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Text from Pages 1 - 336 of the 1973 volume:

ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ABINGTON, PA.TABLE OF CONTENTS Two CREATIVE............. PAGE 5 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ........ PAGE 19 SENIORS.............. PAGE 65 SPORTS............... PAGE 193 ACTIVITIES........... PAGE 233 ADVERTISEMENTS....... PAGE 297 SENIOR STATISTICS ... PAGE 312 INDEX ............... PAGE 326Wax Sculpture By Kimberly Yultman HANDS Hands are objects of wonder Generously two per person Sometimes sadly one Perhaps none Communicating, representing good or evil Forming various sensations between two or more people A message of love or friendship Tormented or sorrowful Hanging limp at one’s side Torturing, producing unbearable pain and unnecessary suffering A sign of hatred and crime. More often, understanding and Sympathetic caresses One belonging to man The other to woman Revealing emotions — feelings of love between one another Hand on hand Fingertip to fingertip. Kimberly Yulsman EightTHE BEACH Walking along the deserted dunes, A place of nature’s unchanging runes, Telling me of things known long ago, Sensing, feeling life’s ebb and flow. The waves carressing, cleansing the land, Constant, unwavering in their rush to the sand. The water, the life, of Mother Ocean, The rumble, the crash, eternal motion. The taking, the giving, of a beach that wheezes When everything is shifted, patted by breezes, Dancing along the shoreline having some fun Playing with the mid-afternoon sun. A crab scurries toward the reef, Like a wind driven, grounded sycamore leaf. The gull’s morning hunger dive in its wake, Their delicate shells, the gulls try to break. But the sea extends her arms of water To shield the crab and thus has taught her, To retreat to the haven of the waves, When everything else will not try to save Its life from being snatched away. The jetties stand high, rocks interlocked Standing defiant they seem to mock The omnipotent, unceasing sea, But she knows her power and laughs with glee. Scattered about lay her jewelry of shells, Jumping and clattering like the pealing of bells, Along with the music of the wind. And so I walk along my beach Despising the people who would breech The peace, the beauty within my reach. Donna Brownsey NineTenElevenRAINDROPS Clouds of darkness obscure the light of the moon Silvery stars disappear from the sky Descending like tiny crystal pendants with a luster that dazzles the eye The silence now filled with the rhythmic tappings like that of a tiny drum. aftermath and now stillness the scudding vaporous clouds haphazardly expose the allpenetrating moon streets glisten and dimly reflect the yellow light of night an atmosphere of peace is at hand the harshness and awful vigor of the evening is supressed replaced by meditation silent serene to comprehend and grasp the masks of nature is to treasure lifeThirteenFourteenSixteenAUTUMN ENDING Atop the tallest tree Clings an old brown crumbly being Fearing the moment When life will leave And the long downfall will last Almost forever Floatingswirling At least enjoyable Til the finish finds it Unclinging Spiritless at the bottom Among comrades of seasons past. BY KIMBERLY YULSMANBOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS Seated (L. To R.): Mr. Robert Nugent, Jr., President; Mr. Edwin A. Neale, Mrs. Muriel J. Alt, Rev. Donald R. Gebert, Vice-President; Mrs. Doris Bunn. Standing; Dr. Carl B. Hoffman, Superintendent of Schools; Mr. Wm. Cecil Travis. Sr., Dr. Leslie Konkoly, Mr. Harvey B. Spiegel, Dr. Sol E. Harrison.PRINCIPALSMr. G. Donnon McGinley South Campus Assistant Principal Mr. Domenic M. Lessa South Campus Assistant Principal Mr. William J. Lucian South Campus Assistant Principal ADMINISTRATORS Mr. Daniel S. Turner North Campus Assistant Principal Mr. John Worthington North Campus Assistant Principal I rTwenty-threeMrs. Kathryn L. Holgate Mrs. Ramon D. Lantz South Campus South Campus Mr. Robert Dentel South Campus COUNSELORS Mr. David R. Shenton South Campus Miss Rhoberta Wolf South CampusMr . Sue Turner North Campus Mr. John Armstrong North Campus Twenty-five Mrs. Marcy Sanders North Campus Mr. Roy Corkadel North CampusART Mrs. Leslie Martin North Campus Mr. Edwin Nagel South Campus Chairman Mr. Gary Sproesser South Campus Mr. Robert Anderson North Campus Chairman Mr. Ray Reber South Campus BUSINESS Mr. Frank Sauter South Campus Mrs. Mary Felten North Campus Miss Dorothy Lemmert South Campus Chairman Mr. Scott Banister South Campus Mrs. Beatrice Barrett North Campus■JUWIIMJU Mr. Albert Wright North Campus Miss Ruth Konkle South Campus Mrs. Jean Lamb North Campus Chsirmsn Mrs. Ruth Fechter South Campus Mr. David Schramm South Campus Miss Jane McDonald South CampusDRIVER EDUCATION Mr. Walter Yost South Campus Chairman Mr. Herman Bubb Mr. William Berkes South Campus South Campus Mr. Bruce Gill North Campus - Mr. Gerald J. Alpaugh South Campus ENGLISH Mr. Charles E. Schneller South Campus Chairman Mr. James Giordano North Campus Chairman Mr. Charles Baker North Campus Mrs. Hester Allen North Campus Miss Mary Grace Ambler South CampusMr. Frederick Browne South Campus Mr. Robert Burt South Campus Miss Ilona Cisik North Campus Mr. Gregory Cannon South Campus Mrs. Mary Cohen South Campus Mr. Paul G. Beaver South CampusMrs. Millicent Neff South Campus Mr. John E. Daniel South Campus Miss Patricia Donahue North Campus Mr. Merritt Hughes North Campus Miss Edith Goldberg North Campus Mrs. Patricia Corcoran South CampusMr. Richard P. Lavelle South Campus Mrs. Oiana Lackie South Campus Mrs. Marsha Kwatnoski North Campus Miss Ellen Messing North Campus Mr. William McCaughrin North Campus Mrs. Jo-Ann Mault South CampusMrs. Maobrie Robinson North Campus Mrs. Elayne Zimmerman South Campus Mr. Ralph Maltese South Campus Mrs. Antoinette Schultz North Campus Miss Sally Jelin South Campus Mr. Ted Wiener North Campus Thirty-fiveMr. Philip Smith Mrs. Rosemary Tobin North Campus South Campus Mr. Robert Winters North Campus Mr. Alex Woodley North Campus Mrs. Hilda Tuthill North Campus Thirty-six FOREIGN LANGUAGE Miss Helen Black South Campus Chairman Mr. Donald Albert North CampusMr . Joye Lesser North Campus Miss Dorothy Day North Campus Miss Carol Ann Nadwondy North Campus Miss Ethel Chew North Campus Mr. Edward Wilk North Campus Miss Alberta Lang South Campus Miss Phyllis Schlanger North CampusMr. Vincent A. Pezzullo South Campus Mrs. Eileen Cawley North Campus Mrs. Deby Tinkelman South Campus Mr. John Burke North Campus Mrs. Gloria Auer South Campus Mr. Vincent Barone South CampusMr. Ronald Kasper North Campus Mr. William Grun North Campus Chairman Mr. John Weigand North Campus INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Ellwood Smith South Campus Chairman Mr. H. Bert DiPaul South Campus Mr. Steven Mandes North Campus Mr. Leland McNutt South CampusMr. Harrison Nace South Campus Miss Ann Hagan North Campus Mrs. Lillian Rau North Campus Chairman Mrs. Marilyn Minnich North Campus Miss Peggy Lynaugh North Campus Mr. Vincent Guminski North Campus Forty-two MATHEMATICSDr. Daniel Marcy South Campus Mr. Charles Levis North CampusMr. Jean Trees South Campus Mr. Rodney Rathbun South Campus Mr. Paul Swedberg South Campus Mr. Barry Beiswenger North Campus Mrs. Margaret McGlone North Campus Mr. John Mirsch North CampusMr. Donald Willoughby South Campus Mrs. Linda Brooks North Campus Mr. Brian Reift North CampusMr. North Myers North Campus Mr. William Miller South Campus Mr. Raymond Rauenzahn South Campus Mrs. Eileen Greenisen North Campus Forty-six Mrs. Saundra Freedman North CampusMUSIC Mr. C. Lester Shade South Campus Mr. Robert J. Miller. Jr. South Campus Mr. John S. Musika South Campus Forty-sevenMr. Raymond Coleman Mr. Robert Stout Mr. Richard B. Koch South Campus South Campus South Campus Chairman PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. C. Alan Lusch North Campus Mr. Robert Schneck South Campus Mrs. Linda Afilani South Campus Mr. Wallace Miller North CampusMr. Joseph Shumock South Campus Miss Jane A. Oswald Miss Carlotta Schaffer South Campus South CampusDr. Coca Rao South Campus SCIENCE Mr. William Manogg Mr. Robert Cummings Mr. James W. Riley South Campus North Campus South Campus Fifty-one ABINGTON Ffff E LBflAflY, 1 (X30 OLD YORK ROW). ASWGTCN. PA 190(rtMr. Stanley Shorb North Campus Mr. Richard Kline North CampusMr. Howard Boyer South Campus Mr. Mark O'Shea North Campus Mr. William Thrush North Campus Mr. Samuel Roeder South Campus I Mr. Stephen Ewall North Campus Mr. Richard M. Thomas South CampusSOCIAL Dr. J. Robert Rorison South Campus Chairman Mrs. Margaret East North Campus Chairman Mr. Stephen Conrad South Campus Mrs. Marcey Burns North Campus Mrs. Nancy Cook South Campus Miss Marjorie Applegate South Campus Mr. Ronald DeShon North Campus Miss Grace Davis South CampusMr. Barry Friedman South Campus STUDIES Mrs. Joan O'Aiuto South Campus Miss Joan Gallagher South Campus Mrs. Susanna Kowtowski North Campus Mr. John Hatton North Campus Mr. William Haynes South CampusMr. Frank Salerno South Campus Mr. Jonathan Tafel South Campus Mr. James T. Sullivan South Campus Mrs. Claudia Schnitker North Campus Mr. Raymond Vernon North CampusMrv Martha Ho North Campus Miss Elizabeth Snowdon North Campus LIBRARIANS Ms. JeAnne Yeagle South Campus Miss Janet Ankrum South Campus ■nSOUTH CAMPUS: Row I: Mrs. Irene Pelffer, Mrs. Jsne Eakle. Mrs. Jeanette Ulrich. Mrs. Betty Maurer, Mrs. Nancy Woodcock. Mrs. Margaret Rupp. Row II Mrs. Janet French, Mrs. Eunice Bohlander. Mrs. Betsy Cubbage. Mrs. Edna Gilly, Mrs. Elva Manton. Miss Linda Nelson, Mrs. Kathleen Carlson. SECRETARIES NORTH CAMPUS: Row l Mrs. Ruth Hogan. Miss Diane Young. Mrs. Doris Gannon. Mrs. Edith Crager. Mrs. Lillian McElhone. Miss Judy Bitting. Mrs. Elsie Hilcker. Row II Mrs. Mary Pawling. Mrs. Karen Cappella. Miss Carol Hodges. Mrs. Eleanor Shiner. Mrs. Margaret Hackford. Mrs. Dorothea Reiner. Mrs. Evelyn Gannon. Mrs. Suzanne Powis, Mrs. Jean Spangler. Mrs. Patricia Anderson. Mrs. Ottilia Cannan.NURSES But I really do have a temperature!” 'Stop drinking hot water and go back to class.” This, more or less, represents a common dialogue heard in the Health Suite at Abington High School. The Nurses — Mrs. Elizabeth Estrin and Mrs. Jane Hart (North Campus); and Mrs. Mildred MacNaughton and Mrs. Ethel Murphy (South Campus) are well-versed in both first aid and student psychology. Mrs. Pauline R. Carroll, with offices in South Campus, is District Supervisor of Health Services. Mrs. Ethel Murphy Mrs. Mildred MacNaughtonJoseph Abel 2226 Menlo Ave. Glenside. Pa. James Adlam 2469 Rosemore Ave. Glenside. Pa. Veronica Adams 3074 Limekiln Pike North Hills. Pa Pamela Adey 1023 Sherman Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa Ronald Acker 930 Reese Ave. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Paul Alexander 912 Maple Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Kathleen Adlam 1731 Hilltop Road Jenkintown, Pa. Sixty-sixDiane Anderson 1010 Penn Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Janice Andrews 1854 Coolidge Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Cindy Annon 1912 Lambert Road Baederwood. Pa. Gayle Ansel 118 N. Lynnwood Ave Glenside, Pa. Walt Anderson 1483 North Hills Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Kenneth Apfelbaum 911 Dale Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Stephen Antenozzi 440 Roberts Ave. Glenside. Pa. Sixty-sevenJohn Armstrong 127 Stanley Ave. Glenside. Pa. Joyce Armstrong 2109 Guernsey Ave. Abington, Pa. Sixty-eightWilliam Avers 2919 Eagle Road Roslyn, Pa. William Assman 164 Tennis Ave. North Hills. Pa. Brenda Baker 1623 Arnold Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. G. Samuel Baker 731 Jackson Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Kathleen Bailey 1270 Rosemont Lane Abington, Pa. James Baird 153 Roberto Ave. Glenside. Pa. Jeffrey Baldwin 406 Tyson Ave. Glenside. Pa. Linda Baker 1623 Arnold Ave. Willow Grove, Pa. Sixty-nineCarolyn Barbera 1244 Bockius Ave. Abington. Pa. Peter Basch 1832 Old Welsh Road Abington, Pa. Lynn Battersby 2223 Wharton Road Glenside. Pa. Mindy Battle 1263 George Road Meadowbrook, Pa. Janet Bauer 2170 Pleasant Ave Glenside, Pa. Stephanie Bauer 441 Locust Road North Hills. Pa Diane Beach 2821 Miriam Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Laura Bear 1377 Reservoir Ave Roslyn. Pa. SeventyPam Bednarik 1812 Canterbury Road Abington, Pa. Steven Bechtel 2055 Maplewood Ave. Abington, Pa. Carol Bednarik 1812 Canterbury Road Abington. Pa. Andrew Bedosky 818 Penn Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Keith Beidler 2131 Parkview Ave. Abington, Pa. Jody Belimow 1018 Old Ford Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. David Benbow Richard Benningfield 346 Keswick Ave. 57 Blake Ave. Glenside, Pa. Rockledge, Pa. Seventy-oneCharles Bergmann 1823 Coolidge Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Warren Bergmann 2112 Curtis Ave. Abington. Pa. Marianne Berkhimer 1226 Bockius Ave. Abington. Pa. Steven J. Berkowitz 1480 Noble Road Jenkintown. Pa. Steve Berlin 927 Frazier Road Rydal, Pa. Carol Bertolet 1447 Rockwell Road Abington. Pa. Judy Betz 1030 Spring Valley Rd. Meadowbrook. Pa. Seventy-twoMary Bishop 2429 Norwood Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Debbie Bieber 2542 Radcliffe Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Tanya Bincarousky 222 Shelmire Street Philadelphia. Pa. Sandy Blaetz 1067 Anna Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa Deborah Blake 1544 Fitzwatertown Road Willow Grove. Pa. Seventy-threeDavid Booker 2126 Guernsey Ave. Abington. Pa. Julia Blaker 203 Jarrett Ave. Rockledge. Pa. James Blaszczyk 990 Wesley Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Ronald Block 226 Susan Drive Elkins Park. Pa. Diane Blumenthal 2216 Parkdale Ave. Glenside, Pa. James Bolno 1850 Bertram Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Glenn Bookman 175 Serril Road Elkins Park. Pa. Rose Bott 1240 Bockius Ave. Abington. Pa. Diane Bowers 646 Monroe Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Seventy-fourJames Bowman 1403 Edgewood Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Janet Boyd 2617 Avondale Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Ellen Bragg 1340 Partridge Road Roslyn, Pa. Marie Bratzler 17 South Sylvania Avenue Rockledge. Pa. Susan Brecht 312 Hamel Avenue North Hills. Pa. Linda Brendlinger 751 Penn Avenue Ardsley, Pa. Gary Briamonte 1024 Garfield Avenue Ardsley. Pa. Mane Bringenberg 1238 Boone Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Cindy Briskin 410 Meadowbrook Drive Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Seventy-fiveKenneth Brodstene 621 Meadowbrook Dr. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Brad Brooks 2718 Ivy Lane North Hills. Pa. Karen Brucker 2140 Benezet Rd. Abington, Pa. Harriet Brumberg 1104 Harriett Rd. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Harry Brown 2714 Hazel Ave. North Hills. Pa. Donna Brownsey 1336 Lindsay Lane Meadowbrook. Pa. Richard Brunner 1439 Hallman Rd. Roslyn. Pa. Susan Bryan 2231 Pleasant Ave. Glenside, Pa. Seventy-sixWendy Bucknam 2020 Chester Ave. Abington, Pa. Edith Buckwalter 915 Cricket Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Eva Budzynski 2036 Jenkintown Road Glenside. Pa. David C. Burns 1831 Coolidge Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Robert Burns 219 Woodlyn Ave. Glenside. Pa. Seventy-sevenLynne Burnside 977 Wesley Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. David Burton 252 Ruscombe Ave. North Hills. Pa. Dennis Byron 405 Sylvania Ave. Glenside. Pa. Constance Calisto 111 North Hills Ave North Hills. Pa. Joanne Calciu 326 Fillmore Street Philadelphia. Pa. Russell Calisto 111 North Hills Ave. North Hills. Pa. Janice Calciu 326 Fillmore Street Philadelphia. Pa. Seventy-eightMarcy Calvin 123 Zane Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. Seventy-nineJohn Campion 1006 Gafield Ave. Ardsley. Pa. John Caruso 1525 St. James Place Roslyn, Pa. Denise Case 2229 Glendale Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. George Carr 2632 Hazel Ave. North Hills. Pa. EightyCarmel Ann Centrella 1256 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Thomasine Centrella 954 Wesley Ave. Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Peggy Chalmers 742 Roseland Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. Leonard Chandler 1811 Roberta Ave. Abington. Pa. Stephen Christian 723 Arden Road Jenkintown, Pa. Robert Childs 2489 Lafayette Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Eighty-oneNancy Clark 1234 Jericho Road Abington, Pa. Eighty-two Debra Chun 3057 Limekiln Pike North Hills. Pa. David Clarke 39 Hampton Lane Solihull, Warwickshire England Mark Clayton 1324 Zachary Road Roslyn, Pa. Katherine Clark 2220 Jenkintown Road Glenside, Pa. K. Ann Clarke 1123 Beverly Road Jenkintown, Pa. Marian Cleary 642 Roslyn Ave. Glenside. Pa. Kenneth Clashaus 1407 Mill Road Meadowbrook. Pa.Debby Coates 1527 ArtineAve. Roslyn, Pa. Brent Collinson 2139 Parkview Ave. Abington. Pa. Philip Comeaux 710 Penn Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Thomas Conboy George Conner 2948 Sunnycrest Road 2177 Oakdale Ave. Willow Grove, Pa. Glenside. Pa. Gregory Conti 710 Baeder Road Jenkintown, Pa. Joseph Conway 236 Park Ave. Rockledge, Pa. Jan Copes 1382 Arnold Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Eighty-threeMichael Costandino 1226 Thomson Road Roslyn, Pa. Diana Coverley-Smith 1067 Wynnwood Ave. Abington, Pa. Michael Costanzo 426 Edge Hill Road North Hills. Pa. G. Bruce Cox 2013 Tulip Road Glenside. Pa. Ruby Cox 2555 Lamott Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Thomas Coyle 922 Cypress Ave. Elkins Park. Pa. Eighty-fourCecily Craig 337 Thorpe Road Jenkintown, Pa. Renee Craig 1005 Roseland Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Sumner Cross 1818 Brentwood Road Abington, Pa. Jacqueline Crowell 516 Evans Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Gregory J. Cubbage 1457 St. John Road Roslyn. Pa. James Cuce 1060 Maple Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Bruce Cunningham 1107 Highland Ave. Abington. Pa. Eighty-fiveVivian Daub 1825 Roberta Ave. Abington, Pa. Lucia D'Andrea 645 Harrison Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Joseph D’Aniello 2579 Miriam Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Dannie Darrigo 212 Ray Street Philadelphia, Pa Denise Darrigo 212 Ray Street Philadelphia, Pa Steven Dash 1861 Lippincott Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Charles Dauber 725 Kirkwood Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. Hank David 2061 Maplewood Ave. Abington. Pa. Eighty-six Diane Davis 1636 Arnold Ave. Willow Grove. Pa.Judith Davis 1908 Smith Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Wendy Davis 1490 Noble Road Jenkintown, Pa. Christopher Dean 208 Roberts Ave. Glenside. Pa. Danny D’Elia 517 Briarwood Road Glenside. Pa. Amelia Del Real 2549 Radcliffe Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Howard Dennis 313 Hamel Ave. North Hills. Pa. Linda DePaul 2943 Old Welsh Road Willow Grove. Pa. Denise Deverant 416 Roberts Ave. Glenside. Pa. Eighty-seven James Dean 126 Woodlyn Ave. Glenside. Pa.William Dickup 332 Mayfield Ave. Elkins Park. Pa. Eighty eightDonna DiGennaro 2967 Sunnycrest Road Willow Grove. Pa. Patricia Dilworth 780 Central Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Tonya Dinkins 1642 Washington Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Jan Dion 235 Cedar Road Elkins Park. Pa. Anthony DiMartino 2841 Mt. Vernon Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Anthony DiMassa 717 Moredon Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Michael Dixon 2436 Rubicam Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Maureen DiPuppo 380 Wellington Terrace Jenkintown, Pa. Eighty-nineThomas Doherty 2148 Myrtlewood Ave. Abington. Pa. Patrick Dooley 237 Edgehill Rd. Glenside, Pa. Cynthia Dober 1419 Easton Road Roslyn, Pa. Cathy Donnelly 1833 Preston Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Jennifer Donohue 1855 Keith Road Abington. Pa. William Dornhecker 2945 Lincoln Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Thomas Doll 2627 Old Welsh Road Willow Grove. Pa. Donna Douris 1551 Edgewood Ave. Roslyn, Pa. NinetyFrank Dunham 1920 Old York Road Abington. Pa. Ruth Edwards 404 Tennis Ave. North Hills, Pa. Virginia Eddy 3014 Limekiln Pike North Hills. Pa Ninety-oneLynn Eichert 451 Hamel Ave. North Hills. Pa. Ellen Eisler 946 Wellington Road Elkins Park, Pa. Ninety-twoRose Estel 2123 Curtis Ave. Abington. Pa. Ninety-thre«Kathy Eyre 662 Seminole Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. Robert Evans 1865 Ambler Road Abington. Pa. Mary Ella Ewasko 1055 Maple Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Christopher Fackler 718 Garden Road Glenside, Pa. Michael Fadelsak 272 Shelmire Street Philadelphia. Pa. Sandra Fahs 748 Elizabeth Road Rydal. Pa. Jean Fanelli 434 Edge Hill Road North Hills. Pa. Nancy Farmer 2939 Turner Ave Roslyn, Pa. Ninety-fourJoanne Fazzo 1237 Bishop Ave. toslyn. Pa. Mariann Feather 1806 Horace Ave Abington. Pa. John Feeney 1543 North Hills Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Mark Fell 516 Gibson Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Adolph Fellmeth 1512 Mill Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Dale Felter 823 Maple Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Debbie Fenderson 1549 Reservoir Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Joanne Feola 1269 Grovania Ave Abington. Pa. Ninety-fiveJohn Ferencsik 1783 Kimball Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. John Ferrante 1553 Arline Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Pat Festa 1170 Mildred Ave. Roslyn. Pa. David Fickes 742 Seminole Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. John Finuoli 910 Fox Chase Road Philadelphia. Pa. Debbie Fischer 420 Shelmire Street Philadelphia. Pa. Ninety sixWilliam Ford 1651 Franklin Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. James Fitzpatrick 569 Fox Chase Road Philadelphia, Pa. Philip Fleekop 1210 Red Rambler Road Rydal. Pa. Caroline Flickinger 1240 Pepper Road Rydal. Pa. W Cary Fluck 664 Pembroke Road Jenkintown, Pa. Michael Foote 2423 Mt. Carmel Ave Glenside. Pa. George Forgeng 926 Brown Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. David Forrest 2945 Goentner Road Willow