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l 1958 UVCLCL ,,b,4A,z,w1 4, ffm ,ggnior C4145 of .xggingfon ,gznior 3400! Jggingfon, iznnfiyzfania ' - J .- T-,Lg-fs.: I 5 X o L 8 1- ' 'Q Here we are! lt's been a long time since we first stepped through the doors of our senior high. We were sophomores those three long years ago. An eter- nity it seems at firstg but then, somehow, it changes into an all too quick flurry of faces, events, teachers, homework, week-ends, dates, and countless other little things that make up life with all its happiness and sorrow. XYe try to figure out where all the time went so quickly. XVe remember when we first came to Abington Senior High. XVe were awkward, graceful, nervous, confident, belligerent, submissive, eager, and reluctant, all at once. XVe weren't all the best that had come to Abington, or the worst: but there we were. XVe were to be the top class in a top school in the top country. XVe had tradition and reputation to uphold, and we did. XVith the help of an excellent faculty and sensitive guidance, we are now able to hold our heads high in pride, the pride of graduating from Abington High School, the pride of knowing that through our efforts in the classroom, on the playing field, and in our many extracurricular activities, we have helped to build the reputation that .Xbington now holds. Leafing through our yearbook for 1958, we find that we have much of which to be proud. Our cross coun- try team has had a highly successful season. Our pub- lications, such as Oracle, Alzinglonian, and Yearbook won awards in number at the famed scholastic press meetings. Our many clubs functioned at a greater level than ever before. The Key Club set up a novel system whereby students from Abington perform various public services for the community. The Varsity Club donated to the school a large amount of fine camera equipment including a motion picture camera with telephoto lens. Biggest event of the IQ57-58 school year was .PXbington's Evaluation by the Nliddle States Association of Secondary Schools K Colleges with a very good rating in eleven of fourteen categories. These few things that have been mentioned are smothered in the wealth of deeds that you will find between your Yezzrlnmk covers. Yes, our Yerzrhook is bursting with our achievements and deeds, only pos- sible because we. the student body, have seen ht to give a little to the school which has given us so much. Of QW 52 005 Jddingfoniana 'Iihese are the things we can sit back and remember with pride, the satisfaction of a job well done. But then, we remember other things too: not so important perhaps, but a big Part of our life. XVe remember all the little things that make up life at school. XVC remember a corny joke, and laugh. YX'e remember a boy or girl, and a crazy night when we felt like kings. XVe remember a driver's permit, then a license, and how dizzily grown up we felt. XYe remember our first awkward date, butterflies and all, but more important, we remember our last big school date at the Senior Prom. XVe remember the music, the soft lights, the good-natured laughter at the not- so-funny joke, the smiling faces, the dreamy eyes, and then the deep, peaceful quiet when you were finally alone. XVe remember how we saw our future stretching before us in the darkness, unknown, untried, challenging, and awesome at the same time. But right then, tomorrow was a million years away. XVhen it did come though, we knew we were ready to face it squarely: secure in the knowledge that we were the product of a Fine school in a fine community. So page through our Yearbook, you sophomores, juniors, and seniors, to come. Share in our memories, our deeds, our pritle. Our work is hnished. XX'e have done our best and must now leave to go to other things. But you must follow in our footsteps, you must strive to reach us, equal us, and then surpass us, if you can. In you lies the duty to uphold the Abington tradition and reputation. Thus, we, the Senior Class of 1958, leave to the coming senior class a strong and proud new high school. It is made of gleam- ing rnetal, plate glass, and red brick, nothing more. You are the magic ingredient that must be added to transform it into Abington, the school that we now sorrowfully leave behind to become a part of our past. 3 . i V' Q- 4 0 , ., A: if--. 'Y fb .nwsivr A r 35' x 1 T? on rx' Necessary to the proper functioning of a school such as Abington High are three groups of people which themselves must func-tion properly. First are the men and women in the main officefthe zidininistrzation of Abington High. They mziintriin an orderly. properly operating school system :ns efficiently as possible :md plain alu-:ul in scheduling :uid rurriculum. The teachers, secondly, are mwesszirily the hzukhone ol the school . lt is zu tezuht-r's duty to promote zi good sciholzzstic attitude, :ind doing this is not :always easy. Finally, the students play perhaps the most important role, lor it is they for whom the administration and teachers are zu-tuzilly working. Student groups such :ts the Honor Society represent the kind of student body that is ll vital part of a school such as Abington. 1 'fx X ,.J, Dear Students: It is with a great amount of pride that I write this brief message to the rlass of 1958. Your achievements in the Abington Senior High School speak for themselves. They will now be a part of the permanent reeord ofa great institution. My pride in the Class of '58 is somewhat tempered bythe sobering thought that our school will lose a wonderful group of students. Your example of leadership will linger long after your graduation. My sinfere thanks are extended to every member of the rlass for your loyalty and fo-operation. After graduation your paths will follow divergent routes. Some of you will go to rollege, others will go to work: some will marry, while still others will enter the armed forres. In any group you find you rselzfes, please be assured of my sinrerest wishes for your happiness and sueeess. XV. Eugene Stull, Principal , 1 ? . D .fghinglon gxXOR 69 X f Liff' f,Y+s.,y 'I Q K, -Q' we f ggi-X 3 We 'Q ' 11 15? 4, ' o D' . 'XO Dr. XV. Eugene Stull, High School Principal X i Mr. Irvin A. Karam. .'xdfllilliSlI'1iIiXC Assistant jfdf 647,55 OLUFL6 Ll? Ihere 15 l1ttle quesuon of the t1n1e honored statement Xbmgton 'lounshlp 15 a dehghtful place 1n uhleh to lne X towsnshlp of the ftrst class ll IS Slllldlfd on rolltng terraln just SIX nules north ol Pluladelphla Lountw L1ne The school d1str1et ot Xbmgton To1snsh1p IS exer mmdtul of the challenge to proude good educa llOll 101 the fllllllI'LIl ol 1ts 1nore than 90 000 ln h tbltants l 11de1sttndablN proud of 1ts recentlx opened semor llljill srhool the school d1str1et under the dun illllt SLIPCTXISIOTI of Dr O H hng llsh eonunues to pl an Ill advance to meet the llltfihlllg trend toss trd suburban hung xwllh 1ts present complement of ten elementarw three Jumor and one semor h1gh school challenged bw mcretsed enrollment Abmgton prepared for the lall ol 1998 xslth pl ms for two new bulldtngs fone ness element trx school and one neu Jumor high, and lddlll0IlS to three CXISKIIUSV llulldlllgb lflillllllllg the neu senlor lllgll school Nearlw sexen hundred employees u1th over mnety of then1 IJI'0fC5SlOD2ll staff at the hlgh school gmde the educauon of the tounshlps 8490 young people As an example of IIS alert ness to the needs of the communlty Ablngton Tounsh1p th1s xeir attracted cons1derable atten t1on w1th 1ts Adult Esemng bchool Nlutual un -nl wx O H lngllsh Supenntendcnt of Schools derstmdmg betu een schoolmen and laxmen has long been 1 major factor IH ma1nt11n1ng the school lllSll'lilS IJOSIIIOH of swell earned IJTCSUQC among suburb in schools of the country --n llO XRD Ol- SLHOOI lJlRFC1ORS Nathan S Trump beore llaum Carl O Hedner O H Lngllsh james l- hoe-hler -llbert l lsr ft Claxton lloxster Perenal R R1e1ler Henry I- L Nldoy lhaxles XS S1n1th and Hon Lxelyn L Hemel I I I I I ,Q fllll lhle gtuclancc K0llIlNLl0lN lwclxn lhehm Xcrnard lc U lnma Halclemm uusc IH thcn major Joh of Slllllllll ccnuses Ntth capable d11ect1on llOlll 1ts three counselors Xlr Peglex Xlxss H 1lclem 111 1nd Xhss Brehm, the Lglllildllif dep ifllllelll ollcls mxaluable a1d to students It IS a 1 tre person who 1t one t1me or another has not had the help ol thxs department In the bCglIlIllIlg ol thc Near problems concermng course beslege the counselors Xt mtdterm 21 flood ol college 3Ppl1Cdf10IlS and more schedule d1ll'lCl1ll1Cb be come the prune mterest Tots 1rd the end of the year, gradtlatlon occuples most ol the tlme 'lhen ws hen the students le1xe the glllllilliff department labors on Ijlllllllllg next Xen s schedules l'or thts llltl countless other seruces the gtndancte department cleselxes thc llliIllx5 1nd gratltude of lac ultx 1ndstuclents 1l1ke , MP585, omfwe om, goo! Nh Icglcx works ou Daw: Volffs scheclulc while Don Kane looks on pillklll X rell 1hle and nexer IITIHQ lI'!1l ol the admm lblI'lll0Il IS 1ts CEICICHI scCret1r11l staff Xlllh ,f HX IC Kilt 1 s 11 folciglx s 15 lllllLIN 1 1 1 , I, lncrcd L deftncss thex h tnclle the m 1ss ol p nper work that must of necessltx confront thc XNOIk1llgS ol a mod ern lllgll school X5 thc XISIIOT IFTIYCS 1t A H S he IS met bx the lxxendlx snnle ol Xlts F'lIl1lCI' uho presl les CI thc I' B X JOlfLl nd 1 te 11s 1 busm wp nntmcnt Ykllll thc Ijllllllllll he IS dncc ed hs IC Inn Ile scclct :rx xx h llllllCS CXLlNllllllf1 hom txpmg thc xsccklx hnlle ms mc 14 1 s hc h s lIJI0lJlLIll uc s son s 1 hc Illlglll c nth IJ lSKllfl 11 hu SIIIJCIXISCS thc schuc tc Itlllllltil ll glllCliIlfC X S cn U llll JKCCSS to O ol llc gmc 1ncc lUllll5LlUlS tlnou h the clncct e sccrct un ll 18 un 1 thcn lcco rwlesscs t non k s cx ul our schoo cn 1.111011 i rc V x ' ' l 11 . ' -, . ' 1 .I . ' ', :.g1,,,, ' I Llllil li - 1 , I2 ' ' ' i ' l'ng I Y' ., , ' -,. ' . ' . . , ' . , lv 1 , A 1 ' ' . h . . , A .2 , . .WE . - ,Z . , , K ' 2 . , hffzfff ff 2 ' . , 1, 2 .'. A. . ,1- 1 ' ' ' 1 2 ' ' ' 1- ly. J' 2 ' 2 l b . . . . . .1 1 . . l . 2 .2 Y I ,. - ' 1 ' 1 1 ' ' ' ovt ' . ..'.l 1 :11 ll'l1.,1 ess 4 1 pc' A ' 1' 1' 1 , t to N Nlocr-, Dr. Stull! 1' '1 A ' '-1 ,'- 'ho I 1, -. -- ' , - ' 1 - 1 1 - 1 - ,, tin to lIlL'1iSllI'lllg l11te registering studc-nts for I I ' C111 . 1 l ox 'n.. Perhaps ' 11 1 ' A :I mt .fs ' -I ' ln: . ', 1illClllllillcC, ln llllil use ' 1 'on- fer 1 Xlrs. 1 1 1 ' - 1l's st11 1- ' lllICIlll1lIlCC rc-corcls. K' ' 1 ' is the i,it 's concern, hc- 111113 61' ' ne l 'I' 'l1 ' ' ' ' g ' ion 'G A A ol Nliss Nlcntcm. gllllllllll 1 , 111'x. ' 3 . . . ' . . . , V l nknu ' to IlllllYllllllll stuclcnts, der 1 .5 3 out sc-crc-t111'ies' XK'IlIl'llllll csc-s that 1' rd N11 . .lar All f' 'Il' gnc- thx uflh 11 Pile ol 11 Nl .. ln' h ' ' ' l ' gh Ax' H- 5' -xx thc' ff'Ifl'1'S l rec' Sill ' hands Phyllis Ku- s unc' lllllklfllilll lc-ll 'r to c' de- Uffl- 1115 llfl' the glllifdlilllw ' l 'Ill' . H D ju! jgcrefaried JQZIQ app? .fd cf gmctenf 1 4 secretary Roberta Higgins on the health problems of students 'S Taking a short break are the secretartes ws ho are so necessary to the effluent run of our school Barbara lrarmer Xlary Nloore joan Nlorton Betty Dascher and Rose Saunders 9 3I'l Mrs Eltzabeth listrln looks encouragmg and Lynn Brad bury looks surprised at the results on the scale No large school can function wtthout an adequate nursmg staff Abmgton more than meets thts requrrement Wvllh Mrs Izstrtn as chief htgh school nurse thts department IS vtstted by all students at one txme or another NVhether ll be a toothache or appendlcltts everybody IS vsel comed wtth sympathetic eflict ency The department also ollers tree dental and medxcal examma tions to all Juniors and semors u ho destre them In addltlon to these exanunattons they have health conferences ruth sopho nlores and semors on their week ly agenda Thls year as an add ed servtce they helped supervlse the tuberculosxs Xrays From early m the mornmg wlth the on rush of absence ex cuses unnl long after the regu lar school day ends the nurses toll ruth untmng enthusiasm ever alert to the welfare of our s1xteen hundred strong 2 H' A 3 P F H 3 A 1 , y ',' ,f I , 1 I I 1 '1' i , fi e Q J R , ' x ll . , ' .Q ' V ' - , ' ' A ' ' ,' . xt wt, ' I s . 1 u Abington's nurses, Pauline Carroll and Elizabeth Estrin, consult with their Carroll 35 5UP9rVi50r and Mrs- 6. ' l 9 l I ' . f .U 4' A . i V i ' Q n Q a , N - 'XJ 7. RA' THE ENGLISH IDI-1l'.-XRTNIENNI'-5e'r1ted: Isabel Yerry, Mary Standing: Paul Beaver, William Lucian. Marv Grace Ambler, jack Wintle, .Xllan C-latthorn, Alberta Lang, Nan Taggart. Joyce Hensley, William Young, and Charles Schneller. is 9 E K 1: A 4 58 fllrlfrl YM IIIUJ Additional members of the English department are Edward .,i,t,. gmt The English department of Abington presents broad opportunities to our fu- ture writers, actors, and radio and tele- vision stall members. In addition to the regular required English courses, which provide sound background in grammar, composition, and literature, such diver- sihed subjects as creative writing, dra- matics, public speaking, journalism, and radio and television workshop have been innovated recently. The creative writing course partici- pants have submitted some of their best Seltzer, Suzanne Jacobs. and Thomas Fitzsimmons. xl X T'i'1 3 Q1 ,3 ,ff -tr- 'QT f Q., TAL, 'Q 4 leap ,.,- ,tx ' .1,f V13fi ' ,,. ,- . ,-1 ,I ff - - , - sf' ,uf ,,f' . Busy preparing the set lor assetnbly are stagecraft workshop stu- A favorite plate for industrious students is our attractive dents, Bill Ripley, Sue Hallam. Phil tlolltner, and Bob Baltler- library. son, while Mr. K-autt gives tiual approval to work completed, -1' Fi l si .f f w if if if f' E A 1,-:S-5 fuss-.V 01555 of Our Cjugure pieces for professional judging. Among the other examples of out-of-classroom instruction are the radio and TV class trips to New York, to studios, and to college radio stations. These elective courses have proved themselves well calculated to further spe- cial talents in those students interested in enhancing their linguistic heritage. It will be evident to anyone familiar with our effective English program that the department is as varied in interest and technique as it is large in number. l Z ,X I 0 jim Shields, Norm Spangenberg and juds Tia- den use mechanical help to improxe their read- ing skill. il Earl Vance, Debbie Nloskovitz, Linda Goldenberg. and Judy Kellerman rehearse for the morning program while Bob Metigar tests the mike. 2' 741 Quiet efficiency is displaxed by librarians Martha Nici-'arland and William Bierlx as they go on with daily thores designed to aid the students' library needs. ll l l..,..... :bl s J ,gg--M Seniors Louisa May, Sylvester Siexers, Fred Robbins and anc Rt-nn ponder about their future line of work in home Iixi I . y r X my llwxcr Bob lJCllxCll and judy Nlckinley pausc to tdimie the att: ictne language depart- -. 1 1 2 N Catharine Iobach Barbara l.auterhach, Dominic Lessa, I-idna Powell, Donn Teal, Ilelen Black and kathryn latter of the language department. inciuinftld .ibeuekp ar Ar if if Under the able leadership of Nliu. Ldna Powell, the language department has enjoyed a most progressive year. Besides the classical language ol Latin, the modern languages of French, German. and Spanish are of- tiered. 'Iihrough the study of a lan- guage. students also acquire practical knowledge of the cul- ture and customs of foreign countries. Although the language depart- ment has traditionally sponsored many activities, this year they inaugurated a costume hall with the theme ol Nlarcli Gras. An- other noteworthy actiyity spon- sored is the exchange program with Kant Gynmasium and the Lily Braun Schule in Germany. CC8l'Lf 49' XX .-man. Betty Ruc nick. and Carl Berlingei lixten to records. if it 4-1 The Nlembers of the math department Seated Shawlor YN oodruff Robert Rettz E A Brunner Samuel Penfreld Standmg Xlarttn Hubley fhomas Hamtll Harrtson Nace The mathematlcs department thrs rear conttnued to gne Abmgton students the finest rn a mathematlcal educatlon The formulas of algebra tnterested mam stu dents uhlle others tx ho lean toward higher rnathcmattcs became rmolxed rn trlgonometrx The rntrrcactes of both plane and solrd geometrw held the atten t1on of a large portron of the students lk 1th green ttnted challtboards and graph models supplemented bs excellent texts Xbmgtontans le a r n e d mathematxcs through three rears of hlgh school rn hung proof that some hrgh school stu dents are well wcrscd tn the held of htghcr tnathemattcs so often lauded ln the press Thts sort of enthusrasm xull brlng Xmertca up to date In space com putatron fA l'Lf0l :5 6Zl'LLl9lftf6l fe W06Z:5bl,l 9 TJQ! E HI! Shamberg studies math agalnst a background of the de partment prror to gomg to class rn geometry Barbara Carny works the sltde rule as john Burroughs, ken Drlzen, and Scott Dowmng gnc her pornters I3 Q1-i...,..,.- Q - - v i y 1. ,. . 1 TWG . . . . 1 . . ' Q ,. . Y 1v , -Z N, A f vl r ' I '7' A . .tu . ly ' - ef ' -.J t wth l Illlllli X , E - u I JU- ' y . . I LN It looks as if Bill Becker cience in cz mr!! ,Midi Sauce .Qu 'l'he mineral frartiouizer gets a thorough examination by interested chemistry students, Rich Wasson, Carole Wag- ner, and jack 'l'arman, av D , judy Herbirek. Bob Brady, and Connie Armor, find something very interesting in those microsro ies ' l they are giving them. 1 , jutging by the rapt attention 3 ua From the first day ol' school, the science depart- ment has provided excellent guidance in scien- tific training. Alter a full year of determining the best methods for using the new facilities, the Ab- ington students settled down to learning in ear- nest. The students utilized every facility of our modern science wing, from the budding plants in the solarium to the glass retorts in the chem- istry room. ln an age which stresses so strongly the need for proper scientific training, Abington students have the best physical opportunities for developing their scientific talents. PSN 'RFQ .'KllINGTON'S SCIENCE Dlil','XR'l'- MEN'Il-Sealed: .Xrmella Woodward, George Erb, Nliles Nlessinger. and Nlarv Krebs. Standing: YYilliam Top- lis, V Alfred Yandling. and Ernest 'f' Rauch, 'Q Q... tv In a democracy such as ours, it is necessary for each citizen to he as well informed as possible. Traditionally, Abington's social studies depart- ment has trained young voters and citizens so that they can exercise their prerogative to best advantage. In his hrst high school year, the student has his choice ot world history-which will become a requirement next year-or economics. In the jun- ior year, American history is a requirement. The senior problems of democracy classes have many guest speakers during the course of the year. In addition .Xmericans for the Competitive Enter- prise System arrange held trips to various manu- lacturing plants, hotels and other places of busi- ness, so that the students can get a preview of the business world. Jtti,f..,, 3, Ja... ow 6Aozn9ing mr!! In their quest to keep up with the latest world happen- ings, Ken Dawson. Pat Lehman, Bill Hayes, Ginny Thomas. and Jeanne Remmey pore over the Nea' York Times. iff :IR -1 x , Getting ready for a discussion on the Middle l-last, Elaine I-ltkel, Thelma liberle and .Klan McCauley give their attention to Mike Taylor, who points out Sauct Arabia on the map. ' Qt sy: - , . ' 51' - f' A y 1, ZW 'i,,Qi1.? 5A.' YI aims . gf : Q23 45,44 4' 1- -sf' .WI fr '- .XIIINI-'IOX'S SOCIXI. S'Iil'DIIlS DEPARTMENT-Sez1lz'c1: Carroll. Charles Pawling. Christine Lucas, William Haynes, Ros Crate Davis. I-'lorence Benjamin. Ruth Krapf, Starzrling: Iilmer lyn XYolman. and Daniel Showan. 15 gg-nu :inn in 4-'ie Gathered lll the tonfttente loom .nt the ttachers of the Xotatnonal Department Neal Perkins lhllxam Xrmstrong Robert Rapp llnlcl Clark kllvtood Snnth lhlllam Crun 1-.lun Pinto lxenneth Nhllcr Lexus K apaldl and l loyd Cole Ihe xoc lllOll.1l department ol Xlllllglljll I-hgh behool enjoys some ol the most 1110611111 laC1l1t1es and Hnest app tratus as ulable to students 111 these helds Xvllll the exeeptlon ol the uoodxsorlung ind autotnotne lllltllllle shops hllltll are pres entlx located tt Huntmgdon untor Hugh, all of the shops are loctted m the neu hxgh school Moa tL0l'Ld, if fd, C8 ljlllllllllg These tntlude the pflllllllg 1lldLl'llI'lC ClLClllL and lIlLlllSlI'ldl arts shops and the me Clldllllal dl mxng 100111 Students Illlljfbflllg lll XOC1llOIlIil trtde and ln dustxx tl studles duote at least h all ol thelr tnne to lL'iQlCIlllL subjects to proude 1 uell rounded suondarx educttlon Llilll-Nlllg semors hate an opportunltx to pntlclpate lll the eooperatne ed uctuon pxogxan Ihns program endeawors to trun the students through prattlcil lIldUSlI'l2il xsolk Lxpexxenu. lor the ottupatlons Mh1Cll they Nlr Smllll demonstrates a news lCLllIllqllC mlnle Dick Datnels lllll Burr nn Cassidy and Doug lomner are all ues ' lto ls the totnpltx LN of at al lllllllllSIl1Yll Line ts e ld lliblx a n llolslon lDLllUllIl tasks lrdllllllill to future lllLll1JIllLx s - , I ,M n ri , l x 5 Q 1 .A I Ky 2 , I Al I I ' - 5-. 'v 1 J 'N ,I Q. .K , - 0 I t 'lf R sq-V W , YK V .2 ' , , , ' I ' ' . ,. , 2 , ., .2' , . , ' 2 f I . 1 . . Y v - - . P . i - . . . . , I , ' - f j9 C . ? ' . - y . . I 9 . . . ,sv 'A , Y . K , , . , ,, . - f C C ' -.2 . N V Y :V 2 . . . . , ' X , - '. ',. . -' 1 , .1 . , . . t L .js 1 , 2 ' I Q 2 ' .' . . ' . . , H I Q . . . x 1 I .Y - sz' ' ll.,. 'z ' l. -L AL I H . 2 . . Slr lit poinf out I 'Lili-' the int-'n' - a cnt' -, 'hil 1 2 'nd ',. , . . - . . ' ' . 16 'KW '- i ihor ulnlc Htt lltl guts llll ns uniting, Not satisfied mth just hsttning Bob Xionte and Charles Roslsou probe to su. uhat lnalses sound , y.,,1 , we ta rmjulone ll lollou uion titluttion Students uno i it ec nn Sllllliltlll nit o il nga uiginuiing ptogi nns tlitton to hung ptcpnttl lot ent: inte into ski d int teclnnt il occupations Theze ne 'tml students not ni the soc ttional technictl curriculum wx ho Like one ol out niclus Ill il education courses Xluh.nnc tl drawing in industrial nts shop inn he eluted bs students in am course 1 .A Hood shopptis Prank Brennan Dult Leberman Bob Daum Frank Raube Bill Sotlen Bob Roxhx ames Dennis and C eorgc Dellerner uorlt diligent ls on their intlnulual Jobs Ifuttne machinists Xlilse Stngti Hill klninttt Burl Riplex .md Nlllse Nlnrphs use the ltuest in modern equipment under tle expettentul tutelage of XI: Clark ni ll .--1, f' i O I. I A I-'rznik Clunicelli examines the linits of his lr s, ' ' - 'ITY Re' ' -. I attention to l ' I ' ' 1 jolt, x li l, V 4 1 I 'Q U V 1 ' ' ,fi Tiffin' it V' , V ,',fQ'Zf'i,.f M ' of , V V A , f .1 iv i' ' if Q . ,fijff 1' wi ' I g': 2 ' . Q . ' t llet . , . .... if 3 lll tl ' t ' lnncztl Cllllilfllllllll gt . ' athe- A inzttits and science to prepare them for CIIKIYIIICC , I l int tt lp- - KV if it 1 .. This is in sul- ' V' L -'If 'z . 'lle A 'L 1 1 K 'iz L' 2 ' . l 'A V 3' ' ,. . ., 1 Q . - , . .. ' - .L ., .,,'A ... .2 ,.KZd A Y. W i Azzrhl H I. ,A W1 , 2 V , .,,, L 7. , . l V , Q . Y V 4' u b . . , . - ,b ' .A . fir' . . , - . I A 4' C' ' ' - 1 H -Q '--W'1 '-'W'-11-1 naman: ','i0lv' 9 . ,,, 5' tx. MLL. s -ov, Blblllllf, C Hens receues a telephone order wshxle Barbara XS olte takes dtclatton and lxnda Schvx artz and Pat Baer go about thelr work For those students xx ho choose the uorld of lJllSll'lCSS as thelr field ol endeavor the bUS1IlCSS department of Abtngton provides extellent OppOI'lllIllllCS lor tram mg -X gxrl COIHplCl.lI1g thxs course sull have no anxle t1es about 8.Cql1lflI1g a IJOSIIIOYI tn the secretarlal Held She IS thoroughlx lnstructed 1n txpmg and shorthand and has had extensxve practlce on the most modern of office l1ldChlI1CI'X The future accountant wlll be thank ful rn later wears lor the background tn busmess math etnatlcs he recexwed here Through our excellent fac1l1 tles and vsell educated laculty those lnterested IU clert cal work are tlso gnen 1 chance to become expert It IS for these reasons then th tt each xeir local busmesses and enterprlses throughout the Phtladelphta lnetro polltan area are eager to entplox the Abrngton grad egzzcfenfd Qdepare bL6Ll'w5:5 at-f .1 N49 'Civ' ,,,-.,, Q-fl Nlr Roberts guns experienced gutdance to Dlana jenklns on the .- X .gg The Busmess Educauon Department gathers tn thetr workroom Seated XS lllxam Poster ane Nlc Donald Hste Nlexus Ruth lxonklc lharles Robelt and Dorothx lerntnert .Standzng Xnthom Hantjts -Xlbert N rlght Robut Nltllu and Herbert lxerchner . -,.. A--. - . ., ' 0 I l T 3 Z? Q . X , , H-f ' . I ' 0 Qlf, W 'T 1 1 ,1 ' - 1 ' 1 A , I' - 11 . 1 ' J A , V , so ' Q 1 ' l 1 , . 1 1 A 1 V' ' ' . 'Y . . lv . I , by I . V L . g . . ' - .awww A r gut V ,I V , . Q . .- E, , 1 I ' Q 2 1 1' 1 '. ' ' 1 V . 1 1 . 1 X .i - 1 ' X fs uate, intricaties of the colnptometer, q Ago , sr-i - X ii' :Z 22 lil? Y gl 1 gli t I , ,, ,rr tml, N, , ' ti . QQ- it 4 . 5 ' ' , I . e , i Y A . t V ' V , W, 5- K vi V 'Z-'LO z Q ' X ' r :L ' 1 ,tp - ' . e t ' f: x 7 gt , 4 , , x X K . . 'j NX V, 4f ' 44 Q K 4 ' ,ff - I: T 1 Q-4. A -' - I ,- 18 A g85 61,08 f 12' Af Bllillllllg., young lllL1SlI'dlOfS, sculptors IFILLIIOI LlCCOI1lOI'S tashlon designers and Ullllllliflldl artlsts XlJll'lglOl l has In ill iomhxncd yuth the la es LIIUIIJIIILIIL and xnutmg rooms the art dcp llllIlLIll 15 produclng a ulde and yery lJIUlLSS1OIldl lookxng dlsplayf ol talent l nclcr the clpable assistance of XII' mgton s yelyf pttlent art teachers art nundtd students hayc turned out copper jcuelty cement or plaster sculpture, IJHIIUIIQS ol uery' medxum lmoleum or yt ood blocks and pcncxl or mk drayungs Subjects ire 1I1lCI'C5llI1g and yarxed often st1ll lxlcs set up by om own students The mo art rooms arc equtpped yslth photo screens and sllde projectors enabllng stu dents to study the yu orks of the1r famous lOI'LI'llIlllClS Whether yfou are mterested lll nt ts L1 career or are just puttermg nound Xlllllgltjll offers you the chance to lulhll your xslshes Debbxe layenson and Paula ann Glossman work chltgently on 'N' chalk IIIIPICSSIOII5 uhlle Sandy Hendler and Date Del-layls seem to he haung drthculty choosxng Cqlllplllelll WL0l'Lg Phd fd CI'lllCl5ll'lg a poster are the art department lnstruttors Fduard Nagle and joseph Olson CP- I u N 9 W 7' Beth Noocluartls talents at the tltamtxg, board arc adnured by Iom Sluelds while Xl Hotthtngton puts thc llllhlllllg touches on hrs sketch -g..,y- I9 l:,,, K 'I - sy 5-W' -. ,, ev ?.,f-' -' 1 f -, Q' ' A 1 . , A A ' '1 - l T Q L- Q I - . U - s y , ur Y 1 I ' .,.. I, v ' .' . -t K ' . ' I 5 , I , I -ta+..,2P - so - t e . I E . y I y .1 , , .', 1 .X I l X A , the 1 . L ' ' t t 1 5 5 ' is . . . . g., 'A f ' - - 'z ' ' ' ' ' , . Jo- t seph Olson and Nlr. Edwin Nagel-Aly .P 'Q Y R 2 l - ' n R . . 1. K , X s 1 I- k. . . K fv Nl . . 1. I ' X NX 'rx .il 'gk L 1 i . H 1 ., ' 'Zu li f K ,. ' ' ' n A U . A N, Y . ' 1 is in ' . H 0 A' E 1 V- B y, .k. , , . . n p ' A. , ' , , . . is , t .V f., , f wa. s H he H+, Judy Lachrnan, Dot Ceneviva. Carol Kunz, Ruth Lewis, Miss Davis, and Johann Cataldi are busy with the necessary chore of clean up. ju, fare con0mi5f5 QUEEN, OWQZ Ciih 4QJZC8H16WZf The intricacies of the sewing machine are explained to Gail Kleese, bv Mrs. Xvesterfield. while Carol Arnold watches and Pat Medlin works on her pattern. U nov-v Ills l Y. I il 20 Our home economics instruct- ors, jane Davis and Frames Westerheld. v.. -gf' is ,Yi S if . 3, sf I :mv ' ?f . 'Q ,Q , K, , VM V7 iii. 435 4 The modernity of our new high school is perhaps demonstrated most forcibly in the home economics departtnent. Found here are home freezer, electric dishwasher, clothes washer, drier, eve-level oven, and a beautiful dining area with a built-in brick planter. The department head, 'lane Davis, with the help of Frances Xvesterfield assists the girls in getting the most out ol' this excellent equipment. Girls who take home economics learn not only the fundamentals of cooking and sewing, but also acquire knowledge about shopping for food, planning and serving meals, caring lor home and children, and pre- senting a well ordered home. Thev learn the duties of a homemaker and how to fulfill these duties most elticientlv. These luckv girls have as part of their t'classroom a kitchen, sitting room, and dining area. These serve as a lnodel lor selecting a beautiful but practical luture home. The Home litonomics Department forms an im- portant IJLIII ol the school activities. It provides expert servit e at manv special events and in the spring puts on a lashion show. The departmenfs showcase in the hall alwavs has a timelv displav that is infor- mative and helpful to ev erv girl in school. Nlr Coleman rlrncr Lfll1Ldll0Il instructor gnes Xalcrle XS ard Sue cnks and udw Brodt some tips on the tethnique of driving Abmgtons driver educatlon course has two dlffer ent but closely related phases One of these IS the classroom work where the emphasis IS placed on form mg good driving attitudes Using the text books for the background of discussions most of the necessarv information is obtained from Mr Coleman the in structor and developed through discussion with the students Topics for discussions include reaction time and speed insurance accident reports the physical and psxcological make up of the driver how it iffects drnmg and the car itself Xll thls knowledge is put to practical use when it comes time to climb behind the wheel and venture out on your own However confidence is galned quickly and soon it IS time to try your hand at passing the state driving test. Once one has succeeded it becomes his turn to sit in the back-seat and observe PLUQP6 QULQW I? J lbecafnm Q.:-' julle Keyes Grace Simbak and Caths Trout examine an engine the others practicing for their attempt Feeling that he is an expert In now one grows impatient with the newer drivers as they get too close to an on coming car or stop with a lurch but remembering our own shortcomings we supress our emotions It is hoped that after this extensive instruction our Abington drivers are deserving of the new car Bryner Chevrolet donates to the school each year. Valerie Ward watches as julie Keyes, Cathy Trout, judy Brodt, Sue jenks and Grace Simbak display familiar traffic signs. 