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f-1.4 ' F'- i .L J-any -arts it 4 fy, fy if . t. ,- f V+ -farm-g.i-Q.-..?,w, .Ma Ay , ..1.-A -Y.,Yw An. Y. ., 56 . 1' y ' ' --Yami? .ffm 'MQ , K LA.A K Q' 4 ., 3 1 W .S H 3 .M , , f,-, .. , pri, ' -M 4' W' 42 gag 1 ' 4. W 5 Liga 1 12 2 A 2 N J VT fag 8 1 -X an Q oqfw ,X W y 7 4 fs Q Aff L K ww WE 1 asm ., . .. A 5,95 A: ' A A X 43 Y X ,, . 3 ,. v HA 4 wg in 4 ' H, Wm ,., ig, V, ., ..,.... 5 : 5W?3, A If K ' - -X 2 I .- . , A H-'ar' 1' mf 135W can f , Q 4 1 r 1 ,an Xeiwgmss I' A ' Fi S J ililfff? .AN - 1 gg, -Q ' . ' S' , -W , 1. 1 K' ,Eg , Y Wgb' k lflf' ' f-J' ' ' ...xx '-x' :J X A ' xv - Y. . 4 x . 4 M -'-A. . W ' sa? 'f-'fi '5K'f f9' f'L'fW2sQf+-Q w 1,: .x 'fZ'-Aifxf' 'Mtg A 1 ..- V Q K Y t, ikwkp .gsm ..s.,.f K N 9 ., , Y if ...mfbsuf dm... W... : .K K K ls-. ,MQQQ H -Mk ' -'wr ..1'.4 -,.... 1' 1- ' K '- . ' ' H . -X X -..,:- ...M , ,, ,1 'fvn,f+ - . ' f 'm . ' w if-fg 'ff-ww. -dv--1wfW,Qff w W ffm'- , ,VLN , , D v , . X ,L ,. ,. ....-.f., 4 A 5-M. x , ,NME ... ,N Q ga . S., SEK if --.'gxJuJ...P , vv-..,,,MnM S. wrk:vr4i,,,x34 ,,N,, .4 - '- x N. A , k .. M -. WM W ,, ., --...t ,K , A was-Huw, ' -'35 fx ' 'N-'P' Kwgm in Y- , ' L'Z,l,.'ff f',,,' X 'V' .SW-vw. . M -.1 , X 'Yeh ' ' R X K' fl, 9 , k Awww s! 1. Y .-4.3. . gig, . .,,L , ... .wg . ln . -. , , k ' ' ' N 'x 'A -Q-... - . N A -1--f W fM'Qw..3,,,, if ., -..,, . A-Q ,K x 5 N. -,Lb V ... Q -. ,W ,-xg Y , Q ' Won. ' NNT, aa' un' ,?. ff it V. N-gg gg .. X if Kia-Q -wr , . ..-.-, ,,,4,L,,, .- ,. , .rw ,5A,,,, f x ' Vw -. ' , k 5 'ins'-H3fLN rr x 1' Mgsr 1, khilf-s Y- V 5.483 x 'ff ,vi x 1 .Q 1-...N 'X fl' H- .iw 71 1957 QRACLE ...ul Abington High School Abington, Pennsylvania New Abington Ccmbiues Tl'ZldiIiOl1 and , nazi f C .- , qw ' u .- 1' X 1X , XX , ' ' llililllllil'-I--rx ' If E? 1-rrvii A . fax WNW W, y.4...N,, - :pf-m ' - l 'l r 'w A MQ, .I+ A 1 f -..-: ..fff.1Qf-f-- , A 1 , A A ,,,g-qv- , 1Q,Q3,i4 .,wkf:mwH! mo 7-Q--1-14 ' .. ,, -4-1 , ,M r , -W W wwf .MN A . - 'I 4 7 5 , -M ,Mx f A ' ' ir K ggf., B f A Y, N . A 'mi , ,K 'La H, ' ' .emu - ' WW' V f Wag 2 Innovation Architectonically and spiritually, Abington students entered a new era in the education of the townshipis citizens on September 6, l956. The massive brick building standing above Highland Avenue awed most who saw it for the first time. At first inspection it appeared a great accu- mulation of lines and angles traced by brick, but a closer look revealed that it was much more than this. With the arrival of the student body it became a vibrant entity with an extensive tradition and a promising future. ln this building appeared the ulti- mate in educational facilities. Abing- Kfw .. WRX .. s x, - 'S . it S X - sis. 1 l iss ' ,X . .. viagra- sf -,EF 'X 3 Si s ,433 f L K 56 i N.. Student Council Officers: Cleft to rightj Iudy Goss, Lloyd Bobb, Miss Clark, Sarah Murray, Barbara Polansky. tonians were no longer spectators in the modernization of learning. Yet, we were unable to accept the hy- pothesis which presupposes that a building is the main factor in the process of learning. We, the Senior Class of 1957, are both the begin- ning and the end of an educational era in Abington. We are the first to be graduated from Abingtonis new home and the last to have spent a major part of our high school life in the tradition haunted halls of old Abington. It has been our task to lead the adaption of steel and brick into a beloved alma mater. This task has been both pleasurable and chal- lenging. At the opening of the New Abington High School our faculty had increased by one-half while the student body had increased by one- third. New students came to join our ranks from places so close as Philadelphia and so far as Berlin, Germany, in the person of Bernhard Mahner, our exchange student. I --. While the builders were still busy at work, putting on the finishing touches, the members of the Student Service Corps began acquainting themselves with the intricacies of the great building in preparation to serve as guides during the unforget- table Dedication Services. These col- orful services were highlighted by , three days of justifiable pride as Abingtonians proudly presented Y their school to an estimated fifteen thousand visitors. Ours was a priv- ilege, indeed, to conclude the dedi- cation series with an address by Dr. Harold C. Hunt, Undersecretary of the United States Department of 1 Health, Education, and Welfare. ,um ' V int., g. 'H T- ., -.if .Q - X me -W , ' - ts- .. ' iv-5 K A revival of enthusiasm in their educational program was the experience of most students as the new building opened. Years of planning on the part of the Authority and School Board were not in vain. This favorable reaction justified the community's faith in the proposition that Abington students given adequate facilities and appropriate instruction can realize achievement second to none. Only the background of traditional activities had changed. The teams went forth from our new home even more anxious than before to bring back trophies for the expansive new display cases. Built-in bulletin boards waited to proclaim the figures of winning scores. Abingtonians were soon directing their line of attack toward the challenging goals of the New Abington's premier season. From the chemistry lab to the boards of the auditorium stage, we were the first to echo footsteps here. Our teams did not always win, to be sure, but they had a setting worthy of their endeavor. Senior Play, dances, Gala Night, sports and publications were set in a background of modern elegance. lust two examples of our accomplishments were our swimming team splashing on to an undefeated season in their refulgent new natatorium and our publication staffs returning victorious from the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association Convention held at Haverford and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention in New York. Under glass and steel converging, we have set the pace for a new era. Look here, you generations to fol- low, and improve, but donit detract. Tread these tiles and boards and asphalt walks for decades to come, but tread lightly-for into these have gone sincere endeavor to make this structure a school. Humbly cognizant of the high privilege which was ours - we the Class of 1957 - depart but will always be associated in a unique way - with an exemplary educational organiza- tion housed in a structure planned to set the pace of learning for many years to come. 4 is 1 11 N535 tl. cn A f it gghef Dorothy Cathell To Miss Dorothy Cathell, who is retiring at the end of this academic year, the Abington Oracle Staff respectfully dedicates this yearbook. It is particularly appro- priate that a publication should have the privilege to so honor a teacher who has done so much for school publications. The sponsor of Abingtonian, Oracle and Yearbook in her varied career at Abington, Miss Cathell will also be long remembered for her Senior Honors English classes. Throughout the years she has stinted in neither time nor effort to main- tain Abington's traditionally high standards in literature and composition. From Columbia and Pennsylvania School Press Conventions, Miss Cathell has led a host of delegates back to Abington with awards in every phase of journalism. To this devoted teacher, Abingtonians vote their everlasting thanks for teach- ing, counseling, friendship and inspiration. We are grateful that she was with us to open the new Abington High School and in a sense plant here the seeds of tradition which she has carefully engendered through the years. The Yearbook Staff along with the entire Abington family wish Miss Cathell a happy and pros- perous future in whatever she may do. 5 .1 5 1 1 ' ' fx. Y, A ,-R ,Q A ,A fx I x W , .ff N 1 5 -AW W 1 ix 1 u W v , ' f --071-,, r T'--N ,X N1 A , W 737+ L! , V 'vf ' .. W K + if - .. f s -'21 yg I Q W i,,,...L,rY, , 1 -S-..g V-T+L-gil , ' ' H 3 ' , I i im 4- Ja-AW -1, if Qi, 1 3 , ' ,N ' f -WV 4 1 J 5-H ' 1 ' 9 'Q 1 ' rf J'1- Aff-H+..1Q,Q -QL , 1' Y M- ' L. ' 3 5 5 L-ML -- sh VJ - -f - 1 1 -f , ' --MJYW I1f ' ' L li V , W---lwlzg:---., ' ' ', f-',,,..'-5 , , ' ...AL M I ULF l : ' ' I , , 1 V ff- x f - 1 W .fr ,H A G,---,.-M , V,-.f, I- .5 ' -' - W-,- K . '- Amd: ' X .rg X , .,.-,-,M W 6 Proved Activities The hypothesis to a successful school year is an understanding administration supported by an interested student body. Our adminis- tration has done a masterful job of giving the new Abington Senior High School a firm foundation. With plans in formulation long before our new home was completed, our transition from Huntingdon Road to Highland Avenue was not without incident but always well organized. It is no less a task to transplant a student body with its traditions and customs than it would be to move the building itself. A major chord of the educational circle brought from the old to the new Abington High is our extra curricular program of formals, established activities, publications, student government, service clubs, vocational and professional interest groups, scholarship and sports honor groups, and musical organizations- all major postulates to our high school life. After the turmoil of moving, these traditions emerged stronger than ever as a living proof of the success of Abington's formula of education. 7 Dr, W. Eugene Stull, High School Principal Dear Students: It is with a great amount of pride that I write this brief message to the class of 1957- the first class to be graduated from the new Abington Senior High School. You are to be congratulated for setting a fine example for the many classes to follow, In a sense you are pioneers. You have filled the role admirably and have met successfully the many challenges coming to any pioneering group. My heart- felt thanks are extended to every member of the class for your co-operation. After graduation some of you will go to college, others will go to work, some will marry, while still others will enter the armed services. No matter in which of these groups you find yourselves, please be assured of my sincerest wishes for your success and happiness. W, EUGENE STULL, Principal Mr. Eben Peek, High School Assistant Principal tix 8 Enthusiastic Administration Un All Planes Dr. O. H. English, Superintendent of Schools ls Rcquisitc To Every Good School .9 'N f X rf new Q' X519 ds.,- 'wax ...r Sthool Distric' Authority: Back Row: Percival R. Ricder, Raymond A. Coward, Harold W. Spencer. Dr. llenry lf. um. Front Row: Wesley A. Clem, Dr. lVlillard E. Cladleltcr, William R. Mattson. ln November of l952, the Board of School Directors ol Abington Township and the super- intendent, Dr. O. H. English, authorized a school building report and selected an educational con- sultant to consider the problem of Abington's aging senior high school. Less than four years later a great new building had become a reality- housing some l352 students in surroundings second to none in this part ol the country. School Board, School Authority, superintendent, architect, administration, faculty, and an enthusiastic com- munity had spent eountless hours planning the minutiae of detail that went into so great an undertaking. The result was worth the effort in providing the citizens ol Abington Township with a building admired for its beauty as well as respected for its utility. Abington Township which has accomplished in fact what many townships still have on the draw- ing boards- is a township of the first class with an estimated population ol 48,000 lt is located within six miles ol the city ol Philadelphia and is growing at the rate of four to Five thousand a year. The School District, which is fiscally inde- pendent ol the township government, includes ten elementary schools, three junior highs, one senior high. and employs a stall' ol 585 employees. The total pupil enrollment lor the township is 1690. Board of School Directors: Back Row: Charles W. Smith, William R. Andrews, C. Edward Shmidheiser, Carl D. lledner, Front Row: Hon. Evelyn G. Henzel, Albert C. lVlcCoy, Dr. Iames l . Koehler. 'wx LIE sr Q paw pn... Physical and Mental Adjustments Arc Conferring counselors: Mr. Feg- ley, Miss Brchm, Miss Haldeman plan our futures. Mrs. Moore sorts morning mail. Our administrative secretaries play an important part in the functioning ol the school. With their competent attention, students, administration and faculty alike overcome many of their difficulties. Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Dascher, Miss Warren, Miss Entrikcn, Miss Morton Qnot picturedj have all added to the high standards ol the school and have made the ollicc a place of cfhciency and accuracy. Olhce Stall: Miss Entriken, Mrs. Griflaton, Miss Warren, Mrs. Dascher, Mrs. Moore. 10 1 l 1 I the Concern of Guidance l 0 T4 Mr. Fegley counsels Stan Shorb as Virginia Taylor looks on. K t e. .J ' is if Our Health Suite Staff: tleft to rightj Mrs. Carroll, Director, School Nursing Service, Miss Higgins, Secretary, Mrs. Estrin, High School Nurse. ll and Infirmary No student could prepare himself for life upon graduating without supple- mentary aid from our guidance depart- ment. Under the capable direction of Mr. Fcgley, Miss Haldeman and Miss Brchm did everything in their power to make the educational future of our seniors more certain. They also guided those who were going into business. During the midterm rush of college ap- plications and other tasks which that pe- riod brings, the guidance counselors did their utmost to give everyone equal atten- tion. An efficient guidance department plays a major part in securing places for gradu- ates in college or positions in the world of commerce. Our guidance counselors de- serve the present respect and future thanks of all Abington seniors. The efficiency of the nursing facilities at Abington was en- hanced by the expansion of the Health Suite. The health services have increased commensurately with the size of the new plant. A secretary, Miss Higgins, is now an active member of the staffg and the number of rooms has in- creased from three to eight. The Health Suite, run by Mrs. Estrin, has been successful in giv- ing free physical and dental exam- inations, and insuring a healthy school to all who attend. Whether it be a hangnail, a sprained ankle, or a case of ap- pendicitis, our nursing staff is alway prepared to help the stu- dent's body. 0 Respect for tnlwovej 'l'he oilieers ol the Student Council: Recording Secretary. ll. Polanskyg Vice President. l.. Bohhg President, S, Murrayg Sergeant-:it-Arms, I. Clementg Corresponding Secretary, I. Goss. tio the rightj Carol Rights lays down her hand as 'l'erry Bowers kihitzes. thelowj lloward Sherry, Iim Clinton, Chuck Slierno, and Barham Thompson make use of our new eheekroom facilities. tlmelowj Members of the Student Council Cas they appear left to rightj Back Role: F. Rappaport, V, Fegley, C. Sherno, C. Holmes, S. Telkins. C. Donaldson, S. Rhoads. Middle Row: H. Stern, B. MacMillan, I. Tjaden, I. Childe, E. Toll, N. Peterson, R. Brambly. Row: I. Clement, I. Reinohl, V. Boetseh, I.. Mayers, P, Sargeant, D. Iaeobson, P. Williams. 12 Government Begins at School World history shows time and time again that good government under ca- pable leadership is the center ol our social circle. Such is the case here at Abington. The school's social lile was centered about our Student Council which represented the students ol Abington in outside affairs as well as affairs and events within the school. As the first student council in the new school's history, this student council had the responsibility ol handling and solving many of the problems and events tangent to opening a new building. Under the guidance ol Miss Clark and the leadership ol Sarah Murray. president: Lloyd Bobb, vice president: Barbara Po- lansky. recording secretary: Indy Goss, corresponding secretary: Fred Iohnston, treasurerg and Iohn Clement, sergeant-at arms, this year's Student Council did a superb job, at the same time emulating the standards ol past councils. No one will forget Student Council Open Houses, to mention one ol their achievements. These gave students a chance to socialize in a manner not possible in the classroom or busy school activities! IAC Dance, Spirit Committee, Dog House. Snack Barg School Store are just some of their numerous projects. Our Student Council is certainly worthy ol merit and it is hoped that luture Councils will maintain the tradition and ideals of good student government. tabovej The Executive Committee of the Student Council left to right, Back Row: V. Fegley, C Sherno S Rhoads S Telltms L. Bobb. Front Row: B. Polanslty S Murray I C oss tbelowj Left to right, Back Row I letter I Beaumont I Mynders, S. Shorb, R. Decker, E Cegler Middlt Row I Ritter E. Eble, W. Holmes, I. Schmidt L Staats B Franck 1 Heeh inger. Front Row: C. Goetz, M Kritler D Lesturc M Trout I. McDowell, S. Mahon. ps I3 nn SL. Student Service Corps and Before our new building opened the Student Service Corps under the sponsorship of Miss Helen Clark and lVlr. Vernard Fegley had spent many hours lamiliarizing themselves with our new plant. Their tireless service during Dedication Services will be remembered by many of the 15,000 visitors who had guided tours. But beyond that, visitors throughout the year were pleasantly and cour- teously shown the building by representatives of the Student Service Corps. No Radio City Guides ever did a more faithful job. . V-L srrr S If lf' L,- Community at large visits New Abington High School Mr. Fegley, Sally Berger and Albert Freas look over model of building prior to dedication tours The Student Service Corps, who conducted the tours at dedication and throughout the year 4 Lg 14 Affiliation intersect ln Purpose Alhliation, under the experienced guidance of Mrs. lidna Powell, effected the first two way exchange in Abington's history. While Sandra Callaway from our student body spent the year at the Lily Braun Schule in Berlin, Bernhard Mahner from the Kant Gymnasium in that city studied with us. Affiliation Week-end in December, during winch exchange students from sur- iw E. ' 1 I I, X i l P. I Bernhard Mahner, our German exchange student, entertains the student body with his violin. rounding areas visited Abington, culmin- ated in a highly successful Christmas Dance. Nasty weather outside did not cool the spirits of Abingtonians as they talked about places across the sea with their week-end visitors. Undoubtedly, Aflilia- tion helps all ol us better understand our- selves by bringing us an appreciation ol people whose backgrounds are somewhat dillercnt from our own. Lynn Yonkcr. Bernhard Mabner, and Loretta Muehlbauer, Alliliation oflicers, scan their organ- ization's scrap book. uer, V. Romberg, B. Vaugbt, I. Clin- 'l'l1e Alliliation Committee tbelowl, Bock Row: Cleft to rightj l.. Muehlba ton, gl. Riclner, ll. Lleyh. Miller. M. Fitzgerald, Il. Clattiker. H. Mahner, T. Rights. Middle Row: Mynders, li, llielxner, M, VVarncr. C. S1'llillli, T. liberlc, C. Meier, l.. Coram, M. Evoy, F. Miller. Front Row: Kraclsel, l,. Yonlxer, A. Miles. i I iv' WY I5 ...M-n -Qi? ,Z ' f X' Bible Club Othcers: Tom Little, Treasurer: Dick Barnes, Vice- Presidcntg Bob Lees, Presidentg and Sarah Murray, Social Chair- mall. Under the leadership of Miss Grace Davis, Mr. Irvin Karam, Miss Katheryn l.auer and Mr. Dominic Lessa, our Future 'l'eaehers ol America Club has encouraged many students in continuing along the lines ol education as our teachers of to- Sccular knowledge is not the only interest ol Abington students. At their weekly meeting the members of the Bible Club, under the supervision of Miss Dorothy Lemmert, Mr. Raymond Coleman and Mr. lrvin Pinto, review the Scriptures. As a side light to this all important activity the club arranges lor speakers, movies. and panel discus- sions built around the Bible to stimulate more active interest in religion at the high school. ln addition, prayer meetings are held three times a Week in the ofhce of lVlr. Coleman. a co-sponsor of the organization. A drive lor llungarian relief, a Bible for the auditorium lecturn. and a culrninat- ing banquet were the club's activities ol this year. Members ol the Bible Club reached all students ol the school through their well-selected Scripture selections read on the public address system prior to the Christmas and Faster holidays and by their special presentation of a Christmas play. Enthusiastic Present morrow. All students who have had the desire to be school teachers have been given a luller picture ol their ambition with the aid of the F, T. A. With llresident Sandra Whitt' as stu- dent leader, the lf. T. A. supplemented its primarv purpose with social functions. All the students who enjoyed lun and lrolic at the Sadie Hawkin's Dance and the new teachers who were present at the banquet given in their honor owe their thanks to our li. T. A. This organization is an important segment of the social and educational circles ol Abington High School, Rev. llarold Smith conducts the weekly Bible Club meeting. Mr. l.essa. Mr. lxaram, Nllss Davis and their l uturt lt ttht is ol America. Another organization serving Abington High School is the Key Club. The club, sponsored by the Clcnside Kiwanis Club, and founded on the same principles which have made Kiwanis Inter- national a very successful service organization, stands ready at all times to help the faculty and principal in any worthwhile project, and has many times in the past several years contributed toward the welfare of Abington High School. An example ol' Key Club service was the supervision of traffic during the open house series prior to the dedica- tion of our new building. Officers of the Key Club: lim Bohr, Treasurerg Lloyd Bobb, Presidentg Terry Stoltz, Secretaryg Fred McDowell, Vice-President. Experience lnsures Future Service i 1 l.ast year Mr. Robert Miller selected twelve boys and girls to be founders of . . v . l Abington s l'uture Business Leaders of ' 'r ' l America. During a series of meetings this group drew up a constitution. Composed exclusively of members of the business course, the club held a formal initiation this year and instituted projects such as thc contacting of graduates who have been in business for speaking engagements with business students, maintenance of business bulletin boards, the development of interest in the business course among junior high school pupils, and the guid- ance of the visitors through the business department of the high school. n66t 4 4 Key Club Members: Seated: M. Walton, 1. Bohr, l,. Brown I. Montgomery, R. Fernandez, W. Gillespie, W, Caswell Z. Glaser. Second Row: W. Miller, R. Harwood, Ir., R. MeMinn, P. Iacobs, K. Rappaport, R. Bland. R. Vagnoni P. Abramson, Third Row: C. Haier, Bracltin, C. Stewart A. Doering, P. Stull, S. Chubb, P. Kreisel. Back Rout: W McCoy, R. Kolb, T. Manns, R. Olson, R. McKinley, R. Arnold, B. Beck, A. Roberts. F.B.I..A. Members: First Row: Underwood, R. Patonetz, C. lfargadon, R. Brambley, I. Roth, M. lfougeray, If VVright. S. Stacy, V. Teubel. Second Row: C. l,app, M. Patonix, N. Turcotte, C. Taylor, S. Stizinger, K. Potts, l.. Mulbowcr. Young, F. Homiller, C. Fisher, W. llowcr, W. Rambo. Third Row: I. Mollla. B. Freeston, B. Neuman. C. Hughes. Miss llegner, Mr. Miller, E. Verino, I. Barth, Cardien, E. Sketchley. Q t Choir lnspircs Vocal Talent The music department of the high school is one of our most active organizations. The courses offered are vocal music and A Cappella Choir taught by Mr. Mervin Gottshall. Mr. Arthur Crouthamel, new at the high school this year. teaches music appreciation, harmony, and the extra-curricular Junior-Senior Chorus. Harmony is a major credit and is offered for the first time this year. The A Cappella Choir is a select group of Iuniors and Seniors chosen from vocal music classes. These groups put on two main programs a year: the Christmas Concert and the Spring Festival. The choir also presents special music at Faster. such as the eantata, The Crucifixionn, presented for 1957. A Capella Choir: fleft to rightj Back Row: I. Drake, I, Meyer, I. Zeidman, C. Heath, I. Schmitt, I. Kraekel. S. Reso, B. Mahner, L. Cordon, B. Ianney, S. Telkins, L. Volkert, B. Rawlings, N. Hislop, R. Wells, j. Slavin. S. Sload, E. Behringer, N. Lamphere. Middle Row: A. Epting, F. Farra, I. Ienks, N. Dwyer, I. Kline, R. Saut- man, D. Sauter, F. Iohnston, T. Bunting, D. Kane, I. McDowell, C. Ambler, C. Nack, I. King, I. Beaumont. A. Meissner, I. Keppler, I. Young. Front Row: D. Peltz, S. Murray, S. Burger, C. Cunningham, Ii. Stevenson, Cl. Reekard, C. Williams, W. Hawes, E. Fenninger, D. Tomlinson, A. Wrigley, G. Gunn, H. Pell, Petter, S. Corn- herg, B. Carney. S. Ienks, S. White, R. Hunter. stint i tg A Iunior-Senior Chorus: First Role: D. Czarnecki, H. Iacquelin, A. lacquelin, I.. Hanson, G. Palmer, D. Struble, D. Dautel, P. Baer, G. Lawson. Set-onrl Row: B. Thompson, E. Murray, I. Clip- pinger. Beher, N. Tossona, M. Antler- son, M. Kronmiller, S. Linden. C. Sehafl, S. Cooke. 