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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1936 volume:

THE ORACLE YEARBOOK Volume 23 Number 2 Chronicle of the Classes o f 1936 Abington High School Abington, PennsylvaniaTHE GATEWAY TO THE FUTURE 13 THE GATEWAY TO HEALTH 45 THE GATEWAY TO EXPERIENCE 57 THE GATEWAY TO LEISURE 63 Entered as second-class matter October 6,1914, at the Post Office at Abington, Pa., under Act of March 3, 1879.ZaCHARV lAYLOR WEIRICK built fine cabinets in the Bald Eagle Valley, Center County, Pennsylvania. His son, Joseph C. Weirick, superintendent of the Abington Township schools, during the thirty-five years of his scholastic career, has been building Christian character, ideals, and leadership from the raw material of human lives. Mr. Weirick brought to Abington High School, in 1918, a wide range of teaching and administrative experience. He found an enrollment of 190. He left an enrollment of 1,060 when, in December, 1934, he succeeded Mr. Ling as superintendent. Mr. Weirick believes in scholarship. He raised the status of Abington High School from that of "just another country school” to that of a leader in academic and activities circles, rated by some of Pennsylvania’s leading colleges as the “best high school in the State.” Mr. Weirick believes in discipline. He lives the statement, “Only the man who can control himself is fit to control others.” Mr. Weirick is dignified. He is exact. He is immaculate. Yet he is human. He enjoys a real joke. He likes boys and girls. He mellows with them. Mr. Weirick sets a high standard. “A good teacher must know his subject. He must develop in his students character and responsibility. He must teach subjects second, boys and girls first.” Because of Mr Weirick’s outstanding record, because of his continuing faith in the younger generation, WE, THE CLASSES Of' 1936. DEDICATE TO HIM THIS YEARBOOK. DEDICATION5 T HE YEARBOOK S T A FF Editors-in-cliief Walter Haines Arnold Moore Robert Pratchett Maxine West Martha Torrey Elinor Smith Miriam Freeston Margaret Davis Frances Thierolf Editorial Board Edna Sorber Eleanor Warr Cora Sullinger Associates Margaret Light Doris Jane Solly Edna Butler Frances Salzman Beatrice Clarke W illiam Steltz Thomas Cameron Ruth VanGaasbeek William Anderson Margaret Bracelin Carl Leswing Armand Kister Frances Killian Dorothy Lightman Nora Jefferson Evelyn Bickley Bertha Hunsicker Sports Richard Heydt Harriet Borda Robert Wolff Art Jay Garbutt Casper Becker George Gilmour Winder Vansant Business Anne Simone Ruth Greenspan Elizabeth Schneider Doris Lukert Evelyn Morgan Principal E. B. Gernert Sponsor Gertrude L. Turner Art Adviser Ruth E. Messinger Financial Adviser David E. KruegerA SMALL white column, supporting on its surface a device which records the daily journey of the sun through the heavens, serves to remind the faculty and students of Abington High School of the passing of Samuel S. Utz, teacher social studies and mathematics. Students who attended classes under Mr. Utz or knew him in his capacity of assistant football and baseball coach and sponsor of the Campus Club remember his faithful teaching and his inspiring guidance. The superintendent, the principal, the members of the faculty who came into daily contact with Mr. Utz as an instructor, as the head of the athletic stock-room, and as a friend, will not forget his enthusiastic co-operation and his genial presence. Students have paid Mr. Utz tribute in the beautiful canna bed on the front campus. Administration and faculty have paid tribute in the sun dial. The school pays tribute in memory of one who might well say: “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. 1 have kept the faith.” 6 IN MEMORIAMTHE PRINCIPAL HEN EUGENE B. GERNERT succeeded Joseph C. Weirick as principal of Abington High School, in December. 1934. he came not as a stranger but as a friend. Mr. Gernert had headed the mathematics department in Abington from 1920 to 1930, perhaps during the school’s period of greatest advancement. He had watched it develop from a small rural institution of a few hundred pupils to one of the finest high schools in suburban Philadelphia, indeed, in the whole of Pennsylvania. He had sent forth a continuous stream of students who distinguished themselves and Abington both in college and in life. Mr. Gernert had left Abington to become principal of Steelton High School and. later, assistant superintendent of the Steelton public schools. Abington remembered this worthy son and called him back to continue in a higher capacity the work he bad laid aside four years earlier. Mr. Gernert is a man of broad vision. He believes in athletics, clubs, school publications, music, art. He himself was an expert tennis coach and orchestra leader during his teaching years at Abington. He makes it possible for Abington teachers and students to contact national leaders in thought and action. Abington placed confidence in Mr. Gernert. He has not failed in this trust. He is maintaining the Abington ideals of scholarship, discipline, responsibility, character. He is spurring the students to new levels of achievement. He is blazing a trail of courage, ambition, perseverance, and kindness in the hearts of those who have the pleasure of knowing him and working with him. 8 THE ORACLE9 Walter H. Albright Mathematics Helen P. Briggs Librarian E. A. Brunner Mathematics George E. Dorothy Cathell Helen M. Clark Burlington English Social Studies Science Virginia Dale English George F. Erb A. Donald Frantz M at hematics Com m ercial Science J. S. Furniss Paul T. Gantt George G. Gessner Commercial French Mathematics Social Studies Gertrude E. Herzog Physical Education Sarah V. Kline English J. Ira Kkeider Social Studies THE FACULTY YEARBOOKTHE FACULTY David E. Kruger Elmer A. Lissfelt Catharine E. Commercial Social Studies Lobach Latin Pauline H. Manifold Household Arts Frank McClean Manual Training M. B. Messincer Science Hi tii E. Messincer Art Katharine Miller English Pauline E. Nunn Home Economics Carroll O’Brien Music Earnest A. Rauch Science Lilian J. Reichard French Spanish Ralph R. Ricker English Roland C. Ritchie Science Social Studies 10 THE ORACLE11 Charles C. Roberts E. U. Smiley Commercial Social Studies Leonard B. Smith Glenn R. Charles E. Sohl Instrumental Music Snodcrass Mathematics Physical Education Social Studies Edna Stein man Lewis C. Swartz Gertrude L. German Mathematics T urner English Science English Alice F. Weaver Eunice H. Winslow J. Shaylor Commercial Latin Woodruff Mathematics Emklus G. Ralph M. Wricht Zaidke G. Wyatt Wortman Mechanical Drawing English Printing THE FACULTYPreparing to satisfy our appetites ... Mrs. Wyatt and her hooks . . . The secretaries - . - Helping the School Board . . . Mr. Turner gets supplies . . . Jim’s nightly task . . . Mr. Furniss’ line . . . Our smiling messenger . . . Making the lunch line pay up . . . Mrs. Ross helps our Superintendent.Straightforward in feeling, austere in line, simple in decoration, the colonial homes of New England are fit descendants of violet-crowned Athens by the wine-dark sea. Likewise the seniors of Abington High School follow the Greek tradition of self-restraint. THE CLASS OF JANUARY, 1936 CLASS OFFICERS Robert C. Taylor George Ritchie Miriam Freeston William Anderson Alfred Frantz . . President .........V ice-president ..............Secretary ..............T reasurer Athletic Representative CLASS MOTTO Either find a path or make one. CLASS COLORS Blue and Scarlet GEORGE RITCHIE MIRIAM FREESTON WILLIAM ANDERSON ALFRED FRANTZ CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose A BACKWARD GLANCE J10 pupils entered Abington in February, 1932. 48 of these failed to continue with the class, leaving 62 of the original class who graduated. 13 entered the class during its high school course, making a total of 75 who graduated on January 24, 1936. 35 of these were hoys, and 40 of these were girls. 12 of these graduated in the classical course, 6 of these graduated in the commercial course, 8 of these graduated in the preparatory engineering course, 2 of these graduated in the scientific course, and 47 of these graduated in the general course. 20 years, 5 months, 12 days was the age of the oldest boy; 19 years, 10 months, 12 days was the age of the oldest girl; 16 years, 3 months, 26 days was the age of the youngest boy; and 16 years, 1 month, 20 days was the age of the young- est girl. 17 years, 10 months, 9 days was the average age of the class- I 14 THE ORACLE15 M R. ALBRIGHT feels that education is more than knowing the material found in books. If you are unable to apply this fund of knowledge to meet new situations, if you lack the ability to pass correct judgment on practical problems, if you permit some one else to do your thinking for you. then you are, according to this class adviser, uneducated, although you may possess a dozen diplomas. The world has a right to expect that a young person who has been given the fine tools of life will be an artist and not an artisan in living. It looks to the educated youth to be a refining, uplifting force in the community, an inspiration to those who have not had his priceless chances. Abington has faith in the January class of 1936. ♦ In high school, our class assumed leadership and gave its whole-hearted support to the school. Now that we are graduated, we are entering new fields of endeavor and are receiving opportunities to continue to achieve in our own sphere of activities. With all these new-born interests, we do not wish to forget our Alma Mater. We feel a deep sense of appreciation toward our school for the excellent foundation we have received in preparation for life. ot many schools have so comprehensive and thorough a curriculum, so many varied extra-curricular organizations, nor so well-trained and conscientious a faculty as lias Abington High School. Let us as graduates stay behind our Alma Mater. Let us join the Alumni Association and give it our loyal support in all its activities to aid the school. Robert C. Taylor.THE CLASS OF JANUARY JEAN ANDERSON Andv. Basketball. Hockey. Swimming letter. Reading, Style, Dramatic, Latin, Glee clubs. Lady of the Terrace. Flower of Venezia. A Cappella Choir. I’ll Leave It to You. Sunny Scotch lassie. MARY ELLEN BENNETT Tall and reserved. President, Library Club. Likes reading and swimming. President, Care-for-the-Sick Club. Wants to become a librarian. Friendly. Amiable. WILLIAM HENRICH ANDERSON FRANK REGINALD POWELL BENSON Turk. Soccer letter. Baseball monogram. Tall. Easy smile. Abingtonian. Yearbook. Program block prints. Journalism. President, Art Club. Camera Club. Reads, draws, and skates. Radiates good nature. Junior Fourth Estate. Gunga Din. Soccer monogram. Cheerful. Naval ambitions. Student Council. Honor Roll. President, Stamp Club, Treasurer, Travel Club. I'll Leave It to You. Winner, Straw-bridge and Clothier public speaking contest. Philatelist. JEANE CHAPMAN ARMSTRONG Lancaster■ Secretary, Reading Club. Hi-Y. Etiquette Club. Student Council. Collects Literary Digest covers. I'll Leave It to You. Class basketball. Vivacious. Could tell exciting stories forever. . JOHN SMITH ARMSTRONG Army. Letters for four years of basketball and baseball. Stateh drum major. Secretary, Boys' Hi-Y. Commercial Club. Flower of Venezia. Lady of the Terrace. Mistletoe and Holly-berry. Orchestra leader. HOWARD MILTON ASCOUGH. JR. Asco. Soccer squad. Stamp and Camera clubs. President, Science Club. Vice-president. Mathematics Club. Likes books. Going in for banking. Always laughing. GEORGE ALLEN BERKHIMER liurkie. Letter for football. Brown hair and eyes. Camera and Dramatic clubs. Does woodwork. Journalism. Future electrical engineer. Droll. Kindly. HELEN SCOTT BLACK Scotlie. Two letters for swimming. Hockey monogram. Reading, Etiquette, Dramatic, and Clay Modeling clubs. Abingtonian sports staff. Class basketball. Likes tennis and hiking. Wants to be an aviatrix. FRANCIS HENRY BRENNAN Laughing, happy, good-natured—Frank moved among us. He belonged to the Printing Club. He talked of hunting and fishing. His voice was a tonic for sorrowful folk. “Whom the gods love die young.” Note: Died, March 27, 1936. 