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as W is Vz 9 2 5 5 E i E 1 1 A S if 5 2 fi? E l1 ,f SWWWW jg TEE? mg 3333 ZZ 3 .ET 1 fm 1 in K Qi? the oracle 1940 ahington senior high school u Fv,!'llC'F'C .55 '1ln'af,fs work dna' tools to work withal For llmsc Who Will. time senior class presents The Omwie june 3194!-O Abington Senior High School - - - AMERICA AT WORK AMERICA at Work not at war--America construc- tive not destructive-America, a land of great executives and unknown day laborers-Amen ica at work to build better homes, to perfect new inven- tions, to improve its communi- ties, to advance the progress of science, and to make a happy prosperous nation. These achievements are important in America. Because we have confidence in the worth of such ideals and because we believe our school is working toward their attainment, we present in this 1940 Yearbook one small unit of America at Work. Y Y? TO TI-IE WORKERS THE American worker is a diversified person indeed. The farmer of the prairies, an industrialist of the East, a minister, an engineer, a skilled laborer, an aviator, a teacher- each forms a small but es- sential part of a great nation, and yet each one maintains his individuality. All of them willingly work hard and are proud of their labor. We, too, are proud of them, so it is to these-the workers of our land -that We dedicate this Yearbook. 1--, J FCREWCDRD Since it is evident that the future of our America is dependent upon the ambitions and accomplish- ments of its high school students today, the 1940 Yearbook presents a cross-section of an American high school at work. RAY V. ANDERSON Editor C NT FOREMEN . . LABORERS . . WORKSHOPS . . . ORGANIZATIONS RECREATION SPORTS EDITH G. CHUBB Assistant Editor I PHILOSOPHY OF ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL To be an expert marksman, one must have a target at which to shoot, to create a better school system, there must be objectives for which to strive. What are these objectives of education? In particular, what are Abington? objectives P The faculty of Abington High has voiced its opinion on questions concerning the philos- ophy of the school on the fundamental con- cepts of education, curriculum, and guidance: and, from the viewpoints put forth, one may ascertain the true aims of our school as an edu- cational institution. A problem that has aroused much debate in recent years is that of the proper age limit for compulsory education. How long should a student be required by law to attend a second- ary school? The Abington stand is that a pupil should be required to attend until he completes a curriculum appropriate to his needs, not neces- sarily until he graduates, or until he is eighteen years of age, or until he secures remunerative employment. Pertinent to the curriculum, Abington believes that the faculty should study each pupil to discover his particular traits and abilities as a basis for his own educational program. The greater the size of the school, however, the harder it will be for individual student contact. Both teacher and pupil are handicapped by large classes, made up of many students of varying abilities and inclinations. Should pupils be free to determine completely their own school activities? Nou is dehntely the answer to that question insofar as Abington High is concerned. The student body should have some part in determining the content and activities of its school experience, but the inexperience and immaturity of adolescents makes them poor judges even in matters of their own needs. However, too much conservation is also against the policy of our school. Students should be allowed to govern themselves and exercise their initiative as far as they prove themselves capable. On this question, Abington agrees with a report gathered from two hundred other secondary schools. Concerning pupil activities, our belief is that the sponsor of a student organization should remain in the background as much as possible, giving advice and opinions only when requested. However, when pupil initiative does not manifest itself, students and sponsor should develop their plans cooperatively. Abington High, through her faculty, has set forth her philosophy of education as it concerns the secondary school, feeling sure that most of the students are in complete accord with her aims. 8 Superintendent of Sffvools IOSEPH C. Wnuucx BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS Albert W. Znckey E. B. Ayres, Ir. I. Lewis Frctz E. VVuync Icnkins Prexfdezzl Vice-P1'exz'denz Treasurer . Lotus C. Metz XV111. Henry Holmes, Ir. Wm. S. Armstrong Edward G. Zepp Sefvetary fNot ll membcrj B. GERNERT Prifzcijml PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE To the classes of 1940: Your senior year at Abington has witnessed the introduction of broader vocational and industrial training opportunities for members of your class and for those who may succeed you. These opportunities of training in the tain industrial and commercial processes should not be separated from the realization that employers demand that young people be l ' l course or in any other selective field of preparation, may I again urge your careful thought upon the value of growing in competence in other areas of life and especially of becoming useful citizens skills necessary to cer equipped to work. ln tie vocationa in your community. E. B. CJERNERT W. H. Albright Chairman of Mathematicx Helen P. Briggs FACULTY Librarian E. A. Brunner Mathematics G. E. Burlington Science George F. Erb Dorothy Cathell Science English I. S. Furniss David Clark, Ir. Commercial Machine Shop P. T. Gantt Chairman of French George S. Gessner Mathematics, Science Helen M. Clark Social Science: D. E. Krueger Gertrude E. Herzog Chairman of Commercial Girls' Physical Educcrion Alberta Lang Gladys T. Ianton German, English Elmer A. Lissfelt Social Science Catherine E. Lobach Chairman of Latin Commercial I. Ira Kreider Social Science Pauline H. Manifold Household Arts, English . Frank McClean Machine Shop M. B. Messinger Chairman of Science Katherine Miller English George H. Neuber If l c'ctricil y Pauline E. Nunn Household rlrts, English T. Carroll O'Brien Voral Music Fdwurd R. Seltzer Robert I. Rapp English Woodzuorlqing Edwin U. Smiley Lilian I. Reichard Chairman of Social Sficlncz' Chairman of Spanish Leonard B. Smith Charles C. Roberts Instrumental Musir Commercial Glenn R. Snodgrass Boys' Physical Eduazlion Alice F. Weaver Lewis C. Swartz C0771lTlC'l'l'lACIl Mirhcfmatics, Relaled Shop Subjects I. Shaylor Woodruff Gertrude L. Turner Mzzthrmizlics English Emelus G. Wortman Kathryn P. Walker Printing A rt Ralph M. Wright Drafting Zaidee G. Wyatt Dean of Girls, Chairman of English Z-I N X, ,ff f-5 ' .-- ff' ff X ZA '- f, f,fL-S ' Q H THE JANUARY CLASS 1940 CLASS OFFICERS FRANK HlIL'l'Sl.ANDER . . , . . . , , Treasurer RAY ANDERSKJN . . . . Vice-President BLAINPL FERREL1. Pl'C'.S'IdC'llI MARIIJN BR1c:H'1' , . , .,,SV . , .Secretary I'IAR0l.D MoRmN ..S.., A.S.,,,.. A . A. Rcpzwefztativc CLASS FLOWER-BLUE ORCHID CLASS COLORS-BLUE AND SILVER TO OUR SPONSOR To Lewis C. Swartz, sponsor of the Ianuary class of IQ4O, thanks a million! You were given to oL1r class to advise and help in the capacity of class sponsor. Advise and help you did - and, with your ready understanding, you made our work together enjoyable. No class could ask more of its sponsor - no class could possibly get more. lust remember -- with us, you are tops! 14 LEWIS C. SWARTZ, Sponsor s1Ygf4'. ' ' kT'l!F '!?j1--'Y 'F 9.1! , January 31, 1936-140 new freshies enter A .H .S . ROBERT ABEL Scientific Bob. Dry humorist. Independent. Abrupt. Cross-country monogram, letter. Honor Roll, freshman year. Likes math, dancing, hunting, Irish setter dogs. RAYMOND j. ANDERSON General Andy. Clever. Excellent cartoons. Student Council president. Civic Attitude awards. President, junior class. Vice-president, senior class. Letter in soccer. Abingtonian, ORACLE staffs. Editor-in-chief YEARBooK. As- sociate editor, Junior Fourth Estate. Promising commercial artist. Com- mencement speaker. FRANCIS BICKEL General Bicle. Good athlete. Friendly. Student Council. Varsity letters, football, basketball, baseball. Secretary of Football and Etiquette clubs. Wants to drive a midget racer. RUTH BORTHWICK General Rudigan. Amiable. Attractive. Christ- mas plays. Questionnaire broadcast. 320 College Avenue. Glee club. A Cappella choir. Dance club president. Enjoys reading and knitting. Sense of humor. Future advertiser. RUTH BREADY Commercial Rudy. Obliging. Cute. YEARBOOK typist, Etiquette and Art clubs. Hi-Y. Animated. Somebody's future private secretary. Enjoys collecting knick- knacks. Dislikes dentists and Monday mornings. Talkative. 15 ROBERT J. ADAMS General Bob. Energetic. Acute sense of humor. Clarinet in band, orchestra, four years. Wrestling squad, three years. Minstrel Shows. Desires to become a professional photographer. CONSTANCE BEER Commercial Connie. Sincere. Likeable. Freshman Honor Roll. Job-finding, Glee, Eti- quette, Dramatic clubs, Attractive. Prefers music and dancing. Baseball fan. Someonels capable secretary. THELMA BLATT General Tab. Good-natured. Ambitious. 320 College Avenue. Stamp club. Caravan club. Likes to make friends. Dislikes mustaches. Chief hobby-rug-making. Ambition-to become a commercial artist. CHARLES BRACKBILL General Charlie. Quiet. Likeable. Junior Fourth Estate. Ysanaoox. lc-lantbe. Camera club vice-president. A Cap- pella choir. Likes to argue. Fond of photography. Future missionary. MARION BRIGHT Classical M. B. Good-natured. Eflicient. Cap- tain in tennis, basketball. Student Council secretary. Civic Attitude awards. 320 College Avenue lead. YEARBOOK. Abingtonian associate editor. Class secretary. Enchanted Isle. Hi-Y president. Reading club president. Enjoys all sports. Tennis champion. Class Night chairman. January 20, 1939-Junior soda-jerkers hold annual prom MILDRED M. BURGER Classical Midge. Energetic. Attractive. Drama- tic club, Girls, Etiquette club secre- tary. Likes English and clothes. Dis- likes homework. Hobbies, driving and automobiles. Future nurse. THOMAS P. BYRNES General Hogan. Nature, Campus, Auto clubs. Two years of football. Enjoys wood- working as hobby. Would like to be- come a second Robert Taylor. ALBERT CHERRY General Are. Eagle Scout. Soccer manager in junior year. Vice-president, Bird club, junior year. Likes driving Willys, camping, swimming, reading, and na- ture. Ambition-corporation officer. C. WILLIAM CLAYTON Prep. Eng. Bill. Witty. Student Council treasurer. V a r s i t y swimming. Abingtonian. Ysmaoox. Enjoys dancing, swim- ming, bicycling. ROBERT A. COCHRAN Scientific Bob. Studious. Reliable. Student Council vice-president. Varsity soccer, two years. Senior Latin club treasurer. Likes blondes and huckleberry pie. Ambitious. PERRY W. BURTON General Has attended eleven schools. Play- ecl guitar in Talent Show and Hill- billy band. Printing club vice-president. Likes music and printing. Dislikes jitterbugs. Ambition-to play in well- known dance orchestra. ALICE M. CHAMBERLIN Scientific Al. Curly hair. Good-natured. Ab- ingtonian staff. Dramatic club. junior Fourth Estate. Yeuuaoox. Senior play. Girls' Hi-Y. Honor Roll. Likes chem- istry and people. Student Council auditorium program. Pleasing person- ality. Future nurse. LEONARD R. CLARK Prep. Eng. Lenny. Class clown. Good sport. ORACLE. Ysiuzsoox. Football, three years. 320 College Avenue. Endman in Minstrel Shows. Craft club trea- surer. Wants to teach industrial arts. JOEL G. CLEMMER, JR. Classical I. Intelligent. Sense of humor. Latin club. Student Council. Likes girls and travel. Future salesman. Ambi- tious. Public Speaking play. J OAN CORSON General Blondie. Cheerful. Easy-going. Letter in basketball. Travel club. Enjoys sports, especially skating. Junior Fourth Etate typist. Likes sundaes and food. Sense of humor. October-Blaine Ferrell elected president CHARLES M. CORWIN, JR. General Chuck. A teaser. Happy-go-lucky. Senior band letter. Future Gene Krupa. Operettas, Glee club, A Cap- pella choir. A. A. Minstrel chorus. Likes brunettes and scullions. Hates grouches. BERNICE M. DANKELMAN Commercial Peanut. Etiquette, Commercial, Cara- van clubs. Unrullled. Easy going. Knits. Delights in sundaes. Aspiring secretary or stenographer. CATHERINE F. DOANE Classical Kay. Energetic. Dependable. Chatter- box. Consistent Honor Roll student. ORACLE and YEARBOOK staffs. Com- mencement speaker. Auxilium Latinum awards. Senior play poetess. Likes people, Florida, and shoes. Well- known. Latin club. Aspiring author. KARL j. EICHELMANN Engineering Neat. Accurate. Two awards for mechanical drawing. Soccer squad. Participant in physics class broadcast. Airplane club secretary. Auto club. Builds model airplanes, railroads. Likes driving, pretty girls. BLAIN E D. FERRELL Scientific Industrious. Capable. Reliable. Student Council. Honor Roll, four years. Senior class president. Latin club con- sul. Captain of swimming team. 320 College Avenue. Future chemical en- gineer. Abingtonian. YEAnBooK. Likes math. Commencement speaker. CASSIN CRAIG Classical C. W. Great debater. Hails from Germantown high. ORACLE and YEAR- BOOK staffs. Assembly broadcasts. Forum club president. A Cappella choir. Glee Club. Commencement speaker. Future college professor. MAUDE DANTZER General Beautiful brunette. Charming. Cara- van, Style, Girls' Etiquette, Dramatic clubs. Senior play. From Olney high school. Enjoys dancing. BETTY M. EARWAKER General Glee club, freshman and junior years. Likes dogs and cats. Dislikes horses and swing music. Hobbies-sewing and collecting dog pins. HELEN EITZEN Classical Keen-minded. Amiable. ORACLE staff. Latin club. Likes dancing and rain. Dislikes egotistical people, eggplant, and strawberry sodas. Hobbies-tennis and writing. Ambition-to be a writer. ALVA FITTON General A Cappella choir. Glee club. Oper- etta. Secretary, Caravan club. Student Council. Likes roller skating, dancing, clothes. Dislikes men who wear spats. Ambition-to get a job. October 13, 14--Thespians give '320 College Avenue' GRAHAM J. FLING, JR. Engineering Pleasing personality. Swimming. Soc- cer letter. 320 College Avenue. Io- lantlre. A. A. Minstrel. Science, Stamp clubs. Chess club president. Elizabethan Singers. A Cappella choir. Likes ice hockey, chess, hard math problems. Dislikes nosey people. Fu- ture chemical engineer. FRANCES GALLAGHER General Frannie. Freshman Student Council. P. T. A. entertainment. Assembly programs. Prefers music and candy. Always smiling. Frank. Future occu- pation, dress designer. JAMES GASKINS General links. Basketball, sophomore year. Auto, Football clubs. Two years' per- fect attendance. Likes dancing, girls, all sports. Dislikes public speaking. Scrapbooks, hobby. Ambition--to be a SUCCCSS- WILLIAM GIBB General Skippy. Easy-going. Good-natured. Student Council. Cross-country. Track. Varsity basketball. Senior play. Cur- rent Events, Camp Cooking, Rifle, Automobile clubs. Secretary, Eti- quette club. Likes sports, women. Dis- likes studious people. JAMES N. GODMAN General Jim. Swimming letter. President, Rifle club. Airplane club. Likes hunting. Dislikes school, jitterbugs. Hobby- guns. Ambition-to fly an airplane. ALICE H. FRANTZ Classical Willing. Industrious. Gdod-natured. Junior Fourth Estate. Honor Roll. Latin, Etiquette, Caravan, Choral Speech clubs. Glee club. A Cappella choir. Mikado. 320 College Avenue. Likes football, music. Collects post- cards, stones, programs. Future buyer. E. SHIRLEY GARRETSON General Sbirl. Popular. Cute. Fun-loving. Secretary, Etiquette club. President, Style club. Program chairman, Cara- van club. Likes cold weather and people. Dislikes oysters and coEee. Ambitious secretary. NORMAN GEISSLER General Goose. Football two years. A. A. Minstrel choruses. President, Printing club. Likes sports, chewing gum, girls, cider. Dislikes homework, English. Hobbies--sleeping, eating. Ambition -printer. I. JANE GILBERT General Janie. Dependable. Fun-loving. Junior Fourth Estate. Caravan, Reading, Glee clubs. Choral Speech. A Cappella choir. 320 College Avenue. Likes clothes, music. Dislikes trolley cars. Collects recipes. Future home econo- mist. JULIA GRANIERI Commercial Julie. Fun-loving. Gay spirit. Glee, Etiquette, Art, Dramatic, and Job- finding clubs. Vice-president, Caravan club. Likes skating, dancing, singing, and sports. Collects pictures. Coming secretary. llllll .1 ' .M'lMilli.,'I'1'lr1'l1lMwl1,lllilxillillllliillllliJill ilmniillmili i if ,ll1i'lillilllililllliiilillillll-'llwll'l'll: l1.l.i1lli1l1iiliu lmilll' 'ill illllili1iE,J '1 ' ll'll'l'liil'3w lll- 'Il ll ll!li11i9lliiwilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll -rue , w'1W fjv'1g1ajficf,, October 31, November 3-Class primps to pose for Zamsky JANET HANNAHS General lay. Pretty blonde. Happy-go-lucky. Archery star. Plays violin. Glee club. Enjoys a good argument. Prefers reading. Commercial worker. Amiable. NANCY V. HARE Classical Nancy. Dependable. Cute. Popular. Honor Roll. Student Council. 