2l 66 fed n mic eloarfmenf lamina ce e cw gytodffi Nenior members of X Lappella fhoir, 5lCXC Reso Bill Hawes. Sue Jenks, Bill Barth. Carol Nack and .Xlice llpting, wait lor joan Fetter's intro- duction. Our accomplished senior musicians llst rowj linda Wilex. Neil Lemon, Ray Daxidson. Ralph Hard. 12nd rowj Bob lJel'orter, Sharon Nlont- gomery, Louisa Slay, Bob Swift, lflrd rowj liarl l lililllCl'. and Rich Nlaleienda combine their talents to entertain with a lixely tune. 4 I vilibsxrm A lx' lst Roux' Nl. lfmilius. .-X, Xkiltlritk, C.. l rnis. J l.ippx. L. latques, Steienson, ll, Noting. I.. lloranl, ll. llanis. l'. Rudolph, l.. Kline. 21111 Ifu:1'.'Y. l'1'llUll. Bangs, Nletl. ll. XN'exler, B swift, I., Hai, ll. llcnlel, B. Shupp. j. Larson, R. llaxidson. ll. lludson. B. Wuest, D. Clharno, j. Smith. R. Bobb. 3111 lions: Nl. lailor, l llaxies, l-. Bridge, N. lemon. R. XS'at'd, IJ Bechtel. I-. Ruoll. l'rit1. 41h linac: XY. Miller Nl. I.ee. K. Miller. ll. Clradwicls. ll, sthenkman S. Lhrislianson. lr.. Palmer. .N - ,i The Vocal Music Department of the high school occupies an active location in its own wing of the administration building. The curriculum includes .lunior-Senior Chorus, Music Apprecia- tion, Orchestra, and Harmony-which carries ma- jor credit designed for advanced music students interested in musical theory and structure. A Cappella Choir. also a major credit, is composed of juniors and seniors chosen from their sopho- more vocal music classes. Furthermore, small groups are formed which perform at assemblies, concerts, dances, and other engagements during the course of the year. Prominent among these groups are the senior, junior and sophomore quartettes and the senior quintette. known lor their popular versions of traditional ollerings. U gl 22 ive gm fo jlfd Qowedd Xerus XS eayer Nlerun Gottshall and L Lester Shade of the music depaltment look oyer a new piece of music students will work on shortly 1 ,aj 8 fy i 1 1 ls! R011 R Xlberto D Struhlc NI Xrcns X Boctsch NI CIDDOUI NI Ewox L Nloore C futher I Boyer nd Roi NI Sa1gc11t I NX1ll1a111s C Palmei XI lxronmiller S Woodward N C1a11t H Boyer A Diesmgtr k Ramscx NI lLIHlllllS 31d Rau J Peaccy X Lhler D Durst J Braun C Romberg j Reyen I Xlct ranc I Nick acl1er11 H jacquelm J Clipplnger 1' Xlurray H11 Rot R Xllfillliillll Rementcr KN Snyder R Pierson B Pike C, Brackm Loursts oflcrcd Ill lllilflllllellldl music this year are hand 11141 orchcstia is 111a 1015 with thc cxtla c11r11c11l1r dance band. A11 interesting lact 15 thc presence of faculty II1CI1llJCI'S i11 our dance band cornmonly known as the Abingtones. Mr. Nerus Weaver heads the band while Mr. Lester Shade directs the orchestra this year. A new ClCYClOIJIl1CI'lI in the school is the OIAg'il1ll'iIlOI1 of a true sy1n- phony O1'LllC5ll i 'md making orchestra a 111'1jor credit and '111 '1ctu'1l class is hc big sttp towird that goal. ymncwfff gui!! pdydica Qfnedd THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Ist Row: Anton Stanis, Gertrude Herzog, Glenn Snodgrass, jane Oswald, Hazel Christman. 2nd Row: Donald Conrad, Sanford Secor, Wil- liam Naumann, and Joseph jurich. Will that ball go through the basket or not seems to be the predominate question in the minds of sophomores as they play a game in gym. One of the first things a visitor at Abington notices is the great hangar-type dome that dominates the horizon. This and the adjoining building house our physical education department. The physical education classes teach students the rudiments, and eventually the finer points of basket- ball, badminton, volleyball, golf, swimming, football, and social dancing. These improve the sportsmanship, coordination, and general physical fitness of Abing- tonians. Health education, also part of the course, instructs future citizens in the proper attitude toward the life they will face once they graduate. lVith Mr. Naumann, Miss Margerum, and the swim- ming aides teaching, much progress was made in swim- ming class. The swimming aides, a recent innovation at A. H. S., volunteer to instruct students and to dem- onstrate swimming skills. Some of them have passed their junior and senior lifesaving test: and others have passed their water safety aid course and are capable of handling classes without teacher supervision. They willingly give up their study halls to help other stu- dents. The swimming aides include: Pat McNeal Tom Little Peggy Andersen Frank Davey Barbara Smerke Andy Dieseinger Carol XVagner lane Lyon Bob Schwinger Students kick up a storm while going through basic instruc- tion in the necessary art of swimming. C, is 4-' ,X111-1' 1-1611-11 Xf'1l1k5 111 w1111111g. ll 11 1111- 1111111 111 1-111-11 1111111-111 111 thc 1-1355 of 1938 111 111l11- hi1 1111111 111 ll 11-111111' 111 1X11111g11111 High. N1111' 111- 11111 rC11chc-11 the 11111, 111111 lic i1 1hc 11-11111-1'. 1501111111 him 1111- 1111- ?f111i5 111 1411111111-1lgc 111111 1-xpc1'ie11Ce 111.11 111111111 11111 5311111 111111, 1111 1111111111. 111111 111111 IDI65CT1l. .111 pa11111.11s to be 1111111111-11 111111 11111111111-U11 11111111 111 1111- 111111116 11-11i111'1 111 ,-Xl1i11g11111 High. 11111.1x. 1110 11-111111 111 .X1,l11g11J11 11 1111 l1.11l11. 11111111111111. 111 111.11 111 1111 lI1SlgI111ll'Zl1l1 111111-gc fl-C5l1l111111 111 L1 -111111111 lJ113111l'NX Cllllblllff' 1011111111115 111 the 111111111-111 111111111011l1C1111111l1i111. 11111 111- will g1'1111'. 11111111'l1i11g 111111111110 k1111w1e11gC 111111 01111-1'iC1111-2 111111, S111111. 111- will ilglllll l11-1111111- 11 11-11111-11-11111 111111-, thc 16111101 of 1011111111111 1 g11111.111or1s. CPORC lt All AVS C ollcgc Pre mrfttory ,041 Horace Ayenue Abtngton 1-orum Club 1 0 '5 Pubhcny Chanman for Dances ' 4 Homcroum Prestclcnt ' l'dXU1Il6 Nlorntng, ProgTam Announcer He enjoys ptancx playmg and yyould hlce to go to Cornell or Penn btatc RICHARD 'Nl ADANIS College Preparatory 1863 Royyland Road Abtngton Rtch he comes to us from Xeaclon Htgh Those oyerly cauttous yyomen drtyers trlc htm The college ltfe IS hts tmmecltate future VARY JANIL A1 BILRTLLLI Bzmncty ldueatton 1332 Huntmgdott Road Abmgton N Hoclccy l ' '3 Spantsh Club 1 P Student Council 3 Spntt Contnnttce 3 1111 'l ' 51 Student SCTNICC Corps 5 1-'1 A 3 HOIIIL room Offtcer l ' Xnothcr school teacher 111 our mtclst 'yi s llllll csts centet atouncl sports attcl danctng JAMES l'R1'Nl1:R Al LXANDILR lollegz PHIIIHIHOIK 1393 lcnotc Road Nfeadoyybtoolc nn Sophotnolc Lhotus Affthatton l 5 Dog House I Z Snack Bar Nlanagcr ' 5 Soccct 'ylanagct 5 A Cappella 1 learbook Spatnsh Club l ' Cala Ntgtt 1 ' Student Scrytcc Korps Z utnor 1-ltstortans I 3 Sp111t Cotnnnttcc ' 3 Sentor Play Inns an atdcnt Dtxte lattcl fan MERRIL1 1 A1 ILXANDI-.R JR locational 610 jackson Aycnuc Xtclsley lllondc Nfcrttll IS .1 c.1n1c11 buy, ltke many otlter felloyys cars fascnt atc 111111 Pflllllllg IS tlte ftclcl l1e 11 cntct GAIL AMB11-.R t mera! 163.1 Sprmg Ayenue enktntcryyn A Cappella ' 1 Cala Xtght 1 C all 'yltss Pttntntg X1 cclc of 10.18 i,,,,,, prefers records and dancntg Shell help malcc the laches 111orc beautt ful ywhtle vyorlcmg as a hatr dresser NIAR1 1-.LIIABILIH AMES Collegc Preparatory '430 Ardsley Aycnuc C-lenstdc Sophomore Chorus Sptrtt Cotnmtttcc 7 3 Ftcnch Club 1 Student Serytce Cotps ' 3 Cala Ntght 1 S Setnor Play A small package of dynamtte Nfaty plans to 1tte11cl college nerct fall yytth a yocatton undcctdcd as yet VAR! ARl'rI 1'.1AlX1L ANDILRSLN liuytrrcyy I clucaltort 801 Nfaplc Aycnuc Ardsley 'c yttntntng., l 1- BL A 1 1 l'l0l11t.I'OU1l1 Olftcct lutnot Sextcttc Pct., .1 luycr of dancntg and syytmtnmg plans tcr go to .1 busntcss college n1 prcparatton for a boolclceeptng career www ii .Z NANC1 ull' AN AXIH' RSON tollegc I rt ntrrttory 1 U Papct Xltll Rcuttl Nlc tclcnyybtoolc trrelcrrrturr 1 5 lrcn 1 1 ll c1y1cc ot ' Scn 1 Sy 111111111115 S 1 Xlttltatto 5 Nancy s .111 ex 1 dlllllf, act NIARIIHNN ANN XRPNS tcrllcpt Ile mrutury 1 Hartc Road lllctlclyyoocl ynn J1Ul1lUlL IUIUS 11.11111 tts u 1 -1111 tum ' 1 1 1 c b1ll s s 1y1111 as 1 mustc 11111111511 illtl cotnposct JOHN l All 'U R XXI luruttcrrml Ut Sentntolc A lll11L lox Cltasc Nla to rc mn t1c lldlllbll e ls yy to c 11cf petty crlltcct llc hkcs hunt 1, l'lllA ARD XS l1Al1l1 lllltlfltllltlf 01-1 Robctts Xycnuc t lcnstclc c c tc 1111 s Jl 1 1 y cs amuse 1 c csnt tltntlc c 111c yo s so ut ctc s tcll s ty to bcntg .1 mcchatnc ob '11, 1 .' . f ' ' I ' 1' .. 'Ll I .1 .' I I .Alf V- J 5. I ' ,LL 1' ,52 33' ' ,LS . ,l .llf .',32 J ':L, 11' ' I L,.:. - to 'f'gZi'JQ1',.. . .. , - up 1 'g g Sy ' 1, , 2, 35 1111111 Night 2, 3: Spirit cl0ll1I1llllCC 2, 253 ' V 4 .1 if ia2f?S?3i?t l Li. ' 1 ,. -1 ' ' Ab' K1 ' , 2, 33 Uraflc' 2. 33 Lactcmssc' l, 2. 31 l .'l'..A. 2, 'L 4' ' ch Clul 2, 213 1111111 Night 2. fl: lloclcey l: St tclc- t S ' ' C 'ps 1.1 io Play: .' v' ' I I3 Sp'11t Cc1t1t1t1ittc:c'fl:. ' ' ll I: 'A ' -qtett A 1 at 5 ' 13 in 1' , shcfs yvcrn IIILIIIA ptilc-s lor it. 1 lfllf ' ' ' . 1 ' ' - , 1 l.' 5 Soil 'ill ' .1 11 at' ' Cl I I: l'l'L'I1Ll1 Club l: . lug- I tor ' Z.: Spirit Clcmttttiltc-c' fl: 111111 N'glt Il. lb' crystal Q .ec' 'i34'1' mx. Q. .A,ll .Al 'HJ lj gl l ' ' . Ab' ' Nil A-bound :tml Uillillll to bc- me Z1 'l 'I 1 inf, li l ll junf fltb' l..la1tc'. 511, Ca1tll'. jolt- ' n htm, 1ut lt' do ' ' llt' lto 'y' tl. 1. l tny, licll'-', y'- on ht. 'Aly wfhm PATRICIA LOLISE BAER Business Edtumtion 623 Seminole Avenue I-ox Chase Nlanor Pat Sophomore Chorus unior Ctrls Sextette Cala Night 2 3 Senior Plas F BI A 3 junior Chorus Pat collects pop records and enjovs tvping She has her eves on a 'ob as seeretarv in the adver tistng world DIANNE BXIRIJ fem tl 1061 lsipltng Road enktntoun A tration 1 3 News Bureau I ' I-rench Klub I ' Spirit Comnnt e Senior Plas Kala Night 'I Student Service Corps ' X future Florence Nightingale is lliannt Shell be off to nursing school in the fall STEX EN L BALIS l nllegf Pzepnmton 1211 Susquehanna Road Rvdal teve bmgtontan I 1 v r u l Ppztome 1 2 'S Oracle 7 3 Honor Soeietv ' 3 In the future Steve mav give Shakespeare a run for his lnoncv jLDI1'H BANC S follege Irejmrnlom 340 Rockledge Avenue Huntingdon Yallev udv Orchestra I 2 3 Student Concert representative Nlusical nded ji lv t nt stand vvild r k n rmll Her taste runs to tie quiet side She is going to the l ntversnv of Chicago ELF XNOR jl-.AN IHRI-l IHIAR 1331 Pepper Road Rvdal can Sophomore Chorus Lacrosse 3 S nnnnng ' 3 untor Historians P Homeroom Secretary I Spirit Committee ' Oracle 5 C or Cuard P 3 lean dislikes skeptical peo le She hopes to studv CIILIIIISIIW follfgf Ptejmialoix CXNIHIA PENNIL IiAR1x1-.R 9.10 Crefeld Avenue Elkins Park Pennte Dramaties Club 1 Abmglonzan 1 2 Hockey 1 2 3 ala ht Z 3 1' A .5 Alvvavs has a smre Pennie hopes to attend H 1ll1am and Nlarv or Colbs C allege PIl'11IlTlllOIj RICHARD I' BARNES I eneral P44 Svlvania Axenue Clenside Dick Bible Club 1 Z Senior P1 ay Dick will enter the world of 1IlCll1SlI'Y after completing a business idmnnstration course at college CARL IYILLIAM BARTH College Preparatory 1138 Highland Avenue Abington Bill ' Football I 3' Sophomore Chorus: Traek 1: Cala Night 1 3 3: Senior Plav: lVhee1 Club 3: A Cappella 5, Bill likes to work on his Model Fo tl. He plans on college. It NANCY JOAN BARN IC Certeral '92 Forrest Avenue, Elkins Park .'ance ' 'aa Night I -. 23. ft. mln : Senio Play: Stutent Service Corps 3. A sewing enthusiast. Nantv plans to study fashion at college. GEORGE BASSETT Ill College Preprtralorv 2038 Susquehanna Road Abington ' anish Club 1' Track 1. - 3' Cala N'ght 3: Cross Country -, 1 Indoor Track 2 3. Nature. camping. and the South appeal to George. A noted runner he likes art too and might decide on it as a career. GERALD BEAL IYOFIIIIOHIII 2635 XVest Mt. Carmel Avenue. Butch g Football 1. Give him a lootball. basketball, baseball and he's happv. ln fact, anvthing to do with sports is for him. He plans to work with wood. JUDITH ELAINE llEAl'XlUN'l' College l,7't'II1llIllUI'A' 702 Kirkwood Avenue, I-'ox Chase Manor judy : Bible Club 1, 2. 3: Drill Team 1. 2: Sophomore Chorus: A Cappella 2. 3: 1'no-book 3: 1 .'l'.A. 1. 2. 3: Student Council 1, 2: Cala Night 2, 3: Senior Play: Student Service Corps 2. A follower of softball, Judy plans to go into teaching. 27 ' JOAN ANN BEBER Burmerr fdumlton 1903 XS harton Road CJICIISICIC oanic Basketballl 1 Sophomore Chorus unlor Chorus Sunot Chorus I- BL X 3 Spanish Club I oan cnjoxs black Chen con tertlbles music and sports -KLPHONSl S YS BECkET'l JR Iomlmrml 2119 Limektln Pike North Hills AI Stage Lighting! P 3 Dance Ltghttngl 1 3 Sophomore Chor u ulnor Chorus A Cappella 3 -Xl fatthfulls attends the control panel Ill the communications room each morning H II go into electronics PETER C-IRI ETON BEEBEE College Preprnulmx 131 Carden Road Glenstde Bee Sophomore Chorus umor Chorus Irack 2 3 Senior Plat Pete plans on joining the Nan to see the world tn one east lesson Maybe he wants to get awai from that irritating homework EWELXIN P-Xl LA BEHRINC ER 1 eneml 2146 Maplewood Asenue Xktllow Grote Este A Cappella 2 3 Sophomore Chorus Red Cross Cluh I I-ue s likes center around music plastng the piano dancing and singing of VERA BELSIG College P7f,lHllIl0Y'3 426 Central Menue North Hills tomore Cholus O arlr I I Al ng! nz .I 1 I Spirit Comnnttcc 2 I Honor Society 7 3 News Bureau Z 3 latin Club I 7 'I Xera is an aspiring writer ROBERT E BENDER College PllflllHllOVX 260 Baeder Road enktntown 0 S ccr I 1 3 S ning I 2 5 Bob hopes to be an aero nautical cngtneet Xt the ptescnt he is tntcrcsted in flung CHARLES CILMORF IHNNETT College Prejmratorj 910 Hloodcrest Road Abington Chuck Dog Housel P 5 Snack Bar! I C ala Night Y J Iembook 3 Spirit Committee 7 3 Senior Plav Student Serstce Corps 3 Chuck is a fun losing boy He plans on college GEORGE -XRTHLR BISSINC ER College Pnfpuralory 1632 Lpland Menue Jenkintown Biss Sophomore Chorus Ouartet I Cala Night I 3 Latin Club I 2 Camera Club 3 He will choose between physicist or mathema tlcian as a career ELII-KBETH XNN BLIIARD College Preparatory Gil Montgomery Axenue I-ox Chase Manor Betsy Basketball I 7 3 Iacrossel 2 3 I- I -X I 2 3 fibmgtoman I Yearbook 3 Omrle ' 3 Cala Night 3 Senior Plas Stttdent Council 3 Latin Club I Majorettc I Shes an advocate of sports KENNETH C ISOISION Iofnltonul IQI5 Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Xallu en He finds working., on cars keeps Inm bust Hs work in 'XIJIIILIOIIS auto shop his htcn doing 1 good job of ptepattng htm for a career Pl' Il' R AI Bl' Rl BONIJI Colley I rr mmlms P064 Horact Atcnttt Xlnngton c I' .irs I 3 Icte finds all spoils to his liking Hc II be a teac ter DA 'ID l'QI.l.lO'l I' BOOTII College I re P1lHll0l'y H59 Brvant Lane MeatIow'hrook 've ' H meroom 'Iieasttrer lg Swinnning, I. L 3: Spirit Clolnlni CL' 5: Student Se tice Corps 2' Latin Cllub I. The field of adtertising, will hate the benefit of Dates serxice. He's desoted to his car. 28 NIARLEXE LARRAINE BOXLEY I eneral 1638 I-rankltn -Xsenue Ihllow Grote NI r I- T A Z 3 Bible Club 3 Student Scruct Corps 'P Shes A mustcal Nhss who enjoxs thc plano I-uture plans IIICIUCIC Howard Lnnersltv NIARX RAI B011-R femml 1892 Edge H111 Road -Xbtngton tmmlng I Icnms I un nnmn ala Ntght ' 'I Ilratnatrc Club I Splrnt Commtttcc I Sophomore Chorus Niars haw 111-.es to swtm and watch football She hopes to bt a teacher W ELINOR BR-IDBI. RX College Prejzarztlon 1161 Sharpless Road Nfeadow brook snn wlmmmg I ' C, captain 'I atn b 2 'S Dan CI'lHll'lll31'l Z 3 Blonde Ixnn IS an expert swimmer ROBILRT-X I BR-XNIBLEY Iiustnem l'duc11ltor1 440 Crtcket -Menuc North Hllls o ble B skethall I SllIClLI'llCClll11ClI I P PBI X ' 3 Slllt Seruce Corps 'I Cala Xtght 'K Hercs a gn! who llkes cars Shell be a sccreta i 'Q Jl DITH -X BR Al N College PICIIIIIIKIOIX 1960 Susquehanna Road Abtngton uts S ftball I Hockey 3 Cala Night 7 5 1' P 3 Sen Chorus A sports enthuslast Judx plans to put athletic prowess to work bw becomtng a gym teacher DANIEL BR-XY C eneral 1181 Sharpless Road Meadowbrook Pc c Spanish Club 1 Pete an and car CI1llll1Sl2lbl IS undectded about hrs future mxght go mto the hr 1-one ROCSER J BRILEDINC Coll: gf Przpuntlom 118: Brook Road -Xbtngton S cccr I Z 'S Afllilgllllllllll I C It 'I 18h ICI I ' Honor Soctetw 2 Ircasurer 3 Omrlr I PIIYSICS or cngtneertng tonstt tute Rogs future JL DI I'H NI BROD I liuxtnrss I tlumtton 2018 Susquehanna Road Abington udw 1- BI A 2 3 Splrtt COIIIIIIIIICC I Xffthatton .I Judx plans to go to Pterce Busmess School and studs to bc a rccepttonlst BEXJANIIN H BROINV JR Cyffrqc' P7!IllIlIlfUlX 73m Swlxanta Menue C lenslde cn iasketball l Z '3 Dramanc Club I Ihscball I X ham mam radto opcrator that ts Ben ts known for the snbtlctx of hrs wrt J-XXI-I Rl'IHANX BRONX I fneml 1661 Prospect Xvenue Willow Croxe ttkte B seball I dtex 7 X quttr girl Xhcktc cn us records but xs undecided about thc future sears NI-XLLOLXI CJFORC E BRONX JR College Prepfnatozx 421 Tyson Menue C ICIISICIC Irack l 2 Chemtstrx and btologs are faxorlte subjects wtth htm hell enter the fteld of chennstrw -Xrgumentatmn ts Xfal s forte NIXRNIE C H-XPNIAN BRONX follegf Prrfzmuton 14:9 XS aslnngton Lane Rxdal Homeroom lreasurcr 9 Rtfle So :all I untot Hlstormns E' Oracle I Spmt Comtnnttcc 'I in outdoor gurl Nfarntts hobbtts Include softball md water sknng a 5 '. .. ..', 3 I' I 3. L ',, ,' '- Sw' ' 1 'IA 1 23 .-III gl ' I. 2: I'.l'.A. fi: I .B.I...-X. 21 op 1.4 ' 3 t W Lui 3 S ' I L. 'oi ' .3 1. '1 Clu I, -, .5 ce , R bl Aa. I A 1 f ' I . 1.1 I . L. 3 .' lent 6 J 0. A l'l '3 0 ' 11 I Q L' ' f.. I2 '.'I'..-X, L, 3 iol' ,ll ' ' ' T . .t. : l' I I I l . ., . . ,' . . A' . v ' 7 'S I . I HL J ft I -' ' ' Rog g .o ' .l:.g ' ' .2, lovet i or .2 ' ee lu 2 L. II: :li- ':1. A 1 z 1. A 1 -1' ' --M7-' ad ,'2.31H0-' 1.3. . '- LI -jr, .lg r ' ' ' ' , I I' I' ' If A ' ' ' , so . . . .' I . . . .' '.' f Y' ' ' , I I -Lg 2,33.ftI' :gj 'Y ' '- -:st I 1 ROYAI SCOTI BROWN follrec Prf mvrzlotx Cloxerlw lane 8: H oodland Road Ogontz Center nd l 9 Latrn Club l Cad Nlghl ' 3 Senior Plat luulmo Royal audlx ltkes classreal tnuste and the Phlllus Hell enter engn neerlng THONIAS BLNTINC Ill College Pzeparaton lam Shoemaker Road Alnngton Tom Football l ' St nnnnng l 9 C la Nrght l latin C.lu A Cappella 2 3 Senior Plas After college Iom M ll trs for a bustness career WS II LIANI R BL RR College Prepamtoft 291 Cadwalader Axenue Elktns Park B111 Football Nlanager l Basketball 2 3 Bull dlsltkes getttng up lll the morrung Penn State or the Army constttutc lns lnnnedxate future JOHN EDM ARD BL RROl C HS C ollfgf' Preparatom 122 Mlashlngton lane Jenkintown Blble Club l Z 3 Basketball l l- rum Club 3 1111 1 3 ohn IS an Intellectual who hkes math and great literature NIARTA LEE Bl bS-XRD College Prrjmmlom The Benson Jenkmtown Lee One of our latest additions lee ns fond of the shore tennxs and basketball Vhth regard to rnuslc she goes for the elasstcal twpe SANDRA CALI AH AY College Pre' mratorx 631 Abington Axenuc C lensrde Sands Affllxatton l 2 3 Pxehange Student to Cerrnans lflro mf Dramatic Club l bvstmnung l Sands has XdllCll llllClC.SlS ntcludtng flymg and cooktng She hopes to study tnusle and languages nt college JO ANN CAPPS Ilusunss 1'!lllfIll1lHl 1436 Arnold Axenue Roslyn Sophomore Chorus Dance Club l Hotneroorn bCClC.ldlN l HCDIIICIOOIIH Vlce president ' SCIIIOI' Prom Pond of clothes and modern parntnng she s set on betng a recepuontst BARBARA ELLEN CARNEX College PIFIIIIIIIIOVX 419 Hamel Atenue North Hllls Omcle l Sptrtt C.omnnttee ' 3 News Bureau Z l I ntome 9 3 Honor SOCICU 7 3 A Cappella 9 Dlsproung the old saung that gxrls d1sl1ke sctence Barbara vsants to be a chenust JF: 'bl P40 lo- mfs BARBAR A Jl- AN C AR1 ER Central l4l8 Cloxetls lane Rxdal Bobble She writes pullles f a hobbx pans e nurse and comfort the slek JAMES EDM ARD C XSSIIH lem al H12 St ohn Rotd Roslxn oxalong oss Countrs Drexel lnsutnte of leehnologs vstll be the tranung., g,round tor nn as he gets reads for lus eonung role as a draftstnan MII l l 'Ui J C XSSIDX IU' l-dee Htll Road Abtngton aek lootbnll 'Vlauager l a N1g,ht s Oracle' 3 lnnlmok 3 tek ltas a wonderful was muh words Mlneh he hopes to put to use tn the fteld of JtlNClIl5lllg College In mmlmx N ALIER b CASH lull Iitutness ldumlmn N' C arden Road Clenstde Nloe ls x Club ' like mans of lus lelloss lnen Nloe gnes trst noel to ears when rt comes to a hobbx Hes planntng on work as an accountant 30 1-'egg MARY ANN CEI- XRXIII Buszness Edueatton 2012 Xl harton Road Cvlensxde Spamsh Club 1 Sophomore Chorus FBL A 3 Nlary Ann collects records and pretts clothes and wants to be a prnate secretars JOHN F CLARK JR College Preparatory 2938 Pershtng Menue Roslsn ack Baseball 1 F Cross Countrs I Student Counctl Drexel and a career rn electromcs constttute Jack s future PHILIP NI-KIYE CLARK College PTCPHVHIOYW 404 Llnden -Menue C-lenstde Phl Sophomore Chorus Abmgtonzan 1 2 3 R fl 1 2 3 Iearbook 9 3 News Bureau 2 3 Oracle P Student Councll 3 Student Seruce Corps 7 3 Camera Club I 3 Phtls good at shooting rlfles and ptctures JAMES 'NI-XRTIN CLINTON lollege Preparatory 439 -Xlnngton -Menue C lenslde m Baseball I Abmgtontan 1 1 3 News Bureau Z Cross Country 3 Afftltanon 2 3 Yearbook 3 rm ts one of those frtentlly fellows who just ltkes people He must hke atnmals too because he wants to become a tetermars JOAN CLIPPINCER General Second Street Ptke Hunnngdon Nalles oame Sophomore Chorus Jutnor Chorus Cala Ntght Z 3 A glrl wtth a golden xotce Joan plans to go to a mustc college after high school PHILIP R COLLNIER JR College Preparatory 1111 Mtldred Avenue Roslyn Phll Trackl Btble Clubl 2 3 ll restltng 3 Band 1 Phtl who ts a mustc lover the plavs ten tnstrumentsj has hopes of studytng for the mmxstrv XVILLIANI J CONDON III Business Fducalzon 2422 Avondale Avenue Roslyn B111 Art Club 1 B111 llkes all those social exerctses dancmg roller skattng and sutmmmg He hasnt picked a business school as e SALLY LYNNF COOKE College Przpamlory 16:1 Arden Road enkmtown Junior Chorus Sophomore Chorus Splrrt LOIIIIIIIIICC l P I C la Night 1 1 3 -Xfftltatton 3 Dog House 3 Homcroom Secrctarw 5 untor Hlstortans 3 Our class has tts share of fututc teachers and 1 H Salls s one of them t W ELAINE NIARSHA COOPERSNIITH 1231 Olner Road Huntingdon Xalley Ltbrars A1118 3 learlzook 3 Schoo Storc 1 Dog House 3 A transfer frotn Olnex Flame ltkes bctnv lkllh pcople Shes gillllg to be a ltbrartan a pretty one at that f ollcge Preparatory ROBI-,Rl NIXCRI-.I CORBEI I' feneml 43: Locust Road North Hllls Bob ltkc all of ns he ts fond of tlntlrcatntng Hc s .1 ratlto ham ll hen Bob joins the Naxy he hopes to work ln electronics I-RED I CORCOR XN JR follege Prepmatorg 141.1 Shoemaker Road -Xbmgton Homeroom Prestdent 1 3 Sentor Plas Sunntnmg 5 Lala Ntght 3 I-red hates short lunch perlotls He can alwsass be found rn the Abmgton checrtng secnon at games X pharmactsts careers for htm NIABEI C C ORNIIC XN liurtnf sr I duration 808 fwson Menuc Roslxn Niae A httle gnl frotn Llttle Homer Xhc IS tndefnnte about het fututc but hopes to get a Job tn an offlcc Records and danctng are her mam tntercsts Clllflllg off school hours 31 WM - , :ag , 14 PXTRICI X XNNI COSC ROY I7 C'r1ll1qr I rr mrnfon 7160 SIISQIICIIIIIIIA Road 'xIJllIgIOII a IIII CIIIIFIIIIICC ' 5IlIlICIII SLIXICC COIPS Dralnallc Club I HILIUHIIIH I I 1use ' lball I I a .1 1 1 SOJIUIIIOTC ICI s hll ICIIXC glrl s e hopes lo go to Penn Slate XLICIL NI 'IRSII KI I C Ol PI'RI S CUIIILI Pyfjmratorx PIO? PICASHIII Xxenue C ICIISICIC Sophomore CIICIIIIS IITHIIIHIICS Cluh I Splrll CCIIIIIIIIIICC ' 'I Dog use 'I SI Ilaskelhalll 3 I CIISC I ' Span Club I XX Ollslllg uxlh CIIIICITCII IS a pleasure for Xllfe Nflddlehurx Follege IS her IIIIIIICCIIHIC CICSIIFIHIIOII NIIIIAN1 C Rfk EI LO I nrnflnyml 200-I 'I Illlp Road C ICIISICIC L17 football I IIIII IS 1Iu1xsdo111e II1111 s CII o IC s Ile IS fone of qUICI ACIIIIIICS sueh as IIIIIIIIIIL and I-Iihlllg I-RANC IS Cl NIC Ifl II I omlmnul I 11-I C roxa1111 Menue xslIICJXK C1010 rannx oll 111 IC g,1l Ill! SIIUIIY 1111 ISIIII 1 I1l1ek 1 ' He s a fIllll'IC PIIIIILT i RICH-XRD X D-XNIFI S Collie: P11 IIIIIIIOIX 2I6I Charles Sl1eel C ICIISICIC 1ek I X Although Illek d1sI1kes SOLIHI SIIICIICS IC IS a rs 111 hllll fIgllI'CS CIIIQIIII flgures lhat 1s3 He his hopes of IICCOIIIIIIQ 1 nalal 3l'CIIIlCC'l PAI I A ICKIHLRINIL DANSIH III 2111 Woodland Road AIJIIILIOII Rees SPAIIISII Cluh I SOPIIOIIIOIAC Cholus IICIIIICICICIIII XICL PICSI e Il I I IIII 11111111llee CIC.dIlI and open houses ne fdXOIIICS 1x1lI1 led IIIIIICCI I IIIII DONNA 'NI 'H DXI II'I lluwnr xx I rlumllon I095 'ILIIIIIS AILIIIIC -Xrdslev Dog House I CIIIICI Don Ilkes lo plax lhe plano IIICI read hooks She uanls lo he a prlmle secrelarw ROBLR'I DXWIS Cemml I134 Falruexx Xxenue IIIIIOIA C IOIC 01 S ICICIII NCIXICI Corps ' ool1aII Ilas c seball I Iraek ' Klhlelle Boh I1kes all ICIIICIN of CIIIIICI RAI MUNI! IOI IS IIXXISCIN C 1 1 lu Itlllll X I10 Ihllols Brook Ihne IIIIIIIIIIIQCICIII Xallu ax I 1d I ls II 1 I NI 1lo1 Inke IX e oss flung., IIICI IIIIISIC ns lo e J II ICFNNI' I H II KN SON CCIIIILI PIC IIIIIIIUII ' 070 Nf0llII.,CIIIICl'X XICIIIIC lox Chase NIJIIOI CII .uush C u J oss o aek ' ue oo1 e SI sl LC o IIIIIIIIIIL IICIAIIII Illklllg and Slkllllllllllg JOANNI' I-IIIXIIIAIII III KN fm I31 I1sI1e1 Ro 1d e11k111lo1s11 oekes I ' me xue Co s a Nlglll ' 1 JIOIIIC s CI 1 1 s ue NICJI Su hopes for .1 eollege edueauon ROBER1 JOHN D1'.C,IxI'Rl Colleen In mmll 'I 143 CZTIIICI Road e11k111lo1s11 Bob Baseball I S1s1111111111g I Splru CAJIIIIIIIIILL I Sludenl COIIIICII 7 Student SLIXICL Corps Y Dog House ' Ienms NNIIIIIIIIIIK ana dlllllg are for hllll I 32 K. Q L .'Q , 2-jf '- P t g Sp' C1 ' -IL. 31 Spanish CIIIIII 2: Y 1 ' L ' J 2: ' ' 3 :.-111' f ' .2. I: Dog II: -L.?I1 Rifle 2. 3: Sof .L.fI:Cil' N'gIlfI:,'II -CII ru. . 1 A ..I1' I .J Ho -. .: j f . 2. . 1' .11 -fs. :ng 1.111111 Clluh . fi ish 'AB I - M . 'z 1 ' 1 ' g f ' lI I SI1 f ' I YI I .' ' 1, III 'ght eurlv 1 lair. f I I 1 I , J I 1 ' ,, I ,' ' A ' fn' 'ml 4 Eff- 1 . . V ' , -- ,Lu-: A- . I : I- , 1 . H.: .- 1'.,, Iel 3 Senior llayg Sp' Cie ' -1 II: Student Clouneil 3. lee- ..,, . . .. . -. . .' ,. ,' -. -1' , 12 2. Iio11 g SCJPIICAIIIICJYC Clhoruls: 'Bible' CIIuI1 I. 2. 33 Spiril Clommitlce 2. 3: . . A , . il V al ,N '-11 1 g .lil ' f 1 .1 L1 1' 1- 1, 2. rs. -.le 11,1111 1. 2. 'F Ba. - ' : ' L. fl.. -' ' : ' ng, - '. -.' . '.' , 'f .' fr llgr' 'f Inf I ' Ial ,2. 3: CITCIIICSITLI I. II: 9 'IIIIIIZIIL L. II. . 4 ' Ra A x - llj .' 1: '. Ile' IICII I1' ll 'cl I 'lol. W Q, Z., - l. Q Q I III, WI Q Q- , Sp' A .II I ezil IIIIIIAI' 2. 3: Indoor Track 2, 3: I Tr' L, II. All ol I ' 'IIIIlll. 2I. . Ile- Hes I 1' ' Y. ' ' H- f I., , 3: . . .' ' H Plkjf - Uk 'f ,Q sv' , . . ,cu V 33.3.3 .-553 v ' . 1 Q. .. 1 1.-,' li' 'ml jon: H f 3 LI..-X. 2. II: SCIIIUI' Iluyz 5llII'IlI Sl-1 - . rp, Z: Cial L, EI. He' I' ' - vnu' ueli il. 1 ' - Q 'I'IIg, QI 1 Lg '- 2 .-Lg ' w' ' .- 1 1' 1 ' . j 4 J 8 CAROL HELEN DEDOX College Preparatory 1344 H arner Road Nfeadoss brook Abgmtomanl 9 3 News Bureau 2 3 Cala Night 1 2 3 Student Seruce Corps 1 3 Sophomore Chorus 1 Librars Alde 1 Oracle 3 Creatne writing is her hohbx and career to be PATRICIA DORO LHS DE I'I AVIS Htzstnew Irlumtmn 2011 Hamilton Ascnue Abington Pat FB L A 3 Pat is preparing for a career as a secretarw in the business world Now she busles herself with swimming and dancing NIICH AEL DE NIARCO locational 830 Tennis Asenue Ardslev Nftke He likes cars in am form enjoss CI1'111I1g and fixing them A skilled worker with wood he has designs of being a cabinet maker CONSTANCE ANN DENNIS College Ptepnmton 1944 I-itiwatertoss n Road Willow C rose Connie Dramatic Club I Sophomore Chorus I in Club 1 Nfajorette 1 2 Alnngtonmn 1 2 Student Scruce Corps 1 Affiltatton 3 Swimming 2 5 C ala Nights 2 3 F I' A 3 forum Club 3 er hobbies are water skiing and skating NI ARIF 111-NNIS liuszness lrlumlzon 1160 Rothlcs Axcnuc Ikillow Croie Rte C ne her a pair of sclstsors let her get to sour tresses and Nou ll haw. a loxcls new hair stsle Obuousls shell become a hair dresser ROBI' RI PHII I IP DI' I OR I I' R liusnzf ss I clumllon 1071 Smith Avenue Willow Croxe Bob Bandl 7 3 Dance Band 7 3 Bob is fond of music ltstenlng and playing Ihe business world will hase the setuces of this future accountant NIARIANNE de SAIIA I O College PIF,7fllllllJ15 P148 Xlsrtlewood Aienue Willow C rose Amigtonmn l Z Softball I Cala Night 5 X job as a teac r spotlights NIdI'ldI'll1C s future after she graduates from A H S I C I1I'l IS College Pre nualmj P654 Axondale Asenuc Roslin o imming I o captain 1 a a ight Xars I ll , ,.: . ws 'e' .. ' lik's o tu '-a t he is goo a '. He'lI study to be a radio and TV announcer. ROSENLARX DE VITO Business Erlucntimt 157 Tulpehocken Avenue, Elkins Park Ro ' Senior Play: Cala Night 33 Softball 3. Dancing and collecting rock 'n roll records are to Ro's liking. She wants to be a doctor's receptionist. JOHN DEVLIN lhtxitzms lirlumtion 1093 Kingsley Road, Jenkintown Tex g ls interested in stock ear driving. ,As yet he has not decided on a future vocation, but will probably go into business. RVSSELL CONRAD DIETERICH, JR. Vomtimml 1203 Gilbert Road, Meadowbrook Russ : Gala Night Stage Crew L. Pop music, bowling, and skating are to Russ' liking. He wants to be either a cabinet maker or a carpenter. JOHN ROBERT DIETERLY, JR. fivtlerlll 2722 Cedar Lane, North Hills ,Iack g Basketball Manager 1: Gala Night 1, 2. 3: Senior Play. His main interest lies in chemistry and he hopes to enter this field pro- fessionally. 