16 THE ORACLETHE CLASS HAROLD MARTIN BRIGHT Brightie. Can always be found with Frantz. Monogram for cheerleading. Latin, Camera, and Etiquette clubs. A man about town. First A. A. Minstrel. Cross-country and tennis fan. HOMER FRANCIS BROWN Brownie. Likes to fish and hunt. Dramatic and Camp Cooking clubs. Have you seen a quiet and contented brown-haired fellow on duty at lunch time? Journalism. Deliberate. MERVIN RUSSELL BROWN Merv. Junior Fourth Estate. Journalism. Flower of Venezia. Lady of the Terrace. Missionary ambitions. Always helping someone. Aircraft and Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. DOROTHY MARY CAIRNS Dottie. Latin Club. Secretary, Library Club. Vice-president, Dramatic Club. Class hockey. Student Council. Civic Attitude Award. I’ll Leave It to You-Likes to ride horseback. Easy on the eyes. DOROTHY CLAYTON Dot. Good natured. Latin, Dramatic, Etiquette, and Reading clubs. Honor Roll. Enjoys knitting. Good at nursing. Sympathetic. Adores Monopoly. Competent. Steady. YEARBOOK 17 F JANUARY LUCILLE ELIZABETH DADE Freddie. Four years of hockey and basketball. A recipe collector. Art. Leathercraft. and Style clubs. Likes sewing and knitting. Can she truck? Persevering. ROY HOWARD D ARDENNE Tall. Wants to travel in style. Dramatic, Etiquette, and Glee clubs. Happy-go-lucky. Lady of the Terrace. A Cappella Choir. I'll Leave It to You. Flower of V enezia. MARGARET ESTHER DAVIS Beg. Jay-Vee hockey. Class basketball. Honor Roll. Latin, Reading clubs. Secretary, French Club. Hi-Y. Enjoys swimming and reading. Reticent. Writes charming legends. Y earhook. GERTRUDE RUTH DEIBLER Shorty. Hockey squad. Class hockey. Dramatic, Reading, Glee clubs. Bells of Capistrano. Lady of the Terrace. Flower of Venezia. I'll Leave It to You. A Cappella Choir. A bundle of liveliness. CHARLES ANTHONY DELAPLAIN '3C Cellophane. S h i p-m o d e I builder. Future geologist in Mexico. Hi-Y. Etiquette Club. Track manager. Nautical. “Don't give up the ship.” Happy-hearted.THE CLASS OF JANUARY JOHN HOWARD DEMING Whitey. A future engineer. A pun always on hand. Wigwas-sin. Secretary, Hi-Y. Current Events and Etiquette clubs. Abinglonian. Soccer letter. Amateur moving-picture enthusiast. State award for cartoons. Junior Fourth.Estate. MARY ELIZABETH DICKER Very quiet and reserved. Commercial Club. Class hockey. Wants to be a private secretary. Collects stamps. Abinglonian. A candy salesman. Loyal. HOWARD WALTER DYSON, JR. How. Class clown. Head cheerleader. Good voice. Mistletoe and Holly berry- Flower oj Venezia. A Cappella Choir. Glee Club. “Watch that stuff!” Fll Leave It to You. Inquiring mind. Wins arguments. JULIA ANNA EVANS Sule. Latin, Style, Camera, and Library clubs. Likes dancing and knitting. Journalism. Sense of humor. Enjoys journalistic pursuits. Homebody. ALFRED STRAYER FRANTZ Livin' Dutchman. Delights in talking. Varsity football. Latin and Etiquette clubs. Hi-Y. Debating Team. Band. Orchestra. Civic Attitude Award. Vice-president. Student Council. A contagious grin. MIRIAM DORIS FREESTON Midge. Naturally curly hair. Hockey. Class basketball. Yearbook. Secretary, Senior Class. Secretary, Latin Club. Secretary Hi-Y. Vice-president, Reading Club, Operetta. Honor Roll. Civic Attitude Awards. Writes delightful verse. AUGUSTUS EDWARD FRICK ER Bud. Four track letters. Dog lover. Aspires to aviation. Handsome. Can he hurdle? Active in postal system. Journalism. Persuasive grin. DOROTHY MARGARET GIBSON Dot. Everybody’s friend. Ab-ingtonian subscription manager. Leathercraft, Style, and Commercial clubs. Secretary, Magazine Club. Honor Roll. Hi-Y. Ideal secretary. Capable. FREDERICK RALPH GLAZIER Fred. Aims for success. A cheerful worker. Soccer monogram. Honor Roll. Abinglonian advertising staff. Wrestling. Clever. Camera and Airplane clubs. Star reporter. Can he argue! MARGARET BARBARA COHN Gretcli. Abinglonian typist. Commercial and Library clubs. Brown eyes and curls. Wants to be a stenographer. Likes dancing and swimming. A faithful friend. Junior Fourth Estate. 18 THE ORACLETHE CLASS SAMUEL WEBSTER GREEN, JR. Sam. Four years soccer letter. Track. Wrestling. Study Hall chaplain. Stage Manager for I’ll Leave It to You and Community Night. Talkative. Karp’s delivery system. Sunny Sam. DORIS VIRGINIA GROLOCK Wants to he a kindergarten teacher. Dancing brown eyes. Adores knitting. Sense of humor. Reading Club. Fine mind. Deliberate. Always knows her friends. WALTER WELLS HAINES Hainsie. Soccer monogram. Tri-county Championship Team. Tennis. Editor-in-chief, Oracle, Yearbook. Latin, Mathematics, Glee clubs. Junior Fourth Estate. Mistletoe and Hollyberry. Ironical. Controversial. Honor Roll. Highest intelligence quotient. Musical. Keen thinker. CHARLOTTE ANN HARDER Charlie. Always ready to smile. Plays tennis. Glee Club. Treasurer, Art Club. Wants to be a commercial artist. Reads poems. Enjoys movies. JEANNE ANN HEINEMAN Jeanie. A picture of loveliness. Class hockey. Writes prizewinning stories. I’ll Leave It to You. French, Latin, Dramatic, Glee clubs. Swimming Team. Aims to teach English. Humorist. Sweet. YEARBOOK 19 OF JANUARY THELMA PATRICIA JONES Jonesy. Hockey letter. Second Northeast Suburban Hockey Team. Latin and Style clubs. Basketball. Aspires to be a teacher. Knits. Interesting mind. JOSEPH WILLIAM KERCHNER Joe. Football. Journalism. Aircraft, Nature, and Etiquette clubs. Blusher. Future machine designer. Likes the out-of-doors. Drawls. Likable FRANCES LONG KILLIAN Frannie. Monogram for swimming. Petite- Oracle typist. Fll Leave It to You. President, Visiting Club. Announcements. Talkative. Junior Fourth Estate. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Always busy. Perfect coiffure. Yearbook. RAYMOND EUGENE KIRKLF.Y Politician. Enjoys modern dramatics. Fll Leave It to You. Watch him truck! Wants to be a chiropodist. Generous with his car. ALICEBETH KNOW ETON Artistic Abby. Abingtonian feature writer. Class hockey. I'll Leave It to You. Dramatic, Etiquette, and Art clubs. Clever designer. Writes distinctive verse and stories. Whimsical. THE CLASS OF JANUARY CHARLES CHRISTIAN KOSTMAYER Charlie. Aircraft, Etiquette clubs. Amateur angler. President, Nature Club. Wants to be an insurance man, or maybe a banker. Amiable. Appreciates good humor. LILLIAN LEIDY Flossie’s other self. Flower of Venezia. Dancing lady. Fond of singing and acting. An exquisite voice. Small but efficient. Bells of Capistrano. Attractive. I'll Leave It to You. HELENE LOUISE KREITLER Lee. Lady of the Terrace. Bells of Capistrano. Flower of Venezia. Latin, Dramatic, and Reading clubs. Knits. Swimming and hockey. Bishop's Candlesticks. Humorous. Intelligent. Friendly. MARGARET ELIZABETH X LIGHT Peg. Latin and Reading clubs. Secretary, French Club. Assistant manager, hockey team. Plays the piano. Honor Roll. Receptive. Wants to be a language teacher. Hi-Y. Yearbook. Kindly. DOROTHY ANNIE LIGHTMAN REBECCA WIGGINS KULP Kulpie. Likes to work on posters. Quiet. A Cappella Choir. Making a scrap book of school news. Journalism. Wants to be an art designer. Dramatic Club. Sister. SARA RICHARDS KULP Kulpie. Likes to dance and read Western thrillers. Hockey enthusiast. Aspires to be a trained nurse. Journalism. Commercial. Dramatic, Library, and Style clubs. Sister. FLORENCE MAY LEES Flossie. Dependable. Efficient. Band. Orchestra. Plays for Assembly. I’ll Leave It to You. Every operetta since freshman year. Mistletoe and Hollyberry. Journalism. Songbird. Dot. Oracle typist. Junior Fourth Estate. Life Saving Club. Vice-president, Comm e r c i a 1 Club. Collects dolls. Swims. Brown curls. Future secretary. Competent. Dependable. Yearbook. RAYMOND MICHAEL LIZZIO Heine. Will be golf “pro.” President, Current Events and Campus clubs. Three golf letters. Ready smile. Likes to hunt. Journalist. Runner-up in Philadelphia District Interscholastic Golf Tournament, 1935. XU Ct o- DOROTHY MABEL LOVE Cupid. Class hockey. Honor Roll. Etiquette, Latin, Reading clubs. Bells of Capistrano. Lady of the Terrace. Flower of Venezia. Worker. I’ll Leave It to You. Hi-Y- Versatile. Spanish star. r 20 THE ORACLET HE CLASS OF JANUARY 21 MARGARET CAMERON LURTEY Peg. Latin Club. Vice-president, Reading Club. Lady of the Terrace. Flower of Venezia. Student Council secretary. Honor Roll. Civic Attitude Award. Enjoys dancing. Hi-Y. Helping everybody. EMMA MAE LYSLE Em. Responsible for Announcements. Abingtonian typist. Commercial and Library clubs. Journalist. Petite blonde. Likes to knit. Faithful. Willing worker- WALTER HENRY MARCHANT IValt. Heading for big business. Tall and blond. Basso pro-jundo of Glee Club and A Cap-pella Choir. Quiet. Motorist. A big car. Wields a fast tennis racket. Dignified. Poise. GEORGE PARKE McCURRY Senator. Sings. Dramatic and Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. Lady of the Terrace. Flower of Venezia. Football. Til Leave It to You. The life of music class. FRANK LEONARD MILLER Hank■ Always smiling. Football. Civic Attitude Award. Vice-president, Student Council. President, Dramatic Club. Honor Roll. Future cadet—maybe. A gentleman. YEARBOOK ETHEL SARA NIESSEN Tall and dignified. Class hockey. Honor Roll. Dramatic. Latin, and Reading clubs. Hi-Y. Retiring. Lady of the Terrace. Classical student par excellence. BURRELL TAFT OUGHTON Barrels. The future world champion table-tennis player. Does he like to bat the balls around? Aircraft and Science clubs. Track enthusiast. Unassuming. HELEN ELIZABETH PETERS Pete■ Tall, blonde, smiling. Letter in basketball. Editor, Abingtonian. President, Hi-Y. Latin, Reading, and German Glee clubs. Junior Fourth Estate. Animated. Sunny. RUTH EDNA PIERCE Ruthie. Wants nothing except to be happy. Cute. Likes to sew. I’ll Leave It to You. Latin, Reading, Dramatic and Glee clubs. Flower of Venezia. Observing. Piquant. Jl DSON LESLIE PINKHAM Pinky. A man’s man. Wrestling manager. Vocational Club. Treasurer, Mathematics Club. Slight and quick. I’ll Leave It to You. Wants to enter Annapolis. Serious-faced comedian.THE CLASS OF JANUARY WILLIAM TEMPLE RAMBO. JR. Bill. Tall. Brown eyes. Varsity football. Ardent baseball fan. Secretary, Vocational Club. Campus Club. Aspires to successful business enterprise. Good comrade. GEORGE MOLAND RITCHIE. JR. Chick. Track. Interclass wrestling champion. Honor Roll. Airplane and Camera clubs. Headed for Annapolis. ’ Leave It to You. Senior vice-president. Student Council. Likes photography. Clever. A great fellow. DANIEL STEVENS Brody. Curly brown hair. Monogram for cheer-leading. Printing expert and general assistant. Wants to be a salesman. Likable Dan. CORA EDYTH SULLINGER Coe. Dramatic, Stamp, Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. Flower of Venezia. Lady of the Terrace. Property manager. I’ll Leave It to You. Musical. Oracle. Loyal. Yearbook. Junior Fourth Estate. Unpretentious. JAMES RYAN, III Jimmie. Etiquette, Printing, French, and Latin clubs. Wants to be a lawyer. Football monogram. Fiery. Student Council. Likes to argue. Wrestling. Carefree. CATHERINE ELIZABETH SCHAEFER Kay. A singer. Bells of Capistrano. Lady of the Terrace. Flower of Venezia. Retiring. Mistletoe and Hollyberry. Connoisseur of china elephants. ROBER T COLEMAN TAYLOR Bob with the ready smile. Track monogram. Soccer letter. French, Stamp, Mathematics, Etiquette clubs. Hi-Y secretary. Senior president. Honor Roll. Civic Attitude Awards. Abing-tonian editor. Junior Fourth Estate. Exceptional mind. MARY EMMA TEGGE Quiet and responsible. Brown eyes and hair. Hockey manager. Likes to knit. Treasurer, Reading Club. Hi-Y treasurer. Latin Club treasurer. Student Council. Dependable and a real companion. ELIZABETH MARIE SCOTT Scottie. Dramatic, Etiquette, and Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. Knits, and plays jazz. W'ill be a private secretary. Even-tempered. Amiable. ANNA JOSEPHINE TILLGER Ann. Track. Basketball. Two hockey letters. Northeast Suburban Hockey Team. Etiquette, Reading, Commercial, German, and Current Events clubs. Announcements. Makes her own clothes. Congenial. Always willing to help. 22 THE ORACLE23 THE CLASS OF JANUARY YEARBOOK ALEXANDER TIM ME Alex• Ladies’ man. President, Etiquette and Current Events clubs. Captain, cross country. Future civil engineer. Basketball and football. Track. Flash- ing smile. Peppy. Good conversationalist. RUTH VANGAASBEEK Van. Three hockey letters. Vice-president, Hi-Y. Basketball. Hockey captain. Treasurer, Latin Club. Secretary, Student Council. To the point. Shy. Studious. Two years on the Northeast Suburban Hockey Team; captain, 1935. ISABELLA CASELEY WHELLER Issie. Dramatic, Reading, Glee clubs. Bells of Capistrano. Lady of the Terrace. A Cap pel la Choir. Flower oj Venezia. I’ll Leave It to You. Clever. Mistletoe and Holly berry. Dance hostess. Charming. JOHN WILLIAM WIEDER, JR. Bill. Studious. Rand and Orchestra. Mathematics Club. First consul, Latin club. Honor Roll. Thoughtful. Mistletoe and Hollyberry. Stars in scholarship. Wants to be Mr- Albright, Jr. Taciturn. ROBERT WILLIAM WITTMAN Bob. Soccer squad. Coming engineer. Studious. President. Mathematics Club. Vice-president, Science Club. Humorous. Philatelist. Originator of “Oswald the Duck.” Agreeable company. Original and obliging.ALBERT WEISSER II KKIET BORI) JE N KRl EGER NORMAN BECK THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1936 CLASS OFFICERS Mere Schefeey Albert Wkisser Harriet Borda Jean Kri ecer Norman Beck President Vice-president .............Secretary . Treasurer Athletic Representative CLASS MOTTO Let us then be up and doing With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing. Learn to labor and to wait. CLASS COLORS Scarlet and Black CLASS FLOWER Gardenia A BACK WARD GLANCE 174 pupils entered Abington in September, 1932. 