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 - Class of 1947

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Ablnaton Senlor H1ah School Ablnaton Pa lune, l947 ZAIDEE GARR WYATT Behmd every successful performance there 1S often un known to the vast audrence someone who Worked drlrgently to make 1t so Thrs 1S true not only on the stage but also rn our lrfe from day to day Whenever we look behmd the suc cessful performance of the Englrsh and dramatrc departments mg rnfluence of Mrs Zaldee Garr Wyatt Thls soft spoken lady from Georgla came to Ab1HQlOH 1I'1 March l9l8 and rmmedlately began to show her abrlrty both as an Engllsh teacher and as an 1nstructor rn the flner Way of lrvmg Upon her arr1val Mrs Wyatt showed great 1nterest 1n student drarnatrcs and each year has farthfully coached fme senror plays When the faculty declded that somethrng should be done to help put outstandrng Abrngtonlans through col lege Mrs Wyatt sacr1f1c1ng st1ll more of her trme drrected faculty plays from 1925 to l94O and 1n one of them THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN played the leadrng part of Ab- bey As Dean of Grrls Mrs Wyatt has proved both an ex per1enced advrser and a true frrend to the g1rls of the school Because cf her unceas1ng efforts to gurde her students 1n the paths of culture and her ever unselflsh leadershrp rn the freld of dramatrcs at Ab1ngton we the class of 1947 dedrcate thrs Yearbook CURTAIN CALL to Mrs Zardee Garr Wyatt IN 1lII32IIIl5llJl E I I I n 1, 'f ' ' ' - , r,,, .2 , I at Abington Senior High School, We are sure to find the quid- 'C 6 Qxxdxqxofoo Rox SQKNQA YN Wm 66 6 X M34 Xgbq SGHLOWS X x o Lk N A QKPQ S WW 4' J JSX 5 IQ CN nl 5 : 23' IAN ING Clem Trump R1 der Holm s H111 Whlte S ATED Ienlcms Mrller Zack y Zepp Armstrong 4 SCHOOL BOARD Albert W Zackey PRESIDENT m Henry Holmes Ir VICE PRESIDENT Edward G Zepp TREASURER E Wayne Ienkms Wesley A Clem 'Wrllram S Armstrong Clarence I Mrller Non members Percrval R Rleder, SOLICITOR Nathan S Trump, ENGINEER Frederrck W Hrll, SECRETARY Raymond I-I Whrte, SUPERINTENDENT ,"D1ed February I7 IQ47 SUPERINTENDENT DR RAYMOND H WHITE - 'MZ' W. l , wt I ,:.: , I I , F f 3 . E, - fi' , ..,4 - ...... S' 3 , , 'Q , S. I ' E f ' . ' , 2. , . - , - , Your Yearbook theme is a Pass- ing Parade. Life is just that. Some- one has said that circumstances do not shape people but do reveal people Each day We are faced wlth dec1s1ons and clrcumstances May We all have the courage of our conv1ct1ons when these s1tua trons anse' Good luck and best Wrshes E B GERNERT PRINCIPAL E B GERNERT Producers and Dlrector After the pohcy of a play has been determrned 1t IS the duty of the dl rector to see that 1t 1S carr1ed out Abxnqton could have no more eff1c1ent d1 rector than E B Gernert 1ts pr1nc1pal No student alumnus or faculty mem ber has more prrde rn the standard of character scholarsh1p and c1t1zensh1p Wh1ch Abmqton 1nst1lls 1n 1ts students than Mr Gernert Although he demands effrclency Mr Gernert 1S never too busy to d1scuss problems Wllh mdrvrdual students and the latchstrmq of h1s offxce IS always out to those who seek ad vlce or counsel lust as a producer determ1nes the character of a play so the School Board of Abmqton Townshrp sets the pohcy of the hlqh school 1n meetmq both the educatlonal and socral problems of the students Through the years the Board of Educatron Wlth Superlntendent Whlte has malntalned the prln Clple that a school should teach students fxrst and subJects second The mem bers beheve that a school IS better advert1sed by the f1ne c1t1zens 1t produces than by any records 1t mlqht establ1sh therefore they place the emphas1s on the complete development of the student so that he may take a DOSITIOH of leadershlp and respons1b1l1ty 1n hlS commun1ty and country 5 a 4 1 . - 1 . ' ' ' . . , . 1 1 ' 1 1 . . 1 . 1 . , . 1 1 . 1 1 1 . . . - I T CARRCLL O BRIEN Aug s+3l I899 Ma ch 26 I947 6 ? 2 I u , - r , IN MEMORY Musuc when sweef volces due Vubra+es In Ihe memory Tlwe muslc ol your lnle wI+lI us wnll vmbrale In our memory Qbne We hear your vor e In lauglwler and In song We see you ralse your arms and call a sclwool assembly Io Ilnesr feel lo sung a lmymn salule be llag read a Psalm and say a danly prayer We bear you sung your VOICE expressung oy and Iwope and laulflw and love Une day In soll waves of gold you sang a lullabf Tommy ad We lcnew your Ile was U In rlwe balls we ve wallced wlllw you and fell your buoy ancy your loy In Isle Wullw a smile lor pupul or for Ieaclfmer a greerung lwere a gesrure Ilnere you brouglwr a gladness wullw you remundrng us Ilwal lule IS beaurnlul Cn darlcened days we ve beard you lauglw and ben we ve lcnown Ibal lIleI good and lwuman beungs lcnnd You slwared wllb us your love ol: beaufy In lnuma luf g Vlfe lell your love ol WIIG and son and lrIends You 3616 us generously ol your lnle ol your Ioy I0 musuc arf and roelry Mary are Ilwe poems you lnave read Io us b I be lar ne read seems now mosl p eclous Rose leaves vfn n llwe rose IS ead Are lweao d lor We b loved s nead And so Irby Irouglmls wlwen rlwou arl gone Lore IISGII rall lumber on 7 ll - . . I I . . , . . . I - .F . . I X, . . L , I I I I . , I - I I II I II I' g I. I ,I. . I I I . I ' l I I I , . I L I - -F , I Q fl "II'I . . . F X r I I I I XJ - I I , I U ' 5 A' , 7- ' - , . I . ,, r In . d V . I I I I . zz ' o . I . l F I I I . I II I S E - fx MW W' 'VW 7 N WAN my Vwf? W X42 W ml-.7 :1 Q I X Z7 f f X CU My 5? Q .nf R M wi? AJ Qrjl .. ax mi if QV X 355 la gig gig Q' 'P' S f WE aging X 5 Q,?3bg5 Q 1 7 X ll R. , 1 W- . x? 5 N ? X , V if rl . ig, ff V Q " A Z X W I. T7 . V X521 Q , ,AL 53 ag D A 5 ' rf X fa X K Q K N A4 .f ff ff,- 5 ki-. Q1 " 2 5 j 5 X" 1' iff, X .J f he lf' Y,-1',,lf75 f' ' XX A Q, 1:57 f 2-- 7 9 f 5 6? jg f X i 5 X4 1, 1 fi X? f H 7 il, ,"', ' X fi fi, K X KX - Dj . I- 2 , Q21 'x , '.-'- , 1,4 f- A 5 fvff Q Pi . ! f , fn , X f f - ff I , f ' f Q Q , I 5 X 1 ' f , Z! ' . . E Q? 7 ' I 1 : .V L ...wiv , x , gy, , WA! 2 W4 A-A, sq'-fig 'Ji X4 O C7 M 1 ' 4. r 1,5 '- .. - 1. h , L ' Q52 N1 -0- f .tag -'k ,fu W K A fx, xx 11 ,s ,,, , 'N fx g xi ,ix X-E7 1 rx, ix-X X N ' 1- L 1 if ' K Af?-'1O:,-, N ,.f Q f- xf ,M , K -1 X fly! ff 4 ,, If ' xxx if fe -R Q , 1 My , F1 In ' L X' 'w - J- in ' 94, f N Y R b , ,. xg 6 Q, v , . I X , 'lg ,-IA Zim xx D N Y -4 Q R ! ,r',vMv"'ll' A Z D Q 5 - iff Jl K II"-V: 'WISH I ' Q W my XX U gig! 9 -itgbtr CELL Es gg, tr BL Q 'Navi XXNHYK ff EQJC Eff' Mg?" T-S r Q N M G Q 1. .5 W gg 5' WVR xp F 741W"i3'.x f a . Q ww xx GP 3. 3 Y XS I 5 Ov xx XX X 917 Nj mf QE an L' XF Qc D 1 Q Y I? H Jax x M Zi fl- ux v-.gazing J ' J f X L91 Y HAR Q53 q-in LJ Wag Wd? , V W 1V O k JI - x o , N -Q : si. xi-ifxxx K L 'X L-,bm Sy ' -x K 1 vaxum ali, i I X A 'oh' , VNYQ 1 N' .'5.a.J:-,Ai W O NNN wp V c H L- W' f - Mwgfz. ' iff ,, 1 - I 'x I Y vi' 0 wma- "" F2272 f - vdg 1 J 'JJ V.- Wd IA W, I ig 4 .835 ,J 31 u p H v X f 5 f T. 51:53 . Y X M' R f fvxwxi I4 K ' 0-'Qs 6. ..! R f' AW Q f 5-.- 1 - 25 . ' ' ,E fr' -5h-. ':" 1' -: ci W " S ,U g, is fx 'NNQ S "' 'xx ' . Q' 11' I 5 'f . .1 'E P 'Rf ' i we 41. -? ' .1 ,'v,, ' ' '-NL L L HNF. L 1 ', g M- fv.L .lp 70 1 V ue" 7 'l' 11 A"" 4Ju xx- 'xxwf f rr' 'gyfa-,nv a "J 'Y wwfi Y ANN, I' 4 Ji" " - 5 ,. v-fu? 'Wt ' v. X I L I 0' H . x xi! ' 3"!'-f .Al if dx ,- 522- 1 N fufvA" xf X ' x ' 'MIS , i i Y Q Xi X N ' K , - - 1 " 1,511 - -1. X - , 'K fijlgua-N N F Ml , If 1 Q " N ' Q , '-X ' sg N g W, 5 df 7 Q X i v M f ff E W 4 C9 I fl , X li, ' 4 A Q C 1 f 1 . Qx 'sr ff J 5 .N xy x , X X ,X 'f 1- ,B --,ET bl , if I - 4 , 1... bghvogiz vi X' .T X ,X f' N L515, LJ, I !'!,'M' K 9 qt lf U 2 -' L - f A QP f lv 21 f 7 ' xx 5 L ff ' X 91 'Q if 9 Y , X A . V 'X I V J xx, 5 12 1 .f- em? 1,0 1 ,Hn LvMxxs"x"'1--1--vx. .i i - W H Albnglxt Muhlenberg B S Penn M A MGthSmQl1CS Chaxrman Class Sponsor Helen Brrgqs Allegheny A B Car negre Tech L B S L1brar1an Sarah lane Brooks ernple B S 1n Comrnerclal E A Brunner Albrrght A B Mathe mat1cs Golf Coach George E Burlmqton Colgate B S Temple Brology Supply Dlstrxbu tton Dorothy Cathell P nn A B M A Englrsh Publ1cat1ons Davld Clark Ir Penn Vocational Machrne Shop Sports Tunekeeper Helen M Clark Penn B S ln Ed Hrstory Student Councml Sw1mmmq Cheer Lead mg Lloyd R Cole Penn State Geneva Bea ver Vocatronal Electrlc Shop lane V Davrs H ocl B S Home Econom1cs Cafeter1a Iohn E Davison Ursrnus B S Temple SOC1Gl Sc1ence I V Football George F Erb Ursmus B S renn M A Scrence Baseball Coach These Coaclxecl . . . lohn S Furnlss Goldey Busxness College Comrnerclal Class Sponsor Pubhcatlons C1rculat1on Paul T Gantt Franklm and Marshall A B Charrman ot French Class Sponsor Soccer Coach Dra matrcs George S Gessner Penn P D Susaue anna B SCIGHCS Stockroom Manager Gertrude E Herzoq Columbta B S Penn M A Physrcal Ed Coach Sarah V Klme Hood A B Penn State Englrsh Assrstant Play Coach I Ira Krerder Franklrn and Marshall Socral Studtes Stud nt Forums D E Krueger Kutztown Gregg School Rochester Commer cral Charrrnan Class Sponsor Frnancral Adv1sor for Publ1cat1ons Cafeterra Treasurer Elmer A Lrssielt ogate A B mtts burgh M A Penn Couns lor for Townshlp schools Guldance Catharme E Lobach B Penn M A Amerrcan Acad emy at Rome Harvard Latrn Chau Drckxnson man Frank McClean Drexel Penn Voca tronal Auto Shop M B Messmger Lehrgh Untversrty A B Penn Harvard Columbra Chalrrnan of Scr enc Dept Sports Trcket Sales Amateur Radro Operator WSGNA Katharme Mlller Bucknell A B M1Ch1QUH M A Enghsh Abmgtoman T , . . ' Ed. ' - ' li . S., M. A., M. S .... ' , e , . ., . . . . . I Class Sponsor . . . Girls' A- B., Perm. M- A- - - - o , . .... - l - I - n ' Cl , . ., P' - 1 . 1 I I , a n v I I A' .I V . S. S .... ' ' - , . ., U. of 1-'IZ' Edith M Milne Moore Instttute Temple Art Class Sponsor T Carroll OBnen ew York U A T mple M A cal MUSIC Operettas Coach of Chrxstmas play Charles F Pawlmq Sprrngfreld B S Temple Penn Soctal Studtes Coach of Track Swrm mmg Cross Country Edna S Powell lMrsl P rm A B M A Class Advrser Ger man Spamsh Englrsh Class Sponsor Robert I Rapp Penn Penn State Vocahonal Woodworkmg Asst Coach Socc r and Baseball I.1hanI Relchard nn A B M A t1f1cate dEtudes Parls France Charrman of Spamsh Internos Sponsor Charles C Roberts Taylor Buslness School Susquehanna Grove C1ty College Commercral T nms Coach Cha1r man Assembly Commlt ee S A Secor East Stroudsburg Morav B Physlcal Ed Asst Coach Foot ball and Basketball Health Ed E U Smxley Mrllersvrlle State Penn Chaxrman of Soctal Scxence Department Athletrc Dtrector Leonard B Smrth B Musrc at Temple Studl d under I-hnton and Clark Drr cts band orchestra Glen R Snodgrass Colorado School l M nes Ill nols B S Phys Ed Drrector Bos Physlcal Ed Coach of Football Wrest mg Anton F SYOIIIS West Chester B S Vocatxonal Enghsh Basketball Coach L C Swartz Penn State A B Tem pe M A Penn Vocauonal Math and Sct ence Class Sponsor lane S Tnol lMrsl Beaver B S Phys rcal Educatron Hock ey and Basketball Coach Gertrude L Turner ucknell A B M Engl1sh lournahsm Townshrp Schools Pubhc Relahons Ahce F Weaver Susqu hanna A B M A Commercral Faculty Secretary tlcket sales I S Woodnxii N E Mrssourr S T C Mathematlcs Charr man of Club Commrttee Emelus G Wortman P e n n Carnegre Tech Vocatronal Prmtm-C1 Ralph M Wnqhl Pxttsburgh B S M A Mechanlcal Drawmg Re-lat d Draftmg Zardee G Wyatt lMrsl George Washrngton AB Penn M A Cha1r man of Enghsh Dean of G1rls Dramatxcs Coach . . . CURTAIN CALL 'Dred Wednesday March 26 l947 o A i , i ', . . in :rg f Y' ' " l' . I ! . . ii S I ' 'I - , , , , . B , . ., . A. N ' .I u B., 1. P. E .... ' e , . .... Vo- ' 1 I ' e , . I .. l 4 ' , - ., , . . . . e l ' B: Penn, M. . Pe , . ., . ., Cer- . 1 . ian, . S .... ' . . - G 9 'Q wwf fx IQIEQI 13' .1-A 49 cook VX. 'L-..T-...,,, ""1 -4.42 VIVDSVWQO ,cr .Swv s-.. 'Alt rt ly l"Y-Pl-4-Y ' 'il' wg - .R 1,145 N 'X , M B Messnger Mss E M Mlne P T Gantt Vaughn Day Forsyth Watton Man smqer OIITWARD BOUND Motto Severe wzth self, gentle wzth others, Senior Officers honest wzth all PRESIDENT Frank Vaughn Class Colors Aqua and Silver VICE PRESIDENT Vlctor Forsyth SECRETARY Charlotte Day Class Flower Camellzas TREASURER Ioseph Manzmqer A A REPRESENTATIVE Donald Watton SPONSORS M B Messmqer MISS Edmth M Mllhe P T Gantt f-'X COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS PJ f Clement Darby loy Kaxser get ga R ss ll D lks Iacqueln Smythe i r me E Alfred Tr ot gems W S Em Mmm V C m R hard Fl nq W-rl'vmvl1t..,..M.11,,f1 "',,4 1 14 ' x . It l , . . i , i . . i , . . 5 9 I O -rr ' ' - an - , MIX-1,,s,x . . - Nlf I 1 1, . J., , l . xx f I, Z 1 I I X 4 . . , X N! I - 1 X If .x t fill I 153 If ' ,ff u ,1 . ,lil gfsvv a 7. Q7- u e i i e 7 ' uxmw Ie Q ichert esc t l "'nAwa Q X Loi . erich cr in e , ' ic i 1 -1 . N 4 ,, . Q U U. I 1 Look Who s Here' 544 Soplzs Enroll Sept 6 1944 were BERNARD L AARONS General BERNIE varsrty letter rn track played clarrne and saxophone rn band and orchestra known for hexaht musrc and sports take lersure ume P nn State look out' ROBERT R AITKEN General LEROY smmmmq 'eam backstroker out for football and track 1nterested rn sports qrrls drums oh those blond curls' check next year Army or M rchant Marme HELEN ALBRECHT Classlccll Known for abrhty 1n Latm and German Student Coun c Yearbook KYW radro forum semor play lrbrary arde Lat1n and Sewrnq Clubs mam rnterests readrna lanquaq s basketball travehnq college next FRANK ALLEN General Ronalds twm m mber of Hunt and Baseball crews enthusxastlc sports rooter U S Army here he comes' I RICHARD AMBRUSTER Enqmeermg CHICK varsxty footballer and baseballer basket ball offxcral rn elementary school league Football and Bas ball Clubs wants to take rt easy arms for col leqe WILLIAM S ARMSTRONG Screnhfxc WOOLIE vars1ty breaststroker Student Councrl representatrve as Jumor presrdent as senror Yearbook Radro and Code Sw1mm1nq and Sports Clubs semor play very lrkable headed for Penn 1n chemrcal enqmeermq IOHN B ARNAIZ Engmeermq Student Councrl lrkes model rarlroadmq stamp collectmg chemrstry future chemrcal or mechamcal en qmeer college next year ANNA E BARRETT General Sl-IORTY rf she rsnt eatmq shell be talkmq quette and ABINGTONIAN Clubs flashy smile favorrt expressron For qosh sakes' plans to marry future prrvate secretary MYRTLE A BARTHOLF Commercral MYRT pert httle sports writer for ABINGTONIAN STABAT MATER plays clarrnet rn band Yearbook plans world travels arms for CIVll servrce EVELYN B BAUMANN General EV very frrendly Kmttmq and Modern Dance Clubs collects coms favorlte pastrme sleepma qood seamstress pet expresszon Holy cow' hopes to travel wrll make a good bookkeeper ROBERT I BEIDEMAN Vocahonal BOB husky farm boy can really mak a motor purr huntmq and frshrna enthusrast wants to ox n an auto reparr shoo Navy next on the hs' ROBERT B BENNETT vocqhonql BRUCE very reserved but capable of holdmq hrs own wrth anyone a qood prmter has held two after school Jobs may make prmtmq hrs future rll follow brothers st ps and Jom Uncle Sams fleet Q 9 wo 0 ' 0 , , , 9 ' ' ' ' . . e e ' . il . . . . ' . . ' . . "IOHNNY" . . Honor Roll several times . . short and pep- py . . ' . . ' ' ' . " " . . ' ' ' ' , ' ' . . Eti- 'rf ' ' 9 A ' ' ' A l Y :- The Youngest Meet at Sophomore Party, Oct 20 M IRENE BEST General RENE reserved Etiquette and Needlework Clubs been to Canada coll cts stamps wants to own a womens clothing store quiet ambitious likes ice skating AARON BITMAN General IRISH good natured varsity football basketball baseball ABINGTONIAN likes sports ambitton Big I. ague baseball player Sports Club known for loud vo1c next year Lafayette College MARGARET BLAND General MEG fiery red hair and big blue eyes Glee Club Secretary ot Science Club homeroom presid nt Honor Roll collects records ambition to be nurse HERMAN W BOCHER General BUD pumped tuba in band Temple Conference and Mock U N president of Debate and Forum Club A Cappella and Elizabethans senior plav air craft and electrrcity his hobbies plans to work as electrician IUNE BORELL General Lively blonde Sketch Alumni in Service and Ltbrary Clubs a library faithful photography and swimming hostess college next tall AMAR G BOSE Engmeermg MAHATMA dot and dash expert even dreams of tubes and dials president of Radio Club sophomore and iunior years will study electr1cal englneertng HELEN E BOYES General TING Hom Nursing Sewmg and Etiquette Clubs hobbies bowling and knitting wants to go into nurses training next year will make a good nurse too always seen driving that big car MARTHA C BROOKS Classical PAT popular and pretty Honor Roll Yearbook Dramatic and Science Clubs ROMAN WEDDING Internos senior play likes knitting and pho tography ambition get into Congress and hook a S nator college next WILLIAM I BROWN Vocational REDS quiet but what a line popular girls like his flashing red hair has wrestled for the Ghosts smce ninth grade district champ twice end on football team future G I loe- THOMAS E BUGEL Screnhhc BUGS always with Bill soph on Student Coun Cll and Honor Roll presrd nt of Sclence Club Yearbook hopes to be chemlcal engineer plans for college next year best known for those loud ties AUDREY B BURNS General AUD cut blond member of Dramatic and AB INGTONIAN Clubs fond of art and horseback rrdmg wants to travel g nerous srrnle always with Carabelle LOIS ANN BURTON General SANDY Honor Roll wants to be an artlst Glee Club captured blue ribbons at Gimbels and Strawbrrdges art shows Photography Club and Sketch Club secretary Yearbook EDITORIAL BOAPD ORACLE art school or college next year o t I Y . 