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ORACLE 19 Abington High School Abington, PennsylvaniaqlM3 °Z45I'll come running to see you again910. . . they’ll hurt you and desert you. They’ll take your soul if you let them Ah, but don’t you let them . . . You’ve got a friend. “You've got a friend” Carole King Copyright ©1971 by COLGEMS-EMI MUSIC INC. Used by permission. All rights reserved. 1112I14TREES ARE POEMS THAT THE EARTH WRITES UPON THE SKY. WE FELL THEM DOWN AND TURN THEM INTO PAPER THAT WE MAY RECORD OUR EMPTINESS. GIBRANSitting by herself The young girl's thoughts wandered, to better days When the sun shone and the air was thick with the sweet smell of summer. Then, her mind brought her back into reality, and she understood, that those days were long gone. — Helene Hernes 17Solitude is a silent storm that breaks down all our dead branches: yet it sends our living roots deeper into the living heart of the earth. — Gibran212223Time it was, and what a time it was, it was ... 24•r- Where Do The Graduates Go? 26The Business Department over the years has supplied both local businesses and the business community at large with graduates who are well qualified to take their place in the work-a-day world. A survey of recent graduates indicates placements in all types of business activity locally and in the greater Philadelphia area. The office of the Business department functions throughout the year as a placement bureau for students still in school, for those graduating, and for those who have already graduated and are looking for a new job. A cooperative work experience program is availvable to those students who wish to work while still in school. Early dismissal and help in job placement is part of this program which is open to qualified seniors who have their parents' permission. Placement includes positions in medical offices, law firms, insurance companies, construction companies, real estate offices, banks, and local retail merchants' stores and offices. Graduates who have gone on to business schools and college training have successfully entered several fields. The opportunity to achieve success in today's business world is open to any student willing to invest his time and effort in the program. 27COLLEGE 28One of the strengths of South Campus is the diversity of the Student Body. Last year over 60% of the student body continued on to higher education of some type. 351 students went on to four year colleges. 51 went to two year colleges and 39 went to another type of higher education. Of the 351 who went on to four year colleges 101 went to Commonwealth Universities, 90 went to private 4 year schools. The others went to community colleges, private junior colleges. State colleges, business schools, nursing schools, and others. MMtm m ■. - Temple University Undergraduatr Adroissior Application Book 29175 Terwood Road Willow Grove Pa. 19090 Telephone 215-659-4421 Abington students interested in learning basic occupational skills to qualify for employment in trade and technical jobs, or desire further education in technical schools, apprenticeship programs, community colleges, or four year colleges may elect to attend Eastern Montgomery County Area Vocational Technical School. The Technical School is a short bus ride from the Abington campus, and is located in Willow Grove. Students selecting the Technical School have 18 different career areas from which to choose and attend the school for half a day with classes lasting 2 hours 45 minutes. Regular academic courses are taken at Abington the other half of the day. All course offerings are open to both males and females. Current equal employment guidelines make the non traditional worker a premium in the labor market. Students attending the Technical School for at least 2 years in the same program may be considered for Cooperative Education in their senior year. This program allows the student to work on a job under the school's supervision in the field trained. This on-the-job training often leads to full-time job opportunities for many Technical School students and gives the student a head start in the labor market. 31CREATIVE STUDIES The Creative Studies Program was formed in 1968 to extend to students the opportunity of testing career goals and ambitions in professional placements throughout the Delaware Valley. Applicants are interviewed in the spring of each year and selected by a faculty committee. Members must demonstrate determination and maintain a responsible attitude towards their respective activities. Generally, placements are in three categories: Law, education, and medicine. There are also more individualized internships in communications, the fine arts, environmental research, and sports instruction. Students reflect upon their experience in journals, and complete two major projects each year. The program, developed by the late Dr. Elayne Zimmerman, is directed by Mr. Thomas Connor. input 32WORK STUDY The Abington High School Work-Study Program is suited especially to the needs of students who would like to acquire practical work experience while gaining a high school education. This year the students participating in the program were involved in a varied set of placements. Abington was represented by students working in sales, drafting, cashiering, maintenance, clerical, upholstering and various other fields. Not only did our students earn money and a diploma, but they also gained valuable on-the-job training. In many instances, they gained an advantage in obtaining future employment. 33FACULTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTY ANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTYANDADM INISTRATIONFACULTYANDADMINISTRAT IONFACULTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACU LTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTYAND ADMINISTRATIONFACULTYANDADMINIS TRATIONFACULTYANDADMINISTRATION FACULTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTY ANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTYANDADM INISTRATIONFACULTYANDADMINISTRAT IONFACULTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACU LTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTYAND ADMINISTRATIONFACULTYANDADMINIS TRATIONFACULTYAND ADMINISTRATION FACULTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTY ANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTYANDADM INISTRATIONFACULTYANDADMINISTRAT IONFACULTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACU LTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTYAND ADMINISTRATIONFACULTYANDADMINIS TRATIONFACULTYAND ADMINISTRATION FACULTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTY ANDADMINISTRATIONFACULTYANDADM INISTRATIONFACULTYANDADMINISTRAT IONFACULTYANDADMINISTRATIONFACUDEDICATION In September of 1965 a teacher joined the Faculty of South Campus, a teacher who would introduce a new concept to the curriculum, an instructor who brought exceptional intelligence and verve to her classroom presentations and discussions, and finally, an administrator who would demonstrate a special talent and a humanistic approach to the resolution of disciplinary conflicts. Dr. Elayne Zimmerman had come to Abington High School. Her teaching talents manifested themselves in the classroom as she contributed to the intellectual growth of a cross-section of students during her first years at Abington. As special programs for the gifted or advanced student came into vogue it was her clear perception and foresight of future trends in education which led to a new facet in the Abington school system. She recognized that regardless of how comprehensive a curriculum was, there was one area that had not been developed, the encouragement of students who, through experience and training in particular interests and talents could best pursue their goals beyond the structure of a high school curriculum. In short, this was the Creative Studies Program in its embryonic form. Until 1975 Dr. Zimmerman nurtured and developed the program. An opportunity presented itself in 1975, and this teacher became an assistant principal of discipline. Now a new environment with its concurrent problems presented itself to this educator. She disciplined not with anger or bombast but rather with intelligence and explanation. Patience, understanding, and strong concern for the well-being of others were her administrative traits. It was during this later period of her life when she achieved a pinnacle in her profession, a doctorate in education from the University of Pennsylvania. It was no surprise that this declaration of scholarship did not affect her approach to her students or colleagues. Finally, owing to a labor negotiation impasse, Dr. Zimmerman temporarily returned to the classroom. This was her forte. The enthusiasm, the sparkle, the wit and the intellect were apparent to her classes as she explicated the nuances of Shakespeare's MACBETH. Perhaps, in truth. Dr. Elayne Zimmerman had come full cycle in her educational career; that is, returning to stimulate eager minds in a classroom. And perhaps, this return was to serve as a catalyst towards a new and different environment. We will never know. Dr. Zimmerman lost her life in an automobile accident on the night of December 22, 1980. Aware of the impact this tragedy had throughout all the levels of our school, aware of how she generously gave of her kindness and consideration to better the lives of those with whom she came into contact, we the class of 1981 respectfully dedicate this yearbook to the memory of a teacher of values. Dr. Elayne Zimmerman.IN MEMORIAM r DR. ELAYNE W. ZIMMERMAN July 10, 1929 — December 22, 1980BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS Standing (L to R): Dr. Carl B. Hoffman, Dr. Leonard M. Rosenfeld, Mr. George O. Herold, Mr. Richard G. Holloway, Dr. Melvin K. McMaster — Vice-president, Mr. Thomas J. Paul, Sitting (L to R): Mrs. Muriel J. Alt, Mrs. Bonnie E. Durphy, Mrs. Adele S. Block — President, Mrs. Lynne P. Iannelii. To the Graduating Class of 1981: Together we have experienced twelve years of an educational roadway if you started first grade in September, 1969, in one of Abington's elementary schools. The days have certainly been varied in vista, dreams, and learning tasks. It is our hope that your high school years especially are the source of pleasant memories and positive achievements. Much of what you needed to learn was determined by tradition, our society, and forces outside of our community because much of the time we were transmitting the heritage of a great nation and a civilization. Those things chosen to be learned by you and the subjects unique to Abington were included so that you, our best hope for the future, might be prepared to make a contribution to our world limited only by your own potential. Your very role as graduating seniors with a unique experience while at South Campus adds to the tradition and heritage of our school. We challenge you to use your time and talents toward the achievement of a better world. Your contributions will reflect positively on your school. Look ahead. New beginnings often create new challenges. The prime of your life, your productive years, will meet just such a challenge on threshold of the 21st Century. Be ready — Do your best — God speed. Dr. Carl B. Hoffman Superintendent of Schools 38PRINCIPALS Norman W. Schmid, S.C. John E. Skilton, N.C. DEAR SENIORS: This, your last year as students in Abington High School, has been interesting and somewhat strange for all of you. The flow of your education in the classroom and of your school activities outside the classroom was interrupted by forces beyond your control, and new responsibilities were suddenly thrust upon you. You were required to adapt to new teachers and to teaching styles which may have seemed strange to you at first, and you were asked to take on added responsibilities for your behavior as members of a group moving toward a common goal, a successful completion of your public school education. As you have done so often in the past, you responded to the demands diligently and with perseverance. What might have become a gap in the culmination of your educational experience was turned into adult behavior and meaningful learning. Your efforts were sincere. We have been proud of many of our senior classes, but we are particularly proud of you, the class of 1981. May you be successful in attaining the goals you seek for yourselves, and may you prosper. Above all, thank you and goodbye. The Abington High School Administration 39SOUTH CAMPUS ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS G. Donnon McGinleyNORTH CAMPUS ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS Erwin F. Albrecht, Jr. John H. WorthingtonSOUTH CAMPUS GUIDANCE John H. Althouse, Chairperson Jack Armstrong Elva Bell Kathryn Holgate Ramon Lantz Mahlene Lee One of the primary objectives of the Guidance department is to help potential graduates with a variety of decision-making tasks. Most students consider a number of options that can include apprenticeships, work-study, technical training, school, armed dervices, marriage, employment, or college. The range of choices can be increased by an awareness of current and projected changes in the labor market, career fields, eduational and training outlets, and financial aid resources. There is a vast amount of guidance information, and as a result, the counselors have made effective use of group guidance activities, such as the career exploration workshops conducted in the English III classes and the evening seminar programs for parents. Besides the Collegiate Video Counseling Network and VICS, the computerized information service located in the South Campus library, information may be obtained through handouts, bulletin boards, the Guidance Newsletter, visits by school and college representatives, and the vertical files that contain school and career information. Another primary task of the counselors involves counseling in either a one-to-one or group session. In recent years, an increasing percentage of the counseling sessions have focused on the personal-social concerns of students. As anyone can tell you, it is reassuring to have someone who can help you sort through options, or simply listen to you when you need to let it all out. It is also an advantage to receive suggestions that can help you to explore new areas you might not otherwise have considered. In summary, the number and types of contacts that a counselor has with a student depends upon the needs of the students. The important fact is that there is someone available who cares, who wants to listen, and who can help in sorting through the maze of alternatives appropriate for each individual. 42NORTH CAMPUS GUIDANCE Ben Monticello, Chairperson Leo Awad Raymond Hunter Dr. Sue TurnerENGLISH Charles Schneller, Chairperson The English department at South Campus follows a traditional approach in the understanding and appreciation of great literary works for the college-bound student, while providing a pragmatic curriculum for the student who plans to enter the business world upon graduation. Attention is focused in 11th grade on writing on current issues and concomitant topics that relate to the American literary scene. Seniors likewise continue an extensive writing program while centering on the great British writers. Eight electives are offered at South Campus that afford each student additional opportunities to pursue special interest or improve skills that need reinforcement. They are: Journalism, Creative Writing, Debate, Public Speaking, Radio and T.V., Acting, and Reading. Gerald Alpaugh Dr. Robert Burt Mary Grace Ambler , ■ i Marv Cohen Thomas Connor Eileen Foley 44SOUTH CAMPUS Dwight Good Richard Lavelle Jane Milks i I Rosemary Tobin Ralph Maltese 45ENGLISH Mimi Gerstein Merritt Hughes Peter Kelly 46NORTH CAMPUS Ilona McGogney Philip Smith Hilda Tuthill Ted Weiner Robert Winters Alex Woodley The North Campus English Program provides the student with systematic instruction in composition, literature, vocabulary, and grammar. In composition, major emphasis is placed on the expository essay — five to eight paragraphs in length — with particular attention given to statement of purpose and skills of organization. In literature, the emphasis is on skills of literary analysis with a focus on writers both classic and contemporary. In vocabulary, students study a minimum of 300 words derived from recent SAT tests. In grammar, the basics of language description, mechanics, and diction are presented, especially as they relate to the students' writing. In addition to the required English program. Dramatics, Journalism, and Public Speaking are offered as electives. 47READING "You aren't really taking this picture ... are you?" Lois Goldberg, N.C. Dale Jones, N.C. Reading is an essential skill that we all must learn in order to survive and succeed in this world. The department offers two courses: one in developmental reading and one in reading skills. The developmental reading course teaches the student note-taking techniques, testing skills, study techniques, and developing a good vocabulary. The course in reading skills improves the student's reading comprehension, vocabulary, study skills, and spelling techniques. Frances Crawford, N.C. Sally Beothy, S.C. 48SPECIAL EDUCATION Carrie Jones, EMR Martin Greenblatt, EMR Richard Wrigley, OSLC Sunnie Freeman, Aide Abington High School has four special education programs for students who cannot function in the regular classroom. These four courses are: the On-Sight Learning Center, the Intermediary Unit, the program for the learning disabled, and the program for the educable mentally retarded. These programs enable the students to be given the special attention they need while exposing them to the public school atmosphere. Mickey Abraham, l.U. 49SOUTH CAMPUS I. Barry Friedman Joan Gallagher William Haynes Jeffrey Marmon Louis Martin Nancy McHugh Dr. J. R. Rorison, Chairperson Serina Baron William DoddsSOCIAL STUDIES Samuel McNaught Thomas Nyman Steven Stewart James Sullivan Walter Yost All students are required to enroll in both American Studies I and II. These courses present an interdisciplinary study of the development of the United States and its peoples from colonial times to the present. The courses encompass the history, the governmental structure, and the economic, social, and cultural development of our country. Elective courses are offered in Advanced Placement American Studies, Advanced Placement European History, Anthropology, Asian History, History of Ideas, Minority Groups in the United States, Psychology, and Sociology. The special purpose of social studies is citizen education and the civic learning of each individual. Abington has as its goal the development of a contributing and productive individual possessing self-awareness, knowledge, skills, and a sense of responsibility as a member of the family, community, state, nation, and world. Frank SalernoNORTH CAMPUS Donald Baker Martin Baranoff Arlene Berman Ronald DeShon James Gavaghan Eric Luce William J. Miller 52SOCIAL STUDIES William Powell Louis Russo Anne Murphy DeWitte Shipley Raymond Vernon Michelle Williams The first year of the World Civilizations course at North Campus traces the historical development of Western society so that students have a better understanding of the traditions of our way of life. During the second year the students deal with contemporary issues of today's developing nations of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. All students are encouraged to sharpen their communication skills and develop a deeper understanding of other people's ideas and concerns through participation in the Human Development program. A number of students take advantage of the elective. You and Your Community. This course helps students to identify and discuss specific problems of "their world" as well as the surrounding community. "Why me?!" 53'Bo Derek, eat your heart out!" "I don't do squares!' "Did you know that Elmer's Glue looks a lot like Pearl Drops tooth polish?" "Should we tell 'em what's in it now or later?" 54LIBRARY Ruth Ann Focht, N.C. Elizabeth Snowden, N.C. Janet Simon, S.C. Jeanne Yeagle, S.C. The library at South Campus can be an invaluable source of information for the motivated student. In addition to hundreds of books and a variety of magazines, the library can also provide an unbounded supply of college and career information through VICS, a computer terminal located in the library. When the friendly librarians are not busy controlling the atmosphere of the library with the efficiency of an IBM computer, they can be very helpful in directing the confused student toward wanted information. The library is conveniently open for students from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This enables students to use its facilities before school, after school, and during free periods. A student can use a student identification card to sign out books. The new security system provides an added safety as well as an endless supply of entertainment as students accidentally embezzle one of the library's many exciting scriptures. Eunice Bohlander, Faith Chamberlain, Aides 55MATHEMATICS "You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out ..." "O solo mio ... Martin Hubley, Chairperson Richard Brady f A.. Miksa Mechlowitz Harrison Nace All of the mathematics courses at South Campus are offered as electives. The offerings consist of a regular college preparatory sequence of courses as well as courses in basic skills designed for the non-college-bound student. In addition, special electives are available in Advanced Placement Calculus, Computer Theory, and Practical Mathematics. There is an increased demand for more people skilled in mathematics. To meet this need all courses are organized and taught so as to provide the students with a background that permits the continued study of mathematics. 56SOUTH CAMPUS Rodney Rathbun Raymond Rauenzahn Paul Swedberg Eileen White "Your guess is as good as mine." "• • Magnificently difficult!" 57MATHEMATICS Dr. Ann Hagan Richard Reiser Robert Loehrig Linda Edwards Saundra Freedman Vincent Guminski Lillian Rau, Chairperson Barry Beiswenger James DetweilerNORTH CAMPUS Peggy Lynaugh John Mirsch Lewis Penfield Edward Peppel Brian Reiff The mathematics program at North Campus is a continuation of the mathematics program begun in the junior high schools. In ninth grade most of the students study algebra, while the students in tenth grade study geometry. There are five ability-levels of mathematics in each grade, which allow each student the opportunity of getting the proper placement for the mathematical ability. One difference between the mathematics courses and North and South Campus is that all North Campus courses are required ones which must be taken by all students. “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane?' 59BUSINESS Jane McDonald Frank Sauter David Schramm v 2 ■ his is a business law . [ 'C'mon, is it really Saturday?'NORTH CAMPUS Beatrice Barrett Ruth Fechter Raymond Reber The Business department's program has three major aims: to provide all students with general business background; to provide basic instruction for those students who will major in some area of business in college; and to provide employable skills to students who will enter the world of work upon graduation from high school. General business background is provided through elective courses such as Business Law, Management, Sales, Consumer Education, and Data Processing. Employable skills are provided through structured programs in Accounting, Stenography, and Clerical Training, where courses like Accounting, Clerical and Secretarial Office Practice, Modern Office Machines, Shorthand, and Typing are taken. Students are able to work independently in several areas of the business program, and a number of semester courses are available to all students. Modern office equipment in the Machines Lab and Office Practice Lab give students the opportunity to work with the latest machines found in todays' offices. Programmable calculators, IBM Correctible and Electronic Typewriters, and a Mag Card Writer are included in our impressive array of business machines. 61SOUTH CAMPUS H. Samuel Stewart, Chairperson Patricia Armillei Howard Boyer Richard Butler Michael Beagle 62SCIENCE The Science department is an interaction of the physical and biological disciplines. It ranges from the required basics of Earth and Space science and Biology to Advanced Placement courses. Intermediary interests include practical and physical sciences and Advanced Biology. Courses are also available in Chemistry and Physics. Advanced Placement college-level courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are offered too. The primary emphasis of North Campus is with the required basics; the South Campus courses are entirely elective and concern the student interested in gaining further knowledge relative to the student's aspirations in college. Special interest courses are offered in Aerospace Science and Ecology. 63NORTH CAMPUS Evelyn Lenner, Chairperson Richard Bell Rita Bennett Joseph Gribosh Donald Ivey 64SCIENCE Glenn Jones Thomas Rowland Elaine Shaffer I'm never lost because everyone is always telling me where to go.“What, me worry?!" Sunbather at TMI Oohhh noooooo!" You can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out! 66HOME ECONOMICS Maryland Wanck, N.C. Georgia Clemens, S.C. Ellen Fonda, S.C. The Home Economics department has a variety of courses which offer everything from fashion to family relationships. Students learn basic nutrition, food preparation, meal planning, and food purchasing techniques in chef's courses. Fashion courses teach students basic sewing methods and for those who continue in this course, there is an in-depth study of clothing and textiles. Students who choose to take Home Economics learn how to prepare for their future responsibilities in the home. At South Campus courses are offered in child care and development, interior decorating, and marriage and family. The Home Economics courses cover all facets of home life, thereby helping students to prepare for their future. 67FOREIGN LANGUAGE as H D O CD CD D s u William Black, Chairperson Donald Albert Eileen Cawley The Foreign Language department offers French, Spanish, and German. In addition Latin and Italian are offered at South Campus. Students at either campus may take any of these courses. For students who are already taking a language and wish to take a second language, there is the Accelerated program, which allows students to take a regular year of study but in less time each week. For those people who wish to maintain the use of their language but do not have enough time to take the regular course, an interim program is offered which is also given in less time each week. When students come to South Campus, they are given a choice of taking either a language course, which concentrates on speaking the language, or a literature course, which concentrates on reading novels, poems, and short stories written by foreign authors in their respective languages. Esperanza Galshack Vincent Pezzullo Phyllis Schlanger Carrie Stefanelli 68NORTH CAMPUS Joseph Procino, Chairperson John Burke Dorothy Day Thomas Fitzmartin Louise Hively Carole Michaels Roy Reeves Edward WilkMUSIC A long-lost Blues Brother? Maybe if we give the audience earplugs first ... Martin Donahue, N.C. Joseph Mauro, N.C. Robert Miller, S.C. John Musika, S.C. The dedication the Music teachers have put into their field demonstrates the kind of stick-to-itiveness that makes the Abington Music department what it is. It is run by a skilled group of professionals who must love what they are doing, for they have all been doing it for a long time. Yes, a long time. Our Music department is a great asset to our school and should be admired for the fine musical productions and concerts it has given us. An Abington Band concert is one that you will never forget. It is through the wide variety of electives that students are swept into the music program. A student can do anything from playing an instrument in the jazz band to singing in a choir. All of the electives at Abington's music department have won Highland Avenue acclaim and honor. 70ART Robert Anderson, N.C. Leslie Martin, N.C. Edwin Nagel, S.C. Gary Sproesser, S.C. The offerings in Art make provisions for individual interest and aptitude. The program offers an overview of experiences, exploratory courses for those pursuing Art as an avocation, and depth experience for qualified students preparing for vocations in Art. Among those courses offered are Art Appreciation I II, Art Exploration I II, and Art I, II III. Art students can take these elective courses for various amounts of credit. Of course, as all Art students know, the reason to take Art is to hear the soft, smooth, soothing voice of Bob Dylan or Joan Baez first period on Monday morning. 7 INDUSTRIAL ARTS “Dear Ann Landers ... Industrial Arts enriches the education of the individual and encourages good habits of thinking, working, and living. It helps the student to appreciate and understand the industrial and technological civilization. It provides exploratory experiences involving hand tools, machines, and materials to bring about an understanding of operations, processes, and finished, completed, ready-to-take-home products. It also develops an appreciation of good design and stimulates creativity. Industrial Arts courses include General Shop, Electricity and Electronics I II, Wood and Plastics I II, Power and Metal I II, as well as Mechanical Drawing and Graphic Arts I II. (The School District refused to teach Electricuting Cats I II at the request of the Cat Lovers of America.) 