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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1935 volume:

■ • % 4 w A • — •i»ar» THE ORACLE For June a ronicle Ci asses o 1935 A H n g t o n Hi g It S c h o o I y L ington; Pennsylvania Block by Charles Medcr, 75.THE ORACLE J u n z, 19 3 5 Volume 21 Number 3 Block by Jay Garbutt, 36. A Haunt of England's Kings C ontents ASPIRATIONS IN ABINGTON . . 3 ATHLETICS AT ABINGTON . . .36 ACTIVITIES IN ABINGTON ... 47 ADVERTISING IN ABINGTON . . 77 Entered as second-class matter October 6, 1914, at the Post Office at Abington, Pa., under Act of March 3, 1879.DEDICATION To Edward S. Ling, former superintendent of Abington Township Schools, who, for twenty-one years, made possible for the pupils of Abington Township a continuously higher level of achievement and cultural enrichment, the classes of 1935 respectfully dedicate this yearbook.THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE YEARBOOK STAFF Editors-in-chief ELLEN FUNKE EDWIN PLEWF.S Associate Editors RUTH HECKER ELIZABETH H. TAYLOR VIRGINIA ROMEYN STEPHEN MASON JOSEPH REILLY Assistant Editors MARGARETTA SCHENBECKER JANE COPELAND CHARLES MEDER GODRIC MAIER ALAN DUKE ETHEL WIGGINS GRACE EDGE BETTY HOGUE ETHEL CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM WHITLEY JOSEPH BLAIR JOSEPH SCIORILLI GEORGE GLAESER CAROLINE SAURMAN EMILY MULLER AGNES SHOTT HELEN CRAIG DOROTHY BROWN EVERETT MESCHTER Faculty Sponsor GERTRUDE L. TURNER VIRGINIA FULTZ IRMA TUCKER ELM EDA WALTON LESLIE GEISSLER CHARLES MILLER HOWARD MOLL ROBERT FEITIG HARRISON PLACE FLORENCE DEWEY HARRIETT LICHETTI EDITH SLUGG BETTY THOMPSON BENIAMIN DAVIS COURTLAND DUDBRIDGE Art Adviser RUTH E. MESSINGER Committee Business Assistant HELEN M. CLARK 5 Financial Adviser DAVID E. KRUEGER E.B. GEfcNE P T p R I N C I P A L HELEhP BRIGGS WALTER H ALBRIGHT GEORGE £ BURLINGTON DOROTHY GATH ELL E. A. BRUNNER VIRGINIA DALE HELEN M.CLARK JOHN 5. FURNISS A. DONALD FRANTZ GEORGE r ERB PAULT GANTT GERTRUDE! HERZOG THE FACULTY THE ORACLE • • • 1935 % EARNEST A.RAUCH LILIAN J.REICHARD RALPH R.RICKER THE FACULTY 7THE ORACLE • • 1935 EMEIU$ 6.W0RTMAN RALPH M.WRIGHT ZAIDEE 6.WYATT THE FACULTY 8THE ORACLE ' • 1935 THE CLASS OF FEBRUARY, 1935 Class Officers EDWIN PLEVVES President WILLIAM WHITLEY------------ ------------- dee-president EMILY MULLER.................................. Secretary PHYLLIS DIETRICH........... Treasurer CHARLES TOWNES------------- Athletic Representative CLASS MOTTO Concilio et animis CLASS COLORS Black and Silver CLASS FLOWER White Rose THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1935 Class Officers ROBERT EEITIG President HOWARD SMITH.................. ............. Vice-president ELLEN FUNKE.................................... Secretary JOHN THOMAS........................................Treasurer JAMES SUTCH......................... Athletic Representative CLASS MOTTO To strive without halting, To seek without rest. To fulfill our ambitions,— Our aim is success. CLASS COLORS Scarlet and Gold CLASS FLOWER Gardenia 9MARGARET ANN ACHUFF Peg. Class basketball. Printing Club. Fond of writing letters and stories. Light brown hair and eyes. Talkative. Likes journalism. Connoisseur of colors. Eager and sweet. MARY LOUISE AROSE Reds. Four years of class basketball and hockey. Commercial and Dramatic clubs. Likes reading. Auburn hair. Brown eyes. Dreams of owning a dress shop. Quiet. Fond of dogs. Reads. Reserved. LINDA MARGARET BKRGMANN Beryy. Large gray eyes. Class hockey. Charm School. Dependable. Research, Travel, Glee clubs. Secretary of Commercial and Dramatic clubs and Hi-Y. Abingtonian. Low, throaty voice. Discriminating reader. ALBERT JACOB BIXLER Bix. Varsity football. Class basketball. Boys’ EtiquWtte Club. Brown hair and blue eyes. Interested in archaeology. A man of mighty power. Enlisting in Marines. WILLIAM LEWIS BLISS Bill. Band letterman. Orchestra. Member First State High School Band. Favors warm weather. Outstanding clarinetist. Keen sense of humor. Campus Club. Organized own orchestra. ELIZABETH AMERICA ASHTON Libby. Athletic. Six letters and two monograms. Hockey and track star. Nibbled at basketball and tennis. A Cappella Choir. Glee, Dramatic and Art clubs. Bells of Capistrano. Enjoys knitting. Friendly. EVELYN CHRISTINE BEAN Beany. Tall. Laughing blue-gray eyes. Latin and Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. Sonia. Bells of Capistrano. Lady of the Terrace. Devotee of journalism. Class basketball. Honor Roll. Gentle lady. WALLACE DUNN BIDDLE Kong. Tall. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Future Certified Public Accountant. Commercial and Aircraft clubs. Boxer. Ab-ington Fire Department. Keen intelligence. Dotes on fighting fires. AGNES WILSON BOTHWELL Paddy. Blue eyes. Auburn hair. Glee Club. A Cappella Choirs. Sonia. Bells of Capistrano. Lady of the Terrace. Ambition—to be an organist. Always smiling. Assembly pianist. Honor Roll. Sweet. WILLIAM PERRIXF. CAMP Bill. Soccer squad. Mainstay of T ri-County championship team. Charm School. Science, Dramatic and Art clubs. Honor Roll. Hobbies are golf and microscopy. Dry Connecticut wit. Intelligent. Literary.PAUL CURTIS CARMAN Paul. Commercial Club. Band and Orchestra. Quiet. Swims. Jazz performer. Aims to be Certified Public Accountant. Good student. Likes to drive and do tricks with an automobile. Pleasing personality. ROBERT HARRISON CARRICK Blond. Radio Club. Varsity wrestling. First squad in football. Bill Camp’s sidekick. Summers at Coach’s camp. Missed no day of school in six and one-half years. Second Marconi. MARIE ANN CREAMER Graceful charm. Debating. Secretary of Dramatic Club and National Thespian Society. Class hockey and basketball. Charm School. Lady of the Terrace. Sonia. Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. Loves dancing. EARLINA VERNIDA DADE Jerry. Left half, Varsity hockey; guard, Varsity basketball. Plays the piano. Dramatic Club. Planning to make dresses. Likes to sew and read. The home type. MARY JEANNETTE DECKER Tiny. Class hockey. Green eyes. Dramatic and Library clubs. Vice-president of Commercial Club. Charm School. Fond of dancing and reading. Typing award. Honor Roll. Eager to help every one. FLORENCE MARY DEWEY Floss. Glee, Commercial, Research, and Travel clubs. Dances well. Charm School. Bells of Capistrano. Ladv of the Terrace. Typist for Oracle and Junior Fourth Estate. Yearbook. Announcements. RICHARD DICKINSON Militia. Tall. Brown hair. Grey eyes. Dependable. Track manager. Two letters. Comes to school regularly. Dramatic Club. Good at algebra. Expert usher. Can he telephone the news? Intelligent. Kind. PHYLLIS VIRGINIA DIETRICH Phil. Vivacious. Treasurer of Senior Class. President of Commercial Club. Charm School. Four years of class hockey. Travel Club. Civic Attitude Award. Typed announcements. Efficient. CHARLES HENRY LILLY DOYLE, JR. Sliadoiv. Assistant manager swimming. President, Camera Club. Secretary, Boys' Hi-Y. Research, and Vocational clubs. Reporter. Class humorist. Likes to argue. Plans to work for Bell Telephone. Faithful. COURTLAND C. DUDBRIDGE, JR. Courty. Tennis Team. Glee Club. Bucks County fan. Oracle. Senior Play. Interested in stock market and brokers. Junior Fourth Estate. Courty and his car served Abington.DONALD PRATT DUNN Don. Strong wrestler. Four years’ football. Dramatic, Etiquette, and Art Clubs. Dignified. Likes traveling. Bashfui. Forgets to count his strokes when playing golf. Thrifty. Happy-go-lucky. An athlete. ROBERT LAWRENCE EASTWOOD Bob. Science. Radio, Aeronautical and Mathematics clubs. Orchestra. German Club Violinist. Radio wizard. Laboratory technician. Enjoys chemistry and physics. Charm School. Helpful. Always analyzing everything. Budding chemical engineer. JOANNA ENLEY Anna. Quiet. Demure. Four years' class hockey and class basketball. Art Club. Captained class teams. Auburn hair. Green eyes. Dog con- noisseur. JOHN HENRY EVANS, JR. Johnnie. Everybody’s friend. Science. Vocational, and Radio clubs. Reads. Experiments with radio. Stage manager, Senior Play. Always ready to help around the shops. GLADYS MAY FAIRCHILD hairy. Varsity hockey. Swimming Team. Dramatic Club. Sally and Company. Babs. Charm School. Five years’ perfect attendance. Dress Designer. Loves swimming, skating, sewing, dancing. CHARLES PETER GALLAGHER Skccls. Letter in track. Brown curls. Sprinter. Blue eyes. Football. High-jumper. Low-hurdler. Wrestling. Etiquette and Debating clubs. Hi-Y. Runner-up in boxing. EDITH SCOTT GEISSLER lidic. Rides. Dancer. Civic Award. Hi-Y. Research, Etiquette, Latin, and Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. Charm School. Bells of Capistrano. The girl with the smile for all. LESLIE RUTHVEN GEISSLER Goose. Star third baseman. President of Printing Club. Football manager. Star journalist. Research, Etiquette, and Vocational clubs. Impish. Interviewed Harry Stuhldreher. Aspires to be printer or big leaguer. Attractive. IOHN ALEXANDER GENTHER Bud. Brown hair and eyes. Class basketball. First in Intelligence Test. Four years’ football squad. Argues about anything. Dramatic and Etiquette clubs. Walking history book. DOROTHY IRENE GRAEFF Sunny. Brown hair and blue eyes. Retiring disposition. Helps in Library. Dramatic arid Leathercraft clubs. Swims. Reads. Collects stamps. Unassuming but real.GEORGE RODNEY HAINES Distinguished. Wrestler. Hank. Public speaker. Dramatic Club. President, Current Events Club. Charm School. Debating. Chaplain of Study Hall. A deep thinker and a boy with great ideas. CHARLES ALFRED HANSEN, JR. Swede. Cutest boy. Mischievous blue eyes. Likes to wrestle. Radio Club. Enjoys football with Bixler and Gen-ther. Perpetual smiles. Current Events Club. An addict of touch-football. Keen. ERNEST HERBERT HEYDT, JR. Em. Four years’ football. Charm School. Tennis manager and player. Swimming Team. Sonia. Bells of Capistrano. The Gondoliers. Lady of the Terrace. Art, Dramatic, and Glee Clubs. ALEXANDER HOGG, JR. Alex. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Varsity baseball. Basketball forward. Etiquette Club. President, Dramatic Club. Hi-Y. Charm School. Ladies’ man. Pleasant. Happiness personified. THOMAS FRANCIS I S ETT Tom. Varsity soccer. President, Campus Club. Vocational Club. Charm School. Fond of sports. Enjoys silver screen. Blue-grey eyes. Curly blond hair. Gets things done. Seriousness. Good humor. MOLLY SYLVIA JACOBS Jakie. Gracious manner. Charm School. Commercial and Glee clubs. Bells of Capistrano. Ladv of the Terrace. A Cappella Choir. Honor Roll. First-prize story in Oracle. Ever humming. Discriminating reader. FREDERICK GEORGE KIM MERLE Boo. A fine stage hand. Class track. F'ull of fun. Vocational Club. Vice-president and committee chairman of Campus Club. Printing. A diversified reader. Clever with the tripod. A personality. EDWIN LEONARD LEWIS, JR. Ed. Tall. Quiet. Radio wizard. Owns and operates W3ALB. President. Radio Club. Science and Dramatic clubs. If it’s radio. Ed knows it. Aspires to be radio engineer. Courteous. DAVID FENTON MACINNES Dave. Four years of soccer and track. President of Science Club. Vice-president of Dramatic Club. Senior Play. Honor Roll. Civic Attitude Award. Hunts. Sails. President of Student Council. Debonair. MARY MILDRED MCMAHON Mickey. Class hockey and basketball. Commercial, Typ- ing, and Travel clubs. Ticket committee for Senior Play. Interested in music. Fond of office practice. Likes to swim. Conversationalist.EMILY BERTHA SCHENKEL MULLER Toodic. President, Reading Club. Class secretary. Hi-Y. A Cappella Choir. Treasurer of Student Council. Honor Roll. Charm School. Four Civic Attitude awards. Junior Fourth Estate and Oracle. YERLYN PRICE PALMER Speed. Varsity basketball and track. McKinley baseball star. Science Club. Band man. Treasurer of Camera Club. Dignified but happy. Airplane mechanic. Reserved. An athlete. VINCENT PURPURA Vince. Latin student par excellence. American Legion Medal. Played in First State High School Band. Honor Roll. Student Council. First Consul of Latin Club. Friendly. Dependable. Compelling smile. KATHRYN MYERS Kitty. A girl of intelligence. Cheerful. Finds keen enjoyment in musical organizations. Commercial and Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. Sonia. Bells of Capistrano. Soloist in Church Choir. Generous. Reticent. RICHARD ALBERT OBF.RHOLTZER, JR. Happy - go - lucky. Science, Dramatic, and Research clubs. Three years in Band. Senior Play. Dark. Regular business man. Expert at getting advertisements. Oracle. Yearbook. Intelligent. RUTH BALDERSON O’HARA Rufus. Hi-Y. Best-natured girl. Treasurer and second consul of Latin Club. Honor Roll. Enjoys horseback riding, reading and traveling. Historian. Experienced prompter. Likes plays and movies. EDWIN CAREY PLEWES Ed. Honor student. Senior Play. Soccer captain. Science Club. Student Council. President, Senior Class. Yearbook. Performed in operettas. Reliable. Abingtonian. A Cappella Choir. A gentleman. ZENA ELEANOR REDDEN EL Lovely brown curls. Travel and Dramatic clubs. Can she write shorthand? Winner in Venus-Velvet Contest. Announcements. Loves to talk, dance, and read. Treasurer of Commercial Club. Appealing. MARGARETTA EMILIE SCHEXBECKER Margie. Editor, Abingtonian. President, Girls’ Hi-Y. Yearbook. Charm School. Two operettas. A Cappella Choir. Junior Fourth Estate. Hockey manager. Etiquette Club. Social. Student Council. ELEANOR ELIZABETH SELLERS Dollv. Vice-president. Reading Club. Talkative. Actress. Charm School. Treasurer, Girls’ Hi-Y. Civic Attitude Award. Latin Club treasurer. Glee and German clubs. Bells of Capistrano. Likes to read.REGINA LYDIA SMITH Pink. Outstanding athlete. Eight letters for basketball, track, hockey. Friendly and studious. Hockey captain. Student Council. Latin and Dramatic clubs. Hi-Y. Pianist. Intends to be a teacher, singer, or artist. HENRY WILLIAM STEINMANN Henry. Mathematics wizard. Varsity soccer. Monogram for golf. Charm School. Mathematics and Science clubs. Hi-Y. Dances smoothly. Plans to teach mathematics. Honor Roll. Heading for Penn State. Smiling blue eyes. IOHN CANNON STEVENSON Jack. Assistant track manager. Fine printer. Vocational Club. Vice-president of Printing Club. Collects scrapbooks. Loves candy and peanuts. Merry. Mr. Wortman’s right right hand man. A future newspaper publisher. FLORENCE LAVINIA STEWART Floss. Ambitious. Commercial Club. Class track. Pleasant manner. Basketball throw. Typed announcements. Loves to read and draw. In four spelling contests. Interested in stenography. JOHN FRANCIS SULLINGER Johnny. Four years’ football. President, Vocational Club. Enjoys working out chemical reactions. Printing Club. Ticket seller at athletic games. Senior play usher. Future electrical engineer. Happy-go-lucky. Interesting character. CHARLES JOHN TAYLOR Jack. Football letterman and captain. Played tackle and center with equal proficiency. Basketball squad. Hi-Y. Charm School. President, Athletic Association. Civic Attitude Award. Pleasing smile. Strong. Quiet and retiring. ELEANOR VERONICA SULLIVAN Good-natured. Sully. Four years’ class basketball and hockey. Monogram for class sports. Charm School. Talkative. Dramatic, Commercial, Travel, and Research clubs. Abingtonian representative. Star at tennis and dancing. GEORGE WILLIAM ROSS TAYLOR Tall. Inter-class basketball. Swimming. Wrestling. Football. Blocked kick and beat Cheltenham. Science, Vocational. Dramatic, and Etiquette clubs. Likes hunting. Enjoys long hikes. Plans to be veterinarian. Loves arguments. WALTER JOHN TAYLOR IV. Football squad. Class track, basketball. Charm School. Vocational and Dramatic clubs. Hillbilly Band. President. Boys’ Etiquette Club. Motorcyclist. Likes girls with romantic eyes. Believes in equality of mankind. DOROTHY ADELE THOMAS Dot. Commercial and Glee clubs. A Cappella Choir. Bells of Capistrano. Finished dancer. Coming air hostess. Typist of school announcements. Enjoys printing. Pleasant and dignified. A real Abington booster.CHARLF.S HENRY TOWNES Scohcy. Outstanding athlete. Letters in football, basketball, baseball. Vocational and Camera clubs. A future mechanic. Class athletic representative. Sings Dinah like Cab Calloway. Tinkers with a model T Ford. Popular. LESTER ALFRED WARMERDAM Al. Clark Gable of the class. Hi-Y and Etiquette clubs. Charm School. A very particular dresser. Popular. Well informed. Precise writer. Likes to sleep. Admired by all who know him. ELIZABETH AUDREY WESSELS Bets. Likable. Dependable. Friendly. Etiquette, Dramatic, and Pan-American clubs. Student Council. Hi-Y. Secretary, Latin Club. Swimming Team. Class basketball, hockey. Charm School. WILLIAM MICHAEL WHITLEY Bill. The physicist. Class vice-president. President, Dramatic Club. Charm School. Witty. Etiquette, Pan-American and Science clubs. Soccer. Student Council. Band. A Cappella Choir. Orchestra. ETHEL MAE WIGGINS Wigs. Dainty. Charm School. Loves dancing. Student Council. Varsity track. Class basketball, hockey. President and treasurer of Etiquette Club. Commercial and Research clubs. Pleasant manner. Willing ways. Ideal secretary. Petite. MARY PEARL WIGGINS Wigs. Sweetness in ditto form. Commercial Club. Program Committee Chairman of Etiquette Club. Cute. Student Council. Charm School. Talkative. Varsity track. Class hockey, basketball. Dancer. Class wit. Winning personality. WILLIAM HENRY YOST Bill. Quarterback. Golf end. Two letters and a monogram. Vocational, Printing. Etiquette, Pan-Ameirican, and Glee clubs. Junior Fourth Estate. Rides, swims and dances. Hometown politician. Keen reporter. MAGDALENA ALBERTA ZEISLOFT Birdie. Charm School. Hazel eyes. Bells of Capistrano. Monogram, Band and Orchestra. A Cappella Choir. Glee and Dramatic clubs. Alert. Eager. Musical. Plays clarinet. Student of coiffures. Sings. CYRIL THOMAS ALLDRED Sock. Light brown hair Gray eyes. Radio and Pan-American clubs. Band letter. Cornet soloist. Spring football enthusiast. Dreams of playing in jazz band. Baseball. Cooperates. CLARENCE CRAIG BAUDER Bander. Baseball and swimming squads. Varsity soccer. Fiery athlete. Science Club. Hi-Y. President of Pan-American Club. Honor student. Parliamentarian. Abingtonian. A bundle of pep and energy.CHARLOTTE MEACHEM BISHOP Mi mi. Drives a car. Leather-craft, Riding, Camera, Etiquette, Dramatic, Science, and Glee clubs. Fencer. Assistant track manager. Growing Pains. Interested in costume designing. A lover of the beautiful. JOSEPH GAILEY BLAIR Joe. Varsity basketball. Dramatic Club. Senior Play. Tennis. Yearbook. Secretary, Pan - American Club. Vice-president, Camera Club. Student Council. Abinglonian. Junior Fourth Estate. Musical. Sportsman. ROBERT STEVEN BOTHE Bob. Always joking. Pleasing voice. German Glee Club. Boys’ Etiquette, Aircraft, Debating clubs. Senior Play. Hi-Y. Golf manager. Two letters. Study hall chaplain. Debater. Assembly speaker. Merry as a lark. DOROTHY VIRGINIA BROWN Brownie. Bookkeeper. Commercial and Library clubs. Junior Fourth Estate. Abington-ion typist. Yearbook. Secretary of Commercial Club. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Reads. Swims. Loves children. Honor Roll. JESSE LISTON CARMICHAEL Busier. Jolly. Always smiling. Dancer. Prize comedian. Member of Camera, Latin, and Dramatic clubs. Loves dogs. Likes sports, especially basketball. Aims to be an electrical engineer and politician. ROBERT WARREN CHEYNEY Shailey. Quiet and reserved. Shy. Science, Latin, and Mathematics clubs. Exacting mathematics shark. Chemistry star. Senior Play. Enjoys collecting stamps and solving problems. Dark brown hair. Preparing for college. Quality. IANE LOCKWOOD COPELAND Copey. Hockey and Tennis teams. All-Suburban Hockey Team. Secretary, Latin Club. Etiquette Club. Hi-Y. Debating Team. Oracle. Intellectual. Yearbook. Reads profusely. Determined to pass College Board. Sticks to her convictions. HELEN MAY CRAIG Craigie. Class hockey and track. Basketball manager. Southern belle. Commercial, Glee, Etiquette clubs. A Cap-pella Choir. Hi-Y. Lady of the Terrace. Flower of Venice. Abinglonian. Senior Play. Honor Roll. Talented. SHIRLEY RUTH BURHANNA Dutch Box to Mr. Smiley. Light brown hair. Soft gray eyes. Charming. Senior Play committee. Senior Play. Class hockey. Etiquette and Dramatic clubs. Debating. Likes to dance and collect pennants. RAYMOND PAGE BUSHNELL Ray. Assistant basketball manager. Treasurer of Boys’ Hi-Y. Dramatic, Vocational, and Aviation clubs. Brown hair. Worked a half-year for Standard Pressed Steel. Senior Play. Electrical expert. A hardworking student.EDYTH KEMBLE CREAMER Pat. Sophisticated. Dramatic Club. Writer of verse. Likes to read and play piano. Dignified. Strawberry blonde. Loves art and drama. Clever at interior decorating. Interesting. JAMES ELMER CUMMINGS Jim. Varsity halfback on Soccer Team. Tall. Basketball squad. Varsity linesman. Camera and Current Events clubs. Keeps his bead. Promising amateur golfer. Dignified but friendly. Enjoys life. ETHEL H. CUNNINGHAM Cackle. Hi-Y president. Vice-president, Reading Club. Consul. Latin Club. Abingtonian. Junior Fourth Estate. All-Suburban Hockey Team. Yearbook. Co-captain, basketball. Honor Roll. Etiquette Club. Varsity tennis. Witty. ROMEO DAGOSTINO Daggy. Varsity second base-man. Four years of soccer. Two letters in soccer, three in baseball. Honor Roll. Math, shark. Science and Airplane clubs. Tinkers with radios. Enjoys good shows. HARRY WILLIAM DAI.LISON Harry. Quiet. Brown hair and grey eyes. Band and Orchestra. Music letter. Wizard in short-wave craft. Radio Club. A licensed radio amateur. Journalist. Unassuming. Keen. MARGARET S. DAVENPORT Peg. Busy commercial. Class hockey. A friend worth having. Commercial Club. Likes cats. Types announcements. Collects stamps and cactus plants. Blue eyes. BENJAMIN HERBERT DAVIS, JR. Pen. Never misses school. Science Club. Hi-Y. Abingtonian. Junior Fourth Estate. Reads onmivorously. Excels in mechanical drawing. Senior Play. Expert swimmer at Y. M. C. A. Yearbook. DANNIE LEONA DAVIS Class basketball. Varsity hockey. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Hi-Y. Accomplished pianist. Scale of achievement in typing. Commercial Club. Announcement typist. Honor Roll. Neat. Plays tennis. Contagious laugh. KATHRYN WEBER CURRAN Hazel eyes. Curls of brown. Art, Latin, Glee, and Dramatic clubs. Acting captain of Swimming Team. Class hockey. Very quiet. Three letters. A water nymph. JOSEPH RALPH DEJULIO Joe. Genial. Reads and shoots. Vocational and Printing clubs. The sole male passenger of the girls’ late bus. A landscape gardener. Parliamentarian.GEORGE CAMPBELL DICKSON Soup. Soccer letterman. Senior Play. Baseball squad. Cheerleader. Latin Club treasurer. Stamp, Dramatic, French clubs. Secretary-treasurer. Science Club. Honor Roll. Regular attendance. HARRY SHERRY DOOLEY, JR. Squire. A real fellow indeed. Class baseball and basketball. Secretary of Aircraft Club. Commercial Club. Stage manager. Golf. Plans to enter a law office. A square shooter. STEWART EDWARD DOUGHTY Stew. Football, tennis, and soccer squads. Very independent. Hi-Y. Aircraft and Dramatic clubs. Member of National Guard. Enjoys horses and guns. A born soldier. Two operettas. Practical. Mechanical. Fearless. ALAN ROBERT DUKE Dukie. Football Team. Varsity wrestling. Baseball manager. Operetta. Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. Vice-president and secretary, Tropical Fish Club. Student Council. Yearbook. Chairman, class night committee. Likes hunting. A gentleman. WILLIAM ROBERT DUKE Mate. Dramatic Club. Vice-president, Vocational Club. Football and basketball teams. Taciturn. Likes to travel and swim. Golf. Gass basketball coach. Enjoys music. Going to sea with his father. GRACE HANNA EDGE Letters and monograms in basketball and hockey. Modest. The Second Flat. Grou-ing Pains. Track Team. Secretary and president of Etiquette Club. Co-captain, basketball. Abingtonian. Student Council. Delightful company. PAUL WALTER EIFERT, JR. Tough and sturdy soccer letterman. Track Team. Science, Current Events, Boys’ Etiquette clubs. Quiet. Reserved. Good at playing the bones. Likes swimming and travel. Has an eye on ranching. MARTHA JEFFRESS ELLIOTT Marty. Tennis manager. Class hockey. Mischievous. Latin and Dramatic clubs. Lady of the Terrace. Growing Pains. Hi-Y vice-president. Debater. Honor Roll. Glee Club. SAMUEL SHEETS FARES Sam. Abingtonian editor. Student Council president. Junior Fourth Estate. Yearbook. Growing Pains. Sociable. Soccer. Latin, Science, and Mathematics clubs. Honor Roll. Honorable mention in state news writing contest. Musical. Dependable. IONA DOROTHY FAHRENHOLZ Dot. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Senior Play. Nature, Commercial, Dramatic clubs. Enjoys hiking, dancing, and skating. Typed announcements. Loves dogs. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate.LOUIS ROBERT FEITIG Gottlieb. Class president. Silver soccer ball. Hi-Y. Glee and Science clubs. Senior Play. Band. Operetta. A Cappella Choir. Honor student. Baseball. Civic Attitude Awards. Student Council. Abingtonion. Likes sauerkraut. Genial. MARY DEWEES FOSTER Reds. Varsity hockey. Tennis and swimming teams. Gracious. Vice-president of Etiquette Club. Latin and Dramatic clubs. Growing Pains. Oracle. Motors. Rides horseback. Sunny disposition. A vivacious Titian. Full of fun. EUGENE WARREN FRY, JR. Gene. Brown hair. Treasurer of Stamp Club. Brown eyes. Camera Club. Collects stamps. Favorite pastime, driving. Baseball fan. Philatelic expert. Subtle humor. VIRGINIA ROSE FULTZ Ginny. President, Magazine and Commercial clubs. Hi-Y. Student Council. Civic Attitude Award. Etiquette Club. Growing Pains. Honor Roll. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Abingtonian. Junior Fourth Estate. Yearbook. ELLEN CLARE FUNKE lillcn. Hi-Y. All-Suburban Second Hockey Team. Tennis Team. Class secretary. President, Etiquette Club. Oracle editor-in-chief. Junior Fourth Estate. Yearbook. Student Council. Senior Play. A bit of sunshine. JOHN PATRICK GARVIN Jack. Class basketball. Soccer squad. Friendly. Class baseball. Wrestling Tournament. Interested in journalism. Vocational and Science clubs. Secretary-treasurer of Radio Club. MARY CAROLYN GARVIN Shorty. Commercial and Magazine clubs. Manager, All-Suburban Hockey Team. Class basketball. Track Team. Hockey and tennis letters. Abingtonian. Plays piano. Secretary, Leathercraft Club. Sports writer. WILLIAM ALAN GARVIN Gabo. Varsity football lineman. Husky. Wrestling and swimming squads. Glee Club. Vice-president, Boys’ Etiquette Club. Secretary and treasurer, Life Saving Club. Amiable. Medalist in boxing tournament. Kind. Carefree. HARRY JOSEPH GIBBONS Source of baseball news. Industrious. Science and Radio clubs. Vice-president, Campus Club. Baseball. Class wrestling. Interested in electrical and chemical engineering. ROBERT DELZIEL GIBSON Quack. Laughing. Feature writer of the Abingtonian. Tall. Humorous. Boys’ Hi-Y. Junior Fourth Estate. Senior Play. Collects signs. Interviewer. Gets maximum amount of everything with minimum effort. A writer born.GEORGE HENRY GLAESER Twin. A. A. Minstrel. Varsity track, wrestling, football. Class basketball. Leathercraft, Art, Aircraft clubs. President, Hi-Y. President, Boys’ Etiquette Club. Hillbilly Band. Mechanically inclined. Modest. SIDNEY GOFFNEY Snooky. Quiet. Good dancer. Likes baseball and football. Hopes to become an engineer. Drives a car. Clever skater. A real friend. Loyal to Abington. CECELIA GROSS Cecily. Petite. Dusky hair. Always active. Poster prize. Likes to draw and read. Art and Reading clubs. Growing Pains. Talkative. Coming art teacher. A bundle of enthusiasm. FLORENCE MARGARETTA HAINES Flossy. Big hazel eyes. A permanent smile. Dramatic. Commercial, and Reading clubs. Class hockey. Blushes. Shorthand Penmanship Certificates. Types announcements. A reader. RUTH EDNA HECKER Attractive. Student Council. Oracle. Junior Fourth Estate. Debating Team. Yearbook. Dancer. Artist par excellence. Bells of Capistrano. Dramatic, Etiquette, and Latin clubs. Growing Pains. Class hockey. DOROTHY ELIZABETH HILLER Dot. Accurate. Reading and Commercial clubs. Blue eyes. Light chestnut hair. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Sociable. Wants to be a stenographer or artist. Likes to swim and dance. ALBERT FLOYD HILLIARD King Kong. Good-natured. Aircraft, Camera, and Radio clubs. Original joker. Modest. President of Printing Club. Always printing. Friends with the camera. A real Abington man. MARY ELIZABETH HOGUE Betty. Senior Play. Excels in favorite pastime—dancing. Class hockey. Track Team. Vice-president, Etiquette Club. Latin and Camera clubs. Sunny disposition. RUTH NAOMI HUBBARD Rut hie. From Horsham. Class basketball. Commercial, Reading, and Library clubs. Quiet. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Enjoys swimming and knitting. Tall. Brown hair. Blue eyes. KARI. OTTO HUCH Otto. Quiet boy. Dramatic, Etiquette, Nature, Pan-American clubs. Secretary, Science Club. A laboratory man. Wants to be a second Ditmar or Pratt. Draws, walks, collects stamps. The boy chemist.SAMUEL IOVINE HUEY Sam. Varsity football and track. Genial and friendly. Y. M. C. A. wrestling champion. Dramatic, Science, Etiquette, Vocational, and Camera clubs. Dog lover. Heavyweight boxing champion. AGNES LOUISE HUM BRECHT IVrise. Long sweeping eyelashes. Talkative. Refined. Etiquette Club. Growing Pains. Hails from Florida. Knits. High soprano. Drives a roadster. Skates. Swims. Sleds. Pensive. VIRGINIA GLADYS HUSS Jinny. Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. Plays piano. Brils nj Capistrano. Sonia. Lady of the Terrace. Floii’cr of Venice. Class hockey. Reads. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Studying to be a missionary. RICHARD FRANK JAY Happy-go-lucky. A nose for news. Dramatic Club. Interviewed Laura Lee. Interested in journalism. Plans to be an insurance agent. Deep and meditative. FLORENCE ELIZABETH JENKINS Flossie. Reads. Library Club. Ambitious. Interested in public speaking. Commercial. Blushes easily. An expert at hairdressing. Fond of cats. Attractive and retiring. JEANNETTE CORINNE KOSTMAYER Class hockey. Dramatic Club. Pleasing disposition. Etiquette Club. Hi-Y. Likes to dance and read. Very quiet and shy. Jane’s other half. Likable. WILLIAM KELLER, JR. Bill. Baseball. Vice-president, Nature Club. Band letterman. Jolly. Likes music. Wants to be a farmer. Friend to animals, birds, and trees. Knows how to write about them. MILTON KIND Happy-go-lucky. Micky. Student Council. Golf, tennis, and basketball squads. Likes to argue. Debating Team. Boys’ Hi-Y. Dramatic Club. Favorite pastime—ping-pong. Wants to be a lawyer. Friendly. JOHN LESTER KLENK Chester. Curly brown hair. Laughing blue eyes. Faithful candidate for sports. Four years of football. Letter. Travel Club. Treasurer, Etiquette Club. Loves to play golf and other outdoor sports. WINTON FELL KROUT Win. Science, Aircraft, and Camera clubs. Student Council. Modest. Class baseball. Likes to type. Interested in journalism. Dependable. Builds model airplanes. Musical. A WILLIAM HENRY LEAS Will. Aircraft Club. Dark brown hair. Unusual eyes. Always studying airplanes and aviation. Ambitious. A future member of the aircraft service. Good-natured. Mechanically inclined. Reticent. BETTY EDWINA LEWIS Bets. Unique. Ingenuous character. Secretary and vice-president of Etiquette Club. Class hockey. Growing Pains. Delightful, especially when telling something. Riding experiences. Writes verse. Chic. Sympathetic. RAYMOND BAKER LEWIS Ray. Dramatic and Latin ciubs. Keen about hunting. Student Council. Stars in public speaking. Rides horseback. Growing Pains. Interested in engineering. An enthusiastic cyclist. Friendly and alert. VIRGINIA MAY LEWIS Ginny. Dashing. Fun-loving. Track squad. Hockey letter. A Cappella Choir. Lady of the Terrace. Growing Pains. Dramatic, Latin, Etiquette, Glee clubs. Actress. Debater. Vivacious. Enjoys dancing, hiking, and reading. Emotional. HARRIETT MARY LICHETTI Harry. Treasurer of Commercial Club. President of Style Club. Honor Roll. Typist for Oracle. Sweet. Dramatic and Nature clubs. Likes to skate and dance. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Yearbook. Faithful. MADELINE MAY LUNDY Maddie. Basketball squad. Latin and Etiquette clubs. Swims. Intelligent and appreciative reader and talker. Grozv-ing Pains. Likes to eat. Enjoys French and English. Charming to see. Good to know. STANLEY IVAN LYTTLE Pat. Brown hair and gray eyes. Vocational, Science, Camera, and Pan-American clubs. Pleasant accent. Quiet smile. Likes to do woodwork. Always helpful. Interested in automobile engineering. GODRIC WILLIAM MAIER Spike. A cartoonist of no mean ability. Likes sports. Yearbook. Class boxing. Oracle. Junior Fourth Estate. Etiquette, Art, and Clay Modeling clubs. A reader. Interested in journalism. Can he caricature ! KATHRYN JEAN MARTIN Kitty. Class hockey. Browneyed lassie. Latin, Glee, and Dramatic clubs. Student Council. Honor Roll. Lady of the Terrace. Automobile enthusiast. Quiet reader. Practical minded. Drives. Reserved. STEPHEN WALTON MASON, JR. Steve. Secretary, Stamp Club. Yearbook. Art Club. Dignified. Serious expression. Honor Roll. Senior Play. Riding and sketching. Dances. Clever stylist. Helpful. Obliging. Dramatic ability. Reports for the Hatboro Spirit. Versatile.KATHERINE SYLVIA MCMAHON Kay. Dramatic and Commercial clubs. Class basketball. Likes to dance and swim. Once a friend, always a friend. Good-natured. Works in cafeteria. Content while reading. Secretarial aspirant. CHARLES JOHN MEDER Chuck. Quite a wrestler. Journalism expert. Credit to the Art Department. Cuts blocks for Oracle. Light brown hair and blue eyes. Honor Roll. Commercial artist. Fond of eating. Competent. ELDON EVERETT MESCHTER Ev. Abingtonian and Oracle circulation. Latin, Stamp clubs. Band. All wrapped up in chemistry. Spends leisure time in homemade lab. Aspires to Princeton. Summer in Europe. Yearbook. The business man. LOUIS ELLIS MICHENER Lou. Curly brown hair. Dancing blue eyes. A real plugger at sports. Football letterman. Etiquette, Aircraft clubs. Class basketball. A dancer. Aspires to be athletic coach. ROBERT IRVING MILES Bob. Fond of athletics. Inter-class basketball. Passions, dentistry and driving a car. Football and track squads. Quiet. Boys’ Etiquette and Aircraft clubs. Always ready with a smile. CHARLES AIKEN MILLER Honor student from Olney. Abingtonian. Letter in baseball. Stamp Club. Likes to swim. Junior Fourth Estate. Football squad. Yearbook. Collects stamps and newspaper clippings. Wants to travel. Busy willing helper. HOWARD KING MOLL Moll. Glee Club. A Cappella Choir. Flower of Venice. Growing Pains. Pittsburgh Chorus. Oracle. Junior Fourth Estate. Ace ticket collector. Honorable mention, National Education Association Editorial Contest. ELIZABETH MOORE Libby. Tall and slim. Serious blue eyes and brown hair. Quiet and shy. Honor Roll. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Commercial and Nature clubs. Enjoys drawing and dancing. A faithful friend. ELIZABETH ROSE MOTSON Betty. From William Penn High School, Philadelphia. Quiet and retiring. A tease. Vice-president of Library club. Growing Pains. Collects poems. Sews. Bacteriologist. Accommodating and ambitious. WILLIAM HENRY MULLEN Bill. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Baseball outfielder. Science, Etiquette, Aircraft and Pan-American clubs. Favorite pastime, collecting stamps and playing in an orchestra. Heading for a bank.RUTH WILKES MUNSON Toots. Four years’ class hockey. Reading and Latin clubs. Enthusiastic debater. A Cappella Choir. Crowing Pains. Lady of the Terrace. Abingtonion. Likes history and eats. Student Council. Likable and dependable. HOWARD GEORGE NEILL Hoicard. Likes to study. Science, Stamp, Aircraft, German, and Camera clubs. Honor Roll. Happy with Mr. Messinger. Makes model boats and airplanes. Chemical engineer in the making. PEACE PAUBIONSKY Peace. South Philadelphia High. Mathematician. Debater. Camera, Mathematics, Science, Pan-American, and Harmonica ciubs. Soccer squad. Noted for originality. Honor Roll. Vegetarian. Is at home anywhere with an advanced algebra test. EVELYN RUTH PHELPS Ev. Glee Club. Etiquette Club. A Cappella Choir. An accomplished dancer. Enjoys knitting, tennis, and playing the piano. Smiling. Refined. Wants to be a nurse. Helpful and courteous. HARRISON LLOYD PLACE Placcy. Varsity football. A. A. Minstrel. Track squad. Husky. Wrestling squad, member and manager. President, Vocational Club. Jolly. Printing Club. Hillbilly Band. Happy-go-lucky. Hunter and follower of Izaak Walton. JOSEPH PATRICK REILLY Demon Reporter. Inter-league soccer medal. President, Radio Club. Hillbilly Band. Minstrel Show. Senior Play. Accordion wizard. Oracle. Managing editor, Junior Fourth Estate. Brogue. Plays piano. Joe’s from Old Ireland. RUTH MARIAN RHOADS Ruthie. Obliging. Leather-craft, Etiquette, Library, and Glee clubs. Ambitious. Likes to play the violin and knit. Enthusiastic. Served luncheon to Superintendents’ Association and Bucknell singers. A lovely girl to know. VIRGINIA YOUNG ROMEYN Ginny. Tall. Dignified. Amiable. Hockey and track squads. Camera, I-atin, Reading and Dramatic clubs. Interested in photography. Hi-Y. Yearbook. Student Council. Reads good books. Collects stamps. ANNE PHILLIPS ROSS Annie. Debating Team. Dramatic and Etiquette clubs. Growing Pains. Hockey squad. Track manager. Likes to converse. Beautiful brown eyes. Student Council. Enjoys children. Finds pleasure in eating. Amiable and sympathetic. CAROLINE WILHELMINA SAURMAN Peggy. Commercial Club. Oracle. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Faithful. Regular attendance. Junior Fourth Estate. Types announcements. Full of energy and enthusiasm. Speed typist. Fun-loving. Yearbook. Has will power.FRANZ JOSEPH SAYLOR Bear. Legendary imperial descent. Restless. Varsity soccer. Basketball squad. Dramatic, Current Events, Riding, and Stamp clubs. Hi-Y. Senior Play. Interested in automobile racing. P'riendly. Hillbilly Band. Enjoys journalism and surveying. HOWARD WAYNE SCHAEFER Skip. Vocational Club. Varsity soccer. Thoughtful. President of Tropical Fish Club. Class basketball. Interested in journalism and drawing. Happy. Loves to bowl. Has plenty of friends. Likes architecture. FLORENCE SHAFFER Floss. Full of fun. Swimming squad. T reasurer, Etiquette Club. Class hockey. Commercial and Dramatic clubs. Student Council. Growing Pains. Chief interest—swimming and dancing. Smiling countenance. Club reporter. Sweet and lovely. MARY VALERIE SCHEFFEY Latin and French clubs. Class hockey. Honor student. Manager, girls’ basketball. A Cap-pella Choir. Lady of the Terrace. Growing Pains. Versatile. Mathematics and French enthusiast. Dependable. Lover of music. FREDERICK BERNARD SCHELHORN Frits. President, Science Club. Aircraft, Stamp, and Mathematics Club. Senior Play. Unusual mathematician. Keen. Enjoys reading and drafting. Student Council. School Science and Mathematics Magazine. Honor Roll. eleanor Anne SCHMIDT. Elly. Acting captain of Swimming Team. Alert and dependable. Etiquette, Pan-American, and Dramatic clubs. Growing Pains. Class hockey. Musical. Loves horses. An accomplished equestrienne. JOSEPH CYRIL SCIORILLI Rocco. Class jester. Head cheerleader. Abingtonian. Junior Fourth Estate. Yearbook. Radio, Science, Latin, Camera clubs. Senior Play. Student Council. Honor student. Odd sense of humor. A. A. Minstrel. AGNES EMMA SHOTT Aggie. Neat. Dramatic, Latin, and Commercial clubs. Likes to dance and swim. Bells of Capistrano. Sonia. Business manager, Senior Play. Typist for Oracle. Shorthand. Penmanship Certificate. Yearbook. Serious. EDITH MARY SLUGG Sluggy. Hockey, swimming, and basketball squads. Commercial, Latin, Dramatic, and Glee clubs. Senior Play. Hi-Y treasurer. Student Council. A Cap-pella Choir. Abingtonian. Honor Roll. Yearbook. Likes to read and swim. HOWARD BRADLEY SMITH Doc. Varsity football and baseball. Real Gallopin’ Ghost. Cheerleader. Etiquette, Latin, Stamp, French, Glee clubs. Three operettas. Minstrel. Abingtonian. Honor Roll. Pittsburgh chorister. Multiple president and vice-president of class.WILLIAM CRANE SMITH Butch. Jovial. Tennis squad. Monogram for cheerleading. Latin, Science, Stamp clubs. Vice-president of junior class. Give him a gun or stamps. Stock broker. A kind word for everyone. WALTER EDWARD STUDLEY Tank. Tennis squad. Hi-Y. Glee Club. Band and Orchestra. Ahingtonian. Walt and his saxophone are inseparable. Black hair, brown eyes. Fluent talker. Journalist fan. A salesman born. Happy. MARIE BERNADETTE SULLIVAN Sully. Commercial, Etiquette, and Dramatic clubs. Pleasing personality. Dance and tennis enthusiast. A swimmer. Class hockey. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Cafeteria aid. Peppy and jolly. ROBERT LEE SULZNER Bob. Camera artist. Treasurer of Tropical Fish Club. Senior Play. Tennis. Yearbook. Study Hall official. Motorcyclist. Table-tennis player. Latin and Science clubs. Whimsical Humorist. Writer. Student of journalism. JAMES WHITAKER SUTCH Jim. Smiling. A. A. Representative. Class athlete. Four years of football. Monogram, baseball. Basketball squad. Vice-president, Hi-Y. Etiquette, Dramatic and Latin clubs. Senior Play. Likes sports and dancing. Personality plus. ELIZABETH WINIFRED SWARTLEY Betty. Glee, Reading, and Spanish clubs. Autograph collector. Gronnng Bains. A Cap-pella Choir. Class hockey. Sense of humor. Likes hiking and reading. Heading for Kentucky Frontier Nursing Service. BETTY LOU SWARTZ Betty. Quiet, but convincing. Swimming Team. Etiquette Club reporter. Likes to swim and dance. Senior Play. Tall and dignified. Gay companion. Wants to be a designer. Attractive. A winning smile. ROBERT LEWIS SWARTZ. Szeartzie. Bandman. Laughing blue eyes. A. A. Minstrel. Quartette. A Cappella Choir. Glee Club. Lady of the Terrace. Gron’ing Pains. Collects old coins. Flozvcr of Venice. Unusual reading voice. ELIZABETH HARRISON TAYLOR Libby. Delightful sense of humor. Varsity hockey and basketball. Oracle. Latin. Reading, Art, and Etiquette clubs. Honor student. Knits. Yearbook. Junior Fourth Estate. Student Council. Junior League member. EDWIN PROCTER TAYLOR Ed. Varsity football. Track man. Wrestling Team. Etiquette Club secretary. Hi-Y. Science and Current Events clubs. Accomplished horseman. Argues forever. A fine athlete. Philadelphia Suburban P. I. A- A. Wrestling Championship.JOHN HOWARD '1 HOMAS Modest and retiring. When Jake talks, he says something. Latin. Science clubs. Class treasurer. Frequents the Honor Roll. Exceptional student. Ab-ingtonian. Likes golf. A racing driver. Sense of humor. BETTY ALBERTA THOMPSON Tommy. Library Club. Vice-president of Commercial Club. Honor Roll. Abinglonian typist. Junior Fourth Estate. Class hockey. Yearbook. Likes to read and swim. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Announcements. Shy but sweet. JOHN TREGNAN, JR. Johnny. Etiquette and Dramatic clubs. Hi-Y. Operettas, Sonia. Lady of the Terrace, flower of Venice. Four years of basketball, two letters. Football and baseball squads. Loves to work on automobiles. A nose for musical news. IRMA TUCKER T lie key. Hockey Team. All-Suburban Hockey Team. Secretary, Student Council Convention. Civic Attitude Award. Editor of Abinglonian. Junior Fourth Estate. Yearbook. Latin and Reading clubs. Twenty-five poems in print. EDWARD P. TURNER Ed. Quiet grey eyes. Sleek brown hair. Science Club. A plugger. Treasurer of Printing Club. Varsity football. Bostonian. Always in background. His favorite reference, Washington’s farewell Address. MARGARET WALL Born in Merrie England. Riding and Glee clubs. Likes horses. Debating Team. Bells of Capistrano. Plays piano. A Cappella Choir. Delights in looking at flower catalogues. Landscape gardener. ELMEDA BARBARA WALTON Bobby. Blonde reporter. Ab-ingionian. Junior Fourth Estate. Likes to play piano. Class hockey. Dramatic, Glee, and Commercial clubs. Lady of the Terrace. Senior Play. Letter for orchestra. Operetta. Yearbook. JOHN MICHENER WALTON Jack. Blue eyes, light brown hair. Collects old coins. Baseball. Camera, Science, and Boys’ Etiquette clubs. Efficient. A man of action and a merry gentleman. MARTIN TREGNAN Marty. Baseball, football, and basketball squads. Enjoys mathematics and dancing. Dramatic, Science, Latin, and Glee Clubs. Accomplished actor. Music enthusiast. A Cappella Choir. Minstrel show. Sonia. RUTH WEBB Spider. Commercial and Glee clubs. Quiet. A Cappella Choir. Lady of the Terrace. Shorthand Penmanship Certificate. Likes to read and sew. Can those fingers roll over the keyboard? Appealing.HELEN RITA WHITTAKER Ritzy. Etiquette, Dramatic, and Glee clubs. A skater. Lovely brown hair. Talking and laughing. Senior Play. Attendance Award. An illustrative hairdresser. Strolls with her greyhound. FRANK ELMER WHITTOCK, JR. Tarzan. Varsity basketball. Determined. Aircraft and Current Events clubs. Hi-Y. Secretary of Aircraft Club. Baseball, football, track, and swimming squads. Shy. Skates and golfs. Sense of humor. FRANK REEVE WILLIAMS Quiet and noncommittal. Four years of football. Reddish brown hair. Wanderlust. Keen sense of humor. Monogram in swimming and football. Medal in class basetball. Easy-going. JANE STUART WOOD Jane. Etiquette and Dramatic clubs. Class hockey. Hi-Y. Student Council. Growing Pains. Abingtonian. Witty. Fine student. Writes verse and columns. Sunny disposition. Likes to dance and read. Quality, not quantity. LEONARD WILLIAM WOODWARD Lett. Halfback on Football Team. Track and wrestling squads. Medal for boxing. Hazel eyes. Hi-Y. Boys’ Etiquette and Science clubs. Likes to dance. Hopes to be a railroad engineer. WILLIAM BERRY YODER BUI. Track Squad. Vice-president and treasurer of Tropical Fish Club. Dignified and serious. Senior Play. Enjoys dancing and swimming. A keen rooter. PETER WRIGHT Pete came from Penn Charter. Aspires for Amherst. Dramatic and Boys’ Etiquette clubs. Likes reading and hunting. Good writer. Enthusiastic theatre fan. One year of wrestling. Likes to “step out.”THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THELMA I THE MUSK MASTER GOTTLIEB UNCLE JOE LADDIE X HIS LADV ON HtSTOES ' ‘ 1 TEACHERS pet school's IN session RTS CHAMPS 94. ABINGTON SCENE 30THE ORACLE • • 1935 ETTY3 BOBS FATHER " CHARLIE" LA SENOR1TA ABINGTON SCENE A MINIATURE KREIDER EFFICIENCY PACKET «" LOOKING PRETTY" PO D. EXPERT THINKING HOCKEY STAR 31THE ORACLE 19 3 5 THE SENIOR B CLASS iTHE ORACLE 19 3 5 THE JUNIOR A CLASS THE JUNIOR B CLASS 33THE ORACLE • 19 3 5 THE SOPHOMORE A CLASSTHE ORACLE 19 3 5 THE FRESHMAN A CLASS THE FRESHMAN B CLASS 35 THE ORACLE 19 3 5 THE FOOTBALL TEAM THE HOCKEY TEAM 36THE ORACLE . . . 