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 - Class of 1952

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Agxp-fljlfft' ,2'f"J ., Mai:-::A.,.' 6.3. 5 3 Abington in Song and Story This is the theme selected by the 1952 Oracle staff. One will often hear loyal Ahingtonians singing of their Alma Mater! And why not? We may be justly proud of Abington-our high school which has flourished and developed into a fine institution, a leader among other schools. Let us review our activities in song and story. Remember how we beat a familiar path to the gym for those all- school assemblies and pep rallies. It was there we were apt to sing lustily of our victories in football, hockey and track. 1952 was the year that our undefeated rifle team set a unique record and became the champions of Eastern Pennsylvania. The Oracle, Abingtonian, and Yearbook inspired praise. Our hearts warmed with the first honors bestowed upon all three publications at Reading. Abington is certainly musically minded. ,lust listen to the lively marches of the A.H.S. band! The strains of our favorite school songs are music to our ears. Both the vocal and the instrumental departments have done outstanding work in concerts and solo parts. Our high school ranks high in academic achievements. Colleges through- out the country report the outstanding records set by former Abingtonians. This information deserves some sharp tooting of horns. Let's stroll over to the athletic field. Do you recall how often we boasted of having some of the newest and finest athletic facilities in Eastern Pennsylvania? Visitors often comment on our modern gymnasium. It would be hard to find a picture quite so lovely as Abington High School in the autumn when the trees have turned to hues of purple and gold. How easy to hum, "All hail to thee, our Alma Mater." Of Abington sing we always! Our Time is Your Time...Page 16 Pomp and Circumstance Page 23 Sons and Daughters .... Page 47 Alma Mater . . . Page 61 Happy Days . . . . . Page 77 M-.. . ...,-... . at I ' .1-"' . ,H A "' Qiiia , 79" . . v w" " i ,1.,A,hb,a.msi-J-'41 5" ' ' QWLUER . . J., W .4 X if - i - .V i'dQ.Y, fg -:.. -1 A- - , wi .-iid? Y .1 ,ij '-. , w rg. afar ..-"ff ,,,,wwea1as1-:.,. . ... M" ff? A I 1 i gi . ' 1- : , 5 1 45 - 1:-' ,7" 2 ' 4. ' ' 4 , hw ',, 2: .fyfl s , JF -,, '- 7 4- . - ' . ' "ff9l ' it P' P t,:s'21-wwf" 1 .1 I . t M.--1' .wr ' ag"-"X-,fQS'f,t f' ,arts '-Ga-ei-.z-W . " M' " ' w -- -- - f. ...+'- ' ' 1 4' f .J . ' -. ,. 5 'L v J. .K-., igggpfj 45..f.-ff-f Q.,----4,,,,.,, V , i -. f A' 3 tai , ' 1 -X . .534 1 ,1 W55,,f-, - ' .4 5251, 8. gfJ:f,:.,,,1,.,,-.xv . 6 A, t , if y 1 ugh-c t, ,q- . V . My - Ny Q . ' 5 ,.f H. J lv ,V ii X iss W " , ' Wy ffly A "F " 4 :K ,A A gg '1j7gffr , Q. 3 ' ' ' Q 3 fa: , -' 119 f f an 1 i .fl ' A . ?i?q,'.g',, ,- l i. w.' - . , ,.f f.- i Q4 ' 3 ff. -4 , - ' ' 5 '. 95.9917 ' - ' avr" -L+ . -' I, 5 t- L. 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Q 'Kwan ,- u--........., In these halls we nwet new friends and wrack our brains 'FI-Q -.M ,N s',f L-53'--gvzeg-.. ? ' Q 1. 1--1 m 1 N. N... '-M '-. ! "Wu, 5 5 ,4-1" 1 . 'Wax Nw 'Q 5 35 fifxrgw YW . 4 Beautiful Morning of Ilan- 4l.uX-f-- In xslulvh lhvw will go flnm H511 Iiul Wm: nur :mlm VJIIIIN we-re' Sll'1lig1'lll'll4'4l out, :nn-I W- N1-HI.-fl down lo mu full rmmnr. lhv Ntumle-nl ilmnmwl umlvr Nmwxmll Slxriwr Nlurh-J plunmuy fm ilu- ,IKE linm-v. .Xml won tha- wluu-yx fuuml ilu-nw-In-X in Iln- Illillil of an vig- UNIIIN l'4lIlllHliLII fur flaw 4lfhl't'lN, Wi- fnuntl lhul lluw llllll Nzunly wa-rv our "4-xc-aw", Jlhlllllll' lhmxn, N.-1:1-luis: :lml Hkiv. ll'l'ilNlll'!'l'. llnllulx luinp N.-ninr 1-law pn-Niflr-:Ivy lu Klvinlmrcl xlilfitill Nlnll lwulm aflr-I' :approval uf Stmla-nl Cuunvil minuh-N bv Bdlt rin-r, :lull Hills 45- llplivalv rush-ring pruvos c-ass fur vnu s . ' x Y , B XQLW 4 1? Q, X Y' , : " "-' . waz, N, K xml' ' 'N 9 -as f Zi' W. s- f ' .x..s xx X 5 w it Q K fi Y X gm + '-'F 25 , x Y: 5:35 K, , Q K? V 213 I , .jwzw , wg, '5 X AWB! S I 'E L, if X 7 mg wma 'x if 5 M7 ,K Q, .f ' ' 5 X , 5 - nd in 5 fbi'-lf" H. IK" Q 'ff A , X-fssgi i cm, if - rife . X-qw 1 A M Mis 5 2 E -Q' .iffy ii K K f Rec1din', Writinf .. jf-.L Nut upplf- pnlie-liing, but viunina-n'iui geography V'--fx In typing, fulurv se-we-lui'ii-s gi-I Ihr goldvn luuvh I'i:u'h rims pri-N4-1114-il in with ii nm-w 1'liall:'iigv, mul in hwgiviir lin- girlx Nluiliwwi iminv' nursing mul wmlv th:-im-N nn sliiivrvnt pina-nw nf vhiimi 4'ill'A'. Tin- xmwitinllul imyx we-rr' Voritillually' Inu-y, SUILL4' ww for Ihr -rniur plziv, ami late-r for flzilu Night, pn-wiilmi pnvble-line-. llraliuatiun wux will zi lung wziy nff, but not wuvh a long wuy uii lim! wr llz14iIl'l slurlewl lu vu john l,ll4'il'-1 limiwr uni Ihr- days. N hmm , X , w 1-af+if:,x an M N4 B 4 V Q 'Nf"'y. ' .v Y. ' . I-In Q' i""' - f-,frhwii fi ,YQ - I ,N x Freda. Emma Suv, and We-rn:-r 1-nlightvn thv Pluss on thi- lzmil In-hind tho Gvrinaui langimg 11 2. E, S K 1 Q 4 X ? E id w ' ., vw 4 pa' 'S t W , , 1 S K gi! Q li 59" ij , 1-X 1 ' up ' 514 '! , Q, - Y 5 m exf Lai . 'Q X V , . ' ' XX 'W , - r Q . 'I l Q V' If , 3 4:5 R' -f X m ' V, . k - 3 5? I o Em' A .. nf 'W ' W, vymk xf W3 "1" H, in . -:pd Nik 9 fx? ,.,,,.- -12322 W Q Q' m 4 1 9 af Among our Souvenirs -R Nlrs. Huxle-y wlrivvs In km-vp us In-althy Wo- I4-arm-:I from pf-uplv nthvr than our lvaclwrs. WW Illllllil'1'1I Ihr- pulie-rlvv of Hrs. lluxle-y who it se-vlxu-cl ulwzuys hull '-.UHl1'0lll' wuiling to sm- hs-r. Wu- N'IlN'IlllH'I' tha' fI'il'll1iliIll'NS of SIIPIIVI' mul the- SlN'4'l'll he' nmrlr' all the In-p rally. Huw wumla-rful ure' ull the-so pe-oplv, without whom Alringlnn r'oul1ln't run for 11 minulv! Ilrive-rs uwuil lu-uvy li Pll. tram:- R-hx Q I 5 x X Frie-mlly Sw-:lcv prouxlly posvs lwfnn- hard-won tropl f,lu-4-rful vustmhans hr m Q vak uul thm' lDI'tl0lIlS Committee scans successful Autumnalia ST Soloist Janet Smith and other outstanding mints Quilty of Penn gives some twirling tips Before we knew it, our calendars were covered with wonderful events. First, it was Christmas. Then the baton twirlers looked forward to the Baton Clinic, and each day we heard Janet Smith prac- ticing for the State chorus. Then came the Valentine Vocational Dance, and Carole Riemenschneider and Bernie Carlin were crowned Queen antl King of Hearts. As time goes by prepare for District Chorus NROTC candidates get briefing from Mr. Cerncrt '97 ,,,,,,. ...N ii' . X Q1 X. XX. - . X xsxiv. 1 - Left to right: J. Edward Shniidheiser, 1.'iee-president: Nathan S. Trump, mrzintenanwe engineerg Charles W. Smithg Peter F. Felterolf, treasurer: Percival H. Helder. solivitorg Ur. Henry lf, Daum, serretaryg Howard T. W:-nner. presidvntg Ur. 0. H. English, superintemlentg William R, Andrews, Carl O. Hedner, Mrs. Evelyn G. Henm-l. Our Time is Your Time... These prominent citizens willingly offer their unsellish services to enhance the standards of our svhool and to train Abingtonians to become useful nu-n and women. The-y have tried to disburse school funds for a well-trained personnel, for social and educational guidance, and for larger buildings to house adequately the growing st-liool population. Of Superintendent, Dr. O. H. Fnglislig Cur- riculum Director. C. Franklin Stow-rg and the Sehool Board it may he truly said-OUR TIME IS YOUR TIMEA to make Abington a finer place in which to live. Dr. Stover and Ur. linglish look over the january uelivilies report. This Comprehensive monthly record of int:-ri-sling aetivi- ties of students and teaehers throughout the nine elementary schools, the two junior high schools. and the senior high svhool of the Township is unique. x n . . zf.4.wL I A 'W in ,. ,344 w. I s lowwrvni ,. xmmpk , var . - 'Wm Q 'xx-X .cvs .9 if J ,gg ln, S Q--vi. an x S , 'Q l' f Tun.-..... ..,.. ,,, ,,f.M,. .. .N Q A -Y? :wk Q-Q Our thanks to each teacher-a counselor and guide-H W. H. Albright William K. Paul Beaver Muhlenberg, BS. Armstrong West Chester, BS. Penn, MS. lfniversity of Penn., Temple, M.Ed. .llathemalivs Evening School English S0Pl70m0fC 51101150 Printing Asst. Coach, Soccer Helen Briggs Printing for all schools in township and Baseball Alhlghmy, AIR. Librarian Mr. Grun, Miss Clark, and Mr. Glatthorn kt-vp traflirf moving nn st-contl floor Nlrs. 7llt'Kinley fetetl by faculty at farvwell tea E. A. Brunner Xlluriglil, All llalllentatirxv Coll lfoafh George E. Burlington Colgate, BS. Texnple Biology Supply llislrilzufinn ,af Wh Elmer Carroll Dorothy Cathell David Clark, Jr. Washington and University of Penn., Pt-nn Jefferson, BS. BA., MA. Vorational llarh. Shop History English Sports' Tintelreeprr Head Football lfoavh Associate Adviser, Rifle lfoavh Alringlonian, Urarle l 8 Carnegie Tech.. LUN who made certain our search for knowledge was wide llc-len M. Vlark Lloyd R. Cole Jane V. Davis John E. Davison George F. Erb l'e-nn. ll.S. l'a-nn Stale- lloml, BS. llrsinus. BS. llrsinus. ll.5. lllslnrv C1-nz-in Home El'!JIlfIII1ll'Y Temple Penn. MHA. Slnflf-nl fffumril ll4-uw-r Sofial Sturlies .Watlzema!if's, l'l1ysir's .4Ill'l'.Yl'f lvhfllllllllllll l'lll'l'ffl'1' Tennis Heml Baseball ffnavh llfflx' SI4'llIlllll-llfl rmxl Slmp f.l'. Haslfelllall f.lll'4'lll'lllll'Il.Lf Lnafln Asxt. Fonllmll lfoavh Paul T. Gantt Allan A. Glatthorn J. Mervin Gottshall William A. Grun Emma C. Haldeman l". mul Nl., A.ll. Illl'Illlll1', ."Lll.. Nl.l'l4l. Wvsl Chr'stl'I', ll.S. Penn Stale-, BS. Penn, B.S. l'vnn, 'I'1-mph-. N.Y.lf. IH-nn Penn, M.S. lmluslrial Arts 'l'einple'. MA. llniwr-ity of Aix, I1vllgllXll llireflor of Voral English l'vf4'lllll. l','r1glixlu,Sm-wr' ,4SK0l'l'!lll' Afl1'i.wr of lllusif' YParb00lfSpvnsor flllllfll, llir. of CII!!! .fllniliglunirln anrl Urarlf' Niglzl, llrnmrllirs Gertrude E. Herzog J. Ira Kreider D. E. Krueger Ifolumlniu. ILS. l'1-nn, A.ll., MA. Kulzlown l'c-nn, MA. Sorial Smflies Crm-gg Sm-lmol l'lnsirr1l lz'1lnrulinn Slurlf-nt lfnrunis fflzm. of Business Edu- Sufllmll l,'um'l1 ralion lleparlnzvnt, Yearlmolr Bus. .'ll11n. w ' H faculty chaperons scan festivities at Vocational Dance l9 x But for those who tried virtues to impart-- Catharine E. Lobach Jane G. McDonald M. B. Messinger Edith M. Milne Charles F. Pawling Dickinson, A.ll. Temple University, Lehigh, A.B. Moore Institute Springfield, B.S. Penn, M.A. BS. in Ed. Penn, Harvard, Temple Temple, Penn Amer. Acad. of Rome Typing Columbia Art Svifilll Slltflie-9 Harvard.S.S.,Columbia Shorthanzl Chemistry and Senior Junior Class Sponsor Track, Swimming Latin Science Asst. Football Coach Latin Chairman Science Chairman Edna S. Powell Robert J. Rapp Ernest A. Rauch Lilian J. Reichard Penn, A.B., M.A. Penn Muhlenberg, BS. Penn, A.B., MA. Gffllllms Sllanish Penn State Columbia, MA. Spanish Assistant to Student Woodworking Biology Language Chairman Council Arlviser Affiliation Chairman, Senior Class Sponsor Sanford A. Secor E. Stroudsburg, B.S. Moravian Bovs' Physical Ed. Cross-Country Coach Assistant Wrestling Coach P. T. Gantt and Miss Milne confer on Gala Night plans Maurice Shafer Phila. College of Pharmacy and Scicncc Penn Stale Coordinator Certificate Automotive Shop 20 t . uw I . ij. lifes- ffl? E. U. Smiley Glenn R. Snodgrass West Chester State Colo. School of Mines Teachers College Univ. of Ill., BS., P.E. Penn Physical Erlucalion Chairman of Social Wrestling Coach Science Athletic Director we hold the most intimate place in our heart. Anton F. Stanis L. t'. Swartz Verlin L. Tate XV:-xl tflnwlr-r, HS. l'e'nn Slutv. 'X.ll, N.Y.ll. Svlioul of llniw. nl l'1-nn.. NIS. 'l'1-mplv, Yll. tfmnlnm-l'4'4-. Avvmirlls. lvllflllllllllll Ifnglixl: IH-nn unsl l"inum'r-. HS. Iffrxlwllulll lfurlrll lillfflll-lllllll uml Cvurrrrl T1-mplv tlltllx' TIVIIIIIX l.n1lr'll .1Illllll'llIlIll'IK anfl llIIXl'lll'XS livllllfllllllfl 51 l'f'Ilf'1' Urnrla' !'1'f1'lllflllfIIl Elizabeth t'. Gertrude L. Turner Alice F. Weaver Thompson lim-km-ll, ll.A., MA. Susquehanna, lll'NlllllN, ll.S. English A.B., M.A. Hills' l',llSl-fill Iunivr Fflllffll lfstatr HllSl.IlPSS Eflufation Iz'1lu4'un'm1 Spnnxnr Abinglonian and Urafle Ilw-lt:-v unfl lfirlx' Finanvial Adviser llllkhffllllll ffnrlrlz Tillie! Sales Wl1at's new with you? N I' V1-rus Weaver Shaylor Woodruff Albert Wright We-st tilts'-.Ir-r, ILS. N.lC.Miwm1riStalr- Temple, US. llnivviwity of 'l'e-mflwre Fnllt-gy-, BS. Business Ezlnralion IN-nn-ylvunia Pr-nn, MA. Assenzbly ffonimilteff ln.vlrumr-nlul lluxir- ll1llllll'l7lfIflI'S Ihmfl Clrairman nl Club Committee 21 Ralph Wright PlllF4llllI'gLll. ll.S., MA. Swarthmore. W'ism'onsin. Penn State Mrfrllaniml llrnwing, Drafting Chm. of Sorial i4H111'rs Zaidee G. Wyatt Cm. Washington. .'X.ll. Pe-nn. MA, English, Home I.l.l'lI1,S,' Dramnliv Direrlor Dean nf Girls Unforgettable . . . MISS GERTRUDE Class poet, scholarship-winner, Girls' High School fPhila- delphial . . . highest ranking student, editor class year- book. college news sheet, prize winner, commencement speaker, two degrees, Bucknell . . . accounting in Wash- ington, D.C., World War l . . . teacher of Latin, German, Creek. Spanish, mathematics, social studies, journalism, creative writing, English . . . sponsor Oracle, Yearbook, founder of .l.F.E., spelling fan, trainer of writers . . . author of chapter in college journalism text, writer of lyric verse and dog stories . . . state and national honor awards in journalism . . . preference for aqua, violet perfume, tearoses, dogs and more dogs . . . knack of inducing classes to learn Gettysburg Address, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence . . . faith in boys and girls, an independent lady-Miss Turner. Three-year basketball and baseball captain, all-time- quarter mile record, West Chester . . . additional work at Temple, Penn . . . dean of ASHS faculty, came in 1912 to teach history, Latin . . . made first athletic instructor, coached girls' and boys' basketball, baseball, football, track eoriginator of the Suburban League . . . social studies head . . . faculty director of athletics . . . dealer of disci- pline . . . super teacher, uses Socratic method . . . fond of apples and strong cigars . . . co-organized Old York Road Schoolmen's Club . . . Kiwanis prexy . . . Masonic Blue Lodge member . . . rationing head in World War ll . . . Abington Presbyterian Church elder . . . adviser and friend of the alumni, Township Commissioner . . . Man of the Township is Mr. Smiley. To these . . . available for friendly consultation . . . wise in advice and leadership . . . ever mindful of the best interests of the school system and the community . . . our sincere thanks. a Miss Turner and her tempest-torn desk will linger in the hearts of the JF E '1 L. TURNER MR. EDWIN U. SMILEY ,t...,........... i l annul Detention, cigars, and a ready wit firmly hx Mr. Smiley in our memories 1 ., v g x, ..- F ,-. r . " ESMQQQ5 lfg-Qi -. 'f 1 52.13 LV N' A ,M ww! ,ff N21 -L... LN, A A .- I ,Off '- . . A. I ' ' . r ' '-. ,' e ...w .7 ,Qu . 1" ffm NA L, S- b NKJ1 ..'Z f:, A 'W XA . rans- - 1 e s. r A4 : I , I qi A -,.,, P01110 Ind Cir::um5!ance.NO 1. fSimf1yx'e'0 x 0 .h , - I 4 Q ., , Y . . ll Ynnafh. MARY LOUISE ADAMS College Preparatory Mary Lou, A Cappella Choir, Gala Night 3, Softball 3, Sports-minded, Likable, made her debut at Abington in January, '52, DONALD RINKER ALCORN Vorational Don, Gala Night, Lighting 2, 3, Vocational Dance Com- mittee 3, Quiet and capable electrical worker, employed by Oreland Tool and Equipment Company. DOROTHY SHIRLEY ARCHDEACON General Dottie, Senior Play Usher, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Yearbook, Reserved, but friendly when you get to know her, lends a helping hand. ROBERT ALPHONZO BAILEY Business Education Bob, Student Council, Treasurer 3, Homeroom President 1, 2, Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, Student Action Committee 3, Good-natured and thought- ful, everyone's friend. ALICE ELIZABETH BECK General Al, Marksman 2, 3, Intramural Hockey 3, Homeroom Treasurer 2, Girls' Glee Club 3, A pleasant miss, always tidy and trim. RAYMOND EDWIN BELCHER College Preparatory Ray, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 2, 3, l.F.E. 2, 3, Finds the Dodge a must in getting news or pictures to press. EDMUND CHARLES BENSON College Preparatory Ed, Stage Hand for Gala Night l, 2, 3, Quiet but fun loving, spends extra energy at Penny's Floral Shop, swears by his Chevie. ANNE CHRISTINE BIDDLE College Preparatory Nancy, Basketball and Tennis 1, 2, 3, Speedy hockey player 1, 2, 3, Senior Play, Homeroom Officer 1, 2, asset to any sports team. NANCY KATHRYN BIERLIN College Preparatory Nance, Abingtonian 1, 2, 3, f.F.E. 1, 2, 3, Yearbook, Loyal worker in library and Dog House, looks forward to a successful journalistic career. ROBERT BLACK College Preparatory Bob, Cross-Country Star 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Senior Play, Has vim and vigor personified, divides his interest between track and cheerleading. J EANNE ADELAIDE BLAETZ General Jean, Rifle 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 3, Gala Night 3, Senior Play, Costume Committee, Finds time for horseback riding, enjoys taking photographs for newspapers. BARBARA Buss College Preparatory Barb, Yearbook, Student Council 1, Usually makes the Honor Roll, Fellowship and Afliliation Committees 3, Quiet ' but not unnoticed, Albright bound. 