18 The choir also has given concerts at Snellen- hurgs in Willow Grove, Strawbridges and Clothier in Ienkintown, Ahington lunior High School. Huntington Road Iunior High, and Glcnside- Weldon Iunior High this year. The musie department, having a section ol the new building to ns:-ll. will have greater chances ol increasing the development ol music interest in music within Abington High School. The laeulty and students unite to produce interesting and informative music. 1 i 3 t I The Sophomore Chorus rises in rehearsal Iunior Quartet Cleft to rightj, William Hawes Qhrst tenorj, Steve Reso tsecond tenorj, Don Kane tllaritonej, Steve Telkins Cliassl. Senior Sextette: Cleft to rightj, Ioan Fetter tjunior accompa- nistj, Deborah Peltz ffirst so- pranoj, Sally Burger fftrst so- pranoj, Roberta Wells fseeond sopranoj, Constance Cunning- ham tseeond sopranoj, Helen Pell Qaltoj, Sandra White faltoj. ll! Student Publications Give Scope to Urttele Stall: Brit-lc Row: l,intlzt Ctttttm. Peggy lfwty, Nlzttxltttll Sli-tit, lltilwt-rt lllttttlx. Steve llttlis. lletty l'it't'ee. Yitgitiizt lVlc'Clttitt lrettr Ritte: Ntmey lliwliwp, Nttttey Xtttletwtt, Sttttclrzt Smitli, Ntttiey Xrtitlt. lztttet Miller, Verzt Belsky. ll.lllNlI2l Catrttey. llattttllmttk: Steve Pulett, Carol lleattlt. llieltttrcl Dttyle, l.il7luy Cttttlt, Steve Rttltitis. if X5 xx ttliy its-my In Int-:tl :tml metrtm- tw liittit pztpets is tltt' juli tsl tlelt tt tiiilttl Steven Bttlis. Steplieti l li ti, Clztriwl llezttlt. Curl lltwtivtt lxltttlietttt lftitileltrinli, latytte Ur' V Us AN Student pttldliezttiotts tire ttttclottltteclly tlte eyes tttttl Neztrsl' ol the ztyerttge ltigli xelttml. lit at luttiltltitit :tx fs. extensive its ours tltey mttst xxorli clottlnle time In ttiiilx' zt ltr llttti t - gg sttttlettt hotly. No eltrcmumetei' Cillllil Clllll' pttte or ztwttrds sigtiily tlte time :mtl ellort tltxtt gn mlm Ab Sllll ingttmiils pttblieztticms. it stltoril wats cltttlx On many ztltcmooits -- wlteit till tl - liglllS could be seen glowiitg lrrmi tlte pttltliettlimtk e wltere Miss Czttltell ttiicl Miss Ambler sttperyisetl tlte Alzirtglortirtrfs prepttrzttimt lor tlte prititers. At-:nw tlte ltttll ztitotlter mont wits illttmititttecl wltete Mt: W fittiie ,-1 presided over the erezttirm ol tlie Ye:tt'luoolq. llie eltels til typeyyriters, thc- icletttifieztticm ul pietttres. llte lztst miiittte rttslt lor that litittl itielt til copy represent tltatt strzttige ettll ol jottrttztlism llmt tmly its lrtyztl sttpporletw Cill 1 lttlly appreciate. 0 px fs 5 lltiiezttiz Pttlilieizittg ttewsf .tit 4 :tt S ff it 1 hal R t'-lt!! I-li umm L. 'sv .,,,af. School Picture liurther, the Abington News Bureau had the biggest job ol its career in intro- ducing a great building to a curious pub- lic through the medium of the local press. Much ol our admirable school-community relations stem from the efforts of the Abington News Bureau. Whether it be news, information, pic- tures, humor, features, senior activities, literature or pictures ol graduates, the school publications were on the spot in keeping Abington's student body informed and entertained. ,,.- 4 , . ,5.... ,,,o-P' -- Alzingtonifm Editorial Stall: Brick Rout: Ted Rights, Roger Breeding, Anne Richter, Carol Dedov, Nancy Anderson, Steve Balis, Allan Wrigley. Front Row: Frances Miller, William Clayton, Steve Rubins, Steve Polen, Mary Grace Ambler, Albert Wright, Ellen Beebee. z? ...W .... -sg A 'I 7' K .40-1 4,1 fabovej Publications Sponsors: Dorothy Cathell, William Lucian, William Young, Mary Grace Ambler. Alzingtonirzn Stall: Back Row: Brock lleylin, Iames Clinton, Iutly Peterson, Pat Cosgrove. Nancy Arndt, Ianet Miller, l.inda Coram, Vera Belslxy. Front Row: Carol Ileath, Ioan Gill, Mare Silverman, Barbara Cattilser, Carl Brown, Nancy Hislop. Acute: The Word for E, M' in 5 , A . Fl .1 ww in 1 -Lx ii N.,.' A E ' m f' ' ' ' C9-Shag - .i.- Q. L7 .. . ' - ... - Q, I --1 , . 13:5 L f , f . . f 1 'g , f 1. . N X 1 1 'I , , A M 45 , xx N - . ,, ln W. ' ' 1 ' ' 'Of L -'v- L 2 fi - ' V-gy : f' f -'dm' H ,., nl -4- I f vt. I mpg 4 we A +4-' -- . ! A-ha -.T T -. G . , , f if y ' . . 'N- , - ,- V ,z f.-' :7 75: - H , 'f - , 1:4 I-.-.-. -' . V I V v- - ., ff- rr' H3-2 ,'f , 1 ........- -- I, Seniors - At the apex of Abington High School are the seniors. The seniors are perhaps the most important group of students in the school, for they are the trailblazers who set the standards which all lower classmen try to follow. The seniors are the base of our student triangleg a triangle without a base is not stable. It has been a long time since their parents took their hands and led them to school for the first time. Slowly but surely our seniors have climbed the educational ladder picking up knowledge and develop- ing skills to the limit of their ability. They haven't reached the pinnacle yet, for most of them will go on to further educationg some will serve in the armed services while others will be in business - each doing his share to make America strong. Whatever his future plan of action may be, each senior by graduation has attained a firm foundation which will help make the road ahead a smoother one. To every senior Abington extends its best wishes as he climbs from the plane of public education to the next higher plane in his structure of experience. 23 PAUL BERRICK ABRAMSON College Preparatory 436 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside Abe , Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3, Varsity A Club 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3, Dramatics Club 2, Sophomore Chorus, junior Chorus. Wants to be an aeronautical engineer. WILLIAM ADAMS Vocational 2472 Norwood Avenue, Roslyn Bill , Vocational Dance Committee, he works out of school at his own print shop while he holds down a job at Standard. Wants to be a printer or a printing instructor. BARBARA ANDERSON Business Education 2459 Kenderton Avenue, Roslyn Pete , Softball 2, Bible Club Secretary 3, Abingtonian Business Depart- ment 3, Sophomore Chorus, F.B.L.A., Gala Night. Wants to be a secretary. THOMAS ANNANIE, IR. Vocational 1736 High Avenue, Willow Grove Annie , Soccer I, 2, Intramural Basketball 3, Varsity A Club 2, 3, Vocational Dance Committee 1, 3, Senior Play Stage Committee Chair- man,fChairman of Vocational Dance, Gala Night. The future sees him as a armer. RICHARD BARTH ARNOLD College Preparatory 1436 Bryant Lane, Meadowbrook Rick , Cross Country 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, Sophomore Chorus and junior Chorus, C.A.P., Key Club, Gala Night. Rick wants to own a customized Mercedes-Benz. MARGARET RUTH AUCKETT General ll25 Tyson Avenue, Roslyn Peggy ', Softball 3, Advisor Room officer 3. Plans to be an X-Ray technician. Likes avocado green, pizza, shoes, and flowers. ANTHONY IOHN AURIELLO Vocational 4202 I Street, Philadelphia Tony , enjoys riflery, cars, hunting, noted for his genial personality. Tony wants to be a machinist. HARVEY B. BACAL College Preparatory 631 Hoyt Road, Huntington Valley Haw , Track 2, Gala Night, enjoys tropical fish, art, traveling, danc- ing, and all sports, came from Germantown in his junior year, has brown hair and brown eyes and a wonderful sense of humor. Plans to take in art-advertising. IOYCE ELLEN BARTH Business Education l8U7 Allen Lane, Abington Dramatic Club 1, Abingtonian typist 3, Spirit Committee 1, 2, F.B.L.A., joyce likes rock 'n roll and pizza. Wants to be a private secretary. SHIRLEY ANN BATES Business Education 2477 Independence Avenue, Roslyn Ornamental Iron Club I, Bible Club 3, Abingtonian 3, F.B.L.A., Bible Club, Advertising Stall of Abingtonian, hobbies include sewing, playing records, and dancing. Shirley is noted for her pleasing personality. Vinny At' FREDERICK KARL BAUERLE, IR. General 363 Forrest Avenue, Elkins Park Fritz , enjoys cars, mechanical planes, likes Fords. Plans to join the Marines. Goes to all football games. BURTON ROBERT BECK Business Education 2203 Menlo Avenue, Glenside Bert , Key Club 3. Bert plans to be an accountant. His hobby is cars. 24 ELLEN IANE BEEBEE Business Education 737 Garden Road, Glenside Beeb or Lola , Spirit Committee 2, 3, Yearbook 2, 3, Abingtonian 2, 3, LaCrosse 2, 3, Senior Play CProgram Committeel, Yearbook Editor. Wants to teach business education. CAROL ANN BEHAN General 2126 Maplewood Avenue, Willow Grove Cab , Flag Baton 2, 3, Spirit Committee, Bible Club, Gala Night, Dramatic Club, her hobby is modeling. Future: fashion merchandising. IOAN FRANCES BENUS College Preparatory 2136 Horace Avenue, Abington Yonie , Student Council I, 2, 3, Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3, Swimming 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 1, 3, Student Service Corps, Girl's Sextette 1, 2, I-Iallowe'en Hoedown Decoration Chairman. She hopes for a career as an executive's secretary. She enjoys painting and ice skating. LYNNE CHRISTINE BESEMER Business Education 2322 Triebel Road, Roslyn I4E typist 2, Secretary of Sophomore homeroom, striking strawberry blonde hair, Interested in sport cars, art, and dancing. DORRINE ANN BEVIGLIA Business Education 116 Holme Avenue, Elkins Park Iunior Chorus, Yearbook 3, Gala Night, F.B.L.A. Her hobbies include knitting, popular records and Karl. GEORGE IAMES BINDER Business Education 531 Fox Chase Road, Hollywood lim , F.B.L.A., hobbies include dancing and painting cars. Plans to be a business executive. LOIS ANN BLACK General 2257 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside Blackie , Dance Committee l, 2, 3, LaCrosse 2, Student Service Cori 3, F.T.A. 2, 3, Abingtonian 2. Her hobbies include art, writing and ancing. THOMAS LEROY BLOMER Vocational 905 Ienkintown Road, McKinley Tom , Basketball 1. Interested in cars and plans to be a mechanic. IUNE ELLEN BOALICH General 222 Barry Street, Burholme Gardens h Orchestra I, 3, Sophomore Chorus, Senior Play, Library. Her ambition is to be a secretary. Iune likes to travel and enjoys music. LLOYD CHARLES BOBB College Preparatory 443 Tyson Avenue, Glenside Key Club I, 2, 3, President, Varsity A Club I, 2, 3, I. V. Football 1, Varsity Wrestling 1, 3, Varsity Track l, 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, President of Sophomore Class. IAMES EDGAR BOI-IR General l26 Woodlyn Avenue, Glenside Iimmy or Sam , Key Club 1, 2, treasurer 3, President of Sophomore Homeroom, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track 1, Cross Country l, Treasurer of Junior Homeroom. The future sees Iimmy as a salesmanger. FREDRICK BOLGEN General 1421 Shoemaker Road, Ienkintown Friddle , Rille, hobbies: driving, mechanical drawing, dancing, he has two pet pceves, girls and homework. Wants to be a tool designer. 25 GARITH PAUL BORKOWSKI Vocational 560 Tyson Avenue, Ardsley Gary , wiring for dances tespecially Vocational Dancej. His hobby is radios and he plans to be an electrician. DAVID ARTHUR BOURNE College Preparatory 724 Arden Road, Ienkintown Dave , Golf 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball. Dave is a future business administrator who likes to play golf and the saxophone with bands. TRACY BOWDEN, IR. College Preparatory 357 High Avenue, Roslyn Trace , Football 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Iunior Homeroom Vice-President, Sophomore Homeroom President, Vice-President Wheel Club, Varsity A Club, Abingtonian, Tracy enjoys sports, music. Plans to enter the field of business management. IOHN TUDOR BRACKIN, III College Preparatory 755 Edgehill Road, Glenside Neal , Key Club 1, 2, 3, Abingtonian 3, New School Committee 3, Varsity A Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Ghosts Hi-Y Club, Abington News Bureau, likes all kinds of sports, pet peeve-girls. Future veterinarian. DOUGLAS PAGE BRANDON College Preparatory 1439 Pepper Road, Ienkintown Doug , Key Club 1, 2, 3, Dance Committees 1, 2, New School Com- mittee, Basketball 1, Intramural Basketball, Golf 2, 3, Homeroom Vice- President l, Varsity A Club, Abingtonian fCirculation Staflj, Ghosts Hi-Y Club,'interests lie in sports, and coin collecting. Plans to become mechanical engineer. CARL STANLEY BROWN College Preparatory 645 Forrest Avenue, Ienkintown Abington News Bureau I, 2, 3, Yearbook 1, 2, Photography Club l, Abingtonian 1, 2, 3, likes astronomy, photography. Future interest lies in physics research. LOUIS VALENTINE BROWN College Preparatory 235 Sylvania Avenue, Glenside Lou , Swimming 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3, Track 3, Intramural Basketball 3, enjoys swimming, fishing and cars. Ambition: to be an accountant. ROBERT CARL BUBECK College Preparatory 2454 Ardsley Avenue, Glenside Toad likes to fish, golf, and tinker with cars, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Senior Play, Key Club 3, Ghosts Hi-Y 2, 3, A Cappella Choir, Sophomore Chorus, Iunior Chorus. Plans to be a doctor. ROBERT LEE BUCK College Preparatory 1456 Halcomb Road, Huntingdon Valley Bucky , Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, Iunior Home- room President, Student Council, his hobbies are sports and clown diving. Bob is interested in the held of physical education. IUDITH ANN BUCKNAM General 2020 Chester Avenue, Abington Indy , Affiliation 1, 2, Spirit Committee 2, 3, Library Assistant 1, 2, Gala Night Usher, enjoys roller skating, reading. Future teacher. SALLY ANN BURGER General 2423 Independence Avenue, Roslyn Swimming 1, 2, 3, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, IAC Committee 1, 2, Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Six Sharps, Student Service Corps Chairman, Senior Play. Redheaded Sally hopes to become a nurse. ROBERT R. BURKE Business Education 2709 Cedar Lane, North Hills Burke , Iunior Chorus, Senior Play, F.B.L.A. 3. Bob says he wants to be a success at the occupation he likes best. As his hobby he collects jazz records. 26 DEBORAH BUSHNELL College Preparatory 1470 Rockwell Road, Abington Debby , Swimming 1, 2, 3, Majorettes 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 1, Student Council, Drama Club l, 2, Student Service Corps. Enjoys art, horse- back riding, baton twirling, and cooking. IEAN MARY CAGNO General 128 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside jean plays the piano, Band 1, 2, 3, Bible Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, 3. She plans to become an elementary school teacher. IUDITH ANNE CARLSON General 219 Maple Avenue, North Hills Iudy , Hockey Manager 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, Nursing Club, Lacrosse, French Club, she enjoys reading, sewing. Plans to be a nurse. MARY CARNWATH General 1787 Sharpless Road, Meadowbrook Mary enjoys swimming, collecting records, Gala Night l, 2, junior Chorus, French Club Dance Committee 1, 2, Knitting Club l. She plans to be a secretary. IEFFRY CASTLE College Preparatory 351 Tyson Avenue, Glenside jeff , he is well known as our halfback, Football 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 3. He plans to be an engineer or a salesman. DAVID GEORGE CHADWICK Business Education 1330 Rothley Avenue, Roslyn Chad , he is interested in cars, and fishing, has brown hair and brown eyes, Baseball I, 2, 3. Dave wants to be an accountant. SAMUEL S. CHUBB College Preparatory 460 Linden Avenue, Glenside Sam , is interested in carpentry and cars, Key Club 3, Gala Night 3, Senior Play, National Hot Rod Association. He would like to be a mechanical engineer. IOSEPHINE CIOCCO Business Education 2823 Lincoln Avenue, Ardsley Iosie , enjoys record collecting, reading and dancing, she has brown hair and brown eyes, Abingtonian typist, Gala Night, Senior Play. Wants to become a private secretary. WILLIAM E. CLAYTON, IR. College Preparatory 733 N. Easton Road, Glenside Bill , Editor, Page 2 Abingtonian 2, 3, Head Guide, Student Service Corps, Dance Committee, Co-chairman junior Prom, Manager Football Team l, 2, Sophomore Homeroom President, Senior Play, Gala Night. He wants to make a future in journalism. IOHN STOKES CLEMENT III College Preparatory 1363 Old Ford Road, Huntingdon Valley Student Council 1, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Swimming l, 2, 3, Tennis l, 2, 3, Varsity A Club 3, Honor Society, Hi-Y Club 3. Iohn was one of Abington's best swimmers in its championship year. A. GORDON CLINCHARD College Preparatory 1506 Upland Avenue, Ienkintown Clinch , Wrestling 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Treasurer of Honor Society, Gala Night 3, Senior Play, he finds a great deal of pleasure in building miniature transistor sets. He plans to become an electronics engineer. GEORGE RODNEY COOK College Preparatory 2137 Horace Avenue. Abington Cookie , he likes records and dancing, Gala Night l, 2, 3, Senior Play, Abingtonian 1, 2, Iunior Chorus, Band Drum Major, Band, Yearbook 3. 27 WILLLAM COOPER Vocational 7447 N. 21st Street, Philadelphia Bill , likes working! on cars, enjoys hunting, fishing, swimming, Base- ball, works after sc ool, blonde hair and blue eyes. Plans to join the Navy. WILHELMINA IANE CREVELLO Business Education 2004 Tulip Road Glenside Billie , Girls' Chorus 1, Spring Concert 2, enjoys reading, painting, dancing, her pet peeve-anyone who asks why , she has blonde hair and light brown eyes. Plans to become a secretary. WILLIAM B. CRONIN Vocational 1515 York Road, Abington Will , he has RED hair and blue eyes, and he wants to become a printer. CONSTANCE A. CUNNINGHAM College Preparatory 1230 Highland Avenue, Abington Connie , her hobby is sports-what else?, Tennis I, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Homeroom Secretary 1, 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3, Gala Night I, 2, 3, Civic Attitude Award l, Student Service Corps. She just wants to go to college. DOROTHY ANN CZARNECKI College Preparatory l843 Harte Road, Baederwood Dotty , likes baton twirling, Student Service Corps, Baton l, 2, Head 3, Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Tennis l, 2, 3, Student Council 1, Iunior, Senior Chorus, Senior Prom Committee, she has pretty blue eyes and light blonde hair. Dotty's ambition is to go to college. MARY LOU DAVIS General 1918 Lycoming Avenue, Abington Mary Lou wants to be a home economist, Spirit Committee l, 2, 3, Aliiliation 2, Girls' Chorus 1, Gala Night 2, 3, Senior Prom Committee, she has brown eyes and brown hair, loves to cook. THOMAS HAYDEN DAVIS, III College Preparatory 336 Tennis Avenue, North Hills Tom , likes bowling, has a dark crew cut and grey eyes, Key Club 3, I. V. Soccer, I. V. Baseball. He wants to be a mechanical engineer. GRACE MARIE DEFEO Business Education 345 North Hills Avenue, North Hills Gracie , is always laughing, she likes to dance and collect records, S irit Committee l, 2, Dancing Club 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Gala Night. Slie plans to go to a business college. RICHARD DEFLAVIS College Preparatory 1428 York Road, Abington Dick , likes ping pong and arche , Swimming 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y President 2 years, Varsity A Club l, 2, 3,rlie has brown hair and eyes. Wants to go to college. ALBERT DOERING College Preparatory 1335 Meadowbrook Road, Meadowbrook Al , is tall and blonde with twinkling blue eyes, New Students' Com- mittee, Soccer 2, Tennis 2, 3, Hi-Y Club, Key Club, String Orchestra 2, Honor Society, loves to go sailing. He wants to be an engineer. BRUCE CHARLES DONALDSON College Preparatory 2683 Limekiln Pike, North Hills Doc , wants to go into the medical Field, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Homeroom President 2, Student Council, he has brown hair and brown eyes, likes language best. CAROL ANN DOTT College Preparatory ll65 Delene Road, Ienkintown V Carol has dark brown hair and a pleasant smile, Gala Night l, 2, 3, Cheerleading 2, Spirit Committee l, Swimming I, 2, Student Service Corp, Abingtonian 3. She wants to be an elementary school teacher. 28 CHARLES ROBERT DOUGLAS College Preparatory 120 Hamel Avenue, North Hills Charlie g Gala Night 1, 2, 34 Band 2, 3g Wheel Club 33 Stagecraft Workshopg Weightlifting Club 3g Student Service Corpsg Radio An- nouncer 3g Charlie has a crew cut, horn rimmed glasses, and is known for his humorous nature. RICHARD DOYLE College Preparatory 1852 Rockwell Road, Willow Grove Dick g Abingtonian photographerg Student Service Corpsg Cross Coun- tryg Indoor Trackg Trackg he enjoys stamp collecting. Dick wants to an accountant. . I-5 , , . . . 29 IANE DUNLAP 1430 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington Affiliation 2g F.T.A. 33 Iane has blue read and wants to become a teacher GERALDINE ECKER 2226 Old Welsh Road. Willow Grove Gerry likes to read. She has blue to be an engineer. FLORENCE ELAINE ELY 1062 Highland Avenue, Abington Shorty g Dancing Club lg Pen Pal Q . , and has sparkling brown eyesg she enjoys skating and shorthand. IANET DRAKE College Preparatory 238 Sylvania Avenue, Glenside Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Swimming 2, 3g Student Council 1, 35 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 2, 3g Sophomore Chorusg Senior Play, janet like? tennis, history, and math. She intends to be an elementary school teac er. MICHAEL S. DROUGHT College Preparatory 1918 Acom Lane, Abington Mike 3 Tennis 1, 2, 3g Chess Club. In the future Mike sees himself as a personnel manager connected with Penn State. College Preparatory eyes and brown hair. She likes to College Preparatory eyes and brown hair. She is going Business Education Club Shorty is short obviously, RHOBERTA IEANNE ENGELBRINK College Preparatory 727 Castlewood Road, Glenside Bobby g Latin Club 13 Gala Night 1, 2, Dramatics Club lg Softball 33 Abingtoniang Bobby likes swimming and parties. She hopes to go to college in the fall. CONSTANCE F. ENLY Business Education 152 Grovania Avenue, Willow Grove Connie g Intramural Hockeyg Softball 2, 3g Sophomore Homeroom Secretaryg Gala Night 3. Blonde Connie wants to become a Secretary. THOMAS N. ERTEL College Preparatory 1059 York Road, Abington Tom g Soccer 2, 3g Baseball 3g Hi-Yg Varsity A Club 3g Wheel Club 35 Tom moved here from Indiana in his sophomore yearg he likes to tinker with cars. ROGER EVOY College Preparatory 1862 Harte Road, Baedervvood Senior Playg Wheel Club 3g Baseball: Roger likes Hi-Fi music and elec- trical work. The future sees him as an electrical engineer. MICHAEL L. FAGAN General 478 Roberts Avenue, Glenside Mike has a brown crew cut and light brown eyesg Track 3. He just arrived at Abington in September from Boston. He plans to join the Navy. FRANCES AMMERMAN FARRA College Preparatory 1953 Lycoming Avenue, Abington Frannie , likes knitting and abhors term papers, Forum Club 2, 3, Affiliation 2, 3, A Cappella 2, 3, Homeroom Treasurer 1, Gala Night 3. She wants to be an airline stewardess. ALFRED H. FASSHAUER General 714 Kirkwood Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Al , loves girls and likes tropical Fish, Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, New School Committee, Gala Night 3, Senior Play. He wants to be a salesman. PATRICIA IANE FERNSLER Business Education 2261 Charles Street, Glenside Pat , likes dancing, basketball, and baseball, Service Desk 2, Gala Night 3. She is planning to be a receptionist. GUY E. FINCKE College Preparatory 1972 Adams Avenue, Abington Guy is a quiet fellow with an acute sense of humor, Soccer 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Honor Society, Student Service Corps, Chairman of Crystal Ball, Varsity A Club. He wants to be either a chemical engineer or a physical education teacher. MARGARET IEAN FLEMING Business Education 634 Seminole Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Peggy , Flag Baton 1, 2, 3, Bible Club 1, 2, Abirigtortian Typist 3, Red Cross Club 1, Peggy is a friendly girl. She hopes to make her mark in the secretarial field. SANDRA R. FLEMING College Preparatory 1912 Harte Road, Baederwood Sandy , FTA 3, Gala Night 2, 3, Student Service Corp., Homeroom Secretary 2, Sandy likes people and making friends. She would like to be a business education teacher. PATRICIA FOLEY General 2128 Glendale Avenue, Abington Pat , Gala Night 1, 3, Abingtonian Typist, Oracle Typist, Pat is an avid swimmer, skater, and horseback rider, her favorite subject is chemistry. SHIRLEY ANN FORD Business Education 871 Easton Road, Roslyn Shirl , Basketball 1, Shirl is a quiet girl with a friendly personality, she enjoys dancing. CAROLYN ANN FOX General 2122 Clearview Avenue, Abington Softball 1, Knitting Club 1, Abingtonian Typist 3, Oracle Typist 3, Color Guard 2, 3, Gala Night 3. Her ambition is to be a medical sec- retary. LOVELL ANN S. FREAR College Preparatory 1052 Kipling Road, Ienkintown Yearbook 3, Abingtonian Typist 3, Rifle 2, 3, Iunior Chorus, Girls' Chorus 1, Gala Night 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Spirit Committee 1, 2, 3, Afliliation Club 3, French Club Dance Committee, Affiliation Club Dance Committee. Lovell intends to be a history teacher. ALBERT EDWARD FREAS College Preparatory 1346 Arnold Avenue, Roslyn Al , Alliliation 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 2, 3, New School Committee, Student Service Corps Leader. Al is a future math teacher who plans to go to West Chester State Teachers' College. BRUCE B. FRIES Vocational 442 Monroe Avenue, North Hills Electric Club 2, Mechanical Drawing Club 2, Bruce is an avid swimmer and fisherman. 