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A ,.-.4-...Q , 4, ' I 1. I .f W-f' K7 ,Q xi , .Q X . , A 9 59 5 av S W., Q? ' iw, wa- JW, Aff -wwf! ,nf ff ,WW I gms fm xv, ' N, wmwwpk f 4' T 3 Q k Y :V I my pn,--fe-ww-rw f mf II 1 iiaff, ,5 N -V ,A J ,,,,,,,wmm"l"! ,,-nvw ' W ' ,,,,,,-1. : gf , 18 ,, ,N . 55,12 ff Qu Kai 25 .uiftif vi A "L 5- Q 6 4.9 gi is 45,1 ' :Ki ' fuk...-k .,L, W .m W.. ,,,. , ,m,.,, .,,,,,,A,,Q-g,gg, ..-mf M ,:Q'+14M- ' A H ,V rw . V1-f.-fw,f -If-W: -ff?-..h.,.y,WN .w...W .,.W,,L,,,W,,,,Wm A 1 , . -o Y Q mw- --Q-uugx A 3 4 'im w -f , ., f... '. 'u , , ' A . ' ' o H, uk . , 4 ?.l .xQ95,3", 4.4. ', bw . 3 5 n X ' fr - ir' . . H K !v.1li,.' .1 Q .5 W V ,Q - fv - . ' sv . 'Q 4-' . A . L 1,41 f." F ' ' 1 -- , y,.,3N fri . JM ,. ' Q 4' f- C . Q, , Q . ., 35.4 M, If .ir , ,,.'f . ' ' ' , ' , A 'F A, 'LY' fir 1' 'Q J .II . .S -7. ."5 ,p .IJ ' ' 1,6 ' - .. '5 r Q . 7 " lj A ' "fb ...K K' ' v O I . ' ' 1 - 0 ,,,.' , ,. "7',': y ds 4-Q 'mn' g ' L 15' ,J in 'f L'..ln , ,,, . . .., 9, ,., W r, - .' .v 1 . . C , N n K' ' 3 1: . :Sr ' , nv ' " .' ,:. ' - ' f':J"f-' 4250- "' x ' ' 1 dxf, 3' x' '19 '5' ' fain- ' ff:-. 'N ' f f , 4 Q , - ' ,.' fJF..rs,, . " ,Q 1 nun If K Hi: W 0 ,fi 4 v .0 .- 4 if - i It M f 1. rf . 5: its 'rg W 4' O, t I . ,514 1 'Ig' K4 -.I .gf ,D 1. Iv A '44-v, 1 , ""- ' ' n' ' 1- ' A 'p r Q., , , -'V 1 F ,f J - , .. . Q 'ix' : .5 7 k - -'Q 4' Q fi - 5 . . ' , " H.y.f X ,ra V 0 S J .ig K Ah 'f I! "Vw,--Q D YK, hu' .45 ' qw.. Q' Lv k - 'Y' ' . - . ' 5' Biwval' 1 4,3 Av Q M f 5' Ur. 5 V QV . W . 'L v ,X 3 1,Jf,,,. L j XL V 5 -6 Ssf"f- . A - - - '11 . a K 4 l T .6 tp AAN. ' 5, + W' -1353. a Q 5 W wi.. 'Q . 1 .49 ...HE ...aw-fr-V, 'QNA M., , gf 33' ,A "VA M' '.3",,. - xx 5- '30-IV an ' f v 1 v Q' G., 3. K, SV- ':?9, ,. W ,Q ins! gl 5-.Q 1 oil' J 'F ,.-"J . , gg, Q Q MH V A -u is-2 ia 2-25 ,H 'S-if .. sawn! f - 4 The Spirit of Abington - -' - - . ,, ,.-.gHm.,.:-'-"+1'4,.5'.!L3,- 5 'af'-wgj, T lk - -2 -t ,. . i f 1 . :. '-ea-:Z-:-:J ,--wr -- Q - ,. -' . 1 , ' i ff 1 ' 1: f.1sn.s-::2f.:f1 f , ':'s+w:,5r ,rg 1-..- ,qmf:.: . , - 1 'w,:tf:i,-:wary e ., f' .- - ' U: :QT ,w .z' A . f ' -X 21411-LE' agi- 4 ' '-2"-' -' ' .'r' ' . 311'-1 1.' ui. .if 4 .ju H 1-i' - , -- t 1 , ,:g',-:-i"'t- .11 yi .5 .riff-0-is. v - --' 1 - ' .. '."'f'f'l4f!5" 9 ' ' ?' L -. zgifslisi I 6, ,qi .1 Q - -,.!gf.z , 'i ' f -1' . ' 'J'- I K . ' 5 5.22K A If -QA , .2 .- e 'fu-me. '-if 1 X -' 1 ' X -' .. 'P 2 ,t- '.g,,fr:',, N .ig V - V V 'ff' ' , ' . r Q ' , 4 " "- ,, Q3 as ,,.- Hi " - N- I U' -' ...Xt " Y .l l 4 N. - f 9':i.'iElc"flg':!' 'bfi ' 'l - 1 ' I9'i:?"i"'-F-fa'-f'Z1l':fi'f A. H V 'qv-I ,, gl ,, , v.".!i-Je.-'ye-tw: L -,za , , , M.:,f,.,,,,,, ffm L .i-' f' ' " ' ' ' .nf ,- , . Table of Contents pages I Scenes of School Life . . . 2-23 Il Friends Mode .... . . .24-69 III Sports Highlights . . . . .70-87 IV Scenes of Fun . . . . .88-'IOI Means Fun, Work, Progress This was an important and eventful year - one long to be remembered. The football team, with the zealous support of the student body, won the league championshipg the largest crop of students, ever, entered to swell the ranks of loyal Abington- iansg a new school building began to take form. Abington, typical of its tradition, was striving to achieve new goals. Dedicated to the belief that interchange of ideas is of the utmost importance, Abington began laying foundations to extend the arc of understanding with others beyond the limits of its township. Chosen as the site for next year's Pennsylvania Student Council Staff members Janet Smith, Barbara Spindell, Trina Polen, and Mike Gillespie select material with which to tell the story of the year. Convention, Abington will play host to student repre- sentatives from various schools throughout the Com- monwealthg and, through the affiliation with Lily Braun Schule, Abington will send a student abroad to study in Germany as its representative of good will. These events are indicative of a special kind of spirit at work in our schoolg a spirit dedicated to progress and cooperationg a spirit that emphasizes the desire to promote understanding with others, a spirit marked by a high sense of responsibility to the community, both local and world-wide. These typify the spirit of Abington - the spirit of the Calloping Ghost. idents uiiswe-r Sllllllllllile of the opt-ning lu-ll. reluctant to leave - fri-e-:loin of vuvation days. Familiar Scenes Summer's over! There's ex- citmnent in the air. A tangy fall morning marks the opening of school -- a return to friends, tear-hers, books, and new ideas -- or old ideas refurbished. Yes, we said, this will be the year of all years - and we really meant itl LZ1lt'l'0Ill1'I'N re-ceiw he-lp from competent -urn-Iairiv's, Nliss Betty Mai- Hansen and Hrs. Nlary C. Moore. Recall Earl Fall Days Old friends ling'-r over lunch and gossip until the last split se-rnnil before- class time. '4-f -5,23 5-Q.. Conferences with teachers put students on the right track. Mr. Sonor assigns a lock:-r to Bi Stinson. Pep Rallies Acld 1 'Q X . . . . . l.fQ!'l: Sixtli l'e-rioil ljlnssiw move- nlcpo-il lmook- ln-fnrv attr-mling p0 rally. lfvlozvz lllu-vis liit ilu- mu of ilu long in tlie' mvmory of .Xlvingtunizm aw 4 plum ul ' 1 '- gay timm-s uml muc- lun. F, Loyal AlJingtouian's ara- wilil about llu- I't'L'l'Ill uioilvl of llw ifllosl-Q11-wlii-z-l 5. to - gum. 'l'li:' mm will rvniuin 1 I I I 5 4 wi Q1 V V K' 1 Q ,- , tf.. ,,fi si. -F"'Nf.ZlD3 'E x V x o . F . K I ' ill W,- "R ' 12 YW ggi, 1 I gif ?,4,'3,, I I x r , Al Cris-ll whve-ls I0 Emltvnu nt rllllth thf dll' pre- N -.4 - fx "L .QQ ,L ,Q Kala' Mfr ws,-40 ,va 1- A '71:..QQQ+u'J,.. , . , , ,.f" " ' 1, g,' , 1-fwsxf' - ' ,4'l",gi3!j,-b,'- - '.nsfgr,jg,.-1 ' - ' - :L -L 4 351-X 3 ,. 1 V , v naman.: A agree- U, 3 ,JN7 A ,sg 1- .4, sm. , 4. I fee 1 c,x -"J f , , , Z i n , Q - . f 71.2, A-3552 35522 .1 211 , :"' A' lfl A1 f -- Lt"f2'.1-,gf 7 ' , ' :Z f'fqf,A.g, , A Iypif ai -rv. 4 .bynw fy' -':: -' ""a.,,,y-,,'.'. -is I TVN- z -,Q-: .H ,. 3:1-U ,N - Inquiring Into . . . l n 1 To Develop . . . To Understand . . To Know More . . ' ' To Advance . . . s . L? ,,1 N ey J 1- A11 v"' 5 , I s ' lo' f 1- 1 , Hn - 1 I n X X: Q if R I f X 'tp' lp J n , 1 9 M 1 , 1 ' , f '5 :G bw s rx D " .A 1 9'- . , .4 5 n 5 'fl ' f ,. f 'i -. -H Q sw . pvhy- gg. 4 -,Aux Q 51 -w :fr u 1 ,- - . ' 9' :fn ' Q ' ' 1 .fd www -- . ,3 , 5:1 1? nfl- F' as L I V ,. " ,ff 1,1 . Ax, 4' ' Q , 3 ,Q , ffifiw, 1 a , ,. fa 1 'H 1' I ' 'X' - "A,E,x.,y , I A X , sa I.. "ff 5 ,x -,L N '- - ,M 4 T I . . H -Q , 1- 4,4 1 ,-fs" V ...Q m,,',---1 - 4 ,ar N - "N ': ,1- ..,-'Z .'f"'- , ' , - ,nc 1.i.-we , gf: I QQ ' 3 -A ..7s.',f'Lf ' hgnfg, 1 '1' r, - " g I' ,-' t ,gl upjk -,Q I , :H ,I . la lf' .,, , fam: -fu .wx ,,.. . , f - ' --if ' . - - 'vs , . i Q, ,L N A 3. 8 'NR These are the Goals . . . The Nature ot Things Skills tor Making a Living Ourselves ancl Others About the Worlcl We Live ln the Weltare ot the Community 6 ofE i l f ucation at Abington They Shape the Future because Left to right fbottoml: William R. Andrews, Vice Presidentg Mrs. Evelyn C. Henzelg S. Edward Shmidheiser, Presidentg O. H. English, Superintendent. Left to right Hopi: Charles W. Smithg Dr. James F. Koehlerg Albert C. Nlcffoyg Dr. Henry F. Daum, Secretaryg Nathan S. Trump, Maintenance Engineerg Percival R. Rieder, Solicitorg Carl O. H4-dner, Treasurer. The School Board of Abington Township gives unstintingly of its time to careful examination of the multitude of details necessary to achieve those goals which elevate a school from the mediocre to the superb. Abington's superb reputation did not come about accidentally. Hard work made it in- evitable. and the School Board has given liberally of that hard work. ln planning a new high school for the town- ship, the Board prepares a golden future in educa- tion for Abington students. The new high school, now in process of coming to life on a lovely forty- five acre site. promises to be a most valuable con- tribution to school as well as community needs. De- signed to house fifteen hundred students, with a potential for serving even a greater number if need be, the structure will represent the best in modern school architecture. ln guiding this build- ing program from blue print to reality, the School Board of Abington contributes materially to the future welfare of the community. The vision and energies of Dr. 0. H, English, Superintendent, give form to Aliingtorfs School of Tomorrow. Their Plans Encompass the Years Ahead 'Xliingt0n's early liigll svliool structure :late-Q from tht- ye-ar 1888. Ct-niality. init-grity. and ronstant mme-rn for stu- dent welfare- make Mr. E. B. Cf-rnr-rt, principal of 7- -- Abington St-nior High School. an outstanding lc-arlf-r in 1-zliivatinn. K -I rsl fs Hr. Xl. ltflwzml Nurlliam, assistant priiivipzil, lo wliom sliiflvnls and tf-avlir-rs alike go for Z1flVlFf' anfl e-xf-liaiigv uf irlvzis, tzilws tiinf- from ai busy fluy to lillSVVl'I' Pat Kinyon's question. if .,. - .mp :xi 5-.,U,,, W, -V My in , 3 'S l eg A . Q v ,QV i Y if ,T xi'-'1 jk N.. df' wk! 5. ,ff -IV Any, MH K L 3 F .g , K X FJ , - N ' if f . X , A K if NX is A ,A A ,, X XX 3 ' . ,ff lx.: A ' f I QW -4 Mathematics Explain cl Bn Explore Science 1. E. A. Brunner Robert G. Re-itz Lewis ff. Swartz J. Shaylor Woodruff George lf. Burlington George Erh lfvelyn 0, Le-nner Miles B. Messinger Earnest A. Rauch Gail Smith explains the y's and where- fore's of algebra. Z' I' 1 m1f1fi',f1Illl ., l. fl iltiieriiaffmillltfi house if Mr. Raipp'aigWood Shop boys apply their number skills in building a model Q., ' S . l J' W , V ' Y A , , zl ,554 If ' ,Z Q'-.-hm-' - We 'lv -vw' the Logic of Numbers the Mystery of Nature 4-4' s-,X Q vnwrin' lillllflbllx lu-aftiw-Q' dm-nmnstrate -nflvll lawe of hr-rvrlily for Y ek XI 5 1 -I '? sl udvnte. ow' a buss- from an acid? The-w stmlr-n . Nlweirlgr-r's 110. 1-ngine uttravts Ihv intvre-st of Mr. Erlfs juniors in 5. if-EI "' B ' f , lil Q . -,. .,, if f F F . .4-4' . 1, 43.1 v,,,v up gag, 4 my 1, 13' 3' xf ,Q ,EK .xx V, r. vi 'wg ,QQEEQQ Jil., if . , ng . , K Qr1b6'm,,f Nl, , A i t M . . A 3 is . t 1 T5 .z..,l , . .N it r ws' Senior trio. Ellen Mahle, Janet Smith, and Grave Nor- man, witli accoinpauist, Bar- lmara Anthony. is ont- of sev- eral groups about sr-lmol who sing for the fun of it. Verus Weaver vigorously di- ' rects the- lmanrl at rc-lu-arsal. N.. it ggi :I-A lv: ,-Av, 'W Librrlry, Art, .llusic Hn-lvn Hriggs Editll Milne- J. Mervin Gottshall Vvrus W1-atv:-r e 'ff ' 'r'4oit ,. ff ' 1 ww.. Ak . 'f-5-I '1 4 wwf , F -52. 'E J' '- mf' g fs 5,1 , I . ' Qi K f Q ff J: I "ff.i.,t. - 5 X 'K f' 'E' if .- f V7 53 N I " A DL, -I t,,,.,f. 3 " , l it., ,weft Q-WA! fx r Tllvse young: artists. the' Ur. fi y Provide Steps to Culture arlf' Art Stuff. fiufl many out- letw for tlu-ir tulvnts. I7 'N , X ,X X 3 w ,mi i 1 X 'fra Z! "N-X aj. V I f Y N3 Ziixlm' ,Q x , 612 Q, af ,, ,,'Abx1,w ,z ,. .F 4 U1 , 'WY X A 2 ,Jig iw W, rf Ii 4-' K f x .. ,vw T343 . A. JI, 55' Ufizgag I , I Miss Benjamin dire-cts ilu- home living class in a study of family life in Anwrira. Soplmmorels zip up a 81421111 in a twinklv in Hom:- Evononiics witli Miss Davis. Mastering a Tool May Mean a Jolo Cpportunity .eatln-r. me-tal. plastic, and wood come to lifr- in anliful ohjvvts for use in Mr. Grun's lnclustrial Arts r-lass. Ann Turcolte listvns intently to Mr. Colf-man's lasl minuti' instruction on llflW not lo ln' a lurly clrivf-r. A fe? M: 5- .A 'en S JOY 931' ,ff- qslilm' s an Unbeatable Combination -and a Pretty Une The voice-writer whispers "sweet nothings" into 'V' an-f he tht' ears of Mr. Roberts' typists. A junior class concentrates on that amazing short- hand alphabet. JW:-Q Q Qi tl--:fray ,,,,,b1-,-vw: fi..-.Q . tt- Busmese education seniors acquire mastery ovfr office machines - V WM 0 Xian' I Y . 's '3,,wK,,, ,lib HA U bweufxgj' .r W 1555? F if Work is Mankind! Physical Education Gertrude Herzog Elizabeth Thompson A. Secor Form and Movement! Glenn R. Snodgrass ' ' x 12? ""' . X . ff 5 , ko.Ak Q K I . Q.-' i l e f Guidance counselor Venard Fe-gh-y is inte-rested in all aspects of the lives of studentsvhealth, as well as career and educational. He gives help to John McCarron. .To Preserve Health Lf V1 ,ya C boo Fnends Fruends Fnends Friends Made Made Made Made Ulm f ., .N , :. ll, , . -.. . 1 -f- A b ,'- . .'-Q 417' . " - M V .- ,A ,s . , f -:.' if? i . .5- uu- 'fx-1' . . ,al M---5, gf:-5,n.,w , .gwfi .--., 24 ff'wW'fm2xMmxfx-.4,q.i .. . h - k- , , X A S rm Ing Globe i X+Y- f,, ' f " . ' " ' l -V -+ 1'.'rrr -, i -vswzfmeee- ,w.z,,4g ! M,M,m,G U! . 2, ' " ' A , " lgpl3Tf1- , I 7!?a- f f? 0' ' flbv V 7, X1 1 Q Eff? Q +V ' ,lf - -"f '-1- 4.1-f -if -L , f ugf , "' VDQIEY? J is l 2. Proves Need For Expanding Friendships While Sharing Ideas in the Classroom While Competing in Sports While Worlcing on Out-of-Class Proiects While Enioying Gala Affairs l May Exert Far-reaching Influence FRED A. ABBONIZIO Vocational 2654- Jenkintown Road, Ardsley "Ab"g Expert on Fordsg Participant in movie Your Vocational Department: Bridge Club 15 Dance Clu.b 33 Proudly wears the blue of the Air Force Re- serves. NANCY DEBORAH ABBOTT College Preparatory 135 Garden Road, Oreland Has a smile for everyoneg Student Council 2,39 Swimming Team 1,2,3g Yearbookg Spirit Committee 2, Secretary 3g Abingtonian 3, Sr. Prom Co- Chairman. GERALD DONALD ADAIR College Preparatory 223 Bala Avenue, Oreland ".lerry',g Good-looking and likable blond newcomerg Swimming team, Cross Country, and J.V. Football at Central Highg Member of Ocean City Beach Patrol. LAWRENCE B. ALLAN College Preparatory 24-1 Edge Hill Road, North Hills "Larry"g Winsome wayg Football 25 Student Council 2g Boys' Chorus 3g Plans either to attend Temple University or become a marine. BARBARA IDA ANTHONY Business Education 756 Castlewood Road, Glenside "Bonnie"g Miss Efficiency Plusg Accompanist for singing groupsg Drill Team 33 J4-E 2, Release Editor 33 Cala Night 12,35 Honor Roll 2. GEORGIANA JOAN APEL General 460 Keswick Avenue, Glenside "Georgie"g Peppy brunette sports enthusiastg Cheerleading 2,33 Swim- ming 1,2,3g Softball 1,2,3g Student Council 1. . 'J .JJ 'lm see,,.:..,.f,.'.-...,t.. . - V EM -- J E . P'-"-'i w W Q' IRENE ARENZ Business Education Twining Road, Dresher "Reney"g Eager baseball fang Softball 1,2,3g Capable Abingtonian Representa- tive 1g A future member of the Women's Air Force. RICHARD BERNARD ARENZ Vocational Twining Road, Dresher "Tex"g Easy-going outdoorsmang Woodwork Club lg Hunting and Fishing Club 33 Interested in trapping and in horses. ALBERT ARMBRUSTER College Preparatory 506 Hillcrest Avenue, Glenside "Bert"g Budding scientistg Airplane Club 1g Chemistry Club 33 Runs movie projectorsg A future engineer. CHRISTINE ROMIG BARNARD College Preparatory 631 Baeder Road, ,Jenkintown "Chris"g Works conscientiously without demanding praiseg F.T.A. 2, His- torian 3g Clee Club 1,2,3g Softball 1,2,3g Cala Night 1,2,3. WILLIAM BATTERSBY College Preparatory 1236 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington "Bill"g A handsome, good-natured car enthusiastg Fun-loving with a perpetual gring Known for his gay parties. GERMAINE BENDER College Preparatory 560 Baeder Road, Jenkintown "Gerry", A happy little gal with a manner that pleasesg Abingtonian 1,2,3g Oracle 2,39 Tennis 1,2,3g Senior Playg Yearbook. MARYLYN MILLICENT BENHAM Business Education 221 Central Avenue, North Hills g Scholastic leader, Enthusiastic participant in many activities, J4-E 2, Editor 3, Co-Editor of Handbook, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Drill Team. GEORGE H. BENNETT, JR. Vocational 356 Cliveden Avenue, Glenside Sports a Dodge coupe, Cross Country 1, Student Council 1, Homeroom Vice-President 2, Hobby Club 3, Future plans may include the Navy. FRANK JOHN BIRCHLER Business Education Jarrettown Road, Jarrettown "Birdie", Happy-go-lucky, Gets a laugh from everybody, Cross Country 1,2,3, Baseball 1, Track 3, Gym Club 1,3, Armed Forces bound. DARRELL RAY BIRKES General 2123 Susquehanna Road, Abington Quick with the repartee, Spirit Committee'2,3, Pep Skit Committee 3, Bridge Club 3, Came from Hawaii in Junior year. DONALD BIRKES General 2123 Susquehanna Road, Abington "Don", A friendly, well-traveled Abingtonian, Spirit Committee 2,3, Pep Rally Skit Committee 3, Safety Hunters Club 3, Affiliation 2. BARBARA ANN BISSINGER College Preparatory 1632 Upland Avenue, Noble "Barb", Tall brunette with a friendly smile, Chairman of Tap Dancing Club, Gala Night, Hobbies include swimming, ice skating, and painting. r.. 1 ,if 'v ur, . ' ' ' -A "xv -'rf vt icfsw tm 'Rf il 'Tlilffg tl an ,Maw - ' r-1-wtf -3' . -. -if ',v'1Q1::- v"Z'. -" K, 'K """'s. if 'I iifffsff tl' ., 1 1: gi --37- " P1511 ' , t- 4 JY . of Q x :ft-or-'-meigg 5259-1: 1:-ww fp I CAROL RUTH BLANK College Preparatory 223 Meetinghouse Road, Jenkintown Personality plus, Swimming team diver, Spunky cheerleader 1,2,3, Student Council 1, Homeroom President 1, J.V. Tennis 1,2, Ardent aqua-planer. ROBERT SCOTT BLILIE General 2460 Ardsley Avenue, Glenside "Bob", Tall, good-natured blond, Member of Agriculture Club, Model railroader, Plans to work in agriculture after Army. NANCY ANN BOHR Business Education 126 Woodlyn Avenue, Glenside "Nance", Lively and loquacious, Drill Team 2,3, J4E 3, Yearbook, Home- room Secretary 1,2, Gala Night 2,3, Affiliation 3, Oracle 3. EDITH ANNE BRACKINRIDGE Business Education 1212 Mildred Avenue, Roslyn "Brack" or Anne, Quiet and steady, lnspires confidence, J4-E 2,33 Gala tltlighlt Art Committee 1, Bridge Club 3, Spends spare time with pet eag e. ALAN BRAUNWORTH College Preparatory 938 Roanoke Avenue, Elkins Park "Speedy", Lanky lad who wields a mean racquet, Tennis, Intramural Soft- ball, Future plans include either attending University of Nevada or joining U.S. Air Force. BARRIE LEICH BRAUTIGAM College Preparatory Acres Away, Jarrettown "Barrie", Girls envy that beautiful blond hair, Affiliation 3, Senior Play Committee, Gala Night 3, Tennis 3, French Club Dance Committee 2,3. KATHRYN ESTHER BRIDGE General 550 San Diego Avenue, Hollywood "Kitty", A warm smile and a winning way, Homeroom Veep 1, Intra- mural Hockey 1,2,3, Captain 1,2, Intramural Basketball 1,3, Spirit Committee 3, Glee Club 3, Gala Night 3. CHARLES SAMUEL BRUBAKER, JR. Vocational 942 Brown Road, Huntingdon Valley "Cholly", Tall and lanky, Popular woodshop boy, Interested in hunting, fishing, and camping, Future plans include cabinet-making. STEPHEN GARRISON BUB College Preparatory Susquehanna Road, Ambler R.D. 1 "Baron", A loyal Abingtonian, Loves his jeep, Rifle 1,2,3, Safety Hunters Club, President 3, Tennis l,2,3, A Cappella Choir 2,3, Radio Club 1. THEODORA JOY BURHANS General 2729 Cedar Lane, North Hills "Teddie", Devotes much time to church work, Bible Club 2,3, Camera Club 3, Plans to attend Prairie Institute, Future: Missionary work. MARIE REGINA CAIRO College Preparatory 505 Summit Avenue, Fort Washington Bright-eyed and popular, Gala Night l,2,3, Peppy Cheerleader 3, Dramatic Club, President 3, F.T.A. Secretary 3, Abingtonian typist 3. JAMES JOSEPH CASEY Business Education 122 Haines Avenue, Elkins Park "Casey", "Cool Cat", Likable athlete, Football 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2, Track 2,3, Homeroom President 3, Referees Club, President 3. It is ll :fill gg,a.ww,:,7 in ll,rii55"e., 6 llgllflliyy ,ll i , J, Hyatt' "3" ' s X tv ., ' , ,Q ri g P' j' x if c CAROLYN MAE CASSEL College Preparatory 747 Hillcrest Avenue, Glenside "Carol", Friendly and sincere, Student Council 1, Girls, Chorus 1,2, A Cap- pella Choir 3, F.T.A. 2,3, Affiliation 3, Hi-C. Y. 1,2,3, Senior Play. ANNA MAE CHAMBERS Business Education 1017 Roseland Avenue, Huntingdon Valley "Ann", Good-natured red head, Abingtonian 1,2, J4-E and Oracle typist 3, A Cappella Choir 2, Gala Night 1,2,3, Senior Play Student Coach. CHARLES DOUGLAS CHERRY College Preparatory 2115 Berrell Avenue, Willow Grove Never-a-dull-moment Doug, Wrestling 1,3, Soccer 2,3, Student Council 1,3, Gala Night, Community Night 2, Future Mechanical Engineer. BARBARA ANN CHRIST College Preparatory 216 Rech Avenue, Oreland N "Barb", Vivacious aqua-maid 1, Captain 2,3, District Diving medals, Abingtonian I, Homeroom Officer 1,2, Eager committee member, Future nurse. ROSEMARIE CLASHAUS Business Education 203 Ray Street, Fox Chase "Rose", Neat and tidy, A tiny, fun-loving chatterbox, Gala Night 3, Art Club, Ping Pong Club 1, Dramatic Club 3, Future Secretary. GEORGE SANDFORD COLLINSON, JR. Vocational 1151 Easton Road, Roslyn Positive in his ideas, J.V. Football 2, Vocational Dance Chairman 3, Community Night 1, Future Cabinet Maker. CAROL ANN CONDON College Preparatory 1831 North Hills Avenue, Willow Grove Sunny disposition: Student Council 3, Gala Night 1, Kick Chorus 2,33 Cheer- leading 3g A Cappella Choir 3g Dramatic Club Secretary 3. VIRGINIA ANNE CONTI College Preparatory 2237 Jenkintown Road, Clenside "Cinny"3 One of the school's real workersg Student Council 1,23 Hockey 1,2,33 A Cappella Choir 2,32 Affiliation3 Spirit Committee 2,33 Homeroom Officer 1,23 Senior Play. MARIE CARIVIELA COSTANZO Business Education 4-57 Elk Street, Glenside "Mary"3 Vim, vigor, and vitality wrapped into oneg Gala Night 13 Future plans may include Secretarial work. PHYLLIS ANN CRAMER General 2338 Nylsor Avenue, Roslyn "Phyl": A wonderful school artist: Paints scenery for school plays and Cala Nightg Loves horseback riding and cookingg Future plans: Art School. GRACE ANN CRISSY General 1089 Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley "Stony"3 Poised and - what a driver! Frequent visitor to far-away placesg Art Club 1,23 Intramural Hockey and Basketball3 Career: Nursing. CARL CROSS College Preparatory 1182 ,Iericho Road, Abington "Buzz": Always has a joke bubbling forth3 Varsity Wrestling 2,3: Cym- nastic Club 2,33 ,Iunior Prom Decorating Committeeg Intramural Softball 2,3. Y , , , '- r, ,U , 0 -2 3 365 K ' .1 '-2 lszf' . -,,, h I ' new .I ?f"5T-'zliiiiifffa nvidia' -' af:'J:ft-:,w:'?i" A - - :.