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 « • • ORACLE 1982 ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA4791011141516ABINGTON BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS. Back row: Dr. Leonard M. Rosenfeld, Dr. Melvin K. McMaster, Mrs. Muriel J. Alt, Mr. Peter A. Dreifus, Mr. Richard G. Holloway. Front Row: Mrs. Bonnie E. Durphy. Mrs. Adele S. Block. Mrs. Lynne P. lannelli. Charles Grottenthaler Superintendent of Schools 20Principals Norman W. Schmid S.C. John E. Skilton N.C. Dear Seniors: Finding your way to a happy and productive life is a matter of importance and immediacy for each one of you as you leave the familiar confines of Abington High School to pursue your individual dreams. Some of you will continue your preparation for professional careers in colleges, universities, or other institutions of higher learning, some will begin the search for stability and success in working careers, some will seek the benefits to be gained by those who serve our country, and still others will choose marriage and family life. Many paths lie open to you, and it is time to follow your dreams with eagerness and effort. Throughout your years of formal schooling you have been introduced to many paths, paths which you will follow according to your desires and abilities. Those who have been responsible for pointing out the ways have done their work, and it is time for you to go on alone. Choosing the way that is best for you is now your resposibility. Remaining on the right path to lives of success and personal fulfillment will not always be easy. The snares of an uneasy world lie waiting for the unwary and the weak. But persist! Believe in yourselves and what you can do! The education made available to you has been a good one, and the hopes of your teachers and the administration go with you. May you all follow your paths to the heights. 21South Campus Assistant Principals G. Donnon McGinley David SchrammGuidance South Campus Ramon Lantz Jack Armstrong One of the primary objectives of the Guidance department is to help potential graduates with a variety of decision-making tasks. Most students consider a number of options that can include apprenticeships, work-study, technical training, school, armed dervices, marriage, employment, or college. The range of choices can be increased by an awareness of current and projected changes in the labor market, career fields, educational and training outlets, and financial aid resources. There is a vast amount of guidance information, and as a result, the counselors have made effective use of group guidance activities, such as the career exploration workshops conducted in the English III classes and the evening seminar programs for parents. Besides the Collegiate Video Counseling Network and V1CS, the computerized information service located in the South Campus library, information may be obtained through handouts, bulletin boards, the Guidance Newsletter, visits by school and college representatives, and the vertical files that contain school and career information. Another primary task of the counselors involves counseling in either a one-to-one or group session. In recent years, an increasing percentage of the counseling sessions have focused on the personal-social concerns of students. As anyone can tell you, it is reassuring to have someone who can help you sort through options, or simply listen to you when you need to let it all out. It is also an advantage to receive suggestions that can help you to explore new areas you might not otherwise have considered. In summary, the number and types of contacts that a counselor has with a student depends upon the needs of the students. The important fact is that there is someone available who cares, who wants to listen, and who can help in sorting through the maze of alternatives appropriate for each individual. 24Guidance North Campus Ben Monticciolo. chairman Roy Corkadel Mahlene Lee Leo Awad Sam Russell 25South Campus English LLk i I Charles Schneller, chairman Rosemary Tobin The South Campus English Department follows a traditional curriculum which stresses basic communication skills that can be developed through a sequential, ordered English program. Proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding one’s own language is critical to the educational process and to the realization of a rewarding lifestyle. Although English III and English IV are devoted to American and British Literature respectively, it is the philosophy of this department that an understanding and appreciation of all literature broadens the students’ experience. In addition, seven elective courses provide an opportunity for the student to pursue some special interests beyond the required course. Gerald Alpaugh 26English Dept. Dwight Good Millicent Neff Ralph Maltese Patricia Corcoran Dr. Robert Burt Well, it is better than Cliff s notes, isn’t it? 27North Campus English Dept. Thomas Binckley Merritt Hughes James Giordano; chairman The North Campus English Program provides the student with systematic instruction in composition, literature, vocabulary, and grammar. In composition, major emphasis is placed on the expository essay — five to eight paragraphs in length — with particular attention given to statement of purpose and skills of organization. In literature, the emphasis is on skills of literary analysis with a focus on writers both classic and contemporary. In vocabulary, students study a minimum of 300 words derived from recent SAT tests. In grammar, the basics of language description, mechanics, and diction are presented, especially as they relate to the students’ writing. In addition to the required English program, Dramatics, Journalism, and Public Speaking are offered as electives. Patricia Donahue Robert Winters I can't believe I ate the whole thing! 28Jane Milks Alex Woodley Charles Baker Hilda Tuthill C’mon! What the @ c! Ted Weiner Peter KellyReading Salley Beothy, S.C. Frances Crawford, N.C. Dale Jones, N.C. Lois Harrington, N.C. Reading is an essential skill that we all must learn in order to survive and succeed in this world. The department offers two courses: one in developmental reading and one in reading skills. The developmental reading course teaches the student note-taking techniques, testing skills, study techniques, and developing a good vocabulary. The course in reading skills improves the student’s reading comprehension, vocabulary, study skills, and spelling techniques. 30Special Education Carrie Jones, EMR Samuel Rines. Insight Learning Nicolas Wanck, OSLC Martin Greenblatt. EMR Mickey Abraham, I.U. Abington High School has four special education programs for students who cannot function in the regular classroom. These four courses are: the On-Sight Learning Center, the Intermediary Unit, the program for the learning disabled, and the program for the educable mentally retarded. These programs enable the students to be given the special attention they need while exposing them to the public school atmosphere. 31South Campus Social Studies Dr. J. Robert Rorison, Chairman The required program in American Studies is a two year interdisciplinary approach to the study of American society and its people. It encompasses our history, geography, social evolution, governmental structure, economic system, and cultural life. The American Studies curriculum design uses an historical latticework on which to interweave and relate the concepts drawn from other social science disciplines. The broadbased objectives are: I. To establish a framework in order that the student will understand American society of which he is a part: A. That a democratic heritage is a continuous process. B. That the effective functioning of democratic government demands knowledge, understanding, and participation on the part of its citizens. C. That the economic, political, and social stance of his society has worldwide significance today. D. That the goals of his society have directed and will direct the political, economic, and social activities it develops. 11. To develop attitudes and appreciation which will engender a productive response to that American society: A. To accept personal responsibility for helping to satisfy the needs of his society — economic political and cultural. B. To appreciate the role of the social science in furthering his society. C. To appreciate the interrelation of economic goals, political activity, and historical patterns. Walter Yost Anne Murphy Barry Friedman Frank Salerno Eric Luce Nancy McHugh 32Thomas Nyman Joan Gallagher Jeffery Marmon William Dodds X marks the spot. Steven Stewart Samuel McNaughtNorth Campus Social Studies Margaret East. Chairperson The first year of the World Civilizations course at North Campus traces the historical development of Western society so that students have a better understanding of the traditions of our way of life. During the second year the students deal with contemporary issues of today’s developing nations of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. All students are encouraged to sharpen their communication skills and develop a deeper understanding of other people’s ideas and concerns through participation in the Human Development program. A number of students take advantage of the elective, You and Your Community. This course helps students to identify and discuss specific problems of “their world” as well as the surrounding community. Martin Baranoff Louis Russo Raymond Vernon William Miller 34Michele Williams Donald Baker Dewitte Shipley William Powell Arlene Berman James Gavaghan 35Library Ruth Ann Focht, N.C. Elizabeth Snowden, N.C. Jeanne Yeagle, S.C. Janet Simon, S.C. The library at South Campus can be an invaluable source of information for the motivated student. In addition to hundreds of books and a variety of magazines, the library can also provide an unbounded supply of college and career information through V1CS, a computer terminal located in the library. When the friendly librarians are not busy controlling the atmosphere of the library with the efficiency of an IBM computer, they can be very helpful in directing the confused student toward wanted information. The library is conveniently open for students from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This enables students to use its facilities before school, after school, and during free periods. A student can use a student identification card to sign out books. The new security system provides an added safety as well as an endless supply of entertainment as students accidentally embezzle one of the library’s many exciting scriptures. Faith Chamberlain, S.C. Aide 36Two weeks Mary. Mary ... Smile you’re on candid camera. 37South Campus Math Martin Hubley, Chairman Paul Swedberg Society, in the second half of the twentieth century, leans more and more heavily on science and technology. Hence the number of citizens skilled in mathematics must be greatly increased. Also, an understanding of the role of mathematics in our society is now a prerequisite for intelligent citizenship. To meet these needs all courses are organized and taught so as to provide the students with a background that permits the continued study of mathematics. The offerings at South campus consist of an honors program, a regular college preparatory sequence and courses in basic skills for non-college bound students. In addition, special electives are offered in Advanced Placement Calculus, Computer Theory, and Practical Mathematics. Rodney Rathbun 3839 Say what?Math North Campus Lillian Rau, Chairman Richard Keiser Peggy Lynaugh Lewis Penfield Linda Edwards Brian Reiff At North Campus, the mathematical disciplines of algebra and geometry are addressed. The students in ninth grade pursue the study of algebra, while the tenth grade students are involved in the study of geometry. There are five ability-levels for students in each grade, thus providing a class in which each student can find success at his level of mathematical accomplishment. 40Vincent Guminski James Detweiler Ann Hagan Dr. Sue Turner John Mirsch Saundra Freedman Edward Pepple 41S.C. Business The three-fold goals of Business Education include provision for academic development for those students who plan to continue their education in business, the development of business skills for personal use, and for building vocational competency for entry level positions in business. To accomplish this students choose courses in the Secretarial, Clerical, or Accounting areas. The U.S. Department of Labor consistently reports a shortage of well-trained secretaries, clerks, and data processing personnel in all parts of the country. “Keyboarding” is becoming so important in the operation of sophisticated business machines today that many educators recommend that everyone take a basic course in Typing, regardless of their immediate goals. To prepare for this the Business Department has added two new word processors with a printer and has designated a special room to be used as a word processing lab. Word processing will soon be offered as a separate semester course as well as being integrated into Secretarial and Clerical Office Practice Courses. Office careers today offer more opportunities than ever before. The Business Department stands willing and ready to help prepare students for well-paying jobs in the business world, or for entrance into degree granting institutions of higher learning specializing in Business Administration. Robert Miller, Chairman Ruth Weinstein Dorothy Lemmert Frank Sauter Ceatrice Beard Raymond Reber 42N.C. Business Bronko Prisuta Ruth Fechter 43South Campus Science H. Samuel Stewart Chairman The Science department is an interaction of the physical and biological disciplines. It ranges from the required basics of Earth and Space science and Biology to Advanced Placement courses. Intermediary interests include practical and physical sciences and Advanced Biology. Courses are also available in Chemistry and Physics. Advanced Placement college-level courses in Biology. Chemistry, and Physics are offered too. The primary emphasis of North Campus is with the required basics; the South Campus courses are entirely elective and concern the student interested in gaining further knowledge relative to the student’s aspirations in college. Special interest courses are offered in Aerospace Science and Ecology. Samuel Roeder Richard Thomas Michael Beagle Howard Boyer I dare you to knock this caterpillar off my lip 44William Manogg James Riley Thomas Mairs Richard Butler Now when I get the yardstick unhooked ... Ha, ha. my ant won!! 45North Campus Science William Thrush 46Stephen Ewal Elaine Shaffer Thomas Rowland Donald Ivey There’s no pulse. Richard Bell Sally VonMeyerHome Economics Georgia Clemens, S.C. Chairman The Home Economics department has valuable information to offer every student. All of us need good diets to stay healthy; we must select and care for the clothing we wear, and we live in some type of home that is furnished. Most of us live in families and sooner or later establish our own families. Hopefully we all have resourses, time, money, and energy, to manage and therefore need to become good consumers. Nine different courses are available to help young adults organize everyday living in such a way that there will be time to include the more exciting thing in life. Maryland Wanck, N.C. Charlene Downs, N.C. 48Mother Hubbard checks her cupboard 49 I wish THEY would take Home Economics. Language South Campus WUliam Black; Chairman Carrie Stefanelli Vincent Pezzullo Eileen Cawley Donald Albert Esperanza Galshack The goal of the foreign language course is to enable students to use the chosen language for communication and to develop insights into the literature and culture of the countries involved. The program is of sufficient flexibility to meet college requirements as well as to provide a supplementary skill for use in certain careers. Abington is proud to be able to offer courses of study in five different languages; French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. Each language is well represented by the many clubs as well as a Mardi Gras celebration which is a joint effort of the entire department. Phyllis Schlanger 50Language North Campus John Burke Edward Wilk Joseph Procino Louise Hively Roy Reeves Dorothy Day Thomas Fitzmartin Carole Michaels Give me an “A! 51Music John Musika, S.C. Martin Donahue, N.C. Joseph Mauro, N.C. The dedication the Music teachers have put into their field demonstrates the kind of stick-to-itiveness that makes the Abington Music department what it is. It is run by a skilled group of professionals who must love what they are doing, for they have all been doing it for a long time. Yes, a long time. Our Music department is a great asset to our school and should be admired for the fine musical productions and concerts it has given us. An Abington Band concert is one that you will never forget. It is through the wide variety of electives that students are swept into the music program. A student can do anything from playing an instrument in the jazz band to singing in a choir. All of the electives at Abington’s music department have won Highland Avenue acclaim and honor. 52Art Leslie Martin, N.C. Robert Anderson. N.C. The offerings in Art make provisions for individual interest and aptitude. The program offers an overview of experiences, exploratory courses for those pursuing Art as an avocation, and depth experience for qualified students preparing for vocations in Art. Among those courses offered are Art Appreciation I II, Art Exploration I II, and Art I, II III. Art students can take these elective courses for various amounts of credit. Of course, as all Art students know, the reason to take Art is to hear the soft, smooth, soothing voice of Bob Dylan or Joan Baez first period on Monday morning. 53North Campus Industrial Arts Ronald Casper Steven Mandes John Wiegand Raynard Hunter Industrial Arts enriches the education of the individual and encourages good habits of thinking, working, and living. It helps the student to appreciate and understand the industrial and technological civilization. It provides exploratory experiences involving hand tools, machines, and materials to bring about an understanding of operations, processes, and finished, completed, ready-to-take-home products. It also develops an appreciation of good design and stimulates creativity. 54South Campus Industrial Arts Leland McNutt William Volp Bert DiPaul 55z o a m Q- C n ft o 3 Wallace Miller; Chairman Karen Traub Doug Moister Alan Lusch The North Campus physical education program includes both required courses and elective courses. The required program includes team and individual sports, physical fitness activities, rhythmics and dance, and low organization games. The elective courses offered are Boys’ and Girls’ recreational sports and activities, co-educational gymnastics and floor exercises, and adapted physical education. North Campus presents a health education course designed to help students understand themselves and others as they live through their early teen years. Bud Lewis Beverly MacMinn 56cr o c Ray Coleman Dorothy Lemeke Richard Koch Kathe Grebe Robert Schneck Carlotta Schaffer James Wilkinson Jane Oswald; Chairman Joseph Jurich m CL c n Q r+ o 3 The aims of the elective co educational physical education program is to provide students with opportunities to develop skills, and understandings so that he can govern and control body movement and become physically educated. Units are arranged so that activities are played in season, are of sufficient, duration to permit the individual to enjoy a sense of accomplishment, and are terminated while the student is still enthusiastic. The aquatics electives are offered throughout the year in each elective season. Courses will be added or deleted from the program according to the needs and interests of all involved. Grading is on a pass-fail basis. 57Health Suite Mrs. Kortright measuring student Betty Maurer, Marie Shear. Phyllis Ryan. Elva Manton, Sue Margraf. Ursula Henry. Vera Oneil. Faith Chamberlain. Jane Eakle. Pegay Stewart Frances Collins. Nancy Woodcock. Jean Brady. Janet French. CD n •-t r+ ft) S’ CD Mrs. McKenty Seated: Left to right Elaine Devine, Tess Black, Marion Johnson. Gigi Bums. Nancy Lassen, Eileen Breslin, Norma Humphries, Standing: Left to right Nancy Shepherd, Sylvia Mott. Evelyn Strigle, Barbara Hoffman, Rose Marie Henze, Ruth Bowyer, Pat Anderson, Jean Spangler. 58Cafeteria Ladies Standing: H. Padden, H Kramer, T. DiFilippo, J. Palisca, V. Maher, N. Swartz, E. Tasher, R. Pardi. M. A. Zataveski, I. Shivers, P. Herman, M. McGough, J. Shortall, D. Miller, A. Hessenthaler, N. Borkowski, P Schroeder, R. Derricks. Seated: E. Ansa. H Bilitz, G. Parrish, L. Salkeld, M. Winters. L to R: Rita McLay, Jean Schuman, Tina DiElia, Frances Cristaldi William Kessler and Betty HagertyIN MEMORIAM RICHARD LAVELLE December 24, 1943 — March 16, 1982 It was the Clancy Brothers which attracted Dick Lavelle to the Valley Forge Music Center on March 16, 1982. What better way to initiate the necessary atmosphere for St. Patrick’s Day! For Dick, March 17th was the rival of any holiday. This was his opportunity to fully celebrate his heritage, and all who knew him were aware of its importance. Tragically, then, and with supreme irony, Richard Lavelle was killed in an auto accident while returning from a concert of his beloved Irish music. Mr Lavelle was graduated from Temple University and had completed his course work for his master’s degree. Following two years, in the Navy, he came to Abington in 1970 as a teacher of American literature. He involved himself in the elective program in the English Department. There are all kinds of teachers; a truism, of course! Some good, some poor, and some indifferent. Dick was not to be found in those categories, for he was an exceptional teacher. This was consistently demonstrated during his career at South Campus. His energy and involvement not only in the classroom but also in extracurricular activities was limitless. The art of communicating his true concern and love for his students. News Bureau, and his Winter Track team were readily apparent to all who knew him. The pride he held for his trackmen and their going to Princeton was a joy to behold. Open to share the joys and sorrows of his students, Mr Lavelle had an impact; Mr. Lavelle had such a positive influence on those who came to be with him. And yet, those who were close to Dick were aware of two other loves: a wife and six children; and his avocation, boating and fishing. The time he spent with his family was of the purest quality. His beliefs and values have certainly been transmitted to his off spring. How then, one wonders, did he find the time for his hobby. Delighting in the preparation of his boat and fishing tackle, he was happiest sharing and blending these major facets of his life. Dick had the answer for his incredibly active life. Alive in the minds and hearts of those who loved and respected him. his response is clear. “You only go around once!” WILLIAM W. YOUNG September 29. 1928 — March 16, 1982 On March 16, 1982, the mortal life of William Winston Young came to an untimely end. but what was accomplished during that life and the effect this gentle, articulate man had on the lives of so many others will continue through the years. Mr. Young was granted B.S. and M.S. degrees in English by the University of Pennsylvania; and he enhanced an already strong academic background through later study at the University of Illinois, the University of Iowa, and Temple University. He taught the students of the Abington School district for twenty-five of his thirty professional years, and his passing leaves a void which will not soon be filled. Educator, counselor, confidant, and friend, Mr Young gave of himself to his students and to his fellow teachers. He was active in school affairs, and he took great pride in his work on school publications; but it is as a friend that he will be missed the most. Steady and dependable in all that he did. Mr. Young quietly exulted in the triumphs of his students and friends while taking a part of their failures and discomfiture upon himself. He strove to help all who needed his help, never compromising his knowledge or his love for those who were his life. Mr Young is no longer with us, but his tradition of seeking academic excellence and his belief in the essential goodness of those who were fortunate enough to have their lives touch his will continue to flourish. Good-by, Mr. Young, and thank you. We’ll miss his presence and contribution to our lives.IN MEMORIAM ROBERT STOUT November 9, 1925 — July 15, 1981 You were outspoken and honest You taught us to stand up for what is right no matter the consequences Your enemies revered you and your friends and family loved you You taught us about integrity and principles not to complain but to strive You taught us the joy of learning about the world and about ourselves You taught us to be proud and autonomous and to hate hypocrisy and dependence You taught us that achievement means more than success and that judgement stems from conscience rather than society’s standards You taught us the beauty of health both in mind and body not to stagnate, but to grow And you lived this not by words but by example. Richard Stout, Jr.CLUBSSTUDENT COUNCIL J. Meyer. F. Johnson. M Grasty, M Costello. S. Okabayashi. B. Bredt, J Minissale, K Tressider. A. Greenfield. M. Silberman, L. Podell. D. Peris. E. Lishnoff, E. Duggan, L. Leon. Row2: G. Hopen. R. Silverman, A. Miller, M. Werner. C. Petvais, P Stein, C. Petvais, K Sampson. A Donnell, K DiSantro, L. Mendez. J Rosenberg. B. Reeves, B Steinberg. Row 3: K. Giller, E. Lichtenstein, R. Klazmer, J. Comillot, H. Bockol. S. Ballen, D Capin, A. Werner, A. Thompson. J. Bregman, E. Shipon. M Buster, K. Kieser, C. Page. S. Cohen, M. Scott. B. Wolfgang. Row 4: T. Cassali. J Fink. D. Bacharach, A. Schwartz, R. Hoffman, R Cramp. R. Kaye. J. Davine. 