320 College Avenue lead. YEARBOOK. Latin club. Commencement speaker. Secre- tary, Current Events club. Secretary, French club. Girls' Hi-Y. Received Latin award. RUTH HERMANN S Classical Rufus. Grand pal. Good sport. Stu- dent Council, three years. Travel, Latin, and Caravan clubs. Hockey manager. Likes traveling and boots. Dislikes hurting people's feelings. EVA R. HOFFMAN General Ev. Blonde. Lovely voice. Glee club. Dramatic club. A Cappella Choir. Elizabethan Singers. Mikado. lolan- tbe lead. 320 College Avenue. Hopes to be a concert singer. Commence- ment program. HERBERT K. HORTON General Bing. Versatile. Popular. Student Council. Homeroom president, three years. Varsity football. Alzingtonian. Senior play. A. A. Minstrel. Etiquette club president, three years. 19 THELMA HANN AHS General Tlvel. Quiet. Dark. Prospective nurse. Archery for three years. Science, Glee, Eitquette clubs. A Cappella choir. Enjoys good music and chemistry. Friendly. ELIZABETH W. HECHT General Bets. Cute looking. Popular. Student Council. Property chairman for senior play. Drum major, four years. Eti- quette, Caravan, Reading clubs. A Cappella choir. DOROTHY HOFFMAN Commercial Dot. Staunch swimming enthusiast. Caravan and Job-finding clubs. Likes good sports and athletics. Dislkes conceited people. Ambition-to be a secretary. ELIZABETH A. HOLMES General 1Bet:y. Easy-going. Independent. Cara- van club secretary. Reading and Eti- quette clubs. Betsy's hobbies-saving phonograph records, knitting. Dislikes snow. Talkative. HELEN HUCH Commercial Duchy. Quiet, mischievous. Honor Roll. Glee, Etiquette, Caravan, Camera, and Job-finding clubs. Senior play business manager. Hobbies-reading and sewing. Ambition-College, em- ployment, marriage. Wm will wrwwwwwu' - y November 3-Seniors swing in Blue Room prom HOWARD N. HUDSON General Steady and pleasant. Onacus and Junior Fourth Estate. Etiquette, Latin clubs. Orchestra, Glee club. Elizabeth- an Singers. A Cappella choir. Received Latin award. Cy in 320 College Avenue. HELENE JA!-IN KE Classical Lee. Peppy. Good-natured. Yaansoox staff. Active in Reading club. 320 College Avenue. Swimming. Knitting enthusiast. A Cappella choir. Likes ice-cream and people. HARRY H. KELLY 3rd General Shipwreck Ir. Happy-go-lucky. Quick wit. Varsity swimming. Medals for diving. Automobile club secretary. Varsity soccer. Award for eight years' perfect attendance. Collects souvenir coins. ELIZABETH KINTNER Commercial Betty. Quiet. Amiable. Dislikes jitter- bugs and Highty people. Visiting and Job-finding clubs. Future private sec- retary. Enjoys reading, sewing, and cooking. Pleasant. M. JANE KREBS General Debby. Cute. Style personified. Junior Fourth Estate. Abingtonian staff. Craft club. Swimming. Likes horse- back riding, dancing. Budding com- mercial artist. FRANK L. HULTSLANDER S cienli fic Slim. Keen thinker. Nature lover. Class treasurer. Onacus, Ysanaoolc staff. President, Science club. Honor Roll. Likes ice-cream, pickles. Dislikes English, neckties, squash. Ambition- to become surgeon or bacteriologist. Commencement speaker. DORIS PEARL JENKINS General Ienlz. Jolly. Capable. Varsity basket- ball, hockey. Junior Fourth Estate. Auditorium programs. Minstrel show. Likes eating, sports. Dislikes snobs. Hobby - entertaining. Ambition - Somebody's Stenog. MARIANNA D. KIFFE General Skippy. Industrious. Keen sense of humor. Student Council, two years. Managing editor, junior Fourth Es- tate. Latin, Dramatic, Theatre clubs. French club treasurer. Girls' Hi-Y. Senior play. Likes to eat. Collects china clogs. Future journalist. VIRGINIA E. KNIGHT General Ginna. Blonde. Energetic senior cheer- leader. Spelling bees. Regular atten- dance record. Public Speaking plays. Collects leaves and Howers. Likes to dance. Attended Montoursville high. M. RUTH LAHN General Burch. Commercial, Etiquette, Cara- van, arid Visiting clubs. Likes sleep, sandwiches, dancing. Dislikes con- ceited people, arguments. Collects menus. Wants to travel abroad. V Flllw. .lll R... . , if RR... l. lvl, it . l lillrlllluiilllmiil ...l . .... ..... l in ............ ...ll.allilinlllllinllQ.l3lll.islsl.lilWillllllllilllllulmlllluuliiillllllllllllllllmlll WlllllulllllllWw January 5, 1940-Pro jects reveal variety of hobbies WINIFRED LEEDOM General Winnie. Friendly. Agreeable. Home- room vice-president. Active member of Style and Reading clubs. Glee club. Broadcasts. Future secretary. Likes eating and sleeping. Dislikes jitterbugs. JENNIE LORUSSO General lay, Art club. Sketch club. Likes to sing and draw, Dislikes cheese and letter writing. Crochets. Wants to be a secretary. ABIGAIL G. MAURER Classical Gail. Tiny. YEARBOOK. Secretary, Girls' Hi-Y. 320 College Avenue. Broadcasts. Likes riding, dancing. Collects antiques. Latin Club. Lively. Likeable. Dislikes sitting still. Am- bition-nursery school teacher. E. MARION MEREDITH General Em. Three years at Frankford High, Auditorium programs. Etiquette club. Big brown eyes. Likes riding, dancing. Charming to know. Future dental hygienist. JOSEPHINE M. MIGNOGNO Commercial Io. Busines manager, 320 College Avenue. Caravan club. Sews during leisure time. Likes music, jitterbugs. Dislikes cats, arguing, insects. Ambi- tion-to be a secretary. FRANCIS LIGGET General Inky. Big-hearted. Obliging. Out for football, wrestling, cross-country, base- ball. Minstrel show. Chiefys assistant in 320 College Avenue. Plays golf and enjoys all other sports.-Likes girls, music, and drawing. Future commer- cial artist. LOIS V. LUTZ Classical Loie. Good-natured. Honor Roll. Civic Attitude award. French club prefect. YEARBOOK. Treasurer, girls' Hi-Y. 320 College Avenue. Second consul, Latin club. Tennis enthusiast. Pert. Energetic. Commencement speaker. CORDELIA MERCALDO General Corky. Fun-loving. Lively. Camp Cooking, Art, Visiting clubs. Likes sports, dancing, reading. Dislikes jit- terbugs, snobs. Draws in spare time. Hopes to go to business school. LOUIS C. METZ Engineering Louie. Quiet. Intelligent. Vice-presi- dent, Airplane club. President, Radio club. Model builder, Amateur me- chanic. Dislikes English, sitting still, and arguing. Would like to accom- plish the impossible. LAURA MOORE Classical Laurie. Intelligent. Witty. Abing- tonian editor. Honor Roll. Girls, Hi-Y secretary. Ysmzsoox staff. Commence- ment speaker. Debating. 320 College Avenue. Reading club vice-president junior Fourth Estate. January 21 -Vesper service held in Abington Church HAROLD MORGAN General Joe. Everybody's pal. Athletic repre- sentative, senior class. Captain, cross- country team. 320 College Avenue. Letterman in track. Etiquette club president. Plays clarinet. Student Council. Good-natured. Likes dogs. A future machinist. WILLIAM J. MORRISON Engineering Bill. Reserved. Dependable. Student Council. Rifle and Craft clubs. 320 College Avenue. Likes military bands. Dislikes violins, cats. Hobbies-coins, woodworking. Hopes to be electrical or chemical engineer. DE HAVEN NEWTON General Newt. Good-natured. Languicl. Four years of football. Two varsity A's. Baseball, track squads. Auto, Foot- ball clubs. Likes sports, dancing, girls. Detests poor losers, BERTHA E. OSBORNE Classical Bertie. Shyness personified. Pleasing disposition. Dramatic, Etiquette, and Town Meeting clubs. Rain, snakes, and cauliflower don't rate at all. En- joys drawing and writing. Hopes to be a nurse. DOROTHY I. PHINNEY Classical Dot. Studious, good-natured, and ever-willing, Etiquette, Style, Drama- tic, Town Meeting clubs. Likes foot- ball, dancing, ice cream. Enjoys read- ing and sewing. Hopes to wind up as a secretary. VIRGINIA G. MORRIS Classical W Ginnie. Gay. Witty. Student Council secretary. Good student. Abingtonian. YEARBooK. Girls' Hi-Y treasurer. Plays piano. 320 College Avenue. Likes people, cold baked beans. Viva- cious. CHRISTINE B. NEEMAN Commercial Chris. Agreeable. Peppy. Junior Fourth Estate. Member of Travel, Local His- tory, Caravan and job-finding clubs. Likes being stubborn. Dislikes smok- ing and oral speech. Future stenog- rapher. H. LE ROY NOWLAND JR. Commercial Roy. jovial. Minstrel Show. Stamp, Camera, Auto clubs. Likes cars and chocolate. Dislikes homework. Builds model airplanes. CHARLES L. PAUL, JR. Commercial Angel. Quiet. Good-natured. Student Council, four years. Varsity cross' country, track. Ysmznoox typist. Senior play. Latin, Etiquette clubs. President, Job-finding club. Received medal in track. Likes tennis, ping- pong. Dislikes cold weather. Com- mencment speaker. JANE C. PURVIS General Janie. Pleasing personality. Fun-loving. Glee, Sketch clubs. Secretary, Craft club. A Cappella choir. 320 College Avenue. First prize winner in Luth- eran Church poster contest. Draws and knits. Future dress designer. l, lliwmlllliilllllluitw' 1, X i ll l'l lWlll l January 23-Seniors frolic in Class Night performance WALTER QUAY General Shorty. Helpful. Cheerful grin. Var- sity basketball, soccer, baseball. Junior Fourth Estate. French, Etiquette clubs. President, Chess club. Likes sports, driving, movies. Dislikes spinach, women. Ambition-journalist. DENIS REILLY General Denny. Born in Ireland. Typical Irish- man. Soccer letter. Basketball. 320 College Avenue. lolanthe. All-subur- ban soccer team. Camp Cooking, Auto clubs. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. Likes soccer, good music. Dis- likes jazz, jitterbugs. PHILLIP RENNIN GER Commercial Phil. Always smiling. Dependable. Student Council in sophomore and junior years. Honor Roll. ORACLE, Ysnmaoox typist. 320 College Avenue. Stamp collector. Likes checkers, tennis. Future C. P. A. Commencement speaker. WALTER RYAN General Walt. Quiet. Came from Northeast in junior year. Brought laughs as policeman in 320 College Avenue. Interested in reading and airplanes. Likes tennis, football. Prospective school teacher. MARY E. SHARP General Animated. Pert. Manager of swim- ming team. Student Council, two years. Girls' Hi-Y. Vice-president, Reading club. 320 College Avenue. French, Glee, Etiquette clubs. Enjoys sports, traveling, sewing. GLORIA R. V. REBER Classical Glo. Honor Roll. Archery. 320 College Avenue. Enchanted lxle. Mikado. lo- lanllwe. School pianist. Glee club. Hi-Y vice-president. Latin club secretary. German club president. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. Future minister of music. Commencement speaker. AGNES REIM Commercial Aggie. Tiny. Nice personality. Stu- dent Council. Civic Attitude award. Varsity swimming, three years. En- joys diving. Wants to be a secretary. MARION ROWDON Commercial Peanut. Friendly. Petite. Reliable. Hockey monogram. Bird, Dramatic, Caravan clubs. Likes roller skating, books, peanuts. Dislikes gossip and hot dogs. Future librarian. DOROTHEA J . SCULI. General Dolly. Quiet, attractive, pleasant. Style club. Vice-president, Craft club. Cultural Olympic award in art. Stu- dent coach, 320' College Avenue. Likes cats, movies. Aspiring fashion illustrator or designer. EDNA I. SMITH General Eddie. Alert. Attractive. Dancer. As- sembly broadcasts. Mikado. lolanthe. Elizabethan Singers. Fashion club. Secretary, Craft club. Likes pickles, olives. Dislikes egg-plant. Student coach, 320 College Avenue. Prefers sewing, art. Aspiring singer. Com- l'nBnCefnel'lt PYOSYHI11. 1 Las. sg, January 26-A .H .S . graduates 99 confident seniors SAMUEL STERN 2nd General Handsome Sam. Affable. Good mixer. Swimming manager. 320 College Avenue. President, Local History, Camera clubs. Likes dancing, house parties, skiing. Dislikes book worms, angora sweaters, catty women. Hobbies - photography, dancing. Honor Roll. MARGARET E. STUDD General Peggy. Caravan, Commercial clubs. Enjoys sewing, dancing, movies. Dis- likes snakes, bugs. Aspires to be assistant bookkeeper. GEORGE C. TAYLOR, JR. Scienlifc Shy. Courteous. Student Council. 320 College Avenue. Secretary-treasurer, Science club. Likes pumpkin pie, good books. Dislikes fast girls, stewed tomatoes. Current events, chemistry, stamps, coins, his hobbies. Ambition -scientist. MOLLY VOZZY Commercial Shorty. Petite but daring. Went out for hockey. Enjoys sports, sewing, and dancing. Likes children, candy. Pet dislikes - conceited people. Somebodyls stenogf' JOHN C. ZIMMERMAN Scientific Zimmy. Rifle, Auto clubs. Played trumpet in band sophomore year. Likes eating. Dislikes homework. Hobbies -- airplane modeling and woodwork. EMILY STRAUB General Straubie. Short. Vivacious. Attractive. Dramatic, Style, Craft clubs. Cheer- leader. Likes dancing, driving, swim- ming. Dislikes onions, catty girls. Collects programs and menus. Future designer. DOROTHY M. TAYLOR Classical Dot. Congenial. Dependable. Blonde. Student Council. Honor Roll. Junior Fourth Estate. Latin, Etiquette, Read- ing clubs. Choral Speech. Glee club. Girls' Hi-Y. Latin award. Senior play. Likes dancing, swimming. Saves pro- grams. Future air hostess. HOWARD L. THOMAN General Toby. Curly hair. Talkative. Golf, soccer, and wrestling. Physics broad- cast. Number 1 huntsman. Persua- sive grin. Rifle and Eitquette clubs. Plans to enter U. S. Forestry Service. JOSEPH WINDER General foe. Loyal. Pleasingly plump. Letter for soccer manager. junior Fourth Estate. Stamp, History, and Camera clubs. Saves stamps, match covers. Always thinking of his stomach. 1 1M . . ll. mln THE JUNE LASS IQ4O KA1'PIARINE PHY , ROBERT YOUNG . . ROY .ZACKEY . . ROBERT TREDINNICK DAVID WOOD. I CLASS OFFICERS . . I . , . . . .,...O. Athletic Rcfrcxelztalizfe A I , . . . , I I . Vice-pfwidclzt . . I . Prcmddczzt . I , . . ,,., ..,,,... . . . ..,.. Trc'u5m'er . , . , I 4V,. , , , I , V.,.. ,...... , . . Secrczary CLASS MOTTO-LIFE BEGINS IN '40 CLASS COLORS-SILVER AND SCARLET I. S. FURNISS, Sponsor CLASS FLOWER-CAMELLIA AN APPRECIATIGN For his valuable advice, for his friendly coopera- tion, for his reacly helpfulness in all Our aijfairs, We of the graduating class Of Iune, 1940, feel that nO matter how much we may encleavor, we shall final it tlifhcult to express Our gratitude tO I. S. Furniss, Our class sponsor. '25 lnlllllnl i ll'lllYl September 9, 1936-A group of timid freshmen ELIZABETH A. BABERICH General Stuff. Blonde. Humorous. Giggler. Student Council. Swimming team. ,I F. E. Latin club. Likes sleeping, swimming. Dislikes getting up in the morning. Ambition-to -obtain o college diploma and travel. BARBARA BARROW General Bobbie. Talkstive. Amusing. A Cap- pella choir. Glee Club. Mikado.. Iolan- the. Collects phonograph records. Am- bition-drummer in a swing orchestra. Likes horseback riding. Dislikes bugs and conceited people. MARGARET BECKER General Margie. Argumentative. Glee club. A Cappella choir. Iolantbe. Hostess club. Likes pretzels, clothes. Dislikes moody people, pork. Wants to be a fashion designer. JAMES B. BISHOP Commercial Deemy. Cross-country monogram and letter. Baseball, three years. Rifle, Visiting, Commercial, Automobile clubs. Likes sports, automobiles. Hob- by-model airplanes. Commercial work his ambition. JACK BOEVE General Bore. Athletic representative for class, junior and senior years. Four years' football. Two football letters. Vice- president, Football club, junior yearg president, senior year. Likes girls, marbles. Dislikes Hat tires, homework. enter Abington Lois BARDSLEY Classical Blonde. Good-natured. Latin club, four years. Keeps scrapbooks. Hopes to be a kindergarten teacher. Likes apple pie, books, horseback riding. Dislikes talkative people, bugs. ROSEMARY. BECK Commercial Becky. Small brunette. Witty. Glee club. Crochets for a hobby. Wants to be a stenographer. Likes shorthand, dogs, walking. Dislikes tests, law. CHARLOTTE S. BICKINGS General Charlie. Caravan, Reading, Etiquette clubs. Likes music, fishing, animals, cooking. Dislikes bugs, sewing. Hob- bies--reading, collecting news items. Ambition--to travel. STEWART BOERN ER, JR. Engineering Stew. Student Council, sophomore year. Cheerleading, sophomore and junior years. Likes to drive a car. Dislikes cauliflower. Ambition-to become a draftsman. ERNEST P. BOISTON Commercial Butch. Quiet. Ternperamental. Eti-, quette, Commercial, and Job-Finding clubs. Likes football and swimming. Dislikes too much homework. Am- bition-to be a business executive. , -,,!'!:,.-1 H ull W, N N ,, ll Wx V, ' ww? 