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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1942 volume:

1 .I 1-.-,.,-13' M 1 1 .ESM I 'I 1 ' .1 new 1 ,L 1-a.,,1 UYHZL A 'Y' ' if 1 1.- 1.54- J I1 'O I u 'Ns .1 Ay , 1 1 L in X ez 6 A 4 Mx 1 .lp 1' 4 QW 1 A 1 K K. Q' L 4? I I 1 1 1 a 4 v . P , N' 1' V 01.-.1gg'1 .,,f..L ' 4 X X . . .,. ,V 2- 1 .51 1.. 5 11.13.11 ar ' AM" k11u-1'- N 1 1 -MA .fx K , 1. Y f 4 'XT-Q '- 'ni 'fs'- 1 all-'-' 6 -v n-'Kb . ' ,vi fgwiiff , 11 . '-.M ,j1':"K 1 11' 4 15' , '15 y- -j . 151 . 'Ml wf' 1: 1-1+ lzf 1 fl 13- 'f .-L 73 5,5 --ln.-1 " 1 fvifffg-.1 -' ' !g" ii f . ' :h i S ' ' ffifg 11 1: Q 'T i'- 1 i-.-ffff .' S ?f'."l1-f.. " fjg-1 if "ll 1.12, , c L' Z HQ... 2 1 1 gl ' . ' .1 1 E 'I':. -, flu My T 4.1-5,7 . Y 5 I My 1 1 wifes 1 lux xl F? 7 i 1 I ,1, L 'E Y. ,' U 1 ' ' M- 1 'Lv J' aa 4 fc M ,.ykT,1,, -I 1 f f 1 1 Q1 1 . :dl K M141 41 N 9 .-1, I S, gf rx' fl: 1 , N 1 J' ' Q. I 1 v , ff 1 ff -J I Em- ' :"'1'.- 4 1 -,miif .31 J ,431 f 6 14,-5 1a 41, Ns " r ar , j I ,115,1., .5515 . 1 I 5133 .1 N,..,-VH: 1 1 1 1.1 1 V 1 ,T I nl' 1 f 1 js l X : ' 1 Lv J A 1 , fig 1 PA 1 , 11 -.1 -.1 if . mx -1 u-55? '1. , V 'Y' 5 - 51 1.3 1 A1 x . J X .fir A 1 wi .N .psf '4 J r R 1 4 Q 1 1 . 1, jul' -LIT . f 2- 1- 1. 21 1 - 1..: ' f- -3.1 Q1 'J Si 4 - , ... if - I , :J . . . . A I. I ' ' ..- 1 . .11 ' if 1 - 1' at Q 1 . . . ,- . ' . 1 F Q - f .11 Z ' -1 '11-rf' " .- , 5 il .4 ' U J 41. I, ' ' . A .iff uf . 4. ,. ,V I -' ,g, 1 l ' ' . -1 ., "' u 1 - - , 5 1- , ' 1 . ,g ,f K 1 K 4 A f L X?" If . JY' I . fi A" ' by A 1' 3. 1 f . . l' -'kwa , '11 ,U 5 , 4 1 ,, ,lg,,1..- , 1- -. 1 - '.2e'1'r . " p, J 1 1 N , 'sian--111.-if ' 9.12.1 1 1 ' f' 1 -1126 ,1 1 . 3 1 ,. ' ., .1-1' - ' , 1- A.. J - ' .11 ' r V 4.-, . ..-, FN Fibx .E ,FR - 1 'X +" kfnj 1- - ., I., 2, .. .JV sgtwzi Aff xg? ' I f f-fl -. ...bl .7 ,mg iw V J ,, 34 1' 1,7112 ,I 3 1 5- . Z f: 1 - L,-I x K' Nl L' My . J' C- N! --ev N, Y r B,-'di -F-, , -A 'J X I ky NX. , W , .. 1 x T I . if :R af, ,I 5: "F I K. .- Ll 1 Q-wx . ,i ' 5 : VL! . f ' X35 . ' ,f- " ' -- y ,ff HY , Jil A -'Y' 5 I ' . .V ug F if 6,9 r '? ' , . " i 1 ,E Y' if -I3 " ' ', A ,f lu f. A 1 " W' av ' . 'J' v-:X I I . f' J 1 --4 - -rf . ' --1-iwrzx, 'va . '-X 1 w Q' A h A N po ' fx .3 . , . V . J' A ' fig. s 1, 4 , rf' - 'A 'E . , .-' 3 1 ,J- , . ' l ' ln., J.- ' ' Lf, X , -1 ,Af- , '1 .I 1 're gg 'E .-41' . M , A 1 l "No maH'er how long il' may rake us, 'lhe American people, in Their righfeous mighi, will win lhrough fo absoluie vlclory bingfon looks ahead eyond 'Phe furmoil of foday n offering irs si'uden'l's ew and be'H'er courses, eared fo fir fhe world of omorrow, a world buili' n rhe principles of democracy ow and forever. '!"'w.' N11 , L. lf- T, , fa, fl FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT viiiih A fl . v 1 . A ,fl f 1 1 Ag r' - wwf:-We r I , .,' ,Wx aah' , , 5 . ,, X V. A nw, f ff Sf, '.' V Ili V nie - 'il Z db' ' ' nl . Ip amd , 7942 w u H M M ww gi V ,. J., Lzhgw ,fyfggr ,gsffim I , .. .f 5' 3- LQ ijiiigg : " if 1. ,-S T: V-Q vi-.LT X,--1 -,- X X , xX 4 , , -5: 3wgL.1'3 , N 5,1-W. v 13 , 4 ' .ff , LH f' f xf N ,. ' " R " if LQ ,,- ,Q f ' " iii. . if ' vfwxig '- '21 . +1-Q k .A+ fywi .. ,W - , , Q-X Ew. kv wa f' ,um wr, , N ZX 5 ,, , ' a d , bf ,N ' ' -, N .I g H- ' 1 Fav. Mrk . ki K' ' x ,M-ng JE- , AEP. Y-1 ' 1:-. H f 1 , ,, .. ,w V. 1 . 4 -- fr. s ' ' . .V jc. . . . , N A .. 9412 A H 2 - 'M ' " ' .A ' H iq " fm" ,.,, sf E21 '35 , i ti lig,-fgkbfg i ,-,,, 4- -. - H 1 , WWW. -Q. -.. , M V z:-,1-qv -' 2 4. 1 " f.,: . ,. . H K W f 69 , Y A . V ii, , 1 A f , , T I " I M - w 'Y , . f - , ,:"e,-+A. . ' 1 , few-.--'--Af -- - V. ' - --,U-. ' f 'ux.':4.:-,- 4' fa n ff . -' -'-1' a.s.4uLg..:..' ".-..E.Q.g ., .-, 15- , ,:,- wn:y"'A..1v:. Y- vm- ,.,:,L:.-1 -r.- f-r'-' - 1- -an.-Ep. - -- gg-'.. W ,ljwry-,ll Y , ., "'fA.f,mN,qQ,, -N X X X , , 'w,XX ,, wgi H, 'X,,1 X . X X, , "' , Y 11 W:vij',, I XA M' , " 1' " ' -u A ffl KF .v ww 'A' 1 F '. mf'-W ' ,, . -M ,gf ., M. ,, X aw , 1 ,, E , , gp , g U, 1' ' - im, f' ' V, .X ,-,- XT X. X X - ,W , 1' 51 Q pf I, '. . .,f -X X X.X 1 1-A , W 'L ' ,H . w .+,:f , , 'A' 1 ., L .XX lz.. , , ,, X5 f g, , .' 5 Q, JU if I ' L - : 'Y 3 I ' ,' '1 ,. 'z ' ,' ' 1 1 1 , -2 ,. ,. x ,,X, fm: 1' ' f 1 :-. ' 'L . . 'fy ,. ' J If ffgiwi, ' W 1, ' F- tr ' ,QL , , 5 ,i .,,... -H ' -,,"W Q, 1, ' 4 UTY 1' W1 " 1' "J" 'W , E s I xg' -f'v':b-ww -:J X ' ,, .- X I H 5 ' X A. 1 , - l, Wu ,N . - Wi ' ' 'S gg "gf: :Q ' idrz: 1 4 ' . I ,, ,,,, ,:l. Q X Q55 , 4 gl ' . -f ,Xqgggz 1, ,f 1 11 - vga. fr 1 , r L 1 v1ifs.E,s31 - 1, - . , I :gli N ,Q M, -1 f gf f 4' 5 -- H ,1 X' ' Q31 :J .4 5 'XD 'a LT' , X 6 A C ' '- . 1 E 1 I ' ' P -1 ,h 1: J ' XX N- -, 'p 'ff' Y . sg as Xi H M, 2 .w N 'V I w M ff X 5-, . V 2 n Q 1 U 4 .4 Us . 1 5, -., '- 7' ' Wiwik H Ak XXX aw ----'H MMM ,,,,,,,,,..---f..,,W i' X .. , ,.:k. 1,5 ,A i Q E, ,.f .-.vw Y Irfan A 1, 1 ...AS A -2 . .f - v,- Y ,-.pq , 'iq-f ' .el--'ey --H -5,5 , ' ' ,, .V ,. ,fi WFT3x?'TfF'5, ' ' 5 - ' ' ,--ff' ,, - ,.f-wa 'N 1. ' . ' -2- 1-, ,.,- y, . -, ' ' ,- Miva, -V .. . ,, pf-Y' , l f .... W ,X - X -,IF , , gvtsf-sf,gffv' A 'f L T I ' w ,,12,:iEl, E Em , ' W Y A115 ,, ,w A M, X. .. X 5 Y ,.1f,f-"gf ' V611 mf? 1 -"- 211, ' 2 , W 91 W X X L:Q,f5,X,s5 X X , .Em ,XXX .-- ,g,m.,,,,,.,. W-gi-Pgfw: 1 n H, -f--wawg ' , . ' GN' iw W 1 x X NX ' X -- - W ,,, .gg :L n' , , , v QX , 4 ' ,'f r - E41 - .Q 'ft . ' - ,, 5 1 , . - -mms -'L W F-if ' 'Q sq, ,. -fi.. N 5234 wk fddnu, JOHN F. REICHARD DANIEL M. DEMPSTER, JR To The spiri+ of American youllw . . . +l1a+ invincible will of a genera- fion called upon +o preserve democracy Hwrouglwouf lime world, +o lhose who are giving Jroclay Their services-'rlweir lives if need be. +o Jrhose who are preparing +o oicier 'rhemselves in ine fu+ure Jrhal America may survive as a governmenl ancl a people i'ruly free- we. ine seniors of I942, cledicale our Yearbook. - ,L . :L , 1 ..-emu .law -24 i v f .fix ,Ag fi! ,fl l ,:-4 :Y FSL.: 1 LL. w 1" V 1. f"J'I-f J -r 7" W' 'Q -, .H , -fs. Q Ccllw lonlmd. JOSEPH C. WEIRICK JWENTY-FOUR years ago, a small counTry schoolhouse. nesTled on The slopes of AbingTon. and iTs sTudenT body oT a hun- dred boys and girls awaiTed eagerly Tor Their new principal, sum- moned Trom a disTanT Pennsylvania counTy by SuperinTendenT Edward S. Ling, To Take up his duTies in The York Road area's TasTesT growing high school. ThaT man who came To AbingTon more Than Two decades ago was Joseph C. Weirick. l-lis unTiring eTForTs as principal in The ensuing years Transformed ThaT liTTle rural high school inTo one of The largesT and mosT highly respecTed educaTional insTiTuTions in The Philadelphia suburbs. Since Mr. Weirick Took over The Township superinTendency in I934. on Mr. Ling's reTiremenT. his Three mosT noTeworThy accom- plishmenTs have been The building of The modernly equipped voca- Tional shops aT AbingTon, The change To a iunior high sysTem wiTh a Three-year high school. and The consTrucTion oT The 5200.000 gymnasium. ' As he has molded buildings inTo Tine insTiTuTions, so he has helped To shape The characTers oT The Thousands of children in The AbingTon schools. This year in June. a Tired man, weakened by ill healTh, lvir. Weirick Tinishes his educaTional work here and reTires To The leisure and resT he has so well earned. A shrewd American philosopher. Emerson, has Truly said, "l-le is greaT who conTers The mosT beneTiTs." AbingTon Township will Tor years To come reap The rewards oT Joseph C. Weirick's wise planning Tor The TuTure. SuperinTendenT J. C. WEI RICK jaw ' aL Bnafwl, AlberT W. Zackey. Pres. Wm. l-l. Holmes. Jr. E. B. Ayres, Jr., Vice-pres. William S. ArmsTrong J. Lewis Fre+z Edward G. Zepp, Treas. E. Wayne Jenkins Louis C. lv1eTz, Secy. lNon-memberl Uww, Pant: Always looking ahead. Al:JingTon l-ligh School has led The way in building a beTTer communiTy oT educaTed ciTizens. ln This war emergency, which is TesTing The qualiTy and sTrengTh oT every public insTiTuTion, The high school is a viTal cenTer of cornrnuniTy acTiviTies. Looking inTo The TuTure and seeing The need Tor leaders and workers To rebuild our peace-Time socieTy, AloingTon l-ligh School is inTensiTying iTs eTTorTs To develop The individual powers and eThical characTer oT every boy and girl in The Township. Joseph C. Weiriclc. was K Thescjare crifical days for America. TL-I V lea- 2' 'Qfifa I- 1 fl.-I , ' i ..Vh3"d ' . gs m V 3 ln md'S'l'ig1g Abingfon High School loolss a ea d 1-eciin . Lei' us make sure i-haf whai' we are defending an pro g of our American ideals. Abingfon l'lii3h School wishes +o do ifs h cl. From 'Pima +o iimfyilei us "our way gf life. challenge. Bu?-4 fha? we, lgnow are vqgrfhy Principal. 3 Qui' Aes den . who fel? ,is 0cfi,a7aiLlZH ana! help us to mend them? Q--. 2 N R ' ng W. H. Mbrighg ' Heian P. Briggs E. A. Brunner G. E. Buriingion Doroihy Caiheii Chairman of Maihemaf, Librarian iviaihernaiics ' Science Enqiish ics 22531 il - 6' a f .1 V A Yr! u fa . alt f fe, fe . S Q- f.i i i n w.WSp i f R L I J. S. Furniss P. T. Ganii George S. Gessner Gerirude E. Her-Log J- ire Kfeidef Commerciai Chairman oi French iviaihemaiics, Science Giris' Physioai Educaiion Sociai 5691169 6 ' S1 55 .. L , ,:,' 3 ,u n in H .Ei X X M. B. Messinger Kaiharine Miiier Pauiine E. Nunn T. Carroii O'Brien Edna S, Poweii Chairman oi Science Enqiish Househoici Aria, Enqiish Vocal Music German, Spanish, Enq iish ,Q 1 'TN Q1 Gerirucie L. Tu Leonard B. Smiih Daie S. Snodgrass Gvienn R. Snodgrass Lewis C. Swarh insirumeniai Music Boys' Physicai Educaiion Boys' Physicai Educarion hliaihernajrics, Reiaied Enqiish and Hisiory Shop Subiecis ' THB! gl-. 'M IIB awk W A 3. ,- by David Clafll. Jr. Helen M. Clark Machine Shop Social Sciences E. -1, 1 ii., iffifiiiii Jil. George F. Erb A. Donald Franh Commercial Jane V. Davis Home Economics Science J fl l LE RF N 'H ic . "" Q' rs 4 . t 1' ff :sl e l V , -L.1'JL'1'i,.h 1, i Elmer A. Lissfeli Caiharine E. Lobach M. Geraldine Masl' Frank McClean Chairman of Lalin Girls' Physical Educaiion Machine Shop D. E. Krueger Chairman of Commer- Social Science cial ICF ' '.'L.' 1, ' -fu, 'i , Q- "2 . fivffiiif .,J: X1 5 S ix N i ,gb KF-P Edwin U. Smiley Ch ries C Rolaerls Edward R. Selher Chairman ol Social L'l'an J. Reichard a . 'al English SCiCri Roberi J. Rapp Woodworking Chairman o p i i F S ariish Commerci 85,1 .WIUN .- on vi 'X ,KN C 3 E". ,Q .145 ll! ' fs.. ii ' '35 5" vrixi' H -in, . J Q- ix Walker Alice F. Weaver J. Shaylor Woodruff Emelus G. Worlman Ralph M. Wrighi Zaidee G. Wyafr M lhemaiics Prinrinq Drailing Dean of Girls. Chairman ol English Kaihryn P. Ari Commercial a 1 Mm K I " -, -, - v an- ,.f :sim- 3-Thi' 5' . J lil WHA' in ,g-'12 Y ,,,.5.... x , 'Q','x fa ,J r' , , '.s ' 545.7173 ,M xii Q I R-'. 'uf -'s-QV H"""'5- 15,5 9 .lei x-f ef . vxxytum 1 ,- n gs f4fr'!f" ' J' 1. 'L z?"'l:: M-1,4 'X A f' 'Ni 'V ,f 311 , '!'fj wa A by . I 1 ' x .1 "xx fum I We iilisfi, may :iiigg .144 Landis Ta . ylor, Dempde U NL . B. Messlnger, Kem' Alice H arrer. Klau, 7942 CLASS MOTTO . ...... Monl a Having learned, lei us follow Jrhe beller Jrhings. CLASS FLOWER . ......... Tea Rose . Maroon and Silver CLASS COLORS . OFFICERS OF JANUARY CLASS III . . Jesse Taylor, Presideni' lvl. Dempslrer, Jr. . . . Daniel Vice-pres. Secrefary . . . . Alice J. I-iarrer Treasurer . . . . Paul M. Landis . Charles H. Kern A.A. Repres. . K Z . . We have learned lhar all wor lear vision. honesl rhinking, and We are learn- lc which demands exaciness, c sieady applicalion is worih doing. ing Jrhar morale means adhering ro a course of aciion wiih conslanr delerrninalion. So lei us if ward wilh courage in lhe qreal work of " ' ' " of iomorrow. go or esrablishing 'rhe befier 'rhings M. B. MESSINGER. Class Sponsor. 13 xii? 'l i is , ea, is ' xg r . A E. MARY LOU ISE ABEL Classical Chips. Quiel' bul friendly. Larin and Bowling clubs. Secrerary. Girls' Efiquelre club. J.F.E.Abing- Ionian. Girls' Hi-Y presideni. Hockey manager. Likes music and dogs. Ambifion-lo be a creafive wrirer. HARRY W. BAKER General Useful. lvlusically inclined. Hill- billy band. Trurnpel player in band. A Cappella choir. Eliza- berhan Singers. Ever Since Eve. Likes 'Io read. Fu'Iure member of Naval Reserves. MILD RED M. BI RSN ER Midge. Always obliging. Band. ihree years. Orcliesira, four years. Elizabeihan Singers. A Cappella choir. Girls' Glee club. The Gon- cloliers. J.F.E. Senior play. Likes kniiling and piano playing. Ambi- iion-secrelarial work. L:..fC . - - ,,- , 2 ew I I h , , Commercial iii? ,. ' is 'D : ,E S . is 'JM ,,, I Y - 3211. 