0. Cobb. T. Cusick, D Wegner, S. Barto. D. DePretis. M Kidney. G. Heughes, C. Hoffman. B Yeager. B. Neely. B. Gaglianese. K. Creely, A. Watt Officers Advisor, T. Nyman, G. Mihok, R. Gaglianese, C. Hambrose, D, Turco, L. Hoffman, C Cassidy. C. Marion, Mr. Stewart, Advisor. The South Campus Student Council has proved once more to be a successful club. Student Council held various activities to raise money for the Abington Scholarship Fund. The Council once again brought a feeling of warmth and the smell of flowers on February 11, 1982. Carnations were sold to Abington students and faculty and were delivered to homerooms during the advisor period. Soft stuffy animals were also sold. The officers of Student Council that made everything possible were Gail Mihok, Donna Turco, Laura Hoffman, Richard Gaglianese, Carolyn Cassidy, Colleen Hambrose and Chuck Marion. 64SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL Row 1: M. Kidney, S. Swift, B. Hartey, N. Haelberle, U. Cobb, S. Manaker, A. Davis, J. Abel, J Bregman, E. Shipon, L. Coleman, J. Lawson. Row 2: D. Wagner, B Reeves, O. Malis, S. Golingan, M. Kaal, C. Creely, J Minissale, E. Nofer, V Dohling, I. Burnett. J. Rosenberg. B. Averick. A Werchoski, K. Sokoloff, M. Wemer, S. Buchholtz, L. Podell. M. Sussman. M Rubin Row 3: L. Yamoff, L McGonigle. T Gordon. C Pardi, N Schwemmer, D McLaughlin, M. Gropper, M Bett, D. Leibholz, B. McIntyre, T. Skadden, G. Heuges, L. Gaber, M. Buster. M. Welsh, T Mathis. Row 4: D. McCellan, L. Hall, S. Thompson, C. Beahan.T. McStay—K. Glusker, A. Mason, S. Chapman—D. Turco, E. Lee. D. Block, J. Ciocca, J Murdock, K. Sampson, A Watt, D. Ballard, U. McCoy Officers S. Okabayashi, Mr. S. McNaught, Advisor, C. Hoffman, J. Van Buren, G. Bachman. The Senior Class Council is an organization composed of homeroom representatives, chosen at the opening of the school year. Senior Class has many objectives and goals, the most important being raising money. Senior work day is one way the Senior Class raises money. The Council offers a scholarship and the money raised from Senior work day will be given to four students based on the students’ participation in school activities. The Senior Class Council also sponsors the Senior Prom which was held on June 4, 1982. 65JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL P. Reme. A. Mosee. K. Williams. H. Bockoll. D. Bacharach. L. Weber. E. Lishnoff, L. Leon. M. Silberman. S. Shamlian, L. McDonald. H. Shin. E. Duggan. K. Eckert, S. Ballard. B. Ripley. J. Comillot, S. Shepherd. Row 2: W. Mitchell, L. Armstead, J Blount, R Klazmer. R. Vetri. E. Doyle. D. Kuss. F. Johnson, L Hoppe, D. Capin, M. Tanker. B. Streisand. G. Hopen, J. Spector, T. Cornell, J. Neff. C. Lassen. L. Strittmatter Row 3: A. Swift R. Peale, R. Dinkins. P. Zivitz. A. Saurman. D. Andrake, D. Milligan, S. Levitt, o. Abrams. D. Brown, J. Meyer, Y. Zaslow, J. Yum, B. Sarma, M. Sanders, T. Santri, B. DeLeon. S. Ballen, C. Flannigan. Officers J. Gerhard, A. Broder, M. Costello, Mr. L. Martin. (Sponsor),T. George. The officers of the Junior Class Council are President, Megan Costello; Vice-President, Janet Gerhard; Secretary, Tracy George; Treasurer, Andy Broder. Volleyball night was one of the events sponsored by the Junior Class Council and other events were a movie and the Junior Prom. The purpose of the council is to raise money through its activities, for the Junior and Senior proms by getting the people to support their class. This is accomplished with donut and bake sales. 66SCHOOL STORE The school store is a convenient place where students can purchase items ranging from pencils to warm-up suits. The store is run by a group of students who are members of the Future Business Leaders of America. These students volunteer their time to man the store during lunch periods and before and after school. Sponsored by Mrs. Weinstein, the store contributes the money it earns to the FBLA for future activities. Row i: L. Mendez, M. Welsh. Row 2: B. Gadianese, S. Okabayashi. K. Klock, M. Welsh. R. Degurski. H. Mihalitsch, J. Marshall, K. Cupo, D. Tunstall, R. Naylor, T. Tunstall, R. Weinstein. Not pictured — R. Gaglianese CHEERLEADERS 67 Row 1: G. Bachman, J. Fink. Row 2: A. Swift, D. Ceniviva, A. Werchoski, L. Valentine, K. Wagman, C. Treacy, M. Sanders, P. Reme Row 3: K. Sokoloff. L. Smith.CQ D u U X Z Cu CO Row 1: M. Buster, P Stein, A Troncoso, A. Shames, S. Price, A. Bur, M. Rubin, A. Watt, L. Smith, A. Donnell, R. Oertel, K. Sokoloff, J. Lawson, M. Carroll, T. Skadden Row 2: C. Doresy. C. Limberakis. A. Abrams, T. Gordon, J. Comillot, E. Fine, Y. Zaslow, K. Furlow, L. Lim, H. Goldstein, E. Greenstein, C. Marion, J. Saunders, J. Zaslow, M Segal, L. Coleman, B Averick, R. Klazmer, K. Giller, A. Schwartz. Not Pictured: M. Welsh, B Walker, L. Booker, Mrs. Galshack The 1981-82 Spanish Club has had a very successful year. Throughout the school year, the club raised money by having bake sales, doughnut sales and lollipop sales. With the profits raised in the lollipop sales, the club was able to give large sums of money as scholarships to several exceptional Spanish students. The club also went to a Spanish restaurant in Phi- ladelphia to sample Spanish cuisine. The overworked sponsor of the Spanish Club is Senora Galshack and her loyal officers are Lauren Coleman, Presidente; Cathy Limberakis, Pres idente secondario; Angie Donnell, Secretario and John Zaslow, Oficer de dinero. Row 1: T. Cassalia. M Watts, E. Greenstein, B Tompkins. K. Tressider, B Bradley, B Simon, E. Doyle. Row 2: A. Thompson, F Melone, A. Bur, H. Goldman, H. Shay, J. Zaslow, C. Shin, S. Amato, M. Reale, G. Henderson. Row 3: M. Werner, MR. Pezzullo (SPONSOR), M. Recik, N. Vance, P. Kline, M. Shea, R. Vetri. This year the Latin Club engaged itself in many exciting activities. Trips to the Morris Arboretum and to the University of Pennsylvania. The club learned that Latin is very much alive and that studying this language is most important and helps to understand many words in other languages. This club, each year, comes up with unique and fascinating events. They participate in car washes, bake sales, lollipop sales and the culminnating event, which everyone yearns to attend is the Toga Party where the only threads one can wear is a beautiful white toga (or a dingy old sheet). Now, how can anyone not want to join a fantastic club like this? 68C m 33 2 2 O p- c DO Row 1: D. Hoehn, S Kansey, O. Malis. E. Scannapieco, C. Maxwell Row 2: K Kieser, D. Trevlyn. M Kaal, J. Hamilton, A. Mails, A. Henderson, G. Zygmont, B. Glueck. Row 3: M. Adams, E. Busch, Mrs. C. Stefanelli, Sponsor. J. Kim, J. Davine. During the first two meetings of the German Club, slides of Germany were shown and commented upon by the three exchange students Carolyn Maxwell, Greg Zygmont and Stephan Griese. The club members also went to see the German movie Der lustige Vagabund, which was shown without captions and therefore provided good practice in comprehension — so sponsor Mrs. Stefanelli emphasized. At its November meeting the club had a real German “Kaffeeklatsch”. In December a “Julklapp” (Polyanna) with a “St. Nicolaus” (Santa Claus) is planned. The club members will go iceskateing also. All These activities were done to get to know German customs and to practice the German language. FRENCH CLUB Row 1: R. Vetri, D. Bacharach, G. Lobb, C. Pervais, L. Podell, C. Pervais, L. McGonigle, G. Heughes. D. Block, M Silberman. A Greenfield, E. Lishnoff, A. Busch, J. Meyer, Ms. P. Schlanoer, Advisor Row 2: A. Bradburd, M Werner, K. Elsesser, E. Henderson. H Shin, J Daughen, C Foster, S. Shamlian, Leon, J. Yum, A. Bacal. M Gaul, H. Bockol, M Levenberg, E Duggan, C Hanagan. Row 3: B Biermann, J. Rarick, C Good, A Henderson, L. Hoppe. S. Ballen, C. Lassen, D. Leibowitz, S. Schecter, J Kaufmann, D. Kauderer, D. Milligan. Row 4: B. Sarma, A. Werchoski, S. Greenblatt, M. Sussman, M, McVay, N. Hanna, A, Broder, E. McFadden, E. Doyle. The French club has a new twist this year; it’s being run by a committee instead of by officers. The committee consists of four seniors — Doug Block, Lynda McGonigle, Colette Pervais, and Lisa Yamoff—and two juniors — Amy Greenfield and Michele Silberman. Meetings of the French club are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month, and plans are discussed at that time. One fundraising project is the sale of buttons reading “j’aime le francais” and “Souriez en francais” by club members. A doughnut sale is being discussed, as are plans to see a movie in French and a French dinner. An award is given every year to an outstanding French V Literature student in honor of the late, Mr. Vincent Barone, who taught French for 15 years here at A.H.S.ITALIAN CLUB Row 1: Braccia, D’ Alessandro. M Reale. K. Dimartino, D. Prozzillo, S. Kansy. S. Amato. B. Gaglianese. Row 2: B. Haggerty, C. Bisaquino, M Catoni, F Buccafuri. K. Psula, J. Abramson. M. Gallo, S. Eberhardt. Row 3: J. Comillot, K. Durkin. D. Lucksavage. F. Scarpelo. Mr. Vincent Pezzullo. Advisor, J. Manco, K. Abrams. H. Russell. A. DeLaughter The Italian Club, lead by Mr. Pezzulo, has had a very successful year. Various activities have led to this success. There were bake sales throughout the year, lollipop sales and t-shirts sales. Bigger events were made possible by these sales. These events include a pizza dinner, a concert dance, a trip to the Italian market, the Macedonia feast and the senior dinner.AFFILIATION CLUB Row 1: D. Bacharach, K. Bernstein. A, Henderson, R. Vetri, L. Yarnoff. A, Bacal. M. Silberman, A. Donnell, M. Landis. D. Wagner. A. Bradburd, J. Meyer. S. Levitt, R Klazmer. Row 2: Mrs. Cawly, E. Greenstein, C. Good, E. Davis. J. Lavelle. D. Block. L. Leon. A. Greenfield. M. Levenberg, H. Bockol, E Lishnoff, A. Busch, J. Goldberg. Row 3: C. Wagner, M. Kaal, G. Zygmont, E. Henderson. J. Hamilton. The sponsors of the Affiliation Club are Mrs. Cawly, Mrs. Clemens, and Miss Gallagher. The Presidents are Olga and Alexa Malis, the Vice-President is Carolyn Maxwell, the Secretary is Kirsten Psula and the Treasurer is Susanne Gill. The first event of this year was apple-picking on November 1. Every day there is a candy sale after school. Some other events included a Holiday Party for Christmas and Hanukah, a winter carnival — Mardi Gras, Monte Carlos night, a picnic and a banquet at the end of the year. All these activities are planned to make the exchange students feel at home as well as to acquaint the students with cultural diversity. Officers 71 Row 1:0. Malis, B. Biermann, A. Malis Row 2: C. Maxwell, T. Suomimen, K. Psula, S Kansey, S. Griese.ABINGTONIAN STAFF Row 1: D Peris, A. Werchoski. A. Malis. Row 2: A. Kluger. O. Giskan, J. Davine, J. Kim, D. Mason. E. Greenstein. M Gropper, D. Block, B. Sarma This year’s Abingtonian staff continued in the journalistic tradition of years past to produce a responsible publication for the student body. Assisting the five editors were Mr. Winston Young and Mr. Charles Schneller. S. Cohen, E. Scannapieco. Row 2: M. Watts, M. Kidney, D. Leibholz 72Teachers Join, Leave South Staff h Camp Student Council Plans For Year Home Con md Running Ghosts Go To Districts icert. Donna Cristaldi, Crnlc d Minn Costello. kit to right: Riel i. Amv Watt. B« el fa 'onto. d 06fate Affiliation Club SponsoYs%qftj|fenal By Palrici B u ts, Does AThe Abington ion ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOI—SOUTH CAMPUS 900 Highland Avtna Abington. Pa. 19001 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Michael Kidney NEWS EDITOR: Steve Cohen EDITORIALS EDITOR: Eric Scannapieco FEATURES EDITOR: Eugene Kaji SPORTS EDITOR: Mark Watts ADVERTISING AND BUSINESS EDITOR: Dan LeibholZ STAFF: Pat Bauerle, John Davine, Scott Dimetrosky. Eric Goldblatt. Michael Kidney. Bani Sarma. Eric Scannapieco. Stuart Tollen. PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR: Andy Ochroch ADVISER: Mr. W. Winston Young PHOTO CLUB ADVISER: Mr. Charles Schnellcr Journalism Class. Advertising rates £1.00 per column Inch President Colleen Hambr Published Several times per year Office: Room 225 if th :iub. This clul 12. Da change students N'o c l»dy acrOs« Port lhc b's activities Only mem- Mali is the other president. ar,j!vn Maxwell. who was an ex- Ol »s ’’kc student in Germany last vice president Hirsten P Tony Lanzillotti Is Memorialized by Douglas ArblifU His last- ha VI an at individual who of sportsr ‘®vcrcnt.. 0 he stoo •hers Burl. I'1’1 Young display new currlcnu. PtK,,° D»«| L«|H Tn . hoj V k v was rightfully awarded, for at that lime. Tony was creating the mold that all good students should trv to activities suen follow. His leadership and hard work and lacrosse had put will never be forgotten by ail ot his 73SPECTRE Row 1: H. Shin, M. Levenberg. M. Bett. Row 2: A. Werchoski, C. Marion. M. Segal. D. Block. A. Henderson. C. Maxwell, P. Stein, E. Greenstein, J. Zaslow, S. Chapman, A. Malis, R. Silverman. NEWS BUREAU The News Bureau of South Campus serves the community by informing it of the activities of Abington students. This year’s staff is a concentrated one of five students including editor-in-chief Jim Lavelle, and typist, Michele Buster. The goal of the club is to promote public relation between the school and the community. This objective is achieved through weekly contributions to the Times Chronicle, Willow Grove Guide, The Breeze, The Suburban Times and occasionally to The Inquirer. Almost all school activities are reported to the local papers through this organization. L. Smith, D. Staley, Row 2: M. Buster, J. Lavelle, T. Gordon. 74A.R.T.W South Campus homerooms are stirred to life each morning by the euphonious sounds of Todd Gross reciting The Flag Salute Pledge. We then move on to Ursula Cobb, Carl Dorsey, Kurt Kaiser, and Valerie Dohling who give updates on clubs and activities. Reporting on Abing-ton’s many victories and even those few losses is Scott “Mr. Sports” Kra-sick with help from Mike Andrake. Those who are still asleep are jolted back to life by Catherine “Gabby Abby” Limberakis’s infamous “HI” and birthday announcements. The program concludes with music, and a “Have a good day, Ghosts!” With Billy Keen at the controls .. . what could ever go wrong? “Just about anything!” T. Gross, U. Cobb, G. Huber, V. Dohling, B. Keen, B. Lane, C. Dorsey, S. Krasick, C. Limberakis, K. Kieser. CAMERA CLUB Focus. Click. This year the camera club, sponsored by Mr. Schneller, involved itself in taking pictures for the News Bureau, The Abingtonian, the Oracle, and sporting events, some which have been published in the Times Chronicle. The main function of the Camera Club is to engender interests in photography, help students develop their knowledge in more depth, and service organizations in school. The deep interest given by students has made this year’s Camera Club a success. 75 E. Vesey, R. Vetri, M. Silverman. D. Kuss, J. Yum, M. Coe, S. Griese, D. ChaifauntORACLE ’82 This year's Oracle is made up of eleven editors and a staff that outnumbers that of any previous year. Mr. Connor, our advisor, has guided our endeavors to create a superb yearbook — maybe the best Abington will ever see. This did not all happen ovemite. Work on the yearbook had been in progress since early October. Many hours, hard work by the staff, and brainstorming amongst the editors made the yearbook what it is. Our first major decision was the cover of the book. The editors seemed to form into two clashing groups with various opinions of what would be not only acceptable to the student-body, but well liked. Then there was Susan Frank, who gave a flat NO to every option and Katie Furlow’s “1 Don’t Care”. Not to be forgotten is Mr. Connor’s ten votes to our one. After this was accomplished we moved onto our next major task. This was to finish the thirty-two pages of color (more than any Abington yearbook has ever had), by the deadline. Most of the editors had no problem with this, but Ruth Hoffman could not seem to make all of her pictures fit her double page spread. Becky Steinberg, Creative Editor, and her talented committee expressed Abington’s artwork and literary talent in a way unsurpassed by any other year. Katie Furlow, Statistics Editor, had the nervewracking experience of convincing all seniors to come into room 248 and complete their statistics card with all senior activities. Her job did not stop there — she also took care of all dropouts and addins so that the Oracle could be accurate. Suzy Greenblatt, Faculty Editor, only had two staff members, but she is not likely to forget what harrowing experiences she went through with those guys! The final result was an impressive Faculty Section. Lance Podell, Senior Section Editor, attempted to bring some vitality back into what was probably the dullest section of the Oracle. With the great help of a large staff and what was called “his room” (243) he produced ninety pages and developed the idea of senior signatures. Among other things he brought back an old Abington tradition of Senior Superlatives. Ruth Hoffman, is the editor of what was known to the student-body as “The Mystery Section” which can now be revealed as the Student Life Section. After much joking around, and what she called a constant lack of candids she completed a section that should bring back many enriching memories to the Class of 1982. Edward Vesey, Photography Editor, was constantly on the prowl for the right angle and often a little edgy towards the other editors, but without him the Oracle might not have been produced. Susan Frank and Eric Desman, Sports Editors, divided their work into boys’ sports and girls’ sports. Eric’s section, although a little biased towards the football team, has many creative twists and gives a blow by blow description of the year in sports. Susan’s is in fine quality when all is said and done. Susan only seemed to be able to work under the last minute deadline pressures. Carl Dorsey, South Campus Clubs Editor, who when he is not busy running around trying to identify sixty million students or driving nearly everyone crazy with WDAS blasting Prince. The Time or Rick James, also experienced some last minute confusion and back breaking deadline pressures as his staff hardly ever showed up for work. Howard Goldstein, North Campus Clubs and Activities Editor, had a constant struggle with recognition as no one really remembers that North Campus still exists. In case there are any doubts, North Campus still exists. Andrea Santman, Advertising Editor was in charge of a section often overlooked when reviewing the yearbook. This section should be more carefully observed because with all respects, it is the hardest section of the yearbook. A lot of guts, smooth talking, and the ability to handle rejection came into play while Andrea was out in the wilds of Abington. Michele Buster, Administrative Editor, bound the yearbook together with her organization and constant devotion as Mr. Connor’s right hand “woman”. Michele is always there to pull another editor through a rough spot. If you don’t believe me ask Carl. As the pages turn so does the year: the deadlines have been met and our graduation has finally arrived. If the student-body enjoys the yearbook the yearlong devotion was all worthwhile. ORACLE STAFF Row 1: N. Cole, P Bauerle, E. Fine. L Ronsladt. A. Kluger, L. Lim. Row 2: K Elsesser, S Price, S Lazar. M. Katz, C. Pervais. C. Per-vais. Row 3: A Mails, D Wegner, P. Austin, L. Coleman. K. Carnes. E. Lishnoff, H. Shin, M Silverman Oracle Advisor..........................Thomas Connor Steve Merin............Representatives of Merin Studios Donna Frabotta and Hunter Publishing Co. 76ORACLE EDITORS Advertising Editor Andrea Santman Sports Editor Eric Desman Sports Editor Administrative Editor Michele Buster Clubs Editor Carl Dorsey Statistics Editor 77 Susan Frank Katie FurlowNorth Campus Editor Faculty Editor Howard Goldstein Activities Editor Ruth Hoffman Creative Editor Becky Steinberg Suzanne Greenblatt Seniors Editor Lance Podell Photography Editor Edward Vesey 78Row 1: A. Kintish. R. Ortell, B. Steinberg, S. Jackson, L. Tomlinson. A. Hardy, L. Lim, L Mendez. Row 2: D. Warwock, C. Stewart, J. Justice. A Williams, J Hulstrung, T. Carroll. M. Jackson. S. Rowe, D. Piore, L. Cartuchi. Row 3: S. Manaker, J. Newman. M. McVay, M. Hubley. H. Mayer. J. Crothers. J. Denelsbeck, T. Gross, M. Andrade, B. Streisand, L. Jenkens, E. Nofer Row 4: Exchange Student. P. Swan, S. Abromowitz, V. Dohling, D. Summers. H. Lauts, E. Dunham. T. Gallant. R. Miller, R. Hoag. D. Allen, C. Good, C. Pardi MADRIGALS, CONCERT CHOIR, AND DISTRICT CHOIR J. Newton. J. Hullstrung. S. Rowe. D. Allen. M. Andrake. R Miller, A. Hardy 801 J r Row 1: E. Davis, K. Psula, D. Hattal, A. Saverman, S. Shepard, R Sarfert, H. Muhlenberg, L. McGonigle, J. Paughen. L. Coleman, A Mosse Row 2: S. Bucholtz, F Chalfent, A. Mason. S. Lehner, S. Mahedavan. L. Schuyler, G. Keller, D Lambert. T Frank, E. Stauffer. P Warner. K. McGown. M. Coe. S Weber, N. Ray, D. Diegel, M. Gaval, L. McDonald, J. Yum. P. Zivitz. L. Tomlinson, L. Hoppe. Row 3: B. Albrecht. C. Tracey, B. Zschunke, T Deserable, E. Vogel, L. Schuman, T Hance, Y Petty. T. Pendergrass, B. Schultz, G. Huber, S. Linder, C Marion, D. Connell. D Willard. R. Miller, D Paslavtoria. S. Thompson. K. Wagner, D. Block, K. Ohl, D. Massa, J. Schilling. D. Genesio, D Searls. Row 1: P. Owens. S. Bucholtz. E. Davis. Row 2: S. Thompson. J. Jackson, T Frank. Concert Band District Band 8183ARching band Row 1: S. Bing, M. Mairs. P. Dennis, K. Thompson, B. Albrecht. Row 2: R. Howald, R. Corrado, G. Crawford. R. Gatter. R. Epstein, R. Acker W Matthews Row 3 Y. Silver. R. Miller, C. Beahan, D. Willard, M. Genesio Row4: S. Buchholtz, S Lehner, D. Hattal, K Psula.S. Shepherd, A Saurman. W. Saylor Row 5 L Schuyler D. Chalfont. S. Mahadevan, D. DiMassa. B. Zschunke, J. Dauqhen. L. McGonigle, M. Gaul, N Ray, M. Coe Row 6: S. Lavelle, E Stauffer, S. Weber, E. Vogel, P’ Owens. J. Keenan, S. Lotz, L. Hoppe, K. Schuyler Row 7: G. Huber, B Schulz. R Kaye. S. Thompson. B. Lane, K. Ohl. T Deserable Row 8: D Genesio. J Schilling. T. McGonigle, J. Ferguson, C. Hullstrung. J. McGee. R. Hattal Row 9: D. Clouse, J. Lavelle, J. Denelsbeck, K. Wagner, R Labkoff Marching Band is one of the largest student organizations in the school. It is composed of sixty-eight playing members and forty-eight in the band front. The band is directed by Mr. Joseph Mauro who, with the aid of five assistants, help prepare the band for its performances. Although it may seem that Marching Band does not require the dedication and hard work of a Varsity sport, the band practices for two weeks at the end of the summer in addition to the regular after school rehearsals. The band competes in the American Conference of the Cavalcade of Bands and also performs at all Abington Varsity football games. To raise money each season, the band sponsors hoagie and pizza sales, and holds paper drives twice a month. This year’s show includes “Emperata Overture ”, Sweet Georgia Brown,” “Birdland,” and Somewhere Over the Rainbow;” all of which the band performs with great enthusiasm. 84SWING FLAGS SILKS Row 1: D. Staley. Row 2: J. LaRoche, E Henderson. R Oertel. B Steinberg Row 3: L. McDonald. A Scherer. C. Bryce. A. Nemec. J. Johnson. Row 4: S. Shacklady. D. Schilling. C. Lee, J. Walker. J. Rosen. D. Morgan L. Smyth. 85Row 1: C. Tametta. D. Lambert. Row 2: N. Lewis. I. Stauffer. Row 3 S. Howald. M Costello Row 1: P. Moore Row 2: A. Lempa. K. Hannon. Row 3. T. Claire, K. Stubams. S. Purdy, D. Diegel. 8687HEALTH CAREERS The purpose of the Health Careers Club is to have meetings which bring people together who are interested in medicine. Through participation in the Health Careers Club’s activities, they can get an early impression of how they would like the work of a doctor or a nurse. Some of the students are already doing volunteer work the profits it gains from its activities the club hopes to support the children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. One such activity is a bake sale. They have planned and are planning various trips to hospitals and several lectures one of which will be a discussion on laser surgery. Row 4: S. Shepherd. A Bradburd, L. Crews, J. Comillet, B. Ripley, E. Fine, Row 3: D Clouse, A. Bur, A. Henderson, J. Rosenberg, J. Kortright, D. Bacharach, H. Goldstein. Row 2: H. Mihalitsch, G. Mihok, A. Malis, Row 1: R Vetri, E. Lichtenstein. Teens For Better Understanding 88 D. Hattal, P. Owens, E. Davis, K. Psula, Ms. Jones, Advisor, S. Easton, R. TolepkoBLACK STUDENT UNION Row 1: D. McCray. L. Holloway, A. Adams. T. Mathis. D. Vaughn. Row 2:1. Burnett. R. Peale. R. Dinkins, S. Martin, A. Dickerson. Row 3: P. Swann. S. Swift, K. Williams. V. St Phard, A. Mosee. J. Blount, G. Warner, L. Booker. T. Marie, L. Bennett, U McCoy, S. Parham. D Vaughn Row 4: M. Dickerson, A. Swift, B. Neeley, G. Grasty, E. Durham. J. Veney, Row 5: T. Simmons, K. Biggs. R. Heath. J. Fitzgerald, M. Rhoades. Officers P. Rome, M. Welsh, C. Parham, G. Faltz, C. Page, L. Martin (SPONSOR) This year's goal of the Black Student Union was to give away three thousand dollars in scholarships. In order to raise this amount of money, members of the Union have bake sales and dances. This year something new was added: a banquet assembled by the members and open to anyone who wished to buy tickets to attend. Each year the Black Student Union gives its scholarships to the senior students who participated actively in the club and showed admirable qualities to other students and club members. The scholarships are presented at the annual Citizen’s for Progress banquet. OQ 3 u O UJ Row 1: M. Hoffman. S. Manaker, N. Haeberle, B. Harty, J. Abel. Row 2: F. Melone, D. Poirier. L. Yamoff Row 3: P. Moore, S. Wordinger, D McLaughlin. C. Pardi, N Schwemmer Not Pictured: V. Halle 89CHESS CLUB D. Covert. T. Arias. T. Frank, D. Allen. R. Sherman. M. Procter. M, ODonnell. Sponsor: Paul Swedberg. This year’s chess team finished the season as the Suburban 1 Champions. With eight wins and two losses, the team matched last year's record. If it wins the championship next year, the club will be the first ever to receive the trophy for three consecutive years. The superior players who made the victory a reality are David Allen, Teddy Frank, Ricky Sherman, Tom Arias, Jay Silver, Dan Covert, Mike Procter, Danny Peris, and Eugene Kaji. Oh, and special thanks to Teddy and Ricky of the tennis team! Remember the cozy bonfire last fall? Or the impressive pep rally the day before the Cheltenham game? Or the Skating party? It was the varsity “A” Club that sponsored all that fun. The club consists of those who earned a varsity letter by participating in sports. It is now some sixty members strong; and it is planning on a one hundred person membership at this year’s end. Varsity “A” is responsible for various awards, including: the Tony Lanzilotti Memorial Scholarship, the Best Team Manager Award and the Coach of the Year Award. So, if you are a recipient of a varsity letter, join the club. All are welcome! LYING: W Rickard Row 1: C. Lassen, G. Bachman, K. Sokoloff, D Cristaldi, B. Cooper, C. Embery. Row 2: A Schwartz. M Buster, E. Shipon, B. Wolfgang, L. Smith, A. Werchoski. B Gaglianese Row 3: T. George, M Carroll, K. Bolig, N. Hanna. T. Skaddan. C. Foster, D Barlow, S. Ballard. K. Sampson, A. Watt. E Lee. B. Bredt, J. Lavelle, S. Metz. R. Degurski. Row 4: J. Juarigue. S. Okabayashi, M. Serban, B. Motz. J. VanBuren. P. Davis, J. Evans, M. Hoffman, C. Castle, W Olsen, P. Gardner, D. Turco, S. Wordinger, K. Moran. 