89-87. Despite the fact that neither of these teams made the top four in the playoffs — this grudge battle for fifth place was intent. In a winning cause, Wes Olsen netted 26 points and Andy Holle was high man for all teams for the day with 30. In losing this squeeker — Randy Cramp hit for 28: while teammate Mike McGee sank 27 points. In the fight for the cellar — Army slaughtered Penn 61-38 and rightfully now is in seventh place. The big playoff game to determine which two teams will meet for the championship was between Villanova and undefeated Princeton. The blue of Villanova like its college counterpart played a well executed game — handing Princeton its first defeat 56-52. in a well balanced attack, Scott Rawley with 12, Mark Rasdell with 13, and BIG Jim Lee with 10 controlled the offensive boards, in a losing cause, Vlady St. Phard had 17 and Kyle Boelter netted 15 points, in the second semi-final game UCLA won by forfeit over Navy, 2-0. In the championship game Villanova snuck by UCLA 58-54. Villanova was led by Mark Rasdell with 12 points and Jim Lee also with 12. Strong support was given by Scott Rawley with 11 points and Joe Stone and Chris Speis each with 7. Three UCLA players had 13 points in a losing cause. 129The best food you’ll ever get at Ablngton. I thought the gangster was the one who did the holding up. You win, how soon do you want me? OOOh Larry! Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side. 130133Judith Betsy Abramson Mark Adams Jay Adlam Rochelle Ain Time as he grows old 134 Alesia Alexander Ann Alexander Tracy Alexander David Scott AllenDianna Andraka Denise A. Andrews Steven Anthony Douglas Arbittier Daniel Assal lan Austin Levent Aydin Abby Bacal teaches all things — Aeschylus 135 Deborah Bacharach David Baer Ulrich Baer Kathryn BakerThomas Baldwin Sharon E. Ballard Move your hand, I can't see the answer. Sheila B. Ballen Edward Bangor I've got two words for you and Sara C. Barbella Stacy Bardol Donna Marie Barlow Lara A. Barnard 136Joy Bimson Jane Blackburn Sandra Blackwell 137 Robert Benner Stephen R. Bilyk Stephon dies Bing Johnna Bense Paula Jane Bense Robert Damon Bigelow they're not Merry Christmas.” — Vincent Pezzullo Fred L. Beard Patricia R. Bauerle Maureen p. BearJacqueline Blount Suzanne Bockman Heidi Bockoi Tara L. Boell Kyle Boelter Bret w. Boland Kimberly Bolig Norma Carol Bond A friend is, as it were, Kathleen Ann BonfigHo Joanne Borigini Russell c. Bower Brian Bowers 138Shawn Bracken William Bradley a second self — Marcus Cicero 139 Craig Braverman Kathleen Brennan Joan Brickman Geoffrey BristowAndrew D. Broder Brian Broker Donna Brown Leslie Kim Brown Michele Brown Stephen Brown Thaedine Angella Brown Wanda Brown isn't that neat?” 140 Scott William Bryan Cynthia Ann Bryce Lawrence Byron Steven Buerger— Samuel Roeder David Brian Capin Scott CapoBianchi Cheryl Lee Carrigan Michael Carminati Edward Busch Debora Candeub Linda Caine Joseph s. Calci Amy Busch Jeffery Thomas Call Tracy BurgessScott Chatburn Kimberly Chiodo 104 Riches cover a multitude Daniel Chizever Michael Chizever Bonnie ChristensenDominic Clliberto Angela V. Cirigliano Charles Clark Mary E. Coe Howard w. Cohen Staci Cohen Stephen A. Cohen Sherri llene Cohen of woes. — Menander 145 Daniel Connell Christopher Connelly Cigi Conti Donna Cooper Tracy Cornell Jeanine Cornilott Ronald Corrado Randall Cramp Anne Cramton Cregg Spencer Crawford Michelle Creely 146 “Peon! — Ste Savino Costanzo Megan Costello William Coulston Daniel Winfield Covert Debra CosenzaSteven Alan Crimlish James Crowther Randy Culp Kathleen Cupo l wish l could get this apple out of my tooth. ven Stewart 147 Thomas Cuslck Hope Dabney David Dafilou Nicola D’AmoreCynthia Dare John E. Davine Wendy colleen Davis Stephen DeFrancesco Ann Marie DeLaughter Guillermo DeLeon Anthony D’Elia Joseph L. Denelsbeck. Jr. Education is the best David DePass Timothy Michael Deserable Denise B. Devoe Donna L. Dlegel 148Richard DiPasquale Joanne DiTella Robert Dockstader Victoria Dolceamore provision for old — Aristotle 149 Kenneth Dorsey John Dowd Virginia Downs Edward T. DoyleEllen P. Duggan “X2 = -Not Michelle E. Dunn Edward Durham Nelson M. Durham 150 Hillary D. Dunn Today, Not Anthony EberhardtKaren Lee Eckert Laurie B. Edelman John M. Eyre Maryanne Fahs John P. Fairfield James Fanelli Adam Howard Feldman Mary L. Felley Tomorrow, Not Any Day! Miska Mechlowitz Elisa R. Fine Kim Fisch Rebecca M. Fischer Sally Ann Fisher 151BEST LOOKING BEST PERSONALITY Dan Connell — Megan Costello 152 Randi Cramp — Meltem ReclkMOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Alan Kintisch — Michele Silberman CLASS JOCK 153 Brian Neely — Cynthia CastleJames D. Fitzgerald Mary Pat Fitzgerald Stephen R. Fitzpatrick Constance A. Flanigan Daniel Fleck Michele Fleck Rodney Fleck Kristin F. Flickinger Time is the most valuable Michael Flipping Yvette Flipping John Flynn David L. Force 154Karin Lisa Fox Lisa Franz School Spirit! thing a man can spend — Theophrastus 155 Tracy Freed Michael Freeman Stafford E. Freeman Beatriz S. CaglianeseTheodore R. Caines Jeannette Gallagher Maria Armande Caul Theresa Gaydos James R. Gear Tracy George Janet Gerhard Karen Ciller S.o.S. — stamp Out Donna Giovinazzo Oren Giskan Dolores A. Godshall Stuart Gold 156Jennifer L. Goldberg Eric Goldbiatt Eric Scott Goldstein Margo R. Good Edward S. Gottlieb Diane Goodell Stupidity!'' — H. Samuel Stewart Mary Elizabeth Grastv Peter Lars Gravener Michael Gray Aaron K. Green 157Steven Griet Carmelia Griffin Nothing worth having 158 Julie Gump Richard Gunther David C. Haas Norman E. HceberleBernadette M. Haggerty Sherry Lynn Hahn Andrew J. Halle Randy Hamilton Nancy L. Hanna Lorraine Harbison Michael Hardcastle Sharon Adele Hardman is easy to get James Harris Catherine P. Hartman David Mark Headman Christopher Hector 159Mary Heuges Brian Hewish Leo Hildebrand Elizabeth R. Hill 160 De-doo, de-doo, Mary Heinrich Mark Helwig Aphrodite M. Henderson Ceorge Charles Henderson Susan L. Hendrickson Anne Lee Hensman Kenneth Herrmann Ronald Michael HessElizabeth Hodgson David Hoehn de-doo! Eilleen Foley Kiss me; l got the signal Sean Tevlin Hindsman cathleen Hodgson Marvin Hill Stewart w. HillThis three isn't a crowd. It's a good thing we are getting rid of this shipment. I already told you I have plans for Saturday night. I wonder why I always see things from a different perspective? Shiiliiiiiiiiiiiip. 162 Abington's first annual handball Olympics.AROUND THE SCHOOL Which way to the student lounge? I’m glad I don't do windows! If only I had some suntan lotion. 3:04 P.M. — The calm before the storm! South Campus after a Chemistry class did an experiment.Sandra Lee Jesse Francis Johnson words have a longer Kevin Johnson Lynne Hoppe Regina Howard Jennifer Johnson Carl D. Humes Gail H. Hopen Michele Terese Jay Glenn G. Huber Mary Hubley Chlara Felice HollowayKevin Keating Gina Keller Kevin R. Kelly Robert T. Kerner life than deeds — Pinder Joyce Justice Lisa S. Kamenir Cindy Katz Dianna C. Kauderer James H. Kaufman Janice Kaufmann Thomas Joyce Robert Steven KayeDina B. Kia-Noury Mark Killeen Let’s do the time warp! Jacob Chulsung Kim Christopher Scott King “It's as simple as Alan Meyer Kintisch Christine Kirk Glenn H. Kitnick Randi H. Klazmer 166Jennifer Kleintz Paul Kline Kathy Alyce Klock Allison Kluger Wendy Anne Kowalczyk Jonathan Kowlt Jonathan B. Kramer Randi S. Kremer that. — Mr. Bruce Gill Merri Lynn Krom Aaron Wayne Krugman Theresa Jo Kuhn Judy Ann Kunkel 167Glen Kurowski Deborah Kuss Edward Lackman Dianna Lambert Marla Beth Landis David Gerard Lang Michael Lankin Lisa Larose People often begrudge others what Cheryl Lassen James Albert Lee Donna Leibowitz David Leistrum 168Craig Arthur Lerch Meryl Levenberg Don’t you be eyeballing me. they cannot enjoy themselves. Sherri Levitt Annette Lindley Ellen Lishnoff Lynn Lizerbram 169Maryann Lodise Stephen Loeffler Marc Logan Robert Lokken Nicholas Lomastro John A. Lucas Rebecca Lucas This function is foaming David Ludwig Denise Lukasavage David Lumpe Julie Lumpe 170Michael A. Lute Michael Magee Mark J. Magilner Coleen Magruder Michael Mahon Patrick N. Malarkey wm. Barry Malpass Alexander M. Mancini at the mouth. Rodney Rathbun 171 Janine Manco Patricia Markey Alan Keith Marks Jonathan Neil MarshallSenior CLASS WIT Chuck Townsend and Friend Janet Gerhard 172BEST DRESSED Kyle Boelter Alice SwiftDavid Mason veronica Mason Michael Shawn Mathis Kathleen Matthews illegal Procedure! It is thrifty to prepare for today Joseph M. Maupay Tracy Mayo Jacqueline A. MacAdams Maureen McCall 174John McCourt Kevin McCown Leigh McDonald Eleanor McFadden Teresa McFadden Margaret Mary McGee Michael McGee Kevin McGonagle for the wants of tomorrow. — Aesop Eileen McHale Rose Ann McKenry Arthur McManus 175Tina A. 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Smith Stephen Snyder Vickie SnyderVladimir St. Phard Charles Stamets Norris Stansbury Andrew Steigerwald this afternoon. — William Lucian Brian Sopinsky Neil Bryan Spak Jill Susan Spector John George SpencerALL AMERICAN 192 Dave Willard — Lisa TomlinsonMOST PREPPY Jim Crowthers — Salley Barbella MOST INTELLIGENT CLASS COUPLE SOAP) OPERA Julie Cumpe — Anthony Stone 193 Helen Shin — Eric GoldbiattAmy B. Steingard Richard S. Stephens Christine Stewart Donald Stoduto Kenneth Noel Stoeffler Jill Susan stoerrle Anthony Adam stone Lewis Stone — The Reward of a thing well Denise A. Storiali Leeann Strittmatter Kelly Ann Stubanas Alice Swift 194195 Marianne F. Tancor Robert Thomer Eric Thompson Carol Anne Thorp Lisa A. Thomlinson William Thompkins Robert Toppi Celeste T. Tornetta Charles Townsend Denise M. Trevlyn Theresa Tunstall Joseph H. Turco done is to have it done. — EmersonThe sign says it all. 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Zivitz William Burnett Seniors Not Pictured William Adams Nina Andrews Susan Berwind Amy Bradburd Joseph Carrol Toby Carroll Blanca Chirinos Adrienne Clifton Donald Coccimlglio Joseph Cotroneo Robert Danta Tomas Danta Rennee Dinkins Suzanne Epstein Jon Farr Sandra Ferguson Carmella Flipping Gloria Gaskin Charles Gilliam Christine Gleeson Robert Gramlich Hairston Eric Hairston Timothy Hance Joseph Harkins ill Hughes David Jacobs Brian Johnson Howard Katz Kenneth laCroix Wences lautes Dale Christopher Lee Faustina Lynch David Mallozzi Peter Mancini Mike Marshall Daniel May John Macvaugh Michael McAndrew Susan McCormick George Mench m Russell Messinger Deborah Miller Paul Oneto Eric Opanel william Pfender Andrew Rowe John Ruggieri Thomas Scheei Frank Schiller Lisa Scott Joshua Shoenfeid Marc Silverberg Robert Spadafora Christopher Speiss John Staerk Stephen Sykes Donald Vitelli Stephen woodruff Robert Young Beth zschunkein Memoriam Wendy Lee Garbutt December 12, 1964 — August 20, 1981 Wendy, a member of the class of 1983, died in the summer of 1981. Her involvement with the girls swimming team, school life, and her church made her an integral part of her class and community. Most importantly, she was always ready to help her friends and lend support whenever neccessary. Her laughter could change frowns to smiles with ease. Wendy’s personality reflected her love of rainbows, radiating an optomistic outlook on life. With such a bright future before her, it is difficult to comprehend why it was cut so short. Graduation is a time for new beginning and also a time to recall past high school experiences. As the class of 1983 completes its passage through the high school years, she will be missed; however, Wendy's spirit, personality, and memory will always be with her classmates. 202204Reflections How many times did we sit in American Studies and wonder why we had to study history? It's difficult to relate to events that occurred many years ago. As we the Class of ’83 spend our last year at Abington, we will become part of history. We are the last class to graduate from South Campus as we know it. After this year North Campus will be known as Abington Junior High comprising grades 7, 8, 9 and South Campus will be officially Abington Senior High with grades 10,11,12. Upon entering North Campus, our worst fears sprang to life. The odd side of the building looked identical to the even side! One could easily get lost at North! The office readily supplied maps of the school, but who knew how to find the office. Once we had chartered routes to our respective classes, the hallways of North became familiar. Then new dilemmas arose, we had to decide where we should spend our free mods. Roaming from clinic to clinic, we longed for other places to spend free time. Well South took this burden away from us, and now we attend our assigned studies ... obediently? The halls of South Campus were even more complicated than North's because dodging Mrs. Haggerty was a real challenge. Also, ringing in your ears constantly would be the tone of the late bells! South, however, offered many privileges. For instance, the bathrooms were no longer health hazards and there was time to eat a full course lunch, if one desired. Gym classes became more interesting because at South Campus they were coed. However, the mad dash to gym on the day of reckoning could be dangerous. Those friendly classmates suddenly became a wild pack of competitors who like yourself only wanted to avoid being plagued with swimming. At South we received an additional privilege. Students were granted parking spaces! This, at first, seemed to be the ultimate! On Friday afternoon, however, your best driving skills would be tested repeatedly! This year our school spirit has been overwhelming! The hallways were bright and cheerful because of the many students who participated in Clash Day, Hawaiian Day, Formal Day, Sweats and Bandana Day, and Maroon and White Days. This spirit and enthusiasm was brought to various activities such as the Varsity A Club's Halloween-Rollerskating Party which some people never attended because they couldn't find Jamison Roller Rink! The Student Council sponsored a successful dance with T.J.’s. And we can't forget the fantastic winter play Our Town and this spring’s fabulous musical Crease! We faithfully continued the pep rally and bonfire tradition before the big Cheltenham Abington football game. This year our football team had a winning season. We were also privileged to cheer a championship basketball team for two consecutive years and the tennis and soccer teams achieved many honors. 206During our thirteen years of schooling, we witnessed many international, national, and even local events that have changed the course of history. In 1972 a new word became part of the English language, Watergate. Richard Nixon resigned and shocked the country. For the first time the United States was run by an unelected president and vice president. The Viet Nam war finally ended and Abington experienced a major earthquake. During the midst of the oil crisis, when gasoline prices sky-rocketed, Abington schools had extra vacation days in order to conserve energy. The Three Mile Island near-disaster caused many Americans to question the safety and benefits of nuclear power and armaments. Jimmy Carter's term in office had its achievements and disappointments. We all discussed the precedent of the Camp David Accord between Israel and Egypt and then the country was shocked by the Iranian Crisis. In the 80's the world was alarmed by the attempted-assassinations of President Reagan and Pope John Paul II. We were also saddened by the deaths of John Lennon, Anwar Sadat, Leonid Brezhnev, Henry Fonda, and Grace Kelly. Closer to home we miss our former classmate Wendy Garbutt and former teachers Richard Lavelle and William Young. Twenty years from now when we sit and tell our children of the good old days, will they laugh when we tell them candy bars were 35C, gas was $1.00 and you could buy a news- paper for a quarter? We'll always remember the Rocky Horror Picture Show, concerts at J.F.K., Bruce Springstein, Pink Floyd, the Who, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zepplin. Will we be able to describe the excitement throughout Abington when the Willow Grove Mall was built? Bloomies, A S, and Altman's created a fashion center in the heart of our community. The designer jeans, preppy look, and Valley Girls flourished in the 70's and 80’s. How can we justify the return of the minis when we ourselves mocked the Brady Bunch girls? We’ll be remembered as the television generation. We began as toddlers with Sesame Street. Then with the Happy Days we experienced adolescence. More recently our world was shattered when J.R. was shot and Laura Baldwin was killed. As our children sit in front of their T.V.s watching M A S H reruns, will we be able to explain to them the sentiment the show received when it left the air? Looking back, the last thirteen years went by quickly. Our childhood is now a part of history. In the future we will not share the same experiences. But, we will be facing the challenges of the real world as some of us marry, some attend college, some enter the service and others obtain jobs; and all share the same hopes for happy and fulfilling lives. Michele Silberman 207Ardsley Elementary school Rydal Elementary School Clenside Weldon Elementary School Hamilton Elementary School Willow Hill Elementary school Roslyn Elementary School The Class of '83 ... Highland Elementary school McKinley Elementary School Overlook Elementary School Rockledge Elementary School 208The Last of a Tradition Huntingdon Junior High School Abington High School, South Campus GRADUATION - (PREREQUISITE - WO OUTSTANDING UBRARY FINES) GR XlAT)ON IS A TUjO HOUR, NON-CREIXT SEMINAR UbOALl bCMLDOLED OUTDOORS IN THREATENING WEATHER GENERALLY, A SPEAKER GETS UP AND SAYS THAT YOUR GENERATION IS THE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE A yAEWHAT UNSETTLING THOUGHT WHEN YOU REALIZE HE S REFERRING TD THE SAME ClOOJNS YOO WENT TO SCHOOL WITH THE speaker WOULD PROBABLY HAVE SGCDNO KXfcHTS ABOUT WAKING SUCH RASH STATEMENTS IF HE COULD SEE THE SHAPE MOST OF THESE PEOPLE WILL BE IN THE NEXT DAY 209STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: L. Fiederer, M. Crasty, D. Greene, F. Alahverde, M. Greenberg. A. Swift. J. Lewis. R. Lyde, D. Capin, J. sobolski, K. Timbers. M. Schneller, M. Strange, T. Traynor, D. Lerch, J. Gross. S. Lotz, D. Lotz. Row 2: B. sarma, S. schecter, M. Chamberlain, c. Lassen. P. Enright. T. Santry, A. Rubin, c. Gaber. C. Hartman. G. Hopen, M. Recik, M. Creely, D. Roesser. M. Sanders. L. Franz. L. Dash. M. Christian, A. Godwin. G. Henderson, D. Bacharach. R. Kaye, M. Heughes, S. Ballen.Row 3: L. Maher, B. DeLeon, N. Kaji, M. Cropper. P. Bauerle. D. Kia-Noury.T. Alexander, c.Tornetta. L. Urn, j. Altman, J. Fields. D. werchoski. S. Frank, J. Kaye, C. Castle, T. Cusik, N. Vance, L. Crimian. A. Crimian, S. Jack, T. Gallant. Row 4: D. Connell, M. Costello. J. Gear. OFFICERS The South Campus Student Council has once again proven to be a successful organization. The main objective of the student council was to raise money for the Abington Scholarship Fund, one of the many activities of the student council was the distribution of carnations to the students and faculty during homeroom on Valentines Day. 212 Row 1: A. Alexander, J. Gerhard, Mr. T. Nyman. Row 2: A. Godwin. N. Kaji. S. Park, J. Meyer. R. Kaye, S. Schecter.SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL Row 1: B. Sarma, D. Connell, L. Franz, L. Pauza, R. Peal, T. Kuhn, D. Leibowitz, B. Broker, R. vetri, R. Goldstein. Row 2: D. Kia-Noury. M. Costello, D. Bacharach, M. Silberman, A. Schwartz. A. Alexander, v. wood, S. Schecter, M. Jay. D. Young. T. santry, K. Williams. S. Cohen. H. Dunn, E. Hale, J. Cornllot, L. Strlttmatter, J. Spector, C. Tornetta, D. Lambert. G. Huber. T. Alexander. Row 3 (sitting): A. Mosee, D. Kuss. E. Fine. R. Corrado. M. Sanders, G. Henderson. Row 3 (standing): c. Hartman, D. Milligan. A. Yarberina. B. Ripley, L. Schumann, s. Shepherd, C. Lassen. R. Dinkins. W. Mitchell. P. Reme. J. Neff. J. Gerhard. L. Caine. J. Blount. A. Swift. S. Pinkett. S. Phillips. T. Cornell. D. Storiali. Row 4: T. Cusick. D. Mason. K. Eckert, C. Lassen. S. Ballen. A. Saurman, L. Novack, P. Zivitz, D. Chizever. s. Miller, s. Levitt, R. Kremer, K. Fisch, Y. zaslow. A. Shames, G. Hopen, J. Kaufman. R. Fleck, J.R. Gear, A. Scherrer OFFICERS The main purpose of the Senior Class Council is to provide a successful, but inexpensive, Senior Prom. The year started off with a profitable Hogie Sale. During the holiday season ornaments were sold to help facilitate the prom expenses. 