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5 s A e CMA 1 my OMC qjix X X51 'MY- 4 FQQ Qfevx wax 9 as YAXL5 gN6xQb r-www we we cv pf G 'Q3509 W 'Ns of We 4 we QQSYAB N0 se of 49 lo xi 91 1 ,YP-bmi-vm? xi QA xx-I 5 mom 4,99 P w ,P .BEM S - I sexe-.nexs . RQ 46 obv the teacher the coach . . .the administrato the man ln 1972 we met a man - young, pur- poseful, and versatile. He came to us straight from college and spent much of his first year hiding behind the New York Times and a brown moustache. But his abilities are many, his personality excep- tional, and he could not help gaining the respect and admiration of nearly every member of the school community. Today our respect spills over into many areas. He is a teacher of rare quality. As a coach of three sports, he is invaluable, for who knows better than we that it takes much skill and patience to coach our bunch. He is a true teammate in the AFS administration. But these attributes, however important, are only some' of the reasons we honor him. He has added sunshine and laughter to our lives, if not by a sincere gentleness, then by a delightful sense of humor. He has given us much and asked for little in return. In dedicating our yearbook to him, we just want to even the score. ken farshtey Kindergarten 419377. l x Act I: Lower School Devotion: "Shhh...l" "Life is a cabaret, my friend Tolda and her revolver Once upon a time, There was a little girl named Tolda. She was very unlucky because she was a princess. Her mother was a widowed queen and a regular slavedriver. One day Tolda was kidnapped by a weirdo who escaped from the looney bin. The queen was in a rage because Tolda wasn't there to slave for her! A Norwegian hunter mistook her for a stampede of wild elephants and started to crawl through the underbrushl Meanwhile Tolda was having the time of her life talking to the weirdo about prison and slavery. He started getting mean so Tolda pulled out her 45 and merrily told him to stick 'em up or she'd shoot his brains out. So Tolda told him to stick a banana in his ear or her trigger finger would get mighty itchyi Since the guy didn't happen to have a banana handy she shot him. Tolda got a job and lived happily ever after. lThe queen died of a heart attack from listening to too many Soap Operas. She was too lazy to turn off the T.V. so it served her Rightil The End - Bridget Clark fx 'Q X155 is -1 The hypnotized family staring at the T.V. The dog not moving a muscle not even wagging his tail. Baby in her crib sitting open mouthed she is also hypnotized no crying. Mother, Father, Sister, brother cat and fish. Mother she was working on needle point now she is in another world. Sister and brother sitting on sofa with Mother and father dog on 'the floor, cat on sister's lap fish bowl on table fish stares deeply at the television brother has some popcorn on his lap slowly munching the cold soft yellow bits. The End - Mitsu Carr Second grade 419403 Act ll: Middle School You've got to be a combination of Groucho Marx and loan Baez .... - an English teacher Sixth Grade Seventh Grade 1st ROW: Marc Weissman, Shuna Miah, Richard Simon, Paul Friedman, Sport Sodano, Ion Alden, lim Fingeroff, Damon Mungiu. 2nd ROW: Robert Coben, Nancy Kiedaisch, Heidi Miller, Marsha Cohen, Tracy Skaddan, Joanne Howell, Kerry Pease, Michele Katz, Wendy Whitman, julie Lemonick. 3rd ROW: George Henson, Philip Blatt, Ken Brown, Lanina Nelson, jimmy Phipps, Angela Bernar- dino, Dawn Conroy, Dawn Gordon, Deedee O'NeiIl, Donna Cardone, Cami Rich, Kim Douse. ABSENT: Bill Bunten, lon Grossman, Marc Rodgers. SEATED LEFT: jeff Meyer, Steven Taylor, Chad Ewing, Matt Sall. 1st ROW: Allen Butler, Mike Schade, Chris Mangold, john Forell, john Corbett, Jim Slade, Chuck Edwards, David Barnett, Wayne Shulick, Mike Adler, Kurt Kodoff, Andy Rosenau, Sally Cochran, jane Rech, Tara Aldrich, Laura Schemm, jenny Stempen, jesse Kuhn, Susan Knight, Renee Pahides, Dianne Butcher, Hope Sullivan, Brooke Greenberg. 2nd ROW: jeff Waltzer, Cheryl Shigaki, Karen Wells, Albert Thalheimer, Keith Hansell, jon Braverman, Bill Eagan, Sandy Chumakov, Steve Gold, Mike Medeiros, jaynee Reeves, Kristi jones, Susan-lean Goldfarb, Stephanie Chandler, Carla Barnes, Abby Rubin, jill Marx, Barbie Brooks, Gwynn Huslin, Sheryl Knowlton. AB- SENT: Yale Roth. 1st ROW: Susan Rose, Brent Whitman, Steve Devlin, Philip Weaver, Danny Fisher, jeff Fox, Albie Barth, lon Sarkisian, Scott Brody. 2nd ROW: Libby Hutchison, Lindalee Knight, len- ny Heacock, Brian jones, Betsy Stein, Stacy Dawson, Susan Greene, Laura Woodman, Am Spiro, Leah Sakim, Beth Lloyd, Caroline Coliins-Fox, Lisa Woodward, Linda Ginsberg, Gail Powers, Susan Frieder, Danny jordan, Cliff Brock, lane Smith, Steve Dansy, Ronnie Sykes, jeff Gechman, Harriet Shapiro, Ted Wenzel, Sandy Marcus. ABSENT: Gwenn Goodwin, Laura Gross, Caren Orlick, Cindy Russell. STANDING: Dorothy Leonard, Meg Whitney, Peggy Gay, ludy Boynton, jane Hoskins Hun- tington, Charlotte Andersen, Ed Thode, George Waymouth, Bridget Dean, Rik Super, Herb Nichols. KNEELING: Ray Schorle. ABSENT: Neil Allen. Constructive chaos. i K -. f . mi. i W6 X :gig A N. is . ,Ms l"""'? 