72INDUSTRIAL ARTS 73 William Volp D D Ch s u x H P4 o z CD u M H P a V • Q w CD s Pu, 53 H nJ w 53 Robert Rickenbach Edna Scott Karen Traub The major aims of the Physical Education department are to provide students with the opportunity to improve their physical well-being, formulate interests for better use of leisure time, and develop knowledge and skills in a variety of activities. The program includes physical education, aquatics, and health education. At North Campus a student can take the required courses or may choose to participate in an elective program. The required program includes such sports as soccer, speedball, touch football, field hockey, wrestling, basketball, floor hockey, track, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, softball, lacrosse, circuit training, dance and rhythmics, and low organizational games. The elective program includes co-educational gymnastics and floor exercise. Boys' and Girls' Recreational Sports and Activities, and Adapted Physical Education. Wallace Miller, Chairperson V ' Alan Lusch Joy Alderfer Beverly MacMinn Bud Lewis Doug Moister 74Kathe Grebe Joseph Jurich Richard Koch Dorothy Lemcke Carlotta Schaffer x m r- H X SC CD m a © c H HH n CD CD O c H SC n S e CD Robert Schneck Robert Stout James Wilkinson The Physical Education program at South Campus provides several five-week units of co-educational electives. Some of these activities include archery, roller skating, fencing, riflery, slimnastics, and exercise, badminton, racquetball, and golf. There are also the more traditional sports available in the vast selection of electives. In addition, the aquatics program is offered at South Campus. It is available year-round as an elective; however, all students must take at least one unit of aquatics. Some of the courses in the swimming program are Learn to Swim, Mask, Snorkel Fin, Synchronized Swimming, Water Exercise, Recreational Swimming, Water Games, and Life Saving. Health education at North Campus provides students with a better understanding of themselves and others as they grow through the early teen years. The South Campus program offers experience aimed at improving knowledge, practices, and attitudes related to adult living, mental health, and family living. 75HEALTH SUITE Jean Holsinger, N'.C. Jean Kortright, N.C. Ruth McKenty, S.C. Mary Siegfried, S.C. Minor injuries or major disasters, people constantly flock to the Health Suite. It is especially busy on major tests days. Besides excusing students from tests, the Health Suite keeps important records and basic facts about all the students, and gives them eye examinations and hearing tests. The Health Suite has the largest collection of Band-aids this side of Susquehanna Rd. The nurses are always willing to allow you to suck on their small glass swizzle sticks, complete with mercury filling. The Health Suite would make a great craft shop with its popsicle sticks, cotton balls, and ace bandages. All kidding aside, the Health Suite performs useful services such as maintaining health records and administering emergency first aid. 76SECRETARIES Standing (L to R): Elva Manton, Vera O'Neill, Susan Margraff, Betty Maurer, Jean Brady. Sitting (L to R): Edna Gilly, Jane Eakle, Nancy Woodcock, Margaret Stewart. Standing (L to R): Ruth Bowyer, Elaine Devine, Patricia Anderson, Barbara Hoffman, Nancy Shepherd, Sylvia Mott, Gigi Burns. Sitting (L to R): Marion Johnson, Nancy Lassen, Theresa Black, Norma Humphreys, Eleanor Shiner. 2 O 53 H X Secretaries are often very underrated in their jobs. Behind every good or bad boss is a secretary. They are an endless source of gossip because they get to read all the personal mail and send replies. Secretaries are invaluable to all of us, they type up absentee, early excusal, and detention lists. They also manage to keep the school functioning. Without secretaries nothing in the school would run and there would be a total breakdown in all operations. They deserve much credit for their service to the school. 77CAFETERIA LADIES Standing (L to R): Norma Schwartz, Mildred Lee, Joan Palisca, Margaret Herman, Antoinette DiFilli-po, Irma Shivers, Marie McGough, Rosemary Pardi, Mary Zataveski, Lois Hollars, Vera Maher, Maxine Peck, Hattie Padden, Patricia Schroeder, Lorene Salkeld. Sitting (L to R): Nellma Frank, Nora Marzalek, Ann Turnstall, Rita Derricks, Genevieve Parrish, Emily Onsa, Anna Fickett. "Wait a minute! What are you doing with that potato salad?! Put that down!" These are just a few of the words that a cafeteria aide at Abington High School must use during her daily work. Being a cafeteria aide is a very grueling; it requires, strength, speed, and never-ending tolerance. It is the job of the cafeteria aide to govern all activity in the lunchrooms. This is often not easy, for students may become noisy, boisterous, and downright dangerous. There is a rumor going around school that a cafeteria lady was once attacked and threatened with a bowl of home-made Russian dressing. There is a way that you can ease her grief. Next time you walk up to a cafeteria aide, shake her hand, tell her you admire her work, apologize for all the evil you have bestowed upon her in the past, and tell her you will reform in the future. She'll thank you — it's guaranteed! 78CAFETERIA MONITORS Betty Hagerty William Kessler Stalking through the corridors in quest of their next prey, the hall monitors seek out those offenders of school laws. A victim is discovered. Confronted by the monitor, the offender frantically searches his pockets for the pass. The pass (probably a figment of his imagination) is nowhere to be found. Now he stares into the monitor's face with the give-me-a-break look. The monitor whips out his her pen and, with the speed of light, writes out a detention slip, filling in the delinquent's name, homeroom, and eye color, not leaving any detail overlooked. Smiling, the monitor leaves saying, "I'm just doing my job." 79FACULTY NOT PICTURED Ellen Bogusz Joseph Eustace James Fluck Demetra Haines Marsha Kwatnoski Doris Peck Gail Richards 80IN MEMORIAM WILLIAM D.M. SHREWSBURY, JR. 1925 — 1981 Counselor — Educator — Friend To the hundreds of students he counseled over a period of more than twenty years at Abington, he was indeed all these things, but especially, he was a friend. More than a recorder of grades, test averages, transcripts, and recommendations, he was a good listener — a sounding board for those he counseled, as they brought to him their dreams and aspirations, their disappointments and frustrations, their problems and their accomplishments. And in his own life friendship held a special meaning — it was something to be cultivated and cherished. To each of those he called "friend" his friendship became something special, and we find our lives enriched because his life touched ours. "But just to feel you have a friend Who will stand by you until the end. Whose sympathy through all endures. Whose warm handclasp is always yours, It helps somehow to pull you through Although there's nothing more to do. And so with fervent heart we cry God bless the friend who just stands by." — Anon.CLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVIT IESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTI VITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDA CTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSA NDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLU BS AND ACTIVITIESCLUBS AND ACTIVITIES CLUBS ANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVIT IESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTI VITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDA CTIVITIESCLUBS AND ACTIVITIESCLUBS A NDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLU BSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSAND ACTIVITIES CLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVIT IESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTI VITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDA CTIVITIESCLUBS AND ACTIVITIESCLUBS A NDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLU BSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSAND ACTIVITIES CLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVIT IESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTI VITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDA CTIVITIESCLUBS AND ACTIVITIESCLUBS A ND ACTIVITIESCLUBS AND ACTIVITIESCLU BSANDACTIVITIESCLUBS AND ACTIVITIES CLUBSANDACTIVITIESCLUBSANDACTIVITSTUDENT COUNCIL The South Campus Student Council has proved to be a successful organization. It held various activities throughout the year, their purpose being to raise money for the Abington Scholarship fund. During the fail, the Council's Primary function was to run the "hot dog house" at Abington football games. Candy, hot dogs, and sodas were sold, and the Council took in a sizeable profit. It was difficult for the Council to function during the strike. It did manage, however, to fill baskets with complete Christmas turkey dinners for three needy families in the community. The Council brought a special feeling to Valentine's Day this year. Carnations were sold and delivered to many Abington students and staff. Some other major Student Council events were a "Gym and Swim Night" and a "Battle of the Bands." In addition to these activities, the Student Council ran both the lost and found and the Student Lounge. The lost and found was open before and after school each day. Though the student lounge had a late start, it did finally got under way as a spot for students to relax and talk during free periods. On the whole, the Council feels it had a productive, enjoyable year. C. Allen, W. Baer, D. Barnes, F. Bockius, K. Bonfiglio, P. Boyd, H. Bregman, J. Bregman, J. Brown, D. Ceniviva, D. Chamberlain, B. Corrigan, M. Creedon, K. DiSantro, C. Duddy, V. Epstein, E. Farmer, J. Fink, R. Fiorillo, R. Gaglianese, E. Gant, M. Gropper, M. Gutman, V. Halle, A. Hardy, K. Herman, J. Howe, I. Kaltenhauser, M. Kidney, K. Kline, O. Malis, J. Morton, C. Myers, D. Navroth, A. Niles, M. Penecale, T. Perry, D. Rollins, S. Rook, J. Rosenberg, N. Scalone, B. Schulz, M. Selhat, K. Sokoloff, B. Steinberg, E. Stevens, L. Stroh, L. Valentine, S. Vaughan, W. Warner, K. Wegner, P. Weidemann. N. White, C. Whitham, R. Wilt, K. Wolfson, D. Woodburn, B. Yeager. OFFICERS: S. Lee (pres.), L. Galtman (v.p.), H. Hemes (corres sec'y), M. Zuckerkandle (rec. sec'y), W. Pratt (treasure), D. Ely (pub. dir), K. Knouse(dm. sst. ores.), S. Lange (sgt-at-arms), T. Harris (asst, toadv.), J. Smalley (asst, toadv.), A. Watt(adm. asst, to pres ), T. Cookson (hon. mem.), C. Russell (hon. mem.), M. Paddick(hon. mem ), L. Tribolet (hon. mem ), J. Bregman (hon. mem.), D. Turco(hon. mem.), I. Burnett (hon. mem.), D. Wegner (hon. mem.). MEMBERS AT LARGE: L. Auerbach, C. Bell,). Broder, S. Edelman, R. Galtman, S. Lashner, D. Levin, N. Lim, D. Marder, L. Marshall, O. Schick, S. Schwartz, J. Seawright, S. Switzky, P. Tompkins, R. Wengel, T. Ferguson, K. Oskowiak, J. Sadoff, M. Buster, L. Gaber, W. Maimon, A. Miller, D. Peris, C. Pervais, C. Pervais, B. Reeves, R. Silverman, A. Watt, L. Weaver, A. Werchoski. 8485SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL D. Trevlyn, J. Lessman, A. Provanzano, M. Gropper, D. Navaroth, D. Turn, L.’Band, S. Lashner, A. Letizi, D. Levin, H. Hernes, C. Schlan- fer, S. Schwartz, J. Seawright, S. Thomas, M. Selhat, M. Olin, J. roder, N. Bond, L. Watkins, L. Grasty, L. Yampolski, S. Fesmire, K. Costello, S. Witter, P. Smith, M. Zuckerkandel, S. Kauffman, L. Shames, A. Miller, S. Goldberg, W. Metzger, S, Pinkerton, D. Chamberlin, K. Mahadeven, N. Lems, S. Friedman, A. Singer, M. Meyer, H. Smukler, L. Stevenson, A. Strock, S. Webber, B. Kauffman, L. Marshall, V. Epstein, L. Auerbach, K. Herman, A, Niles, W. Kuhn, C. Silverman, D. Spain, J. Sadoff, A. Fields, C. Morgan, P. Delon, M. Reilly, S. Weisman, L. Desantro, B. Tomkins, T. Ferguson, L. Marshall, L. Linguist, C. Allen, P. Tomkins, T. Ferguson, L. Marshall, L. Lun-quist, C. Allen, P. Tomkins, N. Scalone, C. Janishek, S. Switsky, B. Pratt, S. Gold, L. Galtman, E. Tress, J. Morris, T. Perry, B. Feldman, H. Cohen, B. Chapburn, M. Pennycal, L. Temple, C. Braim, L. Wallace, J. Martia, A Zucker, A. Hall, J. Brill, R. Wengle, K. Dallzel, S. Lane, S. Ritter, A. Vesci, P. Boyd, M. Harbison, L. Comroe, D. Baren. The Senior Class Council is an organization of interested students. Homeroom representatives are chosen from each homeroom in the beginning of the school year. The Senior Class Council sets many objectives for itself, but its main purpose is to offer activities and opportunities to seniors. Our main activity is the senior prom. The council also offers a scholarship fund. Senior work day was held on October 29, 1980. The money collected from senior work day will be given to selected seniors in the form of four, $500 scholarships. The scholarships are given based on the students' participation in school activities. The Senior Class also sponsors, in cooperation with other organizations, a school gift. The highlight of the senior year is the senior prom which this year was held on May 9, 1981, at the Westover Country Club in Norristown. Other highlights of the year include two very successful volleyball nights, the Senior Class Play, and the mug sale. As an organization, the Senior Class Council offers opportunities to students whose plans include a career in politics and money management. It also offers important opportunities for students to participate with other students in social activities while striving for a unified goal.JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL Row 1: K. Sampson, C. Embry, L. Mendez, B. Reeves, K. Brook, G. Mihok, J. Feldman, K. Elesesser, E. Greenstein, B. Steinberg, C. Creely, R. Hoffman. Row 2: M. Kidney, C. Marion, A. Werchoskv, D. Peris, E. Scanipeco, K. Limberakis, J. Fink, J. Bregman, J. Abel, A. Miller, M. Buster, L. Coleman. Row 3: D. Leibholdz, D. Block, E. Lee, R. Sherman, M. Procter, J. Rosenberg, T. Gross, L. Podell, R. Silverman, L. Selhat, D. Seligsohn, S. Greenblatt, L. Schwartz. The Junior Class Council, consisting of Judy Bregman — President, Donna Turco — Vice-President, Ingrid Burnett — Secretary, and Denise Wegner — Treasurer, began its year with the biggest event of the year, the Junior Prom. Held on April 3, 1981, the prom got off to a great start. The class chose the theme, "Dream On," decided on "The Trees" for the entertainment, and appointed Becky Steinberg as the prom chairperson. Many members such as Kathy Tressider, Howard Goldstein, Helen Louts, Angie Davis, Joan Daughen stayed after school to paint scenes for the gym and create masterpieces for the big night. With a little help from everyone, including our faithful advisor, Mr. Schramm, the Junior Prom was a big success. Following the prom, the Junior Class decided to show a movie for the younger generation of Abington. Notices circulated throughout the elementary schools and soon many children showed a great interest. The theatre was filled to capacity as another Junior Class activity ended in success. The Junior Class then had a few donut sales to complete the year of 81. It was a great year — next year should be even better ... 87H 2 w Q D H C 5 U CO 2 A. Clifton, C. Johnson, R. Andrews, K. Bennett, B. Simmons, C. Brown, I. Burnett, D. McClanahan, L. Grasty, A. Donnell, P. Remee, A. Nash, W. Sudler, G. Warner, S. Parham, A. Dinkins, L. Armstead, L. Hall, C. Magruder, C. Case, T. Solomon, L Halloway, L. Booker, T. Mathis, D. — Rollins, K. Raysor, V. McCoy, D. Vaughn, V. Flipping, R. Dinkins, R. Peal, K. Brown, L. Dinkins, T. Perry, C. Page, K. Williams, G. Faltz, M. Dixon, C. Croxton, J. Saunders, A. Farmer, A. Swift, V. Johnson, K. Holland. E. Washington, J. Morton, M. Marshall, S. Saunders, G. Grastv, M. Rhoades, M. Bobo, L. McLarty, D. Vaughn, Veany, G. Johnson, S. Grasty, J. Love. The Black Student Union is a fund raising club. The club raised money for scholarships to be presented to the students who participate in club activities. The clubs activities range from club picnics to club dances. To qualify for the scholarships given the student has to be a club member, be a senior, plan to further his education, and participate with the club members. The scholarships are awarded at a annual banquet. Citizens for Progress. The club is also a chance for the black student to come together and talk about various problems that they might have with their school courses or with social problems. P. Boyd, Mr. Martin, K. Hall, P. Lee, J. Seawright. WORLD AFFAIRS front: C. Allen, W. Kuhn back: D. Martinez, D. Martinez, C. Marion, D. Perris, E. Scannapieco, J. Kortright, J. Sadoff. 88S. Lane, L. Stewart, J. Chewn, K. Mahadevan, P. Smith, S. Wetter, A. Strock, L. Abrams, A. Jawer, A. Provenzano, B. Kaufman, K. Knouse, D. Yanni, S. Moyer, C. Braim, K. Dalzell, L. Watkins, N. Bond, N. Lim, S. Fesmire, B. Leibholz, S. Gold, D. Baron, H. Bregman, S. Edelman, P. Kim, J. Sadoff, E. Stevens, S. Schwartz, S. Switzky, G. Bockol, C. Silverman, M. Meyer, M. Reilly, J. Broder, W. Kuhn, S. Lashner, M. Iskowitz, S. Labkoff, M. Flanegan, B. Ray, M. McCarthy, S. Goldberg, H. Cohen, L. Temple, D. Turn, C. Morgan, C. Folk, D. Harrar, S. Cannon, A. Kahn, V. Epstein, C. Allen, L. Auerbach, R. VVengel, S. Ritter, S. Faunce, B. Bushy, E. Heckert, N. Scalone, J. Harris, G. Kofler, B. Tomkins, J. Mandel, H. Weber, D. Levin. The Honor Society is composed of eighty seniors that were inducted in the Spring of their junior year. To be accepted into the Honor Society the student must have a 3.5 average or better for the first semester and then they are sent a form to fill in their extracurricular activities. All this is taken into account and then a decision is made on whether you are accepted or not. Officers are elected and take office at the beginning of their senior year. The Honor Society's main function is to provide tutors for students who need help in a particular subject. This program helps students, who can better relate to other students, learn. The other function of the Honor Society is to raise money for a scholarship, which is presented to one of its member an the end of the year. Earning money for the scholarship takes time and effort. The Honor Society has done such things as bake sales, and a baseball jersey sale is planned. HONOR SOCIETY SPIRIT COMMITTEE J. Broder, K. Hall, S. Houseknecht, Mr. Martin (sponsor), D. Chamberlin, J. Brill, M. Serban. The Spirit Committee is a club organized to encourage the students to attend the school's athletic activities. To do this, posters are made by the cheerleaders and announcements are made on ARTW to inform the students of these events. In addition to these functions, this group is also responsible for the athletic trophy cases and the event board. The major production of this year's spirit committee was the purchase of a banner to hang in the gym reading "Welcome to the home of the Ghosts." 89A.R.T.W Mr. T. Connor, S. Gold, S. Schwartz, C, Silverman, A. Letizi, G. Mihok, W. Kuhn, S. Krasick, P. Greenlee, M. Iskowitz, A. Zucker, K. Kraeck, R. Teplitsky, K. Garberina, C. Allen. Teens For Better Understanding A.R.T.W. which does, in fact, have the world's most captive audience begins the school day with news, sports, and special features. The format was changed this year as Mark Iskowitz, Paul Greenlee and Adam Zucker made the transition with minimal static. Regular on-air people were Cara Allen, who is assigned to Canada next year. Rich "Sports" Teplisky, Ann "WCSD" Letizi, Cari "Pledge" Silyerman, Wendy (or is it Gwendy?) Kuhn and Gabby Abby — alias Susan Schwartz. Our technical talent was plugged into Keith McCauley and Scott Krasick. The producer is the last surviving Beach Boy follower east of The Rockies. He requested anonymity. OK, T.C. Teens For Better Understanding is a community service club. The students in this club offer their time and services to young people less fortunate than themselves. This year we have students volunteering in the swim program for mentally retarded children at the Abington Y.M.C.A., Abington, Pennsylvania. 90 J. Kortright, S. Faunce, R. Telepko, Ms. Jones.DEBATE CLUB First Row: E. Scannapieco, M. Proctor, E. Kaji. Second Row: A. Steinberg, M. Watts, D. Leibholtz, M. Kidnev, J. Sadoff, A. Silverman. CAMERA CLUB First row — E. Tress, M. Colton, A. Kahn, S. Labkoff. Second row — D. Leibholz, C. Eisenberg, D. Baren, B. Fisher, S. Lefferts, B. Kunnos. This year's Camera Club was a very active organization. We. took photographs of everything from Carnation Day to Volley Ball Night. Over the course of the year we have had many photographs in the Times Chronical, the Abingtonian and the 1981 Oracle. The club hasthree basic departments; they are News Bureau, Abintonian and the Oracle. The News Bureau section was headed by Marc Colton. This section took photographs for the Times Chronical and had a very successful year. The Abingtonian section was headed by Andy Kahn and did equally well. The Oracle photography department was headed by Steven Labkoff and had many photographs used in the yearbook. With the aide of Mr. Charles Schneller, we upheld our motto: "If it moves, SHOOT IT!!!"— A Print C. Braim, M. Kidnev, H. Kaji, A. Mason, D. Chamberlain, M. Woodward, J. St. Phard, A. Hardy, P. Lee, S. Labkoff, A. Kahn, M. Watts, J. Daigjen, E. Greenstein, A. Jawer, E. Scannapieco, D. Leibholz, R. Teplitsky, L. Coleman, K. Elssesser, L. Temple, A. Vesci, L. Auerbach, M. Reilly, A. Niles, M. Buster, A. Provenzano, J. Harris, L. Printz. This year's Abingtonian staff continued in the journalistic tradition of years past to produce a responsible publication for the student body. Led by Editors-in-Chief Tami Cutilli and Evan Schuman, the staff was able to deal with the issues pertinent to the school and community. Highlights include News Editor John Harris comprehensive and extremely accurate coverage of Abington's ten week strike; hard-hitting editorials from Editorial Editor Mike Kidney and his staff; Art Editor Larry Printz's editorial cartoons; Mark Iskowitz insightful “Tracks 'n Facts;" and Rich Teplitsky's up-to-date “Tube And Screen." T. Cutilli, E. Schuman, R. Wilt, P. Kim, J. Harris, L. Printz, A. Printz, B. Brodhag, A. Kahn. Strike Stopped Two Days Before Planned Pre-injunction Hearing 92Grottenthaler Homed New Superintendent I .1 South C Vol. LVH, No. 3 Cft UeiStop annejL re-inju By .SchjtQ Sneaky Fitch Is A Dramatic A.R.T.W. Live! A v 0%. ( Adrienne Provenxaoo V : called for three dayi contract was approv than four-toone ms act. whi mtract o that th ack of student interest, senior Lias Be Worst Choice For r | iijj| All-School tApsicqf Cost; Student Walkout: Fruitless. Inane. reiatt th ant col. I 26. trainer; Ed Won. C and 28; Thun be port r a SO Bl A J re unhappy with Lg salary. Salary icaa lively. some e. Set cation Association» negotiators while others thought that by maintaining Continued on p. 5, col. 3 Playing the VALUED ADMM RATOR IN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT; College Game loved kids ssfc 0 Who Is The Kissing Band Bandit? The Abingtonian ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL—SOUTH CAMPUS 900 Highland Avenue A blng ton. Pa. 19001 CO-EDITORS IN-CHIEF: Tami Cutllli, Evan Schuman DEPARTMENT EDITORS: John Harris, Michael Kidney. Robin Wilf, Paul Kim. Lawrence Prints. Alan Printz. ADVERTISING and BUSINESS EDITOR: Mark Watts. PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR: Andrew Kahn STAFF: Adrienne Provenzano, Rich Teplitsky. Mark Iskowitz. Eric Scanna-pieco. Anne Jawer. Debbie Asher. Joan Daughen. Lauren Coleman. Angie Mason. April Hardy. Lori Auerbach. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Steven LabkofT. Daniel Leibholz. ADVISER: Miss Mary Grace Ambler BUSINESS ADVISER: Mr. David Schramm PHOTO CLUB ADVISER: Mr. Charles SchneUer Vol. LVH. No. I Friday. September 12. 19W Adverlislng rate $3.00 per column inch Single Copies: 25c each Published seven times per year Office: Room 221 93S. Schwartz, Rosenberg, K. Seymour, K. V A.'Santman, Hall, M. Bogbanoff, S. Labkoff, E. Vesev. , M. Gutman, J. Sadoff, J. Dominick, J. Kauderer, J. Skadden, Levick, A. THEATRE HONORARY Theatre Honorary credits Abington High School's most dedicated and talented thesbians. The purpose of this organization is to unite students who share a common interest in acting and theatre. Eligibility is determined by the acquistition of a minimum of thirty achievement points in at least two of the three stage areas (on stage, behind the scenes, business). Quality of performance, variety of activity, and dedication are also factors considered for membership. The club offers an opportunity for the students to become involved in a common project and to learn to work together while having fun. Bake sales and other assorted sales are the means by which the club acquires captial and then utilizes it to purchase costumes for the school, to organize trips for its members, and to afford scholarships for students. There is an annual banquet for members and nonmembers where skits are performed and awards are presented to those outstanding contributors and to those who demonstrate a promising future in the theatre. Mrs. Cohen is the sponsor of Theatre Honorary and the 1981 officers are: President — Julie Sadoff, Vice President — Moira Gutman, Secretary — Becky Hughes, Treasurer — Liz Gall. J. Sadoff (Pres.), M. Gutman (V.P.), B. Hughes (Sec.), L. Gall (Treas.), D. Cohn, T. Gross. 94NEWS BUREAU When an event of considerable importance occurs at Abington High School, the South Campus News Bureau is sure to cover it. The News Bureau consists of students who are responsible for providing local newspapers with articles of interest about Abington High School. Abington is the only school district in the area that allows students to provide this service. Articles are concerned with students and their activities. They concentrate on clubs, sport teams, and human interest stories. The articles are frequently accompanied by photographs provided by the Abington Camera Club. The News Bureau staff consists of editor, Rob Wengel; writers, Scott Ritter, Howard Bregman, and Laura Temple; secretary, Debbie Riegel, caption writer, Debbie Thompson; and photgraphy editor, Marc Colton. The staff is supervised by faculty sponsors, Mr. Richard Lavelle and Mr. Charles Schneller. 95 S. Lashner, K. Knouse, J. Brill, M. Iskowitz, A. Miller, R. Silverman.ORACLE '81 When you think of hard workers dedicated to getting a job done and putting forth every effort to make a beautiful product, the first people you probably think of are the seven dwarfs, but you're wrong, it's the Oracle staff. The staff is a coed body made up of Abington High School seniors and juniors. Mr. Connor, our yearbook advisor, listens to a mellow radio station, while supervising us. He often demands payment for babysitting us in the afternoon. Room 248, where your yearbook is put together, is just like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens, picture perfect and neat as a pin. You would never find pretzel or Oreo crumbs on the floor. Mr. Connor, a Beach Boys fan, cranks up the radio and permits no one to turn it down, change the station, or pull the plug. The penalty for any of these high crimes is to bring one batch of brownies to an Oracle meeting. Wendy Kuhn, our layout editor, crops and arranges pictures in the yearbook. Cropping pictures does not mean harvesting a roll of photographs; cropping is cutting excess garbage out of the picture. Cara Allen, our faculty editor, has one of the most difficult tasks. She must arrange pictures and write copy on the faculty without drawing mustaches and glasses on the pictures and refrain from writing nasty comments about those teachers she does not have the greatest affection for. Paula Hewitt, the art director, put together the artwork in the creative section who also the artwork on the divider pages. Paula is a fantastic artist who attended the Governor's School and is now applying her talents to help create a terrific yearbook. Adam Steinberg and Paul Greenlee are our clubs and activities editors. They have the fun job of trying to name 1000 people sqeezed in a three inch square. This difficult task is accomplished by running to all the other people on the staff and asking, “Who the heck is this?" Sometimes this tactic works and sometimes it fails. Steve Labkoff, our photography editor, is constantly hustling and bustling here and there shooting anything that moves. He hops on a chair or a table to get a high shot, then he leaps to the floor to take a low shot. Somehow the editors have managed to live through all this shooting and now they are ready to do some of their own. Anne Fields, our typing editor, taps away at the keyboard producing copy after copy of senior statistics, club write-ups, and creative writings. Margaret Selhat, our senior section editor, managed the big job of laying out 763 seniors, getting their names spelled correctly down to the last letter. The senior section comprises one quarter of the yearbook which Margaret, with the help of some staff, whipped together for the December deadline. Peter Ochroch and Rich Teplitsky, our sports editors, laid out the sports sections, which involved obtaining team pictures and candids of all the different sports teams. Then they had to identify team members and get sports records and write-ups on each team. Julie Sadoff, our business editor, took over the job of obtaining all the advertisements for the yearbook. This involves going to different stores and agencies and soliciting for advertisements for the Oracle. She speedily and efficiently accomplished this task, which many people dislike doing. Liz Stewart, our literary editor, takes care of copy for the Oracle. She writes articles like these and some entertaining articles. Her job is not glamorous but it pays well. Her reward is a larger waistline and enough cavities to please her dentist. This is your yearbook staff and you should stand up and salute them because without them there would be no yearbook. 96EDITORS Cara Allen...... Anne Fields Paul Greenlee .. Paula Hewitt... Wendy Kuhn... Steven Labkoff. Julie Sadoff .... Margaret Selhat Adam Steinberg Peter Ochroch . Rich Teplitsky Adam Zucker.. .............Faculty ..............Typing Clubs and Activities .................Art ............. Layout .......Photography ............Business .............Seniors Clubs and Activities .. Co-Sports Editors .............Caption Oracle Advisor...............................................................Thomas Connor Steven Merin................................................Representatives of Merin Studios Donna Frabotta and Hunter Publishing Co. STAFF Robert Arbittier Michele Buster Bill Fisher Mark Flanegan Andy Frankenfield Shelly Friedman Helene Hemes Rachel Kuhn Debbie Levin Mindy Meyer Marci Olin Larry Printz Bill Pratt Debbie Riegel Susan Schwartz Lynn Selhat Amy Singer Steven Switzky Denise Turn Ed Vesey Jeannie Wolfinger CONTRIBUTORS Robert Dann Ken Griffin Gavin Harbison Jeff Mandell Dave Rickert Eddie Tress 9798D. Asher, N. Luscvozyn, L. Even, B. Feldman, R. Wilf, H. Cohen, S. Goldberg, C. Schlanger, A. Steinberg, M. Meyer, M. Baron, C. Bell, H. Weber, V. Epstein, S. Weisman, Mrs. Galshak (sponsor), J. Zaslow, S. Price, E. Greenstem, B. Steinberg, A. Steinbrenner, A. Santman, M. Rubin, L. Hernandez, K. Furlow, E. Shipon, M. Buster, J. Abel, L. Levick, A. Letizi, H. Goldstein, C. Marion, T. Gordon, S. Greenblatt, B. Baron, M. Gropper, M. Grooper, A. Donnell, C. Dorsey, J. Lawson, L. Coleman. 