33 5' Avy Q ii 1 VVILLIAM EARI DLNLAP I tmr tl 719 Kirkwood Awenue I-ox Chase 'Slanor 1 ross Country I 2 Xuss Iluuan l llisk tlall llill its sports especially golf as his hohhs Sltopital fish intctcst hnn JAMES V. DIX Ggngfal 2114 Oakdale Avenue, Glenside jim : He's a rod and reel man and spends as much time as he can at it. He aims to become a car body and fender repair man. DEAN DOBBINS College Preparatory 1111 Highland Avenue, ,Abington Stretch g Rifle lg Class Treasurer 25 Class Vice-president 3. Dean took good care of our money last year. He enjoys hunting and fishing: plans to study forestry. CHARLES E. DOLAXVAY College Preparatory 1267 Cox Road Rydal Chazz A new student from La Salle he has racing on his mind both cars and boats He also goes for hunting and fishing DORIS DOLL General 2539 Radcliffe Asenue Roslyn Spirit Committee Student Service Corps Library Aid Affiliation Gala Night Doris likes people and ammals which includes everyone Shell do art work JOSEPH B DOTO JR College Preparatory 544 Pine Tree Road jenkmtovsn joe Dog House 3 YN resthng 3 Track 3 His interests he in sports cars Medicine and Princeton are his dreams for the coming years JOHN SCOTT DOMNING College Preparatory 1074 Holly Tree Road Abington Student Council 2 3 Swinnnmg 2 3 Tennis 2 3 Bible Club 3 Soccer 1 Forum 1 Abmgmnmn 3 One of -kbingtons bright lights Scott plans on majoring in either math or science KENNETH DRIIENI College Preparatory 1155 Balhtore Road Huntingdon kalles Kenny A recent transfer fxotn Central he was actne in football baseball and basketball Centrals loss is Abingtons gain BARTON PAUL DUNLAP General 1884 Acorn Lane Abington Bart 1-ootball Manager 1 Z Xarsitx A 1 7 3 Gala Night 2 Oracle 1 2 Homeroom Vice president 2 Bart is ho plans to go into art adxertising has a passion for Jokes HEI EN MARIE Ill RXN Dnlrtlmtt 1 lcluralion 2011 kl1IdC Aicnuc Roslyn rit L0l1lllllllCC 7 'lfhliation 1 1 1 u ent Serxice Corps ll ltn joys tl 1, f tu mit in to people and dancing DIANA MARC AREI DLRS1 lollcge In mutton x 840 Cedar Road lox Chase Nlanor D Sophomorc Lhorus Split Cotnnuttcc ' 5 NlllNlL hcads Dis is of ltkcs K major in English lit ox psxcllologx is hu plan for next fall NANCX ELll 1131- IH DHXLR 12:17 Lenox Road Clllxl1ll0V5l1 A Cappclla 7 3 4bmgtonmn 1 wok 5 ll l'orum Club l 7 .5 Senior Play Homcrootn Xiu ptcsidcnt 1 Sopho more Chorus Spirit C0l1lllllllLL 1 ltbrarx Aide 1 Xanu looks lot a career in the field of medicine Lollt gt Prapnmlom 31 , . . . by xA , V ' . X X..4 X V la A , l S 'S I . mf . Z ' '- ' , ' ' A A 5 VI, ' . . , . . A X 1 1 x l Q it A K' . . . A V V' 'Alf - ,. if f ll x 3' .- ' H 1 - l 4 A' H I . .. cg ' '. , X BllgC ' A' , 3. 1 1. e 1' -. lk-, I . - . A Av -R A4 A-AA - . ' QA. fs 5- A, A ., ,Y A. . ' ,VHA Spi ' ' ' Lg .A ' 2: Cat an X'gl t 21 l.iln'ury Aide 2g Q' - St d .' 4 I ' J 2. 0 ' CII- tnany 1lll'S- roln ' ' 'a . if ' i ' i 3 ' ' 'Q I i I ' -- L.. 1, . f -' 5 l't 1 ' ' Q A ' 'X I- ' ' I ' i., 2 . A ' 2, 3: l 11rl I3 Gala Nigl l. 2. 31 V A Al'-,AA, A AA,A A A A K .-A 1 8, . . A . , A ' ' 8 Na I 'I THELMA JANE EBERLE General 787 Baeder Road, jenkintown Chorus lg Spirit Committee I, 2, 33 ,Affiliation 2. 3: Gala Night 2, 33 Dog House 2. 3: Spanish Club lg Senior Play. People with lots of school spirit are the apple of her eye. ELAINE MARTHA ECKEL College Preparatory 203 Edge Hill Road. North Hills Eck g Softball 1. 2, 33 Spirit Committee 1, 2, 32 F.T.,A. 2: Bible Club l, 2, 33 French Club 2: Senior Play: Student Service Corps 2: Home- room Treasurer 2. Elaine's main hobby is sports. lt's easy' to guess why' she wants to be a physical education teacher. ALICE ELILABETH EPTINC College Preparatory 134 lxtrkwood Atenue Fox Chase Nfanor Sophomore Chorus Cheerleadtngl 2 Spirit Committee 1 2 3 Rlfle l 2 3 Softball 2 3 IT A 2 Cala Night 3 A Cappella 2 3 Senior Play Altce IS an expert sewer and knttter DAYID ALAN I-.X ANS College Preparatory 2431 Edgecomb Ayenue K lenstde Dave Cala Night ' 3 Senior Prom Comnnttee Iennis I-orum Club 3 ltarboak 3 lfnlome J Oracle 3 Date enjoys Jan and football He is planning to major in chemical engineering tn college NIARC AREI ANN EVOY College Preparatory .131 W oodcrcst Road Abington Peg Sophomore Chorus Abmgtoman 1 F'1 A 2 Affiliation 2 3 Spirit Comnuttee 1 3 Oracle 2 J Ircnch Club ' 3 Cala Night Z 3 Dog House 3 Chorus 3 Senior Play Peg likes school sptrtt She wants to do personnel work EARL PRES I'ON FARMER JR Buszness Education 1116 Prospect Aienue Wltllow Grote Band 1 2 3 Orchestra 2 3 Earl ts a great loser of music He IS hoping to take ox er his fathers business in the future ROBERT FARREN General 2990 Old Welsh Road W tllow Grote Bob Track l 2 3 Cross Country 2 3 Like all of us Bob enjoys vacation plus cars and boats Hes another fellow headed for the business world PALL EDWARD PENYINC ER College Preparatory 1431 Edge H111 Road Abington Ed Soccer Nlanager l Z Basketball Nlanager 1 Snack Bar 2 3 A Cappella 2 3 Handbook 3 learbook 2 3 Cala Night 2 3 Student Serytce Corps 2 Ed will major in music at New England Conserva tory' ROBERT CONSTANTINO FERN ANDEI College Preparatory 1827 Iairvtew Axenue Willow Crowe Chico Socccrl P 3 Tenntsl 2 3 Student Council 3 lxev Club I 3 I I A Z 3 Yarsity' A 3 Sentor Play Intratnural Basketball 1 2 3 Those final exatns arc no favorite with Bob He likes sports JOAN NIARI ENE I-ETTER College Preparatory 842 Worrell Road Jenkintown I-ett Sophomore Chorus A Cappella 2 3 Cala Night 1 2 3 Student Council l 2 Corresponding Secretary 3 Nlajorette l 2 Head 3 School Store Nlanager 2 Ice skattng and music are for oan T be an elementary teacher is her goal NANCY ARDEN FIELD General 1890 London Road Abington Nance Gala Night 2 3 Splrtt Committee Her hobby people watching and tnterpretne dancing Her future hinges on the Museum School of Art MARCIA KRAI SLR IINIINIER College Preparatory 2131 Parkview Axenue Willow Croxe Marsh Cala Night l 2 3 Allmgtoman l Cheerleading l 2 3 Homeroom Treasurer 1 2 Ice skating takes up much of Nlarctas winter ttme. She plans to go into elementary' teaching. 35 U?-an ,neva T31 'b' iii CR UC YXIIII-XXI FISHER Dzshzlmii P rdllfllflflll lv-H Roclmgll Roul Xhllmx C roxc uotlmll Nl nigu l s 4 11 sm .arsm r 111 N1 , um Id 1 IN 1111111111 rn ll x 1013 LL! S lllll C I URI K jk XX l'Illf LR Xl D lfuxiviru lrlllmllrm 1 X lo sc Roul llmnx 3 111111014 Clioius SI dlllSll C l11l1 l PII llll l Slum Q 1 111 Krups 1 lurplc 11 lm .is 11 IN g 111g1x Y mas from I 11111 lL s uc 411 lu 11.11 to bu 3 SCCl'Cl3fY XAXCX C XROI HH11 011 Nlaplf. Mamie North Hills Nance SOPIIUIIIUTL Khmus X X hll P l Sp1r1tCo1111111 LL and shes good at it -xllllllllflll pinale SLCILIJTX DOROIHX JANE I'ORlSl'S Iiuxznexx ldzlmtirnl 9606 ILlllxlIll0lkll Road C lpnsiilc oily hen shes not lmsx lIlNlIlg ll L 1 1L1cl111 ancmg L ll Illllf, su. us 1 on 1 111 secretarial Larur nw ,, 4'- 1.1332-11 Z' FT is lla ' C Slllglll is lu flXlllllL phllllll fllllfgl Pre unafmw -30 ROBERI B IURD lnllrgz I llpllllllllll 163 Iwon Munn C lLll5lCiC. Ol L 1 .usm l- Lu oo ul Sub J snlu 1111111111g 1 LS lllltlll g 111ml fishing He ll 10111111111 his L1l11c.1t1o11 11 PLIIII 5ldlL NI XRCIMX XXX I-Ol LALR XX 1111111111 I clurulmn 7111111 lam No1ll1H s .nu H 11111100111 Snuunx llLdSlllLl l I C 1l.1 N1 or l' JN OSL 1111s 1 1llx 1l1s1ppL.11 11 Marcy iolls .1 bill clown tha. lltillllllg .illu B-XRBXRX XXX PR-XXLR flllllgl In 1111111011 arm K la Night l Snulun S111 u. r 5 ' Drill Icam l ' Ass uc .irs As 111 urdfn night had 111 ilu sunm pldx ll 1 IS his I0 ace lsdl dramanc ldltlll IRLNL SHIRLLX I-R-XXRI IX 1111111111 fdllfllllllll l63l Xork Road Abington eine l- BL A ' 1 .1 1 1 A I ll l Drauin ll lIlLlllg and mating are hu lwlmlnu Slc 111111111 l1LL lu nuke hu flllllfl dl Il1L llmll IclLpl1o11L JOAX XXX IRI- XRSON 15111111111 I rlumtzon xlllll M 1ll1111 1111 ll 111111 Ll mug 1 1 111111111 sm Nltll 1111 lttl 1 11115 1111 Nil l PR 1111111111 lll 111 luis xL1ll11Il S ll ' .11 IIIILIUIIIIIII 1111 1 1111 lllt 111411 cl kl 1 1 xll1XRX X IRI-ISI llllllllll 1 1. bl 1 I 11 1 ll 11 Illlgllllllllll Slum 1 1 Xllk Cmpx II x lllll 1 L 1101-IFRIAX N ll Xlx 1 111111 4 I' HlllLIlSl Xunuu Klum L H1111 1. Lu 1 s llum lug N1 cu111pu5111u11x K luluxn LllglIlLLl' lure 311 l'i Q ' . il a f - 'K 2: B21 k 'll A ll xf2illllgL'I' l: H41 'l1z1ll xlllllilglil' Q1 l Y' I l. 2. il: RCCOl'KllIlf., SL'll'Cllil'X fl: lf.ll.l.,.X. 2. fl: til a .wjllll ' l. 2. I h g I l sw' ' g and xpo 2lI'L' C211 'g' l l l ics. A fav 11, ll sz1lcs111:1l1 is thc job lor l' . 520 . lll' 1 . - ' 'ide H 9 Soil '- L ' 3: If '. L : 5pi1i1 Cir 1 llIl'C' 2. I: .' l'lll 4 Ser I 1 5 2: I-ala Xiglt 2, fl: F.ll.l,.A. 2. fl. '- - ' ' L 'I 'Oli 'A gli -' .l I, Sl '-ll 1 1-' Q -'ng ' ,. X if A 2 y A1 L ' ,: .Z Cjuppc ' L. fl: fzlllllllillfi l. 2. 31 Qala fig ,L,f3.' I 'II 2.fl. .' 'gf 'rg ' 2' '- f , - - ' X A D W ' 5 l' ' . yo 'ill linml llCl' 2 ' g or J d ' I. Th- 'zii ' lf pl - gf x i1 Abingl vill help her ill l -1 4 4 A in if , r' 1 1 X 1. 1 . , W Q I ' B l 3 'l'1'z1'k l, 2. fl: Crmss fifbllllllf' 2, Il: Imloui' 'l'1'z1ck 2: Y' I' -' 3. Al -f 1' l . lc. ' ' f. l'k-5 ga ' 'll' 5 I ' f. fi'-Z5 X 1' r 5 .' -, 1 - 111.- 'A ll HM- 1 -- Q -Q-- 1 .- 5 f.lS.l,,.X. 2. fl: il f .vlghl A 33 Svni l' 33 lJz111cc' Clnlx l. 'l'l1 1' I 1 z fi ' 'hcn M ' ' ' ' - ' - J. . . J - 6 q 2123 Pa1'k1icw Axcnuc, H'illnw Grove I B l g ia' 1 , 2, fl: Sllltlvlll Council l, 23 .' ' Q ' K 'i gh! , Co p' L1 ' , 23 Scnior lluyg Clx: S1 'l 1' I 2. 3. . 5 l - T Y Sal ' 1' ' 1 ' ' ' vi: -' 51' ' ' 'bk H , V - 1 A 4 A . 4 . I . l., . A R ' 3 K. . .. . Il: Senior llulz Gal' Ngll Il: . 1' ill 1. g, ig , K .' . . ,. . ,. ',.A gm . .. ,, , l3l4-Gi'u1z111iz1.' A ' 1' vc L in 4 W Cala Night Il: F,ll1.l...X. fl. jun ciijoys tllllllilllg i1111l l'1 'ng. H 6 pci I ' X 111islz1xi11g llic lm - ' la fl - I ' I 1 9 l- 11l1Ic llIllC on. x Hu' pl' , gnc lu gn llllll ilu' selling ' Illll. xx. . ' .. 111111 11111111.11 -5 1 'nn s 2-123 .lt'lllxi In 1 Ruiul, I. ' imlu llal. ' 1 l. 2: lhill lu1111 I. 2: l-.lS.l1..'l,!. il: l..1la1 Niglil fl: fm- i111 'Q ll' .1 nil' l' ' fl, Nil liku In mla nw. uvllccl I' lllN. L l l-. .Xll- l1igl1 sclmul sli' 1 ill lm Ll 5l'tIC'l.llX. -- ll.Xl' . .- . . A 11 UN limlm 11 -. 'un ' i ' ff 1 -1:15 filliLkCl .11 -1111-, N1 11 lills . B: 1l g C.l1-'llcanlilig l. 2. Il: Sllllllllllllbll' Cllminxg ll1.1111a1li1 l.l11l1 I1 lf.li.l...X. 2. il: 1,111.1 Xigln IS: Scni 1 l'lz11: .41 I' Il: . l'll Q. 1 Q SL-1' ' - Q ' 1 2, H31 l', Ll Clilllltl. iw skgilci, 1111ml 1 l'l, . 1 i L' Q' ', ' ' f.lHf'g1'l'rc'f lui L 5 L ' , - -, . ' iclc I L , 'fini an 2. H' li 2 an., :nul llllllllllg lml, Ulif- - Q 'lil VINCENT GALLUCCIO College Preparatory 1168 Rockwell Road Willow Grove Vmce Yearbook 3 H orld Affalrs Councrl 2 Oracle 3 Semor Prom Epztome 3 Yhth electronlcs rock n roll math as lnterests he hopes to attend Drexel and malor nt electromcs ROCCO D GARRANIOXE locational 2lv4 Oakdale Axenue Clenslde Rocks Yocatronal Dance 3 He IS most lnterested rn workmg on cars and after this racing them He asplres to be a pressman YN ALTER DONALD GAY College Preparatory 1299 Rsdal Road Rwdal Don Spanish Club 1 Ket Club 3 Cala 'Nlght 3 Senior Plav 3 An axocatlonal car mechanlc he IS not sure of a Xocatlon He has slghts for lafaxette or Bucknell as places of further educatron H ILLIANI JACOB GILLESPIE College Preporaton 2311 'Nil Carmel Axenue Glenslde B111 Res Club 1 0 XICC pfCS1C1ClII 3 Basketball 1 9 3 Dramattc Club l Semor Plas Homeroom hee presrdent 1 Cala Nrght 3 Engnleerrng at Hannlton College ts the future that B111 has nl mlnd for himself BARBARA LEF C IVEX5 C ollege Preparatory 'i' eg.-' ' 1924 Cfuernsey Awcnue Alnnfrton Bonme FBI A 1 3 Blonde Bonnie hkes ears and swnnmmg Her ambltron IS to become a secretarv The boss who has her on hls staff wxll be fortunate mdeed IORI RAPH AIL1 C 1AS1:.R College Pnprunlory 11 1 Roberts Axenue C lenslde Sophomore Chorus Homeroom Ireastner 3 Intramural Council Represenlatne 1 Cala Xlghl ' kex Club 1 fl Setnor 1-'lax A modern Jan enthuslast lorx also eolleets eorns He pl ms on benrg an Cllgl neer Rl TH CODDARD College Prepamfom 1068 Adams Awenue Klnngton Ruthie Cala Nrghtl 5 Orarlel 3 Band 1 Orchestra 1 Student Seruee Corps 0 Softball Nlanagex J 3 Iernlzook 3 lpzlomz 3 Honor Soeletw 3 An annual loxer Ruth also enlows fCiC1ll1g and SC,ISll'lg She hopes to attend X1lC1C11Clll1TN College where she wlll txatn to be a wrlter XRNIXND C FORC F C CJDbH A1 1 loraltmml Shelnnre Avenue Abrngton Armand IS an expert wlth wood ind has made sexeral llllllllflll neces to prose rt C rrung., out 1 t ent h p nts to beeomc carpenter Spare tnne IS filled with hunting and frslnng, SHARON ALENE CJONIBERC College Preparatory 1119 Sewall Lane Rvdal Cherle Hockex 1 P Swnnmrngl Iearbookl 3 Dlamatxcsl Cala 'Nrght 1 3 Sophomore Chorus Quartette 1 Z 3 Cherle hkes sports and Illllble She would like to go to Snnmons College 111 Boston and upon graduatton go nrto the fleld of IllC.l'Cl1dllCllIlIl,LI ROBER1 R C RAH ANI Collegf I If'IlllIIlf0lA 1111 Nleadowbrook Road Nleadow brook o Rflel 1- Sem: Paw Rx Clu13 C a lht 5 oss an ex ert at rl er hkes to t rk statlon wagon :nd wlll tttend lafaxette College to studx salesmnlslnp RON ALD C RA55O C ollege I rejmrnlorx 3:00 Nlaplewood Axenue 33111018 Crowe otnne I otball l ' lx x lu: 3 Romne hkes to flu lngh and tratel low for two of lns interests are arrplanes and 2iUlOl1lO1l11CS He has 8SPII'dllO11S of Drexel and eleetrlcal engnreerntg ALFRFD ARTIILR C RAI! JR C enfml 311 Fdglex Xxenue ClCIl5lC1C meroom Presldent I Ru Club 5 1-151 X 5 Sernol 3 An ardent en enthusiast A1 wnll enher sell nnomolnles or work as an accountant 31 JOHN RICHARD GRAYBILL College Preparatory 1255 Rosemont Lane, Abington Dick : Track I, 2. 3: Indoor Track 2, 3: Cross Country 3: Band 1: Dance Band 1: Cala Night 1. 2. 3: Senior Play' Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Latin Club Dance 2. 3: Oracle 3. He loves to run and plans to be a surgeon. BEATRICE YVONNE CRIFFIN General 1718 Fairview Avenue Willow Crove 'Griff : Spanish Club 1: I-'.T.A. 2. 3: Student Sertice Corps 2. uite adept at art, Yvonne plans to attend the Philadelphia Museum School of Art and then teach the subject CAROL R CROSS Business Education 138 'ICDIIIS Asenue Ardsley F B L A. 2 3 Iearbook 3 Carol brings out the drawing board ln her spare time She hopes to bc a secretary to SOIIIC lucks executne GEORCSI: AI I AN CROWN' JR Cerieral 138 Harrison Axenue Ardsley Al One of Abingtons bcst artists The comintrcial art field M111 benefit from his talcnts HL ts a 111e1nber of t11e C nil Mr Patrol JI DITE C UIA College Preparatory 2860 Mt Carmel Asenue North Hills udy Sophomore Chorus Spirit Committte 3 Ilible Club I 2 3 Aff111at1on 3 Sophomore Scxtctte Iudy enjoys amthing having to do with handvsorlt She asptrcs to atte11d a nursing school YN ILLIANI CFORC-E HALBERT College Preparatory 2031 Pleasant Axenue Glenside B111 TEIIIIIS 2 3 lcarbook 3 Gala Night 3 Bill enjoys jazr sports cars dlld monex A future student at It dSl111IgI0ll and jeffer S011 he plans to major 111 adxcrtising CATHFRIYE MARX HARC ADON Business Educatron 421 Cricket Axenue North Hills Cathy Homeroom Secictarx 1 Drill Team 1 P I' BLA 2 3 Student Seruce Corps 2 C ala Night 2 3 Senior Plas Cathy hopes to become a prnate secretary She enjoys dancing and collecting records RLSSELL T HONIAS HARIN OOD College Preparatory 1911 M1 lemood Atenuc Abington P uss S ccer 1 2 3 ' 3 Student COIIIICII 3 lscy C 2 3 Il1II'3lIIIl1dI Basketball 2 .5 Russ enjoys He hopes to LIIILI thc ficld of economics f 'K fishing and boating ELLEN H-Xl B General 1300 Ldgeu ood Basltctbt washing dtshcs School of Nursing Ascnue Roslsn 1- cn cnjoxs tltnttng to iotl. ind 1oll and dis 1 es Shcs sct IILI sttcs on thc Chcstnut 11111 Hospital :bl Edgc H111 Rottl Ardslcv 1 sc Jl 1 1 s ISIC st c 11111 Iles C llcs L I 'NI 111 C H11 l Cadu tl at ct huiut I'lk11s1'a 11 Ntlji 1 ltclca s 11151011 I t 0115 of its ttbtll 1 1 his lt jlD111l Nl III XR IL C1 :gf I 11111111 rl Co1111tl11a1 AXLIILIC Xlnn Itlll ut s 1101 is 1111111111 ' D IIIC .IIIIS lutuic sot11l 1so1Lcr ltltcs to camp 111 thc outdoois stsnn sus and cool. 38 1 K4 I I H I -' I rc U ' ' I ' r. z ' ' , . Q 3 . 1 ' L. .' ' ' - 4 . ,I R fo , -, 3 Tennis I, L. .3 , ' L ' 'Q ' llub 7' - S S ,fill , ' ' A A U fi' Us If p , 1 '-11: 1113. 111' 1 Q' Y - -it A 4 Drk .W we ,i ' I 4 ft YYILLIANI IVR.-XNCIIS HAYYHS Cfullvqe lJ!t'IlllTtlfUI'y ll f 'ff V: 1- ' 1 . , - ' V I- ee' Bill : lla1 l 1 ll 1, 3: Stutlciit Ctllllltll l. 2: lltfs Qttatrtvt 2, 3: If.'I',A. 5 3: Ciala Night 2, 3. Will hi: like lor IIII ' 1' 'tt' sure liill will b' at ter' ' 111t1sit ICXICIICI' altc-1 studying :tt '-t I 'I'l. XVII. .I.-X. II. .- YES S' 'rn 'lllll Q' A A l' .' ' '. 1 I . ' Ili XVII, 3 llalt' lgll l. Ill- A11 lrorct- uill gt'I Hills :titer - sc: Ab' Y . ' 11- sp ' It lt' 1 illll lot tlrall atc- to ' ling. 1 ' . . N ' fr llj' 'r 'j 'Inj' 197: Q P' '11 ,A - 5. .V ' g ' lil Sei' ' Plat: Sw' ' g fl: St-11io1 11'o111: C.l11'ist11111s 1 'e 3. ANNE MARGARET HELI-'RICH College Preparatory 779 Glen Road Jenkintown Hockeyl 3 Basketball l 2 3 Te tsl 2 3 4 Latin Clubl 2 Dog House 3 Yearbook 3 Honor Society 2 3 Anne enjoys bird watching and hopes to major in mathematics or science in college GORDON BROCKHFL HEYLIN College Preparatory 619 CTOSSWICRS Road Jenkintown Brock Soccer Nianager l Basketball Nlanager l Abzngtoman 2 3 News Bureau 2 3 Camera Club 2 3 Gala Night 3 Brock has had a busy life at Abington and pl ns study law at college where hell become even busier ELFRIEDE MARTHA HILBIG Dzstributzve Education 1241 East Axenue Roslyn Friede A definite ambition in mmd Friede wants to be head of the Retail Department at Straubridge and Clothier HENRY YV HILL JR locatzonal 1912 Reservoir Avenue Roslyn Hen likes models airplanes that is He aspires to be an electrical engineer after studying at Spring Garden Institute Fifi ROBERT HILL College Preparatory 2210 Oakdale Avenue Glenside Bob Bible Club l Taxidermy is Bobs hobby and ambition H also finds time for guns MARLEY EVERETT HODGSON JR College 1846 Acorn Lane Abington Buz Footballl 2 3 Tennisl 2 3 Student Council 3 3 Key Club 3 Semor Play Busy Buz still Ends time for hobbies cards and cars RICHARD YVILLIAM HOGG College 130 High School Road Elkins Park Dick Cross Country Manager Z 3 Track Manager 2 3 2 Dick gets quite a jolt out of electricity and swing music Preparatory Yearbook 2 '-0 his favorite 1 Preparatory Latin Club YVENDY ANIIN HOLMES Ceneral 235 Huron Avenue Elkins Park Hockev l 2 3 Swimming l 2 3 Student Council Z Cala Night l 3 FTA l Athletic she finds time for swimming and hockey Aspires to be a secretary . -, 4-. , 3512 1, VIRGINIA SIJZANNE HOOSE Business Education 937 Easton Road Roslyn x Ginny ' I-'.B.L.A. 3. Ginny came to us recently from Delhaas High in Levitown. She likes ice-skating, good books music movies and driving but has no enthusiasm for snow. She wants to be a private secretary. WILLIAM F. HOUSER College Preparatory 2671 Jenkintown Road Ardsley Bill ' Baseball 2. Models of both varieties cars and sports are some of Bill's likes' and just like 9944,ll00'Z, of the students his pet aversion is homework. RONALD YVILLIAM HOVIS College Preparatory 303 Tyson Avenue, Glenside Rifle 1' Baseball l. YVith Ron for a dentist, the patients won't need novocaine. Hunting, fishing, and cars are his spare time pleasures. ROBERT G. HOXVER College Preparatory 474 Keswick Avenue, Glenside Bob g Basketball lg Baseball 1, 2. An outdoor fellow, Bob enjoys sports and camping, but hates those English compositions you have to write about them. 39 I JEFFREY PETER Hl'GHES College P,-fpfr,-frrory 744 Susquehanna Road. Rydal jeff 3 Varsity' l. 2. 3: Basketball l. 2. 3: Honor Society 2. 3: .Archives Chairman 33 Clolf l, 2. 3: Ymrhonk 2. 3: Crystal Ball Clhair- man 33 Handbook Commiltrfe' 3. Clenial gentleman of the golf links. HILLIANI IXNN HCCHES lorrrtromrl 322 Summer Axenue Horsham Bill enjoys hunting both animals and bltre eyed blondes XS orkrng, on cars also grres him pleasure RAS NIOND H ILI IANI HL NIPHREHS Business fdrrrnlrorr 1060 Edge Hill Road Roslyn Ray D nce Cornmrttee l 2 3 FBI A 7 3 An economical guy Ray would rather hare a date mth the late short than a date to the mos res HAI TER EVERETT HL NLEY College I 71 minion 343 Locust Road North Hrlls Vat Cross Country l ' Rifle rack l 2 X spinner of rsr storres Malt also lrkes hrrrrtrn Drexel and crxrl errprrreetrrrg are hrs ambrtrons for the future Q-5 RLTH IORRAINE Hl NTER College Prtpznatory 05 618 Hillcrest Arenue Glensrde Sophomore Chorus junior Sextette Serrror Ourntette Lrbrrrx Ard Sysrmrnrng 3 Senior Play An undecided young lady Ruth either rs ants to be a teacher or a model 'S 51' 'S -rf? 1 Roecoj IXNIERI General 'H 'Wm' 1911 Lukerrs Arenue Hrllows Groxe Rock Baseball l Cross Country 2 3 Track 7 3 Hrth hrs head rn If the clouds Rock hopes to be a Jet prlot HEI ENF M ARIF jACQl ELIY Ferreral 2137 East Moreland Road Vrllou C rote Sophomore Chorus urrror and Senior Chorus Cheerleadtng 2 3 A Capella 3 Student Serrree Corps 2 Quartet Singing l 2 3 C ala Night l 2 3 Helene lrkes to rarse the deul vsrth her rnusre if GRETCHEIN JANE JACOUES General 1020 Highland Axenue Abington janre Svrmrnrng 3 A transfer from Hastmg.,s Nebraska janre finds horseback rrdrng and gymnastics to her lrkrnf., Her goal rs to be a nurse DIANA CAINES JENKINS Business Iducntron 436 Locrrst Road North Hrlls Committee l AA 'lrckct Salesman A good secretary lor some lucky doctor Dee actually likes typing, 3 SCE EI UNE JENRS I me al 2041 Parkxren Menue Xbrng.,ton ruer g baton l o note rorus aae a C rt 3 S Sm o re Hn eroom X tel sure be pleasure rf Sue should lrrppen to be your hostess ll-XRIIKRKI JOHNSION fflllfgf In noun x l0ln Huurrn3,dorr Road lbrn3.,ton all J llllllllllg L Ill nreutarx or secondary schools IOHN lI'HRl'l ICXXI Colltgr In 11111111 rx 1911 C orrnthrarr Menue Xbrngton ac loorball l mr ter f the pleasing., persona ll! am s ndul rred 1 ee ark s un or e tt o re nrornrnl, prohrarrr lie hopes to go to Perm State L nrxersrrx 10 a ' l' 1 . , Z . .-.. . L. . . ' v 4 r v 't' 1 K , J-, . 1. Q- r .:.. 1' 5.L:' rzr'-,-.3. -- f':l its , , ,, A U I 1 I., . 5 - - . - 3 A V 'Z . N. 1 - 2 'A . A 'ft -' A - I ff' C V . I V , V. V Q Y K - ' ' ' 1 A N' . v Dee g Basketballilg Student Service Corps I3 Faculty' .Aid l: Spirit 'flu il nk lf .' .' 1' 'r V rfra A C21 soprr I r czr - .4 A er, ll 2, 3g Lara I Nigl 2, 'Q Qeeretary ol Htl lr mfr- 4 m-' . .- ir tra ' is ' - to 1 n A- - -y ' ' .x - s n r - Q 1.-'D I r .- .- .. ,' I fxf' 1 ' rr s l --rrfrw sw' ' 1 rg outa Night 2, :rg spaniar clan 21 r-'.'r1,x. fl. In tlr- future ll:rrbara's sunny tlrztttcr will tlrarnr her students ' cle- I ku! Q ' 1 . 2. i .A as 0 ' .i ' 'T 'li . ' I rell mt a - ui'-, pl' i. kno ' I ' his dul er me-s rt tl ' ef .4lF D YVILLIANI E lsAlGHN Ceneral l6l9 Lpland Ayenue Noble Footballl I 3 Xarsuy X Club 3 Senior Play 3 Senior Prom Com mittee Thc sucntes hold an intcrest for him but-oh those xsomen drners 'Io be a commercial pilot is his aim DON AI D PRI-DI-RI! ls ls ANF College Preparatory 2203 Charlcs SITCLI K lcnsxde Don Xl heel Club 3 Baseball l 2 3 Basketball l 2 3 4 A Capella 2 Kala Night l 2 3 Xarsity A 3 Treasurer of Senior Class Boys 1 uartet 1 2 3 Don plans to attend either Lehigh or Penn State JOHN NICHOI AS lxASHlx XSHI AN follege Preparatory l2.JJ Cordon Road cnkintoun hash Sophomore Chorus l-orum Club l 2 3 Cala Night l 3 unior Prom Committee learlzook 3 Expert on Xrmema at Abmg ton Kash hopes to complete his education at Temple RICHARD HILBLR k Xl I-PKI AN College Preparatory 2906 Llll1ClsllD Pike North Hills Dick Basketball l 7 5 Student Council l 3 Sergeant at Arm 3 Cala Night 7 XX heel Club ' 3 ln his sparc time Dick likes golf basketball and cards PHYLLIS RLTH REE Business Education 339 Leona Axenuc Huntingdon Xalley Butchle Rifle 2 School Store 3 4lll!lgl0711Illl 3 SCIIIOI' Play I the future Phyllis will haxe a busy schedule working as a secretary and attending modeling school at night JLDITH A KELLERNIAN General 1113 Cumberland Road Abington udy Cala Night Z Spirit Committee 2 udy plans on entering the field of secretarial law Shes a basketball fan and likes dogs ESSIE BASILIA KELLOCG College Preparatory Sn I'ys0n Ayenue Roslyn Ess Softball 2 3 Spirit Committee 5 Dog House 3 3 Snack B r 2 3 l- I'A Z lfss who is always smlllug enjoys basketball skating and swimming She wants to work in an office STEPHEN ANTHONY KENNED1 General 2463 Kenderton Avenue Roslyn Stexe Baseball 3 A transfer from La Salle Steye was secretary of hls sophomore and junior classes there Hell go back to La Salle for higher education WILLIAM A KESTI-.R College Preparatory 109 Lynnwood Avenue flenside ' Wrestling l Z 3' Soccer Z, 3: Cala Night l' Xarsity C up 2 3' unior Prom Committee' Sophomore Chorus' Dramatic Club l. Bill hopes to attend the Citadel or Norwich lfuixersity' where he will major in business administration. JLLIA MARPLE KEYES Ceneral 1524 Mill Road, Meadowbrook Julien: Gala Night 2: Stage Craft 2: Decorations for dances 2. julie wants to be a dress designer. She enjoys sewing and collecting demitasse cups and saucers. JANICE DOROTHY KING General jan : Sophomore Chorus: .A Capella 1, 2: Bible Club l, 2, 3: F.B.L.A.: Spirit Committee 2, 3: Senior Play. jan would like to do clerical work involving I.B.M. Pet peeve-tardiness. GEORGINE FLORENCE KLENK Business 234 Maple Avenue, North Hills Speedy or Georgieu: Hockey' 1, 2, 3: Basketball l. 2, 3: F.ll.L..A. 2, 3. Roller skating, art and collecting records are some of her hobbies. 41 SR L. C' B ?'N 1 N!-'Y u. 'S 4 Q- if fi ja-e 41 JOY KLINE College Preparatory 163 Tennis Avenue Ardsley Bible Clubl Cala Nightl 2 3 Sophomore founcil Quintettel 2 3 Dance Band localist J 3 Sophomore Chorus National Honor So cety P 3 umor Prom Connmttee Chairman 1 Dance Committee 3 A Capella 2 3 Spirit Committee 2 Nlath minded Joy hopes to teach that subject WS ILLY KLINNERT locational 909 Inman Terrace Willow Grote B111 has yarious hobbies which include shooting lhes goodj car and reading Something in the mechamcal line is his yocatlon YN ALTER JOHN RR-KLSS JR College Preparatory 1321 Fitzysatertoysn Road Roslyn X1 alt Swimming 2 3 Irack 2 3 Semor Dance 2 Gala Night 2 3 Semor Play Xarsity A Club 2 3 Halt is famous for supplying the swimming team with its mascot a baby alligator He is bound for Holy Cross MARILYN RAE KRONMII LER College Preparatory 129 Arden Road Jenkintown Sophomore Chorus 1 Spirit Koimmttee 1 3 Affiliation 2 3 Gala lNight 1 2 3 Semor Play 3 Honor Society 2 3 Jumor Historians President 3 umoi Semor 1 horus 2 3 Dog House 3 Spanish Club 1 Oracle 1 3 umor Sextcttc 2 Jumor Prom Decorations Semor Prom Decorations Marilyn likes to give open houses JACK ALLElN LABO College Preparatory 1616 Susquehanna Road Abington Track 2 3 Indoor Track Semor Play California bred Jack hope to establish himself as an electronic engineer CAROLYlN E LAPP Business Education 2144 Charles Street Glenstde FBLA 1 2 3 Yearbook 3 Semor Play Cala Night 3 Abmgtoman 3 A lover of the New Jersey coast Carolyn picks Wildwood as her favorite A Job as priyate secretary is for her CAIL ADRIENNE LAWSON1 Business Education 605 Sioux Avenue Huntingdon Valley Student Council l 1- BLA 2 3 Semor Play I-orum Club 3 Sophomore Chorus Jumor Chorus Cala Night 3 If Gail stays as proficient as she is now in secretarial skills some employer w1ll be a lucky man ELIZABETH ANN LEE General 119 Cottage Road Clenside Betty JV Drill Team 1 2 Gala Night 1 2 3 French Clubl 2 Semor Play Marymount Jumor College is the lucky school which will get Betty I MARX ANN LEE 2143 Horace Avenue Glenside Mal Swimming 1' Sophomore Chorus' AC Connnittee' Gala N'ght 1 Z 3' X' Majorette' Student Council 3' Senior llay' Nice President of Sophomore Homcroom' Ovtcle ' 3. Mary' Ann's hob- bies are knitting and sewing. College Preparatory PATRICIA ANN LEHMAN Ceneral 349 Roslyn Avenue 1 lensidc a S hool Store l 2: Swinnning . -' ' ' . .Zz Color Ciua ' a N' lit ' 'o 'en' ' . A career in - iw fashion is l'at's desire. NEIL A. LEMON College lreparalory 1837 Harte Road enkintown Butch : lland 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3: Wrestling 1, 2, 33 'lirack lg Gala Night 2, 33 Dance Band 1, 2. 3. Neil is a great trumpeter. He works with Hielii when he finds time. HAROLD H. LENTZ, IR. General 2507 Susquehanna Road, Roslyn Skip g Wheel Club 2, 35 XvI'CSlllllg 1, 2, 33 JN. Baseball 1. A patient guy, Skip makes scale boat models and tinkers with motors. He wants to do outside work. 42 .YV sz '45 NH RA CHARLOTTE LIEBXIAN College Preparatory 1324 XS arner Road Nieadom brook Nh Abmgloman 1 I- I A P 3 News Bureau 3 Semor Prom Com mlttee Irrench Club 3 L ala Ntght 3 Another future teacher tn our mldst Xiyra plans on attending Penn State for further cducatton MARX RITA LINDEN Business Educatton 2480 Independence Ayenue Roslyn The roller rtnks and dances are ustted by Klan Her future rs armed at a secretartal career after graduatton CHARLES ALAN LLSCH College Preparatory 441 Locust Road North Hllls Al Football l 2 3 SNIIIIIIIIIIQ' 2 3 Track 1 2 3 Sophomore Chorus l Gala Nrght H heel Club 2 3 President Sophomore Home room Treasurer junlor Homeroom Al mlll tratn to be a phwstcal education teacher XIRC-INIA ANNE LIONS feneral .nl Haney Road C lcnstde Ctnny Kala Night l 2 5 Iuntor SCIIIOI' Chorus 7 Senior Play Afftltatton Club 2 3 Spirit LOIIIIIIIIICL Secretary for IUIIIOI' Hts tortans Penn State and tntertor dcstgn constttute her future PETER DAX ID 'NIACKEY College Preparatory 2102 Oakdale Avenue Clensrde Pete Cross Country Z 3 Track 2 5 Pete goes for all sports Classtcal muslcal as opposed to rock n roll rs for htm To be a lawyer IS Petes ambttton MARTIN CI YDE. XIAC NEEL General 350 Penn Ayenue North Hllls Mac Niac says hrs hobbtes are morkmg mth cars and patntrng sxgns He hopes to become a commerctal arttst after the Arr Force SUSAN SCLLL NIAHONI College Preparatory 1612 Amtty Road Abmgton Sue Gala Ntghtl 3 Student Counclll 2 Tenn1s2 3 Drlll Team 1 2 Sulmmmg 1 2 An actne glrl Sue wtll further her educatlon at Pembroke College Q v RICHARD MALAVEINDA Dtstnbuttve Education 732 Semlnole Avenue Fox Chase Xfanor Rlch School Store Manager 3 Band l P 3 Dance Band 2 3 A great dancer Rtch IS muslcally tnchned He has plans of betng a salesman JEANETTE C MARINO Busmess Education 226 Tulpehocken Ayenue Flkxns Park Dramatic Club l I-rench Club Softball l 3 Danctng especxally the cha cha IS jeanettes mam hobby She rs hopxng to be a prnate secretary' NIAONII A MARTIN Busmess Education 2940 Meyer Asenue Ardsley Waomt collects records and enjoys dancxng to them In mnter ICC skatxng proytdes entertamment Her ambmon to be a hatrdresser HELEN LOLISA NIAY General 961 Meetmghouse Road jenktntoun Lou B nd l 2 3 Orchestra l 2 3 Softball 3 Cala Nnght 3 Ltkes roller skattng and collects stamps She hopes to enter Nluhlen berg 43 ROBERT H NIAINNARING Vocational 818 Cypress Asenue Elklns Park Bob Hts mterests he nn cars horseback rrdxng and parttcs Hls future professxon a tool and dye maker l N-p s 7: H-XRRIEI' XDFI E NI-XX ER Feneral 201 Holnrecrest Road errltrntoun ss B nel I ' re es r a She enjoxs surrntnrng and ree sl-tatrng plans on gotng to eollege JOSFPH XII KN Nlef KLIIW lollzg Preparatory Ir96 I-dge Htll Road Abrngton Mac Rrflt I I-ootball Nlanager 0 Niars hobbx ts uorltrng on hrs car He wants to rnajor rtr nreehanreal englneerrng tt Drexel JOHN I' RFDFRIC lx NICCI XX C ollr Qt Pre Jaraturx 13.16 Easton Road Roslxn Niac Soeter I Horneroorrr Presrtlerrt I Niac must hare .1 nat urth numbers for he Iras elcsrgns on a career as an accountant hLhANOR C I XIRE NIcC LILN XH XX I frrrral 213: Old Welsh Road Xkrllorx C rote EI Cheerleaehngl P 3 Kala Ntght 7 5 StutIentCoture1I I Horne room Secretarx ' EI Irkes ree sltatttrg atrd srstrrrrnrng and wants to be an arrhnc hostess by IS AI TPR H XRRX 'Kiel OX tulle ge Preparatory , 34' Holnrecrest Road Jenkmtomn at ttnrntng., l P 'fl Secretarx SI Student Seruec Lorps '7 5 Halt enjors sarlrng even teaehes rt He hopes to take an engrncerurg course rn eollege IN -XL'I1-R HLNRX NIeC OX liusmzss Education '33 Latlmalaeler Axenue Iflkrns Park at rtball I resthtrg I ars I Sports and ar are to hrs Irltrng., He has hopes of berng an athleue ehreetor or a landscape eontraetor 1 'K SL SAN l'.Lll-Xlils IH NIcDOINl-Ll College Preparatory 1338 H heasheaf lane kbrngton SUSIE Drtll learn I Svkllllllllllg I Gala Nrght 3 Sentor Plas FT A 3 I-reneh Klub I 3 -Xnrong her lrl-tes are horseback rrdtng swunmrng and patntmg She s a future teacher JLDITH DI XNI-. NIcIxlNLEX College Preparatory on Crescent -Menue Clensrde uds Aburglomarr 0 'S Iembook 'G Cala Nrght 7 3 Student Ser uce Forps 9 3 Ihrrd lunch and urrtrng are not farorrtes ruth udr Artlstlcally rnclrncd rntertor decoratrng ts for her R-XYNIOND JOHN NIEDX EDIK ljltlllbllll 1 l'llllFI1fI1IH 141 Rollmg Hrll Road Flkrns Park as oothall I Rat Itl-tts e us and nan s to enter college er eetttng us t rorna re wants to go rt o Q., busrness rnanagetnent -Xl DRI-I 'NI Nil' ISSNI- R lullzez Pre mrtorx 1 Krteltet Metrue North I rt acl: I Bas I aero ' I Sophomore I horus re Kud noel te t s re s r X tthlttres she en o s nn pong., .rnrl Irulnrtnton She rsrll be .t nurse NICHOI XS I'Xl I NIPSKROS Iontllorml l'l3 Nirldreel Merrtte Roslxn rc Rrfle I It s east to guess that Nrek who atlurttes Nlartnes rs nh p annrng a career rn the Nlarrne Corp K utrs IIllLfLSI r r JOHN II XXIII 'VII Ill 'IR JR lulley In mutton 133' erreho Road Xbtn1,,ton oose Sotett s I I Horne r our oflreer I .5 X future arehrteetural engureer ' U . - . 