Grove. Pa. Michael Forte 1831 Horace Ave. Abington. Pa. Ninety-sevenClaire Gallagher 2756 Jenkintown Road North Hills. Pa. Joy Frank 731 Martin Road Elkins Park. Pa. Ellen Freedman 756 Suffolk Road Rydal. Pa. John Freyhof 731 Glenn Road Jenkintown. Pa. Thomas Gaffney 1066 Edgehill Road Abington, Pa. Joseph Galichinski 2410 Patane Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Bruce Gallop 637 Hoyt Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Steven Gamburg 2767 Fernwood Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Sandra Garber 935 Irvin Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Ninety-eightJames Gardner 211 Church Road Philadelphia, Pa. Herman Gardner 2669 Columbia Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Sandy Gebert 1836 Lambert Road Jenkintown, Pa. Bill Geilfuss 1322 East Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Kenneth Gerlach 546 San Diego Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. Paula German 1430 Hunter Road Rydal. Pa. Brian Gilmore 2746 Norman Road Roslyn. Pa. Daniel Ginley 2472 Kenderton Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Louis Giroud 1051 Sherman Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Ninety-nineSteve Giuliani 1137 Boone Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Andrea Glackin 754 Penn Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Donald Gloster 853 Beverly Road Jenkintown. Pa. David Glueck 1853 London Road Abington. Pa. Janet Gluch 2067 Kenmore Ave. Glenside, Pa. One HundredRandy Godwin 643 Garden Road Glenside, Pa. Howard Gordon 20 McFaddin Drive Huntingdon Valley. Pa. William P. Gottschalk 1413 High Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Mary Good 507 Maple Ave. North Hills. Pa. Philip Goodman 1228 Easton Road Roslyn. Pa. One Hundred OneRaymond Grapp 401 Montgomery Ave. Rockledge. Pa. Joette Green 2534 Lamott Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. One Hundred TwoSteve Greene 1402 Pepper Road Rydal. Pa. Carol Greenway 1435 St. Charles Place Roslyn, Pa. Ralf Greenwood 2974 Grisdale Road Roslyn. Pa. J. Eric Greensmith 705 Roslyn Ave. Glenside, Pa. Joseph Groetsch 703 Fern Road Glenside. Pa. Jacqueline Grimshaw 950 Roanoke Ave. Elkins Park. Pa. Terri Gross 1311 Green Road Roslyn. Pa. Gail Griffith 1341 Rothley Ave. Roslyn, Pa. One Hundred ThreeCarol Grossman 1004 Irvin Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Richard Gump 838 Penn Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Linda Gutekunst 621 Cricket Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Edward Guckin 1047 Maple Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Nanci Guglielmo 858 N. Easton Road Glenside. Pa. EthelineGuy 622 Abington Ave. Glenside. Pa. Nancy Haddad 1364 Clarke Road Roslyn, Pa. One Hundred FourJames Hagen 314 Edgley Ave. Glenside. Pa. Jerry Haegele 31 Central Ave. Rockledge. Pa. George Hancock 342 Fillmore Street Philadelphia. Pa. Jonathan Hand 1705Cloverly Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. Stephen Haich 130 Cliveden Ave. Glenside. Pa. Bob Haig 371 Keswick Ave. Glenside, Pa. Kathi Hanna 1454 Old Welsh Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. George Hardmon 2210 Hamilton Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. One Hundred FiveCathleen Hardwick 2444 Fairhill Ave. Glenside. Pa. Doreen Harman 1822 Preston Ave Willow Grove. Pa. Dale Harr 762 Jackson Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Dene Harris 326 Thorpe Road Jenkintown. Pa. James Hartey 534 Penn Ave. North Hills. Pa. William Hattier 846 Beverly Road Rydal, Pa. Charles Haussler 702 Tennis Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Imogene Harvey 945 Douglass Ave. Elkins Park, Pa. One Hundred SixPaul Haye 320 Roslyn Ave. Glenside. Pa. Sheila Heaney 1432 Grovania Ave. Abington. Pa. Gloria Heck 1552 Arline Ave. Roslyn. Pa. John Heckman 2633 Barnes Ave Roslyn. Pa. Cheryl Hedrick 1915 Coolidge Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Kenneth Heggs 1646 Park Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Robert Heineman 2069 Glenwood Ave. Glenside. Pa. Deborah Heffner 884 Tyson Ave. Roslyn. Pa. One Hundred SevenRichard Hendricks 2918 Limekiln Pike North Hills. Pa. Robert Hendrickson 281 Rockledge Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Linda Henry 1106 Devon Road Jenkintown. Pa. Beth Herman 1943 Valley Road Meadowbrook, Pa. Scott Herrin 1156 Mill Road Circle Rydal, Pa. Lori Herscovici 369 Ainslie Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Michael Hershman 1620 Old Welsh Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Karen Hess 1912 Acorn Lane Abington, Pa. One Hundred EightLaurie Hess 2462 Independence Road Roslyn. Pa. Carol Hibbs 855 Maple Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Gary Higham 1177 Easton Road Roslyn, Pa. Philip Hill 680 Tyson Ave. Ardsley. Pa. One Hundred NineDavid Hoffman 32 Durand Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Samuel Hipwell 111 Huntingdon Pike Philadelphia. Pa. Glenn Hirlehey 1925 Maplewood Ave. Abington. Pa. George Hobson 2975 Oklahoma Road Willow Grove. Pa. Deborah Hoff 1521 Coulon Road Willow Grove. Pa. Bruce Hoffman 1881 Harte Road Jenkintown. Pa. William Hoffman 2122 Corinthian Ave. Abington. Pa. Judy Hoffmann 1502 Grove Ave. Jenkintown. Pa. Timothy Hogan 1876 Woodland Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred TenLaurel Hokanson 1052 Kipling Road Jenkintown, Pa. Mark Holden 218 Cricket Ave. North Hills. Pa Robert Hollinger 1549 Osbourne Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Clarence Holmes 1575 Wahington Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Nina Hopen 1088 Sparrow Road Jenkintown. Pa. Susan Horwitz 1645 Woodland Road Rydal. Pa. Edward Houseal 2742 Galloway Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Ronna Houston 2536 Rubicam Ave. Willow Grove, Pa. Rosemarie Howard 2923 Turner Ave. Roslyn, Pa. One Hundred ElevenRobert Hudson 1849 Hemlock Circle Abington, Pa. Linda Huber 2649 Fernwood Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Deborah Hummel 720 Tennis Avenue Ardsley, Pa. Nancy Hummer 1929 Preston Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. One Hundred TwelveOne Hundred ThirteenLisa Jennetta 1010 Tyson Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Teresa Johnson 105 Robbins Avenue Rockledge, Pa. Jeffrey Jewitt Linda Gaskins Johnson 317 Hamel Avenue 2603 Phipps Avenue North Hills. Pa. Willow Grove. Pa. Jeffrey Jensen 2042 Horace Avenue Abington. Pa. Deborah Ann Jones 1122 Hall Avenue Roslyn. Pa. D. Bruce Jones 1476 Holcomb Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. One Hundred Fourteen Sharon Jones 1760 Fairview Ave. Willow Grove, Pa. Raymond Karthauser 668 Cricket Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Rodney Jones 1725 Summit Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Betty Kaighn Richard K. Kalikow 231 Maple Ave. 1603 Pennypack Road North Hills. Pa. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Howard Kahn 553 Meadowbrook Drive Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Anthony Kash 751 Garfield Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Naomi Kartin 2132 Rush Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred FifteenRobert Kaufmann 525 San Gabriel Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. Michael Katz 342 Maple Ave. North Hills. Pa. Irene Kearney 1437 Hallman Road Roslyn. Pa. William Kaufman 35 Moredon Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Peggy Kaufmann 1319 School Lane Rydal, Pa. Joseph Kelly 1411 Birchwood Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Kevin Kempf 2228 Wharton Road Glenside. Pa. One Hundred SixteenThomas Kent 156 Tennis Ave. North Hills. Pa. Mary Jo Kerrigan 2146 Kenmore Ave. Glenside. Pa. John Kessler 1315 Lenore Rd Meadowbrook. Pa. Karen Kieffer 754 Roseland Ave. Philadelphia 11. Pa. William Kesler 3054 Limekiln Pike North Hills. Pa. Anne Kesselman 323 Rolling Hill Rd. Elkins Park. Pa Laura Kind 1330 Old Ford Rd. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Leona King 2018 Butler Ave. Abington. Pa. One Hundred SeventeenGregg Kister 1860 Woodland Rd. Abington, Pa. Marla Klvitz 165 Woodpecker Rd Jenkintown. Pa. Helene Klapper 1446 Davidson Road Abington. Pa. Randi Klein 1132 Dixon Lane Rydal, Pa. Thomas Kline 1380 Edgewood Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Charles Knapp 640 Monroe Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Roberta Koerner 133 Central Ave. Rockledge. Pa. Susan Kohlhaas 333 Rolling Hill Rd. Elkins Park. Pa. One Hundred EighteenBrent Kopenhauer 2053 Susquehanna Street Abington. Pa. Elliot Kolodner 333 Heatcliffe Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Diane Kondrosky 823 Longstreth Ave. Philadelphia Pa. Leslie Kosoy 1119 Harriett Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Ellen Kramer 1027 Pheasant Road Rydal. Pa. Daniel Kraus 1151 Mill Road Circle Meadowbrook, Pa. Katherine Krause 1528 Noble Road Jenkintown, Pa. George Kraynak 1804 Silver Ave. Abington. Pa. One Hundred NineteenWilliam Krewson 1457 Holcomb Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Trina Krick 935 Woodcrest Road Abington. Pa. George Kuhn 1814 Rockwell Road Abington, Pa. Thomas Kurek 2233 Wharton Road Glenside. Pa. Sandra Kuspis 1864 Ambler Road Abington, Pa. Victor Krievins 840 Maple Ave. Ardsley, Pa. Gayritha Krishnan 1763 Kimball Ave. .Willow Grove. Pa. One Hundred TwentyAudrey Lappe 118 Church Road Philadelphia. Pa. Robert Lahiff 1116 Old York Road Abington. Pa. Valton Lamb 1358 High Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Edward Lampert 1720 Webster Ave. Abington, Pa. Joseph Landis 373 Heathcliffe Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Roberta Ann Lang 316 Tyson Ave. Glenside. Pa. Gail Large 354 Northwood Ave. Elkins Park. Pa. Richard LaRocca 2329 Pleasant Ave. Glenside. Pa. Marie Larson 358 Fillmore Street Philadelphia. Pa. One Hundred Twenty-oneJane Lashner 1341 Gilbert Road Meadowbrook, Pa. JoAnne Laskowtki 1547 Arline Ave. Roslyn, Pa. William Latta 2579 Fernwood Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Craig Lauer 1435 Edgewood Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Susan Lavish 1403 Arline Ave. Roslyn. Pa. One Hundred Twenty-twoRichard Lee 426 Wingate Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Diane Leedom 1559 Ferndale Avenue Abington, Pa. Sheryl Leedom 527 Melody Lane Glenside. Pa. John Leimbach 231 Clivedon Avenue Glenside. Pa. Gerald Leistram 1575 Edgehill Road Apt. B-3 Abington. Pa. Debi Leskawa 816 Delene Road Jenkintown. Pa. Donald Leslie 2046 Wharton Road Glenside. Pa. Alan Levin Benson East Apt. 616 Old York Road Township Line Jenkintown. Pa. One Hundred Twenty-threeBetsy Lewis 1613 Franklin Ave. Willow Grove, Pa. One Hundred Twenty-fourDebbie Lift 36 Chapel Hill Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. John Loftus 2315 Parkview Avenue Willow Grove, Pa. Martin Linn 2433 Norwood Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Carol Loewenson 450 Wingate Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa One Hundred Twenty-fiveNancy Lomady 2908 Rossiter Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Catherine Luckinbill 1530 Easton Road Roslyn, Pa. William Loston 1736 Easton Road Willow Grove. Pa. Lisa Lubin Rydal East Apts. - Ill Rydal, Pa. David Lucas 634 Moredon Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Todd Luft 2914 Madison Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Ellin Lotwick 303 Hamel Avenue North Hills. Pa Charles Luckens 2151 Pleasant Avenue Glenside. Pa. One Hundred Twenty-sixMark Lundquist 964 Woodcrest Road Abington. Pa. Diane Lux 1411 Jericho Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred Twenty-sevenKathryn Lynn 1379 Lindbergh Ave. Roslyn, Pa. William Lybrand 2443 Susquehanna Street Roslyn, Pa. Lydia Macht 1271 Mill Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Michael Mailey 221 Homecrest Road Jenkintown, Pa. One Hundred Twenty-eightMichele Mendel 716 Crosswicks Road Jenkintown, Pa. Alfred Manco 1144 Tyson Avenue Abington. Pa. Robert Manstein 1400 Rydal Road Rydal, Pa. Steven Menton 1437 Grovania Avenue Abington. Pa. Sandra Mangin 520 Pasadena Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. David Mansell 318 Elm Avenue North Hills. Pa. Joseph Manzo 601 Monroe Avenue Ardsley. Pa. Janet Manzinger 328 Penn Avenue North Hills. Pa. One Hundred Twenty-nineSuzanne Mark 934 Coates Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Janice Marco 2043 Cross Road Glenside. Pa. Susan Margolis 602 Wanamaker Road Jenkintown. Pa. Nanci Markgraf 2441 Norwood Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Craig Markind 924 Henrietta Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Ray Marsilio 321 Sylvania Ave. Glenside. Pa. Margarete Martinez 306 Shelmire Street Philadelphia. Pa. Marleen Martin 2126 Old Welsh Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred ThirtyCarol Marvis Sarah Jane Marx 1312 Barrowdale Road Rydal. Pa. One Hundred Thirty-oneEllen Maser Cheltenham Terrace Apts. (A-207 Church and Panther Roads Wyncote. Pa. Michael Mayers 2315 Parkview Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Gary Mast 2056 Corinthian Avenue Abington. Pa. Jody Sue Mazer 117 N. Easton Road Glenside, Pa. Lawrence Mathe 2949 Banner Road Willow Grove. Pa. Majorie Mazer 1353 Barrowdale Road Rydal, Pa. Gwen Mattleman 1219 Lenox Road Jenkintown. Pa. George McBrien 1513 Grove Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. Carolyn McCandless 1611 Rockwell Road Abington, Pa. One Hundred Thirty-twoDavid McCarren 1484 Jericho Road Abington, Pa. Thomas McCauley 1245 Girard Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Katherine McClelland 2442 Radcliffe Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Michael McCloud 221 Roslyn Ave. Glenside. Pa. Richard McClure 2134 Kent Road Abington, Pa. James McCoach 635 Harrison Ave. S. Ardsley. Pa. Sally McCunney 610 Wanamaker Road Jenkintown, Pa. Margie McDermott 264 Tulpehocken Ave. Elkins Park, Pa. Barbara Jo McDevitt 1458 Jericho Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred Thirty-threeHelen McDonald 336 Church Road Philadelphia, Pa. Linda McDonnell 1366 Arline Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Monica McFadden 1809 Eckard Ave. Abington. Pa. Sally McGettigan 918 Tennis Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Hugh McGill 850 Central Ave. N. Ardsley. Pa. Patrick McGinness 2935 Meyer Ave. N. Ardsley. Pa. Edward McGlaughlin 1864 Woodland Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred Thirty-fourGlenda McGowen 1543 lukens Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Mary McHugh 2028 Wharton Road Glenside. Pa. Donald McKeegan 1828 Clayton Road Abington, Pa. Michael McKnight 137 Church Road Philadelphia. Pa. Samuel McLean 724 Garfield Avenue Ardsley. Pa. John McNamara 2222 Jenkintown Road Glenside. Pa. Heidi McNulty 523 Roberts Avenue Glenside. Pa. One Hundred Thirty-five Deborah McKinney 1318 Grovania Avenue Abington. Pa.I One Hundred Thirty-sixWilliam Melville 1337 Rose Road Roslyn, Pa. Joyce Messina 1751 Kimball Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Joseph Milke 819 Jackson Avenue Ardsley, Pa. Bonnie Miller 2488 Kenderton Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Jack Meyers 756 Llanfair Road Rydal, Pa. Rhonda Miles 857 Garfield Avenue Ardsley, Pa. Bruce Miller 1631 Graham Road Meadowbrook. Pa. David Miller 2117 Park dale Avenue Glenside. Pa. One Hundred Thirty-sevenMaria Miller 233 Leona Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Lee Miller 972 Henrietta Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Dorraine Mills 1569 Rothley Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Robert Minch 36 Chandler Street Rockledge. Pa. Thomas Mooney 885 N. Easton Road Apt. 5B2 Glenside. Pa. Nancy Minich 2852 Galloway Ave. Roslyn, Pa. One Hundred Thirty-eightCarl Moore 1512 Edgewood Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Erica Moyer 2051 Fortune Road Glenside. Pa. Susan Morchower 1224 Lenox Road Jenkintown. Pa. Joan Moskal 773 Arden Road Jenkintown. Pa. Robert Mott 1022 Deiene Road Jenkintown, Pa. Vicki Muhl 1462 Doris Road Roslyn. Pa. J. Roger Morrison 2010 Susquehanna Street Abington, Pa. Janet Murphy 668 Meadowbrook Dr. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. One Hundred Thirty-nineLinda Natale 719 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, Pa. Bruce Naudascher 130 Robbines Ave. Rockledge. Pa. Paul Neill 815 Hilldale Road Glenside, Pa. James Nelson 902 Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. Pa. One Hundred FortyElizabeth Newmeyer 1572 Reservoir Ave. Roslyn, Pa. Gary Nitzberg 1840 Lippincott Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Robert E. Nugent III 1274 Nolen Road Roslyn. Pa. Cynthia Nordon 2730 Hazel Ave. North Hills. Pa. Gregory Nolan 1334 Glenbrook Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Steve Nojak 906 Ganfield Ave. Ardsley. Pa. Edward O'Brien 2223 Florey Lane Glenside. Pa. Lowell Ocks 625 Oak Shade Ave. Elkins Park. Pa. One Hundred Forty-oneIrene O'Neill 1536 Hampton Road Rydal. Pa. Robin Onsa 2567 Fernwood Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Tawny Oram 312 Sylvania Avenue Glenside. Pa. David Orischak 1372 Clarke Road Roslyn, Pa. Robert Osborn 1357 Rothley Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Rolanda Owens 1713 Prospect Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Richard Palm 1845 Fitzwatertown Road Willow Grove, Pa. Anna Maria Palombo 2828 Lillian Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. One Hundred Forty-twoLinda Panichello 2843 Miriam Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Judy Panoff 321 Evergreen Road Jenkintown, Pa. Marilyn Parker 535 Highland Avenue Jenkintown. Pa. Carolynn Parrelia 2643 Old Welsh Road Willow Grove, Pa. Michael Pavlichko 2930 Elliott Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Fredrick Peirce Debra Pekter Barbara Pello 1136 Oliver Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. One Hundred Forty-threeDenise Penecale 2537 Brookdale Avenue Rosiyn, Pa. Samuel L. Penfield. Jr. 1350 Arline Avenue Rosiyn. Pa. Judith Peppleman 1518 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Beth Phillips 2027 Fortune Road Glenside. Pa. Elaine Phillips 2914 Senak Road Rosiyn. Pa. Stephen Piccari 2667 Old Welsh Road Willow Grove. Pa. Douglas Pickard 1202 Herbert Road Meadowbrook, Pa. Craig Piening 525 Louise Road Glenside. Pa. Karen Pieretti 3012 Old Welsh Road Willow Grove. Pa. One Hundred Forty-fourAngelo Pontelandolfo Jr. 2079 Rubicam Avenue Abington. Pa. Lynne Pisani 2425 Pershing Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Dennis Platz 2236 Cross Road Glenside. Pa. Katherine Plenzick 431 Linden Avenue Glenside. Pa. Lyndell Poindexter 399 Stewart Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. Stephen Pompilio 542 Harvey Road Glenside. Pa. Jim Popiel 238 Margaretta Avenue Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Kathleen Popper 114 Edgley Avenue Glenside. Pa. Albert Porter 779 Township Line Road Elkins Park. Pa. One Hundred Forty-fiveEric Pruyn 1937 Adams Avenue Abington, Pa. Ellen Posel 1060 Mill Road Circle Jenkintown, Pa. Barbara Powell 739 Baeder Road Jenkintown, Pa. Harold Praediger 7957 Church Road Rockledge, Pa. Ronnalee Pratt 1909 Coolidge Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Joseph Price 1832 Preston Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Marcia Purnell 1583 Rothley Avenue Willow Grove, Pa. Joseph C. Radosin 283 Runner Street Philadelphia, Pa. Vicky Raffle 310 Cricket Avenue North Hills, Pa. One Hundred Forty-sixFlorence Rauch 435 Easton Road Glenside, Pa. Debra Ravenscraft 313 Abington Avenue Glenside. Pa. Albino Reale 392 Keswick Avenue Glenside. Pa. Earl Redmer 564 Tyson Avenue Ardsley, Pa. Ralph Reeb 613 Crescent Avenue Glenside. Pa. Donna Reese 461 Hamel Avenue North Hills. Pa. Linda Reese 1472 Woodland Road Rydal, Pa. John Reily 2925 Carnation Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. One Hundred Forty-sevenRay Reinard 1212 Gordon Road Jenkintown. Pa. Gary Rhodeside 1868 Bertram Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Bruce Rems 1948 Moreland Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred Forty-eightSusan Rintz 1059 Anna Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Laura Rogers 2757 Hazel Ave. North Hills. Pa. One Hundred Forty-nineKenneth Rose 1079 Winchester Street Rockledge. Pa. Timothy Rollins 2259 Hamilton Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Stephen Rose 543 Louise Road Glenside. Pa. David Roman 361 North Hills Ave. North Hills. Pa. Robert Rosen 1236 Red Rambler Rydal. Pa. Donna Rose 1580 Buck Hill Drive Huntingdon Valley. Pa. One Hundred FiftyLindsay Rosenwald 1266 June Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Sheri Rosenzweig 1641 Buck Hill Drive Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Nathan Rothschild 2134 Woodlawn Avenue Glenside. Pa. Diane Roskow 321 Keswick Avenue Glenside. Pa. Richard Rudolph 1081 Sherman Avenue Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Rosemary Rupp 336 Edgley Avenue Glenside. Pa. Mark Rowe 2119 Old Welsh Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred Fifty-oneRobert Sacrey 2144 Myrtlewood Avenue Abington. Pa. Sandy Russino 1930 Fitzwatertown Road Willow Grove, Pa. Larry Russo 885 Easton Road Apt. 3B4 Glenside, Pa. Brenda Saget 1255 June Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Lisa Salamon 1589 Williams Road Abington. Pa. Katherine Salomonson 806 Glen Road Jenkintown, Pa. Kim Santee 2900 Hammond Place Roslyn, Pa. Kevin Santry 319 Zane Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. One Hundred Fifty-twoSandra Savage 1813 Guernsey Avenue Abington. Pa. Jill Savitz 541 Wanamaker Rd. Jenkintown. Pa. Connie Scarpello 1552 Osbourne Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Ruth Schieber 31 N. Penn Avenue Rockledge. Pa. Lisa Schlesinger 817 Crosswicks Road Jenkintown, Pa. Douglas Schmidt 1242 Glenbrook Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa One Hundred Fifty-threeSheri Schroeder 633 Fern Road Glenside. Pa. Janet Schultz 2224 Parkdale Avenue Glenside. Pa. Elizabeth Schrader 510 Central Avenue North Hills. Pa. George Schreiber 1924 Cleveland Avenue Abington. Pa. Donna Schulz 2336 Kenderton Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Sharon Schuman 1414 Highland Avenue Abington. Pa. One Hundred Fifty-fourRobert Schwarz 1238 Westmont Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Carol