-thi' i't1bf'5:?'w'+.'.- f ' " " '- , 45525-2t,1Q71:-4, ai: -2:5 . :satis ,-y.,s 3-.g.Lw2"gg1gs 1:3 WILLIAM ALAN DAY College Preparatory 2146 Wharton Road, Glenside "Bill"3 Witty, intelligent, and good-looking: Football 2,33 Rifle Team 1,2,3: Competed in State Championship in 19523 Baseball 1,2,33 Capable homeroom officer ?.3. WILLIAM CLAUDE DEITER Business Education 2460 Kenderton Avenue, Roslyn "Deet": Enjoys making others laugh with his subtle humor: Cross Country 1,2,33 Chess and Checkers Club: Typing: Intramural Softball 2,3. ELBERT TENNYSON DEWITT College Preparatory 130 North Easton Road, Glenside "Elby"3 The class clowng Band 1,2,3: Orchestra 1,2,3: Dance Band 33 Spring Concert 1,2,33 Student Council 1: Movie Projector Operator. LOUIS CHARLES DIJOSEPH Gengrdl 1319 Jericho Road, Abington "Bumpy"3 He woos 'em and pursues 'emg Swimming 1,23 Basketball 13 Photography Club: Spirit Committee: Fond of photography. MARIE CONNIE DI PIETRO Business Education 2340 Tague Avenue, Glenside "Wee"3 She's our "never-aadull-moment" girl3 Cheerleading 33 Glee Club 2,33 Social Dancing Club: Kiwanis Kapers 1,2,3. RICHARD WILLIAM DOHERTY General 247 Roberts Avenue, Clenside "Doherty", Soft-spoken, clean-cut gllyQ Track 2,33 Archery Club 33 Other interests: rowing, archery, swimming, and model building. L. DONALD DONAGHY College Preparatory 440 Hamel Avenue, Glenside "Donat"g Affable music enthusiastg Cartoonistg Likes the outdoor lifeg A Cap- pella Choir 3, Boys' Chorus 3g Gala Night 33 Art lover 1,2,3. MARION WEIR DRUMMOND General- 401 Monroe Avenue, Ardsley "Molly"g Brown-eyed roller skating enthusiastg Enjoys mystery stories and dancing, Employed as part time Bell Telephone operator. EDWARD FRANCIS DUFFY College Preparatory 1170 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington "Duff"g Happy-go-lucky, outdoor typeg Likes hunting, fishing, and sportsg A soccer man in his sophomore yearg Gala Night 35 College ahead. DANIEL EDWARD DURRWACHTER Vocational 815 Harrison Avenue, Ardsley "Danny", Enjoys good foodg Chefs' Club 3g Works hard printing pro- grams for sports eventsg A prospective serviceman. JOHN KENNETH EASTON, JR. College Preparatory 1331 Jericho Road, Abington "Jack", Everybody's boyg Popular Senior Class Presidentg Active in De Molayg Soccer l,2,3g Golf I,2,3g Abingtonian 2, Editor 3g Senior Play? .14-Eg Honor Roll, Yearbook. ALICE ANNE EBERLE College Preparatory 787 Baeder Road, Jenkintown Gives her best to whatever she doesg Senior Play prompterg Color Guard 33 Yearbook, Senior Girls' Quintetteg A Cappella Choir 33 Norristown's loss, Abington's gain. 7? 4 CB , A , are 5, . . - inf- -::v MARLENE ELDRIDGE Business Education 1720 Webster Avenue, Willow Grove "Toning Unassuming gal with golden hair, J.V. swimming 2, Intramural hockey 2,3g Ping-Pong Club 1. CAROLYN ALBERTA EMERY General 275 Huron Avenue, Elkins Park A peppy athlete liked by everyoneg Three-year Hockeyetteg Basketball l,2,3g Tennis l,2,3g Homeroom Secretary 2,34 Student Council 33 F.T.A. Member, Gala Night l,2,3. ROBERT PAUL ERK Business Education 2747 Limekiln Pike, North Hills "Crash", A great fan of outdoor life, Member of the Hunting and Fishing Club 35 Does a good job on the baseball field. PATSY HELEN EVOY College Preparatory 935 Woodcrest Road, Abington "Pat", Has an endearing personalityg Cheerleading 3g Glee Club 1,2,3g Oracle 2,3g Gala Night Make-up Committee 2, Senior Play Usher. RUTH IRENE EWER Business Education 470 Tyson Avenue, Glenside Her friendliness agrees with everyone, A peppy Drum Majorette 2,33 Orchestra 2,35 A Cappella Choir 2, Girls' Sextet lg Gala Night 1,2,3. ANNA MARIE FAD Business Education 415 Summit Avenue, Fort Washington Mischievous eyes, '5Guide right", Drill team 2, leader 3g Gala Night 2,35 Tap Club lg Community Night 2.3: Future Airline Hostess. BARBARA ANN FANELLI Business Education 2119 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside "Barb"3 Gay disposition3 Cheerleading 2,33 Oracle typistg Community Night 23 Tap Club 13 Enjoys football3 Future receptionist. CARL CHARLES FARRINGTON College Preparatory 450 Keswick Avenue, Glenside Quick with a quip3 Baseball 1,2,33 Senior Club Representative3 Home- room Vice-president 33 Basketball 13 Likes all sports. MARION ANNE FASSHAUER General 714 Kirkwood Avenue, Fox Chase Manor Animated little blondg Drum majorette 2,33 Clee Club 1, secretary 2,33 Senior Play3 Honor Roll3 Senior Nominating Committee3 Future teacher. JOHN GERALD FECHTER College Preparatory 2262 Jenkintown Road, Clenside HJCTFYHQ A great guy with a warm personality3 Football 2,33 Student Council 1,2, TICHSUIQI:-N32 Student Council Project Committee 2, Chair- man 3g Tennis 2,3. JUDITH IRENE FEISE Business Education 522 Berkley Avenue, Hollywood "Judy"3 Five feet tall and plucky as they come3 Service Club 33 Girls' Sports Club 13 Future plans include secretarial work. EDWINA MARIE FENSTERMACHER Business Education 1740 Arnold Avenue, Willow Grove "Winnie"3 Dependable and valued worker3 Gala Night 23 A Cappella Choir 23 J4E typist 2,33 Abingtonian 33 Affiliation Committee 2,3. 5 o ' 'Z t e of fa" . i 'fif' . C J ' J , C sit' -S ,ugrflfw 'Q ff- zsfszr- 'fx' xii' of ' V ' 222'-YG ,' 'llgi r ,uf 'fl H- , as Q .. 1 V OAN OSEPHINE FERNANDEZ College Preparatory .l J 1827 Fairview Avenue, Willow Grove "Joanie',3 Sprightly little gal with a bright smile for CVCIYOHCQ Affiliation 1,2, 3g Gala Night 1,23 Yearbook 33 Abingtonian 1,2,33 Oracle Editor 33 A Cap- pella Choir 3. JOHN THOMAS FERNANDEZ Business Education Limekiln Pike, Jarrettown "Jonzo"3 Strong, silent type3 Cross country 2,33 Gym Club 13 Hunting and Fishing Club lg Spends spare time hunting. ANNE MIDDLETON FETTEROLF College Preparatory Spring and Center Avenues, Noble Capable and congenial3 Speedy hockey player 1,2,33 Basketball 1,23 Yearbook 33 Gala Night 1,23 Oracle 33 Abingtonian typist 3. ROBERT COATS FISCHEL College Preparatory 2640 Woodland Road, Roslyn Good-natured and fun to have in any groupg Track 1,2,33 Speedy harrier 2,33 Homeroom President 1,2,33 Affiliation Clubg Enjoys veterinarian work. DANIEL WILLIAM FISHER General 200 Bala Avenue, Oreland "Dan"3 Serious and always p1easant3 Avid sports fan3 Football 1,33 Wrestling 1,2,33 Baseball 1,2,33 Collects matchbooks and coins. NORMA ANN FISS College Preparatory 1151 Jericho Road, Abington "Norm"3 Neat, attractive lass3 Conscientious with lots of pep3 Student Council Secretary 33 A Cappella accompanist 2,33 Hockey 2,33 Cala Night 1,2,33 Affiliation 1,23 Exceptional music ability. EDWARD ANTHONY FITZGERALD Vocational 2957 Meyer Avenue, Ardsley "Fitz"g Ready for fun: Handsome Senior Class Treasurer, Soccer 1,2, Cap- tain. all-Suburban Team 3g Baseball 1,35 Vocational Dance Committee 2,3. JON FRANCIS FLOWER General 217 Easton Road, Clenside Winning, amiable smile, Red, curly hair attracts many envious glancesg Interested in music. bowling. and photography, Band 1,2,3g Orchestra 2,3. JAN CHARLES FLOYD General 101 Apel Avenue, Oreland Friendly grin, Full of life and pep, but can be seriousg Baseball 1,2,3g Spriit Committee 35 Abingtonian 35 Football 1,2g Soccer 3g Future gym teacher. HOWARD FELTMAN FOULKE College Preparatory 739 Forrest Avenue, Jenkintown A pleasant smile and pleasing mannerg A definite interest in mathg Mem- ber of the Chess Club, Enthusiastic about scientific studyg Ex-Cheltonian. LAURENCE FRIEDIVIAN College Preparatory 1021 Wellington Road, .Ienlqintown Always eager to give his side of the storyg Colf 1,2,3g Football 13 Abingtonian editor 23 Photographer for Abingtonian and .l4E 35 Cala Night 2. DAVID FRIEDRICKS College Preparatory 321 Evergreen Road, Jenkintown Manor t, Animated by good humorg Likes music especiallyg Orchestra 2.33 Rand 1.2.31 Dance Band 1.2.31 Plans to enter eollege or Army. pffi Tian., , Q I : ef 'Il' I gf , Y in ' Q L ft. ein gf, weijtf f,a5Ld13.fj: lgvlaszzmg JANE ELLEN FRISHMUTII College Preparatory 1721 Papermill Rd., Meadowbrook Possesses a spontaneous wit, Abingtonian 1.2, Editor 3, Oracle 1,2.3g Year- boolfg Affiliation 2.33 Latin Club Dance Committee 33 Honor Rollg APSL Award, Future doctor. CAROL ANN FROEHLICH College Preparatory 2069 Roy Avenue. Willow litott' "Rebel"g Has striking blond hair, Intramural basketball 1,29 Knitting Club 1,33 Office helper 2: Intramural hockey 13 Community Night 2. BARBARA ANN FULTON General 1620 Spring Avenue, Noble "Bob,,g Known for her rosy complexion and smiling faceg Cala Night 1,2,3g Intramural hockey and basketball 1,23 Worthy Adviser in the Rainbow Club. GLENN RICHARD GABRIELLE College Preparatory 732 Robyn Road, Huntingdon Valley Cooperativeg Likable lad from Frankford High, ,I.V. Baseball 23 Elec- trieal Club 3: Enjoys bowlingg Plans to study Electrical Engineering. DOLORES MARIE CALANTE Business Education 715 Garden Road, Clenside "Dorie"g Peppy blond member of Drill Team 2.33 Cala Night 2,3g Community Night 2,33 Diversions: roller skating and bowling. 747 Baeder Road, Jenkintown "johnny"g Popular member of soccer teamg Well-known about school, Soccer l,2,3g Abingtonian 2,33 l4E 15 Golf 2,33 Intramural softball. 'rs JOHN TENER GARBUTT College Preparatory urs., , 0' GEORGE BROOK GAY General Camphill Road. Fort Washington Good-looking Abingtonian with a warm smile and cheery dispositiong A Cap- pella Choir 1,23 Soccer 1: Enjoys huntingg Creat interest in guns. LOUISE ELEANOR CENTNER Business Erlur-ation 676 Hamel Avenue. Ardsley "Sparrow"3 Petite blond: Lots of fllI'lQ Hockey lg Intramural basketball 1.23 Tap Club lg Drill Team Club 3g Will make a good secretary. GERRY MARIE GIBBONI Business Erlufativn 47013 N. Easton Road. Glenside Good convf-rsationalist3 Full of bouneeg Girls' Chorus 33 Always on the go. MICHAEL JOHN CILLESPIE College Preparatory 223 Clivetlon Avenue. Ch-nside bSMllil'l.Q Wonderful sense of humor3 staunch Democrat who loves good parties' Yearbook Editor3 Honors English 33 Cross Country 1.23 Student Council. CAIL LEE GILMAN College Preparatory 1923 Guernsey Avenue. Abington Conscientious3 Has a winning smile and engaging personality3 A Cappella 2.33 Senior Quintette 33 Flag batonsg Cala Night 2,33 Obliging accompanist3 Abingtonian 23 State Chorus. DOMINICK THOMAS CIOVINAZZO VUNlli0Hdl 254 North Hills Avenue. North Hills Wrestling and golf star3 Well-liked by all3 Vice-president of Student Coun- cilg junior Class Presidr-nt3 Golf 1.2.3, District Champion 2g Football 1,2,3. -. ll. I s" C C 619 a C 1 .fflrf "" ' 5? .55 4, . 3. 4 M ir. .Qi 3 eff College Preparatory BRUCE CAUT CLADFELTER 342 Fisher Road, Jenkintown "Bruce"3 Simply irrepressiblf-3 Senior Boys' Quartet 2,33 Tri-School Committee 1.2.33 A Cappella 2.33 Senior Play3 J4E3 Honor Roll 1.2.3. JOAN MYRA CLANCY College Preparatory Pine Road. Fox Chase, Philadelphia 11 A shy manner brightened hy a friendly smile-3 Member of Honor R0ll3 F.T.A. 2,33 Yearbook typist 33 Dramatic Club 3g lndustrial Arts Club 1. BARBARA cooofxnu garage p,e,,,,,,,,,,,y 1968 Adams Avenue. Abington Dancing brown eyes3 Abingtonian 1.2.3, Assistant editor3 Orchestra 33 CSPA Convention 1.2.33 Oraele 1.33 An all-round musician: plays drums, flute, piano. sings. JANE. GORDON College Preparatory 304 Wischnian Avenue. Oreland ".lanie"3 Sweet. neat and petite3 Class secretary 2,33 Swimming 1,23 Co- captain 33 Student Council lg Drum Majorette 2, Head 33 School store 3 eo-manager3 Senior Play. PRICILLA SCHIRLE GOSNELL Business Education 324 Abington Avenue. Glenside "Pris"3 Eriendly3 Possesses down-to earth quality3 Affiliation Committee 2,33 L Home-room Secretary 33 Clee Club 13 Art Club 13 Enjoys bowling and painting. EDWARD GRASSO Gene,-gl 39 Alba Road. Willow Grove Rourh and Read Edd ' Football hero 123' Abin Ionian 1' Baseball L Y yn ' - - v g , 1.2.31 Oracle and Abingtonian homeroom representative 23 President of Wildlife Club. ALVIN COOKMAN GRIEB College Preparatory 1236 Edgehill Road, Abington "Al"3 A big fellow with big ideas3 Abingtonian Editor 33 Yearbookg Senior Quartet3 District Chorus 2,33 A Cappella Choir 2,33 Gala Night3 Future pul- pit pounder. LUCY TONI CUTMAN College Preparatory 14-52 Frog Hollow Road, Rydal "Lu"3 Eager and energetic3 Abingtonian l,2,33 Senior Playg School Store Co-manager 33 Tennis 1,2,33 Hockey 1,2333 Student Council 1,23 Honor Roll 2,3. ROBERT LAWSON HACKMAN Business Education 146 Central Avenue, North Hills "Bob"3 Regular party-goerg Never lets work interfere with pleasureg Football 2,31 Wrestling 2,33 Gym Club 1,33 Interested in cars. WILLIAM JAMES HALL, JR. College Preparatory Edgehill and Welsh Road, Willow Grove "Jay"3 Thoughtful, friendly, and hardworking3 Baseball 1,33 Honor Roll 13 Bridge Club 1,33 Intramural softball and basketball. DON THOMAS HARRIS College Preparatory 639 Highland Avenue, Jenkintown 'LMonk"3 Fun-loving and loquacious3 Manages to see that life has many lighter momentsg Soccer 13 Secretary of Wildlife Club 33 Conservation Club 1. JOAN DOROTHY HATZELL Commercial 509 Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia 1113 A real charmer with her bright smileg Drill team 33 Clee Club 23 Secre- tary of Knitting Club 13 Sure to succeed in her vocation. NN 3 .4"'5524,, . 1 is .2 --'vw "-, . -,gg g ,-L. ,JG ' f - ' fini .-'N' jg in , A653 , . 3 1 .gf A ' 117' .' 3 4 . lil he "' f. I 12 . ,.. 11. 'Z X . qt -1, ir? 425' . z s ,1 - 4 C ' " - AW' t 2 a- c DONALD LEWIS I-IAVEY College Preparatory 617 Highland Avenue, Baederwood Handsome newcomer from ,Jenkintown High who has an active interest in baskethaII3 Rridge Club 33 Drives a low-slung Studebaker. WALTER JAMES IIERRNIANN General 241 Rena Street. Philadelphia llll "VI'aIt"3 Liked hy alI3 Oh. those muscles! Wrestling 1.33 Interests in- clude work on ,41 Chevy3 Future elevator mechanic. ROBERTA ALINE HICCINS General Rox 205. Huntingdon Valley "Ilert": Tall blondeg Interested in sports and artg Hockey 1.2,33 F.T.A. 2,33 Knitting Clubg Cala Nightg Future Physical Education teacher. EVICLYN JANET HOPPE College Preparatory 833 Tennis Avenue, Ardsley "Evil-"3 Energetic and athletic: Iloekey 1.2.33 Basketball 1.2.33 Softball 1, 2,3: Future Teaehers of Ameriea 23 Interested in knitting, painting, and roller skating. RICHARD WARD IIORNIEAKER College Preparatory 1223 Jericho Road, Abington "Rean"3 I,ivens up the elassesg Colt 1.2.33 Soccer 13 Cross Country 23 Dance Committee 33 Future plans inelude college. VINCENT STANLEY HOTTLE College Preparatory 127 Roberts Avenue. Clenside :Big Vince"3 Easy-going and cheerful: Has a wav with a basketball and the girls3 Football 2,33 Basketball 1,2,3Q Assembly Committee 2. 1A A f V .-..yfw,w,?,fyrmf HERBERT HARLEN HOWALD Business Education 126 Haines Avenue, Elkins Park 1 Easy to get alonq with, Good-looking blond, Cross Country 2, Abingtonian Business Staff, Works in gas station, Future may include Air Force. BENJAMIN HOWARTH, Ill College Preparatory 429 Roberts Avenue, Glenside "lien", The bow-tie man, Friendly and fun-loving, Soccer Manager 1.2,3, Glee Club 2: Cala Night, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Assembly Com- mittee 3. JAY ROY HULMES College Preparatory 1455 Jericho Road, Abington Quiet hard-worker, Avid Penn rooter, Football 1,2,3, Interests includes all sports, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Plans to attend Penn's Wharton School. WILLIAM THOMAS HUMMEL College Preparatory 701 Orlando Avenue, Oreland Tall and handsome Student Council member 1.2, Executive Committee 3, Co-chairman of Spirit Committee, Soccer 1,2, Tennis 1,2,3, Homeroom President 3, Senior Prom Chairman. RALPH EDWARD HUNGERFORD College Preparatory 1801 Woodland Road, Abington "Ted", Meditative fellow with a subtle sense of humor, Soccer 1, Rifle 1,2,3, J4E 2, Abingtonian 2.3, Outside interests include photography and chess, Future engineer. WALTER HUTCIIESON College Preparatory 134 Roslyn Avenue, Clenside "Walt", Puts his agile body to good use in basketball, Loves to clown, Has a dry wit and a ready "Hello". A' ' J- '. " S i' V, - ' -5. f e :nw "' . Ex , 1 Q gs :J fi 'i' iii -5:-5 f-AZ. "rf-wa . ' l, ,M l V, , ....V . . ,R 5 H .fgitizx w . 5. - hw. -. 13.6" fewa.