5' X bl . . . . e . . 1 . ' I . I , , ' e . . . . ' Q c . . , . . . . . . . " - cr 3 . . - . l 0 1 I 'I - ' 1 I enthusiast . . greets everyone with Hi! . . future airline lr ll . D . - . . . o , . . e . . . , H H 4 1 I , l 1 - 1 a I l . , D . 'M - H l .1 The First Year Soplns Name Ed Shields President refer DOLORES BUSE Clusslcul loves sports and sleepmg long blonde harr and swell personahty would love to brke around the world plans for college next year ESTELLE H CALLAHAN Commerctal STELL Student Councrl 1n sophomore year var stty hockey and basketball ABINGTONIAN ports wrrter for three years Yearbook EDITORIAL BOARD has good looks ana wrld rdeas eager to travel and trnd excrt m nt IOHN S CARTER Scxenhhc IACK played varsrty soccer shorty came from Central everyone lrkes hrs Irr ndly smtle rnterested rn sports and lrttle qrrls ambrtron mtnxster or school teacher plans for college IOHN H CHRIST General IACK Honor Roll clever actor rn PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOVV plays a swe t sax Dramatrc Club WALTZ DREAM A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM ambrtron MD college n xt y ar MARIAN CILIBERTO General MAR cute guret brunette Etrquette and Sewtnq Clubs future secretary favorrte expressron Well Ill bel worktng grrl n xt year EUGENIA CLARK Commercxal IEAN Alumn1mServ1ce Club treasurer noted for talkrng hobbres roller skattng and danc1ng future OHICG worker Oh' You dont say ROBERT W CLARK Scxenhhc EARS plays hot trumpet rn band and orchestra hobby chemxstry muscle man on IayVee wrestltng team Wrestltng and Orchestra Clubs wants to be chemrcal engtn er good candrdate for Drexel next year IULIE I CLAYTON Classrcal Sl-IORTY trny peppy brunett Dramatrc Club Latrn award for memory work plans busrness school next year wants radlo Job collects postcards as a hobby SAMUEL W CLOVER General RED went to school out West for two years ou for football and baseball lrkes guns and grrls u of fun hopes to be a lawyer red hatred and hand some FRED L CONTI Sclenhhc IUNIOR CHEF Chess and Sctence Clubs played IayVee soccer 42 Dodge rs hrs hobby future bustnessman college after graduation DAVID R COOK General COOKIE Mrss Turners rtght hand man for I F E sports Dramatrc Club SINGAPORE SPIDER wzclced vrllarn m PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW senror play cheerleader rn sophomore and tumor years amlo1t1on Englrsh teacher C ARTHUR COOPER Scxenhiic COOP quret noted for hrs blushrng and blond harr recently dubbed ARTEE mterests are itshrng and swrmmrng vrce presrdent of Scrence Club when soph future M D plans for college Q O C l U' 9 , . "DO" . . ' . . , ' -' . . s " 4 . .... e e . , ,, . . Q ' ' e . . ' ,, ,, , G . . . ' ' . . I ll l Ed Margerum succeeds Him at M141 term . IAMES RICHARD DANIEL General BIG HM h 6 4 C a s frlendly known for good nature and humor Football Club varsrty wrestler hobby IS frshmg Army next year hrah class stuff MARY ANN DANIEL General I laughed so much l thotght ld che semor IN TERNOS m mb r ABINGTONIAN feature ed1tor Yearbook Student Councrl Honor Roll hobby 15 m n college then teachrng RUTH G DANTZER General DAN good dancer member of Glee Club sec retary of Bowlmg Club hobby bowlmg plans col l ge and then mercnandrsmg career CLEMENT H DARBY Engmeermq CLEM Honor Roll member Yearbook edrtor STABAT MATER ABINGTONIAN staff on KYW Temple Mock Meetmgs and math contest CSPA Conventron P A C Cub b st known for a certam blond tumor A Cappella Chorr semor play Harvard Club Award ambrtron avxatron engmeer CHARLOTTE A DAY Classrcal Well lrked sophomore and tumor Crvrc Attrtude Award wmner INTERNOS Yearbook Jumor and semor class secretary Student Councrl secr tary most fond of lohnny varslty basketball Latm and Nee dlework Clubs Drexel next year ANTHONY DE CARLO Vocatronal DEACON good natured smgs l1ke Caruso and Crosby combrned one of Mr Wortmans prmters b longs to the McK1nley bucket brrgade hkes model burldmg Army next CONNIE sparklrng eyes Etrquette and Dramat1c Clubs typed for ABINGTONIAN and Yearbook dancmg and skatmg enthusrast very at tractrve wants to travel senror play Its krllmg me' Secret ambrtron to be an actr ss' IANET M DERCK General SLIM basketball team specral mterest men presrdent of Kmttmg Club as Junror A Cappella Chorr smooth personalrty hkes hors s hopes for college RUSSELL DILKS Classrcal RUSS heres a boy wrth brarns plus consrstent Honor Roll leader C1v1c Forum League Speak r of House 1n Mock Congress ABINGTONIAN Elrzabethans semor play A D bate and Forum Club C S P A Conventron math and Journahsm tournaments headed for law school then pohtrcs MARY L DONEY Blond senror from Wlllrams Memorral lnstrtute lrk s btology and wants to study g rms mterested rn musr oh those long eye lashes and fancy pastrresl IAMES I DONAHUE General lvl good natured fllovv mterested rn huntmg and ftshmg football enthusrast best known for his nrcknames plans to 'go lnto tn real estate busrn ss IOHN DUFF Screnhhc VJEE IOHN soccer manager forgot to brmg ball for P rkromen game member of Radro and Chess Clubs drshes out brg plates of rce cream at Clements plans to enter the Navy 4 1 1 Q I O U gl 1 Q H H . . l1'l l 9 V H l S . . V . . . . ' ' ' I I. . l l . . "All 1 l ' . .... l . . e I l l l ' t CONSTANCE M. DEL SAVIO Commercial I. F. El . . ' ' ' . . 1 ..l.F.E..." l .. .. T .. ' ..P.".C...e ' t "ll " . . - e ' . , ' ' ' Studes Awake QQ? Sing Stabat Mater , April 8, 45 DAVID A DURFEE Enqrneermg DURF famous for slush pump playrng rn band and orchestra r member those brroht shrrts and polrtrcal speeches? Honor Roll several trmes semor play ABINGTONIAN Yearbook EDITORIAL BOARD Pu hc Aftalrs Club STABAT MATER Student Councll lawyer and pol1t1c1an after college TERESE G ECKERT General TERRY Abrngtons Warbler Var1 ty and Dramatrc Club lead m semor play THE OUEENS CHRIST MAS ERMINIE I-I M S PINAFORE Glee Club A Cappella Elrzabethan Srngers ambrtron theatre IEROME H EICHERT Classrcal IERRY regular member of Honor Roll Yearbook EDITORIAL BOARD co edrtor ABINGTONIAN sen ror play ERMINIE C S P A Conventron twrce T mple Press Conference KYW radro forum Glee Club A Cappella Chorr Elrzabethans LOIS A EMERICH Classical VERMONT Honor Roll student Yearbook KYW radxo forum PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW ROMAN WEDDING sen1or play Latm and Dra matrc Clubs excellent Ianguaq student arms for language work Wrlson College frrst WELSFORD B EMERY General Student Councrl as sophomore head drum mator Varrety Dramatrc Clubs A Cappella Chorr HMS PINAFORE smooth dancer rnterested 1n stag musrc dancrng Navy or college next LEONORE M EVOY Classical LEE ABINGTONIAN Student Councrl Yearbook play A Cappella Cholr STABAT MATER terested rn photography known for stately carnage and natural curly harr colleg next MARILYN I PAYE General LYN that low vorce band alto horn player orchestra v1ol1n1st Student Councrl Orchestra Club wants to be arrlrne hostess known for shortness laugh and guotmg Drck RAYMOND FICKETT General BIG RAY wrestlrng and football man member of Sports Club noted for that brg smrle and What are you lookrng for a brurse" plans for college ELIZABETH K FITZGERALD Commercral BETTY Alumm and Etrquette Clubs ABINGTON IAN typrst Wonder at roller skatrng and dancrng hopes to be somebodys secretary oh those eyes favorrte expressron Holy Hannah MERLE M FITZGERALD Commercral Vocal act 1n Talent Show secretary of Alumm IH Servrce Club ABINGTONIAN typrst amrable rnterest d 1n a certam sold1er anxrous to travel favorrte expressron Hope I get a letter today ROBERT C PLEMING Scxenhhc BOB three year man rn baseball basketball star oo Yearbook member of Baseball and Sports Clubs plans for college has a knack for steerrng clear of grrls crazy about the Dodgers PETER I. FLETCHER Vocatronal FLETCH blond curly hart lrkes huntrng fxshmq and Dolores football for two years attended Am bler I-hgh School one year plans to work rn garag greets the grrls wrth a I-I1 Toots' I I 3 ' c - 9 5 9 - 9 5' In . . . . b- EDITORIAL BOARD . . ROMAN WEDDING: '. . senior . . ' . . . . in- s 'lpn' ' I, '.".. . l . ' I . . , . ' Roosevelt Man of Destiny Dies Suddenly April 12 RICHARD T FLING Screnhhc DICK Student Councrl Cwtc Attltude Award Chatrrnan of Soph party permanent resrclent on Honor Ro varstty basketball ERMINIE semor play PINAFORE Temple Math Contest PAC broadcasts Cappella Cholr Elrzabethans Ir Town Meet mgs VICTOR H FORSYTH Engmeermg VC varsrty basketball senlor vtce presrdent Student Councrl never downhearted member of Sports and Huntmg and Frshmg Clubs ralses chlckens on the srde has hopes of becom1ng a farmer after college VIRGINIA ANN FREED General NAN beautltul blue eyes' secretary of Bond and Stamo and Lzbrary Clubs mam 1nt rest hor eback r1d1ng bowlmg and men Ftddlesttcksl Abmgton I-losprtal here I come GRACE E FREEDMAN General GRACIE full of pep and corny humor hkes horses and men Alumn11nServ1ce and Lrbrary Clubs dresses lrke Nan boytsl oh boytsll plans be harrdresser then a housewtfe next year 1ob EVELYN M FREITAG General FRENCHIE that cute number w1th the bangs Yearbook loves art especxally portrarts wants to be 1nter1or decorator plans to go to Beaver next year PATRICIA A GARDNER General PAT orchestra PINAFORE Gle Club A Cappella Cho1r Eltzabethans senror play assembly ptantst Memorral Servlce plans teachmg career CARMELA C GARRAMONE General GARRY short others envy curly locks 1 quett and Sewmg Clubs lrkes horseback rrdrng danc 1ng and sewmg wants to travel plans to work after graduatton Ah' Men IAMES F GARVIN Vocauonal M good look1ng dependable football track and wrestlmg known as The Beard wants t be an electr1c1an w1ll make a good one prospec uve VlCI1fIl for some top sergeant ANGELINA G GASBARRA General ANGIE frlendly Alumnt 1n Serx xce Club co lects prctur d post card darcmg her pastlm sales g1rl petrte Oh Sugar' curly auburn ha1r w1ll make someone a good secretary VIVIAN L GEISSLER General VV happy go lucky secretary for .ABINGTON IAN D1str1but1on Club typlst for ABINGTONIAN and Yearbook 'nam 1nt rests rol'er skatmg eatmg and George wants to get marrred tob ftrst W RICHARD GERDING General DICK ntce personahty good natured varstty soccer 1nt rested m huntmg ttshmg and archery hopes to own sports store known for h1s rrfle shootmg W that blond ha1r next year work BRUCE W GERWIG Enqmeer Could always fmd easy solutron to math problems art mterests hrm 1n spare ttme wants to take up ar chztecture aft r seemg country tl X 4' 4. 5 0 , 0 0 LJ . I b ll.. ' .. .. ' .. . ' .. "e 3, 3 , . to ' , '.. -'. 11 I I " . o .. , .. .. o rr 1: .. ,, , .. .. -- ' .. l- ' e s.. 1' 'e.. NIH ' ... ' 'e 7 1 ', 'I , .Q . . .. -- M , , .. . Q . U I V E Day, May 8 1945 Ends Strife 1nEurope... ve AIA EILEEN M GORMLEY General Alumm1nServ1ce and ABINGTONIAN D1str1but1on Clubs blue eyes and trlendly mrle mterested m forums Yearbook tyo1st ambttron good s cretary plans to work tor manufactunng company MARY L GORMLEY General MARY LOU attractlve hazel eyed brunette ways eatmg but slrm tr1m Alumm1nServ1ce and ABINGTONIAN Dlstrrbutlon Clubs ABINGTONIAN and Yearbook typtst secretary ttrst then Mrs Some body RICHARD P GOSNELL Scxenhhc DICK school tlcket puncher Current Events Club leader mterested 1n ratlroads plans college after servrce wants to travel all over Un1ted Stat s IEANETTE C GRIGG Screnhhc attended Allentown l-Irgh for a year cheer ful sm1le Glee Club member Honor Roll am b1t1on m drcal asslstant or medrcal secretary plans college next year CHARLOTTE IOY GROSHENS General OY horse lover has her own horse IayVee and vars1ty basketball manager ABINGTONIAN w ISS for I F E amb1t1on kmdergarten t acher hkely Temple stude LAWRENCE A GUENTHER General LARRY those blond curls' out for soccer and track Latm Etrquette and Sports Clubs ratses rab bls hopes to be a vet rmancm servrce next year IOHN D I-IAHN Engmeermg IACK wrtty 1n sptte of h1s quretness presxdent of SCIGUCG Club llkes chemxstry and rculroads am b1t1on mechanlcal engxneer plans trrp to Oklahoma then college GEORGE W HAMPSHIRE Scxentxfic MIKE ABINGTONIAN Student Counc1l Year book QUEENS CHRISTMAS ERMINIE Ehza bethans A Cappella Chorr Glee Club hobby rcnlroadlng amb1t1on mmtstry AUDREY M HARDY General AUD always smtlmg layVee softball ID Jun1or y ar lrkes readtng and records wants to be home economrst college next year EVELYN M HARDY General EV everyboclys fnend out for cheerleadxng when soph cute frrendly smtle w1ll1ng Are you k1dd1ng'9 F ROBERT HARRAR Screnhfrc BOB sophomore Student Councrl representatrve s1lent type t1cket taker ambxtton advertlslng plans for colleg after servrce FREDERICK E HARRIS General FRED barrelled a b1g bass drum tn band Radio Club shy ut has huge smtle next year college 1f Un le Sam agre s wtll study law later C 6 ' 9' 4 0 - 9 9 ' n 9 " ' - ..al- - ' D "IIN".. ' .. - r't . . " -' 9 .. Y 't .. e' ' .. ' . ' c f' e.. ' . U Vaughn Guides Ship of State for unior Year . . te AIA PERSIS A HARTZELL General PERK how we envy that tan' vars1ty letters ID tennls and hockey hobbres art readlng and sewmg A Cappella Cholr STABAT MATER plans sec retar1al course at Cedar Crest Colleg MARIE H HAUPTLE Commercial REE REE qulck trlendly smtle Kmttmg and Tabl Tennrs Clubs ABINGTONIAN typxst skates and dances Dots pal busme s school th n ams be a secretary l gu ss l told you' RANDOLPH HELFRICI-I General RANDY Dramattc Club hero of PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW senlor play Glee Club m mber mt rested 1n readmg and pets iavorxte express1on O1aye plans to attend Text1le School AMANDA C HENRY General PUNKY IayVee hockey ABINGTONIAN Glee Club Yearbook SCHOLASTIC Art Award plans tor Moore lnst1tute known for good humor CHARLES I HETTENBACH General RUSTY ma1n mterest sports outs1de of a certa1n other p rson wants to be an arch1tect and bu1lder plans college or Marmes uses Golly repeatedly HESTER A HIGGINS General HES Etrquette Dramat1c and Knrtung Clubs manager of QITIS swlmmrng team plans to enter nursrng hopes to travel to Scotland favor1te expressron I love that ELIZABETH G HILSEE General BETTY better known as Duchess lead 1n PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW senxor play head cheer lead r lnternos For Pete s sake that slngzng rn the locker room hobby boys plans for college IOAN W HINCHLIFFE Classxcal l-HNCHY popular and pretty Student Councrl lnternos Kn1tt1ng and Modern Dance Clubs lrkes collectmg souvemrs favorlte expresston Oh fudge plans to study psychology 1n coll ge IOAN L HOFFMAN General The horsewoman of Ablngton Honor Roll ABING TONIAN Yearbook plans to go to college then ra1se horses qulet studxous ORACLE edrtor SALLIE A HOLMES Classical BONES tall pretty and happy go lucky always srnrlmg and frlendly STABAT MATER Kmtttng and Scrence Clubs Yearbook ambrtron senator or golf champ1on next year Smlth or Connect1cut College DORIS M HOOD General l-IOODIE qutet and good natured known for peaches and cream complex1on Kn1tt1ng and Modern Dancmg Clubs 1nt rest photo pamtzng mam 1n terest Bzll plans to be somebodys secretary Gee wh1zl IAMES E HOPKINS General I-IOP tall good natured emoys QITIS and wrrtmg poetry future sports wrlter ABINGTONIAN and known tor gum chewmg army alter gradu at1on O 1 1 5 4 9 I 4 n ' e. . . , . . e 1 . . . . , ,C . . e to . . e . . ' . . e . . . D . . . . c . . , . . - , e . . ' ' . ,. H . . I. F. E. . . , , . .. H , . e . . . . . . . . ' e . . ' . . 