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r' H Msg x, n 2 . C 'M 'alia f , ,KT , A Q Q .fa . x 9 n K f sf ,I 4 tw , ' 143 ' 1 i 1 Ql if ,4X, ' V. , ' Q fl. ff W ,- ' ' . Ti ,W 45 - ' 551 J 4 5 34 ls lj X4 E: xl vi 3 if 'isit at 5232 ' 1 - N 'E H , W 5 r . h'4'- A -- , -'-' - fl Q rm Qu ! 1-J Q 3 1- ag, ,al A 'S ? , , x i ' , Q . 1' ,f ilm 1 y V H v ,ffvggi ,3 V 2 , iilff-fi' ' Vx nl. fygfs avi? f 1 , in ,gg y- -,4.M,- WHY, S----Ay--v V- V k I Q k N fl In Q 111 'ill H JW Ill M We X 5- 5 s Q' up 8 .. vi U, x ax . .. ,, 4, , ' 4. Q 4, 1 EXEMPLIFIES School Spirit ..,..A Leadership ......,i Sportsmanship ..,., Integrity ......s.. me ii ii M il XNNQ-TON T .'l'9'i 59H0Oi n W Abington Through The Years PAGES 6-15 l6-29 30-59 60-105 Brother, did you say that things have changed? Not too much. The build- ings are much the same. The trees have grown a little taller, a little thicker. The familiar paths are worn along the ways we sl1ouldn't gog the campus we know as well as the palms olf our hands. lt's just that our numbers have in- creased until at times we may look like Grand Central Station on a day before the Christmas holiday. Through the years we've been apt to throw our chests out and brag ol our versatility. School spirit has helped us make our publications first place winnersg our leadership has inspired us at college and in business. Vie can hold our own in good sportsmanship. But we are just high school kids with the usual lads and fancies. Come on then and pass in review through the high school all of us know so well. 4 i Abington High School's memories extend back to the year 1888, when a two-year high school was opened in a new elementary school - now the Administration Building- that had been bnilt on Boucher's farm. Under the tute- lage of teaching Principal Ambrose L. Custer, .lennie McMahon and Annie Tomlinson flater Mrs. Paul Knightj were the first to graduate from this new school. The next year four boys and one girl - Charles A. Ambler, John Blake, Eloise Leland, john Myers, George Tomlinson - comprised the senior classa gUnti1 1901, when the course was lengthenedbfgo-:ye years, there were .heye more than six gra hates a year. In 1891, l90', ':lfnd 191ffiEither5e were no classes at all. f-laws. CEU-Ru of . But by 1918, fhdlygyglrollment had increased enough for the graduatirifflelass to number fifty- four. These early yeibskitltv Abington featured a fifteen-minute morning ahdsfaflgsrnoon recess. Then, too, Mrs. Laura B. Joneil, a township mu- sic teacher, rodb .school 189116 ol on her bicycle. l12L No, In 1908 the original unit of the present senior high, school was constructed on the site of an apple orchard whose trees were once sold to be made into doorknobs. At this time the county superintendent with the assistance of out- side teachers conducted final exams. In these years the school board provided students with free tickets for the York Road trolley. Ten years later the first addition to the origin- al senior high unit was made. The faculty in- creased to ten, with two of these ten still teach- ing at Abington - Miss Lilian Reichard and Miles 15. Messinger. Increasing enrollment made more additions to the school necessary in 1923 and 1926. Stu- dent Council had its beginnings in the year 1927 with the formation of the Boys' Council. The French Club Dance and Community Night be- gan in 1928. Mid-year comniencenients, which began in 1929, did not end until january 1945. The next decade brought the construction of the household arts cottage in 1932. In 1937 the whole school made weekly radio broad- casts. Abington's Golden Anniversary Yearbook of '38 highlighted Boys' and Girls' Etiquette Clubs, and many other popular organizations. Boys outnumbered girls on the cheerleading squad. three to two. In February of this year, Abing- ton hecame a three-year high school, following six years spent in elementary school and three years in junior high. Beginning another tradition, the Latin Club staged its first Turnabout Dance in November 1938. F-fi of 13 The Qliqing yeatlwnnessed the installation ofa 32000 eledriq grmgan in the high sehr? and ' the 1 tftrybqion civfQ'.,Qix shops .. electri Zlmachingfa Qlsrigg and indus. trial art . I P TH 1' 4 ff . fl C S 'V E V -X ' - Grottngidfakiyn cercenidgg: for the constfuc- tion ogg a new ggfidfasytgnggtgtgitgacggin 1940, t ' ' Q' 1 in aber Olb94i1.y bEvgL?9?1g6HeiagL52'1v Nlg2L771',:, ' 'sh S . ' . During ld-Cyyarfll, Qbgtcggron showed its pat1'iotisrTmig3evefalyALagsg In ebruary 1943, all clubs weresikeglverted groups working specifically T853 aodldidefense purposes. That same year K s ho sold enough EW bonds to purchase 2 I ustang plane for Uncle Sam. Receiving up ivilege of naming the plane, students christened it The Galloping Ghost of Abington Hi. Nine years later, war hatreds were forgotten when Abington's affiliation committee brought Christa Gaedeke, from Lili Braun Schule in Ber- lin, to spend a year at Abington. Abington High looks forward to a new life in a new building, we are confident that this history will continue to enrich the school's tradition. 1 Q41 Ji me .f 67 ,J EEPE HWWENEEWFWSHEEHHF IM C bfi H ami WWW NEFF! ' Ki d d E ' mx -I E :i Ill msg' -2 Elf. i m ir Q5 ,f 1- ml aff fsfgs l ii V17 - e Q y ff gg? are y ,ffA gg, A 153 . . . that pervading influence which instills an energy, an enthusiasm which nothing else can do . . . that burn- ing ardor, that dash, that hre at football games . . . that pitching in and helping with a dance, a fund, a drive . . . moreover, that genuine pride we feel when one of our schoolmates is recognized by the community . . . that something which helps us to grow into better citizens . . . that thrill we get when we pause from our own singing to hear the whole student body sing the Alma Mater . . . these are only manifestations . . . we call it School Spirit . . . Abington has it a plenty . . . it is eternal. J cd C0 CQ School Spirit L Qs, L 4? x X 5 ,X N ff Q g v i . 1 , . y 1 . HU, Av 1 . 11:5 'Ni W ,-f . ,.- ,,.....--'-- Q :iii 6-an 1 A25 ,js Q d .. .. 1 sl 56 WX JS- .Qi - gg. ,. -Mg, 'Q- if r H5 ASQ Friendships, Uld and EW J. Charly, R. Mullam, li. Snyder, D. Tlmnmpson, R. Mdizxlxoxx, B. Dix, li. Thic :md B. Hitting show pmrhlifzll zlppliczllimm ul' thc llwrwics ui! cllvuliwlry by cxpvri mcnting in the laburntm'y. mlrcw DcNIa11'u1, Rirllaul Scllmzlllk, gxflhlll' Bergmann, lirnst Mueller, lumllzlrd 'I':lylo1', :md john Rupp lcalrn thc- N'lly'S ml WllClCfl7lgC'S of clcclricily. School Spirit Promotes ul 'l'hcrc's cxcitcmcnl in thc :mir f old fxiicmls, new ncquzuinlznmcx, mul sponsors mcct to make this nfrzls- ion ll mclnoruhlc onv. llclcgntvs register on 'I'l1ursdz1y bCi'o1'c being whisked off I0 bc guests in thc llomcs of AHS SIIICICIIIS. lhlubvr IS! Ilaucl makes thc bamqucl :xl Clzlsu Cuntn nn waning lung to Inc IUIIICIIIIJCIRCKI. Laadership mung P. .S.lfel's Q72 sun xr qim ' f vi r ' XY ll x qu I , RW SILIIC officers - Karon Peterson, IYCZlNlll'L'lkQ Mary Ann Smalley, scr- umi xicc-pwsidvlll: fmnlml Bimldlc, prcsidcnl: :xml john Hussey, vice- prcsidclllg plain lllc lZom'Cntion. Smlwfl zummg thc guests at thc banquet table arc .vfmnrl from llzf- Irftr l'rincipnl CLcmm't :mal Dr. linglish ul the fur riglzl. Mnung those .slarulirzg aw, lfft, Mr. Nlll'lll2llIl, School Board IIICIIIIJCYS, Mr, Slmmimlhciscr mul Mrs. llcnzclg Sponsors Miss Hunk, Mn. Puwcll, Mrs. Lcnncrg and Ciormlrm Biddle, president, iifIiiUUi Spirit diis Zesi Q9 J' i i 1 Xb A 1 Fi, 3 Q K X X Ly, , as fnv4J'M..:1 W Rnlli Huw, Mzirgic' Snylmy lH:n'lm:n'z1 l'lnicr, Clziriiiclzi iniliiirricm, Ala-:nine Mailion plzlnnm-rl Ll lwlivvtl cxcning Ronnie limincrlnzln KTINVIIS Nnrniu Vickers Quccn uf the Ymllliollill Klub s Yzllcnlinc lyiilllfll rf' 'nf' for the l.zilin Clliilfs lsfillllliill on Nnvcnibcl' 12. M thn liuinrlsilmft l.1nz, Mnilicsc lirziilingcr. Ifrznik Devlin. FTZIIICCS Xlill I grcct clizlpcmiics NIV. :incl Mrs. Sup- A 011 Bill Owen und Bill Malone cc, who wcrc howls ln Clhrislzl I luicmlckn Lum yum. ., g ss,mfwsfw 'ffwf 8 'VM MSN? '?'?i' 5,3 X' N, , 0 aw is 9 2 A vaiusii 'J-'YL 5 vga ,gw Qi-.Q ' KV' QSIF3 if ' ' A VF' lk . r. X, , fx t 5+ 7 ' - 'Q Ja ff fA23 ' 7 , 45 iv' ' 3 A 4 . gl Q J' Ta, Gi S J' 1 7-Rx -A N ' Syria? -hf i -s, 5'q , A ,'A 'SX f fl.f .ff Q ' X m Qi N? x 'Y x , My 5: xx ff mf- QF iv: E Z il 5 ' VA. 4'-:.:c, 5 1 .-5 . s. ' Sql vi Schttul Spirit . Eval-aes John Bartley poses with the hand some trophy he won in the Model Cai' Competition sponsored by the Fisher Body Corporation. Geoffrey Fosbrook, a very effective narrator, did an excellent job ou Mr. Cottshall's lovely Christmas program. Nancy Burger busily wraps a gay Christmas package for someone at Christ Home as the students pre- pare for their annual visit. Arlene Arleth, that talented sing- ing cowgirl, demonstrates her out- standing abilities as a guitarist. U10 UOU D A 50' Norma Vickers, a gal who swings 21 mean paint brush, made this post- er for the Student Council 60.17. Arlene Gilbert and jon Kleinbard look over and make corrections on the proof of the Abingtonian. 'Q' x. C5 lftmstzienliuus Performance t Lf' . M N 9 Q gm l 4'-1 QM 45 Sarah Murray, gifted pianist, pro- vides expert accompaniment for the A Cappella choir. Allan Smith won the American Legion Oratorical contest with his usual excellent speaking ability. XS allel Tappext states his nuns on junior Town Meeting of the Air on the topic, The school year should he lengthened, joan Feldman, tXbington's winner Rollie XVest. a thriller on the field, of the Vain' of I7f'lIl0!'I'!1!'j' contest, awaits the IDRS of the coin at the admires her award. Chester game. I . with 1 horn, tools a hot trumpet f J Glenn ohnson that tnan oi Xl ington's marching hand. x Sealed: Mrs. Helen I.. Shaffer, Mrs. Grace A. Niblock, Mrs. Jennie Neely, and Mrs, Vallee YV. Niblock. Standing: Mr. E. Raymond Ambler, Mr. Albert B. Shaffer, and Mr, Daniel Neely. Loyal Alumni liherish Alma Mater Mrs. Albert B. Shaffer Qnee Helen Leffertsj attended Abington Schools from l89G to l906. At the commencement exercises for the three graduates of the class of lflflti were addresses by the valedictorian, the salutatorian and class his- torian, selected according to the highest rating in the class. My entire family, including my two brothers and our three children, graduated from Abington High School, All of the grandchildren are attending the Abington Schools at the present time. I salute the Class of 55 as a member of the Alumni Association. Mrs. Albert B. Shaffer Xlr. Albert B. Shaffer, who attended Abington Schools from l89l to l90l, graduated from the Old Brown Stone Buildingl' which was built in 1888. At that time the High School consisted of one classroom which contained three classes taught by one teacher Qklrs. Bessie Stewart Engardj. The major subjects were mental arithmetic, history, geography, etomolo-gy, and Latin. The old bell tolled for the opening exercises, recess, and lunch. As l look back fifty-four years and see the prog- ress of the Abington High School, it gives me a feeling of great pride for Old Abington. Mr. Albert B. Shaffer My stay as a pupil at Abington High School was of rather short duration owing to the fact that I entered as a junior in March l900. Since the Class of l900 had only four members, I was asked to write and deliver the Class Prophecy. After another year of hard studying, our Class of lfltll, consisting of ten pupils, was ready for the Commencement exercises and our diplomas. I have in my possession now my diploma and our class picture. I am very proud of Abington High School, the wonderful work that it has done, and the progress that it is making. Vallee l'Villiams Niblock Teachers have always been more important to me in any learning situation than buildings, tra- ditions, or activities. One of them stimulated and trained me in writ- ing. One of them instilled in me such a love for literature and language that she was instrumental in my decision to teach English. And one of them challenged my thinking' in a field where I lacked facility and had to work extra hard to earn my grades. new teachers replace retired ones, you can still be sure that there will always be someone at Abington who will have made your three years there a valuable part of your life. David R. Cook Through the Years- 19911, 19951945 and 1955 Traditions are the common heritage of every high school student in Abington. Every person who has ever danced at the Senior Prom, been a class Thespian, or participated in the Thanksgiv- ing gridiron clash knows what a vivid picture re- mains in his mind. As one who adheres to these long-established customs, he feels a part of the school's history. However, looking forward to life in the new high school now under construction, he is helping .to establish precedents which shall become a part of that history. As a part of Abington's traditions, each student is rostered in that course which he and his par- ents feel best fits his needs. A student from each of the four courses - the Business Education, the General, the Vocational, and the College Preparatory - has expressed his feelings in his selection. Students in the Business Education course aside from the mechanical dexterity are taught other invaluable skills such as bookkeeping which will help them secure an even better position in the business world. Amid a whirl of brief forms and rapid dictation, the future secretaries learn by hard work one of the most difficult of the clerical skills. Typewriters, adding machines, calculating ma- chines, mimeoscope, and voice writers have their place. Class officers of '51 are Secretary .Ioan Norman, Treasurer Roland Young, jr. Students in the General Course have the best onortunit for a liberal education. l l Y They have an opportunity to elect from a wide field. Perhaps their choice is band or A Cappella for their own pleasure as well as for the enjoyment of others. Or their choice may he Home Arts or Fine Arts, both of which provide creative outlets for those artistically inclined. Also one may enroll in this course and have sufficient credits to enter the college of his choice. Upon graduation, the boy who has selected the Vocational Course, faces a series of steps, or if you will, a ladder of success. Anyone of these steps is complete in itself, the first could be direct en- trance into a variety of occupations. Further technical schooling may be the next stage which will result in a career in mechanical engineering or one of the related fields. ln any event the Vocational Course has provided the high school boy with a background of knowl- edge and experience. The College Preparatory Course represents the sum of many experiences - the classes we attend, old friendships and the opportunity to make new acquaintances, and finally co-curricular activities - sports, dramatic productions, and after-hours social events. It means developing an interest in democratic living by learning cooperation. Abing- ton represents an aid and a step to a brighter and better future. XVest, Vice-l'1'csidenI XVallcr Pickwell, and President XValtcr e .e 4.5, F H -g -5513, ' r' f gggl-5,3 -- i, . AW 2 4 V , 2 - 159 -f BEBQ IWUX U I' lil Ci s 1. 61 A e ii ?S'w tai? i Leadership . . . that dedication to high ideals of profession . . personal integrity, honor . . . ambitions for us . . . intelligence . . . competence . . . wisdom as legislators . . . righteousness as judges . . . warmth as friends . . . deep-rooted goodness . . . all of which lead to coopera- tion among selves and with community . . . extra effort to give usa better chance . . . sacrifice . . . encourage- ment for us to work with others, but not lose our indi- viduality . . . assurance that we shall have the freedom to think . . . our ability to make our mark . . . well- molded characters . . . freedom to smile our way through the gateway to success . . . determination that we shall know and be glad we know. ,J L' x, Q if 9 l fd f 30200 ' - 4 -r it 'lm y ' I X 'Za ' ' I+- t x E1 N.E-V Wf. SW? t W ' ' Q fj 'f f gif ra -1 , g-W 3-,Q iv 'TH ,fu ' gg 'vrr' 1 1lfQ x?U'X'!m3?'.f-a '2f' if -.4 W QW? . 8 ,ff N A Q - ' 1' W, v ', y ' ' '-4 ' Q Q' .X G. 3 F! '.--'M fy .ut W QKK- 33,3 . , X k R -1 K Q, 'Q k Q. 'Q wx I Plhswpkf AS0m,.5 S,-fn? i..,x.?f,A i h- W Q? Y 1 6 ie. Q' Xvqhzi -.' 'X tsl' n.,Q,. ' 5 ' - WJ v 13 WP A ' .- Q' fftf ' ' TLA ' J' ,NYU Q NC fi-ff -' -' 'i'.,-.wiv ? w ' V' ff-'j X xt: H '- Q -,af-,'f-'ug -23 -k 'i S '.'x5, .., T it v ' gn ' d -it fff?',?f I yd x,. ' Ll ..g.'f5 -' 4' 'QfA 1.11 2 fx, 1524.-,.'91 , ,af an vu ew 3,03 'QP 5 I , - -. I . ,t As, . ,-A K I W . 1 S J! Q YL AW Y . 1 Q t -. - fu ' ' ,'-AQ an :ry . 4- ,. A. - ,t g- ,., , + . K . f - Q ' 'f-4 1. - 3' 'W 1' f'1'X' , fa - in ij- 7 '2 . 'A sxgg- kg.: - ws 41 f . yt 54?-4' 'ga .s 9: Y Vx' W, Q . QQ H fi 'jar' QFD N. .1 44,1 ,L ' 1 'f -V V Xvlxw. .-1.- . I W I L ' U . A 4 f W- . ,gf . - 0. .x -ft' 1:-f ..4 , -'4 ' ' H R Q ' Q45 ' Fl.. 3 '. M A, -, Y -g ,A . xx' 7.f!'k' ' ' s V6-1 .- yg'!l1-. . 1 fig? ' U v I Q Q-if . '. E 6 ' -' ,- 'V 2 A ' KAY 'ff' 'a- Ot? -.z-rw. ' - I fr? , T .50-. E e 'f A I , W 2 K 5 ' 'A M if 'Q -zip. 0 ., A' i by ,Ab x r .5 . ' in-U- f-Q' V ' 5 A . K xi I -Qw- .Q , .af 1 - ' ' '-W4 ' H -..q..-.-,., ..,.. ,L f 5 x '--ff--.H-:.'e V . t- ' W- . .. , 3,4 E - -1 ---N..--A--...,- , ' wr 4 Q H f- -..- 4 W ' '--'----M , .x . ' f X . ...,.................. , , W I ?5? 'f'!'Ef8f - 'L- 4 vfqgv, A . . 4- 4. ' Q . 'J - A MM f ' Q . . ' .t ' ' A' ki H vrv A- -V '- 'L L . ' Q i, Q 5 - ., Q' fr' Q - 1- 5 'X t , ' Z ..... rlrrrinislrelive Leaders llireel flur lrrleresls an Dr. O. H. linglish, superintendent, gives unstintingly of his efforts to proxide the best progratn for the srhools of today and fOl'llOTl'0W. rl Welfare The School Board representative of the citizens of Abington Township will- ingly spends many late hours in exam- ining multitudinous details and in plan- ning the general educational policies in order to give Abington students the fin- est educational opportunities obtain- able. As a result of their careful planning to meet the needs of a community whose population is increasing very rapidly, the Hamilton Avenue Elementary School opened at the beginning of Feb- ruary. Then, too, the new high school, which has been a dream on blue print, is now in the process of becoming a reality on Highland Avenue. This building which is designed to accom- modate fifteen hundred or more stu- dents promises to be a wonderful asset toward meeting school as well as com- munity needs. 1.1'f! In right: Nathan S. Trump, lnaintenance enginecrg Edward Shmidheiser, treasurerg Dr. james F. Koelllerg l't'ttiml R, Reicler, solicitor: Xlhert C. McCoy, vice-presidentg X'Villiam R. .Xndrews, presideutg Dr. 0. ll. linglish, superintentlentg Dr. Henry F. Daum, secretaryg Charles W. Smithg Hon. liwlyn U. Ht-nn-lg tlarl O. Hetlner. Dr. Brett, assistant secretary, sits at the desk. J ITXJQ 'ff f I. fl, fda, Q .gg , , eg 1 -, N., gg . r. -W x , JE ' The backbone of Abington, like any institution of learning, is its academic staff and service personnel. Keeping a friendly eye on our interests and wel- fare were the supervising principal and principal who provided the leadership that helped make Abington a school of which we are justly proud. t E. B. fiernert In his long, faithful service to the youth and citizens of Abington Township, B. Gernert, who resigned as principal May 13, has shown exceptional ability as an administrator. Under his leadership, our high school has risen to its place among the best schools of the state. In state and national meetings, Mr. Gernert has represented our school and our township so capably that the reputation of Abington Senior High School has spread throughout the country. That fine leadership we shall sadly miss. In his relations with students, faculty, and par- ents, Mr. Gernert has been at all times both friend- ly and fair, winning the liking and respect of both the students and teachers. The excellent discipline of the school has won the commendation of all schoolmen. Curriculum improvement, club -pro- gram, athletics, community relations, better school equipment, unusually high scholastic stand- ing all of these have, under his leadership, given our high school a top rating among high schools. Students, teachers, and citizens sincerely regret losing Mr. Gernert as principal at this critical point in the history of the high school. All feel a deep gratitude and loyalty to him for his untir- ing, unselfish, and excellent service as both teach- er and principal. To him go our best wishes for many more years of community activity and per- sonal happiness. Mr. Gernert, a fine man as well as a capable principal, has given us, during his thirty years of service, the benefits of his understanding, sympa- thy, and untiring efforts. His ambition has been for the good of the students and the school. Abing- ton won't be the same without him. Gordon Biddle President of tl1e Student Council Mr. Gernert as a man understood our problems: as a friend willingly listened to them, and as a principal often helped us find a solution to many of them. Mr. Gernert has been an able adviser and friend to all Abington High School students. He has never been too busy to listen to a pupil's problem, no matter how trivial. Because of this, many stu- dents brought their personal problems to him. It is this friendly atmosphere around school and his forthrightness that students appreciate and value. Deep in the hearts of all loyal Abingtonians will remain the memory of a dynamic leader, a great principal, and a true friend. Chip Archer President of the Key Club As we look back upon the traditions of Abing- ton, we will cherish memories of Mr. Gernert, who inspired, challenged, and guided us. We recall, too, with special warmth, those times when he was no longer principal and we were not students but friends. We regret that he may not be present at our graduation. Walter H. Young, jr. President of the Senior Class As we, the Class of '55, have studied, served, and socialized, Mr. Gernert's excellent guidance has been significant to us. He has never been too busy to listen to our problems or share our desires. He has made us want to miss that three o'clock bus to stay for co-curricular activities. Wie have played on the teams and published our works, but behind us has been his ever-encouraging smile and word of praise. We owe him many unspoken but strongly felt thanks. Barbara Ulmer Wm. Owen, -Ir. Co-editors of The Oracle Dorothy Cathell Allan A. Cilatthorn English Paves . Wa in Understanding Mary Grace Ambler illllUIllQlS S. Bannan Paul C, Beaver Emma C. Hztltleman Charles E, Srhneller Anton If. Stanis In Mr. Glatthorn's Junior Honors English The Class Mzfnagerizf is recreated as Steve jones answers Snmnne Pierce with Tom WVingfieltl's famous retort, I'm going to the movies! Sophs learn basic skills of English grammar with the aitl of Mr. Beaver. Margaret Pintler, Boyd Maekleer, james Nell :and Carole Easton tell WVhy I ann Proud to be an American thgnring Mr, Schnel- ler's class. ' :Z I lm'cm'c Bciiiainiii l-Qlmcr li. llzxrroll llclcn Nl. Cilaik Seeial Studies . Prepare lar Everyday Living 'Iv- Rzumuml Ciulcmaii Claim l,, tliiiiiii , S av- T5 Im Krciclvr Cllixirlcw I . lkiwling ,QQQIJM-r1'f W fi V napa 1-M ana, xii? Q -lfl 5F.' '- I Af' J, I QL I 'Ax lil thc' vofzilimiail ,xlllCl'lC2lll Hiwtorv class, Nfl. Ciarroll cx vlains tlic im JOYILIIIIQC of 'tlic ori in'1l . . , . . mllmicg I K I g ' Nlciiilwis ul Nliws BCIIILIIIIIIIQS l'.O.D. class, Bill I-cunlmm-ig and jiulv Xclaunx, xl'IBUI'l QlllilC'lll vxciitw lo Klum- .XlIlll1llillCI' :iw llivx luring llic xilzililc Mr. Krcialcr's American His- mlziw lxiillvliii lmaixl up In mlailc. Nlcaiiwliilc. Alina' fllaiik Liiinl l-',iiici'wii iliziw cliwiiw 1111 SlllWL'lllL'l'15 wink in Smith .Xliiiiai. Ililm stripe tmry class .f' Xli. Ikiwliiigx l'.O,ll, mluss ililigcntly scalrlica llic .Xrzr lark Imiu lliallvll IJ1N7iNIi'l, A Basic Text fm' l,l'Oi7lCIlli ol' llviiimixiu fiUlllSl'S. Q is lt X. Brunner Robert G. Reitz Lewis C. Swartz J. Sliaylor XVoodruff gm George li. Burlington George lf. Iirb livelyu 0. Lenuer Miles ll. Messiuger liarnest A. Rauch Mathematics, Science i...