1 to r: Row 1 L. McGonagle, B. McGonagle, S. Edelman, D. Levin, B. Sultz, A. Singer, C. Silverman. Row 2 C. Posselt, C. Fink, D. Catherman, Ms. Schlanger, B. Sternberg, R. Wilf, L. Weaver, K. Elsessor, C. Costello, D. Turn, M. Gropper, A. Werchoski, L. Yamoff, J. Daughn, M. Gropper. Row 3K. Dalzell, K. VanVorhess, A. Vesci, C. Braim, A. Miller, L. Gall, b. Clyman, A. Fields, T. Gorden, R. Hoffman, D. Seligson, S. Greenblatt, M. Werner, S. Frank, R. Silverman, D. Peris, D. Block. A. Malis (Co-Prasidentin), O. Malis (Co-Prasidentin), E. Kaji (Vice-Prasident), E. Scannapieco (Schatzmeister), E. Kaji (Sekretar), L. Temple, M. McCarthy, C. Wegener, L. Bayer, S. Neu, L. Psula, E. Davis, J. Hamilton, B. Schiller, M. Wilhelm, W. Keehn, A. Miller, L. Lehrfeld, R. Wagner, L. Walton, M. Procter, L. Gavin, S. Timoney, D. Martiney, J. Kortright, M. Kaal. 100The 1980-1981 Spanish Club had a very successful year. Following a tremendous turn-out, the members elected President Robin Wilf, Vice President Suzy Goldberg, Secretary Barrie Feldman, Treasurer Holly Cohen, and Activities Planner Lisa Even. Throughout the year, the club cooperated to increase their funds. In order to do this they had several bake sales. With their profits they bought the necessary ingredients for an international dinner. While members cooked, club advisor Senora Galshack was on the scene. The club also chose several exceptional Spanish students to receive cash awards from the treasury. A May Day was also on the exciting agenda. The Spanish Club wishes "Buenos Suertes" to all future members. The French Club, under the inspired leadership of Miss Phyllis Schlanger, has raised money through selling buttons proclaiming "I Love French." The buttons sold well and made a nice profit. This profit will be used to pay for a foreign film at the Ritz. One of the officers donated her house for a dinner. Each member of the club prepared a special appetizer, main course, or desert. A delicious and enjoyable time was had by all. The French Club hopes to finish out the year successfully and to promote better understanding of the French language. The German Club began the year with a very enjoyable dinner and party at the Austrian Village, where the Wiener Schnitzel and the music and dancing were equally good. The club hopes to have a Faschnig or Mardi Gras meeting on March 3rd, and another dinner before the end of the year. German Language Week will be celebrated during the last week in March with a competition, for which prizes will be given. This is being sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German, and German American Committee of Greater Philadelphia. 101Mr. Pezzullo — Sponsor, Ingrid Burnett, Ann Freeland — Social Secretary, Amy Hall, Mark Helwig, Hutch Hubbard, Dan May, Kathleen McCarthy — President, Jeffrey Morton, Lisa Mountain, Andy Ochroch — Economic Secretary, Christian Posselt, Belt Shaw — Corresponding Secretary, Alex Thompson, Pat Tompkins — Treasurer, Mark Watts — Vice President, Debra Catherman, Wayne Custer, Tara Ferguson, Ellen Henderson, Gerald Klime, Suzy Lashner, Patrina Lee, Arthur Linse, Lisa Lundquist, Claire McClade, Heidi Maier, Maggie McCarthy, Frances Melone, Monica "Paddick, Sharon Plum, Maria Reale, Gerry Robinson, Abby Schwartz, Roxolana Telepko, Minda Werner, Anne Bur, Khue Dang, Chris Embery, Cindy Folk, Karen Gaberina, Hugh Goldman, Tracy Gordon, Ellen Greenstein, Ben Gross, Kim Hanson, Melanie Hoffman, Wendy Kuhn, Craig Lerch, Diana Licence, Michelle Rubm, Lisa Schenk, Margaret Shuman, Mark Seligsohn, Heather Shay, Helen Shin, Laura Smith, Nicole Vance, Sue Williams, Tom Yanni, John Zaslow. The Latin Club is under the supervision of Mr. Vincent Pezzullo. The elected officers this year are Kathleen McCarthy (president), Mark Watts (vice-president), Pat Tompkins (treasurer), Beth Shaw (corresponding secretary), and Andy Ochroch (economic secretary). Each year the Latin Qub undertakes various fund raising events such as bake sales, car washes, candy sales, and t-shirt sales. The profits from these events enable the club to take various field trips. These field trips include the University of Pennsylvania where objects of traditional Roman and Greek art and culture are exhibited and also the Morris Arboretum where students become aware of just one of the practical applications of the Latin language. Each spring a Latin banquet in true Roman for is organized and greatly enjoyed by the club. Members who wish to attend must come wearing togas. The menu consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, home baked bread and cakes, and whole roasted chicken for the main course. All food is prepared by members of the club. Lastly, the Latin Club presents awards to senior students who show excellence in an advanced Latin course. ITALIAN CLUB CIAO ... Our Italian Club is led by the vivacious Mr. Vicenzo Pezzullo who showed Abington the meaning of true Italian Culture. Activities this year included selling lollipops, baked goods, Italian Stationery, and T-Shirts. Our corresponding secretary along with her band performed at an Italian dance. Other events were held such as our annual trip to the Italian Market, marvelous pizza dinners, and our Macedonia della frutta which is a feast of friendship in the Italian culture. At the end of the year a senior dinner is organized for all twelfth grade students who have studied Italian for two years. Much of the club's money provides awards that are presented to students who have achieved excellence in Italian classes. Members are: Mr. Puzzello — Sponsor, R. Acuna — Economic Secretary, M. Bracria, A. Buccafuri, L. D'Allessandro, J. DiFran-cesco, T. Gross — Treasurer, A. Letizi — President, N. Lomastro, A. Penta, M. Reale — Social Secretary, R. Savitz, K. Wyatt — Vice President, S. Amato, G. Aurelio — Corresponding Secretary, M. Catoni, D. DiPaolantonio, S. Donohue, S. Fink, B. Fisher, T. Fittipaldi, S. Frank, L. Freedman, N. Matteo, M Moss, J. Newman, D. Prozzillo, F. Scarpello, A. Tidwell, J. Wade, M. Wiesbach. 102AFFILIATION CLUB S. Massarella, A. Printz, L. Printz, M. Marsilio, ]. Harris, C. Allen, A. Jawer, J. Cheun, C. ]anisheck, W. Kuhn, L. Gall, S. Price, C. Good, K. Bernstein, E. Davis, K. Psula, L. Mendez, B. Baron, K. Wagner, T. Yanni, D. Yanni, B. Yeager, L. Yarnoff, A. Werchoski, K. Wagman, M. Hoffman, D. Rollins, L. Grasty, L. Abrams, P. Whitmore, C. Brown, H. Goldstein, C, Posselt, J. Abel, P. Tomplins, A. Malis, O. Malis. The goal of the Affiliation Club is to foster international friendships and understanding. The club sponsors an annual exchange between Kant Gymnasium is West Berlin, Haus Aspel Gymnasium in Rees, West Germany, and Abington High School. This year three students from Abington, Carolyn Maxwell, Greg Zygmont and Mike O'Donnell are in Germany, and Christian Posselt, Christian Fink, and Birgit Kunanz are here from Germany. The major activity of the year is the International Weekend. During this weekend, exchange students from area high schools come to Abington for a day of school, and international dinner, a picnic, and a number of parties. It's a great time to meet many new and interesting people. The club's other activities include candy sales, bake sales, and many parties. S. Neu (Pres.), J. Kortright (V.P.), M. Baron (Treas.), N. Bond (Sec.), T. Cassalia, J. Hamilton, B. Kunanz, C. Fink. 103104VARSITY "A" T. Perrv; C. Foster; J. Broder; S. Schwartz; D. Harrar; D. Chamberlain — Pres; S. Wilson; K. Wegner; L. Valentine; S. Samuels; M. Paddick; A. Letizi; J. Seawrieht; J. O'Brien; T. Cookson; B. Ehly; P. Meara; M. Penecale; L. Margraff; D. Trevlyn; G. Bockoh; C. Bell; T. Lanzillotti; 1. Newman; C. Fechter; S. Barto; S. Wordinger; D. Turco; J. Moser; K. Ryan; P. Park; S. Early; M. Schuman; L. Smith; B. Wolfgang; D. Cristaldi; M. Carroll; L. Wallace; C. Embry; D. Ely; S. Thomas; D. Bubnis; D. Kaiser.BIBLE CLUB top row 1 to r: J. Harris, D. Woolever, D. Rickert, R. Thayne, Mrs. Lemmert, J. Conley, bottom row 1 to r: Mrs. White, L. Mendez, C. Leathead. The Abington Bible Club is composed of a group of students who meet briefly each day before school begins to share experiences concerning their faith. After the reading of a few verses from the Bible by a student leader, participants meditate on resolving problems and accepting the experience which they may encounter through the day. The members feel that this type of fellowship starts the day out right. Past club activities included hayrides, car washes, retreats, bake sales, and gym nights, as well as service projects. Newcomers are always welcome to join the Bible Club gang each morning. CHESS CLUB from 1 to r: B. Tompkins, E. Kaji, L. Mendez, M. Proctor, D. Peris, H. Bregman. League Standings Record Abington 8-2 Cheltenham 6-4 Jenkintown 6-4 P-W 6-4 L-C 0-10 North Penn 4-6 The chess club, though active throughout the school year, participates in the North Suburban Chess League from November to January. The league is made up of Abington and five other area schools, including Cheltenham, Jenk-intown, P-W. Lansdale Catholic and North Penn. Ten matches are scheduled weekly through the season, one home and one away with each team. The competing team consists of five players ranked from 1st to 5th boards according to ability. Selection of this team is made on the basis of participation in practices and intermember play. The 1980-81 season brought Abington its third chess championship in four years. The team finished with an 8-2 record overall, including match sweeps of Cheltenham, P-W, and Lansdale Catholic. Leading the team was Andrew Kahn, who won eight out of ten games. Competing members are David Allen, Bill Tompkins, Howard Bregman, Tom Arias, Andrew Silverman, Michael Proctor, Daniel Perris, and Eugene Kaji. The team is coached this year by Mr. Paul Swedberg. The chess club itself practices each week, for the enjoyment and improvement of its members. Last year it began what it hopes to be an annual event an open chess tournament in late May. 107SWIMMING AIDES A. Watt, A. Fields, L. Even. C.P.R. CLUB L. Aurbach, D. Riegel, E. Logan, M. Franklin, M. Ryan, Y. Jee, U. Cobb, A. Johnson, Mr. Nyman.USHERS USHERETTES C. Morgan, C. Folk, N. Lim, D. License, L. Lim, B. Reeves, K. Elsesser, S. Mahedevan, L. Schuyler, L. Coleman, M. Buster, A. Hardy, I. Cheun, K. Mahedevan, L. Weaver, A. Mason, K. Elssesser, V. Dohling. ’ Greeting you with a pleasant smile and offering their assistance at many South Campus functions are the members of the Usheres Usherettes Club. In their brand new maroon and white uniforms, they assist on Parent-Teacher Night, Winter Concert, take tickets and distribute programs at school plays and at the all-school musical, and help with refreshments and programs at the Honor Society Induction Ceremony. Their biggest event is the Graduation ceremony in which the junior girls assist in the ceremonies. F. Kuss, J. Ciocca, R. Driscoll, J. Rosenberg, S. Hoffman, T. Perry. Library aides volunteer free periods to assist their fellow students and the library in a variety of tasks. Their assistance is of importance in providing good library sendee to the school.SCHOOL STORE K. Bennett, M. Levitt, M. Song. The Future Business Leaders of America is a national student organization for secondary students enrolled in Business Education. In Pennsylvania, theF.B.L.A. is organized on three levels — state, regional, and local. The local Abington F.B.L.A. Club consists of an active group of students with a common interest in business activities. The club meets twice a month to plan for fund-raising, school service, and social activities. In past years, the club has shared its activities with the Business Department and the school in general, with such events as cake sales, white elephant sales, guest speakers, and participation in National Secretaries Week activities. Highlight of the club's year comes in the Spring when regional, state, and national contests are held. Here club members can display their proficiency in various business skills, thus bringing distinction to themselves and to their school. Contestants who place high in the regional contests are eligible to participate on the state level. A few highly successful competitors are able to move on to the national level, where students from all over the country compete for prizes and awards. On several occasions in the past, Abington students have gone on to compete, and to win, on the national level. All of these activities help the student become better adjusted employees and employers in the business world. noConcert Choir: Row 1: M. Marsilio, L. Pardi, K Speth, D. Poirier, L. Lim. R. Telepko, K. Tressider, R. Roma, M. Andrake, A. Hardy, M. Hardison, S. Witter, L. Marone, B. Steinberg. Row 2: J. Hullstrune, E. Stevens, H. Campfield, P Swan, C. Good, K. Keiser, L. Pardi, H. Lauts, D. Kaiser, D. Rowland, A. Hilfer, D. McLaughlin, L. Tvrell, C. Silverman, W. Metzger, R. Oertel, S. Minch. Row 3: L. Dunhan, B. Endrich, L. Lundquist, J. McIntyre, T. Gallant, R. Wagner, P. Greenlee, C. Brown, D. Allen, M. Drury, L. Zanine, M. Andrake, T. Gross, S. Manaker, J. McGee, G. Rickert, P. Waters. All-Eastern Choir: E. Stevens Madrigals: Row 1: L. Pardi, K. Speth, S. Witter Row 2: E. Stevens, H. Lauts, S. Manaker, G. Rickert Row 3: K. Keiser, T. Gallant, P. Greenlee, D. Allen, M. Drury, M. Andrake. The Concert Choir, consisting of approximately sixty students, is the largest vocal group at Abington. The group meets five times a week and works hard to prepare a variety of selections for its steiens several yearly concerts. The choir, along with Abington's other m. Andrake Row 4: R. Miller musical organizations, appears at the Fine Arts Festival in the spring. The Madrigal Singers is one of the most active choral groups in Abington. There are twenty members who meet three times a week to learn all types of music, ranging from ancient motels to popular songs. The Madrigal Singers perform at the Fine Arts Festival in May as well as singing for various local hospitals and community groups. n x o 53 111R. Leibholz, L. Wallace. A. Provenzano, C. London, S. Shacklady, P. Mott, A. Scherrer, K. Ohl, M. Lawsin, D. Chizever, A. Feldman, P. Dennis. I. Walker, A. Castner, K. Lee, F. Mikelberg, D. Bakuckas, M. Fellev, D. Haas, J. Hardiman, D. Patchell, D. Willard, D. Genesio, L. Zanine, S. Park, B. Zscunke, M. Kaal, J. Hamilton, P. Owens, K. Baker, K. Speth, D. Goldhirsh, G. Craw ford, R. Corrado, D. Wagner, not pictured A. Elliott, E. Heckard, H. Muller, M. Kind, K. Wagner, L. Dicks, B. Thomer, A. Rossman, J. Klinger, District XI Orchestra Orchestra, District Orchestra, and Regional L. Wallace, R. Leibholz, K. Wagner, M. Fel- I ItTn AC •!- ■ ley, E Heckard, H. Muller, Region II State ILllColIcl Orchestra, Robert Leibholz. 112Row 1: J. Lavell, S. Labkoff, T. Silver, R. Epstein, G. Jester, S. Lane, R. Howald, G. Barcoff, C. Foster, D. Clouse, K. Macauly. Row 2: D. Searls, B. Lane, D. Genesio, L. Zanine, M. Scott, K. Ohl, M. Norris, T. Frank, D. Block, D. Divine. Row 3: D. Depalontonio, T. Searls, E. Staffer, D. Patchell, F. Summers, S. Linder, F. Write, B. Schultz, R. Miller, B. Thomer, R. Silverman. Rowr 4: R. Stilltreger, 5. Lavelle, B. Chunky, A. Mason, S. Laner, B. Albrect, B. McGonigle, S. Moyer, J. McIntyre. Row 5: J. Daughn, G. Keybo, L. Skyler, D. Chalfont, S. Mahadevan, S. Buchoftz, K. Dalzell, K. Speth, H. Campfield, K. Wagman. Row 6: D. Catherman, L. Waegerly, L. McGonigle, K. Pseulo, E. Davis, P. Owens, L. Watkins, D. Hattal, A. Strock, C. Braim, L. Temple. Not Pictured: G. Koefler, J. Crawford, L. Yarnoff, K. Wagner, D. Turn, M. Andrake, L. Coleman, D. Rowland, E. Heckard, R. Gatter, H. Muller, C. Beahan, S. Thomson, J. Klinger, K. Jones, B. Bushey, S.F. Bushey, J. Learch. CONCERT BAND £ DISTRICT BAND First row: A. Eliot, E. Davis, S. Buchholtz. Second row: T. Frank, S. Thompson, H. Muller, T. Searls, E. Heckard. 113ABINGTON MARCHING BAND Flutes: C. Braim, M. Coe, L. Coleman, K. Costello, J. Daughen, M. Gaul, D. Hattal, L. Hoppe, L. McGonigle, J. McIntyre, K. rsula, N. Ray, A. Saurmann, S. Snamlian, S. Shepard, K. Speth, L. Temple. Clarinet: B. Albrecht, S. Buccholtz, D. Chalfont, K. Dalzell, T. De-serable, B. Davine, G. Keller, S. Lehner, S. Mahadevan, A. Mason, B. McGonigle, S. Ritter, L. Schuyer, B. Zschunke, M. Mild van. Saxophones: B. Bushey, K. Eyre, G.' Kehoe, J. Klinger, S. Lavelle, E. Stauffer, W. Thomer, S. Weber. Trumpets: D. Connell, S. Hill, G. Huberr j. Gullstrung, R. Kaye, S. Linaer, P. Malarky, R. Miller, D. Patchell, R. Polomsky, B. Schultz, P. Willard, F. Wright. Mellphone: M. Andrake, C. Beahan, E. Faunce, S. Rowe, K. Manadevan, A. Warner. Trombone: M. Costello, L. DiMassa, A. Elliot, B. Lane, J. Schilling, L. Zanine. Baritone: D. Genesio, K. Ohi, M. Rhode, S. Thompson. Sousaphone: D. Coouse, J. Denelsbeck, J. Lavelle, K. Macauley, B. Saylor, K. Wagner. Percussion: G. Crawford, R. Ep- stein, R. Gatter, M. Ding, J. Helwig, H. Muller, R. Corrado, G. Jester, Y. Silver, S. Bing, M. Genesio, R. Howald, A. Kintisch, D. Turn, P. Dennis. Twirlers: D. Lambert, G. Mihok, D. Mavroth, 1. Stauffer, C. Tormetta, K. Zimmerman. Swing Flats: M. Bond, J. Feldman, S. Fisher, D. Giovinazzo, K. Glusker, S. Galingan, A. Hardy, M. Hubley, S. Lane, T. McStay, D. Milligan, B. Morris, E. O'Hallaran, P. Owens, T. Riehm, S. Schector, P. Smith, J. Spector, L. Stevenson, L. Strnad, A. Stroch, S. Swift, D. Thompson, b. Witter, M. Wolfson. Rifles: L. Barnard, D. Diegel, S. Hannon, A. Lem-pa, P. Moore, E. Stevens, K. Stubanas. Silks: C. Bryce, J. Cheun, C Durphy, S. Fesmire, C. Folk, S. Gill, E. Henderson, T. James, J. Johnson, C. Kaufman, J. LaRoche, A. Magison, L. McDonald, H. Mihalitsch, C. Morgan, A. Mosee, R. Oertel, J. Rosen, M. Ryan, D. Schilling, S. Schackiady, D. Staley, K. Tressider, J. Walker, 5. Weber. 114Silks: Front: C. Durphv, J. Rosen. Row 1: C. Morgan, S. Fesmire, C. Fold, A. Magison, S. Weber, M. Ryan. Row’ 2: S. Gill, D. Staley, E. Henderson, R. Oertel, K. Tressider, J. LaRoche, H. Mihalitsch. Row 3: L. MacDonald, T. James. A. Mosee, D. Schilling, S. Shacklady, C. Bryce, J. Johnson. Majorettes: 1. Stauffer, D. Lambert, D. Navroth (capt.), G. Mihok, S. Howald, C. Tornetta. % Swing Flags: Front: S. Witter (capt.), A. Strock (It.), Row 1: S. Fisher, S. Schecter, D. Giovanazzo, M. Hubley, J. Spector, M. Wolfson, M. Bond, S. Swift. Row 2: L. Strnad, S. Golingan, D. Milligan, P. Smith, J. Feldman, A. Hardv, S. Lane. Row' 3: T. Riehm, P. Owens, T. McStav, F. Molone, K. Glusker, D. Thompson, L. Stevenson. B. Morris. 116 Oklahoma! MAKCH 29 31, 1979 The Sound off Music O O Hr- v vV lufion bn a Conception ot Jerome Rob |r Laurents Music by t eonaf— .yrics by Stephen Sondheim .re Original Production Directed horeographed by Jerome Robbins uced on Broadway by Robert E. Griffith and ice by Arrangement with Roger L Stevens. 26, 27 and 28, 1981 at 8:00 P.M. in the outh Campus Auditorium (or ticket Information .. - A-,r r TQR r r RFid gRf|PARTED ON HER WEDDING MORN or MORE TO BE PITIED THAN SCORNED by Leiand Price Cast of Characters (in order of appearance) FAITH TRUEHEART, our heroine. (Oh, so pure and misunderstood) .............. Karen Garberina MOTHER MAHONEY, a neighbor, (You can't beat the Irish) .......................... Judy Bregman BOWERY LIZ, with a heart of gold and teeth to match. (Some gal!) ............... Abbe Miller DESMOND DALTON, a black-hearted villain. (Oh! you nasty man!) ................. Mitch Cropper OPAL BUCKINGHAM, a villainess if there ever was one. (The meanie!) .......... Lauren Freedman EXCELSIOR COLFAX, our noble hero. (What a man!)...........................Scott Cannon SETTING: The entire action of the play takes place in Bowery Liz's room in a city tenement house. (Some Joint!) TIME: A winter's day. (And if you don't think its cold, you must be overheated!) There will be a TEN minute intermission between shows. 118THE DEATH AND LIFE OF SNEAKY FITCH Ly James L. Rosenberg They say miracles are past and we have our philosophical persons, to make modern and familiar, things supernatural and causeless. Hence it is that we make trifles of terrors, ensconcing ourselves into seeming knowledge, when we should submit ourselves unto an unknown fear. « » ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS W2LL Act II, Scene 3 Cast of Characters (in order of appearance) THE SINGER................................. Todd Gross RACKHAM, fastest gun in the West.....Geoff Magistrate JOE CARTER, cowboy ........................ Alan Printz MERVYN VALE, undertaker .................... Tom Yanni MAROON, dance hall girl ............ Christine Stewart SHERIFF JACK OGLESBY ................... Mitch Gropper DOC BURCH ................................. Dave Wargo REV. STANLEY BLACKWOOD ........................... Evan Schuraan MRS. VALE........................................ Sally Frank MRS. BLACKWOOD ....................... Valerie Dohling SNEAKY FITCH ............................. Scott Cannon BILL JACKSON, cowboy ..................... Larry Printz BOB WILSON, cowboy ...................... Michael Bett TOWNSPEOPLE ...... Adrienne Provenzano, Marci Gronper, Karen Garberina, Cyndee Folk, Stuart Toben SETTING: Gopher Culch, Out West TIME: Once upon a time.NORTH CAMPUS nJ U 2 D O u H 2 w D D H CD n n David Baer, Sara Barbella, Donna Brown, Michael Chizever, Megan Costello, John Davine, Ellen Duggan, Tracy George, Aaron Green, Mary Heuses, Jennifer Johnson, Paul Kline, Craig Lerch, Alan Marks, Leigh McDonald, Lee Miller, Allyson Nemec, Lou Qualcenbush, Trica Santry, Suzanne Schechter, Bruce Simon, Chuck Townsend, Pam Warner, Faith Alahverde, Ken Brandenburger, Todd Buckley, Amanda Chamberlin, Michele Creely, Leslie Donnell, Regina Fees, Merritt Geilfuss, Tanya Granger, Debra Harris, Ginny Hines, Judith Kaye, Elliot Leitman, Eugene Lewis, Jennifer Maxwell, Pat McManus, Patrice Morton, Jon Podwil, Jeff Rubin, Eric Schmidt, Pam Smiler, Bruce Strunk, Kelly Timbers, Scott Weinstein, Laurie Woodward, A. Broder, J. Spector, L. Leon, R. Kerner, M. Silberman, M. McGee, H. Bockol. H w 0 o CD o 2 O X S. Epstein, A. Busch, M. Silberman, L. Leon, E. Lishnoff, A. Bacal, M. Heuger, P. Mott, S. Ballard, D. Connell, A. Kintisch, M. McGee, R. Kerner, H. Russell, B. Broker, J. Spector, S. Bachman, L. Edelman, L. Lizerbram, P. Reme, J. Meyer, S. Shamlian, C. Rowland, P. DuBois, M. Felley, H. Shin, D. Kuss, S. Weber, R. Kaye, C. Stewart, M. Jay, R. Gunther, J. Silver, K. Baker, P. Malarkev, M. Helwig, Mrs. Freedman (sponsor), D. Omdal, A. Nemec, B. Sarman, S. Shecter, D. Milligan, M. Hubley, D. Giovinazzo, D. Andraka, M. Hanna, V. Wood, N. Ray, S. Cohen, B. Simon, D. Arbittier, M. Carminati, J. Davine. 120GHOST POST Jill Spector, Alesia Alexander, Oren Giskanm, Bruce Simon, Steve Cohen, Eric Goldblatt, David Brail, Tanya Perfecky, Judi Stoloff, Dorie Goldhirsh, Naomi Kaii, Kevin Gaines, Troy Gallant, Yvonne Jonas, Melissa Mairg, Alisa Silverman, Becky Fisher, Rose Dikyne, Felloe Mikelberg, Cathy Shin, Barry Heazky, Mike O'Halloran, Helen Shin, Valerie Wood, Sally Fisher, Dave Greenbaum, Elisa Lure, Shelley Umbenhauer, Bani Sarma, Patti Slight, Carrie Shuman, Merrit Geilfuss, Judi Kaye, Yvonne Zazlow, Kim Fisch, Betty Loftus, Michele Jay, John Davirie, Scott Sheffer, Kathy Matthews, Maria Gaul, Janice Kaufmann, Scott Grenald, Hugh Goldman, David Sasent. Frank Johnson (Adminstrative Assistant), Jennie Meyer (Secretary), Ellen Lishoff (Treasurer), Sheila Ballen (Parlaimentarian), Alice Swift (Corresponding Secretary), Mr. Ray Hunter (Sponsor), Tracv George, Marianne Tancor, Maitin Rhode, Alan Waene, Megan Costello, Abby Bacal, Beth Abrams, Chris Stewart,'Wendy Mitchell, Cathy Hartman, Amy Steingard, Brian Hewish, Eve Reiff, Marla Landis, Jennifer Neff, Risa Vetri, Karen Eckett, Johnita Williams, Renee Dinkeris, Jim Crowther, Alesia Alexander, Tammy White, Donna Brown, John Simon, Amy Sourman, Abby Schwartz, Laurie Edelman, Kim Bolig, Robyn Peal, Yvette Flipping, Kim Coles,'Kathy Matthews, Bill DeLeon, Stuart Gold, Neil Safier, Marleise Shuttle, Randi Klazmer, Donna Barlow, Debbie Bacharacn, Dan Chizever, Robert Dockstader (President), Janet Gerhard (Vice President), David Capin, Annette Lindley, Eileen McHale, Mike Mancine, Kelly Williams, Millie Schick, Trish Santry, Laurie Novack, Cindy Katz, Alison Kluger, Suzanne Bochman. 121D. Bacharach, S. Ballen, D. Barlow, M. Bostard, B. Christensen, T. Cornell, J. Cornillot, K. Cupo, K. Eckert, M. Falts, S. Fisher, B. Fox, B. Gaelianese, K. Klock, M. Krom, D. Kuss, A. Krugman, L. Novack, B. Sarma, A. Schwartz, K. Skasko, R. Verti, L. Weber, J. Abraham, K. Coles, L. Gaglianese, Mr. Awad (Sponsor). M. Umbenhauer, B. Christensen, D. Brown, T. Cornell, M. Wolfson, N. Bond, J. Malpass, C. Shin, T. Smalley, P. Abowitz, R. Gunther, M. Viers, V. Kovacs,K. Cupo,T. Doyle, C. McGee, A. Warne, A. Krugman, N. Stansburg, S. Bing, K. Stubanas, S. Purdy, T. Baldwin, A. Green, W. Coulston, K. Skasko, H. Shay, T. Clare. 22AFFILIATION CLUB D. Devoe, H. Bockol, K. Eckepe, R. Vetri, T. Cornell, G. Muldowney, F. Mikelberg, K. Cupo, J. Goldberg, L. Edelman, A. Busch, M. Silberman, M. Landis, D. Bacharach, Mr. Wilke, J. Kim, D. Dieterly; C. Hunes, C. Stewart, T. VanVoorhes, L. Meyer, L. Kon, j. Meyer, J. Comillot, L. Leon, S. Ballen, S. Ballard, E. Lishnoff, R. Klazmer, D. Barlow, L. Lizerbram, Mr. Reeves. 123 K. Eckert, D. Devoe, T. Cornell, C. Humes, K. Cupo, J. Kim, Mr. Wilk.D. Milligan, K. Cupo, M. Jay, S. Blackwell, K. Kluck, B. Gaglianese, D. Andrake, K. Coles, Mrs. Fechter (Advisor). 124 L. Crews, M. Chizever, B. Weir, A. Feldman, P. Dennis, S. Shepherd, B. Christensen, B. Sarma, S. Barbella, T. Cornell, T. Clare, J. Holsinger (Advisor), K. Maasik, L. Maher, K. Durkin, J. DiPalma.NORTH CAMPUS PLAY: CAST AND CREW Lori Leon, Stephanie Purdy, Ken Stoeffler, Cathv Hodgson, Jennifer Johnson, Donna Giovinazzo, Allyson Nemec, Helen Quinn, Ellen Lishnoff, Michele Silberman, Louise Oertel, Dianna Kauderer, Reaina Fees, Suzanne Bockman, Allison Kluger, Stacey Wills, Stephanie Kieserman, Suzy Park, Alisa Fine, Mr. Anderson (Sponsor). Lorri Porterfield, Saeah Sapiro, Dawn McNair, Brian Weinstein, Dome Goldhirsch, Jane Gross, Adrienne Delgado, Bill DeLeon, Jim Crowther, Donna Brown, E.J. Singley, Lisa Smith, David Allen, Laurie Woodward, Mr. Kelly, Cheryl Heiser, Troy Gallant. 125SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSP ORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPOR TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSP ORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPOR TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSP ORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPOR TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSP ORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPOR TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSP ORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPOR TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSP ORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPOR TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSP ORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPOR TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSP ORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPOR TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS SPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPRow 1 Bottom (L to R): L. Smith, L. Valentine. Row 2, Middle: J. Fink, G. Bachman, K. Sokoloff. Row 3, Top: C. Phillips, A. Swift, P. Remee. 129Football Bottom Row I (L to R): A. Nash, A. Barsky, P. Tague, G. McCallister, M. Carrigan, G. Popper, J. Riemenschneider, S. Henze, J. Waeltz, S. Lee, T. Cookson, N. Matteo, N. Williams, P. Fitzgerald, M. Penecale, J. Lerch, L. Galtman, T. Young, K. Hairston. Row II: N. Haeberle, R. Starr, S. Metz, J. Morrison, R. Bucci, E. Desman, T. Owens, W. Rickard, D. Cameron, R. Berlin, S. Lassen, B. Cnatburn, A. Zumbach, C. Browm, B. Corrigan, B. O'Brien, M. Mathis, J. Lee, J. Lennon. Row III: G. Harrison, C. Eastwood, K. McCown, P. Anderson, S. Okabavashi, C. Lerch, J. Juarigue, P. Bums, R. Degurski, W. Olsen, J. Moore, T. Baldwin, J. Moore, C. Russell, B. Dortort, K. Vance, S. Amotta, B. Elv. Row IV: B. Garrett, G. Allman, M. Prior, M. Mancini, D. Brenner, M. Freeman, P. McCartney, J. Turco, R. Motz, P. Harrington, S. Tyson, C. Young, J. Fitzgerald, K. Boelter, E. Farmer, S. Gaines, M. Royce, G. Johnson, B. Neely, J. Love, S. McCall, B. Ulmer, K. Duncan. 130The 1980-81 football season started with a bang and ended with a strike. The ghosts, plagued by injuries throughout the season, relied on impressive defense and an imaginative offense to complete one of their finest seasons. The ghost season included and opening day victory over Pennridge, an impressive victory over Methac-ton, a come from behind victory over Pennsbury, and a season ending shutout over Upper Moreland. The strike ended what could have been Abington's finest season as four players received first team honors in all suburban voting. These players were Scott Lassen, Alan Zumbach, Steve Henze, and the team MVP, Chris Russell. The ghosts offense was led by Russell, Lassen, Zumbach, running back Micky Carrigan, and quarterback Jim Riemenschnieder, who was second best in the area. Henze, Neil Williams, Mark Penecale, George Popper, John Lerch and Chris Russell were standouts a defensive unit that made big plays when they had to. Other notable ghosts were linebacker Sun Ho Lee, center Pat Tague, kicker Andy Van Buren, flanker John Waeltz, defensive back Bill O'Brien, tight end Brian Chatburn and split ends James Love and Nick Matteo. 133Soccer 1st Row, Bottom (L to R): S. Griet, S. Wilson, D. Bubnis, D. Harrar, J. Haley, D. Swinan, J. Ackerman. Row 2, Middle: D. Pazullo, S. Steinmeyer, D. Rosenfeld, K. Wegener, G. Bokol, P. Davis, E. Tress. Row 3, Top: Mr. Luce, Coach, C. Fector, D. Ely, A. Frankenfield, A. VanBuren, M. Wilhelm, B. Ehly, M. Serban, T. Searls, J. Grove, Mr. Cooper, Coach. 134135After a slow start, the Abington booters got it together and posted a respectable 11-3-2 record. The turning point in the season came during a non-league game against an undefeated C.B. West team. A tie with such a strong opponent was a boost after a temporary drought. The Ghosts realized their potential and began to play with more confidence. The team went on to a long winning streak. The regular season came to a climatic finish against William Tennent. After beating U. Merion, Abington advanced to a three way tie for first place. Ghosts clinched a spot in the Suburban League playoffs by defeating Tennent in a game that had to be decided by a shootout after a double overtime period. Outstanding players were G. Bockol, D. Bubnis, C. Fechter, D. Harrar, S. Steinmeyer, D. Swinand and A. Van Buren.1st Row (L to R): J. Cooper, D. Chamberlin, B. Wolfgang. Row' 2: J. Garvin, D. Cristaldi, S. Ward, B. Gaglianese, B. Cooper, J. Moser. Row 3: S. Wordinger, D. Turco, L). Trevlyn, C. Castle, L. Margraff.The girls field hockey team finished with a 4-4 record in Sub. one play and a 7-5 overall record. Co-Captains D. Chamberlin and L. Margraff made the Sub. One First team. B. Wolfgang made the Sub. One second team. The team's top scorers were L. Margraff, 10 goals, D. Chamberlin, 7goals, and B. Wolfgang, 8 goals. The team will lose nine seniors, but will have seven juniors returning. 