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f X If ff figqf, Q1 NN M-,Q...g 5 UA E3 X xl, Yilri 'ax -s I X0 , Z: yn mfrfxcfx 'M I X u 1 5 , Q! 1' 1 'lf fa f QL Q, ' K xZf!.4 FS 2- f 5 M 1 X 5' 4 M 5 X Ill x A f Q 1 ' T 4' Nix, xv A RJ x Nj I '5 ix'-J ' U ' NH f 12 ' N ,Y X' The I953 Grade presents A Portrait Cf You . at Abington High School Abington, Pennsylvania , 3 'fi ll A-GU if 4' 17- EAW' wfkiu 4, 1 fg. V: MQ 'fe Ig, 1 i A .Q 31 , as W4 y ,ff-A, 4, .Q W ew , N. , . 1 V W' f an an 'f' . 'Q L ask W 2, -,,, ,,,-, I H ' I 'f H 771 'f 7 V , I , V me , . , ' ff 'z flw f f , -f,f. f if , Q ,fffhfiv fvf .My .1 I 'Qz,,f,'gf1f-may , W if , f ' 1 fy ,,,, 'W I I f ' . .M I ' ' mm: .af-1' ll A , , inf- 'W I 6 r 5344! .uf-Qi, Exper1ences IH the form atlve years exert an nnport ant 1nfluence 1n moldlnq your personahty By prov1d mg these exper1ences the her1tage of every Amer1can student the home the church and the school deter m1ne the character of your portralt as a future c1t1zen f f The Oracle a Portra1t of You p1ctures scenes XVl11Cl1 1nfluence your personallty and deternnne your future Years hence you the alum n1 Wlll leaf through the fol lOYV11'1g pages and rehve your classes and act1x1t1es WVll1Cl'1 enr1ched and enl1vened your school l1fe 1n IQ53 e Classes You Attend e Frlends You Make e Games You Play e After hours You Enjoy You are the sum of all your experiences 2 ll Th . ' H- Th ' .. ' Th ffl Th - ' 'Ax Tl i ,J as fri' -:gg If! . '- -4 5 eil 2.593500 ff' W WM This top-notch rccrc ,,, l ational spot offers vari -+R ous facilities for sports and instrumental music -.,.,,, i Hi As the Primary Colors Are to a Painting So the Home, Church, and School are WWW 1.4-1 L' 173, 3- . 'Mio-7-fi: il '9 l'!hq- The bell rings and then this walk tccmv with students hurrying to and fro. The auto, Wood, machine, electric, and print shops, the gym, the art and music de- partments, and the science laboratories are part of the extensive facilities that sat- isfy the pupils' diversified interests and sharpen every facet of student life at Ab- ington. Sports, publications, social events, musical and dra- matic productions, as well as curricular experiences, pro- vide an opportunity to make l i f e - l o n g acquaintances among the faculty and the student body and to aid in the selection of a future vocation. Factors in Creating Your Personality - Cottage c asses in ami nm fi.. 0 . S Having Fun in Extra-Curricular Activities An enjoyable tea time pre- sided over by Mrs. Henzel, as well as Mrs. English, Mrs. XX'oodrufT, Mrs. Holmstrom, Miss Godfrey, and Mrs. Mc- Connell, preceded the welcomed address of Dr. Andrew Holt, here speaking with Dr. O. H. English and Mr. S. Woodruff, President of the Abington Teachers' Association. Assist- ing Mrs. Henzel is Freda Friz of llle F. T. A. Club. At Miss Catharine I.obach's Thirty-first Annual Latin Club Dance Chairmen Ray Hamilton fOrchestraj, Robert Colladay fljrogramj, Mary Spence flin- tertainmentj, Miriam Langley fficketj, Anne Neide and Marylew Cooper fGeneralJ, Patricia Hill fDecorationj, Lou- ise Carty fPublicityj and Her- bert Campbell fServicej helped to make Neptune's Nemesis a huge success. ' I , v Q ' X mb QI it it t tr? 4 I5 ff' hw 'hiv 'f- ,,,, in , 15 . 3 i - .f gf W i,i'k w 'i' 7?L?v?2QM IT 2 ' 1 ,'1fk Zyf-3 fV,, 4, ' Q WM, 1 , , . M? , A JE , .Q 1 5 54,4 94 , i ., Democratic Living, Hobbies, Sports.. Donkey basket ball game proves hiIariOL1S. Boys pyramid to victory as Abingtonians cheer. iff' iioi n i n Spin: mounts for coming sporrb clashes x A xx X ix ,, V i X fs' 5-.. Experiences in Participating in Musical A I X ID.-vm fi L af' ff A AE . W 'UW QSAX xg My I' rv M ! A 1 9 A 1 maths ' v 1.1 Parties and Dances .. In X5 ix ' X6 W, Classes faculty I YW mnunmmufl il QV? - Q , ,H ff . V, ,. . k Q , N Classwork is the base of your portrait to increase your knowledge . . to broaden your perspective . . to widen your interests . . . to learn how to study . . . to prepare for life . . . are the classroom goals. 1 l 1' ' f llvlfa 45159 ' - 41, I K P A N , Ly, FY b tw' 1 --at Adminstrative Leaders Promote Best in 'llam-., 1 Lefz to rigbz: J. Edward Shmidheiser, treasurerg Nathan S. Trump, maintenance engineer, Charles W. Smithg Peter F. Fetterolf, presidentg Percival R. Reider, solicitorg Dr. Henry F. Daum, secretaryg Howard T. Wennerg Dr. O. H. English, superintenclentg William R. Andrews. vice-presidentg Carl O. Hednerg Mrs. Evelyn G. Henzel. 7'1- .25 K f Elected by the citizenry of Abington Township, the members of the Board of Education define the general educational policies of our schools. Appreciating the fact that meeting the needs of the individual students in order that each may give his best is the goal for democratic living, they gladly offer their time, energy and business acumen to give Abington students the finest schooling obtainable. To maintain these outstanding educational opportuni- ties, the School Boardg Dr. O. H. English, superinten- dentg and Dr. G. F. Stover, curriculum directorg to- gether with the Municipal Authority, are giving care- ful and far-sighted planning to the new high school soon to be erected. Dr. English and Dr. Stover examine blue prints or the additional classrooms that will take care of the growing school population which is now 5500. Educational Policies for Student Bod O 'N P-JT NL.. Our prrnerpil xxrllinelx offers his Se wee tw Phxlln Peltz Abmeton Hr h behool eontrnues to enjoy 1t5 posr tion of sehollstie lttunment in eelueltron through the eompetent letderxhip of Mr Eugene Gcrnert principal Hn reeofnitron and interest in the problems md needs ot the inelnielutl students are the bms for employing thoee methods ul mtruetion but suited to dexeo ? '- I7' -dm the indmeluil is 1 worthy citizen of Abington Serxme ,ts Nlr Gernerts rieht hand man IS Mr Eduard Northlm He oxerseee the sehedulrng and the multitudinous detmls of keeping thc Student body hung h rmonlouily if -111,-,fl A Mr Feglcx .mel blr Northxm scan Dig Crexu recur , 'H CG ' 7 '43 , K ' be I ,T ' , I j ii K t -A X . 've u , ' 7 ' 1' H , V ' 4 gr ,ff - - 5 b 'ie - tif A ' 2 F ,Y ,urs N S Q, Fifi, 1 ' Sri? EngHd1... vm 5 NY X I X iv gf, fe . ' -rr . 3 V . ao. Q ' if .4-' w x s f Englnb Mary Grace Ambler Paul G. Beaver Dorothy Cathell Allan A. Glatthorn Emma C. Haldeman Emma S. Richards Anton F. Stanis Zaidce Garr XX'ynrt if Reading lines helps Honors Group get the feel of the music of the Romantic poets. Classes Communicate Ideas ..,,v, 'gwpr :If '14, . Recordings enliven English. Sophomores reading The Tale of Tao Cilier learn the how and why of revolutions. Social Studies . . . 1' 'X El .N X fl it Y - X., Pawlings POD'ccrs pnluvcr about politics. ' S Q f 4 j L - 2 4. La 3- .0 , f st s I 9 .gf .Lf X Sarhzl Slzrdier Elmer E. Carroll Helen M. Clark ,Iulm E. Davison Venard L. Fegley J. Ira Kreider C. F. Pawling ii Prepare for Living with Others Y X g . -..., A yi fi'-iT!ZS'b f X 1 Q '-ns SH 1 Nui s spsrk D.ivison's POD class. Contem orarv Histors members scan P . . DCWS CVCIHS. Y f post Mathematics ancl Sciences . . . , 3 V X 4 f Mathematic: lv- Q, - mf Q21 5' . ,f H. Albright 4 W ' ' I If. A. Brunner i ' 5... Vg X l k Lewis C. Swartz ' Q 1. S. XX'oodruH 1 Ai l if Srienre Y G. Burlington ' 'Y ' ' George Erb I i Evelyn O. Lenner J' 5 . 4-5 5- in' 'Z ' l M. B. Messinger A Q' f ,X Vgx 4 .2 All Earnest A. Rauch 'N Students of mass and matter congregate to record experimental proof F77 Your Solid is showing. Srudenrs cooperate in Algebra, preceding an antrcipated quiz. Enhance Your Knowledge Muslc, Art Books . Un If I Merun Gottshall Verus IM Weawer Edxth NI Milne L1 7171172 Helen Buggs IIE lvfm ru E ri r .me V Davts iv ti ff sift? f, 7-Q ,Ah '--,q..,,,.-43-1'-I-' ff BEAUA 5 sf x Frutts of these lndustrtous arttsts dtsplased on vsall and bullettn board Broaden Your Perspective 7Q Pettodtcals attract students Qutntct rehearse-s close harmom for mans publtc affatrs 4 .N W4 'T f 4 wi Y 5 . M -f .J I 'Q X xi X' X 1 Q . Athx f ' at .. . 9 K 0 . ' N 3 F' Ti f ii 2- 21 , , - ' , ' 6 4 s. 5 N . Q may S- x 1 T Ei . 5 ' A ' ff, 1 - 5 - A N at. N 1, s . EA . - f x2 ,, I Q . , v I I 1 Z. , fl , -1..--- 5' A 5 Q S I X 4 t n N .-it ' - A 3- 1 J g U N I ' V- 1 0 A .1 , x -5. r ' Q , S of 95 7' r if 3 t s . AS! lf: , V N ,l i XM ' I ua 6 X ' X . r - I 2 ' s ,Q X , - ' s s L, ' . Nw Q -, - t,.s, . so f-- Practical Arts . . . , 1 Q E5 Rs. A-.E K A f .st in ,fl 5, tx, , A 'x Pmrliral Afff Lloyd R. Cole Robert Rapp Slmfcrk shopmcn learn ulmt makes it tick, Xxqlliqm Gum W. K. Armstrong David Clark, Jr. I I I I I Qffer Skulls for Maklng a jo Maurice H. Shafer Ralph Iwf. XVright I1lCLll'lCl.1flx r.1l-rc Gala Nrghr drrccuons from - I mai Business Education and Languages . . . Q Snr A l 9 1. .5 , J- ' 2... Y, ' Q, - . ,Z V K f Language.: Paul T. Gantt ,Aff Q 5 .f a aw, L. rf T15 'WDA 5 l . . , - A xn- -: fs.- En ., 0. 1 Z Clase tl: L-spfiiol aprcndemos L1 lublar luicn. Enrich Your Portrait Edna S. Powell C. E. Lobach L, 1. Reichard SLI , Burirzerr W -f- Edurfzlion - D. Krueger V '. Charles C. Roberts A Vcrlin L. Tate Alice F. V7eaver A. W. Wright nor :rpms g.lil1L'I' spt-ntl .mtl .1uL1r.1cy. . yr. s .V . V f ' ' M 411 1 nk ,gg if J Varicd ,athletic program teaches 'il My ,, Q i 5 if 7 Cafeteria Workers, Secretaries, Nurse 'R lunch periods priwille xwlcurne breaks in busy School days. Clfer Je ff,-I f M iff-f' Capable secrcmrics, Mrs. Miwre and Mrs. Pyle, keep our records strai-Qht. sl' Helpful Service 'Q X Mfg Nixbllf :Q-sr F Birfhlcrs luirmg with the Judiometcr I Y' an Topnotchers in the Spot Light 'ff ua-'Z Graduate of Bessie Tift College, Georgia, George XXfashington University and the University of Pennsyl- vania . . . came to Abington in 1917, dean of girls . . . sponsor of Oracle. debating team . . . active in Pennsyl- vania Deans of Women Association . . . organizer of type of commencement in which student speakers choose theme . , . originator of new technique of judging debating . , . adviser for girls about college selection and preparation . . . pioneer in teaching of family living clas- ses , . . coach of faculty, senior, alumni plays . . . dramat- ics adviser for school . . , authority in music, drama, books . . , chairman of English department . . . a cul- tured and gracious lady with a melodious southern accentffMRS, ZAIDEE GARR XVYATT. ' I l .e l ,..c . ,Z Football captain, debator, winner of cup in public speaking at Perkiomen Seminary '... head of class, Muhlenburg College . . . graduate vvork at University of Pennsylvania . . . came to Abington 1923, head of math department . . , responsible in large part for AHS exceptional record in Temple Mathematics Tourna- ments , . . fond of quoit pitching, chess, checkers, baseball, tabletennis . , , Calvary Mennonite Church Sunday School superintendent, church council member . . . member of school authority in charge of setting up the new Penn-Ridge High School , . . raises vege- tables and keeps a truck patch in his spare time . . . quiet, hardworking, reticent but sympathetic and under- standingfMR. XWALTIZR ALBRIGHT. I I l7A'er M 'T T. '.I Uffer lnvaluable Services to Students . . . Graduate of Kutztown State Normal School, Roches- ter Business Institute . . . came to Abington in 1919, head of business education department . . . former foot- ball and baseball coach , . . mighty deer hunter . . . has line gun collection , , . headed township cafeterias. business and financial part of AHS publications . . . township auditor . . . served as state business ins ec' tor of private sehools at recluest of State Seconcarv Sehools Principals' Association . . . noted for training business group in ideals and manners . . . ran ex- tremely good placement service for business graduates . . . prepared selected students for secretarial work at Standard Pressed Steel .,.. in all-around man, well-liked bv all -MR. DAVID KRIIFGER. slab It ft' f WN Graduate of XY'est Chester High School and State Teachers' College . . . two vears in World XY!ar I as sergeant in Medical Corps of 79th Division . . . came here in 1920 to teach mechanical drawing, head of vocational department . , . past president of Allegheny County Industrial and Vocational Association, Pitts- burgh . . . secretary-treasurer Montgomery County Indus- trial Teachers' Association . , . head of AHS faculty social committee . . . traveling is favorite pastime . . . has been in almost every state and Mexico and Canada , . , ardent philatelist . . . gardening enthusiast . . . spends spare time making tables, chairs, chests, desks, sewing cabinets for his home . . . genial, calm, unselhsh, and thoughtful of others!MR. RALPH WRIGHT. of It It 2. 'N-ei in lf -11 3 .4 - -f xv, me r vgj ,Q -. PZ Memories Play Roles the greeting of a friend . . . the chatter at lunch time . . . homework, tests, reports . . . dances, parties, programs . . . commencement, graduation . are indelible memories. G0 09 ka' QQBQQ B JC'5'1 4 NJ A fr , I- 'ix X - It 51, Q 0 v A . A ,f I ' fl ,f , I , 'Q -- 4 'gn 7170- 1 fl A A T . X l Q . 2 2 0 lx, I WILLIAM THARP ANDERSON Vocational 2439 Susquehanna Road Roslyn Bill, Always considerate of others5 Does ex- cellent work in print shop5 Cross Country Manager 35 Honor Roll 2, 3 5 Vocational Dance Committee 3. ELMA L. ARNAIZ College Preparalory 1273 Huntingdon Road Abington El, Practical and easy-going, with a warm smile in those green eyes5 Gala Night 23 JAC Dancer 25 Sophomore homeroom secretary5 Abinglonian distributor 2, Music Festival. PATTI LOU ASI-IWELL General 342 Keswick Avenue Glenside Pat, Oh for crying out loud! 5 true to her friends5 Able homeroom chaplain 1, 2, 33 Intramural sports 2, 35 Knitting Club 1, 25 Headed for the Women's Air Force. SANDRA ROMIG BARNARD College Preparatory 631 Baeder Road Baederwood Sande, Sweet sophisticationg Ambitious mem- ber of Quintette5 A Cappella Choir 2, 35 Dis- trict Chorus 35 junior Assembly Committeeg Gala Night 1, 2, 35 Student Council 1, 25 Merry in Senior Play. ARLENE RUTH BEAVER College Preparatory 937 Easton Road Roslyn A loyal Abingtonian who delights in library work5 Dog House helper 1, 2, 35 Abingloniarl 2, 53 l.F.E. 1, 2, 35 Gala Night 2, 3g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Senior Play publicity chair- man, Pep Rally Committee 3. WILLIAM RICHARD BELL College Preparatory 628 Central Avenue Ardsley Bill or Wee Willie, Can be serious but loves to clown5 Quick to say the thing he thinks of when it involves cars or gasoline engines. Q T ROSEMARIE FRANCES ABEL General 2710 Susquehanna Road Roslyn Reserved brunette packed with personality5 Constantly exclaims I am NOT short! , As- sembly Committee 25 Intramural Basketball 25 Senior Play usherette5 Affiliation Committee 3. ROBERTA JEANNE ABRAHAM College Preparatory Susquehanna Road Fort Washington Bobby, Funaloving chatterbox5 Usherette at Gala Night 2, Graduation of '52, and Senior Play5 Girls' Chorus 1, Z, 33 Sharp at table tennis. EDWARD RONALD ALKINS College Preparalorp 2047 Old Welsh Road Willow Grove Eddie, An avid sports fan and Eagle Scout who has a knack for doing many things well, Color Guard 1, 2, 3, Baseball Manager 1, 2, 35 Student Council 2, 3. ALICE ELIZABETH AMBRUSTER College Preparatory 1216 Mildred Avenue Roslyn Betsy, A pleasing personality and an amiable mannerg Basketball 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Capable Homeroom Veep and Discussion Leader 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 Intramural Hockey 35 IFE typist and sports reporter 35 Nominating Committee 2, 35 Hard-working Yearbook co-editor. JEAN ELIZABETH AMEND Buiineu Education 114 Forrest Avenue Elkins Park 17 Jeanie, An attractive appearance and a sunny dispositiong Striking blue eyes5 Member of Latin, Knitting, Typing Clubs, Intramural Basa ketball 1, 2, 3. ANNE TOWNSEND ANDERSON General 2439 Susquehanna Road Roslyn Townie, Consideration of others makes her a friend worth knowing, A Cappella Choir 35 Sewing Club 25 Usherette for Spring Music Festival and Commencement '52. is B-fdlwlffo an MADELINE IRMA BENINGOSO College Preparatory 1411 Arnold Avenue Roslyn Earnest and Cfflflenl worker wrth stnktng dark eyes Always gnes her best Consrstently makes the Honor Roll 1 2 3 Abmgtonxan repre senratue 1 Lxcellent typrst for Yearbook ANN VALERIE BENNETT College Preparatory 1388 Warner Road Meadowbrook Lthcrent attracuve asset lost by Ill1no1s Fla1r for art and actmg Appears 1n summer stocks L11 1n Semor Play Dramatrc Club pres1dent 3 Publ1c1zes athleuc actmtxcs ANITA LOLISE BLESSING College Preparatory 618 Abmgton Avenue Clensrde Sweet and trdy wrth a fla1r for mUSlC A compamst for many mus1cal nts 1 2 3 G1rls Chorus 1 A Cappella Chorr 2 5 G1rls Tr1o 3 Student Counc1l 1 junror Prom Comrmttee Semor Play Sw1mm1ng2 3 EDITH AMBLER BOUTCHER Burmet: Education 1821 Eckard Avenue Abrngton Ed1e Knows every yoke ever told Short but not shy Shes Bobby trapped Bandl 2 3 Abrrzglormzrz reporter 1 Homeroom IS cusston leader 1 Senxor Play Publlcrty com m1ttee RICHARD MERIDITI-I BRAMBLEY JR College Preparatory 440 Cr1cket Avenue North H1lls Squrrrel Hts frrendlxness agrees wxth every one Ace h1gh 1n school sp1r1t Able trom bomst 1n band and orchestra 1 2 3 Dance Band 2 3 Gala N1ght 2 3 Baseballl 2 3 Basketball 3 GORDON LALION BRANIN Voratronal 2100 Susquehanna Road Abtngton Baseball 1 Basketball 1 Boys Chorus 1 2 Homeroom officer 1 2 Automobrle Club Spends h1s spare trme on h1s 16 Ford IR Q NY i-r Y' 'Zig YS' nf! 4' 'Qg tf Y'-Tfv be n,+f'DQ ' Sl 4 fxwi. MARGARET HELFNI BRAUE College Preparatory 737 Huntmgdon Prke Fovc Chase Peps1 Tall and blonde w1th a sparklmg sm1le very SIHCCIE Horseback r1d1ng and svummrng enthustast Semor Play Commrttee French Club Dance Commrttee 3 Gala Nrght College Preparatory 521 San Gabnel Avenue P 1 a ll Bobby 'Iall dark and clashrng Baseballl 3 Baslte ball 1 3 Soccer 2 3 Stu Councxl 1 Homeroom presrdent 1 jumor Prom Comm1ttee Ltkable Naval Reservtst MARGARET HILMA BRETSCHNEIDER Bufmerr Eduratzon 216 Runner Street loft Chase 11 Marge Smrere and fnendly Mrsses lI'l noth mg she undertakes Abmgtomarz and Yearbook txpxst 3 Honor Roll 1 Z 3 Oracle husmess stttt umor Prom Commrttee R1He Team 3 NAOMI ANNIE BROMLEY College Preparatory 1837 Memtt Road Ahmgton Judy A neat dresser mth a dry sense of humor 'lezrloob staff Semor Play cast French Club Dance Commrttee 3 Pep Com mrttee p How she plays that ukelele SLZANXE EDITH BLCKLEY College Preparatory 1017 Roseland Avenue Huntmgdon Valley R D 2 Suste An a set wherever she ts Hard play mg hockey fullback 1 A 3 Dramatrc Club junror Prom worker Student Coun 1 Steady Honor Roll stude aa N1zht accompamst 2 Oracle 2 Yearfoob LOLIQE ELSIE BLEHRFR Burner! Education 458 Sylyama Avenue Glensrde Wheeze DISIIHCK loathmg for speed tests 1n shorthand Prohcxent at maltmg her own clothes and ltmttrng Typmg Club 3 Kmttmg Clu 1 Future secretary . .A 1 . 