'il' ii All .i u . ' 'l'l 1,'-H ' l . ...wi ,,i,,1'1vw' fC,1i1iw111',i l' w1vvl', 'i' 'il ii :il will.w:uu1.i.lllll1.1:lil,ill.1li1.N..,.....iL,lllllwwwm:1.nl.. ,1,.... .lm sl . .,.. . ,.., i ...M ..... .,,..,..lw:m.:.,..,., ...,,..,.,..iu... .. ,,.. nllhim l lml WWlWilalilill l October 9, 1937-Football 'varsity defeats Lower Merion, 13-0. ROBERT W. BORELL Scientific Bob. Friendly. Good sport. Four years in Etiquette club. Likes history, driving. Participated in broadcasts, Hobby-photography, including the taking of moving pictures. M. ELIZABETH BRYNER Commercial Chevy. Talkative. Witty. Etiquette club president. Caravan club. Likes excitement, football games. Dislikes studies, tests. Keeps memos of super- stitions and strange customs. Am- bition, to travel. JAMES F. BUTCH Commercial Pro. Reserved. Polite. Checker club. Likes movies, swing, and plays. Dis- likes opera and rug-cutters. Hobby- golfing. Aspires to be a credit man- ager. DAVID CALDERWOOD General Reds. Unassuming. Reserved. Captain of soccer team. Vice-president of Boys' Etiquette club. Reliable. HERBERT CAROTHERS General Herb. Lacks ambition. Likes gunning and brunettes. Dislikes homework and algebra. Hopes to attend both prep school and college. Hobby-photog- raphy. FRED E. BRAUER General Doughty. Wrestling manager. Likes sweet potatoes, lemon pie. Dislikes oysters, girls. Hobby-keeping foot- ball scrapbook. Ambition-to be a Government Civil Service agent. HARRY K. BUCK, JR. Engineering Har. Polite. Friendly. Auto club. Abingtonian circulation 'staff Likes to tinker with cars. Dislikes homework. Hobby-making model railroads. Am- bition-to be a mechanical engineer. MARY JANE BYERLY Classical Vice-president and secretary of home- room. Etiquette club. Likes horses, football, and Artie Shaw. Dislikes long red finger nails. Plans to be a laboratory technician. ROBERT CAPLE Commercial Bolz. A. A. A. Manager. Hillbilly band. Rifle, Science clubs. Talkative. President, Airplane club. Wants to be an army officer. Dislikes oysters, jitterbugs. Models airplanes. Tlrree- Cornereal Maori. JEANN E D. CASSADY Classical Cass. Dependable. Ambitious. Stu- dent council. ORACLE editor. Latin club secretary. YEARBOOK staff. Likes people and poetry. Temple Republi- can Conference. Junior Fourth Estate. Perfect attendance award. Ambition- to teach English. Senior play. November 25-Ghosts thoroughly swamp Panthers, 46-0 JAMES D. CHATTERTON Engineering lim. Jovial. Student Council. Wrest- ling manager. Junior Fourth Estate. Vice-President, Mathematics club. Likes good time, most people, mathe- matics. Dislikes double features, get- ting up in rhe morning. WILLIAM CLEMENS General Bill. Assistant soccer manager, fresh- man year. Two years' wrestling. Likes football. Dislikes homework. Hobby --stamps. Ambition-to be an ac- countant. J. BYRON COLFLESH General Coatie. Varsity swimming, sophomore year. Junior varsity football. Minstrel show chorus. Auto club. Likes swim- ming, brunettes. Dislikes blondes, be- ing embarrassed. Future mechanic. WM. HARRY COOK, JR. Scientific Li'l Abner. Tall. Friendly. Has hob- by of carving peach stones. Football. Heading for government job or fores- try. Dislikes overcoats and overshoes. Likes the out-of-doors. JAMES CRAVEN General lim. Football, sophomore and junior years. Nature and Checker clubs. Likes eating, sleeping, football, movies. Dislikes studying, spelling. Hobbies- checkers, stamps, ping-pong. Ambi- tion-to get a steady job. EDITH G. CHUBB Classical Chubby. Varsity basketball, tennis, hockey. Class President in junior year. Student Council. Hi-Y. Abingtonian. June class YEARBOOK editor. Latin club first consul. Civic Attitude Awards. Minstrel show. Honor Roll. Commencement speaker. RUTH SARAH CLYDE Commercial Wbimpy. Always smiling. Minstrel show. Glee club. A Cappella choir, Likes Abingtonians, Cheltonians, Fords. Dislikes Hirts, poor sports, smoking. Hobby-singing. Ambition -to be a successful secretary. KATHRYNELLA COLLADAY Classical Kay. Played piano in orchestra fresh- man and sophomore years. Likes trav- el, music, ice-skating. Dislikes con- ceited people, subways. Hobbies-dv signing, piano playing. Ambition-to be a fashion designer. ELEANOR COONEY General El. Junior Fourth Estate. lolantlre. Patience. Modern Dance club. Eliza- bethan Singers. Glee club. A Cap- pella choir. Likes dancing, music, swimming. Dislikes noisy people. Hob- bies-postcards, nicknacks. Ambition -a piano teacher. MARY CLARA CRAVEN Commercial Cheerful. Glee, Style, Dramatic, Eti- quette clubs. Likes baseball, sleeping late. Dislikes senior photography day, early bus. llllll ,,,,,i,.':w,mmwi.iJ. ,. . it ...im M.. .li...vaiL.iiuinllWWIlNWllllllwuiwuiiililllliimi'all1I1AI1ls,2fLii.i..ii..m..:.m...N .... will-,-' Mr: i.., mWi:.iv:i.:wIf.,ii.i..1.iiiiiWirllllillllwlw1':'wi.111w.i:'.l.llMMli1ww,iWiw.,iiiillNlN11NllNNsNmlill.iiwlusiNNQ1N.Ili1,N11ilNlNNEill1lllllmliimEilMllllmllllllllMl February 8, 1938-Abington High discontinues freshman year ROBERT D. CROMPTON General Bob. Tennis, three years. Minstrel shows. Camera club. Likes sleep, photography, major league baseball. Dislikes titian-haired blondes, carrots, equations. Ambition-to win S1000 for photography. Senior play. WALTER L. DAHL Scientific Dolly. Three years at Frankford high school. Minor award for track at Frankford. Likes gymnastics, dancing, swing music. Collects stamps. Models airplanes. Ambition-to be an air- plane pilot. ALBERT L. DELIA General Moore. Varsity letter for golf. Re- ceived golf trophy as runner-up. Likes golf, movies, eating. Dislikes book- keeping, rug cutters. Ambition-to be a golf pro. THOMAS W. DICKER General Bill. Football. Likes sports, old cars, movies. Dislikes women, history, work. Hobbies-sports, scrapbooks. Ambition--to become a salesman. FRANCES DI PAOLO Commercial Honor Roll. Reading. Glee clubs. Took part in Spanish radio broad- cast. Likes football, turnips, kittens. Dislikes oral English, mad dogs. Hob- bies-sewing, reading. Ambition-pri- vate secretary. Quiet but friendly. CLARK T. CUTTING Scientific Very tall. Four years on Student Council. Basketball, four years. Rifle, Etiquette clubs. Likes ice-hockey, swimming, basketball. Dislikes ex- pression I ain't mad at anybody and advanced algebra. BERNICE E. DELAPLAIN General Screwball. Student Council. Honor Roll, freshman year. Etiquette, Drama- tic clubs. Likes slow music, chocolate- covered nuts. Ambition--to be a laboratory technician. Tbree-Comered Moon. JOHN H. DERBY Commercial Lardie. Three years' basketball, base- ball. Baseball monogram. Likes sports. Dislikes errors in typing. Hobby- keeping score cards. Ambition-to be a lawyer, accountant, or secretary. MARGARET W. DICKSON Commercial Margot. Peppy. Likeable, Head cheer- leader. Freshman Glee club, Likes horseback riding and Scotchmen. Dis- likes people without a sense of humor. Hobbies-piano and drawing. Future secretary. ROBERT N. DIPPPY General Bob. Clever. Likeable. Swimming team. Airplane club. Checker club secre- tary. Likes boats and water. Dislikes Philadelphia and gym. Hobbies- swimming and yachting. Ambition- to be chemical engineer. In state championship swimming meet. Student Council, November MARGARET J. DIXSON General ferric. Entertaining. Elizabethan Sing- ers. Dancer in Minstrel Show. A Cappella choir. Likes eating, walking in the rain. Dislikes Monday morn- ings. Hobbies--piano, eating. XVants to be a nurse. JOSEPH DONOHUE General Yosel. President of Automobile club. Campus, Airplane clubs. Likes apple pie, automobiles, auto races. Dislikes homework. Hobby is tinkering with machinery. Aspires to be president of business enterprise. SAM DRUMHELLER General Smooth. Teasing. Junior Fourth Estate. Monogram in soccer. Student Council. Printing club secretary. Job- finding club. Likes drums. Dislikes conceited girls. Movie fan. Ambition -newspaperman. CRAWFORD M. EAKLE Vocational Practical. Spent three years in West Philadelphia High. Vocational club secretary. Band and orchestra. Likes girls. Hobby is music. Ambition-to get a good job. WILLIAM G. ELSING Vocational Demon. Student Council. Three years' varsity swimmer. Minstrel show. Car- avan club, Etiquette club. Sign and stamp collector. Ambition--mechanical drafting engineer. 18-Latin club holds first turnabout dance MARGARET B. DONAHUE General Peggy.. Pleasant. Travel club broad- cast. Secretary of Commercial club. Likes dancing, skating. Dislikes bumpy roads, jitterbugs. Hobby-designing clothes. Wants to be a typist. DONALD DOVEY General Blimp. Football, two years. Vocational club president. Likes cider, ice skat- ing. Dislikes book-reports. Hobby- model-making. Ambition-to become a machinist. JEAN E. DURAND General Quiet. Industrious. Glee club. Partic- ipated in broadcasts and talent show. Two years' perfect attendance. A Cap- pella choir. Likes symphonic music. Dislikes unnecessary nonsense. Ambi- tious to become a good musician. NATALIE V. EDGE General Good sport. Easy-going. Dance club. Etiquette club president. Likes foot- ball and a good time. YEARBOOK. Hockey and tennis. Hobby-horse back riding. Ambition--to amount to something worthwhile. MIRIAM I. ENGARD General Mimi. Clownish. Reading and Rifle clubs. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. Dislikes sissies. junior Fourth Estate. Captain of swimming team. Hobby-shooting. Ambition-to be an aviatrix. January 3, 1939-Edith Chubb elected junior class president KATHERINE FALBO Commercial Kafe. Efficient, Abingtonian typist. Travel club broadcast. Likes sleeping, reading, kittens. Dislikes jitterbugs and rainy weather. Sewing and cro- cheting, hobbies. Ambition-private secretary. Joi-IN J. FINLEY General lack. Tennis, two years. Likes danc- ing, bookkeeping, and watching girls play hockey. Dislikes ill-mannered girls and loud boys. Riflery and arch- ery-hobbies. Ambition-to be a suc- cessful insurance man. IDA GAINES General Freshman year at Lower Moreland high school. Reading club. Enjoys good movies. Dislikes mathematics. Ambition-to be a hairdresser. CLARE E. GARVIN General Pete. Friendly. Former Cheltenham student. Member of Glee club in fresh- man yea.r. Etiquette club. Likes base- ball, dancing, roller skating. Dislikes sauer kraut. HENRY GERDING Engineering Chic. Sense of humor. Cross-country, Railroad, Rifle, Camera, Chess clubs. Likes sports, dancing, travel, good records. Dislikes English, detention hall, washing cars. Sailing-his hobby. Aspiring engineer. THOMAS W. FERGUSON General Fergy. Quiet. Came to Abington irom Frankford high. Active in Current Events club. Stamps, mechanical drawing-hobbies. Likes food, Fords. Dislikes women and homework. Fu- ture draftsman. EDWARD FLOOD General Shorty. Two years' football. A. A. Minstrel chorus. Likes red-heads, football, and good music. Dislikes blondes, Catty women. Actual loco- motive snapshots-hobby. Ambition- to get a job and settle down. FRED C. GARTLING Commercial Fritz. An expert speller. Belonged to Camera, Stamp, and Rifle clubs.. Wants to become a boxer. Dislikes homework and girls. HELEN E. GELLERT Classical Intelligent. Friendly. Student Council. Four-year honor student. Abingtonian. Ylsnluaoox. Latin club plays. Radio broadcasts. Award for 90572 in Latin. Likes football, travel. Dislikes lazy people. Ambition-college. Senior play. Commencement speaker. RALPH C. GIBBS General Quiet. Ambitious. Honor Roll. Junior Fourth Estate. Alzingtanian. Christ- mas play, operettas, broadcasts. A Cappella choir. Glee, Printing club. Likes singing, reporting. Dislikes get- ting up in the morning. Ambition- journalist. January 20-Junior Prom held at Highland school Sugar Bowl JANE E. GILL General Gill. Agreeable. Ex-Wilson high pupil. President, Care-for-Sick club. Likes skating, swing. Dislikes arithmetic, conceited people. Collects souvenirs. A future dental nurse. JOHN GILLINGHAM General Gilly. Came from Carson Long Mili- tary Academy in senior year. Active in Student Council, Glee, Dramatic clubs. Football, tennis at former school. Likes sports, food, and sleep. Dislikes work and French. C. WALTER GOURLEY, JR. General Bud. Chatter-box. Track manager. Active Theatre club member. Cheer- leader two years. Likes dancing, read- ing, football. Hobby - collecting match box covers, pipes. Ambition- tradesman. ELEANOR GRUBB General Grubby. Reserved. Industrious. Bas- ketball, three years. Good mathema- tician. Rifle enthusiast. Likes horses and thunderstorms. Dislikes oysters and petunias. Hobbies-gunning, rid- ing. Ambition-illustrator. THOMAS B. HAIRE Engineering Toby. Good-natured. Student Coun- cil. Stamp club. Ambition--engineer. Stamp collector. Taxi-cab service. Homeroom president as junior. Swim- ming team captain. WINIFRED F. GILL Classical Winnie. Attractive. Studious. YEAR- BOOK. Student Council. Honor Roll. Hockey team. ORACLE. Civic Attitude Award. Dance and Current Events clubs. Likes people, sports. Girls' Hi- Y vice-president. Ambition-to be foreign diplomat. Operetta. Com- mencement speaker. - DOROTHY GIROUD Commercial Miss Blue. Dependable. Archery, two years. Spelling bee. Caravan club. Likes music, art. Dislikes homework. Scrapbooks-hobby. Miss Briggs' assis- tant. Amibition--secretary. ELIZABETH M. GROH Commercial Betty. Capable. Homeroom treasurer. YE.uzBooK. Dance club president. Likes football games, dill pickles. Dislikes spinach, dentists. Hobbies--her pen pals, piano. Ambition-to be a secre- tary. PAUL A. HAFFNER, JR. Engineering Cross-country manager. Swimming team. Junior Fourth Estate. YEAR- Booic. Abingtonian. Chess club presi- dent. Soccer. Ambition - electrical engineer. Movie camera enthusiast. MARGARET HANLINE General P e g g i e. Good-natured. Smiling. Auditorium program. Modern Dance club secretary. Likes swing, football. Dislikes snobbish people, homework. September 8-Four modern vocational shops for boys open FRED G. HARRER General Helpful. Band and orchestra. Mikado. Iolanthe. 320 College Avenue. Min- strel show. Plays tenor saxaphone. Glee club. A Cappella choir. Collector of instruments. Elizabethan Singers. Junior Fourth Estate. RICHARD C. HERBST General Dick. Ambitious. Argumentative. Junior Fourth Estate. Christmas play. End man in A. A. Minstrel. Camera, Theatre clubs. Collects coins. Likes blondes, printing, match books. Three- Comered Moon. ANITA M. HESS Classical Nit. Gay. Inquisitive. Auditorium programs, broadcasts. Dramatic club. Likes dancing, badminton, music. Wants to be laboratory technician. N ATALIE HOWLEY Commercial Nats. Reserved. Caravan club vice- president. A Cappella choir. Likes potato chips, aviation. Dislikes rain, disappointments. Hobbies-scrapbooks, sea shells. Aspiring secretary. JAMES M. JENKINS General jenky. Manager, football team. Print- ing club. A. A. Minstrel. Likes print- ing, good band music. Dislikes book reports, lectures. Makes scrapbooks on the present war. Ambition- linotype operator. MARY E. HAY General Molly. Dependable. Good-natured. At- tended Worcester High one year. Auditorium programs. Caravan club secretary. Likes week-ends, dancing. Ambition-nursing. Homeroom treas- urer. BETTY ANN HERMANSON General Hermie. Small. Student Council. Horneroom vice-president. Auditorium programs. Etiquette club president. Modern Dance club. Likes dancing. Ambition - dancer. Three-Comered Moon. ROBERT HESSE, JR. General Bob. Likeable. Nonchalant. Student Council. Swimming. ORACLE. YEAR- Boolc. Mikado. Iolantbe. Radio broad- casts. Minstrel show. Glee club. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. Ambition-printing or salesman. Senior play. F. E. M. ELIZABETH HUNTER Commercial Betty. Capable. Ysmzsoox. Dramatic, Caravan clubs. Homeroom secretary. Freshman Glee club. Likes dancing, fishing, football games. Dislikes dill pickles, rain. Hobby-music. Aspir- ing secretary. HELEN J. JETT General Happy. Quiet. Swimming. Broadcasts. Glee club. Likes baseball, dancing. Dislikes chocolate ice cream. Hobbies -tennis, needle-point. Ambition-to pass shorthand. www October 16-Five boys Win ojfices in senior class EDWARD A. JOHNSON, JR. General Ed. Basketball. Baseball letter. Band. Orchestra. Boys' Etiquette club secre- tary. Likes to dance. Dislikes smoking. Hobby-gunning. Ambition-profes sional baseball player. DONALD L. KEELER Engineering Duck. Soccer. Broadcast. Airplane, Chess clubs. Likes clubs, lunch hour. Dislikes those 64 equations. Hobbies --model airplane building, cooking. Ambition to be a draftsman. ELIZABETH KIDD Classical Original. Class song-bird. Cheerful. Civic Attitude Award. Honor Roll, freshman year. Abingtonian. Mikado. lolantlve. Patience. Elizabethan Sing- ers. A Cappella choir. Glee club. Hob- by - music. Ambition - career in music. W. GRIFFITH KNORR, JR. General Cliff. Quiet. Junior Fourth Estate. Vice-president of Current Events club. Likes driving, dancing, steaks. Dislikes cauliflower. Hobby-collects postcards. H. ROBERT KOEHLER Engineering Bob. Three band letters. Circulation manager, Abingtonian. Mikado. Chess club. Color guard in band. Four-year orchestra member, Dislikes redheads. Hobby-music. Has travelled widely. EDNA M. KAPRAL General Kap. Conservative. Reserved. Girls' Etiquette club. Caravan club. Likes music and football. Dislikes cabbage, smoking. Hobbies--stamp collecting, foreign correspondence. Ambition--to travel. JAMES J. KENNY General Grampr. Conservative. Campus club president. Vocational club vice-presi- dent. Likes golf, holidays. Dislikes homework, book reports. Ambition- successful electrician. ELIZABETH A. KIRBY General Kirlv. Amusing. Lively. Abingtonian. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. Secretary, Debating club. Modern dance enthusiast. Hobby-horseback riding. Future fashion designer. MELVIN M. KN OUSE General Lefty. Reserved. Blusher. Came to Abington from Foster Township high. Jobffinding club. Likes gym. Dislikes homework. Stamp collector. Ambition -to play a musical instrument. L. CARLTON KROUT General Carl. Basketball letter. Etiquette, Auto clubs. Likes driving. Dislikes spinach. Wants to be an automobile salesman. ll. llll i , ..... llllllilw it 1 .:......:'l......i.lw...itil,ui...l1i..l...i11,...1.iinruii11.N.QN.1ii1imiNli,1'iNiiSQ::i:.5',v:l.':u.im:.....it .......,. mliwi'li',31llll1lli-.w11illLll.1lilullLlilI1llllllllillilllllllllllllllI1lll1llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllLlllllll i-llllwi'' ll4lllllillllFlllllll 'l1'llfl'il'l'lllllllllllilllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllll November 7-Abington Township 'voters pass gym bond issue DAVID C. KRUEGER Scientific Fritz.. Jovial. Student Council. Tennis manager. Soccer team. Alzinglonian. Junior Fourth Estate. Rifle club. Likes girls and hunting, but dislikes chemis- try equations. Ambition-forester. Senior play. GRACE LANING Commercial Quiet. Glee club. Visiting club. A Cappella choir. Operetta. Likes foot- ball. Dislikes raisins. A future stenog- rapher. MURIEL LEONHARD General Mu. Optimistic. Letter for swim- ming. Glee club. Etiquette club presi- dent. Likes to have good time. YEAR- Book. Dislikes algebra. Hobbies- sports. Ambition--college. RENEE LIGHTMAN Commercial Gaby. Talkative. Ysmuaoox. Read- ing, Commercial, Etiquette, Caravan, Glee clubs. Likes good novels, swing music. Collects stamps. EDNA C. MAC ARTHUR General Mac. Quiet. Helpful. Etiquette and Glee clubs. Caravan club president, program chairman. Likes dogs, foot- ball, music. Wants to be a musician or bookkeeper. FLORENCE M. KULP General Kulpie-Glow. Commercial, Etiquette, Caravan, Job-finding clubs. Likes ice cream, swimming, sleeping. Dislikes scullions, early bus. Hobbies--stamp collecting, crocheting. Ambition- stenographer. G. HOWARD LAVERELL General Shorty. Soccer player. Humorist. Science club broadcast. Junior Fourth Estate. ORACLE. Airplane, Auto clubs. Likes Chevrolets. Dislikes red heads, Fords, sauer kraut. Ambition- successful journalist and reporter. PATRICIA LEONHARD Classical Pat. Cheerful. Good sport. Student Council. Hockey, swimming teams. Glee club. Likes sports, music. Dis- likes poor sports. Hi-Y. Ambition- to become an actress. Senior play. Christmas play. Commencement speaker. KARL R. LINKE General Linkey. Quiet. Unassuming. From Hatboro. jay-Vee basketball. Varsity soccer. Band, four years. Orchestra. Likes military life and powerful cars. DOROTHY E. MacCLASKEY General Dot. Friendly. Understanding. Glee club. Caravan club president. Enjoys ice skating and collecting post cards. Wants to be buyer. November SALLY WILLIAMS MARKS General Sally. Congenial. Student Council. Etiquette club. Abingtonian stall. Caravan club vice-president. Reading, Glee clubs. Wants to be reporter. JANE McCAHILL General Two years, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Basketball captain. Tennis manager. Abingtonian. YEARBOOK. Dramatic club. Likes sports. Ambition--jour nalist. MARY C. MIGNOGNA Commercial Abinglonian typist. Caravan, Eti- quette, Job-finding clubs. Likes sew- ing, dancing. Dislikes conceited people. Hobby--sewing. Ambition- good stenographer. GEORGIN E MUELLER Classical George. Happy-go-lucky. Honor Roll, four years. A.P.S.L. award recip- ient. Delights in music, badminton. Abhors hockey, history, mushrooms. Latin club, four years. Brilliant. Com- mencement speaker. ALIDA G. NEIS Commercial Trude. Amiable. Style, Reading clubs. Orchestra, two years. Intelli- gent. Enjoys sodas, art, music. Col' lects stamps. Likes to travel. Future bookkeeper or musician. 7-10-Zamsky's cameras snap class pictures JEAN MASTERSON General Ieanie. From Phoenixville high in junior year. Etiquette, Modern Dance clubs. Likes poetry. Dislikes con- ceited people. Future stenographer. ROYER F. McGLADE General Boots. Minstrel show. Four years' Chess club. Snare drum, cymbals, bass drum in band. Violin cello in orches- tra. Glee club. Ambition-to be a veterinarian. HAROLD B. MILLER General Butch. Two years at Springfield high school. Band letter. Pianist for or- chestra. Saxophone in band. Glee club. Ambition-music instructor. ROBERT H. NEIMAN General Bob. Likeable. Keen sense of humor. Student Council. Spelling bee. Soccer. Camera, Railroads, Etiquette clubs. Dislikes getting up early and opera- tions. M. EVELYN NESBITT General Nessie. Reserved. Happy. Etiquette club, three years. Enjoys popular music, typing. Dislikes books, hats, shoes. Souvenir collector. Future typist. IFA X. ' wif? +.,-- v i'i'wT9' February 8, 1940-Class re-elects Roy Zackey as president ROWLAND M. NEWCOMB Engineering Nnfk. Quiet. Modest. Wrestling squad, two years. Trombone in band. Orchestra, two years. Likes machine shop. Dislikes English. Wants to be a marine engineer. HELEN E. PARK General Parkie. Serene. Quiet. Happy. Read- ing club, three years. Math club secre- tary. Likes skating, dancing. Pros- pective secretary. KENNETH PEIFFER Commercial Ken. Industrious. Spelling bee Hnals. Likes machine work, flowers. Enjoys helping others. Dislikes jitterbugs, swing. Serious. Hopes to become business executive. Good-natured. WILLIAM H. PENDLETON General Bill. Friendly. Happy-go-lucky. Min- strel show. Automobile club. Broad- casts. Likes sports and automobiles. Dislikes fishing and soccer. Ambition -to be druggist. DORIS M. PFEIL Commercial Piff. Gay. Friendly. Spelling bee. Car- avan club. Likes eating, roller skating. Dislikes pea soup, conceited people. Hobby-roller skating. Ambition - secretary. MARY E. NORDON Commercial Quiet. Caravan, Visiting clubs. Likes dramatics and dancing. Dislikes home- work and rainy days. Future stenog- rapher. MARION PEASE General Bulu. Vivacious. Sweet. Student Coun- cil, freshman year. Reading club, three years. Returned from Long Island, sophomore year. Likes dancing, eating. Would-be dental hygienist. PENELOPE G. PEIRCE General Penny. Three years' Abingtonian. Varsity tennis. Girls' Hi-Y. Theatre club secretary. Swimming letter. Coin collector. Dramatic club. Sports en- thusiast. SAM PEN ECALE General Satchel. Quiet. Friendly. Student Council, freshman year. Basketball. Golf letter. Auto club vice-president. Likes golf and big league baseball. Dislikes homework and books. Future golf pro. KATHARINE PHY Classical Bill. Athletic. Dependable. Good pal. Hockey team captain. Two hockey letters. Hi-Y. Swimming team. Senior class A. A. representative. A. A. Minstrel. Likes chocolate ice-cream. Stamp collecting. Ambition-nurse. April 5,6--Class thespians present 'Three-Cornered Moon' PAULINE E. PILEGGI General Polly. Calm. Industrious. A. A. Min- strel. Etiquette club treasurer. Likes dancing, acrobatics. Dislikes hats. Hobby-collecting souvenirs, Ambi- tion--professional acrobatic dancer. GEORGE A. PLETCHER General liars Horn. Quiet. Friendly. Band, A. A. Minstrel, two years. Job-finding club secretary. Likes music, bike rid- ing. Stamp collector. Ambition-- musician. THOMAS JOHN PR ITTIE Scientific Trm. Mischievous. Member of Stamp, Rifle, and Forum clubs. Likes travel. Dislikes swing. HobbyAstamp collect- ing. Ambition-archeologist. BURTON RAMSEY General Burt. Good-natured. Lilceable. Former Olney high pupil. lalantlvc. Camera, Boys' Glee, Rifle, Art clubs. Hobby- photography. Ambition - commercial artist. LEON W. REILLY Engineering Bud. Noisy. Likeable. Broadcasts. Band letters. Orchestra. Likes vaca- tion. Dislikes homework. Award in mechanical drawing. Makes model ships and planes. Stars on saxophone. ALBERT P. PLAY FORD Vocational Farmer. Baseball letters. Likes trap- ping, hunting. Dislikes jitterbugs. Collects sports records as hobby. Am- bition-to be a professional baseball player. M. SHIRLEY PORTER Commercial Peaches. Good-natured. Talkative. Student Council, freshman and senior years. A. A. Minstrel. Likes Chel- tonians and lolly-pops. Dislikes con- ceited boys. Hobby'-monologues. Am- bition-radio actress. Three- Cornererl MUCH. GEORGE K. PROVO Engineering Vlfolf. Likeable. Student Council, four years, Soccer letterman. Wrestling, Rifle, Etiquette clubs. Likes hunting, vacation. Ambition'-to see the world, get some money. DOYLE RAUCH Engineering Boa. Conservative Good-natured. Student Council. Honor Roll. Math club secretary. Likes ice skating, motor- cycling. Dislikes movies. Ambition- engineer. NANCY M. RENNINGER General Ren. Effervescent. Funeloving. F. E. Student Council. Advertising staff, Abiizgtoniau. Girls' Hi-Y. Minstrel Show. Dance club president. Girls' Glee club. Likes dancing. Ambitious to be F. B. I. stenographer. Senior play. CALVIN ROLLINS tcrtilituc Hour moxing lov intl he 1 Xhingtoni in DIED APRIL 30, 1940 Pope. Tracli. Cross-country. Glee club. .Xttendancc '- -. ' llj-l Y. A 'al z liful . - f-no-, . ..,. f - -, -.1-.,.-rw!---.1 - -1 ,1-may---' irvqsxqz-g.Ygvyv-cw-Q - - .v'---wg-.'-agp-rr-nipfuue--ggwguyvn , May-Seniors display wide 'variety of projects FRANK RESTALL, JR. Scientifc Rusty. Student Council. Cross-coun- try, football, soccer. Four years' per- fect attendance award. Camp Cooking, Printing, Etiquette clubs. Trap drum- rriir. Interested in chemistry. Depend- a e. EMILY ROBERTS General Em. Peppy. Loquacious. Glee, Craft clubs. A Cappella choir. Likes ice- skating, skiing. Hobby-art, collect- ing four-leafed Clovers. Ambitious to be designer. RUTH E. RUMMEL General Ruthie. Placid. Friendly. Student Council, three years. Honor Roll. Archery. Basketball manager. Mikado. Iolantbe. Latin, Caravan, Rifle, and Dance clubs. Glee club. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. DONALD SALLES General Bud. Three years Lansdale high school. Football, track at Lansdale. Science club. Likes girls. Dislikes carrots. Tennis-hobb . Ambition- Y forestry. MARIAN M. SCALFARO General Scally. Three years' perfect attendance. Visiting, Dramatic clubs. Likes read- ing, dancing. Dislikes potatoes, hats. Ambition-to be a typist. MARIE V. RIECO General Merrie. Etiquette, Dramatic, Caravan clubs. Collects safety pins. Likes skating and hockey but dislikes dancing. Hopes to be professional skater. ELEANOR ROGERS General El. Glee, Etiquette clubs. Iolantbe. A Cappella choir. Attractive. Neat. Girls' Fair in Minstrel show. Hopes to become comptometer operator. V EDWIN RYAN General Ed., Always smiling. Attended North- east high. Honor Roll. Ticket collector at football games. Printing club. Likes to drive. Hobby-stamp collect- ing. Ambition-to be in the postal service. LEONARD G. SAUTTER Engineering Len. Quiet. Soccer letters. Likes vaca- tion, sports. Dislikes homework, cookie pushers. Photography, stamps as hobbies. Ambition-to be an engineer. MARY HELEN SCANLON General Honor Roll, freshman year. Hi-Y. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. Operettas. Junior Fourth Estate. Hobbies-riflery, photography. Fu- ture phonetics expert. Farming on the side line. May 24-Prom attracts scores from graduating class BLANCHE SCOTT General Reds. Likes food, Spanish, faithful friends. Dislikes dancing, gym. Hobby-scrapbook of New York World's Fair. Ambition--to be a good housewife. MARGARET SCOTT General Scqtty. Energetic. Hockey letters. Swimming. Sophomore homeroom secretary. History broadcast. Etiquette club president. Likes candy, hockey. Dislikes exams, quiet people. Hobby --sports. Ambition-nurse. CARQLYN L. SMITH Commercial Smitty. Good-natured. Capable. Stu- dent Council, two years. Homeroom president, secreta ry. A bingtonian. YEARBQOK. ORACLE. Reading club. A Cappella choir. Likes travel, sports, people. Hobby-Riflery. Ambition- secretary. LEONARD B. SMITH General Len. Ambitious. Track and swimming. Glee club. A Cappella choir. Ex- cellent musician. Four years' trumpeter in band and orchestra. Assistant di- rector of band. Etiquette club. Senior play. EDWARD P. SNYDER General Ed. Bashful. Baseball. Abingtonian. Broadcasts. Printing club vice-presi- dent. Likes to eat and sleep. Dis- likes homework. Hobby-stamp and coin collecting. Ambition-to be busi- ness success. 1, X. xy y f ij F5.iW1:x.fr A HUGH B. SCOTT, JR. General Scottie. Student Council, three years. Football letters. Monograms, basket- ball, baseball, wrestling. Auto club president. Likes sports, eating. Am- bition-to play on college team. DORIS E. SHRONK General Shronlzie. Reserved. Dependable. Ab- ingtonian. Yenmsook. ORACLE. Radio broadcast. Cultural Olympics award for art. Visiting club vice-president. Homeroom secretary-treasurer. Hob- by--clrawing. Ambition-Somebocly's Stenographer. Three-Cornered Moon. JENN IE SMITH General jean. Good-natured. Quiet. Etiquette, Art clubs. Likes laughing, dancing. Dislikes oral English, chewing gum. Hobbies-sewing, collecting pictures of dogs and poems. Ambition-dress maker, hairdresser. RICHARD A. SMITH Engineering Smitty., Small. Mischievous. Football. Spelling bee. Stamp, Latin, Math clubs. Likes math, aviation. Hobby- model airplanes. Ambition-math teacher, to fly a plane. MARY JANE SNYDER Classical jolly. Sweet. A Cappella choir. Oper- etta. Broadcasts. Glee Club. Likes dill pickles. Dislikes coconuts. Ambition- to own a black coupe with red seats. Commencement speaker. M-.X -Q 1 2 June 2-Seniors attend Vesper Service at Carmel Church MARY ELLEN SPANG General Marylyn. Happy. Quiet. Former West Philadelphia high student. Craft club. Caravan club. Likes roller-skating. Dislikes Monday mornings. Ambitious to become designer. PENN F. SPITZER Scientific Intelligent. Interested in science and chemistry. Science and Camera clubs. Hobbies - Chemistry, mineralogy. Fond of eating. Commencement speaker. MARJORIE J. ST EARLY General Marty. Friendly. Willing. Girls' Eti- quette club. Service club. Likes court- eous boys. Dislikes early bus. Hobby -Stamp collecting. Future stenog- rapher. FRANCIES STREEPER Commercial Frannie. Glee, Caravan clubs. De- lights in walking, swimming, week- ends, dogs. Dislikes Monday morn- ing, mustard, tests. Ambition- stenographer. G. HELEN SULLINGER General Sully. Etiquette, Caravan clubs. Glee club, freshman year. Likes roller-skat- ing, football. Dislikes to lose Thank:- giving football game. MARGARET H. SPAYD Classical Spaydie. Bright. Quiet. Honor Roll. Spelling bee. Latin club. Likes early bus, candy. Dislikes parsley. Hobbies --sewing, reading. Ambitious-to be a school teacher. ERNEST D. SPROUSE, JR. Engineering Ernie. Reserved. Friendly. Alto horn in band and orchestra. Hillbilly band. Likes hunting, girls, eating. Dislikes getting up. Future civil engineer. MARJORIE STONE General Stonie. Animated. Talkative. Student Council. Reading club co-president. Camp Counselor club secretary. Likes ping pong, playing piano. Hobbies- knitting, collecting victrola records. CATHERINE STYER General Kitty. Etiquette, Reading, Travel clubs. Enjoys reading, chocolate ice- cream, football. Shuns jitterbugs, early bus. Ambition-librarian. LOIS E. E. TAYLOR Commercial Lo. Etiquette, Style, Craft clubs. En- joys hockey, eating, football. Dis- likes squash, oral English. Hobbies- sewing, knitting, reading. Ambition- secretary. Junior Fourth Estate. June 4-Merry upperclassmen present hilarious Senior Night ALICE R. THOMAS Classical Lover. Fun to know. Cheerful. Var- sity swimming. Glee club. Camping Arts club president. Hi-Y. Reading club. Likes horses, dancing, books. Ambition--interior decorator. 1 ROBERT W. TREDINNICK Engineering Bob. Versatile. Popular. Reliable. Class treasurer. Student Council. Football letter. Abingtonian editor. YEARBOOK staff. junior Fourth Estate. Man in Bowler Hat. Etiquette, Auto, Dram- matic, Football clubs. Senior play. WILLIAM F. VOTH Will. Generous. Speed-minded. Foot- ball, freshman year. Likes bowling, dates, printing. Dislikes whiskers, homework, jitterbugs. Ambition--to become a good printer. SYDNEY SMITH WALKER General Syd. Ambitious. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. Likes to write. Exceptional actor. Poet. Lead in Man in the Bowler Hat and The Artist. President, senior Dramatic club. Three-Cornered Moon. Junior Fourth Estate. GLORIA WALL General Glo. Delightful designer. Glee club. A Cappella choir. The Other Shepherd. Mikado. Iolanthe. Chairman, Craft club..Likes art, music, clothes. Dis- likes Brussel sprouts, arithmetic. junior Fourth Estate. ARDEN P. TITLOW Commercial Art. Student Council. Honor Roll. Junior class secretary. Third place, commercial arithmetic at Bloomsburg. Hobbies-airplane modeling, photog- raphy. Future accountant. ROBERTA A. TUCKER General Bert. Homeroom president. Reading club officer. Likes band music and people. Dislikes cats and homework. Hobbies-horseback riding and read- ing. Ambition-to be a secretary. WILLIAM H. WAGNER Scientific Bill. Student Council president. Swimming. Likes sailing, moonlight, summer. Dislikes Democrats. Hob- bies--fun, girls. Three-Cornered Moon. ANN B. WALL General Donnie. Reading, Style clubs, Enjoys week-ends, walking in the rain, eat- ing. Hates homework. Reading, drawing-hobbies. Future artist. LOUISE M. WELSH Commercial Wesie. Conscientious. Quiet. Student Council. Honor Roll. Glee club. Likes kittens, football games. Dislikes con- ceited boys, breakfast cereal. Wants to be a secretary. Commencement speaker. June 7-Ambitious alumni leave portals of Abington High MAURICE WHITE General Bud. Golf. Printing club treasurer. Auto club. Likes music, eats, driving cars. Dislikes swing music, home- work. Scrapbook on sports-hobby. Ambition-golf pro. NATALIE J. WILLIAMS Scientific Nats. Dramatic and Glee clubs. A Cappella choir. Elizabethan Singers. Likes music, German, singing. Dis- likes homework. Collects menus. Wants to be a psychiatrist. NANCY E. WILSON General Hazle. Etiquette club, four years. Likes skating, dancing, swing music. Dislikes gossiping girls, bashful boys. Caring for plants, scrapbooks- hobbies. Future cosmetologist. ROBERT M. YOUNG General Doc. Unassuming. Vice-president, senior class. Vice-president, Science club. Rifle, Airplane clubs. Likes sailing, Fords. Dislikes Chevrolets. Makes gas model planes. Wants to be a decorator. BEATRICE ZEPP Classical Bea. Engaging personality. Student Council, freshman year. Swimming manager. Latin, Etiquette, Dramatic, Glee clubs. Likes to have friends. Dis- likes bugs. Wants to be interior dec- orator. Commencement speaker. KATHARINE G. WIEDER General Kitty. Student Council. Honor Roll. Band. Orchestra. Glee club. A Cap- pella choir. Hi-Y. Oboe player. Likes music and science. Dislikes social studies. Commencement speaker. HELEN LOUIS E. WILSON Commercial Willie. Quiet red-head. lolantbe. Patience. Dance club secretary. Glee club. Elizabethan Singers. A Cap- pella choir. Likes flowers and good music. Wants to be a successful sec- retary and singer. DAVID A. WOOD Classical Ace. Always on the go. Student Council. Civic Attitude awards. Honor Roll, freshman year. Football varsity. Alzingtanian. Junior Fourth Estate. Senior class secretary. Varsity baseball. Consul Latin club. Three- Cornered Moon. Yisansoox. ROY T. ZACKEY Engineering Zack. Conscientious. Enjoys life. Senior class president. President, Rifle and Mathematics clubs. Etiquette club. Received Harvard Club award. Ambition-mechanical engineer. Twice runner-up in state wrestling champ- ionship. Wrestling captain. WILLIAM GEISSEL General Bill. Mischievous. Vice-president of Radio club. Camera club. Likes eat- ing, sleeping. Dislikes winter, teachers. Photography and radio, his hobbies. Ambition-to graduate. LW uw' ' My H 'U gf ww 1 . B.Fc'rr I H z ' ' M If W? : ? - A . MBvHQw V.M0YY'S 41l?,.'Q,1',f '-iv ,. ., f'w.' 1. A '9+w .. N . . ,, . V' -, M ax 'Q 4 2 111, wr 54. Q vm, I 3.4 Q , , 'A Nl- vf Y 'T' - f 15 ff .L 'iai- 1 ef., ,, ,Q Vx W, -.5 A ,r..-- -X3 '. Q -- r:'kx?f x :'fm,,f. 32 N ,ff gd, F . X F . 3 ' nv. . s QW' A ' 'LN-M1 A Nl P U S I AQ? 1 550 MOD M x,. H. M943 4 imwq R . , 'Z 3 I MI, ,Q all .. ef b 52? ' Wa i H33 l fig ' M A ' f 1 homnbzrlm T m'WmNXXX7Xl2XX3XM x' H Mx m Mx w X X Q X 1 X X K.. 4 v ,.W.,,1 N, '-ze, N... vu 155 X. , ,xx .n ,., yn Q' -, ., uc Q HE' 6 . , Q 5 ,935 N I xt f? if P' f' :S X ,Se 'Pa if 3? ' 9 1 f ki K k , 'iff O E W.,-.- J Cassagy, R75-edfnmck V C111 EADS , P'-e0 'w1'd 3 K 1 A d D-wood RZ Chubb H.GeIIew-f 'Wo Jill fi f ' l9Ffl!'5'lZ Y7S?i2'13'YQ'IY if ' 1 - ,ffl K Q. .1 LOWER CLASSES SENIOR IS OFFICERS IUNIOR A OFFICERS Nnwrox I'II'NSBERCER , , ,.Pl'C'Xfd6'I1f 'I'oM PIYNDMAN ............,. Piefident Iil-Lswo1t'I'n Srocrxnoxviea , Via'-p1'c'x1'dc'nl EDWARD IDERBY. . . . . .V1'cc'-prc'.vidc'nt NIARIOIKIE I'os1'Le ,, ..Sefreta1'y I-IELEN CVR ,...,.,. . .Ser1'c'lt11'y Siiuiuxmx Mesczirrmt . . ,.Trcu5urcr WlLLlmXhI ANIBLER ,... ...,, T I'6zI.fllI'l'l' i'xl'Gl'STINE PhNEc.x1.E .Ilhlclfc Rep. RAYIXIONHJ ClJYVARD .. .,.rlZhlez1'r Rep. IUNIOR B OFFICERS I.-xx' T.n'LoR .. . ...,.,,,,,... President EIJXVARD NIOLLRATII ., ..., Vice-pi'e.ridc'nl ALICE HIAIKRER . , .,., Secvetury Nxnex' Roinsars . , .,.. T1'casm'w' IRAN Iirzixipsrm , , .rltlzletif Rep. SOPI-IOMORE PARTY In order to become better acquainted, the sophomore classes gathered at Highland School on Frida , Februar 16 sta fin Y an evenin Y of lun for all who attended. Dancin 1, Y , i. is it games, sketches by each homeroom, and a ntterbug contest composed the program merry-making by Abingtons newcomers. E. A. Lissfelt su Jervised the committees of so mhomores who ulanned the sro fram. , i i 1 i, tickets, refreshments, and chaperons. JUNIOR PROM Together the junior classes sponsored and made a success of one of the best Iunior Proms held at Abington in the PLISI few years. Under the helpful guidance of ID. li. Krueger and P. T. Gantt, the few class meetings were well organized so that the dance committees worked efhciently. Huge Winter sports figures in black and white, made by the art department. lined the walls of the Highland school while black and white clusters ot balloons hung about the room. The class quartet of boys furnished entertainment during the intermission. 46 SENIOR B GIRLS SENIOR I5 BOYS IUNIOR A GIRLS IUNIOR A BOYS IUNIOR B GIRLS IUNIUR B BUYS SOP!-IOMORE A GIRLS SOPHOMORE A BOYS SOPHOMORE B GIRLS SOPHOMORE B BOYS TIME OFF lfricmls lncct nl lunch VVhcrc is that bus? .X hclping lmml Hurry homc NV41il rill ln' gcls out lhcrc More cllrlw-holders llolaling clown thc curb Tlmfs all for ont du Out in thc cruel world .X lmit of frcsh air 50 Y L N A 'W X if .vfl ,' '5- ' ,, ff , M t i m, 51 ,-, F, K if l A 5 A -L03 X ' , ,, f ,gf ,-U 11 , ,.. -3 if X2-v-Q54 4 .13 4 . ' , 21' 1 1 , , , . ff f A ,ff , nl - , hgx ff X cy I 1 ,4 ' ' Pl - .2 g ' 'Nr - 9' 'Q f 2 . Q, ,A ,f X4 F' 1 - J V f , , N . If V v--, , f s,, A , 11- f Y V 1?5+?1 ,X If ' L 3 fl ,I V If ' T If I if A M1 : I f - ' I I N , E If , T - J 5 ff 1 - ? E 4 fi , f- ,1 ir - ' 1 .1 ' N , 1 - f f 'frri W Y Z r 25,3 'sr' . 53 k N4x...k ,,.T. :I . Af- Q ' ww VOCA'l'IONAL TRAINING AT ABINGTIQIN With the inauguration of the cooperative vocational courses in 1921 under the guid- ance of William McKay as instructor, the industrial course at Abington had its beginning. VVhen Russell G. Greenly came to Abington in September, I922, he ably continued the work of his predecessor until the course was discontinued. Based on the theory that the boys needed actual experience in shops, the course allowed for the alternation of two weeks of classes and two weeks of industry in the community. Two boys would share the same job, while one worked, the other studied. When the boys were in school, they studied woodwork and drafting, together with vocational English, science, and mathematics related to shop work. However, the scarcity of jobs necessitated the discontinuance of the course as a cooperative program in 1928. From that time until the fall of 1939, the vocational course was among the missing here at Abington. Substituted in its place was the industrial arts course. Classroom sub- iects were not related to the work in the shops, and boys could elect shop periods for minor credits. This year saw the establishment of a real vocational course with the boys working in the newly constructed, modern shop. With adequate equipment in all of the departments, students who do not continue with higher education are learning to fill positions by pre- paring in the automobile, ma:hine, woodwork, electrical, and printing shops. Boys tak- ing the vocational course spend the three morning periods studying practical English, related mathematics, and related science, and the three afternoon periods in the shops. Other non-vocational boys may take shop work as an elective in the morning periods. In charge of the classes in industrial training are: Frank McClean, automobile shop, Ralph Wright, mechanical drawing: E. U. Wortman, printingg Howard Neuber, electrical shopg David Clark, machine shop, and Robert I. Rapp, woodworking. These men, qualified both through technical training and practical experience, have expressed their pleasure and satisfaction over the large number of boys electing the difTerent shop courses. In their pursuit of this course, the boys are preparing for a specific job after high school, Mr. Wright states. While some specialize in one trade, others benefit by the whole general course. A pioneer in modern education, Abington has taken a big step in preparing its youth to meet the present day need for practical vocational training. 52 , w 1 wi . ti...iiiiriiii..iiiiiiiwiiiTT.iiiiiililiiiiiiwiilrliiiiiiil.iiT.itl uiiilillliiiiiiiiwii..i..iiii.iiiiuiiilllllmllWliLililinllilii iiiiii liiiiii.iiii.iiimiiiuiliviiiuiiiiiiiiAiiiTt.i..iiililllliidlllliilililllil THE NEW SHOPS Machines at rest Tomorrovfs Grczlscfmonkcys today Printcr's zliclcs Making the wheels go 'round Engineers' hideout No k'Typc-lice here! 53 QQN. Vi JCATIONALS IN ACTION nmixxmk luulruxun Nlclzll lurmn mul lllfllillg I'.l2I'gill4Ll :ulin lmllvrx' l1YklI'Ull1k'IQ'I' Houllw KYil'lll Slllltlillg ,Y 5.4 CLASSES AT WORK fiuislwing ilu- paint 1011 Drop thc jaw gmcl tense the KIIIIUIIIIVHI iringing up lvzlluy Honsic-ur cilllllf nxcc sw Q-lun-5 Plgninls are 1-L1SlliUI111lJ1L' this yunr Srtting-up cxcrcisca 55 CLASSES AT WORK Spa-ll tests liiology--wcll, nzltnrzllly .X Lllllfll zip--anal ll bit of history Sccking thc unknown The sound gums 'rouml llllll 'round Hllcldilmg bunk-rcvicwcrs lndnstrious KIl'll1-ISINUIX 56 ww W, fm QW ii? M19 A NIZMHUNS STUIIE T CIIUNC L FiI',i'f OFFICERS Sc'l71t'.iIt'I' Rin' .Xivnaizsow PI'C'Xl.dl'l1l llois KZOCIIRAN l '1'cc'- f7l'l'5llIfl'l1f Ytixczixix Mounts St'C'l'l'fllJ'-1' BILL Ci.ixx roN 'I'1'c'i1.f1o'c1' St'C'0Illl Sl'l7It'.ffC'I' Him. VVAUNER I'rc'x1'de11l Tom Hvxmtxw ljliff'-fJ1'l'5lil1L'lll I IELEN Cui St'f'l'l'lL1l'.Y Bois Divvi' T1':'z1.f14l'w' lfndcr thc cgipgililc dircction ol' lf. .X. l.issl'cll, ilic Studcnt Council has continued its guid.incc :ind liclp toward grczitcr studcnt imrticipzttion in school activities. 'llhc iiouncilis higcst proicct this yciir has hccn thc sponsoring ol' Vociitionztl iincc nit-clings. whcrcin tlit- studcnts lciirncd through conlicrcncc with outsiders .ihout tlicii- choscn occnpzitions. C luid- more .Xlong with thc prcscntiition ol' Civic .Xttitudc nwtmls to those studcnts chosen :is lmcst .tll-munil citizcns hy thc-ir cliissiniitcs, thc Council imtnagcd thc annual Hidden 'l'tilcnt sliow, prcscnicd on Coininunity Night. Inclndcd among the other Lictivitics ol' tlit- hotly iirc ottrolling thc lunch lines, supervising curly morning study hull. rootn duty. Lind czirc ol thc cilnipus. locker llcsiilcs thc niiitincc diinccs cnioycd this past semester, thc rcprcscntiitivcs will sponsor ai lirst ginnn.il Cct-Togctlicr hop thc third wcck in September. 58 SERVICE XVITI-I A SMILE FIRST AID GIRL 9 III- The Girls' Hi-Y, under the guidance of Miss Lillian I. Reichard, is composed ol a froui of irls who re Hresent the hi fhest in coo aeration, citizenshiv, and character. is A 1 g b . I H s U in 1 U I A Directed by the H1-Y oflicers-Marion Bright and Alice 'I homas, president, Gloria Ruber and Winifred Gill, vice-president, Laura Moore and Katherine Wieder, secretary, Virrinia Morris and Mar Helen Scanlon treasurer' Alice Chamberlin and Helen C r, F- Y v v Y program chairman, Gail Maurer and Mary Alice Wunderle, service chairman, Lois Lutz and Edith Chubb, refreshment chairman-the organization has unselhshly given its services to better the school. The girls welcome visitors at the service desk, take charge of the rest room. and keep order in the locker room. Ushering at school entertainments is another function of the Girl's Hi-Y. At a tea given for parents and friends, this group welcomed as new members Mary Louise Abel. Iane Armstrong, Virginia Chatterton, Barbara Djorup, lean Kistler, Kathryn Phy, Marjorie Postle, Adele Ritchie, Nancy Roberts, Ruth Rummcl, Frances Smith, Mary Iane Snyder, Ruth Swartley, and Louise Welsh. Other members are Patsy Leonhard, Penelope Peirce, and Nancy Renninger. 59 I ANI! l3.XNlD Ul l lCIiRS Sfllllifll' f,'0IllfIlt'fUl' l.i-Lciivtittm ll. Sxtiiii, lit. llllllifll' fflllllllllfllll' Cit.tn'ifuuii lf,ti4t.ia SUf'!1UHI0l'l' Crnlzflrdm lui i-Lx N mt' P1'4'x1'1lw1f liX'I'Il.XRlNli XVihniait l '111'-,,'m'.f1'zfc'r1f Lifgux RIill.I.Y Sn'r4'fi1i 'i' liturii Swxii'i'i.iax' lfiillitisiaixtu' .Xliiiiglon gritlirnn liins Iiclt cxlrunu'ly protul ol tlu'ir liigli scluuil lniiul til ni int'nilu'rs its tlu' iiitisiuigiiis inzircluml on tlu' lu'ltl 'it tlu' lmitlvill gzinics last lkill. I'u-twiliiig tlu' gqinuw. tlu' lniiul iiruiisctl cntliusizism at ilu' scluinl pup nicctings. lli.1t .Xliingluii s lmiul was tlu only sulitirlizin oiu' ol Ilu' tlircc invitctl to pl'tx' 'tt tlu' Xlcult Rt-pnliliuzin lfuiiiciitioii git 'llcinplt' ingitlt' cvcry .Xliingtnii SlllLlL'llI it-cl lioiuirctl. - f - - v Uni lminls spiiiutl plating, tlul inucli to swing support to .Xliiiigtnifs miululiitc. X'.iiult'iilu-i'g. 1 J ' ' ltiiulticlul Qnul tixiiiuwl ln l.con.irtl lm. binitli. tlu' lTlIlll liis ollcn 'ippciirctl in piiriulcs .intl l.lNI liiiu' tmilt iirst prim' git ilu- liirt'nu'n's coiivciitioii in Nlonrcslmvii. New lcrscy. UIIITIIIESTRA , . . . llu- tlnrtx' lciiir nu'inlu'rs ol tlu' urt'lu'strii tm: lt-tl luv lcnnirtl It Slllllll xnul gissistginl miiilticliir' llciyvr Nlt-filiulc. lirst violin. Senior plays, clitss niglits. coinnu'nct'nu'ntx, utilti plus incl niinstrtl slums irc :iinolilg tlu' sclumnl luiu'lumns tit wlncli tlu' orcluwttxt I i. 3.'.,. , . .. plays, luwitlcs tlu' rugtilzir wet-kly xixscinlilics. Tun violins, four truinpcts, two nlmcs. mu- lnm, mu' lviias xiolin. two luirns, two snxuplioiics, thrcc pcrcussion instrtinu'nts, six t'l4irnu'Ix. giiul llirct' pianists ingikc up ilu' orclics 60 iCTllIiSTR.X Ulflfltflilis All Ye Faithful O Come Christmas Ca rollers A CAPELLA Clllllll Chosen from the music classes, a group of 85 voices form the A Cappella choir. which sings as a vested glee club. Under the direction of Carroll O'Brien, the choir sang over station WFIL in a special program and at the Strawhridge and Clothier store. At Christmas time, the group made a most attractive appearance as they carolled through the halls of the high school building, robed in their maroon and white vestments. The procession and carols of the choir always form an impressive feature of the Christmas P. T. A. meeting. ELIZABETIIIAN SINGERS The original Elizabethan Singers assembled about a table and sang 11 cappella. The group at Abington which carries this name is composed of those students who have been chosen as the best singers in all the music classes. Contrary to the old custom, Abington's Elizabethan Singers group themselves about 11 piano, instead of a table, presenting a rather informal gathering intended to promote a friendly spirit. During the Christmas season, this group of eighteen singers presented a program of carols at Strawbridge and Clothier's Ienkintown store. 61 litlitorial aml lfcatttrc Httsittcss aml Circttlatiott Xcws aml Sports Pttlwlisltctl tltrcc tttttcs tttotttltly lty a sttttlcttt stall, tltc .lfillllglflllltlll pruscttts a pans t tttta ol' scltool lilt- aml ttrtivitics Iltrottglt ttcws, sports, ctlttorials, itttcrvicws, cartoons, 'cial uolttlttlts, aml cxcltattgcs. Xliss llorotlty Catltcll aml Miss Katltarim' Xlillcr, lttttltx' sponsors, sttpcrvisc tltt' worlt ol' tht- stall wltilc l.attra Moore, Nlartott llrigltt. l' tlplt Citlslms, .tml Rolturt Trt-tlittttick scrvccl as ctlitors alttring togo-to.to. ltt tltt- l,t'ltttsylx'ttttitt Srltolasltt' l'rcss ,Xssoctattott cotttust, tltc ,IIPI-llgflllllltlll plztcctl oml tvitlt at total ol So points. Tltc Colttmlwia St-ltool Prcss .-Xssociatiott also ztwarclctl tltv lntpt-1' a scfoml placc wltctt rcsttlts ol tht- llLlll0I1lll colttcst wcrc attttottttcctl at tltt' tttttttal t'tlIlX't'llllOI1 itt New York in Marclt. ID, lf. lirttt-gt-r aml Miss .Xlit-Q I . W'cat'cr ol' tltc cottttttcrcial tlcpgtrttttvttt dirt-ct tltc ttorli ol Iltt' .lllYCl'lIhlllgill1ll ctrrttlatttott stalls. :W i2 IIRACLE The ORACLE, the literary magazine of Abington High School, is published twice a year as an outlet for the creative writing and artistic talents of the students. Aided by the English and Art departments, whose classes prepare the material, the editorial board selects and organizes the most appropriate contributions for each isue. This year the staff chose The American Way as the theme for the December issue and Romance Travel, and Adventure for the spring issue. These two numvbers revealed the literary and artistic abilities of the students in the form of essays, short-stories, editorials, features. poetry, cartoons, and illustrations. This year Abington can be truly proud of its literary magazine, which won First place in both the P. S. P. A. and C. S. P. A. contests and also was awarded All-Columbian honors for its editorials. Ieanne Cassady was editor-in-chief.. The stall was guided by Miss Dorothy Cathell, sponsor, Miss Helen M. Clark, assistant, Mrs. Kathryn P. Walker. art: Miss Edith M. Milne, who substituted for Mrs. VValker during the second semester: and I. S. Furniss, subscriptions and circulation. 