-ff' ,. ' ,-1,4-N, .3 ' ,ff 1 '-.Q .., ff- ji ffm' s ,, iwfg-' Ffff' wk 1341 Cfbmu MARION HILDA HUTH Business Efluration 2113 Rubicam Avenue, Willow Grove l2l A gal with a warm heart and a warm laugh, Abingtonian representative 1,3, Cala Night 2,3, Affiliation 3, Future secretary. PHYLLIS MARY IACAMPO College Preparatory 425 Sylvania Avenue, Glenside Phyllis is just tops, A Cappella Choir 2,33 Peppy cheerleader 2,3, Student Council 3, Cala Night 1,33 Yearbook 3, Enthusiastic Member of Pep Committee and Senior C-irls' Quintette. RUTH JANICE ILIK College Preparatory 654 Jackson Avenue, Ardsley "Sandie", A late arrival from Germantown whose smile has made a host of friends: Senior Play coach, Basketball 3, Knitting Club. LUCIEN JOSEPH JACQUET College Preparatory 2454 Radrliffe Avenue, Roslyn 'AJoey", A true friend, Industrious, Full of fun, Student Council 3, A Cappella Choir 3, French Club Dance Committee 2, Honor Roll 1,2,3. WILLIAM RANDOLPH JAMES Voeational 11164 Crovania Avenue, Roslyn Capable matman from the Print Shop, His loyalty to his friends is tops, Wrestling 1,2,3, Swimming Club 1, Boys' Home Ec. 3. ELAINE IRMA JOHNSTON College Preparatory Dreshertown Road, Fort Washington Peppy redhead, Animated by gay friendliness, Abinglonian typist, Senior Play Make-up Committee, Clee Club, An avid fan of swimming and golf. HARRY JONES General 854 Edgehill Road, Glenside "Butch", Sincere, thoughtful, good-looking, This mechanically-minded fellow is happiest when fixing up his MG, Rifle team 1, Homeroom treasurer 3. JANICE VERNEDA JONES Business Education 1644- Washington Avenue, Willow Grove .. "Shortie", An all-round girl with a bright smile, Basketball 1, Hockey 1, Softball 2, Talented skater and dancer. CAROLYN JOAN JORDAN College Preparatory 2027 Maplewood Avenue, Overlook Hills Flashing dark eyes, A poised manner, Student Council 3, Color Guard 3, Gala Night Committee 2,3, J4E 3, Honor Roll 1,24 Affiliation 3. CHARLES E. JUDD, III Business Education 702 Roseland Avenue, Fox Chase Manor "Judd", A fellow with an eye for business, Member of the "green thumb" clan, Interests include landscaping and gardening. SUE ELAINE JUSTICE College Preparatory 623 Abington Avenue, Glenside "Sue Ju, This spunky gal with the harmonizing voice has many friends, Hockey l,2,3, Cala Night 1,2,3, F.T.A. 2,3, Junior Class Treasurer, A Cap- pella Choir 2,3. JANE ANNE KAPRAL General 1224 Edgehill Road, Abington "Beethoven", An intense music lover, A music conservatory for this talented gal, after graduation, A Cappella Choir 2,31 Art 3. ROBERT RALPH KAUFFMAN College Preparatory 2906 Limekain Pike, North Hills e srr or Wonderful sense of humor, "Who me'?", Colfer and fisherman in spare time, Basketball 1,2,3, Homeroom President 3, Cross Country I. VIRGINIA FRANCES KAUFFMAN Business Education 2533 Independence Avenue, Roslyn "Jeannie", Seemingly quiet and thoughtful, this petite blond is full of fun, Cala Night Committee 2,3, J4E typist 2,3, Intramural Hockey l,2,3, Affiliation Committee 3. JOHN B. KELLY Vocational 1141 Grovania Avenue, Roslyn Happy-go-lucky Jack, A hard-working boy in Machine Shop, Often seen tinker- 'T S ing with his L'Red Devil" automobile, Wrestling 1. MYRNA ELIZABETH KELLY Business Education V, .TQ 1141 Crovania Avenue, Roslyn 'ii A newcomer from Notre Dame, with a warm smile in those blue eyes, Always ready with a good joke or clever answer. SALLY TOWNSEND KEYES General 1335 Highland Avenue, Abington ,Q .Artistic ability combined with a friendly and dependable manner, Hockey manager 3, Student Council 2, Flag baton 3, Affiliation worker 3. ARTHUR WARREN KEYSER General 2155 Susquehanna Road, Abington "Art", "No trouble!',, Tall fellow, quick with the come-back, Horseback riding enthusiast, Can often be seen cruising about in his green Plymouth. ILENE BERNADETTE KINKY Business Education 2138 Wharton Road. Glenside "Le-ene-babe"3 Dreamy-eyed blonde3 Member of Student Council 13 Gala Night 13 Dramatic Club Treasurer 13 Cala Night usherette 2g Glee Club 3. PATRICIA ANN KINYON General 639 Seminole Avenue. Fox Chase Manor Beautiful blue eyes and a sense of humor typify Pat3 Likes to ride and swim3 Intramural Hockey 1.23 Intramural basketball 1,2,33 Nursing Club 3. RICHARD KIRSCHNER Business Education 1515 Easton Road, Roslyn "Cowboy,'3 Long-legged Abingtonian3 Wild about CHTSQ Seen frequently in his Flamingo red '53 Ford Victoria. PAULINE KLEINBARD College Preparatory Washington Lane and Borie Road, Rydal nP011ynQ Sincere and conscientious3 Big hit as "Jenny" in Senior Play3 Co-chairman of Latin Club Dance 33 Abingtonian 1,2,33 Basketball 1,3. NANCY JANE KREIDER College Preparatory 1225 Bockius Avenue, Abington "Nancy JHIICMQ Contagious giggle3 An -important member of the championship band 2,31 F.T.A. 2.33 Orchestra 33 Girls' Softball Manager 1.2.3: Gala Night Committee 2. ROBERTA HELEN LAUFF Business Education 1571 Ferndale Avenue. Willow Grove "Bobbie-"3 Remembered best as one of the student 1ibrarians3 Pen Pal Club 33 Abingtonian "Ads" 33 Sewing Club 13 Sunday School Teacher. j 1 . 3 .gt . 3 5 i " ga gs ...age ,mfl lhii 1" A J... L 1 .- f i X -532, 5. find' QP' 21 ,-'f, 135 if . 413 I S1 f x ', Q X f! "' -..,i I 4 4 1 ' 1. .4Fi'55 3,5 . PATRICIA ANN LEHR College Preparatory 349 Keswick Avenue. Clenside Charming miss with a gracious smileg "Harry" in Senior Playg Peppy cheer leader 2.33 Student Council 2,32 Cala Night 23 Homeroom Secretary 3. CAROLE .IOAN LIEBL College Preparatory 541 Crescent Avenue, Clenside Has a smile that captures the hearts of 3113 Cheerleading 1,2,3g Abingtonian 33 Cala Night 1.23 Student Council 13 Tap Club 1.3. PAUL LINC-LE College Preparatory 200 Fisher Road. Jenkintown Manor "Buddy"3 That fellow with reddish-blond hair3 An enthusiastic weight-lifter3 Football 2.33 Works at the A 81 P after school. CONRAD JOHN LOTZ Business Education 921 Tyson Avenue. Roslyn h,I3l'li,,1 Can be either serious or bubblinv over with 'okes3 Cross Country . . . - L J . 2.33 Ticket taker 23 Active in Bible Clllltg Future S-ervlceman. JACK W. P. LOVE. JR. College Preparatory 1900 Old York Road. Willow Grove Well-known school leader3 Student Council PT6S1l1t'IlI: Football 1.2.33 Basket- ball 1.2.33 Baseball 1.2.33 llonor Roll 1.2.33 Cala Night 1.2.33 Yearboolfg Fu- ture M.l-J. Yb- IJOROTHY JANE LOWE Business Education 417 Edgeliill Road. Clenside "Dotty"3 A gal with gorgeous hairg Senior Play Committee 33 Cala Night 1.2.33 Secretary Nursing Club 3g Cashier at lunch 3. JANIES DONALD MACGRECOR Vocational 2051 Mt. Carmel Avenue, C-lenside "Saggy"g A carefree individual with a love for dancing and pegged pantsg rifle team 1,2,3g Football 1g Vocational Dance Committee 3. JANE WYLIE INIADILL Business Education 139 Central Avenue, North Hills "Janie"g Sprightly little blond with a lot on the ballg Intramural Ilockey 1,2g Drill Team 2, Swimming Team 2g Likes to swim, skate, and play the guitar. ELLEN LOU NIAIILE College Preparatory 1229 Jerieho Road, Abington An asset in all her undertakings: Capable violinistg A Cappella Choir and District Chorus 2,3g Gala Night 1.2,3g Yearlroolfg Flag Baton 3. A . CHARLES MARTIN General 1914 Moreland Road, Willow Grove "Chuck"g Can out-talk anyone, especially on the subject of girlsg Foot- DY ball 1,2g Swimming 1.2, Student Council lg Cala Night 1,2,3g Homeroom ,X -1, U Q activities 1,2,3. ' Q FREDERICK R. MARTIN College Preparatory 112 Bala Avenue, Oreland X "Reggie", Has a subtle wit and an eye for clothesg Sports-ear enthusiastg Can usually be found in his lVI.C.g A Cappella Choir 2,3. LOIS EVELYN MATTHEWS Business Education 351 llamel Avenue, North Hills "Lowie"g More bounce to the ounceg Flag Batonsg J4E and Yearbook typist 2.3, Intramural basketballg Community Night 23 Girls' Sports Club 13 Hep on popular music. 1" 4' .t X- S I ,ZZ I .A 5 - X A ,, 'X , . X f 3 k'e 7 -Es ELAINE IVA NIAURER Business Erluealion 360 Keswick Avenue, Glenside Trim and vivaciousi little brunette with talent to make friends: Intramural hockey lg Sports Club lg President of the Nursing Club 3. WILLIAM ANDREW MAY Voeational 2274 Jenkintown Road, Clenside "Bill", Quiet, fun-loving, and sincere fellowg Auto Club I1 Dunee Club 33 Likes to tinker with cars. ROBERT MICHAEL MCCARRON College Preparatory 1978 Maplewood Avenue, Willow Grove "Mac"g Carefree and likable: Soecer 1.2.33 Baseball 1.31 Chemistry Club 3, Enjoys drawing and working with his '41 Ford. JOAN BARBARA AICCLELAND Business Education 2419 Kenderton Avenue, Roslyn "Begonia"g A sweet girl who gets along well with everyone: Swimming manager 1,2,3: Intramural hockey 1.2.35 Intramural basketball 3g Affilia- tion Club 3. FRANCES PATRICIA MCDONALD lfusiness Erluration 1958 Coolidge Avenue, Willow Grove "Franny',g A welcome addition from Ilatboro Highg Likes to tell and write funny stories: Knitting Club 33 Works after school al Ilorn 8 IIardart's. HARVEY RAY MCGEE Vo:-afional 412 Monroe Avenue, North Hills "Rebel": Oh, that Southern drawll Hard worker in the Nlaehine shopg Swimming Club lg Homeroom President 1, Dance Club 3. ELEANOR HUBERTA MESSINGER Business Erlucation 628 Hamel Avenue, Ardsley "Ellie", Known for enlivening classes with her jokes, Fun-loving, Sports Club 1, Vice-president of Nursing Club 3, Senior Play Costume Committee 3. ROBERT THOMAS MEYHOEFER General 1148 Colonial Avenue, Roslyn "Bob", Quiet and hard working, Cross Country 1,2, Chess Club 3, Bible Club 1,2,3, Plans may include Ministry. ANNE MILLER College Preparatory 2002 Woodland Road, Abington Cute, talented tap dancer, Tap Club teacher 3, Majorette 1, Homeroom Secre- tary 1, Student Council 2,3, Gala Night 1,2,3, Cheerleading 3, Hockey Man- ager 2. GEORGE EDWARD MILLER College Preparatory 2018 Corinthian Avenue, Willow Grove "Ed", Tall and lanky, A swell guy, Sincere and dependable, Soccer 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2,3, A Cappella Choir 2, Honor Roll 2. . fr Yi IA '91 is Q JEANNETTE ARLENE MILLER Cvllege Pffpflflllvfy 1 'r'1 - 2147 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside "Jeanie", Pert n' peppy, Student Council 2,3, Gala Night 1,2, Senior Play, Flag Baton Head Leader 3, Affiliation Committee 1,2,3. ' 1573 York Road, Willow Grove "Jacque", Sparkling eyes, French Club 1,2,3, French Club Dance Commit- tee Chairman 2, Art Club 1,3, Gala Night Committee 3, Twelfth Night 3, Interested in nursing. i MARLENE JACQUELINE MILLER College Preparatory Q. t , f .1 nyc? . C 'S C, me .f Q2 , :fig 1 L 'liiiIf'2i1,,',. ' H ' ' "M'l'iI2.i2i1:-tin nl iiwfifivtw' I DOROTHY HELEN MONTGOMERY Business Education 1531 Ferndale Avenue, Willow Grove "Dolly", Sweet and demure, Girls' Chorus 1, Homeroom Secretary 2, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Senior Play Committee 3, Affiliation Committee 3, Yearbook. VIRGINIA LOUISE MOOSBRUGGER General 201 Belmont Avenue, Oreland "Ginny Moose", Lots of fun, Meticulous in grooming, Cheerleading 3, Gala Night 1.2, Girls' Chorus 1,2,3, Senior Play Committee 3, Pep Com- I mittee 1,2, F.T.A. 3. JOSEPH BURT MORAN Vocational 319 Tennis Avenue, North Hills "Joe", Ready grin, Interested in cars and travel, Dance Club 3, Gas station attendant, Part-time restaurant job, Football fan. JEAN IDA MORRIS Gener l a 1859 Guernsey Avenue, Abington Thoughtful brown eyes, Varsity swimming team 1,2,, Girls' Chorus 1, Intramural hockey 2,3, Senior Play committee 3, Dramatic Club 1,2,3. JOAN MARIE MORTON General 312 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside "Boney", Sophisticated blonde, Homeroom Secretary 1, Gala Night 1,2, Girls' Chorus 1,2,3, Interested in sports, especially swimming. GERTRUDE RUTH IVIUELLER Business Education 620 Crescent Avenue, Glenside "Gert", One of those wonderful dependable people, Intramural basketball 1, Knitting and Sewing Club 1,3, Outside interests include basketball, typing, and sewing, Future secretary. WILLIAM GEORGE MULLEY College Preparatory 1856 Woodland Road, Roslyn K "Bill"3 Life of the partyg J.V. Soccer 1,23 Varsity Soccer 3g Intramural Soft- ball 23 Student Council 1,23 Nominating Committee 23 Pep Committee 3. ROBERT ALLEN MYERS Business Education 1082 Edgehill Road, Roslyn Blond six-footerg Interested in hunting, cartooning, dancingg Wrestling 23 Print Club 2i Hunting and Fishing Club 3. 218 Weldy Avenue, Oreland ., I BARBARA ANN NITTERAURER College Preparatory ma Lp V "Barb"3 Jollyg Able clarinetist in Band 1,2,33 Orchestra 2,33 Intramural Hock- 1 ey 1,2,33 Service Deskg Band Concerts l,2,3. GRACE SCOTCHER NORMAN College Preparatory 2319 Geneva Avenue, Glenside "Gracie"3 Vivacious miss3 A Cappella Choir3 Girls' Trio 2,3Q llomeroom Treasurer 23 ,I4E typist 33 Drill Team 3g Senior Playg Glee Club 1,23 F.T.A. 2,3. CHARLOTTE A. NUGENT Cvllege PVCPUVUWVQ' 1867 Edge Hill Road, Huntingdon Valley Known for her Bostonian accent: Glee Club 2,33 Junior Prom Committeeg Spirit Committeeg Assembly Committee. SALLY OAKFORD College Preparatory 1070 Church Street, Abington Pleasant, talkative, and good-naturedg Abinglonian 2,33 Capable flutist in Band and Orchestra 1,2,33 Gala Night l,2,33 Music Festival 1,2,33 Plans nursing career. ' '91 9 rf M' .Mi .1431 Q c 1 ,..,, . C V ,tg ,M D S uf.. . at ?'ie:5'fi.?ftrf'1 1 ' 'WIS-vf.2mse JOHN PAUL OBERHOLTZER College Preparatory 108 Apel Avenue, Oreland "Obie", "lt's fairly neat"3 Noted for his wise eraeksg Junior Class VPCDQ Nominating Committee Chairman 2g llomeroom officer 1,2,33 Soccer 23 Base- ball 1. JUDITH El.l,l-iN OLEK General mis 1453 Pepper Road, Rytlal Friendly miss from Torrestlaleg Loves knitting sewing and footballg ,lun- ior C0llt'gt'Q Later. perhaps, dress designing. LINDA LOUISE ONE.-Nl. College Preparatory 743 North llills Avenue, Glensitle "Lynn"3 Attractive and rlepenrlableg A Cappella Choir 2,3Q Homeroom Officer 1,23 Gala Night 1.2.33 Drill Team 33 "Miss Stearns" in Senior Play. THOMAS ALLEN ORR. JR. College Preparatory 2083 Oakdale Avenue, Glensitle "Tom"3 Fun-loving retl-ln-adg JN. Cross Country 1,23 Avid baseball, bas- ketball f8H3 lntramural baseball team 23 College accounting course ahead. THOMAS G. PARRIS College Preparatory 708 Elizabeth Roadg Jenkintown NTOII1,-Q jivey .litterbugg Football 33 Track 2.3L Gymnastic Club 33 Intra- mural Softball 2.3g Rifle 33 Hopes to attend Penn State. ARTHUR WILLIAM PATTISON Business Education 1912 Fairview Avenue. Willow Grove MATTE: "Eat. drink, and be merryug Football 13 W'restling 1,2,33 Runner up in District Wrestling 23 Intramural Softball 23 Future member of Marine Corps. - .Q "Bill", "Get with it, kid", Musically-minded, Band 1,2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3, S.E. District Band 2,3, Dance Band 1,2,3, Gala Night l,2,3, Senior Play. RAYMOND T. PEARSON College Preparatory 1528 Upland Avenue, Jenkintown "Ray", Agreeable, hard-working, versatile, Soccer 1,2,3, Basketball 1, Wres- tling 2,3, Baseball 1, Track 2.3, Student Council 3. FRANK ANTHONY PENSION Business Education 1842 Woodland Road, Abington J.V. Soccer, Basketball 1, Nominating committee 2, Active in intramural sports 1.2.3, Business school next. JANET PFANDER Business Education 935 Fox Chase Road, Philadelphia Ill! Oh, that peaches and cream complexion! This jolly Abingtonian gets fun out of life, Crazy about horses. WILLIAM RICHARD PICKWELL General 2013 Butler Avenue, Willow Grove "Bill", Ready wit, Intramural football and baseball 2,3, Art activities l,2,3, Guiding light of Senior Play Props Committee, Wonderful cartoon- ist. WILLIAM PLUTTE, JR. College Preparatory 122 Perry Street, Elkins Park. 1171 "Bill", Strong, muscular weight-lifter, Football, Interested in church work and driving. TRINA JANET POLEN College Preparatory 1201 Wrack Road, Meadowbrook Busy little bee buzzin, with sincerity, Yearbook, World Affairs Council, Homeroom secretary 3, French Club Dance Committee 2, Assembly pro- gram 3, Oracle 3, Senior Play Committee. EDWARD HARRY RABIGER College Preparatory 931 Wesley Avenue, Huntingdon Valley "Eddie", Mechanically-minded, Model Airplane Club I, Boys, Home Ec. Club 3, Interests include cars, racing boats, and model airplanes. ROBERT WARREN REITENBAUGH Vocational 667 Harrison Avenue, Ardsley "Lefty", Hard-working machine shop man, Bridge Club 1, Dance Club 3, Spends spare time building cars, Builds and races his own spe-edboats. JOHN JAY RHOADS College Preparatory Stockton Road, Meadowbrook "The Rock", Calm and collected, Football 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3, Tennis 1,2,3, Twelfth Night, Future businessman after college. ROCHELLE HARRIET RICH Business Education 2639 Woodland Road, Roslyn "Shell", Short and sweet, Girls' Chorus I,2, Gala Night Committee l,2,3, Homeroom Treasurer 3, Affiliation 3, Senior Play Usherette, .I4E and Yearbook typist. WILLIAM RISKO, JR. General Twining Road, Roslyn WILLIAM STANLEY ROCKETT College Preparatory 318 Elm Avenue, North Hills Versatile Abingtonian, Head ticket-taker 2,3, Swimming l,2,3, Student Council 1,2, Senior Play, Cala Night l,3, J4E 1. RICHARD LAURENCE ROGERS General 363 Fisher Road, Jenkintown Manor "Buck", Fishing and hunting enthusiast, Agriculture Club, Chess and Check- ers Club 3, Future plans include Army or Marine Corps. ALBERT ERNEST ROTHER, JR. College Preparatory 1111 Boone Avenue, Roslyn NAI", Outdoor type, Agriculture Club I,3, Honor Roll 3, Spends his spare time fishing, Plans to spend next four years at Penn State. CAROLE LEE RYAN General 2064 Maplewood Avenue, Abington 4'Carole", Peppy, popular, pleasing personality, Cheerleading 2,3, Gala Night 1,2,3, Glee Club 2,3, Student Council I, Junior Prom Committee. NANCY ANN SARGENT Business Education 332 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside A willing worker and sincere friend, J4E 2,3, Drill Team 3, Girls' Chorus I,2, Homeroom Secretary I, Gala Night 3, Senior Play Committee. ROBERT SAYLOR Vocational 333 Evergreen Street, Jenkintown "Bob',, A quiet sort of guy, Crazy about hydroplanes, Races them at the shore, A skilled boat-builder. CARMELA M, SCALI General Woodland Road, Willow Grove "Cappie", Possesses a sweet clear voice, a beautiful smile, and black wavy hair, Ardent bowler, Gala Night I. 49 c tif 4" C A VIIXQQ I V X " 31. "4",,wA .fl ix m,,V..'IfsS,z-N ROBERTA SCARBOROUGH Business Education 1360 High Avenue, Roslyn "Bert", Quiet, Enthusiastic baseball fan, Softball I,2, Intramural basketball team I, Girls' Sports Club I, Dramatic Club 3. WILLIAM JOHN SCARLETT College Preparatory 1600 Huntington Road, Abington "Bill", Swell guy with personality plus, Tennis I,2,3, Undefeated 1, Basketball 2,3, Spirit Committee 3, Intramural sports leader 2.3, French Club Dance Committee 2,3, State 'Tennis Champion. GEORGE CARL SCHICK, JR. Vocational 2407 Patane Avenue, Roslyn "Razor", Easy-going, Auto enthusiast, Soccer I,2, Abingtonian 3, Spends his spare time working, Outside interests include auto racing and flying. DAVID EDWIN SCHMIDT General 1818 Harding Avenue, Willow Grove "Dave-3, Engaging smile, Good-natured and earnest, Stalwart member of baseball team 2,3, Talented artist, Sincere interest in school activities, Future commercial artist. BARBARA JOAN SCHMITT College Preparatory 1341 Jericho Road, Abington "l3arby", Poised and pretty, Gala Night l,2,3, S'Mrs. Deazyn in Senior Play, Swimming I, Homeroom President 3, Dramatic Club I,3, Affiliation 3. ELEANOR SCHMITZ College Preparatory 203 Sylvania Avenue, Glenside 'AEle", Amazing combination of personality and ability, Affiliation Com- mittee 1,2, President 3, Girls' drill team 2,3, Gala Night 2,3, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Junior Prom Committee. MARGARET BARBARA SCHUBERT Business Education 2124 Parkdale Avenue, Glenside "Marge", Slim and pretty, Basketball 1,2, Hockey 1, A Cappella Choir 2, Clee Club 1: Future plans: secretary for a law firm. DOROTHY MATHILDA SCHULZ College Preparatory 1616 High Avenue, Willow Grove Sincere, hard working, and lots of fun, Affiliation Committee 1,2,3, Year- book, Senior Play, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Cala Night Committee 2,3, Oracle 3. JAMES HENRY SCHULZ College Preparatory 747 Los Angeles Avenue, Hollywood "Jim", Sincere and valued friend, Dance Band 1,2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3, Honor Roll 1.2.3, Forums and debates 2,33 Abington's representative at World Affairs Council 2.3. JOHN ARTHUR SCHUYLER Vocational 356 Keswick Avenue, Glenside "Skeets", Affable Electric Shop boy, Lots of fun, Helps in organiza- tion of dances, Enjoys skating and working with cars, Band 1.3, Gala Night 1,2,3. l ,IOANN SCOTT Business Education 1556 Rockwell Road, Wlillow Grove "lo", Efficient miss with secretarial ambitions, Homeroom Discussion Com- mittee 2, Cirls' Chorus 1, Affiliation Club 3, Homeroom Secretary 2, Honor Roll, Yearbook 3. CONSTANCE JOAN SETZER Business Education 1929 Osbourne Avenue, Abington "Connie", Newcomer from Hatboro, Various hobbies including dancing, music. and skating, Band member 1,2, Orchestra 1,2. fu' 'lo 3 INK -am Emote 59:1-.. ri., E if ,u qi, , f5f,st.ItfgQLt o'f"'w-, Q V5. 