24 Wli,i.lav1 AnNol.D Buss General Iiill. Wrestling I. 21 Gains his strength from weight lifting, Rest-ru-tl manner of this good-looking blond is a trifle dec-eivingg dunes-s divinely. lloms Ami: lll.l1'num1' Business Erlueation llor, j.l".lz. Typist lg Intramural llasketball lg Quiet, but lots of fung dimples pop in and out when she smiles. PA'I'ItIt,lA ANN llowmzv College Preparatory llut. Cheerleader 2, 33 Cirls' Octette 2. 3: Cala Night 2, 33 A Cappella Choir 34 Quiet but fun loving, gets along wa-ll with others. JAMES llnmzxm College Preparatory lim, lloys' Chorus 1, 2: A Cappella 1, 23 Senior Play: Gala Night l, 33 Can he depended upon: enthusiastic mathema- tieian who placed first in Temple Tournament 2. lIllMu,i-:s I'A1'lu1:K IBKADLRY, Ill General Skip, Une of Pawlingfs Paddlers 1, 2, 33 Cala Night, Stage llund 1, 23 Boys' Chorus 35 lluzzes about in his yellow Studebaker, enjoys whatever he does. CiDNi:v ,IANI-1 BRANDON College Preparatory Cid, Cala Night 2, 3, Basketball Manager 2, 3, Yearbook, Senior Playg Student Action Committee 33 An excellent student with poise and charm. Ruzmino ll!-LNRY Bnwiz, Jn. General Rick, Tall, likable newcomer from New Jersey, interested in cross-country and swimming, avid chess player: looks to a future in forestry. I'uu.n' Cizonos BREITHAUPT Vocational Phil, Gala Night, Lighting 1, 2, 35 Senior Play, Lighting and Sound, puts his heart into every thing he does. 25 .ljlk ?r.' RICHARD STOCKTON BRIGHAM General Dick, Boys' Chorus 2, 3g A Cappella 1, 25 Cala Night 2g Soccer Manager 1, 2, 35 Earnest worker in activitiesg thinks Ford's the best car to drive. EUGENE RICHARD BRODHAC College Preparatory Dick, Husky Football Guard 2, 35 Boys' Chorus, Outstand- ing Bass 1, 3, Cala Night, King Arthur 2g A Cappella Choir 33 Student Council 2, Warm, affable smile. MABEL ELLEN BRODT Business Education Mabe, J.F.E. Typist 3g President of Typing Service 3, Loyal Librarian, Helpful member of Tri-Hi-Y, always can be counted on. JOANNE KATHLEEN Bnosso College Preparatory Senior Class Secretary, Abinglonian 1, 2, Editor 33 Stu- dent Council 2, 3g Chairman Latin Club Dance 33 World Affairs Council, Pleasant, popular, and pensive. JEAN CLASHAUS Business Education Typist for Oracle and .l.F.E., Music Festival 1, Finds time for dancing and knitting, a saucy smile and a re- freshing wit. JOHN HUGH CLAssE College Preparatory lack, Mighty guard on football team 2, 3, Basketball 1, Baseball 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, has a store of ready land sometimes good! questions. WATSON REID COLLXNS College Preparatory Raid, Football 1, 2, Guard 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Blushes easily, humorous, proves that athletics and mathematics can be combined, potential leader. ROBERT MARs'roN CONNITT College Preparatory Bob, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Student Action Committee 3, Senior Play, A sunny disposition, sincerity, aspires to forestry service. 26 E. JEAN BROWN College Preparatory Brownie, Abingtonian columnist of "Brown's Buzzin"', Latin Club Dance Committee 3, Swimming 2, Senior Play, Cheerful and carefree, partial to nursing. J AMES BROWN General Deacon, Cross-Country, Manager 1, 2, Plenty of latent ability, one of the Clenside gang, loves a seat behind the wheel. RICHARD JOHN BRUDER Vocational Dick, Vocational Dance Committee 3, Enjoys hunting and fishing, A physique that stands above the crowd, in spare moments works in father's store. JEANETTE BUECHTING College Preparatory Yearbook, Senior Play, Affiliation Committee 3, Student Council 2, Cala Night 2, 3, Always with Shirley, A "Vermont Maid' who's sweet to know. JANE CAMERON College Preparatory Titian, brainy redhead, Senior Play Ticket Committee, Will tell vou how to concoct a first-class chocolate soda. BERNARD T. CARLIN General Bernie, Senior Play, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, Active worker in Student Council 1, 2, 3, Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Ace Swimmer 1, 2, 3, 1952 King of Hearts. KATHRYN ANNE CENEVIVA Business Education Katy, Tap Dance and Modern Music Clubster, Rather re- tiring, but nice to know, likes to dance and swim. MARGARET MARY CHASE General Margie, Busy as a Beaver, Homeroom President 1 and Home- room Vice-President 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Nice to know, fond of dancing. ff'-A -f'5z3'95d?fi A5315 V 5523? KARL JAMEs DANIELS Vocational Dan, Band 1, 29 Gala Night lg Active worker in print shopg the proud leader and sax player of the nine-piece orchestra, the Moonlighters. Gi-:once Li-:wls Dum Vocational ,l.V. Baseball 15 Football Manager 1, 2g Finds time to sketchg in odd moments listens to good music, instinctively wins respect of others. Sumugv KATul.r:i:N Cook Business Education Cookie, Witch in Cala Night 2: f.F.E. Typist 33 Softball 2, fig Naturally friendly, an Abingtonian with lots of pep. JOHN Verso CNANSTON, III College Preparatory jack, Student Action Committee Chairmang A Cappella Choir and District Chorus 1, 2, 3, Abingtonian 2, 3: Tennis lg Swimming lg Versatile Abingtoniang always willing to help. E1.woou GARLAND Cuizws, Ju. College Preparatory Big El, Varsity Football 1, 2, 33 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Lanky Center lg Student Council lg Not adverse to study, but usually welcomes the bell. Bizumum GILBERT CURHAN General Bucky, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2g Gala Night 1, 2, 3, Soloist in Christmas Program 3g Cheery smile: wins friends easily. Fm-zuiznlc Tiuzooona DANNERTH General Ted, A Checkers and Chessmang Tall and blondg future draftsmang easy to get along with. Roaanr WAYNE Dasci-:Ea Vocational Bob, Homeroom Treasurer Ig Vocational Dance 3, Has strong liking for peg pants and pistol pocketsg can be serious, but loves to clown. ARLYN Es1'H1-:R Dauaam' Business Education Es, Enjoys dancing and table tennis, but partial to roller skatingg Never spends a dull momentg aspires to be a professional roller skater. Caoncn EARVIN DEANS College Preparatory Football lg Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 2g Conscientious Homeroom Treasurer 15 Abingtonian 2, Versatility is his menug a neat dresserg talented with the cue. FRANK DELZINGARO Vocational Delzy, Vocational Dance Committee 3g Honor Roll, Never says much but is always willing to helpg swears by his Ford convertible. ANN WETIIERILL Danavsmaa College Preparatory Derby, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3g Girls' Sextette 25 Abingtonian 3, Cala Night 23 A good sport: happiest when she has nothing to do but sing. 27 CHARLES W. DEWALT, JR. General Bud Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Cala .Night 1, 2, 33 Senior Play Properties Committee3 A Cappella Choir 33 Sees that life has its lighter moments. ALICE ELSIE DRAVING College Preparatory Senior Play Make-up Chairmang Latin Club Dance 33 A newcomer from Cheltenham3 quiet and winsome3 has a Hair for music. JAMES CHALMERS DOYLE Business Education Jim, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 33 A Cappella l, 2, 33 l.F.E. and Yearbook Typist3 Curly hair that girls envy3 brightens everything he does with a smile. THOMAS BYRON DUFF College Preparatory Tom, Student Council Publicity Manager 33 Boys' Chorus 2, 33 Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 33 Class Vice-President 2g Dad in Senior Playg Winsome P.I.A.A. District Swim Champ 2. PETER CARSON EAYRE College Preparatory ' Pete, Soccer 1, 2, 33 Wrestling 1, 2, 33 Golf 1, 2, 33 Applicant for NROTC3 Proficient mathematician3 has only one problem-"How do you spell it?" DONALD K. EHRING General Don, Basketball 23 Quiet, careful worker3 will stick to an assigned taskg spends Friday night bowling. THOMAS ORVILLE ELY College Preparatory Ell, Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3g Soccer 2, 3g That hair is the envy of all the girlsg wields a mean racquet. NonMA LILLIAN ENGELHARDT General Norm, Abingtonian, Oracle, and Yearbook Art Staffs 1, 2, 33 1.F.E. 2, 3g Gala Night 2, 3g None will forget her gracious manner in the library or Dog House. GEORGE FANELLI General Baseball 1, 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Basketball 2g Secretary of Homeroom 23 Short and darkg always on an even keel3 sports is his recreation. 3 Roamu' GEORGE FITTON Vocational Bob, Soccer 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2g Note that slick blond pompadourg A future machinist with a friendly grin and a retiring manner. WILLIAM ANDREW FLEMING College Preparatory Bill, Basketball 1, 2, 33' Cross-Country 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 23, Easy-going3 tall physique shows to advantage on basketball court. JUDITH FAYE Fmzrz General "Pretzle", Intramural Hockey 1, 2, 33 Gala Night Makeup Committeeg Gym major, horseback riding when not working at the Snack Shop. 28 JAMi:s tIARsoN GIBSON, JR. College Preparatory Jim, Student Couneil, Viee-President 33 Senior Playi Boys' Chorus I, 2, 33 Varsity Soccer, Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 33 Smiling and sincere, will go far. THOMAS CII-'FORD Business Education Tom, Wrestling l, 2, 33 One of the driversg quiet but good-naturedg allergic to homework: prefers a four-day week but usually attends five days. lWARY GAIL Cll.soN General Cail, Varsity lloekey 1, 2, 33 A Cappella 2, 33 Girls' Chorus l, 23 Cala Night 23 Versatile and friendly: a charming "Gibson" girl. J. lJotrcl.As GLAESER College Preparatory Doug, Abingtonian 1, 2, 33 ,l.F.E. 3g Cala Night 2, 33 Gets-things-done ability combines with a friendly manner. MAINLAIKET MARY ConsnAl.L Business Education Margie, llomeroom Treasurer 1, 23 Abingtonian Repre- sentative 1, 23 Striking black hair and brown eyesg A good nature that keeps those around her smiling. PATRICIA Rtzru Gomcrzs College Preparatory Cook, Urarle Staff 1, 2, 33 Cheerleader 1, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y Program Chairmang Cala Night Skit 23 A Cappella 33 lJ1'lN'IlKl8lllf'Q a personality which attracts. EDWARD F. Cowl-IN, JR. College Preparatory liddie, Football l, 2, 33 Wrestling 2, 33 Enjoys baseball and tennisg Senior Play3 A witty fellow and a good mixer. Ross MARIE CRAZIANO General Mike. Good-natured, friendly brunette, whose eyes are quick to say, "Oh, sugar"3 appreciates good food. 29 BARBARA JEANNE FUNK College Preparatory llarbie, lllustrator for 0raele3 Cala Night 23 Cave the scenery for the Senior Play a new look3 Hails from Jenkin- town Highg happy and earefree. ALBERT F. GAMHRDINCEII General llinger, Senior Play, Propertiesg llramatie Club 1, 2, 3g Disposition thal's never anything but jovial3 interested in baseball and drafting. jrwt: E1.IzAm:rH CARI-:Y College Preparatory Tennis 1. 2, 33 Girls' Oetette 2, 3: Class Seeretary 1. 23 Senior Play3 A Cappella Choir 33 Cute whiz of a drum majorettf-3 easily wins friends. l.oRi1Nz M. Gizrz College Preparatory Larry, Golf 1, 2. 3g Cala Night 23 Student Council 23 Abinglonian and Oraele 33 Top flight Cross-Country Man- ager 2, 3g Always eooperative and eflieient. l H .S RAYMOND H HACKMAN JR Vocational qnug Vocational Dance Committee 1 2 3 Baseball 1, 2 3 Wrestling 2 3 Friendly pleasant mannered wood shop fellow whose model A IS a car of many colors. CHARLES EDWARD HAMMER General Mal Basketball 1 2 3 Baseball 1 2 Student Council 1, Unexcxtable and unhurrled the silent pal of another WINIFRED HARPER Business Education Wini, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, Assembly Committee, Secretary 3, Ability to win friends asset as future receptionist. JOHN HARVEY Vocational Jack, Football 2, Baseball 2, 3, High Jump 2, Easy coming or going, plays the game for the fun of it. FRANK HEcER Vocational Reds, Gala Night, Lighting 1, 2, 3, Tall, cooperative electrical shop worker, has an aversion to getting started early on a project. MARILYN JOYCE HELLERMAN General Roller skating and swimming are her favorite pastimes, Nice to know, will soon be inquiring, "Number, please!" RICHARD HENDERSON Vocational Dick, Vocational Dance Committee 3, Woodcraft Club 1, 2, 3, Sports fan, willing to lend a hand, strives hard for best work. MARGUERITE E. HENDRICKS Business Education Peggy, Gala Night Ticket Committee 2, 3, Abingtonian Typist 3, Secretary of Typing Service 3, Conscientious and gracious, that's "Peg of Our Hearts." EVELYN E. HERRSTRITH General Herby, Affiliation Committee Publicity, Mermaid 1, 2, 3, Camera and skating enthusiast, just naturally friendly, future airline hostess. NANCY HIRSCHDUHL Business Education Nance, Olney's loss in 1951, .l.F.E. Typist 3, Oracle Business Manager 3, Hockey 3, A friendly smile for everyone. 30 DOROTHY HOEPPNER College Preparatory vga Dot, Oracle 1, 2, Editor 3, World Affairs Council 3, Abingtonian 1, 2, 3, Yearbook, Swimming Manager 1, 2, 3, Exemplifies 3 s's-sincerity, studiousness, sociability, zz second Madame Curie. ' WILLIAM W. HOLDERER Ggngrql Bill, B0ys' Chorus 1, 2, 53, A Cappella Choir 3, J.V. Football, An unfailing good nature, finds time for hunting, swimming, and bowling. BETHANY ANN HOOT College Pfepammfy Hootie, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Girls' Octette 2, 3, Year- book, Senior Play, Student Action Committee 2, 3, Vivacious brunette from Indiana, captivates all with her charming smile. GEORGE ALLEN HOUPT, JR. Gene,-al Al, Senior Play, Homeroom President 1, 2, Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Running for school bus keeps him in trim, witty and affable. VIRGINIA RUTH H0lISER Business Education Cinny, Cala Night Herald 1, 2, 3, Oracle and Yearbook Typ- ist, Abinglonian Business Staff, Shy smile, a fast and expert finger for typing. DEXTER HOFFMAN Vocational Dex, Interested in Baseball and Basketball 1, President of Sports Club 3, Senior Play, Chairman of Vocational Dance in '51, enjoys fishing and hunting. BARBARA HIITTLIN General Barb, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Girls' Trio 3, Typist for Oracle, I.F.E., and Abingtonian, Very pleasant personality, always on the go. PRIMO ALFRED IANIERI College Preparatory Football 1, 2, 3, Student Action Committee 2, 3, Senior Prom Chairman, Senior Play, Teller of tall tales, usually has something up his sleeve. MARJORII: LAURA JACKSON General Margie, Gala Night Dancer 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Faithful Library Worker 1, 2, Senior Play Coach, Courte- ous, a friend worth having. SHIRLEY PowI:LL JENSEN College Preparatory Associate Editor Of Yearbook, A.H.S. Handbook, Student Council 1, 2, Cala Night 2, 3, Oracle 3, Honor Roll, Senior Play, Petite blonde, tops on any list. CAROLE Kr:RNs General Cheerleading 2, 3, I.F.E. 