7938 - .Srrluwl MILDRED A. BORNEMANN Scienlilic Fasridious. Abinglonian sraif. A+- Iendecl C.S.P.A. convenfions a'I' Columbia and Drexel. Pianisl in orclneslra, 'rl-iree years. Home eco- nomics al' Drexel nexi' year. Am- bifion-dieliiian. IRWIN C. CAIRN5 Engineering Buzz. Respecied. Siudeni' Council, rhree years. Varsily soccer. Abing- lonian and Yearbook. Sporis wriler. Ever Since Eve. Engineer- ing school nexl year. lnleresred in avialion. Hopes lo be an avialion engineer. MILDRED I. ADAMS General Millie. Swimming and sewing en- lliusiasl. Good dancer. Baskelball blazer, senior year. Pan-American program. Plans 'Io be a nurse. EDWARD F. BARTLAM General Eclclie. Quiei' bur cooperalive. Band and orclwesira, four years. Isl assislanl direcror of band. A Cappella choir. Elizabeflnan Sing- ers. Likes playing in bands and arranging music. Ambilion - 'Io become a musical insiruclor. DAVID M. BLUMENTHAL Commercial Duel. Always smiling. Boys' Eli- quelle club. Presidenl of Slamp club. Cerliiicaie for clerical abil- iiy Iesls. Sfamp colleclor. Oui' for baseball and soccer. Ambition- accounianl. lad. ' S ROBERT J CALLAHAN General buyer. JEAN A BO RTHWICK Commercial Sandy. Always helpful Slyle Rifle Bowling clubs Vice presideni' of Caravan club Hobbies embroid ery, ice skaiing eahng Ambihon -Io be a prlvale secrelary Bob. Quier as a sleam shovel Honor Roll Periecr aliendance awards. Ellqueile Checker clubs Coin collecior Business school nexl year Ambihon Io be a CORNELIUS J. CARLIN General Connie. Shy. Experl wifh eulo- mobiles and molors. Likes fo work ma'rh problems. Lefierman in 'Fool- ball. Radio and Aufomobile clubs. Wanls lo forge? girls when he graduafes. Ambilion-a good air- plane mechanic. ' KATHLEEN M. CAULEY General Kay. Likes fo sew. Girls' Glee club, junior year. Radio broad- casl. Eliquelie club. President Job-Finding club. Already working as a salesgirl. Plans lo be book- keeper. CAROLYN A. CHICK Commercial Curl. Likes skaling. dancing, maih. Good speller. Eliquelle, Checker. Job-Finding clubs. Already work- ing as a bookkeeper. Plans some day lo be fhe ideal secrefary. HAROLD E. CASE Vocalionel Casey. Especially inferesled in 'raking cars aparl. Foolball le'H'er, senior year. Plans 'io be an aulo mechanic some day. Endman in class highf minslrel. MARION M. CENEVIVA General Mickey. Fulure beaufician. Enjoys foolball games, dancing, and sing- ing. Secrefary of Slyle club in junior year. Parficipaled in I94-I Glee Club Concert Hobby-col- lecling recipes. GILL CHUBB Engineering Firsl hall of 'rhal' blond soccer duo. Baskelball, sophomore and junior years. Tennis. Boys' Eli- quelle club. Fulure poullry farmer. Inferloculor in class minsirel. s' -. Y' .jifwf ' A 'i . : : li 413 2 i s . uh I f, 4: QF' i A 'ff-Hai. if 3-A RALPH CHUBB U FRANK V. CILIBERTO Engines,-ing E- P Vocafional Chubby. Willing and energelic wif . C9llY- Ouief buf i"l9"'dlY- Won worker 'lor any worlhwhile cause. ' A 6 hisjyagily jeiiej wigasllinjg. Curj Good-nalured. Three-year leHer- g 7 1.10 V. W ' 'ef' l Ven 5 CU - SUS MY .0 man in soccer. Enjoys Tennis and R' hw. 5' Q P"'ni"nQ Club- Hobby -' making baskelball. Conscienfious. Eli- . Q, fi . lools- Plans 'lo enisl' ""3lU5i"'Y 'Sher queile, Sporis, and Bird clubs. iifql-' 9VadU6i'0n- Fulure engineer. 1- ij lk , We CHARLOTTE L. COLLADAY WJ IRENE MARY COX Classical f' ' I Cldsslcil Honor Roll sludenl. Member of Ccxy- Dependable- J-F-li monog- Sludenl Council. Fun-loving. Hob- ing edilor. Abinglonian slaff. Song bies-riding and knilfing. Eliquelle is leader Of Lelirl Club. Hi-Y. The and Lalin clubs. Allended C.S.P.A. conference in New York. Girls' Hi-Y. Ever Since Eve. J.F.E., Abingfonian, and Yearbook sialfs. Gondoliers. Elizabelhan Singers. A Cappella choir, and Glee club. Ambilion-missionary. lnferesis- music and foofball. Spanish pro- gram. Yearbook edilorial board. isa, . WILLIAM R. COX General Coxie. Boisierous. Friendly. Pres- ' N 'Ion Hughes in Ever Since Eve. "if, Cross-counfry manager. Secreiary K' of Boys' Eliquehie, A Radio and I Science, and Prinfing cIubs. JEAN Y. DeKALB General Jeanie. Modest Unassuming. Siu- cIenI Council. Hi-Y secreiary. Abingionian. Secrefary of Camp- ing Arfs and Lafin clubs. Hobby - colleciing inIeres'I'ing siones. Ambiiion-io be a medicai secre- Ia ry. I w Hi frog' y 3 .:..- g, -- ' ' 'Zz' 'Ii .. SWF L'-5. 3 ' I ' I :wif . . 0 'iid R1 , . 1 . QEESKIQ I . I . xr . ,iw - ., .,. er we eg V C Q5 General Classical minsfrei. mfr.. 7940 - gm mm Gyms CHARLES T. EARN EST Vocafional Chick. Easy-going. Moiio-Live and lei Iive. Siellar performer on 'Ioo'IbalI and wresiling varsiiies. Presicled over Golf and Boys' Eli- queH'e clubs. ALVINA C. FRITZ Commercial Alvy.' Quiet Movie expert Likes 'fo slcale and dance. Girls' EH- queiie, Slyle, Checker cIubs. Sen- ior play hosiess. Fuiure office worker. AUDREY M. GAREY Classical Lovely soprano voice. Bewiiching dimples. Srudeni' Council, Fresh- man year. J.F.E. Girls' Hi-Y. Ever Since Eve, Palience, and The Gondoliers. Inreresied in music and dramarics. Member of A Cappelia choir, Elizaberhan Sing- ers. Glee club. CALVIN L. FRIEDBERG General Cal. Came here aiier a year aI Miami high and Denver high. Glee ciub member. Parficipani in Pan-American conference. LEONARD S. GARDO' General Len. Radio and sporis enihusiasi. FooI'baII. Sophomore vice-presi- deni, iunior presidenl of Eleciric Shop club. Expecrs To do eIec- frical work for defense. WILLIAM C. GEISSLER General Goose. Fufure Ranger. Follows fires. I-IiIIbiIIy band member. Help- ful on campus clean-up squad. WILLIAM CURRAN Bill. Always doing somefhing for somebody eIse. Varsi'Iy soccer Vice-presideni. Boys' Efiqueffe club iunior and senior years. DANIEL M. DEMPSTER, JR. Dan. Versaiiie. Popular. Sfudeni Council. Associeie ediior, Year book. J.F.E. Soccer varsiiy. Class A.A. represeniafive in freshman sophomore years. Vice-presideni of senior class. Endman in ciass 85 'oe JACK H. GIBSON Vocafional Jackson. Thoroughly enioys life. Varsify soccer. Capfain of soc- cer feam in 'unior year. Sfudenf Council. Hobby - model air- planes. Plans frip across confi- nenl nexf year. Ambifion - fo lravel. FREDERICA A. GREENSPAN General Freddie. Helpful and reliable. Honor Roll. four years. J'.F.E. Lalin club, fhree years. Freshman Glee club. Enjoys reading, sewing, fravel. Hopes fo become a privafe secrefary. . L Q I ll?-r r' W Pl is 'x 710.0 7947 - GEO RGE E. HAWTHORNE lad. pfwm, wwe 5.11, RUTH P. HEGGE D. ELIZABETH GOLD Classical Goldie. Lively, spirifed. Varsify hockey, fwo years. Honor Roll. Sporfs wrifer for Abingfonien and Yearbook. Lafin, Bowling clubs. J.F.E. Vice-president Camping Arrs club. Ardenf chemisfry slu- denf. ALICE J. HARRER General Alley. Popular and vivacious. Sfu- denf Council, freshman and sopho- more years. Class secrefary, four years. J.F.E. Ever Since Eve. Elizabefhan Singers, A Cappella choir. and Glee club. Vocafional Commercial K Gook. Loyal worker. Sfamp col- Rufus. Quief and friendly. Honor lecfor. Travel enfhusiasf. Vice- Roll, lhree years. J.F.E. fypisl. presidenf, Prinfing club. Fufure Secrefary of Travel club. Typed 'B machinisf in defense indusfry. morning announcemenfs. Hopes fo become privafe secrefary. N - RICHARD C. HELMS Engineering Dick. Tall. Genial. Varsify soc- cer. Sludenf Council. Currenf Evenfs club. Ever Since Eve. ln- feresfs - phofography and avia- lion. Ambifion-fo become avia- fion engineer. Will enfer Drexel Tech. BARBARA L. HERKNESS General Babs. Affracfive bruneffe. Civic Afiifude awards. Sludenf Council vice-presidenf. Sfyle. Dramalic clubs. Drum maiorefle. Senior play. J.F.E. Represenfed Abing- fon af Sfuclenf Council confer- ences. Plays fhe piano. ' 1 7 ALICE P. HEMENWAY General . f, ,gh-J i f S3 . , ig., -Y Paffy-Ann. Dog lover. Early morn- ing sfudy hall procfor. Travel and Job-Finding clubs. Sf. Palriclc's Day broadcasl. Somebody's fufure secrelary. JOHN J. HIGGINS General Johnny. Happy-go-lucky blonde. Fond of faking if easy. Especially inferesfed in drawing machines and airplanes. Plans fo do defense work. 3.5. .ez - 5 ' V, ,Q M, . Qs. ...A 'W 95513 . gif,-.IYQTY . ROBERT M. HILLIARD General Bob. Carefree. Enioys music. A Cappella choir and Elizabefhan Singers. Collecfs Arfie Shaw rec- ords. Plays clarinef. Convincing speaker. Fufure salesman. HELEN M. HUNTER General' Scrappy. Helpful. Collecfs rec- ipes and embroidery. Mission- ary and church supporfer. Travel. Visifinq, and Girls' Efiqueicie clubs. Plans fo affend Bible school. JANE HOPPER General. Hoppy. Talkafive. Jolly. Sfudeni coach for Ever Since Eve. Dra- mafic club, Arf club. Award in arf posfer confesf. Enioys drawing, fashions, dramafics. Ambifion- fashion illusfrafor. JAM ES R. HURLEY General Jim. Musically inclined. Served in Marine band. Played bass horn in band, melopone in orchesfra. A Cappella choir. Collecfs posf cards and agriculiural informafion. Eufure farmer. 0.ec..3-5cl1.onI.hmJm.P 'wwe PAU L H. JONES Vocafional General MARGARET H KELLY Jonesie. Gunner and golfer. Likes foofball and pole-vaulfing. Cam- era and Aufo clubs. Fufure ma- chinisf. An apprenficeship in aero- naufics, nexf year's goal. CHARLES H. KERN General Charlie. Cufe blonde. Varsify baseball and foofball. Dependable quarferback. A.A. Represenfafive, senior class. Sfuclenf Council. President Sporfs club. Likes foof- ball and fun. Class minsfrel end- 'man. Hopes fo gel' defense iob. RUSSELL H. KEYES Commercial Buck. Sunny disposifion. Sfar soc- cer player for fhree years. Cap- fain, senior year. Aufomobile. Currenf Evenfs clubs. Varsify base- ball. Enfhusiasfic sporfs fan. Fufure accounfanf. 1' Peggy. Dimlnufxve. Talkahve. Siu- denf Council. Spelling Bea. Cheer- leader. Chairman of Career Con- ference meefing. junior year. Sfyle, Craff, Scrapbook clubs. Ambiiion -buyer in deparfmenf sfore. ' WILLIAM W. KERRIGAN Vocafional Reds. Presidenf of Vocafional club. Likes machine shop work. Perfecf affendance record. Wanfs fo be iirsf-class foolmaker. JEAN K. KISTLER Classical ' Affracfive. Dimples. Honor Roll, four years. Hockey varsify. Sfu- denf Council. Larin and Efiqueffe clubs. Treasurer, Hi-Y. Abing- fonian. Yearbook. Commence- menf speaker. Likes hockey. fool'- ball. horseback riding. Plans- college--and fhen? 4 l :gf-a " l I' s as-sw- t kxx ,MQ fi v5,7afJ1DE1l'ilE1:!.s fn- - ' HAROLD P. KOPENHAVER General A Kopy. Good-nafured. Talkalive. Rifle and Au'ro clubs. Excelleni driver. Good mechanic. Hobby- piciure and pin colleclions. Am- bilion-'ro gel a good job and 'rhen a good wife. PAUL M. LANDIS Engineering Friendly. Poliie. Co-ediior of Oracle. Senior class ireasurer. Siu- denl Council. Camera, Eiiqueiie clubs. Ever Since Eve. Radio club secreiary. Varsily soccer. Year- book ediiorial board. Builds model airplanes. Commencemeni' speaker. Fuiure plans-Drexel. PAUL L. LACH MAN General Bud. Husky. Never worries. Track leiier for shofpui' and discus. Sec- relary, Auio club. Hobbies- woodworking and Tinkerinq wiih his Model A Ford. Ambiiion-'io gel' a iob. N EWMAN F. LANE Vocalional Jake. Personaliiy plus. Well known as owner of Liille Red Ford. Var- siiy soccer. Held officers' posi in Airplane. Aulo. and Machinisl clubs. Firsl prize al Fleck's Air- plane Show. Ambiiion - airplane 2 mechanic. sfiefis ' mac. 72, 73 - gfmcfa, Zum Shana, fue' JOSEPHlNE M. LIBERG Commercial Jomay. Aiiended Germanlown High 'two years. Eiiqueiie club member. Abingfonian adveriising manager. Enioys riding. Clever pianisf. Plans - business school. Versafile. GEORGE J. MILLS Engineering Millsy. Reserved. Friendly. A+- Tended Olney for Two years. Good musician. Plays frumpef in swing band. Ambiiion - archiieciural engineer. Plans io enier Penn Siaie. ELIZABETH M. O'DONNELL General Beffe.--Everybody's pal. Siudeni' coach, Ever Since Eve. Pariici- pared in assembly debaie. Scrap Book, Dramalic, Caravan. Checker, Bowling clubs. Likes candy. Plans io be a nurse. wmv ..,.. . A , L V ,. ll.. ,iv ,M 5 K-Ci s . J , ii saws-ag. sf. 1 i i ii 5 1' ll 7... .gl ,- , ,, -.- -em . ... , I .riff A j -. ' . If , .... i . ,, -- 1 1 9 5 NATHAN V. MILLICHAP General Reverend. Quiet Homeroom vice- president Sludeni' Council. Check- er, Curreni' Evenis clubs. Spelling Bee pariicipanf. Likes driving, ice skaling, woodworking. Ambirion -au'ro shop ieacher. Plans for nexi' year-Drexel nighi' school. ELEANO RE M. NEHLIG Commercial Nales. Good-nafured and a good sport Varsify hockey and baske?- ball. Baslceiball capiain. Pafience. President Camping Aris club. Glee club. Likes aihleiics, eafing, and sleeping. Makes friends easily. Girls' Hi-Y. RITA A. O RTO LANI Commercial Ree. Reserved buf co-operarive. Oracle business s'ral"F. Mikado. lolanfhe. Pafience. Gondoliers. A Cappella choir. Glee club. Eliza- beihan Singers. Secrelary ai Sears, Roebuck and Company. Ambiiion-io be a good secrelary. , ..,, M gc NO RMA M. PAI NE Commercial Norm. Pleasan'l'. Full offun. Girls' Glee club, Camping Aris, Visii- ing. Job-Fincling clubs. Enfhusi- asiic foolball and baseball fan. Loves chocolafes. Wanis fo work in a large office. ' JOH N B. PHY Scieniific Jack. Good companion. Four-year band member. Maihemalics club. Builds model racers as a hobby. Likes ice slcaiing and ballroom dancing. lnieresied in naval avia- iion. ROSALI E M. PROTIS Commercial Row. Talkaiive. Fun-lovinq. Girls' Glee club. A Cappella choir. Dramaiic, Eiiqueffe clubs. Presi- clenf, Slyle club. Oracle iypisl. Collecis whal-nois. Wanls lo be a good secreiary. T 3" l of ' r Q . 'Y Ha-.e-' DORIS K. PEOERTSCH General Pfoerlschie. Energefic. Slarhockey player. Varsi'ly baskelball. Camp- ing Arls, Modern Dance clubs. Likes cooking, sewing, skaiinq, and all sporls. Full of fun. Aims 'ro be a gym leacher. ALAN R. PRICE General AI. Ouielx I-lelpful. Auio and Priniinq clubs. One of Mr. Woff- man's besl' priniers. Helpful in sale of 'lickeis al' home Foolball games. Ambiiion - a successful prinier. DAVID W. REBER General A Dave. A mischievous lease. Trom- bonisi in band and orchesira, 'Four years. Ever Since Eve. Elizabelhan Singers. A Cappella choir. Hob- bies are iarminq, girls, and music. Ambiiion-'lo be a farmer. Exhib- iied chickens as proiecl. gan. 25 7942 - liao. dl. 511. a8mbm. wzqea. a8M1o, Ahwlq.. NANCY ROBERTS Classical Nan. Peiiie. Laclylike. Treasurer. freshman and sophomore class. Civic Ailiiude awarcl. Honor Roll. Girls' i-li-Y. A Cappella choir. Glee Club, and Elizabelhan Sing- ers. The Gondoliers. Senior play. lnieresied in symphonies. ALLAN S. ROGERS Classical Buckj Bubbling over wilh energy and mischief. Fooiball. Oracle. Yearbook. Ever Since Eve. Eliza- belhan Singers. Secrelary, Currenl Evenis club. Tooihpick consiruc- iions, his hobby. Endman in min- sirel. Plans To slucly law al' Duke, LEAH M. ROBINSON General Lee. Preiiy hair. Allended Ger- maniown High for one year. Faifh- ful office messenger. Siyle club presidenl. Caplain oi bowling leam. Likes designing, dancing. boys. Fulure secrefary. WILLIAM ROTH Engineering Bill. Tall, Dresses well. Band, four years. Orchesira. J.F.E. Ever Since Eve lead. Hobbies--pholoq raphy, drums. Hopes lo become successful archiieclural engineer. Ambifion-'ro have a good iime. y , ll, , .... .,., . 