81 of these failed to continue with the class, leaving 93 of the original class who graduated. 39 entered the class during its high school course, making a total of 132 who graduated in June 12, 1936. 73 of these were boys, and 59 of these were girls. 15 of these graduated in the classical course, 18 of these graduated in the commercial course, 11 of these graduated in the preparatory engineering course, 10 of these graduated in the scientific course, and 78 of these graduated in the general course. 20 years, 5 months, 24 days was the age of the oldest boy; 19 years, 2 months, 16 days was the age of the oldest girl; 15 years, 9 months,14 days was the age of the young- est boy; and 16 years, 5 months, 13 days w'as the age of the young- est girl. 17 years, 11 months, 0 days was the average age of the class. THE ORACLE25 AbINGTON HIGH SCHOOL has consistently educated the June Class of 1936, as all its other classes, to develop a scientific attitude; that is, to take all facts, judge them impartially, weigh them, and give an unbiased opinion. Abington desires its graduates to become participating members in the community; to take an active interest in all problems of government; above all, to become good citizens. These outcomes are implied in Mr. Messinger’s counsel: “Be good Alumni.” ♦ May 1 stress the values of the traditions Abington has given us? lopping the list of these traditions is the driving desire to carry on—never to quit. In all Abington activities, we have been led to look up—never down. In life, this wdill be a great task. No matter how great the problem, how momentous the decision, we can always find strength, hope, and confidence by looking up. I p! Perhaps past that last cover of leaves, up to those great white fluffy bison charging across that field of blue, up to God. He is there. His hand is forever ready to ease the burdens in our hearts. As the doors of Abington close behind us for the last time, we must always remember to look up. Merl Sciieffey THE CLASS SPONSOR THE CLASS PRESIDENT YEARBOOKTHE CLASS OF JUNE YOLANDA M. AGOVINO Yola. Intends to take up nursing. Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. Commercial Club. Class hockey and basketball. Singing is a hobby with her. JOHN ROGER ALEXANDER Chaub. Plans to own a large restaurant. Junior president. Determined. Monogram in football. Likes horseback riding. President, Hi-Y. Interested in airplanes. Intends to travel. A pleasure to know him. GEORGE FRANKLIN BAKER Pete. Comes from Horsham. Likes to collect stamps. Journalism. Star in printing department. Exacting. Baseball. Track. Lunch line monitor. His ambition is to own his own printing establishment. JOHN LAWRENCE BEATTY Jack. Glee Club. Outlaw King. Wrestling and swimming. Navy family. Sketches automobiles. Mechanical drawing star-A Cappella Choir. Argumentative. Dark and handsome. Gallant. REGINALD SAMUEL ALLEN Reg. From the Virgin Islands. Tennis squad. Compelling smile. Vice-president, Current Events Club. Courteous. Collects stamps. Fluent talker- Airplane mechanic. Keen. Charming Southern ways. NORMAN PERSHING BECK Abe. Letters in golf and cross country. President of Study Hall. Student Council. Athletic Representative. Clever reporter. Aims for success. A sportsman. ARTHUR LEONARD APFELBAUM Abe. His middle name should he “Radio.” President of Radio Club. Humorous. Journalism fan. Small and dark. Plays violin. CHESTER L. BACHANOWSKI Ches. Latin Club. Quiet. Blond. Campus Club. Smiling. Eager. Camp Cooking and Life Saving clubs. Pleasant. Studies taxidermy. Efficient. Knows woodcraft. CASPAR BECKER Nug. A farmer from Buckingham High School. President, Camera Club. Has a fancy for speed boats. A photographer. Yearbook. Hopes to see the world. Takes life as it comes. KENNETH HAROLD BERKY Little Abe. Vocational, Etiquette, and Mathematics clubs. Interested in philately. Executive ability. A talker. Journalism. A Richard man. 26 THE ORACLETHE CLASS EVELYN MARGY BICKLEY Evvy. Aspires to be a private secretary. Typist for Yearbook. Gay. Dramatic, Style, and Commercial clubs. Makes scrap books. Likes to sew. Interested in newspapers. Serious. WILLIAM GEORGE BLAND Reds. Football co-captain. Letterman in track, baseball, basketball, and football. Junior vice-president. President, Athletic Association. A. A. Minstrel. Glee, Dramatic, and Leathercraft clubs. An athlete. RALPH IRVIN BOBB Irv. Football monogram. President, Model Airplane Club. Wants a hunting camp. Helps back stage. A. A. Minstrel. Stars in woodwork. Carves dog brooches for the girls. Genial. HARRIET CROSS BORDA Happy. Editor, Abingtonian. Civic Attitude Awards. President, Hi-Y. Glee Club. Secretary, A. A. Council. A Cappella Choir. Student Council. Three operettas. Junior and senior secretary. Hurricane House. A charming smile. MARGARET MARTHA BRACELIN Peggy. Block prints in Abingtonian and Oracle. Tall. Wins prizes in poster contests. Reading Club president. Secretary, Art Club. Future costume designer. Helpful. Yearbook. Prettiest girl. YEARBOOK OF JUNE 27 CONSTANCE ATHERTON BROWNELL Connie. Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. Lady oj the Terrace. Flower of Venezia. Outlaw King. Takes extra work in night school. Likes to travel. Journalism. Horsewoman. JEAN A DELLA BURLINGTON Jeannie Bee. Collects news about famous people. Art, Reading, Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. A charming strain of gaiety and merry laughter. Writes verse. A student of value. EDNA ELIZABETH BUTLER Eddie. Treasurer, Latin Club. Leathercraft, Dramatic, Library clubs. Student Council. Honor Roll. Hi-Y. Yearbook. Expert dressmaker. Intelligent. Always dropping something. Hurricane House. New York trip. Pleasant. ARTHUR THOMAS CAMERON, JR. Tom. Smile for everyone. Football. Basketball manager. Friendly. Drives a car. End man in A. A. Minstrel. Conversationalist. Budding Certified Public Accountant. Happy-go-lucky. NATALIE VIRGINIA CANNOE Nat. Class basketball. Friendly. Abingtonian typist. Pleasant and unassuming. Enjoys dancing and swimming. Library, Style, Commercial clubs. Likable.-5S THE Cl. AS THOMAS A. CARLIN, JR. Tom. Wants to own an airplane. Auxilium L at in u m Award. Airplane, Latin, Radio, and Mathematics clubs. A photographer. Likes to fish and swim. Retiring. Serious. THOMAS J. CARROLL Turkey. Cross country and golf. Golf is his hobby. Journalism. Wants to become a publisher. Pleasant company. A good friend when you know him. Stars in printing. FRANKLIN A. CHUBB, JR. Chubby. Likes to drive and do tricks with a car. Camera and Mathematics clubs. Full of fun. Hi-Y. Saves Indian-head pennies. Aims to be a “gentleman farmer.” Reserved. BEATRICE MAY CLARKE Bee. Flower of Venezia. Latin, Dramatic, Reading, Glee clubs. Oracle. Junior Fourth Estate. Outlaw King. Yearbook. A Cappella Choir. Debating. Lovely voice. Hurricane House. Travel fan. A social asset. DAVID BARNES CLEM Arizona. Wanderlust. Likes the outdoors. A. A. Minstrel. Straightforward. Hi-Y. Oracle story contest winner. Promising author and rancher. 5 OF JUNE LILLIAN RUTH CLYDE Lit. Blue eyes and brown hair. Library and Commercial clubs. Member of Girls’ Hi-Y. Likes to read and sew. Pianist. Wants to be a secretary. Friendly and goodnatured. ROBERT ALEXANDER COLFLESH Bob. Camera, Latin, and Current Events clubs. Soccer and swimming squads. Treasurer, Printing Club. Bob likes to fish and wants to do it off the coast of Florida some day. OLIVE MIRIAM CROCKETT Shorty. Wavy brown hair. Art, Reading and Style clubs. Class hockey. Likes to draw and to motorcycle. Plans to be an artist. Lovable. Note: Left, May 1, 1936. ROBERT DAVID CUMMINGS Reds. Letter in soccer. Future golf professional. Temperamental. Appreciates good music. A printer. Likes to whistle. Sense of humor. Can he imitate! Good natured. PAUL DAKAY Paul. Likes to work with model airplanes. Quiet and slow, but thorough. Journalism. Embryo aviation mechanic. A dependable fellow. X 28 THE ORACLE29 THE CLASS OF JUNE THOMAS J. C. DALFONZO EDWARD JOSLAND DREW Tom. Football, wrestling, and golf. A. A. Minstrel. Hi-Y. Etiquette Club. Collects clippings. Mathematics Club. Plays accordion and piano. Lover of music. JOHN B. DAV IDSON Russ. Likes anything with a motor in it. Letter in tennis. Vice-president of Local History Club. Wants to fly. Gracious. Drives a car. Delivers news for Junior Fourth Estate. Courteous. t ■ ri. DOROTHEA E. DELAPLAIN Dotty. Swimming and hockey. Abingtonian. Student Council. Etiquette Club. Flashing dark eyes. Hi-Y. Interested in chemical research. Dependable and willing. Nice. Sketches. MARGARET MARY DIPAOLO Demure. Member of Latin and Reading clubs. Enjoys making scrap books. Studious. Inspiring. Leads class in chemistry. Pleasant. Small but dependable. Eager to help everyone. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH DOUGHTY Betts. Hockey. Secretary and President of Etiquette Club. Excellent modern dancer. Collects china dogs. Wants to travel. Attractive blonde. Graceful aesthetic dancer. Likes driving and dogs. Friendly smile. YEARBOOK Ed. Happy-go-lucky. Debating Team. Band, Orchestra let-terman. President, German Club. A Cappella Choir. Glee Club. Witty. Flower of Venezia. To be a surgeon. Conversationalist. Brains. ELBERT FOSTER DURFEE, JR. Ihtrfj. Honor Roll. Junior Fourth Estate. Baseball squad. Editor, Abingtonian. President. Bird Club. Civic Attitude Awards. Hurricane House. Spoke at C. S. P. A. Convention. Jolly. Diversified interests and achievenients. t MARIE M. EDMISTON Tall. Reserved and quiet. Hails from Willow Grove. Commercial Club. Likes to read and sw im. Crochets. A dreamer. Expects to be a stenographer. Likes to travel. A good friend. JAMES FRANCIS EGNER Jim. Cheerful. Blue-eyed. Likes to raise pigeons and chickens. Mistletoe and Holly-berry. Wants to become a financier. Outlaw King. SOPHIE HILDA EICHELMAWV Honey. Bells of Capistrano. Plays tennis. Flower oj Venezia. Enjoys dancing and ice skating. Outlaw King. Intends to become a concert singer. That smile!THE CLASS OF JUNE J()H W. ENELL Editorial staff. Abinglonian. Latin and Campus clubs. A microscope enthusiast. Soccer squad. Civil engineer in the making. New York trip. Must we call him shy? BERTHA LOUSE EXLEY Bertie. Short and sweet. From Springfield. Hockey monogram. Etiquette Club. Secretary, Care-for-the-Sick Club. Likes to knit and sew. Air hostess enthusiast. Blue-eyed. Animated. WINTON MILES FARENWALD IVint. Tall. Would like to own a new car every year. Letter in basketball. Automobile fan. Delivers Junior Fourth Estate publicity. Friendly attitude. JAY J. GAR BUTT Artist. Enjoys hunting and riding. President, Art Club. Reserved. Raises canaries and Irish setters. Abingtonian. Budding commercial artist. P. S. P. A. Award. Year book. Junior Fourth Estate. Journalism. Dog connoisseur. RICHARD LEWIS GARRETSON Abe. Tall. Blond, wavy hair. Letterman in basketball. Collects bottles. Wants to be a bank president. Witty. A Kenneth man. Journalism. Even-tempered. ISABELLE MARJORIE GEIGER issie. Cheltenham recruit. Abingtonian. Swims. Collects elephants, not real ones, of course. Secretary to be. Always ready to smile and to work. ROBERT GIBB Skippy. Basketball letter. Commercial Club. Best blusher in class. Cross country letter. Certified Public Accountant in embryo. Easy disposition. Track letter. Sympathetic smile. FRANKLIN LEWIS GIBBS Frank. Wants to become a professional salesman. Tall. Likes to ride horseback. From Liberty High School, Bethlehem. A philatelist. Pleasant conversationalist. D e 1 i be r a te. Loyal Epworth Leaguer. GEORGE M. CILMOUR Gilly. Oracle cartoonist. Bells oj Capistrano. Basketball manager. Lady of the Terrace. Jolly. The Flower oj Venezia. A Cappella Choir. An all-around fellow. Talkative. Letter for swimming. Yearbook. Junior Fourth Estate. CAROLYN RUTH GREENSPAN Ruthie. Dark. Curly hair. Abinglonian typist. Helpful. Yearbook. Latin, Etiquette, Dramatic, Commercial clubs. Fills in her time with knitting and sewing. Stenographer. Inclined to talk. 30 THE ORACLETHE CLASS ALBERT GUSTAVE HANDSCHl MACHER Al. Civic Attitude Award. Debating Team. Vice-president, Stamp Club. Senior B president. President. Student Council. Takes charge of tickets at all school events. Dependable. Suave. Compelling smile. GLENN HANSFORD Hansom. Bells of Capistrano. Collects match boxes. Lady of the Terrace. A. A. Minstrel. Flower o f Venezia. Outlaw King. Joan of the Haney Lee. Obliging. Actor. Hurricane House. Happy-go-lucky. MARGARET E. HASSENPLUG Hassen. Tall. Good natured. Abingtonian. Letters for swimming. Secretary, Local History Club. Hopes to teach home economics. Winning smile. Basketball captain. Crime Essay winner. CHARLES RICHARD HEYDT Tennis manager. Intends