4 '.A I , I A , N 1 A Ti, , , . ' I . A . ' M ff ya ' . A A '- ' ,1 ' ' 'll' 1 ' ' , y ' . L N - A I . f . l . V. . . 1 ch AJ , V A f 'K ' eve b, , 3 I M . L 1 , Q v. 1 l . Q il A Y . Q, 3, I 'nf' , ' I H H ' L I PI . S . , , A 8 X I 3 I , . I 5 in V .A . sk A ll I L t Q 2, 3. ' .fFlash , Affable, good-looking, and quiet? -, -5 ROBERT WH'-LIAhf BRECHT ' 2 . ' : E- wif' , U . . . .L ' I1-1 . . , y ' 7 2, gl Alt I, 5 l, 3 dent , , 4 . 3 . : . x , A P . . 0' at C 2 I Q 5, ,' ,S n I . I 1 j ' i A 1 J 1 . if K 1' It 1 V . r'V,Tk ,V r .' I 1 . I 2 .X isx VK - ' . ' , S Y , A . -X: ' ' '- ,-ps. 1 V I I Z Q4 , V . V . ,- - ' C11 . 51 H' Q Gl we I V T .V . 5s V .. ,, . . , X ff . X I 1 . ,. A A -- b , 23 I I . l VW 'Gil W , ...ff . e fs 07? 'iw ji PHILIP CRA LEY CHAPMAN College PY4fl,1V,1IOYj 1056 XX'eIlington Road Jenkintown ' Chapie. Has a pleasant. easyhgoing mannerg One of our staunch football linemen 1, 2, 52 Gymnastic Club 1, Sq Homewom Otfifer 1, 2: Student Council 15 Able racquetman and wrest- ler 2, 3. ROY bf. CLAYTON, JR. College PYEAl7,lV.1f07,7 1067 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley Mack, Friendly and co-operative member tif the Band 1. 2. 33 Dance Band 2, 53 Orchestra 2. 3, Baseball lg Interested in almost any- thingg University of Pennsylvania next. MARGARET ANN CLEMENS Bufinfrr Ejttfafforz 1117 Colonial Avenue Roslyn Hodgie , Talkrttive 'n' terrihcg Ready to lend a helping handg Gala Night 3g Homernom secretary 13 Constantly makes the Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Softball Team 1. MIRIAM GRACE CLYDE Burincrr Education 206 Hamel Avenue North Hills Midge, Sweet gal with a personality to matchi Cheerleader 1, 2, 31 .Iunior Prom Committee: Gala Night 1, 33 Girls' Chorus 31 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Senior Play usherette. ROBERT CHARLES COLLADAY Collage Pff,7,:fJZ',vj, 2118 Kenmore Avenue Glenside Bob. Serious application and eager coopera- tion: Blond sax player for band. orchestra. and Moonlipzhters 1, 2, 51 Able homeroom president and discussion leader: Honor Roll 1. 3, 31 Senior Playg Ilzrboof. LEXVIS AARON CONRAD Burimri lfJnf.:1if,n Second Street Pike Bethayres Lew, Easy-going, never in a hurry: NX'oiid Shop Club 1. 25 Spends his spare moments xxorking on cars: Hunting and hshing en- thusiast. 'S iw X -. X Ltd I ,ffl -it' I ii In of T91 ff 1--.J P! ez. I-ir ,- 5171! fsfrff' It FRANCIS ll HIQRNS l'0f.1!fwr,1l M2 Cricket Avenue Ardsley lfianny, Does things to the best of his ability, Spends his spare time as a stock clerk at Straxxbritlee and Clothier. I'ootb.ill 1: Social Dancing Club 2. JOY RCTI-I BUTLER Co.'lt,:t Prtp.1r.1lwy Twining Road Glenside, R. D. Sincere, likable, so easy to get along withg Tennis 1, 2. 5g Gala Niyuht 31 Gizls' Chorus 2. 33 Intramural Basketball 2. 33 Fond tif r tile: skating and lierseback riding NANCY MARTHA CAMERON G'frrfr,:l 112 XYischman Avenue Oreland Nance, Oh those big brown eyesg Friendly I-uLXLfyUI1L'I Al.'r::.'f,r,1.:v1 1, 2. 31 Tap Club 1, liaton Club 2: 'ltrnior Prom committee-Q In- tramural Basketball and Hockey 2. 31 Loyal librarian 1, 2. 5, Gala Night 1, 2, 3. HERBERT XYILLIAM CAMPBELL Cfflftge I'rt, .1v.1Imy T-15 Seminole Avenue Ifox Chase Manor Herb. Provocative talker, Red-headed, quick- tempered addition to the Hollywood ma- thine 1 Able trombonist 1. 2, 53 Color Guard 1, 2, 3: I'e.:r'LwE. Ourft Z. 33 Track 2, 3. LOUISE SERAPHINE CARTY Ccllegs Prf,'1.1f.:tory S02 Tyson Avenue Gltnside Avid reader with a ready answerg Note that wavy black hair: Omrlv I. Z. 53 Alcir:g,'w1i.1r1 representative 33 Latin Cluh Dance Committee 3: Intramurals 1, 2. 33 Gala Night 2, Senior Play, Eorurn 5. CHARLOTTE ANN CAUSEY College Pfepzfatary County I.ine Road Somerton Slender and well-dressed: Always ready for a good tirneg Gala Night Costume Committee 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Pep Committeeg Csherelte tor Senior Play. f '--ll' f i S. ir 'sl 'Q ss, . A 'i 5,41 ,rw WF' rm' 'S' 'C' ' :Wifi . , iw' ' ei 'B INIARYLEW HUGHES COOPER College Preparatory 2049 Maplewood Avenue Willow Grove Lew , Lovely to look at3 Student Council 1, 23 Hockey 1, 2, 33 Gala Night Kick Chorus 1, 2, 33 Latin Club Dance Chairman 3g Worked hard on Affiliation Committee 1, 23 Senior Pl:1y3 Yearbook. JAMES RICHARD COIJLON Butinerr Eduralion 15,121 Fitzwatertown Road Willtiw' Grove jim, Good hunter and fisher3 Tireless worker on father's farmg Quiet and likes to keep to himselfg Unobtrusive and asks no favors, CHARLES MOTT CRAMER Varalional 2338 Nylsor Avenue Roslyn Chuck. Partetime student. with us only three periods a weel-13 A fanatic for cowboy bo0ts3 Enjoys woodworking3 Has a strong liking for horses. RICHARD CHARLES EDXWIN CREWS College Preparatory 836 Edge Hill Road Ardsley Dick, A really likable great big bruiser, husky and tall who greets us all with Golly, guysl 3 Sports enthusiastg Football 1, 2, Cap- tain 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Wrestling 2, 33 Basketball 13 Home-room president 2. ANTHONY ARCHER CROSS General 1182 -lericho Road Abington Arch. Wfitty when aroused3 Interested in church activities3 Color Guard 1, 2, 33 Stu- dent Council 13 Homeroom officer 13 After- school worker. DOROTHY MARY CUMMISKEY General 640 Hamel Avenue Ardsley Dottie, Easy-to-get-alonglwith manner3 Dry witg A versatile clubster-Knitting, sports, and Industrial Arts3 Softball 13 Swimming i, 2, 3. if-rs ft. Aw-H 5 X. -.Z fn: iv 'Mr- Q 2' s PATRICIA ELLA CURRAN General 1612 Upland Avenue Noble Pat. Brightens everything she does with a smile3 Popular cheerleader 3: Student Coun- cil 2, 33 Afliliation Committee 23 Usherette for Senior Playg Gala Night 33 Main hobhy, writing letters. JOHN THOMAS CURTIS General jarrettown jack, A real photo bugg Nice guy to have around: Future poultry farmer3 Hails from Upper Dublin junior High. XVILLIAM HENRY DAVIES, JR. College Preparatory 318 Abington Avenue Cvlenside Bill, An excellent friend with personality PIUSQ ALir1,glfrr1i.u1. pane two editor 33 A Cappella 2. 3: Accompanist for Boys' Chorus 2, 33 Gala Night accompanist 2. 33 Home-room vice-presi- dent 3: Honor Roll 2, 33 Capable Orarlc co- editor 2, 3. BEVERLY DEAN College Preparatory 1-118 Old York Road Abington Bev. Tall and attractive sports enthusiastg All rightiel 3 Basketball 1, 2. 33 Hockey 1, 33 Homerooin president 1: Softball 13 Gala Night 1: Girls' Chorus 1. MARY LOUISE DEANS General 1510 Rothley Avenue XX'illow Grove Dainty Niss . A versatile athlete who re- zards her ability lightly: Basketball 1. 2, 33 Hockey 1. 2. 33 Softball 1, 23 Tap Dancer in Gala Night 2, 33 Abingzonian representative 1. 2, 3. FRANCES ELAINE DEBONA Burinetr Education '48 Castlewood Road Glenside Lane. Her friendly smile greets visitors at the service information desk: Loyal publicity worker for Senior Playg Knitting Club 1, 23 Typing Service 1. 2. 3 l JOSEPH FRANK DEIZINGARO , Vorxnonal 2321 Jenkintown Road Glenside -I , , Delz, Shy but likable, Divides his interest between driving a little black Merc and roller skating, Dance Club 2, Gymnastics 31 BOYS Chorus 2. JOHN DOUGLAS DENNIS General 2221 Hamilton Avenue Willow Grove W'indy , Versatile athlete, famous in 'SO for his gameawinning Long John play in Cheltenham game, Many glittering runs and passes since, Baseball 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH ANN DEPALANTINO Burirzcrr Education 368 Cadwalader Avenue Elkins Park Honey , Attractive brunette with a friendly smile, Enioys dancing, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, Tap Club 1, 2, Gala Night 2, Someone's future secretary. VINCENT JAMES DEVITO I'0f.L'j0!IJl 257 Tulpehocken Avenue Elkins Park Sam. Rugged physique attained by gymnastics 2, 31 Ace in weight lifting, Often seen at the nearest skating rink, Boys' Chorus 1, W'restling 1, 2. DOROTHY ALBERTA DEWEES 667157.11 2342 Oakdale Avenue Glenside Dottie, Quiet, but very friendly, Likes art, music, and basketball, Ping Pong Club 1, Tap Club 2, A future interior decorator. DENIS JAMES DOHERTY Voraliomzl 858 Central Avenue Ardsley Denny, Tall, handsome red-head with a wonderful personality and a ready hello , Combines his interests of horses and hotrods, Spends afterschool hours in an upholstery shop. L. ,ffl 1-0-' XW3 earl' Ml J: 3- A :QT ' A 6 Hr if, ,X V Q. 5 A . ,erti B- , ,i io hw' , . ii :j e-r' Q 'i f i C rfmiwfjl 'IQ 1:5--v X 3- is GEORGE MERRILL DOLL, JR. Voziztiorzal 2530 Radcliffe Avenue Roslyn Georgie, Always wear a smile is his motto and practice, A big boy interested in planes and basketball, Friendly with everyone. SHERRY BEA DOOLEY Burincrr Edxmztion 1029 Tyson Avenue Roslyn Sherry, Pretty and poppy, Interested in art and music, Gala Night 2. 3, Chorus 2, 3, JAC Dance Committee 2, Intramural Basketa ball 1, 2. 3, Senior Play coach, Soprano in Girls' Quintet, Student Action Committee. CAROLE DEWEES DUNCAN Gcrzfml 222 Roberts Avenue Glenside Buzzes around in that little Jeepster, Oracle 3, Athliation Committee 3, Publicity Com- mittee for Junior Prom, Gala Night 2, 3, Hostess Committee for Senior Play. DAVID RICHARD DURST College Pfepaulofy 840 Cedar Road Fox Chase Manor Dave, Wishes school began at 9:15, Main interest is camping and hiking, minor, chemis- try and science, Abinglonian 1, 2, 33 Oracle 2. BARBARA JOAN EHRESMAN Burinerr Education 32-I Holmecrest Road Jenkintown Manor Bahs, A lively blonde who is lots of fun on any occasion, Gala Night Kick Chorus 2. 31 Senior Play, Intramural sports follower, Ju- nior Prom Dance Committee. SHIRLEY ANN EINHORN Burlrzfrf Edurxtion 3000 Mt. Carmel Avenue North Hills You tlon't say , Chuck is present hobby, future hubby: Honor Roll 2: Student Council 1 1 Typing Club 2, 3, XVorld Youth Conference in XX'.1shington 3. 4-J xv , J 4. I K I ia Q ,,, sa l ll 3 JEANNIY CAROLE FREED Bufincrf Education -H8 Roslyn Avenue Glenside Jeanne, A sparkling Penna. Dutch Lass, Basketball and Hockey 1, 2. 3: Coach and member of Gala Night Tap Chorus 2, 3, Homeroom president 1, secretary 2, 3, Junior Prom Dance Committee, Senior Play. HAROLD ERNEST FREELAND College Preparatory 'TZS Kirkwood Avenue Fox Chase Manor Senor. Quiet, David's pal, all wrapped up in scale model railroaclingg Band I, 2. 3, Dance Band 2, 3, Orchestra 1. 2, Piano- playing member of The Naturals . BERTRAM S. FRFESTON College Preparatory -135 Cricket Avenue North Hills Bert, Man with a horn: Hard worker who's quick In say Hi-yal g First trumpter in Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3, Bas- ketball l. 2, Intramural Basketball 1, Excel- lent golfer I, 2, 3. FREDA MARGARET FRIZ College Preparatory -553 Township Line Road Elkins Park An enthusiastic supporter ot' anything at AHS, Affiliation Committee 1. 2. Chairman 3, Latin Club Dance Committee 11 Gala Night 1, 2, 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, Oracle 31 School store 1, 2, 3: Student Council 1. 2. 33 Senior Play. EDITH GRACE FROST Burirzctr Education 'OO Garfield Avenue Ardsley Frosty. Blond. hazel-eyed music and sports lover: Played Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 2: Aoingionian typist 33 President ot' homeroom 1, XVilI make a time secretary, CAROL ANN GACKENBACH College Preparatory -F1 Linden Avenue Glenside Tops in everything she, does, Outstanding artistic ability: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Publicity Committee for JAC Jubilee, Homeroom dis- cussion representative 31 Yearbook and Oracle, art and editorial staffs. :2 . J' 4 Alf fr' is an lli L I 45. if ,I C ,4 LOUIS JOSEPH EVANGELISTA Vocational 2347 Tague Avenue Glenside Luigi , Let's go home , Always seen in connection with cars, either as a driver or as a mechanic, Never throws away a chance for a good time. EUGENE BERNARD FINEGAN General 388 Keswick Avenue Glenside Gene, Very friendly and sincere, Has a genuine interest in sports, Flits around in the Hudsonmobile, Baseball 1, Boys' Chorus 2, 3. HERBERT WALTER FISS College Preparatory 1151 Jericho Road Abington Herb, A man of many ideas, A Cappella Choir 1, 2. 3, Band 1, 2, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, Gala Night 1, 2, 3, j.F.E. 1, 2, Orchestra 1, Student Council 1, 3, Ganttman 1, 2, 3, Racketman 1, 2, 3, Pawling Paddler 1, 3, Tri-School Committee 1, 2, 3, Senior Play. FRANCIS JOSEPH FITZGERALD Vocational 952 Maple Avenue Ardsley Fitz. Does anyone have an extra pencil? , Another fun-loving boy, A classroom tease, Future machinist and a good one, too. LEONARD ARNOLD FRANK College Preparatory 1751 Easton Road W'illow Grove I.en, Ladies' man, A busy referee of elemen- tary school games, Active Abingtonian, Latin Club Dance 1, Junior Prom 2, Homeroom Othcer and Discussion Leader 2, 3, Student Council 3, Gala Night 2, Wrestling 2, Harrier 2, 5. CARL HENRY FRANKLIN Burinefr Education 1651 York Road Willtzw' Grove Skinny . A warm smile and a winning way, A Cappella Choir 1, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Abingfonian 1. 2, 3, j.F.E. 2, 5, Interested in intramural sports and part time work. in ' CHRISTA JUTTA GAEDEKE College Preparatory Care of The Supplees 367 Roberts Avenue Glenside Conscientious exchange student from the Lily- Braun Schule, Athliation Committee 3, Senior Play, Swimming 3, Collector of pictures of great soloists. JOAN MARIE GALLOWAY Butinetr Education 2300 Parkview Avenue Willow Grove Joanie, Pretty black tresses, Always a kind word for someone, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, In- tramural Basketball, May work with her father at National Drug Company. CAROL GRACE GARYPIE College Preparatory 2119 Susquehanna Road Abington Carol, A friendly brown-eyed, dark-haired lass who loves to jitterbug, Many interests includ- ing music, dancing, piano, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Publicity Committee for Senior Play. PHYLLIS RENE GERHARD Btuinetr Education 325 N. Easton Road Glenside Phee , Little, lively, loquacious, Always has a smile for everyone, A Cappella 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 1, 3, Intramural Hockey 2, 3, Orchestra 1, Student Council 2, Oracle 3. SANDRA JANE GILEILLAN College Preparatory County Line Road Somerton Sandy, Friendliness personified, Source of con- stant chatter, Artistic ability, Gala Night 2, 3, Senior Play, Honor Roll 2, Yearbook, Secretary of homeroom 1, 2. PHILOMENA EUGENE GILORAMO Butinerr Education 482 Tyson Avenue Glenside Phil Very friendly with a contagious laugh that affects everyone, Likes skating and danc- ing Girls Sports Club I, 2, Dance Club 2, Typing Service 3. W fs-Sri rl -'DQ 11 X? e' 3- one are - Q at 1 ? MARGARET LOUISE GOODWIN Burineir Eduration 2020 Maplewood Avenue Overlook Hills Peg, A quietness that adds to her charm, Divides her interest between photography and typing, Typing Service 3, Intramural Basket- ball 1. LOIS JUNE GRAEFE General 920 Jenkintown Road Elkins Park Lo , Sweet, dark-haired lassie, Loves to roller skate, Entertainment Committee for Junior Prom, Girls' Chorus 1, XX'orks behind the counter at Oswald's. DOROTHY JOAN GRANT Burinerr Eduralion 707 Seminole Avenue Fox Chase Manor Dotty, Nice to know, Considerate of others, Sets the pace in the commercial department, Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Intramural Hockey 1, 2, Dance Band 2, Gala Night 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. ROBERT B. GRAY, JR. College Preparatory 2425 Ardsley Avenue Glenside Bob, Unobtrusive, but can make his presence felt, Takes pleasure in working on his car, Chessman 2, A blue-eyed rifleman of distinc- tion 2, 3. STUART ROBERT GUBA College Preparatory 804 Vforrell Road Rydal Stu , Conscientious about his work, coopera- tive and sincere, Color Guard 1, 2, 3, Dead- eye with a .221 Rifle team 1. 2, 3, Second in the District Shooting Matches 2. GEORGE INIELVIN HALL College Preparatory 820 Longstreth Avenue Fox Chase Manor Turk , Tall, dark, and good-looking, Easy to get along with, Likes to bowl, Homeroom vice-president 1, Treasurer 3, Homeroom pub- lications representative. 