1935 FOOTBALL Collegeville—September 28, home. The Ghosts open their campaign with a romp. ED TAYLOR and HOWARD SMITH make it possible for Abington to gain an easy victory. Score: A. H. S., 28; Collegeville, 6. Haverford School—Ooctober 5, home. The Abington team holds a strong “Prep” team to a scoreless deadlock in exciting game. BILL YOST and LES KLENK play brilliantly to help make it a good game. Score: A. H. S., 0; Haverford School, 0. Riverside—October 13, away. A long pass results in the Ghosts’ first defeat of the year as they play on the sandy soil of New Jersey. AL BIXLER and LOU MICHENER play a great defensive game but to no avail. Score: A. H. S., 0; Riverside, 6. Chester—October 20, home. The Abington gridiron machine functions better than ever and sends Chester down for an easy victory. “REDS” BLAND and JIM SUTCH stand out as the Ghosts score at will. Score: A. H. S., 21; Chester, 0. Wilmington—October 27, away. The Ghosts’ running attack is spoiled by a heavy rain and a sloppy field, the final score resulting in Abington’s second scoreless tie of the year. HARRISON PLACE and AL WEISSER are bulwarks on the defense and check the Wilmington running attack. Score: A. H. S., 0; Wilmington, 0. friends’ Central—November 2, home. The Maroon and White team again holds a strong prep team to a scoreless tie, the second straight and the third one of the year. ALAN DUKE is the outstanding Abington player by his many long gains through the enemy line. Score: A. H. S., 0; Friends’ Central, 0. Eddystone—November 10, away. The Ghosts regain their scoring stride and defeat the team from down Chester way. LEN WOODWARD “goes to town” and scores two touchdowns to aid in the Abington victory. Score: A. H. S., 26; Eddystone, 0. Radnor—November 16, home. The Maroon and White team goes down to its second defeat of the year after scoring two touchdowns in the first four minutes. GEORGE GLAESER blocks two kicks, one good for a touchdown and plays an outstanding game at end for the Ghosts. Score: A. H. S., 12; Radnor, 19. Cheltenham—December 1, Temple Stadium. Ghosts play inspired football on mud-soaked field to recapture the Old York Road crown and knock the highly favored Panther eleven from the Suburban Conference title. A sustained drive of seventy-five yards after the kick-off and a blocked kick give the Ghosts a first-period lead, which they successfully protect for the remainder of the game. Right guard, GEORGE TAYLOR, blocks kick to win the game as the entire Maroon team outplays its Cheltenham rival. Score: A. H. S., 2; Cheltenham, 0. HOCKEY Sellersville—September 28, away. After a long ride through the country, the girls open the season with a victory for Abington. IRMA TUCKER and VIRGINIA LEWIS stand out as the team gets off for a good start. Score: A. H. S., 4; Sellersville, 0. Willow Grove—October 17, home. The hockeyists put another victory into the bag for Abington as they overwhelm opposing team. HARRIET BORDA’S passing helps make it a good game. Score: A. H. S., 3; Willow Grove, 0. Jenkintown—October 24, home. For the fourth consecutive year, Abington fails to overcome the tying streak with Jenkintown. ANNE TILLGER and' ETHEL CUNNINGHAM play a great defensive game. Score: A. H. S., 0; Jenkintown, 0. Springfield—October 31, home. Fighting to the end, the girls receive their first defeat of the season. GRACE EDGE tallies twice. RUTH VAN GAASBECK holds the Spring-field line but to no avail. Score: A. H. S., 2; Springfield, 3. Olney—November 7, home. Making up for the previous game, the hockey girls come through with easy win over Olney. REGINA SMITH’S scoring streak leads them to overwhelming victory. Score: A. H. S., 8; Olney, 0. Alumnae—November 14. home. A game for the young and old, ending in a victory for the young ones. ELLEN FUNKE and GLADYS FAIRCHILD play an exceptionally fine offensive game. Score: A. H. S., 2; Alumnae, 0. Lansdowne—November 21, home. Lansdowne puts up a good fight but Abington pulls through with another victory. JANE COPELAND plays a brilliant game for Abington. Score: A. H. S., 3; Lansdowne, 1. Cheltenham, November 27, away. Fighting to the end, the Abington lassies fail to come through on top in the pre-turkey squabble. MARY FOSTER and MARY GARVIN play an outstanding game. Score: A. H. S., 0; Cheltenham. 2. 37THE ORACLE • 19 3 5 THE SOCCER TEAM THE WRESTLING TEAM 38THE ORACLE • • • 1935 SOCCER Frank ford—September 27, home. Experienced Frankford team puts up a good fight. BILL WHITLEY scores the lone tally for Abington. Score: A. H. S., 1; Frankford, 6. Olney—October 4. home. 1 oo much sympathy for Olney gives them the game when an Abington fullback scores for the wrong side. D’AGOSTINO’S passing makes the game look real. Score: A. H. S., 0; Olney, 2. Lower Merion—October 9, home. The home team weakens in the last quarter and loses the game. PAUL EIFERT makes Lower Merion jealous with his halfback work. Score: A. H. S., 0; Lower Merion, 3. Upper Darby—October 11, away. Booters meet up with the Suburban champions and almost take them over. GREEN tallies twice for A. H. S. Score: A. H. S., 3; Upper Darby, 5. Bethlehem-—October 16, away. Soccermen clash with another fast-stepping team and get worst shellacking of the season. Bethlehem has eleven good men. Score: A. H. S., 0; Bethlehem. 6. Simon Grate—October 18, home. Strong city team swamps the fighting Maroon booters. TAYLOR scores both goals. Score: A. H. S., 2; Simon Grata, 7. Hellertown—October 23, home. Central County Champions are surprised by a scrapping team. CAPTAIN PLEWES stops all they shoot. Score: A. H. S., 0; Hellertown, 0. Lancaster—October 27, away. Lancasterites’ big feet come in handy on a mud-bogged field. D’AGOSTINO scores Abington’s lone point. Score: A. H. S., 1; Lancaster, 2. Swarthmore—November 1, home. Booters show real skill in winning first game. WHITLEY scores first, and SCHAEFER shoots the winning goal. Score: A. H. S., 2; Swarthmore, 1. Upper Darby—November 8, home. Aldington's shot is caught by the fullback and the resulting penalty kick goes wide. Score: A. H. S., 0; Upper Darby, 1. Lower Merion—November 12, away. Lower Merion deflates the Maroon booters’ ego. McINNES shows pep in the halfback position. Score: A. H. S., 0; Lower Merion, 2. Germantown Academy—November 13. home. Booters go on scoring spree in swamping visitors. EIFERT and JIM CUMMINGS show ability as halfbacks. Score: A. H. S., 4; Germantown Academy, 0. Haverford—November 15, away. Soccermen held to a tie by a poor team. BAUDER scores the lone tally, giving the Maroon team a tie. Score: A. H. S., 1; Haverford, 1. Northeast Catholic—November 20, away. Maroon dribblers lead Catholic league champions until end of first half and then weaken. SCHAEFER scores while KOENIG and STEIN-MAN exhibit good defense against a strong team. Score: A. H. S., 1; Northeast Catholic, 3. Lansdowne—November 22, away. Booters’ aerial passing attack beats the Lansdowne dribblers. DICKSON’S excellent playing aids in the victory. Score: A. H. S., 3; Lansdowne, 2. Haverford—November 27, home. The home team finishes the season with a great show of strength by scoring at will on the visiting team. Varsity, Varsity substitutes, and second team men contribute to the victorv. Score: A. H. S., 6; Haverford, 1. Hockey Girls—December 7, home. The annual comedy tilt ends in a victory for girls. The boys say that they should play the girls in soccer instead. Score: Hockeyists, 1 : Soccerettes, 0. WRESTLING Upper Merion—January 9, away—The Maroon and White matmen open their season with a loss at the "hands” of a more experienced team. ED TAYLOR, in the heavyweight class, pins his man quite easily. Score: A. H. S., 10; Upper Merion, 30. Jenkintown—January 16, home. Making up for their previous match, Abington’s wrestlers gain a hard-earned victory over their Old York Road foes. ALAN DUKE, although handicapped by an eye injury, comes through to win the deciding bout. Score: A. H. S., 20; Jenkintown, 13. Hai’erford—January 18, home. Although crippled by the loss of several Varsity wrestlers because of injuries, the matmen again came out on top. PAUL ASURE is still undefeated in the 135-pound class. Score: A. H. S., 20; Haverford, 14. Jenkintozvn—January 23, away. The Jenkintown wrestlers avenge their previous defeat and hand Abington its second setback. NORMAN KELLY wins his bout after a hard struggle. Score: A. H. S., 13; Jenkintown, 18. Upper Darby—February 1. away. After a strenuous tussle, the plucky Abington matmen finally give up the “Ghost.” JACK DONAHUE, 165-pound, proves the outstanding performer of the match. Cheltenham-—February 7. home. Abington’s old rivals, the champions of suburban wrestling, prove too much for the Abington wrestlers and defeat them by the worst score of the year. CHARLES MF.DER puts up a great fight but loses to a more experienced opponent. Score: A. H. S., 0; Cheltenham, 34. Lansdowne—February 20, home. Still fighting gamely, the Ghosts nearlv break into the win column. DICK VAN GAASBECK, diminutive 105-pound, although outweighed, gives an excellent account of himself. Score: A. H. S., 12' 2; Lansdowne, 17'A. Radnor—February 27. away. In the final match of the season, the Abington huskies prove too much for their Main Line opponents and break into the win column at last. KFX PLEWES. although not a winner, gives his opponent plenty of trouble. Score: A. H. S., 26; Radnor, 6. 39THE ORACLE • 1935 THE BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM 40BOYS’ BASKETBALL Olney—December 14, home. Maroon five shows promise but how to powerful Trojan warriors. PALMER proves outstanding for the homesters. Score: A. H. S., 15; Olney, 24. St. Joseph’s—December 21, away. White Flashes lose close game after two extra periods. ALEX HOGG’S passing merits praise. Score: St. Joseph’s, 20; A. H. S., 23. Cheltenham—January 8, home. Overconfident Panthers meet surprise as Maroon court-men capture first league game to gain first place. PALMER’S floorplay and BLAND’S shooting prove too much for the Chelts. Score: A. H. S., 21; Cheltenham, 19. Norristown—January 11, away. Maroon falls before County Seaters after a great battle, and lose first place in the league. Norristown finds FRANK WHITTOCK a hard man to stop. Score: Norristown, 23; A. H. S., 19. Haverford—January 15, away. York Roaders, unable to stop the Main Liners’ powerful offense, drop second league game. PALMER and HOGG set the pace for the fading Flashes. Score: Haverford, 40; A. H. S., 16. Lower Merton—January 18, home. Ardmorites outclass Maroons in rough game. BILL DUKE does his best to keep the home team in the running. Score: Lower Merion, 3; A. H. S.. 11. Chester—January 22, away. Maroons slip toward the cellar as Orange and Black find them easy. JOHN ARMSTRONG stars for the Ghosts. Score: Chester, 35; A. H. S., 21. Faculty—January 31, home. Teachers tire, and Varsity passers win despite the teachers’ reinforcements. JOE BLAIR finds it easy to sink field goals and contributes six of them to the Varsity score. Score: Varsity, 32; Faculty (plus ringers), 27. Jenkiniown—February 5, away. Red Devils win see-saw game with last period spurt. REDS BLAND does great work for the Maroon and White. Score: Jenkintown, 35; A. H. S., 28. Cheltenham—February 8, away. Cheltenham nearly succumbs to last period rally but manages to win in the extra period by a two-point margin. JOHN TREGNAN leads Maroon scorers. Score: Cheltenham, 23; A. H. S., 21. Norristown—February 12, home. Boys play real basketball but County Seaters prove too fast. REDS BLAND stands out for the York Roaders with his accurate shooting. Score; Norristown, 33; A. H. S.. 23. Haverford—February 15, home. Quintet loses hard fought battle to league-leading Ford-ers. FRANK WHITTOCK plays his usual fine game but to no avail. Score: Haverford, 26; A. H. S.. 20. Jenkintown—February 19, home. Benninghoff proves too much, and Boroughmen win free-scoring tilt. BILL DUKE does great work for the Maroon five. Score: Jenkintown, 54; A. H. S„ 31. Lower Merion—February 21, away. Flashes prove no match for fast moving Main Liners. FRANK WHITTOCK is the mainstay for the York Road five. Score: Lower Merion, 39; A. H. S„ 14. Chester—February 26, home. Ghosts collapse after gaining first half lead, and Chester sinks them into the cellar. JIM CUMMINGS stands out for the slipping Maroons. Score: Chester, 26; A. H. S., 22. Upper Darby—February 28, away. Royals defeat Maroons in well-played game. “REDS” BLAND stars for the York Roaders. Score: Upper Darby, 35: A. H. S., 22. Upper Darby—March 1, home. Abington loses last game to close season as Upper Darby gains a tie for the league lead. DUKE and BLAND give stellar performances for downtrodden Flashes. Score: Upper Darby, 44; A. H. S., 22. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Conshohocken—January 16, away. A last-minute goal, not counted, gives victory to opponents in the opening game. ANNE TILGER plays well until an ankle injury puts her out of basketball for the entire season. Score : A. H. S., 15; Conshohocken, 16. Norristown—January 23, home. Abington girls square their first loss by an eight-point win. EVELYN ANDERSON finds the basket and rings up most of the points. Score: A. H. S., 17; Norristown, 9. Springfield—January 30, away. Girls lack usual pep as one of their most feared rivals hands them a severe defeat. The ABINGTON GUARDS keep down opponent’s score. Score: A. H. S., 8; Springfield, 17. Olney—February 6, home. A determined sextette resumes its stride by submerging its city opponents. MARGARET HASSENPLUG does a good job at center. Score: A. H. S., 17; Olney, 10. Willow Grove—February 8, home. Girls trample over their neighbors in sensational fashion. NF.LDA SOWERS steps from the second team bench and contributes most of the points. Score: A. H. S., 40; Willow Grove, 9. Jenkintown—February 19, away. A far superior team overpowers the Maroon and White. RUTH VAN GAASBECK plays a brilliant game in her side-center position. Score: A. H. S., 9; Jenkintown. 26. Radnor—February 27, away. New plays and plenty of action result in one of Abington's most deserved victories. GRACE EDGE proves high scorer of this close game. Score: A. H. S.. 26; Radnor, 22. Ambler—March 6, away. A very rough and tumble game does nothing more than prove that the teams are evenly matched. The perfect combination of ETHEL CUNNINGHAM’S speed and HELEN PETER’S height successfully keeps their opponents from winning. Score: A. H. S., 24; Ambler, 24. Cheltenham—March 12, home. Ghostettes trounce their friendly enemy in the last game, the most brilliant game of the season. Commendable speed and splendid cooperation of the team as a whole lead to this final victory. Score: A. H. S., 27; Cheltenham, 10.THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE GOLF TEAM THE GIRLS’ TRACK TEAM THE BOYS’ TRACK TEAM 42THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE BASEBALL TEAM THE GIRLS’ TENNIS TEAM THE BOYS’ TENNIS TEAM 43THE ORACLE • • 1935 THE GIRLS’ SWIMMING TEAM TH E CHEERLEADERS THE A. A. COUNCIL 44THE ORACLE • • • 1935 GIRLS’ SWIMMING Coatesville—February 13, home. Aldington lassies defeat their rivals in first swim of season. ELEANOR SCHMIDT stars and the relay team comes through victorious. Score: A. H. S., 40'A ; Coatesville, 34‘A. Cheltenham—February 20, home. Timeworn friendly enemies beaten when Abington coeds capture five first places. Score: A. H. S., 43; Cheltenham, 32. Norristown—February 25, home. Another rival falls under Abington's flashing onslaught. Two first places go to JEAN ANDERSON for form swimming. Score: A. H. S., 42; Norristown, 33. Upper Darby—March 4, home. Abington tastes its first defeat of the season at the hands of their jinx, Upper Darby. Score : A. H. S., 25; Upper Darby, 50. Haverford—March 13, away. A strong Haverford team overcomes the Abington mermaids. EDRA ALLAN SON is the high scorer for this meet. Score: A. H. S., Haver- ford, 51 Vi. Radnor—March 15, away. The losing streak is broken as Abington triumphs over her Main Line rivals by a close margin. MARGARET HASSENPLUG comes through to be high scorer. Score: A. H. S., 38 1-16; Radnor, 36 5-6. Finals—March 22, away. Abington places third in the Finals as Haverford and Upper Darby place first and second, respectively. EVELYN ANDERSON wins the league championship in the 20-yard free style. G LF April 8—Haverford Away April 12—Cheltenham Home April 14—Berwyn April 17—Lower Merion April 26—Upper Darby Away May 24—Upper Darby .... GIRLS May 29—Norristown Home April 26—Penn Relays BOYS’ ..Franklin Field April 27—Penn Relays ...Franklin Field May 2—Penn Charter Away May 4—Bethlehem May 8—Haverford ...Away May 3—Haverford Home May 6—Cheltenham Home May 10—Berwyn .............. Away May 13—Upper Darby........... Home May 17—-Lower Merion Home ' TRACK June 5—Springfield ......... .Away TRACK May 11—Lafayette Interscholastics Easton May 15—Ambler .............. ...Home May 18—District Meet Lower Merion May 22—Lansdale Home June 1—Suburban Interscholastics. Norristown BASEBALL April 12—Roxborough Home May April 16—Lower Merion Home May April 18—Jenkintown Away May April 23—Willow Grove ...... Home Mav April 26—Upper Darby ....... Away May May 1—Haverford Away May- May 3—Norristown Away June May 9—Cheltenham Home GIRLS’ TENNIS April 26—Upper Darby Away May May 6—Lansdowne Away May- May 15—Radnor Home May- May 16—Berwyn ............... Home BOYS’ TENNIS April 26—Upper Darby Home May May 6—Lansdowne ............ Home May- May 15—Radnor .............. Away May- May 10—Berwyn Away May 10—Lower Merion Away 14—Upper Darby ............ Home 17—Olney ................. Home 21—Haverford Home 24—-Norristown ............Home 28—Cheltenham Away 3—Doyles town .......... Home 14—Norristown Home 17—Lower Merion .Away 28- -Cheltenham Away 14—Norristown ............. Away 17—Lower Merion Home 28— Cheltenham Home 29— Coatesville Away 45THE ORACLE • • • 1935 SENIOR TOONS s» fnj As' SAM HUEY JFfKS GRAPPLING 1 v PEEUE5 RAnPACES TO abington in IF I COULD ONLY GET THAT EFFECT] ON THIS PICTURE SYMPATHIES-BOB FEITIG HAS "CROVJINlj PAINS" I Km TUCKER VW 11 Jiv POET SUPREME PETE WRIGHT IS AT HOME OH A RANGE I OUR RUBBER-CHESTED HERO - GEORGE TAYLOR- 11 UT ifi 11 " ’7n T ic. E 46THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE JUNIOR FOURTH ESTATE THE A BIX GTONIA X STAFF THE ORACLE STAFF 47THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MINSTREL THE FACULTY PLAY CAST THE SENIOR PLAY CAST 48THE STUDENT COUNCIL THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR THE GLEE CLUB 49THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE DEBATING TEAM THE DANCE ORCHESTRA 50THE ORACLE • • • 1935 CHAMPION ED TAYLOR TAKES OVER ANOTHER FOE IN A WRESTLING MATCH MR ME55INGER'5 PHYv5ICv5 CLASS VISITS THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE HOWARD MOLL MAKES THE 10 O’CLOCK TRAIN AT PITTSBURGH 51 " PTE LIBRAR?, T950 OLD YORK POAD. AHNGTCr. TO t?1n1THE ORACLE • • • 1935 “The name of Abington has been applied from several parishes so-called and formed more than 900 years ago in Northampton and Cambridgeshire, England.” History of Montgomery County, T. S. Bean. British Consulate General Philadelphia March 1, 1935 Madam, With reference to your letter of the 27th ultimo; I find from a very complete gazetteer of the British Isles in the library of this office the following places of the names you mention in Great Britain, viz: (1) Abington—A parish near Northampton. It is stated that ‘‘The grave of Shakespeare's favourite grand-daughter is here marked by a Mulberry tree planted by Garrick.” (2) Abington—A village in the County of Cambridgeshire. (3) Great Abington and Little Abington—8 miles S. W. of Cambridge, (4) Abington-in-tlie clay—A parish in S. W. Cambridgeshire, Yours very truly, Cyril F. W. Andrews H. M. Vice-Consul (for H. M. Consul General) George Fox, founder of Quakerism, at the age of nineteen, left his home to wander forth and seek that indwelling light which is the essence of the belief held by the Friends. During the three years of this pilgrimage, he spent some time in Northampton. Abington Street, leading northeast from the Market Square of Northampton, is continued by Wellingborough Road to Abington Park. This centers around Abington Abbey, former residence of Lady Barnard, Shakespeare's grand-daughter, who is buried in Abington Church. Abington Parish in Northamptonshire was listed in the Domesday Book as “Abintone.” 52THE ORACLE 1935 Northamptonshire was a favorite residence of the kings of England. The chief distinction of the ancient city of Northampton, to which Abington is suburban, is that a Washington was once its Lord Mayor. “Nonconformity, civil as well as religious, was the note of Northampton from the first.” “Northampton is the great shoe-town of England. Apparently there is nothing like leather to inspire a manly resistance to the pretensions of authority.” “On Tuesday in Whitsun, the Week, being the 26th of May, 1724, will be run for, from the Gate of William Thursby, etc., leading into Wellingborough Read, down Abbington Street, to the pump, upon the Corn-Market-Hill in Northampton, a Plate of £5 value, by any Bull, Cow, Bullock, of any Age or size what-so-ever, that never won the value of £5 in Money or Plate. Each Rider to have Boots and Spurs, with a Goad of the usual size. Every Bull, , to pay One Shilling enhance, which is to be given to the second best Bull, , the winning beast to be sold for £20 (if desired) by the Subscribers. They are to start at the Gate above mentioned, at 5 o’clock in the Afternoon. If any Disputes arise to be decided by the Majority of the Subscribers then present.” Northampton Mercury, May 7, 1724 “For the Diversion of the Neighbourhood.” “At the George Inn, at Guilsborough, in the County of Northampton, on Monday, the 19th inst., will be given Gratis a Lac’d Hat of the full value of One Guinea, to be played for at Single Stick. The same Evening will also be given gratis, a Holland Shift of the full value of One Guinea, and a very good Short Mott, to be danced for by Young Women; the best Dancer to have the Shift, and the second best the Mott. On the next day will be given Gratis, Six Pair of Buck-skin Gloves, to be Wrestled for, the best of three Falls. Note, none will be entitled to any of these Prizes, but such as actually live within Five Miles of Guilsborough and in the County of Northampton aforesaid, nor any admitted to Wrestle with Nails in their shoes.” Northampton Mercury, October, 1733 William Caslon. the originator of Caslon Oldstyle type, was born in 1692, at Cradley, Worcestershire, England. In 1716, he began work as an engraver of gun locks and barrels, and as a cutter of bookbinders’ tolls. Encouraged by William Bowyer, in 1720, Caslon built a type foundry. His type was so readable and distinctive that he soon became known as one of the leading printers in Europe. Caslon died in 1766. In 1800, Caslon types disappeared from specimen books. They did not reappear until 1859 when the matrices were brought to America. Caslon Oldstyle is now made exactly as left by Mr. Caslon in 1766. This book is printed in Caslon Oldstyle type. 53THE ORACLE • • • 1935 OUR FATHER’S LAND Sometime I pray, that if not I, my soul in flight. Will answer England's call of distant bugles in the night. Sometime I’ll climb the rough hewn steps of Arthur’s Tintagel. And stand on rocks and cliffs that reach forever—out to sea Where something calls. They’ll, crumbling, answer it unto infinity. The thundering booming of the waves that crash in Merlin’s cave, Will frighten me, perhaps, and there alone I'll stand—save For the mournfully crying, wheeling gulls that fly above my head, Perhaps, who knows, they cry for me; I might be dead. There might, when winds blow from the sea and stir the restless mists That heavily shroud the coast, be just a glimpse—a lifting of a veil That covers other veils—and dimly, far-away, there dully glows the Grail. There’s a degree of beauty that flies so fine, so high, No net of words, however said, can ever capture it. ’Tis that I have experienced and now— the mists roll in. My little throataches of unexpressed beauty, the pain of loveliness, Go on and on in the heavily gathering darkness. Perhaps, sometime, there will be those who really live, Who stand as I have stood; they’ll breathe God’s fine, sweet air. The spray sings in their face, waves thunder in their ears. They’ll stand awed, frightened, yet superbly splendid as they see Its faint, dull, glow. And—if they can express in words its utter loveliness “A fool!” They will be called, but those who call them that Are poor creatures. They’re to be pitied, for they’ll never really see So England is to me a land so far-away and like a dream. I’ll never realise that it shares life, is everyday, will be—for ages. Alicebeth Knowlton, ’36. Block by Ruth Hcckcr, ’35 The Sea Calls 54THE ORACLE . . . 