90WORLD AFFAIRS FORUM The Forum Club provides students with an opportunity to gain an understanding of foreign policy and world developments. Activities such as field trips to the United Nations, Washington, D.C.., and other political science workshops are sponsored. These excursions enable participants to experience and role play in various model political programs. In addition, various in-house activities such as lectures, films, and informational seminars compose the club’s format. Students with an interest in foreign affairs, political science, and power politics will find this club of interest. Middle: E. Kaii Row 1: S. Martin, S. Cohen, R. James. D. Peris. M Kidney, E. Scannapieco, Some-Body, C. Marion. E. Greenstein, C. Maxwell, D. Block, M. Watts. This season the debate club started the season with dreams of winning it all. As of this day, Wednesday, March 17,1982, they were almost there. With an undefeated record of twelve wins and no losses, the Abington Debate Team is the terror of the league. Coming off with a good season last year, the team hopes to go twenty and zero this year. The teams success would not have been possible without the brilliant leadership of coach Robert Burt. 91M. Buster, T. Gross, V. Dohling, M. Gropper, H. Goldstein, S. Buckholz, A. Miller To be a member of Theatre Honorary a student must be experienced and well-rounded in the theatre. He must accumulate a total of thirty points, and be reviewed by Mrs. Mary Cohen, the sponsor. Money is raised to help pay for the banquet held at the end of the school year. At this time various awards are presented to those students who have excelled in the theatre during the year. The remaining money goes into a fund for the following year to be used for make-up. costumes, and props. This year the goal of Theatre Honorary is to raise enough money to present a play. 92HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: M. Kaal. J. Hamilton, M. Buster. E. Kaji, R. Gatter, D. Peris. M Werner. M Ghahramani. S. Mahadavan. A. Malis. O. Malis. R. Epstein. Row 2: J. Fink, E. Davis, B. Wolfgang. B. Steinberg, M. Rubin, A. Miller. T. Skadden, A. Werchsoki. K. Wagman. L Yamoff. M. Bett. S. Buchholtz, C. Foster. E. Scanopieco, D. Staley. L. Coleman, C. Good. E Greenstein. E Henderson. K Tressider, Row 3: A Hilfer. S. Price. R Sheman, J. Daughen, A. Burr. S. Wordinger, M. Norris, J. Bregman. J. Abel. C. Reme, M. Norris Row 4: J. Evans. E. Desman. S. Frank. R. Degurski. C. Marion. S. Thompson, J. Schmidt. T. Frank, D. Leibholz, M Kidney. M. Hoffman. K. Ohl. M. Gropper. C. Beahan. D. Block, C Maxwell. R. Miller. Officers K. Elsesser, D. Ballard. B. Eisler. M. Watts. The Honor Society is composed of sixty-five seniors that were inducted in the spring of their junior year. To be accepted into the Honor Society a student must have a 3.5 average or better for the first semester of their junior year and then a decision is made on whether or not they have been accepted. Officers are elected and take office at the beginning of their senior year. The Honor Society’s main funciton is to provide tutors for students who need help in a particular subject. The other function is to raise money for a scholarship, which is presented to one of its members at the end of the year. To raise money the Honor Society has bake sales and various other sales. 93CREATIVE STUDIES PROGRAM Row 1: J. Waldman. E. Krugman. K. McCleary. D. Wegner. A. Feldman. E. Vesey, E. Kaji. D. Peris. B. Steinberg. O. Malis, L. Podell, A. Santman, J. Dimond. L. Yamoff, B Wolfgang, M. Sacchetti, M Landis. Row 2: G. Bachman. M. Sussman, M. Rubin. A. Shubin. B. Reeves. T. Skaddan. J. Lawson, M. Carroll. K. Bernstein. A. Hilfer. A. Miller. E. Fine. M Buster. E. McIntyre. M. Levenberg. Row 3: C. Dorsey. V. Kohoe, S. Frank, T. Gordon, S. Greenblatt, S. Rosenthal, K. Smigel, B. Simon, R. Silverman. J. Rnk, M. Morris, L. Nodine. —1 H z LU Q 7) UJ cc Cu £ o O X CD CD -J U Row 1: T. Skaddan, J. Fink, B. Steinberg. C. Hambrose. Row 2: S. Thompson, R. Gatter, D. Peris, M. Kidney, D. Block. Presidential Classroom is a national non-profit educational program in government. Usually, Twelve seniors are chosen to represent Abington High School. This year, however, only nine students were picked. The curriculum focused on the three branches of American Government — the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Class varied on a prescribed schedule from 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. After a week in Washington, nobody is in the mood to party! 94LIBRARY AIDES M. Welsh, M. Scott, P. Wallace. S. Rosenthal, L. Barrett, K. Skasko, M. Gavala, C Parham, U. McCoy. T. Mathis, M Carrell, C. Duddy, L. Urn, M. Ghahramani. B. Gaglianese, A. Marx. S. Hoffman. Ms. Jeanne Yeagle — Row 111 Library aides are students who devote some of their study time working in the library. There are 34 students that work in the library this year. They file cards into the card catalog, shelve books and records, check out books USHERETTES and make overdue notices. The library aides work with librarians. Mrs. Janet Simon and Miss Jeanne Yeagle. Mrs. Faith Chamberlin, clerk, and Mrs. Marie Shear, secretary. B Sarma, C. Simon, P. Benatar. A. Henderson. D. Harry. J. Sledge. D. Dieterly, A. Mason, K. Elsesser. V. Dohling. D. Ross. L. Schuyler. B. Reeves. S. Mahadevan, D. Lisence, L. Home. L. Lim, K. Klock, G Hopen. 95 Greeting you with a pleasant smile and offering their assistance at many South Campus functions are the Usherettes. They assist on Parent-Teacher Night. Winter Concert, and on the night of the Spring Concert.Row 1: Mr. Miller, Sponsor. D. Gross, K. Klick. Row 2: B. Gaglianese, J. Marshall. B Fiorillo. Row 3: B Naylor, J. Sorber, R Miller. S. Gill, T. Gallant. The Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization for high school students enrolled in Business Education. There are three sections in Pennsylvania: those being state, regional, and local. Our local Abington FBLA is a very active group and is sponsored by Mr. R.C. Miller. The club participates in fund-raising and in both service and social activities. One of this year’s fund-raisers will benefit the Sunshine Foundation, an organization which aids the terminally ill. For the benefit of the students, the club frequently hosts guest speakers and, in past years, has also sponsored white elephant sales, cake sales, and participation in National Secretarie Week. The highlight of the club’s year comes each spring when club members can demonstrate their proficiency in various business skills in competitions at the regional, state and national levels. 96 SWIMMING AIDES Row 1: D. Moyer, R. Stinson. S Manaker, C. Katz. K. Bennett. C. Hambrose, C. Lassen, J. Kaufmann. Row 2: J. Abel, J. Bregman, M. Chizever, K. Hor-rocks, L Dunham, Ms. Lemcke Swimming Aides at South Campus have several responsibilities. They serve as student teachers for the fifth graders who are participating in Aquatics. There are seven day instructional programs in which each week a new group of fifth graders come to swim. Mondays Cindy Katz, Denise Moyer, Colleen Hambrose, Janice Kauffmann, and Donna Barlow are aides. Tuesday there are six other aides, Wednesday there are two, Thursday there are three and Friday there are five.AVIATION CLUB E. Stauffer, J. Scmidt. Mr. Butler. PROCRASTINATORS CLUB E. Fine, B. Ripley, S. Shepherd. J. Comillot, A. Bradburd, L. Crews, D Bacharach, R Klazmer. B. Broker, C. Limberakis. Row 2. D. Andraka, C. Stewart. S. Bardd, J. Kaufman. K. Tressider. Row 3: E. Silverman. M. Wolfson. A. Henderson, S. Weber. K. Johnston. B. Miller, T. Wilson. M. Chizever, C. Dorsey not pictured: L. Lim, J. Saunders, A. Greenfield, J. St. Phard, C. Dorsey. Although the Procrastinator’s Club is in its infant stages of development it has proved to be a very interesting club. This group of students is still in the process of holding their first meeting . .. ever! The trouble is, the first member has yet to show up for this meeting. By the time they do have the meeting, the schools’ food will be considered a world reknowned delicacy. 97STUDENT COUNCIL (Officers standing on left): A. Rubin, J. Kaye, G. Kerorkunian, T Gallant. Row 1 (sitting): S. Timbers, D. Santman. L. Malloy. T. Traynor. M. Schneller, M. Gropper, R. Kelner, J. Reynolds. D. Angel. Row 2 (sitting): M. Lowery, L. Lim, J. Fields, S. Park, J. Gross. J. Auerbach, J. Friedman, b. Frank, D. Goldhirsh, A. Henderson. A. Allen. R McAllister (Officers standing on right) P Morton. F. Alahverde. S. Shapiro. B McCloskey, Row 3 (sitting): K. Mohr. J. Stodard. B. Strunk, L. Maher. J. Tsou, J. Lawrence, S. Berger, W. Wilf. C. Pugliese. Row 4 (standing): L. Fiederer, B. Rossen, G. Rosenfeld, T. Vanttoorees, N. Kaji. T Meyer. E. Crenshaw, R. Cohen, L. Gargen, G. Judowski, P. Moss, A. Shepard. C Charming, R Stoned, J. Person, U N. Owen, T. Clare. Row 5 (standing): J. Kramer, F. Buccafuri. S. Rosenbaum. A Newberg. M. Zucker, J. Altman. D. Harris, K. McDonald. L. Donnell. S. Brown. N. Vance. L. Tucker, D. McNair, D. Heath, P. Dennis, R. Duncan. A. Greenfield, L. Mundy, J. Rubin, K. Timbers. M. Egan The Student Council exists to represent students, their in- staff and the administration; assuming the role of spokesman for terests, and affairs in the daily operation of the school. The council the student body. They get involved in all student activities and also acts as a laison between the students and the professional charitable drives throughout the school year. HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1 (L to R): J. Maxwell (vice-pres.), K. Strittmatter. E. Short, J. Stoddard, D. Santmann. J. Tsou, R. Kelner, M McMahom, J. Mandler (sec.), J. Gross (treas.). M. Yamoff (pres.) A. Rublin, D. Britchkow, A. Wagner. R. Laphom. ROW2: M. Catherman, A. Johnson. J. Harris. D. Lerch. E. Malloy, J Kaye, J. Koche, M. Gropper, A. Reich. L. Dash, E. Frank. M. Manaker, L. Bellet, A. Litting, J. Winters. Row 3: J. Robb, T. Strahle, S. Park. J. Topkis, P. Silberman, L. Levin, C. Meyer, C. Skin, D. Goldhirsh. S. Frank. A Blount, E. Goldhammer. C. Sakatjian, S. Ross, B. Learn (standing). ROW 4: J. Newell, L. Lim, T Traynor, T., Perficky, K. Schuyur, S. Howald, S. Lotz, M. Leon. M. Merovitz, D. Cameron, D. Magilner. D. Rosenthal, E. Leonord, J. Smith. F. Friedman. W. Rodoff, L. Smith, M. Barlow (stanaining). ROW 5: S. MiYi, C. Apolinario, J Woo, L. Maher. S. Craig, S. Okamoto, K. Wilkinson, C. Kohn, H. Steinburg, R. Zaslow, S. Goldsmith. ROW 6: D. Greenbaum, C. Lee, K. Melnik, J. Altman, J. Fields, L. Smith, D. Greene. M. Block, M. Yulsman, L. Mundy, A. Boardmen, D. Sewell, D. DiSandro, G. Judkowski, A. Dratch, B. Mandel, K. Wagner. ROW 7: D. Valette, S. Unverszagt. S. Hilfer, D. DiMassa. D. Werchoski, T. Green, A. Cheun, L. Wachinski. K. Rosen, M. Greenberg, D. Morgan, S. Lloyd, M. Snamlin, R. Helwig, P. Charles, T. Hanna, D. Henderson, I. Peterson. The purpose of the Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for superior scholarship, to develop citizenship, to stimulate a desire to serve, to promote leadership, and to instill exemplary qualities of character. The National Junior Honor Society at North Campus embodies this goal. With membership consisting of students of the highest calibre a school can offer, charitable activities have gros- sed over $3000 in a given school year. Monies have been contributed to the Lukemia Society of America, the Child Abuse Prevention Effort, the Deborah Heart and Lung Center, the March of Dimes, and the Womens’ Center of Abington. Activities that have highlighted the years and have made our charitable efforts so successful are a volleyball marathon, the Valentine’s Day Post Office, and an all school fair.SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL ROW 1 (L to R): T. Strahle. P. Conti, T. Traynor. P. Enright. S. Roma, S. Pugliese, M. Geifuss, J. Sabolski, D. Hayes, F Buccafuri, T Meyers, M Gropper, L. Dash. S. Carroll ROW 2 K Greisiger, M. Chamberlain. C. Downey. M. Lowery, P. McManus, C. Brown. M. Bahls. E. Frank, A. Delgado. K. Derkins, N. Kaji. D. Goldhirsh, T. Perfecky. S. Park. D. Werchoski. ROW 3: C. Money, Mr. L. Russo, M. Yamoff. B. Strunk, D. Harris, J. Altman, L. Donnell, P. Morton. L. Tucker, E. Crenshaw. P. Dennis, A Armstead, C. Safier. J. Meyer, J. Smukler, L. Lim, L. Maher. The Sophomore Class Council is the organization which be- the Junior and Senior Proms. The council sponsors dances, nefits the sophomore class. It’s main function is to raise money candy sales, and other fund-raisers that help foster class identifica- that will be used for the activities for the class 1984 — especially tion and also earn money. FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL The Freshman Class Council is comprised of a representative and alternate representative from each of the twenty-four freshman homerooms. The four officers that are elected at the beginning of the school year make-up the executive council. The main purpose of the council is to build interest in the class through its social activities and major fund raising events. The ultimate goal of these fundraisers is to accrue money to help lessen the costs of graduation, the prom, the yearbook, and other expenses that will be encountered by these freshmen. 100 ROW 1 (L to R): W. Wilf. M. Komins, E. Diegel, J. Tsou, P. Purdy. R. Cohen, M. Leon. S. Berger, S. Timbers. ROW 2: S. Gallant. M Rosenfeid, A. Asher. R. Silberstein. B. Gallagher, A. Bell. L. Schwartz. ROW 3: J. Wilson, J. Newell. M. Sorber, N. Gardiner. D. DtSandro, A. Allen. G. Shore, G. Wiggins. V. McKinney. K. Greenfield, M. Quinn.GHOST POST Row 1: (L to R): F. Koche, F. Mikelbera, J. Mandler, T. Perfecky. S. Sheffer, D. Goldhirsh. J. Kaye. H Goldman. A. Rublin. D. Britchkow. F. Weinberg. Row 2: S. Rickard. K. Greisiger. J. Gross. A. Garberina. M. Gropper, J. Auerbach. A. Newberg. R. Watts, J. Macleod, M. Merovitz. G. Shore. F. Alahverde. A. Wagner. R. Kelner, D. Sament. Row 3: K. Wagner. K. Mohr. C. Shuman. B. Ginsberg, F. Friedman, C. Shin, J. Maxwell. B Mandel, D. Cameron, K. Liange, G. Judkowski, A. Boardman, R. Silberstein, J. Bors, A. Greenfield, B. Gordon. Row4 (RtoL): M. Block. D. Frankel. L. Fiederer, S. Goldsmith. D. DiSandro. M. Cohn. B. Silikovitz, L. Mundy, G. Fash, D. Sloan, J. Tsou, A. Cheun. D. Harris. A. Rubin. E. Goldhammer, K. Singley, S. Eberhardt. R. Silberman, K. Greenfield. A. Bednarsky. The North Campus newspaper, the Ghost Post, covers the current events of the school. The staff consists of interested freshmen and sophomores who investigate, question, and report information of interest to the student body. Articles range from controversial issues in the editorial section to announcements regarding theatrical performances in the entertainment section. Artists are given the opportunity to display their talent by drawing editorial cartoons. The success of this newspaper is attributed to the wide range of sports coverage, personal interviews, and headline stories. Articles occasionally focus on a specific person whose contributions enhance the quality of school life. NEWS BUREAU ROW 1 (L to R): S. Stronach. L. Mundy. K. Mohr. R Kelner. ROW 2: A. Rubin. D. Strauss, G. Shore. C. Kia-Noury. F. Alahverde. The North Campus News Bureau is the organization that furnishes local newspapers with news and photographs of events occuring at North Campus. This group is very important because it lets the Abington community know what is happening in the public schools. 101GUIDES USHERS ROW 1 (L to R): J. Nowicki, J. Reynolds. V Mott, F. Alahverde. F. Winbera, E. Tancor, M. McMahon, K, Tynan, A. Cheon, D, Kafrissan. Row 2: C. Henderson, L. Pierce, E Mailman. A, Allen, K Ulmer, K Webb, J Soboleski, M Mouse, K Timbers, C Turn, Can't B Seen, M Schneller, P Enright. ROW 3: L. Gaglianese. C. Gulch, C Lee, A Skokoloff, W Rodoft, M. Leon. J. Kaye, S Berger, S. Timbers, K. Greenfield, L Levin, P Silberman S Brown. ROW 4: S. Christensen, L. Walter. R Kessler, G. Heath, M. Lowery, T. Lee, H. Thomson, P. Bodo, T. Gallant, S. Short, A. Lieberman, A. Greenfield, J. McAndrew, J. Tsou. L. Pak. Guides and Ushers is a North Campus service club consisting of show visitors around the school, to work in the administration sixty ninth and tenth graders. These students render service to the area, and to usher for all evening events, school and community. They devote independent study time UNICEF (L to R): P. Enright, C. Zygmont, T. Gallant, K. Wagner. The UNICEF club is a group of North Campus students who, through various fund raising activities, contribute all monies earned to this committee of the United Nations. The club annually holds a “Button Day” at the end of October when UNICEF buttons are sold. Among other fund-raisers are a pie-eating contest and a kiteflying contest. The UNICEF committee of the United Nations is dedicated to the care of children world wide. This club activity may also be continued by students in adult life. 102LIBRARY AIDES ROW 1 (L to R): M. Lackman, S. Shelter, M. Stanislewski, J. Nowicki, E. Short. ROW 2: R Gordon, P. Rawlik, K. Mohr. ROW 3: B. Gordon. S. Miller, L. Waltimyer. C. Shin, F. Mikelberg, S. Goldsmith, A. Boardman, J. Wennberg. ROW 4: C. Kuehn, J Malpass, C. Simpson. T, Green, A. Henderson, L. Minnick, F. Friedman, C Z gmont. M. Kimes. ROW 5: T. Smalley. A. Bednareky. P. Simeone, L. Mundy, P Purdy, P. Dennis D. McNair, R Thompson. A. Bonfiglio. N Campbell. C. Gluch. The library aides are assigned to work in the library during several of their independent study mods throughout the week. While they are working in the library, aides are responsible for various duties. They usually work behind the circulation desk signing out and checking in books and other materials. Some are responsible for shelving books and back issues of magazines in their proper places. The library runs more efficiently with the assistance of these library aides. HEALTH CAREERS CLUB ROW 1 (LtoR): R. Massik, L. Donnel, M Hartman. M. Valentukonis ROW 2: S. Piazza, D. Heath, D. McNair. P. Morton. P. Dennis, L Tucker. The Health Careers Club meets once per month when information is disseminated regarding community programs and activities of interest to those interested in health career goals. Speakers provide information with regard to post-high school preparation for various health careers. The group participates in such activities as bake sales and visiting pediatric units in local hospitals where small items made by the members are distributed to the students. 103COMPUTER CLUB This is the second year for the North Campus Computer Club, and it is much improved over last year's program. The club meets weekly, giving students a chance to work independently on the microcomputers and exchange ideas and information. One activity we would like to participate in is a national computer contest held in the spring ROW 1 (L to R): R. Kelner, J. Kramer, L. Botel, B Hertzberg, A Bloount, D. Greenbaum, E Leonard ROW 2: D Strauss. K. Liang. M. Grande, S. Grenald. T. Stevens. T. Smally. A Philips. ROW 3: H. Steinbera, C Hand. R Silbersteine. A Boardman, T. Strahle, C. Shin ROW 4:(standing): K.Shecter. J. Robb. H. Shay, D. DiMassa, M Valentukonis, K. Malis, A. Rickenbach. A. Johnson, A. Cheun. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB The World Affairs Club of North Campus is affiliated with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. It participates in all the high school activities including trips to the U.N. in New York, the State Department and foreign embassies in Washington, seminars on critical world issues, the Model Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings, and the model United Nations. 104 ROW 1 (L to R): A Johnson, N. Kaji. A. Rubin, A. Wagner. M. Block. P. Silberman. D. Santman. ROW 2: D. DiMassa. M. Gropper, H. Goldman, L. Friederer, A. Slifkin.N.C. SPORTS GIRLS HOCKEY ROW 1: C. Shakarjian, J. Stoddard C. Pubbese. S. McGlumphy. D. Kaiser. M Tompkins ROW 2: K. DeMarco. N. Gardiner. D. Zappin, V. Griet. S. Timbers. L. Lorch, B Gallagher. W. Wilf. ROW 3: K. Traub (coach). K. Vitelli, J. Rarick. S. Craig. K Wilkinson. D. Werchoski, T Wallis. E. Short (manager). FRESHMAN SOCCER Montco League Champs ROW 1 (LtoR): C. Lukens. D. Britchkow, D. Rementer ROW 2: M. Shamlian, E. Lombard, J. Ripley, R. Leam, D. Henderson. S. Power. ROW 3: E. Israel. E. Metz S. Goldsmith. D. Armor, M. Barlow. D. Frankel. ROW 4: J. Dimond. R. Schmitt, L. Russo (coach) Missing: P. Searles, J. Jasper. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ROW 1. E. Durster. M. Strunk, T. Hock. M Solis. ROW 2: A. Lieberman (manager), J. Winters. L. Feuacci, A. Dratch, M. Rosenfeld. R. Immordi-no. ROW 3: T. Croxton. A. Dixon, G. Owens, L. Faison. N. Fauell, V. Dennis, J. Saunders (standing). ROW 4: J. Taylor. M. Wright. U. Mar-kienicz, S.A. Brown, B E. Beehee, V. Proctor. Assistant coach: N. Lavage. 105107SPORTS SOCCER Row One (standing): Coach E. Luce, B Bradley, J. Ackerman, F Adometto, M. Serban, E. Lee, R Acuna, S. Griet, J. Haney, Coach K. Cooper. Row Two: W. Broadt. B. Tompkins. K. Thompson, T. Eberhart, E.F. Hutton. C. Shenk, B. Bredt. Row Three: M. Wilhelm, J. Oliphant, R. Gaglianese. G.P. Davis, D. Rosenfeld, D. F“rozzilio, L. Byron, D. Searls. Led by coaches Ken Cooper and Eric Luce, the 1981 Abington Soccer team won the Suburban One League Soccer Championship. While doing this, the team compiled a 13-2-1 league record and was 16-3-1 overall. The team’s high powered offense was lead by Mike Serban, who broke a school record for most goals in a career at Abington. John Ackerman, Rene Acuna, Bill Bredt, and Dave (C.C.) Rosenfeld combined with Serban to score 76 goals in twenty games. The team played tenacious defense with help from backs Dominic Prozzillo, Kieth Thompson, Rich Gaglianese, Mark Wilhelm, Steve Griet and goalkeeper Preston Davis. The outstanding defense limited their opponents to only 19 goals all season. Ed Lee, Frank Adometto, Wayne Broadt and Dave Searles also helped the team along to their championship. 110SUB. 1 CHAMPS!112113 EBS0B i VA .wu; left to right: Barbara Rauch. Laurie Edelman. Sally Barbella. Elisa Shipon, Chris Embery, Ellen Frank. Marla Gropper. Second Row: Jennifer Goldberg. venberg, Lynn Selhat. Michelle Rubin. Cheryl Rosenbaum. Faith Koche. Third Row: Abby Schwartz. Rayna Cohen. Lorey Schwartz. Mary Norris. Susan Bottom Meryl Levenberg, „ Frank. Carol Rowland. Deena Seligsohn, Michele Buster. Coach Dorothy Lemcke. mm IB 114GIRLS TENNIS SUBURBAN ONE CHAMPS Varsity Players: Left to right, bottom: Abby Schwartz. Elisa Shipon, Susan Frank, Mary Norris. Second Row: Michele Buster, Jennifer Goldberg, Chris Embety. Carol Rowland. Third Row: Coach Dorothy Lemcke, Lynn Selhat, Deena Seligsohn, Michelle Rubin The 1981 Girls’ Tennis Team clinched first place in the Suburban 1 League. The undefeated league champions were led by Coach Dorothy Lemcke and Captain Susan Frank. Susan Frank, Elisa Shipon, and Mary Norris all advanced from Suburban 1 singles to Districts. The doubles teams of Susan Frank and Abby Schwartz, Elisa Shipon and Michele Buster, Chris Embery and Carol Rowland won the first three seeds in Suburban I doubles and advanced to Districts. The Girls’ Tennis Team had a twelve win and no loss record and the 1981 title was the fourth in a row. Other senior members were Lynn Selhat, Michelle Rubin, and Deena Seligsohn. Their talents and inspiration were an important asset to the team. The seniors will be greatly missed: however, Mrs. Lemcke is looking forward to a successful season next year with underclassmen such as Abby Schwartz, Jennifer Goldberg, Ellen Frank, Sally Barbella and others. 