39 N. DORIS JEAN HARTMAN Burtnerr Education 2055 Maplewood Avenue Willow Grove Peggy's other half, tall and quiet, a peaches- and-cream complexion, Yearbook typist 3: Gala Night Make-up Committee 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, Honor Roll 2. lg: CHARLES DALE HARTSHORNE College Preparatory 774 Edge Hill Road Glenside Chico , When not in school, active in De Molay, Homeroom president 1, 3, Popular Senior Class president, Four-year band man, Rifle team 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3: Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Keystone of Pep Committee. KATHRYN MARY HECKENDORN General 1607 Upland Avenue Jenkintown Katy , Pleasant disposition, Nice when you get to know her, Well, I neverl , Peppy cheerleader 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Senior Play usherette, Typing Service 2, Horseback riding enthusiast. HARRY ROBERT HEILIMANN College Preparalory 2169 Susquehanna Street Abington Bob, An interesting newcomer from the Poco- nos, Biology and Chemistry Clubs 2, After school busy with Boy Scouts and photography, A future scientist interested in electronics. JOANESS HENNESSEY Burinerr Education 821 Cedar Road Hollywood Jo, Likes to have fun, Welcome addition to AHS from Olney High: Excellent back stroke mermaid, Ace on the basketball court, ALBERT LOUIS HERRMANN Butinetr Education 247 Tulpehocken Avenue McKinley Al, Quiet and witty, Likes all sports, Always seen with Landy, Abinglorrian 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Sports olhcial 1, 2. Q lf PJ1' JOHN RAYMOND HAMILTON, III College Preparatory 615 Seminole Avenue Fox Chase Manor Hamie , Conscientious leader, well-liked by .llg Accomplished saxophonist in Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Plays first clarinet in Band and Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, Able Student Council president 3, Latin Club Dance Committee 3. BARBARA LEE HANCE General 570 Baeder Road Baederwood Barb , Fun to know, Music-lover, Plays pi- ano, Studied modeling, Mary in Christmas pageant 2, Gala Night 2, Honor Roll 2, Student Council 1. JUDITH ANN HANCE General 2247 Charles Street Glenside Judy, The affable other half, A peppy cheer- leader with bright eyes and a mischievous smile, Girls' Chorus I, Z, Intramural Hockey 3, Senior Play, Oracle 3, j.F.E. typist 2, Abingtonian representative 1, Librarian 1, 2, 3. VIRGINIA MAE HANCE General 2247 Charles Street Glenside Ginger, the taller one of the duo, A cheery smile wherever she goes, Cheerleading 33 Intramural Hockey 3, Dog House 2, 3, Gala Night 2, J.F.E. typist 2, Oracle 2, 35 Senior Play, Librarian 1, 2, 3, Abingtonian represen- tative Z, 3. BETTY MAE HANSEN Burinerr Education 358 Locust Road Ardsley Bet, Class Treasurer 1, 2, 33 Homeroom treasurer 2, 3, Student Council 3, Abingtoniarl typist 3, Early known for her interest in stock cars, JEAN ELIZABETH HANSFORD General 805 Jenkintown Road Elkins Park Jeannie, A quiet but friendly manner that gains her the admiration of all, Interested in kennels and music, Agricultural Club 2, Hails from Olney High School. , --aa,..a we I-wg AIX, A Nr A di HELEN CYNTHIA HOWES College Preparatory S28 Gibson Avenue Hollywood Cvnth, Friendly way and sincere manner all add up to a wonderful personality, Active in Tri-Hi-Yg Afhliation Committee 2, 3. Gala Night 1, 33 Senior Play committee. THEODORE JOSEPH HUCK General 1078 Wynnwood Road Abington Hucky g Unobtrusive and never says muchg Always willing to help outg Likes his sportsg Intramural football end 31 Baseball outfielder 1, 2. PATRICIA JOAN HUGHES College Preparatory 2955 Jenkintown Road Ardsley Pat, A real sense of humor, Exhibits special interest in dog showsg Senior Playg Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Affiliation Committee 25 Intramural Hockey 1. JUNE ELIZABETH HULL Butinerx Eduratian 381 Stewart Avenue Jenkintown Cocky , Quiet in manner and sincere in workg Dislikes being taken for one younger than her yearsg Dramatic Club 25 Typing Service 3. FRAN BENTLEY JACOBY College Preparatory 2062 Susquehanna Road Abington Easy-to-get-along-with red headg A Cappella Choir 2. 33 A top-notch Icnitterg Gala Night 1. 25 Student Council 2, One of sorority gals in Senior Play. BARBARA ANN JENNINGS Butinetf Eduration 042 Crefeld Avenue Elkins Park Barb. Swell to have aroundg Oh 6sh! g Likes ice skatingg Typing Service 3g Girls' Chorus 1: Honor Roll 2g Senior Play student coach: Loyal J.F.E, typist. 36 lv 1 -R '10 ',. I 3 Q1 , '.i'?' X. ,tl . .fi LSP SHERALD ANN HERRON Butinen Education 2351 Tague Avenue Glenside Sherry, Little miss with sparkling eyes and brown wavy locksg Faithful cheerleader all three years, Fond of roller skatingg Junior Prom Committee. INEZ CATHERINE HICKS Buyirzeu Eduralion 25-i0 Pierce Avenue XX'illow Grove Ladybug , Quiet and gracious mannerg In- tramural Basketball 1, 2, 3 and Hockey 1, 3: Softball 1. 3, Future plans include Pete. PATRICIA PRIQDENCE HILL College Preparatory 2023 Maplewood Avenue Overlook Hills Pat, Likes everybodyg Neat as a ping Very casual and unpredictable, Tennis 1, 2, 33 Terrific Adalaide in Senior Playg Intramural sports enthusiastg Affiliation Committee 2. JAMES FREDERICK HOFFMAN College Preparatory 115 Wischman Avenue Oreland Jim, Loyal sports enthusiastg Plays the game for the fun of itg Wrestling 1, 2, 31 Unas- suming reporter for J.F.E, 29 Cross Country 1, 21 Baseball 1, 2. 33 Abingtonian 2, 3. SHIRLEY EDNA HOLBROOK College Preparatory 226 Cliveden Avenue Glenside Shirl, Petite blonde: Musically inclinedg A Cappella 2. 33 Gala Night accompanist 15 Girls' Chorus accompanist 1, J.F.E. 25 Dra- matic Club 2g Plans for the future include Wallyt. LANDIS PRICE HOWALE Butinen Eduration 126 Haines Avenue McKinley Landy, Always with Aly His love of sports is predominant: Intramural Softball and Basket- ball: Baseball 1, 2, 35 Also serves as sports official, Abirzglonian 1. 2, 3. ir '05 fC' fum WILLIAM JAMES JOHNSON General 304 Twining Road Oreland Bill, Exemplihes the adage, Silence is golden , Interested in cars, Automobile Clubg Baseball 1, Spends his spare time hunting and trapping. ALISON BERYL KALLENBACH General 451 Tyson Avenue Glenside Buttons , Attractive brunette, Likes ballroom dancingg Basketball 1, 2, 33 Knitting and Gym Clubs, Junior Prom Committeeg JAC Dance Committee, Gala Night usherette 2, 5Q Hockey 1, Senior Play coach. RUTH ANN KAUEEMAN College Preparalory 2906 Limekiln Pike North Hills A lasting friend, reserved and dignified, Special knack for having a good timeg Basket- ball 1. 2. 31 Senior Play Committeeg Home- room discussion leader 5, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM CHARLES KELLER General 1874 Horace Avenue Abington Willie, XY'avy locks and a ready grin, Spike- man 1, 2, 3: Affable Man about town in Gala Night 23 Homeroom olhcer 1, 33 Student Council representative 2, 5. BARBARA ANN KIEFER General 745 Argyle Road North Hills Kief , A petite brunette whose special inter- est is carsg Will we ever forget that tiny waistline?3 Yearbook' Oracle 1, 2, 5, Abiyig. Ionian 33 Senior Play Committee. BARBARA AVERILL KINKEAD General 401 Evans Avenue Willow Grove Bobbie, Swell manner under a quiet exteriorg Came to AHS in junior yearg Intramural Hockey 21 Gala Night 33 Usherezte for the Senior Play. 79? 9-N 42 if 4 , -asf I xi v suv . V52 ,f -'C . ' iffy ' 'S . ' ii 5. 71 ,N 1 it . .4 ' 15152 y gf: it ' ' :,:z r , ::::' fe . 1, vt Xl lxlmsg E.. 'ae' l pw if 4, I Dv his iv 'SQ Q-Q pi he .. K DONALD JOHN KNAUF College Preparatory 2033 Butler Avenue Willow Grove Que , Friendly, happy-go-lucky, easy to pleaseg Never worries about anythingg Interested in all kinds of sportsg Gymnastic Club 1, 29 Soccer 2, 35 Student Council 1. HOVVARD WHITEINIAN KOEBLIN, JR. Vocational 869 Edge Hill Road Glenside Blinky , Tall and thing His sleepy-eyed-ness belies his active interest in hunting, fishing, and trapping, Work and his Model A take up his spare time. LOUISA EMMA KRUHM Burinerr Education G and Lincoln Avenues Ardsley Her unfailing good nature keeps her friends happyg Has a special interest in skating and dancingg Table Tennis Club 25 Typing Club 55 Girls' Chorus 1. DAVID LAMPHERE Vocational 2901 Mt. Carmel Avenue North Hills Dave. Handsome woman-hater who towers above the other fellows: Basketball 1, 31 Boys' Chorus 2, Helped Mr. Cole with light- ing and electrical work for Gala Night and many dances. ROBERT DIXON LAMPHERE Vocational 2901 Mt. Carmel Avenue North Hills Bob. Smart, good-looking printerg Boys' Cho- rus 1. 2: Gala Night per ormer 13 Die-hard grappler 1. 2, Spare time filled with tumbling and gymnastics. MIRIAM EDNA LANGLEY College Preparalory 2026 Corinthian Avenue XVillow Grove Mim , Has a smile for everyone, Junior Prom and Latin Club Dance Committees 2, 33 Gala Night Committee 1, 2g Homeroom treasurer 1, president 25 Senior Play student coach. 1 A 7H.'32:f A 'J-L : . tgii 9:'i'.. : 1 -Y 57715: 'aj pf fe' L- .5 xx , 4. + Jive , , :- v ie I P 'if' urn v Q, 'I' t-4 4 v ,g Y 3 f ,M 4 s 'I I PATRICIA GERTRUDE LOGUE Butinerr Education jarrettown Road jarrettown Pat, Oh Heavens 5 Very sweet brunette with pretty blue eyes5 Quietg A wonderful friendg Loves to trip the light fantasticg Dramatic Club 1. EVELYN ,IEANNETTE LONG General 2227 Old Welsh Road Willtxw Grove janet, Quiet, pleasing personality: Envied for pretty waves in her hairg Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Intramural Hockey and Basketball5 One of Yearbook typists. ROBERT STANLEY LOOSE General 1-144 St. Charles Place Roslyn Bob, His favorite expression is Cool as a gone cat 5 Enjoys gymnastics work: Energetic cheerleader 33 Vllrestling 1, 2, 35 Abifzgfoniarz 2, 35 Chess Club 2, 3. GEORGE EARL LORENZON Vocational 764 Tyson Avenue Ardsley Jorge , Unobtrusive. easy-going vocational studentg Harrier 2. 35 Capable vocalist in Boys' Chorus and Gala Night 2, 35 Likes to travel as much as possible. ROBERT ERNEST LUBKAY General 2719 Fleming Road XX'illow Grove Lubber , So what? 5 Plays hard at sports, Interested in music5 Plays almost any instru- ment vvellg Treasurer of The Naturals 5 Band 1, 2, 35 Dance Band 2, 52 Orchestra 1. 2. JOHN NATHAN LUCAS, JR. General 1645 Washington Avenue XX'illow Grove The Kid , Has a disposition which holds a grudge against no oneg An able Cross Coun- ity :min and cinder burner 1. 2, 35 Spare time -you ll find him roller skating. 38 R Rb 41: ly IO -4--, N-LL ' vat CYNTHIA LOUISE LANGSDORF College Preparatory Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley Well-dressed, clever young miss, found mostly in the art roomg Many stories and illustra- tions in Ofarleg French Club Dance Commit- tee 35 Gala Night Make-up Committee 2, 3. JANICE MARIE LARSON Bufirteu Education 1063 Jenkintown Road Ienkiniown Manor 5 Loves to knit plaid socksg Pretty blond tressesg Gala Night 15 XY'otked on Latin Club Dance and junior Prom Committeeg One of the seventeen gals in Senior Play. JOAN CAROL LASCHALT College Preparatory 1.1-IHS.. 2056 Parkdale Avenue Glenside joan, Everybody's friendg Determination and farsightedness insure successg A Cappella 35 Dramatic Club 25 Marge in Senior Play5 Gala Night 2, 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Intra- mural Basketball 2. LOUIS RONALD LEVIS College Preparatory 429 Keswick Avenue Glenside Ron , Hep to the times with his Gee, Dad, it's fabulous! 5 Trumpeter in Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Dance Band 35 Boys' Chorus 15 Basketball 15 Bridge Club 15 Gala Night Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Swimmer 2, 3. ELIZABETH ANN LILLEY Buiinet Education -128 Keswick Avenue Glenside Biz , Always has an answer readyg Peppy cheerleader 2, 35 Did high kicks with Gala Night Chorus 2, 35 Worked on decorations for JAC Jubilee 2. MARY LEE LISSFELT College Preparalary 1078 Highland Avenue Abington Lee, You Know? 5 Vivacious blonde with a friendly smileg A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 35 Cheer- leader 35 Gala Night 2, 31 Dallas in Senior Playg junior Prom secretary-treasurcr5 Quin- tet 2, i r' JEANNE EDITH LUCENTE College Preparator 611 Abington Avenue f- ' Glenside Jeanne Lu, Hardworking, happy, helpful, V'- l vacious dancing star of Gala Night 1, 2, lf, Peppy cheerleader 2, 3, Merry in Senior Play, Student Council 1, 2, Secretary 3, Year- Moe. CAROLYN JANE LUKERT Butirretr Edufation SW Township Line Road Elkins Park Carol, Oh, shucksln, Full of bounce, Col- lects popular records, Homeroorn vice-presi- dent 2, J.F.E. typist 3, Honor Roll 1. 2, Abirzgzorriarz representative 2, 3, Senior Play toach. ELEANOR SUZANNE LYNCH Gtrztral 3-19 Maple Avenue North Hills Tinnie , Lovable scatter brain, Has trouble getting diamonds straight when knitting ar- gyles, Lively cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Homeroom secretary 1, 2, 3, Likes swimming and rol- ler skating, MELVIN FLOYD MACNEEL Butinerr Education 350 Penn Avenue North Hills Mac, Quiet and dependable, Works hard enough for a person twice his size, Dog House 1. 2, capable manager 3, Abirzgloniarr 1, 2, 5. JOAN ANN MADDEN Burinerr Education 2339 Jenkintown Road Glenside Hardworking, modest, and sincere, A quiet gal until you get to know her, Very musical, Band 1, Z, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM FINLEY MADILL College Preparatory 159 Central Avenue North Hills Bill, Quite the astronomer, will stay up all night to gaze at the stars and planets, Designs airplanes in his spare time, Swimming 2. ,se X is Q 4595 , T JOHN WILLIAM MARKS Butiners Education 615 Roslyn Avenue Glenside Muggsey , Gymnastic Club 1, 2, Look at him and his eyes say, Not this boy! , Ad- dicted to salt water fishing, A real personality when he's rolling, LOUIS FRANK INIASSINO College Preparatory 35 Tyson Avenue Glenside Lou, Enjoys working with cars and radios, Sturdy center on football team 1, 2, 3, Base- ball 1. 2, 31 Junior Prom Committee, Fore- m.tn of Industrial Arts Class 3. JEANNE MARIE MCDERMOTT College Preparatory 1015 Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley Jeanne, A quiet supporter of the Ghosts, Has it generous nature as big as her heart, Dog House helper 1, 2. 3, Service desk 1, 2, 3, Ardent organist. THOMAS EDWARD MCGETTIGAN General 2,113 Arlington Avenue Roslyn Tom. Never without a cheery smile, Swim- ming 2, Bill in Senior Play, President of Gym Club 3, Student director of Gym Club, After school hours spent at Standard Pressed Steel. NANCY MEANEY Burinerr Education 519 Gibson Avenue Philadelphia Nance, Always ready to have a good time, Terrific sense of humor, Best locater of hockey equipment ever 1, 2, 3. ANNE HOYT INIENTEN College Preparaiory 1966 Moreland Road Vfillow Grove Anne. An amazing combination of personality, ability, and originality, Abinglonian 1, 2, 3, j,F.E. 3, Tops scholastically, Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, Latin Club Dance Committee 3. 39 WILLIAM DANIEL MIDDLETON General 210 Madison Avenue Fort Washington Dan, A transfer from Woodbury, New Jersey, in his junior year3 One of our out:of-the- township students3 Enjoys whip cracking for a pastimeg Conservation Club 2. WAYNE FOSTER MILLWARD College Preparatory 449 Roberts Avenue Glenside A sincere and valued friend3 Active in church work3 Lead in Senior Play3 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 33 Gala Night 2, 33 I.F.E. 23 Oracle 2, 33 Yearbook- Athliation Committee 33 Dog House 1, 2, 3. MARGARET LOUISE MORROW General 1-A Hamilton Avenue Cranford, New Jersey Sweet personality and fun to be with, that's 2'Peg O' Our Hearts 3 Gala Night Committee 23 Girls' Chorus 23 Vice-President of home- room 13 Honor Roll 23 Swimming 13 Abing- ton's loss, Cranford's gain. PAUL MANFRED MUELLER College Preparatory 234 Madison Road Willow Grove Quiet, hard-working newcomer from Olney Highg Entered Abington as a senior3 Sports are his main interestg Good booter on the held. WILLIAM LINCK MULLAN College Preparatory 464 Abington Avenue Glenside Moons , All-round activities man3 One of the boys 3 Apprentice veterinarian3 Swimming 1, 2, 33 Soccer 33 Chairman of Junior Prom3 Senior Play3 Assembly Committee 13 Affilia- tion Committee 2, 33 Abirzgtonian 1, 2, 3. JOSEPHINE MARIE MULLER Burinesr Education 2462 Radcliffe Avenue Roslyn Jo, Personable and pleasant3 A good student a quiet disposition3 Likes to sew3 Abing- typist 33 Knitting Club 1. 40995 16-11 -ta. i 'Y iv' ,QQ Oo A47 ft i., M 4 353' in 1. Qsifw i - gg 3 1 veil rt. fi ' a... ,, 3 :TV X was N 3 . R ' .2 8. SUSAN BOYNTON MUMFORD College Preparatory 2138 Kenmore Avenue Glenside Sue, Popular blondeg Goes along with the crowdg Dramatic Club 2, 33 Gala Night 1, 2, 3: Homeroom President 13 Capable Basket- ball Manager 1, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 13 Senior Play. MARY JOANN MURPHEY College Preparatory 732 Roseland Avenue Fox Chase Manor Jo , A gal with contagious gaiety that does not OH6I1dQ Honor Roll 2, 33 Abingtoniari 1, 2, Editor 33 A Cappella 1, 2, 33 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Casey in Senior Playg Tennis 1, 2, 33 Quintet 2, 3. ROBERT SCHWENN NEALE College Preparatory 1010 Wlellington Road Jenkintown Bob, Partial to science, but likes to click the shutter now and then for I.F.E.,' Oracle 23 Abingfonian 23 Cross Country 2, 33 Gala Night 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Senior Homeroom president3 Attiliation Committee 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. ANN NEIDE College Preparatory 1340 Edge Hill Road Abington Pert, pretty, hard-working3 Class Secretary 23 Orarle 1, Assistant Editor 2, Co-editor 53 School Store 1, 2, Manager 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Gala Night 1, 2, 33 Co-Chairman Latin Club Dance 33 Senior Play committee3 Student Council 1, 3. JAMES NATHANIEL NOONAN ll P - 1-131 Wheatsheaf Lane C0 egg mpdmmq Abington Uncle Jim, Friendly manner3 Abingtonian 2, 33 Conservation and Abingtonian Clubs3 Homeroom othcer 1, 33 Soccer 33 Avid Snack Shop tang Will move to Maine KENNETH JOHN O'BRIEN Vorational 323 Cricket Avenue North Hills Obie, Unruffled. fun-loving wisecracker3 En- ioys working on other peoples cars3 Usually found in his hot little Ford convertible. lf? If hr or-V' 1 ,.4, 6. X 1 BETTY JANE PEACOCK Bufinett Education 2459 Arlington Avenue Roslyn Betty. Oh. gosh : Short brunette who fre- quents skating rinlCS1 Typist fng Abifwvflffvf 3: Knitting Club 1, 2:'Typing Club 33 Senior Play Ticket Committee. ELIZABETH ANN PEIRCE General 202 Perry Street Elkins Park 17 - Bettv. You can say that again : Special hobby-the Navy: Abingtonian 2, 31AAYf staff of Yearbook and Oracle: Scenery painter for Gala Night and Senior Play. PHYLLIS ANN PELTZ College Preparatory 236 Holmecrest Road lenkintown Manor Her easy-going manner has made her popular: Always ready to have fun: Gala Night Kick Chorus 2, 3: Intramural sports enthusiast: Serves on many dance committees. AUGUSTINE LOUIS PITTALUGA College Preparatory North Hills Avenue Willow Grove Augy, Seldom lets you know what he is thinking: Husky and hard-working grappler from the Grove l. 2: Enjoys taking photographs but prefers riding. FRED JOHN POFFARL Vocational '30 Hamel Avenue Ardsley Freddy, Easy-coming and easy-going: Lets nothing bother him: Above average marks: Print Club 1, 2: VC'orks after school to gain experience in future job. JOAN HARRIET PROUT Bufinerf Education 2529 Vfoodland Road Roslyn vloanie. Cooperative and popular: Abingtfmian and f.F.E. typist 31 Typing and Sports Clubs: Gala Night 3: Intramural Basketball 1, 2. 