1935 titock by Jay Garbutt, '36. “Right through her streets, with pleasing sound, The living waters flow.” LflUL I Here Milton wandered by the river Cam 55Block by Ruth Hcckcr, ’35. ‘As beeches bow their hoary tops, relate In murmuring sounds the dark decrees of fate; While visions, as poetic eyes avow. Cling to each leaf, and swarm on every bough.’ 56THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE TORCH As we of Thirty-five pass through The Friendly Gate to a world that's new. We pass to waiting hands of youth Our Torch which glows—the Light of Truth. Irma Tucker, ’35. 57THE COMMERCIAL CLUBS THE DRAMATIC CLUBSTHE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE COMMERCIAL CLUB “Cooperation for mutual benefit" is the motto of this club. Its purpose is to interest the students in commercial subjects. It is divided into three sections. THE VISITING CLUB President.... ......VIRGINIA FULTZ Secretory DOROTHY BROWN Vice-president BETTY THOMPSON Treasurer ....... HARRIETT LICHETTI Sponsor M R. KRUEGER This group visits banks, police stations, township buildings, and other places of interest in the community. THE PRACTICAL WRITING CLUB President —..REBECCA HUNSICKER Secretary MARJORIE SPAHR Vice-president .........JULIA TOTH Sponsor.........................MR. FRANTZ The purpose of the Practical Writing Club is to show the value of good writing in both business and social matters. THE TYPING CLUB President MABEL REID Abingtonian Representative, Secretary ALICE HUGHES FOREST ALLEN Sponsor................ MR. ROBERTS The Typing Club is accomplishing a twofold purpose, studying the history of the typewriter, and advancing the technique of rhythmic typewriting. THE DRAMATIC CLUB The purpose of this organization is to encourage self-expression through speech activities. It consists of three parts: THE SENIOR A DRAMATIC CLUB President............ROBERT FEITIG Secretary............. ELLEN FUNKE Vice-president HOWARD SMITH Treasurer .JACK THOMAS Sponsor. MRS. WYATT This group embraces every member of the Senior A class. Its officers are those of the class. It is an experiment in a Students’ Theatre. The production of the club is the Senior Play. Those who are not included in the cast are engaged in coaching, housing, lighting, scenery, business, publicity or some other activity necessary for the production of a play. THE SENIOR B AND JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB President FRANK MILLER Secretary HARRIET BORDA Vice-president.........DOROTHY CAIRNS Treasurer LESLIE HOWARD Sponsor MR. GANTT This club is organized to develop the fundamentals of dramatics and to assist those students who are interested in acting and staging a theatrical production. THE SOPHOMORE AND FRESHMAN DRAMATIC CLUB President....MACKIE WUNDERLE Secretary................BETTY WHITLEY Vice-president WILLIAM HACKMAN Sponsors MISS CATHELL and MISS DALE This organization keeps the members of the lower classes interested in dramatics until they are far enough advanced to join the junior and senior groups. 59THE LATIN CLUB THE BOYS’ ETIQUETTE CLUBS 60 THE GIRLS’ ETIQUETTE CLUBSTHE ORACLE • ' • 1935 THE LATIN CLUB First Consul JACK THOMAS Quaestor....................IRMA TUCKER Second Consul ETHEL CUNNINGHAM Scribe JANE COPELAND Sponsors MISS LOBACH and MISS WINSLOW Latin is not a dead language. This the Latin Club proves by its ceaseless round of activities. Although ancient Rome lives again in its meetings, this club is up to the minute in assisting the A. A. and other needy funds by new and original methods. THE GIRLS' ETIQUETTE CLUBS President GRACE EDGE Secretary ............... BETTY DOUGHTY Vice-president........BETTY HOGUE Treasurer--------------FLORENCE SHAFFER Sponsors MISS NUNN. MISS DALE, and MISS KLINE The object of this club is to create a higher standard of etiquette in everyday life at Abington. Practical problems in the behavior of modern girls form the content of each program. Members of this club are efficient hostesses at many school functions. THE BOYS’ ETIQUETTE CLUBS President GEORGE GLAESER Secretary EDWIN TAYLOR Vice-president JAMES SUTCLI Treasurer LESTER KLENK Sponsors MR. WOODRUFF and MR. RAUCH This is a club of boys who learn the rules of etiquette and practice them in the cafeteria, and at banquets, dances, and other social functions, thereby setting a good example for others to follow. These boys recognize the fact that etiquette is a fine art. 61 THE BOYS’ HI-Y THE GIRLS’ HI-Y THE READING CLUB THE STYLE CLUB 62THE ORACLE • • 1935 THE BOYS’ HI-Y President GEORGE GLAESER Secretary--------------------------JOHN ARMSTRONG Vice-president JAMES SUTCH Treasurer HOWARD DEMING Sponsor MR. SWARTZ Hi-Y boys do the little things that others avoid, the trifles that add up to a sum total of service to the school. This club, by precept and by example, learns the lesson of Christian character. THE GIRLS’ HI-Y President ETHEL CUNNINGHAM Secretary IRMA TUCKER Vice-president MARTHA ELLIOTT Treasurer----------------- EDITH SLUGG Sponsor........ ..MISS REICHARD This organization aims to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. In leadership, in scholarship, and in service, it carries on the proud traditions of Abington High School. THE READING CLUB President........... ....IRMA TUCKER Secretary JEAN ARMSTRONG Vice-president ETHEL CUNNINGHAM Treasurer MARY TEGGE Sponsor MISS MILLER The girls in this group take great pride in their autograph collection. Members learn to enjoy reading stories and plays. Paintings and statuary presented by the Reading Club are making Abington a School Beautiful. THE STYLE CLUB President HARRIETT LICHETTI Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-president.....VIRGINIA FULTZ GRETA ARMSTRONG Sponsor MISS MANIFOLD Girls in this group plan to learn what to wear to school and how to he well-dressed at all times of the day. They feel that a properly dressed woman is well dressed. 63THE ORACLE • 1935 THE ART CLUB THE LIBRARY CLUB THE STAMP CLUB 64THE ORA C L E • • • 1935 THE ART CLUB President WILLIAM ANDERSON Secretary . MARGARET RRACELIN Vice-president .....JAY GARBUTT Treasurer.....---CHARI.ES MEDER Sponsor MRS. MESSINGER The purpose of this group is to encourage interest in the different phases of art and to develop an appreciation of the beautiful. Its practical contribution to the school is the Circulation Picture of the Philadelphia Art Alliance that brightens the main corridor from month to month. THE LIBRARY CLUB President.............MAXINE WEST Secretary..................DOROTHY CAIRNS Vice-president.......BETTY MOTSON Treasurer .................GLADYS' MORRIS Sponsor................ MISS BRIGGS This organization helps girls to learn to put the world of books at the disposal of those who seek knowledge or who need release from the commonplace. THE STAMP CLUB President .. FRANK BENSON Secretary STEPHEN MASON I'iee-president Treasurer... ROBERT PRATCHETT ALBERT HANDSCHUHMACHER Sponsor MISS WEAVER The aim of this active group is to further philatelic activities among the students and to create an interest in general and specialized stamp collections. These boys know their geography through the world of stamps. THE CAMERA CLUB President ....- CASPER BECKER Secretary-treasurer, Vice-president WINTON KROUT HERBERT FOSTER Sponsor :...MR. ERB Picture taking at night, enlarging, developing, and printing are some of the more important topics discussed at this club. 65THE ORACLE • • 19 3 5 THE CAMP COOKING CLUB THE LIFE SAVING CLUB THE TRAVEL CLUB THE AIRCRAFT CLUB 66THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE CAMP COOKING CLUB President.... MARGARET O'BRIEN Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-president......... JOHN NEWNS GLADYS MORRIS Sponsor............. ...MISS CLARK Whiffs of broiling steak. Fragrance of baking potatoes. Hiking in the moonlight. Singing by the campfire. Such thoughts encourage club members to learn how to cook for camp life. THE LIFE SAVING CLUB President ROBERT BOTHE Secretary-Treasurer. WILLIAM GARVIN Vice-president ROBERT GIBSON Sponsor MISS CLARK These boys and girls believe in the principle that every person, in an emergency, should be able to demonstrate the fact that he is his brother’s keeper. THE TRAVEL CLUB President JANE NEEMAN Treasurer-------------FRANK BENSON Secretary...REBECCA HUNSICKER Sponsor. MISS WEAVER To develop a desire to travel and see the points of interest and enjoy the scenery in this and other countries and to arouse interest in travel by study, pictures, and talks—these are the aims of the Travel Club. THE AIRCRAFT CLUB President GEORGE HELVERSON Secretary................. ....CHARLES MILLER Vice-president.........IRVIN BOBB Treasurer ...........CROSSMAN ROBINSON Reporter.. ....WILLIAM JOBLING Sponsor MR. McCLEAN . Are you interested in flying models? Can you stay one night each week after school? Are you willing to join the Philadelphia Model Aircraft Association, Are you interested in scale models ? What kind of planes have you built ? These questions serve as admission tests to the club. 67THE SCIENCE CLUB THE NATURE CLUB THE RADIO CLUB THE MATHEMATICS CLUB 68THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE SCIENCE CLUB President FREDERICK SCHELHORN Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-president....HOWARD NEILL CAMPBELL DICKSON Sponsor............ MR. MESSINGER This club is a group who experiment to verify the conclusions of others and to develop interest in the fields of general science and physics. THE NATURE CLUB President ALFRED HERMANNS Secretary-treasurer, HARRIET DECKER Vice-president.......SYDNEY LODGE Sponsor ..........MR. BURLINGTON The Nature Club offers boys and girls an opportunity to develop, through field trips, research, and discussions, a more nearly complete acquaintance with nature than they are able to get from textbooks and classwork. THE RADIO CLUB President JOSEPH REILLY Secretary-treasurer JACK GARVIN Vice-president....HAROLD TAYLOR Sponsor MR. MESSINGER The aim of the club, to teach the International Radio Code as quictkly as possible, is being stressed this year. Practical demonstrations and illustrations are important features of the meetings. THE MATHEMATICS CLUB Chairman PEACE PAUBIONSKY Sponsor.......... MR. ALBRIGHT This club is a small, informal group interested in digging into the fascinations of mathematics. Problems in geometry and in use of the slide rule feature the programs. 