Seiter 1348 Carol Road Meadowbrook, Pa. Scott Schwarz 1312 Jericho Road Abington. Pa. Louis Senger 2143 Wayne Avenue Abington. Pa. Susan Seeley 2538 Woodland Road Roslyn, Pa. Lance Seidel 1009 Loney Street Rockledge. Pa. One Hundred Fifty-fiveKathy Seyler 243 Forrest Ave. Elkins Park, Pa. Bruce Sham 278 Forrest Ave. Elkins Park. Pa. Bonnie Shapiro 821 Reese Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Garry Shacklady 2353 Jenkintown Road Glenside. Pa. Bryan E. Sharpiro 1031 Susquehanna Road Rydal. Pa. Michael Shapiro 343 Rolling Hill Road Elkins Park. Pa. Debra Sharp 926 Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Thomas Shaw 2342 Oakdale Ave. Glenside. Pa. Susan Shedinger 326 Rolling Hill Road Elkins Park. Pa. One Hundred Fifty-sixDiane Sheehan 2153 Charles St. Glenside. Pa. Sandra Shiner 2042 Pleasant Ave. Glenside. Pa. Bill Shore 1263 Dixon Lane Rydal. Pa. Elaine Shoyren 2119 Ridgeview Ave. Abington. Pa. Tim Shreiner 2158 Ken more Ave. Glenside. Pa. Jim Shulson 1209 Cumberland Road Abington. Pa. Doug Shuster 1372 Green Road Roslyn, Pa. Sharon Silverman 36 Lee Lyn Lane Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Daniel Sigg 310 Evergreen Road Jenkintown. Pa. One Hundred Fifty-sevenShera Silow 1035 Old Ford Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Scott Simons 728 Hillcrest Avenue Glenside, Pa. Sharon Slade 938 Wesley Avenue Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Carol Sliker 1448 Revelation Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Gary Slobodzian 2146 Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside. Pa. Andrew Smith 839 Fox Chase Road Jenkintown, Pa.Gail Smith 357 Monroe Ave. North Hills. Pa. James Smith 1719 Park Ave. Willow Grove, Pa. Kathleen Smith 2104 Woodlawn Ave. Glenside. Pa. Randolf Smith 1038 Mill Road Circle Rydal.Pa. Scott Smith 1941 Guernsey Ave. Abington, Pa. Ilene Smoger 959 Henrietta Ave. Huntingdon Valley. Pa.y r Allen Snyder 1911 Sharon Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Steve Solometo 730 Penn Avenue Ardsley, Pa. Stuart Somers 1921 Sharon Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Kathryn Sorendino 216 Zane Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. Cathy Spahn 355 Elm Avenue North Hills. Pa. Jane Spector 35 Chapel Hill Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Stephen Speechley Jayne Spencer 339 Felix Road 124 Central Avenue Huntingdon Valley. Pa. North Hills, Pa. One Hundred SixtyNancy Spencer 411 Stewart Ave. Jenkintown. Pa. Barbara Speth 2154 Guernsey Ave. Abington. Pa. Andy Spiegel 1825 London Road Abington. Pa. Janet Springer 735 Cricket Ave. Ardsley. Pa. James Springfield 1928 Preston Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Francine Stallings 1651 Park Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Maxine Stallings 1651 Park Ave. Willow Grove. Pa. Patricia Staerk 2432 Brookdale Ave. Roslyn, Pa. One Hundred Sixty oneKenneth Starkey 2153 Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside. Pa. Susan Steckline 2927 Senak Road Roslyn. Pa. Michael Stanislaw 636 Roseland Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. Mark Stauffer 332 Locust Road Glenside. Pa. John Steck 1323 Warner Road Meadowbrook, Pa. Deborah Staudinger 1859 Old Orchard Road Abington. Pa. Nancy Stein 1529 Old Welsh Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Mary Stefanelli 142 N. Lynwood Avenue Glenside. Pa. One Hundred Sixty-twoStephen Steinberg 1048 Arbuta Road Abington, Pa. Kathy Sternberg 451 Susquehanna Street Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Dean Steinberg 1171 Balleytore Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Jon Stenberg Jeff Stem 1356 Clarke Road 1833 Chester Avenue Roslyn.Pa. Abington. Pa. John Stevens 319 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, Pa. Peter Stempen 2364 Geneva Avenue Glenside. Pa. Robert Stewert 1057 Arbuta Road Abington. Pa. One Hundred Sixty-threeSteve Stockburger 1115 Westmont Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Tom Stoddard 1422 Holcomb Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Paula Strother 2634 Arnaud Ave. Glenside. Pa. One Hundred Sixty-fourDeborah Stutman 978 Wesley Avenue Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Michelle Suhadolnik 2727 Susquehanna Street Rolyn, Pa. One Hundred Sixty-fiveMartin Sweeney 113 Cliveden Avenue Glenside, Pa. Barbara Swain 1217 Rosemont Lane Abington. Pa. Teresa Marie Swain 1217 Rosemont Lane Abington. Pa. Larry Swertloff 1042 Anna Road Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Donna Swinnard 927 Tyson Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Nancy Taddei 541 Baeder Road Jenkintown. Pa. Deborah Tait 1466 St. John Road Roslyn, Pa. Gail Sylvester 2820 Rubicam Avenue Willow Grove, Pa. One Hundred Sixty-sixGlenn Talley 312 Roberts Avenue Glenside. Pa. Arthur Tammela 570 Gibson Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. Marc Tapper 1234 Gordon Road Jenkintown. Pa. Kathleen Tavani 325 Felix Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Desmond Tease 324 Penn Avenue North Hills. Pa. Cynthia Thomas Charles Thompson 2743 Hazel Avenue 723 Coolidge Avenue North Hills. Pa. Wil,ow Grove, Pa. Deborah Thatcher 2086 Jenkintown Road Glenside. Pa. One Hundred Sixty-sevenStephen Thompson 7930 Fillmore Street Rockledge. Pa. Mary Thorpe 2540 Independence Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Kathy Tlrri 2043 Jenkintown Road Glenside, Pa. Catherine Tiziana 1234 Boone Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Jim Tobin 531 Pasadena Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Howard Tomlinson 1853 Cleveland Avenue Abington, Pa. Mark Tong 404 N. Easton Road Glenside. Pa. Sally Tonkin 1303 Susquehanna Road Rydal. Pa. Philip Tordella 1316 Michael Road Meadowbrook. Pa. One Hundred Sixty-eightTerrance Travis 1747 Summit Avenue Willow Grove, Pa. William Trefa 1837 Coolidge Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Karen Trifiletti 341 Cedar Road Elkins Park. Pa. Denise Trudeau 2023 Oakdale Avenue Glenside. Pa. Ann Tucker 1881 Acorn Lane Abington. Pa. Wendy Tyson 343 Elm Avenue North Mills. Pa. Marcia 331 Cedar Road Elkins Park. Pa. Edwin Ullman 224 Moredon Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Denise Ann Vanacore 2024 Fortune Road Glenside, Pa. One Hundred Sixty-nineMark Walsh 2919 Mayor Road Ardsley. Pa. Jed Verstein 505 Meadowbrook Drive Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Vincent Vozzo 1789 Rockwell Road Abington, Pa. Lenard Wachs 405 Meadowbrook Drive Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Ralph Wade 319 Home Avenue Elkins Park. Pa. Lori Walker 527 Pine Tree Road Jenkintown, Pa. Patrick Walsh 351 Keswick Avenue Glenside. Pa. Robert Walter 335 Zane Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. Mark Walters 2930 Kanes Road Willow Grove. Pa. One Hundred SeventyValerie Walton 1306 Green Road Roslyn, Pa. Anthony Ward 361 Cadwalader Avenue Elkins Park. Pa. Mark Warren 205 Robbins Avenue Rockledge. Pa. Gregory Wasko 1338 Rydal Road Rydal. Pa. Carol Watts 415 Sylvania Avenue Glenside. Pa. Cynthia Watts 205 North Hills Avenue North Hills. Pa. Evanna Webber 762 Edgehill Road Glenside. Pa. Virginia Weber 1367 Arnold Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Lynne Weinberger 540 Moredon Road Huntingdon Valley. Pa. One Hundred Seventy-oneOne Hundred Seventy-twoRuth Weyhmuller 513 Pasadena Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. Maurice White 1465 North Hills Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Linda Wilde 1325 Fitzwatertown Road Abington, Pa. Charles Wilensky 1435 Autumn Road Jenkintown. Pa. One Hundred Seventy-threeShirley Williams 1717 Park Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. Diane E. Wilson 2222 Albright Avenue Abington, Pa. Joyce Williams 1544 Edgewood Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Susan Willoughby 2126 Ken more Avenue Glenside. Pa. Carol Wilson 744 Crosswicks Road Rydal. Pa. Bruce Williamson 145 West Avenue Elkins Park. Pa. Robert Wilson 2222 Albright Avenue Abington. Pa. James Wilson 924 Rydal Road Jenkintown. Pa. One Hundred Seventy-fourAmy Wolfe 822 Winter Rd Rydal. Pa. Stephen Wynne 15 Elm Ave. Rockledge. Pa. Daniel Wioncek 1361 Rothley Ave. Roslyn. Pa. Jeffrey Woodley 2223 Florey La. Abington. Pa. Beth Wright 133 Cliveden Ave. Glenside. Pa. Susan Woltemate 2204 Menlo Ave. Glenside, Pa. Janet Youkeles 1360 Woodland Road Rydal. Pa. James Yerbes 1415 Washington La. Rydal. Pa. One Hundred Seventy-fiveJoy Young 2119 Susquehanna Road Abington. Pa. Ronald Young 2442 Brookdale Avenue Roslyn, Pa. Kimberly Yulsman 1720 Lynam Road Abington, Pa. Nancy Zaengle 2059 Jenkintown Road Glenside. Pa. Paul Ziegler 634 Highland Avenue Glenside, Pa. Alan Zemel 223 Meetinghouse Road Jenkintown. Pa. One Hundred Seventy-sixEarl Zimmerman 271 Roc kledge Avenue Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Carolyn Zimmermann 2517 Radcliffe Avenue Roslyn. Pa. Edward Zolna 2612 Belmont Avenue Roslyn. Pa. David Hersh 1124 Devon Road Jenkintown. Pa. One Hundred Seventy-sevenHans Kleesen 313 Roslyn Ave. Glenside, Pa. 1 Berlin-20 Kaisessts 10 David Clarke 1659 Edgehill Road Abington, Pa. 39 Hampton Lane Solihull, Warwickshire England FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS One Hundred Seventy-eight Ariela Dermer 1132 Dixon Lane Rydal, Pa. 27 Hess Street Haifa 33397 Israel Abington welcomed three exchange students from Berlin, Germany this year. They are Hans Kleesen, Thomas Schloss, and Viola Pinske. All three students are studying a variety of subjects, and they enjoy what they are studying. Viola commented that she has been having a wonderful and fulfilling experience living with the people of America. Hans and Thomas said America was interesting and friendly. All three have tentative plans for the future. Thomas hopes to become a medical doctor. Viola has plans to become a psychotherapist, and Hans seens himself as an architect. Abington also has two other exchange students. Both David Clarke, from Solihull, England, and Ariela Dermer, from Haifa. Israel, think that the time they have spent in America has been beneficial. David Clarke said: At Abington I have studied everything from Radio and Television to the American Civil War.” Ariela studied Mechanical Drawing, Math, German, and English. These exhange students have felt that their visits here were very rewarding and both have expressed desires to visit again in the near future Thomas Schloss 714 Moredon Road Meadowbrook, Pa. I Berlin 20 Schonwalder Alee 67 GermanyBenjamin Goldstein 1258 Gilbert Road Meadowbrook. Pa. Suzan Greenberg 1444 Autumn Road Rydal, Pa.The Alternative Project East, an experimental public school, is now going into its second consecutive year. Unlike the traditional high school, the Alternative School stresses individual responsibility. A wide variety of classes, both structured and non-structured, are offered. Small class sizes allow students to receive more individual attention and enables a more meaningful development of teacher-student relationships. Teaching techniques include seminars, independent study, community work and field trips. Students at Alternative are diverse in their backgrounds and interests. Selection is by a lottery from three neighboring school districts.HAHNEMANN MEDICAL COLLEGEThe school year 1972-73 witnessed the birth of the College Accelerated Program at Hahnemann Medical College — a program designed for high school seniors interested in furthering their education free of the restraints of a traditional high school. This program gives students the opportunity to work beside outstanding scientists in professional laboratories, while at the same time completing their senior year of high school and their freshman year of college. Four Abington Seniors were chosen to participate in this program — Gary Barg, Dante Landucci, Steven Smoger, Beth Greenberg. These seniors have spent a great deal of time and effort working in the Hahnemann C.A.P., and have reaped the benefits that only such a uniquely designed program can give. Beth Greenberg 1573 Buckhill Dr. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. Dante Landucci 1632 Upland Ave. Jenkintown, Pa.SENIORS NOT PICTURED Alfred Akeroyd Mark Alsentzer Diane Arkles John Bacon Jan Barry Scott Benjamin Ralph Bennett Jack Bienenfeld Andrew Blau Ronald Bodden Karen Bratton Ronald Brown Gregory Burwell Michael Bryne Thereas Bryne Vincent Carbone Joseph Cerminara Debra Clemmer James Costello Steven Dade Nicholas D'Aniello Marilyn Drever Michael Drutt Chet Eppert Deborah Fenderson Joseph Foley Maria Garcia Michael Grandy Mark Hilinski Larry Hollinsworth Michael Jamison Caren Keller David Krebs Edwards Krebs Richard LloydChristopher Lukens John Madsen Robert Matherly Joseph Mento Doris Moeller Robert Mooney Jack Myers Leo O'Connell Jan Payne Austin Penecale Douglas Pike Suzanne Quinn James Rementer Bruce Rosen David Sell Gene Shipley Carol Sliker Keith Smith William Snyder David Stasen David Tidwell Arthur Toran Edward Tuhacek Stephen Tyson Marilyn Ulmer Charles Underwood James Visco Kathy Walker Paul Willie Paul Wilson William Wolf Gerald Yerger One Hundred Eighty-seven Hello Darkness my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left it’s seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains Within the sounds of silence M The four long years that have passed were filled with many unique and memorable experiences. As seniors, we have undergone many changes which will influence our lives in the Future. 1969-1973 The students, the teachers, the frustrations and ecstasies of four years have combined to mold our personalities. For the first time we saw the realities of life infiltrate the brick and glass construction of Abington High School. We have lived through a new morality” a liberalization of the dress code a freer” expression of feeling Editorial Comment i Freedom. Only At Tests? and a greater acceptance of the challenging of ideas. We now look at our reflections with a feeling of gratification. There have been many memorable, even shattering occurrences during the past four years at Abington High. wTeachers School Strike ‘ 6 «• Despite the size of our senior class, we experienced events together and were involved as a whole, an important point for us to look back upon. Our friends, teachers and memories will become only traces of our lives. We cannot and will not attempt to tell you how the past events have affected you, for this can only be a personal judgement. We ask only one thing: reflect upon your high school years and look beyond your schooling to the real education each of us has received. Two Hundred TwoTwo Hundred ThreeTwo Hundred SixTwo Hundred SevenRow 1: J. Merwin. B. Mailey. J. Walthrop. R. Hovesepien. Row 2 K. McNeil. C. Orlena. G. Sullinger, B. McKenty, B. Brennan, G. Hagopian. J. Berkes, W. Harrison, M. Cantaral, J. DiFerdinand, J. Moran. Row 3: F. Welsh, K. Goolwin. J. Dell, K. McCarthy, T. Casey, G. Bolter, R. Moses. W. Murphy, J. DelReal. W. Harvey. C. Harrison, D. Owens. Row 4: J. Gearhart, B. Ander- son. O. Abahazy. B. Rems. M. Costandino. P. McGinnis, J. Hartey. M White. B. Burns, E. McNeil. J. Conner. Row 5 H. Garner, J. Daniello. D. Lee. B. Cox. S. Dade. C. Rickard. T. Stoddard. T. Kline. L. Hollinsworth. J. Kessler, B. Ford. D. Orischak.Co-captain Craig Rickard. Co-captain Tom Stoddard.This year's football team, led by senior co-cap tains Craig Rickard and Tom Stoddard, brought to a climax coach Joe Shumock’s rebuilding program. The Ghosts only loss came at the hands of Upper Merion, the Suburban I champs. The single defeat brought the record to 10-1-0. The football team was probably as good as any Big John teams of the past. However, the primary difference between them was the fact that league competition was greater than it has ever been. Big John did so well that he gained a brother; Big John II was born. The skull and cross bones are to symbolize defense supremacy, while Big John II, equipted with a body, will exemplify powerful offense. However, the new Big John is not the only thing Abington has to remember about the Class of 73. The team showed its ability to accept both victories and defeats like men — an example for us all. Two Hundred TenTwo Hundred Eleven ' . Coach Paul Beaver found himself in a difficult position this year. His soccer teams had won the Suburban I title the previous two years and they were faced with a challenging third. As in football, the league competition was better than ever and Coach Beaver found himself hindered by 72 varsity graduates. Despite these factors, the soccer team played beautifully and only a loss to William Tennant kept them from repeating as league champs. Co-captains Zack Clayton and Audie Penecale provided excellent leadership for the young team. An overall record of 9-1-2 was well deserved by Beaver's Booters. A final note: Audie Penecale was awarded National All-American status. Row 1 S. Rose. P. Goodman. T. Bradley. F. Herold. M. Clatyon (Capt.), A. Penecale. (Capt.). G. McBrian. B. Cunningham. K. Jones. K. Marsden, J. Steck, C. Strickler. Row 2 Coach K. Cooper. W. Sautter. S. DiMassa. B. Kopenhaver. M. Alsenzer, B. Johnson. T. Luft, C. Strine. B. Oswald. S. Dorn-sky, G. Haegel, J. DIFerdinand. Coach P. Beaver. Two Hundred TwelveAbington Opponent 1 Neshaminy 0 4 Wilson 0 1 Haverford 0 6 Kennedy (Jr) 1 2 Springfield 1 4 Cheltenham 1 5 Upper Dublin 1 3 Methacton 0 1 Upper Merion 1 4 Norristown 1 3 Upper Moreland 3 5 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 2 1 William Tennant 4Row I T. McPherson. S. Cohen, B. Tranquillo, M. Foote, T. Shew, N. Deth-loff, W. Geating, D. Pickard. Row 2: J. Robold. D. Schaefer, T. Conboy, R. Gump, M. Martin, M. Bailey, R. Evans, L. Montgomery, S. Kinback, K. Kee ley, M. Zygmunt. J. Nagle. Row 3: Mr. Grande (Asst. Coach). R. Neff. C. Greenwood, J. Brainerd, W. Hughes, D. Sterberg, W. Burrows. C. Burrows. J. Popper. M. Derricotti, L. Voegtlin, J. Bartels, R. Shema. R. Weiss. M. Blount. Mr. Gavaghan (Head Coach). Absent: R. Neely. W. Spring. CROSSCOUNTRY This year might be considered one of rebuilding when referring to our cross country team. As in soccer, several underclassman found themselves in key varsity positions. Coach Jim Gavaghan used this year as one of building towards the future, but the team still finished second in the league championship and had a 6 • 4 record overall. Although the class of 73 seniors found themselves in the midst of a youth movement, their desire to excell was always present. Two Hundred FifteenFor the girls hockey team, improved league and a loss to Springfield meant that the girls would have to settle for third place in the league standings. Cocaptains Vicki Muhl and Rolanda Owens led the team to an impressive 7-2-2 season. One of the highlights of their season came when the girls beat Plymouth-Whitemarsh, the first time an Abington hockey team has done so in the last ten years. Coaches Carlotta Schaffer and Linda Afilani will long be remembered by their players for the beloved up the hill, down the hill” exercise. Two Hundred Sixteen Top: R. Owen . L. Bauer. C. Watts. R. Sanders. Row I: L. Glatthorn. C. Russell. B. Sweet, C. Mackey. V. Muhl. M. Waddy. C. Schaffer (Coach). K. Wegener. J. Sullinger, R. Koerner, C. Gerhard, C. Kind. HOCKEYRow 1: J. Andreason (manager). S. Rines, T. Parsha. J. Wilkinson (head coach), G. Cannon, B. Hollinger (manager). Row 2: M. McKnight. R. Wright, R. Reed. H. David. M. Chesterman. D. Forrest, R. Harvey, J. Medic. M. Daniels, M. Alsentzer, B. Brennan. P. Tordella, L. McKnight.To say that the Abington Varsity basketball team did well this year would be a severe understatement. This year’s team finished with the best season record (20 2), captured its first Suburban I Title in 13 years, and performed in a post-season play for the first time in over a decade. In winning these honors, the Ghost cagers received some great individual performances. Senior Captain, Dave Forrest, led the team in rebounding and was second leading scorer, Sophomore Richard Wright led the team in scoring and provided some of the best ballhandling seen in the Philadelphia area. In addition to these fine performances, other athletes lent their talents to fine team performance. Seniors Mike and Leo McKnight were steady backcourt men; while good rebounding sophomore Robert (Piper) Harvey, and senior Phil Tordella manned the frontcourt. Two Hundred Nineteen rRow 1 V. Muhl, R. Owens. B. Saunders. Row 2: K. Wegener. C. Gerhard. R. Koerner. C. Russel, M. Waddy. Row 3 M. Adlam. A. Wilson, J. Sullinger. D. DiLella, J. Bergeman. L. Kind. Row 4 Miss Kathy Grebe (J.V. Coach). J. Kohler. J. O'Brien. D. Schmitt. C. Mackey. S. Simmons. J. Bauer. Miss C. Schaffer (Varsity Coach), not pictured: L. Curran. GIRLS BASKETBALL Led by senior captains Vicki Muhl and Rolanda Owens and high-scoring junior Barb Sanders, the varsity team walked off with the first winning season in five years. To accomplish this, they first had to overcome injuries to Candi Russel and Pam Johnson. Berta Koerner and Carol Gearheart played extremely well and were able to make up for the losses. Sophomores Karin Wegener and Jane Sullinger also contributed their skills to varsity ball. The final record of five-four league and eight-four overall was something for the team, and especially for Coach Schaffer, to be proud of. The junior varsity was also successful and was led by Miss Kathy Grebe, a new coach imported from Glenside-Weldon. One of the junior varsity’s primary jobs was to scrimmage against the varsity at daily practices. Mary Waddy helped the J.V. in many games when she was not playing for varsity. The junior varsity was also noted for many scoreless quarters and high final scores. Two Hundred Twenty-one WRESTLING Two Hundred Twenty-twoPerseverance, dedication, and determination were the distinctive characteristics of the Boys Wrestling team. Hurt by graduating seniors, the 72-73 team went through a laborous season. However, Coaches Bell and Koch have directed members to a high level of competition, far better than the team record indicates. The team was lead by Captain Tom Stoddard; Mike Mailey and Bill Kesler were stalwarts. Row I J. Summer. J. Arcurio. C. LaRocca. J. Case. T. Stoddard (Captain), J. Tague. R. Jonas, B. Ehlinger. Row II: S. Spiegel. S. Kinback. M. Mailey. C. McClanahan. J. Burday. M. Foote. G. Forgeng. J. Mahoney. Row III B. Kessler. Coach