31 Polly in Senior Play: Square dancing enthu- srast. X So vw ggfllliul ii ROBERT H. OIQKMOTO Burinetr Education 1832 Rockwell Road Willow Grove Okie, Popular little guy: Works well, but still friendly with the bell: Soccer 1, 2: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, District Champion and Regional Runner-up in 95-pound Class 2, 3. RITA MAE OMMERT General 1608 Stenton Avenue West Oak Lane A likable chatterbox, never seen without Bar- bara: Secretary of the Sub-Deb Club of Glen- side: Dramatic Club 2: Gala Night 2. JON HOLMSTRAND OSCARSON College Preparatory 311 Greenhill Road Willow Grove Oscar, A quiet fellow until he gets to know you: Likes to spend his spare time in the Snack Shop: Homeroom oflicer 1, 3: Soccer 1, 2: Football 3. MORINDA KATHLEEN PARDLO College Preparatory 1681 Summit Avenue Willow Grove Rennie, Steady-working member of Knitting Club 1, 2: Also favors embroidering as hobby: Works hard at anything, whether in school or out. JOAN HAZEL PARSONS Butinett Education 217 Tyson Avenue Glensicle Joanie, Makes conversation readily, Regular member of Jamison's roller skating crowd: Alzingtrmian typist 3: Gala Night Make-up Committee 1, 3: Senior Play Ticket Com- mittee. ROBERT ARMON PASSERIN Vocational 2216 Wisteria Avenue Glensicle Gardens Jake, Short and stocky: Summer work in the contracting business gave him prowess in Gymnastic Club 1, Z: An auto enthusiast in and out of school. v Q' Q'-w J 4 f 4 LORRAINE BERYL REEVE Burim r r Educxtlfnz 35 Tennis Avenue North Hills Q Rainy. Aw gee, xxhy? g Roller skating and dancing are her pastimes: 'QIUSI NY Bill is her theme sting: Knitting Club 1, 2g Typing Club 3. GEORGE BICKLEY REMMEY, JR. Cffilelrft Pfepzmtorg 1028 Cypress Avenue ,Ienkintoxvn Manor Bick, Disposition vvhicli never holds a grudgei Quick to master the M in chem- isrryg Sports is his specialty, Football 2, 3, and Xlfrestlirig Ig Homeroom discussion leader 2. PI-IYLLIS MARIE RIEMENSCHNEIDER M H Iiufirzetr Ediamtion 152 Cliveden Avenue Glenside Pit. Proof that cheerleading and femininity can be combined1 Popular head cheerleader 3g Sure to succeed as a receptionistg Intra- mural Basketball 1, 2, 3g Kick Chorus 1, 2. 31 Queen of Hearts 3. ANN ELIZABETH RILEY Burinexr Education 365 Elm Avenue North Hills Annie. Always ready to have fung Basket- ball 1. 2, 31 Cheerleading 2, 33 Decoration Committee for junior Promg Typing Club 3g Student coach for Senior Play. VIRGINIA GAY RISHEL C ll P .1 S08 VUiscliman Avenue 0 egg yepanmj Oreland Guy, Such is life g A teasing natureg junior Prom Committeeg Hobo Hop Committeeg Secretary of senior homeroomg Senior Class Nominating Committee. MAE EEGLIEY RITCHIE CollegeI'repa1.imr9 8-19 Edge HIII ROJLI Glenside hfaycr, Has happy and contagious per' sonalityg x1kir1gzffi1i.1r1 representative 2, 3g Homeroom secretary l, treasurer 23 Home- room discussion leader 2, 3g Sharpshooter 1. 2, 31 Student Council l, 21 Senior Playg Gala Night 3. -E' l jl ul AQ. P' PJ T -4 C' ov- fm. ,,:.:.,,. vbqtgflv MARCELLINE VACHE ROBBINS I , Bzuinetr Edumlimz 1644 Fairview Avenue XY'illow Grove Sis, Happy-go-Iuckyg Faithful helper in cafeteria: Narurallyl likes dancingg Girls' Sports Club 1. 21 Tap Club 21 Intramural Hockey lg Basketball lg Varsity Softball 1, 2. R ICHARD BARTHOLOMEXY' ROOT Vonrllomzl 636 Monroe Avenue Ardsley Rich, XXX-ll-liked, h.ird-working printerg Easy to get along with: Keeps busy workingg One of Ahingtons best driversg Interested in baseball and football. ROY RONALD ROSENBERGER C Iliff P . .1 i ltl-H Easton Road U IM HFIHMJ Roslyn Able Boy Scout leaderg Very active in Bible Club: Student Council 1, 2g VicefPreSident of Photography Club 21 Appeared in Dramatic Club play Stardust 1, GEORGE ML'l.I.ER ROTH C .717 P ' . 21-t Fisher Road 0 me p m'y Ylenkintown Jorge, Popular and good-looking sports and sailing enthusiasm King of Hearts 33 Class President 1, 23 Student Council 3g Chad in Senior Playg Soccer 1, 2. Captain 35 Basket- hall 1, 2, 3: Civic Attitude Award 1. PRIQDENCE ASENATH ROVULES Cfll P .. ,124 Evans Avenue 1 gg? HPNIMU NX'iIloW Grove Prue. Neat dresserg Constant party-giverg j.F.E. 33 Dramatic interest and ahility: Gala Night 2. 31 Dramatic Club 2. 3: Dallas in Senior Playg junior Prom Ticket Committeeg Xlforks at service desk. SHIRLEY ANN RUSSELL Bu N714 if Edl1L'.1fIOV1 312 Cadxvalader Avenue Elkins Park 1' Shirl. Isn't that lushy! g Loves excitementg Always husy: Basketball 1, 2, 3: I.F.E. 33 Student coach for Senior Play: Honor Roll I. 21 Sports and Knitting Clubsg Typing Service 3. iv 'QE7 ,Fez H09 1-nv Cv i. .s 4. ,,,, ,av 5 ft. GEORGE FREDERICK SCHLADENSKY College Pfep.1r.11f1fy 1923 Edge Hill Road Huntingdon Valley Leo, lspricbt auch deutsch!jg Manages to see that life has many lighter momentsg Boys' Chorus 1, 2. 711 Football 1, 2, 31 Baseball 11 Basketball 13 Student Council 1, Gala Night 2. GEORGE FREDERICK SCHLUCHTERER College Preparatory 633 Rnselantl Avenue Fox Chase Manor Schlucb. Modest: Always comes through, Goes for baseball in a big xvayg Ace Erbman 1. 2, 3: Soccer 1, 2. Eg junior Prom Dance Committee. 1'-NNE BARBARA SCHXVINDT GQIYIPYJI '41 Monroe Avenue Ardsley Reserved vet likable lass, Loyal supporter of intramural sports. especially Hockey and Basketballg junior Prom Refreshment Com- mitteeg Costume Committee for Gala Night. CAROL ANN SCHXWORER College PV6f7.1Y.1l0fj 231' Tague Avenue Glenside Avid Phillies fang Quiet, petite blonde: Senior Play: Student Cnuncil 21 Girls' Chorus 1: Athliation Committee secretary 2, 3, Iunior Prom Committee. RICHARD HARRY SEEBIQRGER College Preparatory 1200 Cumberland Road Abington Dick. Alwavs ready with a storvg Jack-oi all-trades: Clear and quick-thinking chess fiend, Homeroom Presidet 2, 33 Honor Roll: Football player 1. 2. 3, KATHERINE INIARGARET SELLERS Colltge Pvep.1r,1lofy 202' XY'elsh Road Wvillow Gros? Peizcv. An unaffected Shucks and a friendly smile win her many friends, Homeroom otticer 1, 2: Intramural Hockey and Basket- ball 1, 2. 33 French Club Dance Committee 3. si Q 'Q 4? . 'Q 'E .sr f -Q 'ii .1 x 'wi 'qos 'Z pc fl FRANK MICHEAL RYAN, JR. General 2129 Hamilton Avenue Roslyn Franny, Roslyn rocket, Varsity Zekeman 1, 2. 5. as well as track and wrestling 1. 2, Able sportswriter for Abinglanian and 1,F.E. 1, 2. 33 Likable homeroom titlicer 5. 'IAHOBIAS FRANCIS RYAN College Preparatory 2249 Pleasant Avenue Glenside Tom, Even temperedg A proficient shutter- bug: Aki1igrw1r.nz Photographer 2. 71. :is well as j.F.E. and Yearbook flicker fiend 33 Basket- ball manager 1. 2, 3, Managing editor of 11' 1' s GLORIA ELLEN SAUNDERS Burineft Edufalifin 2561 Rubicam Avenue Xlfillow Grove Glo. XX'hy sure , Quiet sports enthusiastg Intramural Hockey 2. 3, Basketball 25 Girls' Chorus 1, Sports Club 2. NANCY BELL SCARLETT College Pfep,1f.1lmy 1600 Huntingdon R3- Abington Nance. Makes friends easilyg Cheerleader 33 Basketball 711 Gala Night Make-up Com- mittee 2: Senior Playg Student Council Bulletin Committee 'wg Tennis 2, 3g French Club Dance Committee 3. FREDA MADELINE SCHENKEL College Preparatory 1,11 Iligh School Road Elkins Park 17 Nice when you get to know her, Seemingly always in a hurryg Girls' Chorusg Intra- mural Basketball 3. LORRAINE GERTRUDE SCHlLLING General 22' Holme Avenue Elkins Park 17 Lorrv. Devotes ber spare time to training show dogsg Affiliation Committee 21 Helpful member of Typing Club 2, 33 Intramural sports 1: Sewing Club 2, -9 ' A 17? -7-I 454-' rib 4 ,ii on PS l J 'it wi an ,- DAVID PRESSLEY SLOTERBECK, JR. 2026 Susquehanna Road College P'f'P 'f 'l Abington Pres, Everybody's friend, Hustling Yearbook co-editor, Soccer 1, 2, 3: Senior Play, Atliliation Committee 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, treasurer 3, Assembly Committee 2, 5, Wrestling 1, 2, 5, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Harvard Club Award. JANET HELEN SMITH College Preparatory 618 Jackson Avenue Ardsley Jan , Abington's songbird, A quiet charm and winning personality, A Cappella 1, 2, 33 District Chorus 2, 3, Drexel Award 2, Affiliation Committee 2, 3, French Club Dance Committee 1, 3, Girls' Chorus 3, I-Iomeroom Chaplain 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 2, 3. CAROLYN SPAULDING 316 Evergreen Road Jenkintown Manor Carol, Combination of beauty, brains, and wit, A Cappella Choir 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 5, Senior Play committee and coach, Yearbook, Oracle 2, Girls' Chorus 1, 2. MARY MARGARET SPENCE 1209 Jericho Road College Preparatory Abington Mary, Oh, that laugh , Enthusiastic musician with a high scholastic standing, Band 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Latin Club Dance Committee 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee. BERNARD EDWARD STELLA 1 2711 Jenkintown Road Eminem Edummm College Preparalory Ardsley Bucky, Vim and vigor personified, Famed for his terrific tap dancing, Trombonist in Band 1. 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 2. 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3. GLORIA KING STELTZER 1968 Susquehanna Street Bujingu Edumtmn Abington Glo, My goodnesslu, Kind and considerate, Likes to swim, Abinglonian 1, Band 1, Orchestra 1, Softball 1, Spends her spare time working, N. 2 ': V4 tllii 1 J- 'X W 5 QA NANCY LOUISE SHADLE Businerr Education 'V' Martin Road Elkins Park Nance, A fun-loving nature that keeps hfl' friends smiling, Intramural Baseball 2, 35 Ping Pong Club 2, An ardent Phillies fan. JESSE ABSOLOM SHAHBOZ General 1885 Woodland Road Abington Fun-loving, Gets a kick out of life, Came to A.H.S. from Olney in his junior year, A Cappella Choir 2, Boys' Chorus 2. BIARY ELIZABETH SHIELDS General R54 Tulpehocken Avenue Elkins Park Bc-tty. Gets along well with others, Tap Dancing Club 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 1, Intra- mural Hockey 3, Community Night 1, 2. ERNEST RUSSELL SIFT General 2320 Parkview Avenue Willtiw Grove Russ, Red-headed, funaloving, talkative pal, Interested in Conservation and Agricultural Clubs, Finishes any job he starts. RICHARD HENRY SIMMONS College Preparatory T169 North Twentieth Street Philadelphia 38 Spider. Lanky. jovial hunter and Fisherman, Soccer 1, 2, 3, Shuffling Simple Simon in Gala Night 2, Homeroom Treasurer 3, Sam in Senior Play. FREDERICK XVILLIAM SINN, JR. College Preparatory 2226 Menlo Avenue Glenside Frieder, You just can't keep this boy down! Main interests are chess and math, Gala Night 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Active member of Bux-Mont Forum. Q5 P' i DONALD EDGAR STERNER Vocational 1720 Tucker Avenue Willow Grove Don, Quiet, hardworking, pleasantg Steady Honor Roll member from the machine shop, Chess Club 1, 2g Spends his spare time as ham radio operator. FREDERICK WILLIAM STOLL, Ill Vocational 1680 Easton Road Willow Grove Fritz, A quiet but not unnoticed red-head, Dance and Checkers Clubs 1, Woodcraft Club 2, Vocational Dance Committee 3, A Field and stream man. HOWARD ROBERT STREET Vocational 2444 Ardsley Avenue Glenside One-Way , Hard-working lad, Interested in building model trains, Keeps busy after school working in a cabinet making shopg Cross Country 1. 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, BARBARA JANE STRICKLAND General 926 Cherokee Road Huntingdon Valley Humor that does not offendg Knitting Club 1, 2g Dog House helper 35 Partial to playing the organ and sewingg Aspires to be a nurse. DOROTHY LAURANNE SUPPLEE College Preparatory 367 Roberts Avenue Glenside Pip, Exemplifies the saying: Good things Come in little packagesug Speedy hockey player 1, 2, 31 A Cappella 2, 3: Gala Night 2, 33 Honor Roll 1, 2g Softball 2, 3, Swimming 1, 33 Senior Playg Affiliation Committee 3. LOIS VIRGINIA SUTTON College Preparatory 1073 Highland Avenue Abington Well-liked conscientious workerg One of harmonious hve in Girls' Quintette 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 2, 3: Cheerleader 35 Gala Night 1, 2, 3g Becky in Senior Play. v 'L GQ ri,-' ,il fuk 5 f-Q .111 W' iv C'-ev S ' g if 'vb 4 . JAMES DANIEL SWIFT Vocational 2512 Rubicam Avenue Willow Grove Pete, Cooperative and sincereg Vice-president of Student Council 3: First sacker for Erbmen 1, 25 Basketball ability plus lots of spirit 1, 2, 3, Good auto mechanic after school hours. WILLIAM SCOTT TAGG College Preparatory 1859 Wtmodland Road Abington Scottie, Friendly mannerg Interested in camp- ing and old cars: Mean bass hornist in Band and Orchestra 2. 31 Boys' Chorus 2. 33 Gala Night 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 33 Junior homeroom vicevpresidentg Senior Play. TAKASHI TAMURA College Preparatory Sunset Lane Farm Warminster Tyke, His friendliness agrees with everyoneg Ace high in Latin and English, Wrestling 1, 2, 31 Yearbookg Abingtonian 31 Assembly Committee 33 Homeroom president 1, 2, 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. CLARKE TANGYE Vocational 2476 Independence Avenue Roslyn Shy and easy-going mannerg One of Mr. Clark's conscientious machinists: Likes to keep busyg Print Club Ig Woodworking Club 2. PRISCILLA JANE TAYLOR General 707 Harrison Avenue Ardsley Pris. Charming miss who's artistically inclined: Omrle art stat? 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 1. 23 Girls' Chorus 33 Alice in Senior Play: Junior Prom Decorations Committeeg Gala Night 1, 2, 3. MARILYN JANE THIES College Preparatory 124 N. Easton Road Glenside Lvn, A gracious manner and affable person- aiiryg Gan Night 1, 2. 3: orchestra 1. 5: Student Council 2, 3: Tennis 1: Able accompanist for sax quartetg Will be remem- befed as peppy drum majorette 1, 2, 3. 'i' GARY WOOD UHRMAN General 953 Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley Quiet and retiring member of the soccer squad 1, 2, Conservation Club 1. 2, Happiest behind the wheel of that '53 Oldsmobile. THERESA MARY VAGNONI Butinerr Educaliori 2064 Wharttin Road Glenside Terry, Comely brunette who likes to dance, Publicity Committee for Senior Play, Secre- tary of sophomore homeroom, Skating Club 1, Knitting Club 2, Typing Service 3. HELEN DOLORES VENTRESCA Bufinerr Education 1874 Horace Avenue Abington Be-Bop, Lively brunette, Always has a smile for everyone, Member of A.H.S. band for three years, Orchestra Club 1, Publicity Committee for the Senior Play. LEONE ELAINE VIRNELSON Buiirrert Education 201 Weldy Avenue Oreland Lee, Attractive brunette with a real sense of humor, Never seems to let things worry her, Future secretary in father's bakery business, Abingmniart representative. BARBARA BLAKELY XVALKER College Preparatory 2-127 Ardsley Avenue Glenside Bobbie, Likable, dependable and a friend worth having, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Gala Night 2, 31 Girls' Chorus 1, j.F.E. 1. 2. Editor 3, Softball 1, Yearbook 3, Music Festival 2, 3, District Chorus 3. JOHN LIARTIN VUALKER College Preparatory Bridgetown Pike and Elmwood Avenue Langhorne johnny, Tough grappler from the country 1, 2, 3, Best exemplifies saying: Silence is golden , Ten green thumbs and one good head, Has own produce stand and enter- prising plowing business. s tg, if ,.i. sl Q i .4 'll 'l i l liiiiiliutiiuliwti LW DOROTHY EVELYN THOMPSON College Preparatory 1058 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley H Dot, Busy gal, always rushing, Tennis 1, 2, sg Hockey 1. 2. 3: Swimming 12 A Cappella Choir 1. 2, 3, Abirtgroniafl 22 junior Prom publicity, Gala Night 1. 2, 33 Student Council 1, Senior girls' quintet, Liz in Senior Play. XVALTER SERBER THOMPSON College Preparatory 396 Keswick Avenue Glenside NX'alt, Good addition in any group, Long- leged Helder for Erbmen 1, 2, 3, Mechani- cally-minded when aroused, Breaks specks more often than anyone else, COURTNEY ALLEN TRAVILLA Vonzliarml 2527 Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside Corkey, Amiable towhead, Magnetic smile, Never seen without his motorcycle, Works P. A. System in gym, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Veep 3. DONALD TURN General 22-H Menlo Avenue Glenside Don, A quiet smile and a likable way, Part time student, taking commercial law and typing, Spends his after school hours work- ing in a grocery Store. JEAN BARBARA UHLEMAN General 2076 Wfoodlawn Avenue Glenside Fluffy -Conscientious, yet never seems to experience a dull moment, Partial to music, Girls' Chorus 1, 3, Gala Night 2, Tap Dancing Club 1, 2. KERRY ALAN UHLER College Preparalary 2059 Kenmore Avenue Glenside Kerry, So easy to get along with, Has a knack for repairing his '41 Merc, Bass hom Plalff in Band 1, 2, 3, Swimming team . 2, 3. TU' if -vt BARBARA FAIGE XVARREN College Preparxlory 9 ' Old Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley Bihs, Oh, what a gallg Gala Night 2, 711 Girls' Chorus 1, Intramural Hockey 1, 2, 33 Softball 1, 2, 3, Senior Play, Affiliation Committee 5. .IACQUELINE MARIE XWATKINS Burinerr Eduftzlirm 16-I6 Easton Road XY'illow Grove jackie, Early learned the art of talking and has never forgotten it1 XVears a smile at all times: Intramural Hockey and Basketballg Tap, Sports and Typing Clubs. AIAINIES JOHN NWEISHEW' Vortztionnl 2554 Eemwood Road Roslyn lim, So how's the family? , Cross Country 2, Entertainer at school dances with his accordion, Experienced at roller skating and building model boats. JOHN STUART WENNER College Preparatory 1635 Huntingdon Road Abington Hard-working, modest, alwavs comes through, Fair play a must, A Cappella Choir 21 Base- ball and Football 1, 2, 33 Popular mat-man 2. 3: Student Council 1, 2, Executive Com- mittee 3. HOVUARD THOMAS XYENTZEL College Preparatory 136 Tyson Avenue Glcnside Weritz, Active and dependable, Happiest tooting the first sax for Moonlighters g First Clarinet in Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 3, All State Band 71: Terrific diver 1, 2, 3. RUTH LOUISE WHITE Geyrpygl 153 Girard 'Avenue North Hills Rudy. Shy smile but flashing eyes, Her lend- ing a helping hand in cafeteria wins respect of' her classmates: Roller skating enthusiast, Girls' Sports Club 1. 