1983 started off with a bang at the Battle of the Bands. The spring brought about the annual volleyball night. The year ended with a very successful Senior Prom. 21 s Row 1: c. Lassen. Row 2: J. Gear. M. Costello. A. Swift, Mr. MartinJUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL Row 1: M. Liebman, T. Leitch, J. Friedman, S. Pugliese, C. Turn, R. Colding, L. Brice, M. Yarnoff, S. Shorr. Row 2: A. Philips, D. Harris. J. Meyer, S. Park, J. Kaye, T. Perfecky, P. McManus, K. Melnic. Row 3: F. Koche, A. Silverman, E. Frank, C. Furcon, A. Godwin, A. Goldstein, D. Werchoski, L. Kabfleisch, T. Gallant, G. Fox. OFFICERS The Junior Class Council consisted of a group of students elected to represent the class of 1984. This group organized various fund raising activities in order to cover the cost of the Junior Prom. The activities included dances, candy sales, a holiday gift sale, and gym nights. Heavy participation was shown by active representatives and members-at-large. The group was very creative and tried to find activities that would please all groups of students. Not only did council members participate but many other students were interested and active as well. All in ail the group was very successful. Thanks for all the support!! 214 C. Reed, F. Alahverde, T. Traynor, D. Lerch.HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: A. Busch, J. Meyer, s. Bochman, M. McGee. K. Praeger, A. Kluger. P. Reme. B. Broker, M. Heages. N. Hanna, M. Felley, H. Shin, S. Weber, A. Henderson, C. Rowland, E. lishnoff. B. Simon. Row 2: P. Mott. R. zager, A. Scherrer. B. DeLeon, J. Davine. P. DuBois, S. Ballen. R. Kaye, B. Sarma, P. Malarkey, D. Kia-Noury. M. Silberman. K. Klock, J. Neff. M. Sanders. L. Edelman. L. McDonald, L. Leon. Row 3: D. Connell, D. Covert. C. Stewart. K. Baker. D. Dieterly, N. Ray, D. Diegal. A. Saurman. M. Jay. R. vetri, S. Barbella, J. Spector. T. Santry. E. Vogel, A. Shames. J. Silver, s. Shamlian. Row 4: M. Carminati, E. Goldblatt, S. Cohen, D. Arbittier, S. Schecter. R. Fleck. M. Hubley, D. Giovinazzo. A. Nemec, T. Cusick, H. Russell, R. Gunther, S. Ballard. D. Andraka, D. Milligan, J. Blount. OFFICERS The National Honor Society recognizes students who excell in school by electing them to membership. The society embraces high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. in addition The Abington Chapter of the National Honor Society serves the school in two ways. It provides a tutorial service available to any student and also gives a scholarship at graduation to a student with financial need. 215 C. Rowland, S. Ballard. P. Mott. D. Connell.BLACK STUDENT UNION Row i: D. Young, C. Grastv, J. Fitzgerald, S. Bing, L. Donnell, C. Broomer. Row 2: A. Mosee, J. Blount, J. Williams, S. Vaughn, S. Phillips, K. Williams, R. Peal, S. Pinkett, M. Prillerman, P. Dennis, Y. Flipping, M. Crasty, L. Brice, S. Hindsman. Row 3: W. Fitzgerald. K. Chachi, B. Neely, D. Vaughn, c. Holloway, V. St. Phard. R. Dinkins, S. Rawley, A. Rowe. OFFICERS Row 1: A. Swift, T. Gaines, S. Parham. Row 2 W. Mitchell, Mr. I Martin. P. Reme. The Black Student union's purpose as an organization is to provide social outlets and to raise scholarship money for academically superior students, who contribute time to the organization. The Black Student Union has had many dances this year, as well as Fashion Show. their annual Scholarship Dinner and Fashion Show. As a group the organization works as a whole to contribute a part of themselves to the school and the community.PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM Presidential Classroom is a non-partisan, nonprofit educational program in Government. During a rigorous seven days in the nation's capital, students are exposed to The Federal Government. The organization structure and the human substance that shapes the character of its operations. Formal seminars and on site briefings are conducted by government leaders at the decision making level and key observers of official Washington. Row 1: R. Kaye, j. Gerhard, A. Nemec, J.R. Gear. Row 2: C. Rowland. D. Kia-Noury, S. Dimetrosky, T. Wilson. Not Pictured — A. Kintisch. A. Scherrer. WORLD AFFAIRS FORUM Row 1: B. Sarma, S. Dimetrosky, C. Flanigan, S. Bailen, S. Bockman, M. Levenberg, E. Lishnoff, H. Bockol. Row 2: Mr. Salerno, J. Woo, F. Alahverde, H. Shay. J. Maxwell, M. Rosenberg, C. Lee, S. Yi, M. Turner. T. Robb Mr. Jerry Rosen The South Campus Forum Club is an activity which fosters student interest in world affairs. Various activities such as; field trips to Washington, D.C. and New York's United Nations, a guest lecture from Mr. Jerry Rosen of the Anti-Defamation League, and in-house workshops stimulate student involvement, in addition, students become involved in fund raisers with the intention of awarding student participants in a current events essay contest. 217FRENCH CLUB Row 1: J. Neff, M. Sanders, B. Sarma, R. Vetri, A. Bacal, H. Bockol, S. Meller, E. lishnoff, D. Bacharach, L. Saurman, D. Connell. Row 2: N. Hanna. M. McGee, S. Ballen, S. Frank, A. Godwin, D. Goldhlrsh, S, Park, A. Henderson, J. Meyer, D. Kia-Noury, M. Sllberman, A. Feldman, D. Dieterly, S. Bardol, Mrs. Reiff. Row 3: M. McVay, U. Baer, E. Doyle, M. Felley. The French Club tries to enrich the cultural background of its members by familiarizing the French cuisine, language, and arts. Activities include French movies, French dinners (cooked by the members), and a multi-language club banquet. Money is raised by various types of sales throughout the year. SPANISH CLUB The 1982-83 Spanish Club, faithfully led by Senora Galshack, has had a very successful year. Throughout the school year, the club raised money by having bake sales and candy sales. With the profits raised through these sales, the club was able to give large sums of money as scholarships to several exceptional Spanish students. 218 Row 1. M. Strange, J. Woo, A. Shames, Mrs. Galshack. G. Gutierrez, Y. Zaslow. R. Johns. Row 2: C. Shuman, L. Lizerbram, V. wood, S. Epstein, J. Brickman, K. Fisch, S. Meller, L. Maher.ITALIAN CLUB Row 1: D. Reale, N. lomastro, K. Ciller, M. Catonl, J. Abramson, S. Costanzo, N. Haberle, B. Alexander, M. Good, W. Kowalczyk. Row 2: A. DeLaughter, S. Eberhardt, M. callo, C. Kline, E. Doyle, J. Kaufmann, M. Caul, C. Hartman, Mr. Pezzullo, J. Casey, B. Cagllanese, M. Mallozzi, D. Wagner, U. Baer, C. Kennedy, D. spagnolia, K. Durkin. LATIN CLUB The 1982-83 Italian Club had another extremely successful year. Under the outstanding supervision of Mr. Vincent Pezzullo they not only learned the language, but the culture as well. The Italian Club sponsored many marvelous activities throughout the year. Our bake sales, T-shirt sales, and our ever popular lollipop sales enabled us to take several educational trips. The Port of History Museum, and the Italian Market were among the trips taken this year. Every member of the Italian Club participated in order to raise money for our trips, and also for our awards which were given at the end of the year to students who have achieved excellence in their class. ARRIVEDERCI! Row 1: M. Logan, J. Hoffman, M. Krom, Y. Zaslow, T. Cornell, J. Kaufmann, K. Mundy, R. Kremer, J. Brickman, J. woo, K. Mehik, B Holland, H. Shin, D. Kia-Noury. Row 2: D. Allen, E. Doyle, B Tompkins, 8. Bradley, A. Ochroch. Mr. Pezzullo, M. Helwig. H. Goldman, S. Epstein, F. Koche, s. Yi, N. Vance, J. Robb, H. Shay, M. Felley. This year the Latin Club, led by Mr. Vincent Pezzullo, engaged itself in many exciting activities, like a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to observe mythological artifacts. The members in this club learn that Latin is not a dead language. Each year this club comes up with unique and fascinating events. They participate in car washes, bake sales, lollipop sales, and the renowned, traditional Toga Party. Money obtained this year is used to make awards for excellence in Latin. The money is also used to pay for the entrance fees to museums, a possible New York trip, senior dinner, and other expenses which members incur in club matters. 219AFFILIATION CLUB Row 1: J. Altman, D. Werchoski, J. Meyer, A, Busch, J. Blackburn, U. Baer, C. Humes, D. Bacharach, N Kaji, J. Mandler, A. Godwin, F. Alahverde, E. Fine. Row 2: S. Park, A. Henderson, M. McVay, J. Doyle, L. Leon, S. Shaamllan, D. Goldhirsh, H. Bockol, E. Lishnoff, S. Levitt, s. Meller, R. Zager, C. Stewart, L. Lizerbram. Row 3: A. Gaberina, B. Ripley, J. Cornilot. L. Strittmatter. S. Frank, G. Henderson, B. Mahoney, L. Edelman, P. Mott. Row 4: Mrs. Stefanelli, D. Covert. B. Dockstader, J. Robb, H. Shay, M. Lackman, L. Caine, J. Maxwell, C. Castle, M. Fitzgerald, M. Fozz. T. Kuhn, K. Fox, A. Steingard, A. Scherer, J. Kim. Mrs. Cawley. The Affiliation Club deals with the exchange students attending Abington each year. All of our events are sponsored with the money gained from daily candy sales. In the fall, the Affiliation Club went apple-picking, and other events included a Christ- mas party and a picnic in the park. All of our events are planned with the purpose of having our exchange students meet with the other people of the school. AVIATION CLUB The Aviation Club, sponsored by Mr. Butler, is a club open to students at South Campus. The club is designed to further the members knowledge in aviation and aerospace. 220 Sitting: R. Littig, c. Henderson. M. Rubin, s. vaiette, J. McGee, w. Huche, J. Kaufman, J. McParland. Standing: M. Kimes. E. Bangor, M. Turner. K. Gelman, B. Hertzberg, D. White, C. Czerwonka, R. Dobrowolski, P. Lempa, K. Schneider.USHERETTES Row 1: B. Sarma, M. Sanders, C. Bryce. B. Christensen, D. Dieterly, R. Lyde, N. Lewis. I. Stauffer, C. Turn. Row 2: K. Skasko, K. Klock, M. Wolfson, L. Saurman, C. Furcon, N. Vance, V. Swoope. Mrs. Lee, The Abington usherettes render their services at various school functions. They can be found ressed in maroon and white in the halls of Abington on Back to School Night. They assist in the distribu- tion of programs, and the collection of tickets at the various school functions. The major activity of the Usherettes is the graduation ceremony in June. KEY CLUB Row 1: C. Hartman, V. Wood. R. Lyde, K. Praeger, B. Christensen, L. Miller. Row 2: K. Klock, A. Krugman, J. Abramson. J. Crowther, D. Weingarten. The Abington Key Club, under the direction of Mrs. M. Cohen, worked with the kiwanis Clubs of America. This year the Key Club raised money for the Leukemia Society of America through various fund raising activities. The Key Club also aided the mentally handicapped students of Rydalbrook School with basketball, swimming, and the Special Olympics, working with Mrs. Cohen were: President — Aaron Krugman, Vice-President — Judy Abramson, Treasurer — Beatriz Caglianese, and Secretary — Susan McCormick. 221F.B.L.A. Row 1: B. Gaglianese, M. Brown, K. Klock. K. Cupo, D. Muhl. L. Tomlinson, C. Huber, B. Hill, B. Fox, M. Fahs, T. Stella, M. Chlzever. Row 2. D. Welngarten, S. Chatburn, B. Nowack, J. Moore, P. Wallace, R. Cramp, S. Blackwell, D. Liebowitz, C. Rowland, L. Hoppe. K. Flsch, S. Levitt. M. Farnell, J. Clark, R. Toppl, T. Tunstall, A. Krugman. The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization available to students who are presently taking a business course. F.B.L.A. develops competent, agressive business leadership, and strengthens the confidence of students in themselves and their work. It develops character, prepares them for useful citizenship, and assists students in the establishment of occupational goals. The activities and projects in which F.B.L.A. takes part in are planned by the F.B.L.A. national chapter. SCHOOL STORE The School Store at Abington South Campus is an activity and service which teaches the students who work there the factors of economic decision and business administration. The staff is aided by Mrs. R. Weinstein, and consists of students with business oriented schedules. The profits are contributed to the Future Business Leaders of America Club s Scholarship fund. The School Store is an invaluable attribute to the school, making it convenient for students to purchase school supplies. 222 Mrs. Weinstein, T. Tunstall, B. Toppi, J. Marshall, R. Fisher, K. Klock, A. Krugman. K. Cupo, D. welngarten. Not Pictured — B. Gaglianese.LIBRARY AIDES Row 1: M. Wolfson, N. Lewis, B. Caglianese, A. DeLaughter, M. Rhode. S. Parham. R. Peal, a. Krugman. Row 2: J. Marshall, Mrs. Simon. S. Jackson, K. Skasko. Library Aides are students who devote some of their study time working in the library. The aides file cards into the card catalog, shelve books and records, check out books, and write overdue notices. The aides work with: Librarians — Miss J. Yeagle and Mrs. J. Simon, Clerk — Mrs. J. Spangler, and Secretary — Mrs. E. Devine. SWIMMING AIDES Clockwise from 9:00: K. Bolig, M. Chamberlain, K. Cook, R. Lyde, T. George, C. Lassen N. Hanna, S. Jesse, Miss Grebe, A. Godwin, S. Gamburg. M. Bahls, L. Schumann S. Shepherd, R. Fees, J. Kaufmann, T. VanVorhees, C. Downey, D. Barlow. Swimming Aides at South campus have several responsibilities. They serve as student teachers for the fifth graders who participate in aquatics. There are seven day instructional periods, in which each week a new group of fifth graders come to swim. 223CREATIVE STUDIES PROGRAM Row 1: M. Dunn, L. Kamenir, P. Warner, R. Klazmer, A. Bacal, H. Bockol, S. Ballen, M. Levenberg, D. Glovinazzo.J- Davme. E. Ochroch, 0. Arbittier. Row 2: J. Waldman, D. Milligan. M. Landis, M Schwartz, S. Meller, A. Krugman, J. Abramson, C. Flanigan, C. Hopen. B. Abrams, L. Edelman, B. Simon, R. vetri, J. Goldberg. Just what is the CSP program? This program allows students to spend part of their school day at various placements and locations throughout the Delaware valley, it enables them to test” their interests in various professional and educational atmospheres. Such placements include the field of medicine, social services, psychology, law, both in attorneys' offices and judges' chambers. Many members of the Cre- ative Studies Program are also involved as teachers' aides in both private and elementary schools in this area. They aid youngsters in standard classes and those students who have learning problems. Essentially it gives the members of the CSP program an overview of a particular career where the student can see the day to day experiences that make up that program. THEATRE HONORARY Theatre Honorary, sponsored by Mrs. M. Cohen, is an organization of Abington High school's most devoted actors and technicians. Membership is obtained through the acquisition of points earned throughout the year by participating in various areas of stage production.CHESS TEAM A. Cohen. D. Covert, E. Coldblatt, C. Henderson, D. Allen, 0. Clskin. Not Pictured—J Silver. This year the Chess Team finished with nine wins and three losses. The team owes its great record to the different members, and to the expert guidance of Mr. P. Swedberg. DEBATE TEAM H. Coldman, R. Lyde, D. Arbittier, 0. Ciskan, J. Gerhard, S. Cohen. E. Coldblatt. This season the debate team started the season with dreams of winning it all. The team has had good seasons for the last two years, and is hoping to con- tinue that record. The teams success would not have been possible without the outstanding leadership of Dr. R. Burt. 225A B I N C T 0 N I A N Team Prepares for Long, Hard Season by: Doug Arbittier It was an afternoon to remember. The two teams congregated on the battlefield. Raids were shaken tut there was an aura of tens ion surrounding the activities. The two teams knew they were cnly putting on an exhibition of their talents, but there was a great sense of seriousness penetrating all who attended. Their weapons were abundant and their strategies vicious. Spectators of the event could only hope that no serious injuries would be inflicted. The coach called all present to attention and then stated those inmortal words: Let the games begin. Silence fell upon the battlefield as the first sportsman took the pod i i.m. The podium?! That's right. You have ju t read about the nnments leading up to the first practice of the Abington Debate Team's season. Seeing hew most of Abington's Homecoming Queen and Her Court: From left to right: Alice Swift, Monica Sanders, Trish Santry, Megan Costello, Kelly Timbers, Leslie Donnell, Donna Lotz Drug Survey Proves Reform Needed In Abington Schools and Community Board Makes Announcement i Step One: 0. Ciskln, P. Bense, E. coldblatt, S. Cohen, step Two: F. Mikelberg, P. Bauerle. H. Shin, M. Felley. Step Three: A. Kluger. M. Sllberman, A. Silverman, D. Hoehn. J. Kaye. Step Four: H. Goldman, J. Davine. S. Dimetros-ky, J.R. Gear. Step Five: P. Gravener, J. Kim, D. Arbittier. E. Doyle. 