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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1941 volume:

x Y fs J' Fa X ,- N X YRYNWN in Q SYN? :fgwga-9?,'. 4452-9211. -'. f' -.. " 1 If .1311 1, 'NK . . X X . Q1 I ' HI' 'X .. ,, 5,55 5 X X X g ZZ Z, J 015 ,PJ ' S' 1 n .X 4. ,... Z L Z. ,,,..f- ff l-L-f iff" jim Ufzadv, 79447 -1 4 f N fvqg R 1 4 Q , , In 1 -4 41 af . , . ?f l g ' ' 3 ia F., 335 -3, nm 'WWW' 55 in Winn wi! V W s f Hxk' wir- n k Q fy 4 x rw. W 'xt Q 'gg , K ,,,,,,,,,,: .pau-W" 'I' B .1 Y ' " '--ff .V-.num .WI-2 Ulmcla, 461314-fvll .sew-L Jffifh 54311001 :hm 7947 Coaches Varsity Mental Gymnasts lntra-murals Rooters Teams EDWARD C. DERBY Editor MARJORI E E. POSTLE Assistant jmuvmd, Their children having long been hindered in goin- ing proper physical development because of the acute lack of an adequate gymnasium, enterprising taxpayers of Abington Township approved the erection of a large, modern, and completely equipped gymnasium. In appreciation of the fine building now nearing completion, the l94l classes s l ' e ect Sports as their Yearbook theme. To the athletes of yesterday, today, and tomor- row, to all who have given their energy and ability unselfishly for the good of the school, to all who will carry on the tradition of sportsmanship in vic- tory or defeat, we, the senior class of 1941, proudly dedicate our Yearbook. J C WEIRICK Supermtendent Banning, f Presldent Vice President Treasurer Wm H Holmes, JF William S Armstrong Edward C- Zepp Louis C Metz Secretary CNon Member? Albert W. Zackey E. B. Ayers, Jr. J. Lewis Fretz E. Wayne Jenkins To our principal, E. B. GERNERT, we, the class of 1941, will forever owe the deepest of gratitude not only for his assistance in our aca- demic and extra-curricular en- deavors but also for the whole- hearted cooperation and en- couragement he has given us in pursuing our athletic in- terests. A W. H. ALBRIGHT Chairman of Mathematics HELEN P. BRIGGS admd-i Librarian ' E. A. BRUNNER Mathematics G. E. BURLINGTON Science GEORGE F. ERB DOROTHY CATHELL Science English J. S. FURNISS DAVID CLARK, JR. Commercial Machine Shop , P. T. GANTI' , HELEN M. CLARK Chairman of French Social Sciences GEORGE S. GESSNER Mathematics, Science D. E. KRUEGER GERTRUDE E. HERZOG Chairman of Commercial Girls' Physical Education EDNA S. POWELL GLADYS T. JANTON German, Spanish, English Commercial ELMER A. LISSFELT J. IRA KREIDER Social Science Social Science CATHARINE E. LOBACH Chairman of Latin PAULINE H. MANIFOLD Household Arts, English FRANK McCLEAN Machine Shop M. B. MESSINGER Chairman of Science 8 KATHARINE MILLER fnacluza, English GEORGE H. NEUBER Electricity PAULINE E. NUNN .Household Arts, English T. CARROLL O'BRlEN Vocal Music EDWARD R. SELTZER ROBERT J. RAPP English Woodworking EDWIN U. SMILEY LILIAN J. REICHARD Chairman of Social Science Chairman of Spanish LEONARD B. SMITH CHARLES C. ROBERTS Instrumental Music Commercial GLENN R. SNODGRASS Boys' Physical Education ALICE F. WEAVER LEWIS C. SWARTZ Commercial Mathematics, Related Shop Subiects J. SHAYLOR WOODRUFF GERTRUDE L. TURNER Mathematics English EMELUS G. WORTMAN Printing KATH RYN P. WALKER Art RALPH M. WRIGHT Drafting . ZAIDEE G. WYATT Dean of Girls, Chairman of English 9 2 . Above: School's over Looks like on 'A' History Repeats itself Below: Ah, Gotchol The chief off duty Going my woy? lt's comparatively simple N'est-ce pas Good Morning! ,A A 1: af an ?'EfWfa55T'L1'f'Pf'9?WL9f1 -WWW "Not at the top-but still climbing" The motto selected by the January class for its guide-line bears its own message to the class in its suggestion of goals to be reached and the courage that constructive growth demands for future progress. gm 7947 .JUNIUS KOINER MARJORIE POSTLE Class Flower- ..... - .......,,....,.... ,,,,,.,,,.-,,,-, F ----Red Rgge CIGSS Colors ......... .,.l.......,.l..............Vv...,.,. B lack and White ClGSS Motto ------, -. .,- ..,... Not at the top but still climbing CLASS OFFICERS Treasurer ...,.,.,... ----- ....,....,......... ------ ....... Secretary ....,...........,........... - ...- ..., Athletic Representative ..... E ss...--v- President E.-- ..... --.. ................ --- ...... .....E-..--.. Vice-president ...... .. ...,., ,---------.m.s...-,,-- .... NEWTON HUNSBERGER SHERMAN MESCHTER SPENCER MESCHTER JOYCE EVELYN ALLEN Commercial Besides sewing on the Student Council and taking an active part in the Job-Finding club and in all commercial activities, Evie did an excellent job as girl cheerleader and won much ap- plause as Lois in In a House Like This. JANE ARMSTRONG General Poster contest winner and Art club secretary, Jane worked hard as a member of the basketball squad, refreshment chairman of the Girls' Hi-Y, and had a role in the senior play. RODNEY BONCK, JR. General Consistently an honor student, Rodney served on the Student Council and as president of the Automobile club. He showed his interest in mechanics by discuss- ing industry at Commencement. His awards include two for per- fect attendance and one for Civic Attitude. WILLIAM H. ANDERSON Engineering A While participating in A. A. Min- strel shows and the senior play and acting as president of the Airplane club, smiling, air-mind- ed Bill secured his airplane pilot's license and after further training expects to become a transport pilot. MARGARET S. ARMSTRONG Commercial Besides being prominent in her work in the commercial depart- ment, Peg had a leading role in In a House Like This, helped compile the morning announce- ments, and assisted with class photography. C. RAYMOND BRAN DT Engineering Ray served on the Student Coun- cil, sang in the A Cappella choir, and acted in the senior play. Besides writing for the Abingfonian and Yearbook, he served as a vocational guidance chairman. Jw. 2, 1937 f 103 3 um luyh. mai. MARY E. BUBECK Commercial Mary, greatly interested in music, played the violin in the school orchestra for tour years and sang with the Glee club, Elizabethan Singers, and A Cap- pella choir. She took part in In a House Like This. BERNICE M. CARRIGAN General Secretary of Nature club in junior year, Bea, who is interested in sewing and reading, aspires to be 13 KATHLEEN M. CAIRNS General 2 Cassie, who enjoys sewing, joined the Style club as well as the Eti- quette club, and sang in the Clee club. Her ambition is to become a technician. E. VIRGINIA CHATTERTON Classical Possessing five Civic Attitude Awards, Gini belonged to Student Council, was manager of the girls' hockey team, vice-president of Hi-Y, and first consul of the senior Latin club. As an honor student, she spoke at Com- mencement. l pun 1 Scientific ance. JANE COOK Classical year. RALPH P. COLEMAN, JR. Ralph was an editorial writer on the Abingtonian ond served on the editorial board of the Year- book. He had a lead in In a House Like This and won awards for reading and perfect attend- Singing in the chorus of Patience and working on the J. F. E., Jane, a member of the Latin club, studied hard to win the A. S. P. L. Latin award in her freshman T. NORWOOD COLLINS General Buddha, outstanding in tennis, swimming, and basketball,played in Night of Nights and sang with the Elizabethan Singers. lnter- ested in composing music, he plays the violin and the piano. JEANNE F. DOANE General Outstanding both in music and art, Jeanne hos utilized her tal- ents in the A Cappella choir, Elizabethan Singers, and Sketch and Craft clubs. This Hi-Y mem- ber won the art award given by Mr. Ralph Coleman. mac. 1939- Jhuubmqmhmda, ' ' . ANN P. DUFF Commercial ln addition to typing faithfully for the Abingtonian and Oracle, Ann served as program chairman of the girls' Etiquette club. She effectively portrayed Mary in In o House Like This. LOUIS FISH ER General Baritone horn player in the band cred orchestra and.a member of the A Cappella choir, Lau joined the Marine Reserves, in which he now serves on active duty. WILLIAM FLETCHER General For three successive years locka- daisical Bill added his dry wit to the A. A. Minstrel. His familiar figure was also in evidence at all Abington football games, where he sold tickets, JOHN H. EICHERT Engineering A reliable understudy at center on the football team, stocky, smiling Jack won letters in foot- ball and wrestling. He frolicked in A. A. Minstrel and served as president of the Mathematics club in his senior year. JOSEPHINE M. FLACCO General Jo, who participated in the Phila- delphia Business show, hopes to be a stenographer. Her club in- terests include the Job-Finding, Dramatic, and Travel groups. HOWARD B. GREESON General Coming to Abington from Ger- mantown high school, Howard ran on the cross-country team, acted in the senior play, and served on the refreshment com- mittee of the senior prom. 14 DORIS M. GROSHANS General Doris, an officer in the Scrap- book and Sketch clubs, has great expectations of becoming a nurse. She spends her leisure time in art and sewing. MARY J. HALVORSEN General A member of the A Cappella choir, the chorus of Patience, and the Dramatic and Etiquette clubs, May, who is interested in dogs, plans to study to be a nurse. MARION HALLINGER General Mainstay of the tennis team, smiling, good-natured Hallie, took part in the senior play and was an active member of the Dramatic club but cares only to be a good tennis player and a good secretary. ' HELEN M. HAMILTON Commercial Helen, who likes reading, swim- ming, knitting, and singing, sang in the Clee Club and in the Pa- tience chorus. Bookkeeping and accounting will be her future work. Wlzw. L 7940-50 ' ' Awbzq,aLoZ'a.6'nnqa.. General BARTON A. HOLLINGSWORTH Greatly interested in art work, Bart won a certificate of partici- pation in the Cultural Olympics, was president of the Sketch and Craft clubs, and hopes to be a costume designer. J.' NEw'roN Hunssznesn, aa Engineering Besides taking an active part in operettas, Elizabethan Singers, A Cappella choir, Abingtanian, track and cross-country, Newt was class A. A. representative, Student Council member, honor graduate, senior B president, and cross-country captain. No wonder this cheerful hustler won a Civic Attitude award. HELEN C. JENKS Commercial Jenksie, student coach for the senior play, sang in two operet- tas, lolanthe and Patience, and in the A Cappella choir. She plans to raise animals. I5 ELVA M. HOUSER Commercial Abingtonian typing kept El busy, but she always found time for talking and clubs. Although she likes baseball, she planned to be a stenographer until Dan Cupid made her the first class bride. KATH RYN A. JANSSENS General Kay, who had four years of Eti- quette club training, collects souvenirs, worked on the Student Council, and wants to study comptometry. VERNA JOHNSON Commercial Besides being Abingtonian typist, Steve has played in the orchestra for four years. She took part in the Philadelphia Business show -4:-nd had a role in In a House Like his. WALLACE KING General Wally takes his music seriously, playing trumpet in the band for four years and haunting the music classes. He plans to con- tinue music after graduation. ' JUNIUS KOINER Engineering A member of Student Council, Mathematics, and Science clubs, Junie, the class treasurer, did feature writing for the Abington- ian, won his letter in track, and devoted much spare time to his main interest, chemistry. NORMA B. MacELWEE General Besides having been active in the Caravan and Job-Finding clubs, Mack served on the cheer- leading squad and was a student coach for In a House Like This. DONALD S. KNIGHT, JR. General When Don joined the Auto Me- chanics club, he not only wanted to learn about his ancient Ford but he also wanted to prepare for his future occupation. BETTY KRITLER Classical Member of the Student Council and girls' C-lee club, Bets also be- came praetor of the senior Latin club. She aspires to college and then dramatic school. You re- member her in the senior play. WILLIAM P. MADDEN Vocational Since he was a mechanic at heart, Bill joined the Airplane, Auto, and Electric clubs. His ambition is to be a vocational in- structor. I mm. 6, 7- qmlbn a mm ,tum Jw. FRANK A. MARIANI General A helpful fellow, Frank is best known around school for the '38 Buick he drives. After gradu- ation Frank hopes to became a pharmacist. His hobbies include stamps and architectural draw- ings. ROBERT B. MARSH General Abington's "Information Please" on the asking end, Bob won his varsity letter in his senior year as manager of the cross-country team. Aside from his school work, he likes to draw cartoons, ROBERT K. MARPLE, JR. Engineering Editor of the Abingtonian, mem- ber of the Yearbook staff, Cam- mencement speaker, sport and operetta enthusiast, Bob is well- known around school for his pleasing personality and sports- manship. MARIE