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Vivacious brunette, fond of sketching, sees that life has many lighter moments. NANCY JANE KING College Preparatory Nanc, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Sportsminded, has an infectious giggle, seemingly a "Tom"-girl, always ready for a good time. i ' - - '5 GERALD EUGENE KINKY General Jerry, Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Popular Abington athlete, this cute comedian is always ready to amuse the gang. JAMES NORMAN KIRKNER General Jim, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Rifle Team 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, .l.F.E. 2, 3, Believes in saying it with flowers, misses in nothing he undertakes. RUDOLPH HENRY KITTEL General Woji, Able Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Gala Night 2, 3, What a physique! likely to succeed in almost anything he'll do. J.F.E. 1, 2, Editor 3, Associate Yearbook Editor, Abing- tonian 1, 2, 3, Founder Student Action Committee, Cross- Country 2, 3, Forum 1, 2, 3, Respected President of Senior Class, True to ideals, tops scholastically. MARY JANE KLENK General Publications ad getter, Student Action Committee 3, Efficient Hockey Manager 3, Senior Play Ads, always ready to do her share-and more. HERMAN HENRY KLUVER, JR. Vocational Hermise Pie, Chief sports interests are Soccer 1, 2, 3 and Track 1, 2, 3, Senior Play, House Manager, Jovial personality, always ready for fun. ELEANOR AMELIA KNOTT Business Education Ellie, Intramural Hockey 3, J.F.E. Typist 1, 2, Cala Night Ticket Salesman, Blonde and friendly, likes to dance. EMMA SUE KREIDER College Preparatory Swimming 1, 2, Band 3, J.F.E. 3, Oh, that wavy hair! Silence is golden, merges dependability and a will to do well. ELIZABETH LAMPHERE Business Education Betty, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Abingtonian and .l.F.E. Typist 3, Gala Night 1, 2, 3, A well-rounded personality, cheerful and generous. ARTHUR WILLIAM LAPP General Bill, Boys' Chorus 3, Gala Night 3, Yearbook, Always congenial and full of fun, spends summers in Wildwood. ISARELLE MAE LAPP Business Education Izz, Gives up study halls for library duty, a quiet, ambitious student, bakes a good chocolate cake for twin brother. . CRAIG LEATHERMAN General Craig, The Letter-Man, Popular All-Suburban Soccer Star 3, Basketball 3, Golf 2, Cheerleader at football games, Boys' Chorus and Advanced Chorus 3. 32 xlib. Y I fffbeiiaiz - 'BW' X DAvm KLEINBARD College Preparatory ANN Et,izARi:Tu I.I-:ni1aMAN College Preparatory Student Council 2, 3g A Cappella Choir 2, 3g Girls' Oetette 2, 35 Cheerleader 2, 33 Yearboolfg Student Action Committee 2, 31 A loyal Abingtoniang wears a smile for everyolll'. ROSA Al.Yr:l-: I.i:t-I College Preparatory llt-ds, Cirls' Chorus 2, 3, l.atin Club Dance 33 Music Festival 23 Always finds time to readg says little but is willing to help. THOMAS Josizvu Lai: General Tom. llaseball 1, 2, 3g Soccer 2, 33 Senior Playg Student Council lg Dramatic Club 3g Lean and lanky, never cranky: always ready to laugh. JOIIANA HELEN LEHMANN College Preparatory Joanne, Latin Club. Chairman lg Knit two, purl two enthusiast 2, 33 Likableg always greets everyone with "Hi, Doll." CATIHIIKINH ANN l.i:NTz College Preparatory Cass, Senior Play: Interested in skating and knittingg Short 'n swef-tg hnds a spot in all her classmates' hearts. SHIIILEY llluzt-:N LEONARD Business Education Shirl, Alringlonian Typistg Enjoys Glee Club workg Olney's loss of this senior is Abington's gaing liked by everyone. BAIKRAIIA CHAIICH LOCKHART College Preparatory llarhie, Latin Club lg President of Knitting Club 3, Tall, friendly brunette who adores the boy next doorg will marry llarry. FRED!-BRICK F. LOEFFLER Vocational "Loaf," Baseball lg President of Auto Club 39 Silent typeg people are quick to claim him as a sincere friend. l l i V. YY 7 BARBARA Loosr: Business Education Barb, Cala Night Kick Chorus 23 Abingtonian Typistg French Club Dance Committee 24 Community Night 23 Pleasantly meets any situation that arises. Caoacs B. Loucuaav General Cross-Country lg Interested in radio and code: an eye for the unusualq electrically mindedg vacations at Green Island, NJ. ELI-ZANOR Lownv General Elli. Intramural Basketballg Abingtonian Representative 33 Senior Playg A newcomer from Germantowng her cheerful personality is noticed by manyg likes nursing. MAricARi:1' THERESA Luav General Margie, Glee Club 1, 3g Senior Play Usherg Girls' Chorus 1g Always a kind wordg enjoys horseback riding in her spare moments. 33 - .sl at in imma , MARY JANE MCNEILL College Preparatory iq , M. J., Mrs. Fitzgerald in Senior Playg Gala Night Makeup Committee 3g ,l.F.E. Typist lg A future nurse, even- 6' tempered and never hurried. Joi-IN HOMER LUCAS Business Education Big John, Varsity Football 1, 23 Track 1, 24 The perfect gentleman, partial to a mustacheg Plays right tackle for Willow Grove V.F.W. team. THOMAS GALLOWAY MAGUIRE Vocational Pinhead, Varsity Backstroker 1, 2, 3g Homeroom Treasurer lg Very friendlyg will help to get the news hot off the press. JOHN FRANCIS MAHER College Preparatory Jack, Varsity Sharpshooter 2, 33 Boys' Chorus 2, 3g Abingtonian News and Feature Staffs 3g Junior Prom Committeeg Honor Rollg Unobtrusive but energetic. NANCY JANE MAIER Business Education Nance, Gala Night Ticket Committee 2, 3g Abingtonian Typist 3g Reserved manner of this future secretary is a trifle deceiving. JOHN C. MARTIN, JR. College Preparatory Abingtonian Second-page Editor 3, ,l.F.E. 3g Student Action Committee 2, 35 Will acquire much of what life has to offer. Rowr-:NA MARTIN General Sis, Girls' Chorus 23 Senior Play Usherg "What's- new with you?"g Regular party-goerg never lets work inter- fere with pleasure. JOANNE MATHERS General Jo, Swimming 1, 2, 35 Senior Playg Tri-Hi-Y President 39 Girls' Octette, Accompanist 3g Gala Night 2, 3g Always busyg successful at anything she tries. ANTHONY JAMES MAYE General , Tony, Usually unhurried and not worriedg dabbles in photographyg Likes to work after school at the Penn Fruit Company. GERALD PETER MAYE Vvcativfwl Jerry, Oracleg Behind the scenes for Gala Nightg Can he sensible if the situation demandsg interested in cars. GAIL ELLEN MCFADDEN General Glee Club 2, 3g Gala Night 33 Intramural Basketball lg Hockey l, 33 A Phillies fang in odd moments inclined to wish for June. BARBARA LADUE MCKAY College Preparatory Bobbie, Submitted excellent poetry to Oracle 2g Played chimes and piano in Band 2, 33 Beautiful brown eyesg friends with everyone. 34 lr W. ' l'ILIIN MARGARET MEANEY College Preparatory Munn Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Senior Hass Executive Committee, Serious at times, this sport-I star always ready with some unique idea. l'AsQIIAI E JoHN MIGNOGNO Vocational Pat Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, Chairman of Senior Play sunny construction, Vocational Dance 3, "Always on ARTIITIR B. MILLER General Brandy Student Council 2, 3, Student Action Committee 2 3 DI-iarming smile, has an up-and-coming landscape gardening business, constantly lending his truck. RICHARD B. MILLIIAM College Preparatory Dick Student Council 1, Homeroom Vice-President 3, Left wing in soccer team 1, 2, 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, Happy, hard- working cautious driver of '29 Chevie. ARTHUR MIGNOILNA VOCUUZOWUI Art, Varsity Baseball 1, 22 3, Printing and Sports Clubs, Striking curly hair, Thoughtful and friendly, with a will to work at printing. excellent cabinet maker. CIIAIILES EnwARn MILES Vocational Charlie, Ace Cinderman 1, 2, 3, Achieved many amazing firsts for the harriers 2, 3, Always a good sport, drives hard to attain goals. ROBERT Lotus MILLER College Preparatory llob, Soccer 1, 2, 3, French Club Dance Committee 2, Easy going and sincere, regards his athletic ability lightly, harber's delight. DoLoREs E. MITCHELL College Preparatory Sue, Senior Class Executive Committee, Senior Play, Business Manager, French Club Dance Committee 2, Warm, friendly grin, easy to please. JUDITH ELIZABETH MorILEIt College Preparatory Judy, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbook, Oracle 3, Gala Night 2, 3, Senior Play, Student Coach, Fast finger with brush or pen, has a ready answer. MARION MoLL College Preparatory Student Council 1, 2, Secretary 3, Girls' Octette 2, 3, Manager of School Store 2, 3, Yearbook, Always neat, an excellent student with personality plus. GEORGE HERBERT MORRIS Vocational Varsity Baseball 2, 3, Cala Night and Senior Play Scenery, President of Woodcraft Club 2, 3, Cheers up his friends with practical jokes. BETTY Jovcr: MORROW General Scrappy, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Abingtonian Representative 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Belies the saying red hair means a hot temper, never makes a poor job of anything. 35 4- - GEORGE WALTER MUELLER College Preparatory Georgie Enjoys reading blueprints and playing checkersg Composed and courteous, can always be depended on. EILEEN MARY MURPHY Business Education Murph Tap Club 1, 2, President 35 Community Night 1 2 3 Cheerleading 35 Gala Night 2, 35 Trips the light fantastic toe5 fun to be with. EVELYN PATRICIA MIILLEN General Lyn, Ernestine in Senior Playg Cala Night 25 Junior Prom decorations: .l.F.E., Typist 2, 35 Lively brunetteg wouldn't miss going to the Snack Shop. JOSEPH EARL MYERS General Joe, Rugged Center of Carrollmen 2g Captain 35 Ace Wrestler 1, 2, 35 Strong-armed Third Baseman 2, 35 Athlete of the yearg hopes to turn pro. ROBERT LoUIs NAYLOR College Preparatory Bob Cat, Varsity Cross-Country 35 Abingtonian Sports Reporter 2, 35 ,l.F.E. 1, 2, Sports Editor 33 Yearbook, Individualisticg famous for short stories and sports casting. LILLIAN RUTH NEIMAN Business Education Lill, Oracle Staff 1, 2, 35 Senior Play Ticket Committeeg Helped with costumes for Gala Night 25 Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer 35 Bubbles over with laughter. SALLY MARIE NELSON Business Education Sal, Rifle Team 1, 2, 35 Abingtonian and Oracle Homeroom Representative 25 Senior Play Ticket Committeeg A friendly word for everyone. JANE Doms NICE College Preparatory Janie, At her best as Drum Majorette 1, 2, 35 Girls' Octette 2, 35 One of the "dozen" in Senior Playg Even- temperedg lovable chatterbox. I AMES WILLIAM NICHOL College Preparatory Nick, Plays chess for the fun of it5 has strong liking for chemistry and does it wellg easy-to-get-along-with manner. PATRICIA ANN NIEWEC Business Education Pat, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Hockey 15 Senior Play Ticket Com- mitteeg Peppy cheerleader with bright eyes and a mis- chievous smile. ' DONALD EUGENE NOLL College Preparatory Don, Came from Roxborough High, Latin Club Dance Committee 35 Oh, those brown eyes! Tall, dark, and handsomeg future doctor. DENIS JOSEPH 0'BRIEN General Cool Den, Pole Vaulter 1, 2, 35 Cross-Country 1, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 35 Cheerleader 35 Stellar athlete, known for his unusual shots on the basketball court. 3 6 'S ' w . 'N RAvIvIoNII Proto 0NAIvIo1'o College l'reparatory 6.6-Q' Okie, Class Treasurer 1. 2, 3: Student Council 33 Co- XX. captain of grapplcrs 3g llistrict placcrg To be admiredg 6 Happy working among test tubes and llunsen burners. JANI: CLAIIII-3 OLIVER General Jo, Student Council 1, 23 Cala Night Ticket Committee 1. 23 Cheerleading 2, 33 Dramatic Club 2, 33 Easy to pleaseg meets life with a smile. EDWIN F. 0wI:Ns General Fd, Soccer I, 23 Wfrestling 13 Seldom serious, a sunny disposition: never holds a grudge against anyone. AN'rIIoNY PAPALIZ, Jn. Business Education Nino. A knack for getting along witlt othersg pleasantly meets any situation that comes alongg will make good. JEAN ANN l'r:Acof:K General Committee for Senior l'lay3 A quiet charm and pleasant nmnm-r3 devoted to knitting: experienced in roller skating. Gtiottott EnwAIm l'I:NoLI1roN General Pendy, Football 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Easy-going mannerg Acc on the field, has been offered a sports scholarshipg what vests! RIcItAnn I.. PESKIN College Preparatory Dick, Senior Football Managerg Band 1, 23 Student Action Committee 33 A budding Einstein whose specialty is defending his opinions. JEANNE CLAIIII: PETTY General Abingtonian Feature Staff 1, 2, 33 l.F.E. 2, 33 Took first prize in Oracle short story contest 13 Baseball enthusiastg "Still waters run deep." RavNoI.ns RIIIIL PIERSON General Ren, Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 33 Fullback on All-Suburban 1951 teamg Wrestling 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 33 Senior Playg Homeroom Vice-President 23 Likable Naval Re-- servist. MARY ANN PILEGGI General Marie, Abingtonian Business Staff 1, 2, 3g Untiring cafe- teria worker 2, 33 Abingtonian Dance Committee 23 Beautiful black tressesg puts business before pleasure. Runouftt LEE PINK!-ITT Vocational Rudy, Master on the golf course 1, 2, 33 Senior Play, Scenery Construction Committee3 Cala Night Stage Handg Very quiet3 easy going. Ronnnr RUSSELL Ponran College Preparatory Senator, Cala Night 1, 2, 33 Student Council 33 Soccer l, 2, 33 Student Action Committee 2, 33 Versatileg ardent supporter of the Democrats3 never without an answer. 37 WILLIAM WALLACE Posr General Posty Track 2, 3, Swimming 3, Hails from Collingswoodg his warm smile and unassuming manner have won him many friends. CONSTANCE LoIIIsE QIIINN Business Education Connie Peppy Cheerleader, Gala Night 1, 2, 39 Abing- tontan Representative 1, 2g Makes friends easilyg charms with her smile. PHYLLIS BLENKIN PROBST College Preparatory Enthusiastic Head Cheerleader 3g Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 2, Cala Night Kick Chorus 2, 3, Student Council 2g Phyl's full of fun. CHARLES HARDWICK RAMSEY College Preparatory Charlie, Color Guard 1, 2, 3, A future engineerg good- natured, quiet and hard working, always willing to accommodate. MARIE LILLIAN RAPP Business Education Rappy, Varsity Hockey 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Wields mean racquet, Homeroom Secretary 33 A light laugh and a bright smileg a person hard to forget. RICHARD GORDON RAUCII College Preparatory Dick, Merman 2, Cross-Country 2, 33 Band 1, 23 Busy "ham", license WN3SMlg Mathematically mindedg always considerate of others. ROBERT KARL RAUCH College Preparatory Bob, An able racketman 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 25 Homeroom Vice-President 3g Well-rounded personalityg manages A.A. ticket sales with ability. JUANITA CARMAN REAM General Skeeter, Varsity Softball 1, 2, 3g Varsity Hockey 2, 3g Basketball 2, 35 What a sport! Note those plaid shirts! Will major in physical education. FREDERICK WALTER REICHERT College Preparatory Fritz, Swimming 1, 2, 3g Soccer 1, 2, 3g Homeroom Presi- dent 3g Very casualg blue eyes that seem to say, "Not me. You've got the wrong boy!" NANCY LOIS REID Business Education Cheerleading 3, Senior Play Makeup Committee, Never a dull moment, Constantly asking questionsg totes trays at the Snack Shop. CAROLE LEE RIEMENSCHNEIDER Business Education Remie, Swimming 1, 2, Captain 3, Peppy Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3g Gala Night 13 Popular blonde, 1951 and 1952 Queen of Heartsg always smiling. ' Mike, Varsity Softball 1, 2, 3g Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 33 the Girl Scouts. 3 8 MARGARET M. ROBINSON Business Education Friendly when you get to know her, ardent supporter of Secretary JAMES Fnsosmcx RIiNor:LL College Preparatory Jim, Likable Photography Club President 35 Shutter snapper for Yearlmolrg Decoration Committee for JAC5 Wins friends in nonaggressive way. lil-ZTTI-I MARIIL SCHLADENSKY General llette Rf-5 Hockey 1, 2, 35 Student Council and Student Action Committee Typist 2, 35 Enthusiastic supporter of school activitiesg combines fun and good sense. MARY ANN Sensors Business Education Dimples, Abingtonian Typist 35 Congenial, attractive Annie 0akley5 her beautiful complexion will be envied by those future Wacs. Roaaiir N. SELF Vocational Farmer Bob, Interested in appliance repair5 Sincere in his workg active in the Boy Scouts5 here 'n there in his Plymouth. ALICIA Sl-1XTON College Preparatory Tish, Varsity Hockey I, 2, 35 Basketball 2, 35 Tennis l, 2, 35 Winner of Simon Award 15 Senior Play5 Abing- tonian 35 I.F.E. 35 Vivacious brunette wbo's always busy. JOHN WILLIAM SEYFERHELT General jack, A quiet, always considerate person hard to forget5 a mind for business under that blond hair5 enjoys bowling. J sm ELLEN SHANK College Preparatory Dagmar, Swimming 25 Modest maid from Frankford5 likes to bowl and will enjoy cookingg is partial to Florida. SANFORD SHAPIN Vocational Sandy, Gala Night 1, 2, 35 Abingtonian 35 Vice-President of Senior Class5 Student Action Committee 2, 35 Small but liked by allg outstanding in electric shop. CENA LEONA RoNIA College Preparatory Casey, World Affairs Council 2, 35 .l.F.E. 2, 35 Intramural U sports 35 A studious individualist, truly interested in world aflairs. THOMAS HAMILTON Ross 5 General Tom, ,l.V. Wrestling 15 Ticket Taker 1, 2, 35 Outdoor type with little to sayg agriculture and conservation his main interests. JOAN MAXINE Roru College Preparatory Joanie, Student Council 2, 35 Girls' Octette 35 Senior Playg Affiliation Committee, Chairman 35 Dramatic Club, 35 Swell gal with loads of pep. TI-IELMA JANE RowooN General Shorty, Slugging, short fielder on softball team 1, 2, 35 Affiliation Committee 35 Tiny and neat as a pin5 an ideal friend. fs.. 