63 IUNIOR FOURTH ESTATE Managing Editors Ray Anderson Marianna Kitfe Gloria Wall Marjorie Postle UN l0Il F0 BTH ESTATE For eleven years, the Iunior Fourth lfstate has been the publi- cations honor society at Abington: for seven, the oflicial publicity group. Hard workers of the jour- nalism class, ot' the stalls of the school newspaper, magazine. and Yearbook, and others interested mal-ze up the membership of this organization. liach group trains its successors. The junior Fourth listate, un- censored, collects news and publi- cises all school and P. T. A. events in the township communities and in the local papers by poster, tele- phone, news story, personal inter- view, and securing of reporters. Its members telephone all sports, im- portant events, and commencement news to the city papers. This society, founder by Miss Gertrude L. Turner as an experi- mental group of the columbia Scholastic Press Association, assum- ed its puliciy duties at the request 64 of Harry Rossiter, at that time president of the A. H. S. Parent- Teacher Association, and I. C. Weirick, Abington superintendent of schools, then principal of the high school. It has been strengthened and given new duties by Principal E. B. Ciernert. I. F. li. graduates have edited publications at Temple, Beaver, Penn State, Lehigh, Cedar Crest, and Rennselaer, and have worked on local and city news- papers and for the United Press. 1940 YEABB 00K lfzfflor Ray Anderson I.f.vi.vti1nt lfdiioz' Iftlith Chuhh EDITORIAL BOARD Marion Bright IANUARY IUNE Xliee Chamberlain Blaine Ferrell Charles lirael-:hill Ieanne Cassatly lxohert Tretlinniek ART BUSINESS STAFF ASSISTANTS ,LIIZIUIILY Slug Ruth Borthwiek Leonard Clark VVilliam Clayton Catherine Doane Nancy Hare Frank Hultslander Helene Iahnke Lois Lutz Gail Maurer Laura Moore Virginia Morris T'I'f7I-,t'f5I Philip Renninger. Doris Slirunk, Ruth Iireatly, Charles Paul. ,rldzfwtixing Mzzmzgcrz Betty Bryner. Cl.l'l'll!LIf1-0711 Roherta Tucker. Helen Iett. Inna' Natalie Iitlge Helen Gellert XVinifrer,l Gill Betty Groh Patil Halliner Rohert Hesse Betty Hunter Sf!! Muriel Leonharml lane Meifahill David XVootl Carolyn Smith, .lrfz lane Armstrong. Ieanne Doane. Hart Hollingsworth. Penelope Peirce, Emily Roherts, Gloria NVall. Ii. B. GEitNEli'r , Prizm-1'fn1l D. E. Kiwntsuit .. F1'11z111r'1't1l ,llI'l'l'5L'l' Dmumrm' cjATI'IEl.L I , I Spomol' Y V - J Wt V . IXATIIRXN I . . LIXER .IN Aldiwhww Iinirn M. XIILNE I 65 Club Program As a means of insuring the participation of every student in some Field of benehcial extra-curricular activity, the present club system of bi-monthly meetings was directed at Abington this year under the faculty chairmanship of I. Shaylor Woodruff and his assistant, Miss Lilian I. Reichard. The 43 clubs now functioning may be separated into three distinct divi- sions. First come the clubs closely allied with subjects, such as French, Latin, mathematics, and German clubs. Since hobbies play an important role in most students' lives, each year naturally develops the need of more hobby clubs so that these are more numerous than any other type. This group in- cludes the Camera, Caravan, Theatre, Radio, and Modern Dance clubs. The third group of clubs provides recreation along with beneficial know- ledge. These very popular clubs include the Chess, Reading, Writers, and Nature clubs together with such sports groups as the Football and Golf clubs. A progressive plan has been devised whereby the clubs meet alternately twice a month. While underclassmen are enjoying their assembly period, the upperclassmen have club period and -vice versa. This plan allows all clubs to have their meetings during the same week, besides utilizing the free assembly time to a decided advantage. Through their participation in clubs, pupils have the opportunity to ex- change ideas with others interested in the same fields and to arouse otherwise dormant interests. Through correspondence, students gain a broader know- ledge of foreign customs and schools. Outside speakers lend variety to the meetings and at the same time encourage students to take an active part in informal discussions. A club period is an hour Well spent! 66 ill .ul y My l1i11,i3ii1iiiill11i11N1,iiiilliiiiilllllllflll llllllllll CLUBS AT WORK Malin: Auto xIL'L'l1Lll1i I4I'llX'L'l XJILITL' Xylxflllilllllll Hath 67 CLUBS AT WCDRK I 1ln'.1rx SI amp I nmlm fflll xlurx L mum I Illll L l11 tlw groove l'm1s111' at thc Prom .XILI111111 Sllppilfl llclping 51111111 Claus Scniur Slylu Slum' fu 5. ll. .X. IjCIk'glllL' ALL IN FUN l 11o11111111u- Xilllkltll Swing 1111 11111111 XVg11Li11g for SI. NR' Xvilllff VV1111LlcrI1111aI XVAIICI1 llla' IiIICfl1llgx s Ku-pi11g limp' for C U I' 69 PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION The Parent-Teacher Association of Abington High School carried on its 1939-1940 activities under the following ollicers: I. N. Hunsberger, Ir., presi- dent, Shelden W. Hughes, vice-president, Elmer A. Lissfelt, recording secre- tary, Edward G. Zepp, treasurer, Mrs. Grant Swartley, corresponding secre- tary, and Miss Gertrude L. Turner, historian. As guest speakers at the monthly meetings, members heard Superintend- ent Ioseph C. Weirick, Rusty Callow, the Penn crew coach, Professor Arthur Cleveland of Temple University, Reverend lack Hart, Dr. Samuel Grafflin, and Ioseph C. Green of the Pennsylvania Department of State. Highlights of the year's program were the Christmas play given by the music classes in December, a spelling bee and 'klnformation Please quiz between the ladies and the gentlemen of the Association in Ianuary, the student forum discussion on What the High School Student Expects from His High School Training in March, and the Community Night program in May. Again the P. T. A. scrapbook, edited by Miss Gertrude L. Turner, won a first prize in the county contest. As usual, in order to raise funds for the P. T. A. scholarship, the organization gave a sauer kraut supper in November and a card party in March. Funds raised at these two affairs helped defray the expenses of the annual Athletic Banquet, staged this year at Casa Conti, for all the school athletes, and provide a S200 scholarship. With a P. T. A. membership of five hundred eighty-nine, Abington High School can be truly proud of this helpful group and very grateful for the P. T. A.'s interest and assistance in school activities. 70 H lil W IINX lg wx X B-4 7:00 7:02 8:10 8:30 8:31 8:31 First TIIBGUGH 'nm mwfs Womi Decided to get up early this mor11ing just to have a little time to spare. Spent too much time reading the paper, so I'll just have a cup of coffee for a.m. a.m. Changed my mind, Figuring I need the sleep. a.m. Up again, but this time to stay. Mother knows best. a.m. breakfast. a.m. Phew, what hot coffee! Off to school in Bill's car. M a.m. Here I am already. CIt's only about a mile from home to schoolj period: Machine shop. There's Howard still making his V-block. My tack hammer is coming fine, with reservations. Second period: English. Cassin CE.insteinj Craig stumps the class with his question: Who is a whom, and why? Third period: Study. This is an excellent opportunity to read some more of Meg0w's airplane catalogue. Fourth period: P.O.D. Mr. Smiley just slipped me a dot, and it might just as well have been a knock-out drop. Who was Aristotle's kid brother? On the other hand, who was Aristotle? Lunch period: If I get the guy who put water on my chair, I'll slug him one-if he's smaller than I am. Fifth period: Chemistry. This is no place for me. . Sixth period: Gym. Played soccer on the baseball field and almost broke my ankle doing it. Why doesn't somebody pump up that ball? Who told coach we can get dressed in five minutes? In my present condition, I wonder what I should do if we have a HIC drill? Homeroom: Everybody jumps up when that First bell rings, but we've got to learn to wait for the second one. A minute is much longer than I ever imagined. Seventh period: Yeah, seventh period! Mr. Swartz caught me reading that Megow's catalogue. 4:00 p.m. Ah! A chance to go home at last! 4:15 p.m. At mother's suggestion, I decide to mow the lawn, making a mental note to make the lawn of my house out of cement, which requires a minimum of cutting and raking. 72 I I I ll All li lllllmllllllillillili i ll Milli!!! l1willitllillllllllin tttiti I i iiiiii 1 iilii lull!!!ll!+II111 Iii1111i1111ilinIIlull!!!nlllIllIll!IIiIII1iiwllllltllillllllllillllllllllllllll lllllllllllll l 1 I V' li DRAMATICS A PAIR OF SIXESU-Edward Peple T. Boggs Iolms ,...... ...,..,. ,.....A, . , P. T. GAN11' George B. Nettleton ,,.... .- .,......,,. Joi-IN S. FURNISS Krome ...,..v...AA..,...vY..,.,....,.AA ......... D Avm E. KRUEGBR Miss Sally Parker ,,.A....,vv...,,v..A ..,,........,. P AULINB E. NUNN N Thomas I. Vanderbolt ....,...... ....,...... E DWARD R. Ssurzsn FACULTY Tony Toler ......, .. ,,........., ,.vv,.... C HARLES C. ROBERTS Mr. Applegate ..............., L .,....... GEORGE S. Gsssruan Office Clerk ..,.............,... ........... E MELUS G. WORTMAN Shipping Clerk ...,.........,..... ........ G Bones P. BURLINGTON Mrs. George B. Nettletan ..... ..,...... - ...GLADYS T. JANTON Miss Florence Cole. .......... ...... - .KATHRYN P. WALIQBR Coddles ....,....................... . ........,. . .........,....... ,.,. ................... H E LEN M. CLARK T. Boggs Iohns and George B. Nettleton, partners in the Eureka Digestive Pill Com- pany, found that they couldn't agree as to who would dictate letters to the secretary or which was more important, the pill or the sugar coating. The two gentlemen concerned decided to play a hand of poker-the winner to take complete charge of the business for one year and the loser to act as butler to the winner. When Nettleton won by drawing a pair of sixes, he discovered that his butler hindered more than he helped in the hliarious comedy that followed. H320 COLLEGE AVENUE --Eberhard! Friday Cast Saturday Cast MARION BRIGHT ...,...... ........,. I uditb Wayne ...... .......,... . NANCY HARE GRAHAM FLING ....r..,. ,.,,....., V al ,,,,,...... .ee.,... G RAI-IAM FLING SAM STERN ,............, ..,., N ...Russell ,,.,,.....,. .- ............ SAM STBRN VIRGINIA MORRIS ....,.., .......... R ita Day. ,,.......,,,, . ......, DOROTHY TAYLOR AANUARY MAUDE DANTZER ..., ......,.,, D areen Divine ..,.,.. ,......... G An. MAURBR I I O WILLIAM Guan ...,..,, ..,....... B illy Grady .....,,..I ..,........... W ILLIAM Ginn 94 LAURA Moons ........... ...., - ...Nydia Noyes ..... ................,..... RUTH BORTHWICK LEONARD CLARK .,.,,,., .............. C y ....e,..,.,....,..,.....,... ,..,................,...... H QWARD HUDsoN BLAINE FIznnzLLL..--.-. -..Lee Macon ......... L-- ....... - .... .. ..... -..-.BLAINB FBRRBLL Gsoncs TAYLOR ,..,I ,. ......,.,. Professor Slopes ,..,.. ........ ..,...... G Is ORGE TAYLOR JANE GILBERT ...e..,.... ......,... M iss Olivia D. Ool. ......... - ....... THBLMA BLA11' DENIS REILLY .............. ............., T be Chief of Police ..... ....... ....... D E Nts RBILLY Presenting 320 College Avenue, a swiftly moving collegg murder mystery with a sority house as the locale, the Ianuary class proved their acting ability to two crowded audiences. When suddenly your partner falls dead on the floor in the midst of a gay sorority dance, it's a serious matter. The very annoying and very annoyed Irish detective couldn't solve the mystery, but the president of the sorority eventually discovers the crim- inal. Suddenly the lights go out, the murder attempts escape--then the surprise ending. THREE-CORNERED MOON -Tonkonogy Friday Cast Saturday Cast DAVID Woou ........I Kenneth Rimplegare.. .... - ........ LsoNARD SMITH Ronan-r CROMPTONL.- .... ...I., . .Douglas Rimplegaru.. ......... WILLIAM WAGNBR SHIRLEY PORTER ..... ...t..,,... ..,,,,,,, M r s. Rimplegar ...., ,, WHELBN GBLLBR1' IUNE BERNICE DELAPLAIN Ie...,,,., .,......., I enny, the maid ..., .......... Dems SI-mom: 1940 Romain- CAPLE ..e.....t,,.I.. ......... E d Rimplegar ........... ....... D AVID KRUBGBR PATSY LEONHARD ........,,.. ..,....... E lizabeth Rimplegaru.. .......... JEANNB CASSADY RICHARD Hanes-r eI.... - ........ ......,. D onald ,.................,,. ......... S YDNBY WALKER Rosen TREDINNICK ..tt..,....,,.,,.,..,,, Dr. Allan Stevens ............ .....ROBERT Hass: ELIZABETH HERMANSQN .............I.. Kitty ..... .....- ...,......... ......... . ..... NANCY RENMNGBR Attempting to surpass this, the Iune class gave a merry comedy, Three-Cornered Moon, about a slightly cockeyed family, the Rimplegars. With too much money and tool little to do, mother, brothers, and sister break the monotony by mysterious trips and contempla- tion of suicide. But Mrs. Rimplegar has been playing the stock market on the margin, and the family fortunes are lost. Placed on their mettle, the household really go to work and make something of themselves. 76 W It I It -tv I ' , ,m13I,.q,y,, ,,, 'I1'I,i,p:y,,, ,,,,,,,,,,g,,,,,,,,3II-UI,, ','1,,,.w,1,,iI-,M,,,IIi IwmmiitllillluiiMliwllll llllliillillmlliillllliIllill!!MFI'tilllillliliiWilllIli1iIIlNilulll''llllllllllllllllllllllliilliwllll ,y , In II In In I I Wim ww 'Yrs- UTHE PLAY IS THE THING The Ofliccr explains Standing for hcr rights Iiihitzcr Hesse Who done it? Teil me more Another stitjfi That manis here again! Well, what are you lookin Your fcct's too big Caplc demonstrates 77 79 MlSCliI.I.ANEOUS MEMBERS 78 I if ,,Z A Z I fb XFN f7L --M Ag.-4'-,X .ZQQ ..-94' 71' AX Jf' .ZX li R f N In ,, x ff , f 'N- n If xx ,f ff if f! I . ,fl 1 I 'W X X If 1, K- X , J , ' l , ,,. ' X fi ,U Qflhj Y ' YS N , Vu l .X ,g Jjl . -5'4fS, I'-'t-,... ,.,,,p -L t. ,,- ' 5S5i'D !.'L, ?' ' ij: Lgiiiiisiizgi 1522. !2a25,+'.. Q P' : . ... it pi V 'K t v -. XAE., A.: xy, A. COACHES Glenn R. Snodgrass li. R. Seltzer, George F. Erb David Clark, Ir., Robert I. Rapp VARSITY Newton Scott Whittingham Horton Wood lloeve Ienkins, Cmanagerj li. Vollrath 'Vredinniek Hyndman Marino liarnest A. Peneeale Reeves liaston Washington W, Ambler Kennedy VVineburg liicliert Ili Palantino y H139 A S UA For the first time in years, the football team got off to a poor start by losing I3-O to the Forders. who later took the championship. Among the many inexperienced underclassmen who played well was Tom Hyndman. The following week the boys, although vastly improved, lost to a strong Chester team I9-6 in a game featuring a brilliant 70-yard touchdown iaunt by Abington's Sonny Washington. The first home game was lost to Lower Merion in a battle which exhibited fine defensive work by lack Boeve and Ed Wineburg, linemen. A fast Upper Darby team gave the Abington gridders, who played their poorest game of the season, their fourth trouncing. 26-0. Win number one came when the Ghosts downed Coatesville 18- the entire team showinv s iirit , . n rj I plus. The following week, in a non-league battle. F00'l'BALL the Ghosts rolled over Friends Central 51-0-a iield day for Abington backs with Whittingham leading the parade. Valley Forge managed to gain a I5-I3 tie by a last-minute touchdown in spite of the inspired playing of the Ghosts. Most brilliant of defensive games was the Rad- nor tilt, when the Ghosts stood in the shadow of their own goal posts again and again and held. A last-minute touchdown via a pass gave Radnor a 0-0 win. It was generally conceded that Cheltenham would win the Turkey Tilt, but Abington vowed that the Panthers would have to fight every inch of the wayg and, though the final score was I8-6, Abington put up a splendid fight and actually out- gained Cheltenham. e '-suamfe-A-E-1 -Ml- X 5 y HOCKEY . 5 A D. Potts i ' E. Chubb D. Pfoertsch D. Jenkins K. Phy P. Leonhard -I. Ullman E. Nehlig M. Scott J. Scott M. Holmes R. Hermanns, Manager G. E. HERZOGQ, Coach HELEN M. CLARK, Asft. SOCCER R. Cochran W. Quay L. Sautter G. Fling D. Calclerwoocl H. Kelly R. Keyes R. Chubb A. Holmes G. Provo D. Krueger F. Cunningham Winder, Manager . T. GANTT, Coach J. C. TRAINOR, Ars't. J, P IIIICKEY With fair weather for only one game, the girls' hockey team battled its way to five wins and three ties, its single defeat coming at the hands of a hard-hitting Spring- field eleven. Led by Captain Catherine Phy, the stick-wielders gained a moral victory when they deadlocked the highly-rated Cheltenham hockeyists 1-I. Doris Pfoertsch, tricky center forward, captained the Northeast Suburban varsity while four other Abington co-eds gained berths on the second team. SUCCEB Abington's soccermen started their 1939 season well, tying Whitpain, defeating Haverford, and then blanking Hatfield. However, these were the only victories the team won except its 2-I upset of a powerful alumni squad. The Ghosts were defeated twice by Lower Merion, Upper Darby, and Berwyn, and once by Hill School, Whitpain, and Haverford. Lettermen included Robert Cochran, Walter Quay, Leonard Sautter, Graham Fling, David Calderwood, Harry Kelly, Russell Keyes, Ralph Chubb, Alfred Holmes, George Provo, David Krueger, and Fred Cunningham. 