14 :rf W Q R R.. I I -, Q Jimmy expem a good catch The old Old Building Act Ill: Upper School Q' g X X X 1 1 1 is --Q gr K : C- 5 Y ' rr:-QN ..... m K A S X K S'N. fQ . ' X 5 ' K- XX v S A .f 'll-X .- N ,X M, , WW QNX . X . xiii ag ' :iii 'i f -sx is I F Q-QQ E X . xx NA- fi N K. 5 K 3 Nw ' . Smlmw Q x x SEX 3 Q Q, -.2 , ai WAN 'A Q A S355 X QQ X' i .. , s :ff gm -- H i I i - fr E 'A A , 5 5 5 502' QE 2 SE But Chris was always such a good boy!" "I'm sorry: he just stepped out for the trimester." Accepted library behavior: sitting on desks and chatting! Time and Space Chris, what are you doing? I Arbor Day. "SIowIy but surely, l'm getting nowhere l ka 'fl : KX is Ce Ula No caption necessary. Chemistry: the average student's nightmare. I r A bumpy night All strung out. ' Creature comforts. Mlm I .je . MJ, v X ,L W: f7 f' W ff W, 5 tg ' s fd-sw Y ,- I 1.73 7 f ii ,7 f . K f 1 K f ' 7 -.4 ,fx,.,. I. A real circus. 1 TEES I A l EER!!-.33 . Xu .- L 'X"F?Z'L 1 Y 8 Q 'D 3 11 , '--' L . ., s 1 D4-A, I G81 f, 6' 's tp' 4 U h A .5 , - mf f 1- 4"' gisvg' ,dk W 5 X -x , r Q, t ft gp 1- I Q ff' ' V' 1 . Q, I 57,5 W A 1 ,, , 4. fi., . ' at " Nw NC Mffvvf its W t 2 rt .N my l51'+ 5' '-i4 3:4 ' wtnif Utli Mp'i+yt ' ' il! l , Q. 5 " mf .M I fit. xr M5 Wax E It 1 '1 ai 2 ' ig 4 I i 0,15 , W 4 ' Y V:..,....... We can be raucous. And then, N the moments of exuding happiness. At times we are sedate Concert Choir "An Evening with Bertoldt Brecht" Drama Newspaper: FEEDBACK E 1st ROW: Heidi Levine, Hope Sullivan, Steven Leof, 2nd ROW: Linda Stowe, Alison Barwis, Carolyn jangdharrie, Robin Bridges, Shona Moseley, Donna Schwartz, 3rd ROW: Ellene Felder, David Beck, Lydia Keene. QTL X it Xxx - - he X-Lk. sf. Andrew Pritzker, Maggie Reynolds, Pat Schoor, Heidi Levine, Debbie Pawluch, Steven Leof. Art Society v Hope Sullivan, Lisa Orlick, Ken Farshtey, Sue Booker, Howard Sullivan, lane Page, Tom Moore, Bill Sundheim, Chuck Meyer, Joel Gershman, joel Kahn. l i l There's a method to our madness. Ken Farshtey, john Weber, Tom Hay, Alice Conkey, Tina Smith, lim Apfelbaum, Eric Perry, loel Kahn. Student Council Discipline Committee The moment of truth. Sports Night Our staunchest supporters. Judy, Amy, Susanne: the three musketeers. Friendly Competition. "Whoopsl" VARSITY SOCCER: Arthur Brown lcaptainl, Curt Forman, jim Apfelbaum, joel Kahn lcaptainl, Bill Kashatus lcaptainl, Steve Knowlton, Chuck Meyer, Lee Smith, Danny Wolf, Preston Buckman, Nelson File, Henry Lightfoot, Eric Perry, Eddie Rembert, Mitch Alden, Richard Peyton, Scott Seitchik. JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER: Randy Brock, Robert Weiss, Dennis Sawyer, Brian Beere, Brian Clark, Colin Blough, George Chumakov, Roland Cochran, Frank Fisher, lon Frieder, Mark Hoffler lcaptainl, jim Hutchison, Scott Pierce, jeff Purcell, Doug Roberts, David Solomon, lon Stokes, Peter Stub, Bill Sundheim. .silt VARSITY HOCKEY: Libby Thornton Icap- tainj, Leslie Thornton, Pat Scott, Pam Scott, ludy Rosenau, Cathy Frieder, Fran Posel, Beth Fisher, Sue Bartlett, Patty Rosenau, Sue Booker, Meeli Foust, Caron Olivieri. IUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY: ludy Notley lcaptainl, Liza Somers, Marji Somers, Mona Weisberg, Margo Kodroff, Leslie Steward, Carol Fine, loan Happe, Joyce Happe, Tina Smith, Robin Epstein, Ellen Kahn, Kate Schemm, Amy Bleznak. lump up, Billy, jump up! VARSITY BASKETBALL: Brian Anderson, Nelson File lcaptainl, Eric Perry icaptainl, lim Apfelbaum, Randy Brock, loel Kahn, Bill Kashatus, Steve Knowlton, IV BASKETBALL: Bernie Greenberg icaptainl, Gene Helsel, Dan Oshtry, Dennis Sawyer, Brian Beere, Brian Clark, Michael Greenberg, Ed Rembert icaptainl, jeff Purcell, Steve Smith. Cute. The calm before the storm, loan, Dena, and Tina pray for Libby. Brian does his thing. Unity l Shultzie, our aggressor, puts Patty and Sue in agony. w N fl 'I 1 Billy, Randy, Arthur thwart the attack. 3 X I 4, A piece of advice. VARSITY BASKETBALL IGIRLSII Leslie Thornton Icaptainl, Libby Thornton lcaptainl, Sue Shultz, Sue Bartlett, Sue Booker, Caron Olivieri, Dena Kaplan, Patty Rosenau, loan Happe, Tina Smith. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: Mary Wells, Ellen Harris, Liza Somers, jill Maimon, Judy Notley lcaptainl, loyce Happe, Margo Kodroff, Carol Fine, Leslie Steward. Edith Willets Atlee, a gentle and sincere woman, was a minister of Abington Monthly Meeting. She had much concern for Meeting young people, and her hopes for them became a reality in 1859, when the First Day School came into being. She was not only a founder of the school but one of its most outstanding leaders. She was born in 1823 and died in 1892. Credits When,l think of the Class of '76, I think of in- dividuals, characters, people whom I have enjoyed knowing, and whose eventual flowering into maturity has been a joy to watch. Such a variety of personalities in such a relatively small group has truly enriched our school community. We will remember you for bring- ing student government back as a workable institu- tion, and we will never forget your greatest of all class songs! It would be difficult ever to forget any of those who have been here "forever". What other class ever had Double Twins? But we will remember, too, many who have spent relatively few years here: the un- conquerable optimism of "Weasel" will linger long after he leaves. We will be more than politely in- terested in your careers after you graduate - do keep in touch, each and every one of you, feeding our memories and our'hopes for you. May your good will and your good works spread far and wide. - Alice Conkey, Upper School Principal With the Class of '76 is a spirit of independence - not quite so revolutionary as that of our forefathers 200 years agol - yet we sense also closeness among you and with the school as a whole that leads us to believe that you will discover, if you have not already discovered, that real maturity comes only through in- terdependence. We are grateful for what all of you have given to make the school grow. We have faith that the inner self each of you has nurtured will touch effectively the outersworld towards which you are moving. Best wishes to you all for the next step ahead! - Bert Mason, Headmaster - Ed Thode Middle School Principal and Assistant Headmaster Nancy Wilkinson Lower School Principal Maggie Reynolds Director of Public Relations Dorothy Leonard Middle School Secretary Ellen Chumakov Lower School Secretary , l l l l Hilda Notley Receptionist Marion Bannon Headmaster's Secretary Alta Harrison Upper School Secretary Liz Mosley English Nm Nav- Mary Helen Bickley English Robin Breon English lo Clark Librarian Yannick Tanguy French Fredda Weinfeld French and Spanish Cathy Roma Music Linda Stowe Art Tom Moore Mathematics Ellie Zitin History jim Hall Mathematics Tom Hay History Fred Bornholdt Science and Mathematics Carl Brehmer Science Maria Peters Science Frank Brooks Howard Buchmann Fred Gerlach Bob Croft, Absent Maintenance Herb Witzel Business Manager Q 2 Doris Mattioli Business Office Secretary Anna Rottner Financial Secretary gms A issss X x X SRS: T ' e--X inth Grade 1st ROW: Ellene Felder, Carolyn langdharrie, Loryn Huslin, julie Sullivan, Robin Bridges, Margo Kodrolf, Carol Fine, Mona Weisberg, Robin Epstein, loan Happe, ludy Notley. 2nd ROW: Shona Moseley, Roland Cochran, Stephen Miller, Elliot Gritz, David Solomon, Tina Smith, Scott Seitchik, Frank Fisher, George Chumakov, lon Stokes, Ioyce Happe, Abby Greenberg, David Beck. 3rd ROW: Leslie Steward, Anita Bird, jane Alper, Hakan Ulus, Kim Clare, Matt Roediger, Jim Hutchison, Steve Smith, Doug Roberts, Ellen Kahn, Scott Peirce, Mitch Alden, joe Alahverde, Richard Peyton, Mark Berman, Amy Bleznak, lon Frieder, Steve Scharf, Marc Rosen, jeff Purcell, Harlan Udis, Peter Stub, Bill Sundheim, Leonard Gold, Colin Blough. ABSENT: Bill Conroy, Lydia Keene. Tenth Grade 1st ROW: Pat Schoor, Nelson File, Marina Mynderse, Eddie Rembert, Kate Schemm, Dena Kaplan, Marji Somers, Alison Barwis, Evelyn Roether. 2nd ROW: Debbie Pawluch, Sue Booker, Meeli Foust, Lisa Orlick, Karen Wulc, Patty Rosenau, Pam Heacock, Michael Greenberg. 3rd ROW: Henry Lightfoot, Brian Beere, lack Schade, Robert Smith, Brian Anderson, Richard Brown, Chris Budd, Liza Somers, Caron Olivieri, Stephanie Williams, Gina Leucci, Caren Fox, Donna Schwartz, Susan Taylor, Gail Ackley. 4th ROW: Andrew Pritzker, Steve Leof, Michael Fox, Eric Perry, Preston Buckman, Erik Witzel, John Wolff. ABSENT: Brian Clark, Cheryl Grant, Elizabeth Kauf- mann, Marla Kroser, Donna Levy, jill Maimon, Sally Forman. Eleventh Grade 1st ROW: Audrey Gold, Danny Oshtry, Lee Smith, Charles Spruance, Bernie Greenberg, lim Apfelbaum, june Blumberg. 2nd ROW: Sima Cohen, Betsy Bowditch, Ginny Fine, Rise Newman, Gigi Zayon, Fran Posel, JoAnne Oppenheimer, Meg vanRhijn. 3rd ROW: Penny Gregg, Cliff Hudis, Randi Pritzker, Gene Helsel, Susan Schultz, Mary Wells, Danny Wolf, Rhonda Carter, joel Kahn, Dennis Sawyer, joel Gershman, jennifer Benns, Teddy Kapnek, Lynnea Wesley, Randy Brock, Tomas Bernardino, Steve Knowlton, Chuck Meyer, Lisa Pease. 