'fi 1 Smitty, G NANCY JOY SMITH General Reds Student Action Committee 35 Cala Night 2, 33 Affiliation and Senior Play Committees, A sunny disposi- tion often not quite on time. PAUL CLARENCE SMITH College Preparatory Smitty, .l.V. Cross-Country lg Regularly makes the Honor Roll, Genuinely sincere, unassuming manner has won him many friends. MIRIAM ANN SMYSER Business Education Pat Varsity Hockey 1, 2g J.V.g Tennis lg Gala Night 1, 3, Student Council 23 charms with her Pepsodent smile, popular with the gang. DORIS JOAN SNYDER Business Education Shorty, Girls' Chorus 1, Oracle Salesman 3g Never too busy to roller skateg interested in knitting and sewingg pleasantly comes and goes. 40 ROBERT SHARP Bob, Swimming College Preparatory 2, 3, Golf 1, 2, 3g Soccer 1, 2g Likes to travel and does, quick with his comeback, "You wanta bet!" NANCY G. SHERER College Preparatory Nance, Abingtonian 1, 2, Feature Editor 3, Yearbook, Oracle 1, 2, 3g Student Council 1, Honor Rollg Ann in Senior Play, Students admire her ability to write. LOIS JOAN SHOEMAKER General Band 2, 3, Saxophonist in Orchestra 2, 3g Lihrary Service 3g This likable lass from Frankford often taken for a Drexel frosh. NORMAN WILLIAM SHRIVER College Preparatory Norm, Student Council 1, 2, President 3, Class President 1, 25 Senior Play, Football 1, 2, Abingtonian and Yearbook, Photographyg Marksmang Affable and open-minded, makes friends wherever he goes. ROBERT WILLIAM SIFT General Sifty, Half-miler 1, 2, 3g Fast Harrier 33 J.V. Target Team 23 Easy-going and courteousg insists on always playing the game square. VIVIAN LOUISE SINGLEY Business Education Vee, Regularly makes the Honor Rollg Abingtonian Typist 13 Girls' Chorus 25 Gala Night 2, 39 French Club Dance Committee 25 Note that blonde hair! CARL ROBERT SMITH, III College Preparatory ala Night 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, French Club Dance 1, 2, Football 35 A disposition that never holds a grudge. DORIS MAE SMITH Business Education Dorre, Radio Forum WIBG 2g Oracle 1, 23 Abingtonian 23 In band played tuba 1 and cymbals 2, 3, a fondness for roller skating. MANY lVlAltCAItl'1'I' Si-ANci:Nni-:nc Business Education l'u-ggy, llonn-room l'rt-sitlent 2g Abingtonian 13 Note that pe-rfe-vt hair-dog liasy to get along with, will make a good sm-rotary. Iloius l,Ul'lSE Svtztn Business Education Afliliulion Connnittw 3g Girls' Chorus 23 Enjoys bowlingg lllarm-st and 4-Hit-ivnt, a dependable student who always gives her be-st. Itr:'r1'ti1 lVlAIKHl Svrrz Business Education llomt-room Vim--l'r1-sill:-nt 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Affiliation Connnittw- 3, Typing S4-rvicv 3g Can be depended on, lives lry tltt' Colden Rule. lisrtlizn Srr1lNnlu'r:k Business Education lis, Studi-nt Council Ig Yearlmolr Typistg Likes dramatics and knittingg Nutt- lu-r charm and pleasing dispositiong high vorlc of conduct. l1oNAi.o F. S'ri1vnNsoN Vocational Ste-vc-, Qui:-t mann:-rg striking wavy hairg inte-rested in many things, 1-specially raising bantam roosters, gunning and fishing. JAA1ns WARINC STEVENSON General ,luinn-, Cross-Country 2: llaschall I, 25 President of Conservation Clulrg Uri-amy brown eyes, liked for his unrufllcd, steady way. Ji:AN A. STEVENSON Business Education Abingtonian Representative 1, 3g Cala Night Ticket Com- mittee- 1, 33 Oracle Representative 23 What a gigglerl friendly and willingg fond of knitting. JOHN Sroncn College Preparatory Jack, Efficient foothall trainer 35 Senior Play Selection Conimittcf- 3g Heavvs shot for track team 2, 3, Pleasant, good-looking fc-llowg stands well above others. FRANK D. STRASSACKER Vocational Spec, Soccer 14 Never without initials scratched on his handg auburn-haired weight guesser who easily makes himself heard. BETTY Louisa STUHLTRAGER General Glue Club lg Somewhat retiringg likes to knit socks, size 113 cooks well and enjoys sewing. SANDRA JEANNE Srnu. College Preparatory .lt-anne, Cheerleader 2, 3g Oracle 2, 3g Yearbookg .l.F.E. 1, 2, 35 Cala Night 1, 2g Student Council 23 Affiliation Committee 3g A gal with contagious gaiety that does not offend. MARY Loo SWEENEY General Lulu, tall and willowy with a twinkle in her friendly eyeg 1 she's on the job after school as a telephone operator. 41 . I Lif- VIRGINIA DALZELL WALTON Business Education Ginny, Varsity Mermaid 1, 2, 35 Abingtonian Staff, Yearbook Typistg Senior Play, Gala Night Herald 2, 3g Fun-loving blondeg often taken for the other Virginia. CHARLOTTE JOAN WARNER Business Education Mo, Sports Clubster 1, 2, 33 Interested in being an easy- to-get-along-with secretary who'll give her bestg perfectionist on the dance floor. ELIZABETH ANNE WARNER College Preparatory Betty Anne, Student Council 2, 3g Softball Manager 2, 3g Yearbook, Cheerleading 2, 33 Senior Playg Gala Night Dancer 2, 33 Gets things done well as chairman of Publicity for Affiliation Committee. if ,W ETHEL LUCILLE WASSMANN Business Education Q3-52219 Little Mike, Has strong liking for photographyg quietly fl yin gathers ads for Abingtoniang future salesladyg has a if 'O passion for dogs. 0 42 ROBERT LEE TEWKSBURY General Bob, Trombonist in Band 2, 3, Submitted illustrations for Oracle, Long ago mastered the art of keeping quiet. DALE WAYNE TIDWELL Vocational P. D., Wrestling 2g Vocational Dance Committee 3, Oh, that curly hair, Always helping to get the programs printed. JANICE L. TOMPKINS General Janie, An agreeable personality, always finding time to meet her friends in the hall as easily as skating around the rink. JESSE EDWARD TUCKER General Jess, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3g ,l.V. Baseball, Manager 13 Boys' Chorus 2, 3g District Chorus 3g Quiet but not sllyg always ready to lend a helping hand. BIARGARET JOAN TURNBULL College Preparatory Peggy, Girls, Octette 2, 3g Drum Majorette 1, 2, 35 Home- room Secretary 3g Junior Prom Committeeg Welcome addi- tion to any group, has special interest in nursing. SHERMAN PETER UHLER, JR. College Preparatory Band 1, 2, 3g Boys' Chorus 1g Spends his extra hours clicking the shutterg talks little, but make a steadfast pal. WERNER THEODORE ULLRICH College Preparatory Ted, Agile Racketman 1, 2, 3g Soccer 1, 2, 3g Student Council 15 Capable and sympatheticg really gets things done wellg shares top honors. MARIE Louisa VASSALOTTI Business Education Participated in Intramural Hockey 1, 3 and Basketball 25 Abingtonian Distribution 2, 3, I.F.E. 33 Gala Night 2, 35 Always leave us with a happy, "Be Good!" T. lit Wixqx I' CnARLr:s Rov ALAN WEILER, JR. General "Frog", A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3g Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 33 lloys' Quartet 33 Affiliation Committee, Treasurer 3g Short and jolly: smile for everybody. FRANK DAvm Waisaacxan General 'l'aIl, steady worker, for a hobby collects bills and coins: long ago mastered the art of keeping quiet. Lois Wizrwz General l.o, Abingzonian Representative 23 Affiliation Committeeg Essentially serious and studiousg never lets her friends down. DAvm MAuLoN Wmrivnns Vocational "Wit", Versatile Soccer Booter 2, 33 Good looking and easy to get along withg lit'e's not the same without his motor scooter. C. FHEDPIIHCK WILL College Preparatory Fritz, Wrestling l, 35 llomeroom President 3g Senior Playg Yearbook: Oh. that curly hair, spends his odd moments driving his '37 Ford. TuoMAs Wem WILLIS General Tom, Football 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 3g Student Council lg Sports-mindedg Fills spare time driving grocery truckg hopes to be a farmer. DONNA I.Rr: Womcrwcm College Preparatory Donnie, popular lass from Frankford High in '51g Senior l'lay Coach, Orarle 35 Cala Night 23 .l.F.E. 2, 33 Affilia- tion Committeeg Neat dresser. llAllliAltA IRENI-: WORTIIINGTON Business Education llarln, A Cappella Choir 1, 25 Cala Night 1, 2, 39 Con- siflerate of others, Always a kind wordg interested in many things, especially music. ambitious worker who's quite the professional printer after 3:30. HENRY A. WOSTMANN, JR., General Rusty, Rifle lg J.V. Baseball 2, 3: Lets you know he's aroundg has a mania for hunting and fishing. EDWARD PAUL Wuasr College Preparatory Ed, A Cappella Choir 35 Boys' Chorus 33 Cala Night 33 Leisurely and likableg a newcomer from Olney, versed in the political aspects of the day. DOROTHY JOYCE YAHN College Preparatory Dottie, Cala Night 1, 2, 3g District Chorus 33 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3g Assembly pianist and organist 1, 2, 33 Talented musiciang quiet but friendly. WILLIAM HowARD YODER Vocational Bill, Interested in fishing and skating: a retiring. but JoAN POLLOCK ZIMMI-:RMAN College Preparatory Zimmieg Home-room President 23 The best things come in small packages: has distinct loathing for long assign- ments. 43 at Abington Hig Y X wuts L Ames by rl-A111 0010 Ai Musk. flu fe 'I wma, bv P 0 fi . in A011 x . Q 1 PPY LAWN sun su 50" 1-NK M. .mi ja fig ,, X ""'T3 Q51 A MW Y 'K A WC . mccfuow bw' XXX 2 EDU X Two Gaim Bmw i 2 Mm L ,, . ,M,.WwWa-'ff- V-2 won!! 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QKB3 BQ Connitt's Crew takes a smlding Dufys Dozen pos., premly 'QI N 'W-' X ,W I ffgtf 'jj' MCHEAPER BY THE DOZEN" ff 6 "They Form- l'llt'Z1lH'l' hy tha- dun-n. l ztlwuy' say," e-xrilaitned Fatlier Cilhrn-tli. Sm-ninr tht-spian presented this succe-ssltnl corn:-4ly un U1-1-1-xiilw 7 and 8. Twelve Children scrambling around wt-rv "nm picnic," but father iT. Duff and R. Connittl and mother lj. Roth and N. liiddlt-1 still man aged to get a lot of fun out of lift-. Ann:-, thei eldest daughter, lC. lirandun and N. She-rer' had her problems with hoys, makeup, and sill stockings. Of course-, Sister lCrn1-stim- tif. Mullen and J. Carcyl liavkvd hc-r up om- hundred pt- cent. But the most treasured re-4'nll1-vtiuns ara- thus never-to-be-forgottr-n late- rf-ln-arszils and th patience of directors, Mrs. Wyatt and Mr. Gantt Senior Stars Smile Sweetly tt Vt. I f Q, if. If tx ,gg iii . W Q , 1 'aryl' 1 ,1 ', png: '-,",?.. . 2','xM ffl 1, , "Z-pi. 13.5.59 iqfflxvg ff-Tab "" 5 ,L ff ,Q 7, E I, vi .V ix. VJ' 1q'.,wx:-gjsvtipzff. ff-..1.gff.gFfaaAw' . - ff-, I-'ifx 1 I : 4 I A r M.-, . X' , .,:,--Z-:5,k3f gE,ttJ,jP5ti..?i'gE.,Q,?!?g!4c-.,5g,Q31y1.' K wx , . .4 1 , A ,. 2 , , V1 ..'., :y K'f"-'s','?-T-v Amv'f5a'4 'w"'5f'l'J8:2'q'ii14"'P' , ., lu H 5'-'Q-5.711-55461fis'2'Q55?7:'i"s2'fY3i5y?59W'L' " A ,1. - W H fig' LG 1:213"',!-,!:??fQ:4"2'?g4"j ji! 'Q'r,,s'?-., r , K .,,,:--fy", 1- 4, Z-X .aff Qiiikf I VY, 1 6' .- fp .- " ' gy. ,. nf it gf.. y, S 1 X S-ggi' A- " Aviv, I h , ,fiffli " f Ymvff V ' -- -1 . ' ! V lf, I ,X 7 Q h Af i. fi , K-A X 4 fa f ,,-" T ,f 14 Ak Pxbxfp, , .K K . A h ' :1,-ff ' WM 0 ,. '44 - ' . X ,r ,4A,' U 'VJ x yr A , H X., I , ip, g . .,, 343 , Wa" ,f gg! , ' MW' f , - fb , , ff V V , X K X 7 i' L 3. svrlirgf, PV, ,I if' 4 4:": 1 .- , - -. Y f Q 'wi 4 X K4 QV ' ' 't,,,-f"',4 11, X f" - . A M ., +3g -Z T ' X it ww ' vii? , - I - 37 K -3 x fi , M, 'aw , ' :+ 4 J' ' .. " wf 4-W ,.f f.r1 ffff ,. - ' ' ' A ' 4 1 fi ' N + Nk1q.'w: gffjLA f5jjii.7 7f' 7'-Vg, . ,' , 'Q 1 , .fA'E1N'x 'AJ ,fc-i1?.f+2?1 f A f M , f ,f . My A 5 au V 'Q ff' . 0 f ' .' 1 . , ,ff ,A-e1 - ,A .. ' ' I' ' A a, .,,!,fi , 3 if I, ' , .. - 2 . X i, f-'j ' V "-Z' -1- .-g,' . .141-: ' V, ,f ' ,-f' ,, . ' ff -' f, . -lqjf , - -A ' If ff" gf 1' ' -' n - riff .ff A A ,. Q , Y X ,aff X4 Z fyjf ,ZIV 'XA' Y- f-0.5151 al lax M' Juniors RAYMOND H.xMu.ToN Vice-president ANN NEIDE Secretary GEORGE ROTH President BETTY HANSEN Treasurer One Lap to Go... As a class of 271 we could boast neither of being "it" nor of being innocent of Abington tradition. Now was the time for us to get really into the swing of things-scholastically and athletically. Academically, the junior class led twice in the number of students making the Honor Roll. This year some of our athletes made the varsity squads. M. Ritchie, S. Cuba, D. Hartshorne, and R. Cray were on the rifle team that brought back the eastern championship to Abington. E. Wirs, E. Wright, L. Supplee and li. Steinkamp made football and hockey teams, respectively. J. Lucente's and J. Free-d's tap dancing and J, Smitlfs singing were only a few of the talents sported in Cala Night. L. Wrigley, B. Davies, A. Menten, A. Neide and B. Mullan contributed to those medalists-Oracle and Abing- tonian. ln March we spent much time to put on that gala dance whose theme was Stairway to the Stars. We all ad- mired the efforts of Bill Mullan and his committee to make this a memorable ewening. Yet, we don't want to reminisce too much, for we are looking forward to becoming seniors and .doing bigger and better things. . l.. 'lsiikifg M '.,v4.".gie5p,.,.'1LSzx., - N . ' " .Y?iwV'Jkl.V wfrisfr ' ' ,A . f -:.'E'e - :vw 'Ffa' 1. - if- ' i' .- . 4-4 ' . .W 9,g., !g.:, . .X K , , . . A K 3 ., ?"' 'te' ,sa - if - E Vf v f M .. , 3 , ,Q ,- '3,giH't.xi. ' rf ',f.yff,, A H ,. ' ,-.'-,' .lf L . .Af -Jew' 453 if xvwfa . -..- -i..-'-- . , .3 sl "f,"- m-' ' if -:' xi , f ' -gi!3A.,gi,.1.f ggi, hog 'N .ff-vxg. 1 5:1 43.19 . U Q'-fa' A "if v -- , - m' 1 ,, ,:.,g.:.y 1- ' I ffm- .. nfwsts- ' fs- r'--' -1-e.,-.135-fi, , D lf ,-'lf 11gx1 '.7xi, 51 3 gg As if . . 1:- 'Tri . . . ,,....- e.,,- ,,N,., U., , fs, ,. , Junior advisers-Mr. Messinger, Mr. Gantt, A -1 I -3 QU-f-1"6'4"f"' and Miss Milne-preview junior prom theme. 48 Betwixt the Soph llonvuiaria- Alu-l lloln-rlu Alrrulium l'i1lwur4l Alkins lilizuln-Ili Amlmrusler .lvun Ama-nil Axim- Amie-rson Willium Amlvrson Sandra llarnard Arlvne- ll:-avvr William livll Nlumli-lim' livningoso Anita lili-ssing lionulal lloe-ni-r fllymli' lloislon liililli lloutvlie-r illiurla-s llrmllz-y, lll liirliarml llramlrln-y, Jr. Uorilon liranin Nlargurvl llruucv Roln-ri llre-1-ht Nlurgurvl llrvtsclinv Naomi llroml:-y Suzanne- lliivklvy l.ouism- lluvlire-r l"run1'is llurns joy llullvr Num-y Cuuwron ll:-rlwrl Cumplmvll Louise- Curly Roy filayloll Nlurgarv-I ffl:-mf-ns Miriam Clyrlv Roln-rt Collaclay l.e-wis Conarrl Marylz-w Coopvr Earl Cornish Jauu-s Coulon liivliural Cr:-ws Arcln-r Cross Wallavr Crossan Dorothy Cuninliskvy Patricia Curran ,lurk Curtis Joan Darrow William Davies llc-vi-rly Dean Mary D4-ans lfrancvs D1-Bona josi-ph llvlzingaro Im-ll Dvnnis lfilizaln-Ili D1-Palantino Vinwnt Dm-Vito Ili-nis Dolu-rty Cc-orgv Doll Sli:-rry Dooley flurolu- Duncan Daviil Durst llarlmara Ehrvsman Sliirli-y Einhorn Richard Erbe-lc: ide-r and Senior class Q , -,afff,.' Q - fn V K ly Q A Q5 W 1 - Koji V A' . PM uf 49 l ix P X if JA is xl N R in g. 4 Q -wwf I Q ,X Q if U ,s J l W .X 5 -.5-N X. f X f fl' .3 5 K 55' r W3 wi 6 x x 2 r N ,- 1- X fqvgs ? C' ,,. in l, Q x.. i,g5i,l!5 A ' w N I ll 2 fix Q' ' 1 AS Us i. X S :xv i A r There's many a charming lad and lass. l Louis Evangelista Eugene Finegan Herbert Fiss, Jr. Francis Fitzgerald James Fitzsimmons Leonard Frank Carl Franklin Jeanne Freed Harold Freeland Bertram Freeston Freda Friz Carol Froehlich Edith Frost Carol Cackenbach Joan Calloway Carol Carypie Phyllis Gerhard Sandra Cilfillan Margaret Goodwin Lois Craefe Dorothy Grant Robert Gray, Jr. Stuart Cuba George Hall John Hamilton, HI Barbara Hance Judith Hance Virginia Hance Betty Hansen Doris Hartman Dale Hartshorne Kathryn Heckendorn Albert Herrmann Sherald Herron Inez Hicks Patricia Hill Shirley Holbrook David Horst Landis Howald Cynthia Howes Patricia Hughes June Hull Frances Jacoby Barbara Jennings William Johnson Alison Kallenbach Ruth Kauffman William Keller Joan Kerns Barbara Kiefer Mary Jane Knauer Howard Koeblin Louisa Kruhm Milton Kyle David Lamphere Robert Lamphere Miriam Langley Cynthia Langsdorf Janice Larson Ronald Levis 50 Pllldlltlh Lilley Nlury lu Lissfclt Patrlua Logue Pvelyn Long Robert loose 4 wry lorvnzon Rob:-rt Lubkay Ja-anno Luc-ente Carolyn Luka-rt lil:-anor Lynch Me-lvin MacNcel ,loan Madden William Madill john Marks louis Massino ,lfannx Mclh-rmott Numy Mean:-y Anm Mcnten Wayne Millward Margaret Morrow William Mullan Josephine Muller Susan Mumford Mary ,lo Murphey Rob: rt Neale Anne Neide James Noonan ' Kennclh 0'llrien Robe rt Okamoto Rita Ommert ,Ion Oscarson EllgPYl0 Palmer Morinda Pardlo Joan Parsons Robert Passerin Elizabeth Peacock Flwalwtli Peirce Phyllis Peltz Janet Pfander Ann lmholstf-r Augustine- Pitlaluga Fred Poffarl George Porter .loan Prout Lorraine Reeve Bickley Remmey Phyllis Riemensch Ann Riley 1 ay Rishel Mae Ritchie Bcity Rivers Marullme Robbins Harriet! Robinson Rirbard Root Laura Rose Roy Rosenberg:-r George Roth Prudence Rowles Shirley Russell Frank Ryan And t K 5 Cl L ff :avr r-Tru: L' lent here o every kind R, i , 'v ' .