9 if . . l u . , - ll 1- Gay Reunion at the Junior Prom, April 12, 1946 MYRTLE E HULTON Commercml MYRT varsrty swlmmmg IayVee hockey I-lonor Roll ABINGTONIAN plays a good game of basketball Kmttxng and Alumm1nServ1ce Clubs lrkes to s1t by the hre and kmt wants to be some bodys Mrs Yearbook plans for bus1ness school or secretar1al pos1t1on F MARION HUNSICKER Commercral Peppy brunette came to us from Sprrnglreld ay Vee hockey rn Jumor year Art Club member next comes vacatron then work IOSEPH V HUTELMYER General OE varsrty soccer and track Photo graphy and Boys Etrquette Clubs A Cappella Chorr and Elrzabethan Srngers mann mter st that ever popu lar one gxrlsl EDMUND E IACKSON Engmeermg TONY sophomore class treasurer varsrty soccer and swrmmxng wh1z at math G1 e Club member l1kes grrls plans for career 1n engmeermg BARBARA A IACOBY General STUFFY snappy blonde second team letter 1D swxmmmg chorus of I-I M S PINAFORE Glee Club presrdent of Alumn1mS rvrce Club ambrtxon to be happrly marrred school next stop A LOUISE IAMES Commercral LUDY plays a mean prano Ehzabethan Smgers Yearbook Varrety Club member ABINGTON IAN typrst for two years mam lnterest drrvrng her Plymouth busrness school comes next WILLIAM I IAMIESON General BILL always Jokmg transferred from Northeast I-hgh 1n sophomore year varsrty baseball 1n Jumor year lnterested 1n dramatrcs lxkes grrls and sports future undertaker plans for army next year WILLIAM P IEFFERIES Screnhixc EFF swlft basketball player presldent of Cur rent Events Club lrkes to scout and explore the un known that laugh' iavorrte express1on Srsmo plans to enter college after servrce SHIRLEY P IONES General PAGIE comes to us from Mrarm Beach and Ienk1n town I-hgh hockey IS her sport Templ U N Con ference mam mterestsfdancrng and movles am brtron to be a nurse MARIORIE A IUSTICE Classrcal MARIE good natured blonde Internos Student Councrl 1n sophomore year IayVee basketball and hockey hkes knlttmg and danc1ng Oh beans Yearbook EDITORIAL BOARD always wrth Ioan college next year IOY L KAISER Scxenhfic Yearbook EDITORIAL BOARD I-'onor Roll ABING TONIAN CS P A Conventron at Dr xel and New York semor play STABAT MATER A Caopella chorr Temple math tourney swxmmmg tops on her hxt pa rade Kno NH for her gorgeous red halt El1zabethans Memorlal Servrce college n xt IACQUELINE M KAUFFMAN General IACKIE came from Notre Dame Academy KYW program mam mterests dancmg and travelmg W hopes som day to be a frn musrctan ff . 6 ' , . s' I , . I , , . . I. F. E. . . - . . X: , ' ' ' . ' . . e - . . , . ,, ,. . . . HI ., . . . . ,, . ,. . . . . . , 1 ,. ,. W . . ' ' . . 1 . . . t e 9 , Ghosts Get Top Swnnnung and Baseball Honors IEAN M KAY Classzcal Attractwe brunette br1de 1n ROMAN WEDDING Dramatzc Art ABINGTONIAN and Orchestra Clubs Yearbook plays flute hopes for career as faslnon cleszgner Moor Instxtute next CHARLES R KELLEY General CHUCK sol1d trombone player mam lnterest m musrc Glee and Radxo Clubs band 1n sophomore year STABAT MATER known for peg pants and swmg harrcuts plans musrcal career ROBERT C KENNEY General BOB 1nt rested IH horses and cartoonmg I-Iuntxng and F1sh1ng Club best known for corny Jokes wants to ov n a race horse stable l1kes gtrls Camera Club wtll work next year AGNES M KERR General BUNNIE hockey and basketball ABINGTONIAN and Sports Club hobby carvmg hopes to be an Xray techmctan favorlte expresslon Ish known for corny Jokes NANCY I KERSLAKE Scxenhhc KERSFY FISH CURE rn 1un1or year Yearbook Scrence and Dramatrc Clubs sentor play good 11 branan plans to go to college Interested 1n SCISHCG talkmg too fast one of h r weaknesses GORDON A KESSLER Enqlneenng Came to us from Scarsdale I-hgh New York vars1ty basketball baseball cross country qulck frrendly mxle ABINGTONIAN sports ed tor lanky prtcher on var srty n1ne Stud nt Counctl b st known for f1ela1ng bunts Yearbook EDITORIPI BOARD c eg n xt year IAMES S KIEL Sclenhhc WOODY ardent member of Chess Club 1nter ested m photography never gets 1nto trouble Holy Cowl wants to be an optometrxst Armed Forces frrst th n Natronal Optrcal School RONALD KINKY General BREAKAVVAY goodlooklrtg out for football only two weeks sen1or year before makrng vars1ty made Franny Murrays All Scholastrc Team the Vaughn Monroe of Abrngton Navy here he comes MIRIAM I KNORR General MIM l1kes to curl up wrth a good book IayVee swrmmmg and d1v1ng Kmttmg and Lxbrary Clubs wants to be a floral deslgner educatlon w1ll contmue after graduatron FRANK KRIEBEL Sclenhiic FRANK oh that laugh presldent of Current Sclence Club lnterest d rn f1sh1ng and huntrng best known for always bemg 1n hot water future plans feature college or the SQIVICS GEORGE W KUSS General I-IANDSOME well known for h1s g1ft of gab var SITY soccer player lrkes redheads Radro and Base ball Clubs ambttlon to go rnto contractrng busrness Marrnes or Merchant Marme after graduatton FRANCIS A LANG Vocatronal PHIL well hked rel1abl and earnest good lookmg l1kes to hunt and trap one of McK1nleys fearless frremen wrll enter m1l1tary servrce or work 1n prrntmg estabhshment xl f v L! ' - - 'l xx t . Q . '..I.F.E... ' .. ' rl' .ol I an .. ' , e . I -, ' ' -- It' 55 -' ' .. e '..e .. L.. ..ollee , D . . .. V, . , . .. ,Y .. A I . .Q A I , Twice Blessed Seniors Re-elect Vaughn as Prexy BARBARA I LEATHERMAN Gen ral BOBBY IEAN peppy brunette varslty swrmmmg and tenms TayVee hockey and basketball ERMIN hkes sports and kmttrng will make good sports coach rlonest to goodness plans college next year RONALD I LEAVESLEY General LEGS long and lanky 6 5 member of basxet ball and cross country teams toots a trombone for Mr Smrth Basketball Club future career 1n radro broadcastmg WILLIAM H LEEDS III General B LL speedy long d1stance runner clever sense of humor w1ll you ever forget that walk? secretary of I-Iuntmg and F1sh1ng Club next year Germantown Acad my w1ll Welcome h1m RUTH I LEMAL General RUTHIE w1zard at word and sp lung KYVV' spell 1ng t am dramatrc and art cr1t1c plans dress de sxgnrng at Moore the unforgettable Duh sure whrle stppmg at the Snack Shoppe BARBARA LEONARD General BOBBY vrvacxous brunette two years varslty hockey Student Counctl alto rn Glee Club VICQ presrdent of Alumn11nServ1ce Club 1n tumor year thr1ves on danclng and fun plans Jurnor college F DAVID LEPPER Enqmeennq DAVE Abmgton s Byron Nelson good natured memb r of Pmg Pong Club chtef hobby women DOROTHY M LEVENS Commerclal DOT quret but wrtty member of Art and Lrbrary Clubs look out for that gleam 1n her eye 1nterests danc1ng and Dav loyal ABINGTONIAN typlst RALPH H LEVIS Engmeennq Wants to be a chemrcal engmeer played IayVee football stamp collector Debate and Forum and Sports Clubs A Cappella Cho1r model tra1n and arrplane nthusrast Drexel here he comes' BETTY I LEWIS General CHERRY attractrve brunette varsrty cheerleader m her sen1or year Et1quette and Sewmg Clubs ABINGTONIAN typrst l1k s George known for grq ghng wants to be a good secretary busrness school next RICHARD M LISCHY General GOOTCH class Joker vrce presldent of sopho more class v1c presldent of Euguett Club varslty football mterested 1n sports and women amb1t1cn to be a lawyer w1ll unless Marmes get h1m izrst MARIORIE LODGE General MARGE Holy Cow Nhat blond ha1r famous for day dr ammg layVee basketball mterested rn photography I. athercraft and Kmttmg Clubs am DIIIOH o travel GLORIA I LOGUE General OH' GLORIA' typrst and part t1me secretary those unforgettable Thxs w1ll k1ll you Jokes wrote for Servr e Club N dlework Club Q 1 - - ' - I . ls Ai' I 9 IE . . ' ' ' . . ' V. H l 1 H 1 A 1: I ll l ' . e ' ' . ' e . . ' ' ' . . - . . ,, ,, . . . , . . e ' . . ' - . . plans include college next year. 4 Q I . D . - . . , . l . . ' e- ' ' e . . ' . . . e ' ' . . - ,. i, , , - - 'C . . . ee f . I 'T Senior Actors Have Chance 'In the Spotlight' . 211114 M CAROLYN LOOSE Commerclal LUCY peppy l1ttle blonde Honor Roll student Etrquette and Sketch Clubs cheerleader ABING TONIAN typrst ltkes sports and dancrng some ones future secretary CHARLES P LOWER Engmeenng CHARLIE came from Central l1kes boxrng toot ba drrves that Ford always answers Oul hopes for college future crvrl engmeer HELEN A MacFARLAND General Varsrty swrmmer cheerleader A Cappella Cho1r and Elxzabethan Srngers Latrn and Dramatrc Clubs tall blond attractrve lovely soprano vorce college next IOAN I MacGREGOR Classxcal Short but sweet varsrty hockey Red Cross rep resentatwe for Junrors lnternos Sports and Modern Dancxng Clubs ambmon psychologrst Swarth more bound IOHN E MacMINN General MAC flashy hrgh scorer on basketball squad good lookmg ladres man Sports Club ambztron to become a gym teacher Marrnes next IOHN B MAITLAND General BATMAN letters m football wrestlrng track Junror vtce presrdent A Cappella Chorr and Elrza bethan Smgers future gym teacher but army comes trst IOSEPH C MANZINGER General MANZ varsxty football lrneman lay Vee basket tumor class money keeper serv1ce then luture gym mentor EDWIN MARGERUM General personalrty Student Councll second sem ester sophomore class chref sophomore Honor Roll CIVIC Attrtude Award sho nuff contractlng busrness or army tor htm DONALD W MARTIN Sclentxhc DON halfback on soccer squad good natured sophomore Honor Roll D bate and Forum broadcast hkes sports dancmg gurls Penn or the A1r Corps IOHN S MARTINEZ Engmeermq IACK those b1g brown eyes Honor Roll varsrty cross country basketball and track Yearbook ABINGTONIAN known for clever remarks grrls tascmate htm Naval Av1at1on College Program then an engmeer MARY E MARTZ General Actrve rn varsity basketball and hockey Sports and Dance Clubs talks blue streak strawberry blonde ambuon a1rl1n hostess Eastern Alrlmes School next year ALFRED W MATTHEWS General Al.. handsome Student Councrl representative as sophomore IayVee football presrdent of Hunting and Frshmg Clubs that 36 yellow Plymouth! 1nt rest medxcrne Marmes next O a 0 n 9 ll.. ' .. ,""'.. l' . ball . . Honor Roll . . A. A. Representative as sophomore "ED" . . ' . . ' . . - A l 4 W . . 't' T ' e . . I ' ' Q , ,W 3 . A as Class Gives Fanny and the Servant Problem DAVID R MATTHEWS Vocahonal ENGLISH tow headed prrnter lxkes huntrng and frshrnq suffers from BLITI-IE SPIRIT played wrth hrqh school band cmd orchestra Yearbook expects to study prmtrnq at Temple Un1vers1ty possible Lea th rneck ALBERT E MAYERS Vocational tall and qulet auto shop boy attended Cheltenham for a year plans to be auto mechan1c GEORGE H MAY RS Vocational Easy to get alonq wrth some handsome man and can he blush' hobby buxldrnq greenhouses wants to be an auto m chanrc servlce next SHIRLEY MCALLISTER General Musrcal MISS w1ll skate to fame a1ms for skatmq champronshrps A Cappella Cholr Glee Club talent shows plays bells and prano future orqanlst T IOHN MCALONAN General MACK remember h1s 34 Plymouth? varslty soc c r and swrmmrnq Swlmmlnq and Euquette Clubs 1nterest qrrls wants to dr1ve to Cahfornra colleqe coach some day IOANNE B McCLE1-RRY General KITTEN quret member of Leathercraft and Dramatrc Club llkes cats collects records senior play cast wants to qet mto publtshmg plans to work next year then more school DENNIS I MCHALE Vocational MAC tall and qulet likes to tlnker w1th cars and motorcycles noted for poker face wants to be a mast r mechamc wxll shoulder a gun for Uncle Sam IANE McLEOD Commercial IANIE qood natured cute cheerleader Etrquette and Art Clubs lnterested ln dress deslqmnq m bxt1on trrp to Europe never catches on to Jokes ALVANDOR W MCNEAL General VAN swell guy Student Councll experrenced soda 1erk Leathercraft Huntmq and Frshlng Clubs known for wolfrsh tactxcs ambrtlon-c1v11 service mrhtary servrc IIISI LORETTA I METZNER Commercial LO that smxlel Etrquette Club secretary Glee Club IayVee hockey arnbrtron marnage plans to start nqht out ln the busmess world next year IOHN A MIGNOGNA Vocahonal IOHNNY crooner of the electrlc shop best known for sleeplnq ln classes swell dancer and a shelk wrth the qtrls hopes to smq over the ether waves w1th a name band ROBERT B MILLER IR Enqxneermg BOB Varsxty baseball Baseball Camera cmd Radxo and Code Clubs avoids teachers burlds model planes desrqns them too cums for Drexel . 6 , . . . . . ., H e . "AL" . . ' . . . . .. . . :. e ' . . ' . , . e ' . . ' . ,. ., . . . . . Q . u . . . . , , . . , . . . C11l'lSflllaS Spirit Slunes ln A Night of Gifts . . WILLIAM D MILLER IR Engineering BILL varsrty letter rn swrmmrng bass m A Cap pella Chorr and Glee Club on Student Councrl 1n tumor year Yearbook b st known for that blue Ja lopy grrls lrke h1s curls plans for college next year YVONNE MILLER Commercial VONNI IayVee basketball Intemos Glee Club mormng announcement s rvrce collects news artrcles about A H S has that travel urge those corny Jokes future secretary wants to marry CARABELLE MITCHELL General CAL irrendly smrle Dramatrc and Sewmg Clubs best known for long Img rnarls drsappornted to frnd basrc scrence was more physrcs than brrds and bees mam rnterest Stanley plans rnarrrage after gradu anon THOMAS W MONTAGUE IR General TOM cars and women are h1s fancy the vacu urn cl aner of the Journalrsm clrque sal rng and travelmg h1t the spot G I next then rnto real estate MARGARET ANN MOORE Commercral PEGGY trny and cute I Student Councxl dependable A Cappella co edrtor oi ABINGTON AN STABAT MATER PINAFORE ERMINIE Non We kend at the Waldorf for sellmg War Bonds Elrzabetharrs Yearbook Edrtor al Board CSPA and Drexel Conventrons chatrman of ABINGTONIAN THOMAS E MORROW Scxenhfic TINY TIM swrms lrke a frsh rn 40 220 relay etc Glee Club A Cappella Chorr varsrty swlmmer for thre years daw gone ambxtron top lack Medrcos 220 record V5 next year EDWARD C MULLEY Vocahonal MONK quret relrable autoshopper works won ders wrth arlmg motors attended Pleasantvrlle Hrgh School for a month lrkes all sports especrally base- ba model arrplane hobbyrst M ALLISON MUMFORD Screnhhc ALLIE Former Cheltoman Yearbook math whrz works 1n Dewees attractrve brunette wrth peppy smrle Needlework Club loves dancmg alms to be doctors secretary ALICE E MUNROE General DORA usually found wtth Wrlma and Gwen always talkmg was member of Leathercraft and Kmt trng Clubs lrkes 1ce skatrng and red Burcks wants to work rn Oregon ELLEN B MUSSINA General PAT always laughrng and Jokmg Sports and Etrguette Clubs F E ty has trouble wrth that front forelock w1ll tram for nursmg career NANCY E NAGEL General NANCE known for red specs Student Councrl rn sophomore year IayVee swrmmrng team lrkes parntrng and Senror G1rl Scoutrng wants to be an arr lrne hostess plans for college MARVIN Y NEELY General l MARV ERMINIE and H M S PINAFORE roles Elrzabethan and Photography Clubs played clarmet rn band wants to own a sportrng goods concern Next y ar? Uncle Sam actrve 1n Elrzabethans A Cappella chorr I I X 1- ve la! ' I 0 o 4 5 4 . 9 w Q X LI .t T., .. . . . . . . , , ' e ' . . . Q .,.. . . I . w ' lr ll ' I ' v - e A ' ' ..l.F.E... 'l- I V I n Q a . ' I 7 H G t. . ' ' F dance. 1 - - . , . - ' ' 9 ' H f. ' I ' .. - . , . . , . . - u n l I I ll . . ' ' . . , ll H . I I I ' . . I. . . pist . . ' l e . . ' ' ' I 'Cupid Rampant' at the AIJingtonian's First Caper A' 9 IANE C. NIGHTLINGER Commercial "IANIE" . . attended dress designing and hairdressing conventions . . Etiquette, Drama, cmd Needlework Clubs . . interested in interior decorating and fashions . . plans to be som bodys stenog IACQUELINE G OCONNOR General IACKIE peppy l1ttle cheerleader coached 1U ERMINIE chorus of STABAT MATER sentor play Modern Dancmg and Alumn1mServ1ce Clubs am b1t1on to become som ones lovlng br1de bu frst fme arts school WILLIAM G OLIVER Enqmeermg WILLY Student Councxl Photography Huntmg and FISIIIHQ and Radxo Clubs future Lehlgh Umversrty electrtcal engmeer noted for red t1 s and crazy puns ORACLE Yearbook baseball manager VALENTINO P ORTOLANI Vocauonal VAL electrlclan everybodys frlend he mlght str1k you as qulet but dont let that studlous PTGSSIOH fool you hobby electrrcal contraphons anythmg m a skurt calls for a Wow next year th1s or that IEANETTE A PARSONS Commercral Lrkes good records I F E ty t ABINGTONIAN D1str1but1on Club favorzte expresston Ill be home early expert at avo1d1ng dtsh washmg has nurs mg amb1t1ons IANET E PATTON General PAT Kmttmg and Ettguette Clubs hobby col lectmg ptctures of places v1s1ted amb1t1on secretary qu1 t good h1story student G BEATRICE PENDLETON Commercral BEA talkatxve and full of fun ABINGTONIAN and Leathercraft Clubs clever at the keyboard Iupers always forgettmg her specs Job huntmg comes next SALLY E PHY General CARROT TOP where d1d she get those beautrful locks? varstty hockey letter Home Nursmg Club presrdent made three afghans for the Red Cross STABAT MATER chalk up another future nurse IOHN I PIERSON Vocatxonal IOHNNY machrmst wtth the well known happy go lucky personahty played layV e football IH sopho more and tumor years Romeo vvzth the g1rls favortte QXPIGSSIOH Ch er up fellow plans t travel next year WILLIAM I PIETCHKE Screnhfxc PEACHES sptrlt of Ghost eleven lanky always talkmg center Baseball and Football Clubs Student Counctl varsxty two tron swmger ambluon htstorz and phystcal ea t ach r coll ge neyt year E LOIS PINKETT Commercral Ltttle glrl of OLIICG ersonnel member of Home Nursmg Club ABINGTONIAN mterested ln mtlhnery must hop to b com slnger known for too many rmgs favonte exrresston Ch brother' olleg ah ad MAR'E R PITASSI Commercral que l1 t e hrunet S udent Councll ln tumor V ar S tn, lul' member xnterested ln learmng to dr1ve GlNGyS wtth C-:arty lntends to work after graduatlon t t e . - e . . t I . . . . , ' ' . . 'e e , ex- . . , . . . . . P15 . . . 