4 J, .' W U Har 1 li . L. 33 O 'h-:tra I. 2, 3: Basketball Ig Seftlrll I, 2. 3, A ,'p.'.-lI 4' J,,, 1 - I X 1'. J 1- I- , em- . ' IV I 3 Sw' ' f , L. .3 Tennis I. 3: Key Club 2. 3: Varsity 2. ' 5 IE t A '. 4,. . ,A. .,- ,I - ,' . . . H IV l g Foe ' : W Q ' . 2, 31 Y' 'sity I. .' ' t I 4 A A Y S H' all 'Al U 4 1 A 7 l rg X v v . V 1 v v . Y A A -. .1 ' :gl L ' L, A: .' ' - 7 - . , --R F ' , 2. at 'wheel emu, 2. rs. ' rr Q. 1 - r- ' is ' -fx Aft-' 1- ' I lil I ' I ' ' ' rt . 01' J.: I fl. . ' -1'r.. I I 'f' ' ,' -I3L 1' .r - -,. ' Irlls .' At I g Or ' ,2, II: 'Jkt-thall 2: .' ssc L, I1 I '- I ' A ' Gi '- .A at gt no -I :nel :I Iapp . In a 5 - - 3. I g- ' ' A . .' - - ' .s. A S as 'K 1- - - J 1 , . Y M .' ' - Ll, II: liaqkcthal I. 2. IS: Student Council Ig - U ' .b ' 2, - ' n, -. . ' .- - . ' .. l IANE CAROL NIICHFNER Business Educulxon I6-I0 York Road Xhllow C rose ante nce Club I l- BI A 3 e wants to be a secretarw and llkes swtmmlng danung and :te skatxng I AN RI' NC I' IR ANR XIII I ER Collfge' Preprtrntors 63: Prnt Irce Road JLHIUIIIOMII arrx c ' I Icnr 'I lou short trcsscd girls haunt go a chance mth larrx Hts SITICIIN long halr txtcpt uhtn ll comes to music Hc hopcs to bccomc a chenust Rl SSILI I HARRISON XIII I ILR III College Preparatory 613 low Chase Road lox Chase Nlanor Russ forum Club I 3 Sptrlt Commlttee 3 Russ has two pet peexes adult drners and trafflc cops He has no specxfxc xocattonal choice as wet HILLIANI B NIILI LR College Preparatory I9-I8 Nlaplewood Axcnue Abington 1 potball I 3 Caolf ' 3 Rex Club ' Secretarx 3 Home room Offtcer I 5 Xarslts An and card fan Bull Ib good PX at sports Hc hopes to be a pre med student 2' BLI Il JANI' NIIISII-.IN 1 anna! .946 Prog Hollow Road Rwdal B Cheerleadmgl 2 FT A 0 Student Seruce Corps ' Dramatic C,lub I Chlc B j wants to go mto the fashion coordination field She ll go to a New York school IANE I-RANCI'S NIOEI IFR College Premmtory 7033 Nlaplemood Atenue Abington E Color C uard 3 Swimming I Sentor Plax He thunk Jdll. vull bc a top rate teacher tn the future Her hobbnes tncludc uc skating ROBERI JOHN NION IE Iomttonal H66 Iyson Awcnuc Roslyn Bob Dancc Club I Ihskctball ' Bowling uc skatlng and danc ' tng tntcrest ohn He plans to be an elcctrlcal draftsman S-I Ell A SHARON NION ICJONIERY C 4 neral 409 Elm Axcnue North Hllls Sherry Buble Club 1 3 Band 2 3 Homeroom Scuctarx ' Student Seruce Corps ' Basketball 3 Lacrosse 3 bala Nxght 3 Athlctnc Sherry Itkes water sknng and roller skatxng HhRBERI' NIOONEX lomlmnal IZ6 Central Atenue North Htlls erb I- otball I ' I Ht wants to be a carpcnttr A sports enthuslast Herb ts also qllllC good at lcats of stren th LHARLOI IL XI XRIIL MORDHORYI Collegz I ll mrulmj 89 Sunsct Drne Blue Bell Sophomore Chorus Afflllatton 3 I- I A .I C I N gl l Sp fl LOITIIIIIIICC. 3 Charlotte enjoxs patnttng and danung X teacher she ll be ENIIIY NIARIE 'NIOROI-F Business l-ducutton 298 Church Road Phtladelphna Em Student Counctl I Sophomore C,horus Ihose IIINSILIN books dont bother her she hkes them A secretanal posttton ts tn store for her DORO'I HY JANIQ. XILLL ANEY Btmnets l'clumtmn 848 Icnnts Axenue Ardslcy anlc Softball 3 C ala Ntght 3 Dancc C,Iub I Skatmg and smun ming are tvso of her hobbies She PTACIICLS txpxng to gt! rcadx fo a Job as a secretary 45 'A a 'il ' 1 Da 'J 1 1 . .. Sh - , C 5 -'If Rin-L. ff' - ns.. ' .N . -,- '- f-' t- - jd i'- 5 - ' ' F ll' ,I .. ,--, - - . - ' ' f ' q , . B4Il : Ft ' v 2, .: ' L. 3 ' I' L L. Y I' 1 - X , .. - . 3- X I 5 1 a A I Q ' .. , .v . V I L' 49 iQ. ' ' ,'3'. ...Tp I L LQ- y ff, V, F.'I'..A. 2, 3: Drill Team l, 23 Student Cionncil 21 Clala Night 2, 35 L. l:l'.' ' L' ' .AVI ' ' - -I. .' ,. I X4 i ' ' , l J ' h. . ,. ' , . k. . I Q S I 7 l M ' ,I L, Q . I f ' A' L: -' --H 'O' QL,:. , 1 1 . -. .- .- N . , A. ' 'Y 3 1 'g Lazt.'i1tf3.'i't v..' - ' , - , ' . ' ' . . .' E , I ' 1 -W K' I ' ' ' . ' I f 4 EDWIN NIIC H RFI VI RPI-II Iomlmnul 476 Xernon Road enlttntossn lN 1 e -Ks Irtsh as thu totne He likes to ghde across the dance floor wstth a prettx gtrl Xotattonallx hes Xnnx bound El IIXBEI H HAI' Nil RR 'H C un ml 2328 Norwood Xxenue Rosltn Betty Nfae Buble C lub ' tnnor Htstortans 3 Sophomore C horus juntor Chorus Sentor Chorus C ala Ntght 7 'I She Itkes to match football and baseball games -X future secretary IS Betts Niae JOEL NI NIINDERS College' Preparntom 131 Htghland Menue enluntoun Student Seruce Corps 1 3 Sptrtt Cotnmtttee ' 3 'XIIIIIHIIOII 'P 3 Snack Bar 7 Spantsh Club 0 Sentor Plas Cala Ntght 0 3 Forum Clttb 'I Htlltam tnd Nltrx ts on the agenda for hnn CAROL TERRX N XC Is Colle ge Pre mmtory 0146 Ptne Menue North Htlls errx a .1 Ntght l 3 Sophomore extette Iutntette ' Afftltatton Hotnetoon Xue president I Itke :nam Ierrx ts fond of soctal actntttes She ftnds slots drnets announg DEBORXH NILI SON Bustmst ldumttem ISGS london Road Xbtngton Debbie unlor Htstotttns 3 Une of 'kbtngtons newest addtttons Debbie enjoxs dll basketball and ntoxtes Penn State and a careex as a secletarx ate het goals ANDRFIS NI-.l 'SI KN JR lomltorml -Irl Central Xtenue Notth Htlls Andx Sophontote C horns Ststnnntng I Hts luke ol tngtnes ts rtght Ill ltne tttth hts ehosen profession of .1 dtesel ntethtntt On the lighter stde tollu slt tttng Itlls hts lllllC LOI ISE NEI NIARIC College I repnratory 'IIE Isent Road Xbtngton Je Club 7 I It ta ' lhe ptano and photography are lotuse s hobbtes She wants to studs eletnentatx education at Beaten College DFBORAH XNNI' NIC Isl FS College' PICIIIIIIIIUIX 50-In Ltmektln P1Le North I-Itlls 3 1- i T - 1.5 embte H ckex I 3 I osse I bpxrtt Commtttee ' Sentot Plat Basketball l ' Student beruce Corps 2 3 X futtne teacher Debbte guts XS est Chestet the nod n. Qi 'C' it IsENNEIH SC OI I ORR Dntrthutne Idumnem '06 N Isestttek henue C lenstde en estltng l Iltble C lul I ' I ken has hts hopes ptnnee the L S Mr Irotee and Nloodx Buble Instttutt DUN XI D I' Xl I OI! I' N9 College I ze myrtle 3 Ins! Ierndale henna Ihllmt C use on aelt I ' I Dons hobbies uhtth are otga t entng l nt t s s nnsstonan INCIIICCI tn Ituadot I Xl N C ollege I te' mralom 3'l Ihotpe Rotd tnktntotsn Nlanot antsh Club I t C ala Ntght Ream tn sttmnntn a t tanctng .ue some o n hontes I me p tastne to de tl mth lllls futute lads lats t II Il XIII' I II BRI KN I I' XRIC Ifuxme xx I elumlton I-.Int Me tue he s etss ble u J I C tlt Nlglt 5 Rtadtng and ntuste ate tntlue et tn Betsx s hobbtes She plans to be uthet a seetetatx ot stenographet lb JEFFREY Rl SSELL PARRHOL SE College Preparatory 1903 Hardmg Asenue Abmgton Jeff Soccer I Baseball 1 P 3 Although not too sure about which college to attend Jeff plans a carccr ln buslncss dfI1lIlIllSIl'3ll0lI lrkes sports aml records ELEANOR Nl-ARIE PAIONEII liustness l'ducatton 2313 Tague Axenue Clenslde FBL A 2 3 Buble Club 2 3 flhmglonzan Z 3 News Bureau 2 3 Yearbook 3 Band 1 2 3 Latm Club I An actne gurl Eleanor hopes to be a secretars and then go to college ELEANORE BLANCHE PAXSON Business fducalzon 1248 Bochlus Axenue Abmgton FBLA A transfer from Olnes Hugh ln her Jumor wear Eleanore works after school preparlng for her career as a secretarx RICHARD JAY PEIRSON General 219 Forrest Axcnue Elklns Park Rtck Football I XS rcstlrng 2 Q ala Nrght I ' Publluts Chairman 3 Isex ilubl 3 Scutor Plas Abmglunmn ' Sophomore Chorus Senlor Chorus Ilcsldes soctal Ilfc Rlck enjoxs gunmng and water skung AR Fl-ll R ALSIIN PERCANI college Pre mratorj 1370 Old Xork Road Xhllow Croxe Art Senior Prom Co Chairman Senior Plas I mls 7 3 umor Prom Hts greatest lrke rs people and m most cases thc feeling IS mutual He has one ambltlon to make monex JLDIIH ANN PETERSON follege Preparatory Ihllow Brook Drne Huntlngdon lalles udy Cala Nrght 2 Abmgtonmn 2 3 Swtmmmg I Senior Play Judy ts fond of rxdmg horses but hates moths Shc plans on an artlst s career RICHARD RLSSELL PETERSON follege Preparatory 108 Tyson Avenue Glenstde Pete Latm Club I 2 Although he tlnkers with model airplanes now rn the future he plans to be an aeronauttcal cngmeer SAINDRA LEE PFAFFHALSEN College Preparatory 120 Ifatrfleld Road Glenslde Sands Sophomore Chorus Drama Club I Softball I ' 3 Slillllflllllg I C ala Night I Z 3 Student Seruce Corps I School Store 1 Studcnt Council 3 Yearbook 3 Junior Prom lap dancing and harmomca plaung are two of wersattle Sands s more unusual hobhtes C' XV' Q-Q Ab W'-v sag- 'N fx -Q i' 3 Q M ILLIAXI C EORCE PICKXN ELL 1 eneral 1810 Fckard Axenue Abtngton Puck Soccer I 2 3 Kes Club 3 Homcroom lice president 3 Award wmtung soccer plawer Cars and sports arc some of hrs hob hres Pensne Plck thinks he would like to attend a junior college NIARCI ERIIE L01 ISE Pl ITINOS Busmess lwlumlton 140 Vernon Road Phrladelphta argle l-Ill A I 2 3 learbook I lfrcnch Club I Scmor a Readmg kmttmg and dancmg consutute Nlargnes hobbles A career as a prnate secretary ns her ambmon IHONI AS POLRINHORN localtonal 1812 Allen Lane Abmgton Tom Dance Club 1 Student Councnl tomnuttee 3 Xocauonal Dance 2 3 Tom hopes to contxnue m the pnntmg trade as a cylmder pressman Hts hobbxes Include dancmg and nce skating RENNEFH E POFTS JR Drstrtbulnf I-duration 231 Nfaple Avenue North Hllls ootball I Z Track l I-BI l P 3 Presldent 5 M Club 7 3 Sophomore Chorus Ren IS Interested rn the bustness held As an out of school Interest he collects stamps 47 CERAI DINI' POV El I f ollegf I IFIIIIIIHOFI 431 N I-aston Roatl 1 lcnsnle lcrrs SCIIIUI' Plat A lI'HIISfLf from I'Ln1bLrton High K erri hopes to bL an airline hostc ss HIJTSLIJACR riding tlrnrng anti Uplllg art likes of hers Jl DITH IOIS PRICE l0ll1g1 Pr1 1111111015 991 Nic-lods lanL C lenside um Sophomore Chorus S fthall I Cala Night l 3 Ium Prom Oracle 2 3 Iembook 3 Senior Plas 3 Senior Prom Bugs and hsglene are jucls s dISIIlxCS The Niuseum School of Art will see her as a stutlent IS AX NE I EI' RANIBO liustmst I 1l11c11t1o11 91 Dausxillr. Road Southampton seball l ' L Club Z 3 A qutLt box Manu enjoss popular rLcorLls and plans to bL in accountant DENNIS A RAIAIIW 111101111 431 Osctala AXLIIUL hllsins Park Dennis likes plating basketball or basLball and working around tnethanttal things HL is going to Join thL Nan where hL will learn a trade JOHN IA II I I ANI R AI NOR 1711111011111 4 1 flllftlllllll 330 Keswick Axcnue 1 ltnsttle ac Industrial A ts Club I QIAIIIIIIIIIII., lJ2'l'slsLllJ3lI and niotll lallroading are lacks IIIKCILSIS HL hopLs to bL a LOIIIIIIISSIOIILQI offlcLr in the Navy CRAIC REC-IN ALD RECK-ARD follegr P11f111111Io1N 1001 'lyson Axenue Roslin Sophomore Chorus A Cappella ' 3 joual Craig likes tlancrng and drnmg plans to be a chL1n1cal engineer ANNE CORNFI IA RI'I'Al'S li11s1111ss I 1111111111111 IDIS Prospect Axenue Xhllom K rose SIIOTIIL 'Ih1s gals a football incl basketball fan SIL is to I a secretary after graduation JOAN CHANEX REINOEI-II College' PVIIIKIIIIIIIIA 2221 Charles Street Glenstde Rein Sophomore Chorus' C'la Night l, -, 3' Dran t' Cl I I: Oracle l 2 Editor 3' Senior Play St nlent Council l, J' Treasurer 3: Student Service Corps lg Latin Club l 23 I-'.'l'..A. 3: Switnrning , .., .1 School Store 1 2' French Club 3' Ht17IdlIll0k 3: Drill Team 1: Honor Society Z 3. oan hopes to attend Cornell. HARRY L. REITER '111' lll Tyson .Avenue Clensicle 'el.-,.' 2. rs- ' A interest for Harry. Il fs set his sights on the printing., field. JEANNE REID REMMEX 't'7ll'I 11 l028 Cypress .Avenne, enkintown 'on 1,11 ' aN'ghtl,L,.3l' 'f:S-nio P'y:S'i 'Prt . l'pon graduation from .Abington blonde eanne will go to art school. NI.-AR'l'H.A JANE RENN College 111' lllllllllljf l335 Fairacres Road, enkintown ane g Dance Connnittees 3. a ie has her own horse and likes to ride hiin. She plans OII college. S'l'I'lI'IIEN RESU C11ll1'gf' 11' 11111111 's' 423 Central .-Avenue, North Hills i StL-ie : Wffhllillg l: SUPIIUIIIUIL' Chorus: .A Cappella 2. 3. l.oxes to work on cars. He plans to attend Drexel for an engineering course. 48 Q57- NF' C' C-XRROIL B RIIII Fl JR Iomltonal 934 Abington Menue L-Ienstde KENNETH JAMES RHODES Dtstrrbutize Fducation 2493 Norwood Menue Roslsn ken School Store 3 Hes the outdoor type likes to skate play football and swim He hopes to go into sales managing ANNE NI-XRIF RICHIER feneml I463 Huntingdon Road Abington Xfajorette I Ahtngtonmn I I Co editor 5 Iearhook I Affiliati I I-orun n Hn ullmok 4 1 la N ght I Artistic Xnn is a fan of Kan C ogh and the theater Shell enter the art field XIVI AN JO-KN RIEQHNI-SN College Prepgrgloyj 1330 Harrier Road Nleadovsbrook Xu Iearbrmk I 3 I'rench Klub I 3 I- I' A 3 ltbrars 3 Affiliation 3 Xu enjoxs plating the piano Temple and social work constitute her immediate and coming future ROY It REINIPNSCHNFIDLR JR feneral lil Clnetlen Aienue f lenside Bil Is w Club I Baseball Z 3 Football 5 Bill likes outt oor actnits boating hunting flung airplanes He plans to become a nasal aviation cadet Bu dy Sc Rip Wheel Club 3 S cer I 3 B I I Bud vs 'Q' an admirer of the great outdoors He wants to join the Nan and learn a trade while serung JOAN X ROCKFTT Illflllblllllf lducalion 414 Hamel -Xsenue North Hills -1 oannie Cheerleadmgl Ilomerooin Sccretarwl I DI' Secretarw 3 She realls en oss Italian foods dancing and records lo be a I clothing buser is her goal ELLSIS ORTH O RODREY Infatzonal 443 Church Road Fox Chase Bud Cala Night I He makes a hobbw of cars and planes and likes popular reeords H is preparing himself for a career bv working with mood now -XR'I Hl R H ROSEN'l H-Xl College' Pre utrnlory Q00 Xlmgate Road Huntingdon Xalley r Alllllgllllllllll I I Ifarhrmk I Si ent ttncil I Cala Nt I I Senior IIrom Nesss Bureau I Xn nnnsnills social fellow f rt s Ie re ieinbered for s entiusiastit announcements on ie morning program Il plans to go to Iemplc in pteparttion for dentist s career S I FPHI' N K ARI ROSEN I HAI llixtitbuttt 1 I dumltmt 1801 C uernses Menue Xbm ton ll exe nd I 2 n e Sand I I Ore es a Z X musica tninded gus Stese also collects stamps and tluelops pictures is dITlhlllOIl is a job is a salesman K HARLES J ROSROIX I oculmmzl Ill 'I' 'son henue Clenside C arlie ' Cala Night 2: Dance Lighting., I. Charlie enjoys tinkering with cars. As an electrician, he is superb. Hopes to take electrical engineering in a technical college. iQ 'Q MARIAN JOYCE RUTH li11.ti1u'x.s lfdumlion 426 Cricket Axentie, North Hills Drill 'leant I, J: Homerooin Treasurer I, 1' Student Sersice Corps 21 F.B.L.Ai 2. 3' .-lbingtonirin 33 Senior Play: Cala Night 1. 5: Sophomore Chorus. oyce likes records. dancing, and cars. She plans to become H SCCYCIHYY. ROBERT lVIl-l.lANl ROXBY 519 Crescent Avenue Clensicle Bob ' Yearbook 3' Cala Night 3. Bob has sisions of playing either the trumpet or clarinet. He goe' for sports cars and jazz. YN ants to take a pre-med course at college, College I refmrulory vis 49 GEORC E R051 F C 011: QI P11 7117111015 9-I6 Crefelel Road Flkins Park K I 1 s1de11t 3 Student C IIIIICII ars Our e ass president C eorge a e 11d plaxer SPCCIAIIIIIII., 111 poker mtl gm Q7 Either Iau or foreign seruee is for him IRV5 R035 Dtxtrzhult 1 lrlunllinn 110 I-tlglex Menue Clenside a11ee Club I School Store I I 1a an at d f 1 o re It ll r and loies to dance dIlCl sl-tate She hasnt definite pIa11s for her future IRENE Rl SH College Pre mmtorx -Ill! Central -henue North Hills Renee Sophomore Chor11s This prospeetne secretaxx plans for a bright future She collects records plaws the PIHIIO and draws IU' pictures to her hearts content E. ROBFRT J-Xl SAI RMANI C'0Ilfg1 Pzfjuirrllrltx 605 Crescent -Menue C Ienside Bob Baseball I Spa111sh Club Sophomore CIICITIIS A Cappella P 'I Bob finds model railroading and car custommng interesting DON Al D HON XRD SAI I IER Iomizmml 600 Fdge Hill Road Xrdsley IJOII A Cappella ' 3 Sixnnnnng I 'P I Student CUIIIICII Nice pres 1de11t I I- I' A 3 Sophomoie Chorus l,Clll looks foruard to IJCIIII., 1 champion dner hes well o11 his may to it non ALBFRT MX SC H-XII Ioraliorml 155 GICIIIIIUIC Asenue l'llslllS Park ne I- otball P CCICAPIHIII 3 Baseball I IN l1eeI Club terrific mechanic Xlbie is a motorcycle raeer He plans to attend Ceneral Nlotois Institute for dlll0 n1echa111cs El I ORY SC HEMPP C Olllgl Pre matory 2450 Susquehanna Road Roslyn rt1n1 Club I t or istorians ' 1ae lp 1 FI enjoxs tsorletng with ehemistrx and 111odeI iailroading A good :ng discussion of religion is to his liking He s a futuxe ehemist BARBARA L SC'HENls DINYIIIIIIIIIC 1'l1IlflIf10H 920 Rena Street I-ox Chase Barb Dance Club I Sehool Store 3 She IS a ten friendli person who enjoss Clallflllg and talking Her greatest dislike is getting IIIICI all Hfgll IHCIII 1 ROBERT C SC HNI-Xl ls College lnfmntlmx 2031 Corinthian Menue Abington o eer 3 lI.1seb1lI 3 Xsklgllllllllllj., Club I 1 IS 1 eongtnitl fe who likes ears and sports IIa11s to attend Drexel f0l chemical engineering JLDIIH XXX SCIINIII I Crllrei In mutt: 5 IHI erieho Road Xbington ut 1 ICICIII ounti I 1 a Night ff 1 mnn ee Ilexn 1 people IS CHIC I udi s ple tsnres o e e s tho HON XRD RCJBI' RI SC HI S I I' R Ihslrzlmttr 1 ldumlmn bl? I-dglex 'Ixenue Clenside oi ais and mote ltil roading l1Il IIIS sp ire tune Ile sees Illlll self as a top notch salesman SLBFRI H SC IIN XII Colley III 11111111 X T74 508 Holme Menue I-Ilttns Park se 1all a Xen spot s ntled XI toulel l1Iee to gne pro 1 a 1 Ile would also 1 e to be an engmeer 90 'E 4 Q ' . , Y' 1 W j ,I , - .- Golf . 2. 3. 42 Ciala Night I, 2. 3: Key Cllul 2. I're-side-nt fl: Cilass A Pre' .2 I - It A I. 3: V' ity I, 2, fl. In is' 'z' - 4 '. ins Vi K , A I . . . .iw .J . J I 5' 1 I 1-1 - .V Q , E' D' ' ' 1 I .' f. rn is ' i 111 f me' ' oll , NVE I I I ,I I . Ax V ' D A ,K ! 1 5 V 7::' A V- . . V 1 ' . 1 ' ' ' 17' . v . . 4. A t tb ' All I 3 o '. L. l. V fg ' Ig ' -1 I 2, II. A I ,T x . L A A ,, ,.' . I .A ' . . , f A .1 I I J '11 -p - - . f 1 . kgkrx 5 c R A .1 . ' L. p 1 fp .1 'ts' '-1212 Fo 1 , 2, 31 j 111i HY 'f .- Lg '1'-1 -It lg -3 itnuw 2. -if - . - A Qiylgk 4 A 4- -l 1. . . . D, I. . , .. ' ' . 1 . ig ' W ,' Z S '-413 3 1 Z. BI ' -'z -II ' I ,C ., ., . .. ,.,. . ,U .. . 'W W . .' ' A ' 'hut . ., ,l 'N 'r ' . 'wi f1'r-'Nj fri' A I , Ci f xl ' ' ..' ' V Q I l 'p Stn - Cl 'I I, 2, Re't't11'eil1g Sl'lIil'Ilil'f II: .X Cla! pe-lla 2. 3: 1 . ,Z , Cal' 2: Om I' I: C21 lor C,uard II: I.-KCI Clo 'tt-- I, g will ' ' ' - o j 'af 'A Smith Cl ll -g' i. l1e'1 iet-. tl 1. Y bi I ,B . , , B I g CZ' ' I'I 'I ' ' 1 ' J 1 - ' -. ' . ' - 3 1 . ' ' . fi I ' ' 21 ,, Q - 1 1. . ,Q l -' h , , - I1 Alu: Ba. -I' I, 2. 3: Baske-tl1aIl I. 2: Indoor Iirek Il. At. 111i ' . .- 1' ' - 1' 1 A' - Iall ' trl. - ' ' i Ile- I . , . A WILIJAM I-I SCHWAB Vocational 308 Holme -Menue Elkins Park JN B111 Plaung all krrrds of sports rs errloxable to hrm A career as an clcctrrcran rs hrs great vtpectatron ..-- Q' gf IIXDX lOl SC HH ARI! litrsrrrest fdrlcatlorr 64: XS anamaker Road Baederwood Ixn C ala Nrght 1 3 leurbook 3 Senror Plas lxn lrkes the piano and dancrng and plans to attend Penn Statc I pon graduatron we see her as a secretars ETHEL XIARIE SC HIS EIC ERT Brrmrfss Fducatron 9019 Susquehanna Road Abrngton Dance Club 1 Fthel Irrrds pleasure rn moxres magazrncs and records She wrll thoose between berng a secretarx and a receptronrst ROBFRI XXIIIIXNI Sf HHINI I'R feneral 611 Icnnrs Mcrruc Krdslcv or Ht cnjms flung and trnkcrrrrg wrth cars Hrs plans are Drexel and engrncerrng EDM ARD ARTHI R SK OIT I allege Preparatory 2916 Oklahoma Road Hrllow C rost El X new student front Hcsrcrn Hrlls Hrglr he rs rnterested rn gymnastrcs and musrc He wrll take a prc theologs course rn college NIICHAEI I SI-NGFR locatronal 2143 Haute Menue Abrngton Nlrke c0ll1g along wrth hrs work rn thc xotatronal machrne shop he wrll become a rrrachrnrst after graduatron RATHERINF XI SHELI X College Preparatory 123: Niernel Road Hurrtrrrgdorr Xallew athre rn C ub 'kffrlratron 3 I-renc C ltr J Sophomore Chorus Irbrary 3 Isathrc spent her Junror wear rn Irrancc She hopes to repeat thrs durrng college Drawrng keeps her busw J-XNIFS I SHIFI DS College Preramtory 671 Hrghlarrd Menue Jcnkrntown nr He frnds radro crrs ltspttrallv Nlodtl X Iords and swrrrr mrrrg to hrs lrkrng HL wrll studs errgrnetrrrrg., SINXNI FY R SHORE College Irefrnralom G11 I-ern Road C lensrde tan ntball tu 'S C Xrcc prtsrdtrrt ' ku Klub '3 Hrs farorrtc sport rs tcnnrs He plans 1 on bcrng a doctor es VFRX SHO! RPN Brrsrnms lrlrrmlrorr K. 7141 Pcnbrxn Xurrrre Nrllow Crow, I A Rctorts trrrcrn nroxrcs ant rcatrn rcr v r up rtr out of school hours Xtra rs trarnrrrg to bc a sccrctarx 'lyk SYLX l-.STER SIIXERS JR I enernl 1904 Old York Road Hrllow I rote Sonnx He rs acute rn Curl -Xrr Patrol lrkcs bowlrng and skatrng but hrs pct peue rs detcntron H ho can blame hrrrr Gr JI DIIH XXX Sll XFRISLRC College Pteparalotw T :l 1321 Panther Road Rsdal um Ca a Xrght 1 2 3 Student Seruct Cor rs 7 3 Craduat r Date Nrght Z Judy plans to go rrrto radro and 'IX productron work and wants to go to Boston Lnncrsrty 51 t ' N1 l . A xg ' r A . . ' S' 4 I 'SA H. ' 3 J ' . lu h , . ' l . , .. ' . ' 1 I ,, r ' Q Y L' . ' A A A l. ' ' 1' N rt Lat' zr 15 A- ' :E ' hu: I 3: Q Zu. .:' ,. .' .. J '. ' L f - r 1 rn -' lr, Q, :tp srtrtremltzr mart r, 2. :414 'rw-.mrs 2. .1 :lass 8' 'U ' ' 4 us.. X 3 f.' L , t. .A . . .V v Q . . Za.: .J if ' rin. . rr. -- rf, rl Q' g 1 r r' g --trr' f'l1 r r A e - v ff - - - . v I V 6 in I . . ,J . 1 1 H gn! J 1, ': 51 l I, ', .g. I 1 I L. .1 - 'im - ELSA NAONII SINIPSON College Prepamtnn l4'6 K unpowtler Road Rsdal ench Clrh rr rm cat errror ' X I st lotes dramrtres She rs ersrlx rtlcrrtrfred hs her prxre hatreut Hopes to he a psxchologrst THONI AS NIILI PR SIAIPSUN fullest Pre 111101011 Q-. 0118 Horace Axenue Abington om R fle l 3 Aarst A 3 Sharpshooter Iom shoots re tures and rifles Tennis rs a fatorrte with hrm He has designs on college ERA IN HARRY SRETC H1-11 Burnie SS Fducnlmn L 0331 Rornlg Road Roslsn etch I B1 A 'I He s a stamp eollector In the lighter tern Sketch works on cars Hrs plans include an accounting career JO-ANN A A Sl AAIN lollegz Prrjmmlurr 800 1-aston Road C lensrde homme Stxtet C l Nrglt I 11 url eatrer o e trrtrerr crsstal ball sees for jo 1. AFS 1 SLSAN lxF1S0 Sl OAD tollcgf Prepamtmx lln Cumberland Road Abington ue a Night 'P A :ella 9 3 Senior Play Sue can really plax those H8 kexs food dancers and football games are for her Pupils wont mind this music teaeher 1HON1ASj SVI' RRI Cent ml 1811 Allen larrt Ahrngton Tom Senior Plas Spanish C lub I lom works wrtlr the Scouts In fact Ire wants to beeome a prolessronal bcouter likes hr fi C ERALD AA SMI I H f allege I rejurrntom 133 Runner Street Cottman 1 ardens errx B skttball I 7 fl Ierrs rs Abrngtons scintillating spokes man Hes Drexel bound where hell studs erul engrneerrrrg NORNIA E SNIIIH lirmrrus I-rlrrmtron 76-I9 H ootlland Road Rosls n Norma enlots painting dancing., motres and hating a good time Shell either he r beautrcran or ru office worker IIND A ANNI' SN1-11 I ollfgr I re mrnlmx 160 lsson Atenue C lensrdc panrsh Club I S phomore Chorus C ala Night I Sprr Ct tee tut e or r ' enror N rst o lint s smart looking tl nthes are made In her own han ls nrt to talented' 15. CILORC I' C ARADINI- SONII-S Ill Dtslzrhulr c Iflrtculron 1166 Rosemore Aserrue C lerrsrtle ll Mllllllllllg rrrrs Ht collects stamps and cours can pitch horseshoes with the lr st ol them Hes Arms hound NORAIAN C I-URI If SPANI l-NIIl'Rf nz C HP' Hurrtrngtlorr Pike Iltrllswootl lm A orm rrm s rrr rr r s nr tres Arr tr lr e Ire enjms Irunrr DORUIIIA ANN Sl'l'Nt l' f rlflgl IH llllllfl X UU errtlro Rortl Ahrn ton C' u mlrurrrurt rorus I tr Sn I s t Se 1 1 at ex rrragtr rtrr t wttlr Dot as their lust leaeher rl 5 Fri ' It fl: l'r'r'li ki 3: lfritlas' Night l.- I S' ' lla. lla --T 1 i i .2. f -H ,- I-pw I' , . .. . ' , . ' . ' , . Ifg ' r.'i'ig ia ar fr .2. 3: Spirit Cmrrrnittct' 2: lfhlt' ' Cl I . 2, 3: Quintet 2, fl. A t-' 'l f littl- 'I 'll is what tht' A. -rv x 1 - .Y x S ' ,4 R ' Q ,.- . X ' N . U - S 3 Gal' .' -, 3: .- Cal -, 3 . '. . ' ' W . I I . I ' I 1 f' A- ,A Q , J ef' 1- - - t X AV rail . Ag-3 ax , , . . Ly ,. , I. 4 ' ' A. -' ' . ' . A.- S fi I 1 - I ' 5: L' ' . 2. fl: .' ' it Irm- 6 mit 2, fl: S lem S-rtice C 'ls L: S' ' Plat. .Io f I l'.' K S ' 'I -1 t ' '- 1 - A ' ' t 11's ' 'e he , bs , 31 if -t .. .V 'ACI p : S ' ' I: '1'e-r 2. ' ' - 3 5 ' ' IQ ' .' .1 .1.',f,'.Q.' f L fir' 'ml it 1 N ' 1 Nt ' is uric to he fls' g l'g1 tr' a rrrt-rnlmr url the l 'ted Sta .A A I- rct: .As at side Arr- ' - ' ng. 'R- I A, 13:1 fr 1,1 II. Us I2 . -I' ' 1 . . ' g D t 3 Sol '- ill ' .1 Gala Night 1,2111 lltg Il llst' 2. fl: .' :uk lla' 2. Il: 5llItll'lIl Svrwitt' Corp' 2. 3: Spirit flnrrrrrittet' 2. fi: . -ni rr Pla.: Ht k 'A NI: ' ' l. tllriltl ' will get ull on the' right lun V- E ' r 'I WVU! JOHN YN SPENCER College Preparatory 118 Garden Road Glenslde ack A car enthusxast he works ambltton IS to be a draftsman on them and drnes them Hts General SLSAN ELl7ABE'IH SPERBER 2466 Ardsley Aycnue C-lenslde Sue Spanish Club I Red Cross Club I Nurses Club ' If Sue has her way shell be helping the slck ln the years to come Rlght now she occupies herself with swtmmmg and badminton I INDA X AN DX RE STAA l'S College Preparatory 1933 Cleyeland Ayenue Abrngton Tr1H1 Prestdent I Dramattc Club I Hockey I 3 Student Councll ,g 2 Student Serylce Corps ' Cala Ntght 1 l 5 A job as a dental hygrenlst IS the goal she has tn mmd SLSAN NIAE STACY Busmess I-duration 641 Pune Tree Road enktntoysn Sue Red Cross Club I Iearlzook 3 Publtcauons Representattye 2 5-5 Cala Nnght 3 I- Bl A I Sue stitches a mean seam when Il comes to maktng her clothes Her skull at secretarxal work lnsures a brlght future Q5 'W fvi 'V DON Al D NI SI Xl ICFR Ceneral 633 N Easton Road Clensldc Don frack I Cross Country Norklng on his 31 I-ord takes up a good btt of Dons time Nluch of his excellent art work has been dlsplayed m the halls and admtred by all EDWIN FISHER STEEBLE College Preparatory 931 Roanoke Avenue Elkms Park Ed junior Hlstorlans 3 Soccer Manager 3 Eds off hours are occupied wtth the pursuxt of his two hobbies mlmature trams and short waye Itstenmg ELEANOR JEAN STEVFNSON General 426 Tyson Ayenue Glenslde Ellte Buble Club I 2 President 3 C lrls Outntette Accompanlst l Z 3 Sophomore Chorus .A Cappella 2 3 Cala Nrght I 2 3 Honor Society 2 Secretary 3 Oracle 3 Semor Play A hobby that could posslbly lead to a career for Ellle IS composmg mustc NIARGARFT MARY SSI ICRNEY Business Educatzon 834 Tenms Ayenue Ardsley Peggy Sophomore Chorus Gala Night 2 3 Drlll Team 1 2 Abmgtonzan 3 Yearbook 3 Spanish Club l Semor Play FBLA 2 Secretary 3 Peg wlll go a long way wlth her shorthand ln her future posttxon as secretary JAMES EDWARD S'IlfH College Prrparatory 7131 Rush Road Abtngton Ilm Rlflel Z Baseballl Soccerl 2 3 Nrestlxng 3 Semor Play Itm has sports on the bram not only the ones aboye but swlmmmg 00 LOIS STOCKDALE Business Fducatzon 233 Iseswlck Ayenue Clenslde Iearbook 3 French Club 3 Sptrtt Committee Cala Night 3 Semor Plav Lots IS an Ice skater swimmer and golfer Either Penn State or Pierce Busxness School will be her new home DONNA lOl ISE STRI Bl E Ceneral 'JO Sylyanta Aycnue Clenstde Sophomore Chorus unlor Chorus Semor Chorus French Club 2 3 If T A 3 Semor Play C eometry algebra and Donna neyer got along too well Some lucky school ts going to haye her as a teacher BETH ANN SLTHERLAND College Preparatory 1901 Amtty Road Rydal Beth Spanish Club 3 NldI'Cll Cras dance COIIIIIIIIILC 3 C ala Nlght 3 Senior Play Beth ts new to Abington this year She relaxes Wllh long playmg records and IS an and sports enthustast 53 -' w ' ' ' fgwa , - -- ,, . ,5 '55 , i., V V , , , . , F . I f U -,I - , . ' . ' ' J , , . , , . . ., ' ' 'J .. H, - '- - . . ' ' . ' f 4 . A . I A ' ,ti - . . . ... . - 1 pl. 1. -f -Y Y A y -y - - .',:,, ,MV 1 A ' M, g' , ' ' I . g I b iz, it , , y J .' . t I U 1 - KC l ' I I - C ' -y , 1 , 3 . .-,, . .. . J , ' if , 47 'r ll , . V 1 C Vo r . ,. . , . ' , - . ' -' , , , . A -. . V if f , v I - V Che fi' lv ' ' , 1 1 ' ,, 3 l ' X an ff 1 I ut' ,X V E V y . H ,f ,' ,. V v . f , f E M 5 . . 