5 I, wi wi , " K--pq' . t W ' N L I y .,.. ROBERT P. RUTTLE General Bob. Enioys life. A good mixer. Besf known for accomplishmenis in music deparimeni. Mikado, Io- Ianfhe. Ever Since Eve. lnieresled in avialion and salesmanship. JOHN J. SCHNEIDER General Johnnie. Affable. Musically 'I'aI- eniecl. Four years in band. Man behind The bass drum. A Cappella choir. Minslrel shows. Taleni show. Ever Since Eve. Hopes To become an opiomelrisi. CHESTER C. SCH UYLER Scienfific Reiiring, conscieniious. and ihor- ough. Came here from Cenfral. Inieresled in model airplanes. maihemaiics, and science. Hopes io enier a ieachers' college. .se lliil 2 i LOUISE M. SCHMUTZLER Classical Wheel. Generous. Companion- able. Siudeni coach for Ever Since Eve. Secrelary of German club. Band and orchesira, four years. Fond of Traveling. MALCOLM L. SCHOENBERG Engineering Mac. Friendly. Ambiiious. Ener- geiic cheerleader. Siudenl Coun- cil. Honor Roll. Took piclures for Abingfonian and Yearbook. Boys' EiiqueH'e club. President Dra7 malic club. Ever Since Eve. Hobby - phoiography. Aspires lo be chemical engineer. E. non-iweu. SH ELLYA General Rolo. Musical and carefree. Var- siiy Ieifer in frack. Gondoliers, Iolanihe, Pafience. Senior play lead. Drum maior. Orchesira, four years. Glee club. Elizabefhan Sing- ers. A Cappella choir. Abingfon- ian. Fuiure business adminislraior. gm. 27 - Pafzubizlc. FLORENCE E. SMITH Commercial I Sielly. Quiet Collecis pins, vases, pennanis. Quillmaker. Scrapbook. Eiiqueiie, Dramaiic, Slyla clubs. Somebody's perfecl' fuiure secre- lary. AN N E STYER Classical Annie. Clever. Good sludeni. Honor Roll. Sfudenl Council. Co- edilor of Abingionian and J.F.E. Yearbook slalil. President Lalin club. Ever Since Eve. A.P.S.L. Laiin award. French club preiecl. Spelling Jream. Likes dance music, cooking, and swimming. Come mencemeni speaker. Jfaluzi CATHERINE M. SOMMERS General Kay. Quiet Sewing enlhusiasl. Likes Io dance. Glee, Eriqueiie, Job-Finding, Siyle Clubs. Fulure office worker. RUTH SWARTLEY Classical Rufhie. Demure. Popular. Secre- iaryefreasurer of Siudenl Council. Won ihree Civic AHi+ude awards. Oracle co-ediior. Yearbook slaif. Ever Since Eve. Vice-president Girls' Hi-Y. Glee club. A Cap- pella choir, orcheslra. Laboraiory lechnician, her fulure career. JESSE TAYLOR General Jay. Quiet Unassuming. Con- genial disposiiion. Consisienl Civic Aliiiude award winner. Four-year presidenl of his class. Oracle. Yearbook. Soccer manager. J.F.E. Arr club presidenl. Commence- meni' speaker. Likes 'ro Travel. Dresses well. Wanis To manage a horel concession. Plans college nexl year. GLADYS VANDEGRIFT General Charming and cheerful. Siudeni coach of senior play. Honor Rall. Girls' l-li-Y. Chairman of Siudem' Council conference. Bowling and Camping Arfs club presideni. l-lobbies-realing, sewing, pholog- raphy, scrapbook. Abindfonian. Head Yearbook iypisl. Reliable worker. Ambilion-srenographer. ARTHU R WANNEMACHER, JR. Classical Ari. Good-looking blond. Soccer varsily. Siuclenl Council. Vice- presidenf, Camera club. Class ireasurer, senior B. l-lobbies-phd rography, girls. Aspiring druqgisl: Will enler Philadelphia College of Pharmacy nexf year. Ambi'rion- lo gel' The mosl oul of life. .30-8'6n.o.w J. ROSS TIPPENS General Tip. Came from Nashville. Ten- nessee, in iunior year. Played clarinei in band ihere. Likes 'ro whisile, play harmonica. Plans- aviarion school. ALBERT R. WACKER Classical Wack. Dependable. Varsily wresf- ling, ihree years. Varsiiy soccer. Currenl Evenls club. Sludenl Coun- cil in sophomore, senior years. Painis signs. Fulure lawyer. FRANCES M. WELSH Commercial Heflis. Vivacious and lalkaiive. Sludeni' Council. Honor Roll. Yearbook and Abingfonian rypisr. Eliquelfe and Slyle club presidenl. Enioys baseball. reading, bowling, and iilierbugging. lvlinsirel show. Commencemenl' speaker. Ambi- Jrion-secreiary or aclveriiser. EDITH SNYDER Apr1l25 l940 ln AFiec+iona+e Memory s fi? 2 f 1 , Wa. A. s , -- gawk -A ,E, , , , , J., qll!landHiA . V Q31 whnigizgteld Hwnem K , .jmdz Ofjzd-I-lil' OH QM mined! Ummm Jim qw flmef ,Domed Muiinq flqdal ifaakfiul Gwfw! JESSE T FXYL Cl YQ i 474: HHRRER VFNUL LHNDX5 DHNXE L HUDREY GAREV DEVHPSTER 'Vs RUTH 'SLJFNRTLEV H LU-WN CHQRLE5 KE RNS QNNE ' :E "."? EDMJHRD BNLEV WEB 'VY TH RUNQ JANE LUX5 NNE HTLGND fb SLUT I ZX HRKSTINE LEU? M HRH FX 5 Q 3 JOHNEQBTQN ,j- ul X Q4 - 'Jn 4, .-.512-Q 1 fs . - , .. - , . --11: .. K' .-3 . .. , -.- . A , , , 1- V .., - 1 5 ,..4 . , " -5 I., 5:':'E5 'Q JHNE5 VUST JGHN I. ,f .,f. ,f PRE '-2:. ss 1 K, H, fffa., . ,v,,f 'ff .ff 411' pi: .ff M, MZ!nE52r vs s 4 f 1,7 " 1 My o 9 511,11 'We QQ 4' Qi, Il bwnf Qiclmmxvfll QE-fel ledi ' aamzm Presideni' . . . Jack Reichard Vice-Pres. . . . . Ed Bailey Treasurer . . . Jim Loder Secrefary . . . Lois Wheailand A.A. Repres. . . . Louis iVollra+h Reichard, Loder, Wheailand, Vollralh, Bailey. Jnflmj : You are living in a mosi cri+ical period of your coun+ry's hisiory-one 'lha'r requires courage, faiih, service, and sacrifice. Aloingfon has endeavored To develop in you ihese qualiiies. So conduci' yourself in your home and communiiy life during l'he difiicull' days ahead Jrhai' They shall become W. H. ALBRIGHT. Class Sponsor. flaw, 7942 an iniegral pari of your personaliiy. CLASS COLORS . . Rose and Silver FLOWER . . ........ Camellia MOTTO . . If we never iry, we shall never succeed ' 6' Ulfzkma. Presideni' ........ Ed Bailey Vice-pres. . . Rona l-larringion Treasurer . . Francis Cook Secreiary . . . . Miriam Race A.A. Repres. ,. . Edward Wineburg Cook, l-larringion, Wineburq, Mr. Albright Race, Bailey. JUNE L. ADAM General Member of Dramaiic and girls' Eiiqueile clubs. Known for her blue converfible. Likes kniiiing. Plans for college and a career as fashion designer. MARIE L. AMBLER Commercial Lee. Very much alive. Capiain oi girl cheerleaders. Girls' Eii- quefie, Siyle, Job-Finding, and Glee clubs. Likes embroidery, dancing, driving. lniends io be a secreiary. BEATRICE M. BATES General Bea. Quier and shy. Secreiary oi Siyle club. Girls' Glee club and A Cappella choir. Likes ari' and music. Plans io be a nurse. HORACE E. ALLEMAN. JR. Classical Ted. Drum sergeani in band. Vice - presidenl of Golf club. Double Trouble. Local l-lisiory and Chess clubs. Honor siudeni. Oracle. Yearbook. Likes horses, girls. Plans 'ro go lo P.M.C. EDWARD A. BAILEY Classical Ed. Senior B presideni. Senior A vice-president Siudeni Council Treasurer, presideni. Caprain of cross-couniry. Abinqionian sporls edilor. Yearbook ediiorial board. Civic Aiiiiude award. Track, bas- keiball. Follows ihe races. Will aiiend Drexel. NANCY M. BEALE General ' Beale. Good-naiu red. Fun-loving. Eiiqueiie club. J.F.E. Besl known for her Green l-lornei. Ambiiion -'ro live our Wesi. I H . 6, 7939 - jbuzt flume,-y.can. dau, uvzolb. FREDERICK J. BECKER General Easy-going. Chrisfmas play. Cur- reni Evenis and Dramaiic clubs. Plays irumper in band and orches- ira. Germaniown Symphony or- chesira. l-las good iob wairing for him when he graduaies. ROBERT D. BIGELOW Classical Bob. Le'H'er in frack. Hisiory club, Cross-couniry Team. lnlerclass run award. Double Trouble. Yearbook. Nonchalanl. Abingionian. Debaie club. Pholographyenlhusiasi. Plans lo join Air Corps. AMELIA L. BIAGI General Amy. Peppy. Leader ai' Girls' High. Siuolenr Council. Yearbook. Gondoliers. Double Trouble. A Cappella choir. Modern Dance club. Monogram for baskelball. l-lobbies-books, dramaiics, gym work. Fuiure physical educalion Teacher. Excelleni in apparaius work. RICHARD T. BILLIAR General Dick. Transferred from Lewisrown in junior year. Swimming and 'fen- nis. Chess club. Likes sporis and driving. .Plans io sludy mechanical engineering. 27 is FLORENCE M. BINDER Flossie. Typisi for Abingionian. Library and Eriquerre clubs. En- lhusiasr in secreiarial lield. Plans +o go lo business school before l Commercial 1 1 1 A!" working. ' 75 75, 5 EVA BORDIN Classical lnielligenl. Capable. l-lonor Roll in sophomore year. Laiin, Reading clubs. On baskeiball squad. Am- bifion-'ro see The Grand Canyon. Plans lo alrend college. Good sfudenf. JOSEPH A. BRAUN Engineering Nanchalanl Joe. Baseball man- eqer. Member of Sramp and Chess clubs. Lilces phorography. Plans lo go fo college. HOWARD BLANDAU Commercial Bucl. Presidenr of Narure club. Likes hirch-hiking. Known for his spirir al' games. Plans lo become a business rnan. TOM BOWEN General Tom. Tall. clark, brusque in man- ner. Minsirel Show. Helper in English sloclcroom. Apiilude for mechanics. Will go 'ro work afler gradualion. JEANNE BRISBIN. General Brizzy. Cheerful. Fun-loving. Dra- maric, Bowling, Reporlers' clubs. Chairman, E'rique'l'+e club. Oracle. Yearbook. Swimming manager. Sru- denr coach, senior play. Likes rid- ing and linilling. Noled 'For pen- manship and noise. Ambi+ion-so- cial service worker. l ' .. 31", .mfs 5 k 2 me ' X rf' X i ' x i My ig 57 I i ,,.f,..,.,.., ' pq-5353 ' X il' '-5 " r 1 " F' 1-ff 1 1 A 1 un L, JJ 3 Rl K JAMES R. BROADU5 Vocational V Jimmie. Ready smile. Junior var- siry ioorball lerrer. Twirls baron for American Legion band. Am- birion-lo lead a band of his own. JOHN W. BUTCH Vocaiional Lefly. Cross-couniry varsiry, 'rhree years. Parricipaied in Physical Fir- ness cross-slale run. Vocalional and Golf clubs. Plans lulure in aviarion. Sporlsman. wlmwrqwwrmnwmpc. iii' 5552521 ' 132375 ROBERT B. BUCKIUS, JR. General Bob. Good-naiured. Quiet Siu- denr Council. Junior varsiry foo?- ball leiler. Sfamp. Eleciric, Science, and Sporrs clubs. Infer- esrecl in raclio. Plans fo become clraflsman. NICHOLAS G. CANNOE Commercial Niclr. lnlereslecl member of Radio, Ari, and Aviaiion clubs. Lilces io huni' and draw. Very quier. Hopes for oFl5ice iob. ls JAMES J. CARLI N General Jim. Bashful blusher. Cross-coun- fry varsiiy le'Her and monogram. Wresrling leam. Classroom arlisi. Furure carroonisi. Plans include arl school nexi year. JACK CARR General Cross-counfry. Oracle and Year- book slaliis. Curreni Evenls club. lnieresled in swing records, drums. 3' Excifeable. Plans enlisling in H, Army, Then college. Ambii'ion-- u-. playwrighi. il X l RICHARD J. CHELL Classical Dick. Clreclcer and Debaie clubs. lnfere-sled in playing lhe organ and piano. Shy. Ambiiion-ah gebra ieacher. ZANE B. CAROTHERS General Z. B. Cross-counlry monogram. Radio and Science clubs. Second bass in A Cappella choir. Boys' Glee club. Nalional Rifle Associa- Tion. Fuluro draiisman. Appre- ciales a sublle iolce. ELEANOR R. CELLUCCI Commercial lndusirious. Dependable. Honor Roll. Repor+ers', Library, Ari' clubs. Worked in library. Medal for malhemalics. Enioys roller slcal- inq. Hopes lo do office work. ELIZABETH L. CHILD General Lou. Curly hair. Always smiling. Likes music and arl. Glee and Crafr clubs. Fun-loving. Hobby- colleclinq miniaiure dogs. Hopes l. we lo aliend college. , .1 L .4 gr rs- ' V fr ...i. Wlzw. 7 - mhz. lm. new qzpn.. ETH EL B. CLARK Classical Dependable. Hard worker. Mem- ber oi Liin and Glee clubs. In- reresleid in music and phorog- raphy. Wanls 'ro fly an airplane. Plans for college course. WILLIAM J. CLARK. JR. Engineering Bill. Siudenl' Council. Wreslling manager. Trombone in band. Double Trouble. Aulo and Maihe- marics clubs. lnreresied in beau- riful women and wresiling. Fuiure chemical engineer from Lehigh. ai env JAMES B. CLARK Scienlific Jim. Currenl' Evenfs club. Plays frumper, violin. and saxophone in band and orcheslra. Known for swing music lallc and small band iam. Hobby - making records. Ambifion-arranger. J. ALBERT CLARKE General Came from Tech high school, Washinglon. Honor Roll sludenl. All-Soufhern orcheslra. Plays vio- lin and flure. Boys' Glee club. Fufure chemical engineer. FRANCIS J. COOK Engineering Cookie. Siudeni Council. Basket ball and baseball leilers. Sporis, Curreni Evenls, and Priniing clubs. Noisy. Ambilion-engineer from Drexel. DO ROTHY L. CRAYTON General Sug. Congenial. Pleasing person- aliiy. Likes driving, knillinq, danc- ing. Plans college nexi year. Uncleriaker in ihe makinq, 1-an fl 'ly 3 fly ' r,- .-uf 1- ii ALICE A. CORNELL Commercial i Corky. Helpful redhead. Siucleni Council. Secreiary, Library club. Girls' Eiiqueile and Visilinq clubs. A Cappella choir. Girls' Glee club. Ambirion-secrelary. FREDERICK R. CUNNINGHAM General Buck. Lanky. Carefree. Curly head. Varsiiy soccer. iennis, baskelball. Presideni of Checker club and senior B homeroom. 4 Qu lf , . 16, 7940 - Soplm, Awbzq. at ' PAUL M. DANIEL Scieniilic Dependable. Cule. Cheerful. Base- ball manager. Nalure, Radio, and Science clubs. Known around school for his colleclion of snakes. lnieresled in animals. Fuiure her- pelologisi. NORMAN C. DAN KELMANN Engineering Subile. Musically inclined. Plays violin in Ihe orcheslra and clari- nel in band. Known for swimminq abilily. Plans To be a dralilsman. MARGARET M. DOMBROW Home Economics Peggy. Talkalive and wiiiy. Mod- ern Dance club. Eiiqueiie club. Will go job-huniing. HERMAN A. DANIELS Vocaiional Herm. Ever willing. Siar end on grid Team. Auio and Sporfs clubs. lnieresied in auiomobile and air- plane engines. Ambiiion-a good mechanic. MARIE A. DAY Commercial Cheerful. Typisl For J.F.E. I-Ionor Roll. Eiiqueiie, Visiiinq, and Li- brary clubs. Plans 'ro siudy ai busi- ness school io be a secreiary. THOMAS A. DONOHUE General Tom. Fooiball enihusiasi. Varsily cenier. Vice-presicleni oi junior class. Al+ernaied be+ween Auio and Sporis clubs. Fuiure fooiball coach. MAU R N. DUBlN Classical Tallcalive. Varsily leffer, cheerlead- ing. Glee club. Elizabelhan Sing- ers. Debafe club. Yearbook. Vice- presidenf, Reporiers' club. Chris?