2, Qs 'Mr wg- ew I i XT' -4 X r W Z GW YINNI' ANNI WILLIAMSON College Preparatory 1708 Highland Avenue Abington Gwyn, uiet, well-liked, cooperative art major often beard exclaiming, The funniest thing happened today g Affiliation Committee .., g aa i , , 33 Senior Play: Student Council 2g Tennis 1, 2, 3, nu. in , 5 Q'-17 DORIS MAE WINEBURG Butinefr Eduratiorz H2 Penn Avenue North Hills A person hard to forgetg Always neat: junior Prom Decoration Committee: Gala Night Kick Chorus 1, 2. 5g Hometoom secretary 2. EDWARD -IAINIES WIRS College Preparatory 2160 Mt. Carmel Avenue North Hills Big Ed, A height that commands respectg A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3: Boys' Chorus 1, 2: Gala Night 1. 2. 3: Basketball 1, 2, 33 Football 1. 2. 3: Received Honorable Mention on All-Scholastic Football Team 2. FRANK RONALD WOODROW' General XY'ashington Lane and Fairy Hill Road Rydal Fritz, NX'hat the ding dong are you doing now? 1 Good-natured and broad-minded sports enthusiastg Baseball 1. 23 Grammar School sports official 21 Oh, that shiny red Buick? GEORGE PHELPS VUOODNVARD, JR. General 1383 Arnold Avenue Roslyn XY'oody. Divides his time between school and the Jenkintown Hobby Shop: Vents his after-class hours on musicg Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 5, Band 1, 2. 3. MARYLOL' NIUORTHINGTON General '16 Hamel Avenue Ardsley Neat and well-dressed: Never too busy to help someone elseg A Cappella 1. 2, 33 Sextette 1, Trio 2, District Chorus 3: Gala Night 1, 31 Dramatic Club 1, Tap Club 25 Intramural Hockey 1, Na' DONALD MILFORD XX RAH 1 Cr1c1-ver Ayenuc N 1111 H111 Din Funlmmg wq,11111n11 51111 A pc1pct.111 arm Dmcc Blueprmt ami XX1m1111v111111111E u S Cr untry 2 AN I-1 11 an wwf c r rar IDXX ARD ARTHLR WRIGHT P 111 NI 111611101 A161111 X 1 my G 116 11 Agrgggblg Q11 I.1u5 p rtw 111J 1' IL I1 NN 11 5Cb111 1 N L 1111 tend on N 111 C11111 C11 IOI5 IRFNE Vs RIGLEH 75 1 XX111r10n Rrud G1Lns1de P111ny V1wC1ouS 16111116111 1111112 11vy115 buix 11111 R1111 Form A I7 1 cd1tor5 Yevrboob Orzrlb 1 2 3 1 C 1 rm A C1ppc11a 1 Cieey 1n Semor P111 ARI I 'NE CAROL H OL NG 5 I1111p R1 C 1111x1111 11g N 1 11 5 Q Il1xLx mt p 1yi t I111r111111r11 I-Inc 111 x Ch s Xmhr 7 1 Qcmor P1a1 coach A C1ppc11:1 3 IIIIIAN IFAX XOLNG Y 7 1 111 F11Lxx1tcrtn1xn R11111 XX 1111111 Grnxe 1111 1 1 1 1. 11 7 1 C1orus 1 'f A Cappclla 71 jumor Prom DIIICC C11mn11rr-ec Scnmr P111 D11m1 1C u 1 IAXX RIINCE SFCRIII. H OL NG JR Coffsfgf Puplrl fry 111111 C11L1tcn11.1m AwcnuL P111111IL1p1112 B1 Duke A Sunny d1Qp11s1t1on ep x111cc11ty Intcrwtcd 1n mmy t111ngQ cspeclally Qpnrty TCYYIIIC P199 ncuycr nf Cirrollmcn Sc 1 Homcromvm dm Nl 1 1 C I ORCI' X PORTVR I 4 1 1 lllur 1 1115.1 H11 U 41 1 11y 11 In 11ru511c yuung, m1n 111111 vxnn ul at XXIHS pnzes nght 'm 11 1 LD 1 1c11L,1111 Future u.1ngc1st 1 fur rv 0' in lf' Z 4' ipa- DOROI HX XX I XII INC CUII151 Pfcpznlofy 5 6 Rosewood Ayenuc Roslyn C.1'.1s11 I..1tc IIIIIXJI f111111 Uppcr Pcrkmmen D,111111.11re11 sports and 11111c1ng cnthusmst w1th 1 PICJQJHK manner X muy hockey and basket 11111 1t Gram Lam C110 Club member 10 M! Pres1d1nt D I-I1rts111+rnc S1crLt1ry ,I Hancc Treasurer B Hansen and ALVIWV1 Nr MUSIUHU MISSMIIVW X 1cc Pres1dent J Sxuft offer C1159 t11f:1r scruces I IM in. 1136. 4 X mf lfrid.1y iiigliters t.ilte five. lf' Take Care of My Little Girl Senior 'Ihespianx under directors Mrs. Xwygttt and Mr, Chintt presented this amusing sdtire on college sororities on December fifth and sixth. Co-stgtrringg .is Liz, frexhintn who xxytnted to belong to her tnother5 sorority, were Ann Bennett .ind Dorothy Thotniwon, Very soon this life proved so distaste- ful that Liz left the girls to he with her old friends who h.1d been true to' her during her tinforttinate experienees with the detin .ind .1 bill collettor. Hell XX eek amusw boy friends, f 2 Dora dilemma d lights audience. .f gl Prerrdenl Donuntck Grovrnazzo l ice Prerrdenl john Oberholtzer Secretary jane Gordon Treasurer Sue justrce Seated S justrce J Gordon Stlndrng J Oberholtzer D Grovrmzzo Goodness htm the summer flevs ' Before we knew rt our class of 79a was baclt together grectrng each other and preparrng for fhm'J yyorlt In rcvyartl of our efforts many of us made the honor roll ts constant or occasronal members In sports tht juntor Class was xxell rcprcsented much to otr pleasure and vue hopcj the coachts VUe are proud of R Vaughn yyho after vulnnrn rn the rt ronals went to the Interest for Abtngton actryrtrcs syhrch uc expect to contrnue next year Tags posters ard buttons tnnouncctl the ctmpargnrng for class electrons After votes vrere eagerly counted we soon learned that Domrnrck Grounazzo had gatned top honors 0. mf Q- G... 5 svn pfv. as presrdcnt yyrth lohn Oberholtzer jtne Gordon and Sue Iustttt as our vrce presrdcnt secretary and treasurer respec tncly IN my fr m our mtdst contributed thcrr tlent to Gill Nrght hclprng to make rt a brg success Matnolra Trmt urs the theme of the unusual jumor Prom Sptntsh moss prnk trees and a brrdge surrounded Huttlrns Orchcstrr Abtngtonrans danced rn thrs romantrc southern atmosphere Bencfitmg by the past years experrence and anttcrpatrng the joy ahead next years Sentor Class thats us'J wtll be the best ever' Vancy Abbott Lawrence Allan Elarne Ambrose Barbara Anthony Irene Arenz Albert Armbruster as Robert Barber Chrrsttne Barnard Whllram Battersby Kenneth Beaver Robert Bell Germarne Bender Fx Marylyn Benham George Bennett Frank Brrchler Darrell Brrltes Don ld Brrkes Barbara Brssrnger G A 1 I . i7 ' .5 V I I , F l -' 'r A. B V- 'fl 5 4' s. ' ' . , . v- L, ' fi, . 4 1 ' jr 5 Q, . Y Q 3 z . ' . . . 1 ' 1 . , . ' ' . ,, ' ' . . . ' I , ', l ' 'A I , t , lu -T , . . I -, L V' Q . Y .L V, , . ' ' 5 ' ' D ' It ' o ' , A - -' a 1 L I ' v 7 -, r 47 5 A I . , KH 5 ' ,, 7 . . ,, B H . - . - ' - ' S A U 'Il 5 ' 4 4 --- y b, f y A Q state wrestllng fmals. School sptrrt was apparent rn our by' palms made an attractrve centerplece. To mustc by Btll I V , A . , , . K , . . Y. , ,, l X . an -t I an .Q Q V ' .V '3 ., , I K ' ti pf , Q 'Y' '-' . ' '69 A s 1 f -- M S , , I' . ' ' I X A X ' 'xxx ' ' kv . . 1 K r I ' 4 . Ls f - b 1 . I 'I Q i Q, . Q S 'N -x ' M is f K if M. X QX x, V 4 r I v. 5 W2 ' ' my . r 5 . ' Q X, f . JI - ' ,. - 4 A c C' ll Q ' 5 . , V ' .' 3. . Y 'ax nv 'S Carol Blank Robert Blrlre Nancy Bohr Dolores Borras Dorothy Bounds Edrth Brackrnrrdge Kathryn Brrdge Charles Brubaker Stephen Bub Theodora Burhans Albert Butts Marre Carro james Casey Carolyn Cassel Harold Chadwrck Anna Chambers Douglas Cherry Barbara Chrrst Rosemarre Clashaus George Collrnson Carol Condon Vrrgmra Contr Marne Cosranzo Phyllrs Cramer Grace Crrssy Carl Cross Wrllram Day Wrllram Dexter Elbert DeWitt Lours D1-Ioseph 1 Mane D1P1etro john Dodson Rrchard Doherty Donald Donagh Theodore Drabczyk Marlon Drummond Edward Duffy Damel E Durrwachter john Easton jr Wrlfred Ellis Carolyn Emery Robert Erk Adwrsers, Mr Albrrght and Mrss Clark, help to make the occasron a festrve affarr Absent IS Mr Swartz 8 X. TL 'EFF 'tbl-9 , r R I 0 - , , 5 Q K , . . ye' if A 1 gr, ,fir r 4 I , ' x I - C C. . 'D 3- , f ' - ' 'I ' 1+ 'i ' . lfl 5' .L fx 'A , Ns D A X l 1 , . . . . Vi Y L 3? ' c my ef- K y s W r .fm A 'a - V- ' r .L cl . vt, in A - 'fl xi' sl 4 , 'E A s - 9 , l YV 'if' 745. r 'sms x ks.. r J , , ,Q E C r' xx W . . I I 7 Q I . J ' R -a We Q 1 X, .. A 3 E . . Q LAW kc' wk x, I : , ' 1 gi - P 4 r ' f 60 5 'Ktls 5 viii'-f F 5 A K' pl 7' Patsy Evoy Ruth Ewer Anna Mane Fad Barbara Fanellr Carl Farnngton Marron Fasshauer Gerald Fechter Edmna Fenstermacher joan Fernandez john Fernandez Anne Fetterolf Robert Frschel Danrel Frsher Norma Frss Edward Frtzgerald jon Flovser jan Floyd Howard Foulke Laurence Frredman Dawd Frredrrcks lane Frrshmuth Carol Froehlrch Barbara Fulton Glenn Gabrrelle Dolores Galante John Garbutt Lourse Gentner Geraldrne Grbbonr Robert Grbson Mrchael Grllespre Garl Grlman Domrmck Grovmazzo Bruce Gladfelter joan Glancy Barbara Goddard jane Gordon Carolyn Gowen Wrllram Gowen Edward Grasso Alvin Grreb Lucy Gutman Robert Hackman If grnm determmatxon can vun games the second half of thrs one should have been an easy vrctory sa .F . I' ' F ' I t F ' ' ,Q as . 2 . F T, V?-I - 4 E I If t V ' t X Q I A , . Pls, A .- c ,. ' 4- I Z A 5' I K , 'SX us. Y.. . 5 A l , . ' ly . f, Q G xl X t , X ' ' A ' 5' l x , I J ' I . I. a R. - . Q L. ' - 5 we . A- 'X .Ab ' t ' F F A J X f I' e 4 be ei 5 ' Q I xl t ,it N V V: L. . Y ' 4: .K 1. ' if 5 V ' fi 2- W ' 'K ' . FF A ' K I .N rl, ll as 'ie K - . 1.31-, .a fab.. 121 I xx A A -lf LE! -' 'E' -1 Q -' F A Engl ts 5 V YQ e I . ' . . V if . ' ,ls 5 :' Q' F F ' F ,, F, xi f' if -Exe ' A P f A W ,J ey 2 ' - . . wi M 'T' F V sl! ,ii . AQ G I ' 1 ., 4- - -'eng 1-nt ' ' ' I . ,HILL A, K 493. AA 1 ' 'FJ V7 rf . l 1 , t l n - Y' Jay Hall joan Hatzell Walter Herrmann Roberta Hrggrns Ralph Hrltebertel Leonard Hrrsch Evelyn Hoppe Rrchard Hornbaker Davrd Horst Vrncent Hottle Elwood Houser Herbert Hosmld Benjamm Howarth Jay Hulmes Wrllnm Hummel Ralph Hungerford Walter Hutcheson Marlon Huth Phyllrs Ircampo oseph jacqutt Blame johnston Harry jones jrnrce ones Cirolyn jordan Charles Judd Sue Jusnce Robert Kauffman Vrrgmm Kauffman Sally Keyes Iltne lxmky Prtrncrl Kmyon Rrchlrd Krrschner Polly lxlembard Nmcy lxrcrder Roberta Lauff Patrrcra Lehr Carole Lrebl Paul Lrngle john Lotz ohn Love Dorothy Lowe Gotta keep rn mm Durmg the mn ter rts basketball, xolley ball and cal rsthenrcs that keep us rn shape x-.J 'P.. l X Xla., I , i . X ' ' A '. F -X - fx' 1 , V a l ' . . W , A 1-1 N ', 5 . , - : :lf N 2 sf -- 'R 1 f , 1 we . f R ff R Sf' li' A ,, ' R 9' wr K Q mx , 5' '. X ff ?'f: ' X , ff . 'II lxluzirzll-ff-. ff ' I 3 ,Y -, Q, -,N fy, My f' M - x N. .ff In ' , v ' ' ff .L W5 ' H ,fix a 'P - el f r , , if f r, d , X- 'er f fi 5 aw, 56.41 ' Q H 'lpn za M I h .K , or 3: Nvfa 'f R fp R H., 4, ' 'rs 4 , X lr 1 - .f 4 Q Q . 4 ' , rf ' ' S 'hp l lp ' iQ' ri Q k Q in 9 I' re ' 4 N 4' X-V., li Q' A 'Yr -I, 1 ff QA qhv 5 7, f 4 J In , - e..r,1,5 x 'X , - Z:--' X J i if Nbr 6 X x ' VJ The drill corps proudly steps it off for the all-school revue on March hfth sixth and seventh. Donald MacGregor lane Madlll Ellen Mahle Charles Marun Fred Martrn Harry Martrn Lots Matthews Elarne Maurer Wxllraln May Robert McCarron Joan McCleland Harvey McGee Norman McLeod Eleanor Messmger Robert Meyhoefer Ann Mtller Edvt ard Muller jacquelme Mrller Jeannette Muller Dorothy Montgomery Vrrgrnra Moosbrugger joseph Moran jean Moms joan Morton Gertrude Mueller Wrllram Mulley Robert Myers james Nagg Barbara Nrtterauer Grace Norman Charlotte Nugent Sally Oakford john Oberholtzer Lrnda ONeal Thomas Orr Thomas Parrrs Arthur Pattrson Raymond Pearson Frank Pensron Wrllram Prckwell Wrllram Plutte Trrna Polen . - lv V te., . at ' l Q O- '. A , 5, . 1- K . 5 '7 - t ' . L ' X V V A H l f Er T L W M la , 'le-:V ' or 'Q G l V Q t 4 Q K S L K L KY5 M I N A J r7,. - In K?-3' Xl ' X X: N V KIQJ6 - 5- :.e X 3: du 2 meets Q Q, 4 'N S. I if ':- 9 . , ' with r Q, ' x, ,J V I V N , t . . . is -, :yr C l , . 45, - 1- fr kt, ' I Al ' .wx PM I A K ' ' I A N ' T ,Q K tl gt p fr M .l .A fl r fl A ll I l W a t ,JI E 4 ,x ' 9 V x I z .., G VV V x' ,i :X - t - .U l -. QQ: ' Lx ' K a ,, Q' 4.3 5- - - vi TR r t I lx e Yi , M A 'Q-if fl if X . li K K ' I 4' I 'u V G X k Q ' . , N Q I . Q A ' xl Q A 's AX , 1 1 A A Coach Secor trmrng umor Varsrty trackmen Wrllram Dexter and Leonard Frank as they check rn wrth Manager Henry Rtng Edward Rabnger Robert Rertenbaug jay Rhoads Rochelle Rrch Wrllram Rrsko Wrllram Rockett Rrchard Rogers Albert Rother Carole Ryan james Sacks Robert Saylor Carmela Scalr Wrllram Scarlett George Schrck Barbara Schmrtt Eleanor Schmrtz Marge Schubert Dorothy Schulz james Schultz Iohn Schuyler Roberta Sheaffer Donald Shelmrre joseph Sregl Peter Srmon Sam Srmonettt Robert Smgley Arlene Sloan judrth Sloterbeck Douglas Smrth Janet Smrth Trlghman Smxth Margaret Snell janet Snyder Rrchard Snyder Daud Sperber Barbara Sprndell How ard Spofford Davrd Stekol Harry Stone Margaret Strarght Patrrcra Strassacker 410' we if ul ll le 0 '....sE2r, xX ' ith , 1 - - r wg . ' 'I' - n., , ! R ,V , R , A A .S I ,qv- '3jT'?1g 1 ll 'rciv' 45 1 A I , gt- 5 U - . h c K: A fl C -K Q., t 4 ' , A , ,, S S gf . it 'R -L . ,Q , Q: 4. 4 , , 1 gf A I f S, Nancy Sargent it N Eglin' ' 3 , M- Eg ,M A I 4 ,Aix xx A , . l C' ,V Y Q. K - ff . -- ' fl' el ' , ' A y t 5 . xt el- , 1 , k 1 I I 5 ' I sl , ,w L . Vs 5 f ,h C' . -- 4- , S -f , . I ' uvw A N I A t. x A ' Ill . rt ' X ' ' . ' lt P S 'N 1. wt A ' W 'tf 't r . . . I , . X l K ' ' or , Q v fe S .- .- , ' l ' .tax r - ,. 2 6 S J. X 4 ' ll, QQ ali!-Q s - MA A ' , G f . ' 5 M ' Q Sl ' J D' L f t D' ' R. ' N 1. N. ra. F 650 1 ,k Il Albert Straub James Stnckland Iane Stuhltrager Maxme Svuft Adam Tart Elrzabeth Taylor Robert Trppmg Rrchard Toothlll Dorrs Travllla Ellen Tucker Nancy Tucker Robert Uttal john Utz Sh1rley Uandegrrft Wanda VanWagenen Ronald Vaughn Judy Walker june Walker Merwyn Walther Barbara Warren Samuel Watterson Susan Werdler Ellzabeth Welkel Mane Wrddxs Barbara Wrley jack Wrlson Robert Wxlson Gwendolyn Wrtte Edith Worthen Donald Yoder N 1 Stephen Yusem L CV X Joan Zimmerman X rn Fred Abbomzro Rnchard Arenz josephme Askolf Frank Baer Marlene Eldrrdge john Frsher Daud Schm1dt joann Scott Loma Stahl Rrchard Sternle XV1ll1am Stroup Frank Terrenzxo Y,-4 .hu r, J A Wm - ,' 1' iv l In , 1' T ' - 'J X 4 w. . ' 5.-we vi- - Y - ' flu ' , U - 7 Q' A A 5 I W . ' Sxy . Q . ' 0 7 fad- 1 'I , dpi .f X Jr kg xx fl M I ,I , ' e gsm ajlmkg, , . I A ZZ! .4,, , ,,- '95 K 9' ,Eh J! Q rr: . Q in fl .- ,.,:+-' , ' - g . . X 4, Al . . a, , . 3 X -. S 4 1 Q . T F rf - f D , L 5 M ' l 1 2 h ' 1 ' 1A A , Q D fit A '-'N V b ,Af Q Vs !! 'K7x r-. ' , I . V ll , had 1. , 9. ny ' ,, Member! N01 Pzrtufed Robert Frxck Albert Gaskrll Prrscxlla Gosnell George Grunhalgh james Haley Arthur Harvey Henry Terrenzno janet Tucker lane Unger Shlrley Vrrnelson Rxchard Voltz Donald Wrllrams jane Kapral Frances McDonald judxth Olek janet Pfander Harrrett Robmson Roberta Scarborough Joyce Wrlhamson Harry Wolf Ruth Wunderlnch Marlon Young Anthony Zrga an 'K Vg .,,-, fra? -I 2 , 1. f All Q I f, nf 4 1 XQX- rf ' x ,, V . .A aw. x 1 ,dun mg' F .1 YJ 1 , Q , x ax, ff 52,4 41 I 'Q 'I 'WA 4 Q. F 'X 1 X n J V 'al 3, J w- 1,5 I I O .H- , ,L 1 ' 1 1 ' 9 gh. f - as 77' 5' If - 4 1 H H arm: Roll William Owen Edward Hilt Barbara Fenstermacher Ann Turcott Dorothy Towle Gordon Biddle rp! 'f' ga These students take top honors the fourth report penod The Class of I955 The Sophomores entered the Senlor Hlgh School on Septem ber erghth mth three hundred thrrty students enrolled After a fexx days of vxanderxng around rn a daze we as Abrngton s largest class got down to vxork to make our class one of xxhrch our school can be proud The hrst month of school was excrtmg wtth the buying of A A tnckcts the Sophomore party and all the orrentatron that goes mth enterxng a new school Then too our parents vsete hrst rntroduccd to our teachers at the Sophomore Parents Nlght Very soon those of our numbers who were sports mmded found an opportunrty to partrcrpate J Holmes R West and XX' roung wcre valuable players on the varsrty football squad B Fensterrnacher and B Ulmer played varsrty hockey a dnd A Beeson and P Uhler basketball W Prckwell It f ww 1.1- ee l recerved a letter for varsrty soccer and also for basketball alone wrth J Holmes and R West who made All Suburban As members of Mrss Clarks swrmmmg team C Scholly I Mahon B Ulmer B Blttlng and B Robrnson swam rn the PIAA meet at Penn J Conklm T DeFlav1s R McAlp1ne and R OBr1en recerved varsity letters for boys swrmmxng Because of the nevsly rnstrgated plans by whxch class officers xull not be elected untrl thrs May to serve next year we have not enloyed the excltement of speeches and campargns as the upper classmen have Scholastlcally these students have made an unusual record G Bnddle J Conklm R Huss G Partndge and D Towle have been on the honor roll each report penod We wrsh to contrnue to uphold the reputatron and honor of fbmgton Senror Hrgh School judrth Adams Leonard Annanre Carl Archer Joan Ashton Louise Ashton Phyllrs Augustrne Robert Baker Wrllram Bannak Carol Barber john Bardsley Rrchard Bareuther Marcra Barker Eleanor Barry john Bartley Nancy Bates Barbara Battersby Rrchard Beebee Ann Beeson A ' 1 V.. N, . Y Q, t , ' V. - . A . ,I X, I Y . . ,D . . . I , . V , . , . l ,. . S 'I -. I . A , . . A 1 I l D . , ' , I c ' 2, ' . 3' ' NA , . ,QQ . ,t X., -'?' Qt ' t . . 5? AA -,h A J, ' A 3 l , . Q , x - 1 V Y Q xl 0 Q 5' A c 4 ' a R' A A ' A A it f .'.' 3, t f ' Xp ei e , rem ls' , r we w V v C. C' 2 l Q I 4 3- wb U 1 7 . ' ' 'X . I . ' 7 3 5 X95 Q f Q' t I 1 , E 4 f I ,, ,, , Phlllrp Bertsch Gordon Brdclle Barbara Brrtrng Sally Brtzer Drana Blorkman Carol Blrzard Patsy Borlgmr Isabel Boyd judrth Boyden john Boyer Frnest Braun Alan Braunwarth Joanne Brodbeck jamcs Brooks Robcrt Brosso Robert Brown Dorothy Brownlee Rrchard Brunner Nancy Burger Jeanne Burhans Maureen Byrne Andrews Cantagallo joseph Carroll Dorothy Case Leon Case Angelma Ceneuva Lawrence Chase james Cherry Domrnnc Crenkowskr Alice Clark joan Class Gall Clement Joanne Clobes Herbert Clore Ronald Cocron julra Coffman Rrchard Condon james Conklm Molly Cooke Robert Cooper Peggy Cornrsh Sophs Mel johnson and Duke Young as well as Coaches Davrson and Carroll Fnxrously follow the clash wrth Haver orcl fl rf 'pf lllt av vnu!!! lla! 'll J we-JL xx' X .. f' t l 1 W ' . ' 4 Q - . - V ' ' 'I ' 'l . . 'Sf X' 'L iv ff 0 'S ' N X . f . . . . S ' A , -4 a 'th ' . t ' G , t 1 4 I . .K 7 b 5. . 4115? L V.-.,k.' I lk . X' f ..ar QQMM A, ,Vg - XA I H '11 ' Tx. 3 ' eh , K . 1 fgbf 1 . 1 h 41 .J v . -X , . AN Q Dorothy Campbell .X-K' 4- I ' tk: S , .F Q Q by N' xl . . . 