- D. Bushnell, R. Chinlund, D, Tongue, C. Heath examine Omar, the rubber inan's, heart to learn how this organ functions. Many sucli visual aids make subject matter more vital. Roy Lewis holds the interest of his fellow students in Mr, Swartz's class as he dcmonstnates the skills learned in Vocational Math. 5 X 'X 15 Zvi' ,K llleehanical Drawing class provides a welcome break for R. Lees, L. Bobb, P. Ahrznnson, H. Love and Y. Ruby from normal text book work. In this room, unknown to many .XlJingtonians, the 'I'-square and triangle aid the drafmnnn in :requiring fundamental skills for engineering. shreds in order to discover what makes ' ' Congruent or not trongruenl, that is the question. l-'red 'Ilromas explains the mysteries of l'l2lllC Geometry to juniors in Mr. XVoodrufl s class. dd Knowledge el the elure el'-Things .1 Mecllanicallv minded C. Riley, C. llentz, R. Booth, Nlr. lirlb, Ill. Love, CZ. Menten, and R. lktssler congregate to use the Xetnier X' caliper to nreasure to the nth degree, fy, IJ. Czarnieki. I , Ifarra, H. Gegler. CL. Cllinchzud merciless sophomores, tear the helpless frog to 'l'hi1'ml yuan' Spanish Slllllfllli wznlfh and Iislcn ullcntivcly as Imurzl lNh'.Moy Cx! plains smug f,fI'2lIlllll2lI' points. Miss Rcim'I1z1ul remains nl hand, rczuly lu give any hvlp IlCL'1Il'il. V5 3 Rl ix , 1 Q ,KX Ig J I 'N tu 0 Q Lanqllaqes Broadm Perspentl PS wait their turns. llclcn Briggs I. Nlcrxin Cmttsh ill Students find inforinzititm untl cn- joymcnt in the lihr:n'y's many vol- utncs. Anna Kulinosky, 21 stutlcnt lilmrrtrian, statnps it book fm' Peggy Xkblfington while other slutlcnts , litlith Nl. Nlilnc Ycrus XVt'x1x't'l Miss NlllllC5 att students willing- A-Hg pare daily assignments. Hunks. rl. lVlu5it3 . Enritih lfullurti 'lln' -lnnirn' Buys' Qu:n'lt'l -- llull Nlckiiniy, 'loin XYliitcl'icltl, All'i't'cl Klux, Zlllfl Mike Lichcr QICIY 'I stcneu for tlancts is uc-ll is PIC T' - llIl'S sonic hznhci' shup lizmnmn' with tht: :iid ui Mr, Kiotlshalll :it thc' piano. .Cf- I ll 1Il1:1111 A. 1.11111 :ff Dc1rotl1y I.. Lc1n111c111 Robert CZ. Miller Charles C. Robcrls .Xllu l, NXQLIXQI .Iam X. 13.1115 Yvrlin I.. 'I'111tc Y' 'llbmhl W' lvliglll 'I'l1c lllKlllYll'l1ll .Xrt SlllclL'IllS under ll1c i11st1'11c'lio11 of Mr. G11111 learn lllilllf' p1'z1c'lical skills. 1 il 1 lhuunass Lducahun kkccping class lJCl'l'CLlN its xkills by 1'1'auli11g clmrls 111 ' ' ' M11 lates Boo acldition lo thc lfgllllll' tcxtlmoks. IW QD!!! 53mm 1 551 , wx flhivsn ZZ, lf!! MJ Prepares lor VVUrk UppUHunH i 1 vu I lylllf, D. lh-x:igIiz1, D. Killlllfll, S. Burger, P. lV1lll2lCC learn thc way lu ll 111z111's l1c':1l'l. 1 J,g.,ws Xhlhnn is Armstrong D'unl Chik IloydR C e 45 if- z 1- ' m 1 NCill B. l'CI'li.ll1S Rqyhpfl lxi1llll'li'C H. Shafer Ifllwqyqnl I I.ouis Cahn and Stephen Mesziros spend much Iinie and effort working on such proj- ects as rhe Gain Night scenery that they are producing here. ljraniilial ris . Ueviaflop Skills for raking a Living , . . I. Rapp Sniilh .I- llzard ill work in the Mi:-ieliine Shop, Anthony Ioseph Pulli, under the watchful eye of james Mcknally, makes the Al11'1fllf? 11 ff'kI3l1fH 'P1 f',f'vl.'ff,2' flflvf' .3 necessary zuljustnicnts on ri generator, while tuning up the IIIUIOY. umlful 12,315 U SUPUHWH U m m' L lor, i r. .zn . w All l'lClW2lI'Li Gormley, operating :in intertype Casting inzichine :is Tony Ciunirelli, Rudy Klein, :uni i.urry Hughes look on, helps prepare the yring sporls srheciule, one of the Print Shop's numerous projects. , 1- x . ' f f .4 . K t t Gertrude Herzog jane A. Oswald Sanford A. Senor Glenn R. Snodgrass Ph sical ljrlittialiati . Pravirlaa Halaxatiari from tiadartiiti Studies Leonard Cnetttber and John Meklgin demonstrate their ability in climbing ropes to tlie entire gym class. Interested fans watch an exciting girls' basketball game. Keeping score adds to the fun. Dining time ottt the football team relaxes and talks over their next play with which to stop the op- ponent, I.ower Merion, f Sophomore girls perform duck walk and seal crawl on the mats to develop strength and coordination. Q 5 l ll lla '., 1-, .- vslwl in :ill nxpuils ul' the lixcw ul' ,Xhi hlling out hcl' mullcgc zippliigilimi, ffl 'They Zlhe x, Xluurc. llgiihanai Warren. :incl BCIIQ' llamscu - SCfI'Cl2lI'iCs - IIIIIVIQC' In mzilw hh' run iiiorv simmililx. l Serve :ali with llicinmim-tri' in' ai ssorml ul mlvimc, Bliss Rilcv keeps an eye mi slmlcnl hcaillh. juan l'.Cllllll1lll Iuulw on :iw fliiimlal 1 llmiiisclm' Yl'lill2ll'll l c'glL'x' who is illtci' lmi1ailiw,g1ws help In Raimi llcrginziiiii in M 4 Q-4... s s I I X R. an I I ei ii, e e .. is . 1 l Sn fzf . 1 ' F l ,lime we V l .W A . 5 f...,,..., li 3 -X A ' ' A A ' W ll-a LI ., - -x 1' ,' Mi. Ntilllldlll hczmi inure lxllcs uf woe with ai svinpzilliclic can' :mil with ll smilc lhnn pcrlinpx mmm our pzircnls. Pallivnlly hc smoolliccl out thc humps, hig lil' small, with his goml liiimm' mul llll4'll llll'llCtl ai nizijm' pmhlcm into om- llllll llllglll soon ln' liurgullcli. 29 l fx' fi Qi-M, - Q ' tt .. gi t X Q if 'l L-H t- flt , it ' f pg, ,fZ. ,.,,. J so . 5 i 5 f it f 3 2 px ,. fi - A ti Qi mfaifawr gg ll. 7 2' 3 J W it + IQ Q Sportsmanship . . . all for one . . . one for all . . . not only in ath- letics, but also in class work . . . that willingness to take a chance . . , willingness to give up alittle . . . cheer- fulness when we lose . . . playing for the game and not for the winning . . . tolerance in spirit . . . freedom from malice . . . open-mindedness . . . overlooking of weakness in others . . . giving freely and willingly in proportion to our means . . . sticking to legitimate methods . . . striving to be worthy of trust . . . all of which lead us to merit what We have . . . that esteem . . . value placed on our Abington. S... llN 'QQ Z ? yi f ' 1 4 img ' 1 . 3 . ' ' K K ' A ,1 'I-, y - ' , if ,- iftfb. ' rxfdl' -. 1:-. W 4 fu. ,H ,. 5. 17 'Q 'l 1 Y' gg? v'41...f-1- IE-, YZ, - Y-Vx . . . ..,.k,,:,-5... W ..,,,.. faq ggi 'f min QK .t xx. i , T-.W . ., , .gf iixkwvs- 1r ,1 ,naw P, HWS, . . . Twfvbi ' ..,.,., ,.., ,,,..,,,,,.,m-,,,5..--. . , M-wvxr-v.e+-W v s-. 51- in 2 7,13 76 Z5 lg, QQt1i,s35 Q Vw VY x .4 XV .. , , M. 5 . i726 If011'flII1'I 'l'.Dcl lii1vis,G,I.ong,R.XYcsI,S.NIt1rray,XY,Bannak, A. Dcnnis, C. Archer, CI. Ivins, R. llrosso, R. Barber, C. Holmcs, ll. Magra, CL. llitltllc, H. Lovc. Ron' 'l'z1'o: D. l'cck,n1anagcr, R. Stella, manager, R. Brown, inanagcr, R. linnncrnman, M. Christian, ll. l'lritih, A. SilIl0llCIl2l, R, fXlc'Carron, D. Young, S. Xvfwillllgltlll, P. Budd, li. Snyder, R. lNIarino, D. Vcntrcsfa, ticnlh, Asst. Coach Schncllcr, Cloacli Carroll. Eridmen Win 7, Lose l Starting on Chcstcr's 50-yard stripe for thc first ol' two 'I'Ds, Rollic XVcst takes a handoff and skirts thc end in thc open, lllg llll2ll'lCl'. 1 l 'wp Going into thc scrond half with a ll-lil store Xlminglon reaches thc Lower Marion l-yiiird lint: cr a sustained drivc. Rollin CFU grabs thc handoff' iil'0lll Stun: Murray and streaks toward thc goal linc as tcannnatcs Cllarkc lxins and Dick Bar- Jcr girc him passing tinic, West Scores El Tffs Because of the winning streak of the 1953 squad, Head Coach Carroll and Assistants - Schneller, Pawling and Smith - favored the T formation, which proved highly successful. The Ghosts rack- ed up 242 points against their opponents' 59 to compile a record of 7 wins and 1 loss. Rollie X'Vest with his smooth ball handling and running proved to be an ace left halfback for the T. Taking his aerials were George Long and Gor- don Biddle, ends. The forward wall consisted of tackles, Clarke Ivins and Dick Barberg guards, Robert Brosso and Paul Magrag center, Chip Archerg backs, Dom Ventresca, Sugar Dennis, Steve Murray, and Duke Young. Assisting in these positions were ends, Toni DeFlavis, Peter Budd, and Sam YVashingtong tackles, Tony Simon- etta and Carl Holmes: guards, Harry Love and Dick Zadickg and backs, Ray Marino, Dave Young and -lim Gentry. In their opening clash the Ghosts spurred on by the fine playing of Dom Ventresca met the Golden Bears who were trampled under foot. Two weeks later saw the Carrollmen under the arc lights hold Haverford to a scoreless defeat. XVith eleven wins to their credit the Maroon and XVhite gridders lost a hard-fought battle to Lower Merion who tallied twice to salt away the subur- ban title. Rebounding quickly from defeat, Rollie NVest and Company, which included three-year varsity men Sugar Dennis and Duke Young, trounced the Royals. ln the weeks following Maroon Meteor, Rollie West, led in a 28-point spree over the Chester Clippers. The Eagles never got off the ground. Closing the season the gridders, captained by Clarke lvins, overwhelmed their York Road rivals, the Panthers of Cheltenham, whose claws were clipped early in the game. gg Q 1 Nt ': ?St'5sd hir just as Ventresca QSGQ started lugging the pigskin on the 15- yard line, the Cheltenham Panthers came charging in to stop a long run. Abington Abington Abington Abington Xbington Abington 'Xbington Abington 27 26 7 34 33 28 40 47 TH li RECORD Upper Moreland Haverford Lower Merion Upper Darby Ridley 'Township Chester Norristown Cheltenham lf? 0 H 0 I9 0 7 li Abington's Sam XVashington scores on a short jump pass from Steve Murray, despite determined efforts of Cheltenhams line. 11 33 a' One: R. Bowlev, I.ou I.awver. james Nlclilgin, 'l'. Leonard, W. Gomberg, XV. Thonipson, R. WVhitney, john Mclilgin, D. I ivre, li. Shmitlheiser. CI. Corbett, Coach l', 'I'. Gantt. Ron' Taro: R. Delflavis-manager, Bsliitzen, Lee Lawver, R. 'lurnbull, I ihuenther, H. Mckinnv. NV. Smith, G. King, W. Pickwell, J. Ross,J. H01lSC,'l'. 51111211110- Coialie Smith assisted bv Bill Ciomberg foils another Clheltonian attempt to score, as Captain Pickwell covers the goal. l.ou Lawver questions al the hall' time Coach C1antt's brief remark, Don't let 'em run you down! Hunters Pace Haverford Sparketl by senior booters - XVayne Smith, Captain XValter Pickwell, John Ross, Willialtl Thompson, and John House - the Ganttmen alter a slow start rolled up surprising victories over Upper Darby, Haverford, and Cheltenham, powerful league contenders. XValter Pickwell, selected by his teammates as the receiver ol the Alumni most-valuable player award. was high scorer. Also, he, lVayne Smith, -Iohn Ross and Xvlllllllll Thompson made the All-Suburban squad. liligible lor next year's eleven lirst string will be Lou and Lee Lawver, James and -Iohn Me- lilgin, l-lruce Litlen, Leonard Guenther, George King, Thomas Leonard, and Hall Mc- Kinny under Coach Gantt and Assistant Coach Beaver. THE RECORD Abington North XX'ales Abington Hatfield Abington Lincoln Abington Mastbaum Abington Lower Merion Abington Haverford Abington Upper Darby Abington Cheltenham Abington Venn Charter Abington Lower Merion Abington Alumni Abington llaverfortl Abington Vpper Darby Abington Cheltenham Abington George School Abington Central K. x it -. I . . K -. lst X A 't -. x.Xr-.x'- tw 'Xxx w X XXX i ' XD N N . Q.Rk.x..xx.,xkxIh H Six N Xl .xkxx x xx, xxwil x - . t . -. , ct xxtxtxt - 1, .K-K 1 'x' 'Nikh- HAH rA1 A Krzeelirzgz R. I-fngelbrink, li. Rothenheber, I. Nell, F. McDowell, R. Clark, D. McKinney, E. Hotham, R. Srhmank, Slanrling j. lfoley, R. Iisterling, C. Meitzner, J. Rights, 'I'. Mantis, G. Gunn, A. Bergmann, C. Schaffer, AV. Landherr, H. Hyde D. Batt iam, HI, Lucas, R. Criswell, AV. Heiss, Mr. Secor, W. Biddle, S. Clinchznd, J. Linden, C. Hentz, D. Illewellen, K. johnson, -I Hermann, C. Pattison, ' The Cross Country boys are all set to take first honors at E in the meet with Norristown. ----....,,-.I Eight . . . Led by the fleet-footed Edward Hotham, the barriers completed an exciting season by win- ning eight meets in sixteen starts. After a rocky beginning, Zeke's boys rounded into form and showed great promise by galloping over their last three opponents. XVith twenty-three schools competing in the Annual Cobbs Creek District Meet on October 29, lidward Hotham, Richard Clark, and Rich- ard Iingelbrink placed fourth, eighth, and tenth, an effort no other school could equal Eligible were they for the States Meet on No- vember ti, where Ed finished seventeenth. In the Marcus Hook Invitation Meet on No- vember Il in competition with seven other schools, Edward Hotham placed first in the mile, breaking the previous record. His time was l2:35. Individually, others who placed were Clark, fifth, and Engelbrink, sixth. The team took third. X35 hx x, N RECORD Abington 26 Lansdale Abington 40 Upper Darby Abington 27 Haverford Abington FII Lincoln Abington fll Springfield Abington 26 Norristown Abington 28 Cheltenham Abington 28 Lower Merion Abington 32 Media, Springfield Abington 34 Chester Abington 21 Central Abington I7 Ridley Township Abington 25 Southampton Abington IH George School lid Hotham and Dick Clark break away from thc pitk and ontpace their competitors from the opening C1hellenhznn's fllllllillli inlereepls the perfeit- ly good attempt of 3l1ll'Q2l!'Cl Pinder, right inner, to pass to right wing, llalliarai l'liner Huckeyeiies Tiipple Springfield U .1.1 me Lllt elage ol' their Miss -lane Oswald, the spirited hockeyettes showed a linal log ol three wins, three losses, and two ties. Highlighting the season was the important Springfield flash. ln the drizlling rain and snow ol' November 3, a determined Maroon and XVhite eleven, showing excellent team work, dinnned the Blue and fil'CylS chance for an undefeated season. Graduation will elaiin tricky halfbaek Barbara Fensterinaelier, captain and Center forward June Starke, staunch lnllhack Mally Holmes, speedy wing llarhara l'liner, and Manager .lane Blus- sina. 'lllli RICCIORD .Xhington ll , ,.. .. .Xl11lJll'I' l .Xhington fl Central Bucks 2 Abington 2 . , Jenkintown 2 Alllllgllbll l .... llailboro U .Xhington 2 ,, Lower Nferion 2 xlllllglflll Il . , , Springfield 2 .Xhinglon l . x0l'l'lSlUXYll 2 .Xhinglon il Clhellenhznn 3 Seulerii ll. lfenslerinznher. X. Kiewson. B. l'osev. ll. lieallv. CZ. Starke, Starke, B. l'liner. Slzozdingz M. Pinder, li. MefXIeekin, Ni. Holmes, Nliss klzine Gswald, Nl. Reynolds, Il. Meigs, llockralli. Wa n X, Qi his f , Y U! Qs!! U fi. m Kneeling: I.. Miller, AI. Miller, ll. Mcliinny, YV. Smith, XV. Piekwell, R. Freed. Sf!I7Ifff1Ig'I G. Biddle, R. West, C. Nz W2iSl1i11gf0Il, U. Yfvllllg, KI. Hansford, B. Mackleer, manager. Led by Rollle West, who scored 373 points, the lfegleymen finished their season with a l4 and 5 record, beating Upper Darby, Cheltenham, and Haverford in both tilts. Lower Klerion and Nor- ristown bowed in the initial round but came back strong in the second half to plunder the injury- ridden Ghosts. The fifth loss was to the Railsplit- ters of Lincoln. In losing to Chester, the cagers, supported by excellent community and school enthusiasm, did themselves proud as they came within one field goal of the Clippers. Good school spirit prevailed throughout one of the basketeers' finest seasons. As a team the Ghosts had -147 field goals and 223 fouls for l2l7 points, averaging 62.9 per game. They also made L1l.2 per cent of their shots from the floor. The hardwooders will lose six stalwarts - Hans- ford, Smith, Biddle, Pickwell, X'Vest, and Young - by graduation. layer, S Eaqers End With lil-5 Marla Upper Darby Cheltenham Chester Lower Merion Norristown Haverford ,LH 59-5-1 Hl --19 50763 71 -Affl till-Kiel 113,36 .S. OPP. A.H.S. OPI' 58-56 65--ffl Sfiflill mm fill-li?-S 71+ rf liasy when XVest does it. Abingtotrs great I ll S mh fm. center controls the tap in the Lower Blerion 'Iwo on two as ree passes to Qu the bucket. tilt. Q 1 Ifziwflirig: KZ, Marks, R. l.ink, li. Chznnlpcrlin, R. illlIl'lll7llll, A.. Cunicclli, R. Bohh, R. Sclnnzink, R. lininicrmzin. Slumin CI. liinilius, C. tllinchzncl, R. Wchcr, li. Gutgescll, .X. Clicrry, G. Long, W. Baiinmk, T. Stoltz, W. Post, lNl1niugcr. With gi liie :incl two recorcl, Clunirelli, Zinnner- main, Bznnizik :intl Long sparked thc grapplers into second place hehincl ll strong Upper Darby. The l1l1lllIlCll'S only two losses czinie at the hzintls of Lzinsclowne :incl Upper Darby. The Ghosts sent ZllllIllCl'Ill2lI1 and Long to the Regionals where they finislietl third and second respec'tirely. .X knee injury prevented Cunicelli from pzirricipzitiiig in these nizitches. 'l llli RECORD Abington 'll , l'etnislJin'y 5 Abington 25 . . ,Hzivcrfortl 18 Abington 23 . lzinsclownc 24 Abington 23 . , . .Lower Mcrion l8 .Xhinglon Ill . , Norristown Ill Abington fl , ..l7ppcr Darby Sl Abington 23 , ,, llhcltcnhmn I5 George Long, ri junior, wus .Xhinglon's only representative in thc Dislrirl lfinzils. llt-rc he switches out zigziinst Vppcr Dmhy. Tony Cunirelli, this yc:1r's winner of thc Curl Srliwziil Nlcniorial XYrcstling Awzirtl, goes for xi lalll with ai hu lork. Ronnie lilnniermzln, one ol' tht' lllrcc .Xhingloni wrestlers lo go to the District Semi-finzils lrics lm 1 pin. tak? 4 Sw . . Sitting: I.. Meigs, J. Funk, M. Holmes, C. Clement, J. Mahon, CI. Scholly, B. Bitting, B. Robinson, K. Krewson, B. Ulmer. Iirzeclizzgz J. Ritsert, D. Clark, J. Ritchie, 'lf Chubb, BI. Maxwell, li. Porter, N. Voltz, L. Button, I.. Myers, S. 'XVarntz, A. Messer, J. XYurst, M. Barker. Standing: tl. Spindell, B. Brecht, J. Kraekel, D. Bushnell, J. Benus, S. Burger, A. Milne, N. Hislop, R. lingelbrink, J. Oberholtzer, S. Kleinfeller, S. Scheerr, N. Bergmann, Miss Clark, Coach. Although the mermaids had an unimpressive scoring season, their teamwork and cooperation were excellent. Barbara Bitting, undefeated throughout the year, took first honors with her Mermaids Place Fifth in Districts diving at the P.I.A. A. Districts on March 19. Others who placed were Sandra Mfarntz, Betty Robinson, Captain Cynthia Scholly, and Jeanne Mahon to win a fifth place for the team as a whole. Seniors who have swum their last for the Maroon and White are Gail Clement, Betty J. Robinson, Cynthia Scholly, Kay Krewson, Linda Meigs, Jeanne Mahon, Jone Funk, Barbara Bit- ting, Jean Ritsert, Marguerite Parkes, Mally Holmes, and Barbara Ulmer. Captain-elect for 1956 is Lynda Button. Barbara Bitting executes the championship form which brought her the District One diving tillc and an undefeated season. B. J. Robinson and Captain Cyndy Schol- ly give George School a rough time in the 50-yard butterfly. lleflavis Sets Regional Record The tankmen highlighted their season with the berlormanee ol' Toni Delflavis in the Dis- tritt, Regional, and State Championship Meets. ln addition to setting District and Regional rec- ords in the l50-yard medley, Tom went on to become the only District I winner in the State Clhampionships. He also won the District 50- yard free style. Co-captain with Delflavis was Russ Me.-Xlpine, who also qualified in the Districts, Regionals and placed filth in the States. The team record of seven wins, seven losses is the best Pawlings Paddlers have had in sev- eral years. The mermen defeated Mastbaum 47- 23, Lincoln 55-20, liddystone 40-33. and 52-23, Clheltenham -18-27 and 38-27 and Camden Voca- tional -lfi-32. In the loss column were those to RS. Dupont 25-50, George School 3-1--ll, Nor- ristown 30--15 and F42-155, W'estown 34-110 and 213- -19, Germantown Academy 32-43. In the Dis- triet, Regional, and State meets the boys placed third, sixth and ninth respectively. I i SHQLLQN X Lieber and P. Abramson on the right poised for race with CIheltenham's breast slrokers, tloldeuburg and Xdler, -Xlthough the team won the meet. I. Adler, w'1'or1rl from ilu Iefl, took this l00-xard exenl. 7? , ,7 L Iirst 1 -gp I .X A,m 4 ' 1 , 7 X fl 3 'D , ., 1 1, - ' ,- . , . g . , .R . Tom Delflaiis and Russ Nlellpiue, eo-captains, placed ind lilth iupcctixclx in tht ITU x nd medlcx in tht State Championship Meet, held ill Slate l'niversilv on March IZ. Hon' Une: R. llubeck. R. Reed, I. Clement, X, Fust, R. Rowley. Ron' Two: C. Ruzieka, C. Meitzner, C. Schaffer, G. YYiIson, P. ,Xbramson, I.. Tompkins, R. Delflavis, I-'. johnson. Ron' Tlzrer: ti. Planas, R. lloeppner, R. Booth, I. Boyer, R. Nleklpine and 'lf Delflaxis co-captains, A. Lieber, H. Heist, Mr. Pawling, Coach. Q .A , -. er avi. Os -t - 5 ' --k - gy 5 Q- WISLF it wi? V? , Ron' Our: W. Young, I, Centh, D. VCl1l!'CSC2l, l'. Delfeo, R. XVarner, John Mel-ilgin, XV. Thompson, S. Murray. Ron' Two: R. Stella, C. Etnilius, R. lllark, XV. Pickwell, l.. Miller, H. Mcliinny, R. lVhitney. Ron' 7.fII'f'l'I Assistant Coarh Mr. Beaver, R. Ilrosso, J. Rawley, R. Clark, G. Hansford, W. Smith, R, lingcl brink, li. Shmidheiser, l', Magra, Head Coach Mr. lirb. XN'ayne Smith tries for the tag in practice game as lYalt Pickwell slides into third. Bobbie Black fires away at bewildered opponent. Uiarnuttdeers Fight For Ten Batter Pickwell warms up before Chester game in which he made the only hit. In their opening six starts the Ghosts downed Penn Charter l-0, Central and Upper Moreland 2-l, Germantown 6-l, Lincoln 4-0, and George School However, the lirbmen bowed to Chester, their first league opponent, 0-fl. After the Chester tilt, X'Valt Pickwell sported the highest bat- ting average .38-1, based on ten or more times at bat. Duke Young and Xilayne Smith maintained an average of .303 while first baseman Brosso had a .500 average with four for eight. Coach Erb faced great problems in teaching his proteges the techniques of more efficient base- running, hitting, pitching, and fielding. A mastery of these fine points resulted in a better scoring record in the remaining games of the twenty- three that were originally scheduled. Leading league contenders who offered the greatest opposi- tion for our hard-hitting diamondeers were Upper Darby and Cheltenham. R. It' 5551? Ifmt' Una: C. Nlarx. ft. Gunn. K, Rappaport, lfoley. I.. llobb, I. llOlll', Castle, ll. l'lti4li, l', Rawley. lffm' 'l'zt'n: R. Stliniauk, R, Mannin , Nl, Gilles mic, D. Cagno, li. Gill, XV, Stinson, li. Snyder, CQ. Cllinrliard, li, Hayes, A. Zeller. Rim' '1lllI't'I'f . 