Koch. B. Burrows. C. Burrows. L. Jordan. R. Wilson. J. Hae-gele. B. Hudson, M. Pavie, G. Kuhn, B. Taddei. L. Larose. Coach Bell.T The Year of the Swimmers was manifested at Abington, as the Swim Team notched the Suburban One Title, the top team scoring in the Districts. They were also very successful at both the Eastern Interscholastics at Law renceville and at the State level at University Park. Leading the team in scoring and consistently bettering past times were the following: Carl Rieger, Mark Walters, Mark Schuman, and Bill Hoffman of the 200 yard Medley team; Steve Emerson, Rob West, Bob Evans, and diver Mark Littig contributed much to a victorious season. Coach Pawling registered his 200th win in his coaching career. Great year, swimmers.Row I B. McCloud. M. Lundquist, R. Waegerle. M. Fellmeth. C. Reiger. M. Schuman. S. Emerson. M. Driscoll. Row II: R. West. M. Walters. G. Breuer, S. Skinner. B. Lutz. B. Evans. W. Fellmeth. S. Crawford. B. Lundquist. M. Llttlg. Row III B. Shore. Mr. Nyman (Coach). J. Waegerle. J. Hart. P. Ruth erfor, R. Vlsser. M. Barrett. S. Crulsln. H. Dennis. W. Hoffman. Mr Pawling (Coach). Mr. Banister (Coach).GIRLS SWIMMING The 1972-1973 season for the Girl’s Swim team was one of great change. For the first time in many years the girls had a male coach, Mr. Joseph ’Doc’ Jurich. The record of 6-2-1 was comprised of many highlights. They tied Upper Merion, a team which had not lost or tied in seven years; placed first in the 2nd Annual Relay Carnival; and second in the first Suburban I Championships. Qualifying for the states at the District Championships were the following; Nancy Lomady, 200 yd. Individual Medlay and 100 yd. butterfly; Judy Lomady, 200 yd. individual medlay and 100 yd. breaststroke; Judy set a new record and is District Champion in the breast stroke. The 400 yd. freestyle relay, composed of the Lomady sisters, Karen DeWald and Pam Giberson, also qualified. Lou Anne Sullivan also qualified. Next year looks great as Coach Jurich will lose only three girls through graduation. Two Hundred Twenty-sixRow 1 P. Giberson. B. Webb. N. Lomady, J. Lomady. N. Smalley. J. Watts. M. Thompson. L. Sullivan. Row II R. McDevitt. C. Mailman. B. Hand. N. McAffee. K. Cole. P. Alliger. K Hanna (capt.). N. Webb. J. McDevitt. V. Viser, A. Kelly. Row III Head Coach Doc’ Jurich. H. Harris. B. McCarron. C. Hastings. K. Phillips. S. Krause. T. Boyes. C. Annon (Mgr.) L. Arcurio (Mgr.) Assist. Coach Miss Harris. Row IV: K. De Wald. T. Evans. K. Wilson, C. Sneberger, C. Smalley, R. Paddick, J. Macht (Mgr.). Two Hundred Twenty-sevenRow 1: J. Daniello. R. Lloyd. J. Adlam. G. Hagopian. D. Owens, E. Owens, N. Dethloff. M. Bailey. D. Owens. T. McPherson, R. Gump, M. Linn. Row 2 T. Kline, A. Johnson. L. Minich. G. Buetler, B. Hughes, L. Gamburg, G. Griffith. M. Byrnes. L. Montgomery, S. Cohen, C. Greenwood, D. Barby. Row 3: J. Popper. D. Bennett. D. Sussman. P. Corrigan. R. Moses. H. Ir- win. J. Enright. J. Blauert. R. Shema. Row 4 J. Pinkett. J. Rhodes, L. Edgecombe. J. Cotman. D. Pickard, B. Harrison. B. Geating. K. Keeley, C. Oriena. Row 5: G. Pinkett. N. Harrison, T. Barrett, T. Simmons. J. Clemmons. Not pictured: M. White. K. McCarthy, W. Harvey. WINTERTRACK The culmination of the winter track season is the Meet of Champion at Princeton University. Under the leadership of Coaches Gavaghan and Flint, the following qualified for the meet. Tom Kline and Rich Lloyd in the shot put, Cubby Orlena in the high jump, and Jim Adlam in the pole vault. Qualifying in track events are Dave Bodey in the two mile, Dave Owens in the 300, and the mile relay of Maurice White, Rich Gump, Mark Byrnes, and Dave Owens. During the regular season, the team competed in area meets held in various college field houses. Much credit, admiration, and respect should be directed to both team and coaches.T The 1972-73 Gymnastics Team ended its season this year in a blaze of glory. The end of their final meet saw them tied with Cheltenham for the Suburban I league championship. This was quite a change over the previous years record. Last year they won only one meet. This year they lost only one. In individual accomplishments the team did quite well also. On February 15, 1973, at the fifth annual Suburban I League Championships, Abington gymnast Don Gloster walked away with the first place trophy for the sidehorse. On the still rings. Bryan Shapiro and Tony DiMassa took second and third places respectively. Also Rich Benson took second place on the parallel bars and Joe Carchedi scored third on the high bars. GYMNASTICS Row 1 (L-R) team captain, D. Booker; B. Ferensik; A. Revell; 0. Benson; J. Dell; A. Baral; T. DiMassa. Row 2: (L-R) team manager, G. Coughlin; B. Shapiro; D. Gloster; P. Fisher; C. Peiffer; M. Golden; K. Whitby; K. Jones; J. Carchedi; team coach. P. Bunting.RIFLE TEAM Ready on the firing line load and lock commence firing. These are the words that greet the members of the Abington Rifle team as they trudge to practice every day from November to March. Coached by veteran James Sullivan, the team has had a fairly successful season, defeating the 14-year State Champion Interboro in an excellent match. Unfortunately, an improved Norristown team defeated the Abington Riflers for the Suburban I championship, stifling the Risers’ 1973 ambitions. But the members of the team and their persevering coach are already saying wait ’till next year. Row I J. White, R. McLatchy, J. Shields. Row II N. Pfieffer, N. Spencer. C. Thompson. J. Triol. Row III D. Biermann. K. Ain. M. Knouse. D. Redmer, R. Coley. BOWLING TEAM The Bowling Season closed on a mixed note as the Boys Varsity compiled a record of 26-22, and the Girls Varsity, placing second in Suburban I, finished with 35 wins and 13 losses. High average went to Linda Greene with a 150; high game and high series went to Dorothy Ratti with 225 and 281 respectively. Boys Varsity Captain — Tom Mooney Len LeBental Howard Kahn Bob Tranquillo Jim Partridge Manager — Robert Fabrizio Girls Varsity Captain — Dotti Ratti Linda Greene Joyce Booker llene Smoger Manager — Susan Shedinger1 A Row I B. Rosen. E. Greensmith. J. Wilson. M Cassalia. R. Klein. T. Coyle. H. Weisberg, J. Tobin, S. Schwartz. A. Smith. C. Pluck, L. Glatthorn Row II B. Speth. B. Phillips. B. Sweet. S. Mark. D. Bieber, A. Tucker. J. Spector. N. Stein. L. Salamon. M. Ullman. E. Kozac, L. Beil. M. Schwartz, B. Lewis. Row III C. Wallace. B. Nugent. S. Shore. J. Moskei, B. Keller. S. Marx. R. Melnicoff. C. Shapiro. Row IV P. Leegard, R. Smith, S. Herrin, C. Cassalia, A. Kesseiman, S. Gamburg. A. Porter. D. Stutman, N. Hopen, A. Lifson, S. Tonkin. H. Sacks. D. Solis-Cohen. D DiSandro. S. Suttler. M. Hyams. Row I Ellen Freedman (Recording Secretary). Jane Lashner (ex-Corresponding Secretary). Ilene Smoger (Vice President). Row li John Connor (Sargeant-at-arms). Bruce Rosen (Treasurer). David Rothschild (President), Eric Greensmith (Parliamentarian). Two Hundred Thirty-fourRow I: F. Stalling. P. Melvin. P. Lane. C. Levin, C. Pop. M. Wieder. B. Wolfgang. Row II: J. Rufo, P. McGinnis. M. Diehl. J. Krause. M. Tapper. T. Gross. B. Tabaac. D. Cook, L. Kind. J. West. M. Meyers. L. Fairworth, B. Greenberg. D. Mannal. M. O'Niel. P. Carlson. Row III D. Gleuck. D. Kraus. F. Herold. C. Strlckler, M. Keene. S. Weiss. B. Patane. R. Orleman. T. Ward. S. Siler. G. Boelter, S. Smith, C. Kind. C. Russel. G. Rhodeside, A. Cameron. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of 1972-73 participated actively in two major areas of concern to both students and community. This would include junior orientation, operation of the refreshment stand at football games, maintenance and additions to the student lounge, flood relief trips to Wilkes-Barre, Toys for Tots, the sale of ’Abington Sweaters,’ the purchase and installation of bike racks, and the Easter program for the Norristown State Hospital. Such service advanced student responsibility to the school and community. The second program of the Student Council, although not immediately conclusive, is of substantial significance and will have far reaching consequence this year. Student Council has set precedent in the area of policy. Students have pursued their conviction that they have the right to determine policy which affects them. This is explicit in the efforts of the Discipline, Curriculum, Open Campus, and Free Expression Committees. The Educational Form also enhanced student participation in policy making. Through such endeavors, concrete results have and will continue to be realized. Two Hundred Thirty-five4 SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL Row 1 B. Shapiro. M. Mandel. K. Pieretti. J. Bauer. D. Blumenthal. S. Leedom. K. Kieffer, D. Dietrich, L. Glatthorn. V. Muhl. Row 2 T. McPherson. P Tordella. M. Lundquist. D. Sigg. S. Rose. J. Shulson. A. Cameron, D. Jones. J. Marco. R. Pratt. G. Sylvester. Row 3: J. Hand. B. Miller. D. Hubbard. C. Greenway. V. Daub. L. Hokanson Row 4 D. Kraus. I. Smoger. E. Freedman. J. Armstrong, D. Stutman, K. Santry. W. Davis, J. West. K. Bailey. D. Glueck. M. Hyams. D. Clarke. L to R — Darcella Burgess (Treasurer) Kathy Hanna (Secretary) Mr. J. Marmon (Sponsor) H. Scott Herrin (President) Gary Rhodeside (Vice President)In its senior year, the class of 1973 has enjoyed much success in its projects and fundraising events. The Council was directed by Scott Herrin, President; Garry Rhodeside, Vice President; Kathi Hanna, Secretary; Darcella Burgess, Treasurer; and senior class advisor Mr. Jeff Marmon. The Senior Class Council has supervised traditional class projects such as the Senior Prom, the Senior Class Play, The Fantastiks, and the Senior Class Work Day Scholarship Fund. By far, the Senior Class Council’s most ambitious undertaking was the Rock Concert held in the South Campus Auditorium. Good God and three supporting groups presented a great concert which was a fantastic success, both musically and financially. The Annual Senior Class Film Series was continued with such selections as Airport and the Andromeda Strain. The success of the Senior Class Council was the result of a great deal of hard work by the officers and the council representatives. In a time when apathy towards school and class is thought to be the prevailing attitude, the Senior Class Council has demonstrated the opposite. The Class Council was able to motivate students to take an interest and support the Council’s activities. Perhaps the highest compliment that can be given to the Senior Class Council is that it made the members of the Class of ’73 take pride in their class. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL The Fabulous Class of ’74 was very active this year. Under the leadership of Fred Herold, Rich Melnicoff, Barb Keller, and Dick Orleman, the Class was responsible for numerous activities. The year started off with the thrilling movie Wait Until Dark, which began a series of movies including Tora, Tora, Tora, and Lovers and Other Strangers. In January, the enchanting Snowball Dance was held with music by Lainey Arnes. The Class presented the very successful play, Up the Down Staircase, in February. The play, which depicted the life of a typical New York City High School, was both relevant and entertaining. In March, a fashion show was put on by the Junior Class, with the latest fashions provided by Teen and Twenty of Jenkintown. In May, a horror show was performed by Dr. Shock, along with a Frankenstein movie. The big event of the year was the Junior Prom. The ballroom was decorated like the Lost City of Atlantis, with a beautiful under water appearance. The Junior Class enjoyed an active year, and hopes for even better things in 1974. Row I S. Domsky. B. Oswald. S. DiMassa. T. Webb. J. Cohen. K. Kurtz, S. Kramer, L. Pflugfelder. B. Sweet. C. Smalley. Row II L. Wilden, J. Bradly, M. Hartung. P. Hlntin. N. Mendlow. C. Raymond, J. Gorchow, J. Skillman, M. Hutt, P. Zemco. A. Feldman. A. Tordello Row III D. Lee, S. Faust. L. Aceta. C. Eltonhead. D. Manicottis, J. Starrintino. L. Montgomery. P. Lane. J. Kohler, C. Lloyd. Row IV: K. Porter. J. Rodisch, S. Band, B. Evans, N. Detloff. D. Frankel, R. Waltz. E. Rosenbaum.Row I S. Lawrence. J. Katz. D. Stutman. J. Me Devitt. Row II R. Barry, J. Wilson. E. Kolodner. B. Nugent. Not Pictured: C. Annon. K. Axe. J. King. 0. Landucci. J. McNamara. MERIT SCHOLARS HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society, with a membership of ninety Abington students had a successful year. Among our many activities was an exchange program with Melrose Academy, and a continuation of our tutorial service. Mr. Riley, our sponsor, assisted us in our endeavors, which aided in making this a most beneficial year. Row i R. Nugent, J. Tobin. B. Rosen. S. Schwartz. K. Hanna. J. Huber. D. Bieber, W. Davis. B. Saget. J. McDevitt, T. Oram. H. Klapper, L. Weinberger. Row II D. Blumenthal, L. Hokanson. S. Tonkin, V. Daub. E. Lotwick. D. Stutman. S. Brian. H. McNaughty. A. Tucker, H. Brumberg, S. Fahs, C. Wilson. N. Kartin. S. Steckline, T. Centrella. Row III J. Wilson, M. Lundquist, S. Margolis, S. Herrin. D. Kraus, E. Freedman. A. Kesselman. B. Miller. I. Smoger. Row IV M. Walters. S. Gamburg. D. Steinburg. D. Glueck. D. Sigg. J. Hand. J. Greensmith. J. Blaszczyk. B. Speth. E. Kolodner. R. Gump. A. Porter. T. McPherson, J. Spector, T. Shaw, V. Muhl, J. Katz. Not Pictured: E. Zimmerman, L. Litvin.4 EDITORS Lydia Macht Randi Klein Dan Kraus Steve Smoger Kim Yulsman Sarah Jane Marx STAFF Nina Hopen Denise Vanacore Sharon Fischer Debbie Staudinger Dana Lee Bill Krewson Debbie Bieber PHOTOGRAPHY Mike Keene Gary Higham Gary Burg COVER Roberta Brainerd Mr. Thomas J. Connor, Jr. SponsorRow i Miss M. G. Ambler (advisor), J. Katz, A. Kesselman. M. Lundquist (editor-in-chief). G. Higham. J. Blaszczyk. D. Hersh. Row II D. Sigg. S. Schuman. THE ABINGTONIAN The Abingtonian, under the guidance of Miss Mary Grace Ambler, and co-editors-in-chief Daniel Sigg and Mark Lundquist, continued the long established trend of bringing fair, informative, and balanced journalism to the student body. Started in 1924, the paper has been awarded 2 Gold Medals, 23 first places, and 4 second places from Columbia Scholastic Press Association. In national and statewide competition, the paper has long been recognized as one of the best by winning 4 Keystone awards, 15 first, and 8 seconds from the Pennsylvania School Press Association. This year the editors presented a program for the benefit of Junior High staffs at the national convention sponsored by Columbia Scholastic Press Association in New York City. Row i S. Gamburg, L. Weinberger, G. Nolan. J. McNamara. J. Di Ferdinand. P. Tordella. M. Walters. Row II K. Berhard. E. Eisler. S. Me Gettigan. H. McNulty. J. West. B. Weiss. J. West. D. Hubbard. B. Miller. Row III D. Lynch, P. Clarke. R. Orleman, J. Weiman. K. Fesmire. J. Ripshaw. F. Fellmeth. Row IV: M. Keene, W. Fluck. P. Wilford, W. Kauffman.SPECTRE The Spectre literary magazine is an outlet for the artistically creative student. The staff of The Spectre, under the guidance of Mr. Gerald Alpaugh, is responsible for the selection and editing of the works. L. To R. — C. Rodriguez-Peralta. B. Phillips. R. Rudolph. J. Katz. A. Kesselman. S. Gebert. D. Sigg, A. Porter. K. Fesmire. CAMERA CLUB The Abington High School Camera Club, under the guidance of Mr. Charles Schneller, had an active membership for the 1972-73 school year. The Abington shutterbugs serve all literary publications in the school. Local newspapers also use the club's work. During the year, the Camera Club sold pictures to the student body in order to a raise funds for needed darkroom equipment. Row 1: F. Fellmeth (President). P. Wil-ford, J. Stizinger. G. Higham. Row 2 M. Costanzo. M. Keene, G. Berg. J. Triol, D. Sossman.ARTW Row 1: M. Hershman, M. Martinez, L. Lubin, D. Lltt. Row 2 G. Rhodeside, J. Merwin, M. Katz. A. Cameron, R. Nugent. D. Hersh, J. Tobin. Row 3: R Carthauser, S. Manton, K. Gertach. NEWS BUREAU Row 1 E. Lotwick, W. Weinstein. Row 2 Mr. R. Lavelle (sponsor), M. Katz, J. West. S. Bryan, C. Hardwick. A. McNulty. C. Moore, P. Ziegler. I URow 1: B. Leiss, A. Palombo, D. Dietrich. M. DiPuppo. Row 2 S. Fahs (Pres.), J. Gluch (Treas.). M. Hartung, P. Hinton, J. Bickley. J. Bauer. C. Russell. Row 3: P. Loeb. D. Sharp (Sec.), J. Melody. L. Strulson, D. Lift. C. Levin. T. Krick. B. Speth, Mrs. G. Auer (Sponsor), D. Case. D. Arkles. Not Pictured: Kathy Eyre (V. Pres.). FRENCH CLUB The French Club of 1972 73 participated in the International Banquet held December 19, 1972. It is presently sponsoring a service project for the Philadelphia State Hospital. Many of the members will spend Easter Vacation in France. s Mr. Pezzullo, our sponsor, has given us a brilliant introduction to the language and an informal insight into the culture of the Italian people. We have visited the Italian market in Philac phia and hope to take other excursions in the future. ITALIAN CLUB Row 1 R. Burrell. C. Major. T. Nigro. L. Papale, D. Direnzo. J. Katz. Row 2 M. Monticciolo, T. Anella. K. Keiser, T. Deszi, D. Lux, J. Copes. A. Smith. R. Fabrizio. J. Nicolo. V. Pezzullo (Sponsor). Row 3: D. Gable. T. Centrella (Treas.), J. Manzo, L. Bringenberg, G. Hendershot, K. Tyson. J. Carchedi. M. Bringenberg. J. Fazzo (Sec.), B. DiLello. R. DiMassa (Pres.), J. Rufo. J. Stern. Row 4: B. Ancona. D. Efird. D. Natale. Not Pictured: K. Trifiletti (V. Pres.).Row 1 S. Garber (Treasurer), M. Mandel (Secretary), L. Schlesinger (Vice President). C. Wilson (President), E. Zannon, S. Kramer, M. Weiss. Row 2: J. Frye. J. Frank, F. Glassater, Mrs. Galschack, N. Kartin. B. Shapiro, H. Brumberg, D. DiGennaro, D. Wolk, M. Schwartz. Row 3 M. Altonare, C. Sie-bert. C. Smith. S. Shiner. M. Gualtieri, E. Budzynska. A. Smith, R. Franz. L. Glatthorn. L. McFarland, M. Evans. D. Kough, L. Sable. D. Mark. L. Zimmer, B. Weiss. The main purpose of the Spanish Club is to understand the cultural aspects of Spanish speaking people, and there is a lot of fun in doing so. Members have prepared food, both for an international dinner and a Spanish dinner. Trips were taken to Philadelphia to see a play, Yerma, which was directly from Spain and totally in Spanish, and also to see the movie, The Man Of La Mancha . In school, the Spanish Club worked to coordinate a student tutoring program, and the members sold lollipops as a fund raising project. Club officers were Carol Wilson — President, Lisa Schlesinger — Vice President, Sandra Garber — Secretary, and Missy Mandel — Treasurer, and Mrs. Esperanza Galschack was an enthusiastic faculty sponsor. SPANISH CLUB LATIN CLUB Under the supervision of Mr. Vincent Pezzullo, the Latin Club has raised enough money in order to participate in the annual international banquet. The club has also raised money for the future trips to the University of Pennsylvania Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Row 1 E Heisman. V. Loeb. R. Rondeau. M. Miller. P. Fleekop (President), I. Smoger (Vice President). P. Alliger. P. Ignota, J. Sullinger, V. Pinske. Row 2: K. Braun. P. Lurz. A. Wohlgemuth. P. Lefferts, A. Spiegel. B. Krewson. D. Rubinsohn, P. Lane. D. Rothschild, S. Marx, C. Foxall (Secretary), R. Orlemann. B. Hill. B. Patane.C. Alphonso. B. Williamson. J. Manzo, M. Randsom, M. Bienenfeld. V. Pezzullo, 0. Gable.s The nature of language is the subject of the Linguistics Club. The development of languages, their unique characteristics, and universal qualities, the history of English, etymology, phonetics, structural linguistics and baby talk are among topics discussed at the Linguistic Club meetings. Row I M. Weiss. A. Porter. W. Weinstein. Mr. Frederick Browne (sponsor). Row II: D. Lee. D. Sigg. M. Stefanelli. D. Hoffman. J. McNamara. S. Shedinger. K. Ain. J. Bacon. LINGUISTICS CLUB ENGLISH CLUB Row I B. Rosen. B. Snyder. B. Geifuss. C. Levin, E. Bragg. M. Battle. M. Forte. Row II J. Hyde. R. Shema. M. White. S. Dade. The English Club started this year under the supervision of Miss llene Hatala. Although the membership is small, the club has accomplished all the it hoped for. One of the high-lighs of the club this year was a candy sale with the profits going toward a literary contest. In the future we hope to attend popular plays and discuss novels in detail. Two Hundred Forty-eightRow 1 D. Muller. M. Weiss. W. Weinstein. R. Cassalia, P. Melville. Row 2 B. Summers, L. Wilden. A. Palombo. L. Schlesinger. B. Shapiro. N. Karlin, S. Bryan. Row 3: D. Buchanan, L. Miller. R. Nugent, K. Santry. C. Wilson. J. Huber. D. Stutman, C. Briskin. J. Frank. C. Flickinger. M Stoll. AFFILIATION CLUB Promoting foreign friendship and understanding is the main aim of the Affiliation Club. The club has introduced Abinton’s exchange students, David Clarke, Thomas Schloss, Viola Pinske, Hans Kleesen, Rosalind Pinfold, and Ariela Dermer, and has helped to make them feel at home. Some of this year's activities have been an international weekend for area exchange students, an international dinner, pretzel sales, corresponding with Abington students abroad, and sharing their experiences when they return. T. Schloss, A. Dermer. D. Clarke. V. Pinske, H. Kleesen. Two Hundred Forty-nineRow I W. Paul. J. Huber. M. Martinez. M Shapiro. Row II P. White. D. Wolk, J. Murphy. S. Schwartz. B. Wei , S. Band. B. Weis . K. Miller. The World Affairs Club, in its attempt to inform the students of world problems, has brought several speakers and programs to Abington High School. The year began with a debate between our two Congressional Candidates over the World issues in the 1972 campaign. Movies and guest speakers were also used in programs on Communist China and the Peace Corps. In addition, many of our members participated in trips to Washington and New York, as well as the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB HUMAN RELATIONS CLUB The purpose of the Human Relations Club is to foster better understanding of human problems between all p'j-ple. The Human Relations Club has hosted many speakers from Planned Parenthood to Telehelp. Under the guidance of Mrs. Elayne Zimmerman, the Human Relations Club has had a very successful year. Rcw I C. Cassalia. N. Hopen. P. Fleekop. B. Barnes. Row II A. Speigel. K. Lynn. B. Herman. D. DiSandro. S. Tonkin, L. Salo-man. K. Yulsman. Row III I. Swift. D. Burgess. D. Wolk, B. Sundy, C. Thompson. Row IV P. Struthers. M. Waddy. A. Lifson. M. Cassalia. S. Durham. J. West.TFR Row 1 J. West. M. Mandell. K. San-try (Pres.), E. Swift. Row 2 J. Nelson, C. Wilson (V.P.), K. Maley (V.P.), S. Durham (Treas.), J. Dixion. R. Durham (Sec.). Row 3 S. Weinberger. R. Miles. K. Adlam. J. Armstrong. M. Lyshon. T. Robald. D. Sharp. J. Huber, V. Pinske. L. Weinberger. S. Davis. A. Tucker. D. Shean. K. Popper. The Abington Teens for Retarded Club consists of a group of students concerned with helping the mentally retarded children of our community. The highlight of our club was our Saturday Recreational Program which centered around helping the children of the Cadwalder School. Some of our activities included field trips to the Civic Center to see Summer Magic and a trip to the Franklin Institute. We have not only helped these kids to make friends but they have taught us what love really means. NEW LIFE CLUB Row 1 D. Glynn. B. Miller. D. Hubbard. J. Koeler. L. Brady. K. Lang. Row 2 S. Reyls. S. Lloyd. M Thorpe. B. Foster. K. Wilson. K. Popp. L. LaConte. D. Manteconis. R. Wolfgang. M. O’Neil. P Carlson. T. Lyshon. J. Huber. C Watts. Row 3 K. Schmidt. M. McGeady. P. Harbison. T. Anello. M. Parker. B. Newmeyer. R. Brunner, L. Hokanson. D. Wilson. L. McClurken. J. Nelson, J. Peppelman. The coming together and exchanging of experiences centered on the Bible and Christ represent the essence of this organization. Guest speakers from non-denominational centers of worship presented slides and informative lectures.While many schools have courses In Forensics, Abington does not have Debate classes. This limits the time in which to meet and study. However, progress and growth have not been limited. With the spirited leadership of Mr. Burt, Steve Lawrence, Bruce Rosen, Greg Wasko, and Mike Hersh man have developed Into fine debaters. Row I C. Briskin. B. Rosen. N. Rothschild. G. Wasko. Row II D. Webster. S. Lawrence. K. Ain. M. Keene. M. Hershman. Not Pictured: B. Dickup. DEBATE TEAM CHESS TEAM The Chess Team plays Interscholastic matches. This year's club and team were organized under the sponsorship of Mr. Stephen Conrad. The Club has a membership of twenty. The team consists of five players: Greg Nolan, Captain, first board; Greg Cub-bage, second board; Philip Johnson, third board; John Hessenthaler, fourth board; and Roy Millward, fifth board. (L. to R K. Bernhard. P. Wilford, G. Wasko. C. Markind. R. Millward. D. Stutman, J. Hessenthaler, M. Steffa-nelli, G. Nolan. Two Hundred Fifty-two(L to R) E. Kolodner, A. Ketselmsn. B. Roten, S. Lawrence, J. Wilton, S. Mark. Despite the loss through graduation of the now legendary Weiman-Kessler pair, the Abington Bridge Club remains widely known and respected. The dramatic increase in popularity which the club experienced last year has continued with a truly remarkable turnout every Monday afternoon. The club sponsor, Mrs. Elayne Zimmerman, continues to lay heavy emphasis on the use of advanced, 'automatic' systems, claiming that once the best contract is reached, the play of the cards follows spontaneously. These tactics certainly seem to work as Abington continues to produce nothing but winning bridge players. PINOCHLE EUCHER CLUB Newly born in the school year 72-73, the Pinochle-Euch-tr Club had exhibited a remarkable popularity among Ibington students. Indeed, the turnout for its weekly meet-tgs is at least as large as that of the long standing Bridge Iub. Plans are now under way to obtain admission of the am into the Pennsylvania Pinochle League, and the possi- reorganization of a county wide Euchre League is being isidered. At present, Euchre coaching at Abington is vided by a former winner of the Indiana University ire Championship playoff. The game has proved to be apular as had been expected, though not, of course, as y enjoyed as its sister game Pinochle. (L. to R.) B. Avera, P. Stemper, S. Lawrence, M. Hershman. M Stanis-law, G. Wasko. 0. Ratti, E. Kolodner. Two Hundred Fifty-threes Row I K. Shneck. B. Herman. Row II K. Bruker. M Stoll, D. Bower . R. Edwards. M. Hutt. J. Murphy. R. Koerner FNA Guest speakers from the medical profession, visits and orientation conferences at local hospitals and community service activities constitute the Future Nurses Club. Highlights of this year have been donations of baskets of cheer to needy families and visits to Christ Home in Warminster. Field trips are planned for the Spring. The F.B.L.A., a member of the national organization, has been extremely active in school and community oriented projects. Highlights of the year are the presentation of Awards and Scholarships to deserving Senior Business Students. The members also compete on the local and state level in business skills competition. FBLA Row l B. Hoffmann. D. Cattell. E. Shoyren. C. Greenway. B. Miller. E. Moyer. V. Papale, J. Skillman. Row II Ml Konkle. S. Shedinger. K. Tl-ziana. J. McFadden. P. Gallagher. S. Mangln. 0. Hubbard. D. Lorenz. D. Chun. D. Vanacore.INTERACT CLUB Row I S. Kramer, S. Silver, A. Feldman. L. Bell. Row II C. Wilensky, S. Weiss. G. Rhodeside. A. Speiser. Row III B. Saget. B. Tabaac. D. Litt, B. Greenburg, C. Shapiro. S. Band. Not pictured: S. Berkowitz. P. German, pres. R. Kalikow. This year the Interact Club had a slow start and as a result, the first activity came later in the year. The club sponsored a ping-pong marathon of 35 hours of continuous doubles by the members of the club and one outsider. The club also provided some entertainment to liven up meetings and sponsored a candy sale. Two Hundred Fifty-fiveLEO CLUB Row I D. Blumenthal. S. Leedom. K. Pine, H. Gamer. B. Brennan. Row II K. Oram, D. Orishask. S. Rote. J. Kettler, C. Kind, E. Ullman. Row III L. Buer, B. Buckly. J. Di Ferdinand. K. Marsden, T. Oram, J. Bauer, K. Adlam, T. Casey. Row IV: D. Carnival. R. LaRocca. D. Ansolda, K. Kieffer, G. Ha gopian. Row V: J. Abbot. D. Schodle, K. Mahone, E. Mcbrian, D. Gilson, R. Burns, J. Armstrong. W. Wilson. B. Liess. Not Pictured: Bruce Cox (V.P.), Craig Rickard (Pres.), S. Woltmate. The Leo Club had a big turn out this year because it was the first time that girls were admitted to the club. Major activities this year included a fund raising program for the blind, and a Christmas party at Christ Home Orphanage. A spring car wash and Easter egg hunt provided enough money for a $100 scholarship for a club member and a gift for the school. Two Hundred Fifty-sixKEY CLUB 1972-1973 Officers Andy Cameron President George Kraynak Vice-President Daniel Sigg Secretary Phil Tordella Treasurer Active Members Robert Nugent James Blaszczyk Chris Witherspoon Larry Montgomery Fred Herold Chip Strickler Alex Levy Brent Oswald Timothy Webb Janet Cameron Rosemary Cameron Scott Kee John Andressen The Abington Key Club, a service organization affiliated with the Kiwanis of Glenside, made the 1972-73 year one of the best in the club's history. It provided different services for its school and community throughout the year. Some of the highlights of these projects were the March of Dimes collection for crippled children, the Kiwanis Peanut Week when the members collected for underprivileged children, and a visit to the Township Manor Convalescent Home. During this visit the club entertained elderly folks with a magic show through the aid of Bill Panoff, and later went to individual patient’s rooms singing songs. Members have also helped the Abington Presbyterian Church in support of their breakfast-speaker affairs by serving the meals. In school the club has run the Lost and Found Department. During the basketball season it has printed basketball programs for distribution to the crowds. One of the most popular ventures of the club was the once a week open night at the gym where students could play basketball and volleyball. Kathy Bailey David McCarren Lee Spielman Dene Harris Maria Miller Kathi Hanna Karen Hess Steve Gamburg In the second school semester the club began researching the names of graduates who were killed while serving in Vietnam. A plaque commemorating these men is planned to be donated to the school. The club has also undertaken a two-on-two basketball contest for the student body. The 72-73 year truly was most successful. It also marked the first time girls became members. It is hoped that next year’s club will be able to continue the programs of youth serving himself, his school, and his community. THEATER HONORARYs THEFANTASTIKSCAST El Gallo Luisa Matt Mute Girl’s Father Boy’s Father Mortimer Henry Jim Rodisch Debbie Appel, Miriam Nathan Bruce Sham Denise Case, Doreen Biermann Brendan Mailey Larry Swertloff Jim Tobin Tom Thorsen CREW Lighting Choreographer Student Director Set Design and Construction Steve Manton Rob Malerman Lyn Heyman Carolyn Frankil Bruce Levin Lauren Miller Joe MarkhamCAST UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE Sylvia Banett Gail Berman Beatrice Schachter Debby Coates Paul Barringer David Rubinsohn J.J. McHabe . , Brendon Mailey Joe Ferone Jim Tobin Linda Rosen Sheryl Durham Edward Williams John Connor Alice Blake Miriam Nathan Ellen Betsy Sweet Carrie Blaine Robbie Durham CREW Student Directors Denise Case, Tom Thorsen Set and Lighting Steve Manton, Rob Malerman Charles Grossman Faculty Director Mr. Gerald J. Alpaugh all 90 1 „ .i THE BOYFRIEND SCAST Maisie Tawny Oram Dulcie Merribeth Hutt Fay Mary O’Neill Nancy Melinda Finberg Polly Browne Denise DiRenzo Madame Dubonnet Betsy Sweet Hortense Terri Dezzi Bobby Van Husen Bruce Sham Percival Browne Robert Wagner Tony Scott Reynolds Lord Brockhurst David Rubinsohn Lady Brockhurst Sheara Silow Marcel Jim Nicolo Pierre Tom Hampton Alphonese Jim Rodisch Waiter Glenn Davis Director Mrs. Mary Cohen Student Directors David Rubinsohn Glenn Bookman Set Design Lynn Hayman Terri Santoni Choreographer Mike Forte Technical Director Lauren Miller Lighting Mr. Richard Raab Steve Manton Costumes Mrs. Millicent Neff Judy Weyman Make-up Rissie Echithson Nancy Antonuzzi Publicity Caren Brodsky The production was aided by the Chorus and the Dancers.s USHERETTES Usherettes is a service organization which is called upon numerous times during the school year to serve students, faculty, and parents. The usherettes also play an important part in the commencement by guiding the graduates in a time of great confusion. Row I: J. Soloman, C. Goldstein. Row II: S. Shiner (sr. chairman), E. Driver, J. Gorchow, B. Keller. L. Frank. Row III: J. Cohen, K. Raymond, K. Collinson, D. Muller, C. Porter. Not pictured: K. Goldsmith (sr. chairman), K. Kurtz, A. Feldman, S. Silvers. LIBRARY AIDES Row I: C. Jones, D. Loudon, M. Marston, G. Mat-tleman. Row II: J. Weiman, H. Klapper, G. Rhode-side. S. Bryan. J. Sands. R. Waltz. K. HawkesRow I S. Reynolds. J. Platt, G. Bushey. D. Rod. Row II: S. Sudler, K. Anderson. R. Coley, D. Brown. Row III E. Zimmerman. P. Wilford. T. Ely. S. Shore, D. Redmer. Row IV T. Vent, M. Davis, B. Assman, R. D'Souza. Row V: Carl Zeth, F. Lute. T. Dee. D. Glueck. B. Stubbs. DANCE BAND FOLK GUITAR CLUB This years folk music club explored various forms of folk music which included the bluegrass music of J. D. Crowe and the Kentucky Mt. Boys. It also studied the more traditional sound of the Country Gentleman while putting on the very popular Folk Music Festival and various coffeehouses. Row I M. Cassalia, J. Bolno G. Berman. I. Caruso. K. Rothstein. M Weiss. J. Moskal, R. Kalikow, S. Berkowitz, W. Weinstein, P. Carlson. G. Lyndenbaum. Row II S. Dash, D. Rose, S. Berlin, B. Schrader, B. Shapiro. R. Sundy, G. Rhodeside. A. Spiegel. J. Ferencsik. C. Cassalia. E. Me Laughlin, B. Nugent. J. Holey. C. Lloyd. B. Wolfgang. G. Kraynak.ORCHESTRA The Orchestra, directed by Mr. Samuel Flor, is composed of Violins, played by D. Ratti, N. Hoster. J. Di Meo. K. Baranoff. B. Cormick, P. Brunner, J. Young. S. Willoughby. D. Rothschild. G. Nussbaum, and C. Lemal; Violas, played by B. Burrows. K. Strack. M. Hutt; Celli. played by W. Bergmann, P. Stempen. V. Krievens. and J. Cohen; Basses, played by T. Cassin, E. McLaughlin, J. McLean. B. Lutz, and B. Hughes; Flutes, played by K. Tlrri, S. Weinberg, and B. Summers; Oboes, played by S. Lawrence, and R. Manstein; Clarinets, J. Betz, S. Berlin. T. Kutzer, T. Schloss; Bassoon, played by H. McNulty; French Horns, played by B. Faunce and N. Wieland; Trumpets, played by B. Sundy, D. Benbow, B. Kenworthy, and B. Stewart; Tuba, played by K. Heggs; Trombones, played by B. Link, R. Gump; Percussions, played by N. Rothschild and P. McGinnes; Piano, played by N. Rothschild, L. Wilden, and A. Palumbo; and finally D. Ratti is the Librarian.CONCERT CHOIR (Top to Bottom) Row 1 C. Craig. M. Diehl. M. Conklin. K. Krause. D. Hubbard. S. Mark. W. Bucknam. V. Daub. D. Glynn. L. Zimmer. R. Nugent, S. Bechtel. B. Burrows. A. Wildberger. J. Shulson, T. Kent. B. Sweet. P. Legard. J. Bradley. C. Lloyd. L. Henry. J. Young. K. Pieretti. Row 2: M. Walton. K. DeWald, L. Greene. D. Bieber. D. Mannal. S. Woltemate. L. Holkanson. T. Rahn, M. Linn, P. McGinnes. D. Drury. D. Sell, K. Thomson, K. Fesmire. M. Monticciollo. D. Daly. P. Carlson. Row 3: B. Wright. G. Mattleman, J. Esler, J. Thomas. S. Steckline. J. Krause. T. Dezzi. T. DiMassa. R. Carrick. S. Reynolds. J. Rodisch. T. Shreiner. C. Zeth. B. Powell. P. Preston. B. Speth, B. Phillips. Row 4 T. Robold. P. Hooper, J. Dimeo, K. Popp. M. Hartung, D. Deverant. J. Melody. J. Koehler. J. Merwin. A. Harkinson, J. Hand. D. Goodman, P. Goodman. B. Wolfgang. D. Blumenthal. Pianists: C. R. Peralta. N. Hoster. Two Hundred Sixty-sevenMARCHING BAND € T. Coyne, J. Crawford. R. Daiber, R. DeKalb, D. Fowler. S. Harberger, K. Hardwick, J. Heger. M. Henkels. J. Partridge, K. Platz. K. Schmidt. K. Tisdale. B. Van Fossen. A. Anderson. S. Band. M. Berardi. C. Black. W. Bonwit, G. Brecht. L. Brent. K. Brodhag. G. Burg. P. Burgess. G. Bushey. R. Car-rick. R. Coley. C. Cramton. K. DeWald. D. Drury. R. D'Souza. R. Eash. T. Ely. B. Faunce. S. Faunce. R. Fees. B. Fisher, D. Frank. D. Frankel. C. Foster. S. Foxall. J. Garison, L. Glasstetterm, B. Greenberg. P. Harris. B. Hardley, C. Hertz, P. King, D. London, D. Matthews. R. McCarran, M. McGeady. S. Morgan, L. Ogle, J. Platt. P. Prinsen, D. Redmer. S. Reynolds. S. Shore. J. Stitzinger, S. Sudler, J. Triol. W. Vengrofski, R. Visser. R. Waettz, S. Weinberg. C. White. N. Wieland. P. Wilford, C. Witherspoon. C. Woodward. R. Young, K. Zeth, R. Acker. R. Ardiff, B. Assman, R. Barry, J. Bauer. S. Bryan. L. Burnside, D. Campbell, J. Campion. W. Dornhecker, R. Edwards, G. Eickhoff, J. Freyhof. F. Glasstetterm. D. Glueck, M. Good, K. Graveline. D. Green. E. Greensmith, S. Haich, C. Haussler. J. Heckman. B. Hoffman. M. Hyams. T. Kent. L. King. D. McCarren, B. Miller. B. Miller. P. Neill. B. Newmeyer. D. Platz. D. Reese, S. Schwarz. S. Seeley. B. Shapiro, S. Slade. G. Slobodzian, A. Smith, S. Solometo. M. Stanislaw, R. Wettingfeld. A. Wildberger. D. Wilson. S. Young. WINTER COLOR GUARD. Rifles: D. Blake, D. Dietrick (capt.), C. Eltonhead. S. Faye, L. Glatthorn. P. Hooper, N. Marcheti. P. Preston (co-capt.), C. Spahn. Flag : L. Aceto. C. Benson. R. Brainard, S. Faust. C. Hallman, K. Kieffer (capt.). K. Krause, R. Myers. K. Pieretti, B. Quarles. Two Hundred Sixty-eightCOLOR GUARD Rifles D. Dawson P. Hooper K. Schmidt G. Sylvester Flags S. Beck P. Higgins D. Hubbard V. Kalbfleish K. Krause S. Steinmetz A. Syles S. Reeves Sabers D. Deitrick L. Glatthorn D. Matakonis C. Popp Banner K. Jones M. Walton MAJORETTES J. Brown W. Davis S. Jackson L. Johnson K. Kaiser E. Konkoly D. Meebert G. Matthews D. Triflletti J. Weber FLAGS L. Aceto K. Bailey C. Benson D. Blumenthal R. Brainerd D. Cutting S. Dewees T. Dezzi L. Dudley M. Duff S. Faust C. Hallman K. Jackson J. Klinger K. Kieffer R. McDevitt D. Mannal R. Myers K. Pieretti B. Quarles K. Thompson N. Topor K. Wolff M. Beahan D. Detrick A. Feltzer L. Jobba RIFLES D. Blake P. Burgess C. Eltonhead S. Faye G. Griffith N. Hahn K. Jordan N. Marcheti L. McClurken M. Monticciolo J. Myers P. Preston C.Spahn J. Spencer B. Speth S. Woltemate J. Young M. ParkerCHEERLEADERS Row 1 C. Hicks, S. Leedom. Row 2: P. Hinton. M. Sylvester, J. Melody. P. Chalmers, A. Thorne, S. Schmitz. P. Clark. R. Houston. Row 3 M. Hartung, B. Buckley. Two Hundred SeventyRow 1 B. Rosen, D. Louden. M. Keene, D. Gleuck. G. Burg. P. Wilford. J. Triol. R. Wagner. Dr. C. Rao (SPONSOR). The Astronomy Club is new this year. Among its activities are observing nights, field trips, and discussions of topics relating to the field of astronomy. The club is currently involved on constructing a telescope, to be donated to the science department upon completion. ASTRONOMY CLUB AEROSPACE CLUB Row 1: M. Krishman, K. Tisdale. B. Dickup (Vice President), M. Hershman (Vice President). G. Tornetta, B. Tornetta, N. Tong (Secretary). Row 2 B. Kessler, S. Giuliani, B. Hoffman. R. Wagner. B. Connely. J. Triol, D. Jones (President), S. Faunce, E. Rosenbaum, D. Redner. Under the leadership of Mr. Richard Butler, the Abington Aviation Aerospace Association is offered to students from both North and South Campus, who have a general interest in the field of Aviation-Aerospace. Projects offered in this club are in the field of Rocketry, Rocket Building, Radio Communications, mapping, field trips, and simulated missions in the G.A.T.I. New Members are always welcome to any meetings.This year the club went on many interesting and thoroughly invigorating bicycle trips through the metropolitan Philadelphia area. We held various rallies and were also fortunate enough to have a nationally ranked cyclist talk to us. All In all, it was a very prosperous year. s Row I C. Cassalia, J. McNamara, S. Dash, R. Kalikow. S. Weiss. G. Kraynak. Row II: A. Wolfe. T. Coyle, P. Melvin. K. Lynn. Row III A. Spiegel. W. Weinstein, J. Moskal. M. Cassalia. A. Cameron. BICYCLE CLUB ECOLOGY CLUB Row 1: A. Spiegel, J. Moskal (Treas.), H. Getzik. J. Katz (Pres.), A. Kesselman (Treas.). L Frank. Row 2: K. Lynn, C. Moore R. Coleman. M. Goldberg, G. Miller, R. Benson. Not Pictured: I. Smoger (Vice Pres.). The Environmental Action Committee sponsored by Mrs. Diane Lackie is concerned with the disturbances of the ecological balance created by man’s wanton abuse of natural resources. This years club operated the Clean Air Caravan, publicized the new Community Recycling programs, distributed reusable hall passes to the faculty, and sponsored the Put-a-Brick-ln-Your-Tank” campaign. Two Hundred Seventy-TwoRow 1 S.Mc Cunney. B. Herman, A. Chambers, E. Phillips, K. Popper. Row 2: R. Edwards, I. Martin. J. Wilde, D. DiGennaro (Pres.). The Yoga Club meets every Thursday under the guidance of Mrs. Moses. They start with warm-up exercises that, among many things, help cleanse the lungs. The inverted postures are the head and shoulder stands, which precede the bridge and fish. We end the session with complete relaxation. YOGA CLUB SKI CLUB Row 1 K. Rothstein. M. O'Neill (Sec.). S. Wilke. A. Snyder (V.P.), M. Weider. D. Woods (Pres.). Row II K. Hanna. D. Harris. M. StefaneUi. S. Silverman, L. Kind, J. Solomon, S. Allen. C. Flickinger, D. Kondrosky, S. Kohlaas. Row III: K. Lynn, A. Spiegel. C. Burgess. E. Freedman. L. Faller. E. Mintzer, A. Cameron, B. Lindsay, B. Patane, N. Pfeiffer. L. Frank. R. Manstein, G. Lyndenbaum, R. LaRocco. Row IV P. Bremier. I. Sultz. M. Mandel. L. Mc-Clurken, G. Miller, F. Schendorfer, B. West. J. Carchedi, M. Fellmeth. M. Knouse, J. Thomson, M. Stanislow, J. Stenberg, P. Fisher, L. Montgomery, T. Ely. J. Sullivan. M. McGeady. Row V Mr. L. Martin (Sponsor), K. Afelbaum. S. Desmon. J. Frank, J. Warthorpe, R. Hayes. B. Casey, D. Schuster, G. Wasko. M. Hershman. R. Rosen, P. Neill. M. Miller, D. Kraus, S. Berkowitz, C. Wilensky, D. Navroth.GIAC Row 1: M. Waddy. B. Sanders. J. McDevitt. C. Smalley. L. Kind, C. Kind. C. Russel (V. Pres.), J. Melody. K. Sternberg. K. Hanna (Pres.). Row 2 L. Greene. C. Gearhardt. K. Wilson. P. Hinton. Row 3: L. Bauer, J. Bauer. M. Hartung, K. Phillips. K. Keiffer (Treas.), K. Pieretti, S. Leedom, B. Buckley. Row 4 N. Lomady, R. Koerner, R. Owens, B. Sweet. Not Pictured: Vicki Muhl (Sec.). Membership in GIAC is drawn from those girls of the student body who excel in sports on the Varsity level. Meetings are held in the evening where club activities are planned and discussed. The girls frequently conclude their gatherings with a spirited volleyball game with their counterpart, Varsity A. Strangely, the girls win an inordinate number of contests. Two Hundred Seventy-FourSPORTS CLUB Row 1: B. Wei . B. Sander . C. Russell. S. Hutter. Row 2 M. Hershman (Sec.), T. Doll (V. Pres.). D. Bower . T. Doherty (Trea .). R. Godwin. Row 3: J. Blaszczyk. B. Avera. B. Dickup (Pres.). B. Hughe . M. Katz. S. Band. M. Katz. P. DiSandro. C. Peiffer, H. Dennis. This year the Sports Club has kept its athletic supporting tradition with numerous trips to sports events including the Blazers vs. Winnipeg hockey game, a Flyers vs. Islanders hockey game, a Phillies baseball game and a 76ers game. The club also participated in their own sports games featuring for the first time this year ’’The Bowl Bowl” football game. Two Hundred Seventy-FiveVARSITY “A” CLUB R. Wagerly. M. Fellmeth. K. Marsden, M. McKnight, L. McKnight, J. Shulson. J. Berkes, P. Tordella. M. Schuman, H. David, Row II B. West. C. Strine, T. Shaw, P. Goodman. P. Orishak. J. DiFerdinand. S. Rose, M. Alsenser, C. Strickler. Row III R. Gump. B. Shapiro. M. Walters. B. Evens. D. Forrest. S. DiMassa. M. Chesterman. B. Sautter. E. Ullman, T. Mooney, H. Garner, B. Cox, J. Kessler. A big standing honorary club at Abington, the Varsity A limits its membership to those boys receiving varsity A letters in sports competition. All sports are well represented. Mr. Jean Trees, the advisor, sees their organization as an opportunity for the member to become more involved in the total school program. An activity that all participate in is the selection of the Foot Ball Queen. Two Hundred Seventy-SixLinda Bauer with escort John Kessler. Nancy Lomady, Queen, with escort Tom Stoddard. Boonie Buckley with escort Craig Rickard. FOOTBALL QUEEN Carol Hicks with escort Mike Constantino. Rolanda Owens with escort Larry Hollingsworth Janet Bauer with escort Bruce Cox.NORTH CAMPUS CLUBS 4 Two Hundred Eighty Row I: M. Golden, (Treasurer), D. Rickenbach, (President), Row II: R. Rudolph, (Secretary), C. Reich, (Parliamentarian), C. Loewenson, (Vice President). Row l D. Wolfgang, P. Jaurigue. J. Tordella. V. Klotzbach, J. Rubin. K. Hoster. D. Shea, E. Matez. B. Bee. J. Hutt. Row II D. Miller, L. Tapper. C. Ryalls. S. Cassin, S. Parsons, S. Greenstein. L. Walters. F. Eisele. B. Eves, D. Heineman. B. Snyder. T. Fetscher, S. Kotkoskie, S. Wernick. B. Lutz. B. Cannon. Row