1 Wt, ' ' ""f.1. , it .. , my ' ty ' , VC. v 'EKU 1 A ,YK . ROBERTA ANN SHEAFFER Business Education 2784 Limekiln Pike, North Hills "Bobbie-', Exceptional roller skater, Likes hillbilly music and swimming, Will travel after high school. DONALD WARREN SHELMIRE Business Education 927 Township Lane, McKinley "Shell"' Fan of all sports particularl interested in hunting' Soccer 3' Honor Roll, Boys' Chorus, Intramural Baseball 2, Hunting and Fishing Club 3. JOSEPH FRANCIS SIEGL Business Education Welsh Road, Willow Grove "Joe", Friendly disposition, Enjoys hunting, Community Night 1, Soccer 1, Soccer Manager 2, Swimming 1, Spirit Committee 2,3. PETER SlMON College Preparatory 1444 Old Welsh Road, Huntingdon Valley "Pete", Rollicking sense of humor, World Affairs Council 1,2,3, Band 1,2,3g Abingtonian 2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3, Gala Night 1, Property Com- mittee. Senior Play. SAMUEL PAUL SIMONETTI College Preparatory 1926 Old York Road, Willow C-rove "Sam", Fun-loving and friendly, Soccer 2,3, Rand and Orchestra 1,2,3, A Cap- pella Choir 2,3, Cala Night 1,2,3, Student Council 3, Dance Band 3. ROBERT LOUIS SINCLEY College Preparatory 2142 Berrel Avenue, Willow Grove "Bob", Popular crooner with a contagious smile, Band and Orchestra 1,2.3, Boys' Chorus 1,2, Gala Night 1.2,3, A Cappella Choir 2.3, Radio appearance 2. f ARLENE MAE SLOAN Business Education 74-0 Elizabeth Road, Jenkintown Winsome mannerg Yearbook Typist 3g Senior Play Student Coach 33 Girls' Chorus 2g Abingtonian homeroom representative 33 Clee Club 3g Skating IBD: Future secretary. JUDITH ANN SLOTERBECK College Preparatory 2026 Susquehanna Road, Abington "Judy"3 Attractive, petite blondeg Hockey 1,2,33 Basketball 1,23 Senior Playg Gala Night 1,2,33 Co-chairman of Junior Prom Decorations. DOUGLAS ATKINSON SMITH College Preparatory 1320 Huntingdon Road, Abington 6sD0Ug,,Q Practical and easy goingg Always "looked upi' to3 Student Council 33 Gala Night 2,33 "Dean Matthews" in Senior Play3 Intramural Basketball lg Photography Club l. JANET ARLENE SMITH College Preparatory 2444 Rosemore Avenue, Glenside Sympatheticg Reliableg Yearbook editorg Swimming 1,23 Cala Night 2,33 A Cappella Choir and Girls' Trio 2,33 Senior Play3 Summer exchange stu- dent to Berlin. MARGARET ELNA SNELL Business Education 160 Tyson Avenue, Clenside "Margie,'3 Quiet, sweet and sincereg Gala Night 2g Jfl-EQ Drill Team 33 Will make someone a good secretary. JANET ELIZABETH SNYDER Business Education 707 North Easton Road, Glenside "Jan", Likable lassg Full of fung Hockey team l,2,33 Affiliation Com- mittee 33 Gala Night 2,33 Drill team 2. A "6 F' gas -'52 .f.i3':.h"i" ' 'A ' 1 'LfI.1I'f qv wig:- ' 3514" 1" i fig " ' iii Y 3.1 , M P N 1' ,Q F, 5 .5 A.v, 3 it :g:'3!tAJ:M S' K I ' THEODORE RICHARD SNYDER College Preparatory 322 Edgehill Road, North Hills "Dick"g Always has an original remarkg A Cappella Choir 2,33 Student Coun- cil 1,23 J4E 3g Senior Playg Cross Country l,2,33 Senior Boys' Quartet 2,3. PEARL CECELIA SPENCER College Preparatory Fitzwatertown Road, Roslyn "F'reckles"3 Fun to be withg Loves to laughg Whiz of a Drum Majorette 33 Theme song, "Just My Bill"3 Future West Chester graduate. DAVID R. SPERBER Vocational 24-66 Ardsley Avenue, Clenside "Dave"3 Capable electrical workerg Cala Night Sound Crewg District Chorus, Lighting 2g Naval Reserve Memberg Proud owner of a Model A Ford. BARBARA JOAN SPINDELL College Preparatory 730 N. Easton Road, Clenside , Capable and friendly with a variety of interestsg Band and Orchestra l,2,33 Cala Night l,23 Yearbook, Oracle 33 World Affairs Council 3. HOWARD BROOSE SPOFFORD, JR. College Preparatory 766 Tennis Avenue, Ardsley "Hob"3 Cross Country lg Wrestling I3 Swimming Club 13 Chess and Check- ers Club 3g Interested in sports and part-time work. LOUIS WILLIAM STAHL Vocational 200 Elm Avenue, North I-lills "Lou"3 Congenial and full of lifeg Football li Service Club 3g Auto- mobile Club 13 Enjoys whizzing about in his Ford convertible. RICHARD STEINLE Vocational 428 Linden Avenue, Glenside Pleasant. hard-working vocational student: Gala Night l,2,3: Electric Club 1: Dance Club 3: Spends spare time riding his motorbike and working in machine shop. DAVID GREGORY STEKOL College Preparatory 2521 Geneva Avenue, Glenside "Dave"g Works with a purpose: Cross Country 1,2g Abingtanian: Year- book: Gala Night 1,2,3: "Dean Matthews" in Senior Play: Oracle: Likes to paint and draw. HARRY CHASE STONE College Preparatory 624 Rodman Avenue, Noble His blocking has stopped many an on-rushing tackler during football: Foot- ball I,2,3: Senior Class Project Committee 3: Wrestling 1,3: Track 2. MARGARET BARBARA STRAIGHT Business Education 464 Tyson Avenue, Glenside "Margie-"3 Always calm and composed: Neat as a pin: Modeling Club: Intramural hockey and basketball: Known for her trim figure: Future Secretary. PATRICIA ANN STRASSACKER Business Education 1044 Maple Avenue, Ardsley "Pat": Cute smile and cheerful personality: Girls' Chorus 1: Service Club 3: Constantly makes the Honor Roll, Oh, how that left hand sparkles! ALBERT C. STRAUB, JR. College Preparatory 995 Meetinghouse Road, Rydal Al": Loads of fun: Hailed from Lincoln High in junior year: Favorite pastime4girls: Ganttman 2,3: Swimming 2,3: Gala Night 3. Qu. .Mm A J, lv 1 1 -:nys-,-qt,A,,gQg':5g,,:t' .gk-m'.?,1.,al,f1,f , JAMES DONALD STRICKLAND, JR. College Preparatory 926 Cherokee Avenue, Huntingdon Valley "Strick": Friendly sports enthusiast: Ganttman 1,2,3: Intramural Baseball 1,2,3g Gala Night 3: Homeroom Treasurer 3. WILLIAM JAMES STROUP Vogational Highland Avenue, Fort Washington "Bill"g Witty redhead: Divides his spare time between radios and bees: Electric Appliance Repair Club 1: Dancing Club 3. .IANE STUHLTRAGER Business Education 2457 Brookdale Avenue, Roslyn Amiable manner: Glee Club 1: Yearbook typist 3: Active in Young People's: Loves swimming and boating. MAXINE HELEN SWIFT College Preparatory 2512 Rubicam Avenue, Willow Grove "Max": A wonderful girl with a winning personality: Abingtonian 2,3: World Affairs Council 3: Student Council 3: F.T.A. President 3. ADAM TAIT G,,,,,,,,1 1021 Tyson Avenue, Roslyn "Scotch", A conscientious worker for Abingtonian 2,3g J4E 2: Election Com- mittee 2: Athletic Trainer 1: Columbia Press Convention 2,3. ELIZABETH ANN TAYLOR e.,,,,,,,1 Dresher "Liz": Friendly and sincere to all: Girls' Chorus 1,2,3: Has a special interest in dancing, skating, and knitting. FRANK TERRENZIO Vocational 449 Elk Street, Glenside "Terry',, "Alias Duck", Popular with his classmates, Always seen with his other half, Football 2,3, Spends his spare time boxing, Oh, that smile! HENRY TERRENZIO Vocational 449 Elk Street, Clensicle "Terry", "Alias Quack", Completes the duo, Shy, but well-liked by all, Football 2,3, Also boxes in spare time, What sparkling eyes! MARY VIRGINIA THERESA THOMAS General 373 Cadwalader Avenue, Elkins Park' "Mary", One of those pleasant gals from Notre Dame, Knitting and Sewing Club 3, Enthusiastic roller skater. ROBERT GEORGE TIPPING College Preparatory 2018 Roy Avenue, Willow Grove "Tip", Easy-going future Chemical Engineer, Intramural Basketball 2,3, my Chess Club 1, Mathematieally minded, A Numismatistgcoin collector to common people. FREDA TOMLIN Business Education 1632 Crestview Avenue, Willow Grove nGinger", Always giggling and dancing, Came from West Philly High School, Hobbies-roller skating, playing basketball, and riding horses. RICHARD BOARDMAN TOOTHILL College Preparatory 1527 Edge Hill Road, Abington "Toot", Scientific-minded amateur zoologist, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Math Team 2, Manager of Cross Country Team 2,3, Senior Play Committee, Fond of fishing. .f Q '11-E1 'IEE-1' DORIS ELIZABETH TRAVILLA Business Education 2527 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside Always leaves 'em laughing, Peppy Drum Majorette 3, J.V. Hockey 1,23 Call Night 2,3, Honor Roll, Intramural Basketball 1,2,3, Homeroom Veep 2. ELLEN ,IANE TUCKER Business Education "Cu and Lincoln Avenus, Ardsley K'Sis", Known for her pleasant disposition, Girls' Chorus I,2, Clee Club 3, Gala Night 3, Interested in bowling, Future Secretary. JANET LOU TUCKER College Preparatory Old Welsh Road and North Hills Avenue, Willow Grove Little, likable, and lively, Designs and makes clothes, Cheerleader 2,3, Spirit Committee 3, Cute Treasurer of Sub Deb Club. I NANCY ANN TUCKER College Preparatory "C" and Lincoln Avenues, Ardsley ' "Nance", A good friend to all, Kind and sympathetic, Homeroom Secre- tary 1,2,3, Band 2,3, Student Council 1,2g Future nurse. MARY JANE IINGER Business Education 2022 Corinthian Avenue. Overlook Hills "Jane", Friendly, sociable type, Always willing to have a good time, Gala Night 1,2,3, Senior and Junior Prom committees, Senior Play, Class of '53, Intramural basketball I. ROBERT RODERICK UTTAL College Preparatory 625 Township Line, Abington "Bob", Shutter-bug, Friendly twinkle in his eyes, Photography Club 1, Vice-President 3, Yearbook: Abingtonian 3: J4E 2, Editor 3, Future 3 Mechanical Engineer. 'ERIE' f JOHN LUDWIG UTZ, JR. College Preparatory 1525 Upland Avenue, Noble Tall, blonde comediang What a crew cut! Football 1,2,3g Cala Night 2,35 .l4E 2, Editor 3, Chairman Township Radio Shows 3. SHIRLEY ANN VANDECRI1-'T College Preparatory 211 Edge Hill Road, Clenside "Gene',g Friendlyg Cute drummerg Band 1,2,3g Orchestra 1,2,3g Dance Band 1,2,3g Latin Club Dance Committee 33 Trim future Physical Thera- pist. WANDA LOUISE VAN WAGENEN College Preparatory 2352 Fairhill Avenue, Clenside "Van',g Noted for bright eyesg Oh-when she laughs! Hockey 1,2,3g Swimming 1,2,3g Tennis 1,2,3g Cala Night 1,2,3g Orchestra 1,2,3g Fond of horseback riding. RONALD HELLER VAUCHN College Preparatory 515 Hamel Avenue, North Hills "Ronnie"g Determination and far-sightedness insure successg Wrestling 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,3g Student Council 1,2g Senior Class Veep. JOHN VELICI Business Education 762 Harrison Avenue, Ardsley Friendly new student from Overbrook' High Schoolg Cuts a mean rug at dances. Favorite sports-tennis, swimming, and ice skating. CONSTANCE JEAN ANN VILLO Business Education 557 Hillcrest Avenue, Glenside "Connie"g Vivacious brunette newcomer from Notre Dameg Spirit Com- mittee 3g Sewing Club 3g Swimming Team 3, Senior Play Committee 3g Fu- ture Secretary. 7 Q5 1. fi c L., C A .gf 1 i rf , ' .Q SHIRLEY EDNA VIRNELSON General 201 Weldy Avenue, Oreland "Shirl"g Vivacious cheerleader 3g Baton Twirler 2, Gala Night 1,2,3g School Spirit Committeeg Dramatic Club l,3. RICHARD HENRY VOLTZ College Preparatory 108 Lynnewood Avenue, Glenside "Dick"g Sparks the Harriers, Cross Country and Track Star 1,2,3g Pep Committee, Student Council 3g Vice-President of Chemistry Club 33 European Travelerg Future doctor. .IUDITH MAE WALKER General 1828 Allen Lane, Willow Grove "Judy"3 Pleasant companion, Cheerleader 1,34 Gala Night 1,2,3g Spirit Com- mittee 2,3g Glee Club 2, Tap Club 3g Hard worker for Sub Deb Club. JUNE ESTHER WALKER College Preparatory 1158 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington Peppiest girl aroundg Chairman of Spirit Committee 3g Cheerleader 1,2,3g Four-year Aqua Maid: A Cappella 2g Gala Night 1,2,3g Member of Sub Deb Club. MERWYN WILLIAM WALTHER College Preparatory 1592 Edge Hill Road, Willow Grove was Always ready with a trick or twog Wildlife Club Member 33 After-school hours spent working at Morris's Greenhouse. BARBARA JOAN WARREN Business Education Madison Avenue, Fort Washington Sophisticated brunetteg Student Council 1,2,3g Cala Night l,2,3g Home- room officer 1,2g Open House Chairman 3g Likes to knit. SAMUEL GEORGE WATTERSON College Preparatory 1144 Colonial Avenue, Roslyn "Sam"g Big tease, Member of Boys' Quartet 2,3g A Cappella Choir 2,3g Gala Night 2,3g Wrestling 2,33 Baseball 1,33 Active in Bible Club, Future Minister. SUSAN WEIDLER College Preparatory 2053 Kenmore Avenue, Glenside "Sue"g Tiny, pert head cheerleader 3g Abingtonian 1,2,3, Editor 39 Gala Night 1,2,3g Spirit Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Terrific Tap Dancer. MARY ELIZABETH WEIKEL General l 936 Cypress Avenue, Elkins Park "Betty", Pretty blue eyesg Spirit Committee 3g Knitting and Sewing Clubs 1,33 Knits beautiful argyle socksg Future Bookkeeper. BEVERLY NAN WETHERHOLD College Preparatory 1310 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington "Bev", One of our Future Teachers of Americag Likes to swim and read, Glee Clubg Spirit Committee, Former student of Grover Cleveland High. PATRICIA ANN WHITLEY General 1555 Ferndale Avenue, Willow Grove "Pat", "Interests" are in Avalon, N.,I.g Four-year swimmerg Set a 100-yard freestyle recordg Softball l,2,3g Library 1,2. MARIE EDITH WIDDIS Business Eduration 87 Oreland Place, Oreland Enjoys a good laughg Softball 1,2,3g Intramural hockey lg Sports Club 1,2,3g Intramural basketball 1,3. Q 14:59 , ff? ., .. I :" Fl11'l'm. . ffffftfii files- "aff'1ftm3g,s, ' l flfli' ,Gi n ' ., f Ew a 'gag-,.f5 ' .. -- 7. " 4' l " N Q z,vf3f'4'f'o 3 1 1 ' , 1 -J U J' . BARBARA ANN WILEY College Preparatory 416 Summit Avenue, Fort Washington "Barb"g Friendly and cooperative, Will make a sympathtie nurse, Girls' Chorus 2g Knitting Club 1, Nurses Club 3, Interested in Church work. JOHN WILSON General Susquehanna Road, Roslyn Oh, that grin! Interests include girls, dancing and carsg Spends after-school hours working, Football 1,2,3. 45,5 M ROBERT PARR WILSON College Preparatory 1120 Delene Road, Rydal "A Crazy Kid"g Swimming 12.3, Tennis 1,2,3g Soccer 33 Gala Night 3: Interested in gas models, tropical fish, and sports: Future plans include N.R.O.- T.C. f4::eW" EVA GWENDOLYN WITTE Business Education 1185 Easton Road, Roslyn Kitty's "partner in crime": Exemplifies her last name: "Sbirlev Matilda" in Senior Play: Glee Clubg Intramural Hockey and Basketball 1,2.3g Yearbook 33 Spirit Committeeg Gala Night 3. HARRY Cl-IISHOLM WOLF College Preparatory 2757 Hazel Avenue, North Hills "Woffie": Isn't a big wolf. only a little one: Friendly and helpful to allg Interested in electronicsg Plans after graduation include college. RUTH LUCILLE WUNDERLICH College Preparatory 1261 East Avenue, Roslyn ' "Ruthie"g A sweet girl with a beautiful voice, Girls' Chorus lg A Cap- pella Choir 2,3gHonor Roll 1.2.3, Drama Club 13 Homeroom Secretary. DONALD ROSS YODER Business Education Limekiln Pike, Jarrettown "Don"g Has a way with the womeng Outside interests include cars, swimming, and dancingg If the Navy doesn't claim him first, he will be a bookkeeper. MARION RUTH YOUNG Business Education 249 Cricket Avenue, North Hills Pert and trimg Hill-hilly-music fang Flag baton 2,33 Abingtonian 1,25 Typist 35 Swimming Team 25 C.S.P.A. Convention 1,2,3g MJD" in Senior Play. STEPHEN GORDON YUSEM College Preparatory Cloverly Lane, Rydal - "Steve"g Tall, dark and handsome, Tennis 1,2,3g Rifle 2,3g "lVlr. Parkside" in Senior Playg Honor Roll, Practical Chemistry Club President, Has a quick and engaging smile. ANTHONY STEPHEN ZIGA Vocational 1005 Maple Avenue, Ardsley "Ziggy", Takes the world in his strideg A football and baseball fang Likes to work with cars, Member of Practical Chemistry Club 3, JOAN BARBARA ZIMMERMANN College Preparatory 456 Easton Road, Glenside "Zim", Bubbles over with mischievous fung Has a flair for acting: Hockey 1, 2.33 Basketball 2,3g "Jenny" in Senior Play, F.T.A. Treasurer 3. The following graduates were not available for pictures because they are members of the Armed Forces. Earl Howard Geiger Charles Robert Zanine 3640 Field Maintenance Squadron 3004 Mt. Carmel Avenue Bgx 271 Glenside, Pennsylvania Loredo Air Force Base Texas Not photographed also was Joan Woerner who came to Abington from Curtis High School, Saint George, Staten Island. President J Easton Treasurer E. Fitzgerald, Secre- tary J Gordon VIC? Pregldem Rf Vauglnlas Senior Senior Class sponsors Mr. Swartz, Miss Clark, and Class officers directed many senior activities of the ' ' Mr. Messinger gave generously of their help through- year out the year. Q x S .,f -. g, ,i, X 'As R QR A . VA! V :fn .5156 ,- f x Sgfjijiii Q32 1 .,.k T55 'P x . -A J . . W, -.Wy , ., x 1. X , ,, .W .K S fm 1-. W x , . 15 TI I if w 2 4, Q Q .A ' .-L, 6 K i , f sf! ,H e g WS! u 4. 5 . A . .W ., . X W , 6- bf: - .4555-9 Q u......g,j X ' ' fi .. ... ' W Q Q f vi ,jx .,mui" Q 1 k X HQ 'W J. gpg, :SX .,x 39 X at 41 f Q 1135! THE CLASS OF 1055 Juniors at lastll The class of '55 had a wonderful year. distinguishing itself most notably in sports. Even before school opened, sports-minded Juniors were warming up on the football field 4 a maneuver that brought excellent results. The team went on to win the Suburban One Championship, with eight Junior boys receiving varsity letters. Football, however. was not the only sport about which the juniors could boast. Smith was the first team All-Suburban and second team All-Scholastic soc- cer goalie: T. Del"lavis and R. Mcftlpine were two out- standing point collectors for thc boys' swimming team, while li. Zimmerman was the Junior contribution to Jaunty Juniors Dave Young drives through Upi- dah in scoring attempt. the wrestling squad. Turning to basketball, we find the Class of 755 equally well represented by eight Jun- ior boys. three of them - W. Pickwell, J. Holmes, and H. West 3 playing varsity for the second year. We find the spirit of competition and excitement was not restricted to sports alone. In the election of class officers, posters, speeches, and heated debates characterized the campaigns of the various candidates. Wfhcn thc air cleared. W. Young had been elected Pres- ident: li. West. Vice Presidentg Wv, Thompson. treas- urer: and C. Scholly. secretary. The school year closes now for a busy junior class. See you in September! Juniors win blackboard contest - Glmsls dawn Panthers. Big Bill Bannak drives across for six. Score in Sports Cunicelli tangles Bristolitf- before pinning: him. Judith Adams -. janv Ambaclwr 1 K 1' K , - 5, Leonard Annanie ', N I ' ' ' Carl Archer N E, L L 1 X 'f"g Q ', Arlone Arleth X M -4 - - . C, C Cf Joan Ashton Q Cf: A 95" was? l.uuisv Ashton ,.. 9 Cs C Phyllis Angustinv 3 A 3 'QQ' Q 'Y R0lll'I'l Balivr QC . ' W' ' William Bannali j AC' f -Y Carol llarlwr Nlarvia Barlivr ,lohn liarllvy Donald llartraln Nant-y Hates Kvnnvth lleavvr Rivhurd llvvlwe Ann Bw-son Phillip llertsrh Cordon liiddlv Barhara Billing Suriv liitzvr Diana Bjorkman Roh:-rt lllack Carol Blizard Rohm-rt Bodony Patrivia Borigini lsahvl Boyd Judith Boydmi .lohn Hoyvr Erm-st Braun Rohvrt Brown Dorothy llrownlef' Nancy llurgvr Jeanne lhirhans Marilyn llusch Dorothy Campbell Angelina Cena-viva ,lamrs Cherry Alice Clark .loan Class Gail Clement C 5 if 'I " ,,,' 1. C -nf 3 CC I 1, Lk? - C 1: ' loa 5 ,C 5- f .? iif'.7 at , CC I, Ii 2 C Q, J fa up lv C S , ,J Q? ' my ,A I -,wa a t C 4C C QA, txt - X ff: ,CF x 5' ff ,IMY r Q, L 1 . . ' S C, Fr' lf ' 'Q C a A ' ilfllllggf ,oat ' l 4151! 5. wg? X df CS C ,fl C C C Q if 5 S ii, l ' f i a- VS- JK in-D ff' lv ,Cs 5? l s 3 A ,I E f " ' l A C Q is iiiii Cf , fx'i""'l ',f 4 I U- x 5'- fa 1 fri 12 1 n v ah il N, Joanne Globes Herbert Clore julia Coffman Molly Cooke Lena Costanzn Lois Crabtree Marilyn Cramer Barbara Craven Annamae Crawford Anthony Cunicelli .lean Davis William Davis Delores Davis Richard Davis Thomas DeFlavis William Deiss Ruth Detwiler Minerva DeWalt Betsy Dickerson Eileen Dittmar john Dodson John Dougherty Howard Drager Louise Duncan Arlo Eby Joan Enley ,lohn Erb Joan Feldman Barbara Fenstermacher Anne Frazer Richard Freas Naney Frieilrivli Andrea Fries Emily Friis Blanche Fuller ,lone Funk ,lanice Furey Carmela Galluccio Charlotte Gentry Edwin George Arlene Gilbert ,Ioan Girton President Walter Young. Secretary Cynthia Scholly, Treasurer William Thompson, and Vice President Roland West as officers of the Junior class help steer the way. William Gomberg George Gottschalk William Gowen Donald Gratz George Greenhalgh Bette Gretz Clyde Griffin Theresa Gruzinsky Edward Gutgesell Ernest Halberg .Ioan Hambrecht Francis Harkins Andrew Heine David Hellwig Mary Herrmann Dorothy Hess Edward Hilt Marie Holderer Gwen Hollenberg ,Iohn Holmes Mally Holmes Edward Hotham John House William Huber Ruth Huss Charles Huth Clarke Ivins Norma Jackson Glenn Johnson Larry Johnson Gail Jordan Marylou Kahn Stephen Karn Paula Kaufmann Sally Kay William Keen Gail Kelso lon Kentfield Thomas Killeen Michael Klaski Philip Klaski Rudy Klein Sponsors Mr. Woodruff, Mrs Powell, and Mr. Erb guide Juniors. D an R 1 f 5 Q if l t if if '-A Yi-Q Q- , 1 r r . N K? H LL if me R R ua . A V 4 ' t M t l , . 