3 I . A . . ,. Q . . . - . . . V . I I a A a t A l U H. A , A y ' v- , - l W ,Wee , , ,, ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 3 1 L 3 Q: .... , 5 L ' . , . ' U ' . ' C . , -, . . . ' ' . ' v Q' l . 1 I V 1 , 2 A, . . A . 3 . 2 . I . ' X , ' . ,' y . . ' ' ' V A-4 . l. V. . l .l ' , Q if 1 r , -. , - ' ' . I .: j ' I J: . ' L .3 ' 1 -. 1 VJ . A . ' y V -. H . ' . , . . . . .. 2 I.. ' , A 4, I K V JAMES RICHARD SIS EET College Preparatory 1448 Jericho Road Abington Meet Student Councill 3 Basketballl 2 3 Soccerl 2 Track 2 3 H heel Club 3 An ammal lover hell get his training as a wetertnary at Cornell ROBERT PINK SH IFT Bustness Educattorr 2512 Rubtcan Axenue Ihllou Grote Ssufty Band 1 2 3 Cross Country 1 Baseball 1 2 H heel Club 3 A saxophone plaser he plans on furthering his education at Temple Lnnersity majoring in business CAROLYN S TADDEI Bustness Education 2901 Mt Carmel Atenue North Hills Carole Dance Club 1 Ltbrarv 2 Spirit Committee 3 Xoull be able to see Carole dancing up the runvxas thus combining her hobbs and her ambition She plans to be an atrltne hostess MARC UFRITE TANlNER General 2148 Menlo Atenue Glenside Marge Splrtt Committee 1 7 'l Bible Club l Z 3 Cala Night 3 Senior Play Committee 3 I- 'I A 3 Latin Club l lhose ltfeguards intrigue Marge Shell be off to college in the fall GEORCE REINHOID TAPPFRI' College Pzepamlory 615 Fox Chase Road Fox Chase Manor Forum Clubl 2 President 3 Baseballl 2 3 Htestlmgl 2 Honor Society 2 President 3 Student Serstce Corps 2 Fpzlome 2 3 George s hobby is current affairs and he knows what hes talking about I college he plans on majoring in physical science or math JOHN EDXVIN TARNIAX JR College Preparatory 1961 Lxcomtng Atenue Abington ack Rifle 1 2 3 Varsttw A Clubl HotneroomV1ce President 1 2 3 Jack likes shooting both targets and pictures Electrical engineering is his choice for the future MICHAEL DAVID TAYLOR College Preparatory 2439 Arlington Aienue Roslyn Mickey lrackl 2 3 Crossiountry 1 2 3 lk restlmgl 2 3 Bible Club 1 Z 5 An expert pole xaulter Mickey gets a large charge out of radio operating ALBERT STEPHEN TELRINS College Preparatory 1814 Edge Hill Road Abington Steve Student Council l 2 President 3 Football 1 2 Cross Coun try 3 Track 1 3 Basketball 1 Class President P Honor Society 2 3 Latin Club l 2 3 Abmglon1an3 Boss Quartet 2 3 Gala Night 2 3 Sophomore Chorus A Capella 2 3 Steie has had good practice for the gosernmental work he hopes to enter ivy aug, 1 Q 3' ,gi Xt N VIRGINIA FRANCES TEl'BEL 1341 Meetinghouse Road Meadowbrook L1 College Pre mmtory Ginny ' Iiearlmok 7 .Assistant to Editor 3: Hllllllllllllli 5: .'1lIlIlglO1lIIl7l ' ala N ght Z' F.B.-,.A. fl: Senior Pl' Cenial finny combines business efficiency with academic achiexement. BARBARA ANN THIEROI-'F littxiriess Ifduraiion f 350 Holme Avenue, Elkins Park rs a 'l 'z n - lf ' '.'e- ' Ire 't This J ue- eyed blonde plans to be an accountant. 'ty 'er is her goal. EDXVIXA MARIE 'ICHIES College' I re' utmlmj' 124 North Easton Road, Clenside 'inna : ' e J, I: Senior ' ' tina ta es to tue ' o 't sai ' ' en slit-'s not ' IC s 't Jes rim in ter faxorite ho lenn State R 'TH MARIA 'IEHUN .2 S limit I 2057 Pleasant .Au-nue. Clenside uttie : .A icky g I ' - ' 4 ' , lnt' she can i a mean flapjack. Besides her culinary talents. Ruth also likes reading and roller skating. 54 VIRGINIA MARY THOMAS General 2057 Pleasant Avenue. Glenside Ginnv Spanish Club I, 2. The second half of the Thomas twins, Ginny goes along with Ruth in listing roller skating and ice skating as her hobbies. VIRGINIA THOMAS College Preparatory 269 Easton Road, Clenside Ginny Hockey I 23 Basketball I 2: Dramatic Club I' Sophomore Chorus 1' Latin Club l 2' Abingtonian l, 2 3' Assistant Sports Editor 2' Intramural Council 2. Cinny has journalism in mind for a voca- tion ROBERT SHI LIANI THOMPSON Vocattonal 134 Xionroe Avenue Ardsley Bo Cross Countrv 2 3 Cala Ntght l 2 3 Ltghttng I 2 3 Indoor Track 2 X real nature lover Bob enjoys hunting and s considering a career m forestrv or electronics RICHARD IHORNTON General 2211 Cross Road Clenstde Rich Band l -X collector Rich has assemblages of coms and records I-uture includes Icnn vvhere he vstll major in business administration YVONNE B THRONI General 1106 Iord Road Abington Bonnie Senior Prom Bonnie is a real sports enthusiast espectally when tt comes to softball She also spends time patnttng NANCY JEANNE THUDE Dzstrtbultve Education 608 Tvson Avenue Ardsley lNance Dance Club Bugs scare many and Nance can tremble with the best of them Shell either be a store buyer or tn line with her dislike a bug killer JLDIIH ELLEN Ij-XDEN General 169 Iv ooded Road enklntovsn udy Homeroom Prestdent I Dratnattc Club I Svstmmtng I FTA 2 3 School Store 2 Cala Night 2 3 Senior Plav Student Council 2 3 Student Service Corps 7 3 French Club I 2 Abtngtoman 1 Talented Judy vvtll study art tn college NANCY ELEXNOR TOSSON-X Business Education 1282 Iv underland Avenue Roslvn Sophomore Chorus Chorus ' .I I- ISI X 7 3 Singing dancing and P the future .al 41 I DOL C LAS E IOIS NER 641 Niontgomcrv Xvcuuc I'ox Chase Nianor College Prepa ratory Doug Svvnmning l 1 3 Baseball Xianagcr l Doug vvho plans to go into cnginccring is .tt present practicing on model trams and airplanes He ts acttve tn Scouts ROISI' RI I H IRI ES I RINIIII I- Dtsrrtlmtnr 1 duration 120: Rosemont I inc Xbtngton Bob Sports and tars are lugh on Bobs list He has one ambition to be a top salesman 55 CATHERINI- NIXRII1 'I TROI I' Business Education 131 Hamel 'Ivenue Xrdsley Cathy Split Iommittet .I The popular music department has an avid fan in C athv vt hose stnnmer hours are filled vvtth svstmmmg To be t ladv bookkccpcr is hcr ambttton NANCY ALIC I1 Il RC OI IF Dtvhibulnz bdumtton 304 Htmcl kvcnut Notth Hills tomorc fhorus Svstmmtng l I Bl X Sectc arv it I Ie 4 Nautv kccps in trim for those dtnccs bv svsim ming Shc wants to go into thc vvorld of merchandising , 7' I X .. , H I 1 Y S 1 3 . , . , , , , I ... A A , v 1 M b : t. ' j , : L , , : ' , , : i . . . I, 'fem R ll at : . - . .g . v . v V 1 ff v R I ' I, 'J Z ' . . . .0 J ' g . , 3 ' 3 . . . N ir , : 1 A -, : ,': ' if W 5 . . ' ' 4 - ' - ' ' C , . - . -, , , , . Av kv I Iv I tv. . t l . Y . . , . I ' , 1 , EQ . I A K . . 1 . 9 s orts constitute Nancv s outside activities. A secretary is her role for if if ' 1 X M H: A, '. '. I L . i I A i I 7 1 l.- . .1 ' iff ' 3' 1 .2 '. .' ' Y ' 2 1 , ,A,, , h I ' ' Sopl - I rg .' ' 3 I. 2. I 't' X 3: Gala , Xigl Igmnuisf. ' .' A 4 - ELIZABETH MARGARET UNDERWOOD Business Education 1254 Bockius Avenue, Abington Betty g Bible Club 23 Abinglonian 2, 33 Yearbook 33 F.B.L..-X. 2, 3: Spirit Committee 3. Betty plans to put her business training to the test by taking up clerical work. GERLINDE LNHOLTI College Preparatory 631 Abtngton Menue Clenstde Linda qhllllllllhg 3 Affiliation 3 Lrndas our exchange student from Germans this sear She enjoss tennis concerts and brologs She will choose between medicine and the languages I EIN IS I NNT Dtstrrbutn e Educulton EDN -XRD AR I'I-II R H AETJFN JR folltgz Pre mralory 160 enkrntown Road Xrdsley Eddie X football plaser at his old school Olncx I-ddrc now occupss himself with cars Hes hoping on a vocation as tl nretalurgs technician CAROLE ANY IS ACXER Col 1 1 In Jaralorj I04O Highland Axenue Abington Illlllllllg 2 3 I I A S an s ' Scmor Gala lxlghl 3 Catoles hobbrcs which mcludc sewing md cooking, coincide with hu choscn carccr of a home economist HENRIETTA FI ISE N -XGNIAR Drslrrbultu lducatton I306 haston Road Roslsn Penny Sophomore Chorus I' BI -X 2 3 Since Pcnm likes am thing to do with art and decorating she pl ms to combine her art talent and business training by working on store drsplass DAX ID E II XLRER College Preparatory 2046 Parkuew Menue Abington Dase A pleasant fellow alwass reads lo lend a hand Daxe enjoxs hunting fishing and basketball Hes getting sct for the business w orld 819 Suffolk Road Rsdal Lew School Store 3 I BI -X 2 -In admirer of classical music Lew has hopes of taking a business administration course rn college JOHN VENTRESCA College Preparatory 169 Cricket Menue Xrdslev Meightlrftmgl 2 Bascballl 2 Football 3 Senior Plas johns collector of stamps and oorns Teaching constitutes his future hug '12 ELM OOD HALRER Crrrfral 26W Phipps henue Hrllow Croxc lou lr L s n ins r IJIISPUIIJIIOII thc hoist JUllf.,Idflll.1IIUll I pl st omc machinist IRI- I I IIl'I XI X I I I mn lrlnrall Rnd Xlnn on INI 1 s ns wt r llltl HIS 41 JL Illflkltl UI Z1 IIQSN C LSI II4. I tmlntr rn I IIIJXNIISXSX I I ls htnut I lcnsr ml 4 nmol Historian 'fs a lllllllpf, cr to shimc llc plans to major m music ctluc mon X XI LRIIH UIDI-I E It XRD 1080 Irosptct 'henue Mrllow K rote 1 1 romoxc torus ts tttt. tsl rcs Iltsults lotk include xcadrn and dancing f llrgr In mrulf x Ralph puts C abrlcl 1 to n roll hu hobbies nt Q7 4 A Vi K. 'Q - I. 'b ' '. . Ar' . ' .. ' V . , ' I.. 'A Mk X . 4' , V ' ' ' . :, A . F. I . A , K 1 A: A ' V H F '. I ' ' '. . J 'gf W1 - ' 1- -'I V Q -5. I ' . - ' . .'. ', .' , l'g' 'ef ' ' I ' I , ' D tt Sw' ' ', Ig . 2, 'ecret' 33 Spnnifh Club L3 ' Play: - . '. H . Y' K 2 bk 1 . X 1 1 ' - - . A - 1 y Y , ' I I ' E-l:g Altl A Ag h - llikef cars. Iil also prefers an earlier rex ' 4 I t J ' ' ' , - l'l ' ' ' ' , re an: o bet ' at K Yi . . . I 4 ' ANI 1. I .. I I All ' IER lin ' 'sr f 'on P Q H92 Edge Ilill tt . .- 4 gl A l 'g I-ala Nigll l, fl: lf.lS.I..,'f. fl, Alva. '-ll gre orna-tl, . l' 1 pl: to be either ' l 'L ' Il I '. l 'g 'r. Io IILIXCI 's her X . Q! A A. : ' ' . . I t g Xp lil. ' .'. C' Rl fo 'Y' ' nl' -I2l 'LUIJCI' I . ' '. L ' ftle Ba I. 2. II: Urclrestra 2. 33 Dance Ilanl I, 2. 33 Gala Night l, 2. 3: 'Itmk I, Zpj ' ' s 3. .-- ' ft-, ' A L' '- ,' 1 1 , fic' 'ral Y: l g Soil CI ' 3 If.'Ii..X, 2. 3: Ililmlc fllulr IS. .X I'kIilll'I'- -be. Val hop- to 1 'ml II' -' CII -,tt-r. ' ' '. ' - . .. ' g . ' . JOAN ALICE XVIEGMANNl College Preparatory 166 Moredon Road Meadowbrook Sophomore Chorus Red Cross Club l Spamsh Club l Student Seruce Corps 2 Sprrtt Commtttee 2 3 Gala Ntght 2 3 Handbook co edttor 3 learbook l 2 Edttorm chref 3 The marnstay of our staff she lrkes rce skatrng LINDA JEAN H ILEY College Preparatory 1039 Holly Tree Road Abtngton Swrmmrngl 2 3 Softball 2 3 Gala Nrght 2 3 Semor Play Orchestra l 2 Student Seryrce Corps 2 3 Honor SOCIEIY 2 3 Abmgtoman 3 Sprrrt Commtttee 2 3 Semor Prom Latm Club l Forum Club 3 Lmda s a Colorado glrl who lrkes to skr ROBERT MICHAEL IN ILKINSON College Preparatory 1403 St Charles Place Roslyn Mtlkre lootball 1 2 3 Track 1 Spanrsh Club l key Club l 3 Varsrty A Club 2 3 Junlor Hrstortan 2 A real enthustast of pro gresstye and swrng jazz Bob also goes for qureter acttyrtles such as readrng CONSTANCE ANNE XS ILLUT General 2042 Maplewood .Ayenue Abtngton Connre Baton Twtrlmg l Ctyrc Forum Club 2 Gala lNrght 2 3 Yearbook 3 FT X 3 Sprrrt Commrttee 3 Conme finds glrdmg on the roller rtnlts to her hktng To be an elementary school teacher rs her goal GLENN BARRY It ILSON College Preparatory ll20 Delene Road Rydal Swlmmlngl 2 3 4 Varsrty A Clubl 2 Treasurer 3 Latrn Club I udo Club 3 'Ab1IlgIOIlS backstroke champ IS known for hrs ever ready comments ELLYN JOY M ISEMAN College Preparatory IO34 Church Street Ablngton Tennis l 2 3 FT A 2 3 Homeroom Secretary 3 Abmgtonmrz l 2 3 IAC Commtttee Chairman 3 Semor Play C ala Ntght l 2 3 Sopho more Chorus Forum 1 3 Student Seruce Corps 2 A sports fan she hopes to do publtc relattons work DANIEL LA I'HROP H OIF General 1836 Old Orchard Road Abrngton Dan Sophomore Chorus Spanish Club 1 Stage Craft M orkshop 2 Football Manager 3 Hrth natural scrence as a hobby he has studred meteorlogy for many years Ambrtron maybe a salesman BARBARA JEAN IS OLI-'F Busmess Fducatzon 2111 Heather Lane North Hrlls Barb Homeroom Secretary l Sophomore Chorus Red Cross Club l C-ala Nrghtl Y 3 Dramatrc Club 2 Sprrtt Comtnrttee P 3 Semor Play Semor Prom She edtts her church paper and hopes to enter the busmess world 57 mght school RICHARD WASSON College Preparatory 515 Monroe Avenue North H1115 Rrchre Tennxs 1 Rrchtes fayortte actryrty IS werght ltftmg a drfftcult one to be sure He plans on contmumg hrs studres at MARTHA F It El LER College Preparatory 509 Hoyt Road Huntrngdon Xalley Mart: learbook l Cala Nrght 2 French Club 3 Abmgtoman 2 3 The tennrs courts are yrsrted by Maru when she gets trme Shes Lmyerstty of Pennsylyanta bound next fall JAMES BARR XA HITE College Preparatory 1058 Isrngsley Road Jenkmtown m Abmgtorzzan 2 3 Camera Club 9 News Bureau Sports Edrtor hx 3 Yearbook 3 Jun IS undeclded about hrs future He IS a good amateur photographer and lakes rce hockey RONALD EDN ARD H HITE Business Education 649 Roberts Ayenue Glensrde Ronnle I- B LA 2 3 Semor Play C ala Ntght 3 Semor Prom Enjoytng water color drawmg he plans to attend Penn State next fall majortng rn business admmtstratron 1 J' sk' Q' ' Q.-- S.- an--. 1- 1 92's DAVID I -XDNOR H OLH- College Preparatory ala Crescent Avenue CvIf,lISl1IC Daxe Sophomore Chorus Ifootballl 3 Trackl 2 3 C-ala Nlght 3 Daxc ns enterxnv thc cngnneenng fxeld hshtng sports and dancmg are sndelxne BCIHIIICS XS ESLEX J XS ONIBOLGH Iocatronal 9968 Goentner Road Ihllow Cvrowe Hes Baseball l He lnkes workmg on cars and hxs ambluon 15 to be an auto mechantc Ltkable fellow that he ts were sure hell be a good one ELISABETH LEI' XS OOIJXN -XRD College Preparatory 1263 Huntmgdon Road Xbmgtou eth A trzgtorzum l 2 Red Cross Club l C ala Nlght Z 3 trall 2 3 Spmt C nnmutce P 3 F I I Scmor Pl y Inter ests arc horseback I'liIIIIg and w atcr skung FLORENCE LILLIAN H RIC-HI Business fducatton 1411 Shoemaker Road Abxngton Rom Dance Club I I' Bl A 2 3 C-ala Nxght 3 Semor Ply Actne Rom hkes to bowl swnn and play tennls She has her hopes on Penn State and buslncss dlIlllIIllSII'3lIOIl H ALLEN YW RIGLEI JR follege Preparatory 2223 XS harton Road blenstde vhflg Abrrzgtomarz I Z Sophomore Chorus X Kappclla Z Wresl l g l Z Allens won many wrttmg awards durxng hugh school Hes a work shop enthusiast and llkes to swnn YVILLIAM H LILSI locational 631 Harrxson Awenue Ardsley Bill Sophomore Chorus Orchestra l 7 3 Ienms I XS hen B111 tsn t playing the Holm he enjoys bowlmg Hts cholce for the commg years 15 the prmtmg fxeld DAVIS 4LAlN YOLBG College Preparatory 1444 I-ltzwatertown Road Vlllow brose Dave Baseball I Orchcstra l 9 3 Strtng Oxchcstral Z Oracle 3 IJISITICI Orchestra I Obxlousls Dawe IS tnuslcal nundcd A nnner 3IOglSl to be he llkcs to fool with nunerals PHILIP ALLEN EOL NC- College Preparatory 1514 Hlgh Avenue Roslyn Phil Blble Club I ' 3 Rifle I '7 3 IIILIIXIKIUAI Rlflc Champion ship Z 3 Phnl tlnkers wtth cars III his sparc tune KN heaton College e s his nod for next year iv BARBARA I'ILl'LN IIECLLR rm envy 143g Edgc Hlll Road Xbtngton llcgle SOPIIOIIIOIL Chotus I-lotncloom ttcisutu I uluon lllslonaus 3 plrll Comuutlcc ' 6 Cala Nlght nt Xttllxa on X comlncrual attlsts posmon tollowun, art school ns lhrbs ann She can do xt R PEILR IININII' RNIXNN Colltgz Pre mutton 4.16 Easton Road K ILIISICIC Pete Baskclball I ' 5 Sllllltclll Scum. lorps ' HOIIILICJOIII lrcs ldent l 'xglll Pctc slums on thc daucc md baskctball floors Xian tn a C lax Hanncl bull lb Ins fututc lolc 'NIICH AEI ll RIRXI KN f emral H35 Ballxtolc Road Hunungdon X xllu Nhkc ts an Olnu Hugh School txausfu Hn plans on going to collegc and taking a bustncss ulucauon coursc 58 .xgofcfecf fzmonagfied Q 0l'l'L,9Ll'l'L8l'Lf je 2l'LL0l 0 g C EOR! k Xkl C I I' a home bound student who mxll graduate mth the class of l9,H eten though he was not able to personallx attend A HS Bestdes keeping up mth his Studies without the beneflt of tlasses I eorge also found tlme to atuwels paruupate ln the Roslyn multiple sclerosis drne TW!! 71.1 gy i wa ll 'ii 'Sir l DY POKRAS a late arnwal to our class who spent her JUFIIOI year hete and just tame back to complete her senior xear It dldnt take her long to get lnto the swung of thtngs as she was a taluable asset to the C ala Night tap Lhorus and a member of the lacrosse team OlR SI-.NIOR CLASS SPONSORS J Shaslor XS oodrufl' ane Dans Charles Roberts Rat mond Coleman and Ruth lsonltle hate uorked long and hard vxlth us to make our mam semor HCUNIUCS and projects a success 'TYPICAL ABINGTONIAXN: Look at Bill Barth and Sue Sload and you'te seen a typical Abing- lflllllilll i PKRSONALITY PI.l'S: Pete Bondi and Joan Fetter laugh- ingly share the spotlight with Phydeaux, who doesu't seem to mind at all. ,- 66 eniord um ga fgfo v 0 6415217 2 BEST N.X'l'l'Rl-QD: Nothing's too good for a fellow classmate is Dick Rauf mauu's and Eleanor NIcfilenahan's typical attitude. MOST CASIYXI.: Relaxed as usual, and enjoying it, are Barbara johnson and Bill Gillespie. MOST IXTELLILENTZ XN'e rate Vera Belsky and George Tappert tops in intelligence. A Y'I9v' 1 Q Q I I IOUlxlNC Uulstmrmg 1 Xb 1 I a al .mc 'sl '--mvfw ff NIUSI l.lKlil.Y 'IO Sl'K.f.l'.lzIJ: Jurly Sclunic lr uml Lungs Royle USNIIIIIC ll tuxurc pose. llml nl climbing lllc slaps lo xuucsw. NIUYI' l'Ul'l'l,.XR: lixcrx school has pcuplv that cwrymu' likes, llc-rc :uc nur 4umlimlatcs-Burharu I-'ramk and Stew Tclkiux. K X 'Q-Fi Ai H I 5 Bbw eniom af Aeir eimue Changing classes gives seniors time to catch up on the latest newsg and they usually take ad- vantage of it. A long school day is over and the usually crowded halls are almost empty. A few late-stay- ing seniors gather their books for tonight's homework and leave until tomorrow. , l s G. lt looks like another point for john Yentresta and jim Sweet partner Bob Roxhy stands by alerlly during after school recrea- as Pete linnnertnan xaliantly tries to return a serxe and his tion program. 62 7' Q4 'J 5 snxqv A 'T .J Loyal is the word to describe underclassmen. It is they who go all out to nnike Abington High gi spirited enterprise. Thei are the oneg whu nnut provide the bulk of buppurt-whether the activity be publications or cheering git xporting events and pep rallies. Cziree ful to iullmv precedents utgilnlidiecl by the 5eniors, they thenivelves also establish new :intl better pretetlentb. It is they, the under- elxiwnen, who Lire the iLlllllC lenders of our gruwiiig :incl gtriving school-A-XlJington High. p-A 670144 of 1959 ,n Sponsors of the JUIIIOI class are Nhss 'Vlyers Mr Fltzslmmons Mr Tophs Nlr Haynes and Nhss Haldelnan chairman Ab sent committee munbcls are Nhss Nlargerum and Mr Pawlmg Yext wear kbmgton mll get one of the blggest and best senior cl1ss of IIS long hlstorx Thls xear as JllI'll0I'S thex hare prosed themselxes uorthx of fol lommg ID the footsteps of thls xear s memorable semor class H 1th the guidance of thelr able sponsors they haue presxded ower mmy HCUXIIICS -Xt the begmmng of th1s school xear thex presented a party for the Chrlst Home YN 1th a brass cholr and the lvetones as a background guests recened pomsettlas corsages and socks The Spot ts Dance was another actlvlty spon sored bx them and ns exams dren near many lumors offered thur SCIXICCS to tutor students In March vslth the Ulllllllg of ewaluatlon JIITIIOTS tgam pltched Fm llly to vund up the year Jumors held the famous umm Prom WlllCl'l proved a great success Yes Ablngton JUIHUIS haxe showed that they wlll ably take oser the leadcrshlp of thls school my 'lfirfsga ,naw A l 1 Nfl- RUOH lgf 0, Xnltgn ,rant 1 Becbce I Bam X Archer D Baker M Bean 3rd I' liaxho N Xrn t Hell C Bun C Bctrbou Rau l litndor R Archer L Barskx H Albertson YS sdll nf Ro 4 Nh l cssa R Xlbcrto I 'knlhon Bcckzr B Bexrx Bax uk I' BCClkLllLll I 1 . . . A ' r ' , . Wi , I. , V , , 4. - sh ' y . fy , ll y n ,. . J. Y 1 Y A ! ! .6 1. , I . , , , X ' ' ' .' f ' .' . , in. . J ' - , V ' G A , Q v y v- v l I Q r ' . l ' l, . ' ' , V r iff' .t Q,Qj'f V 1 . ,l fpmg 5. - -.fx tu th .... 'i Iwlx y , fs L . I s lf - .' - I ' ' ' J . L x 11.1 A 255-. le:-: li.: t-l- 1, K. An- j. - , - - '- '- berg, . , .s d , j. , I. L, '- 'cr, 'J '. ' . .. ' , - -- , - nl' . -1 - y, . g.j. ',. 64 HOMEROOV 140 Isl Ron M Corbett V Chfford J Bungeroth NI Costanzo K Cado gan Ni Callawav L Coram 7nd Rou r Hantjls Chalfm H Clark R Cline L Cllnk scale B Cooper S Clark Clement C Cole 3rd Rau L Carroll R Conrad YN Carex J Christensen R Cheallew NI Buckwalter NI Carfrey Dlckerson XS Dlckerson Ni Dmkms D Derd zmskl H De Pue D Donaghw nd Roll R Cox A Denmng DCISS j Coxert H Dertz I D1 joseph F Danes Nfr Erb 3rd Rau P Derbxshxre J Crrstaldr E Degan A D1es smger H Deemer Denms F Deacon R D Ardenne C Deslm uniorfs HOMEROOM 131-lst Rau-: j. Borkowski, L. Bochonok. G. Brackin, T. Bowers, P. Brackin, R. Blank. H, Boyer, L. Boyer. 2nd Row: Mr. Teal, D. Briszown, C. Bornemann, G. Blaetz, F. Brennan, R, Bradley, H, Bucher, W. Bryant, F. Bridge. 3rd Roux' D. Braunworth, Black- well V Boetsch K Biddle L Bruner S Bodine R Bobb f Z l , . . ' 1, . . .. 'I M . HOMEROOM 139-Ist Row: R. Daum, XV. ll l V A , - V. , . ' , . . V ' ., ..H - K . ' ,Q v . , I Y ' e-,,, My L' F h 65 omiom HUNIEROUNI 156 IS! R0d. L Lspcnshatlc j I-111s R D011 x Dfilll t Il Fher I'ngelhr111k R Duils S Ellms 'ml Rau Nlrs lxtebs NI Ehr mg B Ptlnmttdsort B Engart Donato l'll10tt I Ex 5 kr: 7rdR1u C IBOIITIS IIIN LI 1 I-blf. B I-wer HOVFROOV 131 Ist Rou L I-1nklcstL111 B Floyd Nl F1 d C Pltllllllg E Katt ow I-r1cc fllll 7711 Rau r Niesslngcr Preltag Feld 111 n H Cewh P Flte M 1b bon1 R I-ortune N1 Porten bury 3rd Row I' Cambmo Fenel R Carr1son R Fesmlre YN Fa1rbankQ T I-errlll C F112 gerald J Fav ,- S.. 'WI' l 11 XHROOX1 13' ll 1' s C .1 111 Ullllllllt Hc-xr S Hallam H Hanson .mln nfl R111 .111 111 s111.11 1 1 .1 1 lt XS QFJCIJQTAI 1 4 N ,J 111 CII mm L a ll l Hcchm cr B edit of jf SQAOOZSM cT,,,,,. .5 SI HONII-ROONI 129 Isl Rou I Jacque! B amcs J Hevsllt Hows Hum J Hughes 91111 Rau X Hornhaker T Holst B Hood D Hertz B Hertl I Hotham B Hopluni J Her 11. so Y L wr vnu, hw buck 3rd Rau Xl Hwndman T Houscr B Hudson J Hulh J Hughes D Huss J Homan HONII-ROONI l21 1stRou T onas NI Ixennedv A kleese R Kent H Klaus I lxeaung F Ixeppler J Ixellx '7nrI Rnu Ur Rauch R Ixeller NI lxee we I' lxellx Ixnr Ixe w XI Kane NI enmngs lx Ixleln B IKIIICICTIDHD A lxamcns 3rd Ron C lxawajaman I lung N ohnson F ensen IN Judd erden H J lxellx kessler HOXIFROONI loo Is! Ron D ee I Iesmck C Icom Knauf J Llghlcap I lnker B Lees 'nd Rou Xlr Nagel H Knapp NI Landherr Kolb S Knoph Iangan k Kuhn J Llghtcap C Larson 8l'6ll C omiom N8 rs-1,3 68 HOMEROOM 126-lst Row: Miss J. Y. Davis, D. Litller, B. MacMillan, j. Lyon, E. Magee, J. Lufkin, P. Lost. 2nd Row: A. Mackenzie, E. Luria, R. Mac- Farland, M. Lizzio, R, Ludwig, YV. Mac luarrie R. Lillle . Nlaguire R Lucas HOMEROONI 121 Ist Hou M NICxIOIl1giC E NIcD0well H Nlarki Is Nlurrx P McCrane C Mcliachern -X Nilles 9nd Rau Dr Xandhng B McCand less Mariam P McNeal P Matthews Hiller C Meier -I Hay 3rd Rou D NIcKinny P Mathias D Niiller B Nietz gar J Nicflelland C NI:-:yhoe fer -X Mathis HONII-ROONI 103 lit Rau D Orman I 'N urnex D Niosko 1 New ucr 51001 Nilflilllll A Nunuau R Nlun ax or 771 0 L 1 X Nioorc Niurgau B Nioocix Ni Nhllham B Nioxer Niuscarl P Nioore 3rdR11u Sir Poster J Ximhell Niullanex B Nixers I- 'Nhers If Nluehlbauer I XHIIYCSS Ni Nioonex D XIOUHI H Niorrovs HOXIEROONI 118 15tRou E Idxson Peacex S Pease lx Ramsar X Petersen B Potere I' Purcell 'Sir lxerehner 7nd R01 B Ouarl J Parrs H Pat terson F NIcC,Iough1n E Prerce C Iaulmg Rantz R Powell C Ierluns NI Phlfer 3rd Rau D Ihelffer T Pleree L Pohe I ke Pelham R Im os r 1 Iovl rs HONIFROONI 111 Ist Rou J Rxlev NI Rhoads 'NI Renn D RClIlhIHg C, Renz C' Rlghts 'SI Rohluns F RIZZO 'Ind Ron Ir Rohlmlns F Raube S Rltten house B Relchert D Rawlew I Roberts Il Rogers NI Roh erti Nllss Nlcllonald 3rd Ron C Rutter S Robmson J Rltter NI Roberte D Reber B R1t thle 'NI Rems J Rewen HCJNIERCJCJNI lla lst R014 R Schaefer NI Sehenck C Rom ber X Saalfranlf. R Sam P Ruehlemann Schoen Shaffer D Sherer nd Rot Nllss Nhers T Shaw F Roman D Serrao J Schamberg C, Roth I Rudolph B Seller B Saunders D Schemm 3rd Ron XX SCllIIIIClI I- Scalfaro B Sea unn F Schoheld L Ro and I Sargent II Shenlxman C, Ruuff D Schmelgert NI Rubin lv Q -' Y v h . 1 ., ' , . . ' . ': . , 4 , . I , . W. 'I' , J. , . lx ., J. I' it ,, J. ' 'e . , L. . I.. , . x ' I ' DLVLLOP5 HOXHROCJXI 100 lx! Rnd 81111111 Srm cr I S10 z S an H gILlIl C Slzcr Shore j SIoboj.111 nd R01 Snellenburg Spencer Smerke S Sl'Hllh I Slllllh Smllll B Shoe-111akcr C Sp1tz nr R01 9 ll C Sta f..1111s S NLIISOH IX cc Sour IIIICHICINCT YY S NIU 1 1 X Yxll HOXH-.ROONI 109 Ist R011 B IIXOIIIPSUII Nloolhlll C Sud ler B Strong I TuYksb11rs X Thrash R I0111pk1nS J Thom nr rm I 'nlnr 1x 111s S111 Sxmah 1 1 ln111 IS I'o111l111son Yhss IL111111ert Ihompson C Talcutt I 0 Trout C 'lhompson Sxslft I Str0111a11 XIIROOXI Ill 1 1 1 NCP ll C VI 11 x 41 1 1 1 1 ll Il 1 wh l 11 rr k x ll YNLI INLI 1 . Q 1 .- NI f ' , f 'R . 3. Q Il. R flo , . . . I. f , N f . B. , B ' d zz' Ci. .111'll . 1. . ley J. Sl - 'IC ' J . D, Slat- tcj. R. Sl--I. R. fl ', YV Sh ' , ',.11v ll. S11 - dey I11 ghI. as. - 1 If M. V' , YV, T2 hlor, R. Toll! ', .' lcll. NI. .' 'z' , 51. 'Inn lll , F. 'C lin. 3rd Hrmu' B. S11lliva11. IJ. 'IQ-i2lCiCll, 5 . i. ' ' . .T ll. R. . I. ' . .-Y. .R v. . I. -R . HO. . fgl I R4 Ill' ll. hill CZIIIIIBCII. lf. Xz1lc'111i. C.. l'll' eh-11' ml. l', YY4 111'1. Y. I'hlc1. In Y1111ch'g1if1. R. YY 'i111.'1. 111 If I1 : Nlix k 11Llv, C. YflI11t'l'. I. YY1Il+11. NI. X1-11l1u1g1, U. Y: 111: Yullu-. Nl. YU . C.. YY -I . ?11I Rfm 5 I. Y llllgllll. NI. Y vlk. lf. YYz11'11c-1. B. Yziught. B. XY4 'll c . R. I 1 '1. IJ, -k- hc' -.C.Yz111 H4111 X favorite gathering place is the hall: anil tinclerrlawnien. Burl l,enalian, Carolyn Nell, Bill Graver. Elaine Nieltzer. Gail Fleming. and jim Nicfilellantl, are no exception. Tl page 0! pup!! Qopendifg HOMLROONI 150-li! Roux' J Whittier, P. Williams, j. White C. Williams, B. lYil5on, 5. Wood ward, NI. Young, K. Hoodlejv 2nd Roux' B. Yost. B. Wheale D. Wright, Yusem. L. Zanine j. Zupkis, B. Zininierman. D White, R. Wetherliolil, l-Q. Wire, bank, N. Zoto. G. Xkilliurns, Mrs Lenner. 3rd Row: B. Worliniati. Ii. lViltls, B. Wilson, Yoder, E. XYolf, lf. Williams, 'l, Yiisek, D. lhrfnliiiati. .X hot pin-pong match between Ervin Sketcliley and Riih jerclen brings :uid spectators, Bob Luclwig and Aaron Kanlens, to the table. I1 1 66144 0 bO-,Sifrong lggftt Am Sophomore class sponsors are Miss Christman Mr Young Mr Lucian Miss Jacobs and Mr Lessa The class of 1960 continued the Abington tradition of breaking a record for size in its 607 members, - the largest sophomore class to yet arrive in the high school. Theirs was not the challenge of helping to organize a new building as had been that of the class of '59, but of fitting into a complexity of phy- sical structure, academic standards and extra-cur- ricular opportunity that would be enough to dazzle any but the most intrepid. Their quantity soon became secondary to quality, however, as the class of '60 made its' place in our high school life. Faculty and student body alike were soon heard to remark on the dignity, maturity and cooperative disposition of our new sophomores. Staging its own successful Sophomore Hop in October - the first sophomore dance in many years at Abington - our class of 1960 in a short time made itself a strong right arm to our active student body. HOMEROOM M100 1stRow B Abram V Adams R Adams A Armmio D Arnaiz G Berkhimer A Beal S Ackerman 2nd Row C Alberta R Bell E Bennett B Beaumont D Anderson R Bell S Ambler 3rd Rau. D Bechtel L Bancroft A Batten J Benus R Angle C Berlinger C Amold A Ashton Bromley H Brucker P Bogdanescu B Brucker J 3rd Hou 'VIr Haines B Bodman D Buckholdl D Broun H Brusca B Bochrath C Buell S Bossock Bissinger A Borek E Britton S Brubaker B Bunting 'nd Ron NI Bonner J Burroughs L Burger J Bray 5. Buck J Bondi I'om Britt B Bridge 72 HOMEROOM 241-lst Roux' B. Brown, N. Bowles, G. M, Black, C. Bond, S. Brian, N. Brown, B, Blumberg HOMEROOM 237 lst Row L Crlstaldx S Courtland D Coop er M Detwerler H Daumery F Drllon V Corson 0 Crab tree M Dever P Courter 2nd Rou M Dawber D DeFlav1s B Damm H Davis Duo seph D Davrson C Dexter P Crooks R Creeden G De Remer 3rd Row R Cramer F Cray C Craven J Damel D Dassler B Cressy D Davrs V Dennls R Dxggle B Delterly Miss Krapf HOMEROOWI 206 Isl Rau A Elhson C Dotger T l-esmlre L Dunlap H Elsroad C Durns I Duran R Duncan 2nd Rou Douglas R Flnn K Dolbert V Felton D Eawen son J Feldman A English Dowme J Drees 3rd Rou NI Dunlap S Evans R Fagan H Emerlck R Frdler ls Etchells E Ermnoglom R Drlegert Y Fersel R. Fagan K. Fischer M. Fisher Mr. YVoodruff. 0,9 OWL ored HONIEROOH 939 lst R011 D Charno D Butz H Bae NI Coughes E Conrad J Calal dl 7nd Rau D Cobb S Clark B Carson Class D Chadmck J Bushnell J Burchett S Chnsuanson 3rd Hou NI Calun J Connell R Bw: R Chrlstensen J Cannmg B Chap man C Cllnton Nlrs Holman nu! GSZP OWL OPQ5 . - l T I-IOMEROOM 207-3rd Row: L. Fuchs F. Geddes J, Funk W. Foster P. Gamble R. Garrlson D Gellert A Gerard Mr Hamlll 2nd Ron P Glemser D Getts F Gxles R Gebhardtsbauer D Glaser B Fox B Gallagher S Gelrod Is! Ron F Gallo L Gelger N1 Glannono A Gampa L Frost Nl Fitzgerald C Garnett B Frantz j Frlzell HONIEROONI 210 1stR0u D Harrxs F Har grave M Gray R Gramllch P Gressman S Gor S Gulyas M Halbert R Hargraxc 2nd Row R Graham C Coldberg Nlary Guerm C Grimes R Harlan M Hankxn Nl Hamlm E Gray S Harrrson 3rd Ron Nhss Xhntle W Hartman D Harker K Graupner J Hall H Gretz A Harrls D Hartmarer W Halstead Hall HOHEROONI 'll ls! Ron A Horrocks S orner H Hlbhs E Heller I Hunts Hentz Holt R Hollingsworth C Hllthlltf Nl Herman B Haxu 'nd Ron E Herman lx Helxcrson Nl Helxeston Henrw L Hlslop B Heist B Heltltnann R Hood 'l Hoffman 3rd Ron R Houpt N Hawthorne M Holt B Hcsush XS Herald lx Hocl. ll Henul I' Holcomhe Xlr Sthneller A A6426 O ,Ml A .!4ALl'Lgf0l'LL6lHf:5 6118 btlff HONIEROONI 13 Isl Roll R Kennedx G Kaufman D Kaufman K Keller J Iacampo C Keller H acquelln S I-Iuffer E Johnston rx Hou C Idell G Kaufman A Houdon NI Kesler N johnson B johnstonc j I-Iuller N Kaufman R Kum C IAIIILI' 3rd or D IKLIIIILIIX NI arms R Kasllz Immel D ones XS Huebner R Howarth D Inglc R Kcaxulq 'Mfr Seltzer HONIEROONI 216 Ir! Ron J Kung C Kunz J Iareon P Krause C Kranxch I Langley K learn I Kllne R Koch D Kohr A Koff A Krathcn Krause B Leaxcslw C Kremp 3r1 Ron I Klcm I Louder C Kleese C Lane B Koermer I Kochersperger j Lach man I Kraus C Kxrk HONIEROONI 210 lf! R01 Leutt ht S e Iexme P Leutl E Ls H Ienz 'nd R01 I LCODI R Leberman D Lee R Le-me C Lenahan 9 lesser 3rd Rou R Leopold S Iusch C Loxell NI Iee Lexdnch P Loxermg F Loren Nhss Lang 8 O 1 ..,-. A ' -, C. Kreskovsky. C. King. 21111 Roux' Itfrs. Verrlg B. . . .