1 C - I . . , . l X or, ,V so 1 xr 'lf AX Z In Xu Y A . A Of K 1- . t 5. N Q Q A Q ia: wr S J it ,t V , c Q. A T f - Q a J- X , 5- av : 4 ,Vs ' 1 . r I V I 1 W l XTC 'C Q xx X Icna Costanzo Marrlyn Cramer Barbara Craven Anna Mae Crawford Anthony Cumcellt Delores Davrs jean Davts Rrchard Davrs Wrllram Davrs Thomas DeFlav1s Wftllram Detss Andrew DeMart'o Barbara DeRhone Ruth Detxuler Mtnerwa DeWalt Edvard T Dramond Betsy Ann Dtckerson Gerald Drstler Etleen Dxttmar Betty Carolme Drx john Dougherty Howard J Drager Lourse Duncan Arlo Eby r Robert Eldrrdge joan Enley john Erb Daud Fay joan Feldman Barbara Fenstermacher Ann Frazer Rrchard S Freas Nancy Frtednch Emtly Frus Blanche Fuller joan Funk jamce M Furey Helen Galante Carmela Galluccto Theodore P Gennett Charlotte Gentry Wrth thoughts of the approachtng holrclay, as well as Btology, on thetr mmds, Mrs I.enner's Btology class pauses to pose Nancy DiDomenico Edwm F George Carolyn Gerard Vmcent Gxardmellr Arlene Gllbert Marie Glradr joan Grrton Peter Gladmg james Gladulrch Wrllram R Gomberg joseph Good George H Gottschalk Ruth Graham Donald A Gratz 'Iheresa Gruzmsky Edward Gutgesell Davtd Guza Ernest Halberg joan Hambrecht Gerald Hansford Francrs Harknns Alberta Hatton Andrew Heme Davxd Hellwrg Davrcl Henry Dorothy Hess Edna Hxll Edward Hrlt Mane Holderer john Holmes Mally Holmes Edward Hotham john House Wrlllam Huber Ruth Huss john Iamert Clarke Ivrns Norma jackson Glenn johnson Kent johnson Irma jones Gall jordan Bonme justrce In Industtral Arts Mr Grun assrsts j Young rn makrng a laminated lamp Others workrng are R Srft D Mrller E Dramond R Cooper and D Pelham 5 A mf-wi get-1 eff ini 2' ll Pg 3 l 'lily -h- The Band warts rn the stands untrl half trme when they snap mto therr numerous formatxons vthrch gtve added sprrrt to the team Marylou Kahn Stephen Karn Ingeborge B Katzenmater jane Kaufmann Paula Kaufmann Sally Kay Wrllnam Keen john Kelly Gall Kelso jon Kentheld Thomas Krlleen Mrchael Klaskt Phrlrp Klaslcr Rudy Klem Elrzabeth Knott Kay Krewson Wrllram Landherr Charles D LeBrocq Peggy Lenahan jane F Lescure Elrzabeth Lewrs Helen Lewts joan Lewis Arnold L Lreber Edward Lmus Rrchard Lowrey Karl Lukens joan L Lyle Paul Magra Jeanne Mahon George Marer Marlon Marer john R Marsch Ethel E. Malseed Raymond Marino joan Martindale Russell A. McAlpine jr. Laura H. McAvoy Margaret J. McClenahan Delyn McCosh Charles McDermott Donald D. McKinney J Sophomore lno P Bertsch j Marsch R Beebee harmonnze Down Melody Way wrth Polly Wolly Doodle durmg Gala Nrght Kenneth McLaughlm Robert McMahon Myrna I- Meacham Lee Mertzner jo eph Mcsaros J Rose Teresa Messrna jomne Mules Clara Mae Mlller Rxchard S Mrller Robert F Mrller Wayne L Mnller Clrol Mrlne Sarah jane Moran Amta L Morrow Davrd L Moss Barbara F Motson Charles Motson Ernst O Mueller Robert Mullan LeRoy Mundy Danrel R Murphy Jane W Mussrna Evelyn L Nallm joan Lee Norman Eduard A Nostadt Ronald K OBr1en Ixancy C Oelten joseph Olrlagan Wrllram Oven Carol Owens Wrllram Pace Marguente Parkes Gan Partrndge Barbara Parchell Duncan Peek Lrllran PCIHCF Donald Pelham Lau rence Pendleton Gall Pfahler Walter P1clmell Sara Prerce Grace Prrassr N w fd Xfla LJ nll.O Me . rx xx ' i -N 'T' r g'1,.. 2. - , 5 . S , A 1 be R' -Q f 1- 6 3 ' 9. 5? 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'Q - School Sports Enliven the Portrait Appreciation of good sportsmanship perseverance until the whistle blows teamwork and cooperation . . . discovery of latent abilities . . . promotion of Abington tradition . are acquired through sports. T1 X Abington Ghosts Highlight Grid Year , C3 m K - if ,A Q ' Ron 1: L. Young. J. Xlfenncr, R. Crews. E. vkflgl E Nlsirs u XX Xounss l Rlnuds E Grasso G Schlaclcnslcy P Chapman. F. Tcrrenzio, B. Rc-mmcy, M, johnson Holmes R u Q Coach Dui un XX Bannak j Casey il Waugh H Martin, -I. Love. R. Vfest, J. Oscarson, I.. Massmn Colch Secnr Rau 4 D Ptclt R Duncan H Tcrienuo T Hucks A XX cst, -I. XY'ilmn, R Vaughn, Coach Carroll. lust .is lip Rlumitls snirtttl lLll.,j.lIlAL lmrhtr tlt lmthtr limmln t th1rL1nL in. The heavy min mutlc it impussihlc tu gain or hold yur 1 QKWV. lub' V I 15 BU: 57 - 'tls Q Q. 'Q A . .sg With a Decisive Win over Lower Merion Sparked by senior gridmen-Chapman, Crews, Den- nis, XVenner, Wright, and Young-the '52 Ghosts began a touchdown parade by scoring a 12-6 victory over Germantown and then a 26-6 tally over Penn Charter. This latter was an expensive game for Abing- ton, for john Dennis fractured his wrist. Before being disabled, however, he made a touchdown with the now famous Long John play. Abington connected for its third straight victory by nosing out Haverford 20-1-1. jay Rhoads in a six- yard pass to Larry Young in the end zone made the game-deciding play. Sustaining their winning streak, the Carrollmen gal- loped over Lower Merion 20-7. Not since 19-19 had the Ghosts defeated the Ardmore aggregation. The gridders ran their unbeaten streak to five by outscoring Collingdale 7-O, This last clash proved to be a Pyrrhic victory, for Abington lost a key player, Mel johnson who broke his shoulder bone, After this game the Ghosts took on a paler hue, for they were vanquished by an always strong Upper Darby I2-6, by Ridley Township 20-13, by Chester 20-15. and finally by Norristown on a postponed game, 1 I-6. In the finale the eleven, captained by Richie Crews, right guard who received honorable mention in the all- State team, battled the Panthers to a scoreless tie in a Right half back Rollie NX'est was all set to run a long , , pass until Haverfords half back entered the scene and POUVIUH Him before 6.000 bulfflf-221011 film- tackled him. Chesters line backer makes ' dpr' ' ' ., ,h s .tt-.. ,Lit .ff - - . ,Afs',,. ,Q-Q2 . . Mel uhnson is biiwum down by Lower Merion's jungels. Mels running lunge for Ronnie Vaughn at about the 50-yard line, 'Wil- 'YT rin ser up the first score in the ream's 20-' victor. bmw ri 1 t :ing 514 Night Soccer lnstituted Qctober 20 The booters came through the season with a lopsided record of four wins, twelve losses, and two ties. After a scoreless tie with Central, the team lost to Penn Charter in the final two minutes. Then followed three successive losses to Haverford School, Lincoln, and I-laverfordg a tie with Cheltenhamg and another trio of losses to Lower Merion, Upper Darby, and Haverford. The highlight of the season, the first Pennsylvania high school night soccer game, was dimmed by a 2-O loss to Lower Merion. The squad eked out its first victory of the season, 3-2, over Upper Darby through the scoring of Fiss and Pickwell, A.H.S.'s leading scorer. Successive losses to Haverford, Lower Merion, Upper Dar' by, and the Alumni were halted as the Ganttmen closed the season with three shutout wins over Cheltenham twice and George School. R. hlCC.1fI'OIl and G. Scliluchterer block the try for goal by HaverforCl. f'M,i,,L 5 ' .. N I , .. i 5 i f , . 4, e .A-, . .5 'w,,V' ., 'ez ef ' Pres tries for pass to vying Easton, in Haverford tilt SCHEDL'I E AHS Central Penn Charter Haverford Sch Lincoln Haverford Cheltenham Lower Merion Upper Darby Haverford Lower Merion Upper Darby Haverford Lower Merion L'pper Darby Alumni Cheltenham George School Cheltenham iii? u-A-4 lv. 3 .no .. -:.r,.,,' V- fl I Paston I' Fitzgerald Roth R Brecht P Sl trbttlv XX ilvxx ll iclclmd u I' Ivfi Barber R. Simmons R. McCarrori, H, Fiss G. Schluchtcrcr R. Pears: n. R it . Mauagcr Bcucr, Coach Gant. .1 ff -L ' , , .5 D ,zfd mx 'K if X 05-. X,- L5 .par K 1, -,., ?x 'CY , X if 5. .. 5' 'f Ja. g.,-n N f i N 'Z ,f D 4, vf,..t 3' I' 5 Q, 1 ' 1 r 4, r fff' - X A 4 f W X-yard, ,1 X A 'X .-wh A-4 N oy! G73 lf A-,KN 57' . R K 2' 9 ' u 'LT 1'-2 in f : Q03 572 Q- ,- ' 'tr u in t N rrltt fir lm Freed Mary Duns ind Norma Yiss practice sic i t t mn Lime c mar .-as l.g71'ktl! 4 ,ay J-and .ji .- , ' ? 25' ..,ifuv1yQPeF.f'g ' ' 'gm' Mlryl Deans assisted by Carolyn Emery brings the ball down field to score hairy the first point. 17' Ag ,Glam it-M-41 Rfizw I: Fl. Freed. S. Buckley. M. Deans, Coach Thompson, W. Van Viagenen. M, Swift, I.. Supplee. Rau' 2: B. Dean, S. justice, j. Sloterhetlx. N. Piss. C. Emery. D. Thompson, M. Cooper, Manager N. Meaney. Hockeyists Win 5 Under the leadership of Mrs. Tliomyson, a spirited and deter- mined eleven was able to roll up 5 wins, I tie, and 1 loss. Opening the season, the team blanked Ambler 3-1. After out- scoring Jenkintown bill, the hard- playing hotkeyists trimmed Hat- boro 6-3 with every girl on the forward line scoring. The Ghosts went on to tie Lower Merion 2-2 in a hard fought game. On a very cold day, Springfield dimmed the Maroon and Wl1ite's chance of a perfect season by de- feating them 2-O, Getting back on the winning side, the girls crushed Norristown -1-1, Now, really swinging along, they whipped Cheltenham, their traditional rivals. 5-1 to end the season, Carolyn Emery was high scorer for the year with 12 goals to her credit. Graduation will claim the team's speedy wings, Lauranne Sup- plee and Jeanne Ifreedg captain and tricky center half-back, Mary Deansg clever left half-back, Mary- lew Cooperg staunch fullbacks, Suzanne Buckley and Dot Thomp- song and manager, Nancy Meaney. I 155 1 H V GX 5 my 3 fit 'ii ll L I Kneeling-R. McMahon. XY. Scarlett, E. NX'right, j. Swift. 1. Rhoads, XV. Pickwell. J. House. Sz.ma'ing-D. Lamphere, R. Vlfest, V, Hottle. R. Katiflman, Coach Fegley. G. Roth, J. Holmes, E. Houser. Ghosts End Mark Although hemmed in by Haverfords defenders, Rollie West gets the ball away for a Held goal. Effective guarding and potent scoring ability enabled the Ghosts to win the York-Mont Christmas Tournament, After dropping two pre-holiday games to Pottstown 50-68 and Central 3 -5 , the Cagers routed Olney 68-44, Germantown 61--16. Episcopal -18--10, Ambler 55-29. Hat- boro 53--10 and Jenkintown 58-56. Following the holidays, in Suburban League competi- tions the lfegleymen lost their opener on the home court to Norristown 5'- ll ln subsequent Contests the quint downed l'pper Darby twiee 59-5-l and 65-51 and Chelten- ham twice S'--1' and 68-56. However, they dropped two close wins to l.ower Merion 5-3-59 and -V'--18 and Con- tests with H.tx'et'ford twice -3'-55 and 52-65, Chester twice 50-53 and 52-68. and a return match with Norristown 62-90. ln the final Court battles the Ghosts edged George School 59--16 and Ridley 'liownship 59--15. I Two lwiaroon and XX'hite players topped the Zoo mark in scoring. Sliarp-shooting.: sophomore. Rollie Vfest, led the team with Elo points and Vincent llottle followed with 239 points. john Holmes l-ceeps the leather away from the Panthers guard and Center. 4 lk and Regionals Y' ' X .X H X. AN Luwfu x ' YU!lIIL'Yf . Another mn for co captain Butch Rau' I: R. Okdmoto. A. Cunicclli. C. Cum, D. Giiwinazzu, 'II XYCM. R, Zimmcrmm, R, Vgughn. Ron' 2: P. Slotcrbeck, I. Xyennur, I. XY'.1lkcr. XY. Tamcs, A. Pgrriswn, T. Tamum. Ol-in nutstmdim, gripplnr works fir .1 Butch and Okie Take Districts . iugziin izmrrmzn wm B4 lun i H r 1 But 11 X lL1LilI1 tw th Butz C.I1.1n1piwmh1ps ll L' ww ruuhui in .1 lms I-1 , - . . nu' Palm C.h,zrtur. vl-ll: Imax If xl Q. --2 . .ri 1 w. A 'ru ru 11-Q61 Nuccuxivc '- 1 V I .- ..: ul, 21111 .1 dxf:-.it hy L .,r. .-1 , x 'rm 1 1-' f i Ci 51.11, 16-13. ,md Spring, L Q 2-63 .ml .1 gli wirxu ihfmt hx' Niirthgmpzmn. 9-35. AIYIUYLIALT K .' .. -il .ix Y f '. ' ' iv ' im. the uhm lx 1 ' . 1 I L- Lp ut if f.hQhcrih.1m 1'-24. xxhc ' . . - ':- . . Q' , j. .:' W M xuiuhrx .llruv ith thc rnturu fir ' z'.:. . .:. 1 -:1 1 Annu. .nhl Ari P.iII1xiuH, .1 i 'a x 6 'S' sl? 'C POSI . 4 X ' 'ww.:a f it Rau' I: B. J. Robinson. B, Bitting, rl. Morris. J. XX'.1llxer, N. Abbott, XV, Van Vfrigenen. UI. Smith, -l. Hennessey, J Gordon. P. XY'hitley. Captain B. Christ. Rott 2: Conch Clark C. Gaedeke. J. Stultz. B. Motson, M. L. Kahn, M. Young, C. Scholly, M. Parks. D. Cummiskey, J. Feldman, M. Eldridge. G. Apel. M. Ripley, N. Friedrich, K. Krewson, B. Ulmer G. Pfahler. Run 3: M. Barlter. ll. M.idill. Managers Il Mc- Cleland and Young. if 'X A mama Ato F . 1' -I A fl g if-L Aqua Maids Coach Clatles mermaids captained by Diver Barbara Christ finished their six-meet schedule with two wins and four losses. After losing the initial meet with George School 24--17, they outsplashed Lincoln 57.29 and Olney 39-27. They were submerged hy Coatesville 32-34, Lower Merion 26-40, and Haverford Stl-36. Mairth txwntyrfiiwt saw the local niitittors capture a lifth place in the P. I. A. A. District Meet at the University of Pt-nnsylx.tni.i. Although twenty-eight points were gained in various events, only Diver B. Christ :intl Freestyler P. Wliitley were tiietlalists. Co-Captains to spark the tc-ani in '54 are B, Christ and j. Gordon. .... . X-f .Hn-...Q-v I ll 1 ill Y., Captain B. Christ exhibits natatorial sltill in .i swan dive. Vl. Vuilltcr .intl J. Hennessey on the left side of the pool try tor the winning points in the backstroke race. 900 no is Wruggux , x V ' l Xa 0. . in All 'ZW D I I l t X A I ., fl p, I K ni 16. T , 1 1 .. p l A N fl X I f . V ,, X Q 1 RUN' 1' H HHS! 9 JUHCS l Ckflfllillll A Hllnlc I Rlvwryll WL'IlIZL'l R zz 7' l Dijmc l1 R Wfilwn K Ulller R. cJlBI'lCIl, lxllllhlgtl' R, ISL-1-lu-Q, CQn.11'l1 P.1wling, Pawllng s Tankmen Pmlmgs puldlnrs cnmpr1Qe1l munlx of Ul1L.lLIQllSNITlCI'1 culminated .1 rcspcc1'1blL Seaman by wxnning hw nf txxclu ntvuxgflfj dual meetS Although thc .1qu1 1ggreg1t10n mumphed mer Lmcoln l E Llystum mlcc 8 H 1 al 1 Dnbbms N1mc1nnn1 am Qundcn County V Clflllllll W thu uf? CIIS by P S DuPont '15 10 Nurrlstmxn mmm 1445 an Y- 2, G org: bclwol - A- , Glf.1fkl C11 c XX Q town 29--163 and Gcrm.1nt1wwn Ac.1dcr11y 45-50. 'vcr Art Blank, gi wcll .' K' nv cy an 'raw 1' c rc .ly urns, von ln A 3 rin ect Ll 111.1 lIl.lC in IC Regionals. .1 uating SL'l'llUl'5 .110 K. L'l1lcr. R. l.u'is, XV. NI11ll.1n, .in H XY cntzcl lu- r1'l1t Nnlu ul ilu- H11w.1r1l XX cntzcl aprxngs mto ,1 lull 31.1111 Q . , A ,E . , ,. , f, ,, . wp, . .i , W. Rml-wrt, A. l.lCl7L'l'. lt Dcl'l.1v1x, XX, hllllldll, R. M1Alp1r1c',llffn 2' bl liwyn-r, A S11.111l1, R. BAfL'Llll'li.'l'. XY. DL-lv. R. l.u'is R XX'llw11r1 .1111l .l, If 11:1kl11 d d Street shovis practice. .. artshorne hurtles high in effort to gain winning Spikemen Vnder Coach Pawling the cindermen opened their season at the Lower Merion Relays on Saturday, April IR. Placers were broad jumpers D. Harrshorne and H. Street. as well as the medley racers: half miler F. Ryan. quarter miler R. Fischel. three-quarter miler Hotham, and miler R. Voltz. Following this meer the Maroon and XX'hite trackmen, led hy veterans. high .ind low hurdler Street. broad jumper Dale Hartshorne. and half miler and miler john Lucas, miler Dick Voltz, and half miler Frank Ryan participated in meets with Springfield, George School. Easton. and Cheltenham. Other scheduled events were the Penn Relays. the Old York Road Invitational, and the Districts. i Y Neale practice powerful kick that provides many Runners Fischel, Voltz, Ryan, Lucas Sn der and . victories. 1 . i - Sll1fVYg.' R. Snyder. 'lf NX!-st, R. Beebee. D. Hartshorne, F. Hotham, F. Snyder,,I,Dcugel1erty. l. DcFlaxis, F. Bircl1ler.Iv1e'e11x1g AEbR'NlHS R T Tamura. . y. ..'e.1e. . rreet, . ische.T.Parris.XV. Banniik Niinager F Shiw J Lucas R rson Walk r R Simmon l A Dennis Coach 'DNR Dlamond Stars In the dramond crew s upener Rollrc Vuestg onelnt prtch mg hrghlrghtcd the 7 O xrctorx mer Lppcr Moreland Inexpcrrcnct rt btt mused the Maroon and Xkhrte to drcp therr next four gimes wxrth Lrncoln 6 11 H1fblWYO O 1 Central 6 9 ind Germantown O 9 lch Eb was t c m w fnlx returnrng lettcrmen G Schluchrercr R Xaughn J Holmes 1nd R West To fieltlers vert G Snlrluclmtcrcr and R Vaughn L Hcmqld XX Keller j Hoffmqn F Vrrght and I Dennrsvserc rn re rnrqtl urn Homes Xoung intl l Vscnn r wsatclmcd the outer glrtlcns R Xweit lwrc the brunt of the 71 gxme Schedule on the mcfuntl mth R Crum or I' Grlwm bclnnd the plrtc 7' gsm! x 35 ,L R4 lre KX ut hree av lx nf Nfl... vi bm 3 QQ QR WN 701, I 1 Hume: Ste 1 Herrmmn R Vaughn G bclrluthterer L Mumno E Grmo A l Dtllfllb Schmxlt cnner r1 1 rcft 1 mm Cr h 13,-b Qfg-yu I Huang L ' Lk I v Y ' , A k .QS ini JL -xr A U I M L - fin M L 'wr ,g 0 Q 1 , ' . E rl I E A 1 Y , H+., , 1 -. A M- 4... .,, . .Mmm ,,w.f,,guuWU' XX- e K 3 I A P ' Rosemary Ryan retrieves low pitch to Lauranne Supplee in pracrice game. 'ik M321 wo W .M ' , ,, 'Qu in A U K, . ' .4 Q 15 1 N Q W'-W -fr 75-M 5216! nm 1 ff' g lim' If J . 4 l M pf ' M e Ya W W ' X XR ' I V' Q X ky A ,, give .' Sfiibvxrwwk - , vi , KV, 5 ku, my LQ ,I 3? f,x5',,M V 1 Q 'A W' ,Jgi ae a+ ,' W f L- Y, 4 ,, M 1-'y1.2W ' . ,. M.x QQ MY, H' whit' ' fe ,'h2,, ?4'k' -, . , -.K ., 1 A s f eh ., ' x . ,, g . , . f-H. , . ff-. ' wi' N- f -fA,vr1- 1 ' x '43 mga. ' 'WV 518.5 . 'T 'Q i. fv'!, v'li9g 'aw 'sf--'fl s.:-if -,. gs 5 vi' H... I A ' x , 'Ex aux , -. 51,141-SX-, 'R spy vgx,?g..gm,.f 6? 1? W-few-. 'f-4,65 -j f mf. , ' 75 W ' Q, L :Agua '-1 R ' H'9.,, 1,4 ,v ' 2:4 e ..., in m 2 Z A , evf , .xgzaqm ' A-, -' 4 ' 1 M,w, 5., 4 , , ,N f-fm an liifh' K wt' V M r,4Ah,Mf, , Q55 ' . u,,,y,.'4AQ, ,. .5 ' 0 -V V ' 'W W V ' W . V1 f' hi -V M ' 1 'W 1' 714 '?'f.'f A ' fa 1 Z I .frm V' 4: 1111 1116111 1 C 11 IV 1111 u L1w1LL X Lux 1 R1 11a R hftlldfl. I H11 Ll L N 1.11-xc Nl 1 L Q fn L Xvtwl 1' L f IILIILHI UXXLXLY w r x nfl my-:1 11 f U 1 N L m w 11 11 lull' IL llxIl1tL luv L N '1 411 za 11 xg L1111 K KN 1f1 1 mdvmk Ift K 1 LI Q L1 n L su 11 fx Ll L I mput P1114 but c xp LX Lmu 1M11111us xwlawuc 11 INIFIL 11m 1 ms s uc L N R1tc11L S Cjubg, sl X 5 vnu N Gu 1 X R1 mmm 111 XY. D C:11w1r11 R lu. R H m 1 Lf mwn I Cmrburr C1 1d1Brunn6r. I Nc N1 e. mx ? 