4th ROW: Ellen Harris, Sue Bartlett. ABSENT: Beth Fisher, Bill Kashatus, Kenny Pearlstein, Claudia Spadaro. Twelfth Grade SEVEN, TOP TO BOTTOM: Ann Kashatus, Heidi Levine, Paul Spiro, jennifer Mentzer, Rob vanRhijn, Chris Mager, Howard Sullivan, Leslie Thornton, Marnie Kiedaisch, Lisa Kaplan, Amy DiMarco, Cathy Frieder, ludy Rosenau, Pat Scott. SIX, TOP TO BOTTOM: Diane O'NeaI, ,lane Page, Liz Frisby, Susanne Shorday, Libby Thornton, Pam Scott, Linda Falcione, Mark Lieberman, David Seitchik, Leeanne Rebic, lohn Weber, Pam Roediger, Chris Logan, Bob Weiss, Peter Taylor, janet Heacock, Sally Tomlinson, Ellis Booker, Deb- bie Shockman. ABSENT: Arthur Brown, Curt Forman, josh Schwartz. Cathy Frieder "Frito" frequent smiles lively in search of self political science enthusiast Senator Frieder from the State of Confusion the nose always on the run "l'm not a pansy like the rest of you people" philosophical an idealist love of learning "icky" concern for others romanticist cognizant sensitive "Okay, guys" determined often seen talking in the library sympathetic frustration plus a menace to our highways "Eeeeeek!" a sincere being. "Does it happen all at once like being wound up, or bit by bit?" "It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long -time. That's why it doesn't happen very often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you're loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you're real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand." - THE VELVETEEN RABBIT Margery Williams "Chocolate" painter's pants and Dr. Scholls vivacious and out- going "Aw, really?" friendly an infectious smile dependable and deeply concerned "Cathy's my girl" open-minded tennis captain of the hockey team aware "i have a meeting" thrives on independence vocal inflections red licorice an ex- pressive face comforting level-headed and understanding futuristic a delightful sense of humor a dreamer very real as Student Council president, our frustrated but involved leader. It seems to me like this. it's not a terrible thing - I mean it may be terrible, but it's not damaging, it's not poisoning to do without something one really wants What's terrible is to pretend that the second-rate is first-rate. To pretend that you don't need love when you dog or you like your work when you know quite well you're capable of better. - THE GOLDEN NOTEBOOK Doris Lessing Libby Thornton Anyone can whistle, that's what they say - easy Anyone can whistle, any old day - easy lt's all so simple, relax, let go, let fly So someone tell me why can't I? I can dance a tango, I can read Greek - easy l can slay a dragon, any old week - easy What's hard is simple, what's natural is hard Maybe you can show me how to let go, Lower my guard, learn to be free Maybe if you whistle, whistle for me. - Stephen Sondheim A theatre and music enthusiast en- joys long conversations iced tea summer at LaSalle inner turmoil envies the city life New York! frustrated yearbook editor well rounded unpretentious the gentle dictator CABARET sincere a secret social life amazingly profound a night owl self-inspired trustworthy unique the piano precise vocabulary ready to spread his wings and fly "Welcome -to the theatrel" Peter Taylor A world l dream where black or white, Whatever race you be, Will share the bounties of the earth And every man is free. - Langston Hughes Paul Spiro Flutist strong political ideology firm convictions, substantiated beliefs candid brilliant but modest red Toyota quiet an avid listener relaxed reliable exceptional dic- tion scientifically oriented "Ex- cellent" logical concerned scuba diving a true individual- doesn't allow others to "hassle" him subtle remarks in English class the Franklin Institute motivated Cobham, Benson, Mahavishnu, and Zappa bio-chemistry straight- forward "Later" a person easy to talk to. Mike Rieders Beaver College Wissahickon Park intriguing sound systems a concert fan analytical intelligence interests in architecture and drug education NMS labs quiet only to those with whom he is not close comfortably dressed perceptive an extraor- dinary rationale listens well "Solid!" an interest in the uncom- mon a cautious driver open- minded casual slow to anger a generous friend. The woods are lovely, dark and deep But l have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. - Robert Frost Robert vanRhijn Summers in Ireland an accident prone Volkswagen arguments with Ms. Zitin a love and in-depth understanding of history a twenty foot long ride on the hood of a Ford a horse-back rider quiet only as long as he's unchallenged "That's absurdl" con- scientious an understanding of his desires with the know-how to obtain them enjoys good friends and satisfying music generous "Laterl" strong beliefs considerate. "Next time I will ..." "From now on I will ..." - What makes me think I am wiser today than I will be tomorrow? Pam Scott Hugh Prather Reliable and responsible earth shoes, clogs, and levis an ex- tremely