9 , . . O I . Q I 'I I I . I I V I " ' e e . e . . . one .' 5: . . ' I . 'C . . ,eg 5 ' e ' . . ' . . c e .e . " 'E 1' t -r 1. ., - - - - B-A . . ' . t, S te . . t f --.f N " ' ' - A e , . e.. C . , ' N Y ' ' . M WILMA PLESSNER Commercral WILLIE lennrs and Sewing Clubs remember her in bookkeepmg class? known for maroon and white slacks pals wrth Gwen friendly Cl1SpOS1I1OI'1 neat dresser Iumpmg Christmas amb1t1on to V1S1I Florrda GWEN H PORTER General BUTCI-I well lrked mischievous belonged to S wing and Tennis Clubs likes motorcycles and roller skating plans to own a motorcycle someday ways wrth Wilma will work next year E ROBERT POWERS Screnhhc ROB IayVee trackrnan S IGHCG Club Current Events Club president STABAT MATER interested in automobiles especially Fords tavorrte express1on Wanna bet? arms for college and mechanrcal engin eerlng L IOYCE PRENTZEL General OY friendly and talkatlve her accompllshment of the year a drivers lrcense Dramat1c Club hopes to be somebodys secr tary college here she comes LOUIS C RAUSCHER Engrneenng LOU tall and handsome Student Councrl in Junior year Yearbook baseball manager hobby gun ning favorite expression I-low bout that? am bition engineer next year U of P ROBERT V RENNER General SCOOP varsity and IayVee bas ball manager hates foul balls QUEENS CHRISTMAS PURE AS TI-IE DRIVEN SNOW I Dramatic Club l1kes pamtrng and sports soda Jerk at Oswalds college HGXI State of the Union Dlllcs Relgns at Mock Congress MARILYN W POND Classical PUDDLES two years IH Westfield Mass high school ORACLE Latin Club v1ol1n in orchestra interested in hors back rrdrng muslc chemrstry and sports ambrtron food chem1st University of Penn sylvanra next year Vtfhat a life' RICHARD I PORTER General DICK secretary of Radio Code and Current Events Clubs roller skating artist plans :future with Uncle Sam MARY I PRENDERGAST Classxcal three t1mes presrclent of Latin Club in sophomore year interests badminton and that man amb1t1on marriag always talking in Englrsh class next year work GORDON K PROSSER Vocational GORDIE machine shopper with the flashy shirts and corny Jokes Student Councll favorite greetmg How s your liver? next year Wisconsin bound where a man s a man and no holds barred ROGER E REINHARDT General ROG serious and studrous made Honor Roll in 1un1or year F Photography and Art Clubs how he likes to swrng that paint brush plans a vacatron ln Connectlcut and Florida then on to art school DORIS E REWALT General DOTTIE always singing or playing on organ H M S PINAFORE Ehzabethans Handywork Club spends her spare time at art and music hopes to play church organ amb1t1on marriage I I 5 . . , . . 'U' - Ai' 9 ' . . . . al- "lANIE" . . friendly and always smiling . . Honor Roll f ' . . I. . E. . . . . . F. E. . . ' . . ' Student Day Sees B111 Armstrong Boss for a Day FREDERICK W RIDER GGDSNI UNCLE FREDDIE chemrstry and math brarn tended Westfreld Hrgh School rn Massachusetts for three years wants to be chemrcal engmeer always says Holy Cow mam 1nterest horses Drexel next year EDWIN F ROBERTS General popular and good lookrng Student Councll and class treasurer m sophomore year varsrty soccer prrest 1n ROMAN WEDDING PINAFORE Cappella Chorr Yearbook has a way wrth women college next future vetermarran WALTER T ROBINSON IR Enqmeermg ROBBIF WALT Honor Ro l Yearbook Geutmg program Dramatrc and Pmg Pong Clubs A Capp lla Chorr best known for hrs plumpness wants to be doctor or surgeon Temple UIlIVGTS1lY Pre Med next year then medrcal school ELEANOR C RUPERTUS General CONNIE tall blond and Wrllowy llkes tennrs and swlmmmg plans for nursrng known for her corny yokes favorrte expressron Best you wrse up HARRY H SALISBURY General HARRY fr1endly IayVee Soccer Current Events and Etrquette Clubs lrkes to dance foremost am bztron to be a business engrneer whom does he call sugar? courteous glrls l1ke hrs blue eyes ways helpful and wxllmg college next DONALD W SAVORY Enqxneering DON says l1ttle and IS very smcere powerful ence Club ambrtron to become a mechanrcal engm eer next college EUNICE C SCHAFFER General EUNICE Grrls Sports Club Needlework Club keeps scrapbooks loves to dance shell be Inak mg dresses 1n the near future good penmanshlp FREDERICK I SCHMIDT General FRED Chess Club w1ll lose a good player llkes to bowl frsh and hunt plans to work 1n OIIICS or plant nursery the servrce clatms another man Good luck WALTER S SCHYMIK Engmeenng WALT Honor Roll frequently v1cepres1dent of Stamp Club had berth on math team rnterested 1n sports Yearbook ORACLE staff Cornell next future mechamcal engmeer IUNE SCOTT Commercial SCOTTY Abmgton s boogie Woog1e queen makes typewrrter talk assembly pranrst and organrst sophomore class se retary Honor Roll cheerleader lnternos ambrtxon secretary and rnusxcran interest next y ars plans uncertarn MARILYN I SELL Cognrnefqql IANIE Oh those dxmplesl Dramatrc and Modern Dancmg Clubs peppy cheerleader for three years loves to dance and eat mam mterest 1S Bllll mod els for Grmbels deslres to go to modelmg school favorrte expresslons ternf' Jeepers' DAVID W SHALLCROSS Gene,-ql DAVE flammg red harr and mustache always cheerful and usually forgets something Greet HIQS future animal breeder mterested m electrrcrty plans to attend farm school t I K . V' F H ' " ' ' . . ut- l ll . I rl 1 I . . "ED" . . . - ' - - ' Q I n - I " T.. ..on e . . ll ll . 1 - 1 - - , , . . 1 ' I 1 1 ll ' ' I ll . . , . ' '. . . . . ' ' ' . . al- rl ll ' 1 n 1 varsity Wrestler . . golf team . . neat dresser . . Sci- . . , . ll rl. - I I . , . . . ll ll I I . . ll rl . 1 . I 1 . I ' ' . . ,- -Ed. . . e ' ' . . . , . . . I . . H "'..l.F.E... ' Dramatic Club A Midsummer N rght s Dream MILDRED R SHANNON Commercial Sl-IORTY lzvely and talkatrve Knrttmg Club vrce presldent of ABINGTONIAN Dtstrrbutron Club playmg cards sewtng and cookmg are spare tame actlv 1l19S secretary Car er next year greets you Wllh Hlya Kld IAMES W SHEAI-'PER VOCCIUOTICII M machlmst vars1ty baseball for three years southpaw prtcher who starred rn 46 champronshrp classy bowler Yearbook staff l1kes grrls and sports hopes for baseball future n xt Just n other gob LOIS SHETLER General LOIE happy go lucky talkahve A Cappella Chozr PINAFORE STABAT MATER Elrzabethan Srngers Dramatrc and Photography Clubs l1kes to collect perfume wants to be mus1c supervrsor plans tor coll ge next EDGAR SHIELDS General PINOCCHIC oh what a beaunful nose' Soph presrdent Stud nt Councn IayV e basketball pres1dent of Ettguette Club Gene Krukalrke drummer plans to become a mrlhonarre CLAIRE W SHOEMAKER General CANDY came to us from Germantown Frrends headed receptron commrtt e there collects horse models as a hobby plans college next year ambrtron housewlfe ANNABELLE SIFT Commercral Emoted 1n Dramatrc Club ex rcrsed wtth Prng Pong Club l1kes to Wflf letters and to travel anybody Want a good secretary? moe personalrty IEAN ABINGTONIAN Alumn11nServ1ce Club she wrrtes letters too two years 1n college then come what may BARBARA I SMITH General BARB darn good cook' F ROMAN WEDDING Dramatrc and Photography Clubs STABAT MATER Glee Club collects pm up grrls oh' those swell parnes' w1ll make a super d1et1t1an Drexel next ROBERT F SMITH General SMITTY typrcal Amerrcan boy vars1ty letters 1n football wrestlmg and baseball member of Sports Club does he lrke sports' cute freckled face pla1d shuts IACQUELINE M SMYTI-TE Classrcal Ll' CKIE v1vac1ous strawberry blonde cheerleader vrce pres1dent of Internos Student Councrl Honor Ro sen1or play PINAPORE and STABAT MATER ABINGTONIAN Dramatrc Club Yearbook coll ge next MARY IANE SNEAD General M bangs galore attended Stuart Hall Where she was on Student Councrl and Honor Roll hockey tenms baseball and soccer trend Dramatrc Club publrcatrons plans for tumor college plus a man M ESTELLE SOMMERS General ESTELLE cute trrck' secretary of French Club trtle role n eruor play I V basketball Dramat1c and Varrety Clubs cheerleader for three years sang rn Gl e Club and A Cappella Chorr mam mterests danctng pamttng and my man l lnternos college next rl f ' -6 0 0 D 9 W l L- "H " .. ' . ll ,. il ' 2,' a- RUTH R. SKEATH General ll.. ' V .. Q t mi 5' . .. N I I .- t A 1' 1 J: The Inevitable Hour May 20 Brings Novel Projects 'S 1:12 RAYMOND A STAHL Engmeenng RAY Abrngton s ttcket taker Racho Club man ages motton ptcture protector brtt n by radlo bug hooes o be radto engmeer ERNEST STANGER Vocuhonal BUGS mtdget of the machme shop a mere 6 312 IayVee soccer htgh Jump r on track team not rmpervtous to the wtles of the opposlte sex m bxtlon lust class machlmst or toolmaker CHARLES G STEIN Vocatxonal CHARLIE electrxcxan wxth the b1g smtle loves a good ttme mt rested tn gas model axrplane engmes gtrls as a sldelrne good bowler desrres a new car plans for th lutur undecxcled ROBERT S STITELER Engmeennq BOB motorcycle ftend gre ts you w1th Howdy bub Radto and Code Club hopes to be aero nautxcal or automotlve engmeer motors mam 1n terest college next fall IOHN W STOERRLE Vocahonal IOHN lzk able fellow w1th a cute grm mam ob 1ect of class Jokes excellent machrmst best known tor gettrng tn and out of trouble fmds grrls 1rres1st1ble mce htmself future plans uncertarn JAMES B STOKES Enqmeennq IIMMY a gay young fellow Student Councrl ABINGTONIAN track manager vars1ty football team ORACLE Yearbook gtrls hke hrs blond crew cut plans for college next year hopes to be agr1cultural eng1neer CATHERINE M STRACHAN Classxcal CATHIE one of Latm Clan ABINGTONIAN I F E manager drum ma1orette Dramatxc Club STABAT MATER and PINAFORE choruses sentor play lrkes to dance play golf and wear clothes varsrty letter tn tenms quote Oh splt THELMA STREET Classxcul Enloys dancxng and horseback rldlnq A Cappella Cho1r STABAT MATER Dramattc Club wants to travel tn Europe plans for colleg C IEANNE SUTTON Classical HYGIENE future Chop1n ERMINIE PINA FORE STABAT MATER A Cappella Cho1r comoanled for Glee Club Ellzabethans Needle work Club pet expresston Honest to Iohn wants to b MIHISTGT of Musrc Westmrnster Cho1r Coll ge next IOSEPH A TADDEI Vocational BIG IOE three years of varsrty baseball fsuburban Champtons rn 467 strong football guard best known for h1s 225 lbs of man hkes grrls and sports hopes to attend West Chester WILLIAM A THORPE General Playboy Tl-IORPE IayVee football tam clean cut hulk of mascuhnrty mam mterests flymg and campmg plans to be archttectural draftsman may enter SEYVICG next year IUNE N THURBER Commercml Frlendly blonde from Ambler l-hgh secretary of Student Counctl there basketball Tenms Club hobbtes drxvxng dancmg lnterest-dtrferent types of people wants to b secretary work next - 1 6 ' 9 ' ' 1 , . . ,. ., . . ,fn .. , ..a - .. e e ' . .. .. e , .. e .. - .. , , .. ' .. e. n rr . Y - .. .- .. ' 1 .. .. ..ac- 9 .. , . 9 V Y , . . " I nf Al ' 4 , .. e .. - - , .. .. e ,. Student Body Fl'01lC NAOLA B TOLER General BAM proud of her Southern draw' PURE AS Tl-IE DRIVEN SNOW Latm Club pageant ERMINIE H M S PINAFORE Etxguette and Dramatrc Clubs STABAT MATER A Cappella Cho1r mterests dancmg and travelmg colleg then teach1ng ALFRED P TRESCOTT Classical FRED w1tty ABINGTONIAN spoke at C S P A Conference Temple Conference Scholastlc Magazme Broadcast STABAT MATER Ehzabethans sen1or play tenor sax rn orchestra and band coll cts yazz records Yearbook Edrtorzal Board FRED TRIMBLE Vocauonal WIMPY handsome sophomore and 1946 semor A A Representatlve Student Counczl IayVee and varsrty football shy but stubborn hkes mechamcs and boats plans to Jom Navy REGINA TROUT Commercxal IEANIE Alumn11nServ1ce and Sewlng Clubs real homebody 1n her element sewmg or crochetmg loves to skate watch out for that fhvver of hers arms to get a Job ANNE E TURNER General Interested m commercral art secretary of Art Club Sewmg Club and Glee Club A Cappella Cholr that strarght golden ha1r rntends to go to art school or work next year KATHERINE E TYSON Sclenhfic KATIE pleasant Leather Craft Etxquette and Alumn11nServ1ce Clubs horseback Tldlnq her hobby Golly X ray techmclan next CARYI. I. ULMER General Internos cheerleader hockey and basket ball star ERMINIE and PINAFORE Oh gee she says that blond harr and that lnnocent look Ursmus College next MARINO I VAGNONI General CAESAR r TONY fn ndly member ot the Huntmg and Fxshlng Club hkes to shoot pool and read books wants to be a wrlter favorrte ex DFSSSIOH The Bluebrrd of Happtness plans for Army or Navy FRANK E VAUGHN Enqmeermg DUTCH CIVIC semor class presrd football squad too women loves to Athtude Award IWICG lumor and powerful varsrty wrestler Honor Roll Im through wxth sleep college comes next HELEN VAUTIER Commercmt ABINGTONIAN member of Knlttmg Club great httle talker wants to b a secretary hopes to get a Job next year MARTHA I VINCENT Commercral VINNIE Honor Roll ABINGTONIAN Internos Yearbook Glee Club plans to try for secretarxal Jo best known for wltty Jokes and tryzng not to knock down pedestrxans 1n dear old Matrlda FRANK S VIRNELSON General BUD top golfer on team secretary of Current Sc1ence Club never seen w1thout a necktle Holy crow' women haters club of Oreland coll ge ambrtron bakery busmess s at Senior Sprung Dance . i Q o 5 Q 9 U' ' n , , " .. ..I.F.E... . . works on a dairy farm . . wants to travel . . shorty "C U" . . . . . . - " " o " " . . 'e . . ' ' ent . . ' . . ' b . . ' ' ti 1- -.L Seniors Waiting at the Church Hear Baccalaureate INGE M VOGEL Commercxal INKY belonged to AlummmServ1ce Club pleas 1ng personallty hobby musxc wants to be a secre- tary IOAN D VON HOHEN Commercial Shy but good natured and fnendly Student Councrl as Jumor on sophomore Honor Roll Sewmg and A1um'u1nServ1ce clubs dependable asslstant 111. lr brary lxkes musrc ambxtlon secretary FRED I WAGNER Sclenhiic FREDDIE classy soccer player that blond han' Student Councrl two years Honor Roll always has a smxle tooted sax m band and orchestra hkes campmg outdoors will enter Penn amb1t1on mecllcal research ANNE A WAHI. General REN came to us after three years at State College l-hgh School what beautlful long tresses and big brown eyes semor play A Cappella Choxr 'Elxzabethans Chrxstmas Choxr the way she whlrls around corners 1n that car of hers' THOMAS D WALSH Vocahonal TOM a good all around mach1n1st mce fllow wlth an easy gomg attltude enloys a good lauqh Honor Roll student 1n sophomore year lavorxte sport golf ambltlon work and more work ANNE R WARR General MINNIE Student Councrl for two years makes almost all her own clothes A Cappella Chou' alto chorus of ERMINIE plans for college famous for saymg More darn fun' HERBERT M WASHINGTON General HERBY httle man w1th a blg tuba Student Coun c1l Orche tra Band and Glee Club wants to be a band leader collects post cards college 1n the fall RICHARD S WASSMANN General DICK short blond energy plus track manager ln tumor year Sclence Club future drug mrxer wants to take post grad work then head for college DONALD L WATTON General IUST PLAIN DON lmeman on football team Foot ball and Baseball Clubs wrestles sleepmg 1n P O D class another Orelandxte gals thml: h1m cute ah that wavy halr and bu1ld ormthology Face me out coach college next ELIZABETH I WEIR General BETTY mam lnterest mustc A Cappella and Ehzabethan smger alto m ERMINIE and H M S PINAFORE lettered cheerleader best known for Bzg Laugh and that mnocent look career m muslc RITA A WELSH Commercial RITY quxet and oh so shy' Etrquette and Sew mg Clubs typlst for ABINGTONIAN llkes 1ce skat mg and SGWIHQ yearns to take a long trxp work comes next BARBARA E WENTZ Commercial WENTZIE what a tmy vorce member of the Eti quette and Lrbrary Clubs yes but her ambrtlon to be a good secretary '4 Q 5 Q a , 5' X lv' . . , ' :- I 0 I I ' ' . . , . . , t 8 I All Eyes Are Focused Beyond the Horizon S EDUVARD WETHERALD Enqmeenng CURLY noted for curly harr managed champxon shrp swrmmmg team of 45 automobrles and horses tak h1s trme future datry farmer farm school soon THOMAS I WETMORE Scxenhiic TOM crazy about horses Leathercraft and Cam era Clubs collects model horses plans to work on farm then enlrst wrll enter agrrcultural school and become a horse br eder IOHN WHITE Commercxal lOl-INNY full of pep and humor banged cymbals for three years rn band Debate and ABINGTONIAN Clubs looks forward to wrxtmg career headed for colleg JOSEPH E WHITE Vocahonal WHITEY varsrty wrestler Tumblmg Club Boys Etrquette Club hes a utterbug too llkeS to go horseback rrdmg would lrke to own strrng of race horses RUTH A WHITE General HUDS cam to us from Frrends Select personalrty p us best known for cute smlle snappy dresser elected Sweetheart of A H S loves k1ddl9S comes up to see us every day from Germantown Ah' that s me nurs1ng school here she comes IRMA M WIELAND General BUNNY qutet and dependable loyal typrst for ABINGTONIAN D1str1but1on and Knlttmq Clubs You thmk so huh wtll contmue sec retarral work FRANNY everybodys pal secretary of sophomore class manager of hockey squad played alto horn rn band and orchestra asslstant edltor of Yearbook presrdent of lnternos senror play those Jok sl Dramatrc Etlquette and Modern Dance Clubs wants to go 1nto adverttsmg TRAINOR WILSON IR Vocatxonal PANSY heres the proud gent who owns that sleek green Dodge strong sllent type strrctly a one- grrl man smart auto mechamc future butcher favor1te expresslon Check WALTER H WRIGHT Vocatxonal WALLY good natured whrzz at huntmg and frsh mg Cfor grrls tool electrlc shopper on Yearbook susceptrble to pettrcoat fever app ars headed for Mer chant Mann next year FRANK P YOUNG General IET had charge of Englrsh stockroorn always remembered by hrs speed m trav hrg through halls PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW Art Club lrkes to travel and wrrte of hrs experrences art school or Merchant Marmes rs h1s next stop IOHN B YOUNG General IOCKO happy go lucky varsrty football manager 1n 1un1or and semor years Chess and Stamp Clubs lrkes grrls and cars plans college then an archrtec tural career WILLIAM ZAKOWICZ IR S5191-miie ZAK pushes the clouds at 6 l pal to any automoblle motor lrkes chemistry Radto Huntmq and Frshmg Clubs vague on homework asslgnments wants to Jotn Army 'v 6 0 9 C I I W X . . I lr I - l4B . l v I. F. E. . . ' ' ' ' ' FRANCES E. WILKINS Scientific . . I. F. E. . . . . . gl 4 5 - as Class reaches 'Iourney's Einar, June 15, 1947 its Je A52 IOSEPH E. TAYLOR Gelleldl "IOE" . . four years in Navy . . 