-3 if if ,' X s if M .xr X. an X X s Q si J' XX 9 Ka. , E 1 5 L l A .1 h as - A k s Ali' l fr? Xt 5 5 . it 5 K , v ,A,r x Mb Z , l i' n 5 A lr 5 3. R . , .5 1 z Q' ' . X 'lmao P L 3 sr he Q -1" ag 1 . 4 ,Q P i f be 'bmw 3 g X . rm.r ,X rs' vw ' ,,, P ' X .1 A if neider - V Q" l L L l .P it .- a f' if Q lf? ' lk el 1 R ii E ,W , ls lc' 4' Fi!! .V Hi' lg " 5 3 . ' --sf, I' l ii' 51 Among the juniors you can find . iii .r,V L, H if 11iQFtfSWf' 0" 'Wiifhzlr-f?:'f . ' Y -zizpfibgi ' V Q W f J RA ,X 'Q p - N, X-'. ti' 4, .af-Q 1-. A . m .L S , A,,V , l x e - , L Q ig .3 'L , it ! , ' -if A ,,.1 - l , v -li -- 1 E S nnon nn . s L or i J rf' L U A J , ' In - 4. is ' -. , V s bn- he . i f Q. , - f .- " J ' , ' 3? ' J -' it xv A X, ft ' ,gl - A X , . 1 . i . .,,-. .Q X E 3 5 i .:-:I Kg A E - 'X "' S , -"Ln E32-Y ii ' L mf' " f yr ew a s + my as . X 5 ,J , N . E J - L . , ., K , gp f A- i sg 1 W lx A i . ' if ,,o' V Q fx rf K fx. 1 ji: 5 gr ' ' ff l ii , i 1 X' 1 ' .,--'.- W .- V 1 ' , 5 m J ' ' , Z' M- A- S - . ' R . 5 tl . I Qu is Eli Q ,G of L G 4 if x1,:E U 'V 4 i va 4 3 W .. C ini iii':""V at me .. Q -P - asv' . E in . K A :E., Nt V e - t 1' ior K' in K 5 KAE , . N K ' F C' K . ty A --A gg ,T E ggs, 2. . H lk . , in YA ' we fa: -'A- V if -.-'. . ,Y .gg Q is '-X .. ' K H li ' v x c G j i :,A is , T ,,. fit J Q N e 52 Thomas Ryan Frank Sautter Freda Schenkel Lorraine Schilling George Schladensky George Schluchterer Anne Schwindt Carol Schworer Richard Seeburger Margaret Sellers Russell Sift Frederick Sinn, Jr. Pressley Sloterbeck, Jr. Janet Smith Lois Spaeter Carolyn Spaulding Mary Spence Elizabeth Steinkamp Gloria Steltzer Grace Steltzer Donald Sterner Frederick Stoll Barbara Strickland Lauranne Supplee Lois Sutton James Swift Scott Tagg Takashi Tamura Clarke Tangye Violet Taubenberger Priscilla Taylor Marilyn Thies Dorothy Thompson Walter Thompson Courtney Travilla Donald Turn Kerry Uhler Gary Uhrman Theresa Vagnoni Helen Ventresca Elaine Virnelson Barbara Walker John Walker Barbara Warren Jacqueline Watkins James Weishew John Wenner Howard Wentzel Ruth White Gwynne Williamson Doris Wineburg Edward Wirs George Woodward Marylou Worthington Edward Wright Lois Wrigley Eric Yeakel Arlene Young Jean Young Lawrence Young .. pf QM", 15 Stairway to the Stars. '24, ,A I 1 xg 1 6' b Sgr' f Q' fb Q, . A Q Q Q 5 . .5 ' YK Sophomores JOHN LOVE President JUDITH SLOTERBECK Secretary DOMINICK GIUVINAZZO Vice-President JOHN LEGOHY Treasurer One Down, Two to Go. Although we came in searching vainly for the right classrooms and stairs that first week, we soon learned to find them. After being casual observers of the junior and senior class elections, we elected officers just in time to get their pictures in the Yearbook. Since we are noted as the largest class in the school, we have tried to be the class with the most school spirit. In sports we have done admirably. As many sophomores turned out for football as juniors and seniors combined. Maxine Swift made the Girls' Varsity Basketball squad. Not only in athletics have we contributed our ability but also in many other extra curricular activities. Many are members of the band, orchestra or choral groups. Barbara Goddard is co-editor of the second page of the Abingtonian. M. Costanzo, M. Cardiene, A. Miller, J. Miller, C. Scali, as well as other sophs, participated in Cala Night. Scholastically J. Legory, J. Smith, J. Frishmuth, R. Toothill, P. Kleinbard, M. Benham, and E. Fitzgerald make the Honor Roll. We are eager-and we hope worthy-soon to be called upperclassmen. A J .ff ug? in W-ri J 'ff Q 1. ,fa jr r ,' 'Z' ' 1 Ji: Q , I t sag. L l 1 ,': .vgjgaf Q.,--moz. .1 an-, .. if W" -J it va , 1, Vi 'J if ' 1 . ,t rd pg , A, j X ,gt fm 11 .ii ici Mx ,I 1 N - 4 J, ' " ' . , M ' ' 'rs' " " ', . ,... L I 54 We were in the Fred Ahhonizio Nancy Abbott Lawrence Allan Barbara Anthony Georgiana Apel lrene Art-nz Albert Armbruster Elma Arnaiz Josephine Askolf Gerald Astle James Auch William Baer Robert Barber Christine Barnard William Battersby Kenneth Beaver Robert Bell Germaine Bender Marylyn Benham George Bennett, jr. Frank Birchler Carol Blank Robert Blilie Nancy Ann Bohr Dolores Borras Dorothy Bounds Edith Brackinridge Ernest Braun Nancy Breese Kathryn Bridge Dorothy Brown Charles Brubaker Stephen Bub Alma Burgess Robert Burnett Alben Butts Marie Cniro Elizabeth Campion James Casey Carolyn ffassel Charlotte Causey Harold Chadwick Anna Chambers John Chapman Philip Chapman Douglas Cherry Barbara Christ Rosemarie Clashaus George Collinson, Jr. Carol Condon Virginia Conti Margaret Cornish Marie Costanzo Phyllis Cramer Grace Crissy Carl Cross William Day William Deitcr Marie DeMent John Dennis ninth grade last year, V 1- ji J it X It 55 l 3 St Q . it, it I 511 qs, 5 l iv A X f ' - N tx. it Q2 how important we were then! Y X I 1 in arf-. su . Dorothy Dewees Elbert DeWitt Louis Dijoseph Marie DiPietro Ronald Distler John Dodson Richard Doherty Donald Donaghy Theodore Drabczyk Marion Drummond Edward Duffy Daniel Durrwachter John Easton, Jr. Wilfred Ellis Carolyn Emery Robert Erk Patsy Evoy Ruth Ewer Anna Fad Barbara Fanelli Carl Farrington Marion Fasshauer Cerald Fechter Judith Feise Edwina Fenstermacher .loan Fernandez John Fernandez Anne Fetterolf Robert Fischel Daniel Fisher Norma Fiss Edward Fitzgerald .lon Flower J an Floyd Robert Frick Lawrence Friedman David Friedricks Jane Frishmuth Barbara Fulton Dolores Calante John Carbutt Monica Cardiene Brook Cay Louise Centner Geraldine Cibboni Robert Gibson Michael Gillespie Daniel Cimbel Dominick Ciovinazzo Bruce Cladfelter .loan Clancy Barbara Goddard Jane Gordon Priscilla Cosnell Carolyn Cowen William Cowen Noel Craves George Creenhalgh Estelle Criesbach Lucy Cutman And when September sixth drew near, Rolwrt llavknian ,lumvs Haley Wm. llall. Jr. llnnalml Harris Edgar Harris Arthur Harvey Ruin-rl Harvey .lnan Ham-ll Wallvr He-rrinann ,luililh Hi-rllv Rohr-rt H1-ss Ruin-rla Higgins Ralph llilte-lwitvl l.m-nnarml Hirsch lainvs Hoffman Evelyn lloppv Richard Hnrnhakvr Vinci-nt Hottie Elwoml HouAvr He-rlwrt Huwalil ll:-njamin Howarth, 'l'ln-nalnrc' Huck .lay Hulmvs William Hummel Ralph Hung:-rforil Walter Hutch:-son Marion Huth Phyllis lacampo jose-ph Jacqui-t William .lamcs Harry Jones ,laniw Jones ffarulyn Jordan Charles Judd Suv Justice janv Kapral Rohr-rt Kauffman Virginia Kaufiman John Kc-lly Sally Kvyvs Arthur Kvysi-r Katharine King Fila-1-n Kinky Patricia Kinyon Rivharil Kirschner Pauline- Klvinbard llunalfl Knauf Nanvy Krviiler Rohr-rla Lauff John Lf-gory Patriviu Lvhr Carole- Lim-bl Paul Lingle John Lutz, Jr. Jnhn Love Uurothy Lowe John Lucas Te-rry Lynch llonalal MacGregor lla-rhcrl Madara 1 l R n ,ri ' A' I., ..-Sf . :. , ,.. Q .. f it' 'T 3, uc. , it X 'AWA xy. my W' , Y, W L f I f S if Q :- A X , Q 4 W, xil lil i an . - limi , w w . Q 5 li Kills 3 is i V 5 G. 5? if . 1 , , 3 57 lil we ound ourselves in grade ten. Jane Madill Ellen Mahle Charles Martin Frederick Martin Harry Martin Angelo Martino Lois Matthews Elaine Maurer William May Robert McCarron Joan McCle-land Harvey McGee Norman McLeod James McStay John Mestay Andrew Messina Eleanor Messinger Robert Meyhoefer Anne Miller Edward Miller Jacqueline Miller Jeannette Miller Dorothy Montgomery Virginia Moosbrugger Joseph Moran .lean Morris Joan Morton Charles Motson Gertrude Mueller William Mulley LeRoy Mundy Robert Myers, Jr. Barbara Nitterauer Grace Norman Sally Oakford John Oberholtzer Linda 0'Neal Thomas Orr Arthur Pattison Raymond Pearson, Jr. Lillian Peiffer Constance Pendleton Francis Pension Barbara Phillips William Pickwell Richard Plunkett William Plutte, Jr. Elizabeth Powers Richard Raabe Edward Rabiger, Jr. Frank Reed, Jr. Robert Reitenbaugh Rochelle Rich William Risko, Jr. William Rockett Richard Rogers Albert Rother Carole Ryan James Sacks Nancy Sandberg is y ,. ! ' 3 if X -V 2 , 1 X if f' ,Q y 5. .. ,A .st if is t 1 I A ,- is w 1, .ini J I 'E' V. il fx, K 2 ,, tr Q it if at 1 ,K L -' -Q. x in t is A ,if r . 5 x Us 1 at Q, .ij ty y 3 -f' 1 wr' Q 1 iggdixk... l 5 t V . 4 V 1 it ' , i .J 9 : i n A . f D xy iv 4 , .. 41 M ,gitljl is , if iw. el sw G' sg Q J aa , F- I f ,V "mf f 4' i S I Y Rid - , t -as 'file A 1 ' A I - .. tj, K ...' iii . 1 ag' 58 But soon we got acquainted in Abington High, A 1 0- Q b rggn... J, K 1-3. -f:2"' , I-i Q: g 1 ft 9 K . K. lx iiisal V Q C li' ' . loosely Nancy Sargent james Savory Robert Saylor Carmela Scali Roberta Scarborough George Schick RIN- E X-'Us ,il Barbara Schmitt Eleanor Schmitz Margaret Schubert Dorothy Schulz james Schulz John Schuyler Joann Scott Nancy Shadle Roberta Sheaffer Donald Shelmire Mary Shields June Short Joseph Siegl Peter Simon Salvatore Simonetti Robert Singley Arlene Sloan Judith Sloterbeck Douglas Smith Janet Smith Tilghman Smith Janet Snyder Richard Snyder Edward Soboleski David Sperber Barbara Spindell Howard S iofford Louis Stahl Y'vette Steinberg David Stekol Bernard Stella Lawrence Stella Harry Stone Margaret Straight Patricia Strassacker James Strickland, Jr. William Strnup Jane Stuhltrager William Suplee Maxine Swift Adam Tait Irene Taubenberger Elizabeth Taylor Frank Terrenzio Henry Terrcnzio Robert Tipping Richard Toothill Doris Travilla Ellen Tucker Janet Tucker Nancy Tucker Jean Uhleman ,lane Unger Robert Uttai and now We W john UIZ Lore-Ita Vance Shirlvy Vunmlvgrift Burton Van Dyke Wanila Van Wagenen Shirloy Virnelson 'W' ' Ya Elvanor Vogel Rivharml Voltz .luclith Walker June Walker 'Nlcrwyn Walther Barbara Warren Sillllllvl Vlyatterson ,lohn Waugh Susan Weidlelr l'flizuhe-th Wfeikf-l ,Mnhrosv Wlvst Thomas West Patricia Wllitley Rivhard Whitmire Nlarif- Wicldis Barbara Wiley Donald Williams J ohn Wilson Cwvnflolyn Witte Walter Wolf lmtiiia Vvoofl Frank Woodrow Edith Worthen Donald Wray ouldn't change it for 1 :I if 9 Q4 ' if Vliii' Q ei' W ii n a castle in the s Ruth Wumlvrlich Donald Yoder Stn-phen Yusem Anthony Ziga joan Zimnn-rmann Thr inquiring cyq of the microscope broadens lll0l0f,lI'Hl knowlmlgv. Nlr Beavers English sophs mix work with fun by u ing, Reurlefs Digest. 6 ra , xx ik J A I :y . vig, Q. C i K E ' l 1 ,L ff f l i , aj fl 5 I W 5 of r if y f, E fr 1 i ,- .nl- X Q la ,. L "Q, 4luulrW' Y ,V g f. 1 A . - A Y . 4 -, 2 V W' I V. ,VI A if , , V f KN , V '1wa1f.g,, ,lv J' 'L mcg P. A Q I UM' 5 w- 1 2 . X, W' f X g Q' ' :Air 3 5 gk X. ,. . 'f 5 ff .X -' " X ,Q .qiwxi H' N551 vt f ww X ' ,, P Q JV . N M wif' f,ij'w fy Q. kt tjmg 0 ' 'U' li' 1154 ,ig A ff N Q if 'ix , f X 5 K K s x x . -X "' . , i ww M 5 ,Q 4-avsffl. ay F Y was , df x L - MX X U , 4 A K lv 1' ,Q M V J- 3 ,- -. x- W. in in 5 FA A-gf ,,,ifW. I M 1 M A . X 1 I 0 . I 1, .L . K S W I K R y rp A QA . 3 K 2 1 5 M A L' ' K ii I If Q? Q-. ' J' K 5 .f XQ5 ,:f Y , fn: - - ' X f A A - -4? my s 'WOFX' .f1f'Q'f',Lt ' -us. -1 ,. 4 L . gifs. WG, f Q - -- f '.,f.i PV' W . K X 4' x A q -1- ' ,m.,w+v5'f,,, K ' 4 .,q :A N- V ' ' Lg.. - 1 Y uf' M . is , H W "2 ma' . A X. ' ,J .L P Y 'S k f 'e X' if . -"ri W"hM"f " 5 , , ' 1 I' im! fy " ' sf k i. Q' . W Y , 3 . , 1 .., H ' 'X A I I X A v - 1' '4,4i no , M X Y i U' 2 y I I YV I , E N J N 'N ,,,. 'Q' ' , 'vw Q' 'Q x' X . N1 5 1-fx, , - Y A gif A - . N' b 'i'5eQj 'Q,',5"." 5, M- ' It '21 T' 5 . 'J' GN s ......NM W' .. ,. 3 My ., ,3 X E143 y-,WL v AQ, ,x.,r:4 'TA Avi? 'lj " Q X Q ' K ,fwfk gA X., X x, ,.ws.'4 . "gg vvflrv V -' ft Y I' "' ,,.. ' at ' , vw ':'s X, 1 k .t.if"3'f 1 XHNVQ, f Q! ,ki Vfilfd 'A :W',.m'?I!A' .1--. ..:f X r . - , . ., N .. X x J. K in K f : . , . . .Quai Q: W ,Q T- :Skt - f 'sw x' 4 W .zum .... wffxxy ' , Q. f 'Sf e Bernie Carlin takes oil after Blockson of Norristown. Johnson lugs the leather as Upper Darby win highlights Row I: R. Frick. J. Classe, P. laniori, E. Cowen, B. Carlin. R. Collins, C. Martin, D. Vaughn. Row 2: H. Cr:-ws li. llrorlhag, E. Wright, J. Wlinnvr, J. Myers, G. Kinky. lf. Palnwr. Fl. Crows. Row 3: J. Rhoamls, U, Rm-nniwy ll. Martin. C. Pvnrllr-lon, M. Johnson, J. Holmes, W. Cows-n, L. Mr-ssina, J. Dr-nnis. Row 4: E. Crassu, R. Smith J. Cass-y, R. liurm-tt, A. Wi-st, R. Vaughn, J. Utz. Row 5: D. Macllra-gear, ll. Slum-, J. Wilson, C, Farrington, T. West. R, Baile-y, W. Winste-acl, A. Harvey. Row 6: W. Warm-r. J. Mr-tzgf-r, G. Svlilarlvnsky. H. Havkniun. J. Ilavi sun, E. Carroll, C, Pawling, C. Snodgrass. . 1- Q .N VV Z, '4 .vl k r ri V X thx. Q, Q , '7 J as i'io r W J fi n ' ' J x fi K va V V avk f T, M I hr , .1 I ' ,dw E K V. Vg . --, ly - is. 'K .P -7, .V E, fr , E J if 1 fl . ,"' J ff J J . . ,I , Y if 1 i 'xr . 2 3if1Bf:-.4 ii i.A1-Z! W1 ' ' X S las- .I ' if Pg: 1153? A 4 u , , - ,fu 7 1 1, K .. if ' li 1 5 ..p A ,, , 5 .ms ' "A I -M v as 'w c H. .. A ' tl i 2, , 'Z' N xx A.-sv Y 575 ,m f 4 . .A J I f gi A 'W . p + , 5 ff au . A ' 4' , ,uf ' 4" ig, T ' .V 3 A - - 'fir' - rl. -M, E 'f 5. , -if 7 ' f-I ff, A.. .K 4 7 1 ' , .V .minpaf -.y,., '. , M. ,- ,, 1 .3 .-. ,i 5' 4 ' L , Aa A , ga 9-'-gk tu ' ,xp " ' 4 -ve 'we '. 1 ' 95' 1, me fp' v may .un-V 'n,wX'if J , I 5 , 'P 'V' " , It 4 f ' , Q p lit -2+ Ek is kb! K mv: -r . 3, g X X -g gs. f . fx B 'E .',x 5 sw K kv X :, ' Q 5 N W ,QI X is ws X, 1 ,Qs 5 X- Q R R A A X 5 K ', Y . in S X - x L K Q A X . X -LLL X . 15 X .si -'11 S, - 5 Q. . A Q f. X . Q kl. .x vu W4'wi L ' A . -' Q silk Agexffk XX gv. 'i uv,-. Q rn W - , ' f,. -s A - .-:Qgg '.. X , .V,4 gr, Z Y we 'ff 'M ffl' 1 v "' 3' Q fb' . ., ,P " X' 'TA 'fn yn 'Q fa, ' , .fu ' '-gf? :E "HH Q' I - -' 4 1- -2, ' ff-vga!-. 'N 5 '2f"f'Q . A Q 1 1 Q22 5' f"" 'I .. L' QQQ . . QL! A' Dm ,, f' ,' . . .,r 83 Ihybhifi.Q . . X 11 i 7 s e i I ' Q Isa A 'z gffinlf , N aw. 7iff'fL,,Q'.Q f ff .1lNZ?:AQr:,. 935 7' "MJ 1 -1 , , , V. Q' , ' 3 ,U Q f - , Q , Y 4 D 5 . w XV . .iv " ' 1 uw- , 'f 2 W A . ' A "Mb, 4 .Aw " 4 e I Nw Run' I: Nlanzlgln-r ll. lirigliani, T. lily, VV. lillrivli. U. Roth. H. lim-lit. li. l,ll'fSUIl. F. Rc'i1'l1r'1't. fl. Scliluvlvrvr. R. Okzinintu, l'. lzuyn'. Hou' J: ffuavli lj. 'l'. llunll. .l. llilisun. H. lxlillQ'I'. C. L0.llllf'I'IIlLHl. H, Purim-r. T. lm-. H. Klum-r. H. Fiilini, ll, Wliilmire-. Rim' .w': F. .-Xnnaniv. P. Slulvrlwck. H. Milhain. Booters End with 2-8 Record ., 'S+ W. sg use Ai 4.. 'hx 'F'- f" . mv i 'Sh cw Thr- 1951 SlDL'1't'l' iQ-am plum-il lwu wing. 1-igilil low:-Q. :mul tlirvv tic-s. .Ulm-r tying l'i-nn flllJ.ll'li'I' imil llziu-i'fi1i'1l Svlioul. two strung nppiim-nlx. liy ilu- iii:-ulivul wore- nl I-1. lllt' lldllllllllil wx-rv llUWlll'll iwwiie-rtiw-ly Ivy Ilia- llill Sclionl, Luwvr Nlvrinn. lluwrfurul. :mil llppi-r lhurliy. Un Ovtirlivr 23 thi- lumix-rs r-mlgml l.nwi-r xl4'I'lHIl Ulll nl tlim- vliuiiipiniifliip liy 1-0 WlI!'ll l.:-iiilu-i'iiiaii Ni-on-il Ilia- Maing- Iun gmail on an pvriulty kii-k in llii- lirxt pi-riml. In llivir Niiww- Qiw le-ugiw guriiv- ilu- fum-vr'ili-X lmvwil In llziwilmwl uml Kvnm-ll Stfllilft' urifl ti:-el llppvr lhirliy. lluniiiig lim-lx strung. Ilia- Nlllilll Iiii ilu- win Clllllillll lry ilnmiiing lliw -llumni .5-Z. lwul the-ii lux! lu Ulm-5 l-2. Fancy footwork by fighting fullback, Reynolds Pivr- son, foils Royal tally try. 