hard worker radiating smile petite "I'm Paml" athletic cheese shop employee jewelry-making novice oyster crackers and Meeting perfectionist creative poetic kind has a lot to offer "Let's get outta herel" hooded sweatshirt easily made to laugh introspective delicate concerned "Where's Frito?" quiet Friday evenings with Frank Sinatra and Earl Garner a true individual. I made a bet with you that l could love you forever. I lost. lt was longer than that. - Anonymous "Smesle" her loudest expression is her laughter soft a gifted writer flexible Betsy and Books a graceful athlete, a deft hockey player, a fierce competitior perhaps the most valuable of friends - a true listener a smile that brightens anybody's day late nights caring "He likes itl Hey Mikeyl" ludd - for the defense .., sensitive someone who always gives more than she gets - and never keeps track one beautiful person. Leslie Thornton "ju ju" "Where's Slick?" athletic potential for professionalism Earth, Wind, and Fire party hearty Smokey Robinson confident a mind of his own a real ladies' man Billy C. and Dr. I. soccer and basket- ball captain a deep respect for coach Farshtey intense a fierce pride - expressed most openly in athletics outgoing toward people with whom he feels comfortable tremendously loyal to his friends the "cool school" second to none. Arthur Brown I only wanna be as free as the skies Don't let anyone bring you down Say what you wanna say But l've got it right And I aim to feel this good the rest of my life Can't let anyone bring me down. - Minnie Riperton Master told me one day l'd find peace in every way But in search for the clue Wrong things l was bound to do... Step right up, be a man You need Faith to understand So we're saying - for you to hear Keep your head in Faith's atmosphere. - Earth, Wind, and Fire Curt Forman "Slick" young ladies an In- dianapolis 500 potential a sportsman a top notch goaltender born to party a close and lasting friendship with Arthur the Allman Brothers band a second baseman well-liked sweet considerate and caring dynamite weekends Cheltenham five speed overdrive "bona fide, solidified, and qualified to do" 1909 Adidas Superstars mathematical ex- pertise honest smiles a natural sense of humor polite a heart of gold. Yearly summers in France a devoted skier a Sweet 'n' Low addict Penn State weekends endless fits of giggles Martin's sarcastic candid hidden emotions many jokes "l've got something to tell you" cautious AU COURANT a flawless com- plexion a sweet smile the gift of gab "Which car should l drive today?" an enormous collection of jewelry extremely empathetic. l Debbie Shockman And when it comes right down to it, we're really quite alone, unless we want someone To own us and run the life we ive, - Anonymous Physical a gorgeous smile very Italian bright disco and dancing "He's n-i-i-c-e" vivacious out going and talk about personality! calm rational hot peppers understan- ding a knowledge of self ..: many ex- periences a soothing sense of humor easy-going a sharp dresser sen- sual a warm heart Ocean City summers affable sincere in a hurry dependable freedom and room to grow. Linda Falcione The soul can rise from the earth into the sky, like a bird aware of its freedom, not feeling the barriers of man but the beauty of the love which is eternal. Walter Rinder Heidi Levine People don't complete us. We complete ourselves. If we haven't the power to complete ourselves, the search for love becomes a search for self- annihilationp and then we try to convince ourselves that self- annihilation is love. - Erica long Artistically creative independent literary musical the humanities a love for children dramatic "I brake for animals" always speaking in Yiddish or French a Monty Python fan her heart lies in England suggestive eyebrows "l'm weird today" everyday Kurt Vonnegut laughter a chronic pop music buyer an incurable romantic "Say no more, eh?" an exterior of bravado with a sensitive inner core. Courteous awakes to rock music fights with Billy forever dieting "C'mon, guysl" long talks sentimental enjoys a good laugh fashion conscious precise prize-winning handwriting the red Gremlin fastidious Settlement Music School Bruce Springsteen a loyal friend dancing always busy marathon fights with Mr. Brehmer melodramatic a poetic soul a meditator the house upstate looking for meaning. The best preacher is the heartp the best teacher is timep the best book is the world, the best friend is God. - The Talmud Ann Kashatus Marnie Leeanne accident prone a complex about her height "I need a boyfriend" eggroll lover the Gran Torino "the great diet" avid volunteer poetry writer strong- willed pessimistic late night T.V. London vivacious Caracas "This is the pits!" COSMOPOLITAN reader and devotee jewelry "Get off itl" frantic thumbing through her