226 Vol. LVIV, No. 4 Abi ' C W -nool. South Compus, Abington, Pa. 19001 Feb. 25, 1983 DRAFT BEER, NOT MEN Problems with Draft Uncovered Edward Doyle Mr. Norman Schmid and Ms. Patricia Elliot talk to reporter Stephen Cohen. Elliot Reappointed Principal of 7-9 by: John Davine Ms. Patricia J. Elliot was reappointed principal of grades 7, 8, aid 9 on January 25. The school board voted seven to two in favor of the appointment. This selection followed the January 11 meeting during which the original pointment of Ms. Elliot was rescinded w a vote of 4 to 3 (1 tion, 1 absentee). ity of parent'- . who spoke » 7 25 S1; •ur Dr. grottenthaler, super int coder ton School C prised at the my past experience, says Dr. Grottenthaler, that [a rescission] hasn't happened. ided v ¥ Dr. Grottenthaler recommended Ms. Elliot for the,r a| it ion after careful tion of all candid candidates, Mr Ms. Ell 'AW -4ieldon Erwine .«n Skilton, J' - tvo prindipal- uie North and South .es. Dr. Grottenthaler made his decision on three bases: first, written recanmendations from five professionals who know all four candidates were scrutinized; second, the candidates' concepts for handling -uree grade school aid ft 'J statements were crouJoelter Q0e C clidat » Profile. . “ucupr : ' ■ 5 Por if- Unemployment Rampant in U.S.; Students Out of Work In 1980 President Jiumy Carter reinstated the mandi-tory dr aft-legislation bill for all men ages 18-25. Compliance with the bill has been steadily declining and has reached 93%, lower than during the Vietnan War. Non-reg strants have recently be prosecuted by the government. CXiring these trials several flaws have been uncovered, leaving many with doubts about he draft's validity. '°spite the moral aid theo-aspects which are re-o maiy norrregi-su J of tiie legis nuestionable. Vhen ti. ion was passed in i editory waiting period v K. was not followed. Congi waited only 21 days to the legislation, ignoring law as stated in the Feeler . Register. This technicality was brought up in the indictment case of David Wayne, a nonregistrant. The case was thrown out of court by the presiding judge due to this hnicality. The illegality Aa oect could force the 1 tiie oiw ' ess. Another • st rat ion process selection of non-regist .. © for prosecution. It was stated in one indictment case that the defend ait was chosen as a victim to be punished for ex-cercising his constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech j’ticizing the draft-region movement. This could issue of tF non-regis ' liar cl ment Br the entire ut ion ol fa ;emi jidment a tactic Soviet Unior axi' - X istratior| W r jV Xift Action W V . government'; vCv silence religouf .cical dissenters vVp inscription, in the Sovi i inely. The means by which the government may locate nonregistrants is also limited as dictated by the Pivacy Pet of 1974. In the bill it is declared unlawful for the government to use Social Security numbers or government records r was to locate norrregistrants. The 8ovemnent,s lack °f evidence ,n tiieir locating non-regis-' {) f:s has been a reason for a - sJ Tt ion case being thrown V [j 'icy which may under ly fl -igth of the draft-re , oli the fact ti. iQ y-ution is likely if ( endant eventually agrees c. jgister. As evidence of this, the government has already declared two deadlines by which non— registrants must have registered or wall face penalties. •°sult: there are close to hQf. p--egistrants to- st at istics. Various by: Doug Arbittier The sight of many unemploy- r ed men and women waiting for .ies of this a?e only a handful of jobs has h J.v a 36 to 39 percent uneJ? come all too cannon acros' O' oyrnent rate. United States. The ir A® The Department of • ment crisis has r Sv -O states that teen — after failing to gpr seeing older -count'-' students across not occluding f’ , ton High Schr Jv(v Senior Du. rnr X) . Abing- out of wr - age° e$ -Cour' m «W poor It re -iQb ; o • a jun- iaving gone up ’.i Old York Road looking .or work. He has found the job market to be minimal. Senior John Dowd does lewnNEWS BUREAU Sitting: A. Henderson, S. Herrmann, D. Kuss, S. Bockman, T. Strahle, C. Gutierrez, M. Silberman, R. Vetri. Standing: S. Lotz, J. Hoffman, L. Dash, M. Schneller, H. Bockol, J. Blount, R. Ain, D. Mason. This year the Abington High school, South campus News Bureau, interacting with the Camera Club, excelled in providing the community with news about school happenings. The club consists of fourteen students who are dedicated and willing to work towards the Friday morning deadline. Articles and pictures reporting on various clubs and activities are sent to neighboring papers. These include: The Montgomery County Record, Today's Spirit, The Willow Grove Guide, The Breeze, The Times Chronicle, and the Neighbor's section of The Philadelphia inquirer. Occasionally stepping in to help the ablebodied editors is Mr. C. Schneller, the faculty advisor. A.R.T.W. Every morning at 8:07 am, the Abing-tonians at South campus have the pri-viledge of waking up to the Abington Radio Television workshop (ARTW). Leigh McDonald sits at the controls as Bill DeLeon starts the day with the pledge and general student interest announcements. Next, Amy Greenfield tells students about extracurricular activities in the offing at Abington. Adam Feldman reports on school sport scores and Abington's outstanding athletic achievements, if ail the students are not awake yet, Gabby Abby Bacal greets them with her famous and annoyingly sweet Good Morning , an-nouncing student birthdays, anniversaries, greetings, etc. The program then features some form of musical selection or dedication, and Rich Gunther wraps things up with any special announcements and a formal closing. You think that Mr. Connor has things under control? HAH!! R. Gunther, A. Bacal, A. Feldman, B. DeLeon, L. McDonald. 228CAMERA CLUB The function of the Abing-ton High School Camera Club is to supply pictures to the News Bureau, The Abingto-nian, and the Oracle. These and other organizations of the school greatly depend on the talents of our many photographers whose work has appeared in the Times Chronicle, The Montgomery County Record and other local newspapers. Each member enhances their knowledge of photography with the expert guidance of the sponsor, Mr. C. Schneller, who demonstrates all aspects of photography, including darkroom procedures. Sitting: R. Vetri, L. Edelman, D. Mason, M. Caul, J. Kaufmann, M. Coe. Standing: C. Katz, D. Kuss, M. Silberman, j. crowther, M. Turner. SPECTRE Following S: H. Shin. P. Bense, E. Goldblatt, M. Carminatti, D. Arbit-tier, s. Cohen, 0. Glskan, P. Gravener, D. Hoehn, D. candeub, A. Kluger, F. Mikelberg, J. Robb. P. Bauerle. M. Landis, R. Lyde, J. Davlne, H. Shay. M. Felley. J. Maxwell, A. Henderson. 229HEALTH CAREERS CLUB The Health Careers Club is a group whose members actively participate in health related activities such as blood drives or earning certification in first-aid or CPR. They take trips to hospitals, nursing homes, and universities. They also aid other organizations such as the Society for the Blind. Bake sales fund the many activities that the members of the Health Careers Club are involved in. ROW 1: Mrs. J. Kortrlght, B. Sarma, M. Mcvay, L. Strittmatter, D. Milligan, E. Fine, D. Andraka, D. Bacharach, M. Chlzever. ROW 2:1. Zambrana, L. Maxher. K. Konzelman, D. Kia-Noury. M. Silberman, M. Lackman, S. Weber, A. Henderson. VARSITY “A CLUB ROW 1: D. Muhl, N. Haberle, W. Olsen, J. Moore, ROW 2: H. Dunn, l. Moher, B. Ripley, J. cornlllot, D. Milligan, L. Strittmatter, K. Timbers, David capin, C. Lassen. M. Chamberlin. D. Lotz, B. Bradley, T. Eberhardt, S. Crlet, M. McManus, D. Krumor, M. Sanders, J. Neff, Trlsh Santry, P. Enright ROW S: D. McMall, M. Snyder, R. kerner, R. McManus, D. Andraka, S. Barbella, k. Bolig, B. Dockstader, M. McGee, S. Parham. S. Shamllan. C. Hollowat, R. Dinkins, T. George, S. Ballen, M. Costello ROW 4: B. Cagllanese, M. Chlzever, J. Waite, C. Shenk, R. Cramp, M. Heuges. N. Hanna, k. Eckert, P. DuBois, kyle Boelter, L. Byrou, E. Lackman, J.R. Gear, A. Swift, A. Schwartz, D. Barlow. C. Rowland, H. Russell PILLARS: S. Ballard, J. Eyre, P. Reme, C. Lerch, D. Connell, D. Roesser, T. Cuslck, C. Castle, J. Gerhard The Varsity A Club under the leadership of president—Craig Lerch; vice-president—Frank Johnson; treasurer — Cheryl Lassen; and secretary — Sharon Ballard provided a year of service to the school as well as a balance of social events, selling football programs, organizing and running the annual queen ceremony for the Cheltenham pep rally, promoting school spirit, awarding trophies to Coach of the Year , and Manager of the Year constitute several of the service projects accomplished this year. The Varsity A Club has a membership of 100 Varsity letter winners, and also took time out for fun and games. Highlighting the fall season was the traditional Halloween roller skating; the spring season heralded the annual picnic at Alverthorpe Park. A banner year for a banner group of athletes.At Pianos: C. Cuitierrez, T. Schwartz, L. Smith. M. Scott. Row 1: J. Haag, R. Schwartz. A. Cheun. T. Miller, T. Cook, K. Singley. C. Shakarjian, D. Kaiser, T. Carol!, F. Weinberg, L. Miller, S. Matisoff, D. Woods, F. Friedman, R. Aghen. C. Simpson. Row 2.1. Stauffer, M. Hirshman, P. Smiler D. Grossman, T. Wallis, C. Fink, S. McGlumphy, K. Pohl, L. Plum. K. DeMarco, R. corrado, K. Klock, s. Rowe, E. Singley. M. Catherman. A. Johnson C. Stewart. M. Jay, J. Justice, E. McLaughlin. Row 3: J. Jetson, c. Checker, D. Grossman. B. Christensen. K. Praeger, M. Heinrich N. Lewis K Webster, J. Crowther, J. Newell. M. Clause. A. Castner, R. Oestel, J. Maxwell, w. Waldorf, s. Fleck. T. Traynor. Row 4: s. McCormack M. Davis M. Foxall, L. Gaglianese, D. DiMassa, J. Stodard, s. Christensen, c. Bryce, J. Denelsbeck. F. Gunther. M. Magilner. D. Allen. M. Lackman, D. Schilling, H. Shay, S. Nicks. M. wolfson, L. Williams. J. Gerhard. Left: L. Smith, K. Praeger. C. Bryce, J. Newell. D. Allen. Right: A. Cheun, c. Simpson, D. Schilling, s. Rowe, J. Crowther. CONCERT CHOIR, DISTRICT CHOIR, AND MADRIGALS Row 1: M. Heinrich, B. Christensen. I. Stauffer, A. Castner. N. Lewis. C. Stewart. 235CONCERT BAND, AND JAZZ BAND Row 1: M. Coe, D. Diegel. N. Ray, M. Caul, L. McDonald, L. Hoppe, D. Lambert, P. Zlvltz, A. Saurman, s. Shepherd, l. Tomlinson, R. Sarfert. J. Blount. A. Mosee. Row 2: T. Deserable, E. Leonard, J. Fields, B. Holland, S. Lotz, N. Lewis, T. Leitch. C. McGee, C. Rosenfeld. Row 3: T. Hance, M. Reichner. M. Koefler. U. Baer, F. Arias. P. Linder. C. Huber, D. Willard, R. Hattal, C. Hullstrung, E. Vogel, A. Armstead. D. Forrester. K. McCown, R. Zager. S. Weber. Row 4: K. Hunter. S. Bing, M. Maris. R. Corrado, B. Broker, G. Crawford. L. Quackenbush, w. Saylor. M. Genesio, w. Matthews. R. Acker, J. Denelsbeck, R. Labkoff. ALL STATES BAND Eric Leonard Row 1: A. Armstead. S. Weber. R. zager, E. Leonard. E. Vogel. Row 2: S. Parks, R. Corrado, D. Willard. G. Huber, C. Hullstrung. M. Clyman, C. Mangione, D. Goldhirsh.Bassoon: s. Weber. Basses: S. Stuhltrager, v. Sokolove. R. Strulson, H. Scherer. Cellos: M. Felley, A. Scherer. J. Wilson, v. Mott. M. Levy. Clarinets: S. Park. D. Zaslow, L. Tinsman. J. Wilson. Flutes: K. Baker. R. Zager, s. Frank, D. Schilling, s. Craig. Oboe: D. Coldhirsh. Percussion: R. Corrado, G. Crawford. Piano: B. Rauch. M. Staniszewski. Saxophone: R. Zager. Trumpets: D. Willard. J. Newell. Trombone: C. Hullstrung Violas: P. Mott. S. Shacklady. L. Chalmers. G. Gelman. Violins: D. Magilner. T. Schwartz. A. Castner, F. Mikelberg. s. Estel, A. Kaji, C. Lee, S. Mikelberg. p Dennis, J. Walker. F. Freedman, s. Smiley. E. Miller, A. Smith, L. Smith, L. Walter, N. Wilson, N. McColgan, D. stoloff, J. Meagher D. Koche, W. cook, J. Lawsln, J. Wilson. L. Blum. L. Lindsay. ORCHESTRA, AND DISTRICT ORCHESTRA 237 P. Mott, D. Magilner. R. Zager. Mr. Mauro.MARCHING BAND SWING FLACS: D. Glovinazzo, J. Spector, C. Holloway, M. Hubley, N. Bond, L. Strittmatter. P. Doyle, L. Oertel, K. Pfender, D. Rotenbury. K. Webster, S. Abel, A. Karolczak, A. Littlg, L. Smith. K. Strittmatter, T. strittmatter. TWIRLERS. S. Howald, M. Costello, S. Fisher, D. Milligan. N. Lewis, I. Stauffer, K. Ely, M. Howald. RIFLES: K. Stubanis, S. Purdy, D. Heath, M. Lackman, M. Yannes, A. Saylor. SILKS: L. McDonald, A. Nemec. C. Bryce, J. Johnson, A. Scherer, C. Lee, D. Morgan, K. Rosen, s. Shacklady, L. Smith, J. walker. M. McMahon, D. Schmidt. A. Silva, L. Walter, b. Grenald. DRUM MAJORS: S. Bing. D. Diegel, L. Tomlinson. BARITONES: R. Hattal. J. McGee. R Markham. M. Kehoe. FLUTES. A. Saurman. S. Shepherd. L. Hopee, L. Goldhaber, D. Schilling, T. Betz, S. Craig, J. Hirschberg. CLARINETS. D. DIMassa. J. Fields, S. Lo-z, P. Kistler, C. Kuehn. S. Stuhltrager. SAXES. S. Weber. B. Silkowitz, E. Wilhelm. E. Vogel, c. Staley, trumpets. D. Willard. D. Connell, R. Kaye, u. Baer, K. Schuyler, M. Cohn, M. Sorber. A. Wagner. A. Abowitz, J. Connell. MELLOPHONES. N. Ray. M. Coe, M. Gaul, G. Rosenfeld, V. Ewing. M. Grande. TROMBONES: T. Deserable, J. Ferguson. C. Hullstrung, T. McGonigle. K. Macauley. TUBAS: J. Denelsbeck. R. Labkoff, D. DiSandro, T. Schweizer. PERCUSSION. R. Corrado, R. Acker, w. Matthews, w. Saylor, D. Greenbaum, K. Andrews, E. Lambert. A. Kintisch, P. Dennis. M. Mairs, K. Thompson.They've Cot The Beat Lisa leads the band. Going to the game? The Band A Dave, blow your horn! The marching woodwinds. 239DRUM MAJORS RIFLES ROW 7: J. Spector, D. Glovinazzo. R0W2:J. Strittmatter, L. oertel. D. McNair, L. Smith, K. Pfender, D. Rutenberg, K. Webster, A. Korlzack. ROW3: K. Strittmatter, A. Littig, D. Vaughn. T. Doyle, N. Bond, C. Halloway, L. Strittmatter, M. Hubley, S. Abel. L. Tomlinson, S. Bing. D. Diegel. SWING FLAGS ROW 1: A. savior. K. Stubanis, S. Purdy. ROW2: M. Lackman, D. Heath. M. Yannis.TWIRLERS S. Fisher, S. Howald, M. Costello. ROW 2: M. Howald, N. Lewis. D. Milligan, I. Stauffer, K. Ely. SILKS ROW 1: L McDonald. J. Johnson, c. Bryce. A. Scherer, A. Nemec. ROW 2: s. Shacklady, K. Rosen. J. Walker, C. Lee, D. Morgan. L. Smith. ROW 3: D. Schmidt. B. Crenald, L. Walters. A. Silva, M McMahon.NORTH CAMPUS CLUBS ACTIVITIES 242SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL The sophomore Class Council is the organization which benefits the sophomore class. It’s main function is to raise money that will be used by the class of 1985 — especially the Junior and Senior Proms. The Council sponsors dances, candy sales, and other fundraisers that help foster class identification, and also earn money. Row 1: M. Goldstein, K. Lee, S. Dansky, A. Bedncarsky. S. Brown, K. Turner. Row 2. K. Shubin, c. Greenblatt j Wolfe, J. Tsou, M. Leon, C. Kia-Noury, L. Levin, M. Strunk, P. Nino. Row 3: P. Silberman. A. Dratch s Berger S Timbers, K. McDonald. A. Henderson, M. Wright, E. Israel, L. Lorch. Row 4: C. Lane, G. Wiggins S Piazza L. Ferracci, Mr. Corkadel. L. Schwartz, M. Bruck, V. Mclnney, M. Wormtey, L. Brenner. FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL The Freshman Class Council is comprised of the 4 officers and representatives from each homeroom. The main purpose of the council is to build interest in the class through its social activities and fund raising events. The goal of these fund-raisers is to accrue money to help lessen the costs of graduation, the prom, the yearbook, and other expenses that will be encountered by these freshmen. Row 1: S. Gripprich, N. Wilson, A. Tress, A. Kaji, J. Washington, S. Schramm, J. Lawsin. Row 2: K. Oegen, C. Bardol, B. Zucker, L. carlitz, H. Kieserman, T. Trost, A. Smith, L. Miller. Row 3: L. Thompson, R. Malnati, S. Magill, L. Webb. J. Eiseman. T. Segal, D. Pollock, D. Mulkewycz. Row 4: D. Bauerle, M. Eskin, S. White, V. Golden. D. Reale. C. Griffin, S. Palacio, B. Jaurlgue, L. Spector. 243STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: L. Levin, L. Schwartz, P. Lilberman. B. Alexander, K. Wilkinson, L. Loren. S. Berger, M. Bruck, L. Smith, J. Reynolds, M. Adornetto, J. Stoddard. Row 2: B. Zucker, J. Pursel, J. Pursley, K. Shubin, S. Timbers, L. Mundy, M. Manaker, C. Kerner, B. Gallagher, M Goldstein, M. Merovltz, W. Rodoff, C. Kia-Noury, J. Lawrence. Row 3: C. Griffin, H. Burrell, A. Cheun, J. Tsou. M. Timm, B. Flynn, A. Abowitz, T. Lotz, J. Gear, K. Tynan, K. Gallagher, E. Miller, R, Dion, A. Tress, A. Keller. Row A: Jackie Smith, J. Washington, D. Strauss. P. Nino. G. Wiggins, A. Wright, Mrs. Freedman, S. Brown, L. Ferracci, A, Dratch, L. Wachinski. The Student Council exists to represent students, their interests, and affairs in the daily operation of the school. The council also acts as a laison between the students and the professional staff and the administration; assuming the role of spokesman for the student body. They get involved in all student activities and charitable drives throughout the school year. HONOR SOCIETY The purpose of the Honor Society Is to create enthusiasm for superior scholarship, to develop citizenship, to stimulate a desire to serve, to promote leadership, and to instill exemplary qualities of character. The National Junior Honor Society at North campus embodies this goal. With membership consisting of students of the highest calibre a school can offer, charitable activities have grossed over $3000 in a given school year. Activities that have highlighted the years and have made our charitable efforts so successful are a volleyball marathon, the Valentine's Day Post Office, and an all school fair. 244 Row i: M. Manaker, L. Levin, P. Silberman. Row 2: A. Bednarsky, R. Dion, M. Eskin. M. Davis, S. Smiley, A. Kaji, T. Trost. H. Kleserman. P. Salazar, K. Gordon. S. Bacal, N Frank, s. Mickleberg, L. Chalmers, L. caso, I. Trofin. Row 3: Mrs. Freedman, L. Mundy, K. strittmatter. A. Llttig, L. Varallo, A. Reich, S. Lieberman, J. Schott. B. Flynn, L. carlitz, R. Strulson, J. Cadden, M. Slenn, J. Nerenberg L. Bellett. Row4: B. Mandel, J. Newell, M. Conway. M. Yulsman, M. Dougherty. D. Eisman, K. Fox S. Ritter, N. Gever, B. Sleinn, A. Hoffman, V. Reynolds, C. Hartman, L. Smith. Row 5: D. Sewell B Silikovltz, D. DiSandro, E. Miller, J. Eiseman, B. Dubrow. D. Koche, D. Shin. A. Cooke, S. Estell. C. Shields, R. Grossman, F. Friedman. Row 6: D. Henderson, M. Barlow, J. McDowell, B. Zucker A Keller, A. Smith, K. Gallagher, J. Millman, L. Miller, T. Ettelson, A. Candeub, J. Tsou, M. Ginsberg, w. Kodoff. Row 7:1. Peterson, R. Zaslow, A. Wagner, L. Perlman. D. Goldblatt, K. Macauley, C. Shenk, s. Smith, A. Cheun, V. Danta, J. Friedman, N. Wilson, row 8: D. Leonard. D. Zaslow, E. Parsha, R, Lapham, D. Loew, D. Nuessle, A. Williams, B. Dunn, S. Okybiashi, S. Gipprich, L Webb. R. Schwartz. E. Short. Row 9: A. Nonymous, S. Lloyd, S. Sutton, J. winter, J. Ripley. K. Wilkinson, S. Okamoto M Merovltz, D. Kia-Noury, L. Suckey, S. Eberhardt. Row 10: J. Bourbon, J. Vogel, B. Claffe, K. McKeev-er, E. Longstreth, M. Rosner, L. Spector, S. Smith. Row 11: K. Klock, J. Malloy, A. Kelly. C. Walsh c. Equi, H. Moon, S. Santora, S. Thompson, R. Maxwell.GHOST POST Row 1: K. Singley. S. Goldsmith, M. Manaker, J. Tsou, L. Mundy, L. Levin, S. Eberhardt, C. Kia-Noury, A. Wagner, I. Trofin, L. Chalmers. Row2: B. Ginsberg, L. Bellet, R. Schwartz, F. Friedman, M. Merovitz, B. Grenald, L. Carlitz, A, kaji, A. Tress, S. Bacal, T. Trost, J. Elseman, E. Miller, H. Kieserman, S. Lieberman. Row 3: E. Goldhammer, A. Cheun, R. Grossman, D. Leonard, D. Jaslow, A. Candeub, B. DubroW, D. Elsman, T. Ettelson, D. Shin, D. Goldblatt, L. Perlam, M. Bruck, J. Golden, K. Cordon. Row 4: S. Matisoff, D. Strauss, M. Eskin, P. Silberman, S. Timbers, S. Brown, E. Flocillo, N. Gever, J. Millman, L. Miller, K. Macauley, 0. Pollock NEWS BUREAU The North Campus newspaper, the Ghost Post, covers the current events of the school. The staff consists of interested freshmen and sophomores who investigate, question, and report information of interest to the student body. Articles range from controversial issues in the editorial section to announcements regarding theatrical performances in the entertainment section. Artists are given the opportunity to display their talent by drawing editorial cartoons. The success of this newspaper is attributed to the wide range of sports coverage, personal interviews, and headline stories. Articles occasionally focus on a specific person whose contributions enhance the quality of school life. Row 1: M. Sarma. T. Ettelson, A. Candeub. Row 2: S. Brown, P. Silberman, L. Levin, J. Shea, D. Sewell. The North campus News Bureau is the organization that furnishes local newspapers with news and photographs of events occuring at North Campus. This group is very important because it lets the Abington community know what is happening in the public schools. 