115FOOTBALL“What's the play again? Although the Abington Ghosts finished with a miserable 1-9-1 record, the team showed a lot of heart and determination led by captain Earl Farmer and fellow seniors Skip Metz, Eric Desman, Rick Degurski, Wayne Rickard, Jeff Jaurigue and Rocco Bucci. After starting off poorly by losing the first two games, the Ghosts came out the third week and thrashed Plymouth Whitemarsh 26-7. The offense hit a new low as the Ghosts fell to Pennsbury and Methacton. One of the finest efforts of the season ended in a 7-7 draw against William Tennant. The Ghosts failed to play consistent football through the season but put together three fine efforts at the end of the year against Norristown, Upper Dublin and Cheltenham. The Ghosts came into their last three games either ahead or tied in the last quarter, but victory eluded Abington each time. Coach Moister wishes all the seniors well in their future and hopes that next year will bring a brighter season for Abington. 117Row One: K. Holland B. Glueck, J. BbMastro. S. Okabayashi. S. Metz. W. Rickard. A. Nash. T. Owens. Dez. B. Motz, R Degurski. G. Johnson. P. Anderson. A Farmer. J. St. Phard, W. Tappin. Row Two: B. Neely. C. Lerch, J. Call. T. Baldwin, M. Prior, J. Rosenblatt. Capt. E. Farmer. A Salkavitz. P Thaddeus. K. Mundell, J. Stone. M. Trotter. K. Boelter. H. Johnson. A. Riemenschneider, C. Gan-ett. Row Three: S. Brown. S. Williams. F. Elton. N. Haberle, K. McCown. R. Bucci. C. Willis. L. Stone. G. Pinder. P. Bums. R. Dinkins, J. Jaurigue. M Mathis. B. Johnson, C. Faison, P Lempa. S. Wilkins, P Lynch. J. Lee. Row Four: K Duncan, J. Joseph. J. Moore, S. Tyson, R. Udone. A. Green. A. Sykes. T. Mosely, N. Durham. M. Mancini. W. Olsen, M. Freeman. A. Gator. C. Czerwonka. 118Golf Team The 1981 Golf Team was comprised primarily of underclassmen. Despite a losing record, the team showed improvement throughout the season and looks forward to next season when all lettermen will be returning. The team was headed by Junior Brian Pervais, who had a strong performance at districts, and Sophomore Josh Kramer. GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY Top Row: Assistant Coach Mr Rint, Bonnie Christianson. Jean Oxidine. Mary Snyder, Pam DuBois, Coach Mr. Grande. Bottom Row Patricia Kelly, Angela Garberina. Patricia Baurle, Kitty Murtha, Mary Heuges. Denise McCall. The Girls’ Cross Country team, led by senior Kathy Johnson, had a good season. Sophomore Denise McCall, junior Patricia Baurle, junior Mary Heuges, and sophomore Mary Snyder all contributed to the team’s victories. The team finished fifth place in Suburbans and ran successfully in Districts. Kathy Johnson was voted All-Suburban 1, and Denise McCall received Honorable Mention. 120BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Row One: Asst. Coach Hint, J. Larson, D. Cameron, J. Evans, A. Pitkow, G. Zygmont, S. Sutton, S. Lloyd, J. Yannaccone. Row Two: E. Leonard, M. Conway, T. Sexton, T. Asher, R. Zaslow, D. Metz, T. Moore, T. Hanna. The Boys’ Cross Country team had a successful season this year with a fine record. The team was led by Captain John Evans, freshman Mike Conway, Sophomore Adam Pitkow and senior Greg Zygmont Jack Larson was a sophomore who contributed a great deal to the Varsity team. First year runners for the team included Tony Asher, Dave Cameron, Mike Conway, Tim Hanna, Eric Leonard, Steve Lloyd, Dave Metts, Tom Moore, Tom Sexton, Steve Sutton and Rob Zaslow. The team finished their season in the District I championships sending John Evans and Mike Conway to states. John Evans ran an excellent race, finishing in the top quarter and Mike Conway, an outstanding freshman, finished in the top half. 121Back row Kathe Grebe. Tara Traynor Jeanne Garvin. Patty Enright. Donna Lotz, Amy Crimian, Nancy Treese, Lisa Crimian. Kim Bolig, Margie Schneller. Cari Schuman Lisa Kalbfleisch. Denise Trevlyn Diane Misko. Middle Row: Bea Gaglianese. Donna Cooper. Lori Harbison, Beth Mahoney, Janet Gerhard, Cynthia fNketto Kellv Hunter Shawn Hermann Trish Santrv Liz Malloy, Pam Astburv. Front Row: Co-Captain Donna Turco. Jennifer Neff. Donna Cristaldi. Barbara C r MaVndy ChamberZ. Mam.e Ch tan Charlotte Zygmont. Missing: Co-Captain Boni Wolfgang. Diane Goodell. Sue Wordinger. GIRLS’ FIELD HOCKEY MAKES DISTRICTS 122Girls Field Hockey The 1981 girls’ field hockey team climbed the ladder of success in their 1981 season. The team was led by Coach Kathe Grebe and co-captains Boni Wolfgang and Donna Turco. The captains received positions on the Suburban 1 team and Cynthia Castle earned a position on the Suburban 1 second team. Other important senior members that will be greatly missed are Sue Wordinger, Donna Cristaldi and Barbara Cooper. The girls made it to the playoffs where a whole team effort was revealed. Coach Grebe is looking forward to another successful season with underclassmen such as Cynthia Castle, Tricia Santry, Kim Bolig, Jennifer Neff and Janet Gerhard all returning. 123BOYS BASKETBALL Varsity Row 1: J. Olimpo (Mgr), S. Waetjen. T. Simmons. T. Suomenin. B. Neely. J. Fitzgerald. J. Wilkinson (COACH), E. Hunter (TRAINER). Row 2: D. McDowell (COACH). D Vaughn. R Hoag, E. Lackman. J. McLemore. R Heath. T Moseley. C. Lee. M. Rhoades. J Weiner (COACH)SUBURBAN 1, DISTRICT 1 CHAMPIONS The 1981-82 season began with an optimistic outlook, as three lettermen returned plus a group of promising newcomers. The ghosts had a very successful season, finishing unbeaten in Suburban 1 League play with a perfect 16-0 record, marking the first time in Abington's History that an Abington Basketball team finished unbeaten. In overall play the ghosts finished with a 23-2 record, and are now in the first round of the state playoffs. The team was led in scoring by Robert Tiger” Heath with a twenty-five point per game average, followed by Captain Marshall Rhoades, Darryl Vaughn, and James Fitzgerald with double figure averages. Rebounding and floor play were provided by Jeff McLemore, Chris Lee, Brian Neely and Rob Hoag. 125Junior Varsity: Row 1: J. Olimpo (Mqr.), M. Yamoff, D. Greene. J. Lewis. W. Fitzgerald. K. Stone. Row 2: D. McDowell (COACH), J. Larsen. J. Gaston. M Greenberg. R. Lee. J. Gray. S. Bing. 126Top Row. Coach Koch. D. DiMassa, M. Gavala, U. McCoy. C Rowland. J. Barth. S. Conley, S. Parham. K. Mohr. R. Dinkins. K Raysor, D. McClelland, Coach Martin Middle Row. A. Veney, T. Santry. C. Parham. S. Wordinger. K. Moran Bottom Row: C. McKenory, M. Chamberlin. T. Mathis. L. Jesse, Y. Poley. Missing: L. Caine 128GIRLS BASKETBALL The Lady Ghosts began the season with an optimistic outlook. Although ending the season with a victory over playoff bound Plymouth Whitemarsh the Ghosts 10-14 record was not the team’s expected outcome. Graduating seniors include captain Sue Wordinger and starters Karen Raysor and Cheri Parham. Other departing seniors are Lena Jesse, Kathy Moran, Tracey Mathis, Jeannie Barth and Mary Gavala. High points of the season included a third place trophy in the Neshaminy-Maplepoint Christmas Tournament and a stunning eighteen point, fourth quarter comeback for a victory in a non-league game against Council Rock. 129BOYS SWIMMING The boys’ swim team only had an overall record of 7-6, but had a fine season against tough competition. Close meets that ended in victory were with P-W and Cheltenham. The Ghosts lost a tough meet to Upper Dublin in the middle of the season, but the came back the next meet and defeated Upper Moreland. Senior Pat Downey dominated the diving on the team and was the Suburban One Champion and made the All Suburban team. The 400 Freestyle relay team consisting of Dan Krewson. Greg Crawford, Cris Downey and Pat McManus were all named to the All Suburban team as well as placing seventeenth in the state finals. Seniors Damien Driscoll, Stuart Tollen and Pat Mackin made All Suburban Honorable Mention and made significant contributions to the team this year. Top row (left to right): D Chizever, S. Tollen capt., D. Driscoll, T. Erwine capt., D. Dafilou, A Broder. Second row: Mr McNaught. M McManus, T. Van Voorhees, J.C. Frazier, C. Brown. C. Downey. P McManus, Mr Nyman. Third row: J. Weeks, S. LaVelle, A. Sykes, D. Capin. Fourth row: C. Turn, P. Moore, V. Dohling, C. Cassidy. State Qualifiers IMMING fl H tty iwiHWi' ' 5WIMMIMI 130131Top Row: Asst. Coach C. Smalley, K. Eckert, M. Shuttle. S. Shepherd. L. Maher. Middle: T. George. H. Dunn, M. Bahls. D. Barlow. C. Gannon, R. Fees. S. Ballard, Doc Jurich, Head Coach. Bottom: M. Veiga, C. Lassen, L. Shumann. K. Sampson (TRI-CAPT). J. Garvin (TRI-CAPT), Amy Watt (TR1-CAPT.). N. Hanna. J. Veiga, S. Ballen (Manager). 132GIRLS SWIMMING r ? s if our rfew CoMf£777farSwlf1 Su 7 •jfs CA £Z GoArtK Mr- . „ WAWZ The girls’ swimming team had a fairly good season of eight wins and five losses. In the Suburban I dual meet standing Abington was tied for second place with Methaction and Upper Moreland. In the dual meet season Amy Watt was outstanding in thirteen swimming scoring a total of 166 points, supported by Juniors Donna Barlow 146 points and Tracey George with 130 points. The team says good luck to the three senior tri-captains. Captains: Amy Watt, Karen Vampson, and Jeanne Garvin 133ICE HOCKEY Top row (left to right): S. Cevitzki. J. Gslicio. R. Underwood. S. Young. B. Brown. J. Henkels. B. Brady. P. Gardener. G. Cory, Coaches Rick and Mike. Bottom row: S. DeFrancesco. 1 P. Simon. B Tomer. D. Mason. R. Goldstein. B Simon, J. Mulhem. N. Rudy. J. Kileen 134WRESTLING Motz. Head Coach Bud ewis Lawson, G Fox, D. Lang. T. Lietman, E. Worster, F. Gunter, F Tracy, B. Stmnk, B. Valentine, S. Brown, R. Metz, G. Pinder. B. The Abington wrestling team had a disappointing season finishing with a record of 2-13. The team soundly defeated Lower Moreland by a score of 45-16 and eeked out a victory over Upper Dublin with a score of 31-29. Seniors Dan DePrentis and Mike Boyes along with Chris Czerwonka had outstanding seasons and wrestled in District Championships. Other seniors who made contributions to the team were Lou DiMassa, Bob Motz and Bill Bradhag. The team improved throughout the season and Coach Lewis hopes that next year’s team will do better. 136BOYS GYMNASTICS This year’s boy’s gymnastics team enjoyed its best season ever under Coach Porter. Led by seniors Shaun Timones, Hun Yi, and Captain Jamie Van Buren, the Ghosts captured their first Suburban One league championship in ten years. As runner up in the District 1 Team Championship Meet, the team traveled to the State Championships where they placed sixth. Individual league Championships were earned by Sal Costanzo in the Floor Excercise, and Van Buren in both Pommel Horse and Parallel Bars. Van Buren also placed eighth in the State finals on the Parallel Bars. Next season promises to be exciting with a strong team returning. 138GIRLS GYMNASTICS Row 1: S. Shamlian. E. McHale. Lusch (COACH), J. Adlam, S. Barbella (CO-CAPTAIN). Row 2: D. Goldhirsh (CO-CAPTAIN), D. Trevlyn, J. Wilkinson. K. Wilkinson. J. Rubin. Not Pictured: T. Skaddan. The girls’ gymnastic team had a competitive season that was an improvement over last year’s. The girls bettered their team score by thirty points. Because there is no longer a Suburban I League for girls’ gymnastics, the meets were unofficial. The highlights of the season came when Abington upset Masbaum’s gymnastic team by a substantial margin. 139BOWLING 140Bottom Row: M. Hoffman, D. Tunstul, J. Rosenberg. Top Row: C. Cupo, J. Justice, A. Donnel, D. Pauza, D. Hams, Coach Peter Kelley. K. Bolig, Paula. Jonna. T. Tunstul. 141WRESTLING Abington Opponent 16 Pennsbury 43 45 Lower Moreland 16 10 9 Bishop Egan Wissahicon 48 57 31 Upper Dublin 29 9 Upper Moreland 42 6 North Penn 58 6 Methacton 61 22 P. Whitemarsh 41 12 Upper Merion 49 8 William Tennent 48 24 Cheltenham 38 9 Norristown 46 14 Hatboro Horsham 47 18 Marple Newtown 38 Ice Hockey Abington Opponent 11 Souderton 3 0 Wood 6 4 W. Tennent 6 5 Cheltenham 4 20 Roxborough 2 5 Upper Dublin Wood 2 5 3 4 Washington 7 7 Central Bucks 2 6 Cheltenham 3 7 North Catholic 4 2 Germantown Acad. 6 3 Council Rock 6 8 Bishop McDevitt 5 2 Bishop Eustice 9 6 North Penn 6 2 W. Tennent 11 6 LaSalle 8 2 Upper Moreland 4 Abington Girls’ Swimming Opponent 87 Pennsbury 84 84 C.B. East 88 100 Hatboro 72 83 C.B West 88 80 Marole Newtown 91 89 W. Tennent 83 83 Methacton 88 118 Cheltenham 54 111 P. Whitemarsh 58 72 Upper Dublin 100 91 Upper Moreland 81 103 Upper Merion 69 132 Norristown 39 Abington 74 Boys’ Swimming Pennsbury Opponent 95 72 C.B East 99 94 Hatboro 78 94 C.B West 78 61 Marole Newtown 111 77 W. Tennent 95 54 Methacton 117 90 Cheltenham 81 87 P. Whitemarsh 85 83 Upper Dublin 85 98 Upper Moreland 74 93 Upper Merion 79 110 Norristown 62 35 Upper Merion 56 31 Upper Dublin Wm. Tennant 36 18 47 46 Upper Moreland 65 58 Norristown 53 45 Cheltenham 49 46 Plymouth Whitemarsh 40 Abington Girls’ Hockey Opponent 7 Jenkintown 0 1 Flick Off Pennsbury 2 0 Wissahickon 1 0 Nesh-Lang 1 1 Flick Off North Penn 2 4 Flick Off Upper Moreland 3 2 Germantown Academy 1 4 Norristown 0 0 Plymouth Whitemarsh 1 0 Maple Point 3 3 Flick Off Upper Merion 5 2 Wm. Tennent 1 1 Methacton 0 3 Flick Off Upper Dublin 2 1 Cheltenham 0 1 District Play Upper Darby League 6-2-0 Overall 8-7-0 HONORS: 4 Suburban I Team: Boni Wolfgang, Donna Turco Suburban 11 Team: Cynthia Castle 143 BOYS BASKETBALL — REGULAR SEASON Abington Team Opponent 41 Darby Twp (Thanksgiving) 50 66 Harry S. Truman 57 51 Bensalem 43 57 Pennsbury 52 60 CB East 42 83 Methacton 47 92 Upper Merion 56 72 Upper Dublin 41 72 Wm. Tennant 44 70 Upper Moreland 55 66 Allentown (Christmas) Springfield (Delco) ” 62 38 49 77 Norristown 74 74 Council Rock 37 55 Cheltenham 37 65 Plymouth Whitemarsh 56 87 Methacton 43 84 Upper Merion 59 66 Upper Dublin 50 42 William Tennant 25 82 Upper Moreland 60 89 Norristown 77 57 West Philadelphia 55 78 Cheltenham 38 83 HONORS: Plymouth Whitemarch 58 Suburban I Champions (16-0), (23-2) District I Champions Soccer Abington Opponent 5 Methacton 2 2 Cheltenham 0 5 P. Whitemarsh 3 8 Norristown 0 4 C.B. West 2 2 Upper Merion 1 5 C.B. East 0 4 Pennsbury 2 5 Upper Moreland 1 0 William Tennent 0 5 Methacton 0 4 Cheltenham 0 2 P. Whitemarsh 0 10 Norristown 0 0 Upper Merion 1 2 Upper Dublin 0 2 Upper Moreland 0 2 W. Tennent 3 7 Upper Dublin 1 2 Holy Ghosta (playoff) 3 144 Abington Football Opponent 8 Pennridge 19 13 Nesham. Langhome 15 26 P.-W. 7 0 Pennsbury 24 0 Methacton 23 6 Upper Merion William Tennent 41 7 7 7 Upper Moreland 27 6 Norristown 12 17 Upper Dublin 20 16 Cheltenham 20 Abington 83.47 Boys’ Gymnastics Council Rock Opponent 95.84 89.42 Neshaminy Langhome 72.32 96.83 W.C. Henderson 51.86 100.05 Lower Merion 83.45 94.33 Pennridge 96.60 104.43 Upper Dublin 90.04 95.86 Cheltenham 83.32145146147First annual bonfire 148149150151154156Halloween Night and Hoagie Line 157PEP RALLY Amy Watt and Craig LcrchLisa Tomlinson and Wesley Olsen Donna Cristaldi and Wayne Rickard Tracy George and Rick Degurski Julie Fink and Bob Motts Boni Wolfgang and Lee MetzSTUDENT LIFEMOUSE TRAP 162 163Junior Prom DanceDavid Toma Comes to Abington 166Drugs and Alcohol — KILLERS 1671681695T 05 fghosts top I up. REFLECTION I can’t believe it After going to public school for twelve thing good M. not swimming, years, watching graduations of brothers and sisters and clas- The thought of spending two years on American History ses ahead of us, iti finally our turn. I’m dumbfounded. I’m horrified many of us. The Rise of the American Nation, C excited sad. hfcsdv, I’m frightened. I commonly referred© as Tpdd Curti, was the basic'text for ' ' most American Studies Ct4®kuch a thick td| bli ere I7h dumbfounded. I’m iteoQ 1 |5oon, we will hafle to face the reality of li room wafe Life lsn’fas sheltered beyond tb more challenging. Sure, we thought high school was difficult When we entered North Campus nobody knew how he wat going fo survive Many of us thought there wasndway th South Campus or any place else could surpass North Cam pus’s demands. Being at South for a while prompted us ti notioh that North was most difficult, could write English papers at home and oofread at the English Clinic. |f there was a math problem that stumped us, the Mai There was rioMrs. Haggerty lingering in the ha! a person who slipped out of the library to go to his JockeiT Honors passes would have been a big help to those people eligible for them. The administration dealt a crushing blow when they discontinued this privilege. North Campus also gave many people much needed practice in writing notes. No, not note-taking. House Meetings and Large Group Sessions were ideal times to get caught up on the latest gossip. Often the bathrooms were a health hazard due to the smoke from people sneaking cigarettes or other paraphernalia. Of dents. Who would have thought “ ;ide. li the 7 l te ttbo k contained nothi ng of value insi It was terrific following a book that didn't always present truth and omitted important events. Some students were spared the nuisance of Tod c Why, at Non then have them | ath problem th 1911 v ,in jiv... ju uicic wuo a athCljhicWelcomed us ! in the hallways to snag am peop: odd Curd because they used the Building of the United States, There were also those students fortunate enough to have Bailey, as it was referred td, as their text. With this privilege lfcey had to assume the responsibility of honors classes. Between classes people flocked out . smoke.’''They were mote Teliable than the mai JJirough rain, snow, slelt dr hail; any attempt to these students from a smoke was to no avail. English was a bit different from North Campus, students ran out and bought a typewriter expecting to h ye numerous home assignments? Also, over at North those of us had Mr. Giordano were converted into existentialists At |th Campus we had to reckon with Mrs. Tobin and John je. 1 remember that some of my friends cringed when we had to read Medea at North. If they had known we h?d to £ .suffer through Henry James, Thoreau. and Hermann Melvil- as it was reierreu Monvla itdooqpo “catch a ’S,y w many J iree an South Campus was a unique place . . . maybe too unique. some brief nr : S-Wing? The T? P112? Just when class etc, hiracing up st. le time to reach class which was usually lents which may have attracted attention. alk v- Our four years at Abington were packed with numerous ie activities and events. Some of the events to lessen our distaste M glNorth Campu wera the plays. Cheaper by the Dozen and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Re- he bomb scarg? the .seniors kept saying how easy it was to get arSund thlj classroom, but itwas just a tad chilly outside. Tenth grade was place. Eventually, after about four months, most of us could an exciting year. What about the fire in the locker or the ous firebell bandit? 1980 was also the year of John- ’ hiumed concert We also had some outstandingsports achievementsduring j i|ljjho61 | DreDoys' Tennis Team had a hatrick. t our own activity c successfully roam the school without fear of getting lost. mysterious firebell bandit? 1980 was also Classes at-South ere lnoth experience. F ooefriing. m ry’s Dance Band and Split Decision, which - no .more gymsuits! Hallehryah! We wfte allowed to choose united decision against having another cc ----'- ie6 t m What a reliefr. i. of bourse, we had to ‘ o Z break our necks to get to gym on time if we wantec || 11 A? .t nraslso40 askctl sjj.iut aoiSaiqfGhostS ploti s a ►eleo t reach finals11 r ? ii fmsj « 7 Sami « « rypne by capturing the Suburban 2y anc| tj,e 198Q-8t soceerteams Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Maltese's wife. Mr. Cummings' wife, Mrs,-, lthough they didn't quite go all the yFr dman. Mrs. Cohen, and Mrs. Neff for bringing new life some of lli; had cjtfficulty just keeping touch with the ere is a great deaf'bf anxiety ah n in school, a great deal was happening recei ro: e. The 1981 Ice Mocke had exceptional seasons althougl way. While goings on in school, a greht deal was happening on. the aut$ide. Idi Amin had saysed-an uproar which subsided only | |i ngeq8 gh forth. Avatollah tp make his presence felt 1981 was marred by the atrocities to black youths in Atlanta and, but it was also the year in whidi the hostages were freed. 1982 witnessed the folding of the oldest newspaper in Phi ladelpia. The Bulletin. The country put up with Jimmy Carter and his peanuts whjch were replaced with jelly beans High School carried on although it did have some turbid nts while the girls’ team had a hatrick plus one. Several student err track ability and the boys' Lac- , I iz Stout, Mr. Young, Mr. Lavelle. Wendy Garbett and Tony J Lanzilotti. They will all be missed. But as some leave the world, others enter it to replace those lost. Congratulations to into the world. Best of luck to all of of us. After that e ll have to face fife's e in my eagerness Jo M, of school, graduation glorious yet notorious June challenges (more directly) pass this milestone in life. F| loomed before us. As each year passed, the itchiness toget out intensified. Well, it has finally arrived. How are we going to deal with ft? This question hounds us $11. Some people will immediately go ouftinto the work world while others will confront a different sort of academic life, f’ve looked forward to college for many years. College -itself doesn’t frighten me, but what does is the idea thatlm one step closer to the life beyond school. ' Tmost peaWf dbn’t want tdgive up their friendships. don’t waRft tty lose touch with certain People, foj Jhe that they’re childhood buddies or that it seems that waters to wade through: namely the unexpected two month vacation the district received when the teachers struck in They c November of 1981. The seniors really lucked out — no reason uW, ...u. midterms or finals — for most, that is. In the Spring of 1981 way. For this to happen after so many years is unbearable, wit of Abington High School’s finest productions, West Side Yet, sometimes it happens despite all efforts to prevent it. Itory was performed. -i W, y 'ftou dr, there is a realization that sometime we must And Seniors, oiff last year wasnlffoo bad. We seemed to the strings of our childhood. For graduation is a giant regain some of that spirit which failed to frequent our school. step'tow rds our ultimate goal. When we look back oij our We had a terrific hoagte sale, an outrageous hat day, a blast of 4 ri “ a Halloween RoHerskatogmartyran invigorating Bonfire, a o' of eptcR Mardi Gras, and a real hope for a state cham- jhe years, but I can’t say I was miserable. I think [got a good pionship iq Basketball following the Suburban Academic education, and 1 know I gained valuable expenses. To top oftwil this, ABINGTON ACTUALLY HAD A ences from the people, students and teachers that I had the V SNOW DAr’Yes-tolks. And didn’t w blink in disbelief when 1 Q©tir electronic time box spat out the number 301. Wewereso Shocked that we all switched stations to hear it again because we thoughfAve heard wrong. There .were unfopuf jjjte 'Occurrences within years. Numerous celebrities like Bob Crane, Ayn Rand, Wayne, Harry Chapin, John Lennon, Natalie Wood, Wilh Holden, Paul Lynde and most passedftwaiy. Others closer to u w| $ vvc we ain bee these d?John William recently. John Bfihishi, all ,»ov .? high school years we will be able to view tl|em ’even more objectively. I know I've complained about a lot of things over opportunity to get to know Somewhere in my heart I’ll find the courage to say 1 miss the life here. When 1 turn away from this school after graduation, it won’t be forever, 1 know someday I’ll return to the place which was the conduit to the vast world and a Successfutl life experience uoiSuiqy; S |J £ c JD ill CO lirSO Suburban One championships S-z . T . cO 5 3 j a. coIntramural Basketball Army — Champions 1982 Row 1: A. Adams. D. Saunders. E. Durham. Row 2: J. Veney, M. Gropper, A. Dickerson. Penn — Second Place Row 1: J. St Phard. Row 2: M. Mancini. A. Nash. S. Rawley. Row 3: V. St. Phard Villanova Row 1: A. Shubin, W. Sudler, D. Muhl. Row 2: T. Owens. E. Lee, A. Princeton Row 1: C. Garret, C. Willis. Row 2: A. McManus. L. Stone, R. Acuna Farmer 172Navy Row 1: R Xa-rol, R. Sherman, T. Frank, G. Grasty. Row 2: J. Pollock, C. Hoffman, M. Watts Temple Row 1: W. Rickard, R. Feldman, D. Rosenfeld. Row 2: A. Howald. D. Block, E. Farmer (Not Pictured — P Cupo) Teams Wins Losses ARMY 6 3 PENN 6 3 V1LLONOVA 6 2 PRINCETON 4 4 NAVY 4 4 TEMPLE 3 5 UCLA 2 6 NOTRE DAME 2 6 CHAMPIONS 173 UCLA Row 1: W. Bredt, S. Okabayashi, R. Bucci. Row 2: L. Melnick.VMichael Acker John Ackerman Rene Acuna Helen Cunningham Adam You only live once, but if you Sheryl Adams Frank Anthony Adometto Elizabeth Albrecht Alonzo AdamsCarol Lee Alexander Scott Thomas Amato Peter David Andersen Michael Steven Andrake Jennifer Angell Arlyn E. Apolinario Joan Anderson Debra Ann Aquino live right, once is enough. Joel Howard Ardman Tomas Arias Mary Armstrong Kimberly AtkinsIf you do not understand my silence. George James Baker, Jr. Donnamarie Bakuckas David Ballard Gary A. Barkov 180Kenneth Charles Bates Christopher Beahan Renee Becker Natalie Jane Bell Linda Barrett Stephanie Barto Joan Baseman Stephen Batchelor you will never understand my words. Daniel Gregory Beltramo Kelly Bennett Karen Bernstein Susan Frances Berwind 181Michael Scott Bett Barbara Biermann Donna Bird Susan Blessman Pamela Bloch Douglas Block Sara Beth Block Gregory Bockman Today is the tomorrow we Shirley M. Boekel Michael Steven Bogdanoff Michael J. Bonacci Lisa Booker 182Michael P. Boyes Michelle Braccia Brian Charles Brady Vincent Bramley The Joys of Learning worried about yesterday. — ziggy — Michael Brand William Roy Bredt Judith Sharon Bregman Judith Bridger 183David Scott Bristow Wayne Joseph Broadt John Brockmeyer William Lawrence Brodhag Karen Brook Barbara E. Brown Bryan Lee Brown Jeffrey Brown One friend in a lifetime is much; two Richard Brown Mark Bruno Rocco Joseph Bucci Chris Buchanan 184Philip Louis Bums John Mark Bush Catherine Busser Anne Forbes Bur Ingrid Burnett are many; three are hardly possible. — Henry Brooks Adams