30 N. KAREN FRIZELL Business Education 1450 Edgehill Road, Abington Band 1, 2, 33 Fashion Club 13 she likes modeling. Karen will work as a receptionist after graduation. ARNOLD PAUL FUST College Preparatory 956 Old Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley Swimming 1, 23 Basketball 33 Student Service Corps 33 Senior Play. Arnold will go to Springfield College where he plans to study to be a youth director. DIANE MARIE GACKENBACH College Preparatory 471 Linden Avenue, Glenside Affiliation 1, 2, 33 Oracle Art Staff 2, 33 Gala Night 2, 33 Crystal Ball Chairman of Decoration Committeeg Yearbook Art Stal? 3g Senior Play3 Diane likes to draw3 she enjoys jazz and she plays the ukulele. RAI,PH A. GALLO Vocational 2907 Meyer Avenue, Ardsley Senior Playg Gala Night 33 Ralph lists as his hobbies hunting, fishing and tinkering with cars. He has not yet decided what his future will be. ELAINE FRANCES GARDIENE Business Education 1148 Grovania Avenue, Roslyn Franchie 3 Honor Roll 1, 23 Sophomore Chorus3 Secretary for Mr. Cole- man3 F.B.L.A. 33 Gala Night 33 Franchie's hobby is the Mambo. She plans to he a private secretary. EDWARD GEORGE GARNETT, IR. General 439 Central Avenue, North Hills f'Ed.die 3 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Sophomore Chorus3 Eddie claims his hobby is glr s. BARBARA MARIE GATTIKER College Preparatory 317 Edgely Avenue, Glenside National Honor Society 2, 33 Abingtonian 1, 2, 33 Abington News Bureau 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Crystal Ball Dance Committee 3. Barbara's ambition is to be a research chemist. HENRY S. GEGLER, IR. College Preparatory 1236 Washington Lane, Rydal l.TUC1l,,Q Football 1, 2, 3g Track 2, 3g Tennisg Wheel Club 33 Varsity A C1ub3 Tuck is an avid fan of Rock 'n Roll. One of his hobbies is food. He plans on going to college. IOHN ROBERT GERARD IR. General 2124 Susquehanna Street, Abington Johnnie wants to be Mambo King of the world. His hobbies are music, drums and mechanics. IOAN CAROL GILL College Preparatory 1074 Beverly Road, Ienkintown Gala Night 1, 2, 3g Rifle 2, 33 Tennis 23 Homeroom Secretary 13 French Club Dance Committee3 Color Guard 2, 3g Spirit Committee 13 Girls' Chorus 13 Iunior Chorus3 Abingtonian 3g Abington News Bureau 3g Senior Play. She intends to be a private secretary. RICHARD N. GILLARD College Preparatory 355 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside Dick 3 Key Club 33 Senior Play 33 Gala Night 3g Baseball 3. Dick plans to go into selling after graduation. IUDITH GIMPEL Business Education 25 Cricket Avenue, North Hills Iudy or Lo1al 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3s F.T.A. 33 Softball 1, 2, 3g Hockey 33 Lacrosse Club 23 French 1, 2. This sports-minded girl is going to be a private secretary. 31 I EWIS WOODRUFF CORDON College Preparatory Lou A Cappella 2 3 Gala Night 2 3 Sings for Dances 2 3 Base- ball 2 3 District Chorus State Chorus Lous hobbies are fishing, UDITH T COSS Colle e Pre aratory Iudy Student Council I 2 3 Corresponding Secretary 3 Iunior Class Secretary Cala Nightl 2 Sp1r1tComm1ttee1 2 3 FTA 2 3 Oracle Art Staff 2 Sophomore Chorus Iumor Chorus Honor Society 2 3 This bus girl who hates msmcere saleswomen wants to be a college history RONALD IAMES C'RAC7YK General Hop Baseball 3 Hop wants to be a business administrator. His CAROI C All CRAEFE Business Education I Twich Iunior Chorus Dramatics her pet peeve that favorite saying: K I Have you got it Hrmly fixed in your mind? Carol wants to be a fl PETER I CRAZIANO Business Education Pete Sophomore Chorus Boys Chorus Senior Play his pet peeve: C FORC E RAYMOND C UNN IR College Preparatory Ray Cross Country 2 3 Indoor Track 2 3 Track 2 3 Bible Clubg A Cappella Choir 2 3 Photography Club Homeroom Vice President I IBBY MARII YN CUTH College Preparatory I nb Ahmgtonian 3 News Bureau 3 Yearbook Editor 3 Handbook 23 Student Service Cor s So homore Aid Honor Societ Libb wants to I:Vl3l YN EI AINE CUYN Business Education 71p s pet aversion Have it firmly fixed in your mind She hopes to FSTFRI' C'll7A College Preparatory Fssle Blhle Club I 2 3 Future Nurses Club I Baseball 3 Honor CARI C HAFER College Preparatory Football I 2 3 Sw1mmmg2 3 Key Clubl 2 3 Varsity A Club 3. GEORGE ALLAN HAFER College Preparatory 2032 Corinthian Avenue, Abington Hafe g Football 25 Soccerg Basketballg Swimming 1, 2, 3g Key Club: Varsity A Club 3. His ambition: college. IUDITH MARIE HALL Business Education 991 Tennis Avenue, Ardsley Iudy g Student Council 15 Homeroom Officer I, 25 Abington News Bureau 3g Abingtoniang Archives Committee 25 F.B.L.A. 3. Iudy's future career: a C.A.P. 32 IOSEPHINE HOLMES HAMILL College Preparatory 2129 Woodlawn Avenue, Glenside Iody 5 likes music-listening and dancing5 Homeroom President 15 Dance Club 25 Spanish Club 25 Swimming Team 25 Spirit Committee 35 Yearbook 35 F.T.A. 35 Gala Night 1, 2, 35 Prom Chairman. Iody wants to be a teacher. SUZANN E NICOLE HARRISON General 1428 Hampton Road, Rydal Sue 5 Cheerleading 25 Sophomore Chorus5 Dramatic Club 2. Sue aspires to go into the field of dramatics. Her varied activities include riding and swimming. CAROL ANN HEATH College Preparatory 1227 Rosemont Lane, Abington Spirit Committee 15 Latin Club5 Dramatic Club 15 Abingtonian 2, 35 Student Council 15 Affiliation 1, 2, 35 News Bureau 25 Release Editor 35 Color Guard 2, 35 Gala Night 2, 35 Handbook Co-Editor 25 Honor Society 2, 35 Sophomore Aid Committee Chairman 35 A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Mrs. Savage-Senior Play. Carol wants to go to Comell and become a child psychologist. ALAN HENWOOD, IR. Business Education 2209 Menlo Avenue, Glenside Henny 5 Ticket Takerg F.B.L.A. 35 he says that nothing can bother him5 Henry is always happy. He wants to become a motion picture producer. DAVID BARR HERBOTT General 1444 Stephen Road, Meadowbrook Dave 5 Spirit Committee 3. Dave has two hobbies: fast cars and speed racing. He wants to go to college. IOHN IOSEPH HERRMANN Vocational 247 Tulpehocken Avenue, Elkins Park Iack,'5 Cross Country 1. His outside interests include automobiles and swimming. GEORGE HETHERINGTON Vocational 861 Ienkintown Road, Elkins Park Pops 5 Print Shop. He has a pet peeve: Physics. He wants to be a printer. NANCY BANSOW HISLOP College Preparatory 1205 Red Rambler Road, Ienkintown Hiss 5 Senior Class Secretary5 National Honor Society 2, 35 Swimming Team 1, 2, 35 Tennis Team 1, 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Sophomore Chorusg Oracle Staff 2, 35 Editor 35 Abingtonian Typing 2, 35 Spirit Committee 15 Student Service Corps5 Dance Committee5 Student Council 35 Color Guard 2, 35 Gala Night 25 Latin Club 15 Spanish Club 2. She doesn't like bugs or heights. MARY ELIZABETH HITCHNER College Preparatory 808 Central Avenue, Ardsley Beth Hockey l, 2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Nurses Club 15 Softball 25 Lacrosse. Beth wants to be a nurse5 she wants to get her M.R.S. Degree. CARL LINWOOD HOLMES, IR. College Preparatory 1742 Fairview Avenue, Willow Grove Iunior 5 Student Council 1, 2, 35 Class Officer 1, 25 Varsity Football 1, 2, 35 I. V. Basketball 15 I. V. Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball. He wants to CAROL ELAINE HOMlI.l.ER Business Education 2065 Welsh Road, Abington Varsity Flag Baton 1, 2, 35 Captain 35 Abingtonian Typist 25 A Cappella Choir 35 Ir. and Sr. Girls' Trio5 Gala Night 2, 35 F.B.L.A. 3. Elaine likes country music very much. She wants to be a secretary. WILLIAM IIOWER Business Education 474 Keswick, Glenside Bill 5 Sophomore Chorus5 F.B.L.A. 3. He wans to become a general oflice worker. become a musician and a professional athlete. CAROL ANN HUEBNER College Preparatory 2105 Horace Avenue, Abington Hueb , Iunior Prom Committee, Homeroom Representative, Publica- tions 2, 3, Abingtonian 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3. ALMA OLGA HUGHES Business Education 2959 Madison Avenue, Roslyn Moe , Library Aid 1, Spirit Committee 1, Dog House 1, F.B.L.A. 3, Rifle, Sophomore Chorus. To be a typist is the gal's aim. CHRISTINA ISABEL HUGHES Business Education 2959 Madison Avenue, Roslyn Chris , Spirit Committee 1, Dog House 1, Library Aid 1, F.B.L.A. 3, Gala Night 3. Chris enjoys drawing and reading. CHARLES STEWART IACOBS General 618 Seminole Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Charlie , Homeroom Vice-President l. Charlie can usually be found working on his car. MORREL LEPAGE IACOBS, IR. College Preparatory 1922 Moreland Road, Abington lake , Key Club 3, Baseball 1, 3, Basketball 1, Football 1. Page plans to enter the Held of engineering. ANNETTE MARIE IACQUELIN Business Education 2132 East Moreland Road, Willow Grove Iackie , Senior Play, Abingtonian 2, 3, Chorus 2, Gala Night 2, 3, Student Service Corps, Trio Singing, Senior Play Committee. RICHARD VICTOR IADICK College Preparatory 1055 Huntingdon Road, Abington Dick , Football 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Student Council 1, Varsity A Club 3. Charter Member of the Wheel Club. BENIAMIN S. IANNEY Gcncral 1314 Meetinghouse Road, Meadowbrook Benn, Student Council 1, Dance Committees, A Cappella 1, 2, Iunior Chorus, Forum Club, Gala Night, Senior Play. Ben enjoys painting. IUDITH ANN IENKS College Preparatory 2041 Parkview Avenue, Abington Judy , Sophomore Chorus, Flag Baton-Varsity 1, 2, 3, Ir. Prom Com- mittee, Basketball Manager l, Gala Night 1, 2, 3, A Cappella 2, 3, Bible Club, Senior Trio, Dramatic Club, Library Aid. FRED L. IOHNSTON, IR. College Preparatory Dreshertown Road, Fort Washington Fred , Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom President 1, Student Council Treasurer, Iunior Class Treasurer, A Cappella 2, 3, Gala Night 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Newulschool Committee 3. Future sees a Foreign Diplomat. L I IEANNINE PATTI IUDGE College Preparatory The Benson Apartments, Ienkintown Iunior Chorus, Yearbook 3, Swimming Team 3, Dance Committees, French Club. This girl's ambition is to be a lab technician. GEORGE A. IUNGELS College Preparatory 1157 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington Soccer 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, Wrestling I, Varsity A Club 3, Gala Night, Track 3, Wheel Club Member, Homeroom Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Anns. George represented Abington in the Suburban and All Scholastic Soccer Teams. 34 F. LILLIAN KAIGHN College Preparatory 1619 Upland Avenue, Ienkintown Lil 5 Hockey 1, 2, 35 Gala Night 1, 2, 35 Softball 1, 35 Homeroom Secretary 1, 2, 35 P.A.S.C.5 Student Leadership Program 25 Student Service Corps5 Senior Playg Senior Prom Committee. The future sees her as a medical secretary. MARGARET KAMANNS 331 Cliveden Avenue, Glenside Peggy 5 Nursing Club 1, 2, 35 Spirit Committee 15 Oracle 35 F.B.L.A. 3. Peggy would like to be an ollice WILLIAM KARN 2521 Fernwood Avenue, Roslyn Bi1l 5 Football 1. He would like to be an auto mechanic. His hobby is llxing cars. DIANE CAROLE KARNELL General 1000 Old York Road, Abington Monk 5 Gala Night 1, 2, 35 Student Service Corps5 Dramatic Club 1, 25 Senior Play5 Senior Prom Committee. She would like to be a teacher. Business Education Vocational KAY E. KAUFFMAN College Preparatory 2906 Limekiln Pike, North Hills Iolly 5 Student Council 15 Chorus 1, 25 Basketball 15 Hockey 35 Cheer- leading 25 Student Service Corps5 Gala Night 1, 35 Homeroom President 2, 35 Golf Club 15 Baseball 2, 35 Dance Committee 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1. A nursing career is in store for Kay. GEORGE R. KELLER General 2057 Kenmore Avenue, Glenside Tennis5 Gcorge's hobby is collecting books. He plans to be a business- man. ROBERT LEWIS KELLOGG, IR. General 875 Tyson Avenue, Roslyn Bob . He is an avid skater and swimmer. Bob also likes to work on cars. ROBERT MATHEWS KELLY College Preparatory 1183 Iericho Road, Abington Ke1 5 Basketball 1, 25 Football 15 Track 1, 25 Vice-President of Home- room 1, 25 High Y 5 F.T.A. 2. Kel is a sport fan. He likes to drive sports carsg he wants to be a business administrator. KIRK KENYON General 3008 Limekiln Pike, North Hills Head Ticket Taker 2, 35 F.B.L.A. Kirk is tall with blue eyes. IUDITH KEPPLER College Preparatory 1404 Warner Road, Meadowbrook Iudy 5 Sophomore Chorus5 junior Chorus5 A Cappella 35 Ri1'le Club 25 Student Service Corps5 Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Head Cheerleader 35 Gala Night 25 Secretary of Homeroom 25 Yearbook 35 Swimming 35 Honor Society. Iudy enjoys swimming, skating and tennis. . ,U 21 MELVYN FRANK KESLER ' General 1212 Lenox Road, Ienkintown Butch 5 Football Manager 15 Sergeant-at-Arms 1, 25 Tennis 35 Basket- ball Manager 3. Butch likes to play tennis. He plans to go into business. RUTH GRACE KEYSER College Preparatory 2155 Susquehanna Road, Abington Flag Baton 2, 35 Iunior Prom Committee5 Abingtonian 1, 25 Girls' Chorus 15 Bible Club 2, 35 Library Assistant 35 Gala Night 3. 35 SUZANNE KLEINFELDER College Preparatory 535 Abington Avenue, Glenside Susiel', Swimming I, 2, 3, Gala Night I, 2, Student Service Corps, Sophomore Chorus, junior Chorus, Cheerleading 2, Golf Club I, Senior Prom Committee. Susie's hobbies are water skiing and pizza. She hopes to be a home economist. LEWIS KNOX Vocational 588 Tyson Avenue, Ardsley Lew wants to be a printer after graduation. He is six feet tall, has brown hair, and blue eyes. GRETCHEN KOENIG College Preparatory l23l Barrowdale Road, Rydal Swimming 2, 3, Tennis I, 2, 3, Iunior Chorus, Dramatic Club l, Spirit Committee I, Gala Night l, Homeroom Treasurer l, Homeroom Vice- President 3, Senior Play. Gretchen will be off to college in the fall. She likes to swim :md dance. W, ROY KOLB College Preparatory 1425 Serope Road, Abington Roy , Soccer I, 2, Swimming I, 2, 3, Varsity A Club I, 2, 3, Presi- dent 3, Key Club 2, 3, Hi-Y, Tri-School Committee, Student Service Corps, Gala Night. Roy's hobby is hunting, plans on going to college. IOYCE RUTH KRAEKEL General 332 Fisher Road, Ienkintown Bunny , Swimming l, 2, Gala Night I, 2, 3, Sophomore Chorus, Spirit Committee l, 2, 3, A Cappella 2, 3, Affiliation 2, 3, LaCrosse Club 2, 3, Cheerleading 2, 3. Ioyce is a girl with lots of pep and personality. The future sees her as a technician. DOROTHY HELENE KRATZ Business Education 991 Rydal Road, Rydal Helene , Afliliation l, 2, 3, Gala Night 2, 3, Senior Play 3, Color Guard 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 3, Honor Society. Helene's a future foreign secretary who enjoys roller skating, soft ball, and dancing. SANDRA KRAUS Business Education lfI72 Susquehanna Avenue, Abington Sandy , Gala Night 2, 3, Senior Play, Softball 2, Spirit Committee 2. This pleasant gal's hobbies are roller skating, collecting records, and dancing. She hopes to travel after graduation. PETER HERSCHEI. KREISEI. College Preparatory l045 Wellington Road, Ienkintown Pete , Soccer I, 2, 3, Gala Night 2, 3, Swimming I, Key Club. Pete has a crew cut and brown eyes. He's a great guy with a warm per- sonality. His ambition: an engineer. CLAIRE IEROME KREMSER General SIU Berkley Avenue, Hollywood Band l, 2, Spirit Committee 2, Nursing I, Gala Night 3, Senior Play. Claire has brown eyes and reddish brown hair. She plans to take up business administration. ROBERT WILLIAM KULP General I823 Allen Lane, Abington Kulpy , Band l, 2, 3, Weight Lifting Club 2. Kulpy intends to join the Marines. He is a trumpet player and he likes to tinker with cars. DAVID CHARLES LACHIVIAN College Preparatory 3l6 Ilamel Avenue, North Hills Dave , Bible Club 2, 3. Dave is a coin collector. He'll be off to college in the fall. NANCY VIRGINIA LAIVIPHERE Business Education 290 Mt. Carmel Avenue, North Hills Basketball I, Gala Night l, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Nursing Club l, 2, Sophomore Chorus. Red-headed Nancy's ambition is to be a secretary. She likes all sports. 36 GEORGE PAUL I.ANGE College Preparatory 1332 King Road, Huntingdon Valley Senior Play Committeeg Homeroom Treasurer 3g Track 3. George will study electrical engineering at Penn State after graduation. ELAINE I. LAUFF College Preparatory 1571 Ferndale Avenue, Willow Grove Orchestra 1. 2, 35 Affiliation 2, 3g Abingtonian 2, 35 Yearbook 3g Senior Play Committee 3. Elaine has hazel eyes and light brown hair. She hopes to go to college. RICHARD SCOTT LEARN College Preparatory 1964 Adams Avenue, Abington Rich g Soccer 1, 2, 35 Gala Night 2, 3g P.A.S.C. worker: Latin Club Dance Committeeg Woodwork Club lg Homeroom Vice-President 2g Homeroom President 3. Red-headed Rich wants to join the Navy and take up electronics. ROBERT IOHN LEES College Preparatory 125 Runner Street, Cottman Gardens Honor Society 2g President 39 President Bible Club 35 Bob is a mem- ber of the Radio Club - Ham radio fiend. Hopes for a career in electrical engineering. IOSEPH PARKER LEITHMANN Business Education 418 Monroe Avenue, North Hills Ioe g Publications Stall. joe is interested in cars. Plans to attend night school. DIANE LOUISE LESCURE General 814 Cedar Road, Fox Chase Manor Dee makes all her own clothesg Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Student Council 1, 2, 35 Oracle Art Staff 1, 2, 35 Dance Committees 1, 2, 3g New School Committee 3g Secretary of Sophomore Class, Secretary of Homeroom 1, 3. Attractive girl with brown hair and brown eyes. IOSEPH LINDEN Vocational 2480 Independence Avenue, Roslyn Ioe g Cross Country lg Vocational Dance Committee. His hobbies in- clude tropical fish and finding out how things tick g hazel eyes. Will probably do printing work. SANDRA ANN LINDEN College Preparatory 1772 Ferndale Avenue, Willow Grove Sandy or Sooky g Student Council lg Color Guard 2, 33 Gala Nightg F.T.A. 2, 35 Sophomore Chorus. Green eyes, light brown hair. Wants to go to college, plans to be interior designer. ROBERT GEORGE LINK College Preparatory 1966 Maplewood Avenue, Abington Bob , Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Key Club 33 Varsity A Club 1, 2, 3. Glass blue eyes and a crewcut. Enjoys wrestling and hunting. Plans to go to Penn State for Business Administration. DAVID R. LLEWELLYN Vocational 2158 Guernsey Avenue, Abington Dave . A swell guy who is a great accordion player. He is often seen dashing around in his sporty gray coupe. Brown hair, brown eyes. Plans to be a machinist. RUTH IOYCE LOSER Business Education 2016 Moreland Road, Abington Senior Play 3, Gala Night 3. Pleasing personalityg enjoys dancing and rock 'n roll music. Wants to go to business school or a Iunior College. GEORGE FRANKLIN LUCAS Business Education 2601 Phipps Avenue, Willow Grove Luke g Cross Country 1, 3g Track 35 Official and Manager Club 1. Likes basketball and football. Often seen working in the mailroom. 37 MICHAEL MACDONALD College Preparatory 577 Baeder Road, Abington Mike g French Club. Mike's hobbies are fishing and golf, he also likes football. His ambition is to go to college, preferably Gettysburg. IEANNE CAROLE MACMILLAN College Preparatory l839 Eekard Avenue, Abington Gala Night lg Softball 3, Senior Play Committee. Her desire is to be a retail buyer. CAROL IOUISE MAGEE College Prrparatory 1557 Meadowbrook Road, Meadowbrook Oracle 2g French Club Dance 2, Spirit Committee 3. Carol would like to go on to art school. BERNHARD CHRISTOPH ENGELBERT MAHNER 1235 Meinel Road, Huntingdon Valley College Preparatory Bernie',g Soccer 3g Affiliation 3. Bernie is Abington's exchange student from Berlin this year. He enjoys playing the violin. EDNA E. MAIER Business Education 766 Iackson Avenue, Ardsley Edie is a sweet gal with blue eyes and brown hair. She is an avid fan of roller skating and ice skating. FRANK MAIER Vocational 400 Locust Road, North Hills Frankie's hobby is cars. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes and wants to be a machine draftsman. V. BAINES MAIER College Preparatory 766 Iackson Avenue, Ardsley Baines , RiHe l. He likes to play golf. He is interested in rockets: and, therefore, his ambition-he says-is to go to Mars. THOMAS F. MANNS II General 143 Cliveden Avenue, Glenside 'KTom',g Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3g Track 3. Tom will be olT to art school after graduation from Abington. He likes to tinker with ears. CHARLES IOSEPH MARKS Business Education 615 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside Squeak g Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Weightlifting 2, 35 Varsity A Club. SquSak', has brown hair and blue eyes. He hopes to join the Coast Guar . BARRY MATT General 620 Roberts Avenue, Glenside Baseball I. Barry likes to sketch. He wants to be a commercial artist. Noted for his quiet penetration. IAMES E. MCANALLY Vocational 507 Maple Avenue, North Hills Horny has brown hair and eyes and is 6' tall. He likes cars and insists that he is going to be a bachelor. SANDRA LEE MCBRIDE Business Education 635 Seminole Avenue, Fox Chase Sandy , Flag Baton lg Bible Club l, 2, 3, Spirit Committee 3, Senior Play, Gala Night 3. Sandy is sprightly and is always ready with a smile. She likes roller skating, swimming and horseback riding. The future sees her as a secretary. 38 I-1., - - D DELORIS MCCOSH General 616 Meetinghouse Road, Rydal 3ObNEL.She has brown hair and green eyes. Deloris wants to travel and become 'an interpreter. FRED W. MCDOWELL College Preparatory 746 Roseland Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Key Clubg 1, 2, 33 Cross Count 1, 2, 33 Vice President of Key Club 33 Track and Field 2, 33 Honor gciety. Fred is a future geologist. His hobbies are sports and people. IRENE GAIL McDOWELL College Preparatory Pine Road, Fox Chase Secretary Treasurer 13 Cheerleader 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 2g A Cappella Choir 33 Student Council 2, 33 Gala Night 2, 3g junior Chorus. A great kid with a wonderful personality. She wants to teach. JOHN STEPHEN MCELHENNY College Preparatory 2135 Old Welsh Road, Abington Steve Basketball 13 Photography Club 2. Steve has brown hair and blue eyes. His ambition: he says e has none. DANIEL IOSEPH MCGOWAN Vocational 1823 Fairview Avenue, Wi11ow.Grove Dan is a future pressman with brown hair and eyes. He is 6' tall and his hobby is models. ROBERT THOMAS MCKINLEY College Preparatory 2030 Harmony Lane, Glenside Bob 3 Band 2, 33 Key Club 33 Baseball 2. One of Bob's many qualities is his readiness to help a friend. ROBERT G. MCMINN College Preparatory 756 Seminole Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Mac 3 Key Club: Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2, 3. Obviously, Mac likes sports. He is a friendly guy with a ready smile. Wants to be an engineer. LYNN IAMES MEADOWCROFT Vocational 953 Manor Road, Huntingdon Valley Dance Club 1, 33 Vocational Dance Committee 33 Intramural Basket- ball 33 Projection Club 2. Lynn wants to do body and fender work when he gets out of school. CARL F. MEITZNER College Preparatory 124 Lynnwood Avenue, Glenside Student Council 13 Homeroom President 23 Swimming 1, 2, 33 Spirit Committee 23 National Honor Society Vice-Presidentg Cross Countryg Varsity A Club 3. Carl likes swimming, boating and camping. STEPHEN PETER MESAROS Vocational 1213 Mildred Avenue, Roslyn Steve Basketball 13 Baseball 1, 2. Steve has green eyes and brown hair. Likes to hunt and fish. IOANNE ELIZABETH MEYER College Preparatory 2121 Woodlawn Avenue, Glenside Io 3 Basketball 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 2, 33 Affiliation 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 33 Gala Night 3, Io is undecided whether to go into the field of teaching or medicine. ELAINE IRMA MILLER College Preparatory 1273 Gilbert Road, Meadowbrook Mousie 3 Swimming 3. This girl claims her hobbies are horseback Fidigg, swimming, dancing, and Bob. A secretarial career is in store or er. 39 FRANCES ROLL MILLER College Preparatory 2073 Oakdale Avenue, Glenside Fran 3 Abingtonian l, 2, 3, Editor: Affiliation l, 2, 3g Abington News Bureau 23 Iunior Red Cross 23 Honor Roll 2. Fran's hobby is sewing. She has worked at the Abington Hospital for three years as a tray server. IAMES RICHARD MILI.ER College Preparatory 2002 Woodland Road, Abington Iim 3 Band l, 2, 33 Dance Band l, 2, 33 Homeroom President 23 Gala Night 3. Iim's ambition-none as yet-he says. AI TDREY E. MILNE College Preparatory H57 Delene Road, Rydal Swimming l, 2, 33 Student Council lg Gala Night 3. Audrey is always busy and always talking. As ber hobbies she lists swimming and dancing. IOSEPH IOHN MOFEA Business Education 26lB Dumont Street, Glenside Ioe 3 Boys' Chorus I3 Iunior Chorus3 Abingtonian Typist. A future bookkeeper--he hopes. His hobby-girlsl IOHN K. MONTGOMERY, IR. General 677 Monroe Avenue, Ardsley Key Club3 Varsity A Club3 Rifle l, 2, 33 Baseballg Band. Iohn wants to take up farming after be graduates. His hobby is cars. ROBERT A. MOORE Vocational i380 High Avenue, Roslyn Big Bob . Likes to tinker with cars. One of his favorite hobbies is swimming. Known for quiet good manners. STEPHEN MORRIS College Preparatory l27l Iune Road, Huntingdon Valley Iggy 3 Yearbook 33 Senior Play3 Student Service Corps3 Dance Com- mittee3 Gala Night 33 Iggy has green eyes, light brown hair and wants to become a dentist. He likes models, girls, and photography. LORETTA ANN MUEHLBAUER Business Education 2815 Old Welsh Road, Willow Grove Spirit Committee 2, 33 Affiliation 2, 3, President 39 F.B.L.A. 3, President 3g Basketball l, 2, 33 Honor Society 2, 33 Honor Roll l, 2, 3. As to her future, she hasn't made up her mind between an interior decorator and secretary. She likes to draw and sew. SARAH JANET MURRAY College Preparatory i626 Hampton Road, Abington Student Council l, 2, 3, President 3g Student Service Corpsg Gala Night l, 2, 33 Bible Club I, 2, 33 A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3. A missionary teacher to a foreign country is Sarah's ambition. She plays the piano and enjoys water skiing. LEONARD E. NANGEL College Preparatory 470 Keswick Avenue, Glenside l,enny 3 Gala Night 3g Dance Band 33 Orchestra 33 Band 33 South- eastern District Band l. Obviously, Lenny's hobbies include music, plus orinthology. After graduation he wants to study music education. , 40 VIRGINIA MAE NEEMAN 2017 Roy Avenue, Abington Ginny is known for her office practice while at A.H.S. 