hair "Never say 'good-bye', just 'un- til we meet again'." Marnie Kiedaisch Look to this day, for it is life, For yesterday is but a memory And tomorrow is only a vision, But today, well lived, makes Every yesterday a memory of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. - Ancient Sanskrit Poem Leeanne Rebic I expect to pass through this world but once, Any good things therefore, that I can do Or any kindness that I can show To any fellow creature, Let me do it nowp Let me not defer nor neglect it, For I shall not pass this way again. - Anonymous Lee Marnie she diets too Little Mary Sunshine her gold Toyota Hilton Head Island London "Guess who's having a sale?" ice cream fiend concerned "I got an idea" strong convictions a guy watcher perpetually late "I don't get it" op- timistic dreamy good-humored lover of Chinese food Star Trek buff musically oriented jewelry freak "God forbid!" after the storm - the rainbow. An original K-4 "HEY, lennl" goof- ball Cape Cod future marine biologist loud sloppy a procrastinator frequently absent able lives for the good times wild parties satirical humor Miss Hot to Trot U.S.A. food and sleep freak open honest "Definitelyl" af- fable turtle necks and jeans inven- tive gourmet cooking Jenkintown impatiently awaits Mr. Right to relieve her misery an individual with many talents. Jennifer Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fatten Mentzer in Anonymous Strong-willed self-discovery dependable individualistic a deep concern for her friends un- pretentious loves to relax ad- mirable penmanship candid "Saga!" a childish sophisticate an intrinsic sense of wit sensitive a conscientious student responsible generous giggles hockey and tennis blue jeans and sweaters bare feet "ShalI we ALLER?" thrives on summers "Bogus!" a frustrated romantic a gum freak who has trou- ble supporting her habit "AU NATUREL". God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom always to tell the difference. Pat Scott - Anonymous Give me love, friends and an occasional in- sight and l'll stay happy. Ellis Booker - Original Photography magic tricks Star Trek sneakers and dress pants an extraordinary imagination a genuine sense of humor friendly intelligent rationalizes everything from complex economic situations to sticky peanut butter "Simply" trustworthy aware excellent in dealing with people honest forgetful talented, level-headed and sincere an interest in the mystery of thought casual off-beat talks with himself well cultured subtle a mentor a MENSCH. Hahnenmnn.UseennnyyqumtbutnotnecesaHWso.Honeofour more cynical but genius-type class members zips in and out of school on Fridays analytical questions champion fish catcher at Martin's Aquarium invites a challenge a satirical way of speaking.Ninuospecuve.NsdenNhc.N"Do lhaveschooltodayW' forthright a chess champion beliefs unswayed by any human factor. Paul Shupak "Lucy McGillicuddy" bubbly Stone Harbor summers, Florida winters a year-'round tan a bottomless pit dependable open friendly and very sensitive the Mazda a natural Bozo cruisin' with Liz enjoys con- certs "Who caresZ" a turquoise freak Monty Python fan enthusiastic loves to party funny an able student "Buckeeel" needs companionship. Amy DiMarco ffJ..f"i 55.3 W M his .. X Q I Maybe people only ask you how you're doing cause that's easier than letting on how little they could care. But when you know that you've got a real friend iginiyivrhere, suddenly all the others are so much easier - jackson Browne if we Q -sf .et if , 's s Sfdrws- if Qu lf you love something, Set it free. if it comes back, it's yoursg If it doesn't, lt never was. - Anonymous Liz Frisby "Ethel Mertz" Amy creative Ocean City summers drives the "Tor- nado" an animal lover a kind per- son enjoys kids "They're so cutel" Dave Mason and loni Mitchell "Where?" likes to boogie Florida men, men, men concerned in- volved conceals deep feelings a truly devoted Murray's patriot a dis- tinctive walk many hairstyles "Nipanesel" bicycle rides to school surprisingly profound highly un- organized slow to react changes with time. . Mark Lieberman A satirical disposition difficult to know facetious - when he talks sly popsicle lunches .. Earth, Wind, and Fire sarcastic "Doug Collins" a complacent smile a procrstinator a basketball enthusiast "Chucks" Alverthorpe Park the gym: his se- cond home known as a wise guy a naturally tan complexion an amaz- ing large vocabulary intelligence in cognito nonchalant agile a nice guy. In everyone's life, there's a need to be happy Let the sun shine a smile your way. Open your heart, feel a touch of devotion, Maybe this song will help uplift your day. Make a better way... You need devotion... -Earth, Wind, and Fire "Weasel" polite gullible corny jokes the epitome of sheriff- dom loves kids Walter Brennan imitations