30 months in Pacific 'area . . Radioman first class . . spent six months at Ben- jamin Franklin . . known for his art work . . now en- rolled in Pre-Med at La Salle College. IAMES KERRIGAN Vocational "HM" . . Machine Shop Club . . played IayVee football . . in Navy for three years . . twenty months in Pacific. WILLIAM IOHN REID Vocational "IOHNNY" . . enlisted in U. S. Navy in '42 . . served as radioman second class . . attended Ben Franklin six months . . radio "ham"-call WSKMI . . known for that blonde curly hair. GEORGE P. ECKERT General "HENRY" . . best known for cockeyed grin . . IayVee baseball . . fine Navy record . . Panama to Iapan, Phil- ippines to Mexico . . authorized to wear five ribbons . . on board U. S. S. OLMSTEAD, which traveled 37,300 miles . . now at La Salle. I. NELSON FORKER General Cute . . varsity basketball for two years . . member of Golf Club . . attended Navy Signal School for 16 weeks . . active duty at Pearl Harbor, Cuba, Panama Canal . . Signalman Zfc. HAROLD W. BOWDITCH General Member of Radio Club . . Cpl. in A. A. F. . . trained as bombsight and auto pilot mechanic . . served with 344 Light Bombardment Group in Munich, Germany. FRANK HOMSHER General Member of swimming team . . performed acrobatic stunts with Robey in assembly . . traveled with Navy to Trini- dad . . attended Norfolk Post Office School . . now Mail- man Zfc at Norfolk. ALBERT WEINLE Vocational "AL" . . one of the Woodshop boys . . likes airplanes and photography . . flight officer in Army Air Force . . served three years . . single-engine fighter pilot. IAMES R. BURNS Vocational "BOB" . . friendly . . attended Pennsylvania Military Col- lege for six months . . Lincoln Prep . . headed for college . . served with ll90th Engineers in the Pacific. TERRILL D. KERNS General Entered U. S. service May, 1942, after flying two years for Canada . . trained as naval aviator at Corpus Christi, Ft. Worth, Iacksonville . . flight instructor . . then in 'Naval Air Transport Service in Pacific . . held Lieutenant's commission . . now pilot with Trans World Airlines, operating from Cairo, Egypt to Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. EARL WILLIAMS General "NEWT" . . attended Newton l-I. S. and Temple H. S. . . three years in Navy . . ten months' duty aboard mine- sweeper, U. S. S. TIERCE . . parachute riggers' service school at Lakehurst, N. 1. . . Parachute Rigger Sfc. Taylor, Kerriqan, Reid. Eckert, Forker. Bowditch. Homsher. Weinle They Knew What They Wanted For nearly sixty years, students trained by Abington have gone out to serve their community and their coun- try. Now that the second World War has ended, those who answered America's call before completing their courses have finished their high school education in other high schools or earned the needed credits through the U S A F l program. Abington is awarding general diplomas in the Class of '47 to those whose records appear on this page and to the following, whose names were added too late for the staff to get complete information: Allen Boutcher. Ir. Joseph Paul Karensky Eugene William Canell Herbert L. Schultze lf. ,,,,-1 ill ji! B! lf Manze and Gooich Lunch bunch Kathy. Barb, and Ioan Loafmg as usual Brawny Vaughn 'Let Us C Charlotte and Iohnny slar as Mr Kruegers Commerclal Vlaich out, Bob Romeo and Iulret Gleesome threesome Bxll Bob, and Ed pose Merle and lean You show 'em, Iackxe Wrestlmg Reds Brown Girls Marqre G Fran Sallre. Pat, and Popsxcles Head Hllsee Our man Leeds Ed and lack play pxqgy back Gay' "'?Tf11 Y ' jffffw K 6 'W' U f X ' v Y' gf in I 1 W 5 ! , . I : I ' i 1 1 ... K a I . . N , Il! " , 2 f y k g . A' li 'M fx i- ,. W I ' I 'lf' . 4 ,Q A ' I I ff f " Z! x f QQ IFAILIL I AUFIIVIITVIIIES XX gfofg ight., 335,51 NZ? fx JSM "f 5 1, 1 . Qi' 1 ' . X Z0 'mf 1577 ' W 17 . , - - f 1 ' 'ffl' Y - 5154, I lf! - .uf K 11:1 - . if M551 X 'Q fx' fy X 22, Wri. . 1 '- f Q 9 ,' I l f f I i , 41 x, K x f f 0 X J fy 1 Q f N N - X X S E .,., V. lbvl V l"' X -n. gt I "S1TII32llItME IU I3 t IHIE BAN D" Act I Cavalcacte ot Sports Act H Winter Carnival Act HI Climax - Commencement STANDING IN FRONT CHEERLEADERS th M S N H h 'Y cf ymxx 3 ,rv In 1 i BAND TOP Row Harrrs Cason Washmgton Mecca Evoy Bocher t5J Faye Wrllrams Cooper 'Turner C Clark Chrlst Kay Kellef C65 Damels Bean Gayley OBr1en Reeb Gre r Bartholf Ball Mathews H Sohns Pepper Casse Rohrbach Kohler BOTTOM Emery Ashman Kalen Yearsley Bauer Van Bus Durfe lark D Coop r Edwards Burton 'Wassrnan Whlte B Clark Zenzer Martrn Hrrsch Baldwm C Sohns Smrth Pluscht Leopold Hansen Strachan Drrector Smrth Yost Mrller Aarons Scnmrdt Pratt 'Turn Cox Klrne Her ald Schwartz Make Mme Mus1c New rnuslc and new act1v1t1es htghllghted the band program ll'11S year A f1ne marchrng band of 65 pleces prov1ded color at football games home and away ln a new maneuver the rnstrurnentahsts dropped colored confettr wh1le 1n forrnatlon leavrng a colorful A H S to remarn on the held long after the band had left Leader Leonard B Sm1th brought somethlng drrferent 1nto the h1gh school n JSIC when he rntroduced several Jazz numbers 1nto the mus1c1ans repertorre Needless to say, these were accepted wrth great enthuslasm by the student body A larger brass chorr made the Journey to all the townshrp schools at Chnstrnas trme, addrng cheer to the festrve season At the request of the Com rnandant of Wlllow Grove Naval A1r Statron, the band entertarned several thousand persons at the stat1on's annual celebratron In each of 1ts act1v1t1es, the band enhanced the reputatron of the school 41 f - r gzrii, :ta 1.4 ri'-iz M1-W -f rt .. ' -ff-My ,W r- ... ,.,.'5"' 'Awww .--f .M an umm av-1 an v' ' - ' Y V C223 -W 'K S , W., Q , . W- fi-nl 1 1,-',' ...Q ui 1- I Wynn 'wr , -- - .T - Q. ,K . -4' to c ' M QA ,- ' , 'sfo , N . 55 I ' I 1 A I r I r I , I I ' I I . , . Q , , f . f V. , C23 1 . . ' ' I V I 1 1 - I I I I ' 9 ' , . e, , , . , C31 . , , , , , . , ' , , , . 141 , U , - , , , , - , - , 6 0 0 9 1 . . 4- ' 1 . . . . H ,, . . , . . . M . . . . . . , . L 1 Opening night on the football scene found the Ghosts, play- ing under the arcs for the first time in the history of the school, white-washing Mastbaum, 30-U. After this opening success, the grid- ders, coached by Glenn Snodgrass succeeding Ed Seltzer, finished out their season with four more wins, a tie with Haverford, and losses by close scores to Lower Merion and Chester. In the suburban Big Six, the Maroonmen inaugurated their campaign with a 6-6 tussle with the Fords. Then after a I3-7 non- league setback at the hands of Chester, the injury-riddled Ghosts suffered a heart-breaking 7-O defeat by Lower Merion. Though statistically outplayed, the Aces scored early on a blocked kick and defended that seven-point lead despite repeated thrusts by Abington inside the Lower Merion ten-yard line. With their in- jured players back in fold, the Maroons breezed through their re- maining four contests, downing Bristol, Norristown, and Radnor with little difficulty. Aided by a brilliant second half defense, the Ghosts trounced previously unbeaten Upper Darby. PIGSKI FOOTBALL VARSITY LINE A Henry, Stein, Gaines, Pietchke, Garvin, Watton, Brown. BACKFlELDfSmith, Triplett, Cun- ningham, Bitman Cover balll. FOOTBALL SECOND TEAM LINE-Manzinger, Pickett, Wil- son, Noonan, Vaughn, Aitken, Brodhag. BACKS-I. Maitland, Lischy, Kin- ky, Karbach Cover balll. VARSITY SQUAD STANDING: West, Stokes, Kar- bach, Lower, Vaughn, Steltzer, Neavil, Wilson, Kinky, I. Stahl, Gee, Montague, MacGregor, Clo- ver, Bell, Ambruster, Mueller, Whittinqham, Coach Snodgrass. KNEELING: Aitken, Pickett, Man- zinger, Triplett, Lischy, Noonan, I. Maitland, Bitman, Smith, A. Mait- land, Cunningham, Luizzi, Wether- aid. SITTING: Brodhag, Henry, Stein, Gaines, Garvin, Pietchke, Captain Watton, Brown. PARADE RECORD A H S Opp. Mastbaurn Haverford 6 Chester l3 Lower Merion 7 Bristol O Norristown U Upper Darby U Radnor 6 HIGHLIGHTS OF SEASON Smitty heads for paydirt Lightning rounds the bend Thud! The end of the road End around Norristown This Ford will need repairs Who has the ball? Manzinqer takes him down Hedner, Gess, Burnett, Trent warm I. V. bench Slight delay You tell those Iay Vees, Coach Davison CROSS-COUNTRY RECORD 24 Lansdale 31 36 Upper Darby l9 35 Haverford 20 l9 Cheltenham 36 18 Cheltenham 37 15 Lansdale 40 4th Districts l9 Lower Merion 36 4th Marcus Hook 10th Phila. Interscholastics Dual Meet Total - 5 wins, 2 losses Note: Smallest number of points wins meet C15-40 is a shutout? AUTUMN ATI-ILETES I.. Kern, D. Kaiser, A. Bonck, L. Black, B. Rudisill, H. Benninghoff. HOCKEY Three wins, three ties, and three de- feats mark the outcome of the '46 hockey season, under the coaching of Mrs. lane Scott Triol, Beaver graduate and of the '42 Abington class. Starting out on the wrong foot with Doylestown perked up the Maroon ele- ven to hold their old traditional con- querors, Abington Friends, in a scoreless tiep then, taking a turn for the worse, the Maroons fell under the sticks of Hatboro and Ienkintown. Monday, October 23, the turning point of the season, found Abington tying the always strong Springfield team, l-l, and from then on our lassies took the victors' seat, only to share it once in a l-l game with Ambler. HOCKEY A .H.S. OPP. 1 Doylestown 2 U Abington Friends 0 U Hatboro 5 2 Ienkintown 3 1 Springfield 1 3 Norristown l l Ambler l 1 Cheltenham O 5 Upper Merion O G. Kessler, I. Martinez, W. lefferies, W. Leeds, D. Cook, R. Leavesley. CROSS COUNTRY Varsity B, Leeds B. Iefferis I. Martinez G. Kessler D. Kaiser L. Black H. Benninghoff B. Budisill B. Sutton B. Leavesley L. Kerns A. Bonck D. Cook Richard Wassman, Manager Charles E. Pawling, Coach I SOCCER Eddie O'Hara played the leading role in the ten-week performance of the soccer team, directed by P. T. Gantt. Of the sixteen engagements held, the hooters gained one tie and five decisions. The main feature was a l-O vic- tory over Haverford. O'Hara, besides being renominated for All-Suburban h o n o r S, was chosen to play for the Phila- delphia All-Scholastic team in a show with an All-Star corn- pany from New York. Tom Dunlap, who accompanied Eddie on the first All-League team, and Tony lackson, who ' ' - ...R ' J received second team mention 1.5.5 5 from the critics, were the other two strongest characters. SOCCER STANDING Coach P. T. Gantt, Asst. Coach R. l. Rapp, Hutelmeyer, Iackson, Salisbury, Dunlap, Groshens, Duff. KNEELING---Conti, Stanger, Martin, Gernert, Guenther, Clcward, Vlagner, Smith. SlTTlNG O'Hara, Matthews, Mc- Alcnan, Carter, Green, Kuss, Roberts, Gerdinq, Wood. D .,4.. CROSS-COUNTRY A new sport, in the form of cross-country, was revived in Abington's fall sports pa- rade this year, after a lapse of five years. Bill Leeds, indefatigable Ghost harrier, stole the show as he led the Maroon team to five victories in seven dual meets, including a trouncing of a Lower Merion troupe and L two one-sided engagements with Chelten- T ham. Leeds' second places in the District and Marcus Hook performances, plus the team's fourth places in both, proved a big hit. Even though Bill was disqualified from his District place, he still was billed as one of the five best in the state. HOCKEY STANDING-Wilkins, Cook, McMeekin, Rapp, Beavers, Bietsch, Burns, lrwin, Falkenberg, Lindfors, Leatherman, Bishop, Croutharnel, Mayers, Mrs. lane Triol. KNEELING-Young, Nagel, I-lay, Harris, Burnett, Leonhard, Reiqart, Wardner, Hartzell, Seyferhelt, Hunsicker, Wiechardt. SITTING-Sutch, Hampp, Iustice, Martz, Ulmer, Bailey, Matthews, Mac- Gregor, Hunsberger. f 4 ,ffl 5 3 ,353 gf ' .fn-.f 7 v .W --of sffztff' ' ' ' A 4255, lunior Class Ofticers lZebley.Keller, Spence Speaks Cunningham, Triplett. Bubeckl I,-me Morgan. Soph Secregmy and Sponsors Uilbriqht. Clark. Swartzl Latin Club's 25th Anniversary Dance. Gym Jamboree. I n The Spotlight 46 Abington Featured on Sports Broadcast. Girls Beat Cheltenham in Hockey. Spence and His Helpers. T AUTUMN HEADLI ERS Abington lifted the curtain on its fall season with the blaring band and the peppy cheerleaders spurring the Galloping Ghcsts to football victories against their per- ennial rivals in the Suburban League. Although there were fewer pre-game pep rallies this year, the band and cheerleaders helped the students rock the rafters of the gym with the traditional music and some new cheers. The highlight of the pep rallies came when "Spence," the gym custodian, took the spotlight to air his opinions and views about football and sportsman- ship before a packed house. Another headliner in Abington's fall activities was the sports broadcast over station WFIL with Upper Darby Two of the Ghosts stars were interviewed as were two f the Royals before the surprise guest Ed Allen of the University of Pennsylvania s football team was presented Stealing the show from the boys who starred in this fall season the girls again selected the lad of their choice for the annual Latin Club Turnabout and escorted him for an evening of fun and frolic As a climax the music department presented a memorial service in memory of those Abingtonzans who fell during World War ll Assisted by the A Cappella Choir alumni prominent in the musical world returned to pay musical tribute to their honored classmates as the curtain fell on this first act Assisting by writing publicity for Abingtons l946 47 produ tion was the lunior Fourth Estate headed by Rus sell Dilks and Catherine Strachan and advised by Miss Gertrude L Turner This organization phoned late sp rts results in to the Philadelphia papers and sent news con cermng the activities of the school and township to the local papers thus informing many people of the past present and future attractions at the Old York Road School n the hill Dilks Works with I F E News Gutherers Abnngtons Iumor Fourth Estate Callmg I F E News on Way to Lo cxl Prmters A Af Sophomore Class Ottxcers and Sponsors STANDING S cnscrs l S ooaruff Mrs Powell I Furniss I st Vi c res iiiam cr Trfas a s ll Ft L Gain s A I n 1 .ire t Q I I I r 0 , ' , . . ' ' ' c . . . c ' . CX f .KZ 'iii ' D I ' If -v,j iii., J . ,. 'N T . . ' . S. 'I . I V Xl X - 4 I ,N SEATED -- Pres., L'1fayef'e 'Q XA 'f 'rfe , ---P ., Car' st, -'af tf, J ., C31 rle 'vVefger, A. ff' t'Q','t, A. ip. "lis'.':orth ' e , Seiy. ! Csgj M-A june Mc gan I ot pct' dl. 