- mas play. Palience. Gondoliers. Abinglonian. J.F.E. Plans for Penn Slaie. Firsl iwo and one-half year graduare. Prolific iournalisi. ALICE A. EARLE Home Economics Demure. Sryle club. Likes 'io col- lecr menus. Helps in caieleria. Wanls sales clerk iob. fb fve Q. , ....-y JOHN A. EASTON General Johnnie. Everybody's friend. Back- lield ace. Chosen as mosf valu- able player on l940 championship foolball squad. All-Suburban leam. Varsily baskelball and baseball. Baskefball caprain. Junior class A. A. represenlarive. Plans To siudy law ai Ohio Slafe. MARY M. EH RSAM Commercial Blondie. Ambilious. Good-narured. Baslcelball. Sludenf Council. Vis- ifinq. Camping Arrs. and Efiquelre clubs. Hobby-collecring novelry pins. Arnbirion-lo be a slenog- rapher. Why. 9-Uggicialabuakgnowzigon, ei MILDRED M. EICHMANN Commercial Midge. Full of fun. E+ique'He club secrelary. Abingfonian 'rypist Siu- denl coach senior la Hobbies ' P Y' -phojrography, slamps. and swim- ming. Ambilion--work, fhen mar- riage. GEORGE B. ERMENTROUT General ' Sensayuma-lhis boy has ill Trom- bone virfuoso in band for fhree years. Drives rare vinfages of au- Tomobiles. Affer srudyinq al' Penn, plans 'ro become a lawyer. DONALD E. FARENWALD General Ted. Friendly and good-nalured. Varsily Tennis, soccer, and bas- keiball. J.F.E. sporlswrifer. Played saxophone in band and orcheslra. Minslrel Show. Inlereslecl in arch- ileclure, lraveling, and his car. ROBERT W. EITZEN Engineering Lanlcy Bale. Sfudeni' Council. Presi- denr of Debafe club. Double Trouble. Hobby-farming. Oracle sraii. Hopes ro enler Annapolis afrer gradualion. LOU IS J. FANELLI General Lou. Ouiei. Friendly. Likes all sporfs. Member of Sporfs club. Monogram in baslcelball. Oul- sranding salesman. Tops in A. A. and faculfy play rickef sales. FLORENCE M. FI NLEY Commercial Floss. Conscienfious. Friendly. Honor Roll. Library, Visi+ing clubs. Abingfonian 'rypisiz Hopes lo be a secreiary. Capable library assisf- ani. V A l .9127 L. .nk 'bg ht. R- NICHOLAS W. FISCHER, JR. Voca+ionaI Nick. Carefree. Aclive member of Priniinq club. Cross-counlry ieam. Ambilion-'Io work in a priniing shop. ' JOHN J. FITTON Commercial Jack. Besi known for his black and blue Chevrolei coupe. Builds model airplanes in spare Time, Enjoys baseball. Would lil-ce io ily an airplane. DANIEL R. FISHER Engineering Dan. Sergeanr in band, Oracle. Presiclenl of Checker club. Plays barilone horn in band. Varsify swimmer. Double Trouble. Bowl- ing club. Conscieniious. Fuiure engineer. I. DORIS FLU RER General A Songbird. Pafience and Marriage of Nannefie. Elizabeihan Singers. lnieresied in musical acliviiies, Plans lo aliend nursing school. Fuiure Florence Nighiingale. . 4-cbbnawdg, ' newmqann M. ELAINE FOSTER Home Economics Lal. Came 'ro A.H.S. from lm- maculaia High in iunior year. Wriies poelry. Travel and Siyle clubs. Baslceiball squad. Aspires io be secreiary. CATHERINE 'M. FULGINITI Commercial Typisi for J.F.E. lnieresiecl in playing ihe piano. Wanis 'ro be e secrelary. Plans 'ro gel a iob in an oflice nexi year. EDWARD B. GELLERT Classical Ed. Clever carioonisi. Siudeni Council. Abingionian co-ediior. Honor Roll siudeni. Panel spealcer al C.S.P.A. Drexel conveniion. Double Trouble. Harvard award. Ari and edilorial siaii of Abing- ionian. Ari siaiii of Oracle and Yearbook. Ouisiancling in riilery. FRANK L. FRANKENFIELD, JR. Engineering Jolly. Happy-go-lucky. Varsiiy ioolball and baseball. Presideni of Siamp club. Hopes fo 'fly in Army or Naval Air Corps. JEAN C. GARDNER General Jeannie. Willing. Arlisiic. Crair club secreiary. Sfyle club. Varsi'Iy swimming. Double Trouble. Hob- bies-horseback riding, ice-skalw ing, and slceiching. Ambiiion- cosiume designer. Plans io go io ari school. WILLIAM E. GESSNER Scienfific Bill. Inveniive. Glee club. A Cappella choir. Elizabeihan Sing- ers. Trombone in band and or- chesira. Plans io enier School of Opromeiry. Known for "Rube Goldberg" invenfions. FRANK R. GIBBONS General Gibbons. Quiet Unassuming. Presidenl of Golf and Hisfory clubs. Racing ian. Gianfs rooler. lnielligenl. Ambilious io enler business world bul may ioin Army Air Corps. KERMAN N. GLASER Scienfific Monogram 'For lraclc in iunior year. Trumpeler in band. Hopes lo become a scienrisl or musician. MARGARET T. GINDER Commercial Peggy. Pleasing personalily. Con- siranl member of Siudeni Council. Secreiary of Tl-nearer club. Eri- quefie club. Plans lo go 'lo busi- ness school. JAY GLENDENNING Commercial Conscieniious. Resourceful. Ari. Crafl, Business clubs. Consislenl' Honor Roll sludenl. Fuiure slenoq- rapher. Makes airplane and ship models. Enjoys sporls. Besl lcnown for arf worlc. , rw-H 6 A Hzukt JEANNE M. HABHEGGER General Habby. Cule. Popular. Swim- ming caplain. Dislricf diving champ. Pafience. Elizabelhan Singers. Double Trouble. Eliquelle club sacrelary. Girls' Hi-Y. Slu- clenl Council. Ambilion-io lead championship swimming leam. RUSSEL D. HARRAR Scienfific Russ. Arniable. Bashiul. Siuclenl Council. Junior varsiiy liooiball. Sporls, Eliquelle. and Currenl Evenrs clubs. Plans prep school nexl year. Ambilion-geologisl. BLANCHE P. HOFSTETTER General Dependable. Pleasanl. Honor Roll. Chorus ol Gondoliers. Golf, Lalin, Travel, and Eiiqueile clubs. A Cappella choir. Elizabeilwan Singers. Fuiure piano Teacher. Unllfzaflz, ,QiuLda.m, in--Q 795 l l EDWARD G. HARLEY. JR. General Ed. Sophomore secreiary of Na- 'rure club. Takes life easy. lnler- esled in sporls. Wanls newspaper circulalion job. RONA M. HARRINGTON Classical Sludenl awards. Senior leader. Honor Elmira -1' General Council. Civic Alfilude Junior class secrelary. vice-presidenl. Cheer- Abingfonian. Yearbook. Roll. Hi-Y president college award for ou?- sianding girl. Presidenl ol: Ger- man and Laiin clubs. DOLORES M. HOLLINGSWO RTH Dee. Class dancer. Known 'For specially dances al proms. Glee club. Double Trouble. Lilies male- ing clolhes. Hopes for designing career. Nice personaliiy. HAROLD E. HORST Commercial Pinio. Dry humorisi. Inclependeni. Wresrling, Aulomobile. and Na- Iure clubs. Hobbies-pI'1o'rog- raphy and sporis. Ambiiion- bookkeeper. Plans To four 'fine Uniied Sraies. ELEANOR HUMES Home Economics EI. Monogram in baskerball. Member of Dramaiic, Sryle, and Caravan clubs. Secrelary of Sryle club. Likes swimming and skaring. Wanis 'io be a dieriiian. JOHN R. JAN KE Commercial Johnnie. Fooiball. Wresiling. Wresfling IeHer. Sporis, Auio clubs. Arrended SI. JosepI'1's Prep before coming lo Abingron. Fu- ' ,mr . F --:ar ' NANCY HOU PT General Popular blonde. Siudeni Council. Honor Roll. Cheerleader. Girls' Hi-Y. Double Trouble. Plans in- clude college. Ambirion-'io see 'Ihe world. SAMUEL G. HUNSICKER Vocalional Sam. Rabid radio Ian. Ofiicer of Radio club. Noisy. Well liked by classmaies. Plans career in elec- rrical field, buf may ioin Armv Signal Corps. GRACE R. JENKINS Commercial Gracie. Lively. Varsiry baskeiball. Member of Currenr Evenis, Eli- queiie clubs. Enioys movies and cokes. Looks forward io working lure C.P.A. Always ioking. ' -'-21"22-' I ' gs .x 4 -as nexi year. gan.. IZ 7947 - Hai, Cdlula., a6'lu.e, - zuwL Slmblo., hw. 5 ELIZABETH L. JOHNSTON Berry. A'H'ended secreiarial con- ferences. Hobbies - skaring, movies. Wanrs io be a secrelary. Plans io work nexr year. A f Commercial I .filer i i - givi- f MARIE E. KALLENBACH Commercial Arfencled Bensalem high for one year. Collecrs sporl posicerds. Baskerball. Enioys narure subiecrs. Hopes Io become a Typist Plans 'ro work nexi year. W 1 34 JAMES H. JONES Engineering Jim. Likeable. Fun-loving. Cure. Golf and Sporls clubs. Cross- counfry. J. V. baseball. Hobby- sporrs. MARIE P. KAU FMANN Classical Pleasing personaliiy. Oracle arl' siaii. Ari club vice-president Crail club president Swimming squad. Girls' Hi-Y. Besr known for heighi and ouisfanding arl' worlc. Fuiure arfisr. ee L ,- i, fx. L i " Qt 'gs we THOMAS C. KEARNS Vocaiional Tom. Friendly. J.F.E. Glee club. Travel and Checker clubs. Enioys baskeimaking and camping. Wanls 'lo be a ship engineer. Will en- roll on Merchanl Marine school ship. ROBERT W. KLITSCH Vocafional Bob. Long and lanky. Member of Auio and Machinisl' clubs. Makes a hobby of aviaiion. Aspires 'ro be a machinisl in 'rhe Navy. RAYMOND B. KNORR General Ray. Argumenlalive. Capiain of cheerleading squad in senior year. Golf, Local l-lislory clubs. Senior play. Fulure sales manager afler Temple. Likes ro meel people. 'Wi FV. ,Uh .. I 4. f 17 . .5 ,' .f K , - ei, i .i. - Q skgs.-.Vg . v iv, ,,,,"?-,, L 19- s.f'i?3'5'i"' 5 "Effie - . ' '-fs. -" '-gy.-is YQ ,-5,,f EDWARD C. KLINE, JR. . Scienfific , Classical HELEN C. KLOSTERMAN Commercial IDA LANDENBERGER oar. - mum, Lcadzx, aw. wr ggwm. HEN RIETTA H. LATTA General Benny. Aiiracfive blonde. Mis- chievous. Varsify hockey. Dance, Sfyle, and Efiqueffe clubs. Double Trouble. Collecfs aulographs. Likes sporls. Plans io go fo Wil- liam and Mary college. CH RISTI NE E. LEU F Scienfific Chris. Plays oboe in band and or- cheslra. Honor Roll. Oracle edi- Tor. A Cappella choir. Double Trouble. Elizabeihan Singers. Baskeiball manager. German club. Likes asironomy, baseball. Ambi- lion-research chemist ELIZABETH A. LEONHARD Classical Palsy. Aliraciive. Grand pal. Siudenl Council. Double Trouble. Skeich, Laiin, and E+iqueH'e clubs. Hi-Y. Yearbook edi+orial board. Ambifion-marriage. Plans fo go 'io iunior college. A. MARCIA LEVERING General Marcia. PreH'y and peppy. Siyle club presicleni. Dance club. Girls' Hi-Y. Double Trouble. Varsily hockey and fennis. Hobbies- sporis and cloihas. Plans college nexf year. Ed. Pleasing personalily. Non chalani. Eliqueiie and Curreni Q me Evenis clubs. Fooiball. Chrisimas play. l-lobby-collecling 'Fooiball 55, fickeis. Ambifion-business man. Chris. Keen sense of humor Slyle club. Reading club vice president Taleni show. I-lobbies -riding and having a good iime Abingfonian 'rypis+. Ida. Well liked. Dependable Abingfonian. Yearbook. Sfudeni Council. Reporiers' and Laiin clubs. l-li-Y. Pafience. A Cap pella choir. Plans college. Enioys Travel and swimming. N. as ,K Le' af - DONALD M. LEWIS General Don. Gay and unlroubled. Cornel' player in band and orcheslra. Elizabelhan Singers. School radio program. Rides horses and lislens +o music in spare lime. Would like +o be horse lrainer. JAMES A. LODER General Jim. Good-looking. Likeable. I-lails 'from Clark Summil high school. Oulslanding record ihere. Foolball. Baskelball. Class frees- urer. Ambilion-naval oflicer. MARIE LOUISE LOUCHHEIM General Susi. Vivacious. A Cappella choir. Presidenf of Dance club. Oracle. French club prefect Girls' Hi-Y. Devofee of dancing, diving, and golf. Varsily hockey. Junior ireasurer. Plans 'io go 'lo college. 326. 7942 - EMILY K. MacMINN Home Economics Mickey. Varsily baskeiball. Travel and Sfyle clubs. Always Talking. Likes movies, skaling. Wanls 'ro be dieiiiian. DORIS E. MILLER Commercial Dol. Good-nalured. Cheerleading squad. Thealer, Currenl Evenls, Camping Arls, and Sfyle clubs. Collecis war maps. Wanis lo work as secreiary. f 36 JUNE H. LIVINGSTON Home Economics Spenl one-half year al Frankford high school. Enlhusiaslic member of Slyle and Eliquefle clubs. Col- lecls knicknacks and designs clolhes for hobby. Would like lo design clolhes or become model. BRUNO P. LORUSSO Vocafional Hawk-Bee. Enioys midgef aufo races and movies. Ambiiion-golf professional. own a midgei aulo. work in a pro shop. MARGARET F. LUKENS Commercial Peggy. Pleasanl and agreeable. Library and Job-finding clubs. Collecls pholographs. Enioys ice- skaiing. Typisl for Abingfonian, Oracle. Yearbook. Hopes io be- come a slenographer. .Ch.0A.Ql'L WARREN E. MATTES Vocafional Member of Aulo club. Golf, swim- ming. and hunling enlhusiasl. Ain- bilion-'lo gel a iob. FRED D. MILLER Vocalional Aulo club. lnleresied in huniing and iraveling. Plans 'lo be Navy eleclrician. K ' 24, 25- VIRGINIA R. MILLER Commercial Ginny. Dependable. Conscien- iious. Dance and Eriquelie clubs. Camping Arfs club freasurer. Likes ice-slcaiing and books. Am- bilion-F.B.l. accounlanl. Hopes io ily an airplane. MARGARET M. NELlS Commercial Mimi. Reserved. Typisi 'lor J.F.E. Slyle, Travel, Library, Reading clubs. l-lobby-reading. Hopes 'ro become a good sienographer. LENORE W. NEWMAN General Lenny. An oplimisf. Cheerleader- iunior, senior years. Thealer. Local l-lisiory. Glee clubs. lnleresfed in aslronomy. Plans for business col- lege. Fulure secreiary. Lo'ls of PSP- PHYLLIS J. OXMAN Classical Phil. Tallcalive. lnquisiiive. Honor Roll. Gondoliers. The Zealof. President Theaier club. Double Trouble. Laiin club. A Cappella choir. Elizabalhan Singers. ln+er- esied in dramalics and music. Fu- iure social service worlcer. MIRIAM J. RACE Home Economics Sludenl Council. Secrelary oi Senior B class. Siyle ancl Arla clubs. Abingfonian wriler, Col- lecls sian-ips. Wanls lo work as a dielilian. CHARLES H. MOORE Engineering Dinly. Good-nalured. Swimming manager. Three years' lraclc. Senior play. Oracle. Elizabeihan Singers. A Cappella choir. Pafience. Gondoliers. Reporlers' and Thealer clubs. Likes pholog- raphy, wriiing. and singing. Am- bilion-successiul auihor. LLOYD A. N ELSON Vocerional Aulo club. Enioys sleeping and driving a car. Plans ro gel' a iob. MINNIE E. NORRIS General Min. Travel, Craft and Caravan clubs. Friendly and quiel: Plans business school nexi year. Wan'l's 'ro be a civil service lypisl. 