1391st Row, Bottom (L to R): S. Barbella, C. Rowland, A. Schwartz, C. Embery, M. Paddock, S. Samuels, B. Feldman, H. Cohen, M. Buster, M. Norris, E. Shipon, S. Frank, F. Koche. 2nd Row: D. Lemcke, Coach, L. Koff, M. Levenberg, M. Gropper, D. Gunton, T. Bass, L. Edleman, H. Bockol, D. Selieson, L. Selhat, S. Cohen, E. Frank.Girls' Tennis The Lady Ghosts finished tied for first place in Sub. One. The team was undefeated until their last match, when they lost to Cheltenham 4-3. Seniors B. Feldman and H. Cohen, first doubles team, and the team of M. Paddock and S. Samuels inspired the ghosts to another victorious season with the help of the coach, D. Lemcke. Hopefuls for next years team are S. Frank, C. Embery, D. Seliqsahm, and M. Buster. 141Row 1, Top (L to R): T. Skadden, C. Heuges, J. Larson, M. Greenburg, J. Evans, D. Flounders, D. Omdal, M. Heuges, A. Pitkow, R. Flint, Ass't Coach. Row 2, middle: D. Andrake, P. Baerle, K. Johnson, B. Pfender, B. Jefferson, P. Curran, T. VanVoorhees, B. Eisler. Row 3, bottom: B. Ripley, K. Pfender, A. Garberina, J. Cornillot, E. Reiff, J. Brill, P. DuBois. Not pictured: Coach J. Grande. 142The 1980 harrier team was characterized by perseverance. Overcoming injuries and disputes, the Lady Ghosts finished the season with a 5-3 winning record. A diehard core consisted of Mary Heuges, Kathy Johnson, Janice Brill, Pat Baurerle, and Pam DuBois. Kathy, Janice, and Pat earned T-shirts at the LaSalle Invitational; Mary, Pat, Jan, and Pam raked in trophies at the 7th Annual Montgomery County Championship; and Mary earned an honorable mention placing 10th in Suburban One Championships. The boys' Cross Country team had a below par year. They finished with an overall record of 4-6, and a Suburban One record of 4-4. The team only lost by an average of eight points in their six defeats. Dave Flounders finished fourth in the league championships, ninth in districts, and went to the state championships. Hopefuls for next year's team are John Evans and Adam Pitcal. 143Golf From L to R: J. McGee, A. Palmer, J. Ciocca, M. Gannon, A. Silverman, P. Peruzzi, B. Perns, J. Kramer, Mr. F. Sauter, Coach. 144The boys' golf team had a below par season. They were led by P. Peruzzi, M. Gannon, B. Pervis, and A. Silverman. Pervis and G. Kramer won a lot of matches for the team. Peruzzi finished fourth at the Sub. One golf championships. 145BOYS' BASKETBALL row 1,1. to r: Coach McDowell, D. Armstead, C. Simmons, F. Williams, L. Roberts, B. “Tiger" Heath, Coach J. Wilkinson, row 2,1. to r: K. “Special K“ Battle, T. Lanzillotti, M. Rhoades, B. Neely, D. Vaughn, Ass't Coach Weiner. 146The boys' basketball team finished with a league record of 10-6 and an overall record of 13-7, which put them in third place in Suburban One. This was the ghosts thirteenth winning season in a row. The team had a rough start, having to play 9 games in 13 days. The team had their backs against the wall many times and came through. Fred Williams, Brian Neely, Marshell Rhodes, Robert (Tiger) Heath and Lewis Roberts started most of the year with strong help from the bench. Kelvin Battle, Tony Lanzillotti, Clyde Simmons, Darty Armstead and Jimmy Love were senior contributors this year. The team was written off at the beginning of the season, because of the strike, but the ghosts didn't give up and proved you never can write off an Abington boys' basketball team. The Ghosts season ended after a loss to Bensalem in the second round of the PIAA playoffs. 149- varsity basketball WA WB GIRLS GIRLS' BASKETBALL: front row, 1. to r: S. Faunce, J. Moser, D. Chamberlan, C. Parham, S. Parham, second row, I. to r: Mr. Koch, C. Flipping, K. Ryan B. Simmons, L. Margraff, S. Thomas, S. Wordinger, K. Raysor, C. Castle, T. Mathis, Mr. Martin. rr o jGIRLS' JV BASKETBALL Although this year the girls' basketball team did not have a season to match their expectations, it was one of challenge and fun for everyone participating. Starting seniors for the 1980-81 season were Captain Dawn Chamberlain, Lisa Mar-graff, Sandy Faunce and Belinda Simmons. Seniors Judy Moser and Sue Thomas were the back up for this squad along with juniors Sue Wordinger, Sheri Parham and sophomore Linda Caine. Sophomore Sabrina Parham was the only underclassman to start, with junior Karen Kaysor doing a fine job as the sixth person. Even falling just short of victory for most of the season, the team put forth a great effort and showed much enthusiasm, making it a very enjoyable season. 151INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL The Champs, Temple: Row 1: "Rev" Nash Row 2: B. Fiorillo, R. Williams, I. Veney, M. Marshall, T. Carrol, A. Dickerson. 152 2, Penn: Row 1: A. Nash Row 2 L to R: K. Smigel, A. Howald, B. Reickert, D. Searls, P. Stern, D. Smigel.Row 1, 1. to r: M. Ferraro, P. Meara. Row 2,1, to r: P. Tague, W. Hackey, P. Fittipaldi, C. Willis. Not Pictured: S. Henze, T. Frank, R. Rauch. Row 1,1. to r: J. Gibson, S. Cannon. Row 2,1. to r: B. Enright, T. Cookson, M. Colton, S. Tobin. Not Pictured: L. Galtman, S. Okabayashi, A. Shubin. The Saturday Afternoon Intramural Basketball League at South Campus, completed its 28th year under the director ship of Mr. Charles E. Schneller. Over 80 boys participated in the program for 1980-81. Mr. Lavelle, co-director, remarked how smoothly the program went this year with no forfeits during regular season play. In the championship game Temple overwhelmed Penn in the first quarter by a 32-4 outburst of points, however the Penn runner up to undefeated Temple caught fire and outscored the champions in the last three quarters to lose by only 8 points. Co-captains Harry Nash netted 18 points and Rick William 20 for Temple; while Phil Stern had 16 and Allen Nash hit for 24 points to be high man for Penn in the championship game. It was a most unusual season since 4 teams ended up in a tie for second place. Penn beat both Princeton and Notre Dame to gain the championship playoffs.Row 1,1. to r: D. Tiano, S. Grastv, E. Preston, J. Lerch. Row 2: T. Owens. Not Pictured: M. Llanos, ). Michaels, A. Silver-man, W. Sudler. Row 1,1. to r: D. Bubnis, E. Farmer, M. Carrigan, A. Adams, P. Cupo. Row 2,1. to r: T. Searls, C. Croxton, B. Bushev. Not Pictured: J. Morton. Row 1,1. to r: J. Riemenschneider, C. Fechter. Row 2,1. to r: N. Williams, B. Corrigan, C. Garrett, T. Rawley, A. Van Buren, G. Robinson.Average 37.8 28.1 26.4 26.1 25.2 23.7 23.0 22.1 20.5 20.5 19.4 19.2 19.0 18.5 17.1 'layer 1. Allen Nash 2. Walt Hackey Harry Nash 4. Steve Grasty 5. Rich Williams 6. Terry Owens 7. Carl Willis 8. Doug Waejten 9. Jim Gibson 9. PaulWeibmann 10. Jim Veney 11. Phil Rauley 12. Dan Bubnis 13. Dave Tiano 14. Mark Marshall Total Points 267 197 185 183 177 167 162 156 144 144 136 135 133 130 120 Top Scoters Row 1, L Vo R-. H. Nash, A. Nash,). Veney. Row 2'. R. Williams, T. Owens, S. Grasty, C. Willis. Final League Standings TEAM WON LOST Temple 9 0 Penn 6 4 Notre Dame 6 4 Villanova 5 4 UCLA 4 4 Princeton 4 5 Navy 3 8 Army 0 8 155BOYS' SWIMMING Row 1, L. to R.: D. Turn, V. Dohleen, J. Frazier, P. McManus, A. Sykes, T. Smalley. Row 2, L. to R.: T. Nyman, P. Moore, D. Driscoll, D. Dafillo, M. McAndrew, B. Woolover, C. Downey. Row 3, L. to R.: D. Krewson, G. Crawford, B. Lane, T. Erwine, T. Harris, J. Smalley, S. Lange, P. Downey, S. Tolen.The boys' swim team, though hampered by the teachers' strike, managed to have a fine season. They finished 4th place overall in Sub. I competition, and were led by captains S. Lange, J. Smalley, and J. Harris. Freshman sensation Dan Krewson placed 7th in the state in the 500 freestyle and broke Scott Brown's school record. The team, although losing the seniors, looks forward to a great season next year, under the coaching of Mr. Nyman. 157Row 1, L. to R: C. Lassen, M. Chamberlain, R. Fees, H. Dunn, L. Schumann, L. McDonell, W. Karolczak. Row 2: T. George, D. Barlow, K. Eckert, K. Sampson, J. Garvin, L. Maher, Ass't Coach C.A. Smalley. Row 3: Managers, B. Stroke, L. Hoppe, E. Duggan. Row 4: J. Dimond, A. Watt, Capt. K. Garvin, K. VanVorhees, N. Hanna, W. Garbutt, S. Ballard, Head Coach Doc Jurich.GIRLS SWIMMING The girls' swimming team had a very successful season, considering the late start in getting ready for the season. The team was young in there were many sophomores and freshmen. Karen Garvin was this years' captain and did a very nice job in being a leader — Karen broke the 7 year old record in the backstroke event of 1:06:1 with a new one of 1:05:6, she will be missed for her contribution in points and her pleasant personality. Juniors, Jeanne Garvin, Amy Watt and Karen Sampson were fine point getters in their events. The swim team loses Karen Garvin and Karen VanVorhees to graduation but they leave behind a fine nucleus of young swimmers. The exciting meets were the upset victories over Upper Merion 87-85, and strong Wissahickon 102-69, especially after two sound losses, two consecutive days in a row. Good Luck to all — see you next season. 159BOYS' GYMNASTICS F. Beard, S. Costanzo, R. Kemer, J. Kramer, A. Rasar, Coach Porter, H. Yi, J. Van Buren, S. Timmosy, K. Griffin.GIRLS' GYMNASTICS T. Skaddan, D. Goldhirsh, S. Shamlian, D. Trevlyn, j. Wilkinson, Coach Lush, S. Barbella, E. McHale.WRESTLING Row 1; L to R P. Kim, L. DiMassa, W. Burger, R. Woo, S. Czerwonka, C. Czerwonka, P. Hoehn, D. Baren, M. Boyes, J. Oxendine, B. Motz. Row 2; L to R Coach B. Lewis, Coach B. Lederman, F. Johnson, J. Haley, J. Mattia, B. Brodhag, R. Galtman, J. Dougherty, G. McCallister, D. Dipretis, S. Lassen (co-capt.), D. Harrar, J. Newman (co-capt.), B. Glick, A. Riemenschneider, S. Batchelor, P. McCarren, C. Lerch, Coach J. Batchelor.WRESTLING The Grappling Ghosts had their most successful season in five years despite a late start due to the teacher's strike. The Ghosts started the season by wrestling four of the toughest teams in the area and coming up with four straight losses. They were, however, able to win four of their last five matches and finish with a .500 season in the league. This was good enough to earn them fifth place in the tough Suburban One. As a team the Ghosts were toughest with their strong mid-dleweights led by co-captains Scott Lassen and John Newman, and also Steve Czerwonka, Walt Berger, Dave Harrar, and George McCallister. Injuries hurt the team, but they were able to advance three wrestlers to the District Tournament at the time of this writing. Scott Lassen and Steve Czerwonka each won a sectional championship while Dave Harrar placed third. 163HOCKEY HOCKEY: top, 1. to r:J. Kalline, B. Brady, S. Czerviski, J. Nordon, P. Dubois, J. Herman, bottom, 1. to r: T. Scheid, B. Miller, P. Gardner, L. Lorenz, B. Brady, T. White, G. CTorey, J. Mulhern.The Abington Ice Men had a fine season this year. They finished with an overall record of 11-5-3. The team attracted a large Abington audience because of their reputation as a hard hitting, agressive team, and Andy Kubit's aftergame activities. The goal tending of Bob Brady kept the Ghosts in many games. He also recorded six shutouts. The ice men first round playoff opponent G. Washington fell in two games under the checking of the Ghosts. The Ghosts state championship hopes were crushed when they lost two straight to the fast skating Germantown Academy. Both games were decided in the third period.RIFLERY A. Singer, C. Braim, S. Moyer, C. Foster, J. Lavelle, E. Stauffer, R. Gatter, D. Catherman, J. Schmidt, A. Ochroch, Y. Martinez, Coach J. Burgess. The Abington rifle team practices daily during the winter sports season under the supervision of an excellent coaching staff — yeah, right! The team shoots .22 caliber rifles at 50 ft. and competes against other Suburban 1 teams through January and February. This year the team shot against non-league teams from Chestnut Hill and Quakertown. Despite some tough competition the team has been successful in and out of its league. The team lost valuable practice time due to the school strike and suffered its only two losses in four years early in the season. The shooters overcame the odds of a rookie team and finished the season with a tremendous victory and its best score of the year — this is true! The team is very proud of such a victory because 2 3 of the group is new to the sport. The teams three veteran seniors received vital support from these senior, junior and sophomore teammates, without whom such a successful season would have been impossible. Therefore, the “killer relay" would like to leave the team to Sean, Yung, Peaches, Red, Stang, Rock and with many fond memories to Stud, Bolt Man, and Burge.Row 1: K. Jones, K. Hairston, J. Evans, T. Perry, T. Young, S. Hindsman, K. Boelter, S. Haubenstein. Row 2: C. Russell, J. Zucker, A. Kerstetter, E. Washington, M. Marshall, J. Hogan, A. Rowe, D. Flounders, J. Kim, M. Adams, C. Callas, A. Zumbach.BOYS' BOWLING Row 1: G. Bookman, W. Yerkes. Row 2: Mr. Sauter, coach: S. Rook, B. Bushey, Captain; A. Cohn.Row l: E. Salanik, J. Kuhn, D. Tunstall. Row 2: T. Tunstall, V. Yerkcs, Pete Kelly, Assistant Coach; M. Hoffman. The late start of the varsity bowling teams may have cost them the Suburban I Championship. The teams just started to jell about halfway through the season. The boys' varsity won 7 out of 21 games the first half of the season and 13 out of 21 the second half of the season. They ended the season in fourth place. Norristown and William Tennent tied for the Suburban I Championship with 26 wins each. Abing-ton's boys defeated both teams the second half. The junior varsity teams won first place. The girls' varsity won third place honors. The end of the 1980-81 bowling season played havoc with the varsity teams. Abington loses four hard-to-replace bowlers from the boys' varsity. Seniors Bran Bushev, Jimmy Love, Andy Cohn, and Mike Adler. The girls' varsity will lose Valerie Yerkes, Eileen Salanik and Becky Kauffman. The nucleus for the boys' varsity next year will probably be the following students: Tenth grader Wes Yerkes, ninth grader Erik Schmidt and eleventh graders Gregg Bockman, Joe Minissale, Ernie Wright and Joe Ciocca. Melanie Hoffman, Debbie Tunstall and Joyce Justice, eleventh grade girls and tenth grader Terrie Tunstall should be starters for the girls' varsity next year. 169 GIRLS' BOWLINGSPORTS STATISTICS Abington Ice Hockev Schedule 1980-81 Abington 2 Abington 8 Abington 5 Abington 15 Abington 1 Abington 5 Abington 3 Abington 6 Abington 4 Abington 0 Abington 4 Abington 1 Abington 5 Abington 5 Abington 3 Abington 5 Abington 2 Abington 11 Abington 2 North Catholic Upper Dublin McDevitt Roxborough Cheltenham LaSalle North Penn Central Bucks Wm. Tennent Germantown Academy George Washington Germantown Academy North Penn Council Rock Archbishop Wood George Washington William Tennent Council Rock Archbishop Wood 3 3 0 0 1 2 1 0 3 5 4 2 0 0 5 3 3 5 2 Final Regular Season Record 11-5-3 Suburban High School Hockey League All Stars: Bob Brady, Brian Brady, Andy Kubit, Leo Lorenz. Boys' Swim Team Opponent 72 Springfield 94 79 Plymouth Whitemarsh 92 57 Upper Dublin 112 78 Upper Moreland 88 95 Upper Merion Norristown 76 88 82 74. William Tennent 96 73 Wisshickon 98 57 Methacton 115 94 Cheltenham Overall Suburban I W L 3-7 3-5 77 Boys' Cross Country Abington 23 Cheltenham 34 36 William Tennent 24 33 A.B. Wood 25 36 C.B. East 25 24 Norristown 33 24 U. Moreland 33 32 U. Merion 25 25 P. Whitemarsh 32 29 U. Dublin 27 34 Methacton 25 Overall Record 4-6 Suburban I 4-4 Girls' Cross Country 22 William Tennent 33 43 Cheltenham 18 17 C.B East 42 47 U. Moreland 15 34 Norristown 21 27 P. Whitemarsh 28 24 U. Merion 33 40 U. Dublin 15 15 Methacton 49 Abington Girls' Gymnastics Abington 75.7 76.5 71.15 Honors: D. Trevlvn Beam First Place Sub. I S. Barbella Beam Second Place Sub. I S. Barbella Floor Second Place Sub. I Opponent North Penn Plymouth Whitemarsh Cneltenham Girls' Field Hockey - Abington 3 (ovt.) Bensalem 3 0 (ovt.) Wissahickon 0 0 North Penn 2 - 3 jenkintown 0 2 Upper Moreland Norristown 0 2 0 0 (ovt.) P. Whitemarsh 0 0 Upper Merion William Tennent 2 2 (ovt.) 2 1 (ovt.) Methacton 1 3 1 (ovt.) Upper Dublin Cneltenham 1 1Football Team Girls' Basketball Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Final Seas 34 Norristown 66 44 Methacton 61 46 Council Rock 59 48 U. Merion 52 29 U. Dublin 41 37 Cheltenham 29 41 U. Moreland 35 44 P.W. 55 47 W. Tennent 48 45 Allentown-Alien 60 49 Methacton 40 39 U. Merion 49 45 U. Dublin 37 33 Wm. Tennent 71 39 U. Moreland 34 39 Norristown 63 58 Woodrow Wilson 37 34 Cheltenham 25 46 P.W. 69 Abington Basketball Schedule 1980-81 Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Final Si eason 52 Norristown 60 70 Methacton 60 79 U. Merion 56 49 U. Dublin 61 51 Cheltenham 53 51 P.W. 52 79 U. Moreland 58 71 W. Tennent 46 49 Allentown 51 54 Methacton 47 73 U. Merion 52 47 U. Dublin 54 75 W. Tennent 57 48 U. Moreland 42 53 Norristown 54 68 W. Wilson 65 76 Neshaminy M.P. 50 48 Cheltenham 45 65 P.W. 57 61 P.W. 52 70 Bensalem 56 Abington Pennridge Opponent 15 13 16 Nesh. Langhorne 20 7 Plym. Whitemarsh 17 21 Pennsbury 13 16 Methacton 6 8 Upper Merion Wm. Tennent 21 8 23 17 Upper Moreland Overall Record 4-4 0 Wrestling Team Abington Upper Merion Plymouth Whitemarsh Methacton Opponent 9 51 15 18 42 40 33 Upper Moreland WiDiam Tennent 19 15 38 34 Cheltenham 15 22 Upper Dublin Norristown 20 36 14 12 North Penn 41 Overall Record 4-5 Suburban I 4-4 . Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Rifle Schedule 1980-81 593-4IX Quakertown 544-40X 497-29X Quakertown 496-33X 488-26X Chestnut Hill 483-20X 494-35X C.B. East 480-25X 488-27X Hatboro-Horsham 481-15X 486-24X Hatboro-Horsham 479-21X 491-33X Wissahickon 494-32X 496-35X Wissahickon 496-26X 498-28X Record 7-2 Chestnut Hill Academy 485-15X 1980 GIRLS' TENNIS RESUME Varsity 5-2 Opponent North Penn J.V. 7-0 3-4 C.B. East 2-4 7-0 7-0 Springfield U. Moreland 9-0 7-2 7-0 Norristown 8-0 6-1 P-W 5-0 7-0 U. Merion 6-2 6-1 WilliamTennent 5-0 6-1 Methacton 7-1 6-1 Upper Dublin Cheltenham 7-0 3-4 6-1 9-2 10-1 HONORS: Team Suburban I Co-Champs INDIVIDUAL: Elisa Shipon, Michelle Buster — 4th Sub I Doubles 171REFLECTIONS North Campus is vastly different from any of the junior high schools in Abington. Just ask anyone from Huntinguon Jr., Abington Jr., or Glenside-Weldon Junior High. The first thing a new ninth-grader notices is that, at North Campus, time is marked in mods not periods. Each of these mods begins and ends with electronic buzzers, a far cry from the bells of the junior highs. It should be remembered that ninth grade didn't start for us in the usual manner. A three-week teacher lockout delayed the start of school, but all students appeared bright-tailed and bushy-eyed for orientation on the first day. It was at this meeting that we were first introduced to clinics, large group rooms, vocabulary packets, a large variety or extra-curricular activities, and a great degree of freedom. Unfortunately, many students need a few weeks to learn their way around the building before they could engage in their new liberties. Once at North Campus, we were no longer rivals from different schools; we were all in the same boat and we were all scared. However, students were able to live in harmony with one another, provided each was allowed to partake in his her own extra-curricular activities. The musically-inclined started to drift towards the M-rooms and the rest of the music wing. The athletically-inclined started to drift to the physical education wing Many people from both inclinations moved towards the area of school theater and put on numerous productions. The Gong Show was, like Carousel, a huge success. We were, however, not always a happy and jolly bunch of happy and jolly students. In 19 7, discontented by the recent removal of Drivers' Education from the school curriculum, we decided we wanted to walk out of school in the middle of the day. This walkout, though it did result in the meeting of North Campus leaders with the School Board, would have been much more successful had it been better organized. It also might have helped if students had walked on the sidewalk, rather than right down the middle of Susquehanna Road. Once this little bit of student-reactionism was complete, we settled down and finished the year with great success. Later in our freshman year, both the boys' and girls' tennis teams did a great 10b; the rifle team started a three-year winning streak; and the football team showed, let's just say, a “noble effort." We shouldn't make fun of tne football team, because increasing success lay in their future. The school year of 1977-1978 was, for most of us, the beginning of dances at school. We endured many a dance and enjoyed some of them. One thing is sure. At these dances, if we ever left for any reason, "we never went back in, not even for the price of admission." By June of 1978, we were ready to move into the age of large-group science days. Human Development Programs, paying large sums for Drivers' Education, and a Sopn-hop. Our Sophomore year began as scheduled and was much more orderly than our Freshman year. However, 1978 ana 1979 held some huge surprises for the future. We no longer attended large-group history or English Classes. We partook in Human Development Programs, meaning we sat and gossiped with our history teachers for a mod while the other half of our class sat in the World Civ. clinic and talked, hiding behind their Through Aborigine Eyes books. We then switched places and it was our turn to visit room 138. The winter of 78-79 was a hard one. At one point, we were blessed with over fourteen inches of snow and school was closed for a number of days. It was also a time of energy crisis. Governor Shapp even closed school so that precious heating oil could be conserved. Our Sophomore year was a period of rowdiness for us all. M-80's in the library, bathrooms, stairwells, and hallways were not appreciated by the majority of students and faculty. A fire in the North Campus bandroom resulted in a large investigation. A scattered-brained moron decided to terrorize the building and called to say that he had planted a bomb at North Campus, thus evacuating the school. Luckily, no one was injured in the rapid evacuation and the bomb threat turned out to be a hoax. As the year progressed, our rowdiness became more abrasive to the faculty. At a rock concert towards the end of the year, the police were summoned and we had to do a little bit of explaining. Well, maybe more than a little bit. All in all, we weren't such bad kids. We did do some good things. Our tennis and rifle teams purged ahead with great records. Our football team started to ick up speed. The band lost its traffic-jam-sound and egan to make real music. Last but not least, our theatrical productions became more and more intricate and good. Another Gong Show gained a lot of money for charity. Oklahoma, the all-school musical and the non-musical productions such as Cheaper By the Dozen were also huge successes. By the time June of 1979 rolled around (quickly for most of us), we had left our mark on North Campus. Members of our student body had done everything from winning state awards for athletic prowess to driving a car straight into the Main Office at North 174Campus (avoiding the door completely). Ah, yes, eleventh grade. It was a year of changes for all of us. It was tnen that we were first introduced to South Campus. Many of us had not even ventured into this building before, let alone knew our way around it. Once the map in the student Guide was memorized and many a teacher was asked in the hall, we finally got used to a new building and a new type of education. It might not have been so hard had they not designed the South Campus building in such a way that the science wing was far from the rest of the build- ing. At South Campus we were once again introduced to a bell system different from the one which we were accustomed to. Whoever designed the building couldn't decide whether to use bells or buzzers so he used both. At least we were out of mods and back into periods. This is only one of a number of things whicrt we found different in our last high school building. We were introduced to such things as being allowed to chew gum without fear for our lives, Mardi Gras, and a veritable track team. Everything was different. We had a Junior Prom to look forward to and we had to start looking towards the future. Life, however, was not as philosophic as it might seem. We did do and observe many mundane and childish things. How about the class of 79's gift to the gym roof? Wnat about smoke bombs in the South Campus library or "Think Snow" being painted by the bus-loading platform? As usual, we continued to improve in both sports and other forms of extra-curricular activities. The Gong Show was a thing of the past but musical and nonmusical productions involved more and more members of our class. No one will ever forget The Sound of Music or Flowers for Algernon. The tennis, rifle, and track teams continued to achieve success out of great sportsmanship and practice. The football team continuecf with great sportsmanship and practice. For many of us, our Junior year was the year we'll remember as involving PSAT's, Achievement Tests, and the all-important SAT's. It was a time of fighting for a good grade average and class rank so that we wouldn't be held back from the colleges of our choice. It was during this year that we realized how truly important guidance counselors were and how difficult their job really was. Though few of us applied to college at this time, many of us asked a lot of questions about it. By the time June, 1980, rolled around, we were ready to move on to our senior year. At this point, the Iranian hostage crisis seemed like it might never end, the Phillies were starting to pick up steam, and there was a rumor spreading that there was a chance of a strike next November (little did we know . . .). To call our senior year uneventful would be the understatement of the century. It started out normally, as any year should. We spent eight weeks in school and all went well. As Niwember drew nearer, there was talk of a strike in the future. Some even said that it might last two whole weeks! It is more accurate to quadruple this estimate, for we did spend nearly eight weeks away from our regular teachers. Lucky for us, we were brought back after eight days with substitute teachers leading the way. For the most part, these subs were able to ease most of the burden of being away from our usual educators. For those of us considering higher education, they were immensely helpful. 1, for one, was greatly impressed by the capability of the school administration to take over in class. Don't think for one minute that the whole year involved tension like that of the strike. This not so by a long shot. It was the year in which the Phillies took the World Series and the Eagles made a (cough!) noble attempt at the Super Bowl. This was the year in which the hostages were released and Ronald Reagan became the fourtieth president of the United States. It was in our senior year that the football team really started to show up in the winning column (ta dah!). West Side Story and Parted on Her Wedding Morn were just a few of the successful theatrical productions, and Mr. Lucian's afternoon announcements took on a more cheerful tone. In fact. South Campus as a whole seemed to be in a good mood. Midterm exams were cancelled, the Preppy Handbook went into publication, and graduation was approaching. Even if it was only 27° Kelvin in each classroom, we continued to meet for clubs and activities and a super-amazingly-fantastic yearbook was planned. As we looked back, we realized how involved our last four years had been and how much we had changed throughout them. So many people had touched our lives, and it was our turn to move out into the world and touch the lives of others. — Robert Arbittier 175Disco Fire Drills The fire-drill lighting is bold, With bright flashing beacons of gold. These strobes o so hip Make merry our trip As we disco out in the cold. Summer Vacation Our Administration so kind Was able to mercifully find Us our summer vacations Admidst this impatience Before we would all lose our minds. Mr. McGinley and the New Planters According to Mr. McG., The planters enclosing the trees Have gotten a way Of becoming ashtrays Which get refilled each day between frees. North Campus Bells Gone was the friendly class bell. Replaced by a buzzing death-knell. We all grew to hate To hear we were late When it screamed like a bat out of 176 Thanks Bob, Mark, and Bill!It's fun to create with Crayola.178179180 "That's not the brake!"182183186188 Plasticman lives again!“To be or not to be?" Just some Junior. "What'd she say, what'd she say?" "Knock the battery off my shoulder!" "The Ghosts and 6! 