III: B. Frankel. D. Levin, E. Rosenberg, R. Schwartzstein. R. Hopen, M. Friedman, C. Reich, C. Loewenson, D. Rickenbach. R. Rudolph. M. Golden, J. Simon. STUDENT COUNCIL Row I R. Lessa. N. Topor, M. Adey, K. Gershenfeld. L. Kittredge. J. Friedman. A. Gorni, J. Bernstein. M. Nathan. F. Brodsky. J. Nicolo, J. Simon. Row II: F. Stoddard. C. Schaffert. S. Reeves. A. Radoff. M. Duggan, L. Shapiro. T. Evans. N. Fox. N. Marchetti. U. Bartels. L. Glatsil, K. Lifson. B. Fogerty. Row III B. Jackson, S. Cohen, T. Wiedmann. L. Andresen. E. Konkoly, L. Schodlie. R. Charny. R. Newman. S. Stein, M. Smith, L. Alsentzer, N. Weinstein. L. Glatsky. S. Fudala. Row IV C. Slobodzian. G. Priest. K. Tisdale. C. Minich. M. Sylvester. L. Millard. L. Curran. P. Wagner. J. Gebert. D. Wiener, R. Hovsepian. N. Loeb, A. Kasas, C. Siedelman. K. Bosniak. B. Herscher, S. Coplan, M. Derricotte. P. Johnson. K. Boelter Two Hundred Eighty-oneSOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL Row I M. Nathan. J. Nicolo. A. Wilson. B. Goodman. B. Komins, W. Lash-ner. S. Steinmetz. J. Friedman, L. Anderson. K. Luckinbill. B. Marks. Row II: H. Levine. B. Jackson, F. Brodsky. M. Harbison, R. McDevitt. L. Bruck-er. S. Coplan, U. Bartels. L. Schoelle. H. Rublin, N. Loeb. R. Charny (Pres.), J. Crawford. Row III S. Reardon, D. Trifiletti. R. Lessa. K. Schloss. A. Felzer, L. Kopenhaver, J. Gebert. L. Curran. M. Sylvester, L. Shapiro, B. McAfee. N. Webb. P. Higgins. P. Wagner. C. Minich, J. Levitt (Tres), R. Hovsepian. E. Feldman (Sec), M. McNamara. E. Brockmeyer. Two Hundred Eighty-twoMORNING ANNOUNCERS L. to R.: M. Derricotte. M. Sylvester. R. Lieberson. GHOST POST Row 1 L. Blumenthal, D. Bonl, G. Arden. A. Leopold. J. Ross. R. DeKalb. L. verman. B. Herscher, A. Monticciolo. C. Greenwood, M. Golden, R. Greensmith, L. Bockius. F. Eisele, L. Kiessling. Row 2 D. Christian, J. Sil- Humes. K. Weaver, J. Lynch, J. Simon. R. Cramer, M. Mousley. T.V. CLUB Row I R. Lieberson. R. d'Amours, M. Mousley. K. Luckinbill. Row II B. Marks. S. Preston. J. Wildemore, G. Weaver. P. Wagner. A.V. CLUB Row I K. Hoster. C. Smith, J. Hutt. Row II G. FitzPatrick. M. Mousley. E. Hild. J. Endruschat Row III G. Collins. D. Christian, C. Hutt, M. Tong, D Fuchs. R. Lieberson,s F.B.L.A. Row 1 M. Cracknell. J. Piening, K. Peppelman (Tres.). F. Stoddard DiDominico. D. Wild. M. White. M. Gowen, S. Franz, T. Fetscher, E. Dough- (Pres ). P. Reilley (Sec.), P. Keough (V.P.). D. Green, C. Kelly. Row 2 S. erty, A. Gornl, L. Geiger, Mrs. Lamb (Sponsor).PHOTOGRAPHY CLUBSPORTS CLUB Row 1: K. Lifson. Row 2: T. Rogers. T. Thomas. M. Barnard. B. Melvin. J. Tague. M. Armstrong, S. Mason. E. Bruckmeyer. K. Frebowitz, D. Cowan. R. Puschak. Row 3: K. Marsden. S. Eberhardt. M. Rebelo. T. Wyne. B. Taddei. J. Bokina, R. Vozzy. S. Kolarik. J. Armstrong, J. Muller, A. Mathis (Pres.), L. Kiessling. Row 4 V. Visser, J. Piening, L. Kittredge. L. Knittel. D. Snowden, K. Wegener, D. DiLella, E. Sullinger. A. Fitzgerald. L. Stanziani, R. Hovsepian, S. Wallace. J. Borkowski, K. Higgins. CHESS CLUB Row 1 B. Lashner, L. Leinheiser Two Hundred Eighty-eightUNICEF CLUB Row 1: E. Rosenberg. N. Royfe (Sec.), J. Morchower (Tres.), A. Flore. E. Brickman. Row 2: J. Ross. B. Manning (V.P.), E. Greenberg. M. Friedman (Pres.), M. Tichenor. P. Man- ning, A. Hauck. AFFILIATION CLUB Row 1: A. Doane. J. Hadley. P. Jobba, H. Rublin. K. Schloss. M. Suckle. B. Bee. S. Darrig. Row 2: P. Manning. J. Enright, A. Donecker, M. Tichenor, B. Manning, B. Eves, F. Eisele, R. Skuhersky, M. Markham. N. Kaslow, S. Stout.Row I: J. Huff, B. Goodman, A. Radoff (Pres.), K. Lifson (V.P.), L. Kittredge. N. Waringly. M. Smith. M. Jones. Row II: I. Alsentzer. S. Bendersky, G. Miller. J. Lynch, N. Erb, J. Kerr. M. Jones, P. Tyson, J. Riebman. L. Shapiro. V. Alpern. TEENS FOR THE RETARDED Row I: L. Walton. K. Cahan, J. Miller (sponsor). B. Schurmann. Row II: E. Feldman, M. Harbison, F. Brodsky. WORLD AFFAIRSRow 1: D. Reich, L. Kittredge, J. Piening, K. Greninger, S. Stutman, M. Duggan. C. Schaffert, E. McKenty. A. Gorni, I. Ferry, D. Newell. D. Schmitt. A. Motz. S. Greensteln. Row 2: T. Evans. N. Loeb, R. Revell, J. Roaa, E. Roaenberg, F. Brodsky. J. Segal, L. Shapiro, R. Stenberg. 0. McMahon, M. Beahan. D. Pullinger. M. Clayton. D. Young, E. De Vore, M. Barrtlli. K. Baua. Row 3 Mra. Turner, H. Levine, J. Morchower, C. Hackett, J. Geriach, R. Hogan, L. Bloom, K. Lifson, D. Levin, L. Share. S. Shane, A. Enelow, L. Cleghom, P. Manning, R. McDevitt. M. Tichenor. B. Manning. J. Gordon. A. Flickenger, M. Falbo. D. Roae, T. Deverant. P. Riley. M. Rieger, L. Schodle. L. Frank, M. Sandera (advisor). Row 4 S. Franz. P. Gallagher. R. Popp. L. Walters. R. Silverstein. C. Cole, L. Ryan. C. Gross, B. Schurmann, L. Knittel. S. Stevenson, D. Domenico. DAY NURSERY CONVALESCENT HOME Row 1: M. Rieger. G. Kulp, A. Wilson, S. Caaain, J. Tordella. B. Synder, L. Walton, B. Schurmann, L. Bravos, B. Strother. Row 2: S. Burket, D. Stone, H. Serota. C. Wittick. E. Collier. B. Cannon, C. Fitzgerald. T. Rivers. W. Tate, P. Dennis, M. Sanders (advisor). L. Bloom, Mrs. S. Turner (Advisor). Two Hundred Ninety-oneSCHOOL STORE STUDENT INDEPENDENT STUDY COMMITTEEGUIDES AND USHERETTES Connie Blumberg Row 1: P. Higgins. B. Moore. L. Andersen, E. Konkoly. S. Gannon, B. Hand. S. Whitten, G. Sykes, N. Fox, D. Oetrick. Row 2 C. Donahue. R. Hogan, D. Wolfgang. J. Piening, L. Kittredge, N. Topor. S. Stutman, J. Weft man, D. Green, E. Daugherty. R. Popp, S. Cuthbert. K. Naylor. Row 3: M. Castro, P. Reilley, S. Cawley, A. Donecker, S. Tague, B. Scheibner, N. Hutchinson. K. Blaszczyk, E. Feldman. K. Lifson, B. McAfee. L. Ryan, E. Kulp, K. Herold, B. Schurmann. B. Manning, M. Tichenor, P. Budman. Two Hundred Ninety-threeLIBRARY AIDES Row 1: G. Weaver. B. Donohue, M. White. J. Morchower. S. Darrig. C. Wolfe. E. McKenty. E. Penfield. A. Gorni. J. Zimmerman. K. Luckinbill. D. Skaddan. Row 2: J. Macht. D. Slotterback, G. Clark. L. Krenkler, L. Kali-kow, C. Zoller. E. Gaspar. J. Bernstein. B. Stahl. S. Beck. R. Heffner. S. Heck, N. Williams. K. Leibowitz. P. Lauro. Row 3 Miss Snowdon, D. Rick enbach. K. Cahan, M. Burg, W. Costello, L. Stansbury, A. Persky. D. Reynolds. S. Beck, C. Shaffert, J. Ullman. N. Sands. K. French, D. Jackson, J. Sullivan, D. Rose, J. Woodward, B. Morrish, D. Muntzer, B. Panoff. Two Hundred Ninety-fourNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: B. Marks, B. Tranquillo (Pres.), D. Fuchs, B. Green, M. Golden. R Burchuk. Row 2: L. Solometo, H. Rublin. J. Riebman. S. Reeves, L. Stan ziani, A. Radoff. M. Suckle, A. Sykes, S. Steinmetz, K. Bosniak. V. Bartels C. Reich. Row 3: T. Solodar. M. Wolfe. S. Stein. K. French. D. Antonucci, K Dormandy, J. Bernstein. B. Goodman. S. Bendersky. L. Altman, T. David son, C. Blumberg, N. Fox, L. Schodle, N. Loeb, B. London. Row 4: K Schmidt, D. Levitt, B. Shmokler, R. Newman. F. Shore, K. Jones, S. Purv is, K. Wegener, R. Sutton, L. Ziegler, N. Erb, A. Wenhold, S. Beck, R. Ru dolph, L. Frank, N. Kaslow, E. Feldman. A. Clearfield, H. Franklin, C Loewenson, D. Sussman, M. McNamera. Two Hundred Ninety-fiveScott Herrin Gary Rhodeside Darcella Burges Kathi Hanna Mr. Jeff Marmon President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Sponsor Two Hundred Ninety-EightWhatever The works of the future may be They will bear the same secret, Made up of courage and freedom, Nourished by the Daring of Thousands. Albert Camus BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE THE CLASS OF 1974 Fred Harold President Richard Melnicoff Vice-President Barbara Keller Secretary Dick Orlemann Treasurer Two Hundred Ninety-NineSTUDENT COUNCIL 72-73 Whatever it is, we’re against it” non est documentum officiale” President — David Rothschild Vice President — llene Smoger Recording Secretary — Ellen Freedman Treasurer — Bruce Rosen Corresponding Secretary — Jane Lashner Sargeant-at-Arms — John Connor Parliamentarian — Eric Greensmith Sponsor — Mrs. Nancy Cook Three HundredCONGRATULATIONS AND Best Wishes to the 1973 Graduates MERIN STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographs for the 1973 ORACLE ALL PORTRAITS APPEARING IN THIS PUBLICATION HAVE BEEN PLACED ON FILE IN OUR STUDIO AND CAN BE DUPLICATED AT ANY TIME Write Or Phone For More Information NORTH PHILADELPHIA AIRPORT AND 2981 GRANT AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19114 Three Hundred OneOFFICE SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES WEDDING INVITATIONS Stat lonely by GLEN-ABBY FOR ALL YOUR FUTURE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENT CALL: 136 S. EASTON ROAD • GLENSIDE. PA TU 7-8982 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 73 GLENSIDE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 139 South Easton Road Glenside, PA. 19038 RAC RAVEL, INC. 803 GREENWOOD AVENUE JENKINTOWN. PA. 19046 TU6-0666 GLENSIDE LUMBER AND COAL CO. LUMBER, MILLWORK, BUILDING MATERIALS COAL AND FUEL GLENSIDE. PA. 19038 TU4-0200 Three Hundred TwoBEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1973 FROM STANDARD PRESSED STEEL 603 West Avenue. Jenkmtown. Pennsylvania •885 1910 Daily 9:30 to 5:30 Wed. and Fri. til 9:00 8568 Bustleton Avenue. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania • RA 2-6681 Daily 10:00 to 6:00 Wed.. Thurs.. Fri. ’til 9:00 TURNER 7 3444 THE PHOTO SPOT £vtttjthintj tPHotogiaftliic 718 WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN, PA. HERBERT L. CAROTHERS 19046 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS FROM PHILADELPHIA NATIONAL BANK 990 Old York Road Abington, Pa., 19001 Three Hundred ThreeTOYOTA Corolla 1200 STANDARD FEATURES: 1. Front disc brakes 2. 4-speed all synchromesh transmission 3. Thick, wall-to-wall nylon carpeting 4 Fully reclining, adjustable bucket seats 5. Vinyl interior 6. Trip odometer 7. Cigarette lighter 8. Glove box 9. Package tray 10. Flo-thru ventilation 11. Tinted windows 12. Whitewall tires 13. Deluxe wheel covers 14 Bumper guards 15. Chrome trim 16. Lined trunk 17. Recessed, covered spare tire 18. Tool kit 19. Can of touch-up paint 20. Swing-out side rear windows 21. Curved side windows 22. Unit body construction 23. Five main-bearing crankshaft 24. Anti-freeze 25. 3-point safety belts in front 26. Seat belt retractors 27. Armrests, front and rear 28. Front and rear ashtrays 29. Inside hood release 30. Fresh air heater and ventilator 31. Passenger assist grip 32. Coat hooks 33 3-position dome light 34. Reversible keys 35. Stopring column lock 36. Windshield washer 37. Dual horns 38. See-thru master brake cylinder reservoir 39. Padded dash VW2MARCUS Glenside Motors 527 N. EASTON RO. GLENSIDE - 885-5700 WA 7-1857 rnoiYtbrTiAiAFFILIATION CLUB 1972-1973 PRESIDENT NAOMI KARTIN VICE-PRESIDENT SUE BRYAN SPONSOR ..... MISS ALBERTA LANG Affiliation Exchange Students to Germany: Kathy Lord and John Roberts Exchange Students at Abington: Hans Kleessen: Berlin Viola Pinske: Berlin Thomas Schloss: Berlin Ariela Dermer: Israel David Clarke: England Roslyn Pinfold: Australia BUENA SUERTE” to the Class of ’73. from the SPANISH CLUB Congratulations to the class of ’73 from RASS UCKLE Sportswear for the Style-Minded Male 294 KESWICK AVE . GLENSIDE Opposite the Keswick Theatre Open Wed. Fri. Evenings 885-5535 Casa Conti Over 53 Years of Friendly Efficient Service Famous for Fine Foods LUNCHEON - DINNER - LATE SUPPERS Ample Facilities for Banquets • Weddings • Receptions • Private Parties 10 Private Banquet Rooms Seating 10 to 600 Closed on Mondays For Reservations call: TU4-4448 Easton Jenkintown Rds. Glenside. Pa. Three Hundred FiveMEET YOUR ARMY RECRUITER Macon F. Long Announcing . —Tu 4-5117 — Complete Electronic Service Department. a - WE DON'T MAKE PROMISES ' W' “aHwE MAKE GUARANTEES. ENGLE ELECTRIC CO. We have many good things to offer today’s young people. 268 KESWICK AVENUE GLENSIDE. PA. 19038 We won't guarantee you anything we can’t pay off. (Bell Howell. Craig, Electrophonic. Everything we guarantee will be put in into Mallory. Nutone. Panasonic, Sanyo, writing, in a legal document that you get a copy Electronic Repair Service and Sales. Sharp. of. Soundesign, Factory Authorized Warranty For details on a rewarding career and interesting training, see your recruiter or call him. Repair Center. Realtone, Winthrop, Toyo) 246 Keswick Avenue. Glenside, PA 19038 Phone: 885-0802 Congratulations to the Class of 73” Real Estate Appraisals SELLING MILLIONS YEARLY Member East Montgomery County Board of Realtors When you are thinking of buying or selling real estate. Deal with Confidence and call JOHN TENER GARBUTT, Inc. Compliments of: Realtors HERFFJONES 1125 Old York Road Abington, Pa. TU4-4300 Three Hundred Six TEfin nnD TOEmV PLUS BE A TRENDSETTER 4Z5 YORK ROAD j£nKroijjnPA. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR PROMS AT THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: 479 Old York Road Jenkintown. Pa. 217 City Line Ave. Menon. Pa Gateway Shopping Center Wayne. Pa. Have We Got A Match For You! THE TUXTAIL IN COLORS Even though you’ve found your true love, you still need a matchmaker. Why, you say? To help you match, coordinate and arrange the most important formal event of your life your Prom. Who is this Matchmaker Extraodinaire? Your formal wear specialist Here at MAINLINE FORMAL WEAR we’ve been in the matchmaking business for years combining styles, fabrics and colors with a bit of advice, all in an effort to make your Prom evening a matchless occasion. Come up and see us soon. IT’S SO EASY TO RENT AT MAINLINE FORMAL. Three Hundred SevenRow 1 S. Johnson, J. Shulson, R. Hess, R. Smith. Row 2: C. Strickler, S. Hangey, D. Bergman. INTRAMURALS This year’s Intramural Basketball produced many fine players. Final League Standing W L Throughout the season, five players were able to maintain an average of Army 8 0 over twenty points per game. They Dartmouth 7 1 are: Rick Bellet, Penn.; Ralph Ben- Cincinnati 5 3 nett, Cincinnati; Dan D’Elia, Dart- Temple 5 3 mough, and Dave Torresaniv Notre Dame 5 3 Princeton. Navy 4 4 Yale 3 5 Penn 3 5 Michigan 3 6 Columbia 3 6 UCLA 3 6 Princeton 1 7 Three Hundred EightRow I: J. DiFerdinand. D. D’Elia. Row II: J. Sullivan, C. Foster, T. Simmons, R. Conboy, R. Kerchner. Row l G. Rhodeside (co-capt), P. Fleekop (co-capt), Row II: H. Weisberg, R. Hayes, J. DdReal. J. Baldwin, G. Davis, R. Bennett. Row I: A. Cameron (co-capt). G. Kraynak (co-capt). Row II R. Lowe. C. Witherspoon, J. Tobin, D. Strein. Three Hundred NineAbington 31 FOOTBALL Souderton Opponent 7 40 North Penn 12 20 Upper Dublin 19 28 Upper Moreland 0 29 William Tennent 0 35 Methacton 6 20 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 14 24 Upper Merion 27 33 Springfield 15 34 Norristown 14 34 Cheltenham 6 Abington GIRLS BASKETBALL Opponent 47 Upper Moreland 24 66 Methacton 35 45 Cheltenham 51 45 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 63 36 Norristown 23 31 Springfield 38 30 Upper Merion 48 49 Upper Dublin 43 44 William Tennent 39 Abington 16 WRESTLING Lower Moreland Opponent 36 5 Council Rock 41 20 Cheltenham 35 14 Upper Dublin 30 21 North Penn 31 20 Methacton 27 21 Upper Merion 24 21 Norristown 27 12 Upper Moreland 36 20 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 38 17 Haverford 31 19 William Tennent 24 15 Springfield 35 24 Bryn Athyn 24 Abington 1 BOYS BOWLING Norristown Opponent 2 1 Cheltenham 2 2 Springfield 1 1 Upper Merion 2 2 William Tennent 1 3 Upper Dublin 0 3 Hatboro 0 1 Upper Moreland 2 0 Norristown .3 2 Cheltenham 1 0 Springfield 3 2 Upper Merion 1 2 William Tennent 1 3 Upper Dublin 0 1 Hatboro 2 1 Upper Moreland 2 GYMNASTICS Abington Opponent 72 Pennsbury 120 61 Council Rock 86 86.5 Cheltenham 85 84 Upper Dublin 66 90 Norristown 84 87 Cheltenham 99 77 Upper Dublin 65 85 Norristown 79 RIFLE Abington Opponent 496 Upper Darby 497 498 Upper Dublin 491 497 Norristown 500 795 Interboro 794 499 Upper Darby 500 498 Upper Dublin 494 496 Norristown 498 498 Interboro 499 GIRLS SWIMMING Abington Opponent 52 Upper Dublin 34 59 Upper Moreland 27 43 Upper Merion 43 41 William Tennent 45 70 Methacton 16 70 Cheltenham 16 41 Springfield 44 63 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 23 Abington 2 GIRLS BOWLING Norristown Opponent 1 3 Cheltenham 0 3 Springfield 0 3 Upper Merion 0 0 William Tennent 3 3 Upper Dublin 0 3 Hatboro 0 3 Upper Moreland 0 1 Norristown 2 3 Cheltenham 0 1 Springfield 2 1 Upper Merion 2 2 William Tennent 1 2 Upper Dublin 1 3 Hatboro 0 2 Upper Moreland 1 Abington 83 BOYS BASKETBALL Neshaminy Opponent 57 78 Pennsbury 55 67 Cheltenham 47 74 William Tennent 53 68 Methacton 60 78 Upper Dublin 54 64 Norristown 69 55 Woodrow Wilson 41 58 Chestnut Hill Academy 42 50 Upper Merion 44 56 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 48 78 Upper Moreland 48 68 Springfield 64 61 Cheltenham 57 84 William Tennent 60 75 Metacton 49 53 Upper Dublin 47 64 Norristown 43 63 Upper Merion 70 62 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 52 79 Upper Moreland 56 75 Springfield 46 53 Upper Merion 50 71 Wissahickon 57 61 Pottstown 59 62 Chester 83 62 Abington Heights 71 Abington 47 CROSS COUNTRY North Penn Opponent 15 20 Springfield 41 20 Methacton 41 20 Norriston 43 21 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 37 42 William Tennent 19 25 Upper Merion 29 25 Upper Moreland 32 35 Upper Dublin 22 Abington 27 BOYS SWIMMING Malvern Opponent 68 56 Pennsbury 39 67 North Penn 28 58 Upper Dublin 37 63 Upper Moreland 32 38 Upper Merion 57 66 William Tennent 29 37 Methacton 58 71 Cheltenham 24 59 Springfield 36 80 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 15 71 Wissahickon 24 76 Lower Moreland 19 Abington 6 HOCKEY Upper Moreland Opponent 0 2 Methacton 1 2 Cheltenham 2 2 Plymouth-Whitemarsh 1 1 Norristown 1 0 Springfield 1 0 Upper Merion 1 2 Upper Dublin 1 1 William Tennent 0SENIOR OTTO ABAHAZY: Football 4. RONALD W. ACKER: Marching Band 3.4. PAMELA ADEY: Band 1; Orchestra 2.3; Girls Chorus 1,2; Library Aide 2. JIM ADLAM: Soccer 1; Gymnastics 2; Track 1,2,3,4. KATHLEEN ADLAM. Yoga 3; Teens for Retarded 4; Prom Committee 4. SHARON ALLEN: Future Nurses Club 3; Ski Club 3.4. WALTER ANDERSON: Intramural Volleyball 1,2; Intramural Bowling 1, 2,3.4; Soccer 2; Bicycle Club 2; English Play 3. CYNTHIA ANNON: ORACLE 3.4; Swim Team (J.V.) 1,2,3; Gymnastics 2; Bridge Club 3,4; Swimmer’s Aide 4; Class Council 1.4. KENNETH P. APFELBAUM: Ski Club 4. LINDA ARCURIO: Swim Team 4. ROBERT ARDIFF: Student Council 1; Senior Class Council 4; Concert Band; Marching Band 3,4; Cross Country 2; Winter Track 2; Library Aide 2. DIANE ARKLES: Student Council 4; Human Relations Club 4; French Club 4. JOHN ARMSTRONG: Student Council 3.4; Honor Society 2.3,4; Soccer 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Key Club 4. WILLIAM ASSMAN: House Council 2; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Major 4; Marching Band 3,4; Baseball I.2.3.4. WILLIAM AVERA: House Council 2; Football 1; Rifle Team 4; Rifle Club 3; Intramural Bowling 1,2. JOHN BACON: Railroad Club (President); Science Fiction Club 1 (Secretary); Republican Election Committee 4. BRENDA BAKER: Black American Studies Club 1,2,3. LINDA BAKER. Track 1; Basketball 1; Black American Studies Club 1,2, 3. JEFF BALDWIN: Soccer 1,2; Track 1; Wrestling 1.2. GARY BARG: ORACLE 3; Student Council 2,3; Honor Society 1,2 (President) , Orchestra 1,2,3; Track 1; Intramural Basketball 2; Spanish Club 3; Ghost Post 1; On a Clear Day 3. JAN BARRY: Student Council (alternate) 4; Soccer 1; Tennis 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Intramural Volleyball 3; Ping Pong 3,4. PETER BASCH: Audio-Visual Aide 1,2. LYNN BATTERSBY: Band Majorette 1; Marching Band Majorette 2. MINDY BATTLE: Class Council 1; English Club 4. JANET BAUER: Student Council 1; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Band Front Drill Flags 3,4; Hockey 2; Chorale 1,2; Tennis 2,3; Class Council 4; GIAC 2,3,4. STEVE BECHTEL: Student Council 2,3; Class Council 1; Chorale 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Intramural Basketball 1. DAVID BENBOW: Class Council 1; House Council 2; Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 2,3; Orchestra 4; Newlife Club 2.3. JOHN BERKES: Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball; Key Club 3.4; Varsity A Club 4. STEVEN BERKOWITZ: Class Council 4; Tennis 3.4; Soccer 3,4; Ping Pong 3,4; Sports Club; Folk Club 3,4; Key Club 4; Interact Club 3,4; Varsity A Club 4. STEVEN BERLIN: Student Council 1,2,3; Class Council 1. Cinema Club 2; Camera Club 1,2,4; World Affairs Club 1; Humanities Club 1,2; Intramural Volleyball 1,2; Intramural Basketball 2; Electronic Music Club 1; Audio-Visual Aide 1; Math Tutor 4. JUDY BETZ: Student Council (alternate) 4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Orchestra 3, 4; Art Club 2; Bicycle Club 3,4; Band 1; District Band 3; District Orchestra 3; Honor Society 3. JOANNE BICKLEY: Student Council 1,2; House Council President 2; Hockey; Basketball 1,2,3; French Club 2,3,4; Affiliation Club 2; Class Council 1,2; Spirit Sisters 1. DEBORAH BIEBER: ORACLE 4; Student Council 4. House Council 1; Class Council 2; Honor Society 1,2 (V. President), 3,4 (V. President); Math Tutor 1,2; Chorale 1.2; Concert Choir 3,4. ROBYN BLACK: Cheerleader 1. SANDRA BLAETZ: Intramural Volleyball 3; Hockey 3. DEBORAH BLAKE: Hockey 1,2; Band Front 3,4. JAMES BLASZCZYK: Abingtonian 3,4 (assistant editor); Sports Club 1.2. 3; Key Club 4; FBLA 2; Intramural Basketball I.2.3.4. RONALD BLOCK: Student Council 3; House Council 1; Tennis 1,2; Intramural Basketball 2; Intramural Volleyball 2; Folk Club 1; Interact Club 3; Spanish Club 4. DIANE BLUMENTHAL: Class Council 3.4; Honor Society 3.4; Band Front Drill Flags 2,3,4; Chorale 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Gypsy 2; On a Clear Day 3; Spirit of 73 1.2. JAMES BOLNO; Student Council 1; Class Council 3,4; Intramural Volleyball 1,3; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Cinema Club 2; Interact Club 4; Folk Club 4. DAVID BOOKER: Track 1; Cross Country 1,2,3; Gymnastics 1.2,3.4; Photography Club 4. GLENN BOOKMAN: Class Council 4; Archery Club 1; Rifle Team 2; Art Club 2; Photography Club 2; Cinema Club 2. DIANE BOWERS: Future Nurses Club 3 (V. President). 