'Q' I ' ' K Q E' -f gt e r x f + 4 fl FT" A - l M f r ,, ,e ,. s Ying. fi e - 5 n, at VLLP ' 7 1' - , v ,bfi 1 R' . 'TVN' Q 'kf J 'zz' 2' R' -i Wrffi. 5lllii l ll. felt nag' gf "' , '- af A R E -,,L 5 or r y .s lfff' R A- ky in i X V if A . 'K Q. D K s , H h h Fi 79 J E if R st- RT' - ,I ' f ' .Q a t Qi: K - if X t ' 4 s - "a.. 5 -1 s , fx wk' It i fl ' Z K 1' 1'- i RV als -P L F i I l-gl o l , . 4 A tt SE- i if a ,v s .ff ff' ,, s:::5-1 , .5 ml Jane Cordon and Nancy Ab- bott decorate for Publications Dance. Elizabeth Knott Kay Krewson William Landberr Donald Lane Charles l.eBroCq Margaret Lenahan Helen Lewis Roy Lewis Arnold Lieber Edward l.inus Rivhard Lowrey joan Lyle Robe-rt Mac'Neel Paul Magra Jeanne Mahon Marion Maier John Maiseh Raymond Marino Joan Martindale Russell McAlpine Laura Me.-Xvoy Carole Mellreen Margaret Melllenahau Delyn Meflosh Charles McDermott Donald McKinney Robert McMahon Myrna Meacham Linda Meigs l.ee Meitzner Rose Messina Dolores Miller Clara Miller Richard Miller Carol Milne Sarah Moran Barbara Molson Robert Mullan LeRoy Mundy Daniel Murphy Jane Mussina Evelyn Nallin Junior and Senior girls arrange homemade cookies for Publica- tions Dance. .loan Norman Ronald 0'Brien Nancy Oeken William Owen Carol Owens Barbara Patchell Marguerite Parkes Gail Partridge Duncan Peek Robert Perlstein Gail Pfahler Walter Pickwell Grace Pitassi Janis Priester Ruth Quinn Deanna Radman Robert Redstreake Frank Reed Marjorie Ripley Margaret Risko Ross Ritter ,lean Ritsert Pat Roberto Betty J. Robinson William Robinson Barbara Rooke John Ross Harvey Rudko Evelyn Rush Rosemary Ryan Slnilli-5 Fallmlm-rs Sandra Saur Earl Saurman Marjorie Saylor Mary Schilling .loan Schmidt Jay Schneider Wayne F. Schofield Cynthia Scholly Eugene Schrope Ronald Seely Emerson Shaw , :F il ,Y t 7 it ' 5 J -if new 1 G. 'ff I' G- 'L r c- 3 mi 'Y 'f .T - , ' r t E E I I iii, A fir i aw' 0 'E ' 1 atv! 5 G . l ,ff Y 'E A. 5 . ,,,. Q if we j t Q! 17' 6 5 , , ef Q 3. 4 ,if l it ' 'ix Barbara Battersby Robert Brosso Richard Brunner Joseph Carroll Leon Case Ronald Cocron Nancy DiDomenico Robert Eldridge David Fay Members not photographed Carolyn Gerard Gerald Hansford Jane Kaufmann John McLatchy Joseph Mesaros Davis Myers Louis Rupp Bernice Saunders Gloria Schnitzer Richard Sift Anthony Simonetti Anna Smith Barbara Smith Herbert Smith Jane Smith Joy Smith Mildred Smith Sandra Smith Wayne Smith Carol Snellenberg Edward Snyder Joseph Soboleski Janet Spence Nancy Staudinger Roger Steel Julia Stein William Stinson Judy Stoltz Joseph Sturm Margaret Sylvester Leonard Taylor Elaine Thiel Naida Theiss Dorothy Thompson William Thompson Dorothy Towle Gail Trommen Ann Turcotte Priscilla Uhler Barbara Ulmer Loretta Vance Burton VanDyke Harvey Varrese Norma Vickers John Walker Pattie Wallace Barbara Walls Edith Warner Wesley Watlcinson Nancy Watson Barbara Wehmeyer Roland West Wendell Will Harry Wilkinson Claire Winward David Young Walter Young Carol Strohl Edith Worthen Albert Zelly Ronald Zimmerman These students are recent trans- fers from other schools: William Lutz, Sandra Pergam, Irene Schneider, and Joyce Zintner. The A Cappella Choir With Song and Worcl Makes Sacred ancl Beautiful the Intangibles ot the Christmas Season THE CLASS OF 1956 Sophomore Honor Roll at the close of the third period, first semester: First Row, left to right: Edwinna Porter. Barbara Andrews. Joann Creve-ling. Gail Smith, Betsy Bassett. Second Row: Sidney Homan, Allan Smith. Joan Monroe, Barbara Woodward, Nancy Straub, Susan Pierce. David Powers, Alfred Cox, Fred Thomas. Super Sophs Four hundred nine sophomores entered Abington this September, breaking all enrollment records in the school's history. The class, large but well-round- ed, contributed admirably and in many categories to the betterment of Abington. One of the foremost events of the year was the choice of Gail Smith as an exchange student to our affiliate school, the Lily Braun Schule, in Germany. Sportswise. the sophomore class was well repre- sented. Richard Barber and Alfred Dennis, footballg Tom Calloway, soccer, Richard Clark, cross countryg Richard Schmauk, wrestlingg and Arthur Blank, swim- ming: all earned varsity letters and were exceptional- ly outstanding in their respective sports. The sophomore girls. not to be outdone in this phase. boasted Brenda Beatty, rifle team sharpshooterg Elizabeth McMeekin and Nancy Krewson, a pair of basketball and hockey slarlets. Turning to publications, we find Maria Denver, Barbara Woodward, and Ellen Snodgrass working to meet Abingtonian, deadlines. The Junior Fourth Es- tate counted four sophomores among its members - Lou Lawver, Lee Lawver, Judy Hayter and Pat Amb- ler. Front the music department came an exceptionally talented and equally popular boys' quartet. This group consisting of Mike Lieber, Hall McKinney, Alfred Cox, and Tom Whitefield, added a welcome touch to Abingtonis assemblies and pep rallies. Band members, Fred Epting and Peter Scanlin, along with Richard Cagno and Steve Murray. orch- estra, rounded out the sophomore musical picture. On the basis of such a record, there seems to be little doubt that, before graduating in 1956. the sopho- more class will contribute much to the improvement and reputation of Abington Senior High School. . V ' Marcia Adams 1-, 3 2 Q if I Patricia Ambler W V c. ,W f , A 'W ' we Barbara Andrews .J 'rv - A ', 'F ' I Patricia Armstrong Q- ,' 'F ' L 'Y " , A .' KV ' Ronald Armstrong Z ' at W X M y,,,. eViA 1, Edward Arnold 'f V:'h'llstk." ' ' 2 Shirley Ashway 4, 1 r . ' A , - Diane Babb A K Q .Z Yvonne Badget . ' ,,. A . A Richard Barber yi t gg , y f Q L. 'i't W Patricia Barnes X 'fx' L yn, .X sa Elizabeth Bassett ' 1 - Joan Bauman ., ' r '3 In 3 i Eileen Baumann , ga. 1 . Fred Bauerle , 'Q' '- 'Z F ' - '4 Carol Bean J , 6 g , L' F 5 . Brenda Beatty ,,f- ' n L "2: it -'1t 'l Suzanne Beck - 4 L Score In Marks Gail Smith. Abin,f1ton's mes- senger of good will to Lily- Braun Schule. and Frank Devlin of affiliation examine pictures of Germany. ii'i N. 9 iam E-it Qt -ge fr-snmnnv .Q ,, N. Barbara Bell J, Janet Benninghoff ,, A Arthur Bergmann ' f- , "' , '25 " Nancy Bergmann 1 - l ri V fp i' i Richard Berweiler it ' Ni, N as Wallace Biddle r X VA , gy Qt. Morris Bieber N Arthur Blank H Q . Armin Blumberg Q. 1 ", C " "C Mildred Bluthardt ' Ai v C C A '03 f' 1 - ' 'nt . 1 Janet Bockrath m . 4 , . i Nicholas Bolmarcich f My -V ' my ,xv A ..... 1 AZ-.A V .XX I John Richard Booth 1 in f Beatrice Boston A Q ,, 1 T Raymond Bowley 7 i 1' I , ,V Marliese Braitinger is . ...Q C gpm i Barbara Brecht X ' 5 L 3 "-- , J I Leigh Breeze '- J f ' Juno Breithaupt - Joanne Brodbeck S K 3 i 7 ' James Brooks 'Q 1, ' Q if H t C- Joan Brower ' Bernard Brown V ' 'f if F Fred Brown r I Q il i 1 Hattie Brown l Peter Budd i A qw .J i Lynda Button I , . Y . ' P U - " " 'F 1 Barbara Buehrer f "' 5 F R 5' 3 L . ' l Francis Bush ' 'X "" Sally Cadmus JH' K t , . Richard Cagno Jane Campion 1 i p Q - Judith Carty 9 y- A 23. .' 'H 5 - 3 Earl Chamberlin 3 L, , , , V if - t Alan Cherry - 3- 'QV ' it fre Margaret Chubb A t ,Vx nf, ' v , ' ar t, In - I "fi - f, C-in .5 I 4 Ae A Dominic Cienkowski y Dorothy Clark ' F R' hard Clark Y Q - V X Ptiiricia Connell 'Q ' Cz . - M .9 Robert Cooper . ,. E4 5 T A V '-,' ' ' y.i.H'f Charles Corbett y he ' . it E ? d,, 'M?'AA e x Ji ' X l Nat M . , i at tl e r C if K .,2L .- -V' QA if 1 'A i V 0 Q- A 4 , ,,L1 A in ' nu A 3 el vi' W 1 I lg E C W i at -A Q W " .A 'Q N' If , R "' 1 . F' , I 611 , 4 S t ks X. if X it SLVXVV S if f VK , X i 1 K , 1 i dv ,M v ,R N-my 'Y ,N 1 C 3 '- mt? X l Michael Costa Carole Courtney Alfred Cox Peter Cranston Joann Creveling Robert Criswell Kenneth Dages Pasquale D'Agostino Richard Dassler Blanche Davis Meryl Dean Pasquale DeFe0 Philip Defllarco Alfred Dennis C1-ne Dennis llraeie Dennis Maria Denver Carl D'l'Irrieo Rohr-rt Deverant Frank Devlin Edward Diamond Elizalwlll Dix Rita Dorman Darlene Douglas Charls-Q Drum-ding: llc-verly Drummond l.4-Nlie Duer Dorothy Dulirkoff Carol lfuston Dr-an lfay re Frml lfekel Bruce liitzen Pzilrieia lfitzen Judith lflaroad Hit-hard lfndros Hivliard l'lngl4-lrrink Gail lfntril-an-n l"rederir Epting Nancy lirk lfrr-d ltlspensliade Holler! list:-rling Rohm-rt Furr- Sophomore Quartet, McKin- ney, Whitefield, Cox, and Lieber give with a lusty Cheer for Old Abington. Charles Eve Mary Fechter Larry F idler Frances Foell Joseph Foley Geoffrey Fosbrook Carol Frearson Bob Freed Gail Foulke Nancie Fulchure Helen Galante Roberta Galante Thomas Galloway Valeria Carramone Nancy Geissler .lames Genth .lo Ann Gettler Richard Gifford Bonnie Gilfillan Michael Gillespie Pasquale Giovinazzo Edward Gormley Karl Gramlich Marilyn Grant Catherine Grasso Leonard Guenther Rodney Hackman Eileen Hall .lo Ann Hargrave Betty Harrison Fred Helmick Nancy Hawthorne Judy Hayter Ronald Heilimann Louise Heine Dolores Heinle Harry Heist Gratha Henderson Charles Hentz Emily Hessler Edward Hill Ralph Hill Sponsors, Mr. Reitz, Miss Haldeman, and Miss Milne give direction to Soph activi- ties. v ... 'S' v' K e,x 1' . x nf Mt' 'F J. .. --rv L we ea .. Y K ,gt K 1 f 'wa it J f-, N si f G 7 1 . 'D vf . fl' 5' . Mgt -if r vi: Y -2 234 ,. s I t so 'R Q , We I 4 'S w V 5 I4 - A Q S, Q ar . 'aff 1 'Q 1 1' ' 393 3 E K K . iff!!! ,H ,Q . ' lu? ai- ' Hey ag, f H an Ei ly. mi. Carole Jacob . Q N. AL "Gallia est divisa sophomores study growth of empire in ancient Rome Robert lloeppner Kay Hoffman Ann Hogan Roy J. Holcombe Sidney Homan Judith Hosking William Hotham Carolyn Huber Lawrence Hughes John Hull Nancy Huntzinger Barbara Hurley Barbara Jacobs Thomas Jacobs Kendall Johnson Royston James Diane Jones ff-by H ' t'e J We 'xii 1 K ef . hy , 47' fy, in J J J 3 . A J. . J Ji , 5 'fi Ui ff' I tw: J . in C Y at i za. J Y ' J-:Tr . i ,gan ef' 1 " ' Yo Sit :V Jag: lege- 91"-w' 2 'J -:Ji Li'a JJ e , , Q, K J Carr , 'rsi 4 get 4 JJ K , M M K S M 3 ,-gi A 4 , JI, K 3 ,gg , .tm A . 2 J V I V 5 my f Vt , .Maw :item A, '3 n ': :'Qs,k ,5 QXJ t 2 Wt mn .-. 5 tr M5 rf .. ,av fl' I, in 'ae it Wi A X i . , X , Vg W: ' V' ' Joyce Killeen George King Robert Kirsch Eleanor Jones Joyce Jones Juanita Jones Stephen Jones Anna Kalinosky Arsen Kashkashian .lonny Kleinbard Marla Klenk Marilyn Knapp Lee Lawver Lou Lawver Jerry Koeblin Patricia Koeblin Nancy Krewson Ruth Kropp Joyce Kushner Karen Lawson Thomas Leonard Edward Levitt Michael Lieber Lucy Lightcap Carole Liebl and Sue We-idler practice dance routine for Publication Dance. Sally Little Jane Littler Veronica Lizzio Joyce Lockett Z r in 'F 1-cf George Long 3 X Margeurite Loos ' N ll! l - FW' Franklin Loose i X f A L, 3 Q. J Gerald Lopez 42 wil 75' J' ' . ,- ' fi' ' 'Jin Tv. Harry Love 'lj' K - 31,1 v A lf? -in-A , , 5' Patricia Lowe -1' 7 Nwy J' 'VJ V ilk ' Boyd Mackleer l N Ji 1 4 William Malone V H fi gf? ji John Manning Q 1 ma my ,Q Horace Mason We g ' 1:5 Vi "' 'nm if' , Nicholas Mastrantuono 'ai , if A' f , ' "' i ' ' ' Gail Mathis V 'sg ,M -fr r , 53. ww' Walter Maupay J' ALL, A I f " N Marilyn Maxwell 'K V 75' L John Maye . A W: ,F A - ., ., ,, ,N Y I 1 Cari Mayer - - snug " " were ,L "5 Susan McCaffrey ,, H 'ff' If f - 'W' --' Richard McCandless k , 'Y as L v John McCarron 1' A ,, .T Joyce McCloskey ' ' I elf Dolores McCosh ' Q ga 5, W ml L5 ., gg Q J., L Barbara McCullough S 'M "' ,X . V . , Joseph McCullough fx '- f of ' Josephine McCullough ' 3' ' , ' Dorothy McDonald ' J' James McElgin John Mclilgin T, Cv Q - ds. 3 "' i if f' ' H 4 Hall McKinney .. 1 ' - fi, - 5- Elsie McLaughlin ' A 'J " i ' V7 'J Elizabeth McMeekin x K . ' James McNeill ' M F r Lynn Meadowcroft fda An' V , V v U xt I 4 " ,,,.., ir' i ,, N f 'lvl ' ' l . ' Janet Melrath fi- M , ,Tm 1-W ri' r' - - 'M " X 3 Ro Charles Menten ,gm ' v , Y J' W. H fo, W 1 Ann Messer "' " ' J ,hw ' ' ' William Mikesell e -if . F gg rf if Darlene Miller , i QV 5 James Miller em rf Q 2 is , it . vs K K : - ' K 'VM I -ji f at-f, H' it e ns M, " i P Y A in M ,, fc A r ssn e f R e 'f . W .- ,lay ,. V X , . mi' 4 K fti,.,.,N , l . K R G 553' if P fwfs ix l H ""' film' .illiix Q 'Q f as '15 5 4. f 'll 94 f if QQ 7' ' R 'W . xi ' . ' f - t. E, i 4 9 l Q , , J , uubv A f' 'Jw if 'V as A U 'ju Qjfij. K . - ',k'5Gkr'7 Vw , L - . fl it A P rrr 1 f gg P' at ai .2 WF 1 if P: -I : K , , ,.-f . i 5 4 7 A f - P gs P . gi iw' . Vi! Ia I I f Lynn Miller Wayne Miller Marilyn Mitchell Isabella Monte Roberta Moore Alice Morgan David L. Moss Ernest Mueller Marie Muller Joan Munroe Steve Murray Lynne Myers Anita Nabenhauer Anna Nagg Gail Neibauer James Nell Walter Newman Holly Nickles Sandra Oherholtzer Walter Ott Rosemary Panciera Jacqueline Parker Joanne Parker Gerald Pattison Henry Peiffer Lillian Peiffer Joshua Peirce Donald Pelham Vincent Perry .loan Peterson Theresa Pettinato Suzanne Pierce Philomena Pileggi Margarete Pinder Conrad Planas Robert Platt Edwinna Porter Barbara Posey Wayne Post David Powers Ronald Prosser Barbara Pressler Barbara Warren, Barbara Spinclell, .lolln Utz, Pearl Spencer, and Douglas Smith discuss politics. .loseph Pulli John Purpura james Rawley Phyllis Rawley .loy Reber Ruth Reese Gay Reichert Mabel Reynolds Frank Richards Charles Riley .loyce Risko jane Ritchie Audrey Roach Donald Roan Beth Robinson William Robinson Carol Rogasner Edna Rombold Genevieve Romeo Charles Ross Walburta Roth Edward Rothenheber Sally Royle Yvonne Ruby .lohn Rupp David Saalfrank Donald Salvino Donald Scanlin Charles Shaffer Kathryn Schefer Elaine Schick Richard Schimpf Richard Schmauk Charles Schmidt Sophia Schrope Carol Setzer .loanne Shahboz J. Edward Shmidheiser Allan Smith Arlene Smith Gail Smith Janet Smithers The Bunny Hop provides fun at the Latin Club Dance. " 'J W A K I ,. 5- -V: 'M me .L 4 K 'Dx -- , M' ,. K 7 "' 9 ' " f"' ' ."' on :sim ,A N 2 A V p iiikmiw , -:LA "-Q ,.,,r,.', 'N r in 1 N , ' , R X 1 wg. i if " A A A 'Sf I1 A 3 'Y fm? G QM ,ii 3 ,gs R5 if' Wye ,y .- -3, : ,L , h-.V J A Vw W I 1 l 4, I 5 Q? Q Q YK X S , ffl gg i' RMP- W., 'dike -it if Vi A I Q 1 , .f ' fx td , Q2 eyp p X, ,mf his fi .Ji R ' .1 0 K. 3 S -as 1 R3-9 Q ,Q V R .p 4 Q, j f-can ' " , I if "ef my e - e .- ' "C, X-f 5' V I E Y J M, spy' , y. . ,Sidi ' , I , R 2 4, . 3. f Y is - iw R 'fe-6. .g Q M' A 5 iys ' if , ' Q X lv KK ,ay ' ?, 5 ' 5 ei 5, iv .f-s J - snr v .me -4 oe, Q 1 , .ww t- 'x K' fi' 9, ,,. ,f , ,M J X N , ,1 ff 1 I ,vis .J- E w. al?-v ' .A Q w - . -T Iv Students learn about bows and arrows from Mr. Arm- strong. Ellen Snodgrass Nancy Snow Janet Snyder psf Louise Spang 'X V Betsy Spaulding A A Benjamin Sprouse W. i Carole Starke -4. ' P? if-3' -7 " " June Starke h - ' A J ' , ' L if ' Vera Stevens ,A :Y 73' - L A Robert Stiteler ' i ' June Storey ' . Nancy Straub M Q , ' S Howard Strickler T3 " 5' A I ? ' Carol Sunderland x --y f 1 r 9 Edward Sweeney " S 'wg Barclay Tags xi i, ss. , it " ' if Herbert Taylor VV wx A . f ji ,sy Myles Taylor ' of V 9 A 1 "5 K A , - Q Delores Thomas 4' , .Qs K ' v,i"'J i 'kg t , Q A Diane Thomas I . 1- 1 X . Fred Thomas 4 L, -2 W, . Leonard Thomas ' L sf f Susan Thomas ,. ' 'ix W' A N' Y Edward Thompson V ' A Q A . I 1 ,Q Joyce Tomlin . W' -- 7 'A Q, Q 3' , A June Tomlin .17-'Z' .. 1 , Robert Turnbull T 'T o"i Q M ' Q 3:4 5 uf' Pauline Tyrrell W ii H - i A j -'midi David Tyson LMT ff' ' '5Qf5.:hf:n gi Q George Urian V I ' - .. ara : A Frank Varino f .f ,gf 4 1. ' 5' T , ' Louis Vassalotti Q ' " 'S ,,V -'Tie WMV Dominick Ventresc - ,Q Q Nancy Voltz 5 Y iffi? 5 i-X Y Anna Walter - 'N sfiet A. 2 if Claire Walther , x y . ix W' Wayne Walther ik " X',f5J,gQ, M " an f 5 A F' i .2 JoAnn Ware ' ff? k ' 7 Charles Warmerdam , y 0 A, txt, H 1 - - Robert Warner J l 5 my I Q, A I it . Alexandra Warntz A Ruth Weiser Il ,Ioan Whitaker Thomas Whitefield Richard Whitney Carole Williams Robert Williams Lois Williamson William Wilson Barbara Wolf Peggy Wolfington Barbara Woodward Ruth Wostmann David G. Young James Young John Zangari Charles Zembower Carol Zimmerman Patsy Zimmermann Carolyn Cadogan Dorothy Case Andrew DeMarco Eileen Enright William Foster Vincent Giardinelli Barb ara Granfelt David Henry Irma Jane Jones Lescure Elizabeth Lewis Cath r erine Long Couples enjoy the beautiful decorations of Fan 2 "wi , w , H - I ' 1 -9 '9 gg, . i Xa -1 if ,qi if . . l we 'F W i l ,f A ,,. in E 42 yy ytooyy A + X N Q, li xf f- 'X " w 3:1-fit, ia E "i., L , 3 " Lt to , Members Not Photographed 'lllu-se students are recent trans ft-r from other schools: Michael Drought, Edward Gill Warren Link, Jane Marison Pauline- Raichle. and Peter Stone. Karl Lukens Sara Pierce Karl Radman Eugene Rubin Lynne Shaffer Dean Soderberg Merle Spaeter Ronald Stella Richard Stewart Griffith Thomas Alfred Tolson Williams Tyson A- 95 2 Q 1 if fd' gm Q tasia, the theme of the l,ati.n Club Dance. , 3, i t Bu I ldlng Resou rces , 1 S S a s . ' 'A K . -' X , .1e 5 53 224 , 1 ' J 'If S qi ft , i f ,x.,., " .V Sports Establish . Sports Lay . . . t H SPOHS Develop- K , M. Sports Inculcate . . t .t-r. . .1 v . ,. -,,:. - A V Q My , '-'. ' . - 'E-4'n,:lH M S' 5 Y, it , ,1,:- - .'-. .1 ' . Mgmt. f"'- nxt.. :5"'7-se' f... ,.-. : ,-- , U: 1. 3 .,nA.- L JP 5 5. 5, A These Factors Make of Slcill . . . Strength . . . Stamina A More Precise Body-Mind Coordination Foundations tor Lite-long Sound Health Character Through Emphasizing Fair Play Correct Principles of Competitive Spirit Athletics a Vital Part ot Abington Spirit pl Q33 "' sw w C wi Fi'-Y' ROW! J- Rll03llS. W. Rannak, W. Young, H. Stone, C. Fechter. F. Grasso, 1. Wilson, G. Biddle. Second Row: R. West, F Terri-nzio. .l. Holmes. R. Barber. J. Love. R. Vaughn. H. Terrenzio, V. Hottie, C. Ivins. Third Row: R. Brown. Mgr.: R. Stella, Mgr.: R. llac-kman. T. Parris. J. Utz. C, Archer, A. Dennis, W. Day, D. Giovinazzo, D. Peek, Mgr.g Coach Elmer Carroll. Griclders Take Title Finish with Uncieieated Season All.-i 1 - ' - ' . - . , S a e eanrlirlati Rollie West elucles aggressive Panthers. Bill Bannak on his way out of bounds at Cheltenham. he we C3 .anna 'D 1 uhh- "' .fm C .1 4, C 5+ .-ifif it 'iff , . +V- - . 11- Qi, -fi lik. Sparked by stalwart seniors Casey, Fechter, Crasso, Hottle, Love, Rhoads, F. and H. Terrenzio, Wilson, and Vaughn - the 1953 gridders won the Suburban A Championship, finishing undefeated and untied, in their nine-game schedule for the first time in 25 years. After opening the season by vanquishing Penn Charter 26-0, and stampeding Haverford 46-0, the Carrollmen edged out a determined Lower Merion club 19-13, in one of the most exciting clashes of the season. Collingdale fell to the count of 27-6 and Upper Darbyis best effort was a 19-0 encounter. Continuing their superb play, the Ghosts downed Ridley Town- ship 31-7. ln perhaps its toughest contest, the Maroon and White pulled out a 13-7 win over Chester in the last quarter to clinch the Suburban Championship. Played on a muddy field, this game was climaxed by a West to Rhoads pass in the final quarter after Hottle had snared another one of West's heaves in the first quar- ter. In the next clash, this determined Abington ag- gregation subdued always rough Norristown 13-0. To finish the season in a blaze of glory, Coach Car- roll led his charges to a decisive win over Chelten- ham 27-7. The community honored the team at a Testimonial Dinner at which the lettermen received sweaters, and Coach Carroll was honored by captains Holmes, Rhoads, and Vaughn. 