9 . i :eh C':n'roll. Jer. Shaw, R. lfreetl, W. Heiss, C, Nlaier, li. Cutgesell, S. Washington, R. Steel, R. lloeppner, ll. Heist, 5-5 l Xsst CHI X r Cionc li Pawling. Spiliesrnen Set Winning Pate The rindertnen opened their season with Hat- lmoro on .-Xpril l5. Outstanding participants were Ed Hotham and Dick Cagno. Supplement- ing them were aloe Foley, running the 4405 John Nlanning. the 880 and -1-103 and Dick Schmauk the 220 and A1-10. Other leading contenders were Hurdlers, Barclay Tagg and Nlike Gillespie, and liroad Jumper, Bobbie Freed. Following the Hatboro meet, the tracknien participated in meets with Lincoln, George School, Penn Charter, Easton, and Cheltenham. Other scheduled events were the Lower Mer- ion and the Penn Relays and the Suburban and llistrift fill2illlIJlOIlSl1lIJS. Putter, Bruce Ulrich, lmrls mightily in effort to gain distance. Robert Freed shows championship broad-jumping form in early spring practice. j. Ifolev, I. Manning, R, Sclimauk, R. Kiagno pratiice the pace to be used in the quarter-mile relay. ,.- ,,-, L 2 .-.A xX'fl1i- NX ...su ' .,-3 - - i ' ' Z 2 . R, im-ns..-, 2 Z':v,?g..: :,, limi' Huw: D, Salyino, R. Reed, NI, Drought, NI. Silxcrinan, CL ,SlolI1, il. Corhelt, Boyer, Lee Lawyer. Ron' Tren: NY. Hike- sell, I. 4.1:-inenl, C., Iliiirke, l', Cranston, C.. Xan lhislsiik, Lon Lawyer, Nlfllllglllllldf. Ron' 'l'l1r1'e': floarh Slanis, lf. Stoltz, D. liayre, S. Rhoarls. ll. Legler, D. Nlyers, ll. Pt-ek. eimeu Post B-E Record Swinging' lor another outstanding record, Mike Drought and Steve Rhoads, yarsity singles, sparked this year's teain. Supporting' theni were singles, Pete Cranston and Lou Lawyer, as well as donhles Lee Lawyer, -Iohn Clement, Charles llllllflkil, and Steve Ilones, Coach Stanis, who previously coached girls' ten- nis, piloted the lmoys to a SllLiC'CSSl-lll season in their thirteen starts. lfollowing' the opening rnatrh with Central on .Xpril lil, the court hattlers niet Lin- coln, llayerliord, Clheltenhani, Norristown, Yeadon, Upper llarhy, Penn Charter, Lansdowne, Radnor, George Srhool, Springfield, and Lower Merion. Hou' Unf: K.. Koenig. Y. RlllJY, li. Beatty, I'. lhler, IJ. 1.1 Maids Show B-5 Talley Led by singles f Priscilla llhler, Connie Cun- ninghain, and .Xnn Ilarper - and doubles - Char- lotte Gentry, Barbara Nlotson, -Ioan Schmidt, and Brenda Beatty - this year's teain had high hopes ol' compiling a record coniparahle to that of the past high-scoring hattlers. Vnder Coach Oswald the girls, alter facing Hay- erlord lor their opening niatch on April I8, niet llenkintown, Clheltenhain, Norristown, and Berwyn in succession. This group worked diligently as they went into the last ol' the season against Upper Darby, Lans- downe, Radnor, Springfield fllel. CIo.j, and Lower Merion. arnecki, A. Harper, Schniidt, NI. Smith, Row Two: Coach Oswald, C, Gentry. li. Nlotsonpli, l'rt-ssler, Ci, St-ehinger, Cl. Hnehner, Cl. Cnnninghmn, xl. tihilds, L, Tart. YWM' an sv 1 'T , i s3e9G' mil. xtly - ' .A-my M4 -'Q 311 t Momm- -cqw, ' OV! ' Q . , ., Il x I uno r s 1 og yan, L. Crabtree, C, linley, l,. Kziiglin, Rout Tien: NI. Climpel, NI Kimll I' lnnniunilnn ll Xitlxles X lxiusson D lxnncll C I b R0 Ill I X4 g XI lin lu l lli I D 4 aco . zu nw: . 'runn . , s C. iel. ,- , its rr In 0 in or .ar our: D, jones, A. lones, ti. Wunderle. il. lfox, li. Rombold. Ghtisieiies End Par Busters Show Promise Rounding the links :rs potential pzir blisters for the Maroon and White were the tee nien - Harry I.oye, xlolrn Ross. Dziyicl Bourne, Douglas lirzintlon, Alellrey Hughes, Rzry Nlzrrino, -lolin Nlussinzi, and George Royle - under mentor li. ,X. Brunner. Hzrluliczrppetl lay the l':1c't that lllere were only two returning' letlerinen, Hurry l.oye :intl .lolin Ross, the squzul nizule eonnnendzilmle scores in their meets with Berwyn, Clieltenlizun, Penn Charter, Lower Nlerion, Norristown, and Central. Vlll1I'0llg'll the generosity ol' the Huntingmlon Vul- ley Country Club ollifizils, tlie squzul was arlile to use their excellent greens for przic-tire. 1 4 n s ussin ss r mon, D. Horne, R. Marino, :incl CQ. Royle pose before leaning , 1, , . P . I ,FA , 4 5 . ,, 'A5 ff ii5sy k. A Yi X . fl x ,, X iffy, ,, .AL Q ,vw ,. I Nwpww Goff' A K, ,, If ' Q ,, Q, a .fm-f 3' ill' 5 sr- , ,, +39 ug W ,wb g .Y-A A .fi I S 3 ,4- Aixam ,, . Qi! Divx q f WJQR ,A 'P ll BS ',. 51 Q 5 I, 4,y , gum :'-ff Lf SiS? N. l.1lt. B. Bllllllg S. Mm Bride ll. llulon A. 5 Sn ing, l'. laitzcn, R. Hostmann, C.. lleluin, ll. C-il fillan, I.. Lightcap, I. lenks, li. llomillcr, R. Cialanleg Cf'ntf'r: ll. llurley, Gettlcr, A. . ser I I-I Ill! lil IRES B iw ll Ron' Our: R. Cooke, li, llill, R. Klhinlund, Young, l'. Dc Fco, D. XValson, ll. Salvino, Cl. XYarmCrdam, Nr. V. X ll rector. Nou' 'l'a'n: NI. Smilh, CQ. johnson, ll, Moss, NI. Costa, IJ. Henry, li. Thiel, li. George, BI. Miller, R. Kulp I Xian KL. lintriken. Ron' '1'ln'rf': IS. llaxis, I.. Duntan, W. Schofield, Nl. Crgnit, ti. Mathis, T. Collins, D. Bourne, C. Ie Blocc Hiller, Rawlviqll, R. Dasslcr, Cl. Kreniscr. Ron' lfnur: lf. l-Ipting, YY. Davis, IJ. Scanlin, D. Roan, XV. Owen, ' Ri s l'urpura, Kushner, pl, Cfagno, fi. Reichert. Amid a blast ol' cheers, they swung smoothly down the football field to display their talents and long-practiced formations. .Xctive during the en- tire year, they opened many pep rallies and march- ed in several parades, among them the -Ienkintown Christmas parade. Tlirougli the line ellorts ol their parents and memlmers ol' the community the entire band sported exceedingly attractive unilorms at the Spring Con- cert. f . tgp. , '.ef.t R f R 5 1 1 ' -.- .. a p-- 4 r- 4.1 'HIGH-5 f ellenhurg, Y. Stevens, .X. Spangler, Nl, lflem fi Tultlred Tnolers Pass in Preview Paving the way lor the hand among the cheering fans were the color guard, majorettes, flag twirl- ers, and the drill team. XVith colorful uniforms, perky hats, and intricate formations they dazzled the spectators in every event in which they par- ticipated. Moreover, they presented a picture of t dignity as the national anthem was played. Nlany compliments were paid them following their appearance in the miracle ol the century, television. Looking into the crystal hall theirs is a future ol' hllt't'Cb5, prizes, and even a liner band. li, llnl 'W ?Q F'R 'V 1,1 K A I , ' .wil I., 34,.J3'f- In --, -.ltr 1rkoH,vIS. Hawthorne, l.. Button. 'IQ filllllllltrll, I Oltltll, I'. Wright, S. Slillillgt'l', ll, Clark, ID, l'eIl1, Robinson, tl. Snixlhe, S. little. ve-X' ,,..,. xl, Norman. L., jordan, I,. tiiahlree. I. I'riester, NI, Barker, R. llnss. ll. Bushnell, lientrs, lb, Cilarnetki, Nl. Risko, l'. Wollington, I. Peterson, NI, Nlaxwgell. pai' -X t .,gf-1-3 gg, cf terms it motif Q 5 of wt. gpqgzr 1 mga 'i ' gat'-Q - La R?-fffff' 'iflfll il e we 4 ,cf S'-mfs' 2?-'-'il -at-Q-:Q fmlplfgfig 57? 'T-.5 1-7g 'gale ex UW' 1 ,fern Lv 1- ft fri riff S- 337' ' 10' , 1..- rg, 'S' 'wi ir-Lit A it 11-P e r SENIORS: W. Young, R. lsrosso, W. Keen, A. Simonetta, C. Mcllermott, XV. Deiss, N. Vickers, B. Ifenstermacher, C. Biddle, XV. llannak, R. West, xl. Maisch, j. Norman, X. Beeson, M. Risko. A. Hatton, L. Nlc.Xvov, XV. Comberg, I. Schmidt. IUNIORS: I. liolev, S. jones. H. Nlcliinuy, C Planas, S. Little, 1-I. Snodgrass, AI. lilsroad, Ki. Hoffman, li. Porter, N. Yoltz, j. Reber, S. Ashwav, CI. liaston, S. lNIcKIat'l'rey, R. Stlnnauk, H. Love, R. Rowley, If. Tliotnas, tl. Rupp, NV. Biddle, R. Hackman, ll. Wolf. SOPHOMORES: A. Milne, S. Murray, R. YN'ells, D. Peltz, D. Bushnell, K, Kauffman, D. Lescure, S. Nvhite, Benus, D. Czar- necki, j. Drake, C. Heath, j. Goss, .-X. Fust, C. Meitzner, T. Rights, S. Rhoads, C. Van Buskirk, S. Linden, j. Hall, VI. Clement, li. Farkas, I.. 'l'art, C. Scliafler, ll. Sherry, B. janney, L. Bobb, R. Buck. Student Council activities began with the plan- ning of the Pennsylvania Student Council Associa- , tion's eighteenth convention at Abington. 'In addition, the group continued its sponsorship ol the dances iamiharly known as Open Houses, and provided us with service in the school store, the Dog House, and the Affiliation Club. Other activities include a faculty tea, Thanksgiving con- sion on fraternities and sororities. trilJllti0IlS l'l'OIIl AHS to Abington HOSIDitZ1l, ll party and gilts lor the elderly residents ol Christ's Home, and decorations of the hallway at Christ- mas time. Other Student Council projects included partici- pating in exchange-school programs, providing dec- orations lior the formal dance of the National Con- vention at Lower Merion, helping teachers pre- pare for school in September, procuring Mr. Requa Bell of Jenkintown as speaker at the Student Coun- cil installation ceremonies, passing the proper dress resolution, and revising the AHS Council's constitution to change election procedures. Mr. Ifegley, guidance counselor, monitors group discus- During the summer, Gordon Biddle, along' with sponsors - Mrs. Edna S. Powell, Mrs. Evelyn Len- ner, and Miss Helen M. Clark - attended the Na- tional Student Council Convention in Minnesota. In August, Gordon and .lack Maiscll represented Abington at the summer workshop lor Student Council leaders at Penn State. Harry Love will be a discussion leader at the National Student Council Convention at Lower Merion this June. icpresent Abington in our ztlliliaite, the Lily i ' i i D liiaiun Schule, clirects attention to coming Heel Delegates ie flrtrtuel lfettvetttiett .Xs host to the Iiighteenth .Xnnuttl ljCllllSYlYlllllll giiming October lcl :incl lasting' three days, Abing- tcm welcomed more than -150 delegates from about l5ll schools. t K Mnouiuunggtggg whit , ,N 6,955-W The ciclministrtition, fcieulty, :ind the entire stu- ' Ostorbill dent. body helped President C-orclon A. Biddle, lr., :ind advisers -e Nliss Helen Nl. Clark, Mrs. lidnct V:-1 S. Powell, and Nlrs. Ilvelyn O. Letmer - to or- ' g1lllllC the convention around the theme 'KService Until Smith. the litst student seleclecl to ls lllc kcynolc Ol C'llUenSllll,'l .-Xlter registration, sightseeing, dinner, :ind :tn 4 K , organ recital bv Fred lipting ol '56, Student Coun- ents on the tlitslztszstitilej loc':il billboztrd ' ' ,,e,,m,md .,,.,,.,ml ,hc Clcmic mlm, c'il members :incl ztclvisers on '1'hurscl:ty night heard the well-known ClllIl'ZllOli, Dr. .Xltheat Krzitl llot- tel, deliver the keynote address. Following the lfriclziy group cliseussicms :md prob- lem clinics, the uninvited delegate, Hurric-zine Hamel, did not disrupt too much the banquet nor the clzinee. Grzitelul delegates expressed their thanks with, Our clelegtttes ztpprecizitecl the welcome they re- c-eivecl, the line mzmner in which gill the :activities were Concluctecl, :and the worthwhile suggestions they brought b:tc'k. In all these :ic-tivities, the Student Council hzis spread good will and spirit tliroughout the school. Nlr. Northam turns to Ctlllglifllllllllt' newly instzillecl l't'c'si- dent Gordon Biddle :is l'rinc'ipzil Rectuat liell of lenlcin- lown looks on. 'lo the left ol tiortlon :ire Yic'e-l'rc'sitleut john Nltiisfh, Recording Secretary llzirbtirai lfenstermgtchet, tforresponcling Secretziry Ntllilllil Yiclceis, lreztsurer Hil- liatm llzintizik :incl Sergeztnt-att-.Xrtns Rolnncl XYest. 'Io 7 the right :ire Senior iflaiss l'resiclc-nl xvillltd' Young, lunior f.l.iss l,ILSlllLlIl Rtclmicl Sclntmulc, Senior Nlember ol lux- lllclucisg Tim, Gluplu. umm dcn gcImhPI.llu,l. ecutive Committee Robert llrosso, lunior Rc-presetitgititc' i Il nit a I.ote, Sophomore Representttliix e Steteu Rhogicls. ,Xssocizition ol' Student Councils' Convention, be- XYithout thc lights thvrc would hc' no show. .Xlso xcry important in Cala Night were tht-sc hors: .-X. llcrgtnann, ll. Rtlpp, A. Marco, .X. Ilcckctt. I5 X L, -,.-x H ' , 'tl l'hc Key Club, an intcrnati mal organization, sponsored by thc local hrant'h of thc Kiwanis Clluh pcrfortns many sct'vit'cs for thc stthool. This year its mctnhcrs were: Rott' Our: R, Stccl, XY, Kccn, Cf. Arcltcr, R. lltosso, R. Ritter, l'. lSt't'lst'lt, XY, Gotnbcrg, XV. Cimvctt, II. cifllll. Rua' 'I'n'o: A. Salxino, I. Ifolcv, R. NIcNIinn, If, Nlchowcll, NV. Maupav, B. Nlacklccr. P. agua. KI. House, R. Nltxtulpinc, R. Iindrcs, Ci. Nlcnton, Al. Bohr, R. Schmault, I.. Guenther. jim Nlclilgin. Rott' 'l'l1w'r: I.. Ilohh, K. johnson, I.. Utter, CZ. Hafcr, CQ. Ilafcr, W. I.andhct'r, W Iltiss R Booth R Burk john Xickllgin. 5 tough thc actors .ut nnpoitant, thcic would ht no Cala Night without tht- orcltcstra. These seven boys hclpcd Ctcatc diffcrcnt moods and sccncs in thc produc- tion. Rott' One: Rit'hat'd Miller, Donald Roan, David Ilournc. Ron' Two: Cllcnn johnson, Leonard Nangcl, jatncs Miller. Ron' '1'lm'r': David Watson. 'atsity Cluh, organiicd this year, proposes to promote hcttvr relations hs- twcun school. students. and tcacltcrs and to foster school spirit and scholastic standards, as well . as pridc in thc earning and wvztring of thc Nivttthtws of this ycat s group atc Rott' Our: G. Ilansford, Ii. Ilothzun, XY. Dciss. R. Mc.Xlpim', lf. Clhatnhcrlin, C. .-Kwltct' fl't'csidvntj, R. Ritlvr. l'. Iicrtsth. X, I.ichcr, Boyer, l'. Budd. Rott' '1'u'o: Nlr. Schncllcr, sponsor, XV. Rohinson, R, 'I'urnhull, CQ. long, R. Schmauk, R. linuncttnan, XV. I.21IIClllClAl', W. Pickwcll, II. lfolt-r, I. Cltcrry, H. Ilcist, W. Gotnhcrg, W. Young. I.. I.awvcr, L. I.awx'ct', IJ. Young. Ron' 'I'lm'1': R. Black, R. lingclhrink, il. Nell, R. Clark, I.. Guenther, R. Ifrcctl, 'II Dclflavis, R. llarhcr, Blcllatron, U. King, H. I.ox'c, Niclilgin. wvj llomv Lixing Cllziwcs plzm Szmlffs viwil to mliilmlrcn of fzlcllllx' I ls llll'Ill JC . I'i'cscnling' thc Abington High School A Cigippcllzi Choir unch-1' thc clircclioii of Marvin Uollaliulln :irc lznmilizir words Lo mzmy Civic groups :mal church 0l'gZlIlll2lllOIlS for whom thc-so sluclcms pcrlorin Cach yczir. 'lhc Clhoifs busy srhcchile this your mcluclecl sfhool zisscnihly IDIUQIXIIIIS, Cxclizmgc programs with other schools, :md various Christmas :md lizislcr IJYOQIYIIIIS llll'0llgl1Olll thc urea. Four mhoii' iiieiiilmmx - hlllfli Nlzlisc-li, l.ois C1'z1lJtrCC, Nlyriizi Mcalcliziiii, :md l3z11'lJz11'z1 Fclistcrillacillcl' 3 11-1m1'csciiLeml Abington, Fclmiziry lil to 12, at thc llistiic-L Chorus in Oxford, l'Cnnsylvrmiz1. Kloiiclucling lhc busy season was the Spring lfcslixail hclnl Huy 5 :md 6. Tha Cappella Chair 1 alias Beautiful tha Saiirafl ul Chrisliiias -1 ,. 9 Nlnrgy Risko :mil Uziil l'faililvr scml grvcliiigx in uhm-in 4l.m- :nam-5. Ii'fm'U11f': M. Rohiuk, I. lfl1i'vy,l3.Dimkcrson, B,I'lCIlSlCl'l1l2lCllCl'. NI, llolmlc-ici, D. llcxs, li. lXIClIll1K'l', N, Smith, .L Simon- l'll1l, R. vlillfllilllll, S. Ioncs, ll. Mc-Kimiy, KI. Tomlili, KI. Bcnninglioff, K. Hoffman, I. IIUIIKW. Ron' '1'zi'ng K. lmvsmi, II. Kilim-vii, N, Slmuh, KI. Slohl, Nl, llcmcr. AI. lll'L'llil2llII7l, XV. Will, ll. Sclizifcr, AI. Nicflzirnni, NI. knzipp, I Blllllllilll, IS. Roliiiwm, IS. I'owM K.. lllciiiciil, Run' 'l'lm'1': Nl, DQXYLIII, l', l'hlvr, li. Nlllllll, l'. Amlmlci, Nl. Rvynolclw. XY. SlllISUll. ll. Szizillizink, Ill llohomlw, l,. lhivr, ll. HCISI. I, Nlaimli, IS. Nam llykv, R. f.llNWCll, Nl. NICZICIHIIII. 5. l,ll'l'iQ'. l,. f.lllllll't'l', l,. Nfvlgs, 5, Nllllllf ZMUPIIIIJQIIIIYI. .llfmlfriw no! jfizlznrrl, l'. livrtsnli, .X. illiciry, S. lloman. I. xll1S5lIl2l, Il. Spallllcling, flliinqlonian and Urarlle Plate lintrusted with the task ol providing news and features for their elassniates are thc Students of thc News and lfea- tnre Staff. SfIHl!1I'Hg'lll'l' Bill Claxton, lfrances Miller, Mynna NTeaclignn,i l'at Connell, Dolores Miller, Barliara Xloodward, joan Mnnroe, and lidward Farkas. Sealer! are ,loan Feldman, Dorothy Towle, Carol SllCllCIlllllI'g', and Ciarmcla Khallttreio. Handling' thc joh of writing' editorials and covering the wide range ol' ath- letic' activities arc .Xhington's litlllllllill and Sports Staff, Slnrzriing are .Xrlene C-ilhert, Marilyn Busch. Bill Nlalone. Allan Smith, XYnrren l.ink, Klart' Sill vcrman, Kent Johnson, David Saal- lrank, Boyd Maeklecr, Stephen jones, -Ion Klcinbard, and .Ianct Spence. .S'wnl1'ri are Nancy Voltz, Lynn Myers, Betsy Spaulding, Brenda Beatty, Ruth llaiser, Beverly Yarrell. and Owen llollenlmnrg. l Helping Bliss XN'eax'er with the xital ' task of soliciting advertisements for the ' paper are Rnth llelwilcr, Joanne Clohes, Pauline Tyrrell, Lynn Sliaef- fer, .Ioan Hamln'et'ht, and vI'llL'I'CS2l Crulinsky. First Place Composed of student contributions, both artistic' and literary, the Ornrlf' is staffed bv an able body ol' workers who compile and put out this prize- winning magazine. Stmtding are H'ar- ren I.ink, Sandra Saur, llill Malone. Allan Smith, Marilyn Busch, and Kent johnson. Swtlrrl are Gwen Hollen- berg, Myrna Mcachain. Dolores Miller, Barbara XYoodward and ,Ioan Girton. l'it'tttretl are the girls withottt whose help the paper could not be publish- qtl, Smlml are Carol Barber and 'loan Nlartindale. Slmtding are Barbara I-'enstertnarlter, joan Nortnan, and Marcia Barker. l'nder able advisers, Dorothy Cathell and Allan A. Clatthorn, Abingtotfs prize-winning newspaper ac-hieved high laurels this year by winning a first Place at the Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion in New York. Aided by an active staff Con- sisting ol' tnany sophomores and juniors, were the All!-Ilgfflllllllll editors - ,loan Ifeldtnan, Dorothy Towle, Ruth Huss, Arlene Gilbert, Carmela Gal- lurrio and Brenda Beatty. Further aiding in literary activities at Abington, Dorothy Clathell and Allan A. Glatthorn contri- buted a great deal ol their titne advising co-editors, Kent Johnson and Marilyn Busch and their able stall in putting out an outstanding magazine, the Ur1u'Iz', known lor its abundance ol clever articles short stories, poetry, and art work. 1 ., 1' x. K . M... tm. Vsing their artistic' talents for illustrating the Un joan Funk, Leigh Breeze, and Norma Vickers. f -K M., .XXX K :E Aff -4 Xl XRBOOk TDI FORI-XI, STAFF IH scn to tt 1 on A C tlhert, NI. llttsch, II. Feldman, Slrznzling, Ron' Une: CI ltnhutg 1 tctto .Xmhathc-r, .X, .Xrlelh, M. Risko, G, Partridge. tion o tt ut orc t wa to w in C ttton B WN'alls, tl. Gentry. Uratjla Stall llatitlrtls Traditional Traits You are Abington High School. You help to loster these qualities - school spirit, sports- manship, leadership, and integrity - which have made our Alma Mater a school ol which we can he justly proud. XVith this concept in mind, the stall set to work to produce an- other prize-winning Oracle, one ol the most widely circulated publications. Under the guidance ol Miss Haldeman, the stall worked especially hard to record the way you work- ed, played, and made lriends. The editorial stall worked hard writing senior personalities, checking dummies, prooling copy, and eom- posing captions. The typists and art students, too, have contributed many hours ol their time. Moreover, the business stall diligently sought ads. Through it all everyone has ex- perienced true teamwork and that leeling commonly known as school spirit. httsts Jack Stopkoski, David Fay, and Norma Kickers sketch interesting cartoons for senior pt cs. 1 11111111 111111111 1s1110 s11111s 01011 110 Pl d b I '111-.1 - '11 .1 . '011 EH 1 1111111 hlU1'1CS 111111 1111111115 171. 111011 511111111 1.11111- 13l'S1N1iSS S'1'.-Xlflf 5 A N S0111111' 11,1111 111111 11l1111g 1111 111111 1111' 11111111101' 11101111111 11111111 11f 11111, 11.-XNIEBOOK CIONIN11'1 l'1i1i 1'1ll'lCI', NI. .'x112lI1lS, Cf. x1L'l1li'l1. .S'f'llfl'flI 1,. ,1'2ll'l, 11. ,Xl1l1l'l'N'i. 11. l,11w101'. .Sfllllll1llQ. 11. .14 1111115 111111 111'11v1110s 111 1011 1111111 111111 s1111111'111111 11011'sl111l101's. 5110111111 110115 I'0111111'0s 111111 r,I1111'1s 1111x1105 111'0 S0111 111s11 111 1110 111l'CC 1111' 111-11'sl11111111's. 1501111180 111' 1110 111111-as 111 Miss N111111' f11'l11'C .x1111J1L'1', 1110 IJ11011111' 111 1'11l1111' R0111111111s, 1101' 11'01'1i 11s 111111501 1111' 1110 Ili 11115 11111111111011 111' X11's. 110111 CL11111. .1111 x1l111J1Q,111g' 1f1111111's, X1Zl1'gf' Risko 111111 R111111111 N111l01', ll11C 11.1 8181111 111 Ll 111111111 111' 111110 01111111's. 1110 1111111111111111 511111 15 Il K'0l1111l1l1Cl' 5010111011 1111111 1111- -111111111 1911111111 1115111112 115 11111'11os0 is 111 1'1-V150 1110 5111110111 11111111I1111111 111 1110 1110- YXOUS yC211' 50 111211 ll ls UP-lOA11L1lC 011 8111001 p1'111'011111'0s 111111 0111'1'1'1l1QS. '141101'1- 1110 six 1110111111-1x 1111 1110 s1111l 1l11'1lll11I1Q' 1'11-01111111s 1121111311111 11111110115 111111 1.00 1.111v1'01'. R YI 3 - Q 7 'xr N'1'ul1'1l: N. Yi11101's, KL, S1'11ll1170l', NI. Risko, M, 1,L'XV1ll11, C. 1,1-Ll1l1L'l', S, 11111110 Slrmrlirzgz CZ, 1'11'11w11, R. 51111111-, CL. -1111111111, l'. XIll1J1CI'. 1. N1111111111, 15. 1 011s11-111111111013 Mrs. 1101111 1.1111 2'lC1Y1SCl', N. X11111i114, li. N11lli11. R' Minor' M- 111111101'1'1', 1.. l111wx1'1'. 11. 1 111 D 1 111 11111-1, 11.1 1'kll'1l'111gL', S. 1'11C11, R. R12 , . '0 3 'K' 11 D if- i hi 5 H 5' q x 4 .m.. 2: .R 4 tn .T- 3 ga- 0,9 ,Wi 1 H. s i 4 lb? Q ' i e'v'ff.'1FQ'. in-u-w..nuauum + W, ,. iy . amwg ' 1 , . 1 ' up Y 62,3 f P f 1 if W, 1. +5 E2 v s 9 'S I 1 3 A 'g W . ' ' 1' -. r-. . 'fffpk E- -912. as i-:ggi--. s-,.-,- A N . 