245GUIDES AND USHERS Row 1: R. Cohen, S. Timbers, P. Silberman, M. Merovitz, L. Houseknecht, H. Dieterly, H. Bockius, M. Staniszewski. Row 2: A. Liberman, E. Israel, K. Klock, L. DeLeon, J. Tsou, A. Sodoloff, L. Levin, R. Kessler, J. Brennan, R. Bankoff, L. Downey, J. Ceiger, R. Schwartz, E. Goldhammer, K. Strittmatter. Row 3: S. McGlumphy, K. Pohl, C. Fink, W. Teeple, B. Gallagher, M. Goldstein, L. Busch, J. Silverman, K. Singley, L. Bellet, J. Levin, W. Rodoff, F. Friedman, L. Thompson, B. Garbutt, S. Ritter, L. Walter. D. Kafrissen, E. Tancor, L. Pak. Row 4: K. Shubin, J. Gordon, J. Wolfe, C. Creenblatt, S. Berger, J. Smith, S. Christensen, M. Clouse, M. Leon, L. Peirce, A. Littig, M. McMahon, B. Ginsberg. Row 5: A. Russell, J. Gear, D. Apolinario, B. Flynn, J. Gear. Row 6: A. Bell. L. Schwartz, M. Bruck, S. Ayden, L. Mundy, J, Rosenthal, S. Piaza, A. Dratch, L. Ferracci, A. Grasty, V. Ewing. L. Caso, T. Milligan, C. Storiali, T. Wallis, S. Brown, F. Weinberg, K. Malis, D. Sewell, J. Nowickl, D. Sykes The Guides and ushers serve as a Guide to the Administrative Office, under the supervision of the receptionist. They are available to serve at all North Campus evening events — Back to School Night, Mu- sic Concerts, etc. The Guides also help throughout the school year in orientation programs involving new students. LIBRARY AIDES The Library Aides are assigned to work in the library during several of their independent study mods throughout the week. While they are working in the library, aides are responsible for various duties. They usually work behind the circulation desk signing out and checking in books and other materials. Some are responsible for shelving books and back issues of magazines in their proper places. ! 3 c OAK CO •. i'ousE ' -= Q) “I O) . .2 5° - . h C 0 0'S Hi iEo oSife ce iL ■ mo1 ,2-i -I C=S rod c . £ d 2E - ScDIU 2835 246UNICEF The UNICEF Club is an organization which contributes funds to the Philadelphia UNICEF Committee from various activities throughout the school year. This year the club participated in a regional trivia contest to earn money. All funds go directly to UNICEF. Row 1: M. Levy, V. Danta, B. Grenald, H. Goldhaber, l. Mundy. Row 2: J. Tsou, A. Cheun, S. Christensen. Row 3: S. Brown, J. Washington, D. Goldhaber, C. Kia-Noury, S. Eberhardt. COMPUTER CLUB The North Campus Computer Club gives students an opportunity to exchange ideas in developing programs on microcomputers. The members participate in several school sponsored activities and also sponsor involvement in a national computer contest. 247 Row 1: B. Stalley, M. Crande, M. Eskin. E. Fioriuo, J. Feldman. D. Gross. Row 2: D. Paauwe, K. Malis. T. Stevens, L. Garlotts. Row 3: D. Strauss, D. Sewell.WORLD AFFAIRS The world Affairs Club of North campus is affiliated with the world Affairs council of Philadelphia. It participates in all the high school activities including trips to the u.N. in New York, the State Department and foreign embassies in Washington, seminars on critical world issues, the Model senate Foreign Relations committee Hearings, and the model united Nations. HEALTH CAREERS CLUB The Health careers Club meets once per month when information is disseminated regarding community programs and activities of interest to those interested in health career goals. Speakers provide information with regard to post-high school preparation for various health careers. The group participates in such activities as bake sales and visiting pediatric units in local hospitals where small items made by the members are distributed to the students. STAGECRAFT CLUB The Stagecraft Club, sponsored by Mr. P. Kelly, consists of a group of students who have an interest in the technical areas of theater production. One of the main functions of the club is to act as the stage and make-up crew for the annual Honor Society production at North Campus. 00 ( cnS ofe 155 u - in u in Qro 0) o “8 rri V 248N.C. SPORTS GIRLS HOCKEY FRESHMAN SOCCER Montco League Champs FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Montco League Champs 249Presenting ... 250 R. Acker L Adams M. Adams F. Alahverde K. Alexander C. Allen R. Alten R. Alten j. Altman L. Amici C. Apolinarlo A. Aquino V. Applebaum F.w. Arias A. Armstead L. Armstead P. Armstrong K. Armwood P. Astbury R. Averlck M. Bahls A. Barba A. Barry J. Bass H.Beecher T. Begley T. Begley J. Berg L. Bertsch A. Blount P. Bodo E. Boekel S. Bogdanoff E. Bonfiogllo S. Boris L. Botel C. Bowers C. Bowyer C. Boyce j. Brandenberger K. Brandenberger K. Braufman J. Bray j. Brennan L. Brice R. Brill... the Class of D. Brockmeyer C. Broomer A. Brown C. Brown D. Brown F. Buccafuri S. Buccafuri D. Burg J. Burke M. Burns J. Cacciola S. Capobianchi s. Carroll M. Casey S. Casey A. Castner M. Catherman M. Catoni A. Chamberlin L. Chapjian M. Chapman M. Chiodo Y. Choi M. Christian T. Clare J. Clark D. Clifton M. Clyman R. Colding S. Conley P. Conti K. Cook C. Cooney L. Cooper R. Cooper J. Cornell A. costanzo F. Costanzo J. Coyle J. Crawford E. Crenshaw A. Crimian L. Crimian R. Custer R. Cybulka C. Czerwonka M. Dahm 251252 L. Dash T. Davis C. Decesare A. Delgado D. Demarinella P. Dennis A. Detweiler J. Devers L. Dicks j. Dimond D. Dlmassa j. DiPalma R. Dobrowolskl C. Dolan L. Donnell S. Donovan C. Downey P. Doyle T. Doyle S. Dunham J. Dunn K. Durkin A. Eisman K. Eisenberg P. Enright M. Fanelli M. Farnell R. Fees T. Felder Y. Fergerson j. Ferguson P. Fetscher L. Fiederer J. Fields R. Fields L. Fllippl L. Finkelstein J. Fiorillo T. Fitzgerald w. Fitzgerald D. Forrester C. FOX M. Foxall E. Frank S. Frank J. Frazier M. FreedmanJ. Friedman R. Friedman C. Furcron C. Caber K. Caines T. Gallant S. Gamburg T. Cant T. earner H. Caston K. Gelman M. Genesio w. Gleason S. Glickman L. Goldhaber D. Goldhirsh A. Goldstein J. Gordon A. Gralnick A. Grasty M.Greenberg D. Green A. Gregorio K. Greiseger S. Grenald D. Greenebaum D. Groo J. Gross G. Guim K. Gulick J. Gunton J. Haley C. Hall D. Harris M. Hartman S. Hathaway R. Hattal D. Hays P. Heineman C. Heiser R. Helm R. Helwig S. Herrmann B. Hertzberg D. Hicks S. Hilfer 253v. Hines M. Hirschman J. Hoffman A. Hogan J. Hogan B. Holland C. Holton S. Howald w. Hucke S. Hughes C. Hullstrung K. Hunter L. lllingsworth M. inverso S. Jackson A. Jlmlnez B. Joerger A. Johnson H. Johnson T. Johnson L. Jones Y. Jones J. Joseph N. Kaji L. Kalbflelsch J. Kaye P. Kelch C. Kennedy C. Keorkunlan J. Kerwln L. Ketz S. Kleserman J. Kim M. Klmes M. Kind C. King J. Kirk K. Klelnguenther C. Kline K. Kline J. Kluver M. Koefler L. Koehler L. Koff M. Kohles K. Konzelman D. Krewson 254C. Krull R. Labkoff M. Lackman T. lamphere J. Larson C. Latimer M. Lawsln R. Lee T. Lee T. Lee M. Leibman T. Leitch E. Leitman F. Lempa E. Leonard D. Lerch B. Levitt E. Lewis K. Lewis N. Lewis P. Linder R. Uttig H. Undley E. Litvin C. London D. Lotz S. Lotz M. Lowrey R. Lowrey D. McCall R. McCallister C. McGee J. McGee R. McGettigan M. McGill P. Mckenry T. McMahon P. McManus D. McNair J. McParland H. Mackey D. Magilner L. Maher B. Mahoney M. Mairs B. Major H. Major J. Mandler 255256 V. Manor j. Marino J. Marinucci K. Markey w. Mathews L. Maxwell J. Maxwell L. Mazzotta S. Medycki j. Mehlbaum J. Messerschmidt J. Meyer K. Meyers T. Meyers J. Mihajlowitsch F. Mickelberg T. Millen K. Miller T. Miller M. Mllsop J. Minda L. Minnlck R. Mlsson T. Mitchell C. Money S. Moon D. Morgan P. Morton K. Mundell E. McAleer L. Najbrt A. Nash N. Nash A. Newberg A. Nickerson H. Nickerson J. O'Connor C. Odums M. O'Hara L. Oertel S. Olsen B. Opava J. Oxendlne S. Park V. Parrella K. PepperT. Perfecky K. Pfender A. Philips D. Pileggi F. Pileggi C. Pinder D. Pinkett A. Pitkow R. Podell J. Podwil L. Porterfield J. Pouliot J. Power s. Pugliese N. Quan T. Quid P. Quinn P. Raysor B. Rector C. Reed M. Reilly D. Reston S. Rickard A. Riemenschneider J. Robb S. Roma K. Rosen C. Rosenbaum M. Rosenberg C. Rosenfeld D. Rosenthal w. Rossen A. Rubin A. Rubin J. Rubin D. Rotenbury C. Safier B. Sampson M. Sams N. Santone D. Santora w. Saylor F. Scarpello R. Shaffert T. Scheuren D. Shilling C. Schmidt 257E. Schmidt K. Schneider M. schneller D. Scholnick K. Schuyler S. Scott P. Sers S. Shaw B. Shihadeh K. Serges S. Shacklady S. Shapiro H. Shay C. Shenk S. Shorr P. Schott C. Shuman D. Siegfried A. Silverman M. Simon E. Sitasz D. Skarinsky J. Sklaroff A. Slifkin T. Smalley P. smller D. Smith K. Smith L. Smith L. Smith J. Smuckler L. Smyth M. Snyder J. soboleski M. Solomon H. Song J. Spasari l. Stauffer T. Stella N. Stern L. stoduto J. Stoloff J. stone J. Stone K. Strahle M. strange T. Stronach 258J. Sykes T. Teller A. Thomas H. Thompson K. Thompson H. Thomson K. Timbers H. Tokar T. Tolton S. Tompkins T. Traynor N. Treese A. Tress M. Trotter L. Tucker C. Turn E. Twyman K. Ulmer M. umbenhauer M. Underwood D. vailette N. Vance M. velga A. veney K. vollrath K. Wagner J. walker L. Waitmyer D. Watson c. Wallace K. webb S. webb K. Webster S. Weinstein D. Werchoski D. White M. White R. White C. Wilcox S. Wilkins R. Williams R. Williams S. Windish J. Wolfgang J. Woo j. woodfolk R. woodhead L. Woodward 259U. unverzagt M. valentukonis T. van voorhees D. Vaughn J. velga M. Wright J. Yannacone M. Yarnoff S. Yl R. Yokl Y. Zambrana C. Zappin J. Zenstein M. Zucker C. Zygmont 260Junior Autographs 261Senior Statistics Abrams, Beth. 968 Old Ford Road, Huntingdon valley, PA, 19006. Basketball 12; soccer 11,12; debate 12; key club 12; oracle 12; Spanish club 12; world affairs 12; softball 12. Abrams. Kate. 860 Easton Rd., Clenside, PA, 19038. track 9; honor society 10,11; Italian 11. Abramson, Judith B. 1214 Fleetwood Rd., Rydal, PA. 19046: Italian 11.12; Spanish club 9; involvement day 11,12. Adams, Mark. 602 Louise Rd.. Clenside, PA, 19038: cross country 12; track 9,10,11,12. Adlam Joy M., 2469 Rosemore Ave.. Clenside, PA, 19038. track 9; gym team 9,10,11,12; bicycle club 9; choir 9; folk guitar 9.10; interact 9; orchestra 9,10; Spanish club 9; yoga 9,10. Ain, Rochelle M., 798 Pinewood Dr.. Elkins Park, pa, 19117: gym team 9,10; bicycle club 9,10,11, bridge club 10; folk guitar 9,10; interact 9; leo 10; ski club 9,10,11; yoga 10,11. Alexander. Alesia A.. 2897 Thunderlead Rd., Abington, PA. 19001. student government, vice-president 12; news bureau 9; oracle 12; softball 9,10,11,12; editor ghost post 10. Alexander, Ann M., 2320 Romig Rd.. Roslyn, PA. 19001. Alexander. Tracy M., 1863 Eckard Ave., Abington. PA. 19001. student government rep. 9,10,11. Allen. David s.. 2928 Grisdale Rd., Roslyn, PA. 19001. baseball 10; tennis 12; chess club 10,11,12; choir 9,10,11,12; creative writing 11,12, school music library 10,11,12. madrigals 10,11,12; all school musical 11,12; chess club president 11,12; district chorus 11,12. Andraka, Diane. 233 Tyaon Ave., Glenside, PA. 19038. cross country 10, track 11. FBLA10, honor society 9,10,11; usherettes 11. Andrews. Denise A.. 1559 Coolidge Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: I Anthony, Steve A., 910 Garfield Ave., Ardslev, PA. 19038. k Arbittier, Douglas A.. 832 Cedar Glen Rd.. Elkins Park. PA. I 19117: debate 11,12; honor society 9,10.11,12; CSP 11,12. I Assal, Daniel T.. 122 Jarrett Ave.. Rockledge, PA. 19111. I Austin, lan M.. 1614 Fairview Ave.. basketball 9; football I 9,11,12; track 9,11,12; wrestling 9,10; bowling 9.10; varsity A I 11.12. 1 Aydin. levent I.. 1186 Highland Ave.. Abington. PA. 19001: I football 9,10; lacrosse 9,10.11.12, band 9. 1 Abel. Jay. 2226 Menlo Ave.. Glenside. PA. 19038. I Bacal. Abby S., 631 Hoyt Rd.. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006: I student government rep. 9.10,11.12; class council rep. I 9,10.11.12; affiliation club 9,10,11,12; ARTW 12; french club I 11.12; honor society 9,10.11.12. theatre honorary 1112. I Bacharach. Deborah E.. 734 Crosswicks Rd., Rydal. PA, 19046: 1 student government rep. 9,10,11.12. class council rep. I affiliation club 9.10.11,12, french club 11.12. 1 Baer. David C.. 100 Cardinal Rd.. Jenkintown, PA, 19046. I Baker. Kathryn L.. 114 Cricket Ave., North Hills. PA, 19038: I honor society 9,10,11.12. orchestra 1 Baldwin. Tom R., 307 North Hills Ave.. North Hills. PA. 19038: I football 10. track 11. I Ballard. Sharon E., 1256 Meetinghouse Rd.. Meadowbrook. PA. I 19046. student government rep. 9.10. class council rep. 9; I soccer 9,10. cross country 9,10; swimming team 9.10,11,12; I honor society I Ballen. Sheila B.. 317 Felix Rd.. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006. 1 student government rep., class council rep. 1 9.10.11,12, swimming team 10,11,12, lacrosse 10.11.12; 1 affiliation club 9.10; french club 11,12; honor society 11,12; 1 oracle 12; usherettes 9.10; varsity A 11,12; world affairs 12. I Bangor. Edward T.. 1515 James PI., Roslyn, PA. 19001. student 1 government president 10. I Barbella. Sara C.. 2311 Rosemore Ave.. Glenside. PA. 19038. I student government rep. 10. gym team 9.10,11.12; tennis I; field hockey 9. affiliation club 11; honor society 11,12. Barlow, Donna, 2156 Myrtlewood Ave., Abington, PA, 19001: class council rep. 10,11; swimming team 9,10,11; affiliation club 10; varsity A11. Barnard, Lara A„ 1275 Nolen Rd., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Bauerle, Patricia R., 1247 Rosemont Ave., Abington, PA, 19001: cross country 9,10,11,12; track 9,10,11,12. swimming team 10; news bureau 9,10; oracle 11,12; spectre 11,12; sprite staff 9,10; ghost post 9,10; abintonian 11,12. Bear, Maureen P„ 1436 Arline Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001: student government rep 12; football 9,10,11,12; wrestling 9,10,11,12; choir 9,10,11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; teens for retarded 9,10,11,12; black student union 9,10,11,12. Beard, Fred L„ 1517 Birchwood Ave., Roslyn. pa, 19001. football 11,12; track 11,12; gym team 9,10,11,12. Benner, Robert W„ 2757 Miriam Ave, Roslyn, pa, 19001. Bense, Johnna H„ 617 Meadowbrook Apts., Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006: field hockey 9; bowling 9.10,11,12. Bense, Paula, 617 Meadowbrook Apts., Huntingdon valley, PA, 19006. Bigelow, Robert D„ 1429 Jericho Rd„ Abington, pa, 19001. Bilyk, Stephen R„ 528 Hoyt Rd., Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006. soccer 9,10. Bimson, Joy. 2722 Carver Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090. Bing, Stephon G„ 1611 Summit Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090. class council rep. 11,12: basketball 9,10,11,12; football 9; band 10,11,12; black student union 9,10,11. Blackwell, Sandra D„ 1662 Arnold Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: FBLA 9,12. Blount, Jacqueline L„ 1697 Park Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: class council rep. 11,12; band 9,10,11,12; cheerleaders 11; honor society 11,12: black student union 11,12. Bockman, Suzanne, 726 Seminale Ave., Rockledge, PA, 19111. class council representative 10; honor society 9,10,11,12; news bureau 12; world affairs 12. Bockol, Heidi, 1151 Wrack Rd., Meadowbrook, PA, 19046. student government rep. 10,11; class council rep. 9,10,11; soccer 9,10; golf 10; affiliation club 9,10,11,12; folk guitar 11,12; news bureau 12; world affairs 12. Boelter, Kyle M., 1590 Coolidge Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090. student government rep. 9,10; basketball 9, football 9,10,11; track 9,10. Bolig, Kimberly E., 528 Tyson Rd„ Clenside, PA, 19038: student government rep. 9; swimming team 9; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; field hockey 9,10,11.12; bowling I0,n,i2; varsity A 11,12. Bond, Norma C„ 309 Evergreen Ave., Jenkintown. PA. 19046. i flag twirlers 10,11,12; band front 10,11,12; honor society 9. Bonfiglio. Kathi A., 1566 Resevoir Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001. I Borgini, Joanne B„ 1776 Ferndale Ave., Abington, PA. 19001. I Bower, Russell C.. 1307 Fltzwatertown Rd., Roslyn, PA, 19001. I Boyer, Karen S., 1234 Westmont Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. I Boyle, Anna, 438 Easton Rd.. Clenside, PA. 19038. I Bracken. Shawn T„ 1430 Rlgh Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. I Bradley. Bill G., 466 Keswick Ave., Clenside, PA, 19038: soccer I 9,10,11: key club ii. I Braverman, Craig B.. 738 Clen Rd.. Jenkintown, PA, 19046. I Brennan, Kathleen E.. 2612 Woodland Rd., Roslyn, PA. 19001. I Brlckman, Joan F., Benson East 307, Jenkintown, pa, 19046: I Spanish club 11; student government 9. I Bristow. Geoffrey C., 2902 Jefferson Ave., Ardsley, PA, 19038 I Broder, Andrew D., 1553 Cherry Lane. Rydal, PA, 19046: I student government president 10. rep. 9,11; class council I treasurer 11; swimming team 11,12; lacrosse 9,10,11.12, I french club 11. I Broker, Brian J.. 319 Mulberry Lane, Elkins Park, PA, 19117. I soccer 9,10,11; lacrosse 9,10,11,12. band 9.10,11,12; honor I society 9,10.11.12. I Brown. Donna S.. 1656 Fawn Ave.. Huntingdon valley. PA, I 19006: student government rep. 9,10,11.12, class council rep. I 9,10,11,12. I Brown, Leslie K., 1532 Fairview Ave., Willow Grove, PA. 19090. I 262Brown, Michele. 