189190191Swiss Miss. "Did Mona Lisa start this way?" 192 "Byberry or bust!"WISHES FOR THE GRADUATE What I would wish you, dear young friend: Just enough experience seasoned with heartache so that you can separate dreams from illusions ... Denial, touched with indifference, so that you will always try harder — struggle just a little more — to reach your goal, or to taste victory ... Hard work — lots of it — so that you might grow blisters on your hands but not on your attitudes ... Defeat, occasionally, in order that your backbone may be stiffened and your emotional muscles strengthened ... Need, so that you will never be afraid to reach out to others for help nor will fail to comprehend that others may have need of you ... Frustration, in order that you will have to begin again, to pick up the shattered pieces and know what it is to have to start over ... Fear: fear of competition, fear of weakness, and fear of failure, so that you will always avoid being the destructive "B" — boastful, blase, and bored ... Faith, so thay you will wrap yourself in God as your security blanket, and will never fail to acknowledge the stars and stripes as your status symbol . . . No, I have not offered you the easy path, nor have I tossed out pretty phrases to compliment or win you. But, then, friendship is telling it like it is. And life is made of these things I have offered you. The test is whether you can take it or not! — Anonymous 193 Special thanks to Virginia Lee FrostSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIO RSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN IORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSS ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOR SSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENI ORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSE NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORS SENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIO RSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN IORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSS ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOR SSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENI ORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSE NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORS SENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIO RSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN IORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSS ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOR SSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENI ORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSE NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORS SENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIO RSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN IORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSS ENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSENIORS 195Laurie Ann Abrams Dale E. Adams Michael S. Adler Wayne Alexander Cara Beth Allen Mark Christopher Allen Joseph A. Anderson Miriam J. Andrake Kindness is a language which the deaf man canRobert Adam Arbittier Traian Ardelian James G. Arellano I Dartaniel Armstead Deborah C. Asher Lori R. Auerbach Gina Maria Aurelio Jessica Ann Aurelio hear and the blind man can read. Mark Twain Wendy J. Baer Lisa Morris Band David F. Baren Dwain Olin Barnes 197w-i M 4 Andrew N. Barsky Stacy P. Barto Wisdom is often times nearer when Kelvin L. Battle Ned B. Bauer Sandra Marie Bauer Karin M. BayerWalter Francis Berger Betty Ann Bergman Lori Lee Berkenstock Vicki S. Berkowitz we stoop than when we soar. William Wordsworth Ronald L. Berlin Allan R. Bertolet David A. Berwind Dori J. Beyer 199Gregory 5. Bird Gary Bockol Wayne Lee Black Linda Ann Boccuti Faith Leslie Bockius Pamela Jean Boeser Naomi Lynn Bond Barbara Bortmas To make your children capable of Lynne Bouvia Sheila A. Bower Paul James Bowles Patrice M. Boyd 200Judith Ann Boyer Gary Todd Bradshaw Paul Andrew Brady Robert David Brady honesty is the beginning of education. John Kuskin Cynthia A. Braim Howard Steven Bregman Janice L. Brill John F. Brill 201Daniel Francis Bubnis Angela T. Buccafuri Tina M. Buchanan Scott T. Buckley Carol Diane Brown Christopher Parker Brown Jerri Ann Bryan Jill Susan Broder Cowards die many times before their death; Lori J. Budman Stephen Michael Burgess Joyce P. Burke Robin Lynn Burnis 202Holly Joy Campfield Patrick J. Campion Scott Paul Cannon James F. Carney The valiant never taste of death but once. William ShakespeareTo Hope and Beth: May the futures you seek bring you lifelong fulfillment and happiness, your friend, Jackie Witzke Hey-o-It's been an experience going through school with all of you (some more than others — Mary-Woo). Good luck in whatever you undertake and see you all at the class reunions! Take it easy — Love you all, Amy Hall Hey Chick! You will always hold a special place in my memory of the Prom. Take care. Love, Sweetie Amy, Always remember the good times — like the summer of '76 and “Foul Play." — Debbie To one of my great friends — have fun at college with Raggedy Ann and Andy Cara — Never forget the 56 in Siberia.U of Austrailia is a good school. Love ya, Wendy 204To Mark Flanegan and Bob Arbiteer: I hope you appreciate all the help I gave you with the Chemistry and Physics C.B.A. To the yearbook editors: WE DID IT! To GDAN: Good Luck — Gwendy 205Debra Lynne Catherman John Rowan Cawley Thomas P. Cawley Dawn Renee Chamberlin Most of the shadows of life are Albert C. Chapjian Brian Thomas Chatburn Jane Cheun Mary Ann Chiodo 206Andrew S. Cohn Debra Lee Cohn Gary Colantonio Dawn M. Coll caused by standing in our own sunshine. Ralph Waldo Emerson Marc David Colton Valerie Ann Colucci Lawrence Alexander Comroe Janet Lynn Conley 207Edwin C. Coogan Timothy O. Cookson Dana Jayne Cooper Judith Ann Cooper Kelly Elizabeth Corey Teresa Lynn Cornell Brian Edwin Corrigan Kathleen C. Costello Yesterday's dead, tomorrow's unborn, so there's Stephen Crossland Cramton Joyce A. Crawford Michael W. Creedon Gregory Lee Cristaldi 208Charles O'Neal Croxton Peter Alan Curran Wayne Stuart Custer Tamyra T. Cutilli nothing to fear and nothing to mourn . . . Helen Steiner Rice Stephen R. Czerviski Stephen J. Czerwonka Steven Isaac Dafilou Maritza V. D'Alessandra 209Karen L. Dalzell Belinda Kay Davies Robert Paul Davine Patricia Ann Deacon Patricia DeLeon Mark F. DeMarinella Karol Lynn Dean Joseph N. DeFrancesco The heart remembers everything Cecelia B. Demers Thomas Matthew Dennis Gregory W. Devoe Rhonda Lee Dickerson 210Lora A. DiSantro Marc W. Dixon James G. Dominic Siu C. Donecker Debbie A. DiNatale Donna M. DiPaolontonia Although the mind forgets . . . Patience Strong Patricia Mary Donohue John E. Dougherty Douglas Robert Dove Rosemarie P. Driscoll 211Sharon J. Duden Donna Lee Duell As gold more splendid from the fire appears; 212Brian William Ehly Alison J. Elliott Stacy M. Early Sherrie L. Edelman Donna M. Elliott Daniel Jay Ely Richard J. Embery Nancy A. Emmons thus friendship brightens by the length of years. Thomas Carlyle Beth Ann Endrick Bernard Joseph Enright Danile J. Enright John C. Eppinger 213Fun in Gym Class Volleyball, volleyball, and more volleyball 214215Celeste Erdelyi Judith A. Erk Vicki Lynn Epstein Michael Joseph Evertsz Lisa Anne Even William Earl Faunce Rose Maria Farina Sandra A. Faunce The man who removes a mountain Christopher W. Fechter Barrie Robin Feldman Kara Lynne Ferber Tara Lee Ferguson 216Susan E. Fesmire Anne Alison Fields begins by carrying away small stones. Chinese Proverb Shirley Dawn Fields Christian Fink William A. Fiorillo Michael Jay Fisher 217William G. Fisher Pasquale Fittipaldi Charlotte Ellen Fitzgerald Paul John Fitzgerald Mark C. Flanegan David John Flounders Sharon M. Flynn Cynthia L. Folk One of the most beautiful qualities of true Steven M. Force Michele Foreman Nora Ann Foster LisaMarie FragaleThomas Andrew Frankenfield Lauren Ann Freedman Paul M. Freedman Ann M. Freeland Rachelle Mara Friedman Anita Louise Frizzle Virginia Lee Frost Elizabeth Anne Gall friendship is to understand and to be understood. Seneca Carolyn M. Gallagher Ellen Jane Gallagher Kathleen T. Gallagher Lee Alan Galtman 219Richard Bruce Galtman Michael Gannon Karen Karla Garberina Karen M. Garvin Great works are performed not Theodore Gavala Eric Lombard Gaw Robert James Gavdos Loreen M. Gengler 220James F. Gibson Bryan David Giller Linda A. Giroud Eileen E. Gloster Jodi B. Gold Steven Gold Suzanne Goldberg by strength but by perserverance. Goethe William Arthur Goldblatt Vincent J. Granese Diane E. Gran Alverta M. Grasty 221Lisa Juanita Grasty Steve Quincy Grasty Paul M. Greenlee Edward J. Griffin Ken Curtis Griffin Barbara J. Groetsch Marci Cheryl Gropper Bennett C. Gross A friend may well be Jeffrey E. Gross Teresa A. Gross Jeffrey Paul Grove Moira K. Gutman 222Michael Thomas Haas Dorothy Ann Hackett Walter Bruce Hackey Jalene Joy Hadly reckoned the masterpiece of nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson Kendall D. Hairston Amy Hall Joseph F. Haley Rosemarie Louise Haegele 223Marcy and Jim forever . .. Wendy, there comes a time in your life when you have to make a choice ... Stacy, it's time to go on a diet ... John and Linda — Barbie and Ken ... Lesley — the shore ... Cristy, Jim, Sun Ho Marcy ... Leo, "this time 1 really think I'm in love ... Son Ho, how are your Friday nights with mom and dad? Jim and Donna? ... Ann, "it really gets on my nerves" ... Susan, "let's get organized" ... Pauline, are you still stuck on Elmer's glue? ... Beverly, E.ST. It's been a fantastic four years — good luck everyone. Beside every jellyfish Du kanst geht et was auf wiedersehen ugms! To Kathy Whalen, a sled ride here will never match the ski trip in Quebec Your friend, Jackie Witzke To the cross-country team: 1 in '81 and I love you guys — the only senior and last of the original team E.T. — Ne pas la 224Dear Daddy, Good Luck and if you promise to have fun I promise not to tell mommy. Love you adoring daughter. Kiddy Neenee, I'll never forget the gluefights! Take care. Love MaggersKathleen R. Hall Gavin Jude Harbison Marianne E. Harbison David L. Harrar 11 John Allen Harris Thomas J. Harris Franklin P. Haverkamp Veronica L. Harvey Our opportunities to do Eric E. Heckard Pamela Jean Hedrick Lori L. Hein Susan Heller 226Helene Sue Hernes Jeffrey Paul Herrmann Marcy Gale Hetelson Christopher M. Heuges good are our talents. Cotton Mather William C. Hewish Paula E. Hewitt Christopher Mark Hill Robin Lynn Hoffman 227John Patrick Hogan Dwayne A. Holland Stacey Renee Houseknecht Thomas Michael Hoyer Hutch Hubbard Lorrie Jean Huber What is beautiful is good and who John Edward Hone Janis Lyn HottingerRebecca Lynne Hughes Mark J. Iskowitz Carol Lynn Janisheck Anne Jawer Brent Robin Jefferson Arnold D. Johnson Crystal D. Johnson Venus Ardella Johnson is good will soon also be beautiful. Sappho Joseph D. Joyce Noreen Mary Joyce Andrew M. Kahn David W. Kaiser 229Brenda L. Kalkbrenner Michele A. Kallish Margaret Kapp Frank Albert Karolczak Beth Susan Kauderer Rebecca F. Kauffman Suzanne Wilma Kauffman Brad Keith Kaufman In all things we learn Debbie M. Keller Barbara M. Kelly jane Ellen Kelly Susan E. Kemper 230Eugene E. Kiessling Paul C. Kim only from those we love. Goethe Michael Peter Kind Scott T. Kistler Ricahrd A. Kleinhans Harry William Kleintz 231George Otto Kotffler David Robert Koma Jill Ann Kortright Kristine Lee Koster Truth, and goodness, and beauty are Anne E. Kozlowski Fredda Sue Krugman Jessica E. Kuhn Wendy L. KuhnBirgit Kuenanz Michelle Dlynn Kunkel Fred C. Kuss Steven J. Kwiatkowski Steven E. Labkoff Susan Elizabeth Lane Linda M. Lang Samuel Allan Lange but different faces of the same all. Ralph Waldo Emerson Anthony J. Lanzillotti Scott R. Laserow Suzanne Lashner R. Scott Lassen 233234 To my love of eleventh and twelth grade John Brill. When is the wedding?? To my volleyball clownmates, good luck in years to come. To Debbie Spain and Lisa Simon — Lucky ya made it through the past years with your favorite person?????????????? — Cristal Windish To Paul, Carol, Lori, Allan, and Lisa — you guys are the best. Thanks for everything — Let the good times roll! — Lisa Pardi A graduation congratulations to Hope, Beth, and Emily. Good Luck, your friend, Jackie Witzke235Donna Marie Lawson Tuan N. Le Patrina W. Lee Jean E. Lee What the heart has once owned Sunho Lee Wen Chung Lee Susan Lefferts Robert E. Leibholz 236Debra Jill Levin Melissa J. Levin Marilyn Judith Levit Helen Lori Lieberman and had, it shall never lose. Henry Ward Beecher Nancy Lim Jeffrey Michael Lineman Arthur M. Linse Marcelo Llanos 237 Gregory Richard Lowrey Kathleen Lowery Natalie Sophia Lucyszyn Joseph G. Ludwig lne man who needs no one's Carol Lukens Lisa Blair Lundquisl James D. Lybrand Keith Richard MacauleyKamala Mahadevan Mary Ellen Maher help is a lonely man indeed. Dagobert Runes Susan Mary Mahoney David Joel Malis G. David Manaker Jeff Mark Mandel 239Anthony Glenn Mangapit Michael Ferris Mann Doug Brett Marder Irina Mareske Jadyn B. Margolis Lisa A. Margraff Lisa Marie Marone Linda Marie Marshall How great it is Louise Ida Marshall Mark O. Marshall Matthew Robert Marshall Maria Suzanne Marsilio 240Suzanne E. Martin Jill Frances Marx Steven Richard Massarella Gina Marie Massey Steven Wayne Matakonis Daphne C. Mathis Nicholas J. Matteo Anne Marie Matthews to believe the dream . . . Edwin Markham John M. Matysik Michael J. Mayo Peter Roberts McCarren Kathleen Mary McCarthy 241Margaret R. McCarthy Sheri Ann McCarthy Lowell M. McCown Eric McClanahan Live everyday of your life as John G. McCreavy James J. McDonald Lisa Marie McDonnell Jan Elizabeth McGee 242Michael D. McGee Robin Ann McGettigan Claire Louise McGlade Elizabeth A. McGonigle Jennifer R. McIntyre John J. McIntyre Maureen Helen McKeever Beverly Angelia McKoy though you expected to live forever. Douglas MacArther Lincoln Collin McLarthy Lori Ann McNeill Paul John Meara Christopher P. Melino 243The Abington Pose To my three Boguses: Thanks for being the best friends a girl can have. — Love ya, Bogus 1 To all the Abington alumni of Harvard Summer School 1980 — Julie, Cari, and Paul — I am sure we will never forget those special moments at the college with our close but not distant friends. Best wishes for the future. Holworthy rules — by the way Thayer's not so bad either. Gil: Thanx for being there — Cari Rachel, this is the next best thing to a picture. Love, Wendy To Kim: The earth shall fall the day both you, and George don't fight! Love, Sue 'n' Earl 244James John Mench Peter V. Messina Wendy Gail Metzger Mindy Karen Meyer Jeffrey Robert Michaels Gregory James Midwood Sally Anne Miles Adriene L. Miller What I kept I lost, what I spent Robert Paul Miller Ruth Ann Miller Kenneth Lee Montgomery Cindy Ann Moon 246Carol Dolores Morgan Fred J. Morley I had, what I gave I have. Persian Proverb Bart Lance Morris Beth Ann Morris Vincent B. Morris Julia L. Morrison 247Michael Devon Morrison David J. Morton Jeffrey S. Morton Judith Ann Moser Lisa Marie Mountain Susan R. Moyer Keith Gordon Moylan Nancy M. Mulhern Be not disturbed at being misunderstood; Harry John Muller Carolyn J. Myers Nancy Lee Myers Donna Eve Nash 248Harry Wharton Nash Christopher James Naughton Donna Marie Navroth Carol Ann Nedzwecky Suzette E. Neu John Glenn Newman Alice M. Niles Joseph C. Nordon be disturbed rather at not being understanding. Chinese Proverb Irene Nozisko John J. Nuneviller Joan L. O'Brien William Joseph O'Brien 249Tracy Lee Painter Susan E. Osborne Kenneth J. Oskowiak Only one thing matters — that wherever we go Marcy A. Olin Peter E. Ochroch Monica Maria Paddick Douglas James Painter Marie D. PanichelloLisa A. Pardi Pauline Mary Park Kyle Ricardo Parson Eugene M. Pasieka David Arthur Patchell Gil Paul Donna E. Peirce Mark A. Penecale and however we go, we hear the music of life. Theodor Fontane Alberto Penta Joseph L. Perkins Frank Peronace Tunis Anthony Perry 251Paul Frederick Peruzzi James Robert Petherbridge Linda Ann Pettinato Gary J. Pflugfelder Ellwood S. Philipsen Raymond A. Pietak Charles Michael Pingue Susan Marie Pinkerton Kindness is the golden chain Sharon Ruth Plum Lisa Katharine Poffarl Harry C. Pohl Thomas J. Pollich 252William J. Pratt John C. Prendergast by which society is bound together. Goethe Eric Preston Jim William Primavera Mike A. Pringle Alan G. Printz 253 George Michael Popper254•ESSA8E m help ru TWWB wsm " 0’ (ITS MW (ITS MW To Liz Gall: Monday, second period study with Emily was always filled with excitement. Your friend, Jackie Witzke To Jackie Witzke and the gang: Have a good year and keep up playing those cards. Always remember the days of relaxation during our studies. Your Friend Always, Emily S.T.: Good luck forever — the one who knows you best. Hey Sis, You made my pizza easier to swallow. Thanks for being there when 1 needed you. Love always. Sis. K and K: We have been through a lot but we made it. Thank God Take care. XOXO Love, K. Dear Conrad Smugly, You're a wild volleyball player, Septimus 255Maureen Quinn Beth Ann Racik Diane P. Rauch Richard Karl Rauch These beautiful days must Philip Todd Rawley Bethel Viola Ray Michelle D. Ray Carmen Anthony Reale 256Sheila Mary Rickard David M. Rickert Gayle Roxanne Rickert Debra L. Riegel William Charles Reap Robert A. Reichert Marina A. Reilly Colleen M. Reimenschneider enrich all my life. John Muir James Edward Riemenschneider Twana Renee Rines Scott E. Ritter Joan Louise Roberts 257Lewis Leroy Roberts Walter Leon Roberts Gerard Edward Robinson Cynthia Jean Rockenbach A shy failure is nobler Robert J. Roemhild Danielle Crystal Rollins Robin Sue Roma Claire Ann Roman 258Joseph J. Roman Scott E. Rook Janet L. Rosen Anthony J. Rossi David Vivian Rowe David Baron Rowland Jeffrey Ross Rubin Joan Marie Rupp than an immodest success. Gibran Christopher M. Russell George M. Russell Tracey M. Russell Kathy L. Ryan 259Julie Beth Sadoff Eileen Marie Salanik Harold 1. Salkovitz Lisa Ann Salvino Sandra Jill Samuels Steven Michael Sanislo Carmen Anthony Santone Mary Rose F. Ryan We must all hang together. Ruth Savitz Nancy Scalone Janet M. Schellhardt Otto F. Schick, Jr. 260 L II— Thomas F. Schied Carol Lynn Schlanger Lori B. Schmutz-Schmid Evan B. Schuman else we shall all hang separately. Benjamin Franklin Cindy Ruth Schwartz Susan Schwartz Emily Schweizcr Timothy Edward Searls 261Jacqueline C. Seawright Elizabeth Seeley Margaret Rose Selhat Mark P. Seligsohn Scott A. Sergas Claudine L. Sers Janice L. Seymour Steven L. Shaiman Hope is wishing for a thing to come true; Elisabeth R. Shames Elizabeth Carol Shaw Karen E. Shaw Barbara Jean Sheeran 262James P. Sheridan David J. Shipton Andrew Jay Shubin Margaret Jane Siebert Steven Mark Sieder Andrew L. Silverman Cari Lynne Silverman Cheryl Beth Silverman Faith is believing that it will come true. Norman Vincent Peale Lindsey Calvin Simmons Amy Singer Clyde O. Simmons Belinda Maria Simmons 263To Holly: Good Morning Sunshine — Scott Lar: Where's jebip? — Car Mrs. Garvey: Good Luck at Emory — Wendy Kim, Paul and Bill Thompson — Hey that rhymes — CBA ■ ■ PF i """"1Andy: May your life be filled with kittens and bunnies. — XOXO Love always, Margaret Cristy: Look matching sox — C. 265John R. Smalley David H. Smigel Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail Kimberley Ann Smith Margaret Helen Smith Holly J. Smukler Beth Ellen Solomon 266Katherine Marie Speth Majorie T. Spiegel Marc I. Spieler Linda Susan Spitzer of song, and all about you will be beauty. Navajo Indians Patricia M. Stafford Sandra Stagemyer Susan Stagemyer Heidi G. Stahl 267Rosemary Teresa Staley Hope A. Stasen Adam Rand Steinberg Steven George Steinmayer Philip R. Stern Eleanor Jane Stevens Linda Theresa Stevenson A kind heart is a fountain of gladness Antoinette Patrice Stone Robin Ann Stone Diane Stozenski Joan Kathryn Strahan 268Cynthia Deborah Stratton Anne Elizabeth Strock Linda May Stroh Bradley Edward Sultz making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles. Washington Irving Robert Pink Swift David T. Swinand Stephen B. Switzky Daniel A. Tag 269Patrick A. Tague Thomas J. Tarantella Donna Marie Tasch Christopher R. Taylor Laura Stephanie Temple Theresa Templeton Richard Teplitsky Richard B. Thayne You never grow up, you only get more experienced; Susan E. Thomas William F. Thomer Deborah A. Thompson Robert M. Thompson 270David Paul Tiano April Louise Tidwell Nancy Ellen Timmons Stuart Jay Toben Richard Leo Tomasino Patrick M. Tompkins William C. Tompkins Robert J. Toner be trustworthy, be happy, but most of all be free. P. D. Quinn Michael D. Toran Khanh Quoc Tran Edward Louis Tress Debra Lynn Trevlyn 2719 • Denise J. Turn Laura J. Tyrrell I like my friends and the reason why Michele D. Vaughan Sharon Laverne Vaughn Andrew C. Van Buren Karin Thomas VanVoorhees 272Annemarie C. Vesci Dat Vuong Vu Jeffrey Michael Wade Jik John Waeltz Doug A. Waetjen James Robert Waker Catherine E. Vaught Lianne Waegerle is they are they and I am I. Anonymous Lesley V. Wallace Lisa Mary Wallace Patricia A. Wallace Susan M. Wallace 273I made it through the rain You kept my world protected I made it through the rain You kept my point of view I made it through the rain And found myself respected by the others who, got rained on too And made it through. To all of my friends, thanks for helping me make it through the rain. Love, Walt For a special friend: Climb high Climb far Your aim the sky. Your goal the stars — anon. D. S — I love you — Cherry Julie — You've been a special friend — Love ya, Wendy Singerface — I'm all right, forever friends — Cari 274To Patrick — Scott or is it Scott — Patrick? B . . . C. B . . . C. B . . . C. From the original B.C. Thanks to Mark, Joe Mir, and Bob for never letting me sleep in homeroom. Love, Phred To Annmarry, Karen, and Kathy: Don't forget Viktor, the paper chain, and the bottle of Perrier. Love, Wendy Allen, I hope that someday you learn to eat an ice-cream cone with a knife and spoon. — XOXO Love, Margaret 275William Thomas Wallace Henry R. Ward Sharon Lynn Ward William T. Ward David Paul Wargo Antionette Washington Edward Theodore Washington Pamela Ann Waters Time has no mercy on the growing young souls. Elizabeth A. Watkins William E. Weaks Christine E. Webb Hilary Beth Weber 276Sandra Lee Weber Curt H. Wegener Paul Andrew Weidemann Francine B. Weinberg it leaves them with memories and helps them grow old. Loggins and Messina Edward Harry Weinberger Steven Michael Weiner Brian M. Weinstein Nancy E. Weir 277Robin F. Weyhmuller Kathy A. Whalen Michele Rene Wheeler Tracy A. White It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; 278 Pamela Marie Whitmore Amy D. Wildemore Robin L. Wilf Carl J. WilfordBrian Richard Williams Freddie Thomas Williams Gary B. Williams James H. Williams Michael A. Williams Patrick Brian Williams B. Scott Wilson Kim Wilson what is essential is invisible to the eye. Antoine de Saint-Exupery Christal A. Windish Susan Lynn Witter Jackie A. Witzke Jeff J. Woelbl 279Jeanne Marie Wolfinger Mary L. Woodward Now this is not the end. Frederick John Wright Lisa R. Yampolsky Diane L. Yanni Valerie J. Yerkes 280Andrea Beth Zenstein Adam D. Zucker Mia Zuckerkandel Walter Allen Zumbach It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Winston ChurchillOscar Otero Larry Parson Scott Rosenzweig Lisa Simon Seniors Not Pictured Elizabeth Alakszay Garth Bealor Anna Bergman Michael Bobo Harold Boylan Marlon Brown Peter Burns John Castor Cheryl Clevenger Robert Costanzo David Flipping David Graziani Robert Hibbert Young Jee Kenneth Jones Steven Kida Andrew Kubit Stuart Leathead Drew Lewis Kevin Little Louis Lorde George McCallister David Meyers Martin Merder Kimm Mullikin Blair Neuman John Pavlichko Donna Plunkett Roman Pryszlak William Saylor Thomas Scnmidt Ronald Schoedler Michael Sheridan Juanita Strand Lisa White Edward Williams John Pernell Williams Neil Williams Steven Zimmerman 282 Richard WilliamsIn Memoriam Sharon Ann Moffa April 3, 1963-February 4, 1979 Abiding Love It singeth low in every heart We hear it each and all, — A song of those who answer not However we may call; They throng the silence of the breast. We see them as of yore, — The kind, the brave, the true, the sweet. Who walk with us no more. — John White Chadwick 283SENIOR STATISTICS ABRAMS, LAURIE A. 1022 Irvin Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006; French Club; Spectre; Honor Society. ADAMS, DALE 602 Louise Rd Glenside. PA. 19038 ADLER, MICHAEL S. 811 Winter Rd Rvdal, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9; Class Council Rep. 10,11; Swimming Team 9; Lacrosse 9,10; Bowling 11,12. ALEXANDER, WAYNE J. 2320 Romig Rd Roslyn, PA 19001; Football. ALLEN, CARA 1647 Edge Hill Rd Abmgton. PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 12; Gass Council Rep. 11,12; Soccer 11,12; Affiliation Club; ARTW 12; Folk Guitar Club 9,10; French Club 9,12; Honor Society 9.10,11,12; Oracle 12 (Editor); World Affairs Club 11,12; German Club 9; Procrastinator's Club 9,10,11 (Executive Press Secretary), 12 (President). ALLEN. MARK C. 1173 Johnston Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. ANDERSON, JOSEPH A. 1435 Osbourne Ave Roslyn, PA 19001; Wrestling 10,11 ANDRAKE, MIRIAM J. 2810 Old Welsh Rd Willow Grove. PA. 19090; Soccer 10,11,12. ANDRESSEN, CARL A. 116 Tennis Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038. ANDREWS, ROBIN R. 1559Coolidge Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001;Track 10;Cheerleaders9,10,11; Black Student Union 11. ANGELL, SUZANNE C. 1578 Reservoir Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Rag Twirlers 11. ANNON, TOM 1912 Lambert Rd. Jenkintown. PA. 19046; Track 9. ARBITTIER, ROBERT A. 832 Cedar Glen Rd Elkins Park, PA. 19117; Band 9; Orchestra 9; All-school Musical 9,10,11,12; Ghost Post 9,10. ADELIAN, TRAIAN 1061 Sherman Ave. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006. ARELLANO, JAMES G. 2900 Carnation Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. ARMSTEAD, DARTANIEL L. 1715 Prospect Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Basketball. ASHER, DEBBIE C. 1446 Gunpowder Rd Rvdal, PA 19046, Class Council Rep. 9,10; Honor Society 10.11; Spanish Club 9,10,11; Ghost Post (Circulation Editor) 10. AUERBACH, LORI R. 1436 Lewis Rd Rvdal, PA 19046; Student Council Rep. 10; Gass AURELIO, GINA M. 118 Rolling Hill Rd. Elkins Parek, PA. 19117; French Club 9,10; Italian Club 11 (Executive Social Officer). AURELIO, JESSICA A. 118 Rolling Hill Rd Elkins Park. PA 19117. BAER, WENDY J. 100 Cardinal Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046, Gass Council Rep. 11. BAND, USA M. 1531 Warner Rd. Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Gass Council Rep 10,11,12; Band 9,10,11. BAREN, DAVID F. 341 Thorpe Rd. Jenkintown. PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11; Soccer Team 9,10; La crosse 9; Wrestling 11; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Ghost Post 10; Honor Society Play 10. BARNES, DWAIN O. 129 Blane Ave. Rockledge, PA. 19111. BARON, MIRIAM R. 742 Woodside Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Gass Council Rep. 11; Field Hockey Team 11; Affiliation Gub 9,10,11; Spanish Club 11. BARRETT, EDSON R. 122 Ruscombe Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038; Soccer Team 11. BARSKY, ANDREW N. 1458 Dons Rd Roslyn. PA. 19001; Basketball 9; Football 9,12; Wrestling 11,12. BARTO, STACY P. 1441 Stocton Rd Meadowbrook. PA. 19046; Gass Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Cheerleading Squad 9,10.11,12; French Gub 9,10; Varsity "A" 10,11,12. BATTLE, KELVIN L. 1637 Fairview Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. BAVER, NED B. 2632 Hazel Ave. North Hills. PA. 19038 BAVER. SANDY M. 655 Central Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038, Basketball Team 9. BAYER. KARIN M. 229 Shady Lane Phila., PA. 19111; Soccer Team 9,10.11. BEGLEY, VICTOR L. 1239 Boone Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001. BELL, CHRISTY B. 1104 Oliver Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, PA 19006; Student Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Class Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Cheerleading Squad 9.10,11,12; Oracle 12; Spanish Gub 11,12; Varsity "A" 11,12 BELL, NEIL M. 8 McFadden Drive Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006. BERARD1NE, TERESA M. 933 Cncket Ave. Ardsley. PA 19038 BERGER, WALTER F. 1003 Loney St. Rockledge, PA. 19111; Wrestling. BERGMAN, BETTY A. 107 Hamel Ave. North Hills, PA 19038. BERKENSTOCK, LORI L. 326 Holme Ave. Elkins Park, PA. 19117. BERKOWITZ, VICKIS. 1828 Ambler Rd Abmgton, PA 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Usherettes 10. BERLIN, RONALD L. 1831 Edmund Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Sudent Council Rep. 10; Class Council Rep. 10. BERTOLET, ALLAN R. 1447 Rockwell Rd Abington, PA 19001; Soccer 9. BERWIND, DAVE A. 1816 Lukens Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. BEYER, DORI J. 370 Heathdiffe Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, PA 19006; Class Council Rep. 10, FBLA 9. BIRDS. GREG S. 1434 Arline Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. BLACK, WAYNE L. 1604 Rockwell Rd Abington, PA. 19001. BOCCUTI, LINDA A. 2337 Woodland Rd. Roslyn. PA. 19001; Band 9.10.11; Hag Twirlers 11; Band Front 11. BOCKIUS, FAITH L. 1464 Jericho Rd Abington. PA 19001; Student Council Rep 11; Band 9.10.11. BOCKOL, GARY. 1151 Wrack Rd Meadowbrook. PA. 19046; Soccer 9.10.11,12; Honor Society 11; Varsity "A" 11; Co-Coach Girls Soccer Team 11. BOESER, PAMELA J. 1266 Mildred Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001; Library Aide 10. BOND, NAOMI L. 309 Evergreen Rd. Jenkintown. PA. 19046. Soccer 11; Honor Society 9.10.11. BORTMAS, BARBARA. 2917 Hammond PL Roslyn. PA 19001. BOUVAS, LYNNE 758 Jackson Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038. BOWER. SHEILA A. 1307 Fitzwatertown Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001. BOWLES, PAUL J. 565 Baeder Rd Jenkintown. PA. 19046. BOYD, PATRICE M. 2618 Burleigh Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11; Track 9,10,11; Choir 9,10; Black Student Union 10,11. BOYER, JUDITH A. 1234 Westmont Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001; New Life 11,12; Stage Crew 12; Props 12; Publicity 12. BRADSHAW, GARY T. 421 North HUls Rd. North Hills, PA. 19038. BRADY. PAUL A. 2137 Kent Rd Abington. PA 19001; Soccer 9. BRADY, ROBERT D. 2426 Madison Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001; Hockey. BRAIM, CYNTHIA A. 1310 Wheatsheaf La. Abington, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 11; Rifle 11,12; Field Hockey 9; Band 9,10,11,12; French Club 11,12; Honor Society 10,11,12; Abingtonian 11,12; Marching Band 10,11,12. BREGMAN, HOWARD S. 1012 Beverly Rd. Rvdal, PA. 19046, Student Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Corresponding Sec't. 10; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Chess Club 11 12; Honor Society 10,11,12; Slews Bureau 11,12; Ghost Post 9,10; Sprite 10; Senior Class Play, stage manager 11,12. BRILL, JANICE L. 1620 Ferndale Ave. Abington, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 11,12; Cross Country 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Honor Society 11,12 (V.P.) BRILL, JOHN F. 614 Roslyn Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Football 9 BRODER, JILL S. 1553 Cherry La. Rydal. PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11,12, Cheerleader’s 9,10,11,12; French Club 9; Honor Society 9,10 (Pres.) 11,12; Oracle 12; Varsity "A" 11,12. BROWN, CHRISTOPHER P. 1225 Rosemont La. Abington. PA 19001; Football 11,12. BRYAN, JERRIANNE. 1160 Bradficld Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep 10; Class Council Rep. 9,10,12; Soccer 10,11,12; Folk Guitar 9; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Usherettes 11,12. BUBNIS, DANIEL F. 1558 Edgewood Ave. Roslvn. PA 19001; Basketball 9,10,12. Soccer 9,10,11,12; Football 11,12; Bicvlce Club 9,10,11,12; Debate 9,10,11,12, Human Relations 9,10,11,12; Railroad Club 9,10,11,12; Sports Club 11,12; Varsitv "A" 11,12; World Affairs BUCCAFURI, ANGELA T. 352 Tennis Ave. North Hills. PA 19038, Italian Club 11. BUCHANAN, TINA M. 290 Shelmire St. Phila., PA. 19111; FBLA 10. BUCKLEY, SCOTT T. 2133 Susquehanna Rd Abington, PA 19001; Wrestling 9,10. BUDMAN, LORI J. 1835 Edmund Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Class Council Rep. 9,10.11; Track 9; Spanish Club 9. BURGESS, STEVE M. 1561 Lindbergh Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. BURKE, JOYCE P. 2828 Pine Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038. BURN1S, ROBIN L. 259 North Easton Rd Glenside, PA. 19038. BURNS, MARIA C. 1825 Watson Rd Abington. PA 19001. BUSHEY, BRANSBY W. 348 Shelmire St. Phila , PA. 19111; Football 9; Bowling 9,10,11,12; Band 9,10; Honor Society 11,12; Marching Band 10,11,12; Jr. Class Play 11. BUTLER. JEAN L. 128 Elm Ave. Rockledge. PA. 19111. CAINE, COLLEEN M. 743 Hamel Ave. Ardslev, PA. 19038; Class Council Rep. 11, Soccer 10,11,12; Swim Team 9; Field Hockey 10. CAMPFIELD, HOLLY J. 425 Penn Ave. North Hills, PA 19038; Student Council Rep 11; Band 9,10,11; Flag Twirlers 9,10,11; Band Front 9,10,11. CAMPION, PAT J. 1006 Garfield Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038. CANNON, SCOTT P. 919 Woodcrest Rd Abington. PA. 19001; Soccer 9,10; Tennis 9.10; Choir 12; Honor Society 11; American Field Studies 9,10. CARNEY, JAMES F. 209 Runner St. Phiha.. PA 19111. CARNEY, JOHN P. 2700 Jenkintown Rd. Glenside. PA. 19038. CARRICAN . MICHAEL. 