4' ls A -' ,r V, Q 2 itz. 14:2 f -M- aw NW, ,-,. tl .. -. , 4 i . E 1 Q W 12- LE! M numb! Inna EEBE lnlmlfll - ui ,Et I3 . . . that soundness of character . . . freedom from deceit . . . veracity . . . ascendancy over cheap dis- obedience . . . Hdelity to the standards of Abington . . . regard for the advantages of others as for our own . . . absolute strength in niatters ol' honor . . . which shall 'niold the life of each one of us . . . shall make one's word as good as his bond . . . shall bring together the parts into the whole . . . to make Abingtonians strive for all that is line . . . stand straight and know that the world will not have to fear us . . . know that the world can benefit by our being. El mlm . x n 4' -Q J' I f . 1 A.. Q M 15:85.-flf . 4? .73 'QR ff- ,N -.. x. ,sq-:N Mug.. hx S,', ,W ... K- ...M N4 Q .L R. . NN-xx. s. --, .S K- x - -4 X X -.. X L. .1.,, Judith Adams S Q 5 X 3 xx XX ,f lt 5 5 Louise Ashton Phyllis Augustine Robert Baker jane Ambacher Carl Archer -Il'Dl'I'H ANN ADAMS College Pl'6'1?l1I'Ill0l'y 2439 Avondale Avenue, Roslyn Aludy , Loyal Abingtoniang Works well at any task: Cala Night I, 2, 33 Hockey 2, 33 French Club Dance l, 25 Affiliation lg Honor Roll 2. JANE L. AMBACHIER College Preparatory H300 Acorn Lane, Huntingdon Valley Pert 'n' peppy miss from Detroit, Honor Roll 2, fl, World Affairs Conncilg BuxMont Forum 2, fi: Affiliation Dance Committee chairman 3. CARI. S. ARCHER, JR. College Preparatory ltllfi Wellington Road, Jenkintown Chip , Popular school leader, Tops in fun and spirit, Rugged football center 1, 2, 35 Track 2. 33 All-around worker at P. A.S.C. Conven- tion, junior Executive Board: President of Varsity A and Key Clubs 3. ARLICNIC EDNA ARLICTH Gl'71l'7'Ili 501 Hamel Avenue, North Hills Versatile. well-liked Ahingtonian, Big hit as a singer of hillbilly songs, Yfwrlzookg Glee Club 2, 3: Cala Night 2, 33 l'.A.S. C. Convention worker. JOAN RUTH ASHTON liztsirzcss Education 207 Osceola Avenue, lilkins Park 17 An affahle manner that wins friends easily: Cirls' Chorus lg Homeroom Decoration Com- mittee lg Participated in the interpretive dance for the l'.A.S,C. Convention. l.Ol'lSli ASHTON lfll.Yf71f'A'.S' Education 207 Osceola Avenue, lilkins Park 17 A gtcicious gal with a flair for art, Alningtonian Business Staff lg Cirls' Chorus lg Participated in interpretive dance for the P. A. S. C. Convention. William Bannak Carol Barber Arlene Arleth Joan Ashton PHYLLIS CECFLIA AUCUSTINE General 2139 Old XVelsh Road, Vnillow Grove l'hyl , .Attractive brunette who's fond of mu- sic and art, XVorked on decorations for dances and P.A.S. C. Convention, Girls' Chorus 2, 3: Cala Night 2, 3. ROBERT E, BAKER Business Education 541 Gibson Avenue, Hollywood Bob , Expert motorcyclist, first, last, and al- wavsg Belongs to Road Knights Motorcycle Club and America Motorcycle Association. WILLIAM BANNAK College Preparatory 535 Highland Avenue, Baederwood Bill , His clever quips add life to any partyg Rugged fullback l, 2, 33 Basketball lg Track l, 23 Student Council treasurer 33 Senior lixecu- tive Committeeg Varsity Club 3, CAROL ANN BARBER Business Education 2506 Independence Avenue, Roslyn Livens up the crowd with her happy-go-lucky manner, junior Prom, Allingzonian typist 2, 3: Spirit Committee 2, 33 Gala Night 25 Executive Committee 3. MARCIA ANNE BARKER General 950 Crefeld Avenue, 1-llkins Park 17 Sensible and nonsensical as the occasion de- mands, Spirit Committee 2, 3: Color Guard 33 Alaingtonian typist 33 Swimming Squad l, 2, 3: Cala Night 3. JOHN AV. BARTLEY College Preparatory 1023 Old Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley Even-tempered Abingtonian who placed a win- ning 'automobile model in the Fisher Body Craftsman Contest. Marcia Barker john Bartley 'bk N I .r Donald Bartram Nancy Bates Barbara Battersby Kenneth Beaver Richard Becbce . KM Q4 - 1 ' f 5-. ob , .X f 6+ l70N.Xl.ll B.XR'l'R1.M General PHII.I.ll' li. BERTSCH Collcgf- Prcparalory - ,Qu -A - ,v S53 Hewelt Road, XVyncote 2l0l Guernsey Avenue, Abington - I lion , A tall and lanky, but swell hot rodderg Phil , Calm and collected, Swinnning I, 2, 33 V, President of the Road liaglesg Hard-working .X Cappella Choir 25 P. A. S. C. Convention work- .ls Cross Country manager 33 Key Club fl: His hobby is cars. NANCY BATES Ciwimvzl 2477 Independence Xyenue, Roslyn Never too busy to help a friend: Student Coun- cil l: .Xffiliation l, 2. fl: Publicity Chairman of Latin Club Dance fl: Plans to enter the mis- sionary field. BARBARA B,XT'l'liRSBY College Pl'l'fNIl'IlffII'j' l2Illi Wheatsheaf Lane, .Xbington X striking brunette with an artistic touch, Urnclc Art Staff 2, 3: Decorator for Cala Night l ' 5 Dulce fotnmillcts 7 3 i 1. . ., - ,,.f . .-.., t , ....,t. KI-1NNli'I'H BFAVICR fil'Hl'l'fIl 937 liaston Road, Roslyn Ken , Quick with a quipg Student Council Conyention worker, Dog House worker I, man- ager 2: Soccer manager l, 23 Enjoys cars and parties. RlCH.XRD li. BIQICBFIQ College Preparatory 737 C-:irden Road, Clenside 4'l!ick , .Xn easy-going budding scientist, Cross Country l, 23 Swimming manager l, 2, 3: Track l, 3: Student Council Convention worker: Cala Night l, 2, 35 Key Club 33 Varsity Club 33 Dick in Senior Play. .XNN BICIQSON College Preparatory 2038 Wharton Road, Clenside Willing and dependable workerg Cheerleading 2, fl: Basketball I, 2, fl, Softball 2, 3: Student Council l, 2, 33 Homeroom secret-ary l, 21 Spirit Committee 2. Robert Black er, Cala Night lg Spirit Coimnittee 2: Key Club lixecutiye Committee 3: Varsity Club. GORDON A. BIDDLII College I,I'I'!Illl'IllUl'V 128 Roslyn Avenue, Clenside Cordie , An amiable chap and a born leader: Football l, 2, 3: Basketball 2, fl: Baseball lg Stu- dent Council president 33 Capable P..X.S.C. Convention president, Honor Roll l, 2, 34 lix- ecutive Committee 2, 35 Varsity Cltlb B.-XRBXR.-X N.-KN BITTINCZ Coll1'g'r' PI'f'I2Ill'IllfJl'l' 320 Tyson Avenue, Clenside Bobby , A mermaid who has a knack for gel- ting along with others: Remembered for her cliying l, 2, 3: lflag Baton 31 linioys roller skat- ing and horseback riding. SAl.I.V .XNNI-I BITZFR College Prepnrrzlory 1956 Adams Avenue, Abington Suzie , Charms with her gorgeous complexion and endearing personality: Meticulous in groom- ing, Oracle 31 I.-4.15. typistg Rifle l, 2, 3: P.A.S,C. worker: Secretarial school next. DI.-XNX lf, BIORKMAN fil'71!'7'!1I 559 Fox Chase Road, Philadelphia ll Nice when you get to know her: Collects dog figurines: Hopes to become a nurse specializing in child care. ROBERT Cl-QORCIC BLACK fil'7Il'I'1ll 907 Tennis Avenue, .Xrdsley Poncho , Ifun-loving, red-headed shop boy who can be depended upon to help put up scenery for co-currictllar actiyities: Sports minded - Bas- ketball 2, flg Baseball 2. 3: Varsity Club 3. Diana Bjorkman Sally Bitzer Barbara Billing Ann Beeson Phillip Bertsch Cordon Biddle i S LJ K rt 'xxX Carol Blizard i. A r ,f rf ', i Z my X A 7 .stay Ernest Braun Robert Brosso Robert Brown Robert Bodony Patricia Borigini CAROL li, BLIZARD College Preparatory 671 Nlontgomery Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Breezy , A pleasant smile and likable per- sonality: Student Council worker 33 Spirit Com- mittee 3: Favorite pastimes are art, knitting, and sewing. ROBICRT BODONY College Preparatory l35l Old Fort Road, Huntingdon Valley Bob , Came to A. H.S. from Lincoln High in 233: Likes loud music of any kindg Plans to learn the tool and die trade. l'.YI'RICIA BORICINI 1l11.ti11es.S Education l7T4i Ferndale Avenue, XVillow Grove Pansy , Allzrble in her own sweet wayg Likes to sew and make her own clothesg P.A.S. C. worker. ISABI-ll. BOYD litlxinesx Education 425 Tyson Ateuue, Clenside Cood-uatured and fun to be withg Allingtonian typist 23 Softball lg P.A.S.C. Registration Committee, Honor Roll l, 23 Cala Night l, 2, 33 Homeroom secretary 3. -IOHN C. BOYI-IR College Preparatory D492 Edge Hill Rlliltl, Huntingdon Valley 'lakes everything in his stride3 Swimming l, 2, 3: Cala Night 2, 33 Dance Committees 33 Varsity Club 3: Interests include aviation and cars. Isabel Boyd John Boyer ROBERT A. BROSSO College Preparatory 2047 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Clenside Bob , Everybody's boyg Football l, 2. 33 Base- ball l, 2, 33 Student Council l, 2, 33 Senior Prom chairman: Co-chairman of Care Drive l, 2, 33 Vice-president and delegate to P. A. S. C. ROBERT WILLIAM BROWN Vocational 421 Tyson Avenue, Glenside Bob , Known for his quiet but friendly man- ner3 Efficient football manager 2, 33 Basketball 23 Rates as one of the print shop's top men. DOROTHY BROWNLEE General l7ll XN'ebster Avenue, IVillow Grove Dussy , A gal always ready with a jokeg A helpful P.A.S.C. Convention workerg Future plans include nursing. NANCY MARIE BITRCER General 2423 Independence Avenue, Roslyn Nan , Oh, those brown eyes, Hockey l, 2, 33 Co-chairman of Care Drive l, 2, 33 Gala Night l, 2, 33 Spirit Committee 35 junior and Senior Prom Dance Committees. JEANNE BURHANS College Preparatory 2729 Cedar Lane, North Hills Friendly lass with a winning smile3 Honor Roll l, 2, 33 Student Council 23 A P.A.S.C, Con- vention secretaryg Gala Night 23 Junior Prom Ticket Committee co-chairman. MARILYN M. BUSCH College Preparatory AI. ERNEST BRAl'N College Preparatory 2342 jeukintowu Road, Clenside l-Qrnie , Knows what it's all about when it comes to motors: Homeroom secretary 23 l'.A.S.C. Convention worker3 College bound. Dorothy Brownlee Nancy Burger 131 Holme Avenue, Elkins Park 17 Enthusiastic and capable Abingtoniang Oracle. co-editor 33 Abingtonian 33 Yearlrookg World Affairs Council 33 BuxMont Forum 2, 33 Senior Playg Color Guard 33 Affiliation 3. Jeanne Burhans Marilyn Busch I s- Lx Dorothy Campbell Angelina Ceneviva lb0ROl'llY CAMPBI-1l.l. lliisinavx Iifliirntimi 71.3 Seminole Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Neat as a ping Alwingionirui rypist 2: Basketball l, 2. fl. Softball l: Girls' Chorus lg P.A.S.C. Registration Committee: 1-Qnjoys dancing and knitting. ANClil.lNA M. CIQNICVIVA Ilt1.vi11c.r.s Ifflllftlfltlll 2,130 AVL-lsh Road. lVillow Grove Angie , Always pleasant to have around: lin- joys softball and basketball: After school hours spent working at Wilbur Rogers. JAMES L. CHERRY, JR. College Preparatory 433 Abington Avenue, Clenside Jim , A likable fellow often seen cruising in a flashy yellow Buick: Varsity Club 3: Home- room treasurer 3: Rifle l, 2, 3: lVinner of numerous bolat racing trophies at Ocean City. ROBERT CHINLLND College I'rcj2arnlo1'y 21-Ili Rush Road. Abington Friendly transfer from Cheltenham: Music en- thusiast and dependable drummer: Drum quin- tet: Hobby is working on cars. DOMINIC CIIZNKOAVSKI College' I7l'f'I7fU'I1t0l'y 726 Dale Road, Huntingdon Valley Dom , lfull ol' vim and vigor: Baseball l, Stu- dent Council Convention worker: Key Club fl: Plans to be an architectural engineer. ALICE Jl-IAN CLARK College Preparatory lil? Roslyn Avenue, Glenside Poised and pretty professional model: Tennis l, fl: Kick Chorus 2. fl: Latin Club l, 2, fl: l-'rench Club 2, fl: Spirit Committee 2: Cheer- leading l. 2: Centenary bound. Molly Cooke Julia Coffman AIIIIIICS Cherry Robert Chinlund Dominic Cienkowski QW S 0ll,A p W me as , JOAN CLASS lfllXllll'.Y.Y 1'itll1!'Illl0ll f fi 627 Seminole Avenue, Fox Chase Manor . -5 I Her side remarks always liven up a discussion: 7 A P.A.S.C, Convention secretarv: Cirls' Q N Chorus l: Aliingloriian Business Staff 3. 3 f J CAII. L. CLFMICNT College Pl'l'fNlI'1llUl'Jl an Old I-'ord Road, Huntingdon Valley Clem , Pints of personality: Swell to have around: Loves to knit those argyles: Hockey l, 2: Student Council l: A Cappella Choir 3. JOANNE CLOBliS ll1t.vi11f'ss lirlucnliou 358 lidgley Avenue, Glenside Natural curly hair: Disarming and charming: Member of Business Staff of Allingloriimi l, 2, fl: Senior Play: Cala Night I, 2, 3: Served on various Dance Committees. RONALD COCRON lil'lIl'l'f1l 902 'liyson Avenue, Roslyn Ronnie , Always ready to have a good ti1ne: May decide to be a commercial lartisl: Present interests include cars and stock car racing. Jl'LIA COFFMAN 1i11.rir1f'.r.r Iirlumtion 725 Hamel Avenue, Ardsley Judy , Modest gal who gets along well with everybody: Interests include sports and dancing: Hockey l, 3: Basketball manager l, 2, 3: Abing- tonian typist 2, MOLLY ANN COOKE College P1'1'JmrnI0ry 765 Arden Road, Baederwood Sophisticated gal with a flair for dressing at- tractively: P. A.S.C. Convention worker: Junior Prom Committee: Spirit Committee: Mrs. Skin- ner in Senior Play. Ronald Cocron Joanne Clobes Alice Clark Joan Class Cail Clement v Robert Cooper 3 li-Eve 1m A. Jean Davis Delores Davis Richard Davis 1. ..,.., Lois Crabtree Marilyn Cramer ROBERT WV. COOPER, JR. General 7447 North 21st Street, Philadelphia 38 Bob , A reserved yet likable blue-eyed fellowg Early bitten by the motorcycle bugg Swimming 1. LOIS JEAN CRABTREE College Preparatory 1881 Harte Road, Jenkintown Lo , Known for her terrific sense of humor3 Executive Committee 33 Gala Night 2, 33 French Club 2, 33 Affiliation secretary 33 Color Gu-ard 33 Homeroom vice-president 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 2, 3. MARILYN CRAMER General 2338 Nylsor Avenue, Roslyn Genial and cooperative3 Intramural Hockey 13 l'. A. S. C. Convention typist3 Gala Night Com- mittee 33 Dance Decorations 33 Spends spare time horseback riding. BARBARA J. CRAVEN College Preparatory 355 Hamel Avenue, North Hills Reserved yet likable lass who's an ardent work- er in Young Peoples Fellowship3 P.A.S.C. worker3 Honor Roll 23 Definitely interested in nursing. ANTHONY CUNICELLI Vocational 1574 Grovania Avenue, XVi11ow Grove Tony , A quiet sort of lad with flashing dark cyes3 Wrestling 1, 2, 33 Soccer 13 A future printer and fan of all sports. ALICE JEAN DAVIS Business Education 1918 Lycoming Avenue, Overlook Hills Jean , Kind and considerateg Girls' Chorus 13 Gala Night Committee 33 Junior and Senior Prom Committees3 Affiliation 33 Senior Play Committee. Thomas DeF1avis XV.i11iam Deiss Barbara Craven Anthony Cunicellr DELORES DAVIS Business Education 1635 Reservoir Avenue, NVi11ow Grove Tall, attractive future stenographer3 Member of Interpretive Dancing Group for I'.A.S. C. Convention and Gala Night. RICHARD E. DAVIS College Preparatory 1718 Madeira Avenue, Jenkintown Dick , Avid outdoor man whose special in- terests are hunting and fishing: Chairman of Hunting and Fishing Club 33 Rifle 1, 2, 33 Key Club 33 Varsity Club 3. THOMAS F. DEFLAVIS College Preparatory 1428 Old York Road, Abington Tom , Full of fun3 Handsome Carrollman 1, 2, 33 Swimming 1, 2, 3J Student Council 23 Gala Night 2, 33 Crystal Ball, Varsity A , Dance Committeesg Homeroom president 3. XVILLIAM E. DEISS College Preparatory 1344 Gibson Avenue, Jenkintown Bill , Lean and lanky: Dependable participant in swimming 1, 2, 33 Student Council 33 I'.A.S.C. Convention worker3 World Affairs Council 2, 33 Junior Prom chairman3 Varsity A Club 3. ANDREW' JOSEPH DEMARCO Vocational 2329 Jenkintown Road, Glenside Andy , Short and dark-complexioned lad with wavy brown hair that girls envy3 Enthusiastic radio repairman. RUTH O. DETWILER Business Education 1846 Horace Avenue, Abington A happy and ever helpful Abingtonian worker 1, 2, business manager 33 Oracle 2, 33 Student Council 13 l'.A.S. C. Convention worker 33 Gala Night 2, 3. Andrew' DeMarco Ruth Detwiler 4 em ts, ' 313113 N merva DeIValt Betsy Dickerson Eileen Dittmar Betty Dix John Dodson MINERVA DI-WAIII' lizlxinrzvs Iiducnlion 2061 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Clenside Min , Sincere, hardworking, and cheerful mu- sic enthusiast, A Cappella Choir, Junior Sex- tetg Senior Trio: HE., Release editor 3: Yl'llI'IIUUk typistg Student Council Registration Committee. BETSY ANN DICKERSON General 208 Osceola Avenue, Elkins Park 17 '4I lick , Talented ballerina whose second love is poetry, A Cappella Choir 2, 33 l'.A.S. C. worker, Cala Night l, 2, 33 Plans to make bal- let her career. EILEEN DITTNIAR liizxizzzfsx lfclucalion 1354 Arnold Avenue, Roslyn Always pleasant: P,A.S.C. Convention typistg Cala Night 2, 33 Dance Decoration Commit- tees 3: Likes to read and go horseback riding. Bli'I l'Y CAROLINE DIX College Preparatory 2ll4 Oakdale Avenue, Clenside Agrceable lass who's always ready to try: Soft- ball 2, 3: Girls' Chorus I3 Cala Night lg P. A. S.C. Convention worker, Interests include riding and nursing. JOHN DODSON General 2ll4 Pleasant Avenue, Glenside Quiet, yet friendly: Partial to tinkering with cars and to hunting: Contributed special proj- ect in mechanical drawing: Air Force. HONVARD JOSEPH DRAGER General Davis Grove Road, Prospectville Howie , Happy-go-lucky fella who is very much interested in cars. Joan Feldman David Fay LOUISE II. DVNCAN General 1728 Prospect Avenue, Willow Grove A neat and trim future secretary that gets along well with others, Plays the glockenspiel in the Band I, 2, 3. ARLO NAIRS EBY, JR. Vocational 2539 Fernwood Avenue, Roslyn Easygoing and quiet machine shopper who likes to design cars for the future, Enjoys cruising around in his '41 Ford. JOAN ENLEY 1522 Grovania Avenue, XVillow Grove Good-natured and fun to have in the crowd: Student Council lg Intmmural Hockey l, 23 Softball Ig Future nurse. , General JOHN JOSEPH ERB Vocational 2061 YVelsh Road, Wlillow Grove Rough and ready member of Coach Snodgrass's matmen 2, 35 Includes swimming and model airplanes among his hobbies. DAVID FAY fil'7ll'7'Ilf 2032 Old lVelsh Road, XN'illow Grove Dave , Excellent art student, friendly and easy- goingg Student Council Convention Decora- tion Committee 3g Gala Night 2, 3. JOAN F. FELDMAN College Preparatory 104 Prospect Avenue, R. D. 4, Langhorne Wonderful to work with, Versatile Alzinglonian reporter l, 2, co-editor page one 33 Swimming manager l, 2, 35 Yearbook: Buxlvlont Forum I, 2, 33 French Club Dance 2: World Affairs Council l, 2, 3. John Erb Joan Iinley vf, b lk' 51-5' 6 E llc f . 'lg-of A as E9 'S Howard Drager Louise Duncan Arlo Eby in QT' f ' sl 4 f R, Laugh M 'li I' Barbara Fenstermacber Anne Frazer Richard Freas Nancy Friedrich Andrea Fries ' f Cf sg K! NJYQ , W K cd, ff' Y , , Iimily Friis Blanche Fuller jone Funk 1 BARBARA FICNSTICRINIACHICR Business 1511. I7-ffl Arnold Avenue, Willow Grove Barb , Her loyalty to her friends is peerless, Alllllglfllllllll typist 2, 3, ,l.4.Ii. 2, 3, Yearbook: Uracle 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Respected Student Council Secretary 3, Gala Night l, 2, 3, P.A.S.C. Regisiration Chairman, Hockey l, 2, 'S CLAIRE ANNE FRAZER General 233i Nylsor Avenue, Roslyn Sympathetic and friendly future teacher of America, Gala Night I, 2, 3, Intramural Hockey and Basketball l, 2, 3, Affiliation 2, 3, Com- mittee for Senior Play. RICHARD FREAS Vocational 666 Tyson Avenue, Clenside Dick , Nice looking with a pleasing personal- ity, Likes to work on cars and to fish, P. A.S.C. Convention worker, Honor Roll 2, 3. NANCY J. FRIICDRICH College Preparatory 272l Laurel Lane, North Hills Congenial and cooperative, Intramural Hockey l, 2, 3, Swimming I, 2, P.A.S. C. Convention worker, Junior Prom and Crystal Ball Dance Committees, Gala Night I, Buxhfont Forum 2, Future nurse. ANDREA FRII-ZS Bu.sir1f'.ss Education 442 Monroe Avenue, North Hills Attractive salesgirl at Snellenburg's, Knitting Club 2, Service Club 3, Likes dancing anti M that yellow convertible! ICAIILY MARIIE FRIIS Cicrwral 1360 Iiaston Road, Roslyn Bouncie , Pretty and peppy, Iinjoys horseback riding, Girls' Chorus 1, Honor Roll 2, Gala Night 2, 3, Plans to be a medical technologist. BLANCHIE FULLER Ii11xim'.r.r Iitlucalion 1668 Summit Avenue, AVillow Grove Friendly and patient listener with a good sense of humor, Girls' Chorus 2, Cala Night Ticket Committee 2: P. A.S. C. Housing Committee 3. JONIQ FUNK liertervtl ll29 XVheatsheaf Lane, Abington A friendly gal who's handy with a sketchpad, Swimming 3, Affiliation l, P. A. S. C. Convention worker, Gala Night l, 3, Plans to study fashion illustrating. .IANICIC M. FIYREY College Prf'jmraI0ry 227 Tyson Avenue, Clenside jan , Graceful, petite dancer, Yearlmok, Rifle 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Cala Night l, 2, 3, French Club Dance 2, 3, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Teacher in Tap Club 3. HIQLICN FLORENCE CALANTIC fll'lll'l'lIl 915 Garden Road, Clenside A comely senior with auburn hair, Never says much but is ready to help when necessary. CARMICLA CALLUCCIO College l'repar11tory 1768 Rockwell Road, AVillow Grove Cooperative, capable, and sincere, Alzinglouirm I, 2, page three editor 3, Yenrllook, P.A.S.C. Banquet Committee 3, Honor Roll I, 2, 3: World .Affairs Council 2, 3, Latin and French Clubs Dance Committees l, 2, 3, Dog House 3. CHARLOTTE GENTRY College P7'f'lIHI'Ill0liA' 20ll Maplewood Avenue, AN'illow Crove An attractive and dependable friend worth hav- ing, Hockey 1, 2, Tennis l, 2, l'crn'lmolc,' Abing- loniun 3, Student Council l, I-lxecutive Com- mittee 2, Spirit Committee 3, Homeroom see- retary l, Senior Play Committee, .mice Furey Helen Calante Lnmela Galluccio C harlotte Gently 'N in i C XROLYNI I C IR XRD lollcfrf' P11 minion 2124 Susquehianna Road, Abington A wonderful girl, congenial and capable3 Girls' Chorus I3 l'.A.S.C. Convention worker3 Cala Night I, 2, 3: French and Latin Dance Com- mittees I, 2, 3. ARLENIC I.. GILIIICRT College Picparalory DON XLD C R X I l follcge Pu mialory 321 Edgley Avenue, Glenside Don , Avid Merc fan who loves to clown: Cross Country IV. I3 Intramural Softball I3 I'..vX.S.C. Convention worker 33 Cala Night I3 Key Club 33 Senior Prom Committee. tl X by ggamlyn gem,-41 ,Xl-lgnc Gilbert joan Girton William Comberg George Cottschalk 4 O Y' ,I ,A L. Li A J. ,h .,I . .', Art- L I ...l I ,K of . .I X l2lll XVheatsheaf Lane, Abington Cillie , Known for winsome WVHYQ Yl'I1l'lI00kf Alzinglonian 2, capable page two editor 33 jun- ior l'rom Committee3 Latin and French Cltibs dances 2, 3: Student Council Convention Ban- quet Committee. JOAN Ii. CIRTON College Prr'pamlory 808 Iidgehill Road, Clenside .X cooperative lass who never loses her temperg Umrle 2, 33 lrnrliook: Cala Night l, 2, 33 I .'I'..-X. 2. 33 A l'.A.S.C, Convention Committee chair- IIIZIIIQ Future kindergarten teacher. XYILLIANI R. CDOMBICRCI College Prl'jmrnlory H59 Sewell Lane, Rydal 'tlSill , Has a pleasant word for aIl3 Soccer l, 2. 