'mnulelc jfuudzia, ' ubublm, up, MARY A. PARKER Commercial Quier. Shy. Camping Arls. Li- brary. and Job-finding clubs. En- ioys reading. Ambilion-'lo be e secreiary. M. JUNE RANDOLPH General Quiet Member of S+yle and Theaier clubs. Enioys cloihes cle- signing ancl lcnilling. Ambilious ro become a privale secrelary. W- -ls: '55 lg , q f ll ll BARBARA O. REEVE General Easy-going. Took par? in Glee Club conceri. Member of Drama- 'ric and Modern Dance clubs. Plans 'ro go +o William and Mary college. JULIUS O. REUTEMANN. JR. General Choo. Lazy. Talkaiive. Formerly weni' 'ro Frankford high. Curreni' Evenrs. Golf, and Sporis clubs. Likes baskerball and golf. Plans prep school nexl' year. , . .. e.... y - rl I I fr I I , X X . . . I J I I "JL f fi Q - x I .,, "K-v1l'S' 'r'f'. Ii 2 -.1 , f " ,FSI l Ll , Z -Ziff. '. l Y ' ..."'f?f. J6w.'.i,f9JfI . . I '2 JOHN F. REICHARD Classical Jack. Sludeni' Council. J.F.E. Abinglonian co-edilor. Yearbook edilor. Cheerleader. A Cappella choir. Elizabefhan Singers. Double Trouble. Honor Roll. Laiin consul. German club president Chairman ai' Columbia and Drexel confer- ences. Senior A president In- Ieresied in poliiics. Fulure lawyer. MARY E. ROBINSON Commercial Congenial. Ambiiious. Junior secrerary. Library club secrerary. Presidenr of Camping Arrs club. Hobbies - raking piclures of friends and playing Ihe piano. Ambiiion-'Io be a good secreiary. may, 27- Spnthght M Maas mam. REGINA F. ROGERS Home Economics Jean. Friendly. Camping Aris, Slyle, and Library clubs. Pafience. Glee club. Likes reading and sew- ing. Ambiiion-Io become a singer. E. JANE SCOTT Classical Scofly. Hockey and baskeiball slar. Parficipanl in Siudeni Coun- cil Talenr Show. Ambiiions-'lo reach gym. Io go 'Io college, and Io live on a ranch. BETTY CLAIRE SMITH General From Teaneck high, where she ranked high on honor roll. Plans Io enier Swarlhmore College. Am- biiion-l'o be an avialrix. MILD RED B. SCOTT General Scofiie. Full of fun. Eiiqueiie ' club presidenr. Dance club. ' Z 1 Hockey. Nice car. lnferesled in , If' QE S bridge. Plans io go Io William ' All and Mary. 3 r., 'I xg ROBERT A. SCOTT ' ' Commercial Serious. Philosophical. Dry humor- is'I'. Chess and Boys' Efiqueisle clubs. Presideni' of Travel and Caravan clubs. Senior play. Am- birion-Io lead a healihy and happy life. DORIS M. SMITH General , IF ,a Dorr. Siudenl Council. Sang in Pafience, Gondoliers, Chrisimas programs, A Cappella choir, Eliza- beihan singers, and over radio. Hobbies-music, roller skafing. Will srudy voice. Desires singing career. ,r5""f 1 ' V f I X . RUTH M. SNOWDEN Home Economics Peiife. Member ol Library, Camp- ing Arfs, Siyle, and Eiiqueiie clubs. Enioys roller skaling, sew- ing. and reading. Ambilion-lo be a professional slcaler. FRANKLIN H. SPITZER, JR. Scienfilic Duke. J.F.E. wriier. Aliended Temple conference. Secreiary of Maihemafics club. Senior play. Ambiiion-lawyer. lnieresied in criminology. Plans for college. Loves lo give advice. Good slu- denl. CHARLES E. SOHL. JR. Engineering Charlie. Soccer leiier. Repor'rers'. Wriiers, and Maih clubs. Adviser iorlovelorn. Inleresied in railroads and airplanes. Plans for college. Wanis a million dollars. ELAINE E. STERNER Commercial Quiet Conservafive. Came from Porfsville high school. J.F.E. iypisl. Library, Slyle clubs. En- ioys crochering and reading. Plans io be a secreiary. Wiay, 29 - af. pfwm. 'Hs' .u vw ,.,. -'V .A CHARLES S. STERRETT Vocalional Charlie. S+uden+ Council. Home- room presideni in sophomore year. Drummer boy in band. Priniing club. Will become apprenlice ai Frankford Arsenal eller gradua- lion. ALICE M. SWEISFU RTH Commercial Pleasing personaliiy. Sludenlr Council. 'rhree years. Slyle club secrerary. Senior play. Reading club president Glee club. Hob- bies-dancing and having a good rime. Ambiiion-buyer for a slore. MARY B. THOMER Commercial Likes slamp colleciing, crocheiing, and sewing. Ambiiion-privaie secrelary. Slyle, Library. and Reading club member. RUTH E. SWAN Commercial Swanney. Fun-loving. Good spor'l'. Currenl Evenls club. Varsiiy baslceiball and hockey. l94O Noriheasr Suburban hockey Team. l-lobbies-swimming and driving differeni' cars. Ambiiion-io be a secreiary. LUELLA TEMPLE General Louie. Always smiling. Formerly aiiended Middle Township hi h. Swimming leam. Officer of girl club. Likes dancing. Noled for her long nails. Wanis 'ro be a nurse. A MARGARET E. THOMER Commercial Member of Slyle, Travel, Library. Reading clubs. Enjoys dress-malv ing and reading. Ambiiion-'ro be a dieiilian. Plans for secreiarial school. Qi 7 1 'K 2 if K3 iii I if Q is der GLADYS O. THO RNTON General Good-nalured. Easy-going. Glee club. Swimming. Tennis manager. Secrelary of Thealre club. A Cap- pella choir. Siyle and E+ique+ie clubs. Abinglonian. Yearbook. Double Trouble. Likes fa dance, knil. and have fun. Furure X-ray Technician. LO UIS R. VOLLRATH Commercial Lou. Genial. Varsi'l'y guard. Siu- denl' Council, 'rhree years. Civic Aiclilude award. Sophomore and iunior class presidenl. Hobbies- avielion and foofball. Ambirion- 'fo find a good iob. Capfain of I94I gridders. Class A. A. repre- senlalive. NELLIE E. WHALEN Home Economics Nelly. Member of Slyle and Red Cross clubs. Secrefary of Camp- ing Aris club. Likes ro ea+ hor dogs and fo dance. Has a mania 'For Poniiacs. BERNARD E. VINCENT General Ben. Quiet hard worker. Auio club. Nalure club member. Plans 'ro sludy avialion. ROBERT S. WELDON Scienlilic Bob. Good-nalured. Lazy. Swim- ming leam. Track, cross-counrry. A Cappella choir. Elizabelhan Singers. Eliqueile and Mafh clubs. Likes lo sleep. Wanfs To be an osfeopaih. LOIS E. WHEATLAND General Loiy. Arfracfive. Energelic. Three years on S+uden+ Council. Girls' Hi-Y. Glee club. Travel, Style. and Theaire clubs. Hobbies- bridge and dancing. Senior class secrelar. Likes Fords. Junior X.: 3 ,: IW- MARGARET E. WHITAKER General Madge. Quiet Pleasant In chorus of Pafience, Goncloliers. Gvlee club. La'rin club. Plans io aH'end conservarory of music nexl year. Fu'l'ure piano feacher. ELM ER E. WILLIAMS Scienfific Anorher fall boy. Cross-couniry lerler. Track. Energefic. Collecls picfures. Baskeiball squad. Took parl in Pan-American assembly. Nexl year's plans-lo go lo work. Y Fourlh Esfale edifor. ULyum.ghnwkc ' QE. if .. Q 6 ew, 1 F' . . gal W .1 ii of i f . XA-I , , ' 'I ,I '9' ' I T A 1i'if1l 24f ?TU"ilf. feasa,a+a ELIZABETH A. WILHJELM Classical Liz. Good-nalured. Well liked. Yearbook. Lalin. Reading, Re- por'lers', and Red Cross clubs. Earnesl' sludenf. Inieresied in ice- skaling. Ambifion-lo be a buyer. HARRY A. WILLIAMS, JR. General Windy. Jovial.- Good-nalured. Two years al' Springfield high. Member of Thealer club. lnler- esred in radio. Plans To 'lake a P. G. course. Highesl mark in Psychological Exam. EDWARD C. WINEBU RG Scieniific Ecl. Friendly. Dependable. Var- sily foolball, fhree years. Varsify baskelball and golf. Inleresled in sporls. Plans college nexi year. Wanls fo be an aviafor. JAMES S. YOST Jimmy. Class iesier. Christmas plays. Goncloliers. Plays piano and organ in assembly. Double Trouble. Temple Conference. Clarinel in band. A Cappella choir. J,F.E. Elizabelhan Singers. Wanls 'io go io Oberlin. RAYMOND W. YOUNG, JR. General Ray. Played clarinel' in band in freshman year. Hillbilly Band. Local I-lisiory club. Collecis pipes. Plans 'Io be Bullelin Dislricl Man- ager nexl year. RICHARD D. WOLTMAN Classical Dick. Reserved. Dependable. Treasurer. Lalin club. Currenl Evenis, Debare clubs. Siamp col- Iecior. Builds model railroads. Hopes +o become a chemical engi- neer. HOPE E. YOUNG General 1 Hope. The helping hand. Pafiance. Gondoliers. Craft Slryle. Glee clubs. A Cappella choir. Likes housekeeping, sampler work. Loves onions. A fuiure nurse. SHIRLEY M. ZIESCHE Home Economics Cooperalive. Eliquehke, Slyle clubs. Enioys, home economics. especially cooking. I-lobby--enfen iaining. Served af dinners given in school and in caleieria. Ambi- +ion-Io become a hoiel hosress. 79-60 gafahimanewlih. I .Q 5:57 L... Ai N L? WILLIAM C. ZIMMERMANN, JR. Commercial Bill. Airplane and Checker clubs. Herperologisi. Gave leclure in assembly on herpefology. Ambi- Iion-'Io own a snake 'Farm in Florida. A , . im GEM 5 xw ' I ee , 'W' fm, ll eff' ,,,, B l. ll 7 ef Fm legq g- -:- ' ., lf K 1 l -ge h l 'I I l ', ' ' 1 16 ' ' ,-CWZLQQ - , , - 4 5355 ll ' ' 'Q' lxxiv Fifi' 1'li4'fQ,'5v,lQy f J ll 'Q Vl ' .1 4, 1 'g lg. fe '1 f -, - , , X ff, I V Xp 'vi M f H .,-,',,,V: Qfldlflg f ,. I if 3-'V . ff PFZW' ffl f 'N' 'ff' ' - ' ' ' . xx gl- -r'.'-fxm ffiffigffu -,HW 5: "Y : ' e e L t M Q Mlm its ll gg le e e : l e if . el, e 1 J If ,, - e .qggvglwlt XV K 37- in .L A. Q, Y , 1 Ig, 1' -x , we . X . ,, Qi ' , i f ,Q wg, KX Vw-aww-Q fb 'f A 1 'FQ' 4 - ,sh llwle l H X gf f A In 7 , v M Ni .ga Al l Y- X .4 V ,, 1' B 3 X MAJ, " w g! R 1 X U -." :Q-9 ,-,. V f 'ff' If jg: I. X . ,-' l I WW ee- ' ' " W Q l ei M l , ' K X lll X U QQ-sX," ' Nfl.,-9 4' I ,, , ,5,w- - jg l ,A N' f --s- w x' "fi Q l,.-, ,gf-5 453 9. ee - .fe .. X, X -eil-W wwe - " - Q 57 'A' 4 QT we ' 'Vs ' ,.v"ff' J E f, -t n K A, ' - - lf A 3 I Q We QL. - JA Inu, l ffm F ein- ie ' 2167 Je NUARY p MED ffl: 1' - T 'fir L Sse T e l efwee DIL - f Hi' Je Ye' 'l -'lvl , l , N K ax N Y N Jeff ggilor Did 'lax' ff ' Aff Ie' m0S+ f ' 'Te ylfffy I! r , Babswggnfmach Best, I or school J JUNE 'dill ' 1 L. ' f n er a l, ack . ,Y ' . f?ilinSReeefs Be "'Oe-na Rene 'ifiggefd l e f . Ween S'-leer Ed B - 'nefen ll fx? ff , Y- 'rw ey In L - alle . , l A xy . Q v MHQFCMFUS C 9 fins Whgafl 4 .7443 H7 4 ' A ed Bgrne u+9Sf Jim L and J' my . M, . -2 ' . '- Bill mann Mar - oder 'fl -',, ,,zv".1 .f:gf,gg,l,,,,,3:., , if EI. Cox M . Cla I-GJ Ed Ba. -- 2 . . ' .:ljl:gg,glfg5l -Z 3 PM q Izabefh Osl se. Jlmm. en.-lg Iley 'f1.lz'u3943: -e R ,- Gold 'Ions Ma .'e Jo ffl l gee el.. N J Levse -1 , v- - 2 J ' z 1' ' ' - - ra , f e - A '.'2ebe+h'1gd "'e'ee+ R232 Reieha jg ca of e. e l gee H , me G Herrin' . Ed G e ee- l of W7 X e hge gains Wime + YSTQE E Qian ellen, A . A . Cha . 'er 5 h F. Ma .fmenl 'A X 9 l Do 'me Ke R elm me LO rout' J' J - 1 fail' I P Q N Ele!f1oljfoI5r'ECh omeo and J I hob Sigel u'5e Lougm 1,.NA. ,f QA e P fe ug uae, Brie L Qw. J- -vga' JSE' '-echm Alhl Fred OWSH LQ? Yqsl , 4 , ' MM' Lf-Lf' AW! e Hoppin e+9s Jean Cuflnin Chhelm 'fi f fl I ef " J Hive X' John S r me Hablgham 'Qc K b' .' Louiseghneider I-az' John Egger 'w e' T GQ Q lifffwl 1 'iff' ' 4 Jess chmufzle 'W' Jane feefgn lee? eeee 5 H32 6- l levee ' M., H 'unanimous W' ol ge f ,X V, 'il X. t Dick Opper s'Clans warg W, t ?f if-' 55, L, W- 3. Ae H l el 'Ilia fe -A '--- " '- , l H Aire l-Tawfer Arfisfs .gmm?en.CDOr?Q5SmI??r? '- ' ' ' 5: tv.. 54.7 pa ne Sf hri - lark ' 'A WJ' 'fy H' 5:14 , : , I Ye Sfln l xl fl mg., V. " R U Landis Dancers Ed Q. e Leuf Mig' , 0 x N , . V olh Sh Ma . eller, ,H , ,7 ' 4 X W -X X Audrey EISY Class W . Jacze Kaufmann rf . ' X. X L 55:36 HI-glliargl S nfers Dee prfsmhard 0 ' ' o . n l 'Z' f 'V , , 2 L ngbwde i1.ee,eeffj"f'ffh Ml' wi , 15 . sg ' . 'JI 'l .Ng e HBPP DO 'ne Leufck Reich W rff-v ,Q -joe E o JK !L::,,i Y-go-lucky Do'IjisLEvr:li.S ard 1 M f 'I 5,1 A Z ape.-f-,, Bob ith . I I fx 1. X ,Y : f,?5' Ma -Waldo ,eff E l 1 2 , v , ,ff "1 '5 Q, x ' ' u'5e L 0 XZ' W I ' u55Q,V A ae 5 ge- , ,.. ouchheim gm -J! I J " ' ' ::': - b ?. ef 'If' "1-5 - 5 - ,.I L 4"" L 4 4 1 : e lffgfpf, 57 7 .7 -'ef I - 3 - ee- V .ff V' .Wf,L,f4,9' mc if!-1 W N . ' e it . A " e l Mom fveeewedveff- 2-1 , -1 of lg, , J V ' ' f" '4 e"'94-eerie ee-1 ' ga e- N , 1 Q, 1 Y I X ff 4:5 A 4 ""' . ,, -L , ' e v'f:iFq:N:.'1rf5,i:, ?' g , -, ..p. g ,. ,,-. , ,- ey W - ,M e, Q A . 1 .e f X 1 1 hm far. J ' 5 xr. ef .Z 1 1 7 X .., .. e e ,, fl . e ' W 'I - . s' 7 ev Q 'n - ' f " 'f ill ,Vf J L A "' -'WH F Z,. 4 N A!" no e 13 'J' f .ex V: 1 'fi' X X ' ,e f U, ' . d .- ps A 1 :I 5 X ff M, ,W 1, fl zvl, XM, .M L L f R S 1' ff" 'V X ff fill -welll" 'e f i 1' ' 'C 517791. X I ' , 51.1 V' ' " time 4 -' ' 47g',s!""' 4,49 ku 1 f""W' Q ,. - 'FL x 1, 'el-2: - 1- V 'J V, - "" 1 'Plvfmlr X ' ' ,wwf '. I A Qing: M X f lm K 7 una V QQ . 'KF' " -' 73, "VW f' ' Lama ,ll eaeg, M1 l "" X nn l Engine Trouble The Big Apple Jus? Obie lvlorfon Jrlwe Mighly Track Manager ln the Spring- Ouiward Bound ll! NX.. Wlmai' a Hall Slag Parfy Williams Shows How ULYL mjmqat- TuHi Fru'f'ri and Rich .lunc's Taxi No Riders? ' 711 11111 r--' riv- 3 FTW rv- ' I 1 "" SENIOR B OFFICERS Presideni' ..... Roloerjr C. Quay Vice-pres. . . Marilyn SmyI'I1e Secrefary . . Jane Ra+I'xgeb Treasurer . . . Roberi' Bugel A.A. Repres. . . . Richard Dodds ' 4613, JUNIOR A OFFICERS Presideni' ...... Richard Cook Vice-pres. . . SI'uar'r SI'ern Secreiary . . . . . Jean I-Iay Treasurer . . . Rober'r Manzinger A.A. Repres. . . . Raymond UcceIIeHi 432, SOPHOMORE A OFFICERS Presiclenl' . Vice-pres. Secreiary . . Treasurer . A.A. Repres. Edmund Sleel Evelyn Engle . Mary Fair Marilyn Adam . Carl Lo bb V' Qi JUNIOR Presidenf . . Vice-pres. . Secrefary . . Treasurer . A.A. Repres. B OFFICERS . . . . . JeanDay . . Be'r+y l-laflner . Ka'rl'1ryn Evlellw . . Michael To+l'1 . Joseph Egglelon Soplwnwzo, HZ, v D X Svplwnwm 48 Klau, Time Oul' for Lunch Soplw Council Members f , ,-Eggs, ln! l E 2 ll.ll nur 'ill Jih- I La' Q 7? Ah. Spring! Peanul Gallery l-lealllnlul Habif lv" , X V 1 f. , - , u an . w A ' x H gqg ' lm W" X H fry 1 . 'M . " 1 Q51 1 Z fx - 5 ' ' u:.:.v:-1 "i RF E K .. :sax fe 5322 6 E 51 'ii F l I . 