Michele Karen Buster Christopher G. Callas Robin Campfield Cynthia Ann Canfield 185A2 + 2AB + B2 = Karen and Mark. Mark and Karen Peter Cantagallo Mark Harvey Carrell John A. Canino Joseph J. Cannella When you have a dream, don't let anything dim Maria Theresa Carroll Christine M. Cassalia Carolyn Cassidy 188Christine Marie Cassidy Martin Cassidy Thomas J. Cassidy Anne Cautilli Dolores Ann Ceniviva Deborah Ann Chalfant Stephen S. Chapman Patricia Charters it, keep hoping, keep trying — the sky is the limit! Andrew Cherashore Eva G. Chirinos Joseph Ciocca 189Donna Clouse Douglas Brian Clouse Ursula Renee Cobb Ivy Cohen Lauren Coleman Dominic Colibraro Robert W. Conlan James John Contoudis Not 'til we are lost do we begin Joanne Marie Cooney Barbara Jean Cooper Samuel Corey Wendy Cornell 190Sabina Costanzo Anne Crawford ‘‘Are you kidding ... I’ve got senioritis!” to understand ourselves. — Henry David Thoreau Caryn Creeley Charles Crenshaw Donna Marie Cristaldi Patrick Cupo 191Angela Hope Davis Emily K. Davis G. Preston Davis Stephen George Davison To live your life in your own way, ... to reach for you that you want to be — that is success. JoAnn Dayhoff Richard Degurski Denise DeMarco Anthony Louis Dennis 192Aaron Marvin Dickerson Monica Dickerson Dina Lynn Dicks Robert Charles Dieterly the goals you have set for yourself ... to be the Louis J. DiMaria Kathryn A. Dimartino Louis DiMassa Janet Lynn Dimond 193Kim DiSantro Valerie C. Dohling If you can't be with the one you John F. Dominic Angela Marie Donnell Carl Eldridge Dorsey 194Bruce Andrew Dortort Joseph Dougherty Patrick Arthur Downey Gerald Christopher Doyle Carrie Ann Dreifus Damian P. Driscoll % Constance M. Duddy love, love the one you're with. — CSN Thomas P. Duncan Elizabeth Dunham Carol Eisenberg Robert Gerald Eisler 195Kim Elsesser Christine Ann Embery John Evans Glenn Faltz Andre L. Farmer Andrea Farmer Speak well of your enemies; 198Joseph Festa Julie Fink “Betty Crocker eat your heart out!” Suzanne Fink Robert Fiorillo remember, you made them, Clementina Fittipaldi Bruce William Flanegan Marie K. Forsythe 199Craig Foster Karl Eugene Fowler Susan Frank Theodore Frank Madeline T. Fry Catharine Furlow Lee Gaber Richard James Gaglianese If you have tried to do something, you are vastly succeeded. George Peter Gakoumis, Jr. Julie Gallagher Susan Gallagher Todd Gallant 200Earl Gant Shawnee S. Garbrick Peter Robert Gardiner William Garrett Glenn Geary Janet Ann Geiger David Genesio Marjan Ghahramani better off than if you had done nothing and Jeanne Marie Garvin Robert Gatter Linda A. Gavin Mary GavalaIf you can imagine it, you can achieve it, If you David Goeckler Marc Adam Goldberg Howard Eric Goldstein Susan Golingan 202Edward Gombeda Tracy Lee Gordon v- Cynthia Goodyear Lorenzo C. Grasty Michael Kenneth Gordon Mark Henry Gravener Christina Good Joyce Marie Graham can dream it, you can become it! David Greenberg Suzanne Greenblatt John Greenlee Ellen Sindy Greenstein 203The person who wants to do something 204 Bonnie Hague Linda W. Hall Valerie L. Halle Colleen Hambrose Todd Gross Deborah Gunton Sharon Gutman Norma Haeberle Stephan Griese Andrew James Grimm Mitchell Ross Gropper David Grossfinds a way, the other finds an excuse. Kim Ann Hanson June Hardiman April M. Hardy Randall Hanar 205SENIOR 206SUPERLATIVES THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Theodore Frank — Julie Fink Retail Salts •MKMS 0 ! OOUAM - ■ V V J RETAIL SALES rose in November to • CLASS JOCK Donna Turco — David Rosenfeld Stephen Haubenstein — Ruth Hoffman 207Catherine Hams Bernadette Hartey Kathleen Hartey Stephen A. Haubenstein Scott Edward Haverkamp Irene E Hayes Robert Heath A Friend is a present you give Anthony E. Heiler Ellen Hill Henderson John Albert Henkels Gretchen Pamela Heuges 208Jeffrey Austin Hinks Daniel Wanen Hirsch Robert J. Hoag Philip Hoehn yourself. — Robert Louis Stevenson Melanie L. Hoffman Ruth Hoffman Sheri Hoffman Charles HoffmanKathleen Hogan Lisa Holloway Keith Holland “My green slip said 8:30” A man is not rewarded for having Gwen Holmes Sandra L. Hordeski Katherine Horrocks Alan George Howald 210Robert L. Howald Richard Brian Hughes Jeffrey Hullstrung Edwin Philip Hunter Sharon Lynne Jackson Christine James Teresa Marie Jarvis Jeffrey Jaurigue brains, but for using them. Joel Jenkins Lori Jenkins Lena Jesse Gary Jester 211Dessie Johnson Glenn Hayes Johnson Katherine Helen Johnson Terry Johnson Susan Johnston Maj Britt Kaal Ina Kaltenhauser Eugene Kaji Set me adrift in a sea of hope Stephen J. Kalinoski Steven J. Kannengieszer Suzanne Kansy Michelle Jaye Katz 212Maureen Amy Kelly Karen A. Kennedy William F. Keehn Virginia Ann Kehoe set sail to a new horizon. Sharon A. Kennedy Michael Kidney Kurt Kieser John Thomas Killeen 213George Kimball John Stephen King Kathleen E. Kirchner Carol Lynn Kleinhans Kristine Ann Kline Julian Kluver Timothy Robert Koch Bethann Kohn If you expect something, wait for it. Anne Koszalka Scott Krasick Francine Kugler Kenneth La Croix 214Robert Joseph Lafferty Erica Lamm Robert Lane Stephanie Lange Jean E. LaRoche Albert Lauts Helen Lauts James Lavelle if you want something, work for it. Sean P. Lavelle Winnie Lawsin Joan Lawson Stacey C. Lazar 215SENIOR MOST INTELLIGENT Ellen Greenstein — Eugene Kaji ALL AMERICAN Bonnie Wolfgang — Scott Thompson BEST LOOKING 216 Linda Valentine — Rene AcunaSUPERLATIVES CLASS COUPLE Dorothy Poirier — Michael Serban BEST DRESSED Kim DiSantro — John SaundersCynthia Leathead Everyone needs a good bear hug! Cynthia R. Leatherbury David A. Lee Evan Leach Today's dream is the threshold Je Hea Lee Leslie Denise Lee Suzanne M. Lehner 218BethAnn Lewis Robert Ralph Lewis Diana Jean Licence Ellen Lichtenstein of tomorrow's discovery. Libby Lim Catherine Limberakis Stephen Linder Denise Lindley 219Edith Annette Lindsay Grace J. Lobb John Frank LoMastro Lewis A. Lutz Patrick Mackin Claire MacLeod Geoffrey T. Magistrate Saroja Mahadevan Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life Beth Mahoney Heidi Maier Michael Maier Wendy Maimon 220is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Langston Hughes Michele Maniscalco Susan Ann Manaker Raymond John Mangin 221Andrea Lynn Marks Selina Martin Dung X. Martinez Gloria Mason Tracey Lynn Mathis Joseph P. Mattia John J. Maurer Carolyn Maxwell You can avoid a lot of work Darryl A. McCellan Deneen W. McCellan Kathleen McCleery Ursula McCoy 222Lynda Jean McGonigle Elizabeth Ann McIntyre Danyl McCray Thomas McFadden Margaret G. McIntyre by doing Claudette McKoy it right the Diane McLaughlin first time. Jeffrey McLemore Patricia McNamara Patricia Ann McParland 223 My calculator gets a different answer than your sliderule. Liliana Mendez David Lee Fred Metz It is a rare and special thing to find a Loma Beth Meyers Lee Metz Holly Lynn Mihalitsch Gail Mihok 224Patricia R. Mitchell Kristina Mondello Ronald E. Miller Joseph Brian Minissale A Lawrence J. Minissale Christopher S. Montague Kenneth R. Moore friend who will remain a friend forever. — Ruth Langdon Morgan Patricia Anne Moore Kathleen Moran David Morgan Joseph M Morris 225Merebeth Constance Morris Philip T. Morris Anthony Paul Moseley Craig Moss Mark Moss Philip Mott Robert Motz Denise Moyer There is no limit to Jayne Ann Moyer Eric Walter Mueller Jennifer Murdock Catherine Anne Murtha 228Robert Naylor Ruth L. Neri a positive mind. James D. Newman Dung The Nguyen Nam Van Nguyen Linda Marianne Nodine 229Christopher O’Hagan Karen Elizabeth Ohl Stephen K. Okabayashi Joseph P. Olimpo It's not what you have that's Daniel Glen O’Neill Pamela Owens Terence John Owens Carolyn D. Page 230Daniel Peris Claudette Pervais Colette Pervais James Pfau important, but what you are. — Omar AndealHappy are those who dream dreams and are 232 Mark Anthony Priole Joann C. Prisco Michael P. Procter Dominick ProzzilloJulia Quinn Michael Quinn June Elizabeth Rarick Robin Rathgeb ready to pay the price to make them come true. — L.J. Cardinal Swenes Karen Michelle Raysor Michael Razzi Michael Anthony Razzi Lisa Reale 233Maria Reale Muge Recik Beverly June Reeves Rose Chantel Reme David Reynolds Marshall Rhoades Wayne J. Rickard The journey of a thousand miles Tracy Riehm Susan Ritter Stephen P. Roberts Edward Robert Robold 234Once upon a time .. Tina D. Rosanelli Jayne Rosenberg Joseph Eric Rosenblatt David Benjamin Rosenfeld begins with but a single step. Paul Mitchell Rosenthal John Rossi Adam R. Rossman Donald Rothenberger 235HOW TO DISCERN A JUNIOR 1. He thinks class changing bell is a fire bell! 2. He thinks fire drill is a bomb scare 3. He refers to class periods as “mods” 4. He eats in the “commons” 5. He clutches cliffs for Moby Dick 6. He refers to Todd and Curti as Rise of the American Nation 7. He can’t pronounce Heilbroner 8. He thinks the FAF is a new bubble gum 9. He still shows up for the meetings long after diminished attendance has forced the cancellation of the club 10. He thinks Dr. Rorison is perfect (Seniors know he is) 11. He thinks A.P.’s are supermarkets 12. He still talks about existentialism 13. He carries around physics ticker tapes 14. He still bothers to ask Ms. Gallagher to repeat something 15. He thinks he is going to survive calculus 16. He thinks he is going to survive A.P. Biology 17. He forgets that he will be filling out monstrous college applications at the same time 18. He trembles with fear at the future possibility of getting Mrs. Tobin 19. He doesn’t know where ARTW is located 20. He doesn’t know who reads the afternoon announcements 21. He thinks senior year is going to be a sleigh ride, HAH! 236Michelle Rubin Norman B. Rudy Maria A. Sacchetti Karen Sampson James Sands Norman M. Sandy Andrea Santman John Saunders A friend is someone who understands your past, just the way you are. 5 mg • Eric John Scannapieco David E. Scheel Lisa Schenk 238Jay Schiller Joseph Herman Schmidt Robert Owen Schmidt, Jr. Donald Schneck Alan Jay Scholnick Robert Leonard Schulz Margaret Schuman Stephen R. Schummer believes in your future, and accepts you today Lori Ann Schuyler Lisa Schwartz Nancy Louise Schwemmer Barbara Scott 239Lawrence E. Scott Lisa M. Scott The Prez at her best. Mark Edward Scott Melanie Scott Remember yesterday, dream David Christopher Searls Mark Segal Carolyn Selhat Deena Seligsohn 240Ginju Semencar Michael Louis Senger Michael Serban Margaret Anne Shea James Edward Sheeran Ricky Sherman Elisa Beth Shipon Allen Lawrence Shubin of tomorrow, but live for today. Deborah L. Shumski Yale Brad Silver Adam Silverman Risa Ellen Silverman 241When you're right, no one remembers; 242 Lisa Smith Margaret Sobkow Karen Sokoloff Pasquale Simeone Tracy Skaddan Jay E. Skolnick Suzanne Solomons Robert A. Sims Laura Fitzgerald Smith Kevin B. Smigel Aaron Smith David B. SmithElizabeth Son John Michael Sorber Dominic Spasari Joses St. Phard “How did SHE get to be this month’s centerfold?” when you're wrong, no one forgets. Donna L. Staley Eric Stauffer David Brian Steams 243 Sheri Ann StahlPaula Stein Rebekah Steinberg Amy Steinbrenner Robert W. Stinson H. Lawrence Strange, Jr. Ronald R. Strassburger Loretta Stmad Richard Paul Stuhltrager The steepest mountain cannot hinder Wayne Edward Sudler J. Frank Summers Heidy Sumpf Michele Sussman 244Paula Jeanine Swan Sheila M Swift Julia Tag John Wayne Tappin Roxolana Telepko Keith Lynn Thompson Lynda D. Thomas Paul A. Thompson the journey of those who are free. Scott Thompson Shaun Timoney Joseph Michael Tiziano Stuart Tollen 245“You found a WHAT in your hamburger?” Talk about paperwork “He likes it! ... Hey, Davy!” 247 “It’s true. I heard it from his brother’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s, best friend.”We grow in the image 248David Veppustek Edward Vesey James VanBuren Donna Lynn Vaughn Gail S. Wade Stephen Michael Waga Kim Wagman Donald Wagner of those we love. Krista Wagner Robert James Wagner Jeanne K. Waker Benjamin John Walker 249Colleen Maria Wallace Raymond Edward Walsh Lois Ann Walton John Patrick Ward Patricia Ann Ward Georgianna Warner Wendy Warner Amy Sue Watt In every living thing is Mark Clarence Watts William Joseph Watts Laurie Ann Weaver Clifton Paul Webber 250Denise Wegner Guenther Bemt Weiler Mark Charles Weinberger Mark Weiner What I wouldn’t do for two NO-DOZ!” the spirit to be free. David Weinerman Mercer Welsh Alyse Werchoski Anton Wemer 251Minda Werner Jay White Joseph White Nancy Ann White Colleen M. Whitham Bernadette Whyte Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life, a Beth Wieser Mark Wilhelm Robert Williams Susan Juanita Williams Mary Wilsbach Andrea Wilson 252Bryan Wilson Donna Wilson Candice Wlordarczyk Bonnie Lynne Wolfgang Roger Woo Lee Wood Daniel Woodbum Susan Wordinger community of thought, a rivalry of aim. — Henry Brooks Adams Emest A. Wright Bruce Wudowsky Kathleen Wyatt Thomas Yanni 253Lisa Beth Yamoff Robert Allen Yeager Francis X. Yetman, Jr. Hun Yi Karen Elizabeth Yokl Jonathon Michael Zaslow Beth Cheryl Zschunke Jeffrey Paul Zucker 254Greg Zygmont CAMERA SHY Susanne Angell Colin Kaye Charlene Barnes Barry Klein Jeannie Barth Joseph Lawler Victor Begley Jaki Malpass Andrew Berlin Carolyn McClay Joan Bernstein Lowell McCown Christopher Bottone Kimberly McCue Robert Brennan Jean Melville Russell Buckley Laurence Millsteen Bernard D’Angelo Jeffrey Moskovitz Kelly Ann Decaire Kimm Mullikin Elizabeth Donohue Eileen Parket Steve Durkin Gary Peckiconis Cheryl Eglof Philip Pello Anthony Gaskins James Primavera David Gulick Christopher Sitasz Richard Gyermoti Daniel Saurman Andrew Haas Sharon Smith Cathy Hackett Juanita Stmad John Haney Jeffrey Sullivan Sheila Haythomthwaite Percy Taliferro David Jacobs Eric Teabo Ina Kaltenhauser Steven Till Debra Kaufman Lydia Spinnraker 255256GOOD-BYE It’s all quite over — Our time is through — The A.P.’s the essays, the interviews — Have separated us to distant shores Where many shall find in store; A brand new place, another beginning. Their heads will once again be spinning With new faces, scenes, and living abodes. They’ll have such tales that have to be told, That once a year twice or more Someone will appear on a step door To smile and say, “Hi! Hi! Hey! Hey! Long time no see, wanna come my way?” And old friends rejuvenated from old Will begin again and be so bold As to pry and push and find their way Back to that very old illustrious day, When two by two as friends they’d go To a game, play, or a picture show. Building memories, strengthening bonds They’ll part with tears of fondness. A burst of energy will begin when they say, “Let’s write and pray So very close we’ll never part, By putting our hands across our hearts.” But ... As time passes so do they, And like everything which time touches They lose the person on long distance, Their stamps get lost, the visits quicken Until they send just one card With names of children and pictures of yards. Memories are many, Visitations are few And friends they once were — Just like me and you. 257 Maj Britt Kaal258261ABEL. JULIE L 1023 Henrietta Ave, Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Council Rep 9.10. Class Council Treasurer 9. rep 10.11.12. Honor Society 010.11.12. Affiliation Club 11. Oracle 12. Spanish Chib 11. Key Club 11.12; Usherettes 9.10. ABRAMOWITZ. SHARI LYN 2526 Rosewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Choir 10.11.12. Madrigals 12. Teens For Retarded 12. Softball 12 ABRAMS. AMY E. 908 Old Ford Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Student Council Rep 9 Class Council Rep 9. Spanish Chib; French Club 11. Soccer 10.11 ACKER. MICHAEL F. 2741 Pine Ave North Hills. PA 19038 ACKERMAN. JOHN A. 511 Mary Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Soccer. Track 12. Varsty A 12 ACUNA. RENE D. 1535 Ariine Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer Itahan Club 10.11. Spanish Club 9.10. Economic Secretary for Italian Chib ADAMS. ALONZO F. 3074 Limekiln Pike North Hills. PA 19038 ADAMS. SHERYL L 1915 Susquehanna Rd Abington. PA 19001. Soccer 9.10.11. Wrestling 9; Band 9.10. ADORNETTO. FRANK A. 1510 Ariine Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 9.10.11. Wrestling 9 Band 9.10 ALBRECHT. ELIZABETH A. 1180 Highland Ave Abington. CA 19001. Band 9,10.11.12 ALEXANDER. CAROL 2320 Romig Rd Roslyn. PA 19001 AMATO. SCOTT T. 314 Zane Ave Philadelphia. PA 19111. Baseball 10; Football 9.10.11; Wresdmg9.10.ll; Italian Club 11 ANDERSEN. PETER D. 1539 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. ANDRAKE. MICHAEL S. 2310 Old Welsh Rd Willow Grove. PA 19010. Artw. Band. Choir. Jazz Band. Creative Studies ANGELL. JENNIFER A. 1578 Reservoir Ave Roslyn. PA 19001; Flag Twiriers 10 APPUNARIO. ARLYN E. 1880 Lindsay Lane Rydal. PA 19046. Honor Society 10. Spanish Club 10 AQUINO. DEBRA A. 334 Hamel Ave North Hills OA 19038. Cross Country 9 . Track 9 ARDMAN. JOEL H. 150 Meadowbrook Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Tennis 10.11.12 ARMSTRONG. MARY C. 2234 Kenderton Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 ATKINS. KIMBERLEY R. 1281 Roslyn Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Soccer 11; FBLA 10.11 AUNGST. JEFFREY C. 316 Valley St Rockledge. PA 19111 AVER1CK. BRETT M 1621 BuckHill Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Baseball 9.10. Band 9.10. Wrestling 9 AYOUB. LINDA 37 Park Ave Rockledge. PA 19111 BACHMAN. GAIL A. 1956 Adams Ave Abington. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 9.10.12. Class Council Secretary 12. Lacrosse 9. Cheerleaders Varsity A 12. Creative Studies 12. BAKER. GEORGE J. JR. 705 Roslyn Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Honor Society 10 BAKUCKAS. DONNAMARIE 548 Gibson Ave Hollywood. PA 19111. Orchestra BALLARD. DAVID A. 1256 Meetinghouse Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.10. Class Council Rep 9.10.12. Lacrosse 10,11.12; Honor Society 9.11.12. Treasurer 10. BARKOV. GARY A. 1112 Oliver Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Band 9,10.11.12 BARRETT. LINDA M. 1953 Acorn Lane Abington. PA 19001. BARTO. STEPHANIE L 1441 Stocton Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046 BASEMAN. JOAN 1415 Noble Rd Rydal. PA 19046 BATCHELOR. STEPHEN G. 1086 Edge Hill Rd Abington. PA 19001. Wrestling BATES. KENNETH C. 2013 Butler Ave Abington. PA 19001 Baseball 10 BEAHAN. CHRISTOPHER J. 1322 Clarke Rd Roslyn. PA 19001. Class Council Rep 12. Band Honor Society 9.12. Orchestra 10 BECKER. RENEE J. 1424 Pepper Rd Rydal. PA 19046 BELTRAMOX. DANIEL G. 278 Runner St Phila.. PA 19111 BENNETT. KELLY E. 1359 Lindbergh Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Basketball 10. Track 11,12. School Store 11. Black Student Union 11,12. Swimming Aides 12 BERNSTEIN. KAREN J. 1221 Lindsay Lane Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9,10.12. Class Council Rep 9.10.12. Affiliation Club Band 9.10. French Club 9.10; News Bureau 9, Marching Band 10. BERWIND. SUSAN F. 1816 Lukens Ave Willow Grove. PA 19010. BF.TT MICHAEL S. 1555 Marian Rd Abington. PA 19001; Student Council Rep 9,10. Class Council Rep 9.10.11. Senior Class Play 11 BIRD. DONNA L. 103 Edge Hill Rd Glenside. PA 19038 BLESSMAN. SUSAN A. 715 Tennis Rd. Ardsley. PA 19038. Choir 10. BLOCH. PAMELA E. 520 Meadowbrook Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Council Rep 9.10. News Bureau BLOCK. DOUGLAS A. 1174 Valley Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.10 Class Council Rep Affiliation dub 11.12. Band Debate 12; French Club 11.12; Honor Society 9,10,11.12. Spanish Club 12. Spectre 11.12; World Affairs Club 11.12. Boys Intramural Basketball 11.12. Jaa Band 11.12. Library Aide 10. Sprite Staff 10. Abingtonian 10.11.12 BLOCK. SARA B. 226 Susan Dr Elkins Park, PA 19117 BOCKMAN. GREGORY 726 Seminole Ave Rockledge. PA 19111. Bowling 11. BOEKEL. SHIRLEY M 2322 Tnebel Rd Roslyn. PA 19001 BOGDANOFF. MICHAEL S. 9% Meetinghouse Rd Rydal. PA 19046; West Side Story. Connect! cut Yankee in King Arthur s Court BONACCI. MICHAEL J. 229 Ray St. Rockledge. PA 19111; Baseball 9.10 BOOKER. USA T. 414 Cadwaiader Ave. Elkins Park. PA 19117. Class Council Rep 10,11; Track 11. Black Student Union 11. BO YES. MICHAEL P. 224 Tyson Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Wrestling 11 BRACC1A. MICHELLE R. 107 Mayfield Ave Phila . PA 19111 BRADY. BRIAN 2926 Madison Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Ice Hockey BRAND. MICHAEL L 927 Irvin Rd Huntingdon Valley. OA 19006 BREDT. WILLIAM R 1309 Osbourne Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 9. Baseball 9.10. Soccer 9,10.11; Publicity Director Student council 10 BREGMAN. JUDITH S. 1012 Beverly Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep Class Council Rep 10.12. President 9.11; Track 10. Honor Society; Oracle 12. Senior Class Play 11 BRISTOW. DAVID S. 2902 Jefferson Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Football 9. BROADT. WAYNE J. 1141 Hall Roslyn. PA 19001; Soccer 9.10,11.12 BROCKMEYER. JOHN C 2130 Pleasant Ave Glenside. PA 19038 BROOK. KAREN D. 1058 Henrietta Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Council Rep 11. Class Council Rep 9.10.11. Creative Studies 11.12; Publicity Director 11. BROWN. BARBARA E. 1371 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 12 Soccer 9.10,11.12; Sprite Magazine 10. Health Careers 12 BROWN. BRYAN L 1311 Rothley Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Rifle 9; Ice Hockey 10.11. BROWN. JEFFREY N. 1656 Fawn Lane Huntingdon Valley. OA 19006; Student Council Rep 11. Honor Society 11. BROWN. RICHARD T. 1573 Edgehill Rd Apt. 23 Abington. PA 19001 BRUNO. MARK C. 512 Garfield Ave North Hills. PA 19038. Basketball 9. BUCCI. ROCCO J. 2354 Tague Ave Glenside. PA 19038 Basketball 9; Football; Track 9.10. Italian Club 9,10 BUCHANAN. CHRISTOPHER 231 Tyson Ave Glenside. PA 19038 BUCHHOLTZ. SUZANNE C. 2775 Woodrow Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Class Council Rep 12. Soccer 11,12. Band Honor Society 10,11.12. Oracle 12. Theatre Honorary 12. German Club 9; Musical 10.11.12. Marching Band 10,11. Jazz Band 10.11. District Band 11. BUDMAN. SHARON J. 1835 Edmund Rd Abington. PA 19001. r. k’i. n T F 618,9?r Rld PA 19038 Affiliation Club 11; Honor Society 10; Latin Club 11; Usherettes 10; All School Musical 10.11. Sprite 10. German Club 9.10 ?Vo nSi HIUP L' 1831 Coolidge Ave. Willow Grove. PA 19090. Baseball 9.10, FootballBUSH. JOHN M. Rosedaie Ct Apt F-9 Roslyn. PA 19090. Cross-Country 9.10.11. Lacrosse 9 BUSSER. CATHERINE 134 Haines Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117 BUSTER. MICHELE K. Student Council Rep Class Council Rep 10 12. Tennis Team 9-12 (4 singles 11). Honor Society 9-12. Human Relations 11.12. News Bureau 10.11.12. Spanish Qub 10.11,12. Theatre Honorary 12. Usherettes 10.11. Varsity A” 11.12. Creative Studies. Student Council Intermediate Unit 11.12. Oracle 1982 Administrative Editor CALLAS. CHRISTOPHER G. 1483 Shoemaker Rd Abtngton. PA 19001. Track 11 CAMPF1ELD. ROBIN L 425 Penn Ave North Hills. PA 19088 CANINO. JOHN A 2140 Parkdale Ave Glenside PA 19038. Baseball 9. CANNELLA. JOSEPH J. 2075 Woodlawn Ave Glenside. PA 19038 CANTAGALLO. PETER J. 2037 Tulpehocken Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117 CARR ELL MARK H. 2869 Rossifer Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Class Council Rep 10 Varsity A 11. Lacrosse 9.10.11 CARROLL MARIA T. 1955 Lycoming Ave Abtngton, PA 19001; Class Council Rep 10. Varsity A 11. Lacrosse 9.10.11. CASSALIA. CHRISTINA M. 1 Moredon Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Soccer Team Affiliation Club 10,11 Spanish Club 10 Worid Affairs 10 CASSIDY. CAROLYN A. 2810 Rubicam Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Student Council Rep 9. Secretary 12. Class Council Rep 9; Soccer 11. CASSrry. THOMAS j. 1011 Penn Ave Ardsiey. PA 19038 CAUT1LLI. ANNE 343 Hoimecrest Rd. Jen kin town. PA 19046. Lacrosse 9. Spanish Chib 10 CHALFANT. DEBORAH A. 2944 Jefferson Ave Ardsiey. PA 19038. Band 10.11.12. Camera Club 12. Library Aide 9,10, Jazz Band 10; Sprite Magazine 10 CHAPMAN. STEPHEN S. 438 Roanoke Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117 CHARTERS. PATRICIA A. 616 Monroe Ave Ardsiey. PA 19038 CHERASHORE. ANDREW D. 149 Susan Drtve Elkins Park. PA 19117. Band 9.10 CHIRINOS. EVA G. 2921 Senak Rd Roslyn. PA 19001 C1AMAICHELA. LISA M. 823 Hamel Ave Ardsiey. PA 19038 CIOCCA. JOSEPH A. 475 Sylvanta Ave Glenside, PA 19038; Student Counal Rep 10. Golf Team 11.12. Bowling 10.11.12. Band 9.10. World Affairs 10 CLOUSE. DONNA J. 1434 St Charles Place Roslyn. PA 19001; Student Counal Rep 11. Soccer 10.11.12. Health Careers 12; Sprite Magazine 10. CLOUSE. DOUGLAS B. 1434 St Charles Place Roslyn. PA 19001. Band COBB. URSULA R. 207 Osceola Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117. Student Council Rep 9.10.11. Class Council Rep 9.10.11 COHEN. IVY R. 1066 Anna Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 COLEMAN. LAUREN Class Council Rep 12. Honor Society 12; Spanish Club president 12. Oracle 12. Usherettes 11.12 Co-Chairman. Creative Studies 12. COLIBRARO. DOMENICO 2503 Rosewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Track 9.10 CONTOUDIS. JAMES J. 1871 Old Welsh Rd Abington. PA 19001. Baseball 9.10 COONEY. JOANNE M. 1268 Grovanla Ave Abington. PA 19001 COOPER. BARBARA J. 773 Castlewood Rd Glenside. PA 19038. Lacrosse 9.10.11; Field Hockey 9,10.11 COREY. SAMUEL C. 2405 Mt Carmel Ave Glenside. PA 19038 CORNELL. WENDY L 219 Margaretta Ave Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006; Human Relations 12. COSTANTE MICHAEL 928 Maple Ave Ardsiey. PA 19038 COSTANZO. SABINA R. 2268 Cross Rd Glenside. PA 19038 CRAWFORD. ANNE M. 229 Woodlyn Ave Glenside. PA 19038 CREELY. CARYN A. 1567 Rockwell Rd Abington. PA 19001. Student Council Rep Spanish Club 12. CRENSHAW. CHARLES A. 833 Jenkintown, Rd Jenkintown. PA 19117; Soccer CUPO. PATRICK J. 952 Garfield Ave. Ardsiey. PA 19038. Baseball 9. D’ALESSANDRO. LUCY A. 1435 Dorts Rd Roslyn. PA 19001; Italian Club 11 DANG. THIEN TAN 2916 Carnation Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Soccer 12 DAUGHEN. JOAN P. 2039 Fortune Rd Glenside. PA 19038. Band; French Chib 11.12. Honor Society 10,11.12. Abingtoman 11. Stage Crew 11. Musical 10 DAVIS. ANGELA H. 77 North Hills Ave North Hills. PA 19038. Student Council Secretary 10. Class Council Alternate 12. Student Counal Member at large 10. DAVIS. EMILY K. 1241 Jericho Rd Abington. PA 19001. Affiliation Qub 11.12. band Honor Society 10.12. New Life Qub 9.10. Orchestra 12. German Qub 9.11. Teens for Better Understanding 12. DAVIS. PRESTON G. 1004 Burke St Rockledge. PA 19111. Soccer Band 9.10. Orade 12. Varsity A 12 DAVISON. STEPHEN G 2807 Phipps Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 DAYHOFF. JO-ANN A. 885 Easton Rd Glenside. PA 19038 DEGURSKI. RICHARD P. 720 Cricket Ave Ardsiey. PA 19038 Baseball; Football DEMARCO. DENISE L 1815 Roberta Ave Abington. PA 19001. Technical School. Horticulture. Choir 9.10 DENNIS. ANTHONY L 1646 Easton Rd Willow Grove. PA 19090 DEPRF.T1S. DANIEL D. 2940 Hammond PL Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Counal Rep 12; Wrestling DERMER. FRANK 24 Park Ave Rockledge. PA 19111 DESMAN. ERIC 1010 Irvin Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Council Rep 9. Treasurer 10. Class Council Rep 12; Football Track Wrestling 9. Honor Society. Oracle 11.12 (editor sports). Varsity A 12. DEVINE JOHN P. 1283 Huntingdon Rd Abington. PA 19001. Football 9. Track 9.10. DICKERSON ARRON M. 870 Cypress Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117; Basketball 9.10; Football 12 DICKERSON. MONICA A. 1730 Summit Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Track 12. Black Student Union 11.12, Usherettes 9.10. DICKS. DINA L 407 Stewart Ave Jenkintown. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 11. Class Council Rep 11; Technical School Commercial Art. World Affairs 9. Black Student Union 11. Choir 10 DIETERLY. ROBERT. C. 1439 Wheatsheaf Rd Abington.PA 19001. Football 9.10 D1MART1NO. KATHRYN 1869 London Rd Abington. PA 19001 DIMASSA. LOUIS J. 936 Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Band; Wrestling DIMOND. JANET L 1407 Lindbergh Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Baseball 9. DIPAOLANTONIO. DAVID J. 612 Highland Ave Glenside. PA 19038 Band 9.10.11. Radio Club 10 DIPUPPO. PAUL M. 380 Wellington Terrace Jenkintown. PA 19046. Baseball 10. DISANTRO. KIM A. 927 Brown Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Council Rep 9.11. 10(Vice President); Class Council Rep 10. DOHL1NG. VALERIE C. 618 Cheitena Ave Jenkintown. PA 19046. Student Council President 10. Rep 11; Class Council Rep 12. Swimming Team Manager 11.12. ARTW 12. Color Guard 12. Choir 9.10,11.12; Usherettes 11. Chair person 12. Library Aide 10. Theatre Honorary 12. Senior Class Play DOMINIC. JOHN F. 221 Jarrett Ave Rockledge. PA 19111. Soccer 9 DONNELL ANGELA M. 1672 Summit Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Student Counal Rep 9.10.12. Track 10. Bowling 9.10.12. Affiliation Club 12. Band 9.10. Orade 12. World Affairs 9.20. Black Student Union 11.12; Spanish Qub 11.12 (Secretary). Health Careers Club DONOHUE. ELIZABETH P. 1320 Huntingdon Rd Abington. PA 19001 DORSEY. CARL E. 1649 CooUdge Ave WiBow Grove. PA 19090. ARTW 12. Camera Club 12. Sprite Magazine Editor 10 Oracle Chibs Editor 12. Staff 11. Spanish Qub 10.11.12; Creative Studies DORTORT. BRUCE A. 1366 Huntingdon Rd Abington. PA 19001 DOUGHERTY. JOSEPH G. 2071 Susquehanna Rd Abington. PA 19001. Class Counal Rep 10. Wrestling 10.11 DOWNEY. PATRICK A. 1218 Herbert Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Soccer 9. Swimming Team 9,10,11 (Diving Captain)DOYLE. GERALD C. 2563 Rosewood Av e Roslyn, PA 19001. Gym Team 9.10. DREIFUS. CARRIE A. 1321 Osbourne Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Cross Country 10 DRISCOLL. DAMIAN P. 2948 Grisdale Rd Roslyn. PA 19001 DUDDY. CONSTANCE M. 1983 Maplewood Ave Abington. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 11. Class Council Rep 11. Guides and Ushers 10. Convalescent Home Group 9. DUNCAN. KEITH L 1713 Prospect Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Football 9.11; Graphic Arts Technical School DUNCAN. THOMAS P. 2069 Conngtian Ave Abington. PA 19001 DUNHAM. ELIZABETH L 908 Edge Hill Rd Glensxie. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 9. Class Council Rep 9. Lacrosse Manager 10. Choir Usherettes 10 EISENBERG. CAROL B. Pali Brook Lane Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 11. Swimming Team 9,10. Camera Club 11. E1SLER. ROBERT E. 946 Wellington Rd Elkms Park. PA 19117. CrossCountry 10.11; Track 11. Key Chib 11. Honor Society (President). Winter Track 11. ELSESSER. KIM Honor Society 10,11.12 (Secretary). News Bureau 9. French Chib 11,12. Oracle 12; Newspaper 9.10 (editor), ll; Usherettes 11,12 EMBERY. CHRISTINE A. 151 Cedar Rd Elkins Park. PA 19117. Basketball; Tennis Team Lacrosse Varsity A Club 11.12 EPSTEIN. ROGER M. 379 Heathdiffe Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Jazz Band ERWINE. THOMAS M. 1927 Connthian Ave Abington. PA 19001. Swimming Team 9.10.11,12; Lacrosse Team; Key Club EVANS. JOHN R. 945 Old Huntington Pike Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Cross-Country 9.10,11,12; Track 9,10.11.12. Lacrosse 9. Varsity A dub. Winter Track 9.10.11,12 FALTZ. GLEN E. 1615 Franklin Ave WiDow Grove. PA 19090 FARMER. ANDRE L 244 North Hills Ave North Hills. PA 19038; Football 10 FARMER. ANDREA D. 2429 Patane Ave Roslyn PA 19001. Basketball 9,10. Cross Country 9; Newspaper 9, Art Chib 9. Intramural sports 9. FARMER. EARL P. 1705 Femdale Ave Abington. PA 19001. Class Council Rep 11 Basketball 9; Baseball 9. Football 9,10.11.12 FEDOROWICZ. MICHAEL 1859 Woodland Rd Abington. PA 19001 FELDMAN. RICHARD B. 7 Lee-Lynn La Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Basketball 9; Tennis 10.11.12 FESTA. JOSEPH T. 2443 Ardsley Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Tech-School FINK. JUUE B. 55 Lee-Lynn La. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Student Council 9(co aptain). 11.12, Varsity A 12; Honor Society 9,10.11.12. FINK. SUZANNE 1636 Fawn La Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Italian Club 11. Ghost Post FITIPALDI. CLEMENTINA A. 944 Gan held Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Student Council Rep; Italian dub FLANEGAN. BRUCE W. 1307 Rose Rd Roslyn. PA 19001 FLIPPING. CARMELLA 1640 Washington Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Basketball 9.10; Track 9.10. Varsity A” 9.10. FORSYTHE. MARIE K. 3004 Mt Carmel Ave North HUb. PA 19038 FOSTER. CRAIG F. 749 Arden Rd. Jenkintown. PA 19046; Student Council Rep 11; Soccer Team 9. Lacrosse 9,10.11. Rifle Team 11. Band 9.10.11; Varsity A 11. FRANK. SUSAN L 1138 Wrack Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046, Student Council Rep 9,10; Tennis Team (first and second singles) 10,11,12 (captain). Creative Wnting 10. French Club 10,11.12; Honor Society 9,10.11,12. Italian Club 11,12; Oracle editor 12 FRANK. THEODORE A. 845 Dale Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Tennb Team 10.11; Band 10,11; Honor Society 10 (President); Orchestra 9; District Band 10,11. FRY. MADEUNG T. 2122 Old Webh Rd Abington. PA 19001. FURLOW. CATHARINE R. 1405 Bryant Une Meadowbrook, PA 19046 Class Council Rep 10; Orade editor 12. Spanbh Club 11.12; Usherettes 10 GABER. LEED. 1042 Henrietta Ave. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Class Council Rep 9.10.11; Administrative Assistant 10. All School Musical 11. Bowling 9. GAGL1ANESE. RICHARD J. 804 Tyson Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 11.12 (treasurer). Soccer Team Track Team 9; Swimming Team 9. FBLA 10 (local treasurer). 11 (regional president). 12. School Store 11.12. Usher 11,12. Varsity A 12. GAKOUMIS. GEORGE P. JR. 1768 Kimball Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 GALLAGHER. SUSAN R. 1608 Upland Ave Jenkintown. PA 19046 GALLANT. TODD 1408 Stocton Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Baseball; Football 9; Wrestling 10. Choir Ski Club9. Theater Honorary 12. Madri9ab9.10.ll.12; All-School Musical 11.12 GANT. EARL D. (ICEMAN) 1615 Fauview Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Basketball 9.10.12; Football 9.12 GARBRICK. SHAWNEE S. 1426 Edgewood Ave Roslyn PA 19001 GARDINER. PETER R. 753 Tennis Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Baseball Soccer 9. ke Hockey GARRET. WILLIAM L 317 Ruscombe Ave North HUb. PA 19038. Football. Tech School GARVIN. LEANNE M. 137 Cliveden Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Swimming 9,10.11,12; Lacrosse Field Hockey GATTER. ROBERT A. 1890 Lambert Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Rifle 11. Band 9.10.11; School Musical 9.10. GAVALA. MARY O. 356 Tennis Ave North HUb. PA 19038. Basketball 12. Honor Society 12. Library Aides 10.11.12 GAVIN. LINDA A. 2816 A Moreland Rd Willow Grove. PA 19090 GEIGER. JANET A. 707 Easton Rd Glandside. PA 19038 GENESIO. DAVID A. 409 Keswick Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Band 9.10.11. Musical 11. Orchestra 11 GHAHRAMANI. MARJAN 35 Durand Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Honor Society 11.12. School Store 12. Library Aide 11.12 GILL. SUZANNE A. 1416 WheatshealLn Abington. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 10. Affiliation Chib 10.11. Band Front 10.11; Usherettes 10 GLUECK. BRIAN J. 1853 London Rd Abington. PA 19001. Football 9. Soccer 10. Track 9. Wrestling 9.10.11. GLUSKF.R. KATHERINE 1011 Anna Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Class Council Rep 12. Field Hockey 9. Winter Guard 11. Flag Twiriers 10.11.12. Eland Front 10.11.12. Honor Society 9. Usherettes 10. GODFREY. JAMI I. 534 Oak Shade Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117 GOECKLER. DAVID P. 551 Abington Ave Glenside. PA 19038 GOLDBERG. MARC A. 1471 Autumn Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Tennis 11 GOLDSTEIN. HOWARD E. 559 Oak Shade Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117. Honor Society 9.10.12. Oracle 12; Spanish Club 11,12. Theatre Honorary 12, Ghost Post 9.10; Health Careers 11.12, Stage Crew9.10,l 1; Jr Prom Committee 11. School Musical 12; Explorers Club 11.12. Library Aide 9.10 GOLINGAN. SUSAN T.921 Tennis Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Winter Guard 11. Flag Twiriers 10.11. Band Front 10.11. Usherettes 10. Library Aide 9.10 GOMBEDA. EDWARD J. 1565 St James PI Roslyn. PA 19001. Basketball 9. Baseball 9.10 Football 9 GOOD. CHRISTINA S. 1136 Jericho Rd Abington. PA 19001. Affiliation Club 10.11. Choir 9.10,11; Honor Society 12. GOODYEAR. CYNTHIA L. 602 Cedar Rd Abington. PA 19111 GORDON. MICHAEL K. 843 Crosswtcks Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Amateur Radio Club 10. GORDON. TRACY L. 1443 Autumn Rd Rydal. PA 19046; Class Council Rep 12. Affiliation Club 10; French Qub 11,2; Honor Society 9,10; Latin Club 11. Spanish Club 11; News Bureau 12 GRAHAM. JOYCE M. 2945 Banner Rd Willow Grove. PA 19090 GRAVENER. MARK H. 2517 Woodland Rd Roslyn. PA 19001. GREENBERG. DAVID A. 31 Lee Lynn La Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Baseball 10 GREENBLATT. SUZANNE B. 1181 Dixon La Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.10.11. French Club 11,12. Oracle Editor 12. Spanish Qub 11. GREENLEE. JOHN K. 1065 Huntingdon Rd Abington. PA 19001 GOMBEDA. EDWARD J. 1565 St James PI Roslyn. PA 19006. Baseball 9.10; Basketball 9. Football 9 HAEBERLE. NORMA J. 227 Holme Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117. Gymnastics 9.10,11.12 HAGUE. BONNIE J. 1022 Tennis Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 HALL. UNDA W. 217 Chelsea Ave North Hills, PA 19038 FiALLE. VALERIE L 660 Central Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 9.10,11. Library Aide 9.10. Leu Club 11; Usherettes 9,10. HAMBROSE. COLLEEN 411 Hickory Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Track 9. Gymnasftcs 10. Soccer 11. Class Council Pres 11,12. Student Council President 12 HAMILTON. DANIEL W. 2928 Gohn Dr Willow Grove. PA 19090 HAMILTON. JEAN M. 823 Hilldale Rd Glenside. PA 19038. Affiliation Club Honor Society 9,10.11,12. Orchestra Exchange Student to West Germany 10 West Side Story 11. German Club 11.12. HANKINSON. TIMOTHY R. 356 Rolling Hill Rd Phila . PA HANNAN. KELLY A. 1811 Osbourne Ave WiUowGrove. PA 19090; Band 10,11,12; WmterGuard 11.12; Band Front 10,11,12 HANSON. KIMBERLY A. 1602 Spring Ave Jenkintown. PA 19046 HARD1MAN. JUNE A. 622 Seminole Ave Phila . PA 19111. Affiliation Club 10.11.12. School Musical 11,12. Orchestra 9,10.11.12 HARDY. APRIL M. 1908 Wharton Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 10. Class Council Rep 10. Gym Team 9; Rag Twiriers 9,10.11,12. School Store 10 HARRAR. RANDALL S. 1539 Hampton Rd Rydal. PA 19046 Soccer 9.10 HARRIS. CATHARINE A. 1379 Ariine Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Gym Team 10. Lacrosse 9.10,11 HARTEY. BERNADETTE 534 Penn Ave North Hills. PA 19038 Cheerleaders 9. HARTEY. KATHLEEN 534 Penn Ave North Hills. PA 19038 HATTAL. DEBORAH A. 1649 Crestview Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Band 9.10.11 HAUBENSTEIN. STEPHEN A. 208 Tyson Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Track 11.12 HAVERKAMP. EDWARD S. 227 Runner St Phila . PA 19111. Wrestling 9 HAYES. IRENE E. 2901 Madison Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 HEATH. ROBERT P. 77 North Hills Ave North Hills. PA 19038. Basketball 12 HENKELS. JOHN A. 118 N Lynnwood Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Class Council Rep 9; Band9.10.11. Hockey (Ice) HILFER. ADA M 2116 Susquehanna Rd Abtngton. PA 19001. Choir 10.11. Honor Society 9.10.11. German Qub HILL. LORI A. 1200 Mildred Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. HILLES. LESLEY E. 1394 Osbourne Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Band 9 HINES. WILLIAM R. 1171 Mildred Ave Roslyn. PA 19001: Student Council Rep 9,10. Class Council Rep 9.10 HINKS. JEFFREY A. 2119 Horace Ave Abington. PA 19001. Baseball 9.10.11. HIRSCH. DANIEL W. 572 Glenmore Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117. Choir 9 HOAG. ROBERT J. 363 Fisher Rd Jenkintown, PA 19046; Class Council Rep 11. Basketball 9.10.11. Choir 11 HOEHN. PHILIP J. 360 Rollinghill Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046, Class Council Rep 11. Basketball 9.10,11; Choir 11 HOEHN. PHILIP J. 360 Rollinghill Rd Elkins Park. PA 19117. Wrestling 10.11 HOFFMANN. CHARLES P. 1502 Grove Ave Jenkingtown. PA 19046. Tennis 9.11. Ghost Post Staff; Student Council Vice President 12 HOFFMANN. LORA E. 652 Roseland Ave Phila . PA 19111. Student Council Officer 12 HOFFMANN. MELANIF. L 1958 Chester Ave Abington. PA 19001; Class Council Rep 9. Affiliation Qub 10. Key Club 11. Latin Club 11. Varsity A Club 11. Softball 9.10.11. Field Hockey 9. HOFFMANN. RUTH E. 1431 Levas Rd Rydal. PA 19046; Student Council Rep 12; Class Council Rep 10.11. Soccer 11.12. French Qub 10.11.12. Oracle Editor 12. Spanish Club 11 HOFFMAN. SHERI J. 1020 Kiphng Rd Rydal. OA 19046. UsheTettes 9,10. Library Aide 11 JACKSON. SHARON L 627 Meadowbrook Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 JAMES. CHRISTINE 765 Edgehill Rd Glenside. PA 19038 Band Front 10.11 JARVIS. TERESA M. 2414 Radcliffe Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 JAURIGUE. JEFFREY P. 1917 Nicholas Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Baseball 9.10.11. Football 9.10.11 Band 9,10.11. Orchestra 9.10 JENKINS. JOEL 1246 Easton Rd Roslyn. PA 19001; JENKINS. LORI S. 2461 Lafayette Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Band 9.10. Choir Usherettes 9.10. JESSE. LENA M.2534 Pierce Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Basketball 9.10.11 JESTER. GARY J. 744 Jane Rd Rydal. PA 19046 Band 10.11.12 JOHNSON. DESSIE L 1713 Park Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 JOHNSON. GLENN H. 1628 Franklin Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 Black Student Union. Baseball. Football. Track JOHNSON. KATHERINE H. 481 Roberts Ave Glenside. PA 19098. Track JOHNSON. TF.RRY L. 2606 Jenkintown Rd Glenside. PA 19038 JOHNSTON. SUSAN M. 410 Edgehdl Rd North Hills. PA 19038; Student Council Rep 9. Cheerleaders 9. KAAL. MAJ BRITT 1977 Corinthian Ave. Abington. PA 19001. Class Council Rep 12. Affiliation Qub 12. German Club 11.12. Orchestra 9.10.11,12. News Bureau 9. Honor S xiety 11.12 KAJI. EUGENE H. 334 FUlmore St Phila . PA 19111; Student Council Rep 9.10.12 Class Council Rep 9.10.11,12. Track 10. Affihation Club 10,11.12. Chess Club 11.12. German Club 11. Vice President 12; Abingtonian Editor 12. Honor Society Debate Team 11.12. World Affairs 10.11.12 KALINOSKI. STEPHEN J. 2943 Meyer Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 KALTENHAUSER. INA H. 824 Silver Ave Abington. PA 19001 KANNENG1ESZER. STEVEN J. 1271 Boone Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Folk Guitar 10. Audio-Visual 10. KATZ. MICHELLE J. 858 Meadowbrook Dr Huntingdon. Valley. PA 19006. Soccer 11. Gym Team 10. News Bureau 9; Usherettes 9; Creative Studies 11. KEEHN. WILLIAM F. 811 Delene Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 11. Class Council Rep 11; Track 10. Bicycle Club 9,10.11. School Paper 10. German Club 9.10.11 KEHOE. VIRGINIA A. 130 N Syhrania Ave Rockledge. PA 19111. Band 10.11.12. Winter Guard 11 KELLY. MAUREEN A. 1905 Lycoming Ave Abington. PA 19001; Soccer 9.1011. Affiliation Club 9.10 KENNEDY. KAREN A. 1533 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Lacrosse 9.10 KENNEDY. SHARON A. 1533 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 KIDNEY. MICHAEL L. 1837 Harte Rd Baederwood. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 10,11.12. Class Council Rep 10.11,12, Debate Team 11.12. Honor Society World Affairs Club 10 (President), 11,12: Ghost Post 9.10 (editor). Abingtonian 11 (editor). 12 (editor and chief). Sprite 9 (editor). 10; Junior Histonans Club 11 (Vice President) K1ESER. KURT A. 313 Church Rd Rockledge. PA 19111. ARTW 11. Choir 9.10.11. World Affairs Club 10 KILLEEN. JOHN T. 1220 Westmont Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 KIMBALL. GEORGE M 1171 Old Yourk Rd Abington, PA 19001 KING. STEPHEN J. 1248 Johnston Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 KIRSCHNER. KATHLEEN E. 879 Tyson Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 KLEINHAUS. CAROL L 2447 Ardsley Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Band Front 9.10: Choir 9.10. New Life Qub 9 KUNE. KRISTINE A. 1380 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001, Soccer 9 KLUVER. JULIAN C. 727 Carmet Rd Rydal, PA 19046 KOCH. TIMOTHY R. 2960 Madison Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. New Life Club 9 KOHN. BETHANN 910 Foxchasex Rd Phila . PA 19111 KOSZALKA. ANNE M. 934 Irvin Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 KRASICK. SCOTT B 711 Martin Rd Skins Park. PA 19117. Class Council Rep ARTW KUGLER. FRANC1NE A. 909 Maple Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 LACROIX KENNETH A. 305 Elm Ave North Hills. PA 19038 LAFFERTY. ROBERT J. 2808 Galloway Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 LAMM. ERICA V. 1907 Lukens Ave Wdlow Grove. PA 19090. LANGE. STEPHANIE P. 1822 Bertram Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 LAROCHE. JEAN E. 646 Garfield Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 Band Front 9.10.11. Choir 9.10; Spanish Club 11 LA UTS. ALBERT L 937 Tyson Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 LA UTS. HELEN K. 937 Tyson Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Choir. Spanish Qub LAVELLE. JAMES P. 1116 Wilson Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 9. Riflery Band Honor Society 10.11.12 LAVELLE. SEAN P. 1613 Crestview Ave Wdlow Grove. PA 19090. Field Hockey 11. Band 9.10.11 LAWSIN. WINNIE A. 634 Moredon Rd Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. Track 12 LAWSON. JOAN M. 630 Roslyn Ave Glenside PA 19038. Class Council Rep 9.10.12. Human Relations 9.10; News Bureau 9.10; Oracle 12. Spanish Club 11.12. Library Aide 9.10,11. Gifted Program 9,10,11,12. Creative Studies 12 LAZAR. STACEY C. 229 Susan Dr Elkins Park. PA 19117. Affiliation Club 10. Oracle 12. Stage Crew 10. Exchange Editor for Abingtonian 12 LEACH. EVAN A. 838 Washington La Rydal. PA 19046. Bowling 9 LEATHEAD. CYNTHIA J. 2143 Susquehanna Rd Abington. PA 19001. New Ufe Chib 11 LEE. DAVID A. 1230 Westmont Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Basketball LEE. JAI HO (EDWARD) 2940 Oklahoma Rd Willow Grove. PA 19090. Class Council Rep 10.11.12; Basketball 9; Baseball 9.10,12; Football 11; Soccer; Varsity A Oub 12. LEE. LESUE D. 2644 Phipps Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. LEHNER. SUZANNE H. 1214 Bishop Aw Roslyn. PA 19001; Band 10.11.12 LEHRFELD, LOIS E 1848 Ambler Rd Abington. PA 19001. LEIBHOLZ, DANIEL L 1204 Pleasant Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 10.12. Class ILFORDCouncil Rep 10,12; Camera Club 11.12; Debate Team 11,12. Honor Society 10.12; Orchestra 9.10; Ghost Post 9,10 (editor). Abingtonian 11 12 (editor) LEMPA. ANGEL M. 225 EdgehiU Rd Glenside. PA 19038. Color Guard 10.11. Winter Guard 11. Band Front 10,11. LETHEM. LUTHER L 1720 Webster Ave Abtngton. PA 19001. FootbaD. Track LEWIS. BETH A. 112 Boone Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 LEWIS, ROBERT 238 Syh ania Ave Glenside. PA 19038 LICHTENSTEIN. ELLEN S. 1638 Penny Pack Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 UMBERAKIS. CATHERINE J. 1078 Kipling Rd Jenkintown. Pa 19046. ARTW 12 (Gabby Abby), Cabin Olympia. Spanish Chib 9,10. LINDER. STEPHEN C. 834 Longstreth Ave Phila. PA 19111; Band 9,10,11,12 UNDLEY. DENISE M. 1834 Eckard Ave Abtngton. PA 19001. LINDSAY. EDITH H. 1667 Franklin Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Student Council Rep. LOBB. GRACE 2116 Guemesey Ave Abtngton, PA 19001; Student Council Rep 10 LOMASTRO. JOHN F. 1835 Horace Ave Abington. PA 19001 LUTZ. LEWIS A. 2963 Limekiln Pike North Hills. PA 19038. Auto Mechanics Tech-School MACKIN. PATRICK. 1994 Maplewood Ave Abtngton. PA 19001. Swimming team. Lacrosse MAGISTRATE. GEOFFREY T. 1605 Huntingdon Road Abington. PA 19001. Key Club 11. Creative Studies Program MAHAL RAN. SAROJA. 1817 Guernsey Ave Abington. PA 19001; Band; Honor Society. Spanish Chib. Usherettes. Library Aide. Marching Band. MAHONEY. BETH ANN. 2057 Pleasant Ave G!ens de. PA 19038. Field Hockey 9.10,11 MA1ER. HEIDI ANN. 400 Locust Road North Hills. PA 19038. Latin Club 11 MA1MON. WENDY A. 1026 Pheasant Road Rydal. PA 19046; Class Council Rep 10; French Club 11 MAL1S. ALEXIA F. 1579 Williams road Abington. PA 19001; Student Council Rep 9; Affihaoon Club 9.10,11,12 pres . Choir 9; Folk Guitar 9. Honor Society; Oracle 12; Spectre 12; Exchange student (to Berlin), 10. Volunteer Home Group. 9; Health Careers Club. 11.12; German Club 9. Upres . 12 Treas . School Newspaper 10,11.12 MALIS. OLGA L 1579 Williams Road Abington. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 9,10.12. Class Council Rep 9.12; Affiliation Club pres . Honor Society 9.11.12; Spanish Club 9.11.12. Exchange Student (to Berlin). 10; German Chib 11.12 sec . Library Aid 9. Creative Studies Program 12. Student Volunteer. 9 MALLEN. BRADLEY K. 2201 Pleasant Ave Glenside PA 19038. MANAKER. SUSAN ANN 2915 Joyce Road Roslyn. PA 19001. Cheerleader 9. Choir 9.10.11; Concert Choir. Madrigals MANGIN. RAYMOND. JOHN. 1724 Crestvww Ave. Willow Grove. PA 19090 MANISCALCO. Michele A 141 Ray St. Phila PA 19111 Rifle 9. MARTINEZ. DUNG. X. 987 Wesley Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Rifle 11. Honor Sodety 10 MASON. GLORIA A. 250 North Hills Ave North Hills. PA 19038; Track 9,12. Band; Usherettes 11.12. World Affairs 10; Black Student Union 11.12; School Paper MATHIS. TRACEY L 1429 Clutery Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Basketball. Basketball. Track. Black Student Union. Library Aid. MATT1A. JOSEPH P. 710 Jenkintown Road Elkins Park. PA 19117. MAURER. JOHN J. 1870 Brentwood Road Abington. PA 19001; Track, 9. MAXWELL. CAROLYN L 1450 Stocton Road Mcadowbrook. PA 19046. Student Council 10; Class Council 10. Affiliation Club9.10.11.12 v.p.. Debate 12; Honor Society 10.11.12; Oracle 12; Spectre 12. Assoc Editor Exchange Student (West Berlin) MCCELLAN. DARRYL A. 215 Ruscombe Ave North Hills. PA 19038 MCCELLAN. DENEEN W. 215 Ruscombe Ave North Hills. PA 19038 Basketball 9.10.11; FBLA 10; Black Student Union 11 MCCLEERY KATHLEEN R. 575 Crescent Ave Glenside. PA. 19038; Creative Studies Program MCLAUGHLIN. DIANNE A. 1511 Grove Ave Jenkintown PA 19046. Choir. Key Club. Madrugal Singers. MCCOY. URSULA P. 1632 High Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 MCFADDEN. THOMAS M. 961 Wesley Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Student Council Rep., World Affairs Club. MCGONIGLE. LYNDA J. 2087 Oakdale Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 12. Class Council Rep 12; Soccer 10.11.12; Band 10.11,12; French Club 11 (Vice President). 12 (Secretary) MCINTYRE. ELIZABETH A. 755 Penn Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Student Council Rep MCINTYRE. MARGARET B. 1559 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 MCKOY. CLAUDETTE P. 1106 Old York Rd Abington. PA 19001 MCLEMORE. JEFFREY B. 1955 Country Club Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Basketball 10.11.12 MCNAMARA. PATRICIA A. 2463 Susquehanna Rd Roslyn. PA 19001 MCPARLAND. PATRICIA A. 103 Edgley Ave Glenside. PA 19038 MCSTAY. THERESA L 914 EdgeHill Rd. Glenside. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 9; Class Council Rep. 12; Winter Guard if; Flag Twirier 10.11.12 (Captain). Band Front 10.11.12 MELNIK. LAWRENCE D. 1007 Old Ford Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 MELONE. FRANCES J. 736 Rodman Ave Jenkintown. PA 19046; Band Front 10.11. Choir 9.10; Latin Club 11.12 MENDEZ. LILIANA 2726 Moreland Rd Willow Grove. PA 19090, Field Hockey. Sprite Magazine Editor 10. Affiliation Club 10.11.12. Spanish Club 9.10.11. New Life Club 9.10.11. METZ. DAVID L. 805 Tennis Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 Soccer 9 METZ. LEE D. 805 Tennis Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Baseball; Football; Varsity A Chib 10.11,12 MIHOK. GAIL L 620 Montgomery Ave Fox Chase Manor Phila . PA 19111. Class Council Rep 9.10.12 (Treasurer). Student Council Rep 9. Band 9,10.11.12. Winter Guard Maiorettes Band Front; Honor Sodety 9.10; Usherettes 10. ARTW 11. Library Aid 9.10 MILLER. ABBE 1234 Fleetwood Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.10.11; Class Council Rep 9.10.11. Honor Society 10 (Corresponding Secretary) 12. “Sprite Magazine 9.10 (edttor) MILLER. RONALD E 2184 Woodland Rd Abington. PA 19001. Band. Choir. Honor Sodety. Jazz Band. Madngal Singers. School Musical. Plano MIN ISSALE. JOSEPH B. 291 Huron Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117. Class Council Rep 11; Bowling 10.11; MINISSALE. LAURENCE J. 291 Huron Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117, Track 10. MITCHELL PATRICIA 922 Tennis Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 MONDELLO. KRISHNA R. 1511 St James Place Roslyn. PA 19001 MONTAGUE SCOTT C 1420 Highland Ave Abington. PA 19001 MOORE. KENNETH R. 1932 Preston Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Creative Wntmg 11.12, Human Relations 9,10; Spanish Club 9,10; Graphic Arts 10.11,12 MOORE PATRICIA A. 2819 Lamott Ave. Willow Grove. PA 19090. Lacrosse 10; Winter Guard 11. Band Front 10.11. MORAN. KATHLEEN A. 2060 Mt Carmel Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Softball 9.11 MORGAN. DAVID S. 700 Edge Hill Rd Glenside. PA 19038 Football 9; Wrestling 9.10. MORRIS. JOSEPH M. 15 North Penn Ave Rockledge. PA 19111 MORRIS. PHILIP T. 59 Blake Ave Rockledge. PA 19111. MOSELEY. ANTHONY P. 1632 Falrview Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Basketball 11.12. Base ball 9. Football Tennis 9; Bowling 9.10. MOSS. CRAIG J. 660 Monroe Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 MOTT, PHILIP G. 1089 Roseland Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 MOTZ. ROBERT J. 2019 Susquehanna Rd Abington. PA 19001. Football Wrestling Varsity A Club 12. MOYER. DENISE M. 475 Roberts Ave Glenside. PA 19038. MOYER. JAYNE A. 1242 Boone Ave Roslyn. PA 19001; Band 9 MURDOCK. JENNIFER L 847 Moredon Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 10. Class Council Rep. 10.11.12. Lacrosse 10; French Club 11. MURTHA. CATHERINE A. 1861 Eckard Ave. Abington. PA 19001; Baseball 9. Cross-Country 12. Track Varsity A Club 12. NAGEL JOHN S. 1138 Meadowbrook Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046 NAYLOR. ROBERT B. 430 Penn Ave North Hills. PA 19038. Choir. FBLA 10.11 (President!. School Store 9,10,11. Honor Society 9,10. Explorers Post. Junior Achievement NERI. RUTH L 1S39 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Track 11 NEWMAN. JAMES D. 1119 Clemens Ave Abington. PA 19001. Cross-Country 9.10; Wrestling; Itahan Club 11.12 NGUYEN. NAM VAN 2916 Carnation Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 NGYUN. DUNG 1605 Old Yk Rd Abington PA 19001 NODINE. LINDA M 2213 Menlo Ave Glenside. PA 19038 Band 9 NOFER. ELLEN R. 1927 Lambert Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Class Council Rep 10. Choir; Office Help 10. Usherettes 10 NORDON. TOM R. 707 Rhodds Ave Rydal. PA 19046 NORRIS. MARY B. 1853 Harte Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Tennis; Band Honor Society 9,10,11.12. German Chib 9.10 OERTEL ROBIN L 560 Tyson Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 9,10. Class Council Rep 9. Band Front 10.11.12; Choir 10.11.12. Spanish Club 12 O’HAGAN. CHRISTOPHER J. 2061 Parkdale Ave Glenside. PA 19038, Baseball 9. FBLA 11 OHL. KAREN E. 1832 Sharon Rd Meadowbrook PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9; Field Hockey 9. Band; Honor Society; Orchestra; Football 11.12. Soccer 9. School Store 12; Varsity A” Club 12. OKABAYASHI. STEPHEN K. 2927 Thunderhead Rd. Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 10, Class Council Treasurer 12; Basketball 9.10 Baseball 9,10,11,12; Football 11.12; Soccer 9; School Store 12; Varsity A Club 12 OLIMPO JR.. JOSEPH P. 357 Central Ave North Hills. PA 19038; Track 10. O’NEILL DANIEL G. 65IRoseland Ave Phlla PA 19111. Student Council Rep 11. Baseball 9.10 OWENS. PAMELA A. 1808 Eckard Ave. Abington PA 19001; Band 10,11.12; Band Front 10.11,12; Teens For Better Understanding 12. Orchestra 10.11.12 OWNES. TERENCE J. 2501 Patawe Ave Roslyn. PA 19001; Basketball 9.10. Baseball 9.10. Football 9.10.11. PAGE. CAROLYND.V 1569 Osbourne Ave Roslyn PA 19001. Student Council Rep 9.19. Class Council Rep 11.12; Black Student Union 11.12 (President) PARDI. CYNTHIA L. 1935 South Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Char9.10.11.12. Key Club 11,12 (Secretary). Usherettes 9; Library Aide 9.10. Class Council Rep 12. Madngals 12 PARHAM. CHERI L 1562 St James PI. Roslyn. PA 19001. Basketball 9.10.11. Black Student Union 11. PAUZA. DIANNE 214 Shelmire St Phlla , PA 19111; Bowling 9.10. Softball PEARCE. THOMAS R. 125 West Ave. Elkins. Park. PA 19117. PERIS. DANIEL 1421 Autumn Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.11.12. Class Council Rep 9.10,11,12. Golf Team 12. Debate Team 12. French Club 11. Honor Society; World Affairs Club 11.12 (President). Abingtonian 11,12; Creative Studies 12 PER VAIS. CLAUDETTE V. 1548 Huntingdon Rd Abington. PA 19001; French Club 12. Oracle 12. Student Council PERVAIS. COLETTE M. 1548 Huntingdon Rd Abington. PA 19001; Student Council Rep; French Club 12; Oracle 12 PFAU. JAMES J. 2504 Radcliffe Rd Roslyn. PA 19001. Oracle 12. PFLUGFELDER. DAVID S. 2823 Carnation Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 PILEGGI. MARYANN 818 Central Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 PODELL. LANCE D. 1105 Sewell La Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.10.12. Class Council Rep 9.10.12. Debate Team 11; French Club 12; Honor Society 9.10. Oracle Editor 12; Ghost Post 9,10. Parliamentarian 9,10 POIRIER. DOROTHY M. 2852 Rossiter Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 9.10.11 POST. LISA C. 1145 Hall Ave Roslyn. PA 19001; Soccer 9.10.11 PRICE, SUSAN M. 369 Shady La Phila . PA 19111, Class Council Rep 9. Affiliation Club 9.10.11; Honor Society 9.10.11. Spanlch Club 9.10,11. Baseball 9.10 PRINGLE. DONALD S. 1208 Femdale Ave . Abington. PA 19001. Baseball 9.10 PR I OLE. MARK A. 2546 Edgecomb Ave Glenside, PA 19038 PRISCO. JOANN C. 774 Tennis Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 PROCTER. MICHAEL P. 2328 Romlg Rd Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 9.10. Class Council Rep 9.10 (Publicity Director). 11.12. GymTeam 10. Debate Team 11. Honor Society 11.12. News Bureau 10, World Affairs Club 10. German Club 11; Ghost Post 10. Abington Spirit'' (Mascot) 11.12; Sprite Magazine 10. Library Aide 9.10. Usher 10. PROZZILLO. DOMINICK C. 3003 Susquehanna Rd Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer. Italian Club PSULA. KIRSTEN 716 Abington Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Affiliation Club 9.11,12 (Secretary). Band Honor Society 9,10.11.12. Italian Club 12. Oracle 12. German Club. Marching Band 10.11.12. Teens For Better Understanding QUACH. CHANH H. 614 Easton Rd 3 Glenside. PA 19038; Tech School QUARUCCI. USA M. 2539 Edgecomb Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Student Council Rep . Choir QUINN. ELLEN M. 737 Abington Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Student Council Rep 9.10. Class Council Rep 9,10,11. Lacrosse 9,10.11; Field Hockey 9.10.11 QUINN. JULIA M. 2731 Hazel Ave North Hills. PA 19038 QUINN. MIKE 2731 Hazel Ave North Hills. PA 19038 RARICK. JUNE E. 2062 Susquehanna St Abington. PA 19001. Field Hockey 9. Softball 10.11. French Club 11 RAYSOR. KAREN M. 2445 Hamilton Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Basketball. Black Student Union RAZZI. MICHAEL 920 Cypress Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117. Class Council Rep RAZZI. MICHAEL A. 2012 Jenkintown Rd Glenside. PA 19038; Student Council Rep 9.10; FBLA (Vice President) 11 REALE. LISA 392 Keswick Ave Glenside. PA 19038 REALE. MARIA 1381 High Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Italian Club. Latin Club RECIK. MUGE 267 Perry St Elkins Park. PA 19117. Class Council Rep 11; Creative Studiesl2 REEVES. BEVERLY J. 2048 Fortune Rdl Glenside. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 11.12. Class Council Rep 10.11.12 Soccer 11.12. Usherettes 10.11.12. REME. CHANTAL R. 1222 Gordon Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Cross country 9.10.11. Track Affiliation Club 10. Spanish Club 9. Black Student Union 10.11.12 REYNOLDS. DAVID G. 342 Cricket Ave North Hills. PA 19038. RHOADES. MARSHALL L 329 Roscombe Ave North Hills. PA 19038. Basketball 10.11. Black Student Union 11. RICKARD. WAYNE J. 1839 Eckard Ave Abington. PA 19001. Baseball 9.12. Football RIEHM. TRACY E. 792 Roslyn Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Band Front 10.11.12 RITTER. SUSAN C. 1961 Country Club Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Lacrosse 9.11.12; Field Hockey 9. Band 10,11.12 ROBERTS. STEPHEN P. 2119 Wharton Rde Glenside. PA 19038. Band ROBOLD. EDWARD R. 2806 Mt Vernon Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 ROSENBLATT. JOSEPH E. 210 Church Rd Phila . PA 19111. Baseball. Football ROSEN FELD. DAVID B. 1550 St James PI Roslyn. PA 19001. Baseball 11.12. Soccer 11.12 ROSENTHAL. PAUL M. 1006 Henrietta Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Honor Society 10.11. News Bureau 9. ROSSI. JOHN T. 643 Hamel Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 ROSSMAN. ADAM R. 568 Wanamaker Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Bowling 11.12. Band 10. Orchestra 9.10.11 ROTHENBF.RGF.R. DONALD C. 406 Shelmire St Phila . PA 19111. Football 9.10. Tech School. Folk Guitar 10. RUBIN. MICHELLE A. 1228 Red Rambler Rd Rydal PA 19046. Class Council Rep . 10.11. Honor Society 10.11. Latin Club 11. Spanish Club Tennis 10.11.12RUDY. NORMAN B 1825 Fitzwatertown Rd Willow Grove. PA 19090 Lacrosse. Sports Club SACCHETT1. MARIA A. 1035 Spring Valley Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046 SAMPSON. KAREN L 2992 Sunnycrest Rd WUlow Grove. PA 19090. Student Council Rep 12. Class Council Rep 11.12. Swimming Team (Captain!. Lacrosse; Varsity A Club 11.12 (Treasurer) SANDS. JAMES C. 2309 Trtebel Rd Roslyn. PA 19001 SANDY. NORMAN M. 928 Cricket Aw Ardsley. PA 19038 SANTMAN. ANDREA 848 Winter Rd Rydal. PA 19046; Student Council Rep 10.12. Class Council Rep 10.11,12. Oracle 12. Spanish Club 10.11.12 SAUNDERS. JOHN R. 2541 Pierce Aw Willow Grove. PA 19090. Basketball 9.10. Oracle 12; Black Student Union 11. SCANNAPIECO. ERIC J. 1078 Wynnwood Ave Abington. PA 19001, Student Council Rep 10. Class Council Rep 10.11.12. DebatcTeam 11.12 Honor Society 10.12. Abingtonian 11.12 (Editor). Ghost Post 10. Sprite Editor 10. World Affairs Club 10. SCHMIDT. ROBERT O. 221 Robbins Ave Rockledge. PA 19111 SCHNECK. DONALD A 1928 Maplewood Ave Abington. PA 19001. Lacrosse 9.10.11. Varsity A Club 11 SCHOLNICK. ALAN J. 229 Oswald Sd Phila . PA 19111 SCHULZ. ROBERT L 2336 Kenderton Aw Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 11. Band SCHUMAN. MARGARET L 829 Glen Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Class Council Rep 9.10. Swimming Team 9,10. Lacrosse 9,10.11. Cheerleaders 12. Latin Club 11. Oracle 12. Varsity A Club 11. SCHUMMER. STEPHEN R. 514 Beverly Rd Abington. PA 19046. Baseball 9 SCHUYLER. LORI A. 2075 Parkdale Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Band 9.10,11.12; Soccer 11. Usherettes 10.11. SCHWARTZ. USA R. 1404 Noble Rd Rydal. PA 19046 SCHWEMMER. NANCY L 2808 Minam Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 11.12; Key Club 11,12. Usherettes 9.10. Library Aide 9.10. Senior Class Council SCOTT. BARBARA A. 2423 Mt Carmel Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Vo-Tech School SCOTT. LAWRENCE E. 2904 Kanes Rd Willow Grow. PA 19090. SCOTT. USA M. 322 Ruscombe Aw North Hills. PA 19038 SCOTT. MARK E. 1466 Fitzwatertown Rd Willow Grow. PA 19090. Student Council Rep 9.10,12. Class Council Rep 9. Band (Concert) 9,10,11. Choir 9.10. News Bureau 9; Railroad Club 10. SCOTT. MELANIE A. 1416 Pepper Rd Rydal. PA 19046 SEARLS. DAVID C 1306 Jencho Rd Abington. PA 19001. Soccer; Band Lacrosse, Jazz Band. Choir 9.10. West Side Story Pit Orchestra 11 SEGAL MARK R. 632 Oak Shade Aw Elkins Park, PA 19117. Spanish Chib 12. Intramural Basketball. Spectre 12. SELHAT. CAROLYN J. 705 Carmel Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Class Council Secretary 10 Tennis 9.10.11. Oracle 11. SENGER. MICHAEL L 2150 Glendale Aw Abington. PA 19001. Tennis 11; World Affairs Club 10 Audio-Visual Club 10. SERBAN. MICHAEL D. 914 Brown Aw Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Soccer SHEA. MARGERET A. 356 Evergreen Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046 SHERMAN. RICHARD S. 553 Meadowbrook Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Student Council Rep 9,11. Class Council Rep 11, Baseball 9, Tennis 10,11. Magic Cluo 9; Sprite Magazine 10. Ghost Post 10, Orchestra 9.10. Honor Society 10 SHIPON. EUSA B. 1115 Devon Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Class Council Rep 9.1011.12. Tennis 9.1011.12 ( 1); Affiliation Club 11.12. Oracle 12. Spanish Club 11; Varsity A Club 12 Creative Studies 12 SHUBIN. ALLEN L. 57 Andrew Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Student Council Rep 9.10 Class Council Rep 9.10, Tennis 9.10.111. SHUMSKI. DEBORAH L 2466 Avondal Aw Roslyn. PA 19001. Creative Studies SILVER. YALE B. 1120 Meetinghouse Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Band 9.10.11. SILVERMAN. ADAM R. 937 Dale Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.10.11. World Affairs Club 10. School Musical 9.10.11. Ghost Post Bittiness Editor 10. Sprite Magazine 9.10. SILVERMAN. RISA E. 237 Forrest Aw Elkins Park. PA 19117; Student Council Rep 9,10,11; Class Council Rep 9.10.11; Band 11, Honor Society 9.10; Orchestra 9.10.11. World Affairs Qub 10; School Musical 9.10.11. Ghost Post Business Editor 10; Sprite Magazine 9,10 SIMEONE, PASAVALE 923 Garfield Aw Ardsley. PA 19038 SIMS. ROBERT A. 2945 Spear Aw Ardsley. PA 19038 SKADDAN. TRACY L 1140 Old Ford Aw Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Council Rep 10,11. Class Council 9 (Vice-President). 10 (President). Cross-Country 9.10.11. Track 9.10.11. Gym Team 10,11.12. Creatiw Studies. Honor Society 9.10.11. SKOLNICK. JAY F. 816 Cedar Glen Rd Elkins Park. PA 19117. Lacrosse 11. Junior Achievement SMIGEL KEVIN B. 1217 Susquehanna Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Bowling 11 SMITH. AARON L 2445 Lamott Aw Willow Grow. PA 19090. Basketball 9. Football 9 SMITH. DAVID B. 1333 Osbourne Aw Roslyn. PA 19001.. SMITH. LAURA F. 1851 Canterbury Rd Abington. PA 19001. Lacrosse 9,10.11,12. Cheerleaders latin Club 11; Spanish Club 12. Varsity A Club 10.11,12 SMITH. USA M 2237 Charles St Glenside. PA 19038. Soccer 10; Swimming Team 9; Creatiw Writing 10.11. Spanish Chib 10.12; News Bureau 11; World Affairs Club 10.12 SOBKOW. MARGARET M. 323 Hamd Aw North Hills. PA 19038 SOKOLOFF. KAREN J. 646 Oak Shade Aw Elkins Park. PA 19117. Student Council Rep 9.10.11; Class Council Rep 12. Cheerleaders 9.10.11 (Co-Captain). 12. Honor Society 9.10. Oracle 12. Spanish Club 12. Varsity A Club 12 SOLOMOS. SUZANNE Y. 418 Meadowbrook Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 SON. ELIZABETH 2152 Keith Rd Abington. PA 19001. Drama Club 11. FBLA 11.12. SORBER. JOHN M. 2246 Fairhill Aw Glenside. PA 19038. Golf 10.11; FBLA 11.12 SPASARI. DOMINCI J. 639 Cncket Aw Ardsley. PA 19038 ST. PHARD. JOSEPH A. 1591 Fltzwatertown Rd Willow Grow. PA 19090. Track 10 STAHL. SHERRI A. 1735 PaperMill Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046; Spanish Chib 10. Yoga 11 STALEY. DONNA.? 1851 Eckard Aw Abington. PA 19001. Honor Society 10,12. News Bureau 12. STAUFFER. ERIC N. 452 Roberts Aw Glenside. PA 19038; Band 9.10,11.12. Camera Qub 11.12. Jazz Band STEARNS. DAVID B 1558 St James PI Roslyn. PA 19001. STEIN. PAULA L 34 McFadden Dr. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Student Council Rep 10.11. Class Council Rep 9.10. Spanish Qub 12. STEINBERG. REBEKAH 1209 Rydal Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.10.11. Class Council Rep 11; Soccer 11; Choir 11; French Chib 11; Honor Society 9,10.11.12. Spanish Club 9,10.11; Ghost Post 9,10. STINSON. ROBERT W. 615 Penn Aw. Ardsley. PA 19038 STRANGE. LAWRENCE H. 1076 Wynnfield Aw Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 STRNAD. LORETTA 425 Penn Aw North Hills. PA 19038. Band. Flag Twirlers 10.11.12; Band Front 10.11.12. Choir 9.10. STUHLTRAGER. RICHARD P. 1943 Lukens Aw Willow Grow. PA 19090; ARTW 11.12; Band SWAN. PAULA J. 2612 Elliott Aw Willow Grow. PA 19090. Library Aide. Concert Choir. Black Student Union. TELEPKO. ROXOLANA O. 947 Meetinghouse Rd Rydal. PA 19046 Student Clundl Rep 9.10. Class Council 9. Affiliation Qub 10; Choir 9.10.11. Latin Chib 11.2. Spanish Club 9.10(President) 11. Library Aids. School Play 10. Student Volunteers. THOMAS. LYNDA D. 640 Hamson Aw Ardsley. PA 19038 THOMPSON. KEITH L 2615 Woodland Rd Roslyn. PA 19001. Soccer 9.10.11 THOMPSON. SCOTT F. 1804 Sharon Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Tennis; Band Honor Society 9.10,11.12 T1ZIANO. JOSEPH M. 1234 Boone Aw Roslyn. PA 19001TOLLEN. STUART B. 556 Plm Tree Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Swimming Team 9.10.11 TREACY. CECELIA M. 1306 Grovania Ave Abington. PA 19001. Band 9.10.11; Cheerleaders 9.10 TRESSIDER. KATHLEEN 1846 Preston Ave Willow Groqe. PA 19090. Band Front; Choir 10,11; Honor Society 11. TRONCOSO. A1.BERTO J. 324 Leona Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006, Soccer 9. Scuba Diving; Honor Society 9. Spanish Club 9,10. TURCO. DONNA M. 326 Cricket Ave North Hills. PA 19038; Student Council Rep 9.10 (Vice President) 11. Class Council Vice President 11; Lacrosse; Field Hockey; Varsity A Club 10.11.12 ULMER. WILLIAM J. 23 North Syh ania Ave Rockledge. PA 19111; Football, Vo Tech School VAUGHN. DONNA L 636 Falrvtew Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Student Council Rep 9. Soccer 9,10. Track 9 VESEY. EDWARD J. 2158 Penbryn Ave Abington. PA 19001. Camera Club 11.12. Oracle Editor 12; World Affairs Club 10. Ghost Post. Photographer 9.10, Abingtonian 11.12. Audio-Visual Club 9.10 WAGLE. GAIL S. 2757 Susquehanna Rd Roslyn. PA 19001; Vo-Tech School WAGMAN. KIM H. 1144 Oliver Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Gym Team 10; Honor Society 9.10,11.12. Varsity A Club 12; Cheerlea rs 12. Band Affiliation Club 11 WAGNER. DONALD A. 457 Syh ania Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Orchestra WAGNER. ROBERT J. 21 Central Ave Rockledge. PA 19111. Student Council Rep 9; Affiliation Club 11. Chess Club 12. Choir 10.11.12; World Affairs Club 10; German Club 11.12 WAKER. JEANNE K. 2065 Glenwood Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 WALKER. BENJAMIN J. 1587 Coohdge Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Track WALLACE. COLLEEN M. 1305 Osbourne Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 WALTON. LOIS A. 29 N. Sylvania Ave Phila.. PA 19111. WARD. JOHN P. 2485 Avondale Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 WARD. PATRICIA A. 1323 Zachary Rd Roslyn. PA 19001. WARNER. GEORGIANNA 1841 DavisvtDe Rd Willow Grove. PA 19090. Black Student Union. WARNER. WENDY A. 2005 Woodland Ave Abington. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 9.10,11. Class Council Rep 10; Field Hockey 9.10,11. Spectre 12; Debate Team 11. WATT. AMY S. 1819 Acorn La Abington. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 11.12. Class Council Rep 10.12; Swimming Team 9.10,11.12; Lacrosse 9.10,11,12; Key Club 9; Spanish Club 12; Varsity Ar Club 11.12; Homecoming Queen 1982. WAITS. MARK C 522 Pine Tree Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 10. Class Council Rep. 10.11,12. Lacrosse 9.10.11,12. Debate Team 11.12. Honor Society 10.11.12. Latin (Vice President). World Affairs Club 10(Vice President) 11.12; Ghost Post9.10 (editor); Abingtonian Editor 11,12; Junior Historians. WATTS. WILLIAM J. 1616 Femdale Ave Abington. PA 19001. WEAVER. LAURIE A. 2100 Susquehanna Rd Abington. PA 19001; Softball; Field Hockey 9.10. Basketball 9; French Club 11. Usherettes 11. School Store 9. WEBBER. CLIFTON 762 Edge Hill Rd Glenside. PA 19038. WEGNER. DENISE N. 776 Tyson Ave Ardsley. PA 19038. Student Council Rep Class Council Rep 9,10.11 (Treasurer). 12; Cross-Country 9.11. Oracle 12. Creative Studies 12. Ghost Post 9; News Bureau 10. Winter Track 9. WEILER. GUENTHER B. 516 Shady La Rockledge. PA 19111. WEINBERGER. MARK C. 1531 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. WEINER. MARK S. 143 Meadowbrook A pits Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 WE1NERMAN. DAVID 945 Wellington Rd Elkins Park. PA 19117. WELSH. MERCER J. 314 Ruscombe Ave North Hills, PA 19038; Student Council Rep 12. Class Council Rep. 12. Library Aid 10.12. Junior Achievement 12. Spanish Club 12; School Store 12. Black Student Union Treasurer 12. WERCHOSKI. ALYSE J. 54 Moredon Rd Huntington Valley. PA 19006. Student Council Rep 11; Class Council Rep . Affiliation Club. Cheerleaders 11,12. French Club. Honor Society Secretary 10. WERNER. ANTON F. 1609 Crestvlew Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Student Council Rep 10; Class Council Rep 11. WERNER. MINDA R. 1824 Watson Rd Abington. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 12; Class Council Rep. 10.12. Affiliation Club 10. French Club 11.12. Honor Society 10,11,12; Latin Club 11.12 WHITE. JAY S. 232 Ray St Phila , PA 19111 WHITE. JOSEPH B. 361 Keswick Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Baseball 9 WHITE. NANCY A. 627 Rodman Ave Jenkintown, PA 19046. French Club 10 WHrTHAM. COLLEEN M. 1019 Washington La Rydal. PA 19046 WHYTE. BERNADETTE P. 1905 Lycoming Ave Abington. PA 19001 WIESER. BETH 1419 St Charles PI Roslyn. PA 19001. Student Council Rep 9 WILHELM. MARK K. 213 Leona Ave Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Soccer 9.10.11. German Club Ski Chib 9.10.11 WILLAIMS. ROBERT F. 124 Tennis Ave. North Hills. PA 19038; Soccer 9. Vo-Tech WILLIAMS. SUSAN J. 204 Roslyn Ave Glenside. PA 19038 Madngal Singers WILSBACH. MARY E. 440 Cricket Ave North Hills. PA 19038. Italian Chib 11.12. Art Major WILSON. ANDREA L. 1801 Acorn La Abington. PA 19001. Lacrosse 9. Boys Lacrosse Manager 10; Boys Swim Team Manager 9. WILSON. BRYAN E. Box 31 Dresher Dresher. PA 19025. Vo-Tech School WILSON. DONNA M. 1815 Roierba Ave Abington. PA 19001. WOLFGANG. BONNIE L 2111 Jenkintown Rd Glensde. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 9.10. Class Council Rep 11; Lacrosse Field Hockey Honor Society 10.11. Varsity A” Club 11.12. Cheerleaders 12. WOO. ROGER YL 1273 Gilbert Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 12. Wrestling 9.10.12; Lost Found. Camera Club 12. WOOD. LEE A. 1360 Glenbrook Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046 WOODBURN. DANIEL C. 2514 Bruce Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 9.10.11 WORDINGER. SUSAN D. 264 Maple Ave North Hills. PA 19038. Basketball. Field Hockey. Softball. Key Club. Varsity A Club WRIGHT V. ERNEST A. 232 Fisher Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Bowling 10.11. WUDOWSKY. BRUCE R. 1015 Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. Class Council Rep 9.10.11. Soccer 9. Track 9.10, Stage Crew 11 WYATT. KATHLEEN M. 700 Fairfield Rd Glemxie. PA 19038; Student Council Rep 10, School Store 11; Usherettes 10.11. Choir 9,10 YANNI. THOMAS W. 522 Melody La Glenside. PA 19038. Student Council Rep 9.10. Class Council Rep 9.10. Sprite Magaane 9.10. Creative Writing 9.10.11. Latin Chib 11; Honor Society 10 YARNOFF. USA B. 1160 Meetinghouse, Rd Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 9.10.12. Class Council Rep 9,10.11,12; Tradt 10. Gym Team 9. Affiliation Club 11,12. Band 9.10.11. Creative Writing 9.10; French Club 11.12. Honor Society 9.10 (Vice-President) 11.12. Key Club 11.12; World Affairs Chib 10 YEAGER. ROBERT A. 1979 Jenkintown Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Affiliation Club 11; Student Council Rep 11. Class Council Rep 11. YETMAN. FRANCIS X. 2411 Patane Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Choir 9. FBLA 9 YI. HUN 1916 Falrview Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 YOKL. KAREN E. 1834 Fleming Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 ZASLOW. JONATHAN M. 1035 Wellington Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Class Council Rep 9. Track 9; Tennis 12. Forum 11,12; Spanish Club 11,12 (Treasurer). Spectre 11.12; Latin Club 11,12 ZSCHUNKE. BETH C. 2133 Parkdale Ave Glenside. PA 19038. Spanish Club. Band ZUCKER. JEFFREY P. 345 Glen Way Elkins Park. PA 19117 ZYGMONT. GREGORY D. 407 Sylvania Ave Glenside. PA 19038272273 Creative274Reality discovered shattered fragments of time echos of voices the taste in my mind truth fades away and emerges renewed forever returning it lives to intrude the emptiness speaks of the silence it’s seen the future the past the time in between and I’m the observer the stander beside discarding the obvious grasping the lies Anne Cramton While we live our life seems trivial, death comes, and time fades away. A boy looks in his head, but he is as well as dead. He does not see, nothing to look at. He can not hear, nothing to listen to, he can not speak, nothing to say. He crawls back in his brain to see if he is sane. And life goes on, time fades away, and no one knows he is gone. His room is fully empty now, it’s occupied by none, no one knows he’s missing, now destiny is done. David Goeckler 275A notebook page — blank with no feeling accepting a statement without question in agreement with any thought. Risa Silverman The more 1 study, The more 1 know. The more I know, The more I forget. The more 1 forget, The less I know .. So why study??? Don’t put off till tomorrow What you can do today Because if you like it today You can do it again tomorrow. - A V An empty chair sits. A book resting, still open The room is now still. Risa Silverman 276An empty paper, a ball-point pen, A blacked out mind, exams once again. A proctor’s timing, a nervous smile, A gasp for breath, an endless while. The second hand slowly passes as the hours drift by, Your stomach starts growling, you’re ready to die. The bell rings abruptly, you run for the door, A five minute break, then back in for more. Pencils tapping, eraser in hand, Algebra problems a computer couldn’t understand. Fill in the circles, erase them completely, One minute left as you sign your name neatly. Handing them in, alphabetical order, Last name comes first, top right hand comer. Freedom at last from that stuffy cell block, And that horrible ticking of that score timing clock. Walk in the sunshine, breeze in your hair, Exams are over, you haven’t a care. Then come the scores, and the embarassment, Were they a curse from hell or a blessing from heaven sent? Will they pass you this year, will they promote you ahead? Will they give you another chance, are you better off dead? Well, whatever the case, whatever your reason, Believe in yourself, you’re the one you should be pleasing. Delores Ceneviva 211 279 ,W280“Goodbye” is not an ending when you know that people care, for miles may come between you but warm thoughts are always there . . . “Goodbye” is not an ending but a different start for you, a time for making a brand new friends and seeing dreams come true ... “Goodbye” is not an ending for you’ll find along life’s way, within your heart you’ll always have a part of yesterday. 