1503 Lindbergh Ave., Roslyn, PA. 19001: fbla 11; school store 11. Brown. Stephen. 1225 Rosemont Lane. Abington. PA.. 19001: football 11,12. Brown. Thaedine A.. 1379 Lindbergh Ave.. Roslyn. PA. 19001. Brown, Wanda. 1653 Fitzwatertown Rd., Willow Grove, PA, 19090. Bryan, William s.. 1160 Bradfield Rd.. Roslyn. PA. 19001. Bryce. Cynthia. 1526 Grovania Ave., Abington. PA. 19001: flag twirlers 10,11,12. Buerger, Steven J., 262 Perry St.. Elkins Park, PA, 19117. Burgess. Tracy w.. 336 Cadwalder Ave., Elkins Park, PA, 19117: basketball 9,10,11. Burke. Geralde P.. 2828 Pine Ave.. North Hills. PA. 19038. Busch, Amy M.. 1202 Oliver Rd., Huntingdon valley, PA, 19006: student government representative 9,10; affiliation club 9,10,11,12; french club 9,10,11.12; honor society 9,10,11,12. Busch, Edward Allen. 233 Mankin Ave., Huntingdon Valley. PA, 19006: Byron, Lawrence. 405 Sylvania Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038. Caine. Linda J., 743 Hamel Ave., Ardsley, PA. 19038: class council rep. 12; basketball 9,10,11,12; field hockey 9,10; fbla 12; varsity A 11,12; softball 9.10,11.12. Calci, Joseph C., 303 Jefferson Ave., Ardsley. PA, 19038: swimming team 11. Call. Jeffrey T.. 2746 Galloway Rd., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Candeub, Debbie A.. 1021 Cypress Ave.. Jenkintown. PA, 19046: class Council president 9; oracle 11,12; spectre 12; art club 10; Japan interchange student. Capin, David B., 145 Susan Dr.. Elkins Park, PA. 19117: class council rep. 9,10; basketball 9; swimming team 11. Capobianchi, Scott M., 3015 Turner Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Carminati, Michael D., 951 Garfield Ave., Ardsley. PA, 19038: football 12; band 9,10. Carrigan, Cheryl L., 260 Keswick Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038. Castle, Cynthia S.. 758 Winding Rd., Jenkintown. PA, 19046: basketball 10; swimming team 9; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; field hockey 9,10,11,12, varsity A 10,11,12. Castor, James S.. 3 Moredon Rd., Huntingdon valley, PA, 19006. Chatbum, Scott A.. 653 Easton Rd., Glenside, pa. 19038: baseball 11,12. Chiodo, Kimberly A.. 851 Tennis Ave., Ardsley, PA, 19038. Chizever, Daniel A., 772 Glen Rd.. Jenkintown, PA. 19046: student government Rep. 10,12; tennis 12; camera club 12; oracle 11,12; orchestra 10; ski club 12. Chizever. Michael J.. 772 Glen Rd.. Jenkintown. PA, 19046: student government rep. 9,10; class council rep. 9.10; artw 9,10; bicycle club 12; ski club 12; health careers club Christenson. Bonnie J., 2013 Chester Ave., Abington, PA, 19001: cross country 11.12; track 10,11,12; choir 9.10.11,12; theatre honorary 9,10,11; usherettes 9,10,11,12. Christman, Lester R.. 2625 Miriam Ave., Roslyn. PA, 19001. Cirigliana, Angela V.. 15 N. Sylvania Ave., Rockledge. PA. 19111. Clark. Charles R.. 808 Jackson Ave., Ardsley, PA, 19038. Coe. Mary E.. 1447 Birchwood Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001: band 9,10,11,12; winter guard 10; cheerleaders 10; camera club 11,12; choir 9; usherettes 12. Cohen. Howard w., 1760 Cloverly La.. Rydal, PA. 19046. Cohen. Sherri 1.1778 Oakwynne Rd.. Huntingdon Valley. PA, 19006. student government rep. 9,10,11; class council rep. 9,11; tennis 9,10. Cohen. Staci, 800 Cedar Glen. Elkins Park. PA, 19197. Cohen, Stephen A., 1477 Autumn Rd., Rydal, PA, 19046: debate 11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; Ghost Post 9,10; Abingtonian 11.12. Connell. Daniel E., 3009 Jefferson Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038: student government rep. 11,12; soccer 9; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; band 10,11,12, french club 11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12. Connelly, Christopher J., 440 Keswick Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038: soccer 9.10.12; FBLA 10. Conti, Glgl E.. 322 Easton Rd.. Glenside. PA. 19038: soccer 11. Cooper, Dana M.. 773 castiewood Rd.. Glenside, PA. 19038: lacrosse 9; field hockey 9,10,11,12. Cornell. Tracy L.. 219 Margaretta La.. Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006: student government rep. 11; bowling 10; affiliation club 10; school store 9,10; usherettes 9,10. Cornillot, Jean M.. 501 Edgehill Rd.. Glenside, PA. 19038: soccer 9,10; cross codntry 9,10; track 9,10,11,12; lacrosse 11,12; affiliation club 9,10; camera club 11; Spanish club 9,10,11; usherettes 9,10; library aide 10. Corrado, Ronald D.. 2276 Cross Rd.. Glenside, PA, 19038: student government rep. 9,10; class council rep. 12; baseball 10; band 9,10,11,12; orchestra 10,11.12; choir 12. Cosenza, Debra A., 2533 Edgecomb Ave., Glenside, PA. 19038. Costanza, Savino, 2391 Tague Ave., Glenside, PA. 19038: gym team 12; Italian club 12. Costello. Megan Marie. 290 Runner Street, Philadelphia, PA. 19111: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; class council rep. 9.10. president 11,12; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; field hockey 9. band 9,10,11,12; majorettes 11,12; band front 11,12; varsity A 11,12. Coulston, William. 2327 Tague Ave.. Glenside. PA, 19038. Covert, Daniel w.. 708 Meadowbrook Dr.. Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006: Cramp, Randall w., 719 Central Ave., Ardsley, PA, 19038: soccer 9,12; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; band 9,10; varsity A 11.12. Cranton, Anne L., 1802 Edgehill Rd.. Abington. PA. 19001. Crawford, Greg S.. 3052 Raymond Ave., Roslyn. PA, 19001: student government rep. 9,11; swimming team 9,10,11,12; band 10.11; orchestra 10,11. Creely. Michelle, 156 Rockwell Rd.. Abington. PA. 19001: class council rep. 11.12; italian club 11. Crimllsh. Steven A., 1419 White Owl Rd., Roslyn. PA, 19001: band 9,10. Crowther, James A., 1930 Sharon Rd., Meadowbrook. PA. 19046. Culp. Randall A.. 1249 Bockius Ave.. Abington. PA. 19001. Cupo. Kathleen H.. 952 Garfield Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038: bowling 11,12; affiliation club 10; FBLA 10,11,12; school store 11,12. Cusick, Thomas A.. 2105 Horace Ave.. Abington. PA. 19001: soccer 9; golf 11,12, lacrosse 9,10,11,12; honor society 11. Dabney, Hope, 437 Cadwalder Avenue. Elkins Park. PA. 19117. Dafilou, David Kenneth. 868 Fernhill Rd.. Glenside. PA. 19037: student government representative 9,10; swimming team 10,11,12; Ecology club 11. Daimore, Vlcola, 665 Oak Shade Ave., Elkins Park, Phila., PA. 19117; soccer 12. Dare. Cynthia. 1507 Edgewood Avenue, Roslyn, PA, 19001: cheerleaders 9; news bureau 9; sprite 10. Davine, John Edward. 1419 Welsh Rd., Huntingdon valley. PA. 19006: student government representative 10.ll; class council representative 11; baseball 9,10,11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; Abingtonian 11.12; german club 10,11. Davis. Wendy colleen, 1403 Arnold Ave., Roslyn. PA, 19001. DeFrancesco, Stephen Thomas. 212 Rolling Hill Rd.. Elkins Park, PA, 19117: ice hockey 11,12. DeLaughter, Ann, 704 Garden Rd.. Glenside. PA. 19038: italian club 11. DeLeon, William 1538 Elkins Ave., Abington. PA. 19001: student government 12; class council 10,11; artw 12; honor society 12. oracle 12; Spanish 11; drama 10,11. D'Elia, Anthony Joseph, 106 Houstan Ave., Glenside PA, 19038: baseball 9,10,12; football 9,11,12. Denelsbeck, Joseph L., 105 N. Sylvania Ave., Rockledge PA, 19111: band 9,10,11,12; Choir 9,10,11; All-School Musical 12. DaPass, David M., 1726 Easton Road, Willow Grove. PA, 19090: cosmetology 12; tech school 12. Deserable, Tim M.. 128 Park Ave., Rockledge, PA. 19111: band 9,10,11. 263Devoe, Denise B.. 1542 Mill Road, Meadowbrook. PA, 19046: affiliation club 10.11; competitive figure skater 9,10,11,12; german club 11,12. Diegel, Donna L., 7 Montgomery Ave., Rockledge, PA. 19111: band 9,10,11,12; band front 9,10,11,12; honor society 11,12; drum major 12. Dieterly, Dawn-Annette, 1439 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington. PA, 19001: french club 12; honor society 9,11,12; latin club; theatre honorary 10,11,12. Dillon. Richard J., 927 Central Ave., Ardsley, PA, 19038: basketball 9; baseball 9,10; soccer 9,10,11,12. Dimetrosky, Scott Alan, 449 Wingate Road. Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006: cross country 9,10,11; honor society 10; news bureau 9,10,11; world affairs 11. Dinkins. Margaret L.. 1558 Fairview Ave., Willow Grove, PA. 19090: student government representative 10; student council 9,10,11,12; ghost post 9,10. Di Pasquale, Richard. 2427 Rosemore Ave.. Glenside, PA. 19038: golf 12; wrestling 9. Di Telia, Joanne M., 807 Township Line Road, Elkins Park. PA, 19117. Dockstader. Robert K.. 1350 Edge Hill Road, Abington. PA, 19001: class council president 10; football 9; lacrosse 10,11,12. Dolceamore, Victoria. 1680 Huntingdon Pike. Dorsey. Ken E.. 923 Douglass Ave., Elkins Park. PA. 19117: baseball 9. Dowd, John F.. 7809 Church Road, Rockledge. PA. 19111. Doyle. Joanna S.. 1626 Amity Road. Rydal, PA, 19046: representative 9,10; class council 9,10; basketball 9; tennis 9; lacrosse 11,12; french club 11.12; ski club 9,10; badminton 9,10. Dubois. Pamela S., 643 Washington Lane, Rydal. PA. 19046: student government rep. 10,12; cross country 9,10,11,12; track 9,11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12. Duggen. Ellen P.. 1441 Lewis Rd., Rydal. PA, 19046: student government rep. 9,10,11; class council rep. 10,11; soccer 10; swimming team 10; french club 11. Dunn, Hillary D.. 1074 Pheasant Rd., Rydal, PA, 19046: student government rep. 9; class council rep. 9; gym team 9; swimming team 9,10,11.12; lacrosse 12; field hockey 9,12; Spanish club 9; world affairs 12. Dunn. Michelle E.. 1074 Pheasant Rd.. Rydal, PA, 19046: student government rep. 9,10; field hockey 9; spectre 12; teens for retarded 11,12. Durham. Edward T.. 2563 Lamott Ave., willow Grove. PA. 19090. Durham. Nelson M.. 2563 Lamott Ave., Willow Grove. PA, 19090. Eberhardt, Anthony J.. 1372 Easton Rd.. Roslyn. PA. 19001: soccer 9,10,11,12; wrestling 9; student government representative 9,10; class council representative 9,10,11,12; german club 9,10,11; varsity A 11.12; usherettes 9,10. Edelman, Laurie Beth. 459 Wingate Rd., Huntingdon valley. PA. 19006: student government representative 9,10; class council representative 9,10; tennis 10,11; affiliation club 9,10,11; camera club 12; honor society 9,10,11,12; Spanish club 9,10,11,12. Eyre. John Marshal. 662 Seminole Ave., Philadelphia. PA, 19111: lacrosse 9,10,11,12; band 9,10; varsity A 11,12. Fahs, Maryanne, 748 Elizabeth Road, Rydal. PA. 19046: affiliation club 9; usherettes 10. Fairfield, John P.. 242 Edge Hill Road, North Hills. PA. 19038: baseball 9,10,11,12; bowling 11,12. Fanelli, James P., 522 Kelly Lane, Glenside. PA, 19038. Feldman. Adam H., 1330 Warner Rd., Meadowbrook. PA. 19046: artw 12; orchestra 9,10; fencing team captain 9,10; french club 12. Felley, Mary L., 1152 Sewell Lane, Rydal, PA. 19046: honor society 9,10,11,12; orchestra 9,10,11,12; district orchestra. Fine, Elisa R.. 1058 Old Ford Rd., Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006: class council representative 12; field hockey 9; affiliation club 11,12; honor society 9; key club 11,12; news bureau 11; oracle 11,12; Spanish club 9,10,11,12; spectre 10; world affairs 9,10; CSP 10,11; abingtonian 9,10. Fisch, Kim, 1455 Marshall Lane, Meadowbrook. PA, 19046. representative 11,12; girl s soccer 11,12; oracle 11,12; Spanish club 11,12. Fischer. Rebecca M., 1620 Crestview Ave., Willow Grove. PA, 19090. Fisher, SallyAnn, 1717 Ferndale Ave., Abington, PA, 19001: lacrosse 10.11; winter guard 11; flag twirlers 10,11; band front 10,11; ghost post 9,10; guides and ushers. Fitzgerald. James D., 1550 Washington Ave., Willow Grove, PA. 19090: basketball 9,10,11,12; football 9,10; track 9,12; black student union 10,11,12. Fitzgerald. Maripat. 1821 Eckard Ave., Abington. PA, 19001. Fitzpatrick, Stephen Raymond, 1500 York Rd.. Abington, PA. 19001: basketball 9; golf 10,11,12. Flanigan, Constance A.. 1430 Meadowbrook Rd.. Meadowbrook, PA, 19046: art club. Fleck. Daniel w.. 632 Fern Rd.. Glenside. PA, 19038. Fleck, Michele S., 942 Roanoke Ave., Elkins Park, PA, 19117: cheerleaders 9. Fleck. Rodney J., 942 Roanoke Ave., Elkins Park, PA, 19117: soccer 9,10,11,12; honor society 10,11,12; Spanish club 11,12. Fllckinger, Kristin F.. 1028 Church St.. Abington, PA, 19001. Flipping, Michael Darrlan, 1705 Park Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090. Flipping Yvette W., 1623 Summit Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090. Flynn. John J., 1370 High Ave., Roslyn, PA. 19001. Force, David Lee, 779 Hamel Ave., Ardsley, PA. 19038. Ford, Esther R., 208 Ruscombe Ave., North Hills, PA. 19038: basketball. Fox, Bruce Alan. 1372 Panther Rd., Rydal. PA. 19046: soccer 10; key club 11,12; usher 10. Fox, Karin Lisa. 1131 Susquehanna Rd., Rydal, PA, 19046. Franz, Lisa Joanne. 203 Church Rd., Phila., PA, 19111: Representative 9,10,11; class council 9,10,11; library aide 11; lost and found 11. Freed, Traci Ellen. 2323 Rosemore Ave., Glenside. PA, 19038: field hockey 9,11; choir 9,10; softball 10; library aide 11. Freeman. Mike Francis. 1354 Edgewood Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001: football 11,12; track 11,12. Freeman. Stafford 2947 Madison Ave., Roslyn. PA, 19001: football 9,10; track 9,10,11,12; bowling 9,10,12; black student union 10; McDonald s basketball league; tiger shark’s diving squad; Y.M.C.A. weightlifting program. Gaines, Theodore Roosevelt III, 1664 Park Ave., Willow Grove. PA. 19090: black student union 12. Gallagher, Jeannie M.. 2151 Curtis Ave., Abington, PA, 19001. Gaul. Maria A., 2804 Susquehanna Rd., Roslyn. pa, 19001: band 9,10,11,12; cheerleaders 9; french club 11; Italian 12; ghost post; marching band 10,11,12. Gaydos, Theresa Ann. 214 Tulpehocken Ave., Elkins Pk.. PA. 19117. Gear. James R., 1575 Williams Rd.. Abington. PA. 19001: soccer 9,10,11,12; camera club 12; oracle 12; varsity A ; computer club; ghost post 9,10; sprite 10. George, Tracy Maria, 1076 Devon Rd.. Jenkintown, PA. 19046: class council secretary 11; swimming team 9,10,11,12; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; varsity A” 9,10,11,12. Gerhard. Janet B.. 340 Cliveden Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038: student council president 12; class council vice president 10,11; soccer 11,12; field hockey 9,10,11,12; affiliation club 11; ARTW 12; debate 12; sports club 10.11,12. varsity A” 11.12; softball 9. Ciller, Karen A.. 1565 Marian Rd., Abington, PA, 19001: soccer 10; affiliation club 11; alternative class council 11. Giovinazzo, Donna Marie. 1571 Edgewood Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001: Flag Twirlers 10,11,12; band front 10,11,12; honor society 9.10.H.12. Giskan, Oren S.. 1370 Lindsay Lane, Meadowbrook, PA, 19046: debate 11,12, abingtonian 11,12; ghost post bus. ed. 10. Godshall, Dolores Ann, 1019 Burke St.. Rockledge, PA. 19111. Gold. Stuart, 1085 Squirrel Rd., Jenkintown. PA, 19046: class 264council representative 9.10,11,12; soccer 9,11,12. Goldberg, Jennifer Lynne, 1354 Old Ford Rd.. Hunt, valley, PA. 19006: tennis 11,12; affiliation club 10,11,12. Goldblatt, Eric B.. 287 Stakes Circle. Hunt, valley, PA. 19006: debate 11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; spectre 12; world affairs 9,10; ghost post editor 9,10; abingtonian 11,12; gratz college 9,10,11,12. Good, Margo R.. 124 Fillmore Ave., Phila., PA. 19111: dancing. Goodell, Diane C., 307 Rolling Hill Rd.. Elkins Park. PA, 19117: field hockey 10,11,12; cheerleaders 9; softball 9,10,11,12. Gottlieb. Edward. 608 Meadowbrook Dr.. Hunt. Valley. PA. 19006: ghost post photographer 9, Graham, Magan P.. 519 North Hills Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038: swimming team 9; lacrosse 9,10,11. Grasty. Gregory, 1651 Park Ave., Willow Grove. PA, 19090. Grasty, Mary E.. 1540 Rothley Ave., Willow Grove, pa. 19090: student council representative 11,12; basketball 12; black student union 12. Gray. Michael S.. Benson East Apt. 820. Jenkintown, PA. 19046. Gravener, Peter Lars, 2517 Woodland Rd.. Roslyn. PA, 19001: oracle; spectre; abingtonian. Green. Aaron K., 312 North Hills Ave., Glenside. PA, 19038: class council representative 9,10; football 9,11,12; track 10,11,12; varsity A” 11; black student union 10; Ambler jr. Olympic association. Green, Mere! Marie, 115 Stanley Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038: alternative school 10; yoga 10. Greenfield. Amy R.. 348 Peach Tree Drive, Phila., PA. 19111: student council representative 10,11,12; class council representative 9,12; affiliation club 10,11; artw 12; creative writing 9,10; debate 12; french club 11,12; oracle 11,12; candystriping. Grlet. Stephen G., 1224 Boone Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001: soccer 9,10,11,12; varsity A 12. Gump. Julie, 838 Penn Ave., Ardsley, PA, 19038: cheerleaders 9; FBLA 11. Gunther, Richard William, 719 Hillcrest Avenue, Glenside. PA, 19038: ARTW 12; honor society 12; jazz band 9,10,11,12. Griffin, Carmella, 2546 Woodland Rd.. Roslyn, PA, 19001. Haas. David C.. 623 Penn Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038: rifle 9,10,12. Haeberle, Norman E., 227 Holme Ave., Elkins Park, PA. 19117: baseball 9,10,11,12; football 9,10,11,12; ice hockey 9,10,11,12. Haggerty, Bernadette M., 2891 Rossitter Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001: class council rep. 11,12; Italian club 11. Hahn. Sherry L.. 1325 Osbourne Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Halle, Andrew J.. 660 Central Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038: baseball 9,10,11,12. Hamilton, Randall M., 2928 Cohn Dr., Willow Grove, PA. 19090. Hanna. Nancy L.. 1454 Old Welsh Rd., Huntingdon valley. PA, 19006: swimming team 9,10,11,12; field hockey 9; french club 11,12; varsity A 11,12. Harbison, Lorraine C.. 2171 Kenmore Ave., Glenside. PA, 19038: field hockey 9,10,11,12. Hardcastle, Michael J.. 581 Edgehill Rd.. Glenside. PA. 19038. Hardman, Sharon A., 2210 Hamilton Ave., Willow Grove. PA. 19090. Harris, James w., 101 Keswick Ave., Glenside, PA. 19038: baseball 11; new life 9,10,11,12. Hartman. Catherine P., 301 Church Rd.. Philadelphia, PA, 19111: student government rep. 10,11; soccer 11; choir 9,10; ski club 11; spectre 11. Hector, Chris S., 142 Shelmire St.. Philadelphia. PA. 19111: Heinrich, Mary E., 716 Collage Rd., Glenside. PA. 19038: student government rep. 9; choir 9,10,11,12. Helwig, Mark. 2418 Rosemore Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038: lacrosse 11; honor society 9,10; latin club 9,10,11. Henderson, Aphrodite M., 323 Osceola Ave., Elkins Park, PA. 19117: soccer 11; affiliation club 11; french club 11; new life 11: honor society 11; spectre 11; usherettes 11; world affairs 10. Henderson. George C.. 323 Osceola Ave.. Elkins Park, PA. 19117. Hendrichson. Susan L.. 100 Susan St. 2. Elkins Park pa 19117. Hensman. Anne L.. 1617 Crestview Ave., Willow Grove pa 19090. Herrmann. Kenny W.. 236 Runner St.. Philadelphia. PA. 19111. Hess. Ronald M.. 1138 Ballytove Rd.. Huntingdon valley. PA. 19000: class council rep. 9,10; baseball 9,10; camera club 9,10,11; Spanish club 9,10,11. Heuges, Mary C.. 2039 Jenkintown Rd.. Glenside. PA, 19038: cross country 9,10,11; track 9,10,11; french club 11; honor society 10,11; oracle 11. Hildebrand. Lee F.. 401 Madison St.. Ft. Washington. PA. 19034. Hill. Betsy R.. 237 Maple Ave., North Hills. PA, 19038. Hill. Marvin D.. 1200 Mild Red Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Hill. Stewart w.. 918 Sherman Ave., Huntingdon valley. PA. 19006. Hindsman, Sean T.. 1035 Fairview Ave.. Willow Grove. PA. 19090: track 9,10.11. Hodgson. Cathleen E., 1316 Zachary Rd.. Roslyn, pa. 19001: soccer 9; field hockey 9. Hodgson, Elizabeth A.. 1316 Zachary Rd.. Roslyn. PA. 19001: soccer 10,11; field hockey 9. Hoehn, David P.. 360 Rolling Hill Rd.. Abington. PA, 19117: chess club 11; oracle 11. Hogan. Timothy. 