3: Rifle 2: Student Council 33 Iixecutive Committee 33 Dance Committees 2, 3g Key Club 33 Varsity Club 33 Homeroom 'I'reasurer 33 Senior Play. CIQORCIC COTTSCHAIJQ, KIR. Vocational 5-13 Iidgley Avenue, Clenside A grand guyg XVhiz of an auto IIICCIIZIIIICQ A- driverg ,l.4.1i. reporter 33 Band l, 23 I'.A.S.C. Convention workerg Air Force bound. WIl.I,I.XNI D. COWFN College Prf'pr1ralory 749 Iidge Ilill Road, Ardsley Bill , Happy-go-lucky fellow interested prima arily in the Naval Reserves3 Football I3 Key Club 33 I'. A. S. C. worker. lirnest Halberg lidward Gutgesell IiI.IZ.XBIi'I'H II. GRETZ College Prrfparnlory Nfeetinghouse and Lenox Roads, Jenkintown Bette , Known for her striking blonde hair and smileg Spirit Committee 33 I'.A.S.C. work- er3 Future plans include college and airline hostessing. CLYDE E. GRIFFIN Vomlionrzl I2-I0 Johnston Street, Roslyn Blond wood shop whizg Outside interests in- clude helping to build a stock CHF, Hopes to become a dairy farmer. THERI-QSA CRVZINSKY litlsiimsx Ifllllfllflllll 234 Cadwalader Avenue, Iilkins Park Tee , Capable advertising manager of Abing- lonifm I 2, 33 Oracle Business Staff 2. 33 Gala Night 2, 3: l'.A.S.C. Convention worker: Fu- ture telephone operator. IQDW.-XRD CIHICIESI-1I,I. I'oraliorml 2l-I Cadwalader Avenue, Iilkins Park liddie , Happy-go-lucky with a friendly smile: Cross Country I3 Track 2, 33 Iliaseball I3 Capable matman I, 2, 33 Varsity A Club 3. ICRNIQST HALIII-1RG College Preparatory I8-I8 Harding Avenue, IYillow Grove Iirnie , His quiet but sincere personality has earned him the respect of many Abingtonians3 Set up displays for the I'..X.S.C. Conventiong .Xrdent aviation fan. Theresa Gruzinsky Clyde Griffin 'Us N'illiam Cowen Donald tiratz Iilizabeth Cretz its joan Hambrecht Gerald Hansford Alberta Hatton -ll Ci x i. , 'il ' F fl, lp.-l i pixma-iiff M23 3 X l Q K ,f , N A 1 . -t-Af David Henry Mary Herrmann Dorothy Hess JOAN HAMBRECHT Business Education 2260 Cross Road, Glenside liasy-going and Cl1CC1'flllQ Abingtonian Business Staff 1, 2, 33 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 A P. A. S. C. secretary3 Senior Play Business Staff. GERALD HANSFORD College Preparatory 1107 Stratford Avenue, Melrose Park Gerry , 'l'al1 blond jlll6I'bl1gQ Cross Country 13 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 33 Spirit Com- mittee 13 Varsity Club 3. ALBERTA M. HATTON General 2119 Parkview Avenue, XVill0w Grove Bertie , A comely lass with flirtatious eyes! Student Council 1, 33 P.A.S.C. Convention workerg Homeroom Secretary 33 Gala Night 1, 33 Spirit Committee 33 Participant in Wana- maker's Christmlas Ballet 3. ANDREW CHARLES HEINE Vocational 448 Linden Avenue, Glenside Andy , A conscientious lad who can usually be found tinkering with his car3 Student Coun- cil Convention worker 33 Gala Night 2, 33 Fu- ture electrician. DAVID A. HELLYVIG General 1718 Cloverly Lane, Rydal Friendly and fun-lovingg Junior Prom Commit- tee workerg P. A.S.C. Exhibit Committee chair- mang Avid horseman. DAVID HENRY General 362 Church Road, Fox Chase 11 Dave , Very 021511311 Orchestra 23 Band 2, 33 The Outdoor typeg Fishing, hunting, and bovat- ing are his pastimes. Edward Hilt. Marie Holderer Andrew Heine David Hellwig MARY HERRMANN General 2-17 Tulpehocken Avenue, Elkins Park One of those likable girls who came from Notre DHHICQ Secretary of Housing Committee for the Student Council Convention. DOROTHY HESS Business Education 620 Cedar Road, Fox Chase Manor Dottie , Sincere, likable and big-hearted: Bas- ketball manager 2, 33 Gala Night 2, 33 A Cap- pella 2, 33 junior Girls' Sextette3 P.A.S.C. EDYVARD HILT General 2137 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside Der Kluge Edward , Was ist dasz? Das ist gut! Perpetual grin3 I.4.E.. 1, 2, 33 P. A. S. C. Convention worker3 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Affilia- tion 2, 33 Honor Roll l, 2, 3. MARIE M. HOLDERER Business Education 434 Tyson Avenue, Glenside Brown-eyed brunette, with a pleasant smile and a pleasing personta1ity3 1.-LE. typist 33 Girls' Chorus 13 A Cappella 2, 33 P.A.S.C. Registra- tion Connnittee3 Gala Night 2, 3. GIVEN R. HOLLENBERG College Preparatory G25 Runnymede Avenue, jenkintown Cute and petite transfer from Abington lfriendsg Yearlzookg Abingtonian 33 Orarle 2, 33 Gala Night 2, 33 Affiliation 23 French Club Dance 23 Publications Dance 2, 3. MALLY SCHOFIELD HOLMES General 235 Huron Avenue, Elkins Park Mally not Molly , Always ready with a witty comebackg Hockey 1, 2, 33 Swimming 2, 33 Spirit Committee 2, 3: F.T.A. 2, Secretary 33 1'.A.S.C. workerg Junior Prom Committee. Gwen Hollenberg Mally Holmes Edward Hotham John House EDWARD HOTHAM General ltilti Fitzwatertown Road, M'illow Grove liddie , Ace track man, Set new record at Marcus Hook Meet - three miles in l2:35, Track and Cross Country l, 2. 3, Varsity JOHN RAl'l' l'lOl'SE 1fu.vines.r Education Hl Central Avenue, North Hills Jack , Ably moderates Forum Club discus- sions, Aliingtonian Business Staff I, 2, 3, Soccer l, 2, 3, Basketball manager l, 2, Key Club 3, Varsity 3, P. A. S. C. Convent.ion worker. WILLIAM JOHN HVBER College Preparatory 733 Kirkwood Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Bill , Can be either serious or bubbling over with unusual -answers to Mr. XVoodruff's ques- tions, Alzingtonian 3, Honor Roll 2. Rl'TH RACHEL HUSS College Preparatory 2ll4 lVayne Avenue, Abington Charming and efficient, Yearbook 2, 3, Abing- tonian 2, co-editor 3, j.4.Ii. I, 2, 3, Latin Club Dance Committee I, 2, 3, Chairman of l'.A.S.C, Banquet Committee, Spirit Commit- tee, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, Color Guard 2, 3. CHARLES ANDREW HUTH General 2l-l Shelmire Street, Elkins Park Congenial trtansfer from Northeast, Helped with decorations and lighting for numerous dances, week-ends - really in the dough. CLARKE H. IVINS College Preparatory l225 Rosemont Lane, Abington Ives , Great big bruiser, husky and depend- able, Staunch football lineman l, 2, Captain 3, All-Scholastic 3, Basketball l, Baseball l, Student Council I, 2, P.A.S. C. worker, Dance Committees 2, 3, Varsity Club 3. William Huber Ruth H1155 NORMA JACKSON College Preparatory l374 Arnold Avenue, Roslyn ' Never without a cheery smile, Gala Night l, 2, 3, If.T.A. 2, 3, Affiliation Committee 2, 3, Hopes to attend Peirce Business School. L. KENT JOHNSON College Preparatory 538 Abington Avenue, Glenside ' Works hard at anything he does, Alzingtonian 3, Urarle co-editor 3, Designed and painted scenery for P.A.S.C. Convention, Gala Night l, 2, 3, Senior Play, A whiz with puppets. S. GLENN JOHNSON, JR. College Preparatory 341 Meetinghouse Road, Jenkintown ' Always ready to be in on the fun, I.4.E. l, Baseball I, First-rate cornetist in Band and Orchestra 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3, l'.A.S.C, Convention worker, Gala Night 2, 3. GAII, li. JORDAN College Preparatory 2027 Maplewood Avenue, Overlook Hills Never too busy to help someone else, Year- Ilfwki Oracle 3: ,l.-4.15. 2, 3, Girls' Chorus l, Student Council 2, Honor Roll 2, 3, Color Guard 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee. MARYLOU KAHN College Preparatory 657 Pembroke Road, Jenkintown Sparkles in any crowd, Hockey l, 2, 3, l'. A. S. C. Convention Housing Committee mem- ber, Cala Night I, 2, 3, Junior Prom Dance Committee. S-'l'El'Hl-IN KARN Vocational 2521 Fernwood Avenue, Roslyn Steve , A quiet sort of guy who enjoys other fellows' jokes, Vice-chairman of homeroom 1, Interested in model trains and boats. Stephen Karn Maiylou Kahn Cail Jordan S. Clenn Jolmson 3 Charles Huth 1 I D at l 5 fre -f Clarke Ivins Norma Jackson L. Kent Jolmson 'lk ane Kaufmann 'f7i.lI, 1 1 1 lx, ll , 4 ' . ,viig jon Kentfield Thomas Killeen Michael Klaski Paula Kaufmann Sally Kay JANE KAUFMANN Business Education 1819 Roberta Avenue, Willow Grove An ever-ready smile: Proof of her depend- ability - Yearbook: P.A.S. C. Convention worker: Senior Prom Dance Committee: Spirit Committee 1, 2: Gala Night 2, 3. PAULA KAUFMANN General 1819 Roberta Avenue, Mlillow Grove Petite and peppy gal: Softball 2: Yearbookg Homeroom vice-president 1: Active Spirit Committee member 1, 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 1: P. A. S. C. worker: Gala Night 1, 2, 3. SALLY KAY College Preparatory 520 Hillcrest Avenue, Glenside Pert lass with a ready smile: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 1: Senior Quartet 2, 3: Cheer- leading 2: Spirit Committee 2, 3: Gala Night 2, 3: Student Council 1: P. A. S. C. Committee. WVILLIAM E. KEEN, JR. College Preparatory 1228 East Avenue, Roslyn Bill , Everybody's friend: Hardworking secre- tary of Key Club 3: Student Council 1, 3: Spearheaded car pool at Convention: Has un- usual hobby of collecting military shoulder patches. GAII. SANDRA KELSO General 2071 Kenmore Avenue, Clenside Always ready to have a good time and usually does: Rifle Team 1, 2, 3: P.A.S. C. Convention worker: Homeroom secretary 1. 7 William Keen Gail Kelso THOMAS KILLEEN, JR. Vocational 2525 Radcliffe Avenue, Roslyn Irish , He has that spark for electricity: Elec- trical technician for Vocational assembly 2 and P.A.S.C. Convention 3: Wired for many dances and assemblies: Future planned by the Navy. MICHAEL KLASKI Vocational 839 G Avenue, Ardsley Mike , A likable red-head with a friendly smile: Future machinist or tool and die maker who is always working on his unresponsive car. PHILIP KLASKI Business Education 839 G Avenue, Ardsley Phil , Always puts forth his best effort in school work: P.A. S. C. Convention worker: Plans to be a bookkeeper if he isn't drafted first. RUDOLPH H. KLEIN Vocational 2009 Parkview Avenue, Vvillow Grove Blond and husky: Has printer's ink in his blood: Enjoys hobbies of drawing, sketching and wrestling. ELIZABETH KNOTT Business Education 1556 Grovania Avenue, Willow Grove Liz , An easy-going manner that agrees with everyone: Softball lg Enjoys roller skating and horseback riding. KATHERINE M. KREWSON College Preparatory 638 Hillcrest Avenue, Glenside 1- ki wa .ION KENTFIELID v College Preparatory 1406 Carol Road, Meadowbrook lfriendly and co-operative: UI. V. sportsman-Foob ball 1, 2: Basketball 1 and Baseball 1: Var- sity Football 3. Bubbling over with a happy-go-lucky charm: Hockey 3: Swimming 2: Tennis 2: l'.A.S.C. Convention worker: Chairman of Chaperon Committee for junior Prom: Co-chairman of Senior Prom: Spirit Committee 2. Philip Klaski Rudolph Klein Elizabeth Knott Katherine Krewson up-ul. Hilliam Landherr Donald Lane Charles I.eBrocq Gerald Leinbach Margaret Lenahan WILLIAM J. LANDHERR, JR. College Prep. HELEN LEWIS College Prepllralory 'M' Il2l Jericho Road, Abington M 733 Cottage Road, Clenside Af Bill , Capable and congenial: One of Zeke's Kind and considerate: Girls' Chorus I: ' most faithful harriers l, 2, 3: Baseball man- A I'.A.S. C. Convention worker: French Club ,X N ager l, 2, 3: Varsity Club 3: Key Club 3: Dance I, 2: Twelfth Night Committee 2: Plans N Homeroom President 3. to enter nursing profession. ' . , , - Nl X he 4 A V - I J. ROY LEM IS . Iomlzorml DONUD LAX' omnmm I-H Roberts Avenue, Glenside '71 2630 Avondale Street, Roslyn Don , A friendly guy, but seemingly quiet to those who don't know him: He is often seen truising in his hot Studef' CH.lRI,IiS DUDLEY I.l'1BRf,CQ General 2fSl Huron Avenue, Elkins Park Charley , An easy-to-get-along-with Naval Re- servist: Orchestra l, 2, 3: Cala Night l, 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3: Music, cars occupy his spare time. GERALD RUSSEI. LEINIIACI-I tieneral ll77 Cumberland Road, Abington Gerry , A likable newcomer from Penn High who has proved an asset to A.H.S.: Hobbies inrlude hunting and working on cars. MARC.-XRIi'I' ANN LENAHAN General 738 Seminole Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Peggy , Her smiling Irish blue eyes win her many friends: l', A.S.C. Convention worker: Spirit Committee fl: l'lans1u teaching career. JANE FLORENCE LESCURE Gwieral SH Cedar Road, Fox Chase Manor A charming, blue-eyed Urricle illustrator 2, 3: Dance Committees 3: Spirit Committee 3: Homeroom officer l: Talented artist intent on attending Moore Institute. Joan Lyle William Lutz Luke , A talented guitarist who has a joke for every occasion: Vents his after-school hours in the print shop or with his own band. ARNOLD I.. LIEBER Crillrge Prepamlory 2241 Hlharton Road, Clenside Butch , Popular pep leader: Spirit Committee co-chairman 3: Switnming I, 2, 3: Tennis 2, 33 Band I, 2, 3: Varsity Club 2, 3: A l'. A. S. C. Convention Committee chairman: Homeroom treasurer 3. RICHARD XV. LOIVREY College Prrjzaralory 1804 Rockwell Road, XVillow Crove Dick , Enjoys making others laugh with clever quips: Efficient football manager l, 2: Vara sity Club 3: Junior Prom: Senior Play: Senior Executive Committee: I'c'nrl1ook. IVILLIAINI Ii. LITTZ, JR. Collegv Preparatory 745 Rhoads Avenue, Rydal Lutzie , Came to us from Central High: Quiet, but not unnoticed: Hopes to attend college. JOAN LYLE 1iu.vim'ss Education 2345 Tague Avenue, Glenside Friendly and pleasant: Yearlnook typist: Honor Roll l, 2: Student Council 2: l'.,X.S. C. group secret-ary: Gala Night I, 2, 3: Junior Prom Committee: Secretary of Homeroom 2. Richard Lowrey Arnold Lieber Jane Lesrure Helen Lewis Roy Lewis S u fs: Robert MacNeel a .w U rv QU 5' ilk, llllmllf ,Q l l 'A T Raymond Marino joan Martindale Russell McAlpine Paul Magra Jeanne Mahon ROBERT EARL MACNEEL Vocational 350 Penn Avenue, North Hills Bob , Quiet and shy, but always ready to join in the fun: An industrious auto shop worker who works part time at a gasoline sta- tion. PAUL MAGRA College Preparatory 4l6 Tyson Avenue, Clenside Exuberant personality, an addition to any group: Key Club 3: Varsity A Club 3: Home- room president 1, 3: Football l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 3. jEANNE C. MAHON College Preparatory Amity Road, Abington Cooperative, sincere and a friend worth hav- ing: Yearbook: Abingtonian 3: Swimming l, 2, 3: Latin Club Dance Committee 1, 2, decom- tion chairman 3: Spirit Committee 3: F.T.A. 2. Secretary to P. A. S. C. meetings. MARION MAIER Business Education 639 Penn Avenue, Ardsley Mit, Mit , Quiet and friendly: Roller and ice skating enthusiast: Softball 1: P.A.S.C. Con- vention worker: Gala Night 1. JOHN ROBERT MAISCH College Preparatory 102 Stanley Avenue, Glenside Always willing to help: Conscientious and valued Student Council vice-president 3: Co- chairman of Housing Committee for P.A.S.C. Convention: Cross County l: A Cappella Choir 2, 3: Boys' Chorus l. RAYMOND P. MARINO College Preparatory 226 Tulpehocken Avenue, Elkins Park Ray , Well liked by all: Loads of fun: Foot- ball l, 2, 3: Golf 2, 3: Senior Executive Board: Varsity A Club 3: French Club Dance l, 2. Laura Mc.-Xvoy Carole McBreen Marion Maier john Maisch JOAN MARTINDALE General 2442 Kenderton Avenue, Roslyn One of those wonderfully dependable people: Typist for Abingtonian 2, 3, and Yearbook: Secretary to P.A.S.C. meetings: RUSSELL MCALPINE, JR. College Preparatory 2037 Horace Avenue, .Abington Russ , A record-breaking swimmer: Usually found at the Y : Swimming 1, 2, co-captain 3: Collects coins in his spare time: Abingtonian 2: Key Club 3: Varsity A : secretary 3. LAURA H. MCAVOY College Preparatory 2434 Lafayette Avenue, Roslyn Sweet personality: Student Council 2, 3: P. A. S. C. Dance Committee: Gala Night Scenery Committee 2, 3: junior and Senior Prom: Latin Club 1: Spirit Committee 2, 3: F.T.A. 2, 3. CAROLE L, MCBREEN College Preparatory 941 Wellington Road, Elkins Park 17 A cute, little gal from Notre Dame: Student Council worker 3: Gala Night 3: Dance Com- mittees 2, 3: Spirit Committee 2, 3: Senior Play: Plans nursing career. MARGARET J. MCCLENAHAN College Prep. 2135 Old Wlelsh Road, Willow Grove Peggy , always bubbling over with enthu- siasm: P.A.S.C. Convention worker: Gala Night Committee 2: junior Prom: Cheerleading l, 2: Spirit Committee 2, 3. CHARLES H. MCDERMOTT College Prep, 1015 Old Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley Buzz , Quiet, but a friendly disposition: Never without the latest hot rod magazine: Key Club 3: Student Council 2, 3. Margaret McClenahan Charles McDermott Donald Nleliinney Robert McMahon Myrna Nfleichain linda Meigs lllst Nlutiml DON1 KLD D Mt KINNIEY College Preparatory 2540 Gypsy Lane Glenside Don , Tall and lankyg A swell guy who sprinted for Zeke 1, 2, 33 I'.A.S, C. Convention workerg Builds his own radios. ROBERT C. MCMAHON College Preparatory 2119 Wharton Road, Glenside DOLORFS J MILLER College Preparatory 639 Crosswicks Road, Rydal Easy-going with a cheerful disposition3 Abing- tonian 33 Junior Prom Ticket Committeeg En- joys swimming and skating. RICHARD MILLER General 1116 Westbury Road, Jenkintown 1 Ei, 1 'N Bob , Always ready for fun3 Really enjoys driving that new Dodge3 Basketball Manager 13 Senior Prom Committee. MYRNA F. MEACHAM College Preparatory 341 Cliveden Avenue, Glenside Melt , Never at a loss for wordsg Loves to have fung Alzingtonian 33 Oracle 1, 2, 33 A Cappella 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 13 Dance Com- mittees 2, 3: Dog House worker 2, 33 Gala Night 2, 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. LINDA MEICS College Preparatory Abington Court Apartments 201-C, Abington Lin , Gay and fun-loving Abingtoniang Hockey 2, 33 Swimming 2, 33 Oracle 33 Softball 21 A Cappella Choir 33 Junior Prom Dance Com- mitteeg P.A.S. C. Refreshment Committee, 1-ILISE A. MEITZNER College Preparatory 12-1 Lynnwood Avenue, Glenside Lee , Mischief sparkles in those merry brown eyes: Hockey 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3: Tennis 2, 33 Spirit Committee 33 Student Council l, l'.A.S.C. worker 3. CLARA MAE MILLER Business Education 1917 XVharton Road, Jenkintown Quiet until you get to know herg Works hard at anything, whether in school or outg Enjoys knitting and sewing. David Moss Sarah Moran Ardent music fang Plays a mean trombone in the band 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 33 1.4.E. I, 2, 3: Base- ball mfanager 1, 2, 3g I'.A.S.C. Convention workerg Enjoys sailing. IVAYNE L. MILLER General 475 Roslyn Avenue, C-lenside An unassuming member of the Road Eagles3 Affiliation 23 Junior and Senior Prom Com- mitteesg Gala Night lj l'. C. Convention worker. CAROL MILNE College Preparatory 1157 Delene Road, Jenkintown Fifi , Likes to have fun3 Spirit and Pep Rally Committee l, 23 Student Council Convention worker 33 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Dance Com' mittees 1, 2g President of Model Club 2. SARAH JANE MORAN College Preparatory 319 Tennis Avenue, North Hills Brightens everything she does with a cheery smile3 Hockey 23 Decoration Committee for l'.A.S. C. Convention3 Junior and Senior Prom Decoration Committeesg Cheerleading 2. DAVID LARUE MOSS General 330 Edge Hill Road, North Hills Dave , Loyal supporter of the bland 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 33 Gala Night 23 Naval Reservist who works during off hours at the A8cl'. Carol Milne IVayne Miller Elf 40' Clara Mae: Miller Dolores Miller Richard Miller 'N I Barbara Motson Robert Mullan LeRoy Mundy DHUiC1 M'-1YPhY lane Mussina f f r' fl' ,fn Davis Myers Evelyn Nallin Joan Norman BARBARA F. MOTSON College Preparatory 8018 Bridle Road, Fox Chase Barby , Popular horsewoman who's artistically inclined, Chairman of P..-LS. C. Convention Banquet decorationsg Tennis l, 23 Junior Prom Committeeg Spirit Committee 33 Plans a medical career. ROBERT K. MULLAN College Preparatory 464 Abington Avenue, Clenside Moon , An affrable guy who's a whiz at mathg Rifle Team l, 2, 33 Homeroom vice-president l, 33 Future engineer. l.l4ROY MINDY General -135 North l-Iaston Road, Glenside .X quiet guy until you get to know hilll: Always ready to go places in his black Buick3 Tennis 23 P. A. S, C. worker. IIXNIEI. ROBERT MURPHY General 2l27 Oakdale Avenue, Clenside Dan , Serious at timesg Always ready to meet the situation at hand: AI.V. Soccer 13 Football 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 2. -I.-XNE WOOD MUSSINA General 2036 Moreland Road, XViIlow Grove Witty, intelligent, and attractiveg Loves knit- ting and outdoor sports3 Hockey manager 33 .X Cappella 33 Cala Night 2, 33 Executive Com- mittee 33 Homeroom secretary 3. DAVIS S'l',XNl.l1Y MYERS General l87l Cleveland Avenue, Willow Grove Dave , Conscientious, clean-cut guy, coopera- tive and sincereg l'..rX.S.C. Convention workerg Plans to enter Syracuse School of Forestry. Ronald O'Brien Nancy Oeken l-IVELYN LEOTA NALLIN Business Education 333 Rockledge Avenue, Huntingdon Valley Lynn , Sweet and good nraturedg 1415 33 Intra- mural Hockey 33 A Cappella Choir 2, 33 Library worker 1, 2, 3. JOAN NORMAN College Preparatory 2017 Parkview Avenue, Overlook Hills A fun-loving and friendly future secretaryg Student Council l, 33 Executive Committee 2, 33 Homeroom president 1, 23 Class secretary 33 Cala Night Kick Chorus 2, 33 Color Guard 2, 33 j.4.Ii. typist 2, 3, Abinglonian 3. RONALD K. O'BRIEN General I824 Allen Lane, XVillow Grove Ronnie , An outdoor man and sports enthusi- HSIQ Soccer 2, 33 Swimming l, 23 Active in the Abington programs. NANCY COBB OEKEN General 201 North Hills Avenue, North Hills lfun-loving senior with quite a sense of humorg Basketball I3 Softball 33 Has artistic talent. XVILLI.-XM H. OYVEN, JR. College Preparatory 2331 Old Welsh Road, Willow Grove Bill , An avid theatre goer who's tops scho- lastically3 Capable co-editor of the Yearbookg Alningtorzian 33 Band l, 2, 33 Cala Night l, 2, 33 Senior Play. CAROL V. OKVENS Business Education l780 Ferndale Avenue, XVillow Grove Dependable and sincere3 Active in church work3 Intramural Hockey I3 Bible Club l, 2, 33 Af- fliation 23 Archery Club 2. William Owen CHTOI Owens 9' or t- . 5' ss. Marguerite Parkes Gail Partridge NI.-XRG1'liR1'I'1i PARKFS College Preparatory 2171 Kenmore Avenue, Glenside Mag , Happy-go-lucky gal: -Iangling of many bracelets announces her arrival: Swimming 1, 2, fl: P,.X.S,C. worker: Member of numerous dance committees. GA11, PARTRIDGIC College Preparatory 305 Wischman Avenue, Oreland 'il'arty , .X pretty gal with a delightful laugh: ,l.-1.15. 2, files editor 3: Yenrlmok 2, 3: Student Council l, convention worker 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: School Store 1, 2, manager 3: Drum Nlajorettc' 1. 2. BARBARA J, P.XTCH12l.I. General 1032 lfindsay Lane, Rvdctl Barb , An energetic and likable miss: Intra- mural Hockey 1, 2. 3: P. .