4 (President); FBLA 2; Sports Club 1,2,3. ELLEN BRAGG: Student Council 1,2; Class Council 1; Math Tutor 3; Leo Club 4; English Club 4; Hockey 1,2,4; Intramural Basketball 1; Intramural Volleyball 3. MARIE BRINGENBERG: Leatherwork Club 1; Italian Club 3.4. CINDY BRISKIN: Affiliation Club 3,3; Debate Team 4; Library Aide 4: Junior Prom Committee 3. KENNETH BRODSTENE: Ski Club 3. BRAD BROOKS: Band 1.2. DONNA BROWNSEY: ORACLE 4; Student Council 4; Class Council 3; Folk Music Club 4; Human Relations Club 4. Three Hundred TwelveSTATISTICS KAREN BRUCKER: Class Council 2; Affiliation Club 2,3,4; Art Club 2; Future Nurses Club 4; Bicycle Club 2,3,4; Spirit of '73 1,2; Hockey 1. HARRIET R. BRUMBERG: Student Council 1,2,4; House Council 1.2; Honor Society 3.4; Guides Usherettes 2,3,4; Teens for Retarded 2,3,4; Student Linguistics Study Club 4; Spanish Club 3.4; Yoga Club 3; Bicycle Club 3; Ghost Post 2; Intramural Volleyball 2. RICHARO BRUNNER: Newiife 3,4. SUSAN BRYAN: Student Council 2.3; Honor Society; Affiliation Club 2 (President), 3,4 (V. President); News Bureau 4; Library Aide 2,3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Concert Band 3,4; Chorale 1,2; Orchestra 1,2,3. WENDY BUCKNAM: Teens for Retarded 2; Girl's Chorus 3; Choir 4. EVA BUDZYNSKI: Basketball 2; Math Tutor 3; Spanish Club and Tutor 4. LYNNE BURNSIDE: Spirit of ‘73 2; Teens for Retarded 2; Art Club 1.2; Marching Band 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Intramural Volleyball 2.3; Intramural Basketball 1. GREGORY BURWELL: Student Council 1,2; Class Council 3,4; Bicycle Club 3,4; Band 1; Abingtonian 4. JOANNE CALCIU: Cafeteria Monitor 3. CONSTANCE CALISTO: Dramatics Club 2; Teens for Retarded 2; Art Club 2; Spirit '73 2; Basketball 1. MARCY CALVIN: Band 1.2. ANDREW CAMERON: Student Council 4; Class Council 4; Bicycle Club 4; Key Club 3.4; ARTW 3.4; Intramural Volleyball; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4. DAVID CAMPBELL: Student Council 1; Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 3.4; Intramurals 3,4. JOHN CAMPION: Student Council 3; Band; Football 1; Wrestling 1; Baseball 1. ROBERT A. CARDANO: Wrestling 3. GEORGE CARR: Football 1; Wrestling 1; Track 1,2; Cross Country 1. DENISE E. CASE: Student Council 1.2; Black Studies Club 1,2,4; Class Council 2,3; Chess Club 4; Marching Band 3,4; French Club 4; Senior Class Play 4. BRIAN CASEY: Ski Club 4. THOMASINE CENTRELLA: Art Club 2; Guides Usherettes 2; French Tutor 2; Spirit of '73 1.2; Affiliation Club 3; Leatherwork 2; Italian Club 3,4 (Treasurer); Intramural Volleyball 3; Basketball 1; Between Friends Play 3; Honor Society 3.4. PEGGY CHALMERS: Student Council 1,2; Class Council 2; House Council 1,2 (Secretary); Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; GIAC 4. DEBBIE CHESEN: Teens for Retarded 1; Affiliation Club 3. STEPHEN CHRISTIAN: Student Council 2; Class Council 3.4; Honor Society 1; Sports Club 1.2; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4. DEBRA L. CHUN: School Store 3.4; FBLA 2,3,4 (Treasurer); Newiife 1.4; Creative Studies 4. NANCY CLARK: Class Council 1; Art Club 2; Library Aide 1. MARK CLAYTON: Gymnastics 1,2,3; Soccer 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 3. DEBRA COATES: Student Council 1,2,3; Guides Usherettes 1.2; Spirit of '73 1,2; On a Clear Day 3; Teens for Retarded 3,4; Mad Woman of Challot 3. PHILIP COMEAUX: Lab Aide 3,4. THOMAS CONBOY: Abingtonian 4; Cross Country 2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4. JAN COPES: Student Council 1. PETER CORRIGAN: Track 1.2. MICHAEL COSTANDINO: Class Council 3; Football; Lacrosse 1.2, 3.4; Leo Club 3.4. MICHAEL COSTANZO: Astronomy Club 1,2; Photography Club 3.4. BRUCE COULTER: Band 1.2; FBLA 3,4. DIANE COVERLY-SMITH: ORACLE 3; Student Council 1; Art Club 1.2; Spirit of '73 1.2; FBLA 1.2; Future Nurses Club 2; Affiliation Club 2. 3,4; Hockey 1. BRUCE G. COX: Student Council 3; Football; Baseball 1.2; Lacrosse 3.4; Leo Club 3,4 (V. President); Varsity A Club 4. THOMAS COYLE: Student Council 4; Bicycle Club 4. CECILY CRAIG: ORACLE 4; Abingtonian 4. Affiliation Club 3; Library Aide 1,2; Guides Usherettes 2; Concert Choir 4; Girl's Choir 3. RENEE CRAIG: Student Council 1; Cheerleader 1. SUMNER CROSS: Student Council 1; Class Council 2; Lacrosse 3,4. JACQUELINE CROWELL: ORACLE 3; Affiliation Club 3; Prom Committee 4. BRUCE CUNNINGHAM: Soccer 2.4. JOHN CURTIN: Gymnastics Team (Captain) 3,4. LUCIA D’ANDREA: ORACLE 3; Spirit of '73 1; FBLA 2; FT LA 3; House Council 2; Prom Committee 4. STEVEN DASH: Student Council 2.3; Folk Club 4 (Secretary Treasurer); Intramural Basketball 1.2. VIVIAN DAUB: ORACLE 2; Class Council 4; Honor Society 1,2 (Treasurer), 3,4; Math Tutor 1,4; Chorale 1,2 (Co-President); Concert Choir 3,4; Chamber Choir 1,2; French Tutor 2; Intramural Volleyball 2. HENRY DAVID: Basketball 3; Key Club 2.3. DIANE DAVIS: Class Council; Yoga Club 4; Drama Club 4; Human Relation Club 2.3; Black American Study Club 2,3. JUDITH DAVIS: Affiliation Club 3; Gypsy 2. WENDY DAVIS: Class Council 2,3,4; House Council 2 (Secretary); Marching Band 3.4; Honor Society 2,3,4 (Secretary); Drama Club 2. CHRISTOPHER DEAN: Soccer 1; Track 1,2; Wrestling 3.4. DANIEL D'ELIA: Student Council 2.3; House Council 1 (V. President); Class Council 4; Band 1.2; Key Club 4; Football 1.2.3; Basketball 1. 2,3,4; Baseball 1,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,4. Three Hundred ThirteenSENIOR HOWARD DENNIS: Leo Club 4; Lacrosse 2; Swim Team 3,4; Intramurals 4. DENISE DEVERANT. Marching Band 2; Chorale 1.2; Choir 3.4. THOMAS DEVLIN: Soccer 2.3; Baseball 2,3. THERESE DEZZI: Affiliation Club 1; Girl s Chorus 1; Chorale 2; Chamber Choir 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Italian Club 4; Spring Musical 3.4. WILLIAM DICKUP: Student Council 1; Sports Club (President); Debate Team 4; Aviation Club 4; Republicans Committee 4; Ghost Post 1,2; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4. JOAN DIEGEL: Unicef Club 2; Teens for Retarded 2. DEBRA DIETRICH: Class Council 1 (Secretary). 2,3,4; French Club 4; Color Guard 2,3,4; Guides Usherettes 2,3; Hockey 1; Basketball 1. JAMES DIFERDINAND: Football 1; Basketball 1.2. Baseball 1.2; Golf 3.4. Soccer 2,3,4; Varsity A Club 4; Leo Club 4; Rifle Team 3,4. DONNA DIGENNARO: Yoga Club 3.4 (President); Spanish Club 4. PATRICIA DILWORTH: Library Aide 3. ANTHONY DIMASSA: Student Council 1,2,3.4; Chorale 1.2; Choir 3.4; Gymnastics 2,3,4. JAN DION: Gymnastics 3.4. MAUREEN DIPUPPO: Future Nurses Club 3; French Club 4. MICHAEL DIXON: Football 1. CYNTHIA DOBER: Class Council 1.2; Ski Club 3; Yoga Club 3. THOMAS DOHERTY: Football 1; Baseball 1; Intramural Volleyball 2; Sports Club 4. THOMAS DOLL: House Council 2; Intramural Volleyball 2; Sports Club 3,4 (V. President); Math Tutor 4. JENNIFER DONOHUE: Affiliation Club 2.3; Spirit of 73 1.2; Girls Basketball 2.3. WILLIAM DORNHECKER: Band 3.4. MARY DUFF: Affiliation Club 3,4; Newlife 4; Marching Band 4. HELEN DURHAM: Student Council 4; Class Council 4; Teens for Retarded 4 (Treasurer). VIRGINIA EDDY: Pinochle Club 4; Human Relations Club 4. RUTH EDWARDS: House Council 2; Band 2,3,4; Yoga Club 4; Future Nurses 1,4. CATHARINE EHLINGER: Spirit of 73 1.2; Intramural Volleyball 2; Affiliation Club 3; Rifle Team 1; Yoga Club 4. LYNN EICHERT: Student Council 1; Girls Choir 2,3. GARY EICKHOFF: Marching Band 3.4; Dance Band 4. GARY ERB: Bicycle Club 1,2; Camera Club 3; Visual Aide Department 2. KATHERINE EYRE: Student Council 1; House Council 2; French Club 3,4 (V. President); Art Club 2,3; Basketball 1. SANDRA FAHS: Art Club 2; French Club 3.4 (President); FBLA 3.4. NANCY FARMER. Spirit of 73 1,2; Guides Usherettes 2.3; Girls Chorus 2,3,4. JOANNE FAZZO: Italian Club 4 (Secretary). JOHN FERENCSIK: Class Council 3,4. DAVID FICKES: Student Council 4; Class Council 4; Bicycle Club 4; Interact Club 4; Project Walk for Mankind; Intramural Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Creative Studies Program 4. DEBRA FISCHER: French Tutor 2. PHILIP FLEEKOP: Student Council 4; Latin Club 3; Tennis Team 3,4. CAROLINE FLICKINGER: Cheerleader 1; Ski Club 2,3,4; UNICEF 2. WILLIAM FLUCK: Student Council 4; Abingtonian 4; Stage Crew 3; Intramural Bowling 1,3,4. MICHAEL FOOTE: Class Council 2.3; Math Tutor 1.2; Cross Country 1.2. 3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Intramural Basketball 1. GEORGE FORGENG: Class Council 4; Newlife 4; Wrestling I.2.3.4. MICHAEL FORTE: Drama Club 2; English Club 4; Mad Woman of Chail-lot 3; On A Clear Day 3; The Fantastiks 4; T.V. Club 1,2; Cinema Club 2; Theatre Honorary 4. JOY FRANK: Ski Club 2,3,4; UNICEF 2; Spanish Club 4 ELLEN FREEDMAN: ORACLE 3.4; Student Council 2,3,4 (Secretary); Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Guides Usherettes 3; Ski Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Creative Studies Program 3; Jr. Orientation 4; Rifle Team 3.4 (Manager); Basketball 1; Intramural Bowling 3.4; Intramural Volleyball 2. JOHN FREYHOF: Student Council 4; Honor Society 3,4; Concert Band 1 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 3,4; On a Clear Day' Orchestra 3. THOMAS GAFFNEY: Yoga Club 4; German Club 2. SANDRA GARBER: School Store 2; Library Aide 1; Spanish Club 4 (Secretary). HERMAN GARNER: Football; Basketball; Baseball 1,2,3, 4. WILLIAM GEILFUSS: House Council 1.2; English Club 4. PAULA GERMAN: Student Council 3; Class Council 1,2; Interact Club 4 (President). BRIAN GILMORE: Chess Club 4; Key Club 4. LOUIS GIROUD: Football 1.2; House Council 2. STEVEN GIULIANI: Aerospace Club 4 (V. President). ANDREA GLACKIN: House Council 2; Latin Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1. FAITH GLASSTETTER: FBLA 2; Spanish Club 4; Marching Band 3.4 LOUISE GLATTHORN: Student Council 3.4; Class Council 4; Honor Society 1; Guides Usherettes 3; Spirit of 73 1,2; Prom Committee 3. DONALD GLOSTER: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Cross Country. Three Hundred FourteenSTATISTICS JANET GLUCH: Art Club 2; French Club 3,4 (Treasurer); Diving Team 1, 2; Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4; Stagecrew 3. DAVID GLUECK: Student Council 4; Honor Society 3.4. Key Club 4; Dance Band 1,2,4; Marching Band 3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; On A Clear Day Orchestra 3; Intramural Volleyball 3,4. RANDALL GODWIN: Honor Society 2; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Intramural Volleyball 1,2; Sports Club 4. KAREN GOLDSMITH: Student Council 3.4. World Affairs Club 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Guides Usherettes 3,4 (Senior Chairman); Interact Club 4; Intramural Volleyball 3; Intramural Bowling 3. MARY GOOD: Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 3.4; Orchestra 1.2; On A Clear Day Orchestra 3; Library Aide 2; Softball 1. PHILIP GOODMAN: Class Council 1; Ghost Post 1,2; Choir; District Choir 3; Varsity A Club 4; Intramural Basketball 2,3; Intramural Volleyball 2,3; Intramural Soccer 3. HOWARD GORDON: Student Council 1; Class Council 2.4; Ghost Post 1. 2; Spanish Club 4. MARK GRAHAM: Football 1.2; Baseball 1,2,3; Wrestling 2. KEVIN GRAVELINE: Band I.2.3.4. STEVE GREENE: Student Council 1; Bicycle Club 1; Wrestling 1; Gymnastics 2,3. CAROL GREENWAY: Class Council 4; FBLA 4 (President). RALF GREENWOOD: Spring Track 2.3; Rifle Team 3.4. GAIL GRIFFITH: Class Council 4; Archaeology Club 2; Marching Band 2. 3,4; PFTA 4; Jr. Orientation 4 JACQUELINE GRIMSHAW: Abingtonian 4; Library Aide 1.2; Bicycle Club 2; Yoga Club 2; Prom Committee 3; Jr. Orientation 4. JOSEPH GROETSCH JR.: Math Tutor 4. TERRI GROSS: Student Council 4; Teens for Retarded 1,2; UNICEF 1,2, 4; Art Club 1.2; Jewish Studies Club 3; Yoga Club 2; Stagecraft Club 1. CAROL GROSSMAN: Library Aide 1.2; UNICEF 2 (President); Candy-striper 2,3,4. RICHARD GUMP: Student Council 1; Class Council 2; House Council 1 (V. President); Honor Society 1,2,3,4; District Band 2,3; Dance Band 1,2; Orchestra 1,2,4; Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 3; Cross Country 500 Mile Club 2; Cross Country 1,2,4; Track 1,3,4; Varsity A Club 3,4. LINDA GUTEKUNST: Guides Usherettes 1,2,3; Dial Access 1,2; Affiliation Club 3. GERALD HAEGELE: House Council 2; Track 1,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1.2,3,4. STEPHEN HAICH: Soccer 1.2; Band 1,2,3,4. THOMAS HAMPTON: Student Council 4; Ski Club 4. KATHI HANNA: Varsity Swimming (Captain); Class Council 1.2 (Secretary), 3 (Secretary), 4 (Secretary); GIAC 1,2,3 (V. President). 4 (President); Ski Club 1,2,4; Key Club 4; Art Club 1.2; SLSS 4; Prom Chairman 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Hockey 1. DOREEN HARMAN: Library Aide 3; Bicycle Club 3,4. DENE HARRIS: Student Council 2; Class Council 1,3,4; Art Club 1.2; Bicycle Club 1,2; Ski Club 3,4; Key Club 4; Basketball 1; Prom Committee 3; Between Friends 3. JAMES HARTEY: Football 1,3,4. CHARLES HAUSSLER: Class Council 1.2; Band; Baseball 1.2; Equestrian Club 3,4. CHERYL HEDRICK: Honor Society 3.4; Teens for Retarded 2; UNICEF 2. LYNN HEISER: Volleyball 3. RICHARD HENDRICKS: Bicycle Club 1,2; Newlife 1,2; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. LINDA HENRY: ORACLE 2; Chorale 1.2; Chamber Choir 1.2; Concert Choir 3.4; Varsity Singers 3; Honor Society 2; French Tutor 2; Intramural Volleyball 2. SCOTT HERRIN: Student Council 1,2,4; Class Council 4 (President); Honor Society 4 (President); Pinochle Club 4; Bridge Club 4; Key Club 4; Ghost Post 1; Literary Magazine 2; Tennis Team 3,4; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1; Baseball 1. DAVE HERSH: Football 1; House Council 1; Class Council 2; A R T W. 3. 4; Student Council 3,4; Abingtonian 3.4 (Associate Editor); Basketball P.A. Announcer 3,4 LAURIE HESS: Chorale 1.2; FBLA 2; Future Nurses 3; Newlife 4; Spirit of 73 1.2. CAROL HICKS: House Council 2; Class Council 3; Cheerleader 3,4 (Captain); Ski Club 3; GIAC 4; Hockey 1; Jr. Princess in Football Court 3. GARY HIGHAM: ORACLE 4; Abingtonian Photo Editor 4. Honor Society 3,4; Bicycle Club 1,2; Sports Club 3; Photography Club 4. SAMUEL HIPWELL: Track 1,2.3. DEBRA HOFF: Basketball 1; Class Council 2. BRUCE HOFFMAN: Concert Band; Marching Band 3,4; FBLA 3,4; Track 2,4; Baseball 4; Dial Access 1,2; Library Aide 1,2,3; School Store 4. DAVID HOFFMAN: Class Council 1; Honor Society 2; Creative Writing Club 4; Cross Country 1. LAUREL HOKANSON: Student Council 1.3; Class Council 1,2,4; Newlife 4; Chorale 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; District Chorus 3; Chamber Choir 1,2; Intramural Volleyball 1,2,3; Students for Cleaner Environment 1. LARRY HOLLINSWORTH: Football 2,3,4; Trick 1.2,3; Black American Study Club 2.3. NINA HOPEN: ORACLE 4; Student Council 2.4; House Council 1 (President), 2; Art Club 1,2; Affiliation Club 2 (Secretary); Guides Usherettes 2; Teens for Retarded 2,3; On A Clear Day Stage Crew 3; Human Relations Club 4; Ski Club 4; Interact Club 4; Creative Studies Program 4. SUSAN HORWITZ: Y-Teens 1; Ski Club; Interact Club 4. Teens for Retarded 4. RONNA HOUSTON: Student Council 4; Cheerleader 4; Spirit of ’73 2; Black American Study Club 2,3. Three Hundred FifteenSENIOR JANET HUBER: ORACLE 4; Student Council 4; Teens for Retarded 4; World Affairs Club 4; Affiliation Club 1,4; School Store 2; Spirit of 73 1.2; Hockey 1,2,3; Intramural Volleyball 1,2,3,4. DOROTHY HUBBARD: ORACLE 2,4; Abingtonian 4; Prom Committee 3; Newlife 4; House Council 1,2; Class Council 2.3.4; Color Guard 3,4; World Affairs Club 2; Library Aide 1,2,3; Ghost Post 1,2; Spirit of 73 2; Chorale 1.2; Concert Choir 4; Affiliation Club 1,2; FBLA 4; School Store 4; Intramural Volleyball 2; Intramural Basketball 2. SCOTT HUTCHINSON: Abingtonian 3; Sports Club 1,2,3. MICHAEL HYAMS: Class Council 2,4; Marching Band 3.4; Dance Band 1, 2,3,4; Student Council 1,3; House Council 2; Key Club 4; Track 2; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2; Soccer 1. JOHN HYDE: Football 2,3; Baseball I.2.3.4. DEBRA IANNA: Student Council 1; Marching Band 1,2,3. JEFFREY JENSEN: Soccer 1,2; Track; Leo Club 3. BRUCE JONES: Baseball 1,2; Lacrosse 1.2; Basketball 1. DEBORAH JONES: Class Council 1,2,3; House Council 1; Aerospace Club 4. SHARON JONES: Sports Club 2,3. HOWARD KAHN: Bowling Team 3.4. BETTY KAIGHN: House Council 2; Spirit of 73 1,2; Art Club 2. RICHARD KALIKOW: Student Council 1,2,4; Tennis Team 1.2,3,4; Soccer 1,2; Folk Music Club 3,4; Archaeology Club 2; Interact Club 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Bicycle Club 4; Class Council 3; Intramural Basketball 1,2; Intramural Volleyball 1,2. RAYMOND KARTHAUSER: Art Club 4; Chorale 1.2. NAOMI KARTIN: Spirit of 73 1,2; Art Club 2; Affiliation Club 2,3,4 (President); Honor Society 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4. JODY KATZ: Student Council 2,3; Students for A Cleaner Environment 1,2; Abingtonian 4 (Associate Editor); Linguistics Club 4; Ghost Post 2; Ecology Club 3,4 (President); Spectre 3 (Associate Editor), 4 (Editor-in-chief); Involvement Day 3,4 (Co-Chairman); Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Intramural Volleyball I.2.3.4. PEGGY KAUFMANN: Student Council 1,2 (Treasurer); Library Aide 1; Guides Usherettes 1,2; Ski Club 1. CAREN KELLER: Cheerleader 1,2; Interact Club 3,4. JOSEPH KELLY: Soccer 1.2; Rifle Team 3.4; Archaeology Club 2. THOMAS KENT: Class Council 3; Marching Band 2.3.4; Baseball 1. MARY JO KERRIGAN: Class Council 3,4; Theatre Honorary 3,4; Drama Club 2; The Odd Couple 2; Gypsy 2. WILLIAM KESLER: Wrestling 4. JOHN KESSLER: Class Council 1; Football 1.2,3.4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Leo Club 3.4 (Secretary). KAREN KIEFFER: Class Council 1,2.3,4; Prom Committee 3; Leo Club 4; Marching Band 2,3,4 (Captain); GIAC 2,3,4 (Treasurer); Spirit of 73 1,2; Guides Usherettes 1,2; Basketball 1; Hockey 2; Tennis Team 2,3,4. LAURA KIND: Student Council M; House Council 2 (V. President), Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Sports Club 3; World Affairs Club 1,2; Language Lab Aide 1,2; Guides Usherettes 3,4; Hockey 4 (Manager); Basketball 1,3,4; Softball 1,2; Tennis Team 1,2. LEONA KING: Band 1.2,3.4; Marching Band 3,4; On A Clear Day 3. HELENE KLAPPER: ORACLE 4; German Club 4; Mardi Gras Executive Committee 4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Table Tennis 1; Gym Aide 1; Bowling 1; Volleyball 1; Cheerleader 1; Library Aide 1,2,3,4. RANDI KLEIN: ORACLE 3.4 (Associate Editor); Student Council 4; French Tutor 2; Math Tutor 1; Bridge Club 4; Linguistics Club 4; Affiliation Club 3.4. Honor Society 1.2. HANS KLEESSEN: Affiliation Club 4; Key Club 4. THOMAS KLINE: Football 1.2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. ROBERTA KOERNER: Art Club 2; Future Nurses 4; GIAC 3,4; Affiliation Club 2; Spirit of 73 2; Library Aide 2; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Hockey I.2.3.4. SUSAN KOHLHAAS: Ski Club 4; Guides Usherettes 1.2; Teens for Retarded 1.2; Affiliation Club 1; Basketball 1,2,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Bowling Team 3,4. ELLIOT KOLODNER: House Council 1; Band 1.2; Ecology Club 1.2; Jewish Studies Club 3.4; Israeli Culture Club 3,4; Bridge Club 4; Pinochle Club 4; Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Math Tutor 1,2,4; French Tutor 2. DIANE KONDROSKY: Ski Club 4; Art Club 1.2; Teens for Retarded 1.2; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3. BRENT KOPENHAUER: Class Council 2; Soccer; Baseball 1; Varsity A Club 4. DAN KRAUS: ORACLE 2,3,4 (Associate Editor); Student Council 4; Class Council 1,2; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Ecology Club 3,4; Soccer 1,2; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4. KATHRYN KRAUSE: Class Council 4; Choir 1,2,4; Girls Chorus 3; Future Nurses 4; Marching Band 4; School Store 2; Swim Team 1,2,3; Hockey 1.2. WILLIAM KREWSON: ORACLE 4; Newlife 1,2,3 (President); Latin Club 4; Intramural Volleyball 4; Intramural Ping-Pong 4. TRINA KRICK: French Club 4; Photography Club 1,2,4; Future Nurses 3. 4; Intramural Volleyball 1,2. VICTOR KRIEVINS: Orchestra I.2.3.4. THOMAS KUREK: Bicycle Club 4. ROBERTA LANG: Marching Band 3. GAIL LARGE: Modern Dance Club 1; Yoga Club 2; Library Aides 1.2. RICHARD LAROCCA. Track 1; Leo Club 4; Wrestling 1. HARRY LAUCH: Baseball 1; Wrestlingl.2,3; Lacrosse 2. SUSAN LAVISH: Future Nurses 3,4. STEPHEN LAWRENCE: Orchestra; Astronomy Club 4; Debate Team 3,4; Pinochle Club 4; Photography Club 4; Newlife 3; Bridge Club 4. Three Hundred SixteenSTATISTICS KIRBY LEE: Student Council 4; Black American Studies Club 3. MICHELE MANDEL: Student Council 3; Class Council 4; House Council DOUGLAS LEE: Football 4. 2; Art Club 2; Equestrian Club 1,2; Spanish Club 4 (Treasurer); Teens for Retarded 3,4. RICHARD LEE: Student Council 1. SANDRA MANGIN: UNICEF 2; Library Aide 1.2. SHERREE LEE: Student Council 4; Spirit of ’73 2; Afro American Studies Club 1. ROBERT MANSTEIN: Orchestra 3,4; Photography Club 1; Math Tutor 4; ARTW 3.4; Sports Club 1; Ski Club I.2.3.4. DIANE LEEDOM: Spirit of 73 1. JOSEPH MANZO: Italian Club 4; Latin Club 4; Linguistics Club 4. SHERYL LEEDOM: Student Council 2; Class Council 2,3,4; House Council 2 (Secretary); Theatre Honorary 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4 (Co-Captain). SUSAN MARGOLIS: Stagecrew 3.4. SUSY MARK: ORACLE 4; Student Council 1,2,4; Math Tutor 4; Bridge Club 4; Honor Society 1,2; Chorale 1,2; Madrigal 1,2; Choir 3; JOHN LEIMBACH: Wrestling 1,2; Track 1. Guides Usherettes 2. JERRY LEISTRUM: Baseball 1; Volleyball 2.4. GEORGE MCBRIEN: Soccer 1,2,4. BETSY LEWIS: Student Council 4; Spirit of 73 2; Black American Studies Club 2; Baseball 1.2; Basketball 1; Volleyball 1,2. RICHARD MCCLURE: Football 1; Basketball 1; Baseball 1.2; Class Council 2. ROBERT LIESS: Student Council 1,2; Class Council 1 (President), 2 (President). 3; French Club 4; English Club 4; Leo Club 4; Football 1; Baseball 1.2; Basketball 1,2,3. JAMES MCCOACH: Football 1.2; Basketball 1: Baseball 1. SALLY MCCUNNEY: Class Council 2; Yoga Club 3.4. AMY LIFSON: Student Council 4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Human Relations Club 4; Teens for Retarded 2,4; Cinema Club 2; World Affairs Club 1; Creative Studies Project. BARBARA MCDEVITT: Student Council 1.3; Honor Society 1.2 (Secretary), 3,4; Ghost Post 2; Sprite (Editor) 1,2; Ecology Club 2; Hockey 1; Swim Team I.2.3.4. MICHAEL LINDH: Student Council 2; Track 1.2; Cross Country 1.2. SALLY MCGETTIGAN: Student Council 2; Class Council 3; Future Nurses 3.4; GIAC 3; Bicycle Club; Archery Club; Spirit of 73 1; Basket WILLIAM LINK: Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Marching Band 3.4. ball 1; Bowling Team 2,3; Candy-Striper 2,3,4. MARTIN LINN: Concert Choir 4; Orchestra 1,2; Track 1,2,4. SUSAN MCGETTIGAN: Class Council 3; Jr. Orientation 4; Prom Committee 3; Affiliation Club 2 (President). 