to go into business. Retiring. Vocational, Camera, and Stamp clubs. Humorous. Likes radio and driving. Wigwassin devotee. Hurricane House. Man of the out-of-doors. EDWARD JOSEPH HLUBNY Ed. Latin, Science, Radio, and Etiquette clubs. A. A. Minstrel. Dry wit. Enjoys crabbing and fishing. Fast talker. “Cheese and crackers.” Track manager. President of Mathematics Club. YEARBOOK OF JUNE 31 JOHN HORTON, JR. Jack. Letter in football. Likes to ride horseback. Sociable. Headed for Wall Street. Able to express himself well. Likes skiing. ALICE GERTRUDE HUGHES Secretary, Typing Club. Etiquette, Style, and Commercial Clubs. Abingtonian bookkeeper. Honor Roll. Excellent swimmer. Intends to travel. Graceful dancer. BERTHA EM I LIE HUNSICKER Bert. Advertising staff. Abingtonian. Dramatic, Library, Style, and Commercial clubs. Hurricane House. Evelyn’s satellite. Flower of Venezia. Likes to swim and dance. Secretarial ambitions. Modest. Polite. EDITH HUNTER Dee-nee. Cheerful. Latin and Reading clubs. Intelligent. Member of Student Council. Dependable. Class hockey. Ambition—to circle globe. Willing friend. Dainty and eager. NORA ANN JEFFERSON Merry Jeff. Abingtonian typist. To be court stenographer. Reading Club. Secretary, Style Club. Swims. Likes to knit. Commercial Club. Amiable. Lovely blue eyes.THE CLASS OF JUNE EARL WAYNE JENKINS, JR. George. Future research chemist. Band and Orchestra. Assistant band-leader. Likes music and chemistry. President of Band. Excels in anything he enjoys. MARY ANNE KERVIN Orchestra. Reading and Etiquette clubs. Class basketball. Likes to drive. Latin Club. Wants to go the world around. Makes scrapbooks. Dark eyes. Always mirthful. ARMANI) LAROCQUE KISTER Tarzan. Treasurer, Local History Club. Junior Fourth Estate. Yearbook. New York trip. Likes aviation. Plays banjo. From Jenkintown High. Journalism. Gets into mixups. Golf fan. Artist. Ready humorist. WILLIAM G. KREWSON Bill. A philatelist. President and vice-president. Stamp Club. Quiet. Likes surveying and diving. Aiming to be postmaster general. Mechanical drawing star. Quiet and dependable. JEAN LOUISE KRUEGER Class treasurer. Etiquette Club treasurer. Ace cheer leader. Swims, skates, and dances. Plans to do marine stenographic work. Commercial and Glee clubs. Hurricane House. Dresden china. ETHEL JOANNA LAN INC Dark wavy hair. First consul, Latin Club. Hurricane House. Glee Club. Assistant treasurer, Student Council. Abingtonian. Hockey squad. Vice-president, Hi-Y. Collects china dogs. Junior Fourth Estate. Versatile. CARL PHILLIP LESWING Barrel. Soccer Manager. Honor Roll. Junior Fourth Estate. Oracle. End man in A. A. Minstrel. Glee Club. A Cap-pella Choir. Draws. Sings. Theatre-goer. Yearbook. Argumentative. Debater. Square dancer. Hurricane House. FRED J. LIVEZEY Vocational Club. Football. Wild about airplanes. Stars in mechanical drawing. Airplane Club. Drives car. Etiquette Club. At everybody’s service. Guns and fishes. RUTH MARTHA LUBY Ruthie. Class basketball. Class and Varsity hockey. Track. Latin Club. Wants to be a handicraft teacher. Faithful. Likes knitting and skating. Reads plays. DORIS ANN LUKERT Dorrie. Commercial Club. Fond of dancing and swimming. Etiquette and Style clubs. Likes sundaes. Does Junior Fourth Estate typing. Lovely dark eyes. Dramatic Club. Winner State medal in commercial law. THE ORACLE33 THE CLASS OF JUNE PHYLLIS INA LUNDY Phil. From Mt. Penn High School, Suburban Reading. Class hockey. Plans to do hospital work. Assistant manager of girls’ track. Winning personality. Secretary, Reading Club. DOROTHY BEULAH LYTTLE Dotty. Straight from Ireland. Commercial, Library, Care-for-the-Sick, and Style clubs. Class hockey. Likes to sew and dance. Expects to be a secretary. Real Irish brogue. Irish wit and humor. THELMA LOUISE MACNEEL Mackey. Wavy brown hair. Camera, Travel, and Style clubs. Likes to knit and sew. Makes flower gardens. A ready smile. Expects to become a sewing teacher. Hikes. Journalism. Gentle. EILEEN McVICKER ’Leen. Likes to read. Latin, Scrapbook, Nature, and Library clubs. Serious. A swimmer. Basketball. Delightful stories for Oracle. Soft voice. Gentle ways. Church worker. MARY HAZEL MITSCH Hazel. Latin, Commercial, Travel, and Etiquette clubs. Vice-president and treasurer, Care-for-the-Sick Club. Swims and knits. Embryo nurse. Class hockey. Star seamstress. Wonderful friend. Shy and retiring. YEARBOOK CAROLINE EDITH MONTAGUE Dolly. Etiquette Club. Hopes to be an author. Likes to write and skate. Class hockey and basketball. Tomboy. Rides horse-back. Journalism. Miss Briggs’ helper. Peppy. JOHN ARNOLD MOORE Arnie. Ornithologist. Latin, Stamp, Nature clubs. President, Bird Club. Assistant editor, Oracle. Junior Fourth Estate. Chemistry star. Editor-in-chief, Yearbook. Honor Roll. Collects bird stamps. Bird sanctuary. Thoughtful reader. EVELYN MAYFIELD MORGAN Cookie. Commercial Club. Enjoys reading and dancing. Looks forward to nursing. Hates chemistry. Treasurer, Care-for-the-Sick Club. Bertha’s shadow. Friendly. Travel and Style clubs. Excels in handiwork. GLADYS MAY MORRIS Shorty. Secretary of Study Hall. Class hockey and basketball. Intends to become a beauty specialist. Roller-skater. Likes to dance. Secretary, Camp Cooking Club. Always has a snappy comeback. WI Li d AM EDWARD MORRISON Eddie. Writer of modernistic verse. Keen intellect. Would like to serve the United States as a foreign military observer. Enjoys hunting. A gentleman of the upper class.THE CLASS OF JUNE ELSIE ELEANOR MUDD Else. Commercial Club. Swims, skates, and dances. Quiet. Excellent typist. Thinks of being a traveling secretary. Fond of knitting. Faithful. EVELYN DORIS NELSON Eve. Tall, blonde, and shy. Style Club. From Germantown High School. Likes to read. Secretarial material. Reading Club. And can she knit! GILBERT HAROLD NELSON Pete. Tall. Blond hair. Reporter. From Germantown High School. Dances. Likes printing. Part of the Nelson-Watson partnership. Sociable and friendly. GEORGE WILLIAM OUGHTON Bill. Athletic. Hillbilly Band. A. A. Minstrel. Not particular about musical instruments-—he plays them all. Science Club. Courageous. JAMES PADGETT Star. Track and basketball. A ten-second man. Interested in journalism. A stamp collector. Hopes to become a doctor. Friendly and sympathetic. THEODORE RAYMOND PETER Ted. Wrestling. Science Club. Hunts and fishes. Likes to study nature. A medico on the make. A lover of the out-of-doors. Plays marimbaphone well. Reasoning. EDWARD IRVING PHILLIPS Ted. Football manager. Vice-president, Local History Club. Class basketball. Wrestling. Science Club. Likes to collect autographs. Desires to become a forester. Student Council. A. A. Minstrel. Contagiously cheerful. ROBERT ARTHUR PRATCHETT Cuba. Managing editor, Junior Fourth Estate. Reserved. Debating Team. Oracle. Secretary and Treasurer, Science Club. Study Hall chaplain. Yearbook editor. Intelligent. Brilliant. Treasurer, Stamp Club. Honor Roll. Loves an argument. JEANNETTE AMY REDLAND Jean. Organist-to-be. Hi-Y. Likes to dance. Plays tennis. Swims. Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. Student Council. Outlaw King. Dramatic and Latin clubs. Hurricane House. Good to know. MABEL FORREST REID Jerry. Reticent. Enjoys reading and hiking. Commercial Club. President, Typing Club. Sympathy in person. Abington-ian. Desires to be a stenographer. Dainty. 34 THE ORACLE35 THE Cl. ASS OF JUNE CROSSMAN S. ROBINSON, JR. Bud. Student Council. Etiquette Club. Builds boats and scale ship models. Wants to own a ship building company some day. Aircraft Club. Mechanical drawing. Interesting. PAUL KENT RUMMEL Likes nothing better than to talk about guns. Writes. Highest intelligence quotient. Enjoys hunting and fishing. Camera and Science clubs. A born gunsmith. Wants to become a farmer. A penetrating mind. FRANCES MILDRED SALZMAN Frankie. Latin, Reading, Glee clubs. Yearbook. Honor Roll. Class basketball. Reads. Plays the piano. Budding archaeologist. Enjoys French. Chatters. Four high schools in four years. Writes. A world traveler. V KENNETH ARTHUR s SCHAEFER Ken. Sports fan and baseball star. Wants to play ice hockey but will be contented with berth on the Cleveland Indian “nine”. Advertiser for Abingtonian. Treasurer, Commercial Club. Engaging. MERE H. SCHEFFEY Scheff. Baseball. Football letter. Versatile. Class president. Vice-president, President, Temple United States Congress. Debonair. Debating. Vice-president, Student Council. President, Local History Club. Hurricane House. Studying surgery. Writes. Distinguished. ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER Betty. Commercial Club. Library Club secretary. Vice-president, Style Club. German (llee Club. Thinking of court stenography. Likes stamp collecting. Dances. Skates. Blonde prettiness. JOHN SCOTT Scotty. Perfect attendance record. Science and Camera clubs. Quiet. Likes dogs, hiking, camping, and fishing. Yearns to travel. Never seen without Rummel. Accurate reporter. ALICE VIRGINIA SHARP Bubbles. Dark curls. Likes to play the piano, to dance, and to swim. Secretary, Printing Club. Enjoys singing. A methodical, serious lady. The girl that likes printing. FRED H. SHAW, JR. Sparky. Baseball squad. Wants to become a globe trotter. Slow, pleasant drawl. Likes to draw. Telephoned sports for Junior Fourth Estate. Journalism. Easy-going. WILLIAM JAMES SHEDDEN Bill. Football. Baseball. Hi-Y. A. A. Minstrel end man. Coming tree surgeon. Likes speed boats, cars, and motors. Drives a roadster. Good dresser. Affable. At everyone’s service. YEARBOOKTHE CLASS OF JUNE ANNE VIRGINIA SIMONE Likes to knit and dance. Commercial Club. Typist for Oracle. Yearbook. Junior Fourth Estate. Faithful worker. To be a secretary. JOHN T. SIPPEL Jack. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Reserved. Enjoys hunting and fishing. Traps regularly. Nature Club. Likes mathematics. Part of the Kerchner-Sippel partnership. Reliable. Football. Journalism. Trustworthy. ELINOR ALICE SMITH Buddie. Plans to design dresses. Swimming manager. Likes a good time. Telephoned sports for Junior Fourth Estate. Sally and Company. Secretary, Clay Modeling Club. Oracle. Industrious. Hurricane House. Yearbook. Happy. WALTER WOODROW WILSON SMITH Smitty. Blue eyes and brown hair. Ambitious. President, Printing Club. Part of the Smith-Snyder team. Enjoys gunning. Student Council monitor. Persistent. VINCENT SNYDER Bud. Vice-president, Printing Club. Always with Woodrow. Dark hair. A master printer. A gay young blade. Always willing to befriend a fellow. DORIS JANE SOLLY Dolly. Oracle. Class basketball and hockey. Dances beautifully. Yearbook. Wants to join the American Ballet. Junior Fourth Estate. Art, Library, Reading, Dramatic clubs. Journalism. Hurricane House. Reads and lives poetry. EDNA CLAPHAM SORBER Ed. Treasurer, Library Club. Class basketball. Collects pictures and biographies of authors. Oracle. Yearbook. Junior Fourth Estate. Mirthful. Hurricane House. Journalism. New York trip. Wants to write the American novel. WILLIAM GEORGE STELTZ, JR. Bill. Baseball. Wrestling. Ab-inglonian. Debating. Yearbook. Flower of Venezia. A. A. Minstrel. Outlaw King. Civic Attitude Award. Hurricane House. Latin, Glee, Tropical Fish clubs. Band, Orchestra. Choir. Facile tongue. RUTH MARGARET STEVENS Little Bits. Plans to enter the nursing profession. Leathercraft Club. Likes sewing. Art Club. Reads. Commercial Club. Appetizing cook. ANDREW JAMES STEWART, III Booter. Soccer monogram. President, Leathercraft Club. Radio Club. Training to be a printer. Science and Stamp clubs. Varsity track. Likes dancing. THE ORACLE37 THE CLASS OF JUNE GORDON L. STOTT GEORGE LESLIE TIMME, JR. Diddy. Varsity track. End man in A. A. Minstrel. Vice-president, Boys’ Etiquette Club. Unique expressions. Treasurer, Hi-Y. Takes his time. Inimitable humor. BETTY MARIE TAYLOR Bells. Dependable. Vice-president, Travel and Latin Clubs. Smile for all. Likes knitting and crocheting. Student Council. Intends to nurse. Befriends the forlorn. Enjoys life. CLAUDIA HOPE ELIZABETH TAYLOR Champion speller. Class hockey. Etiquette Club. Knits and crochets. Quiet but industrious. Plays the piano. Hopes to be a private secretary. Reserved. FRANCES HELEN THIEROLF Fran. Tennis manager. Ab-ingtonian. Secretary, Latin Club. Two operettas. Student Council. Yearbook. Secretary, Hi-Y. Glee Club. Junior Fourth Estate. Swimming Team. New York trip. Delightful to know. HARRY HUNT THOMAS Vice-president, Dramatic Club. Likes sailing. Desires to become an electrical engineer. Hurricane House. Good-natured. Plays the piano. Dances. Mechanical drawing. Whimsical humorist. YEARBOOK Les. Swimming and track. Letter in soccer. Treasurer, Dramatic Club. Secretary, Life Saving Club. Sense of humor. Drives a car. Hurricane House. Looks toward civil or electrical engineering. A comrade. MARTHA TORREY Marty. Plays piano in Assembly. Spoke at C. S. P. A. convention. Civic Attitude Awards. Treasurer, Hi-Y. Junior Fourth Estate. Debater. Yearbook. Oracle. Vice-president, Student Council. Coming doctor. Hurricane House. Busy lady. JOHN WILSON VAN DEGRIFT Vandy. Likes to play a trumpet. Band. Studying electrical engineering. A. A. Minstrel. Outlaw King. A Cappella Choir. Pleasant. Friendly manner. Hurricane House. Mischievous. Good mind. JOSEPH WINDER VANSANT. JR. Reds. Art editor, Oracle. Lover of horses. Vice-president and treasurer. Art Club. Yearbook. Coverlining and block prints. Catalogues automobiles at sight. Dreams of designing. Dog lover. Ace in safety test. THEDA ROWEEN VOTH Tedie. Knits. Training to nurse. Secretary and treasurer, Nature Club. Printing and Commercial clubs. Collects clippings of school events. Quiet and demure.THE CLASS OF JUNE KATHRYN MARY WALSH Cass. Reads and knits. Commercial Club. Plans to be a secretary. Quiet. Types Announcements. Likable. Helps in office. Accurate. CLAYTON JOHNSON WALTON Dewey. Collects autographs of baseball players. Two letters and monograms in baseball. Ready and sincere. Big League aspirant. Office reporter. Dramatic, Camera, Current Events clubs. Accurate. Ace in safety test. CORA ELEANOR WARR El. Varsity swimming. Lovely curls. Class hockey. Dramatic, Latin, Reading Clubs. Oracle. Knits. Junior Fourth Estate. 