G. MASSINO Commercial Dancing, dancing, and dancing are Trixie's favorite pastimes. Prize speller for Abington, she has ambitions to become a short- hand teacher and a dancer. Her talents helped senior play and Class Night. I6 HENRY L. McKAY General One of the most active boys in the musical department, Hank played the bass horn in the band for three years and sang in b0tl'1 the A Cappella choir and Eliza- bethan Singers. SH ERMAN C. MESCHTER Scientific Sher, president of the senior class, was a four-year member of the band and orchestra. Active in the Dramatic club, he took part in In a House Like This. He is one half of the twins. HARRY W. MILLS General Besides working for the J. F. E. and taking an active part in the Camera club, Harry, a future lawyer, contributed much to class discussions from his varied ex- periences. WILLIAM H. PEN DLETON General Bill added his part to the A. A. Minstrel show and to a history program in the assembly. He makes business school his goal. KARL M. MELCHING General Interested in archery and aero- nautics. Karl, a member of Rifle, Automobile, and Electric clubs, plans to work and attend trade school. SPENCER K. MESCHTER Scientific The other half of the twin com- bination, Spence is vice-president of the class, a member of the Student Council, and plays the glockenspiel lbellsl in the band. A real "jolly good fellow," he hopes to become a mineralogist after college. ELVA MAE NEHLIG Commercial Mae, who sang in the Glee club, A Cappella choir, and Elizabethan Singers, was typist for the Abing- tonian, Oracle, and Yearbook and vice-president of the Job- Finding club. .12 7947-fqmtimvghlemsmnwn. HELEN F. PICKEL General MAIUORIE POSTLE Classical House Like This. l 7 Pickle came to Abington as a sophomore from Swarthmore high. Serving as vice-president of the Caravan club, she also as- sisted in the school and Abington libraries. Office work took her away before graduation. ssh Assistant editor of Yearbook, on Abingtonian staff, class officer, Honor Roll student, Commence- ment speaker, and Student Coun- cil member, Margie, managing editor of J.F,E., still had time for Hi-Y, A Cappella choir, operetta, Patience, and granny in In a MAX J. PINCUS Classical Max was honor student, Student Council treasurer, track captain, cross-country star, Civic Attitude Award winner, Abingtonian news writer, Commencement speaker, and Camera club president. His fine bass voice helped Eliz- abethan Singers and A Cappella choir, his vocal and dramatic ability won leading roles in oper- ettas and senior play. DOROTHY G. POTTS General Dorothy, an ace hockey player, also received a varsity letter in basketball. She served as Stu- dent Council representative, Travel club president when a sophomore, and Caravan club treasurer as a senior, Vs. ,,!ll1lllll,., 111 1. 1,4 R. CHRISTIE RAU Scientific Besides being a star swimmer and swimming coach this year, Chris took an active part in mu- sical events around the school, being -the Duke in the operetta Patience, and a member of the Elizabethan Singers. His hobby is photography, his ambition, to study medicine. ADELE RITCHIE Classical Abingtonian editor, Adele served on the Yearbook staff, as treasur- erer of Hi-Y, and Student Council member. Student chairman at Drexel C.S.PIA. Conference, she belonged to the A Cappella choir and played a lead in In a House Like Thin. .ZL-Lilmm, ' ALFRETTA M. SAYLOR Commercial A member of the Glee club, Vis- iting and Job-Finding clubs, Retta likes to dance and make friends, and wants to work for the Bell Telephone Co. CLINTON R. SPENCER General Varsity tennis star, active mem- ber of the Auto club, worker in the shop, Clint has been an ener- getic Abingtonian, serving the school activities many times in the capacity of electrician. ALPHONSE J. TERRENZIO General If Al'likes anything better than jitterbugging, it's colorful, fash- ionable, up-to-date clothing. He helped out on J.F.E., played basketball, and plans to go to work. RQBERT E. SOLLY Scientific Because of his vocal ability, Bob sang in the Elizabethan Singers, A Cappella choir, boys' Glee club, and A. A. Minstrel. He played a leading role in both the operetta, Patience, and the senior play, and plans a musical career. ELLSWORTH A. STOCKBOWER Scientific Vice-president of the senior B class, Ells served in Student Council and played on the foot- ball squad. He is table tennis champion of the school and has held offices in the Etiquette and Mathematics clubs. BERTHA I. TH EU RER Commercial A good worker, quiet and unas- suming, Bertha, who sang in the C-lee club, spends her spare time in dressmaking. I8 .JOHN M. READING General President of the Airplane club in his sophomore year, Jack earned a reputation for excellent punting as halfback on the foot- ball team. He plans for a career as business executive. ROBERT F. SACKS Engineering Accomplished as a photographer and a speller, Bob, secretary of the Camera club in his senior year, is interested in radio and wishes to be a radio technician after graduation. FLORENCE I. TH EURER General Drummer for four years in the band and orchestra, Fit held the vice-presidency of the Modern Dance club in her junior year. She aspires to be a doctor's sec- retary. RICHARD TURN ER Scientific The class authority on scientific matters, Dick has a quiet but af- fable manner about him. Deeply interested in electricity, he as- pires to be an electrical engineer after graduation. ANN M. TIERNEY General Although Ann likes singing and collecting movie stars' pictures, she hopes to be a typist some day. She belonged to the Reading and Visiting clubs. GRACE ULLMAN Classical Besides serving on the Yearbook and J.F.E. staffs and holding the office of quaestor in the Latin club, Grace was a student coach for In o House Like This. jan.. 24, - f7fop1z,QuL, ambzhbms, ' MARION E. VAN BUSKIRK l General Cappella choir. Commercial Chess clubs. JACK R. WILHELM General V-W Oracle. 'I9 ln addition to winning three poster prizes in art and second place in an essay contest, Marion was on the Abingtonian, Oracle, and Yearbook staffs and sang with the Glee club and the A CHARLES A. WASHINGTON When Fuzzy won his varsity let- ter in basketball, he determined to make coaching his life work. He belonged to the Etiquette and With two years of soccer, club of- fices, and J.F.E. behind him, i Willie wants to continue with his main interests-aviation, hunt- ing, art, and photography. His clever blocks illustrated the BRUCE WALL Classical Student Council member, actor in senior play, honor student, Com- mencement speaker, and mem- ber of the editorial board of the Yearbook, Bruce also partici- pated in the operettas, Mikado, lolanthe, and Patience, and sang with the Elizabethan Singers. MITCHELL WHITTINGHAM, Jr. General Star player on the football team for three years and the basket- ball team for two years, Mitch plans to live, study, and coach football. MARY-ALICE WUNDERLE Classical While having seven years' per- fect attendance, Mary-Alice was elected Girls' Hi-Y president, Student Council secretary, and Dramatic club secretary. She sang in the A Cappella choir, worked on Abingtonian and Yearbook, and played the mother in the senior play. 'lm X :aa UITIXL. 1 f . -,----.4 1 1 " ,AxrA -ff Q, LL -1 W W ' ., Ll'A' A, if 5' ,rn .ff-v--.W ,F---,f---V v f TO THE GRADUATES: At this, your commencement sea- son, we all rejoice in your success thus far achieved. May you, however, re- member the true meaning of com- mencement and appreciate that, al- though you have completed a small portion of your education, it is true, nevertheless, that you have only be- gun. May the habits of clean living, discriminative reading, and whole- some entertainment actually be a part of yourself. DAVI D E. KRUEC-ER JUNE CLASS l94l Class Morto L to o,cc We have crossed the bay the ocean lies before US Class Colors --lgrrgw -----,-,-Yvw, '-,-g--fYv,w---',--, B l UC Gnd SllVeI' C1055 Figwer ggA,,,, ,,,,,,A,A,cA,, , White Gardenia Class Officers Treasure,-A -Avw--,-- ,-V,------,A,f7,,,-- JESSE AMBLER Vice-president ..,..,..,. EDWARD DERBY Secrefofy ,,q---A,,--------A4g-,,-,-, HELEN CYR A.A. Representative .,,...c.. TOM HYNDMAN President --,,7------,-,,,------ WILLIAM AMBLER J ALBERT A. ARMSTRONG Commercial An outstanding pitcher on the baseball team, Al is also a popu- lar member of the band and or- chestra and played in Young April. ln his junior year he was active on Student Council. He intends to became a C.P.A. WILLIAM BENNETT Classical Soccer goalie Bill Bennett, an ambitious cartoonist, served as Oracle humor editor and as vice- president of the Current Events club when a senior. He is fa- mous for his creation of Gustav Muldroon and for his part in Young April. WILLIAM M. ACKERMAN Scientific Outstanding as a chess player, Bill also took honors in the Dis- trict Championship swimming meet. He plans to attend college and take up archaeology. WALTER C. ALLEN General Known as a stamp and auto- mobile enthusiast, Skinny also took an active part in the Math and Etiquette clubs. A budding automobile salesman, this boy. JESSE V. AMBLER Commercial Current Events club president, senior class treasurer, actor, and active Student Council member, Jesse, our future Patrick Henry, hast participated in assembly Pan-American discussions and in mock Senate at Harrisburg. ROBERT S. ALLEN Commercial Bob's chief interests around school were the A.A. Minstrel, boys' Clee club, and cross- country. Attending a college or business school is his ambition. BETTY L. ALTMAN Commercial Ardent swimming enthusiast, Bet belonged to the Job-Finding and Visiting clubs, enjoys doggie roasts, and intends to become a beautician. WILLIAM W. AMBLER Engineering Class treasurer in his junior year and senior president, Bill, All-Scholastic tackle, captained the first championship grid team in twelve years and earned two letters asbaseball team's back- stop. Bill hopes to utilize his mathematical ability as a civil engineer. M 7937- 'nw 3 gm. JOSEPH J. BENNETI' Vocational The hero of the gridiron, Joe acted as official water carrier for the football team during his four years at Abington. Now he hopes to attain his ambition of being a top-rate printer. WINIFRED I. BENNETT General A loyal Abington rooter for four years, Winnie devoted her spare hours to singing and reading and dreams of becoming o typist or dietician after business college. 22 DORIS BERGMANN General Member of the Art club for four years, Doris, a tall, stunning blond, is an Honor Roll student and Latin award winner. She ap- peared as Diane in Young April. Her main ambition is to travel around the world. CAROL A. BOCHER' Classical Student Council member in her freshman and sophomore years, Carol is a four-year Honor Roll student, She worked on both Oracle and Yearbook staffs and played mother in Young April. FRANK BOUTCHER General A member of Rifle and Auto- mobile clubs and A.A. minstrel, Dutch, dancing enthusiast, hopes to get a job and become a master printer. RICHARD J. BLANDAU Vocational Aspiring to be a machinist, Dick, besides being president of Nature club in junior year, has taken part in A.A. Minstrel and broad- casts, JOSEPHINE J. BORIGINI General Demure .lo has a knack with a needle and so majored in cloth- ing. She held membership in the Etiquette, Dramatic, and Job- Finding clubs. DOROTHY H. BRADLEY General Besides playing in the orchestra Dottie was an active member of J,F.E. and sang in the Glee club. She collects miniature pictures as a hobby and hopes to be a music teacher. '7bw. 25 - dbinqtnn. fapa, 6' LORENA BRASIER Classical Sewing as quaestor in the Latin club and praefect in the French club and singing in the A Cap- pella choir kept clever Lorena quite busy while in school, but she still found time to bake cakes. MILDRED E. BURKLE Commercial Starting in earlyiin her prep- aration to be a secretary after graduating from business school, Midge was a J.F.E. typist and secretory of the Style and Visit- ing clubs. 23 , 46-0. KENNETH BROWN Commercial A member of the Printing and Chess clubs and secretary of the Radio club, Ken hopes to become a good secretary. SARAH G. CARDILLO Commercial Senior secretary of Job-Finding club and member of Clee club, Sis, who loves ice-cream, wants to be "somebody's stenog ". ' Commercial to do office work. MARY V. CLARKE General school. ANTOINETTE A. CAVALLARO Ann has shown her preference for music by participation in Patience, C-lee club, and A Cap- pella choir. Although she hopes for a musical career, she expects Mary received an attendance award when a freshman and was a member of the Glee, Style, Eti- quette, and Visiting clubs. She plans to enter nurses' training ANN CHAPMAN General Ann has varied interests-dra- matics, etiquette, skating, and dancing. She plans to attend a business school and take a sec- retarial course. RUSSEL C. COLLMER Scientific Active in numerous school mu- sical organizotions-A Cappella choir, band and orchestra trum- peter, operettas-Russ, a future chemist, also builds model air- planes. 