260 Keswick Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Baseball 10,11,12; Football CASE, CARLA M. 329 Chelsea Ave. North Hills. PA. 19038; Soccer 10,12; Track 10,11. CASSIN, KENNETH E. 1330 Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley- PA. 19006; Lacrosse. CATHERMAN, DEBRA L. 1115 Lindsay La Rvdal, PA 19046 Soccer 9,10,11,12, Rifle 9.10,11,12; Band 9,10,11,12; Theatre Honorary 9.10,11,12; Marching Band. CAWLEY. JOHN R. 432 Hamel Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. CAWLEY, TOM P. 432 Hamel Ave. Glenside. PA. 19038. CHAMBERLIN, DAWN R. 408 Cricket Ave. North HUIs, PA 19038; Student Council Rep 11,12; Class Council Rep. 11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 9,10,11.12; Field Hockev 9,10,11,12; Varsity- "A" 9,10,11.12; FCA Club. CHAPJIAN, ALBERT C. 1868 Pine Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA. 19006. CHATBURN, BRIAN T. 653 Easton Rd. Glenside, PA. 19038; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Football CHEUN, JANE. 1436 Dorel Rd Rydal, PA. 19046; Band Front 11; Choir 11, Honor Society 11; Usherettes 11. CHIODO, MARY A. 851 Tennis Ave Ardsley. PA. 19038. CHRIINOW, FLAVIA G. 2921 Senak Rd Roslyn, PA 19001. GRIGLIANO, CHARLES V. 15 N. Sylvania Ave. Rockledge. PA 19111. CLYMAN, SHERRI L. 1455Shoemaker Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Class Council Rep U;Chotr 9,10; French Gub 11. COHEN, HOLLY S. 1778 Oakwvnne Rd. Huntington Valiev, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11; Tennis 9,10,11,12; Honor Society 9,10,11; Spanish Club 9,11. COHEN, ANDY S. 1229 Red Rambler Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Bowling 10,11,12; Student Council Rep. 11. COHN, DEBRA L. 1824 Sharon Rd. Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Class Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Rifle 12; Band 9,10,11, Color Guard 9,10,11; Band Front 9,10,11; Choir 11,12; French Club 9; Theatre Honorary 11,12; Usherettes 9,10; Cat, Crab, and Other Things. COLANTONIO, GARY. 3016 Rolling Hill Rd. Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Soccer 9. COLL. DAWN M. 1376 Virchwood Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001. COLTON, MARC D. 1501 Rvdal Rd Rydal, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 10,11, Baseball; Camera Club; News Bureau; Sophomore Class Play. COLUCG, VALERIE A. 822 Wedener Rd Elkins Park, PA. 19117. COMROE, LARRY A. 1208 Lindsay La Rydal. PA. 19046; Student Council. Football 9; Track 9,10. CONLEY. JANET L. 1259 Huntingdon Rd Abington. PA 19001 COOGAN, EDWIN C. 664 Pinetree Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Audio Visual Gub 9,10. COOKSON, TIM O. 1367 Edgewood Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11 (Pres ), 12 (Pres ); Baseball 9,10,11; Football 9,10,11. COOPER, DANA J. 1927 Nicholas Dr. Huntington, PA. 19006. COOPER, JUDITH A. 773 Castlewood Rd. Glenside, PA. 19038; Field Hockey 9.10,11. COREY, KELLY E. 1233 Unox Rd Jenkintown, PA. 19046 CORNELL. TERRY L. 140 Perry St. Elkins Park, PA. 19117; Softball 9. CORRIGAN, BRIAN E. 387 Stewart Ave. Jenkintown. PA. 19046; Baseball. Football. COSTELLO. KATHLEEN C. 290 Runner St. Phila., PA. 19111; Class Council Rep. 11; Band 9,10,11,12; French Oub 11. CRAMTON, STEPHEN C. 1802 Edge Hill Rd Abington. PA 19001 CRAWFORD, JOYCE A. 3052 Raymond Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001; Class Council Rep. 9,10; Soccer 9,10; Affiliation Gub 9; Band 9,10,11; Honor Society 10; Usherettes 9. CREEDON, MICHAEL W. 710 Jenkintown Rd Elkins Park, PA. 19117. CRISTALDI, GREGORY L. 2223 Florey La. Roslyn. PA 19001; Soccer 9,10; Swimming Team 9,10; Alternative School 10; Kev Club 9. 284CROXTON, CHARLES O. 2542 Pierce Ave. Willow Grove, PA 19090, Football 12. CURRAN, PETER A. 1125 North Hills Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Cross-Countrv 10,11; Track 9.10,11 CUSTER, WAYNE S. 137 Stanley Ave Clenside, PA. 19038; Debate 12 CUTILLI, TAMYRA T. 1918 Adams Ave Abington, PA 19001; Field Hockey 9; Choir9; News Bureau 11,12, Abingtonian. CZERVISKI, STEPHEN R. 1119 Hall Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Ice Hockey Center 11 CZERWONKA, STEPHEN J. 875 Tyson Ave Roslyn. PA 19001; Football 9; Wrestling 9.10.11; Band 9. DAFILOU, STEVEN ISAAC. 863 Fcrnhill Rd. Glenside. PA. 19038; Football 11,12; Varsitv "A” 12. (Manager of Football team) DALESSANDRO, MAR1TZA V. 1435 Dons Rd Roslyn, PA. 19001. DALZELL, KAREN L. 769 Roslvn Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Student Council Rep. 10, Class Council Rep. 11; Track Team 9,10,11; Field Hockey 9; Band 9,10,11; FBLA 10; Honor Society 10,11; Abingtonian co-ed 11. DAVIES, MELINDA K. 364 Rolling Hill Rd. Elkins Park, PA. 19117. DAVINE, ROBERT PAUL. 1419 Welsh Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Band 9,10,11,12; Orchestra 9,10,11,12; Marching Band 10,11,12, (captain — 12); Musical 11,12. DEACON, PATRICIA A. 242 Keswick Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. DEAN, KAROL L. 1747 Arnold Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090. DE FRANCESCO, JOSEPH N. 212 Rolling Hill Rd Elkins Park. PA 19117 DELEON, PATRICIA. 1538 Elkins Ave. Abington, PA. 19001; Class Council Rep 10,11; Cheerleading Squad 9; Honor Society 10; Spanish Club 9. DEMARINELLA, MARK F.2708 Welsh Rd. Willow Grove. PA. 19090. DEMERS, CECELIA, B. 1036 Kipling Rd Rydal. PA 19046. DENNIS, THOMAS M. 2323 Hamilton Ave. Willow Grove, PA 19090, Football Team 10. DEVOE, GREGORY W. 1542 Mill Rd Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep 12; Basketball Team 9; Tennis Team 10; Oracle 12. DICKERSON, RHONDA L. 870 Cvpress Ave. Elkins Park, PA. 19117; Track Team 9,10,11; Debate Team 10,11,12; Ecology 10. f 1.12; Black Student Union. DIJOSEPH BEVERLY K. 1319 Jencho Rd Abington. PA. 19001; Student Council Rep.; Class Council Rep.; Cheerleading Squad; French Cluf ; Key Club; LEO; Usherettes. DIMARTINO, MICHAEL A. 2841 Ml. Vernon Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090 DINATALE, DEBBIE A. 1448 Arline Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. DIPAOLANIONIO, DONNA M. 880 Willow Ave. Elkins Park, PA. 19117; Student Council Rep. 11. DISANTRO, LORA A. 927 Brown Ave. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Class Council Rep. 11; Cheerleading Squad 9,10,11. DIXON, MARC W. 2652 Lamott Ave Willow Grove, PA 19090; Basketball Team 9,10; Cross-Country 11; Track 9,11. DOMINIC, JAMES G. 221 Jarrett Ave. Rockledge, PA. 19111; Junior Class Play 11. DONECKER, SIU C. 125 Tyson Ave. Glenside, PA 19038; Teens For Retarded 11; Usherettes 9,10.11. DONOHUE, PATRICIA M. 735 Fern Fd. Glenside, PA 19038; Soccer Team 10; Creative Wntmg 11. DOUGHERTY, JOHN E. 2071 Susquehanna Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Class Council Rep 9; Track Team 9.10,12; Wrestling 12 DOVE, DOUGLAS R. 2102 Oakdale Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 DRISCOLL, ROSEMARIE P. 2948 Gnsdale Rd. Roslvn. PA 19001. Soccer 11; Teens For Retarded 11; Usherettes 10,11; UNICEF 9. DRURY, MARK E. 1823 Old Orchard Rd. Abington. PA 19001; Soccer 9; Track 9; Choir 9,10,11,12. DUBOIS, PETER A. 643 Washington Lane Rydal. PA. 19046; Ice Hockey - Center. DUDEN, SHARON J. 1540 Davidson Rd Abington. PA 19001 DUELL, DONNA L. 1062 Beverly Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Soccer Team 9,10. DURDAM, WANDA A. 1615 Washington Ave. Willow Grove, PA 19090 DURPHY, CYNTHIA A. 1437 Arline Ave Roslyn, PA. 19001; Color Guard 10,11; Winter Guard 10; Band Front 10,11; Creative Writing 11; FBLA 9; Honor Society 9,10,11; Spanish Club 9. DURPHY, MICHAEL. 1719 HU1 Rd Abington, PA. 19001. FAMES, FRED J. 109 Egerton Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 EARLY, STACY M. 1541 St. James PI. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Soccer9,10,11; Usherettes 10; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Soccer manager 11. EDELMAN, SHERRIE L. 459 Wingate Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Class Council Rep 9.10,11; French Cluo 9,10,11,12 (Pres.); Honor Society 10,11; Spanish Club 11; Usherettes 9. EHLY, BRIAN W. 2828 Jefferson Ave Ardsley, PA. 19038; Soccer 9,10,11; Rifle 9. ELLIOTT, ALISON J. 2129 Susquehanna Rd. Abington, PA 19001; Band 11; Orchestra 9,10,11. ELLIOTT, DONNA M. 1435 White Owl Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001. ELY. DANIEL J. 447 Highland Ave Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10(Sgt at Arms) 11; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11; Stxcer 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 10,11,12 EMBERY RICHARD J. 151 Cedar Rd Elkins Park, PA. 19117; Football 9,10; Track 9,10. EMMONS, NANCY A. 1411 Holcomb Rd. Huntingdon Valley. PA. 19006; Basketball 9; Soccer 9,10,11; Field Hockey 9,10. ENDRICK, BETH A. 2320 Heston St. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Basketball 9,10; Field Hockcv 10,11; Softball 9,10,11. ENRIGHT, BERNARD J. 211 Woodlyn Ave. Glenside, PA 19038; Orchestra 9 ENRIGHT, DANIEL J. 737 Upsal Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Choir 10.11. EPPINGER, JOHN C. 46 Park Ave. Rockledge, PA. 19111. EPSTEIN, VICKI L. 43 Lee Lynn La. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council 9,10 (Treasurer), 11; Soccer 10; Bowling 9,10,11, Creative Writing 10; FBLA i0; Honor Society 10,11; Usherettes 10. ERDELY1, CELESTE. 334 Maple Ave. North Hills, PA 19038. ERK, JUDI A. 411 Tyson Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. EVEN, LISA A. 1570 Edgewood Ave. Roslvn, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10; Field Hockey 9; Spamsh'Club 9,10,11. EVERTSZ, MICHAEL J. 1261 Nolen Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001. FARINA, ROSE M. 412 Tyson Ave. Glenside. PA. 19038. FAUNCE, SANDY A. 726 Monroe Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038; Basketball 9,10,11.12; Field Hockey 9; Band 9,10,11; Honor Society 9,10,11; German Gub 9,10, (secretary). FAUNCE, WILLIAM E. 948 Brown Ave. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Band 9,10,11,12. FECHTER, CHRISTOPHER W. 1844 Kimball Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090; Soccer 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 9,10,11,12; Varsity ”A" 12. FELDMAN, BARRIE R. 7 Lee-Lynn Land Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006; Student Council Rep. 10,11; Class Council Rep 10.11; Tennis 10,11,12, (captain); Spanish Club 10,11; Varsitv "A' 11,12. FERBER, KARA L. 1843 Hartc Rd. Jenkintown, PA 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10; French Club 9,10; Usherettes 9,10 FERGUSON, TARA L. 1045 Highland Ave. Abington. PA 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep 11; Field Hockey 9,10. FERRARO, CHARLES J. 1362 St. Charles PI. Roslyn, PA 19001. FERRARO, MICHAEL A. 827 Penn Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038 FESMIRE, SUSAN E. 1884 Edgehill Rd Abington. PA. 19001; Color Guard 11. Band Front 11, Choir 9,10,11; Honor Society 9,10,11,12. FIELDS, ANNE A. 1356 Warner Rd Meadowbrook. PA 19046; Student Council Rep. 10; Class Council Rep 9,10,11,12; French Club 12; FBLA 10, Honor Society 10; Oracle 12 (editor), Csp FIELDS, SHIRLEY D. 2659 Phipps Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; World Affairs 9,10, Black Student Union 9,10,11. FINK, CHRISTIAN. 1880 Hemlock Circle Abington, PA. 19001, Cross-Country 12; Affiliation Gub 12. FIORILLO, WILLIAM A. 526 Susquehanna St Huntingdon Valley. PA. 19006; Golf 10. FISHER, MICHAEL J. 1049 Henrietta Ave. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 FISHER, WILLIAM G. 1516 Hampton Rd. Rydal, PA 19046. FITTIPALDI, PASQUALE. 944 Garfield Ave. Ardsley. PA 19038. FITZGERALD, CHARLOTTE E. 2957 Meyer Ave. Ardsley, PA 19038. FITZGERALD. PAUL J. 1821 Eckard Ave Abington. PA 19001; Football 12 FLANEGAN, MARK C. 1307 Rose Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Baseball 9; Honor Society 9,11. FLOUNDERS, DAVID J. 2388 Geneva Ave Glenside, PA. 19038; Cross Country 9.10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12; Swimming Team 11,12. FLYNN, SHARON M. 1370 High Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. FOLK, CYNTHIA L. 2628 Barnes Ave. Roslvn, PA. 19001; Band Front 10.11,12; Choir 9,10,11,12; Honor Society 10,11; Usherettes 9,16,11,12. FORCE, STEVEN M. 774 Hamel Ave Ardsley, PA. 19038 FOREMAN, MICHELE. 142 Tyson Ave. Clenside, PA. 19038; Track 10,11,12 FOSTER. NORA A. 712 Monroe Ave Ardsley. PA. 19038. FRAGALE, L1SAMARIE. 1005 Maple Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038. FRANKENFIELD, THOMAS A. 1348 Green Rd Roslvn. PA 19001. Class Council Rep 11. Soccer 11. FREEDMAN, LAUREN A. 756 Suffolk Rd. Rvdal. PA. 19046; Student Council Vice-President, Soccer 10. FREEDMAN, PAUL M. 1009 Delene Rd Rydal, PA 19046 FREELAND, ANNE M. 767 Tennis Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038, Class Council Rep. 10; Soccer 10. Choir 9,10,11; French Club 9,10; Latin 11. FRIEDMAN, RACHELLE M. 1043 Pheasant Rd rydal PA. 19046; Class Council Rep 11.12; Gymnastics Team 9,10; French Gub 12; Oracle 12. FRIZZLE, ANITA L. 405 Tyson Ave. Clenside, PA. 19038 FROST, VIRGINIA L. 1454 Scrape Rd Rydal. PA 19046 GALL, ELIZABETH A. 233 Margaretta Ave. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006. Affiliation Club 9,10; Creative Writing 12; New Life 9; Theatre Honorary 11.12. GALLAGHER. CAROL M. 512 Abington Ave. Clenside. PA 19038 GALLAGHER, ELLEN J. 1246 Easton Rd Roslyn. PA 19001; Field Hockey; Softball GALLAGHER. KATHLEEN T. 1485 Blue Jay Rd Roslyn. PA 19001. GALTMAN, LEE A. 1620 Spring Ave. Jenkintown. PA. 19046; Student Council Vice President 12, Rep. 10,11; Class Council Vice-President 9,10, Rep. 11; Baseball 10,11; Football 11,12. GALTMAN, RICHARD B. 1620 Spring Ave. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Class Council President 9; Rep. 9,10,11. GANNON, MICHAEL. 1336 Partridge Rd Roslvn, PA. 19001, Student Council Rep. 9; Class Council Rep 9; Golf 10,11,12; Lacrosse, 9,10,11,12 CARBERINA, KAREN K. 1632 Upland Ave. Jenkintown, PA 19046. Class Council Rep 11. Student Council Rep 10,11; Choir 11. GARVIN, KAREN M. 137 Giveden Ave. Glenside. PA. 19038; Swim Team 9.10,11,12. Lacrosse 9,10; Field Hockey 9,10,11. GAVALA, TED. 356 Tennis Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038; Football 9; Track 11,12. GAW, ERIC L. Jencho Manor Apt. 127 Jenkintown, PA. 19046. GAYDOS, ROBERT J. 214 Tulpehocken Ave. Elkinspark, PA. 19117. GENGLER, LOREEN M. 717 Seminole Ave Philia , PA. 19111. GIBSON, JAMES F. 373 Cadawalder Ave. Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Track 9. 10. GILLER, BRYAN D. 1655 Marian Rd Abington, PA 19001; Basketball 10. GIROUD, LINDA A. 1830 Willard Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Ecology Club 12. GLEMSER, NATALEE L. 428 Tennis Ave North Hills, PA 19038. GLOSTER, EILEEN E. 853 Beverly Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046; Soccer 9,10.11; Choir 9,10. GOLD, JODI B. 1646 Buck-Hill Dr Huntingdon Valley. PA. 19006. GOLD, STEVEN. 1085 Squirrel Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Class Council Rep 10,11; Soccer 9,10; Honor Society 10,11,12; News Bureau 10; Creative Studies. GOLDBERG, SUZANNE L. 1472 W'oodland Rd Rvdal. PA. 19046; Class Council Rep 10,11; Honor Society 10,12; Spanish Club 11,12; Editor of Ghost Post 10. GOLDBLATT, BILL A. 54 Twin Brooks Dr. Willow Grove. PA 19090; Football Team 11.12 CRANESE, VINCE J. 7946 Church Rd. Rockledge. PA 19111 GRANT, DIANE E. 906 Meadowbrook Dr. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 GRASTY, ALUERTA M. 1540 Rothlev Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. GRASTY, LISA J. 1557 Fairview Ave. Willow Grove. PA 19090 GRASTY, STEVE Q. 1559 Washington Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Basketball Team 9,10. GREENLEE, PAUL M. 1065 Huntingdon Rd Abington, PA 19001; Student Council Rep 10,11; Class Council Rep. 10,11; Swimming Team 9,10.11; ARTW 11; Choir 9,10,11; All School Musical 10.11,12. GRIFFIN, EDWARD J. 2546 Woodland Rd. Roslyn. PA 19001. GRIFFIN, KEN C. 2320 Old Welsh Rd Willow Grove, PA 19090; Gym Team 9,10,11 GROETSCH, BARBARA J. 703 Fern Rd. Glenside, PA. 19038. CROPPER, MARCI C. 1726 Welsh Rd. Huntingdon Valley. PA. 19006; Class Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Tennis Team 9,10,11,12. GROSS, BENNETT C. 238 Park Ave. Rockledge, PA. 19111; Football Team 11. 285GROSS. JEFFREY E. 1281 Dixon La. Rydal. PA. 19046; Class Council Rep 11,12; BaseballTeam 9. GROSS. TERESA A. 1141 Boone ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001. GROVE, JEFFREY P. 1411 Lindbergh Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001; Soccer Team 9.10,11 GUTMAN, MOIRA K. 558 Crescent Ave. Glenside, PA 19038; Soccer Team, Theatre Honorary. HAAS, MICHAEL T. 428 Tennis Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038; Band 10,11,12 (drum squad). HACKETT, DOROTHY A. 1838 Rockwell Rd. Abington. PA 19001; Student Council Rep. 10 HACKEY. WALTER B. 1418 Lindsav l.ane Meadowbrook, PA. 19016, Cross-Countrv 11; Track 11,12. HADLY, JAMENE J. 2030 Pleasant Ave. Glenside, PA 19038. HAEGELE, ROSEMARIE L. 221 Blake Ave. Rockledge, PA. 19111. HAIRSTON, KENDALL D. 1604 Summit Ave. Willow Grove, PA 19090; Track 9,11. HALEY.JOSEPH F. 1565 Edgewood Ave. Roslvn„PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 10; Class Council Rep. 9; Basketball 11; Soccer 9,10.11,12; Wrestling 9,10,12; Chess Club; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Varsity "A" Club 12. HALL, AMY. 1079 Tyson Ave. Roslvn. PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep 11; Track 9.10,11,12. Swimming 9.10,11; Band 10,11; Latin Club 11; Varsity "A” Club 11. HALL, KATHLEEN R. 1529 Lindberg Ave Roslyn. PA. 19001. HARBISON GAVIN J. 316 Roberts Ave Glenside, PA. 19038; Class Council Rep 9. HARBISON, MARIANNE E. 2171 Kenmore Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Choir 9,10; Usherettes 9,10. HARRAR DAVID L. II 1539 Hampton Rd Rydal, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9; Class Council Rep. 10,11; Soccer (captain) 9,10,11,12; Wrestling 9,10,11,12; Honor Society 9,10,11,12 (sec.); Varsity "A" Club 11,Iz. HARRIS JOHN A. 101 N. Keswick Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038, Affiliation Club 11; Honor Society 1 Z; New Life Gub Vice Pres. 9,10,11; Hamilton Radio Club 11; Abingtonian News Editor 11,12; Church Softball Team 11. HARRIS, THOMAS J. 2804 Pine Ave. North Hills. PA 19038; Track 9,10; Swimming 9,10.11,12; Audio-Visio Gub 10, Church usher. HAVERKAMP, FRANKLIN P. 227 Runner St Phila.. PA. 19111; Soccer 9; Wrestling 9,10. HARVEY, VERONICA L. 129 Houston Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 HECKARD, ERIC E. 1543 Edgewood Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001, Band (drum major) 10,11,12; Honor Society 11; Orchestra 11,12. HEDRICK, PAMELA J. 1915 Coolidge Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Hospital Volunteer 9,10,11. HEIN, LORI L. 734 Monroe Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038. HELLER, SUSAN. 885 Easton Rd. Glenside. PA 19038. HELLINGER, STEVE G. Foxcroft Apt. 100, Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Track 11. HELWIG, JOHN R. 2418 Rosemore Ave Glenside. PA. 19038; Band 9,10.11,12 HENZE, STEVE R. 937 Maple Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038; Football9,10,11; Lacrosse 10,11; Varsity "A" 11. HERMAN, KAREN. 708 Monroe Ave Ardsley, PA. 19038. HERNES, HELENE S. 422 Wingate Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006, Student Council Rep. 9,10,11 (Sec't.), 12(Sec't.); Gass Council Rep. 10,11,12; French Club 12; Honor Society 10(V.P.), 12; Oracle 12; Usherettes 9,10. HERRMANN. JEFF P. 236 Runner St. Philadelphia, PA. 19111 HETELSON, MARCY G. 1571 Williams Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Theatre Honorary. HEUGES, CHRISTOPHER M. 2039 Jenkintown Rd Glenside. PA. 19038; Cross-Country 10,11; Track 10,11. HEWISH, WILLIAM C. 2440 Woodland Rd. Roslvn, PA. 19001; Class Council Rep. 9; Soccer 10. HEWITT, PAULA E. 1873 Woodland Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Oracle 12 (Editor). HILL, CHRIS M. 237 Maple Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038. HOFFMAN, ROBIN L. 952 Township Line Rd. Elkins Park, PA. 19117. HOGAN, JOHN P. 2821 Meyer Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038; Basketball 9; Track 9.10. HOLLAND, DWAYNE A. 1651 N. Easton Rd. Willow Grove. PA. 19090; Track 9; Bowling 10. HONE, JOHN E. 1471 Blue Jay Rd Roslyn, PA. 19001. HOTTINGER, JANIS L. 338 Fillmore St. Philadelphia. PA. 19111; Cross-Country 12. Affiliation Club 12. HOUSEKNECHT, STACEY R. 445 Roberts Ave. Glenside. PA. 19038; Track 10,11; Choir 9.10; Usherettes 9,10; Health Careers 11. HOYER, THOMAS M. 2024 Jenkintown Rd. Glenside, PA. 19038; Diving 9. HUBBARD, HUTCH. 2217 Charles St. Glenside, PA. 19038; Latin Club 11,12. HUBER, LORRIE J. 257 Runner St. Philadelphia, PA. 19111. HUGHES. REBECCA L. 2161 Charles St. Glenside, PA. 19038; Student Council Rep 10,11; Soccer 10,11; Cross-Countrv 11; Choir 10; Theatre Honorary 11; Usherettes 11; Miniature Club 10; Honor Society 10; Musical 11; Junior Class Play 11; Senior Class Play 11. ISKOWITZ, MARK I. 1271 June Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11; ARTW 11, 12; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Spectre 11; Ghost Post 9; Sprite Magazine 9,10 (ED.); Honor Society Play 10; Senior Class Play 11. JANISHECK, CAROL L. 7822 Fillmore St. Rockledge, PA. 19111; Class Council Rep. 9,11; Creative Studies Program. JAWER, ANNE. 1450 Autumn Rd. Rydal, PA. 19046; Honor Society; News Bureau; Theatre Honorary. JEFFERSON, BRENT R. 349 Osceola Ave. Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Track 9,11; Rifle 11. JOHNSON, ARNOLD D. 1649 Newport Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Black Student Union 11,12 JOHNSON, CRYSTAL D. 1628 Franklin Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Cheerleaders 9,11. JOHNSON, VENUS A. 401 Stewart Ave. Jenkintown, PA. 19046. JOYCE, JOSEPH D. 2225 Oakdale Ave. Glenside. PA. 19038. JOYCE, NOREEN M. 2225 Oakdale Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Stage Crew, "Sound of Music." KAHN, ANDREW M. 59 Durand Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, PA 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Gass Council Rep. 9; Camera Club ll; Chess Gub 10,11; Honor Society 10; News Bureau 11; Junior Historians 11 (V.P.); Newspaper 9,10,11; Magic Club 9,10 (Pres ). KAISER, DAVID W. 1447 Wheatsheaf La. Abington, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11; Class Council Rep 9,10,11; Soccer 9,11; Lacrosse 11; Wrestling 9,10; Choir 9,10,11. KALKBRENNER, BRENDA L. 1915 Carinthian Ave. Abington. PA. 19001. KALL1SH, MICHELE A. 808 Dale Rd Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep ; Class Council Rep. KAPP, MARGARET. 828 Maple Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038; Stage Crew Manager, All-School Musical 11. KAROLCZAK, FRANK A. 1310 Wunderland Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001. KAUDERER. BETH S. 1031 MiURd.Cir. Rydal. PA. 19046; Folk Guitar Gub 9; French Club 11; Prom Committee. KAUFFMAN, REBECCA F. 1807 Washington Lane. Meadowbrook, PA. 19046, Bowling 11,12; Honor Society 11. KAUFFMAN, SUZANNE W. 1807 Washington lane, Meadowbrook, PA 19046; Soccer 9; Usherettes 11; Class Council Rep 11 KAUFMAN, BRADK. 1311 Rose Rd Roslyn, PA. 19001, Class Council Rep. 10,11; Sprite 10. KELLER, DEBBIE M. 67 Blake Ave. Rockledge, PA 19111 KELLY, BARBARA M. 341 Meetinghouse Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19016. KELL, JANE E. 555 Pine Tree Rd Jenkintown, PA 19046; Band 10; Health Careers Club 11. KEMPER. SUSAN E. 1028 A Fox Chase Rd. Rockledge. PA 19111 KERRIGAN, SHEILA E. 2146 Kenmore Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Field Hockey 9. KERSTETTER, ANDREW J. 2754 Jenkintown Rd North Hills. PA 19038; Track 9 KIESSLING, EUGENE E. 444 Edge Hill Rd North Hills, PA. 19038. KIM, PAUL C. 1320 King Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Class Council Rep 11; Debate 11; Honor Society 11; Abingtonian KIND, MICHAEL P. 436 Rockledge Ave. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006. Wrestling 9; Band 9,10,11; Orchestra 9,10,11. KISTLER, SCOTT, T. 2728 Old Welsh Rd Willow Grove, PA 19090; Football 12. KLEINHANS, RICHARD A. 2447 Ardsley Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. KLEINTZ, HARRY W. 1242 Osbourne Ave. Roslvn. PA. 19001; Football 9, Soccer 11; Lacrosse 10,11. KLINE, GERARD L. 1918 Lambert Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Soccer 9. KLINGER, JONATHAN D. 2333 Woodland Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Band 9,10,11,12 KNOTT, DOREEN M. 737 Monroe ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038; Orchestra 9. KNOUSE, KIMBERLY C. 925 Coates Rd Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep.; Class Council Secretary, Rep.; Soccer; Honor Society; Spectre; Sprite 9,10 (Editor). KOEFFLER, GEORGE 0.1943 Acorn Lane Abington, PA. 19001; Honor Soceitv 11,12; Orchestra 9,10. KOMA, DAVID R. 2952 Sunnvcrest Rd. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Cross Country 9; Track 9; A.V. 9,10. KORTRIGHT, JILL A. 2830 Grisdale Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Affiliation Gub 11,12 (Vice President); Folk Guitar Club 9,10; French Gub 9,10; Teens for Retarded 11; Senior Class Play 11,12 (Props Chairman). KOSTER, KRISTINE L. 2139 Old Welsh Rd. Abington, PA 19001. KOZLOWSKI, ANNE E. 360 Wellington Terrace Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Track 10,11; Key Gub KRUGMAN, FREDDA SUE. 954 Hennetta Ave Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006, Usherettes 10. KUHN, JESSICA E. 558 San Diego Ave. Hollywood, PA. 19111; Bowling 9,10,11. KUHN, WENDY L. 1050 Sherman Ave. Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 9; Class Council Rep. 10,11,12; Affiliation Club 9; ARTW f2. Folk Guitar 9; French Club 9,11; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Latin Gub 12; Oracle 11,12 (Editor). KUNANZ, BIRGIT. 823 Hilldale Rd. Glenside, PA. 19038. KUNKEL, MICHELLE D. 832 Edge Hill Rd Glenside, PA. 19038. KUSS, FRED C. 718 Seminole Ave. Philadelphia, PA. 19111; Ham Radio Club (President) 10,11,12. KWIATKOWSKI, STEVE J. 1427 High Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001. LABKOFF, STEVEN E. 329 Peachtree Dr. Elkins Park, PA. 19111; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Lacrosse 9; Band 9,10,11,12; Camera Club 11,12; Folk Guitar Club 9,10; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; News Bureau 9,10,11,12; Oracle 11,12; Ghost Post 9,10 (Editor); Abingtonian 11,12; Marching Band 10,11; Musical 10,11,12; Oracle Editor 12. LANE, SUSAN E. 766 Moredon Rd. Meadowbrook. PA. 19046; Gass Council Rep. 9,10,11; Band 9,10,11; Honor Society 11; Musical 10,11. LANG, LINDA M. 1514 Edgewood Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001 LANGE, SAMUEL A. 1581 Shoemaker Rd Abington, PA 19001;SwimmingTeam9.10.11.12; Lacrosse 9,10,11,12; Band 11; Jazz Band. LANZILLOl ll, ANTHONY I. 1819Osbourne Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Student Council Rep. 9; Class Council Rep. 9; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Baseball 9; Lacrosse 11,12; Varsity "A” 2. LASEROW, SCOTT R. 1062 Old Ford Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 LASHNER, SUZANNE. 1341 Gilbert Rd Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep 9,10; Gass Council Rep. 10,11,12; Soccer 11,12; Honor Society 11,12; Spectre 11,12; Sprite 10 (Editor); Concert Bana 10,11. LASSEN, R. SCOTT. 1123 Cumberland Rd Abington, PA. 19001; Class Council Rep. 9,10; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Football 9,10,11,12; Wrestling 9,10,11,12 (Capt ); Varsity "A" 12; FCA LAWSON, DONNA M. 2739 Norman Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001. LE. TUAN N. 115 Edgehill Rd Glenside, PA. 19038. LEE, JEAN E. 1658 Washington Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. LEE, PATRINA W. 1617 Park Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090; Track 9,10,11,12. LEE, SUNHO. 2940 Oklahoma Rd Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Student Counol Rep. 9,10 (Pres.); 11,12 (Pres.); Class Council Rep. 10,11,12; Football 11,12; Soccer 9,10; Lacrosse 9,10,11,12; Wrestling 9,10; Varsity "A" 10,11.12 LEE. WEN C. 2272 Jenkintown Rd. Glenside, PA. 19038; Track 11. LEFFERTS, SUSAN. 2428 Fairhill Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Cross-Countrv 12; Track 11,12; Field Hockey 9; W'inter Guard 10, Majorettes 9; Varisty "A" 12; School Musical 9,11,12. LEIBHOLZ, ROBERT. 1204 Pheasant Rd. Rydal. PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 12; Class Council Rep. 9; Honor Society 12; Orchestra 9,10,11,12; District, Regional, State Orchestra; PGSA 10; Musical 9,11,12. LERCH, JOHN R. 623 Monroe Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038, Baseball 9,10,11,12; Football 9,10,11,12; Varsity "A" 12; Intramural Basketball 11,12. LESSMAN, JENNIFER B. 2162 Rush Rd. Abington. PA. 19001; Gass Council Rep. 12; Winter Guard 9; Majorettes 9,10,11; Honor Society 10; Creative Studies. LET1ZI, ANN E. 792 Dale Rd. Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Gass Council Secretary 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Soccer 10,11,12; ARTW lz; Italian Club 11,12; Varsity "A" 11,12; Soccer Manager 10,11,12. LEV1CK, LISA A. 956 Irvin Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Gvm Team 9,10; Honor Society 9,10. LEVIN, DEBRA J. 1013 Henrietta Ave. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Gass Council Rep. 9,10,11, Orade 12; French Gub 9,11; Honor Society 11. LEVIN, MELISSA I. 979 Sherman Ave. Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Student Counril Rep. 10; Class Counril Rep. 11; Library Aide 11; Involvement Day (Co-Chairman) 11. LEVIT, MARILYN J. 1523 Ferndalc Ave. Abington, PA. 19001; French Club 9; Orchestra 9,10, School Store 11,12; Usherettes 10. LIEBERMAN, HELEN L. 2320 Heston St Roslyn. PA. 19006 LIM, NANCY. 1812 Osbourne Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Student Counril Rep. 10; Gass Counril Rep. 10,11; Affiliation Club 10; Choir 9,10; Honor Society 10,11; Usherettes 11; Ghost Post 10. LINEMAN, JEFFREY M. 110 Edgley Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Soccer 9. 