-LS. C. worker: Gala Night 2: BuxMont 1-'orum 2: junior Prom Committee: Dog House worker 2, manager 3. DUNCAN C, Plil-1K College Prefmralory Rvdal Hall, Ogontz Center Dunc , lfun to be with: Football manager 1, 2, fl: Wrestling 1: Baseball 2: Yarsitv Club fl: French Club Dance Committee 2. DONALD PELHAM College I'rejmrat0ry Hidden Lane, Meadowbrook Don , .Xn avid speedboat fan who enjoys WHICI' skiing: P. A. S.C. Convention worker: Key Club fl: Plans ll college career. SANDRA R. PERGANI General Barbara Patchell Duncan Peek ROBERT B. PFRLSTIZIN College Prejmrrilmv 1343 Panther Road, Ryclal Bob , Animated by a twinkle in his sparkling brown eyes: Avid philatelist from Central High: Homerootn treasurer 3: P. A. S. C. worker. GAIL PFAHLER College Preparatory Gilbert Road, Meadowbrook Abingtons pixie 'n' peppy head cheerleader: ,I.4.E. 1, 2, handbook co-editor 2, fl, news editor Fl: P.A.S.C. Convention worker: Gala Night 1. 2: Spirit Committee 1, 2, 3: School Store. XVAI.'l'1iR PICK1V1iI,L, JR. College Preparatory Route li, Milford Walt or Pick , Popular senior claiss veep: Soccer 1, 2, captain 3: All-Suburban 2, 3: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Honieroom president 1, 2, fl: Member of Key and Varsity Clubs: P. N. S. C. worker. SARA PIIQRCI-I General 1551 Prospect Xventie, X1'illow Grove An 1 attractive girl with a gentle convincing smile for everyone: Can be depended upon to do her best. Ii. GRACE PITASSI General 2216 Charles Street, Glenside Gardens Gracie , Vivacious cheerleader with a pleasing persontality: Girls' Chorus I: Spirit Committee 2: French Club Dance Committee l, 2: Cheer- leading 1, 2, 3: Hopes to attend Grove City College. Donald Pelham ,Q may ,1- A 59 f tw uit' 1 A ,4lll lil xx ' qw Sandra Pergam Robert Perlstein Gail Pfahler 2 1570 Old York Road, Xvillow Grove Sandy , Brought her cheery smile with her from Upper ltlorelandz Library assistant 3: Pi- ano accompanist for assemblies 3: Active in Senior Girl Scouts' work, ,IANIS PRIESTICR College Prejznratorv 2119 Berrell Avenue, Willow Grove 1 plan , Oh! those eyes: Vnassuming worker: Dance Committees 2, 3: Spirit Committee l, 2. 3: P. .X.S.C. Convention worker: Emily in Sen- ior Play: Gala Night 1, 2, 3: Color Guard 2, 3. ,i1lll1S1't'iester Grace Pitassi Sara Pierce H'alter Pickwell .1 ,t .,,. ,lf Ruth Quinn Deanna Radman Marjorie Ripley Margaret R.isko Jean Ritsert ' Q Ill! Z sg '- 'ui 2 I 5 2 All xy- ki L 2 ,, - -41' Ah Ross Ritter Betty Robinson William Robinson A of' RUTH M. QUINN Business Education 1843 Fleming Avenue, Willow Grove Does well whatever she attemptsg j.4.l5. typist 33 Student Council Convention worker 33 Jun- ior Prom Decoration Committee3 Basketball 13 Intramural Hockey 1, 2, 3. DEANNA ESTELLE RADMAN General 2435 Avondale Avenue, Roslyn Dea , Sweet and neatg The pretty half of the duog j.4.E. 2, 3: Intramural Hockey l, 2, 33 l'. A. S. C. Convention worker3 Gala Night 2. MARJORIE RIPLEY Business Education 534 Abington Avenue, Glenside Margie , Easy-going gal without a care in the worldg Swimming lg Softball l3 Talented art enthusiast who may go to art school. MARGARET M. RISKO College Preparatory Twining Road, Roslyn Margy , Peppy head majorette3 Yearbook,- I.4.E. l, 2, managing editor 33 Student Council 2, 33 l'.A.S. C. worker 33 Honor Roll l, 2, 33 Junior Class Executive Committee3 Drum Ma- jorette l, 2, 3. JEAN M. RITSERT College Preparatory 608 Susquehanna Road, Huntingdon Valley A sharp dresser, poised 'n' pretty3 Swimming 23 School Store 33 P.A.S. C. Convention work- erg Senior Prom. COIIIIHHICCQ Spirit Com- mittee 33 Loves to water ski. ROSS E. RITTER College Preparatory l256 Rosemont Lane, Abington An amazing combination of personality and dependabilityg Baseball manager 1, 2, 33 Able worker for l'.A.S.C. COIlVCIlll0llQ Treasurer of Varsity and Key Clubs3 Homeroom officer 33 Yearbook. Barbara Rook Erick Rosenberg BETTY ROBINSON College Preparatory 2143 Susquehanna Road, Abington B.J. , A Cute blonde with an endearing per- sonality3 Swimming 1, 2, 33 P.A.S. C. Conven- tion workcrg Service Desk l, 2, 3: Spirit Com4 mittee 2, 33 Senior Prom Committee3 Honor Roll l, 2. XVILLIAM R. ROBINSON College Preparatory 732 Harrison Avenue, Ardsley Bill , An important member of the rifle team who's always considerate of others3 Baseball 2: Cross Country 23 Varsity Club 33 Home- room president 33 Hobbies include archery, hunting and fishing. BARBARA ANN ROOK General l219 East Avenue, Roslyn Barb , Neat and nice3 Hfas a pleasant laugh and a Georgia drawl and that's not all - Enjoys music and art. ERICK C. ROSENBERC College Preparatory 2442 Patane Avenue, Roslyn Rick , A welcome newcomer from Girard Col- lege, active in Soccer 1, 2, 33 Baseball l, 23 Basketball l, 23 Band 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Sports reporting. JOHN CHARLES ROSS College Preparatory 1458 Jericho Road, Abington Shyster , A likable guy who's really not so shy! Soccer 2, 33 All-Suburban 33 Golf 2, 33 Basketball 33 Football I3 Headed for Penn State. EUGENE RIYBIN College Preparatory l235 Cordon Road, Jenkintown Gene , Remembered for his sharp crew cut and his ready agreement, Ifgzactlyl Spirit Com- mittee 3. John R055 Eugene Rubin Louis Rupp livelyn Rush LOUIS WILLIAM RUPP, JR. Vocational 1248 Mildred Avenue, Roslyn Louie , .Always ready with a clever remark: Works at the AX: I' after school: Enjoys hunt- ing and fishing in spare time. I-IVELYN MAY RIISH College Preparatory 423 Davisville Road, XVillow Grove A transfer frotn Bob Jones .Academy who has an affable manner: Likes roller skating when she's not busy working. ROSEMARY RYAN Business Education 2429 Hamilton Avenue, XVillow Grove Rose , Casual and unpredictable: Likes to have fun: j.4.E. I, 3: Basketball I, 2, 3: Softball l, 2, 3: Spirit Committee 2: Junior Protn Com- mittee: Yearbook: 'Ifri-Hi-Y, President 2, 3. SANDRA C. SAUR College Preparatory 784 Baeder Road, Jenkintown Sandy , Easy-to-get-along-with gal with beauti- fnl blond hair: Oracle 2, 3: Make-up Commit- tee for Cala Night 2. EARL SAURMAN, JR. Vocational 649 Jackson Avenue, Ardsley LTtz , A smile that would capture any girl's heart: Student Council Convention worker 3: Expert prop-maker I, 2, 3: Vocational co-opera- tive carpenter. Rosemary Ryan Sandra Saur MARJORIIQ SAYLOR College Prejmralory 333 Evergreen Road, Jenkintown Margie , Yivacious miss with personality and ability: Alwingtonian I, 2, 3: Yearbook: l'. A. S.C. Presidential Banquet chairman: Latin Club I, 2. 3: French Club Dance Committee I, 2, 3. MARY SCHILLINC General 227 Holme Avenue, Iilkins Park I7 Dependable and industrious: C. M.F. S. Com- mittee 3: Basketball I: P.A.S.C. Convention worker: Spends after school hours working. JOAN C. SCHMIDT College Preparatory 729 Cedar Road, Hollywood A popular Miss with an engaging personality: Student Council l, 2, 3: Basketball l: Tennis I, 2, 3: F.T.A. I, 2, president gl Senion Play. IRENE MARGARIZT SCI-INIZIDICR General 2064 Kenmore Aventle, Glensitle Fun-loving newcomer from Sewickley High School: I'.A. S. C. Convention worker: A Cap- pella Choir 2. JAY R. SCHNEIDER College Preparatory 405 Keswick Avenue, Glenside Silent type with a swell disposition: Likes to tinker with cars and build radios: I'.A.S. C. worker: Homeroom president 2. GLORIA SCHNITZIZR College Preparatory me. il. liarl Saurman ,- , I 5-:H Ji Kid' if James Savory Marjorie Saylol Mary Schilling JAMES SAVORY College Preparatory 206 YN'ischman Avenue, Oreland Jim , Likable personality: Golf I, 2, 3: Swim- ming I, 2, 3: An ardent car enthusiast: Holds a part-time job at Strawbridge's. C loria Schnitzer Jay Schneider Jenkintown Gardens, Apt. B-l, Jenkintown Glo , Competent and congenial: Science fiction fan: Yearbook: Oracle 1, 2: f-4.15. 2, radio and 'I'.V. editor 3: Member of Student Council Banquet Committee. J me - 5 Irene Schneider oan Schmidt Cynthia Scholly Eugene Schrope Ronald Seely Emerson Shaw Richard Sift ,Avi if ' f 'k-.,,-25 0 t 0 U 4 Anthony Simonetta Anna Smith Barbara Smith CYNTHIA C. SCHOLLY College Preparatory 553 North Hills Avenue, North Hills Cyndy , Fun-loving little blonde: Honor Roll I, 2, 3: Executive Committee 21 Homeroom of- ficer I, 3: junior Class secretary: Swimming l, 2, 3: Tennis l, 2. 3: Student Council Con- vention worker: Junior Prom Committee. EI'CiliNIi S. SCHROPE Vomliorial Mary Street, YVarminster A rather happy-go-lucky nature that does not offend: Partial to hunting: WVill probably en- ter the armed forces. RONALD SEELY Vocational 435 Elm Avenue, Clenside Ron , Dependable machine shop worker who can alwavs be counted on to do more than his share: Future plans will probably include the Air lforce. EMERSON SHAWN' College Preparatory 2031 Ilorace Avenue, Abington Reds , .Always has a question ready: He-ad ticket-taker: Hobby, Chemistry: Soccer 2: Track manager I, 2, 3: Key Club 3: Affiliation I, 3. RICHARD CHARLES SIFT General 2320 Parkview Avenue, AVilIow Grove Dick , Pleasant and good-natured outdoors man: Especially fond of hunting and fishing: Baseball I: Future plans include the Army. ANTHONY SIMONETTA College Preparatory 19215 Old York Road, IN'illow Grove Tony , Always ready with an answer: A Cap- pella 2, 3: Gala Night I, 2, 3: Soccer l, 2: Football El: Student Council I, 3: P.A.S.C Convention worker: junior -Executive Commit- tee: junior Prom entertainment chairman. Herbert Smith -I. AVayne Smith ANNA MARY SMITH Iitlsincss Education 2343 Jenkintown Road, Clenside Cooperative and talented: Abiriglonian Busi- ness Staff 3: Hockey I: Basketball I, 2, 3: Ten- nis lg Secretary during P.A.S.C. Convention: Will make an excellent secretary. BARBARA SMITH Ii11si11e.v.v Ifdumlion GI5 Hamel Avenue, Ardsley Quiet but not unnoticed: Honor Roll I: Soft- ball ly P.A.S.C. Convention worker: Capable ,l.4.l5. typist 3: Hobbies include roller skating and dancing. HERBERT SMITH, JR. Vocational 2343 Jenkintown Road, Glenside Herbie , Friendly fellow, who likes to work on 'automobiles in and out of school: Co-opera- tive plan student. JOHN XVAYNE SMITH College' PTPIIIIVHIUVAI l575 Old York Road, XVilIow Grove Smitty , Good sense of humor: Baseball I: Cross Country lg Soccer 2, 3: All-Suburban 23 Basketball I, 2, 3: Homeroom President I: P. A. S. C. Convention worker. MILDRED D. SMITH B1Lsine.vs Ifrluration 209 N. Easton Road, Glenside Millie , Has a kind word for everyone: Tennis 2, 3: Band I, 2, fl: Orchestra I, 2, 3: A Student Council Convention secretary: Gala Night 2, 3: Homeroom secretary and treasurer I. SANDRA C. SMITH lizzsinexs Iirlucalion 784 Huntingdon Pike, Philadelphia ll Sandy , A serious, fun-loving gal with secre- tarial ambitions: P.A.S.C. Convention worker: Interested in drawing, collecting records, and bowling. Mildred Smith Sandra Smith xtluqg ,Rv I trol Snellenburg lidward Snyder CAROL SN1iLI.1CN11l'RC College Prelmrntory 708 XVynda1e Road, Jenkintown Likable lass: Meticulous in grooming: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: French Club Dance 1, 2, 3: Almig- mnian I, 2, 3: 1'c'arl2ook: Gala Night 2, 3: P. A. S. C. Convention worker. 1-ZDWARD G. SNYDER College Preparatory 2121 Pershing Avenue, Roslyn lid , Mischievous but friendly: Cross Country 1, 2: lfootball 3: Wrestling 1, 3: Track 1, 2: Baseball 3: Varsity Club 3. JANICT SPENCI-I College Preparatory 1209 Jericho Road, Abington Honor roll student who gives her best to every- thing she does: Alaingloninn 2, 3: 1.-1.15. 2: Year- lzoolf fl: A Cappella Choir 2: Spirit Committee 1, 2, 3: Capable P. .L S. C. housing chairman. Jl'N1i AI.I.1iNIi STARKIC College Preparrztory Green Meadows , Jarrettown Vivacious gal with an engaging personality: Hockey 1, 2, captain 3: Junior Prom Commit- tee: P. A.S.C. worker: Cala Night Kick Chorus 2, 3: Homeroom secretary 3: F,T.A. 3. NANCY B. S'I'Al'DING1iR College Prejmralorv 18711 Harte Road, Jenkintown A peppy blonde, artistically inclined: Chairman of Decorations for the 1'..X. S. C. Convention: Spirit Committee 2, co-chairman 3: Homeroom secretary 2: Aliinglonian 2, 3: Junior Prom. ROCIQR K. STEEL College P1'6'I11l1'!llU1'J' 1313 1.enore Road, Meadowbrook Rug , A well-liked newcomer from Atlantic City High: Boys' Chorus 3: Capable Student Council Convention worker: Key Club fl: Spirit Committee 3: D-ance Committees 2, 3. Carol Strohl lflaine Straubmuller 5 Janet Spence June Slllfkc RONALD ANTHONY S'I'1iLl,.X General 2711 Jenkintown Road, Ardsley Ronnie, Always willing to help: Hard-working football manager 1, 2, 3: Tap dancer in Gala Night 1, 2, 3: Varsity Club 3: Decoration Committee for Varsity Drag. XVILLIANI J. STINSON College Preparatory 2111 Plclasant Avenue, Glenside Bill , Agreeable way: Likes making model air- planes that win prizes in competition: Senior Play Program Committee: Student Council 1, 2: A Cappella Choir 2, 3. JUDY CAROLYN STOLTZ College Preparatory 416 Cricket Avenue, North Hills Peppy red head, theatrically minded: Cornelia in Senior Play: Cheerleading 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 2, 3: P. A. S. C. worker: Cala Night 1, 2, 3: French Club 2, 3: Student Council 1. JOHN STOPKOSKI College Prejlarnlory 1503 Reservoir Avenue, Roslyn Friendly new student from Plains High School: Painted scenery for Student Council Convention 3: Future artist. FIAINIC S'I'RAlfBlNfl'I.I,1iR Bttxirless lid. 712 Susquehanna Road, Rydal A transfer from Mastbaum Vocationa1-Techni- cal School in her junior year: Noted for her infectious giggle and ready blushing: 1'.A.S.C. Convention worker. CAROL STROHI. 1i11.sir1r'ss Education 518 Monroe Avenue, North Hills A future secretary who put her knowledge to good use by typing for P.A.S.C. Convention: Hobbies include horseback riding, swimming, and dancing: Girls' Chorus 1. Jolm Stopkoski Judy Stoltz, .t c . Nancy Staudiuger -s -1 if x' fill! Roger Steel Ronald Stella YVi1liam Stinson 'Z JPL.. .go . p ,, 1 go If Margaret Sylvester Leonard Taylor Naida Theiss Elaine Thiel Dorothy Thompson 71 f W5 t. Q' Qt- as . . , . . 2 ' ' gi MARGARLI LOUISE SYLVESTER General BARBARA sl. TONGUE College Preparatory ' ' sl I 2217 Menlo Avenue, Glenside 2139 Guernsey Avenue, Abington 1 Ouiet-s oken brunette with soft brown eyes: Stu- XYelcomed Honor Roll transfer from Frankford s P ,f . . . . R li dent Council 2: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Nursing Club High: P. A. S. C. Convention worker: Spirit X-f 3: Excellent pianist. Committee worker 3. ' -'X 1,r:oNARn R. TAv1.oR t'0m1imm1 DAVID W- TONGUF C0l'f's'f' P f'lf11ff1f0fY ,be 707 Harrisun Avenue, Ardsley 2139 Guernsey Avenue, Abington lV.il1iam Thompson Barbara Tongue David Tongue Lennie , Hard-working red-head from electric shop: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Gala Night 1, 2, 33 l'.A.S. C. worker: Vocational Dance Committee 3: Executive Comtnittee 3: Boys' Chorus 3. NAIDA CLARE THEISS Business Education 2429 Brookdale Avenue, Roslyn Conscientious worker: Handpaints ties and dab- bles in oil painting: P.A. S. C. Convention work- er: Plans to do office work. LAURA ELAINE THIEI. General 340 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside A true friend who's travelled all forty-eight States: TOCJIS the trumpet: Band 2, 3: Or- chestra 2, 3: j.V. Swimming 1: Nursing Club 2, 3. DOROTHY THOMPSON Business Education 754 Monroe Avenue, Ardsley Dot , Quiet in manner but sincere in work: Loves horseback riding and skating: Gala Night 1: Hockey 2: Basketball 1, 2: P.A.S. C. Conven- tion worker. WILLIAM THOMPSON College Preparatory 818 Cedar Road, Fox Chase Manor Bill , Friendly, liked by all: Gala Night 3: Soc- cer l, 2, 3: junior Class Executive Committee: Treasurer of junior Class: Key Club 3: Varsity Club 3. Dorothy Towle Gail Trommen ii Dave, the other half of the duo: P. A. S. C. work- er: Carpenter in his spare time: Plans to become a metallurgical engineer. DOROTHY N. TOYVLE College Preparatory 4512 Hamel Avenue, North Hills Dot , An avid scientist noted for her keen sense of humor: Abingtmzian 2, co-editor 3: l'ear'lmok,' Buxfvlont Forum 2: lYorld Affairs Council 3: Af- filiation 2, 3: Consistently makes the Honor Roll. GAIL V. TROMMEN General 1745 Cloverly Avenue, Jenkintown Scrumpy , Pert 'n' peppy Cheerleader 1, 2, 3: Abingtonian 1: Girls' Chorus 1: Gala Night 3: Dance Committees 1, 2, 3: Spirit Committee 1, 2: Homeroom secretary l. -IANE ANN TURCOTTI-1 College Preparatory 304 Hamel Avenue, North Hills Ann , Sweet and sincere, she holds the respect of every one: J. V. Swimming 1, 2: Girls' Chorus 1: Honor Roll 1: Spirit Committee 2. PRISCILLA IVHLER General 2059 Kenmore Avenue, Glenside I'rissy , Neat 'n' trim: Loves sports: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Tennis 1, 2, 3: A Cappella Choir, soloist 3: Band 1: Senior Play: 1'.A.S.C. Con- vention worker: Dance Committees: Future Teacher of America. Ann Turcotte Priscilla llhlet Nfl Barbara I lntci Iorettt Vance BARBARA LLNIER College' Prejmrntory Rvdal and Woodland Roads, Rydal Barbie , Peppy little blonde with 'oodles of personality: l'em'l1ook 2, co-editor 33 Alvirtgtrmian 2: Hockey I, 2, 33 Swimming l, 2, 33 Latin Club Dance Committee l, 2, chairman 33 Junior Exec- utive Committee, Honor Roll l, 2, 3. Hcney XdIlCSC XOIIIII xlllxLlS BARBARA RUTH WALLS College Prcpnrnlorv 629 ackson Avenue, Ardsley Sweet redhead, easy-going and cheerful: Tops scholasticallyg Chairman of Correspondence Committee for l'.A.S.C. Convention, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Yearbook: Honors English 3. olm XX 1 ku rf 3 X ,, My l 1 fl! LORETTA VANCE General 417 Cadwalader Avenue, Elkins Park An easy-to-get-along-with miss with an ever- ready smile: Hockey l, 2: Softball 2: Student Council Convention worker: Dancer in Gala Night 2, 3, HERVEY H. VARRESE Iiuxi11r's.s Iiclucalion 2730 Moreland Road, Willow Grove Soft-spoken guy with a dry sense of humor, Foot- ball lg Baseball 2, 3, Executive Committee 3: l'.A.S. C. Convention workerg Fond of his two- tone gray Buick. NORMA VICKERS General H86 Jericho Road, Abington Norm , talented, petite artist: Student Council corresponding secretary 33 Alzingtonian typist 3: Oracle art staff, l, 2, 35 Inevitable chairman of many dance committeesg l'. A.S.C. worker. JOHN H. WALKER General l828 Allen Lane, Willow Grove Car enthusiast: Easy to pleaseg Hopes to work for the Philadelphia Electric Company after graduation. MARGARET PA'I I'IE W.XI.L.-ICE General 247 Edge Hill Road, Ardsley '4l'attie , I-'un-loving and loquaciousg Basketball l, 23 Tennis lg Student Council Convention worker: Junior and Senior Prom Dance Com- mittees. EDITH IVILSON YVARNER College l'rr'11. 934 XVoodcrest Road, Abington Edie , Her enthusiasm and sparkling blue eyes win her many friends: l'.A.S. C. Conven- tion workerg Gala Night l, 2, 3: Spirit Com- mittee 2, 3g .Affiliation Committee 33 Oracle' 2, 3. IVESLEY IVATKINSON Vocatiomtl 577 Edge Hill Road, Ardsley Wes , Easy-going and happy-go-lucky, Student Council Convention worker, Dance Commit- tee 3, Ornamental Iron Club 3. NANCY E. YVATSON College Preparatory' H349 Maplewood Avenue, Overlook Hills '4Ntance , Attractive asset in any group: Tri- school representative 1, 2, 33 Student Council I: Chairman of Informal Convention Dance, Co--chairman of Crystal Ball 3. BARBARA JEAN IVEHMEYER Business Ed. 2602 XVoodland Road, Roslyn Barb , YVell-known for her gay disposition and ever-friendly smile, Girls' Chorusg Junior l'romg Spirit Committee 2, 3, Intramural Hockey 3, l'.A.S.C. secretary: Senior Play Committee. ROLAND EDGAR WEST General 87-1 Douglass Avenue, Elkins Park Rollie , Invincible maroon and white meteor: Football l, 2, 3: Basketball l, 2, 33 Baseball l, 25 Student Council I, Sergeant-at-Arms 33 All- State and Greater Philadelphia All-Scholastic Football 2, 3: All-Surburban Basketball l, 2: Varsity vice-presidentg Class Veep lg treas- urer 3. Roland lVest Barbara Welnneyer Nancy Yvatson Wesley I'Vatkinson l'atlie Wallace Barbara Walls Edith Warner ,-'Q' Harry Wilkinson Wendell AVi11 Claire IVinward David A. Young David C Young HARRY WILKINSON I'0cafi0r111l 2508 Custer Avenue, Ardsley Always joking, Has a way with the women: Student Council Convention worker 33 Soccer 1, Gala Night 1, 2, E13 Vocational co-operative ma- chinistg College bound. WICNDICLI, XVIII College Preparatory 351 Roberts Avenue, Glenside Always considerate of othersg Remembered for his pleasant smile and curly hiairg A Cappella Choir 2, fl: Junior Prom Committee. CI,AIR1i XVINXVARD Iiitsirzesr Education 290 Shelmire Street, 1'hiladelphia 11 Peppy, ftm-loving auto enthusiastg Basketball 1: Girls' Chorus 1, E13 l'. A. S. C. workerg Homeroom secretary 23 Co-chairman C.M.F. S. Committee fl. DAVID A, VOITNG College Preparatory 2525 Rosewood Avenue, Roslyn Dave or Sparrow , Casual, easy-going quar- terback: Football 1, 2, fl: Basketball 1, 2, 31 Baseball 1, 2, fl: Student Council 2: P. A.S. C. Convention worker 513 Varsity A Club 35 Jun- ior lixecutive Committee. DAVID G. VOI'NG CeHf'r'11l 1079 Edge Hill Road, Roslyn Dave , Nice looking and quiet with a nimble brain, One of the confusing twosome with the same name, College bound. 'I'he following graduates, as members of the Armed Services, were lull available for pictures: Ifrank liverett lily Robert James Ifrick lidward Axford Gerhard Robert Haubert Gibson Howard Givens, III John Aldan Lotspeich James Patrick McGettigan Waller Augustus Nieweg Albert John Van Buskirk Ralph Howard Yost IN alter Young A111011 lclley IVALTER H. YOUNG, JR. College Prejmratory 2113 Keith Road, Abington 4'Duke , Everybody's friend, Popular Junior and Senior Class President, Student Council Iixecu- tive Board 23 One of the six originators of the Varsity Clubg Varsity half-back 1, 2, 3: Bas- ketball l, 2: Baseball 1, 2. ALBERT ZELLEY College Preparatory 2317 Susquehanna Road, Roslyn Always willing to participate in school activities, l'.A.S. C. Convention worker for several com- mittees: Student Council 23 Latin Club Dance Committee lg Junior Prom Committee. RONALD ZIMMERMAN Voealionnl 208 Cadwalader Avenue, Elkins Park Zim rugged wood shopper who loves to hunt: Varsity wrestler 2, 33 Runner up in District and Regionals in 1954, high hopes for 1955. BICATRICE JOYCIQ ZINTNER fil'Hl'NIl 2815 Spear Avenue, Ardsley Came to A.H.S. from Jenkintown High in her Junior yearg Iinjoys secret-arial work but prefers cooking, Swell manner under a quiet exterior. Mr. Erb, Mrs. Powell, and Mr. XVoodruff 3 an successful year, Ronald Zimmerman Joyce lintnu -X lfood and fellowship follow National Honor So- tiety installation ceremony during which Rich- ard Mclfeely. printipal of George School, stated: 'l'he bluntest instrument ol' all is a blunt mind. alional Honor Social .Xbington is proud of its many fine traditions, but it is equally proud to inaugurate new ideas and to expand its program to meet the ever increasing needs ol youth. ln September, a committee chaired by Mrs. I.enner began to study scholarship recognition in Abington. They sought information not only lroin the faculty but also from outstanding schools in suburban Philadelphia and more distant places. Their recommendation to form a chapter of the National Honor Society was adopted. In April, the High School was awarded charter No. 5604. Among' the honored guests at the installation services on Nlay lil were students from Haverlord High School who acquainted us with the lour qualifications - scholarship, character, leadership, and service. .Xt this service Mr. Gernert administered the oath and Mr. Richard McFeely, Principal of George School, littingly addressed the assembly. l-'ollowing this was a tea lor the newly elected members, their parents, and the laculty. Principal li. ll. Cerner! :nlininisters the oath to the new members after they have been called forward bv Xssistant Principal Nl. lidward Northam. Seniors to he admitted to the society are Judith Adams, ,lane .Xtnbacher. .Xrlene .Xrleth, tlordon llitldle. Nlarilyn llusch, Nlinerya llelyalt. llarhara lfenstermacher, Nancy lfriedrich, Arlene C-ilbert. .loan lrirton, Ruth lluss, Rithard lowrey, .Ioan l,yle, Russell Nlc.