1 4 . , I Lzaffii . f f X Q U , at i Q , x f I . 'A 2' 'fa' XL r Rig! rv. 2' - I' 15 ff, g 5 -.rr - . .. . L gL, 1, Y' 1., .. ,J 'FS . X -wnfff. X W X 1 A. .. Q3 gm , ,1 , ,ly Y 15, 3 - .f. 'way . " Q:-up as ,,.,, 4,:L,1, my-.r?.r1sf H ,.z .f,.- Q fix: W- - .V-Q. 41.-.Qgx.wg.-.'.kf:g 2 'f' '1' '. F J.-'F-. ' F L45 'T-,FA -V - 54" gl' 1211345-Q4-y'5p .,,. uf' w"' - 1.-.gut Q, .M-, , Q 41, aiu: ., ' n'Mmrw:.5?S+ ' 'V - , MW- '- ,- ., h,: . .. , ,,, ,., b,:,, EM-2 X ,, ,Y 1 I f ik ' xi H X. V 'K LJ,..,' M, . Y 1 , Z! ., .1 - N, ,A n U ?" , w ' M fl -. 1 11, " ' -L X .., , .gm XX -N La 5, fx A . J V, 2' Q, ' v r Sega," A 1 Lx 1 p 4 s , Y Y Y X - 9 5 X 4 ., 1 " Aw! Y '5 K 1 5 'P X ' . , f XX 4 I i L H v 9'- - . ' 1 - - V x N 1-., gl. , , , gi 1 ,, .X I '- X X " f-, , K ' eff I ,1 . 1 , , 1 . V V L ' 1 - "Q V IQ U Q' f K I' if 'U Sf: ' X .. ' ' ' Ji - .5 3 S , ' Q! T ,pf Sf , A A . N .V ? L fx K , I f F wg t wi , 5 V aim V K 82 U ,xii K ,al s .x,gi'-rem Hu P , , , ' .- . ' L 'W ' V QW 9 K , .4 WL 1 - ' Y ,SQ ' .. , s Eu- ' , Y 1 - mm 4+ 1 ' ' M! ' , ' 7 X , ' v A 71 Wt" L ' "Uv iii!! I 7 '4 -N - , ,I K ir ks-emi g y ,WN 1 W 'Ig L fe I Ct, H 'V 'J ' A 73 ' 7 A i ' 1 F A N ' 4 "' Q H 'Q S ' WK , f X LW' '- H, 27-I xx 1' X X ' 'N -" ' 15, N g. 'F Ji 3:6 fy., .-s. , 'Q ' N 1' ' 'J 12' Q 1 , ', -JE. , 'R ' gi, ,- 654: , g - 5 L , - 4? ' . 'f' fs, S lm X, ,P , . , . f J , x Qlgf 12' 'A .I H f , J - 'M 'Q' f x X, ' L S 'F'-. - ,.: 'sv A 1 -. 1 Q 5 iv f. 1 36 N 1, ,. .' 1 A ml ,,.. M J WW Q ' X ik- 1, rlwiilgf sf.. -v f. . 1 x 4 ,-2 15" s ' IK.- me:qff.f:r..:,- :pw . ' . . Q ' f -, 214:55 -7 1 ,L ' . ,, V:-1:-www r--' ,. f 1 54 .i L qwlgifl 59 pf 'N V Qi,-G wg, Q ,,.:, .- , H 4" 1- 1 ,. .111 5.7.11 1 .- M.-:L-5--'f,-U" " : :-.:1w:s--.- -L MJ' M. f. .JW .6 1 S I , , 'fs 4 -1 ara.. ,, 51951: ri," 14:5- ' :.. 1: .UI BESIDES Jfhaf special democraiic privilege-Jrhe righi' 'ro choose his own course of siudy-Jrhe Abingion s'l'uden'r advances in The classroom in 'rhe frue Yankee way-according 'ro his own iniiiahve and indusiriousness-and gains, as he climbs ever higher, 'rhe knowledge by Which he crushes ignorance, makes secure his na+ion's freedom. and preserves liloerfy for 'rhe world of Tomorrow. f -Y N Y EDGELLERT , 'ir-' -ii 2 . 'W .I Q 3 m9 6 X . I . 7 . I my I in X i - Mx , .uw 4. ' .J ei if ef 1 N h oo, ,, ii -Uri is W ,WJ wheem '-9 P42492 alLCqLan.c2 ' Jon Utcimq GJ1dU1fL2Af 6 4 ' . 023224101 W ..9nv2A1' in .70m0'U1ow ,JL 930' J! Helpers X l Exammahon Helpers prepare food. xamina'I'ion +es'I's filness. aid fo fhe injured. J unch builds bodies. reasurer collecfs cash. ale America-Their aim. Hale America Treasurer ff Lunch Ai h x 319 A'fQf may XN avi lwemafiqzih Cyyefd S f Reade, Row I1 Me Making Workmen Mus+ Figure ' 4- L x Our Neighbors Speak Spanish lm. Jnmduww Engineers Tomorrow An English Class Learns +o Lisfen Respeci' fhe Power of Reason 51 gwli - vu , -a :.' L :JL .F -I 7 4 I -ACAWAJJ -4--cf, 1 i WF:-f,. ,,, . . '. i I Nail? 'Q Q 'N N . + -my RQ h - N CQ? My ,Yi '+'- mfg 'Ut-ef 5 rf Zvi! ,, .. W,,.. I . g-.. D,,.,, Q ,- '4 fs-wgsw '. : mm "1 7 A f ff- ' I , H V usa Q f .JL 11. 135 . q -"Q?2i4i?r7S33 Jr 44? 1 " .- A u 'MK' U.: ' 1. - 3' H211 ' 55 ERE in school is The place where each one OT Tomorrow's men and women discovers The Tield in which he may display his TalenTs besT. WheTher iT be in publicaTions, music, club acTiviTies, dramaTics, or service organizaTions, The imporTanT Thing is ThaT Through These living examples oT democracy, The Training Tields Tor peaceful associaTion wiTh 'Fellow neighbors and Tellow naTions, all work TogeTher Tor TuTure success. . X , 5 'Go D - Z , 3: mac . l 3: ng.,NfR:"5Sn f l yn VERRBQUL 2 -5 ll 3 HRV VRRLTIC i t GTE? cw gi ORCNEQ7, i .is BAND 32m JUNINQ mmm X7 Sms OPERETYA f Li.i.,..4.iLue,i I 'XS'- y l Q ' . l 1.3-1-, .i '45 ' -V f .5 .. 4' mug - , . :Q U 'QQ 'X H 1" ",:'-- ', 5.. '- H Mn Wai.. " , - '- - , Jilin fr -, 1. Q , T X ,-ku -,ly..f114:.J wswt v K - ' -ka Am-11.41" - 5 ' -1 2' ' - - mi: . :fig -fr' ":j:.,. " .meh ' ' 91 3 ., v ii,-na::.,1, Zjiffiffl ' :Ja 4, . -i .s f::..v f J ig , I-,sf-if-zfg kieqz-f . gg L ' . 'uma :Z gr-i ii ,V ff A ' '??5357 3 55Qhggqf?f'f,fefr,.i - f Q . , , i ww, ff L H 323 11- , -w j if . ,,.sx,l,rvrss-Y g,, f"'T' 34 if" ' ' . . "'- r- QA M155 ' , ., :ff,, if'3i 'T " ,- T - Ju' - ' ' ' .. , , h,. , -ig 1 L1 :TN V "" If-,,.1-,F -- L-, 1"f , -.fr."! " ' Q,.Ly.u"'55'if'i:l:. " ' A - fr -,i-big:'f5Jt- Y, " ,. , I.-31' ' ' -we vgyvfk, 1 '11, - - ' T Wednesday Morning Meelring anal Demonsrrales clemocralic acfion in homeroom and school . . . reaches parliamenlary procedure Through pracrice . . . urilizes pracrical governmenl' in meerings . . . builds leaders of The furure . . . develops ini+ia+ive . . . incul- cares democralic feeling in s+uden'r body . . encourages responsibiliry . . . Edward Bailey, president Firsr Semesier Officers Second Semesier Edward Bailey .... .... P RESIDENT .... . . . Edward Bailey Barbara I-lerkness . .. .. .VICE-PRESIDENT. .. ... Roloerl Quay RUHW Swarfley H. In SECRETARY. .. .. Lois Whearland TREASURER... ... James Bailey Officers deliberafe Swarfley, Bailey. E. A Lissfelf, Harkness. ev 9 s Jeanne on Duly Tealime Takes charge of informalion izleslc. resr room, and locker room-ushers al' school affairs-meimloers acl as big sislers 'ro new sophomores-conducls girls' assem- bly-memloers are examples of good marks and of leadership. Klum, dlwmps, Wa Knifrin' for Brilain Library Club al Work Swinging Edisons - 1950 on Down Hold Thai Pose! QF? , A V ' l-lor Copy Clubs . . . sluden+'s chance To ascerrain his avocalion . . . range from bowling lo badminron and from reading 'ro radio . . . semi-monlhly meelings . . opporrunily for siudenf leadership . . . cooperalion in pur- suing common inreresi' . . . J. Shaylor Woodruff, facully chairman. I ELXZABETHAN SXNC-BERS ORCHESTRA Musk . . . sacred . . . marJr1aN . . .inspira- raJrRonaX . . . merry . . . Crxrrsfrmas pXay . . . CarroU O'BrKerx, vocaX musk: . . . De- fense Concert proceeds ro Red Cross . . . L. B. Smrrh, insJrrurrwenJraX Xnslrrucror . . . pajrriojdc paqeanrry. band moi? . . . 'righ- esr award Rn CuVruraX Okfmpics . . . music . . . courage for We rob 'rhar faces us am I 58 .IL BAND - "Double Trouble" "Ever Since Eve" Opere'Ha Cas+ i Faculiy preseni' "Nin'H1 Gues+" Facully players aided college-bound seniors wilh seven+een+h scholarship play- Chrisfmas play impressed all - January 'rhespians cape-red Jrhrough Jrale of high 5 n 1 5 ,ll l . 1 . 5- , I , .iq school newspaper-June class did madcap farce of maquerading gangslers-operella offered opporlunily for lulure s+ars. The free voice of The siudenfs . . . 'ihe Abingionian . . . four pages of reilecfive ediforials, up-'I'o-+he- minuie news and sporfs, briiiianf fea+ures . . . published 'ihree Times a monih . . . ediied by Anne Siyer, Jack Reichard, Edward Gellerf. Roberf Quay . . . a frequenf con- fesf winner-wiih facuiiy guid- ance from Miss Kafharine Miller and Miss Dorofhy Cafhell. ReadY for Mamma Ludwlq wmiaker wmaams- HU"0'd' Winkier. ' D New seam XN -rhornicn. eadiine Near NeiVf5?n' Ba News S+aFF Luh. new Derbxl- Is 'i - Qughiofjv G' Landenberffj' Di?1lkh2h'FCiover.DRuegf:frd berihggigh, 'izafhfsebi M' pub.. 5 asbin- D93 e Sw5r'YiGV- 0 1 co edH'of5 Landis- Swameyl Encourages creaiive wrifing . . . inspires The besf Taienfs in Jrhe sfudeni body . . . Mysiery issue brings 'rhriils and chills . . . Heaifh, Sporis, and Pairioiism, a progres- sive fheme . . . Paul Landis, Rufh Swariiey. Chrisfine Leuf, edifors . . . published fwice a year . . . . ts. r. Davis. Wi. Cooperahon Harkness, uiiobguchheim. 06,99-. iA.KeUimannGeWe'T' Le I wxfjsi .x . oagngdxx xiavaysi MXQK . W .x,Le,o. .X ,,,xxifQ.i"x ofxoxxixootax axe. avw qzgsjiauxw we ' fx gxgne 60 medalisf in C.S.P.A. D K lb BjrnzmanngojlfisflitiuegblIggfer. I ay. Nol in Piclu res lrwin Cairns, sporfs Ellzabelh Gold, sporrs Rofhwell Shelly, news Frances Welsh, lypisl Gladys Vandegrifl, ryplsl Aer Ons, Geflefgugheg, Ha Did Y , ou Verify This? Garey Collacl Cox' SfYer M GV- Wheailand lsfrlgfnfff. . 0 I Nol' in Piclures Jack Relchard Dan Dempsfer Claire Harvey Helen Klaudehr Jeroldyn Dubln Jane Scolf Barbara Herkness Rulh Hegge Mildred Blrsner Charles Earnesl R rl Buckius obe Alfred Gilbert 5 ' fjnulzfh. fmfnta, Sends news of Ablnglon lo local, clly, and slale publlcallons . . . lelephoning, wrlllng, lnlervlewing keep slarl busy . . . members represenl all fields of school life . . . edllors: Anne Slyer, Irene Cox, Lois Whealland . . . sponsored by founder, Miss Gerlrucle L. Turner. Firsl' Semesler mix' W., EDITORIAL STAFF e S eco Bocher rringfon . Defy, kagghnefl F Hd Se ou . r COPIES, mme I' Please ,Lerner Nei. ' ls, F 1 - -. Harreg 1222 Greensp 6l Gold' Taylor, R an' O ff, K'7or,f. Mengeh -,, Elc ' TYPlsl's hmann- Binder Luk Glnderf, F' ens' Rilblnson lnley, News G 0 Ss Thro U 9h Yosf Edl+orlal Board k ion. Gelleri, Leonhard, Reinhard, Landis, Cox, Qempsier, Bai- , Iey, Sfyer, Cairns, Harring- L Jngne -5,165 J uarY . 'Hgh Tho' f I 5:25 rs Swar'cleYtox:dl::ll- Eff' rlolsjliirlgjggesjilerl' Balleif. Wilhielm 6 - . . fi . lglfiighx Tayioys Anemanl erger, Reichard. Leon Edifors Daniel M. Dempsier, Jr. John F. Reichard Ediiorial Board Phofography Ari- Irwin Cairns, Jr. Edward Bailey lrene Cox Edward Gelleri' Paul Landis Rona l-larringion Anne Siyer Elizabeih Leonhard Assisianis Charloiie Collaclay Ted Alleman Elizabeih Gold Jean Kisiler Allan Rogers Ruih Swariley Jesse Taylor Amy Biagi Roberi' Bigelow Jeanne Brisbin Jack Carr Maur Duloin lda Lanclenberger Gladys Thornion Adveriising Peggy Ginder Ruih Swan, assisiani' Circulafion Jay Glendenning Principal .... ' . . E. B. Gernerir Financial Adviser .... D. E. Krueger Ar+ Adviser .... Kaihryn P. Walker Phoiography . . . Lilian J. Reichard Typing . . . . Alice F. Weaver Sponsor . . . Doroihy Caihell Assis'I'an1' . . . Helen M. Clark John Lischy Sluari Siern James Boland William Branz Marie Kaufmann Jean Gardner Edward Geller? Jane Hopper Typis'I's Marga rel Lulcens Gladys Vandegrifi' Frances Welsh Ruih I-legge Typisfs Flnlev. Parker, Lulcens, Marie Day Florence Finley Mary Parker Day, Klosfermann. l J .Wi xx ni, ....,a.. aw uv- ?E'?75f,f Fl 4 np, .W Bi we H Democracy Today demands heallhy young men and women who can hold high Jrhe 'rorch of liberly upon which vicious dicialors are hurling mighly blows. On Maroon and While a+hle'ric Teams, ihrough inlra-mural rivalries, and by physical 'rraining insirucfion, Abing'ron's sTuden'l's are learning a funda- menlal American principle-lhe abilify lo cooperale as a group in a friendly manner foward Jrhe successful ierminalion of a uniied efforl. J ea- ' Q f ' ,g3.L:a35"x .-.-..l- Signals-l FooTball OTP and Away M . . . Maybe Ti. Gordo, Eihen, Kline, EasTon, WaelTz, Loder. CapT. L. VollraTh, Towill, Allen, Gregor, Rogers. Buclcius. Broaclus, Kern, Wineburg, Hasenmayer. Daniels, T. Earnesf, Donahue. Gibson, MorTon. cl Vivek Down A if ' Prog' W-T .-':- sa ll? eAO'eN 4 -,., llll'. l Y L- X , "' , ' ' ffl K ,J n 21,24 lg f' 556' r' ffaa v Q3 ConTronTed wiTh only six leTTer- men, led by CapTain VolIra+h. and Two weeks To prepare, Coach Snodgrass and his assisTanTs Turned ouT a well-balanced eleven, which los+ by only one Touchdown on each OT The Two occasions Thai' iT was deTeaTed. The GhosTs were noT quiTe The equal of Lower lvlerion, losing, I2-6, louT The nexT game Tound Them Trampling Upper Darby, 32-7. ATTer loeaTing Epis- copal Acaclemy, I4-O, They los+ To' Cheslrer, 6-O. in The lasT eighT sec- onds, and Then rose To vanquish Radnor, 26-0. The Tinal I3-l3 Tie wiTh ChelTenham compleTed The quaranTine - abbreviaTed season and Tound Abingjron noT Tar Trom The Top oT The Big Six. Jnntball. Yf,+P'e55 0 2540 .Soma Complehng lrheir 'lwelve-game schedule wrfh 'lhe besl percenlage in several years, fhe soccer feam, sparked by Caplain Keyes, look 'rhree in a row, including a league game wiih Haverford. before bow- ing 'lo Lower Merion and Hill. Haverford relurned To down The ' Ghosfs buf 'rhey came back 'io de- 'Feal Haffield and Whiipain. Four of 'rhe besl games of lhe season were lie scores againsl' Upper Darby lwice, Lower Merion, and 'lhe Alumni. Thirleen seniors on 'rhe squad gave every leam agains+ whom 'rhey played more lhan a Mgr. Taylor Cunningham IiHle frouble. Adams Dempsler Blumenlhal Sohl Landis Ullman Wacker Jlorlmq. The girls enjoyed 'rheir besf season in ears as lhey swepf lo seven viclories be- lore suffering fheir lone defeat Wiih Cap- +ain Pfoer+sch leading Jrhe way. The girls friumphed over Halboro, Springlield, and Ambler before being scored upon by a fighfing Norrislown +eam, which Jrhey fin- ally downed. 2-I. The girls conlinued 'rhe viclory march al' The expense of Jenkin- Jrown, Hallahan, and Upper Merion. Fighl- ing +0 lhe end, Abinglon losl' 'ro a power- ful. undefealed Chellrenham aggregalion by a 3-I score. N, fl. V, s " H X , ? " Qgsegg W, yr , LN. .-sv--'asv ' " Y 4:'P"!P?'. , ::'T,Mi,:21.,:,' - -2-'-,fe V 4.1, of ,Ln , f , L , . .1 . -' ':.:mnrwsaa. -4.1. . ,. ,., Lg E 11 Z .H Coach Gan'H' Helms Cairns Davies G. Chubb R. Chubb Wannemacher Capt Keyes Gibson Rwa,-4 Louchheim Hurlord Nehlig Mgr. Abel Capt Pfoerlsch Taggarf Coach Herzog Gold Swan Kisller Sco'H Laila Levering -HJ. Bigelow, Buich, Schwalm. Carlin, Greenspan, Coach Smiley. Cox, mgr.: Williams, Jones, Roof, mgr.: Peck, Carr, Moore, Millham, Weldon, Phinney. Bailey, Fling. . 'J Mifj M:Q sfwsf. .. I, ' V ...., Ml - J 1 ""LEil'Ul'l J B, l .i M fb . f is . is If Q1 'N X YJ l i if S 1 'll . , xi ii I , li X . X f' I l i i i ,f Ji, 5 HMM.