'Fl llaltling Iluli Nlillvr lll'i1llN lln- lm-utlin-r In liimlilvn .lim Cilmsun. -i"fi' Leatherman kufks Winning lmmt U1 'l"f"Jl fha!!! A .giyygggf pion, Lower Merion. .Hx V. - N, f Y.:-iffy. in-:S 1' - ,.t..,,, ' .qi I71 nny 0'IIria-n CInirIe's Milf-S L pn I Row I: Il. KI:-inlmril, I". Ryan, Ii. Sift. C. Milt-s, II. 0'Ilrii-n, I s 014' JH 1 Ivlllllfm II I T8 Ii. Ns-nh-, NI, Ilillvspia-, I". Sinn, W. Iiuvke-tt. Ii. Rauvh. Row i u 1 1 su 0 v I s nr I.. Iivll. Harriers Win 11, Lose 1 fi-kv! spirili-:I hurrii-rs swe-pl IIIFUIIQLII the-ir sm-cnnml svusnn tn st-I un 4-nviulnlv Ilrl ra-vurml in iluul nn-f-ls, a third plum- in thu Ilistrit-ls und zi sz-rinnl slut in thx- Kiwanis Mvvl at Murvus Hook. Starting nfl th:-ir irnpre-ssivv sf-ason with thc- first of four shut mils, thv I4-uni Imwa-il only tu Upper Darby. Iliniinutivr- Iluh Iilavk vunn- across thi- finish Iinv sc-cond at lln- Ilislrivls zinil ut Mun-ns Ilmuk. Ili- caplurwl ninth at Statvs. Slnnlnwing Iilzivk we-rv flhuriic- Mile-s and Ile-nny 0'IIri1'n who look first unfl svmrifl plum-s rn-spvctiva-ly througImut many nf the 1InuI rm-1-ts. Uthvr ronsislvnt plan-rs wvro Johnny Lucas, a junior, and Iluvinl KI4-inlmzirtl and Hob Sift, seniors. Illamrkif- flashes by Jvwavvul W -..". 53D HW!! sn ln her second season at Abington Mrs. Thompson molded a spirited team that sported an impressive record of seven wins and one loss. The hockeyists were scored upon but three times during the entire season. After defeating Olney 2-0 in the opener, the Maroon and White outscored Ambler 2-0, Jenkintown 1-0, and Hatboro 1-0. ln each of these games, goalie, Juanita Ream, was right on the ball. Although the spirited Ghosts played hard, Springheld handed them their first and only defeat, 2-0. ln the following contests the varsity trimmed Norristown 6-1, Cheltenham 3-0 and Lower Merion 4-0, respectively. Veterans-E. Meaney, M. Rapp, N. Hirschbuhl, G. Gil- son, A. Sexton, and J. Ream-helped to compile the finest record attained in the past ten years. Hockeyists Scale in with 875 Record Row I: ,l. Ream, N. Hirsehlmhl, M. Rapp, Coach Mrs Thonp on X1 Swift li SltlIllC8lIlD ,I Freed Row 7 Nl Deans I.. Supplee, C. Uilson, Manager, M. J. Klenk, FI. Mt-amy A Stx nn nqlafvf Fw 1' X 'E+ V W X , , ' mx W, XA X5 Xxx! in 'Q .I" I S 9 ' . 7 1 -Q if ,S W, .v Forwarll Br-v svvks Ihr vlusivc- leather ul-ll-I ,is shag' 'Y ,., fri?" 'Q' 5 'S' - ,... . -1.-.1-.V q-Q-1--....., mm ', 03111 gig' I 1 x "' 29 I Li'U',M"+ ' h'V 5 Hr A .llvi E wg, J I I gs t 5 x 152' 1 ggrazi' ykuff, 1 Qs' . Tgiif ' :fl "5fV" 7 7 V ?V"" fl 45 -Q 15, m-'mf If 1, 4? PAWLINGS POOLMEN The tankmen under Coach Pawling Hnished their season with two wins and five losses. Though submerged in meets with P. S. Dupont 36-39, Germantown 34-41, Norristown 25-50, Coatesville 24-51, and George School 25-50 the home swimmers outsplashed Pottstown 40-26 and Eddystone 42-24. ln the District Championships held February 23 at the University of Pennsylvania, Tom Duff set a new record in the 150 yard individual medley in 1:51, as well as placing second in the 100 yard breast stroke race. Among top honors in the diving event were Howard Wentzel who placed second and Tom lVlcGettigan who placed third. The relay team of C. Martin, W, Mullan, K. Uhler. and H. 0,Brien captured third team title. A...-mm. i Q gf . -:Jw NlAllHON Nll'IllNlf'lllJS , . - f.U1lf'll Clarks lli'Zll'lX all-sopl lh05l1'1l Ll l'l't'1ll'4l ol lllll' Nlll. Ulli' tlvlm-ails. lfllllt wrt' lcann tw. uml ilu' ln Ilwir lriumpli ow-r flYl'l'lll'00k lil-22. Cup- llllll RIl'lll4'llNf'llllt'llI1'l'SlllilSll1'tl hor tsau lu 11 lll'5l 1 In lmolll lhv lil xalrll :tml till yurcl li "1-csty lv. Tho llll'l'lIlllltlS shurvtl honors wilh lluwrfortl 3.5-3.5. Lincoln fill-27. Ct-orgv Svhool l-ft-20. Ulnvy 540-27. Cozilm-svillt' Alix-20. :incl Lower fllvriott 5ll-lf: lllllllllllSlQ'l'1'tl lll'lvl'1llS to tho lor-til tiulators. Un Bflllffll 22 lhv liztnl-workiiig nwrrnuitls f'ilpllll'l'tl ai fourth plum' in Ilia' l'.l.A.A. llistrivl 1 M1-4-I al U. of l. Although points xsvru guinctl In various 1-vc-nts. only lrlomlo Captain Carole won u rm-tlul. Czipluiri-1-loot for '53 is sopliomorv Barluirzt Cllrisl. Q- V in Ciaptain Carole springs into a jack at Lmroln nw:-t. B. Christ and W. Van Wagon:-n show their frog stuff. Sitting: C. Ric-iiwnschnc-itlr-r. P. Probst. V. Walton, J. Morrow C. Blank, J. Smith, N. Abbott. W. Van Wagon:-nz' B. Christ, J Morris. Kneeling: A. Blessing, D. Cummiskvy, C. Bender, ,I Cordon, B. Schmitt. P. Lehr. I.. Supplee, J. Walker. Standing Miss Clark, Coach, D. Hof-ppner, J. Young, J. McCleland. .s it S ., C , - M, 1 x ,- T V nr.. -N. A '- Kneeling: R. Snyder, T. West, R. Neale, H. Street, A. Houpt, R. Fischel, D. O'Brien. Standing: M. Johnson, L. Pendleton, H. Martin, R. Voltz, M. Gillespie, H. Kluver, F. Ryan, R. Sift, P. Lingle, G. Pendleton, Coach Pawling. Cinder Burners Under Coach Pawling the cinder burners par- ticipated in meets with Lower Merion, Springfield, George School, Ambler, and Cheltenham. They also competed in the Penn Relays and the Suburban and District Championships. The Ghosts presented outstanding veteran per- formers as 100 and 220 yard dash man, A. Houptg Miles and R. Black, pole vaulter, D. O'Brieng shot putters, G. Deans and J. Storchg 440 specialists, G. Pendleton and H. Kluverg speedy high hurdler, H. Street. Newcomers included M. Johnson, H. Martin, M. Gillespie, and R. Voltz. The steeplechase boys-Street, Neale, and L. Pendleton-flash arly season form at the first jumps. X Q U i 1 lt. Snnntnnx, l'. l'.an1'v. lt. xllllllllttl. l.. lrnwlntun. ll. l'l'w-stuil. K. li2lI'lN'l'. l.. lmlz. .l. ltusltni. .l. Sunny, lt. I'Illlxl'll. Il. htmtllatun. ,l. lfnrlrntt. lx. llllI'l'lS. tlntwtt lh'nnm't'. Soltloall Clovesters Par Setters 'l'In- suftlrztll Mllliltl lnlussrnlwtl in nvw linvry. Consisting Golf nivntor iil'llIlltl'l'.S llllkSllll'I1 liili'iIlQ1 at li0l'lI1lllilltll' nf whitv shirts. nmromi-tplorvtl shorts. caps. and array ol' liuilwxzly fovs invlntling licrwyn. l'cnn lillilI'lt'l'. jzivkt-ts. l.owt'r lYlt'I'lUll. anal tlcliontlingg District l lilninipinns M. Swift took tht- llttlllllti with lf. M1-alley lwhintl the lillL'llltllltZlITl. fivlslvtl vvlvrans l.. Gvtz. li. lfrvcston. anal plutv. M. llvzlns, M. ltolwinson, I.. Snpplce. 1. Ream. lt. llinlivtt in thc first thru- spots l'e-spt-ctivcly with untl T. ltnwclon wvrf- the' infield players. A. Young. sopliomorv. ll. Giovinuzzo. holtling clown tht- lnnrlh I. Arm-nz. M, Atlanta, li. Hoppe' and ll. Warren filled the position. onlficlcl positions. Practice svssions und home IIl2lll'ltC'S were ht-ltl on the Uppononts in tht- tt ganna- sczlivclnlv wen' Hathoro, Huntingdon Valk-y Course. whose olliciuls graciously Jvnkinlown, l.unscluwn4'. lnrivncls Selvrt. Arnhlvr. Spring- pvrniittvfl Almingt0n's linlistvrs to nsc thcir 9!l't'l'IlS. tiuttl. filll'llf'IlllilIll ancl ltifllt-y Township. I"ir.xl Huw: lf. Wnrtln-n, lf. Xi4'ilIll'y, Nl. Dlillli. ,l. lit-mn. l'. Rnlrinsnn. l.. Supplve-. Sl'l'UllII Row: l.. Svhillinx U. .-K wl, t- I 1 1 'N it 1 1 an mg: I.. Wt-ntz, l. Art-nz, A. Young, lt. Wurrvn, l.. vl1lll'f', .l. .l'Pll1'H. l.. Ill'l'lllll'4l. li, 5t'ill'llttI'Itll,LIll. ill, Huw It ll, .l. Vtv' l l's. SI fl' I N Slnnllv. l. Whitlvy, M, l.. Atlunis, Him lla-mug. Qs, -wah-asf Slugging left fielder, Dick Brodhag, races home with tally against fi. 5 e K fist' . "+":,s.-ff5V'1'-' ' 1 -' '1:. i' 'A' 'Ji E' A '- RTL' 'fn Qffiff -4"i'1' ff Central. 'ARapid" Rollie West fires away. Diamond Sparklers Under the ahh- guidance of Coach Hljappyv lfrh Ahington's 1952 diamond denizens made a slow sz'ason's start in their 20 game schedule hy dropping their hrst two games to Central. l-5 and I5-il-. Then sparked hy veterans J. Gihson, A. Migxnogna, and J. Myers, as well as dynamic li. llrodhag with his splendid stick work, the Ghosts stopped Germantown l.inr'oln 0-1-. again Germantown 5-l, and Hathoro l-0 hefore falling in their league opener 5-6 to Chester. Following a 0-4 loss to Lower Merion, the Maroon and White snapped hack to druh Cheltenham ll-3. "Butch" Vaughn scores in a breeze. First Row: Manager Shapin. J. Myers. G. Schlnchterer. J. Gibson. R. Vaughn, R. Pierson. C. Kinky, Seroml Razr: L. Young. E. Wright. C. Hammer, ll. Carlin. P. Swift, J. Hoffman. H. Brodhag, Coaeh Erh. Third Row: Manager Alkinu. IQ. Cornish. .l- Holmes, W. Fleming. A. Mignogna, R. West. R. llramhley. P. Mignogno. -vw. Net Battlers 5 1- A W1-rnvr llllriffh -4 Rohr-rt Rauch Court Maids linda-r Couch Stanis a squad of forty hopeful players with live rt-turning regulars turned out for early spring practice. lVl. llapp, A. Sexton, J. Carey and N. lliddle from last yi-ar's ti-am, as wt-ll as sec-oml-yi-ar maids D. Thompson and N. Svarli-tt and sophomores l.. Vivood. L. Gutman, Q- L-Irkif M .5 . ...al . as-as . er V s t' - ,L Q-an W. Ullrivh, T. Ely, W. Scarlett, J. Rhoads, H. Fiss, C. 1.1-atln-rinan, Roh:-rt Haurli. Netmen Under the tutelage of Coach Davison veteran singles- llolwrt Rauch. Werner llllrich. and Tom Ely 'b',- -and doulvlvs. Craig l.eatherman and Jay llhoads. found plenty of competition in an extensive ltl match schedule. Norristown. Upper llarlmy. Lansdowne. George School. Yeadon. liryn Alllyll. Radnor. Lower Merion. Chelten- ham and Haverford supplied the opposition. C. limcry and W. Van Wagenen showed promise of excellent performance. Thr- schedule included matches with Norristown. Upper Darliy. l.andsdowne, llerwyn, Radnor. Lower Merion, fllii-llvnliam and Haverford. 1 I A. Sexton M. Rapp Kneeling: N. Biddle, A. Sexton, M. Rapp, J. Carey L. Wood, D. Thompson. Standing: L. Cutman, C. Emery Coach Stanis, N. Scarlett, W. Van Wagenen. T...4f..,A-f ix. ,W-X" 12.47 .Lt Seated Coach Clark. Standing: D. ' MacGregor S Nelson, R. Gray, M. Ritchie M A Schrope, Manager H Jones N Shriver, J. Maher, D. Hartshorne W Day. M. A. Schrope. Marlcsmen Cop Eastern Pennsylvania Honors Ready! Aim! Fire! How familiar these words were to every member of the rilie team. The squad began to prove its marksmanship by defeating West Catholic in the opening tilt of the season. Dave Clark's proteges"went on to reach top honors in every match, including a 494 to 493 decision over Upper Darby, the defending champs. Thus the sharpshooters stood in the spotlight-the first undefeated team of the season and also the first rifle championship team since rifiery started in 1948. These faithful, striving marksmen garnered additional laurels by defeating the Ephrata High School defenders in the finals of the Eastern Pennsylvania Champion- ship. Then on April l2 at DuBois, Pennsylvania, the trigger-happy squad met the champs from the western part of the state. Individual honors went to Stuart Cuba who in the SPIRA Individual Champion- ships finished second to an Upper Darby targeteer. -V'E'?7l -WQB.':Ja4f"2J?fi.?.1iQzlf On the mats: D. Hartshorne .l Maher S. Cuba. Standing: Coach Clark R Gray, S. Nelson, D. Macfregor W Day, Manager H. .lones N Shriver 5521af5f.:.4Q6 . Af- ' cf'5A0 Maw . -R - U0 U km 15 YC Hx W QQ? LMWYMO f 3, 4l ii': QSM 5 bfi' f ' 1 Q' X3 Q' C mW 'I ty ,A g g! . 1 . fgfw-elf z :gg V ,I xslifqgix ' a f "f-fig, ,fa V 4, A 1 xx If INFEQASQ I I as ,34'.,.-ff. vb , V pg. .gy 4 . . T -1 x.. . ."+F'w ,.-1.'.- '. f qv is L . nr Fei C If v'- . f ,Z iv Sf""x X 1-Fila Q 'L I vm: .AZ nd 7. Y' r 5 xy? 1 1 , r-. ff?"-.M NK -Qu f " Q H fc- 'Ch Koi- " Ui 5 Nf7i1'f'C"M'x h N ,MVA .x i.. . Q n'-4i'o' 5'afl'.--ft-, -' an " ' Y g , E 54 rx NW s V7, 'f' Z X iff' f- K 0.7 J 'Bill ff 'f .Q ,Af . ' Q-ff 1 -H , .Q UUV J 71 v,,.v 'Y . 2 ,4, HL Ok NG? if Xxx X 'sl M f o- Akai 124 17" E wrt' O 'Ex .2 1139 'si' 3 it X Shirley, Jeanette, and .loanne prepare small gifts for those at Christ Home. Students admire Christ- mas gift from German aHiliate. School store becomes a popular place at the day's end. Norman, Ann, Tish, Jimmy and Fred are soon on hand. Student Council Promotes Varied Activities J J' .f' "JI 'YQ Jenkintown, Ahingrton, Cheltenham originate Jubilee. Shriver Keeps Student Government Rolling l'rior to rho opening of school. Norman Shriver aitenilerl the national Corin-iitioii of Stutleut Couneil Presi- ileutf lu-lil in Wellesley. Mass. l"ollouing1 the JAC llanec, the Couueil plannecl two Open Houses :intl several sports iliinees. :Mirle from its regular duties of rnanaging the seliool store. operating the "Dog llouseii. anal planning the l.lirietin:u piirty for the elilerly people- ut t.llI'lSl lloiux ilu- l.0lllli'll spousoreil ai paper ilriw. it Carre nro'eeI. l l zuul ai llloorl Donation lluv. 'l'liis group eagerly awaits the visit of a sturlent from the l.ilv-llraun Seliule. STUDENT COUNCIL Smlwl: Miss Clark, lVl.Crillitl1, A. Lerleriimn, E. Warner, M. Moll. N. Shriver, J. Gibson, R, Bailey, 1. Roth. 1. Brosso, R Sr-lilurlensky, Mrs, Powell. Row I: C. Blank. J. Cordon, C. Cassel. P. Curran. M. Tliies, M. Ritchie, P. tlerharil, B, Carlin 'lf Duff, A. We-il:-r, R. Okamoto, R. Porter, S. llarnarcl. M. L. Cooper. .l. l1Uf'l'IllP. F. laeoby, F. Friz, C. Sehworer, N. Tiieker ll. Warren. ll. Powers. Row 2: P. Sloterbeck. R. Rose-nberger, P. Swift. J. Fechter, R. Snyder, J. Jaequet. E. DeWitt. W Roe-lu-tl, C. l.ia-lil. .l. Sl4llf'Tllf'f'k, C. Ryan. Fi. Kinky. L. Cutman. N. Fiss, W. Mullan. Fl. Alkins. W. Keller, T. West. ll Vaughn, W. llummf-ll, D. Cherry, J. Wenner, W. Mulley. if in ,Q ww swf A Q W K ' 1 5: 'XM ...M ... .. Q--M 5 'V-x .., f fe . ,, L AL 155 V! A xx 5 "le 5 f' g 'RQ' A '.""'.L Y gm.-A-,,,a,,9,.4u.--ff ke R ry if f A ' 4 Q .. X, X 'LL .iv rx ,Wx ,N xg 1 , 2 J! x if X A fl- kv rl F . 'O N ,A lun- .' ' - ' ' ...,r..:1. K-,yx,,r...x Mm ' ....f,' wq 5. ' Q 1 X-5. fjgwk .' 1 A-.X ...L 5, t b 4...-... ,, --..,, 1 ,U 6,9 A L..m. Q - There's no Business V ' , Wa Q Q ' i 3 Light "Beautiful Drt-ainers . Tap Chorus popular with Star Dust. Miss L0haCh's girls put their lwst foot forward. Highhattc-rs i'Stepping out with 'their' , baby.-1 Curtain falls c-onw galore- Jane-t Smith is the' singing talflnt from Nowhere Land. ilce Show Business Q ' ' f Q s Q x 4 ,gg 5 1. ' K A ,X W s W -4txxil.W' :-'E , Smglcy duo a1uu.ns Old lung, Lok. , LX -nluv 1.41111 Nlfllll Vllxl- B ublmivs and gnbs perform for Cilbm-rt and Sullix JE? S ni HY t 7 5 - -W, --...M QM-z U 111:31 -7 H Us X ,rnltf l 'x x'-. u Knitting Club Silfing: l.. Wrigley. ll. lloeppnvr tlftlitort. Smnfling: .A. Chamber rnuth. S. Cook, M. lirotlt. M. llrifiith. .A. Neitle, W. Davies, ll. liluthartt lfveryhotly writes for the Ur1n'le'.' lts purpose to encourage students with artistic and literary talent is fulfilled through tht- Cooperation of the art anal English departments. The Uravff' took u first place at Reading and medalist at Colurnlria. Under sponsor Miss Certrufle li. 'liurnvr the ellieient Junior Fourth lfstate with lhivitl Kleinlvarti as etlitor gives pulblivity to all school activities as well as semis all sports results anal news llushes to the local :intl City papers. ORACLE ART STAFF Taylor, N. Englehardt, C. Porter. J. F. E. Sitting: C. Kerns, ll. Kleinlbartl, L. Wrigley. J. Stull, ,I Young. Standing: S. Cook. G. llilson. Nl. llrotlt. R. Naylor J. Doyle, H. Fiss, R. llc-lrlier, A. Sexton, N. Engle-hartlt, A aa-.1 r in 1 1 dr Beaver, ll. Walker. l - ABINGTONIAN STAFF- PAGE 1 AND 3 Sitting: D. Hoeppner, J. llrosso lPage 1 editorl , Nancy Sherer 1Page 3 editorl. Stand- ing: G. Bender. D. Durst, J. Frishmuth. l.. Wrigley, M. J. Murphey, A. Lederman, A. Menten, A. Derbyshire, W. Mullan. Miss D. Cathell iPage 1 and 3 Adviserl. Abingtonian Up-to-date news stories, thought pro- voking editorials. hilarious features, sports flashes hot from the wires, juicy news niblmles. hehind-the-scenes snatehes, eye- eatching action shots-all have a place on the pages of the Abingtonian. To bring all this material to the eyes of Ahingtonians, alert reporters scour the school and every two weeks, under the guidance of Miss Dorothy Cathell and Mr. Allan Glatthorn, join forces to publish a praise-worthy paper. As proof of the Abingtoniarfs success, we received a medalist award, the highest rank possilnle. from the Columbia Scholastic Press Assoeiation and a first place from the Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association. ABINGTONIAN TYPISTS Sitting: V. Walton, V. Houser, B. Huttlin, P. Hendricks, B. Loose, M. Pileggi. Standing: J. Stevenson, V. Singley, E. Knott, P. Riemenschneider, N. Meaney, M. Vassalotti. ABINGTONIAN STAFF- PACE 2 AND 4 Sitting: M. Griffith, J. Martin tPage 2 editorl, J. Stekol lPage 4 editorl, D. Klein- bard. Standing: Mr. A. Glatt- horn fPage 2 and 4- adviserl, M. Benham, N. Bierlin, N. Sargent, J. Petty, M. Young, B. Goddard, D. Thompson, L. Gutman, L. Getz, D. Glaeser, A. Sexton, F. Ryan, J. Noonan. 4,1 IQITITORI.-Xl. S'l'.Xl7l" Svnlvrl: U. Klvinlnur ' mlilori, , ' 4- ' ' if' . . Um' N, . 