662 Edgehill Rd.. Ardsley. PA, 19038. Halloway, Chiara F.. 1354 Lindbergh Ave.. Roslyn. PA. 19001: basketball 9; band 11. Hopen, Gail H.. 1088 sparrow Rd., Jenkintown. PA. 19046: student government rep.. 10.11; class council rep. 9,10,11,12. Hoppe, Lynne M.. 1936 Marie Rd.. Jenkintown. PA. 19046: class council rep. 9,10; soccer 11; swimming team 10; field hockey 9; band 9,10,11; french club 11. Huber. Glenn G., 305 Margarita Ave., Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006: ARTW 11. Jay, Michele T., 1937 Coolidge Ave., Willow Grove. PA. 19090: student government rep. 9,10; class council rep. 9,11,12: choir 11,12; FBLA 10; honor society 9,10.11,12; news bureau 10; oracle 12. usherettes 10. Jesse, Sandra L.. 2534 Pierce Ave., Willow Grove. PA. 19090: cheerleaders 9,10,11,12. Johnson. Francis J.. 481 Roberts Ave.. Glenside. PA. 19038: class council rep. 10; soccer 9,10,11,12; wrestling 9,10,11,12; choir 10; varsity A 11.12. Johnson, Jennifer L.. 727 Roslyn Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038: Johnson. Jennifer L.. 727 Roslyn Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038: student government rep. 9,10,11; color guard 9,10,11; band front 9,10,11; choir 11. honor society 10,11; orchestra 9. Johnston. Kevin w.. 1627 Fitzwatertown Rd., Willow Grove. PA, 19090: camera club 11. Joyce. Thomas G.. 2225 Oakdale Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038: Justice. Joyce A., nil Boone Ave.. Roslyn, PA. 19001: class council rep. 10; bowling 9,10,11,12; choir 9,10,11,12; karate 9. Kamenir. Lisa S.. 1009 Irvin Rd., Huntingdon valley, PA, 19006: gym team 9; oracle 12; Spanish club 11.12; teens for retarded 12; art club 9,10. Katz. Cindy A., 1084 Sherman Ave., Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006: student government rep. 10,12; class council rep. 10,12; camera club 12; oracle 12; ski club 12; theatre honorary 12. Kauderer. Dianna C., 1031 Mill Road Circle. Rydal, PA. 19046: french club 11. art club 10. Kaufman. James H. 1910 valley Rd.. Meadowbrook. PA. 19046: student government rep. 11. Kaufmann. Janice H.. 715 Rhoads Ave.. Rydal. PA. 19046: soccer 9,11,12; track 11,12; french club 11; Italian club 12. Keating, Kevin A.. 1479 Blue Jay Rd.. Roslyn, PA. 19001. Keller, Gina. 2070 Moreland Rd., Abington. PA, 19001. Kelly. Kevin R.. 210 Sylvania Ave., Rockledge, PA. 19111: student government rep. 11; baseball 9,10; football 9. 265Kerner, Robert J., 1554 Washington La.. Meadowbrook. PA, 19046: student government rep. 10; class council rep. 10; baseball 9; gym team 9,10,11; honor society 9,10. Kia-Noury, Dina B., 933 Fox Chase Rd., Jenkintown, PA, 19046; student government rep. 12; cross country 12; track 11,12; french club 11,12; honor society 11.12; latin club 11,12; varsity A 12; world affairs 12. Killeen, Mark D.. 1220 Westmont Ave.. Roslyn. pa, 19009. Kim, Jacob C., 1320 Kinh Rd., Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006: track 9,10; affiliation club 10. King, Chris S.. 1268 Johnston Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Kintisch, Alan B.. 1214 Jericho Rd.. Abington, PA, 19001: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; track 10,11,12; wrestling 9; honor society 9,10,11,12. Kirk, Christine P., 2325 Geneva Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038. Kitnick, Glenn H., 1039 Old Ford Rd., Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006: student government rep. 11; class council rep. 11; soccer 9,10. Klazmer, Randi H., 1105 Sewell Lane, Rydal, PA. 19046: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; class council rep. 10,11; soccer 10; affiliation club 9,10,11; cheerleaders 11,12; varsity A 12. Kleintz, Jennifer A.. 1242 Osbourne Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Kline. Paul S., 1918 Lambert Rd., Jenkintown. PA, 19046. Klock, Kathy Ann, 2305 Pershing Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001: winter guard 10; choir 9,10; FBLA 9,10,11,12; honor society 11,12; school store 11,12; usherettes 10,11,12. Kluger. Allison R., 640 Anthony Rd.. Elkins Park, PA. 19117: class council rep. 9,10,11,12; band front 11; honor society 11,12; news bureau 9,10,11,12; oracle 11,12; spectre 12; usherettes 11. Kowakzyk. Wendy A.. 149 Central Ave., Rockledge, PA, 19111: swimming team 9,10. Kowlt, Johnathon R„ 1427 Autumn Rd.. Rydal, PA, 19046: golf 12; bowling 12; news bureau 12. Kremer. Randi S., 1207 Fleetwood Rd., Rydal. PA. 19046; class council 12; latin 12; oracle 12; Spanish club 12. Krom, Merri L.. 2127 Berrell Ave., Abington, PA, 19001: football 11,12; wrestling 11,12; usherettes 11. Krugman, Aaron w.. 954 Henrietta Ave., Huntingdon valley. PA, 19006: FBLA 12; key club 12; oracle 12; school store 12; oracle 12; key club 12; library aide 12. Kunkel. Judy Ann, 832 Edge Hill Rd.. Glenside. PA, 19038: cheerleaders 9,10,11,12. Kuss, Deborah L., 718 Seminole Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19111: class council 10; camera club 11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; news bureau 10. Lackman, Edward L., 2439 Fairhill Ave., Glenside PA, 19038: basketball 10,11,12; swimming team 9. varsity A 12. Lambert, Lynn Dianna., 1815 Eckard Ave., Abington PA, 19001: band 9,10,11,12; winter guard 9,11,12; majorettes 9,10,11,12; band front 9,10,11,12. Landis, Beth Marla., 1873 Foothill Drive, Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006: student government representative 9,10; affiliation club 10,11; sprite editor 10. Lang, Girard David., 1570 Guovauia Ave., Abington, PA. 19001: wrestling 9,10,11,12. Lankin. Micheal E.. 838 Meadowbrook Drive, Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006. Lassen, Cheryl-Ann., 1123 Cumberland Road, Abington, PA. 19001: student government secretary 12; swimming team 9,10,11,12; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; french club 11; sports club 11,12; varsity A 11,12. Leibowltz, Donna M.. 645 Hoyt Road, Huntingdon valley. PA, 19006. Lee, Jim A., 1658 wash. Ave., willow Grove, PA, 19090: basketball 9,10; baseball 9; football 9,10,11,12. Lelstrum, David., 750 Penn Ave., Ardsley, PA, 19038: football 9. Lenio, Sherrill C., 673 Tyson Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038: Text School Horticulture. Leon, Lauren D., 1329 Osbourne Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001: student government secretary 10; representative 9,10,11; class council representative 9,10,11,12; affiliation club 11,12; french club 11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; oracle 11,12. Levitt. Sherri D.. 457 Hickory Road, Huntingdon valley. PA. 19006: affiliation club 11,12; creative writing 12; oracle 11,12; teens for retarded 12; junior class council. Lindley, Annette., 1834 Eckard Ave.. Abington, PA. 19001. Lishnoff. Sue Ellen., 1851 Rowland Road, Abington, PA, 19001: student government representative 9,10,11,12; class council treasurer 10, and representative 9,10,11,12; affiliation club 9,10,11,12; band 9,10; french club 11.12; honor society 9.10,11,12: art club 10. Lizerbram, Lyn B.. 573 Hoyt Road, Huntingdon valley, PA, 19006: soccer 12; affiliation club 10; honor society 9,10; soccer — Abington gals. Lodise, MaryAnn., 1578 Osbourne Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Loffler, Steve C., 532 Easton Road, Glenside, PA, 19038: basketball 9,10: soccer 9,10,11,12. Logan, Marc M., 1826 Old Welsh Road, Abington. PA, 19001. Lokken, Robert S.. 2365 Rosemore Avenue, Glenside, PA, 19038. LoMastro, Nick N., 1836 Horode Ave., Abington, PA, 19001: Italian 9,10,11. Long, Doug., 2227 Old Welsh Road, Willow Grove, PA, 19090: baseball 9; wrestling 10. Lucas, John A., 1433 Arline Avenue, Roslyn. PA. 19001: class council president 9,10; football 9,10,12; cross country 9,11; track 9,10; band 9,10,11,12. Lucas. Beckie A., 2618 Phipps Avenue, Willow Grove, PA, 19090: cheerleading 9,10. Ludwig. David., 1951 Preston Avenue. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. Lukasavage, Denise M., 1083 Easton Road, Roslyn. PA. 19001: italian 11,12; corresponding secretary of Italian club 12. Lumpe. David w., 1262 Lindsay Lane, Meadowbrook, PA. 19046. Lumpe, Julie E., 1262 Lindsay Lane, Meadowbrook. PA, 19046. Lute, Michall A.. 1245 Johnston Ave., Roslyn. PA, 19001. Magee. Michael D.. 2566 Fernwood Avenue, Roslyn, PA, 19001: ice Hockey. Magilner, Mark J., 1251 Fairacres Road. Rydal, PA, 19046. Oracle 12. Mayroder, Coleen G., 1620 Washington Avenue, Willow Grove, PA, 19090: student government representative 12; basketball 11: black student union 9,10,11,12. Mahon, Mike E„ 2928 Meyer Avenue, Ardley. PA, 19038: football 12. Malarrkey, Patrick J.. 1375 St. Charles Place, Roslyn, PA. 19001: basketball 11; band 10; honor society 9,10,11; jazz band 9,10. Malpass, Barry William., 1414 Birchwood Avenue, Roslyn, PA, 19001: soccer 9. Mancini, Michael A., 633 Cresent Avenue, Glenside. PA, 19038: baseball 9,10; football 10,11,12. Manco, Janine L., 1144 Tyson Ave., Abington, PA, 19001: italian 11; health careers club 10,11,12. Markey, Ann Patricia., 2228 Menlo Avenue, Glenside, PA, 19038. Marks, Keith Alan., 948 Meadowbrook Drive, Huntingdon valley, PA, 19006: student government representative 10; golf 12. Marshall. Neil Jonathan., 738 Tyson Avenue, Ardsley. PA, 19038: FBLA; school store; handicapped swim program; explorer post (vice president). Mason, William David., 1566 Buck Hill Drive. Huntington Valley. PA, 19006: class council 9,10,11,12; golf 12; lacrosse 9,11,12; camera club 11,12; FBLA 12; news bureau 11,12; oracle 12; ice hockey 11,12. Mason. Veronica Z., 2537 Lamott Avenue, Willow Grove, PA. 19090: tech school. Mathis, Shawn Michael., 1429 Aubrey Avenue, Willow Grove, PA, 19090: basketball 9; football 9,10,11,12; track 11,12. Matthews, Kathleen., 370 Keswick Avenue, Glenside. PA, 19038. Maupay, Joseph M., 263 Maple Avenue. North Hills. PA, 19038. Mayo, Tracy D., 1565 Fairview Avenue, Willow Grove, PA, 19090: black student union 9,12. McAdams. Amy Jackie., 932 Townshipline Road., Elkins Parks, 266PA, 19119: track 9. McCall. Maureen.. 1236 Wheatsheaf Lane. Ablngton. PA. 19001. McCourt. Thomas John., 1300 Robin Hood Road. Meadowbrook. PA, 19046: honor society 9,10,11; Spanish club 10. McCown, L’Mann Kevin., 1664 Summit Avenue. Willow Grove, PA, 19090: football 9,10.11.12; track 9.11,12; band 9,10,11.12. McDonald. Anne Leigh., 2828 Rubicam Avenue. Willow Grove. PA, 19090: student government representative 10; class council representative 11,12; swimming team 9; ARTW 11; band 9,10.11.12; band front (captain) 10.11.12: usherettes 11.12. McFadden. Clair Eleaner., 409 Church Road. Phila. PA 19111-track 9,10,11.12; field hockey 9. McFadden, Ann Teresa.. 2947 Carnation Avenue. Willow Grove PA. 19091: class council 10; basketball 9; oracle 12. McGee, Margaret M., 1145 Boone Avenue. Roslyn, PA. 19001: gymnastics 9,10. McKenry, Ann Rose.. 1832 Silvin Ave., Ablngton. PA. 19001: library aid 9,10,11. McManus, Aurthur.. 307 Fisher Road. Jenkintown. PA. 19046: soccer 9.10,11,12; swimming team 11,12. McManus, Glen., 304 Edgley Avenue. Glenside, PA, 19038. McGee. Thomas Michael.. 2135 Benezet Road, Ablngton, PA, 19001: student government representative 9,10,11,12; soccer 9; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12. McGonagle, Kevin P.. 448 Penn Avenue., North Hills. PA. 19038: class council representative 9: baseball 9; bowling 9.10,11,12. McHale, Eileen M.. 25 N. Sylvania Avenue, Rockledge, PA, 19111: gym team 10.11.12; softball 10,11.12; honor society 11,12. McNamara. Tina A., 877 Edgehill Road. Glenside, PA, 19038. McNeil. James P.. 2749 Miriam Avenue, Roslyn, PA. 19001: bowling 11,12. McVay, Martha A.. Soccer 11,12; Choir 10.11; french club 11,12; usherettes 11,12. Meyers, Jennie L.. 1357 Panther Road, Pydal, PA, 19046: student government representative 9,10,11,12; class council secretary 10; class council representative 9,11,12; soccer 9,10,12; cross country 10; affiliation club 9,10,11,12; french club 9,10,11,12; honor society 9,10.11,12; oracle 11,12; sprite 10; newspaper 9,10,11,12. Micheal. Michelle.. 2903 Senak Avenue. Roslyn. pa. 19001. Micheals, Ronald L., 1234 June Road. Huntington valley. PA. 19006: ski club 9.10,11,12. Miller. Amy E.. 649 Roberts Avenue. Glenside, PA. 19038. Miller. David M . 214 Sylvania Ave., Rockledge. PA. 19111: rifle 9,10. Miller, Jonathon L., 369 Sylvania Ave., Glenside, PA. 19038: baseball 9,10,11.12; soccer 9,11; wrestling 11,12; choir 9,10,11,12; latfn club 12. Miller, Martha. 3019 Turner Ave.. Roslyn. PA. 19001. Miller, William G.. 2822 Lamott Ave., Willow Grove, PA. 19090. Milligan. Diana L., 428 Sylvania Ave., Glenside, PA. 19038: class council rep. 11; soccer 11; band front 10,11,12; french 11; fbla 10; honor society 9,10,11,12; usherettes 11. Misson, Renee M.. 1219 Johnston Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Mitchell. Wendy E.. 2948 woodland Rd.. Roslyn. PA. 19001: class council rep. 10,11; human relations 11; black student union 10.11. Monterosso. Michael, 1817 Eckard Ave., Ablngton. PA, 19001. Monney, Paul D., 2230 Oakdale Ave., Glenside, PA. 19038. Moore. James D.. 2819 Lamott Ave.. Willow Grove. PA, 19090. baseball 9,10,11,12; football 9,10,11,12. Mosee, Angela A.. 2825 Rossitter Ave.. Roslyn, PA, 19001: student government rep. 9,10; basketball 9; band 9,10.11; cheerleaders 11; band front 10. black student union 11. Mott. Pamela L.. 1089 Roseland Ave., Huntingdon valley. PA. 19006: basketball 9; soccer 9,10.11.12; honor society 9.10,11.12; orchestra 9,10.11,12. Muhl, Doug D.. 1463 Doris Rd.. Roslyn. PA. 19001: basketball 9; baseball 9,10,11; football 10.11. Mulkewycz. Michael B.. 1313 Osbourne Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Myers, Roy E.. 2044 Old Welsh Rd.. Ablngton, PA. 19001. Najbrt. Scott w.. 2507 Susquehanna Rd.. Roslyn. PA, 19001. Nash. Naomi L.. 2442 Old Welsh Rd.. Willow Grove, PA. 19090: class council rep. 11; black student union 12. Nedzwecky. Susan J.. 2470 Radcliffe Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Neely, Brian D.. 2640 Lamott Ave., willow Grove. PA. 19090: student government rep. 11; basketball 9.10,11,12; football 9,10,11.12: track 9,10,11,12. Neff. Jennifer K., 1404 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington, PA, 19001: student government rep. 10; class council rep. 10.11.12; basketball 9; field hockey 9.10,11,12; honor society 11.12; varsity A 12. Nemec, Allyson D., 931 Washington Lane, Rydal. PA, 19046: student government 9,11,12; class council rep. 10,11,12; winter guard 12; band front 11,12; honor society 9,10.11,12; oracle 11,12; Spanish club 9,10. spectre 9,10,12. Newman, Dawn E.. 141 Central Ave., North Hills. PA. 19038. Nguyen, Long l., 2806 Rubicam Ave., Willow Grove. PA. 19090. Novack. Lauren A.. 1845 Rowland Rd., Abington. PA, 19001: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; class council rep. 9.10,11,12; soccer 9; affiliation club 9; cheerleaders 9,10,11; creative writing 9,10; french club 9,12; key club 9,10; oracle 12. Nowack, William M.. 2736 Galloway Ave., Roslyn, PA. 19001. Nunevlller. Jay E.. 2547 Brookdale Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Ochroch, Edward A., 902 Fox Chase Rd., Jenkintown. PA. 19046: student government rep. 11; tennis 9,10,11,12; rifle 9,10; camera club 11,12; honor society 9.10,11,12; latin 9,10,11.12; oracle 11,12; varsity A 11,12. O'Donnell, Michael J., 1239 Huntingdon Rd.. Abington. PA, 19001: lacrosse 11,12; affiliation club 9.10,11,12; varsity A 12. Olsen, wes A.. 1851 Edgehill Rd., Abington. PA. 19001: basketball 9; baseball 9,10.11,12; football 9.10,11.12; varsity A 11,12. Omdal, David G., 1221 Glenbrook Rd.. Huntingdon Valley. PA, 19006: cross country 10.11,12, gym team 11,12. Oskowlak, Mark E., 1611 Edgehill Rd., Abington, PA. 19001: lacrosse 10,11,12; varsity A 12. Parham. Sabrina R.. 1562 St. James PI.. Roslyn, PA. 19001; basketball 9,10,11,12; black student union 10,11,12. Parry. Carol. 