91 Ahington's offensive- ace. Rollie West, proves himself just as good at defense. Bill Bannak drives goalward as Panthers con- verge. I'1rst Row: J. Carbutt. R. McCarron, S. Simonetti. E. Fitzgerald, J. Easton, W. Gomberg, W. Thompson. Second Row Coach P. T. Cantt, A. Straub, I. House, J. Strickland, D. Cherry, B. Howarth, Mr. Beaver. Third Row: R. Pearson, E Miller W Smith. W. Pickwell, T. Calloway. Booters Topple Hill By winding up their season with the first Abington soccer win over powerful Hill School, 2-1. the Gantt- men posted a final log of four wins, ten losses, and three ties. ln addition, the booters tied the Alumni in the season's only night contest. Captain Ed Fitzgerald, Walt Pickwell, and Bill Mul- ley led the season's scoring with four goals each. Ed Fitzgerald, Wayne Smith. and Tommy Galloway made the all-Suburban squad. Smith also made the all-Scholastic team. Jim Strickland, John Carbutt, Bob McCarron, Jack Easton, Doug Cherry, Ed Miller, and Sam Simonetti filled out the rest of the squad. 0 2 l 2 O 2 1 1 SOCCER AHS l Lincoln l Central Alumni SCHEDULE OPP 2 ffffffffflfffo Penn Charter ....... 2 Haverford School .... 3 'l Upper Darby ........ 1 Lower Merion .. ..... 3 Cheltenham ... . . . . .2 Nlastbaum ..... ..... 3 Haverford ........... 4 Upper Darby Lower Merion Cheltenham . . ..... 3 't .1 L 1 ,f 9, 'H " if A as gi, ,:.., sf. 5 mf Q 1 I fe f George School Haverford . . . Cheltenham . Hill School . 0 3 .. .... .0 1 Left: Walt crosses one to set up a shot. Lower Left: Smitty checks enemy attempt Below: Haverford hooters foiled again. Above: The Lross Lountry boys dig out in a sprmtmg ex- ercise. Upper Right: Foley and Voltz set the pace in the first quarter. Right: Voltz leads at the beginning of a grueling soccer field stretch. Harriers Win at Climaxing a highly successful season, the Abington harriers captured first place honors in the Lions' Club lnvitational meet at Marcus Hook. Paced by Dick Voltz, who took fourth, the Zekemen edged out a strong Lower Merion team to win one of the most coveted trophies in the district. In the District meet at Cobbs Creek, the team finish- ed third, while Voltz ffifthl and Ed Hotham feleventhl qualified for the State Championship meet at Penn State by finishing in the first twenty. Voltz finished twenty-second in the State Meet, while Hotham, who still has another year at Abington, was the forty-eighth man to cross the line. .u- Marcus Hook A.H.S. Schedule Opponents 24 Lincoln ........... . .......... 33 21 Olney ...... ..... 5 2 26 Lansdale . . . . . . .32 24 Central ..... .... 3 5 24 Haverford .. . . . . .46 33 Norristown . . . . . . .22 21 Cheltenham . .. . . . .36 33 Lower Merion . . . . . . .23 23 Media ........ .... 3 7 25 Chester ......... .... 3 4 28 Upper Darby ...... .... 2 9 15 Ridley Township .... .... 4 0 33 Springfield ........ .... 2 5 20 Southhampton ... . . . .41 18 George School . . . . . . .43 C. Shaffer, C. Eng:-lbrink, R. I-ron! Rau, left to fl ht: Mgr. R. Toothill, R. Schmauk. F. Richards, F. Birchler, R. Voltz. E. Hotham, Clarke Mgr J Dogherty. Top Row, left to right: Coach Secor, J. Nell, J. Lotz, J. Fernandez, D. McKinney, W. Landherr, R. Brunner E Foley Y. , ,. ep.-H ylil t U M 4216 it First Row bottom tl to rl Fvelyn Hoppe Barbara Fenstermacher Barb tra Ulmer, Judy Sloterbeck, Carole Starke. Second Row: Mra Thompson Wanda Van Wagenen Elizabeth McMeekm Lucy Cntman. Sue Justice. Third Row: lat topl KL to RJ: Janet Snyder Maxine Swift Anne lxtterolf Joan Zimmermann Carolyn Emery Sally Keyes. Hockeyettes Score Four Wins Spurred on by Billy, the Good Luck Kid, a stuffed teddy bear, the hockeyettes worked and fought for their ,5-1 record of four wins, three ties, and one loss. Under the tutelage of Mrs. Thompson, the Maroon and Wlhite tied Central Bucks 2-2 in the opening thriller. After being tied again by Am- bler l-l, the hockeyists were downed by Jenkin- town 4-l. Getting hack to the winning side, Abington won the next four gamesg Hatboro fl-O, Lower Merion 3-l, Springfield 2-l, and Norristown 3-O. The traditional Cheltenham game ended the season with a 2-2 score. although both sides had a fighting determination to win. The season was dotted by such colorful events as the wearing of knee socks or oddly matched shoes and a broken finger. Appropos to a year of tie scores. Yvanda Van Wagerleii and Carolyn Emery are tied for the title of high scorer. Playing their lust yeur for Abington were Maxine Swift, Carolyn lfmery. Vlfanda Yan Vlfagenen, Sue Justice. Judy Sloter- beck, Norma Fiss, Lucy Cutman. Anne Fetter- olf. and Joan Zimmermann. .. Q The Maroon and White Six, Take Four liispirml liy liigli scorer. Maxim- Swift. tliv girls basketball team ran up a recoril of four wins thu-0 losses. om- tiv. Coucli 'l'liompson's gals fought liarcl antl longl grinrling out every point. Oppon- ents of thi- Maroon anil Wiliitc left the game know- ing our girls were miglity stalwart svrappers. 'linsion mounts as Xl. lmilei trims for goal Standing back row Cleft to rightl: Judy Carty, Elizabeth McMi-1-kin, Maxine- Swift, Polly front row fleft to rightl: Priscilla Uhlcr, Rosemary Ryan, Ann ll:-vson. Margurvt Pinfle-r. 'Nlax -inlis ons- for Xll5 zigiiiii-I illl4'll1lllllIll Xlvington Xlnington Xlnin Xlmin Xlvin Xlning Xlmin Xlmin toll ton Intl lon ton ton K li-inbarrl, Slllllilll l,li IT lppi-r Xlorvlaml . Ali ll Xmlulvi' ...,..... 17 -ll Norristown ...... fl l .55 l.owf-r Nlwrion ... -l l .Ill lflivltviiliaiiii ..... 23 ll l.owi-r 'Nlori-laiml . ,lil 51 llppvr lliilvlin li ll Fpringlir-lil ....,. IW Anna Smith. Knreling 2 i 3 .au I Right: Rollif- Wivft :mil .lolln llulim-4 fight for tht- re-lmiiml. First Row l110ff0'71l Lfff ff' fight? Young: l 2 Jay Rhuoailsg Walt:-r Pickwe-llg Ce-rald llanwford. Serond Row H0111 Left tn right: Awistant Coach Coleman: Cordon Biddle-g Roland Wvstg Waynf- Sniithg William Scarle-tt: John Holmvsg David Yolmgg Nlanagor John lluusf-g Coach Fegley. Cagers-York-Mont Champs llmrei Holi Kauffman law- um in :Xftflr isinning nine uf thvir first IPII gamma-S. Coat-h Fcglvyis 1-agvrs I'inislu-tl tht- Campaign with an uvcrall reward of eiglltemi wins and eight lussvs. By clowiiiiig Jeiikiiilowii. 5-1-lf'l-. Chvltviihani. 73-52. antl Central Bm-ks, 63-31. the Manmii :intl White capa turvrl the- York-Nluiit rllUllI'llilll1l'Ill for tho sm-mul c'mlSm'- utivc' it-ar. lhillif- Wivst. llllt tmiriiziiiimilis must vzilimlwlf- plgiyvr. lf-tl the lllmslk wasmi suuriiig uttavlx with 41.39 points. Hlmafls tallivtl 2136. while Hub Kaullinan. John Hnlnivs, :mtl Wialt li'if'lus'e-ll till i'avlu'1l up m'Or Hill points a piece. fllllimigli lusiiig fum' of his fivv highs-si svriif-rs. Coach lfvgley shuulcl lie alilv to lwuilil Ll fini' ilxiilll next year. urmintl I't'lllI'lliIl51 lm-ltf'r'nwn liolliv Xvvst. Yvalt Pickwell. Wuyiiv Smith. ami Gortlmi Biclclle. ..--an-M' Crapplers Down Chelts Ry winning seven of nine meets: the grappling Ghosts posted one of the finest records ever piled up hy an Ahington mat team. After heating Hav- erford. Springfield. Lansdowne. Bristol, Chelten- ham. and Norristown twice while losing only to lipper Darhy and Lower Merion. the wrestlers showed some fine individual work as Ronnie Yaughn and Bill James won the District and Re- gional Championships. before losing out at State College. Ron Zimmerman was runner-up in both the Districts and Regionals. while Dom Ciovinazzo and Carl Cross were runncr-ups in the District Meet. Left: limlcfcatcd Bill .lLlIllt'S mor empts to flatten his opponent liclozcz Ronnie Vaughn. wrcstlinl captain seo es e of his many pins of thi- sca on an-if First Row tbotloml Left to right: Earl Chamberlin, Rohert Turnbull, Carl Cross, Anthony Cunicelli, Richard Schmanlt Ronald Zimmerman, Ronald Vaughn. Second Row Hopl Left to right: Assistant Coach llarnnan, Manager John Dougherty William Bannak, Douglas Cherry, William James, Art Pattison, Dominick Giovinazzo, Coach Snodgrass. '2-" tr 'CT' 5 ,..,-N ,-- va V tw, A 3 'N Ma' . .5 A Mermaids Log .500 With their squad of veterans and many new sophomores, Miss Clark's aquamaids produced a record of three wins, one tie, and three losses. The team defeated Lincoln -16-20, Norristown 36-30: and Upper Darby 36-30. The meet with Haverford resulted in a tie 33-33. Although they fought valiantly to win, they were beaten by Low- er Merion 413-233 Coatesville 38-28: and George School 40-26. On March 20, the girls captured fourth place in the P.l.A.A. District Meet at the University of Pennsylvania. Barbara Bitting secured a first place in diving and Barbara Christ, a second. The other girls who placed were J. Walker, P. Wihitley, W. Vanwagenen. C. Scholly, B. J. Robinson, and J. Mahon. Replacing Barbara Christ and Jane Cor- don, co-captains, will be Cynthia Scholly, captain- elect for '55, a jack-knife. as a f, fe-na: First Row tbultoml, Left to right: Barbara Christ, Jane- Cordon. Second Row: Wanda Van Wagenen, Mally Holmes, sis. aw ,. Christ makes a smooth performance of -.-.. ...nil '5Qar.ux ' X g. an Pat Whitley, ,lean Mahon, Betty ,lane Robinson, Cynthia Scholly, Barbara Bittingr. Thirrl Row: Marcia Barker, Margut-rite Parkes, Ceorglianna Apel, June Walk:-r, Lynda Button, Edwinna Porter, Nancy Friedrich, llarbara Ulmer. Fourth Row ttopt: llelen Clark, Jane Ritchie, Ann Turcottc, Margaret Chubb, Nancy Voltz, Jean Ritsvrt. June lin-ithaupt. Dorothy Clark. Linda Meigs, Adams. Anna Nabvnhauer, Gail Clement, Ann Hogan, .loan Feldman. 1 pa, .Hs .... 3... 'Lf' he A " ,, 9 ' Qw- Coach 3 Marcia e 'AL Q 4 Q QHHL DeFlavis Shatters District Mark Pawlingis paddlers, captained by Bob Wilson and composed mostly of underclassmen, won six out of four- teen dual meets, taking second in the Suburban l League and a third place in the District I Championships. After winning their first five meets, the aquamen went into a slump which they snapped out of at the end of the season by beating Camden County Vocational, champs of their league, by a score of 4-7-28. In the District Meet, thc team finished third, with Tom De Flavis breaking the district record for the 100-yard freestyle with a 1245.1 time. WW LUN Ftrst Row Allen Smith Stephen Jones Arthur Blank Charles Shaffer, Thomas Calloway. Second Row: Arnold Lieber, Thomas DeFlav1s Philip Bertsch Rob rt Wilson Ru sell McAlpim John lioyu. Thin! Row: Coach Pawling, Louis Dijosepli, Albert qtrauli William Driss William Rockett ,Iamfs Savory Richard Beeln-0, Harry Heist, Lee Lawver. -si R1'ghI:Dave Schmidt puts the tag on "Butch" Vaughn. Below: "Night-train" Vllest hreezes down the alley. uf' I H I i. :,, I - n J , 2 " all I' lllen FOI I IISG f ' 'er . . f , Q ' ff J , .5 4 1 S- . ' B 4 . , . , ,f f . :zz mg Season Rn 'L Nuns' to H I M, 5 Q ff A :QA The 1954 baseball season could he ATITIIUIOIITS hest F' J .R since its 1948 Championship campalgn. The Maroon "" f 3ff f"'Wf .Q . ,, A' l 'R ' !'ll "' l7 and White nine, which o ened with victories over , . its p, rf , ,,. . , . Iv- ,Q . . P ,, V- 5 Ir Central and Springfield, was led by such veterans as ' "W" ,f"?""Q.. Dan Fisher. left fielder, Ed Crasso, catcher, Jack " X r I 'V . Love, pitcher, Ronnie Vaughn, shortstop: and pitch- . 4 , 4-f' ' ' . er-outficlders, Rollie West and Dave Schmidt. Key 'VA ',,j1. L uluu A line-up spots and other positions include Yvalt Pick- . 1- W, f.t"fi'i .,,- - ,X 1, . ' ,',. . well, lead-off man, playing second, lerrv Fechter, ,....3'- f- ,, 'f gf' 1. --1--.haf - .gm ' . . ' . . . , 4' K W., M f.,-495 21 , ff-if A. 4..,f- thlrd baseman, batting third, Rolhe Vlest, clean-up ,A-r,,,,,?..,:wfw,g ff , S I I D . h , . h. ,affzr 1, qirgfy 1. ,I at matter, an Fisher, t e teams most consistent ltter, x " -"rf A ,ra batting' fifth, Duke Young, center fielder, batting sixth: first hascman Roh Brosso. batting seventh: catcher Ed Grasso hatting eighth, and left-fielder Bill Day in the ninth spot. The pitching was handled by Rollie West, Dave Schmidt, Jack Love. and Dave Young. First Row fbotmml, Left I0 right: Coach C. Erb, D. Schmidt, T. Calloway, W. Day. L. Taylor, R. Vaughn, W. Pickwell, W. Young, E. Crasso, D. Fisher. Asst. Coach P. Beaver. Serond Row, Left to right: R. Rrosso, D. Young, W. Robinson. C. Farrington, J. Love, E. Miller, R. West, J. Hansford, R. Black, S. Watterson. Third Row, Left to right: C. Cross, E. Cutgesell, VV. Deiss, J. Hall, H. Rurlko. l.. Dijosf-ph. ll. Yarn--1-. NNFF0 :gtg uv ssl' SHT? if! . -.R A - , Left: Distance men Voltz, llotham, Snyder, Fischel, Schmauk await gun eagerly. Below: Long, Dt-Flavis. Dennis practice flying over the low hurdles. undermen bet Hot Pace Blooming out with the crocuses and daffodils, our track team has been stretching its collective muscles and trimming its winter stomachs out- doors in preparation for the coming season. Among the seniors are B. Fischel, running the lO0 and 220 yards events and D. Voltz, running the 880 and milc events. The juniors and sopho- mores include J. Dennis. pole vaultingg E. Hotham, 880 yards and mile: several underclassmen who show promising prospects are G. Long, R. Freed. J. Manning. R. Schmauk, and R. Cagno. Coach Pawling seems well satisfied that he will have a team of some aliility, and he is pointing to a season of excellent performances. Coach Carroll. assisting. is likewise lending his efforts to train an efficient group of athletes. First Row, left to right: Frank Birchlcr, Vince Hottle. ,lack Oberholtzer. Don Harris. Charles Shaffer. lid Snyder. Ed Hotham, Tom Dc-Flavis, Ed Duffy. Second Row: M r. Shaw, Carl Archer, Tom Leonard. William Bannak, Ccorge Long, Richard Voltz, Robert Fischel. ,lohn Manning, Art Bcrgmanmilichard Cagno, Mgr. Dougherty. Third Row: Coach Pawling. Frank Richards, Robert gff'f'dilRiCl1H1'fl Sfllmallk. Br00k Gay, Alfred Dennis, George Urian. John lirh, Barclay Tagrg, Jost-ph Folcy, Mgr. Doherty, Coach arro . R 2 YF, Yi! z'f .ia " .Z 2 1 J it for-252 Q- '- 'aw he K A H Lk.. awta..-.M 1.-:gtg cog., at 'fa' . v,'w ., , -7 ft?-v gurls. 'x Q if ref, ,,4,'iw Wk. "' VM af -A' -I Left to right: Robert Wilson, Darrell Birkes, William Hummel, Steve Yusem. Donald Birkes, Jerry Adair, William Scarlett, Alan Braunworth, Jay Rhoads, William Mulley, Dean Eayre, Lou Lawyer, Coach Fegh-y. Racquet-Swingers of '54 in Good Form Swinging for a top record, returning veterans, Car- olyn Emery, Lucy Gutman, Wanda VanWagenen, Pris- cilla Uhler, Judy Sloterbeck and Germaine Bender, formed the strong foundation for this year's team. Striving to win the remaining position on the team werc Joan Schmidt. Charlotte Gentry. Barbara Motson and Cynthia Scholly. The female racquet swingers met the teams of Rad- nor, Cheltenham, Upper Darby, Haverford, Berwyn, Lower Merion, Norristown, Lansdowne, Jenkintown, Springfield, George School, and Abington Friends. Under the excellent coaching of Mr. Stanis, the girls again made a fine record. The 19514 boys' tennis hopefuls were greeted this spring by a man who was previously associated only with basketball in Abington. Vernard Fegley set about trying his hand as a tennis coach with assurance which augured good results. Sparked by Bill Scar- lett. first singles, and Jay Bhoads. second singles, the racquetmen worked diligently toward a success- ful season. The twelve-match schedule included Lincoln, Chel- tenham. Norristown, Yeadon, Lansdowne, Radnor, Penn Charter, Bryn Athyn, Lower Merion, Haverford and George School. Left to right: Coach Stanis, Carolyn Emery, Lucy Gutman, Barbara Molson. Charlotte Gentry, Joan Schmidt, Wanda VanWagen- Priscilla Uhler and Germaine Bender. - J as en, Judy Sloterbeck, Cynthia W 71' W? il 1 ..'.-. W "1 uuruuvdl V ,ff -W Wanda cronies through with a good hackhand shot. Linlcsmen Place Second Lf-cl hy returning letternien. Dominick Giovinazzo, ,lack Easton, and Harry Love, the Maroon linksmen face the heaviest schedule that they have come up against in recent years. Larry Friedman, ,lim Sav- ory, and Art Blank have shown the best form to date, but either Dick Hornbaker or John Garbutt could crash the starting five. Writh the addition of Norristown to the schedule, the par busters have twelve matches, two each with Cheltenham, Berwyn, Lower Merion, and the Eagles and single matches against Lincoln, Central, Penn Charter, and Haverford School. Left to right: Coach. Mr. Brunner, Arthur Blank, John ,lack Easton, Harry Love, Dominick Giovinazzo. 2. l' Bill Scarlett attempts a Cannonball service. - . filskgxl ",:k?5lf?.-." is -' -nv U Dom splits the fairway. Garbutt. John Ross, James Savory, Richard llornbaker, Larry Friedman, B . . L s . it f gf.: Prone, lleft to righti: Stephen Bub, Harry Love, Ralph Hungerford. Brenda Beatty. William Day. Janice Furey. Susan Bitzer. Kneeling: Cail Kelso, Stephen Yusem, Robert Mullan, Judith Boyilen. Coach Clark. Donald MacGregor, Walter Maupay. Marksmen Capture Six "Ready on the right? - ready on the left? - load and fire." And fire they did, until at the end of the season Dave Clark's sharpshooters had won six of their seven matches. The deadeyes, off to-a good start, took West Catho- lic 493-489. However at their second match, Upper Darby handed the marksmen their only defeat 491- 497. They came back to beat Lower Merion 493-492, Yeadon 494-486, Prospect Park 490-482, Quakertown 493-489, and Doylestown 493-492. Bill Day and Jim Cherry had the highest seasonal average f98.3 eachj with Don MacGregor running a close second. Swilt Pitching l Many returning lettermen and a number of sopho- mores madc up Miss HerZog's softball team of 1954. Some of the varsity veterans were M. Swift. and E. Hoppe. leading pitchers of the squad, and P. Whitley and C. Barnard behind the plate. The field positions were held by I. Arenz, G. Apel, C. Barber, L. Crab- tree, R. Ryan, R. Scarborough, E. Knott, J. Enley, L. Meigs, and M. Widdis. N. Kreider returned to be the head manager. They started their season by meeting Jenkintown, then they continued the season with Lansdowne, Low- er Moreland, Springfield, Cheltenham, Friend's Se- lect, and Upper Moreland. First Row, tbottoml left to right: Jane Peterson, Ruth Weiser, Holly Nirkles, Joanne Cettler, Marlene Eldridge. Christine Barnard, Peggy Wolfington, Paula Kaufmann, Dorothy Thompson, Joyce Risko. Roberta Scarborough. Linda Meigs. Marilyn Bush. Second Row, left to right: Nancy Kreider, Patty Lowe, Janet Bockrath, Mable Reynolds. Nancy Krewson, Maxine Swift, Margaret Pind- er, Marilyn Maxwell, Peggy McClenahan, Joan Norman, Betty Dix. Joan Lyle. Carol Easton. Sarah Moran, Peggy Loos. Back Row, left to right: Diane Jones. Vera Stevens. Jean Breithaupt. Kay Hoffman. Elizabeth Mcltleekin. Irene Arenz. Marie Widdis. Nancy Bergmann. Patrieia Zimmermann. Rosemary Ryan, Susan McCaffrey, Meryl Dean, Lois Crabtree, Coach Herzog. 3 5 :rw Qu 1-on Kuhn , ,. W ' H "w x'1'3F,i. q T . 15 , I ' 1 3 ,t vc' KM: A N' 5' sv 3 V Q N A am Q ' Q Z ' A9 5 4 If ws' M ' 1 ,, , f 4 11-.L ww x . .Jw hx . ,,, A-, A .Q .Q 11- ' ww Mn X new . A--. -SIP 8' " "L, ik T i if Hn-ge-myvi '77 88 e p lnshlllng Ideals '.. ' S 3? r e ' To Offer a . . . W I To Give Time . . A fi ' 1 if .A.. J 2 fig ,tt , Q X 0 QE' ' Volunteer . . . .. . ,. -. -,fa r ,. W, , J., 4.. vw -11-, f'.,..l 1 ,Wh . .. - . .. - fy. 11 - 94,afD'a'.-1 .nw ' iss? A V QM ff , xv ax To Su pport . . W 4- Q- 1 fi" -' -.'..-- 'Q 1 'ff' T 'I J ,-'fl' '. , J V f' ' P- 'K 5-J,.,,,,:IfA' gal' in W I These Service-Aims Form ot Service Through Cut-of-Class Activities Slcill When the School Needs it and Etlort to a Worthwhile Proiect Willingly When the Occasion Arises Good Ideas for Making a Better School 1 1 Q n Student Council During the past year. the Student Council contributed to the advancement of the school in many ways! ln addition to the management of the school store. the JAC Dance. the Dog House, tw o Open House parties, and the Christmas party for the old people at Christ Home. the Student Council through the very active Spirit Committee planned suceessful pep rallies, and presented the school with a Chost, which will he the new sehool mascot. Vifhen delegates Norma Fiss, Bill Hummel and Jack Love attended the Pennsylvania As- sociation of Student Councils' Convention at Pittshurgli. Ahington was selected as the site for next yearis P. A.S. C. Convention. Cordon Biddle was elected hy the Alwington student hody to he next yearis l'.A.S. C. president. Delegates also attended the fall. winter, and spring meetings of the Philadelphia Suburban 7 Assoeiation of Student Councils. Having tween ehosen to spend next wear in Cermany. Cail Smith. through the Affiliation work of the Council. will be the first student to represent Almington at the Lily Braun Schule. Pr:-s ing- to .1 l E 't idenl ,lack l.ou-, Xliss Clark, and PI'k'Sitlt'Ill-0f-lllt'-f'Olll- convention Cordon liidflli- see-in to pledge their efforts lieewssfnul Student tiouneil Coiiwntioii next fall, ann 5 mlb on Coinmiltee proudls dl plas a 4 I Ill thule in Hr-rl Site' -..1-nl 2 til 4 vs'w t?" an Trains in Dynamics of Democratic Living '5- ' T U' K AY, 231 of -WF .L agjg-:ly e dgy ',.f I i'ST,-gi" f' 'M w e -- Q ' H- 7 ,Cf " Q af' - , .ri Mr. Northam congratulates newly installed 1953-54 Student Council officers - Ger- ald Fechter, Treasurer: Dominick Giovin- azzo, Vive Pr:-sidentg Jack Love, Presidentg Norma Fiss, Secretary. 