3212.2 - lmadiis .wpfwm-N. ms. LEAH CONARD General With four years' loyal effort on the hockey squad, Lee is also a talented pianist. Amicable but reserved, she is interested in clothes and perfumes. RAYMOND E. COWARD General Enterprising originator of his own carwashing service, popular dance band vocalist, airplane builder, and Yearbook photogra- pher, Bud, A.A. representative in junior year, plans to enter Drexel. U PATRICIA A. COYLE Classical Outstandingly good-natured and an accomplished pianist, Pat took part in Mikado and lo- lanthe. Besides belonging to the Glee and Latin clubs, she worked on the Yearbook staff. MURIEL E. COVELL General Fond of dancing, clothes, and traveling, Muriel, a former Chel- tonian, has been Q member of Reading and girls' Etiquette clubs. She plans to enter busi- ness college. COURTLAND L. COX Vocational Besides being president of Elec- tric club and a Student Council member, Buster is interested in football and wrestling and hopes to be an aviator or aviation mechanic. ROBERT L. CRAGG - Scientific Following in his brother's foot- steps, Bob was very popular about school, made the varsity tennis team, sang in the A Cappella choir, and worked on the Year- book staff. 24 ANNE M. CRAIG Commercial Desirous of attending business college and traveling, Anne, who enjoys skating, swimming, and dancing, has been a member of girls, Etiquette, Style, and Visit- ing clubs. RUTH J. CRAYTON General Working in the Hostess and Eti- quette clubs and majoring in home economics have given Ruth the ambition to take a home economics course at Cheyney State Teachers' College. jab. 70, 7939 ELEANOR F. CRAIG General Skating, dancer, and art enthusi- ast, EI is ambitious to become ,a designer. She was a member of freshman Clee, Style, and Read- ing clubs. LOUISE CROUTHAMEL Commercial A member of the girls' Etiquette and Job-Finding clubs, Lucy likes swimming and Crocheting but wants to become a stenographer. SDPIIA. flwh num. . 1 HELEN A. CYR Genera! Hockey. JOYE de BELL General Art club. LYNN M. DECKER Vocational ' upon graduation. 25 ' l Caesar's charming personality and enthusiastic participation in school affairs won her the presi- dency of the Student Council. She found time for the A Cap- pella choir, headed the Dramatic club, played the lead in Young April, wrote for the Abingtonian and Yearbook, and played After coming from Central high school in Omaha, Nebraska, where she was a member of the Glee club and girls' honor so- ciety, Joye showed her ability as an artist while a member of the Deck, who plans to retire at 35, displays interest in sports and has been active in the Golf club for four years. He hopes to obtain a position in the printing industry ALEXA DANNENBAUM General Although interested in music, dramatics, and ballet dancing, vivacious Alexa worked on the Abingtonian and Yearbook. Com- posing verses is one of her hob- bies. She starred in the senior play. nerr: M. 'DECKER Commercial Class secretary in her freshman year, talkative Bette later typed for the J. F. E. and joined the Style and Visiting clubs. She plans to attend business school. ALDEAN B. DEN BY Commercial Transferred from Roosevelt high, Des Moines, Iowa, Lanky of the pretty hair, was head of the Abingtonian advertising depart- ment. She sang with A Cappella choir. ...lf ,Y . we -v-,ll-.,-r+.-k--- --v--- - -... .im W EDWARD C. DERBY Engineering Prominent in many activities, Ed worked as editor-in-chief of the Yearbook and co-editor of the Abingtonian. His versatility and trustworthiness won him places on the football, baseball, and swimming teams. som-i M. olNLocKER General A Student Council and Honor Roll member in her freshman year, ambitious Edie earned a swimming letter, a tennis mono- gram, and a position on the Abingtonian sports and Year- book. Her vocal talent helped the A Cappella choir. She por- trayed Jane in Young April. JOHN D. DODDS Engineering Athletically minded Johnny, who has earned letters as baseball left-fielder, basketball forward, and harrier, played a clarinet in the band for four years. , 3 1 Q FRANCES V. DETRENT Commercial Not only was Frances the presi- dent of the Style club but she also took an interest in reading and popular music. Her pet am- bition is to become a secretary or stenographer. BARBARA A. DJORUP Classical An Honor Roll student and three times Civic Attitude award win- ner, this future teacher found time to work with the Oracle and Yearbook staffs, girls' Hi-Y, Dramatic and Latin clubs, A Cappella choir, and Elizabethan Singers, and played in Young April. F. WILLIAM DUNLAP Vocational Member of Current Events and Auto clubs, soccerite, Minstrel Show participant, Bill will use his vocational training to become a naval mechanic. Sept. 8 - Unr " Alwpxs, open. fm. luup.. o WALTER G. DUSCH Engineering A sterling second baseman on the baseball team, Walt also played on the basketball varsity, was a member of the Student Council, and an active, reliable worker around school. ELVA M. FALKENBERG Commercial ' With her speedy typing and good business sense, Elva worked on the Abingtonian circulation staff in her junior and senior years, This experience will help her' when she realizes her secretarial ambition. PAUL A DUVAL General A former La Salle high school student, cheerful Duvey has been active at Abington as golf man- ager, Etiquette club secretary, and a photography fan. He plans to attend a southern college. NICHOLAS J. FANELLI Vocational With a record of four years' per- fect attendance, Nicky is a golf enthusiast and a member of the Golf club, shooting in the low 8O's. 26 ROY FAY Engineering Proficient third baseman of the baseball team tor the past two years, Elmer also served as secre- tary of the boys' Etiquette club. CHARLES P. FLANZER Scientific Quiet, easy-going Charlie, a member of the Theater, Stamp, and Airplane clubs, swimmer, and senior play property man- ager, enjoys the pleasures of philately in his spare time. PHYLLIS J. FULMER Commercial Phyllis, whose ambition is to be a secretary, joined the Glee club in her junior year, served on Stu- dent Council when a senior, and typed for Oracle and Yearbook. FREDERICK w. FELDMAN Engineering l Aeronautics being his chief in- terest, Fred, a Student Council member, recipient of perfect at- tendance awards, member ot Young April cast, and model plane builder, plans to enter M.l.T. GERALD FRIEDBERG Scientific Mr, Messinger's shadow, Jerry, the perpetual question mark, won his varsity letter in swim- ming. He is also the proud pos- sessor of a pingpong medal. VIRGINIA L. GARDNER General After attending an lllinois school tor two years, Virginia came to Abington. She acted as J.F.E. representative for the Caravan club. rlzomm. SYLVIA T. GARRABRANT Commercial A perfect attendance pupil, Sylvia has belonged to the Read- ing and the Travel clubs, serving as reporter for the latter. LAURA L. GIBSON General ln the course of her four years here, Laura has been secretary of the Current Events club and appeared on various radio pro- grams. She intends next fall to take up nursing. 27 yan JAMES GIBBONS General Jim's oratorical ability made him an active participant in school programs and interscholastic conferences. A taithtul member of the football squad, he wan his varsity letter as. a senior. He took the lead in Young April. PATRICIA K. GILLIGAN Commercial Cheerleader in her junior year and vice-president of the Visiting club, Pat did typing for Abing- tonian, Oracle, and Yearbook. 1 Commercial in Young April. JOSEPH M. GREGOR Vocational golf team. .LOUIS WILLIAM GILMORE Interested in aviation, Louis served as secretary of the Air- plane club. His hobby is making model airplanes, and he hopes to be an army pilot. He is known around school for his vocal day- dreaming and his part of Butch Along with a l0-year perfect at- tendance record, Joe won varsity letters in basketball and golf and was a member of the '40 interscholastic championship JANET M. GRAHAM General An alto in the Elizabethan Sing- ers and a member of two oper- etta choruses, Janet, secretary of the Reading club, plans to be- come a private secretary. She portrayed Mrs. Mclntyre in Young April. EVIN T. GRIFFIN Vocational Grif had most ot his high school career behind him when he came to us in his senior year, but one thing he brought along from Upper Moreland was his interest in ship model making and gunning. jun.20-Blackmzdwhzlcpwncahi. ADRIENNE R. GROSHANS General Quiet, good-natured Adrienne was a member of the Sketch and Crafts clubs and has four years' perfect attendance to her credit. in the future, she hopes to be- come an air hostess. ELIZABETH A. HAHN Classical Slender Betty, the girl who can ask a thousand questions, is in- terested in a college education. She plans to study Spanish for commercial work. BARBARA Y. HAMILTON General Barbara, a petite brunette, ca- pably took part in Dramatic club work, participated in Student Council activities, and played hockey. Her future plans in- clude junior college. AN DREW F. GUTEKUNST Commercial A boy who likes bookkeeping, Andrew made the sophomore Honor Roll on the strength of his math. As member of the Cur- rent Events club, he reads his news while distributing Abing- tonians. JEANNE M. HALSTEAD Classical An honor student, cynical Jeanne, secretary of the French club and group chairman at the Drexel C. S. P. A, Conference, was co-editor ot the Oracle and a member of the Yearbook edi- torial staff. PHYLLIS E. HAMPSHIRE X I General Enjoying music, Phyl, secretary of the Caravan club, was a mem- ber of A Cappella choir and C-lee club. She likes reading and walk- ing and intends to take up nurs- ing. She played as Lulu in Young April. 28 RICHARD C. HARLEY Vocational Dick, letterman in track, served on the Student Council for two years and was a member of Cilee and Craft clubs. He aspires some day to owning his own print shop. CALVIN HARVEY General Amiable Cal, a former student of Langhorne High, is decidedly clever with his pencil and hopes to make commercial art his life work. He participated in the annual spelling bee and was a member of the Arts, Camera, and Current Events clubs. 'WZaq.23- DONALD E. HARTLING General Uncle Don was not only ci Stu- dent Council member but also an active leader in boys' Eti- quette club and played a lead in Young April. He hopes to travel to California this summer before studying mechanical engineering at Drexel, GERTRU DE H EYSE Commercial Gertrude brought joy to all with her sales at the candy counter. A member of the Etiquette, Glee, Caravan, and Craft clubs, she showed her interest in varied ac- tivities. y!l,0.lU1.d, bfwluzn. lm. new, qqm. BETTIE HILLERS General Formerly a student at Mastbaum Vocational School, blonde Bettie, a member at the Modern Dance and Craft clubs, likes dancing, knitting, driving, and swimming. Lll.LlAN M. HLUBNY Commercial As Reading club president in her sophomore year and typist for the Abingtonian in her senior year, Lillian gained experience valu- able to a prospective lowyer's secretary. ' ALFRED W. HOLMES, JR. General AI, who leads his own orchestra, was a hard-working .l.F.E. re- porter, varsity soccer player, and home-room treasurer during his sophomore and junior years. He longs to become a second Gene Krupa. 