1 i .X 1-----1 4 :. II' L14 JS ,-F, ss 1 J .AA Kmfflmg: C. Emery. C. Blank, I.. Gutman, XY . Van XX'agenen, D. Thompson. G. liemlci. Sl,n1dir1,t'.' Coach Stanis. N. Scarlett, vl. Butler, nl. Sloterbc-ck. S. justice, M. -l. Murphey, P. Hill, G. XX'illi.imson. To produce L1 record this year comparable to that of Coach Stanis's former high-scoring net teams, .1 large group of hope- fuls plus last year's holdoyers-Thorripson, Emery. Scarlett, Gutman, and Van Vifagenen-turned out. The girls faced the teams of Norristown, Tredyffrin East- town. Upper Darby. Lansdowne, Radnor. Abington Friends, Lower Merion, Haverford, Cheltenhumi and George School. Led by Bill Scarlett and ,lay Rhoads. No. 1 and No. 2 singles respectively, and coached by jack Davison. the A. H. S. tennis boys worked diligently for it successful completion of their eleven-march schedule. Penn Charter. Norristovvn, Yeadon, Upper Darby. Lansdowne, Radnor. Bryn Athyn. Lower Merion. Haverford. Cheltenham, and Lincoln were the opposition for Daxisons battling boys, in. P. Lingle. S.'.17IuJ1I1IQ.' R. Bratnbley. P. Bertsch, R. VC'ilSon, K7l66lf71g.' T. Gennett. R. Zimmerman, S. Bub, P. Sloterbeclc, J. Conkl P. Chapman. J. Utz, J. Rhoads. XX . Scarlett, L, Mundy. lu at QQ ' -E ga ag A-fw Z1 l 1,47 .A in '4 M in . ' ff ua . just 1' 'SED H 4 .7 J E T -n ' 1, -. Q. J:-ii 'Q' 6 we 5 L xl.. A .lyk H-hm., 1 '95 5 p fafrwib 'f4 'H-M 'wwvmnev-ouronnuf .aiu -. 19 , - X 1 in yi 5 ,301 5 J ,' r I vl- gr, A 5 , if 1 l. 4 ifjdw f Q X' 7 , ' I xxrnncr SUYCCWA by fd? Gcorllff V' Pmtq aukgxzwr hix outilalmhng Sa ey - ' .Kixx'.xnr4 Qltlbldk DOSKCI. rfugm S' will CW Fr nu' is A - MP.. gr Hoopsters cop the wrbrll Awarihc flrsr rom-pi. A - 5 4. York-Mont Christmas ' mf ff! the K Tournament trophy. Em I4 45 . ,, 5 ,- .XL f' ENSFEG' Y- , - ,D .fiqgi.'.',.ax'1N 'RA :, X ,-, 1 ExpertNm.1fkrm.1mhip .rwarcls go m bruarr Guin .md XY'rn, D.u'. A 114- ,' T 'Q fi 1 ' if f r X' Q' F .' 5 Q' .1 - kb K I six L , 'T. '5T '71,-rs. ' ' vw. ' ' ' ' 'rd :u.x.q.x,l1 A , A I Thr Yr-.xrbovk .md m.1g.1zimc receive flhs Hearbook 'ments Medalrsr rat- tir-Nr plxce utings .rr P. S. P. A. mg by Columbm Press Association. crmwrrrrwn .1rA1twon.1. fi 1...-Sf ..'-17' - 1 5 X . 7 w gy wr . F2 ,af A ,,,'. V M, af-.,? ff .5 j' W Y 4 , A WY, ' f Q ,. 1 f 'K ' Yf gf lff ling, Q7 V1 1 Qi N' K X ' ' F 3' 3 J 515 5 if 5 4 ,WM 175' 4 lr I Q . 1 - I C' ' - p I FU, 1 94 ., i --..... ni' Extra Curricular Activities Enrich the Portrait Making new friends . . . Mingling with others . . . Accepting responsibility . . . Pursuing some interesting experience Learning to do by doing . . . are results of after-three activities. rj 2 f X 1 X.- EQ? its Rffzz I' 'Xl l'IL'Ll.1. xxlmt lmpprm-rl! . rx, Ifmwll. lf. l:I'll. N. liuglxly. l'. C.u1r.m. lf. H.lllNL'Il. R. Hamlltun. J. Swift, Miss Clark. Ron' 2: T. DcFlx1vis, tl. ldlmvrm. E Allrm SERVICE Xl. Pwlly. X5C.md.1. .md Camlyn wrt hcuvy Christmas m.l1l. Arm and Carol always busyl at three in the school srwre. ' Q, XY. Kr-llur. D. Harzxlwrnc. A. Mlllcr. Y, Conn. N Bam-5. P. Lchr, XY. Hummel, A. Hatton, J. linley. Rau' 3: R. lirusw CQ. him. N. Alvlw-rt. I.. Guzman. I. Allan. I.. lfrmk. H. Fiss, -T. Lmwc. A. Beesun, N. Burger. G. Clcmenr, R. Der- Nl T -N 1 I WV Y 11? .4 .....,.....V . 1 . 9 1 ' W N G, ff: 1 , ,,., ,, - ' -.Ii 1 , - 1 1 ,' t ff Avid Abingtonians crowd the Dug House at half time. Student Council t. lulttllm tu btudettt Ottttietl Athltatton p t s tt pttstn t t Chrtstt Gu lelxe nur guest student rum the lily Bruin Ntltult. in Abtngttwtt High bchool L r Dime txtof en muse sc eta wtts tmts t mint emtnt wt L sehtitt s ure the tv tn t L Dil House and the Qhttstmis Putt for tte terlx putplc 1118 Homt the Council suppliet te lllll I ll? L T L YY ll L Q l' K Xl ll I 'U UC C llitgs l N01 t Lf L u er N gr U 1 Lnttt 1 tr NX lxun sidtzed a schutil dance band. and sponsored the record-breaking Dtinlqey Basketball Game. The husiness of the Cuunctl. well-handled by the general grtiup meettntz every Mitnday. was aided by the new execu- tive Ciiuncil made up ttf the tnthcers and two representatives from each class meeting every Tuesday morning. Together these groups made 1953 it memtvrahle year. Scarlett, G. Roth. A. Neide. Mr. Northam. Rau' 2: G. Partridge, Keyes, N. XX'atsnn. dl. Schmidt. K. Krewson, J. Norman, I.. Meitzer. R. XXLst. R. Snyder. R Vaughn. VU. Mulley, A. Simtunettt. D. Pelham F x V l r . 4. An Integral Part of Abington Spirit, i , vi ' N. s R I . R N A F i K A I WJ, N. 4. ,f . .-... 1 COLOR GUARD S. Cuba. A Cmss, E. Allcins. H Campbell. DRUM fwfA'lORLT'1'lfS G. Partridge-. S. Virntlsun, M. 'llnek P. Gerhard. J. Gurdwn, R. lfucr. liifz.w,.:' ' t . Y if l ' .M fn, fi A QW ...ww K A .- QE at Q. . ,A 7 Q . ,, ,M ,, SQ K , 6 . W, I., W Q .M X 1- we 4 H 41' I fi Ig 5 Y me kwin, L54 W .f 5 1 .W , .., Q, 9 , ,,,..N I . ,V .Ap-fa! -5 -.W + ' . Y ,. .,..m.w1.,.,Q..1Z, 4K'G?-at in fa 7 H4 ,Q ' ,' F lm., ' V AV . wg. . Q f-w-...Q . ,M Y an fm ..-,, t W Y 1- -' -f w .i,L... may ,Wm kk . N sa... W , Q, M.. M Rin.. Fw! N. T 4 y . ,My . ,W .. ,mu Qefiwm Passing in Review Huurm uf tlrill and prgmite p.i1tl tiff when Al5lDt1lliIl'S lmnd W le.,l by thu liigh-stepping -lium in.iiurcttcQ, tht' puppy cheer- lmtlcrx. .mtl i'il'XX1IlIIl' Til Smith. -fur hrxt tlrum inainr in tm: yum, strutk our tlnwnficltl m the strains of The Vic tors . After Ll quick cnuritcringmli, tlu' Hp.1f.lnl'J uf thu Cli.1rnpiims C.1i'r1L-tl thu l'5.1Ihl up litltf .ind :nm pmitinn fur thc Stur- Spmlnglctl l5.lI1IK'lH. Tlmun thc grnup um off um the smntls tu lwwlstcr tlmt gmul wld Almigtun Npirit until ll.1lf'IlIlR' when they xn.1ppctl IIIIU nurmri in fnrrnirmm. It w.1s tht-n that All QA ls-ml Alvingtimnmns row frwvrn tht' smntlw as the Alnm Mater the Band parades in Martial Pageantr ,, I a va Qi a a vx : 'X-- .NX W' .LT-4 xy xf . 'Q r 5 'M 4 :Wm .A . A --. .1 I Bw: , i' v A .:' V W , ?: .t-'gl fx 3, .6 4 . .. vF'f 4. qixirdx t. y 4 ,ra CQHEERLIZADISRS x Hamm. Ii. I.ynch, M. Clydf. A. Rllcy, P. Curran, P. RiCIUCDSChfZL'la1CI' CHc.uU, UI. LLlfx'UfL'. K. Heckcndom. G. Hmce, Hams. S. Wbidlcr. A 0 . V40 To 'GT 'ag .,, :,x'g ' -. ' .- v .- -Y ,E Q. .55-f.v-.M V M. Y Q. - 'MM , 5 ? vs f Q x. ' . W x F, wh. fm . 'H X af' -- . l ', 'J . ',.-' 'me .' ' ., x Q. f.. If , 5 m 2,1 f?Wpi!'ix ,gf- I x gum1 4A , V '43 . .I.I V ! -Q-.U 'N rv. glr Q: H. Q-I-fjxgq ' 4 , x 1 719' nw 'n- 'C'- W9-fri X f xxx? Q rgxl ,argl b ' 1 8' ,XE , N , ' qgdgglxtviw W Wk.. , 40-4- :Egg 1 Q v 1 -lf- ' ' 'orm' give out with gust J. ' it yr 1 I ix' I my ff AFX Rua! X 'wif x . V ' 1 if ' ,X f 1 Q . ww--. g P Glam xx 5 Y 4 ' z E mu, ,. 1-:G - At v Hunt N fl 1' 'ffl-.,,,, gl -C- I A l Dr.1m.itic Club rccortls sccncs from oncsiict plays. Girls' Chorus rcliciirscs for the coming Easter pro- ,ig r .im . X P ,Q :Q Committee trtinscribcs brief rcsumcs of latest home- Nr. Grun offers girls opportunities for learning room discussions. practical arts, lntr.tmur.il lmisltttlwgill trams cnioy tlit pl.ii' off guriics. F 'I' A tncnilwcrs luirn Xpirious plmsts of tuicliiog .iii-l stlioltistic icquirumcnts. ff, ,W ,Vg ,,. ,.,, , f..-. ww, .. , k , I ,, ,,,,gj, GW ,ggwigjgfzffzgg f 1 Q , ' . ff,, , ,M MQ, 5 1 ' 4 IE Mm,-v1 ' z 1' . E5??9'r X 2 r 11. 'wk--1 1 Tl , . 5 mfs R Xp .ffl 9 5 i , it 'N-'O l ' 1 1 N A a. ORACLE SeJ1eJMC. Gaclcenbach, G. Schnitzer. ,I Hance. E. Peirce. G. Bender. V. I-lance. Slarzdirzg- H, Campbell, A. Nt-ide. L. Carty, C. Langsdozf. XY. Millward. P. 'l'.1ylor. Cn-.idyiser Mr. Glatt horn. Erishmuth. P. Evoy, C. Jordan. M. Brerschneider. Practically everybody reads the Oracle. This prize- winning magazine, co-edited by A. Neide and W. Davies, encourages those students with literary and artistic talent to offer their best contributions. Under the sponsorship of Miss Cathell and Mr. Glatthorn the Oracle took a hrst at Altoona and at Columbia. J. F. Under the guidance of Miss Mary Grace Ambler and Managing Editors B. Wfalker. A. Menten, E. Ryan, and T. Ryan. the busy junior Fourth Estate gives publicity to all school activities throughout :he school district. In addition they send all sports results news flashes to the local and city papers. E. 411641 Row 1: M. Rislm, G. Pfahler. R. Ryan, -I, Easton. F, Ryan, J. jacquet. Shim! Rau J: 1. Prout. P, Rowles, A. Menren B lcnnings. C. Luke-rr. S. Russell. Slafrdirzgx j. L'tz. T. Ryan. ,l. Gtnd. R. Neale. Sponsor Miss Ambler, D. Towle. N. Sargent Ambruster. B. Anthony. A. Tait. M Benliam. B. XY'.1llcer. 5 Xl if EDITORIAL STAFF Smfedvhl. I.. Cnupcr, I.. Wiiglcy, B. Ambruster, P, Slutcrlwcnlc. C. Spaulding. Sanding-V S. Buckley, T. Tamura, L. Carry, R. Crxlladay, W, Millwurd, N. Bromley, H. Campbell. S. Gilfnllan, B, XX'aIker, C. Gaclcenbaih. Acknowledging Helping In ixiint this PORTRAIT Ol' YCJL' in your turricular .md extr.1-Cur- ritul.ir .irtivities were mini' students- the exer-willing tiring st,1tt'g the .irt stlff, dishing off tlevtr illustritionsg the busi- ness shirt. st-.irtlung for .idsg .ind the dili- gent editori.il st.itt' tirst sketcliing and then toutliintu uit this iiitture. Along the VNQIF' we hue had the help ot' m.iny to xxhom we should like to ex- press our .ippre-ei.ttion. To: Mr. 5. C. Schultz ot' H. G. Roebuck .ind Son for his help in printing this por- trait. Miss Ann fNltCl.irthy, Mr. Ctrl XX'olfT, .ind others of the Zimslxy studios for their generous st-rxire in stnippiiig mmy of the photos. 'Ilioinis Ryan .ind Rohert Neale for offering their Candid shots. Mr. Gernert. Mr. North.im, the f.ieulty and student body for their cooperation. Our Advisers, Miss Haldeman, Miss Milne. .ind Mr, Krueger for their services in developing this portrait. fy., m,,,,.v ,,,l.vi,-.2,.,,-,....1., in i i 1 I a i' is zlffqfi SALES and SERVICE Also HIEEPS W TRUCKS - STATION WAGONS UP TO 35 MILES PER GALLON, with fazerdriza' 90 I-I.P. HURRICANE 6 ENGINE WITH 7.6 COMPRESSION RATIO USES REGULAR GRADE FUEL BLACK AND TALFORD PI-IILMONT ROAD and SECOND STREET PIKE BETI-IAYRES PA Phone Chapel I-Illl 0617 9485 IIHINIJTUN BANK 8 TRUST EU AN ALERT BANK IN A FINE COJIAILVNITY FUNERAL DIRECTORS 3316 N Broad Street Phlladelphxcr Penn SAgcrmore 2 2667 R OLESSKER CO 809 Scxnsom St Phxlczdelphxcx 7 Penn MANUFACTURERS OF FINE QUALITY CLASS RINGS AND PINS FOR OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY ABINGTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS Offxcml Iewelers For The University of Pennsylvania 7 m O O ERR- I Q o CASA CONTI IAMOUS IOR FINE IOODS GLENSIDE PA Og 9789 8 Prnate Dxnnng, Rooms amulable for Banquets Annlversarles Weddung, Receptlons ec WAYS to eurn good money The opportunxty for a well pald busmess e nreer was never better accounnng management bankmg advertrsmg radxo televnslon you name your field But you murr be quallfied to step rlght nn and go to work Prepare yourself through one of these short pracucal courses Sienogruphy . Secreiuryshnp Business AdIl'1lllISffCfI0l1 Accounioncy Sulesmanshnp Write call or telephone PEnn,1pac'ker 5 2100 PEIRCE SCNOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1420 Pune Slreei Philadelphia 2 P Speclalnzed BUSINESS TRAINIZN G COURSES PROVIDE A FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS Stenographzr Iiedzr 11 Senefarzzl Secrelarzal Gene: al Burmerr RUSSELL SMITH NC IENKINTOWN PA Affowztmg BIIJIIZEJI Admllllfll H071 CUSTOM 0 Pre Izzdurtmn Day and Excnnng Chsses Coeducatlonal Dv ape: Ie! Enroll Now' Summer or Fall Terms Sl C0l0fJ The Dzrmzrtzze Burnzeff Srlwool Founded 1898 TH Beddmg TAYLOR SCHOOL ogomz 4661 210 SOUTH 13TH ST PHILADELPHIA 7 Phone Klngsley 6 1515 A y 'z -T-in I . ' ' , a. TAYLOR SCHOOLS APPROVED ' I . . I O A U 1 I I ' '41 0 ' o ', ' , . , K . . . .K -J . - 1 ,t jp - O WE INVITE YOUR INQUIRIES E ., , PA. DAMATO TAILORS TAILOR MADE IIAEERDASHERY 1190K EASTERN ROAD Roslyn Ogontz 2949 Phone W G 0607 Palromze Your Independent Dealer BILL S SERVICE STATION Road Serzure Auto Repam' on All Make: 0 Car: Battery Serwre Igmzzon and Carburelar Spefldllii 1521 EASTON ROAD ROSLYN G REED LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING 1134 EASTON ROAD Roslyn Ogontz 1310 F M PASTORE INC IVILLYS OVERLAND SALES and SERVICE 1538 EASTON ROAD Roslyn Pa Telephone Wxllow Grove 1427 and 1428 MARCHIONE ELECTRIC CO ELECTRIC MOTORS REWOUND and REPAIRED 1081 EASTON ROAD Roslyn Pa Opposne Roslyn Stauon Ogontz 5576 B A R K A N S YOUR PRESCRIPTION STORE 1172 EASTON ROAD Roslyn CNext no the Post Ofiicej Ogontz 8732 IVE DELIVER N WILBUR SHELLENBERGER CEMETERY MEMORIALS EASTON ROAD and TYSON AVE Roslyn Pa Phone Turner 1656 Res Llvmgston 80577 HOWARD NICE ooo A I VENTRESCA ROSLYN BARBER SHOP 1160 EASTON ROAD Roslyn I L E H M A N REAL ESTATE INSLRANCE 1102 YORK ROAD Abmgton Ogontz 4579 DAVID S MEN S WEAR SHOES 125 N YORK ROAD Wxllow Grove WIllow Grove 1779 GREETINGS OF CARLO S LUNCHEONETTE ROY S MARKET ROSLYN Smce 1926 For Servxce Call Ogontz 9338 ABINGTON SHOE REPAIR JOSEPH PILEGGI Expert WofkmanJbIp All Work Guaranteed 1122 YORK ROAD Abmgton Pa Mary Lou s Beauty Shop ALL TYPES OF PERMANENT WAVING Ogontz 9027 E A L L E N R E E V E S INCORPORATED Ogontz 1092 Majesuc 5 0243 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION YORK ROAD Abmgton A I a o u 1 a , Pa. , . I , Pa. : .: ' - ABINGTON, PA. o Q - Y Y pa. ' , Pa. I ' llll I I I I . ' , Pa. I I ' , Pa. ROSLYN SWEET SHOP HOME MADE CANDY FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1336 EASTON ROAD Roslyn Pa Clmrolalw 0 Dulmrlzon Ogontz 1246 WILLIAM I GARYPIE GARDEN STORE TOOLS ROSES BULBS LAWN SELD FLRTILIZER SHRUBS FRUIT TREES 1442 YORK ROAD AT HIGHLAND AVE Abnngton P1 MILO G SMITH GAS OIL TIRES EASTON and BRADFIELD ROADS Roslyn Pcnnsylvama Ogontz 9142 DAVIS PHARMACY Charles S Dans BSC IVE Delll er Ogontz 1616 I ue donthazezt uell get ROSLYN HARDWARE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS ROSLYN PENNSYLVANIA Ogontz 7563 ANTHONY MALAVENDA REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Specxalrzmg ln Montgomery Bucks and Northeast Phxladelphxa Countnes 719 I-IUNTINGDON PIKE Rockledge Phnla 11 Pa PIONEER FOOD STORES DONATO BROTHERS 1811 I-IORACE AVENUE Abmgton Penna Phone Ogontz 8951 Y E T T E R S CLEANERS and DI ERS HUNTINGDON PIKE ROCKLEDGE Cheltenham 8765 Snx Hour Serv1ce Free Call 8. Delrvery For those w1sh1ng Speedy Servlce Work brought m by 10 A M fMonday to Saturday mclj can be Ready the Same Day Free Pxck Up and Delrvery Servxce We operate Our Own Plant nf , , , 4 V, iw, Fi 2-1571 Cheltenham 2952 I 311 , ROBERTS TELEVISION Ark for GEORGE or BILL Wrllow Grove 3090 EASTON 8. WELSH ROADS Ambler 50715 NELSON S DRESHER VIEW FARM Fferb Eggr Drerred and Frozen Poultry H1 Grade Full Farhmned Nylon Hofzery manufactured by HI GRADE SILK HOSIERY COMPANY INC DAVISVILLE RD 8: MAPLEWOOD AVE Wrllow Grove Pennsylvania Hofzery Sold Wholefale and Retarl Greelnzgr rom FRED HOFMANN DRYCLEANER EQUIPMENT INSTALLED and REPAIRED Ambler 2166 +++ GREEN MEADOWS ORCHIDS WILLIAM H STARKE arrettown Pennsylvanra Phone Ogontz 4143 CHARLES E SHOEMAKER Pro errzofzal Erzgmeer Regzriered Sumejor 1359 YORK ROAD ABINGTON PA I Square North of Hosprtal Formerly 601 York Rd jenkrntown Pa Harry T Wentz George B Wentz WENTZ BROTHERS Relazl TURKEYS Wholerale Awarlable Year Around SUSQUEHANNA ROAD Ambler Pennsylvanra Phone Ambler 0708 G PARKHOUSE 6. SONS FINE FOODS Phone Ogontz 7500 ABINGTON PENNSYLVANIA Telephone: Willow Grove 0447 J , ' ' SUNNYBROOK, INC BUILDERS NORTH HILLS PENNSYLVANIA CRIJETINGS jr fl 111 LYNAM COAL COMPANY KESLER S FLORISTS EOR THE PARTICULAR EOR OVER 20 YEARS Flon err lefegnzplud Anjulvere 115 TENNIS AVENLE North H1115 Pennsylxmra OGOI1fZ 3109 747-I C E N T R A L Photo Reproduchon Co BLL EPRIINTS :ml BLACRLIINES PHOTOSTATS 1309 SANSON1 STREET Klngsles 5 5324 1539 RACE STREET LOcust 4 42-IO . I l Y , Y ' ' 7 , l Messenger Service A . . v v vk 4 . HELWEG PU EHAL Ogontz 8800 GLASGOW Inc CONTRACTOR CHURCH Sr WAVERY ROADS Glensrde Pa EXCAVATING PAVIING JENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Sho: elf Rollen IENKINTOWN BANK 6 TRUST COMPANY IENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Whefe The Bm Slopf At The Door Member Federal Reserve Bank Member Federal Deposxt Insurance Corp Hee! I our fuemlf Ozer A Hzdmgfvl Snark KENYON DINER ROUTE 152 North H1115 Pa I I , . 1 Comprerrorf - Bfzlldozerr - Truck Crane: , - . 7 1 . - I - 1 I 1 I I , 3 ' s 0 O O If I I! Q O O , . AMBLER ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES F P ZAFFARANO Lzgblmg Fzxlznef 8. Elerlrzml Suppllef COIN TRACTORS SHOW ROOM 14 LIMEKILN PIKE Edge H111 P Phone Turner 2121 SHOP 103 N MAIN STREET Ambler Pa Phone 1845 FANELLI S ATLANTIC LINIEKILN 81 NIT CARMEL North H1115 P1 Ogontz 9300 Telephone Ogontz 0951 and 0950 NORTH HILLS SUPPLY COMPANY Coal Fuel O11 Coke Bzufdnzg Malerml 2908 MT CARMEL AVENUE GREETIIN GS 70121 PETE S CAFE Ogontz 9043 K L E N K S SINCLAIR STATION Geo Klenk Ogontz 9084 axhmg and Lnbrzr 111011 Tue Sefllfe MT CARMEL AVENUE North H1115 Pennsylmnm Class of 1924 Good Food Valzzef Serzzre THE BAEDERWOOD GRILLE OLD YORK ROAD fAbovc Jenklntown Penna An C nzdzlzrmed TRUNK S SELF SERVICE MARKET MEATS GROCERIES PRODUCE Free Delzzerj Ogontz 1115 LIMEKILN PIKE AT WILLOW GROVE AVENUE Edge H111 Glenslde Pa POWELL S DRUG STORE ABINGTON PENNSYLVANIA I 1 ' 1 . . Og f . ' K . 1 ' , a.- I 1 . 4 I North Hi11s, Per1nsy1vania I . E. W ' 'J ' .1 .I .. I I STEVENS GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS ICE CREAM 928 CYPRESS AVENUE Ellnns Park Pa Ogontz 9164 I FRANK FLECK COMPANY HARDWARE Bznlderr Iqnzuked Hafduwe P 8. I' CORBIN DIST SCI-ILAGS DIST 603 WEST AVENUE cnkmtown Pa Ogontz 9830 6850 ROSLYN CONVALESCENT HOME 2630 WOODLAND ROAD Roslyn Penna Phone Ogontz 6776 FOWLER SHINN INC JENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Salef Serzzfe DODGE PLYMOUTH Ogontz 7428 Ogontz Majcsuc 5222 3163 Ogontz 0760 Island Hmghts 4 0670 T W MONTAGUE COMPANY HOMES ESTATES FARMS 491 OLD YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN PA Cor Washlngton Ave 8a Rlver Road Island Heights N ORELAND CLEANERS 6 OINE QUALITY SERVICE THE FINEST Q Ogontz 4215 COngz nlfzlafzom mm BALL 6. COFFIN THE MARKET PLACE F07 Belief Homef KUHN REALTORS 711 WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN PENNA Rxchard E Kuhn Ogontz 4550 . , . J p. Y y ' ' , - DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS . . f' V, o o o l , . J. 1 - . O 0 O O - BUTLER BUICK COMPANY JENKINTOWN PA STAUDINGER 6. BOONE INC RLA1 ISYAFL AND Busnvess BROKERS LINITIPSIOII 8 1750 Turner 0700 1717 OLD YORK ROAD Abmgton Pennsylmma BLAIR PRINTING COMPANY PRIA TING llve lmeff PIIIIIIIIQ Plan! 111 Snbmbm Pfwfadelplvzz EASTON AND DAVISVILLE ROADS Wxllow Growe Perma Telephone Wlllow Groxe 5089 GRELTIA GS I R011 Mr and Mrs FRANK VIRNELSON BY LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET I 5 ' I l I u u I I HHQQQHQQQCHQQQQ HQ j we anna Alwmrs I meets A1 me JIM! 0 X Qniefefy ll0'I snovvssp MMOUS DRIVE IN RESTAURANTS : ROSLYN PENNSYLVANIA t llJ In North Phlladelphla. xt IS THE HOT SHOPPES FOR Toon AT ITS BEST WELDON AUTO SUPPLY CO MCCULLOUGH S P 6. H SUPPLY Azzlomonz e Replarement Party u IJ Sb 5 me OP mm 1501 EASTON ROAD ROSLYN PENNSYLVANIA Plumbmg Healmg Kzlrhen Laundry GLENSIDE PA EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES EASTON ROAD AT JENKINTOWN ROAD ACCESSORIES MA1est1c 5 0930 Ogontz 8200 01 O2 WIIIOW Grove 1095 f I : A ' x f iT'Q .. 