-Knuntaq, Back in'ro 'rhe ranks of Abing+on coaches came 'rhe veieran, Edwin U. Smiley, 'io +u+or Jrhe cross-couniry Team. Unforiu- naiely ihese Galloping Ghosis could noi' cover i'he miles fasi' enough 'ro gei low scores so Capiain Ed Bailey was never able Jrovlead his 'ream 'io a viciory in any of iheir four meels. An unusually poor season saw l'he Gra - pling Ghosis successful in only iwo of eighi dual meeis. Coach Glenn R. Snodgrass and his maimen worked hard buf were noi able io gain 'rhe falls and decisions irhai would mean viciory. In ihe Disirici I cham- pionships, held in 'rhe new Abingion gym, A. l-l. S. placed fourih. o ' ' " cgi-R3 umm Don , i to 4' THING! f -4 ' -NTL, 5. ,Z N IMSELF- gf f, N n.. - , d ,J +P' Em ,Lili 1 Isl row-Bauer, Dodds, Jones, Shook, Mgr. Clark, Coaches Heller and Snodgrass. 2nd row-Egglefon, Delaney, Kain, Walker, Luber- oFF, Kline, Boufcher, Horst Dombrow, Chapman, Derby. 3rd row-Root Durkin, Miller, Sfevenson, Pilgren, Carlin, Smifh, Janice, Earnest Cook. Tense Momeni' 67 rrp ' 1Qif1 A Qs Mgr. Franz, Marsh, J. Bailey, Luger, Forker, Gilson, BuTch, E. Bailey, Cunning- ham, Frankenfieid, Towiil, Loder, Wineburg, Willis, Cook. CapT. Easion ' Coach Erb ifll Coach Masf, Mgr. Leuf, C. Rafhgeb, Zackey, Zifzer, Bordin, Humes, Hallinger, gyvan, Eallenbach, Ehrsam, Jenkins, Capf. MacMinn, Scoff, Adams, Nehlig, oerTsc . BOYS' BASKETBALL Playing a TourTeen-game schedule. Coach George F. Erb's Team celebraTed The opening OT The new gym wiTh one oT The besT records in recenT years. They gained a Tie Tor The Old York Road TiTle by nosing ouT ChelTenham once and deTeaTing JenlcinTown Twice. OTher vicTims were Upper Moreland and Haverford. ln recogniTion of his abiliTy and leader- ship, John EasTon was elecTed capTain oT The Ghosi' quinTeT. L. M. wins anoTher d6'a.4lm.t6n.lL GIRLS' BASKETBALL WiTh Tive wins and Tour losses, The girls' Team, cap- Tained by Emily MacMinn, baTTled iTs way To Top rank- ing among Al-IS winTer sporTs Teams. The ouTsTand- ing game of The season was The one-poinT vicTory scored by Lower Merion in The lasi minuTe of play. CongraTula- Tions To Coach lvl. Geraldine lvlasl' Tor such success in her TirsT year as varsiiy menTor. Two poinTsl 7 I "'7'J Sw. . GIRLS' SWIMMING While Ihe mermaids were unable Io Iinish be'IIer Ihan 'liourlh in Ihe Suburban League compeIi+ion, CapI'ain Jeanne I-Iabbeggerclosed her ouislanding inlerscholaslic career. which began wiI'h Ihe breasjrsrrolce championship in I94O. by winning Jrhe I942 diving crown. Coach Helen M. Clark developed a Ieam which won 'rhree meeI's by Impressive scores. Anolher place in any one even? would have Iurned Iwo of Ihe live losses Io viclories for Ihe amphibian Ghosf- elles. Ml Coach Clark, Mgr. Brisbin, Capf. Habhegger, Gardner, Anderson, J. Eble, MacMillan, Evlefh, S. Eble, Ballenberg, Thornfon, Temple. 'MacFarland, Rickards, Dankelman. Billiar, Leonhard, Oughfon, , Fisher, Capt Robinson, Kaufmann, Miller, Sufch, Quay, Mgr. Moore, Coach Dougherly. QFMK qgmx BOYS' SWIMMING Under 'rheir new coach. Waller E. Dough- erly, 'rhe boys' Ieam opened 'rheir season by sinking Wesl Chesier I-Iigh. In spife of Iheir Iighiing spirir and The scoring abilily of Caprain Arl Robinson, 'rhe Maroon mer- men were nol able +o gain anoiher vicfory in Ihe live remaining mee'I's. On Your Marlcl Go I I lil- -1 N i ..... '!"" 5. ff. ma ull 1 ,'?"1 . ,uu- gag.- Coaches Mast Dougherfy, D. Clark, Roberfs. H. M. Coaches Selfzer. D. Snodgrass, Rapp. Herzog Clark. Erb. Brunner. G. Snodgrass. Gan'H', Smiley. .a...5.Ei1rs:'eaG -- " Bef-3-er upl lnferference Firsi down Have a mouwxhful when Uwz, lcama, Hn Uni, to Battle, fA'P MA' PA! if-I If W...'3 x I F Bauball, SUBURBAN CHAMPS UNDEFEATED IN LEAGUE I -:Girl ' A Al Two Down! The Team Coach Erlo. Gibson, Cook, Bailey. Easlon, Klumpp, Willis, Hasenmayer, Hammer, Kirkner m r - Q - Fay. l-lagland, Milchell, Franz, Trescolt Sfrilre Three! Wilh 'rhe season compleled, 'rhe Maroon nine no+ only is leading The Suburban Gne League, buf is unclefealed in all Hs games. There were only Jrwo lelrlermen when Jrhe squad reporlecl for prac- Hce, buf Coach George Erb has louillr a 'faslr-moving 'ream 'ro sup- porl' The "iron-man" pilching of John Eas'l'on, one of Abing+on's really grear alhleles. Y , -1' l ss? I Alleman Jamison SplTzer Ullman uay Parker Boland Towill Ted Farenwald Manager C C. RoberTs Coach BOYS' TENNIS Coach Charles RoberTs was in- ducTed inTo The Army iusT aTTer The boys played Their TirsT maTch. Wilh very liTTle experienced ma- Terial, The Tennis Team hopes To carry on Tor The coach and To give Their besT, "vicTory or deTeaT iT loe " RaThgeb M' 09" . Hilroyce I-Ialllnger Ha e rv y. l Jessie Hallmger ScoTT LaTTa Wheatland Levenng Miss GC E. rl-Ie zoq 6lac'iIAysoTTiiornTon GIRLS' TENNIS mga Indoor pracTice on The gym courT because The courTs were noT in condiTion Tor play puT The Tennis Team aT a disadvanTage, buT under The able direcTion OT Coach Ger- Trude E. l-lerzog, The girls goT oTl To a vicTorious sTarT, This Team is expecTed To carry on The Tradi- Tion oT success builT by Teams of Tormer yea rs. ,Y vw ff" ARCHERY This will inTroduce The newesT maior sporT To be added To The girls' aThleTic rosTer - archery. Al-IS girls have had a pracTice Team Tor several years: now Coach M. Ger- aldine MasT is leading The Team againsT major varsiTy compeTiTion. Good luclc, girls! I". AbingTon is represenTed by anoTher greaT golf Team under The direc- Tion of Coach E. A. Brunner. Lower Merion was able To earn a Tie, SUBURBAN CHAMPS buT There are Tive brillianT maTches already in The vicTory column. Coach Brunner, UccelIeTTi, Wineburg, Helfrich, Manzinger, Lugar, Cle - 5 Q- -4. , IT!" Y " rif- ,. ri ,,,,-"f '7T'3'Cf""? re, T' 9.73 y 3 A 3' QP 2 A"- '4 as -1 i ti, T .., IT1. F1 ' at .L an 1 QT Q -3 T i A l v 5 ' 1 7 Pg I - 1 1 r L l 1. .A P A -- b 53554 - - A A 5 .9 6 9 , Trying Tor a Record jmck A -Q-Iuxanlwe .ua Forel Handicapped by The loss of Their ace sprinTer, CapTain John Davey, The Track Team has been making every eTTorT To come Through. The Galloping C5hosTs oT Coach Dale Snodgrass show promise oT puTTing AbingTon ouT in TronT once more in The inTerscholasTic Track world. Over The Topl l rK -tT, ,,z,e'-r- e , ri 3 ,gL.,LfL ,, 334 , -6 l . 95' ef,.,S,-,L W ,9- . f I J rx hr p J Nl' - ' -Z-f 1 f ,fl 1' X 1 1 f x-. N ,..l,- M 33 Z..--f' " N- xx X . ' - XL x' ., N X x 32 Vs- CLD '-3 KSA Syfm aff' r'---in V ' 7, XNTHE MQ X gf:-X -Y 1' 'R - 145, 1:-Y Q + - f x un 5 ' as 0 4 x., I kv ' ' r gi,.v4n-13,5 In lg. Q" 1. 'J E duuoxd E11 left --5. l 741' Scienlisls af Worlc Oh, look! Fire Wardens Thank you, Mr. Zaclcey Slars and Slripes Forever dnofhafr, Praclice Makes Perfecl Permission, please Cheerful clwaperons Www Corridor cerollers Dave Reber's prize projecl Air Raid posilions End of a perfecf day ' " ,'.' INEMQQ1'E.,""',,W4'..N'W:1si1U'1,, f?"Q,,fg3VW'4Ef ,W Hx- ,' "Zvi, ."' '1 'Ea 1 ,, H " Hz' if :M H' - iw? X mu WM H X-,U WL X ::fgm,!uf,,mx, RH .Saw X "fx ,LN " ,N 1af, "3u "" m."'Xifl ', " 11552-fam., Hx, mfg? ' 'EW' Www vw M , 37.2 ww' 1 1 f5f"?i1:.' MM, .2 ,,".:5kZ'1k5 H X X "" ' H H A.. wx , ' ' E- 1 " my J my 152144 A u w ws w ,, , V,.AU, ,QT .ill N w A T5 M .,. , w . H Az U WHEN SOHO0L'S OUT ITTS FUN AT THE " " if ENJOY THE GYM if GET ON A TEAM OR FORM ONE A- IOIN GOOD CLUBS if SWIM IN THE P001- ir FIND NEW INTERESTS AND ' EEEAEQLIQ' SQQQESQMZLQ HOBBIES PROPITABIIE USE. ' if PLAY AND LEARN POPULAR ir MEET- YOUR FRIENDS. ADD SPORTS NEW ONES. i' GIVE NEEDED VOLUNTEER SERVICE ACROSS FROM THE MEN - WOMEN -- BOYS - GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL TELEPHONE: OGONTZ 4275 A BRANCH OF THE PHILADELPHIA Y. M. C. A. ABINGTON BANK 81 TRUST GUMPANY URGES YOU TO BUY U. S. GOV'T. WAR BONDS Phone: OGONTZ Ll I G5 GLENSIDE UPHOLSTERING W. Bordin, Prop. SLIP COVERS WINDOW SHADES Upholsterinq in all its Branches As it Should be Donn WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED Keswick Building Glenside. Pa. WELDON AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY IDA RENE BEAUTY SHOP oooNrz 3484 21 East whamm Road Grenade, Pennsylvania WHARTON SHOPPE A Lingerie, Neckwear, Hosiery and Dry Goods Next to Keswick Theatre CLARA S. SHELI-IORN, Prop. B. BLUMENTHAL GLENSIDE DELICATESSEN Easton and Wharton Roads WELL DRESSED A. H. S. STUDENTS ' Buy at BRUNER'S CLOTHES 316 N. Easton Road Bell, Oqontz 3282 Glenside, Pa. Open Evenings Glenside YOUR LOCAL POET AND ACE ATLANTIC DEALER CUT RATE STORE Easton Road and Geneva Avenue, Glenside Twenty Years at the Same Corner I-Iave You Stopped in Lately? 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Pennsylvania ARDSLEY PHARMACY Tyson Avenue and Ienkintown Road Oqontz 1336 Ardsley IEANNE'S 723 West Ave.. Ienkintown Headquarters for the Iunior Miss DOLLAR VALET SERVICE Men's and Young Men's Suits CLEANING and PRESSING OGONTZ 3284 Edith Wilcox Helen DeGroat THE VOGUE SHOP 30 East Wharton Road CAROLINE'S BEAUTY SHOP Easton Road and Pershing Ave., Roslyn, Pa. Caroline Pleiss Behrends, Proprietor Glenside, Pa. Oqontz 19-85 Sportswear .- Lingerie - Gifts Phone: Willow Grove 3019 oqamz 3553 I-". STUBM BETTY "Exclusive Mi1linery"-31.95 - 352.95 CANDY S LUNCH - ICE CREAM 721 West Avenue Ienkintown. Pa. 28 East Wharton Road. Glenside. Pa. 15 Wes: Main sneer Lansdale, Pa, sooo w1sHEs OGON TZ LAUNDRY ERNESTIN E BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in Permanent Waving and Scalp Treatments Graduate Teacher of Beauty Culture Open Evenings by Appointment 913 Limekiln Pike North Hills, Pa. Oqontz 4803 RUBIN'S MARKET Quality Meats, Groceries and Produce Corner Hamel Avenue. Ardsley. Pa. Phones: Oqontz 0294-9036 Free Delivery WILLIAM N. SPAYD CARPENTER - BUILDER Iobbing - Alterations - Repairs 1201 Mt. Carmel Avenue. North Hills. Pa. Oqontz 1024 FRED G. ECKEL HARDWARE A PAINTS - VARNISI-IES Oqontz 4366 Ardsley, Pa. Oqontz 6989-I C. D. LAMPHERE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR HOTPOINT APPLIANCES 915 Limekiln Pike. North Hills. Pa. IOHN M. DAUBERT Registered PLUMBING AND HEATING 245 Penna. Avenue, North Hills OGONTZ 0627-W NORTH HILLS PRESS . Quality Printing HM BAILEY, '31 and HENRY CARTER, '31 Cln 'The' Army Nowl North Hills, Pa. U oqonu 1544 Quality Meats Fruits 6. Produce UNITY FRANKFORD STORE 1006 Limekiln Pike Free Delivery Ogontz 9044 Phone: OGONTZ 4944 GLENSIDE TAILORS Roberts Block at R. R. Station CLEANING -VPRESSING - DYEING Suits and Coats Made to Order FRED R. WILI-IELM REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE-NOTARY PUBLIC 911 Lirnekiln Pike. North Hills Ogontz 1285: WRIGHT'S SERVICE STATION Mobilqas Lubrication Limekiln Pike and Edge Hill Road Edge I-lill Phone OGONTZ 9182 LEVENTON'S MARKET 1300 Mt. Carmel Ave. Telephone: OGONTZ 9083 IOHN GENTH OGONTZ 2909 NORTH HILLS AUTO REPAIR Official Inspection Station Northwest Cor. Limekiln Pike and Cricket Ave. North Hills, Pennsylvania Battery Service Towing Day or Night LIMEKILN BARBER SHOP 934 LIMEKILN PIKE North Hills, Pennsylvania BALL 6. COFFIN REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE - MCRTCACES Jenkintown OGONTZ sauu A. H. B. SKEATH CLINTON R. SPENCER PHAHMACIS1' Building Limekiln Pike and Mt. Carmel Avenue , Maintenance and COUSITUCHOU North Hills, Pa. OGONTZ 9192 North Hills. Pennsylvania YOU KNOW ME- "AL" ROBINSON "oN 'ms PIKE" Fresh Meats-Frosted Foods-Butter and Eggs G. PARKHOUSE 6 SONS 115 YORK ROAD Abington, Pa. NORTH HILLS, PA. Phone: Ogontz 964 Free Delivery SUNDIAL SHOES A BOB WRIGHT For Every Member of the Family HOT DOGS HAMBURGERS A. APFELBAUM ICE CREAM SOFT DRINKS 900 Limekiln Pike ' North Hills, Pa. Ogontz 3150 2 HORACE AVENUE Abington, Pa. HILLSIDE CEMETERY, An Estate for The Departed Philaclelphia's Largest Perpetual Care and Lawn Plan Cemetery Susciuehanna and Easton Roads ROSLYN, PA. can OGONTZ 696 Lulu Temple Country Club Congratulations to ABINGTON SENIOR HIGH IOHN de Z. HAMILTON Real Estate and Insurance 18 YORK ROAD Abington, Pa. Bell Phone: OGONTZ 5560 WILLIAM A. GEPPERT. INC. NEW AND USED BUILDING MATERIAL Easton Rd. and Hamilton Ave. Between Roslyn and Willow Grove Yard: Willow Grove 9114 Ios. McGettiqan, Mgr. ABINGTON FLORIST BURR A. ROBINSON, IR. 6 York Road, Abington, Penna. Phone: OGONTZ 4290 ELKINS, SHEBLE :S CO.. INC H. I. Dager. Associate Homes-Farms-Insurance 417 OLD YORK ROAD Oqontz 3000-3001 Ienkintown, KESLER'S "Florists for the Particular" FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE 15 TENNIS AVENUE North Hills, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 3109 OGON'I'Z 200 OGONTZ 201 GLENSIDE LUMBER 6. COAL CO. LUMBER - MILL WORK BUILDING MATERIALS COAL - COKE - FUEL OIL Mt. Carmel and Tyson Avenues Glenside, Pennsylvania Telephone: OGON'I'Z 344 RENNINGER G RENNINGER General Insurance Brokers iAt Stationl -- Glenside, Pa. KENYON BROTHERS, INC. COAL Fuel Oil - Building Materials Koppers Coke and Cord Wood NORTH HILLS, PA. Phone, Oqontz 950 MEET YOUR FRIENDS OVER A MIDNIGHT SNACK KENYON'S DINER ROUTE 152 NORTH HILLS, PA. The Abington-Cheltenham Crowd Meet at Kenyon's GREETINGS NORTH HILLS COUNTRY CLUB Scllutte G: Koerting Co. PHILADELPHIA, PA. in appreciation of competent office help furnished by the Commercial Department , , . X of the Abington Senior High School. MAJESTIC 3131 LYNAM MELROSE 4515 COAL CO. INC. COAL LUMBER FUEL OIL BUILDING MATERIALS 8011 YORK ROAD. ELKINS PARK, PA. Has Your Automobile Operator's License Been Suspended? We Specialize in This Type of Service. THE SERVICE AGENCY INSURANCE AND BONDING Plaza Building, 14 W. Glenside Ave.. Glenside. Pa. W. E. Young RONNIE'S 5 - 10 - 25c STORES OPEN