'U' W 1 if Qul 4X 1, ' lt 4' it X1 e ' fl! Boys in Assembly CLASSES, CLUBS - During the year, students, for the most part, showed a keen interest in their sub- iects. The scientific and engineering groups had to struggle with "the Gil," THE RETURN OF THE NATIVE, and trigoncmetry, to mention only a few. As usual, the generals had the privilege of choosing from the diversified subjects in the curriculum. The commercials worked harder than ever at their typing and shorthand in order to prepare for the business world: the classicals were still plugging along at their beloved Latin: and the vocationals gained practice in their chosen trade. This combination cf work and plea- sure was such a success that even the severest critics could find little fault. Sewing Club Boys' Etiquette Club 'TOMORROW THE WORLD' Through the efforts of I. lra Kreider and the Public Affairs Club, Robert Wal- lace, son of the former vice-president, came to Abington to present his views cn our relations with Russia. This was only one of the many interesting fall assembly programs, which also included a fascinating pottery demonstration, stu- dent forums, and musical features. Clubs continued to play an important part, with a variety of activities rang- ing from gymnastics to needlework to give each student the choice of his hob- by. Many of the clubs helped in as- semblies, dances, and newspaper work: but perhaps the Public Affairs Club de- serves especial credit for its diligent work in presenting forums for Abington- ians and in cooperation with other schools. Robert Wallace Discusses Russia 5 4 1' Iunior English for Engineers Biologists Use Microscope Machine Shop Spanish Class Goes to South America 49 STUDE T COUNCIL FRONT' - Smythe, D. Clark, Clements, Armstrong, Luizzi, Vaughn. Clark. SEATED-Miss H. M. Clark, Leonhard, Armstrong, Day, Smythe. With Bill Armstrong taking the lead and Miss Helen M. Clark replacing E. A. Lissfelt as director, the Student Council managed a variety ot activities, supported by the entire stu- dent body. Early in the year they enlisted membership tor the Iunior Red Cross, handled a successful subscription campaign tor the ORACLE, and unveiled Kilroy at their Witches' Whirl. At Christmas time, the Council collected the annual donations of oranqes and toys for Christ's Home. To climax their work, they sponsored the Heiter Drive, raising over SZUU to pur- chase Agathei tor hungry Europe. Presentation of Civic Attitude Awards at the conclusion of each semester rang down the curtain on Council work. Z Z-Z o i Q 27 o f o 5 wa? 4' 5 fff ef 4E2,4 X T, if fl' A r OOO 4 l' ' '. f 2. WK rf lv 7 -,. Q4 gl 'va L OFFICERS PRESIDENT William Armstrong VICE-PRESIDENT Barbara Leonhard TREASURER Frank Vaughn SECRETARY Charlotte Day EXECUTIVE BOARD STANDING--Vaughn, Clements, Luizzi, D. ,ve if V' 1" :tux ..,. 'A 'N-l 7:1 - i' ff If if MZ ? If Q WIINTIEIQ F25 AUFIIVIIFIIIES 5 x -aef X' P59 'X 70"-iii X, J' ji f ff f 7 , jj, if 3119 ,wif X! ii f fuk , pl ,- Sv W lk' ii Y , ' ff-iff' , ' f f JV X 'UMA :A -V ,f ' f":f'l,, p,'Q',f':wX 'Q '11':-. 1-72 ..::x Y . - ' If 4" umm-sill. 1:3 15:21-Y XX- " , 4 K, 'IAfQ'M Z:,3.-x .V H 3, Q w - ' ' ' 7 f N W1 Q 3 O35 4d :' a1W' S f ff 1 L- fa f' i .4v f' "Q N! 54' ff Q P I 2 R si - i':'f'f:,v,g7 I - N F5412 Li ff- Fd fdp- Hex ,. I - V '-r:'bs,'1:i, X K 'S ig ,:"' "'f,r'2f'sf- Q 1 'Wit-i13'1 4i V .fi E 51 l 13:2 J X ' su Q ' 1:7 5 Ywazcmif I . -.11 Jw- -H1 'I 1 . 1,7227 4 gh! I ,, -Kg. ring: I N ,. f Q X fa, f I f T XJ , R X 'I in W - - O I 3' -- X 'N' r, I' Y A K K k '- f ' !X'Y7I .. 7 . V i ' ' 4- ' f' g 4 f ft -0 1 4 X P 1 g J' 4 "4 .5 ' 'Q 54" ' - ' M - ff ' 2 I . W , X x, ffl 1 we ww., mi? D 4 lwn, 'D 9 3 leafy ,U 8 W 4 M W . 555 W 1. X 'V 1 x f Ni.. 'THE ICEMAN COMETH' Opinion on foreign and domestic affairs, pre- sented in student fcrums under the guidance of I. Ira Kreider and the other history teachers, aroused much thought in the minds of students. Climaxing this work came the Temple Mock Congress, at which Russell Dilks represented the Speaker of the House. His gavel controlled the activities of over 2,000 students. The ABINGTONIAN Valentine Dance, a new so- cial event, and the lunior Prom on March l4 at- tracted many students and alumni. Among all these pleasures, there were scme un- happy mornents. The Whole student body, and the boys in particular, felt deep regret when three charming young practice teachers returned to Bea- ver, and the mid-term exams provided their usual number of anxious, laborious hours. Recognition in the field of art was brought to Abington by Peggy Rcckenstein when she won a SCHOLASTIC award for costume design. The band room was the scene of much activity as Mr. Smith introduced several "boogie Woogie" numbers into the band's repertory. Under the editorship of loan Hoffman, the OR- ACLE staff worked efficiently so that each student might receive his copy by Christmas. This holiday issue, filled with interesting verse and stories, and attractive art, was awarded a first place by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Amidst all these activities, the students still found ample time to frolic in the blanket of snow which covered Abington during February. In February, too, the Student Council ccmpleted its drive for funds to send a heifer to the starving people of Greece. Led by Richard Painter, the Coun- cil collected enough to pay for a considerable por- tion of a second cow. ORACLE srnrr , ' ,J-.. SEATED-Bruson, Gordon, Whitcomb, Keenan, , Lucente, Sanders, Astle, Collinson, Leopold. F f l ' STANDING-Schymik, Editor Hoffman, Stokes, - s ' ' 5 i Prendergast. 04 ,I Q 1' f T " Forums Discuss Immigration , 0 Q' 3, 27 0 ff -In A l - - , -f , . f tj Dnks, Mumford, E. Gormley, Lmerrch, 7-1 Q 2, - X Eichert, Albrecht. Q I Z I Kaiser, Howes, Higgins, Hutelmeyer, A X I. l. Kreider, Hot-Jer, Eell. A - H j Aft, 1' yt Students Work in Library 53 6M ' I J N K A li- 47... ', A J Tl lltw x 'l U' l if l lily will i ,f Q5 1 ,gi f ff -, , X SATURDAY CAST Sommers, Darby, Fling, Trescott, Brooks, Smythe, Bocher. , Z, A lf' ,J STAGEHANDS Anne Warr, Ioe Manzinger, Iim Hop- kins, Tom Montague, Mignogna, Frank Young, Carmela Garramone, lim Burns, Art Tidwell. 'THE PLAY'S THE THING' f' I if N AL ft y , 1 G ' mai.,-'X Eff sb? ,J g,,...,f-vf"' ,f FRIDAY CAST David Cook, Terese Eckert, Ioanne McCleary, Russell Dilks, Bill Arm- strong, Leonore Evoy, Ierome Eichert, Nancy Kerslake. STANDING- Wilkins, Cook, Gard- ner, Eckert, Wahl, Nagel, Dilks, Moore, Del Savio, Buse, Turner, Em- ery, Shetler, Frietag, Eichert. SITTlNGwEvoy, Kerslake. SATURDAY CAST STANDING-Smith, Iones, Hilsee, Emerich, Kaiser, Sommers, Helfrich. Fling, Miller, Trescott, Nagel. SITTING-Moore, Buse, Emery, Stra- chan, Brooks, Smythe, Snead. lim Garvin, Iohn Seniors rushing about, faculty advisers tearing their hair, everyone hold- ing his breath-it's a bird, it's a plane: no, it's the senior play. This year's footlight fantasy, FANNY AND THE SERVANT PROBLEM, a laugh-packed comedy by Ierome K. Ierome, saw the lights December' 6 and 7, 1946. Fanny, played by Terry Eckert and Estelle Sommers, found herself in trouble when she discovered that the servants of her newly-acquired aristocratic spouse CBill Armstrong and Clem Darby? were her own relatives. Laughs followed loud and fast as she struggled to get out of her predicament. A little battle- scarred and weary, she finally extricated herself for the inevitable happy ending. Intermission music Was provided by the orchestra, directed by Leon- ard B. Smith. The amateur fcotlighters turned in many sterling and startling performances. CHRISTMAS CAROL Chr1stmas means many thrngs to Abrngton students rn add1t1on of course to the two Week vacatron It means the Chrlstrnas play presented by the rr1us1c classes It means carols 1n the halls each afternoon prov1ded vocally by the robed Ellzabethan Srngers and concerts at the Strawbrldge and Clo threr s lenkmtown store by the A Cappella Cholr both groups drrected by T Carroll OBr1en It means the brass cholr of the Abrngton hlgh school band frllmg the halls of the hrgh school Junlor hrgh schools and elementary schools wrth rnstrurnental carols ln the entrance hall at Abington stands a tree decked out 1n 1lS Chr1stmas f1nery and under 1t l1e crates of oranges and boxes of toys to be delrvered together wrth some musxcal cheer to the Chrlsts Home Warrnrnster by the brass chorr and partres of students So each year Ablngton Hlgh makes 1lS contr1but1on of good W1l1 toward men now that peace has once rnore returned to earth Christmas Curolers Sxlen! Nxqht Holy Nlghi Stnke up the Band The Orchestra Lmes Up Brass Choxr Serenades YQ 17 fl Z ,- Z Isl I X w H1 ,,,4?Q'f! Dig gf' Q Boys' Swimming Boys' Basketball S an e Ulrich, Blanc, Gee, '.'.'ri. Manager Gosnell, Kessler, Marin z Eitrran YOUCJK lcrkscrt, DCIVIS, CII' Liuzzi, leftries, Fling, Bubeck Forsyni C 'WS CW. OVBUQIL vf"'US313fSl'iY Kinky, Cunningham, Triplett Flemtn ln? lfvelhffcld- Kneelma Leave-sley, Ccach Stanis Ma Mrnn Sitrn A tc n Mcklonan, Van Cvcrasbeck, rartell, l-liqains, Morrow, Arm- r na Culver, Ash, Mac:Greacr. BOYS' SWIMMING Germantown A Central Norristown Vries? Chester George School Eddystone Pottstown Du Pont Coatesville Drs rt l Second Place WRESTLING Bryn Athyn Lansdowne Lower Merion Washington Yeadon Penn Charfer Haverford Upper Darby Cheltenham Dis ri l nampions BOYS' BASKETBALL Germantown Ac Bryn Athyn Ben Franklin Conshohocken Ambler Haverford Norristox-rn Cheltenham Lower Moreland Upper Darby Lower Merton Haverford Norristoz-fn George School Cheltenham Upper Darby Lower Merion Suburban League I--Tie fcr tl' rd zlrniiler Memorial Tournament Champi n rf:-S MERMAIDS Abington's mermaids again splashed their way to vic- tory in the Suburban Conference, thus gaining permanent possession of the conference trophy. This victory, added to those of 1937 and 1939, fulfills the requirement for permanent possession. Gaining seven victories in eight official meets, the girls romped past all but a strong Trenton High team. Sev- eral individual stars on the Abington team turned in fine rec- ords. Swimming without Iane Porter, one of the mainstays of the team, the girls took a fifth place in the lnterscholastic Meet. Iane Porter took two first places in the junior high sec- tion of this meet. GIRLS' BASKETBALL A.H.S. Opp 26 Norristown 26 19 Hatboro 21 31 Lansdale 34 23 Lower Merion 35 12 Ambler 31 28 Cheltenham 25 31 Abington Friends 19 31 Springfield 16 25 Upper Moreland 9 Four wins, four defeats, and one tie, is the history of Ab ington's 1947 basketball season, under the mentorship of Starting with a 26-26 deadlock against Norristown, the lassies tied a none-too-strong link in the chain of games that RECORD COURTMAIDS A.H.S. Opp. 51 Southern 16 45 Westtown 21 47 Bartram 16 42 Norristown 24 Cggch Igme Triol, 21 Trenton 45 40 Lower Merion 26 3915 Little Flower 26V2 37 Temple Freshmen 17 SWIMMING BACK-I. MaGregor, M. Faye, L. Hunsberger A. 1'IardY, 1. Burns, N. Nagel, I. McConnell, E. Hardy, N. Lepper, K. Shields, I. Murray, B. Ayres, D. Cook, I. Porter Knot in picturel. FRONT-I. Smith, H. MacFarland, B. Leather- man, I.. Robinson, I. Reigart, D. Sutch, D. Young, Manager Higgins, Coach H. M. Clark. BASKETBALL followed, as they fell at the courts of Hatboro, Lansdale, Low- er Merion, and Ambler. Tuesday, February ll, saw the Maroons welcome Abinq- ton Friends to their gym and chalk up their first victory, 31- 135 then they boomeranged from loser's corner to capture their remaining games with Cheltenham, Springfield, and Upper Moreland. Back-Coach I. Triol, Manager Groshens, M. Iustice, C. Ulmer, P. Pret- tyrnan, R. Weichardt, A. Matthews, M. Martz, P. Hampp, I. Riemen- schneider, E. Callahan, C. Day, V. Granieri, I. Renninger, B. Spencer, N. . ' Harris, P. Gardner, D. McMeekin, A. Riemenschneider, I. Derck, N. Bailey, Barbara Lemhefman Divmq-on You' Mark'- E' Mussing' B. Leatherman' No Goal for Abington Friends-Good Guarding. lean .- l, ...., , 1, -- ' il N f l-fl is Qi A F w z! l 0 i , 4 , , v 0 W! x t QE, 1 -' c l I 'gA,Q,f' .N I 1, .5 , A,-rf' 1 I l . X 5' J?" 1" gi-' is-.W 'WI TERSET' Abington High School offers many varied courses and subjects. Students have their choice of one of the three ac- ademic courses - Classical, Scientific, and Preparatory Engineering-featuring college preparatory subjects: the gen- eral course offers students the chance to major in music and art: the commercial course prepares the girls to star in the business office: and the vocational course enables the boys to learn a trade. Expert ccunsel service is always avail- able to guide students into the right course. The school also offers to about thirty different clubs, in nature. These clubs are sory, for the actors in this the students all differing not compul- drama may select the club of their choice voluntarily. lf some students want an entirely differ- ent club from the ones offered, the di- rectors make their best effort to provide it for them. Electric Shop Chemistry Class Senior English Art Students at Work Third-year Latin ww f 1 " 1 .ffm fri" ' K' f ' ,M Q '-2-1 Q Q , , A ?, ., . V,,,,,., ,, , Mag , ,Q 1 , ,. 6 -......, .1 , , ,r '15, SEM W 1 N 22? QA'1--A- f gi M cm. 'if' mi, N fi? 233 H Har IQ vw il' 2223.2 - H v 4. 7 pa we-. W , ,Y '1""' V V 1' fi QP: ,L f film Wiz Y 3 if N 1, 1? . 5 2: I 3 , C zz UW 3 is 2 E? I 5 4 W W ... , if H ,E j 3 'fx' if Y , A A " , 4 W i 4 MWWWPW Q M" 'V 9 , W WWA . : . wi '51 , if Jw 31' W if I ln.. 'E s V., . 1-9 v 4- 1 P A ' F 5, 9' , ,'l' H ly fl A L , 443. ""f ' 2 1 F my " L' . ' ' 2 Q . Q ,,., .QM ,.. ,IQ .3 W., . W xv Q5 ,fvfm ,tA Jr WMM 7 Y ! ? 7 X Z? Z X gf fy M X i XX 5 X! S xi ff 5 and Z XZ if xg 6 X V Xalan 3 u-fs X rif f 9 " X-sp, F i f -H slDlQlHv'3 PMETFIIVIWII IE A ff E :If I JK My , W, xx u 4 MQ QQ S y fy ff I X ' X ! ff K!! f' 'iv' "ij f , ' ff ,1 i XZXKLV ,, ' fgffkfgff 4, ff f ' 4 f + gg if Q21 5? i f L if f f A f f ff f , : X - XX ,f 44, f X: X E K Z X ',,.d,:,f .4 K? 2 f X if 5 1:1 X K ff -. '1 Q ' 1 it f ix f A 7 Z' pl, :Q yf 5 52 X f xi N ' , , , 122 ' f f 151' fig XX 4 , V 177 sb -QQ ' ' s'1'Si"' " x ffil X! iff" 7 S iflffjii 7, ing I H-fur' I V f ff V- fffifz' X -5 wif!! .1 ff -:fi X 35,51 IME f' 1 ' '- Mfr X' 1 f , ' X X ', zffff ,Emi Ei! XX X P ,ff 1 - f f -C gi Nff X ,WI -- 1 A 0' 3 ' ff li if + X E 4 Lf' I IMT, f :M V 7 ijgf I 4 - L , g , ':,"N Q' jf I X J ,fi I -- f ar a M K QV ' ff , -- f Q, A 1 X Q ,. w - N X 41 f p l, X ,vyl X. ,Jr f It 1 ? , T, XE V Q X. , K U - I' 5 ,, J..-.f:'2'-2-., L ' Y ,9 4.1: 92 ' ' . XX X ., 5 ' '51""'f " . X22 'C . 1' R Z2 .' n 4, 4-fe tl I il fl ' tr BASEBALL STANDING: Mr. Rapp, ass't. coach, Bubeck, MacM1nn KNEELING Thompson Tredmmck Groshens Brodhaq Weber. Ambruster, CUr1HiIlQhGm, MI- Efb. COCICTL Smllh Lanmnq Noonan Keller Miller, Pickett, De Shields, Fleming, Sheaffer, Kessler Bri 9 ' 2. 10 ' W. 2 4 2 l 4 3 7 5 5 O ll 2 7 4 8 ' l l3 ' 5 6 O 3 e. U 5 1 6 l 3 ' O man Ftenner Mar Cnqler SUBURBAN CHAMPS For the second consecutrve year Abrnqton s baseball team qarned the Suburban I Cham p1o1'1sh1p The Erbrnen chnched the trtle May 15 Wllh an 8 1 tnurnph over Lower Mer1on therr tenth stralqht league vrctory of the sea son and therr slxteenth cver a two year span Good pltchma heavy hrttlnq and accurate treldmq resulted ln 60 runs for the Maroons aqalnst Zl tarlles for therr opponents l"1 the ten games BASEBALL Al-IS Opp AHS Opp Ben Franklm Norrrstown Doylestown Upper Darby Upper Darby Haverford Haverford Radnor Radnor Lower Menon Lower Menon Cheltenham Chelt Pham Doylestown Bryn Athyn Norrrstown Pxtchers Groshens She-offer Kessler Flclcett Flemmq DeSh1elds Oulheld Cunmngham Srmth Bubeck Ambruster Weber Inheld wlih Pxlcher- Bltman, MacMinn, Keller, Kessler, Criqler. 'a , 'Vx -7 fl "N- 57,2 - s N1 ,.,-... WV' LJ 'tts 9 i q u' W ' A'-.R I l A f, c t, A7 , L -A ,le iff' g Fay? .xmmxw L 'K -EJ IUMA X' awk s5""' Y A541-JU-uom'l'Nv' WINGED VICTORY The rnedrocrlty of cur sprke squad s dual mee re cord was cornpensat d for by the xndlvlclual honors recelved Iohn Tr1plett perennxal Gho t dash Cham plcn once aqarn successfully defended hrs lOU yd and 220 yd dash Drstrrct I tltles The held event srtuatton was alded thls year by Don Watton who won the Suburban Iavelln Charnpronshrp One cf the fastest rnlles rn the Phlladelphla area Was run by Btll Leeds as he placed second rn the Dlstrlct I Charnplonshlps Although the season produced but three lndrvrdual champrons the entlre squad 1S to be conqratulated for the tlne Splfll that they have shown throughout the sprlnq season TRACK SQUAD STANDING Coach Pavvlmq Wassman Stanqer culv r Clrnk scal s Palmer Madzll Cook Pow rs Comlev Duffy G Davrs Murray Wetherald Aarons Leeds Green Pluscht TI'1Dl9ll SITTING Burnett Van Gaasbeck Garvm Ste-ltzer Sutton Kal ser Wm Wood Phmney Farr Madsen Cl ments Harrrs Wrll rams West WA we 'Q Q M we 1 dtliigpj-4.fd,K Tnp Rounds the Bend Leeds Leads the Puck Leeds Black West Kalser Sutton Madsen Fxeld Events Wetherald Henry Pawlmq Ccoachl Green KNEELING Hedner Henry Thompson Rexqart S mblon A narz Moreland Iackson Morrow Guenther Vaughn Rudrsrll Watton Black Earle Carter lg Q32 Sf Y The nf, .. 5 9 , . . I I I l it L ' 4 '. V I' I V- ' ' - ,,'. ' I I l Q - . , ., , . , , I , , , . . . I I , ' ' , 'L A-L -'I , I I I ' I I ' 2 ' ' , , , " e , ' - 1 , V I I I f I I I I ' : , , ' , , , '- 1 , . . ' , 9 , f- I - . ' I l I , 9 . l , I ' I I 1 , 1 1 I I I I F, A ,. I L . sz M J .- i f 2: ' X ' ts , 3 I r r , ' , . v I . - ' l I 5 ' Y L ' l 1 , I. A K ! , . - I I t -Q I I X I , 9 ,I 5 i ' h x ,r . A , Y, 1 K V, l xi ' t . If U A1 i rx , 2 r 1 1 Y . N 4 3 ' ' - X , - . ., , 1 ' Y A 4 Q . , V Q 4 B v , I 5 a -lx V J ' -f X 7 'C J IL' --1 X. I 'tt f Y. I at " If .1 AJ- X ' R 2 , " ' I -. yk' SQ I! T, X 1 1- v j MT, ' ,II o p 7'f"l3QJ ' 7, ' , Y '2 'fff'f..'gV W ,, EQ 4. gf' , , rf sf 2 LJ! x 1 -f Lf ff . , s .fn Q' 3 my? 5 ,KE 56 Wi Q vu, .. 