'T 'Us General good, manners. She particularly enjoyed Her ambition is to be a housewife. Business Education BARBARA MAE NEWMAN 417 Elm Avenue, North Hills Barb 3 Girls' Chorus 13 Iunior Chorus3 Gala Night 2, 33 F.B.L.A. 3. Barb is interested in roller skating, dancing, and listening to popular records. Her future foretells a secretarial career. VINCENT ANTHONY PERRY 2638 Moreland Road, Willow Grove Vince aspires to be a printer after NICHOLAS ALAN PIETRZAK 1104 Reverlv Road. lenkintown Nick 3 Cadet Football: Soccer 1, 2. 3: Swimmingg Nick plans on going to college. His favorite hobby is tennis. Vocational he graduates from Abington High. College Preparatory IOAN PATRICIA NORRIS College Preparatory 914 Township Line, Elkins Park Ioanie 3 String Ensemble 2g Gala Night 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 33 Afiiliation 13 String Trio 13 French Club 33 F.T.A. 3. She is an avid reader and piano player. IEAN W. OBERHOLTZER College Preparatory 708 Highland Avenue, Glenside Swimming 1, 2, 33 Homeroom Secretary 1, 23 Dramatic Club 13 Golf Club 13 Sophomore Chorusg Iunior Chorus 23 Yearbook 33 Spirit Com- mittee 33 Leadership Workshop 33 Gala Night 1, 2g Sophomore Octetteg Gala Night 33 French Club Vice-President 33 Chairman of Publicity Committee. lean wants to travel abroad. ROBERT D. OLSON College Preparatory 748 Washington Lane, Ienkintown Ozzie 3 Key Club 1. He wants to be a civil engineer after a hitch in the army. His hobby is cars. NANCY E. ONSA Business Education 2567 Fernwood Road, Roslyn Nancy 3 Dance Club 13 Canasta Club 13 Bible Club 33 F.B.L.A. 3. She hopes to be a secretary and paint on the side. Enjoys roller skating and dancing. GERTRAUD ANN OPPERMANN Business Education 238 Tyson Avenue, Glenside Gert 3 Softball 23 Bible Club 23 Affiliation 1, 2. This future secretary enjoys drawing, swimming, and cooking. IANE ANN ORCUTT College Preparatory 2017 Maplewood Avenue, Abington Iayne 3 Drill Team 1, 2, 33 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Tennis Manager 23 Iunior Chorusg Homeroom Secretary 33 I4E 2, 33 Files Editor 3. She plans to go into elementary education. Hobbies include swimming and tennis. HENRY A. OWENS College Preparatory 2118 Oakdale Avenue, Glenside 1-Iank . He came to us from Germantown where he participated in football, baseball. and swimming. His future is undecided and sports are his main hobby. HELEN IULEANN PELL General 1214 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington Dol1y 3 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 2, 33 Senior Plav: F.T.A. 2, 33 Intramural Committee 33 Homeroom President 33 Iunior Prom Decorations Committee Chairman 23 Sextette 1, 2, 3. As a hobby Dolly collects perfume. She aspires to be an actress. DEBORAH LEE PELTZ College Preparatory 236 Holmecrest Road, Ienkintown nljebbynj Gala Night 2, 33 Senior Sexetteg A Cappella Choir 2, 33 IAC Committee3 Senior Play. This fun-loving and popular girl wants to go to college. KENNETH EDWARD PERO Vocational 937 Delene Road, Ienkintown Ken is interested in the sport of basketball. One of his dislikes is English class. Ambition is to be a cabinet maker. 41 f BARBARA POLANSKY College Preparatory 352 Easton Road, Glenside Barb 3 Iunior Chorusg Sophomore Chorus3 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Student Council Recording Secretary 33 Dance Committees 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Drum Majorette 1. She likes to knit argyles and ice skate. Hopes to be a commercial designer. STEPHEN L. POLEN College Preparatory 1201 Wrack Road, Meadowbrook Steve 3 Abingtonian Editor 33 Handbook 33 News Release Agency 33 Photography Editor 33 Senior Playg Student Service Corpsg Gala Nightg Yearbook 2. This boy wants to grow the money tree! His hobby is photography. ELAINE GERTRUDE POLIS Business Education 378 Holme Avenue, Elkins Park A Cappella Choir 23 Gala Night 33 Yearbook 3. She wishes to become a bookkeeper. Elaine enjoys music of all kinds. DONALD LEROY POLKINHORN Vocational 1812 Allen Lane, Abington Don , Soccer 1. He plans on going into the Marines after graduating. As a hobby he does printing at home. MARIE ROBERTA PRINDLE Business Education 242 Cadwalder Avenue, Elkins Park Bert 3 Nursing Club. Bert is a quiet girl with a pleasing personality. IOSEPH FRANCIS PULLI Vocational 121 Elm Avenue, North Hills loc always has a smile for everyone. He wants to be an automotive mechanic. MICHAEL PAUL PULLI Vocational 1722 Arnold Avenue, Willow Grove f'Mickey . Ambition is to be a building contractor. Likes model boats and elephants. IACQUES WILLIAM PURPURA General 1321 Carol Road, Meadowbrook Band 1, 2, 33 Dance Band. Among Iack's varied activities hc lists boats, cars, and music at the top. IOAN ANN QUAIL Business Education 713 Iackson Avenue, Ardsley Ioanie 3 Iunior Chorus, Abingtonian 33 Dance Club 1. She likes to go swimming and skating. Wants to be a secretary. MICHAEL R. QUARANTO Business Education 703 Iackson Avenue, Ardsley Mike , His hobby is ceramics. He comes to us from Father Iudge High School. f 412 KENNETH MELVYN RAPPAPORT College Preparatory 1282 Rydal Road, Rydal Ken 3 Track 13 Rifle 2g Wrestling 33 Student Council 2g Key Club. Ke? likes photography and all sports. He hopes to take psychology in co ege. PHILIP H. RAWLEY Vocational 437 Osceola Avenue, Elkins Park Track. Likes to collect post cards. Plans to enlist in service after graduation. 42 SUSAN RENARD College Preparatory 222 Sylvania Avenue, Glenside 'Sue 3 Swimming 33 Tennis 3. Sue's hobbies are oil painting, piano, and tennis. Her ambition is to go to art school. DELORES REYNOLDS Business Education l30I I.cnore Road, Meadowbrook llomeroom Secretary lg Dance Club 2. Delores plans to be a secretary. Swimming is one of her pleasures. STEVEN RHOADS College Preparatory Stockton Road, Meadowbrook Wally 3 Football l, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Tennis 1, 2, 3g Sophomore Chorus3 Iunior Chorus3 Student Council 1, 2, 33 Gala Night 23 Varsity A Club 33 Wheel Club 33 Iunior Class President3 Senior Class Presi- dent3 Honor Society. Steve's vocation is to go into business. BARBARA HEDRICK RICKNER College Preparatory 2416 Avondale Avenue, Roslyn Alhliation Club 23 Spirit Committee 2, 33 F.T.A. 23 Iunior Chorus3 Yearbook 33 Gala Night 2, 33 LaCrosse 2, 3g Senior Play 33 Barbara is a talkative girl with sparkling personality. THEODORE HAROLD RIGHTS College Preparatory i829 Allen l.nne, Abington Tr-d 3 Alzingtonian 2, 33 Bible Club l, 2, 33 Affiliation 2, 33 National Honor Society 2, 33 Band l, 2. Ted's hobbies are music, reading, stamp collecting, and microscopy. He wants to be a missionary in the Far East. STEVEN BRUCE RUBINS College Preparatory l218 Iune Road, Huntingdon Valley Steve 3 Abingtonian 2, 33 Editor 33 Student Service Corps 33 Yearbook 3g Cala Night 2, 33 Senior Play3 Tennis 23 French Club 23 Publications Representative 2, 33 Handbook 3g Abington News Bureau Editor3 Honor Society. Steve is a future medical doctor. CHARLES E. RUZICKA College Preparatory 327 Thorpe Road, Ienkintown Chubby 3 Football 2, 33 Swimming 2, 33 Tennis l, 2, 3g Varsity A Club 1, 2, 3. Hobbies: art, magic, girls on the side. He plans to go into business of some sort. MARGARET ANN RYAN Business Education 2l55 Pleasant Avenue, Glenside Peg 3 Dance Club lg Iunior Chorus3 F.B.L.A. 33.Baseball 3. Her hobby is record collecting. Plans to be a future ofhce worker. CAROLYN IANE SCHAAF College Preparatory l425 Stephen Road, Meadowbrook Schaalie 3 Afbliation l, 2, 33 Gala Night 2, 33 F.T.A. 33 Yearbook 33 Swimming 23 Student Service Corps3 Spirit Committee 33 Honor Society. St-haafie' hopes to become organist and choir director in a church. SUSAN LOU SCHERR College Preparatory 566 Crescent Avenue, Glenside Sue 3 Senior Play3 Gala Night l, 2, 3g Sophomore Chorus3 Swimming Team Manager l, 2, 33 Iunior Chorus3 Yearbook 3g Dramatic Club3 Sophomore Octette. Sue hopes to go to college in the fall. RICHARD SCHIMPF Vocational 1952 Susquehanna Road, Abington Rich has a pet peeve-Ludwig. He likes cars, dancing, eating, swim- ming and ice skating. Wants to travel. CAROLYN I. SEEBURGER College Preparatory 1209 Cumberland Road, Abington Lola 3 Senior Playg F.T.A. 3g Knitting Club lg Iunior Chorus 23 Basket- ball I, 2, 33 Tennis l, 2, 3g Archives Committee 23 Harvest Hoe-Down Committee 2. The future sees Carolyn as a teacher. 43 CHARLES ANTHONY SHERNO College Preparatory 626 Iackson Avenue, Ardsley Chuck 5 Student Council 2, 35 Soccer l, 2, 35 Basketball 15 Baseball I5 Golf 2, 35 Senior Class Treasurer: Sophomore Chorusg Abingtonian 35 Wheel Club 3. Chuck's future is not decided as yet. HOWARD WESLEY SHERRY Collegf' PVPPUVUWVU 202 Church Road, Fox Chase Hal 5 Football 1, 2, 3. Hal is always ready with the answers. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. The future sees him as an offset printcr. ANTHEA SHICK College Preparatory 237 Wharton Road, Glenside Latin Clubg Spirit Committeeg Bible Club5 Girls' Athletic Association l, 2. Her pet peeve-the girls' gang showers. She wants to be a nurse. RONALD SHOCKLEY General 2418 Pershing Avenue, Roslyn Kodiak , Has many hobbies. They include swimming, hunting, fishing -sports in general. MARC H. SILVERMAN College Preparatory 14 Frog Hollow Road, Rydal Silverboy 5 Abingtonian 1, 2, 35 Tennis 1, 25 Swimming 25 Student Council I5 Student Service Corpsg Band. Marc wants to be an admin- istration worker. ISABELLE SLICKERS College Preparatory 7335 North 19th Street, Philadelphia Bible Club 2, 35 Iunior Chorus5 Spirit Committee 3. Isabelle wants to be a nurse. Her hobbies include skating, bowling, and knitting. CAROLINE SMYTHE College Preparatory 1447 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington Canna Drill Team l, 2, 35 Dramatic Club lg Student Service Corps 3. Her ambition is to be an elementary teacher. C201 0 Q57 4--Lwruf ' AN SNELLENBURG Qx 'Lf - General 708 Wyndale Road, Ienkintown Flag Baton l, 2, 35 Tennis 25 French Clubg Gala Night 2. Ann's ambi- tion is to be an artist. RICHARD G. SNYDER, IR. College Preparatory 242i Pershing Avenue, Roslyn Dick 5 Football I, 2, 35 Indoor Track5 Trackg Wheel Club Presidentg Varsity A Club 35 Dance Committeesg Homeroom President l. Dick's ambition is to be a foreign trade salesman after he goes to college. LINDA CAILE SPANGLER College Preparatory 547 Baeder Road, Ienkintown Gaile 5 Flag Baton l, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 15 Sophomore Chorusg Dance Committees. Gaibe wogld l'ke to engag in elementa education in the Years to come. W , Ji., ' ef ' L. CAROL ANN SPINDELL College Preparatory 730 N. Easton Road, Glenside Carol 5 Sophomore Chorusg Spirit Committee I, 25 Gala Night I, 2, 35 Cheerleading 25 Latin Club Dance Committee l, 2, 35 Yearbook l, 2, 35 Dramatic Club I5 Senior Play 35 French Club Dance 2. Art dver 'sing is the field in which Carol will work. U AJ Jnuulrw-341Z4F77-A. Clava' 2 F I LUICIA SPINOSA Business Education 2807 Old Welsh Road, Willow Grove Gina 5 Spirit Committee 35 Affiliation 35 Senior Play. Gina came from Gennantown in her junior year and plans to be a bookkeeper. 44 I GEORGE CARL SPRINGER General 306 Margarctta Avenue, Huntingdon Valley Stinger . Among his varied activities model airplanes, hunting and fishing are listed. PATRICIA LOUISE STACY College Preparatory 64l Pine Tree Road, Ienkintown Pat . Likes all kinds of sports and is very adept at playing many of them. She has light brown hair which she wears quite short. Her ambi- tion is to Pe a teacher. q L I 1 L. ' ' A ' . to U ll 0 45 ELSIE STROBLE Business Education 636 Edgehill Road, Ardsley Hockey 3. Elsie likes to go roller skating, ice skating and dancing Plans to be private secretary. ROBERT I. STUART, 3rd College Preparatory 743 Roseland Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Stew g French Club Ig Tennis I. He plans on being a farmer Likes to work with silver and wood. -mx- 'Uv RICHARD CRAIG STEWART Business Education 1796 Rockwell Road, Willow Grove Fuzzy , Band 1, 2, 35 Dance Band 2, 33 Gala Night 2 3 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Ticket Collector I. His hobbies are drumming and living it up. SALLY MARLENE STITZINGER Business Education 644 Garden Road, Glenside Ss, U 3 Sally g Drill Team 1, 2, 3g Captain 33 P.S.C.A. lg Gala Night I 2 s Senior Play. Sally's horoscope sees her as a secretary in the future TERRY MICHAEL STOLTZ College Preparatory 416 Cricket Avenue, North Hills Fox 3 Soccer I, 2, 35 Wrestling I, 2, 33 Student Council I Student Service Corpsg Key Club Secretaryg Varsity A Club. His pet peeve his car never starts. Claims his favorite subject is lunch Wants to be a multi-millionaire. ELIZABETH IOAN STRAUB General 995 Meetinghouse Road, Ienkintown Betty g Hockey Ig Gala Night 3, Basketball lg Spirit Committee Oracle, Community Nightg Swimming lg Senior Play. Wants to become either a commercial artist or an interior decorator. NORMA CAROL STRAUBMULLER General 834 Norfolk Road, Ienkintown Norm g Library l, 2, 3g Spirit Committee 3g Dog House 3 PSCA 1, 2, 3, Senior Playg Nurses' Club 3. Norm intends to become a nurse PATRICIA LOUISE STRICKLAND College Preparatory 926 Cherokee Avenue, Huntingdon Valley Pat g Spirit Committee I, 2, 33 Sophomore Chorus Iunior Chorus Cheerleading 23 Yearbook 3g Abingtonian 35 Honor Roll 1 2 Nurses Club l, 2. The future sees Pat as a nurse. HOWARD ROBERT STRICKLER Vocational 316 Church Road, Fox Chase Manor Spud , Intramural Basketball 2, 3. He enjoys messing with cars and sports. His future foretells a career as an auto mechanic BRENDA ANNE SUDELL Business Education 2621 Hawthorne Road, North Hills Sue', or Lola g Senior Play, Swimmingg Gala Night Kick Chorus Intramural Softball. Brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'6 . Her ambition is to be a private secretary. DELNO ERNEST SUPPLEE, IR. College Preparatory 320 Bickley Road, Glenside Del , Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Senior Play, Football Manager 1, Sophomore Chorus, Boys' Chorus. Del says a career as an engineer is in store for him. He likes electronics and cars. ANDREW IAMES SWEENEY General 619 Edgehill Road, Ardsley Andy plans to work in the field of electronics. He likes to roller skate and ice skate. His favorite hobby-eating. ' .fa WALTER FREDERICK TAPPERT College Preparatory 615 Fox Chase Road, Fox Chase Civic Forum 1, 2, 3, World Affairs Council 1, 2, 3, Sophomore Chorus, Speech Festival l, 2, Senior Class Vice-President, Senior Play. Walter wants to teach and go into politics. Hobby-politics. 0134713 1 VIRGINIA TAYL R Business Education 1810 Collidge Avenue, Willow Grove Ginny , F.B.L.A. 3, Homeroom Secretary 3. Ginny has blue eyes, brown hair. She will become a secretary. EVELYN MARION TERRENZIO Business Education 449 Elk Street, Glensjde Eve , Iunior Chorus, F.B.L.A. 3, Ambition-secretary. Hobby-danc- ing, sewing, skating and sports. CAROL LYNN THEISS Business Education 2429 Brookdale Avenue, Roslyn Girls' Chorus, Iunior Chorus, Bible Club 1, Nursing I. Brown pony tail, blue-green eyes. The future sees Carol as a stenographer. ELIZABETH HELEN THOMAS Business Education 373 Cadwallader Avenue, Elkins Park Betty , Iunior Chorus 2, Nursing Club l. Betty likes to swim and roller skate. Marriage is in store for her. OWEN LEONARD THOMAS College Preparatory 2057 Pleasant Avenue, Glenside Lenny , He's in the Naval Reserves at Willow Grove and plans to bc an aviation electrician. BARBARA ANNE THOMPSON College Preparatory 623 Baeder Road, Ienkintown Terrible , Hockey 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, Abingtonian 2. Barbara moved from Boston in 1955. Her hobbies are dancing and boys, RICHARD TIPPING College Preparatory 2018 Roy Avenue, Abington Dick is 5' 8 and has brown hair and eyes. He collects stones and coins. DAVID HERBERT TOMLINSON Business Education 629 Montgomery Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Dave , A Cappella Choir 2, Bible Club 2. He is a future businessman who likes home movies, scale model trains, and automobiles. LEE L. TOMPKINS College Preparatory 1911 Lambert Road, Ienkintown Beep-Beep , Swimming 3, Varsity A Club 3, Football 1, Homeroom President I. 46 . .ef IOAN ANN TRAVILLA Business Education 2527 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside Bible Club l, 2, 3, Softball 2. Ioan plays the guitar and sings hillbilly songs. She collects stamps. She's a future typist. GEORGE TROUP Vocational 1789 Old Welsh Road, Abington George has a wonderful ambition-to live a happy and full life. Pre- occupation: cars. MARY JANE TROUT College Preparatory 155 Washington Lane, Ienkintown M. I. g Tennis 1, 2, Student Council 2, 33 Abington News Bureau 2, 3g Abingtonian 45 LaCrosse 2g Honor Society. She likes sports of all kinds. Her ambition is to be a physical education teacher. WILLIAM JAMES TYSON, IR. Vocational 1309 Rothley Avenue, Roslyn Bill , His one ambition for his future is to be President. Noted for his efficient approach. KARL BRUCE ULRICH Business Education 205 Tennis Avenue, North Hills Tinker Toy g Homcroom Treasurer 2, 35 Football 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3g Wheel Club 3. Bruce wants to go to college. He enjoys sports and hunting. GEORGE UNDERWOOD Vocational 1234 Bockius Avenue, Abington Butch g Football 23 Chess Club 1. Butch is a friendly guy with brown hair and brown eyes. He is a stamp collector and he likes to dance. RUSSELL IOSEPH UN DERWOOD Business Education 1234 Bockius Avenue, Abington Russ g 6', brown hair and eyes. He is easy going and likes to collect coins. His future is undecided. ROBERT IOHN VAGNONI General 2064 Wharton Road, Glenside Vag g Key Club 1. The future sees him as a mechanical draftsman. He is interested in cars, mechanical drawing, and photography. CAROL ANN VALENZA Business Education 1812 Brentwood, Road, Abington Flag Baton, Iunior Prom Committee. Pet peeves-forgetting her car and running out of gas. She came to us from Cheltenham. She likes to trave. GEORGE T. VAN BUSKIRK, III Business Education 1851 Acorn Lane, Abington Spike g Student Council lg Soccer 2g Homeroom President 1. Spike is an avid fisherman and participant in sports. He aspires to be a real estate broker. ELEANOR A. VARINO General 2504 Radcliffe Avenue, Roslyn Glee Club lg Iunior Chorus lg Spirit Committee 33 Library. Quiet type. Good in art. Her hobbies are painting, horseback riding. Wants to be a medical secretary. PAUL CAMERON VESTAL Vocational 1848 Ambler Road, Abington Swimming. Paul is interested in aviation and swimming. He is going to Penn State where he will study to be a tool engineer. 47 LAWRENCE L. VOLKERT General 2112 Fortune Road, Glenside Larry , A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Assembly Organist. He hopes to attend art school and take up commercial art. Would like to play the organ on the side. WILMA GAIL WAHLQUIST College Preparatory 1400 Stephen Road, Huntingdon Valley Willie , Abingtonian 1, 2, AA Salesman 3, Student Aid 3. Ambition: to go to business school. Hobbies: reading, swimming, jazz music. sl IOAN ANNE WARBURTON Business Education 2761 Pershing Road, Roslyn Ioan's ambition is to be a secretary. Some of her hobbies are dancing, going to parties, and collecting records. MARIORIE IANE WARD Business Education 735 Edgehill Road, Ardsley Marie , Fashion Club 1, Iunior Chorus. Marje likes to embroider. She is fashion minded and interested in clerical work. JOHN WASCHE, IR. Business Education 449 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside Basketball 1. Iohn's hobbies are sports, but he intends to be an accountant. SAMUEL JAMES WASHINGTON General 1601 Summit Avenue, Willow Grove Big Sam , Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Track 3. He enjoys reading and hopes to become a mechanic. DAVID E. WATSON College Preparatory 1949 Maplewood Avenue, Abington Dave , Swimming 1, Soccer 1, Band. Dave would like to be a surgeon. DAVID S. WATSON College Preparatory 322 Rockledge Avenue, Huntingdon Valley Dave , Golf 3, Yearbook Editor 3, Gala Night Publicity, Honor Society. Dave transferred from Central High in Philadelphia, and he wants to be an engineer when he finishes college. DONALD IOSEPH WEBER Vocational 112 Bradfield Road, Roslyn Ron , Football 1, 2, Wrestling l, 2, 3. Ron would like to be a teacher in the future. RICHARD P. WEIL College Preparatory 2131 Glendale Avenue, Abington Rich's hobby is model railroading. He plans to be an airline pilot. ANN WEISS General 235 Meetinghouse Road, Ienkintown Zephyr , Senior Play, Gala Night, Sophomore Chorus, Cheerleading, Dramatic Club. Ann likes to write poems and stories, talk on the tele- phone and practice the cha-cha. She wants to be a journalist. ROBERTA A. WELLS College Preparatory 1223 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington Bobbie , A Cappella 2, 3, Sophomore Chorus, junior Chorus, Gala Night l, 2, 3, Girls' Sextette 1, 2, 3, Iunior Prom Co-Chairman, Student Service Corps, Tri-School Committee, Spring Festival, Honor Society. Bobbie would like to be a songwriter. 48 SANDRA ROBERTA WHITE College Preparatory 744 Rydal Road, Ienkintown Sandy 3 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 23 F.T.A. Presidentg Sophomore Chorusg Iunior Chorusg Six Sharps3 A Cappella Choir. Sandy wants to be an elementary school teacher. DEWITT S. WILLIAMS College Preparatory 144 Egerton Avenue, Glenside Abingtonian 13 A Cappella Choir 2, 33 Senior Play. DeWitt's ambition is to beaminister. -,j . . t f , I ,MX f, . f , tif-5 - at ' 'l ' t 1 1 Y IOAN ELAINE WILLIAMS General 145 Tyson Avenue, Glenside Ioan came to us from Germantown, Her pet peeve is the boy across the street. She likes ice skating, dancing, home economics and math. MIMSYE G. WILSON College Preparatory 1244 Fairacres Road, Ienkintown Mims 3 F.T.A. 13 Gala Night 2, 33 Mims wants to be an elementary school teacher. Some of her hobbies include reading, making stulled animals and jazz. WILLIAM W. WILSON, III College Preparatory 1147 Iericho Road, Abington Bill 3 Senior Play 33 Baseball 33 Student Service Corps3 Wheel Club Secretary 3. Bill, who hails from Chestnut Hill Academy enjoys sports, rock 'n roll music, cars and tropical hsh. DAVID I.. WOODMAN College Preparatory Edgehill and Moreland Roads. Huntingdon Valley , Woody 3 Rifle lg Homcroom Treasurer 1. Industrial engineering is the field in which Woody would like to make a name for himself. BETTY IANE WORTHINGTON Business Education 306 Cricket Avenue, North Hills Betty has two ambitions-telephone operator and marriage. She is interested in math and bookkeeping. Likes to roller skate. PATRICIA B. WRIGHT College Preparatory 558 Moreland Road, Bethayres Pat 3 Drill Team 1, 2, 33 Iunior Chorusg Student Council3 New School Committee 33 Swimming3 Dramatic Club3 Senior P1ay3 Gala Night 1, 2, 3. M. GWEN WUNDERLE College Preparatory 1325 Wheatsheal' Lane, Abington Heinel'l3 Hockey 1, 2, 33 Softball 1, 2, 33 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 1, 23 Senior P1ay3 Spirit Committee 1, 23 Student Service COYPSQ Secretary of Homcroom 1, 2. Gwen wants to do Social Service work in the future. BEVERLY ANNE YARROLL College Preparatory 2136 Rush Road, Abington HZCYOUQ Abingtonian 1, 23 Gala Night 2, 33 Bible Club 1, 23 Yearbook 3g Student Service Corps3 New School Committeeg Dance Committeesg Flag Baton 2, 3g President of Homeroom 2. She intends to teach in Iunior High in the future. LYNNE M. YONKER College Preparatory 9451 Wellington Road, Elkins Park Spirit Committee 33 LaCrosse 2, 33 Honor Society Secretaryg Affiliation 2, 33 Student Service Corps. l.ynne's specific future is undecided now, but she does plan to go to college. BARBARA ANN YOUNG College Preparatory 20114 W. Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia uBllll7uQ Ilockey 1, 2, 33 Softball 1, 2, 33 Student Service Corps3 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Sophomore Chorusg Iunior Chorus. Barb would like to be a receptionist when she graduates from Abington. -19 If YK IANICE LGRRAINE YOUNG Business Education 2035 Tulip Road, Glenside Basketball l, 2, 3g Softball 1, 2, 33 Hockey lg Band l, 2, 3g A Cappella Choir 3, Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Sophomore Chorusg Iunior Chorus. Ianice would like to be a typist. IANET HOPE ZEIDMAN College Preparatory 1319 Panther Road, Rydal Ian g A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Gala Night l, 2, 33 Spirit Committee 2, 33 Student Service Corpsg Iunior Chorus, Sophomore Chorus. Museum School of Art will find Ian as one of its students in the near future. A LONG FAKE WELL TO ALL OUR SE IORS! Senior Olhcers: fleft to rightb Charles Shemo, Treasurer, Nancy Hislop, Secretary, Steve Rhoads, Presidentg Walter Tappert, Vice President-not pictured. 'lx' Q:-M ' ldv' Ng. 81 50 FINAL AC T lfarewell to Abington, our haven, From its loyal class of 1957. Goodbye to patient, guiding teachers And thrills beheld from high school bleachers. So long to pigslcins, tank suits, rackets To deadlines, sports, and crimson jackets. A fond goodbye to concerts and games The final act to plays and entertaining aims, Concluding experiments from ultra labs Commemorations cut on granite slabs. So here we leave, some returning never, But in our hearts we will cherish forever- As we sail through life or changing wwe. - ., , - Friday's Senior Play Cast: Annette Iacquelin, Gordon Clinchard Sally Burger, and Walter Tappert rivet their attention on Carol watcri, Heath. Our new and modern Alma Mater. Senior Sponsors: Cleft to rightj Charles E. Schneller, M. B. Mcssingcr, lane A. Oswald, Albert W. Wright, and Irvin A. Karam. 'U5x1 ss 1 .NL 51 ALMA MA T ER Rise up and stand as one For dear old Abington, Do not fail, but heed the fight For the Maroon and White. We will ever cherish thee, Victory or defeat it be, Staunch and true, our loyalty To dear old Abington. Many days and years may come To dear old Abington, Storms may rise, and winds may blow But our thoughts to thee will go. Let not memiries faded by As we go oier land and sea. Alma Mater, all hail to thee, Hail to dear old Abington. if X K., . if I , sv , ,f ,r A 1 1 vi 'sl Seniors ' 0 s Their P f MUST lN'l'lfl.l.lClYNT: Are they Finsteins, we wonder? Barbara Gattilaer and VValter 'lappvrt wrtaittly art-'traps when it ermmes tu intelligenee. Q51 1 is' .Nd 5? l X BEST A'l'lll,lf'l'liS: An impurtant phase of school lilo is athletics and from that department we have two well rounded students, Iudy Uimpel and Carl llnlrnes, K, AMN lllfS'l' li XFKINCI: llere we have a relleetion ul twntl looks in the persnn nl lliane l,est-ure and llt-mx' Ovens as voted hx the students. C7 llL'I1IS. Ctmli. 52 DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL: Steve BEST Il.-XNCICRS: St-lttml uuultln Rhoads and Sarah Murray have dune efnuplete witlumt its sneial lift' and htrt the must for us. At least the high are txw damning seninrs ue think ut seltnnl is conscious of these two stu- pretty guucl, Indy llamill and l x W i' 'X x X, e 'I K .. Q L ,sf BEST ACTORS: Romeo and Iuliet? No, just Helen Pell and Steve Ruhins, Al1ington's host. of Popular People Q BEST NATURED: Irene McDowell with her warm, friendly smile and lack Montgomery with his good word for everyone have rightly earned the title of Best Naturedn. TYPICAL ABINGTONIANS: Who is typical of Abington? We think Con- nie Cunningham and Steve Rhoads. 53 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Ca- reer girl and The Man in the Cray Flannel Suit are Nancy Hislop and Al Doering. PERSONALITY PLUS: Every school has a girl and boy who seem to keep it rolling. Those two are Barbara Young and Iim Bohr representing the idea ol personality plus . Co mplements: Knowledge 'iii 514, ii :' - .,,A s. . . :W . M, A 4 ' 3 K: - qt Vim. . ' t' -- X A W , , 'W 3 3' f rg igqz in 9. A I .dl w .Q Sf!!-'A I' M -H 'i R HH Q 2 , . 'if' f 5 Zi I '11 .V . ,.,...--- fQ..fI-,-.2::1f1 n 515Q2illliiililllQZl!3?4'?if 'i7C?g?:5u Fil? - ' ' ' 91.1--QQ-w -'- - In--zazizli.4'3E7i5iiEiiif3?5'5' V5'!?1i,!,i'!n!5Q!E ?E?ql?1f 5 ' A X ham V -, 54 Human Understanding As it rightfully should be, the academic program is the most important segment of school life. It is in subject matter courses that we learn those facts which prepare each student for industry, a profes- sion, or the home. But the academic program of Abington Senior High School is complemented by a wealth of student functions that help further their understanding of their fellow men. Business, College Preparatory, General, and Vocational Courses each foster activities which extend into the extra-class life of the school. Whether in advisory section, an organized club, or doing some work for another activity which his department is best able to perform, each student has an opportunity as vast as our building is large to work and learn with others in an organization sufficiently inclusive to prepare him for his destiny, whatever it may be. - 55 Q 2 C7 The sponsors ol' the Iunior Class are Mr. Woodruff, Miss Konkle. Miss I. Davis, Mr. Roberts, and Mr. Coleman. Honors and Politicians The Honor Society entered its third academic year at Abington High School in '56-'57. Alhliated with the National Honor Societies throughout the country, our Abington chapter includes those at the top level of their class academically who are also active extra-curricularly and as good school citizens. A small but select group. the Honor Society continues traditional activities of spring initiation for new members and tutoring service for those students who need extra assistance. The ini- tiation ceremony, at an all school assembly, is unique in that the new members do not know who they will be until their names are called before the school and they rise to take their place among the ranks of the nation's Honor Societies, The lighting ol candles, rep- resenting the character elements of a good student, is the focal point of the initiation service. Following this The Iunior Class oilicers who are responsible for this year's successful Iunior Prom, which had as its theme Man- hattan are Steve Telkins, President, Barbara Franck, Sec- retaryg Stan Shorb, Vice-Presidentg Dean Dobbins, Treas- urer. The Honor Society OHicers: Lynne Yonkers, Secretaryg Bob Lees, PresidentgGordon Clinchard, Treasurerg and Carl Meitzner Vice-President. the members, old and new, along with their sponsors, receive their parents at a tea. The Honor Society gives those students who achieve. academically and character- wise, the chance for the recognition they so richly deserve. ' I The members and sponsors of the Honor Society: Standing: Barbara Rick- ner, Carol Heath, Nancy Ilislop, Ted Rights, Mrs. Lenner, Carl Brown, Miss Cathell, Mr. Haynes, Dr. Stull, Mr. Fegley, Mr. Messinger, Mr. Young, Miss Haldeman, Walter Tappert, Guy Fincke, Ianet Drake, Iohn Clement. Sitting: Carolyn Schafl, Barbara Gat- tiker, Iudy Goss, Pat Strickland, Frances Farra, Loretta Muehlbauer, and Connie Cunningham. Lets Hit the Road Mr. Coleman sees to it that Diana Ienkins gets some practice in steering with our modern equip- ment. , . ,X i Y v Ye' ' Aided hy the latest in modern equip- nient, IVlr. Coleman endeavors to instruct students in the safest possible means ol driving an automobile. In addition to a new dnal-controlled Chevrolet, reaction tester, and a distance judgment tester, he has access to the extensive school park- ing lots and the surrounding residen- tial neighborhood. The driver-education course gives teenagers an opportunity to , achieve the goal ol expert and careful 0 driving as evidenced hy the lact that many insurance agencies offer insurance reductions to any student who has suc- cessfully passed a high school driver- cducation course. F . alia . MDS New driving students, Linda Wiley, Alice Ciarypie, and Indy Pokras, inspect the up-to-date automobile which Mr. Coleman points out to them. ,. Bonnie Givens, aided hy Mr. Coleman, gives practical appli to what she has learned. Barbara Freeston, Nancy Turcotte, Iune Boalich, Diana Icnltins, Iilaine Eckel, Donna Dautel, Mr. Coleman, and Alma Hughes xt atch while Bill Ilaxves has some lun on driver vision dcvicc. 'F' .J 57 FLM, cation Forcsightccl New Facilities Sandra Linden records voice for Mr. Gantt in Dramaties Class. Iatlx Cassidy. Miss Avakian and Iohn Gerard look on while Dave Watson, Harvey Baeal and Mary lane Alhertelli manipulate control panel and phones during Radio and Television Workshop Class. 1 ,X LS. 4 linglish is the largest and most basic department of our school. The small stage ol the audion room, the complicated eontrol panel ol the communications room, the great, sweeping pictures of the lihrary all contributed mightily to our ehanged physical surroundings for the study ol English. 58 ll Qs- X l lum I olis, l,uigia Spinosa, Karen lfrazell, l,ois Blaelrc, Craig Stewart, and Robert i present llousntan play on the portahle stage of the English suite. Enhance Language Arts linglish faculty: Baek Row Cleft to rightj YVilliam l,ueian, Thomas Fitzsimmons, Thomas S llannan. Allan .-X. Clatthorn, William W. Young, Paul Cl. Beaver. and Charles lf. Sehneller. Front Row qleft to rightj Mary Grace Ambler, Dorothy Cathell, Suzanne Iac-obs, Nan Taggert. Emma C. Ilaldeman, and Alberta Lang. V3 V., 'Z '14 But good reading, eareful speaking, ae- eurate writing continued to be the sine qua non of our daily experience with the Mother Tongue. Whether in English, dramatics, public speaking, or radio and television workshop - we grew to appre- eiate the fact that other things may pass away, but we will have the language with us every day ol our lives. Social Studies Pg! '44, V41 l l 1 Homeroom 237 analyzes social studies chart dur- ing advisory period while Howard Albertson studies cameraman. Homeroom 252 study literature on Miss Lauer's nc-tagonal table. -ymkxu-4.x .AM . W . -V l Miss Benjamin confers with Mr. Pauling and Miss Krapf in social studies workroom. 60 Stimulate Student Interests With an abundance of new facilities including numerous visual aids, the Social Studies Depart- ment has enjoyed a most progressive year. Amid an atmosphere of new charts, maps and globes and with current events articles tacked to in- genious cork boards that open like a book, social studies students were not at a loss to know what was going on in the world about them. 51, Y 1. fs 5. Ee 'Lf' jgyyyiiirff iii i 5 A newly-instituted Honors Problems of Democ- racy Class had the unusual opportunity of inter- viewing Andrew Cordier, executive aid to the secretary general of the United Nations. Activity in the one-semester Economics Course was cen- tered around a stock project encouraged by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. Students invested in one share of a local aircraft company, inves- tigated their asset by first-hand observation, and divided their profits. W5 qw t . sw.. t 'ig. '!f ' 37 ' ' 'J' n M ng, jd' inf. t- -if forgot! ' 5 llonors P.O,lJ. Students: Lee Tomkins, Barbara Anderson, Al Doering, look over their daily 'l'irnes . Iudy Goss locates war-torn Hung Brandon reads latest release. if - 4 K 1','w, H ' 'IA ff: N 40. sf'- Davis, Helen Clark, Flor- William Haines, Charles Pawling, Elmer Carroll, and Irvin Karam of the Social Studies Depart- ment. Pictured around conference table are: Grace - ence Benjamin, Clara Curtin, Ruth Krapl, All the senior P.O.D. students enjoyed and benefited from their trip to area industrial concerns. Before the actual visitation, the students heard representatives ol the various companies tell about their organization. Under the direction ol department head Florence Benjamin, Abington students sponsored a mock presidential election and a brotherhood panel program. xv ary while Doug .,f- l' 4 N X g -1 Sue lilnly xolves un algebra prohlem with the aid ol il graphed peghoard and model airplanes while her elatssmates locus their attention on Mr. Woodrull. I I The lVlathematies Department, under the very ahle leadersltip ol Shnylor Woodrull, :md 1, f backed up hy the addition ol new lm-ulty mem- hers, utilized our increased facilities in giving Ahingtonittns the very hest ol high sehool eoursex in mathematics. VVhether it was the X's amd YR ol algebra, or the eongruent triungles ol plane geometry, students were given every opportunity to learn these suhjeets to the limit ol their indi- vidual zlhility. lfor students interested in pursuing higher mzlthemztties, well rounded courses in solid geometry and trigonometry were ztvztiluhle. Amid Surroundings ol gigantic slide rules. lot,:nritlnn JN charts, specially lined eh:tllQhourds in green, und models ol geotnetric figures, Ahingtoniuns were Nlznlt Department: Cleft to right! Strmrlingzz Frank ll. Reitz. Thomas llamill, lf. A. Brunner. Seated: Samuel Pcnlleld, Shay- lor VVoodrull', and Robert Cl. Reitz. zlhle to receive more than il sullieient amount ol the math neeewsztry in later lile. Connie Dennis slmrpenw her peneil ultilt- llezm Holmlminx, lot-I Mr. Rohert Reitz explains the eongrueney of triangles to Alive Deutsch. and llelen llllfillltl nztit tlteit turn nent woiecl tlmlkr C.oupz1rous and lim Sweet. hoard. ff ff , 1 6 .- 8 x K i 1 -p lqtj- D' I y .... .. .4 Latin Club: Cleft to right! Seated: I. Lyon, I. Miller, V. Thomas, A. Couperous, I. Reinoehl. Middle Rout: II. Ueyli, B. Carney, P. Warner. L. Moore, V, Belsky, A. Helfrich, C. Taleott, D. Braunworth. Back Row: D. Wil- liams. D. Young, G. Bissinger. S. Telkins. R. Graybill, R. Hogg, M. White. 5 J X ssstS?k ...........--1 'l'he Language Department: Catherine Lobach, Katheryn Lauer. Dovninic I.essa, lidna Powell, llelen Black. Barbara Lauterbaclr. utilize the tlepartinent tape recorder. Miss lion ell and llene 'l'oll work with the phonograph as Patsy Williams and lVlert-er Walton study. - - . s X1 Language The study of a foreign language plays an integ- ral part in the development ol the college prepara- tory student. Abington offers a variety oi lan- guage electives ranging lrom the classical language ol Latin to the modern languages ol lfrench, Cler- man and Spanish. All language students graduate with a firm. practical background ol their par- ticular study arca. In addition. many have devel- oped an interest which they will carry on to higher helds ol education. A special service oi the Language Department is the afiiliation program which this year ellected a two way exchange program between A.H.S. and the Kant Gymnasium in Berlin, the lirst complete exchange program in Abington's history. Modern language techniques coupled with new facilities MJ, M 5-'xx M. Linden, li. Mt-Clenaltam, A. Lusch. A. lVleissner, M. lVlacNeel, R. Mainwaring, R. Metlvetlicla. I. Nlcliinley, admire the l.atin Departnu-nt's Viking ship. 63 such as listening booths in one ol the language rooms keep our Language Department in stride with the times. dr- l -7 an Bill Buehwalter admires the products of the sel1ool's solarium. r w mg K x QE' nu.. Science The science wing of our new high school with its series of preparation rooms, work rooms, and well- equipped laboratories is a sight that inspires even the layman to improve his scientific knowledge. Never before in Abington's history have there been so many facilities offered to our science, chemistry, and physics students. Students may learn anything from physics problems to dissecting a frog in our science departments here at Abington. Sciences are a necessity for life as well as an entrance qualification to any good college or university. Amid an environment of aquaria and bell jars, sliding chalkboards, and green tinted work tables, Abington students have every chance to develop their scientific inclinations. -.fs gl A ltr Rx I , 1 1 E l l t I A 1 sf 'rf' R, Seienee Department: George Erb, Mary Krebs, M. B. Messinger, Wm. Toplis, Evelyn Lenner, Alfred Vandling, and Ernest Rauch. Xu xxx Department ' tk figs j able to the dcpartmcnt. George Brzrckvn, lid WilljL'I1, lean Lighlczlp, Pat McCarr0n, and Margo Callmxuy study the mechanics of the microscope. -1.-L 'L Bev Yurroll Iills wide-nvvk hotties as Dick Dc Flavis, Icnnnine Iudgc, Audry Milne, Rich Learn, and Dick prepare il lost for oxygen, 65 Mrs. I.c-nncr makes use of the new fauiltlu iv'1il ladick l Et' Billie Crevello receives telephone call while Carol 'I'heiss and Doreen lleviglia struggle with duplicating machines. 1' Girls enjoy typing on the new electric ty pen titers. Hit-taphones play an important part in any nllice. Training on these machines is essential to an ellicient secretary. NA! titi Business Education Prepares Future Secretaries The experience offered the business students ol Abington High School is of signiheance in upholding the splendid reputation Ahington's expert graduates have made for themselves, Many of our local businesses as well as Philadelphia concerns have taken quite a lew ol their employees from our graduating classes. Our new school store has made work much easier for Iudy Goss and Ioan Reinoehl. t.-,v.'M,,0M .WN J r,.,,- -..K-f M1e ,Af '!,,,--f f p',N,,-A -eshvv-f,,,.f' NA - - f uww -, . -ii 1 A FO, ,WM 'M A DWA,,..,.f V K uri L',t-fw-dwg, Mg -,,,.,.'--M e -i--fer, .swam ,,s W W, b H m,,,,M.w-f--: ' ,f ' . , ,..,.,,.,.. ,- an an xx-msg Office Practice classes make oflice work seem inviting. The student leaving Abington has graduated with a complete knowledge of his particular major. A book- keeping major will be able to keep books accurately. using the most modern methods, and work numerous electrical calculating machines. The secretarial student is trained to take dictation, transcribe without error, file, have a knowledge of the operation of the calculating machines, and to keep a neat. attractive office. A clerical A , 1 N Miss I.emmert's typing class takes the quick brown fox over the lazy dog . worker must have ability to file, use calculating ma- chines, and be familiar with the creation of a smooth running office. All of our business students should eertainly be proud of the wonderful and complete facilities that the New Abington has made available to them. We can produce future C.P.A.'s, secretaries, and office workers who can take orclcrs and work willingly without supervision. Business Department faculty: Seated: Cleft to rightj Elizabeth Hegner, Robert Miller, Elsie Meyers, Charles Roberts, lane MacDonald, Dorothy Lemmert. Standing: tleft to rightj Herbert Kereh- ner, Ruth Konkle, Albert Wright. l'he Home lit-onomic 'l'eachers: Frances Westcrfield and .lI't' lhyis. The trend toward modern education through up-to-date equipment has penetrated the Home Economics Department by way of electric dishwashers. home freezers. late model irons, an cyc-level oven. and a modcrnly furnished dining area. Miss lane Davis. department head and formerly its only mcmher. was joined this year hy Mrs. lfranccs VVcstcr- field who teaches one of the Home l.ix'ing courses in addition to her home economics commitments. Inspiring interested students to compete in national contests and presiding over the serving for special events-'l'hc Home llconomics Depart- ment olten does a job out of all comparison with the size ol its staff. The department's physical surroundings -- a sewing and a food laboratory separated by a modern homemaking area -- attracted wide attention during the dedication series when an interested citizenry inspected our gleaming new equipment, The homcmaking area-designed as a flexible-modern uni! and dominated hy a ficldstone fireplace wall is particularly impressive. Here, -combined in a small area as one might have in a home- is a sitting room. kitchen. and dining area furnished in Danish modern of striking color comhinations. Built-in planters. hanging ceiling lights. room dividers. and an outside door opening on a large patio faced hy a windou wall make this area- for girls fortunate enough to use it - a goal to reach lor in their selection of a home. Nliss Davis keeps a uatchful eye on Peggy Ryan as Marlene lloxley proceeds with her sewing. Home Economics Goes Ultra Modern i juztnne Sluvin and Pat Staley examine new modern steve. M fem-'in-.u,w..,m, w ws-,ua Iosephine Serratore mixes a cake while Diane Cfmzird, Susan Wmmdwnrd, Barham Zimmerman, and Cxtrule Hen- sler gn about their duties. lzinette Lightenp, Tom Little, Betsy Mnt'fViilIan. and Hill Lees wzlteh lane Lyon demonstrate equipment in Imme- FUOYTI, Fla Ma inc Eckel inspects her mast as Miss Davis instnu-ts JC X? 1. I. K me ge, ry Lou Davis on serving techniques. we I fr Q1 . N ' s . - x 1 , -.sgiss i '!.'333 ' XX' . .v- iiif A K xa.x'f. + ?iXX0'Xx Ng.. - ' 1 i.a14 sssx -- .J-.' Q , Q A i'f7l,Jt 4 'Sv X , , - Q g , .Q ,I I W ,tif ' R.- , ylyiivf -11 . fs-rss.. ' ' Lb p-cv-I .' ibI'L 'L'.iv M 1 59 iii: li li . N , A . 'l'lie teachers of Industrial Arts and related sub- jects are: Front Row: David Clark, William Clrun, R. I. Rapp, l.. R. Cole, Kenneth Miller, Lewis Capaldi. Buck Row: Ervin Pinto, Ellwood I. Smith, William K. Armstrong, Neal B. Perkins. Richard Learn diligently cuts out a figure. ln our new high school, the vocational department has been provided with a wing of its own so that it will not inter- fere with the rest ol the school. An out- standing feature of this department is that the major shops are self-contained units having their own lavatory, lockers, and washing facilities. Print shop, machine shop, wood shop, electric shop, and me- chanical drawing rooms make up the vo- cational department at the new building. bile shop is still at the Huntingdon Road School, but will eventually be at the new building, too. Abington is proud in its tradition ol vocational education. It is possible for Abington boys, who are so inclined, to get vocational training that will prepare them to embark on a trade upon graduation. The essentials of a good education are not left out, however, in the important fields of academic subjects. Mr. Grun gives demonstration in wood shop for Rich Learn, Walter Dickerson, Fred Bauerle, Eddie Wolf, and Ronald Fortune. 70 Prom All Angles 'Bw N 9 ' A il Radio appears to be the main lines of interest Those seniors who qualify alternate between school and an industry associated with their course on successive weeks. With such a well balanced program joining the essentials of culture to the techniques of a real trade, Abington is pleased to provide ample opportunity for students with a bent for mechanics to prepare themselves while still in high school with a background that will be useful to them in their chosen calling. Alan McCauley, Mr. Smith, Ioan Wiegmann, Geraldine Ecker, carefully analyze a mechanical drawing. 71 ifmwfw-miwta www 'M'!Pw Ml ' Music From All Angles l'l1t' Soplioinorc Svxtvttv consists of Clamlv johnson. Ginny Romlwrg, Indy lfiiizlvlniiik. Carol Rights. Sancly Smith, anfl l.vn Rolimtl. lft-in NVinolxin s playing attracts lf. VVirvliat-lt. ll. XVojvt-. 1. Yoder. 1. Yusvm. XT. Yonnii. ancl Ii. VVolf to tht- piano in hovnvroonn M-ltlll. 1. VVooclninrls: Cleft to rightb Front Row: R. Unil- Clard, l.. Wilvy, H. Corlwtt, R. Slmocnialwr. D. Chinlunrl. Sr-voml Row: R. Broun, P. Taylor. IJ. Rclwr, llvum. M. lfhrig, D. Rournv, l,. May, Latoncz, K. Amlmvrg. ll. Mayor, I. llurpina. Third Row: D. Uonaghy, I. Ionvs, l,. lfri0tliit'l1, S. Montgomery, l.. Shallcr, P. Patton. A. Uarypiv. V. Thrash. Pvrcussion: flvft to right5 Black- I. Anthony. I. Northam. K. lfrizvll. R. llnlwlm, I. Caimo, Goglcr. B. Saunclvrs, Nl. Silvvrman, R. Arnold. Brass: Llvlt to riglitj Front Row: 1. Young, G. Ruolll, Fritz. U. Rittvr. ll. Rriclgv. N. Lemon, R. VVarcl. I.. Nangvl. Sm-om! Row: R. Swift, R. Yourcr. l.. Royvr. ll. Clvyli. R. lfvs- mirc, I. Miller. Third Row: R. Rivlliv. M. Rola- Crts, R. StCCl. ll. Alhvrtson, lVlontginm'ry. R Coolw, R. Mcliinnvy. I. Gibson, Cf. Bornoman S. Rosenthal. lf. Davivs. Fourth Row: R. Mala- vcncla, E. Farmer. W. Fairbanks, ll. Mi-yi-rs. .1 .,.f. .. F- ann Z 'T 5 . YP L, .' if . ' , I r' K . Y .ff - ifhulff.. . f vi 5 , j my , v lx if 1 Xt . A I Ax 1 72 I s 4- if Sophomore Vocalists Even though the average student thinks ol the band only at foot- ball games, where it plays a most important part, the Instrumental Music Department of the school is one of the most active. With such new facilities this year as individual practice rooms, the band has a better chance than ever to keep up its high previous standard of accomplishment and service. The courses oll'cred this year in instrumental music include band as a major and instrumental music as a minor, with the extra- curricular organizations of orchestra, dance band, and string or- chestra. Some ol the presentations of 1956-57 were the concert band at the Spring Festival, Kiwanis Kapers, and the Dance Band at Gala Night. It is interesting to note that Mr. Schneller, Mr. Wright, Mr. Gable, Mr. Brodhagg, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Awad are members of the Dance Band. Arthur Crouthamel, I. Mcrvin Godshall, and Verus Weaver of the Music Department gather around the grand piano. The Sophomore Girls' Quartet: Carol Smith, Iean Toothill, Cindy Bayer, and Linda Breeze. 