2323 Heston St.. B-l, Roslyn, PA. 19001. Pasieka, John. 1233 Nolen Rd.. Roslyn. PA. 19001. Pauza, Lori. 214 Shelmire St., Philadelphia, PA. 19111: softball Peal, Robin M., 1638 Newport Ave., Willow Grove. PA, 19090: class council 9.10,11; color guard 10; winter guard 10; cheerleaders 9,11; school store 10; black student union 10.11. Perkins, Thomas F.. 2943 Jefferson Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038: baseball 9; soccer 9,10,11,12. track 11,12; band 9.10. Pervais. Brian A., 1548 Huntingdon Rd.. Abington, PA. 19001: golf 9,10,11,12, gymnastics 11,12. Petruzelli. Dawn. 1725 Tucker Ave., Abington. PA. 19001. Phillips, Sharman L., 1587 Washington Ave., Willow Grove, PA. 19090: cheerleaders 9,10,11. Pinkett, Sonya, 227 Puscombe Ave.. North Hills. PA. 19038: basketball 9. Platt, Stephen D.. 1327 Brlchwood Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Pollich, John J.. 1558 Lukens Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001: baseball Praeger, Kendall A.. 1318 Edgehill Rd., Ablngton, PA. 19001: bowling 9,10; choir 9,10,11,12; creative writing 11; honor society 11,12. Prendergrast, Robert J.. 615 Hillcrest Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038. Pressman. Neal. 2202 Charles St.. Glenside. PA, 19038: baseball 9. Prior. Michael J.. 1542 Birchwood Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001: baseball 9,10; football 9.10,11. Pukowsky. Lois M.. 2713 Old Welsh Rd., Willow Grove, pa, 19090: 267Purdy, Stephanie A., 2023 Pleasant Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038: band front 11.12. Quachenbush, Louis A.. 839 Tyson Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001: band 9,10,11,12. Quinn. Helen M., 3019 Anzac Ave., Roslyn, PA. 19001; soccer 10. Raffle, Nancy A.. 2827 Susquehanna Rd.. Roslyn, PA, 19001. Rasdell, Mark A.. 868 Cypress Ave., Elkins Park, PA. 19117: track Rawley, Scott H.. 225 Osceola Ave., Elkins Park, PA. 19117. Ray, Nadine, 32 Robbins Ave.. Rockledge, PA. 19111: band 9,10,11; honor society 9,10,11. Raysoe, Anthony B„ 2445 Hamilton Ave., Willow Grove, PA. 19090: track 12; gym team 9,10,11,12. Reading, Linda Kay, 356 Elm Ave., North Hills. PA. 19038. Reiff, Eve S.. 904 Rydal Rd.. Rydal, PA, 19046. Reinard. Stephen K., 1212 Gordonn Rd.. Jenkintown, PA. 19046. Rhode. M„ 1220 Susquehanna Rd., Rydal, PA, 19046: wrestling 9; band 9,10; student government rep. 9. Ripley, Beth L.. 346 Monroe Ave., North Hills, PA. 19038: soccer 9; cross country 9; track 10,11,12; swimming team 11; oracle 11.12. Ripley, Robert, 833 Cedar Rd.. Philadelphia, PA, 19111. Rodstein, Jeffrey, 1414 Washington Lane. Rydal, PA, 19046. Roesser, David S.. 816 PineTree Rd.. Jenkintown. PA, 19046: football 11,12. Rosenthal. Scott. 911 Crosswicks Rd., Rydal. pa. 19046: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; class council rep. Rowland, Carol A., 1059 Old York Rd., Abington, PA, 19001: basketball 9,10,11,12; tennis 9,10,11,12; FBLA 9; honor society 9,10,11,12; varsity A 12; softball 9,10,11,12. Russell, Henry A.. 1122 Jericho Rd.. Abington, PA, 19001: lacrosse 9,10,11,12; Italian club 11. Russo, Patrick M., 1427 St. Charles PI., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Safir, Ellen F.. 1627 Edgehill Rd., Abington, PA 19001: class council rep. 12; flag twirlers 12. Sampson, William c., 269 keswlck rd., glenside, PA, 19038: track 10. Sanders. Monica J., 1318 Grovania Ave., Abington. PA. 19001: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; class council rep. 11,12; cheerleaders 9,11,12; french club 12; honor society 9,10,11,12; usherettes 10,12. Santry, Patricia A., 318 zane Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19111: student government rep. 9,10; class council rep. 9,10,11,12; basketball 9,10,11,12; track 11,12; field hockey 9,10,11,12; honor society 11,12. Sarfert, Renee B„ 331 North Hills Ave., North Hills, PA, 19038: band 9,10,11,12. Serma, Bani v., 945 Laurance Ave., Elkins Park, PA, 19117. student government rep. 10,11,12; class council rep. 10,11,12; soccer 10,11,12; affiliation club 11,12; french club 11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; usherettes 10,11.12. Saunders, David, 1026 Washington Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090. Saurman, Amy B., 532 Edgley Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038: band 9,10,11,12; honor society 11,12; usherettes 11,12; band 11,12. Saurman. Lynne E., 528 Boeder Rd., Jenkintown, PA, 19046. Sayer, Peter A., 2907 Eagle Rd., Roslyn. PA. 19001: ice hockey 11.12. Scuffidid, Lisa A., 346 Zane Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19111. Schechter, Suzanne I., 948 Leopard Rd.. Rydal. PA, 19046: student government rep. 10,11; class council rep. 10,11,12; cross country 11,12; band front 9; french club 11; honor society 9,10,11,12; latin club 11. Scherer. Anne E., 991 Claire Ave., Huntingdon valley. PA. 19006: basketball 9; color guard 11,12; band front 11,12; honor society io.il,12; orchestra 9,10,11,12; german club 11. Schilling, John. 419 Linden Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038: band 9,10,11. Schmidt, Diane C.. 2637 Barnes Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Schumann. Laurie A.. 1266 Nolen Rd.. Roslyn, PA. 19001. Schwartz. Abby L., 615 Oak Shade Ave., Elkins Park. PA. 19117: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; class council rep. 9,10,11,12; tennis 9,10,11,12; lacrosse 9,10,11,12, affiliation club 9,10; latin club 10,11; oracle 11,12, Spanish club 11,12; varsity A 11,12. Schwartz, Michael. 1376 Michael Rd.. Meadowbrook. PA. 19046: student government rep. 9. Schweyer. Robert J.. 352 Central Ave.. North Hills, PA. 19038. Scott, Cindy A., 2423 Mt. Carmel Ave., Glenside. PA. 19038. Seiner, Glenn R.. 2145 Guernsey Ave., Abington, PA, 19001. Shames. Adam D.. 777 wooded Rd.. Jenkintown. PA. 19046: baseball 9,10,11,12; honor society 10.11.12; Spanish club 11.12. Shamlian. Susan A., 1107 Wellington Rd.. Jenkintown. PA. 19046: student government rep. 9,10; class council 11,12; track 11; gym team 9,10,11,12; affiliation club 11,12; band 9,10,11; french club 11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; oracle 11,12; world affairs 12. Shepherd. Susan V., 655 Edgehill Rd.. Glenside. PA. 19038: swimming team 11,12; lacrosse 10,11,12; field hockey 9; band 9.10,11,12; varsity A 12. Shin. Helen. 1415 Washington Lane, Rydal, PA, 19046: student government rep. 11; french club 11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; latin club 10,12; oracle 11,12; spectre 11,12. Shuttle. Mariels E.. 315 Sylvania Ave.. Glenside. PA. 19038; swimming team 11,12. Silberman. Michele B., 156 Serrill Rd.. Elkins Park, PA, 19117: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; class council rep. 9,10,11,12; affiliation club 10,11,12; camera club 11,12; french club 11.12; honor society 9,10,11,12; news bureau 11.12; oracle 11,12. Silver, Jeffrey S.. 1647 Buck Hill Dr., Huntingdon Valley. PA, 19006. Silverman, Eric J.. 1236 Weinel Rd., Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006: student government rep. 12; class council rep. 12; camera club 11,12; honor society 12. Simmons, Tyrone L., 1623 Summit Ave., Willow Grove. PA, 19090: basketball 11.12; track 9,10; black student union 11,12. Simon, Bruce B., 822 Gregory Rd.. Rydal, PA, 19046: student government rep. 9,10; class council rep. 9; soccer 9,10; tennis 10,11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; latin 11,12; oracle 11,12; Ice hockey 11,12; Ablngtonian 12. Simon. Jon L., 1026 Old Ford Rd.. Huntingdon valley. PA. 19006. Singer. Guy D., 1426 Autumn Rd., Rydal, PA, 19046: tennis 10,11,12. Singley. Edward J., 783 Edgehill Rd.. Glenside. PA, 19038: baseball 9; cross country 9; chess club 10; creative writing 11. Slrratore, Patty A.. 1823 Horace Ave., Abington, PA. 19001. Skasko, Karen A., 2923 Turner Ave., Roslyn. PA. 19001. Slight. Patricia A., 2122 Glendale Ave., Abington, PA, 19001. Slusarski, Brian J.. 304 Cricket Ave., North Hills. PA. 19038. Smith, Kay A., 2944 Grisdaie Rd.. Roslyn. PA. 19001. Smith, Linda C.. 2934 Madison Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Snyder, Vickie J.. 852 Cricket Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038. Sopinsky, Brian l., 225 Susan Dr., Elkins Park, PA. 19117: world affairs 11. Spak, Neil B.. 35 Chapel Hill Rd.. Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006. Spector, Jill S.. 1831 Foothill Dr.. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006: student government rep. 10; flag twirlers 10,11,12; honor society 9,10,11; class council 9,10. Spencer. John G., 753 Maple Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038. St. Phard, Vladimar J., 1591 Fitzwatertown Rd.. Willow Grove, PA, 19090: soccer 9; gym team 11,12. Stamets, Charles. 1240 Easton Rd.. Roslyn. PA. 19001. Stansbury. Norris v., 953 Broner Ave.. Huntingdon valley. PA, 19006. Stelgerwald, 515 Edgley Rd., Horsham. PA, 19044. Steingard, Amy, 450 Hickory Rd., Huntingdon valley. PA. 26819006: class council rep. 10; affiliation club 12; french club 12; oracle 12. Stewart, Christine E.. 2154 Wayne Ave.. Abington. PA, 19001: student government rep. 9,10,12; class council rep. 9,10,12; affiliation club 10,11,12; honor society 9,10,11,12; Spanish club 12; theatre honorary 11,12. Stoduto. Donald L.. 142 Blake Ave.. Rockledge. PA. 19111. Stoeffler, Kenneth N.. 638 Tennis Rd.. Ardsley, PA, 19038. Stone. Anthony A.. 3014 Turner Ave., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Storiali, Denise A.. 12 Shandlor St., Rockledge. PA, 19111. Strittmatter, LeeAnn. 1519 North Hills Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: track 11,12; band 11,12; class council 11,12; oracle 11,12; band front 11,12. Stubanas, Kelly A.. 2646 Jenkintown Rd., North Hills, PA, 19038. Swift, Alice L., 1734 Park Ave., Willow Grove, PA. 19090. class council rep. 10,11; cheerleaders 9,10,11,12; black student union 9,10,11,12. Tancor, Marianne F„ 1209 Lenox Rd., Jenkintown. PA. 19046: student council rep. 9; class council rep. 10.11,12; oracle 12; Spanish club 10,11,12. Thomar, Bob W.. 1818 Canterbury Rd., Abington, PA, 19001: baseball 9,10,12; soccer 9,10,11,12. Thompson, Eric., 1306 Washington Ln., Rydal, PA, 19046. Thorp. Carol A., 2747 Susquehanna Rd., Roslyn, PA 19001. Tomlinson, Lisa Ann., 321 Maple Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038: soccer 12; field hockey 9,10; band 9,10,11,12; choir 11,12; fbla 11,12; key club 12; german club 9,10; musicals 10,11,12; madrigal singers 12; drum major 1982-1983. Tompkins, William Earl., 235 Woodlyn Ave., Glenside. PA, 19038: soccer 9,10,11,12; latin 11,12. Tornetta, Celeste T.. 2731 Magnolia Ave., North Hills, PA, 19038: student council rep. 9,10,12; class council rep. 10,12; band 9,10,11; majorettes 9,10,11,12; winter guard 10; indoor twirleers 9,11,12. Townsend, Charles Edward., 2345 woodland Rd., Roslyn, PA, 19001. Trevlyn, Denise Michelle., 1110 Wellington Rd., Jenkintown, PA 19046: gym team 9,10,11,12; lacrosse 9; field hockey 9,10,11,12. Turco, Joseph H., 326 Cricket Ave., North Hills, PA. 19038. soccer 10. Turner, Matthew Edmund., 1311 Wheatsheaf Ln.. Abington, PA, 19001: soccer 9; fencing 10; aerospace club 11. Twyman, Anthony C., 2559 Lamott Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: football 11,12. Tyrrell, Scott E.. 2965 Kanes Rd.. Willow Grove. PA. 19090. Tyson, Scott D., 1243 Rosemont Lane, Abington, PA, 19001: football 10,11. Urkowite, Michael S.. 1470 Noble Rd., Rydal, PA, 19046: soccer 9,10,11,12; wrestling 9. Vaughn, Darryl s., 1636 Washington Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: basketball 9,10,11,12. Vesey, Michael S., 2155 Penbryn Ave., Abington, PA. 19001. Vetri, Risa, 1129 Sewell Lane, Rydal. PA, 19046: student government rep. 9; class council rep. 11.12; affiliation club 9,11; camera club 11,12; french club 11,12; honor society 11,12; latin club 11; oracle 11,12; usherettes 10. Vickers. Paul N.. 241 Sylvania Ave., Glenside. PA, 19038. Viers, Michelle M.. 701 Edgehill Rd.. Ardsley, PA, 19038: choir 9,10. Vitelli, Mark A., 2443 Limekiln Pike, North Hills. PA. 19038: bowling 10. Vogel. Eric w.. 550 Pine Tree Rd.. Jenkintown, pa. 19046: baseball 9,10; soccer 9; band 9,10,11,12; honor society 11,12. Wagner. Dawn E.. 21 Central Ave., Rockledge, PA. 19111: italian 9,11,12; health careers 11. Waite. Jonathan B.. 730 Wyndale Rd.. Jenkintown. PA. 19046: soccer 9,10,12; lacrosse 9,10,11,12; band 9,10,11. Waldman, Jay w., 1907 Nicholas Dr., Huntingdon valley, PA. 19006: baseball 9,10,11,12. walker. Linda M.. 1839 Horace Ave., Abington. PA. 19001: cheerleaders 10,11,12; debate 12. Wallace. Cathleen, 1305 Osbourne Ave., Roslyn, pa. 19001. Wallace. Peter l., 1330 Grovanla Ave., Abington. PA, 19001. Warner. Pamela N.. 2005 Woodland Rd.. Abington. PA. 19001: student government rep. 9,10,11,12; class council rep. 9,12; field hockey 9,10,11; folk guitar 10. weaks, Kelly A.. 2452 Arlington Ave., Roslyn. pa. 19001. Weber. Lisa J.. 1854 Foothill Dr.. Huntingdon valley. PA. 19006: class council rep. 11. Weber. Susan l., 33 Robbins Ave., Rockledge, PA. 19111 -student government rep., 9,10,12; class council rep. 10,12; band 10,11,12; honor society 10,12; new life 11.12 oracle 12 orchestra 12. Wegner, Carl, 776 Tyson Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038. Weiner. Kimberly B., 1559 Fitzwatertown Rd.. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. White, Tammy A., 1570 Edgewood Ave., Roslyn. PA, 19001: class council 10. Wigand, Mark, 642 Roberts Ave., Glenside, PA, 19038: baseball 9.11. Wilkinson, Julie A., 2022 Susquehanna Rd.. Abington, pa, 19001. Williams. Jonnita A., 1634 Franklin Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: class council rep., 9,10; track 10; black student union Williams, Kelly L., 1569 Rothley Ave., Willow Grove. PA. 19090: class council rep. 10,12; cheerleaders 9,10,11; honor society 11; black student union 10,11. Williams. Shawn F.. 216 Edgehill Rd.. Glenside, PA. 19038; baseball 9,10,11,12; football 11,12. Wilson. Thomas P., 131 Central Ave., North Hills. PA, 19038: band 9,10. Wolfson, Miriam F., 1045 Shermon Ave., Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006: flag twirlers 9; band front 9. Wonsiewski, Vincent M., 2909 senak Rd.. Roslyn. PA, 19001. band 9,10. Wood. Valerie L.. 565 Glenmore Ave., Elkins Park, PA, 19117: honor society 9,10; news bureau 10. Wright. John E„ 643 Central Ave., Ardsley. PA, 19038: baseball 9.10.11. Wynn, Richard, 1891 Cleveland Ave., Abington. PA. 19001. Yerkes, Wes, 1055 Huntingdon Park, Abington, PA. 19001: baseball 12; golf 12; bowling 12. Young, Deborah. 1420 Rothley Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: class council rep. 12; black student union 12. Young. Kelly D.. 1420 Rothley Ave., Willow Grove, PA, 19090: football 12. Young, Steven A., 2080 Wharton Rd., Glenside. PA. 19090. Zanolli. Sharon A.. 808 Garfield Ave., Ardsley. PA. 19038. Zaslow, Yvonne R.. 1035 Wellington Rd., Jenkintown. PA, 19046: class council rep. 9,10,11,12, latin club 12; Spanish club 10.11.12. Zimmerman. Kimberly M., 5150 Melody Lane, Glenside. PA, 19038. Zivita, Penny A.. 1647 Pennypack Rd.. Huntingdon valley. PA, 19006: class council rep. 11,12; band 9,10,11,12. 269THE ORACLE ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Abington, Pennsylvania Dear Sir: My name is Abby Bacal. I am the editor of the Business Advertisement Section of the Abington High School 1982 Yearbook. The current Yearbook will be of high quality and will create an outstanding avenue for business exposure. The Advertisement Section arouses much attention. Past experience has provided beneficial results for participating merchants. The 1982 circulation will exceed 1,100 copies. Friends and relatives of students and faculty are exposed to the Yearbook's contents. And, of course, unlike a newspaper, it has a substantially greater life-span. Submitting an advertisement is not only good public relations but also shows community involvement which creates prospective business. Additionally, this year we are providing the use of student models, if you so desire, who will be photographed at your place of business promoting your respective products. The prices of Advertisements are as follows: 1 Full page..........................$140.00 V2 page..............................$125.00 V page..............................$ 75.00 Vs page..............................$ 50.00 I will contact you within two weeks hopeful of confirming your commitment to advertisement in the Abington High School 1982 Yearbook. I thank you for your courtesy and anticipated response. Sincerely, Abby Bacal AdvertisingCongratulates to the class of 1983 from the class of 1983 president, Megan Costello VICE PRES., James Gear SECRETARY, Cheryl Ann Lassen TREASURER, Alice Swift SPONSOR: Mr. Martinr Class of 1984 Faith Alahverde.. Tara Traynor..... Deborah Lerch... Christopher Reed Marlene Lee..... ....President Vice-President .... Secretary .... Treasurer ......Advisor Special Thanks to Mr. Martin Congratulations to the graduating Class of '83. J 273 V.CONGRATULATIONS AND Best Wishes to the 1983 Graduates MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographs for the 1983 ORACLE ALL PORTRAITS APPEARING IN THIS PUBLICATION HAVE BEEN PLACED ON FILE IN OUR STUDIO AND CAN BE DUPLICATED AT ANY TIME Write Or Phone For More Information NORTH PHILADELPHIA AIRPORT AND 2981 GRANT AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19114Latin Club Mark Helwig Andy Ochroch Allyson Nemec Merri Kram Yvonne Zaslow Dawn Dieterly Mr. V. Pezzullo President Vice-President Treasurer Economic Secretary Social Secretary Corresponding Secretary Sponsor Amicitia est firmissima inter pares. Italian Club Savino Costanzo, Nick Lo Mastro President Judy Abramson Vice-President Beatriz Gaglianese Treasurer Franca Buccafuri Social Secretary Denise Lucasavage Corresponding Secretary Mr. V. Pezzullo Sponsor Vivi e lascia vivere. we wish our fellow students of Latin and Italian continued success. To all the graduates we wish the best of everything. 275Wild Tops WILLOW GROVE PARK (3rd level next to Abraham Straus) IMPRINTED T shirts Sweat Shirts Surfer Shirts Sweat Pants Ladies Fashion Tops Baseball Shirts Athletic Shirts Tank Tops Cut-off Tops Baseball Hats Toddler s Tops PREPRINTED Rock Concert Shirts Rock Tapestries Mash ’ Tees Painters' Caps Phila. T Shirts Hand Painted Tops Hand Painted Bottoms OTHER ITEMS Decals Rock Byttons Rock Pins Rock Bumper Stickers Rock Sport Pictures Patches Rock wallets Playboy wallets Cift Can Wrapping (for all occasions) Posters We Do Custom Lettering and Silk Screening For Croups At A Discount Price 659-8787277f [ fcK j Healthcare Housekeeping systems Inc. 7 HOUSE wishes ( IU 1 C I T f 1 1 1 Good luck to the x Abington ice Hockey Team Abington Senior Class of 1983 V ) 306 Parsons Ave., Bala Cynwyd CONGRATULATIONS! Abington senior Class I 1983 THE BENSON EAST • JENKINTOWN, PA 19046 • 215 887-7007 General Insurance RES. OL 9 2983 JOHN TENER GARBUTT. INC. JAMES L. GARBUTT VICE PRES. 1 125 OLD YORK ROAD Abington. Penna. 19001 TU 4.4300 LI 8 8500 CONGRATULATIONS! to the Abington Senior Class of 1983 Sam and Sandy Krasick J r WAY TO GO ABINGTON ORACLE STAFF! Sincerely, The Abington Oracle Staff J V 278IctHE hane-up 607 WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN, PA. 19046 TU 4-3554 the look that says you’re something special r Cinger Wittenberg's Yorktown Jeweller j moroso’s Baking Company PLAYS THE LEADING ROLL Courtyard of Shops 8121 Old York Road Elkins Park, PA 19117 215 - 885-2050 V PACAYA INTERNATIONAL 10 Fetters Mill Square. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. 