29 FRANK HOFFMEISTER Vocational Although he spent a year at Woodrow Wilson high school, Frank is now an ardent Maroon baseball rooter and Sport club tan. His ambition is to become a machinist tradesman. MARJORIE c. HOLMES General Charming and quiet, Margie served on Student Council for three years and sang in the Clee club. Winning her letters in hockey and swimming and a monogram in tennis, she is known for excellent sportsman- ship. ,YL Fm. IU- A L .gc ,... Gd.. I2 - SYBILLA E. Ky RTZ General Besides belonging to the Clee club, Elizabethan Singers, A Cap- pella choir, and Student Council, Sybillo made the Honor Roll and took part in Patient ond lolanthe. Her ambition is to do secretarial work. LEONA LEVINTOW General Membership in J. F. E. and art work for the Abingtonian and Oracle are among Lee's accom- plishments. She hopes to go to college and continue as a com- mercial artist. S. WARD HUGHES General Word put his height and weight to work in football and wrestling besides serving as a reporter tor the Printing club. ROSETTA J. JAMES General With painting and sketching for o hobby, Rosetta, a quiet, stu- dious member ot the Style, Read- ing, Craft, and Art clubs, hopes for a secretarial position. ROBERTA W. KENYON General Besides serving as o member ot Student Council and making the Honor Roll, Bobbie designed two Oracle covers. She plans to at- tend art school to develop her artistic ability and become o commercial artist. TOM M. HYNDMAN General Besides starring in junior title golf matches, handsome Tommy won letters in footbali, basket- ball, ond baseball. A school leader, he was president of his class in his sophomore and junior years and senior A. A. repre- sentotive. GEORGE JONES General 'A member of the Camera and Auto clubs, George, an ardent Democrat, intends to go to col- lege to study dentistry. WILLIAM A. KEWESHAN General Honor student and class treas- urer during two years at St. Joseph's Prep, Kev, perpetual late-comer and amateur photog- rapher, delights in tinkering with automobile engines. He played in Young April. nam, sfowm, 971a1ufon. away.. ANNE H. LANE Classical Conscientious and helpful in school and after school, Anne often mode the Honor Roll and was a member of the Student Council. After attending col- lege, she hopes to become a teacher. EDWARD LINDSEY Classical Although Ed stuck through seven years of foreign languages, he still found time to be a member of the Sports club, He hos al- ready received his sixth perfect ottendance award. 30 GARLAN D R. LITTLEFIELD Vocational Garland, band and orchestra member and player in Talent Show dance band, will make the trumpet his breadwinner, R. BRUCE LUTZ Classical Holding a perfect attendance record in high school, Bruce, member of Student Council, has shown particular interest in cur- rent events and tennis and took part in Young April. PHYLLIS J. MAISEL General Phil, who formerly attended Fort Lauderdale high school in Florida, was secretary of the Cur- rent Events club, out for hockev for two years, and hopes to be- come a dietitian. She played Mildred in Young April. 71011.30 - .iembm ' MIRIAM E. MacFARLAND General Varsity swimmer, Mim, who was secretary of the Style club and actress in senior play, enjoys sports, dancing, and good music. After taking cz course at Temple University, she plans to become a nurse. MARY MARON EY General Coming in her junior year from Hatfield high school, Mary played the violin in the orchestra, sang in the Clee club, and was student assistant for Young April. bwucup, LOUISE M. MATTHIAS Commercial Craft club secretary, Louise spent her freshman year at Woodrow .Wilson A reading and sewing devotee, she hopes to become a secretary, Publica- tions typing gave her experience. JOSEPH H. McDOWELL Engineering Joe was not only an honcr stu- dent and a member of the Stu- dent Council and A Cappella choir but also the manager of both soccer and baseball teams. Although a model railroad en- thusiast, he will enter college to study air-conditioning. 31 I 9 LOUISE B. McCLU RE General Louise, who previously attended high school in Lowell, Massa- chusetts, was a member of the Student Council, took part in senior play, and wrote poems for the Oracle and Abingtonian. She plans to be a kindergarten teacher. BETSEY Mc KAY Scientific Although an ambition to be a chemist and a keen interest in athletics do not usually go toe gether, we will have to admit that Betsey has done well both with her scientific studies and her four years' participation in hockey and basketball. 0n,c.2-511' GLADYS 0. MOUSLEY General You can usually find Stump skating or dancing, but at school she was a Travel and Dramatic club member. She intends to enter a beauty school to study hairdressing. MARIAN V. OETTEL Commercial Mannie, a toy dog collector at home, is a member of the girls' Etiquette and Job-Finding clubs at school. She wishes to become a secretary and see the world. PHYLLIS V. OUGHTON General Having earned a letter in both tennis and hockey, attractive Phil, a girl with a keen sense of humor, was a Student Council member in her freshman year and president of the Etiquette club. She played Diane in Young April. ROBERT S. MEGOW General Seniors' curly-haired boy, Bob, a model airplane fan, hopes to fol- low in his fatheris footsteps. A good mixer and fine pal, he took an active part in the boys' Eti- quette club and did photography for Yearbook. GEORGE J. MITSCH General An active member of Football and Visiting clubs, president of that latter, and very interested ii'- flying, Bud intends to earn his living as bookkeeper. Aubwzlzan, SAMUEL E. NEELY Classical A capable homeroom officer, Sam, assistant roll clerk in the Civic Forum League, took part in the A.A. Minstrel Show and showed himself outstanding in the public speaking department, thus obtaining a part in Young April. ROSEANN D. OMOTO General Always charming and well- dressed, Roseann belonged to the Art and Dancing clubs. With laboratory work as her goal, she now plans to enter college. L. JEAN PANNEBAKER Commercial Dramatic and Job-Finding club member, bashful Penny received an award for three years' perfect attendance. She aims to become a successful secretary. 32 JOSEPHINE M. MIGNOGNA Commercial Jo, the quiet, dark-haired typist for both Abingtonian and Oracle, is known for her immaculate ap- pearance and constant cheerful- ness. She can boast of perfect attendance as a iunior. RALPH E. MITSCH General For his sports, Ralph chose foot- ball and golf. ln each, he showed a quiet determination, a characteristic that should assist him much in future life. V. --s.g,..V.Y-nv W W 4 ESPERO PAUBIONSKY Vocational A person who always sees the other side of things, Espero is a printer first, last, but not quite always, for he was sheriff in the A.A. Minstrel and vice-president of his sophomore class. GRACE E. PERKINSON General Gracie's outstanding poetry gained recognition in the Oracle, in an anthology of student verse, and in the Philadelphia news- papers. Serving on the Student Council and girls, Hi-Y, writing for J.F.E. and Yearbook, and act- ing as co-editor of the Oracle rounded off her career as a loyal Abingtonian. Job. Z 7947 - MIL AUGUSTINE A. PEN ECALE Vocational A varsity man on the golf, basketball, and football teams, president of the Golf club, Augie distinguished himself by winning the gold-plated golf ball for low score in Suburban champion- ships. HELEN M. PIERCE General An ardent enthusiast about drama and music, Helen not only served as president of the Dra- matic club but also took part in Slee Club, A Cappella choir, two Christmas programs, and Young April. 'dlnblm ' JAMES W. PINKHAM Engineering A star wrestler in the lightweight class and an active member of the boys' Etiquette club, Jim hopes to join the Navy and be- come a naval aviator. M. VERA PLUNKETT General Coming to us from Jenkintown high in her sophomore year, Vera, who enjoys dancing and cooking, became a member of Art and Library clubs. Next year she ,plans to study nursing. DAVID M. PUGH General One of Abington's quieter stu- dents, Dave centers his interest on photography. With his flair for current problems, he made a good Student Council member and participated in the Current Events club. 33 EVELYN E. PLAYFORD General Kiwanis Citizenship Essay win- ner, Honor Roll member, Latin club associate for four years, and Abingtonian and Yearbook work- er, Evie enjoys sports and dancing and aspires to a commercial career. R. EVELYN PRINCE General Evie, who attended Hatboro high for one half year, enjoys garden- ing, drawing, and listening to the radio. Following her fancy for gardening, she wants to own a large farm. FLORENCE E. PYLE General A helpful Hi-Y member, Florence now has won her tennis letter. She was president of the Visiting club, sang with the Clee club, and was student assistant for Young April. MARIAN F. REAGIN General Assistant hockey manager and J.F.E. worker in her junior year, Marian also headed the enter- tainment committee of the Eti- quette club. ROBERT H. RICKNER Engineering Studious and serious, Bob hopes to become an electrical engineer after college preparation. He has already started on his career by gaining his amateur radio license and by doing outside work in science and mathe- matics. R. KENNETH RITTER Engineering ROBERT A. REESE General Bob, the mainstay of the tennis team, came from St. Andrew's. He served on the Student Coun- cil, was basketball manager, football player, and won a place on both the Abingtonian and Yearbook staffs. He plans to at- tend Wharton School. HELEN R. RIGGS General Formerly a pupil of Upper More- land, Helen, a petite blond, was a member of the Library and Visiting clubs. She enjoys dogs, dancing, and sports. EDNA D. ROBINSON General Ken, unusually interested in studying weather, found time to Witty and talkative, Robbie -. serve as a member of the Student prides herself in her excellent Council for three years, was let- cooking. Next year she plans to terrnan in tennis, vocalist in two enter Virginia State to prepare 'school operettas, and in cast of herself for teaching in the Young April. grades. 1 amz 24 25 gnu ' 4w'i2."U01uzq mu' I 0 MAY V. RODENHAUSEN General May, a loyal and dependable Abingtonian, has kept an A.H.S. scrap book of social life. She has hopes of becoming a re- porter. JOSEPH L. RUFINO Commercial A competent substitute on the football team, Joe shows a special interest in sports and reading. Maybe that's why he no longer plays that baritone horn. ROBERT H. ROTH Engineering Student Council member five times and homeroom officer four, Bob, whose main interest is collecting water from far and near, is aiming at a career in drafting. IRENE RUZICKA General lrene, a Student Council member and German club president, has given her vocal talents to the A Cappella choir and Elizabethan Singers and portrayed Elsie in Young April. She is studying to be cz laboratory and X-ray tcchnicicin. 34 DAVID E. SAN DEL Commercial An active, argumentative nfiem- ber of the Current Events club tor three years, Dave is a keen baseball fan. He participated in spelling bees and was captain of the spelling team. HELEN M. SAURMAN Commercial Dependable Helen's ambition is to become the world's fastest typist, That ought to help her get a secretarial job. Her hobby is stomp collecting. ERNEST SCH EN KEL Commercial Tall, dark, good-natured Ernest, retiring follower of sports re- cords, wants more than anything a career as a trained pilot. 'l7laq,25- ELIZABETH A. SASSAMAN Commercial Quiet Betsy was a member of the Glee, Travel, and Etiquette clubs and harbors a desire to be a pri- vate secretary. MIRIAM P. SCANLON General With four years in the orchestra, and participation in Patience, Gondoliers, Glee club, A Cappella choir and Elizabethan Singers to her credit, musical Miriam also adds membership in the Girls' Hi-Y and Yearbook staff to her list ot activities. MARY E. SH ELMIRE General Mary, who has a quiet and re- served manner, is very much in- terested in art, music, and dra- matics. In her junior year, she directed o dramatic club skit, Maggie and Jiggs. Rwrzlczu, lwp. at FRANCES SMITH General Conscientiously earning her let- ter in swimming, Fran, an ami- able blond, Student Council and Hi-Y member, shows particular interest in arts and crafts and hopes to enter Swarthmore next fall. She took part in Young April. INEZ V. SPROUSE Commercial Thoughtful Inez assisted in the library and completed three years of perfect attendance. She hopes to qualify as a C.P,A. 35 pfwm. RUTH D. SPINDLER General Ruth, who belonged to the Style, Clee, and Reading clubs, enjoys roller skating, sewing, eating, and swimming. She plans to se- cure o job as a stenographer. NANCY E. STERN General A member of the Abingtonian statt, Nancy is greatly interested in journalism and athletics. She was active on the tennis squad and in the Etiquette club. VIRGINIA STETSER Commercial Starting out early to fulfill her ambition to be a secretory, Gin- ny was secretary of her home- room. She ioined the Clee, Style and Etiquette clubs, Traveling is her hobby. JOSEPH STRICK General Versatile Joe, future bocteriolo- gist, was not only swimming man- ager, Abingtonian and Yearbook writer, operetta singer, Temple representative, aviator, photog- rapher, and actor, but also be- longed to the Glee club, A Cap- pella choir, cast of Young April, and Elizabethan singers. GERTRUDE E. STOUT Commercial Vivacious Gertie grinned her way into the girls Clee Club as a jun- ior and into a job on Student Council as a senior. Her ambi- tions run along secretarial lines. TRUMAN W. SUDLER Commercial Noisy but friendly, Senator was a member of Etiquette and Cur- rent Events clubs. lnterested in sports and traveling, he aspires to be a salesman or bookkeeper. 