1953-1954 Executive Committee President ............................ Jack Love Vice-president Dominick Giovinazzo Jr. Representative .. Gordon Biddle Secretary ..... ........... N orma Fiss Soph. Representative . .... Harry Love Treasurer ............ ........... J erry Fechter Sr. President ....... .. ...... .... J ack Easton Sr. Representative ............ William Hummel Jr. President ...................... Duke Young SENIORS: Nancy Abbott, Doug Cherry, Carol Condon, Carolyn Emery, Phyllis Iacampo, Carolyn Jordan, Pat Lehr, Anne Miller, Jeannette Miller, Ray Pearson, Doug Smith, Sam Simonetti, Maxine Swift. Dick Voltz, Barbara Warren. IUNIORS: Ann Beeson, Bob Brosso, Jeanne Burhans, Barbara Fenstermacher, Clarke Ivins, Gail Jordan, Mary Lou Kahn, Joan Lyle, Jack Maisch, Charles McDermott, Pat McAvoy, Grace Pitassi, Margy Risko, Bill Stinson. Joan Schmidt, Albert Zelley, Margaret Sylvester, Barbara Ulmer, David Young. SOPHOMORES: Shirley Ashway, Ray Bowley, Francis Bush, Dorothy Clark, Charles Corbett, Meryl Dean, .loe Foley, Carole Easton, Ray Hackman, Barbara Granfelt, Larry Hughes, Nancy Huntzinger, Louis Lawver, Sally Little, Sue Mc- Caffrey, John McElgin, Steve Murray, Edwinna Porter, Conrad Planas, Sophia Schrope, Charles Shaffer, Ellen Snodgrass, Allen Smith, Anne Walther, George Urian, Lois Williamson, Bill Wilson. Sponsors: Helen Clark, Edna Powell, and Evelyn Lenner. MP9 Burst of Music Ii0Ul4'l'N yi-ll Ilicir approval ax Iln- liiloxls pill- up wilmin SVOTVQ. First Row lbottoml, Left to right: P. Spencer, R. Ewer, M. Risko, C. Partridge, Nl. Fasshaner. Second Row: R. Calante. J. Mil- ler. Verus Weaver. directorg 1. Cordon. D. Duhrkoff, S. Little. Third Row: S. Ashway. C. Gilman. B. Goddard. B. Spindell, P Simon. E. Hill, B. Wilson, S. Yami:-grift. R. Dassler, R. Miller, J. Ham-ll. D. Calante. Fourth Row: D. Falvino, J. Flower, J Schulz, C. Le-Brocqne, W. Davis, M. Grant. D. Fri4'flri1'liF. D. Scanlin. Fiflh Row: J. Celtler, N. Erk. E. DeWitt. E. George, J Kushner, C. Maithis. R. Schmauk. P. Cranston. B. Nitteraurer. S. Oakforcl, N. Bohr, A. Fad. Sixth Row: C. Bean, B. Cillfillan W. Risko. C. Johnson. M. Guenther, L. Peiffer, E. Theil. N. Kreider, N. Tucker. C. Norman. B. Anthony. Seventh Row: S. Bitzer E. Mahlc. W. Owen, L. Duncan, B. Davis. G. Entriken. G. Reichart. M. Benham. N. Sargent. Eighth Row: L. Matthews, M. Young C. Cottschalk, G. Jordan. J. Norman, J. Pricstf-r. C. Jordan, A. Eberle, R. Huss, R. Cagno, F. Epting, L. O'Neal. wr., .gf - 1 , . A Q . - , -.,f X . 4 .f - ,- ,. if at it sen-We Q mess gutawg mga lm vii' fd lv, 'Y 5. yn., t 4 r , Blast of Cheers . . . Bring Victory Lusty lungs shout a thousand Strongg batons spin in frenzied clam-ez flags swoop like exviled 3 lmirflsi ll0I'IlS aml vynilmals I'I'8Sll aml Cry 7 these ,, spurred the Carmllmen tu flu ur die and win the coveted crown. ' D Y.- 19,13 E V W x A is .9 .Q Q3 w'-'WA L' l 1 2 .f,J1:,.u -,4.QlA,?rj'Z A 'Y-,,QI,f.:?.'.,w.' .lmin Fvhmirll. lgdfliilfkl Fam-Ili. Sus- Wviclle-r. Carole Liebl, Virginia Nlunelnriigggf-r, anvl Juni- Xvalker gli-c-fully escort tlivir mawot. on twirl:-rf vnu-rtain fans lu-Iwi-4-11 lialvr 11' .wiax 1 Q 143:12 "Ti-4rH?'1:"!k.f ii anil Wlirlv flafs aclfl color. ui well as smiril 5- I i 1-I Walk:-r, We-idler, Cairo. Fan:-lli. Tuck:-r. and Blank show winning spirit at vsilli lenn f.ll3l'lQ'l'. Re orts . . S S Gala p -n Xlllllfl fl Slllllh one of a palr of charrnlng hffralfk 1 Il J ,lzillivv zmll Betsy give liff- a whirl. f V1 X x I W 5 5 ,L C. nl:-rpm-t fr E' iw dancing, a high-light of the sh I Nn flIdN bQl'trldl1f' I Y .1 ld f-nc: 7 Parting is such swf-et sorrow. 7131 'Q 1 1 fs '- I 2 4 x , O 3 Z4 1 Q32 qc 1l'5"wr- 1 Q' J M4 , 3 D' lv ' wal .,Q,, C u Bi t , If Y Kr -Q4 1 xlxdufnann tl tlmr nlf f Ifdllllltllldl hrralrl pair Q uf' fl I x X ' ' X A f '.L'v ' ' "X, 5 1-H , -f I , K, A JL .. -.H ' H ' Pllml'i'Li'sI5.-1, urn 1- lzl 0 5 ?f Nl- u,,. Q., " . ' A V' Yf H ill' . F Who? . . . What? . . When? . S. l ol" ABINCTONIAN NEWS AND FEATURE STAFF First Row, front tleft to rightj Carol Snellvnlmvrg. Serond Row lleft to rightt: Joan Munroe Carmela Gallucvio. Patricia Con nell. Third Row, lleft to rightl Dorothy Towle, Germaine Bend er. ,Ioan Fernandez. Standing Jani- Frishmnth, Susan Weirller ,Q AHlA'CTOfNIAN SPORTS AND EDITORIAL BOARD Seated, left lo right: Adam Tait, Jonny Kleinbard. Sally Oakford. Nanny Abbott, jack Easton, Bar- bara Goddard. Standing, left to righl: Co-adviser Allan A. Glat- thorn, Barbara Ulmer. Ruth Huss, Arlene Gilbert, Peter Si- mon, David Stekol. .4HINGT'0.Yl.4,'Y TYPISTS AND AD STAFF Left to right: 'lllieri-sa Gruzin- sky, Ruth De-twiler, Nancy Di- Domenico, ,loan llamlrreclit, ,lo- anne Clolws. Eli-anor Schmitz, Carole Lie-bl, Marie Cairo. Anne F:-ite-rolf. Edwina Fr-nstermacher. Student Scribes Gives Answers in Stories . .Where? . Under the able guidance of Dorothy Cathell and Allan A. Glatthorn, Abington's prize-winning news- paper, the Abingtonian, enjoyed another successful year. An active staff including many sophomores and juniors helped editors Jane Frishrnuth, Al Crieb, Su- san Weidler, and john Easton to plan and publish this ever growing paper. Not only did the Abing- lonian provide news, editorials and interesting in- terviews for its readers. but also delighted them by originating two six-page issues which included a Let- ters-to-the-Editor Department and other interesting features. Hats off to a great newspaper and its fine staff. J 4 E STAFF Why? . .. Abingtonis Junior Fourth Estate received national recognition this year as one of the seven nationally recognized press release systems in the National School Public Relations Association handbook, HLet's Co To Pressfi The j4E system calls for all twelve township schools to channel their news through the senior high school press and Miss Mary Grace Ambler, the Director of Public Relations. The news is released to local, su- burban. and city newspapers. Junior Fourth Estate also cooperates with the Abington Township Teachers' Association. P. T. A. groups, and local organizations. Managing Editors are B. Anthony, M. Benham. R. Snider. R. Uttal, J. Utz. Y Harlrgrozzml, flefl to rightl: Leslie Dm-r. Lee l.awver, Adviser Mary Grace Ambler, Bruce Claclff-ltr-r. Richard Snyder. Rosemary Ryan. ,lohn lltz. Nancy llohr, Lou l.awver. Jack Easton. lforegrozzmf 1lejr fo righll : Gail Pfahlcr. Grace Norman, Barbara Anthony, Dianna Radman. Alarylyn lienhani. Patricia Ambler. ,lnrly llaylvr. S t u d e nt contributions, both literary and artistic, provide material for the Oracle. Published twice a year and read by almost all Abingtonians, this magazine has won numerous first prizes. Sponsors Miss Cath- ell and Mr. Glatthorn spend many hours helping the staff and editor, ,loan Fer- nandez, select and assemble the best material for the Oracle. Poems, stories. in- terviews, editorials, and art work play a very important part in this magazine which is enjoyed by students throughout the school. . 0 U -3- fa-, Yi A J A C if C, C -as 9 ibgff s . ' J.: vs . V- was V. ORAIQLE STAFF Left to right: fit'I'II1iliIll' Bender Dorothy Schulz. Patsy Evoy Eflwina Fvnste-rniaf-lier. I . 'fam Informative . . . Entertaining . . Creative Anne- Fvtte-rolf. ,loan Fernandez, ,Hr Vx' 'A ' x '4 -nv 1 "l.A.i,,.3 The Annual The Yearboolf staff has worked long, hard, and busily to make l954's Yearbook a lnder the guidance of Mrs. Richards made dummy pages, identified pictures lists. and composed write-ups. pieture legends. Thanks to everyone who in and helped. we hope this year's book serve as a constant reminder of the happy of the year 1953-1954-. And in the giving their time and effort. the staff experienced the fun that comes with working together. Editors were Janet Smith Y Senior sectiong Barbara Qpindell - Layoutg Trina Polen and Mike Gil- lespie - Copy. Yearbook Typists First Row tleft to rightl: Joan Clancy, Arlene Sloan, Dorothy Lowe, Rochelle Rich. Second Row tleft lo fighll : .lane Stnhltrager, Lois Matthews. Doris Travilla. Yearbook Contributing Staff Seated, rleft to righll: Joan Fern- andez. ,laek Love. Alvin Crieb. Anne Fetterolf. Stanzling, tleft to rightl: .lane Frishmuth, fllarylyn Benham, Dorothy Schulz. Jack Easton. Steve Yusem. Sophomore and Junior Page Editors Seated tlvft ni rightt: Gail Part- ridge. Ruth lluss. Janet Spence, llzirhara lllmm-r. Stunrlirzg, lleft to rightlz :Xliee Eherle, Ellen Mahlv. Thirty-Seven Clubs Offer . R Ill lroieclor Oprrating flux 4 r out Illdtllltlf that g round and round -Qu'- Q 1 Tippy Tippy Tap! 'llippy Toe! l-lcrzog's dancers try an intricate ine. Miss . V -x ,Qi TOUA ns all The Club's The Thing Third period Tuesday finds students hurry- ing to one of the thirty-seven school clubs. The purpose of Ahingtonis club program is to have every student participate in an ac- tivity of his own choosing. The cluh pro- gram is so varied and interesting that it makes selection difficult. The clubs run the gamut from Archery to Scrahhle. The boys and girls in the Ornamental lron Club get a Chance to work artistically in iron while making useful articles for the home. One of the higgest. the llunting and Fishing Club, has movies and discussions on natural sports. Creative Writing gives the members a chance to read, write, and criticize each otheris work. Through the varied school cluh program, many hohhies are started and many talents discovered. Teacher and pupil are lmrought together in a closer relationship while stu- dents get a chance to participate in an ac- tivity outsidc of the regular school curricu- lum. ling' Goes the string of that howl Co-sponsors Armstrong and Coleman train young how- luen in the Archery fllulm. A Bonanza of Fun 99 Shall We Dance. Many parties aml clanws through the yvar gixe Ablllglitllllillli tliv mw- f,'ilSllrll to practlr-P tlim- Stbflill graftvs. The Crystal Rall. lfantasia. Carouscil, tlle locational Valmitirw. tlie Pulm- llfllllltllil Nlarcli Gras. ancl LC Coq cl'0r. plus tlif' many Upon lluusf- aml sports parlic-s. pmviflc numer- ous npportllnitivs to work together in c-mnmittvo planning. anfl to have fun pulisliing up the l'lN'f"li-I0-l'l1Cf'k skills. lJ21I1t't'l's t'Ilg1I'tl9Sf'tl in tha- lwautim of the f'W'IllIlQI at Ilia- Yrwalional Xalwntinf- affair. -pc anel me- are an ,, mil rp in-arts. mm ' Xlariun Fassliam-r aml put'-I Slxvlelml wi- makz- an 4-yr--filling pair as Ilwy glitlz' ln- flour. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow! There was fling There was workg Spirit There was progress, From sophomore to seniorg From new student to graduate. Bu! the end is not really the end Only a magnificent new begin- ning. 'Sadr' V. Ig: yr, ,171:!'y. 4 .4 113.3533 "6 fL5'P',1Ti:f'9' K bpd ,pf i Q ji 7 l A L5-' : K "At iss A '4' . ff: , . .A 9 , ilfflfgg' J: . -:ir s a--H .ss-" -N '- - - . '-.-' A .v..+.. , V, , zu 1 J at Q A X N-Q45 .tea rj""B 'Mm ul Ls,- Acknowledgement We wish to thank the many people who have contributed their time and effort to help create this yearbook: Miss Emma C. Haldeman, for much encouragement and concrete helpg Miss Edith Milne and her Art staffg Mr. Charles Roberts and his Business students for their help with adver- tisements, subscriptions, and typingg Mr. lillwood Smith and his Mechanical Arts boysg Robert Ut- tal, student photographerg Miss Ann McCarthy, Mr. Carl Wolff, and Mr. Robert Shaen of Zamsky Studiosg Mr. Sidney Schultz and the H. C. Roe- buck Publishing Company. Mr. E. B. Gernert, Mr. M. E. Northam, and members of the faculty. We should like to offer a special vote of thanks to the senior typists. Arlene Sloan and Rochelle Rich for their devotion to an arduous task. and to all other students who have helped in some manner. Adviser Emma S. Richards and the Yearbook Staff ot Abington Fultilled tif at R Uhr . 'Y X! ft' .QI Egg W 1 . .7 X ,-r F 'i T-fx H 1 ixjtffllylf ' 'S is-J rs: The last trip! The End is but a New Beginning! A MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 1954 ON SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY With your graduation, you have, in a manner of speaking, emerged into the community . . . and you soon will be expected to assume the responsibilities of a citizen. Primarily, this responsibility requires you to serve your community: to think intelligently about its problems, to work conscientiously with your fellow citizens to solve these problems and help build a better place in which to live. In doing this, you will help build a greater America. For Americais greatness has its roots in small communities such as ours. There will be ample opportunity to perform this service regardless of your future activity, whether, for example, you follow business, law, medicine, manufacturing, education, insurance, or any other means of livelihood. And you will find that its performance brings great satisfaction. We know this to be true, for we speak from experience. Publishing, which is our livelihood, offers tremendous opportunities to serve the community. And we have been serving for 60 years. GEORGE H. BENNETT e,,.oN'CL 0 Howum R. YODER General Manager M03 yi 4,295 Advertising Director I0 -' i- 1 ua '07 WM. POTTER WEAR E H JosEPH J. MCMAHON President " gn Managing Editor GEORGE F. TYLER, JR. 53551 gm JOSEPH L. TULL sf V ice-President -S" ' Superintendent Sunnybrook-Oreland Sun o Jenkintown Times Chronicle o Glenside News '71 F T0 WIIRK AT M RPHY' My name is Betty and I have a story which I think will interest many of you. It's about my ex- perience in the retailing field. Believe me. Variety Store business is fast-moving and interesting. Each counter is a store in itself. Here at lVIurphy's one learns retailing from the bottom up! I started out as an extra salesgirl, work- ing every day after school. When I was graduated, Iwas fortunate to be placed in charge of a counter. I never knew how really interesting this work could be . . . it's just like having a shop of my own. Pm growing here, taking more responsibility as I go. There's still more room for advancement . . . I can work myself into a position of merchandise buyer, section supervisor or bookkeeper in the office. Soon I hope to be selected to train for the job of Personnel Directress in a large new Murphy Store. All of us at lVIurphy's have an equal chance to better ourselves. From what I can see lVIurphy's is tops in training . . . and there isn't a store in town to beat lVIurphy,s on Employee benefits! If ou're ambitious to make a " o" of retailin , 'oin the "Gan " Y g g I g at Murphy's soon as you can. G. ll. MURPHY CIIMPA Y Willys Deluxe 4-Door Ace for 19541 1 l -dleixgltsu lxiglxllizyliaz ineigahse-d-Willys'lioi'-segiowyexi pen Vlggrmodels. if broad one!-piece rear window is standard in all models and buyers have a choice of 12 monotone and two-tone body color combinations in the Willys Eagle, Ace and Lark models. Illustrated is the Ace Deluxe four-door sedan. Phone Chapel Hill 0617-9483 I-lBI BTU ANH 8 TH ST Illl. Best wishes from Kiwanis Club Of Clenside 7 wm. Jef 4,2affm4,5 som FUNERAL DIRECTORS 3316 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Penna SA g 2 2667 NEW USED TYPEWRITERS Adding Machines - Calculators - Cashiers Sales - Rentals - Repairs A uthorized Dealer All M ake Portables BU RD H. ARMOR Office T ypewriters - Portables 76 N. York Road Willow Grove, Pa. Willow Grove 2610 WELDON AUTO SUPPLY CO Automotive Replacement Parts Machine Shop Service Easton Road at Jenkintown Road Glenside, Pennsylvania MA jestic 5-0930 Ogontz 8200-01-02 JENKINTOWN BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY Jenkintown, Pennsylvania "Where The Bus Stops At The Doorn Member Federal Reserve Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. JOHN P. NISSEN, JR. COMPANY Manufacturers TEXTILE INKS Glenside, Pennsylvania Distributors of THE FINEST INDUSTRIAL STEELS STEEL DISTRIBUTORS, INC. COMPANY Cedar and Westmoreland Streets Philadelphia 34, Pa. GA rfield 3-9300 R. M. LUFF CONSTRUCTION COMPANY York and Welsh Roads Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Willow Grove 2005-6 meras - projector hoosu lies Hillside Cemetery P t pp and WILLOW GROVE PHOTO 81 HOBBY CENTER Ardsley Burial Park Roslyn, Pennsylvania Frank C. Yost 33 Easton Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania complete line Of hobby supplies SLOAN - THORNTON CO. INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANTS 266 Keswick Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Mechanical Designers General Drafting Turner 2235 A and J JEWELERS and WATCHMAKERS - DIAMONDS - All Repairs Guaranteed One Year 203 Davisville Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Across from R. R. R. Station Phone: Willow Grove 1945 Expert Watch Repairs BLAIR PRINTING COMPANY PRINTING BY LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET The Finest Printing Plant in Suburban Philadelphia Easton and Davisville Roads Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Telephone: Willow Grove 3083 KESLER'S "FLORISTS FOR THE PARTICULAR FOR OVER 20 YEARS Flowers Telegraphea' Anywhere II5 Tennis Avenue North Hills, Pennsylvania Ogontz 3109 - 24-24 Meet Your Friends Over A Midnight Snack KENYON'S DINER Route'l52 North Hills, Pennsylvania GLENSIDE LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Lumber - Millwork - Building Materials Coal V- Coke and Fuel Oil Glenside, Pennsylvania Ambler 0845 Estim OTTO FAD Plastering Contractor Interior and Exterior Work Summit Avenue Fort Washington, Pa. ates Given WM. F. McCULLOUGH 'l50'l Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania Quality Appliances Air Conditionings Dependable Plumbing and Heating Willow Grove 1095 Romans 12:11 GREETINGS FROM Mr. and Mrs. FRANK VIRNELSON CURTIS BUILDING 3039 Mt. Carmel Avenue North Hills Turner 0663 D. A. IACAMPO President Day - WA. 4-8123 Night - Ogontz 84-4-5 D. A. GRANT HARRY L. NITTERAU ER Clenside's FORD Dealer 81 SON REGISTERED PLUMBING - HEATING - OIL BURNERS Harry S. Nitterauer 218 Weldy Avenue 7'I5'I Ogontz Avenue Oreland, Pa. Philadelphia 38, Pa. 20 W. Glenside Avenue Opp. Reading Station OGONTZ 3422 Yes, Ma'am! Radio Dispatched Cabs mean. Compliments 'A Service in a Flash! , S oGoNTz 8545 gf XA X 7 A. M. to 2 A. M. . s rig' ARDSLEY TAXI A I: R I E D , To Anywhere N SHARPLESS STATIONERY SERVICE 213 York Road - Jenkintown, Pa. A FRIEND Since 1926 For Service Call Ogontz 9338 ABINGTON SHOE REPAIR JOSEPH PILEGGI Ogontz 4999 Pilgrim 3-3977 PERELL AUTO BODY WORKS A. PERELL, Prop. Expert Workmanship - All Work Guaranteed AUT0 ACCIDENT REPAIRS 1122 york Road , Abingfonl pa. 514 N. Easton Road - Glenside, Pa. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. C0mP1imff"f5 West Avenue and York Road of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania GOETTNER'S BAKERY Rent a Television for the Sick and Forget the Flowers! 