215-947- 1158 IMPORTED HANDCRAFTED TEXTILES. FASHIONS. GOLD. SILVER. AND CERAMICS Specializing in Icelandic Woolens, Gunny Sax dresses and gowns and Unusual Imports V r j Fine Clothiers importers 4 p W The Polo Shop at (PIMENSIONSllwfDIMENSIONS) we believe in style, not fashion Willow Grove Park Easton Moreland Roads Willow Grove, PA 19090 215-657-8090 279I, Michele Jay, being of weary mind due to the torture of my high school years, do hereby bestow the following gifts to my friends and instructors: To Mr. C: A copy editor in years to come who gets things done months early, so that 500 names don't need to be typed in one day. To Teresa: A man who will wear pink shirts, and permanent residence at the seashore. To Sheila: An out-of-hand life. To Monica: A wonderful roomate in college, and the ability to Parlez Francais so no one will ever understand what we are saying. To Carol: A playhouse in your backyard, lots of fond memories, and the lucky number five. To Risa: A career in marriage counseling, the ability to forget calculus, European history, and term papers, and a dashing Prince Charming. To Mr. Roeder: For the purpose of physics, two glass-bottomed trucks, a desert, a helicopter, and Mr. Manogg. To Mr. Stewart: The creation of a New Mexican country, a house on Coolidge Avenue, and millions of peons. To Kevin and Dave: A joint practice in Calculus tutoring, plenty of good lunches, and close friendship forever. To Jennifer: Ten days in Europe every year, a confidante forever, and boyfriends of the same name. Good luck always to everyone. I Edward Andrew Ochroch, being of slightly delapidated mind and body do here by partition my estate thus: To Mr. Hubley I leave a class of Jeff Silvers so you can go right to the really beautiful problems. To Mr. H.S. Stewart I leave you three classes of A.P. (peon) Bio. students so you can let more cats out of the bag. To Mr. Steven Stewart I leave by best wishes, and the hope that you will continue to persue your D.R. To Mr. Vincent Pezzullo I leave a class full of Bubies that he can bring through puberty. To Miss Eileen Foley I leave an apology for the last Ochroch's remarks, and all of the de de da do's” that her classes can stand. To Mrs. Rosemary Tobin I leave four classes of barbarians that she can teach manners instead of English to. To Mr. Lucian I leave thanks for the patience that you have shown me. All of the above should share equally my best wishes for continued health and happiness. Please give those tenth grades at least as much help as you have given me. Finally, to the Class of 1983 I can only say keep on keeping on. I, Abby Bacal, being of insane mind (from being an editor of the Oracle) and sound body, do hereby leave the following to the following: To Sheila Ballen: her very own, exclusive, photographer to take only pictures of herself and a magazine in which these surfer pictures would appear; some Baby Chick; and weird checkered sneakers in all colors. To Abby Louby Schwartz: Baby chick; a collection of Kenny Loggins personally signed albums; and Abby shorts' on the busride home to make you laugh. To Andy Ochroch: an apology. To Bruce Simon: sympathy, because I know what it is like to go out into the cruel world to solicit ads for the Hockey Book. To Susan Shamlian: a speech therapist; a successful yearbook; three bottles of Extra strength Tylenol Capsules for the headache she received from being an editor of the Oracle. To Risa Vetri: her very own Jon or maybe JD” and some Baby Chick. To Aaron Krugman: ten shares of stock in a candy company and good luck in the future. To T.C.: a great BIG HUG every time you need one; a Gabby Abby who is on time; someone to make you laugh, at least once a day; a better Oracle Staff than 1983 (maybe!) and a big THANX! for being such a great friend. To JPLC: all my love and thanx for all the great times. To Mathew: this summer! 280I, Risa Vetri, having the mind of a Second Semester senior, need I say more, do hereby bequeath the following to my co-editors and friends: To Mr, C: Hey Kid , a double page layout for Senior Work Day with the pictures of my choice on it, and a book of all of our most memorable (vetoed) captions. Sam, you can have him! To Abby (TA): an emergency breakthrough from Jesse, JT and Kenny Loggins on the same night, a JUG of Baby duck, a map of the Ritters place, an ironic year, a lifetime supply of Hazel's fried chicken, a new history text, riflery in a VW, a comb (your hair is getting kind of Marilyn, maybe you should try a perm), shaving cream in your next shower, we're so much more Radical!!, a permanent place for your name on the job wheel — Well I'm NOT domestic — and here's to Cape Cod and weekends at the shore, jump to it, and thanks for everything — I love ya! To Andy: a lifetime position in the Abington H.S. monastery, a one-way ticket down Old Ford Rd. with me driving (did you know that stop signs with white borders are optional after 6), a two-toned Line for your next date, and lessons on how to be a gentleman. To Abby B: an apres ski cocktail party complete with Baby Chick and then a trip to Le Bistro. To Aaron: new identities for all the unidentifiable faces in the clubs and choir, and a locker full of stuff for me and Sheil to mooch. To Sheila: Since you've already got a grown-up pocketbook, I can't give you that so I leave you: prophesies, a trip for extra Baby Chick with me and Jen (no wonder Quebecans hate Americans), ice cream for breakfast and chocolate cake for dinner — no, natchos are not a meal — a phone call from Mrs. Risa whenever her daughter is late, une serviette roulante, a full day of skiing then some lower lodge action”, and a date with jm — you're so out of hand! I also leave you a book called The Art of Nonconformity” so you can teach the course at Syracuse. Take off! To Bruce: anyplace for ice hockey except for next to the prom, food for the starving children who save their work til the deadline but maybe pizza next time — then we shouldn't pass up a free meal, should we? To Michele J: a paid vacation from work so you can stay after school to work on the yearbook, just to prove I've only been kidding you I leave you all of the Calc homework that I've done this year. To all of the Quebec trippers, I leave: Marilyn, a portable dance floor, butter on the ceiling, Eisenhower, Do you get a free bowl of soup with that hat? , Hatboro Horsham, boxer shorts in all shapes and sizes, and a good day” always, you hosers. To Kim B: M M's in the shower, Thank Cod that picture didn't come out, a pair of shoes — please wear them — and let’s go for 4. To Sam K: J’ai obtenu mon acceptance de Eureka, I’ve discovered the first chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwitch, make sure you keep them stocked in the freezer for whenever l come home from wherever it is that i’ll be next year. Thanks for being a friend. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank King David Schramm for all of his support during my stay at South. I wany to present to him an all-expenses paid vacation, for one, UNCHAPERONED, to Quebec City. I, Ellen Lishnoff, who is still of sound mind and body, even after four years at Abington High School, do hereby leave the following items to my co-editors friends and faculty. To all of my co-editors: I leave lots of luck and best wishes always. To Mr. Connor: I leave good luck with next year’s Oracle staff, ours was tops! To Susan: I leave thanks for all of your help, a box of m m's after school instead of an apple and a ride home with a good gossip session. To Sheila: I leave thanks for all the great captions, a year’s supply of grapefruit juice, and only good memories of our friendship. To Andy: I leave a camera that takes lots of faculty pictures, a drag race that I win, an automatic recorder that says hello in the halls, and 52 sweaters. To Abby Bacal: I leave a cute pair of sunglasses, endless ads, your sister’s tretorns and memories of our years at A.J. To Lori: I leave thanks for putting up with my crazy and terrible moods, listening to my kvetching and for always being there. To Deb: I leave thanks for listening to me talk about Margoles-face, a new pair of white docksides and a new nickname. To David: I leave a wild party every weekend, the girl of your dreams and a real four-wheel drive car. To Randi: I leave Mr. Wonderful to be there for ever and ever, a gift certificate for one hour of Tootsie Tuckman and good luck as Campus Queen. To Mr. Mech: 1 leave 2 years of having me share your desk with you, complaining for lots of Partial Credit and an eraser to erase all of the mish-mosh on your boards. To Mr. Roeder: I leave custody of the baby blue and white, ultimate macho machine. To Miss Foley: I leave thanks for writing my college recommendations, el crudo , one raised eyebrow, and do-do-de-do. Good Luck to next year's staff and thanks to all. 1, Sheila Balien, being of radical mind and extremely sound body leave the following: To Michele Jaye — load of work. And you are so out of hand! To Aaron Krugman — The corner on the granola market. To Bruce Simon — A page for Ice Hockey in the sports section instead of student Life. Also ail my Health notes — if you can find any. To Sue Shamlian — A Sports Editor that will work and not ask questions. To Michele Silberman — A double period of Health, because we had so much fun this year. To Abby Loubie” Schwartz — I'll start off with two cases of Baby Chick. After that you'll definitely want some B- action to get the S- action. A live-in maid because you're going to need one. A Lee s Hoagie Shop (potato chips included), some money so we don’t have to be on welfare anymore, some styrofoam for those late night phony phone calls. Season tickets for Kenny Loggins concerts. A camp relationship. A radio for your car. Free passes for your parents to the Balien Clinic, until they're cured. A pound of trailmix. First prize for a Tatum O'Neal Look-Alike Contest. And a brush for your Marilyn hair. To Risa Vetri — You also get two cases of Baby Chick. Cleanser to get the m m s out of the shower. A cordless telephone so you can rag on Summit whenever you want to. My checkered sneakers. A case of grapefruit juice with all the trimmings (It's definitely your drink). Both kinds of JD. Season tickets to Kenny Loggins and Abington Basketball games (’cause you like them so much). A varsity position on the Lacrosse team. Your car back. A prophecy. Bandannas and sunglasses. And last, but not least, another term paper to do. To Loubie and Ris — Let's get blank and blank, but especially blank. A book on How To Live Your Own Life to give TQ. And last, but not least, 1 leave you QUEBEC. Thank you, 1 love you both! To Abby (Wild Abba) Bacal — Bowling on Mondays. Roy Rogers' pickle bin. A serious skiing partner (I'm not cut out for the slopes, but for the lodge — another story). A publisher so you can publish your excellent recipe for G T’s. Fast times at Ridgemont High. A CB outlet. Your dream Porsche. But most of all don't forget our excellent times together. They will be with me forever. 1 love ya! To Ellen Lishnoff — A lifelong medical so you'll never have to take gym again. To Andrew Ochroch — Spit or . ? Your coat back from Quebec, and a free pass to a massage parlor to live out your wildest fantasies. To Mr. C — A staff that is interested in working instead of making jokes. A trip to Quebec as the chaperone. And two girl sports editors with clean mouths. You've been great, thanx! 1, Michele Silberman, being of sound mind, despite my encounters with Oracle '83 deadlines, and reasonably healthy body do hereby bequeath the following: To Susan: I leave 66 hours in a day so that you can get everything done! To Ellen: I leave a hard top for your jeep. To Abby S: 1 leave three emergency dates (if needed) to the Senior Prom (JR.,LH.,M.S.). To Sheila: I leave free typing lessons at Abington Adult night School. To Risa: I leave more time with Chuck in the Dark Room. To Andy and Dina: I leave a date to appear on The People’s Court. To Bruce: I leave ten extra pages in Oracle '83 for the Abington ice Hockey team. To Abby B: I leave a billboard in Times Square. To Allyson and Allison: I leave lots and lots of poetry!  To Aaron: I leave A Guide to North Campus Clubs. To Heidi and Suzanne: l leave a tranquilizer for the next time you drive with me. To Amy: I leave a live-in tailor so that all of your clothes will be a perfect fit. To Lori: l leave a lifetime subscription of CO. To Mrs. Tobin: I leave incoming seniors who can write! To Mr. Steven Stewart: l leave a trip to the historic sites of Toledo, Ohio. To Mr. Connor: I leave a rubber stamp with your initials, a tape-recorder to play back everything that Susan says and also special thanks for your guidance, time and patience. I, Aaron Krugman, being of diminished mind and large body do hereby bequeath the following To Abby Lou: I leave diet junk-food, and a live-in math tutor. To Ellen: l leave more of Mr. Good's lectures (sermons). To Bruce: I leave a page in the Sports section for Hockey. To Andy: I leave a dark room so you can have pictures when you want them. To Sue: 1 leave a direct line with Momma Sham.” To Judy: I leave my thanks and love for what has been and what will be. To Mr. C: I leave a staff of students to keep you jolly, CSP'ers who enjoy their placements. To Mr. Mech: I leave a first period math class that comes to school. To Mrs. Cohen: I leave eternal friendship, a responsible Key Club and a good sixth period. To everyone else good luck in your future endeavors. 1, Abby Schwartz, being of semi-sound mind and body, leave you: Risa (T.R.) Vetri — J.T. weekends, but we must brake for J.U.G., an admissions to Holy Cross College, CO-ownership of the Alpine — for those nights when you want to go all out class, a parasite, a generating math class, a one way plane ticket to Tenafly, a dominant position, a cradle, a breed for a roomate next year, most domestic, M and M's in your shower, a bottle of a Joe Harvard that wont get too Kessler — especially with T.A., the natural radical award — those Radnor men try too hard, some candy for those little boys who think they are all grown up, massive refridgerator raids, all day lower lodge action! And most of all thank you for everything l couldn't have made it with out you! I love ya, your co-plad sister. Mr. Thomas (Duffy) Connor — Another editor from the San Fernando Valley, like oh my God, I can't believe the Juniors are done, a masters degree in language control (to control Shelia and 1), a trip to Quebec as a chaperone of course, and most of all editors who are as organized and efficient as us! Thanks for everything, you know I'll miss you next year. Sheila Baden — An load of work, baby chick (but not all over my sweats please), s-action forever, all night phonies, get you know who, but get you know who more, you know whose action it was, 100 piece chicken — I know we can do it, the Ballen clinic — for parents only, conformity at its best staring you know who, a WOD of gum, We re only used to camp romance, lower lodge from nine to four, cleptomainiac tendencies with T.R., no more trail mix in the hair — 1 don't want to risk the Marilyn look, an intense thesis sentence, Saturdays at B-Kl-Kls with bushy eyebrows and Leon, eggs any style, and a weekly budget. Keep up that radical image at all times! 1 love you! Lubie. Abby Bacal — A towel for those long elevator rides, a linguist to take my place, dinners in Quebec, thanks for the help with the Juniors — it was either you or S.M. Michele Silberman — A full-time job at Cyrus Adler, it looks like you are going to be his first choice for the P.C. prom — keep your phone off the hook! Don’t worry about missing that cutie from U.D. next year, he might even be your neighbor! Steve Merrin — Dinner at Le Bee Fin instead of Lee's Hoagies please, a date to the Abington prom sorry you didn't make it to Bensalems, a reunion with the Oracle staff next year so we will be able to communicate with such a mature man since we will be college students. Thanks for the help with the Juniors. H.R. — Another girl to Hank on (I will never let you live that down), your own laundry service — my pants have never been cleaner. And most of all thanks for amazing memories! Kimbo Bolig — A fourth trip to Quebec, but this time gor for number 18, baby chick fights, but lets get Sheil and Ris next time! Andy Ochroch — Smashed eggs all over your tennis clothes. Daddy, a wordrobe of L.L. Bean s finest to attract all of those New York women. Bruce Simon — A permanent job at Lee's to deliver hoagies to starving children in room 248. Michele Jay — An load of typing, an empty room so you can sing as loud as you want — only kidding were just jealous because we didn’t make to to states. I, Allyson Nemec, being of creative mind and fairly sound body, do hereby bequeath to mV confidants and teachers: Steve Stewey”: A new class couple to pick on; a little tact; and a prepared class. Mrs. Tobin: a class without barbarians ’, and some people who read Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Mech: a series (serious) class. Mr. Volp: A winner, and an all female class. Mr. Nagel: 12 people who read and take their own notes. Miss Foley: an enthusiastic class and a UVA t-shirt. AHS Silks: everyone doin' it at the same angle. Jay: all that you want in life, 4 years more, a yes' and forever. Donna: someone who cares, a new confidant, and it” when you're ready. Heather: A normal relationship, a HUSBAND and 12 kids. Mary, Sally, et. al.: GOSSIP! Jen and Anne: a wonderful life riding on a camel. Abington, 1984: Good Luck! I, Susan A Shamlian, being a semi-sane Oracle editor after having barely survived three deadlines, hereby bequeath the following: To Michele: Less complications (ha, ha ..), and a dependable camera. To Andy: a real JAP, and an editor who will consent to have her picture taken. To Bruce: a life-time membership to the Varsity A' Club. To Ellen: the knowledge that the layout sheets are in the third drawer and the copy envelopes are in the fourth. To Abby B.: a telephone operator who will let you dial out by yourself. To Risa: lots of clever, appropriate captions from a captioned-out editor. To Aaron: a life-time supply of granola bars and fruit roles. To Michele: less complications (ha, ha ... ), and a dependable camera. To Carol: a best friend forever. To Lori, Amy, and Jennie: lots of fifth period lunches in room 248 to cram for American Studies quizzes. To Miss Foley: lots of little chats that meant a lot. To Mr. Winters: someone to amuse you with thousands of inquisitive questions. To Miss Gallagher: a cooperating class that doesn't insist on sitting on the window sill. To Mr. C.: many, many thanks for putting up with me. I wish you all the luck you missed out on this year for next year. S.A.S. 284• Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina Steve Merin. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Representative! A' Yv V.

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