3-vmpmsvwzecazg glwmh. J EAN E. TAYLOR General Blond, lively Jean, a member of the Student Council in her fresh- man year and an active member of Style and Checkers clubs, took part in the operetta Patience and sang with the A Cappella choir. J EAN P. TOWSON Classical After spending her freshman and sophomore years at Allentown high, Jean was in the Elizabeth- an Singers, A Cappella choir, and Style club. She hopes to be o nurse after finishing college. BETTE V. ULLMAN General Blond and friendly Bets was prim- arily an art enthusiast as her membership in the Art club proves. Dependability made her manager of the swimming team for two years. She served on the Oracle art staff and took part in Young April. MICHAEL N. TILLGER Commercial Crashing the Honor Roll in his sophomore and junior years, Mike is a whiz at bookeeping. Having received three perfect at- tendance awards, he kept his weight down by distributing Abingtonians. A. ELLIS TURNER Commercial f - Small of stature and all that his nickname implies, Irish, who fol- lows baseball and football close- ly, intends to extend his training in business college. JOAN R. ULLMAN Scientific This star goalie of the hockey team was chosen captain at the end of the year. She received an award for six years' perfect at- tendance. Joan aspires to be a nurse. 36 ELVA M. VINCENT Commercial Elva came to Abington from Hat- boro high school in her junior year. She did her bit for Alma Mater in the Caravan and Read- ing clubs. A quiet worker, she hopes to achieve secretarial suc- cess. GEORGE H. WAGNER Commercial George not only had a good eye for marksmanship but also gain- ed three perfect attendance rec- ords. He plans to enter the U. S. Marines. QumL70- ANGIE J. VOZZY General Out for hockey for three years, Angie was best known for her interest in sports. She plans to be a stenographer with dancing and swimming for recreation. ROSEMARY T. WALSH Commercial Rosie, a member of the Etiquette, Travel, Style, Reading and Clee clubs, aspires for a secretarial position after a business college course. Apofztni Klan, General ELSIE L. WEGSCHEIDER Elsie, the cheerful gum-chewer, has visions of joining the secre- tarial ranks. During her high school days, she went from club to club, including Etiquette, Style, Clee, and Theatre in her curriculum. DAVID W. WHITE Vocational ' Known chiefly as the smallest fellow on the wrestling team, but undefeated until the State finals during the l94l season, Whitey received his letter in thot sport as well as a monogram for as- sistant footboll manager. JOHN L. WILKINS Engineering Jack, rated a four-year perfect attendance award at graduation. He appeared in the AA, Minstrel show and likes football, music, and dancing. Next year he will enter Drexel. 37 E. LENORE WEIKERT Classical Reliable, quiet, and a good stu- dent, Lonnie was a member of the Student Council in her iun- ior year. She enjoys badminton and piano playing. Her destina- tion for next fall is Duke Uni- versity. CHARLES N. WILKINS, JR. Engineering Difficult to distinguish from his twin brother, Charlie likes me- chanics as well as chess. He hopes to attend Drexel next Sep- tember. JAMES WILKINS Engineering One of the "double trouble" boys, When teamed with twin Charles, it is hard to tell which from which. He has attained the Eagle rank in Scouting and plans to be a chemical engineer. --Jllvwgnvq-Y --w-sf-+-v- V T -wg rf---- v' """"' """ i""""' " Y- m EUGENIE M. WILLIAMS Commercial A winner of an Auxilium Latin- um certificate for excellent work and interested in music and read- ing, Gene aspires to become a commercial lawyer. SHIRLEY E. WOOD General Woodie, a tall, attractive blond, proved her dramatic ability on the high school broadcasts and, besides serving as president of the Dramatic club, took part in Young April. F. HERBERT ZEBLEY, JR. Vocational Though he never made the foot- ball varsity in his four years, Herb's determination won him a niche in the Abington hall of fame as a fellow who never gave up trying, He aspires to be a machinist. JACKSON D. WILLIS Scientific Noisy but witty, Romeo .lack was Abingtonian and Yearbook staff member and active in Current Events club. This Sportsman, planning to enter Swarthmore, has been on Student Council and played Stewart in Young April. Watch this future diplomat. SAMUEL J. YERKES Engineering Quiet, affable Som was a mem- ber of the Student Council. He plans to study engineering at Drexel after graduation. GLORIA S. ZIESCHE General Domestic Glo has been a mem- ber of Library and Reading clubs. She worked on .l. F. E. and hopes to take up journalism for a suc- cessful career. Jmceiwz. I N M E M 0 R I A M CONSTANCE DUVAL Died September 7, 1939 Known to all for her kindness and thoughtful- ness was our Connie. During her school days she was on the swimming, hockey, and tennis squads and a member of the Modern Dance club. Cutest January Class Pessimist Best - Natured Marjorie Postle ..YY -.-..Did Most for School Max Pincus Adele Ritchie ...... .,Y.... B est Looking ..,.v Howard Greeson Mary-Alice Wunderle ...Best All-round ..... Max Pincus Sherman Meschter Marjorie Postle .......,.,. -.Most Dependable ...,...,.. Sherman Meschter Evelyn -Allen .,,..,, .. Y.,,, ..Cutest ,,..,,Y.....,., -..- ........ . Bruce Wall Mary-Alice Wunderle -Best - Natured .... .. ....... Bill Anderson Adele Ritchie .Y.,..,..,,,,. .Cleverest ,.... Bob Solly Marjorie Postle .... .,,.. - Most Studiaus ..,. Rodney Bonck Peg Armstrong Jack Eichert -.....Nuisiest CLASS June Class Helen Cyr Bill Ambler Marjorie Holmes Tom Hyndmon Helen Cyr Ed Derby Grace Perkinson Jesse and Bill Ambler ,Barbara Hamilton Paul Duval Florence Pyle, Helen Cyr Jesse Ambler Grace Perkinson Bill Bennett ' ....- Evelyn Platford Michael Tillger ....... Patricia Coyle Joseph Strick Florence Pyle Bill Bennett .Grace Perkinsan Bill Ambler .k,,,,Mildred Burkle ..1.Helen Cyr Jim Gibbons Peg Armstrong ...,. -..-Wittiest ,..v...,. . Bill Anderson Ann Duff --.,-.. -W--- .... Most Serious ?.--... Ralph Coleman Adele Ritchie .,,...,, -,,,,.JuIief ,w,- mg Sherman Meschter ,A,,,,,,, Roi-neg ,,,,, g AAYY -1--N,-Ag Armstrong Betty Kritler ,.,- ,rA,,,,,,,,,, Agfgrg Y---, -nv Bob sony M09 Nehllg ------- ..-...Best Blushers .,.-,-,,,,,, Junius Koiner Peg Armstrong ..-...... Sherman Meschter Mae Nehlig ,,o,v,,,, , Ralph Coleman D0"0fl"V Potts ..... . Max Pincus Moe Nehlig M., ,,,., -mm. Marion Van Buskirk Harry Mills Cutest ...Optimist -......,,- -Shirley Wood, Rosemary Walsh, Fred Feldman ..,....Alexa Dannenbaum Pe55"""5l' ----M ------ - ....... -Shirley Wood, Grace Per- Best Athlete - .,,,,,,, ,,,,, M , .Pests -gm--Wm-n POLL January Class Mariorie Postle Rodney Bonck Max Pincus Mary-Alice Wunderle Sherman Meschter Adele Ritchie - ..... -...,,, Max Pincus Optimist Songbirds June Class Mast Ambitious ........-Evelyn Playford Jim Gibbons 1 Qi ..Nieest Personality ..-Helen Cyr N Ray Coward, Ed Derby 1 .Best Dressers .... -- .... -,.Roseann Omoto ' Ray Conward, Tom Hynd- A man Moy Holvorsen ...... -.......Dreamers -,..Phyllis Maisel Spence Meschter Al Holmes , Mary-Alice Wunderle ...Most Respected ...-.-..Helen Cyr j Marjorie Postle Bill Ambler Sherman Meschter JOSePl'lil'1e Fl0CCO ...-.....Laziest ..----- .... --.Jean Taylor l Jack Eichert Paul Lachman l Florence Theurer ....... -..Musicians .... ,....-,.,,.Miriam Scanlan, Dot Bob Solly Bradley Ed Bartlam, Garland Li Adele Ritchie ...-.-- ..... Writers .,,, - ,,,,, - ,.,., ..-Grace Perkinson Bob Marple Bill Bennett Jeanne Doane ...-.-1..Sangbirds .... - ....... ,Janet Graham Bob Solly Ray Coward Jane Cook .-,.......Most Boy Shy ..... ....-Rosetta James Richard Turner .-....-...Mast Girl Shy ......-..Fred Feldman Jeanne Daa ne ..--.-..- Spence Meschter Barton Hollingsworth Adele Ritchie ....-........ Howard Greeson Marjorie Postle ...... ...Apple Polishers .Artists .-- ..... ... .,..Robe rto Kenyon Bill Bennett, Calvin Har- vey l Best Dancers ...--......Phyliss Oughton Roy Coward l ..--..Jeanne Halstead l Jim Gibbons, Sam Neely Bob Marple Joseph Sfflfik Newt Hunsberger l kinson Ann Duff um--um-,,.,MogQ Dignified ,--.,,-Doris Bergman, Marjorie l Joseph Strick Howard Greeson . Holmes .Marjorie Holmes, Miriam A Al Armslmng MacFarland Mary-Alice Wunderle -..Mast Likely to Succeetl..Helen Cyr l Bill Ambler, Tom Hynd- Marjorie Postle Jim Gibbons ' mon Max Pincus .Jeanne Halstead, Bette Shefmcn Meschfel' l Becker Peg Armstrong .......-Most Happy-go-lucky .... Gertrude Stout l Joseph Strick Norwood Collins, Jack Willis l 4 l Blushers Wittiest Dignified - Dancer l omzeeaiswiw msissizrfvu r,i11:1w.i I lsits.1x.wf.:i rrsae'x-L." ' . fri. X ,maui 125.43 "Rf" 601102, JANUARY 1. Max Pincus 2. Newton Hunsberger 3. Adele Ritchie Robert Marple 4, Mory-Alice Wunderle Adele Ritchie 5. Marjorie Postle Sherrnon Meschter 6. Junius Koiner l I who is Z,,l'xZ Abram? ,fl -are QQ! Af:lk5?iM!AQ,f,' ,QI i52iflifp?55ff52: .s5fy,f5i'1fzff1v "'A36!1T1iVh3?' IN 24' .A sf 4, JUNE l. Helen Cyr Jim Gibbons 2. Marjorie Holmes Albert Armstrong 3. Edward Derby Grace Perkinson 4. Bill Ambler Tom Hyndman 5. Ray Coward Edith Dinlocker 6. Evelyn Playford Jesse Ambler f .Suu2n,6'0IZicwm, Treasurer ..,, L L ALLAN ROC-ERS Secretary .,,7,, L . L L LL ALICE HARRER -Vice President LLLLLLLLARTHUR WANNEMACHER President .LL,.,..,..,.,L i,LL,,LLL..LLL rLL,, .,Y,.., L L L L. .JESSE TAYLOR Athletic Representative .LL.LLLL LLLLLLLL C HARLES KERN Bflau, ilffi JUNIOR A GIRLS JUNIOR A BOYS If , A M ,.. H. F , H. 44. T11 .Q 1 lam, JUNIOR B GIRLS JUNIOR B BOYS . A. SOPHOMORE A GIRLS SOPHOMORE A BOYS Snplw Klan, SOPHOMORE B GIRLS SOPHOMORE B BOYS 4-4 SI Boning up plays Storing up energy On the sidelines Loading platform Wz,lri I , . W .. f 3 Above: Below: Hoedown Caesar sets up camp O Captain, My Captain . . Smooth, huh? Exeo Can Ray croon! Pass the hat What a racket! Lawn lizards Slam it, Bob! an M .191 , : ii- ,vm . na-M ' 1 Mour power Well-earned trophies Belle of the boll Stone-woll defense Second childhood UM M Sweet and - Surprised! Contortionisfs Swing X 1:-4 ,1 1 x , :mmf f V " I ll I I 1 ff! ff O Xi ,mx If mf: S T21 if' - E T f S To T 'Egg' I i TA fg ,. . 9 MU-T v 'XXIIU If wlQV'L,.4-'I "L-WLvfQ"' X meg , - X5 THEN THERESTHHT ew WHO CHN ' T THKE FOUR HURDLE5 KN ONE THE CHN wHo THlNKS HE LE Hp- T i am Ty HIT THE Br-TEL so EHR QQ T' , CMT U HE QHNT SEE IT Q4 TM E ff ff! LX, X 4 , !.',f, Kg . frrxfxb Q STS T? gf 27 Q , , N T X 1. I T FQ X LH T Ta W I THRT C-,Uv wHo REHELV om ' I ' HHVE H HOLE EN X I 1 1 I ll x A T! "Q7sf-Z-2 ?e!21Wi? ff T A- HIS RHCKET 4' - - - RN RTiip, affix ""'T fff f HE MAKES THRT RECORD Tsump?f. 2 Edwmfdgellevt cfa,fwwf,5W L' ":fs-afs,ffv- fx. 1 . ' " If -0, Q.-J mb, V A. 5 ,L ,l wfmzi g ,V Q X X, Election Day, November 9, 1939 - Citizens of Abington Township approved bond issue for new gymnasium. May 9, 1940 - Albert W. Zackey, School Board president, broke ground for the building. September, 1941 - Gymnasium ready for use. m! Lorain on the job. 626. l9l2-first football team organized- girls' basketball started-boys' tennis team began. l9l3-football dropped but resumed l9l6 with intercollegiate rules -one win, one tie with Ambler. 