1 iw' ,X I v 4 N Another organization worthy of mention is our string orchestra capably lead by Miss Dorothy Gardner, an Abington alumna. A number of their scores were heard at the Senior Play. Under the direction of Mr. Verus Weaver, head of the band, orchestra, and dance band, and his never-ending enthusiasm toward instrumental music, the department is sure to progress in enjoyment, performance. and self-satisfaction of a iob well done. Our sophomores showed vocal promise this year in the person of a girls' quartet and a boys' quartet. These capable groups con- tributed their talent to school assemblies and Gala Night in numbers well calculated to please both traditional and modern tastes. It is, indeed, an encouraging sign for Mr. Godshall and admirers of vocal music to have enterprising sophomores contribute their talents early in their school career. fx Mr. Ulsun gin-s imliv' 1 ' I . ', slllclvnts. Iillvn I'wr-In-0. M l:ZHl5Sll1llll'l', Ioan Wivgmzmn, and Doug Brandon mlmirf' am vlnsws' Immliwurk. Students 131, Sketch Baal RQ' Iflvzmur Mt-Clvnalmn poses for future portrait paimcrs. 7-1 L I , ...fd School Ltfc M it ' V:t9'i Q- ll if . l f 11 'ft '42 I-Ev! 4' fi joseph Olson and Edwin Nagel, our art instructors, are new to Abington this year. Si S n limba Homeroom l20's students study fellow student's sketch. ..,. Q Wif i I l f Budding Rembrandts, experimenting Piccasos and Sunday painters all have their chance to create in our modernly equipped art department. Because of the excellent facilities the students are able to try their brushes at varied media. The two art rooms connected by a ceramic area feature slant- ing windows which filter the northern light, patios, and stainless steel sinks. Paintings are displayed on the spacious bulletin boards outside the art rooms, while three-dimensional projects appear in the show cases. Primative, realistic or im- prcssionistic, the talents of the students are encouraged and guided by the art teachers, Mr. Ioseph Olson and Mr. Edwin Nagel. Whether a student's fancy be the exciting lines of Mandarin or the elongated angles of El Greco, the art depart- ment offers him many outlets. Students utilize the facilities made available by the school's new art department. 75 , 4 4 6 K, A kv cw 5 j N , if s N i 4 F ? Hi I I I3 1 IL . Z, wi , Y.. ,- in z sal Yrs? fn? Y , ' bt iff? ,, ,vi 1 S ., AR 2 JS- 1 'ilk y 25,221 -:wg , , , f.....,..J...1-wpf.,..zm mmm-7 'ww'?.1:ii5.2 ' Q 1 I A ,,. - Miss Christman's sophomore girls' gym class try to master a knee If balance exercise. The Physical Education Department: Cabovej Wm. Nau- mann and Hazel Christman, fbelowj Donald Conrad, Ioseph Iurich, Katherine Margerum, Gertrude Herzog, lane Oswald, Anton Stanis, Glen Snodgrass, and Sanford Secor, take pride in their athletic and aquatic program. Because ol our modern facilities, coupled with a comprehensive pro- gram, Abington students are physically, as well as mentally, prepared to take their place in society. as : F atm... X, 'I'owny Conklin prepares to bite the water while Mr. lunch and kibitzers egg Miss Margerum on. Supplement: AVaried Sports V A W- 5 - j,.,-.u-1 V.-ff. qu- ' 45':gi xX'i 9' H - A ' 'hi X ,L ' ' L - ' I A- 110' I 1 .-fi' U I 'pg E E plxk. -1' I ' , '- - W., :1.:lJ!!!4 p1,JgE5 , -:L ,Z'5,y-' ig' ., . ,if ,,,,.,,.-p - , -- -, ,f 1- .- ff-f p -' .f '11 pf Ili 1 - f , 220' Wllllllllllllllllllllllzw ' p. ,:-, td., ' .1 , 423 fZ Q :i JZ..-I fr QQ - .:. V- I4 ,.i ::,! 's in i fir- J,,-A A511 ' V 1 4U .LQ 2' ff ,-4-' 78 Program X Life at Abington was highlighted by an important supplement to its educational program-sports. We can always be proud of our athletes and teams because they stand for the ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. With the long line of sports we have at our disposal, almost everyone can compete on at least one athletic team. This com- pletes the circle of high school life, balancing mental activities with physical endeavor for every student so inclined. The community shared with us our fine new facilities. Every day and evening when school was not in session, township citizens and guests could be seen coming to our natatorium and gym. The parking lot was rarely deserted while Abingtonians utilized to the fullest extent our comprehensive school and community service center. Many great athletes of yesterday and today believe that sports are a great converter of men from boys, and women from girls. With our excellent facilities, Abington is doing its share making these conversions. 79 Ghost Gridclers Give Cheltenham 35W t4 ., L -33. .' I tabovej Varsity Football Team: fleft to rightj Back Row: Coaches Mr. Smith, Mr. Schneller, C. Hafer, I. Kaal R. Mt-dvedick, H. Sherry, A. Luseh, S. Rhoads, I. Garbutt, R. Davis, R. Wilkinson, H. Gegler, R. Buck, W. Miller. Coat-hes Mr. Pawling and Mr. Carroll. Front Row: Mgr. I. Cassidy, I. Castle, A. Schall, R. Iadiek, S. W. Mial, R. Mt-Minn, R. Snyder, C. Ruzicka, C. Holmes, B. Uhlrich, R. Armstrong, I. Brackin, T. Bowden, S. Washington, W. Ilambrecht, C. Fisher, Mgr. Hard charging, running, blocking, and tackling highlighted the high scoring games of Abingtonis '56 football season. Although only winning three contests, the Ghosts' were out fighting for every point they could get. Head mentor Carroll was ably backed by his assistants, Schneller, Pawl- ing, and Smith, who coached the team into a brilliant start by winning the first three out of four games. However, plagued by injuries in the latter part of the season, the Ghosts maintained their lighting spirit and determination. With the big line strengthened by Iadick and Holmes, quarterback Steve Rhoads and his fellow ball carriers were able to get loose on long runs which helped the Abington cause. Despite some disappointments we will long remember our loss to Chelten- ham in the seasonis traditional game by the narrow margin of one touchdown. 80 Cto the leftj Allen Luseh and Walt Hambrecht take a potential taekler out of the play, as Castle cuts inside. fbelowj Ieff Castle pours on his tre- mendous speed leaving the Clippers of Chester in the dust. 5 5 N002 Q QM ya' 4 Close Contest .fa J J ' H11 4 'Qi Q. Lv? v-.V 'if - .ti . mil, gg. 'jf .5 9.3 , yn . s ,gf ,x.vmux, .Ari gpg 1 x -14 'Q ' Q ty K ,,Mq,,h 'YYY ' . ' 'ts . . I . ,y .15 ,gf - . f. yr' 3 fi xt ' -4-4 A 2 T . X ' x cis , ,ti- Qt mm.. Q p X Q - , L... V , A , 27' S. . ' Q , - - , ms ,. Q ,Q . . Q .-.. N 5 N, R 4 .. .2 ' f ,, H .7 , .MIA -'gm-QQ-s s . .. , -wigpgki. . 'Ik e ef-fp ' A 'Mfw--Qaw isis. iif'ff. sF' f t ' x Q ' U 3 it ts:i:5s3stis-sa ws? x 1 . s r w e Mis'-w f V J -' . . f ' - sf 'AQWQY Q 'Gag-'..t IlbfE:1LfFffF-sfo.. xi. 3 ,lS.-gum: Y m ifsi Cabovej Leaving would-be taeklers behind, Castle skirts lelt end. Abington was well backed by student partieipationg here the Qbelowj Carl Lewis gets 'set to receive a Steve Rhoads pass. erowtl gives out with a two bits cheer. SCOREBOARD Abington . ,.,.,. ., .. .,., . Upper Moreland 7 Abington ,..,... Central 14 Abington .,.. I laverlord 26 Abington ..,.. Norristown 6 Abington ,.,.. ....... R idley Twp. 7 Abington .,,.. Lower Mcrion 27 Abington ..... ..,.,. C hester 21 Abington Upper Darby 33 Abington ...,. Cheltenham 7 tlselowj Washington's oil' again as Walt Ilambreeht clears the way. Qbelowj Sam Washington brings down a Chester carrier as Tracy Bowden and Carl llolmes follow. f i - N ' M 'R A ltilxjii. . - ' .-. of 5 -niet? ir 'ly If f ' xg' X-YR, A A M was .N ...wtf ,338 wwf. wwf A N' ' - N- UA- . 'et 1 .Q5 'll , . , , Q i . . X .g wi, x Q N1 N, N.. A t K, X I i ' ii . t - b ' ' ft, sr-5 'A A., . ,A s V . . A ' ' A 1 3 1 . ' tf ' , 5.52 . .5.,i,.g.94,t kg .3 N., Q -Q ' . as ,X 3, -s .A X. .. n . F I-tl ,4 , was 5 f eg 5 5 S1 V - , ...1xp..f - 7 ff, 'si' l. s l'l f. s- 1- ' , , ' if .. X si M 'tlgffi . will 2-'fs if .3 . Et 2 ' , view: m g.' 3m ... - mo Wt.. fr -, ,www Y.. . P V115 1.V. Football 1956: Buck Row: Cleft to rightj Mr. Smith, W. Buckivaltcr, R. Guyn, M. Lizzio, I. Strickland, M. White, I. Walsh, A. Dennig, S. Telkins, l.. Poe, I. Mcssino, Shorb, 1. Burroughs, I.. Newcomb, lf. Bcckcrich, Mr. Paxvling, M. Rhoads. Front Row: W. Barth, R. Seiter, Stevenson, M. Walton, R. Telkins, T. Helvcston, T. Bunting, M. Hodgson, W, Kaighn, D. Lee, W. Roberts, U. West. .V. Trounccs Traditional Rival The j.V. Football team is of significance in that it is a major supplement to the football program of Abington High School. Without boys to follow in the footsteps of the present varsity team, aggressive and well trained football squads could not represent the Maroon and White every year. The team of 1956 played a full schedule of nine games, losing Hve, winning three, with one game, the Ridley Township game, cancelled. We must congratulate the l.V. team upon their win with Cheltenham. However, the number of games won or lost is not as important as the experience the boys of the junior Varsity added to their playing skills. Thus, with our active j.V. Football program we hope to pre- Students chat by the Dog House 1 . pare future material to represent Abington High School on the gridiron with confidence that they can emulate the traditions of Abington's sportsmanship and success set forth by every team of the past. SCOREBOARD Abington O ..... ...,.. . .. .,.,. .. Upper Dublin 7 Abington 26 , Lincoln 7 Abington 13 .....,.,.,.,.. .. ...., Haverford 3-l Abington 20 .. .,... .,.. . Norristewn 6 Abington-Cancelled. ,. .. Ridley Township-Cancelled Abington 6 . ..... . ,, .. Lower Merion 20 Abington 0 ., ....,. - Chester 30 Abington 0 .,.... . .. Upper Darby I2 Abington 18 .. .. Cheltenham I2 Touchdown Abington! 'Zi .M -et A .t diff li? Witt . ' 'I , 5 Harriers Crack Springfield Streak SCOREBOARD Abington 29 ...........,.....,...........,......... North Penn 25 V Abington 40 ............,.....,.................... Haverford I5 Abington 30 ...,.. ...,...,, C hester 25 Abington 19 ....,.. .,..,..,. U pper Darby 37 Abington 20 ..,.... ......,.. C heltenham 38 Abington 20 ..,.... ......... C entral 35 Abington 27 ....... .. ....,, Springfield 28 X Abington 24 ....... .......,. Lo wer Merion 32 Abington 24 ....... .,.,..... N orristown 32 Abington 19 ...,,,. ......,.. R idley Twp. 42 Abington 35 ..,.... ..,...... S pringfield 20 Abington 15 ,...... .. ....., George School 40 Abington 19 . ............ .,.......,.,...,.,....,. P lymouth- At the beginning of the Cross Country season in Sep- tember it appeared as if Abington would be represented by a strong running team. The five top men on the team were running close together or more or less in a group which in Cross Country is one of the first things the coach looks for to determine the team's strength. Besides this, there were additional boys running at the heels of these boys. But as the season began and Abington lost three out of its first five meets some of the team's enthusiasm died out. Beginning its sixth meet with a 1-4 record the team overwhelmed the Cheltenham Panthers and its next five rival teams also to leave its record standing at 7-4. This proved to be the main drive of the team and it'once more rearranged the tcam's outlook toward Dist. I Meet McDowell in Action! Doyle Sets Blistering Pace! Whitemarsh 43 - 3rd the rest of the season. Completing their list of duel meets C14 in numberj by overpowering Plymouth-Whitemarsh the team pre- pared for the District Meet. This meet is held at Cobbs Creek Golf Course where the boys run a distance of over 215 miles. It is the big meet of the season with 22 teams represented. Here Abington placed third of the 22, outrunning three teams that had previously defeated Abington. The I.V. also placed third. Among the duel meets the one that stands out most is the one with Springfield. Running on the Spring- field course, Abington came out on top thus ending a 20 meet winning streak that Springfield proudly boasted of. Cross Country Team: Qleft to rightj Back Row. Mr. Naumann, R. Farren, D. Stalker, D. Hall, R. Thompson, I. Musket, R. Hogg, Mgr., I. Cassidy, Mgr. Front Row: R. Ford, G. Gunn, I. Stocker, G. Basset, R. Ianieri, P. Mac- Kay, F. McDowell, T. Manns, R. Swift. .iw ,gm Y 41.1 Varsity Soccer: Back Row: fleft to rightj Fenninger, C. Finke, C. Haier, I. Sweet, I. Nletzgar, T. Ertle,,B. Mahner. Front Row: C. Sherno, C. Pickwell, I. Stith, C. Pfalcr, T. Stoltz, C. VanBuskirk, N. Pietrzak, P. Kreisel. Booters Bat: Mean Ball VARSITY SOCCER Lcd by the inspired play ol George Iungles, Terry Stoltz, Captain Charles Sherno, and the high scoring of Robert Fer- nandez. Abington's soccer team had one ol the finest records in recent years. Due to lack ol team experience the booters had only a mediocre start. But any shortcomings in experi- ence were soon offset hy the marvelous spirit which prevailed among Coach Cantt's team. The Ghosts were in contention lor the Suburban Championship until the last games of the season. Adding an international flavor to the team was the presence ol Berhard lVlahner, our exchange student from the Kant Ciynniasiunl in Berlin. SCOREBOARD Abington l .. ,.., .,., ,,., ,,..,. . . .,., ....., .,... . . . .. .. North Penn 1 Abington 2 ....,.. ,..,..,,. C entral 5 Abington 0 , ,... .. Lincoln 2 Abington 0 , . ....,.., Delhass 1 Abington it ,. .... .... . . Pennsbury 0 Abington l ., ..... .. Cheltenham 0 Abington 2 . ..,..,.. Upper Darby 2 Abington '3 . .,..., ........ R idley Twp. 0 Abington 0 . .....,.. Lower Mcrion 1 Abington l , . ,..., . Haverford 0 Abington 4 . .,,.,,.. Cheltenham 3 Abington 0 ...., .. Upper Darby 2 Abington 5 , , .....,.. Ridley Twp. 3 Abington 'B . , .,.,.,.. Alumni l Abington tl Lower Mcrion 2 Abington U .. ,, Haverford l Abington l ,. . Mastbaum 0 Abington l ., .. Pcnnsbury 0 Abington 0 . . Ceorgc School l 84 George jungles saves another potential goal. SCOREBOARD Abington .......... ..... ,.,..................... ,...,........,.,.,........,.. C e n tral Abington Lincoln Abington Delhaas Abington Cheltenham Abington Upper Darby Abington Ridley Twp. Abington Lower Merion Abington Haverford Abington Cheltenham Abington Upper Darby Abington Lower Merion Abington Haverford Abington Norristown Abington l ...., ..,...... M astbaum 3 Abington 3 .......... ........, G eorge School 3 Abington l .,... .,..,,,.. H averford School 3 Loquacious and whistling Terry Stoltz led the boosters to several inspired victories. In the season's opener the Ghosts and North Penn fought on even terms to a one to one tie. Defeating Cheltenham and Ridley Township twice, the Ganttmen placed third in Suburban One competition with a 5-4-l record. In addition the booters conquered the Alumni by 3-l count. Late in the season the Ghosts sparkled on defense, holding both Mastbaum and Pennsbury scoreless. while picking up one counter to gain their brilliant victories. I , . , - , , 1 I l ,. .V. Soccer: Buck Row: Cleft to rightj Mr. Beaver R. Bender C. Ripley C. Brackin Nl. Swabb T. Little, R. Reconnu, C. Bassett, R. Whetherhold, R. Breeding, . Farroll, .l-lughes, B. Rodgers, P. Brackin, F. Rauke. Front Row: B. Kester, R. Harwood, I. Troup, I. Volpe, S. Durst, F. Rappaport, D. Wright, B. Yost, W. Schimtz. 85 F 1 - ' '10 V-,V 'W Q '5,u ,N Q... os... W ' ., ' -. 'Tr JI ' -1 'Frm 1 .nv- M . v..?u.::g, sf Cirls' llot-key team: Back Row: tlelt to rightj Miss Christman, B. Stoltz, B. llitehner, Cimpel, M, llouse. M. liritler, C. llarlter, l,, Staats, S. Comberg, B. Srnerlxe, Toothill, lfngelbrinli, ll. liitldle, V. Thomas, Carlson, Miss Margertnn. lllirlrllr' Row: llrown, B. lfewis. A. llellrieh, li. Young, l,. Kaighn. C. Koenig, NV. llolmes, Nl, Albertelli, V. lloeteh, ll Niekles, K. Kaullman, ll. Thompson, C. Cunningham, C. Lyons. Front Row: C. Klenlt, lf. Strobel, I. Young, C. Iohnson, I. Braunworth, I. Ritter, C. Coetz, Magee, l,. lleehinger, F. VVarner, 1. Snellen- burg. Crhostettes have Pratseworth Season llarbara Thompson lines up lor a goal. 'l'his year's girls' hoekey has set an admirable reeord lor all luture teams to emulate. lVliss Hazel Christrnan, eoaeh and advisor lor the girls, led them to victory with her expert eoaehing and understanding. Connie Cun- ningham, the capable captain, gave the team spirit and inspiration. With the assistance ol Barbara Thompson, Indy Cimpel, Kay Kaullman, and our only varsity soph- omore, Carole johnson, we succeeded in winning four 8f SCOREBOARD Abington 0 . . Central Bucks l Abington 2 ,. .. Ambler l Abington 2 , .. Ienlcintown 1 Abington S . ,. ., ,. Plymouth- Whitemarsh U Abington U . ,. Lower Merion 2 Abington l . . Norristown 3 Abington il .. ., ,. Cheltenham 1 Abington 2 . Springlield 5 i Connie Cunningham, senior eaptain. sninies 1 mean stick. out ol' eight games, a line reeord. Alter a slow beginning with Central Ruelas. the hoekeyettes', made a notable comeback in seoring 2 to l against both Ambler and Jenkintown. 'l'he margin raised to 5 to 0 in the Plymonth-Whitemarsh match with a setback from Lower Nlerion, ln their traditional rivalry with Cheltenham, the girls eame oll seeond best to split their season lour to four. Silt JRIZBOARIJ K' Abington 'fl George School -lil , :Xbington llfl llaverford -16 v Abington SS Coatesville I7 txlllllllflill -lil Norristown 26 Abington SS Lincoln 17 Abington ill Lower Merion -lil Abington -I7 Upper Darby IIS d s 5 Aquamaids Nancy Hislop. Indy Keppler, Wendy llolmes, and Nancy Volk get oll' on a Abington l'ilClI1Q' Staff. i The N56-57 Cirls' Swimming Team was the best -' team Abington has had in several years. Our new pool was a contributing factor to this year's successful four to three season . All of the meets were held in the Il C VV pool. The girls placed second in the district swimming meet. Abington took a first in the back stroke and a first in medley relay, a second in the free style relay and a third in diving. The sophomores composed the greater part of this year's squad. Iudy llerbicek. a sophomore, has been undefeated in the back stroke. The team is hoping to improve further next year with the X QEEQ help again of their coach, Miss Clark, and the new pool. Cami Wagmr performs H hack dm., 'l'he Girls Swimming 'l'eam: tlelt to rightj Back Row: N. Arntlt, Reinnehl, S. Sclierr, C. Spindell. Tlifrtl Role: N. Volk, Lyons, B. B0l7l7ll' l5NHlf'l7 lNl4 l'ml 'l-T5 l 'Um 1110 P l 115 llllly Strong, C. Dennis, M. Anderson, 1. liareuther. Scennrl Row: P. l,ehrnan. l'lC1'hicL'ls. Miss Clark. and l.ynn Bradbury clleck I'. lfite, C. VVagner, A. lliesingcr. I. Peterson. llerbicek, Clement, her time. lf. Keppler, l.. VViley. Front Role: Boothioyd, Kleinfeldcr, W. , llolmes, I. ljaden, N. llislop, I. judge, Keppler, L. Roland, Ober- lioltfer. li. lfngelhrink. 87 Courtmen Provide XVinding up their schedule with a respectable Hlth place slot in the Suburban One Stand- ings. Abington! Boys' Basketball Team split even, 7-7, in league competition, while winning l4 and losing lil over all. Senior lim Bohr was the high scorer for Coach Vernard Fegley's five with 371 points lor the year, Steve Hhoads, runner-up in the scoring eolumng Sam Washington, chief rebounder for the Cfourtmenl Charles Donaldson and lohn Brackin all did a fine job for the Fegleymen. I. Stumlintz: M. Kesler, j. Bohr, B. Brown, I. Braekin, C. Donaldson, S. Washington, S. Rhoads, R. Kauffman, I. Mt-txgar, ll Kane, Coach Feglcy. Kneeling: A. Sehawb, P. Zimmerman, Cl. Smith, S. Wl1itt'ztx'age, V. lfegley, If. Raulve, P. Bondi, I. Hughes. 'Dot- Donaldson drives through scattered Orange and Blat-k Garnett goes through as Kaullman and Donaldson look hope opposition to rack up two more rallies. fully on. 88 Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington 41 34 39 33 28 38 35 60 32 46 I.V. SCOREBOARD VVilson Borough 37 Central 35 Pennsbury 43 Bensalem 38 Upper Dublin 4l Plymouth- Whitemarsh 20 Lincoln 46 Cheltenham 25 Chester 50 Lower Merion 43 Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington 34 26 39 37 4 1 25 36 37 49 32 32 Winter Thrills VARSITY SCOREBOARD Abington 39 .......,.............,.. Wilson Borough 35 Abington 49 Upper Darby Abington 50 ................,....... Central 67 Abington 45 Haverford Abington 52 ...,.........,.....,.... Pennsbury 58 Abington 59 Ridley Twp. Abington 62 ...,........,..,........ Bensalem 47 Abington 46 Norristown Abington 55 .,....,................. Upper Dublin 41 Abington 76 Cheltenham Abington 5l ..... - .,,..,.,...,..... Plymouth- Abington 55 Chester Whitemarsh 40 Abington 51 Lower Merion Abington 68 ..,...........,..,...... Alumni 66 Abington 64 Upper Darby Abington 50 ..,....,..,,...,........ Lincoln 64 Abington 59 Haverford Abington 49 .....,,.,...........,... Cheltenham 44 Abington 49 Ridley Twp. Abington 4l .............,.......... Chester 66 Abington 53 Norristown Abington 43 ......,.,...,.,...,..... Lower Merion 49 Sam drops in 2 against the Central Mirrors Upper Darby Haverford Ridley Twp. Norristown Cheltenham Chester Lower Merion Upper Darby Haverford Ridley Twp. Norristown The Ghosts' conquest of the formidable Lower Merion team, 51-44, on the loser's court high- lighted the season's action. lim Bohr netted 28 gi points in the upset. The Hoopers will also enjoy 17 recalling their double defeat of arch rival Chelten- 52 ham, and their victory in the four-school Lions 40 Christmas Tourney. 51 This year will be remembered by Abington for ig the retirement of Venard Fegley, coach of the 53 Basketmen for the past five years. Mr. Fegley 30 will now devote more time to his busy guidance 34 schedule. Standing: Coach Schneller, R. Monte, W. Hall, M. Rhoads, R. Wetherhold, L. Pohe, T. Bowers, R. Metzgar, A. Roman, M. West. R. Brecht. Kneeling: A. Wenzel, R. Armstrong, D. Reconnu, I. Sweet, I. Brown, I. Slobojan. xXll6f0 13 ' 89 vf' Girls' Iunior Varsity Basketball: Back Row: Qleft to rightj B. Lewis, V. Mel,aine, G. Klenlx. D. Braunworth. K. Kauffman, C. Cunningham, B. Smerke, V. Thomas, I. Lulkin, D, Nickles. Mgr., I. Beber, B. Blizzard. Front Row: I. Cagno, V. Boetch, B. Biddle, I. Hovis, I. Englebrink. I. White, V. Hornbaker, P. Patton, I. Toothill, D. Snyder, L. Schaeller, A. Meitzner. Basketeers Meet One Defeat All of us will remember the excitement and vigor that X our girls' basketball teams supplied us with. They , played hard with an economy of motion. There was always a spirit of good sportsmanship and fairplay showed in all their contests. Our high seorers this sea- son were Carolyn Seeburger and Judy Gimpel who, with the help of Anne Helfrich and Louise Newmark-our two leading junior players- scored point after point to bring the team to victory status time alter time. We must also remember Beth Hitehner, Joanne Meyer- and.Cknoh:johnson--sophonunes,fortheh Hne urwk as guards 90 IUNIOR VARSITY SCOREBOARD Abington .................... ,,..,....,......,.,...........,..., , .. ,.,..,. Ambler Abington ......,....,.. ........ ..,...,.,....,. . . . .... .... . .. Plymouth-Whitemarsh Abington ..,,...., . Cheltenham Abington ...,..... ,. , Norristown Abington ......... ..,..,.,.. C entral Bucks Abington ,....,.,. .. Ienkintown Abington ......... ,...,. Upper Dublin Abington ..... ... .. r Springheld Abington ., Camden Catholic Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Carole johnson and Anne llellrieh watch apprehensively while Brenda Rawlings keeps Indy Uimpel from making basket at- tempted on opposite page. VARSITY SCOREBOARD ., .. ., . Ambler 29 Plymouth-VVhitemarsh 24 ,, ., Radnor 24 .. Cheltenham 29 . ,, Norristown 36 , . Central Bucks 38 .. . Ienkintown 28 Upper Dublin 17 . . .. Springlield 23 , Camden Catholic 44 lVliss jane Oswald, the teamis coach, was paramount in helping our team achieve its vie- tories. A graduate of Beaver College, she has coached our team sinee 1954, when she first eame to Abington High School. As we look baelc on this year's sports, we will all remember the work ol our girls as well as we will the football or soeeer players, and we'l1 thank them for the fine reputation they have helped maintain lor Abington. Varsity Girls' Basketball Team: tlelt to rightj Carole Iohnson. Iucly Cimpel. Beth Ilitehner, Carolyn Seeberger, Aliee Coupe: us, Louise Newmark, Brenda Rawlings, Anne Helfrich. 91 4 Q A Wrestling Team: Back Row: Cleft to rightj R. Kent, C. Douris, C' Marks, I- TYOUP, Rf Farrvl. W- MCCUY, D- VVeher, II. Lcntz, N. Lemon. Front Row: R. Darden, W. Schmidt, W. Ayers, R. Ewer. F. Myers, R. Peirson, R. Zupkus, K. Orr, M. Taylor, G. Tappert, C. Durst. Grapplcrs Boast Two Champs While they won only one team encounter, Abington's mat- men sent two representatives to the districts where they did an admirable job. Senior Ronnie Weber and junior Walt lVlcCoy won their championship matches at Upper Darby thereby securing crowns in their weight divisions- 145 and 154 lbs. respectively. The grapplers' one league victory came against Spring- field, Delaware County, where senior lettermen, Ronnie Weber. and Gordon Clinchard scored pins with several of their underclassmen. The Ghosts dropped a most exciting match at Cheltenham by a slim margin. lVlr. Thomas Bannan of the Ifnglish Department coached the squad this year. Alter the retirement of Glenn Snodgrass from his coaching duties at the end ol last year, Mr. Bannan moved up from his assistant position to head mentor of the Abington grap- plers. lVlr. l.ewis Capaldi is new this year as our assistant wrestling coach. This year's sophomores -including Wayne Schmidt who reached the semifinals in the Suburban meet- make prospects lor next year excellent. 