11 ikes. Yearbook. Embroiders. Penn State rooter. Spoke at C. S. P. A. convention. Adores dogs. ARWILLA FRANCES WATERS Billy. Junior Class president in Crisfield, Maryland, High School. Likes to read and dance. Plans to become a surgical nurse. Volleyball, track, and tennis. Musical lady. DOROTHY ANNE WEIERMAN Dot. Petite. Hockey. Dramatic Club secretary. A Cappella Choir and Glee Club. Musical Convention at Pittsburgh. Outlaw King. Travel fan. Likes sketching and designing. ALBERT E. WEISSER Geek. Vice-president, Athletic Association. Football letter. Retiring. Wins prizes for wood carving. Wrestling letterman. Football co-captain. Senior vice-president. Modest. Outstanding athlete. Quiet. Many times class president. Likes golf. MAXINE LOUISE WEST Max. Class hockey, basketball. Abingtonian. Honor Roll. Junior Fourth Estate. Hurricane House. Commercial, Glee, Travel clubs. Debates. President, Library Club. Dances. Temple Congress reporter. Journalism star. Writes distinctively. Yearbook. Gifted. CHARLES HOWARD WILLIAMS Bill. Reserved. Dry wit. Secretary, Aircraft Club. Quick. Science Club. Argumentative. Debates. A. A. Minstrel. Intends to become aeronautical engineer. Intelligent. Stars in mechanical drawing. A real thinker. ERIC WISCHHUSEN Baron. Football letter. Wrest-ling. Class basketball. Dramatic Club. Track. Likes to argue. “Now up in Chalfont—” Posted on current events. Amusing. Constructs miniature zeppelins. Hurricane House. Knows interesting people. Twin. JOHN WISCHHUSEN Football letter. Wants to paint scenery. Wrestling. Class basketball. Dramatic Club. Baseball. Beautiful work in pastels. Hurricane House. Good sport. Humorous. Likes “makeup” division of play production. Twin. 38 THE ORACLE39 ALMA MATER Rise up one and stand ye all. For our dear old Abington, Fail not ye, but heed the call— To the White and Crimson— We will ever cherish thee, Vict’ry or defeat it be. Staunch and true our school-mates all— To our dear old Abington. Many days may come and go, To thee, dear old Abington, Storms may rise, and winds may blow. Firm arid true our Crimson— Let not mem’ries faded be As we go o'er land and sea, Alma Mater, hail to thee. To our dear old Abington. THE CLASS OF JUNE YEARBOOK ROBERT ALBERT WOLFF Bob. Wrestling letter. Aircraft Club. President, Vocational Club. Likes to work with wood. Learning to be machinist. Journalism. Yearbook. Enjoys driving. Track. Good in mechanical drawing. Amiable. Faithful. WILBERT JAMES YOST Bert. Vocational, Printing, and Campus clubs. Secretary and treasurer, Boys’ Etiquette Club. Stage hand for A. A. Minstrel show. Future master printer. Varsity letterman in soccer. Confident. EDITH R. YOUNGER Edie. Goes to movies. Collects clippings. Pleasing personality. Commercial Club. President, Travel Club. Betty’s other self. Dependable. Types Announcements. Expert cook.ttIKOP 3MITM THE TORCH Class of Thirty-seven, bear the torch. Hold it proudly o'er the head of Youth. Cherish it and guard its precious flame. The shining light of Courage, Honor, Truth. Miriam Freeston, ’36. The Senior R ClassThe Junior A Class The Junior B ClassThe Sophomore A Class The Sophomore B Class mwrm The Freshman A Class The Freshman B ClassWHO’S WHO I HE ORACLE here wishes to acknowledge those seniors most outstanding in leadership, scholarship, character, sportsmanship, and service. These students represent desirable types of Abington’s upper classmen, and are those who, the pupils think, best represent the ideals of the high school. Minor points included are participation in sports, publications, music, dramatics, and art. THE CLASS OF JANUARY William Anderson Miriam Freeston Walter Haines Helen Peters Robert Taylor Ruth Van Gaasbeek THE CLASS OF JUNE Harriet Borda Elbert Durfee Albert Handschumacher Carl Leswing Robert Pratchett Merl Scheffey Anne Simone Frances Thierolf Martha Torrey Maxine West From Harm sweet earth and April rains And softly blowing winds Comes loveliness. This all remains A living part of us, a flame Of fellowship that grows within and finds Its outlet on the warm earth whence it came. And when we see this bright reflected gleam, How much more lovely then does living seem. Miriam Freeston, ’36. 44 THE ORACLEThe mansions of the Old South are a mellow, gentler, softer Colonial. They radiate gracious importance. They breathe hospitality. Students participating in the activities of Abington High School learn poise, grace, ease.F O O I' B A L I. I he “Ghost’ season saw Albert Weissers blocking, Williarn Bland s kicking, Williarn Shannon s passing, with William Bates and Kenneth Bleues’ receiving. John and Eric Wischhusen held the ends. Frank Zenzer and Ban I Asure hit the line. Jack Horton, Gordon Ambler, and Jack Donohue ran the ends. Merl Schefjey and William Rambo passed the hall hack. Sam Clayton, Douglas Guy, Alfred Frantz and Walter Colflesli charged into the enemy’s hackfield. Sept. 27 North Wales 7 0 Oct. 5 Chester 0 14 Oct. 12 Lower Merion 0 27 Oct. 18 Eddyslone 9 0 Oct. 26 Haverford .... 19 21 Nov. 2 Norristown 6 36 Nov. 8 North Coventry 26 6 Nov. 15 Radnor .... 0 13 Nov. 30 Cheltenham 0 34 HOCKEY The hockeyists turned back most of their opponents through team work, spirit, and attack as well as an armor-plated defensive. Harriet Borda. Florence Washington. Thelma Jones, Gratha Zwart and Sarah Wolstenliolme formed the forward wall. Elanore Arnold, goalie, protected the cage with the able assistance of Ruth VanGaas-beek, Anne Wunderle, Ann Tillger, Eleanor Gotwals, and Nelda Sowers. Oct. 16 Upper Moreland ......... 1 0 Oct. 23 Jenkintown ............ 0 1 Nov. 6 Ambler ................. 2 1 Nov. 13 Olney ..................11 0 Nov. 20 Lansdownc.............. 0 0 Nov. 26 Cheltenham ........... 1 0 SOCCER Abington’s hooters finished in second place in the Suburban League. This was attributed to a first-class defense that functioned perfectly. Leslie Timme, Victor Koenig, Williarn Anderson, and Robert Davies stopped the ball from crossing the goal area while Harold Bitman, Richard Michel, Forrest Allen, Jack Riebsamen, Wilbert Yost, Charles Geissel, Sam Green, and Robert Cummings kept the ball in the enemy territory. Sept. 26 Frankford Oct. 3 Simon Cratz Oct. 5 Lower Merion. Oct. 10 Olney.......... Oct. 15 Haverford Oct. 21 Bethlehem Oct. 22 Upper Darby Oct. 23 Hill School Nov. 5 Lower Merion Nov. 12 Haverford Nov. 21 Lansdowne Nov. 29 Alumni 0 2 2 5 1 2 1 2 2 0 1 4 1 1 1 3 0 1 3 1 4 0 0 1 46 THE ORACLE47 THE FOOTBALL TEAM Glenn R. Snodgrass Coach Albert Weisser . Co-captain George F. Erb Assistant Coach William Bland Co-captain Ralph R. Ricker Assistant Coach Edward Phillips Manager THE HOCKEY TEAM Gertrude E. Herzog Coach Ruth VanGaasbeek Captain Mary Tegge Manager THE SOCCER TEAM Paul T. Gantt Coach Victor Koenig Captain John F. Trainer Assistant Coach Carl Leswing ManagerCROSS COUNTRY For a new sport, the cross country team, turned in a remarkable record of achievement. The team of Alex Tirnrne. Norman Beck, Robert Gibb, Norman Kelly, and Natal Delia remained undefeated in all the dual meets and placed third in a field of nine, most of whom were experienced. Oct. 18 Upper Darby 26 29 Oct. 25 Olney 25 30 Oct. 30 Lansdale 18 46 Nov. 6 Ambler 16 72 Nov. 20 Suburban Meet Third Place GIRLS’ BASKETBALL This team was little discussed. Like most girls’ sports, it outstripped the boys. Margaret Hassenplug, Gene Stout, Evelyn Anderson, and Nelda Sowers spent their time under their opponents baskets. The opponents, however, had trouble because Helen llassenplug and Elizabeth Whitley were always in the way. Ian. 15 Upper Merlon 23 13 Jan. 22 Norristown 20 25 Ian. 27 Willow Grove .17 16 Feb. 4 i.ansdale . . . 8 44 Feb. 12 Conshohocken 27 10 Feb. 19 Springfield .20 8 Feb. 26 Jenkintown 14 22 Mar. 4 Ambler 40 3 BOYS’ BASKETBALL Lack of experience was the main drawback of the Maroon and White passers. Hard work and pep atoned for this. The games were marked by the goal shooting of Frank Sharp, Alexander Tinline, Charles Sclienkel, and Robert Gibb; the passing of Herbert Kuhn, Donald Hen-drie, Forrest Allen, and Richard Garretson; and the guard work of Win ton Farenwald and Victor Koenig. Dec. 20 Chester 17 37 Jan. 10 Cheltenham 23 24 Jan. 17 Norristown 11 33 Jan. 20 Jenkintown 24 18 Jan. 23 Upper Darby 19 21 Jan. 28 Haverford 19 24 Feb. 4 Jenkintown 23 22 Feb. 10 Haverford 8 31 Feb. 13 Cheltenham 20 24 Feb. 21 Norristown 25 35 Feb. 25 Faculty 31 25 heb. 23 Upper Darby 15 33 48 THE ORACLE49 THE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Roland C. Ritchie.......... Coach Alexander Timme Captain THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Gertrude E. Herzog Coach Margaret Hassenplug Captain Harriet Borda............Manager THE BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Elmer A. Lissfelt Coach Frank Sharp..............Captain George F. Err Assistant Coach Thomas Cameron...........Manager The Cross Country Team The Girls’ Basketball Team The Boys’ Basketball Team YEARBOOKWKESTLING All the matmen rendered stellar exhibitions, losing but two of their matches. In the lighter classes, Richard Crouthamel, Eduard Reini, and Richard VanGaasbeek showed plenty of speed, matched only by the strength of the heavier boys. Robert Wolf}. Albert Weisser, Kenneth Plewes, Jack Donohue, and Paul Asure. Jan. Jan. Jan. Pel,. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 10 Lower .Merion 23 18 22 Upper Morion . 25 20 31 Cheltenham 5 32 7 Upper Darby 9% 25% 11 Lansdowne 21% 9% 17 Radnor 30 3 19 Jenkintown 34'A 4% 28 Haverford 25% 9% G 1 K L S ’ SWIMMING Abington is very proud of its mermaids who splashed their way to many hard-earned victories. The relay team of Marie Glazier, Evelyn Anderson, Janet Smith, and Margaret II assert plug remained undefeated the entire season and shattered the suburban record as well. Edra Allanson swam for form, doing an almost perfect stroke. Marie Glazier holds the National Junior 300-yard Medley title and several Middle Atlantic A. A. U. titles. Feb. 5 George School 51 24 Feb. 11 Norristown 47% 27% Mar. 11 Coatesville 38 37 Mar. 16 Haverford 35 40 Mar. 19 Upper Darby 36 39 Mar. 30 Cheltenham 58% 16% HOYS’ SWIMMING After a lapse of several years, boys’ swimming has returned. It brought a P. 1. A. A. champion in the form of diminutive George Stoner, who, together with Gordon Mullen. made the team hard to beat. George Gilmour and Richard Michel swam the speed events several times. Jan. 9 Haverford 26 49 Jan. 16 Coatesville ... 31 44 Jan. 21 Radnor 32 43 Jan. 31 Haverford 30 45 Feb. 4 Norristown 25 50 Feb. 11 Upper Darby 32 43 Feb. 21 Norristown 20 55 Feb. 25 Coatesville 32 43 50 THE ORACLE51 THi : WRESTLING TEAM Glenn R. Snodgrass Coach Harvey L. Heller Assistant Coach Leslie Pinkham........Manager THE GIRLS’ SWIMMING TEAM Helen M. Clark Coach Evelyn Anderson.......Captain Elinor Smith...........Manager THE ROYS’ SWIMMING TEAM John F. Trainer...............Coach Robert Dando..............Manager The Wrestling Team The Girls’ Swimming Team The Boys’ Swimming Team YEARBOOKThe Baseball Team The Girls’ Tennis Team The Boys’ Tennis Team THE BASEBALL TEAM, 1936 George F. Erb Coach Milton Brodman Manager THE GIRLS’ TENNIS TEAM, 1936 Gertrude E. Herzog Coach Frances Thierolf Manager THE BOYS’ TENNIS TEAM. 1936 Charles C. Roberts Coach Richard Heydt Manager THE ORACLE53 GOLF, 1936 E. A. Brunner..............Coach Albert Weisser Manager GIRLS’ TRACK, 1936 Gertrude E. Herzog..........Coach Phyllis Lundy Manager BOYS’ TRACK, 1936 Roland C. Ritchie Coach Ralph R. Ricker Assistant Coach Edward Hlubny Manager The Golf Team The Girls’ Track Team The Boys’ Track Team YEARBOOKTHE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR GOLF, 1935 Golf got off to a good start and kept it up all season because of the brilliant playing of Raymond Lizzio, Captain, fames Cummings, Norman Beck, Milton Kind and the managing of Robert Bothe. Apr. 8 Haverford 8 7 Apr. 12 Cheltenham 14 1 ,r. 17 Lower Merion ... 