1917- newfathletic program-E. U. Smiley ten- nis, track, and basketball coach. i922-first victory over Cheltenham- Lou Wilson captain-Lud Wray, U. of P., coach of football team-Miss Weil or- ganized first girls' hockey team. i923 -girls' swimming club sponsored by Miss Helen Hoopes-Heinie Miller foot- ball coach-members of girls' basket- ball team awarded gold balls-a dance for the team-boys' baseball team joined Philadelphia Surburban High League-D. E. Krueger, coach. i924-Lou Little, for- mer Penn star coached football. l925- Mike Wilson football coach. . U. S Afhlenc Slum' Cfgr Taking Shape Walls rising , l .QL i926-Soccer made a major sport with P. T. Gantt as coach-Ci. R. Snodgrass first full-time football coach. l927-Soc- cer team won Suburban Championship- team of '28 won all football games and Suburban Championship-record 225-O, Kern captain-Tennis team won Subur- ban Championship-E. B. Cernert boys' tennis coach. i928-31-football team Old York Road Champions. l93O-girls' swimming revived with Miss C. E. Herzog as coach-boys' swimming started again -L. C. Swartz coach. i932-P. T. Gantt coached boys tennis. l933-girls' basketball team wins every game-first Abington golf team-E. A. Brunner in charge. I934 - wrestling started. l935-cross-country inaugurated -Roland Ritchie, coach-George Stoner P.l.A.A. diving champ-girls' track dis- continued. i937-The year of champions-girls' swimming team undefeated suburban champions-baseball team, girls' tennis, golf team-all champions. l939-mer- maids again annex suburban title. l94O -gridders, led by Bill Ambler, win Sub- urban Championship. Let's raise the roof lf WONT be long now Radnor, tenham X et or -B 5 XX 0 keel fy. 929 Q3-PAbmgfonm BC: 06" -tefScoreIesS,T5 sb . Q: ,tif-Swan, chem 9 YS Wx XQ fy Undefnmd Abingtnn Y X945 C100 Team had Wm: 7 ,QM StnigI1rGimrx. K to 0-0 Tie Standing: Wineburg, Reading, Washington, Easton, Eichert, Kern, Uccelletti, Derby Front Row: Penecale, Capt. Ambler, L. Vollrath, Di Polantino, E. Vollrath, Kennedy, Daniels jnntbal Kern bags a Panther K i l VICTORY OVER HAVERFORD by a 2l-6 count started the Abington eleven off in fine style. Herman Dan- iels starred on the offense, while Cap- tain Bill Ambler, who blocked a punt, stood out on defense. CHESTER DOWNED BY ABINGTON although the Ghosts had to come from behind to win, 28-13. Behind beautiful blocking by Ed Vollrath, Sonny Wash- ington and Herman Daniels, backs, were able to scamper off for long runs. LOWER MERION DEFEATED AT ARDMORE by an Abington team for the first time in twelve years, l3-O. John Easton broke loose for 50 yards in the third quarter, and Washington, led by Chick Earnest and Charlie Kern, scored again in the fourth session. GHOSTS SMOTHER VALLEY FORGE under a 44-6 count. Washington had his best day, scoring four touchdowns. The substitutes held the Cadets to one tally. UPPER DARBY SHADED in the closest game of the year so far, l3-l2, on the losers' field. Dan Ken- nedy's educated toe provided the mar- gin of victory. Both Easton and Wash- ington shook loose for long runs as usual. FRIENDS CENTRAL TROUNCED by the Ghosts, 38-6, on the winners' field. Lou Vollrath's recovery of a fumble on the kick-off started the team off, and after the second quar- ter, the Junior Varsity took over, scoring almost at will. GHOSTS HELD BY PANTHERS in their annual Thanksgiving Day tus- sle 'to a scoreless tie, O-O. Although continually pushing into Cheltenham territory, the Ghosts were unable to score. With the whole eleven fighting hard, John Easton and Pete DiPalan- tino played standout games. ABINGTON SUBDUES RADNOR to take the Big-Six Championship for l94O. Although the score was not so close, the play was-but the Ghosts won, 26-13. Beautiful kicking by Ray Uccelletti kept the Raiders at bay Bill Ambler blocked a kick and Lou Vollrath recovered a fumble to set up two scores. Augie Penecale gave his best performance of the year. SUBURBAN CHAMPIONS in spite of the tie with the Panthers Sckupakus halts Washington Srmles of Success . Vu., Y-1.2, . Zlndmq, Benny scoops Ambler Excellent hockey record . . . seven wins and only two losses . . . Spring- field and Cheltenham triumphant . . . goalie Joan Ullman elected l94O cap- tain . . . six representatives tried for Northeast Suburban . . . Marcia Lev- ering elected first team captain . . . Ruth Swan on first team . . , Doris Pfoertsch and Benny Lotta on second team . . . thoroughly successful season. N er s t yllr lv gf . Q . 9 , fi i ., r V s . . Q '.'- ' "r7 "f' U 9 . l 7 n fl' ci W """'t" ""7i ' W .,il lf D, if Doris goes through center , x ig, ,L li ' QQ ., HOCKEY SQUAD Pfoertsch, Taggert, J. Ullman, Kistler, Frankenfield, Scott, Levering, E. Nehlig, Swan, Gold, Latta ,....n-seemfkl L,11em-.wie-We t'-ffm:-W . --.,,nun.Y, , L. Y,.f-pIlul1'Pl,-n-.- - ,-v . :.,.gi .. L.:-wry CROSS-COUNTRY Weldon, Pincus, Peck, Marsh fmgr.l Hunsberger, Carr, Jones, Carothers Bailey, J. Ambler, Phinney, Greeson SOCCER McDowell, Cusick, Spitzer, Isaacs, R. Smith, Gilmore, l UH. Smith, G. Chubb, Manzinger, Coach Gantt Taylor, Farenwald, R. Chubb, Cairns, Dempster, Cun- ningham, Lane, Helms Keyes, Landis, Ullman, Gibson, Dunlap, Sohl, Wacker 01044, -fanning, Poorest season in history of this sport at Abington . . . lost to five schools . . . defeated- Ridley Park, Haverford, and Germantown . . . placed fifth in Suburban meet . . . Max Pin- cus took four firsts out of six starts, third in Suburban, nineteenth in Regional, and seventh in State meet. pw Sviccm, U l lnexperienced team . . . mostly juniors . . . defeated Whitpain, 2-l . . . lost to Upper Darby, Hill School, Berwyn . . . improved with experience . . . defeated Hatfield, Lower l Merion, Haverford . . . tied Haverford, Hat- field . . . lost again to Berwyn and Upper Darby . . . Lower Merion, Whitpain and l alumni victorious . . . finished fourth in sub- urban conference. Pincus leads the pack Gibson boots a high one rn a8aaAmtbalL Top Row--Prince, Mgr., Humes, Bi- ogi, Jenkins, Ehrsam. Middle Row- Pfoertsch, Scott, Neh- lig, Swan, Mac Minn, Adams. Bottom Row-Cooper, Price, Halling- er, Spear. Back Row- Frankenfield, Towill, D.VWillis, Cook, Chubb, Lugar, Pil- eggi, Coach Erb. Front Row-Reese, Mgr., Cunning- ham, Hyndman, Wineburg, Easton, Gregor, Penecale, Dodds, Dusch. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Highly successful season . . . close los- ing battles with Norristown and Ambler . . . easy victories over Upper Moreland, Lansdale, Springfield . . . narrow wins over Conshohocken, Upper Merion, Lower Merion . . . guard Eleanore Nehlig elected captain at lost game . . . Forwards Emily MacMinn and Ruth Swan splurging high scorers for '41 . . . BOYS' BASKETBALL Usual bad record . . . won two and lost twelve . . . beat Upper Moreland and Cheltenham once. . . lost two close games to Jenkintown . . . defeated twice by Norristown, Lower Merion, Upper Darby, Haverford . . . Lost once to Friends Cen- tral, Cheltenham . . . Walter Dusch elected captain . . . Tom Hyndman made second Suburban l team. April April April April April May May May May May May May 7-Jenkintown ..,,..,... Home Top Row-Daniels, Eggleton, Car- lin, J. Jones, Sloan, Bugel. Middle Row-W, Clark, mgr., Janke J. Earnest, C. Earnest, Kennedy. First Row-Coach Snodgrass, Horst, Wacker, Pinkham, R. Dodds, White J. Wilkins, mgr., Lugar, Gregor, R. Mitsch, Wineburg, Shaknitz, Hel- frick, Uccelletti, Gibson, Coach Brunner fin!! A Op. I --..l l l 5-Haverford ..........., Home 4 I8-Cheltenham ...,...... Away 9 6 25-Upper Darby ......., Away ........ 6 9 28-Reading ..,...., - ..,., Home W ,,,, 6 9 2-Faculty .-.-.-., ..,, .... H ome .,,,,, 42 2M 5-Lower Merion .... Away ........ 9M 556 9-District Championship .... Abington 12-Cheltenham ......... Home ...... 45 1016 I9-Upper Darby ...... Home .... 12 3 26 20-Haverford .... ...., Away -Lower Merion .... Home 9 l 2 3 Placed K. Shaknitz and R. Uccelletti on District One Team. Tom Hyndman won ln- terscholastic championship. A perfect swing lr! Crapplers usually on top . . . won five, lost two . . . beat Penn Charter and Lower Merion favorites . . . Lost close match to Panther champs and to underdog Lansdowne . . . came back to down Upper Merion, Haverford, Upper Darby . . . Dave White, undefeated at 95 pounds, reached State Finals . . .-Jack Eichert and Jim Pinkham, co-captains, also unde- feated. Meet the Champ. GIRLS' SWIMMING Championship aspirations drenched by '4l winner, Norristown, in breath-taking finish . . . Submerged Coatesville, Upper Darby, Hav- erford . . . nosed out defending title holder, Lower Merion . . . Miriam Mac Farland elected captain . . . sophomore Betty Haffner unde-- feated in 20-yd. backstroke and breastroke . . . medley relay invincible . BOYS' SWIMMING Boys started off with a bang, submerging West Chester, 36-29-ducked by Norristown with Ken Bosler, state champion in free style, I9-47-consecutive defeats by Pottstown, '40 champions, Coatesville, Eddystone, Upper Darby, and Haverford--outstanding were Bill Ackerman in backstroke and Jimmy Adams in free style and diving-Christie Rau, stu- dent coach. z 1 ti 1 assiirusmv-lrwnnzaexiwwa Mac Farland, captain, Dinlocker, Holmes, F. Smith, Gardner, Hab- hegger, Mac Millan, Haffner, Temple, Anderson, Thornton, Eble, B. Kaufmann, M. Kauffmann, B. Ullman,mgr., Miss H. M. Clark, coach. Sutch Adams Fisher G. Friedberg Weldon, Shelly, Robinson, Engard Miller, Ackerman. "PFW: 1.-gi-'r'--anlqf--.1 -e Pl!--Y-w V ----V Fourth row4Taylor, Dodds, Brown, Blumethal, Gilmore, Knorr, Daniels, Gillies, Kirkland. Third row-Coach Erb, Manager Mc- Dowell, Buckius, D, Willis, Stachel, Zebley, Nitrouer, F. Cook, Stern, Asst. Coach Rapp. Second row-Kern, Dusch, Ambler, J Willis, McConnell, Hasenmayer, Arm- strong, Hyndman, Easton, Derby, Earnest, Dodds. First row-Ullman, Lints, Klumpp Woltman, Frantz, Cox, Keyes, H 1 Cook, Trescott. April 8-Central .......... - .... Home April 15--Lower Merion..Home April 17-Norristown ........ Away April 21 -Have rford ....... .Away April 24-Upper Darby .-.Home April 28-Upper M'land..Home May I-Cheltenham .... Home May 8-Lower Merion .. Away May I5-Norristown -...-.Home Moy I9-Haverford ........ Home May 22-Upper Darby ...Away May 26-Cheltenham .... Away May 28-Lansdale ....... ...Home PLAN! SQUEQE ..,.,-... ., .,..,,v,...ff. ..., ,,.,,.,.. ,...... -.. .,..... -71-w,....,,,WmbmmMqkm , -.......,.,mW-muvwg it l A A. Op. -M .... 7 0 ..-.l 6 -.-,..-O -..-.2 l O 1 O ----.2 ---.-.4 ..-5 Bmnbad Despite the tact that Coach George Erb had one of the best balanced teams in years, his nine had to meet unusually formidable competition. The Maroon's opening l6-4 rout of Lower Merion gave evidence ot a top-notch nine, but de- feats by Norristown and Haverford jol- ted hopes tor a championship. ,ww lemub, Apri May May May May May May GIRLS BOYS I 30-Radnor ..,,........., Home .... .lopli April 28 Lower Menon .Home A Op 5-Cheltenham .... Away ........ O 5 MGY I-RC'd"10f '--------- b---AWOY 8-Norristown ...... Home ------.l 4 Moy 8"NO""iStOWn '--' Y-Away I2-Lansdowne ---,-.Away ......,. I 4 may ggitggsggrgne " Q"' 1:33 15'-Coatesville "" Home """" O 5 May 16-Cheltenham -..Home I9-UPPGV DU"bY-- AWGY ---'4--- 0 5 May I9-Upper Darby Home 22-Lower Merion..Away --.I 4 May 22-Lansdale ...,,. .Away May 26-Doylestown - ....... Away May 29-Doylestown .... Home jmck April 258426-Penn Relays Placed fifth May l-Friends Central Home Ab 4656 F.C. 355 May 3-Ursinus Relays May 7-Haverford aAway May lO-Montgomery Championships May l-4-Germantown Academy A.., Home May 17-District Meet May 28-Triangular Meet June 7-Surburban Championships .4-ww. A .x.. l Nice. .Wu-..., VMS.-.v.., ... ...I-W-.,-7, -W--., . -.-..x, ...Av-Nvy, JVM., . ........,,, ...:,v.vn, sl- -J-V-fw - - -v M--S-V --Q,--5 L0 W9 wi of VN will vyfxl sffvllv l l S600 eflo QYQ' A-Norma MacElwee B-Lenore Newmann Doris Adams N-Rona Harrington G- Nancy Houpt T-Marylyn Smythe O-Josephine Hunter N-Doris Taylor SCHOENBERG Head Cheerleader REICHARD KNORR Reading from left to right Standing: Rona Harrington, Doris Taylor, Marie Amb- ler, Nancy Houpt, Lenore Newmann, Marilyn Smythe Kneeling: Jack Reichard, Malcolm Schoenberg, Ray Knorr EVELYN ALLEN Captain , . 5 r S 5 4 S - 1 , ,.,. , ,, , ,, , V ,,.,.,,. fy,-,,,-Q, 1452.3 X 1 , , 1 1 11. if 7? if MSP zrfz .- ,Q -ng, I ,,,,,, ,, .i .. -Mm ,T ww- -1-an ,llld I ms m F' ,r --..... if +19 'W uf- S z, 51' Q., -l W9- ij I 5.40 " g i! if E! ws ,A ef X S t- 5 V I za? J. V,-,QI-+'-fm.,W W Q N7 Ti ,aa V 3 4 . fb 1 args 5125 lu w K 1- 'wb we -22651 ' x 'ff "hLQ 1 " .. .-10' V... M- K 'NwL.,...,ff" 2 an .-, .N A mn. W, J -. . A .- .., +..h Q. 1- -. WN -.. a-... 1 .,, W., ... .. .. M. 2 Fw-P' -. 1 i it Xrjlggif LK ., gwkgi I . . . ,f ' ' VM,-Q0-, ..,,. 4,, ' f E- : '5N"" asv ' i All ' 5 vig '. 7 . Ava iffiilzsiinxfiaglxg I, 5 ...J W ,mfAQ-vw Xz.,- ,N-. l 1 l -59 5 , , A , A,k. 5, ,, . f . ff--in-..,,'k H W 4,,L -,A. ' . Vi W W ,rI-- Q -3 V. -,,,' A ' lf! Q A... Mary Alice Wunderle Secretary Kamal ln this fifteenth year of Student Council organization, the encour- agement of student participation and cooperation has been the chief aim of all Council representatives. More homeroom participation, link- ing the Council definitely with the students, and better understanding between Council and student body mark the goal toward which the Council is striving. 4-3,52 Even! We Members represent highest in cooperation, citizenship, character ,... serve the school at the information desk, in locker and rest rooms, and as ushers . . . sponsored by Miss Lilian J. Reichard . , . presidents, Mary-Alice Wun- derle, Helen Cyr . . . vice-presidents, Virginia Chatterton, Grace Perkinson . . . secretaries, Marjorie Postle,.Barbara Djorup . . . treasurers, Adele Ritchie, Jean Kistler. 69 Ufmlwwza, Leonard B. Smith conductor . . . forty-five student mem- bers . . . entertained audiences at In A House Like This, Young April, The Admirable Crich- ton, The Gondoliers . . . played for Class Night and Com- mencement. 