- , :': B. A' . Lig . . Liul . B. , ' . . ' , . e 'y. 0,9 OWL ored HON1ER0ONI '72 Ist Ron S Nhller C Well E Nioffttt lx Montgomery E Niorrts J 'Nees Moore YN Nhller YN Neumann R Nxcholson WN lNlCh0lS0l1 R Murrav Nir Beaver 3rd Rau S Nimk R Montgomery A Moffa R Nagle A 'Ntltxforow F Murdaugh C Nrsula E Newman HOVEROONI 921 lst Rau L NIC-Xdams 5 Mason P Nfedlm NI Niextzner P Nicllhenm NI Niarshall B Xiartmdale 'Pnd Rau Nirs Tag gert R Nhll Nhchelman lx xflllff F 'Nia dara J Niaxheu Xlckmles E Nfcfleland C Nicfaffrew 3rd Rau R Niawberrx P Niarlno I- Nleng D Nilller Ni xfClkll1lCW P McDowell I- 'Merkel D Mattson HOMEROONI 974 Ist Rau B Poppet Pell T 0Br1en C Pfenffer S Plock D Norris Pergam nd Rau Nitss Jacobs N Plet scher R Opptrnlan B Peterson E ORourkc Patrick L Petersen B Peters Mrs Alxew 3rd Rau j Owens S Olek A Outerbrndge Pe x A Peskl Ortman R Osser L Xonl-toff E Patonetz l I I I W W . .. , .. ' ... 'J . . ,- A A .I ,'. ' A . ., - h ' A I A, an T . - I . y ' AY l . L , . A 1 ' 4 7 ' A Y C. Moore. 2nd Row: Muhlig, C. Mouat, , - , . ,. 'I . l . , . A ', A - v ' l , .. , . , .A , . . . -L - 'J . A, J 1. . .. ': .' ,.'. - L. ttry .. 'n, B. , . , . 76 HOVEROOV 22a Ist Ron J Roth Sauerman C Raube S Sauppee NI Roach D Robertson R Rxechman R Sanders R Robbms D Rosenburg M Roberts B Rud mck T Rutledge j Rawlev J Saxer Mr Fltzslmmons 3rd Rau YN Porter G Post G Satmoff G Ramev S Rxbner B Prlce P Rosnox B Robertson H Saffer D Rondmelh HOMEROOM 221 Ist Rau j Shupak J Slmpson I Stesenson K Stxckel N Sutherland B Spang C S1mone B Smlth 2nd Rou Sxmmons NI Sxegel B Shupp P Stemman B Snyder F Sllfer B Sodm j Smxth L Somes R Stacy 3rd Rau Sowe Y Spencer B Shorb j Shrlver NI Sprout E Staton -X Smxth S Shultz F Spera YN Stark .SQWLAOK sSZAO!6l5fLC L,'LtAlfL5L61,5l'l'lf HOMEROOM 226 lst Row V Shaw V Ser ratore S Scott W Sherlff A Shaw A Segal D Shelly D Schramm F Seltz T Shxelds R Schneewexss P Shadle Mr Lucxan 3rd Row VN Sherry E Schmldt D Serody N Schmltz g O . . '- ': . , L. I , - v - ,v - 1 - ' - .' . , . ' 1 ' i ' . 7 ' l ' J . , . , . ' , . ' , . . , . , . . . .' N. Scherr, N. Shelton, D. Schmauk, H. Scherr, A -1 V.. . , . I , . t I , . . , Av. , . , . ' , . ' . ': M. , . - ' , r . , . , . . Q Y .- 71 3,9 omorw oice of 1960 l . 1' -, P g. . . L, 5 2, , X, . , I , ' . ' 'T-FP' ' K '+ :-:.'.?-' Q ww , ,,., .. iw if VA? A -A f- Y ff :, 1 .-uf 1'-', ff-4' ' f 1, 'fm 3.1-fl -fy if , 1 3 i t I I ,, 1' Gs H NILROON1 P916 Isl Ron l Ilnms B 'lrlplett N Taxlor D Turner Tassey H Sundbx E 'Iaylor 3rd Rau I'homas X lomllnson B Ihompson S Stewart S Stocker W 'lrxebel D glllllxlfl' L Thomas D 'lxchenor H Trlmborn Iossona 7nd Rau l- S7WllldllSlxl Sullnan B Sutton G NI 'laxlor B Stortz R Thompson li I HO'SII1,R00NI 33 Isl Rou P Ward B Warnock P Wesen berg F Wxlhelm j Urban Weldon P bndermood NI Weber X Washington and Ron l Welsh lx Weber L Wat son R Werseman C, lrms B W ax I Watkmson E Xogt S P-3.4 1 'MK HONHROONI I '11 In Rau ntnex If Xxllhllhllll C lctt X Xxllillllk B Wxntcler R llmmuman R W IIIICILN 'nd ou Ni W heatlu X ost m nn R K :lf Xcrger Whltescll P White -I Wotl lon 7d Rau K lmtner ex l Wilson R Wllha s lmmtrman l Wo Wxlson Xir uruh Werner 31d Rou L Wasum J hllante D Ware S Weiss C Xx3Sh1l'lgl0ll j XhC15S G Webster 0 Wheale C Wells Nlr Hubley X yi I 1 'QMQE ll ,Q f- .' U 1' u f ' i .. 4 .Q . ,' ' f . .. O. I . - -. P 'Ur ' , . , 1' , . ,j. ', . . ' . ': gf Q, XR .- . ws' ' X W , ' ' A 4 'X . ,, Q ., 0 t - , nn... .. .K r' r..- ',.'- ':.' ,. ,.',. ,. ,. .j.',-' .A. ' . ' ' -- 'wk ' 4. 3' P wt . 1 -l.'. 1.' . ' ' . .f A ' 111-:35'j7 - -9' ' I V Mx 55'-' :th-Q11 . 'VY .E+ we 1 ,t , 'fs'-1' H, fx L -. v , - : . u. 41 . , , VJ- 413121. ,L 'f , - -T fgxvt-, -1 5 .. ' .- '- - .-ff.. '-- . .YZ .. 4 ' V - . .-. H ,. In-tim, ' . :TH . H .., Q 'lj , N . . . - . . E n Ve. , W'l' '. 1. . , 1. W'il- - -. A '- . , Q ,A I ,I . hll' h I I R .. ' j. V '- Y , ' ' ' I: a , . X1 , j. , L. KS ,, - , '. ,. 'r1- , , ing . r 1. , li. ' ' W'il-In Y J . . 'mn W'. Z' ' . '. 'lf. R. -X J .. .J ' . ' t vqvfq ' vs 1 4 .1 , , 78 I 1' ff X 1,5 1 fa ,e i ' ' xml . - xx .r 'I' , V'. -1, f 'A 1 ' :rsj , A .K '81, 1 1- f .f ,f,.f .1.,,,, g, fl 1111! 1 I I 1 V. .af I 1 , X. ,A , , y , , i Q 1 'Q Q Q 1 Q 6497 rf- E 1 52 2 fsfzfrx -f ff is wi ' .QM fg 2.2 fp?' f 2. 1 Q f M1295 511 1g3i'y if: fe six a , mf Af' l L ITLZVL SCOREBOARD Abington Abington Central Haverford N orristown Abington Abington -Xbmgton Abington Abington -Xbmgton Abington cancelled Lower Menon Chester Upper Darby Cheltenham oe Slobojan breaks up a Cheltenham pass Ghost players prance on to the field to meet Haverford ISI Roux' Ronald Duncan, Lee Newcomb, Robert Miller, Michael Rhoads, Edmund Helveston, Robert Keim, Charles Ortman, David Xvolff, james Liedich. 2nd Row: Robert Arther, Walter Hambrecht, H'arren Taylor. Herb- ert Mooney, Ravmond Medvedik, Xvilliam Barth, Lerov Roberts, Melvin Dinkins, joseph Slobojan, XS'ardel Holt. 3rd Roux Coach Schneller. Daniel Yfolf. Ralph Dinkins, Robert Telkins. jack Kaal, james Carbutt, Larry Pohe, Stanley Shorb, Edward Moody, Harry Lentz, Coach Smith. 4th Row: Bruce Hudson, Melvin Roberts, Albert Schall, Robert Dabis. Robert Armstrong. Alan Lusch, David Re- connu, Martin Lee, john Ventresca, N'illiam Miller, Head Coath Hublev. i9 0415 gl fy ,Mciorm Upper Moreland Ridley Township fs. eg, . , : - ' ' rff i ' K iff' Q5 K Hs 5 4 -fa Line: Albert Schall, Alan Lusch, jack Kaal, William Miller, Robert Armstrong, James Garbutt, Raymond Medvedik. Backfield: joseph Slobojan, WValter Hambrecht, WVardel Holt, Stanley Shorb. Team spirit, highlighted by sparkling individual performances, prevailed over the Abington High 1957 football squad. Although they had only a mediocre 2-5-1 record, the Ghosts hustled throughout the season. Points came hard, but the boys never gave up. Opening with Upper Moreland, Abington took two of its first three games, defeating Upper Moreland and Haverford. The defensive team, strengthened by jack Kaal, Bob Armstrong and Al Lusch, contributed greatly to our victory over Haverford. Walter Ham- brecht played a fine game, scoring the winning touch- down. Both Ridley Township and Lower Merion con- quered Abington by 33-7 scores. Our scores in both games came on passes. The following week Abington bowed to Chester on the latter's field. Towards the end of a well-played game, Quarterback Stan Shorb, suffered an injury. After a tie with Upper Darby, amid snow flurries, the Ghosts traveled to Cheltenham to meet their tra- ditional rival. To the dismay of the Abington rooters, the Panthers piled up an early lead. However, led by ,Ioe Slobojan, the Ghosts came fighting back. The hard-hitting game was marred by the fact that Ab- ington lostg nevertheless, all thoughts have turned to next year. Qlwf Ziff, SWL SYM Led b Wardel Holt and Bob Armstrong a host of Abing y , ton tacklers bring down a Haverford ball carrier. han A Gerard 3rd Rau G Denmg T Houser B Selter B JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Ist Rou E W1lk1n son Tassey H Sher H acquelln B Ortman F Wllllams D Harker B Denms D Kohr 2nd Rau F Rutledge F Whtte T Helxeston T Murwm J Bond: J Worthnngton B Lena Hudson R Mtller M Rhoads J L1ed1ch S Welner B Bock rath 4th Ron Mr Nlace M Roberts P Camble A Vlebb M Lee D Howarth D Shelly and Nlr Armstrong y joofgaf Meddged Peblf 661,10 OWLQ Ablngton Ablngton Ab1ngton Abxngton Abmgton Ablngton Ablngton Abmgton Ablngton Ablngton Abmgton SCOREBOARD Upper Dublm Central Llncoln Haverford Norrlstown Rldley Twp Lower Merton Chester Upper Darby Cheltenham Bensalem The lmpresslve record 8 2J of Ablngton s Junxor varsxty football team 1nd1cates that the varstty w1ll hawe a good ChO1CC of materxal next year W1nn1ng all but two of the1r games of wh1ch both were lost by one touchdown the JV s show ed both defensxve and oifen 1n one game and shut thelr opponents out on five occaslons Probably the h1ghl1ght of the season was Ab1ngton s 33 0 trounc mg of Cheltenham B111 Shm1dhe1ser led the scor1ng m th1s fray wtth two touchdowns Another lmpresslve w1n was a 126 effort aga1nst a strong Lower Nlenon team The two losses at the hands of Rldley Tow nshlp and Upper Darby were s1m1lar 1n score Xlelvm Roberts led the scorers w1th e1ght touchdowns and three extra po1nts Close behmd was Bud Ortman w 1th seven touchdowns and two extra POIHIS Also among the top scorers were B111 Shm1d helser Bob Balley R1ch Wetherhold and J1m Le1d1ch wvlth such an 1mpress1ve 11st of JV scorers the Ghost rooters should expect an eptc 1958 season lhc team lS pmsetl to IIICCI thelr opponents Abtngton IHCLICTS take Haxerford 89 . U 0 . U . s C -. . . , ' ' . D . - 13 - 0 - ' ' 1 Y ' Q ' 33 0 . . ' ' . ' ' . . ' - 25 - 0 SIVC strength. Thxs was ev1dent when they scored th1rty-three po1nts ' 19 0 I I . 1 ' ' 13 ' ' 5 . , . . . ' . . ' . ' . 6 . ' . . 1 . 1 ' 12 ' 1 ' 6 ' l ' ' l ' ' ' ' 28 3 . . ' A ' .v . . ' 7 13 . V . '. ' ' 33 0 1 . . v . V ' 13 6 - I ' ' , j 4 . K T .i74CL9y8lft05 QW our iw SCOREBOARD Abington 1 Central Bucks l Abington l Ambler 4 Abington 1 Jenkintown l Abington 2 Ply-XVhitemarsh 2 Abington 0 Lower Merion 0 Abington 1 Springfield 3 Abington 3 Norristown 2 Abington 2 Cheltenham 2 XVith this year's results, the varsity hockey squad established a record for the most tie games in one season. Out of eight games, four ended in ties. How- ever, during many of the tie games, Abington domi- 3417 ' i Linda Staats and Ceorgine Klenk bully. nated the play. XVith the ball down at our opponent's goal, there were many close and thrilling plays in the last tense seconds of each game. Abington's game with Norristown was the highlight of the season. At the end of the first half, the Ghost- ettes led by a score of 2-0. But the spirited Norristown players refused to give up. In the second half they also pushed across two goals, though not before Abington had chalked up another tally to win the game 3-2. Carole johnson, Linda Staats, and Vicki Boetsch, halfbacks, kept the spirit high on the defense, while sophomores Gail Rainey and Helen Hutcheson, and seniors Penny Barker and Anne Helfrich kept the fire THE HOCKEY TEAM-Kneeb ing: Lyon, F. Dillon, B Shorb, C. johnson, J. Vogan, W Holmes, G. Klenk. Standing: D Braunwarth, D. Nickles, j Brown, A. Helfrich, B. Thomp son, B. Stoltz, P. Barker, H Hutcheson, L. Staats, V. Boetsch M. Albertelli. Moferd ff?!a,5f Ofbwer erion T.HE SOCCER TEAM-Ist Row: B. Fernandez, YY. Schmitt, G. J. Metzgar, NI. Swaab, G. Brackin, F. Davey, YVeiss, J Alex Pickwell, T. Little, J. Stith, B. Ripley. 2nd Row: D. Schmauk, B. ander, Mr. Gantt. Kester, j. Benus, R. Bender, R. Harwood, P. Brackin, 3rd Row: Charles Yan Horn heads toward a goal as Coach Beaver looks on. Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abi ng ton Abington VARSITY SCOREBOARD North Penn Central Lincoln Cheltenham Haverford Lower Merion Norristown Ridley Twp. Upper Darby Pennsbury Cheltenham Haverford Lower Merion Norristown Ridley Twp. l'pper Darby Alumni J. Y. SCOREBOARD Abington 0 Abington 3 Abington 3 Abington I Abington 0 Abington fl .Abington l Abington 0 Abington l Abington 0 Abington l .Abington 0 Abington ll Abington 2 Abington -1 Abington 2 Abington 2 North Penn Central Lincoln Cheltenham Haverford Lower Nlerion Norristown Ridley Twp. Lpper Darby Pennsbury Cheltenham Haverford Lower Nlerion Norristown Ridley Twp. Lpper Darby Alumni only three lc-ttermen returned to the yarsi x tt with the remainder of the squad being largely juniors and sophomores. George Pickwell heads the ball and jim Stith awaits its reteption. Abington's soeeer team was fortunate this year in having two of its members, captain George Pit-kwell antl goalie Tom Little, eligible for the all-suburban team. The popularity of the sport rose as at record number of boys tame out in September. Although the turnout was great, THI-Q WI. Y, SOCCER TICANI-1.il Roux' B. Yost, N. Fesmire, J Bushnell, C. Yan Horn, P. McDowell. J. Yerger, li. Rollings, NI. Wheatley. j, Polanslty. 27lf1 lime: R. D'Ardenne, C. Kremp, S. Luria, XY. Stark, J, Swanson, R. Thompson, A. Ellison, D. In the annual Alumni game, Nlr. Gantt s booters tied the powerful Alumni tearn 2-2. It was considered one of the best played games of the season with the varsity leading until the last two minutes when the Alumni scored the tieing point. In defeating Lower Merion, however, Abing- ton ehallted up its only league victory. Near the end of the season they also defeated Ridley Township. Next year, with the returning letter- men and the addition of many promising sopho- mores anti juniors a firstrrate team seems likely. . N'right. R. Dinkins. 3711 Rmtx' Mr. Crun, T. Yorke. B. Heubner C. Berlinger, R, Houpt. K. Hock, F. Geddes, S, YVeiss, D Mattson. J. Sullivan, Mr. Beaxer. THE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Ist Row: E. Schmidt, B. hew, C. Pfeiffer, B. Gladstone, j. Clinton, J. Sowe. 3rd Row: R. Ritchie, B. Thompson, F. Robbins, R. Ianieri, G. Bassett, B. Hogg, R. Burroughs, K. Dawson, A. Buck, S. Telkins, M. Farrens, P. Mackey, B. Ford, j. Mitchell. 2nd Row: C. Washing- james, B. Henzel, R. Graybill, Mr. Secor. ton, C. Wlilliams, j. Canning, M. Helveston, B. Linker, E. May- czrriem jzAe ,iZ3i5lfricf:S Rocco lanieri and Bob Ford cross the hnish line for Abington. i YVith the opening of the cross country season in September, Abington put forth one of the strongest running teams ever to represent her. The team was composed mainly of returning lettermen who turned out to be top-notch distance runners. Yes, this team would be capable of outrunning any opposing team. As the season progressed this became a reality as Abington rolled up an impressive string of five vic- tories and no defeats before meeting its two toughest opponents, Chester and Upper Darby. But here too, neither team proved to be stronger than Abington. Continuing the season, Abington remained unde- feated against twelve oppdsing teams. Of these twelve teams, five were defeated by shutouts where Abing- ton placed five men across the finish line ahead of the hrst opposing runner. In every dual meet, Abington placed first and second and usually had seven or eight runners among the first ten men to hnish. SCOREBOARD Abington North Penn Abington Ridley Twp. Abington Lincoln Abington Haverford Abington Ply-lVhitemarsh Abington Chester Abington Upper Darby Abington Cheltenham Abington Lower Merion Abington Norristown District Meet - lst George Bassett and john Mitchell jog briskly about the track. October 25 proved to be the big day for these galloping harriers. This was the day for the district meet. Under a new system, District I was to be divided into two sections with Abington and fourteen of the larger schools being placed in Section l. Here Abington would meet Connes- toga, another undefeated cross country team, and a revitalized Chester team. With our five plac- ing a respectable first, third, eleventh, sixteenth, and twentieth places of the l20 starters, Abing- ton captured its first district crown in the many years of its history. john Mitchell, undefeated to this point, was victorious again as he became District I individual champ. Chester, the second place team, added excitement to the meet by scoring 53 points to Abington's winning 51. Seven members of the victorious team traveled to the Penn State campus for the State meet. Here the season officially ended in a somewhat differ- ent tone as Abington failed to come out on top. Nevertheless, it was generally conceded that co- captains, George Bassett and Bob Ford, led the cross-country team on to a memorable season. The boys line up for a practice lap. . - '3, 'ff f 66 77 gtfefeerd Cafofvwe 50115 oumamenfd BOYS VARSITY BASKIi'IiBALL 'I EAN!-J. Miller. S. Fegley. Sweet, B, Brown, J. Metzgar, F. Raube, D. Wetherhold, W. Buck- l'. Bondi, D. Kane, J. Smith, P. Zimmerman. D. Kauffman. walter. J. Hughes, Mr. Foster. Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Completing their schedule with a Hlth place hnish in the Sub- urban 1 Standings, Abington's Boys' Basketball Team cotnpiled a 6-8 record in league competition and a 12-I0 slate all over. Captain Dick Kaulhnan copped scoring laurels for the Ghosts, but was closely followed by Ben Brown and Pete Bondi. jim Sweet did an incomparable job of rebounding, while Skip Fegley pro- vided the spark in the backcourt. Seniors Pete Zimmerman, Jerry Smith, John Niffllglll' and Don Kane hlled in more than capably. Typical of the Ghosts' '57-'58 season was their victory over Norris- b U? 'I town y a J.-lr score. Dick Kaulfnian contributed 213 markers, as Pete Bondi and Skip Fegley repulsed the Norristown attack with excellent defense. Highlighting this win was the half court goal by Ben Brown just belore the buzzer. VARSITY SCOREBOARD Lincoln Central l'pper Dublin Ply -XN'hitemarsh Bensalem Ldison Norristown Clheltenltzun Chester Lower Nlerion 88 Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington l'pper Darby llaverlord Ridley 'Iiownship Norristown Cheltenham Chester Lower Nlerion l'pper Darby llaxcrlotd Ridley 'Iownship J. V. SCOREBOARD Abington Lincoln 32 Abington Haverford Abington Central 51 Abington Ridley Twp. Abington Upper Dublin 24 Abington Norristown Abington Ply-Xkhitemarsh l-1 Abington Cheltenham Abington Bensalem 38 Abington Chester Abington Norristown 51 Abington Lower Nlerion Abington Cheltenham 31 Abington Upper Darby Abington Chester 42 Abington Haverford Abington Lower Nlerion -11 Abington Ridley Twp. Abington Upper Darby 36 so . f x t ,V 'qi N ag, . 'V V1 Stanley XVhiteavage, honorarv captain. Dick Kauffman, Ben Brown and un Sweet go high for a rebound THE JV B.-XSKli'l'BAl,L 'I'l-QAM-ls! Razr: R. Orman, C. Ort- son, 2nd Rm X Hoffman Brusca l Wilkinson N man. McKinley, j. Garrison, Nl, Roberts, Bondi, B, Hud- win, 'll Rutledge B Neumann NI lee I XX ood Nlr Schneller S-I 89 fwafeffea ICI' L1 1 1 sun c L1 11 1 GIRLS' VARSITY BASKET- BALL TEAM 1stR0u J Toot h111 Engelbrmk C ohnson B Smerlte F LaRue X Boetsch 7nd Rou B Bhzard D Braun marth J H h1te L Neumarlt C Klenlt L Shaffer H Hutchm son B 131111116 D Snyder 19,9 QW, ffm! 511,645 The g1r1s basketball team coached by 'NI1ss jane Oswald had lllgll hopes for a vw1nn1ng 98 season Although hlndered by a lack ol pr 1ct1ce lllgll scorers Lo111se Nleumark Georglne Klenk and Bonmc Blddle u1th the help of guards Larole o11nson and jud1e XV111te led the team to v1ctory O11e of the h1gh11ghts of the season was the WOTTISKOWH game not remembered because of the score but for the teamwork and SPIYII Another h1gh11ght was the VICIOFIOUS gan1e our g1r1s played agamst Cheltenham ou1 b1ggCSI rnal The auee team d1d11 t fare as YS ell as the xars1ty but many out standmg g1IIICS shoved potent1a1 that M111 be needed lor a wmnmg season next year 111 the 10110111111 xeals t11e g1r1s 1Ji5lxCl1Jl1l schedule M111 be d1f fcreutlx irrmged -Xs the boss the g1r1s 11111 p111 111 the Suburban X League Although the LOIIIPCIIIIOII M111 be ltecncr Nllss Oswald has her hopes 111gh for 1959 -X1JlIIglOII XDIIIQIOII IUJIIIQIUII 5111111141011 X1 111gt1111 Xlllllgltlll 1 III' 11111 X1JlIIUI0lI 'Nb X XRSIT I SCOREBOARD J Ambler Ienltmtossn Cheltenham N orr1sto1s n P11 XN111te111.1rsh fc11tr11 Bucks Slllllllgllllll 1 ppcr Dublm Y . A . 1, y A . V V . 2 N .4 , . E Q . A , . K L V T , Q . . Y i J 1. . ' 1 Y V ' Y - K 2 1 y v V. 1 I1 C . , . g I. , ,. . 1 ., I . , . , - A , . , ' A 1, s ' ' .' v , , , A ' - V, W , , . , . , . ' ' 20 . 16 , ' K 117 I -' - 17 .- ' X :11 ' . 32 .1 ' 1 '41 3 - 57 b J- 91, .- 1 - . gh! . ' K1 53 1' 1 37 - ' 1,-1 ' 4' ' x A 11 C.1'r11 '11e K1-nk grcs 1111 llll' 1111sls1-I as 11111111 AJ. 9 'H A 'J . ls' 0 , I , , lflllll 211111 l'1UlL'l1lC 1..1R11- 1il1'llIJl 111 111k ' m -1 30 J 190515 Rear by. V. SCOREBOARD Abington 33 Abington 14 Abington I9 Abington 21 Abington I9 Abington 12 Abington 30 IHE jX BKSKETBAIL TEXNI Ist Roi H Hibbs Kogan F Xxlflljlxlll' L Burger uri IL I. atson B iowsn Hows X uciler S Niiller 3rd Rui Iarson L Mason C Smith G Taxlor I pp Jenkintown Cheltenham Norristown Ply -XvllllClTl3fSl'1 Central Bucks Springfield Upper Dublin Georgina nukes tm o Bonnie Biddle sinks a set Shot from the foul me W IV A , . , l l lane .W e . .B- -,j. ii, Im- fll ec0rc!5 pfunge EAW gjbidfricf Cjimmlw 'IHB BOXS SHININIING TEANI 1vtRou D Booth R XVCIIICI' C Idell B Gallagher L Luna nd Rou L Crmalcll E Niof hu D Dellaus V lxrauss J Daniel 3rd Rau B Soclen R Lcberman I Bender -X Xhldrlck Xx0I'IlllllglUl'l -lth Rau C lurk XS leu Nlaxhevs 511116014 Nlr Pauling H Work .un C w l,LlllNC .ind Clnu Donald Saullu man B Tomllnson R Sullnvan l- Davey D Whxte R Stover D Schemm D Tjaden YN braver I- Brldge D Sautter 6th Rau J Cxlhorn NI james W N'ILC,oy B Peterson R Pans Stevenson -Xbmgton Abmgton -Xbmgton Xbmgton -Xbmgton Xbxngton Abmgron XlJlIlglOll XlJlIlQIOll Xlungron Xlnngron Xlnnqton Xlnngton Xbxngton xlJlIlUIOll xlJlIl0'IOll Snlnn lm in le aqua C H addon Helgh ts Neshammy Clemral Ply Whnemarsh Eddysrone Norrlslou n C eorge School Lower Nlerxon LlIlCOlIl Ll1CllCIll1 nn hcldutone Norrlbtoxs n XX esllou n Lounr XICTIOII C haltenham C hcllenh nn l1 nnpmns SIIICI C ll nnpmns 51 ill C ll iIllIJlCJllSlllph 1 I . ' 70 ' . 71 . , ' 42 ' , ' 62 f- ' B . ' 53 ' , ' 55 ' '- ' . ' T2 L ' , A- ' 65 ' . ' .P ' K na ' B .5 ' K 5,1 ' ' 1 A ' 69 ' ,C ' K EH .' 'P - A ' 52 ' Q V , ' -14 ' ' . ' A ' 5 5,1 1 - f .A h U 60 I ' 2 .' ' 1 . :I - L 1 ' .hip Di, l L 1 ' ,hip lst CllilDl C-lcnn Wilwn in llunkcll by llllll '1 fix nmn ja rl ' ll Executing a front jack from the low board is Frank Bridge. The boys' swimming team, under Mr. Pawling, repeated last year's performance by winning the Suburban l and District cham- pionships. They also did a commendable job in the state champion- ships, placing seventh. The team's over-all record was 16 wins and 2 losses. They dropped a pre-season meet to Central 42-44 and dropped the other one to Norristown 34-52. The success of this year's team was not found in individuals alone, but in a concentrated team effort in every meet. However, some of the highlight performers in the 1958 season were: Bob Tomlinson in freestyle and butterfly, Glenn Wilson in backstrokeg Richard Schemm in the 200 yard freestyle eventg and Frank Davey in the 100 yard butterfly event. The team is looking for bigger and better things next year and, with the help of some outstanding sopho- mores, will be able to do it. Backstrokers jim Stevenson, Walt Krauss, Bill Gallagher, and Doug Tjaden start out on a practice lap. Frank Bridge and Don Sautter show superb diving form. Margo Calloway's excellent jacknife is sure to win praise from judges. 7!,nc!eLafeJ Jgqua- Waijd if lgcorcfa .xgwcwfi Abington's girl swimmers finished their season with the best pos- sible record. Xyith the first win of the season over George School, a long-time tough opponent, enthusiasm and optimism mounted until the breath-taking finish of the Lower Nlerion Nleet, last year's District l champs. The underclassmen remained the backbone of the team they have in all of the past years. Freshmen, Cherie Clinchard, freestyle: Lynn Austin, butterfiyg and Cynthia Bradbury, breast stroke helped to win our meets by placing consistently. judy Herbicek, a junior, remained a district champion backstroke swim' mer for her second year on the team. jean Bareuther, Connie Dennis, Carole XVagner, and Linda Hiiley were the seniors who won varsity letters along with Lynn Bradbury and XVendy Holmes, who were picked last year as co-captains. -joan Reinoehl, senior, was the very capable manager who announced our meets. Last year's hopes of a better team were justified as the girls scam- pered undefeated to take the title of Suburban Champions. The most thrilling meet was the away one with Lower Merion, which was nip and tuck, cliiiiaxed by Cherie Clinchard's pulling it literally out of the water for us, when she came up from behind to beat her opponent by iticlies in the freestyle relay. Finishing the season with a grand hnale, the girls swamped the other schools in taking the district title which they had so justly earned throughout the season.. i 'I'Hli GIRLS' SYVININIINC TEAM-l.x1 Ruin: Clement. E, Kep- Lusch. 3rd Row: Miss Clark, Reinoehl, L. Peterson, AI. Hearne, pler, Boothroyd, I.. Austin, Herbicek, XV. Holmes, L. Brad- N. .Xl1tlCrSUll, G. Crabtree. I.. Sonics. B. ROYJCYISOII. N. SCNCTY, bury, S. Clinthard. C. Bradbury, ti. XS'agner, NI, Callaway, N. J. Feldman. S. Sauppee. G. Tomlinson. K. Kreskovsky. S. Eians. Rcisse, N. Brown. 21:11 Rmu: NI. Dunlap, Yananzi, A. Hor- R. .XIl1l0rS0Il. ff. Ucllltim G. Lillhfllll. E. Levy. Pritz. and N. rocks, j. Cummins, B. Heist, P. lfitc, K.. jacques. j. Bareuther, A rndt. I.. Wiley. I.. Schoen, D, Anderson, H. l-Ilsroad. 1.. Celmont, S. SCOREBOARD Abington -12 George School 33 Abington -12 Haverford 33 Abington 48 jenltintown 18 Abington 52 Norristown 23 Abington 39 Ply-XVhitemarsh 29 Abington P13 Lower Nlerion 32 Abington 53 Upper Darby 22 A gunshot-action! 9-1 AGJP NSZOOQP5 Kdptufe SMAMPLEH I Abington's rifle team achieved the sought-after goal of an undefeated season during their regular league competition. As a result of their hne record of I0 wins and no losses, they copped the championship of the Northern League in the Suburban Philadelphia Inter- scholastic Rifle Association. Under the inspired coaching of Mr. David Clark, the team succeeded in going to the districts where they met Upper Darby and suffered their only loss, 498494. Despite this, the team registered no scores lower than 491 and succeeded in setting a 498 as a new school high score in league competition. Coach Clark chose three members to shoot in the Individual Championship at Lower Nlerion High School. Tom Simpson took 4th place with a 200 score. Team captain is Phil Clark. This is Mr. Clark's second undefeated season. Since mam of the sophomores and Juniors will be returning the team s chances of a third Championship seem ex Phil Young and Marnie Broun wait their turn while Nir Clark Cellent scores Phil Clark s target After the tabulating the sharpshooters Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington SCOREBOARD Southern Lehigh Ambler Central Bucks Quakertown Lpper Dublin Southern Lehigh Ambler Central Bucks uakertown Upper Dublin I are back for another try 'I' THE RIFLE TEAM lit Rau H Benllnger ll Baltlerson B Ron NI -Xrens P Cosgroxe C Hislop T Cosgroxe D Dans Ritchie J Tarman I Simpson L Xhller l Clark P Xoung E Brighton NI Roberts F Lovett A Nikiforow G Lowell Hughes NI Brown C Iauling E Thies E Conrad 2nd L Petty E NIcCleland T Hatkinson D Conrad Wgdfifj in 05511 eccm Lew Hines is :noting for a switch against a Slfflllg OIJPOIICIIL Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington SCOREBOARD Delhaas Norristown Upper Darby Cheltenham Springheld Haverford Lans Aldan PP The H458 lVrestling Team proved to be one of Abingtoirs most improved teams. XYith a -1 and I5 record, as opposed to the l and T record ol a year belore. the grapplers produced three champions. Neil Lemon and Skip Lentz, two of the three seniors on the squad, hnished their stay at Abington with a very successful season. liach ol them well deserved the medals that they won at the District Championships: while junior, Charles Douris, placed third in the Regional Championships. Nlr. Sanford Secor, succeeding Nlr. Thomas liannan as head coach, proved to be a prime lac- tor in the success ol the matinen while Nlr. Lewis Capaldifjavvee coach-led his team to a fine sea- son with an outstanding match against Lpper Darby. which they won. Other than those men- tioned previously, the varsity team included senior, XYalt NICCOy: juniors, XYavne Schmidt. Tom Little, Charles Fitzgerald, .lim Nlvers, and Doug Hertz sophomores, Pete Nlctllowell and Bob Kiem. THE YVRESTLING TEAM-Standing: P. McDowell, YV. Schmidt R. Kiem, Coach Sanford Secor, CI. Fitzgerald, D. Hertz. and C Douris. lx'rieel1'1ig.' 'I'. Little, N. Lemon, W. McCoy, S. Lentz and F. Myers. t l A , QQQ GOLF TEAM-Standing: Mr. Brunner, T. Britt, C, Norman, B. Salfer W Yost R Harwood J Niayhew W C,-allagher R Huebner, H. Berlinger, C. Royle, J. Hughes, XV. Miller, P. Orman Bondi, R. Donato. M. Rhoatls. Kneeling: Sowe, C. Dodger, H. iffudmen H .gidff ,SJMCC866 bt! 520600 Keeping up with last year's team will take some doing, but Abington Senior High School put forth in 1958 a well-rounded golf team. Ably directed by Mr. Brunner, the boys have the will, attitude, and ability necessary to retain their championship of last year. Foreseeing another excellent season, Mr. Brunner scheduled Penn Charter, Lower Nlerion, Haverford School, Norristown, Cheltenham, and Central, all keen competition. Bill Hyndman and jeff Hughes, who placed 3rd and l9th respectively in state compe- tition last year, and other experienced boys including George Royle, Pete Bondi, Mike Rhoads, Ray Do- nato, Bill Miller, Charles Norman, and Alan Fow form the mould of a championship squad. SCOREBOARD April Haverford Away April Cheltenham Away April Lower Merion Home April Penn Charter Home April N orristown ., Away April Conestoga . Away May Cheltenham A Home May Lower Nlerion Away May Central . Home May Norristown Home 97 In splte of a late start caused by snow mud and cold weather the -Xbmgton baseball team shows hard hrttmg and sharp clean fneldlng on the dnamond Al though they started slowly the players most of whom had only last years JUHIOI' warslty experlence behlnd them soon began playmg more pollshed ball After a close fought t1e with Delhaas they were beaten by Upper Darby 3 1 Not to be defeated that easily they bounced back and blasted a strong Norristown team The Jumor warsxty IS currently runmng over the opposttlon too They have beaten Delhaas 1 1 and Upper Darby and Norrlstovxn by 6 l each Thls prom lses to supply our varslty team wlth wldely experlenced materlal 1n the future All rn all the baseball team can Bull Hauser practxces heaung h1s curve ball be fore dCl1VCl'lIlg to batter George Tappert who clouts a lme dr1ve to the outfield liar Niar Nlar hlar A.r ,Apr 1Xpr A,r Xkpr ,Apr rApr rApr Ek r hlay hlay May May May May SCOREBO ARD Lmcoln Central Central Lmcoln Upper Nloreland Delhaas Cheltenham Upper Darby NOTTISIOMH Rldley TOWHShlP Haverford Chester Cheltenham Lower Merton Upper Darby Rldley Tovsnshtp Haverford Chester Lower Menon Q6 Aw ay Home Am ay Home Home Am ay Home Aw ay Am ay Home Away Home Away Aw ay Home Away Home Away Home .S?l 0l'Lg I I'l'L5 ana! 5Z,6lI',9 Q85 .SSQGPA Milggblff oflneup ' , ', , 7 25 ' 7, ,...,..u. ..u..,..,.. 