1 . , F . Slum ing . . .N "" , . w 'y. , lwchlingl. '. .1 , i N. . 'ay or, . um ' ' vr. .l, LFLIIISIOII, ,I - . 0 1 vr. .' . .' 'l'lll1lll. .LJ ' Q4 . if , I R 1 . 1 1 4 5 .411 S1110 TYPING STAFF U l'wllf'f. N- l'1H.l"H11lf'l'- P- 'l'1l5lf'l'. lf. l'w-irrw Sealvflz V. Walton, V. lluusvr. Smmling: If. Sh-inlurm'k, B. Hultlin. The Yearbook BUSINESS STAFF First Row: M. ,l. Klf-nk, M. SIIIYSPT, l'. Ni:-wvg. M. Tllfllllllll. J, Ulivvr, li. Quinn. V. Wultfm. Sf-rmzrl Row: H. Murphy C. Rie-rm-nsvhna-i1lz'r, 5. Immxzxrnl, ll. Wurlhingxlnm, I.. Nvimzm. Standing: N. Hirsvhlmhl, lf. l.nmplu-rc. NI.Sp4u1g--nln-rg . . . . . , . . , , . U. Svhlutle-risky, M. Robinson, li. llulllm. M. H4-nmlrlrke, ,I. Slvw-l1so11. M. XZISSQIIUHI, N. Kvlal. N. Haus:-r, 5. NPISUII. M. :X Srfhropv. -- Mx YV .pam jx il gl.: Yes, weive worked hard, but depicting Abington in song and story has been fun. Along the way we have had the help of many to whom we wish to express our appreciation. To Mr. S. C. Shultz of H. G. Roebuck and Son for his help in printing an interesting book. Miss Ann McCarthy, Mr. Carl Wolff, and others of the Zamsky Studios for their generous service in photography. Norman Shriver, James Rundell and other students for offering many pictures. Mr. Cernert, our principal, the faculty and fellow students for their cooperation. Our advisers, Miss E. Haldeman, Miss E. Milne, and Mr. D. Krueger, for help and guidance. Our many advertisers who have helped to make this annual possible. Shirley Jensen David Kleinbard Gracie At last the l952 Yearbook is yours. We say Hat lastw because we have worked feverishly every spare minute to prepare this annual for you. Con- fidentially, we must admit that last fall our job looked easy. Hal How wrong a group of eager, inexperienced seniors can bel To boost sales and to make the Yearbook in- teresting for everyone, the editorial staff included individual pictures of the sophomores and juniors. Oh, how can we ever forget those sophomore and junior pictures! Hours and hours were spent trying to discover the unknown identities of our underclassmen. How we sighed with relief when that seemingly endless task was accomplished. More things than one can ever imagine have had to be done. Some of our major tasks were accomplished early in the year. Remember how we passed out those yellow sheets, seeking the nicknames, activities, hobbies, and the like, for senior Writeups. It was like pulling teeth to get some to release this vital information. Our business staff proved invaluable by typing up the endless flow of material. But, our work was far from finished. Those informal photographs were to be obtained. Perhaps you can still see the long suffering photographer snapping your picture at unexpected moments. After hurrying to the HY" to catch some fancy diving, he had to wait a full fifteen minutes before the steamed lens of his camera cleared. Fun? All the staff thought a musical theme would be great, that is until they had to think of song titles. The community disc jockeys have never had a more faithful audience. .r-f1BL'- ' i'- X51 DRESHER MOTORS CHARLES LEMAITRE, Prop. Towing - Repairing - Welding Ollicial Inspection Station No. 693 ABINGTON BANK 84 TRUST CO. Begin Your Career With A SAVINGS ACCOUNT Limekiln Pike 8- Peg Street IN OUR BANK DRESHER, PA. P 8s I'I S U P P L Y 1562 Easton Road H ROSLYN, PENNSYLVANIA Plumbing - Healing - Kitchen - Laundry Appliances and Fixtures ROSLYN, PENNSYLVANIA Willow Grove 1095 Co-operative Purchasing Plan OLD YORK ROAD PUBLISHING CO. PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS 423 Johnston Street Jenkintown, Pa. ogomz 6877 HELWEG FUNERAL HOME JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA JENKINTOWN BANK 84 TRUST COMPANY Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Where The Bus Stops Az The Door" Member Federal Reserve Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. RUSSELL SMITH, INC. JENKINTOWN, PA. - CUSTOM - Draperies Slip Covers Bedding WE INVITE YOUR INQUIRIES GLASER HARDWARE Visit our Large Stationery Department SCHOOL AND ART SUPPLIES A C E CUT RATE STORE Ogontz 6971 KESWICK DINER 435 EASTON ROAD Clenside, Pennsylvania Ogontz 9350 PENNY'S FLOWERS GLENSIDE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Joseph M. Ruggieri Michael A. Ruggieri KESWICK JEWELERS .IEIVELRY and FINE GIFTS Ogonlz 6692 293 KESWICK AVENUE Clenside, Pa. Ogontz 6996 KESWICK CYCLE COMPANY Lionel Trains - Hobby Supplies Model Airplanes - Raleigh anl Schwinn Bicycles NORTH EASTON ROAD Glenside, Pa. GREETINGS FROM GLEN FOOD MART 347-49 EASTON ROAD Clenside's Finest and Most Complete SUPER MARKET Ogontz 5121 GREETINGS 1952 WELDON PHARMACY Rubin Tarnoff, Pharmacist GLEN SIDE Congratulations Class of 1952 Parkdale Food Market, Inc. MEATS - CROCERIES - PRODUCE "Fresh Sea Foorl Every Day" EASTON RD. and PARKDALE AVENUE Clenside, Pennsylvania For Value and Variety it's the - KESWICK 5 and 'IO The Glenside Variety Store DR. R. BUTERBAUGH, JR. - DENTIST - GLENSIDE, PENNA. Turner 1345 Royal House Luncheonette 339 EASTON ROAD Clenside, Pennsylvania Hoagies and Steak Sandwiches WH ITING'S 237 KESWICK ROAD Clenside, Pennsylvania Ogontz 1962 GEORGE WALKER CITIES SERVICE STATION EASTON ROAD and KESWICK AVENUE "The Best Oil Known to Science" Ogontz 3484 DAVIS HAIRDRESSERS 285 KESWICK AVENUE Glenside, Pennsylvania ANTHONY'S MARKET SHELF SERVICE Fresh Meats and Vegetables Frozen Fool - Free Delivery 363 EASTON ROME, Glenside' Pa- ogomz 8293 2332 W. JENKINTOWN RD 50ml 9086 Glenside, Pennsylvania GLENSIDE DELICATESSEN FRANK A. BURKE EASTON RD. and KESWICK AVENUE Glenside, Penna. RUBIN FOOD MARKET 2770 JENKINTOWN ROAD . . . ARDSLEY ' Quality Meats, Groceries and Produce Ogontz 0294- 8: 9036 Free Delivery Pilgrim 5-3977 ARDSLEY FOOD SHOP Ogontz 4999 A- PERELL' PW" 2603 JENKINTOWN ROAD PERELL AUTO BODY WORKS Ardsley, pennsylvania AUTO ACCIDENT REPAIRS Ogontz 7506 514 N- EASTON ROAD Glenside- Pa- Office: Ogontz 1285 Res.: Ogontz 1324 WILLIAM R. MAY FUNERAL DIRECTOR EASTON RD. and KESWICK AVE. Glenside, Penna. Ogontz 6414 FRED and JACK WILHELM REAL ESTATE THE HUSTLERS Bargains NORTH HILLS, PA. CERTIFIED TELEVISION SERVICE A. H. B. SKEATH TELEVISION - APPLIANCES - PHARMACIST - 213 DAVISVILLE RD. Willow Grove 0560 Established Since 1921 - SERVICE .. 2732 LIMEKILN PIKE North Hills, Pa. Wearing Apparel - Greeting Cargls GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS SALLIE HANSEN DRUG STORE 502 TYSON AVENUE Ardsley, Pa. Ogontz 3593 R. A. EDGAR DRUGS - ICE CREAM - SODA Ardsley, Pennsylvania Ogontz 3150 A. APFELBAUM LADIES' anal GENTS, FURNISHINGS MT. CARMEL and TENNIS AVENUES ARDSLEY SUNOCO SERVICE Charles J. Schaeiier, Prop. NEW 81 USED TIRES 81 TUBES Lubrication - Tire Service .IENKINTOWN and EDGEHILL ROADS Phone Ogontz 9064 Ardsley, Pa. Ogontz 6939 C. D. LAMPHERE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Gas an'l Electric Water Heating Gas House Heating 2901 MT. CARMEL AVE. North Hills, Pa Senderling 8. Damm Hardware SPRUANCE QUALITY PAINTS Glass, Roofing, Electrical and Plumbing Supplies, Seefls, Gardening Equipment ani Sporting Gooils Open Every Evening 'til 8 p.m. OG. 4366 2610 Jenkintown Rd., Ardsley, Pa. Bradshaw's Sunoco Station High Prices -- Poor Work - No Phone NORTH HILLS, PENNA. 94 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. WEST AVE. and YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Pennsylvania John Centh 080132 2909 NORTH HILLS AUTO REPAIR OFFICIAL INSPECTION STATION 2832 LIMEKILN PIKE North Hills, Pa. Battefv Service - Towing Day or Night BYRNES SERVICE STATION Greasing and Tire Repairing 818 WEST AVENUE OBOUIZ 9272 Jenkintown, Penna. NORTH HILLS PRESS 2378 LIMEKILN PIKE North Hills, Penna. Jamss C. BAILEY Ogontz 1544-J Phone: Ogontz 1024 .lobbing CHINESE LAUNDRY MAK-YEE-HING All Purpose Laundry 623 CREENWOOD AVE. Jenkintown, Pa. Branch of 404 N. Easton Road EDWARD W. PATTON CO. Insurance Brokers an'l Consultants 301 LEEDOM STREET Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Omce 9 to 5 Night Phone Ogontz 8833 Ogontz 7404-R WILLIAM N. SPAYD CARPENTER AND BUILDER 2943 LIMEKILN PIKE North Hills, Pa. NORTH HILLS BARBER SHOP 2741 LIMEKILN PIKE North Hills, Pennsylvania O. B. SCHWINDT . . . TREE SURGEON . . . 701 WEST AVENUE Jenkintown, Pennsylvania NUSBICKEL BROS. COAL - FUEL OIL COKE - BUILDING MATERIAL ORELANU, PENNSYLVANIA PAUL JAEGER Guns and Sporting Goods 211 LEEDOM STREET lat Greenwood Ave.I Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Ogontz 6920 LEE TICHENOR INSTRUCTOR IN MUSIC Ogontz 1093 320 HAMEL AVE. Nirth Hill s, Pa. 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DEAN 8m SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7900 Oxford Avenue 6401-03 Rising Sun Avenue Phone: Ogontz 3840, 3841, 4868 WELDON AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Automotive Replacement Parts Machine Shop Service Easton Road at Jenkintown Glenside, Pennsylvania CASA CONTI FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS GLENSIDE, PA. og. 9289 6 Private Dining Rooms available for Banquets, Anniversaries, Wedding Receptions etc. HORSTMAN 81 MYER, INC. Quality Rugs and Carpets by Bigelow Sanford - Alexander Smith Tile Flooring - Venetian Blinds - Paints Perfect Rug Cleaning WILLOW GROVE Phone W. C. 1534 PAUL 81 FIELDING, INC. Designers and Builders of Fine Homes 477 OLD YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Pa. Ogontz 4541 FRANK'S MARKET EASTON AND WELSH ROADS Fresh Meats F uncy Fruits and Vegetables Frozen Foods Free Delivery W- G- 9120 SCALFARO'S FAMOUS SHOE REPAIR At New Location 121 N. YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pa. Roychester Pork Food Market 1715 YORK ROAD Roychfster Park Open Evenings and Sunday Phone W. C. 1931-W MOFFA ELECTRIC APPLIANCE REPAIRING Electrical Maintenance 26 E. CLENSIDE AVE. Glenside, Pa. M. L. MoHa and Son Ogontz 5847 Greetings SEARS, ROEBUCK 8. CO. 430 OLD YORK ROAD J enkintown, Pennsylvania RYDELL SHOP 713 WEST AVENUE Jenkintown, Penna. Lingerie - Blouses - Skirts - Jewelry BEST WISHES FROM VALENTlNE'S FLORIST JOSEPH A. SU LAT Fellow American College Apothecaries MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING 491 YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Pa. Ogontz 7299 KAUFFMAN PHOTO STUDIOS JENKINTOWN, PA. Ogontz 4768 BILL CLOSSON - BARBER - Ogontz 9100 .IENKINTOWN Shorpless Stationery Service 213 YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Penna. Official AAA Service Oificial State Inspection Ogontz 3250 ABINGTON AUTO SERVICE Complete Automotive Service 24-Hour Towing Service YORK ROAD and HORACE AVENUE Abfngton, Penna. Ogontz 9014 Keystone Automobile Club Ogontz 8790 McCORMICK'S GARAGE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Francis J. McCormick 1 SUSQUEHANNA ROAD Abington, Pa. THE DOG HOUSE DOG sPEc1AL1sTs PET SUPPLIES ogomz 0901 ABINGTON, PA. Donohue's Sunoco Station TOWNSHIP LINE and CADWALADER AVENUE JOHN'S BARBER SHOP JOHN TARKINGTON, Prop. 62 NORTH YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pa. Elkins Park Greetings Class of '52 JEANNETTE HOSIERY MILLS MEN'S..WEAR SHOES DOUGLAS and TULPEHOCKEN AVES' 125 N. YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pa. Elkins Park 17, Pa. Ceo. D. McKinney, Pres. Willow Grove 1779 R. C. SNEDEKER . . . REAL ESTATE . . . 924 TOWNSHIP LINE Elkins Park 17, Penna. TOWN PHARMACY, lnc. PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE Telephone Willow Grove 0100 DAVISVILLE and YORK ROADS Willow Grove, Penna. FRANK COOK BARBER SHOP 913 IENKINTOWN ROAD Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Cadwoloder Service Centre Wheel Balancing - Front End Alignment Complete Motor Work - Undercoating TOWNSHIP LINE and CADWALADER AVE. Elkins Park, Penna. Ogontz 7024 Willow Grove 0420 WM. R. WALTON - Since 1920 - B U I L D E R 1853 OLD YORK ROAD Willow Grove Willow Grove 3045 or Ogontz 0735 INSURANCE W. CLYDE GOURLEY, INC. R E A L T O R S W. Clyde Gourley, President YORK and WELSH RDS. Willow Grove, Pa. G L A S S PHONE WILLOW GROVE 9100 GREETINGS- Willow Grove Texaco Service YORK ROAD and PARKVIEW AVE. Phone W. G. 9032 Willow Grove, Pa. Willow Grove 0168 LES HARVEY WILLOW GROVE AUTO SERVICE EASTON AND WELSH ROADS Willow Grove, Penna. Ph. Willow Grove 9016 JlM'S MARKET Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Groceries Fresh Meats anl Breyer's Ice Cream 2341 OLD WELSH ROAD Free Delivery Willow Grove 0440-,I Cosirno Romeo's BARBER SHOP Closed Monday - No Children on Saturday 1719 OLD YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Willow Grove 2000 HARRY S. MANGIN R E A L T 0 R 75 N. YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pa. Real Estate - Insurance - Property Management Mortgages - Notary Public - Conveyancing Glenside Linen 8- Specialty Shop Fabrics - Simplicity - Patterns Skirts - Blouses and Lingerie 7 SOUTH EASTON ROAD GlUn5ld9s PH- Ogontz 8241 ABBOTTS ICE CREAM The Real Bulk in Half Gallon Containers S H A H A N ' S GLENSIDE and KESWICK AvEs. Clenside, Pa Bread - Cakes - Sodas - Novelties Smokers' Needs - Stutz Can ,'y Prescriptions Carefully Compounrled GLENSIDE PHARMACY ARTHUR S. LEVINTOW, Pll.C. EASTON ROAD lat Mt. Carmel Avenuel Westinglouse - Thor - Apex - Crosley TELEVISION Glenside Gas and Electric Appliance Co. 2270 MT. CARMEL AVE. Clenside, Pa. Clenside, Pa. Phone: 080m-Z 1737 Sales - Service Ogontz 5706 Tel. Ogontz 0252 TlRl-QS BATTERIES WALTER R. GARVIN 8- SON Plumbing ani Heating Automatic Oil Burners Emergency Road Services FRANK McDOUGALL Approved ATLANTIC Station 242 S. EASTON ROAD 2162 MT. CARMEL AVE. Glenside, Pa. Glenside, Pa. Q OGONTZ 9161 Office: Ogontz 0344 Res.: Turner 0498 Notary Public BEST WISHES from RENNINGER 81 RENNINGER REALTORS - INSURANCE Clenside, Pa. lat Stationl GLENSIDE HARRY RENNINGER Res.: 210 HARRISON AVE. Clensifle. Pa RAYMOND F. RIGGS DAVID F. HENRIE INSURANCE BROKER - "REALTOR" - EASTON RO. and MT. CARMEL AVE. 32 E. GLENSIDE AVENUE Ogontz 5159 Ogontz 24-50 Clenside, Pa. A. A. ROBINSON . . . REAL ESTATE . . . 14 WEST GLENSIDE AVE. Ogontz 8000 Clenside, Pa. D. A. GRANT CLENSlDE'S FORD DEALER Ogontz 3422 K O E N l G ' S D R U G S T O R E GLENSIDE -GREETINGS- AGLENSIDE TOGGERY ua SOUTH EASTON ROAD Sales: Ogontz 0904 Service: Ogonlz 5948 GLENSIDE NASH COMPANY Sales anl Service 52 S. KESWICK AVE. Clenside, Pa. Phone: Ogontz 0441 Custom Tailoring West Avenue and Leedom Street Jenkintown, Penna. Formerly with Jacob Reed's Sons Markin Drug Company The Super Drug Store Phone FI. 2-0438 7950 OXFORD AVE. PHILADELPHIA The Place to Have Your Prescriptions Filled Roeder's PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 7971 OXFORD AVE. FOX CHASE Phone: PI. 5-9913-4 Phone: FI. 2-0704 Charles F. Keller Insurance REALTOR Mortgages 794-4 OXFORD AVENUE Philadelphia 11, Pa. Bell 'Phone, Amhler 2219 Schmidt's Nurseries - Landscaping - DRESHER, MONTG. CO., PA. LIMEKILN PIKE, ROUTE 152 Phone Ambler I4-I9-R-5 Vegetable and Flower Plants Pearl M. Schrope SUSQUEHANNA and TWINING ROADS Dresher, Penna. Hardy and Annual Plants and Pansies Ambler 1871-3 Schrope Brothers Annual an'l Perennial Plants LIMEKILN PIKE Dresher, Pennsylvania Charlotte's Beauty Shop 542 GIBSON AVENUE Hollywood, Pennsylvania Cheltenham 8068 Fidelity 2-Illl Leonard Shop THE LADIES SHOP 7225-1!2 RISING SUN AVENUE Philadelphia 11, Pennsylvania Olson's Store 529 GIBSON AVENUE Hollywood, Pa. Groceries - Delicatessen - Cigars - Candy BULK-Breyefs Ice Cream-PINTS Phone: Cheltenham 8704 Phone, Fidelity 2-0127 Jungs Flower Shop 7116 RISING SUN AVENUE Philadelphia 11, Pennsylvania Member F.T.D.A Maleck's Flowers Gifts and Greeting Cards Delivery and Telegraph Service 715 HUNTINGDON PIKE, Hollywood, Phila. 