44 m ix Leonard B. Smith bandmaster . . . sixty-four student members . . . won firsr prize of Sl5O in Cheltenham Parade . . . captured place of honor in Cultural Olympics at University of Pennsylvania . . . played at Temple Career Conference . . . marched in American Legion Parade . . . participated in Cultural Olympics Choreon . . . gave concert at Willow Grove Park . . . entertained at Band- mosters' Convention. i w2mQmhx7wi1EcmwptifmwL4wfYQ Band. Unral, C-lee clubs star at concert and radio broadcasts . . . Elizabethan Singers make many trips to sing for P. T. A. and school programs . . . Vocal de- partment presents "The Lost Star," annual Christmas play, to enthusi- astic audiences . . . Gilbert and Sulli- van's "CondoIiers" scores success . . tunetul satire keynotes Abington's Music Week. -e,Ai.::.faqussA--i.v, -,fr ., , ..,....,..,.Y,,,, M Ynsnw KV N ' Jmuzfll, ff-Aftlfl Official publicity.agency of Abington high school . . . publicizes school and P. T. A. happenings . . . feeds township, city, and state publications . . . work carried on by news story, telephone, poster, and .interview . , . founded by Miss Gertrude L. Turner under Columbia Scholastic Press Association . . . members chosen from journalism class, school publications staffs, and other students interested. Four copies, please. 331.41 "' ff-if . Ni-ieiwwgmw....fvw,n..ffi1iwRmmqmf -1 1. ,ftwwt . i-we M.,-iw, 1 1- Robert Marple, Adele Ritchie First semester editors Editorial Published twenty-tour times during school year , . . re- flects student lite in and about the school . . . outlet for stu- dent opinion . . . first place in P. S. P. A. contest . . . anoth- Editors ABINGTONI N N. Stern, Anne Styer, editor. R. Harrington, M. Borne- man, E. Gellert, A Ritchie editor, R. Coleman, M. Van Buskirk, A. Dan- nenbaum, C. Colloday, J. Kistler. Page Planning E. Dinlocker Ed Derby, editor , Jock Willis , B05 Reese sports editor er first place in C. S. P. A .... co-editors-Adele Ritchie and Robert Marple, Anne Styer and Edward Derby . . . Miss Doro- thy Cathell and Miss Katha- rine Miller, faculty advisers. Headliniitg MQW-Alice Wunderle Marjorie Postle Joseph Strick Bob Marple, editor Bob Quay M. Tillger, A. Gutekunst, E. Falkenberg, l. Sprouse, E. Hurtord, M. Whittak- er D Lu wig Tgping Circulation Afdmjfl Denby ods - ehl' ' ' J- NACorrh'g'S,EE Hfinser, A 'QPOQUO :mich 1 NNN.. 34' Uzmdo, Published twice a year . . . won first place in P. S. P. A. Contest . . . medal- ist in C. S. P. A .... Jeanne Halstead and C-race Perkinson, co-editors . . . colorful Pan-American issue . . . April Fool issue scored humorous hit . . . Miss Dorothy Cathell, sponsor . . . striking results from art department . . . outlet for creative talents ot students. nnlc E YEAR BOOK STAFF 'I JANUARY 9? we STP William Anderson 50 J. Newton Hunsberger e05 Jane Cook o of X Raymond Brandt Sherman Meschter Max Pincus Grace Ullman Marion Van Buskirk Adele Ritchie JUNE Evelyn Playford Miriam Scanlon Carol Bocher Robert Cragg Jack Willis Alexa Dannenbaum Patricia Coyle William Ambler Edith Dinlocker Helen Cyr Principal ......,..,.A,as .....,...owsvo, E , B, CERNERT A Financial Adviser ,,........ ,D, E. KRUEGER Art Adviser ...,..s4.... KATHRYN P. WALKER Photography ,..,........ LILIAN J. REICHARD Sponsors as ....ssss.... DOROTHY CATHELL Photographers V...... ssi..,sssc ....oc.c,o. i....,oia e L ov,o,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,,oo R Q y Coward, Robert Megow TYPiSfS e-----ee-----4-eeeee... Prlfricio Cilligan, Louise Matthias, Josephine Mignogna AdV6l'fiSing ss......... . .... Josephine Liberg, Circulation ,,s,7777,s,,,,,,,,,, Bette Decker EDITORIAL BOARD ' Robert Marple Ralph Coleman Q 75 Robert Reese Jeanne Halstead MC"Y'AllCe Wunderle Bruce W0ll Grace Perkinson J0S9Dl'1 5'fflCl4 BASKETS for the NEEDY CAROLS Um, L' A '1 THE LOST STAR 76 fl ' 'Q 2 M 'Wst' A xg ian- KJ ua' .ov-V .41 l v' 5? fhkav X W.. 'Q ' 5 . g . ,, QV fr f 7 L 5 5 W A - Ns -Y 'Young April ' A 'In a House Like This TRIPLE HEA LR W I-iaqiiitg Play i KAdU1il'E1mG Crichton, Gondoliers' 'Young April' - X I ' ' iii gl IA, if all . .V C I E J WA' Q' wh: Xuan 'qv' i SILENT ABINGTON BANK Xi TRUST COMPANY Will appreciate YOU I' account X51 'R X 'i f -, VA: ,ig .SA . 1 .-. 1.44, t: Ti- ,J V. !'.,'14.,i-' i-1.5.1-V' I' '.'-.-'I , '. L, A :f I h' 3- , 53:5 'l .1 - ,- 3' ,,.,,:f.,,,., - V, .-, -.- -. , ' A i ri, ,-:.5:4 - u ,- . .e lf 15543:-5 I . -, , ' , . . 1' fx. -. " , 15 555: 4 x ,page f"w, 'o My .. uw . fg- ,-"?oC:'7':jDQ?fo X 'ffl-r . "Peqj?o1trf15.. o x. M K 3:90 03... A, 1. - ff yfiajec' V ' - f " "- . 9 3 Jgagsf ' -w w w, ,- f K. i COR NA M 0 D E L R. F. MEITZLER L. C. Smith 8. Corona Typewriters, Inc. I 2 I 3 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA Pennnypacker 5727-28-29-30 STROUSE 81. JARRETT DODGE - PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS 116 OLD YORK ROAD Abington, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 4600 "FLOATING POWER" CLEANING PRESSING Certified Fur Storage by American Institute of Refrigeration CHARLES LIGHTMAN rumen a. MERCHANT 'rAn.on 1 4 Y o R K R o A D Abington, Pa. Ogontz 4349 Ogontz 3563 WOOD'S PASTRY - CANDY - lc: CREAM 28 EAST 'WHARTON ROAD GLJENSIDE, PA. Ogontz 2973 Open Tues. 8. Fri. Eves. Lavender Beauty Shoppe All Branches of Beauty Culture 301 N. EASTON ROAD GLENSIDE, PA. L. Bertsch HOSIERY DRESSES B R A U N ' S 22 E. WHARTON AVENUE Glenside, Pa. W. WASYNGER 325 NORTH EASTON ROAD SHOE REPAIRING "Well Known for Quality at a Very Reasonable Price" LINGERIE SPORTSWEAR Glenside, PefmSYlV0nl0 Edith Wilcox Helen DeGroat Telephone OGONTZ 24l'J The VOGUE Shop NY,s 30 EAST WHARTON ROAD Glenside, Pennsylvania Ogontz 'I9-85 . D Sport Hats .. Lingerie .. Gifts Glenside, Pennsylvania Phone OGONTZ sms GLENSIDE UPHOLSTERING W. Bordin, Prop. SLIP COVERS WINDOW SHADES Upholstering in all its Branches As it Should be Done WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED Keswick Building Glenside, Pa. W E L D O N AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY IDA RENE BEAUTY SHOP OGONTZ 3484 2l EAST WHARTON ROAD Glenside, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 5286 TAILOR and FURRIER To Ladies and Gentlemen A. GIBBONI SUITS MADE TO ORDER CLEANING - DYEING - REPAIRING 416 N. EASTON ROAD Glenside, Pa. B. BLUMENTHAL GLENSIDE DELICATESSEN EASTON and WHARTON ROADS WHARTON SHOPPE Lingerie, Neckwear, Hosiery and Dry Goods Next to Keswick Theatre Bell, Ogontz 3282 Glenside, PG. CLARA S. SHELHORN, Prop. WELL DRESSED A. H. S. STUDENTS A C E Buy at BRUNER'S CLOTHES CUT RATE STORE 316 N. EASTON ROAD Open Evenings Glenside TU RN ER'5 HARDWARE YOUR LOCAL POET AND ATLANTIC DEALER G L N S l D E EASTON ROAD and GENEVA AVENUE MODEL MAKING GLENSWE Twenty Years at the Same Corner SUPPUES Have You Stopped in Lately? A GOOD DEAL TO PACKARD W STUDEBAKER I AND A GOOD DEAL HERE! whQ0n4+++-no WALLER MOTORS INC. YORK and HARTE ROADS . JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA OC-ONTZ 3400 MAJESTIC 3400 TOMLINSON JENKINTOWN T. W. MONTAGUE CO. REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Ogontz 760 Jenkintown, Pc. Bell Phone Keystone J, HOWARD HAY, INC, OGONTZ 30 JENKINTOWN 25II Established 1893 J. co. Painting and Paperhonging HARIQWARE Furniture Refinished 424 YORK ROAD 475 York Road Jenkintown Jenkintown, Pennsylvania OGONTZ I54 CLINTON R. SPENCER BUILDING MAINTENANCE CONSTRUCTION NORTH I-IILLS, PENNSYLVANIA SLIGHT BROTHERS SANITARY AND HEATING E N G I N E E R S 741 Yorkway Place Jenkintown, Pennsylvania DR. G. W. SPIES Optometrist and Opfician Personal Seryice Jenkintown, Ford Bldg. Phone, Ogontz 900 Ofice Hours: 9:30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Daily Evenings- Tuesday and Saturday 7 to 9 p. m. ERNESTINFS BEAUTY SHOP 913 Limekilll Pike Nbrfll Hills If you'ne in A dither about what to do with your hair this Spring, all OGONTZ 4803 or mme in and talk it over. COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Open Evening: by Appointment Illibz flllzhar Mast Hpparel . . . for . . Men A. J. MILLER 414 YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Pennsylvania KESLER'S x FLOWERS TELEGRAPHEO ANYWHERE x I5 TENNIS AVENUE North Hills, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 3109 COMMENTS BENJAMIN RAU of Veterinarian S. D. PETERSON CO. AR Jenkintown Road 8. Abington Avenue JENKINTOWN OGONTZ 6200 PENNSYLVANIA RICHARD A. PLUNKETT ELKINS, SH EBLE 81 Co., Inc. EQ H' J. pager' Associate PAINTING PAPER HANGING WINDOW SHADES Homes-Farms-Insurance and 4I7 OLD YORK ROAD VENETIAN BLINDS Ogontz 3000-3001 Jenkintown, Pa EE GLENSIDE, PA. OGONTZ 1401 OGONTZ 5018 KESWICK CYCLE SHOP Rich Norman, Proprietor We Specialize in Bicycles Saws and Lawn Mowers Hobby Supplies - Model Airplanes 96 N. EASTON ROAD Glenside, Pennsylvania - KEIIYIIII BIIIITHEIIS, IIIII C O A L EK . Fuel Oil - Building Materials Koppers Coke and Cord Wood Eli NORTH HILLS, PA. Phone, OGOntz 950 GLEN ROSENGRANT ATLANTIC SERVICE Gas - Oil - Tires EASTON ROAD and BRADFIELD LAWRENCE DRUG STORE E A s T o N R o A D OGONTZ 5142 Roslyn, Penna Roslyn Pennsylvania K E I- I- Y ' 5 ELoREY's BRICK woRKs GROCERIES Gnd MEATS Manufacturers of Roslyn, PQ. OGONTZ I9aI BUILDING BRICKS ROSLYN PENNSYLVANIA gvifgwi figlgvs vos GUAVSOEEEED Currie Lumber Company DELAWARE 7908 ED ROY AUTOMOTIVE RENOVATING, Heston Street West of Easton Road Roslyn, Pennsylvania We Repair Your Cnr or Truck at Your Convenience Give Us a Call - Towing 1 24 Hour Service FULTON INN Roslyn, Pa. EASTON ROAD at ROSLYN STATION ' Roslyn, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 4980 Howard R. Currie, Prop. HERBERT BURKLE Paperhanging Roslyn, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 1539-W EASTON and SUSQUEHANNA ROADS Bell Phone, Ogontz 741 Res., Ogontz 199 JOHN F. BIERLIN ROSLYN MDNUMENTAL WORKS Opposite Hillside Cemetery, Main Entrance Manufacturers of Cemetery Memorials Roslyn, Pennsylvania EIIIIIIIIITT .IIIHIISUN SHUES Fllli FAMILY Palmer Electric Shoe Repair EASTON ROAD Roslyn, Pa. NORMAN S. HENRY NORTHERN DISTRICT REALTY co. ROSLYN PARK FLOWER SHOP BRADFIELD and SUSQUEHANNA ROADS Real Estate and Insurance Quality Flowers Reasonable Rates C t Flo P tt d Pl t Ogontz 4937 Ogontz 723-J u WHEGONTZ 5123 e on S Roslyn, Pennsylvania Funeral Baskets and Sprays E D w A R D T o w I L L 'S' 'gif-mf'-ds - Waf-Eggs FLORIST get 1 New ' 7- C' I 6 if -A Expert Reipmring f an EASTON ROAD 045' Optical Service Roslyn, Pu- OGONTZ 747-J CLENSIDE JEWELER and OPTICIAN Open Evenings , 14 E. Glenside Ave. FEDERAL INSURED SAVINGS ESSO Products Automobile Service Abington Building Association EAS ON and MILDRED AVE 750 WEST AVENUE T . Phone OGONTZ 5270 Roslyn, Pa. JENIGNTOWN OGONTZ 2625 I Pho Office: Ogontz 127 nesNight: Ogontz 3343 A. GLENSIDE ELECTRIC Co. """"""CiSf WILLIAM H. HOWARD gg I EE Glenside's Original Drug Store ELECTRICAL REPAIRS and INSTALLATIONS 55 T - EE II5 E. MT. CARMEL AVENUE I4 E. MT. CARMEL AVENUE Glenside, Pennsylvania GLENSIDE OGONTZ II6 WASHING LUBRICATION A L C O R S GLENSIDE SERVICE STATION EASTON and WAVERLY ROADS ' OGONTZ 5072 Elf Official State Inspection h e IESGIISIEK For All Your Table Needs SHOP AT THE Keswick Self Service Market 321-323 N. EASTON ROAD Glenside, Pennsylvania U X SAVE io to 30 PERCENT ON QUALITY Fooos V Bell: OGONTZ 989 CASA CONTI JOSEPH CONTI, Proprietor Easton Road and Jenkintown Road Glenside, Pennsylvania X Famous For Fine Foods Excellent Service Regular Dinner-50C and 60C KOENlG'S THE REXALL DRUG STORE GLENSIDE CLYDE HEATH X COAL SC 2 SOUTH YORK ROAD WILLOW GROVE O MEET YOUR FRIENDS H I L L S I D E O A C E M E T E R Y VER MIDNIGHT SNACK EE FE An Estate for The Dewffed - KENYON'S DINER HQ ROUTE 152 NORTH HILLS, PA. Phldlph L getPepet ol C e d L w PI Ce etery EK S q h d E t R ds RQSLYN PA The Abington-Cheltenham C H OGONTZ 696 Crowd Meet ot Kenyo s GUARANTEED OK'D USED CARS ' COMPANY 815 GREENWOOD AVENUE OCONTZ I72 I JENKINTOWN, PA MAJESTIC 0265 I. , Willow Grove Lumber and Coal Co. WILLOW GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone Willow Grove 500 Marion's Lunch Room "GOOD EATS" Easton and Moreland Roads Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Dr. Irving B. Fink Willow Grove, Pa. J. L. Rush 81 Sons, Inc. FIRESTONE SALES and SERVICE BODY and FENDER REPAIRS Willow Grove, Pa. Phone 93 AI' Reading Station Mark Sing Hand Laundry WILLIAM SPIES . 