1 5' Lee I-, If C 1U 'X s Sf I F . I , HILLTOP INN EASTON AND EDGE HILL ROADS Phone Ogontz 9085 Busmess Men s Lunch Seafood Full Course Dxnners Sunday Dmners Pmate Partles Banquets Weddxngs Open Ezerj Day PHVAIIIA farlflllef Theodore Burgmer Eugene Rausch I ACKSON CROSS Company RLALTORS 111 YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN Ogontz 7000 Mapcstnc 5 0700 ROSLYN PHARMACY 1130 EASTON ROAD Roflyz P EUGENE GOTTLIEB Regzffered Plammarzft Telephone Ogontz 1220 AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING ED HEAVENTER 2457 AVONDALE AVENUE Roslyn Penna L A BURTON Electrlcctl Supply Co Inc Wholesale Electrrcal Equrpment and Supphes Ogontz 8060 8780 809 E GREENWOOD AVENUE enlrmtovsn Pennsylwama DXMII3 CHEVROLETf I1 i COMPANY 140 YORK ROAD Magesm 0265 gontz 0172 enkmtown Pa IOHN P KELLER Realtor YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN Ogontz 9600 General! G0 a Long Way to Make Fflendi W C FLECK 61 BRO INC General Tzres and Kraft Rerrzppmg enkmtown Perma Norrxstown Penna ' I. rl. I , I X 4 Free Delivery - Ogontz 3944 If ' 5- O 113 - J ' 7 I J -' , , , , - ' ' GREETINGS B1 D E K E R Neu fp :per Magazine ABINGTON LUNCHEONETTE Behmd the fire-house 1878 HORACE AVE ABINGTON SEAITEST ICE CREAM H011 g mx Sandu zrla EJ WALLER MOTORS INC YORK AND HARTE ROADS enklntown P F A DEPUE FUELS WEST AVE 8. READING RAILROAD enluntovnn Pa Ogontz 2488 ABINGTON AUTO SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING Ofliclal Inspectxon Stat1on Afzlonzobzle and Tuzrk Serzzre and Re ana' 24 Hour A A A Tomng Gulf Servlce Ogontz 9014 HORACE AVE and YORK ROAD Abmgton Pa ABINGTON SNACK SHOP Hot Cold Sanduzfhey Super Mzlk Shaker Under Aeu Marzagemerzt Rosamnlla Gxlllgan and W1ll1ams 1117 YORK ROAD Abmgton Pa WALKER CADILLAC COMPANY NC GREENWOOD AVENUE Opposlte jenkmtovsn Statlon Telephone Ogontz 4200 8. MA1est1c 5 4000 JENKINTOWN PA For Oxer 27 Years THE WALTON INSURANCE AGENCY JENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA OGontz 8-L11 0653 W Veryl Walton Donald G Walton I I I A il 'A , a. 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PERRY GREENSPAN INC REAL ESTATE INSL RANCE BUILDERS Phone Ogontz 1407 ROSLYN PA A G I B B O N I Menr Sporluear and Furnublng Dr Clexnmg and Tazlarmg Opposxtc Casa Conti Glenslde Ogomz 7520 GREETINGS MCICVAUGH S DELICATESSEN YORK AND MORELAND RD Wlllow Grove Pa ZIMMERMANN S EASTON ROAD Glenslde PF SINEAKERS GREETINGS FROM THE CONCORD ROLLER CLUB WASYNGER O EASTON ROAD Glensxde SHOE REPAIRIING L ery Rearon :ble Pure NORTH HILLS BARBER SHOP 2741 LIMEKILN PIKE North H1115 Pennsylvama KESWICK HARDWARE TOOLS PAIR TS GLASS EASTON ROAD WE DELIVER ogomz 3644 LILLIAN HAIRDRESSING 1219 OLD YORK ROAD fOPPOSlIC Abmgron Hospxralj ABINGTON PA MARY ANTHONY SHOP HATS BY GAGE FOR EVERY AGE Open Every Evenmg KESWICK AVENUE Glensnde ABINGTON GIFT SHOP 1104 OLD YORK ROAD ABINGTON PA YOUNG FASHIONS TOTS TO TEENS KESWICK AVEINUE Glens1de Pa Ogontz 9083 GLENSIDE P ALS BARBER SHOP TWO BARBERS 454 EASTON ROAD Opp Glensxde Weldon School PENNY S FLOWERS GLENSIDE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS WHITING S 25 KESWICK ROAD Ogontz 1967 Glensxd Ogontz 3484 DAVIS HAIRDRESSERS 285 KESWICK AVENUE Glensxde, Pennsylvama I ' I . 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Perferl Rug Cleaning WILLOW GROVE Phone W G 1534 Ogontz 2958 STANLEY M CRAVEN RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES and SERVICE SCALFARO S SHOE REPAIR SERVICE WHILE YOU WAIT 121 N YORK ROAD Wxllow Grove Pa PAUL IAEGER GUNS AND SPORTING GOODS LEEDOM STREET at Greenwood Ave Phone Ogontz 6920 Jenkmtown Pa CERTIFIED TELEVISION SERVICE 218 DAVISVILLE RD Wxllow Grove Pa Phone Wxllow Grove 0660 Shczrpless Stcxtlonery Servlce 213 YORK ROAD Jenkmtown Pa Willow Grove Appliance Shop U c BALBn5R 58 NORTH YORK ROAD Wxllow Grove Pa Phone W1l1ow Grove 1440 F W WOOLWORTH CO WEST AVE and YORK ROAD Jenkintown Pennsylvama FRANCIS X BALL F L O W E R S CORSAGES DECORATIONS FUNERALS WEDDINGS YORK ROAD and CHURCH ST Wxllow Grove Pa FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Phone Wxllow Grove 9045 VENETIAN BLINDS SHADES HARRY C BERLINGER. IR RLGS AND CARPETS LINOLEUM RUBBER and ASPHALT TILE 715 GREENWOOD AVE Jenkmtown Ogontz 6434 DRESHER MOTORS DRESHER PA USED CARS BOUGHT SOLD EXCHANGED TOWING Ambler 1455 ' ' I I I ' ' , Pa. 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WILEY S Orelcmd Tool :S Equxpment Co xou yor cfm RENT THE RIGHT TOOL werou and PA Avrss Oreland P Ogontz 8638 Phone Ogontz 7887 EUGENE S RILEY ELECTRICIAIN 165 ELM AVFNLI' Nmmrth I-Illls Pa CHARLES MCCAULEY REGISTERED PLLMBIIN G A 'ND HEATING Oplmz 7671 IOBBIING RUBIN FOOD MARKET 7 0 ITNRINIOWIN ROAD Ardsley gl ALITY MFATS GROCERIFS and PRODUCE Ogontz 0791 1nd 9036 FREE DELIVERY NEW DOM S BARBER SHOP 2 55 JENKINTOWN ROAD ARDSLEY Clfued All Day II' ednerdaj II EARIING APPAREL GREFTIING CARDS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS SALLIE HANSEN 7 TYSON STREET Ardsley P Ogontz 5593 ARDSLEY GULF SERVICE STATION IEIXKINTOVVN ROAD and EDGE HILL ROAD Turner 1796 Ardsley Pa Senderhng 6 Damm Hardware SPRUANCE QUALITY PAINTS Glarr Roaxng Elerlnml and Plumbmz Supplier Seedr Gardening Equlpmenl and Sparring Grmdr Open Every Evening tlll 8 P M OG 4366 ZGIOJENKINTOWN RD Ardsley Pa GREETIINGS mom GLEN FOOD MART 347 49 EASTOXI ROAD Glen zder Fmer! and Mort Complele SUPER MARKET Ogontz 5171 ARDSLEY SUNOCO SERVICE Charles .I Schaeffer Prop INEIV and USED TIRES md TLBES Lubrncanon Txre Scruce JENKINTOWN and EDGFHILI. 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I H I ,- KOENIC S The RFXALL Drug Store GLENSIDE WILMER S TRINKLE MANUFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVE SERVING THE ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES NO 2 ROBERTS BLOCK Glenslde Pa Phone Turner 1075 Member I R E ABBOTTS ICE CREAAI The Real Bulk zn Half Gallon Conlalnen SHAHAN S GLEINSIDE 8: RESWICK AVES Glensxcle Pa Bread Coker Sodlr Nm ell1eS SWIULFIY Aeedr Slulz Candy Ogontz 5107 GLENSIDE BEVERAGE CO 442 N EASTON ROAD PROMPT DELIVERY Saler Ogontz 0901 Seuzre Ogontz 5948 GLENSIDE NASH COMPANY SALES AIND SERVICE 52 S KESXX ICK AVE Glens1de Royal House Luncheoneite 339 TASTON ROAD at Keswxck Avenue SAND IVICHES PLA TTERS PASTRY SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY MT CARMEL LAUNDROMAT 2256 MT CARMEL AVE Glenslde Ogontz 7952 DR R BUTERBAUGH IR DENTIST GLENSIDE PENNA Turner 1346 Phone Turner 1879 H M F ERNSLER SECRETARIAL and BUSINESS SERVICE WILLIAM R MAY FUNERAL DIRECTOR GLENSIDE PENNA IVESTIINGHOLSE THOR APEY CROSLEY TELEVISION Glenslde Gas 6. Electrlc Apphance Co 2270 MT CARMEL AVE Glenslde Pa SALES SERVICE Ogontz 5706 Ogontz 4999 Pnlgrxm 5 3977 PERELL AUTO BODY WORKS A PERELL mp AUTO ACCIDENT REPAIRS 514 N EASTON ROAD Glensxde Pa Ofhce Ogontz 0344 Res Turner 0498 RENNINGER G RENNINGER NOTARY PUBLIC REALTORS INSURANCE GLENSIDE PA fat Statxonj HARRY RENNINGER Res 210 HARRISON AVE Glensxde Pa ANTHONY MARKET SHELF SER VICE FreSb Mealr and Vegelablex Frozen Food Free Delivery Ogomz 8293 2332 W JENKINTOWN RD Glensxde Pennsylvama Glenslde Lmen 6. Specialty Shop 7 sown EASTON ROAD Glensxde FABRICS BLOUSES SKIRTS LIIN GERIE and HOSE Radio Record: Imftrumerllr Plaonogmplu Barwls Muslc Center AND Conservatory of Musxc Complete Fanlme: for Munml Inxtrucnon 7213 RISIING SUN AVE Phnladelphla 11 Pa Phone FI 22575 , U L' ' Z I -q ,1 Ir -. 1 KS 1 I 1 . ' . ' , Pa. I - - - O O I Q , . ' , Pa. , - 2276 MT. CARMEL AVE. Glenside, Pa. ' ' , Y Y - - I - . a ' -A 1 . . . , A GERHARD S l ELLVISIOIN RECORDS APPLIAINCES AIR CONDITIONING EASTON ROAD and KESWICK AVE Ogontz 8650 Om Serzzre Make: the Bef! Applfznref Beffer Glcnsldc Pa CARLSON MOTORS JENKINTOWN PENNA CHRI SIER PII MOUTH mf S1Ier Serzfre Ogontz 7900 Tner Bzfferzef Arreymrzey Ozgontz 9016 ROSLYN SUNOCO STATION GAS OILS EASTON ROAD AT MILDRED AVENUE Lubrmzlzon Waihzzzg Org,an1zcd 1n 1867 ABINGTON BUILDING ASSOCIATION 705 W1 ST AVENUE cnknntovnn P Suxnp Acnounts Insurpd Up to S10 00000 Dneft Redmlmzz Ilmllg :ge Loan! An Cozzdzfzwznzg 1 Ga! 0aI Fuel O11 Ogontz 2299W Ewa A Holndays Ogpntz 1182 WILLIAM B LANING HEATINIG ROOTING Healmg Umtf Cleaned and Serufed 2423 SUSQUEHANNA STREET Roslyn Penna Phone Ogontz 9257 MINOR REPAIRING Ablngton Texaco Servlce Stahon Il' ayhlng Trref Batfenes Acfeimfzex Trailers T O BJORNSON YORK ROAD 8: GUERNSEY AVE Abmgton THE MUSIC BOX 410 YORK ROAD fnext to H SI HQ EILQIIZIOIIIZJ' Complefe Mun: Slore PIANOS RECORDS SHEET MUSIC Plnorzagmphx Band Inytrumenty E E Shupp jr Ogontz 5958 Ogontz 9338 QLALITY AND SERVICE FIRST SAM SCHAFFER CUSTOM TAILOR Dmly Prenmg Serure 1124 YORK ROAD Abington Pa I , . f 7, -1 f' . , Pei- z.- 41 1 In Y y ' L . . Y ,., 7 E J.. ,Y 3. I' If ' S ' , . A 1 H .. . I ,H I. 3-old -c y . h . . . . .51 , . , . -. - .I .- . I 1 . . ,Pa. , . v Y ,.I . V, . ., , . .. , . ameron 5 DRUG STORE Bef! Wzrher Dom BRODY S DEPARTMENT STORE Famzly Out New Smce 1905 OPPOSITE READING RAILWAY STATION Glensrcle Ogontz 0486 Phone Ogontz 1687 Ogontz 0497 IOHN M READING r m p Sami my Plzzmbmg and Auionmlzf Heatzng 211 S EASTON ROAD Glensrdc Pa Specralrzmg, rn Reparr Work and Modermzatron Han' Stylzrt and Permanent Ware Expmt VARNER HAIRDRESSING ROBERTS BLOCK AT STATION Glensrde Kay Vamer Prop Ogontz 6568 DeMARIA IEWELERS LUET GORHAM TOWLE STERLING 112 SOUTH EASTON ROAD Glensrde Pa Ogontz 9448 G reefzfz gr WM T B RCBERTS GSON REAL ESTATE Camallj Bond ire THOMAS M MCDERMOTT INSURANCE Peffefllou 111 Proterilon NORTHWESTERN BANK BUILDING Glcnsrde Pa Ogorrtz 0085 5757 Watfber Dzamondf Szlzeruare euelefy GLENSIDE IEWELERS 107 S EASTON ROAD Glcnslde Pa Ogontz 7021 C 1 9 ' -J 1 . .K A Y . . . Herbert A. Peck, jr. john M. Reading T . ' - - ' F' . . NORTH HILLS PRESS 78 8 IIMEKILN PIKE North Hrlls Pcnm -IAIWIES G BAILEY Ogontz I5I4J Phone Ogontz l0'i IOBBING SUBURBAN TRUCK SALES INC Nualy Authorized INYIRNATIONAL TRI Ck DEALFRS 7 LIISII lxII N PIRF North Hrlls Ogumz 90 i WILLIAM N SPAYD CARPEINTER AND BL ILDER 7915 LIMEKILN PIKE Ixorth H1115 Pa PLOCKIE S BEVERAGE CO SODAS U E DELIVER 7816 LIMTRIIN PIIxI' North Hxlle Ogontz 9031 Ogontz 69 39 C D LAMPHERE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Ga: and Elermc Wfafer Healing Gd: Home Heztmg 2901 MT CARMEL AVE North Hllls Pa CRFETINCS FRO NI Ogontz 3150 A APFELBAUM LADIES and GEINTS FURNISHINGS MT CARMEL and TENNIS AVES CRELTINCS mom IOSEPH SERRATORE BRADSHAW S SUNOCO STATION Hzgh Pnref Poor IWW! Ao Phone INORTH HILLS PENINA HAROLD N GRIER HAROLD H GRIER JR REAL ESTATE IINSURANCE Morlg zger Con: ey mrmg Appmlmlf Cmzvlfurlzfm Lozm 183 YORK ROAD Jenkintown P1 Turner 0187 A H B SKEATH PHARMACIST Fstahlrshed Smcc 1921 7 157 LIMEKILIN PIKE North Hllls Pa GIROUD FLOWERS 1 WEST AVENIUF enkxntown Pa FLOII FRS FOR ALL OCCASIOINTS FRED and IACK WILHELM REAL ESTATE THE IILSTLERS B,1rg,1mr NORTH HILLS PA GREETIINGS T0 THE CLASS OF Sv A FRIEND NORTH HILLS TAILOR CLEANING PRESSING and ALTERATIONS L W OSWALD DRUG STORE Phone Ogontz 1447 can for Delivery YORK ROAD at West Ave jenkmtown, Pa Ogontz 853 3 I - A' 285- 2' ', Y ',,Pa. 1 - 3- A 1 , . ..- :'.r' 'z I' '.,I-721. I . I . ' BOND'S CAMERA SHOP . , I' A , . , Y I . . i V I I . . CO1 .I . J ' ' , . -7t- -' ' .' ' , . H: HERBERT A KLOSTERMAN IR 2242 MT CARMEL AVE Glensrde Pa Regnstered PLIWIBIING and HEATING IOBBIING A SPECIALTY WAHL S BAR CADWALADER and TOWNSHIP LINE Ogontz 9066 Elkrns Park Pa Plmnogmplar Radzo Rerordr Inrtrumentx Barwls Muslc Center AND Conservatory of Muslc CompIele Facllziler for MHIICHI Inxlrurllon 7213 RISING SUN AVE Phtladelphra 11 Pa Phone FI 22575 Ogontz 4596 Pomsetha Cleaners and Dyers CALL EOR AND DELIVER We do all kmds of Repaxrmg 91113 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD Elkms Park 17 Penna Phone Ogontz 3588 Harry C Meyers NORTH HILLS APPLIANCE APPLIANCES SYLVANIA TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE 2739 LIMEKILN PIKE North I-Ixlls Pa One Card Wrth Each 25c Purchase FARBER DRUGS ELKINS PARK PA Ogontz 9299 LOU S RIDING ACADEMY LIMEKILN PIKE and TWINING ROAD WEBER S IEWELRY STORE 9845 OXFORD AVENUE EINHORN S MARKET 3000 MT CARMEL AVE North H1115 Telephone Ogontz 8499 IRENE S HAIRSTYLING SALON GIBSON and SAN DIEGO AVES Cheltenham 8068 Closed Mondays Open Thursday 9 F R A N K C O O K BARBER sH0P 913 JENKINTOWN ROAD Elkins Park Pennsylvania. WALTER F AMES MFG CO 616 HUNTINGDON PIKE Rockledge Pa WALCO Custom Bull! KITCHEN 84 PANTRY SINKS COUNTER TOPS METAL SPECIALTIES Telephone Pllgrrm 5 6371 CADWALADER SERVICE CENTRE IVIJeeI Balafzrmg Fran! End Alignment Camplele Motor Work Undefcoatmg TOWNSHIP LINE and CADWALADER AVE Elkms Park Penna Ogontz 7054 OLSON S STORE 529 GIBSON AVENUE Hollywood Pa Grorener Delzraienen Cigar: Candy BULK Breyerf Ice Cream PINTS Phone Cheltenham 2406 Melrose 5 2124 VAPOR BATHS ELLA C BAKEOVEN MASSEUSE 7909 PARK AVENUE Elkins Park SPOT REDL CING' A SPECIALTY MALECK S FLOWERS GIFTS AIND GREETING CARDS Delrvery and Telegraph Servrce 715 HUNTINGDON PIKE Hollywood Phrla 11 Pa Cheltenham 8567 o 1 u 1 . . , . ll I I , . . u , n - . : - , - i O Q O O O , - , - I I Fitzwatertown, Pennsylvania Fi 20308 I I . . ' , Pa. x I ' to 9 I O O , , , IV 17 ' , , I , . - . , i , 1 1 , . , , I . Y ' , Pa. ' 7 I I LARRY S BARBER SHOP LAWRENCE VENTRESCA 2 Barbers Sanitary Service ms YORK ROAD Abmgton P Next ro Fxre House NICE and LEEDS Auto Servlce Station OLD YORK ROAD at ECKARD AVE Phone Ogontz 9280 DR GEORGE F REEVE CHIROPRACTOR NORTH HILLS PENNA Ogontz 1295 TOWN PHARMACY Inc PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE Telephone Wxllow Grove 0100 DAVISVILLE and YORK ROADS Wxllow Grove Pa Willow Grove 1794 Benders Floor Covermgs MOHAWK CARPETS INLAIDS FLOOR and WALL TILES VENETIAN BLINDS STORM WINDOWS 45 N EASTON ROAD Wrllow Grove P CREI YINGS rom KNAPP BEVERAGE COMPANY ELKINS PARK Pcnniylvama HAROLD VANDEGRIFT Seedf Amro Feedx Seed Polatoef Inyeflzfzdex Pamtf Glam' Harduare Barretm R00 ng Poultry Supplier Feftzlzzerf Lime Peat Mon General Merrlyarzdue Parma Chou: EDGE HILL PA OGONTZ 5442 IOHN S SNACK BAR Candzef Abboltf Ice Cream Hoagzer Steakr and Hamburgerf JOHN TUCKER Wfe Telegraph Flouerf For All Ormxzom ABINGTON FLORIST 1221 YORK ROAD LOPPOSIIC Abmgton Hospntalj Abmgton Pennsylvama ARTHUR H JOHNSON Telephone Ogontz 1975 Melrose 5 8806 Plck Up and Delrver Your Home Statron ROBERTS ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Lubnralzon Warbzrzg Ignmon Serzzce Mmor Repazrf TOWNSHIP and CADWALADER Elkms Park 17 Pa I I . . U I ' , H. . llill. n 4 - I O 1 ' I 4 , . 1 . 4 . ' , a. I ' ' l ' Sarzdwirbef - Cigar! - Tobafror - , ' 1 fl , , , I ' P 4 . I Y I I I U , . 1 I I . Y . W' 9016 HM S MARKET M , A and I 2341 OLD WELSH ROAD ' and WATCHMAKERS HERBERTI GLEMSER - DIAMONDS - SANDWICHES WHOLESALE PARTIES - PICNICS - WEDDINGS og f 4365-M 203 DAVISVILLE ROAD 0 Gro e Pen yl 0 R R R sr 0 Peeftltgfi W G 1945 l 0I'l'l fe EpzWfh ep arid H G ROEBUCKe soN 2140 AISQUITH STREET BALTIMORE MARYLAND PRINTERS LITHOGRAPHERS TO SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES EVERYWHERE ix df YOUR YEARBOOK R R Q 4 Phone xllow Grove Frefb Fruit, Vegetalz ex, Grotenes Fred: can and BreJer'J Ire Cream Free Delxvery All Repairf Guaranteed One Year 363 STEWART AVENUE Jenkintown on z Will w v , ns vania O Acr ss from . . . ati n Phone . , A x er ac R aim' O O I 51 41 4 L 41 u Q , 'CK 4 It cannot be dlspensed with or substntuted for It should be of first conslderatlon ln every xmportant undertaking We mean experience the speclalnzed experrence such as we offer IH the Held of School Annual photography That lb why year after year we have been honored by belng chosen Olllbldl Yearbook Photographer by many leading Schools and Colleges Gettin out 1 Yearbook ls a once 1n a llfCllmC undertaklng It IS therefore ood to know that there lb avallable to vou all the experlence that IS necessary to meet thus unusual emergency You will find our organlzatlon skilled and lCQ0llI'ICllUl our facllltles and resources ample to meet every problem connected Wltll Y earbook Photography ZAMSKY STUDIOS Offlcual Photographers for Gonzaga s Yearbook 1007 Market Street Phnladelphla nano ., ' s.. I yt .' u g 2 ' 5' . U . . . . D .1 I r I 7: ll I . . QU LITY FIR T . . . 0 P61160 Policy FROM THE MOMENT nt IS concexy ed to the moment lt IS dehvered ey erv Phllco product lb bullt to the most Tlgld stqndirds of performance and dependqblllty In eyery step of IIS desxgn 'ind msnufqcture the first cons1derat1on IS qualztx INo reducuon 1n cost no economy of producuon 1S permltted thit m ikes the shghtest compromxse vwlth qu 1I1tv or reI1a b111tV To the end thit for the prlce you pm you rnfny Imye confidence that the Phxlco name on any product gn es you the assurance of the finest quallty your money mn buy O O PH I LCO CORPORATION TELFX ISION RADIO 1 RI'fFRIfIIiRA'I'IfIN o I-lI.I-If l'RICVRANGES s HOME I-'I-il-IEZEIIS o AIR CONDITIONERS hLEC,IRONILPIiO1Jl,L1S 1-OR INDL5TRY AND IHIL ARVII' D Shih ICES ff fs CJ gi ff A47 I N! W W I Q 0 x t. Lf I X LS D , J 1 wi! , V Q A f f x , f f Q, 1 X, I 14' -6 ,f X I Ye, f. A W V 5 A! f 1 X mf if, I 5 'K ,. Y .f M35 D W , X5 . -V . , ev ' - W L: ' K N ' . X ? 'fag i , if JP N .

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