-Xlpine, -loan Norman. XYilliain Owen, C-ail Partridge, Nlargie Risko, Ross Ritter. llclty jane Rob- inson, -joan Schmidt, tlarol SllCllCIllJlllg. janet Spence, Nancy Staudinger, Dorothy 'l'owle, llarbara l'lmer, Walter Young, and Barbara Xyalls. -luniois to he adinilted to the society are Barbara Andrews, Marliese Bl'llCllllgt'l', Allerd Cox, Nlaria Denver. lYarren lleiss, Harry lleist, Sidney Hoinan, Steve jones, Karen Lawson, Harry Love, ,loan Nlunroe. Sllllllllll' Pierce, lidwinna I'o1ter, joy Reber, john Rupp, Lynn Shaller, .Xllan Smith, Betsy Spaulding, and Barbara Woodward. I i - -9 l'he overly grzuious conductor of the ships band presents Cornelia with a loving rup, the prize for her excellent llfllllg on shipboard. .S'Ien'r1m' ., ...,..., . , lidward Hilt Mrs. Olis .S'kim11'r , , , .. Molly Cooke Corzlelirz Ulix Skirzrzr' 4. ., Rudy Stoltz Olix SkllllII'I '... , . , , . john Maisch Iimily kimlnmzglz . .. Janis Priester 1IIll',Yt'l' , ...,. .,.. , , Roger Steele .S'lr'u'rnrlm.x , . . . ........ Sully Kay Dirk llil!lfl'l'.l , . . . . . Richard Beebee Aflmirul ..,.. .. XN'illiam Owen, jr. ents, limily, the hostess ol' the inn, This hilarious comedy, direct- ed by Miss Lemmert and Mr. Gantt and presented by mem- bers oi the Senior Class on De- cember third and fourth, de- picted Cornelia Skinner, the daughter of the noted Ameri- can 'ic or Otis Skinner, 'inc Emily Kimbrough on an ocean trip to P'n'is. Despite the fre- quent intrusions of the tip-gralr bing stewird 'ind the English girls, Xllinifred 'ind Harriet, the ruelers hid ' enjoywme cruise until the day before l'1nd- ing when C,orneli1 CIHIC down with the measles. However with the help of the two young Audiences Laugh Uur Hearts Were . . t , . l . 1 K A 1 K I K. 1 t . ' . .in .l l L . K 1 4 Y 7 , 1 t . 1 l J l'll just lend it drztb, dreary bourgeois lite, just 21 cog in Zl wheel, Cornelia proclaims dram.nticz1lly RIS she bemoans her failure to :utuin the acting stztmlnrds ol' the merrenzlry French actor, Monsieur de la Croix, who, along with Cornclias par- zind the jovial window cleaner, observes her acting carefully. I I' X i i l ir' K Q Y I 5 A H 5 4 sf if Qs it S I N 3 jwiillll ' iff? elif: 3 -, Milf. 1 - 'fl .1 XXK l '? 1 t iueclits, lliclt XViuters ztutl Leo Xltllvoy, Cloruelizt 5lli'K'CCilCll iu getting pmt the ,Xthuir4tl, iu reality the lezttler ol' the shilfs Imguul, :mtl the hrusque health inspector. Once in the Country what uu- ique experiences were theirs. Neither would forget 'lflztrtliuztl Ric'heliu's heal, ll lmth tub that might explode, zuul at Fretich .actor who cruelly c-rusltetl all Clorneliafs tlretuus of at bulge Cat' ...f X ,572 reer. lliuztlly the girls lelt MMM? lol the ull, holllewnld' lfllllly lulslilx' tlistloww to Ciorttelizt, Dick, l.t'o. auul the two l'0lllIJl'1ll'l'lll liuglis lllll Ut llU5l?ll21C 1llC'lll0l'lC5 UI il lztuies, llztrriet zuul XX'iuilx't'tl, lltztt slu' hats juxl killetl at uutul ruxtrvelous trip. llrlwtrf M. ,lnliu , Nlzlllv llolluus l1'inifrr'rI Iflllllgfl . . .. Cxltlltitt Stholly H Leo .llf1z':'m' Riitltxrrtl l.owtt'x - lllxllllfltll' NlLll'llNll lluxtlt 'llf1FH'.H' , l't'ist'iIl:t llllll'l' ilffllllllllfl Iflixr ,loam Stluuitll H ,llmzsirtzr rlf' lu Croix Kent llohusou li'i11r10zt' Cl!'Il7I!'I' ., ,. . Willizuu Cloiuherg ilillk' lxukstatgt- lterotw - Nlfl7l!lIil1'lf N. l 1'it'tlt'it'li, Cl, I-eutix. D, llvw, I. fillltlll, .Xtlzuux ll. l'ltuet', Cf Nltlltrett, Nl. Sailor, I Q.:-1:11-tl. S. l,l'l'glllll. Xl. Rislxo, l. ihoytl, lx'm'r'liug: D. lleltrig, I1 Cilgllif .-1 J W . W. Robiuaou, li. Flztlherg, xl. Rupp, .-X, lleiue. A. llt'Nl1uto Mitt 9 C7 l 1 t lflelwixl the Bottom and the Top As juniors we were the class which could no longer play the part of innocence nor boast of superiority. It was up to us to get into the swing of things. This it might he said we did in May l95sl. After a close election, Richard Schmauk was elected presidentg Joseph Foley, vice-president, Harry Heist, treasurerg and Joy Reber, secretary. Upon returning to school in September the class was well represented in various activities. In Stu- dent Council Steve 'Iones and Harry Love took an active part. In publications was Brenda Beatty, sports page editor, as well as Staff XVriters B. X'Vood- ward, Monroe, NV. Link, M. Denver, D. Saal- frank, and B. Mackleer. In -HIL most notable were Lou and Lee Lawver who covered sports. Allan Smith and Leslie Duer were active in Forum activi- ties. Of course, Cala Night enrolled many. Included was the well known boys' quartet - M. Lieber, T. Mfhitefield, A. Cox, and H. McKinny. Others were M. Denver, C. Riley, C. Corbett, R. Turn- bull, N. Voltz, YV. Malone, as well as many chorines who helped to make Gala Night whirl. Scholastically, consistently taking honors were .Ioan Creveling, JoAnn Hargrave, Allan Smith, joan Monroe, Judith NVurst, Suzanne Pierce, Alfred Cox, Sidney Homan, Robert Iisterling, Barbara Xvoodward, Marliese Braitinger, David Powers, and Harry Love. In the sports world, special attention should be given Richard Barber, Steve Murray, Dominick Ventresca, George Long, Harry Love, Richard Clark, Richard Engelbrink, Nancy Krewson, Mar- garet Pinder, and Carol Starke. At the close of the year we put on the gala affair, Searama. Yes, whatever is needed to be a good senior, we will try to be. ,- Advisers - Miss Milne, Mr. Reitz, and Miss Haldeman - willingly grave much Prom, Scar:-ima, an outstanding dance. President Richard Schmauk Vice-President joseph Foley Secretary Joy Reber Trensu Ter Harry Heist 45 ...-3, time and effort to make the junior Marcia Adams Patricia Ambler Barbara Andrews Ronald Armstrong lidward Arnold Shirley Ashway Diane Babb Yvonne Badgett Richard Barber Betsy Bassett Fred Baucrle joan Bauman Eileen Baumann Brenda Beatty Barbara Bell Virginia Bennett janet Benninghoff Arthur Bergmann Nancy Bergmann XN'allace Biddle Armin Blumberg Mildred. Bluthardt janet Bockrath Richard Booth Raymond Bowlcy Marliese Braitinger Barbara Brecht Leigh Breeze june Bcithaupt Joanne Brodbeck -Ioan Brower Peter Budd Barbara Bnehrer Francis Bush Lynda Button Carolyn Cadogan Richard Cagno jane Campion Judith Carty Gail Chamberland liarl Chamberlin Alan Cherry Margaret Chubb Dorothy Clark Richard Clark XVillian1 Clelland Charles Corbett Michael Costa .5- C id- i 6 e fic., Q ft if f,. -Q9 rv a a- xy K ,..-iliL f-6 F ,Q5 CQ, -er' , -of tg, ll? -' -40,1 Af ,ni L ,ggi r-I , ESF ' i i - - ' 0, 'S- wv I ' is- , Q- A ill g ff: B B ' . C V 1 Z.: S' figs la ' 525' '59 v:' 7 ' Q 5' K 'rl' 5 .. fi ' ' 6' 3' M K A 'or 1 :N V , 'ii' ff . Jr f X at is r ' 1 as tl 4,0 A ll S I it as 2 .. -6 5 ul ,Y G S C 9 C X sr it . is B r f-If s CQ ff? - i Q it ,f JG an cg. fs .1 4. , , 2,5 A., I px . 3 , W. , Si N' . 9,1 ,N Aw Q ,N .LIL . 32 ' I 96 H49 t l 1: t I X - vu. tsl T' ' N9 'I i f' 2- 45 cg- .,l Q' ', ' ,Yi J W G 6 b gr M.. X it fi S.. M 5 xx' G J.. F 'P' L Q N ' 3:-,K X, if fy Amiga, A L . ' ' ' ind. ,sz X if its Q 2 6 if U or 'ei' ii .L G i ,i if 5' 'Z S w , 6 iv' N' if 2- ' el it 73' 41 1 4 ..f, ..,.v . 2 :rj dtv I: xg. I: N 77 ,7 ., ' 4 1 1 y ly G 28, ws' 5 'F-my ' -,,x All ' ol , . 1., i V Q f F. nk Ci- 9,7 3 I'-i'g b K ' Q' If v' 90 G X It Harry Goughlin Carol Courtney Alfred Cox Peter Cranston Joann Creveling Kenneth Dages Richard Dassler Blanche Davis Meryl Dean Patrick De Feo Philip De Marco, Ji Maria Deliver Frank Devlin Charles Drueding Beverly Drummond Leslie Duet' Dorothy Duhrkoff Carole Easton Dean Fayre Monroe Iickel Bruce Iiitzen Patricia Fitzen Judith Iilsroad Richard Iindres Richard Fngelbrink Eileen Enright Gail lintriken Frederic Iipting Nancy Erk Fred lispenshade Robert Esterling Robert Eure Charles Eve Lawrence Fidler Thelma Fiedler Frances Foell Joseph Foley Geoffrey Fosbrook Gail Foulke Carol Frearson Robert Freed Nancie Fulchure Roberta Galante james Genth Joann Gettler Bonnie Gilfillan Michael Gillespie Paul Gormley Barbara Cranfelt Marilyn Grant Catherine Grasso Leonard Guenther Rodney Hackman Jo Ann Hargrave Betty Harrison Bruce Harvey Nancy Hawthorne Judith Hayter Ronald Heilimann Louise Heine Hlarren Heiss Harry Heist Lawrence Helmick Gratha Henderson Charles Hentz Emily Hessler Ralph Hill Robert Hoeppner Kay Hoffman Ann Hogan Roy Holcombe Sidney Homan Lawrence Hughes Marlene Humphreys Nancy Huntzinger Carole Jacob Thomas Jacobs Marie Jacquelin Kendall Johnson Carolyn Jones Diane Jones Juanita Jones Stephen Jones Anna Kalinosky Arsen Kashkashian Joyce Killeen George King Robert Kirsch Jon Kleinbard Marla Klenk Marilyn Knapp Gerald Koeblin Patricia Koeblin Nancy Krewson Joyce Kushner Karen Lawson .W E tai 1. I s is 4 W if G QP' 6 imp Q -ar' tk f Q Ja 'K' lfiikkg, xgfy ivy. 4 U A R '-A Wy' 'B' s ii 'Q 6 as L 3' F' I f K! -,ig xx A yas: W, ' A V J3 Q fa Q .-r vw its 0 1 A sieve Q 'Li 11' G .fin . ,lv -H ga XL -G MF' 'g' 145'-' 9 N WNW' i 'i V' , fig., i 5 an I f .f Fi Q 4 Q' K 6 'P 11 4 f f ' fr x ,J - A in 'S' fi 35 if f' fa ' 7 I I ' . , 3 nn- Sf 2-5' i as . 9 -' .F Q.,-. ' or . R ' C' ' f' ' -Q' .1 ' .X G. -wx fe 'Tp A, M5 Q I -qs- 4 0 ,. Aw ti . j i,z t eait v 1 fi i 'i A i, A' b il' . r , I ' 'LJ' - f . X6 .-1 ', R3 W ,v IF J '3' f -' F ' ' LQ-fr 3' y 1' -13 S- A 'T -f J if ,N ,af ' ',' . i A 1 L If L: il is . 6- 1 5- 1 L LN 6 -3 3 . .,. as-0 I-.Q 9 . - 4 .-fr' six L ff- 'SPS j ,- I 'J ' L ar' , fc L gi , I ,- - , M5 3 .' es 6. 9 K y 5' fx A N 1, S' if-Qffiffftiff SJ .L X X1 f' ' ' v D wsu? I--f L ff , Fi' b . A . fav. J? im i X I QT 'Y YQ A 1 ff! ..- 2 R . as ' 5 I, t QV G qv we Q t-,Q ww.. ' mm L 'F . wad' 3.4 5 Www' it an I, , ,1 an Q.. ' emu. A L . ,,,,, 5 L , A l 1 ' 'Y ?1Q6,' Vp, Q6 q,,4i ',, , -,A ., i M, . .J ,- ' 1,, L 'W' 1 ' 3 V V, V we . l fr-x ax? J '44 t f y a 92 fix L if ii M3 3 i Lee Lawver Louis Lawver Thomas Leonard Edward Levitt Michael Lieber Lucy Lightcap WVarren Link Sara Little Veronica Lizzio George Long Marguerite Loos Gerald Lopez Patricia Lowe William Malone john Mranning Nicholas Mastrantuono YValter Maupay John Maye Carl Mayer Monica Mayer Patricia Mayer Susan McCaffrey Richard M'cCandless John McGarron Joseph McCullough Dorothy McDonald james Mclilgin John Mclilgin Hall Mcliinny Elizabeth Mcllfeekin Janet Melrath Charles Menten Ann Messer lYillian1 Mikesell james Miller Lynn Miller Marilyn Mitchell Roberta Moore Alice Morgan Marie Muller joan Munroe j. Stephens Murray Lynne Myers Anita Nabenhaucr james Nell lllalter Newman Holly Nickles lValter Ott v Joanne Parker Jacqueline Parker joshua Peirce joan Peterson Dorothy Phillips Suzanne Pierce Margaret Pinder Conrad Plan-as Edwinna Porter 'Sarbara Posey Daxid Powers Barbara Pressler Ronald Prosser Pauline Raichle Phyllis Rawlcy joy Reber Ruthe Reese Cay Reichert Mabel Reynolds Charles Riley Jane Ritchie Donald Roan Elizabeth Robinson XYiIliani Robinson Carol Rogasner Marie Rohach Edna Rombold Genevieve Romeo Charles Ross XValburla Rolh Iidward Roihenhebcr Yvonne Ruby John Rupp David Saalfrank Donald Sfanlin Kathryn Sfhcfer lilaine Schick Richard Sclnnauk XYayne Srhofield Sophia Schrope Carol Setzer Lynne Shaffer Joanne Shahboz 1-ldwiard Shinidheiser Allan Smith Janet Sinilhers Ellen Snodgrass Nancy Snow 'eo 'N-any in ,6- ..pJ. so asv, ,J Q. 5- p f Y af' gl' s v vi 6- .,. x.,.- ' F4 .ff X D' ff- 'lilly 2 .lf I X 1 36 -' 1 gs. 4 Q Y at og: kj 1:-Q V I J ff- Q 5 'Q' M, .Q :ii ii .fy f , 6- 1 ' 3 i'i' R 0-is pw S yi ...P ff' Wi ai I I i J P 5 - 965' fo ' 0 v Q,0' 'Y' 'iii ,i .gp I' JS x , y xy V 'I i fa Gi 'ff R S Q X l ' 3' 4 P, , Q my I, s 4 x R 6 ' L 6 as 0 ii 15: -' ,. 6 54 ' -LQ ' 'Q Q fav ,A Q, I Q? msvs'mL W 6 , f lv 'A 1 d v'- -n I ' 'fly Q' 'Ti si-if ' v P, r is ff ef? rl' . I b I I 'Q y 3 aj ' W1 5 . . 13 F 4, il affazf 1 as Q- N 2 4 5 A X e i f ' I 1 il fi ' R i 7, if tn? .Z rv- gl 1: I I Q? we 'sv-S ff' A x N s f' +524 ,ce Slam ' 'P ,Q 'J' N of -fs 'Uh 4 WM .Rag Z X I :H iw? ,r it ng-fu i'FN'!'4' is 6' nf' 3, 4 ,QP 5 ?- 4 QL ' 3 ,. f- A 2 X - ,:,,l' A I. . 'vas fi, Q' Q' 'L , lp r J ' 1 Q .- J. - Q - .4 , ,, ' lg f E e xo ' ' ' - t lt v 1 , I 7 X Q 1 I 'Y - ww ,la i l N E ff' Q x Q if 3 C 6 A 5 Q 'is' i S - f fav ,. -- ,asf-W . ,4,,s 1' '73, 'ff -vs ...J iw ' N Q 4 x 'e f .6 ,. - ag ' awk .4-1 ix it . i I sa- t 'S' ' w , f Y- - Q I Cronclius Yuzuk john Zangari Carol litninerman Patsy Ann Zimmermann Members Not Suzanne Beck Richard Berweiler Nicholas Bolmarcich Gene Dennis Edward Diamond Mary Fechter Valeria Garramone Nancy Geissler Edwin George Pasquale Giovinazzo Leslie Hoff XV.illiam Hotham Carolyn Huber John Hull Franklin Loose Harry Love janet Snyder Dean Soderberg Suzanne Stark Carol Starke Vera Stevens Robert Stiteler Gerald Stoltz joan Stoltz Peter Stone Nancy Straub Carol Ann Sunderland Barclay Tragg Myles Taylor Fred Thomas Susan Thomas Edward Thompson Joyce Tomlin Robert Turnbull Pauline Tyrrell Dominick Ventresca Nanry Voltz Anna YValter Theresa XValther jo Ann YVare Charles Warmerdam Robert VVarner Sandra YVarntz Thomas XVhitefield Richard Whitney Carol NVilliams Lois Jane Xvilliamson Barbara YVolf Peggy Lou Wolfington Barbara XVoodward Judith YVurst Ruth XVostmann Photographed Boyd Mackleer Gail Mathis Josephine McCullough Elsie Mc Laughlin Anna Mae Nagg Sandra Oberholtzer Ruthann Polley Karl Radman Josephine Smith Betty Spauding Louise Spang Julia Stein Adrianne Trefz Burton Van Dyke James Young . 'R . 1 WE I 'll 1 N xx yi ' ' L TWU Laps tu GU Although three hundred and seventy of us wan- dered aimlessly up and down the stairs and through the corridors that first day, AHS gradually became a part of our lives. After being onlookers for a few short weeks, we offered our services, too. Those interested in working for the Alzingtonirzn or some other publi- cation were Theodore Rights, Edward Farkas, Frances Miller, NVilliam Clayton, and Marc Silver- man. Contributing their know-how to Forum activities were Edward Farkas, X'Valter Tappert, Nick Mul- lins, and Theodore Rights. Scholastically those who frequently rated a Spot on the honor roll were Constance Cunningham, Carol Vsfard, Barbara Gattiker, Theodore Rights, Fred McDowell, Rhoberta Engelbrink, Judith Goss, Mary Redstreake, Barbara Anderson, Carolyn Schaaf, Peter Kreisel, Edward Farkas, XValter Tap- pert and Elaine Cardiene. Sportswise, Edward Rothenheber and Fred Mc- Dowell sprinted with the pack of cross country boys. Link amazed upperclass wrestlers as did Richard De Flavis, the tankman. Most active were many of us in the eighth an- nual Gala Night production. Deborah Peltz and Janice Waters opened the show as heralds. Gwen Wunderle, James Mc Anally, Jane Orcutt, Sally Stit- zinger, Patricia Wright, Dorothy Czarnecki, Joan Benus, Deborah Bushnell, janet Drake, Gretchen Funk, Carl Holmes, Jerry Stoltz and Harold Yerkes, as well as others, helped to make a suc- cessful production. In May, class officers were elected to serve for the coming year. Looking ahead, we see a bright future for our- selves as up-and-coming jaunty juniors. CL.-XSS OFFICERS Presirlenl Lloyd llohb Vice-Prc'sidf'11! Call, Holmes Secrela ry Diane Lcscurc T rms Il rr' r David Brackin HONOR STUDENTS Sealcrlz C. Schaaf, B. Strickland, B, Cattiker, F. Farra, M. Rcdstrcake Cardiene, Goss. Standing: C. Cunningham, VV. Tappcrt, E. Falkas Rights, D. Courier, C. Meitzner, P. Kreisel, V. Crube. Miss Oswald, Mr. Messenger, and Mr. Schneller plan forthcoming activities. Paul Abramson XYill.iarn Adams Barham Anderson 3 . f' x , Thomas ,Xnnanie ep 5' -' is .1 V 'Q fa L... ' .f 'Q Richard Arnold , -Aa' ,Q1, ', A' - fy- ' gk ' Margaret Aukett N525 ' A ,f , .eff 0 Q lf f 1 'igllgi . ' lr , . 4 ' Qrgffnwfi. t x Anthony .Xuriello Q A ,N Robert Avers it Patricia Barnes i , A Q - , Joyce Barth Q 3- 5- , .6 ,Q In Q -I s Shirley Bates '4 wc, , g ii, i . Burton Beck W Q Q cy' t X W., - .,,.j -I I Q N ,Q ' I 3 1 S ' he gf. Alphonsus Beckett ft, lillen Bcebee 1 , Carol Behan 5 -V V' 1' A '- joan Benus 4 3,4 A dv., A In 1 F6 Ks' f N. Howard Berg I ' 'gy vp T, Q i '. Delores Berry '-f My 'gr M- 2 -v' ' A ' , ,.. ' f ad .al I Q. ' ' r?'F,f'f.r . 73 W t f t R'LZ51,pIt 31. I yi .I ,ffhff ', VW- -L- Lynne Beselner D . Dorrine Beviglia - james Binder 5 t L. Lois Black it C in ,- as is 6 , S y Shirlev Blake , iv' 1,1 1 , ' r ,S , 'l'homas Blorncr 'R g,'i': t A, 5' xii-Of -' Xe R' 'V B ' ,r t iz? if L june Boalich I Lloyd Bobh A A james Bohr 63 6 ' Carilh Borkowski 1 ' ---. 5 1' B ' David Bourne B -.- V1.5 N 1 M 0- Trary Bowden 4' 5 ti. ' z I-I Q. 1 ll ss? fl . 4 5 Robert Bowman john Brafkin Douglas Brandon ,L Carl Brown ae I. Q13 5- , .561 Sr' 5' 'C Q , ' Louis Brown ' 1 -. A B vw .. , s Robert Bubeck ' 1 45 4? 15 ' ' I 5 . J Y. v X f Y . Robert Buck Sally Burger it Robert Burke , r- Barbara Bushnell 5, .Q A 3 ' 'V . A -3.0. Deborah Bushnell K 4 ' -- --' i Jean Cagno ' mfr- w S. A Q 9' xx' a. ' 1-pf' e .4 ' fled V194 l Allan Cameron I ' . Judith Carlson qs, 'AX ' if Mary Cfarnwath ,' v . ,- Geoffrey Castle O T 5, 0 W- ff: 4 Q lmia cimulwitk 'M .' 5' , , 3 'W' 6' L w ,, -' Donald Chamberland ,.., ' Y' . X , -s- ,,,- C , mi L , ' 4- , tug, , .1 A E I . W . -K mb, x I VL on EP, t K el i x x r VJ: ' l , Q I A I R .I f X t 97 sg ,- 5' v 6- l. gp ff' Fr . one - ff 5 , ,V W 4 ' , -of , t E' K' x K 1 ,, 1 ' I I Q .- N 11 U 3 'l l 6 1 gl L 'f 4 L'A, I gap: n:'f4n! xl A :ff r , i a, V f ,,,. r? 5. in lx L Ti 6 fi E' C L - f-it mr- ff e lf'-N at Q 15 ii f ' ,WJ at J, tl-25 'ii' Lyr i ry N i l -l '?f'7 n'AV Ly ---a ' Y 'vi ! I ,-'ll -1515 Elly ff 'Q' 4 ,,!1 nga! if ,, sfL,,15,f lin, ly -fr,f,',p, lliwfln. 'P 9 st- ' ' aaas jig ssro le M. 5 6' 2 ir 7? fa, A L' 1 6 L i 'Q 'Q' . it 'sl' I 9 ' ' I-10:5 ., , ,wi .4 - , C C il, 98 .3 b D if Li Randolph Chambers Morris Christian Samuel Chubb james Clauson NVilliam Clauson lViIli,an1 Clayton John Clement Cordon Clinchard QI. Thomas Collin Willianr Condon Patricia Connell Rodney Cook XVilliam Cooper Daniel Courter William Crawford XVilhelmina Crevello Robert Criswell Vlilliam Cronin Constance Cunningham' Dorothy Czarnecki MaryLou Davis Thomas Davis Philip De Camara Grace De Feo Phyllis Del Bagno Margaret D'Elia Victoria Delzingaror Grace Dennis Charles Donaldson Carol Dott Charles Douglas Richard Doyle janet Drake Michael Drought jane Dunlap Elaine lily Carl limilius Joseph Engart Rhoberta Iingelbrink Constanfe linley Barbara Iiverly Roger Evoy Edward Farkas Frances Farra Alfred Fasshauer Patricia Fernsler Guy Fincke Margaret Fleming Sandra Fleming Malessia Flipping Patricia Foley Shirley Ford Lovell Ann Frear Albert Freas Karen Frizell Gretchen Funk Arnold Fust Diane Gackcnbach Ralph Gallo l.0.1,is Gahn Elaine Gardienc I-Idward Garnett Barbara Gattiker Henry Gegler Barbara Gerhard Richard Gifford Edward Gill .Ioan Gill Judith Gimpel Frank Glace judith Goss Ruth Gowen Ronald Graczvk Carol Graefe I Peter Graziano Margie Gretz Brenda Grindrod Valerie Gruhe Lillian Gruziusky George Gunn I-Ivelyn Guyn listere Guza Carl Hafer George Hafer liileen Hall judith Hall Josephine Hamill liarle Hamilton Sue Harrison Helen Hatton Carol Heath Alan Henwood David Herhott john Herrmann George Hetheringtou lidward Hill N aft . -I- 4.5 YI i e, n K r-. l 7' Q' , , 5 Aga T .5 A . Q W X J my Aff I , 3 6- H H ' 5 H as G F , ,S 1 A . A U . Q 1 F we -u 1 'F firzqflgf ,Q ,,x ' ..,.. I ll' 2' Z' ,wb 0- .' ,lx l'J I is - , -7- 1 f f m 'i i F V . I S- .., 5, V fr' Q ., Q ' Q 5 ' , 12 1-.I B . '-if f' it I - i gw 1' 4 1225? I V J Veg , G03- l-go-4 '5 ' 5 E ar , ' 6 FQ' Q' 9 -0 . ' N-I if 1 'SX . e s It nl ,, . 6 V ' L? ititih va' fi G., elyaa 3' G ,fr ing Zig y a l I 54145. - r-. f . X m -. L A. . H 'rf2:'.':Q , L .fit l x - W .4253- ,fa 1 V5 A I H V 5- by 7 R . 1 QQQ, y ' Qv-' ' ,, Y sq, B 5, H -fl 1 F, . J ' , ' .- J -' ' B ,- ' X -J f f C z , , l , F. N 3V -V r l A --ffvm 1 5' Q g at gt 5- J C 'U . ,,, :br J: 1 ,V s,. M ' Q, K slut' If-cy '19 P-ref ,Xl ew sfzfae -.ra-. ,QQ eager- Q ff? Q r K ' 6 ' W., J U, ' 4 r W jet' it A xv I, , f r I ' V' r 6 'F' 41 is V' 4 I , '1 4' V ,Q -. A ' io x M6 , 4331 1:-5 N W' n -Q Q A 54 J C, 3 0. .L 0 ' ft Q N Ja .. 'wr kv 4 fr J X M -...ff N. ,T r' f gw-66, .-1-Qt, ca? ,gy G' 'C v0 .ZX K Y ' 5 ,V ,I ' -K 1 lb Hb wg, Q- ff--J ,, . A, v- .1 C? Q' V fs s Q YP fs, ., Q f 41 3' Fw? ff Q ' K' v' r. 'uf P 'l',.a '-Q , 2' 'Q f - ft -fv- , if -.. ws- 100 Q-4-' ' L, -L' I :X w .r 'f' J K fi., but J I ,X iv! ,. Jig . Ny. , an J A kL.., if ri A! if VZ W L J SJ: My , -it 1 I Nancy Hislop Mary Hitchner Carl Holmes Carol Homiller Gerald Hoover Harry Houser William Hower Louis Hudon Carol Huebner Alma Hughes Christina Hughes Barbara Hurley Barbara Jacobs Charles Jacobs Page Jacobs Richard Jadick Royston James Benjamin Janney Judith Jenks Clarence Johnson Fred Johnston Carlton Jones Joyce Jones George Jungels Lilian Kaighn Margaret Kam inns VVilliam Karn Diane Karnell Kay Kauffman George Keller Robert Kellogg Kirk Kenyon Judith Keppler Melvyn Kesler Ruth Keyser Suzanne Kleinfelder Lewis Knox Gretchen Koenig Roy Kolb Joyce Kraekel Helene Kratz Sandra Kraus Peter Kreisel Claire Kremser Robert Kulp Nancy Lamphere Paatricia Lauer Elaine Lauff Richard Learn Robert Lees joseph Leithmann Diane Lescure joseph Linden Sandra Linden Robert Link jane Liltler David Llewellyn Joyce Lockett Ruth Loser Wlayne Lotoza George Lucas Jeanne MacMillan Carol Magee Kay Maicks Baines Maier Edna Maier Frank Maier Robert Mainwaring Thomas Manns jane Marison Charles Marks Naomi Martin Barbana Martindale Horace Mason Barry Malt Marilyn Maxwell john May james McAnally Sandra McBride joan McDermott Fred McDowell Irene McDowell john. Mclllhenny Daniel McGowan Robert McKinley Roberi McMinn Carl Meilzner Marilyn Melvin John Messina Joanne Meyer Darlene Miller lilaine Miller Frances Miller james Miller Audrey Milne Joseph Moffa 'L y-nv . Ky C' ,- JY i - G Q- 7 - I3 lc. , ' z lv f x hs.