282283A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. 285I do my thing and you do your thing I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am 1 and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.Sandra J. O’Connor Ein neues Gesicht Sitzt jetzt am hochsten Gericht. Es ist wie nie bevor Es is von weiblicher Form. Die Arbeit fur sie Ist ein grosser Schritt. Das einzige Weib auf einem mannlich Gericht. Glocken lauten durch das Land Der Stand gibt jeder Frau eine grosse Hand. Die Arbeit unterstiitzt weibliche Rechte Und offnet die Augen der vielen Leute. Unser Glaube ist ganz fest Dass kein Geschlecht ist das Best. Die Idee muss durchs Land gehen Dass alle fur sich selbst angesehen. Jetzt zu dieser Zeit Beherrscht eine Frau die Gerechtigkeit Obgleich sie einen persOnlichen Sieg gewonnen Ist unser Kampf nur noch begonnon. “Education” We memorize their theories, their theorems. We recite their marches their speeches. And, in the end, Unless we alone contemplate, We are no wiser than when we began. The Wilderness Campaign was in Spring, 1864, Vectors are placed from head to tail. A sonnet is a regularly rhymed, highly structured poem. f(x)= 3x +4. “Goethe hat Faust mehrmals geschrieben.” Perhaps the duty of the teacher Is solely to instruct. If that is so Then we must first learn how to be taught, For our knowledge is uselesswithout thought. Alexa Malis 287Surge skyward without fear, into the twilight of mediocrity thrust a beacon of excellence, the fruit of eternal invocation with outstretched arms to Perfection. Rebekah SteinbergTHE ORACLE ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Abington, Pennsylvania Dear Sir: Our names are Andrea Santman and Elisa Fine. We are the editors of the Business Advertisement Section of the Abington High School 1982 Yearbook. The current Yearbook will be of high quality and will create an outstanding avenue for business exposure. The Advertisement Section arouses much attention. Past experience has provided beneficial results for participating merchants. The 1982 circulation will exceed 1.100 copies. Friends and relatives of students and faculty are exposed to the Yearbook’s contents. And, of course, unlike a newspaper, it has a substantially greater life-span. Submitting an advertisement is not only good public relations but also shows community involvement which creates prospective business. Additionally, this year we are providing the use of student models, if you so desire, who will be photographed at your place of business promoting your respective products. The prices of Advertisemtnts are as follows: 1 Full page......................................$100.00 1 2 page...........................................70.00 1 4 page...........................................40.00 1 8 page...........................................25.00 We will contact you within two weeks hopeful of confirming your commitment to advertisement in the Abington High School 1982 Yearbook. We thank you for your courtesy and anticipated response. Sincerely, Andrea Santman Elisa Fine AdvertisingCongratulates to the class of 1982 from the class of 1982 PRESIDENT, James VanBuren VICE PRES., Charles Hoffmann SECRETARY, Gail Bachman TREASURER, Stephen Okabayashi SPONSOR: MR. MCNAUGHTr J 291 vr Megan Costello Janet Gerhard. Tracey George. Andy Broder . . Lou Martin.... Class of 1983 ..............................................President .........................................Vice-President ..............................................Secretary ..............................................Treasurer ................................................Advisor Congratulations to the graduating Class of ’82. V J 292CONGRATULATIONS AND Best Wishes to the 1982 Graduates MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographs for the 1982 ORACLE ALL PORTRAITS APPEARING IN THIS PUBLICATION HAVE BEEN PLACED ON FILE IN OUR STUDIO AND CAN BE DUPLICATED AT ANY TIME Write Or Phone For More Information NORTH PHILADELPHIA AIRPORT AND 2981 GRANT AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19114294©Mcmtveg 6AGC1S « . Congratulations to V®1 u Andrea Santman SSS s 0‘’ BETH AYRES PHARMACY INC. Welsh Road Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 freeze for lasting freshness V John J Meehan. R Ph Frederick M Cohen. R Ph (215) 947-1850 J V J 607 WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN, PA. 19046 TU 4-3554 the look that says you’re something special T215) 884-2120 THE ATHLETIC SHOE SHOP 304 YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN, PENNA. 19046 Lowest Prices in Area SPECIALIZING IN ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES I (FREE PARKING OFF GREENWOOD) Say it Better with Books from HUNTINGDON VALLtY SHOPPING CENTER ROCKLEDGE, PA. 19111 ES 9-4582 Open daily Sunday “Worldly in their Selection Knowledge'' J 295r V r BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM STORE Huntingdon Valley Shopping Center ES 9-4871 Hampton Square Shopping Center 355-6535 V CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1982 r LUCA PIZZA AND THE LIA FAMILY CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1982 759 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley Shopping Center Rockledge. PA For Local Delivery call 663-1100 Hours: Tues — Thurs. 11-11 Fri. Sat. 11-12 Sunday 1-10 v-------------------------------J 296 Latin Club Alex Thompson Mark Watts Andy Ochroch Mark Helwig Anne Bur Risa Vetri Mr. V. Pezzullo President Vice-President Treasurer Economic Secretary Social Secretary Corresponding Secretary Sponsor % % Amicitia est firmissima inter pares. Italian Club Maria Reale Nick Lomastro Rene Acuna Lucy D’Alessandro Todd Gross Michelle Braccia Mr. V. Pezzullo President Vice-President Treasurer Social Secretary Corresponding Secretary Economic Secretary Sponsor Vivi e lascia vivere. We wish our fellow students of Latin and Italian continued success. To all the graduates we wish the k [ A e best of everything RWEDERCU J 297INDEX Abingtonian (72, 73) Administration (18) Affiliation Club (71) Art (53) Arts (NC) (55) ARTW (75) Assistant Principals (22-23) Aviation Club (97) Basketball (Boys) (124-127) Basketball (Girls) (128-129) Basketball (Intramural) (174-175) Black Student Union (89) Bonfire (157) Bowling (140-141) Business (42-43) Cafeteria Ladies (60) Chess (90) Computers (104) Concert Band (81) Concert Choir (80) Creative Sections (4, 273) Creative Studies (94) Cross-Country (Boys) (121) Cross-Country (Girls) (125) Debate Team (91) District Band (81) District Orchestra (82) English (26-29) Faculty (19) Fall Sports Statistics (143-144) FBLA (96) Field Hockey (122-123) Football (116-118, 152-153, 160) Football (NC) (105) Foreign Language (50-51) French Club (69) Freshman Class Council (100) German Club (69) Ghost Post (103) Golf (119) Guidance (24) Guides and Ushers (102) Gymnastics (138) Hall Monitors (60) Health Careers Club (88) Health Careers Club (NC) (105) Health and Physical Education (56-57) Health Suite (58) Home Economics (48) Honor Society (93) Honor Society (NC) (101) Ice Hockey (134-135) Industrial Arts (54) 298INDEX Italian Club (70) Junior Class Council (66) Junior Prom (162-163) Latin Club (68) Librarians (36) Library Aides (95) Library Aides (NC) (103) Madrigals (80) Man of La Mancha (64-65) Marching Band (84-87) Mardi Gras (168-169) Mathematics (38-41) Music (52) News Bureau (74) News Bureau (NC) (103) Oracle (76-79) Pep Rally (157) Presidential Classroom (94) Procrastinators Club (97) Reading (30) Reflections (166-167) Roller Skating (156) School Board Directors (20) School Store (67) Science (44-47) Secretaries (59) (176-263) Senior Class Council (65) Senior Statistics (264-271) Senior Superlatives (206-207 , 216-217) Soccer (105 , 110-113) Social Studies (32-35) Sophomore Class Council (100) Spanish Club (68) Special Education (31) Spectre (74) Student Council (64) Student Council (NC) (99) Swimming (Boys) (130-131) Swimming (Girls) (132-133) Swimming Aides (96) Teens For Better Understanding (88) Tennis (114-115) Theater Honorary (92) Toma (170-171) UNICEF Club (105) Usherettes (95) Varsity “A” Club (90) Vo-Tech School (258-259) Winter Track (142) World Affairs Forum (91) World Affairs Forum (NC) (104) Wrestling (136-137) 299 SeniorsEDITORS’ WILLS I, Becky Steinberg, as a bona fide Second Semester Senior, do hereby bequeath the following to my close friends and associates: To Kathy, my bestest friend: another dime in the jukebox, Samson, a large shopping bag, a song without Gloria in it, leather pants, a hockey stick with a poisoned end, and a coat hanger to wear in the back of your jacket. To Joan: a trip to Russia to see Cynthia, carrot cake, and the chance to do what you’d really rather be doing. To Suzanne: a pet lion to go with your punk outfit, a lifetime supply of yummy-bits, a heaping helping of greater omentum, and a solid gold engraved scalpel. To Jen and Allyson: a trip to New York, New York, by camel and the opportunity to kick the “habit” as seniors. To Carl: A kiss from the person of your choice, a candy corporation to run, and a million more pictures of Mrs. Galshack. To Craig: your very own TV video games, and a gun to protect you from Twinkie burglars. To Scott T.: another few weeks at Presidential Classroom, and “good day” always. To Mrs. Toben: words . .. words ... words ... To Mr. Volp: a quiet homeroom, and organized file cabinet, a new secretary, someone to sell you frisbees and hoagies you don't want, a year-long August, cardboard, and thanks for being a friend. To Mrs. Cawley: A book on how to master French literature in just three short classes. To Mr. Connor: an eternal ride on the orange duck of your choice. I, Michele Buster, being of sound mind despite my encounters with the Oracle staff, and reasonably healthy body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Susan: I leave a book on Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Yearbook Layout, some organization. To Eric: I leave a domineering woman for a wife and a female boss. 1 also leave you a sports section with a single page set aside for football. To Becky: I leave less responsibility and some peace of mind. I also wish you the best of luck in college and success and happiness to last a lifetime. To Ruth: I leave the choicest candids for your section, one day where we will get together, and a gift certificate to any store besides Arties. To Lance: I leave blinds when you are in Miss Foley's class, the ability to sit still for five minutes, and a modeling position for “Gentleman’s Quarterly.” 1 also hope you will become a successful, honest lawyer. To Carl: I leave stronger vocal chords, a day without your tape recorder or Rick James, and tolerance for that certain person. It was nice getting to know ya. To Katy: I leave a more interesting job and compensation for the inconvenience that Reagan caused you. Good Luck. To Ed: I leave a box of broken lollipops, one dozen pictures of yourself in the yearbook including pictures photographed only by you, correctly cropped pictures and a future as a photographer. To Andrea: 1 leave a larger staff. To Suzy: 1 leave a permanent staff, power over your teachers and distinctions between Ruth and yourself. To Howard: 1 leave the Gong Show and a ride home. To Elisa: I leave no more bananas, a time when you mean, “This is different ... I really mean it this time, rememberances of John Travolta etc., jellybeans and eggs, and success and happiness. “When you’re down and troubled ... just call out my name ... you’ve got a friend.” To Tracy: I leave a worry bird that works, some senioritis, a yearbook that printed “A Mind of Your Own” where it should be, success and good fortune, and my eternal friendship. To Mr. Connor (NO S) 1 leave a multitude of typists, editors who are cohesive and motivated, and some good luck to help you put up with next year’s circus. Thanks for putting up with me and my impatience and anxiety attacks. It’s been real. To ALL EDITORS: Good luck next year. To 1983 Incumbents: Have fun and make sure to meet all your deadlines! Ode to the Yearbook Staff Old Abington. by Howard Goldstein But before we depart, The Oracle is finished, And to college we head, The year is done, There are many thanks We graduate and leave That have to be said. 300 A big thank you to Mr. Connor, Our dauntless chief, You pulled through another yearbook, We hope with not too much grief. To Lance and Katy, Working hard to get the seniors straight, Who’s who was the tough game played, But the section is first rate. Thanks to Michelle, Whose fingers did scurry. Through typewritter keys To finish overdue assignments in a hurry. Thanks to Becky For producing the creative section, The art and poetry are great, What a collection! To Ruth and Suzy, Who were endlessly cropping. With the deadline coming very near, Endless nights of working were never stopping. Here’s to Carl, My clubs and activities counterpart at South, 1 know if 1 say my section is better, You’ll punch me in the mouth. To Eric and Sue, Whose sports section is great, The long hours spent working Were well worth the wait. Thanks to Andrea, With advertising as her job, With out those extra funds, The school treasury we’d have to rob. To Ed Vesey, Whose photographic skills are immense. Thanks for all of those great pictures you took At the yearbook’s expence. One last word Now that the ending is long due, Good luck to all next year in college. And more luck to next year’s crew! At the beginning of this year, I didn’t know anyone on the Oracle staff: But now that the year is over, I have made many new friends and I am sorry to see the school year end. (Not really) So without further ado, I leave Ruthie an endless supply of photographs ranging in all shapes and sizes. I also leave Mr. Connor a box of Mexican ants to put into her pants when your pace begins to lag, and fifty little green elves to aid you in the completion of your section. To Eric: I leave all the great sports pictures that I have ever taken. I also leave you an 8 by 10 glossy of yourself making your only touchdown on that wonderful Abington football team. Good luck in the future. To Carl: I leave you 10 lessons with Ansle Adams on how to take a picture. 1 also leave you an everlasting supply of candy to sell to those poor, innocent students. To Becky: I leave twenty-five extra creative pages to do what you want. I really think the Creative Section deserves a lot of credit because it seemed to be the only section that was put together with any assurity. To Lance: I leave a jar of Puppy-downers. To Howard: I leave a pat on the back for his “good” work. To Suzy, Katy, Susan Andrea: I can only say thanks for making this year an interesting one. To Denise: who isn’t an editor but should have been one considering she was always in the yearbook office more than most of the editors, I thank you for helping out. I leave you 1,1001, in all shapes and sizes, preppy green, not just green but preppy green alligators and all my love to go with them. To Michele: 1 leave a supply of all kinds of goodies to munch on after school. I know it was your afterschool dream. Thank you for making my senior year an enjoyable one. 1 would also like to thank Mr. Connor for taking that chance when he let me into Creative Studies Program and for helping me to improve my skills as a photographer. Being an editor has been a very rewarding experience. Thanks for everything you’ve done, T.C. I would also like to wish an old friend who has come a long way the best of luck in your senior year: RCBIII. P.S. Mr. Connor: Since you forgot my soda I’ll leave you my address so you can send one to me. The previous statement has been bequeathed by Ed Vesey Jr. I, Andrea Santman, who is still of sound mind and body (even after going out in the community and being rejected from many store managers.) do hereby leave the following items to the 1982 Oracle staff and my friends: To Mr. Connor — an “s” to put at the end of your name to make my pronunciation correct. AC. S.P. class where everyone has a placement they enjoy. To Susan Frank I leave a station wagon full of girls screaming “Go Straight”. A C.S.P. placement that conforms to your needs and time, and many fun reunion To Suzy Greenblatt — I leave a portable dancing partner for when Michelle’s not there, a sarcastic journal for Mr. Connor, and a gift certificate to any store besides Marshalls. 301 To Lance Podell I leave a book called Preppy and Northeast: The difference, a yearbook without a picture of his friends, and good luck at the school of your choice. To Eric Desmond I leave lessons on how to treat a lady. To Michelle Buster I leave a complete Shakespeare costume to perform your Hamlet soliloquey. To Carl Dorsey I leave a store full of candy that he and John Saunder can sell legitimately. To Ruth Hoffman 1 leave a smile. To my staff — “Where are You?!” To Michelle Rubin I leave a head of hair without frazzles”, one time where you don’t think you’re the “bad guy’’, make-up 1 won’t touch, a Chinese housekeeper, a promise that at one of our many reunions I will have a pocketbook. To Michele Sussman 1 leave a beer bottle filled with ashes, “Heave-Hoo”, a weekend resort in Toronto and four years at U.S.C. To Loma Meyer 1 leave five days straight in school, and many good times that we will spend up at B.U. together. To Deena Seligsohn I leave my final exam in Ms. Williams history class, the desperate need for chocolate instead of going to Confirmation, red licorice, popcorn and pierced ears that won’t get infected. To Amy Abrams keep looking as great as you do now. To Tracy and Ellen lots of luck and love always. To Brian Glick (the one with the rugged sideburns) I leave a razor and maybe at Lehigh you won’t be late to Math class. To Brett Averick I leave much love, happiness and luck in all your future endeavors, thanks for making the last two years fantastic and filled with many great memories. I, Eric Desman, being out of my mind and with a fatigued body do solemnly bequeath the following things to my co-editors, friends and faculty: To Ruth: a full fledged divider page for that wonderful section that you created from nothing, a week of silence, a free ride home any time you want, self cropping pictures and an option to quit any other yearbook that you work on at any time that you want. To Ed: a shooting schedule that won’t interfere with your trips to Genos. an Abington jacket without Oracle on it, a staff to help you with all the hard work that you did and layouts that never require copy. To Howie: a musical practice schedule that leaves you time to work on important things like N.C., a new Caddy without the hand and a lifetime subscription to High-Times. To Andrea: free meals at all the restaurants that gave ads for a year, and a Quarter page ad that never came through. To Susan: a section that puts itself together without the help of editors To Susie: (and your friends): A portable T.V. to watch General and Dancing on Air. To Mr. Connor: some editors with your sense of humor, an editorial staff that will fit in one room, oil for the bottom drawer, neon croppers and ladders that are easy to spot a mile away and the sound that one hand makes when it claps. To the Swed: a class that leaves your jackets alone, does their homework, and has some compassion and understanding for R III students who want to take Calc. To Uncle Sam Roeder: a bottle of visine, Willie, a class of trads who think dv = t and an unbreakable meter stick to play with to your hearts content. To Mr. Bun: a Pepsi that won’t spill. To G: a collection of Heavy Clevy songs, a good time at Stanford and wait till I get to your book. To D.B.: a trip to states next year, better taste in music and my address at college. To J.J.: a set of healthy ankles and a car that can beat mine ‘cause the Jag. is bush. To Digger: I leave JJ’s shoulders and all expenses paid trip to C.J.’s home town to see how they grow them tough out there. To Ms. Tobin: a stimulating evening of conversation with Toma discussing whether it was drugs that caused Hamlet to go crazy or was he just putting on an antic disposition. To Gary: insight and foresight, a mini set of drums for your car and a videotape library of all of Willie’s and Mech’s lectures for The Case. Brett, 1 can only leave you one thing: Shiela. To The I.M.: the spirit lives on so 1 leave nothing. Good luck to next years staff and thanks to all! Me, Carl Dorsey, being on the brink of insanity, do hereby leave the following a sum of one million dollars. Sike! But 1 do bestow the following items to the following people, following the end of this sentence. To Suzy: I leave to you a brand new 10th edition of Websters Collegic Dictionary of Sarcastic Remarks. To Eric: A super soft volleyball so you can spike the ball in any girls face without worrying about hurting them. 1 also leave a 144 x 72 poster of Olivia Newton-John — all three of them! 302 To Edward: I leave you with my CSP placement and all the Ilford film your heart desires. Also, there may be a few Blow-Pops in my locker that I would be happy to share with you! To Andrea: a lifetime supply of Watermelon Ranch-0 Pops, my Barbra Striesand and Bette Midler albums, and a photo album with a list of all the stores that gave adds to you. To Lance: I leave you with my pet alligator and a lease on a store in the Gallery called Lance’s Preppy Corner. To Howard: A lifetime job as North Campus Editor and a $6000 a day job as feature writer for SNL Newsbreak. Say hello to Braheim Abdul Muhammad, okay? Thanks. To my staff: Alexa, Angie, Sue, Amy, Cathy, Ellen, Helen, Meryl Kim, Libby, Stephan, and John. 1 thank you for all your help in making the clubs section a great one. Special thanks to John, Angie, Libby, and Amy for standing by my side all the time. I knew you guys wouldn’t let me down. To Michele: 1 leave you with all of Katie’s untyped statistics, a 12” of “Let’s Groove” and copy of Carl’s Best Captions. Thanks for EVERYTHING! To Ruth: A 24 color television that is stuck on channel 17 and automatically comes on at four o'clock. I leave to you all the records played on Dancin’ On Air and a permanent spot on the show. To Katie: I’ve taken the burden off you and put it on Michele so what more could you possibly want? Don’t tell me — a football shirt with your favorite number on it, right? See you at Graduation! To Susan: A silencer for your cowboy boots and a supply of tennis raquets, balls, and shorts. John says “hello”. To Becky: I leave you with a lifetime supply of kisses from the person of your choice, a national holiday declared for April 15, and an Arthur Treacher's restaurant that only sells battered fried cat. I also leave you a photo album for all the hundreds of pictures that were taken of you. By the way, you can have something of very little value.....my everlasting friendship. To Mr. Connor: I leave you with your sanity knowing that I won’t be here next year. Katie, Michele and Becky: I wish to thank you guys for really caring and helping me through my predicament. You didn’t have to but you did and for that I want to leave you three with a couple of things to share amongst yourselves. Twelve cases of Celia Bianco, Rosato, and Lambrusco, and a collection of Rick James and Teena Marie albums. If the records ever break just put the radio on WDAS FM, okay. Don’t “Super Freak yourselves to death! To next years editors: GOOD LUCK!, and have fun. One word of caution...........bring your own radios! • wmston-Saierr HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina Steve Merin. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Representative 

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