7% 7% Apr. 26 Upper Darby . 7 % 7% Apr. 27 Penn Charter 12 15 May 1 Reading ... 21% 5% Mav 3 Haverford 3 12 May 6 Cheltenham 12 3 Mav 10 Berwyn 10 5 Mav 13 Upper Darby.. 2 13 Mav 15 Berwyn 9% 5% May 17 Lower Merion 12% 2% Mav 22 Jenkintown 10% 4% Mav 24 Reading 8% 6% GIRLS’ TRACK, 1935 The short track season for girls brought forth Grace Edge, Captain, Virginia Lewis, Nelda Sowers, Helen Has-senplug and Anne Ross, manager. May 29 Norristown June 5 Springfield 15 2-3 441-3 35 Vi 48' .! BOYS’ TRACK, 1935 Starting with the Penn Relays the boys’ track team sped through a good season. The captain, Daniel Mc.Guckin, won most of the miles. Forrest Allen, Wendell Outter-bridge, and Bud Fricker ran the shorter races. Charles Delaplain was the manager. Apr. 26 Penn Relays ... No score Apr. 27 Penn Relays ............ No score May 2 Penn Charter........... 52 56 May 4 Bethlehem ............. 10 May 8 Haverford ............. 38 70 May 16 Ambler ................ 33 75 May 18 District Meet .......... 3 May 22 Lansdale............... 34 74 June 1 Suburban Meet........... 8 54 THE ORACLEBASEBALL, 193 5 55 So far as ball teams are concerned, Abington never turned out a scrappier nine than this one. The backbone of the pitching staff was composed of Wilbur Hale and John Armstrong. Janies Sulcli proved himself a good backstop. The grounders were scooped up by Clayton Wallon, Romeo Dagostino, Campbell Dixon, Charles Reynolds, and William Bland. The fly chasers included Howard Smith, Edwin Taylor, and Charles Miller. Martin Tregnan took care of the bats and balls. Apr. 19 Lower Merion 1 13 Apr. 18 Jenkintown 2 0 Apr. 23 Upper Moreland 12 8 Apr. 26 Upper Darby 8 9 May 1 Haver ford 10 1 May 5 Norristown 0 5 May 9 Cheltenham 9 6 May 10 Lower Merion 4 8 May 14 11 pper Darby 8 5 Mav 17 Olney 2 8 Mav 21 Haverford 6 9 Mav 24 Norristown 4 3 May 28 Cheltenham . 7 6 June 3 Doylestown 10 9 J une 7 Faculty 3 9 GIRLS’ TENNIS, 1935 With one loss in seven starts, the girls’ tennis team paid dividends. These victories rested on the shoulders of Mary Garvin, Captain, June Copeland, Ellen Eunice, Mary Foster, Gene Stout, and Lydia Brown, all of whom contributed to one of Abington’s best sports. The manager— Martha Elliot. Apr. 26 Upper Darby May 6 Lansdowne May 15 Radnor May 10 Berwyn May 14 Norristown May 17 Lower Merion .May 28 Cheltenham 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 1 1 4 3 2 BOYS’ TENNIS, 1935 The netmen fought hard in the face of the strong opposition they encountered. Wallace Bindrim and Walter Studley formed an excellent doubles team while John Davidson, Edward Moore, and Frank Miller did the solo work. Apr. 27 Upper Darby May 6 Lansdowne May 10 Berwyn May 14 Norristown May 15 Radnor May 17 Lower Merion May 28 Cheltenham May 29 Coatesville . 0 5 0 5 2 3 3 2 3 2 1 4 1 4 2 2 YEARBOOKMOONLIGHT ON LAKE BAPTISTE For every man has in his deepest heart A world alone that none but he can know. It can be small or large — it is his soul, A place where he can put earth’s loveliness, Like yellow daisies, in a purple bowL For there’s the loveliness of heaven above With all the stars of night in its embrace, The bittersweetness known when first we love, The afterglow of our remembrances. The notes of birds that soar, like singing arrows, Through wind-torn space, swept clean by April rain. The sweetness spring has brought — will bring again. Why does man fear that misty far-a-way That we call death? ’Tis hut a distant dream That comes to all when life is full and sweet, And lands beyond hold things of more esteem. We know this earth of ours; its moods and ways, The things not understood, like death and birth, Should be a mystery never known — and be — Unfathomed, evermore — to men on earth. Alicebeth Knowlton, ’36. THE ORACLEJust as the thrifty Dutch combined the distinctive features of Colonial architecture with the economical gambrel roof, so the coaches of Abing-ton High School endeavor to guide the athletes to coordinate mind and muscle, to combine intelligence with energy.THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL William Bland................President Harriet Borda...............Secretary Albert Weisser Vice-president Mr. Messincer.............. Treasurer A sound mind in a sound body. THE STUDENT COUNCIL Albert Handshumacher President George Foster Vice-president Mere Scheffey Vice-president Martha Torrey..........Vice-president Jeannette Redland Recording Seely. Ethel Laning Treasurer Betsy Heineman Cor. Secretary Mackie Wunderle Treasurer Men, my brothers, men, the workers. Ever reaping something new. THE DEBATING TEAM Principal Debaters Carl Leswing Robert Pratchett Edward Drew Martha Torrey Beatrice Clarke Do not say all that you know, but always know what you say. 58 THE ORACLE59 THE AB1NGT0NIAN STAFF Elbert Durfee Harriet Borda Universal education is the parent oj a powerful instructive force — the public press. THE ORACLE STAFF Walter Haines.......... Editor-in-chief Arnold Moore Assistant Editor Literature is the thought of thinking souls. THE JUNIOR FOURTH ESTATE Robert Pratchett Managing Editor The. press is the fourth estate of the realm. The Abingtoxian Staff The Oracle Staff The Junior Fourth Estate YEARBOOKThe Scholarship Play The Senior Plays The Operetta THE SCHOLARSHIP PLAY The Late Christopher Bean Abby Mrs. Wyatt Dr. Baggett.................Mr. Gantt Their work’s its own reward. Isabella Wheller Frank Miller Harriet Borda Merl Scheffey THE SENIOR PLAYS I'll Leave It To You .... . Sylvia....... ........Uncle Dan . . Hurricane House Juanta ... Gordon . The play’s the thing Jean Anderson George McCurry Elinor Smith Harry Thomas THE OPERETTA Robin Hood....... Harriet Borda Elizabeth Frazier The Outlaw King .....Jack Beatty FrairTuck...............Marechal Clegg Lady Marion ...........Constance Brownell .............Lady Dorothy............Sophie Eichelmann Harmonious sounds are still delightful to me. 0 THE ORACLE61 THE BAND AM) ORCHESTRA Earl Jenkins..............President Florence Johnson......... Secretary James Redding........Vice-president Lawrence Clemenson Treasurer Leader ..................Mr. Smith We are the music-makers. THE A. A. MINSTREL Glenn “Froglegs” Hansford William “Snowball” Shedden Thomas “Tanglefoot” Cameron Mr. Snodgrass A careless song, with a little nonsense in it now and then does not misbecome a monarch. Gordon “Epidermis” Stott Carl “Dew Drop” Leswing Earl “Mushface” Smith The Band The Orchestra The A. A. Minstrel YEARBOOKThe teachers act. . . . Operatic alumni. . . . Apprentices in sketching. . . . They play the jazz. . . . Flood. . . . Making goodies. . . . Luck for Girls’ Basketball. . . . Coach and Mrs. Coach. . . . They make us howl. . . . What odors. . . . Amateur crooners.The French call the modern home a Machine for Living. The clubs of Abington High School are developing Machinery for Living in the leisure which is promised in abundance to their generation.— ■■■ III p lil 111 III I 2- r o The A Cappella Choir The Aircraft Club THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR Mr. O’Brien..................Sponsor The power of arts to elevate us above the strife of wills is possessed above all by music. THE AIRCRAFT CLUB Robert Harley . . President Edward Houck Secretary Crossman Robinson Vice-president George Darby Treasurer Sponsor..........................Mr. McClean Air is also man’s dominion. THE ART CLUB Jay Garbutt........ President Mary Farmer Secretary Elinor Smith Vice-president Winder Vansant Treasurer Sponsor Mrs. Messinger To express beauty in a living form, that is art. THE ORACLE The Art Club65 THE BIRD CLUB James Brown...................President Alice Stocker Treasurer Mary Pfeiffer.................Secretary Mr. Kreider Sponsor So I have singing birds all the year around. THE CAMERA CLUB Caspar Becker President Elizabeth Ferris Secretary-treasurer Richard Heydt Vice-president Mr. Erb Sponsor They have a magic eye which takes a picture, arid keeps it ’gainst the ravages of time. THE CAMP COOKING CLUB Thomas Montgomery ...........President Josephine Kirk Secretary-treasurer David Moore..............Vice-president Mr. Ritchie................... Sponsor Their appetite was whetted by their nearness to the sod. The Bird Club The Camera Club The Camp Cooking Club YEARBOOKThe Campus Club The Care-for-the-Sick Club The Commercial Clubs THE CAMPl'S CLUB William Mooney President Charles Murray........ Francis McCormick Vice-president Mr. Swartz............ The meanest flou’r that blows can give Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears. THE-CARE-FOR-THE-SICK CLUB Mary Phillips President Hazel Mitsch.......... Bertha Exley..............Secretary Miss Nunn............. To ease another s heartache is to forget one’s own. THE COMMERCIAL CLUBS Visiting Francis Killian...........President Mr. Krueger........... Typing Forrest Allen President Mr. Roberts........... Practical W riling Patricia Dorn.............President Mr. Frantz He that hath a calling hath an office of profit and honor. THE ORACLE Secretary Sponsor Treasurer Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor67 THE Cl RREiNT EVENTS CLUB Donald Hendrik President Betsy Heineman Secretary Merl Scheffey. Vice-president Albert HandschumaCHER Treasurer Mr. Lissfelt Sponsor Give me insight into today, and you may have the antique and future worlds. THE DRAMATIC CLUBS Little Theatre Group Carl Leswing...............President Junior and Senior John Wischhusen .......... President Sophomore Malcolm Shronk President Freshman Janice Chupp.............. President Mrs. Wyatt Mr. Gantt Miss Cathell Miss Dale All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. THE BOYS’ ETIQUETTE CLUB Senior Victor Koenig................President Mr. Woodruff Freshmen Herbert Horton ............. President Mr. Rauch Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor The Current Events Club The Dramatic Clubs The Boys’ Etiquette Club YEARBOOK To do the thing proper to man.The Girls' Etiquette Clubs The German Glee Club The Glee Clubs THE GIRLS’ ETIQUETTE CLUBS Senior Betty Doughty.............President Miss Nunn....... Freshman Rosemary Romeyn...........President Miss Dale....... Her air, her manner, all who saw admir'd Sponsor Sponsor THE GERMAN GLEE CLUB Sophie Eichelmann President Phyllis Wagner........Secretary Miss Steinman Sponsor Music is the language oj the nations. THE GLEE CLUBS Mr. O’Brien.............. Sponsor Though empires come, nor yet can slay, Song passes not away. THE ORACLE69 THE BOYS’ HI-Y John Alexander..............President Gordon Ambler Thomas Cameron... Vice-president Paul Asure Mr. Swartz....................Sponsor For honour and assistance is the thing they seek. . Secretary T reasurer THE GIRLS’ HI-Y Harriett Borda................President Frances Thierolf. Ethel Laning.............Vice-president Martha Torrey Miss Reichard................Sponsor Life has no more to give than the opportunity of giving service. Secretary Treasurer THE LATIN CLUBS Senior Ethel Laning.............First Consul Miss Lobach Sponsor Freshman Katharine Schmutzler First Consul Miss Winslow.................Sponsor The glory that was Greece, the grandeur that was Rome. The Boys' Hi-Y The Girls’ Hi-Y The Latin Clubs YEARBOOKThe Library Club The Life Saving Clubs The Local History Club THE LIBRARY CLUB Helen Curran President Jane Black .....................Secretary Patricia Bradbury Vice-president Miss Briggs Sponsor If I control the literature of the household, would guarantee the well being oj church and state. THE LIFE SAVING CLUBS Boys' Charles Rich President Miss Clark ....................Sponsor Girls' Evelyn Anderson President Miss Clark ....................Sponsor Greater love hath no man then this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. THE LOCAL HISTORY CLUB John Elliott President Margaret Asure.............. Secretary Helen Hassenplug. ... Vice-president William Sercombe.............Treasurer Mr. Kreider....................Sponsor While we read history, we make history. 