286LINSE, ARTHUR M. 220 Margaretta Ave. Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Chess Club 11; Latin Club 12; Wargames Club 9, id; 11. LLANOS. MARCELO. 1731 Prospect Ave Willow Grove, PA 19090. LOGAN, ELLEN C. 1625 Spring Ave. Jcnkintown. PA. 19046; Student Council Rep 10 LORENZ, JOAN H. 204 Church Rd Philadelphia, PA. 19111. LORENZ, LEO J. 204 Church Rd Philadelphia, PA 19111; Baseball 9.10,12; Ice Hockey. LOVE, I AMES F. 1744 Prospect Ave. Willow Grove, PA 19090; Basketball 9, Baseball 9,10,11; Football 9; Bowling 10,11. LOWREY, GREGORY R. 1797 Rockwell Rd. Abington. PA 19001; Lacrosse LOWREY, KATHLEEN. 1209 Jericho Rd. Abington, PA. 19001, Cheerleaders 10, Italian Club (Vice-President) 11. I. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006, Student School Store 9,10; Spanish Club 9,10,11,12, LUDWIG, JOSEPH G. 1951 Preston Ave Willow Grove, PA. 19090 LUNDQU1ST, LISA B. 964 Woodcrest Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Choir 9,10,11.12; Usherettes 10. LYBRAND, JAMES D. 2443 Susquehanna Rd. Roslyn. PA. 19001. MACAULEY, KEITH R. 929 Old Ford Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Baseball 9,10; A.R.T.W. 11; Band Sargeant 9,10,11; Musical (stage-crew). MAGEE, JAMES M. 2566 Femwood Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Golf 11, Honor Society 9,10. MAGISON, ALICE S. 2131 Curtis Ave. Abington, PA. 19001; Color Guard 11,12. MAHADEVAN, KAMALA. 1817 Guernsey Ave. Abington, PA 19001, Band, Honor Society. Usherettes. MAHER. MARYELLEN. 322 Roberts Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. MAHONEY, SUSAN M. 2057 Pleasant Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. MALIS, DAVID). 1579 Williams Rd Abington, PA 19001; Student Council Rep 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10; Football 9,10; Track 9; Karate. MANAKER, G. DAVID. 2915 Joyce Rd Roslyn, PA 19001; Football 11,12 MANDEL,JEFF M. 1884 Nicholas Drive, Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 12; Honor Society 11; World Affairs 10; Theatre (lighting and sound). MANGAPIT, ANTHONY G. 129 Walnut St. Jenkintown, PA. 19046. MANN, MICHAEL F. 324 Cliveden Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; German Club 9. MARDER, DOUG B. 584 Wanamaker Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11; Soccer 9,10,11; Track 9,10,11; Swimming Team 9. MARESKE, IRINA. 224 Fisher Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Basketball 11, Affiliation Club 11. Honor Society 11; New Life 11 (Vice Pres.). MARGOLIS, JACLYN B. 602 Wanamaker Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046, Wrestling 10; Creative Writing 12; Railroad Club 12; Yoga 11. MARGRAFF, LISA A. 318 Abington Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Basketball 9,10,11; Softball 9,10; Field Hockey 9,10,11; Band 9.10; Folk Guitar 9, Orchestra 9. MARONE, LISA M. 2990 Goentner Rd. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Choir. MARSHALL, LINDA M. 114 N. Sylvama Ave. Rockledge, Pa. 19111. MARSHALL, LOUISE 1.1623 Biddle Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep 10,11,12; News Bureau 12; Spanish Club 9; Library Aide 10; Guides and Ushers 9. MARSHALL, MARK O. 2620 Lillian Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Basketball 10. MARSHALL, MATTHEW R. 2620 Lillian Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090, Basketball 9; Football 9; Track 9,10,11; Black Student Union 11; Winter Track 10,11. MARSILIO, MARIA S. 321 Sylvama Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Choir 9,10,11,12; French Club 9. MARTIN. SUZANNE E. 610 Roberts Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. MARX, JILL F. 331 Thorpe Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Class Council Rep. 11; Tennis 11; Cheerleaders 10. MASSARELLA, STEVEN R. 1244 Huntingdon Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Affiliation Club; Jr. Class Play. MASSEY, GINA M. 308 North Hills Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038; Cheerleaders 10,11,12; Varsity "A" 11. MATAKONIS, STEVE W. 2767 Galloway Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. MATHIS, DAPHNE C. 1429 Aubrey Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. MATTEO, NICHOLAS J. 1224 Lindsav La. Rvdal, PA. 19046, Baseball; Football 9,10,11,12; Track 12; Varsity "A" 12; Student Council Rep. 9.10; Cass Council Rep. 11. MATTHEWS, ANNE M. 370 Keswick Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. MATYSIK, JOHN M. 1516 Birchwood Ave. Roslvn, PA. 19001; Lacrosse 11,12; Rag Twirlers 11,12. MAYO, MICHAEL J. 1482 Huntingdon Rd. Abington, PA. 19001. McCARREN, PETER R. 1484 Jericho Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Football 9; Wrestling 10,11,12. McCarthy, KATHLEEN M. 269 Maple Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038; Class Council Rep. 9; Bowling 9,10; Latin 10,11. McCarthy, MARGARET R. 205 Roberts Ave. Glenside. PA. 19030; Track 11; Field Hockey 9; Affiliation Cub 11; Band 9,10; Flag Twirlers 10,11; Honor Society 10,11; German Cub. McCarthy, SHERI A. 318 North Hills Ave. North Hills. PA. 19038; Student Council (Vice Pres.); Class Council Rep. 11; Basketball 9; Camera Club 11; Black Student Council 9,10,11. McCLANAHAN, ERIC. 128 Houstan Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038 McCOWN, LOWELL M. 1664 Summit Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090, Basketball; Track; Choir. McCREAVY, JOHN G. 2450 Rosemore Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. McDONALD, JAMES J. 2828 Rubican Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Swimming Team 9. McDONNELL, LISA M. 1366 Arline Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. McGEE, JAN E. 1603 North Hills Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Class Council Rep. 9; Band 9,10; Choir 11,12. McGEE, MICHAEL D. 410 Mayfield Ave. Elkins Park. PA. 19117. McCETTIGAN, ROBIN A. 2766 Galloway Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Nursing. McGLADE, CLAIRE L. 2651 Columbia Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Choir 9,10; Chamber Choir 9,10. McCONIGLE, ELIZABETH A. 2087 Oakdale Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Band 9,10,11.12. MdNTYRE, JENNIFER R. 2289 Jenkintown Rd. Glenside, PA. 19038; Band 9,10,11.12; Choir 9,11,12; German Club 10. McINTYRE, JOHN j. 755 Penn Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038; Baseball 9; Soccer 9,10; Track 9; Tennis 10,11; Rifle 9,10. McKEEVER, MAUREEN H. 2717 Heather La. North Hills, PA. 19038; Health Careers Club 11. McKOY, BEVERLY A. 1106 York Rd. Abington. PA. 19001. McLARTY, LINCOLN C. 399 Stewart Ave. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Wrestling 9,10,12. McN'EILL, LORI A. 2749 Miriam Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001; Majorettes 9,10. MEARA, PAUL J. 2871 Rossiter Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Baseball 9.10,11,12; Football 9; Varsity "A" 11,12. LUCYSZYN, NATALIE S. 558 Susquehanna Rc Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Ghost Post 9,10 (Editor); Unicef CIuo 9,10. MELINO, CHRISTOPHER P. 1056 Anna Rd Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 MENCH, JAMES J. 1217 Mildred Ave Roslyn. PA. 19001 MESSINA, PETE J. 219 N Easton Rd Willow Grove, PA. 19001. METZGER, WENDY G.657MeadowbrookDr Huntingdon, PA. 19006; Class Council Rep 11; Cheerleaders 10; French Club 9. MEYER. MINDY K. 1437 Dorel Rd Rydal, PA. 19046; Class Council Rep. 11,12, Honor Societv 12; Oracle 12; Spanish Club 9,10,11,12; CSP 12 MICHAELS, JEFFREY R. 1234 June Rd. Huntingdon Valles', PA. 19006. Cross-Country 9,10,11. MIDWOOD. GREGORY J. 1931 Smith Ave Willow Grove, PA 19090; Audio-Visual Cub 9 MILES. SALLY A. 857 Garfield Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038 MILLER. ADRIENNE L. 2823 Lamott Ave. WUlow Grove. PA 19090; Band Front 10; French Club 9.10, II MILLER, BOB P. 257 Meetinghouse Rd Jenkintown. PA. 19046. MILLER, RUTH A. 930 Central Ave. Ardsley, PA 19038; Basketball 10; Baseball 11. MONTGOMERY, KENNETH L. 2751 Galloway Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 MOON. CINDY A. 2111 Pleasant Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038. MOONEY, BERNADETTE M. 2230 Oakdale Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 MOORE, JOSEPH T. 634 Crescent Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Track 11. MORGAN, CAROL D. 602 Roseland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19111; Student Council Rep. 11; Color Guard 10,11; Winter Guard 10; Band Front 10,11; Folk Guitar 9; Honor Societv 11; Usherettes 11. MORLEY, FRED J. 250 Edgehill Rd. North Hills, PA. 19038; Band 11. MORRIS, BART L. 1005 Highland Ave. Abington, Pa 19001. MORRIS BETH A. 1516Cou!on Rd. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Student Council Rep. 10,11,12; Class Council Rep. ll,12;Track9,10; Band 10,11,12; Color Guard 10,11,12; Band Front 10,11,12. MORRIS, VINCENT B. 59 Blake Ave RockJedge, PA 19111. MORRISON, JULIA L. 1751 Fairview Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Library Aide 9. MORRISON, MICHAEL D. 1726 Easton Rd Willow Grove, PA. 19090, Track MORTON, DAVE J. 359 Northwood Ave. Elkins Park. PA. 19117. MORTON, JEFFREY S. 2803 Lamott Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Track 11; Latin Club 11, Black Student Union 11. MOSER, JUDY A. 405 Hamel Ave. North Hills. PA. 19038, Basketball; Baseball; Field Hockev. Varsity "A." MOUNTAIN. LISA M. 145 Zane Ave. Philadelphia, PA. 19111, Latin Club 11,12. MOYER, SUSAN R. 2137Rush Rd. Abington, PA 19001;5wimmingTeam9;Lacrosse9,10,ll; Rifle 11; Field Hockey 9; Band 9.10,11, Cnoir 9; French Club 11; Honor Society 9,10,11. MOYLAN, KEITH G. 426 Rockledge Ave. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Ecology. MULHERN, NANCY M. 947 Central Ave. Ardsley. PA 19038. MULLER, HARRY J. 812 Garfield Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038; Band 9,10,11.12; Orchestra 11,12. Marching Band 10,11,12; Drum Squad Capt. 12. MYERS, CAROLYN J. 295 Perry St. Elkins Par, PA 19117; FBLA MYERS, NANCY L. 2332 Romig Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11; Band 9,10,11; French’Club 9. NASH, DONNA E. 1552 Washington Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Class Council 10.11; Track 9,10; Gym Team 9; Cheerleaders 9,10,11.12; School Store 9; Black Student Union 11. NASH, HARRY W. 1629 Prospect Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Football 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12. NAUGHTON, CHRISTOPHER, J. 2055 Oakdale Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 N'AVROTH, DONNA M. 1215 Bockius Ave. Abington, PA. 19001, Winter Guard 10,11, Majorettes 10,11,12. NEDZEVECKY, CAROL A. 2470 Radcliffe Ave Roslvn. PA. 19001; Creative Wnting 11; Softball 9,10; Journalism 11. NEU, SUZETTE E. 764 Tyson Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Affiliation Club 9.11 (sec y.), 12 (pres.); Exchange Student 10. NEUMAN. BLAIR. 803 Buckingham Rd Rydal. PA 19046; French Qub9.ll; Spectre 11,12 (editor); Sprite 10; Ghost Post 9. NEWMAN, JOHN G. 1119 Clemens Ave. Abington. PA. 19001; Baseball 9. Wrestling 9,10,11,12 (capt). NILES, ALICE M. 1451 Jericho Rd Abington, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10.12; Class Council Rep. 9,10; French Qub 9.10; Usherettes 10. NORDON, JOE C. 2730 Hazel Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038 NOZ1SKO, IRENE. 2972 Madison Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. NUNEVILLER. JOHN J. 2547 Brookdale Ave. Roslyn. PA 19001. Football 9.12 O'BRIEN, JOAN L. 834 Garfield Ave. Ardslev, PA 19038; Cheerleaders 9,10.11,12. Varsitv "A" 11.12. O'BRIEN, WILLIAM J. 2908 Senak Rd Roslyn, PA 19001. Football 9,10,11. OCHROCH, PETER E. 901 Fox Chase Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Oracle 12 (Editor). OLIN, MARCY A. 1093 Randolph Rd Meadowbrook, PA 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10.11.12; Gass Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Swimming Team 9, Lacrosse 11.12; Field Hockev 9; Oracle 12; Spanish Club 9; Varsity "A” 11,12. OSBORNE, SUSAN E. 1818 Harding Ave. Abington, PA. 19001; Soccer 11; Gym Team 10,11. OSKOWIAK, KENNETH J. 1611 Edgehill Rd Abington. PA 19001; Lacrosse PADDICK, MONICA M. 961 Old Huntingdon Pk. Huntingdon Valley. PA. 19006, Student Council Rep. 11,12; Class Council Rep. 9,10,12 (Treasurer); Tennis 10,11.12; Latin 12; Varsitv "A" 12; School Paper 9. PAINTER, DOUG J. 765 Garfield Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038; Student Council Rep. 9. PAINTER. TRACY L. 765 Garfield Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038. PANICHELLO, MARIE D. 2843 Miriam Ave Roslyn. PA. 19001. PARDI, LISA A. 1935 Smith Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Choir 9,10,11; Folk Guitar 9; Madrigal Group. PARK, PAULINE M. 763 Glen Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Track; Spanish Club. PARSON, KYLE R. 2134 Robilam Ave. Abington. PA. 19001; Track 9. PASIEKA, EUGENE M. 1233 Nolan Rd Roslyn. PA. 19001; Basketball 9,10; Football 9,10. PATCHELL, DAVID A. 1079 Maple Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038; Rifle 9.10.11. Band 9.10.11. PAUL, GIL. 1651 Biddle Rd Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006. PEIRCE, DONNA E. 317 Mayfield Ave. Elkins Park, PA 19117; Student Council Rep 10; Honor Society 9,10. PENECALE, MARK A. 1883 Lukens Ave. W'illow Grove, PA. 19090. Football 11,12; Varsity "A” 11,12. PENTA, ALBERTO. 2952 Old Welsh Rd WUlow Grove, PA 19090 PERKINS, JOSEPH L. 346 Cricket Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038. PERONACE, FRANK. 339 Zane Ave. Philadelphia, PA. 19111. 287PERRY, TUNIS A. 2627 Burlcish Avc. Glenside, PA 19038; Student Council Rep 11; Track 9,10; ARTVV 11; Varsity "A" 11.12, Black Student Union 11,12 PERUZZI. PAUL F. 756 Carmet Rd Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Golf 9.10.11,12. PETHERBRIDGE, JAMES R. 2505 Femwood Avc Roslyn, PA 19001 PETT1NATO, LINDA A. 422 Keswick Ave Glenside, PA 19038. PFLUGFELDER, GARY J. 1759 Fleming Avc Willow Grove, PA. 19090, Lacrosse 11 PHILIPSEN, ELLWOOD S. 234 Park Ave Rockledge. PA 19111 PIETAK, RAYMOND A. 2033 Woodland Rd. Abington. PA 19001 PINCUE, CHARLES M. 2231 Oakdale Ave Glenside. PA 19038 PINKERTON. SUSAN M. 1545 Osbourne Ave Roslvn, PA 19001; Class Council Rep. 9.10; Gym Team 10,11; Swimming Team 9; World Affairs 10. PLUM, SHARON R. 1402 Grovania Ave Abington. PA 19001 POFFARL, LISA K. 729 Maple Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038. POHL, HARRY C. 903 Maple Ave Ardsley, PA. 19038. POLLICH, THOMAS J. 1558l.ukens Ave. Roslvn. PA 19001. Basketball 9. Baseball 9.10,11.12 POPPER, GEORGE M. 659 Roberts Ave Glenside, PA. 19038; Football 11,12 POWER. HELEN F. 2948 Elliott Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. Class Council Rep. 11; Gym Team 9,10; Honor Society 10.11; CSP 11. PRATT, WILLIAM J. 1259 Fairacres Rd. Jenkintown. PA. 19046; Student Council Rep 9.10 (Parlamentanan). 11,12 (Treasurer); Class Council Rep 9,10,11,12. PRENDEGAST, JOHN C. 615 Hillcrest Ave. Glenside. PA 19038. PRESTON, ERIC. 1748 Prospect Ave Willow Grove. PA. 19090. PRIMAVERA, JIM W. 2881 Joyce Rd Roslyn. PA. 19001. Baseball 9.10; Football 9; Track 9. PRINGLE, MIKE A. 1708 Ferndale Ave. Abington. PA. 19001; Baseball 9.10.11; Soccer 9. PRINTZ, ALAN G. 1840 London Rd Abington, PA 19001; Class Council Rep. 11. Affiliation Cub 11,12; Ghost Post 10 (Editor); Abingtonian 12 (Editor). PRINTZ, LAWRENCE J. 1840 London Rd Abington. PA. 19001. Abingtonian; School Plays. PRIOR. JOSEPH J. 1542 Birchwood Ave Roslyn, PA 19001 PROVENZANO. ADRIENNE J. 2007 Jenkintown Rd. Glenside. PA. 19038, Class Council Rep. 10,11; Choir 9,10; Honor Society 10.12; Oracle 12; Orchestra 9.10,11,12; Madngals 11,12; Fencing 12; Miniature Club 10 (Pres.); Ghost Post 9,10; Abingtonian 11,12. QUALLET, PATRICIA A. 1410 St. Charles PI Roslyn. PA. 19001. QUINN. MAUREEN. 2731 Hazel Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038. RACIK, BETH A. 322 Rockledge Ave. Rockledge, PA 19111 RAUCH. DIANE P. 1947 Lukens Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090. RAUCH, RICHARD K. 1212 Jericho Rd Abington, PA. 19001; Soccer 9,10; Lacrosse 10,11 RAWLEY, PHILIP T. 225 Osceola Ave Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Basketball 9.10,11; Football 9. RAY, BETHEL V. 32 Robbins Ave. Rockledge, PA. 19111; FBLA 11,12; Honor Society 9.10,11,12; Math Tutor. RAY, MICHELLE D. 1521 Arline Rd Roslyn, PA. 19001. RE ALE, CARMEN A. 1381 High Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001. REAP, WILLIAM C. 315 Township Line Rd. Elkins Park, PA. 19117 REICHERT, ROBERT A. 2527 Radcliffe Rd. Roslyn. PA. 19001. REILLY, MARINA A. 1302 Meetinghouse Rd. Meadowbrook, PA 19046; Student Council Rep. 10; Class Rep. 9,10,11; Soccer 10,11; Honor Society 10,11; Usherettes 10. RE1MENSCHNEIDER, COLLEEN M. 311 Rydal East Apts. Jenkintown, PA 19046. RICARD, SHEILA M. 220 Tulpehocken Ave. Elkins Park. 19117 RICKERT, DAVID M. 925 Maple Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038 RICKERT, GAYLE R. 2022 Moreland Rd. Abington. PA 19001; Madngals. Musicals. REIGAL, DEBRA L. 2603 Minam Ave. Roslvn, PA. 19001; French Gub 9,10; FBLA Club 9,10.11,12; News Bureau 11,12; ORACLE 12; Ghost Post 9. RIEMENSCHNEIDER, JAMES E. 152 Cliveden Ave. Glenside, PA 19038; Class Council Rep 9,10; Basketball 9. Baseball 9,10,11,12; Football 9,10.11,12; Sports Club 11,12; Varsity A Club 11,12. RINES, TWANA R. 1661 Franklin Ave Willow Grove. PA. 19090. RITTER, SCOTT E. 1961 Country Club Dr. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Class Council Rep 11; Baseball 9,10; Honor Society 11,12; News Bureau 11,12. ROBERTS, JOAN L. 2214 Jenkintown Rd Glenside. PA. 19038. ROBERTS, LEWIS L. 1610 Summit Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. Basketball 9,10.11,12; Football 9,10. ROBERTS, WALTER L. 1726 Arnold Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090; Track. ROBINSON, GERALD E. 732 Arden Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046; Student Council Rep 11 Basketball 9; Lacrosse 10,11,12; Varsity A Club 10,11,12. ROCKENBACH, CVTHIA J. 616 Kelly La. Glenside. PA. 19038. ROEMHILD, ROBERT J. 114 Church Rd Rockledge. PA 19111. ROLLINS, DANIELLE C. 1565 Fairview Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. ROMA, ROBIN S. 2129 Woodlawn Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Choir 9,10,11; Usherettes 10 ROMAN, CLAIRE A. 361 North Hills Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038. ROMAN, JOSEPH J. 361 North Hills Ave. North Hill. PA 19038. ROOK, SCOTT E. 1849 Soboume Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Track; Bowling ROSEN, JANET L. 775 Blake Ave. Rockledge. PA. 19111; Winter Guard; Band front. ROSSI. ANTHONY J. 643 Hamel Ave Ardsley, PA 19038. ROWE. DAVID V. 1643 Ferndale Ave. Abington, PA. 19090; Football 11,12; Track 9,10,11.12. ROWLAND, DAVID B. 1059 Old York Road. Abington. PA. 19001; Band 9,10,11; Honor Society 10,11; All School Musical; Choir. RUBIN, JEFFREY R. Ill Church Rd. Philadelphia, PA. 19111. RUPP, JOAN M. 336 Edgloy Ave. Glenside. PA 19038. RUSSELL, CHRIS M. 337 Osceola Ave. Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Class Council Rep 10,11 (Treasurer); Basketball 9,10; Football 11; Track 9,10,11. RUSSELL, GEORGE M. 2149 Myrtlewood Ave. Abington. PA 19001. RUSSELL, TRACEY M. 648 Cricket Ave. Ardsley, PA. 19038. RYAN, KATHY L. 1554 Reservoir Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Basketball 10,11; Baseball 9,10,11. RYAN, MARYROSE F. 2930 Woodland Rd Roslyn. PA. 19001; Color Guard 10,11,12. SADOFF, JULIE, B. 441 Wingate Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10 (Sec't.), 11; Class Council Rep. 9 (Treasurer), 10,11 (V.P3; Tennis 9,11; Honor Society 9,10,11; Human Relations Rep. 10; Latin ll;Oracle 12;Spanish Club9,10,11; Theatre Honorary 11; National Conf. for Christians and Jews 10; School Play 10,11. SALANIK, EILEEN M. 121 Robbins Ave. Rockledge, PA. 19111; Class Council Rep. 9,10; Soccer 9,10; Bowling 10,11; Key Club 11. SALKOVITZ, HAROLD T. 1120 Wilson Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001; Baseball 9,10,11; Football 9; Wrestling 9. SAL VINO, LISA A. 528 Melody La. Glenside. PA 19038 SAMUELS, SANDRA J. 639 Susquehanna Rd Huntingdon Valiev, PA 19006; Tennis SANISLO, STEVEN M. 2457 Independence Ave Roslyn. PA. 19001 Class Council Rep. 9. SANTONE. CARMEN A. 1280 Grovania Ave Abington, PA. 19001 SAVITZ, RUTH. 615 Anthony Rd Elkins Park. PA 19117. Italian Club 11,12. SCALONE, NANCY. 178 Keswick Ave. Glenside. PA. 19038; Student Counol Rep. 11. I rack 10,11; Choir 9; Honor Society 11. SCHELLHARDT, JANET M. 715 Penn Ave. Ardsley, PA 19028; FBLA 10. SCHICK, OTTO F. 941 Wesley Ave Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Class Counol Rep. 9.10.12; Baseball 9; Lacrosse 11,12; Bowling 9. SCHIED, THOMAS F. 212 Hill House Rd. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Football 9; Ice Hockey 10,11.12; French Club 11; News Bureau 10,11. SCHLANGER, CAROL L. 946 Cherokee Rd Huntingdon Valiev, PA 19006; Student Council Rep. 9,10 Class Counol Rep. 10,11; Field Hockey 9; Spanish Club 11; Usherettes 9 SCHMUTZ, LORI B. 2918 Madison Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001. SCHUMAN, EVAN B. 1414 Highland Ave. Abington. PA 19001; Scholl Store 10; Abingtonian Editor in Chief; Junior Historian President, Theatre. SCHWARTZ. CINDY R. 615Oakshade Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117; Tennis9.10.11. Affiliation Club 10, Debate Club 11. Honor Society 11,12, Spanish Gub 10; Theatre Honorary 11. SCHWARTZ, SUSAN. 1046 Hennetta Ave. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006; Student Government Rep. 9,10,11; Gass Counol Rep. 9,10,11,12; ARTW 12; Cheerleader 9.10,11; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Oracle 12; Varsity "A" Club 11,12; Spirit Committee 11; School Musical 12. SCHWEIZER, EMILY. 352 Central Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038. SEARLES, TIMOTHY E. 1306 Jencho Rd Abington, PA 19001; Class Council Rep 11; Soccer 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 9,10,11,12; Band 9.10,11; Choir SEA WRIGHT, JACKIE C. 2319 Old Welsh Rd. Willow Grove. PA. 19090; Student Council Rep 11; Track 9,10,11,12; Gass Council Rep. 10,11,12; FBLA 10; Usherettes 9,10; Black Student Union 9,10,11,12. SEELEY. ELIZABETH. 2538 Woodland Rd Roslyn. PA 19001; Soccer 11.12; Band 10.11,12. SELHAT, MARGARET R. 705 Carmet Rd. Rydal, PA 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Gass Council Rep. 9,10 (Corresponding Secretary), 11,12; Oracle 11,12 (Editor), Creative Studies 11. SELIGSOHN, MARK P. 36 Lee Lynne Lane. Huntingdon Valley. PA. 19006 SERGAS. SCOTT A. 3038 Turner Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Soccer 9. SERS, CLAUDINE L. 223 Shady Lane Philia . PA 19111. Soccer 9. Bowling 10. SEYMOUR, JANICE L. 2610 Phipps Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090. SHAIMAN, STEVEN L. 1910 Pine Rd Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 SHAMES, ELISABETH R. 777 Wooden Rd Jenkintown. PA. 19046; Yearbook Staff 12. SHAW, ELIZABETH C. 2342 Oakdale Ave. Glenside, PA 19038; Gass Council Rep 9; Field Hockey 9,11. SHAW. KAREN E. 736 Fern Rd. Glenside. PA. 19038. SHEERAN, BARBARA J. 2700 Femwood Ave. Roslvn. PA. 19001; Class Counol Rep 10, Softball 9,11; Field Hockey 9; Usherettes 9. SHERIDAN, JAMES P. 773 Tennis Ave. Ardsley, PA 19038 SHIPTON, DAVID J. 2228 Parkdale Ave. Glenside. PA 19038 SCHUBIN, ANDREW J. 1152 Oliver Rd Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Class Council Rep 9,10; Wrestling 11; World Affairs Gub 10. SIEBERT, MARGARET J. 134 HighSchool Rd. Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Track 9,10,11,12. SIEDER, STEVE M. 213 Runner St. Phila., PA. 19111. SILVERMAN, ANDREW L. 58 Lee Lynn Ln. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Class Council Rep. 9,10; Treasurer 12; Swim Team 10; Chess Club 12; Debate Gub 11,12; Oracle 12; World Affairs Club 9 SILVERMAN, CARL L. 1659 Biddle Rd Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 10,11; Debate Club 11; Honor Society 9,10,11,l£ Class Play; Latin Club 10. SILVERMAN, CHERYL B. 224 Susan Dr. Elkins Parks. PA 19117. SIMMONS, BELINDA M. 1662 Franklin Ave Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Basketball9,10,ll,12; Track 9,11,12; Field Hockey 9; FBLA Club 9; Varsity A Club 12; Black Student Union 11. SIMMONS, CLYDE O. 1731 Reservoir Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090; Basketball 9,10,11,12 SIMMONS, LINDSEY C. 1731 Reservoir Ave. Willow Grove. PA 19090, Intermural Basketball SINGER, AMY. 1426 Autumn Rd Rydal, PA. 19046; Gass Council 11,12 (Chairperson Senior Prom); French Club 9,10,11,12; Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Yearbook 12. SILVER. HAROLD J. 2762 Miriam Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001 SMALLEY, JOHN R. 1213 Herbert Rd. Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Baseball 9,10; Swim Team 10.11.12. SMIGEL, DAVID H. 1217 Susquehanna Rd Rydal, PA. 19046. Baseball 10,11. SMITH, KIMBERLEY A. 12 7 ht watertown Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001. SMITH, MARGARET H. 1590Edgewood Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Class Council Rep. 11; Band Front 9,10,11; Honor Society 11. SMUCKLER, HOLLY J. 1053 Anna Rd Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006; Student Council Rep. 10; Class Council Rep. 10; Basketball 9; Soccer 10,11; Bowling 10,11; French Club 10. SOLOMON, BETH E. 628 Meadow Rd Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Student Council Rep. 12; Class Council Rep. 12; Soccer 12; French Club 12; News Bureau 10; Oracle 12. SOLOMON, TYONIA D. 1509 Lindbergh Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Cheerleaders 10,11,12; Black Student Union 11,12. SONG, MI-KYONG. 1252 Mildred Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; School Store 11,12. SOSTMAN, ABBY B. 968 Henrietta Ave. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19p06; Class Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Field Hockey 9; Debate 11. SPAIN, DEBRA A. 1170 Mill Road Circle. Rydal, PA 19046; Student Counol Rep 9,10; Tennis 9,10,11,12; Honor Society 9,10. SPETH, KATHERINE M. 2154 Guernsey Avc. Abington. PA. 19001; Band 9,10,11,12; Choir 11,12; Jazz Band 9,10,11,12; Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Madrigals 11,12. SPIEGEL, MARJORIE T. 1825 London Rd Abington, PA 19001, Class Counol Rep 9,10; Debate 11,12; Ecology 11,12; Honor Society 9,10; Usherettes 9. SPIELER, MARC I. 347 Meadowbrook Apts. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006; Football 9; Track 9. SPITZER, LINDA S. 1851 Coolidge Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. STAFFORD, PERT M. 2078 Susquehanna Rd Abington. PA 19001; Basketball; Majorettes; Band Front. STAGEMYER, SANDY 1179 Mildred Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 10. STAGEMYER, SUSAN. 1179 Mildred Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001. STAHL, HEIDI G. 721 Seminole Ave. Phila., PA. 19111; German Gub 9; Health Careers Club 11. STALEY, ROSEMARY T. 2183 Oakdale Ave Glenside, PA. 19038. 288STASEN', HOPE A. 424 Tyson Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Basketball 9; Field Hockey 9,10.11 Soltball 9,10.11. STEINBERG, ADAM K. 1666 Paper Mill Rd Moadowbrook, PA. 19046, Baseball 9; Soccer9,10. Band 10,11. Debate 11,12; Oracle editor 11,12; Spanish Club 12; All School Musical 11,12 STEINMAYER, STEVE G. 941 LauranccAve. Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Soccer9,10, II; lacrosse 9,10,11; Varsity "A" 11; Junior Class Play. STERN, PHILIP R. 634 Linton Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Basketball 9,10; Cross-Country 10,11, Track 9,10.11; Winter Track STEVENS, ELEANOR J. 2074 Susquehanna Rd. Abington, PA 19001; Student Council Rep 12; Class Council Rep 10,11; Band 9,10,11,12; Color Guard 11,12. Majorettes 10. Band Front 10,11,12; Choir 9,10,11,12; French Club 9,10,11; Honor Society 10.12; Theatre Honorary 12. All School Musical 10,11,12; Madrigals 9,10,11.12. STEVENSON, LINDA T. 822 Tennis Ave. Ardslev, PA 19038; Class Council Rep. 11; Flag Twirlers 9,10,11,12; Choir 9,10,11.12; Usherettes 9.l0; All School Musical 10,11,12; Madngafe STEV ART, ELIZABETH R. 2154 Wayne Ave. Abington, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,11; Basketball 9; lacrosse 9,10; Choir 9, Honor Society 9,10,11,12 (pres ), Oracle 11.12 (editor); Spanish Club 11. STONE, ANTION'ETTE P. 1723 Prospect Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090, Basketball 10; Baseball 10; Track 9; Usherettes 10; Black Student Union 9. STONE. ROBIN A. 3014 Turner Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001 STOZENSKI, DIANE I. 1833 Sharon Rd. Meadowbrook, PA. 19046, Class Council Rep 11; Soccer 9, Winter Guara 10, Band Front 10,11. STRAHAN, JOAN K. 422 Roslvn Ave Glenside, PA 19038; Gym Team 9; Field Hockey1 9. STRATTON, CYNTHIA D. 1722 Arnold Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090, Black Student Union STROCK, ANNE E. 465 Roslvn Ave Glenside, PA. 19038; Flag Iwiriers 10,11,12; Band Front 10,11,12; Honor Society 12; Glass Council Rep. 11,12; Musical 11. STROHL LINDA M. 1812 Old Orchard Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep 11; Winter Guard 9,10,11; Majorettes 9,10,11; Band Front 9,10,11; Choir 10. SULTZ, BRADLEY E. 788 Pinewood Dr Elkins Park, PA. 19117; Basketball 9; Tennis 9,10,11,12; Camera Club 10; French Gub 10; Ski Gub 9,10.11. SWIFT, ROBERT P. 1734 Park Ave. Willow Grove, PA. 19090. SWINAN'D, DAVID T. 927 Tyson, Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Baseball 9; Soccer 9,10,11,12. SWITZKY, STEPHEN B. 1364 Panther Rd Rvdal, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep 9,10,12. Gass Council Rep 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 9,10,12; Honor Society 10,11 (Treasurer), 12. TAG, DANIEL A. 2354 Pleasent Ave. Glenside. PA. 19038; Latin Club 11 TAGUE, PATRICK A. 346 Roberts Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Gass Council Rep 9,10,11,12, Football 9,10,11,12. Lacrosse 9,10.11,12; Wrestling 9,10,11,12; Key Gub 11,12. R TRANTELLA, TOM J. 672 Hamel Ave Ardsley. PA. 19038 TASCH, DONNA M. 249 Cricket Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038; Class Council Rep. 11. TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER R. 2112 Susquehanna Rd. Abington, PA. 19001; Cross-Country 9. TEMPLE, LAURA S. 1151 Jericho Rd. Abington. PA. 19001; Gass Council Rep. 11,12; Field Hockey 9; Band 10,11,12; Fionor Society 11,12; News Bureau 10,11,12; Theatre Honorary 11; German Gub 10 (Pres ), 11,12; School Paper 9,10,11,12. TEMPLETON, THERESA. 239 Hamel Ave. North Hills, PA 19038 TEPLITSKY, RICHARD. 212 Susan Dr. Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Student Council Rep. 11; Rifle 10; ARTW 12; Oracle Editor 12; Abingtonian 11,12. THAYNE, RICHARD B. 1342 St. Charles PI. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Baseball 9; Soccer 9,10. THOMAS, SUSAN E. 301 Lvnnwodd Ave. Rockledge, PA. 19111; Class Council Rep. 9,10.11.12; Basketball 9,10,11.12. THOMER, WILLIAM F. 1818 Canterbury Rd. Abington, PA. 19001. Band 10,11,12; Orchestra 10,12; School Musical 10.11,12; Gass Play 11,12; J a Band 10. THOMPSON, DEBORAH A. 1804 Sharon Rd Meadowbrook, PA. 19046; Class Council Rep. 11 (Corresponding sec't.J; FlagTwirlers 10,11,12; Band Front 10,11,12; French Club 11; Honor Society 10,11,12; News Bureau 11,12; School Musical 10,11. THOMPSON, ROBERT M. 2585 Rosewood Ave. Roslyn. PA. 19001; Track 9; Latin 11. TIANO, DAVID P. 234 Elm Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038; Baseball 9,10,11; Italian 11. TIDWELL, APRIL L. 1100 Tvson Ave. Roslvn, PA 19001; Student Council ReP 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10; Cheerleaders 9,10; Usherettes 9. TIMMONS. NANCY E. 711 Tennis Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038, Class Council Rep. 11. TOBEN, STUART J. 1075 Squirrel Rd. Jenkintown. PA. 19046; Student Council Rep 9,10; Class Council Rep. 9,10; Debate 11. TOMASINO, RICHARD L. 208 Lynnwood Ave. Rockledge PA. 19111. TOMPKINS, PATRICK M. 235 Woodlvn Ave. Glenside, PA. 19038; Student Council Rep. 9,10 (Treasurer), 11; Bowling 9; Chess Club 12; French Club 9,10; Latin 11.12; Oracle 12; W'ar Games TOMPKINS, WILLIAM C. 942 Woodcrest Rd. Abington, PA 19001; Chess Club 9,11; French Gub 9; Honor Society 11,12; School Store 9.10. TONER, ROBERT J. 2901 Susquehanna Rd. Roslyn, PA. 19001. TORAN, MIKE D. 1013 Old Ford Rd. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006; Rifle; Bicycle Club. TRAN, KHANH Q. 1123 Beverly Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046. TRESS, EDWARD L. 637 Meadow Rd. Huntingdon Valiev. PA. 19006, Student Council Rep 9,10,11; Gass Council Rep. 9,10; Soccer 9,10,11; Rifle 10,11; Camera Club 11; Honor Society 9,10.11,12. 7 TREVLYN, DEBRA L. 1110 Wellington Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046; Student Council Rep. 9,10, Gavs Council Rep 9,10; Swimming Team 10,12; Lacrosse 9,10.11,12; Field Hockev 9,10,11,12. French Club 9,10; Varsity "A” 12 TR1BOLET, LISA A. 2920 Grisdale Rd. Roslvn, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep 11; Class Council Rep. 11. TROTH, RAYMOND C. 615 Huntingdon Pk. Rockledge. PA. 19111 TURN, DENISE I. 2126 Ridgeview Ave. Abington, PA. 19001; Class Council Rep. 11,12. Band 10,11,12; Honor Society 11,12; Orchestra 11,12. TYRRELL, LAURA J. 2965 Kanes Rd. Willow Grove, PA. 19090; Choir 9,10; Fold Guitar 9 VANBUREN, ANDY C. 1721 Paper Mill Rd. Meadowbrook. PA. 19046; Basketball 9; Base-Kill 9,10, Soccer 9,10,11,12; Lacrosse 11,12; Varsity "A” 11,12; World Affairs 10. VANVOORHEES, KARIN T. 279 Forrest Ave. Elkins Park. PA. 19117; Class Council Rep 10; Swimming Team 11,12; French Club 11; Latin Club 11,12. VAUGHAN, MICHELE D. 2813 Rossiter Ave. Roslyn, PA. 19001; Student Council Rep. 11; Student Rep. of EMCO Tech School 11; Parliamentairan of the Voc. Industrial Club of America 10,11. VAUGHN, SHARON L. 2445 Lamott Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090; Basketball 12. VAUGHT. CATHERINE E. 136Sylvania Ave Rockledge. PA. 19111. VESCI, ANNEMARIE C. 2103 Wharton Rd Glenside, PA. 19038; Class Council Rep 10,11; News Bureau 9; Ghost Post 9; Abingtonian 11. VU, DAT V. 1123 Beverly Rd. Jenkintown. PA. 19046 WADE, JEFFREY M. 305 Montgomery Ave. Rockledge. PA. 19111; Soccer 9; Lacrosse 12. WAEGERLE, LIANNE. 2935 Madison Ave. Roslyn. PA 19001. Band 9.10,11.12. WAELTZ, JOHN. 743 Maple Ave Ardslev, PA 190.38; Baseball9.10,11.12. Football9.10.11.!2. W'restling 9; Varsity "A" 11,12 WAETJEN, DOUG A. 1404 Revelation Rd. Meadowbrook, PA. 19046, Basketball 9 WAKER, JAMES R. 2065 Glenwood Ave Clenside. PA 19038 WALLACE, LESLEY V. 1167 Dixon La Rydal. PA 19046. Student Council Rep 10,12. Class Council Rep. 10,11; Soccer 10.11.12 (Manager); Spanish Club 11; Vansty "A” 10,11 WALLACE, LISA M. 1167 Dixon La. Rvdal. PA. 19046; Wrestling 10,11 (Manager); Band 12; Orchestra 9,10,11,12; Usherettes 9,10; Varsity "A" 12; School Play 9,10. WALLACE, PATTY A. 1441 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 WALLACE, SUSAN M. 1441 Edgewood Ave Roslyn. PA. 19001. WALLACE. WILLIAM T. 755 Garfield Ave Ardsley. PA 19038 WARD, HENRY R. 621 Central Ave. Ardsley. PA. 19038 WARD, SHARON L. 674 Tyson Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Softball 10; Field Hockev 9,10,11.12. WARD, WILLIAM T. 1518 Birchwood Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001 WARGO, DAVID P. 2231 Hillthorpe Ave. Roslvn. PA 19001; Wrestling 10,11; World Affairs 10 (Treasurer), Wargames Club 9,10 (V.P.). WASHINGTON. ANTION’ETTE T. 419 Tulpehocken Ave Elkins. Park. PA 19117 WASHINGTON. EDWARD T. 1616 High Ave. Willow Grove. PA 19090 WATERS, PAMELA A. 1366 Osbourne Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001; Musical 11,12 WATKINS. ELIZABETH A. 1616 Ridgewav Ave. Willow Grove. PA. 19090. Class Council Rep 11; Band 9,10,11; Honor Society 9.10.11. WEAKS, WILLIAM E. 2452 Arlington Ave. Roslyn, PA 19001. WEBB, CHRISTINE. 1240 Hall Ave Roslyn. PA 19001. Lacrosse 10 (Manafer) WEBER, HILARY B. 1854 Foothill Dr Huntingdon Valiev, PA 19006; Student Council Rep. 10; Gass Council Rep 10.11; Honor Society 9,10 (Sec'y), ll; Spanish Club 11 WEBER, SANDRA L. 1367 Arnold Ave. Roslvn. PA. 19001. Student Council Rep. 11; Swimming Team 9; Winter Guard 10; Band Front fO, 11; Orchestra 9. WEGENER. CURT H. 8 Chandler St Rockledge. PA 19111; Basketball 9.10, Soccer 9.10,11.12. Lacrosse 9.10,11,12; Varsity "A” 10,11,12. German Club 11,12 WEIDEMANN, PAUL A. 641 Pine Tree Rd. Jenkintown. PA 19046; Class Council Rep 11; Wrestling 9. WEINBERG, FRAN B. 1626 Buck Hill Dr Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006 WEINBERGER, EDWARD H. 1531 Edgewood Ave. Roslvn. PA. 19001, Wrestling 9,10 WEINER, STEVEN M. 1583 Williams Rd. Abington, PA 19001 WEINSTEIN, BRIAN M. 1516 Upland Ave. Jenkintown. PA 19046. Class Council Rep 11.12; Lacrosse 11,12; Wrestling 9,10, FTiLA 11,12, Oracle 12. WEIR. NANCY E. 507 Penn Ave. North Hills, PA. 19038 WEISBERG, ALLAN W. 1027 Inin Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. WEISMAN, SUSAN H. 1045 Devon Rd. Rvdal, PA 19046; Class Council Rep 9.10(Pres), 11; Spanish Club 9,10.11. WENGEL, ROBERT M. 1935 Acom La. Abington. PA 19001; Student Council Rep 10 (Treasurer), 11,12; Class Council Rep. 10,11,12; Fionor Society 10,12 (Treasurer); News Bureau 12 (Editor); Ghost Post 9,10. WESSNER, JAMES A. 1853 Eckard Ave. Abington. PA 19001. WEYHMULLER, ROBIN F. 513 Pasadena Ave. Hollywood. PA. 19111; Student Council Rep WHALEN. KATHY A. 1268 Rydal Rd Rydal, PA. 19046 WHEELER, MICHELE R. 1537 St. James PI Roslyn. PA. 19001; Class Council Rep 11 WHITE, TRACY A. 627 Rodman Ave. Jenkintown, PA. 19046. Hockev Club. WHITMORE, PAMELA M. 150 West Ave Elkins Park. PA 19117. WILDEMORE, AMY D. 1475 Huntingdon Rd. Abington, PA 19001. WILF, ROBIN L. 1723 Meadowbrook Rd. Abington, PA 19001; Student Council Rep. 9.10,11. Gass Council Rep. 9,10,11; Tennis 10; Spanish Club 11 (V.P.); Abingtonian. WILFORD, CARL J. 2035 Harmony La Glens.de, PA 19038; Football 9. Lacrosse 9.10.11,12 WILLIAMS. BRIAN R. 216 Edgehill Rd Glenside. PA 19038. WILLIAMS, FREDDIE T. 1569 Rothlev Ave WillowGrove. PA 19090; Basketball 9.10,11.12. WILLIAMS, GARY B. 1717 Park Ave Willow Grove. PA. 19090. Basketball 9. WILLIAMS. JAMES H. 2302 Edwards Rd Roslyn, PA 19001 WILLIAMS, MICHAEL A. 1717 Park Ave. Willow Grove. PA 19090 WILLIAMS. PATRICK B. 1381 St Charles PI Roslyn. PA. 19001. WILSON, B. SCOTT. 732 Tvson Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Soccer; Vars.tv 'A” 11,12. WILSON, KIM. 2637 Rubicam Ave. W'iIIow Grove, PA 19090. W1NDISH, CHRISTAL A. 1353 Arline Ave Roslyn. PA 19001 WITTER, SUSAN L. 534 Tennis Ave Glenside. PA 19038; Class Council Rep. 11; Field Hockev 9; Winter Guard 10; Band Front 9,10.11; Choir 9,10,11; Honor Society 10,11; German Gub 10’. WITZKE, JACKIE A. 935 Meadowbrook Dr. Huntingdon Valiev. PA 19006; Student Council Rep. 9; Swimming Team 9; Bicycle Gub 10; Creative Writing 10;' Law Enforcement Explorers WOELBL, JEFF J. 224 Filmore St Philadelphia, PA 19111; Band 9. WOJTOWICZ, ROBERT M. 2843 Woodland Rd Roslyn. PA 19001 WOLFGANG, CAROL A. 463 Edgehill Rd North Hills, PA 19038. WOLFINGER, JEANNE M. 1845 North Hills Ave Willow Grove. PA 19090; Soccer 9; Italian Club 9,10; Oracle 12. WOODWARD, MARY L. 221 Moredon Rd. Huntingdon Valiev, P 19006. Basketball 9.10,11.12; ARTW 12; Creative Wntmg 11.12; Spectre 12. WRIGHT, FREDERIC J. 1431 Wheatsheaf La Abington. PA 19001. Band 10.11.12 YAMPOLSKY, LISA R. 2932 Woodland Rd. Abington. PA 19001; Class Council Rep 11; Track YANNI, DIANE L. 522 Melody La Glenside Gardens. PA 19038; Class Council Rep 9.10,11; Honor Society 11; Usherettes 10,11. YERKES. VALERIE J. 705 Dale Rd Huntingdon Valiev, PA. 19006; Bowling Kev Club 10,11. YOUNG. PHILIP J. 2893 Thunderhead Rd Roslyn, PA 19001; Foothall 9.10. YOUNG, THOMAS T. 1420 Rothlev Ave. Willow Grove, PA 19090. ZENSTEIN, ANDREA B. 1166 Sewell La Abington. PA 19046 ZUCKER, ADAM D. 1256 Valiev Rd Rvdal. PA. 19046; Student Council Rep 9,10,11,12. Clas Council Rep 10,11,12; Soccer 9,10,11; ARTW 11.12; Band 9. Oracle 12 (caption editor) USY Chapter President; Boy Scouts - Eagle Scout. ZUCKERKANDLE, MIA. 1077 Wellington Rd Jenkintown. PA 19046. Student Council 9,10,11,12 (Secretary); Class Council Rep. 9,10,11,12; Tennis 10; Field Hockev 9; Student Volunteer at Abington Memorial Hospital. ZUMBAVH, WALTER A. 302 Elm Ave North Hills. PA 19038; Football 9,10,11,12; Track; Band 9.10. 289THE CLASS0F BI ] A GOOD YEAR"aS"® @£68 Gf? 6 W3 C2EWK®? CONGRATULATIONS AND Best Wishes to the 1981 Graduates MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographs for the 1981 ORACLE ALL PORTRAITS APPEARING IN THIS PUBLICATION HAVE BEEN PLACED ON FILE IN OUR STUDIO AND CAN BE DUPLICATED AT ANY TIME Write Or Phone For More Information NORTH PHILADELPHIA AIRPORT AND 2981 GRANT AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19114Congratulations to Photography Editor f " ALLY'S f Ilowek shoppe 910 HENRIETTA AVENUE HUNTINGDON VALLEY. PA 19006 379-5050 V r Across from genvardiso Career Development Programs J Say it Better with Books from (CREATIVE ----------- Alternatives for Women HUNTINGDON VALLEY SHOPPING CENTER ROCKLEDGE, PA. 19111 ES 9-4582 431 Old York Road Jenkintown, PA 19046 Open daily Sunday 576-5533 "Worldly in their Selection Knowledge' 294r r a WOMEN'S CENTER of MONTGOMERY COUNTY 1913 W. Susquehanna Rd. Serving somen's needs through: WE FINALLY MADE IT!!! V Counseling workshops 24 hour hotline (215) 535-4433 A Mighty Good Friend on a Rainy Day 5th Anniversary 885-5020 S. FRANKFORD SONS MAKERS OF UMBRELLAS J V 4349 FRANKFORD AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19124 ELI AGHEN (215) 722-6065 m COMROE ELECTRIC, INC. 295 LICENSED ELECTRICIANS RADIO DISPATCHED STEVE COMROEI, Cara Allen, do hereby bequeath the following items to my friends and associates: To Rich: a thousand copies of the Times-Chronicle with your picture in it, a job as a sports editor, candids of yourself, lessons in layout, and a real motorcyle. To Peter: a gold tennis racquet, your favorite soap-opera heroine (since Diana Taylor died), sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, humility, carmellos, hash brownies for our parties. To Adam S., a television that only plays the best soap operas, a major part in the play or musical of your choice, and lessons in how-to-work-on-yearbook-when-you're-bored-in-248. To Paul: I leave free lessons in layout, lessons in how to spell the word LAYOUT, a starring role on Broadway (you ham), croppers that don't come apart and don't have to be re-squared after having cropped the picture, and thanks for your humor. To Paula: lots of pictures to cut up, a large committee of artists, cooperativeness, and a yearbook without any pictures of Band-ies. To Margaret: a senior section without any pictures that don't have to be instantly pulled out a T.V. like Adam's, and a starring role in the movie version of The Preppy Handbook. To Anne: several electric typewriters with automatic correcting ribbons, congrats on your amazing organization, Dan Fogelberg albums, and much thanks for rides to the train and all your help with everything. To Lizzard: I leave the corner of 5th and Market Sts., warm hands, honor society meetings that don't conflict with yearbook meetings, your beloved English teacher (well, maybe not, that is a bit cruel), and the All-American Dictionary of Czechoslovakian Math Terms. To Labkoff: a day when I address you by your first name, the ability of our Ace junior photographer, designer jeans, eight pages of Band-ies, patience, ads from your uncles, and a voice that only reaches 10 decibels. To Julie: thanks for taking the job, time for an instant lesson in layout, and compliments for a great business section. To the rest of the staff: thanks for all your help. To Bob, Mark, and Bill I leave captions that don't have to be censored or pulled out at an expense, fifty pictures captioned with "Boy, am I ugly!," a nature wildlife series, printable limericks. Paul Z.: our hero, college yearbtoks to work on (they don't censor captions), times when I speak less than 100 words per minute and enunciate every one of them, and much thanks for your comic relief, the 12-hour session pizza, and your help with everything. Oh yeay, for you guys, the book of out-takes. To Wendy: I leave banana chips, a Watts' line for free phone calls, a free visit to California, New Yorkers Torontonians, the position of editor-in-chief, (child — a term of endearment), munchies, a year at Camp Ramah, a job at KYW with a young reporter, a year when I go to college, free visits to Sharp — including permission to write to PL1D, a sweatshirt that says FYIGTHMOUSE, the definitions to all my initialed words you SAK, but most of all thanks for your support, your GD optimism, and your friendship. To Dad: I give your permission to will me your car, the starring role as the father in the movie version of The Preppy Handbook, a weekend with Marcy (we'll see how fast you can really walk to keep up with her), a radio that doesn't play dentist-office music — only rock'n'roll with female d.j.'s, lessons in how to forge you own initials, a verbal journal a verbal term paper, a week when I don't kvetsch about any of my teachers (when donkeys fly), a drawring, and thanks for being one of the best four fathers I've ever had! I, Adam Zucker, being of sound mind (most of the time) and a terrific body, do hereby bestow the following items upon the following persons. To Ed Wolf: I do hereby leave an ARTW crew that does not ask stupid questions, does not know how to fade in and out the volume of a tape recorder, and has a semi sane Program Director. To Mr. Connor: I do hereby leave 3 4 of the year with the nice weather to ride his motorcycle without getting frostbite and the other 1 4 covered with snow so he can ski. I also leave him the entire summer to figure out how he will deal with the next Oracle staff and ARTW crew! To the Oracle Staff: Margaret, Paul, Ann, Wendy, Adam S., Liz, Peter, Rich, Steve, Paula, Cara, and the many others. I do hereby leave you 1 2 of all the royaltys that 1 earn from the sale of this book. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Adam I, Paul Greenlee, being of almost no mind and very little body, hereby bequeath the following: To Wendy: pictures that are cropped straight, step-by-step instructions on how to layout right-side-up, and a year's supply of munchies at all Oracle meetings. To Adam S.: an associate editor who is there when you need him, and layouts that are on time. 2%To Lizzzard: no more jokes about your name and a typewriter that works. To Anne: a huge thank you for all your typing. To Mr. C.: a thank you for all your patience, understanding, and all your help. I hope next year's Clubs and Activities editor is a little more dedicated to his her work. To the rest of the staff: namely Denise, Mindy, Steve, Ed, and AdamZ., thanks for all your help in finishing the section. You deserve the credit. To Ctfr-a, A cropper when you need one, that last eighth of a page so she can finish her section, and her voice. To the Editors and Mr. Connor: an apology. 1 made a committment and didn't live up to it. (Advisor's Note: Yes, you did. T.C.) To next year's staff: I leave Wendy's intelligence and know how, Cara's business sense, Lizes leadership, and Mr. Connor's confidence. Thank you for a super year. Paul I, Wendy Kuhn being of relatively sound mind and body (at least I was before I started working on this crazy book) do hereby leave these things to the following people: To Paula Hewitt: I leave a larger art section and Mr. Young. To Adam Steinberg: I leave the book "How to do Layout in Ten Easy Lessons" and Diana Taylor. To Paul Greenlee: I leave Adam's book on layout and a musical schedule that doesn't conflict with Oracle meetings To Peter Ochroch: I leave my car keys so you can drive to North Campus, a radio without static, and an automatic cropper To Steve Labkoff: I leave more candid pages and a book on how to be assertive and how to make puns To Margaret Selhat: I leave a plane ticket to Texas, the "S's" in senior stats., and a senior class that doesn’t have any dropouts To Lizzard Stewart: I leave a round trip bus ticket to Brooklyn, warm hands, congratulations on doing such a good job in teaching your sister everything she knows, and a chance to tell Ivan Barry that you don't think he hates you To Julie Sadoff: I leave a calc test that we study for in advance, Mr. Young (just be sure to share him with Paula) To Ann Fields: I leave Tastykakes, typewriter erasers sheets, an electric typewriter, and the knowledge that no more typing has to be done To Cara Allen: I leave a lot of things that I won't (or can't) mention Greg Trash (I want Brian back after the Prom), a direct phone line between North Beach and Providence, Middletown, or Poughkeepsie (I spelled it right), a car, and a best friend who can talk Rochesterese. To TC: 1 leave a free trip to Sharp, an editorial staff full of left-handed feminists, dessert, a radio that can't be changed to General Hospital, an organized filing system, a book on the difference between left and right turns, and thanks for helping to make this year so special. To all the editors: I hope that despite all the major and minor mishaps everybody had as much fun putting this book together as I did To all the staff: thanks for all your help — we couldn't have done it without you To next years editors: I leave good luck (you'll need it) and have fun I'll miss all of you! Love, Wendy 1 Peter Ochroch, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave to the following: To Mr. Connor: I leave the ability to pronounce my name correctly, which shouldn't be too difficult for an English teacher. I also leave a radio that will play nothing but rock music (real rock, not the Beach Boys). In addition, I leave some of the Wizard's Brain Stimulating pills for those times when you really don't want to think. To Ann Fields: A typewriter that responds to verbal commands and an antisnippy device to calm you down in those moments of impassioned anger. To Margaret Selhat: A "Save an Alligator" pin. To Steve Labkoff: A large supply of Valium for those non-existent pressure situations. To Rich Teplitsky: I leave a razor to remove that "beard." Let's face it, nothing is worth having that on your face. To Paul Greenlee and Adam Steinberg: The ability to get your work done 48 hours before it's due. To Cara Allen: A laser to dice people up with when they mispronounce your name. To my staff: Bill Pratt: I leave an indestructable car and a "whopper." Steve Switzky: I leave all the coffee and chicken a person can consume during those "all-nighters." 297Andy Frankenfield: A gun to shoot people with when they disturb you while you're with your girlfriend. 1 would like to thank all of the Oracle Editors for the good times that we had this year and for the learning experience. This year has come and gone. I'm not sure I'm any wiser for it but I know that I'm better for it. Over the course of the past nine months, I have made many new friends. I have learned from them and learned about myself too. The Oracle has been a major part of my life as 1 know it has been for the rest of the editorial staff. Therefore, out of the goodness of my heart (here's my chance Wendy) . .. I, Steve Labkoff, being of disputed mind and body hereby bequeath the following memories to the best bunch of people I have ever worked with: To Wendy: I leave a merit scholarship (I couldn't resist!), a house in which you can watch your daily hour of misery, lust and sex on a real television without interruption, a case of Kodak film so you can save all the good times of your life on your own film, an 8 x 10 of you, Mindy, and Julie, the knowledge of layout (for what its worth), a ladder with a leash, a trip to Brooklyn, Boston, and good old Lake Como Pa., a bearded house guest who seemingly never leaves except to go home to the barren and forgotten land of Doylestown, the hope that if we meet in the future you don't remind me of the quad party, a preppy handbook and the hope that one day you realize that there is more to life than General Hospital. Have a good time at Penn, Vasser, Wesley OR Brown and above all have a great life! To Cara: I leave a tranquilizer, a blood pressure lowering device, a radio that operates on any station except WMGK, the reflection of Bob Arbittier, Bill Fisher and Mark Flanagan, an unedited faculty section with an 8 x 10 of Mr. Schneller and his squid and an 8 x 10 of Dr. Rorison and his smile, the knowledge that your name is P A U ... oops, C A R A, a voice that will never be plagued with laryngitis and a box of brownie mix. Have a good life and CALM DOWN! To Peter: I leave a sports section that can do layout, a box of Nilla Waffers, a patch of sod for someone's tracks that can't drive a straight curve, lastly the Golden Tennis Racket Award for the best tennis player I know. To Rich: I leave a cure for the common cold and a trip to the medical center when ever you need it, and the "Urban Cowboy of the Year" award. To Adam: 1000 photos to caption and the position of Caption Editor. To Paul: I leave an automatic cropper that won't crop out hands, feet and other important bodily features, a service bar from Uncle Bob for one year's service in the Abington order of the Bandies, a Riff-Raff and a Jet set life. To Paula: I leave the book "How to do Aesthetically Pleasing Layouts" and the knowledge that you were right about the band and I was wrong. To Anne: 1 leave a great big "Thank You" for typing a certain letter for me at the last moment and the question: "How did you tame J.R.?," and a Presidential style life. To Lizzzard: I leave a photograph of your favorite motorcycle rider dressed as you. To Adam Steinberg: I leave lecture from Mr. Riley. To Mr. Connor: 1 leave the thanks that I could never directly show. You helped me in many situations to numerous to name. You helped me realize that there is more to life than buzzing around at 80 m.p.h. You always seemed to come through when I needed you most. I hope that you will always be as you are. If I did not find sanctuary in room 248,1 don't know where it is. I leave you a 1982 staff that will work (work?) like we did, WMGK, the "Don't Compare" tape and the hope that once I leave your beard will once again turn brown instead of the gray! You've helped me so many times I wish I could tell you. Thank you for being you. I lastly leave the position of photography editor to Ed "the ace junior photographer" Vesey, No one deserves it more Ed, one day you will realize that there is only prerequisite to being a senior ... and that is, being a jUNIOR! By the way, permission to make "Junior Jokes" next year! To all the editors of the 1981 ORACLE, GOOD LUCK! I, Margaret Selhat, being of sound mind, (now that our work is finished) and body, hereby bequeath the following to some of the great people I worked with this year: To Mr. Connor I leave: A Preppy Handbook (not that you need one of course) so that if ever the need arises you will know how to act by proper Prep decorum, charm, and dignity etc., etc. Thus you will be a "true" Prep (for sure!). An unending supply of corduroy suits, oxford shirts, Lacostes in every color, and loafers. Thanks for being you and thanks for putting up with me for two years! Take care and stay cool! To Wendy I leave: A den-full of yearbook editors (boardering on insanity) trying to meet a deadline and a whole year with our favorite person! (Don't thank me now, thank me later. I know, I'm such a great humanitarian and friend!) Thanks for having answers to all my questions. Good luck — it was fun! To Liz I leave: Massive quantities of Girl Scout cookies to sell for the rest of your life, two more years of sitting next to me in American Studies, and a B or better average on a Mr. Friedman objective test! Thanks for your undying cheery face in 298room 248 at five o'clock on a Friday afternoon! To Anne I leave: Christmas vacations at my house sticking little stickers on the back of 763 Abington High School seniors, and stacks and stacks of senior statistics that are just waiting to be typed! Thanks for all your help — I couldn't have done it without you. To Peter I leave: Lots of happiness (I'm so nice), valium for the real problem, and a clean and organized kennel so you don't drive yourself crazy looking for things. To Jill, Helene, Debbie, Jeanie, Amy, and Marcy: many thanks for your hard work and patience. I, Liz Stewart, being of found mind (meaning it's already been lost) and body do hereby bequeath (whatever that means) to my fellow friends and enemies the following: To Mr. Connor: one parking lot full of new Chevy's with unlocked doors and no street lights overhead, an application to Hell's Angels, and a radio station that plays nothing but Beach Boys' music To Cara Allen: the comer of Wayne Ave. and Edgehill Rd. and a lifetime subscription to Street Life and a free ticket to see the movie How to Beat the High Cost of Living. To Paul Greenlee: a lesson in etiquette and good manners, and nine lives. To Paula Hewitt: a forest full of trees so that we may all breathe fresh air, lots of canvas, paint, brushes, pencils, paper and other art supplies, a bag of starch with salt on it, and a paper doll set. To Wendy Kuhn: a one-way bus trip to New York, one get out of being grounded for free pass (for a friend), and lifetime subscription to the Liz Steivart Fan Club Review. To Steve Labkoff: ten pairs of Jordache jeans, your own camera shop, a K-Mart instamatic camera that takes 110 film, and lessons in how to get along with other editors. To Peter Ochroch: one permanent case of laryngitis, a new set calculus tests to be present a challenge for you, and a free course in "How to be Charming." To Julie Sadoff: lots of people who wish to place ads in the yearbook, and since I can think of nothing else to leave you I will leave you and that is a present many others wish to have. To Margaret Selhat: one Leonard Levin (ask Wendy or me), more belts with little animals on them, a book on "How to Depreptize Yourself and Mainstream Back into Normal Society." To Adam Steinberg: the lead part in whatever play you try out for (even the American Gigolo), and spending the rest of your life form 8:07 to 8:19 AM with Mr. Swedberg. To Rich Teplitzky: one electric razor, a pair of chaps and a horse to go with your cowboy hat, and riding lessons so you do not make a fool of yourself when you try to mount your horse. To Adam Zucker: one pencil sharpener mounted upside down on the wall so you will have a new and interesting angle to take a photograph of it. To all of next year's staff "GOOD LUCK!" In October Paula began to work on the cover when she wasn't hanging around the A.M.H. bus stop. The color sections were initiated at the same time to meet the December 1st deadline. Their deadline was finalized at Wendy's house. Really, where did your parents have dinner for two weeks? As the labor impasse continued and continued, photos, layout sheets, and even five hundred 1980 Spring Supplements inundated the Kuhn residence, including the mysterious Photo Fairy. Tell us about that, Wendy. They once had a den. Meanwhile, Margaret had seven hundred and fifty seniors at her house who stayed and stayed!! Then there was the New York Connection Faculty section ... Censored! Cara attempted to prove there really was a Toronto. She failed when she was interfaced in an endless loop. Peter and Rich produced the sports section. They fought like dogs, but what could we expect, considering where they worked. Paul and Adam were charged with Clubs and Activities. First they developed a new filing system mystifying the rest of the staff. Did they stop there? Certainly not! Each then created his own system within the system; thusly, no one really knew what was happening ... and yet by March 10th their section was complete. They set us straight with the philosophy based on the premise that how one accomplishes a task is unimportant when compared to the finished product itself. Way to go, guys. Julie Sadoff, following her term as Business editor, will teach advertising at Wharton School. Lizzard was copy literary editor. You were great, Liz. Every time we had an Oracle meeting you copied with a Honor Society get-together. Thanks, Buddy. P.S. You owe me $57.00 in cab fare. Steve "Flash" Labkoff set a record taking self-portraits, but all wasn't negative. A second year man who survived a junior apprenticeship. Experience it, Steve, and take the tapes to college. 299Anne, without you we would have had the very first handwritten yearbook in the history of the school. You really rang the bell! Sorry you missed the party. How's D.C. P.C.? Captain A.Z. — keep cool and thanks for your early support. You know what I mean. Seriously, I am extremely proud of what you people accomplished. Be aware of how you overcame adversity never faced by any previous Oracle staff. I'll miss your individual differences and your ability to rise above conflict to gain success. Know, too, that you taught me the fact that there are other stations besides M.G.K.; now I fully realize why I so appreciate 103. Fare thee well. (Last of the Beach Boys' Fans) VC To Paula and the Art Gang: Congratulations on the cover and all of the great art work. To Adam Paul: A copy of the Beatles "We Can Work It Out." To Adam Zucker: See you in Hollywood, you off the wall, wild and crazy guy. You will make a great stand up (or sit down) comedian! To Steve Labkoff: Never eat pretzels and Nilla cookies in the dark room. Great Photo work! — Rich 300• Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina Steve Merin. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Represenative

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