alert? baseball a distinctive walk ardent Pirates fan a wrestler Pittsburgh Roberto Clemente "best dressed'f a loner coach Farshtey's pitcher determined, hard working, open and honest a subtle "two-way" sense of humor unique summer employment ,.. a magnHkentoudookonlHe Robert Weiss Finallyl - Original Hold fast your dreams Within your heart Keep one, still, secret spot Where dreams may go, And sheltered so, May thrive and grow- Where doubt and fear are O keep a place apart, Within your heart, For little dreams to go. - Louise Driscoll not, ludy Rosenau Susie weekends on her boat Patty dependable and trustworthy an in- cessant giggler listens loving and lively athletic "Hang on, Snoopy" Loggins and Messina a love for Ronald McDonald always in trouble grins "Are you a turtle?" nostalgic easy to talk to a virtuous friend deep-seated beliefs "Prep" family and friends Bessie well- established outlook on life good- times and lasting memories. Architecture and design Fiat X-19 an organist, a skier flirtatious R.l.S.D. a Bruce Springsteen fan debonair a world traveler precise Wallabees and tan pants a perfectionist forever famished a procrastinator houses and boats "Is that right?" a skillful driver opened-minded straight-forward "That's ridiculousl" friendly a Harmon Kardon enthusiast a love for spaghetti outgoing and lively among friends. josh Schwartz l would like to dedicate this quotation to my fellow class mates. Good luck to you all. -Original One hope, One dream, One light, One flame, I can see, I can be, I can reach Anywhere I aim. - Original Sally Tomlinson "Blondie" sorority president a September wedding a white LTD with three door handles the pretzel boy difficult to contact weekend excursions colorfully decorated sorority jacket drag races on Grant Avenue submarine races by the river goofy a Woody Woodpecker laugh Beach Boys fan a cheerful "HiI" loves Italians aggressive understanding and friendly open- minded natural generous and sincere smiles "Vince's picking me upI" Unusual sneezes "jaws" Kung Fu a squeaky, high-pitched voice sorority vice-pres hair freak Beach Boys meticulous Frankford Avenue cruises the brown Pontiac a cautious driver Ocean City summers parties and the bump a permanent smile sentimental emotional a good listener fashionable frail conscientious fist fights with Leeanne in Senior Math fever blisters another patriot of Murray's always the good mood. Diane O'Neal l am not afraid of tomorrow, for l have seen yesterday and I love today. -William Allen White Who does not love wine, women, and song Remains a fool his whole life long. -Voss David Seitchik A Pepsodent smile seemingly private, an extrovert among close friends lots of experiences happy New York a globe trotter an ex- pert water skier in Barbados a knowledgeable gourmet wrestling an attraction to Italian girls the Mon- za 2+2 speedster penetrating eyes a physical fitness nut a ladies' man at the beach flexible concerned amusing a creative jewelry maker unsurpassed in lip reading gum fetish iron courage, fighting to be number one in the hearing world. The most important question, the one word that should always be in the front of our minds, is "Why?". If we are to remain free and individual human beings, we must not accept anything on faith but subject every assumption to the criticism of logic and reason. -Original Serious clown introspective elo- quence, frankness and restraint Jethro Tull, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and the Allman Brothers band with the headphone on .U dranw .U an ex- pressive face thoughtful "Whyi" satirical Monty Python and the Firesign Theatre world politics knowledgeable responsible persis- tent self-contained inner con- tradictions LORD OF THE RINGS leaning back in a chair, feet on desk, hand on chin "What is reality?" Chris Logan Sophisicated but certainly not without mischievous and jovial moods an exquisite wardrobe a photographer warm and sincere involved her candidness in class meetings firm beliefs Great Scot Markets Murray burgers quick, witty remarks often seen recovering from a rather awkward fall in P.E. Ithaca, N.Y. the beat up Avante with the manual windshield wipers calm habitually late unpredictable listens responsive to the needs of others thoughts of that special someone. Susanne Shorday The wise man looks into space, and does not regard the small as too little nor the great as too big, for he knows that there is no limit to dimensions. - Lao-tse And you and I climb crossing the shapes of the morning, And you and I reach over the sun for the river, And you and I climb clearer towards the movement And you and I called over the valleys of endless seas. -Yes lane Page Quietly beautiful luminous eyes her many routines and voices perceptive transcendental medita- tion the Rolling Stones caring, un- derstanding, thoughtful theatrical "Oh, really?" cruisin' with Amy and Liz the cannibal creative a flexi- ble singing voice delightfully crazy art enthusiastic and interested Mr. Brehmer's tests those loony French classes good-natured purely uni- que free from pretense absolute intelligent a custom-made addition to our school. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human can fight and never stop fighting. - e.e. cummings john Weber Actor from Charlie Brown to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern the Abbey Theatre "Weirdl" adores big cars rarely talks? houseboats a snappy dresser the long pants award a relentless attraction for party cakes unique personal experiences kindly admiration for Mrs. Clark "Gremlins are tootsie toys" a loyal friend frank self-esteem dedicated determination diligent expressive and very friendly. Life is a game that you play to have fun, because if janet you play only to win, you will always get hurt. HGHCOCK -Original "Dewie" Hicksville, U.S.A. sorority enjoys good times the yellow Charger weekends at Pam's Virginia Beach "Oh, darling, this par- ty is simply marvelous!" calm dependable honest quiet "Ooopsl" a Beach Boys fan rain- bow shades of nail polish a volleyball champ comprehensive a sweet laugh fruit flies "The Lynches" in Lynchburg, Virginia "l have to think about it" very appreciative works hard. Oh, very young, what will you leave us this time? There'll never be a better chance to change your mind And if you want this world to see a better day will you carry the words of love with you? will you ride the great white bird into heaven? And though you want to last forever, You know you never will And the good-bye makes the journey harder still. Oh very young, what will you leave us this time? You're only dancing on this earth for a short while Oh very young, what will you leave us this time? -Cat Stevens PAR "Cutie" vivacious, perceptive an intellectual sense of humor ...gid- dy moods crazy eating habits fickle family oriented "How about a Gucci?" neurotic driver her buddy midnight conversations conscien- tious Mrs. Zitin's daughter sen- sitive a contributing class member Kahlil Gibran C-ino's "l thought I was a child" Charlie perfume "One of these crazy old nights" a lasting interest in others. Pam Roediger Life is an island In ,an ocean of loneliness, An island whose rocks are hope, Whose trees are dreams, Whose flowers are solitude. Lisa Kaplan -Kahlil Gibran Labs with Pam Exeter "ls this the city dump?" a tennis player kind considerate of others unaware of her abilities art therapist dressed to a tee "I can't believe itl" reserved selective sophisticated "What's your problem?" The Moss Rehabilitation Center an interest in autistic children frank pensive moods sincere and sympathetic patient a good listener serious a loyal friend. Our lovable "Snoopy" actor artist a singer with perfect pitch leader of the bass section "Hey, Mage!" frequently wearing black not without silly moods a delightful sense of humor independent com- pletely himself zips around in his Chevy Chevette easy to talk to a quarterback unpredictable corny jokes totally disorganized Lord and Taylor work days affable lengthy phone conversations fun to be with. Howard Sullivan The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked. Who can know it? -Jeremiah 17:9 Come on you childhood heroes Won't you rise up from the pages of your comic books - your super crooks - and show us all the way Well, make your will and testament won't you join your local Government we'll have Superman for president and let Robin save the dayl - Ian Anderson "Big Mage" Mongo "What?" hard to get to know double math and science interested in medical i and pharmaceutical careers "A long haired hippy freak?" not really quiet among strangers, open among friends enjoys Carson, Zappa, and Monty Python a surprising sense of humor dungarees and dungaree jackets often seen with Howard "Fool" a wrestler "That's enough to kill an elephant" strong willed who would argue? has intelligence and peace of mind. Chris Mager julie Kittross i 1 Peter Davenport The Class Officers Paul Spiro Vice-President john Weber Treasurer Cathy Frieder President Ann Kashatus Secretary We want to thank Mary Helen Bickley and Lester Guy for their support and help. The Yearbook Staff Heidi Levine Art Editor Chris Logan Business Manager Leslie Thornton Literary Editor Ellis Booker Photography Editor Peter Taylor Editor-in-Chief If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction. -William Shakespeare WALSWOFITH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. - Q ' x Vkh. K. 'i f , Q .- ,X - a -I mvvrammcxlvm.,-,,.x.:v -ww-r:'mnvxQ:.fq-Mg:---Q X - - --pq-vrrqaw-:fvx-guggqm-.-,-,:,X-,fx - ,LL

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