70 THE ORACLE71 Thomas Cluck Robert G. Taylor THE MAGAZINE CLUB President Charles Quaste................Treasurer ....Secretary Miss Winslow......................Sponsor The copy grows as does its influence. Edward THE MATHEMATICS CLUB Hlubny..........President Thomas Dalfonzo Mr. Albright.............Sponsor Mathematics can never he fully learnt. Secretary THE MODERN DANCE CLUB Elizabeth Whitley...... President Miss Herzog Sponsor She danced in such a way as brought delight to all who saw. The Mathematics Club The Modern Dance Club YEARBOOKTHE NATI RE CLl B Norman Smith President William Carr James Woodcock Vice-president Mr. Burlington love not man the less, but nature more. The Nature Club The Printing Club The Radio Club Secretary . Sponsor THE PRINTING CLUB President Frances Foyle...............Secretary Vice-president James Stewart...............Treasurer Mr. Wortman Sponsor The art — preservative of all other arts. THE RADIO CLUB Leonard Apfelbaum President George Saylor Secretary-treasurer Harold Taylor Vice-president Mr. Messincer .Sponsor The world is my idea. Woodrow Smith Vincent Snyder 72 THE ORACLE73 THE READING CLUB Margaret Bracelin President Elizabeth Gibbon Secretary Edith Hunter.......... Vice-president Shirley Thomas Treasurer Miss Miller Sponsor If we encounter a man oj rare intellect, we should ask what books lie reads. THE SCIENCE CLUB Paul Rummel President Robert Pratchett Secretary-treasurer Theodore Peter Vice-president Mr. Messinger Sponsor Science is organized knowledge. THE STAMP CLUB William Krewson President Clarence Volk...............Secretary Albert Handschumacher Vice-pres. Robert Pratchett Treasurer Miss Weaver...................Sponsor Every man has his hobby. The Reading Club The Science Club The Stamp Club YEARBOOK ■■ miTHE STYLE CLUBS Senior Elizabeth Schneider President Miss Manifold Sponsor Junior Jane Nicholas President Miss Steinman Sponsor Style is the dress of thoughts. THE TRAVEL CLUB Edith Younger President Ruth Dewees Secretary Elizabeth Taylor V ice-president Amy Decker Miss Weaver Sponsor Travel is a part of education. THE VOCATIONAL CLUB Robert Wolfe- President Albert Wolff................Secretary William Craig..........Vice-president Walter Colflesh...............Sponsor Mr. Wright Sponsor The vocation of every man and women is to serve other people. THE ORACLE75 ANNUAL ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES DINNER Sponsored and served by ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION J936 HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA THURSDAY EVENING, MAY FOURTEEN six forty-five o’clock F R I Together we browsed on literary sages, Often settled with fierce argument That we could not agree. And in the strife we two could see How close together each new rent Cemented stronger than the moon pulled tides. Several hundred miles away My buddy goes a-dynamiting. He sniffs the Hampshire conifer, Sweet perfumed. And standing knee-deep in spring’s flooded waters, Can see slashes of piscatorial color. Another friend there cannot be— Acquaintances, yes, Back-slappers, yes,— N DS Too tight a union to let slip Another spirit within the gates— ’Twould quite impossible be. There is the Gang, the roustabouts With whom, ’though never on the outs, We were never in And yet— We quarreled little, argued less With those we did our day beside. There did escape no solemn vow, No rule for friendship, To fasten down in order of council Whatever values it possessed— No reticences, for All was common property— We three. Edward Morrison, ’36. YEARBOOKTED PETERS G VES A 50LO ON THE ptAPlMRA PHAMT YwSS? ST' “csasar WHERE A0INGTONIAKI5 MEET AFTER THE DANCE jggg nrn @ LEARNING THE SOLILOQUY FROM MACBETH OUT. OUT. ., BRIEF CANPLE. 76 THE ORACLE77 The Platt's ArT.St r l O V I Lk, Q»r Own $ Or ni + holop' ST (Bird MonTic T» Y»»j £. How I b« v y® 5emors Train " ' L. ) Their Locks V SILLY ENIOR ILENT5 $£53 l l 4- 9 5 5 V MoviCb .40 % w .ir Chokes' 0 Jj 'l | Pnio ' Bbdes J5 1 1 ‘ tfal .00 c lo f TKa Senior Wo.se I 0 or Nurr.cono House C n)«p W«fcr H+ k 0 {f | r !. r"’i t - H0 eh ctf I 4 Stmot Whet o Senior Doth With Hiy L e burc da For r AF r«r T he Senior InTc licence 7«Ts -0, ' YEARBOOKQUALITY AND SERVICE J. F. APPLE CO., INC. LANCASTER, PENNA. "Jewelry of the Better Sort Since 1893” Manufacturers of Class Rings and Pins for the Abington High School PLEASE MENTION THE ORACLESPEED COUNTS Hut It's the Steady Pace That Witts the Long Race Savings Account in this strong Bank, built up by regular weekly or monthly deposits, is better than a “gamble” in some uncertain investment. Remember, too,—it’s regular, not spasmodic deposits that will make your bank account grow. JENKINTOWN BANK AND TRUST COMPANY THE ABINGTON BANK TRUST COMPANY —IS RESPECTED FOR ITS SOUNDNESS IN JUDGMENT, ITS ADHERENCE TO SOUND RANKING PRACTICE AND TO MEET ITS CUSTOMERS ON COMMON GROUND. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERSPLYMOUTH — the car that sets the pace SCARBROUGH MOTORS SALES AND SERVICE 210 YORK ROAD .... JENKINTOWN, PA. PHONE, OGONTZ 5088 DE SOTO — the car that sets the style WM. H. BATTERSBY Funeral Directors BROAD AND WESTMORELAND STS. LATEST SAG. 2667 and 2668 CADILLAC EQUIPMENT PLEASE MENTION THE ORACLEZAMSKY STUDIO, Inc. « $ SITTINGS BY APPOINTMENT TELEPHONE: PENNYPACKER 6190 — 8070 THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE The Zamsky Studios, Inc., has successfully handled Yearbook Photography for twenty years. The skilled personnel and up-to-date equipment necessary for such a record is reflected in this book and is your assurance that you may— "'Count On Zamsky” 902 CHESTNUT STREET YALE RECORD BUILDING Official Photographers for Schools and Colleges from Netv England to the South j PHILADELPHIA NEW HAVEN BEAVER COLLEGE (Pennsylvania’s Largest College for Women) Congratulates The Class of ’36 PLEASE. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERSTAYLOR’S DAIRIES Jenkintown, Pennsylvania KESLER’S NIBLOCK 6c SMITH “Florists for the Particular” Chrysler - Plymouth • Sales Service W. Bernard Kesler • Brother 1 EASTON ROAD • i GLENSIDE, PA. s OGONTZ 3109 ! NORTH HILLS - PENNA. — BELL. OGONTZ, 1565 TELEPHONES: BELL, OGONTZ KEYSTONE, GLENSIDE 93 Glenside Lumber And Coal Co. LUMBER - MILL WORK - COAL AND BUILDING MATERIALS MT. CARMEL and TYSON AVENUES GLENSIDE, PA. PLEASE MENTION THE ORACLEt WILLIAM H. HOWARD Glenside Electric Co. HILLSIDE CEMETERY ; 14 E. MT. CARMEL AVE. 1 Glenside, Pa. An Estate for the Departed Electrical Repairs, Installations NORGE REFRIGERATORS Philadelphia's Largest Perpetual With Ten-Year Guarantees Care and Lawn Plan Cemetery G. E. HOTPOINT WASHERS and IRONERS Susquehanna and Easton Roads ZENITH and G. E. RADIOS ROSLYN, PA. Call Ogontz 127 THE NEW 1936 Ogontz 4327 York Road Service Station ■il- —7 481 YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Pa. ilafi TIRES and TUBES — GAS and OIL ACCESSORIES — LUBRICATION AS BEAUTIFUL AS— The best looking girl in Abington Thos. A. Campion AS SPEEDY AS— Alex Timme T. W. Montague Co. AS STURDY AS— Frank Zenzer REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE Suburban Office Old York Chevrolet Co. Jenkintown, Pa. (Ogontz 760 202 Old York Road Jenkintown Ogontz 265 Maj. 0265 Philadelphia Office 1103 Fidelity Phila. Tk. Bloc. Kingsley 0760 PLEASE PATRONIZE 01 R ADVERTISERS' Telephone: Ogontz 1744-W | Work. Called for and Delivered KESWICK Cycle Grinding Shop Easton Road and Geneva Avenue GLENSIDE, PA. Rich Norman, Proprietor Expert Grinding Work of All Kinds OGONTZ 3100 COLE PONTIAC ; EASTON and WHARTON ROADS GLENSIDE, PA. j I Bell, Ogontz 155 and 156 The | "Triangle Cleaning ana Sueing Establishment } 609 Summit Avenue JENKINTOWN, PA. PHONE: OGONTZ 839 1 Winfield Carburetor Service J George’s Repair Shop WELDING — BRAKE SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING All Makes of Cars YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PA. Opposite Hospital 1 Cornelius Barber Shop 306 YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN, PA. GOLDBERG’S j Jenkjntown’s Oldest DEPARTMENT STORE YORK ROAD and WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN, Pa. Phone: Ogontz 2071 Charles J. Hartman Roofing and Spouting Heater and Range Work 8520 Osceoi.a Avenue ELKINS PARK, PA. i Strouse Jarrett, Inc. j DODGE — PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS n6 Old York Road Abington, Pa. ! Ogontz 2ji | "FLOATING POWER | i PLEASE MENTION THE ORACLEClocks — Watches — Diamonds Jewelry — Silverware Engagement and Weddings Rings A Specialty MUTH’S Established 1899 C. Fred Muth, Inc. 403 Old York Road Jenkintown, Pa. Phone Ogontz 1647—We Call and Deliver TRY MUTH’S FIRST Only One Quality BLUE SUNOCO MOTOR FUEL E. C. Wilkinson At Regular Gas Price — No Second Grade — No Third Grade Old York Road, Abington, Pa. 230 S. Easton Road, Glenside, Pa. Bell Phone: Ogontz 2084 Residence Phone: Ogontz 959 Wm. R. Irvin FRANK McCORMICK General Automobile Repairing UNDERTAKER Towing and Wrecking Service 26 N. EASTON ROAD DAY and NIGHT York and Susquehanna Roads Glenside, Pa. ABINGTON, PA. WE STOP SHIMMY and TIRE WEAR Leonard C. Schmidt Atlantic Gas Atlantic Oils RADIO SERVICE ABINGTON GARAGE On Any Make Set H. C. WILLIAMS TUBES TESTED FREE YORK ROAD, ABINGTON York Road and Eckard Avenue LEE TIRES and TUBES Ogontz 3440 Abington, Pa. AUTO ACCESSORIES Phone: Ogontz 2715 W. WASYNGER OFFICE HOURS Easton Road and Geneva Avenue 8:00 A. M. to 10:00 A. M. 6:00 P. M. to 8:00 P. M. Glenside, Pa. DR. BENJAMIN RAU SHOE REPAIRING VETERINARIAN Well Known for Quality Abington Ave. and Jenkintown Road at a Very Reasonable Price GLENSIDE, PA. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ONE DAY SERVICE With the most remarkable sanitary cleaning machine NO— ! Shrinking, Odor, Stretching, Lost | buttons or belts t Work Done On Our Premises — Nothing Sent j Out — Let Us Clean Your Next Suit or Dress by This Wonderful New Process Abington Beauty Shoppe 723 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. Permanent Waving $S and $5 SPECIAL: Mon., Tues., and Wed.— SHAMPOO and FINGER WAVE — 50c Koppcrs Coke, Lehigh Coal, Fuel Oil, Wood and Charcoal MAX KARP A. R. NICHOLSON SON I 120 S. Easton Road Glenside | Ogontz 1658 WYNCOTE, PA. at JENKINTOWN STA. PHONE: OGONTZ 3300 Quality Foods Reasonable Prices J Scotties Sealyhams Wires Suburban Market ! ABINGTON KENNELS s 715 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. OGONTZ 842 Free—Prompt Delivery s ' 305 YORK ROAD I COLLEGE GARAGE J Boarding Washing Trimming JENKINTOWN, PA. j WE BUY MEAT THAT YOU CAN EAT j GLENSIDE CAFE | Robert C. Ross 118 S. Easton Road Glenside, Pa. Theo. P. Johnson Ogontz 2844-W ' TOWNSHIP TREASURER Ogontz 5034 Smith’s Ice Cream PLOCKIE’S SERVICE STATION Stewart Plock. Prop. NORTH HILLS. PA. (Opposite Edge Hill Fire Co.) TYDOL and TEXACO PRODUCTS Hahn Shoppe Dresses - Millinery - Hosiery j 85 N. York Road (Next to Grove Theatre) WILLOW GROVE, PA. | Phone: Willow Grove 110-W Open Evenings Towing Service We Repair Anything Automotive or Mechanical John W. Stevens Phone: Ogontz 258 Jack’s Repair Shop 10S S. KESWICK AVE., GLENSIDE, PA. j — For Fine Foods — “BAER - JAC” Restaurant Service | 308 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. Nielsen's Beauty Shop “Permanent Waving Our Specialty" 12 E. MT. CARMEL AVE., GLENSIDE, PA. Ogontz 3152 PLEASE MENTION THE ORACLEEconomical Tailor Shop Albert Pozzuoli J 414 LEEDOM ST. JENK1NTOWN, PA. j Ogontz 6 Cash and Delivery Service Prompt Service Sanitary Methods Modern Barber Shop Romeo Bros., Props. Ladies, Gentlemen and Children’s Haircutting A Specialty 119 N. YORK RD. WILLOW GROVE, PA. "The Most Delicious Food You Ever Ate" DINE HERE J Willow Grove Terminal Cafe J P. R. T. Terminal Bldg. Willow Grove Phone 556 Willow Grove Hardware WILLOW GROVE, PA. J. Dyre Moyer, Inc. LUMBER, COAL. FEED | Old York Road Willow Grove, Pa. Willow Grove Beauty Shop 205 DAVISVILLE ROAD Rothwcll Bldg. Open Mon., Wed., Friday Evenings W. G. 3 S Willow Grove 232-J C. W. REEVES CO. PLUMBING and HEATING { 98 N. YORK ROAD WILLOW GROVE, PA. Phone: Willow Grove 342-J DR. IRVING B. FINK SURGEON DENTIST Memorial Hall Building Easton and York Roads, Willow Grove, Pa. OPEN 7 A. M. TO 1 P. M. | Willow Grove Cafe HOME COOKING j Caterers To Banquets WILLOW INN MUSIC and DANCING ITALIAN SPAGHETTI Steaks, Chops and Chow Mein to Order WILLOW GROVE, PA. j GLOBE TAILORS { WILLOW GROVE, PA. i Phone: Willow Grove 472 Member Montgomery County Real Fstate Board | FRED R. WILHELM SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE 911 Limfkii n Pike Nopth Hills, Pa. Phones: Office, Ogontz 1285 Residence, Ogonti. 