82 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Edith Chubb Eleanor Nehlig Doris Pfoertsch Grace jenkins jane Scott jane McCahill, captain BOYS' BASKETBALL Augustine Penecale john Sawchuclc William Gibb Tom Hyndman Clark Cutting Joe Gregor Walter Quay GIBLS' BASKETBALL Four wins, four losses, and one tie is the record the girls' basketball team made this year. The sextet nosed out Lower Merion, 26-24, Clney, 25-13, Upper Moreland, 31-18g and Conshohocken, 31-18. The Maroons and Ambler fought to a 34-34 tie. The Abing- ton team bowed to Norristown, 30-73 Upper Merion, 34-30g Lansdale, 27-26, and Spring- Held, 47-27. The varsity, coached by Miss Sarah Loudon, consisted of: guards, Edith Chubb. Eleanor Nehlig, and Doris Pfoertsch, and forwards, Grace Ienkins, lane Scott and lane McCahill, captain. B0YS9 BASKETBALL Although the record uf the boys' basketball team, one win out of thirteen, is a sad story for Abington sportslovers, here, at least, was a team which never quit even though hopelessly behind. Ienkintown was the one team defeated. Augustine Penecale holds the scoring honors of the squad by compiling a total of 172 points for the season. 'Wisty' was closely followed by Iohn Sawchuck, Bill Gibb, and Tom Hyndman, who gained 42, 41 and 40 points respectively. Other regular members of the team were Clark Cutting, Ioe Gregor, and Walter Quay. Coach George F. Erb was assisted by Robert I. Rapp. . . 83 MERMAIDS Miriam Engard Miriam McFarland Edith Dinlocker Frances Smith Jeanne Habhegger jean Gardner Luella Temple Alice Thomas Penelope Peirce Margaret S:ott Muriel Leonhard Marjorie Holmes MERMEN Robert Dippy Thomas Haire Robert Hesse Harry Kelly William Elsirig Blaine Ferrell William Ackerman GIRLS' SWIMMING The girls' swimming team, coached hy Miss Helen M. Clark and captained by Miriam Iingard. ao, finished fourth in the league, winning its meets with Coatesville and Haverford, losing to Lower Merion, Upper Darby, and Norristown, and also losing two outside meets to George School and Ocean City, a newcomer on the schedule. In suite of this fact, the Jros Bccts for I I look ver hrifht as the so homores show much 1 I 94 Y is I promise and have already proved a lug asset. Jeanne Habhegger, sophomore, was high scorer for the season. Althoufh the virls did not make an im vressive record, actual statistics show that ls 2- D l they were outscored hy only three points. IIGYS' SWIMMING Coach Iohn F. Trainor's proteges won four of their seven meets, defeating Upper llarlmy, 37-29, VVest Chester, .47-log Coatsville, 34-323 and I-Iaverford, 36-go. The three teams to defeat the Maroons were: Norristown, 28-31: Eddystone, 29-373 and Pottstown, ZS-37. In the sulmrhan district meet at the University of Pennsylvania, Robert Dippy hroke the meet record in the 220-yd. event for the second straight year. William Acker- man was third in the hackstroke test. ln the state championships at State College, Dippy placed sixth. 84 WRESTLING SQUAD Roy Zaclcey James Pinlcham Hugh Scott Dan Kennedy David White Al Waclcer james Chatterton, Marzager GOLF SQUAD Sam Penecale Augustine Penecale Pete Di Palantino Joe Gregor Kenneth Shalcnitz Robert Marple Edward Wineberg Paul Dural, Manager WRESTLING Abington's star wrestler in the I25-POLlIld class, Roy Zackey, again emerged as dis- trict champion and narrowly missed being state champion, his bout with the hnal victor running into extra periods. Although Coach Snodgrass' wrestlers started the season in very poor style, the team finished with four wins and three defeats. The Maroons dropped the Hrst three meets, losing to Lower Merion, 27-63 to Chel- tenham, 28-3, Roy Zackey gaining the only points, and to Lansdowne, 22-Q. With decid- edly improved form, the grapplers won the four remaining contests. Abington defeated Upper Merion, 20-17, by virtue of good wrestling by Hugh Scott and Iimmy Pinkham: Haverford, 29-8, Upper Darby, 20-17, and Penn Charter, 25-8. GULF Although only two lettermen, Augustine Penecale and Sam Penecale, returned from last year's golf squad, the three vacancies left by graduation in Coach E. A. Brunnefs team were ably filled by Pete Di Palantino, Kenneth Shaknitz, and Ioseph Gregor. In the early season matches, these inexperienced linksmen admirably assisted the two veterans in beating a strong Upper Darby team, 1253 to zk, at home, defeating the Chel- tenham squad, 12-3, and trouncing the Ienkintown quintet, I4 to I. April Upper Darby Away May Hershey . . , Home April Cheltenham .....,. Away May Upper Darby Home April Ienkintown .,.,,.. Home May Cheltenham . Home April Lower Merion Home May Lower Merion Away April Haverford . . Home May Haverford , . Away May Reading ,. ,.,.,.. Home CROSS-COUNTRY Joe Morgan Charles Paul Edward Bailey Robert Abel Newton Hunsberger Jesse Ambler Paul Haffner, Mariager TRACK Max Pincus, Captain Roy Zaclcey Raymond Coward Jesse Ambler Robert Biglow James Adams John Butch Henry Thomer Jack Boeve Robert Weldon Sonny Washington Edward Harley Paul Lachman james Broadus Richard Dodds Richard Harley Robert Young junius Koiner Walter Dahl Stanley Dahl Louis Eble James Kerns Newton Hunsberger Harry Cook CRIDSS CUUNTIIY VVith five wins and two defeats, Coach Ritchie's harriers chalked up the fifth success- full season of cross-county at Abington. Takiiig a second in the first triangular meet with Upper Darby and Olney, the Ghosts' only setback in a dual meet came at the hands of Norristown. Trouncings for Lansdale. Germantown, Ambler, and Olney and a default by Chester brought prestige to the runners. An iniury to previously undefeated Captain joe Morgan destroyed fXlJlIlglOHlS hopes for a first place in the Suburban Championships. TRACK So far this season, the track team has many promising candidates. some of whom have already proved their ability. The relay team that went to the Penn Relays did something that had not been done before by an Abington teamg they placed third in the mile relay. This team consisted of Sonny Washington, Richard Harley, Newton llunsberger, and Max Pincus, running anchor. VVith four more maior meets to be run, the team has a good chance to show its strength. April 26, 27 .Penn Relays May 8, . A ,,., Haverford May I Friends Central May 25. . , , , ,State Meet Xlay 4 Ursinus lnterscholastics May 29 .. ...., Cheltenham Nlay li Germantown Academy Iune 1. . Suburban Meet 86 , -- .qnqqvzs-. i,,,a,b..:,r K 1 it-5.33 ,gg-qxipgfry-:rx 1 . I . , ,S Q 'il iMtr,'i BASEBALL '- Dan Kennedy Edward Johnson Albert Playford Walter Dusch Roy Fay John Easton Edward Derby Thomas Hynclman John Derby Albert Armstrong Charles Kern David Wood Charles Ernest Jack Reading Shakespeare Reeves Hugh Scott Joseph MCD-owell, Manager' ASEBALL In the opening games of the 1940 season, the Abington nine came through with victories over Lower Merion, 5-4, and Norristown, 5-2, but dropped the opened to Upper Darby, 6-2, and later bowed to Haverford, 8-5. Abington started out with hope of regain- ing the suburban crown despite the fact that only two players were back from last year, Al Playford and Ed Iohnson. Since the team as a group was rather inexperienced, the helding at First was erratic: however, consistent hitting brought the boys from behind to down Lower Merion. Coach George F. Erb is especially interested in his hurlers, Tom Hyndman, Al Armstrong, and Dan Kennedy, because these three excellent moundsmen will all return next year. Al Playford and Ed Derby shared catching duties, while Roy Fay covered thirdg Walt Dusch, shortstopg Ed Iohnson, secondg and Iohn Easton, First base. Iohn Dodds, lack Derby, and Charles Kern composed the outheld. April Upper Darby ...... Away May ..... Lower Merion ,Away April Lower Merion Home May ..... Lansdale . . . . . . .Home April 22 Haverford ........ Away May ..... Haverford . . Home April 29 Norristown ....... Home May ..... Norristown . ..,.. Away May Cheltenham ....... Away May ..... Cheltenham A . Home May Upper Darby ...,, Home EQ 5- . . GIRLS' TENNIS Marion Hallinger Penny Peirce Phyllis Oughton Alexa Dannenbaum Edith Chubb Edith Dinloclcer Natalie Edge Patsy Leonhard Marjorie Holmes Mary Alice Wunderle Nancy Stern BOYS' TENNIS Norwood Collins Robert Reese Fred Cunningham Clinton Spencer Ralph Ritter Henry McKay Robert Cragg Ralph Chubb Grove Lugar Gill Chubb Robert Quay Edward Towill Samuel Tomkinson l GIRLS, TENNIS With three veterans returning as a nucleus for a squad, the girls' tennis team finally got started the third week in April. Instead ol the usual four singles players and one doubles team, this year's schedule called lor three singles and two doubles. Although the squad suilered the loss ot Marion Bright, last year's undefeated lirst singles player. Marion Hallinger ably took her place. Penny Peirce held second post: Phyllis Ufughton, thirdg Alexa Dannenbaum and lidith Chubb played lirst doubles, and Natalie Edge, Patsy Leonliard, lidith Dinlocl-ter, and Marjorie Holmes vied for second doubles. April zo . , Norristown . . ,Away May I3 ,.... Berwyn . , .Away May 2 , , ,Upper Darby . , , Away May 16 ,..., Cheltenham ,.., Home May li Radnor , Away May zo .... Lansdowne , . Home May o Lower Merion Home May 23 .... Coatesville , , .Away BUYS' TENNIS OI' the eight boys on this year's tennis squad, live played on last year's team. With these live veterans, Coach Charles C. Roberts started his preparations for the 1940 cam- paign. Following in his brother Dongs footsteps, Norwood Collins played the lead-otf position, while Robert Reese, Fred Cunningham, and Clinton Spencer competed in the above order. ln the doubles, Ralph Ritter, Henry McKay, Robert Cragg, and Ralph Chubb composed the two teams. April zo Norristown Home May 9 ,,... Lower Merion ., Away May 2 Upper Darby , , ,Home May 16 ..,.. Cheltenham . Away May 6 Radnor . Home May F ,.... Lansdowne , Away 88 if fg HAIL TO THE COLORS! 89 lr: xm NIIXIHRII-S IXIJIIJ lil' U THRU THE D YAT AHS by Ewa HANDQQSQN Q40-,5?3,' U . So LQNG - wma M N'-UMW H. .Q1111i.-J , f H 1 , 4225 , :H I 'sax RX '- ' f EAK-A5 XZ? - ,. , if q V , Gil L , xx , , . ff' Q H-2- A f f fp ,5 Xff 1 'A X gg N ' xfx 7, l ' 1' ' V 4 F ff 8 E' jx 4 THE GNL? suv wma H IS HOMEWQDK DONFG f tv -w, .,. ' nf' 5 'lgzh i ,ilv 1 H X . . J ,, Q N x 1 i 'N + V f ' Vx as S 5 xx J' P' 'Q X u: h. X affiiii' .ff ' aw 35.35 ,,f+4' O ,El xx . 1 X '!0'::5i X 1 Kwai X 'X NT X lik ' , I w JB ' -c ,E -9,1 9 3 X , ag M, X . A My H . ' WASH. E39 iii ' 1 1: 2 33 TEST Ymik 2:pz,x,fXfq V'-N' ff 4 , FL! Gam, 50 gg L A ADPAQENTLYQ U- Og , F 'cf Of' O s xl '-Q-.AO 3:35 pm. STUDY. HYAQy Myl Hf W' MMMMWMHMWWWMMW ,,,, W 1mwm,..:il ,wwURWWWWWW wwwww Wiinwwwwwwxwwwwwwwwllwwg.pyww:'HjuiwWyywygymwnlnn ACKNOWLEDGMENT The members of the 1940 Yearbook staff acknowledge with gratitude the assistance of the following members of the faculty and student body, each of whom has contributed of his time and effort toward -the success of this book: Superintendent I. C. Weirick for furnishing information about the history of voca- tional education at Abington. Principal E. B. Gernert for his guidance and advice throughout the months of necessary work. ' ' D. E. Krueger, financial adviser, for his able management of advertising and cir- culation and his supervision of the photography. Miss Lilian I. Reichard for the frontispiece, the individual photographs of the vocational boys at work, and other pictures. Miss Alice F. Weaver for her assistance in getting the typing done. Coach Glenn R. Snodgrass for his help in taking many of the club pictures. Charles Brackbill, of the editorial board, for taking most of the club pictures and many of the informal snaps. Robert Crompton for pictures of the Iune class play. The following student photographers: Christie Rau, Ioseph Strick, Max Pincus, Iames Copeland, Arthur Wannamacher, Mary Alice Wunderle, Charles Moore, Alfred Holmes. Edward Derby, Robert Marple, Newton Hunsberger, Penelope Peirce, of the Abingtoniun sports staff, for their write-ups on spring sports. Members of the typing classes who have from time to time helped with the typing. Senior commercial students who solicited advertisemen-ts and homeroom subscrip- tions. All others who have in any way aided the staff in its work. 92 pppp p M p p M ii ii..i if.iii+i I , , , I i .... .. W ,.. . I ti 1 Il i l ri I W fi ,. ttttit ,WWE Maw--, -fl '.-. V ' 1 R, , Bell Phone: OGONTZ 2084 Residence Phone: OGoN'rz 959 FRANK MCCORMICK G A R ROBERT C- R055 TEZTZZL EZQLYZZ Bsxoxx Home LAUNDRY--399.50 AND UP TOWNSHIP TREASURER D A Y AND N I G H T YORK AND SUSQUEHANNA ROADS ABINGTON, PENNsYLvAN1A WE STOP SHIMMY and TIRE WEAR John De Z. Hamilton Real Estate and Insurance 18 YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PA. Bell Phone: 0c0N'rz 5560 STROUSE 85 JARRETT DODGE - PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS I I6 OLD YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA OGONTZ 4600 FLO,'1TING POWER ABINGTON BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY Respectfully Solicits Your Account KENYON BROTHERS N Bm PHONES INCORPORATED MELRWE 4644 MAIESTIC 3037 ' M. P. I-IORNER, Inc. C O A L , PLUMBING- FUEL clll. - BUILDING MATERIALS HEATING- ROOFING KIIPIJERS COKE AND CORD WOOD NORTH HILLS, PA. Phone GGONTZ 950 8033 YORK ROAD ELKINS PARK, PA. THE POET'S CORNER - - Announces the coming opening of an ART STORE, Easton Road and Geneva Avenue, Glenside, Pa., where poems written to your order Inay be had at most reasonable cost. Place-cards, Framed Verses, etc., in a multitude of styles. All composition and artist decorative work are my own. A serv- ice distinctly diFferent. Give at gift that lie or she will appreciate. CHARLES C. SHEAFFER he ESWICK BENJAMIN RAU LYN AM COAL CO. INCORPORATED Glleterznarzan C 0 a I if L u m b e r IENKINTOWN ROAD sg ABINCITON AVENUE QB u Q 1 di n g ,914 a t e r i a 1 S GLENSIDE PENNSYLVANIA 8011 YORK ROAD ELKINS PARK, PA. OGONTZ 5018 Let this beauty salon be your guidance to N , perfect your beauty problems. It is our aim to make this your chief objective. RICH NORMAN, Proprietor W e Speeiulize in Bicycles Saws and Lawn Mowers Horam' SUPPLIES - MODEL AIRPLANES N. EASTON ROAD CRLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA Mr. C. Fred Schmitz-Hair Stylist QFORMERLY AT 1328 cIIEsTNUT STREET, Milette Beauty Salon 8026 OLD YORK ROAD ELKINS PARK Phone MELROSE 4711 GUARANTEED OK'D USED CARS T A I I D rl X g v scom PANV 815 GREENWOOD AVENUE JENKINTOWN, PA. CCCNTZ 172 MAIESTIC 0265 WE INVITE YOUR ACCOUNT TI-IE ELKINS PARK NATIONAL BANK ELKINS PARK, PENNSYLVANIA gllember of FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM-FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. HMI OGUNTZ 989 CHRYSLER -1- PLYMOUTH C A S A C O N T I JOSEPH CONTI, Proprietor I, NIBLQCK EASTON RD. AND IENKINTOWN RD. 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Elkins Park, PJ WILLOW GROVE 834 Free Delivery .I 0 H N M A R I N O Fancy Groceries Hershey? Ice Cream 4II EASTON ROAD WILLOW GROVE, PA. Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Frexlv Meat: IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC GRoCERIEs 522 CYPRESS AVENUE ELKINS PARK, PA. OGONTZ 64 NWN V4 WH! ww WYNN WW Maker of Fine Furniture Drapes and Slip Covers -:- ANTIQUES -:- RICHARD WURSTER Specializing in cylntique and alodern Furniture Repairing--Refinishing1Upholstering 8503 TULPEHOCKEN AVENUE OGONTZ 3767 ELKINS PARK, PA. Fresh Meats-Frosted Foods-Butter and Eggs G. PARKI-IOUSE Bc SONS IIS YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PA. Phone Ogontz 964 Free Delivery J. E. YOST 5340 I-IOWLAND Pm1.AnE1.PmA, PA. U fed Tires Regroovin g ANTIQUES WANTED High price paid for Furniture-China--Brass ABINGTON ANTIQUE SHOP 121 OLD YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PA. N. STEINEERG OGONTZ 3204 Telephone OGONTZ 1379-W ALFRED j. SHARMAN P A 1 N T 1 N G OFFICIAL INSPECTION STATION H O W A R D N I C E A Complete Garage and Repair Ser'z'ire DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE In All lf, B,,mfl,f, OGONTZ 2452 RESIDENCE 2362 JENKINTQWN ROAD ELIQNS PARK YORK ROAD AND HORACE AVE. ABINGTON, PA. New Service Station Auto Repair and Machine Shop We Solicil Your Patronage CARDON BROTHERS Cadwalder Ave. and Jenkintown Road OGONTZ 5265 EAST ELKINS PARK, PA. Formerly with Leon E. Carden, Automotive Engineer 260 ASHBOURNE ROAD ELKINS PARK LUBRICATION ACCESSORIES MELROSE 4819 LEONARD G. BEALE SUNOCO SERVICE YORK ROAD ABOVE CHURCH ROAD ELKINS PARK , PA. LARRY'S BARBER SHOP 127 YORK ROAD NEXT 'ro FIRE HOUSE ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Personal Attention Sanitary Service SWIM MEET YQUR FRIENDS AT THE Y Special Rates for Sehools ABINGTON Y. M. C. A. CJGONTZ 4275 IDA RENE BEAUTY SHOP OGONTZ 3484 zo EAST WHARTON ROAD GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA POWELL'S DRUG STORE ABINGTON, PA. For Service Call OGONTZ 498 We Call and Deliver ABINGTON SHOE REPAIR Jossvl-1 PILEGGI Experl Wurlrmanship All Work Guaranteed 22 YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PA. W ith all good wishes to the Graduates Mr. and Mrs. George E. Maurer Arbuta Cleaners 86 Dyers I6 ARBUTA ROAD WEIR l INC. -- ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA REALTORS Phone Ogontz 3183-W EASTON ROAU AND WHARTON ROAD Call and Delivery Service GLENSIDE- PA- iiiwuxJ I ,.,, q,i1,1'IifI N 11W3NN , iW W W xiV1Wi1'H?iiiYi WHS-c?gLTgR0VE 46 01' INSURANCE Quarry WILLOW GROVE AVE. Telephone OGONTZ 735 EDGE HILL, PA. 3643 W. CLYDE GOURLEY J. WALTER GALLAGI-IER - A U PRESIDENT SECRETARY TRE S RER S W. CLYDE GOURLEY, BUILDING STONE- INCORPORATED STEPPING STONES .1x... 