7 77 .7 7 ' ' , , ' ' . . 26 7, 7 77 ,,,.,..,... .,a., 7 7 ' ' 6 , ' ' . - . .27 77 ...,.,,, ,.,....., 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' 1 'y, ' , ' . 28 ' ....r... .,...u,.... 7 7 Q ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' p . 2 . .......... 77 77 77 7 , ' ' . . 3 .,........a ......., 7 7 7, ' ' , ' . 7 ' 7 77 ......,a. ,,,, 7 7 , - 7 ' , p. 10 ..... .s.. 7 u,., 7 ' ' ' . 14 ' ' ...,.ur,. ,... 7 ..... 77 ' 7-2. . 17 ' ' ' 7 ..,. 77 7 7 ' ' ' ' ' . 21 ,.,......,.,., 77 7 7, 7 , 7 , - . 24 ' .r.... 7 77 77 77 ' ' - . ' - p. 28 77 V....., 7 77 ' ' ' ' l ' 77777 ,77777 7 7 7 ' ' ' . ' , 8 7, 777777777 77 expect to have a successful season again this year. May 12 Norristown 7,7777777777 7, 7 ,777 7 Home I5 ' ' ' 77,7 1 19 7777777 777777.7777 7,777777 7 7 7 f 22 7, 7,7,,77.7,77.777...,777777 77777777777 7 7 26 f ' 7777 77777777777777 ,7777.77..7 7 l l:,'l':'r':'lll'x'-'ll' .':ll'l :':':ltl :lI' '- l b' 't 'mtl7k 'Z' lA,,.4e,'.'-Stalk ,I ogg rg J' ff T F BXSHSMI Il-XXI um D Hall Hauser N r NI Kurt Slohojan S frm a C lar l- cy R kNLllll.l'll0lCl W Housu IJ lsanc X Schwab C,- lapp I l- Rauhc X I- b 'NIcClcllancl 'Pnd Rau I Yorke H Sher Xlllanle ll Orlman l Xkllklnson J Bondl NI Roberts Carrlson C Nheale F xsllllC Lexdlch j Tassey N 'N1Cl'10lSOll L CI'1SldlCl1 H Henlz NI Wheatley 3rd Rau F Robblns S Hamer H 1'lTlCf1Clx H Harold NI Simmons E Ih dl ln sam LL lxol mLrC lfdllxlll S C Dm s D uglas l Xhlrls 'Ill Run j NCIIIFLSCH W Relmenschnu flu larkhousc XX Rambo j Clark B Sulnr E. O Rourke B 1 cr Nlr I-Le nan lrr NI Carfrc Lmker Rlechman D XIHLSOII lcppcl S Plock Pepp C ll r lmger Nlr lxerchner Xl Schwab maku a lcapmg slab of C eolges h1l aml fxrcs to Don Rane gemng set to tag a runner coming ln from thxrcl CLJZJQCQQJ je Qlftffn EW 0 ell! e'K .. Apr Apr Apr A r Apr Xlav Klan May Mav Serves by Debbie Lesko are rarely returned. Ann Helfrich surprises opponent with a lazy forehand pat. SLOREBO ARD Radnor Springfield Low er Xlerion I-lax erford Lheltenh mi N Ol rlstow n Conestoga Upper Dal by Lans Aldan Aw ay Aw ay Home Aw ay Aw ay Home Home Aw ay Home Composed largely of freshmen and sophomores Abingtons 58 girls ICIIHIS team 1S building for the future Wfith only two returnees Ellen Wiseman and Anne Helfrich the squad will be short on experience but high in Splfll Freshman Debbie Lesko and Senior Anne Helfrich are battling for the first singles berth while Debbie Daudson has clinched the third spot The two doubles positions will be filled by Louise Wasum Beth Thompson Ellen Xviseman and Loulse -Iaquet Aldan a month later the girls have a rugged schedule GIRLS Il-NXIS TEXNI lst Rou S Ambler N Bowles Graham Sntllenberg C Ileming L Perkins C Blank Sutherland nd Run S Stewart B Thompson -I Larsen Cummings B Holch I- Wiseman S Niahon NI Boer Scholheld S Izhle D Davison 3rd Ron L Hells S Swingler C Nilliams D Lesko I Hassam I: Nleltzer X Archer C Rtnz I I'llC N Sutherland -K Helfrich Nliss Black . I4 I ,,,. I ,,.,, ,. V Q - , - I . A ' . . . . . . p . 24 V , V - - - . 28 ' 1 Y b - y , Q - A I 1 1' - ' V t V. Q . . D v I 8 ' in , .H ' Y ' , - . , 12 ' ------e- A r ' - - -- - -r Starting with Radnor and finishing with Lansdowne- ' ,j.. - , 9. ' ' , Q, -1, 1. ', B. '. 4 , . s, .. ' . , 1. , 2 . , . IOO 'Q mtmen, .SJXJWL dy 0 bl,CC8f55!A,!36l50l'L THE BOYS' TENNIS TEAM- Ist Row: A. Bellis, R. Fernan- dez, J. Benus, S. Shorb, S. Down- Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. M ay May M ay May May Stan Sh0rb's tricky backhand adds to his game. SCOREBOARD Central ........,. Lincoln . , Radnor .. Springfield .... Lower Merion Haverford . . Cheltenham Penn Charter ..... . Norristown Conestoga Upper Darby Lans-Aldan George School Home Away Home Home Away Home Home Home .Away Away Home Away Home ing, J. Gerrett. 2nd Row: D. Buckholt, J. Brown, J. Cainer, 1. Stevenson, M. Hodgson, T. Holst, J. Swanson. Back Row: H. Lenz, D. Craybill, J. Holt, N. Fesmire, and D. Bailey. The tennis team started out under the direction of Coach Anton Stanis. Because of Mr. Stanis' illness, Mr. Fegley took charge of the team for the first five matches. Back from last year's varsity are John Benus, first singlesg Stan Shorb, second singlesg Scott Down- ing and Bob Fernandez, third and fourth singles re- spectively. In the First four matches the team went undefeated. John Benus dropped only one match. Stan Shorb went undefeated. Scott Downing and Bob Fernandez split their early matches. Another area of achievement, our doubles team of Jarrett and Bellis went undefeated. Cheltenham and Lower Merion are expected to provide most of the competition. Other challenging opponents on the schedule are Radnor, Upper Darby, and Haverford. The prospects are for a 50-50 season. V ? N fa THE MEMBERS OF THE TRACK 'l'l-IAM-l.tl Row: A. Ruofl, K. Dawson, XY. Holt, Mitthell. 3rd Rozv: lYeiss. B. Peterson, W, Schmidt, ll. l.enahan. li. Moody, F. Merkle, Harris, B. S. Armstrong, G, Bassett, T. Murwin, nj. Mullaney. Mr. Capaldi, Wilson, R. Ford, Il. llridge, I-I XVilliams. Degan. 2nd Roux' D. Mr. Nace, R. lanieri, sl. Doto, S, Telkins, R. Davis, j, I.abo, A. Rohr, j. Stocker, NI. Worthington, F, Lovett, B. Telkins, XV. I.usth. R. Hogg. llambretht, M. Taylor, D. Grayhill, W. llolsted, l'. Mackey jjaige-,gzoe en Cimfenge gear A The two mile relay team of George Bassett, Pete Mackey, John Mitchell. and Bob Ford hold a race among themselves. Even a rainy dav ii0l'SIlll stop huidlei Bob Davis and shotputter Sonny .Xrmstrong from practicing for tomoriow's meet. This spring Abington will be represented by a powerful running team with excellent material in many events. Coach Gapaldi is confident of numerous victories. This early in the season the team has over- whelmed two opponents by wide margins. Those boys providing strength include stars John Mitchell and George Bassett in the mile and one half mile respectively. Taking care of the pole vault we have Mike Taylor and Bob Keim while swift Sir lVal- ter Mial conunands the broad jump and sprints. Straddling the hurdles is long Bob Davis: and Bruce XVilson provides our strength in the quarter mile. Ad- ditional events, the javelin and discus, will provide sights of special interest. In many events Abington displays unusual depth in the material. Also, with the season progressing, the team is acquiring additional strength in its weak spots. XVith this help and the staunch backbone already pres- ent, this big team will pose a powerful threat to any opponent. Mr. Nace and Mr. Carroll are assisting Mr. Capaldi in his Hrst year as head coach. SCOREBOARD Mar. 28 North Penn Home Apr. 9 Lincoln Away Apr. l6 George School Home Apr. I9 Lower Merion Relays Apr. 23 Norristown Away l'pper Darby Apr. 25 Penn Relays Apr. 26 Penn Relays Apr. 30 Haverford Home Ridley Township May 2 Gentral Home May T Cheltenham Away May I0 Suburban Clhampionships May ll Lower Marion Away May I7 District Ghampionships May 24 State Gliampionships This is the second year that Abington has had a lacrosse team and already it has displaced softball as the major girls' sport. Coached by Xliss plane Oswald, who toured Europe last fal on the all-American wonien's lacrosse team, the squad makes up in enthusiasm for its relatively short-playing experi- ence. Lacrosse, originated by the American Indians, is one of the few games played in America today that has no roots in Europe. There are eight players on a team: three offensive players, three defensive players, a center, and a goalie. The field is one hundred yards long and has no side boundaries with the object being to put the ball into the net by a series of passes. At Yearbook press time, the girls have had only one game, with George School, which they lost, The fact that the game has been played for years at George School, while at Abington it has been played only one, gave our opponents a consider- able eclge in experience. The seniors on the starting team were Betsy lililard, Debbie Nickles, Audrey Nleissner, Alice Clouperous, and -lean Bareuther. The rest of the starters have not yet been determined. dCl O:5:5Q QQWL JQQIQ5 0 loefilfo if VL CAQCA Wt F J SCOREBOARD George School Haverford Ambler Springfield Apr. 15 Apr. 29 Nlay I3 Nlay l5 May 22 Ply-Xvhite Home Home Away .Away Home Lynn Hechinger is surprised as Carole johnson edge on catching the ball Yicky Boetseh tossed to them. ,sf gets an lt looks like Alice Lcniperous will get the ball, but not without a fight from jean Bareuther. lHl-. I.AC.ROSSlz ll-.ANI-lv! Roar: CI, johnson. I., Hechinger, am, Nl. Nlcliinley, l.angan. irc! linux' Nliss Oswald, 5. Shultz, ll. Nickles, 5. Smith. 'lootbiIl. B2il'ClIllICl. Lufkin, ls, lililard, ll. liiauiiwattli, ll. .AIlilClNUll, 'lomlinson. E. Haviland, XI. Young. Y. lloetscli, A, Diesingei. Incl Roux' I.. cillllllllllil, lx. Kellogg, X, Nleissiier, ll, XYojec, l.. Sclioen, G. lriedricli. Kogan. f.Zll'lCI'. l.c'ngley, Y. Clolien, ll. llibbs, l'i'eer, l'. l'rnis, llovis, NI. Deteilei. l'. lYilhelm, ll. Nlartindale, A Couperous, Boothroyd, l.. Burger. li. Beaumont, North- Q A H, K 1 . QW, l90l lf:f ..!dCtL0l'L Al OlfLg Olftf f 8 2611 11 Schall goes behmd h1s defenders G Klenk has edge on the ball P Bondx always m the faxrway Mnler john Niuchell l 04 P Barker G Klenk A Helfrlch andj Broun put up a staunch defense Dnmg Don Saulter f STUDENT CIOLNCIL OFFICERS AND SPONSOR- Searecl: Steve Tellcins. President: Joan Reinoehl, Treasurer, Joan Fetter, Corresponding Secretary: Don Sauter, Vice- Presiclent. Slancling: Dick Kaufmann, Sergeant-at-Arms: Juclv Schmidt, Recording Secretary: and Miss Helen Clark. The fine representatives from Stranahan High School in Florida who visited Abington last fall display their school banner. They are teacher, Miss McClellan: parent, Mrs. Young, and students, Kathy Magga, Dick Eckhardt, Jose Auffant. and Kathy Young. 5 'Q Abington High School has, since its inception, de- veloped and produced leztclers in all fields oi endeavor in our society. This vear is no exception. The Student Council provided sound leadership for the student body. This leadership was exemplihecl through the sponsorship of many school activities such as the Snack Bar, Spirit Committee, Dog House, the JAC Dance and many other Open Houses during the year. They also raise funds annually to send an Abington delegation to a high school in another part of the nation, this year to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The student body elected Steve Telkins as Presi- dent, Don Sautter, V.P.g Recording Secretary, Judy Schmidt: Corresponding Secretary, Joan Fetterg and Joan Reinoehl, Treasurer. These people, Linder the guidance of Miss Clark, their sponsor, clicl an excellent job of guiding Abington through the school year l957-58. THE STUDENT COUNCIL-Ist Row: M. Albertelli, A. Ashton, son. 3rd Row: S. Pfaffhausen, Twichell. A. Hovedon, S. Miller. P. Clark, B. Blizard. M. Rhoads. C. Royle. D. Kaufmann, J. J. Remmey, J. Tjaden, G- UffliS, G- Kfanidi. E. WiSCm3f'l- 4171 Fetter, Telkins. 2nd Roux' F. Davies, D. Eavenson, R. Harwood, Roux' A. Rosenthal. Polansky, T. Yorke, B. Fesmire. L. Ernst, B. Blumberg, C. Johnson, P. Doto, J. Frizell, M. Hodg- .giucfenlf Gmac! gum oice fo Our ibaifg QOALMA Q lr ,. L -Q71 f 1 i -.Ne-t -Q S THF NIl'QNfBIiRS OF STI'Dl'QN'I' ClOL'NflIl.'S l'1XIiCl'TIYI'Q BO.-XRD-.S'e'11!f'rl.' Ifeller, Downing, D. Sauter, Tellsins. IJ. Kaufmann, j. Schmidt, J. Reinoehl. Standing: S. Armstrong, NI. Rhoads, Miss Clark, G. Royle, and Ii. Her- man. .Xbingtonk delegation to Stranahan, ilst rowj G. l'nholtz, B. lfranck, C. johnson, ll. Shorbg r2nd row, XYeiss, S. Armstrong, D, Sauter, and Miss Clark lake time out in their busy sthetlnle to xisit with Mrs, Stranahan, the living embocli, ment of the high school. THE STUDI-INT COUNCIL-lxt li'nzi'.' D. Sauter, Reinoehl, Price. 3rd Rmr: K. Hamilton, NI. Lee, j. Lyon, S. Lusch, l'. Mc- FI. Schmidt, S. Armstrong, B. Fernandez. J. Sweet, S. Shorb. S. Crane, C. Nlartinoff. G. Tomlinson, C. Talcotl, E, Nlcfllenahan. Downing. B,C1hapman,2nd Roux' C. Goetz, Horner, L. Breeze, 'llh Roux' P. llanshy, XY. Shmidheiser, A. Neuman, P, Sargent, EI. Herhicek, Clement, j. XVhite, Nl. Detweiler, Shriver, B. Ccreditors of Abinglfmian. Anne Richter and Roger Breeding, debate on a controversial editorial with their sponsor, Miss , , -' P Q 5AyN 'lhe 'flllllgfllllllllll cxetutne hoard members Carol De Dov Barbara Xaught 'Nanci Xnderson anet Nhller and C innv Thomas hurry to meet the deadline for the next issue UEFAJSY x bl, lfC6ltlfOl'L!5 52, mf Cfmfwtf, The 'November papers are scanned bx the News Bureau staff Brock Heslin Nisra Iieb man Stese Balls jim White Barbara Caxnex Xera Belsltw and lxnn Roland to see am articles about Abington 49' In the person of its three official publications and one unofficial publication, Abington continued to maintain its time-honored position in the field of journalism. Abingtmziarz, under the co-editorship of Anne Richter and Roger Breeding published an ex- citingly zaney Apirl Fool issue and inaugurated the distribution of a Roto supplement, a syndicated high school feature. Joan XViegmann, editor-in-chief of the Oracle Yearbook, led her stall through the usual proc- esses of complete senior coverage plus a concerted effort to include group photographs of every under- graduate advisory section. Oracle editor, joan Rein- oehl, combed creative writings lor ot1r distinguished literary magazine, which is, incidentally, printed in our own vocational print shop. Meanwhile, Epitome, our unofficial mimeographed magazine, attempted to bring to those interested students the experimental type of creative writing which its name suggests. The Orarlw staff, who are re- sponsible for our line literary magarine, S'm1c'zl: P. Warner. R. tioddard, N, Xrndt, Assistant Editor, Reinoehl, Editor, B. Blizard, R. Weiner. Middle Roux' B. Pierce. Y. Gallucio, li. Luria, D. Ex ans, B. Strong. A. Nieissner. Standing: .L Nikiforow, P. Evov, S, Hallam, .L Klouperous, R. Sain, j. Miller. and M. Stein. 'ii IXNI of lr 'IRE 2 The handbook committee. iseatedp Clinton, G. Teubel. j. Hiegmann, S. Luria, J. Reinoehl: Istandingy Ig. Fenninger. A. Richter, R. Breeding, B. Yaught. and j. Hughes, admire the final prod- uct after a long summers work. Roger Breeding and joan YN'iegmann, editors of the handbook, find an amusing bit of infor- mation in their publication. W .w if fb, J Q 1 vii B I az: as Meg-. ' i l t r Q i s....a THE VARSITY CLUB-lst Rout: YY. McCoy, Brown, B. Miller, XV. Hambrecht, P. Bondi, W. McCoy, G. lVi1son, R. Donota, J. Deutsch. 2nd Row: S. Lentz, R. Archer, S. Shorb, B. Fernandez, G. Pickwell, D. XVolfe, B. Dunlap, W. Krauss, D. Kane, P. Clark, G. Royle, B. Kester, D. Wolfe. 3rd Row: J. Benus, T. Simpson. J. Kaal, H. Reiter, D. Booth, P. Zimmerman, F. Davey, J. Ventresca, B, Wilkinson, and P. Beebee. The Wheel Club, sponsored by the local Rotary Club, is in its second year at Abington. This seriite club acts as a point of contact between the school and community, and its members are always anxious to add their enthusiasm to our well-rounded, school-tommunits' program. They have been a valuable help by directing traffic when an overflow of iisitors demand it. The officers of this club are Al Schall, Joe Slobojan, Bill Schmid- heiser, Don Kane. Bob Tellsins, and Sonny Armstrong pictured here with their sponsor, Mr. Kerchner. eruice Cfugb Cgorcfinafe An active organization, the Varsity Club has gained a line reputation because of its se- lect membership, which is restricted to boys who hate won their iarsiti' letter in some Abington sport. The club plans football sou- ienii piograins and presents all the letter awaitl assemblies at iurious limes during the stliool tear. 'Iihe ollitets of the club are pictured in lront of just a few ol the nunterous trophies the club bus presented to the stliool. They are Wxtlt Nlttoy. C-leun Wilson, Pete Bondi. Walt llziinbiett. and Bill Nliller. E elmo! anal Gmmunify The Key Club, an aliiliate of the Clenside Ki- wanis, is a service organization that is ready at any time to contribute to Abington High School or the community and has acted as a liasion be- tween the many service clubs in the Abington area and the high school. Because they promote better relations between the adult population and the high school students, delinquency can neier take root in the community. 'I he olliters are Wayne Schmidt, George Royle, Bill Cilles- pie, and Bill Miller. MEMBERS OI-' THE WHEEL CLUB-Ist Ron-: B. Newman. J Sweet, S. Lentz, Slohojan, C. Thompson, F. Rappaport, C Ripley. D. Kane. Armstrong, B, Gretz. 2nd Row: Weiss, B Lenahen, R. Hetlierliold, B. Telkins, P. Brackin, I-'. Raube, M Rhoads, J. Polansky, W. Hanibrecht, W. Thomas, R. Breeding J. Wostman. 3111 limi-5 B. Hindeman. T. Shields, C. Brackin XY. Shmidheiser. E. Ciegler. T. Murwin, I.. Pohe, F. Davey, A Sthall, J. Mullaney, R, Medevik, T. Yorke, B. Barth, B. Miller B. Swift. X Xl X t.... 1 THE KEY CII.I'B-Ist Roux' XV Schmidt, C. Royle, B. Gillespie B. Miller. 27111 Roar: B. Fer nandez. H. Reiter, Z. Glaser, R Harwood. l'. Bondi, XV. KrausQ E. Brighton, B. Hodgson, J Hughes. 3rd Razr: Mr. Sterncr B. Ritchie. C. Kremp. R. Steels B. Graham, XY. Caswell. D. Cay B. Brown. S. Shorh. S. Reso, J Niynders. .L C-ratl. R. Daniels and Mr. Nagel. ll... CMAMP8 XG,l'I'LLI'L06! Qlftl' lm 4, -nv +G The purpose of the junior Historians Chost Writers of A HS to promote interest rn local and state history An area as rich n hrstorrtal interest as the one we live in rs a challenge to a club of this sort It rs affiliated wrtlr the Pennsylvanra Pederauon f Iunror Historians It also belongs to the Southeast District unror Historians Our bhost writers have assisted rn the preparation of slides about Pennsylranra with hrstorrtal notes of interest which rr ere presented to Stranahan High School by the Student Council W ork on a scrapbook to be presented to the Lrly Braun Schule rn Berlin on hrstorrcal pornts rn and around Montgomery County rs another activity completed this year Membership rs open to any hrstorrcalmrnded student The officers of the club are Ruth Tompkins Marilyn Kron miller Ginny Lyons and jeff Graham lfcnguidltecf 54014195 THE MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR HISTORIANS-Ginny' Lyons, Marilyn Kronmiller, Ju- lie Keyes, Miss Krapf, Betty Murray, Marie Ciibboni, Rtrth Tompkins, Mary Findlay, Marie Senger, Jeff Ciraham, know Penn' sylvania and Abington history inside out and backwards. lioh Pesnrrre directs thc Bible Club rn their opening hymn whrlc oflrters Ruth lorrrpkrns 1'leanor Patorretz Eleanor batkground Ont of tht rnost rnfluurtral groups rn Xbrngton e Bl e Clul In scarthrng for a path lhroug lrfe Brblt ofttn shows thc war In addrtrorr to this rnarn purpose c t rn oot rits is urdence by r rrrorrthly socrals and tht hay rrdts to mhrth ucryone rs mel t rrrt lho. club also sponsors the popular carol sing at C rrrst l l mas and a llrblt Club banquet rn the spring with a guest sptaktr Xltrrrbtrs rcrd thc strrpturts orer the public address pttral llltlllldllflll hour with .1 hatkground of appropriate organ rrrusrt was lrtltl rn the arrdrtorrurn each morning o P sttr rsttk urrmltr llrblt Club rnstrgatron lhrs rs an or an lldlltlll ltr rrhost furrttrons all studcrrts of our school are cordially rrryrtcd - - - y .. , - A y 1 is ' . ' ' 0 , D . . 5 V . , . . y , A ' . . ,' , A ' , l ? A v ' ,' 1 1 - ' Steyerrsorr, l'hil Clollrrrer, and Nina johnson look on from the suit-rrr the week before religious holidays: and this year, a is th- inl I J. - ' h ' . the 'Y' ' - ' ' ' ' ' f ' . . y . . -' ' , yu... .- ' . 1 '-' ' g . th- Brbl- Cilub has any g l t'r r m if ' ' t d ' tl e ' ' A ' A ' . ' ' t I ' I' cl ,H ' ' I , y . . . , , , , ' D fr frewed .xdgingfong Eeuekping warenew If you want to know the score of the 1931 Aliington-Chelten- ham game or anything else about past records, see Helen Marko, jeff Hughes. Mary jane Albertelli, Barbara Seaman, or Miss Ambler of the Archives Committee. This year, under the capable direction of Miss Am- bler, sponsor, and jeff Hughes, chairman, the Archises was re- organized and is running more efficiently than ever before. Anchuvns Ag Ch' .After a heated debate, Forum Club officers are quick to gain their equanimity. They are- Scffzlwlf George Tappert, Ginny Thomas. Stand- ing: Gary Kayajanian, Anne Richter, Linda YViley, and George Adams. The Forum Club is 11 standing member of the YVorlcl Affairs Coun- cil. the Cliiic Forum League, head at Temple l'nixcrsity, and the Model United Nations. 1 Q .4ual', 'nn u 5 -x , . ni if .n L n VIS George Tappert leads the For' um Club members, L. Roland, Schempp, A, Richter, Miss Benjamin, C. Kayajanian. L. XViley, G. Thomas, G. Adams, J. Burroughs, B. XVay, and B. Blank, into a controversial dis- cussion of Russian education in compariscm to ours. M.. .W , :. 54' TV s We- fnfg. l'nder the able leadership of its sponsors. our Fua ture leaclrers ol' America Club has encouraged many students in continuing along the litres ol' education as our teachers ol' torrrorrow. All students who have had the desire to be school teachers have been given at luller picture of their ambition with the aid ol F.T.A. XYith President Bob Fernandez as student leader, the Fflf,-X. supplemented its primary purpose with so- cial lunctions. All the students who enjoyed fun and lrolic at the Sadie Hawkins Dance and the new teach- ers who were present at the banquet given in their honor owe their thanks to our F.T.A. This organiza- tion is an important segrnent of the social and educa- tional circles ol' Abington High School. CALA5 Maui e raining or 'llre oflrters and sponsors of the lfl A.. who are responsible for the smooth running of this cltrb-Sealed: Miss .Xlberta Lang. jane Moeller, ,Xlice Eptirrg. Miss brace llaxis. .NfIU1!lZi71g.' Miss Kathryn Lauer, Mr, Dominit Lessa, liob lrerrrandez. and Pete Bondi. The slrmoos surpervise work for the Sadie Hawkins Dance as Nancy .Xnderson ties up a balloon, and Bob lfernandez gathers energy for that last big exhalation, 'Ilris dance is sponsored by the Future Teachers of America Club. Ml1Ml5l.R9 Ulf l-.l..K.-Isl lffrzrx' lj Sirrrorie, C. -lolrrrsorr, Y. Xyniyt, I- Xhiglrt. l.. Miscrrrarr. liadcrr, l' llarkvr. M, llmcr C-rrllrrr. B. Scarrran. M. lit-brrrarr. XI lioxlm. IS. llllllilll. lu 1511-Ut-, l-.rrglebrirrk -lllr No.1 J N xllllslltbllg, ll Xkooduari lit-xlrrr, C . Colt-, xl. llrarurr. S. Xlcllowcll. M. .Xlbtrrcllr fm! lion ly, l't-rt-rs, C.. Xrnold. N. Ntolrt-ld, l' MtNcal. ll Rrrdrrralt. I X- Fllllllll- cw l l 'U- M- xllkllllfl- ll' llflwlwl- I uillllllil Neirrrrarls, l'. Mtlrzrne. S. Sload. llt-arrrrrorrt, N. .Xrrderson Srrrrpsorr. l'. larrrllrcrr. L. Millut. X Hard. I. Mot-llcr. iw! XY. Hawes. XY. L-raxcr. l'. llorrdi. lfozr-: li. l'CIllllIlllL'l, ll. Ntruble, X. Reithrnarr. X. lioctstlr. ll. l ll N X 1 lgucficaf jufure ,ll7C6lfi0l'L6 ' ' ' The hartl-workirrg IV.B,L,A. offrters and their equally industrious sporrsor-Seatezlx Ken Potts, Mr. Miller. Warne Rambo. Peggy Stitknex, Smrrdirigg Peggy Andersen, Eleanor Patonetz. and Nancy 'I urtotte. 'Ihe ImB,I...X,, rrrcloitrinateil in .Xlrirrgtorr Iwo years ago. has rnatle great stritles in lretorrrirrg an orgarrilaliorr tlrzrl will lu-lp prepare sliulerrls lor the lrusi- ness worlrl. .Xl rrrzirrx ol Ilreir' rnonllrly rrreelings. forrrrer' grail, uales speak to the group on their business opportunities. The club sporrsoretl a roller skating party in March and in May they sent tlelegales to the state F.B.I...X. tonxention helcl in Reading. XIIENIBIERS Ol lf.lE.l.,X.-lil Rrmx' SCTl'ZllIll'L', X. FIQIIITUIIC. li. X, U'alIlrer', Iielrer, l'. litter, R. lirarrrlrley, Cf Hargatlorr. PZIIOIICII, l'. Xrrrlerserr, K. Potts. Nlr. Hiller, XY. Ranrlro, l'. Rollr. li. l'il'l'L'Sl0ll, HI: Ruin' Nl. I-ougeray, li. Belrrirrgery R. Srickrrey, ff. Lross. C. lloose. 21111 lime: l', Dc-lflzrsis. lf. XYr'iglrt, llel'or'Ier, li. Sketclrley, ll, I'rrtler'wootl. l rezir'sorr. Y. Slroyrerr. N. lfreetl, X. 'l'oss'rrrzi, j. Broilt, Nliclrenor, fi. Lalrp. I-, Klenk, 51h Rmiu' ll. Ripley, R. White, XY. Caswell, j. Dexlin. Nl. Allrerlelli. Iiorkowski. ?rrl lfrmx' G. l it7ger':1lrl. ll. Iforlrcs, iw-4 'I he newest atlclition to Abing- Ion's exer'-growirrg list of clubs is Ilre Future Hornenrakers of Anrerita. The organization, un- tler the direction of the home etorronrits ICZ1CllCl'S. Miss jane Davis and Mrs. l-'rances Hester- lieltl, errmleaxors to turn out hne future lrorrrerrrakers. .-Xt the t'lulr's initial meeting a guest speaker gate the girls a tlernon- stralion on clemrating hats. THE MEMBERS ARE-Ist Roux- li. Murray, R. Bent. P. Boutther. S. Bossotk, Capps. 2nd Rrrxix' NI. Taylor. B. Kerwer. IJ. Roserrlrergery N, johnson. P. l.ehnren, S. Wtxrtluartl. Mrs. Hesterlielal. 3rd Iirrzix' C. Hag- rrer. IJ, trallrraith, B. Looper. l'. t M Tlrorrrpson. IE. linrrnerrnan, R. , Lewis. l'. Kelly, luittlrel. Rt-yes. . Fx. 1 4 4 nimifadi gum Jmen gmc! Lyn! .xgdingfon I arm t I 1 With still. lrozen fingers, and feet in little better condition, the Abington High School Band inarehes through an- other football season in resplendence. In their glittering finery, Abington's skilled baton twirlers. despite ntnnbed fingers, cut lancy patterns on the gridiron. 'Iihen the stadintn lights diing voices hush, and the darkness is shattered by the Hre- tipped batons cutting the night air. This bit ot artistry will be renietnbered by Ab- ingtonians for tnany years. To show versatility, the Band repre- sented Abington in Philadelphia's 'Ihanksgiving Day Parade, played for Gala Night, and gave exciting Christtnas and Spring Concerts, widely acclaiined by inusic lovers. The band is ably in- structed and conducted by Mr. Verus Weaver, with Neil Lernon, president, and Louisa May, secretary, as its officers. The color-guarti leads the band marching units. 'I hey are Indy Parry, jean Brauther. Pat Lehman, jane Moeller, Indy Schmitt. and Mary Lou Iennings. Isl Hon: l'iitl. R. lloblr, S. llotk. R. Sutton. ll. 1 lizitlwitlt. Nl 1 ltiitn I llill ll lliapingtn, R. hard, Hit Him' I.. ltetllitl.. llawlrri, ll NLlllIlllt'l'. R Steel. ll. Ritlit-tg l. llgixies. C. BUIIIL' N, Xlontgoittetx, I Xlillel. li lla' l'Hllt'I. ll. Ruin-1, I- l'QllHllL'll. inan. Nl l.tvlo1. Xlt Ueaxti nl lt 1 ll Robttson. lx .Xltl- li Iolntstoin-. X, llitaslt. ll Xlbt-itson. li, lgnei. N. ll'lIlUll. ere. I- l'illUIlL'll. l Xlax. ll. ll1'llll'l I. llcnn. Nl. lains, Il 'fi I' t I llllllll Nl. Ninnnons I lslatltwell. I Nottltain. lsoxct. I Nthaller. lllllltlltill, Holt, ly llinlge. l. l-esinne. I xllilnim, l- lttltellv, 1-H fllum-,I R, Xlalaveinla. R. leavt-slev, ttf ll ft.t ll lst-tltiel. R lttvnlson 1 lol ll llllllLl.R.fvl.l1l ll Xlvt-it tom: R lltstt-i. l. Niles. ll. Cotlntl. l..tison. li. Nltoeittaket. . v- xl 0 , a ,He f QHFSF. .ew X ' '. -f- -u .gal-r. 'fc Q J . 51 as-.LQ 5 'Q c 's 3- 'I N. Q -1' 4 ' 'i'51 T 3 i .,, N :. ff 'K ogg 4 Q 515:45 'Nei 'Ng K . ' 5 A -fn :lux-In l , Y' ' : ,tr '12 1 335 :5f:5.t325:H 'W' l 'Q'-Li? ij! -rf' l ',,.1g7?i..a-ww X 3 in 1 v Qvr 43 5 r nl' 31 f Q! t. t, 1 r if '..g' -I -i -Q The Baton tmrler luck thorns NXSIHRS nut rn the snrm at rv, 4? s , ! 51. 9' Y .- Lg- .. '4 4d' ,.15..4h the tramltuonal Cheltenham game ig, 4,., .nt 5,5 Xaraltw baton tmrlcrs lflalne Schoheld Stephanie Olek judx YN hlte jeannx Remmy fllllll Hornbaker beraltn Yhlhams Elaine lxeatlng and lcruler joan Fetter pohah thexr I'0llllllCS for the next bug game l'ra4tice makes perfect is the byword for JV baton twirlers Ramona Bent, Peggy Sargent, june Dijoseph, Janis Loxkin, Dawn Tichner, Louisa May Ernst, and Sandy Hendler as they prepare for future appear- ance. ll7 - - t .. l V. - .. - e- - r -' 1'3 Af'- use E22 A! Q U Q x. .n-.','.'1::?- 1 ,Qt V ? I , A N 6 H 14 R . Av fi.-K.: x J.. .Wwe 2 ' ' , '. 2.-, if: 1 w J! 1 , F-, ,Mu A 1. .z LIT, A-1. . hr In , x r . , K' if ..,q ,, . A.. Q A, . --V . .ii Au jgl' .5 Q h .. .Xia . 4.1 ,rf ..A , '12 tj. 1 -1 E.: -'fa '. -. , ,, V. tit, -4,5 -sg, -,gl ,V ., . 'h ,J Q. , .5 - . . A . L fs as 'e.-1.-Q2-s Tiff: 5'-fr? M a +P-.' ?1 'f'll x.fiL65.al?k3.k3 . R, H.. gn ,- - v .- ,ha - N - . - 1? 3.4 ,gg .ff I . ---1,-' .A 1, 1 'xg . Q K. -1 --- . - . . , -,A .Q .Uv gt. . , Q X, 1. 1.- .,-.,'.v , ,-Et., qt. Y. ,I . -.4 s - X: , - i , it M.. -,,- - , , Mn .M t g I .5-nf as .. fum' i.,v,.:.4, .5 -Jig., . 4 fs . I f' A 3. ., -in Q 1.4591 S-: , ,iv P , -r y. A : ' ' ' '-'X' ,gpm --'g'. ' '. 'l in! . - -45:0 Y , ' ' x' . . f 'A -1'1 'l o.f C ' 1 . ' ' ' . - ' ' gg,-' ' s. QQJWY R, Q 1' 1 'tv-, P,-,.Q.'-p 21: . .nt - ' 'Yi ' fat rg' fp 9' 'mg .f24e,,f.,' -1 , . - 5..- - . 9.2, Q 'J . 4 A-vnu! 0 ,L , , , I - V. ,i .Smith 1. . .Aux 3: 'hr' -. . I x l 1 . , . ,Q gsm. ,v 1' . V VI 1 , v 8 -K . . . . . 4 . . - .. v n . A .- 9' n Q . 4, . . -. . -Y - .4 ,. ' .' A ,- . , 4 - 9 f - .. f nf b s- uyhxit 'xt hflg. , ' 17, 'ff fl, ., .,-D. ,ive A ': gf. j-'jfsj ' 1 Q , ' x, 1, I ' 1 ' 1 -S 'fl' ' 'vi' ,Y-.i' ' - 5. , , 'l 'B l '. -' I' 9. ', , , ' - :Til g 5 'f - bf' l' h ' 1 5, 1 - ' f ' 1: ' . .-I' ' K' . i -. - ,.. ' ' -' ' g ' ' N - . '-1 ' H - ..' ' . .- K I . --- 'L -uf ' 9 , l . JL ' n . ' f : , - ' V1 . . v ' I - ' :. , 5 i . . N .Q v 5 . . ' . . . 4 -- . - . '.. , ' l X . I ' - -L . ' ' 9 0 .. I ' '. , 5' ' 4 N w - XHX X, ' -'l .Y , la X, -- ' I.: , .,.r Q -s A . . ..-- ,, -.v .v 4 vt th. .- - f --f af f 1 A M, - . A n' l ' - 1 N 4- ' ' ' ' 'V ... l ,. ' A is X A o v A e 5 1 . 0 Y --...Qc J, A I ' J- Liv. N , x . . Q 6 . vi - 'Q ' . - - -'v' 1'5 A -if ...u U--0, Qi A. 4 I in ,' K il ' , Q -i , Q - . , ' V . - ' 'Q - - ' - .', ..- I . 