3 (Secretary). 4; ARTW 3; DEBBIE LITT: French Tutor 1,2,3; UNICEF 1; ARTW 4; French Club 4; Cinema Club 2; Interact Club 3,4. Spirit of 73 1.2; Guides Usherettes 2; Marching Band 1; Abing-tonian 4; Teens for Retarded 4; Basketball 1 (Manager); Chorale 1. 2; Girls Chorus 1,2. LISA LITVIN: ORACLE 4; Class Council 2; Creative Studies Program 4; Honor Society 3,4; Play 3; Art Club 2; Guides Usherettes 2; Teens for Retarded 2.3; Affiliation Club 1,2; Cheerleader 1. PATRICK MCGINNESS: Student Council; Football; Track 1,2; Basketball 1; Lacrosse 3. LISA LOCONTE: Student Council 1; FTA 3.4; Newlife 4; Lacrosse 2. HEIDI MCNULTY: Student Council 1,2,3,4; Class Council 3.4. Affiliation Club 3; Spectre 3; Creative Writing Club 3 (Secretary); Newsbureau ELLEN LOTWICK: House Council 2; Honor Society; Spirit of 73 1,2; News Bureau 4; Jr. Orientation 4; Intramural Volleyball 3,4. 3,4; Abingtonian 4; Sports Club 3,4; Drama Club 2; Honor Society 1,2,3,4; ARTW 2; Orchestra 1,2 (Secretary. Treasurer). 3,4. LISA LUBIN: ARTW 4; Art Club 1.2; Dial Access 1; Jewish Studies Club 3. THOMAS MCPHERSON: Student Council 1,2,3; Class Council 4; Sports Club 1; Ghost Post 1,2; Wrestling 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2. 3.4. TODD LUFT: Soccer 2,3,4. RAYMOND MARSILIO: Band 1; Chorale 1,2; Teens for Retarded; HOWARD LURIE: Intramural Basketball 2; Intramural Volleyball 2. Ski Club 4. DIANE LUX: UNICEF 2; Italian Club 3.4. CHERYL NEIBAUER: Student Council 3,4; Humanities Club 2; Ghost Post 1; Teens for Retarded 1; World Affairs Club 1. KATHRYN LYNN: Art Club 1,2; Cinema Studies 2; Theater Production 1, 2; Teens for Retarded 1,2; Ecology Club 2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,4; Bicycle Club 2.4; World Affairs Club 2. PAUL NEILL: House Council 2; Archery Club 1; Archaeology Club 2; Class Council 3.4; Band 3.4; Ski Club 4. LYDIA MACHT: ORACLE 3.4 (Associate Editor); Rifle Team 3.4; Bridge Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Honor Society 3,4. JAMES NELSON: Class Council 3; Newlife 3.4; Prom Committee 3; Teens for Retarded 4; Aviation Club 4. MICHAEL MAILEY: Wrestling 3,4. ELIZABETH NEWMEYER: Newlife 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Math Tutor 4; Intramural Volleyball 3.4. CLAUDETTE MAJOR: Teens for Retarded. GREGORY NOLAN: Chess Club 2,3,4; Abingtonian 4. KAREN MALLATRATT: Band 1,2,3. CYNTHIA NORDON: Student Council 1,2; House Council 2 (President); ALFRED MANCO: Cinema Club 2; Visual Aide 2.3. Class Council 1; Marching Band 2; Hockey 1. Three Hundred SeventeenSENIOR ROBERT NUGENT: Student Council 2,3,4; Class Council 3 (V. President); Folk Club 1,2,3,4; Ghost Post 2; Abingtonian 4; Guys and Dolls” 1; On A Clear Day 3; Drama Club 2; Theatre Honorary 3,4; Chorale 2 (President); Choir 3,4 (Treasurer); District Choir 3; Honor Society 3,4; ARTW 3.4 LOWELL OCHS: Ski Club 3. TAWNY ORAM: Student Council 1,2; Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Leo Club 4; Cheerleader 1,2; Theatre Honorary 3,4 (V. President); Guys and Dolls 1; Gypsy” 2; Mad Woman of Chaillot 3; On A Clear Day 3. DAVID ORISCHAK: Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football; Leo Club 4; Varsity A Club 4; Intramural Basketball 3.4. ROLANDA OWENS: GIAC 1; Black American Studies Club 1. Hockey 1.2, 4; Basketball I.2.3.4. ANNA MARIA PALOMBO: French Club 4; Orchestra 4; Intramural Soft-ball 1. LINDA PANICHELLO: Color Guard 1; Spirit of 73 1.2; FBLA 2 (President); Intramural Softball 1,2. MARILYN PARKER: Student Council 1; Spirit of 73 1,2; Class Council 2; Newlife 3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Hockey 2; Tennis Team 2,3,4. CAROLYNN PARRELLA: Cheerleader 2. MICHAEL PAVLICHKO: Newlife 1; Ecology Club 2; Language Lab Assistant 1,3. AUSTIN PENECALE: Soccer; Basketball 1; Baseball 1. SAMUEL PENFIELD JR : Photography Club 4. JUDITH PEPPELMAN: Student Council 2; Intramural Bowling 3; Spirit of731. BETH PHILLIPS: Student Council 2,4; House Council 1; Drama Club 2 (Secretary); Chorale 1,2; Concert Choir 4; Girls Chorus 3; Spectre 3,4; Fashion Show 2,3; Prom Committee 3; On A Clear Day 3. ELAINE PHILLIPS: UNICEF 4; Campaigners 4; Newlife 4; Younglife 4; Intramural Volleyball 3; Intramural Gymnastics 2,3,4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4. DOUGLAS PICKARD: Student Council 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 1, 2,3; Key Club 2; Varsity A Club 3. KAREN PIERETTI: Student Council 1,2; Class Council 2 (Treasurer). 4; Ski Club 4; GIAC 4; Prom Committee 3; Spirit of 73 3; Gypsy” Stagecrew 2; Chorale 1,2; Choir 3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Hockey 1; Diving Team 1; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 4. VIOLA PINSKE: Affiliation Club 4; Latin Club 4; Teens for Retarded 4. LYNNE PISANI: Ski Club 4; Basketball 1.3.4; Lacrosse 3.4. DENNIS PLATZ: Student Council 3; Class Council 4; Marching Band 3.4; Dance Band 2; Lacrosse 3,4; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4. KATHERINE PLENZICK: School Store 1,2; Affiliation Club 2; Newlife 4. French Club 4. LYNDELL POINDEXTER: Basketball 2; Football 2. ANGELO PONTELANDOLFO: Class Council 1. KATHERINE POPPER: Spirit of 73 2; Teens for Retarded 4. ALBERT PORTER: Student Council 4; Class Council 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Spectre 4. Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 3; Linguistics Club 4. ELLEN POSEL: Human Relations Club 4. BARBARA POWELL: Chorale 2; Concert Choir 3.4; District Choir 3; Madrigal 2; Dial Access 2. RONNALEE PRATT: Student Council 1; Class Council 4; ARTW 2; Library Aide 1; Guides Usherettes 1,2 (Co-Captain). JOSEPH PRICE: Class Council 1. ERIC PRUYN: Ski Club 1. MARCIA PURNELL: Black American Studies Club. DOROTHY RATTI: Class Council 4; House Council 2 (Treasurer); Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Bowling 3,4. DEBRA RAVENSCROFT: Hockey 3. EARL REDMER: Bicycle Club 1,2 (V. President). DONNA REESE: FBLA 2; Marching Band 3.4. LINDA REESE: Ski Club 4; Theatre Productions 3,4. BRUCE REMS: Football; Lacrosse 2.3; Swimming 1; Baseball 1. GARRY RHODESIDE: Class Council 3,4 (V. President); Folk Music Club 3,4; Math Tutor 4; Interact Club 3,4; Chess Club 4; Jewish Studies Club 3; Human Relations Club 4; Library Aide 4; ARTW 3,4. CRAIG RICKARD: Student Council 1,2,3,4; Football (Captain); Baseball 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Lacrosse 3,4; Leo Club 3,4 (President). SUSAN RINTZ: Sports Club 3. THERESA ROBOLD: House Council 2. PFTA 3; Teens for Retarded 1.2 (Secretary). 3,4; Color Guard 1,2; Concert Choir 4 LEE ROEHM: Class Council 1.2; Key Club 3; Swim Team 4. TIMOTHY ROLLINS: Track 1; Football 2; Black American Studies Club I.2.3.4. DONNA ROSE: Student Council 1.2; Art Club 1,2; Folk Guitar Club 1,2,3; Folk Concert 1,2,3,4; Humanities Club 2; On A Clear Day 3. KENNETH ROSE: Student Council 1; Soccer 1.2.3. STEPHEN ROSE: Student Council 1.3; Class Council 2.4; Leo Club 4. Varsity A Club 4; Key Club 4; Intramural Basketball 2,3; Baseball 1, 2; Soccer 1,3,4. BRUCE ROSEN: Student Council 4 (Treasurer); Class Council 1 (V. President); Madrigal 2; Chorale 2; Varsity Singers 3; Concert Choir 3,4; Debate Club 3,4 (President). ROBERT ROSEN. Teens for Retarded 3.4; Ski Club 3.4; Sports Club 1.2; Intramural Basketball 1,2,4. SHERI ROSENZWEIG: Art Club 1; Creative Writing Club 3. DAVID ROTHSCHILD: Student Council 1.2 (Secretary), 3.4 (President); Orchestra 1,3,4; Class Council 3 (Treasurer), 4. Three Hundred EighteenSTATISTICS NATHAN ROTHSCHILD: Student Council; House Council 1.2 (President); Class Council 3 (President); Debate Club 3,4 (V. President); Orchestra 1.3,4; Ghost Post 1; Abingtonian 4; ARTW 3; News Bureau 3; Cinema Club 2 (President); Photography Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Involvement Day 1; Video Service 1; Jr. Orientation 4; Freshman Orientation 1,2; Creative Studies Program 4. RICHARD RUDOLPH: Creative Writing Club 3; Spanish Club 4; Spectre 4. BRENDA SAGET: Student Council 3; World Affairs Club 1; Affiliation Club 3; Teens for Retarded 3; Interact Club 4 (Secretary); Bridge Club 4. LISA SALAMON: Student Council 4; Sprite (Editor) 2; Humanities Planning Committee 2; Human Relations Club 4 (President). KIM SANTEE: Student Council 2,3; House Council 1; Chorale 2. KEVIN SANTRY: Student Council 3; Class Council 4; Jr. Orientation 4; UNICEF 2 (Secretary); Teens for Retarded 2,3,4 (President); World Affairs Club 2; Affiliation Club 3.4; Fashion Show 3; Abingtonian 4; Mad Woman of Chaillot 3; On A Clear Day 3; Between Friends 3. RUTHIE SCHIEBER: UNICEF 1.2; Softball 1,2. LISA SCHLESINGER: Class Council 2.3; Spirit of 73 1; Teens for Retarded 1,2,3,4; Affiliation Club 4; Spanish Club 3.4 (V. President); Sports Club 3; Tennis Team 3.4. THOMAS SCHLOSS: Affiliation Club 4; Key Club 4. DOUG SCHMIDT: Football 1. Basketball 1. KATHLEEN SCHMIDT: Affiliation Club 1.2; Intramural Softball 2; Intramural Bowling 1,2. CHARLES SCHMITT: Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Lacrosse 1.4 (Manag- er)- ELIZABETH SCHRADER: Band 1,2; Chorale 2; Folk Music Club 2.3,4; On A Clear Day 3. GEORGE SCHREIBER: Baseball 1. SHERI SCHROEDER: Band 1.2; Chorale 1.2; Affiliation Club 4. Spirit of 731. JANET SCHULTZ: Band 1,2; Chorale 1.2; Spirit of 73 1; Hockey 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Intramural Volleyball 1.2. SHARON SCHUMAN: Honor Society 3.4; Library Aide 3; UNICEF 3,4 (Chairman); Guides Usherettes 3,4, Abingtonian 3,4 (Associate Editor). ROBERT SCHWARZ: Football 1. SCOTT SCHWARZ: Student Council 3,4; Class Council 2; Honor Society; Photography Club 4; Railroad Club 3; World Affairs Club 1. 2,3,4 (President); Concert Band 1.2,3,4; Marching Band 3,4; Dance Band 3.4. SUSAN SEELEY: Class Council 4; Concert Band; Marching Band 3.4; UNICEF 1. KATHY SEYLER: Guides Usherettes 2. GARRY SHACKLADY: Soccer 2.3. BRUCE SHAM: Guys and Dolls 1; Gypsy 2; The Fantastiks 4; Theatre Honorary 3,4 (Treasurer); Drama Club 2 (President); Creative Studies Program 4. BONNIE SHAPIRO: Class Council 4; House Council 1 (Secretary), 2; Affiliation Club 2,4; Guides Usherettes 2.3; Spanish Club 4; Spanish Tutor 2,4; Math Tutor 4. BRYAN SHAPIRO: Student Council 2,3,4; House Council 1; World Affairs Club 4; Math Tutor 4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Varsity A Club 4; Dance Band 1.2; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 3.4; Swimmers Aide 4. MICHAEL SHAPIRO: World Affairs Club 4; Chemistry Club 2; Sports Club 3; Class Council 3; Tennis Team 2. DEBRA SHARP: ORACLE 1; Spirit of 73 1.2; Affiliation Club 2; French Club 3.4 (Secretary); Stage Crew 3; Honor Society 3.4; Teens for Retarded 4. THOMAS SHAW: Class Council 3; House Council 2; Cross Country 1,2,3, 4; Track; Intramural Basketball 3; Varsity A Club 3,4; Honor Society 3,4. SUSAN SHEDINGER: FBLA 4 (V. President). Bowling Team 3.4; Intramurals 1,2. DIANE SHEEHAN: Spirit of 73 1; Teens for Retarded 4. SANDRA SHINER: Math Tutor 4; Spanish Club 4; Guides Usherettes 1. 2,3,4 (Chairman). WILLIAM SHORE: Photography Club 1,2,3,4, Swim Team (Man ager). ELAINE SHOYREN: FBLA 4. TIMOTHY SHREINER: Class Council 4. DOUGLAS SHUSTER: Ski Club 3,4; Rifle Team 3.4; Intramural Bowling 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1.2.3. DANIEL SIGG: Student Council 1; Class Council 2,3,4; Library Aide 1; Intramural Basketball 1.2,3,4; Sports Club 2,3; FBLA 2; Teens for Retarded 2; Ghost Post 2; Jr. Orientation 4; Abingtonian 3,4 (Edi-tor-in-chief); Key Club 3,4 (Secretary); Jr. Historians 4 (V. President); Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Spectre 4; Linguistic Club 4. SHEARA SILOW: Art Club 1; World Affairs Club 2.4; Theatre Honorary 4 (President); Israeli Culture Club 4. SHARON SILVERMAN: French Club 4; Ski Club 4. SHARON SLADE: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 3,4. GARY SLOBODZIAN: Band; Marching Band 2,3,4. ANDREW SMITH: Student Council 4; Class Council 3; Marching Band 3, 4; Sports Club 1; Italian Club 4; Spanish Club 3.4; Tennis Team 1. JAMES SMITH: Hall monitor 2. KATHLEEN SMITH: French Club 2; FBLA 3; Spanish Club 4. RANDY SMITH: ORACLE 4, Class Council 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Etymology Club 3; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 1.2,3,4; Sports Club 1,2,3; Abingtonian 3.4; Soccer 2. STEVEN SMOGER: ORACLE 3,4 (Associate Editor); Student Council 1.2. 3; Honor Society 3; House Council 1.2 (President); Ecology Club 1, 2,3; Italian Club 3; Soccer 1; Track 1. Three Hundred NineteenSENIOR ALLEN SNYDER: Ski Club 3.4; Latin Club 4; Photography Club 1; Math Tutor 4. WILLIAM SNYDER: English Club 4 (President). STEVE SOLOMETO: Band 1.2,3.4; Cinema Club 2. CATHERINE SPAHN: Marching Band 2,3.4; Candy-Striper 2,3. JANE SPECTOR: Student Council 3,4; Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Bicycle Club 3.4. STEPHEN SPEECHLEY: Ski Club 1.2. JAYNE SPENCER: Marching Band; Honor Society I.2.3.4. BARBARA SPETH: Student Council 4; French Club 4; Honor Society 3,4; Marching Band; Chorale 1.2; Choral Ensemble 2. JANET SPRINGER: Guides Usherettes 3.4. FRANCINE STALLINGS: Student Council 1.4; Class Council 2; Hockey 1, 2; Basketball 2. MAXINE STALLINGS: Black American Studies Club 1,2; Hockey 1,2; Volleyball 3; Basketball 3. MICHAEL STANISLAW: Band 1,3.4; Marching Band 3.4; Ski Club 3.4; English Play 3; Pinochle Club 4; Baseball 1.2. JOHN STECK: Student Council 2; Class Council 1; Baseball 2; Soccer 3; Leo Club 3.4. SUSAN STECKLINE: ORACLE 3; Honor Society 3.4; Spirit of 73 2; Guides Usherettes 1,2; Concert Choir 3,4; Chorale 2; Girls Chorus 1. DEAN STEINBERG: Honor Society 3; Bowling Team 3. PETER STEMPEN: Ghost Post 1; Cinema Club 2; Pinochle Club 4. JON STENBERG: Rifle Team 4; Intramural Bowling 3; Band 1,2; Dance Band 2; Ski Club 3.4; Math Tutor 3; Interact Club 3.4; Golf 3.4; Sta-gecrew 4. JEFFREY STERN: Class Council 1; Audio Visual 1.2; Italian Club 4; Interact Club 4. KATHY STERNBERG: Class Council 1.2; World Affairs Club 2; Ski Club 2; Key Club 4; Bicycle Club 3; Tennis Team 1.2,3,4. THOMAS STODDARD: Football 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Wrestling 1.2,3.4 (Captain); Lacrosse 1.2,3,4; Varsity A Club; Leo Club. MARY STOLL: Spanish Tutor 2; Future Nurses 3.4; Affiliation Club 4. LOUANN STOZENSKI: House Council 1.2 (V. President); Guides Usherettes 1; Italian Club 3; Intramural Volleyball 3. PAULA STROTHER: Volleyball 1,2.4; Hockey 1; Softball 2; Basketball 1. LYDIA STRULSON: ORACLE 3; Ski Club Fashion Show 3; Jewish Studies Club 3; Interact Club 3,4; Affiliation Club 3.4. NANCY STUBBS: Teens for Retarded 4; Affiliation Club 1.2; Ecology Club 2; Spirit of 73 1.2 (V. President). DEBORAH ROSE STUTMAN: Student Council 4; Class Council 3.4; Chess Club 3,4; Intramural Softball 1; Intramural Volleyball 3,4; Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Math Tutor 4; Chemistry Tutor 4; Affiliation Club 4; Madrigal Choir 2; School Musical 3. MICHELLE SUHADOLNIK: UNICEF 2; Yoga Club 4; Student Council 4. JAMES SULLIVAN JR.: Student Council 3; Baseball 2; Soccer 3; Lacrosse 3,4; Leo Club 4; Varsity A Club 4. BONNIE SUMMERS: Band 1.2; Orchestra 3.4; Guides Usherettes 1.2. ROBERT SUNDY: Band 1.2.3; Folk Music Club 4; Orchestra 4; Human Relations Club 4; Wrestling 1. PHILIP SUTCLIFFE: Basketball 1.2; Baseball I.2.3.4. TERESA SWAIN: French Club 1,2. LARRY SWERTLOFF: Student Council 2,4; Class Council 1,2 (V. President); Theatre Honorary; Mad Woman of Chaillot 3; On A Clear Day 3; The Fantastiks 4; Football 1; Gymnastics 1.2. GAIL SYLVESTER: ORACLE 4; Class Council 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Color Guard 1,2,3,4; Spirit of ’73 1,2 (President); FTA 4; Guides Usherettes 2; Gypsy” 2. GLENN TALLEY: Soccer 2.3; Track 1.4. MARC TAPPER: Student Council 4. DEBORAH THATCHER: Class Council 2.3; Cheerleader 1,2. CHARLES THOMPSON: Track 1; Rifle Team 3,4; Intramural Basketball 3; Human Relations Club 4. MARY THORPE: Art Club 2; Equestrian Club 1,2; Newlife 4; Intramural Volleyball. CATHERINE TIZIANA: FBLA 2 (Treasurer). JAMES TOBIN: Student Council 3.4; ARTW 3,4; Tennis Team 2; Baseball 1; Sports Club 3; Honor Society 3,4; On A Clear Day 3; The Fantastiks 4. HOWARD TOMLINSON: Baseball 1,2. MARK TONG: Chess Club 1.4; Math Tutor 3,4; Honor Society 3,4. SALLY TONKIN: Student Council 3.4; Honor Society; Creative Studies Program 3,4; Math Tutor 4; Spectre 4; Abingtonian 4; Linguistics Club 4; Human Relations Club 3.4; World Affairs Club 1; Ecology Club 1; Humanities Planning Committee 1. ARTHUR TORAN: Student Council 1.4; Class Council 2. TERRANCE TRAVIS: Student Council 4; Study Gospel Chorus 3; Black American Studies Club 1,2,3; Girls Chorus 1.2.3. KAREN TRIFILETTI: ORACLE 3.4; Student Council 2.3; Marching Bar I 1,2,3,4; Math Tutor 3; French Club 4; Italian Club 4 (V. President); Class Council 3.4; News Bureau 3,4; Bridge Club 4; Interact Club 3; Honor Society 1.2,3,4. ANN TUCKER: Student Council 4; Class Council 2; Art Club 2; Equestrian Club 1.2; Bicycle Club 3,4; Spirit of ’73 1; Affiliation Club 4; Teens for Retarded 4; Mad Woman of Chaillot 3; On A Clear Day 3. ED ULLMAN: Class Council 1; Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1; Key Club 1,2; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Leo Club 3.4 (Treasurer). Three Hundred TwentySTATISTICS DENISE VANACORE: ORACLE 4; Spanish Club 4; FBLA 4; Prom Committal 3; Library Aide 2; Teens for Retarded 2; Future Nurses 1. RALPH WADE: Baseball 2.4 MARK WALTERS: Abingtonian 4; Class Council 2,3.4; Cinema Club 2; Intramural Basketball 4; Swimmers Aide 3; Lacrosse 1; Soccer 2; Varsity A Club 3.4 (President); Honor Society 3,4. CAROL WATTS: Teens for Retarded 1.2. CYNTHIA WATTS: Student Council 1; GIAC 2,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Bas ketball 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse I.2.3.4. STEVEN WEINBERGER: Class Council 1; Bowling 2; Teens for Retarded. STEPHEN WEISS: Student Council 4; Bicycle Club 4; Interact Club 4; Sports Club 4; Tennis Team 3,4. WILLIAM WEISS: Student Council 2. JOANNE WEST: Student Council 4. Class Council 4; Abingtonian 4. Human Relations Club 4; Afro American Studies Club 1.2; Hockey 1; Basketball 1. ROBERT WEST: Marching Band 2; Swim Team; Lacrosse 1,2; Varsity A Club 3,4 (Treasurer). RICHARD WETTINGFELD: Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 3.4; Orchestra 2. SUSAN WILCKE: Class Council 2,3; Ski Club 3.4; Intramural Volleyball 3,4. CHARLES WILENSKY: Band 1; Class Council 2; Soccer 2. BRUCE WILLIAMSON. Track 1; Latin Club I.2.3.4. SUSAN WILLOUGHBY: Student Council 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2,4; Concert Choir 4. Chorale 1.2; Hockey I.2.3.4. CAROL WILSON: Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Teens for Retarded 1,2 (President), 3 (Treasurer), 4 (V. President); Spanish Club 3.4 (President); Affiliation Club 4; Dial Access 2; Recording Club 2. DIANE WILSON: Band 1.2,3.4. JAMES WILSON: Student Council 4; Bridge Club 4; Swim Team 1,2,3. ROBERT WILSON: Leo Club 4; Baseball; Basketball 1. AMY WOLFE: ORACLE 4; Bicycle Club 4 (Secretary). Bridge Club 4; Class Council 3,4; Art Club 2; Swim Team 1; Hockey 1. SUSAN WOLTEMATE: Class Council 4; Leo Club 4; Concert Choir 3.4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Chorale 1,2; Guides Usherettes 2; Gypsy” 2. JEFFREY WOODLEY: Student Council 4; Track 1,2.3; Black American Studies Club. JOY YOUNG: Student Council 1.2; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1.2; Concert Choir 4; Orchestra I.2.3.4. RONALD YOUNG: Track 1.2. KIMBERLY YULSMAN: ORACLE 3.4 (Associate Editor); House Council 1; Intramural Volleyball 1,2; Tennis Team 1,3,4; Human Relations Club 3,4; Gypsy” 2; Prom Committee 3; Creative Studies Program 4; Chorale 1; Honor Society 1,2,4; Jr. Orientation 4. EARL ZIMMERMAN: Honor Society 1,2,3,4 (Treasurer); Student Council 4; Math Tutor 4; Dance Band 3,4; Gymnastics 3. Three Hundred Twenty-oneAbingtonian 243 Advertisements 296-301 Aerospace Club 271 Affiliation Club (N.C.) 289 Affiliation Club (S.C.) 249 Alternative School 180-183 ARTW (S.C.) 245 Astronomy Club (S.C.) 271 A. V. (N.C.) 285 Aviation Club (N.C.) 287 Band 268-269 Basketball Boys 218-220 Girls 221 Intramurals 308-309 Bicycle Club (S.C.) 272 The Boyfriend 262-263 Bridge Club (S.C.) 253 Bowling Team 231 Camera Club (S.C.) 244 Cheerleaders 270 Chess Club (N.C.) 288 Chess Club (S.C.) 252 Choir (S.C.) 267 Convalescent Home (N.C.) 291 Dance Band 265 Day Nursery 291 Debate Club (S.C.) 252 Dial Access (N.C.) 284 Ecology Club (S.C.) 272 English Club (S.C.) 248 The Fantastiks” 258-259 Folk Guitar Club (S.C.) 265 Football Team 208-210 Football Queen and Court 277 French Club (S.C.) 246 Future Businessmen of America (N.C.) 286 Future Businessmen of America (S.C.) 254 Future Nurses of America (N.C.) 286 Future Nurses of America (S.C.) 254 Ghost Post 283 GIAC 274 Guides and Ushers (N.C.) 293 Gymnastics Team 228 Hahnemann Hospital 184-185 Hockey Team 216-217 National Honor Society (N.C.) 295 National Honor Society (S.C.) 239 Human Relations Club (S.C.) 250 Three Hundred Twenty-twoInteract (S.C.) 255 Italian Club ........................................... 246 Junior Clast Council 238 Key Club (S.C.) 257 Latin Club (S.C.) 247 Leo Club (S.C.) 256 Library Aids (N.C.) 294 Library Aids (S.C.) 264 Merit Scholars 239 Morning Announcers (N.C.) 283 New Life Club (S.C.) 251 News Bureau (N.C.) 284 News Bureau (S.C.) 245 ORACLE 240-242 Orchestra (S.C.) 266 Photography Club (N.C.) 287 Pinochle and Eucher Club (S.C.) 253 Rifle Team 231 School Store (N.C.) 292 Senior Class Council 236-237 Ski Club (S.C.) 273 Soccer Team 211-213 Sophomore Class Council 282 Spanish Club (S.C.) 247 Spectre (S.C.) ......................................... 244 Sports Club (N.C.) 288 Sports Club (S.C.) 275 Sports Scores 310-311 Student Council (N.C.) 280-281 Student Council (S.C.) 234-235 Student Independent Study Committee (N.C.) 292 Swimming Team Boys 224-225 Girts 226-227 Teacher Aids 324 Technical Vocational School 278-279 Teens For Retarded (N.C.) 290 Teens For Retarded (S.C.) 251 Theatre Honorary (S.C.) 257 T.V. (N.C.) 285 Unicef Club (N.C.) 289 Up the Down Staircase 260 Usherettes (S.C.) 264 Varsity A Club (S.C.) 276 Winter Track Team 229 World Affairs Club (N.C.) 290 World Affairs Club (S.C.) 250 Wrestling Team 222-223 Yoga Club (S.C.) 273 Three Hundred Twenty-three Three Hundred Twenty-six Ithe PUTER ITf Three Hundred Twenty-eight

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