92 Boys go through their paces in order to improv their holds and correct their errors. Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington Abington SCOR IEBOARD Delhaas Upper Darby Cheltenham Springlield tdel. L Haverford Lansdowne-Aidan I.ower Merion Norristown Ron Weber and Walt Mt-Coy, our Iwo Subum Champs. demonstrate their ability to Mr. Bannan tl team coach. Sharpshooticrs Have Splendid Season Rill c Team: Buck Roic: tleft to rightj Mr. David Clark, Iohn Tarman, Philip Clark, Robert Graham, Iohn Mont- gomery, Thomas Simpson, Burton Ritchie, Ramona Nealon, Lovell-Ann ffrear, Ioan Travilla. it Gill. Tom Simpson, and james' Stith take their time 1 they prepare to Iire. George Smith, Mr. Clark and lack Montgomery, and Marnie Brown check their preceding stints. SCOREBOARD Abington 433 .. .. Ambler 461 Abington 488 . , .. Central Bucks 495 Abington 4812 . .. Malvern Prep 4711 Abington 435 . , ., Quakertown 492 Abington 491 . llpper Dublin -IST Abington 489 , Ambler 481 Abington 439 .. . Central Bucks 496 Abington 499 , ,...,.... Malvern Prep 472 Abington 496 , . . Quakertown 495 Abington 496 . Upper Dublin 485 Abington 492 Southern Lehigh 455 Abington 438 . ,. . Southern Lehigh 455 Abingtonis rifle squad presented the school with a fine record ol' seven wins to three defeats in league competition. As a result they captured the second place spot in the Northern Division of the Suburban Philadelphia Intcrscholastic Rifle Association and were bettercd only by the aggregation from Central Bucks. At the close of the season coach David Clark chose three members of the team to participate in the Individual Championships held at Monsigneur Bonner High School. Ioan Gill and Phil Clark succeeded in carrying away fourth and seventh places in this meet with scores of 1200 and I99, respectively. Although Phil Young did not place, he achieved a very high score of 198. Out of I0 medals awarded at the championships, Abington took two, A total of 35 boys and 18 girls participated in rifle this year making it a major sport and giving some students who cannot parti- cipatc in a contact sport a chance to represent their school and earn a varsity letter. With the squad losing only three members by gradu- ation next year's Rifle should have a championship season. rt A-'S I.. Frear, B. Ritchie, P. Clark, A. Epting, I. Cill, T. Simpson, Stith, and I. Tarman set their sights on the photographer while C. Smith, I. Montgomery, Mr. Clark, M. Brown. and R. Craham watch intcntively. 93 CHAMPIONSHIP SWIMMERS Pawling's paddlers have a right to be proud of their record this year. They finished their season with a 16 win and no loss record clinching the Suburban Swim Championship, and then went on to beat Coatsville in the District One swim championships to win the Dis- trict One title. A The toughest meets were the two Cheltenham Meets which the paddlers won because of their depth. In these meets the boys were behind going into the relays but pulled out to win both relays and clinch the meets. Pawling's Paddlers boasted of the sprint power in free-style of Bob Tomlinson and Carl Meitzner while Iohn Clement paced a very fast 200. Breaststrokers Tompkins and Abramson bettered last year's winning time in state championships but were only 2nd and 3rd in the district. Backstroker Glenn Wilson proved his power in the districts with a second place, and divers Sautter and Ruzicka dove to honors. First Row: F. Davey, D. Booth, C. Hafer, A. Lusch, G. Hafer, R. Tomlinson, C. Meitzner, R. DeFlavis. Second Row: B. Vande- grift, D. Towner, W. Graver, F. Bridge, R. Sullivan, R. Stover, S. Downing, R. Schemm, D. Tjaden. Third Row: R. Bubeck, R. The pride of this year's paddlers was the 200 medley relay team of Wilson. Abramson, Tomlinson. and Meitzner. The boys won the District 200 medley break- ing the old district record by 8 seconds. The medal winners in District One for Abington were: Bob Tomlinson--second in 50 yd. free with C25.3j, Lee Tomkins-second l00 yd. butterlly C66.l5, Carl Meitzner-first 100 yd. free in C5655 fnew pool recordj, and Iohn Clement-third 100 yd. free C591 Glenn Wilson-second in l0O yd. back f65.6j, Iohn Clement-second 200 yd. free C2:l5J, Chubby Ruzicka -second in diving and Don Sautter-third in Medley relay CWilson, Abramson, Tomlinson, Meitzner! first 11:51.53 new District and pool record. Davison, P. Vestal, 'l'. Bunting, D. Sautter, I. Clement, R. Kolb, I. Deutsch. Fourth Row: Coach C. Pawling, W. Krauss, P. Abramson, L. Tompkins, G. Wilson, C. Ruzicka, W. McCoy. YVith a hop skip and a lump the terrific trio of Sautter Ruzicka and Bridge test their technique. Sophomore Doug Tjaden, who made a good showing in the 100 yd. backg Dick Schemm, who swam a fast 200 freestyle, and Bob Tomlinson, the fabulous man in the dolphin leg of the Medley Relayg along with Iun- iors: Glenn Wilson, our backstroke star, Don Sautter, the man on the spring board, and Ioel Deutsch, an up and coming breaststrokerg will help to give our boys power in next year's season. SCOREBOARD Abington ..,............ 41 Haddon Heights 35 Abington ..... - ..,..... Abington ........... ,.. P. S. Du Pont ...........,...,..... Norristown ..... . ..... 35 38 Abington ..,............ Merchantville .......,.......... 31 Abington ............... Moorestown ................. t ..... 35 Abington ............... Camden County 29 Abingwn- Lincoln ................. . .... - ......,.... 29 Abington ............... Cheltenham ........... . ........... 35 Abington ..... - ........ George School .............,..,. 27 Abington .........,..,.. Eddystone ........ 17 Abington ..... . .... -.. Abington ............... Central H. S. .................... . Norristown ..... . .................... 37 26 Abington ............... George School ..... . .... - ..... 23 Abington. Cheltenham ................. -...- 32 Abington ............... Eddystone ..... . ....................... 15 Abington DISTRICT CHAMPS 74 Coatsville sm Diamondeers Pitch for Title Boys' Baseball Team: Back Row: fleft to rightj Coach Paul Beaver, C. Denning, B. Archer, E. Wilds, B. Myers, I. Ventresca, B. Seider, F. Brennan, I. Hoult, R. Carrison, T. Bowers, B. Miller, I. McClelland, D. Wright, C. Brackin. W. Ramho. Third Row: Mgr. C. Fisher, Farqrel, Stith, I. Cassidy, I. Parkhouse, F. Raub, R. Wetherholcl, R. llower, H. Clark, S. Elms, C. Dorris. Second Row: P. Brackin, T. Farrel, T. Houser, M. Wert, C. Tappert, I. Clark, I. Slohojan, I. Rantz, B. Craver. Front Row: B. Swift, D. Kane, B. Reimenschneider, S. Mesaros, A. Fuss- ltauer, C. Donaldson, D. Chadwick, R. Craezyk, B. Mr-Minn, W. Houser, Coach George Erb. S' 5 it t P Coach Erb instructs fasthaller, Al lfasshauer 2 X. t if fuer Bob lVlcMinn keeps a keen eye on the ball while Don Kane l hopes for a strike. 96 .fi ag., , ' , Shortstop, Steve Mesaros, puts the tag on Charles Donaldson as Coach Erb observes. Looking on are Iohn Clark, Tom Little, Don Kane, Larry Diloseph, Bob McMinn, A1 Fasshauer, Ron Graczyk, Iohn Brackin, and Bob Swift. Big Leftie, Doc Donaldson' throws hard against oppo- sition. S Coach Erb's nine appears headed for one of the most successful campaigns since the 1948 championship team. After dropping an early season opener to Central 6-5, the Ghosts proceeded to capture four victories in a row over Lincoln, Norristown, Upper Darby, and Ridley Township. Doc Donaldson led the Ghosts' pitching staff with three nifty mound victories. Leading batsmen include Iohn Brackin, Bob lVlclV1inn, and Carl Holmes. Early highlights of the season include Charles Donaldson's one-hit shutout, john Brackin's 3 for 3, a triple and two singles, Bob lVlc1V1inn's 3 for 4, and Ron Graczyk's homer. The lineup usually follows as such: Steve Mesaros, shortstop, Bob Swift or Larry Diloseph, second base, Carl Holmes, catcher, john Brackin, first base, Bob McMinn, third baseg Bill Reimenschneider, center field, Bill Houser, left field, and Charles Donaldson, pitcher. Other hurlers include fastballer Alfie Fasshauer, Tom Little, and leftie Dave Chadwick. SCOREBOARD Mar. 26 Central ............ ........,...... H ome Apr. 22 Chester ....,.......,...,............... Away Mar. 28 Central ........... ..,........,.... A way Apr. 25 Lower Merion Home Apr. 1 Lincoln ....,...... .,.......,...... A way May 2 Cheltenham ...............,.. Home Apr. 3 Lincoln .,....,.......,................., Home May 6 Upper Darby ,.,................. Away Apr. 4 Delhaas ,.,........ . .........,....,..... Away May 9 Norristown .........,.....,........ Away Apr. 5 Upper Moreland ....,..,. Home May 13 Ridley Twp. ....,.....,.......... Home Apr. 8 Upper Darby .................. Home May 16 Haverford ..,.,...............,,..... Away Apr. 11 Norristown ..,...,...........,.,.., Home May 20 Chester ...,.....,...........,..,..,..... Home Apr. 15 Ridley Twp ........,...........,.... Away May 23 Lower Merion ........,...... Away Apr. 18 Haverford ...,..,.,............,..... Home May 27 Cheltenham .............,.....,. Away 97 ilinkstersv Tee Off to Successful Season May l Dave Watson watches flight of ball with coneem during practice shot. Abington Senior High School put forth in 1957 one of its best golf teams in recent years. The capable direc- tions of Mr. Brunner supported by the ability, experi- ence, and mental attitudes of the boys, formed the mould of a championship squad. lVlost important of all, however, to the success of the golf team was the access of the challenging Huntingdon Valley Country Club Course, a privilege offered to few high school teams. Mr. Brunner, foreseeing a good season, made a special effort to schedule skilled opponents. Such teams as Penn Charter, Haverford School, Norristown, Lower Merion, Central, and Cheltenham provided the keen competition which the Ghost golfers deserved. Bill The Golf Team: Cleft to rightj Top Row: Coach E. A. Brunner, Athletic Director Raymond Coleman, B. Miller, B. Hyndman, D. Watson, D. Brandon, D. Bourne, C. Sherno. Bottom Row: I. Hughes, R. Omtan, R. Donoto, P. Bondi, M. Rhoads, G. Royle. SCOREBOARD 'F Apr. 18 Haverford ...,.............. Home Apr. 22 Lower Merion ........, Home Apr. 26 Penn Charter ......... Home Apr. 29 Norristown ............... Home Conestoga ............,.. Home May 3 Cheltenham ,..,.....,. Away May 6 Lower Merion ......... Away May 10 Central .............,......,... Home May 13 Norrlstown ...,.....,.,... Away May 17 Dist. Champ. May 20 Cheltenham ,...,..,.... Home May 24 State Champ. May 25 State Champ. X Bill Hyndman shows excellent carry through form. Hyndman, Philadelphia Iunior Runner-Up in 1956, Dave Watson, one of the three boys from the Philadel- phia area to play in the U.S.C.A. National Iunior Championships in 1956, and other experienced boys in- cluding Ielf Hughes, George Royle, Dave Bourne, Doug Brandon, Pete Bondi, Mike Rhoads, Ioe Donato, Bill Miller, and Chuck Sherno, rounded out the 1957 golfing squad of Abington High. These ironswingers joined together in forming a team with exceptional ability for the high school level in this sport. For this reason, a possible championship was foreshadowed, and the team gained everyone's support in an attempt to achieve this goal. Mike Taylor clears the pole for another Abington first. SCOREBOARD Apr. 2 North Penn ,.,......................... ................. A way Apr. 5 Dobbins ..... . ..... .,.............. H ome Apr. 9 Chester ................. .. .... . ........... Away Apr. 12 Lincoln ,.,,.,.. . ..........,....,......, .... ........... Home Apr. 17 George School ....,...... -. ................ Away Apr. 20 L. Merion Relays ..... , ...... ................. A way Apr. 24 Springfield ..,.....,....,.... .... ...,..,.,,. Home Apr. 26 Penn Relays ...,. , .... - .,.. - ...... ................ A way Apr. 27 Penn Relays ..... . ..., . .... ..- .... .... ..............,.. Away May 1 Ridley Twp.-Haver. .............................. Away May 4 Kiwanis Meet ...,....................... ........... . ..Home May 8 Cheltenham ,.....................,. ............ . .Home May ll Sub. Champ. ........... .................... N or. May 15 Lower Merion ......,., ........,............. H ome May 18 Dist. Champ. ........... ...,.. . ................ - ..U. D. May 25 State Champ. .....,...., .,....,,......,. S tate College George Gunn displays coordination as he runs through practice hurdle. Track Team: Back Row: Cleft to right, Coach Naumann, Assistant Coach Carroll, D. Wolll. G. Bassett, L. Roberts, G. Lange, B. Ulrich, I. Mullaney, D. Snyder, A. Lusch, L. Brown, I. Mitchell, B. Telkins, B. Barth, W. Krauss, G. Clinchard, Managers: D. Hogg, F. Richards. Middle Row: Assistant Coach L. Capaldi, C. Lewis, R. Ward, I. Sweet, B. Davis, I. Sudell B. Mahner, I. Castle, B. Farrens, S. Miles, S. Armstrong, S. Hartin, I. Labo, G. Ruofl, B. Dinkins. Front Row: D. Stalker, M. Taylor, F. McDowell, G. Gunn, D. Doyle, W. Roberts, R. Ianieri, B. Ford, P. MacKay, W. Taylor, M. Ventresca, W. Schmidt. Track and Pic-:ld Events No one will find Abington a push-over this year , track coach, William Naumann, confidently pointed out before the harriers' 13 scheduled tilts. A quick glance at the results of the team's first meet of the spring season would indicate that his statement will be fully justified. The Ghosts scooted the cinders for a 60-53 victory over North Penn, perennial Bux-Mont League Champions. With Fred McDowell running the half mile and Carl Lewis turning the quarter, Mr. Naumann should have few worries. Speedy Dick Doyle should take many firsts in the mile event while his bud- dies, Ieff Castle and George Gunn are hopping the hurdles. Heavy- weights Dick Iadick and Bruce Ulrich can put the shot put fifty feet and should be great assets. Mr. Carroll and Mr. Capaldi are assisting Mr. Naumann this year in javolin, discus throw and shot put events. Carl Lewis rounds curve on a fast quar- ter mile. . Bruce Ulrich hurls shotput. 'SYS X 99 Ready for another tough schedule under the direction of Anton Stanis, the boys' tennis team is pinning its hopes on a nucleus of returning senior lettermen and a host of promising underclassmen. Back from last year's squad, which placed third in the league, are Steve Rhoads, first singles, Iohn Clement, second singles, Charles Ruzieka, third singles, and Guy Fincke, fourth singles. These boys displayed their feats of net Wizardry in two preliminary matches early in the spring. In the first of these, the Lincoln skirmish, Steve Rhoads achieved an impressive victory over Ioe Celis, individual runner-up in last year's Philadelphia Public School tournament C6-8, 7-5, and 6-21. Other wins were scored by Iohn Clement C7-5, 7-555 Charles Ruzieka C6-2, 6-45, and a freshman, Iohn Benus C6-0, 6-23. The doubles team of Scott Downing and Bob Fer- nandez had little trouble downing the Railsplitters 6-2. 6-4, rounding out a good-looking 5-0 shutout. Mike Drought, who journeyed to the State Doubles Cham- pionship with Steve Rhoads last year was unfortunately ineligible this season. Drought had an extremely un- orthodox but effective style. Another memorable spring sporting event was in order when North Penn played host to the galloping netmen of Abington. With the combined talents of Fineke, Downing. Fernandez, Hodgson, Doering, Benus and Van Horn, the home team was unable to capture a single. With such promising junior players as Bill Halbert, Stan Shorb, and Russ Harwood the netmen look forward to a successful 56-57 season with an even better year to follow. Q Boys' Tennis Team: Back Row: fleft to rightj Coach Stanis, P. Kreisel, N. Pietrzak, S. Shorb, G. Fincke, S. Rhoads, M. Hodgson, F. Davey, C. Stewart, A. Doering, A. Pergam. Front Row: C. Ru- zieka, M. Drought, I. Benus, C. VanHom, R. Harwood, R. Fer- nandez, I. Clement, S. Downing. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr Apr. Apr. Apr. May 2 May 6 Tennis Teams Show -..Ks X . A -.ix Ti Iohn Clement displays his back hand foml dur- ing practice match. SCOREBOARD Central ........... , .......... Away Lincoln ................ ........ Lower Merion ........ Haverford ................. Springfield .............. -. Cheltenham ..... . .... Norristown ............... Hill School .............. Home .Home Away .Away Away Home .Away .Away Upper Darby .....,..... Q L May May May May May May May Lans. - Aldan. ..... Home Radnor ............. ........... A way Dist. Singles .............. Nor. Doubles Tournament George School ..... -..Away State Champ. State College State Champ. State College Early Triumph The girls' tennis team coached by Miss Gertrude Herzog had high hopes for a winning '57 season. Although they were hampered at the beginning of the season by bad weather, the netmaids man- aged to pull through for an effective team and season. Led by returning varsity letterwinners Connie Cunningham, Anne Helfrich, Carolyn Seeburger, Iill Childe, and Ioan Benus, the team diligently and spiritedly met their opponents. This year's team set a traditional record in the tennis teams of Girls' Tennis Team: Back Row: Manager I. Miller, E. Schofield, M. K. Boyer, S. Mahon, N. Hislop, V. Archer, L. Iaquet, C. Renz, V. Rom- berg, E. Wiseman, S. Eble, Coach Miss Herzog. Front Row: I. Snellenburg, C. Huebner, D. Czar- necki, C. Cunningham, A. Helfrich, I. Childe, I. Gill, A. Snellenburg. SCOREBOARD Apr. 11 Springfield ...,.....,...........,.,... ....,....... H ome Apr. 15 Lower Merion .........,..,. .......,..... A way Apr. 29 Norristown .,............. ...,......... A way May 2 Conestoga .......,.... ......,...... A way May 6 Upper Darby ........,. .....,.,.,.. H ome May 9 Lans.-Aldan ......... ............, A way May 13 Radnor .............. Home May 22 Haverford ................... ............ H ome May 23 Cheltenham ...,. . ,.,.,. Home Ann Helfrich shows us her championship technique. Abington for our future teams to uphold. With the expert playing of Mary Kay Boyer, Ioan Snellenburg, Sue Mahon, Sue Eble, and Ellyn Wiseman, we hope to see another memorable team. With such expert form Connie Cunningham can not help but win. 101 ,aa i 4 Lacrosse Creates Spring Sensation LaCrosse, a new spring sport introduced to Abington this year by Miss Iane Oswald, has captured the fancy of almost thirty-five girls. These girls worked hard for six weeks to learn the game and its strategy before their first game. When they entered their first game against George School, they knew little as compared to the long years of experience that their opponents had accumulated, but their enthu- siasm and sportsmanship brought them out on top morally in spite of their loss. This spirit never faltered whether the competition was rough or as inexperienced as themselves. Debby Nickles, junior, did a good job as center of this year's team and is expected to carry on as a probable star of next year's varsity team. The seniors responsible for the acceptable record of our first LaCrosse team are: Barbara Rickner, Ellen Beebee, Lynn Yonker, Mary Iane Trout, Ioyce Kraekle, and Beth Hitchner. Carol Iohnson, our star sophomore, seems to be as versitile in LaCrosse as she is in basketball and hockey. Pam Patton, a sophomore attack wing, also did her share in putting the ball into the goal. The 1956-57 LaCrosse team has set a tradition that we hope will be upheld by future teams. LaCrosse is a difficult game, but we hope through years of practice that our team will set records as all our other girls' sports teams and give us another sports team to be truly proud of. Mad scramble is created by Betsy Blizard, and Lynn I I I ' Q 'Wi I , r l l - .Away .Away Home SCOREBOARD Apr. 16 George School ..................,.,.. Apr. 29 Haverford ..........,......................., May 8 Radnor .,.....,......,.. May 13 Ambler .....,,.....,.,....,..................... May 16 May 22 Springfield ...............,.........,...... Ply. - Whitemarsh LaCrosse Team: Back Row: Cleft to rightj B. Rickner, A. Couper- us, R. Sain, I. Bareuther, I. Havi- land, B. Zimmerman, S. Hallam, M. I. Trout, P. Stacy, L. Yonker, Coach Miss Oswald. Second Row: E. Beebee, N. Anderson, V. Teubel, M. Young, I. Lyon, I. Toothill, I. Lufkin, S. Smith, I. Kraekel. Front Row: C. Iohnson. I. Langan, L. Friedrich, P. Pat- ton, L. Hechinger, D. Niclcles, V. Boetsch. Home Away .Away Nancy Anderson and Ginny Teubel Hght for the possession of the ball while Millecent Young and Barbara Zimmerman Hechinger as they draw to begin the game. Come in to give Support, 102 Apr. Apr. May May May May 17 30 2 7 14 22 Softball SCOREBOARD Lansdale .,..................,...,.........,. Away Friends Select .,..............,.....,. Away Hatboro ..... . .,.................,.......,.,,, Home Girls' High .........,..........,..... Home Cheltenham ..,...........,.,.,.,...... Home Upper Moreland ............... Away Ianice Young prepares to swing while Ioan Warburton catches upf' i'Sluggersn Swing Ahead Led by three varsity letterwinnersg slugger, Iudy Gimpel, secondbase woman, Janice Young, and fielder, Elain Eckel, the girls' softball team remained determined for a successful season although the squad was very green . Aided by returnees Kay Kauffman, our varsity pitcher, Barbara Thompson, Ioan Travilla, Carolyn Fox, and Harriet Mayer the team looked toward a favorable season after dropping their first game 14-0 to Lansdale. Although it was difficult to tell, at the beginning of the season, who the stars of the '56-'57 would be, Miss Black made an attempt to test everyone in this game. She watched intentively and chose her first team discriminating between what she thought would be two successful first teams. Friends Select showed promise as a victorious team but the Abingtonians went into the game with determination. Their endeavor was not without result. Rounding out the girls' schedule were Hatboro, Girls High, Upper Moreland, and Cheltenham. I FT Girls' Softball Team: Back Row: Cleft to rightj Coach Miss Black, L. Wiley, R. Thompkins, M. Corbett, D. Derdzinski, B. Woodward, D. Spence, S. Moody, C. Berry, P. Fite, C. Fox, K. Kauffman, I. Gimpel, S. Sudell, E. Eckel, I. Young. Middle Row: A. Garypie, A. Epting, A. Miles, M. Gibboni, G. Williams, D. Braunwarth, V. Saal- frank, M. Phifer, I. Brown, E. Kellogg, H. Kratz, I. Warburton. Front Row: R. Goddard, I. Travilla, C. Goetz, D. Conard, P. Cosgrove, I. Braun, F. Wamer, E. Magee, K. Woodley, B. Shoemaker, G. Oppermann, E. Guza. Q l NY H13 QW' .Q 'T F' ' .f1 r'?'f FQ! -1 -A ,A A ,,l is , mi M Y A M Li' 2 uf is, m KV L11 E L f. EIHTW 1f7x' V.: X X 1-wx' Qafi' f 5 7' fi gl, 2 Lg, TJ . 91,3 ' I ' ' 7 Y x , fsl 'V' ' , 'i iii' lUl-..! i- h 'qQl VT lllll . Q3 '-' 1 Q K WE N 'xV:pr2filv QV-1 ' X 'X ,W ,JV If A 1 'K J 'f . ff? .fx X -4 K fiY,iLJ V i v, Y V , g'fu..:.i4:' f 5 X an 'W-Y , 104 Unite Students The conclusion to our theorem on a successful school year is the spectaculars. Ardent student participation supplemented by faculty and administration assistance, have resulted in memorable occasions during the year at Abington. The cheerleaders, colorguard, baton twirlers, and the band added the dash of color necessary to make our athletic events spirited and unforgettable. Senior play and Gala Night resulted in fun and frolic for the entire school family. Who can forget the tumultuous pep rallies during the football season, and the numerous dances throughout the year? These are, indeed, events which will often be reminisced by many in the years 'to come. These spectacular events are certainly a fit conclusion to our theorem for a well balanced school season. For without dances, plays, and talent shows -our clubs, academic activities, and athletics on the school calendar would be far from complete. We sincerely hope the sophomores, juniors, and future students of Abington will strive to keep up the tradition and continue to present these spectacular events in the countless years to come. 105 2 .al 'sal s 5 it t i if 'I- ' ' , f 'et A A - 1, A ,, J H V' - 2 . ' .. ' . 1 vs 1' iw. iahfrmf., W V -f t 'P , A- . 'B - - . WXWW- ,QL -Q. ' ' -avi' V , .7 ts., , ,, .. .f,. V , Q . 2 K -I I ,.'..4?'W' , Vin . .. 41 ,wiht wi 'L 1 Nw .tr V 'ii' '?' ' ' ' ,- - 4-,-.C 3'1 Q, . L f .1 :ga ., ww, K ' A fimxg..--.,. f - . . . 1 9 . A . - ' ' N t 7 ,. sw' -- ' ki. - if if i uf. .