3 A 1 , K ' 1 ' ' v - ' I' f 4 ly V MIM. a. U as I 'n -. - 1 ooauartl Inn 1 - da I e , z ll- neu - 'me o -'x- Nou o I' eerlul x ' - S 't Ba ' .ffv I lhelnia lberle. Peggx l-,xotl Nlrs. A 'U' It nci lhtl XY l ' , V' 'I Xlt-xander. lack Canning, l,in ' Mil x intl Chuck tn are tht putl uh su c I N th l in thc na lt r .ll , -Q .1 QL' basketball half llllltk. ' 'ii Nik- +. :f V M 1 I ' 'E'.!E7Dfll. 5 'A lhe Dog House is a popular plate at football games as shown bx hungry ltllbll'l'S who suanip husx WHllxl'l'N. .SZAOOK ,ggruiced jorftfy Jaya! .xggingfonialfw The Spirit flonnnittee, although not a large group, is wholly responsible for the selling ol' school patriotic souvenirs and decoration ol the goal poles seen at the fall football games. The Dog House and Snack Bar Committees are coin- posed generally of the same students: the Dog House lor football games and the Snack Bar for basketball games and swimming meets. Super- vised by Xliss Clark with the assistance of Xlrs. Lenner. these tonnnittees donate the proceeds to XVOI'll1f' Student Council activities. Nl'lRll KUNINIII llzl:--lil lion' Nl. Xinex. la. lxtltt-l, C. Xlbcrlar fin! lion lxlflflllilllll. Nl l'UllK'lllK'llN S Ktolst' I l'belle. l, Snell, ll Npelue itil Hur' ll lieg- lti Xl. tlt' Sabato, ll, Mootlnaitl. Nlts, I' lxox. X Shats, K. llenneu. .incl tanning tool Nlilt' salesmen lima Rtns l'tnnx XX I lll'l Krug ll llrl. R1 lt'lllll'l lift lffrzr. th Nlzilziwiulgi. and Nlttkt' Rost-ntlial tht-tk on it tht tlulx horde ol tu tlt-u Hell-stotkt-tl supplx belt, - - g lou ll'lN kill ite ,. r Lwli, A-i1 0' Varsity Cheerleaders, I-Qleanor Donaldson. lzllen l-ieppler, Helene jacquelin, Carol Cole, Marcia I-inlinrer. I-Qleunor Nltfllenahan, llarhaia lrreeston, ,joxce liungaioth, karen Woodley, and Connie Armour linish a peppy clteer. mia Hofew The enthusiasm ol our attractive cheer- leaders keeps the hre of Abington's school spirit burning. Led by Marsha l'ilIllllIlCIi, the girls have added to the tra- ditional Abington cheers new yells and clever liI'IF2illgClIlClllS this year. Not only are the audiences at the games spurred on hy these girls, but the whole student hocly ut :ill-school zissenrhlies enjoys their peppy routines. XVhc'ther we are winning or losing, our cheerleaders evoke the wholeheartecl support ol' the spectators! if' ff' are jncifec! A? Cjlteeriacfew l t- . 'Y -'Z 'f' Cheerleaders go all out in their practice session so thcv'll be in good COIHIIIIOII to enciourage the tc-:nn to xictorx. .AJ 'fnkli-V, J. Y, CHEERLEADERS, cseatedj NI. I-Qmilius, j, Urban, J. Frizell, C. Talcott. D. Donaldson: lstanclingl C.. Fleming, Cl. Nell. B. YYinterer. A. Deutsch, C. Si- mone, NI. Pfeiffer. and Nirs. l.c-nner, are all attention as they pick up pointers from NI, NIC- Nionigle who clernonstrates on j, 'lhompson. Ill I 111g.1 1 n 1011 K0 11112111011 1111111 X1Ull1LI g1111 X1110111 11111 1111 11 111 Slll 111111111 111111 11011 11011111 12116 11 12111 1111112 111111 111 1 gm 21 150011 110011 Xflll .1 1111115 Illglll 111.11 N16l0111 YC3l1lCN 1116169 1 1 1 10111 .11111 N10ll111 .11111 Dad are 1 If JN 11111 1111 ld 0171? LVL QU' QCLPL5 QVLLOI' 111111 161r 111 xljlllglflll 11111111111 11111 11111111111 1116 16111011 10111 111111 1111 10 11111r 111111111 111111r11.11 IO 1111111011 1116 SCIIIOI 111.11 11118 X1 II 11 18 1111 1111.1111101111 1116111 10r 011 111111111161 1 5 11111 11 1116 Cllfllllll 1161111113 011 1116 111011 111110rg,6111116 111.11 111 111011111611 X1L1Ol11 01169 Ill 11111 11111101111 101116111 111111 81111115011 lIll1 B1r1111.1 11111111 111r11111 111 11111611111 11111 1111111111 611 g'1g111g 111161111611110111 01 1116 11116 11111 11 15 1116 111111 01 1 111g11l1 11111011111111 11611161 11111 111111, 1111011 fllllllllg 11111 11111 1111 15 .111 1110111611 1111111 1 111111 1111111 11111111118 111 11 110111 1101111 111111 111 11 10 IlCQlCKI 11111111111g 10 1111111 101 1161 S111 11111 1111 1101111 1 1 111116 10r 1116 111g1,6 11 1611 11111111 1116 11111 11011111 111 1111111 1 111 1111 1111 1111111110111 1111 1110r1 11 1111111 11111 1116 1111011 111111 1 llllgt 11111611 1116 111011 11.11 1n11661l 11116 11011111 01 11111 gr1.11 ,111111101111111 111g6 0111111111 11111101 .11111 .111011 .11111 11116 .1 11111111 Cl Seatfz 11117111111 1 01 ll Ill ll Ll 1 PI ll 1 X11111 1121121 11111111 1401.11 0 11111- 111111161 11.111 Re1110 NXQT 1 1 1 1 1111 1111.1 S1 1 1 .11 1 2111 S111 S111 11 111111 11 11111.1111 1 1 0 A , 57 11111- 21111 111'lIll11l'l' - 'g-1 11161 '11 11- ,-,1, .Z SUI ' '1 ,- 1' 'l ' , 110 112116 l'11'l 1 'A . ' ' 1' A i H1111 1111121111 10 1 - ' l'1'k. -1 7 J ' 1' ' V 1 1 'z 11'- '- A - -. 1 1 'Y - ' f l 1 . 1, 1 1 Y, ' , ' 1, . 'm 1 '1 1 116C1Q 'z ' 1 ' . 1 'z I' 1' '. N ll 565 ll great 116:11 01 ZiIlX1Cl1' Zllllfbllg llCI' 1121111111 211111 1'ri6111ls, 1 1 1- 'N -.5 A '1ll1' 101 1 '. lJ1l1 l1' 111 ' ' 'K 1' 11 11111116 01' IC 1' 1 ' ' ' ' , : ' 1 -1 . All i1 1111, 6 l 1 '15 1' ,, 1 1 ' J IJ 1- Slag ' .1' ' .' ' ' 'I' - 1 ' 1 1 1: ' Q5 13111 NI -ll-, I0 S l'11'. R1 1 11' 1,141 10. fa 11211 ' 'L . ' 111 11'11, , ' 1 'lIS. ' ' 6111, 111 -, X111 fvillll, 10.111111 131111. 11111121111 1101111 11111 lg N, 1.1 ' 'l11'llIll. 110111 1Y101111'111'11. 11111 l1 11. 11 f 1 fl 31. 1561i 1Il1. 111111 B11 '1 ' 11- 11 Aedlaiand Q0 owe 2 5 4 E if I , , ,, Q. 'J l'oor Kenneth looks dismayed by NIelody's out, burst. What did I do now? he wonders. What kintl of a present is grass fertilizer to give a girl? PRIDAYS CAST-Sealed: Sue McDowell, .Xlice Epting. Elsa Simpson, and Helene jacquelin. Smnding: Dick Barnes, Mary Kay Boyer, Tom Bunting, Bill Kesler, Marley Hodgson, Betsy Blizzml. jim Stith. Judy Beau- mont, and Dirk braybill. l2l Sl'Rl'RISl'Q!! Hyweznzlg JOVLQ5 H NIELODY JONES llz'rec'ted by P. T. Gantt and Thomas Fit:.sz'mmons Elsa Simpson Alice lipting Virginia Thomas Judy Beaumont Mary Kay Boyer Sue McDowell Helene jacqueline Nlarley Hoclgeson Dick Barnes im Stith Cast Melody jones Nlelodyk Mother Laura Kathy jennifer Elaine Francie Leon Kenneth Bruce Barbara Franck Barbara lYolrl Beth YVoodward Sue Sload joan Reinoehl jane Moeller Linda Schwartz Bob Fernandez Royal Brown jim Alexander Sue Jenks The Guests Betsy Blilard i i Ing, lx y. uc gnls in Ulm' Q ml I1lkL'N2liIH. I In lllllllblll 1llili2lH'NI1illllUlx4,'XN, The members of the Honor Society represent just the right blend of scholarship and actiyeness in our high school. The society' is affiliated with the National Honor Society' and is in its third year here at Abington. The members. who are picked by' faculty' on the basis of good marks, participation in various extra-curricular actiyities, and leadership, are-.y'ea1ed: J. Kline, .-Xbington's Afhliation Club plays an important role in school activities. The club exchanges numerous projects with the Lily Braun Schule in Berlin, with which we are affiliated. There is an exchange-student day, during which many' exchange students from the Philadelphia area visit the school and talk to the classes. The high point is the Christmas Dance, annually' sponsored by' the Affiliation Club. The purpose of Affiliation is the exchange of students with the Berlin schools. Last year we had a two-day' exchange for the hrst time. In 1958 we sent llob Brecht to Germany, while Gerlinde Cnholtz is visiting us. Affilia- tion is an organization that helps promote friendship and under- standing with a school across the sea. THE AI-'FILIATION COMMITTEE-Seated: j. Mynders, S. Calloway, G. L'nholtz, I.. Coram. j. Clinton. Ist Row: D. Cooper, G. Lyons, R Coddard. 2nd Roux' P. YVarner, G. Felton, M. Kromniller. A. Miles, G. McClain, J. Guza, A. Meissner, C. R. Goddard, M. Kronnuller, j. Petter, A. Helfrich. A. Couperous, J. Reinoehl, I.. XYiley'. Slarzding: Mr, Fegley, Miss Haldeman, Mrs. Lenner, Hughes, .-X. Iipting, A. Meissner, S. Downing, G. Tappert, R. Breeding, li. Stevenson, S. Telkins, S. Balis, Y. Belskyx IS. Carney, Mr. Messinger, Mr. Young, and Dr. Vandling. onor ociefy, Jgwgafion, i55emina,fe Mrganifg Myers, H. Gegler. 3rd Row: P. Evoy, H. Gegh, J. Greenleaf, X. Sutherland, K. Steckle, J. N'eiss, Polansky, R. Sain, G. Saalfrank, D. Engle. 'x.,' E s' ,L 'gif'-fd T - ' ' Z s is .. .wa w...,- ii The purpose ot the French Club, which meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month, is to further the understanding of the French culture. The officers are Barbara Vaught, Kathy Shelly, Betty Green, and Allen Koff. The club's social activities this year included a dance, a dinner, and a fashion show. 'I he French Club dinner was a progressive affair with a strictly French menu from hor tl'oeuyres to eclairs. Those who spent a pleasant eyening at the Mardi I-ras will surely remember the pink poodle, cafe scene, and cathedral floats made by the French classes. Barbara Yaught. president of the club, was elected chairman of the dance. In the spring, Charles Davis put on a fashion show in which members of the club modeled the latest The members of the French Club are Helen Ceyh, Peggy Warner, Janis Lufkin, jane Whittier, Betty' Green, Barbara Yaught, Patty Tucker, Donna Q Struble, Ginny Archer, Barbara 5' Brunner. The girls wait ex- A pectantly as Barbara Vaught NL',' ,, prepares to give a report. fashion hits. The club collects canned foods twice a year to give needy families a Christmas and Easter dinner, Since the purpose of the club is primarily humanitarian rather than lingual, the French Club does not conduct its meetings in French, thereby making it possible for all interested students to participate. Here are some hne examples of the varied and interesting cos' tumes worn to the modern language department dance, the Mardi Gras. The girls are Marilyn Roach, Sandy Cor, Marilyn Schenck, Sharon Ribner, and Meg Emilius, In the backgrotmd, adding to the scenery is the prize-winning float, a French cathedral. partial an .jdencit W. Q., W 6 THE SPANISH CLLB MEMBERS ARE-lst Row: V. Boetsch, J. Bell, J. Lyons, C. Yollmer. F. Rappaport. AI. I'rit7, C. johnson, H. Boyer. 2nd Roux' C. XVilliams, l'rban, C. Arnold, R. Houpt, R. Bridge, P. King, G. XYebb, B. Snyder, R. Powell. L. Mayers. Mr. I.essa. 3rd Razr: J. Bungeroth, l'. McCrane. C. Grimes, F Dillon, N. Shelton, E. Newman. Lockman, C. Shaffer, E. Keating. The club was organized primarily. says sponsor Dominic Lessa, for fun and frolic. In between this enjoyable activity, the members try to learn and understand the Spanish culture better. This year the Spanish students lent their talents to the decorations for the Mardi Gras Dance. ll 9. C2 THE :X CAI'I'ELLA CHOIR MLMBER5-151 R014'-' G- JHCQUCS, B. Pierce. N. Johnson. X. Dwyer, L. Schoen, C. Talcott, R. Saur- C. Rights, N. Petersen, C. Armor, M, Emilius, I-1. Steienson, M. man, S. Reso. 'I. Bunting, E. lfenninger, G. Ambler, B, Stoltz, Walton, R. Mcilandless, R. Carr, J. Maguire. Bungeroth, S. R. Hunter, Cl. Bayer, Cl. Smith. -llh Rout: C, Natk, Schmidt, Jenks, C. Johnson, L. Breeze, S. Comberg. 21111 Roan' Kline, J. Beaumont, li. Behringer, R. Tompkins, D. Sautter, C.. Xfil. N, Deininger, J. Toothill, J. 'Ihompson, H. Jacqueline, A, liamg, S, Telking. B, 1531-th, M. White, J. Slavin, S. Sload, Beckett, XY, Hawes, C. Recltartl, R. llioinpson, J. Hearne, Kii1g,B,CirQel1, Petter, N. lfoell, F. Xxillltjlkllf, li. Smith, M. Kritler. 3rd Roux' One of the most admired departments of the school is vocal music. Besides attending formal classes which serve as inspiration for smaller groups, members of the A Cappella Choir and Sopho- more Chorus contribute their talents to school assembly perform- ? I ances and community concerts alike. The Christmas and Spring Q gntgc! Ocal Concerts are presented at evening performances for the pleasure of parents and friends as well as in deleted form at school assemblies. Vocal music groups do not confine their activities to the walls of A.H.S., but each year visit all three of the township's junior highs ,sole-tice as very potent ambassadors of high school good will. In addition they effected an exchange program with Springfield Township High School, Montgomery County, this year. Offshoots of the vocal imisic department are the Senior Boys Aopaz ppanggnzgnfj Quartet, the Senior Girls Quintet, and the Junior Girls Quartet, all of which participated in the concerts and also gave brief perform- ances at such events as the faculty evaluation banquet. Our vocal music department further demonstrated its community spirit by cooperating in the Lenten services of the Abington Presbyterian Church. t ft N'if5 l 5 I' . . J ' E f it l 5- Q ti ,f Q . u:. -'2 zfv ' l , 'I Hr. MEMBERS Oli THE SOPHOMORIE CHORLS-Isl lfUIl'.' CI. Osinonsl. l'. Krause. ini Ilfmz' li. Beiinetl. l., Somes, S. Saup- J. Burger, K.. Clharno, P. L'nderwootl. J. Shriver, B. Beaumont. pee, B. Houston. lx. toni.nl, W. Hentt. S. Weiss, t., Stetkel, B. Learn. l'. Bogilanestu. B. Jones. lf. lfetldes. l'. C.rossnian. I-'. PQ11, QL qml,11l-4-, S. Mason. R. 4-ebharcltsbauer. ith Roux' ll. M'ilhelm, H. llaumery. I.. l'lion11rs. H. Irimborn. Im! Rozc: K, Ingle. ll, Cooper. H. llstoatl. S. Stohelcl. IJ. Howarth. XYeiss, kiesltmslvy, C.. lomlinson. Latter, IJ. blasei. l.. Xvatson, E. C.. Berlingei. B. Beliiingei. S. l.usth, Smith. B. Shupp, M. Mofhtl, B. C-raham. A. Hollmau. M, Roath, Ci. Raube. S. C-or. Slgilmcl, l2lS joan Wiegmann Editor-in-chief Virginia Teubel Assistant to the Editor 9 William Halbert Business Manager jack Cassidy jeffrey Hughes Robert Roxby CONTRIBUTORS Royal Brown Edward Fenninger Rut.h Goddard Arthur Rosenthal Geoffrey Bayuk John Kashkashian Vincent Gallucio Philip Clark Sharon Gomberg David Evans Donna Cooper MQPLOOA CSQQMM l'l'YOuql' 'Pre Qu , A clipboard and telephone are items easily identiliable with our ever-busy editor, joan Wiegmann. 4 Aponic e W. W. Young, our sponsor Dr. Eugene Stull, principal I. A. Karam, administrative assistant C C Roberts and the business staff SAM! .xgcfiuified Marin Smdios Carl V. Peterson, Wm. J. Keller Inc. Representative A corner in room 213 is the haunt of our hard-working staff, Ed Fenninger, Ginny Teubel, Bill Halbert, Mr. Young, spon- sor, Bob Roxby, joan Wieg- mann, and jack Cassidy. XVith all the pomp of Illc XYalml0rf, thc HIJI'0ll'l-BIlZlllCI'SH zirrixc, :ln 'SS X I-.1-1 gal Y ug- vm 3 X , .'-' La J Q 'megan M- lf ,ffl I 'gi 'cig- A ' li B . 5 lb eniom romana, e Z -fl!! ' Carnalicm-lmccicckcml lrclis frames slrollclk lllfflllgll our plum gznclcn. The frlcmlll' h3ml5 Of Ulf Ycwllllll-T line begin 3 wUmlm'fl'l mghl- Iiwlfmx' lQl:1nmro11s girls and dashing boys mlalncc ,., happily to Al RllXIllOlIll4S romantic lllllSll', 1 H E I x jn moongf g6ll'C!8l'L6 K . , i .. QQ -Q ' ,a l G Dig 1 X J. L 1 3 MTM' K 5 After at lung. peppy jitterbttg, tired feet are glad to have a rest, Senirnx arrixe ut the threslmld of their last big ' f uv night. Stag line? No! jmt polite fellows getting punch for their dates. 'Q x I' P ax!- ilu 3 .h 1 I X 0 v 1 tg Q34 I II in-Q' -4 , 1 - - -1 OV' J s-'L RHI'-v or- 'T i , , MA,. Mf.fA. 5 , , 1 1 p ff ,,Q-s.!,', T0 WORK AT MURPHY N11 111111e IS 150111 111111 I IIAXC 1 51011 11l11cl1 I l11Ill14 11111 1n1e1e51 Ill 1111 of 1011 I15 1110111 lm' CXIJLIILIILC 111 the 1111111115 held Bel1e1e 111e X7-1l'lLlX SLOIL 17115111685 lb 1.151 111011113 and IIIICI e51111g Ldch LOUIIICI 15 11 510rc IH 115e1f Hele 11 NIurph15 o11e learns re1a1l1ng 110111 111e 110110111 up' I 511r1ed 0111 dS :111 extra Sd1L5glll 11orL1ng e1e11 1111 111er school XVIICII I 1115 grad1111ec1 I KN IS 10111111116 L0 hc placed lll ch.11gc 01 1 counter I nc1e1 k11c11 11011 16311, llllCI'C5l.ll1g 11115 110111 could bc ll 5 11151 l1Le 11111115 .1 511013 ol 1111 01111 Im g1011111g here 1.1k1ng 11101e ICbIJOllSllJllllX 115 I go 'Ihere 5 51111 111ore room for ad1 IIICCIHCIII I c.111 110rk 11155611 11110 .1 1105111011 01 lllCI'Cl1dI1dlSC buyer sec11011 superusor or bookkeeper IH 1he ofhce 50011 I hope 10 be selected 10 tram for 1he Job of Personnel Dlrectress Ill a large 11e11 NILIYPIIX Store All of us a1 Murphy s 11316 '111 equal chance 10 better 0ursel1e5 F10111 what I can see Nlurphy 5 lb lops III lfdllllllg IIILI there Isnt a 510re IH 101111 10 hea1 XIUFIJIIS 5 011 L111pl01ee bcneh15' II XOUIC dIl11Jlll0llb I0 111 1ke 1 1,0 ol lcldlllllg JOIII 111e Gang :11 XIUFPIIX 5 500n lb you C1111 G C RPI-IY C0 PA Y 131 . ' 4 . If ' ' . 1 , 1 I ' -- . 1 1 '.. , 1-'. ' . 1 . J I A . .,. l - . ', 1 I .x ' .. 1 . , .1 ' 1 .'..- ,' . . ' . J., . .'.., , K. 1 I. - I' I. 1 1 V -2 Y- V . I ,- '- - V' . 1 K , ' 112 ' . 1' ' 2 , 2 I 1 A 1 x - ' .Q 5 '. 51 - 11 - - 1 1 1 . 1 ' .' . '. , ., . , .' '. ,' .. . ' , . ... I , 1 1 I - 1. , V ,. 1' , ' , ' 4 V Y ' I , . ' 1 1 W , , ,. . 1 1 . V , .N . I. . Y . , Q . 1 . ...1 , . , ,. , . , . .V ,A 1 .. V 1 ul ,, .Q i.. . . Hu ,, 1 1 1 1 ,I. , .1 1 . 1 . 1 LK .- Students also learn at the bank. PATnoNlzls voun P l.ocAl. BANK ABINGTON BANK and TRUST CO. Walnut 3-0146 erin STUDIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHY 1010 Chestnut Street Philadelphia 7, Penna. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS to the 1958 Abington Oracle Write or Phone for Information Walnut 3-0147 All portraits appearing in this pub- lication have been placed on file in our Studio and can be duplicated at any time. 133 The Yearbook IS happx to tcccpt from thc key Club contrlbutlons gnen to them by the follomng people Xlso all adxextxscments appcarmg ruth an astelxsk Q J xx ere donated by the club A frxend I' I' I' I' T I' I' I' I' I' I' I' Wrlllam R Andrews Hom ard Baldssm I-Ioratxo Batezell Norman H Beebee Prank Burke George 5 Cox Robert Day J VV Fried Robert Hance and Mrs E T Haney oseph HCHdflClxSOI1 Irvm Hutnex I' I' I' I' I' I' I' 1' I' I' ules Isaacs r Knouse and Mrs Lharles Kremp r D XI lxuntnnan Ronald Lance and Mrs Txrus C XIacKleer P DeNIar1a ohn McDermott Allen XIIDISICI' XI X 'Neelx and Mrs Donald R Nelman and Mrs Howard Nlcc Rlchard Norman md Mrs A Earl Ostermaxcr Mr R J Phllllps Model Prmtlng Co Mr r r r ack Readmg ohn Readlng r Harrx T Rosenherm James Short The Canmngs and Mrs LeRox Spencc Capt J R Steuart I' I' I' T I' I3dXld B Stem rrt and Mrs Robcrt Stokes ack Sulln an H llllam Volh Mlalter S Mlatson Dont bum unlzl you mf uhat e has to offer 'hf all Nw for FIM Hgh! JENKINTOWN 8 BAEDER ROADS 0 J E N K I N T O W N VH 1 . . -I A , . ' M .J ,J . . . . .. ' M . ' ' . ' Dr. A . M . Y Mr. . . ' ,J . . .J ' M. ' M. '. M.J ' ,J. M . J ' . M . M . If . ' ,J M. M. . . J' M.A ' ' M . . . ' ' Dr. . . I' ' Mr. B. XV. Christman Mr. and Mrs. YVilliam R. Mattson Mr. Xklilliam Sterner M . ' '. ' M .J J.1 ' . . . ' M . ' M . . ' 'B M . ' . 'z M.. . ' M...'..' If M. . . M . ' M .1 . '. . ' M .J ' ' M .. l ...' ' Mr. . . . ' X M . ' ,Jr. M .J ' ' M . ' M . . ' M . ' ' Dr. z . . . ' ' ' I' 1 r N' c 31 STANDAR D PRESSED STEEL CO IENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA C omphmenis or A Friend LV COMPLIMENTS OF ABINGTON SENIGR I-HGH SCHCDOL KEY CLUB MILLER 81 ASHMEAD INSURANCE BRCJKERS TU 7-3743 Complete Counseling Family Auto Policies 1219 Old York Road Abington, Pennsylvania St d t Bill H lbet h pl V pl d by lruer ed cat I tor,Ray dCl M8cAgd t M E ABINGTON HOBBY SHOP 1114 0111 mn Rodd H O Ixus 111 'Nlodd P1 mes Hnblnes RCCOIdS Xlodd Bo its II Rmlxn 5 C ompletc Food SIOIC FRANK S MARKET fill? 1116111111 Iflffllllflllfl S1016 utr rm 81 1 XII LHIISX X 1111 1 KESLER S 11 OXVI Rs 1014 PLL! IL 111L1x1111c11 R I. SCOTT J IL11111w XXLII ROC IxLLDC I K ROI liINb XVE F P 0 Xmth H1lls Ptllllil IL fee 1 1l411x11f 1 T 19171 Y . 1 , 61111115 . . if 1435 A ' 2 1 H52 Iii Ill R :ul - 'I'l' 7--12 F .l.l.mU.7-81 H 141,111 ,1'- 11 41 '11 wuts: 13111 1 :JO 'N '. 'Q Q,'.1XR ' ' llfm- uc I Q-110 151' 1 'ers ' l'g1'1lbl16 1 I'z 'I 'rf' 'I'l' ' -3109 L' - -..' 1' lf57 1 Freeman SHOES Stetson HATS Arrow SHIRTS .lohn S Mllne Huntmgdon Valley Shoppmg Center Apparel Styled for the Well Groomed Young Man Frank J. Deker INTERIORS 1231 North York Road Ablngton Pennsylvama F urmture Upholstery Draperzes Slzp Covers 71 U 4 8475 6235 for everythmg zn music The Muslc Box Retall Store 410 York Road TU 4 5958 Studlo Annex 741 a Yorkway P1 TU 7 5958 enkmtouns Complete Muslc Store Free Parking Suburban School Photo Company Your local school photographer 8029 York Road Elklns Park 1 . E. E. Shupp, jr. gzgg I A 1 . - , H he H I 17, Pa. 138 Compliments of the Flrsf D E Class Famous for Fine Food Casa Conti Eight Private Banquet Rooms available for any function I urner 4 4448 C 1ens1de Philadelphia Title Insurance Company Xbtn ton P1 Tl TIICI 10161 R E Coodsun Nlgr OLD YORK ROAD PUBLISHING 406 ohnson Street Cnkxntoun Pa L ' , Pa. J I I Ig . c . , Q ,, 'I'L'rncr 6-3300 v' - J It I I . lflfl Lincoln - Mercury - Foreign Sales Service Waller Motors l'lC Xork K Harte Roads CHlC1f1lOKNl Serung tlns connnurnty fol OXCI 71 years Compliments American Photo Engraving I304 Race Street Plnladelphla Penna Superflne Fuels Company E116 Axe at Laurence St Weldon Auto Supply Co Easton Rd at enklntoxsn Road clC,llSlClf, PCIlllSylX2iI1lE1 Phlladelplna 40 Penna lfucl O11 0 O1lBu1ners 0 Serucc lor prompt courteous SCIXICC C Xrflcld 31100 C21 Replacement Parts Nhclnne Shop Seruce XI -Xjcsuc J 09530 TLrne1 4 8900 I l . , J ' '1, Pa. 4 v Q K r- V . .' A V . 1 . , ' ,, , . ' l ' :XLllOIllOllVC ll .4 , ' i ' r- , QA. - , f Y - . - 1410 Pk Official State Inspection Huntingdon Pike 8: Rockledge Avenue Huntingdon Valley Pa Nat Wmokur s FLYING 'WS TCWN PHARMACY Jn PRESCRIPTION Fnvt Flying A Service DRLG ES 9 3407 ES 9 9941 STQRE Motor Tune up Wheel Alignment and Balance Compliments Mr and Mrs Phlllp N S1'eel LARRY S BARBER SHOP 1115 York Road Next Door to Fire House Abington P L Ventresca Prop 3 Barbers Sanitary Service TLrner 4 9404 JACK GRANDFIELD KIWANIS CLUB Flving A Service Center ' Ofhcial Inspection Center York Rd. ze XI'iLIICI l Ave. -enkimown In STEIN S FLORIST 1059 Frankfold -Xxenue DE 3 8995 1'IRhPI ACES b1ONE UND BLOCIX IN ORIX 5 1 ONEPOIN I IWC, PELLICOTT BROTHERS MASONRY North H1115 Glenslde Pa COIICICIC XVo1k Flagstone IVa1ks and Pauos Repalr IVo1k RICHARD S GULF SERVICE Easton x Casmlenood Roads blenslde Pa 91 U 4 9955 STEWARD 81 ROMAINE MFG CO INC ll XLXRS OF SLRXIQL RENN PLYWOOD COMPANY lrxmxioxxx ILXXSXLX xxl x 119 I , 'J .v, 4. , P- 7 ' Y - P? . - N, - , , X, , ., - ,Y . 1 , J 1 I 1 1 1 5 V Y ' . A 7 ' 7 l A TU 6-7816 TU 4-9995 514 I 'W N ' s - E ' - X 0 of e 4.-..A, . ,A, ,:.vA..., ,A..A' -F' ' .1 I ' .1 7 ' .1 I 2 I SUBURBAN PHILADELPHIA DISTRIBUTORS POWELL S DRUG STORE SIJLLIIIILIUS III loner md Rdllllb XBINGT ox PLXXSX LX nl x hqmpmem 'fnd Street Plkc 4RouLe 95' Puhnles Pa Sl L BOB Chapcil H111 0809 Xpplx mics JULES ISAACS .lr UEMARIA JEWELERS Home Furmshmgs Servnce Us X kcsmck Xxc Glensxde I XXLIIUC of Shops LIILIIIIOXNII I IIICI In Comphmenfs ADVERTISING MANAGER XI LH ll? s l',,'z ,'w,2 ,', . . . , . . . . 1 ' A ',, Cl .. I - -9 J' 21 , . Furniture - Carpets - Bedding 1 0 as ' ' ' as I' A LL .V ' ' ,'a. .. K- KI. - V , la. 224 TLT' A-'700 O of COMPLIMENTS AMATO'S MARKET 2780 JENKINTOXVN ROAD NORTH HILLS, PA. For Your Sporting Goods Go To HOBBY LAND In The Huntingdon Valley Shopping Center T I rner 4 9101 TUrner 1 3509 MICHAEL Halr Sfyllsf All types of Beauty Service Specializing m Lamp cut 711 Keswick Awe Glenside S D PETERSON CO Samuel D Peterson 33 Realtor 410 York Road Xppruser enklntomn Pa Insurance TU 4 6200 BLAKE FLORISTS ohn P Hopkins Distinctive Arrangements for XVedd1ngs Corsages Bouquets Funerals 101 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge Pa LS 9 3099 PI1gr1m 5 1900 RUSSELL SMITH INC Dzstznctzve Furnztuoe 175 Huntingdon Valley Shopping Center Huntingdon Pike Rockledge Pa ES 92143 ARDSLEY FLOWERS 9609 ILIILIIIIOMII Roid Ardsley Puinsxlxaxlla Lolsagts Lut I'louc1s Potted Plants WM C GLEMSER SXLLS XNID SLRVILL ll A 4 5301 C all TL 1094.1 9 S Easton Road C ltnside Pa 1 V ,- O O O O O - - , I . . 1' J ' ' , . L- ' . ' ' , Pa. , J ' I 0 , . ! ' I' . , . O O Appliances - Radio - Television L klj :ll I I Y: 'T . - 1 , r w v. ' r ' .. l , 1 .,.. - . - . 4 ' - 2 .'zf ',9f',. 14141 WILBUR SHELLENBERGER Cemetery Uemm mls Easton Road K 'Ixson M enue Roslxn Pennsxlx amd TL 1 1636 QOIUPIIIIICITIS PARTS OUTLET COMPANY 601 N 19th Street Phlladelplua 30 Pa .IOHNNIE SCHNEIDER BEVERAGES 1910 Easton Road Roslxn P1 TU 14488 IVG 0895 Best xVlS11CS to Gradu rung, C liss GTB CHARLES HAIR STYLING Expert Lumne Lreauve Halr Stylrng 1129 Rlslng Sun Awe Lharles Lelgh Phlladelphra ABINGTON LUNCHEONETTE Belzznd the Fzrehouse TU 4 9042 WILLOW GROVE FLOWER SHOP XX hen ns Flouers Sax ll ruth Ours C, F Kremp Pzop Nlltcheal Hessler Manager Dax1sv1l1e Rd Opposne R R Statlon XV G 640 1V1l1ou Grove Pa ROSLYN PHARMACY 1130 Easton Rd Roslxn Pennsvlsama Free Delnery TU 4 3944 Eugene Gottlleb Reglstered Pharmaclst D N. Tr I L' -.Y A I 1' ' 41 1 Y ' ' V ,- , .7 . 3 1 ' ' L ' 1' la I . . I' , 1. 1 ' ' ' r - ' g ' ' ' ff - - U Pefm3'1em5 of Dlstmcuon Steaks, Hoagies, Magazines, Sandwiches ' ' ' ' , Pa. M Y ' Y , -' . ' ,' J' . , . I , 1 . , . y .Q . . . 1 ' , . WILLOW GROVE PRINTING SERVICE COMMERCIAL PRINTERS XV. F. Voth, jr. 78 North York Road 1Villow Grove, Pa. IVi1low Grove 1206 F. A. MAHONEY Painting Contractor Residential -- Connnercial - Industrial NIElros 5--1763 HORSTMAN 81 MYER INC Floor Cox erings Paints XVallpaper Venetian Blinds Rug and Furniture Cleaners 08 N York Road XV11low Grove Pa IV111ou Croxe 1534 For Appointment TU 4 9391 SIJCCIZIIISIS in I-Inr Cutting LUCAS HAIR STYLING 2745 Lnneklln Pike North Hills Hours Tuesday Vlednesday Thursday Saturday 95 50 Fridays 9 to 9 Closed Mondays SOUSAN PHARMACY erome F Haaz PhG Prescnptzon Speczalzst 8014 York Road Elklns Park Pa Phones MA 5 3000 Nlel 4200 L W OSWALD DRUG STORE York Road tt XVest Axe enkmtoxsn Pa 41441 TU 7 1125 WILLIAM S REILLY f uzld Oplzczun IIIIIII Ofhct 90th St Aboxe L hestnut Rittenhouse D151 D uly 9 5 b 91 C ICIISILIL Ofhct 981 Kesxsltk he rner 1 4 55 tt 40 9 FOWLER SHINN INC ltnkintonn Pa Dodge PIXIIIOIIIII De iler C u trantetd 'Nets EL l sed Cars I . K, 1. .A . Z. , . , . . 1 4 7 1 i ' i ' V 1 V , . 1 - - ,, , , . 1 9 ' ' ', A :I . ' . O U z ' ' . , - ' , . TU - . 0 ' I , 1 . Q 3 v. 1 , :- 725 IVest Avenue hlenkintown, Pa. ' . -,. 1 ' , ' ,. I 1 ' ,' I : f' 'at.- .1 1 , I I. A 99- -:-' TL -4 E' D: 'ly 9:1 -' Sat. 9-1 Compliments of LUIGI S Notary Public ANTHONY MALAVENDA Real tor Insurer 9 Hununvdon Plke Rockledge ,II ic 1111.1 ll P1 Pllgrnn 3 1400 ROY S MARKET haston 8. NN oodland Rds Roslyn Pa ABINGTON TEXACO SERVICE STATION Xork Rd 8. Guernsex Me Tl lner 4 957 Xbmgton TOWN PHARMACY INC Yollx K lJdWIbVlllC Rds LVIHOIN Groxe P1 Phone NV C 5860 JOHN TEN ER GARBUTT Realtm Rell Immun and Insurance IIOJ Old Xolk Rodd Xbmgton P1 1 L :ner 1 0 LI 8 8300 WILLOW GROVE APPLIANCE SHOP l Xork Road Hxllms C xoxe I Ihe Ierold xou xx int when Nou xx mt ll BARWIG MUSIC CENTER Records Sheet Nluslc XILISIC.il Instrucuon 71 Rmng bun lhllidclpllm ll Fl 7 2310 I 9 ' ' 11 D ' K' K1 Il'Iz1elI , 1. 1' '-A s ', , 7 . V Y ' ' J - L' ,- , Pa. I V t' ' 'I' Q ,', ,. .'.. ,. . . ' ' ', 1. 7 f . . ' , . Q. K ' ' ' ---A130 -' 4 . 58Y, 2- 'L ,'u. , , TIL, f ' ' 'z ' ,Pz1. l ' 4-fi--1 J CARLTON JONES ASSOCIATES 8099 Xork Rd Elkms Park Pa Plaques Emblems Decals TSh1rts Sweat S111rts School Awards JOHN J LEARY Lxcax atlng, R Dru eu ax s TL 4 1461 Bulldozmg Dump T IllCIxS KEYSER S ATLANTIC STATION Xork Road and Guernsey Axenue Abmgton Pennsylxama 'I U 4 8298 Box 105 CHOOSE XOLR LOXIPANIONS C XREI ULL1 YOU ARE IVH XT 'I HEY ARL A FRIEND CLIFF THAELL S ICE SKATING STUDIO Do you want to ICC skater LOIIIC 111 ind see oul lce r111k at 1933 Old York Road CLASS 8a PRIVATE LESSONS DEWEY S MOVERS 309 Crlcket Axe 'North H1115 Pa TUrner 4 5213 OPPENHEIM COLLINS Easton Road XV111o1s Groxe Pa Ik 111ows Groxe 1900 G PARKHOUSE AND SONS 1'111t Foods Phone 1 1 mer 4 1500 -Xbmgton Pa Read neus of xour School XLUIILICS THE BREEZE ublxslud bs B1 ILL! BIOIIILI nc P1 mtcrs 1ub11s11e1s Ifox Chase 111 1t Slllllli 11 . 81 V F , I An ., I , . , J 1 J ' I 1 I v V V s BY APPOINTMENT PARTIES s in V A P '.- ,' 21. ' 'sl '. P1 ' 1 1 'L , Pan. 1-18 CONGR ATL LATIONS WEST OAK LANE PRESS KOHUT S PHARMACY QONGRXTLL-XTIONS VERA 8. ANDY THEX FIN 'XLLY NI SDE IT S 81 S ASSOCIATES Techmcal Representauxes 5x Hochman 10 Dekalb bt Norrxstoun Broadu ay 9 0403 A H B SKEATH Iharmaczst 2132 I..lIIIC1xl1I1 Pike 1North H111s 'a Lslibllshed 1921 DAN S BARBER SHOP 910 Township Lme IZ.1klI15 Park NIL 5 8811 SMITH S HARDWARE 9195 Lnnekxln Pxke 1North H1115 Turner 4 9949 Open LYClllflgS Sundays from 9 30 9 00 JOHN'S SNACKBAR 812 enkmtoxsn Road McK1n1ey Penna RUSSELL E GARRISON 2143 L1II1LkI1II Plke North H1115 Pa 'I Urner 4 1285 Representmg Garrlson Realty Co NORTH HILLS BARBER SHOP f YNI SUITS The Teen s A B C FOR CHILDRENS WEAR 108 XVest Avenue ICTlk1I1lOINI1 TU 4 7619 FRANK COOK S BARBER SHOP JEANNE S 111111 Appmel fm II omen 123 XVesr Asenue Ienlumoun P TU 13548 MARKO'S MARKET 1998 Lnston Road Roslyn Pa XV G 1948 Open bundax Dresses Coats buns Blouses L1HgCI'lC THE LENA SHOP 619 Wesm Avenue enklntoun Pa TU 4 0564 KENNALLY 8. HOOD GULF SERVICE Xork Rd 9, Lheltena D1 enklntoxsn A 1 A, I 1. ' Q ' ',Pa. j . ,-. V. . , .,I 1 'Q Q' ,Pa I :H ' ' ' ' ' ,Pa. ,K . - Y J ., , M , , , ' V , CONIPLINIENTS I T ' . ' ,A ' , a. A , . J ' , w - 're -1-9't'3 J ' - lam I HOXL 71 L 4 5169 Leonard Raeff GLENSIDE UPHOLSTERING L pholstermg bhp C oxtrs D1 tpes XIOILUIAIISIIIIJ Guaranteed '59 lxesultk Me Glensldt Penna REIT FUEL OIL COMPANY -Xlnngton Pennsylxama WHITING S LINENS 81 SPORTSWEAR 991 Kesulclt Awenue Glenslde Pa ROYAL DELICATESSEN 109 S Easton Road Glenslde P F'iI1CX Coldcuts Open Sundays Lomplunents GRAY S PET SHOP hem uk Xu Clensldt GOOD LUCK from ARDSLEY PHARMACY 2601 jenluntoun Road Ardsley Pennsylvania Compliments BOND I HOUR CLEANERS 606 608 Easton Road Glensxde Pa MUTH'S C. 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CHARLES WAGNER DEAN'S PHARMACY 1811 Easton Rd Roslyn, Pa TU 4 9955 PICS DCIINCIQ Free Parking CARSON'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER AUTO REP-XIRS 932 B Easton Road Glenslde, Pa Road Seruce TUrner 4 9252 JIM 81 BILL'S TEXACO 1234 Easton Rd State Inspection Roslxn P1 Road beruce Coxnplirnents of A FRIEND HUTCHISON S JEWELRY STORE 217 Old York Rd enluntoun Pa 'I U 4 1416 MARY K STREET I-IAIRDRESSING By Xppomtment 1132 Old York 'I Urner 1 1100 Abington BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF 1958 FREDS SHELL SERVICE STATION Pickup and Delivery Road beruce Auto Repair 1Vood1and and Easton Rds Roslyn Pa WV G 9059 BURHOLME JEWELERS Diamonds XVatches jewelry Expert Repamng fross Prop 1965 RlS1Hg Sun -Me ilsrnn 54014 Philadelphia 11 P Compliments of SCOTT SERVICE STATION 818 Font Chase Road Philadelphia 11 Penna C OIIIIJIIIIICIIIS of ROSENBERGER S BAKERY 1615 'North 1-1111s Axenue XI illou Grow C omplunents of DAMATO TAILORS R B V CLOTHING Phone XV G 1608 111 S Xml. 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