74 N. York Road JEWELER u 77 YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pa. WILLOW GROVE PENNSYLVANIA EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED Dr. J. Schwartz Willow Grove's Optometrist YORK and EASTON RDS. PH. 919 SNOW BIRD FROSTED FOODS H. N. Evans 241 Fairhill Street Willow Grove, Pa. Phone 523 MILLER DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTIONS VITAMINS WILLOW GROVE, PA. HAHN SHOPPE Dresses - Millinery - Hosiery 85 NORTH YORK ROAD INext to Grove Theatre? WILLOW GROVE IIOW MEN and CHILDREN'S HAIRCUTS A Specialty COSIMO ROMEO BARBER SHOP WILLOW GROVE AUTO SERVICE Easton and Welsh Roads Willow Grove Doggy Tasty Trays "The Scientifically Prepared Dog Food" Delivered Daily For Your Pets Dogs Bathed, Boorded, Clipped and Plucked Phone WILLOW GROVE 390 JOHN SCHAMENEK SUNOCO SERVICE York Road and Decatur Avenue WILLOW GROVE HOME REPAIRS Make no down payments, 3 yrs. to pay. Free Estimates. No Obligations. Member Johns- Monville Housing Guild. We also furnish ma- terial if you do your .own work. Willow Grove Lumber and Coal Co. WILLOW GROVE, PA. Phone W. G. soo Willow Grove 46 INSURANCE or OGONTZ 735 W. CLYDE GOURLEY Incorporated ' R E A L T O R S YORK and WELSH ROADS 423 S. York Road W. G. 440J Willow Grove. Pa. Work Done by Experts Bell Phone I97 IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP- 34 NORTH ROAD GREETING CARDS GIFTS GIFT CRAFT SHOP 104 so. EASTON ROAD M. Schiesser, Prop. Willow Grove, Pa. Beffy Plunkett Glenside, po. LEONARD F. SlElFERT I P 81 S CUT RATE STORE PAINTS l IOI South Keswick Avenue House Wares Garden Supplies 413 s. YORK ROAD GLENSHJE Roychester Willow Grove Lowest Prices I .Potent Medicines Fountain Service W. C. "Everything in FIowers" HAROLD R. MOORE REAL ESTATE I :-: FLORIST 1-1 HARLEYSVILLE AUTO INSURANCE 220 Brookdale Avenue Phone 376 Wl"0"' Gmve' PQ' Ogontz 3079-J Glenside, Pa. Willow Grove 834 JOHN MARINO 4'l'l Easton Road Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Free Delivery Willow Grove, Pa. Fresh Meats WALTER R. GARVIN Plumbing and Heating MT. CARMEL and KESWICK AVENUE Glenside, Pa. Bathrooms and Kitchens Modernized Imported and Domestic Groceries - Williams Autornatlic Qi' Bu,-ner Bell, OGONTZ 4242 OGONTZ 486 W- F- BE I- Brody's Department Store AUTOMOBILE SERVICE ND REPAIRS FAMILY OUTFITTERS SINCE 1905 Easton Road and Toxony Avenue l I I Glenside, Pennsylvania Glensdde' Pennsy wma GENTNElR'S Ogontz I658 One Day Service - No Shrinking, Odor, Stretching F L O W E R S E Lost Buttons or Belts verything in Flowers 3 E. GLENSIDE AVENUE no S Emo? EAI? A R P GI ,de ensn Phone Ogontz 4574 Delivery Service ' OGONTZ 5093 GIFTS - GREETING CARDS - Tovs ROMEO'S BARBER SHOP and THE PARISIAN BEAUTY SALON For The More Discriminating A. Romeo Glenside and Keswick Aves. Jane Romeo Glenside, Pa. STATIONERY - SHEET MUSIC Read All The Newest Books GLENSIDE BOOK SHOP' Open Evenings 'l'l WESLEY AVE. RUSSELL A. ALLAN BROWN'S DAIRIES 52 South Keswick Avenue I72 Harrison Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Glenside, PSYWSYIVGNIU OGONTZ 2954-W Ogontz 904 Majestic IOIO H. Real Estate - Mortgages - Insurance DRUGS L. E. WELSH Yorlf ROGCI Ol'lCl RULJICGIT1 Avenue South York Road WIHOW Gmvef Pennsylvania wallow Grove, Pa. Tel. wallow Grove 620 Phone W. G. 579 MARIE RAMSEY, Prop. MARINELLO METHOD HAIRDRESSING Specializing in SCALP TREATMENT and FACIALS PERMANENT WAVING 301 So. York Road Willow Grove, Pa. JOHN FLANN ERY'S York and Moreland Road Willow Grove, .Pa. JOHN'S BARBER SHOP All American Service 78 NORTH YORK ROAD Willow Grove John Torkington, Prop. A. SCALFARO SHOE REPAIRING REASONABLE RATES ' 42l S. York Road Call W. G. 880 RUBIN'S MARKET Quality Meats, Groceries and Produce Willow Grove 264 Free Delivery PRlFOLD'S DELICATESSEN Welsh and Easton Roads Corner Hamel Avenue Ardsley, Po. Ph o f 294 5036 F D i- Willow Gmve ones' g0,nZ - ree elvery Meats - Fruits - Produce - Groceries FRED G- ECKEL Ott's Sunoco Service Station HARDWARE -2- PAINTS OGONTZ 5064 VARNISHES JeNKiN'rowN and EDGEHILL Roms OGONTZ 4366 Ardsley, Pa. A"d5leY Pennsylvania 8 Grinding Saws Sharpened and Tool Dressing Manufacturers of High-Class PRINTING Lawn Mower Sharpening and Adjusting 608 EDGE HILL ROAD Jenkintown Road and Roslyn Avenue ocoNTz 653-J Ardsley, Pa. A'dS'eY Penn5Y'V0"'0 DOLLAR VALET SERVICE Men's and Young Men's Suits CLEANING and PRESSING Nelson's Texaco Station Jenkintown Road and Tyson Avenue GOODRICH TIRES .. C. D. BATTERIES OGONTZ 3284 Ogontz 5020 Ardsley A Ardsley Gulf Station Jenkintown and Edgehill Roads Complete Lubrication and Washing Ogontz 5180 Ardsley Ogontz 879 Established l895 SAMUEL M. STEIN Furrier and Tailor 807 EAST CREENWOOD AVENUE Jenkintown, Pennsylvania GLENSIDE WHOLESALE CO. Formerly Friedberg Brothers Co. IO3 EAST GLENSIDE AVENUE ' Wholesale 1 CANDY and TOBACCO OGONTZ 4630 A Records - Music - Radio - Tubes DR. M. GRADESS JAMES A. NASSAU VETERINARIAN 8 E. Mt. Carmel Ave. Glenside, Pa. York Road and Washington Lane Phonel OGONTZ 5953 JENKINTOWN . Open Every Evening MERIT CUT RATE 302 YORK ROAD A JENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Cornelius Barber Shop 306 OLD YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Xervae Treatment by Appointment Phone OGONTZ 2674 "Say It With Flowers" LOUIS RUZICKA :-- FLORIST :-: CUT FLOWERS POT PLANTS Jenkintown and Cedar Rds. Elkins Park, Pa. Glenside 'Toggery For Men and Boys IIS SOUTH EASTON ROAD Phone, OGONTZ 4944 GLENSIDE TAILORS Roberts Block at R. R. Station CLEANING - PRESSING - DYEING Suits and Coats Made to Order OGONTZ 292 Free Delivery S. H. SPRINGER Fresh Meats - Vegetables - Groceries Everything for the Table IOO SOUTH KESWICK AVENUE Unity,Frankford Store Glenside, Po. Phone: Ogontz 328l.:-J Estimates Free Mooney's Moving 81 Storage, Inc. 24 E. MT. CARMEL AVENUE MOVING and HAULING of ALL KINDS Long Distance Moving a Specialty ' Reference: Ask the People We Move BOSWELLS STATIONERY . Greeting Cards Remington Typewriters Lending Library 716 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. L. W. OswaId's Drug Store 315 OLD YORK ROAD B. C. Schwartz Glenside, Pa. Jenkintown, Pa. T TOWNE MEN,s SHOP "Say it with FIowers" Phone PILgrim 3015 soo YORK ROAD J:NKlN1'owN C- 5- VAN WAVEREN JARMAN sl-Ions-Ano sims at Lower Prices FLORIST ADAM HATS SPORTSWEAR 400 Huntingdon Pike ARROW me .Waters SCHOBLE HAHDM OGONTZ 52M Funeral Designs Fox Chase, Phila. l The "Y" For AII Men - Women - Boys - Girls Swimming Pool Athletic Field A Gymnasium Lockers - Showers -Ogontz 4275- Next To The High School JOHN de Z. HAMILTON Real Estate and Insurance IDIIIIII I8 YORK ROAD Abington, Pa. Bell Phone: OGONTZ 5560 Bell Phone: OGONTZ 2084 Residence Phone: OGONTZ 959 FRANK McCORMICK ' GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING TOWING and WRECKING SERVICE Bendix Home Laundry-589.50 and up ROBERT C. ROSS 'Ir DAY and NIGHT YORK and SUSQUEHANNA ROADS Abington, Pennsylvania WE STOP SHIMMY and TIRE WEAR OGONTZ DRY CLEANERS 9l6-I7 Limekiln Pike Official Inspection Station HOWARD NICE "A Complete Garage and Repair Service" DAY and NIGHT SERVICE . Ogontz 2452 Residence 2362 Phone' Ogontz 6444 North Hllls York Road and Horace Ave. Abington, Po. For Service Call OGONTZ 498 B 0 B W R I G H T We Cari and Deliver HOT DOGS HAMBURGERS ABINGTON SHOE REPAIR ICE CREAM SOFT DRINKS Joseph Pileggi 2 HORACE AVENUE Expert Workmanship All Work Guaranteed 22 YORK ROAD Since l926 Abington, Po. Ablngwfb P0- ' For Corsages That Are Different Fresh Meats-Frosted Foods-Butter and Eggs TRY THE G. PARKHOUSE 81 SONS ABINGTON FLORIST i 115 YORK ROAD 6 York Road Abington, PG- We Deliver Abington, Pa. Ogontz 4290 Phone Ogontz 964 Ffee DellVe"Y We Call and Deliver OGONTZ 498 LARRY'S BARBER SHOP Quality and Service First SAM SCHAFFER Custom Tailor Daily Pressing Service 24 YORK ROAD Abington, Po. l27 York Road Next to Fire House Abington, Pa. LAWRENCE VENTRESCA SANITARY SERVICE OGONTZ 200 OGONTZ 201 Glenside Lumber 8. Coal Co. LUMBER MILL WORK BUILDING MATERIALS COAL COKE FUEL OIL MT. CARMEL and TYSON AVENUES Glenside, Pennsylvania GLENSIDE PHARMACY Arthur S. Levintow, Ph.G. Easton Road and Mt. Carmel .-tvenue Glenside, Pa. Visit Our Soda Fountain OGONTZ I 737 A. S. iliarmwalh I FLOWERS York Road at Greenwood Avenue Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Telephone OGONTZ 2442 CAMERAS -:- FILMS PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT MOTION PICTURE SUPPLIES Jenkintown Camera Shop 3I0 YORK ROAD Hiram G. Larmon, Mgr. Damp Wash-Soft Finish-Finished Family Service DRY CLEANING . GLENSIDE LAUNDRY 33 and 35 EAST GLENSIDE AVE. GLENSIDE, PA. .Phones, Ogontz 4100-4lOI SUBURBAN HOMES INSURANCE - MORTC-ACES A Complete Real Estate Organization ALFRED H. TRANK Jenkintown, Pennsylvania OGONTZ 3800 KIRKLAND HARDWARE The Dupont Store Easton Road and Mt. Carmel Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania Phone OGONTZ 3515 De Soto Plymouth SCARBROUGH MOTORS Direct Dealer 210 YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN OGONTZ 5088 ESKlN'S WILLOW GROVE HARDWARE PAINTS Electric and Plumbing Supplies WILLOW GROVE, PA. Phila. Branch-4180-82 Germantown Ave. Records 19c each Radios - Refrigerators - Washers Time Payment Plan. We Deliver R O N N I E' S 5-1o-zsc sronss Open Every Evening S. EASTON ROAD Glenside, Pennsylvania 108 JAMES J. ALLDRED Sinclair Super Service York and Easton Roads Lubrication Washing Battery and Tire Service PHONE 300 Since 1920 Builder of substantial and attractive homes WM. R. WALTON Builder 100 S. York Road Willow Grove, Pa. REPAIRS - ROOFING - PAINTING F H A Financing for New Homes, Remodeling, Repairing ROBERT STEVENS Fancy Groceries Hershey's Ice Cream 522 CYPRESS AVENUE Elkins Park, Pa. OGONTZ 64 J. M. CEGIELKOWSKI Realtor Rockledge, Pa. OGONTZ 1414 CLARA MAYER'S Beauty Parlor 506 TOWNSHIP LINE Elkins Park R O E D E R ' S Prescription Drug Store 7971 Oxford Ave. Fox Chase, Philadelphia Telephone PIL 9913-4 The Place To Get Your Drug Store Wants Lowest Prices We Deliver Mobilgas - Mobilubrication - Mobiloil L E S T E R ' S SERVICE STATION OXFORD Si BURHOLME AVENUES FOX CHASE, PHILADELPHIA D ' A N D R E A ' S HUNTINGDON PIKE and PENN AVENUE Hershey's Ice Cream Megow's Models BOONlN'S DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists OGONTZ 1616 EVERYTHING IN A MODERN DRUG STORE 441 E. TOWNSHIP LINE Elkins Park, Po. J. M. SIMPSON 909 Gibson Avenue Hollywood, Pa Groceries - Delicatessen - Cigars - Candy BULK - Breyers Ice Cream - PINTS We Solicit Your Private Orders For Ice Cream A. H, B, SKEATH Phone, OGONTZ 2171 P1-1ARMAc1sT WILLIAM MILLER Limekiln Pike and Mt. Carmel Avenue HI7cxl"Eg'gKE:A::ll:5LNUE North Hills, Pa. OGONTZ 2810 'North Hills, Pennsylvania Established 1865 Ogontz 72 W. C. FLECK 8. BRO. INC. HARDWARE - HOUSEWARE HOME ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Jenkintown Pennsylvania L I M E K L I N BARBER SHOP 934 LIMEKILN PIKE North Hills, Pennsylvania Wright's Service Station Mobilgas Lubrication Limekiln Pike and Edge Hill Road Edge Hill Phone OGONTZ 5l82 SUNDIAL SHOES For Every Member of the Family A. APFELBAUM 900 Lamekain Pike North Hills, Pa. Ogontz 3l50 CASHMER'S MARKET 804 1.1MEK11.N PIKE North Hills, Pennsylvania "Better Foods for Better Health" NORTH HILLS PRESS Quality Printing JIM BAILEY, '3l and HENRY CARTER, '3l Iln The Army Nowl North Hills, Pa. Ogontz 'I544 YOU KNOW ME- "AL" ROBINSON "oN THE PIKE" GLENSIDE VALET 1'A11.oR and EuRR1ER Limekiln Pike and Willow Grove Ave. NORTH HILLS, PA. Call and Deliver Ogontz 5035 OGONTZ 2909 JOH': GEN:IHH.II A R 0 A R M 0 N S Off I S UEU CPCII' Official Inspection Station ' GYM and ATHLETIC Northwest Cor. Limekiln Pike and Cricket Ave. EQUIPMENT North Hills' PPPPSYIVONQ 714 WEST AVENUE Jenkimwn, Pa. Battery Service Towing Day or Night "No One Knows Paint Like a Painter" ' OGONTZ 5689W DUTCH BOY PAINT U HEI G PEINTING N Dry Goods Notions , Good Work Guaranteed 2 Carroll Ave. North Hills, Pa. ROSLYN' PENNSYLVANUR GROCERIES - MEATS - PRODUCE THE VARSITY TRIQ MESSlNA'S MARKET FRANK 1.1MEK11.N PIKE and BROOKE ROAD HQQK Edge Hill, Pennsylvania Imhumenhl Music We Deliver Phone, OGONTZ 4536 5813 HEGERMAN ST. Philadelphia, Pa. YOU CANNOT PATENT IT. . .OR COPYRIGHT IT. . . YOU CANNOT INSTALL IT-LIKE A PIECE OF MACHINERY... YOU CANNOT ACCURATELY MEASURE IT- OR THE LACK OF IT... YET IT IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT CON- SIDERATION WHEN YOU CHOOSE YOUR YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER. IT'IS "KNoWiNa HOW" Expenence .... Is the one thing that will meet the unusual emergency with the comforting statement, "We know just what to do-we've been through this before." Our complete organization offers you this background of experience in creative photography and consultation on all problems relating to Yearbook Photography. It costs nothing to talk it over with us. ZAMSKY STUDIOS 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA I "Y I-L ' 35'-..,,gqw -'NF-l., Y 'A""'?t'f-r:,?:,,.,J- as X X XX,-EX x .X N X mf' X N Y X- ' g X fjlf' :TQ '37L'ffg. iii , K X g M25 1 3 lg 'fs RYFQQNK X 4 f A X X, ' X 'V ,A f ' ' ,Q 4 X E 5 7 A 'N x- X 7 . 2 XIX: x x. U E xx I" A V .X N! I fly A 3 Xxx , lfif x' XY. 'V 1 K -1 2f Q wi fa X N X-gqfvf 1 w 1 j ,,,- fffx k x .Y ,5 , . Aw xv wx fm N M X X 3 . ff lf1Wv .'i X-XQN X W . wb Q-'M wx 7 ,R t, Ky5,,,,,,5ne',,'.1 eX . i X I, ,, if Q-N - gx f '!Q'j Lxrxk . -!- :' - wax'--ffffl' 41"-!'3lQ'f2a:'11 :? N ' Q9 b x X--4 .' 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