- Q - r 4 -9 . uf . D I. 1,.,.a, ' ' : . y t tx. . VIINHQ . i ' f- - G ,. -hn- Varsity Cheerleading Squad: tleit to rightj Ioyce Kraekle, Diane Lcscurc, Marcia Finzimer, Betty lane Nlilstein, Sally liurger, Irene McDowell, Mary Iane Trout, Ianet Drake, Eleanor McClenahan and center Iudy Keppler. Vivacious Girls Elare Spirited Teams This year's cheerleading squad has been most suc- cesslul in leading our sports fans in stimulating cheers. Cheerleaders, in their way, are as essential a part of the 'pf 9 teams' success as the playing itself. Any game is made t v 5 complete only by the enthusiasm the cheerleaders pro- vide and transmit to their audience. The drive lor better cheering, led by Judy Keppler - our head cheerleader-flashed new costumes for the squad. The maroon jumpers and white jackets added a spark to thc appearance ol the cheerleaders and vicari- ously improved the school's performance on the field. ' Active, spirited cheerleaders are a tradition at Abing- ton and have continued this year to add verve to the old spirit in its new home. Sally Burger slums bubbling enthusiasm. lunior Varsity squad leads crowd in an encour- aging cheer. 106 Formal Dedication lnitiates New School Good Schools Make a Better Community and lforevcr Shall Be lineouraged was the title of the major address given by Dr. Harold C. Hunt, llnder Secretary of Health, lidueation and Wel- fare at Ahington Iligh School's formal dedication service, 'l'uesday, Octohcr 23. l956. Fifteen days hcfore, Dr. Millard If. Clladfelter of the School Authority had inserted the cornerstone in the huilding. formally marking its completion. Be- tvveen these events thirteen thousand people had visited A. ll. - proving to cvcryonc's Satisfac- tion that education shall indeed forever . . . Be l-Ineouraged , NVith the presentation of the key Io the hnilding from Architect Ioseph Wigmore to Nlr. Allmert McCoy. President of the School Board. and Ur. VV. liugene Stull. Principal, our great new lntilding ollicially cmharlccd on its ultimate pur- pose of inaliing a Better Community . M -R. av,s-,..a- School Officials, Dr. English, Mr. Hedncr, Dr, Koehler, Mr. Mc- Coy, Hon. Mrs. llenzel, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Smith and Dr. Stull inspect the foyer during Dedication Series. i Dr. VV. lfugene Stull, high school principal, receives the school key from Schools xvhilc Ur. Steve Polen, Mr. Dr. O. Il. English, Superintendent o Ciladfelter looks on. McCoy, Ur. Cladfelter, Sarah Murray, Charles Ruzicka, and Frances Miller take an active part in the cornerstone laying. sex 1 . X 5 I KR ' ll lllti 1. Wgh -+' 'Il1L Abington High School Band under the dlregtlon ol Mr Verus Weaver proxided faithful 5upport for the loot ball lldm by both night .md day Band and Color Guard Color Guard: Cleft to rightj Nancy Hislop, Sandra Linden, Ioan Gill, Carolyn Fox. 108 c gl lQ ol the or Biloxi mdTu1rlus ulclul consular nlmlx lo Abington s prutigc on ilu llclcl Alwlx wp I rted hs ilu Almig,,lon Binds xlln mi sic llicv lirlpnd crvm ' ' ' - iz ' 1 1 ' ro K il to goal, it zu ' 'x ' ' Jai .ze fz.'lf,f cert - 3 c ic l1ClVVlI't'I'Sl0 iv 5 4 '-' N7 ra 'es 1 lx ll ij . D ro 13' ,'.arnccki's fl: ning lmlons will l tr X rememlwcrccl as an Abington flclcl le: 1, we wok buck on llle sweet: ' - 4 H356-57 sports' season. X1LQf,.m Drill Team: Qleft to rightj B. Prank, C. Hargadon, P. Wright, I. Oreutt, I. Moeller, S. Stiizf inger, I, Beaumont, M. Stiekney, S. Mahon, I. Childe, C. Smyth. Dorothy Czamecki poses atop an A.H.S. drum. A3 Q ty. l 4? nv l .1 aff. , gy Z, :pu l09 Baton Twirlers: Cleft to right, I. Fetter, C. Williams I. White, I. Remmey, V. Hornbaker, D. Bushnell, Elaine Keating. D. Czarneeki. Flag Baton: Cleft to rightj Back Row: I. Norris, B. Yarrnll, M. Fleming, C. Spangler, R. Keyser, P. Fitaliront Row: C. Behan, S. Ienks, E. liomiller, A. Snellen- burg, I. Ienks. Wheel Club Service to the school and community is provided by the Spirit Committee, Varsity A Club, Snack Bar Staff, and Wheel Club. These organizations give students an opportunity to further the gen- eral wellare of the school in ways not quite athletic- although con- tingent to the sehool sports program, nor academic - although in sup- port ol the tradition which is Abington. The Spirit Committee super- vise and plan pep rallies. The Snack Bar Staff runs dog house and counter at athletic events. Varsity A plans football souvenir pro- grams-and presents award assemblies while the Wheel Club- sponsored by the local Rotary Club-acts as a point of contact between the school and community. The former are traditional at A. ll. S. while the Wheel Club is an innovation this season, anxious to add its enthusiasm to our well-rounded, school-community pro- gram. 110 Snack Bar The Snack Bar Committee: If Fenninger, R. Decker, C. Ren nett, I. Mynders, D, Spence. I' Bouleher, I. Alexander, Mrs Lenner, P. Strickland, T. Iiherly E. Kellogg, N. Strauhmiller, If Beebee. Wheel Club Ollleers: Roger Breeding, Chuck Sherno, Bill The Wheel Club: Brick Row tlelt to rightb R. Breeding. C. Douglas, Il. Uwens, ll. Cegler. C. llolmes, D. Bourne, S. Rhoads, K. Potts, A. l.useh, R. Iadiels, T. lirtel, R. Kaullman, W. Thomas, C. Ripley, C. Don' aldson, ll. lllrieh, R. Buck, C. Iungels. Front Row: VV. llam- hrecht, W. Wilson, R. Snyder, T. Bowden, C. Sherno. Varsity Cliulvluy RuzuL.i, lefl Hughes, Roy Kolb, and l.ee Tliomplcins, our uzlpulnle Varsity A Club ollla'erS. l Spirit The Spirit Committee: Back Row: ileft to rightj I. Wieg- mann, T. Eberly, D. Doll, M. Tanner, P. Evoy, B. Woodward, C. Behan, B. Rickner, E. Beebee, D. Spence, B. Yarroll, E, Kellogg, Mrs. Lenner. Middle Row: I. Alexander, C. Bennett, R Decker, I. Mynders. Front Row: I. Krnekel, H. Durand, C. Krem- ser, I. Bueknam, M. Davis, P. Strickland, P. Boutcher, I. Ober- holtzer. 'ss I Tho Saturrlay cast in thcir placvs: llc-lt to right? Bon Ianncy, Hvlvn Pvll, Str-V0 Polcn, Deborah Pvltz. Stow Rubins. Sally CIr'c-trlwn Kovnig. Uolno Supplvo. Irons' lVlcl7owL'll, Sandra Lindon. Burger. Robert Rubvclc. NSAVAGE' but Good Production: Ann W4-iss arlmirvs Ianni DTRk0,S imaginary baby while Gwen NVuml0rlv wc-ms mmplc-tc-ly clisintvrvstcd. Thx- l'rocl1u-tion Stall: Cleft to rightj Ralph Gallo, Thomas Ann- aniv, Ivaninc- Iuflgv, Richard Cillarcl, Carol Spindvll, Roberta VVvlls. Al l:i1S9l1!HII'T. Iohn Diotorly. Sam Chubb. Randolph Charn- bvrw, Ioan Gill, Rogvr lfvoy, Rivharcl Arnold, Ioan Mc'Millan. lilain Ilomillor, Iilainc Laull, Sally Slitzingcr, Sandra White and Linda Tart. 112 nu-.,...- .E ....,....7,...f,, l5riday's cast pictured tlelt to rightj are: Bill Wilson, Rodney Cook, Walter Tap- pert, Cordon Clinehard, Sally Burger, Ianet Drake, Carol Heath, Gwen Wunderle, lIill Clayton, Annette lacquelin. and Ann Weiss. Class of 357 Senior Pla THE GUESTS Friday Ianet Drake Rodney Cook Amt VVeiss Vvilliam Wilson Cxxen Wunderle Annette Iacquelin William Clayton VValter Tappen Sally Burger Corden Clinehard Carol Ileath Florence Hannibal Fairy May Ieilrey Mrs. Paddy THE STAFF Miss Wilhelmina Dr. Emmett THE SAVAGE FAMILY Titus tthe Senatorj Lily Belle tthe Internationalistj Samuel ttbe Iudgeb Mrs. Savage tthe Problemj Saturday Irene McDowell Benjamin Ianney Cretchen Koenig Delno Supplee Deborah Peltz Sandra Linden Stephen Polen Steven Rubins Audrey Milne Robert Bubeck Helen Pell rllerriliel Wonderful! Marvelous! These are the words still on the tongues ol those who saw The Curious Savagen, a comedy, pre- sented by the Senior Class ol 1957, The story tells of the attempt ol a woman's scheming relatives to have her wealth turned over to them. The lamily puts Mrs. Savage into a mental institution where the story takes place. Who can forget Ann Weiss and Gretchen Koenig as the lovable Fairy May: or Cwen Wunderle and Debby Peltz as the pessimistic Mrs. Paddy: or Carol Heath and Helen Pell as Mrs. Savage? It would be difficult to determine who played his part best. since each one provided a lasting entertainment experience to initiate the use ol our new stage in drama, In retrospect, we may be sure that all ol those who participated as well as the audience thoroughly enjoyed the Curious Savage. ll!! Pell, Rubins, Bubeck, and Burgtr con spire to get the Savage money Heath bites Burger Koenig, McDowell, Supplee, I tnden and Pell listen to Ianney play. ,-.av -- ' ' Miss Brchm cringcs during faculty melodrama. , A 0 .. Q Y l .1 xf C :ist bids attdictttt' miivtt 'till '58, Gayety Cami lit-hart Hztrvvy Bzlcztl and Rick Herald Pcirscm atrikc a mczm bzllanvv. Bt-lmv-Victorian bathing beauties cavurt on thc Cala Night stage. X , . L if .R ! ,gi s . N ,if I Prevails 1 ,N ,fi-I L. 1 1 , , s 5 1 A-. 1 5 i ' A E 33 5, .. s .f 4 . 1 ' S Q 2 s 5 n,,,m,4.,,..,:1t il f , if . Q elk. .. if IH Kin-k vlwriis piviils In slum' ull luminiius c'USlLllm'S. Ar Gala Y e i 4 L ws. iilp viirvrils WIS 1 qiiivk Iiltmi. i ight 'l'lii- drill tczlm sms its sight on thc- audience Irimm lin- flflxill slugs' .11 C N -4 .-.nun ., -un. iii 1 ii i K Mary Lou Davis Iivraid - t K A Jw gs J csgsh 5 in sf? he if ' I. - . A 66' b N N59 A - f 1 M142 i wr' .,n.... II5 394 Z' Abington Oracle Editors: Dave Watson, Libby Guth, and Ellen Beebee, pause in their work to give us a smile. .. tlim'i 'i 4' X. N' s 9 Diane Gaekenbaeh and Carol Spindell stork industriously on their sketches. Ioann Meyer, Diane Cackenbaeh, George Royle, Marley Hodgson, Ellen Beebee, Mr. Young, Ioan Wiegmann, Dave Watson, Bev Yarroll. and Ieannine Iudge gather around desk to inspect photographs. have achieved. Editors: Libby Guth . Ellen Beebee 8 . Q Dave Watson , . t Staff: Ioan Wiegmann ' Ginny Teubel Ieff Hughes Ed Fenninger Rodney Cook Phil Clark X. Yearbook Through this school spectrum we hope we have illustrated in :t pleasant way the highlights of the year i956-57. With the setting of our new school, every phase of Abington life presented challenge for a bigger and better yearbook which we hope in some degree we Art: Diane Gackenbach Carol Spindell Contributors: lean Oberholtzer lane Orcutt Iohn Brackin Steve Rubins Ed Luria Paul Abramson Ioann Meyer Typists: Elaine Polis Dorrine Beviglia Bev Yarroll Photographer: Bob Starer Sponsor: Wm. W, Young if Jr. .aft 3'-Ns.. 1 .f junior stall members Iell Hughes. Ioan NVicgmann. Ginny Teubel. and Ed Fenninger are hard at work, as usual. ,I ll6 . . . . 9t V494 T0 URK AT URPHY' My name is Betty and I have a story wnich I think will interest many of you. It'l about my ex- perience in the retailing field. Believe me, Variety Store business is fast-moving and interesting. Each counter is a store in itself. Here at Murphy's one learns retailing from the bottom up! I started out as an extra salesgirl, working every day after school. When I was graduated, I was fortunate to be placed in charge of a counter. I never knew how really interesting this work could be . . . lt's just like having a shop of my own. Pm growing here, taking more responsibility as I go. There's still more room for advancement . . . I can work myself into a position of merchandise buyer, section supervisor or bookkeeper in the office. Soon I hope to be selected to train for the job of Personnel Directress in a large new Murphy Store. All of us at Murphy's have an equal chance to better ourselves. From what I can see Murphy's is tops in training . . . and there isn't l. store in town to beat Murphy's on Employee benentsl If you're ambitious to make a go of retailing, join the Gang at Murphys soon as you can. G. C. MURPHY COIVIPA Y 117 WM. C. GLEMSER APPLIANCES - RADIO - TELEVISION SALES and SERVICE Call WA 4-5567 or TU 4-6245 25 S. Easton Road, Glenside For your Sporting Goods go to H obbyla nd in the Hunfingdon Valley Shopping Center Compliments of BRODY'S DEPARTMENT' STORE FOR VALUE AND SERVICE EASTON ROAD AT GLENSIDE AVE. GLENSIDE, PA. Open Evenings Except Tuesday ll8 Compliments of the ABINGTON ORACLE STAFF OF 1957 FOR EVERYTHING IN MUSIC 'I' HE MUSIC BOX 410 YORK ROAD QNext to Bankj .lENKINTOWN'S COMPLETE MUSIC STORE E E Shupp, Jr. TU 4-5958 ll9 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Known wherever there are schools and colleges' CLASS RINGS - PINS - DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS MEDALS and TROPHIES 1601 Chestnut Street Philadelphia 3, Penna Abington Bank 81 Trust Co. Patronize your local bank 120 TUrner 4-9413 OPEN 7 A.M. to I0 P.M V. 84 F. SERVICE TEXACO PRODUCTS Firestone Tires - Accessories - Auto Repairs Pickup and Delivery Service MT. CARMEL Sc N. HILLS AVENUES Vic Garnett NORTH HILLS, PA. STANDARD PRESSED STEEL COMPANY JENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA 121 Klenk's Sinclair Service Complete Lubrication and Washing Nlt. Carmel and North Hills Avenue North Hills TU 4-9084 TECHNICAL REPRESENTATION R. Benge D. G. Brown 25 S. Easton Road - Suite 200 Clenside, Pennsylvania Phone: Tllrner 74325, 7-1326 Monufacturer's Agents GLENSYDE fEWELERf I07 S. Easton Road Best Wishes to the Class Glenside, Pennsylvania MI. Elnd Mrs. TO1'1'1PlClI1S 3009 Mt. Carmel Open 9-9 Daily 10-2 Sunday Compliments of Senior Advisor Room 221 .IOHNNIE SCHNEIDER BEVERAGE 1546 Easton Road Roslyn, Pa. Willow Grove 0895 TU 7-4488 Studebaker-Packard Willow Grove 1427 - 2328 F. M. PASTORE, INC. Sales and Service 1538 Easton Road, Roslyn, Pa. Compliments Roy's Market Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Czarnecki, Jr. o I Abington Hardware 1102 York Road Sonny s Sandwich Shop 211 York Road 1 n Variety of Sandwiches 1 Hoagies - Steaks Abmgton, Pennsylvanla Spaghetti 81 Ravioll TU-4-4711 Pizza Pies Compliments Luca's Hair Styling 2745 Limekiln Pike of a North Hills, Pa. FRIEND TU 4-9391 CASA CONTI FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS Glenside, Pennsylvania TU 4-4448 8 Private Dining Rooms Available for BANQUETS - ANNIVERSARIES WEDDING RECEPTIONS etc. Material Handling Equipment Belt Conveyor - Elevators P Feeders, Etc. Stationary or Portable Frank A. Kremeser 8. Sons, Int. Philadelphia 36, Pennsylvania Buy Now! NOTHING DOWN s 92 A WEEK Smith-Corona BURD H. ARMOR - Typewrifers 76 N. York load Willow Grove, Pa. Opposite Grove Theatre Open Wed., Fri. 'til 9:00 Willow Grove 2610 Ienkintown Bank 8. Trust Company Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Where The Bus Stops At The Door Member Federal Reserve Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. FRANK'S FOOD MARKET Your Friendly Richmond Store Roslyn, Pennsylvania WELDON AUTO SUPPLY C0. Automotive Replacement Parts Machine Shop Service Easton Road at Jenkintown Road Glenside, Pennsylvania MAjestic 5-0930 TUrner 4-8200 WI-lITE'S SERVICE STATION TIRES Lowest Prices in Suburbs Easton 8: Jenkintown Roads Glenside, Pennsylvania TUrner 4-9201 Are you dining out tonight? Why not visit the J 84 L Restaurant 2609 W. Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Specializing in-Lasagna, Chicken Cacciattore, Veal Scallopini, etc WVhy not stop in for a visit? Child's menu available Air Conditioned Party and Banquet Facilities TU 7-0424 25 Meet Your Friends Over A Midnight Snack KENYON'S DINER Route 152 Waller Motors, Inc. York Sc Harte Roads Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Lincoln - Mercury - Continental Sales X: Service North Higgs, Pennsylvania Serving this community for over 26 years D0 ATO BRO . Complete Food Market I8l I Horace Avenue, Abington PRICMIUM MEATS 'l'llrner 4-8951 - 4-8950 C0mPlIlHEl1f5 0f McCloskey Varnish Co. PHILADELPHIA, PA. i JIM It BILI.'S TEXACO Roslyn, Pa. TU-4-9244 GLAMOUR by HENRI-IRVING HAIR DESIGNERS 1165 York Road -Abington Next to the Antique Shop Where the White Horse Stands For Appointment TUrner 4-6255 n Selling Homes Is Our Business PATANE Real Estate and Insurance Compliments m,y,,, Pa, TU ,,,,6,,,, cluuusou REALTY co. , 2743 Limekiln Pike TUrner 4-1285 Compliments Cgmpliments of Ogontz 3165 GLENSIDE UPHOLSTERING SLIP COVERS Upholstcring in All Its Branches As It Should Be Done Workmanship Guaranteed Keswick Building - Glenside, Pa. SERODY It SERODY INC. ORIOLE CUT RATE Greeting Cards - Sundries Abbott Ice Cream - Toys Candy - Fountain Scrvice Corner Keswick 8: Glenside Avenues Best Wishes to the 1957 Graduates THE MUSIC BOX 410 York Road fnext to Bankj jcnkintown's Complete Music Store 1- E. .Shupp, jr. TU-4-5958 Free Parking Corner West 8: Cottman Ogontz 3150 A. APFELBAUM LADIES' and GENTS' FURNISHINGS Mt. Carmel and Tennis Avenues KESWICK PHOTO SHOP QGerdings Photo Service, Photo Supplies - CAMERAS -- Photo Finishing Cine Sc Commercial Photography ione TU 4-3303 289 Keswick Ave. Compliments of GLENDASHERY Men's Wear 118 S. Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Since 1926 PILEGGI Shoe Repair 1122 York Road - Abington, Pennsylvania Expert Workmanship - All work Guaranteed For Services, Call TUrner 4-9338 Compliments of Dr. Louis A. Wiklor 127 CHeltenham 3112 ROCKLEDGE BEVERAGE CO. .-lll Bramlx limo' and Soda F ree Delivery ill HUNTINC-DON PIKE ROCKLEDGE, PA. lie humhle enough to obey. You will be giving orders yourself some day. Compliments 1 A Friend A. H. B. SKEATH 1-HARMACIST 2732 Limekiln Pike North Hills, Pa. Established 1921 SMlTH'5 HARDWARE 2753 Limekiln Pike North Hills, Pennsylvania Open Evenings Sundays From 9:30 to 2:00 TUrncr 4-9945 GIFT CORNERS Huntingdon Pike at Rockledge Ave. Building Contractors-ATTENTION Your Income Tax, Bid Estimate and Accounting worries have been solved by the creation of three new accounting methods. hnporls - Handmade Jewelry For full information contact, Hostess Needs - Cards Open Evenings Cl-leltenham 3415 LLQYD W' HAMILTON H529 Rothley Ave. Roslyn, Pa. TUrner 7-5547 WELDON PHARMACY Rubin Tarnoll, l'h.G. 370 N. Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Phone TU 4-5862 Free Delivery HENRY SILVER Greetings lfrom GLEN FOOD MART 347-49 Easton Road TU 4-2304 tQl,l-2NSlDE'S FINEST AND MOST COMPLETE SUPER MARKET GRADY'S Restaurant and B.B.Q. Bar Outdoor and Indoor Service wil llsnnilton Avenue XVillow Grove, Pennsylvania Phone XVillow Grove ll79 ftlpen Every Day and Nighty Catering to Banquets and Parties BOB DAY Art Supplies 140 E. Glenside Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania TUrner 4-9738 CHERRY GOWN SHOP 2271 Mt. Carmel Avenue Clenside, Pat TUrner 4-9003 WHlTING'S SHOP 251 Keswick Ave. Clenside, Pa. GLENDASHERY Smart Mens H'ear 118 So. Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Tllrner 4-5209 MT. CARMEL LAUNDROMAT 2256 Mt. Carmel Ave. Glensitle, Pa. BAEDERWOOD ESSO SERVICENTER LIENKINTOWN L mtgotza Roms 'ru 4-9035 JACK 8- JILL SHOP 432 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. Toys - Games - Juvenile Furniture TUrner 7-1555 WALTER E. KAYSER FURS Ready to Wear - Custom Made Restyling - Repairing - Certihed Cold Storage 237 Keswick Avenue Glenside, Pa. YOUNG IDEAS IN CLOTHES County Clothes 812 Yvest Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. Compliments of SCHMIDT'S MARKET Compliments of RALPH'S BARBER SHOP POINSETTIA CLEANERS 911-I3 Township Line Elkins Park, Pa. TU 4-4396 De Luxe Service LARMON CAMERA SHOP Photographic Supplies and Equipment 1 RU' B' V' QLOTHINQ , Photo Finishing by our own Brilliant Tone Process tflealllllg - Dyeing - Repairing Avenue of Shops -- Jenkintown, Pa. Phone W' C 1608 , I.-me parking - fl-Urner 6,4550 1717 So. York Road Abington, Pa. Open Sunday - Large Assortment Lunch Meats ROYAL DELICATESSEN PLOCKIE'S BEVERAGE COMPANY Limekiln Pike 8: Cricket Avenue fOpposite Edgehill Fire Co.j North Hills, Pa. '09 5- Plaslon Rd- Glensidef Pa- sodas - We Deliver - Phone 'ru 4-9034 L WOOLFOLK DRUG STORE Willow Grove 3555 . . ROYCHESTER PARK FOOD MARKET haston Road at Hamilton Avenue OPEN SUNDAYS Phone 9163 Willow Grove, Pa. l7l5 York Road Abington, Pa C' D' LAMPHERE Congratulations Seniors Electrical Contractor Phone TU-4-6989 FTOIH 2901 Mt. Carmel Avenue , North Hills, Pennsylvania Adwsor Room 118 Compliments Galatians 6:7 Be lltll deceived: God is not mocked: for whatso- of ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Advisor Room 1 17 I2 W. J. PICKWELL Himself 423 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. Electrical Contractors Appliances Fixtures Lamps KUHN REALTORS Richard E. Kuhn '39 711 West Ave. Jenkintown TU 4-4550 TUrner 7-8293 JOHN S. MILNE For Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts Freeman Shoes Huntingdon Valley Shopping Center 4610 Frankford Ave. 2014 E. Chelten Ave. ABINGTON HOBBY SHOP 1114 old York Road Crafts - Games - Hobbies - Records H. O. Kits - Model Planes - Model Boats Best Wishes From BRODY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Family Outfitters Since 1905 Opposite Reading Railway Station Glenside Ogontz 0486 ABINGTON SNACK SHOP In The Heart Of Abington 1117 York Road J. Rosamilia, Prop. ROSLYN PHARMACY 1130 EASTON ROAD Roslyn, Pennsylvania Free Delivery - TU. 4-3944 Eugene Gottlieb, Registered Pharmacixt WESLEY E. McCOY comnm tANnscAPs connuicnuc Maintenance 0 Shrubbery Designing 0 Planting Grading 0 Top Soil OSbrn 5-2706 Serving Montgomery County 406 Tanner Rd. Hatboro, Pa. Store: WVIllow Grove 1107 Seed and Fertilizer DANSBY and RICHTER Power Mowers - Garden Supplies - Chain Saws SALES AND SERVICE 1735 Old York Road Abington, Pa. For Better Roofing: Call TUrner 4-4000 - HAncock 4-2509 EASTERN ROOFING 8. SIDING CO., INC. 2270 E. Mt. Carmel Ave. Glenside, Pa. Modern Baths - Additions - Storm Windows Heating - Alterations - Kitchens TUrner 7-1095 WM. F. MCCULLOUGH Registered Master Plumber SALES - SERVICE Air Conditioning Appliances Plumbing 8c Heating MARTIN'S AUTO REPAIR 2879 Limekiln Pike North Hills, Pennsylvania Trimming - Topping Removing - Planting FREE ESTIMATES GUS MUELLER Tree Surgeon Chelt. 8270-M 119 Township Line Chelt. 8728 Philadelphia ll, Pa. STORAGE TUrner 4-3273 DEWEY'S MOVERS NORTH HILLS, PA. PIANO MOVING PACKING Spraying - Power Saw - Work Guaranteed Fully Insured SALES 8: SERVICE H. TEX DANSBY EXPERT TREE WORK Phone TUrner 7-4318 CHeltenham 8728 Night CHeltenham 2531 SNYDER'S TYDOL SERVICE STATION 119 Township Line Road QWest of Burholme Parkj Philadelphia ll, Pa. Complete Lubrication 2157 Woodland Road Abington, Pa. Towing Service - Night or Day Driveways - Rough and Finish Grading Top Soil 8c Sod ANDREW H. SASSANE 626 Roosevelt Ave. Glenside, Pa. TUrner 6-3119 Equipment for Hire Cesspools - Septic Tanks Built and Cleaned French Drains WE TELEGRAPH FLO WERS W. BERNARD KESLER 8. BRO. Florists for the Particulaf' Established 1927 9 gf 0fT'G '4l'l, A64 Q rxg ga - . -, A 5. A jg LE 5, -. , gl: .14 -gg: . -. ,Q ,.,', f. 'af , K, TU-4-2424 115 Tennis Avenue TU-4-3109 North Hills, Penna. GLEMSER ELECTRIC SERVICE Television and Appliances Sales and Service 25 S. Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Call TU 4-6245 - WA 4-5567 GERHARDS RECORD SHOP The latest in Records 84 Hi-Fi Easton Road 8c Keswick Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Phone TU 4-8653 Compliments of . O. C. IGround Observer Corpsl Willow Grove Post Call Civilian Defense Class '29 SARGENT STATIONERY 243 Keswick Avenue Glenside Supplies For School - Office - Duplicating Greeting Cards - Rubber Stamps Public Stenography - Mimeographing Notary Open Evenings - Free Delivery Phone: TU 7-8982 TUrner 4-9830 Compliments of L. A. BURTON ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. J. FRANK FLECK CO. Hardware 714 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. Oswald PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY D. H. Barsh, B.Sc., Ph.G. York Road at West Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. Prescription Dept. TU 4-1447 Canlley Cl Company Structural Steel Contractors and Engineers Whitaker 8. Godfrey Avenues Philadelphia 24, Pennsylvania Compliments of the WARRINGTON SKATING CLUB Phone TU. 4-9253 Chas. E. McKinney, Prop. TYDOL SERVICE STATION Headquarters for Valvoline Oil Complete Auto Service - Ignition Work Brake Work EASTON ROAD AND TAGUE AVE GLENSIDE, PA. Chrysler Plymouth Imperial wrn. A. Inc. LUMBER and BUILDING SUPPLIES CARLSON Millwork + Builders Supplies Bricks + Doors + Plywood + Sheetrock York Road and Cherry Street Flagstone + Builders Tools + Hardware Jenkintown, pa. Phone Willow Grove 9114 - 9195 TU 437900 Easton Rd. Roslyn om vom: nom: PUBLISHING co. Jgnkinmwn F0111 Under New Management 423 Johnson Street Jenkintown Pa See us for your next deal TU 6-3300 95 York Road TU 4-8100 134 Coinpliinems of I CLAIR REFINING C0lVlPANY 4415 Chestnut Street Philadelphia 4, Pennsylvania Fuel Oil and Oil Burning Equipment Complzmenif qi 6l Frzmcf .f This hook printed hy VELVATONE, a special process of litho- grnphir printing. Sole' produvvrs: Win. J. Keller Inc., BnfTnlo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatonc method. P I r P w - r Zz-, ' - A ' ' 4 A ' . A l -.t .H If .ok swvi, ,.g:...f , k A K ,. Q r g 'Q' . ' . . L , N,,f:4, n V. 3 . 1 1 ww M V X , m ' K , ' V - Q . .A . - 1 . .91 , 'f Vvf.. v' ' 'K iw 'M ' ' Y ' F NV sg 'Q , f ' '11 I 7 ,M fk Vw? 9, j S, . .qs-,Q X . I A . ,,,,,.x --Mb, wk A -7 ' .Q - H .' ' 0. . W ' . , I, N S, ' - had Q in -'L 1. . 1 . W, K ' 3' Nr TW 'v , , Q - ' mf . , W .0 ,qs . I . h.g '51 A ,F - .P ' nv.. K im, -2:37-wa JN ix Qi.. uf .f' Q 'K 0 , .A 4. .. s t x ,,-, 4' Q ,L w 1 8: W' . -4-in fly- .Br 1 ,N ,-,, ' 1 my J' w 5' b fs f. 51 if l 1 I s .av cf' fi' f XV? 'I ,sited an-r . W A 4-.w ' 'A mr. ...Y 'ww rm ,X ,, A W I K Y an ,, 5. Ev ww

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