'REALTORS 222 ABINGTON AVENUE YORK AND WELSH ROADS WILLOW GROVE, PA. CTLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA Represented by SAMUEL L. CLAYTON RONNIE'S 5-10-25C STORES Open Every Evening IO8 S. EASTON ROAD GLENSIDE, PA. Dump Wash-Soft Finish-Finished Family Service DRY CLEANING GLEN SIDE LAUNDRY 33 AND 35 EAST GLENSIDE AVE. GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA Phones, OGONTZ 4100-4101 JOHN M. SHRONK PIANO TUNER 1 19 WHARTON AVENUE GLENSIDE, PA. OGONTZ 1612 Phone: Office: OGONTZ 127 Night: OGONTZ 3343 GLENSIDE ELECTRIC CO. WILLIAM H. HOWARD ELECTRICAL REPAIRS AND INSTALLATIONS I4 E. MT. CARMEL AVENUE GLENSIDE , PENNSY LVANIA CJGONTI zoo GGONTZ 201 O. L. KOENIG, JR. Glenside Lumber 86 Coal CO. PHARMACIS T LUMBER MILL WORK BUILDING MATERIALS COAL COKE FUEL OIL EASTON RUAD AT MT. CARMEL AND TYSON AVENUES GLENSIDE AVENUE GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA T H E L E E S H O P DISTINCTIVE GOWNS Phone, OGONTZ 1687 House Wiring-Electric Fixtures and Appliances Plumbing and Heating JOHN M. READING HOSIERY 218 TYSON AVENUE GLENSIDE PA 22 WI-IARTON ROAD GLENSIDE I , . - ' ' L. A. KERN opplme Keswick Theme Rem' W ' O' Bu ne 3 and Fuei5'2: F 'i BART CUSICK OGONTZ486 Funeral Director 34 NORTH EASTON ROAD GLENSIDE, PA. Teleph one, OGONTZ 5667 73rody's CDepartme+nt Store Family Outfitters Since 1905 GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA SPRINGER'S MARKET HOUSE. Ioo KESWICK AVENUE GLENSIDE, PA. Fresh Meat: and Fancy Groceries Phone: Ogontz 3280-J Estimates Free e9l'Iooney's Jldoving 6? Storage, Inc. 24 E. MT. CARMEL AVENUE MOVING AND HAULING OF ALL KINDS OGQN1-Z 292 l-'fee Dgli-ygyy Long Distance Moving a Specialty UMW Fffmkfvfd S1012 Reference: Ask the People we Move RECORDS-SHEET MUSIC-SOUND EQUIPMENT Oaomfz 1658 Ong Day Service No SHRINKING, ODoR, STRETCHING, J A' Los'r BUTTONS OR BELTS 8 E. MT. CARMEL AVE. GLENSIDE, PA. Phone: OGONTZ 5958 Open Every Evening Untsl 10 M A X K A R P 120 S. EASTON ROAD GLI-:NsInE MODEL PRINTING CO., INC. GLENSIDE, PA. BROWN 'S DAIRIES I72 HARRISON AVENUE CILENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA CDGONTZ 2954-W OGoN1z 3700 CHARLES F. MEBUS M. AM. SOC. C. E. II2 SOUTH EASTON ROAD CONSULTING ENGINEER GLENSIDE, PA. GRACEY and STREEPER 29 E. RILENSIDE AVE. CILENSIDE, PA. Bell Phone: CGONTZ 402 Dependable Service in Roofing and Heating Good Worlemanship for Over 23 Year! Phone, OGONTZ 4944 GLENSIDE TAILORS RoBER'rs BLOCK AT R. R. STATION CLEANING - PRESSING - DYEING Suit: and Coat: Made to Order V. FRANFESCHINI A. CIOCCA SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED WALTER L. BOEHM 80 So. KESWICK AVENUE GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone OGONTZ 5276-1210 WASHING MACHINES VACUUM CLEANERS ALL MAKES REPAIRED N. S. STELTZER 'D R U G S YORK ROAD AND RUBICAM AVENUE WILLOW GRovE, PENNSYLVANIA GUNN'S Fancy Cakes and Ice Cream EASTERN ROAD AND MT. CARMEL AVE. CILENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA OGONTZ 508-W mx M H BLUMHARDT'S HIGH GRADE MEATS RYDELL HOSIERY SHOPPE L I N G E R 1 E HEMSTITCI-IING - I-IOSIERY MENDING IENKINTOWN OGONTZ 467 713 WEST AVENUE OGONTZ 599 JENKINTOWN, PA. Jenkintown Delicatessen DELICACIES AND BEVERAGES BIRDSEYE FROSTED FOODS YORK ROAD AND WEST AVENUE Deliveries Everywhere Phone OGONTZ 889 Bell Phone, Ogontz 30 Keystone, Jenkintown 2511 J. FRANK FLECK CO. H A R D W A R E 424 YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Open Evenings F E L - M O D E Exclusive Footwear for Women and Children 729 WEST AVENUE AND YORK ROAD Authorized X-Ray Service Call OGONTZ 2577 GIROUD FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 8530 CADWALLADER AVENUE ELKINS PARK, PA. GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP W E S T A V E N U E IENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Cornelius CBarber Shop 306 OLD YORK ROAD IENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Xeruae Treatment by Appointment Lil-Lee, Inc. IENKINTOWN, PA. WILLOW GROVE 580 Free Delivery CHARLES FRANK Frankford Store 301 SO. EASTON RD. WILLOW GROVE FRESH MEATS-FRUIT-PRODUCE-DELICATESSEN Enablished 1865 OGONTZ 72 Phone W. G. 579 MARIE RAMSEY, Prop. MARINELLO METHOD W.C.FLECK8CBRO.,INC. I-IAIRDRESSING I'IARlDVVARE - HOUSEWARE specializing in HOME ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SCALP TREATMENT ARD FACIALS Permanent Waving JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 301 So. YORK ROAD WILLOW GROVE, PA. TQWNE MEN7S SHQIP Phone OGONTZ 5045 300 YORK ROAD IENKINTOWN 135365 A 53536557533 M 302 YORK ROAD ADAM HATS SLACKS ARROW SHIRTS SWEATERS WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE AT ALL TIMES Phone OGONTZ 5214 Neve, C10-,ed L. W. Oswald's Drug Store 315 OLD YORK ROAD IENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA FOR QUALITY FOODS SEE FELBIN BROTHERS LIBERTY MARKET 301-303 YORK ROAD BELL, OGONTZ 131-132-133 -IENKINTOWN, PA. TAYLOR SCHOOL DAY AND EVENING COURSES SECRETARIAL -:- STENOGRAPHIC ACCOUNTING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MULVEY INSTITUTE DIvIsIoN OF ADVERTISING, IOURNALISM AND RELATED SUBIECTS Member Approved Group, Pennsylvania Private Business Schools, National Association, Accredited Commercial Schools 1207-09 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. RITTENHDUSE 6434 PHILADELPHIA BUSINESS COLLEGE Philadelphia, Pa. i S pccializifz g in SECRETARIAL COURSES Member Approved Group, Pennsylvania Private Business Schools National Association, Accredited Commercial Schools WALNUT 3897 PHILADELPHIA SCHOOL OF OFFICE TRAINING 2100 CHESTNUT STREET Approved by Pennsylvania State Committee on Standards for Private Business Schools A DELIGHTFULLY COOL SUMMER SCHOOL Ojerin g Short C ourscs in Shorthand Ty pi n g-Boolqlqeepin g-F ili n g Office Machines SPECIAL SUMMER HoURs AND RATES TO HIGH SCHooL AND COLLEGE GRADUATES TELEPHONE RITTENHOUSE 4897 or write for details FREE PLACEMENT sERv1CE IIIIIIIIII I II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III... IIIII IIIIII, IIIIIII ,,I. IIII'IIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII lIIllIlllllll!llllllll Che Gebar Gbest SUBURBAN HOMES INSURANCE - MORTGAGES Elpparel . , 0 , , . A Complete Real Extate Organization U me ALFRED H. TRANK A, J. MILLER 4 I 4 Y O R K R O A D IENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Oc0NTz 3800 JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA CP H O T O G R A P H Y G O L D B E R G , S is a fascinating hobby. Buy IENKINTOWN'S OLDEST DEPARTMENT STORE a good camera - and join the thousands of enthusiasts all over the world. Camera Supplies and Equipment York Road and West Avenue JENKINTOVVN CAMERA SHOP IENNINTOWN' PENNSYLVANIA 209 LEEDOM STREET OGONTZ 4262 'De Sow ' Cplymoufh GLENSIDE PHARMACY ARTHUR S. LEVINTOW, PH. G. EASTON ROAD AND MT. CARMEL AVENUE Direct Dealer 210 YORK ROAD IENKINTONVN OGONTZ 5088 CTLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA Visit Our Soda Fountain OGONTZ I737 A. Sv. iliarrnmetlh FLOWERS GREENWOOD AVENUE AND YORK ROAD IENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA TELE HONE OGONTZ 2442 TOMLINSON JENKINTOWN WALTER I. TAYLOR D A I R I E S soo HILLSIDE AVENUE K E S L E R , S Florists for the Particular W. BERNARD KESLER IENKINTOWN, SLBROTHER PENNSYLVANIA NORTH HILLS, PA. Phone OGONTZ 286 OGONTZ 3109 Under New Management L I M E K I L N BARBER SHOP 934 LIMEKILN PIKE NORTH HILLS, PA. Member Montgomery County Real Estate Board FRED R. WILHELM SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE Formerly Uncle Charlie n'EU5 ' Expert Hair Cutting Give Us a Trial QII LIMEKILN PIKE NORTH HILLS, PA. We Specialize in Children? Haircutting Phone, Offxce, Ogontz 1285 Residence, Ogontz 1324 JOSEPH CALLAIVIARO, Proprietor CGONTZ 4630 A. H. B. SKEATH DR. M. GRADESS ,,,H,,R,,,,C,S, VETERINARIAN YORK ROAD AND WASHINGTON LANE LIMEKILN PIKE AND MT. CARMEL AVENUE JENKINTOWN NORTH HILLS, PA. OGONTZ 2810 Phone, OGONTZ 2 171 WILLIAM MILLER CONTRACTOR .md BUILDER III7 W. MT. CARMEL AVENUE NORTH HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA NORTH HILLS PRESS QUALITY PRINTING JIM BAILEY, '31 AND HENRY CARTER, '31 NORTH HILLS, PA. OGONTZ 1544 CASHMER'S MARKET 804 LIMEKILN PIKE NORTH HILLS, PA. Better Foods for Better Health JOHN GENTH OGONTZ zoos NORTH HILLS AUTO REPAIR Official Inspection Station NORTHWEST CoR. LIMEKILN PIKE AND CRICKET AVE. NORTH HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA Battery Servire Towing Day or Night CLINTON R. SPENCER BUILDING MAINTENANCE - CONSTRUCTION NORTH HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA YOU KNOW ME- AL ROBINSON ON THE PIKE NORTH HILLS, PA. ENCORE-L-l Fred A. Schuenemann MEET YOUR FRIENDS GPH 'RMAC'ST OVER A ,, MIDNIGHT SNACK IIS E. MT. CARMEL AVENUE .Q GLENSIDE OGONTZ 116 OGONTZ 5041 ROUTE 152 NORTH HILLSI PA- I-IAIRDRESSING SI-IOP . 4 Y O R K R O A D THE ABINGTON-CHELTENHAM CROWD MEET AT KENYON,S QGONTZ 155 AND 156 MAIESTIC 0411 The TRIANGLE CLEANING and DYEING ESTABLISHMENT 609 SUMMIT AVENUE IENKINTOXUN, PA. ABINOTON, PENNSYLVANIA LILLIAN REDSTREARE OPPOSITE BANK Parking For Our Patrons In Rear Of Bank Certijqea' Fur Storage by IAUNIERICAN INsTITUTE OF REFRIGERATION CHARLES LIGHTMAN FURRIER an MERCHANT TAILOR I4 YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PA. OOONTZ 4349 CLEANING PRESSING For All Your Table Needs SHOP AT THE Keswick Self Service Market 321-323 N. EASTON ROAD GLENSIDE, PENNSYLVANIA OGONTZ 5004 I Iuey's Service Station Texaco CPetroleum CProducts ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA TOM HUEY, Prop. BATTERY SERVICE WASHING SAVE IO TO 30 PERCENT LUBRICATION ' ON QUALITY FOODS Cars Called For and Delivered OGONTZ 879 Established 1895 R . A . E D G A R SAMUEL M. STEIN ,PHARMACIST Furrier and Tailor 807 EAST GREENWOOD AVENUE IHNKINTOWN ROAD ARDSLEY- PA- JENKINTOWN, PA. OGONTZ 1336 WRIGHTS SERVICE STATION Mobilgas Lubrication LIMEKILN PK. AND EDGE HILL RD. EJDGE HILL Phone- OGONTZ 5182 WM. A. GEPPERT, INC. NEW AND USED BUILDING MATERIALS nuns: WILLKJW CIROVE 414 Line LEXINGTON 9982 A GOOD DEAL TO PACKARD 1' STUDEBAKER AND A GOOD DEAL HERE! WALLER MOTORS INC. YORK and HARTE ROADS JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA OGONTZ 3400 'A' MAI ESTIC 3.400 FREEDMAN'S CLEANERS SUNDIAL SHOES For Every .Member of the Family Tailors -:- Furriers A . A P F E L B A U M 603 WEST AVENUE goo LIMEKILN PIKE OGONTZ 1353 JENKINTOWN, PA. Non-ru HILLS, PA. OcoN'rz 3150 F 86 J SHOPS Ladies Hats BOSWELLS STATIONERY 716 WEST AVENUE TYPEVVRITERS F' STURM .15 low ax IOC a day. Writes all Language: 721 WEST AVE. IENKINTOWN Two MODELS REDUCED 1 1 H 11 1111 A LEADING SCHGOL OF BUSINESS TRAINING Banks College is nationally recognized as an outstanding business school - Whose graduates have succeeded to a marked degree. Send for our program of Planned Business Training. Enroll now. All Courses Day or Ellfiliilg BANKS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I 200 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA - A ..........A --,, Underwood Elliott Fisher Company 258 S. BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Ott's Sunoco Service Station OGONTZ 5064 IENKINTOWN AND EDGEHILL RIIADS ARDSLEY, PENNSYL IA RUBIN'S MARKET Sbality 3I4eat5, Qroceries and Cprodure c30RNER HABIEL AVENUE IXRDSLEY, PA Phones, OGoN1'z 294-5036 Free Deliver HARRY UTZY 'Photographs For Every 'Purpose Portraits, Groups, Commercial, Spee ash. om inishing. Old Photo Fl Ph F Copied, Picture Framing. 431 YORK ROAD Jenkintown Ogontz 438 CHARLES SPAHR 86 SON A, MANUFACTURERS or HIGH-CLASS i PRINTING Rfpfefenfflwve 608 EDGE HILL ROAD OGONTZ 653-J ARDSLEY. P Business Training Courses For Young Men and Women Day and Evening Classes f fl' , ADMINISTRATION COURSES SECRETARIAI. COURSES - General Business Stenographic-Secretarial Executive Management Executive-Secretarial L- N Administrative Accountancy lShorthand or Stenotypyl , M111 . 4 M51 ga 9' 1:31, Speclallzed Ivenlng Courses mn - A if 'E Li,-fl Business Correspondence Office Appliances ,.i'! l UP I' fri: Realty Practice and Procedures ' ig -1, fflrii Advanced Accountancy Sales and Distribution ' ' Q 3 Personality Development and Public Speaking PEIRCE SCHOOL Peirce School Building Pine St. Wextof Broad Philadelphia 75th Year Pennsylvania Phone, OGONTZ 1032 DOLLAR VALET SERVICE SQUARE DEAL MARKET Northwest Corner Township Line and Cadwalder Road Mg7g'5 and Young Mgn'5 Suits Elkins Park, Pennsylvania CLEANING AND PRESSING OGONTZ 3284 FRESH MEATS ---- GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES and SEAFOODS in all Seasons FREE DELIVERY GRINDING SAws SHARPENED a Tool. DRESSING EDMUN D CRAFT Lawn Mower Sharpening and Adjusting IENKINTOWN Row AND RLISLYN AVENUE ARDSLEY, PENNSYLVANIA CUILLA GE CORNER 513 IENKINTOWN ROAD MCKINLEY, PA. CONFECTIONERY FRED G. ECKEL HARDWARE :fi PAINTS VARNISHES f,GONTZ 4366 ARDSLEY, PA MADISON Y. SAURMAN pLlf7C'l'hlI71gC'I' and 172lC'l'I.0l' Decorator 743 IENKINTOWN ROAD Pl-mine, OGONTZ 1597-W ARDSLEY, PA. S0165-S6l'Z!l.CC' Rentals-Supplies TELEPHONE 491 CLARENCE A. HURST New and Rebuilt ROYAL TYPEWRITERS VICTOR ADDING MACHINES 312 CHERRY STREET NORRISTOVVN, PA. Ch ack Writers L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASS. OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELRY YOU CANNOT PATENT IT . . . OR COPYRIGHT IT . . . YOU CANNOT INSTALL IT-LIKE A PIECE OF MACHINERY . . . YOU CANNOT ACCURATELY MEASURE IT - OR THE LACK OF IT . . . YET IT IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT CON- SIDERATION WHEN YOU CHOOSE YOUR YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER. IT IS K OWI G HOW Experience .... ls the one thing that will meet the unusual emergency with the comforting statement, We know just what to do-Welve been through this beforef, Our complete organization offers you this background of experience in creative photography and consultation on all problems relating to Yearbook Photography. It costs nothing lo talk it over with us. ZAMSKY STUDIOS 902 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA SDIABTEST YEARBINIKS ARE 'l'0llAY'S IQGEBUCK BUCKS Quik? -the most modern equipment, the highest quality of materials combined with master craftsmanship in production account for the popularity of Roebuck Annuals. SQPWCQ -personalized assistance together with complete layout and design facilities give the effectively stylized appeal desired on every campus. 01' -new ideas portrayed in college annuals with clean cut simplicity and design all in accord with today's typographic tastes. ExpQriQ,nC42 -guided hy twenty years of printing school and college annuals-we know how to produce the outstanding hook popular today. H. G. IQQQLUQL 84 50,1 Mulhewvq Slveel Bollimore, . . ., -9, Vw A-VQI- ' II -1 if-tIyIV . . .-.ivfx -3-A ' 'V 7-V .,i -Q .II,5IjI,I.-VI II If, - :I ' I ..If,--1.4. .wg-, 'S , Nw-,VI III . I. VI, I--an L- ..I.1'-I. ?.,1:l3-IfIII-H11 I I ,wh-, V-: -'Ta'-:V 2 V 5' -7- -Vi ' . I :Nw J'-II, V' I. I V -I . I - ,I Mfr - ..'i1 vw -.s 'V-I? .- I Wes,-:M V-1-I , . YI. .151 - .I. . I -fT -'?5V-- ' J., V- '. 1-'rw' mu- ., ' 3 ' . f .- . . Ii.L4v. 'dfl :'Nf-'f- ,I ' 'Vw 'APN' 'Y 4' ' Cdr'-'I . ...- . -- --r 1-'V 1. - - Q' K.-'YV I . f I ' 'Ij,1I'j:- II1v'11:.I-IK-pf. ' 1 '.-9-,I-5. I. U ' 15155-2-,:?L lig'VJ'+gVf3'1'3?g' Wife ' ' -I5-Z .3-.-ys --'--is-:gif-sv .f?V-,-,-v-- --VI - I. -- - -.I -,.. .Juv I1 IA I.-Ag AI CI,-. I.2Q':x-1' f fI -V 1-' :-QI.V.g,..I,:-.ISA-L --A9 - V .,i1VfNVff2:, 215-H 5-5'3 .gf-V J, vIiv.u,xEfEiQ IFVA1-I !,I.I: - I NI . :fr , '- Vi.IV- . -.js-Hg-.7-I I. V:-Ah 5. '- il . 12. I- 49:-,-444'-.y-rlzggi -Hu I . ' A -' 1 -'Y ,A.1f'v '.r - ' 'J' 2- - ?f'-.-fa? .' f ' ' HE - 1 'MPT' I.-I-Vzlg. . TfIi5:.1e':i': f 21- ' I, . '- I .-1-J ,fy III-. :IV ' V - - f'fV f'i.'. 1 51-6- - I 2 . .s.IIr'I.. I,Qf- -1,2 V- ,'Vjr'-I'? ' -' I . 'Q --49:23-V1 V 'Y ' - 5, .' -'fl V- - -4 ' L.. ' 'glE4:T -:- ' ' I . -Q - ' .', Vi? . lr ' A III I 'Iwi I, . . I. .vAv, I. . I -. V' ' :' '. -W . Vw- , - ' Y- ' ' v 1- - ' 1. -- .3 '-I.- -.z . -I-.I IJ ' IJ' 5-! -. ,-I3wIk ' - I, f-- .:Il:,.g7,9gI-- -'j - ,. , ,, I. .1- .5-.3--II - IIIIIVS I 5 . ,fi . ,-. .V':.Q-437- I-2, ' J. V sw- - .f.-mis.-2-V.-1. Iz...v, V f:x--,-gI,V- V- - X I . 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Suggestions in the Abington High School - Oracle Yearbook (Abington, PA) collection:

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