-I J, 1 O 7 4 I if 5. 99 Q' .-4,4 x Woof' we . I f, 'QT' .f l 5 J l Q i' Q in -' dx sr xl M ' X? , 1 4'-3 Bi -mg-4' X ,J as 1 ...viii of ful ' f- ' Q Q if: .. , ' ff: , I QL ,v i n 3' Q., , fx. FF 1' i:::4'f?f'.f A ' x yi.:-fy . . - L .. .-Q S 'v Pi 6 ' ' . . -0 A L .L Q ' ' y V V 'f , K Avi , - 8 5 fl I 1: QI- 2 7 gg. 'ff' I Xmqqr X i ii A wffil L i 1 5. Y y 6 9 T8 Q M- 1 . I ii i 'C Y 15' vv- 'P' W W' J, Q - I ,,-, fi 'A ,L ,I . Qfffwg 1, v 'i X G 3' ' x l 2 'S' G. . 5 Q 53- 5 fa we F .J X Al 5. ina fi, 9:- 2: 'IQ 8 lei' Q-V7 rg . '5- QLG' J ea 4, 5 52 f Q-of , 1? I-1 1 4 9 .-,' i ' s f-nf fi , 19103 is Y' Y 'S ni. ,, t T' '3'K,v 'n -Q ., ,a V vw Q--,1 0 -f' . -r f-14 .,f ,f 1 ,,,. 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C JN, Q x 1?, ' c , l fs- .fe ' john Montgomery Barbara Moore Loretta Muehlbauer jane Mullaney Nicholas Mullins Cynthia Munroe Sanah Murray Leonard Nangel Virginia Neeman Barbara Newman joan Norris jean Oberholtzer Robert Olson Nancy Onsa Gertraud Oppermann Jayne Orcutt Rosemary Panciera Gerald Pattison Henry Peiffer Helen Pell Deborah Peltz Vincent Perry Theresa Pettinato Charles Pfahler Robert Platt Barbara Polansky Stephen Polen l'Vayne Post Michael l'ulli Joan Quail Kenneth Rappaport Mary Rcdstreakc Roland Reed Dolores Reynolds Steven Rhosads Barbara Rickner Alfred Roberts Ronald Rosenberger Teresa Russell Charles Ruzicka Margaret Ryan Suzanne Sadlcir Donald Salvino Mae Savander Carolyn Schaaf Susan Scherr Charles Schmidt Nancy Schwanbeck Robert Schwinger Carolyn Seeburger Lee Seery Charles Sherno Howard Sherry Marc Silverman Angela, Smith Carolyn Smyth Ann Snellenburg Richard Snyder Gaile Spangler Carol Spindell George Springer Benjamin Sprouse Craig Stewart Sally Stitzinger Peter Stoll Betty Straub Norma Straubmuller Patricia Strickland Elsie Strobel Brenda Sudell Delno Supplee Andrew Sweeney Edward Sweeney Barbara Taddei Walter Tappert Linda Tart Virignia Taaylor Evelyn Terrenzio Carol Theiss Elizabeth Thomas Leonard Thomas Margaret Thomas Beverly Thompson Richard Tipping June Tomlin David Tomlinson Lee Tompkins -Ioan Travilla Mary Trout iVilliam Tyson Bruce Ulrich George Underwood Russell Underwood Rosemary Vadalm Robert Vagnoni Lesher Valentine y . 'arf tt'-ft t .1 . et f- f .ff Qi f M' Sv- R Q' f .S ' , ' -1. . , - 1 9? ' -F '..s',- gag! Q5 I i 4, , I'-,D ,, S 4 ' S or ' , F S: - , M -0 Niall! ' S S' I f U Q as 3. 5 - K S iw' + Au vi rg ie' ve- , H--rf' i '!'f 'S fifif S 1 V hifi' lifl:.i3?iii,f -4 ' 5 . f is' 6 ii Sgt' .gat u 3 'U in v ' -LN ' fr S ,ff S Q.. :X 2 4, - . r n S 3: Q. NQQQJ S 6 ,6 tt.-L ' r'4?,r' iff ff S H-1' ,S XS fy if js' 1 f K M 1 Q Q . J I -Y - M at 1 . . - s . . .4 S S 5 J S, ,.- ' L ' 'S at i 1 'T l if Q, ,V S' ii :I , 5 ' '? 6- M S N, ,. . , SS 5'-'v ,S A' tg 5,5 0 f-' f ff M, o S ..1 B 1 . D X .Skfs.,.L K I Km A' J. I I,ffSS,:2,Jg los 1 N 6 my q U? iq , 'W .I .W :' ff. 36 1 . X fees yi X rua. ,L 6- s xi-ff: l rr Q J 1 fr . 4. sk ,nv -Q F 1-new f 6 t 'L 'Q W x?i5ifMrf'1, UG H Q is ?t J 3 s Q etrr Q: I , i t a WP ' -o' y se' l ,pg K-.v E 41 lf 'X f 1 G f I ,Aue-.N 5 I z AJ 4, P - J-or , if I . I ,. ' f ., .s , -,. , JE' V, ,-- , 1 1' 5- ,- - -- Q ff,- , ,,, u SF.: ,- J X . ? N gg A Q, . 49 2 , . Q. any A ' J .,. -. vw my 1 -A ffjff ,J Janice Young Janet Zeidtnan 1- f J :- Q Q 3: - gl :avg , , V milf' ii' i K 'ffl +L fa- or 5 A ' f J ,W , 'ip .- can 'n Ars . 52 ' QW V l 1 Members Not Morris Bieber Bernard Brown Hattie Brown Judith Bucknam Gerald Burke Gabriel Costanzo Richard DeFlav,is Brenda Dooley Raymond Doughty XVilliam Fortune Carolyn Fox Bruce Fries Eileen Gable Charles Gallagher Domenic Graziano Mlillivam Hayes Barry Kahn David Lachman Patricia Lauer Lynn Meadowcroft Stephen Mesaros George Van Buskirk lileanor Varino Louis Vassalotti Donald Vaughn Lawrence Volkert XVilma XVahlquist Joan lVarburton Carol XVard Marjorie YVard John Hiasche Barbara XVashington Samuel Washington Janice lVaters David YVats0n Donald Weber Richard lVeil Ruth VVeiser Roberta Wells Joan Xvhitaker Sandra White Cynthia XN'iel:and De XN'itt YVilliams Robert XVilliams David XVoodman Betty lVorthington Patricia XVright Gwendolyn XVunderlc Harold. Yerkes Lynne Yonker Barbara Young Photographed Isabella Monte Robert Moore Donald Polkinhorn Marie Prindle Joseph Pulli John Purpura James Rawley Philip Rawley Girard Richiardson Theodore Rights Joann Rosamelia Sally Royle Terrance Ryan Charles Schaffer Richard Schimpf Terry Stoltz Howard Strickler Herbert Taylor George Troup Ann Weiss Beverly Yarroll I v iii -.m' 1 is 's 8 The production of the Oracle requires more than the time and effort of the staff . . . to the many individuals who cooperated to make this book possible we extend our thanks . . . to Mr. Gernert, Mr. Northam, members of the faculty and student body who gave us these fine traditions . . . to Miss Milne and her art staff for many excellent il- lustrations . . . to Mr. Roberts and his business staff for their persistent efforts in secur- ing advertisements . . . to our photographers, Zamsky Studios and their staff, for their many, many fine shots of activities and school life . . . to Mr. Worthington for underclass- men pictures . . . to Mr. Sidney C. Schultz and H. G. Roebuck and Son for their assistance whenever requested . . . to the typists for their willingness to type whenever needed . . . and to our advertisers without whose cooperation there could have been no Oracle. EMMA C. HALDEMAN, Adviser BARBARA ULMER and WILLIAM OWEN, -Co-editors THE ABINGTON BANK Large Parking Lot Open Drive-In Available for Monday Evenings Tgllefs Customers from 9-3 Window There ls No Substitute For Experience lt cannot be dispensed with . . . or substituted for . . . lt should be of first consideration in every important under- taking . . .We mean experience. . .the specialized experi- ence such as we offer in the field of School Annual photography. . .That is why year after year, we have been honored by being chosen Official Yearbook Photographer by many leading Schools and Colleges . . . Getting outa Yearbook is a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking. lt is there- fore good to know that there is available to you all the experience that is necessary to meet this unusual emerg- ency. You will find our organization skilled and resource- ful . . . our facilities and resources ample to meet every problem connected with Yearbook Photography. ZAMSKY STUD IGS Official Photographers for Abington's Yearbook 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA We Pledge Our Service When You Command The Best STAUDINGER G BOONE, Inc REAL ESTATE S: BUSINESS BROKERS James E. Staudinger Company, Incorporated ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 'l2'I7 OLD YORK ROAD Abington, Pennsylvania Phones: LI. 8-1750 - Turner 0700 1 l-ff is f 1 ' Q ' 5i2EfZiEQ11EI2i3?11i15EP:I?5'975'f91'i:1 ' zzz,,f.,f-zHm:E.s.s-:- 1.2.-if ' - CUSTOM MADE RADIATCR ENCLOSURES BY SIMONETTA BROTHERS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania FREE ES TINIA TES Phone: Willow Grove 1611 Walt Burger Fruit - Vegetables - Frozen Food Roslyn, Pennsylvania HILLSIDE CEMETERY Roslyn, Pennsylvania A and J JEWELERS and WATCHMAKERS - DIAIVIONDS - All Repairs Guaranteed One Year 203 Davisville Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Across from R. R. R. Station Phone: XfVillow Grove l9-15 Expeft I Valrlz Repairs CASA CONTI FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS GLENSIDE, PA. Ogontz 9289 Ogontz 61413 8 Private Dining Rooms Available for BANQUETS - ANNIVERSARIES WEDDING RECEPTIONS NENV USED TYPEWRITERS Adding Machines - Calculators - Cashiers Sales - Rentals - Repairs Autlzarized Dealer for All Make Portables 59.95 DOWN 18 nlonths to pay BURD H. ARMOR Offiee Typewriters - Portables CUT- 76 N. York Road Willow Grove, Pa. Willow Grove 2610 LET'S GO BOWLING For HEALTH and PLEASURE JENKINTOWN BOWLING ALLEYS 417 Johnson Street Jenkintown, Pennsylvania For Reservations, call OG ontz 9029 Jenkintown Bank 8i Trust Company Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Where The Bus Stops At The Door Member Federal Reserve Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp HATFIELD HOSIERY COMPANY Lincoln and Tanner Avenues Hatboro, Pennsylvania RETAIL - WHOLESALE Phone: Osborne 5--0838 51 gauge - finest quality full fashioned hosietry - 60 gauge Sixty-six gauge WILLOW GROVE FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 81 N. YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Willow Grove 1671 cnevnousrl commav 140 York Road B .LAME Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Stevens Groceries Fxozrw Foons - Ion CREAM 928 CYPR ESS AVEN UE LI vingston 0-3140 Turner 6-3140 ElklllS Pflfk, PG- 090l'll'1 9164 Hudson Floor Company Complmmm RESIIJENT FLOORING 112 Ksswlclc AVENUE Of CO Glenside, Pennsylvania nard Dougherty Phone: Ogomz 8-106 WAHL'S TAVERN .S. Glenside Pharmacy Serving Glenside Thirty Years PRESCRIPTIONS - BIOLOGICALS IANE LOGAN ICE CREAM Easton Road and Mt. Carmel Avenue Across from Church Levintow, Ph.G. Phone: Turner 4-1737 Call and Delivery Turner 4-9280 Abington Sunoco Service Paul Oberholtzer Sc Son Tires - Batteries - Areessories - Repairing Old York Road and Eckard Avenue Abington, Pennsylvania John Tener Garbutt Real Estate and General Insumnee 1125 Old York Road Abington, Pennsylvania Turner -1-4300 LI. 8-8500 Mooney's Moving 8. Storage, Inc. Glenside, Pennsylvania Roslyn Pharmacy 1130 Easton Road John P. Keller REALTOR Roslyn' Pennsylvania Nortllern S11l1111'l1s Real Estate Free Delivery -- Ogontz 394-1 -I-I3 York Road Jenkintown Eugene Gottlieb, Registered Pliarmaeist 0gOIllZ 9600 Fowler-Shinn, lnC. Jackson - Cross Abington, Pennsylvania company Sales - Service REALTORS DODGE - l'l.YMOUTH 1101105 .1013 RATED TRUCKS 111 Yvfk Rodd, Jenkintown Ogontz 79128 Majestic 5222 Ogontz 3163 Og0I1lZ 7000 MA jestic 5-0700 Good Food - Values - Serzfire The Baederwood Grill Old York Road lAbove Jenkintown, Penna.l Air Conditioned ROY'S MARKET QUALITY FOODS Phone - YVi11ow Grove 0629 Ogontz 1981 Roslyn, Pennsylvania Compliments of A F R l E N D Telephone: Ogontz 0951 and 0950 North Hills Supply Company Coal - Fuel Oil - Coke - Building Material 2908 Mt. Carmel Avenue North Hills, Pennsylvania Cmnplfmems C f of amp 'mmb Friendship Bray Chapter Order of De Malay 0 DEKER Howard Nice Abington, Pennsylvania Jay S1395 ,ky Q1- , g 5 fb ig JL., ,Ji af 1- QP 2 I. g:'c?g,e1:f - Y. 3 -, ,Q JO .100 Q ' 3 .1 .,....... X Howard R. Peterman, Jr. Life and General Insurance 413 LOCUST STREET Philadelphia 6, Penna. 1VA1nut 2-212-1 Jed Lf 2 FLORISTS FOR THE PAR TICUI.AR FOR OVER TIVENTY YEARS Flowers Telegraplmd Anywhere 'I'I5 TENNIS AVENUE North Hills, Pennsylvania Ogontz 3109424 21 GLENSIDE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I1 WESLEY AVENUE Glenside, Pennsylvania Phone: Turner 4171 Each Account Insured Up To 510,000 David M. Haber D. D. S. Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Best W islzes From Brody's Department Store Fzunily Outfitters Since l905 Opposite Reading Railway Station Glenside Ogontz 0486 Waller Motors, Inc. Sales and Service York 8. Harte Roads Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Ogomz 3-100 Majestic 5-3400 LINCOLN - MERCURY POWELL'S DRUG STORE Abington, Pennsylvania Phone Ogontl 9257 MINOR REPAIRINC Abington Texaco Service Station l'l 1zsl1ing - Tires - Batteries - Afeessories Trailers T. O. Bjoruson York Road and Guernsey Avenue Abington, Pennsylvania Phone Ogonlz 9253 Chas. li. McKinney, Prop. Tydol Service Station Herzdqzlarters For Valvoline Oil Complete Auto Servire - Ignition lifork Brake Work - State lnspertion Easton Road and Tague Avenue Glenside, Penna. Good Luck to the CLASS OF 'A55 .14 gri en llleet Your Friends Over A Midnight Snark KENYON'S DINER Route 152 North Hills, Pennsylvania LARRY'S BARBER SHOP LAwRr:NCE VENTRESCA ABINGTON AUTO SERVICE CICXERAI. REPAIRING Official Inspertion Station Two Barbers - Sanitary Service . I ' 24 Hour AAA Towmg - Gulf Service 175 York Road - Abington, Pa. Ogomz 9014 NMI 10 Fin' HU -Ye Horcce Avenue 8. York Road - Abington, Pennsylvania Since 1926 For Service Call Ogontz 9338 ABINGTON SHOE REPAIR JOSEPH PILEGGI GREEN ARROW PARK 81 EAT York Road and Rubicam Avenue Expert Workmanslzip - All Work Guaranteed Curb and Rexfaurant Semin' 1122 York Road - Abington, Pa. SAM SCHAFFER L. T. WILSON TAILOR Secretarial Service 1124 York Road - Abington, Pa. 2761 Jenkintown Road - Glenside, Pa Ogonlz 9338 Turner 2764 ROBERT V. GRIEB ROBERT'S I HOUR DRY CLEANING 49 EASTON ROAD Willow Grove, Pennsylvania G. PARKHOUSE 8- SONS FINE Foons Abington, Pennsylvania Ogontz 7500 DAVID CLARK, JR. Special Agent DONATO BROTHERS PIONEER FOOD STORE 326 KESWICK AVENUE 811 Horace Avenue - Abington, Pa Glenside, Pennsylvania Knozun For Our Meat Ogontz 7904-11' Ogonlz 8950 Ogrmll 8951 COURTESY OI JESSE'S RANCH HOUSE RESTAURANT Abington, Pennsylvania Nvillow Grove 1095 WM. F. MCCULLOUGH Registered ilfastcfr Plumber 1501 Easton Road - Roslyn, Pa ABINGTON ATLANTIC STATION RICHARD P. KEYSER Proprietor WEL-DON WINDOW CLEANING Estzlblishcnl 1924 Turner 4-0100 ANDRE FELBER Real Estate - Insurance 1145 Easton Road Roslyn Turner 2230 MAJOR AND MINOR SHOES Personal Attention Given To Filling Children 1141 Easton Road -- Roslyn, Pennsylvania Compliments l'l'lfARl.X'!i APPAREL - GREETING CARDS Gifls For All Orcasionx to CLASS OF .55 SALLIE HANSEN 502 Tyson Street - Ardsley, Pa. A Ogontz 3593 AHBOTTS ICI-I CREAM Thr' Rm! Iiulk in Half Gallon Conlainers SHAHAN'S c:1cEET1.x'c:s FROM GLEN FOOD MART . . 347-4 R t 5124 Glenside and Keswick Avenues - Glenside, Pennsylvania 9 Euston ood ogon I lirwak - Cnkrs - Sodns - Novellies lilw1.virlf .v Finest and Most Complete Slll0lH'l'.Y, Nefrls - Stutz Candy SUPER IIIARKET 'I'urncr UI I7 INSECT CONTROL 81 RESEARCH, INC. SCIILN' T11-'I C P158 '1' C o.x'1'1eoL KESWICK HARDWARE Too1.s - PA1.vTs - CLASS llJ'Pl'fIf!'.Y.SllJlll1l lfrzlomologisls 343 Easton Road 1 Glenside, PC. Glenside, Pennsylvania 'I'urncr 7-364-I WE DI-ZLIVI-ZR ARDSLEY SUPER MARKET 508 Tyson Avenue Ardsley, Pennsylvania og QIII o :ma Frcc Deliver SENDERLING 8: DAMM HARDWARE 2610 Jenkintown Road Ardsley, Pennsylvania Ifrcc Delivery 'I' 111'x1 er 4-4366 SCALFARO'S SHOE REPAIR s1f1cV1r:1f lI'HII.1i yor' WAIT 'l2'l North York Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Complinzen ts of ARDSLEY GULF STATION Self-Svrvire Lllllllllfy MT. CARMEL LAUNDROMAT 2256 Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Y C. I.omb:n'cIo, Prop. Ogontz 7952 HOWARD'S TOWING SERVICE 39 North York 'Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Willow Grove 2774 SHORE'S MARKET Willow Grove Ifrcc Delivery - Call Willow Grove 3071 MARKIN DRUGS 7950 Oxford Avenue Philadelphia 'l'I, Pennsylvania JOE'S SELF-SERVICE MARKET 2770 Jenkintown Road Ardsley, Pennsylvania Ogonlz 0294 Phones Ogomz 9036 NI-1WSI'.XI'1iRS MAGAZINES ABINGTON LUNCHEONETTE Uliellirzd The Firelzousen Ogontz 9042 SISAI, T155 T In' C ream SANDIVICIHICS HO.-XCIICS DOT 81 BILL'S LUNCHEONETTE 339 Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Turner -1-3165 GLENSIDE UPHOLSTERING SLIP COVERS ll1l,lUISI6'l'ilIg in All Ils Iirru1rl1f'.r A5 ll Slmulfl Be Done' IVlJI'kIIIIll1.Y,IilI Gzuzrarzlevrl KESWICK BUILDING Glenside, Penna. 19 Years Service Office, Ogontz 8313 In Business For Your Health 370 North Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania FRANKLIN K. UNGER Agwzt, The Prurlenlial 1n.rurunrf' Cmnpany of Anzerira Turner 4-5862 Fast Free Delivery 1150 Old York Road iSecond Floorl Abington, Pa. Complfmenls Ogontz 4999 Pilgrim 3-3977 of PERELL AUTO BODY WORKS WHITE'S SERVICE STATION Al'TO ACClDli.X'T REPAIRS 24 Hours Towing Service Weldvh, PGHHSYIVUUIU 514 N. Easton Road Glenside, Pa. Daniel G. Mdlluskcy - Andrew S. Kohul SHELL GAS - ROAD Slfl?I'lClf Ogontz 9052 Tyson 8. Jenkintown Road iArdsleyl Glenside, Pa. Turner 6-7320 DAN AND GIBBONI'S illlf.Y'S WEAR AND I l'RNISHINfiS alxo DRY CLEANING AND TAILORIXCI 468 N. Easton Road - Glenside Qflpposite Casa Conlij Ogontz 9368 CALSO SERVICE STATION Plmrn11u'i.vl.r A. S. KOHUT PHARMACY Glenside, Pennsylvania Turner 1725 WILLIAM S. REILLY GUILD OPTICIAA' 725 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. PAUL JAEGER GUNS AND SI'Oli'l'lNfI GOODS 2'lI Leedom Street at Greenwood Avenue Brake Work - Ignilion - Generators - Auto Repairx Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 420 N. Easton Road Glenside, Pa. phone: Ogomz 6920 WASHING I.l'1iRlCA TION Phone: Turner 4-9189 LOU'S SHELL SERVICE Keswick and Abington Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Pirk Up and Dl'Ii1'i'l'5' FRAN K COOK 1:A1c1:1f1r SHOP 913 Jenkintown Road Elkins Park, Pennsylvania IIIOTOR TUNE UP ACCIfSSORIl'fS SNACK SHOP Compliments In The Heart of Abington f O I I I7 York Road jm ROS.-XMILIA, P,-op. ogmm 9375 TUCKER'S LUNCHEONETTE BRADSHAW'S SUNOCO STATION High Prices - Poor Work - N0 Phone North Hills, Pennsylvania BEER AND SODA Call Ogontz 5107 GLENSIDE BEVERAGE CO. 442 N. Easton Road PROAIPT DELIVERY RosLYN GARAGE N- W- I-ANING Easton Road and Mildred Avenue FUEL OIL Phone: Ogontz 9039 24 Hours Oil Burner Service THE VOGUE SHOP 274 Keswick Avenue llY0ll1!'7I'.Y and Misses' Wear - Gifts Turner 4-1985 Ogontz 3150 A. APFELBAUM LADIES' and GENTS' FURNISHINGS Mt. Carmel and Tennis Ogonlz 6996 KESWICK CYCLE COMPANY A. H. B. SKEATH PHARAIACIST Established Since 1921 I.ionf'l Trains - Hobby Supplies Alodel Airplrmaac - Raleigh and Schwinn Birycles 2732 Lirnekiln Pike North :won and Glenside, Pu. Noffh Hills, Pemvlwwiv Compliments THE IVEY SHOP f 907 Township Line Road 0 GOETTNER'S BAKERY Elkins Park, Pa. GREISTING CARDS - GIFTVVARES SILVER PHARMACY y Henry Silver, B.Sc., Prescription Specialist Compliments 2743 Jenkintown Road of Ardsley, Pennsylvania Ogonlz 6614 ELKINS PARK CYCLE SHOP ZlMMERMANN'S 456 Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania P-F SNlfAlx'ERS Compliments Of DR. AND MRS. R. A. DINSE V. B. ZAENGLE REAL ESTA TE 448 N. Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Turner 6-9100 ERNESTINE MYERS rplrrs AND CARDS lllnkz' every 0l'fYl.YiIIl1 a sperial Il1l'lIl0l'y with gifts of dixtinftion 2945 Limekiln Pike Turner 4-4803 BARKAN'S YOUR PRESCRIPTION STORE ROSLYN INN II72 Easton R004 ' R95lY 1 Po- A great name in good food lNcxL to the Post Ofliccj ogomz 8732 IVE DELIVER Ogoml 1679 THE ROSLYN SHOP 1186 Easton Road - Roslyn Ladies and Childrens Wear Selling Homes ls Our liuxinzvs Ogontz 9085 HILL TOP INN Easton and Edgehill Roads Roslyn, Pennsylvania THOMAS F. H EWITT PATANE F1.ooR CoN7'RAcToR RFU! If-Ymff and 1'15U '1ff 1821 Fairview Avenue Willow Grove, Pa 1184 Easton Road - Roslyn, Pennsylvania Willow Grove 1312 Phone: 1Villow Grove 9016 JlM'S MARKET Fresh Fruits - Vegetables - Groceries - Fresh 1751 South Easton Road FREE DELIVERY TOWN PHARMACY, INC. PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE Telephone: 1ViIlow Grove 0100 Davisville and York Roads Willow Grove, Pennsylvania DAMATO TAILORS TAILOR MADE HABERDASHERY Meat 1190K Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania Ogontz 29-I9 DAVID'S MEN'S-WEAR SHOES 125 North York Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania XVillow Grove 1779 G. REED 1,A1'N1JRY and DRY C1,15AN1Ncp 1134 Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania Ogontz 1310 HOLME'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Easton and Bradfield Roads Roslyn, Pennsylvania ogfmrz 9279 0 GLENSIDE LINEN AND SPECIALTY SHOP gontz 9003 Simplicity Pllflf'l'7l.Y - Fabrics - Blouses - Skirts - Hose' CHERRY GOWN SHOP Lingerie 2271 Mt. Carmel Avenue 7 South Easton Road - Glenside, Pennsylvania Glenside, Pennsylvania Oggnlz 3241 MART'NDALE's ol.soN's DELICATESSEN SELECTED CARS 6055 York Road - Philadelphia Gibson and San Diego Avenues LI. 8-2322 Hollywood, Pa. If it's plzotogmpliic - You'll find it at wiu.ow Gkovs I Q Autonmtzwe Replneenzent Pmts PHOTO 81 HOBBY CENTER Frank C. 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MANUFACTURERS OF FINE QUALITY CLASS RINGS AND PIA S FOR OVER A QUARTER OI A Cl NTURY, ABINGFON SFNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CIASS RIA CS Official Jewelers For The Oracle 75 Phu T0 W0ltK AT M lllllll' My name is Betty and I have a story which I think will interest many of you. lt's about my ex- perience in the retailing field. Believe me. Variety Store husiness is fast-moving and interesting. Each counter is a store in itself. Here at Murphyfs onc learns retailing from the hottom up! I started out as an extra salesgirl, work- ing every day after school. Wllell I was graduated, I was fortunate to he plat-ed in charge of a counter. I never knew how really interesting this work could he . . . it's just like having a shop of my own. lim growing here, taking more responsibility as I go. Thereis still more room for advancement . . . I can work myself into a position of merchandise buyer, section supervisor or lmookkeeper in the oflice. Soon I hope to he selected to train for the jolm of Personnel Directress in a large new Murphy Store. All of us at Murphyls have an equal chance to hetter ourselves. From what I can see Murpliyfs is tops in training . . . and there isn,t a store in town to heat Murphy's on limployce lmeuelitsl If you're ambitious to nialw a go of retailing, join the Hflangw at Murphy,s soon as you can. G. U. M RPIIY CIIMPA Y Construction Loans FHA Mortgages Conventional Mortgages GI Mortgages Pennsylvania Housing nNANcE coup. 1528 WALNUT STREET Philadelph' zlire-preside!! FRANK I' B-XRKLR ,-,,. V,,, M.-.-,-,M.,.,v..,vw,,..,Y ,.V.f .-,v.,L.-.,,. -W . ' 49' at IM, as ' V I ,W 'lfK vf'-fmwf-l'T V ,nw X 1 .T -fl. -, .vrb A Ab 0 A. , 4 4. A 'x n ., 5 D7 hfil .4 p M f -A' f ' Q57 '5 i 44 if ul my 3 4 4: RY 'A 151 ' l 1 , , u Tv Q Q x fl i t lk?g: , W .fm Qfjfif, L, I 1' ' K K 4495 xx ,, ' J Wm 'mmf X gk. Q ' 'S Q J my 1 r 1 .X, ,X. I fx I ni g 1 5 'ig U, 5 gd. gl YHQQH X . 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