1324 J. L. Rush Sons, Inc. FIRESTONE SALES and SERVICE BODY and FENDER REPAIRS WILLOW GROVE, PA. Phone 93 At Reading Station A. H. B. SKEATH PHARMACIST Lincoln Pike and Mt. Carmel Ave. North Hills, Pa. OGONTZ 2810 PAUL’S RESTAURANT ITALIAN and AMERICAN FOOD ' 76 NORTH YORK ROAD J Real Italian Spaghetti Chow Mein Phone W. G. 886 WILLOW GROVE, PA. e W. C. Haldeman REAL ESTATE Harleysville Auto Insurance PHONE 376 WILLOW GROVE, PA. PLEASE PATROMZE OUR ADVERTISERS• —— EDDIE’S FOOD MARKET } FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS FRUIT — VEGETABLES Phone Willow Grove 566 48 YORK ROAD ♦ BELL, OGONTZ 1506 El Doris Beauty Shop Edith M Foote, Prop. 2nd Floor Suite, Keswick Bank Bldg. Easton Rd. and Gi.enside Ave., Glenside, Pa. | Phone: Willow Grove 139-J Spies 8C Bareis EWELERS { Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing, t Diamonds Reset } 77 YORK ROAD WILLOW GROVE, PA. Phone, Ogontz 1901 I James Gilbert Bunn Decorative Paper Hanging 321 Township Line Elkins Park Jenkintown Delicatessen [ Imported and Domestic Table Delicacies | York Road and West Ave. Deliveries Everywhere Ogontz 3070 J Ogontz 3371 Free Delivery BILL’S MARKET Bill Crevello CITY DRESSED MEATS — GROCERIES and PRODUCE 8566 Tulpehocken Ave. Elkins Park, Pa. FEL - MODE J Exclusive Footwear For Women and Children 729 WEST AVE. and YORK ROAD J JENKINTOWN, PA. Adolph G. Jacobs 317 Township Line Elkins Park PLASTERER Phone: Ogontz 3886 ADELINE MARRIO Hats Remodeled KNOX HATS STETSON HATS 749 Yorkway Place Jenkintown, Pa. Prices 32.95 and Up Ogontz 4068-J Clara Mayer’s Beauty Parlor FREDERIC PERMANENT WAVING Beauty Culture in all its Branches 507 Township Line ELKINS PARK OGONTZ 1414 C. Ernest Tomlinson Authorized FORD Dealers J 410 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. J Phone: Ogontz 20 Sunoco Service Station Township Line and Cadwalader Ave. ELKINS PARK Licensed Lubrication and Washing H. E. JACOBS MELROSE 4190 { Eyes Examined — Glasses Fitted and Repaired DR. G. W. SPIES OPTOMETRIST and OPTICIAN FORD BUILDING, JENKINTOWN Office Hours—9:30 A. M. to 5 P. M. Daily Evenings—Tues. and Sat., 7 to 9 P. M. Roy - Ann Beauty Shoppe G. ROY SCHMIDT — ANN C. LOGUE 12 W. GLENSIDE AVENUE Ogontz 4171 Plaza Bldg., Glenside, Pa. j JEANNE’S | 723 WEST AVENUE ! OGONTZ 3548 JENKINTOWN LADIES’ WEARING APPAREL J. F. WILLIAMS PURE FOODS 108 S. Easton Road Glenside, Pa. PHONE FOR FOOD — Ogontz 1210 - 1211 PLEASE MENTION THE ORACLE MAJ. 1010 OGONTZ 904 FORD i RUSSELL A. ALLEN ' 52 S. Keswick Ave. Glenside, Pa. Wistar Park Tea Room 1337 OXFORD AVENUE ! (Opp. Frankford Hifih School) J Special Attention Given To Large and Small Parties J JEF. 9511 PHILADELPHIA, PA. Fred A. Schuenemann 1 PHARMA CI ST ( Schuencmann's Glenside Original ' DRUG STORK Established 1900 j 115 E. Mt. Carmel Ave. Glenside, Pa. Bell Phone: Regent 6706 J "FLOWERS SPEAK FOR YOU” The Primrose Floral Shop t Mrs. F. R. Cloud J 3236 N. FRONT ST. PHILADELPHIA J 1 A Dependable Store ! GLENSIDE JEWELER AND OPTICIAN I ' Watches - Diamonds • Jewelry • Pens, Etc. Expert Repairing of All Kinds Lenses Ground — Modern Frames S Open Evenings Call Ogontz 4349 j CHARLES LIGHTMAN 1 i Merchant Tailor and Furrier 14 YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PA. J ! SWIM NEW LOW RATES Abington Y. M. C. A. OGONTZ 4275 Shadow Lawn Inn A Pleasant Rendezvous In Friendly Surroundings | SPECIAL 25c PLATTERS — ALL DAY » York Road and Woodland Ave.. Opp. Hospital Abington, Pa. J ABINGTON SHOE REPAIRING ' Joseph Pileggi | Expert Workmanship—All Work Guaranteed 22 York Road Abington, Pa. S Powell’s Pharmacy ABINGTON, PA. 1 | GLENSIDE PHARMACY 1 ARTHUR S. LEVINTOW, PH.G. 1 ' Easton Road and Mt. Carmel Avenue 1 GLENSIDE. PA. , Visit Our Soda Fountain S Abington Sanitary j BARBER SHOP 1 6 YORK ROAD i IF IT IS Real Estate or Insurance ! SEE ; Ryan Bronner j 3238 N. Front St. Philadelphia. Pa. ' Phone: Reg. 0245 - 0246 OFFICIAL INSEPCTION STATION | HOWARD NICE "A Complete Garage and Repair Service” j DAY and NIGHT SERVICE } Ogontz 2452 Residence 2363 York Rd. and Horace Ave., Abington, Pa. ( j M. J. KERVIN PAINTING and GLAZING 4 CHURCH STREET ABINGTON, PA. Phone: Ogontz 875 OGONTZ 2718 | Thomas A. Donohue PLUMBING and HEATING Susquehanna Road Abington, Pa. ' PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS • S. WESSEL WOMEN’S, MISSES and CHILDRENS WEARING APPAREL 3252 N. Front St. Philadelphia, Pa. ' Phone, Regent 1132 j The Dorothy Beauty Shop (Opposite Station) ELKINS PARK, PA. Melrose 4202 J | Phone: Ogontz 498 DALE 8c SHAFFER TAILORS and FURRIERS CLEANERS and DYERS 1 24 YORK ROAD ABINGTON, PA. Roslyn Ice Coal BERT LYBRAND ‘ PHONE: OGONTZ 3860 ! j Susquehanna Road — West of Bradfield | J Cut Flowers Ogontz 2792 Plants Woodland Flower Garden J James D. Butler 32 Woodland Road, Abington, Pa. 7 Wedding Bouquets Funeral Designs Where Prices Are Always Lowest Merit Cut Rate Stores PATENT MEDICINES i 302 YORK RD. JENKINTOWN, PA. j J If You Are Not Enjoying Good Health Consult E. J. HERMANN CHIROPRACTOR 522 TYSON AVE. ARDSLEY Electric Shoe Repairing Co. Work Done By Experts — Work Guaranteed J 713 GREENWOOD AVENUE Jenkintown, Pa. To Suit Your Beauty Needs Ardsley Beauty Shop 503 JENKINTOWN ROAD Phone: Ogontz 5217 Operated by Gladys Smith Palmer Shoe Repairing ENDICOTT JOHNSON SHOES FOR { 1 THE FAMILY ROSLYN, PA. 1 WINDOW SHADES — Custom Made, 49c and up — Also Shades Turned, 15c Each LINOLEUM Layed by Experts Please Send Postal to WALTER HAINSWORTH 125 Myrtle Ave. Cheltenham, Pa. s HI. :Jfarentoalb i JfloUiers Horton M. Place PLASTERING and STUCCOING 20 Eckard Avenue Abington, Pa. CARTER’S PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORE 719 West Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. Phone: Ogontz 246 Ogontz 3684 Home or Apartment Delivery CHESAPEAKE SEA FOOD i RESTAURANT 7 209 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. I "Less Than 24 Hours from Sea to Table” American Shoe Repairing 805 E. Greenwood Ave. JENKINTOWN, PA. PHONE 2575 HATS CLEANED PLEASE MEN TION THE ORACLEPhone: Ogontz 1597-W MADISON Y. SAURMAN Paperhanger and Interior Decorator 743 Jenkintown Road Ardsley Rosenberger’s Bakery WILLOW GROVE, PA. Bakers of Fine Pies and Pastries Delivery Service Willow Grove 289-J Mrs. A. B. Ambler Abington Lunch Room SMITH'S ICE CREAM SOFT DRINKS — HOME COOKING 2 Horace Avenue Abington. Pa. Ogontz 3393 Deliveries THOMAS’ CANDIES 1602 Ridge Ave. Philadelphia 28 East Wharton Rd.. Glenside, Pa. Ott’s Sunoco Service Station OGONTZ 5064 JENKINTOWN and EDGEHILL ROADS Ardsley, Pa. Fred G. Eckel HARDWARE — PAINTS VARNISHES Ogontz 4366 ARDSLEY, PA. 1-------------------------------- Scherbaum Ashworth GULF SERVICE STATION 600 N. EASTON RD. GLENSIDE, PA. THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE Angelo Gibbons BARBER (Opposite Weldon School) Easton Road Glenside -------------------------------- CHARLES SPAHR SON Manufacturers of High Class PRINTING OGONTZ 653-J 608 Edge Hill Road Ardsley, Pa. The Ardsley Bakery Shop ; E. Burkhart. Proprietor I QUALITY BAKED GOODS LIGHT LUNCHES CONFECTIONS I ICE CREAM TOBACCOS { 506 Jenkintown Road — Ogontz 5002 ] Bell, Ogontz 3282 S I. NIBAUER GLENSIDE DELICATESSEN i Easton - Wharton Rd Glenside. Pa. ------------------------------ ( G. Parkhouse Son 1 18 York Road, Abington I I FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES and GROCERIES — BUTTER and EGGS j ELSIE’S BEAUTY SHOPPE i BONAT PERMANENT WAVING Hairdressing in All Its Branches Ogontz 5033 508 Jenkintown Rd. Second Floor Ardsley, Pa. DOLLAR VALET SERVICE Men’s and Young Men’s Suits Cleaning and Pressing Ogontz 3284 W. I. B. G. SEABOARD RADIO BROADCASTING CORP. 970 KILOCYCLES GLENSIDE, PA. PET SHOP 704 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Meet Your Friends at the BLUE LANTERN 302 YORK ROAD t JENKINTOWN, PA. W. C. Fleck Bro. Established 1865 J HARDWARE — HOUSEWARE { HOME ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Jenkintown, Pa. J J Ogontz 1106 Telegraph Delivery Service FOX’S FLOWERS : GRADUATION BOUQUETS JENKINTOWN FLOWER SHOP j 419 CEDAR ST. JENKINTOWN P. S. Killian’s Taxi Service j Bell Phone, Ogontz 1777 j DAY and NIGHT Station—Greenwood Ave., East of York Rd. J JENKINTOWN, PA. } ELEANOR MOONEY ! Hairdressing — We Specialize in J Zolas Permanent Waving J 301 N. EASTON RD. GLENSIDE, PA. J No Machinery LADIES’ APPAREL i LIL - LEE, INC. JENKINTOWN, - - - PA. 1 I. LORBERBAUM j DELICATESSEN and GROCERIES Fruits, Meats, Poultry and Beverages 309 Cedar Street Jenkintown, Pa. OGONTZ 1845 Model Shoe Repairing EXPERT WORKMANSHIP GREENWOOD AVE. and CEDAR ST. John Agovino, Prop. Jenkintown, Pa. J CANDIES ICE CREAM Sassaman’s 718 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. We Carry a Nice Line of Dinner Party Favors and Place Cards — 10c Each D. H. HILTEBEITEL j ROOFING | JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA { Colonial Garden Cafe, Inc. 603 Summit Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. ICE CREAM FANCY CAKES Ogontz 981 Birthday Cakes Made to Order Hanover Beauty Shop 803 GREENWOOD AVE. ( JENKINTOWN, PA. J Second Floor j Phone: Ogontz 4188 M. Shaff UPHOLSTERING — WINDOW SHADES SLIP COVERS — AWNINGS Expert Workmanship 715 Greenwood Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. HARVEY’S GARAGE STORAGE — TOWING — BODY and FENDER WORK — DUCO FINISHING WELDING 208 Cedar Street Jenkintown, Pa. j Phone 5076 { FREDERICK L. WALKER PAINTING and DECORATING JENKINTOWN, PA. PHONE 676 C. J. Veigel For Drugs PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST | We Deliver J JENKINTOWN and ELKINS PARK { PLEASE MENTION THE ORACLE"SAY IT WITH FLOWERS” ; Roslyn Park Flower Shop } CUT FLOWERS — PC)TTED PLANTS FUNERAL FLOWERS W. J. Sigg. Mgr. Bell Phone: Ogontz 3995 } Bradfield and Susquehanna St. THE NEW Taylor’s Restaurant is now located at } 433 YORK ROAD We Serve Club Breakfasts, Luncheons, and J Dinners — All Food is Home-Cooked ROSLYN LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY j ROSLYN, PA. J Phone: Ogontz 505-J Sand. Cement. Lime Roofing Materials j J. ALBERT HERZ Burholme Lumber and Mill Work ' 7350-52-54 Oxford Avenue Philadelphia j Phone: Pilgrim 6277 | Bell Phone: Ogontz 741 Residence, Ogontz 199 ; JOHN F. BIERLIN ROSLYN MONUMENTAL WORKS Opp. Hillside Cemetery, Main Entrance Manufacturer cf CEMETERY MEMORIALS Roslyn, Pa. A. Scalfaro SHOE REPAIRING Reasonable Prices j Call W. G. 409-J 421 S. YORK ROAD j Phone: Ogontz 3954 A. J. Ventresca, Prop. ROSLYN BARBER SHOP Ladies and Children’s Haircutting { A Specialty { EASTON ROAD ROSLYN, PA. OGONTZ 3446 OSWALD J Spring Gas Service Station J Save 50 Percent by Repairing Your Broken Spring t 445 Hillside Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. “THE SAFE PRESCRIPTION STORE" H. D. LAWRENCE ROSLYN, PA. OGONTZ 88 J Millili’s i RESTAURANT GRILL 106 S. Easton Road Glenside, Pa. Green Hill Gun Club s Ogontz 123-W Fitzwatcrtown, Pa. k 16-Yard Targets and Slceet Shooting J Visitors Welcome R. Younger, Field Captain School Supplies Office Supplies Greeting Cards Winters Stationery Co. 727 West Avenue lenkintown, Pa. Ardsley Texaco Station Jenkintown Rd. and Tyson Ave. I Goodrich Tires — C. D. Batteries PHONE: OGONTZ 5020 Shore’s Market House Fresh Fruit, Vegetables Fresh Meats, Fish and Oysters BELL PHONE 71 FREE DELIVERY i OGONTZ 2141-J ! WILLIAM S. BURKHART REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE ■ Estate and Property Management I Notary Public 518 TYSON AVE. ARDSLEY, PA. George’s Barber Shop WEST AVENUE JENKINTOWN, PA. J 1 PLEASE PATRONIZE 01R ADVERTISERS! Cadwalader Avenue Garage ELKINS PARK OGONTZ 3737 Lehmann’s Groceries I ROSLYN, PA. 1 { Bell Phone, Ogontz 30 — s ' Keystone, Jenkintown 2511 1 J. FRANK FLECK, Inc. HARDWARE s J 424 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. y s GIAMBATTISTA BO DOM Master Typographer Giambattista Bodoni must have been an artist. Not only did he ply his trade as a printer in Parma. Italy, but he made himself acquainted with all the ancient literature of Greece and Rome, so that he might produce a type suitable to their beauty. In 1766 Bodoni was made head of the Duke of Parma’s private press to which he soon brought prominence by the excellence of his work. Bodoni was indefatigable. He labored over intricate type, trying to reproduce for the world many of the ancient oriental alphabets that had fallen into decay and might have passed out of existence but for his efforts. Not only did he specialize in ancient languages, but his scope was so great that it included the Greek. Latin, French, German, and English languages. One of his books alone was printed in 135 different languages. Particularly are his French and Italian classics prized for their typographical elegance. In addition to the typography of his books, Bodoni was accurate and true jn reproducing the literature itself. His “Homer" is a magnificent work. His Greek letters are the most perfect reproductions of Greek manuscripts that have been attempted in modern times. Bodoni himself was a man of small stature, but the clear, level gaze of his eyes and his untiring vitality placed him in command of every situation. He must have been somewhat of a philosopher as well, for the allegorical Greek letters that introduce the paragraphs of his “Homer” show interpretation and understanding of the classic itself. Bodoni died in Padun, Italy, in 1813, celebrated then as now for the beauty of his types and for their practical value. This yearbook is printed in Bodoni Book Type. from the Press of H. G. Roebuck Son BALTIMORE, MD. PLEASE MENTION THE ORACLE

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