35 ' ?t'11'!-l' ' IQ' I . If V X ww . wx. .A 1 hr Q x 1 'les i f Q iq pf' ' fl in , ' LA F A , I V fi Q 'W' 91 fzxxi! 'DESIGN FOR LIVING' K p 'Ii - :V ! 0 Y ff J 1 L X '-,, . e W V 2 A if Z1 u Ng ov ' Secretaries at Work Internos Take Charge J ShoP BOYS Repair Car Stahl Runs Movie Camera mxfm A Art Cooper's Move Plessner at Lathe mx W Band Plays at Naval Air Base Editors at C.S.P.A. K ' 5 if Q- 67 ACCENT ON YOIIT H Onlookers Lunchhme Mob Kessler Uses lrxum Amar at work Bob Bell Takes Draftmq Bob Gerneri Demonsirates Ed hm Don and Ray Flagpole Sxtters Senous DISCUSSIOH Harry Wants for the Crowd Ioan and Margxe Blond e and Reds The Roslyn Glrls Abmgton s Acrobats Waxtmq for ihe Bus C ' 9 Iohnny Iowgvvglum -'HE Quoin am? 'U 'W ABHNETUNH J fem- VlXXlXLIloI Thnn'ndzy0ctuh0rl0.l8B ,In mms lGr1dders Rout Radnoy' swendy Head of Council Writers Attend f 4q, II Mk' C1-ffl' 39" ew5 ol Wewnlhl Annual CSPA 9" In I V inn' Obligation of Council M I POD when worm w I uators lew ,mama sm Inschoolllomblin Md 'gnthrddk 9 Typxsts Frtzqerald Delra Welsh Papale Levens M Haup tle Del Savro Iames Sports Bartholf Mrller Martrnez Kessler B1 man Calla han 'Wrechardt NDS FAPFR FV In lx! ur Wx!! Nu the-.nrt Editors Kessler Damel Evoy X bwim Edxtonal and Feature Trescott Robmson Pamt er Lrlley Gracey Cole 'Q 'Um Braqr Dllks Groshe-ns alla Kay S'rachan Locher Hecht l-lopkrns Mat thews Danrel News Stokes Moore Exchert Cook Vrncent Genth Henry Roberts Srnythe Hampshrre Lamont Dar by Durfee Kalser Mas szno Dunham Hoffman SPREADI G THE EWS Speakrnq from wrthrn the student body as the volce of the student body the ABINGTONIAN by means of 1ts news stones feature rtems ed1tor1als and sports accounts provldes ample publrcrty tor Abrnqtons actrvrtles and serves as a t1e between the students and the communrty Throughout the school year the Qd1lOfS and the-1r staff durlnq club perlods and every other Thursday afternoon provlde the school Wllh erahteen 1ssues As a reward for the long hours of hard work put rnto 1t the ABINGTONIAN recelved f1ISl place ratlnqs ln both the Pennsylvama Sch lastlc Press ASQOCIGTICH and the Colurnbra Scholasnc Press Assocratron contests I...,,n,....-........ I 5 1 g o. . Q 5' , 0 5 f I D K, , I wT...,.M-,We 2 dn Mzurx swf' sn ' ln an - W L0 GSH!!! OU K If S . , 1 I I ' 1 I H I I I w . 1 , - . . , I, I , . .JI I1 zw. Q f' I .A 'Nj f . , ' ' ? , m-IW, I I I I K -' Riliwltw.. Moore, Eichert. " f 'I WH YU' It I, ' X - , -xwtlb f - Mo - - Nl,fIw'I I I . .,. -..Mm I V I I I Q' V A l , ' A, ' 1 , -'.v1He': , ' for I 5 I I I I - , . , , , . , , , I , I I A I I I I A . , . . I 1 1 I , '- . . , , . .. ' rs , V I L C V Helen Albrecht Myrtle Bartholf Martha Brooks Mary Ann Danrel Charlotte Day Lots Emerlch Ioan Hoffman oallle Holmes Myrtle Hulton lean Kay Nancy Kerslake Allrson Mumford Iacquelme Srnythe Martha Vlncent Art Staff Lors Burton Evelyn Frertag Amanda Henry D1ck Hecht Peggy Rockenstem Photography LOUIS Bau ch r IU1 Clayton Brantley Bud1s1ll Note Lrlerary Staff Wxllrarn Armstrong Tom Bugel Robert Flemxnq G orge I-Iampshrre lack Martmez Davld Matthews W1ll1am Mull r Wrllram Ol1ver Edwm Roberts Walter Hobrnson Walter Schymrk lames Sheaffer Iames Stokes Walter Wrrght Typrsts E1leen Gormley I.ou1se Iames Corme Del Savro Mary Lou Gorml y VIVICIU G tssler Ioan Von Hohen Adverhsxnq Iune Scott Cxrculahon Glona Logu loann IVlcCleary All at Work IS orrgmal PRINCIPAL E B Gernert FINANCIAL ADVISER D E Krueg r ABT ADVISEB Edlth M Mllne PHOTOGRAPHY I.1l1an I Fterchard SPONSOR Dorothy Cathell 1947 YEABBOOK STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF Clement Darby ASSISTANT EDITOR Frances Wxlluns Lots Burton Estelle Callahan Davld Durfee Ierome E1chert L onore Evoy Edrtor and Assrstant Edxtonal Board STANDING Burton Erchert IUSIICG Trescott Evoy SITTING Durfee Moore Ka1ser Kessler Callahan Edrtonal Board Mar1or1e Iustrce Ioy Kaxser Gordon Kessler Peggy Ann Moore Alfred Trescott Yearbook Staff STANDING Kay Brooks Holmes Armstrong Martrnez Mumford Bug 1 Smythe SITTING B rtholf I-Iulton Robrns n Day Damel Albrecht Flemrng STANDING lame F Gormley Oliver Rauscher Schym1k Dllks Hampshtre Rob rts Stokes M1ller Vaughn Del Savro Van Hohen SITTINC Gems ler Frertag Maclfarland Groshens Hoffman Kerslake Emench Henry fMUTf'U1EIil2AIPII-IS AlLHf'U1EIQAIDlHS Edlth McHugh Prop O ontz 1506 EL DORIS BEAUTY SHOP 568 TYSON AVENUE Ardsley Pa Beauty Culture ln All Branches ARDSLEY SUNOCO SERVICE JENKINTOWN and EDGEHILL ROADS Ardsley Penna Ogontz 9064 Lubrlcatlon Tlre Serx ICB RUBIN S MARKET Quahty Meats Grocerles and Produce Corner HAMEL AVE 81 JENKINTOWN ROAD Phone Ogontz 0294 Ardsley Pa Free Dehvery ARDSLEY HARDWOOD FLOOR CO Ard ley Pa Ogontz 3746 Floor Work of All D9SCFlpt1ODS R A EDGAR Drugs Ice Cream Soda Ardslex Pa GREETINGS ALICE M NEWCOMB Offontz 0636 M H andcraft Greetmgs From TROUTS GULF SERVICE Ardsley Pennsylvama Chlldrens Wear Glfts Greetlng Cards SALLIE HANSEN 502 Tyson Avenue Ardsley Pa Lm erle Lendmg L1b1 315 HOSIGFQ BROWN S DAIRY 172 Harr1son Avenue Glens1de Pa Ogontz 2954 W LEONARD F SIEFERT Glass Pamts Housewares York Road at Rublcam W1llow Grove LEWELSH REALTOR Hr mes and Home Sztes W1llow Grove 0620 BENSON RADIO Sales and Servzce York Road Sz Cherry Street W1llow Grove Phone W1llow Grove 0681 COMMERCIAL PRINTING STATIONERY SUPPLIES A R T C R A F T Prmters and Statloners 218 Dav SV1llG Rd W1llow Grove 1650 W1llow Grove Pa RADIOS WASHE-RS E G A N S Furmture and Gzfts WILLOW GROVE PA El9CtF1C Appllances W1llow Grove 3033 Phone W1llow Grove 1963 WIIIOVI Grove Cleaners 8z Dyers Remodehng and Rehmng Alterlng of All Kmds UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT 56 York Road W1llOW Grove WILLOW GROVE APPLIANCE SHOP 58 N York Rd W1llow Grove Pa We Sell What We Dzsplay . . S v Y 1 ' , A. . v -'- . . . Y. f s . it , . Q .. .. , . y .. . ,v ' 3 .- , . 1 I1 b - , y . a Y . 7 . , . . Y y 1 - 'J 1 - 7 7 ' .U. - . ."v- .Y Ao OGONTZ 4221 COMPTON and KNOTT Gas Ozl Lubrzcatzon Auto and Electrical Supplies 2136 L1mek11n P1ke North HIIIS Pa FRANK T STATON 6712 N Woodstock Street Phlla 38 P Roo mg Srdmg Asphalt Slag Shmgles RYAN REALTY 3305 N Front Street Real Estate Insurance and Conveyancmg Phlladelphla P Orgamzed m 1867 ABINGTON BUILDING ASSOCIATION Accounts Insured up to S5 00000 705 WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN HAncock 4 6118 M WELLS FLORIST 6213 Ogontz Avenue Ph11ade1ph1a 41 Pa Cat Flowers For All Occaszons ELMER NOLAN Gvocerzes and Delzcacles N E Corner 21st and Medary Avenue Phone WA 4 1527 We Call Sz Dehver BA1dw1n 9 3000 Harold B Mallzgan FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1119 West Leh1gh Avenue Phlladelphxa Pa Saleg Serv1ce G L E N S I D E Gas and Electrzc APPLIANCE CO 10 E Mt Carmel Avenue Tompkms G1ens1de Pa DOTTOM FLORISTS S Easton Road CNext to R RJ Glenslde Pa Phone Ogortz 3432 J LJLENSIDE PHARMACY Arthur S Levmtow Ph G Easton Road at Mt Carmel Ave Phone Ogontz 1737 Glenslde Pa WALTER R GARVIN Plumbing and Heatmg Glens1de Pa Ogontz 0252 JAMES A NASSAU 102 E Mt Carmel Avenue Records Maszc Raolzo Store Hours Dally 9 30 AM to 9 30 PM Ogontz 5958 Glenslde Pa OGONTZ 6148 CERTIFIED SERVICE REFRIGERATION SERVICE and MOTOR REPAIRS 3 So Easton Rd G1ens1de Pa Buslness Phone Ogontz 3576 Res Phone Ogontz 4419 MARCHIONE ELECTRIC CO ELECTRIC MOTORS REWOUND and REHUAIRED 6 S Kesw1ck Avenue Glens1de Pa I-IORSTMAN 81 MYER INC WILLOW GROVE Oppos1te Post OHICG Pamts Wallpaper Rugs Lmoleurn Wall Tzle Venetzarl Blmds John Scharnenek SUNOCO SERVICE York Road and Roy Avenue W111ow Grove Pa . . , . ,. . . . . Z 1 - s 2 - I -4 ' l . . ' , . . . , a. f. 1 . . , . . T T s . 1 ' ! . , . , a. , . I . . 1 . . - , . L. . , , . 1 no ' I , 4 - ' ' ' . ' 1 K -R Z - - . I v I 1 - , . J. R. ' ' , . ' ' 74 HOWARD NICE MODEL PRINTING CO INC Easton Road Guide G1ens1de Pa GLENSIDE TAXI SERVICE R O Y A N N G Roy Schmldt Ann C Logue B E A U T I C I A N S 12 W GLENSIDE AVENUE G1ens1de Pa 2nd Floor Hexst Bldg Ogontz 4171 Dresses Sportswear HELEN A ROBERTSON 115 S Easton Road Hosle y Ogontz 6494 Phone Ogontz 6949 COLES RIGHTER COMPANY 298 S Easton Road G1ens1de Pa Ernestlne Myers Prop Ogontz 4803 ERNESTINES BEAUTY SHOP 2745 L1mek11n P1ke North H1115 Pa Beauty Culture tn All Branches PLOCKIES TEXACO SERVICE General Store 1Ncrth H1115 Pa Ogontz 9034 S Plock Prop Bzcycle Sz Repan Baby Pictures Taken in Your Home C. G. SMITH Ogontz 3611 J North H1113 Pa FRED and JACK R WILHELM Real Estate Insurance Notary Publzc 2743 L1mek11n P1ke O ontz 128.3 North H1115 BRADSHAW SUNOCO STATION L1mek11n P1ke North H1115 DYNAFUEL NORTH HILLS PRESS 2878 L1mek11n P1ke North H1115 Penna James G Ba1ley Ogontz 1544 J' LIMEKILN BARBER SHOP 934 L1mek11n P1ke North H1115 Penna O ontz 9341 Tops Recovered C E GOLDSMITH AUTOMOBILE PAINTING BOdlGS and Fenders Repalred G1en51de Garage Upholstermg 137 E GLENSIDE AVE G1ens1de Pa Tzres Batterzes Ignztzon GEORGE S ESSO SERVICE 400 S York Road W111ow Grove P W111ow Grove 9146 Lubrlcatzon Washzng Polzshzng MODEL PRINTING CO INC Easton Road Guzde Glenslde Pa ' 1 1 . ., . - - 1: - 5: ' . , G G , . D . 1 7 ' . , , . . I 7 ' Z' : S ' Landscape Engineers 8: Contractors - - . , , . ' , ., , . 7 1 . . . . . , ' , a. 7 7 ' . 7 ., . fl ' 71 . , . ' 1 1 5 - 75 MIKE D ELIA S SHOE SHOP 384 N Easton Road Glenslde Pa For Value and Varzety zt s the KESWICK 5 AND 10 The Nezghborhood Buyword 327 N Easton Road Glens1de Ogontz 9086 FRANK A BURKE Glenszde Delzcatessen Easton and VVharton Roads Bell Ogontz 3282 GleHSlde Pa Free PICK Up and Dehvery SEFVICG Alvxn Mangxn Cheltenham 2.396 ROCKLEDGE CLEANERS Dry Cleaning Alteratlons Dye Work and Repalrmg 719 HUNTINGDON PIKE Rockledge ROBERT F THOMA D D S 937 Fox Chase Road Phlladelphla 11 Pennsylvanla Greetmgs BILL BARWIS Atlantzc Products Rockledge Pa FREE DELIVERY Phone CHELT 8006 HOLLYWOOD FOOD STORE 914 Glbson Avenue lst Grade Meats Carl Hoerger Prop OLSONS STORE 909 GlbSOD Ave Hollywood Pa GYOCEYIES Delicatessen Clgars Candy BULK Brevers Ice Cream PINTS Phone Cheltenham 8704 Telephone PI lgr1m 5 3331 BETTYS BEAUTY SALON Beauty Culture zn All zts Branches 7992 Oxford Avenue Ehzabeth Harth Fox Chase Phlla Best Wzshes KENNETH L MILLER DDS J M CEGIELKOWSKI REALTOR Rockledge Pa e Place to Have Your Prescr1pt1ons F1lled R O E D E R S Prescrzptzon Drug Store 7971 Oxford Ave Fox Chase Phone PI :J 9913 4 PETERSEN RADIO Records and Sheet Music 18 York Road Ogontz 9199 Ablngton Pa OGONTZ 4349 CHARLES LIGHTMAN Importer Merchant Tazlor 81 Furrzer CERTIFIED COLD STORAGE 14 York Road Ablngton Bell Phone Ogontz 2497 B H BALDWIN Contractor and Buzlder Alteratxons and Jobbmg Estxmates Furmshed 163 Harrlson Ave Glenslde Pa OGONTZ 9243 THOMPKINS CORNER Breyers Ice Cream Gallon Contalners S195 at All Tlmes S E Cor KESWICK AVENUE and GLENSIDE AVENUE Glenslde Pa 1 1 - I ' ' l , . , . . . , fu - , 95 . . , . . . - 9 . , ' : - , . 7 'Y Y , , V- - Philadelphxa 11, Pa. ' . , . . . , . , . ' ' 1 f ' ' , , Pa. : . , Y . . . ., , . 7 '7 7 ' I v . v . y . , I ' 1 . v - ROESSLERS DRUG STORE Prescrzptzons LUNCHEONETTE SODA Prompt Delnerg Phone O ontz 4121 503 Townsh1p L1ne Elklns Park ELL Exrrlngs Brooches and Palty Place Fax or Made by MRS W W MILLER 204 WELDY AVENUE OGONTZ 1861 Oreland Penna CONGRATULATIONS BALL 8a COI' FIN KDHN REALTORS 711 West Ave Jenkzntown P OGONTZ 4a50 SHELLEYS KIDDIE SHOP 708 West Ave Jenkmtown Pa Cledle to School Age Chlldrens Weax OGCNTZ 7619 SHOE REPAIR and CORRECTIVE WORK 706 West Avenue Jenkmtovwn Pa Phone Oqontz 0411 VALS Custom Tazlorzng Vllest Ave and Leedom St1eet JENKINTOWN PENNA Foxme 15 Wllh Jacob Reeds Sons F VN 'WOOLWORTH CO Jenkmtoxvn Pa Complzments of FRANKLIN CUT RATE STORE Yo1k Road Jenkmtoxxn Pa M U T H S C Fred 'VIuth Inc Establl hed 1899 Jewelers and Dlamonu Melchants OI D YORK ROAD Jenkmtown Bell Phone Ogontz 1644 MERIT STORES Q04 Old Yolk Road Jenlxlntown P Complzments 0 the MIDWAY RESTAURANT Jenkmtown Pennsylvan1a Ogontz 3165 C Bo1d1n Prop GLENSIDE UPHOLSTERING Sllp Covers Wxrdow Shades Upholstermg In All Its Branches As It Should Be Done KESWICK BLDG Glenslde Penna Workmanshlp Guaranteed W WASYNGER 325 North Easton Rd Glens1de Pa SHOE REPAIRING Well Known for Quallty at a Very Reasonable PTICB GLASER S HARDWARE Cformellv Tulnel sb We have a Large Statlonery Department School Supplzes and Sports Goods WELDON PHARMACY Rubm Tarnoff Phalmaclst Easton Ro d and Geneva Avenue GLENSIDE PA 1 . 'v v- """ ! -- . . . ' V 1 7 ' 7 SH ' ' ' OP . I . . 2 ' fu ' ' ' S .. 's ,, lf 403 L , , x . ' .Pa.- " l 'T , . lx 1 ll nr ,- ae - H- I, ll 4 v y l . f I . . I . ., , a. I I. 7 I , 7' l '- I ' - v . l ' '9 7 ' ! . -C -A Q ' 7 1 I .. . . ll - I . l '7 6 7 ' 1 4 LA ' ' , . . ,. : L , , . . . - .7 . 1- v I ' . h 3 , . 77 Compliments of A FRIEND to the Class of 47 SCALFARO SHOE REBUILD 421 South York Rd Wlllow Glove Call Sz Delwer Wlllow Grove 0880 A J VENTRESCA Roslyn Barber Shop Easton Road Roslyn P HICKMAN S HARDWARE 1167 Easton Road Roslyn Pa New Store Sectzon ALBERT HALDEMAN Interzor Decorator 510 Central Avenue STEVEN S GROCERIES Smoked Meats Fro en Foods Ice Cream 522 Cypress Avenue Elkms Park Pa Ogontz 9164 Ogontz 7054 SIDCE 1918 HARRY ULLRICH AUTO WRECK SPECIALIST Flame and Wheel Stralghtemng Wheel Balancmg Front End Ahgnmg Trucks Stralqhtened and Flsh Plated Complete Bear Equlpment Used 8405 Cadwalader Ave Elkms Park Pa EDWARD T COLLINS Atlantzc Products Townsh1p L1ne Sz Cadwalader Ave Elkms Park Pa Groceries Ogontz 2660 Quality Meats Fruits Sz Produce UNITY FRANKFORD STORE 8505 Tulpehocken Avenue J Byrnes Elklns Park Pa We Own Our Own Plant BALA CLEANERS Modern Dry Cleaning 509 Townshlp L1ne Road Elkins Park Pa Ogontz 4396 J SQUARE DEAL MARKET 501 Tovx nsh1p L1ne Elklns Park Grocerzes Fresh Meats Fruzts and Vegetables fB1rdseyej OOKS BARBER SHOP 516 Jenklntown Road E1k1ns Park Pa CLARA MAYER BEAUTY SALON Open Tue and Frz tzl 9 P M 506 TOWDSh1p L1ne PENN ELECTRIC COMPANY 439 East TOWHSh1p L1ne Sales Applzances Servzce Ogontz 7844 MAJGSIIC 5 0842 GREETINGS SIDNEY ROBIN Cwzl Engineer 912 GIDSOH Ave Hollywood Pa A H B SKEATH Pharmaczst 2732 Llmeklln P1ke North H1lls Pa Ogontz 7262 . - .V . h V . n , v , Pa' a 7 a- 5 ' l a C ' Ogontz 3852 - North Hills, Pa. Melrose 3005 Elkins Park, Pa. 78 MARYS GROCERY and Jeddo Hzghland Lehzgh Coal DELICATESSEN A R NICHOLSON Sz SON 2 Stewalt Ave Sz Jenkmtown Road DU-9fPT00Jc9d Coal OGONTZ 9291 Ogontz 3300 WYNCOTE Opposlte Jenkmtown Statlon THE WYNCOTE SHOP GREETINGS G1 ts Hoszery Lzngerze and Costume Jewelry GREENWOOD VALET 113 Greenwood Avenue 149 Gxeenwood Ave Wyncote Pa Gertrude E Bagshaw Wyncote Penna 03011112 6425 FERGUSON S Patenf M9d1ClD9S Cosmetics Statlonexy School SUDDIIBS Smokers Needs Abbotts Ice Cream Candy Magazmes A Newspapers 3001 W MT CARMEL AVENUE North H1115 Pa 'R 8 mhx BLAETZ BROTHERS INC PRINTERS PUBLISHERS Yeaxs of pubhshmg fm Schools and Colleges have developed ou1 SGIVILC to '1 pomt whele our chents IBCGIXE maxunum qualxty at a mmxmum of personal labor A modeln xllustfatmg SGFVILQ IS avallable fxee to audment orlgmal alt WO1k 1f deslred FOX CHASE PHILADELPHIA 11 PI lgrun 5 1650 51 79 A , N -. . I . KJ J! I .3 7 - 7 I , , . . . r W l-A"l ' 1 5,5 i' i335-, 1 x-f e ' 1 . ln 9 0 C . L I , in . 3 I W1llow Grove 0371 JOHN W CAMPION Bererages YORK 81 MORELAND ROAD W1llow Grove Pennsylvama Wlllow Grove Prlntlng SGTVICG Przntzng or the Partzcular W F VOTH .IR 68 N YORK ROAD W1llOW Grove Pa Wlllow G1ove 1206 All Garments Insured Call and Delwer GROVE Cleaners and Dyers 60 N YORK ROAD W1llow Grove Pa W1llow G1 ove 1589 ROYCHESTER PARK CUT RATE You ll Always Find zt There W1lloxx G1 ove 9161 BILL S AUTO SALES and SERVICE Used Cars Bought and Sold Auto Repalrlng 8: Towlng Selvlce YORK ROAD 81 CHURCH ST W1llow Grove Pa W1llow Glove 9199 EARL JONES CLEANERS TAILORS 6 Hour Servlce Phone Wlllow Gr ve 0446 Call and Delzrevu All Work Done on 13161111565 W1llow G1 ove 0481 75 N YORK ROAD W1llow Grove Pa Real Estate Mortgages Insurance Notary Public Property Management Conveyancmg ESKIN HARDWARE CO 1180 CAOIIUHDTOXVD Avenue Ph1la 40 MI 4 3433 109 YOIK Road Wlllow Grove Wlllow Grove 0056 301 W Marshall St NO1F1StOXKD Norustoxnn 0245 . . f . W . HARRY S. MANGIN so MILLER DRUG COMPANY Prescrzptzons Gifts Vztamms AGENTS Zemth Hamm Ald WILLOW GROVE PA Pl' one Ogcntz 0344 RENNINGER Sz RENNINGER GENERAL INSURANCE BROKERS fAt Statlonj GLENSIDE PA Real Estate Notary Public Insumnge 12 E IVIT CARMEL AVENUE GIens1de Obontz 3891 Ogontz 1312 Phxlidelphla OITICG N E Cor 15th and Venango Streets SAN TO F CLEMENT PHA RMACIST Successw LO Fred A Scheunamanfn 115 E MT CARMEL AVENUE GIer's1de Pa THE ACADEMY OF THEATRE ARTS SAL CONDRO STUDIOS Mt Carmel Ave Sz Easton Road Glenslde Pa Telephone Ogor1t7 2090 Muezc Dmmatzcs Radio Amzounczng Dmzcznq Haw Stylzst and Permanent Wave Expert VARNER HAIRDRESSING ROBERTS BLOCK at Stauon G19HS1dG Kay Varner Prop Ogcntz 6568 MOONEY S MOVING and STORAGE Inc Z4 E MT CARMEL AVENUE Moumg and Haulzng of All Kmds Lomf Dlstmep Movmg 1 Speumlty Referer e Ask the People We 'VIoxe FOR FINER SHOE REPAIRING GALANTE S SHOE REPAIRING 6 N KESWICK AVENUE Ogontz 0116 Glensxde Pa , - . , . 