11, Pa. Cheltenham 8562 Frank F. Gehring ATLANTIC SERVICE HUNTINGDON PARK and PENN Rockledge, Penna. Cheltenham 8721 Emil Stahl 8- Son Builders and Realtors 7975 OXFORD AVENUE Philadelphia 11, Pennsylvania Pil. 5-9292 Ambler 9884 Arnholt Gulf Station for SPRING TUNE UP - "SUMMER IS HERE" TOWNSHIP LINE and BETHLEHEM PIKE Fort Washington, Penna. Television - Radio - Records - Instruments Barwis Music Center and Conservatory of Music Complete Facilities for Musical Instruction 7213 RISING SUN AVE. Phila. II, Pa Phone: FI. 2-2575 ARMOUR EXCAVATING, INC. 7921 OXFORD AVENUE Philadelphia 11, Pennsylvania Fidelity 2-5110 ABINGTON LU NCHEON ETTE just behind the firehouse Under New Management Larry Cragle-Prop. 1878 HORACE AVENUE Abingto BEST HAMBURCERS MADE Ogontz 9042 JOSEPH B. MATHERS, INC. 7913 OXFORD AVENUE PI. 5-0700 Fox Chase ATLANTIC FURNACE OILS FAMOUS READING COAL Sales - Oil Burners - Service Cannel - Coal - Wood - Charcoal PIONEER FOOD STORES DONATO BROTHERS 1811 HORACE AVENUE Abington, Penna. Phone: Ogontz 8951 R. L. STOTT COMPANY CITIES SERVICE FUEL OILS DELCO OIL BURNERS Sales and Service ROCKLEDGE and ,ROBBINS AVENUES Fidelity 2-1100 Cheltenham 3063 FOX CHASE Philadelphia 11, Pennsylvania Best Wishes from WILLIAM J. WEIR Ogontz 9338 Read the local news in The Breeze and SCTUICC FIISI BROS., SAM SCHAFFER Printers and Publishers - CUSTOM TAILOR -- Fox Chase, Philadelphia 11, Pa. Daily Pressing Service Cheltenham 2343 PI. 5-1630 1124 YORK ROAD Specmlists in Abington' Pennsylvania Publication Printing Norman's Grocery Lunch Meats - Breyer's Ice Cream - Frozen Food Open Sunday Willow Grove 9111 ROSLYN GREETINGS from John J. Bierlin A. J. Ventresca nosLYN BARBER suop 1160 EASTON ROAD Roslyn, Pa. Barkon's Your Prescription Store 1172 EASTON ROAD Roslyn, Pa. lNext to the Post Ollicel We Deliver - Ogontz 8732 ix Perry Greenspan, Inc. Real Estate - Insurance - Builders Phone Ogontz 1407 ROSLYN, PENNA. Phone W. C. 0607 Patronize Your Independent Dealer Bill s Service Station Road Service - Auto Repairs on All Makes of Cars Battery Service - Ignition and Carbueretor Specialist 1521 EASTON ROAD ROSLYN Roy's Market ROSLYN Ogontz 9299 Lou's Riding Academy, LIMEKILN PIKE and TWINING ROAD Fitzwatertown, Pennsylvania Mary Lou's Beauty Shop ALL TYPES OF PERMANENT WAVING Ogontz 9027 Shirley's Curb Market 7236 RISING SUN AVENUE F run - Produce - Sea Food - Groceries WHOLESALE - RETAIL Free Delivery - Phone: PI. 5-7141 Marchione Electric Co. Electric Motors Rewound and Repaired 1081 EASTON ROAD - Roslyn, Pa. Opposite Roslyn Station Ogcntz 3576 Hancock 4-4000 Cemetery Memorials Guest 81 Williams, lnc. Main Office-15th 81 HAINES STREETS Phila. 26, Penna. Branch Office-511 HUNTINGDON PIKE Rockledge, Penna. N. Wilbur Shellenberger CEMETERY MEMORIALS EASTON ROAD AND TYSON AVENUE Roslyn, Pennsylvania Phone: Turner 1656 - Res.: Llvingston 8-0577 BEST WIS H ES from Hoffmayer's Delicatessen Cheltenham 8734 G Reed Woehr's Rockledge Food Market LAUNDRY and DRy CLEANING THOMPSON and FOX CHASE RD. Rockl dge, Phila. 11, Penna. 1134 EASTON ROSD 1310 Roslyn, Pa. Phose: Cheltenham 8190 gm' FREE DELIVERY Jackson- REALTORS IIIYORKROAD .l ENKINTOWN Ogontz 7000 Majestic 5-0700 KUHN REALTORS 711 WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN, PENNA. RICHARD E. KUHN Ogontz 4550 "SULLIVAN'S" TOM - JACK HGREENWOOD TAVERN" GREENWOOD AVENUE mm on York Road? JENKINTOWN, PA. Phone ogom 9009 THE MUSIC BOX 410 YORK ROAD lnext to H. 81 HJ "Ienkintown's Complete Music Store" Pianos RECORDS - SHEET MUSIC E. E. Shupp, Jr. Ogon tz 5958 J. FRANK FLECK COMPANY - HARDWARE - Builders Finished Hardware P. 81 F. CORBIN DIST. SCHLAGS DIST. 603 WEST AVENUE Jenkintown, Pa. Ogontz 9830 J. HOWARD HAY, INC. PAINT STORE Artists' Supplies Picture Framing Decorating Contractors YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN Ogontz 0154 A and .I .IEWELERS and WATCHMAKERS -DIAMONDS- All Repairs Guaranteed One Year 203 DAVISVILLE ROAD Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Across from R. R. R. Sfotion Phone W. C. 1945 Expert Watch Repairs DAVIS PHARMACY Charles S. Davis, BSC. . . . We Deliver Ogontz 1616 Phone Ogontz 4070 ELKINS PARK CYCLE SHOP Ice Skates and Mowers Sharpened Accessorzlzs - Repairs JENKINTOWN RD. 81 OSCEOLA AVENUE Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Notary Public - Tax Consultant - Mortgages Rentals ABINGTON REALTY CO. 1737 OLD YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pa. Telephone: Willow Grove 2202 A Complete Real Estate and Insurance Service STEPHEN NOCELLA R. M. LU FF CONSTRUCTION COMPANY YORK and WELSH ROADS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Telephone: Willow Grove 9037 HARRY'S CORNER DELICATESSEN Prepared Seafood to Take Out Home Made Potato Salad YORK and WELSH ROADS WILLOW GROVE Hi-Grade Full-Fashioned Nylon Hosiery manufactured by HI-GRADE SILK HOSIERY COMPANY, INC. DAVISVILLE RD. Sz MAPLEWOOD AVE. Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Hosiery Sold Wholesale and Retail Telephone: Willow Grove 0447 DUCHESS DAIRY BAR Ice Cream Sandwiches S und aes EASTON and MORELAND ROADS WILLOW GROVE FOWLER-SHINN, INC. JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Sales - Service DODGE - PLYMOUTH DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS Ogontz 7428 Ogontz 3163 Majestic 5222 DE MARIA JEWELERS 112 S. EASTON ROAD Clenside, Pa. Ogonlz 9448 Rhapsody Dihmonds Sterling Silver "Over 60 patterns to choose from" Gorham - Lunt - International - Rogers MO0NEY'S MOVING AND STORAGE, INC. i'umftm :sought and Sold 2262 MT. CARMEL AVE. WATCHES: Hamilton - LeCoutre - Longines - Bulova Clenside Ogontz 3280-,I Elgin - Wittnaaer CASUALTY BOND Fme C I ' 'rHoMAs M. Mcozmorr ""g""u from I N S U R A N C E "Perfection in Protectionw NORTHWESTERN BANK BUILDING Clenside, Pa. Ogontz 0085 - 5757 Hair Stylist and Permanent W ave Expert VARNER HAIRDRESSING ROBERTS BLOCK fat Stationj CLENSIDE Ogontz 6568 BALL 8- COFFIN THE MARKET PLACE For Better Homes Cood Food - Values - Service THE BAEDERWOOD GRILLE OLD YORK ROAD fAbove Jenkintown, Penna.j Air Conditioned Best Wishes From Majestic 5-3400 Ogomz 34.00 DEPARTMENT STORE - STUDEBAKER - Family Outftters Since 1905 OPPOSITE READING RAILWAY STATION Clenside Ogontz 0486 WALLER MOTORS, INC. YORK AND HARTE ROADS Jenkintown, Pennsylvania THE WALTON INSURANCE AGENCY JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Ogontz 8771 Res.: Ogontz 2993 WARREN H. SMITH . . . Real Estate . . . 119 YORK ROAD Jenkintown Open Evenings JOHN P. KELLER, Realtor 113 YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Ogontz 9600 SCARBROUGH MOTORS DeSOT0 and PLYMOUTH 814 GREENWOOD AVENUE Jenkintown, Pa. 'Tenerals Co A Long Way To Make Friends" W. C. FLECK and BROTHER, INC. Distributors for GENERAL TIRES Road Service - Recapping - Fleet Service Ogontz 7275 Majestic 5-2625 705 GREENWOOD AVE. Jenkintown G E R H A R D ' S TELEVISION - RECORDS APPLIANCES - AIR CONDITIONING EASTON ROAD and KESWICK AVE. Ogontz 8650 "Famous for Dependable Service" Glenside, Pennsylvania OUR 50th ANNIVERSARY M. GOLDBERG 81 SON JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA MARBETT in Glenside invites you to their IICW SIOTC at 138 SOUTH EASTON ROAD FURNITURE and APPLIANCES 6 You can depend on getting the best at ARDSLEY FOOD MARKET 508 TYSON AVENUE Ardsley, Pennsylvania ,lust Call Us Ogontz 8535 . . . We Deliver . . ROSLYN SWEET SHOP Home Made Candy FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1336 EASTON ROAD Roslyn, Pennsylvania Chocolates of Dislinclion ABINGTON BEVERAGE HU d ,t I l ,U - n we 017, UIUC Il, we gFl lf. Fon YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGES ROSLYN HARDWARE 'nd Call HOUSE FURNISHINGS Ogontz 2776 Free prompt delivery - So why carry? ROSLYN- PENNSYLVANIA 1815 HORACE AVENUE Abington, Pa. Ogontz 7563 Ambler 3071-3 N E L S O N ' S DRESHER VIEW FARM Fresh Eggs Dressed and Frozen Poultry TRUNK'S SELF-SERVICE MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES - PRODUCE Free Delivery Ogonlz lll5 LIMEKILN PIKE AT WILLOW GROVE AVENUE Edge Hill, Glenside. Pa. Telephone, Ogontz 0951 and 0950 K L E N K ' S NORTH HILLS SINCLAIR STATION SUPPLY COMPANY GEO. E. KLENK Ogontz 9084 Coal - Fuel Oil Coke - Building Material 2908 MT. CARMEL AVENUE North Hills, Pennsylvania Washing and Lubrication Tire Service MT. CARMEL AVENUE North Hills, Pennsylvania ROSLYN PHARMACY 1130 EASTON ROAD Roslyn, Pa. Free Delivery - Ogontz 3944 EUGENE GOTTLIEB Registered Pharmacist VIVIAN'S BEAUTY SALON 1106 EASTON ROAD Roslyn, P enns ylvania Hair Cutting and Hair Styling, Specialties Phone Ogontz 8489 HILLTOP INN EASTON AND EDGE HILL ROADS Phone Ogontz 9085 Business Men,s Lunch Seafood Full Course Dinners Sunday Dinners Private Parties - Banquets - Weddings Open Every Day - Parking Facilities THEODORE BURGMER EUGENE RAUSCH F. M. PASTORE Sales WILLYS Service 1538 EASTON ROAD Roslyn, Pennsylvania New and Used Cars Towing and Repairing Telephones: Willow Grove 1427 and 2328 Telephone Ogontz 1220 AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING ED. HEAVENER 2457 AVONDALE AVENUE Roslyn, Penna. Greetings to CLASS OF '52 from THE ROSLYN INN NORTH PENN YOUTH FOR CHRIST WILLIAM B. LANING Warm Air Heating - Roofing Fuel Oil 2423 SUSQUEHANNA ROAD Roslyn, Pennsylvania Telephones: Ogontz 2299-W and 4334-R ABINGTON SNACK SHOP Hot - Cold Sandwiches Super Milk Shakes Under New Management Rosamilia, Gilligan, and Williams 1117 YORK ROAD Abington, P H. We Telegraph Flowers For All Occasions ABINGTON FLORIST 1221 YORK ROAD fOpposite Abington Hospitall Abington, Pennsylvania ARTHUR H. JOHNSON Telephone Ogontz 1975 G. PARKHOUSE 8. SONS - FINE FOODS - Phone: ogomz 7500 ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA WALTER F. AMES MFG. COMPANY "WALCO" Custom Made Stainless Steel Kitchen and Pantry Sinks 616 HUNTINCDON PIKE Fox Chase, Philadelphia 11, Pa. PI. 5-6371 P 0 W E L L ' S D R U G S T O R E ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of BEAUTIFUL LAWNVIEW CEMETERY AT ROCKLEDGE "Finest Burial Estate in the East" "HEAT THE 'REIT WAY" 'Prounounced - Right Complete Fuel Oil and Burner Service OGONTZ 8525 Phone, P1. 5-1872 OTTO MOOSBRUGGER 81 SONS ARTISTIC MEMORIALS In Cranite and Marble Olhce and Yard Cor. CHURCH RD. and BORBECK ST Fox Chase, Phila. 11. Pa. Opposite Montefiore Cemetery Y E T T E R ' S CLEANERS and DYERS 311 HUNTINGDON PIKE, ROCKLEDGE Cheltenham 8765 Six Hour Service - Free Call Sz Delivery For those wishing Speedy Service - Work brought in by 10 A.M. Q1Vlonday to Saturday, incl.y can be Ready the Same Day. Free Pick Up and Delivery Service. We operate Our Own Plant. Ambler 1017 SELF OIL HEAT Fuel Oil and Oil Burner Sales and Service FORT WASHINGTON AVENUE Ambler, Pennsylvania J. M. CEGIELKOWSKI - REALTOR - ROCKLEDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Ambler 14-84 GRAVLEY Powen EQUIPMENT F. L. SMITH Sales and Service JARRETTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Cheltenham 8710 HOLLYWOOD TAVERN FRED REICHELT 700 HUNTINGDON PIKE Hollywood, Pennsylvania Harry T. Wentz George B. Wentz WENTZ BROTHERS Retail TURKEYS Wholesale Available Year Around SUSQUEHANNA ROAD Ambler, Pennsylvania Phone, Ambler 0708 GREEN MEADOWS ORCHIDS W1LL1AM STARKE J ARRETTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL OF HORTICULTURE FOR WOMEN Courses in Horticulture - Landscape Design Agriculture Liberal Arts and Science Program at the Junior College Level Excellent Career Opportunities SUMMER WORK-CAMP PROGRAM fFor Girls 13 to 18 Yearsl MRS. JAMES BUSH-BROWN, Director BOX A, AMBLER, PENNA. Ogontz 6675 lobbing Promptly Attended To Ellis Hendricks - Plumbing and Heating - 1201 AIRDRIE ST. - Philadelphia 40. Pa. 2912 LIMEKILN PIKE - North Hills, Pa. Larry's Barber Shop LAWRENCE vl-JNTRESCA 2 Barbers - Sanitary Service 1175 YORK ROAD Abingt Next to Fire House on, Frank J. Deker INTERIORS Abington, Penna. Custom Made Draperies Slip Covers and Reupholstering Phones OCONTZ 6235 and 8475 Ogontz 9297 Atlantic Service Station RICHARD P. KEYSER YORK ROAD and GUERNSEY AVEN UE Congratulations to Class of OlllllIOIOUOIIOIOIIIOOOOOOOO from : : ""' Tm' ' ecision i Sue Pete ' D ' Y O : : Before deciding on plans for next : ' year, check on the advantages of : Since 1926 For Service Call Ogontz 9338 : taking Pmffe course? m Stfnog' ' , , 0 raphy, SCCFCIZFYSDIP, Business : Ablllgfoll SIICB RCPCIY e Administration,orAccountancy.In Q JOSEPH PILECCI 2 much less time than you think, you 2 Expert Warkmanship - All Work Guaranteed : can acquire 3 thorough PrCPal'a' ' .122 YORK ROAD Abin ton Pa , tion for a successful career in the : g ' ' : business world. One of our experi- Z cnced Career Counselors will be ' glad to help you and your parents : U I . . reach a decision about your future. , Abington Antique Shop g wntto, onll, or telephone PEnny- 3 ANTIQUES BOUGHT AND sow - Packer 5-2100- 2 Ogontz 3204 I o llos OLD YORK ROAD Abington, Po. . I R C E 2 0 o 0 0 3 scllnoi nr E . . BUSINESS ADIIINISTRATIUII Thomas A' H'99"" E l42o Pine Street E , ABINGTOP' SUNOCO , rhllttaolphlo 2, rn. I Tires - Batteries - Accessories : o YORK ROAD AND ECKARD AVENUE oocooooooeoosooooooooooaooo: Ogontz 9280 J. Lehman BRYNER REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE l X lI02 YORK ROAD Abington, Penna. +1 DW ' og.,..., 4579 ff, Hf1VQ0!l5If I l 0S0ntz 4267 Lending Library 929 TOWNSHIP LINE Abington Gift Shop cRlaETlNc CARDS - GIFTS Majwic 50265 080m 0172 Hosiery and Costume .lewelry ELKINS PARK 17, PENNSYLVANIA 1104 OLD YORK ROAD Abington, Pg. Meet Your Friends Over A Midnight Snack KENYON'S DINER ROUTE 152 North Hills, Pa. SUNNYBROOK, INC. - BUILDERS - NORTH HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA Specialized BUSINESS TRAINING TAYLOR SCHOOL'S APPROVED COURSES PROVIDE A FUUNDATION FOR SUCCESS 'A' 9 Stenographic 0 Medical Secretarial 9 Secretarial U General Business 0 Accounting 0 Business Administration 0 Pre-Induction Day and Evening Classes--Coeducational Enroll Now! Summer or Fall Terms 'A' "The Distinctive Business School" Founded 1898 THE TAYLOR SCHOOL 210 South 13th St., Philadelphia 7, Pa. Phone Klngsley 6-1515 CS K E S L E R ' S P011 OVER 20 YEARS Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere I'l5 TENNIS AVENUE North Hills, Pennsylvania OGontz 3109 FLORISTS FOR THE PARTICULAR' R. O'LESSKER Co. 809 Sansom St., Philadelphia 7, Penn. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE QUALITY CLASS RINGS AND PINS FOR OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. ABINGTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS. Official Jewelers For The University of Pennsylvania WM. H. BATTERSBY'S SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 3316 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Penn. SAgamore 2-2667 II3 It cannot be dispensed with . . . or substituted for . . . It should be of first consideration in every important undertaking .... We mean experience . . . the specialized experience such as we offer in the field of School Annual photography .... That is why year after year, we have been honored by being chosen Oflicial Yearbook Photographer by many leading Schools and Colleges .... Getting out a Yearbook is a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking. It is therefore good to know that there is available to you all the experience that is necessary to meet this unusual emergency. You will find our organization skilled and resourceful . . . our facilities and resources ample to meet every problem connected with Yearbook Photography. ZAMSKY STUDIOS Official Photographers for Gonzaga's Yearbook 1007 Market Street Philadelphia ll4 Two Organizations to Serve Your Needs JADIES E. STAUDINGEB COMPANY, INC. -INSURANCE- I STAUIIINGER 8 BO0NE, INC. Business Brokers and Real Estate TURNER 0700 1217 Old York Road f0pposite Abington Hospitalj Chapel Hill BLACK 8 S'l'ALF0llll 0617 Chapel AUTOMOBILES BOUGHT, SOLD AND SERVICED Philmont Road 81 Second Street Pike Bethayres, Pa. Hill 9483 115 Wm. H. Harper Mfg. Co., Inc 7520 State Road Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 6 is '33 'ND' 1 , 75 '!- 'f 5. Q FY:-T' V , r ,v , I-, , J, ,M ?f 0 ,' 2. , ,wt 1 .VM . . J A, W MQ, - Q . . 'CST ., 5, '. ' . ' V F r .' L" " .4 , . An." w 55, pi rm., , I . 'N 1 Q , 1 I H' A A.,' 1 '.f . L- ,3 Q.. ,ht ' sf, Ju, 'M 1- ' .r ffl 'PP . 4 . " 'X-4,mr'i?iR 1m3?i3!?j5,4.K.LZuL1m..1m i wa C3 MX V A W? 1015.3 I-,gh iw- lt N - .ik N f lm' uw W luqaliif 'ff T: if v ,A ' '-1 .N ff? 4' n ag if K 3 X .ry A ig , f"-'NH ' Jf? 'E K S !sxfW'M it 'Xxx , , ,'??' g ' fn , 11" :Yi K K SnXw3OY'M N ' l ' Wrlk K X, ' . 1 -f ,E ,. , O 4 . V Mo A 45, A W,A, , 0369 'J . W A 1 , fffi '- av' A t I, 4 I-"f'3hwr,gA' v , 1 ' . , ' - er A Q, W 1 V. 'W , K wg BNP If V 5. r 3 W ,,,, A Y? Kw an , I yjgifdvywr 2 MEM W 37N , WK ! ,:1Qf X' 'H Q .L , .45 ' Wx Y WH WW v : . , ' , -A ,3 .EW . .45 -'Q I 1 . 'Q uw I mg M1113 EMEMBER

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