EVERY EVENING 108 S. EASTON ROAD Glenside. Pa. IOHN M. SHRONK PIANO TUNER 119 Wharton Avenue GLEN SIDE, PA. OGONTZ 1612 COOK'S BARBER SHOP 516 Jenkintown Road Elkins Park. Pa. CREVELLO'S MEAT MARKET Best Quality Meats and Groceries 8566 Tulpehocken Avenue Elkins Park, Pa. Oqontz 3371 WM. E. H. BELL SOCONY VACUUM PRODUCTS Automobile Service 6- Repairs Oqontz 9102 Easton Road G Toxony Avenue GIROUD FLOWERS WEDDING BOUOUETS -:- FUNERAL DESIGNS CORSAGES Flowers for All Occasions 508 Township Line. Elkins Park Mel. 1175 OGONTZ 1414 CLARA MAYER'S BEAUTY PARLOR 506 Township Line. Elkins Park Ogontz 3260 F- TI-HES Arthur S. Levintow, Ph.G. Easton Road and Mt. Carmel Avenue FUNERAL DIRECTOR Glenside Pa 25 N- Easton Road' Glefwidef PH- visit our soda Fountain OGONTZ 1737 GUN'N"S OGONTZ 292 Free Delivery S. H. SPRINGER Fresh Meats - Vegetables - Groceries Everything for the Table FANCY CAKES AND ICE CREAM Easton Road and Mt. Carmel Ave. Gleflsidel PGHUSYIVBIUB 100 South Keswick Avenue OQOYNZ 503-W Unity Frankford Store Glenside, Pa. Phone: Ogontz 3280-I Estimates Free Records - Music H- Radio Tubes MOONEY 'S MOVING 6 STORAGE. Inc. 24 E. Mt. Carmel Avenue IAMES A' NASSAU MOVING and HAULING of ALL KINDS 8 E. Mt. Carmel Ave., Glenside. Pa. Long Distance Moving a Specialty Reference: Ask the People We Move Phone: Ogomz 5958 Open Every Evening Phone: ' House Fixtures and Appliances GLENSIDE WHOLESALE CO' Plumbing and Heating Formerly Friedberg Brothers Co. TOHN M' READING 103 East Glenside Avenue 218 Tyson Avenue. Glenside. Pa. , Oil Burners and Fuel Oil Wholesale Repair Work Estimates Furnished CANDY and TOBACCO GRACEY and STREEPER GLENSIDE TOGGERY 29 E. Glenside Ave., Glenside. Pa. FOR MEN 6: BOYS Bell Phone: Ovgontz 402 Dependable Service in Roofing and Heating na S' Eamon Road' Glenside' Pa' Good W0fkman5hiP for Over 26 Years B. C. Schwartz Open Evenings BROWN'S DAIRIES MODEL PRINTING CO.. INC. 172 Harrison Avenue GLENSIDE PA Glenside, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 2954-W WB I R Ogontz 1658 One Day Service No Shrinking, Odor. Stretching INC- Lost Buttons or Belts R EALTOR , MAX KARP EASTON ROAD AND WHARTON ROAD GLENSIDE. pA. 120 S. Easton Road Glenside CONGRATULATIONS! Ogontz 0486 Open EveninfJS On This Splendid Edition KIRKLAND HARDWARE STORE Mt. Carmel Ave. 6 Easton Rd. Glensidel Pa- GleB5ld8. PB. BR.ODY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Family Outfitters Since 1905 BRYNER CHEVROLET COMPANY Cars of All Makes Serviced and Repaired GUARANTEED OK'D USED CARS 525 Township Line, Elkins Park. Pa. Ogontz 172 Maiestic 0265 TAYLOR SCHOOL "Distinctive Business Training" Courses in STENOGRAPHIC - SECRE'1'ARIAL AND MEDICAL SECRETARIAL WORK Registration Twice a Month Open All Year FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 1207 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. Pa. RITtenhouse B434 Phones: Office: Ogonlz 127 Night: Ogonlz 70452W GLENSIDE ELECTRIC CO. BRUCE M. WELLS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES REPAIRS and INSTALLATIONS 10 E. Mt. Carmel Ave.. Glenside, Penna. 1 Approved Pennsylvania Private Business School BUSINESS TRAINING '. for Young Men and Women GENERAL BUSINESS SECRETARIAL TRAINING SPECIALIZED COURSES Jfii, x ,aff ,fall 4 vm. .v iii :.-.iw ' .. ii .fly :w i n l jll' llllllgqig 3-.17-13 E :Linz - One, Two and Three Yours Day and Evening Courses Special Summer Session PEIRCE SCHOOL Pine Sl. Wes! of Brood Philadelphia, Pu. Fou nd ed 1865 2 5 A LEADING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS TRAINING Banks College is nationally recognized as an outstanding business school- whose graduates have succeeded to a marked degree. Send for our program of Planned Business Training. Enroll now. All Courses Day or Evening BANKS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1200 WALNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA IOHN'S BARBER SHOP All American Service 78 North York Road Willow Grove Iohn Tarkington, Prop. HOME REPAIRS Make no down payments, 3 years to pay. Free Estimates. No Obligations. Member Johns-Manville Housing Guild. We also furnish material if you do your own work. Willow Grove Lumber and Coal Co. Willow Grove. Pa. Phone: W. G. 500 EDDIE'S FOOD MARKET FANCY GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS FRUITS - VEGETABLES 46 York Road. Willow Grove. Pa. Phone: Willow Grove 566 BELFATTI TAILORS 56 N. Yorlc'Road Willow Grove, Pa. Willow Grove 9135 Willow Grove 264 Free Delivery PRIFOLD'S DELICATESSEN Welsh and Easton Roads. Willow Grove W. C. HALDEIVIAN REAL ESTATE I-larleysville Auto Insurance Meats - Fruits - Produce - Groceries Phone 375 Willow Grave, Pa, Willow Grove 46 or Oqontz 735 Insurance MU-I-ER DRUG CO- W. CLYDE GOURLEY Incorporated PRESCRIPTIONS - GIFTS - VITAMINS REALTORS Willow Grove. Pa. York and Welsh Roads Willow Grove, Pa. MARK SING HAND LAUNDRY 74 N. York Road Willow Grove, Pa. IOHN SCHAMENEK SUNOCO SERVICE York Road and Decatur Avenue Willow Grove Bell Phone: 9197 IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP 34 North Road DR. IRVING B. PINK DENTIST Willow Grove. Pa. M. Schiesser, Prop. Willow Grove, Pa. A. ALF Willow Grove 834 Free Delivery SHOE IOHN MARINO REPAIRING 411 Easton Road Willow Grove. Pa. Reasonable Rates 421 S. York Road Call W. G. 880 Fruits, Vegetables. Poultry, Fresh Meats Imported and Domestic Groceries I. L. RUSH 6: SONS. INC. FIRESTONE SALES and SERVICE BODY and FENDER REPAIRS Willow Grove, Pa. Phone 93 At Reading Station WILLOW GROVE DINER' Easton and York Roads Good Home Cooked Food Table and Booth Service Open 24 Hours C. S. Pratt, Prop. Frank Miller, Manager Damp Wash-Soft Finish-Finished Family Service OGONTZ 989 DRY CLEANING GLENSIDE LAUNDRY 33 and 35 East Glenside Ave. Glenside, Pennsylvania Phones: OGONTZ 4100-4101 CASA CONTI IOSEPH CONTI, Proprietor Easton Road and Ienkintown Road Glenside. Pa. FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS Excellent Service REGULAR DINNER-50c OGONTZ 6996 KESWICK CYCLE SHOP Rich Norman, Proprietor We Specialize in Bicycles Saws and Lawn Mowers Hobby Supplies - Model Airplanes N. EASTON ROAD Glenside, Pennsylvania FRED A. SCHUENEMANN PHARMACIST 115 E. Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside Oqontz 116 BENIAMIN RAU VETERINARIAN Jenkintown Road Gr Abington Avenue GLENSIDE PENNSYLVANIA h e E S W H G K IN GLENSIDE FOR ALL YOUR TABLE NEEDS SHOP AT THE Keswick Self Service Market 321-323 N. EASTON ROAD Glenside, Pennsylvania SAVE 10 to 30 PERCENT ON QUALITY FOODS KOENIG'S The Rexall Drug Store GLENSIDE CONGRATULATIONS MONTGOMERY COUNTY COURT HOUSE OFFICIALS FRED C. PETERS FOSTER C. I-IILLEGASS RAYMOND K. MENSCH Commissioners FRANK P. K. BARKER EARL B. BECHTEL Controller Prothonotary IOHN MARSHALL MARY H. BEERER Recorder of Deeds Treasurer WINSLOW I. RUSHONC- Coroner WOMEN'S APPAREL 1 ti . Oqontz 4026 CAMERAS - FILMS PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT Photo Finishing Specialists IENKINTOWN CAMERA SHOP 310 York Road Hiram G. Larmon, Mgr. WASHING , LUBRICATION RAYMOND s. GRAY. IR. HARDWARE -PAINTS- Fox Chase Atlantic Service 1 Pine Road and Oxford Avenue V. Philadelphia. Pa. Phone: PII.. 9881 Electric and Plurnbing Supplies WILLOW GROYE, PA. Phila. Branch-4l80-82 Germantown Ave. Records 15c each LEE TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES Radios - Refrigerators -- Washers Time Payment Plan ' We Deliver Since 1920 COMPLIMENTS of Builder of Substantial and Attractive Homes A WM. R. WALTON S. D. PETERSON CO. t ' 'BUILDER L ESTATE 100 S. YORK ROAD Willow' Grove, Pa. IENKINTOWN OGON'I'Z 6200 - REPAIRS - ROOFING - PAINTING SUBURBAN HOMES INSURANCE - MORTGAGES A Complete Real Estate Organization - ALFRED H. TRANK Jenkintown, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 3800 IAMES I. ALLDRED Sinclair Service York and Easton Roads Lubrication, Washing, Battery and Tire Service PHONE 9100 HOLLYWOOD DRUGS ARMONS Huntingdon Pike 6 Fox Chase Rd. GYM d ATHLETIC an Hollywood, Fox Chase, Pa. EQUIPMENT The S'0fi,jg3gf5,fgjSFQ1jg,a3gd Young 714 West Avenue Ienkintowii. Pa. SQUARE DEAL MARE! GROCERIES - FRESH MEA'I'S FRUIT and PRODUCE Township Line and Cadwalader Road Elkins Park, Pa. Free Delivery Ogontz 1032 FEDERAL INSURED SAVINGS ABINGTON BUILDING ASSOCIATION vso were Avenue Jenkintown ogom 2625 Cheltenham 8738 CH.ARLO'I'1'E'S BEAUTY SALON 818 Huntingdon Pike MERIT CUT RATE 302 York Road Charlotte Miller, Prop. Rockledge, Pa. Jenkintown Penn5YlVania Mobilgas - Mobilubrication - Mobiloil Established 1855 Oqomz 72 SERVICE STATION Oxford 6 Burholme Avenues W. C. FLECK G BRO. INC. HARDWARE - HOUSEWARE HOME ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Fox Chase, Philadelphia Ienkimown pennsylvania I. M. SIMPSON Oconiz 4630 909 Gibson Avenue Hollywood. Pa. DR- M- GRADESS Groceries - Delicatessen - Cigars - Candy VEFERINARIAN BULK - Breyers Ice Cream - PINTS York Road and Washington Lane We Solicit Your Private Orders For Ice Cream Ienkintown DIANDREAIS BOSWEI.I,'S STATIONERY GREETING CARDS Huntingdon Pike and Penn Avenue ' ' W'hiting's Stationery - Lending Library Hershey's Ice Cream Meqow's Models 718 West Avenue Ienkintown, Pa. "Say it with Flowers" Phone PII..grim 3015 Commercial G Social Stationery - Greeting Cards C. S. VAN WAVEREN SHARPLESS STATIONERY SERVICE 727 WBII A193118 400 Huntingdon Pike Jenkintown' Pa' Funeral Designs Fox Chase, Phila. Lewis 5- Sh61'P1eSS 0901112 3250 DR. G. W. SPIES OPTOMETRIST AND OPTICIAN Personal Service Ienkintowu. Ford Bldg. Phone. Oqontz 900 Office Hours: 9:30 A. M. to 5 P. M. Daily Evenings: Tuesday and Saturday, 7 to 9 P. M. Bell Phone: OGONTZ 30 Keystone: IENKINTOWN 2511 1. FRANK FLECK co. HARDWARE 424 York Road Jenkintown, Pennsylvania ROSLYN SHOP DRY GOODS -:- NOTIONS Roslyn. Pennsylvania KELI.Y'S GROCERIES and MEATS Roslyn. Pa. Oqontx 1981 ROSLYN GARAGE LAWRENCE DRUG STORE Esso Products Automobile Service Easton Road Easton and Mildred Ave. Phone: oeomz 5039 Roslyn, Pa. BDSM' Pennsylvania ROSLYN PARK FLOWER SHOP Bradiield and Susquehanna Roads Quality Flowers - Reasonable Rates Cut Flowers - Potted Plants Funeral Baskets and Sprays OGON'l'Z 5128 ICE IOI-IN I. GALLAGHER OGONTZ 2956 EDWARD TOWILL I Ogontz 3860 Estimates Furnished Suburban Home Improvements FLORIST GENERAL CONTRACTORS EW" Road HARRISON fs. LYBRAND ROSlYl't. Pa. 747-I Roglyn, Pgnggylvagia S OQ0nlZ Grove WIILIAM BUSH NORTHERN DISTRICT REALTY CO. Real Estate and Insurance Ogontz 4937 Ogontz 723-I Roslyn. Pennsylvania UNITY-FRANKFORD GROCER Easton 6. Woodland Roads Roslyn, Pa. Free Delivery Frosted Foods - Fresh Meats Glen Rosengrant Atlantic Service Phone: Willow Grove 344 FUNERAL WORK Gas - Oil - Tires IOSEPH HATUNG Easton Road and Bradtield FLORIST Fresh Cut Flowers - Potted Plants OGONTZ 5142 Roslyn' Perma' 507 S. Easton Road. Willow Grove. Pa. Bell Phone, Ogontz 741 Res., Ogontz 199 IOHN F. BIERLIN ROSLYN MONUMENTAL WORKS Opposite Hillside Cemetery, Main Entrance Manufacturers of Cemetery Memorials Roslyn. Pennsylvania ROSLYN BARBER SHOP Roslyn. Pa. Ogontz 5406 - Willow Grove 708 - Delaware 7908 Guaranteed Work Ed Roy Automotive Renovatinq Heston Street West oi Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania We Repair Your Car or Truck at Your Convenience Give Us a Call - Towing -- 24 Hour Service Phone: Oqontz 4999-If No Answer-Pilgrim 3977 A. PERELL AUTO ACCIDENT REPAIRS BODY and FENDER STRAIGHTENING and PAINTING 828 N. Easton Rd. Glenside. Pa. You cannot patent it . . . or copyright it . . . you can- not install it-like a piece of machinery . . . I Q You cannot accuratelyimeasure it-or the lack ot ii... A Yet it is your most important consideration when you choose your Yearbook Photographer. IT IS 66 77 flowing ow Experience . . . . ls the one thing that will meet the unusual emergency with the comforting statement, "We know just what to do-We'Ve been through this before." Our complete organization offers you this background of experience in creative photography and consultation on all problems relating to Yearbook Photography. lt costs nothing to talk it over with us. ZAMSKY STUDIOS 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA 'U' Fil! I HV qi. , if Sv- . 47, ff -I f A 'ff -: ui-x F-Tr --.iinivrgf-uggry' im:-Q I! ' 1' bmw- j . -7,12 ' f. V . N , - 7. v.: ,--,' , gg.. x xx.,---,Z 1, V I , .7 , P -- 1 . 1. by , -54.-.-1:1 - I P. 2-ffrfifri-fk f - f . r -: .fn ' - .- "J:ff,'-i -in 'f -H '1' " - ,.... , Y, V I ll EQ: N' 1 1 J -I -I, -' ' , I ,.g4Q.f3Qv:'?-i- , " 5 , 1 V-F15 ,ig V-, , - , 97" , ff, --,JF I., 1 ., ' " ' ., 4, 1" -V - ' ' I ,fum -57 .3- 5- 1 1 :- . ,.,-.nf J, 1 -2- 1 .1 , . J b 1. '31 , r- tux: , ,, , IH my -1, f r in xl. , '- W - - fl CQ .4 . 42521 ' 4 V ' ,f-'iff-gg 1' f,.," - . ,A 4 X . x We '. ,, . Y , H ,HQ ' :L J ' is , ff ,D ' - 4 - ' -9' r 3 5+ 1.5, 1 is ,.L: ml, - f.g,a1:'1 1 .g1i.','5,.E: ':i'?f' Q 1.153-.JY5 ' , 1:13-xx'ksw:"!5 '-Qregt1::,s,a - 1 k-Q .zjrizliffy-1 .Ii,532b 'A i 3631: x slr V . .I W . ' ' 'iha-11-1-"sv.h....,,,.. W E melt' 'I 1 A , V 1 4 . . f V N I, ' 1 v if J Y X . V . .I , ' ' 1 3 L N' ' 1' 5 1 1 15 r l , , . 3 -N ,nf . K . A x 'B ' 4 y J . Y 4 . I 1 1 1 L x in 4 f-- 5 1 ' 4 .1-ff rail:-J J .,4 X X 3 "T, 5-5- ' fi ffilgl' x . JL. - V 'W' X 15 f XR n ' , W I , 1 f ,4 U , ' ,4. V N., - vp . . . ,, Q-,- X ' X ,.l..--'- ' ,Q - .,,.1v.,1 K ' -1 , '::t'kpQ1x , J .,-, 4-- .- I Ak V . ,,,3, ' X. "if QNJW 1 . 1 '.l 1 -. E .WJ . Xt.. Y ,V-"7 :HE Q I'-" . g .x A wk ,, . 4.-,J .-:gr 1 -'ax' 1 X ' ' ' - . ,V u . A In - F57 . '-.QL A.. Y ,cs lg -,- -L A,--A..... -.. ,

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