7 gl Phone: Ogontz 3280-J Estimates Free , . O f- f' ' ' . , ' 81 WOMEN'S APPAREL LIL-LEE, INC. JENKINTOWN, PA, Ogontz 4026 ALFRED H TRANK SUBURBAN HOMES MORTGAGES INSURANCE JENKINTOWN Ogontz 3800 3801 Boys and Girls Gym Athletzc Eqmpmenl ARMON DEPT STORE 114 WEST AVENUE Jenkmtown Pa LOU S RIDING ACADEMY LIMEKILN PIKE and TVVINNING ROAD Nme Trazls No Roads O ontz 9299 ORELAND CLEANERS For Quality Cleaning Call OGONTZ 4213 ORELAND CLEANERS YVQICI3' and Pennsylvania Avenue Orcland. Pennsylvania ACME COPPERSMITHING 81 MACHINE CO ORELAND PENNSYLVANIA Best Wmhee to the Claes of 1947 FORT WASHINGTON VIILITARY ACADEMY CAMERON S DRUG STORE The REXALL Stowe ORELAND PENNA - .Y . l 'I Saddle Horses for Hire g . . ' ' 82 'uv ACE CUT RATE STORE V 9 V Ogontz 6971 Bell ogomz 3303 KESWICK PHOTO and SPORT SHOP Geo W Gerdmg Jr Prop 17 E Wharton Rd Glenslde Pa Guns Ammunition Fishing Tackle Archery SL pplles Canoes and Boats Photo F1Il1Sh1I1g Cameras Photo Supplies Comm Photography Picture Frames Greetmgs From WELDON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Ogontz 3484 DAVIS HAIRDRESSERS 21 E WHARTON ROAD Glenside Pa Phone Oeontz 3840 3841 4868 WELDON AUTO SUPPLY CO Automotive Replacement Parts Maichme Shop Serfuzce EASTON RD at JENKINTOWN Glenside Pa We Wzll Strwe As Hard To Stay On Top As We Dzd To Get There ELKAY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Inc 304 YORK ROAD Jenklntown We Sell the Best and Servzce the Rest Ogontz 2442 Q 5 jfarentnalh FL o W E R s YORK ROAD GREENWOOD AVENUE Jenkmtown Pa WM C KENNEY S I G N S J ENKINTOWN PA : C 7 3 Y C ' 17 . . , ., l . 7 I . ., , . - . . - . . - , ' , Pa, Camping Equipment - Athletic Goods - Oggntz 7710 at I 83 A NEW SERVI E IN ABINGTON SYLVESTER B CONRAD Raul Esmlc 8. Irzmvclvzce Brokaw In Ildu Sxla Nlomtga L FIUOIHCIDQ Rent Is Mmagerr nt Aluhltectur 11 PI-mmm., GLUCIHI Insurmce N BICIIX Public 11 Rcfld 8 H1 hI'mcI AX enum ALINGTONI PA UI1IlllICd P ll 'mug Ogo 117 1800 R L STOTT PETROL FUEL OILS DELCO OIL BURNERS Sales and Sermce AVENUES m J Chlt 06? FOX CHASE PHILA PA DR J W VANSANT and SON VETERINARIANS Huntm don Plke Sz Shldx Lfme Fox Cham Ph1I'l 11 Pa Phcmg Chcltgnham 2536 WALTER F AMES MFG CO WALCO CUSTOM MADE Stainless Slcel Kitchen and Panlnj SznkQ 616 HUNTINGDON PIKE Fox Chiu Phlla 11 Pa PI 3 5311 SMOKEHOUSE GLENSIDE HICRCJIB Smoked Meats F1 m Ploducts OGONTZ I 1,1 WHITE S SERVICE STATION LUBRICATION WASHING Tue Recappm and Tue Repaus DAVE WHITE PROP ILASTOIN Sz JENKINTOWN RDS GLENSIDE PA Wash 1I'1 Lubl 1cat1on S1mon1z1ng MERIT SERVICE STATION R E LGOl1'l1d GUARANTEED AUTO REPAIRING 9'-1 N LASTON ROAD OGONTZ -190 TOVX ING PENNY S FLOWERS 6014 YORK RD Elkms Pa1k P MELROSE 0800 5 E WHARTON AVE GIQIISICIC OGONTZ 0214 OGONTZ 7849 Floxx GIS For All Occaslons I ' C K.: . , , , - - - - T- I cu 'xg z1s.I' 'L 'V. lV.f,1'L.."1.K Yc1'i if ' 'g 1 ' ' I - H 'J , J I . , , :HA 1 Q XI 1 . , TL" J ' A II I: 2 Y if L 2. . " EQ . - A - -, if . .. g . ROCKLEDGE and ROBBINS I A ' A I , , Pllfir' 1 F-0811 Q . 3 . I - . I . w+E.-- I - ---WL L - I U . A 1. . . .. I R3 ' ' I ' I ef QI . . C' . A . I O I Z ' 1 U ' 3 A X . I I fi '. I I I ' ' ' ' ' .Ja . 4 ii ,. , I A' I , 9 v . . . , ' ' ., " , ' , a. . I J . I 84 S1nce 1926 For Se1v1ce Call Ogontz 9338 ABINGTON SHOE REPAIR JOSEPH PILEGGI Erpert worlcmanshzp All Work Guaranteed 22 YORK ROAD Ablngton ESSO SERVICENTER S ere IS one 1n your ne1ghborhood Tzres Batteries 420 York Rd Jenkmtown Pa York Sz Woodland Rds Abmgton York Road Hatboro W R Cross Prop POWELL S DRUG STORE ABINGTON PA LILLIAN HAIR DRESSING SHOP 4 YORK ROAD Abmgton Phone Ogontz 9041 Wzres Scottzes Sealyha ms ABINGTON KENNELS 305 YORK ROAD Ablngton P Boardzng P11 ckzng PIONEER FOOD STORES 64 HORACE AVENUE Abmgton P Phone Oqontz 4978 COMPLIMENTS OLD FORGE INN COMPLIMENTS OF THE SNACK SHOPPE ' I I ' , a. ' A , Pa, . - L g Th . . . Accessories-Lubrication-Washing DQNATQ BROTHERS 'x . . a a' OF , ' , Pa. 85 ontz 1685 3 div SGIVICG KARP CLEANERS 120 S EASTON ROAD Glenslde Pa Wmlc called for and delzumecl ABINGTON FLORIST Bun A Robmson JI 221 YORK ROAD Abm ton Perma h re Ogontz 4290 BRODY S DEPARTMENT STORE Fam11y Outfitters Smce 1905 Oqontz 0486 GLENSIDE PA Open Mon F11 81 Sat Evenzngs Ogontz 9338 Qualzty and Sermce Fzfrst SAM SCHAFFER CUSTOM TAILOR Dazly P1ess1ng Servzce YORK RD ABINGTON Repam s Alteratzons Mazntenance ALLEN REEVES INC Contractor and Buzlder ABINGTON PA Ovontz 1092 Majesuc 0249 Fresh Meats Frosted Foods B1 tte1 Eggs G PARKHOUSE Sz SONS 115 YORK ROAD Abm ton P Phbne O ontz 7500 SCHUTT S SERVICENTER Tzres Battevzes Accessorzes Bmlces Ignition YORK RD fmd ECKARD AVE Phone Ogontz 9280 LARRY S BARBER SHOP 127 YORK ROAD Next to Fzre House ABINGTON PA LAWRENCE VENTRESCA Sanztavy Servzce Og - ew' - ' 0 '- - ' E. , . 1 . .' , l , . E D . L . 0 . . , A 11 . 1 I ' 5 ' iw fi il - U 3 , . g , a. V P Q , : 6 A : g A u ?ZL1-wifi-, ..,.1,.,,,.,f,,,l:---iT-W I' L "f?"T::'fl:':'::"2:LT:':l I , 1 7 7 C , . i k , 7 5-.2 , . 24 . ,PA. ' ' ' 86 ARDSLEY Texaco and Goodrlch Dealer Jos L MHSSIDO .Ir Cornpl te Auto ind Hvme Supphes WASHING LUBRICATION Tne SSTVICG SQYVICQ w1th a Sm1le Cor Tvson Avenue and Jenkxntown Road ARDSLEY PA HAROLD R IVIOORE FLORIST When Words Fazl You Why Not Say It Wzth Flowers 220 BROOKDALE AVENUE Glens1de Pa .I L RUSH Sz SONS INC DAVISVILLE ROAD WIIIOW Grove Pa FIRESTONE TIRES Auto Supplzes Slip Covers Tops and Upholstery Repazrs W G 3093 Asbestos and Brzck Szclmg Sheet Metal Work P R HOUCK Roofing Heating and Spoutmc Bell Phone Odontz 1640 1 ROBERTS BLOCK A IVICGROARTY COMPANY REALTORS OFFICES Jenlcmtoun 483 YORK ROAD O Ontz 4710 MA 5 1212 Melrose Park 800 VALLEY ROAD MOIIOS6 1337 IVIA 5 1600 TBIES FUNERAL HOME EDWIN F THIES MRS EDWIN F THIES DIRECTORS OF FUNERALS 26 N FASTON ROAD O ontz 3260 Remenzbev the Name Ogontz 858 W .I PICKWELL EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Washers Ironers Ranges Re rzgerators Raclzos 423 YORK ROAD .Ienkmtown P SUNDIAL SHOES for the Famzly Lad1e and Gents Furnlshmgs A APFELBAUM MT CARMEL Sz TENNIS AVES Glenslde Pa O ontz 3100 ll -LL-, , "mf: ' " T, ..-, ' I C. . I 0 . I ' g I - I I .l . . . . - g - - 1 . I , , 1 . . - 1 T ' I I I ' I I . 1 I I I . I . I ' I , .J g . M XI Glenside, Pa. H I U I '. C! H 4: . 1: I I i I . . , . I - , . . . I V . gf ' - ' I I ' ' ' , a. - . . J 2: F ' I ' ' , - S I I I 87 FIRESTONE PRODUCTS CO. INC. GLENSIDE, PA. Building Stone Flat Stone Ogontz 1387 John Genth Ogontz 2909 NORTH HILLS AUTO REPAIR Ofzczal Inspectzon Statzorn 2832 LIMEKILN PIKE North Hills P Battery Seivice Towing Day or Night LAVENDER BEAUTY SHOPPE Lznnea O Bertsch NORTHWESTERN BANK BUILDING Ogontz 2973 Glenside Pa FRANK S TEXASERVICE EASTON ROAD and SPRINGHOUSE LANE Phone Ogontz 9114 Your Texaco Dealer Glensicleis New Ford Dealer 20 W. GLENSIDE AVE. Is Now Open to Service Your Car EXPERT LUBRICATION Phone Ogontz 3422 for Quick Service D. A. GRANT Sale FORD Service Opposite Reading Station- Glenside KOENIG S The REXALL Drug Store GLENSIDE Ogcntz 9102 W F BELL Automotzve Repairs EASTON RD Sz TOXONY AVE Glenside Pa Ogontz 2084 FRANK MCCORMICK BENDIX SALES and SERVICE NO 1 SUSQUEHANNA ROAD Abin ton Pa I ' , a. ' ' I I I . . Q . , . , . 7 Glenside, Pa. ' cs . . b l ' 88 GIROUD FLOWERS G REED Flouers For All Occaszons LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING 1134 EASTON ROAD 8330 CADWALADER AVENUE Roslyn Pa Elklns P'uk Pa Ogontz 1336 OQOUIZ 1310 JOHN P DONAHUE ROSLYN GARAGE SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Tires Tubes Accessories Esso Products Automobzle Serwce Lubrzcatzon Szmonz zng Washzng EAQTON and MILDRED AVENUE TOWNSHIP LINE and CADWALADER AVENUE Phone O ontz 5210 Roslyn Plckup 8. DOl1VCIy SCTVICC Mello e 9889 BOONIN S DRUG STORE LAWRENCE DRUG STORE EASTON ROAD 441 TOWNSHIP LINE Roslxn Pennsylvanla Elklns Palk Pa Ogontz 1616 NORMAN FITZGERALD Jobbzng Estzmates ATLANTIC SERVICE as z Tues O ontz 0940 EASTON and BRADFIELD RDS 2913 SUSQUEHANNA ROAD O ontz 9142 Roslyn Pa Roslxn P 89 I Q C 1 V . . . - ' x' , . - . - . E L , g " - ' ,Pa. ' ' ' " ' - 'S - 7 . Prescription Specialists 3 . . , - 4 V , ' , - I l l l l l l . . ll l . . I G - O l - ' o f ' " ' l z . , , l' S f -',' , - ,V , a. 1 l RICHARD B SCHIVIIFZ Pcmslczccl PII 1111111111 111111 Ilrfllmq 440 EDGF HILL ROAD fl 111 Cu Ilfnl Sauer I11staII11I1o11 P1 1 and K1lcI1c11 Pc 111ocIcI111q 11111 2379 xlm I Qznrznrz W CLYDE GOURLEY INC RILAI FOPS W CLYDE GOLRLPY P1cs1cIc111 YORK gl WELSH ROADS mx C1 KL EINHORN S IVIARKET 7000 IVIT CARMEL AVENUE Nc11tI1 H1IIs P TLILIDIIIJIIL O 111117 COIIIIJIIPIICTIIS of ROSLYN INN EASTON ROAD Roslx fl a KESLER S F mms fm tzf Pmtzvu 111 P111 LI TLI1 1 IIJIILQI A111 VI 11.11 1 II NNIS AVENUE 111I1 O 0111.4 'IW' BEST WISHES A FRIEND , I V I ' I L3 -A' J'I l 4 7 I . J v . , . I O11 ly 11.- 1 Illfj Q n 1 .1 I I . .. :III ' ' n' ' A Ig ' I Og 1 1 J-, A1'cI5 P11. E3 I' 1 I 11. ' 'I I Willow G1-wp :mfs Ill' ogfnw 07:15 I 11, H W 1 II .L 1.. . 4 I II I Jr 'LL II - . , I - .,'.- , fx N12 Hills. 1321. g ' I1 ., I 4 I II Willw ' 1-11'-, Pu. 7+ 7 Y Aa' L I 1 I . A A V I I 1 I .1 . ,, I JL- I . ' h., .ll W I . 1? II H 11 .saoas I I . J N I I I I I 90 ABINGTON LUNCHEONETTE OPEN DAILY AND SUNDAY I 30 A M 10 30 P M Ice Cream Candy Czgavs Czgarettes Soclas Hot Dogs Hambmqers and Lzght Lunches OUR SPECIALITY 2 HORACE AVENUE ABINGTON Back of Fnehouse ABINGTON TEXACO SERVICE STATION J W Kerchner Phone O ontz 9172 fo1 prompt GFVICC YORK 81 GUERNSEY AVENUE ABINGTON Ogontz 6996 KESWICK CYCLE COMPANY Wzzzer Bzke Motors Amerzcan Moto Scoots Hobby Supplies Model Azrplanes NORTH EASTON ROAD GLENSIDE PENNSYLVANIA GREETINGS RONNIE,S 5c and 10C STORE 108 110 So Easton Road, Glenslde, Pa VISIT OUR NEW ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE DEPT Largest m Glenszde 91 , 7""" , 1 '.QTJT'?Y'7tl."V' 'Aw A' Y 'QM L., I Hot Dogs-Hamburgers, with all the trimmings fifteen cents each NO. , PA 1 g ' S ' , PA lf J 7 7 OLD YORK ROAD PUBLISHING COMPANY PRINTERS cgi PUBLISHERS 423 JOHNSON STREET :fi JENKINTOWN, PA. :Ii OGONTZ 4424 Ogontz 4661 Jenkmtown 2846 RUSSELL SMITH INC DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE JENKINTOWN PA 416 OLD YORK ROAD PLESSNER HAIRDRESSERS 740 YORKWAY PLACE JENKINTOWN PA Phone Ogontz 0144 SHEBLE DAGER INC REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 417 OLD YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN PA Tel O ontz 1000 92 , . , . , . J. H. Sheble, Jr. - H. J. Dager fg John D. Elliot - Paul R. Weitzel O4 F' ' vp THE WHITE PHARMACY 105 S. EASTON ROAD. GLENSIDE, PA. Phone Ogontz 4469 VALENTINE S FLOWERS Flowers at Thezr Best WEST AVENUE fNext to POStOI:I1C9, Ogontz 7700 7701 JENKINTOWN PA JENKINTOWN BANK and TRUST COMPANY JENKINTOWN PA Where The Bus Stops At The Door MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP KLENKS SERVICE STATION Complete Washzng Lubrzcatzng Tzre Repazr GLENSIDE and KESWICK AVENUES GLENSIDE PA 93 7 Cf 37 I Y r Ogontz 9032 George E. Klenk. Prop 7 MEET YOUR FRIENDS OVER A MIDNIGHT SNACK KENYON S DUNER Route 152 NORTH HILLS PA INC R EA LTO FQ EASTON ROAD AND WHARTON ROAD GLENSIDE PA RCGERS Cerdmlc KILNS S24 F1om the w1de ChO1CQ of SIZES and models 3ou may select the 1deal kllll fo1 home school 01 stud1o use These nauonally famous k1lns axe admued fo1 then Eltt18Ct1V91'1CSS thou lon lastmg 1ugged con st1uct1on and dependable firm 1esults OIJLI xte cn C1thG1 AC O1 DC Call O1 mute now fO1 mterestmg deta1ls Rogers Electmc K1lns 16 W Glens1de Ave Glens1de HELWEG FUNERAL HOME JENKINTOWN PA 94 7 T , . i-1. .1-Q ., . I . U50 1 . . . y 1 . . 7 . . . b A 1 l 1 1 . 1 1 ' Q ' 1 Cy- v ' 1 ' - Y 33 ' 1 l 1 U g 1 -. xaz I ' 1 1 ' L ' -7 , . PASTRIES BREAD ROLLS V and M BAKERY FOR FINEST QUALITY BAKED GOODS 507 TOWNSHIP LINE fOppos1te Atlant1c Stauonj ELKINS PARK Prompt Delzvery on Orders For Speczal Etcnts A Complete L1ne of Breyers Ice Cream Courteous Booth SGFVICG Call Ogontz 9079 421 YES YOU KNOW THE WAY' Upon the threshhold of you1 1 du'1t1on hem 1t Ab1n ton H1 h School vou SCIIIOIS should be cos 1117 111 of the fict thsnt x nu w1l1 not be out ln '1 st1'111 e new wolld when you lmve these h llowcd l1 lls YOL l'axe hid the benefit of leaxned mmds nd kllecl 111 t1uc lon You oaxe learned the paths wh1ch you pass F1om now on you1 ohll t1o1 to 5 Jlll elf to 5ou1 Alm'1 MWIQI and tl youl Cllllfllly w1ll hc to ne llke '1 1e1l Amc 1C.1Y1 to Q wc g, I'lQ1OL,1Sly ymulsclf to cxery t'1sk you ue c1llcd upon to DLIIOIDI W'e 111 tnc newspipm pubhshmg busmess for mole than a half century know the gland feelln wh1ch comes through dome good work We extend our mcere congratulatmns to the 1941 G1 duate Qt Amn ton Senlor H1 h School Publzslzers smce 1894 JOHNSON STREET JENKINTOWN PA CHARLES J HARTIVIANN 8520 OSCEOLA AVENUE Elklns Park Pa ROOFING HEATING HILLSIDE CEMETERY COMPANY ROSLYN PENNSYLVANIA 95 . ' I . . . . , . ' Q 'gm C' '-1 '53 'pl ,N - .S A. Ml 'ix 1 I K I UH '1 ' L . .C g ' . 1 a - Q 1 . 1 . ' ' a 5 1 ' s I l' . I ' . ' will guide your approach to success. You will recognize the milestones as ' ' . ' 'Qa',1 1: 'F '. 1 1 . C '. 1 ' ' '. ' 1 lA'- ' .. Q: 'I'-'E. A111 fe ' ."ol' 1 1 'I . ' ' 1 ' 2 1 . 1' ' . . ' ' A 1 ' ' I I v , , 1 I gf -a , g g - . J n . 7 , . 7 THE TAYLOR SCHOOL "The Distinctive Business Schooli' FOUNDED 1898 A centrally located school. with delightfully appointed rooms. an environment which develops the best in the young man or woman. Stenographic, Secretarial, Medical Secretarial, Administrative-Accounting. Business Administration and General Business courses, Thorough equipment. Personal interest in every student. DAY - EVENING Approved by Pennsylvania State Committee on Standards Member, National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools Member, National Council of Business Schools Call, write or telephone for catalog, - Rlttenhouse 6-6434 1207 CHESTNUT STREET A FRIEND Ol? THE CLASS OF 1947 CEMENT LIME SAND WILLIAMS and KOLLOCK CINDER BLOCK AND SUPPLY COMPANY 109 125 EAST GLENSIDE AVENUE Ogontz 2402 Glenside Pennsylvania WILLOW GROVE Federal Savings and Loan Association W G 0917W 96 81 NORTH YORK ROAD Two Smart Shops for the School Crowd at A L L E N S GERIVIANTOWN JUNIOR SHOP FOR 9 TO 15 s TEEN SHOP FOR 10 TO 16 s CHELTEN AND GREENE GE 8 7000 L G BALFOUR COMPANY Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges OFFICIAL ABINGTON CLASS RINGS Dzplomas Commencement Announcements Rings and Pins 1601 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 3 PENNA OGONTZ 989 C D LAMPHERE Electrzcal Contractor HOTPOINT APPLIANCES 2001 Mt Calmel Ax enue 1 H111 CLINTON R SPENCER, JUNIOR Buzlclzng Mazntenance Construction N01 th Hllls, Penney lvarua ALBERT FARBER Prescrzptzons H1 1 school Rd 8: Park Ax enue Elkms Pdxk P1 Mehose 1230 GREETINGS ELKINS PARK NATIONAL BANK Elkms Pa1 k, Pa I .Zi TT' LQ lift.. 2.?,,,,, IQ, :l ,ff I . 7 I 7 k.f 7 I O I CC JJ - , . 5 1 - ' - ' , 7 . , - f I . - X 5. , .,' E. Q , . . Nortl Pa. ------ff-Q I Il 9 ABINGTCDN BANK ci TRUST CGMPANY CASA CONTI G1SHSldS Pct l'lz11101f.v fbi' Ifflld l"oor1'.v I 0 SCHUTTI3 ci KQILRTING CQ PHIIADELPHIA PA IIIDIQCIIUOIT oi compflom offlce elp of the fxblll ton Suucn H1 H School 'IA'-I -1 J . . 3 in E3 " X h fLlI'l1iShCCl by the Commercial IJCIJLIITIIICI11 'V I 7617 I5 0 Isilblflfllft or If xpemfzzf It Lalmul ln CllSDLl1S-Lfl xxlth m suhstliutacl fox It should he of fl! I COl'lS1CLlclll0N ID ex IX nnprn It undeltalung VVL 1116111 QXDLIILUCL thy speuil 17nd expclmnu, such IS we oflu IN the flulcl of Schml Annualpl1uto.,1a1Jhx xl x L u h xc h hx bun Qhusgn Oflluil Y lQge5 inn., out 1 Ya xboolx IS C1 oncn lI'1 .1 llful undeltakmu I1 IS thuef 19 ood to lcnoxx that thue 18 avfulabln to xou lll thy expounnce th at IS necemux to meet thu unusual emu Qncx Youll find oul UIQHWIYIIIOII slnllcd md lLSOLllLLfL1l Ulll f?1C1l1IILS If LXLIX pmhlun ummm W111 Ye nlnuulx Phutu 1 lpn ZAMSI Y STUDTQS 1001 MARKIIT WI 'REEF PHILADELPHIA ,W , 2 - 57 - 1 K , , 1 , I , J , . , I I .. i ' . , ,X 7' . . . ' , , ij I -S - 1 l vf ' ' , ,Q . v ' .tal ' Y' 'A ' l w ml xl' I-'ur J . I B' '42 - '43 N., ,-'B .,V- 3 lkf 1 x.' u V I ' ff" A' .... The ix whl' your aft 11' K' Kar. wc ex 'H hm-cn onorocl -' -' gg ' 51 " iz car- hcmk Plwlugwlplucl' hy many lL'Zll'llllQ Svhcmls and Col- A 1 . . , G0 ' 5- 2 ' ' "-' -' -' I 'mu . . ' U ' . , . ix . O , A . I - - - - - 4 ' as f ' , y E A If -' 3. Z I ...Z . . ". P. E J ng X lv, r I 4 . n v-A'i' 'ff' x Q 41,1 1.x - and 'I:3Ulll'C'0S amplv tu mcvt I ' X ' - ' N 'tl-cl ' l I2 ' ' Q1 l XX .. F- Q 41 ki 'A r .

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