69THE ORACLE • ■ • 1935 THE PRINTING CLUB THE MAGAZINE CLUB TLIE CAMPUS CLUB THE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB 70THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE PRINTING CLUB President.......... ALBERT HILLIARD Secretary ALICE SHARP Vice-president ..WOODROW SMITH Treasurer......................ROBERT COLFLESH Reporter WILLIAM SIIARMAN Sponsor..............MR. WORTMAN Only the best are in this club since it sticks to the ruling that anyone wishing to join must have had two semesters of printing. In this way, only those who really are interested in learning printing are permitted to become members. THE MAGAZINE CLUB President-------------THOMAS CLUCK Secretary EVELYN LOCKER Vice-president CHARLES QUASTF. Sponsor MISS WINSLOW The Magazine Club is interesting its members in the magazines of the Library which freshmen and sophomores would not ordinarily read. The various steps in the making of a magazine are studied and articles which have been read are discussed. THE CAMPUS CLUB Ptesident ...RAYMOND LIZZIO Secretary..........BERNARD DONAHUE Vice-president FRANCIS McCORMICK Sponsor MR. UTZ To improve the lawn, to sow grass seed, to add to the shrubbery, to visualize the school and carry out this vision in a beautiful setting—these are some of the purposes of this active combination. THE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB President ALEX TIMME Secretary ..... BETSY HEINEMANN Vice-president JAMES CUMMINGS Treasurer ROBERT GIBB Sponsor MR. LISSFELT This club is organized to keep the students abreast of the times by discussions on world happenings. Local, state, and national affairs are considered with equal interest. 71THE ORACLE 1935 THE VOCATIONAL CLUB THE RED PENCIL CLUB THE BIRD CLUB 72THE ORACLE ■ • • 1935 THE VOCATIONAL CLUB President..........HARRISON FLACE Secretory WILLIAM CRAIG Vice-president. HOWARD SCHAEFER Treasurer WALTER COLFLESH Sponsor MR. WRIGHT This organization gives its members additional preparation for tire various occupations they will pursue after graduation. They learn to be at home in the world of work. THE LOCAL HISTORY CLUB President . MERL SCHEFFEY Secretary GENE STOUT Vice-president EDWARD PHILLIPS Treasurer ARMAND KISTER Sponsor MR. KREIDER A study of the history and geography of this vicinity takes up the time of this club. It studies about people who, having gained fame elsewhere, now reside here as well as about those who, having achieved their fame here, now reside elsewhere. THE RED PENCIL CLUB Sponsor MISS TURNER This little group of newcomers to Abington High School are interested in learning to compose news, stories, verse, and plays. The red pencil leads them through adventures in creative writing. THE BIRD CLUB President ELBERT DURFF.E Secretary..............ARNOLD MOORE Sponsor ........... .MR. KREIDER The purpose of the Bird Club is to impart to its members a love of birds, and a knowledge of their ways. The members expect to be able to identify the birds of the locality, to become familiar with the habits of their feathered friends, and to be cognizant, not only of the values, but also of the methods of bird conversation. 73THE ORACLE • ■ • 1935 THE CARE FOR THE SICK CLUB THE PITTSBURGH QUINTETTE THE GERMAN GLEE CLUB THE CLAY MODELING CLUB 74THE ORACLE • • • 1935 THE CARE FOR THE SICK CLUB President ELLEN BENNETT Secretary DOROTHY LYTTLE Vice-president... ...HAZEL MITSCH Treasurer....................EVELYN MORGAN Sponsor MISS NUNN One of woman’s crowning graces is the inclination and the ability to take care of the weak and ill. DER DEUTSCHE GESANGVEREIN Praesidentin SOPHIE EICHELMANN Fuehrerin MISS STEINMAN The German Glee Club is furthering the interest in German music and songs, and at the same time helping its members in the knowledge and pronunciation of German. It is acquainting German students with the lesser known German folk songs. THE CLAY MODELING CLUB President PAUL ASURE Secretary............ ELINOR SMITH Treasurer. JACK DONAHUE Sponsor MR. SNODGRASS Children enjoy making mudpies. Children of a larger growth enjoy moulding clay into forms of beauty. THE PITTSBURGH QUINTETTE Sponsor...........MR. O’BRIEN Margaretta Schenbecker, Harriet Borda, Dorothy Weierman, Howard Smith, and Howard Moll were selected because of their voice quality and scholarship to represent Abington at the Eastern Music Supervisors Conference High School Chorus, including students from New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 75THE ORACLE • • • 1935 B1 (,TON’S TMENM a (b y „ Sn ta ' CcdJu !f v Jf ’35 ''±jA% .,J£- iJ ?X r £aaA + iJ ( yjtJb V ir= M" dfcdir- •V c. cL z V cMjrs.l ictor d J(ym.bnecli+ • V—'V- 76YOUR FURS Reliable fur storage is our specialty. Our summer rates on cleaning, remodeling and storage are especially attractive. During summer rates are considerably lower. Careful attention given every garment. By dealing with the oldest, most reliable furrier in your vicinity, you can be assured of the best. FUR STORAGE RATES 2 PER CENT OF YOUR VALUATION Phone Ogontz 879 and we shall be glad to call and estimate STEIN’S 807 GREENWOOD AVENUE - - - JENKINTOWN (Our Only Store) AN OPPORTUNITY The DIESEL ENGINE and its use is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. To men of vision, sincerity, character and determination, the HEMPHILL DIESEL ENGINEERING SCHOOLS offer an opportunity to qualify for Diesel training. Our folder "H” and Diesel News on request OFFICE HEMPHILL DIESEL ENGINEERING SCHOOLS i I ROOM 817 1528 WALNUT STREET i . ■ i • j | "An English steward saying good-bye to Europe-bound Amer- i ican tourists made one parting request: "Leave your magazines | in the staterooms. I take them home to my wife. She likes | to read the advers.” i PLEASE MENTION "THE ORACLE STANLEY M. CRAVEN COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE 405 JOHNSON STREET HILLSIDE CEMETRY JENKINTOWN, PA. An Estate for the Departed Philadelphia’s Largest Perpetual CHARLES J. HARTMAN Care and Lawn Plan Cemetery Roofing and Spouting Heater and Range Work Susquehanna and Easton Roads 8520 OSCEOLA AVENUE ROSLYN, PA. ELKINS PARK, PA. Phone: Ogontz 2071 P L Y M O U T H— the car that sets the pace SCARBROUGH MOTORS Sales and Service 210 YORK ROAD...JENKINTOWN, PA. PHONE, OGONTZ 334 D E SOT O— the car that sets the style PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERSQUALITY AND SERVICE J. F. APPLE CO., INC. LANCASTER, PENNA. "Jewelry of the Better Sort Since 1893” Manufacturers of Class Rings and Pins for the Abington High School PLEASE MENTION "THE ORACLE’WOOLFOLK’S DRUGS 402 Propsect Avenue WILLOW GROVE PENNA. ABINGTON SHOE REPAIRING JOSEPH PILEGGI Expert Workmanship All Work Guaranteed 22 York Road Abington, Pa. DOLLAR VALET SERVICE Men’s and Young Men’s Suits Cleaning and Pressing Ogontz 3284 FRED G. ECKEL HARDWARE Paints—Varnishes Ogontz 4366 ARDSLEY, PA. C. ERNEST TOMLINSON Authorized FORD Dealers 410 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. Phone: Ogontz 20 Official Inspection Station HOWARD NICE rA Complete Garage and Repair Service” Day and Night Service Ogontz 2452 Residence 2363 York Rd. SC Horace Ave. Abington, Pa. Elsie’s Beauty Shoppe Bonat Permanent Waving Hairdressing in All Its Branches Ogontz 5033 508 JENKINTOWN RD. Second Floor ARDSLEY, PA. GREETINGS LESLIE W. HARVEY WILLOW GROVE, PA. THE ABINGTON BANK Qc TRUST COMPANY —IS RESPECTED FOR ITS SOUNDNESS IN JUDGMENT, ITS ADHERENCE TO SOUND BANKING PRACTICE AND TO MEET ITS CUSTOMERS ON COMMON GROUND. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS GLENWRIGHT’S Delicious Ice Cream and Candy Our Own Make 806 West Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. Jenkintown Delicatessen Imported and Domestic Table Delicacies York Road and West Ave. Deliveries Everywhere Ogontz 3070 SUBURBAN FRUIT MARKET 715 WEST AVE. JENKINTOWN, PA. Ogontz 3684 Home or Apartment Delivery CHESAPEAKE SEA FOOD RESTAURANT 209 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. "Less Than 24 Hours From Sea to Table” HUTCHISON 8C WARRICK 217 YORK RD. JENKINTOWN, PA. Watches and Gifts for Graduates ESSO STATIONS Jenkintown York Road Wyncote Greenwood Ave. Oak Lane 6900 York Road Fox Chase 2d Street Pike Expert Repairing W. R. CROSS STROUSE JARRETT DODGE PLYMOUTH Dodge Trucks i i ! 116 OLD YORK ROAD.....ABINGTON, PA. I OGONTZ 271 I | "FLOATING POWER” PLEASE MENTION "THE ORACLE’Ott’s Sunoco Service Station OGONTZ 5064 Jenkintown and Edgehill Roads ARDSLEY, PA. Call Ogontz 4349 CHARLES LIGHTMAN Merchant Tailor and Furrier 14 York Road Abington, Pa. THE MILDRED SHOPPE Dresses and Millinery ABINGTON Lingerie and Bags Ogontz 604 SANITARY OPEN EVERY EVENING Jenkintown Road and Tyson Ave. BARBER SHOP ARDSLEY, PA. 6 YORK ROAD Light Hauling Ogontz 1362 GEORGE PARKHOUSE FINE GROCERIES Horace Avenue Abington, Pa. SWIM NEW LOW RATES ABINGTON Y. M. C. A. 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DEVLIN SHOE REPAIRING Hardware, Paints, Glass and Housefurnishings Goods Well Known for Quality 707 West Avenue at a Very Reasonable Price (Opposite Borough Hall) Where Prices Are ALWAYS Lowest Phone: Ogontz 159-W ACE CUT RATE STORES MADISON Y. SAURMAN Easton Road and Wharton Avenue PAPERHANGER Glenside, Pa. PATENT MEDICINES Cosmetics—School Supplies AND INTERIOR DECORATOR 743 Jenkintown Road Ardsley Make appointments now for your HARRISON’S Permanent Wave Beautiful Wave $2.50 Shampoo and Wave .70 DRESSES, $2.98-$7.88 HOSE, $.59—Two Pair $1.00 32 E. Wharton Avenue Glenside Beauty Salon Glenside, Pa. 32 E. Wharton Road Ogonty 1898 PLEASE MENTION "THE ORACLE’ZAMSKY STUDIO, Inc I SITTINGS BY APPOINTMENT TELEPHONE: PENNYPACKER 6190—8070 THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE The Zamsky Studio, Inc., has successfully handled Yearbook Photography for twenty years. The skilled personnel and up-to-date equipment necessary for such a record is reflected in this book and is your assurance that you may— "COUNT ON ZAMSKY” 902 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA YALE RECORD BUILDING NEW HAVEN OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES FROM NEW ENGLAND TO THE SOUTH PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERSTHE ORACLE A Modern Annual T Throughout its production, every care was exercised in building a year book which would be a credit to the Abington High School and to ourselves. To school and college annual staffs everywhere, we offer our completely equipped plant, our years of college craftsman experience, willing service and quality printing. H. G. ROEBUCK SON 119 W. Mulberry Street BALTIMORE PLEASE MENTION "THE ORACLE”» • f ‘ ‘Ov- ' +. ’V •! ; i V' •' ■ ; ■'•. s; Kv • . . •'•• ! • t?' • Vv'k . '% = Z .‘Vv 1 ■; • ; 'i . •-- .yj • :,'• '•'■ A 't V ;; . 4 »S •'Tfi v «• .♦ %•' ’i VkV. ‘ ;S rjr.« » . - I O V ‘.' •V, : V..’V.-: ; '» . -• !• :. v ;■ • ' ? :■ A ., «• • « ■ • • • • • . A ' v » — r» i Is 41 1 4» 1« ► ..'.......... '• . L ‘» I ••I1 . . ••• ■■•. V-. . iV vLu f a - ., £ .A ,j a • « ••- ,v % • . % P % • kT , - - -VC- , ;, . • V - ,••. % . ’ -m L - » 1 y • % v ‘Vvxi : T » » V • %::A :» v rv-A ' • • .- • : ?. fjr ? Iv5 v ;'? • 'SVWs . ■•. I '% -v ► ✓ A f! r ;«v-; ' . l. • ■ •. $ a • ?iSH0S tsf3» » . ■ . • «y, • .:.V ’ ? ■ -«? » r :. • ■•: » » ♦ '-• • i 4 , , I V ' ‘if V..; .A-i. frtf’ - • % '. £ ,■ » . 7T h ,r 1 2 , ••; ■ - 2. ■II? ■ « • a ■ • : -: %'• ■::•■•.' . •bzz+i 1 4 . 0 .' '' -• • . ‘ . y • • » jt . . A' r ;■ v r % ► ' •• »» , »«■ j.k ; 1 f r i j • ».

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