31.50 A DAY JOHN T. DODDS - ELEC. APPLIANCES 'II20 York Road - Abington, Pg, FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS Ogoml 0329 JOSEPH MASSINO SHELL GAS X100 OIL GLENSIDE, PA. Ogontz 9052 Tyson and Jenkintown Road Glengide Ogontz 9289 Turner 1725 8 Private Dining Rooms Available for BANQUETS - ANNIVERSARIES WEDDING RECEPTIONS etc. WILLIAM S. REILLY GUILD OPTICIAN 725 West Avenue - Jenkintown, Pa. Ogontz 3150 A. APFELBAUM LADIES' and GENTS' FURNISHINGS Mt. Carmel and Tennis Avenues Roberts Television Ask for GEORGE or BILL Willow Grove 3090 Easton and Welsh Roads John P. Keller REALTOR Northern Suburbs Real Estate 'll3 York Road Jenkintown Ogontz 9600 Milo G. Smith GAS - OIL - TIRES Easton and Bradfield Roads Roslyn, Pennsylvania Ogontz 9142 Roxy!! l'Ll'l "A great name in good food" Ogontz 1679 "If we don't have it, we'll get itf' ROSLYN HARDWARE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS Roslyn, Pennsylvania Ogontz 7563 Full Line - Michelfdefs Cold Cuts MA R K0'S H Fresh Meats Groceries, Frozen Foods MA R K Fresh Killed Chickens 1558 Easton Road Roslyn Willow Grove 194-8 Open 6 Days a Week 8 A. M. Till 9 P. M. WML! , C H E V R O L E T I1 i comma 140 York Road LI vingston 9-3140 Ogontz 0172 Jenkintown, Pennsylvania ROY'S MARKET QUALITY FOODS Ogontz 1981 Phone - Willow Grove 0629 Roslyn, Pennsylvania - Watches - Diamonds - Silverware - Jewelry COMPANY GLENSIDE JEWELERS REALTORS 107 S. Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania 'll'l York Road, Jenkintown ogomz 7000 MA jesuc 5-0700 Ogfmfz 7021 Roslyn Convalescent Home 2630 Woodland Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania Phone: Ogontz 6776 A. S. FARENWALD . . . Flowers . York Road at Greenwood Avenue Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Phone: Ogontz 2469-W LOUIS M. BIASE LANDSCAPE GARDENER Driveways Resurfaced Cement Work 2328 Weldon Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania GLEMSER ELECTRIC SERVICE Television and Appliances SALES and SERVICE 25 S. Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Call Ogontz 6245 DeMARIA JEWELERS LUNT - GORHAM - TOWLE - STERLING 'Il2 South Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Ogontz 9448 BEAGLES OF GREEN HILL PUPPIES and BROKEN DOGS H. BRACKINRIDGE Ogontz 1907 Walt Burger Fruit - Vegetables - Frozen Food Roslyn, Pennsylvania The Pike Restaurant Specializing in Sea Food 715 Huntingdon Pike - Rockledge, Pa. Walter R. Koppe, Prop. Sea Food To Take Out Phone: Cheltenham 8020 Montanye Funeral Home Huntingdon Pike and Park Avenue Rockledge, Pa. Phone: Pl. 5-14-97 Smith's Self Service Food Market Pennsylvania and Bala Avenues Oreland, Pennsylvania Ogontz 374-9 Prompt Delivery "Quality Meats Have Made Us Famousl' Courtesy of Friendship - Bray Chapter Order of De Molay Abington, Pennsylvania ST. JOHN 3:16 For Cod so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. A FRIEND Plume: ogomi 1687 - ogomi 04.97-J JOHN M. READING, f.m.p. Sanitary Plumbing and Automatic Heating 211 S. Easton Road - Glenside, Pennsylvania Specializing iii Repair Work and Modernization Herbert A. Peck, Jr. John M. Reading Penn - Plastics Corporation FAIRHILL AVENUE Glenside Avenue THE MUSIC BOX 410 York Road lnext to H. 81 H.I "fenkintown's Complete Music Store" Band Instruments and Accessories Pianos - Phonographs - Records - Sheet Music E. E. Shupp, Jr. Ogontz 5958 Compliments Of J. P. VILLO FAMILY Congratulations and Good Luck to the CLASS OF '54- from DAVIS PHARMACY Charles S. Davis, BSC. 877 Township Line Elkins Park Ogontz 1616 SNACK SHOP IN THE HEART OF ABINGTON Next To The Post Office I'I'I7 York Road .lim Rosamilia and Earl Williams, Props Ogontz 9375 STEVENS GROCERIES FROZEN Foons - ICE CREAM 928 CYPRESS AVENUE GREETINGS BY D E K E R Elkins Park, Pa. Ogontz 9164 Joi-IN TENER GARBUTT P 0 W E I- I- ' S Real Estate and General Insurance D R U G S T 0 R E Abington, Pa. 1125 old York Rd. 7 Ogontz 4300 Abington, Pennsylvania J. 81 L. Carhop 2609 Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Take Out Service - Turner 04-24 Evening Car Service as Where Your Car Is Your Private Booth" Spec. Hoagies - Steaks, Hamburgers, Fountain and Table Service Hours - 7:30 a. m. to ? Compliments 01' SHORE'S MARKET Willow Grove Free Delivery - Call Willow Grove 3071 Roslyn Pharmacy 1130 Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania Free Delivery - Ogontz 3944 Eugene Gottlieb, Registered Pharmacist Hi-Grade Full-Fashioned Nylon Hosiery manufactured by Hi-Grade Silk Hosiery Co., Inc. Davisville Road and Maplewood Avenue Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Hosiery Sold Wholesale and Retail Telephone: Willow Grove 0447 LEO J. MARTIN GENERAL MERCHANDISE For the Home and Pers.on FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Cash or Terms Call Osborne 5-0143 Willow Grove, Pennsylvania FELTON-SIBLEY painffi Harold Vandegrift KITCHEN CABINETS Planned and Designed to Fit Your Kitchen Seeds - Seed Potatoes - Insecticides - Paint COMPLETE REMODELING Class - Hardware - Poultry Supplies - Barretfs Formica for Sinks and Cabinets '- Recreation Roofing - Lime - Fertilizers - Peat Moss Rooms -7 Carpelitermg of Au Kmds -7 Wall F ll E h Ch. hllla F d Coverings of All Types u ers art - mcit ee i TONY DI PIETRO General Merchandise - Purina Clwws OGONTZ 8596 Edgehill, Pennsylvania Ogonfz 5442 2340 -rogue Ave. Glenside Pa MARlON'S LUNCHEONETTE THE DOG HOUSE York Road and Moreland Willow Grove, Pa Complete Pet Supplies Open 7 days a week 1329 York Road - Abington, Pa. W e cater to social functions 030113 0901 PAUL JAEGER GUNS AND SPORTING GOODS 211 Leedom Street at Greenwood Avenue Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Phone: Ogontz 6920 GREETING OF VANAMAN'S LUNCHEONETTE TOWN PHARMACY, INC. 0201111 6996 PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE KESWICK CYCLE COMPANY Telephone Willow Grove 0100 Lionel Trains - Hobby Supplies Davisville and York Roads Model Airplanes - Raleigh and Schwinn Bicycles willow Grove' Pennsylvania North Easton Road - Glenside, Pa. CASANI ABINGTON GIFT SHOP 317 North Second Street 1104 Old Y0"k R994 philadelphia Abington, Pennsylvania Compliments HA TTENTIONH of O'CONNELL'S LUNCHEONETTE 1550 Easton Road South Willow Grove WHITE'S SERVICE STATION Weldon, Pennsylvania OLMES PHOTOGRAPHY PROM PHOTOGRAPHS 282 Keswick Avenue - Glenside, Pa. Ogontz 5887 KESWICK HARDWARE TOOLS - PAINTS - GLASS 343 Easton Road - Glenside, Pa. Ogontz 3644 W E DELIVER COURTESY or JESSE'S RANCH HOUSE RESTAURANT Abington, Pennsylvania Hoagies, Steaks and Hamburgers To Take Out Willow Grove 9199 STAPLEFORD'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Easton and Bradfield Roads Roslyn, Pennsylvania Ogontz 9351 DAMATO TAILORS TAILOR MADE HABERDASHERY 1190K Eastern Road -- Roslyn, Pa. Ogontz 2949 Ogontz 9003 CHERRY GOWN SHOP 2271 Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania WILLOW GROVE APPLIANCE SHOP U. C. BALBIER 58 North York Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Phone: Willow Grove 1440 SCALFARO'S SHOE REPAIR SERVICE WHILE YOU WAIT 121 North York Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania CERTIFIED TELEVISION SERVICE 218 Davisville Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Phone: Willow Grove 0660 Daniel G. McCloskey -- Andrew S. Kohut Pharmacists A. S. KOHUT PHARMACY Glenside, Pennsylvania Phone Willow Grove 0607 Patronize Your Independent Dealer BILL'S SERVICE STATION Road Service - Auto Repairs On All Makes of Cars DR. R. BUTERBAUGH, JR. DENTIST Glenside, Pennsylvania Battery Service - Ignition and Carburetor Specialist Turner 1346 1521 Easton Road -- ROSIYIII PG- WEARING APPAREL - GREETING CARDS Compliments Gifts For All Occasions Of SALLIE HANSEN 502 Tyson Street - Ardsley, Pa. Ogontz 3593 ARDSLEY GULF STATION ARDSLEY SUPER MARKET 508 Tyson Avenue Ardsley, Pennsylvania Ogontz 8535 Free Delivery A. H. B. SKEATH PHARMACIST Established Since 1921 2732 Limekiln Pike North Hills, Pennsylvania MARCHIONE ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRIC MOTORS REIVOUND and REPAIRED 1081 Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania Opposite Roslyn Station Ogontz 3576 BRADSHAW'S SUNOCO STATION High Prices - Poor Work - No Phone North Hills, Pennsylvania Ogontz 9085 HILL TOP INN Easton and Edgehill Roads SUBURBAN TRUCK SALES, INC. Newly Authorized International Truck Dealers 2832 Limekiln Pike North Hills, Pennsylvania Roslyn, Pennsylvania Ogomz 9034 DAVID'S MEN'S-WEAR SHOES Compliments 125 North York Road of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Willow Grove 1779 ACE CUT RATE ATTENTION - GIRLS RON SCHMITZ VITA CRAFT COOKWARE "A free gift with every display" 440 Edge Hill Road - North Hills, Pa. Ogontz 2322 W E DELIVER Cheltenham 2594 PI lgrim 5-8185 SIWEK O Plumbing and Mill Supplies 130 Huntingdon Pike, Rockledge, Philadelphia 11, Pa Industrial Supplies - Hardware 81 Paint - Buildefs Hardware - Roofing Supplies GLENSIDE LINEN AND SPECIALTY SHOP Simplicity Patterns - Fabrics - Blouses - Skirts - Hose Lingerie 7 South Easton Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Ogontz 824-1 A. J. VENTRESCA ROSLYN BARBER SHOP 1160 Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania RICHARD B. SCHMITZ C . ornplunents PLLIMBING AND HEATING "As It Should Be Done" Of 440 Edge Hill Road - North Hills. Pa. C. F. MILLER IOBBING SEWERS SILVER PHARMACY MILL'S ESSO SERVICE Henry Silver, BSC., Prescription Specialist Tires - Bane,-ies - Accessories 2743 JBHHNTUWH Road 1712 York Road - 1817 Easton Road ANISICYI Pe"f'SYIV0"li0 Willow Grove, Pennsylvania 050ml 6614 Willow Grove 9172 Willow Grove 9146 L. W. OSWALD DRUG STORE Phone: Ogontz 1447 York Road at West Avenue Jenkintown, Pennsylvania CAMERON'S DRUG STORE The REXALL Store Oreland, Pennsylvania LARRY'S BARBER SHOP LAWRENCE VENTRESCA Two Barbers - Sanitary Service 175 York Road - Abington, Pa. Next to Fire House FARBER DRUGS Elkins Park, Pennsylvania NICE 8. LEEDS AUTO SERVICE STATION Old York Road at Eckard Avenue Phone: Ogontz 9280 ROY AVENUE STORE David .I. Thompson York Road and Roy Avenue Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Willow Grove 9041 Ogontz 6939 C. D. LAMPHERE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Gas and Electric Water Heating - Gas House Heating 2901 Mt. Carmel Avenue North Hills, Pa. G. REED LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING 1134 Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania Ogontz 1310 SENDERLING 81 DAMM HARDWARE 2610 Jenkintown Road THE VOGUE SHOP 274 Keswick Avenue Ardsley. Pennsylvania Womerfs and Mi sses ' Wear - Gifts Free Delivery Ogontz 4366 Ogomz 1985 nosLYN GARAGE C0"'pZ"'e'm Easton Road and Mildred Avenue PICKWELL ulimself, Phone: Ogontz 9039 423 Old York Road - Jenkintown, Pa. Ogontz 0858 Good Luck to the Class of '54 Solo Blank Consolidated Home Furnishing Co. 1010 Race Street - Philadelphia Walnut 2-4846 BEST WISHES from ELE, PRIS, JAN WHlTING'S 237 Keswick Road Glenside, Pennsylvania Ogontz 1962 YOUNG FASHIONS The CI1iIa'ren's Store 288 Keswick Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania GREETINGS FROM GLEN FOOD MART 347-49 Easton Road Ogontz 5124 Glenside's Finest and Most' Complete SUPER MARKET DAVID CLARK, JR. Insurance Now For Assurance Later Ogontz 3484 DAVIS HAIRDRESSERS 285 Keswick Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Ogontz 3165 GLENSIDE UPHOLSTERING SLIP COVERS Upholstering in All Its Branches As It Should Be Done Workmanship Guaranteed Keswick Building - Glenside, Pa. FRANK COOK BARBER SHOP 913 Jenkintown Road Elkins Park, Pennsylvania ERNESTINE MYERS Cards and Gifts For All Occasions 2745 Limekiln Pike - North Hills, Pa. OPEN EVENINGS JULES ISAACS, JR. Home Furnishings Service 284 N. Keswick Avenue -- Glenside, Pa. Turner 0579 "Every Day Is A Sale Day" Phone: Willow Grove 9016 JlM'S MARKET Fresh Fruits - Vegetables - Groceries --- Fresh Meat 1751 South Easton Road FREE DELIVERY BARKAN'S YOUR PRESCRIPTION STORE JIM 8. BlLL'S TEXACO 1234 Easton Road 1172 Easton Road - Roslyn, Pa. Roslyn, Pennsylvania lNext to the Post Oilicel Ogomz 8732 WE DELIVER Auto Repairing - Pickup and Delivery FANELLI'S ATLANTIC WILLIE'S SWEET SHOP Pickup and Delivery Service Limekiln Pike and Mt. Carmel North Hills, Pennsylvania Ogontz 9300 1190 Easton Road LUNCHEONETTE Ogontz 9159 ROYCHESTER PARK FOOD MARKET 1715 York Road -- Abington, Pa. Open Evenings and Sundays Phone: Willow Grove 1931-W BENSON RADIO SERVICE All Makes Repaired Also Rustcraft Greeting Cards York Road and Cherry Street Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Phone: Willow Grove 0681 N. WILBUR SHELLENBERGER CEMETERY MEMORIALS Easton Road and Tyson Avenue Roslyn, Pennsylvania Ogontz 8293 Free Delivery ANTHONY'S MARKET Quality Produce - Fine Meats 2332 W. Jenkintown Road Phone: Turner 1656 Res.: Llvingston 8-0577 Glenna" P"""y'V"'i' CHRISTIAN LIFE CRYSTAL CLEANERS The Magazine for T oday's Christian RWHCJSU 1 chelfenhcm 83,00 per year W e operate our own plant 2421 Norwood Avenue PHONES - Rgglynl Pgnngylygnig Cheltenham 8787 F. M. PASTORE INC. KoENlG's ' WILLYS-OVERLAND - SALES and SERVICE The REXALL Drug Store 1538 Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania Glenside Telephone: Willow Grove 1427 and 14-28 HOLLYWOOD AMOCO SERVICE STATION Huntingdon Pikes and Cedar Road Hollywood, Pennsylvania Greetings MEHLMAN'S TEXACO SERVICE York Road and Parkview Avenue Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Phone: Willow Grove 9032 SCHMIDT'S MARKET FOR BETTER FOODS Ogontz 3848 - 3819 North Hills, Pennsylvania Greetings MacVAUGI'I'S DELICATESSEN York and Moreland Roads Willow Grove, Pennsylvania SUBURBAN REFRIGERATION Compliments I64 Tyson Avenue - Glenside, Pa. W CLASS OF '54 Ogontz 4027 Commercial and Domestic A FRIEND John Schamenek's Sunoco Service Station York Road and Roy Avenue Willow Grave, Pennsylvania Phone: Willow Grove 9187 C. Self-Service Laundry CARMEL LAUNDROMAT 2256 Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania MT. Lombardo, Prop. Ogontz 7952 SHORE BROS. PONTIAC, INC. 4201 North Broad Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. TROUT'S GULF SERVICE Keswick and Glenside Avenues Glenside, Pennsylvania Ogontz 9059 GREEN ARROW - PARK 8. EAT GOOD FOOD CURB SERVICE FARM BUREAU INSURANCE COMPANY FREE Life - Fire - Auto Insurance Estate Analysis to Abington Alumni E- A. SCA-I-TERGOOD Ogomz 8360 Insurance Rates Lowest When Y0u're Young 219 Woodlyn Avenue - Glenside, Pa. Richard S. Gernert's Abington Insurance Agency Good Luck 1125 Old York Road 'O the CLASS OF '54 Turner 04-46 A FRIEND Cnext to Post Office? ZlMMERMANN'S Best Wishes From 455 5.54-gn Rnd B Ro Glelsldelgwlzzzglvonla - RS DEPARTMENT STORE Family Outfitters Since 1905 Opposite Reading Railway Station OLSON'S STORE Glenside 529 Gibson Avenue - Hollywood, Pa. Ogontz 0486 Groceries - Delicatessen - Cigars - Candy BULK-Breyer's Ice Cream--PINTS Phone: Cheltenham 2406 Trunk's Self-Service Market MEATS - GROCERIES - PRODUCE Melrose 5-8806 Pick Up and Deliver Your Home Station Roberts Atlantic Service Station Free Delivery Ogont 1115 Lubrication - Washing - Ignition Service Minor Repairs Limekiln Pike at Willow Grove Avenue Edge Hill - Glenside, Penne. T"""s"'P """ C"d""""'e' Elkins Pork 17, Pennsylvania Waller Motors, Inc. Sales and Service York 81 Harte Roads Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Ogontz 3400 Majestic 5-3400 LINCOLN - MERCURY Hair Stylist and Permanent Wave Expert Varner Hairdressing Roberts Block, At Station Glenside Kay Varner, Prop. Ogontz 6568 Ogontz 9338 Quality and Service First SAM SCHAFFER Custom Tailor Daily Pressing Service 'l'I24 York Road Abington, Pennsylvania Telephone, Ogontz 0951 and 0950 North Hills Supply Company Coal - Fuel Oil -- Coke - Building Material 2908 Mt. Carmel Avenue North Hills, Pennsylvania ABINGTON DINER 1700 York Road WG. 9020 Quality Food - Excellent Service Open 24 Hours a Day Greetings Wm. T. B. Roberts 81 Son REAL ESTATE Phone Ogontz 9257 MINOR REPAIRING Abington Texaco Service Station Washing - Tires - Batteries - Accessories - Trailers T. O. Bjornson York Road and Guernsey Avenue Abington, Pennsylvania G. Parkhouse 81 Sons FINE F0005 Phone: Ogontz 7500 Abington, Pennsylvania Abington Auto Service GENERAL REPAIRING Official Inspection Station Automobile and Truck Service and Repairs 24- Hour AAA Towing - Gulf Service Ogontz 9014 Horace Avenue and York Road Abington, Pennsylvania Caldwalader Service Centre Wheel Balancing - Front Emi Alignment Complete Motor Work - U ndercoating Township Line and Calwalader Avenue Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Ogontz 7054- Carlson Motors Jenkintown, Pennsylvania CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Fowler-Shinn, Inc. Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Sales - Service DODGE - PLYMOUTH Parts - Sales - Service DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS Ogontz 7900 Ogontz 7428 Majestic 5222 Ogont 3163 Good Food - Values - Service Sha rpless The Baederwood Grill Old York Road lAbove Jenkintown, Penna.l Air Conditioned Stationery Service 213 York Road Jenkintown, Pennsylvania H. G. R EBUCK a SON 2140 AISQUITH STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 42' 41 'f 1 A -c: ,J PRINTERS-LITHOGRAPHERS TO 5 A SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES EVERYWHERE 91 ii Pwzum of ii ff -I + Q YOUR I954 YEARBOOK Q Q Q if R. O'LESSKER CO. 809 Sansom St., Philadelphia 7, Penna. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE QUALITY CLASS RINGS AND PINS FOR OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY, ABINGTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS. Official Jewelers For The Oracle There ls No Substitute For Experience lt connot be dispensed with . . . or substituted for . . . lt should be of first considerotion in every importont under- toking . . .We meon experience. . .the speciolized experi- ence such os we offer in the field of School Annuol photog rophy. . .Thot is why yeor ofter yeo r, we hove been honored by being chosen Gfficiol Yeo rbook Photogropher by mony leoding Schools ond Colleges . . . Getting out o Yeorbook is o once-in-o-l ifetime undertoking. lt is there- fore good to know thot there is ovoiloble to you oll the experience thot is necessory to meet this unusuol emerg- ency. You will find our orgonizotion skilled ond resource- ful . . . our focilities ond resources omple to meet every problem connected with Yeorbook Photogrophy. ZAMSKY STLIDICS Official Photographers for Abington's Yearbook 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA Q ALITY FIR 'I' . . . a Philco Policy FROM THE MOMENT it is conceived to the moment it is delivered, every Philco product is built to the most rigid standards of performance and dependability. In every step of its design and manufacture, the first consideration is quality. No reduction in cost, no economy of production is permitted that makes the slightest compromise with quality or relia- bility. To the end that, for the price you pay, you may have confidence that the Philco name on any product gives you the assurance of the finest quality your money can buy. PH I LCO CORPORATION TELEVISION RADIO o REFRIGERATION o ELECTRIC RANGES o HOME FREEZERS s AIR CONDITIONERS ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS FOR INDUSTRY AND THE ARMED SERVICES BEAT THE HEAT K Mm BETTER LOOKING WITH O Admlfffl AIR CONDITIONING T E L E V I S I 0 N , FOR ROOM, HOME OR BUILDING PRICED AS LOW AS 5179.95 Soo lhom now in our display roo l 44. I IaN"9W'fQ'ji new GUIDE - LITE A SIZE FOR EVERY with 0 KITCHEN - PLANNED TO FIT YOUR NEEDS WASHERS 81 DRYERS PEIREE PHELPS ONE OF THE NATION'S LARGEST APPLIANCE DISTRIBUTORS 2000 BLOCK NORTH 59TH STREET PHILADELPHIA 3 PA Im u ,A f ..,.,. - ,, , , , , -. . . .,,, . , MY, .- X ,ff , . , f , H: N, '..f, 5'j, .Ng ' N, '3 wg N' W , N 5 .. Q. ga . A in if A 2, Y , , xv' :, , 64, , fPROPOSED SENIOR HIGH sc:-looL QQ, . xx' , Q, ., . fa. is r 1" ., we - Af Q Jossrn Wxcmoms, Jx., Archizecz HARRY PESCHEL, Associate H. H. LINN, Educational Consultant O. ENGLIASH, Superintendentof Schao

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